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Full text of "Bibliotheca cornubiensis. A catalogue of the writings, both manuscript and printed, of Cornishmen, and of works relating to the county of Cornwall, with biographical memoranda and copious literary references"

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"Books we know 
Are a substantial world, both pure and good; 
Bound these with tendrils, strong as flesh and blood, 
Our pastime and our happiness will grow." 

Wordsworth's Personal Talk. 


A— 0. 







npHE work, of which the first volume is now presented to the reader, makes no 
pretension to the title of a complete Bibliography of the County of Cornwall ; 
it is coiitent to be considered merely as a contribution to its literary history. 
An experience of several years spent in the collection of the materials has only 
served to show the deficiencies and imperfections which still exist. The diflS.- 
culties of procuring accurate information about local and ephemeral publications 
are manifold, and it has only been by devoting to the subject the leisure hours 
of many years that the matter contained in these pages has been accumulated. 
When the authors first proposed to themselves the execution of this work, 
they recognized the desirability of furnishing a Catalogue : 

I. Of all works written by natives of Cornwall, members of Cornish families, 
and persons resident in the County. 

II. Of all works relating to the County, even though written by persons 
unconnected therewith. 

They further resolved that the works they would describe should be of 
no limited character. They determined to include within the scope of their 
undertaking not merely books of permanent interest, but also pamphlets, political 
tracts, literary and scientific papers, reports of societies, patents, dramas, music, 
songs, extracts from sale catalogues, maps, manuscripts, &c. 

One special feature of this work consists of the lists of manuscripts which 
will be found described under the names of the various writers ; by far the 
larger portion of them has never before been referred to in any book on the 
County. All the printed catalogues of manuscripts in the British Museum and 


other libraries have been carefully consulted, and for those years during which 
the lists of additions to the manuscripts in the British Museum have not been 
given to the public in a printed form, the authors have endeavoured, but 
necessarily with imperfect success, to collect the information from the manuscript 
catalogues in the Museum itself. XJie reader will not fail to notice the valuable 
information which has been obtained from the three Reports of the Royal Com- 
mission on Historical Manuscripts. The Calendars of the Records now in course 
of publication under the direction of the Master of the Rolls being still in an 
imperfect and unconnected state have not been referred to. On the completion 
of these calendars the selection and enlargement of the matter referring to Corn- 
wall would, in the hands of a skilful antiquary, form the subject of a very valuable 

A perusal of these pages will show that the writers of Cornwall bear no 
inconsiderable place in the literature of their country. The list of more eminent 
names given in the footnote* bears evidence to the comprehensive character of 
their pursuits and tastes. It comprises statesmen, poets, physicians, and men 
eminent in every branch of science. 

It is believed that the lists of their writings are here given with more fullness 
and in a more complete form than in any other published work. Let the reader 
compare the accounts of any of these persons with those given in the pages 

» Adams, John Couch, P.E.S., Astronomer. 

Allen, Ralph, PJiilanthropist, the friend of Alexander 

Anstis, John, Garter King at Arms. 
Bate, C. S., P.E.S., Writer on Natural ffistory. 
Biddulph, Eev. T. T., Theologian. 
Borlase, Eev. WiUiam, F.K.S., Antiquary. 
Buckingham, J. S., Traveller. 
Buller, Sir Francis, Judge. 
Carew, Eichard, Historian and Antiquary. 
Colenso, Et. Eev. J. W., Theologian. 
Couch, Jonathan, Naturalist. 
Davy, Sir Humphry, P.B.S., Philosopher. 
Drew, Samuel, Metaphysician. 
Eliot, Sir John, Politician. 
Fitz-Geoftry, Eev. Charles, Tljeologian and Poet. 
Foote, Samuel, Dramatist. 

Gilbert, Davies, P.E.S., Historical and Scientific Writer. 
Godolphin, John, Law Writer. 
Godolphin, Sidney, Poet. 

Godolphin, Sidney, Statesman. g 

Godolphin, Sir WUliam, Ambassador. ' 

Grenville, Sir Bevil, Eoyalist Leader. ' 

Grenville, Very Eev. Denis, Theologian. 
Gumey, Sir Goldsworthy, Chemist. 
Haweis, Eev. Thomas, Theologian. 
Hawker, Eev. E. S., Poet. 

Henwood, W. J., F.E.S., Geologist. 

Herle, Eev. Charles, Theologian. 

James, Sir Henry, F.E.S., Military Engineer. 

Jane, Very Eev. William, Theologian. 

Johannes de S. Germano Cornubiensis, Theologian. 

Kendall, Eev. George, Theologian. 

Killigrew, Sir Henry, Ambassador, 

KiUigrew, Eev. Henry, Dramatist. 

Killigrew, Thomas, Dramatist. 

Killigrew, Sir William, Dramatist. 

Lander, E. L., Traveller. 

Long, Edward, Historian. 

Lower, Eichard, F.E.S., Physician. 

Lower, Sir William, Dramatist. 

Martjn, Eev. Henry, Missionary. 

Mayow, John, P.E.S., Physician. 

Melvill, Eev. Henry, Theologian. 

Milles, Very Eev. Jeremiah, Antiquary. 

Molesworth, Sir William, F.E.S., Statesman. 

Moyle, Walter, Political Writer. 

NichoUs, Frank, F.E.S., Physician. 

NichoUs, Sir George, Philanthropist. 

Nicolas, Sir N. H., Antiquary. 

Noy, William, Statesman. 

Oliver, WiUiam, F.E.S. d. 1716. Physician. 

Oliver, William, F.E.S. d. 1764. Physician. 

Opie, John, E.A., Painter. 


of sucli esteemed and standard works of reference as those of Watt, Lowndes, 
Darling, or AUibone, and he will speedily find that by concentrating constant and 
unwearied diligence upon one branch of Bibliography an account of several lines 
has been expanded into several columns. * 

Biographical memoranda respecting the whole of the writers spoken of in the 
Bibliotheca Cornubiensis have been given after the mention of their names, and 
neither labour nor expense has been spared to render these memoranda complete 
and trustworthy. Not only have facts and references been gleaned from books 
of the most varied character, but many parish registers have been examined and 
letters have been addressed to all presumable sources of information. 

It may perhaps be observed as a peculiarity that hardly any references are 
given to county histories and other works of a similar nature ; the intention, 
however, in this undertaking being to refer to comparatively unexplored sources 
and not to general matter already well known, all notices of these books have, 
with very few exceptions, been omitted. 

In describing the works which have come under their notice the authors 
have recognized the value of giving, as far as possible,, a verbatim copy of the 
original title page, and in those cases where from extreme length it has been found 
absolutely necessary to abbreviate a title marks have been inserted to indicate 
the omissions. The pagination and publishing price have also been added. Great 
attention has been given to the subject of anonymous and pseudonymous litera- 
ture, and many works and papers have now for the first time been assigned to their 

respective authors. 

Whilst the authors of this work would fain beheve that its interest is not 
confined to natives of their own County, they are yet aware that it is by the future 
historians of CornwaU that its value will be most fully estimated. Within this 
volume is brought together an immense catalogue of local materials such as could 
not elsewhere be found, with exact references to the various sources of informa- 

. The article on the Attorney General WiUiam Noy, on pp. 401-405 in the Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, wO 
• ine anioie on '.^"J^)^^ ■? , , attempted to be accomplished m this work. It consists of 56 
serve as a case in point ^ illustrate ^1^^' ^^^^f^^^^^^^^ li which the Attorney General was wholly or in 

biographical references, 24 titles f"^ TortionsTre addressed to him, or in which he is especially spoken of, 
part the author 5 titles of ''""^^^X^^wMchlrbv h^^^ remainder concern his life and his writings. 

42 notices of MSS. a large J^f'J"'^*? °^ jj^^j^^ ^fg I'^^es^Mii in Watt the account occupies but 20 Imes, in Bohn's 
The whole pes 107 distinct facts, and occupies 4^M ^^ .^ ^^^ j^ j^ ,, j^. 

^Xa'l2*'l^Sonr9ran\£%^fsra IS^efr^^^^^^ latlr works the greater portion of the space 

roccAp^ed^tSaUs of kography and criticisms of the author's writings. 


tion ; personal details have now been preserved wHch at some future time it would 
be much more difficult if not actually impossible to obtain ; and the whole has 
been so digested and methodized as to render it easy of reference to those desirous 
of consulting it. In connection with this latter point it may be mentioned that 
the second part of this undertaking will contain (in addition to a mass of matter 
which could not be classified under authors' names) cross references, under such 
headings as Cornish Language, Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, etc., to all the infor- 
mation published in the preceding part. By this means the study of any particular 
subject connected with the County will be rendered comparatively an easy process. 

The authors have now the pleasant duty of recording the names of those 
gentlemen from whom they have chiefly derived assistance. 

Thanks are especially due to -William Sandys, Esq., The Eev. Edmund Boger, 
John Brendon Curgenven, Esq., and William Noy, Esq., for furnishing full par- 
ticulars of the titles and collations of the Cornish books in their Libraries. 

To Thomas Quiller Couch, Esq., of Bodmin, and Charles Chorley, Esq., of 
Truro, they are indebted for the use of some MS. collections formed by them with 
the intention they once entertained of publishing a catalogue of works on Cornwall. 

W. J. Henwood, Esq., and the Eev. C. W. Boase have most kindly perused 
the proof sheets during the passage of this work through the press, and have 
furnished the authors with numerous suggestions respecting alterations and 

To J. J. A. Boase, Esq., and G. B. Millett, Esq., of Penzance, Eichard Edmonds, 
Esq., of Plymouth, Charles Barham, Esq., of Truro, and N. Hare, jun., Esq., of 
Liskeard, they have rarely applied in vain for particulars concerning the lives and 
publications of the inhabitants of those towns with which they are respectively 

Mr. John Kinsman, Bookseller, of Penzance, has placed them under numerous, 
obligations for collations of all the local works which have passed through his 
hands during a period of some years. 

To the Clergy, not only of Cornwall but of many other parts of England, 
they have to tender their warmest thanks for furnishing extracts from church 
registers without, in the majority of instances, making any demand for the fees 
justly due to them for such services. 


In the preparation of this work the authors have pre-eminently to acknow- 
ledge the assistance they have derived from the treasures of the British Museum. 
Next to that vast storehouse of literature they are indebted to the Bodleian Library. 
On the shelves of Dr. Williams' Library and of Sion College have been found many 
theological and other works of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries which 
are wanting elsewhere ; and the Guildhall and London Institution Libraries have 
afforded the authors the use of many valuable books. From the London Library, 
in St. James' Square, they have been able to take to their own homes many of 
the most valuable works of reference, and by this means they have pursued 
their studies during those months of the year in which they are practically ex- 
cluded by the nature of their daily labours from entering the library of the 
British Museum. To the officers of the whole of these institutions they tender 
their warmest thanks for the constant assistance they have received in their labo- 
rious undertaking. 

Lastly thanks are due to a large number of persons, whose names cannot 
here be enumerated, for supplying information in furtherance of this work. To 
many gentlemen who will not find any references to the matter they have 
furnished, the explanation is necessary that their communications arrived too late 
to be printed in this volume. Such notices however have been carefully treasured 
and they will appear with many additional facts in the supplement to the second 

The authors now dismiss the toU of years with the earnest request that any 
persons who are in a position to furnish additional information or corrections 
wUl obligingly communicate with them. 

8, Queen Square, Westminster, S. W; 

December, 187S. 
















biography, biographical. 










confer, cf. is used when referring 

to matter not in the Bibliotheoa 











• trans. 










m. by 

Edited by. 

. ■ • 





[ ] 


indicates that some portion of 
the title is omitted. 

ib., iUd. 

the same. 

Joun. B.I.C. 





Rep. Miners' Assoc. 

Jour. Joum. 


of G. & D. 

Mem. Mems. 

Memoir, Memoirs. 

Pep. B.CP.Soc. 






MS., MS8. 

Manuscript, Manuscripts. 


no date. The presumed date of 
pubUeation is inserted in [ ] 


n.p. or d. 

no place or date. 

ob. obit 


Trans. R.G.S.O. 

JP- PP- 

page, pages. 

.0. or Perp. 0. 

Perpetual Curate. 

Peg. & Mag. of Biog. 


in the possession of. 





Biog. Diet. Soc. 






quod vide, which see. q.v. is used 
when referring to matter in the 
Bibliotheca Cornubiensis. 




single sheet. 

the word See is used when refer- 
ring to portions of the Biblio- 
theca Cornubiensis. 

thus. To indicate an apparent 
error in the Title of a book. 




in the time of. 



Indicate that some matter is 

Words in. sc[uare brackets are 
iiiserted as a means of afford- 
ing additional information. 

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of Cornwall. 

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of Cornwall & Devon. 

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Polytechnic Society. 

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Natural History and Anti- 
quarian Society. 

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gical Society of Cornwall. 

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graphy, 1869. No more pub- 

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Society for Diffusion of Use- 
ful Knowledge. [Only letter 
A published]. 

Corrigenda and Addenda. 

Page 8. For Atkinson, Mr., read. Atkinson, Henry. 

Page 17, col. 1, line 2, after il. insert iii, 40-100, (1865), and dele 1864. 

Page 17, col. 2, line 24. For Batten, Joseph Hallet, read Batten, John Hallet. 

Page 18. Bealj Kev. William, d. Liskeard, 18 June, 1872. 

Page 18. Beal, Kev. William (eld. son of preceding), d. Aigle, Switzerland, 20 Apl., 1870. 

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Page 21. Benson, Rev. Joseph, b. near Temple, Sowerby, Westmoreland, 25 Jan., 1748. d. London, 
1 6 Feb., 1821, and not as stated. 

Page 22, col. 1, line 16 from bottom, dele the words Beta., pseud, i.e., Boase, Henry. 

Page 25. For Blanchard, Edward Laman, read Blanchard, Edward Leman. 

Page 28. Boase, Charles William, d. Albury, 7 June, 1872. iur. Albury. 

Page 29, col. 2 at the bottom, the two articles from T. Thompson's Ann. Philos., are by Henry 
Boase, not by Henry S. Boase. 

Page 30, coj. 1, line 22 from bottom, for Sardian, read Sardinian. 

Page 33, col. 2, line 20 from bottom, for son of William Borlase, read son of James Jacob Borlase. 
Page 36. Borrow, Rev. William, dele 18 May, 1849, and insert 1861. 
Page 39. Bower, Rev. John. d. Lostwithiel, 21 Dec, 1872, aged 86. 
Page 43. Brownlow, Emma^Sophia, Countess, d. Bolton Lodge, Torquay, 28 Jan., 1872. 
Page 49. Buckstone, John Baldwin, son of John Buckstone, was b. Hoxton, 18 Sept., 1802. 
Page 58, col. 1, lines 22-23, dele Sundry Christian Passions, and insert Ecclesiastes. 
Page 59, col. 2, line 31, for A. E. Carlyon, read E. A. Carlyon. 

Page 60. For Came, Miss Elizabeth, read Came, Miss Elizabeth Catherine Thomas, b. Riviere 
House, Phillack, 1817. d. Penzance, 7 Sept., 1873. bm. PhUlack. 

Page 60. Carne, John. J. 18 June, 1789. 
Page 61. Came, Joseph. &. 17 Apl., 1782. 
Page 63, col. 2, line 15, after Fast, insert Lond., 1776, 4o. 

Page 63. Carpenter, Jane, wife of Samuel Carpenter, d. Saltash, 18 Apl., 1847, aged 68. 
Page 72, col. 2, line 14 from bottom, for Kelland, read Helland. . 
Page 76, col. 2, line 17,' for 1768 read 18 Nov., 1766. 
Page 83, col. 1, line 6, for 1866, read 1867. 

Page 83, col. 2, lines 10 and 11 from bottom, dele from Matthews to 1851. 

Page 93, col. 2. Couch, Richard Quiller. 6 articles in the Reports of the R.C.P.Soc, were acci- 
dentally omitted by the Printer, they will be given in the Appendix. 
Page 97, col. 1, line 12 from bottom, for Good Woods read Good Words. 
Page 97, col. 2, line 16 from bottom, for daughter read 1 sister. 
Page 104. Daniell, Rev. Mark. d. Axminster, 20 Feb., 1821, and not as stated. 
Page 106. Davis, Mary Margaret, d. St. Mary's, Scilly, 19 Nov., 1870, aged 36. 
Page 112. Dayman, Rev. Peter, dele the word Rev. 
Page 113, col. 2, line 5, after ii insert pp. 
Page 114. Dendy, Walter Cooper, d. Suffolk St., Pall Mall, 10 Dec, 1871, aged 77. 


Page 127. Dunsterville, Commander Edward, d. 32, St. Augustine's Road, Camden Sq., London, 

11 Mch., 1873. 
Page 140. Eliot, John, M.P. hvr. 1665, not 1865 as stated. 
Page 141, col. 2, line 23, for 4tli Oct., read 11th Oct. 
Page 143. Enys, John Samuel, d. Enys, 29 May, 1872. 
Page 160, col, 2, line 11, for Clandiana, read Glaudiana. 

Page 160. Eox, Charles. S. 1749. d Villa Place, Bathwick, 1 Mch., 1809, and not as stated. 
Page 161, col. 2, line 6, for William Armistead, read Wilson Armistead. 
Page 173, col. 2, lines 24 and 25 from bottom, for Dec, 1839, read 3 Jan., 1840. 
Page 176, col. 1, lines 8 and 9 from bottom, for Little Petherick, read Liskeard. 
Page 187. Greenwood, Alfred, of Chelmsford, d. 1847. 
Page 190, col. 1, line 23, for St. Winnow, read Withiel. 
Page 193, col. 2, line 15, for 12°., read 8°. 
Page 198, col. 1, line 22, for legislature, read legislative. 

Page 202. Haddan, Rev. Arthur West. d. Barton, Warwickshire, 8 Feb., 1873. 
Page 213. Harvey, Thomas Kingston. . d. Pera, Constantinople, 23 Apl., 1872. 
Page, 226. Hedgeland, John Pike. d. Exeter, 2 May, 1873. 
Page 255. Hotten, John Camden, d. Haverstock Hill, 14 June, 1873. 

Page 256, col. 1, line 4 from bottom, after 1723, add Lond., printed for John Morley, at the Cross- 
Keys, in the Poultry, 1723, 4°., pp. 28, 4d. 

Page 265. Jago, James, M.D., (son of Jbhn Jago). h. At the Barton of Kegilliack, Budock, 18 
Dec, 1815, and not as stated. 

Page 288, col. 1, line 4, dele 28 July, 1684. 

Page 288, col. 1, Hues 9 and 10, for J. B. Nichols, read J. Gr. Nichols. 

Page, 328, col. 2, line 3 from bottom, dele John and insert Stephen, and in line 2 after Pen- 
zance, insert lapt. 4 June. 

Page 329. Lyne, Rev. Charles, d. Colby ViUa, DawUsh, 5 May, 1873. 

Page 331, col.' 1, line 19 from bottom, for Festiva, read Festuca. 

Page 331, col. 2, line 16, for Arundel, read Arundell. 

Page 343, col. 1, line 22, for 1817, read 7 Dec, 1827. 

Page 345, col. 2, line 14, for 1843, read 1844. 

Page 369, col. 2, Une 7, after Falmouth, insert \i.e., Nicholas Tresidder.] 

Page 371, col. 2, line 10 from bottom, for WUl. Lees', read WUl. Lee's. 

Page 380, col. 1, line 11, for Murchinson, read Murchison. 

Page 412. Oliver, Wilham, M.D., F.R.S. .(son of John Oliver), ba^t. Ludgvan, 27 Aug., 1695. 





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1851, at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord 
Bishop of Exeter. With a prefatory address to 
the Clergy of the Evangelical and High Church 
Schools. By the Eev. E. Aitken, Incumbent of 
Pendeen, Cornwall, and Domestic Chaplain to 
the Earl of Caithness. Penzance : published by 
F. T. Vibert ; Lond., W. M. Pardon, 23, Cole- 
man Street, 1851, 8"., pp. 31, 1/6. 

Spiritual Vitality. An Address to the Clergy, 
in two parts. By the Eev. E. Aitken. Lond., 
J. H. Parker ; Truro, J. E. Netherton [printed,! 

1852, 80., pp. 34, 1/-. 



; AITKEN, Eev. Eobebt. fCon.J. 

Methodistic Catholicism, a word of expostu- 
lation to the Eev. E. Aitken, in answer to his 
Address to the Clergy, entitled " Spiritual Vital- 
ity." By a Parish Priest, [i.e., the Eev. M. M. 
Humble.] Lond., J. H. Parker; Penzance, Vibert 
[printed,] 1852, S"., pp. 28. 

The Conversion and -Holy Life of St. Augus- 
tine. By the Eev. E. Aitken. Lond., J. H. 
Parker; Truro, J. E. Netherton fprinted,! 1852, 
12"., pp. 90, 1/-. 

_A Letter to one of the Leeds Clergy on the 
Distinction between Salvation and Christianity, 
"being an answer to inquiries on the subject of 
" Spiritual Vitality." By the Eev. E. Aitken. 
Lond., Parker; Penzance, F. T. Vibert [printed,] 
1852, 80., pp. 28, 1/-. 

Saving faith viewed in reference to the teach- 
ing of the Eev. E. Aitken and others. Anon. 
[By Eev. John Henry Blunt.] Lond., J. Masters, 
1854, 80., pp. 24. Bod. Lib. 

The teaching of the Types. Tracts for the 
Clergy and the Earnest Minded. By the Eev. 
E. Aitken. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton. No. 
1-5, 1854. No. 6-10, 1855," 80,. 

Note. — Each tract has a distinct title, but the pag- 
ination is eontuiuons, and the series forms one vol., pp. 
458, price 12/-. 

The Power of Christ's name, or Church and 
Dissent, and Christ's exposition of both. A ser- 
mon delivered in St. Mary's Church, Penzance, 
at the visitation of the Venerable the Arch- 
deacon of Cornwall. By the Eev. E. Aitken. 
Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton, 1856, 80., pp. 
36, 1/6. 

A Word for the Truth, for the Church, and 
for God. An address to the Clergy on the 
present [Denison] Controversy, in which the 
points at issue are fully stated and the doctrines 
involved are theologically considered. By the 
Eev. E. Aitken. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton, 
1857, 80., pp. 40, 2/-. 

Hints, Suggestions, and Eeasons, for the pro- 
visional adjustment of the Church-Eate, for the 
Eeformation of the Church's external admin- 
istration, and for the union of Church and Dis- 
sent. By the Eev. E. Aitken. Lond., Long- 
man, 1859, 80., pp. 58, 2/6. 

The Prayer Book unveiled in the light of 
Christ, or unity without Liturgical revision. 
Letters for Nonconformists expository of the 
church's teaching, etc., addressed to the Eev. T. 
Binney. By the Eev. E. Aitken. Lond., W. 
Macintosh, 1863, 80., pp. xxdv and 353.— 2nd 
ed. 1867," 80., pp. xvi and 382, 5/6. 

High "Truth. The Christian's Vocation, Pro- 
gress, Perfection, and State in Glory. By the 

AITKEN, Eev. Eobebt. (Con.). 

Rev. E. Aitken. Lond., W. Macintosh, 1866, 
80., pp. viii and 160, 2/-. 

No. 1. Church reform spiritually considered. 
A Letter to the Eight Honorable William Ewart 
Gladstone, by the Rev. R. Aitken, Vicar of Pen- 
deen. Lond., Dickinson and Higham, 73 (late 
92),FarringdonSt., 1871, 80. Title and contents, 
2 leaves. Church Reform, pp. 1-134, 1/6. 

Mission Services at St. Paul's Church, New- 
port. Eevised and reprinted from The Evening 
Telegram of March 31st, 1871. A sermon 
preached at St. Paul's, Newport, on the 30th of 
March, 1871, by the Eev. E. Aitken. Lond., 
Dickinson and Higham . . . Cornish, Penzance, n. d. , 
[1871,] 8"., pp. 40, 6d. 

List of valuable engravings, prints, etc., to be 
sold by auction, Aug. 12, 1873, at the Vicarage, 
Pendeen, St. Just, the property of the late Eev. 
E. Aitken. Beare and Son, printers, Penzance. 
n.d., [1873,] 80., pp. 2. 

AITKEN, Eev. William Hay Macdowall 
Hunter, M.A. (son of the preceding). Now 
V. of Christ Church, Liverpool, h. Liverpool, 
21 Sept., 1841. 

Cornwall, its Scenery and Antiquities. Our 
Society. (Lond., Kingsland, G. Potter, 1867), 
pp. 16, 51, 76, 110. 

ALAZON. pseud, i.e., Barnes, Eev. E. W. 

ALLEN, John. Schoolmaster of Madras House, 
Hackney. 6. Truro, 1771, (but no entry in 
Eegister). d. Hackney, 17 June, 1839. cf. 
Biog. Diet, of Soc. for D.U.K.; Gent. Mag., 
xii, 210, (1839). 

The Fathers, the Reformers, and the public 
Formularies of the Church of England, in har- 
mony with Calvin, and against the Bishop of 
Lincoln. By a Layman, fpsevd. i.e., J. Allen,] 

1812, "80. 

Institutes of the Christian Religion. By John 
Calvin. Translated from the original Latin and 
collated with the author's last edition in French. 
By J. Allen. Lond., printed for J. Walker, 

1813, 3 vols., 80., 45/-.— Another ed. Lond., 
printed for T. Tegg, 1838, 2 vols., 80. 

Memoirs of the Life of the late Major Gen- 
eral Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines. [By 
John Allen.] Lond., W. Winchester and Son, 
1815, 2 vols., 80.— 2nd ed. 1816, 80., pp. xx 
and 292. 

Modern Judaism ; or a brief account of the 
opinions, traditions, rites and ceremonies, of the 
Jews in modern times. By John Allen. Lond., 
Hamilton, 1816, 80., 10/6,— 2nd ed. revised 
and 'torrected. Lond., Seeleys, 1830, 80,* pp. 
xvi and 451, 10/6. 



ALLEN, John. (Cm.). 

Sermons translated from the French of Daniel 
de Superville, formerly Pastor of the French 
Protestant Church at Rotterdam. With memoir 
of his life. By J. Allen. London, printed for 
Burton and Briggs, 1816, 8"., pp. xx and 402. 

Two dissertations on sacrifices, the first on all 
the sacrifices of the Jews... the second on the 
sacrifice of Christ... By William Outram, D.D. 
Translated from the original Latin, with additional 
notes and indexes by J. Allen. Lond., printed 
for the translator, and sold by Burton and 
Briggs, Leadenhall St., 1817, 8"., pp. xii and 

Note. — Alexander Allen (son of John Allen, of 
Hackney), b. Hackney, 21 Sept., 1814. d. 6 Nov., 1842, 
was the author and editor of yarions Classical School 
books and other works. 

ALLEN, John. A Friend (son of John Alien 
and Eliz. Fox), b. Liskeard, 26 Sept., 1790. 
d. Liskeard, 15 Feb., 1859. bur. 22 Feb. 
cf. Liskeard Gazette, 19 and 26 Feb., 1859 ; 
The Annual Monitor for 1860, pp. 3-26. 

The cause of the heavy burdens of Great 
Britain and of her national debt ; comprising a 
rapid survey of some of the great events con- 
nected with British History during the last 
hundred and fifty years. Anon. Lond., Darton 
and Harvey, 1836, 12"., 1 sheet.— 2nd ed., re- 
vised, 1843, 120., J siieet. 

Cursory view of some of the obstacles to the 
right apprehension and full reception of the 
Spiritual Nature and Blessings of Christianity. 
By J. Allen. Lond., Harvey and Darton, 1840, 
8»., pp. 32. 

The Statistics of War and Peace. By John 
Allen, Esq., and others. Being part of the 
Papers .read to the Peace Convention, in 1843. 
Lond., printed by Eich. Barrett, and sold by 
Charles Gilpin, n.d., [1843,] 12"., | sheet. 

On our Home Population. By John Allen. 
Lond., Simpkin, 1844, 18"., 2/6. 

Compendious view of the tithe system, its 
progress, conversion into tithe rent charge, etc. 
By J. Allen, 1850, 12". 

Note. — First appeared in The Friend, viii, 26-28, 
fl850) ; and since 1850 has again been reprinted by The 
London Tract Association. 

Christian Baptism ; or the Baptism of Christ. 
Do the Christian Churches generally entertain 
sound scriptural views respecting it? Anon. 
Lond., C. Gilpin, 1850, 12'^., pp. 36, 4d.— Re- 
printed by the Tract Association of the Society 
of Friends. [No. 118,] 1854, 12»., pp. 24, 1/- 
per doz. 

State Churches and the Kingdom of Christ, 
an essay on the establishment of ministers, 
forms and services of reUgion by secular power. 

ALLEN, John. (Con.). 

and on its inconsistency with the free humbling 
spiritual nature of the Christian dispensation. 
By J. Allen. Lond., W. and F. G. Cash, 1853, 
8"., pp. xvi and 587, 8/6. 

Note. — Pretace, dated Liskeard, fifth month, 1st, 
1853. A Prospectus of this work was printed in 1852, 
4°., 2 leaves. 

History of the Borough of Liskeard and its 
Vicinity. By John Allen. Map and 17 Illusts. 
Lond., W. and F. G. Cash ; Liskeard, J. Philp 
[printed]; 1856, post 8°., pp. xviii and 564, 10/-. 

On the Spiritual Nature of the Christian 
Dispensation, and on some of the obstacles to 
its full apprehension and reception. (Anon). 
Lond., printed for the Tract Association. [No. 
4, New Series] ; sold at the Depository, 84, 
Houndsditch; 1857, 18o., pp. 41. 

Note.— This is a "Cursory View, 1840, 8°." with 

On the duty of Christian Simplicity and- 
Plainness in Language, Dress, and Behaviour, 
according to the views of the Society of Friends. 
By J. Allen. Lond., Tract Association of the 
Society of Friends. [No. 137,] 1860, 12o., pp. 
12, 6d. per doz. 

Chronological Chart of the Wars of the 
British Empire. Eep. B.C.P. Sac, 1835, p. 126. 

The Private and Public Capital and Income 
of the Nation, etc. ib., 1839, pp. 58-73. 

Statistics of the Natural History of Cornwall 
as shewn in the destruction of wild animals in 
1669. ib., 1841, pp. 122-27. 

Hints on the provision of labour for the poor. 
ib., 1849, pp. 19-26. 

ALLEN, Ralph (son of JFilliam Allen, of St. 
Blaeey, or of John Allen, of Tywardreath). 
Post Master, Bath; Contractor for Cross 
Posts, 1722-1764; Erected Prior Park, 1736; 
Mayor of Bath, 1742. 6. at the Duke WilHam 
Inn, St. Blazey Highway, 1693, (but no entry 
in Register), d. Prior Park, Bath, 29 June, 
1764. bur. Claverton. cf. Chatham Correspon- 
dence, (1838), ii, 223-38, .253-56, 289-91; 
Bev. Fras. Thackeray's Life of Lord Chatham, . 
(1827), ii, 23-27; John Wood's An Fssay 
towards a description of Bath, (1742-43); H. 
JValpole's Memoirs of last 10 years of George 
II, (1822), ii, 202; H. JValpole's Memoirs of 
the reign of King George III, (1845), i, 281- 
82 ; Sam. Derrick's Letters written from Liver- 
pool, etc., (1767), ii,<57-6.0; Fhilip Thicknesse's 
New Frose Bath Guide for 1778, pp. 76-78; 
Bishop Hurdls Works of Will. Warburion, Bp. 
of Gloucester, (1788), i, 45, 49, 89; Tlie 



ALLEN, Ealph. (Con. J. 

Letters of Pope to Atterbury when in the Tower 
of London, Ed. by J. G. Nichols, (Camden 
MiscelL, vol. iv, 1859), p. 17; Rev. John 
CoUinson's Hist, of Somerset, (1791), i, 117- 
18, 145-50, 169-70; Hev. W. L. Boioles' 
Wm-hs of A. Pope, (1806), iv, 350, ix, 338, 
349-63, 374, 391, x, 57, 60, 63 ; Rev. Joseph 
Warton's Works of A. Pope, (1797), ix, 319-32 ; 
Britton and Brayley's Beauties of England and 
Wales, (Somersetshire, by Rev. J. Nightingale, 
1813), xiii, pt. i, pp. 438-42; Pierce Egan's 
■ Walks through Bath,{l8l9),Tp^.lS9-207:Laititia 
Hawkhis' Anecdotes, (1822), i, 525 ; F. Lawrence's 
JAfeof Henry Fielding, (1855),^^. 252, 292, 370- 
71 ; Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, (1831), i, 
10-12 ; Life and Times of Countess of Hunting- 
don, (1841), i, 450-51 ; Lord Mahon's Hist, of 
England, (1851), v, 63-64; Rev. A. H. New's 
The Coronet and the Cross, (1857), pp. 24, 134, 
394; Rev. Geo. Oliver's Hist, of Exeter,- {18%\), 
p. 164; Rev. J. S. Watson's Life of Bp. War- 
burton, (1863), pp. 202, 205, 232, 239-42, 
276, 294, 411-12, 476, 495,561-62; Will. 
Leivins' Her Majesty's Mails, (1865), pp. 104- 
112; Papers relative to the agreement made by 
Government with Mr. Palmer, (1797), passim; 
Rev.. John Bartlett's History of Parish of St. 
Blazey, (1856), pp. 20-25; NicMs' Literary 
Anecdotes, vols, ii, iii, v, vi ; Nichols' Illustra- 
tions, ii, 830-39, iv, 732, v, 1844; Chambers! 
Book of Days, (1864), ii, 566; Chambers' Journ. 
(The Bath Post Boy), xi, 260-62, (1848) ; The 
Family Economist (The Story of B. Allen, by 
Mrs. Bunbury), v, 129-33, (1856); Some 
Literary Rumblings about Bath. Cornhill Mag., 
xxvii, 694-702, (1873); Annual Register, vi, 
pt. i, 206, (1763), vii, 95, (1764) ; Gent: Mag., 
xxxiv, 350, (1764); Biog. Diet. Soc. D.U.K.; 
Rev. Jos. Hunter's Connection of Bath with 
literature and science of England, (1850), pp. 
64-65, 93-94. 

Ealph Allen and Prior Park* By the Eev. F. 
Kilvert, M.'A. Eead before the Bath Literary 
Club, Dec. 13, 1856, and repeated before the 
Bath Literary and Philosophical Association, 
Jan. 12, 1857. Bath, H. E. Carrington, 1857, 
8"., pp. 31. 

A sermon occasioned by the present unnatural 
rebellion... Preached in Mr. Allen's Chapel, at 
Prior-Park, near Bath, and publish'd at his 
.request. By William Warburton, M.A., Chap- 
lain to his Eoyal Highness the Prince of Wales. 
Lend., printed for J. and P. Knapton, in Lud- 
gate Street, 1745, 8«., pp. 27.— Eeprinted in 
Bishop Sard's Works of W. Warburton, Bp. 
of Gloucester, (1788), v, 207-18. 

Of the characters of men. An epistle [m verse] 
to Salph Allen, Esq. Lond., printed for M. 

ALLEN, Ealph. (Can.). 

Cooper, at the Globe, in Pater-noster Eow, 1750, 
40., pp. 32. 

The Novels of Henry Fielding, Esq. Lond., 
Hurst, Eobiuson and Co., printed by J. Ballan- 
tyne and Co., Edinburgh, [Novelist's Library, 
vol. i,] 1821, 8". 

Note. — "Amelia" is dedicated ," To Ealph Allen, 
Esq.", by " Henry Fielding, Bow St., Dec, 1751," and 
in " The History of Tom Jones, a foundling," the char- 
acter of Squire AUworthy is intended to pourtray Ealph 

Another answer to the Letters of the Right 
Hon. William Pitt, Esq., to Ealph Allen, Esq., 
in which the reasons are assigned for not vene- 
rating the administration of that late Secretary 
of State, ^nd for subscribing to the term ade- 
quate, in relation to the peace. By Another Mem- 
ber of the Corporation of Bath. Lond., 1763, 
sm. 4"., pp. 46, 1/-. 

Note. — cf. Annual Register, ¥i, pt. i, p. 206, (1763). 
AMIGA, pseud, i.e., Pearce, Miss Alice. 
ANGOVE, Gkace. See Michell, Grace. 

ANSTEY, Thomas. 

Penzance. A Descriptive Poem. Penzance, 
printed and sold by T. Vigurs, 1819, 80., pp. 15, 

Note.— The Dedication to Thomas Giddy, Esq., is 
signed " Thomas Anstey." 

ANSJIS, John (son of John Anstis, Registrar of 
ArchBeaconry of Cornwall, who d. 1692J. Ad- 
mitted at Exeter College, 1685; M.P. St. 
Germans, 1702; M.P. Launceston, 1713; 
Received reversionary patent for the place of 
Garter, 2 ApL, 1714; Created Garter King at 
Arms, 20 Apl., 1718. b. St. Neots, 28 Sept., 
1669. rf. Mortlake,4 March, 17-||. Jwr. Duloe 
Church, 23 Mch. cf. Chalmers; Rose; Biog. 
Univ. ; Didot Nouvel. Biog. Univ. ; Biog. Diet, 
of Soc. for D.U.K.; Nichols' Literary Anec-- 
dotes, vols, i, ii, iii, v, vi ; Nichols' Illustrations, 
vols, iv, V, vi ; Autobiog. of Mrs. Delany, (1861), 
i, 42 ; Rel Hearniance, (1857), i, 337, ii, 571_; 
H. Walpole's Letters (Cunningham's ed.), ii, 
184 ; Archceol, i, p. xxviii, (1770) ; Rev. Mark 
Noble's Hist, of College of Arms, (1804), pp. 
354, 376-79, with portrait; The London Mag., 
xiii, 153, (1744). 
Cvria MUitaris, or a Treatise of the Court of 

Chivalry, in three books... By John Anstis, Esq., 

(of the Middle 1>emple). Lond., printed by T. 

Mead, in Gilt-Spur-Street, near the Back-Gate of 

St. Sepulchre's Church, 1702, 8«. 



ANSTIS, John. (Con.J. 

Note. — This consists of Title, 1 leaf, Dedication to 
Jonathan [Trelawny,] Lord Bishop of Exeter, 1 leaf, 
Introduction, pp. i-xli, Contents, 5 leaves, this is all 
that was published. 

Letters to a Peer, concerning the Honour of 
Earl Marshall. . . [By John Anstis.] Lond., printed 
and sold by the Booksellers of London and West- 
minster, 1703, 80., pp. 35.— 1706, 8»., pp. 52. 

Note.— The Letter is signed N. S., [i.e., Joh» 
Anstis. 1 

[Introduction to the Register of the Order of 
the Garter. By John Anstis.] n.d., [1720?] fol., 
pp. 25. 

The Register of the most noble Order of the 
Garter, from its cover in black velvet usually 
called The Black Book, with notes placed at the 
bottom of the pages and an introduction prefixed 
by the Editor, [i.e., John Anstis.] Lond., printed 
by John Barber, upon Lambeth-hill, 1724, 2 
vols., fol. 

Note. — Dean Milles possessed Anstis' own copy, 
containing large additional matter. 

A discoverie of certaine errours published in 
print in the much commended Britannia, 1594 
...By Ralphe Brooke... To which are added The 
learned Mr. Camden's answer to this book and 
Mr. Brooke's reply. Now first published from 
an original manuscript in the Library of J. 
Anstis, Esq. Lond., printed for James Woodman, 
1724, 40. 

Note.— Contains Prefatory Letter to the publisher, 
Mr. Woodman, signed " J. Anstis." 

Observations introductory to an historical es- 
say upon the Knighthood of the Bath. By John 
Anstis. Lond., printed by James Woodman, in 
Russell St., Covent Garden, 1725, 4". Title, 1 
leaf, Observations, pp. 1-88, Collection of Author- 
ities, pp. 1-112. 

Note.— Dean Milles possessed Anstis' own copy con- 
taining considerable additional matter. 

The Ceremonies of the Installation of a Knight 
of the most noble order of the Garter, as settled 
by Mr. Anstis. Lond., 1757, 12". 

Chronological Data of the Coronation Days 
of the Kings and Queens of England, from 
Alfred the Great to George IV. Originally com- 
piled by John Anstis, [with Notes and a contin- 
uation by the Editor.] Lond., printed by J. 
Johnson for J. H. Burn, 1821, 80., 6 leaves. 

John Tbistis, Esq., Garter, Appellant. John 
Gandy, and Frances, his wife, Respondents. The 
Appellant's Case. To be heard at the Bar of the 
House of Lords, on Monday, the 24th March, 
1734-5. n.p. or d. or printer's name, fol., pp. 4 

John Anstis, Esq., Appellant. John Gandy, 
Gent., and Frances, his wife. Respondents, The 

ANSTIS, John. (Con.). 

Respondents' Case. To be heard at the Bar of 

the House of Lords, on '■ the day of 

, 1 734-5. n.p. or d. or printer's name, fol,, 

pp. 4. 

Note. — Respecting Frances Gandy and Mary Dyer, 
nieces of John Anstis,_ to whom John Anstis and the 
Eev. John Penneok were Guardians and Trustees. The 
respondents having filed a bill in Chancery against the 
appellant to recover money spent on Frances Gandy 
during Infancy, obtained a decree in their favour. On 
appeal to the House of Lords the decree of the Court 
of Chancery was affirmed without costs. 

A full and authentick narrative of the intended 
horrid conspiracy and invasion, containing... 
The case of Edward Harvey, of Combe, Esq., 
John Anstis, Esq., etc. Lond., printed for J. 
Roberts, in Warwick Lane, 1715, sm. 4".. pp. 
38, 6d. 

Note. — The account of Mr. Anstis being suspected 
of a design to restore the Stuarts and of his imprison- 
ment is contained in pp. 9-10. 

Collectanea Curiosa. . .By John Gutch. Oxford, 
at the Clarendon Press, 1781, 2 vols., 8". 

Note. — Contains in ii, 210-56, Nomenclator feoia- 
lium, qui Anglise et Walliae comitatus visitarunt quo 
anno et ubi autographa sen apographa reperiuntur. By 
J. Anstis. The account of the Visitation Books for 
Cornwall is on p. 217. 

Syllabus (in English) of...Rymer's Foedera. 
By T. D. Hardy. [Rolls Series.] Lond., Long- 
man, 1869-73, 2 vols., 4". 

Note. — Contains in i, pp. cxxvii-cxxviii, cxxx, cxlii, 
copies of Letters from John Anstis to Sidney, Earl of 
Godolphin, the Earl of Oxford, and others. 

Extracts from the correspondence of John 
Anstis, the Herald, affecting West Cornwall. 
By J. Couch. Trans. P.N.H. andJ.S., iii, 20-25, 

The Ceremonial of the marriage between 
Frederick, Count Palatine, and the Princess 
Elizabeth, daughter of James L /. Lelandi de 
Rebus Britannids v, 325-36, (1770). 

The Ceremonial of the marriage between 
William of Orange and Mary daughter of Charles 
L ih., V, 337-51, (1770). 

Extract relative to the Burial of King Ed- 
ward IV, from a MS. of the late Mr. Anstis. 
ArchcBol, i, 348-55, (1770). 

On two volumes of drawings of antiquities 
collected by J. Anstis. ik, xiii, 208-22, (1800). 

Three Letters from J. Anstis to Sir H. Sloane. 
Gent. Mag., 1, 460, (1780). 

The Dean of Westminster's pretensions to 
bear the ensign of the Order of the Bath, ib., 
Ixix, pt. i, 194-95, (1799). 
- On Mr. Anstis' MS. History of Launceston. 
^b., Ixxx, pt. ii, 103, (1810). 



ANSTIS, John, the younger, LL.D. (eld. son of 
Receding). Of C. C. College, Oxford ; Geneal- 
ogist and Registrar of the Bath, 1725 ; Garter 
King at Arms, 4 Mch., 17-|^ ; F.S.A. 21 July, 
1736. d. Mortlake, 5 Dec, 1754. hur. Duloe, 
. 30 Dec. c/. Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, v, 272 ; Rev. 
Mark Nobles Hist, of College of Arms, (1804), 
pp. 379-80. 

Petition of Mr. J. Anstis, jun., Garter King 
at Arms, relative to the Visitatorial power of 
All Soul's College, (original) MS. formerly at 
Stowe. cf. O Conor's Bibliotheca MS. Stowensis, 
(1819), ii, 101. 

Pietas Universitatis Oxoniensis in obitum... 
Georgii I, 1727, fol. 

Note. — Contains verses by " Joh. Anstis, C.C.C. 
Commens. Fceoial. Eex Garter." 

A]^STIS, Rev. Matthew. At the Baptist 
Academy at Carmarthen, 1762-65 ; Minister 
at Falmouth, 1765; Minister at CoLyton, 1766; 
Minister at Bridport, 1767. h. St. Germans, 
27 Feb., 1740. d. Bridport, 28 Aug., 1823. 
cf. Monthly Repository, xviii, 731-32, (1823). 

The Lord's Supper. Signed P. K. [i.e., Rev. 
M. Anstis.] Mmthly Rey., iii, 495-99, (1808) ; 
X, 571-74, 749-51, <1815). 

The Judgment of the World by Jesus Christ. 
Signed P. K. il., iii, 39-41. 


Memorials of families of the surname of 
Archer [by Capt. Archer]. Lond., J. R. Smith, 
1860, 40., 12/6. 

Note. — The Aroliers of Cornwall, pp. 63-64. 

"ARCHER, Edward (son of Edward Archer, of 
Trelashe, in Lewannick, who d. 1834). h. Ex- 
mouth, 1816. 

A Lecture on the defects in the System of 
Husbandry existing in this district, read at the 
first meeting of the East Cornwall Experimental 
Club for the Advancement of the Art and Science 
of Agriculture, 1844. By E. Archer. Lond., 
Simpkin; Lauuceston, T. W. Maddox, 1844, 
12°., 6d. 

Union vensus Parochial Settlement ; the former 
considered and advocated. By E. Archer. Lond., 
Simpkin, 1845, 12°., 6d. 

The Small Boy's Mythological Primer, in 
Rhyme. By E[dward] A[rcher.] Lond., Wayand 
and Son, 471, Oxford Street, 1858, 12"., pp. 
16, 6d. 

■ On Mr. Bickford's Method of Irrigation. Journ. 
Roy. Agric. Soc. of Engl., xiv, 153-55, (1853). 

ARGALL, William (son of Philip Argall, d. 
St. Agnes, I860?), b. St. Agnes, 20 Oct., 1828. 

ABGALL, William. (Con.). 

Tin Tables, showing the amount of Black Tin 
in any quantity of Tin-Stuff of any given pro- 
duce, compiled by William Argall, Great Wheal 
Vor United Mines, Helston. Helston, printed 
by R. Cunnack, 1859, 12"., pp. 27. 

Notes on an Excursion to ihe Chiverton dis- 
trict. Rep. Miners' Assoc, of C. and D., 1867, pp. 

Notes on an Excursion to the St. Just District. 
ib., 1868, pp. 44-46. 

Gossans, ib., 1872, pp. 37-41. 

ARMYTAGE, Rev. North Green, B.A. Cwate 

of CammenelUs. b. Lancaster. 

Wesleyan Pharisaism ; or Lip-Service not 
Heart-Service. A Sermon preached at Holy 
Trinity Church, Garnmenellis, Cornwall, on June 
13, the third Sunday after Trinity, 1869. By 
the Rev. N. G. Armytage, B.A. Lond., Jos. 
Masters; Helston, E. Carlyon, 1869, 8"., pp. 
16, 3d. 

ARTHUR, John. b. Perranwharf, 16 Aug., 
1809. Now of the Sandycroft Foundry and 
Engine Works Co., Hawarden, Chestef. 
Water Gauge for a Steam Boiler. Rep. R.C.P. 

Soc, 1834, pp. 38-39. 

Improved Method of Casting Brass Burrs. 

ib:, 1835, pp. 120-21. 

Water Meters, ib., 1836, pp. 55-56. 

Arthur and Eddy's Apparatus for Raising Mine 

Pumps, ib., 1839, pp. 96-97. 

ARUNDELL,. Rev. Francis Vyvyan Jago, 
M.A. (son of Thomas Jago). Assumed the name 
of Arundellin 1816. R. of Landulph, 1805-46. 
h. Launceston, July, 1780. d. Landulph, 5 
Dec, 1846. cf Gent. Mag., xxvii, 206-8, 

Cothele, on the banks of the Tamar, the 
ancient seat of the Right Honble. the Earl of 
Mount Edgcumbe, by Nicholas Condy. With 
a descriptive account, written expressly for the 
work, by the Rev. F. V. J. Arundell. Lond., 
published by the Author at 17, Gate St., Lin- 
coln's Inn Fields, n.d., [181-,] fol. 

Note. — Has 17 lithograpliio plates from drawings 
by Condy, and a plan of the mansion. 

A Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia, with 
an Excursion into Pisidia...By Rev. F. V. J. 
Arundell, British Chaplain at Smyrna. Lond., 
J. Rodwell, 1828, 8°., pp. iv and 339, 15/-. 

Discoveries in Asia Minor, including a des- 
cription of the Ruins of several ancient Cities, 
and especially Antioch of Pisidia, containing 
remarks on the geography and antiquities of 



AETJNDELL, Eev. F. V. J. (Con.). 

those countries, a map of the author's routes 
and numerous inscriptions. By the Rev. F. V. 
J. Arundell. Map and 14 plates of inscriptions. 
Lond., R Bentley, 1834, 2 vols., S"., 30/-. 

Some notices of the church of Landulph. By 
the Rector, {i.e., the Rev. F. V. J. Arundell.] 
Devonport, Ram&ay and Carrington, 1840, 8°. 

On John Anstis' MS. History of Launceston. 
Signed F. V. Jago. Gent. Mag., Ixxx, pt. ii, 
103, (1810). 

An Account of the discovery of a number of 
Celts and a Sword, at Long Moor, Lanherne. 
Signed F., V. Jago. Archceol, xvii, 337, (1814). 
Some Observations upon a Monumental In- 
scription in the Parish Church of Landulph. 
Signed F. V. Jago. ib., xviii, 83-104, (1817). 

Notices of some discoveries made in a journey 
in Asia Minor, in 1832. Trans. Roy. Soc. of 
Literature, ii, 468-70, (1834). 

The baths of Lebedus. The Amulet, 1835, pp. 

Note. — Mr. Arundell at one time contemplated 
publishing a History of Cornwall, and some plates were 
engraved for the work. cf. N. and Q., 2 S., xi, 409, (1861). 

ARUNDELL, William Akundell Harris 
(only son of Rev. William A. Harris). Assumed 
the name of Arundell in 1822. Sheriff of 
Cornwall, 1817. h. Kenegie, near Penzance, 
17 Sept., 1794. d. Lifton, Devon, 2 Apl., 
1865. cf Gent. Mag., xviii, 667, (1865). 

The Fall of Sebastopol. A Poem. By Harris 
Arundell. Launceston, E. Maddox ; Lond, Simp- 
tin, 1855, 80., pp. X and 12. 

The Leisure Hour. By W. A. Harris Arundell. 
Written as an Inauguration Poem, for the Lifton 
Institute. Lond., Simpkin ; Launceston, E. Mad- 
dox [printed,] 1855, 8^. 

Note. — List of Subscribers, 2 leaves, Title, 1 leaf, 
dedication to Henry and Mary Wilmot Blagrove, of 
Lifton Park, by their affectionate father, W. A. H. 
Arundell, 1 leaf, preface, pp. v-viii, introduction, 1 leaf, 
The Leisure Hour, pp. 1-68, 

Presented to the Lifton Institute (but now 
first published for general circulation) on the 
occasion of the sudden death by apoplexy of 
Nicholas the first, (Emperor of all the Russias), 
on Friday, the second of Mch., 1855. [Verses] 
Signed "Harris Arundell, 5th Mch,, 1855." E. 
Maddox, printer, Launceston, [1855,]8o.,2 leaves. 

The Contested Election. A Comedy, in three 
acts [and hi Prose]. By Harris Arundell. Laun- 
ceston, E. Maddox [printed] ; Lond., Simpkin, 
1856, 8". Title, dedication, preface, dramatis 
personse, 3 leaves, the comedy, pp. 1-75, 1/-. 

The Pilgrim Minstrel and Wreck of the 
John, emigrant ship, on the Manacle Rocks, 

AED^NDELL, W. A. H. (Con.). 

May 2, 1855. By Harris Arundell. Launceston, 
E. Maddox, 1856, 8". 

ATKINSON, Mr. Principal of Falmouth Class- 
ical School. 

Epigram on seeing some ladies elegantly 
dressed at a ball. By 0. i.e., Mr. Atkinson. 
Cornish Mag., iii, 155, (1828). 

AUSTEN, Joseph Thomas. See Treflfry, J. T. 

AUSTEN or AUSTIN, Samuel, the elder, 
M.A. fson of Thomas Austen), h. Lostwithiel, 
1606. d. not known, cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 499 j 
Biog. Did. Soc. D.U.K. ; Rose; Didot Nouvel. 
Biog. Univ. 

Avstin's Vrania, or the Heavenly Mvse, in a 
poem fvll of most feeling Meditations for the 
comfort of all Soules at all times. By S. A[ustin,] 
B. of Arts of Ex. Colledge, in Oxford. Lond., 
printed by F. K., for Robert Allot and Henry 
Seile, 1629, 8°., pp, 136. Br. Museum. 

Note. — After a copy of verses called " An Apologia 
for my Muse," follows another and larger title page. 
Then succeed, A dedication to Dr. Prideaux, the Rector 
of Exeter College ; Addresses (1st) to the Christian 
Headers, (2nd) to Exeter College, (3rd) "to my everhon- 
ovred friends. . .Mr. M. Drayton, Mr. Will. Browne, and 
my ingenious kinsman, Mr. Andrew PoUexfen," etc. 
The Second Book is dedicated to " that honorable gentle- 
man, Mr. lohn Eobarts, sonne to my Lord Bobarts, 
Baron of Truro, in Cornwall," etc. 

AUSTEN, Samuel, the younger, B.A. (son of 
•preceding), h. Lostwithiel, 1636. d. circa 1665. 
cf. Bliss' Wood, Ail, 675; Rose; Didot Nouvel. 
Biog. Univ.; Censura Literaria, vi, 225, vii, 

Naps upon Parnassus. A sleepy muse nipt 
and pincht, though not awakened. Such vol- 
untary and jovial copies of verses as were lately 
receiv'd from some of the Wits of the Univer- 
sities in a frolick, dedicated to Gondibent's 
Mistress, by Captain Jones and others. Where- 
unto is added, for demonstration of the Authors 
prosaick excellency's, his Epistle to one of the 
Universities, with the answer; together with 
two satyrical characters of his own, of a Tem- 
porizer and an antiquary, with marginal notes 
by a friend to the reader... Lond., printed by 
express order from the wits for N. Brook, at the 
Angel, in Cornhill, 1658, 8". Br. Museum. 

Note. — Published by the wits of Oxford as a satire 
upon S. Austin. The advertisement to the reader is 
signed " Thy loving Friend, Adoniram Banstittle, alias 

A Panegyric on King Charles II. Lond., 
1661, 8". 



B., B. B. pseud, i.e., Johns, Eev. W. S., and 
Rogers, W. M. 

B., C. E. P. B. i.e., Prideaux-Brune, 0. R. 

B., J. B. i.e., Budge, John. 

B.,W. B[ONEl] 

Boscastle. The Spectator, 22nd Sept., 1866. 

BABINGTON, Charles Cakdale, M.A., F.RS. 
(son of Eev. Jos. BaUngton). Professor of 
Botany, Cambridge, h. 1808. 


The Hospital of St. Lawrence de PonteBoy, 
near Bodmin. Woodcut. Arcficeol. Gamb., if, 
177-82, (1863). / 

BACHE, Rev. Akthuk. V. of Antony, ^jf ^ , 

The Voyce of the Lord in the Temple ; or a 
most strange and wonderfull Relation of God's 
great Power, Providence, and Mercy, in sending 
very strange sounds, fires, and a Fiery Ball into 
the Church of Anthony, in Cornwall, near Plim- 
mouth, on Whitsunday last, 1640. To the 
scorching and astonishing of 14 severall persons 
who were smitten. And likewise to the great 
Terrour of all the other people then present, 
being about 200 persons. The truth whereof 
wiU be maintained by the Oathes of the same 
persons ; having been examined by Richard 
Carew, of Anthony, Esquire, and Arthur Bache, 
Vicar of Anthony. Imprinted at London, by 
T. Paine, for Francis Eglesfield, 1640, 4''., pp. 
20. Br. Mmeum. 

Note. — The original MS. is in Queen's College 
Library, Oxford, No. cxxi, p. 356. cf. A Looking Glass 
for aU true hearted Christians, (1642), pp. 16; N. 
Wallington's Historical Notices, (1869), i, 46-48. 

BACHE, James (sm of John Bache, who d. St. 
Austell, ISeij. h. Perran Wharf, 22 Sept., 

1826. Resident since 1854, at 72, Calle 
Serrano, Madrid. 

Description of a machine for measuring the 
Velocity of the Piston at different parts of its 
stroke. Bep. B.O.P.Soc, 1845, p. 52 j 1846, p. 

Reversing Apparatus for Stamps and Whim. 
ib., 1849, p. 108. 

BACKHOUSE, Hannah Chapman (dau. of 

Joseph and Jans Gurney, and wife of Jonathan 

- Backhouse, of Darlington), b. Norwich, 9 Feb., 

1827. d. 6 May, 1850. ef. Annual Monitor, 
1851, p. 86. 

BACKHOUSE, Hannah Chapman. (Cm.). 

Extracts from the Journal and Letters of 
H. C. Backhouse. Not published. [Ed. by Jane 
Gurney Fox, of Falmouth.] Lond., R. Barrett, 
Printer, Mark Lane, 1858, 8^., 18f sheets. 

BACON, John. 

Liber Regis, sive Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesias- 
ticarum. By John Bacon, Esq., Receiver of the 
First Fruits,... Lond., printed for the Author by 
John Nichols... 1786, i". 

Note. — Account of the Benefices in Cornwall, their 
patronage, &c., pp. 300-18. 

BADCOCK, John. -See Pearce, John (d. 185i;. 

BAIN, Richard, b. Redruth. 

Lynil^a, or revelations of the heart, and 
other^oeins. By R. Bain. Lond., Longman, 
'l86l, 8"., pp. xii and 296. 

The Duplicator. Bep. B.O.P.Soc, 1838, p. 150. 
Refractometer. ib., 1842, pt. ii, p. 63. 

BALL ANT YNE, Robert Michael (son of Alex. 
Ballantyne, Publisher, who d. 1847). b. Edin- 
burgh, 24 Apl., 1825. 

Deep Down. A Tale of the Cornish Mines. 
By R. M. Ballantyne. Illust. Lond., James 
Nisbet, 1869, 8"., pp.420, 5/-. 

BAMPTON, A. Hamilton, C.E. b. London, 
Mch., 1823. d. Northill, Devon, Mch. 4, 1857. 
cf Gent. Mag.,u, 501, (1857). 

Summary of Meteorological Observations made 
at Flora Place, Plymouth. Bef. B.O.P.Soc, 
1841, p. 150. 

BANNISTER, Rev. John, LL.D. V. of St. 
Day, 1857. b. York, 1816. d. St. Day, 30 

Aug., 1873. hur. St. Day; 4 Sept. 

A Glossary of Cornish names, ancient and 
modern, local, familiar, personal, etc. ; 20,000 
Celtic and other names now or formerly in use 
in Cornwall, with derivations and significations, 
for the most part conjectural, -suggestive and 
tentative of many, and lists of unexplained 
names about which information is solicited. By 
the Rev. J. Bannister, LL.D., Vicar of St. Day. 
Williams and Norgate, London and Edinburgh ; 
J. R. Netherton, Truro, [printed.] n.d., [1871,] 
80., pp. XX and 212, 12/-. 

Note. — Dedicated to Augustus Smith, Esq., of 
Tresooe Abbey, Isles of Scilly. This work was brought 
out in 7 parts. The Supplement which was to have 
formed 3 additional parts was never published owing 
to the decease of the author. 





BANNISTEE, Eev. John, LL.D. (Con.). 

Nomenclature. Jown. R.I.O., 1866, Oct., pp. 

"Jews in Cornwall," and "Marazion." ih., 
1867, Oct., pp. 324-42. 

St. Michael's Mount. N. and Q., 3 S., xi, 357- 
58, (1867). 

Jews in Cornwall, ib., 3 S., xi, 456. 

Cornish Name of St. Michael's Mount, ib., 
3 S., xii, 51. 

Park or field, ib., 4 S., iv, 146, (1869). 

Cornish and Welsh, ib., A S., iv, 456. 

Thornton as a local name, ib., 4 S., v, 588- 
89, (1870). 

Passion plays in Cornwall, ib., 4 S., viii, 77, 

Cornish Names. Bep. B.O.P.Soc, 1869, pp. 

Abstract of a paper on Cornish Names. Eep. 
and Trans. Plymouth Instif. and D. and 0. Nat. 
Hist. Soc, iv, 49-56, (1869-70). 

Abstract of a paper on the " Mystery of the 
Passion," at Ammergau, and in Cornwall, ib., 
iv, 373-82, (1872-73). 

BANSTITTLE, Adinoeam, aKas Tinderbox. See 
Austen, Samuel (the younger). 

BARAGWANETH, Eobin. pseud, i.e. 

The Wooden Horse for the Eounder and The 
Horse without a Head... by me Eobin Barag- 
waneth. Penzance, 1824, 12". to Jeffery, John. 

BAEAGWENETH, Barzillai. pseud, i.e., Pas- 
coe, Charlotte Champion. 

BAEHAM, Charles, M.D. (ith son of T. F. Bar- 
ham, who d. 1844^. Physician to Eoyal Corn- 
wall Infirmary, b. Truro, 9 Mch., 1804. 

Tables of the revenue, population, commerce, 
etc., of the United Kingdom and its dependen- 
cies. Presented to both Houses of Parliament. 
Lond., W. Clowes and Son, 1841, fol. 

Note.— Contains Abstract of the Parish Eegisters 
of Tavistock from 1617 to 1836, [By C. Barham.l pp 

Children's Employment Commission. Appen- 
dix to First Eeport of Commissioners. Mines. 
Part I. Eeports and evidence. Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament. Lond., W. Clowes 
and Son, 1842, fol. 

Note. — Contains Eeport by C. Barham, Esq., on 
the employment of children and young persons in the 
mines of Cornwall and Devon, [with plans of North 
Eoskear and Bast Wheal Crofty mines,] pp. 731-820. 
Evidence collected by C. Barham, Esq., pp. 821-54. 

BAEHAM, Charles, M.D. (Oon.). 

Children's Employment Commission. Appen- 
' dix to Second Report ..Trades and Manufac- 
tures. Part n...Lond., W. Clowes and Son 
1842, fol. 

Note. — Contains Eeport of C. Barham, Esq., on 
the employment of children and young persons in Iron 
Foundries in the West of England, pp. S. i, to S. 10. 

Sanitary Inquiry — England. Local Eeports 
on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring 
Population of England, etc... Lond., W. Clowes 
and Son, 1842, fol. 

Note. — Contains Eeport on the Sanitary State of 
the Labouring Classes in the town of Truro, by 0. 
Barham, Esq., pp. 16-35. 

Some remarks on the diseases of miners. Rep. 
B.I.O., 1840, pp. 26-29, 67-73. 

A series of tables illustrative of the results 
obtained from a minute abstract of the Eegister 
of deaths for the parishes of St. Mary, St. Cle- 
ment, St. Allen, St. Erme, St. Agnes and Perran- 
zabuloe, arranged by Dr. Barham. ib., 1841, pp. 

Horary observations at the equinoxes and the 
solstices, 1841, made at Truro, ib., 1841, p. 59. 

On the climate of Cornwall, ib., 1846, pp, 

Accidents and diseases of miners, ib., 1847, 
p. 64. 

Abstract of Eemarks by S. Birch, Esq., of 
the British Museum, on a bronze bull found at 
St. Just in Penwith, with some account of the 
intercourse of the Phoenicians with Cornwall. 
ib., 1850, pp. 47-56. [Archceol. Journ., vii, 8-16, 
120, 1850.] 

Notice of a waterspout seen 27 Mar., 1855. 
ib., 1.855, pp. 32-34. 

Eemarks on meteorology, ib., 1856, pp. 28-33. 

Meteorology of Cornwall. Journ. B.I.C., 1864, 
pp. 64-70, and continuing periodically. 

Ancient Graves at Hallstatt (Upper Austria). 
ib., Apl., 1865, pp. 60-63. 

The ancient inscribed stones at Tregony and 
Cubert. 2 plates, ib., Apl., 1866, pp. 47-58. 
[Journ. Camb. Archceol. Soc., xii, 417-29, 1866.] 

Rainfall in Sept., 1866. ib., Oct., 1866, pp. 

Flint Flakes, ib., Oct., 1866, pp. 175-76. 

On rainfall and moisture, ib., Apl., 1872, pp. 

Eemarks on fatal accidents to Miners. Bep. 
B.C.P.Soc.,A84:l, pp. 9-10. 

Meteorological Eeport. ib., 1842, pt. i, p. 27. 

Eemarks on the Abstract of the Parish Eeg- 
ister of Tavistock. Jomn. Statis. Soc. of London, 
iv, 34-39, (1841). 




BAEHAM, Charles, M.D. (Gm.J. 

Address in medicine, delivered at Torquay, 1 
Aug., 1 860. On climate in some of its medical 
aspects. Brit. Medical Jov/rn., 1860, pp. 659-61, 
679-80, 697-701. 

President's Address at Meeting at Truro, 5 
June,' 1861. ib., ii, 18-19, (1861). cf. also pp. 
97, 161. 

On the Annual Meeting of the Association at 
Plymouth, ib., ii, 83, (1871). 

On the diseases of miners in Cornwall, etc. 
President's Address, ib., ii, 241, 253-55. 

Memoir of the late Clement Carlyon, Esq., 
M.D. West Briton, 11 Mch., 1864. 

BAEHAM, Francis (5th son of T. F. Barham, 
who d. 1844J. b. Leskinnick, Penzance, 31 
May, 1808. d. Bath, 9 Feb., 1871. bur. Wid- 
combe Cemetery, cf. N. and Q., 3 S., v, 36, 
120, (1864). 

A memorial of Francis Barham, a selection of 
autobiographical and other compositions from 
his unpublished manuscripts, together with a 
few papers and reports of lectures that have 
already been published. Edited by Isaac Pitman. 
Lond., Fred. -Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row: 
Bath, Isaac Pitman... Truro, J. E. Netherton, 
1873, sm. 8"., pp. Iv and 495. 

Note. — The 495 pages are in the phonetic character. 

The Adamus Exul of Grotius, or the Proto- 
type of Paradise Lost. Now first translated from 
the Latin by F. Barham. Lond., Sherwood, 
Gilbert and Piper, 1839, 8°., pp. xii and 52, 2/6. 

M. Guizot's Theory of syncretism and coali- 
tion. Translated from his celebrated article 
"Catholicism, protestantism and philosophy," 
"by F. Barham.] Lond., Jas. Eidgway. n.d., 
1839,] 8"., pp. 16, 1/-. 

The Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, 
chiefly of England... By Jeremy Collier, M.A. 
New ed. with a life of the author, the contro- 
versial tracts connected with the history, notes 
and an enlarged index by F. Barham, Esq. Lond., 
W. Straker, 1840, 9 vols., 8«., 90/-. 

A loyal address to the Queen's most gracious 
Majesty [on catholicity or sjmcretism.] Signed 
A. [i.e., F. Barham.] Wertheimer and Co., 
printers, Finsbury Circus, n.d., [1840,] 8"., 
pp. 8. 

Alist, An autobiography or an author's life in 
the nineteenth century. Part I. [By F. Bar- 
ham.] Lond., Jas. Darling. w.<^., [1840,] 8"., pp. 
20, 1/-. 

The Alist or Divine, a message to our tmies. 
Lend., James Darling. n.d., [1840,] 8». 

Note. — 3 Parts extending to pp. 48. 6d. each part. 

BAEHAM, Feanois. (Cm.). 

The Hebrew and English Holy Bible. The 
Hebrew reprinted from the text of Heidenheim. 
The English version compared with the original the late Solomon Bennett... The Hebrew- 
text revised... by Mr. H. A. Henry. Edited by 
F. Barham. Lond., printed for the family of 
the late S. Bennett, 1841, 40., 5/-. 

Note.— The Editor's Preface is signed " F.B., Feb., 
1841," and occupies pp. 1-6. This work was to have 
come out in Parts at 2/6 each, and to have formed 3 
vols., but was discontinued after 96 pages were printed. 

The political works of Marcus Tullius Cicero 
. . .Translated from the original with dissertations 
aid notes. By F. Barham. Lond., Edmund 
Spettigue, 1841-42, 2 vols., 8"., 21/-. 

The Treatises of M. T. Cicero, on the nature 
of the gods, on divination, on fate, on the re- 
public, on the laws, and on standing for the 
consulship. Literally translated, chiefly by the 
Editor, C. D. Yonge, B.A. [Bohn's Classical 
Lib.,] 1853, 8°. 

Note. — The Treatises on divination, fate, laws, and 
republic (occupying pp. 141-484) were F. Barham's 
translations revised and collated by the Editor. 

Socra'fes. A Tragedy, in five acts, [and ia 
verse.] By F. Barham. Lond., W. E. Painter, 
1842, 8°., pp. 74, 2/6. 

The Life and Times of John Reuchlin or 
Capnion, the father of the German Eeformation. 
By F. Barham. Lond., Whittaker and Co., 1843, 
12"., pp. xii and 284, 5/-. 

The Spirit of literature, a collection of re- 
markable tracts and pamphlets. [By F. Barham.] 
Vol. I. Contents. Alist an Autobiography. — The 
Alist or Divine. — Guizot's Essay on Syncretism 
andooalition. — Grotius' Adamus Exul. — Socrates, 
a tragedy. Lond., Sherwood and Bowyer, 1844, 
80., 5/-. 

Note. — Each of the tracts mentioned above has a 
distinct title and pagination. 

A. An odd medley of Uterary curiosities ori- 
ginal and selected. By A. F. ]3arham. Lond., 
published by the Author, 6, Warwick Court, 
Gray's Inn. n.d., [1845,] 8°. 

Note. — Part I,"A, and the doctrine thereof, pp. 16, 
Part II, A memoir of the late James Pierrepont Greaves, 
Esq., pp. 23, 1/- each. With Part II is usually bound 
up " Letters and extracts from the MS. writings of J. 
P. Greaves, [By Alexander Campbell.] Lond., published 
at the Conoordium, Ham Gommoxt, Surrey," 1843, 2 vols., 

Prospectus. The Alist, a monthly magazine of 
divinity and universal literature. Price Half-a- 
crown. Edited by Alist Francis Barham, 67, 
Chancery Lane, London, where prospectuses may 
be procured, n.d., [1845,] 8°., pp. 4. 

Note. — It is probable that no portion of this maga- 
zine was ever published. 




BAEHAM, Fbanois. (Gon.). 

A Key to Alism and the highest initiations, 
Sacred and Secular. With Miscellaneous Pieces, 
original and select. By A. F. Barham. Lond., 
J. Johnstone, 1847, 8°., 5/-. 

Note. — This book contains under this general title 
the following works, etc. 

General Title and preface, 3 leaves. 

A, alphabetically interpreted, 1 leaf. 

A, An odd Medley, 1845, 8°. 

Alist, An autobiography, 1840, 8°. 

The Alist or divine. 2 Parts only, 1840, S". 

The Adamus Exul of Grotius, 1839, 8o. 

Socrates, a tragedy, 1842, 8°. 

A Lecture on the Advancement of Literature, 
Science, and the Fine Arts in Bristol and the 
West of England, delivered at the Bristol Insti- 
tution, Dec. 10, 1846. By F. Barham. Bristol, 
printed and published by J. Chilcott, 1847, 8"., 
pp. 16, 6d. 

Man's Eight to God's Word. Translated [By 
F. Barham] from the French Prize Essay of M. 
Boucher. With a recommendatory preface by 
the Hon. and Eev. H. Montagu Villiers, M.A.... 
Lond., J. F. Shaw, 1847, 8"., pp. xv and 128, 2/6. 

The Bible revised. A carefully corrected trans- 
lation of the Old and New Testament0By F. 
Barham. Lond., Houlston and Stoneman; J. 
Wright, Bristol, [printed,] 1848, IS". 

Note. — Brought out in Parts. 

Part I. The Book of Bcclesiastes, pp. viii and 36, 6d. 
Part II. The Song of Solomon, pp. xii and 30, 6d. 
Part III. The Book of Micah, pp. x and 28, 6d. 

The New Bristol Guide, a poem, by F. Barham. 
Bristol, 1850, S". 

The Pleasures of Piety. A poem. By F. Bar- 
ham. Lond., Hamilton, Adams and Co. ; Whereat, 
Weston-super-mare, [printed,] 1850, 18°., pp. 
94, 6d. 

Improved monotessaron, a complete authentic 
gospel life of Christ, combining the words of the 
four gospels in a revised version and an orderly 
chronological arrangement. By F. Barham... 
Lond., Eivingtons, 1862, 12°., pp. 258, 3/6. 

Elucidation of the causes of the phenomena 
of the hot waters of Bath. By F. Barham. Bath, 

E. E. Peach, Bridge St. [Bath, printed by J. 
and J. Keene,] 1864, 12"., pp. 16, 3d. 

A rhymed harmony of the gospels. By F. 
Barham and Isaac Pitman. Printed both in 
Phonetic and in the customary spelUng...Lond., 

F. Pitman; Bath, I. Pitman, [printed,] 1870, 
80., pp. 262, 2/6. 

The writings of Solomon comprising the Book 
of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and 
Psalms Ixxii, cxxvii. Translated by F. Barham. 
Printed both in phonetic and in the customary 
spelling... Lond., F. Pitman; Bath, L Pitman, 
[printed,] 1870, 16»., pp. 288, 1/6. 

BABHAM, Fbanois. (C.m.). 

Ode on Cornwall. By F. B[arham,] Devonport. 
Cornish Mag., iii, 12-13, (1828). 

Memoir of Thomas Foster Barham, M.B. By 
F. Barham. In The Inquirer. See Barham, T. F., 
who d. 1869. 

Note. — F. Barham at one period advocated the 
formation of a religious association, 'to be called Alists 
or Godists, some of his works on this subject have A. 
F. Barham or Alist Francis Barham on the title page. 

F. Barham also published the following : — 

A Life of Edward Colston, of Bristol. 

The fables of Lokman. Translated from the Arabic. 

The Copernican Astronomy of the Bible. 

BAEHAM, Thomas Foster (son of Josep\Foster, 
who took the name of Barham by authority of a 
Private Act of Parliament, and in accordance 
with the will of Henry Barham). h. Bedford, 8 
Oct., 1766. d. Leskinnick, Penzance, 25 Feb., 
1844. cf. Gent. Mag., xxi, 441, (1844); Geo. 
Dyer's Life of Roht. Robinson, (1796), pp. 317- 

Letter from a Trinitarian to a Unitarian. 
Penzance, T. Vigurs, 1811. 

Most Important Question. What fs true and 
real religion? Penzance, T. Vigurs, 1814. 

Abdallah or the Arabian Martyr, a Christian 
drama in three acts [and in verse.] Lond., 
printed by J. Hatchard and Son, 1820, 8°., pp. 

Note. — "Dedicated to Miss Lydia GrenfeU, of Mar- 
azion, by the Author [T. P. Barham,] Leskinnic House, 
Apl., 1820." 

Abdallah, or the Arabian Martyr... with a 
Poem on the same subject, by James Mont- 
gomery, Esq. 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. 
By T. F. Barham, Formerly of St. John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge. Printed for the Author [by 
Vigurs, Penzance,] and sold by Hatchard, Picca- 
dilly, 1821, 8°., pp. 46, 2/6. 

Note. — Dedicated to Sir Eose Price, Bart., Presi- 
dent of the Bible and Jews' Societies and Church Mis- 
sionary Association at Penzance and to Lady Price, 
President of the Ladies' Bible Association. 

Elijah, a sacred poem in four cantos. By T. 
F. Barham. Printed for the Author [by Vigurs, 
Penzance,] and sold by Hatchard and Son, Pic- 
cadilly, 1822, 8°., pp. 38, 2/-. 

Colonel Gardiner. A Christian Drama in three 
parts. By a Bible Student formerly of St. John's 
College, Cambridge, [i.e., T. F. Barham.] Lond., 
sold by Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly... and 
Vigurs, Penzance, [printed,] 1823, 8"., pp. 59, 

Note. — " To the Military and Naval Bible Society . 
this little work is most respectfully dedicated and the 
profits of the publication devoted by the Author." 




BAEHAM, Thomas Postbk. (Con.). 

Pergolesi's celebrated Stabat Mater or Cal- 
vary. With English words written for the pur- 
pose substituted in the place of the ancient 
Latin Verses, and the instrumental parts arrang- 
ed for the organ or piano forte, which may be 
accompanied (ad libitum) by two violins and 
violineello, calculated either for public or family 
use. By T. F. Barham... Printed for the author, 
and sold by J. Power, 34, Strand... engraved by 
J. P. Vibert, Penzance, 1829, fol., pp. vi and 
40, 10/6. 

Eeliquise Serise, or Christian Musings. Part 
I. Earth and Comet, or Deep Things of God. 
Part -II. Short Pieces in verse. By EAAXISTOS, 
\pseud. i.e., T. F. Barham,] Formerly of St. 
John's College, Cambridge, and author of various 
publications. Lond., sold by Hatchards...l836, 
pp. 81, 1/6. 

Note. — T.F.Barham also published fhe following : — 

The TJnla-wfulness of Oaths for Christians. Lond., 
Hatchard, 1833. 

Lander Africanus. A Musical Drama. Printed for 
the Author, by T. Vigurs, Penzance, 1834. 

The Scripture Millennium Nigh. 1840. 

Scripture Doctrine. A Lay Sermon. Lend., Hatch- 
ard,- 1842. 

Joseph Foster Barham, eldest brother of T. F. Bar- 
ham was born near Bedford, 1 Jan, 1759. He published 
in 1823 a tract entitled " Considerations on the abolition 
of negro slavery." 

BAEHAM, Thomas Foster, M.B. (eld. son of the 
preceding). Physician to Exeter Dispensary. 
b. Hendon, Middlesex, 10 Sept., 1794. d. High- 
week, Newton Abbot, 3 Mch., 1869. bur. High- 
week, 8 Mch. cf. Reg. & Mag. of Biog., i, 306, 
(1 869); Thelnquirer, aweehly \Unitarian\Journal, 
6 Mch., 1869, .p. 157, 13 Mch., pp. 167-68; 
Trans. Devonshire Assoc., vol. iii, (1869). 
Genuine Christianity, or the unitarian doctrine 
briefly stated. By A Physician, [i.e., T. F. Bar- 
ham.] Penzance, 1824, 8"., 6d.— 2nd ed., enlarg- 
ed. By a Physician. Falmouth, printed and sold 
by James Philp and by E. Hunter, St. Paul's 
Churchyard, London, 1826, 12"., pp. 61, 1/-. 
• A Eeply to the Eev. C. V. Le Grice, [q.v.,] by 
the Author of The Unitarian Doctrine briefly 
stated. 1824, 80. 

The Beginning : or God's three self unequal 
making Motions, spoken of in the first, second 
and third verses of the first book of Moses 
called Genesis, [by T. F. Barhato ?] Penzance, 
1826, 40. 

One God the Father or the Unitarian doctrine 
briefly stated. By T. F. Barham. 3rd ed. enlarged. 
Lond., John Mardon, 19, St. Martin's le Grand; 
[Welsford, printer, Exeter,] 1835, 80., pp. 120. 
One God the Father or the strict and proper 
monotheism of the gospel vindicated. By T. F. 

BAEHAM, Thomas Fosteb, M.B. (Con.). 

Barham. A new ed. r4th ed.] revised and en- 
larged. Lond., Whitfield, Green and Son, 1867, 
pp. viii and 176, 2/6. 

An Introduction to Greek Grammar on a new 
plan, for the use of Schools and Private Students. 
By T. F. Barham, Late of Queen's College, Cam- 
bridge. Lond., Eowland Hunter, St. Paul's 
Churchyard, 1829, 80., pp. xii and 152, 4/6. 

Greek roots in English rhymes, illustrated by 
examples for fixing the sense and assisting the 
memory. By T. F. Barham. Lond., published by 
Baldwin and Cradock, 1837, 12"., pp. xvi and 

The Enkheiridion of Hehfaistiown concerning 
metres and poems, translated inta English and 
illustrated by notes and a rhythmical notation 
with prolegomena on rhj"thm and accent. By T. 
F. Barham, M.B. Cambridge, printed at the 
University Press for J. and J. J. Deighton, 1843, 
8"., pp. X and 230, 8/6. 

Note. — The Prolegomena are highly commended in 
Orote's Bist. of Gree.ce, iv, 107. 

Philadelphia or the claims of humanity, a plea 
for social and religious reform. By T. F. Barham. 
Lond., Chapman and Hall, 1858, 8°., pp. viii 
and 448. 

Free Catholicism ; the Principle of Unity in 
the Christian Church. An address-delivered at 
the opening of Philadelphia Hall, Newton, for 
religious worship, Feb. 23, 1862. By T. F. 
Barham, M.B. Sold [and printed] by Chappie, 
Newton Bushel; Whitfield, 178, Strand, Lon- 
don. n.d., [1862,] 120., pp_ 24, 6d. 

The Prospect of Eternity. A Sermon by the 
late Dr. Barham, which he was preparing for 
the following Sunday morning service, at the 
Free Christian Church, Newton Abbot, an hour 
before his death, on Wednesday, March 3rd, 
1869. Published by permission. Sold by J. 
Pascoe, Bank Street, Newton Abbot. [Printed at 
Western Times Ofiice, Exeter,] 1869, 8"., pp. 11. 

The Iliad of Homer. Book I. Eendered into 
English Hexameters. By T. F. Barham, M.B., 
Cantab. A Memorial Publication. Lond., Fred. 
Pitman, 20, Paternoster Eow, E.C., 1871, 8°., 
pp. 28. • 

Note. — Preface signed " C. B[arham,] Truro, Sept., 
1871." ' 

Letters on the Atonemeat. Monthly Repository, 
xiii, 235, (1818), xiv, 356, (1819). 

Note. — T. F. Barham published further communica- 
tions to the Monthly Repository in 1822 and following 

The first Sabbath morning. An Ode. VFesleyan 
Methodist Mag., xlvi, 707, (1823). 




BAEEAM, Thomas Fosteb, M.B. (Con.). 

St. Michael's Mount, the Iktis of Diodorus 
Siculus. Trans. R.G.S.C, iii, 86-112, (1825). 

On the Temperature of Mines ib., iii, 150-65. 

An Account of some Ancient Circles on Botrea 
Hill, in the parish of Sancreed, etc. Plate, ib., 
iii, 192-202, (1826). 

Abstract of Meteorological Journal kept at 
Penzance. Selector or Cornish Mag., ii, 92, (1827). 

Meteorological Eegister kept at Exeter. Rep. 
R.I.C., 1839, p. 73, and continued until 1849. 

Meteorological Register kept at Exeter. Rep. 
R.C.P.Snc, 1840, p. 69; 1841, p. 142. 

On Metrical Time ; or the IRhythm of Verse, 
Ancient and Modern. Trans. Philol. Soc, 1860- 
61, pt. i, 45-62. 

On the Amount and Distribution of Sunshine. 
Trans. Devonshire Assoc, pt., iii, p. Ill, (1864). 

On the Principle of Ehythm, as applied to 
English Verse, ib., pt. v, pp. 39-44, (1866). 

Note. — Will. Barham, 2nd son of the preceding, 
published at Gravesend in 1847 "Descriptions of Niagara; 
selected from yaiiious travellers, with original additions." 

BAENES, Eev. Reginald Henry. V. of St. 
Mary Church, Devon, 1860. h. Exeter, 12th 
Feb., 1831. 

The Exeter Diocesan Calendar and Clergy List 
of Cornwall and Devon. Ed. by Eev. E. H. 
Barnes, Eev. Henry H. Du Boulay, and George 
Huxham. Map of the Diocese. Exeter, H. Besley, 
1859, cr. 8"., 1/-. Pub. annually. 

BARNES, Eev. Eichard William. P.C. of 
East and West Looe, 1845-49; V. of Probus, 
1849 ; Prebendary of Exeter, 1853. 

The authority due to the opinions of Eev. H. 
E. Head, Rector of Feniton, on Apostolic Suc- 
cession and other Theological Subjects, considered. 
By R. W. Barnes, Curate of Northleigh, Devon. 
Honiton, Spurway, 1839, 8"., pp. 81, 1/6. 

Note. — Another edition has no date on title page. 

A Sermon preached at the Visitation of the 
Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter, at the Cathe- 
dral Church of St. Peter, Exeter, on St. Peter's 
Day, 1842. By E. W. Barnes, R. of Dunchideock 
and Shillingford. Exeter, P. A. Hannaford; 
Lond., Rivington, 1842, 8"^., pp. 24. 

The Last Three Sermons preached in the 
Church of Looe, Cornvpall, by the late Perpetual 
Curate of East and West Looe, [i.e., R. W. 
Barnes.] Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1850, 8°., pp. 
43, 1/6. 

A Sermon preached in the Church of Probus, 
Cornwall, on the day of Thanksgiving for 'the 
Taking of Sebastopol, Sunday, October 7, 1855. 
By E. W. Barnes. Lond., Mozley; Truro, J. R. 
Netherton [printed,] 1855, 8^, pp. 15. 

BAENES, Rev. E. W. (Con.). 

Public Opinion. Considered in Letters between 
one of his Friends and E. W. Barnes. Lond!., 
Mozley; Truro, J. E. Netherton [printed,] 1855, 
8"., pp. 238, 6/-. 

Let Well Alone : or Removal of Blemishes 
from Church and State. By Alazon \^pseud. i.e., 
R. W. Barnes.] Lond., Longman ; Truro, J. R. 
Netherton, [printed,] 1860, 8«., pp. 197, 6/-. 

Confirmation, Holy Communion, Ordination, 
Four Sermons. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond.,, 
Longman ; Truro, J. R. Netherton [printed,] 
1860, 8"., pp. 64, 1/6. 

Christmas Day Sermons preached in the 
Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, Christmas 
Day, 1864. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond., 
Rivingtons ; Truro, J. R. Netherton [printed,] 
1864, 8«., pp. 26, 1/-. 

New- Year's Day Sermons preached in the 
Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, on New- 
Year's Day, 1865. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. 
Lond., Rivingtons; Truro, J. R. Netherton 
[printed,] 1865, 8o., pp. 35, 1/-. 

Appendix and Imaginary Criticisms. [By Rev. 
R. W. Barnes.] Lond., Rivingtons; Truro, J. 
R. Netherton [printed,] 1865, 8"., pp. 132, 3/6. 

The Repentance of Judas. A Sermon preached 
in the Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, on 
the Sunday next before Easter, 1865. By the 
Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond., Rivingtons; Truro, 
J. R. Netherten [printed,] 1865, 8"., pp. 15, 6d. 

Sermons preached at Looe and Morval, Corn- 
wall, on the Second Sunday in Advent, Dec. 6, 
1868. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Truro, J. R. 
Netherton, 1868,-80., pp. 43, 1/-. 

Sermon preached in the Parish Church of 
Probus, Cornwall, on the First Sunday in the 
year, the Second Sunday after Christmas, January 
3rd, 1869. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. With an 
Appendix. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1869, 8"., 
pp. 67, 1/6. 

Three Sermons preached in Exeter Cathedral, 
on the 7th, 8th, and 9th Sundays after Trinity, 
July 11th, 18th, and 25th, 1869. By the Rev. 
R. W. Barnes. Lond., Rivingtons, 1869, 8"., pp. 
75, 1/6. 

A Sermon on the Death of Henry, Lord 
Bishop of Exeter, preached in Probus Church, 
on the 18th Sunday after Trinity, Sep. 26, 1869. 
By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Truro, J. R. Nether- 
ton, 1869, 80., pp. 14, 6d. 

BARNWELL, Rev. Edward Lowry, M.A. h. 

Bee Five Huts at Bosphrennis, in the parish 
of Zennor. 7 woodcuts. Archml. Camb., ix, 120- 
29, (1863). 

Chto Castle, ib., xi, 157, 195, (1865). 





A Section of the Stream Works west of the 
Par Estuary, [illustrative of Mr. R. A. 0. Austen's 
jpaper on the English Channel.] Quart. Journ. 
Geol. Soc. Land., vii, 120, (1851). 

BARRINGTON, Hon. Daines, F.R.S. (ith son 
of 1st Viscount Barrington). 6. 1727. d. King's 
Bench Walk, Temple, 14 Mch., 1800. 

On the Expiration of the Cornish La;nguage. 
iSee Jeffery, Dorothy. 

BARTLETT, George, h. Brixham, 10 Aug., 


On the post tertiary formations of Cornwall 
and Devon. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1841, p. 61. 

BARTLETT, Rev. John, B.A. (son of John 

Bartlett, who d. Plymouth, Aug., 1866y. V. of 

St. Blazey, 1853; V. of Millbrook, Devonport, 

1863. h. Egg Buckland, Devon, 1829. 

The History of the Parish of St. Blazey. A 

Lecture by the Rev. J. Bartlett, Vicar of St. 

Blazey, delivered Dec. 16, 1856. Lond., J. R. 

Smith ; Plymouth, R. Lidstone [printed.] n.d., 

[1856,] 8«., pp. 40, 1/-. 

" I have a message from God unto thee." A 
Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. 
Blazey, Cornwall, on the 2nd Sunday after Trinity 
(June 5), 1853. By the Rev. J. Bartlett, B.A., 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the Incum- 
bent. Printed for Private Circulation. [Lidstone, 
Printer, Plymouth and Devonport,] 1853, 8"., 
pp. 20. 

BASSET, Captain. See Civil War Tracts, (1642), 
in Part II. 

BASSET, Rt. Hon. Frances (only dau. of Baron 
Be Dunstanville). Baroness Basset of Stratton, 
1835. h. Apl., 1781. d. TehidyPark, 22 Jan., 
1855. Monu. Illogan. cf. Gent. Mag., xliii, 304- 
305, (1855). 

BASSET, Sir Francis. See De Dunstanville. 

BASSET, John, M.P. (son of Bev. John Basset, 
who d. 1816;. M.P. Helston, 1840. b. 17 Nov., 
1791. bapt. Illogan, 28 Nov. d. Boppart, on 
the Rhine, 4 July, 1843. c/. Gent. Mag., xx, 
323, (1843). 

Remarks and Suggestions as to the re-estab- 
Jishment of the Mining Courts of the Duchy of 
Cornwall : with a Letter addressed to the Earl 
of Falmouth, as Chairman of the Committee. By 
J. Basset. Lond., J. Bigg, 1836, 8°., pp. 14. 

Thoughts on the Stannary Bill, as framed in 
the last Session of Parliament, and also with a 

BASSET, John, M.P. (Con.). 

view to its future improvement, addressed to the 
Marquis of Hertford, Lord Warden of the Stan- 
naries. Signed J. Basset, Dec. 3, 1836. Truro, 
E. Heard, n.d., [1836,] 8»., pp. 41. 

Origin and History of the Bounding Custom, 
with remarks on the best mode of modifying 
the system to present purposes ; together with 
some observations on the rise and progress of 
the Nullum Tempus Act. By J. Basset. Truro, 
E. Heard, 1839, 8"., pp. 50. 

Observations on Cornish Mining as it is likely 
to be affected by the present tariff, proposed by 
Sir R. Peel. By J. Basset. Lond., J. Rodwell, 
1842, 8»., pp. 20. 

On the Machinery used for raising miners in 
the Hartz. Bep. B.G.P.Soc, 1840, p. 59. , 

BASTIAN, Henry Charlton, M.A., M.D., 
F.R.S. (son of James Bastian). Professor of 
Pathological Anatomy in University College, 
London, b. Truro. 

The modes of origin of lowest organisms, in- 
cluding a discussion of the, experiments of M. 
Pasteur, and a reply to some statements by Pro- 
fessors Huxley and Tyndall. By H. C. Bastian. 
Lond. and New York, Macmillan and Co., 1871, 

On the Falmouth Flora. Bep. B.G.P.Soc, 1856, 
pp. 83-112. 

On the mode of origin of secondary cancerous 
gi'owths. The Medical Mirror, i, 622-31, (1864). 

On the Structure and Nature of the Dracun- 
culus or Guinea Worm. Trans. Linn. Soc, xxiv, 
101-134, (1863). 

Monograph on the Anguillulidae, or Free Ne- 
matoids, marine, land, and fresh water, with 
description of 100 new species, ib., xxv, pt. ii, 
73-185, (1865). 

On the Anatomy and Physiology of the Nema- 
toids, parasitic and free. Philos. Trans., clvii, pt. 
ii, 545-639, (1866). 

The Human Brain. Macmillan's Mag., Ixxiii, 
63-71, (1866). 

BATE, Charles Spence, F.R.S., F.L.S. (son of 
Chas. Bate, who d. Vhuley, near Ashburton, 19 
Oct., 1872, aged 83J. b. Trenick House, near 
Truro, 16 Mch., 1819. 

•Catalogue of the Specimens of the Amphi- 
podous Crustacea in the Collection of the British 
Museum. By C. S. Bate. [Ed. by J. E. Gray.] 
58 plates. Lond., printed by order of the Trus- 
tees, [by Taylor and Francis,] 1862, 8**., pp. iv 
and 400. 

A History of the British Sessile-eyed Crus- 
tacea. By 0. S. Bate and John Obadiah West- 




BATE, Chables Spenoe, F.E.S. (Cm.). 

•wood. 500 illustrations. Lond., John Van Voorst, 
1863-68, 2 vols., impl. 8"., 115/6. 

Note. — Brought out in 23 Parts at 5/-. First Part 
dated 1 Oct., 1861, the last, 31 Dec, 1868. 

The Pathology of dental caries. By C. S. 
Bate. From the Transactions of The Odonto- 
logical Society of Great Britain. 14 plates. 
Lond., Cox and Wyman, 1864, 8o., pp. 64. 

On Fossil Remains recently discovered in 
Bacon Hole, Gower, also other Remains from 
beneath the bed of the River Tawey. Brit. Assoc. 
Sect., 1848, pp. 62-63. 

Notes on some Tubicolae. ib., 1849, pp. 72-73. 

Notes on the Boring of Marine Animals, ib., 
1849, pp. 73-75. 

Notes on Crustacea, ib., 1850, pp. 115-18. 

On the Morphology of the Pyenogonidse... 
ib., 1853, p. 66. 

Notice of a New Crustacean, ib., 1856, p. 91. 

On the British Edriophthalma. Brit. Assoc. 
Bep., 1855, pp. 18-62. 

On a New Species of lone. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 
1863, p. 98. 

On a human skull and the bones of animals 
found with pottery in a Kjoktenmodden, on the 
coast of Cornwall, ib., 1864, p. 88. 

On an ancient Cornish Barrow, ib., 1864, p. 

On the genus Anceus. ib., 1865, p. 83. 

Report of the Committee appointed to explore 
the Marine Fauna and Flora of the south coast 
of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc. Bep., 1865, 
pp. 51-56. 

An attempt to approximate the data of the 
Flint Flakes of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc. 
Sect., 1866, p. 50. 

On the dentition of the common mole, ib., 
1866, p. 69. 

On the Fauna and Flora of the southern coast 
of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc. Bep., 1867, 
pp. 275-87. 

On the Geographical Distribution of the British 
genera of the Sessile-eyed Crustacea. Brit. Assoc. 
Sect., 1868, p. 69. 

Notes on Crustacea. 3 plates. Ann. Nat. Hist , 
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On a new genus and several new species of 
British Crustacea, ib., vii, 318-21. 

On the Terebella Medusa, ib., viii, 237-39. 

On the development of the Cirripedia. ib., 
viii, 324-32. 

On some Crustacea dredged by Mr. Barlee, in 
the Shetlands. ib., x, 356-57, (1852). 

BATE, Chakles Spenoe, F.E.S. (Con.). 

On the Homologies of the Carapace, and on . 
the Structure and Function of the Antennae in 
Crustacea, ib., xvi, 36-46, 1855. [Also found as 
a Pamphlet, 8».] 

On the British Diastylidse. ib., xvii, 449-65, 

On the genus Cuma. ib., xix, 106-107, (1857), 

A Synopsis of the British Edriophthalmous 
Crustacea. Part i, Amphipoda. «&., xix, 135-52. 

On the British Edriophthalma. ib., xx, 524- 

On the nidiiication of Crustacea, ib., i, 161- 
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64, 1858.] 

On some new genera and species of Crustacea 
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On Pranzia and Anceus and their affinity to 
each other, ib., ii, 165-72. 

On some British Diastylidae. ib., iii, 273-74, 

On the morphology of some amphipoda of the 
division Hypernia. ib., viii, 1-15, (1861). 

Note on the supposed " Discovery of an ex- 
tremely minute Vertebrate Lower Jaw in mud 
dredged at St. Helena, by Dr. Wallich." ib., x, 
440-41, (1862). - 

Carcionological Gleanings, ib., xv, 81-88, 
(1865); xvii, 24-31, (1866); i, 442-48, (1868). 

On the Dentition of the Common Mole, ib., 
xix, 377-81, (1867). 

On the Homologies of the Carapace. Proc. 
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On the importance of an examination of the 
structure of the integuments of Crustacea in the 
determination of doubtful species . . . Journ. 
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On the peridental membrane in its relation to 
the dental tissues. Brit. Journ. Dental Sci, i, 5-7, 

On the Natural History of Ivory, ib., i, 69- 
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On the Structure of the Teeth, ib., ii, 35-40, 
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On Absorption. ' Trans. Odontological Soc, i, 
21-30, (1858). 

On a method for constructing lower palates, 
ib., ii, 139-40, (1861). 

On the Treatment of Inflamed Dental Pulp. 
ib., iii, 338-57, (1863). 




BATE, Charles Spence, P.E.S. (Con.). 

Pathology of Dental Caries, xiv plates, ib., 

On the Dentition of the Mole, ib., 1867. 

Notes on the Teeth. Med. Gaz., 1850-51. 

Clack Csenaticum. Part i & ii. Glaclc. 

The Power of God exhibited in the Habits 
and Instincts of Marine and Fresh water Ani- 
mals, ib., Nos. i & ii. 

Seven days on the North Coast of Cornwall. 
ib., Nos. ii & iii. 

A child's last cry. ib.. No. v, p. 170. 

On a Cornish Kjokkenmodden. ib.. No. v, 
pp. 171-177. 

On the Flint Flakes of Devon and Cornwall. 
Illustrated. The so-called pre-historic weapons 
proved to belong to a historic period. Popular 
Science Beview, No. 23, April, 1867. 

BATES, William. Birmingham. 

Dolly Pentreath. N. & Q., 4th S., ii, p. 445. 

BATTEN, Capt. 
(in Part II). 

See CivU War Tracts, 1646 


Private Case between Elizabeth Darley and 
George Vincent Langworthy, relating to the 
Batten Estates in Cornwall, and other lands in 
Devon and Cornwall. Privately Printed, 1774, 

BATTEN, Eev. Henry, M.A. P. 0. St. Mary's, 
Penzance, b. Penzance, 1813. d. Penzance, 
10th March, 1860. 

Family Prayers for the Mornings and Even- 
ings of every day in the week, prepared for the 
use of the Members of St. Paul's congregation, 
Penzance, and respectfully dedicated to them 
by the Eev. H. B. Penzance, F. T. Vibert, 
1845, 16°., pp. 48. 

A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Church, 
Penzance, April 5th, 1847, before the Guild 
Brothers, commonly called the Odd Fellows of 
the Manchester Unity. Penzance, T. Beare, 
1847, 8"., pp. 12. 

A Sermon preached before the Mayor, Cor- 
poration, and Inhabitants of Penzance, in St. 
Mary's Church, Nov. 18, 1852, on the occasion 
of the public interment of His Grace the late 
Duke of Wellington. Penzance, F. T. Vibert, 
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Y" Battel of y° Bonfyres. A Songe Sung in 
j° Yere of Grace MDCCCLXVIII. Truro, J. R. 
Netherton, 1868, 8°., pp. 6.— Reprinted in Ont 
and All, No. 3, Aug., 1868. 

BATTEN, Joseph. 

An Elegy on the death of Mr. Thomas Vigurs. 
Bath, Printed by W. Gye, and sold at his ofiice. 
Price Id., or 6/- per hundred, n.d. [1750], 8"., 
pp. 8. Br. Museum. 

Note. — Dedicated to Eev. Mr. Wills, of St. Agnes. 

BATTEN, Rev. Joseph Hallet, D.D., F.R.S., 

Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb., Principal of the 
Bast India College, Haileybunj, Herts, b. Pen 
zance, 25th Aug., 1778. d. Brighton, 11th 
Oct., 1837. cf. Jour. B.I.G., 1869, April, p. xiv. 

Christian Courage. A Sermon preached be- 
fore the University of Cambridge, March 4th, 
1832, and in the Chapel of the East India Col- 
lege, Hertfordshire. Lond., Rivington, 1832, 
81., pp. 28. 

BATTEN, Joseph Hallet. Son of the pre- 
ceding. Late Bengal C.S., F.B.G.S., M.B.A.S. 
b. Haileybury, Herts, 5th May, 1811. 

Official Report on the Province of Kumaon, 
with a Medical Report on the Mahamurree, in 
Gurhwal, in 1849-50. Ed. under the orders of 
the Honble. the Lieut. Governor of the North 
West Provinces, by J. H. B., Esq., Commissioner 
of Kumaon. Secunda Orphan Press, Agra, 1851, 
8°., pp. 467. 

Note of a visit to the Niti Pass of the grand 
Himalayan chain. Jour. Asiat. Soc. of Bengal, 
vii, 310-16, 1838. [Bibl. Univ. Geneve, xxii, 402- 
406, 1839]. 

Journal of a visit to Melum and the Odonta 
Dhoora Pass, in Juwahir. ib., xi, 1157-81, 1842, 

Snow on the Himalayas. Calcutta Jour. Nat. 
Hist., iv, 537-39, 1844. 

Reply to Capt. Hutton's Remarks on the line 
of Perpetual Snow, ib., v, 383-87, 1845. 

BAUERMAN, Hilary, F.G.S., London. 

On the New Deep Adit in the Upper Hartz 
Mines. With Plan. Bep. Miners' Assoc, of D. 
& G, 1868, pp. 11-22. 

BAWDEN, Jane. A Friend, b. Penzance. 
d. 7th July, 1827, and was buried at Truro. 

A Short Account of Jane Bawden. Liskeard, 





BAWDEN, Jane. {Con.). 

printed by E. Esterbrook, Pike Street, n.d., 
[18—1 12"., pp. 4. 

Jane Bawden. A Short Memoir. Manchester, 
Friends' Tract Assoc, No. 86, pp. 4. 

BAYLE, Mr. pseud., i.e., Penneck, Eev. H. 

BEAL, Eev. William, b. Devonport, 4th May, 

1785. Many years resident at Liskeard. 

The Fathers of the Wesley Family, and refer- 
ences to their times. Weymouth, Benson ; 
Lond., Mason; 1833, 12«., pp. 122.— 2nd ed., 
with many additions, Lond., Freeman, [1862], 
cr. 8«., pp. 80. 

Note.— Preface to 2nd ed., dated Liskeard, March, 

Britain and the Gael, and the Gaelic Indices 
around Devonport and Liskeard. An Outline 
by W. B. Lond., Whittaker ; Plymouth, James 
Sellick [printed] ; 1855, 12". 

Britain and the Gael, or notices of old and 
successive races, but with special reference to 
the ancient men of Britain and its Isles. Some 
notes also on the eariy Briton, the Saxon 
Church, and the Eeformation. An Outline. 
Lond., Whittaker; Plymouth, James SeUick 
[printed] ; Liskeard, Matthews andPhilp; 1860, 
sm. 8"., pp. 161. 

BEAL, Eev. William (ekkst son of the preceding), 
LL.D., F.S.A. F. of Brooke, Norwich, b. Shef- 
field, 9th Dec, 1815. 
The West of England Magazine. Ed. by Eev. 

W. B. Plymouth, 1840-1847 (."). 

BEALE, William, b. Landrake, 1st January, 
1784. d. London, 3rd May, 1854. cf. A Dic- 
tionary of Musicians, 1824, i, 67. 
An Original Air, with Variations, for the 

P. Forte. Lond., [1802 r], fol. 

Madrigal for four voices. [Begins "This 

pleasant month of May"]. Lond., [1813], fol. 
When whispering strains; a glee [for four 

voices] in commendation of music, the words by 

W. Strode. Lond., [1813?], obi. fol. , 

Awake, sweet muse [the words by E. Hewitt], 

the madrigal which gained the prize cup given 

by the Madrigal Society, Jan. 12th, 1813. 

Lond., [181:^-], fol. 

A First Book of Madrigals, Glees, etc., for 

3, 4, and 5 voices. Op. 6. Lond., 1815, fol. 
Sonata for P. Forte, with an accompaniment 

for the Violin. Lond., [1815], fol. 

A second Sonata for the P. Forte, with an 

accompaniment for the Violin. Op. 8. Lond., 

[1816], fol. 

BEALE, William. (Con.). 

What ho ! a fourth Madrigal for four voices, 
words by H. Eobertson. Op. 9. Lond., 1816, fol. 

Go rose ; a glee for four voices [the words 
translated from the French of Bernis, by 
Charlotte Smith]. Lend., [1818 r], fol. 

The evening walk; a glee for four voices. 
[Begins "How sweet the calm"]. The poetry 
by Miss Carter. Lond., 1819, foL 

Ah ! tell me no more, my dear girl ; Canzonet, 
the words by Dr. Walcot. [Lond., 1820 1], fol. 

Collection of Glees and Madrigals. Lond., 
Birchall, 1820. 

Brutus ; a song, the words by Wm. Smith. 
Lond., [1822^], fol. 

Harmony; a glee for four voices, which 
gained the prize given by the Adelphi Glee Club, 
1840, the words by E. Taylor. Lond., [1841], 

In the pleasant summer day ; a cheerful glee, 
the poetry by W. E. Baker. Lond., [1843], fol. 

When lightly whisper through the air. Song, 
the words by J. L. EUerton. Lond., [1851], foL 

BEAED, John. Tov;n Clerk, Penzance, h. Pen- 
zance, bapt. 16th April, 1769. d. Penzance, 
6th November, 1828. 

A Plain and brief Statement of an extraord- 
inary and interesting Case lately decided in the 
Court of Chancery, on a petition preferred 
originally in the year 1807, to the Lord Chan- 
cellor, by William Harris, an infant, against 
John Tremenheere, Gent., the Steward and 
Eeceiver of his Estates in the Connties of Corn- 
wall and Devon, for his Eemoval from the office 
of Eeceiver. Truro, Printed at the Cornwall 
Gazette Office, by T. Flindell. 1810, 4°., pp. 56. 
To the Worshipful the Mayor, the Eight 
Honourable and Worshipful the Eecorder, the 
Worshipful the Justice, and the Aldermen and 
Commonalty of Penzance. This translation of 
their charter, diligently collated with, and made 
literally from, the original, is respectfully pre- 
sented by their faithful and obedient humble 
servant, J. B., Town Clerk. Pensance, 1st 
January, 1825. J. P. Vibert, Lithog., Penzance, 
fol, pp. 22. 

Note. — An Abridgment of this is printed in the 
Cornish Teleg., 23rd November, 1864. 

BEAED, Eev. Thomas. V. of Alternon. d. 
1663. cf. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, 
pt. ii, p. 191. 

BEAEE, Thomas, fio. temp. Queen Eliz. 

Mineralogy. MSS. 

The BaUiffe of Blackmore. Harl. MSS., No. 
6380. {Jow. R.I.C., 1865, April. App. p. 35). 




BEAUFORT, Rev. John. B. of St. Columb 
Major, 1644-79. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 
p. 191. 

BECHER, Jean Joachim. 6. Spire, 1625; 
d. London, 1685. Physician to the Elector of 
Bavaria, but afterwards, in 1680, a refugee in 
England. He visited the Cornisli mines in 
1682. cf. Blog. Univer., 1811; Nomel. Biog. 
Gen., 1855; Rose; Trans. B.G.S.C., iv, 87-94 

Alphabetum Minerals. Truro, 1682 (?). 

BECKET, Rev. Nicholas. 

A Preparation to the most Holie Ministrie, 
wherein is set downe the true meanes to be well 
prepared to the same. In two Books. Written 
in French by Peter Gerard, and Translated into 
English by N. B. Imprinted at London by 
Thomas Creed, for Thomas Man, 1598, sm. 8". 

Note. — Dedicated to the Author's loving Brethren, 
the Pastors and Ministers of Cornwall and Devon. 

BECKFORD, William, of Fonthill Abbey, b. 
London, 1760. d. Bath, 2nd May, 1844. 

Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Lond., Bentley, 
1834, 2 vols., 8«., 28/-. 

Note. — Contains a long description of Falmouth 
and its neighbourhood, ii, 5 — 22. 

BEDDOES, Thomas, M.D. 6. Shropshire, April, 

1760. d. Bristol, Dec, 1808. 

Memoirs of the Life of T. B., M.D., -wdth an 
analytical account of his writings. By J. E. 
Stock. Lond., 1810, 4°., 31/6. 

Chemical Experiments and Opinions extracted 
from a work published in the last century. (By 
John Mayow, of Cornwall). Ed. by T. B. 
1790, 8". 

Contributions to Physical and Medical Know- 
ledge, principally from the West of England. 
Bristol, Biggs and Cottle; Lond., Longman; 
1799, 8"., 8/-. 

BEDFORD, Commander Delbceuf Baker, 
R.N. b. Plymouth {1), 1805. Resident at Pen- 
zance, cf. 0' Byrne's Naval Biog. Diet. 

BEDFORD, Hannah. Daughter of Dr. Charles 
Kendall, of Exeter, and wife of Rev. John Bed- 
foi-d, R. of Landulph, &c. d. Launceston, 1788. 

Anno Quadragesimo Sexto, Georgii III Regis, 
Cap. 55. An Act for vesting certain undivided 
Parts or Shares devised by the Will of Hannah 
Bedford, widow, of and in several Estates in 
the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, in Trustees, 

BEDFOBD, Hannah. (Con.). 

to be sold, and for investing the clear purchase 
monies under the direction of the High Court of 
Chancery, in other Estates, to be settled in lieu 
thereof, and to the same uses. Lond., Eyre and 
Strahan, 1806, fol., pp. 22. 

BEDFORD, Rev. John. R. of St. Gerrans, 

A Sermon [on Gen., xxviii, 20] at the opening 
of St. Charles the Martyr, Falmouth, 21st Feb., 
1663. Not publislied.. 

BEDFORD, Capt. Robert Tench, R.N. 
Brother of Commander D. B. Bedford, b. Ply- 
mouth, 14th Dec, 1812. d. Penzance, 2nd 
March, 1867. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Diet. 

BEDFORD, Rev. Thomas, M.A. R. of Wike 

St. Mary. d. 1803. 

A Sermon [on II Sam., xviii, 33] occasioned 
by the death of Francis, Marquis of Tavistock. 
Lond., J. Dodsley, 1767, 4"., pp. 14. 

The Origin of our Grievances. A Sermon [on 
James, iv, 1]. Lond., John Wilkie, 1770, 4°., 
pp. 20. 

A Proposal for the Advancement of Christi- 
anity into a Polite and Elegant System, ... in a 
Letter to a Friend. 1770, 4°., 1/-. 

A Sermon [on I Sam., vii, 6] preached at the 
Parish Church of St. Paul, in the Town of Bed. 
ford. Ascension Day, Feb. 27. Lond., J. Wilkie, 
1778, 4°., pp. 16. 

BEE, Jon. pseud., i.e., Badcock, John. See 
Foote, S. 


Les D^lices de la Grande Bretagne et de 1' 
Irlande, les antiquitez .... Leide, 1707, 8 vols., 
go.—New edit., Leide, 1727, 8 vols., 8". 

Note.— Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, iii, 655—80. 

BELL, Rev. Charles Dent, M.A. V. of 
Ambleside, b. Co. Derry, Ireland. 
The Miners' Sons : Martin Luther and Henry 

Martyu. Lond., S. Low and Son, 1853, 8°., 

pp. 101, 1/-. 

BELL, Rev. Richard. I. Yorkshire, 4th June, 


The Harvest and its Lessons. A Sermon 
delivered in the Wesleyan Chapel, Penzance, 
23rd August, 1868. Published by request. Pen- 
zance, Beare and Son, 1868, 8°., pp. 20, 3d. 




BELL, Robert. I. Cork, 1800. d. London, 
12th April, 1867. 

Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs, of the 
Peasantry of England. Lond., Parker, 1857, 
8"., pp. 252, 2/6. 

Note. — Contains some Cornish Ballads. 

BELLAMY, John Cremee, M.R.C.S. b. Ply- 
mouth, 7th Dec, 1812. d. Plymouth, 12th 
May, 1854. 

The Natural History of South Devon. Maps 
and Plates. Plymouth, J. Thomas [printed] ; 
Lond., Simpkin ; 1839, post 8°., jDp. 441, 12/-. 

The Housekeeper's Guide to the Fish-Market, 
for each month of the year ; and an Account of 
the Fishes and Fisheries of Devon and Corn- 
wall. Loud. ; Plymouth [printed] ; 1843, 12". 
—1862, 120. 

A Thousand Facts in the Histories of Devon 
and Cornwall, in chronological order, forming 
an epitomised view of the political development 
of those counties, and making especial reference 
to the history of Plymouth ; to which is added 
an alphabetical list of all works relating to the 
counties. Lond. ; Plymouth, Latimer [printed] ; 
1850, 8°. 

Description of two green-streaked Wrasses 
(Labrns lineatus, Flem.). Ann. Nat. Hist., xiii, 
77, 1844. 


Description of two Peruvian Mummies pre- 
sented to the Devon and Cornwall Natural 
History Society, by Capt. Blanckley. Brit. 
Assoc. Sect., 1841, p. 75 ; Aim. Nat. Hist., x, 
95-100, 1842. 

BELLOWS, John. So7i of JV. L. Bellmvs. b. 

Remarks [by J. Bellows] on certain anony- 
mous articles [here attributed to J. Bright], 
designed to render Queen Victoria unpopular : 
with an exposure of their authorship. Gloucester, 
John Bellows, 6, Westgate Street, 1864, 8". — 
2nd ed., 1865, 8"., 6|- sheets. 

A Winter Journey from Gloucester to Nor- 
way [with Map]. Lond., Triibner and Co. ; 
Gloucester, John Bellows, Steam Press, West- 
gate Street; 1867, 8"., pp. 100, 1/6. 

Two Days' Excursion from Gloucester to 
Llanthony Abbey and the Black Mountains. 
Map and Views. Gloucester, J. Bellows [n.d., 
186-], 8°., pp. 40, 6d.— 2nd ed., 186-, 8". 

Tons les Verbes. — Conjugations of all the 
Verbs in the French and English Languages. 
By John Bellows. Revised by Professor Beljame, 
B.A., LL.B., of the University of Paris, and 
Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court, and 
George Strickland, late Assistant French Master, 

BELLOWS, John. (Con.). 

Royal Naval School, London. Also a New Table 
of Equivalent Values of French and English 
Money, Weights, and Measures. Lond., Triib- 
ner, elc. ; John Bellows, Gloucester; [n.d., 186-], 
sm. 8"., pp. 32, 1/-., or 1 fr. 25 c. 

Outline Dictionary for the use of Missionaries, 
Exfilorers, and Students of Language. With 
an introduction on the proper use of the ordin- 
ary English Alphabet in transcribing foreign 
languages, by Max Miiller .... Lond. ; Glou- 
cester, J. Bellows [printed] ; 1867, 8". 

English Outline Vocabulary, for the use of 
students of the Chinese, Japanese, and other 
languages, arranged by J. Bellows. With notes 
on writing Chinese with Roman letters, by Pro- 
fessor Summers. Lond. ; Gloucester, J. Bellows 
[printed]; 1868, 8" 

New French and English Dictionary. Lond., 
Triibner; Gloucester, John Bellows; sm. 8"., 
probable price, 7/6. In the press (1870). 

On the Cornish Language, iiep. R.C.P. Soc, 
1861, p. 28. 

On the real meaning of the word Marazion. 
IFest Briton, loth July, 1869. 

BELLOWS, William Lamb. b. Bere Regis, 
Dorset. Resident about 20 years in Cornwall. 
Memoir of John Stickland, a Local Preacher 
of the Wesleyan Connexion, late of East Holme, 
near Wareham, Dorset. By his son-in-law, 
W. L. Bellows Printed for the Author, by 
L. Newton, Camborne; and sold by Simpkin, 
Marshall, & Co., ... Lond.; 1838, demy 12"., 
pp. 96. 

The Life of John Stickland, late of East 
Holme, ... compiled from his own papers, by 
W. L. Bellows. — 2nd ed., Lond., Chas. Gilpin 
... [L. Newton, Printer, Camborne]; n.d., 12°., 
3-1 sheets.— 3rd ed., Lond., W. & F. G. Cash; 
[Gloucester, Printed by G. J. Wait] ; 1855, 16°,, 
2 sheets. 


Mineralogia Cornubiensis, . . .by William Pryce. 

1778, foL ^ 

Note. — Mr. Bennallack not only assisted Dr. Pryce 
in collecting materials for the work, but also revised 
and corrected the composition. 

BENNALLACK, John Ferris. Son of the 
preceding. Mayor of Truro, 1819-1822. b. 
Bosvigo, in Kenwyn, 1779. d. Truro, 22nd 
Aug., 1860. cf. Cornwall Gaz., 1860. 

BENNET, Col. Robert, b. 1605 (?). 

King Charles's Triall justified, being the sum 
of a charge at the last Sessions at Trewroe, 
Cornwall, by Col. Rob. Bennet. 1649, 4". - 




BENNETT, Charles. The Blind Organist, b. 
Truro, d Truro, 12th April, 1801. cf. Corn- 
wall Gazette, 3rd Oct., 1867 ; Gent. Mag. ,lxxiv, 
pt. i, 481 (1804); European Mag., xlv, 319 

Fugitive Poems. 

Twelve Songs and a Cantata. Inscribed to 
Mrs. Trevanion, of Caerhays. The words by 
Mr. Walcot. Lond., Johnson, n.d., fol. 

Music for the Organ. MSS. 

BENNETT, Edward T. 

Restoration of Euphorbia Peplis to one of its 
old localities, with observations on a few other 
Cornish Plants, found in the early part of Oct., 
1850. Phytologist, iv, 1-5, 1851. 

BENNETT, James. 6. Prideaux, in Luxulyan, 
March, 1828. 

The Gardener, being Memoirs of the Life and 
Death of William Stephens, of St. Blazey, Corn- 
wall. Compiled by J. B. Woodcut frontispiece. 
Lond., H. J. Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria Lane; 
Cornwall, Jas. Bennett, St. Blazey; n.d., 18"., 
pp. 36, 4d. 

Bennett's Easy Primer. Being an improved 
system of bringing the youthful mind acquainted 
with a knowledge of letters, &c. Price One 
Penny. St. Blazey, Printed and Published by 
J. Bennett; by whom hawkers and shops are 
supplied [n.d., 18—], 8"., pp. 10. 

BENNETT, J. Hayle. 

A Horizontal Steam Engine, with improved 
Hotary Valves. Bep. B.C.P. Soc., 1866, p. xxiii. 


The Cornish Ale Wife. A Sketch from Life. 
Chambers Jour., ix, 8-9 (1848). 

BENNETT, Eev. Mydhope Wallis, B.A. d. 
East Looe, 7th Nov., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xciv, pt. 2, 565, 1824. 

BENNETT, Rt. Rev. William. Bp. of Gloyne. 

d. London, 16th July, 1820. 

Remarks on Roman Architecture and Castra- 
metation. Siipp. to Polwhele's Cornwall, 1803. 

BENNETTS, John. 6. Perranarworthal. dKea. 

On the Electro Magnetism of Veins of Copper 
Ore in Cornwall. Lond. & Edinb. Bhilos. Mag., 
iii, 17, 1833. 

BENNETTS, Samuel. 6. St. Mewan. 

Remarks on Dynamite. Communicated by 
Messrs. Webb and Bennetts. Bep. Miners' Assoc. 
•ef D. & C, 1868, p. 25. 

BENSON, Rev. Joseph. JVesleyan Minister, 
b. 1748. d. London, 15th Feb., 1821. 

Memoirs of Rev. J. B., by the Rev. James 
Macdonald. Lond., T. Blanshard, 1822, 8". 

Note. — Mi'. Benson visited Cornwall in 1795, pp* 


Report on the construction of a canal between 
Fowey Harbour and the Padstow Eiver. 

BERGER, Jean Francois, M.D., of Geneva. 

Observations on the Physical Structure of 
Devonshue and Cornwall. Trans. Geol. Soc. of, 
Lond.,\, 93-184(1811). 

BERNOUILLI, Jean, the younger, b. Basle, 
4th Nov., 1744. d. Berlin, 13th July, 1807. 

EtWas uber den Zinn-und Kupferbergbau in 
Kornwallis. (Something about Tin and Copper 
Mines in Cornwall). 1783. 

BERRYMAN, William Richard. 

Report from the Select Committee on Muni- 
cipal Corporations, with the minutes of evidence 
taken before them. Ordered to be printed, 4th 
June, 1833, fol., pp. 391. [Contains, " Saltash— 
Evidence of W. R. Berryman, Town Clerk "]. 

BESEMERES, John. Resident at Calcutta. 

Old Salt ; a Serio Comic Drama in two Acts. 
By John Daly, [i.e., John Besemeres. First pro- 
duced at the Strand Theatre, London, 12th 
Jan., 1868. Scene — Trefusis, Falmouth]. 

BESLEY, Henry. Exeter. 

The Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset 
Sheet Almanacs. Exeter, Besley, 1828, s. sh., 
fol., 9d. Pub. annually. 

A Trial for Infringement of Copyright \in the 
preceding workl. Besley v. Carlyon. With some 
remarks on the defects of the laws of artistic 
copyright. Exeter, Besley, 1854, 8°., pp. 15. 

Note. — The defendant represented the proprietors 
of The Eoyal Cornwall Gazette. 

The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon... 
Book Almanac. Exeter, Besley, 1832, 12°- 
Annually, 6d. 

The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon, 
Somerset, and Dorset Pocket Book. Exeter, 
Besley, 1836, 8°. Annually, 2/6 and 3/6. 

The West of England, Cornwall, Devon,:.. 
Diary. Exeter, Besley, 1836, cap. 8°. Annually, 
1/6 and 6d. 

The West of England Pocket Railway Time 
Table. Exeter, Besley, February, 1848, 12°., 
Id. [Continued monthly to the present time]. 




BESLET, Henky. (Con.). 

Views in Cornwall. 24 engravings. Exeter, 
Besley, 1852, demy 8"., 4/-. 

Views in Devonshire and Cornwall. 60 steel 
engravings. Exeter, Besley, 1858, super roy. 8°., 

Hand Book to Bodmin, Liskeard, Lostwithiel, 
etc. Exeter, Besley, 1860, post 12°., 1/-. 

Views in Cornwall. 30 engravings. Exeter, 
Besley, 1861, demy 12°., 3/-. 

The Eoute Book for Cornwall. A Guide for 
the Stranger and Tourist. Maps and Views. 
Exeter, Besley, 1863, 18°., 4/-. 

Hand Book to Penzance, Falmouth, and 
Neighbourhood. Exeter, Besley, 1867, post 12°., 

Hand Book to Truro, Falmouth, and Helstone. 
Exeter, Besley, 186- 12°., 1/-. 

West of England and Exeter Pocket Journal, 
or Gentleman's Diary. With Almanac, 1868. 
Exeter, Besley, 1868, 12°., 3/6. Continued 

The Exeter Diocesan Calendar. See Barnes, 
Eev. E. H. 

BESSE, Joseph, d. EatclifFe, London, 25th 
Nov., 1757, aged circa 74. 

A Collection of the Sufferings of the people 
called Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good 
Conscience, from ... 1650 to ... 1689. Taken 
from original records and other authentic ac- 
counts. Lond., . . . Luke Hinde, at the Bible, in 
George Yard, Lombard Street, 1753, 2 vols., 
fol., 369 sheets. 

Note. — The Comisli portion comprised in i, 113 

BEST, William Mawdesley. Barrister of 
Ch-ay's Inn. b. Haddington, Scotland, d. Lon- 
don, 16th Nov., 1869. See Blunt, Walter. 

BETA, pseud., i.e., Boase, Henry. 

BETHAM, Sm William, b. Suffolk, 1779. d. 
Dublin, 23rd Oct., 1853. 

The Gael and Cymbri, an Inquiry into the 
Origin and History of the Irish, Welsh, Cornish, 
Gauls, &c., with History of Gildas and Collec- 
tion of Welsh Words. Dublin, Curry, 1834, 8°. 

Papers on Astronomical Instruments of the 
Irish, on the Eing Money of the Celts, and on 
the affinity of the Phcenician and Celtic Lan- 
guages. Dublin, 1836, 4°. 

BETTESWOETH, Capt. George Edmund 
Byron, E.N. d. off Bergen, 16th May, 1808, 
aged 28. cf. James' Naval Hist., vol. iii; 
Brenton's Naval Hist., vol. ii: Gent. Mag., 
Ixxviii, 560 (1808). 

BETTY, Eev. Humphry. R. of Little Petherick. 
d. 1673. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 191. 

BETTY OR BETTEY, Eev. Joseph. A Cornish 

Fellow of Bolster College, Oxford, d. Jan. 1, 


Tertullian against Heretics, and the Apolo- 
getics of Theophilus. Oxford, 1722_, 8°. 

The Divine Institution of the Ministry, and 
absolute necessity of Church Government. A 
Sermon [on Gal., i, 1, 7], preached before the 
University of Oxford, on Saturday, the 21st 
September, 1729. Lond., 1729, 8°.— 2nd ed., 
corrected, Oxford, Printed for Sam. Wilmot, 
1729, 8"., pp. 40, 6d.— 3rd ed., Oxford, 1729, 8°. 

The Oxford Sermon versified. Dedicated to 
the Eev. J. B. [the Author of the Sermon]. By 
Jacob Gingle. Lond., Printed for Timothy 
Atkins, at Dr. Sacheverell's Head, near St. Paul's, 
1729, 8°., pp. 63, 1/-.— 2nd ed., Lond., 1730, 
8°.— 3rd ed., Lond., 1731, 8°., 6d. 

An Address to the University of Oxford, 
caused by Mr. Betty's Sermon. By J. W. L. 
Lond., 1730, 8°. 

A Dialogue between Parson B[etty] and Par- 
son Bowman, in justification of their Sermons. 
By T. Tagg [pseud., i.e., ], 1731, 8". 

An Address to the University of Oxford, oc- 
casioned by a Sermon entitled "The Divine 
Institution of the Ministry," preached by J. B. 
[" The Pillars of Priestcraft." By E. Barrow. 
Vol. i, 1768, 12°.]. 

BICKFOED, William. 

William Bickford and Damaris his wife appel- 
lants ; Sir William Pendarves, Knt., and Dame 
Penelope his wife, Eobert Hoblyn an infant, by 
Sir Will. Pendarves his guardian, Charles Holt, 
Esq., and Martha his wife, respondents. [Lond., 
1724], fol., pp. 4. The Appellant's Case. Br. 

Bickford et ux. contr. Pendarves et al. The 
case of the respondents Holt and his wife. 
[London, 1724], fol. Br. Museum. 

BICKHAM, George, Junr. 

A Curious . . . Collection of Bird's Eye Views 
of the ... Counties in England. ... Lond., R, 
Laurie, ... 1796, 4°. 

Note. — Bird's Eye View of the whole County of 
Cornwall. No letter press. 

BIDDLE, John, M.A. b. Gloucestershire, 1615, 
d. London, Sept., 1662. cf. Base. 

J. Bidelli Vita. By John Farrington. Lon- 
dini, 1682, 12°. 

A Eeview of the Life, Characte T.and Writings 
of the Eev. J. B., M.A., who was banished to 



BIDDLE, John. (Con.). 

the Isles of Scilly, in the Protectorate of Oliver 
Cromwell (October 5, 1655). By Joshua Toul- 
min, A.M. Lond., 1791, 8". [Vol. iv of Tracts 
printed and published by Unitarian Society]. 

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas Tregenna, M.A. 
h. Padstow, 5th July, 1763. d. Bristol, 19th 
May, 1838. cf. Gent. Mag., x, 331-334 ; Felix 
Farley's Bristol Jour., 26th May, 1838 ; Chris- 
tian Observer, pp. 594-99 (1838). 

An Elegy occasioned by the death of the 
Hon. and Rev. William Bromley Cadogan, A.M., 
late Rector of St. Luke's, Chelsea, ... who died 
18th Jan., 1797. Bath, 1797, 4°., 6d. 

Essays on some select parts of the Liturgy of 
the Church of England, being the substance of 
a course of lectures delivered in the parish 
Church o.f St. Werburgh, Bristol. Bristol, 1798, 
12°. — 2nd- ed., Evesham, Printed by J. Agg, 
1798, 8°., 2/6.— 3rd ed., 1812, 3 vols., 8"., 28/-. 

Original Poems on Religious Subjects. Bath, 
1798, 8°., 1/-. 

Practical Essays on select parts of the Liturgy 
of the Church of England. Lond. ; Evesham 
[printed] ; Bristol [printed] ; 1799-1805, 4 vols., 

Zion's Trumpet. Bristol, 1798-1800, 3 vols., 
12". Afterwards changed to The Christian 
Chiardkin. Bristol, 1802-6, 10 vol., 12°., N.S., 
1807-8, 2 vols., 12°. In 1809 the place of 
publication was removed to London. 

Note. — Mr. Biddulph was instrumental in estab- 
lishing this magazine. 

A Sermon preached at St. James's Church, 
Bristol, on Acts, xxiv, 14. Dedicated to the 
Vestry and Inhabitants of St. James. 1799, 8°. 

A Sermon [on Matt., vii, 12] preached before 
the Society for Missions to Africa and the East. 
1801, 8°. 

A Letter to the Rev. J. Hey, occasioned by 
his late publication, entitled, The Important 
Question at Issue. Bristol, 1801, 12°. 

An Appeal to Public Impartiality, on the 
manner in which the dispute concerning The 
Important Question at Issue has been conducted 
[by J. Hey]. Bristol, 1801, 12°. 

Truth Triumphant. A complete refutation of 
a pamphlet by the Rev. Mr. B., entitled, Jn 
Appeal to Public Impartiality. By the Rev. J. 
Hey. 1801, 8°. 

"The Important Question" still under con- 
sideration, but approaching to a decision, or an 
address to the Rev. T. T. B., in reply to a letter 
[by him] in answer to a pamphlet entitled, The 
Important Question at Issue. By Rev. J. Hey. 
1801, 8°- 

A Message from the Tomb, being the substance 

BIDDULPH, Eet. Thomas Tbegenna.. [Con.). 

of a Sermon [on Heb., xi, 4] preached on tha 
death of G. Gieves. Bristol, Bulgin, 1802, 8°. 
A Sermon preached in the parish Church of 
St. Andrew by the "Wardrobe and St. Anne, 
Blackfriars, ... May 22, 1802, before the Society 
for Missionaries to Africa and the East, . . . being 
their Fourth Anniversary. By Rev. T. T. B., 
Minister of St. James's, Bristol, and Chaplain 
to the Right Honourable Dowager Lady Bagot. 
Lond., 1802, 8°. 

Life a vapour : being the substance of a Ser- 
mon delivered in the Parish Church of St. 
James, Bristol, on the death of Mr. John 
Marker. Bristol, Bulgin, 1803, 8°. 

God Glorified in his Ministering Servants ; 
a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of 
Cheddar, on Monday, Oct. 17, 1803, at the 
Funeral of the Rev. Thomas Drewitt, A.M., 
Curate of the Parish. Bristol, 1803, 8°., pp. 31. 
A Sermon [on Matt., vii, 12] preached May 
22, 1804, before the Society for Missions to 
Africa and the East. With the Report of the 
Annual Meeting and the List of Subscribers. 
Lend., Seeley, ... 1804, 8°., 1/-. 

Portions of the Psalms of David. 1804, 12°. 
The True Basis of National Confidence in 
time of Distress; A Sermon. 1805, 8°. 

A Collection out of the Book of Psalms, 
extracted from various versions, with hymns, 
etc. [Ed. Rev. T. T. B.]. 1806, 12°. 

Portions of the Psalms, ... with a selection 
of hymns. 1809, 12°. 

Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening 
Services. 1809, 8°. 

The British Jubilee : a Sermon delivered in 
the parish Church of St. James, and at the 
Mayor's Chapel, in Bristol, on Wednesday, Oct. 
25, 1809, when His Most Gracious Majesty 
George III entered in the 50th year of his reign. 
Lond., Hatohard, 1809, 8°., pp. 41, 2/-. 

Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening 
Services of the Church of England. The 4th 
edition of Essays i to xii. 2nd edition of re- 
mainder of the three volumes. Lond. ; Bristol 
[printed] ; 1810, 3 vols., 8°. 

Note. — Letter on above. Christian Observer, x, 405 

Portions of the Psalms of David, . . . with a 
Selection of Hymns accommodated to the Service 
of the Church of England. 1813, 12°. 

The Charge of Nonconformity repelled: a 
letter to the Bishop of Bristol [in reply to 
charges brought against the writer in " An Ad- 
dress to W. Ady"]. Bristol, 1813, 8°- 

Baptism a seal of the Christian Covenant ; or 
remarks on the former of " Two Tracts intended 
to convey correct notions of regeneration and 




BIDDULPH, Ebv. Thomas Tkegenna. {Con.). 

conversion, etc. By Eev. E. Mant." Lond., 
Hatchard, 1816, 8"., pp. 255, 5/-. 

The Eev. Eichard Mant's Sermon on Eegen- 
eration vindicated from the remarks of the Eev. 
T. T. B. Shrewsbury, 1816, 8"., 1/6. 

Considerations on the doctrine of the Bap- 
tism, reprinted from the Select ic Review, May 1, 
1816 ; on Dr. Mant's Two Tracts, and the Pub- 
lications by Messrs. Biddulph, Scott, .... Lond., 
Conder, 1816, 8°., 2/-. 

A Search after truth in its own field, — the 
Holy Scriptures ; or a reference to the Apostolic 
Acts and Epistles on the subject of some novel 
opinions in divinity.' Bristol, 1818, 8". — 2nd 
ed., enlarged, Bristol, 1818, 8". 

Letters signed Physico Theologus, i.e., Eev. 
T. T. B. Christian Guardian, 1819-20. 

Christian Charity exerting itself by means of 
Missionary Incitement for the Correction of 
Hindoo Immorality : or cursory Eemarks on a 
Pamphlet intitled, " Missionary Incitement and 
Hindoo Demoralization, etc., by J. Bowen." In 
a letter. Bristol, 1821, 8°. 

Letter to the Eev. T. T. Biddulph, occasioned 
by his " Cursory Eemarks " on a Pamphlet en- 
titled, " Missionary Incitement and Hindoo 
Demoralization." By John Bowen, 1822, 3/6. 

National Affliction Improved : in three Ser- 
mons, delivered in the years 1817, 3 818, and 
1820 ; on the days appointed for the funerals of 
Her Eoyal Highness the Princess Charlotte of 
Wales, Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, and His 
Majesty George III. Bristol, printed for J. and 
W. Eichardson, Clare Street ; sold also by W. 
Bulgin, Corn Street, and by Hatchard, Picca- 
dilly; 1820, 8°., pp. 71. 2/6. 

National Affliction Improved : in a Sermon 
[on II Kings, ii, 12] delivered Feb. 16, 1820, 
being the day appointed for the Funeral of 
George the Third. Bristol, 1820, 8". 

Practical Essays on the Liturgy of the Church 
of England. 1822, 8" 

An infallible way to Contentment. By A. 
Seller. With a recommendatory preface bv 
Eev. T. T. B. Bristol, 1822, 8° 

The Churchman on a Sick Bed. The Publi- 
cations of the Church of England Tract Society 
Bristol, vol. i, 1824, 12° 

.The Convalescent ; or, the Churchman's Eecol- 
lections and Eesolutions on recovering from a 
Fit of Sickness, ih. 

A Guide to the Church, ih. 
The Parochial Clergyman's Ordination Vows ; 
or an Appeal to those of his Parishioners who 
are disposed to censure his anxiety about their 
Salvation as unnecessary, etc. ih. 

The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affection- 
ate Address to those persons who have under- 

BIDDULPH, Eet. Thosias Tkeoenna. (Con.). 

taken the office of Godfathers and Godmothers, 

A Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affectionate 
expostulation with those inhabitants of his 
parish who neglect the public worship of Al- 
mighty God. ih. 

The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affection- 
ate expostulation with those of his parishioners 
who neglect the duty and privilege of attending 
the Lord's Table, ih. 

The Seventh Commandment ; or the Compas- 
sion of the Divine Saviour towards those who 
have transgressed it, etc. ih. 

Sunday Evening Eecollections, or the Church- 
man in his Closet, ih. 

Address to those who wish to attend upon 
the Worship of Almighty God with devout 
reverence, etc. ih., vol. ii. 

The Churchman \i.e. T. T. B.]'s Eeasons for 
bringing his Children to the Baptismal Font, 
etc. ih. 

Hints on Public Worship ; or the Churchman 
instructed in the use of the Book of Common 
Prayer, ih. 

The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affectionate 
address to a newly married couple, ih. 

Short Eeasons for Communion with the 
Church of England ; or the Churchman's 
answer to the question " Why are you a member 
of the Church of England 1 " ih. 

The Careless Churchman warned of his 
danger, and reminded of his dut}^. ih., vol. iii. 
The Decalogue ; or the Churchman's means of 
self-humiliation and rule of duty. ih. 

The Forms of the Church opposed to For- 
mality, etc. ih. 

Good-Friday Intercession ; or the Church- 
man's duty to pray for all " Jews, Turks, Infidels, 
and Heretics." ih. 

The Pious Churchman comforted under the 
pressure of affliction, etc. ih. 

The Church- Yard; or an Address to the 
Throne of Mercy from the confines of the grave. 
ih., vol. iv. 

A Clergyman [i.e., T. T. B.]'s Address to his 
Parishioners on Family Prayer, ih. 

_ An important inquiry from a Parishioner to 
his Pastor, stated and answered ; or the means 
of obtaining the Spirit of Prayer, ih. 

The Parochial Minister [i.e.,'T. T. B.]'s season- 
able hints to the members of Benefit Societies, 
on the duties of frugality, piety, and loyalty, ih. 
The Eeform meeting; or the Churchman's 
duty towards his neighbour, ih. 

The Eomanist unveiled; or Popery in its 
native deformity, ih. 

Short Sermons on subjects connected with the 
Form of Absolution in the morning and evening 




BIDDULPH, Eev. Thomas Tbegenna. (Core.)- 

Services of the Church of England, ib. 

Short Forms of Family Prayer for every 
morning and evening in the week, etc. ib. 

Divine Influence ; or the Operation of the 
Holy Spirit traced from the creation of man to 
the consummation of all things. Bristol, 18:24, 
8"., pp. 263, 9/-. cf. Quart. Rev., xxxi, 111-125 

The Theology of the Early Patriarchs. Lond., 
Duncan, 1825, 2 vols., 8°., 21/-. 

A Letter to the Editor of the Quarterly 
Review, occasioned by its animadversions on a 
work entitled i)mwe /n/weMCg. Bristol, 1825,8". 
The Inconsistency of Conformity to the 
World, with a Profession of Christianity. Three 
Dialogues. Bristol, 1803, 8"., pp. 105.— 2nd 
ed., Lond., Seeley, 1815, 12"., 3/-.— 4th ed., 
Lond., Thames Ditton [printed], 1831, 8". 

The Septuagenarian Confession of Faith, 
Bristol, 1833 (?), 8". 

Christian Patriotism. A Sermon [on I Cor., 
vii, 12] dehvered in Bristol, 20th Nov., 1836. 
Bristol, 1836, 8". 

The Doctrine of Baptismal Eegeneration as it 
has been stated in some recent tracts, weighed 
in the balance of the Sanctuary. In Three 
Dialogues. Lond., 1837, 8". — Eepublished 

Select Tracts of the Church of England Tract 
Society. By the Rev. T. T. B. Bristol, 1838, 12". 

Note. — These Tracts are numtered 1 — 106, ■ and 
have each a separate title page, pagination, and register. 

BIRCH, Samuel. 6. London, 8th Nov., 1757, 

d. 1840. 

The Smugglers. A Musical Drama, in Two 
Acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, 
Drury Lane. Lond., C. Dilly, 1796, 8"., pp. 

37, 1/-. 

Note. — Scene on the Coast of Cornwall. 

BIRCH, Samuel, LL.D., F.S.A. h. London, 

3rd Nov., 1813. 

Observations on a Bronze Figure of a Bull 
found in Cornwall. Arclmol. JourH.,Yu, 8-16, 
120 (1850). 

Abstract of Remarks of S. Birch, Esq., of 
the Brit. Mus., on a Bronze Bull found at St. 
Just in Penwith ... By C. Barham, q.v. 

BLACK, Adam and Charles. 

Black's Tourist Guide to Devonshire and 
Cornwall, including the Scilly Isles. Map. 
Edinb., Black, 1855, 8". 

Black's Picturesque Tourist and Road and 
RailwayGuide Book through England and Wales. 
Edinb., Black, 1857, 8"., pp. xxvii & 544. 
Note.— Cornwall, pp. 121 — 27. 

BLACK, Adam and Charles. (Con.). 

Black's Guide to the South Western Counties 
of England, Dorsetshire, Devon, and Cornwall. 
Maps and lllust. Edinb., Black, 1862, 8"., pp. 
417.— 1869, 8"., pp. 417. 

Black's Guide to the Duchy of Cornwall. 
Map and lllust. Edinb., Black, 1868, 8". Pagi- 
nation runs from 275 to 397. 

BLACK, Rev. W. H., of Mawgan, near Helston. 
d. Plymouth, 9th Feb., 1834. 

The Posthumous Letters of the late Rev. 
W. H. Black, a Clergyman of the Church of 
England, who lately died at Plymouth. Corn- 
wall, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale Press, 1836, 
12"., pp. 124. 

Note. — The letters are written from Mawgan. 

BLACKBURNE, J. Penhale, St. Enoder. 

Temperance Reports. Devon and Cornwall 
Temperance Journ., Jan., 1868, et seq. , 

BLACKETT, James. Wesleyan Minister, b. 
Woodhouse, near Leeds, 1778. d. Leeds, 29th 
Sept., 1848. 

Wesleyan Methodism defended against an 
invidious distinction made by the Rev. Nicholas 
Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery, in the reading of 
the Burial Service at the interment of an infant 
baptized in the Wesleyan Chapel. By J. Blackett, 
[Superintendent of the Western Circuit of St. 
Austell]. Lond., J. Mann ; Printed by J. H. 
Drew, St. Austell; 1828, 8"., pp. 20. 

BLANCHARD, Edward Laman. b. London, 
11th Dec, 1820. 

Faw Fee Fo Fum, or Harlequin Jack the 
Giant Killer. A Comic Christmas Pantomime. 
Lond., J. Tuck, 1867, 8"., pp. 32, 6d. 

Note. — First performed at Drury Lane, 26th Dec, 
1867. Scene iii, Fishing Tillage on Cornish Coast; 
Scene iv, Eoad to St. Ives. 

PAYNE, Michael. Called also Michael of 
Cornwall, flo. 1250 (?). cf. Fuller, ed. 1811, i, 
216; Pits, p. 322; Carew, ed. 1811, pp. 157- 

Historiarum Normannia?. Liber unus. 
Contra Henricum Abricensem. Liber unus. 
Epistolarum et Carminum. Liber unus. 

BLEDIAN. b. Cornwall, 8th Century, cf. 
Haddan and Stubbs' Councils, i, 697. 

On Purgatory. 




BLEE, Robert, Jun. b. Truro. 

The Comparative Longevity of our Mining 
Population. Rep. B.C.P. Soc, 1838, p. 68; 
1839, p. 3; 1840, p. 35; 1847, p. 12. 

Mortality in Mining Districts. Journ. Statis. 
Soc. of Lond., i, 82, 1838. 

BLEWITT, John, of Marazion. 

J. Blewitt V. Humphry Millett ; an Appeal 
Case before the House of Lords. 1774, fol. 

BLIGrH, Admiral Sir Richard Rodney, G.C.B. 
h. Cornwall, 1737. d. Southampton, 30th April, 
1821. cf. Rose; Gent. Mag., xci, pt. i, 468 

Letters to Sir R. R. Bligh. In " Letters and 
Despatches of Lord Nelson," v, 461 ; vi, 236, 

BLIGH, Admiral William, F.R.S. b. St. Teath, 
9th Sept., 1754. d. Bond Street, London, 
7th December, 1817. cf. Penny Cyclop. ; Rose ; 
Gent. Mar/., Ixxxvii, pt. ii, 630, 1817; N. & 
Q., 2 S., 'ii, 411, 472 (1856); Brento'iis Naval 
Hist, vol. i, ii, 

A Narrative of the Mutiny on board His 
Majesty's Ship Bounty ; and the subsequent 
voyage of part of the crew in the ship's boat 
from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, to 
Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies. 
Written by Lieut. W. Bligh. lUust. with Charts. 
Lond., G. Nicol, 1790, 4"., pp. iv & 212, 7/-. 

A Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by 
command of His Majesty, for the purpose of 
conveying the Bread Fruit Trees to the West 
Indies in His Majesty's Ship the Bounty, in- 
cluding an Account of the Mutiny on hoard the 
said Ship, commanded by Lieut. W. Bligh. 
Portrait. Lond., G. Nicol, 1792, 4"., 12/-. 

Voyage k la Mer du Sud, entrepris, jjour intro- 
duire aux Indes Ocoidentales, 1' arbre k pain, et 
d' autres plantes utiles ; Par le Lieut. G. Bligli, 
avec une relation de la revolte k bord de son 
vaisseau .... Traduit de 1' Anglais par ■ F. 
Soul(5s. Paris, 1792, 8°. 

An Answer to certain assertions contained in 
the appendix to a pamphlet [by E. Christian] 
entitled, " Minutes of the Proceedings on the 
Court Martial, held August 12th, 1792, on ten 
persons charged with mutiny on board His 
Majesty's Ship the Bounty." Lond., 1794, 4°. 

■The dangerous Voyage performed by Captain 
Bligh with a part of the crew of His Majesty's 
Ship Bounty, in an open boat, in 1789. Dublin, 
1824, 12°.— Dublin [1827 '«], 12°. 

NoTE, — The latter is a duplicate of the edition of 
1824, with a new title page. 

BLIGH, AuMiEAL William. (Con.). 

Narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty, on a 
Voyage to the South Seas, by Lieut. W. Bligh, 
Commander. To which are added some ad- 
ditional particulars, and a relation of the 
subsequent fate of the mutineers, and of the 
settlement in Pitcairn's Island. Standard Library 
ed: Lond., W. Smith, 1838, 8"., pp. 73, 16d.— 
Reprinted, The Universal Library, vol. i, Lond., 
1853, 8°. 

BLIGHT, Francis. 

A True and Impartial Account of the Dark 
and Hellish Power of Witchcraft, lately exer- 
cised on the body of the Rev. Mr. [Jasper] Wood, 
Minister of Bodmyn, in a letter from a Gentle- 
man There [Fran. Blight, Bodmyn, 25th Feb., 
1699-1700] to his FriendinExon. Togetherwlth 
a True copy of a Letter from Mr. Wood to his 
Uncle in Exon in Confirmation thereof Exeter, 
printed by Sam. Darker and Sam. Farley, 1700, 
4°., pp. 4. Br. Museum. 

BLIGHT, John Thomas, F.S.A. b. Redruth. 

Ancient Crosses and other Antiquities in the 
West of Cornwall. Drawn and engraved by 
J. T. Blight. Lond., Simpkin ; Penzance, F. T. 
Vibert [printed]; 1856, 4°., 5/-. to Subscribers. 
—2nd ed., 1858, 4" 

Ancient Crosses and other Antiquities in the 
East of Cornwall. By J. T. Blight. Lond., 
Simpkin ; Penzance, F. T. Vibert [printed] ; 
1858, 4"., 7/6 to Subscribers. 

Note. — This work and the second edition of the 
preceding were in some cases bound up together, 18/6 
to Subscribers. 

A Week at the Land's End. By J. T. Blight 
[assisted by E. H. Rodd, R. Q. Couch, and J, 
Ralfs]. Map and 96 woodcuts. Lond., Long- 
man, 1861, fcp. 8°., pp. xi and 233, 6/6. 

List of Antiquities in the Hundreds of Kirrier 
and Penwith, West Cornwall ; with references 
to the works in which they are described and 
figured. Arranged with an Illustrated Appendix, 
by J. T. Blight. Truro, Printed for the R.I.C., 
by James R. Netherton, 1862, 8°., pp. 42, 1/-. 

An Historical Account of the New Place, 
Stratford-upon-Avon, the last residence of 
Shakespeare. By J. 0. Halliwell. With 42 Illus- 
trations, drawn on wood by J. T. Blight. Lond., 
J. E. Adlard, Bartholomew Close, 1864, 4". 

Churches of West Cornwall; with notes of 
Antiquities of the District. By J. T. Blight, 
Corresponding Secretary for Cornwall to the 
Camb. Archseol. Soc. With 250 illustrations 
by the Author. Oxford and London, J. H. ancl 
J. Parker, 1865, 8"., pp. 160. 

Note.— Keviewed in Journ. R.I.C., 1864, p. 42, 
with 7 woodcuts reproduced. 




BLIGHT, John Thomas. (Con.). 

The Hand Book to Cornwall, with Rendell's 
Map and Illustrations by J. T. Blight. Devon- 
port, W. Wood, n.d., 16"., pp. 158. 

Account of the Exploration of Subterranean 
Chambers at Treveneague, in the parish of St. 
Hilary, Cornwall. By J. T. Blight. Printed 
for the P.N.H. & A.S. Lond., J. R. Smith ; 
Penzance, William Cornish ; 1867, 8"., pp. 34. 

The Great Stanley : or James, 6th Earl of 
Derby ... in their land of Man .... Illustrated 
by A. D. Lemon and J. T. Blight. Lond., 1867, 

The Cromlechs of Cornwall : with some ac- 
count of other Prehistoric Sepulchral Monu- 
ments and Articles found in connection with 
them, in the same County. By J. T. Blight. 
Lond., J. Parker and Co., 1870, 8°. [in the press]. 

Ancient Ballads and Broadsides... Reprinted 
fromtheoriginal copies. . .preserved in the Library 
of H. Huth, Esq. ; with 26 copies of the old 
woodcuts drawn on wood by J. T. Blight. Lond., 
1867, 4°. 

Remarks on the Well Chapels of Cornwall, 
with illustrations by J. T. Blight, with additional 
notices and illustrations by Llewellyn Jewitt. 
The Beliqiiary, ii, 126 (1862). 

Notice of Rock Markings. Trans. P.N.H. & 
A.S.,in, 67, 1865. 

View of St. Hilary Church, Cornwall. Qent. 
Mag., xl, 136, 1855. 

Ancient British Village at Chysauster. ib., 
X, 65, 1861 [ArcJmol. Journ., xviii', 39, 1861]. 

Cornish Churches, with illustrations by the 
Author, ib., xii, 247, 391, 528; xiii, 21, 255, 
538 (1862) ; xiv, 151, 572, 690 ; xv, 130 (1863). 

Cair Conan in Breage. ib., xv, 55. 

Two days in Cornwall with the Cambrian 
Archseol. Soc. ib., xvi, 30, 307, 441, 1864. 

Remarkable Subterranean Chambers at Tre- 
lowarren, the Seat of Sir R. R. Vyvyan, Bart. 
ib., xvi, 607 [ArchceoL, xl, 113-118, 1861]. 

On the Cliff Castle of Main or Mayon. ib., 
xvii, 75, 1864. 

On Underground Chambers at Boscaswell. 
ib., xvii, 75. 

On Holed Stones, ib., xviii, 353, 1865. 

On Castallack Round, Parish of St. Paul, ib., 
xviii, 756. 

Description of the Subterranean Chambers 
at Treveneague. ib., iii, 795, 1867. 

Notes on Stone Circles, ib., v, 308-19 (1868). 

Map of the Liskeard district, shewing the 
Antiquities. Drawn by J. T. Blight; Lithog. 
by Brenton Symons, Truro [1862]. 

BLIGHT, John Thomas. (Con.). 

Map of the Land's End District, showing the 
Antiquities comprised in the two day's excursion 
of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, 
1862. J. T. Blight, Del. ; Lithog. by Brenton 
Symons, Truro [1862]. 

Note.— c/. ArchceoL Camb., viii, 299—368, 1862. 

Barrow with Kist-Vaen in Sancreed. 2 en- 
gravings. ArchceoL Camb., x, 243-45 (1864). 

The Holed Stones of Cornwall. 3 engravings, 
4 woodcuts, ib., x, 292-99. 

Lostwithiel. ib., xi, 1864. 

Cromlech at Llansaintffraid, near Conway. 
2 engraving, ib., xi, 278-89, 1865. 

Notes of Antiquities in North Wales, ib. 

A Letter on preparing drawings for wood en- 
gravings, ib., XV. 

Account of Rock Markings at Sancreed, 
Cornwall, with illustrations. Proc. Soc. of Antiq., 
iii, 302, 1866. 

Account of Caves or Subterranean Chambers 
at Castallack and Treveneague, near Penzance. 
2 illusts. ib., iii, 498. 

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the Cheesewring. 3 woodcuts and a plan, ib., 
1868, April, p. 10. 

Woodcuts, by J. T. B., of a Gold Armulet 
found at Tredinney, near Penzance, and of a 
Mammillary Brooch found near the Lizard, and 
deposited in the Payne Knight Collection, in 
the British Museum, ib., 1868. 

The Cliff Castle of Kenidzhek, in St. Just in 
Penwith. ib., 1869, April, p. 108. 

The Church of St. Hilary, Cornwall. A View 




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after the Restoration. Churchman s Companion, 
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Madron Well Baptistry or Chapel. 
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Pare an Chapel, Cape Cornwall, ib., 



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34, 1857. 

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Scotland, and Ireland .... By R. Blome." 
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Report of the proceedings under the commis- 
sion issued by the Bishop of Exeter, to enquire 
into the complaints against the Rev. Walter 
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of the Commissioners and the Bishop's judg- 
ment ; with notes and subsequent correspondence 
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Tithes and Offerings j being an attempt to 
establish the Principles, to illustrate the Prac- 
tice, and to trace the Benefits of devoting 

BOASE, Charles William. (Con.). 

portions of our substance to the service of God. 
By C. W. Boase. Dundee, 1864, 8". Privately 

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'The Elijah Ministry to the Christian Church ; 
its nature deduced from the Ministry of John 
the Baptist to the Jews, and this compared with 
the work of the Lord in these days. Dundee, 
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The Elijah Ministry ; the tokens of its mission- 
to the Christian Church deduced from the 
ministry of John the Baptist to the Jews. 
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and 720. 

BOASE, George Clement {fourth son of,H.. 
Boase). b. London, 25th August, 1810. 

To Husbands, Fathers, and Brothers, specially 
those of the Labouring classes, being a warning 
against prevailing delusions and a Word in 
Season to the weary and heavy laden. By a 
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Lond., Longman ; 1848, 8"., pp. 32. 

Satanic Workings a Sign and a Warning. 
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Three Discourses on Certain Symbols used in 
Worship. Dundee, 1855, 8". Printed for 
private circulation. ' 

The Lord's Tithe. A Sermon preached 27th 
March, 1859, n.p. or d. [Dundee, 1859], 8". 

Opinions and Warnings of the Press and 
Public Men, regarding the perils which threaten 
our country. By G. C. Boase, Treasurer of the 
Dundee Volunteer Rifles. Dundee, F. Shaw, 
1859, 8°, 

The Queen's Visit to theDukeof Athole, 15th 
Sept., 1863. A Poem. Anon. n.p. or d. 
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_ The Restoration of Apostles, or the true posi- 
tion of those who acknowledge them in relation 
to the rest of the Church. By G. C. Boase, 
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My Native Home. A Song. By Britannicus 
{i.e., G. C. Boase]. Cornish Mag., iii, 44 (,1828). 

Note.— The first of seTeral poetic pieces, etc., 
under the same signature, 




BOASE, Henry. J. Madron, 3rd June, 1763. 

d. Penzance, 8tli April, 1827. cf. J. Owen's 

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pp. 22. 

Guineas an unnecessary and expensive incum- 
brance on Commerce, or the impolicy of repealing 
the Bank Eestriction Bill considered. Lend., 
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an appendix, shewing the influence that the 
Eestriction Bill has upon our Foreign Excihange 
and Commerce. Lend., W. Buhner, 1803, 8"., 
pp. 123 and App. 22. 

A Letter to the Eight Hon. Lord King, in 
defence of the conduct of the Directors of the 
Banks of England and Ireland, whom his Lordship 
(in a publication entitled "Thoughts on the 
restriction of payment in specie," &c., &c.,) accuses 
of abuse of their privilege ; with remarks on the 
cause of the great rise of the Exchange between 
Dublin and London, and the means of explaining 
it. Lond., G. & W. Nicol, 1804, 8°., pp. 52, 2/-. 

The disadvantage of the new plan of Finance, 
demonstrated by a comparison of its results 
with that of the like supply raised on the 
present system, together with observations on 
the Sinking Fund, and War Taxes, in a Letter 
to a Member of Parliament. [Not Published]. 
Lond., J. Snieeton, 1807, 8"., pp. 24. 

Eemarks on the new Doctrine concerning the 
supposed depreciation of our currency. Lond., 
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A Letter to Sir Eichard E. Vy vyan, Bart., M.P. 
for the County of Cornwall, on the nature 
and use of credit and currency, by one of his 
constituents, [i.e., H. Boase]. Penzance, printed 
and sold by T. Vigurs; Lond., Longman; 1826, 
8°., pp. 49, 1/6. 

An Ode for the 2oth October, 1809, on the 
celebration of George the Third's Jubilee. By 
Britannicus. [i.e., H. Boase]. 14th Oct., 1809. 
Poetical Magazine, ii, 26 (1809). 

An Ode for the celebration of George the 
Fourth's coronation at Penzance, 19th July, 1821. 
Literary Gazette, 1821. 

On the introduction of the Steam Engine to 
the Peruvian Mines [also called Capt. Trevithick's 
Adventure]. Trans. B.G.S C, i, 212-223 (1817). 

On the Submersion of a part of Mount's Bay ; 
and on the Inundation of Marine Sands on the 
North coast of Cornwall, ib., ii, 129-144 (1818). 

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Boase), F.E.S., M,D. 6, Loiidon, 2nd Sep- 
tember, 1799, 

BOASE, Henkt Samtiel. [Con.). 

Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Contagio. 
...Edinburgh, J. Moir, 1821, 8o., pp. 31. 

Contribution towards a knowledge of the 
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volume of the transactions of the Geological 
Society of Cornwall. Geol. Map of Cornwall, 
and 2 Section Maps. Penzance, T. Vigurs, 
1832, 8». 

A Treatise on Primary Geology ; being an 
examination, both practical and theoretical, of the 
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of each Parish by Dr. Boase). Lend., 1837, 4 
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Treatise on the Causes and Laws of Natural 
Phenomena. Lond., Longman, 1860, 8"., pp. 
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An Essay on Human Nature, shewing the 
necessity of a Divine Eevelation for the perfect 
development of man's capacities. Lond., Long- 
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Eemarks on Mr. Hopkins' "Eesearches in 
Physical Geology." ib., ix, 4-9, 1836. 

Mr. Hopkins' Eeply ib., ix, 171, 366. 

Additional Eemarks on Mr. Hopkins' "Ee- 
searches in Physical Geology." ib., x, 14-18, 

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Earth, ih, x, 348-53. [Erdman's Journ. Prak. 
Chen,., Leipzig, xi, 146-51, 1837]. 

A sketch of M. Faye's " Examen d' un M^moire 
de M. Plana sur la force repulsive et le milieu 
resistant," with a few remarks thereon, ib., xxii, 
458-70, 1861. 

On Eain Guages. T. Thompson's Ann'. Philos., 
xvi, 177-79, 1820. 

On the difference in the annual statements of 
the quantity of rain falling in adjacent places, 
ib., iv, 18-21, 1822. 




BOASE, Henry Samuel. {Con.). 

Notes on Capros aper, hicep., Zens aper, Linn., 
and a Tetrodon taken in Mount's Bay, Cornwall. 
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On a new Oxide similar to that of Doniiim. 
Jt. D. Thonvon's Recm-ds, iv, 20-22, 18'36. \Journ. 
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BOASE, John -Josias Arthur {secnnd son of 
U. Boase). b. London, 2,3rd June, 1801. 

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J. A. Boase.] The Selector or Cornish Mag., iii, 
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S. Courtney's "Guide to Penzance," 1845, 8". 

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Address of the Vice-President [i.e., J. J. A. 
Boase]. ib., ii, 129 (1853). 

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mariaker and Gavr Inis. ib,, iii, 45 (1865). 

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Why was Ludovicus Sforza styled Anglus. ib., 
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of the Geol. fc'oc. of Corn., with a Catalogue of 
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Essay on Happiness, ib., ii, 189. 

Essays on Social Abuses. Nos. i & ii. ib iii 
33, 81, 126 (1828). '' ' 

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Hayti." ib., iii, 45. 

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Boase]. ib., iii, 73. 

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d. 1794. 

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Museum of Soc. Antiq. of London. Archceol, 
V, 83. 

BODLEY, Sir Thomas, b. Exeter, 2nd March, 
1544. d. London, 28th January, 1612. 

Justa Funebria Ptolemeei Oxoniensis Thomse 
Bodleii Equitis, &c. Oxonia Excudebat JosephuS 
Barnesius, &o., 1613, 4''. 

Note. — Contains Verses by Arthur Harris, Pet. 
Prideaux, Barn Greynville, q.v. 

BODRIGAN, Sir Henry, Knt. c/. Warkvm-th's 
Chronicle of first 13 years of Edwd. IV, ed. 
Camden Soc, 1839, pp. 26-27. 

W^arrant to Sir H. Bodrigan and T. Kelgrove 
to deliver a Balangar (sic) to Thomas Yonge... 
Earl MSS., 433, art. 1565. 

W^arrant to aid Sir H. Bodrigan in taking 
possession of the Manor's of Trewelawne and 
Trewardreth. ib., 433, art. 1616. 

BOGER, Mrs. C. G. (wife of Bev. E. Boger). 

A Dream of New Year's Eve. By E. N. E. 
[i.e., C. G. Boger] Helston Gram. School Mag., 
Part i, 32-34, 1852. 

SOGER, Capt. Coryndon. d. Plymouth, 17th 
May, 1804, aged 26. cf James Naval Hist., 
vols, ii, iv ; Eurojjean Mag., xlv, 399, 1804; 
Gent. Mag.,]xxiv, 597, 1804. 

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Suggestions for the Amendment of the Poor 
Law. Plj'mouth, Nettleton, 1841, 8". 

The Manor of Eidwri. Journ. R.I.G., 1865, 
p. 42. 

BOGER, Admiral Edmund (second son of John 
Boger). b. Maker, 1775. d. Lipson, near Ply- 
mouth, 19th Dec, 1844. cf Gent. Mag., xxiii, 
313, 1845 ; Marshall's Naval Biog. 

BOGER, Rev. Edmund. Fellow of Ex. Coll., 
Oxford, late Master of Helston Gram. School, 
now Head Master of St. Saviour's Gram. School, 
Southwark h. Lostwithiel. 




BOGEE, Bev. Edmund. [Con.). 

Outlines of Roman History. H. Ince & J. 
Gilbert's Educational Series. Lond., Kent, 1861, 

TheHelston Grammar SohoolMagazine. [Com- 
piled under the direction of the Rev. E. Boger ; 
Printed by Richard Cunnaok, Helston]. Part i, 
April, 1852, pp. 36 ; Part ii, June, 1852, pp. 68. 

Note. — No more published of this series ; see Jessop, 
Bev. Augustus. 

The Spirit of Boyhood. Helston Gram. Scliool 
Mag., Part i, i, 1852. 

A Lay of Samninm. ib., i, 18-26. 

The Telescope and Spectacles ; a Fable, ib., 
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A Ramble in the Seven Mountains, ib., ii, 

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wall. Sharpes London Mag., ii, 82. 

The Peiho. Once a TFeek, i, 272, 1859. 
Reliques.of the Lost, ib., i, 311-312. 


Report of the Exportation of Pilchards for 
1851. Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., ii, 51. 

BOLITHO, Thomas Simon, b. Chyandour, 1808. 

On the Exportation of Pilchards in 1847 and 
1848. Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., i, 253. 

Short Notes on the Pilchard, more especially 
with reference to its Mig 
Summer of 1850. ib., i, 441 

its Migration during the 

BOLLEIT FAMILY, cf. OneandJU,I)ecembeT, 

BONAPARTE, Prince Louis Lucien. b. Morn- 
grove, Worcestershire, 1813. 
The Song of Solomon in the living Cornish 

dialect. From the authorised English version. 

Privately printed by Geo. Barclay, 28, Castle 

Street, Leicester Sq. [Lond.], 1859, 16". 

Note.— 250 copies only printed. The Trans, made 

by Mr. Edwin Netherton of Truro. 

On the Expiration of the Cornish Language. 
In a Letter from the Hon. Daines Harrington, 
Vice Pres. S. A., to John Lloyd, Esq., F.S.A.,read 
at the Society of Antiquaries, May 6, 1773. 
Reprinted by Prince L. L. Bonaparte. [Lond., 
I860], 40., s. sh. 

^oiE,— Twelve copies only printed. 

BONAPAETE, Pbince Louis Luciek. (Con.). 

Photographie de la pierre tumulaire 6rigee en 
Juin, 1860, dans le cimdti^re de Saint Paul prfes, 
Penzance, in CornouaiUes, par le Prince Louis 
Lucien Bonaparte et le Rev. Jean Garrett vicaire 
de cette paroisse k la m6moire de Doroth6e 
Pentreath morte en 1778, et cens6e avoir 6t6 la 
derniere personne pouvant parler la langue 
cornique. W. Brooks, Photographer, Penzance, 

The Literature and Dialect of Cornwall. 
Camb. Journ., 30th Nov., 1861. 

Cornish Literature, reprinted from the Cam- 
brian Journal, 1861. [A Letter, including a copy 
of the Dedication of T. Tonkin to W. Gwavjs 
preceding his Vocabulary.] Privately printed. 
Lond., Nov. 30th, 1861, 8"., s. sh. 

Note. — About 250 copies only printed. 
Some Observations on the Rev. R. Williams' 
Preface to his Lexicon, signed L. L. Bonaparte. 
[London, May, 1865], s. sh., 4:°. [Annexed is a 
Letter from the Rev. W. Gwavas to Thomas 
Tonkin, dated Penzance, 25th Jan., 1732]. 


Grant of Arms to J. Bonatree, Gent., 1st April, 
20 Hen. VI. Harl. MSS., 1079, art. 1 ; 1162, 
art. 9. 


ASINA,. afterwards Dame Thorn isina Percival. 

6. Week St. Mary. d. Week St. Mary, 1512. 

cf. Herbert's Hist, of the...Lireri/ Companies of 

London, ii, 436-7, 445, 451-54,' 502-3; Gent. 

Mag., xlii, 41, 1854. 

Thomasina Bonaventure [or the Cornish 
Shepherdess of the 15th Century, who became 
Lady Mayoress of London]. All the Year Bound, 
276-80, 16th March, 1867 [by Rev. R. S. Hawker]. 
— Reprinted in Cornish Teleg., 20th and 27th 
March, 1867, 

Thomazine Bonaventure, or the Maid of Week 
St. Mary. By E. NicoUs. Callington, E. Philp, 
1865, 8"., pp. 20. 

BOND, The Family of. Gent. Mag., xv, 431, 
526 (1863). 

BOND, Rev. John. bur. Steeple, 30th July, 


Occasus Occidentalis, or Job in the West; as 
as it was laid forth in two severall Sermons, at 
two publike fasts, for the five associated Western 
Counties, by J. Bond, B. L., late Lecturer in the 
City of Exon, now Minister at the Savoy, 
London. A Member of the Assembly of Divines. 
Lond., Printed by J. D. for Fran. Eglesfield, and 
are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the 




BOND, Eet. John. (Con.). 

Marigold, in Paul's Churchyard. 1645, sm. 4"., 
pp. 88. £r. Museum. 

Note. — Dedicated to the Et. Honble. the Com- 
rnitteea for the five Western Comities. 

Ortus Ocoidentalis, or a dawning in the West ; 
as it was delivered in a Sermon before the 
Honourable House of Commons, at Westminster, 
upon the day of Thanksgiving for several! 
victories in the West. By Eev. John Bond, 
Master of the Savoy. Lond., Printed by J. D. 
for Fr. Eglesfield, 1645, sm. 4"., pp. 47. £r. 

BOND, Thomas. Town Cleric of Looe. b. 1765. 
d. East Looe, 18th Dec, 1838. Notice of, in 
Oeni. Mag., ix, 667, by Davies Gilbert. 

Topographical and Historical Sketches of the 
Boroughs of East and West Looe, in the County 
of Cornwall, with an Account of the Natural and 
Artificial Curiosities, and Picturesque Scenery of 
the neighbourhood. 8 Plates and Woodcuts. 
Lond., J. Nichols and Son, 182;i 8»., pp. 308, 

Note. — The Tiews of East and West Looe were 
drawn by Mrs. Davies Gilbert. 

BOND, Thomas. Barrister, h. Corfe Castle, 
Dorset, Dec, 1805. 

Copy of Grant of the Manor of Eidwri. 
Journ. R.I.O., 1864, p. 29.- 

BONE, Henry, E.A. The Enaneller. b. Probus, 
6th Feb., 1755. d. London, 17th Dec, 1834. 
cf. EncydoiJ. Brit., 8th ed. ; English Cyclop. ; 
Bedgravis Century of Painters, ed. 1866, i, 424- 
26. ; Bryan! s Did. of Engravers (Stanley's ed.), 
p. 95.; PilUngton's Diet, of Painters (Cunning- 
ham's ed.), p. 61 ; European Mug. (with por- 
trait), Ixxxi, 293-94, 1822. 

BONE, J. H. A., now of Cleveland, U.S. 

Petroleum and Petroleum Wells, what Petro- 
leum is, where it is found, and what it is used 
for.... With a complete Guide Book and descrip- 
tion of the Oil Eegions of Pennsylvania, West 
Virginia, and Ohio. New York, 1865, 8". 

The Mayor of Mylor. N. & Q., 1 S., x, 263 

Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake 
Superior, ib., 3 S., iv, 281-83, (1863). 

BONE, W. B., Truro. 

Apparatus for detaching Eailway Carriao-es 
which get off the Eails. Rep. E.C.P. Soc , 1847 
p. 20. 1 , , 

Magnetic Water Guage for Steam Boilers ib 
1866, p. 24. ■' 

BONEVILE, Thomas. 

Pardon to T. Bonevile, of Northleigh, Corn- 
wall. Trevelyan Papers, pt. ii, pp. 45-48. 

BONHOME, Eev. Joshua. B. of Calstoch, 1677 
-97 ; Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 

The arraignment and conviction of Atheism 
or an exact and clear demonstration that there 
is a God, presented to the view of all, but 
especially the learned. Loud., Printed by Tho. 
James, for Dorman Newman, at the King's Arms 
in the Poultrey, 1679, 8"., pp. 152. Br. :' 

BONNAED, A. H. de. 

Note sur le Gisement, I'exploitation et le 
traitement de I'Etain dans le Duch6 de Cornou- 
ailles. Journ. des Mines, xiv, 443-54. Fructidor, 
An. xi, 1803. 

Note.— Describes more particularly Polgooth Mine, 
Carclaze Mine, and Peutowan Stream work. 


Order to Will. Devyok to seize the lands, &c., 
of J. Bonython, late of Penryn, forfeited through 
Eebellion. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1704. 

BONYTHON, Mr. Boyal Navy, cf Pepys' 
Diary and Correspondence, ed. 1858, iv, 206 

BONYTHON, Charles. Cr. Serjeant at Law, 
1692; M.P. for Westminster. b. Cury. d. 
London. Mem. of, in H. W. fFoolrycKs " Idve$ 
of the Serjeants," ii, 464-65 (1869). 

BONZE, Mr. [Bonds ?] b. Camborne. 

Note. — The Inventor of an Atmospheric Engine. 
He was employed in erecting Newcomeu Engines in 
Cornwall, 1770—75. cf. Smiles' Lives of Boulton and 
Watt, ed. 1865, pp. 233—36, 245, 296, 313, 

BOOKEE, G. W. F. See Gregor, G. W. P. 

BOOTH, Eev. Livingstone, A.M. d. lUogan 
Parsonage, 18th May, 1822, aged 67. cf. 
Gent. Mag., xcii, pt. i, 571 (1822). 

BOEASTON, Eev. Gregory Birch. F. of 
Wendron. h. Claines, near Worcester. 

St. Paul's View of the Christian Ministry. 
A Sermon [on I Thess., ii, 4] preached at Hel- 
ston, on the 15th June, 1841, at the Visitation 
of the Yenble. Archdeacon Sheepshanks. By 
the Eev. G. B., M.A., Vicar of Wendron, and 
late Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. Pub- 
lished at the of the Clergy. Helston-, 
J. Eoberts, Meneage Street, 1841, 8°., pp. 25. 




BORDE, Andrew, M.D. 

The fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Know- 
ledge. The which doth teache a man to speake 
parte of all manor of Languages, and to knowe 
the vsage and fashion of al man'er of cou'treys. 
And for to knowe the moste parte of all maner 
of Coynes of Money, ye which is curraunt in 
every region. Made by Andrew Borde, of 
Physicke Doctor. . . . Colophon. Imprinted at Lon- 
don, in Lothbury, over agaynste Sainct Mar- 
garyte's Church, by me, Wyllyam Copland. 
n.d. [circa 15-12], 4".— Ed. by W. Upoott, and 
Reprinted, Lond., 18U, i° . 

Note. — The App. to the first chapter treats of 
" Cornewall and Cornysshe men." 


Descent of Borlas with a funeral certificate. 
Earl. MSB., 1174, art. 478. 

BORLASE, Christopher, hapt. Ludgvan, 8th 
Oct., 1729. d. At sea, off the coast of Guinea, 
21st Feb., 1749, on board H.M.S. "Surprise." 

A Book of Drawings by C. Borlase, fourth son 
of Dr. Will. Borlase. Now in the library at 
Castle Horneck, 1870. 

BORLASE, Rev. George {sixth son of Dr. 
Walter Borlase). h. circa 1744. d. 7th Nov., 
1809. cf. Gent. Mag., Ixxix, pt. ii, 108.5, 1233, 
(1809) ; Dyer's Cambridge Supp., p. 21 ; Gun- 
ning's Reminiscences, i, 108. 

Catalogue of Cambridge Graduates. By G. 
Borlase, University Registrary, Cambridge. 
Lond., 1787, 4".— Cambridge, 1800, 4°. 

G. Borlase was a Contributor to the 2nd ed. 
of " Kippis' Biog. Brit." cf. Gent. Mag., Ixxxi, 
pt. ii, 239, 1811. 

An Account of a late Rustication from Peter- 
house, in the University of Cambridge [by 
Eobert Hopper]. Lond., 1776, 8°., pp. 23. 

A Postscript to an Account of a late Rustica- 
tion from Peterhouse, &c. Lond., 1776, 8"., 

Note.- The conduct of Mr. G. Borlase and the 

other Fellows who tried the case, is the subject of these 

An Account of the late Dispute between the 
Bishop of Ely and the Fellows of Peterhouse, 
concerning the Election of the Master of that 
College, addressed to the Colleges under his 
visitation. By a late Member of one of the 
CoUeges. 2nd ed., n.d. [1787], 8°., pp. 45. 

Note. The Fellows desired to ha-pe Mr. Borlase 

as their Master, but the Bishop refused to appoint him. 

BORLASE, George Simon, F.R.S. 6. Helston, 
30th Jan., 1792. d. Helston, 19th March, 

Notice of some Records on the Commencement 
of Copper Mining in Cornwall and Devon. 
Trans. li.G.S.C, iv, 486-89 (1832). 

Premiums given bj G. S. Borlase. Rep. R. C.P. 
Soc, 18.J4,p. 11. 

BORLASE, Rev. Henry. Curate of St. Keyne. 
h. Helston. d. Helston, Oct., 1834. cf N. & Q., 
3 S., V, 33, 203 (1864). 

The Christian Witness. A Quarterly Journal. 
Ed. by Rev. H. Borlase. Plymouth, 1834. 

Resurrection not Death the Hope of the Be- 
liever. A Paper pub. in " The Christian Wit- 
ness," No. 2, April, 1834, and since Reprinted in 
"Papers, &c.," 1836. 

Papers connected with the present state of the 
Church ; Reasons for withdrawing from the 
Ministry of the Church of England. Lond., 
Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1836, 12°. 

Answers to the Questions lately considered at 
a Meeting held in Plymouth, on Sep. 15, 1834, 
and following days. By H. Borlase and B. W. 
Newton. Plymouth, 1834, 8".— 2nd ed., with 
preface, &c., by S. P. Tregelles. Plymouth, 1847, 
8°., pp. 84. 

BORLASE, Capt. John, R.N. b. 24th Feb., 
1811. cf. 0'Byr7u's Naval Biog. Diet., p. 98. 

BORLASE, John Bingh.4m, M.D. b. Penzance, 
1753. d. Penzance, 7th May, 1813. cf Gent. 
Mag., Ixxxiii, pt. i, 502 (1813) ; Pans' Life of 
Sir H. Davy, quarto ed., 1831, pp. 9-39. 

BORLASE, James Skipp (son of William Bor- 
lase, of PoUesco). b. Truro, now in Australia. 
Daring Deeds and Tales of Peril. Lond., 
Warne, 1868, 8"., 2/6. 

The Night Fossickers, &c. Warne's Com- 
panion Library. Lond., Warne, 1867, 16"., 1/-. 
Australian Tales of Peril and Adventure. 
Lond., Warne, 1870, 12«., 2/-. 

My Native Bay. A Poem. Reprinted from 
Counsell's Miscellany, pp. 3. 

BORLASE, Colonel Nicholas, of Treludra. 

Letter from 0. Cromwell to W. Lenthall, 
Speaker of the Parliament, in behalf of Colonel 
N. Borlase. Dated Edinburgh, 13th June, 1651. 
Carlyle's Cromwell, ed. 1857, iii, app. No. 22. 

BORLASE, Eev. Walter, L.L.D. F. of Mad- 
ron and Kenwyn, Prebend, of Exeter, hapt. 
Pendeen. 5th Nov., 1694. d. Madron, 26th 
April, 1776. 
A MS., neatly written, apparently for the 




BOELASE, Eev. Walter. {Con.). 

Press [most probably by Dr. W. B., Vice-Warden 
of the Stannaries], containing Accounts of the 
parishes of " Philley, Sithney, St. Mawgan, St. 
Paul, St. Madderne, Witstone." n.d., i vol., lol. 
In the Library at Castle Horneck, 1870. 

BOELASE, Eev. William, LL.D., F.R.S. E. of 

Ludgvan and V. of St. Just in Fenwith. h. 
Pendeen, 2nd Feb., 1695. d. Ludgvan, 31st 
Aug., 1772. cf. Chalmer.s ; Rose ; B'wg. Brit. ; 
Penny Cyclop. ; English Cyclop. ; Kippis' Biog. 
Brit. ; Chambers' Boole of Days, i, 212 ; Nichols' 
Lit. Anecdotes, iii, 78, 689 ; Nichols' Illustrations, 
iv, 227-28, 445, 460, 468. 

Old Haunts and Remains of a Cornish Genius 
[i.6., Rev. W. Borlase]. By the Rev. S. W. 
Christophers. London Quart. Bev., xvii, 385-413, 
Jan., 1862. 

Memoir of the Rev. W. Borlase, written by 
himself, in a letter to the late Wm. Huddesford, 
Keeper of the A.shmolean Museum, who gave it 
to the late Rev. Thomas Warton, dated Ijudg- 
van, May 8, 1772. Gent. Mag., Ixxiii, pt. 2, 
1114-1117 (1803). cf Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, 
V, 291-303 (1812). 

Observations on the Antiquities, Historical 
and Monumental, of the County of Cornwall... 
and a Vocabulary of the Cornu-British Language. 
32 plates. Oxford, W. Jackson, 1754, fol., pp. 
414, 15/-. — 2nd ed., revised, 36 plates, Lond., 
W. Bowyer, 1769, fol., pp. 464. 

Observations on the Ancient and Present 
State of the Islands of ScUly, and their Import- 
ance to the Trade of Great Britain, in a Letter 
to the Rev. Charles Lyttleton, LL.D., Dean of 
Exeter and F.R.S. Maps and plates. Oxford, 
W. Jackson;.,. and Messrs. Jewell and Mitchell, 
in Cornwall; 1756, 4°., pp. 140, 8/-. 

Note. — A review of this work, by Dr. Johnson, is 
in the Lit. Mag., May, 1756. 

The Natural ■ History of Cornwall ... of the 
Inhabitants... the Cornish Language ... Map and 
28 plates. Oxford, W. Jackson, 1758, fol, pp. 
328, 21/-. 

Additions to Borlase's Nat. Hist, of Cornwall. 
From MSS. Annotations by the Author. Journ. 
B.LC., 1864, No. 2. Supp. et .seq. 

Spar and Sparry Productions, called Cornish 
Diamonds. Philos. Trans., xlvi, 250 (1749); 
Ahridg., ix, 699. 

The Islands of Scilly. ih., xlviii, 55 (1753); 
Abridg., x, 324. 

Storm of Thunder and Lightning in Cornwall. 
ih., xlviii, 86 ; Abridg., x, 335 ; \Oent. Mag., 
June, 1754]. 

Agitation of the Water in Mount's Bay, 

BOELASE, Eev. William. (Con.). 

1755. ib., xlix, 373 (1755); Abridg., x, 653. 

Subterranean Trees found in Mount's Bay. 
ib., 1, 51 (1757); Abridg., xi, 80. 

Earthquake in 1757, in Cornwall, ih., 1, 499 
(1758); Abridg., xi, 96. 

Roman Antiquities found at Bossens, St. Erth. 
ib., li, 31 (1760); Abridg., xi,.322; [Gent. Mag., 
July, 1760]. 

Agitation of the Sea in Mount's Bay. ib., Iii, 
418 (1762). 

Agitation of the Sea and two Thunder Storms 
in 1761, in Cornwall, ib., Iii, 507 (1762); 
Abridg., xi, 621 ; [London Chronicle, 28th June, 

Mild Weather in Cornwall and the Fall of 
Rain in 1762. ib., liii, 27 ; Abridg., xi, 684. 

The Rain and the Weather in 1763, in Corn- 
wall, ib., liv, 59 (1764). 

Native Tin found in Cornwall, ib., Ivi, 35 
(1766) and 305, lix, 47 (1769); AbrUg., xii, 
277, 359, 597. 

Meteorological Observations made at Ludgvan. 
ib., Iviii (1767), lix, Ix, Ixi, Ixii (1771) ; Abridg., 
xiii, 46, 126, 325. 

Descriptive, Analytical, and Critical Catalogue 
of the MSS. bequeathed to the University of 
Oxford by Elias Ashmole. Including also some 
additional MSS. contributed by Kingsley, Lhuyd, 
Borlase, and others. By Will. Hen. Black. Oxford 
University Press, 1845, 4°., pp. 1522. 

Note.— MSS., 1822, 1824, contain Original Letters 
from Dr. Borlase to Will. Huddesford. 

JWSS., 1823, contains the Original Drawings for "The 
Natural History and Antiquities of Cornwall." 1 vol., 
fol., 44 leaves. 

MSS., 1824, also contains Catalogue, in Dr. Borlase's 
writing, of Clays and Native Fossils given by him to the 
Ashmolean Museum. 

List of the MSS. of the Rev. W. Borlase, 
now preserved in the Library at Castle Horneck, 
viz : — 

Original Letters, containing autograph letters 
of Pope, Stukeley, Hutchins, Pennant, Grono- 
vius. Dr. Oliver, Atterbury (Bp. of Rochester), 
Dr. Lawson, Tonkin, Dr. Lyttleton, Browne 
Willis, Lavington (Bp. of Exeter), Pocock 
(Bp. of Ossory), Jer. Milles, Dr. Mason, Sir J. 
St. Aubyn, Sir Richard Vyvyan, and many 
others. MS., 5 vols., fol., and 1 vol., sm. 4°., 

Autograph Letters of Dr. Borlase. MS. copies. 
Chiefly answers to the above Original Letters. 
3 vols., fol., v.d. 

"Parochial Memoranda" of Parishes, Rec- 
tories, Vicarages, and Chapelries, Chauntries, 
and Oratories. MS., 1738, 1 vol., fol. 




BOBLASE, Eev. William. (Con.). 

" Formantiir Tempora." An Introduction to 
Greek Grammar. MS., 1739, sm. 4". 

"Arms." Family History of Cornwall. MS., 
1740, fol. 

Note. — Contains upwards of 80 pedigrees besides 
Heraldic Memoranda. 

" Inscriptions, Topographical Sketches, Church 
Monuments, Buildings, Epitaphs, and Eemarks, 
tending to elucidate the Ecclesiastical and 
Parochial History of Cornwall." MS., 1748, fol. 

Note. — Contains numerous drawings of Churches, 
Chapels, Monuments, and Inscriptions. 

"A Plain Exposition of the Church Cate- 
chism." MS., 1748, 4". 

"Memorandums of the Cornish Language." 
MS., 1749, fol. 

Note. — Contains notes on the language and gram- 
mar from Tonkin, Gwavas, Boson, Lluyd, and other 

"Memorandums of Geography and Astro- 
nomy." MS., 1751, ohl. fol. 

"The Creation and the Deluge." Book I, 
The Earth ; its origin and contents. Book II, 
The Deluge. MS., fol. 

Note. — This volume was nearly ready for the Press. 
It contains at one end the commencement of a work on 
St. Michael's Mount. 

."Private thoughts on the Creation and the 
Deluge ; pointing out some seeming mistakes in 
the accounts hitherto pubhshed, relating to these 
interesting events, by a Country Clergyman." 
MS., 1771, 4°. 

Note. — Eeady for the press ; containing a specimen 
of the printing hy Nichols. This was Dr. Borlase's last 

" Exercitationes Sacrse." MS., sm. fol. 

Note. — Contains Paraphrases on the Ecolesiastes, 
Canticles, Lamentations, Eemarks on the Prophets and 
Genesis, and " de presentia et adventu Dei." 

" Exercitationes Sacrse." MS., sm. fol. 

Note. — Contains (besides^ Eemarks on Genesis), 
" Mems. of Eichard, King of the Eomans, and his suc- 
cessors, the Earls of Cornwall"; "The Elegy on Sir 
William Burlacy, of Marlowe and Bockmore, com. 
Bucks"; and " An Account of the manor and p'ish of 

" Barometrical Observations, &c., with an 
account of the wind and weather from 1752." 

MS., fol. 

Meteorological Observations. MS., 1768, fol. 

Observations relating to the Natural History 
of Cornwall. MS., 1754, fol. 

Note.— Note in the title page, " This was my first 
copy, which I altered as I transcribed, in numberless 

Addenda to the rough copies of the Antiquities 
and Nat. Hist. MS., fol. 

Miscellaneous Observations in Natural History 

BOELASE, Eev. William. (Con.). 

and Antiquity ; containing. Book I, British An- 
tiquities. — Book II, History of British Religion. 
— Book III, Rude Stone Monuments. — Book IV, 
Geographical and Topographical History of 
Cornwall from the earliest times to 1600. — Book 
V, Observations on Natural History. 

Note.— The original folio MS. for the Histories ol 

List of Subscribers to the Antiquities and 
Natural History, with cost of printing. MS., 
1756, 2 vols., sm. 4". 

" Collectanea, or Collections for the Natural 
History and Antiquities of Cornwall, &c." MS., 
fol., v.d. 

"Excursions." MS., 1751-1758., sm.thickS". 

Note.— Contains notices of Glastonbury, Plymouth, 
and nmnerous other places, with drawings. 

" Acts, Hints, and Memorandums relating to 
the Poor." MS., 1764, fol. 

Note. — Contains dissertation on the Poor Laws. 

"The Poor and the Poor Laws," with the 
letters from Tho. Gilbert, Esq., M.P., Chairman 
of the Committee on the Poor Laws. MS., 1764, 
sm. 4". 

Domesday Book of Cornwall. MS. copy of 
the Exeter Domesday, with notes by Dr. Borlase. 

"Tracts and Extracts." MS., 4°., v.d. 

"Extracts and Eemarks." MS., 4"., v.d. 

A Volume of Drawings, by Dr. Borlase, in pen 
and ink and water colours, fol. 

Sermons. MS. 

Note. — This Volume contains some rare old en- 

BORLASE, William Copeland {5rd son of 
Samuel Borlase). h. Castle Horneck, 5th 
April, 1848. 

Excavations and Discoveries at an Ancient 
Cave in Sancreed. Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., iii, 
14 (1863). 

Unpublished Proverbs and Rhymes m the 
Cornish Language, from the MSS. of Dr. W. 
Borlase. Journ. B.I.C., 1866, April, p. 7. 

Account of the Opening of Morvah Hill and 
Tredinney Barrows, in Cornwall. Archwol. Camb., 
XV,—, 1868. Reprinted in a Pamph. entitled 
" Barrows in Cornwall." Engraving and woodcut, 
n.p. or d.., 8°., pp. 8. Signed W. C. Borlase, and 
dated Sept., 1868. 

A Cornish Barrow. " OneandAll," Sep., 1868. 

Account of Excavations and Discoveries in 
Subterranean Chambers at Chapel Euny, in San- 
creed... between 1863 and 1867, with 4 Illusts. 
by J. T. Blight, Proc. Soc. Antiq., iv, 161, 1868. 




BOEEOW, George, b. East Dereham, hapt. 
17th July, 1803. 

Penquite and Pentjrre; or the Head of the 
Forest and the Headland. A Book on Cornwall, 
2 vols. Lond., J. Murray. 

KoTE. — Announced in 1857 as ready for the press. 

BOEEOW, Eev. Heney (eldest son of Henry 
Borrow). E. ofLanivet. h. Truro, 1 OthFeb., 1829. 

A Description of the Mural Paintings, dis- 
covered on the walls of Lanivet Church, during 
its restoration in 1864. With some speculations 
as to their meaning and date, accompanied by 
Illustrations, reduced from actual Tracings by the 
Eector. Netherton, Printer, Truro, n.d., [1864^], 
8°., pp. 4. [Printed for private circulation]. 

BOEEOW, Eev. William {^nd son of Henry 
Borrow). V. of Heigham Green, 18th May, 
1849. b. Truro, 1831. 

The Isis Waltzes, for the Piano. Performed 
at Buckingham Palace. Lond., fol., 2/6. 

The Water-lily Waltzes, for the Piano. Lond., 
Metzler and Chappell [1858], fol., 3/-. 

The Passion Flower Polka, for the Piano. 
Lond., fol., 3/-. 

The Eastnor Polka, for the Piano. Lond., 
fol., 2/6. 

L' Allegro. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond. 
[1855], fol., 2/-. 

The Militia Galop, for the Piano. Lond. 
];i855], fol., 2/-. 

Though Spring returns in gladness. Song, 
words by W. Borrow. Lond., Ollivier, fol., 2/-. 

The murmur of the stream. Valse brillante. 
Lond. [185.5], fol., 3/-. 

Note.- Now (1869), in its 31st 1000, it was bought 
in at the sale of Messrs. JJetzlers' copyrights for £116. 

II Penseroso. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond., 
[1855], fol., 2/-. 

The Eglantine Galop, for the Piano. Lond. 
[1858], fol., 2/-. 

Evening Dews. Song [begins " Softly night 
dews fall "] ; words by Eev. F. G. Lee. Lond. 
[1858], fol., 2/-. 

Ocean Spray. Valse brillante, for the Piano. 
Lond. [1858], fol, 2/6. 

The Sea hath its pearls. Song ; words by 
Longfellow. Lond., Ashdown and Parry [1858], 
fol., 2/6. 

Summer Eain. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond 
[1858], fol., 3/-. 

Carol, Carol, Christians. A Christmas Carol; 
Bolo and quai tette ; words by A. C. Coxe. Lond 
[1859], fol, 2/-. 

The Music of the Sea. Song [begins " The 
Night is calm"]. The words by Longfellow 
Lond. [1859], fol, 2/-. 

BOEEOW, Eev. William. (Con.). 

The Eivulet. Valse brillante, for the Piano. 
Lond., fol, 3/-. 

Gleams of sunshine. Caprice, for the Piano. 
Lond., fol., 3/-. 

Golden days. Song ; words by A. A. Procter. 
Lond., Ashdown and Parry, fol., 2/-. 

As o'er the deep. Duet, for soprano and alto. 
Lond. [1861], fol., 2/6. 

What of the night ? Song ; words by Eev. 
F. G. Lee. Lond. [1861], fol, 2/-. 

Four Christmas Carols. Words by Eev. F. G. 
Lee. I — Joseph down a kneeling ; II — In the early 
morning ; III — Lowly in the Bethlehem manger; 
IV — Slowly fall the snow flakes. Lond., fol., 9d., 
or 3d. each. 

Thou art gone from this world of care. Song ; 
words by W. Borrow. Lond., fol., 2/-. 

The Brooklet. Song ; words by Longfellow. • 
Lond., fol., 2/-. 

Awake ! the daylight sweetly falls. Part Song 
(S.A.T.B.) ; words by Willy de Burgh. Lond., 
8»., 4d. 

Twilight. Eeverie, for Piano. Lond., Augener, 
fol., 3/-. 

Six Songs. I — Streamlet ; words by Peter 
Spenser, B.A. II— The dews are falling fast; 
words by E. Borrow. Ill — I love the ripple of 
the stream; words by Norman Yonge, B.A. 
IV — Oh ! that we two were maying ; words by 
Professor Kingsley. V — The lost chord ; words 
by A. A. Procter. VI — The Passing Bell ; words 
by W. Borrow. Lond., fol., 5/-. 

Desolate. Song ; words by Willy de Burgh. 
Lond., fol, 3/-. 

Book of Music. I^ — Starry Crowns of Heaven ; 
Part Song ; words by A. A. Procter. II — Give. 
ib. Ill — Claribel ; Part Song ; words by Tenny- 
son. IV — A Shadow; Song; words by A. A. 
Procter. V — Where the little babbling streamlet. 
ib. VI — Agnes ; Eeverie, for Piano. Lond., fol., 

Claribel [printed separately from above]. 
Lond., fol., 3/-; and "in Choir," 8o., Id. 

Daybreak. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond. 
[1870], fol, 3/-. 

The Parable of the Ten Virgins [a Sermon 
on St. Matt., xxv, 1]. In Miscellaneous Sermons. 
By Eev. F. G. Lee. Lond., 1860, 12°. 

BOSAVEEN, Penlez. See Penlez, B. 
BOSCAWEN. See also Falmouth, Earls of. 
BOSCAWEN, Benjamin, pseud, i.e. 

The Life and Adventure of Mr. Peter Quill, 
a Country Attorney. Printed for the Zingra 
Club [Bristol], 1859, 12". 




BOSCAWEN, Mrs. Frances (wife of Admiral 
Boscawen). h. 1719. d. South Audley Stfeet, 
London, 26th March, 1805. c/. Gmt. Mnq., 
Ixxv, pt. i, 289, 382 (1805) ; BosweU's Johnson, 
ed. 1835, vii, 186, 322. - 

Letters to and from Hannah More. Eoberts' 
Mem. of Life and Correspondence of II. More, 
vols i, ii, iii. 

Resignation. In two parts, and a postscript to 
Mrs B ****** *. In verse, by Rev. Edward 
Young, L.L.D. Lond., 1762, 4".— Reprinted in 
Anderson's ed. of the Poets, x, 140-54. — -Chalm- 
er's ed. of the Poets, xiii, 493-506. 

Sacred Dramas. . .to which is added Sensibility, 
a Poem. By H. More. Lond., Cadell, 1782, 8"., 

Note. — Sensibility ia dedicated to Mrs. Bosca-wen. 

BOSCAWEN, Hon. Edward. Admiral of the 
Blue (drd son of the first Viscount Falmouth). 
b. Cornwall, 19th Aug., 1712. d. Hatchland 
Park, near Guilford, 10th Jan., 1761. cf. 
English Cyclop.; MahorHs Hist, ed. 1858, iv, 
46, 133, 147; CamphelVs Lives of British 
Admirals, ed. 1814, vi, 389-421 ; P. Brown's 
Hist, of Island of Cape Breton, pp. 282-328 ; 
The Georgian Bra, ii, 176-77; European Mag., 
XXV, 191-93 (1794); Gent. Mag., xxxi, 9-10 
(1761) ; JV. Seward^s Anecdotes, 4th ed., 1798, 
ii, 347-53; Charnock's Biog. Navalis, iv, 310- 
38 ; Naval Biog. (1800), ii, 466-74. 

Prise de la Fortress de Louisberg en Canada 
par les Anglais, aux ordres de G6n6ral Major 
Amherst et de 1' Admiral Boscawen, le 26 Juillet, 
1758 [Strasbourg'! 1770?], 8". 

Die Eroberung der Festung Louisbourg in 
Canada von einem Korps KouigUch Grossbrit- 
tanisherTruppen unter den Befehlen des General- 
mayor Amherst und des Admiral Boscawen den 
26 ten Juhus 1758 [Strasbourg? 1770?], 8« 

The Auspices of War ; an Ode, inscribed to the 
Memory of the Hon. Admiral Boscawen ; to 
which is added The Prophecy of the Union ; a 
narrative poem. Lond., 1779, 4". 

An Ode occasioned by the success of Admiral 
Boscawen. By a Gentleman of the University 
of Oxford. Lond., Baldwin, 8°., 6d. 

A Poem addressed to Admiral Boscawen; 
Gent. Mag., xvii, 600 (1747). 

Epigram on Admiral Boscawen. ib., xxxi, 38 

BOSCAWEN, Hugh and Edward. 

Copyes of several deeds relating to five shares 
of land in Paget's tribe, in the Bermudas, 
purchased on 4th Feb., 1763, by H. and E. 
Boscawen. Addit. MSS., Br. Museum, 10131, fol. 

BOSCAWEN, Hugh (son of Edward Boscawen). 
cr. Viscount Falmouth, 13th June, 1720. d. 
Trefusis, 25th Oct., 1734. 

Grant of the ofiice of Steward of the Duchy 
of Cornwall to H. Boscawen, in the room of F. 
Godolphin, Lord Rialton, 22nd April, 1708. 
Ilarl. 'MSS., 2263, art. 175. 

Warrant to H. Boscawen, Warden of the 
Stannaries, to summon a Parliament of the 
Tinners of Devon and Cornwall, 14th Jan., 
1709-10. ib., 2264, art. 98. 


A Sketch of the Life of the Princess Charlotte ; 
being an attempt to delineate her character and 
moral worth ; with authentic particulars of her 
lamented death. Lond., 1817, 8**., 6d. 

Sketch of the Life of the Princess Charlotte 
Augusta, Concert of Prince Leopold. 2nd ed., 
Lond., Walker and Mason, 1817, 12°., pp. 36. 

BOSCAWEN, Mary Frances Elizabeth (Vis- 
countess Falmouth), b. 24th March, 1822. 

Conversations in Geography ; or, the Child's 
First Introduction to where he is, what he is, and 
what else there is besides. Lond., Longman, 
1854, 8"., pp. 512. 

BOSCAWEN, Hon. and Rev. Nicholas, D.D. 
B. of St. Mabyn; Dean of Buryan. b. 16th 
Aug., 1720. d. Quendon, Essex, 4th July, 
1793. cf Gent. Mag., Ixiii, pt. 2, 676, 708, 
765 (1793). 

BOSCAWEN, William (2nd son of General Geo. 
Boscawen). J. 28thAug.,1752. c?. Little Chelsea, 
8th May, 1811. cf. Rose; Chalmers; Gent. 
Mag., Ixxxi, pt. i, 470, 500 (1811). 

A Treatise on Convictions on Penal Statutes. 
By W. Boscawen, Barrister-at-Law. Lond., 
Printed for E. & R. Brooke, in Bell-yard, Temple- 
Bar, 1792, 8°., pp. 211. Preface, &c., J sheet; 
Index, I sheet; these have no pagination. 
Note. — Dedicated to Sir F. Buller, Bart. 

The Odes of Horace... Translated into English 
Verse by W. Boscawen. Lond., Stockdale, 
1793, 8°., 6d. 

The Progress of Satire. An Essay in Verse. . . 
1798, Supplement, 1799. 

Richard the First. A Poem, by Sir J. B. 
Burgess [afterwards Sir J. B. Lamb]. Lond., 
1800, 8". 

Note. — A copy in the Br. Museum has MS. notes by 
the author, containing corrections and emendations 
suggested by W. Boscawen. 

Original Poems. By W. Boscawen. 1801,12°. 

Address to the Subscribers and Friends to the 




BOSCAWEN, William. {Cov.). 

Literary Fund, by W. Boscawen. Gent. Mag., 
Ixx, pt. i, 370 (1800). 

NoTE.^W. Boscawen was for many years a con- 
tributor to the British Critic. 

BOSCAWEN, Lieut. William Glanville (2nd 
son of Admiral Boscawen). J. 1751. Drowned 
in Jamaica, 21st April, 1769. 
Elegy on the Death of Lieut. W. G. Boscawen. 

By Dr. John Wolcot. cf. D. Gilberts Cormoall, 

iii, 219-20. 

BOSGEAVE, Thomas (a kinsman of Sir J. 
ArundeU). h. Cornwall. Executed Dorchester, 
4th July, 1594. cf. Challoner's Mem. of Mis- 
sionary Priests... ed. 1803, i, 166-168. 

BOSON, John {son of Nicholas Boson), h. New- 

lyn. hapt. 29th March, 1655 0). 

The Duchess of Cornwall's Progress to the 
Land's End. Written in the Cornish language. 
A Romance. MSS. 

BOSVIAN, Thomas. 

King Henry VIII to T. Bosvian and James 
Carew, of Cornwall, greeting them for revenging 
the cruelty of the Scots, and to make a speedy 
loan of 20/., for carrying on the war. West- 
minster, 1st Dec, 15—. Harl. MSS., 6986, art. 3. 

BOSUSTOW, William, of Perran Foundry. 

b. Helston, 30th August, 1812. 

Right or Left-handed Ratchet Spinner. Rep. 
B.C.P. Soc., 1853, p. 37. 

BOTANISTA, Theophilus, M.D. pseud, i.e. 

Rural Beauties, or the Natural History of the 
Four following Western Counties, — Cornwall, 
Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Somersetshire. With 
Additional Remarks. Lond., Printed and sold 
by W. Fenner, 1757, 12°. 

Note. — Cornwall, pp. 86 ; 54 of these comprise a 
Dialogue between a Tutor and his Pupil. 

BOTTONER, William. See Wilham of Wor- 

BOTTRELL, William, Jun. b. Raftra, St. 
Levan, 7th March, 1816, 

Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West 
Cornwall. By W. Bottrell {an Old CeU)...Fen- 
zance, 1870, Printed for the Author, by W. 
Cornish, The Library, Green-market, 8°., pp. vi 
and 287. Price to- Subscribers, 5/6. 

The Penzance of our Grandfathers. A series 
of articles in The Cor. Teleg., in 1867, signed 
"Old Celt" [i.e., W. Bottrell], 

BOTTEELL, William, JnN. {Con.). 

The Excursion, ib., Dec, 1867, et seq. 

Lord Exmouth's run from the foe. One and 
All, May, 1868, 

May Day. ib.. May, 1868. 

St. Levan Church, ib., July, 1868. 

Lord De Dunstanville and the old dame of 
Portreath. ib., Aug., 1868. 

A Northern Excursion, ib., Sept., 1868, 

Cornish pulpit retorts forty years ago. ib., 
Sept., 1868. 

The Zennor man's will, ib., Oct., 1868, 

The Zennor man who bought clothes for hia 
wife, ib., Nov., 1868. 

The Ancient Name of Chapel Street, ib., 
Dec, 1868. 

A Northern Excursion, ib., Jan. and Feb., 

BOULTON; Matthew, b. Birmingham, 3rd 
Sept., 1728, d. Birmingham., 17th August, 

Note. — He came into Cornwall to erect Watts's 
Engines, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1782, 1784. cf. Smiles' Lives 
of Boulton and Watt, passim ; see also Bramah, J. 

BOURNON, Jacques Louis (Comtede), P.RS. 

and L.S. b. Metz, 21st January, 1751, d. 

Versailles, 24th August, 1825, 

Description of the Arseniates of Copper and 
of Iron from Cornwall. Philos. Trans., xci, 169- 
192, 193, 1801. [Journ. des Mines, xi, 35-62, 
1801-2; Journ. de Phys. Paris, liv, 299-312, 

Description of a triple sulphuret of Lead, 
Antimony, and Copper, from Cornwall ; with 
some observations upon the various modes of 
attraction which influences the formation of 
mineral substances, and upon the difi'erent kinds 
of Sulphuret of Copper, ib., xciv, 30-62, 63, 
1804. Abridg., xxiv, 225, 251. 

Memoir on the triple Sulphuret of Lead, Cop- 
per, and Antimony or Endellion. fT. Nicholson's 
Journ., xxiv, 225-37, 251-60, 321-36 (1809). 

BOWDLER, Mrs. Henrietta Maria, d. Bath, 

25th Feb., 1830, aged 76. 

Pen Tamar, or the History of an Old Maid. 
By the late Mrs. H. M. Bowdler, Lond., Long^ 
man, 1830, 8°, 

BOWEN, Emanuel. 

Map of Cornwall divided into hundreds. 
Drawn from Surveys and Illustrated with His- 
torical Extracts, relative to its Produce, Trade, 
and Manufactures ; describing also the Church 
Livings, Charity Schools, &c,, by E, Bowen, 
Geographer to his late Majesty, Lond,, Printed 
for Robt, Sawyer and John Bennett, 53, fleet 
Street... 1st June, 1777, size 19| in, by 16^ in. 




BOWER, Rev. John. F. of LostwitUel. b. 

The Official Application of the Rev. J. Bower, 
with other influentiul people, to the Privy 
Council, to appoint them a Board of Health to 
prevent the Cholera in Lostwithiel. Lostwithiel, 
1832, 4°. MSS. 

BOWLES, Charles. Solicitor. I. Burton Hill, 
Shaftesbury, 1766. d. Shaftesbury, 21st May, 

A Short Account of the Hundred of Penwith, 
in the County of Cornwall. Compiled from 
Authentic Documents. With an Appendix, con- 
taining the Original Grants, Confirmations, &c. 
By Charles Bowles, of Shaftesbury. Shaftesbury, 
Printed and Sold by R. Hurd, High Street; 
Sold also by Champante and Whitrow, Jewry 
Street, Aldgate, London ; Collins, Salisbury ; 
Goadley, Lerpinere, and Langdon, Sherborne ; 
and may be had of all Booksellers. 1805, 8°., 
pp. 48. 

Note. — A sort of rough brief, in proof of tlie right 
of the Arundel family to wrecks and royalties in Pen- 
with ; 31 pages are occupied with copies of Grants, &c. 

BOWLES, Rev. William Lisle, M.A. (brother 
of the preceding), b. King's Sutton, 24th 
Sept., 1762. d. Salisbury, 7th April, 1850. 

St. Michael's Mount. A. Poem. Salisbury, 
Printed by B. C. Collins for J. Adams, Shaftes- 
bury, 1798, 4°., pp. 25, 2/6. 

Days Departed, or Banwell Hill. A Lay of 
the Severn Sea. Lond., Murray, 1829, 8°., pp. 
120. — 2nd ed., including the Tale of the Maid 
of Cornwall, or Spectre and Prayer Book, 1829, 
8"., pp. 37, & 205. 

Note.— The Cornish Tale, pp. 76—116. 

Poetical Works of Rev. W. L. Bowles. With 
Memoir by Rev. G. GilfiUan. Lond., Nichol, 
1855, 2 vols., 8°. 

BOWYER, Rev. John. Canon of Bodmin, b. 

Contemplatio Bona. "Quod dns Johannes 
Arcuarius, Canonicus Bodmine deo gratias." 
Hart. MSS., 2399, Art. 8. 

De Pueritia Domini Nostri Jesu Christi. On 
margin, " Ego Bow. . .Scrip. . .hoc ve. . .rsum." At 
end, " Quod dns Johannes Arcitenens, Canonicus 
Bodminnie, et Natus in ilia, deo gratias." ib., 
2399, Art. 10. 

BOX, James, d. Constantine, 11th Oct., 1825. 
cf. Mem. of W. Carvosso, ed. 1835, pp. 170, 

BOX, William Henry, M.D. b. Cornwall, 
1796. d. East Looe, 25th Aug., 1861. 

Remarks on the New Patent Hook in Sea 
Fishing. By W. H. Box, M.D. Published by 
Thomas Hemming and Son, sole Manufacturers, 
Victoria Place, Redditch, Worcestershire. Bir- 
mingham, Printed at M. Billing's Steam-press 
Office, Livery Street, n.d. [1858], 8°., pp. 4. 

Submarine Forest near Looe. Hep. B.I.C., 
1844, p. 36. 

On Opening Barrows in Pelynt. ib., 1846, p. 


Frescoes in Talland Church, ib., 1849, p. 32. 

BOYD, Rev. Andrew Kennedy Hutchison, 
D.D. Minister of the City and Parish of St. 
Andrew's, b. Auchinleck, Ayrshire, 3rd Nov., 

The Land's End. By the author of " Recrea- 
tions of a Country Parson " [i.e., Rev. A. K. H. 
Boyd]. Good Words, Nov., 1862. 

The Common-place Philosopher. Lond., Long- 
man, 1864, 8". 

Note. — Chapter xii, entitled " At the Lands End," 
pp. 371—88. 

BOYD, Rev. Henry. Formerly Master of Probus 
Scliool ; notv V. of St._ Marlis, Victoria Dock, 
Plaistow, Essex, b. St. John's, Hackney, 26th 
Feb., 1831. 

A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of 
Probus, on Sunday Morning, November 13th, 
1859, by the Rev. H. Boyd. Truro, J. R. 
Netherton, 1859, 8°., pp. 12, 6d. 

BOYLE, John Magor (son of Rev. John Boyle, 
Wesleyan Minister). b. Penzance, now in 

Gorlaye, or a Tale of the Olden Tyme ; in four 
cantos. Anon. Lond., Baldwin ; Truro, J. 
Brokenshir [printed], 1835, 12"., pp. 180, 7/6. 

Note. — A half title prefixed reads " Cithara Dan- 

BOYNE, Louis Samuel, b. Ireland, d. St. 

Notes on the Parish of St. Anthony, in Rose- 
land, and its restored Church ; with remarks on 
the Life and Temptations of the Patron Saint. 
By L. S. Boyne, St Mawes ; with Illustrations 
by Rev. C. W. Carlyon. Lond., Truscott, 1852, 
8°., pp. 40. 

BOYNE, William, F.S.A. 

Tokens issued in the Seventeenth Century, in 
England, Wales, and Ireland, by Corporations, 
Merchants, Tradesmen, etc. Lond., J. R. Smith, 
1858, 4°- 

Note. — Cornish Tokens described, pp. 37 — iO. 




BRAD BRIDGE, Et. Rev. William. Bp. of 
Exeter, ] 571-79. 

Letter to Lord Burghley, complaining of some 
Cornish Men refusing to come to Church... 3rd 
Dec, 1576. Lamh. MSS., 23, art. 8. 

-BRADDON, Laurence, of Treworgy, in St. 
Gennys. d. Sunday, 29th November, 1724. 
cf. Luttrell's Brief lidation of State dffairs, i, 
299, 306 ; Jas. Ralplis Hist, of Eiiqland, i, 
761-65 jiVor/A's Examen,ed. 1740, pp. 386-8S ; 
Kijjpis' Biog. Brit., iii, 229-30 ; N. & Q., 3 S., 
iv, 500 (1863). 

The Tryal of Laurence Braddon and Hugh 
Speke, Gent., upon an Information of High Mis- 
demeanour, &c. . . . endeavouring to raise a Belief 
...that the late Earl of Essex did not Murther 
himself in the Tower, before Sir. George Jeffreys, 
...Friday, 7th of February, 1683. Lond., Printed 
for Benjamin Tooke, at the Ship, in St Paul's 
Church Yard, 1684, foL, pp. 78. — Reprinted 
Cohhett's State Trials, ix, 1127-1228. 

An Enquiry into, and Detection of, the Bar- 
barous Murther of the Late Earl of Essex ; or a 
Vindication of that Noble Person from the Guilt 
and Infamy of having Destroyed himself [By L. 
Braddon q. 1689, 4"., pp. 75. 

Essex's Imiocency and Honour Vindicated, or 
Murther, Subornation, Perjury, and Oppression, 
justly charged on the Murtherers of that Noble 
Lord and True Patriot Arthur (late) Earl of 
Essex, &c. Lond., Printed for the Author, and 
sold by most Booksellers, 1690, 4" 

The Constitutions of the Company of Water- 
men and Lightermen, as amended by the Right 
Honourable the Court of Lord Mayor and Alder- 
men, &c. Lond., Printed in the year 1708, 8"- 
NoTE. — There is no Author's name on the title 
page, but the dedication is signed "Laurence Braddon." 

The Miseries of the Poor a National Sin and 
Shame. Lond., 1717, 8'\ 

Particular answers to the most material objec- 
tions made to the proposal humbly presented to 
His Majesty for relieving, reforming, and em- 
ploying all the poor of Great Britain. Printed 
in the year 1722, 8°., pp. 72. 

Note. — No name on title page, but dedication signed 
" Laurence Braddon." 

Bishop Burnet's History charged with great 
partiality and misrepresentations, to make the 
present and future ages believe that Arthur, 
Earl of Essex, in 1 683, murdered himselfe. . .with 
observations upon the suppos'd poysoning of 
King Charles the Second. Written by Mr. 
Braddon. Lond., Printed for Tho. Warner, in 
Paternoster Row, n.d. [1725], 8°., pp. 192. — 
Reprinted Cobbett's State Trials, ix, 1229-1332. 

Letter from L. Braddon to Sir Hans Sloane. 
£r. Museum Jddit. MSS., 4038. 

BRADFIELD, Henry Joseph Steele. Colonial 
Secretary of Barbadoes. b. Westminster, 18th 
May, 1805. d. London, 11th October, 1853. 

The last of the Greeks, or Ferdinando Pale- 
ologus. Gent. Mag., xix., 17 (1843). 

BRADLEY, Rev. Richard Beadon. Incumb. 

of Ash Prior's and Colhelstone, Somerset ; after- 
wards Curate of the East Church, Teignmouth. 
b. Minehead, 1803. d. Teignmouth, 22nd 
March, 1851. 

Review [of "The Crowning of the British 
Poetesses. A Poem" ]. By Arthur O'B. [i.e., 
Rev. R. B. Bradley]. Cornish Mag., iii, 156 

The Botanist. A Ballad, ib., iii, 208. 

BRAMAH, Joseph. Engineer, b. Staiiiborough, 
Yorkshire, 1749. d. Holt Forest, Hants, 9th 
Deer., 1814. 

A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir James Eyre, 
Lord Chief .Justice of the Common Pleas, on the 
subject of the cause Boulton and Watt v. Horn- 
blower and Maberly, for infringement of Mr. 
Watt's Patent for an Improvement on the Steam 
Engine. Lond., 1797, 8". 

BRAMSTON, Sir John. Elected M. P. for Bodmin, 
1640. b. Whitechapel, Sept., 1611. d. Skreens, 
4th Feb., 1699-1700. cf J. Bramston's Auto- 
biography, pp. 160-61. 

BRAN WELL, Ellen Vivian. See Warder, E. V. 

BRAY, Anna Eliza (daughter of John Kempe, 
Bullion Porter, H.M. Mint), b. St. Mary 
Newington, Surrey. She m. firstly Charles 
Alfred Stothard, F.S.A. (who d 1821); she 
m. secondly Rev. E. A. Bray (who d. 1857). 
Traditions, Legends, Superstitions, & Sketches 
of Devonshire, the Tamar, and the Tavy. Lond., 
Murray, 1838, 3 vols., post 8"., 24/-. 

Trelawnie of Trelawne, or the prophecy ; a 
Legend of Cornwall. Lond., Longman, 3 vols., 
post 8°., 31/6.— 2nd ed., 1845, 8°. 

Henry de Pomeroy, or the Eve of St. John; 
a Legend of Cornwall and Devon. Lond., R 
Bentley, 1842, 3 vols., 12°.— New ed., revised 
and corrected, with notes by the Author (with 
the White Rose. A Domestic Tale.). Lond., 
Longman, 1846, 8"., pp. 4 & 364. 

Courtenay of Walreddon. A Romance of 
the West. Lond,, R. Bentley, 1844, 3 vols., 12°. 
The Novels and Romances of A. E. Bray. 
Lond., Longman, 1845-6, 10 vols., 8"., 60/-. 

Note. — With Dlustrations and a general preface by 
the Authoress. 




BEAY, Anna Eliza. (Con.). 

A Peep at the Pixies, or Legends of the West 
...with Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Lond. , 
Grant and Griffith, 1854 [1853], 8"., pp. 162, 

Eosteague. A Family Tradition. MSS. 

Cotele and the Edgcumbes of the Olden 
Times. Gent. Mag., xl, 351, 444-50 (1853). 

BRAY, Henry. Mayor of Bodmin, 1550 & 1562. 

The Articles of us the Commoners of Deuon- 
shyre and Cornwall, in diners Campes by East 
and West of Excettor. [1549], 4»., 3 leaves. 
(Signed, amongst others, by H. Bray, Mayor of 

Note.— c/. Journ. B.I.G., Oct., 1864, p. 77 ; April, 
1865, p. 36. 

BRAY, The Eev. Thomas, D.D. Canon of 
Windsor and Rector of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 22nd 
Oct., 1771. &. Stratton, 1706. d. 28th March, 
1785. c/. Gent. Mag., Iv, 324 (1785). 

The evidence of Prophecy superior to the 
evidence of Miracles only in a restrained and 
limited sense. A Sermon [on II Pet., i, 19] 
preached before the University of Oxford, on 
Feb. 2nd, 1761, by T. Bray, Fellow of Exeter 
College, Oxford. Printed at the Theatre, for 
Jas. Fletcher, and sold by Payne and Cropley. 
Lend., 1761, 8°., pp. 23. 

A Sermon [on I Pet., ii, 16] preached before 
The Honourable House of Commons, at St. Mar- 
garet's, Westminster, on Monday, Jan. 31st, 
1763, being appointed to be observed as the 
day of the Martyrdom of King Charles I, by T. 
Bray. Lond., Printed for J. Fletcher, in the 
Turle, at Oxford ; and sold by J. Fletcher & Co. 
Lond., 1763, 4°., pp. 19. 

Note. — Dr. Bray received the thanks of the House 
of Commons for this Sermon, 1st Feb., 1763. 

BRAYLEY, Edward Wedlake,F.S.A. [h. 1773. 
d. 23rd Sept., 1854], and Britton, John. 

The Beauties of England and Wales; or 
Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical, 
and Descriptive, of each County; embellished 
with Engravings. Lond., Vernor... Longman, 
etc., 1801-15, 18 vols., 8°. 

Note.— Cornwall, ii, 311—524 ; with 10 Plates. 

The Beauties of Cornwall; or Delineations, 
Topographical; Historical, andDescriptive. Plates 
of Roche Rock and Chapel and St. German's 
Church. Truro, Printed and sold by William 
Harry, 1802, demy 8". 

Note.— Extracted from the previous work. 

Cornwall illustrated in a series of Views of 
Castles, Seats of the NobiHty, Mines, Picturesque 
Scenery, Towns, Public Buildings, Churches, 

BKAYLEY, Edwabd Wedlake. [Con.). 
Antiquities, etc., from original drawings by 
Thomas Allom, etc. ; engraved on steel by Le 
Petit... with historical and descriptive accounts, 
by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. Map and 45 
Views. Lond., Fisher, Sons, & Co., 1831, sq. 
fol, pp. 48. 

Devonshire illustrated in a series of views of 
Cities, Towns... from original drawings by Thos. 
Allom and W. H. Bartlett, etc. ; engraved on 
Steel by Heath ...with historical and descriptive 
accounts by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. 
Map and 95 Views. Lond., Fisher, Son, & Co., 
1832., sq. fol, pp. 106. 

Devonshire and Cornwall illustrated, from 
original drawings by Thomas Allom, W. H. 
Bartlett, etc. ; with historial and topographical 
descriptions by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. 
Lond., H. Fisher, 1832, sq. fol. 

Note. — This is a general title to the two preceding 
works when bound up together. 

BRAYLEY, Edward William, F.R.S. (son of 
the preceding), h. London, 1801. d. London, 
1st February, 1870. 

On the alleged artificial origin of Rock Basins. 
Philos. Mag., viii, 331-42 (1830). 

BREACA, St. cf. A. Butler's Lives of the Saints, 
ed. 1836, i, 298, 738. 

BREE, Rev. William Thomas. B. of Allesley. h. 
Coleshill, near Warwick, 1786. d. Allesley, 
25th Feb., 1863. 

List of Exotic Plants flourishing in the neigh- 
bourhood of Penzance, in Paris' Guide, ed. 
1828, p. 7. 

Notes on the Mildness of the Climate of Pen- 
zance, and List of some rare Indigenous Plants 
in the Land's End District, in Forbes " On the 
Climate of Penzance," pp. 49-56. 

BRENTON, E. H. h. St. Blazey. 
BRENTON, William. 6. St. Blazey. 

Map of the Chiverton and Perranzabuloe 
Mining District, shewing the relative positions 
of mines, all known lodes, cross-courses, etc. 
By E. H. Brenton, Truro, and William Brenton, 
Plain-an-Gwarry, Redruth, Mine and Land Sur- 
veyors, Draughtsmen, Lithographers. Size of 
Map, 3ft. 6in. by 2ft. 6in. Price, coloured, 
mounted, and varnished, 21/-. 1869. 

Map of the Lovell, Helston, and Wheal Vor 
Mining Districts. In preparation, 1870. 

BRETT, Rev. George. Dissenting Minister at 
Penzance and Lisheard. h. Staffordshire. 

Mem. of, by Mr. John Fox, of Plymouth, in 

Monthly Bepositm'y, xvi, 260-62 (1821). 




BRIAN, Johannes, de Cornubia. e/. Tanner, 
p. 124. 

Speculum Grammaticale super Donatum. 179 
leaves in foL, beginning " Quoniam studium 
grammaticorum," and written 1346. MSS. Bod. 
Lib., No. 3581 ; Class 8, No. 91, in Catal. A.D. 

Note. — rf. note at end of MSS., p. 180, which 
says, "Et sic finitur tractatus super Donatum de con- 
grnetatibus Grammaticse, qui intjtulatur speculum Gram- 
maticale, editus a magistro Johanna Brian, dicto de 
CornubiS, 1346, etc., qu[oth] I. B." 

cf. also Trevisa's note on " Higden's Polychronicon," 
Book I, Ch. 59 {II, 161, Ed. 1869) : " John Cornwaile, 
a Maister of grammer chaunged the lore in Gramer scole 
and construciown of Frenche into Englische ; and 
Eichard Pencriche lerned the manore techynge of hym 
and [of] othere men of Pencrich, so that now (1385) in 
alle the gramere acoles of Engelond, children leveth 
Erensche, and construeth and lerneth an Englische." 

BEIGE OR BRYCE, Andrew, b. Exeter, 16 90. 
d. Exeter, 7th Nov., 1773. cf. Timper ley's 
Typog. Did., pp. 665, 729-31 ; Polwhele's 
Cormoall, v, 87-90. 

The Geographical Dictionary, or Grand Gazet- 
teer. Exeter, Bryce, 1751, fol. 

The Topographical Dictionary of the World, 
more especially of Great Britain and Ireland, 
and all the British Settlements, with their Cus- 
toms, Manners, Curiosities, both Natural and 
Artificial, Remarkable Events in all past Ages, 
&c. Exeter, printed for the Author, 1759, 
thk. fol. 

A Universal Geographical Dictionary, or 
Grand Gazetteer. Maps. Exeter, Bryce, 1760, 
2 vols., fol,, 42/-. 

Note. — The above three works contain very full 
accoiiuts 01 Cornwall. — A. Brice established a printing 
liress at Truro about 1740. 

BRIEUC, St. h. Cornwall, circa 410. d. St. 
Brieuc, circa 502. cf. A. Butler's Lives of the 
Saints, ed. 1836, i, 549. 

BRIGGS, Thomas Richard Archer, h. Furs- 
don, iu Eggbucldand, near Plymouth, 7th 
May, 18 3G. 

Localities of some uncommon plants and of 
varieties of common species within twelve miles 
of Plymouth. Phytologist, v, 368-71 (1861). 

Station of some uncommon plants in Devon 
and Corn-vall. Journ. of Botany, ed. by B. See- 
mnn, i, 370-78 (1863). 

Stations near Plymouth of some plants that 
are eithi-r uncommon or new to Devon and 
Cornwall, ib., iii, 349-52 (1865). 

U]i recorded Stations, mostly near Plymouth, 
of some ujicommon plants, etc. ib., iv, 287-90 

BRISTOW, Henry William, F.R.S. 

Underground Life ; or Mines and Miners. 
By L. Simonin. Translated, adapted to the 
present state of British Mining, and Edited by 
H. W. Bristow. Illustrated with 160 engravings 
on wood, 20 maps geologically coloured, and 10 • 
plates of metals and minerals in chromolitho- 
graphy. Lond., Chapman and Hall, 1869, 8"., 
pp. xix & 516. 

BRITANNICUS, pseud, i.e., Boase, G. C. 

BRITANNICUS, pseud, i.e., Boase, H. 

BRITTON, John. 5. Kington, Wiltshire, 7th 
July, 1771. d. 1st Jan., 1857. 

The Late Samuel Drew. Gent. Mag., ciii, 
469-72 (1833). 

Cromlechs and Kist Vaens. Proc. Soc. Antiq.,. 
i, 194 (1847). 

Note. — For " The Beauties of England and Wales, 
&e.," se«Brayley, E. W. 

BRITTON, Rev. Thomas Hopkins, M.A. F. 
of Newlyn Bast. b. Bristol. 

Horse Sacramentales. The sacramental articles 
of the Church of England vindicated and illus- 
trated by the writings of their compilers, etc. 
Lond., 1851, 8°., 6/-. 

An Examination of the principal facts and 
arguments advanced by Dr. Bayford and the 
Rt. Honble. Dr. Lushington against the opiaion 
hitherto held by historians, that the 13 Elis., 
chap. 12, referred to the Book of Articles, where- 
upon it was agreed by the Archbishops and 
Bishops of both Provinces, etc., in 1562, etc. 
Lond., Parker; Truro, J. R. Netherton [printed]; 
1857, 8°., pp. 147, 4/-. 

A Sermon " On the Duty of Visiting the 
Sick." Bideford, Printed by William Cole, 
1842, 8°. 

BROAD, William, b. Penzance, 24th Oct., 
1772. d. Falmouth, 2nd Aug., 1853. 

Letter from W. Broad to Sir W. Symonds, 
4th Nov., 1833, in "Life of Admiral Symonds." 
Lond., 1858, 8"., p. 157. 

BROKENSHIR, B. b. Fowey, 1810. 

Instrument for ascertaining the different sides 
of a triangle by inspection. Bep. B.C. P. Soc, 
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BROME, James, M.A. 

Travels over England, Scotland, and Wales... 
Lond., 1700, 8°. 

Note. — Mr. Brome came to the borders of Cornwall, 
but the rain prevented him from continuing his journey. 




BEONTE, Charlotte, b. Haworth, 21st April, 
1816. d. Haworth, 31st March, 1855. 

The Life of C. Bronte, author of Jane Eyre. 
By E. C. Gaskell. Lond., Smith, Elder, & Co., 
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Note. — Contains an account of Penzance and the 
Branwell family. 

BEOUGHAM, Matthew, h. Falmouth, 1788. 
d. Falmouth, Sept., 1826. 

Elegiac Tribute to the Memory of the late M. 
Brougham. By J[ohnson], MountSion, Falmouth. 
Selector, or Cmnish Mag., i, 163 (1826). 

BEOUGHAM, Stephen, M.E.C.S.L. I. War- 
ringtofi, in Lancashire, 7th May, 1794. d. 
Falmouth, 20th May, 1866. 
On Cholera. A Treatise, practical and theo- 
retical. Lond., Wertheim, 1834, 8". 

BEOWN, George. &. Callington, 16th Jan., 


The Eainfall in Cornwall for 1866. The 
Times, 3rd Oct., 1866, and 3rd Jan., 1867. 

The Eainfall in Cornwall for 1867. ib., 3rd 
Jan., 1868. 

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On the Improvement of Agricultural Horses 
suited to the West of England. Journ. Bath and 
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BEOWN, Henry. 

A Eeply to the Eev. J. Garrett's Pastoral 
Letter (so called) to the Inhabitants of the 
Parish of St. Paul. Penzance, F. T. Vibert, 1859, 
8°., 3d. 

BEOWN, John Sheeeis. Manager of the Mounts 

Bay Bank b. Penzance, 27th Dec, 1779. d. 

Penzance, 7th May, 1835. 

No Fiction ! A Statement of Facts respecting 

the Accounts of the Industrious Society for 

Scilly and... the Eev. G. C. Smith, the Secretary John S. Brown, Treasurer to the Society. 

Penzance, 1824, 12°. See Jeffery, John. 

BEOWN, Samuel. 

Verses to the Memory of S. Brown, a Cornish 
Fiddler, signed " Cornwall." Gent. Mag., xxxii, 
• 287 (1762). 

BEOWN, William. Barrister, b. Louth, Lin- 

The Law of Limitations as to real Property, 
including that of the Crown and Duke of 
Cornwall. With Appendix of Statutes. By 
W. Brown, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 
Lond., 1869, 8"., 28/-. 

BEOWNE, Et. Eev. Edward Harold, D.D. 
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Peril of Popery and Peril of Antichrist. 
Three Sermons preached in the Parish Church 
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The Gifts of the Ascended Saviour. A Sermon 
[on Eph., iv, 8] preached at St. Mary's Church, 
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Lord Bishop of Exeter. Published by command 
of the Lord Bishop. Lond., J. H. Parker; 
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Eeligious Excitement. A Sermon preached 
in Kenwyn Church, on Sunday, November 23rd, 

1851. Published by request. Lond., Parker ; 
Truro, J. E. Netherton; 1851, 8°.— 2nd ed., 

1852, 8"., pp. 20, 1/-. 

Eeligious Excitement. A Letter to the Eev. 
E. H. Browne, M.A., Vicar of SS. Kenwyn and 
Kea, Prebendary of Exeter, Chaplain to the 
Lord Bishop of Exeter, etc., etc. By the Eev. 
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32, 1/-. : 

Thoughts on an Extension of the Diaconate, 
and on Lay Agency. A Paper read to the Clergy 
of the Euridecanal Synod of Powder, and printed 
at their request. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1854, 
8«., pp. 20, 1/-. 

BEOWNE, Eev. John Denis {son of George 
Townsheiid Broume). V. of Braintree. &. Dublin? 
d. Braintree, 17th Feb., 1864. 
A Letter to the Eev. J. D. Browne, Assistant 

Curate of Penzance, on Baptismal Eegeneration. 

By a Layman of the Church of England, i.e., 
Penzance, E. Eowe ; Lond., Eivington ; 

1838, 8°., pp. 80. Bod. Lib. 

BEOWNE, Eiohard. 

Mr. E. Browne to Lord Burghley, to have the 
free enjoyment of his grant for curing and 
packing fish in Devonshire and Cornwall, Oct. 
5, 1595. Lansd. MSS., 78, art. 58. 

BEOWNLOW [Emma Sophia], Countess 

(daughter of Richard, Earl of Mount Edgcumbe). 

b. in the Parish of St. George's, Hanover 

Square, London, 28th July, 1791. 

Slight Eeminiscences of a Septuagenarian from 

1 802 to 1 8 1 5. By Emma Sophia Oust, Countess 

Brownlow. Lond., J. Murray, 1867, 8°.— 2nd 

ed., 1867, 8°., pp. viii & 199.— 3rd ed., 1868, 8". 




BRUNEL, Sir Marc Isambard, C.E. h. 
Hacqueville, France, 25th April, 1769. d. 
London, 12th Dec, 1849. 

Report on the Construction of a Ship Canal, 
about thirteen miles in length, between Fowey 
Harbour, on the south coast of Cornwall, and 
the Padstow Eiver, on the north. 1825. 

Sir M. I. Brunei and the Falmouth Tailor. 
cf. R. Beamish's Life of Brunei, p. 306. 

BRUNNICH, Professor Moreton Thrane, 
of Copenhagen. 

A Description of Two Tin-ores from Cornwall. 
Trans. Roy. Swedish Acad, of Sciences, 1778. 


On the dressing of Ores. Rep. B.C. P. Soc, 

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On a Wind Hammer for Boring Eocks. ib., 

1843, p. 48. 


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Assoc, of C. & D., 1867. 

BEYANT, John. See Badcock, John. 

BEYANT, William. See O'Bryant, W. 

BRYCE, A. See Brice, A. 

BUCK, Eev. Eichard Hugh Keats. R. of 
St. Dominich. h. Bideford. 

Lay Eesponsibility, with especial reference to 
the office of Churchwarden. A Sermon preached 
at the Archdeacon of Cornwall's Visitation at 
Liskeard. Lond., Longman : CalHngton, Philp ; 

BUCK, Samuel, d. 1779, aged 83. 
BUCK, Nathaniel. 

Buck's Antiquities ; or venerable remains of 
above 400 Castles, &c., in England and Wales, 
with near 100 Views of Cities and Chief Towns. 
Lond., Printed by D. Bond, at St. John's Gate, 
and sold by Eobert Sayer, Fleet Street, 1774, 
3 vols., fol. 

Note.— In vol. i, 12 Coraisli Views; In vol. iii, 
2 Views of the Mount. 

BUCKHUEST, Lord (Thomas Saokville). 
6. Buckhurst, Withiam, Sussex, 1527. d. 19th 
April, 1608. 

Letter from Lord Buckhurst to the Deputy 
Lieutenants of Sussex, dated 26th July, 1595, 
on the Descent of the Spaniards in Cornwall. 
Earl. MSS., 703, art. 53, pp. 79-84. 

BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. h. Flushing, 
1786. d. London, 30th June, 1855. cf 
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News, 7th July, 1855; Penny Cyclop., 2nd 
Supp. ; English Cyclop. ; Men of the Time, ed. 
1856; Cornish Mag., ii, 129; iii, 131, 236 

The Autobiography of J. S. Buckingham, in- 
cluding his Voyages, Travels, Adventures, Spec- 
ulations, Successes, and Failures, etc., etc. With 
a portrait. Lond., Longman, 1855, 2 vols., 
post 8°., 21/-. 

Note. — This work was never finished, owing to the 
decease of the author, cf. Gent. Mag., xliii, 581 (1855) 

The Calcutta Journal ; a, Miscellany of Politics, 
Literature, and the Arts, from the y^ar 1818 to 
1823. Ed. by J. S. Buckingham. Calcutta, 
1818-1823, 33 vols., 4". 

Travels in Palestine, etc. Lond., Colburn, 
1821, 1 vol., 1°., pp. 553, 31/6.— 1822, 2 vols., 8". 

A Second Letter to Sir Charles Forbes, Bart., 
M.P., on the suppression of public discussion in 
India, and the banishment without trial of two 
British Editors from that country by the Acting 
Governor-General, Mr. Adam. By a Proprietor 
of Indian Stock. London, 1824. The Pcmphleteer, 
XXV, 33-60 (1825). 

Statement of Facts relative to the removal 
from India of Mr. Buckingham, late Editor of 
the Calcidta Journal. Calcutta, 1823, 4°. 

Mr. B.'s Defence [a reply to ai-ticles in the 
John Bidl and the Quarterly Review]. The Cal- 
cidta Journ., vol. vi. No. 306, 1822. 

A Brief History of the Banishment of Mr. 
Buckingham from India. Dated Lond., Sept., 
1823, sm. fob, pp. 4. 

New Laws and Eestrictions for the Indian 
Periodical Press. Calcutta, printed by P. S. D. 
Eozario, at the Columbian Press, No. 4, Banks- 
haU Street, 1823, 4°., pp. 18. 

A Faithful History of the late Discussions in 
Bengal, on the Power of Transportation with- 
out Trial ... with copies of the official corres- 
pondence between W. B. Bayley, Chief Secretary 
to Government, and Mr. Buckingham, the late 
Editor of the Calcutta Journal. Dated Calcutta, 
Feb. 25, 1823, fol., pp. 28. 

Note. — Portions of this had been previously 
printed for the Editor's friends, but neither published 
nor sold. 

The Oriental Herald and Colonial Review. 
Conducted by J. S. Buckingham. Lond., 1824- 
29, 24 vols., 8°. First No. pub. Jan., 1824, 3/6. 

Travels among the Arab Tribes inhabiting- 
the Countries East of Syria and Palestine. 28 
Illusts. Lend., Colburn, 1825, 4°., pp. 679, 31/6. 

Verbatim Report of the Action for Libel in 
the case of Buckingham versus Bankes, 19th 
Oct., 1826. Lend., 1826, S^. 




BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. (Con.). 

The Sphynx; a Journal of Politics, Litera- 
ture, and News ; a Weekly Paper. Ed. by J. S. 
Buckingham from 1827 to 1828, 4 vols., 4°. 

Travels in Mesopotamia, etc. Lend., Colburn, 
1827, 4°., pp. xvi & 571.— 1827, 2 vols., 8°., 31/6. 

The Athenseum, etc. Ed. by J. S. Bucking- 
ham. Lond., 1828-29, 4 vols., 4°. 

Plan and Object of Mr. Buckingham's Lec- 
tures on the Countries of the Oriental "World. 
n.d. [1829], sm. 4«., pp. 4. 

Masonic Address delivered in the Town Hall 
of Glasgow, at a Grand Masonic Meeting, on 
the 18th August, 1829, on the duty of promot- 
ing education and binding nations together in 
fraternal bonds. 1829, 8". 

Free Trade Speech delivered on the Opening 
of the Royal Exchange, at Glasgow, on the 3rd 
Sept., 1829, on the benefits of uniting the Clyde 
and the Ganges by the union of commerce and 
navigation. 1829, 8". 

Peace Speech delivered at a Public Meeting 
of the Peace Society, in London, 1829, showing 
the impolicy and expensiveness, as well as un- 
christian character, of War... 1829, 8°. 

Free Trade Address, in reply to Mr. Thomas 
Sadler, M.P. for Leeds, delivered at Whitby, 
Sep. 28, 1829, in defence of the doctrine of 
Free Trade, and in opposition to his protectionist 
views. 1829, 8°. 

Missionary Speech delivered at the Anni- 
versary of the Bible Society, at Whitby, in York- 
shire, Sep. 18, 1829, in favour of the Promotion 
of Missions to the Eastern World. 1829, 8°. 

Sanitary Speech delivered at the Golden Cross, 
Charing Cross, in London, in November, 1829, 
on the danger to the public health of burying 
the dead within the walls of cities, and advo- 
cating the formation of extra-mural cemeteries. 

1829, 8°. 

Ti-avels in Assyria, Media, and Persia, with 
Researches in the Euins of Perseopolis. Map 
and 27 engravings. Lond., 1829, 4°., 73/6.— 
2nd ed., 1830, 2 vols., 8"., 28/-. 

Heads of Mr. Buckingham's Lectures on the 
Eastern World, preceded by a Sketch of his Life, 
Travels, and Writings. Lond., 1829, 4°., pp. 32. 

Mr. Buckingham's Alleged Retainer from the 
East India Company. Lond., 1830, 8°., pp. 4. 

Sketch of Mr. Buckingham's Life, Travels, 
Literary and Political Labours. Lond., 1830, 
8"., pp. 23.— Another ed., n.d. [1830], 8°., pp. 
48.— Another ed., n.p. or d. [1830], 8°., pp. 75. 

Rapport sur le projet de voyage presents k la 
Society de Geographic, par M. Buckingham. By 
Dumont d' Urville. Paris, 1830, 8". 

History of the public proceedings on the 
question of the East India monopoly, etc. Lond., 

1830, 8°. 

BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. {Con.). 

Speech delivered at a Meeting of the Royal 
Institution of London, on the 22nd July, 1830, 
developing a plan for the accomplishment of a 
voyage round the Globe, for the promotion of 
discovery, commerce, and civilization united. 
1830, 8°. 

Address to the Chamber of Deputies in Paris, 
in Oct., 1830, on the proposal to institute an ex- 
periment of Free Trade, by... the Public Exhi- 
bition in a . . . Bazaar, and the subsequent sale 
. . .free of all duty, of a million's worth of English 
manufactures against a million's worth of French 
productions. 1830, 8"- 

Discours Preliminaire, prononc6 a 1' Athen6e 
Royale de Paris, 2 Novembre, 1830, al' occasion 
d' un Cours sur les Indes Orientales contenant 
les notions les plus recentes sur tout ce qui re- 
garde r Historie, la Statistique, et le Commerce 
de ces Contr6es. 1830, 8". 

Speech delivered in Paris, December 6, 1830, 
as Chairman of the Public Banquet, given by 
the English then in the French capital to General 
Lafayette, as a mark of homage to his talents 
and virtues, as the steady friend of civil and 
poUtical liberty. . . 1830, 8". 

Explanatory Report on the plan and object of 
Mr. Buckingham's Lectures on the Oriental 
World, preceded by a Sketch of his Life, Travels, 
etc. Price one shilling. Lond., Hurst, Chance, 
and Co., St. Paul's Churchyard, 1830, 8°., pp. 
4.— Another ed., 4°.— Another ed., 8"., pp. 23, 
6d. London Instit. 

Improved Syllabus of Mr. Buckingham's Lec- 
tures on the Oriental World, &c. &c. Lond., 
Hurst, 1830, 8"., pp. 75, 2/. To Subscribers to 
the Lectures, 1/-. London Instit. 

Outlines of a New Budget ; by which it is 
shown that a revenue of eighty millions sterling 
may be raised by a new system of taxation, 
bearing more equitably on all classes than the 
present mode of taxing commodities. 1831,8". 

Speech delivered in the Rotunda, at Dublin, 
in Sep., 1831, on the Idolatries of British India, 
and the Revenues derived from them by the 
Government of the East India Company. 1831, 

Speech delivered in Sheffield, in 1831, on the 
Qualifications and Duties of Representatives and 
Constituents, which led to Mr. Buckingham 
being invited to become a Candidate for the 
Representation of Sheffield in the first Reformed 
Parliament of 1832. 1831, 8". 

Mr. Buckingham's final appeal to the East 
India Company, n.d. [1831], sm. 4°., pp. 4. 
London Instit. 

To the Subscribers of Mr. Buckingham's pro- 
posed Voyage round the Globe. May, 1831, 
sm. 4°., pp. 3. Lmidon Instit. 




BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. (Con.). 

Speech delivered at a Public Meeting, in the 
Liver Theatre, at Liverpool, in Dec, 1832, on 
the injustice, cruelty, and impolicy of the system 
of impressing seamen for the Navy, and advo- 
cating the formation of Sailors' Homes. 1 832, 8°. 

Speech delivered at the Mechanic's Institute, 
in Sheffield, in 1833, on the duty of promoting 
the establishment of Sunday and other Schools 
for the children of the poor, and of. ..supporting 
institutions for the ...instruction of the adult 
labouring classes. 1833, 8°. 

The Parliamentary Review. Ed. by J. S. 
Buckingham. Lond., 1833-34, 7 vols., 8°. 

Speech delivered in the Concert Hall of the 
City of York, in 1834, on the occasion of a 
Meeting to consider of a monument to the late 
William Wilberforce, advocating the erection of 
a College for the Instruction of African Youths. 
1834, 8°. 

Speech delivered in the House of Commons, 
on the 4th March, 1834, on... the Abolition of 
Naval Impressment, and the Substitution of 
Voluntary Enlistment for Seamen. 1834, 8". 

Speech delivered in the House of Commons, 
on the 17th March, 1834, on the injurious oper- 
ation of the Duties on Tea. . . 1834, 8°. 

Speech deUvered in the House of Commons, 
on the 2nd June, 18 34... on the prevailing vice 
of intoxication among the labouring classes... 
1834, 8°. 

Parliamentary Inquiry into the claims of Mr. 
Buckingham on the East India Company. Lond., 
1834, 8°., pp. 100. 

Drunkenness. Speech of Mr. Buckingham 
on the extent, cause, and effects of drunkenness. 
Delivered in the House of Commons . . . June 3, 
1831... Lond., 1834, 8°., pp. 16. 

Evidence on Drunkenness presented to the 
House of Commons by the Select Committee, 
J. S. Buckingham, Esq., M.P., in the chair. 
Lond., 1834, fol.— 1834, 8". 

Proceeding before the Privy Council in rela- 
tion to the Appeal by J. S. Buckingham, Esq., 
against certain regulations of the Bengal Govern- 
ment on the subject of the Press. Lond., 1835, 

Outline Sketch of the Voyages, Travels, 
Writings, and Public Labours of J. S. Bucking- 
ham... with a portrait. Lond., 1835, 8°., pp. 
154, 6/-. 

Speech delivered in the House of Commons, 
on the 7th March, 1 835, on. . .Establishing Public 
Parks, Baths, and Museums for the... Labouring 
Classes. 1835, 8". 

Parliamentary Eeport on Mr. Buckingham's 
claims to compensation from the East India 
Company... submitted to the calm... considera- 
tion of the friends of justice. Lond., 1836, 

BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. (Con.). 

8"., pp. 47.— Another ed., 1836, 8"., pp. 88, 16, 
and 79. 

Speech delivered in the House of Commons, 
in April, 1836, on the Injustice of the existing 
Law of Copyright... 1836, 8". 

Reasons for Legislative Interference to prevent 
the practice of Duelling, addressed to the Mem- 
bers of both Houses of Parliament, Aug., 1836. 
1836, 8". 

Parliamentary Report on the causes of the 
increased number of shipwrecks. 1836, fol. 

Begins : Public Meeting, Lord W. Bentinck, 
M.P., in the Chair... June 15th, 1836. Reso- 
lutions were adopted [for raising a public 
subscription to purchase an annuity on the joint 
lives of Mr. and Mrs. Buckingham, etc.]. [Lond., 
1836], s. sh., 8". Br. Museum. 

Subscriptions received towards the purchase 
of an annuity for Mr. and Mrs. Buckingham. 
[Lond., 1836], s. sh., fol. Br. Museum. 

Speech delivered in the House of Commons, 
on the 9th March, 1837, on the necessity of 
establishing a Marine Board... 1837,8". - 

Address delivered in the University of New 
York, in Dec, 1837, on the Formation of Peace 
Societies... 1837, 8°- 

Speech delivered in the Theatre of Phila- 
delphia, on the 22nd Feb., 1838, on the occasion 
of a Grand Festival of the Friends of Temperance 
... 1838, 8«. 

Address delivered in the House of Representa- 
tives, at Washington, to the Members of the 
Senate... 27th Feb., 1838... on the Temperance 
Reformation in England... 1838, 8". 

Address delivered in the Presbyterian Church, 
at New Orleans, on the 14th April, 1838, on the 
Formation of Sailors' Homes... 1838, 8° 

Notes of the Buckingham Lectures, with a 
sketch of his Life. By J. Hildreth, New York. 
1838, 8". 

Speech delivered in the Parliament House, at 
Quebec, by permission of the Governor General 
of Canada... on the 28th Sept., 1839, on the 
duty of protecting the British Soldiery and 
Emigrants against the dangers of Intemperance 
... 1839,8°. 

The Universal Gazetteer. Lond., Virtue, 1840, 
8°., 21/-. 

Evils and Remedies of the present system of 
Popular Elections ; with a sketch of the qualifi- 
cations and duties of Representatives and Con- 
stituents. Lond., Simpkin, 1841, 12°., pp. 315, 

America, historical, statistic, and descriptive"; 
with portrait of Author and 70 Engravings. 
Lond., Fisher, n.d. [1841], 3 vols., 8°., 42/-. 

Travels in the Northern States of America. 
Lond., P. Jackson, 1841, 3 vols., 8°., 42/-. 




BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. [Con.). 

Speech delivered in the Festival Concert Eoom 
of the City of York, on the 14th June, 1841, 
for the Abolition of the Corn Laws, and for a 
perfect system of Free Trade... 1841, 8°. 

The Eastern and Western States of America. 
15 plates, Lond., Fisher, n.d. [1842], 3 vols., 
8"., 42/-. 

The Slave States of America. Lond., Fisher, 
n.d. [1842], 2 vols., 8°., 31/G. 

Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and 
the other British Provinces, etc. Lond., P. 
Jackson, 1843, 8"., 15/-. 

Inaugural Lecture written for the Opening of 
the British and Foreign Institute, 2nd Aug., 
1843. Lond., 1843, 8°., pp. 88.— 2nd. ed., 
1843, 8". 

New Plan of National Colonization. . . Lond., 
n.d. [1844], 8°. 

Plan of an Improved Income Tax and Real 
Free Trade... Lond., 1845, 8°., pp. 71.— 2nd 
ed., 1845, 8°. 

Transactions of the British and Foreign In- 
stitute, including Reports of all the Papers read. 
Lectures delivered... 1843-45. Ed. by J. S. 
Buckingham. Lond., 1845, 1 vol., 4". 

Slanders of Punch... a.g&inst the British and 
B^oreign Institute and its Resident Director 
[J. S. Buckingham]. Lond., James Ridgway, 

1846, 8". — 2nd. ed., with a postscript and 
several pages of additional matter, n.d. [1846], 
8°., pp. 32, 3d., or 1/6. per doz. — 3rd. ed., n.d. 
[1846], 8°.— 4th ed., n.d. [1846], 8". 

Note. — Nearly 10,000 copies of this publication 
were sold within a month. 

Appeal to the British Nation on the greatest 
Reform yet remaining to be accomplished, in- 
cluding the Speech delivered in Parliament on... 
the EvUs of Intemperance, and an Address read 
before the World's Temperance Convention in 
London. Lond., Ridgway, 1846, 8"., pp. 64 
and 16, 2/6. 

Considerations sur quelques Reformes Sociales, 
qui restent encore a accomplir, avant que la 
Civilization ait atteint son dernier perfectionne- 
ment ; Discours prononc6 k V Ath^nde Royal de 
Paris, le 7th Decembre, 1846. Paris, 1846, 8". 

Some considerations on certain great Social 
Evils which still require to be amended or re- 
moved, in the most civilized nations. Lond., 

1847, 8"., 6d. 

Note. — An English ed. of the preceding work. 

Irish Improvidence encouraged by EngUsh 
Bounty, with a plan of leHef for Ireland 
without taxing England. 1847, 8°., 6d. 

Sketches of Voyages, Travels, Writmgs, and 
Public Labours. Portrait. Lond., P. Jackson, 
1847, 8«., 5/-. 

Tour through Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, 

BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. {Con.). 

and Holland. 10 Engravings, Lond., P. Jackson, 

1848, 2 vols., 8°., 28/-. 

Tour in France, Piedmont, Lombardy...the 
Tyrol and Bavaria. 12 Engravings. Lond., P. 
Jackson, 1848, 2 vols., 8°., 28/-. 

Letter to Richard Cobden, Esq., M.P., on his 
proposed National Budget. By J. S. Bucking- 
ham. Dated Dunfermline, Jan.' 8th, 1849, sm. 
fol., pp. 4. London Instit. 

National Evils and Practical Remedies, with. . . 
Plan of a Model Town... 2 Engravings. Lond., 
P. Jackson, 1849, S"., pp. 500, 1 5/-.— Another 
ed., n.d. [1849], 8"., pp. xxx and 512. 

An Earnest Plea for the Reign of Temperance 
and Peace... Lond., P. Jackson, ?i.d [1851], 12"., 

Note. — 1000 copies were, by permission of Prince 
Albert, given to the Exhibitors at the Crystal Palace, 
in Hyde Park, in 1851. 

The Temperance Offering... Ed. by J. S. Buck- 
ingham. Lond., 1852, 8°. — Another ed., Lond., 
n.d., 1854, 8" 

Plan for the future Government of India... 
Lond., Partridge, 1853, 8"., pp. 64.— 2nd ed., 
1853, 8°., pp. iv and 68.— 3rd ed., in "The 
.Coming Era," 1854. 

Biographical Sketch of J. S. Buckingham, 
from "Lives of the Illustrious" for August, 

1853. Lond., Partridge, 1853, 8°., pp. 16. 
The Justice, Policy, and Safety of a Maine 

Law for England. Manchester, 1853, 8°., pp. 

Recent Correspondence between Lord J. 
Russell, M.P., Prime Minister of England, and 
J. S. Buckingham. 1853, 8°., 1/-. 

On the gradual extinction of the National 
Debt, and on the true principles of a Property 
and Income Tax. Republished for comparison 
with Mr. Gladstone's recent Financial Proposi- 
tions. 1853, 8°., 6d. 

The Coming Era of Practical Reform, not 
" looming in the distance," but " nigh at hand." 
A new series of Tracts addressed to the Public 
and Pariiament of 1854. By J. S. Buckingham. 
Lond., Partridge, 1853, 8"., pp. 584. 

Note. — Preliminary Biographical Sketch, pp. 9 — ■ 

Proposed Plan of a New Eeform Bill. . 4th ed., 

1854, pp. 81—144. 

Plan for the fature Government of India. 3rded., 
1854, pp. 145—296. 

Examination of the Principal Questions connected 
with National Education .. 1854, pp. 297-^24. 

History and Progress of the Temperance Reforma- 
tion . . 1854, pp. 425—584. 

Each of the above has a distinct title page, but the 
pagination runs on. 

Letter on Rammohun Roy. Monthly Eepos- 
itory, xviii, 441 (1823). 

The Caravan in the Desert. A Scene from 




BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. (Con.). 

au unpublished Journal, in " The Literary- 
Souvenir." Ed. by A. A. Watts. 1827, pp. 

Journey across the Isthmus of Suez, in 
"Friendship's Offering," 1827. 

Harbour of Muscat, in the Persian Gulf. 
With Illustration, ik, 1829, pp. 393-97. 

BUCKINGHAM, Leicester Silk (youngest son 
of the preceding), b. 11, Cornwall Terrace, 
Eegent's Park, London, 29th June, 1825. d. 
Margate, 15th July, 1867. cf. Gent. Mag., iv, 
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Note. — First performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 
6th Dec, 1854. 

Take that Girl away [Translated from the 
French]. A Comic Drama, in 2 Acts [and in 
Prose]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1855], 12", pp. 60, 

Note. — Fu-st performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 3rd 
March, 185S. 

For the benefit of the Playful Crocodile. 
1855. Not Printed. 

An Impudent Puppy. A Comic Drama, in 2 
Acts. 1855. Not Printed. 

Note. — First performed at Drury Lane, 7th Nov., 

So Very Obliging. A Farce. 1855. Not 

Note. — First performed at Dnrry Lane, 6th Dec, 

Two Precious Scoundrels. A Farce. 1856. 
Not Printed. 

Note. — Fu-st performed at the Strand Theatre, 
21st Aug., 1856. 

Belphegor. A new and original, acrobatic, 
dramatic, epigrammatic, and decidely un-aris- 
tocratic Burlesque. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1856], 
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Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
20ih Sept., 1856. 

Drat that Comet. A Farce. 1856. Not 

Over the way. 1856. Not Printed. 

The Magic Mistletoe ; or Harlequin Humbug 
and the Shams of London. A Burlesque Pan- 
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Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
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Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
26th Jan., 1857. 

BUCKINGHAM, Leicesteb Silk. (Con.). 

The Gentleman Opposite. A Farce. 1857. 
Not Printed. 

Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 

A Farce. 1857. Not 


Do Shake Hands. 

Note.— First performed at the Strand Theatre, 16th 
March, 1857. 

La Traviata. A Burlesque. 1857. Not 

Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 

Jeannette's Wedding. An Operetta, in 1 Act. 
By L. Buckingham and A[ugustus] Harris. 
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Note. — ^First performed at the Strand Theatre, 27th 
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Note. — ^First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
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A Woman in my dust hole. A Farce. 1858. 
Not Printed. 


Quixote Junior. 

Note. — First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
13th July, 1859. 

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Note. — First performed at the St. James' Theatre. 
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Cupid's Ladder. A Drama, in 2 Acts [adapted 
from the French]. 1859. Not Printed. 

NoTE.-^First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 
29th Oct., 1859. 

A pleasant time of it. 1860. Not Printed. 

You're another. 1860. Not Printed. 

The Phantom Wives. 1860. Not Printed. 

The Forty Thieves. A Burlesque. By J. E. 
Planch6, F. Talfourd, H. J. Byron, L. Bucking- 
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Brothers Brough [Members of the Savage Club]. 
1860. Not Printed. 

Note. — Performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 7th 
March, 1860. 

Lucrezia Borgia! at home and all abroad. 
A New and Original Burlesque [and in Verse]. 

•First performed at the Strand Theatre, 
A Farce. 1859. Not 




BUCKINGHAM, Leiobstbb Silk. {Con.). 

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Note.— First performed at the St. Jamea' Theatre, 
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1860. Not Printed. 

Note.— Performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 19th 
June, 1860, for the henefit of the "Widow and Family 
of Mr. Ebenezer Landells, Artist and Engraver. 

Little Eed Riding Hood and the Fairies of 
the Eose, Shamrock and Thistle. An Original 
Burlesque Extravaganza, in 1 Act [and in Verse]. 
Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1861], 12°., pp. 32, 6d. 

Note. — First performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 
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Pizarro, or the Leotard of Peru. An Original 
Burlesque Extravaganza, in 1 Act. Lond., 
Published by W. H. Swanborough, Eoyal Strand 
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The Merry Widow. A Comedy, in 2 Acts 
[and in Prose]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1863], 12°., 
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Note. — First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 
31st Jan., 1863. 

Silken Fetters. A Comedy, in 3 Acts [and 
in Prose]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1863], 12°., pp. 52, 

Note. — ^Pirst performed at the Haymarket Theatre, 
14th Nov., 1863. 

The Silver Lining. A Comedy, in 3 Acts 
[and in Prose]. Lond., Lacy., n.d. [1864], 12°., 
pp. 54, 6d. 

Note. — First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 
30th Jan., 1864. 

Love's Young Dream. A Comedietta. 1864. 
Not Printed.' 

Note.— First performed at theNewBoyalty Theatre, 
Easter, 1864. 

Faces in the Fire. A Comedy. Lond., 
Lacy., n.d [1865], 12°., pp. 57, 6d. 

Note. — First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 
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by a Prologue. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1866], 12°., 
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Note. — First performed at the Olympic Theatre, 
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AUCKLAND, The Very Eev. William. Dean 
of Westminster, h. Axminster, 1784. d. 
Clapham, 14th Aug., 1856. 
Geology and Mineralogy considered with 

reference to natural theology. [Bridgewater 

■ise, No. VI]. By the Eev. W. Bucldand. 
Lond., W. Pickering, 1836, 2 vols., 8°. 

Note. — Dedicated to Davies Gilbert, Esq., and 
contains — 

Invasion of Cornwall by drifted sand, I, 127. 

Account of steam power employed in Cornwall, I, 

Disposition of metallic veins in Cornwall, I, 550, 
P. Ixvii, Fig. 3. 

Address at the Seventh Annual Exhibition of 
the E.C.P. Soc. Bep., 1839, p. 4. 

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Nov., 1822. d. Damascus, 31st May, 1862. 

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Case. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1859, 8o., pp. 16. 

Note. cf. " On Blasphemous Libels." By W. D. 
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The Case of Thomas Pooley (in a Review of 
Mill on Liberty). Fraser's Mag., lix, 533-37, 
May, 1859. See also Bush, Rev. P. ; Coleridge, 
Sir J. D. ; Hol^oake, G. J. ; Pooley, T. 

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The Dream at Sea. A Drama, in three acts. 
New York, S. French, n.d. [1856 q, 8"., I/-- 
and in vol. viii of Webster's Acting National 
Drama. Lond., 1840, pp. 47. 

Note. — The entire scene is laid in Cornwall. 

BUDD, Edward. Wesleyan Local Preacher and 
Schoolmaster at Lisheard and Truro, b. Water- 
ford, 26th Aug., 1774. d. Truro, 22nd Dec, 
1835. cf. Alleris Liskeard; Timperley's Typog. 
Diet., pp. 853, 879, 893. 

Remarks on a pamphlet entitled " A Speech 
made at the County Meeting, at Bodmin, on 
the 15th May, 1809," in A Letter to a Noble 
Lord \i.e., Lord De Dunstanville]. To which is 
prefixed An Address to the Freeholders of 
Cornwall. Anon. Falmouth, printed and pub- 
lished by Heard and Penaluna, near the Fish- 
strand,... m.rf. [1809], 8°., 1/-. 

NoTE.^The Address, pp. iii — xi. A Letter, pp. 

Observations suggested by the present question 
respecting privilege of Parliament, in A Letter 
addressed to the Freeholders of Cornwall. With 
an Appendix, containing the Resolutions of the 
late meeting at Westminster, their petition and 
remonstrance to the House of Commons, and 
their letter to Sir F. Burdett. By the author of 
A Letter to a Noble Lord. 2nd ed., St. Austell, 
printed and sold by E. Hennah,...n.d [1810], 
8°., pp. 24, 6d. 

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1810, until 22nd Dec, 1835. 

Obituary and Remarks on the Death of Mr. 
Budd. n.p. or d. [Truro, 1835], 4°., s. sh. 




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1839-46. d. Bratton Clovelly, 3rd Aug., 1865, 
aged 65. cf. Gent. Mag., xix, 391, 651. 

The Christian Naturalist. By the Eev. E. 
Budge. Launceston, Cater and Maddox [printed] ; 
Lond., Simpkin; 1838, 8"., pp. vi and 215, 3/-. 

Note. — A considerable portion of this work, ■whicli 
was for the most part written in Southill Parsonage, 
appeared in the Periodical called " Light from the 
West." Printed by the Eev. H. A. Simooe, at the 
Penheale Press. 

The Unity of the Christian Church. A Ser- 
mon preached at the Triennial Visitation of the 
Lord Bishop of Exeter at Helston, July ]2th, 
1845, by the Rev. E. Budge, M.A., Vicar of 
Manacoan and Dean Rural of Kirrier, Cornwall. 
Published by command of his Lordship, and at 
the unanimous request of the Deanery of Kirrier. 
Lond., J.. Murray, 1845, 12o., pp. 69, 1/-. 

The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom on the 
Statues. Translated by Rev. E. Budge. The 
Library of the Fathers, ed. by Rev. E. B. Pusey. . . 
vol. ix. Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1849, 8°., pp. 
xxxi and 399, 9/-. 

The City of God. A Vision. Lond., Parker, 
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The Mirror of History. Lives of Men of 
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Posthumous Gleanings from a Country Rector's 
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On the Conglomerate and Raised Beaches of 
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On the Tract of Land called the Lowlands, in 
the Parish of St. Keverne. ib., vi, 59-63 (1842). 

On Diluvial Action, as exemplified in the 
Gravel Beds and Sienitic Formation of Crousa 
Down, in St. Keverne. ib., vi, 91-98. 

On the Hornblende Slate of the Associated 
Rocks of the Meneage District, ib., vi., 173-180. 

On the Granitic and other Associated Rocks 
of Cornwall and Devon, ib., vi, 288-293. 

On Petrified Moss or Tufa. Bejx B.I.C., 
1842, p. 28. 

On an Electrical appearance in Helford Creek. 
ib., 1843, p. 37. 

On an Anglo-Norman Doorway in Manaccan 
Church, ib., 1845, p. 24. 

BUDGE, Jane. b. Camborne, 1832. 

EngUsh History in question and answer. . .from 
the conquest to the present time... By a Lady 
\i.6., J. Budge]. New ed., revised and enlarged, 
Lond., Marshall and Laurie, 1860, 8°. 

Manual of English History simplified ; or our 

BUDGE Jane. [Con.]. 

Country's Story, told by a Lady [«'.«., J. Budge]. 
Ed. by James Stuart Laurie. Lond., Marshall 
and Laurie, 1866, 8°. 

English History simplified ; or Our Country's 
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n.d. [18—], 8°., pp. vi and 278. 

BUDGE, John. J Convinced Friend, h. Cam- 
borne, d. 17th July, 1864, aged 77. 

A Testimony from West Division of Cornwall 
Monthly Meeting concerning John Budge. Test, 
concerning Deceased Ministers, 1865, pp. 3-5. 

Some Observations on Important Subjects, 
offered especially to the consideration of the 
more thoughtful amongst Professors of Religion. 
[Anon]. Camborne, Printed by L. Newton, 1 845, 
120., 1 sheet. 

Some Observations, principally on the subject 
of Religious Worship, affectionately submitted 
to the consideration of the Professors of Christi- 
anity. [Anon], Camborne, Printed by L. 
Newton, 1846, 12°., 1 sheet.— Reprinted by the 
Tract Association, No. 103. 

Memoir of John Dunstone, of Camborne, in 
Cornwall, who was blind for 44 years, till his 
death in 1856. By J. Budge. Lond., F. G. 
Cash. . . J. Philp, Liskeard, 1857, sm. 8°., 3 sheets. 
— 2nd ed., revised, Lond., W. & F. G. Cash... 
1857, sm. 8"., 3 sheets. 

BUDGE, John. d. Cornwall County Lunatic 
Asylum, 23rd July, 1865, aged 80, having 
resided there from 17th Oct., 1846. 

The Practical Miner's Guide, . . .with Treatise on 
the Art and Practice of Assaying Silver, Copper, 
Lead, and Tin, etc. Plates. Lond., Longman 
Byers, Devonport; 1825, roy. 8"., 10/-. — 2nded. 
1845, 8°., 12/-.— New York, 1858, 8".- With 
additions by J. Atkins, Richmond, Virginia, 
1860, 12". 

BUDOCK, George, pseud., i.e., Hodges, Sydney. 

BULLER FAMILY, cf. Gent. Mag., xciv, pt. i, 
465-67 (1824). 

BULLER, Colonel Anthony. 

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A. Buller. Jamaica, 20th July, 1655. BawliMr 
son MSS., Bod. Lib., Class A, 28, art. 27. 

Letter of the Lords Commissioners to Col. 
Buller j who had detained in the Isle of Scilly 
divers Prizes and Parcels of Goods. 1666. Harl. 
MSS., 1510, art. 112 and 113. ; 




BULLER, Sir Antony, Knt. (ith son of John 
Buller, of Mm-val). Puisne Judge of the Supreme 
Court of Calcutta, 1816. S. Antony House, 
1780. d. Mary Tavy, 27th June, 1866, aged 
86. cf Gent. Mag., ii, 261, 1866. 

BULLER, Rev. Antony, M.A. (son of the 
preceding). R. of Mary Tamj, Devonshire, h. 
London, 23rd Oct., 1809. 

Inherent opposition between the Two Tradi- 
tional Systems of Explaining the " One Catholic 
and Apostohc Church." Two Sermons preached 
at the Visitation of an Archdeacon, in the 
years 1854 and 57. Lond., J. Masters, 1859, 
8°., pp. 58. 

The CathoHc Church a witness against ilHb- 
erality. No. 61 of The Tracts for the Times. 
Dated Oxford, The Feast of St. Philip and St. 
James. Lond., Rivington, 1835, 8°., pp. 8, and in 
vol. ii of Collected Edition, 1834-35. 

BULLER, Sir Arthur William, Knt. M.P. 
for Liskeard. h. Calcutta, 1808. d. 30th 
April, 1869. cf. Beg. and Mag. of Biog., i, 
466 (1869). 

BULLER, Charles (Uh and youngest son of J. 
Buller, of Morval). M.P. for }Fest Looe. h. 
Cornwall, 1775. d. Richmond, 17th May, 
1848. cf. Gent. Mag., xxx, 206 (1848). 

BULLER, Rt. Honble. Charles (son of the 
preceding). M.P. for JVest Looe & Liskeard, 
Poor Laiu Commissioner, b. Calcutta, Aug., 
1806. d. London, 28th Nov., 1848. cf 
English Cyclop.; Gent. ilfa9'.,xxxi, 87-89 (1849). 

On the Necessity of a Radical Reform. Lond., 
1831, 8°., pp. 62. 

Letter from the Australian Patriotic Associa- 
tion to C. Buller in reply to his communication 
of 31st May, 1840. 1840, 8°. 

Letter to C. Buller in reply to his communica- 
tion of July and August, 1840. 1841, 8". 

Systematic Colonization. Speech of C. Buller 
in the House of Commons, on April 6th, 1843, 
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Ten Hours' Factory Bill. The Speech of C. 
Buller in the House of Commons, March 22nd, 
1844. Lond., 1844, 8°. 

Eight Years in Canada... including Letters 
from Lord Durham, Chas. Buller, etc. By 
Major John Richardson, Montreal, Canada. 1847, 

Letters to C. Buller, etc. [in reply to com- 
munications respecting the Government of New 
South Wales]. By W. Bland. Sydney, 1849, 

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dins." Edinb. Bev., Ixxxvii, 1-46 (1848). 

BULLER, Vice-Admiral Sir Edward, Bart. 
6. The Admiralty, London, 24th Dec, 1764. 
d. Trenant Park, Cornwall, 15th April, 1824. 
cf Gent. Mag., xciv., pt. i, 465 (1824) ; Naval 
Chronicle, xix, 177, March, 1808; Annual 
Biog. for 1825, pp. 67-75. 

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Notes on a Suit between Sir Francis Godolphin 
and Mr. Grose with F. Buller, Esq., concerning 
a Tenement in Breage, called Trenowaile. Harl. 
MSS., 1228, art. 4. 

BULLER, Sir Francis, Bart, (ord son of 
James Bidler, of Morval). Judge of Court of 
King's Bench and Common Pleas, b. Morval 
or Crediton, 17th March, 1746. d. Bedford 
Square, London, 5tli June, 1800. cf. Gent. 
Mag., Ixx, pt. i, 594 (1800); Polwliele's Biog. 
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1788, 8°.— 5th ed., with additions, Lond., 1790, 
8°. — 6th ed., corrected, with additions to the 
present time, Lond., 1793, 8°. — 7th ed., with... 
Annotations by R. W. Bridgman, Lond., 1817, 

Trial of the Rev. William Davies Shipley, 
Dean of St. Asaph, at the Assizes at Shrewsbury, 
6th Aug., 1784, for a Libel. 1784, fol. 

Note. — The conduct of Judge Buller on this occasion 
was severely reprehended by Erskine, the Advocate for 
the Dean. 

Publications, printed by order of the Society 
for Preserving Liberty and Property against 
Repubhcans and Levellers; No. 8, containing 
the advantages peculiar to a Monarchy. By M. 
de Lolme. — Judge Buller's Charge to the Grand 
Jury of the County of York at the Lent Assizes, 
1793. Printed and Sold by J. Downes, No. 
240, Strand, n.d. [1793], 8\, pp. 16, Id. 

Note. — Mr. Justice Buller's Charge, pp. 13 — 16. 

BULLER, Lieut. -Genl. Frederick William 

(son of John Bidler, of Morval). b. 1772. 
d. Bury Street, St. James', London, 8th Nov., 
1855. cf Gent. Mag., xlv, 82-83 (1856). 

BULLER, John. 5. 1771. d. Morval, 3rd 
April, 1849. cf Gent. Mag., xxxii, 632 (1849). 
Premiums given by J. Buller, Esq. Rep. 

B.C.P. Soc, 1834, p. 13. 




BULLER, Rev. John, L.L.B. (son of Edward 
Bull&r, of Dowries). V. of St. Just and R. of 
Bridestowe. 6.1777. d Plymouth, 26th Oct., 
1846. c/. Gent. Mag., xxvii, 99 (1847). 

A Statistical Account of the Parish of St. 
Just in Penwith, in the County of Cornwall, 
with some Notices of its Ecclesiastical and 
Druidical Antiquities, Families, etc. By the 
Rev. J. Buller, Vicar of that Parish. Map and 
Plates. Penzance, R. D. Rodda, 1842, 8 f"., pp. 
viii and 1 1 8, 1 0/6. (Dedicated to George Henry, 
Earl and Viscount Falmouth). 

Note. — A portion of tHa impression, after remain- 
ing on hand for some years, was burnt by order of the 
Author's sister. 

BULLER, Sir Richard, Knt. (son of Francis 
BuUer, of Downes). Sheriff of CornwaU,l637. 
cf. Clarendon's Hist, of the Rebellion, ed. 1819, 
ii, 175-8. 

BULLER, Mr. (son of Sir. R. Buller). cf 
Yonge's Diary (Camden Soc, 1848J, p. 66. 

BULLER, Right Rev. William (Mh son of 
John Francis Buller). Lord Bishop of Exeter, 
hapt. Morval, 9th Aug., 1735. d. Downes, 
near Crediton, 12th Dec, 1796. cf. Gent. 
Mag., Ixvi, 1061 (1796) j Ixvii, 78 (1797); 
Oliver's... Bishops of Exeter, pp. 164-65. 

A Sermon [on John, viii, 31-32] preached 
before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in the 
Abbey Church, Westminster, on Wednesday, 
March 9th, 1796, being the day appointed... for 
a General Fast. By William, Lord Bishop of 
Exeter. Lond., T. Payne, at the Mews' Gate, 
1796, 40., pp. 23. 

BULLMORE, William Henry, M.D. b. Fal- 
mouth, 18—. d. Truro, 5th Oct., 1863. 

On the Effects of Arts, Trades, and Professions 
on Health. Rep. R.I.C., 1838. 

BULLMORE, William King, M.D. b. Fal- 

On Totanus Bartramii. Zoologist, 1866. 

Notes on Ausonia Cocksii. Journ. R.I.C., 1866, 
p. 163. 

Cornish Fauna. Rep. R.C.P. Soc, 1866, pp. 

BURALL, William, b. lUogan, 3rd Aua;., 
1787. rf. Hayle, 7th July, 1868. 

Improved Angle Iron Press. Rep. R. C.P. Soc, 
1849, p. 107. 

Shifting Joint and Sett-off. ib., 1853, p. 42. 

Steam Rivet-heading Press, ib., 1854, p. 64. 


On Water Colour Painting. Bep. R. C.P. Soc, 
1842, pt. 2, p. 75. 

BURGESS, Rev. Joseph. Wesleyan Minister. 
Stationed in Cornwall 1 804-1 826. 6. Thurles, 
Tipperary, 4th August, 1757. d. Plymouth, 
24th March, 1839. cf. Wesleyan Mag., July, 

Observations on a Sermon preached by the 
Rev. Mr. Hocker, and on a Charge delivered by 
the Rev. the Archdeacon of Cornwall, in Truro 
Church, on Monday, May 20th, 1811. By J. 
Burgess. Truro, Printed by Michell and Co., 8, 
High Cross, 1811, 8°., pp. 30, 6d. 

Remarks on the Sacrificial Death of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. By J. Burgess. Penzance, 1826, 
8°.— Reprinted, Lond., 18—, 8°. 

Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Burgess, formerly 
an OfRcer in the Army, afterwards a Wesleyan 
Minister, comprising an Account of his Mother- 
in-law, Mrs. Penington, and Notices connected 
with the History of Methodism in various places. 
By Rev. W. P. Burgess. Lond., John Mason, 
1842, 12''., pp. viii and 136.— 2nd ed., Lond., 
Mason, 1853, 12". 

Thoughts on Content. Wesleyan Mag., app., 
1805, p. 580-88. 

Letter to a Class Leader, ib.. May, 1812, p. 

Answer to Important Questions, ib., June, 
1816, p. 457. 

The Witness of the Spirit. A Sermon, ib., 
April, 1817, p. 252. 

The Trial of Abraham. A Sermon, ib., 
Sept., 1822, p. 560. 

The Afflictions of Job. A Sermon, ib., Feb., 
1825, p. 84. 

BURGESS, Thomas. 

Conveyance from T. Burgess of a Reversionary 
Right, settled upon him by Tho. Polwhele, of 
Lands in Sweale Yeate to Francis Gregor, circa, 
1620. Harl, MSS., 6243, art. 7. 

BURGESS, Rev. William Penington, AM. 
Wesleyan Minister stationed in Cornwall 1814- 
24. S. Liverpool, 3rd Dec, 1790. d:. Plymouth, 
23rd July, 1868. 

Sermons designed to Illustrate the Doctrines, 
Experience, and Practice of Primitive Christi- 
anity. Truro, J. Brokenshir [Printed] ; T. 
Blanshard, Lond. ; 1823, 8°., pp. iii and 202. 

Memoirs of the Rev. J. Burgess. 1842. See 
Burgess, Rev. J. 

Moses' Request, and God's Gracious Promise. 
A Sermon [on Exodus, xxxiii, 18-23]. By Rev. 
William. P. Burgess, M. A., St. Ives. In Wesleyaa 




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Note. — Mr. Burgess' Sermons, No. vi, pp. 76 — 96. 

The Love of God displayed in the Death of 
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Sin and Grace Contrasted. A Sermon [on 
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Note. — Com-wall, pp. 489 — 508, and 3 Yiews. 

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On the Quaternary Formations. Sep. B.C. P. 
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On the Literature of the Period of the Second 
Empire of France, 1848-1865. ib., 1865, p. 21. 

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The Statistics of Agricultural Production, 
Commerce, and Climate, considered with refer- 
ence to the form of Husbandry most suited to 
the West of England. Journ. Bath and West 
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A Walk from London to the Land's End and 
back, with Notes by the way. Illustrations. 
Lond., S. Low, 1865, large post 8°., 12/-.- 2nd 
ed., Lond., 1868, 8". 

Note. — Account of Cornwall, pp. 264 — 357. 

BUEEOUGHS, Eev. Jeremiah, b. 1599. d. 

14th Nov., 1646. 

The Saint's Duty in times of extremity, opened 
in a Sermon at Michael, Cornhil, occasioned 
upon the News of Extraordinary Loss to the 
Parliament's Forces in the West. Lond., Printed 
for Peter Cole, at the Printing Press in Cornhil, 
near the Eoyal Exchange, 1648, 4°. 

Note. — Part of the collection of the Author's 
Sermons entitled " The Bare Jewel of Christian Con- 
tentment " (pp. 299— 329). Lond., 1648 [1647], 4°. . 

BUET, Eev. Bezaleel. 

B. of Landuljph. 

■ Sermon preached at Wolborough, in Devon. 
1'642, MSB. of. BolwheUs Cornwall, v, 160. 

BUSH, Eev. Paul. R. of Duloe. 

The Case of T. Pooley, the Cornish Well- 
Sinker, etc. See Buckle, H. T. ; Coleridge, Sir 
J. D. ; Holyoake, G. J. 

Note.— Pooley was imprisoned for writing " Blas- 
phemous Words " on the Bev. P. Bush's Gate, in 1857. 

BUTLEE, Eev. D. 

A Sermon [on II Cor., x, 17] occasionally 
preached on the Funeral of Sir C. Shovel. Lond., 
1707, 8°- 

BUTTEBUEGH, Eev. John. F. of St. Martinis, 
Usheard 143|. to 1453. 

AcquietanciaEoberti Parys camerarii prioratus 
pro annual! pensione de Jo. Butteburgh, vicario 
eccl. S. Martini de Leskyrd recepta. Tanner 
MSS. Bodl. Lib., 196, art. 11. 

BYENE, William, F.A.S. b. 1742. d. 24th 
September, 1805. 

Britannia Depicted. A Series of Views (with 
brief descriptions) of the most Interesting and 
Picturesque Objects in Great Britain, the counties 
alphabetically arranged, engraved from Drawings 
by Messrs. Hearne, Farrlngton, Smith, Turner, 
Alexander, etc. By W. Byrne. Lond., T. Cadell 
and W. Davies, 1806-18, obi. fol., 6 parts. 

Note. — Part iv contains 24 Views in Cornwall, 
Engraved from the Drawings of J. Farrington, B.A., 
which serve to illustrate the 3rd vol. of Lysons' " Magna 
Britannia," published at the same time. 

BYEO. Pseud., i.e., Eoby, — . 

BYEON, Eliza. &. Helston, 1767. f?. Shepton- 
Mallet, nth June, 1803. 

The Grace of God manifested in a short account 
of Mrs. E. Byron. Written by her Husband 
[James M. Byron]. Methodist Mag., xxvii, 41-46, 
85-89 (1804). 

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22nd Jan., 1788. &Missolonghi, 19th April, 

The Life of Lord Byron, with his Letters and 
Journals. By Thomas Moore. . .Lond., J. Murray, 
1847, 8°., pp. xix and 735. 

Note.— Letters dated from Falmouth, pp. 83—91. 

BYETH, Eev. Thomas, D.D. B. of JFallasey, 
1834. b. Devonport, 1798. d. Wallasey, 
near Liverpool, 28th Oct., 1849. 
Eemains of Thomas Byrth, D.D. With a 




BYETH, Eev. Thomas. {Con.). 

Memoir of his Life. By the Eev. G. E. Mon- 
crieff. Lond., Thos. Hatcliard, 1851, 8"., pp. v 
and 444. 

Note.- — Dr. Byrth's mother, Mary HoWing, was a 
Cornish lady, and he himself spent many of his early 
years in the Coimty, at Callington, Launceston, etc. 

Description of Cotehele House, Cornwall, a 
Seat of the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe. By 
Eev. T. Byrth. TJie Plymouth Magazine, 1814. 


C, pseud., i.e., Hingeston, Francis. 
C, E. I. C. 

Cotehele House. With Woodcut. Gent. Mag., 
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C, H. A. C. i.e., Crozier, H. A. 

C, J. 0. i.e., Caryl., Eev. J. 

C, M. A. C. 

A Letter about the Scilly Islands. By M. A. C. 
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C, M. C. 

An Antient Tenure in Cornwall illustrated. 
In a Letter dated Kerrier, Cornwall. Gent. Mag., 
Ix, 608 (1790). 

C, M. C. London. 

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iv, -87-93 (1829). 

Love and Innocence, ib., iv, 133-36. 

C, W. E. C[otton ?]. 

The Cottons of Fowey. N. & Q., 1 s., viii, 
317 (1853). 

C^SAE, Eev. Henry. F. of Lostidthiel b. 
1562. cf. Lodge's Life of Sir Julius Ccesar, 
with Memoirs of his Family, pp. 43-48 ; Cooper's 
Ath. Cantab, ii, 86. 

The Lords of Council to the Justices of 
Cornwall, touching the Misconduct of H. Csesar. 
March, 1584. Cottonian MSS, Titus, B. iii, art. 

CAIENECH, St. [ = Carantocus, St.] of Corn- 
wall, flo. 433. d. 16th May. bur. at Dulane, 
in Meath. cf. Bees' Lives of Cambro-British 
Saints, pp. 209-21 1 ; CottonianMSS., Vespasian, 
A. xiv, 4, fol. 90-91, b. veil., 8»., xii cent. ; 
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Nova Legenda Angliae, 1516, fol., ivi. 
Senchus Mor. The Early Brehon Law of 

CAIENECH, St. (Con.). 

Ireland, in "Ancient Laws of Ireland," Govern- 
ment ed., vol. i (1865), vol ii (1869). 

Note. — St. Caimech was one of the original com- 
pilers of this work. cf. ed. 1865, 1, pref., xix ; II. pref,, 

CALAMY, Eev. Edmund, D.D., the Younger. 
b. 1671. d. 3rd June, 1732. 

The Nonconformist Memorial, &c. By E. 
Calamy. Abridged and Corrected by Samuel 
Palmer. Lond., Harris, 1775, 2 vols., 8°. — 2nd 
ed., 1802, 3 vols., 8". 

NoTE. — Contains List of Cornish Ministers ejected 
or silenced at the Black St. Bartholomew, 1662. lat 
ed., i, 273— 95.— 2nd ed., i, 347—76. 

The Prudence of the Serpent and Innocence 
of the Dove. A Sermon preached at Exon, 
May 6th, 1713, before a numerous assembly of 
the Dissenting Ministers of Devon and Cornwall. 
2nd ed., Lond., J. Clark, 1713, 8°., 4d. Dr. 

CALL, Jambs. 6.1746. d Madras, July 10th, 
1799. cf Gent. Mag., Ixx, pt. i, 181 (1800). 

CALL, Sir John, Bart., M.P., F.E. & A.S.S. 
b. 1732. d. Old Burlington St., London, 7th 
March, 1801. cf Gent. Mag., Ixxi, 282 (1801); 
Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, iv, 612-13; Betham's 
% iv, 227. 

Plans, Elevations, and Section of the Gaol, 
Bridewell, and Sheriff's Ward, lately built at 
Bodmin, in the County of Cornwall. Most grate- 
fully Inscribed to John Howard, Esq. Designed 
by, and executed under the direction of, John 
Call, Esq., one of y'= Justices of the County, 
1779. Scale, f inch to 10 feet. 

An Account of Enquiries respecting the Subject 
of Population. Letter, dated Whiteford House, 
21st June, 1798. Let. and Papers of Bath and 
West Engl. Soc., ix, 245-57. 

The Population of Cornwall and Devon. Cmn- 
munications to the Board of Agriculture, vol. vi., 
pt. 1. 

A Letter from J. Call, Esq., to N. Maskelyne, 
F.E.S., containing a Sketch of the Signs of the 
Zodiac, found in a Pagoda, near Cape Comorin, 
in India. Philos. Trans., Ixii, 353-56 (1772). 

Mr. Sulivan's and Mr. Call's Plans for the 
Liquidation of the Company's Debts in India, 
1784. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 12567. 

CALL, Sir William Pratt, Bart, (son of the 
preceding). 6 Nov., 1781. A Whiteford House, 
CaUington, 3rd Dec., 1851. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xxxvii, 186 (1852). 




CALMADY, Vincent, of Wenbury, Devon, d. 

Land granted for the continuance of one Obit 
in the Borough of Launceston (31st May, 1557), 
for Vincent Calmady. Had. MSS., 606, art. 

CAMDEN, William, h. London, 2nd May, 
1551. d. Chiselhurst, 9th Nov., 1623, 

Camden's Britannia, newly Translated into 
English, with large Additions and Improvements. 
Published by Edmund Gibson [afterwards Bishop 
of London]. Lond., 1695, fol. — 2nd ed.. Re- 
vised, with large Additions, 1722, 2 vols., fol. 

Britannia, or a Description of England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland. Ed. by Richard Gough. With 
Maps by Robert Morden. Lond., 1789, 4 vols., 
fol. — 2nd ed., Lond., Stockdale, 1806, 4 vols., 
fol., £16. 16s. 

Note. — In vol. 1 (2iided.), 32 Pages on Cornwall, 1 
Map and 1 Plate ; in vol 4, 4 Pages on Scilly. 

CAMELFORD, Lord. See Pitt, Thomas. 

CANDLER, Baeth. 

Letters to Dr. Halley, dated Launceston, 16th 
Aug., 1722. fol., pp. 3. 

Note. — In possession of Eoyal Soc. of London. 

CAPERN, Edward. The Postman h. Bideford. 

Wayside Warbles. By E. Capern, Rural 
Postman of Bideford, Devon. Lond., Low & 
Co., 1865, 8°., pp. vii and 207. 

Note. — Contains " Cornish Bards,'' "Land's End," 
and the " Legend of the Logan." 

Cairnech, St. 

-CARDEW, Rev. Cornelius, D.D., 1786. V. 

of St. Erme. b. Liskeard, 13th February, 

1748. d. Barnstaple, 17th Sept., 1831. cf. 

Gent. Mag., ci, pt. ii, 376 (1831) ; Folwhele's 

Cornwall, v, 64, 191; Annual Biog., 1833, pp. 


A Sermon preached at Truro, before a Pro- 
vincial Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted 
■ Masons, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, 
by the Rev. C. Cardew, M.A., Master of the 
Grammar School at Truro. Lond., Printed and 
Sold by W. Richardson, 68, High Holbom; 
■Truro, 1777,8°., 1/-. 

; A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Chapel, 
'Penzance, at the Visitation of the Bishop of 
^Exeter in 1782 [on Matt, v, 13]. 1782, 4"., 1/-. 

A Sermon preached at the Assizes holden for 
the County of Cornwall, at Bodmin, before the 
Hon. Mr. Justice Grose and Mr. Baron Thomp- 
son, on Tuesday, July 26th, 1796. By C. 

CABDE'W, Eb7. OoENEnns. (Con.). 

Cardew... Published at the request of the High 
Sheriff and Grand Jury. Truro, Printed and 
Sold by W. Harry ; Sold also by W. Richardson, 
Lond. ; n.d. [1796], 4"., pp. 20, 1/-. 

Note. — Dedicated to John Enys, High Sheriff, and 
the Grand Jury. 

A Sermon [on Acts, x, 38] preached at the 
Parish Church of St. Mary, in Truro, before the 
Governors of the Cornwall General Infirmary, 
on its being Opened for the Reception of Patients, 
Monday, August 12th, 1799, by the Rev. C. 
Cardew, one of the Chaplains in Ordinary to 
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Pub- 
lished at the Request of the Governors then 
present. Truro, Printed and Sold by J. Tre- 
gonning; Lond., J. Wallis ; 1799, 4"., price 1/6, 
for the Benefit of the Infirmary. 

CARDEW, Rev. John Haydon (son of the 
preceding). It. of Curry Malet, near Taunton, 
b. Truro, 16th Feb., 1773. d. Curry Malet, 
8th Nov., 1853. 

Be ye of good Courage, and Play the Men. 
A Sermon [on II Sam., x, 12] preached in the 
Parish Church of St. Gluvias, Cornwall, Oct. 
19th, 1803, being the day appointed for a 
General Fast, by J. H. Cardew, M.A., Curate 
of St. Gluvias and Rector of Curry Mallet, 
Somerset. Falmouth, Printed by S. Harris, 
1803, 4°., pp. 21. 

Note. — Dedicated to the "Worshipful the Mayor and 
Aldermen of Penrjn, Sir William Elford, Bart., M.P., 
and others. 


Pedigrees of Carew Family. Harl. MSS., 
380, art. 37-50, pp. 85-102; MSS Coll. Oxf 
Beg. Ixxi, Ixxiv. 

Descent of Carew, &c. ib., 1074, art. 65, 
1079, p. 245, et seq., 1393, art. 72. 

Pedigree of Carewe, of Carewe Castle, Co. 
Pembroke, and Mohuns Ottery, Co. Devon, 
with the Branch of Antony and others. [Middle 
Hill, 1830], fol., s. sh. Br. Museum. 

CAREW, Sir Alexander, Bart, (eldest son of 

Sir B. Carew, Bart.). MP. for Cornwall, b. 

1610. Execided Tower Hill, 23rd Dec, 1644. 

cf. Clarendon! s Hist, of Eebellion, ed. 1819, ii, 

175-77, 522; Kippis' Biog. Brit. 

The Speech or Confession of Sir Alexander 
Carew, Bart., who was beheaded on Tower Hill, 
on Monday, Dec. 23rd, 1644. Lond., Printed 
for Thos. Bates, at the Maiden-head, on Snow 
Hill, neere the Conduit; and J. W. J., in the 
Old Baily ; 1644, sm. 4°., pp. 8. 

England's Black Tribunall set forth in the 




CAEEW, Sir Aiexandee. (Con.). 

Trial of K. Charles I, &c. ; also the several 
Dying Speeches of the Nobility and Gentry as 
were Inhumanely put to Death for their Loyalty 
to their Sovereign Lord the King, from 1642 to 
1658 (Earl of Strafford, Sir Alexander Carew, 
and others). Lond., J. Playford, 1660, 8". 

Note. — Sir A. Carew's Trial and Speech, pp. 97 — 

CAEEW, Sir George {younger brother of the 
historian). Master of Chancery and Court of 
Hoards, h. East Anthony, d. Friday, 13th 
Nov., 1612. cf. Kippis' Biog. Brit; Aikin's 
Gen. Biog. ; Chalmers'. 

An Historical View of the Negociations be- 
tween the Courts of England, France, and 
Brussels, from the year 1592 to 1617. ..To which 
is added, A Relation of the state of Fraijce, 
with the characters of Henry IV and the 
principal persons of that Court, drawn up by 
Sir George Carew, upon his return from his 
Embassy there in 1609, and addressed to King 
.Tames I. Never before printed. By Thomas 
Birch, M.A., F.RS., and Rector of the United 
Parishes of St. Margaret,. Pattens, and St. 
Gabriel, Fenchurch. Lond., p)rinted for A. 
Millar, opposite to Katharine Street, in the 
Strand, 1749, 8°., pp. xxiv and 528. 

Note. — A Eelation of the State of Prance, pp. 415 
— 528. Preface, pp. xvi — xix, contains account of Sir 
Ct. Carew. 

Illustris viri J. A. Thuani...historiarum sui 
temporis, ab Anno Domini 1543, usque ad an- 
UTim 1607, libri cxxxviii, 5 Tom. Genevse, 
1020-21, fol. 

Note. — The materials for the cxxi book (concerning 
Poland) were communicated by Sir G-. Carew. 

CAREW, Sir George, Knight (son of Ber. 
George Carew, D.D., Bean of Windsor, &c.). or. 
Earl of Totnes, 7th Feb., 1625-26. h. Devon- 
shire, 1558. d. Savoy, London, 27th March, 

Grant from the Crown to Sir G. Carey to Buy 
Tin of the Cornish Tinners previous to any 
other Purchasers. 1577. Lansd. MSS., 24-, art 
44 and 48. 

Sir G. Carey's Notes concerning the Queen's 
Tin in Cornwall and Devonshire. 1577. ib , 24 
mi. 47. 

A Remonstrance against the Grant to Sir G. 
Carey for the Preemption of Cornish Tin. 1577 
ib., 24, art. 50. See Halford, Mr. 

Sir G. Carew's Suit for a Lease of Her 
Majesty's Right of Preemption of Tin in Devon 
and Cornwall for a Yearly Rent. 1597. ib., 85, 
art. 46. 

CAREW, Hugh. Pseud., i.e., Desmaizeaux 

CAREW, James. 

Letter of King Henry VIII. See Bosvian, T, 

CAREW, John. 

J. Carew to Mr. Camden, Clarencieux King 
at Arms, concerning his Coat. . Anthony, 6th 
Nov., 1620. Earl. MSS., 7000, art. 4, pp. 15- 

CAREW, Sir Matthew (uncle of the historian), 
b. Cornwall, bur. St. Dunstan's in the West, 
London, 2nd Aug., 1618. cf. Collectanea Topog. 
et Geneal, v, 206-208; White's Endowed 
Charities of London, pp. 349-50 ; Earl. MSS., 
1196, art. 149-151. 

Extract from a Book of Annals lent to Robert 
Glover by Dr. M. Carew, March, 1585. Tanner 
MSS. ; Bod. Lib., 12, art. 9, fol. 46b-48b. 

CAREW, Right Honble. Reginald Pole, 
F.R.S., M.P. (eldest son of Reginald Pole, of 
Stoke Damerel). Assumed the Name of Carew. 
b. Stoke Damerel, 28th July, 1753. d. Antony, 
3rd Jan., 1835. cf. Gent. Mag., iii, 318 (1835). 
Sonnet addressed to R. P. Carew, Esq.; by 

Rev. T. Warwick, L.L.B. European Mag., v, 224 

Antiquities discovered at Hallwick and Tre- 

nowethinl793. 2 Plates. ^rcAaeo/., xvi, 137-8 


An Account of certain Hill Castles. Set 

Rashleigh, Rev. P. 

Catalogue of the Collections of Etchings by 

Rembrandt, the property of the late Right Hon, 

R. P. Carew. Sold by Mr. Wheatley, 1835, 8". 

CAREW, Richard {eldest son of Thomas Carew), 
b. East Antonie, 1555. d. East Antonie, 6th 
Nov., 1620. cf Fuller, ed. 1811, i, 218; ^fo' 
Wood, ii, 284-87; Chalmers'; Biog. Brit; A 
Collect of curious Discourses, with Pref., by T. 
Eearne, 1773, i, 267, ii, 425-26 ; Kippis' Biog., 
Brit; C. Fitzgeff'njs Affanice, Book iii; J, 
Dunbar's Epigrammata, cent 6, No. 53. 

Godfray of Bvlloigne, or the Recouerie of 
Heirvsalem. An Heroicall Poeme, written in 
Italian by Seig. Torquato Tasso, and Translated 
into English by R[ichard] C[arew], Esquire; 
and now the First Part, containing Five Cantos, 
Imprinted in both Languages. London, Im- 
printed by John Windet for Christopher Hunt, 
of Exeter, 1594, 4"., 119 leaves. 

Note.— c/. Itetrospective Rev., iii, 32 — 50 ; British 
Bibliographer, i, 80. 




OAEEW, E:cHAHD. (Con.). 

Examen de Ingenios. The Examination of 
Men's Wits, in which, by discouering the varietie 
of Natures, is shewn for what Profession each 
one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein. 
By JohnxHuarte. Translated out of the Spanish 
Tongue by M. Camillo Camilli ; Englished out 
of Ms Italian by E[ichardl Cfarew], Esquire. 
Lond., 1594, 4". 

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., Printed by 
Adam Islip, 1596, 4"., pp. 333. Dr. Williams; 
Maiichester Free Lib. 

Note. — Dedicated to " Sir F Godolphin, Knight, 
one of the Deputie Lievtenants of Cornwall " ; com- 
mences " Good Sir, your Booke returneth vnto you clad 
in a Cornish Gabardine." A scarce edition. 

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., Printed by 
Adam Islip, 1604, 4°., pp. 333. Br. Museum. 

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., 1616, 4°. 

A Herring's Tayle; contayning a Poetical 
Fiction of Divers Matters worthie the reading. 
[By R C.]. At London, Printed for Matthew 
Lowness, 1598, 4°., 18 leaves. Bod. Lib. 

The Survey of Cornwall. Written by Richard 
Carew, of Antonie, Esq. London, Printed by 
S. S. for John Jaggard, and are to bee Sold 
neere Temple-barre, at the Signe of the Hand 
and Starrs. 1602, sm. 4°., 159 leaves, paged on 
one side only. 

The Survey of Cornwall, and an Epistle con- 
cerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue, 
now -first Published from the Manuscript. By 
Richard Carew, of Antonie, Esq. ; with the Life 
of the Author by H ■' * •■' * C * -■' * ='^ *, Esq. 
[2}seud., i.e., Pierre Des Maiseaux]. Lond., 
Printed for Samuel Chapman, at the Angel, in 
Pallmall; David Browne, jun., at the Black 
Swan, without Temple Bar ; and James Wood- 
man, at Cambden's Head, in Bow Street, Covent 
Garden; 1723, 4^., pp. xxviii, and 159 leaves 
paged on one side only. 

The Survey of Cornwall, and an Epistle 
concerning the Excellencies of the English 
Tongue. By R Carew, of Antonie, Esq. ; with 
the Life of the Author by H * '"^ * * C * * * * *, 
Esq. ; a new edition. London, Printed for B. 
Law, in Ave Maria Lane; and J. Hewett, at 
Penzance; 1769, 4°., pp. xxxii, and 164 leaves 
paged on one side only. 

Note. — A Copy in the Lib. of the Boyal Instit. 
of Cornwall has an MSS. Index. 

Carew's Survey of Cornwall ; to which are 
added Notes Illustrative of its History and 
Antiquities, by the late Thomas Tonkin, Esq., 
and now first Published from the Original 
|ilanuscripts by Francis Lord De Dunstanville. 
Likewise a Journal or Minutes of the Convoca- 
tion or Parliament of Tinners for the Stannaries 
of Cornwall, held at Truro, in the year 1710, 

CAEEW, BiOHAKD. {Con.). 

the Grant of the Sheriffalty to Edward, Duke 
of Cornwall, etc. Lond., Printed by T. Bensley, 
Bolt-court, Fleet-street, for J. Faulder, New 
Bond Street ; Plymouth, Eees and Curtis ; 1811, 
4°., pp. xxxix and 459, 42/-. 

Note. — For an Index to this Work see D. Gilbert's 
Cornwall, iv, 381—92. 

The True and Eeadie way to Learne the Latine 
Tongue attested by three excellently Learned 
and approved Authours of three Nations, viz : — 
Eilhardus Lubinus, a German, Mr. Richard Carew, 
of Anthony, and the French Lord of Mon- 
taigne. Presented to the unpartiall both Publick 
and Private Considerations of those that seek 
the Advancement of Learning in these Nations. 
By Samuel Hartlib, Esq. Lond., Printed by R. 
and W. Leybourn, for the Common-wealth of 
Learning, 1654, 4"., pp. 52. 

Note. — Dedicated to Francis Eous. Carew's paper 
comprised in pp. 45 — 49. 

The Excellencie of the English Tongue. By 
R. C, of Antony, Esq., to W. Camden, in 
" Remaines concerning Britaine, their Language, 
etc." Written by William Camden. 5th ed. 
(1637), pp. 36-44. 

Note. — E. Carew's Essay first appeared in the 2nd 
ed. of Camden's Remainer,, 1605, 4°. ; it exists in Manu- 
script in Gottonian MSS., Julius, F. xi, art. 12, fol. 

An Epistle of Richard Carew, Esq., concerning 
the Excellencies of the English Tongue. Lond., 
Printed in the year 1723, 4°., pp. 13. 

Note. — This was printed with the 1723 ed. of " The 
Survey," and is mentioned in the general title to that 
work. With "The Survey," published in 1769, "An 
Epistle " also reappeared, but it still bore the date of 
1728 ; whether the year were retained by mistake, or 
whether the Title were intended to have been a fac- 
simile of the previous print, is not known. 

An Apology of the Treatise de non temer- 
andis ecclesiis against a Treatise by an unknown 
author, written against it in some particulars. 
By Sir H. Spelman, Knight. Also his Epistle 
to Richard Carew, Esquire, of Antony, in Corn- 
wall, concerning Tithes. London, printed by 
J. L., for Philemon Stephens, and are to be 
sold at his shop, in Paul's Churchyard, at the 
signe of the Gilded Lion. 1646, 4". 


-To the Eeader, J sheet. 
The Apology, 1| sheets, then pp. 27. 

Tythes too hot to be touched; or certain 
Treatises wherein is shewn that Tythes are due 
by the Law of Nature, Scripture, and Nations ; 
therefore neither Jewish, Popish, nor incon- 
venient. Written by Sir Henry Spelman, Knight, 
and others, containing : — I, The Larger Book of 
Tythes. II, An Apology of the 'Treatise De 
non temerandis Ecclesiis. Ill, An Epistle to Mr. 





CAEEW, EiOHAED. (Con.). 

Richard Carew, concerning Tythes [dated " Lon- 
dini, 18th Sept., 1615"]. ..(Edited by Rev. 
Jeremiah Stephens). Lond., 1660, 4°. cf. 
Spehiaris English JForh, 1723, fol., pp. 37-38. 

A Friend's Remembrance of Sir Richard 
Edgecumbe, with several Poems and a Letter 
against the Supremacy of the Pope. By R. 
Carew. MSS. formerly penes Rev. John Prince. 
cf. Sir E. Brydges' Peerage, v, 322-27. 

Complimentary Lines by R. Carew, prefixed to 
" Certain Psalms in English Metre." By Michael 
Cosowarth. Earl MSS., 6906. 

Original Letter from R. Carew to Sir R. 
Cotton, dated Antony, 7th April, 1605. Gent. 
Mag., lix, 227 (1789). cf. Letters of Eminent 
Literary Men, Pub. by Camden Soc, 1843, pp. 
98-100; Archaeol., i, Introcl. 

Note. — The Original Letter is in the Cottonian MSS. 
Julius, C. iii, 30b. 

Original Letter from R. Carew to W. Camden, 
1606. Cottonian MSS., Julius, 0. v, 33. 

Sonnet to R. Carew, at the end of " Sundry 
Christian Passions." By Henry Lok, 1597, 4°- 

CAREW, Sir Richard, Bakt. (son of the pre- 
ceding). Created Baronet 9th Aug., 1642. 

The Voyce of the Lord in the Temple [i.e., 
the Church of St. Anthony], etc. Lond., 1640, 
4°. See Bache, Rev. A. 

Excellent helps really found out, tried, and 
had, whereof the parties hereafter mentioned 
are true and sufficient witnesses, by a Warming 
Stone... useful and comfortable for the Colds of 
Aged and Sick people, and for women with 
child or in childbed, and for Sucking and Young 
children, ... as also for Fluxes, Rheumes, Collicks, 
Ruptures, and many other infirmities, etc. Pub- 
lished by Sir Richard Carew, Barronet, for the 
Honour of God, from whom every good gift 
comes, and for the good of all people, from the 
New-born Babe to the Decrepit and Decaying 
Old Man. Lond., Printed for John Bartlet, 
1652, 4°., pp. 8. — 3rd ed., with some experi- 
ments newly added, 1660, 4°., pp. 8. 

The Warming Stone first found out by Sir 
R. C, Baronet, who was himself cured of several 
Distempers by it ; and by the use thereof cured 
many thousands in the West, &c. Lond., Printed 
for Thomas Rooks, in Gresham CoUedg, next 
the Stairs, entering upon the Exchange, n.d. 
[1670 q, 8°., pp. 16. 

CAREW, Rev. Thomas. R. of Hatfield Peverel, 
Essex, b. Cornwall; living in 1605. cf. B. 
Brook's Lives of the Puritans, ii, 166-68. 
Several Sermons. 1603, 4''. 
Four Godly Sermons. 1605, 4°. 

CAREY, John, L.L.D. h. Ireland, 1756. d. 

Prospect Place, Lambeth, 8th Dec, 1829. 

A Clue for Young Latinists and Non-Latinists 
to trace the Original Forms and Signification of 
Nouns and Verbs from their terminations, Alpha- 
betically arranged, with Explanatory References 
to the Grammar. Lond., Printed for Longman, 
1821, 8"., pp. 68. 

The GreekTerminations (including the Dialects 
and Poetic Licences) Alphabetically arranged and 
Grammatically explained... Lond., Printed for 
Longman, 1821, 8"., pp. viii and 160. 

Note. — The above works were compiled for the iise 
of John Davies Gilbert, of Trelissiot. 

CARGILL, Mrs., nie Brown. Actress and 


The Wreck. A Poem. cf. Mrs. HemanJ 
Poems, ed. 1852, pp. 373-74; Selector or Cornish 
Mag., i, 71 (1826); Eurojyean Mag., v, 236, 
(1784); Gent. Mag., liv, pt. i, 227, 235, 307, 

Note. — Mrs. Cargill was wrecked off Scilly, on her 
return from India in the "Nancy," East Indiaman, in 
1784; her body was found floating with her infant 
clasped in her arms and covered with the mother's 
long hair. 

CARLISLE, Christopher (son of Alexander 
Carlisle, Citizen and Vintner of London), h. 
Cornwall? d. London, 11th Nov., 1593. cf 
Bliss' Wood, i, 336; Tanner, p. 154; Lodge's 
Illustrations of British History (1791), ii, 291; 
Cooper's Ath. Cantab., ii, 161-63. 

A Briefe and Summary Discourse upon the 
intended Voyage to the hithermost parts of 
America. Written by Captain Carlile, in April, 
1583. Haykluyt, iii, 182-87. 

Christopher Carleill's Suit to Lord Burghley 
for a Commission to Seize Spanish Goods. 1590. 
Lansd. MSS., 64, art. 54. 

A Discourse on the discovery of the hithermost 
parts of America. Written by Capt. CarleiU to 
the Citizens of London, ib., 100, art. 14. 

Captain Carlisle's account of advantages to 
the Realm from a sudden seizure of Books, 
Letters, Papers, &c., of the Low-Country people 
residing and inhabiting under the obedience of 
the King of Spain, with answers to objections. 
ib., 113, art. 7. 

A Note of certain defects in the instructions 
and preparations for Captain Carlisle's Voyage 
to China, &c., to be supplied. Cottonian MSS., 
Otho, E. viii, art. 60. 

The Heroical Devices of M. Claudius Paradin, 
Canon of Beavieu. . .Translated out of Latin into 
English by P. S. Lond., W. Kearney, 1591, 

Note. — Dedicated to Capt. Christopher Carlile. cf. 
MouWs JBibl. Herald, p. 39. 




CARLISLE, Nicholas, F.R.S. b. York (1), 
1771. d. Margate, 27tli Aug., 1847. 

A Concise Description of the Endowed Gram- 
mar Schools in England and Wales. Ornamented 
with engravings. Lend., Baldwin, 1818, 2 
vols., 8". 

Note. — tiornish Schools, i, 137—51. 

CARLYON, Clement, M.D. b. Truro, 14th 
April, 1777. d. Truro, 5th March, 1864. cf. 
West Briton, 1 1th March (by Dr. Barham) ; 
Gent. Mag., xvi, 797-98 (1864). 

Latin Letters to the Vice Chancellor of Cam- 
bridge. By C. Carlyon, Travelling Fellow of 
Pembroke College. Gottingen, 1799-1800. 

Observations on the Endemic Typhus Fever 
of Cornwall, and its connection with the want 
of cleanliness about the habitations chiefly of 
the Lower Classes of Society, with some remarks 
tending to the Improvement of the Domestic 
Economy of Cottagers. Truro, Printed and 
Published by J. Carthew, County Library; Lond., 
Longman; 1827, 8°., pp. 50. 

Early Years and Late Reflections. Lond., 
Whittaker, 1836, 1843, 2 vols., 8°., 16/.— 2nd 
ed., 1856-58, 4 vols., post 8"., 6/-. each. 

Scripture Notices and Proofs, etc. Lond., 
Whittaker, 1838, 8"., pp. 286, 10/6. 

Note.— Dedicated to the CouBtess of Falmouth. 

Observations on the Potatoe Blight, its nature 
and appropriate Antidote. By C. Carlyon. Truro, 
1847, 12°., pp. 24. 

A few words of advice to Cottagers and 
others on the Management of Bees. Truro, 
Royal Gazette Office, 1848, 8"., pp. 23, 6d. 

The Life of Bernard Gilpin. By WUham 
Gilpin, with an Introductory Preface by C. 
Carlyon. Lond., 1854, 8" 

Precepts for the Preservation of Health, Life, 
and Happiness, Medical and Moral (sure and 
certain methods of obtaining a long and healthful 
Life. Written originally in Italian by Louis 
Cornaro, a Noble Venetian, and made English. 
Fifth Edition). Lond., Whittaker, 1859, 12"., 
pp. xiv and 301. 

Note. — The portion given in hrackets is the title- 
page of Oornaro's sure and certain Method, dated 1837, 
and is contained in pp. 165—301. The work is dedicated 
to 'William Coulson, Esquire. 

A Wreath of Flowers from the Garden of the 
Lord. Lond., Wertheim and Co., 1860. 

The Church of England's Rotten Plank. Lond., 
Whittaker, 1861, 12°., pp. SI, 1/-- 

A few more words of earnest expostulation 
addressed to the Bishops and other learned 
Clerks and Laymen of the Church of England 
[being remarks on the Athanasian Creed, as set 
forth in the Book of Common Prayer]. Lond., 

CAELYON, Clement. [Con.). 

Whittaker and Co., 1863, 12°., pp. 42, 6d. 

Note.— Dedicated to Bt. Rev. E. H. Browne, Bp. of 


A last attempt to give to the Prayer Book of 
the Church of England its due weight. Lond., 
Whittaker and Co., 1864, 12°., pp. 40, 6d. 

On the Diseases peculiar to Miners. Bep. 
B.O.P. Soc, 1835, p. 33. 

Notice of an Interesting Fact in Natural 
History. Bep. B.I.C., 1844, p. 25. 

CARLYON, Rev. Clement Winstanley. B. 
of St. Just in Boseland, 15th Nov., 1836. b. 

Notes on the Parish of St. Anthony in Rose- 
land, and its Restored Church, etc. By L. S. 
Boyne, St. Mawes ; with Illustrations by the 
Rev. C. W. Carlyon. Lond., Truscott, 1852, 

CARLYON, Edmund, b. St. Mawgan in Pydar. 

Short Treatise on the mode of assessing Tithe 
Commutation Rent Charges to Parish Rates. St. 
Austell, 1842, 8°., 1/-. 

Table of Fees to be taken in the County Courts 
under the new orders, &c., &c. 2nd ed., revised 
and improved, St. Austell, Andrew (late Hennah) ; 
J. Crockford, London; 1851, 8°., pp. 26. 

CARLYON, Edward Augustus (ind Son of 
Col. Edward Carlyon, of Tregrchan). Barrister. 
Now in New Zealand. 

The Laws and Practice of Whist. By Coelebs, 
M.A. [i.e., A. E. Carlyon]. Lond., Saunders and 
Otley, 1851, 12°., pp. 82.— Lond., 1858, 18°. 

CARLYON, Miss Ellen (daughter of the Bev. 

Philip Carlyon). b. Truro. 

Simple Stories for Children. Lond., Christ. 
Know. Soc, 1861, 8°., 1/-. 

Winnie's Childhood. A Child's Story. Lond., 
Christ. Know. Soc, 1861, 8°., 6d. 

Christie. A Tale. Lond., Christ. Know. Soc, 
1864, 8°., 1/6. 

Amy's Garden. A Tale. Lond., W. Macintosh 
[1864], 18°., 3d. 

CARLYON, Rev. John, LL.D. B. of Bradwell, 
Essex, h. Tregrehan, 4th June, 1722. d. 
Truro, 23 Sept., 1798. cf Gent. Mag., Ixviii, 
pt. ii, 908 (1798); Ixxxviii, pt. i, 381, 644 

CARLYON, Rev. Philip, M.A. V. of 
beach St. Mary. b. St. Mawgan in Pydar, 1811. 
A Sermon [on Isaiah, xxvi, 1 & 2] preached 

in the Parish Church of Nayland, for the benefit 




CABLYON, Rev. Philip. (Con.). 

of the National School. Ipswich, Deck, 1837, 8°. 

A Plain Catechism on the Church, etc. Lond., 
Mozley, 1849, 8°., 2d. 

The Lay Member's Guide in visiting the sick 
and poor. Chiefly compiled from various authors, 
by M. A. M. [Revised by Rev. P. Carlyon, 
Minister of St. James's, Exeter]. Exeter, A. 
Holden, High Street ; and London, Rivingtons ; 
1851, 8"., pp. 215, 3/-. 

A Sermon preached at the Primary Visitation 
of the Venerable Archdeacon Downall, at Plym- 
outh, by Rev. P. Carlyon, Vicar of Widdecombe- 
in-Moor. Plymouth, Lidstone, 1859, 8°. 

A Catechism on Confirmation, or Six Weeks' 
Preparation by Pastor and Candidate. Lond., 
Mozley, 1868, sm. 8°., l|d. 

The Devil's Miracles and how to know them. 
By Rev. P. Carlyon, Vicar of Widdecombe-in- 
the-Moor, &c. Lond., Rivingtons, 1868, sm. 8°., 
pp. 36, 1/-. 

On the Churches of St. Columb Major and 
St. Mawgan in Pydar. By Rev. P. Carlyon, 
R. of St. Mawgan. 9 vignettes. Trails. Exeter 
D.A. Soc, ii, 153 (1847). 

Notes on some Foreign Churches, ib. 

The Nomenclature and Principles of Church 
Architecture, ib. 

Church Symbolism in Verse. [Anon], ib. 

CARLYON, Rev. Thomas. B. of St. Mary's, 
Truro, and, V. of Probiis. b. Truro, 12th May, 
1765. d. Truro, 1st Feb., 1826. cf Gent. 
Mag. (by Rev. R. Polwhele), xcvi, pt. i, 106, 
369 (1826). 

On a Sermon by Rev. T. Carlyon. 1809. 
See Kelk, Rev. T. 

CARMINOW Pedigree, etc. cf Gent. Mag., 
xcii, 134, 302-3 (1822); Journ. B.I.G., 1866, 
p. 143-49; Harl. MSS., 1074, art. 201, 1164, 
p. 81 ; Gottonian MSS., Julius, F. ix, art. 7 ; 
Niclwls' GoUectanea, i, 319. 

CARMINOW, Sir Ralph (eldest Son of Walter 
Garminow). d. circa 1386-87. 

The Will of Sir. R. Carminow. Sir. N. H. 
Nicolas' Testamenta Vetusta, i, 121. 

CARMINOW, William (2nd 'Son of Walter Gar- 
minow). cf. Proc. of Privy Gouncil (Ed. Sir 
N. H. Nicolas), i, 40. 

The Pedigree of Wm. Carminow, who died 
8 Hen. IV. Harl. MSS., 6082, art. 10. 

CARNE, Miss Elizabeth {ith daughter of Jos. 
Came). I. Penzance, 1817. 

Three Month's Rest at Pau, in the Winter 

CAENE, MiS3 Elizabeth. {Con.). 

and Spring of 1859. By John Altrayd Wittit- 
terly {i.e., Miss Elizabeth Carne]. Lond., Bell 
and Daldy, 1860, 8"., pp. 267. 

Country Towns and the place they fill in 
modern civilization. By the Author of Three 
Month's Rest at Pau. Lond., Bell & Daldy, 
1868, 8°., pp. 195, 3/-. 

The evidence to be derived from Cliff Boulders 
with regard to a former condition of the land 
and sea in the Land's End district. Trans. 
B.G.S.G., vii, 369-78 (1860). 

Enquiry into the age of that part of the dis- 
trict of the Maritime Alps which surrounds 
Mentone. ib., vii, 433. 

CARNE, Rev. James, D.D., of Oriel Coll., 
Oxford (Uh Son of Will. Game). V. of 
Gharles, Plymouth. h. Penzance or Truro, 
18th Jan., 1794, d. Plymouth, 14th Aug., 

A Tour through Cornwall. MSS. (1). 

CARNE, John {2nd Son of Will. Game), h. 
1789. d. Penzance, 19th April, 1844. cf 
Maunder; Gent. Mag., xxi, 656(1844); Jer- 
danJs Autobiography, iii, 213. 

Poems containing The Indian and Lazarus. 
Anon. Lond., Baldwin, 1820, 12°. 

Letters from the East. Lond., H. Colbum, 
1826, 8°., pp. xxiii and 593, 18/-. 

Letters from the East, written during a recent 
Tour through Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, the Holy 
Land, Syria, and Greece. 2nd ed., Lond., H. 
Colbum, 1826, 2 vols., post 8"., 18/-.— 3rd. ed., 
1830, 2 vols., 8°., 18/-. 

Note. — These letters were first published in the 
New Monthly Magazine, the author receiving 20 guineas 
for each letter. 

Tales of the West, by the Author of Letters 
from the East. Lond., H. Colbum, 1828, 2 vols., 
post 8°., 21/-. 

Stratton Hill. A Tale of the Civil War. 
Lond., Colburn and Bentley, 1829, 3 vols., post 
8"., 31/6. 

Recollections of Travels in the East, forming 
a continuation of the Letters from the East. 
Lond., Colburn & Bentley, 1830, post 8"., pp. 
xii and 348, 10/6. 

The Exiles of Palestine. A Tale of the Holy 
Land. Lond., Saunders and Otley, 1831, 3 vols., 
post 8°., 31/6. 

Lives of Eminent Missionaries. Lond., Fisher, 
Son, and Jackson, vol. i, 1832, vol. ii, 1833, 
vol. iii (Lives of Eminent Roman Catholic 
Missionaries), 1835; being vols, vi, viii, and x 
of The Select Library, 8". 

Note. — Dedication to vol. i, signed and dated 
Eenegie, Penzance, 20th June, 1832. 




CAENE, John. {Con.). 

Letters from Switzerland and Italy during a 
late Tour. Lond., Colburn, 1834, 8°., pp. xii 
and 472, 15/-. 

Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, &c. Illus- 
trated in a Series of Views, drawn from nature 
by W. H. Bartlett, William Purser, &c. With 
description of the plates by J. Carne. 37 en- 
gravings. Lond., Fisher [1836-38], 3 vols., 
4"., 36/-.— Lond,, 1853, 8°.— Lond., 1861-63,8°. 

La Terre Sainte, L' Asie Mineure, &c. lUus- 
tr6es, une serie de vues dessin^es d'aprfes nature 
pa,r W. H. Bartlett, William Purser, &c. Les ex- 
plications des gravures par J. Carne. Traduit 
de r Anglais par Alexander Sosson. Londres, 
Paris, Amerique, Fisher, 1836, 4°. 

Lives of Eminent Missionaries. Lond., Fisher, 
vol. i, n.d., vol. ii, 1844, 8". (part of EngUsh- 
woman's Family Library). 

Note. — The dedication to the series in the Select 
Library is reprinted in vol. i. 

Lives of Eminent Missionaries. Lond., Robert 
Washbourne, 18, Paternoster Eow, 1852, 3 vols., 
12°., 9/-. 

Ten Letters from Ireland. A Paper in No. 
232 of . 

Six Letters on Lunacy in France. A Paper in 
No. 232 of . 

Note. — The two preceding were bequeathed to the 
Penzance Library by the Eev. J. Carne. 

Memoirs of Mr. Richard Trewavas, Sen., of 
Mousehole, Cornwall : to which is prefixed an 
Account of Methodism in Mousehole. By R. 
Treffry. Lend.. ..J. Mason, 1839, 12°., pp. 196. 

Note. — The Account of Methodism in Mousehole, 
pp. 5 — 51, was chiefly supplied by J. Carne. 

CAENE, Rev. John, M.A. (grandson of Will. 
Carne). V. of Eglos-Merther. b. Penzance, 
11th Jan., 1824. d. Penzance, 20th May, 1868. 

An Order of Metrical Psalms for Sundays 
and other Holy-days, and for some other oc- 
casions ; together with some Rules for the use 
of the Collects and Lessons. Truro, J. R. 
Netherton [printed] ; London, J. & C. Mozley ; 
1856, 12°., pp. 42, 1/-. 

The Identification of the Manor of Ridwri. 
Journ of B.I.C., 1864, Oct., p. 1; 1865, April, 
p. 41. 

An Attempt to Identify the Domesday Manors 
in Cornw. ih., 1865, Oct., p. 11-59; 1867, 
p. 219. 

The Bishopric of Cornwall, ib., 1867, p. 

Memoir of the late Joseph Carne, Esq. Gent. 
Mag., V, 638 (1858). 

CARNE, Joseph, F.R.S. (eldest Son of mil. 
Carne). b. Penzance, 1782. d. Penzance, 12th 
Oct., 1858. cf Gent. Mag., v, 638 (by Rev. 
John Carne), 1858. Mem. of B. Treffry, Jim., 
ed. 1839, pp. 207, 257 ; Hannah's Memorials 
of Rev. T. Lessey, pp. 183, 333. 

On Elvan Courses. Trans. B.G.S.G.,i, 97-106, 
241 (1816-1818). 

On the Discovery of Silver in the Mines of 
Cornwall. A, i, 118-126 (1817). 

Notice relative to the Formation of Swimming- 
Stone, ib., i, 239-240 (1818). 

On the relative Age of the Veins of Corn- 
wall. 2 Plates, ib., ii, 49-128 (1818). 

On the Mineral Productions and the Geology 
of the Parish of St. Just. Map. . ib., ii, 290-358 

On the Commencement of Copper Mining in 
Cornwall, and on the Improvements which have 
been made in Mining, ib., iii, 35-85 (1824). 

On some Ancient Coins found in the Sands of 
Hayle, and on the deposition of Sand on the 
Northern Coast of Cornwall, ib., iii, 136-149 

On the Granite of the Western part of Corn- 
wall. Map. ib., iii, 208-246 (1827). 

Notice of the work performed by the Steam 
Engines in the Mines of Cornwall, ib., iii, 335. 

A description of the Stream-work at Drift 
Moor, near Penzance, ib., iv, 47-56 (1830). 

On the Discovery of some varieties of Tin-Ore 
in a Vein, which have been considered peculiar 
to Streams ; with remarks on Diluvial Tin in 
general, ib., iv, 95-112 (1830). 

On the Pseudo-morphous Minerals found in 
Cornwall, ib., vi, 24-31 (1841). 

Additional Contributions to the Mineralogy 
of the Parish of St. Just, ib., vi, 47-50. 

On the remains of a Submarine Forest in the 
North-eastern part of Mount's Bay. ib'., vi, 
230-235 (1846). 

On the Geology of the Islands of ScUly. ib., 
vii, 140-154 (1850). 

Notice of a Raised Beach lately discovered in 
Zennor. ib., vii, 176 (1851). 

An Account of the Eelistian Tin Mine. Philos. 
Trans., xcvii, 293-95 ; Nicholson's Journ., xx, 
24-25, (1808). 

Statistics of the Tin Mines in Cornwall, and 
of the Consumption of Tin in Great Britain. 
Journ. Statis. Soc. of Lond., ii, 260-68 (1839). 

Annual Addresses of the President of the 
Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Soc. 
Trans, of the Soc, i, 263, 359 ; ii, 5, 57, 207, 
273 (1849-1855). 

CARNE, Rev. Robert Haekness (son of John 
Carne of Plymouth). B.A. of Exeter 




CAENE, Eet. Bobebt Habkness. (Con.). 

19th Nov, 1806. i. St. Austell? about 1785. 
d. Jersey, 18 — . 

A Series of Letters in Refutation of the 
Socinian Heresy, with an Appendix, containing 
Scripture Proof's of the Deity of Christ, etc. 
By the Rev. R. H. Carne, Curate of Torbryan. 
Exeter, Woolmer, n.d. [1815], 8°., 1/6. 

The Proper Deity and distinct Personalty, 
Agency, and Woi'ship of the Holy Spirit vindi- 
cated against the recent cavils of Messieurs 
Baring, Bevan, Cowan, &c., late seceders from 
the Church of England ; to which is added an 
Appendix on the Doctrines of the Trinity and 
Incarnation, and also an Alphabetical List of 
Fifty Hebrew Titles of Deity with explanations. 
By R. H. Carne. Sold by Dyer... Exeter... m.(^. 
[Exeter, T. Besley, jun., Printer, 1818], 8"., pp. 
xix and 313, 6/-. 

Note. — Preface dated Exeter, Oct., 1818. 

Reason for withdrawing from the National 
Establishment, with a brief statement of Doc- 
trinal Sentiments. By R. H. Carne, A.B., late 
of Exeter College, Oxford. Lond., Printed for 
Francis Westley, 10, Stationers' Court, 1820, 
8°., pp. 146, 2/-. 

Note. — Mr. Came was elected to the Lectureship of 
Marazion, hut the Bishop refused to License him. 

Brief Notices of the Rev. R. H. Carne's 
reasons for withdrawing from the National 
Establishment. By Francis Huysche, Vicar of 
Okehampton. Exeter, Treivman and Co., 1820, 
8"., pp. 64. 

A Brief Reply to " Brief Notices, etc," by 
Rev. F. Huysche. By Rev. R. H. Carne. Exeter, 
1820, 8"- 

An Appendix to " A Brief Reply," being an 
Answer to the Rev. Mr. Huysche's Manuscript 
Observations on the same. By Rev. R. H. Carne. 
Exeter, Printed and Sold by T. Besley, jun., 
223, High Street, 1821, 8°., pp. 112. 

The Two Covenants, or Law and Gospel; 
being the substance of certain discourses lately 
delivered at the High Street Chapel, Exeter. By 
R. H. Carne... now Minister of the said Chapel. 
Lond., E. Palmer, 18, Paternoster Row ; Exeter, 
C. Upham; 1828, 8°., pp. xiii and 455, 10/6. 

A defence and explication of the sinlessness, im- 
mortality, and incorruptibility of the humanity 
of the Son of God. A Letter to the Editor of 
the Morning JVatch, or Quarterly Jotmial of 
Prophecy [in refutation of certain statements 
in that Journal]. Lond., E. Palmer, 1829, 8«., 
pp. 42, 1/-. 

The True Humanity of Christ [in answer to 
a Paper by Edward Irving]. A Second and 
Third Letter to the Editor of the Morning 
Waich. Lond., E. Palmer, 1829, 8°., pp. 63, 2/-. 

CAENE, Eet. Eobeet Habkness. [Con.). 

Familiar Thoughts on John, xvii, 21-24 ; new 
ed., enlarged and corrected, 18 — , 8°., 2/6. 

Review of the Discussion on the Origination 
of the Manhood of the Son of God, occasioned 
by statements of E. Irving and the Morning 
Watch on that subject ; with Supplemental 
Remarks relative to the Botanico Anatomico 
Theological Essay on the same topic, by T. W. 
Chevalier... and concluded by an enquiry into 
the nature and immediate causes of the Death 
of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lond., E. Palmer, 
1832, 8"., pp. 109. 

Note. — The date on the cover is 1833. 

Specimen of a Hebrew Grammar, adapted to 
the more EngUsh Scholar, and calculated to 
render theHebrew Language a most easy, speedy, 
and satisfactory acquisition. Lond., Seeley and 
Son, 1833, 8°., pp. 52, 2/6. 

Letters and Essays on the Generation of the 
Manhood of the Son of God, and on the nature 
and cause of his Death on the Cross. Lond., 
E. Palmer, 18— 8«., 7/6. 

Discourse of the Doctrine of the Trinity in 
Unity. Lond., E. Palmer, 18— 18»., 9d. 

Collection of Hymns with originals. Lond., 
E. Palmer, 18— 12°., 5/-. 

Examination of Paedo-baptism, for the satis- 
faction of Psedo-baptists. Lond., E. Palmer, 
18— 12°., 1/-. 

A Word to the Baptist Ministers, WilHam 
Mackintosh and John Mason, of Exeter. Lond., 
E. Palmer, 18—12°., 4d. 

The Spirit of God ; a Sermon occasioned by 
a Tract on The Holy Spirit, by John Mason, of 
Exeter. Preached by the Rev. R. H. Carne. 
Lond., E. Palmer, 18— 12°., 6d. 

A Letter to the Rev. William Scoresby by 
Rev. R. H. Carne. Lond., E. Palmer, 18— 
12°., 6d. 

Gospel Herald. A Series of Discourses on 
the Glad Tidings of the Kingdom of God. No. 
i-iv. Lond., E. Palmer, 18— 12°., 2d. each. 

CARNE, William, h. 13th Dec, 1754. I 
Penzance, 4th July, 1836. cf. Methodist Mag., 
XX, 162 (1797) ; lix, 725-26 (1836); Mem. of 
B. Treffry, Jun. (ed. 1839), pp. 70, 71, 100, 107, 
150, 187, 206-209; Treffry's Memoirs of B. 
Trewavas, Senior (ed. 1839), pp. 50, 152-53, 
180; Hannah's Memorials of Bev. T. Lessey, 
p. 183. 

CARO, pseud., i.e. 

Stage Coaches and Partings. Cwnish Mag., 
iv, 1-11 (1829). 




CARPENTER, Rev. John. R. of NorfkUigh, 
Devon, b. Launceston, 15 — . d. Northleigh, 
March, 1620. cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 287. 

A Sorrowful Song for Sinful Souls, composed 
upon the strange and wonderful shaking of the 
earth, 6th April, 1586. Lond., Printed for 
Henry Carr, 1586, 8°. 

Remember Lot's Wife ; Two Godlie and fruit- 
full Sermons, very convenient for this our time, 
on Luke, xvii, 32. Lond., printed by Thomas 
Orwin, 1588, sm. 8°. 

A Preparatiue to Contentation. Lond., printed 
by Thomas Creede, 1597, 4». 

The Song of the Beloved concerning his 
Vineyard, modulated and applied to move men 
to know and embrace that which belongeth to 
their peace. Two Sermons on Isa., v, 1. Lond., 
1599, 8°. 

Contemplations for the institution of children 
in the Christian Religion. Lond., 1601, 8°. 

SatyrseHaeretico-Mastiges inLutherum scilicet 
ZuingHum, Calvinum, Plesseeum aliosque cum 
antiquiores, turn neotericos Ecclesise Catholicse 
antagonistas, Epigrammata quaedam in fine 
subjunguntur eodem auctore. Burdigate, apud 
Franciscum Budier et Arnaldum du Breil typo- 
graphos lUustrissimi Cardinalis de Sourdi, 1602, 

Schelomonocham, or King Solomon, his 
Solace. Lond., 1606, 4°. 

ThePIaineMan'sSpirituallPlough. Containing 
the Godly and Spirituall Husbandrie wherein 
every Christian ought to be exercised, for the 
happie increase of fruite to eternall life. By I. C, 
Preacher of the Word. Lond., Printed by 
Thomas Creede, 1607, 4°., pp. 240. 

Note. — Dedicated to William Cotton, Lord Bishop 
of Exeter, and signed Norleigh in Deuon, the first of 
January, Anno Salutis, 1606. 

CARPENTER, Rev. Richard, B.D. R. of 

Sherwill and Loxhore. h. Cornwall, 1575. cl. 

Loxhore, Devon, 18th Dec, 1627. cf. Bliss' 

Wood, ii, 418-19; C. Fitzgeffri/s Jffanice. 

The Soule's Sentinel discovering the Sicke 
Man's devout Resolution; a Sermon preached 
at the Funeral Solemnities of Sir Arthur Ack- 
land, Knt., 9th Jan., 1611-12. Lond., printed 
by Wm. Hall and John Beale for Ambrose 
Garbrand, 1612, 8°., pp. 112. 

A Pastoral Charge faithfully given and dis- 
charged at the Trienniall Visitation of the 
Bishop of Exon at Barnstaple, in 1616 (on Acts, 
XX, 28). Lond., 1616, 8°. 

Christ's Larum Bell of Love resounded. A 
Sermon on John, xv, 12. Lond., 1616, 8°. 

The Conscionable Christian ; or the Indevour 
of Saint Paul to have and discharge a good 
conscience always towards God and men ; laid 

CAEPENTER, Rev. Richaed. (Con.). 

open, and applyed in three Sermons preached 
before the Honourable Judges of the Circuit, 
at their severall Assizes holden in Chard and 
Taunton, &c., 1620. Imprinted at Lond., by 
F. K. for John Bartlet, 1623, 4". 

CARPENTER, Samuel, d. 1815, aged 45 (?). 

A Statement of the Evidence and Arguments 
of Counsel before the Committee of the House 
of Commons, on the Controverted Election for 
Saltash. By S. Carpenter, Esq., Barrister-at- 
Law. Lond., 1808, 8o., 10/6. 

CARPENTER, Rev. William, D.D. F. of 
Treneglos and Warbstoiv, afterwards Minister of 
Lanson and Preb. of Exeter, d. Exeter, 1808. 

A Sermon on the late General Fast. 

A Sermon on the Harvest of this Year, 1777, 
from Acts, xiv, verse 17, addressed to the 
Farmers of this Kingdom ; with a serious Hint 
or two to their Superiors. Lond., G. Robinson ; 
Launceston, R. Martin; n.d. (1777), 4°., pp. 16. 

CARPENTER, Jane, {ivife of S. Carpenter 1 
and sister of Stephen Drew), cf. Memoir of W. 
Carvosso (5th ed.), pp. 189-198. 

CARR, Rev. William Holwell, B.D., F.R.S. 

Felloiv of Exeter College 1778-91, F- of Men- 
heniot 1791. b. Exeter, 1758. d. London, 24th 
Dec, 1830. cf Gent. Mag., ci, pt. i, 370 

CARRINGTON, Henry Edmund {son of N. T. 
Garrington). h. Maidstone, 16th March, 1806. 
d,. Bath, 5th Feb., 1859. 

The Plymouth and Devonport Guide : with 
Sketches of the surrounding Scenery. Five 
Prints. Devonport, 1828, 8°- 

CARRINGTON, Nicolas Toms (generally hnown 
as Noel Thomas), b. Plymouth, 19th July, 
1777. d. Bath, 2nd Sept., 1830. 
The Banks of the Tamar. A Poem. Plymouth 

Dock, Congdon, 1820, 8«.— Lond., 1826, 1828, 


The Collected Poems of N. T. Carrmgton. 
Lond., Longman, 1834, 2 vols., 12°. 

Note.— Vol. ii, p. 194, On reading the Eev. E. 
Polwhele's Poem " On the Influence of Local Attach- 
ment " ; vol. ii, p. 256, " To Cornwall." 

Remarks on Rev. R. Polwhele's Letter to 
Rev. Robert Hawker. 1799. 

The Scenery at the mouth of the Lynher. 





CARTER, Thomas, d. Padstow. 

An Improved Windlass. Bep. B.C. P. Soc, 
1851, p. 48. 

CARTHEW, Admiral James, b. Liskeard, 
Jan., 1770. d. Tredudwell, 28tli Nov., 1855. 
cf. Gent. Mag., xlv, 184 (1856) ; GBi/rne's 
Naval Biog. Diet. 

CARTHEW, Lieut. John, R.N. h. Liskeard, 
19th April, 1796. d. 37, Alwyn Road, Isling- 
ton, 4tli July, 1860. c/. 0' Byrne's Naval 
Biog. Diet. 

CARTHEW, Thomas. Serjeant-at-Law. h. Can- 
nalidgy, St. Issey, 4tli April, 1657. d. London, 
July, 1704. Mem. of, in H. W. WoolryeUs 
"Lives of the Serjeants," ii, 459-63. 

Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of 
King's Bench from 3 Jas. II to 12 WUl. III. 
By T. Carthew. Published by his Son. Lond., 
1728, fol. — 2nd ed., corrected, with additional 
references and three tables, Lond., 1741., fol. 

CARUS, Carl Gustav. h. Leipzig, 3rd Jan., 


England und Schottland im Jahre, 1844. 
2 Theile, Berlin, 1845, 8". 

The King of Saxony's Journey through Eng- 
land and Scotland, in the year 1844. By Dr. 
C. G-. Carus, Physician to His Majesty the King 
of Saxony. Trans, by S. C. Davison. [Nos. 
36 and 37 of the Foreign Library]. Lond., 
Chapman and Hall, 1846, 8°.— 1853, 8°., 11/-. 
Note.— Cornwall, pp. 211 — 18. 

CARVERTH, Capt. Henry, R.N. 6. Casawes, 
St. Gluvias. d. London, 16th Sept., hur. 
St. Gluvias, nth Nov., 1684. cf CharnocJc's 
Biog. Navalis, i, 392-94. 

CARVERTH, Capt. Richard, R.N. {h-other of 
the preceding). fZ. 28th April, 1728. cfChar- 
nocKs Biog. Navalis, ii, 394. 

CARVETH, James, h. Terise in St. Breock, 
10th Nov., 1816. 

Reasons for not joining the Evangehcal 
Alliance. 1846, 8°. 

Vindication of Evangelical Truth and its 
Advocates, in a Letter to Mr. Joseph Barker 
on the Character and Tendency of his Writings. 
Lond., R. Abercrombie, 5, Horse Shoe Court, 
1847, 12°., 6d. 

Letter to J. Carveth, Wesleyan... Preacher. 
J. Carveth has published a letter to me in vrhich 
he talks... against some of my Principles ... I 

CABVETH, James. [Con.). 

offer a Reply, &c. Signed J. Barker, n.d., 12"., 
pp. 44. Manchester Free Lib. 
Note. — No title page. 

Conference Methodism & Government Grants: 
a Correspondence illustrative of the working of 
the Government Scheme of Education in con- 
nection with Conference Methodism, conducted 
by Rev. James Carveth, W. Lindley, and J. 
Peachey. Reprinted from the Suffolk Chronicle. 
Lond., Hall & Co., n.d. [1848], 12"., pp. 23, 3d. 

Nonconformists defended, or an attack re- 
sisted, in a Letter to the Rev. J. Reeve. Lond., 
Hall and Co.; Ipswich, Burton; n.d. [18481, 
12"., pp. 12, 2d. 

A new and practical scheme of reform de- 
veloped; or the way to political equality and 
equitable taxation made plain. 1849, 8°. 

Recantation demanded and refused ; or a re- 
joinder to " An Appeal to Facts," contained in 
a pamphlet recently issued by the Rev. Robert 
Eckett, relative to the perogative exercised in 
the expulsion of the Rev. James Everett. 

1850, 8°. 

The prevarications of the Rev. Robert Eckett 
indicated and deplored ; or animadversions on his 
pamphlets entitled " A Rebuke to the Rev. J. 
Carveth " and " Editorial Strictures examined," 
and also on an article published by him in the 
TVesleyan Methodist Association Magazine for Jan., 

1851, on Ministerial Delinquencies. 1851, 8°. 
The Wesleyan Association, Mr. Carveth, and 

the Liverpool Circuit. A... full and accurate Re- 
port of the Proceedings at the Public Meeting 
held in... Liverpool,... Sept. 6th, 1852, to hear 
the Statements of the Rev. J. C, relative to 
his... treatment by the Annual Assembly of the 
Wesleyan Methodist Association. Lond., W. B. 
King, 3, Whitefriars Street, n.d. [1852], 8°., 
pp. 15. 

Sectarianism renounced ; or undivided allegi- 
ance to Jesus avowed in a letter to a Bible 
Christian Minister, with introductory and sup- 
plementary remarks by J. Carveth, " a servant 
of Jesus Christ." Wadebridge, printed by M. 
Quintrell, Bookbinder, etc. ; B. Hockin, Book- 
seller; n.d. [1870], 8»., pp. 8. 

CARVOLTH, Andrew, b. Cubert, 1771. d. 
Newly n in Pydar, 1845. 

Plain directions for curing various diseases in 
Sheep, and for the management of Ewes after 
yeaning and after weaning their Lambs. Also, 
directions for curing the mange and lulling 
worms in Horses, and curing the mange and 
killing ticks in Dogs. By A. Carvolth, of New- 
lyn [East], Cornwall. Brokenshir, printer, Truro, 
1825, post 8°., pp. 56. 




CARVOSSO, Benedict {elder brother of William 
Carvosso). 6. Paul. cZ. Mousehole, 11th Dec, 
1823. cf. Treffnj's Menwirs of R. Trewavas, 
Sen. (ed. 1839), pp. 3.3, 64, 175, 210 ; Memoir 
of W. Carvosso (ed. 1835), pp. 79, 138-140. 

CARVOSSO, Rev. Benjamin {son of Will. 

Carvosso). Wesley an Minister, h. St. Gluvias, 

29th Sept., 1789. d. Camborne, 2nd Oct., 1854. 

c/. Ment. of R. Trewavas, Senior (ed. 1839), p. 


The Great Efficacy of Simple Faith in the 
Atonement of Christ, exempUfied in a Memoir 
of Mr. William Carvosso, sixty years a Class 
Leader in the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion. 
Written by himself, and Edited by his son [Rev. 
B. Carvosso]. Lond., Printed for the Editor, 
and sold by J. Mason. .,1835, 12°.. pp. xxxii 
and 304, 3/-.— 2nd ed., 1836, 12°., 3/-.— 3rd 
ed., 1836, 12°.— 4th ed., 1836, 12°.— 5th ed., 
1837, 12"., pp. 381.— 7th ed., 1839, 18"., pp. 
381.— 8th ed., 1842, 12°., 3/-.— New York, Re- 
printed from the 10th London ed., 1847, 12° 
—15th ed., Lond., 1859, 12°., pp. 381. 

Drunkenness, the enemy of Britain, arrested 
by the hand of God in the recent temperance 
movement : a Seriapn [on Isa., Ixi, 19] preached 
at a Temperance Festival near Liskeard, on 
Whit-Tuesday, June 9th, 1840, by Rev. B. 
Carvosso. Liskeard, Printed by James Hill, 
1840, 12°., 3d., or 2/6 per doz.— 2nd ed., Barn- 
staple, 1841, 12°., pp. 24. 

Account of D. B. Carvosso, by her -Father 
[Rev. B. Carvosso]. 1840, 18°., pp. 32. 

Attractive Piety ; or Memorials of Will. 
Banks Carvosso, Grandson of the late Mr. W. 
Carvosso. By his Father [Rev. B. Carvosso]. 
2nd ed., Lond., J. Mason, 1847, 18°., pp. 143. 
—3rd ed., 1847, 18°., pp. 143.— 4th ed., 1857, 
12°., pp. 6 & 143. 

Life's uncertainty improved. A Sermon [on 
Mark, xiii, 33] by Rev. B. Carvosso, Helston. 
In " Sermons by Wesleyan Methodist Ministers," 
(1851, 12°.), No. vii, vol. ii, pp. 97-111. 

Memoir of Benjamin Carvosso, son of Rev. 
B. Carvosso. Youth's Iristnuior, 1839. 

An Anecdote of a Cornish Class Leader. By 
B. Carvosso. Christian Miscell., Sept., 1850, p. 

Australian Magazine. Ed. by Rev. B. Car- 
vosso, Rev. W. Lawry, and another. Sydney, 
circa 1820. 

Note. — This was the first religious periodical ever 
published in Anstrnlia. 

The Faithful Pastor : a Memoir of the Rev. 
B. Carvosso, forty years a Wesleyan Minister, 
and one of the first Wesleyan Missionaries to 
Australia and Van Diemen's Land. By George 
Blencowe. Lond., J. Gladding, 20, City Road; 
sold by J. Mason, 1857, 8°., pp. viii and 370. 

CARVOSSO, Miss Deborah Banks. 

Account of D. B. Carvosso. 1840. See Car- 
vosso, Rev. B. 

CARVOSSO, William, b. near Mousehole, 
11th March, 1750. d. Dowstal, in Mylor, 13th 
Oct., 1834. cf Treffry's Memoirs of R. Tre- 
wavas, Senior (ed. 1839), p. 33. 

The Great Efficacy of Simple Faith. . .exempli- 
fied in a Memoir of Mr. W. Carvosso... Written 
by himself, and Edited by his son [Rev. B. 
Carvosso]. Lond.,,.. 1835, 12°. ,S^«« Carvosso, 
Rev. B. 

Letter from Mr, W. Carvosso to a young 
person. Christian Miscell, Nov., 1851, p, 338. 

CARVOSSO, Mrs. William {wife of the above), 
d. St. Gluvias, June, 1813. The first person 
interred in the Pousanooth burying ground. 
cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mug., 1814. 

CARVOSSO, William Banks {eldest Son of 
Rev. B. Carvosso). b. Windsor, N. S. W., 
Australia, 3rd Oct., 1821. d. Barnstaple, 
26th March, 1842. 

Attractive Piety; or Memorials of W. B. 
Carvosso, Grandson of the late Mr. W. Carvosso. 
By his Father [Rev. B. Carvosso], q^.v. 

CAVELL, John. Living in 1527. 

Livery and possession of three closes in 
Whalesborough, Cornwall. Trevelyan Papers 
{Camden Soc), pt. ii, 55. 

CARYL, Rev. Joseph, b. London, 1602. d. 
London, 7th Feb., 1673. 

England's Plus Ultra both of hoped mercies 
and of required duties, shewed in a Semion 
preached to the Honourable Houses of Parlia- 
ment, d-c, at Christ Church, April 2, 1646, 
being their day of Publike Thanksgiving to 
Almighty God for the great successe of the 
Parliament's Army in the West, especially in 
Cornwall, under Sir Thomas Fairfax, by J. Caryl, 
Minister of the Gospel at Magnus, near the 
Bridge, London. Lond., printed by T. F., for 
John Rothwell, &c., 1646, 4°., pp. 39. Br. 

Peters' Pattern, or the perfect path to worldly 
happiness. As it was delivered in a Funeral 
Sermon preached at the interment of Mr. Hugh 
Peters, lately deceased, by J[oseph] C[aryl], 
Translator of Pineda upon Job and one of the 
Triers. Lond., printed in the year 1659, 4"., 
pp. 13. — Reprinted in Harl. Miscell. (Ed. 1809),' 
vi, 181-88 (1810). [A satire on H. Peters]. 





CASE. Rev. Thomas. Prcnrher at Milk Street, 

Lmdon. h. 1598. d. 30th Alay, l(i82. 

The Root of Apostasy and Foundation of 

True Fortitude. Delivered in a Sermon before 

the House of Commons, on their \i\U' day of 

' Thanksgivhig for the Great Victory given to Sir 

■\Vilham Waller against the Army of Sir Ralph 

Hopton. Lond., Printed by J. R., for Luke 

Fawne, 1644, 8"., pp. 34. 

C ASELLI, Elizabeth, ?««?« Elizabeth Richards. 
d. circa 1830. 

Poems on Religious and Moral Subjects. By 
E. Caselli, Falmouth. Falmouth, printed and 
sold by James Trathan ; sold also by the 
Author; 1818, 8°., pp. 48. 

CASSELS, Walter Richard. h. London, 
Sept., 1826. 
Poems. Lond., Smith, Elder, & Co., 185C, 8« 

Note. — Contains " The Land's End," a poem, pp. 

CAUDWELL, Rev. Francis. V. of Cam- 
memllis 1858-1870, novi V of St. Peter's, 
Hoxton. h. Oxford. 

Defective Repentance the parent of Instability, 
etc. A Sermon preached at the Visitation held 
by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Cornwall, 
in the Church of St. Michael, Helston, on 
Tuesday, June 25th, 1867, by the Rev. F. 
Caudwell, Lioumbent of Carnmenellis. Redj'uth, 
James Tregaskis, Fore Street, n.d. (1867), 8°. 

Begins " Church of the Holy Trinity, Carn- 
menellis. The attention of the Parishioners 
is... invited to the following arrangement for 
their welfare "...m.c?. [18601], 8°., pp. 2. Signed 
F. Caudwell, Incumbent. 

CECIL, William. 

Grant of the Farm of the Ulnageship in Wales 
and the Duchy of Cornwall to W. Cecil, 
Esquire, for 21 years. Oct. 16, 1588. (Latin), 
Lansd. MSS., 56, art. 64. 

CENXICK, Rev. John. d. 4th July, 1755. 

The Good Shepherd. Being the substance of 
a discourse delivered at St. Ginnis, in Cornwall, 
in the year 1744...; 1754, 12".— 2nd ed., Dublin, 
printed ; London, reprinted and sold by M. 
Lewis; 1756, 8°., pp. 16. 

CHABERT, MoNS. The Fire King. d. 19th 
Nov., 1831. cf.n^.T.Farh's Musical Memoirs, 
ii, 290-92. 

Extraordinary scene at M. Chabert's exhibi- 
tion, at Penzance. Gent. Mug., Ixxxix, 646 
(1819) ; One and All, Feb., 1869. 

CHAFFERS, William. Potter at Lirerpnul. 
Mr. Chaffers A\ent into Cornwall in 1761, to 
enquire about Steatite, cf. Meteiiard's Life of 
Wedgwood, i, 290. 


Imitations of original drawings by Hans 
Holbein, in the collection of His Majestie, for 
the portraits of illustrious persons of the Court 
of Henry VIII. With Biographical Tracts. 
Lond., Bulmer, " Shakespeare Printing Office," 

Note. — Contains portraits of Simon George and 
John Eeskimer. 

CHAMOND of Launcells. N. & Q., 2 S., vii, 76 

CHAMOND, Dame Jane (daiighter of Sir 
Thomas Grenville). d. 1561. 

The Will of Dame Jane Chamond, 1552. 
Collect. Topograph, et GencuL, iv, 172-74. 

CHAMOND, Richard, M.P. for Bodmin (?.rtd 
son of Sir John Chamond). Sheriff of Cornuidl. 
cf. Chancery Proceedings, Eliz., ii, 6 ; Oliier's 
Monasficun, p. 16. 

Original Letter from R. Chamond to Mr. 
Jewart Flamank, requiring him to prepare him- 
self for his Majesty's Army (Hy. VIII). Harl. 
MSS., 309, art. 35. 

Launcells Vicarage rated 24tli- Nov., 1557, 
for R. Chamond. ib., 607, art. 303. 

CHAMPERNOWNE, Arthur. M.P.for Saltash 
1806. d. Dartington, Devon, 7th June, 1819. 

A Tour through Devon and Cornwall. 1780. 
MSS. (/. Pohvheles Beminiscmcex, i, 42-43. 

CHAMPERNOWNE, John {younger son of Sir 
pick Chativpernowne V). 

Grant of the Wardship of the Heir of J. 
Champernowne in 1448. Trevelyan Papers {Cam- 
den Soc, 1857), pt. i, pp. 34-35. 

CHAMPION, Anthony. M.P. for St. Germnv's 
and Liskeard. b. Croydon, 5th Feb., 1724-25. 
d. 22nd Feb., 1801. 

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, English and 
Latin. By the late A. Champion, of the Middle 
Temple. Published from the original MSS., by 
William Henry, Lord Lyttleton. Lond., 1801, 
8°., 10/6. 

CHAMPION, Richard. Merchant, Bristol. 

A.D. 1775, No. 1096*. Specification of R. 
Champion. Manufacture of Porcelain. Lond., 
1775, fol. — Reprinted, Lond., Eyre & Spottis- 
woode, 1856, fol., pp. 4, 3d, 

Note. — This is an assignment of W. Coolsworthy's 
Patent, cf. " Meteyard's Life of Wedgwood," ii, 421—22, 




CHAPPEL, Rev. Elbon Vaughan, M.A. (iwl 
son of jr. T. Chajijiel). J', of Ea><t Oirhard 
irlth Margaret Ufarsh, Dorset, h. Truro. 

Twenty-Four Sermons. Truro, J. E. Netliertoii, 
18G1, 12"., pp. 166, i-. 

CHAPPEL, WiLLiAii; Traer. Maym- of Truro 
Jin fiiiirs. h. Truro, 10th June, 1792. d. 
Truro, 5tli Feb., ISCT. cf. Roy. Cornw. Gaz. ; 
Gad. Mag., iii, 400 (1867). 

CHAPPLE, James. 

On Steeping Seed Barley in a dry season. A 
Letter dated Bodmin, 12th March, 1784. Letters 
and Papers Bath mul JFest Engl. Soc, iii, 304-5. 

A Method of Potatoe Management for pre- 
venting the Curl. A Letter dated Bodmin, 
Nov. 7th, 1794. ih., vii, 350-51. 

CHAPPLE, \Y[lliam. Secretary to the Devon 
and Exeter Hospitals. 5.1718. d. 8th Sept., 

Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus Provincialis ; or a 
Survey of the Diocese of Exeter. Exeter, 1782, 
4". MSS. in Sir Lawrence Palk's Lib. at 
Haldou House. 


Letter from the Prince of Wales to Lord 
Goring : heavy pressure of the Military upon 
the Counties of Cornwall and Devon. Laun- 
ceston, 26th July, 1645. Tanner MSS. (BocU. 
Lib.), 60, art. 116. 

CHARNOCK, Richard Stephen, Ph.D. {son 
of Richard Charnoek, of the Inner Temple, 
Barrister-at-Law). b. London, 11th Aug., 1820. 

Patronymica Cornu-Britannica, or the ety- 
mology of Cornish surnames. By R. S. Char- 
nook. Lond., Longman, 1870, 8°., pp. xvi and 
160, 7/6. 

CHARONDAS, pseud., i.e. 

A Political History of Cornwall spoken of 
as a great and useful desideratum, in a letter 
signed " Charondas, a moderate man." Gent. 
Mag., Ix, pt. ii, 1074 (1790). 

CHATTAWAY, Joseph, b. Devonport, 7th 
Dec, 1807. d. Deptford, 2nd Sept., 1857. 

An Historical Sketch of the Danmonii or 
Ancient Inhabitants of Devonshire and Corn- 
wall ; to which is appended a short Vocabulary 
of the Cornish Tongue. Lond., J. B. Nichols ; 
W. Curtis, Plymouth; 1830, 12"., pp. 112. 

CHENEVIX, Richard, P.R.S. and M.R.LA. 

b. Ireland, d. Paris, 5th April, 1830. 

Annlysis of the Arseniates of Copper and of 
Iron [descril)ed in Count de Bournon's Paper] 
found in ^Vheal Garland Mine ; likewise of the 
Red Octaedral Copper Ore of Cornwall. J^hiln.-i. 
Trans., xci, Kii) and 193 (1801); 
Chiniie, xlv, 44-61 (1802).— Reprinted, Lond., 
W. Buhner and Co., 1801, 4o. 

CHESTER, John. b. 29th Dec, 1803. d. 
Penzance, 10th May, 1838. 

An Essay on the Pilchard. Rep. R.C.P. Soc, 
1835, p. 102. 

CHEYNE, William. 

Appointment of W. Cheyne to the ofl&ce of 
Baily of Stallage of Penwith and Kirrier. liarl. 
MSS., 433, art. 307. 

CHICHELE, Thomas, of Higham Ferrers, 
Northampton, d. 25th Feb., 1400. 

Stemmata Chicheleana; or a Genealogical 
Account of some of the Families derived from 
Thomas Chichele [by E. Buckler]. Oxford, at 
the Clarendon Press, 1765, 4°., pp. xiv, 156, and 
index not paged. — Supplement, 1775, 4°., pp. 
iv, 160, and index. 

Note. — Contains information relative to the Buller, 
Anstis, Robartes, Edgeoumbe, Murth, Molesworth, and 
St. Aubyu families. 

CHILCOTT, Charles. The Giant, b. Tintagel/ 
1755. d. 5th April, 1815. cf Hone's Every- 
Day Booh, ed. 1827, ii, 969. 

CHILDREY, Rev. Joshua, b. Rochester, 1623. 

d. Upway, 26th Aug., 1670. 

Britannia Baconica; or the natural rarities 
of England, Scotland, and Wales, according as 
they are to be found in every Shire... Lond., 
1660, 1661, 1662, 8". 

Note. — The Cornish portion of this work is taken 
almost verbatim from E. Carew's Survey of Cornwall. 

CHILDS, Christopher' {son of Joseph Childs). 

b. Liskeard, 9th April, 1815. 

The Social and Moral Improvement of the 
Working Miners of Cornwall and Devon. A 
Letter to Charles Fox, Esquire, President of the 
Miners' Association of Cornwall and Devon. 
Folded Plan of Miners' Changing House. 
[Signed Christr. Childs, Liskeard, 1st March, 
1862]. Liskeard, Printed by J. Philp, Great 
Place, 1862, 8°., pp. 16. Circulated gratuitously. 

Suggestions respecting the conditions under 
which University Education may be made more 
available for Clerks in Government oflBces, for 
Barristers, for Solicitors. By Sir F. Rogers, . . . 
C. Childs, etc., Oxford Tutors' Association. 
Oxford and London, J. H. Parker, 1854, 8°. 




Joseph Childs). b. Liskeard, 7th July, 1816. 

Improvement and Preservation of the Female 
Figure, with a New JMode of Treatment of 
Lateral Curvature of the Spine. Plates. Lond., 
C. & S. Palmer, 1840, 12°., pp. 188, 5/-. 

A Practical Treatise on tlie New Operation 
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Note. — Dedicated to William Coulson, Esq. 

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1858. [Taylor, Printer, 39, Coleinan Street, 
1858], 8"., pp. 24. 

Copy of the General Report of G. B. Childs 
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Note. — A series of Papers, edited by G. B. Childs 
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Use of Mercury in ordinary cases of Syphilis. 
ib., 1852. 

The Spanish Girl, or the Spy of Naples. A 
Drama. 1857. Not printed. 

Note. — First acted at the City of London Theatre,, 
in March, 1857. 

Proclamatio Regii CoUegii Dramatic!. Lond. 

Alfonso and Claudina. The Faithful Spouse, 
or the Hated Race. A Richardsonian Drama, 
in one act. By Cirujano, M.M.C. [i.e., G. B. 
Childs], author of the Spanish Girl. . . . Diprose 
and Bateman, 4, Clement's Court, Carey Street, 
Lincoln's Inn, n.d. [1862], 8°., pp. 12. 

Note. — The above is from the cover ; on the title 
page it says, in addition, "Written expressly for the 
Eoyal Dramatic College Fete of 1862, by . Cirujano, 
M.M.C, author of the ' Dying Phantom ; or the Victim 
of Withering Blights.'" 

Barbadazulo Vanagloroso, the Demon of the 
Castle Heights ; or the brother's revenge. Rich- 
ardson's Dramas. By Cirujano. Lond., 1863. 

Don Sobre Izquierdo, or Alfredo and Flo- 
rencia. A Parent's Curse, or the Lovers' 
Resolve. A Richardsonian Drama, of thrilling 
interest, written expressly for the Royal Dramatic 
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author<of Barbadazulo Vanagloroso . . . n.p. or d, 
[Lond., 1864], 8°., pp. 8. 

Note. — The four preceding works were written for 
the benefit of the Dramatic College Fund, and were 
produced at the annual fetes at the Crystal Palace, 

The Inconstant. Music by C. F. Hall ; words 
by G. B. Childs. Lond., Lewis, Cheapside 
[1843], fol., 2/-. 

There is a hope. Ballad. Music by C. F. 
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They say that in heaven the angels so coy, 
Ballad., .the poetry and melody by G. B. Childs. 
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affecting Mining Partnerships within the Stan- 
naries of Cornwall and Devon. By R. W. Childs, 
Lond., Simpkin, 1857, 8°,, pp. 16, 1/-. 




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Nowan, Newlyn, lltli Jan., 1792. d. Street- 
an-Nowan, 21st March, 1846. 

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London's Triumph. Celebrated the 29th of 
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Rich. Chiverton, Lord Mayor of London, at the 
cost and charges of the Right Worshipful Com- 
pany of Skinners. By J. Tatham. Lond,, 
1657, 1° 

Chiverton, Mayor. Tuesday, the eighth day 
of December, 1657. An order of the Lord 
Mayor and Court of Aldermen against conceal- 
ing and colouring the. goods of aliens and 
foreyners [signed Sadler]. Printed by James 
Flesher, Printer to the Honourable City of 
London, s. sh., fol. 


Chyverton's Obits, and Burials of Cornish 
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leyan Minister, b. Falmouth, 25th April, 1810. 

The Duty of Christian Liberality in its con- 
nection with God's more abundant blessing. A 
Sermon. Plymouth, Smith ; Lond., J. Gilbert ; 
1846, 8"., pp. 24, 4d. 

Jehovah's Advice to Young Men ; a Sermon 
[on Prov., iii, 1-6] addressed to Young Men, in 
Morice Square Chapel, Devonport . . . Jan. 6th, 
1850. Preached and pub. by request of the 
Devonport and Stonehouse Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association. Printed for the Association, 
by J, Heydon, Devonport, n.d. [1850], 12o., pp. 

The Pioneer Bishop; the life and times of 
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Note. — The above work contains some anecdotes 
relath e to Charles Wesley's visit to Cornwall and the 
Methodists in the County. 

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Trrtch^. No. 60. Lond., Published by John 
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CHUDLEIGH, Mrs. M. Ecclesia (fc, ,. 
of Rev. Pdchard Lyne, R of Little Petherick, 
and wife of Rev. N. F. Chudleigh, V. of St. 
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Midnight Meditations (with Notes) and other 

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, M.A. Professor of 
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CHURCH, Edward. Roman Catholic Priest, 
b. St. Columb Major, 15th Nov., 1728. d. 
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cf. Oliver's Hist, of Catholic Religion, p. 262 ; 
Oliver's Collections towards the Biography of the 
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CIVIS, pseud., i.e., Le Grice, Rev. C. V. 

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the sewerage, drainage, and supply of water, 
and the .sanitary condition of the inhabitants of 
the Borough of Bodmin. By G. T. Clark, Super- 
intending Inspector. Lond., Clowes and Sons, 
1850, 8"., pp. 18. 

CLARK, Sir James, Bart., K.C.B. Physician 
in ordim,ry to H.M. the Queen, b. Findlater, 
Cullen, Banffshire, 14th Dec, 1788. d. Bag- 
shot, Surrey, 29th June, 1870. 

The Influence of Climate in the Prevention 




CLAEK, SiK James. (Con.). 

and Cure of Chronic Diseases, more particularly 
of the Chest and Digestive Organs, comprising 
an account of the principal places resorted to 
by Invalids in England, the South of Europe, 
ek: Lend., J. Murray, 1830, 8"., pp. xl and 400. 
Note. — Climate of Cornwall, pp. 59 — 74. 

CLAEK, Captain Thomas. 

The New and Correct Long-shore Pilot ; or a 
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the Proprietor, and sold by D. Lyon, Corner of 
Exeter-change, Strand, 1810, 8"., pp. 47. 

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idci: b. Magherafelt, Londonderry, 1762. 
d. Bayswater, Middlesex, 26th Aug., 1832. 
An Account of the Life of A. Clarke. By 

M. A. Smith. Lond., 1835, 3 vols., 8». 

x:oTE. — Dr. Clarke came into Cornwall in 1784, 5, 6, 

7, 1801 and 1819. 

A Short Account of Mount Rowtor in Corn- 
wall, in " Dr. Adam Clarke's Works," vol. xi 
[Detached pieces, vol. ii], pp. 54-67. 

An attempt to explain the inscription on 
what is called Arthur's Tomb Stone, near 
Camelford. ib., pp. 67-77. 

Letter from Rev. A. Clarke to Rev. J. Wesley, 
dated Plymouth, 18th June, 1786. Arminian 
Ma,/., XV, 440-42 (1792). 

Note. — Concerning John Nile, of Linkinhorne. 

CLARKE, Rev. Edward Daniel, D.C.L. b. 

Sussex, 1769. d. Lond., 9th March, 1822. 

A Tour through the South of England, Wales, 
and part of Ireland, in 1791. Lond., R. Edwards, 
1793, 8"., pp. 403. 

Note.— This work is very scarce. The Anthor 
bought up the copies and destroyed them. cf. Life of 
Dr. Clarke, by Bishop Otter (ed. 1824), p. 65. 


Translation.— Anacreon. Ode 14. To Eros. 
By S. C[larke]. Helston Gram. School Mag., 1857- 
59, p. 12. 

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CLARKE, Rev. Samuel Childs, M.A. (son 
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of St. Thomas, Launceston, from \M9.. 6. Royal 
Marine Barracks, Stonehouse, 17th Jan., 1821. 
Thoughts in Verse from a Village Church- 
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A Constructive Exercise Book for French 

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A Constructive Exercise Book for Latin 
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Parsing Exercises for English or Latin, adapted 
to the Public Schools' Latin Primer. Launceston, 
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Th:'. Harvest-tide Thanksgiving. Words by 
Rev. S. C. Clarki! ; the music by Joseph Barnby. 
Inthf MuMcil Times (Novello), No. 320 (1868). 

Breaking-up for the holidays. School Song. 
Worcs by Rev. S. C. Clarke; the music by 
Rev. J. B. Dykes, Mus. Doc. Lond., Novello, 
1869, fol. 

Eniiy Violets. Song. Words by Rev. S. C. 
Clarke ; music by A. B. Burrington. 

Our Rural Holiday. Words by Rev. S. C. 
Clarke ; music by T. Crampton. In " Hand- 
book of Vocal Trios." Lond., Pitman, 1870. 

Sleep, fairest lady. Rewritten for Bishop's 
glee, " Sleep, gentle lady." ib. 

Welcome to the Spring, ib. 

Come, rouse ye, my lads. Adapted to Bishop's 
glee, "Mynheer Van Dunck," in "The Part 
Singer." Lond., Pitman, 1870. 

let no rude invader come. Rifle Volunteer 
Song. Words and Melody by Rev. S. C. Clarke. 
Lond., Novello, fol. 

Harvest Hymns. Words by Rev. S. C. Clarke; 
music by Rev. J. B. Dykes and Arthur H. 

CLAYTON, Rev. John. b. Lancashire, 5th 
Oct., 1754. d. Gaines, 22nd Sept., 1843. 
Memorials of the Clayton Family, etc. By 

Rev. T. W. Aveling. Lond., Jackson, 1867, 8° 
Note. — Eev. J. Clayton visited Cornwall in 1776, 

p. 40. 

CLAYTON, Sir William, Bart. b. 1 6th AprO, 

1762. d. Boulogne, 26th Jan., 1834. 

1831. Statement of the Sub-Leases granted 
by Sir W. Clayton and his father, of the Ken- 
nington estate. [Lond., 1831], s. sh., 4". 

The Duchy of Cornwall and Sir William 
Clayton, Bart., and his leases. [Lond.], 1832,8". 

A Sketch of the ruinous situation in which 
Sir W. Clayton, Bart., his lessees, and their 
under lessees are placed by the Duchy of Corn- 
wall's demand of an exhorbitant fine for the 
renewal of the leases of the Clayton estate, at 
Kennington. Lond., 1832, 8°. 

Statement of the tenure under which Sir W. 
Clayton, Bart., and his ancestors have held their 
estate at Kennington, under the Duchy of 
Cornwall, from time immemorial. [Lond., 1832], 
s. sh., fol. 

A short statement of the case of the late Sir 
W. Clayton, Bart., and his leasees holding an 




CLAYTON, SiE William. (Con.). 

estate at Kennington, under the constitution of 
tlie Duchy of Cornwall. Lond. [1834], 8°. 

Case between Sir William Clayton, Bart., and 
the Duchy of Cornwall [with documents and an 
opinion on the easel. The Preface and the 
opinion signed J. H[aines]. Lond., J. Betts, 
7, Compton Street, Brunswick Square, 1834, 8". 

Note. — Preface, p. i; Case, pp. ii — viii; Documents 
and Observations, in parallel columus, pp. 1 to 61=122 
pages ; Opinion, pp. 1 — 34 ; Addenda to Opinion, pp. 
ix to XX. 

The History of the Constitution of the Duchy 
of Cornwall and its Tenants, as established for 
the mutual benefit of both parties... for the 
purpose of getting the Duchy Lands built on . . . 
and containing a refutation of all the arguments 
of the Lord Chancellor ... in his Judgment of 
the Clayton Case, in respect of an Estate at 
Kennington, in Surrey, . . with a few observations 
on the Acts of 33 Geo. III... Loud., J. Betts, 
1834, 8"., pp. 1-148. Additional Observations, 
pp. 1-9. 

Note. — The work is signed at page 148, "John 
Haines, No. 38, Tonbridge Street, New Boad, London 
(Formerly a Country Solicitor)." 

The Juridical Argument of Thomas George 
Western, Esq. (of the Middle Temple), against 
the decree of the Eight Hon. Lord Brougham 
and Vaux, late Lord High Chancellor of Eng- 
land, upon the case of the late Sir William 
Clayton, Bart., and the Duchy of Cornwall ; 
with Mr. Western's opinion upon the rights of 
the younger children of Sir W. Clayton, and 
consequently upon the rights of all his lessees 
of the Kennmgton Estate. Lond., Houghton 
and Co. ...1835, 8"., pp. 73, with "Further 
Observations by Mr. Haines," pp. 1-9. 

Note. — Mr. Haines' bound copy of the three pre- 
ceding pamphlets, with MSS. notes in his hand-writing, 
is now the property of Mr. W. Noy, London. 

CLIFT, WiLLTAM, F.R.S. Conservator of the 
Huntetian Museum, h. Burcombe, near Bodmin, 
14th Feb., 1775. c^. Stanhope Cottage, Hamp- 
stead Eoad, London, 20th June, 1^49. cf. 
Gent. Mag., xxxii, 209-10 (1849); Med. Gaz., 
p. 114, 22nd Jan., 1870; E. W. AdancVs 
Bio J. Sketch of Sir B. C. Biodie, pp. 65-67. 
Experiments to ascertain the influence of the 

spinal marrow on the action of the heart in 

Fishes. Philos. Trans., cv, 91-96 (1S15). 

Some Fossil Bones discovered in the limestone 

quarries of Oreston. By Joseph A^'hidbey, F.R.S. 

With a description of the bones by W. Clift 

ib., cxiii, 81-90 (1823). 

On the Fossil Remains of the two new species 
of Mastodon and of other Vertebrated Animals 

CLIFT, William. (Core.). 

found on the left bank of the Irawadi. Trans. 
Geol. Soc, ii, 369-76 (1829) ; [Froc. Geol. Sac, i, 
69-71, 1834]. 

Some Account of the Remains of the Megar 
therium sent to England from Buenos Ayres, by 
Woodbine Parish, ib., iii, 437-50 (1835). 

Poems by Mrs. John Hunter, written to W. 
Clift. See Durell, Rev. E. 

CLIMO, Joseph E. b. Polruan, in Lanteglos, 
14th Feb., 1844. 

The Fowey Salmon Fishery. Land and Water, 
23rd May, 1868, p.—. 

Capture of Blue Shark off Fowey. ib., 19th 
Sept., p. 138. 

The Salmon Fishery Inquiry at Fowey. ib., 
19th Sept., p. 141. 

Mackarel Boats and Crab Pots. ih., 24th 
Oct., p. 218. 

Close time for the Fowey Salmon Fishery. 
ib., 24th Oct., p. 219. 

The Fowey. ib., 9th Jan., 1869, p. 28. 

The Fowey Salmon Fishery, ib., 30th Jan., 
p. 76. 

Uniform close time, ib., 3rd July, p. 6 . 

Salmon-peel off Fowey. ib., 14th Aug., p. 103. 

Lobster casting its shell in a store-pot. ib., 
24th Aug., p. 119. 

CLIONAS, -pseud., i.e., Nicolas, Sir N. H. 

CLOAKE, Hugh, of Cornwall, d. 23rd or 24th 
June, 1688. bur. 26th, at Marazion. 

A Call from Sin to Holiness of Life ; or a 
Warning to the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Penzance, and to all others that have the Form 
of GodHness but deny the power thereof by 
their evil conversation, given forth by One of 
the least of Christ's Flouk, Hugh Cloake. 
Printed in the year 1685, 4"., 1| sheets. 

CLOBERY, Robert, M.D.' (only son of Eobert 
Glynn), assumed his mother's name of Clobery 

in . b. Kelland, near Bodmin, 5th Aug., 

1719. d. Cambridge, 8th Feb., 1800. cf. 
Fohvhele's Biog. Sketches, i, 48 ; C. Oarlyon's 
Early Years, ii, 1-49 ; Gent. Mag., Ixx, 276 
(1800); European Mag., xxxvii, 175, 355-57 
(1800), Ixxvi, 14 (1819); Dyer's Camhidge, 
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Correspondence, iv, 309 ; Munk's Roll of Phy- 
sicians, ii, 207-209; G. Pryme's AutoUogiaphic 
Recollections, p. 46. 

The Day of Judgment. A Poetical Essay. 
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A Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Eobert 
Glynn, late Fellow of King's Coll., Camb., 
deceased, comprehending a general collection of 
Books in every branch of Literature, particularly 
Classical and Medical, many of them abounding 
with MS. notes by the late learned possessor. 
To be sold by Mr. King, Dec. 4, 1800, and 4 
following days. J. Barker, printer, 1800, 8"., 
pp. 46. 

Benevolus and the Magpie. Verses by Mr. 
Plumptre. Gunning's Reminiscences of Cambridge, 
ii, 93-97. 

Note. — An anecdote about R. Clobery and a 


The Parricide Papist or Cut-throate Catho- 
licke ; a tragical! discourse of a murther lately 
committed at Padstow, in the Countie of Corne- 
wall, by a professed Papist, killing his owne 
Father and afterwardes himself, in Zeale of his 
Popish Eeligion, the 11th of March last past, 
1606. Written by G. Closse, Preacher of the 
Word of God, at Blacke Torrington, in Devon. 
Printed at London, for Christopher Hunt, dwel- 
ling in Pater-noster-Eow, neare the King's head 
[1606], 4"., 12 leaves. H. Huth, Esq. 

The Parricide Papist, etc. Printed at London, 
for Christopher Hunt, dwelling in Lovell's Inne, 
in Paternoster-row, 1606, 4"., 3 leaves. Br. 

CLUTTERBUCK, Henry, M.D. {son of Thomas 
CluUerhuck). b. Marazion, 1770. d. Bride 
Street, Blackfriars, London, 24th April, 1856. 
cf. Illust. Lond. News, pp. 523, 567 (1856) ; 
Gent. Mag., xlv, 663, 1856; People's and 
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An Account of a new and successful Method 
of treating those affections which arise from the 
Poison of Lead. Lond., Boosey, 1794, 8°., pp. 
69, 2/-. 

Remarks on some of the opinions of the 
late Mr. John Hunter, respecting the Venereal 
Disease, in a Letter to Joseph Adams, M.D., etc. 
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Tentamen Pathologicum Inaugurate qusedam 
de Sede et Natura Febris proponens. Lond., 
1804, 8"., 2/. 

An enquiry into the s^at and nature of Fever, 
as deducible from the phenomena, causes and 
consequences of the disease, the effects of 
remedies, and the appearances in dissection. 
Lond., 1807, 8"., 9/-.— 2nd ed., Lond., 1825, 
8°., pp. 494, 12/-. 

Observations on the prevention and treatment 
of the Epidemic Fever at present prevailing. 
To which are added remarks on some of the 
opinions of Dr. Bateman and others on the 
same subject. Lond., Longman, 1819, 8"., 8/-. 

On the proper administration of Blood-letting 
for the prevention and cure of Disease. Lond., 
Highley, 1840, 8". 

A brief Memoir of G. Birkbeck, M.D.,... 
read before the Medical Society of London... 
Lond., 1842, 8°. 

A Series of Essays on Inflammation and its 
Varieties. Lond., Highley, 1846, 8"., 3/-. 

Observations on an ambiguous case of Hydro- 
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190 (1799). 

On the cure of those affections which arise 
from the poison of Lead, ib., vi, 119-122 (1800). 

COAD, George. Letter-carrier, b. Saltash, 
Sept., 1765. d. Saltash, 2nd August, 1840. 

A Brief Memoir of George Coad, of Saltash, 
Cornwall. By Oliver Henwood. Lond., 1841, 

G. Coad... By 0. Henwood. [TFesleyan] Re- 
ts Tracts, No. 540, 1849, 12"., pp. 8. 

COAD, R. A Cornish Miner. 

Temperance Eeports. Devon and Cornw. Temp. 
Journ., Jan., 1868, and succeeding numbers. 





COALE, Benjamin, d. Reading, 31st Oct., 

A Relation of the last words... of. ..Loveday 

Hambly...l683, 4°. 

Note. — The Preface by B. Coale, dated Beading, 
the 20th of the 1st month, 168=. 

COALE, Joseph, h. about 1637. d. Reading 
Gaol, 26tli Feb., 1670. 

Some Account of the Life, Service, and Suffer- 
ing of an Early Minister of Christ, Joseph 
Coale, collected out of his own writings [by 
George Whitehead] ; who, after near six years 
Imprisonment in Reading Goal, died Prisoner for 
his Christian Testimony. Lond., printed and 
sold by T. Sowle, in White Hart Court, in 
Gracious Street, 1706, 12°., 12 sheets. Br. 

Note. — Page 1 — 12, Testimonies from G. White- 
head and others. Then follow — 

J. Coale's writings, consisting of '• A Testimony of 
the Father's Love, etc.," dated Trengang-gerrey, in 
Cornwall, 15th October, 1657. 

To the Children of the Light in the West Parts of 

A Testimony of the Father's Love, etc. 

Some Eeasons why the people called Quakers do 
absent (sic) from the Publick Way of Worship. 

Epistle to Friends in and about Dewlow. 

To the Beloved Friends, etc., in Devon and Cornwall. 

An Epistle to Friends at Henly. 

For Friends in Devon and Cornwall. 

To Friends in the West of England. 

A letter to James Smith and Copleston Bamfield. 

To the School- Masters of Exon. 

To all you that Desire and Breath after the Lord, 
etc. Dated Tregargrees, in the Parish of Austel, in 
Cornwall, the 13th January, 1664. 

Concerning Keconoiliation, etc. 

For Friends in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall. 

To all the Upright in Heart, etc. 

An Epistle to Friends in the West of England. 

COALE, JosiAH. d. London, 1668, in the 36th 
year of his age. 

The Whore unvailed, or the Mistery of the 
Deceit of the Church of Rome Revealed'; being 
a Brief Answer to a Book entituled, " The 
Reconciler of Religions, " A. S... Printed in 
the year 1665, 4°., 7 sheets. Dr. Williams. 

Note. — "Written in Bridewell, near Laneton, in 
Cornwall, the 11th month, 1664." " J. C." 

COCKBURNE, Very Rev. Sir William, 
Bart., A.M. Fellow of 8. Johris Coll., Cam- 
bridge , afterwards Dean of Yorh. d. Kelston, 
near Bristol, 30th April, 1858, aged 84. 

An authentic account of the late unfortunate 
death of Lord Camelford, with an extract from 
his Lordship's vrill and some remarks upon his 
character. Lond., J. Hatchard, 1804, 8°., pp. 
16 (exclusive of Postscript, dated 15th March, 
1804), 1/-. 


Meditations and Contemplations : containing, 
Meditations among the Tombs — Reflections on 
a Flower Garden — A Descant on Creation — 
Contemplations on the Night — On the Starry 
Heavens — and A Winter Piece. By James 
Hervey, A.B., late Rector of Weston Favel, 
in Northamptonshire. Transposed into blank 
verse by G. Cocking, of Redruth, Cornwall. 
Wellington, printed by J. Bishop, for the Author, 
1813, 120., pp. 268, list of subscribers. 

C£)CKS, Lieut. -Col. Charles Lygon. Cold- 
stream Guards. {3rd son of Thomas Somers 
Cocks and Agneta, daughter of Rt. Hon. Pole 
Carew). h. London, June, 1821. 

Notes on the Botany of the Bosphorus. 
Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., ii, 286 (1851). 

COCKS, John, M.D. h. in Sussex, 1787. i, 
Plymouth, 1861. 

Sea-weed Collector's Guide ; containing plain 
instructions for collecting and preserving species, 
and a list of all the known species and local- 
ities in Great Britain. By J, Cocks. Lond., 
Van Voorst, 1853, 8». 

AlgaruTO Fasciculi ; or a collection of British 
Sea-weeds, carefully dried and preserved, and 
correctly named after Dr. Harvey's " Psychologia 
Brittanica," with a description of each plant, 
time of appearance, locality, &c. Fasciculus, i. 
By John Cooks, M.D., Devonport. Dubhn, 
printed at the University Press, by M, H, GjU, 
1855, 4"., 5/-. 

Note. — Only 17 Fasciculi were printed. The last 
has this change in the Title : " Plymouth, printed by 
Wm. Brendon, 26, George Street, 1859." 

COCKS, William Penniton. h. Devonshire, 
Resident in Cornwall since 1842. 

Rules to be observed in practical life, &c, 
Falmouth, litho., 1845, 4°., pp. 24. 

Crustacea. Falmouth, litho., 1849. 

Fishes, ih. 

Birds, ih. 

Mammalia procured or examined in Falmouth 
and neighbourhood, by W. P. Cocks, from 1843 
to 1849. Falmouth, litho., Sept., 1849, sq. 8"., 

Think before you speak. — First what thou 
shalt speak, etc. — Lie not, but speak the truth. 
Falmouth, litho. 

Insects injurious to Farmers, Gardeners, etc, 
Lond., 8"., pp. 60. 

The Life of Jesus Christ. — Compiled from 
the New Testament. Written for the Bazaar. 
Falmouth, litho., 8"., pp. 16, and MSS., 4°., pp, 




COCKS, William Pennitok. {Con.). 

My Garden Flowers. LUho. 

Common Objects of the Sea-shore. Falmouth, 

Falmouth Herbal. MSS., demy fol, pp. 107. 

Poison Fangs of the Crotulus horridus. Fal- 
mouth, litho., i°., pp. 16. 

The Naturalist's Best Friend : Contents of 
Fishes Stomachs. Falmouth, litho. 

A Calendar of Natural History, kept at Fal- 
mouth and Budock, for the years 1859 & 1860. 
Falmouth, litho. 

Insects found in Falmouth, Budock, &c., 1861. 
Falmouth, litho. 

Falmouth Algse or Sea Weeds. Falmouth, 

The Falmouth and Budock Guide. Falmouth, 

The Wild Flowers in our Neighbourhood. 
Falmouth, litho. 

Hortus Siccus. Falmouth, litho. 

The Contents of the Trawl Net. ib. 

A Brief History of the Bible, ib. 

Cage Birds, etc. ib. 

Sea Anemones. [Vide Johnson's Zoophytes; 
Gosse's ActinicB\. 

Nudibranchiate MoUusca. Falmouth, litho., 
40., pp. 8. 

Naked-eyed Medusae. Falmouth, litho. 

Cirrhipedia. — Sessile and Pedunculated. Fal- 
mouth, litho., i°., pp. 8. 

Chitons. Falmouth, litho., i°., pp. 12. 

Ascidiens — Simple — Associated and Com- 
pound. Falmouth, litho., 4°., pp. 24. 

Zoophytes. Falmouth, lithe, 4°., pp. 24. 

Salt Water Mollusca. Falmouth, litho., 4°., 
pp. 16. 

Hints for Facilitating the Records of Natural 
History. Falmouth, litho., 4°. 

Forms for the record of Post Mortem Exami- 
nations. 80., pp. 8. 

Guide to the Fish Market, etc. Falmouth, 
Wm. Tregaskis, 1869. An oblong folio sheet. 

Eehinodermata found in Falmouth and its 
neighbourhood, 1843-49. Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., 
i, 292 (1849). 

KelHa Rubra. Mag. of Zoology, iv, 54 (1859). 

Contributions to the Fauna of Falmouth. 
Birds. Rep. B.C.P. Sac, 1849, pp. 38-102. 
Falmouth Fauna, ib., 1850, pp. 10-12. 
Algse. «6., 1850, pp. 13-15. 
Actiniae, ib., 1851, pp. 3-11. 
Butterflies, ib., 1851, pp. 12-22. 
Moths, ib., 1852, p. 1. 
Falmouth Fauna, ib., 1853, pp. 28-36. 
Poultry, ib., 1854, pp. 3-10. 

COCKS, William Penniton. (Con.). 

Pigeons, ib., 1854, pp. 11-18. 
Falmouth Fauna, ib., 1854 pp. 19-23. 
Entromotraca. ib., 1856, pp. 15-24. 
Slugs, ib. 1856, p. 20. 
Geese and Ducks, ib., 1857, pp. 49-83. 
Grasshoppers, etc. ib. 1858, pp. 52-65. 
Rats and Mice, ib., 1859, pp. 77-97. 
Fish, ib., 1860, pp. 66-96. 
Flora, ib., 1861, p. 1 ; 1862, p. 19. 
Insects, ib., 1861, p. 23. 
Dragon Flies and Leeches, etc. ib., 1862, p. 13. 
Fauna, ib., 1862, p. 19; 1863, p. 33. 
Flora, ib., 1863, p. 22. 
Fauna and Flora, ib., 1864, p. 1. 
Falmouth Fauna. Addenda to contributions 
of former years, ib., 1869, pp. 66-91. 

Natural HistOTyT^Sg^TEJ^., 1850, p. 57 ; 
856, p. 34; 1859, p. 31. 

irai tiistory. jxep. 

1856, p. 34; 1859, p. 31. 
- ^ «i„n.c jj,^ 1852, p. 28. 

1 QK^r -^ oa 

. 26. 

Land Slugs. 

Locusts, ib., 1857, p. 

Aconite, ib., 1863, p. 75. 

Echinorhinus spinosus. Ann. Nat. Hist., v, 
71 (1850). 

Capture of Centrolophus pompilus. ib., vi, 

On the Amphioxus lanceolatus. ib. xviii, 350 

CODE, Philip. 

Phil. Code to Bishop Tanner. Penryn, 26th 
September, 1697. Tanner MSS. {Bodl. Mb.), 23, 
art. 43. 

CCELEBS, pseud., i.e., Carlyon, E. A. 

COFFIN, Rev. James, M.A. V. of lAnkinhorne 
1780-1833. b. 25th July, 1756. d. Linkin- 
horne, 12th April, 1833. 
Sixty-eight Letters from the Rev. John New- 
ton, late Rector of St. Mary, Woolnoth, to a 
Clergyman [i.e., Rev. J. Cofi&n] and his family, 
between the years 1791 and 1801. Never before 
published, 1844, 8°.— 2nd ed., Lond., Simpkin; 
Launceston, T. W. Maddox [printed]; 1845, 
8"., pp. 254. 

Note. — The preface is signed John Newton C [offin] , 
and dated Launceston, Sept., 1844. 

COFFIN, John Newton. Fide supra. 


b. Derbyshire, 1608. d. Derby, Feb., 1684. 

Small Poems of divers sorts. Written by 
Sir A. Cokain. Lond., printed by Wil. Godbid, 
1658, 8"., pp. 284. 

Note.— pp. 152—4 contain a " Fictitious Relation " 
of stout Hugh Nunniok and his journey through Com- 




COLBY, Major-General Thomas, E.E., LL.D. 
h. Pembrokeshire, 1 784. d. near Liverpool, 
1st Oct., 1852. 

Memoirs of Major-General Colby... By Lieut.- 
Col. J. E. Portlock. Lond., Seeley, 1869, 80., 
pp. xii and 314. 

Note. — Mr. Colby visited Cornwall on the Ordnance 
Survey, and met with a serious accident at Liskeard, 
pp. 14, 15, 26. 


The Genealogy of the Family of Cole, of the 
County of Devon, and of those of its branches 
which settled in Suifolk. . .By James Edwin Cole, 
of the Inner Temple. Lond., printed for private 
circulation, by J. R. Smith, 1867, 8"., pp. 63. 

Note. — Contains some information relative to the 
Coles and other families of Cornwall. 

COLE, SiE Christopher, E.N., K.C.B. {youngest 
son of Humphry Cole), h. Marazion, 10th 
June, 1770. d. Killoy, near Cardiif, 24th 
Aug., 1836. cf. Gent. Mag., vi, 543 (1836) 
Marshall's Royal Naval Biog., ii, 501-517 
E. Osier's Life of Viscount Exmouth, App. , 
Brenton's Naml Hist, vol. ii; James' Naval 
Hist., vol. v; Anniml Biog. for 1837, pp. 110- 

COLE, Capt. Francis, of H.M.S. "LaRevo- 
lutionnaire " {Zrd son of Humphry Cole), h. 
1760. d. 17th April, 1798. bur. at St. Hilary. 
cf. Gent. Mag., Ixviii, pt. i, 444 (1798) ; James' 
Naval Hist., vol. i; European Maq., xxxiii, 

COLE, Rev. Francis Edward Baston. Curate 
of Pillaton 1846-58; V. of Pelynt 1858. h. 
Sundridge, Kent, 1813. 

The Methodistic Tenet of Conversion, as 
taught by the Rev. R. Aitken, shewn to be an- 
tagonistic to the theory of the Church. By a 
Cornish Curate p.g,, Rev. F. E. B. Cole]. Oxford 
and Lond., J, H. Parker, 1854, 8"., pp. 35, 1/-. 

Note.—" Spiritual Vitality," by the Eev. E. Aitken 
is the wpj-k referred to in this pamphlet. ' 

COLE, Henry. 

Notices and Extracts of Documents relating 
to the County and Duchy of Cornwall, in the 
Augmentation Oflaces ; with Extracts from vari. 
ous Catalogues of those portions relating to 
Cornwall. With an index of the names of places 
drawn up in 1835-6, by Henry Cole Br 
Museum Addit. MSS., 12,493, fol. 

COLE, Rev. John, D.D. (ind son of Humphry 
Cole). Fellow of Ex. Coll. 1778 ; F. of Gulval 
1790; B. of Ex. Coll. 7th Jan., 1808. b. 
Marazion, 8th June, 1758. d. Marazion, 13th 
Oct., 1819. 

A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meet- 
ing of the Stewards of the Sons of the Clergy, 
in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Thurs- 
day, May 16, 1816. To which are added Lists 
of the Nobility who have been Stewards, to- 
gether with the names of the Preachers since 
1721. By Rev. J. Cole, D.D., Rector of Exeter 
College, Oxford. Lond., Rivington, 1817, 4°. 
Sermon, pp. 26 ; App., pp. 40. 

COLE, Rev. Samuel, B.A. (5th son of Humphry 
Cole). V. of Sithney and Chaplain of H.M. 
Fleet. b. Marazion, 1768. d. Greenwich 
Hospital, 25th Nov., 1838. cf Gent. Mag., 
xi, 103 (1839). 

A Sermon [on Nehemiah, iv, 13-14] preached 
Dec. 26, 1803, in the Parish Church of Madron, 
in the County of Cornwall, before the first bat- 
talion of Mount's Bay Volunteers, and printed 
at their request. By their Chaplain, S. Cole, 
Curate of Gulval, Chaplain to his Royal High- 
ness the Duke of Clarence and to the Rt. Hon. 
Lord Keith. Oxford, printed by S. Collingwood, 
1804, 4°., pp. iv and 16. Bod. Lib. 

COLENSO, John William, b. Penzance, d. 
Durnford Street, Stonehouse. 

A Description of the Happy Union Tin- 
Stream Work at Pentuan. With section. Trans 
R.G.S.C, iv, 29-39 (1829) ; cf Quart. Jmrn. 
Geol. Soc. Lond., vol. vii, pi. vi, p. 120 (1851). 

COLENSO, Right Rev. John William, D.D. 
{son of the preceding). Lord Bishop of Natal 
Fellow of St. John's, Camb., 13th March, 1837 
,B. of Forncett St. Mary, Norfolk, 1846-54 
b. St. Austell, 24th Jan., 1814. cf Church 
man's Family Mag., May, 1865; Men of the 

Notes on the Gospel of St. Matthew, Cam- 
bridge, 1833, 8°. 

A Translation of the Ars Poeticg, of Horace, 
with notes. Cambridge, 1834, 8". 

A Translation of Plato's Apologia of Socrates, 
with notes. Cambridge, 1834, 8". 

Solution of Questions in Arithmetic and Al- 
gebra, set at University Examinations. Cam- 
bridge, 1835, 8°. 

The Elements of Algebra... designed for the 
use of Schools, by the Rev. J. W. Colenso, M.A., 
Rector of Forncett St. Mary, Norfolk, and late 
Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. John's College, 
Cambridge. Cambridge, 2nd ed., Lond., Lppg. 




COLENSO, Eight Rev. John William. {Con.). 

man [Cambridge, printed], 1841, 12". — 3rd ed., 
1842, 80.— 5th ed., 1847, 12"., 6/-.— 6th ed., 
part i, containing the elementary parts alone, 
1849, 12°., 4/6. — 6th ed., part ii, containing the 
higher parts of the subject, 1849, 12"., 6/-. — 
7th ed., 1849, 8°., pp. vi, 156, xxiv, and 24.— 
1852, 18°.— New ed., 1864, 12". 

Arithmetic, designed for the use of Schools. 
Lond., Longman, 1843, 12". — New ed., stereo- 
typed, Cambridge [printed], 1848, 12". — New 
ed., 1855, 8". — New ed., thoroughly revised, with 
the addition of notes and examination papers, 

1864, 12"., pp. 222, 4/6. 

Cottage Family Prayers. Cambridge, 1846, 

The Elements of Euclid, from the text of Dr. 
Simson, with a large collection of geometrical 
problems for solution. Lond., 1846, 12"., 4/6. 

The Elements of Euclid... with a key to the 
problems. Lond., Longman, 1846, 12"., 6/6. 

The Geometrical Problems, with key. Lond., 
Longman, 1846, 12"., 3/6. 

Geometrical Problems, as given in the editions 
of Euclid' ,s Elements. By Rev. J. W. Colenso. 
Lond., 1846, 24"., 1/-. 

Miscellaneous Examples in Algebra, designed 
as a companion to the Elements of Algebra. 
Lond., Longman; Cambridge [printed]; 1848, 
12"., 2/6. 

A Key to Algebra. 2 pts. Lond., Longman 
[Cambridge, printed], 1849-50, 12".— New ed., 

1865, 12"., 5/- each pt. 

Note.' — Each part has a separate title-page, pagi- 
nation, and register. 

Solution to all the unworked examples in the 
Arithmetic of... J. W. Colenso. By S. Maynard. 
Lond., 1850, 12". — New ed., prepared by Rev. 
J. Hunter, 1864, 12"., 5/-. 

Hymns for Village Children, Original and 
Selected. Norwich, 1850, 8". 

Plane Trigonometry. Lond., 1851, 12". 

Solution of Examples in Plane Trigonometry. 
Lond.; Cambridge [printed] ; 1851,12". 

Appendix to the Key to the First Edition of 
Colenso's Plane Trigonometry. Pt i, Cambridge 
[1852], 12". 

The Monthly Record of Church Mission. Ed, 
by Rev. J. W. Colenso. 1852-53, 8". 

Progressive Examples in Arithmetic, designed 
for the use of National, Adult, and Commercial 
Schools. Lend., 1853, 16". 

Note.— Each pt. has a distinct title-page and pagi- 
nation ; there is no register. 

A Text Book of Elementary Arithmetic... 
Lend., 1853, 16", 

Answers to the Examples in the Elementary 
Arithmetic... Lond., 1853, 12°. 

Solution of thp Examples in the Elements of 

COLENSO, Eight Ee¥. John William. (Gon.). 

Algebra, adapted for the use of National and 
Adult Schools. Lond., 1853, 12". 

Village Sermons. 2nd ed., Cambridge, Mac- 
millan; Norwich [printed]; 1854, 16"., 2/6. 

A Letter to his Grace the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, in reply to a review of "Village 
Sermons," in the liecord Newspaper of November 
10, 1853. [With the text of the Review]. 
Lond., 1853, 8". 

Tlie Good Tidings of Great Joy, which shall 
be to all People. A Sermon preached on the 
ordaining of H. Galloway. Lond., 1854, 8". 

The Communion Service from the Book of 
Common Prayer, with select readings from the 
writings of the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A. Ed. 
by the Rt. Rev. J. W. Colenso, D.D., Lord 
Bishop of Natal. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1855, 
8"., pp. x & 149, fine ed., 6/-., common paper, 1/. 
Four Sermons on Ordination and Missions. 
Cambridge, Macmillan, 1855, 18"., 1/-. 

Ten Weeks in Natal. A Journal of a First 
Tour of Visitation among the Colonists and 
Zulu-Kaffirs of Natal. Cambridge; Lond., Mac- 
millan [printed] ; 1855, 8"., 5/-. 

Two Sermons on Spiritual Eating in the Holy 
Eucharist. Maritzburg, 1858, 8". 

First Steps in Zulu-Kaffir. An Abridgment 

of the Elementary Grammar of the Zulu-Kaffir 

Language. Ekukanyeni, 1859, 12"., pp. 86, 4/6. 

First Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. 2 parts in 

one. Natal, 16"., pp. 44, 1/-. 

Second Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. Natal, 
16"., pp. 108, 3/-. 

Fourth Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. Natal, 
1859, 8"., pp. 160, 7/-. 

An Elementary Grammar of the Zulu-Kaffir 
Language. Ekukanyeni, 1859, 18"., pp. 184, 

Three Native Accounts of the Visit of the 
Bishop of Natal, in Sept. and Oct., 1859, to 
Umpande, King of the Zulus, Ed. by Rt. Rev. 
J. W. Colenso, Bp. of Natal. With Explanatory 
Notes and a Literal Translation, and a Glossary 
of all the Zulu words employed in the same. 
Designed for the use of Students of the Zulu 
Language. Maritzburg, Natal, 1860, 16"., pp. 
160, 4/6. 

Zulu EngUsh Dictionary. Pietermaritzburg, 
1861, 12"., pp. viii and 552, 15/-. 

St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. Newly 
translated, with a Commentary by Rt. Rev. 
J. W. Colenso, Bp. of Natal. Lond., Macmillan, 
1861, cr. 8"., 7/6. 

Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, upon the Question of Polygamy, as found 
already existing in Converts from Heathenism. 
Lond., 1862, 8".— 2nd ed., Lond., Macmillan, 
18—, cr. 8"., 1/6. 




COLENSO, BiQHi Eev. John William. (Con.). 

The Bishop of Natal and the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel. 1863, 8". 
- The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critically 
examined. By the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of 
Natal. 5 parts [6 vols.], Lond., Longman, 
1862-65, 8". 

, Note. — Part I. The Pentateueli examined as an 
Historical NaiTative. 

1st ed., 29tli Oct., 1862, pp. xxxvi and 160, 6/-. 
2nd „ 8tli Dec, 1862, „ xxxvi and 160. 
3rd „ 1863, „ xxxvi and 160. 

4th „ 1863, „ xxxvi and 160. 

5th „ 1863, „ xxxvi and 160. 

Part II. The Age and Authorship of the Penta- 
teuch considered. 

Ist ed., 3rd Feb., 1863, pp. xl and 163—384, 7/6. 
2nd „ 14th July, 1863, „ xxxvi and 163—388. 
3rd „ 1863, „ xxxvi and 163—397. 

Part in. The Book of Deuteronomy. 

1st ed., 10th June, 1863, pp. xlvi and 391— 632, 8/-. 

2nd „ 25th June, 1863, „ xlvi and 391—632. 

Part IV. The first eleven chapters of Genesis ex- 
amined and separated, with remarks on the creation, 
the fall, and the deluge. 

Ist ed., 14th Dec, 1863, pp. xlv and 1—327, 9/-. 

2nd „ 29thDec., 1863 [1864], pp. xlv and 1—327. 

Part V. With Three Appendices, etc. 

1st ed., 12th July, 1863, pp. xlvi and 1—320 and 

Parts I— V. People's edition, 1864— 65, pp. 428, 6/-. 

Part I was originally printed in Natal, and the 
proof sheets of Part YI (now, 1870, in preparation) are 
being composed at the Bishop's printing office in the 
colony. Of Part I (1st ed.) 10,000 copies were printed ; 
of Part II (1st ed.) 5,000 copies were printed. 

An Examination of Bp. Colenso's difficulties 
with regard to the Pentateuch. ...By the Rev. 
Alexander Mc. Caul, D.D....Lond., Rivingtons, 
1863, 8"., pp. viiand216. 

Notes by the Bishop of Natal on the Exami- 
nations of Part I of his work on the Pentateuch, 
by the Rev. Dr. Mc. Caul... Lond., Longman, 
1863, 8«., pp. 39, !/-• 

Trial of the Bishop of Natal for erroneous 
teaching, before the Metropolitan Bishop of 
Cape Town and the Bishops of Graham' s-Town 
and the Orange Free States, as Assessors. [By 
Rt. Rev. Robert Gray, Bp. of Cape Town]. 
Cape Town [S. Solomon & Co., Printers], 1863, 
8°., pp. 405, 2/-. 

On the Judicial Functions of Metropolitans, 
and on the Appeal of Bishop Colenso. Lond., 
1865, 12°- 

Remarks upon the recent proceedings and 
charge of Robert, Lord Bishop of Cape Town... 
at his primary metropolitan visitation of the 
diocese of Natal, etc. Lond., 1864, 8°.— 2nd 
ed;, 1864, 8°., 1/-. 

A Letter to the Laity of the Diocese of Natal 
[in reply to one. . . issued by the Bishop of Cape- 
town,..]. 2nd ed., Lond., 1864, 8°. 

Abraham's Sacrifice. A Sermon for Claybrook 

COLENSO, Eight Eev. John William. (Con.). 

Sunday Schools, on the Fear of Death... on the 
Reading of the Scriptures. Lond. [1864], 12°. 

A Sermon [on I Cor., iv, 5]. Maritzburg, 
n.d. [1865], 8°. 

A Sermon [on Heb., ii, 10-13], etc. Maritz- 
burg, n.d. [1865], 8°. 

A Sermon [on Rom., xv, 4-7], etc. Maritz- 
burg, n.d. [1865], 8°. 

Note. — The above three works have no title-pages. 

The Preface and Concluding Remarks of Part 
V of the Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critic- 
ally examined. Printed separately, by request. 
Lond., Trubner, 1865, 8°., pp. xlvi and 305- 
320, 1/-. 

Natal Sermons. A Series of Discourses 
preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's, 
Maritzburg. Lond., TrUbner, 1866, 8°., pp. viii 
and 373, 7/6. 

On Missions to the Zulus in Natal and Zulu- 
land. A Lecture, by Rt. Rev. J. W. Colenso, read 
at the Marylebone Literary Institution. . .the 23rd 
May, 1865. Reprinted from the Social Science 
Review for June, 1864, ed. by B. W. Richardson, 
London, 10, Whitefriars Street, Fleet Street. 
This edition is (with the permission of the 
author) printed for private circulation, n.p. or 
d. [Lond., J. Kenny, 1865], 8°., pp. 24, 6d. 

'Two Sermons preached by the Lord Bishop 
of Natal, in St. Paul's, D'Urban, on Sunday, 
Nov. 12, 1865; and in the Cathedral Church of 
St. Peter's, Maritzburg, on Sunday, November 
19, and on Sunday, November 26, 1865. Lond., 
Trubner, 1866, 8°., pp. 12, 6d. 

A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of 
Canterbury. Maritzburg, 1866, 8°. 

A Letter to the Members of the United 
Church of England and Ireland, in the Diocese 
of Natal. Maritzburg, 1866, 8°. 

Remarks on the Judgment of the Judicial 
Committee, in the case of the Bishop of Natal. 
By Ralph Barnes, Exeter. Lond., Hatchard, 
1866, 8°., pp. 96, 1/6. 

Reply to Remarks by the Rev. "W. 0. Newn- 
ham, M.A., on some portions of Bishop Colenso's 
teaching and its tendencies. Maritzburg, 1866, 8°. 

Colony of Natal, South Africa. In the Su- 
preme Court. The Bishop of Natal v. the Rev. 
James Green, the Rev. James Walton, and the 
Rev. J. S. Robinson, etc. The Argument of the 
Bishop of Natal before the Supreme Court of 
the Colony of Natal, on Tuesday, September 
10, 1867. Lond., Triibner, n.d. [1867], 8°., pp. 
38, 1/-. 

A Shilling Arithmetic, designed for the use 
of Elementary Schools. Lond., 1867, 18°., pp. 
192, 1/-. With Answers, pp. 230, 1/6. 

Note.— This is a new ed. of " Text Book of Ele- 
mentary Arithmetic," by the same author. 




COLENSO, Eight Rev. John William. (Con.). 

The General Anglican Synod and Dr. Colenso. 
An earnest Appeal to the Archbishops and 
Bishops now assembled at Lambeth. By Pro 
EcclesiaDei. Lond., 1867, 12". 

A statement relating to facts which have been 
misunderstood, and to questions which have 
been raised, in connection with the consecration, 
trial, and excommunication of . . . Dr. Colenso. 
By E. Gray, Bp. of Capetown. Lond., 1867, 
16".— 2nd ed., with an app., 1867, 8". 

Natal Sermons. Second Series. Preached 
in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's, Maritz- 
burg. Lond., Triibner; Bungay [printed]; 1868, 
or. 8°., pp. 349, 5/-. 

Natal Sermons. Third Series. Maritzburg, 
1868, 8°. 

Natar Sermons. Fourth Series. Maritzburg, 
1868, 8*'. 

The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critically 
examined by Professor A. Keunen, of Leyden. 
Trans, from the Dutch, arid annotated by the 
Bishop of Natal. Lond., Longman, 18 — , 8°., 
pp. 220, 8/6. 

The Worship of Baalim in India. Translated 
by the Bishop of Natal. 18—, 8°., 4/6. 

The New Testament translated into Zulu- 
Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. Ekukanyeni, 
18—, 8". 

The Books of Genesis and Exodus translated 
into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. Eku- 
kanyeni, 18—, 8° 

The Liturgy of the Church of England trans- 
lated into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. 
Ekukanyeni, 18—, 8°, 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Part I. Trans- 
lated into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. 
Ekukanyeni, 1868, 8". 

First Lessons in Science, for the use of 
Children and Adult Natives. Part I and Part 
IL Ekukanyeni, 1868, 8" 

Note. — The titles of upward of 150 controversial 
works coneerning Dr. Colenso's writings have been 
omitted from the Bibliotheoa. 

COLENSO, William (brother of J. TV. 

the elder). Local Preacher, b. circa 1780. d. 

Plymouth Ci), circa 1864. 

Remarks on Two Discourses on Methodism. 
Penzance, 1809, 8". 

Loyalty enforced by religious motives ; being 
the substance of a Sermon preached at Uny- 
Lelant, in the County of Cornwall, on June 4, 
1809, being the 71st Anniversary of the King's 
Birthday. Penzance, 1810, 8°., 2/-. 

COLENSO, William (son of Samuel Colenso). 
b. Penzance, circa 1810. 
Excursion in the Northern Island of New 

COLENSO, William. (Con.). 

Zealand, in the summer of 1841-42. By W. 
Colenso. Launceston, V. D. Land, printed at 
the office of the Launceston Examiner, 1844, 8°., 
pp. 95. 

Classification and Description of newly dis- 
covered Ferns in New Zealand. Launceston, 
1845, 8°. 

Description of some new Ferns lately dis- 
covered in New Zealand. Tasmanian Journ. 
Nat. Sci, i, 375-80 (1842). 

An Account of some enormous Fossil Bones 
of an unknown species of the class Aves, lately 
discovered in New Zealand, ib., ii, 81^1^7 
(1843); Ann. Nat. Hist., xiv, 81-96 (1844); 
Froriep Notizen, Erfurt, xxxii, col. 97-105, 120-22 

Journal of a Naturalist in some little known 
parts of New Zealand. Hooker, Lond. Journ. 
Bot., iii, 1-62 (1844). 

On a second species of New Zealand Flax, 
Phormium. Hooker, Journ. Bot., iii, 220-22 (1851). 

COLERIDGE, Rev. Derwent. Late Head 
Master of Helston Grammar School ; B. of Harir 
well. b. Greta Hall, Keswick, 14th Sept., 

The circumstances of the present times con- 
sidered, with a view to religious improvement. 
An Advent Sermon [on Rom., xiii, 11] preached 
in the Church of the Borough of Helleston, Nov, 
27, 1831, by the Rev. D. Coleridge. Published 
at the request of the congregation... Helleston, 
printed and sold by J. Roberts ; Lond., Riving- 
ton; 1831, 80., pp. 20, 1/-. 

The Scriptural Character of the English 
Church considered in a Series of Sermons; 
vrith Notes and Illustrations. By the Rev. D. 
Coleridge, Head Master of the Helleston Gram- 
mar School. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1839, 8»., 
pp. xxxii and 480, 12/-. 

The Christian Minister's Account with time. 
A Farewell Sermon, preached at Helleston, in 
Cornwall. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1841, 8"., 1/-. 

Helston Grammar School. By C[oleridge]. 
With an engraving. Saturday Mag., vii, 236 

COLERIDGE, Rev. James Duke, D.C.L. V. 
of Kenwyn 1823-28 ; V. of Lewannick 1831- 
41; B. of Lau-hitfon 1826-39; F of Thorver- 
fow 1839-57. dThorverton, 26th Dec, 1857, 
aged 69. cf Gent. Mag., iv, 224 (1858). 
A Selection of Family Prayers, intended for 

the use of his Parishioners. By Rev. J. D. 

Coleridge. Lond., Rivington, 1820 (?), 18"., 1/6. 

— 2nded., 1824, 12"., pp. viii and 64.— Cheap 

ed., 3d. 

Observations of a Parish Priest on Scenes of 




COLERIDGE, Rev. James Duice. [Con.). 

Sickness and Death. Published with a view to 
the temporal as well as spiritual comfort of his 
Parishioners in such seasons. By J. D. Cole- 
ridge, Vicar of Kenwyn and Kea. Truro, printed 
and sold by E. Heard; Lond., Eivington; n.d. 
[1825], 120., pp. 118, 3/6. 

A Sermon [on John, xi, 33-38] preached in 
the Parish Church of Kenwyn, Cornwall, on 
Tuesday Evening, July 10, 1827, at the Funeral 
of the late Mr. William Gill, of Chacewater. 
Printed in compliance with the request of a 
numerous body of the Parishioners. Truro, 
pt'iiited by E. Heard, 1827, 8^, pp. 16, 6d. 

Why are you not a Communicant ? or the 
absentee from the Lord's Table kindly but 
closely questioned by his Parish Priest. 2nd 
ed., Launceston, printed by T. & W. R. Bray, 
n.d. [18311, 8°., pp. 24, 3d. 

A few Words of Instruction to the Parish- 
ioners on an error in doctrine, prevalent most 
especially in country parishes, with advice on 
some points of religious practice. By J. D. 
Coleridge, LL.B., Rector of Lawhitton. The 
profits of this work to be given to the Lawhitton 
Clothing Club. Exeter, printed by E. J. Trew- 
man, High Street, 1834, 12o., pp. 24. 

Practical Advice to the Young Parish Priest. 
Lond., Eivington, 1834, 120., 5°.. 

A Brief Notice of certain errors concerning 
Regeneration and Confirmation, charged on the 
Church of England. Launceston, T. & W. R. 
Bray, 1836, 12"., pp. 16. 

A Companion to the First Lessons for the 
Services of the Church on Sundays and the 
Fasts and Festivals. Lond., Rivington, 1838. 
12"., pp. viii and 192, 3/6. 

COLERIDGE, Sir John Duke, Knt., M.P. 
Solicitor-General, b. 1821. 

Mr. Buckle and Sir J. T. Coleridge (in re the 
case of Thomas Pooley). By Sir J. D. Cole- 
ridge. Frasei^s Mag., lix, 635-45 (1859). 

COLL, Thomas, of Liskeard. 

Tria Carmina, simul et disticha qua2dam, ad 
Thoniam Coleeum, de ejus nomine variis ana- 
grammatibus immutnto... A shmolean MSS. {Bodl. 
Lib.), 36 & 37, art. 154. 

Note. — These anonymous poems are addressed 
" To his very loving friend, Mr. Thomas Coll, dd., then 
att Lyskerd." 

COLLIER, Sir Robert Porrett, Knt. {son of 
John Collier). Attorney-General. b. Mount 
Tamar, near Plymouth, 21st June, 1817. 
Two first books of Lucretius, De rerum natura, 

translated into blank verse. Anon. [By Sir 

COLLIER, SiE Robert Poukett. {Con,). 

J. S. Trelawny and [Sir] R. P. Collier]. Devon- 
port, 1842, 80. 

A Treatise on the Laws relating to Mines, 
chiefly as to the peculiar Mining Customs of 
Devon and Cornwall, with Statutes and Forms. 
By [Sir] R. P. Collier, of the Inner Temple, 
Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of Penzance. Lond., 
Will. Benning & Co., 43, Fleet Street, 1849, 8"., 
pp. xii and 150, app. Ixiv. 

COLLINGS, George. 

Copy of a warrant from Bishop John Dolben, 
of Rochester, as Lord High Almoner, appointing 
G. Collings, of Helston, his deputy for the for- 
feited goods of felones de se and for deodands 
within the county of Cornwall. 31st Jan., 1680. 
Rawlinson MSS., Bod. lAb., class B 321, art. 9. 

COLLINS, Arthur, b. 1682. d. 16th March, 

Proceedings, precedents, and arguments, on 
claims and controversies concerning Baronies 
by writ and other honours. Lond., 1734, fol. 

Note. — Contains the case of the Duchy of Corn- 

COLLINS, Rev. Charles Mathew Edward, 
M.A., of Exeter Coll. Oxford [he assumed" 
the name of Edward in March, 1850]. b. 
Bodmin, 5th Feb., 1815. 

A Sermon preached on behalf of Edgbaston 
Sunday and Day Schools, Aug. 28, 1842. Bir- 
mingham, Hawker, 1842, 8°., pp. 35. 

A Letter to the Author of " Suggestions for 
the Improvement of the Examination Statutes." 
Oxford, Macpherson, 1848, 80., pp. 36. 

Sudden Death and Judgment. A Sermon 
preached at Blisland, on May 13, 1855, on the 
loss of the Emigrant Ship, " John." Lond., 
Robeson, 1855, 80., pp. 10. 

David the Volunteer ; or National Defence 
a Religious Obligation. A Sermon preached 
before the Bodmin Volunteer Rifle Corps, on 
Sunday, June 24, 1 860. Published at the request 
of the Corps. The proceeds will be given to 
the Corps' Fund. Bodmin, Liddell & Sons, 
1860, 80., pp. 13, 6d. 

Copy of Correspondence between Sir J. S. 
Trelawny, Bart., and the Rev. C. M. E. Collins, 
M.A., relating to his connexion with the Sunday 
National League. With other Correspondence 
relating to the Sunday Question. Plymouth, 
" Western Daily Mercury" OflSces, 1868, 80., pp. 

By Request. The Church in her Offices. A 
Sermon preached at St. Veep Harvest Thanks- 
giving, on Thursday, Aug. 27, 1868. The 




COLLINS, Eev. Charles Mathbw Edward. {Gov). 

proceeds will be given to the House of Mercy 
at Lostwitliiel. Bodmin, Liddell & Son ; Lond., 
J. H. Parker; n.d. [1868], S"., pp. 16. 

Potteries in CornwaU. Bep. B.C. P. Soc, 
1868, pp. 28-43. 

COLLINS, Christopher. 

Grant of a Ship of Fowey, which was for- 
feited and given to him by the King. Harl. 
MSS., 433, art. 1219. 

Repayment to C. Collins of ,£20 by a Privy 
Seal, ik, 433, art. 1232. 

Privy Seal for £128. 4s. 2d. to C. Collins, for 
wages paid 200 men. ik, 433, art. 1369. 

COLLINS, DiGBY {Brd son of Edward Collins). 
k Truthan, 7th September, 1836. 

The Horse-trainer's and Sportsman's Guide ; 
with additional considerations on the duties of 
Grooms on purchasing Blood Stock, and on 
Veterinary Examination. Lond., Longman, 1865, 
8°., pp. 254. 

COLLINS, Eev. Edward, LL.B. F. o/Breage 

1722-25, and St. Eiih 1730-1755. 6. Truro (?), 

1692. d. St. Erth, Oct., 1755. 

The Obligation of Human Laws asserted and 
vindicated, in a Sermon Preach'd at the Assizes 
held at Bodmyn, on Thursday, Aug. 8, 1723, 
before the Honourable Mr. Justice Eyre and 
Mr. Baron Page. Publish'd at the request of 
the High Sheriff and the Gentlemen of the 
Grand Jury for the County of Cornwall. Lond., 
printed for Bernard Lintot, at the Cross-Keys, 
near the Temple Gate, Fleet Street, 1723, 8°. 
— Eeprinted for Davies Gilbert, Lond., J. B. 
Nichols, 25, Parliament Street, 1827, 8°. 

Note. — Inscribed to the Higli Sheriff, Richard Pol- 
whele, of Polwhele, and the Gentlemen of the Grand 

A Treatise on the Psalpis. MSS, 

Sermons. MSS. 
Note. — The above MSS. were destroyed by the 
Author's directions, when on his death bed. 

COLLINS, Edward, of Truthan {nephew of the 
preceding), k 21st April, 1747. d. Exeter, 
15th Sept., 1827. Mem of by fiev. B. Polwhele, 
Gent. Mag., xcvii, pt. 2, 370 (1827); cf. Annual 
Biog. for 1828, pp. 426-28. 

COLLINS, Edward, M;B. {grandson of Bev. E. 
Collins), hapt. Ledbury, 25th Jan., 1779. d. 
St. Ewe, 14th Aug., 1 831. cf. Garlyon's Early 
Years (ed. 1843), ii, 51-91 ; Cent. Mag.,.ci, 188 
(1831) ; Polwhele's Traditions, ii, 637-38, 

COLLINS, Edward {son of E. Collins, of 
Truthan). k Truthan, 7th Sept., 1782. d. 
Truthan, 13th April, 1855. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xliii, 658 (1855). 

COLLINS, Capt. Greenville. Living inlQ93. 
cf. Char nock's Biog. Navalis, ii, 60. 

An untitled Chart from east of the Lizard to 
west of Scilly. Dedicated "To the Honble. 
the Governor, Deputy Governor, and Commit- 
tees of the East India Company. This Chart is 
Humbly Dedicated and Presented by Capt. G. 
CoUins, Hydrographer to the King. 1686. Size, 
22J in. by 18 in. Scale, | in. to league. 

'The Islands of Scilly. To His Grace Henry 
Duke of Grafton, Vice-Admiral of England, &c., 
this Chart, etc. 1689. Size, 1 ft. 10 in. lay 
1 ft. 6 in. Scale, 2 in. to mile. 

Fowey and Mount's Bay. This Chart is most 
Humbly Presented and Dedicated to the Eight 
Eeverend Father in God, Jonathan, Lord Bishop 
of Bristol! Size, 1 ft. 10 in. by 1 ft. 6 in. 
Scale, 4 in. to mile for Fowey ; 2 in. to mUe for 
Mount's Bay. 

Falmouth. To Sir Peter Killigrew, Baronet, 
this Map is Dedicated, etc. Size, 1 ft. 10 in. 
by 1 ft. 6 in. Scale, If in. to mile. 

Plan of the Elvers, Creeks, Towns, etc., from 
Falmouth to Truro, fol. 

Great Britain's Coasting-pUot. The first part. , 
Being a new and exact Survey of the Sea-Coast 
of England, from the Eiver of Thames to the 
Westward, with the Islands of Scilly, and from 
thence to Carlile. [The second part... from the 
Eiver of Thames to the Northward, with the 
Islands of Orkney and Shetland]. By Capt. G. 
Collins . . . Lond., printed by Freeman Collins, 
and are to be sold by Eic. Mount, Bookseller, 
at the Postern on Tower Hill. 1693, fol. 

Note. — In the first part, pp. 22, in the second, pp. 
28, both parts have numerous charts. 

Cartes et Plans de plusier parties des Cotes 
d' Angleterre, d' Ecosse et d' Irlande, copiees 
sur celles du Pilote Cotier de la Grande-Bretagne, 
de Grenville-CoUins. n.d. [1757], fol. 

Note. — Contains : 

VII. Carte du Port Fowey ou Poy et Baye de Mounts. 

VIII. Ports de Falmouth et de Helford. 

IX. Carte des Illes de Scilly ou les Sorlingues. 

X. Carte de la Riviere de Saverne. autrement Manche 

ou Canal de BristoU. [Shews the coast from 
Tintagel to Bristol] . 

COLLINS, Jane {daughter of Bev. Edward 
Collins, V. of St. Erth). k St. Erth, 16th 
May, 1733. d. Manaccan, 18th Nov., 1821. 
Mem. of {hy Bev. B. Polwhele), Gent. Mug., xci, 
pt. 2, 569 (1821). 




COLLINS, Rev. Jeremiah (son of Rev. John 

Collins). Scholar of Balliol Coll., Oxford, 1792 ; 

Incumb. of Cornelly 1835 (1), resigned 1847. 

h. Redruth (?), 1774. d. Truro, 1853. bur. 

at St. Erme, 17th Feb., 1853. 

A Sermon preached at Probus Church, on the 
18th Jan., 1816, being the thanksgiving day for 
the late peace, by the Rev. J. ColUns. Truro, 
1816, 8°., pp. 20. 

Account of Ladock parish, by Rev. J. Collins 
(Curate of Ladock in 1812), in Lysons' Cornwall, 
pp. 167-8. 

COLLINS, John. Accomptant. b. Wood Eaton, 
Oxfordshire, 5th March, 1624. d. London, 
10th Nov., 1683. 

A Proposal for the advancement of the revenue 
and the encouragement of the fishery trade by 
an excise duty upon salt ; by John Collins, 
"accomptant, e. Reg. Soc. philomath." 1677. 
Bawlinson MSS., Bod. Lib., class A 191, art. 48. 

A Plea for the bringing in of Irish Cattel and 
keeping out of Fish caught by Foreigners ; 
together with an humble Address to the Hon- 
ourable Members of Parliament of the Counties 
of Cornwall and Devon, about the advancement 
of Tin, Fishery, and divers Manufactures. By 
J. Collins, Accomptant to the Royal Fishery Co. 
E. Reg. Soc. Philomath. Lend., printed by 
A. Godbid and J. Playford, and are sold by 
Langley Curtis, in Goat-Court, on Ludgate 
Hill, 1680, 4"., pp. 38. 

Salt and Fishery. A discourse thereof... By 
J. Collins, Accomptant, &c. Lond., printed by 
A. Godbid and J. Playford, and are to be sold 
by Mr. Robert Home, at the Royal Exchange, 
&c., 1682, 4". 

Note. — The Pilchard Fishery described, pp. 102 — 
105. See also pp. 110, 111, 153—155. cf. Harl. MSS., 
1243, art. 22. 


Letters to Mr. Langdon, dated Stratton, Jan. 
21 and Dec. 10, 1703. MSS. perns Boy. Soc, 
pp. 2, 4°. 

COLLINS, Rev. John (Ind son of Eev. Edivard 
Collins). R. of Illogan. b. lUogan, 1607. d. 
lUogan, 4th June, 1684. cf. Walker^ s Suffer- 
ings, pt. ii, 215. 

A Diary of practice as a Physician, when 
sequestrated under the Commonwealth. [By 
Rev. J. Collins]. MSS. formerly at Truthan, 
but now destroyed. 

COLLINS, Rev. John {2nd son of John Collins 
of Treioorgan). R. of Redruth, b. Truro (t). 
d. Penhellick, 1775. bur. at St. Erme, 27th 
May, 1775. 

Sermon preached on the Re-opening of Redruth 

COLLINS, Eev. John. (Con.). 

Church, in 1768, by Rev. J. ColHns. MSS. penes 
Rev. C. M. E. Collins, Trewardale. 

COLLINS, Rev. John, B.C.L. (only son of Rev. 
Ed. Collins, V. of St. Erth). B. of Ledbury, 
b. St. Erth Ci), 28th Sept., 1741. d. Penryn, 
20th March, 1797. cf. European Mag., vii, 52 
(1785) ; Nichols' Illustrations, iii, 154-56, 219, 
839; vi, 133; viii, 593; Polwhele's Traditions, 
i, 82-83, 105-8. 

A Letter to George Hardinge, Esq., on the 
subject of a passage in Mr. Stevens's Preface to 
his Impression of Shakespeare. Arum. Lond., 
printed by B. Sibthorp for G. Kearsley, in Fleet 
Street, 1777, 4°., pp. iii and 48 (including Son- 
net to Mr. Capell and Appendix). Br. Museum, 
King's Lib. 

Notes and Various Readings to Shakespeare 
. . . [By Edward Capell] . Lond. , printed by Henry 
Hughs, for the Author, n.d. [1779-80], 3 vols., 4". 
Note. — The dedication to Lord Daore is signed 
" John Collins," and this edition (which was published 
after Capell's deathj appears to have been edited by him. 

COLLINS, Col. John (2nd son of Rev. J. B. 
Collins), h. 1778. d. Madras, 7th Feb., 1811. 

Letters from Lord Wellesley and others to 
the Residents at Lucknow, viz : Lt.-Col. W. 
Scott... and Col. John Collins, 1794-1805. Br. 
Museum Addit. MSS., 13,526, 13,527, 13,530, 
13,600, and 13,601. 

COLLINS, Rev. John Basset, B.C.L. (eldest 
son of Rev. John Collins, R. of Redruth). B. 
of Camborne 1771-90, B.C. of Temple 1784-90. 
h. 1735. d. Glynn, 22nd June, 1790. cf 
Polwhele's Traditions, i, 68-69. 

Epitaph on Thomas Polwhele, Esq., late of 
Polwhele. By the Rev. J. B. C[ollins], of Glynn. 
In " Poems, chiefly by Gentlemen of Devonshire 
and Cornwall," ii, 237. 

Latin and English Poems. By Rev. J. B. 
Collins. MSS. penes Rev. C. M. E. Collins, 

COLLINS, J. H. b. London, March 16, 1841. 

A Handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall 
and Devon. By J. H. Collins, F.G.S. Truro, 
Heard & Son, 8«., 5/-. 

Note. — A prospectus of this work was issued in 
Aug., 1870. 

Notes on Boring Machines. Rep. Miners' 
Assoc, of D. & C, 1868, p. 23-25. 

On the Formation of Nuggets in Auriferous 
Drift, ib., 1868, p. 36-42. 

A Walk in a Cornish Valley, ib., 1869, pp. 

On Tin Streaming. Trans. R.G.S.C, 1868. 




COLLINS, Mortimer, h. Plymouth, 1827. 

Who is the Heir? A Novel. Lond., Max- 
well, 1865, 3 vols., 80., 31/6. 

Note. — A portion of the scene is laid in Cornwall. 

Through Cornwall. Belqrmia, i, 217-24 

COLLINS, William Wilkie {eldest son of Wil- 
liam Collins, B.A.). h. London, 1824. 

Rambles beyond Railways ; or Notes in Corn- 
wall, taken a-foot. By W. Wilkie Collins. 
With illustrations by Hen. C. Brandling. Lond., 
Bentley, 1851, 8"., pp. 301, 5/-.— 2nd ed., con- 
taining also the Cruise of the Tomtit to the 
Scilly Isles, 1861, 8°., pp. xiii & 298.— New 
ed., 1865, post 8"., 6/-. 

The Dead Secret. Lond., Bradbury and Evans, 
1857, 2 vols., 8"., 21/-.— New ed., Lond., S. Low, 
1861, cr. 8»., 5/-. 

Note. — A portion of the scene is laid in Cornwall. 

COLMAN, George, the younger, h. 21st 
Oct., 1762. d. London, 26th Oct., 1836. 

John Bull, or the Englishman's Fireside. A 
Comedy, in five Acts. First performed at the 
Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, on the 5th 
March, 1803. By G. Colman the younger. 
Lond., Longman, 1805, 8"., pp. 102. 

John Bull, etc., in " Collection of English 
Plays, with explanatory notes in the Danish 
language, by Fred. Schneider." (Copenhagen, 
1807, 12".), vol. ii, 

John Bull ou le coin du feu d' une famille 
Anglaise, com6die en trois actes, imit6e du c61febre 
Colman... par A. H. Chateauneuf Paris, chez 
A. Leroux, 1822, 8°., pp. xv and 40. 

John Bull, etc. From the prompt book, with 
Remarks by Mrs. Inchbald. Lond., Longman, 
n.d. [1816], 12°., pp. 99. 

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[1837?], 12"., pp. 76.— Reprinted, Lond., T. H. 
Lacy \n.d:\, [1839?], 12"., pp. 76, 6d. 

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n.d. [18— ],12"., pp. 66. 

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[1859], 12"., pp. 68, 6d. 

John Bull, etc., in "The British Drama, illus- 
trated." (Lond., J. Dicks, 313, Strand, 1865), 
iii, 735-56. 

Note. — The scene is laid in Cornwall, near Pen- 
zance. A summary of the play is in the Cornish Teleg., 
6th Feb., 1867. 

COLMAR, Rev. James. Fellow of Ex. Coll., 
1683-95 ; expelled 1690, hut afterwards restored, 
h. Truro. For the pamphlets relating to his 
expulsion, see Trelawny, Sir Jonathan, Bp. of 

COLOMBINE, David Elwin. h. Norwich; 9th 
March, 1802. 

Letter addressed to the Right Hon. Lord 
Carteret, the Rt. Hon. Lord Vivian, Sir William 
L. S. Trelawny, Bart., Lord Lieutenant, Francis 
Rodd, Esq., High Sheriff, and the Chief Magis- 
trates, Landowners, and Merchants of the County 
of Cornwall. By D. E. Colombine, Esq., Soli- 
citor to the Direct London and Exeter Railway 
Company, with extension to Falmouth and Pen- 
zance. Map. Lond., 1845, 8". 

The exposition of the affairs of the Direct 
London and Exeter Railway, with extensions 
to Cornwall. By D. E. Colombine. Lond., 
1846, 8", 

COMYN, Rev. Henry. V. of Sancreed 1837- 
51. d. Sancreed, 30th July, 1851, aged 76. 

A Parish Lecture on Regeneration. By a 
Clergyman of the Church of England [i.e.. Rev. 
H. Comyn]. Lond., W. J. Cleaver; Penzance, 
F. T. Vibert...l850, 8"., pp. 28. 

Note. — Dated Penzance, March 6, 1850. 

CONCANEN, George. Practised as an Jttorney 
at Truro for some years. 

A Report of the Trial at Bar, Rowe v. Brenton, 
tried in the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, 
Michaelmas Term, 9 Geo. IV, as to the Right 
to Minerals in the Assessional Lands of th^ 
Duchy of Cornwall, with Explanatory Notes 
and an Appendix, containing the Records and 
Documents as given in evidence. Lond., W. 
Walker, 1830, 8"., 5/-. Trial at Bar and Index, 
pp. 335. App. and Index, pp. 236. 

Note.' — Concerning East Crinnis Mines, cf. Gent. 
Mag., Ixxxix, pt. i, 649 (1819). 

The Trial at Bar, Rowe v. Brenton, in the 
Court of King's Bench, Michaelmas Term, 9 Geo. 
IV, as to the Right to Minerals in the Assessi- 
onal Lands of the Duchy of Cornwall, with the 
Records and Documents as given in Evidence. 
Lond., John Richards, 194, Fleet Street, 1831, 

CONDY, Nicholas Matthews, b. 1819. d. 
Plymouth, 20th May, 1851. 

Cotehele, on the Banks of the Tamar, the 
ancient seat of the Rt. Honble. the Earl of 
Mount Edgcumbe. By N. Condy. With a 
descriptive account, written expressly for the 
work by the Rev. F. V. J. Arundell. 17 plates. 
Lond., published by the Author, at 17, Gate 
Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, n.d., large foho, 
pp. 35. 

CONNAK, R. See Connock, R, 




CONNOCK, EiCHARD. Auditor to the Duchy of 
Cornwall, cf. Birch's Life of Henry, Prince of 
Wales, pp. 57-59, 218. /. Oweris Epigrams, 
lib. iii, ep. 27. 
A Collection of Names of all the Princes of 

this Kingdom of England, such as have been 

the King's eldest sons or next Inheritors to the 

Crown, &c., &c. By E. Connak. Lond., printed 

in the year 1747, 8"., pp. 72. 

Note.— The original is in the Library of Trinity 

Coll., Camb. 

Original Letters from E. Connock to Sir E. 

Cotton, 1609. Cottonian MSS., Julius, C. iii, 49 

and 85. 

CONON, George. Master of the Free Orammar 
School, Truro, 25th Feb., 1728-9, to 1 5th July, 
1771. 6. Scotland, 1701. d. Padstow, 27th 
May, 1775. cf Wills' Spiritual Begisier, 
(Lond., 1795), iii, p. 34; Polwhele's Traditions 
and Becollections, i, 27, 32; Sidney's Life of 
Mev. S. Walker, passim; Christian Observer, i, 
565 (1802) ; ii, 531-33 (1803). 

CONYBEAEE, Eev. John Josias. V. of Bath- 

easton. b. 1779. d. 11th June, 1824. 

The Porphyritic Veins of St. Agnes in Com- 
waU. Trans. Geol. Soc. Lond., iv, 401-403 (1812). 

Notice of Fossil Shells in the Slate of Tin- 
tagel. Plate. «&., iv, 424-25. 

On the Geology of Cornwall and Devon. 
Thomson, Ann. Philos., v, 184-90 ; vi, 35-38 (1823). 

CONYBEAEE, Eev. William Daniel, F.E.S. 

Dean of Llandaff. b. London, 7th June, 1787. 

d. Itchenstoke, 12th Aug., 1857. 

Outlines of the Geology of England and 
Wales . . . Illustrated by a Coloured Map and 
Sections, &c. By Eev. W. D. Conybeare and 
William Phillips. Lond., William Phillips, 1822, 
8"., pp. bci and 470. 

COODE, Vice-Admieal John, K.C.B. {son of 
Edward Coode). b. Penryn, 11th Feb., 1779. 

, d. Plymouth, 19th Jan., 1858. cf. Jamei 
Naval Hist., vol. v ; 0' Byrne's Naval Biog. Diet. 

COODE, John. Civil Engineer, b. Bodmin. 

Minutes of Evidence given before the Select 
Committee of the House of Commons, on Har- 
bours of Eefuge, in July, 1857, by Capt. Wash- 
ington, Capt. Vetch, Capt. Hoskin, Capt. Sul- 
Uvan, and J. Coode, Esq., relative to St. Ives 
Bay. Penzance, n.d , 8°., pp. 20. 

Descriptions of the Chesil Bank, with remarks 
upon its origin, the causes which have con- 
tributed to its formation, and upon the move- 
ments of shingle generally. Minutes of Proc. of 
Instil, of Civil Engineers, xii, 520-46 (1852-53). 

COODE, Samuel, h. Penryn, 28th Jan., 1777. 

d. Tottenham, 30th April, 1852. 

Divine Sovereignty exemplified in the remark- 
able Memoir of Caroline Fagg, a child under 
eleven years of age. 6th ed., Lond., C. A. 
Bartlett [Margate, W. C. Brasier, printed], 1851, 

12°., pp. 24. , . , n . 

Peace in Believing illustrated m the dymg 
experience of Mr. Samuel Coode, who departed 
this life April 30, 1852. Written by a member 
of his family {i.e., one of his daughters). Lond., 
Simpkin & Marshall ; and G. Coventry, Totten- 
ham [printed] ; 1852, 8°., pp. 32. 

COOK, Samuel. Water-Colour Artist. b. 

Camelford, 1806. d. Plymouth, June, 1859. 

Biographical Notice of the late Mr. Samuel 
Cook. Extracted from the Plymouth News- 
papers. Plymouth, Heydon & Son, 1860, 12"., 
pp. 16. 

COOKE, Christopher. 

Padstow and its Antiquities. Cornw. Gaz., 
26th March; 14th May, 1868. 

Cornish Castles, ib., 25th June. 

Cornish Tenures, ib., 6th Aug. 

Cornish Churches, ib., 10th Sept. 

Cornish Oratories, ib., 29th Oct. 

Antiquities of Helston. ib., 10th Dec. 

BoUeit, Holed Stone. N. & Q., 4th S., ii, 
519 (1868). 

COOKE, George, b. London, 22nd Jan., 1781. 

d. Barnes, 27th Feb., 1834. 

An Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour round 
the Southern Coast of England, illustrated with 
84 plates, from drawings by J. M. W. Turner, 
E.A., W. Collins, E. A. ... Engraved by Geo. 
Cooke... Lond., M. A. Nattali, 1849, 4". 

Note. — Eleven Cornish views; see also Cooke, W. B. 

COOKE, George Alexander. 

The Topography of Great Britain ; or British 
Traveller's Pocket Directory of all the Counties. 
Maps of Counties. Lond., Sherwood, 1805, 12° 
Note. — Vol. I, Cornwall and Devon. 166 pages on 

The Modern British Traveller, or Tourist's 
Pocket Directory ; being an Account of all the 
Counties. Lond., G. Cooke, 1802-10, 47 vols., 

Note. — " Each County illustrated with a map, and 
may be had separately " (Cornwall, 1/6, with coloured 
map, 2/6). 

Topographical Survey of the County of Corn- 
wall, historical, statistical, and descriptive, etc., 
etc. Lond., Bremmer, n.d., 12°., pp. 168. 

Note. — This is printed off from "The Topography 
of Great Britain." 



COOKE, Rev. James. Weskyan Minister in 
Cornwall 1838-47. 

Teetotalism, its opposers, weapons, and spirit. 
A Sermon preached before the Hayle Total 
Abstinence Society, May 31st, 1841, and pub- 
lished at their request. 3rd thousand, Hayle, 
A. J. Ashwin, n.d. [1841], 12°., pp. 23, 2d. 

COOKE, William, of Lincoln's Inn. Barrister- 
at-Law. d. Wrinted Court, Kent, 14tli Sept., 
1832, aged 74. 

Memoirs of S. Foote. (1805) q.v. 

COOKE, William Bryan. 

Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of 
England, from Drawings made principally by 
J. M. W. Turner, E.A., and Engraved by W. B. 
Cooke, G-eorge Cooke, and other eminent En- 
gravers. Lond., published by John and Arthur 
Arch, Cornhill...l826, 2 vols., fol. 

Note. — Published in uumt)erB (between 1814 and 
1826), price 12/6 ea. Proofs, 18/-. Vol. II contains 
eleven views in Cornwall. See also Cooke, G. 

COOKWORTHY, William. I. Kingsbridge, 
12th April, 1705. d. Plymouth, 17th Oct., 

Relics of W. Cookworthy, discoverer of the 
Cornish China-Clay and Stone, about A.D. 1755 ; 
Founder of the British Porcelain Manufacture, 
about 1760; and an eminent Minister of the 
Society of Friends. Collected by John Prideaux, 
Member of the Plymouth Institution... and of 
the Royal Institution, Polytechnic and Geological 
Societies of Cornwall (with a Profile). London, 
Whittaker ; printed by Roger Lidstone, Plymouth 
and Devonport; 1853, 8°., pp. v and 31. 

Memoir of William Cookworthy, formerly of 
Plymouth, Devonshire. By his Grandson [George 
Harrison]. Lond., W. & P. G. Cash, 1854, large 
12"., pp. 207. 

A.D. 1768, No. 898. Specification of W. 
Cookworthy, Manufacturer of Porcelain ["A 
kind of porcelain newly invented by me, com- 
pos'd of moor stone or growan and growan clay"]. 
Lond., 1768, fol. — Reprinted, Lond., Eyre and 
Spottiswoode, 1856,fol., pp. 3, 3d. See Champion, 

Explanatory Pamphlet respecting the Mono- 
poly which will be caused by the extension of W. 
Cookworthy's Patent for the use of China Clay, 
etc. By Josiah Wedgwood, 1775, 8°. 

COOPE, Rev. William John. R. of Falmouth, 
1838-1870. h. 24th Feb., 1809. d. Clifton, 
1st Jan., 1870. 

Submission to the temporal powers a Christian 
duty. A Sermon [on Rom., xiii, 5] preached 
in the Parish Church of Charles the Martyr, 

COOPE, Rev. William John. (Con.). 

Falmouth, on the 30th Jan., 1841, by the Rev. 
W. J. Coope, A.M., of Brazenose College, Oxford, 
and Rector of Falmouth. Falmouth, J. W. 
Dixon, 1841, 8°., pp. 64. 

The Church of Christ the Salt of the Earth. 
A Sermon [on Matt., v, 13] preached in St. 
Michael's Church, Helston, at the Triennial 
Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Exeter, Aug. 
1, 1842. Falmouth, printed and published by 
J. W. Dixon; Lond., Rivington; 1842,8°., pp. 32. 

Primitive Truth, or is the Catholic Church 
also Roman ? An earnest remonstrance to a 
Parishioner on her purposed perversion to the 
Church of Rome. Lond., Whittaker; Bampton 
[printed] ; 1847, 8"., pp. xiii and 149, 4/6. 

Two Sermons [on Jude, v, iii, and Acts, v, 
29] on the duty of earnestly contending for 
the faith at the present crisis... By Rev. W. J. 
Coope. Preached in the Parish Church of 
Falmouth,... on Sunday, April 14th, 1850, and 
now published by request. Lond., J. Masters, 
1850, 4°., pp. 68. 

The Real Presence of Christ in his Holy 
Sacrament the faith of the Catholic Church. A 
Letter to an Esteemed Parishioner. Lond., 
Church Press Co., 1868, 8°., 8d. 

[Falmouth Tracts, No. 1]. On the Sacrament 
of the Lord's Supper. 8°., pp. 7. 

[Falmouth Tracts, No. 2]. On the Sacrament 
of the Lord's Supper. 8°., pp. 7. 

Note. — These have no title pages, but are dated 
Howberry House, Aug., 1868, and signed W. Jno. Coope, 
Priest. They were printed by Mary Dunstone, Falmouth. 

[Falmouth Tracts, No. 3]. Catholic Consent. 
Dated Howberry House, Aug. 6, 1868, and 
signed Wm. Jno. Coope, Rector. Published by 
M. Dunstone, Arwenack Street, Falmouth, n.d., 
1868, 8"., pp. 12. 

Falmouth Tracts, No. 4. Wesley a Catholic ! 
"Wesley's sons" invited. By the Rev. W. J. 
Coope, Priest of Falmouth. Lond., Masters & 
Son ; Falmouth, published by M. Dunstone ; 
Sept., 1868, 8°., pp. 28. 

Falmouth Tracts, No. 5. Sacramental Doc- 
trine. By Rev. W. J. Coope. Falmouth, M. 
Dunstone, Feb., 1869, 8«. 

Falmouth Tracts, No. 6. Female Dress. By 
Rev. W. J. Coope. Falmouth, M. Dunstone, 
March, 1869, 8°. 

Premiums given by Rev. W. J. Coope. Bep. 
B.G.P. Soc, 1837, p. 17. 

Letter on the battle of the Tchemaya. By- 
Rev. J. W. Coope. Illust. Lond. News, xxvii, 
405, 6th Oct., 1855. 

Answer to the Rev. W. J. Coope's Letter. By 
J. Mount, Staff Surgeon, ib., xxvii, 619, 24thNov. 

Second Letter from the Rev. W. J. Coope. 
ib., xxviii, 19, 5th Jan., 1856. 




COOPEE, William Durrant, F.S.A. 

The Expenses of the Judges of Assize riding 
the Western and the Oxford Circuits... 1596- 
1601. Ed. . . .by W. D. Cooper. Camden Miscell, 
iv, 1850. 

Note. — Expenses at Launceston, pp. 21 — 22, 24, 
27, 29, 34, 36, 38, 41. 

COPE, Rev. Richard, LL.D., F.A.S. Inde- 
pendent Minister, b. London, 23rd Aug., 1776. 
d. Penryn, 26th Oct., 1856. 

The Autobiography and Select Remains of 
the Rev. R. Cope, LL.D., formerly Tutor of the 
Irish Evangelical College, Dublin, and Minister 
of the Congregational Churches at Launceston, 
Wakefield, Penryn. Portrait. Ed. by his son, 
R. J. Cope. Lond., Judd and Glass, 21, Pater- 
noster Row; Falmouth, Lake; 1857, 8"., pp. 
292, 6/-. List of Subscribers. 

The Object accomplished by the Abolition of 
the Slave Trade. A Sermon preached at Laun- 
ceston, May 1, 1807. 1807, 8«. 

Robert Melville ; or characters contrasted. 
Abergavenny, J. H. Morgan, 1827, 12°., pp. 
103, 1/. 

The Pulpit Synopsis ; containing outlines of 
Sermons, Select and Original, with Hints to 
Ministers on conducting the Worship of God, 
remarks on extempore preaching, and an address 
to preachers. Lond., Joseph Smith, 1837, 8°. 
Note. — Preface dated Penryn, August 16, 1837. 

Entertaining Anecdotes, Facts, and Observa- 
tions, moral and religious, with occasional reflec- 
tions, selected and arranged by R. Cope. Lond., 
Joseph Smith, 1838, 8°. 

Note. — Preface dated Penryn, March 30, 1838. 

Pietas Privata. Family Prayers for the Closet 
and the Family. By the late Rev. R. Cope, 
author of "The Domestic Altar." Lond., Judd 
and Glass, n.d. [1857], 12"., pp. 119. 

COPELAND, George A., R.A. Resident at 
Pendennis Castle. 

Description of a purple sandpiper shot at 
Pendennis Castle, Eejj. R.I.C., 1849, pp. 41-42. 

COPPARD, Rev. William Isaac, M.A. In- 
cumb. of St. Mary's, Plympton. d. Plymptpn 
St. Mary, 21st Feb., 1865. 

Notice of Doniert's Grave, St. Cleer. Trans. 
Exeter Dioces. Architect. Soc, iv (1850). 

Sepulchral Stone at St. Cleer. Archmol. Journ., 
viii, 205 (1851). 

CORBETT, Thomas. 

Meteorological Observations made at Pen- 
carrow. Rep. R.C.P. Soc, 1841, p. 144; 1842, 
pt. 2, p. 102. 

COEBBTT, Thomas. {Con.). 

Remarks on the culture and habits of the 
Cephalotus follicularis, accompanied by meteor- 
ological tables of the temperature of Cornwall. 
Eortic. Soc. Journ., ii, 72-80 (1847). 

CORNELIUS, John, alias Mohun. B. C. Priest, 
b. Bodmin, of Irish parents. Executed Dor- 
chester, 4th July, 1594. cf. Challoner's Mems. 
of Missionary Priests,... ed. 1803, i, 165, 166; 
Bishop of Tarrazonds Hist, of the Persecution 
of England, L. v, chap, iv ; Dodd's Church 
History (ed. 1737), ii, 73; Oliver's Collections 
towards the Biography of the Members of the 
Society of Jesus, pp. 74-76. 
Memoirs of J. Cornelius. By Rev. Mr. 


MSS. concerning Mr. J. Cornelius, in the 

English College in St. Omars. 

CORNELIUS, Peter. See Peters, Hugh. 

CORKER, Robert, of Falmouth. M.P. for 
Bossiney in 1721 and 1728, d. 1731. 

Grant to William Hooker and R. Corker of 
the ofiice of Receiver-General of the Duchy, 
22nd October, 1709. Harl. MSS., 2264, art. 61. 
cf. Rep. Dep. Keeper Records, 30, pp. 424, 469. 

CORNBUEGH, Avery or Alveredus. 

Grant to Avery Corneburgh of various oflSces 
in Cornwall. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 884. [Grants, 
&c., from the Crown during the reign of Edw. 
V, Camden Soc. 1854, pp. 44-45]. 

Grant to Avery Corneburgh of £33. 6s. 8d. 
quarterly, as under-treasurer. ib., 433, art. 1421. 

CORNIDE, Joseph. 

Las Casiterides restituidas a los mares de 
Galicia. Madrid, 1790, 8". 

F. E. B. 

i.e.. Cole, Rev. 

CORNISH TINNER, A. pseud., i.e. 

Truth against the World ! The Age of Light, 
or Truth Unveiled ; taken from strict researches 
into Nature's Works. By a Cornish Tinner. 
Bristol, 1818, fcp. 8«., pp. 60. 

CORNISH TOM. Rel. Hearnianm, ed. 1869, 
ii, 5. 

CORNISH, Commander John, R.N. b. Devon- 
port, May, 1797. 

Boats applicable to various purposes. By 
Lieut. Cornish, R.N., Polperro. Rep. R.C.f. 
Soc, 1851, p. 50. 




CORNISH, Rev. Geoege James, M.A. b. 
Ottery St. Mary, 7th June, 1794. d. London, 
10th Sept., 1849. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxii, 549 
(1849), N. & Q., 3 S., viii, 357 (1865). 

Despise ye the Church of God ? A Sermon 
[on I Cor., xi, 18-22] preached at the consecra- 
tion of St. Michael's Church, Baldhu, on 20th 
July, 1848 (by the Lord Bishop of Exeter). 
By Rev. G. Cornish, A'^icar of SS. Kenwyn and 
Kea. Published at his Lordship's command. 
Lond., Rivington, 1848, 8"., 

"Let all things be done decently and in 
order." A Sermon [on I Cor., xiv, 40] preached 
at the opening of the temporary Church, in the 
District of St. George, Kenwyn, on the 23rd 
April, 1849, by G. Cornish, M.A., Prebendary 
of Exeter and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop. 
Published at the particular request of the Clergy 
present. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1849, 8°., pp. 

A Selection from the Sermons and Poetical 
Remains of the Rev. G. J. Cornish, late Vicar 
of Kenwyn and Kea. Lond., J. C. Mozley; 
Truro, Netherton ; 1850, 8°., pp. 400, 10/6. 

Note. — Some of the poetry had been previously 
published in " Church Poetry " and " Days and Seasons." 

Sermon for the Sixth Sunday after Epiphany. 
" Sin not only to be forgiven, but to be rooted 
out," I John, iii, 45. Published in Sermons foi- 
Sundays, Festivals and Fasts, &e. (Ed. by the 
Rev. Alex. Watson. Lond., J. Masters, 1846, 
8°.), 2 S., i, 255-64. 

Lines to the Redbreast. Christian Year (1st 
ed.), ii, 81, 21st Sunday after Trinity, [cf. Sir 
J. T. Coleridge's Life of Keble, 1st ed., pp. 29-35]. 

Come to the Woods and other Poems. Lond., 
Simpkin; Frome, John Hodges [printed]; 1869, 
8°., pp. 136, 3/6. 

CORNISH, James. 

A View of the present state of the Salmon 
and Channel Fisheries and of the Statute Laws 
by which they are regulated... Lond., Longman, 
1824, 80.. pp. ixand 217. 

Note. — The Channel Fisheries on the Coasts of 
Devon and Cornwall described in pp. 67 — 119. 

CORNISH, James, M.R.C.S. {son of Will. 

Cornish), b. Falmouth, 20th May, 1792. d. 

Falmouth, 22nd Sept., 1858. 

Case of a large dose of laudanum proving 
fatal, although full vomiting was speedily effect- 
ed. Med. & Phys. Journ., xxxi, 193-96 (1814). 

Remarkable effects of fanaticism on the in- 
habitants of several towns in Cornwall, ib., 
xxxi, 373-79 [cf Methodist Mag., xxxvii, 545- 
551, 1814]. 

Observations on Mr. Cornish's account of a 

CORNISH, James. (Con.). 

convulsive epidemic in Cornwall. By James 
M'Donald. ih., xxxi, 464-67. 

Remarks on Mr. M'Donald's objections and 
statements respecting the convulsive epidemic 
in Cornwall. By J. Cornish, ib., xxxii, 32-35 

The Physician. Lines by S. H. i.e., J. CornisA. 
Selector or Cornish Mag., ii, 174 (182,7). 

Sonnet, ib., ii, 182. 

CORNISHMAN, A. i.e., Pitt, Thomas. 

CORNUBIAN, pseud., i.e. 

Recreations in Rhyme by a Cornubian. With 
portrait of Dolly Peiitreath. Lond., Longman ; 
Devonport, Byers; 1834, 8"., pp. 264, 7/-. List 
of Subscribers. 

CORNUBIAN WEST, pseud., i.e. 

A New Budget of Cornish Poems, by Cor- 
nubian West. Camborne, printed by T. T. 
Whear, Market-place, 1865, 8"., pp. 36, 6d. 

CORNUBIENSIS, pseud., i.e. 

The Church, her Character, Vitality, and 
Teaching. In a series of Familiar Letters to 
a Friend, by Cornubiensis [i.e. ], 

and being a Reply to a Pamphlet put forth by 
the Rev. R. G. Moses. Part i, Lond., J. Philp, 
1868, cr. 8"., 1/-. 

Note. — "Part II, on the Vitality of the Church," 
is nearly ready for the press, 1st Sept., 1870. 

CORNUBIENSIS, Joannes, pseud, i.e. 

The Grand Catastrophe or the Change of 
Government... By one who takes leave to stile 
himself Joannes Cornubiensis. Lond., printed 
by R. I., and are to be sold at the Crown, in 
Pope's-head Alley, 1654, 4"., pp. 16. 

CORNUBIENSIS, Johannes. See Johannes 
de S. Germano. 

CORNU-BRITANNICUS, pseud., i.e. 

Literature by Cornu-Britannicus. [A letter 
on the Cornish language]. Athenceum, 1838, p. 

CORRINGTON, John. Living in 1483. cf. 
Rep. Dep. Keeper Records, ix, p. 80. 

To J. Caryngto, Esquire, the Manor of Cally- 
londe, in Cornwall. Earl. MSS., 433, art. 428. 

To J. Corrington, the Manor of Callelonde 
and the Advowson of the Church of St. Samp- 
son, ib., 433, art. 589. 



CORY, Rear-Admiral Nicholas {eldest son of 
Nicholas Cory, Surgeon, of St. Mawes). b. St. 
Mawes, 26th July, 1795. d. Plymouth, 13th 
Feb., 1864. cf. Gent. Mag., xvi, 405 (1864); 
O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Diet. 

CORY, Rev. Richard. V. of Owennap 1646- 
80. d. St. Wenn, 1680. cf Walker's Suffer- 
's, pt. ii, 215. 

CORYTON, Henry ('And surviving son of J. T. 
Coryton). b. 28th March, 1810. cf O'Byrne's 
Naval Biog. Diet. 

CORYTON, Sir John {son of William Coryton). 
cr. Baronet 27th Feb., 1661. cf Rep. Dep. 
Keeper Eecords, 30, p. 447. 

Letter from Sir J. Coryton to .John Evelyn. 
Plymouth, 19th March, 1665. Br. Museum 
Addit. MSS., 15,857, fol. 186. 

CORYTON, Sir John. See Moyle, Walter. 


Treatise on the laws of letters patent for the 
sole use of inventions in the United Kingdom 
of Great Britain and Ireland. By J. Coryton, 
Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. Lond., 
H. Sweet, 1855, 8°.. pp. xxvii and 563. 

CORYTON, John Tillie. b. Crocadon in St. 
Mellion, 4th April, 1773. d. Pentillie Castle, 
10th Sept., 1843. 

Letter to J. T. Coryton. By Joseph Whitley, 
late of the New Inn, Callington. Launceston, 
Philp. Double sheet. 

CORYTON, William. M.P. for Cornwall, 1625, 
Launceston, 1640. d. May, 1651. cf. Prynne's 
Tracts and Pari. Hist., ii, 208. 

The Passage at the Council Table between 
the Council and W. Coryton, Esq., about re- 
fusing to pay the Loan. MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., 
Ee. ii, 32, art. 11 ; Harl. MSS., I'dl, art. 14, pp. 
159-164; 6799, art. 33. 

Information in the Star Chamber, May, 1629, 
against divers Parliament Men, viz. . . W. Coriton, 
etc. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 12,511. 

W. May, Sir H. KUIegrew, P. Edgecumbe, 
W. Coryton, W. Langdon, and W. Scawen, 
Commissioners for Cornwall to Edw. Walker, 
Secretary of the Council of War to the King. 
Leskeard, 15th Aug., 1644. *., 15,750, fol. 21. 

COSMO THE THIRD. Grand Duhe of Tuscany, 
b. Florence, 14th Aug., 1642. d. 31st Oct., 


Travels of Cosmo the Third, Grand Duke of 


T^uscany, through England during the reign of 
King Charles the Second (1669). Translated 
from the Italian Manuscript in the Laurentian 
Library at Florence. To which is prefixed a 
memoir of his life. Illustrated with a portrait 
and 39 views. London, printed for J. Mawman, 
Ludgate Street, 1821, 4"., pp. 506. 

NoTE.^ — Contains an account of Soilly, pp. 108 — 116, 
and a view of St. Mary's. The original narrative waa 
written by Count Lorenzo Magalotti. cf. One and All, 
Deo., 1868, Jan., 1869, where the Cornish portion is 

COSOWARTH, Michael {thkd son of John 
Cosowarth of Cosowa/rth). b. London, 1568. 
cf. Ath. Cantab., ii, 430 ; Carew's Survey, ed. 
1811, p. 346 ; Hollands Psalmist, 1, 229 ; Fcurr's 
Select Poetry, pt. 2, pp. 404-8 ; Sir J. Bram- 
ston's Autobiography {Camden Soc, 1845), p. 
1 3, but spelt Cuswroth ; Brydge^ Excerpta 
Tudoriana, i, 48-51. 

Certain Psalms in English Metre. Ha/rl. MSS., 

Note. — Prefixed to this work are complimentary 
verses by Eich. Carew and Henry Lok, both styling 
themselves cousins to the author. 

Ecclesiastes, otherwise called the Preacher. 
By J3. L., Gentleman [i.e., Henry Lok]. Lond., 
1597, 8°. 

Note. — Prefixed are verses signed M. C. 

COSTE, L. ET Perdonnet. 

De la preparation des minerals d' 6tain et de 
cuivre en Comouailles. Annal des Mines, vi, 
3-20 (1829). 

Note sur le traitement des minerals d' 6tain 
en Cornouailles. ib., vi, 21-28. 

Mines de plomb de Cornouailles. ib., vii, 14 

1463. Printed in "The Visitation of London, 
1568," ed. by J. J. Howard and G. J. Army- 
tage. Lond., Harleian Soc, 1869, p. 16. 

COTTON FAMILY, of Fowey. By W. R. 
C[otton]. N. & Q., I S., viii, 317 (1853). 

COTTON, Rev. Edward {2nd son of Dr. W. 
Cotton). Archdeacon of Cornwall, 25th July, 
1660. b. 1608. d. Exeter (?), 11th Nov., 

Bishop Lamplugh to Archbishop Sancroffc on 
the profane conduct of E. Cotton, Archdeacon 
of Cornwall, 21st March, 1682-3 (?). Tanner 
MSS. {Bodl. Lib.), 35, art. 154. cf also, art. 




COTTON, Rev. William {eldest son of Dr. W. 
Cotton, Bp. of Exeter), d. Botreaux Castle, 
circa 1649. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 24. 

COTTON, William, F.S.A. d. Plymouth, 15th 
Jan., 1863, aged 68. 

Illustrations of Stone Circles, Cromlehs, and 
other Remains of the Aboriginal Britons in the 
West of Cornwall. From drawings made on 
the spot in 1826, by W. Cotton, Esq., M.A. 
Lond., printed by James Moyes, Took's Court, 
Chancery Lane, 1827, 4°., pp. 46. Castle 
Eorneck Lib., Penzance. 

Note. — Only 25 copies printed. The preface dated 
" The Priory, Leatherhead, June 1, 1827." Ten plates, 
■with plans annexed, accompany three chapters of the 
book. The eleventh plate goes with " An account of 
some barrows on Botree HUl... opened 26th Sep., 1826." 
cf. Gent. Mag. (in a letter from A. J. Eempe), oiii, pt. 
1, 11—14, 

An Account of certain Hill Castles situated 
near the Land's End in Cornwall. 2 plates. 
Archceol, xx, 300-306 (1829). 

COTTON, Rev. William Charles. F. of 
Frodsham. b. Stratford, Essex, 30th Jan., 
A Short and Simple Letter to Cottagers, from 

a Conservative Beekeeper. By the Rev. W. C. 
.Cotton. Plate. Penzance, Rodda, 1838, 12". 

Note.' — A Cornish reprint of a work that has gone 
through several editions. The Letter, pp. 1 — 8. In the 
same pamphlet are found " On Keeping a Cow," pp. 
9—12; "Tanks," pp. 13—24; the latter signed M. A. 

COUCH, Capt. James, R.N. b. Talland (1). 

d. Stoke Damerel, 9th Jan., 1850. cf Gent. 

Mag., xxxiii, 211-12 (1850); 0' Byrne's Naval 

Biog. Diet. 

Observations on the Solid Channel. By Capt. 
J. Couch, R.N. Lond., A. Varnham, 1834, 8°., 
pp. 21. 

COUCH, Jonathan, F.L.S. b. Polperro, 15th 

March, 1789. d. Polperro, 13th April, 1870. 

cf Yarrell's British Birds, vols, i, ii, iii ; Journ. 

B.I.C., April, 1870. 

A Treatise on the Natural History of the 
Pilchard, with particular reference to the Fish- 
eries of Cornwall. By J. Couch ... Extracted 
from the Third Report of the Royal Cornwall 
. Polytechnic Society. 1 835, 8 « . 

Note.— This Essay obtained the prize given by 
John Buller, Esq., of Morval, for the best Natural 
History of the Pilchard. 

A Cornish Fauna ; being a Compendium of 
the Natural History of the County, intended to 
form a companion to the Collection in the 
Museum of the Royal Institution of Cornwall. 

COUCH, Jonathan. (Con.). 

Part i, containing the Vertebrata, Crustacea, 
and a portion of the Radiate Animals. By J. 
Couch. Truro, 1838, 8°., pp. 84. Part ii, con- 
taining the Testaceous Mollusks. By J. Couch. 
Truro, 1841, 8°., pp. 76, 2/-. Part iii, contain- 
ing the Zoophytes. . .By R. Q. Couch. (1844), q.v. 

Illustrations of Instinct, deduced from the 
Habits of British Animals. By J. Couch. 
Lond., Van Voorst, 1847, post 8°., 8/6. 

The Natural History of C. Plinius Secundus.- 
Translated on the Basis of Philemon Holland's 
Pliny, [By J. Couch], with notes. Lond., Wer- 
nerian Club, 1847-50, 8". 

NoTE. — Vol. I and II and parts 1 to 5 of vol. Ill 
were all that were published 

A History of the Fishes of the British Islands. 
With coloured illustrations from drawings by 
the Author. J. Couch. Lond., Groombridge, 
1860-65, 4 vols., roy. 8»., 72/-. 

" A Torpedo at one end of the line." By J. 
Couch. In " Fishing Gossip ". , .Ed. by H. Chol- 
mondeley Pennell. (Edinburgh, Black, 1866, 
8°.), pp. 147-51. 

Fishing and Fish-hooks of the earliest dates. 
By J. Couch, ik, pp. 321-29. 

Polperro. The History of a Fishing Town. 
...By J. Couch. With an Account of the Life 
and Labours of the Author... By T. Q. Couch. 
(1870), q.v. 

Icthyology. A Paper communicated by J. 
Couch to the Exposition Internationale des 
Peches, at Arcachon, in France, and for which 
a Gold Medal was awarded to the Author. 1867. 

Observations on the Tree of Life, &c. By 
•Ipolpuroc (sic), i.e., J. Couch. Imperial Mag. 
(ed. by S. Drew), i, col. 737-39 (1819). 

Meteorological Phenomena. By J. Couch. 
ih., ii, col. 531-33 (1820). 

The Carpenter Bee — Apis centuncularis. By 
J. Couch, ih., ii, col. 653-55. 

On the Alteration in Times ; [reflections sug- 
gested by an old work on political economy in 
the reign of Elizabeth]. By Ipolperroc. ih., 
iii, col. 16-20 (1821). 

The Fabulous Foundation of the Popedom 
[abridged from Rich. Bernard]. By J. Couch. 
ih., iii, col. 428-35, 520-27. 

Reply to a Query on Singular Fishes. By 
J. Couch, ih., iii, col. 451-53. 

Authors and Books in the English and Foreign 
Languages which are necessary for the formation 
of a small and select library. Abridged from the 
Pamphleteer, No. 3. By Ipolperroc. ib., iii, col. 

Fishing. A Poem. By Ipolperroc. ih., m, 
col. 1027-32. 

Suggestions for the purpose of fixmg the 





COUCH, Jonathan. (Con.). 

epoch of the principal geological changes which 
have happened in the Earth. By J. Couch. 
ib., iv, col. 35-43 (1822). 

The Migratory Birds of the West of England. 
By J. Couch, ib., iv, col. 705-14. 

" God's arrow against atheism and irreligion." 
A Tract. Abridged and explained by J. Couch. 
ib., \v,col. 921-32, 991-1002. 

On Pilgrimage. Translated from Erasmus by 
J. Couch, with remarks, ib., v, col. 53-59, 126- 
35, 233-45 (1823). 

A Dissertation on the Mermaid. By J. Couch. 
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Observations on the Progress of Civilization 
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On the Cultivation of the Apple-tree. By J. 
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Observations Illustrative of the Natural His- 
tory of the Chameleon. By J. Couch, ib., vii, 
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Observations on the Jewish and Christian 
Sabbath Days. By J. C. ib., viii, col. 67-62 

Seraphic Obsequies (from Erasmus). By J. 
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Observations on the Analogies that exist in 
the Animal Kingdoms. By J. C. ib., ix, col. 
621-25 (1827). 

Of Man, as the Image of the Deity. By 
J. C. ib., X, col. 593-98 (1828). 

On the Migration of the Swallow Tribe. By 
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On the System of Nature. By J. C. ib., xii, 
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On Croup. Annals Med. Surg., 1816. 

Eeview of " An Inquiry into the Probability 
and Eationality of Mr. Hunter's Theory of Life, 
by John Aberiiethy, F.R.S." Melhodist Mag., 
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Some Observations on the Lancelot (Amphi- 
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On the Structure and Habits of the Physaha 
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The Mackerel and its Fishery, ib., 1844, pp. 




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Notes to the Translations from Domesday. 

ih., ii, 266. . .. 

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son of the preceding), b. Polperro, 14th March, 
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Note. — Assisted by E. H. Kodd, E. Q. Couch, and 
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Note. — Announced for publication by subscription, 
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Note. — A MSS. in a Jesuit College, whioli was seen 

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General of Cornwall, with power to make a 
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Note. — Advertisement to 2nd ed. dated Sithney, 
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Note.— Cornwall described, i, 306—64, with Map by 
Robert Morden. 




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l^OTE. — ^Prefixed is a letter signed " Jolin Davey," 
on behalf of the congregation, requesting the publica- 

Remarks relating to Christian Baptism, oc- 
casioned by the recent publication of Mr. Thorn 
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Scriptural Baptism." By B. Coxhead (of Win- 
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London, 8th Feb., 1869]. Partly written by the 
Jate J. S. Coyne (Member of the Dramatic 
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NoiE.— The plot of this play is laid in Cornwall. 
A summary of the piece appeared in the Cornish Teleg., 
14th April, 1869. 

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and wife of George- LiUie Graik). b. Stoke- 
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of Devon [and Cornwall]. Anno 1549. MSS. 

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^OTB.—See Rebellions in Part II. 

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Note. — Contains " To Nanny at the Land's End. 
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CRISTALL, Ann Batten (daughter of the suc- 

Poetical Sketches. By A. B. Cristall. Lond., 
printed for J. Johnson, 1795, 8°., pp. 187, 5/-. 
List of Subscribers. Penzance Public lAb. 

CRISTALL, Joshua. Figure and Landscape 

Painter (son of Alexander Cristall and , 

daughter of John Batten), b. Camborne, 1767. 
d. London, 18th Dec, 1847. cf Redgrave's 
Century of Painters, i, 508-14 ; Johnstone's Cat. 
of Edinburgh National Gallery, 1864, Supp. 
Acqua Pictura . . . Original Specimens . . . from 

works of Messrs. Payne ... Christal ... By J. 

Hassell. Lond., Hassell & Co., 1818, obi. fol. 
Note. — Contains copy of landscape, " Moel y' 

Shaboed," by J. Christal. 





CEOCKEE., Eev. James, M.A. h. St. Levan. 

Essentials of Hebrew Grammar, with Points. 
By Eev. J. Crocker, Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Cambridge, Stevenson, 1829, broad sheet, 1/6, 
in a stiff cover, 2/-. 

The Use of the Latin Subjunctive Mood, with 
copious Exercises and Instructions relative to 
correct Translation. By Eev. J. Crocker. Cam- 
bridge, Stevenson; Lond., Whittaker; 1830, 
12°., pp. 147, 4/-. Dedicated to Eev. C. V. 
Le Grice, M.A.^ — 2nd ed., entitled "Eulesand 
Exercises for the use of the Latin Subjunctive 
Mood," Lond., J. W. Parker, 1835, 8°. 

Essay on the Theory of the Latin Subjunctive 
Mood. By Eev. J. Crocker. Cambridge, Steven- 
son; Lond., Whittaker; 1832, 12°., 4/-. 

A New Proposal for a Geographical System 
of Measures and Weights, conveniently intro- 
ducible generally by retaining familiar notions 
and names. By J. Crocker. To which are 
added Eemarks on a System of Coinage. Lond. 
a^nd Cambridge, Macmillan, 1864, 8°., pp. viii 
and 170. 

Essentials of Arabic Grammar. 

Statements and Illustrations of Scripture Doc- 

Note. — These two works were announced as in 
preparation, but were never published. 

CEOFT, Eev. Sm Herbert, 5th Bart., B.D. 

(son of E. Croft). V. of Prittlewell. h. 1st 
Nov., 1751. d. Paris, 27th April, 1816. 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton ; or Monumental 
Eecords for the year 1980 (sia). Faithfully in- 
scribed from original inscriptions, which are stUl 
perfect, and appear to be drawn up in a style 
devoid of fulsome panegyric or unmerited de- 
traction, and compiled with a view to ascertain 
with precision the manners which prevailed in 
Great Britain during the last fifty years of the 
eighteenth century. Amn. Lond., printed for 
G. Kearsley, at No. 46, Fleet Street, 1780, 4°., 
pp. 75, 3/-.— 2nd ed., 1780, 4°.— 3rd ed., 1780, 
4°.— 4th ed., 1780, 4°.— 5th ed., with consider- 
able additions, 1780, 4°., pp. 141. 

Note on the 5th ed.— Part i, pp. 1 — 82, 3/- ; Partii, 
pp. 83 — 141, 2/6. Part ii has a distinct title-page and 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 6th ed., 
with considerable additions, 1780, 4°., pp. 141, 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 7th ed. 
(the second part), Lond., 1780, 4°. 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 8th ed., 
with considerable additions (the second part, 
3rd ed.), Lond., 1780, 4°. 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 1783, 4°. 
—Improved ed., 1788, 8°.— 11th ed., 1801, 4" 
—14th ed., 1808, 4". 

CEOFT, Eev. Sir Hebbekt. (Con.). 

The Abbey of Kilkhampton revived. Lond., 
Wright, 1822, 12°., 6/-. 

Note.— c/. N. <& Q., 4 S.,'i, 353,467 (1868). A 
copy in the Penzance Public Lib. (5th ed., 1780) has, 
in an unknown hand, the names of a considerable 
number of the persons satirized in the epitaphs. 

CEOKATT, Eev. Gilbert, d. 16th April, 1711. 

A Consolatory Letter, written to the Lady 
Shouell, on the surprising and calamitous Loss 
of her Husband and two only Sons, viz.. Sir 
C. Showell, Admiral ... Sir John Narbrough, 
Baronet, and James Narbrough, Esquire. Now 
published at the desire of their Eelations. By 
G. Crokatt, M.A., and Eector of Crayford. 
Lond., printed for George Strahan, at the Golden 
Ball, over against the Eoyal Exchange, 1708, 
8"., pp. 96, and Preface, etc., 1| sheets. 

CEOKEE FAMILY. N. & Q., 3 S., xii, 536 

CEOMPTON, Eev. William. F. of Laneast; 
V. of Launceston. 

Saint Austin's Eeligion; wherein is manifestly 
proued, out of the Workes of that Learned 
Father, who lived neere twelue hundred yeares 
before the time of Lvther, that he dissented 
from Poperie and agreed with the Eeligion of 
the Protestants in all the maine Poynts of Faith 
and Doctrine... Lond., printed for John Marriot, 
1625, sm. 4°., pp. 30, 

Saint Austin's Summes ; or the somme of 
Saint Austin's Eeligion. . .By William Crompton, 
M' of Arts, of Brazen-nose Colledge, in Oxford, 
and Preacher of the Word of God at Little 
Kymbell, in Buckinghamshire. Lond., printed 
for John Marriot, 1625, sm. 4°., pp. 208. 

St. Austin's Eeligion ; wherein is proued out 
of the Workes of that Learned Father... that he 
dissented from Poperie . . . whereunto is added 
Saint Austin's Summes in answer to Mr. John 
Breerely, Priest. Lond., printed for J. Marriot, 
...1625,4°- Br. Museum. 

Note.— St. Austin's Eeligion, t)p. 30 and Preface 
1 sheet ; St. Austin's Summes, pp. 206, Dedications, 
&o., 2J sheets. The first page reads " St. Avgvstine's 

A lasting jewel for religious women. In the 
summe of a Sermon, preached at the Funeral 
of Mistress Mary Crosse, late wife of Mr. 
Henry Crosse, of Barnstaple ... Novemb. 11, 
1628, and now published, with some additions, 
with a brief description of her life and death. 
By Will. Crompton, Preacher of the Word of 
God at Barnstaple, in Devon. Lond., printed 
for Edward Blovnt, 1630, 4°. 

A wedding ring fitted to the finger of every 




CBOMPTON, Eev. William. (Con.). 

paire that have or shall meete in the feare of 
God. A Marriage Sermon on Prov. xxxi, 29. 
Lond., 1632, 4«. 

Note. — Dedication signed and dated Barnstaple, 
Jany. 1, 1630. 

A wedding ring fitted to the finger of every 
paire that have or shall meete in the feare of 
God ... Printed in "Conjugal Duty," Part ii. 
Lend., J. Watson, 1836, 8°., pp. 223-249, 1/6. 

An explication of those principles of christian 
religion exprest or implied in the catechisme 
set downe in the Book of Common Prayer. 
Lond.,. 1633, 8". 

The Art of Embalming Dead Saints discovered, 
in a Sermon preached at the Funerall of Master 
W. Crompton, the late Reverend and faithful 
pastor of the Church in Lanceston, Cornwall, 
Jany. 5th, 1641, by G. Hughes, B.D., Pastor of 
the Church in Tavistocke. Lond., printed by 
A. N., for John Rothwell, and are to be sold at 
his shop, in Paul's Churchyard, at the sign of 
the Sun, 1642, sm. 4°., pp. 52. Dr. Williams' ; 
Bod. Mb. 

NoTK. — ^Dedicated to the Worshipful the Mayor, 
Eeoorder, and Aldermen of the Town of Lanceston. 

An Useful Tractate to further Christians of 
these dangerous and back-sliding times in the 
Practice of the most needful Duty of Prayer. 
Being the substance of several Sermons, preached 
in the Town of Columpton, in Devon, by W. 
Crompton, M.A., Minister of that ■ part of 
Christ's Church there. Lond., printed by J. H. 
for Philemon Stephens, 1659, 8"., pp. 152. Br. 

CEONKE, DiCKORY. h. near St. Columb, 29th 
May, 1660. d. St. Columb, 27th May, 1718. 

The Dumb Philosopher. By D. De Foe 
(1719), g.v. 

CEOSSFIELD, Egbert Thomas. 

The Trial of E. T. Crossfield for high treason, 
at the Session House, in the Old Bailey, on 
Wednesday, the 11th, and Thursday, the 12th 
-May, 1796. Taken in short hand by Joseph 
Gumey. London, sold by Martha Gurney, 
BookseUer, Holbom Hill, 1796, 8"., pp. 328 
and iii. 

Note.— E. T. Crossfield was arrested at Fowey, and 
several of the witnesses came from that place. 


A Testimony from the West Division of 
Cornwall Monthly Meeting, concerning Lucretia 
Crouch, in " Test, concerning Deceased Ministers 
for 1859," pp. 16-20. 

CEOWLEY, Eev. James Campbell, 'B.A. 

li. of St. John's, near Devonport. 

Notice on the occurrence of the Night Heron 
in Cornwall. Zoologist, ii, 575 (1844). 

CEOZIEE, Henry Acheson, M.R.C.S. Eesl- 
dent at Penzance from 1840 to 1850 (?). 

Madron Well. Signed H. A. C[rozier], Exon, 
Dec. 8. Willis's Current Notes, Dec, 1855, pp. 

Parc-an-Chapel, Cape Cornwall. With wood- 
cut. Signed H. A. C, Exon, Feb. 1. ib., Feb., 
1856, pp. 11-12. 

CEUTCHLEY, George Frederick. 

Crutchley's Eailway and Station Map of 
Cornwall, shewing all the EaUways and names 
of stations, also the turnpike roads, gentlemen's 
seats, etc. Improved from the Ordnance Sur- 
veys. Lond., G. F. Crutchley, n.d., 4°., 6d. 

CEUTTWELL, Eev. Clement. 

A Tour through the whole Island of Great 
Britain, divided into Journeys . . . Lond., C. & J. 
Eobinson, 1801, 6 vols., 8". 

Note. ■ — Cornwall described in I, xlix — ^liii ; II, 


Draught of a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of 
Oxford from Bp. Eobinson, respecting the case 
of John Trepsack, and also an appeal to him as 
visitor of Balliol College [in the case of W. 
Cruwys], 23rd June, 1719. Bawlinson MSS., 
Bod. Lib., class B 376, art. 24. 

Petition in an Appeal from W. Cruwys, 
Blundell Scholar, of Balliol College, to the 
Bishop, as Visitor of the College, against the 
Master and Fellows, 13th June, 1719. Camel- 
jTord. ib., B 376, art. 78. 

Eeasons and objections against the Bishop 
issuing a commission to heads or fellows of 
colleges or halis, to hear and determine Cruwys' 
case, ib., B 376, art. 79. 

Answer by Cruwys to a paper of remarks 
from the master and fellows upon his former 
reply to their vindication, May, 1719. ib., B 376, 
art. 80. 

CUDLIP, Annie (daughter of Commander Geo. 
Thomas and wife of the succeeding), b. Aid- 
borough (Suffolk), 25th Oct., 1837. 
False Colours. A Novel. By Annie Thomas 

(Mrs. Pender Cudlip). Lond., Tinsley Brothers, 

1869, 3 vols., 80. 

Note.— A considerable portion of the scene of this 

novel is laid at Penzance. 
The Helston Flora Day. By An Old Con- 




CUDLIP, Annie. (Con.). 

tributor [i.e., A. Thomas]. The Queen, xliii, 
432-33 (1868). 

A Cornish Carnival. By A. Thomas. Harper's 
New Monthly Mag., xxxix, 61-63 (1869). 

CUDLIP, Rev. Pender Hodge, M.A. {son of 
W. E. Cudlip). h. Porthleven, near Helston, 
April, 1835. 
Music. By T. G. P. [i.e., T. Johns, P. G. Hill, 

and P. H. Cudlip]. Helston Gram. School Mag., 

pt. i, pp. 14-17 (1852). 

Note.— Mr. Cudlip wrote from p. 16 to the end of 
the article, heginning " We have thus traced music, etc." 
The first part was written by Tremenheere Johns and 
Pasooe Grenfell Hill. 


Copies of Mr. Culliforde's Reports of his 
Survey and Inspection of the Ports of Pool, 
Weymouth, Lyme, Exon, Plymouth, Looe, Fowy, 
Ealmouth, Penrin, Penzance, St. Ives. Humbly 
presented to the Rt. Honble. the Lords Comm. 
of His Majesty's Treasury, June y° 25th, 1684. 
■fol., vellum, cf. 1th Report of the Deputy Keeper 
of the Public Becords (1846), Ap^)., ii, 57. 

CUMBERLAND, Richard, b. Cambridge, 19th 
Feb., 1732. d. London, 7th May, 1811. 

The Brothers, a Comedy ; as it is performed 
at the Theatre Royal, in Covent Garden. Lond., 
printed for W. Griffin, at Garrick's Head, in 
Catherine Street, Strand, 1770, 8°., pp. v & 72, 
1/6.— BelTs British Theatre (1797), xii, pp. vi 
and 81. — Mrs. Inchbald's British Theatre (1808), 
xviii, pp. 75. — Modern British Drama (1811), iv, 
564-87.— DtMm's London Theatre (1815), iv, 
pp. 64. 

The Brothers; a Comedy, in five acts. By 
R. Cumberland. Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 
n.d. [1820], 8"., pp. 4:8.— The London Stage 
(1824), ii, pp. 16. 

Note. — The scene of this play is laid on " The sea- 
coast of Cornwall." 

CUNNACK, G. J. h. Helston, Nov., 1824. 

Instrument for measuring the variable velocity 
of the Piston. Bep. B.C.P. Soc, 1848, p. 30. 

Method of regulating the flow of the injection 
water into the Condenser, ib., 1849, p. 105. 

CUNNACK, R. J. (brother of the preceding), b. 
Helston, June, 1826. 

Hydraulic Machine. Bep. B.C.P. Soc, 1849 
p. 111. 

Vestiges of the Ancient Tin Workings in the 
Looe Pool Valley. Bep. Miners' Assoc, of C. &D., 

CUNNINGHAM, Allan. b. Blackwood, in 
Dumfriesshire, 1785. d. London, 29th Oct., 
The Land's End of Cornwall. The Parterre 

(Lond., E. Wilson, 1834-37), iv, 113-22 (1836). 

CURGENVEN, Elizabeth, d. Truro, 7th Dec, 
1856, aged 105. cf Gent. Mag., vii, 249 (1857). 

CURGENVEN, John Brendon, M.E.C.S. {sm 
of Jas. Curgenven). b. Tretane, St. Kew, 28th 
March, 1831. 

Harveian Medical Society of London. Report 
of the Committee for the Prevention of Venereal 
Diseases, read before, and adopted by, the 
Society, July 1st, 1867. Edited by Charles E. 
Drysdale, M.D., and J. B. Curgenven, Honorary 
Secretaries to the Society. Lond., T. Richards, 
37, Great Queen Street, 1867, 8"., pp. 15. 

Association for Promoting the Extension of 
the Contagious Diseases Act, 1866, to the civil 
population of the United Kingdom. [First] 
Report on the Extent of Venereal Disease : on 
the operation of the Contagious Diseases Act 
and the means of checking contagion. With 
Appendix. [Compiled and edited by J. B. 
Curgenven and Berkeley Hill, Honorary Sec- 
retaries to the Association]. Lond., published for 
the Association, by H. Baillifere, 219, Regent 
Street, 1868, 8"., pp. 67, 1/-. 

The Contagious Diseases Act-of 1866 audits 
extension to the civil population of the United 
Kingdom. By J. B. Curgenven. Read at a 
Meeting of the Health Department of the 
"National Association for the Promotion of 
Social Science," March 30, 1868. Lond., [W. W. 
Head, Victoria Press, 83a, Farringdon Street, 
E.C.], 1868, 8"., pp. 16. 

On Baby Farming and the Registration of 
Nurses. By J. B. Curgenven. Read at a Meet- 
ing of the Health Department of the " National 
Association for the Promotion of Social Science," 
March 15, 1869. Lond. [W. W. Head], 1869, 
8"., pp. 16. 

[Second] Report of the Sub-Committee of the 
Association for Promoting the Extension of 
"The Contagious Diseases Act, 1866," to the 
civil population of the United Kingdom, with 
a list of its members. Lond., E. Elfick, 22, 
Leinster Terrace, Lancaster Gate, 1869, 8°., pp. 

Third Report on the Operation of the Con- 
tagious Diseases Acts ; being a reply to state- 
ments recently made at various meetings and 
in the public prints. With Appendix. Lond., 
published for the Association, by James Walton, 
137, Gower Street, 1870, 8"., pp. 96, 1/-. 

Note.— These two Reports were compiled and edited 
by J. B. Curgenven and Berkeley Hill. 




CUEGENVEN, John Beendon. (Con.). 

Paddington Committee for organising Charit- 
able Relief and Repressing Mendicity. Rules, 
etc. [Compiled by J. B. Curgenven]. n.d., 
s. sh., fol. 

Case of poisoning by Nux Vomica ; recovery. 
The Lancet, ii, 385 (1853). 

Rhinoplastic operation ; favourable result, ik, 
ii, 385. 

• Idiopathic Tetanus ; death in 44 hours. Good 
effects of the inhalation of chloroform, ib., i, 
597 (1854). 

On Cancer of the Ovaries and Stomach. 
Trans. Pathological Soc. Loud., xiii, 172 (1862). 

On Cancer of the three lower lumber Verte- 
brae, ib., xiii, 226. 

The Waste of Infant Life. Read at a Meet- 
ing of the Health Department of the National 
Association for the Promotion of Social Science. 
Social Science, i, 222-34 (1867). 

The Laws of Belgium relating to Illegitimate 
Children and Foundlings. Trans, of the Nat. 
Assoc, for Promotion of Social Science, 531-39 
(1867). „ 

Hereditary convulsions confined to the males 
of a family during infancy and at the eighth 
month of intra-uterine life. Trans. Obstetrical 
Soc. Lond.,ix, lU-17 {IS67). 

On bromide of potassium in puerperal mania. 
ib., ix, 155-56. 

Hereditary twin-bearing family, ib., xi, 106-8 

On infantile remittent fever, erroneously called 
typhoid. Proc. Royal Med. Chi. Soc. Land., vi, 

On Administration of Hospitals. Brit. Med. 
Journ., i, 248 (1869). 

On the British Pharmacopoeia, ib., i, 273. 

On deformity of ear from maternal impression. 
ib., ii, 284 (1869). 

On Herpes contagiosus. ib., ii, 488. 

London Riots in- 1780. Light Horse Volun- 
teers. ByTretane,«.e., J. B. Curgenven. N.&Q., 

2 S., ix, 250 (1860). 

Henry Peter, ib., xi, 300 (1861). 

Curgenven of Sherborne, ib., xi, 507. 

Green Rose, ib., xii, 233. 

"The Parents' Friend." ib., xii, 348. 

On Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. «6., 

3 S., ii, 397 (1862). 

Pope's Willow at Twickenham. »&., m, 128 

CUEGENVEN, John Brendon. (Con.). 

Sheriffs of Cornwall, ib., iv, 17 (1863). 

Editions of Camden's "Britannia." ib., iv, 

Engraving of the Death of Captain Faulknor. 
ib., vi, 359 (1864). 

Arundell of Lanherne. ib., vii, 167 (1865). 

"To run amuck." ib., viii, 89 (1865). 

Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse Homburg, 
third daughter of George III. MSS. notes 
from her Book of Common Prayer, ib., viii, 143. 

Kar, ker, cor. ib., viii, 177. 

Hsever, sever, or eaver. ib., viii, 179. 

Horneck Family, ib., viii, 277. 

Scaramouche. ib., x, 69 (1866). 

Tyburn Gate, ib., x, 108. 

" Ah ! his trumpeter is dead." ib., x, 245. 

Parish of Forbury or Forrabury. ib., x, 344. 

Price of Salmon in 1486. ib., xi, 116 (1867). 

The Name of Greig or Gregg, ib., 4 S., ii, 
545 (1868). 

On the derivation of Oxney. ib., iv, 371 

CURIOSUS, pseud., i.e.. Fuller, J. J. G. 

CURNOW, William {son of John Cwrnow). b. 
Minney, Penzance, 1st Nov., 1809. 

List of Mosses found in West Cornwall. 
Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., iii, 56-64 (1865). 

List of Jungermanniae, &c., found near Pen- 
zance. Phytologist, i, 609-10 (1844). 

Rarer Plants observed in the neighbourhood 
of Penzance, ib., i, 1143-44 (1844). 

CURZON, Francis {son of Will. Gmzon). b., 

Exeter, 6th April, 1819. 

Lays and Legends of the West. By Frank 
Curzon. Lond., Whittaker & Co. ; Exeter, 
Curzon and Son; Falmouth, Lake; 1846, sm. 
8"., pp. 220, 5/-. 



Padstow. Signed A. Gent. Mag., xcv, pt. i, 
320, pt. ii, 410 (1825); xcvii, pt. ii, 17 (1827). 

D. i.e., Daniell, R. A. 


Thirteen Letters on the Ancient British 
Language of Cornwall. Signed D. Classical 
Journ., No. 34-43 [except No. 37], June, 1818- 
Dec, 1820. 

D., E. H. W. D. i.e., Duirkin, E. H. W. 



D., J. A. D. i.e., Webster, Augusta. 

D., N. D. pseud., i.e., Eogers, W. M. 

D., E. A. D. i.e., Daniell, R. A. 

DABB, James, h. Probus, 23rd Jan., 1732. 
d. Probus, lOtliFeb., 18] 2. 

Memoir of J. Dabb. By his son. Methodist 
Mag., xxxvii, 452-59 (1814). 

DADDO, Rev. William, A.M. {only son of Will 
Daddo, of St. Neots). Fellow (?) of Balliol 
College ; Head Master of Bhmdell's School, 
Tiverton, 1743-57. h. West Looe, 1707. d. 
Calverleigh, 5th Aug., 1765. cf. Harding's 
Tiverton, ii, 89-90 ; Dunsford's Tiverton, p. 352. 

The Tiverton Woolcombers' Defence. By one 
unconcerned, but a friend to liberty. \i.e.. Rev. 
W. Daddo]. Lond., 1750, 4°. 

DAGGE FAMILY. N. & Q., 3 S., x, 247, 
320 (1866). 

DAGGE, Abel (son of Ahel Dagge, of Bodmin 1). 
Apothecary; Governor of Bristol Prison 1739- 
48. ef. Life and Times of Countess of Hunting- 
don, ii, 356. 

Note. — The poet Savage, wliilst confined in Bristol 
prison, received great tenderness and civility at the hands 
of Mr. Dagge ; and on his death, 1st Aug., 1743, he was 
interred in St. Peter's Church, at Mr. Dagge's expense. 
cf. Johnson's Works (ed. 1825), viii, 183 — 87. 

DAGGE, Abel {son of the preceding). Coroner 
of Bristol 1772. d. Bristol, 1778. 

A rare, singular, tho' not less proper, method 
of treating an highly ardent or acrimonious 
Fever, etc. By A. Dagge, Surgeon and Man- 
midwife. Bristol, printed by S. Farley; sold 
by Cadell, London; 1770, 8"., pp. 17, 6d. 

DAGGE, Henry {son of Henry Dagge, of Bod- 
min). Admitted P.R.S. 15th April, 1779; 
expelled 7th April, 1791. d. 1795. cf App. 
to Thachera-i/s Life of Lord Chatham, ii, 645-52. 

Considerations on Criminal Law. By Henry 
Dagge. Lond., T. Longman... and T. Cadell, 
1773, 8°., 3/6. — 2nd ed., corrected and greatly 
enlarged, 1774, 3 vols., 8°., 10/-. 

Facts; or a plain and explicit narrative of 
the case of Mrs. which the particular 
transactions of Messrs. Perreaus ; the pubhc and 
private conversations and consultations of Mr. 
H D ; the impartial view of the char- 
acter of Colonel ; the answer to Mr. Per- 

DAGGE, Henet. (Con.). 

reau's Defence . . . will be faithfully related. Lond. , 
n.d. [1776], 8"., pp. 90. 

Note.- — Henry and James Dagge and Mr. Eveuot, 
the latter's brother-in-law, were consulted by Mrs. Eudd 
and her accomplices respecting their forgeries, cf. pp. 
54 — 86. James Dagge died at Kentish Town, London, 

DAGGE, Rev. Jonathan, M.A. {son of John 
Dagge). V. of Fowey 1700-33, Endellion 1709- 
30. b. 1660. 

A Sermon preached at the Funeral of Jonathan 
Rashleigh, of Menabillye, Esq., in the Parish 
Church of Fowye, in the County of Cornwall, 
September the 11th, 1702. Publish'd at the 
Request of some Friends. Exon, printed by 
S. Farley, for Phil. Bishop, at the Golden Bible, 
over against the GuUd-Hall, 1703, 4°., pp. 31. 
Dr. Williams'. 

Ad. Magistratum. A Sermon preached at 
the Assizes, held for the County of Cornwall, 
at Launceston, March the 31st, 1709. By J. 
Dagge, Rector of Endellion, in Cornwall, and 
Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Radnor. 
Exon, printed by Sam. Farley, for M. and Phil. 
Yeo, Booksellers, in the High Street, n.d. [1709], 
sm. 4°., pp. 22. Br. Museum. 

Note.. — Dedicated to Samuel Ennyg, Esq., High 
Sheriff of Cornwall. Fowye, 10th May, 1709. 

Of the nature and eternal duration of Christ's 
Kingdom ; and how much it is both our duty 
and our interest to promote its enlargement. 
A Sermon preached at the Visitation, held at 
Truroe, in Cornwal, April the 30th, 1713. By 
J. Dagge, Rector of Endellion and Vicar of 
Fowye... Exon ... Sam. Farley... m.(^. [1713], 4"., 
pp. 23. Br. Museum. 

Note. — Dedicated to . . . Ofspring . . . Lord Bishop 
of Exon. Fowye, May 15, 1713. 

DAGGE, Rev. Robert, M.A. R. of Stohe-Abht 
1737-49. hapt. 1708. d. 11th Aug., 1749. 

Proteus, or the Jesuit detected in every shape. 
A Character of the Duke [of Cumberland] is 
likewise attempted. A Sermon preached at St. 
Peter's, in Dorchester, at the Assize, before the 
Honourable Mr. Justice Clive and Mr. Sergeant 
Prime, on Friday, Aug. 15, 1746, by R. Dagge, 
Rector of Stoke-Abbot, and sometime FeUow 
of Balliol College, in Oxford. Sherborne, printed 
for the Author, and sold by John Cooke... 1746, 
sm. 4°., pp. 29. 

DALE, William [Kelynack] (son of Benja- 
min Dale), b. Newlyn, 3rd Sep., 1833. 
Wild Flowers and Fruits. Poems. By Wil- 
liam Dale. Lond., A. Heylin, 28, Paternoster 
Row, 1856, 12"., pp. 160. 




DALE, WiLLi.\3i [Keltnaok]. {Oon.). 

Poems. The Legend of the Golden Ring, 
&c. By W. Kelynack Dale. 2nd ed., Lond., 
Simpkin, 1862, 12<'., pp. viii and 264, 5/-. 
Note. — A second edition of the preceding work. 

The Still Small Voice. [Poem]. Christian 
Miscell, Aug., 1853, p. 251. 

Ichabod. [Poem], ib., Nov., 1853, p. 345. 

DALY, John, pseud., i.e., Besemeres, John. 

DAMPIER, John Lucius. V. W. of the Stan- 
naries, b. 23rd Dec, 1792. d. Bath, 24th 
May, 1853. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxix, 94 (1853). 

DANGERFIELD, Rev. Robert George, B.A. 
6. 1824. d. Ventnor, 16th March, 185S. 

A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Church, 
Penzance, on Trinity Sunday, May 26th, 1850, 
by E. G. Dangerfield, B.A., Assistant Curate 
of Penzance. Penzance, F. T. Vibert, 1850, 
8°., pp. 26. 

Sermons and Literary Remains of the Rev. 
R. G. Dangerfield, late Incumbent of St. James' 
Episcopal Chapel, Edinburgh. Revised by the 
Revds. William Hinton Drake and John Howell 
Dangerfield. Hereford, John Parker, 4, High 
Town, n.d. [1859], 8"., pp. 312. 

Note. — Contains the preceding Sermon ; an Essay, 
" The Intellectual in Art," written August, 1848, at 
Hayle; and "Fragments of Letters to Kev. W. H. 
Drake, St. Ives." 


Report, by Daniel, of the Wreck of 

the Ship Royal Oak, Rob. Locke, commander, 
when returning from the East Indies, upon the 
western rocks of Scilly, 1666 (?). Rawlinson 
MSS.,Bod. Lib., class A 195, art. 66. 

DANIEL FAMILY, cf. " One & All," Dec, 
1868; Jan. and Feb., 1869. 

DANIEL, Alexander, b. Middleburg, in Wal- 
. cheren, Dec. 12, 1599. d. Lariggan, Madron, 
April 12, 1668. cf. Gent. Mag., xcvi, 130-32 
(1826), by Clionas, i.e., Sir N. H. Nicolas. 

Briefe Chronologicalle of Letters and Papers 
of and for mine own family. 1617-1668, MSS., 

• Daniel's Meditations. [375 pieces of poetry]. 
1650, ilf;S',S'., fol. 

Note. — These two works are in the possession of 
Thomas Hacker Bodilly, Esq., of Penzance. Extracts 
from them are in " J. S. Courtney's Guide to Penzance " 
(1845, 120.), App., pp. 75—91. 

DANIEL, Edward {alias Pickford). b. in 

Cornwall, d. Sept., 1657. cf. Oliver's Hist. 

of the Catliolic Religion, pp. 288, 380 ; Dodd's 

Ch. History (ed. 1737), iii, 294-95. 

The Book of Meditations. Published for the 
English College at Lisbon, 1649. — Republished 
and enlarged, Douay, 1663. 

Controversies. MSS., fol. Commenced 1643, 
and finished 1646. Formerly penes Author of 
Dodd's Ch. History. 

DANIEL, Henry John {son of Samuel Daniel), 
b. Lostwithiel, 14th Feb., 1818. 

The Anti-Newtonian Institute. A Satire. In 
two Cantos. By a Cornubian [i.e., H. J. Daniel]. 
n.j}. or d, 8°., pp. 46. 

Note. — A Satire on some of the Memhers of the 
Liskeard Institution, and one of the Author's earliest 

Hours of Solitude. A collection of Poems. 
1838, fcp. 8°. 

The Bride of Scio, Songs of the Heart, and 
other Poems. Truro, E. Heard, 1842, 8°., pp. 
xi and 232. 

The Cornish Thalia ; being original Cornish 
Poems, illustrative of the Cornish Dialect. 
Devonport, printed by W. Wood, 52, Fore 
Street; Lond., J. R. Smith; n.d. [18—], 12"., 
pp. 48, 6d. 

A Companion for the Cornish Thalia ; being 
original Humorous Pieces in the Cornish and 
Devonshire Dialects. Devonport, W. Wood, 
n.d. [18—], 12°., pp. 46, 6d. 

Note.— Contains " Uncle Will's Story," by W. B. 
Forfar, copied from "Pentowan." 

Mary Anne's Experiences, Mary Anne's Wed- 
ding, Mary Anne's Trip up the Tamar. Devon- 
port, W. Wood ; Lond., Houlston and Wright ; 
n.d. [18—], 12«., pp. 24, 3d. 

Mary Anne's Career and Cousin Jack's Ad- 
ventures. Devonport, W. Wood; Lond., J. R. 
Smith ; n.d. [18—], 12°., pp. 48, 6d. 

Mirth for Long Evenings. Devonport, W. 
Wood, n.d. [18—], 12"., pp. 48, 6d. 

Mirth for " One and All," or Comic Tales and 
Sketches. Devonport, W. Wood, n.d. [18—], 
12"., pp. 48, 6d. 

Bobby Poldue and his Wife Sally at the 
Great Exhibition. Devonport, W. Wood, n.d. 
[18—], 12"., pp. 25, 6d. 

Note.— Contains "The Tale of the Oysters," by 
W. B. Forfar, put into Yerse. 

Humorous Cornish Legends. Devonport, W. 
Wood, n.d. [18—], 12"., pp. 46, 6d. 

A New Budget of Cornish Poems. Devon- 
port, W. Wood, n.d. [18—], 12"., pp. 48, 6d. 

The Muse in Motley, or a Wallet of Whimsies. 
Devonport, W. Wood, n.d. [1867], 12"., pp. 
48, 6d. 




DANIEL, HENETt John. {Con.). 

Pickings from my Portfolio ; comprising Corn- 
ish Comic and other Humorous Pieces. Devon- 
port, W. Wood, n.d. [18—], pp. 48, 6d. 

Songs of the Heart and other Poems. Devon- 
port, W. Wood [printed] ; Lond., Houlston ; 
n.d. [1869], 8°., pp. 44, 6d. 

DANIEL, John (brotlur of Edward Daniel), 
cf. Bodd's Ch. Hist. (ed. 1737), ii, 368. 

DANIEL, Rev. John. F. of East An 

near Wakefield, b. Lancashire. 

The Faith, Duty, and Church Membership of 
a Christian. A Farewell Sermon preached at 
the Land's End, Cornwall, in the Churches of 
Sennen and St. Levan...June 11, 1837. To 
which are added various Notes and Appendices. 
By the Eev. John Daniel, B.A„ then Curate of 
those Parishes. Lond., Eivington, 1838, 8"., 
pp. X and 88, 3/6. 

DANIEL, Richard Thomas, b. Plymouth C?), 
1800. d. Melbourne, Austraha, 20th July, 
Instrument for measuring the space passed 

through by the Piston. iJep. M.C.P. Soc., 1846, 

p. xxii. 

Note.' — On page xxiv of the Eeport the instrument 

is erroneously stated to be by J. T. Daniel. 


Daniel's Bottle Jack. Eep. B.C.P. Soc., 1837, 
p. 67. 

DANIELL, Rev. John Jeremiah, h. Bath, 


A Geography of Cornwall, Historical, Ecclesi- 
astical, Civil, Natural, and Parochial. By the 
Rev. J. J. Daniell, Master of Probus School and 
Curate of Probus. With Map. Lond., Long- 
man; Truro, J. R. Netherton [printed]; 1854, 
12°., pp. 226, 3/6. 

The Saintly Life of Mrs. Margaret Godolphin. 
By J. J. Daniell, Curate of St. Peter's, Langley 
Fitzurse, WUts. Compiled from " The Life of 
Mrs. Godolphin, by John Evelyn, edited by 
Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford." 2nd ed., 
Oxford and Lond., Parkers, 1864, 16°., pp 57. 

A Book of Prayers for Young Persons. By 
Rev. J. J. Daniell. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 
18— 18°., pp. 54, 4d. 

Lays of the English Cavaliers. By Rev. J. J. 
Daniell. Oxford and Lond., Parkers, 1866,4°., 
pp. iv and 116, 6/-. 

Note. — Contains " The Battle of Lansdown," pp. 
16—27 ; " The Firing of Ai-wenack House," pp. 110—16. 

The Cavaliers of Cornwall. The Monthly 
Pacjcet, iv, 438-85 (1867). 

DANIELL, Rev. Mark. Wesleyan Blinister. 

h. Penzance, 30th April, 1766. d. Topsham, 

21st Feb., 1821. cf Methodist Mag., xliv, 

299-300, 703 (1821). 

The Revival of Rehgion at Shaftesbury. Ex- 
tract of a letter from Rev. M. Daniell to Mr. 
James Wood. Shaftesbury, 13th June, 1816. 
Methodist Mag., xxxix, 635-36 (1816). 

DANIELL, Ralph Allen {Uh child of Edward 

Daniell, d. 1866). 

The Sovereign. By D[aniell]. Helston Gram. 
School Mag., 1857-59, pp. 18-22. 

A Few Words about New Zealand. By a 
Young Native, R. A. Dfaniell]. ib., pp. 31-33. 

The Adventure of a Sovereign. By D. ib., 
pp. 121-26. 

A Visit to a New Zealand Pa. By E. A. D. 
ib., pp. 135-36. 

An Australian Journey, ib., pp. 301-2. 

DANIELL, William, R.A. b. 1769. d. Lon. 
don, 16th Aug., 1837. 

A Voyage round Great Britain. . .By R, Ayton. 
With a series of Views... drawn and engraved 
by W. Daniell, A.R.A. Lond., Longman and 
W. Daniell, 9, Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, 
1814-25, 8 vols., fol. 

Note. — Cornwall described, with 4 views, i, 1 — 33 
(1814). E. Ayton's name appears in the first and 
second volumes only. 

DANIELL, Sir William {Uh child of Ralph 
Allen Daniell, d. 1832). b. 1793. d. on board 
H.M.S. "Ringdove," off Sierra Leone, 15th 
Sept., 1845. cf. 0' Byrne's Naval Biog. Did. ; 
Gent. Mag., xxiv, 666 (1845). 

DANSON, John Towne. Barrister-at-Law. 

Observations on the Speech of Sir W. Moles^ 
worth... on Colonial Expenditure and Govern- 
ment, by J. T. Danson. Lond., Ridgway, 1848, 
8°„ pp. 87.— 2nd ed., 1848, 8°., 2f. 


Private Case between W. Darbison and John 
Beaumont and Dorothy his Wife, relative to the 
Manor of Penheale and other Manors. [The 
Defendants' case]. Lond., 1714, fol., s. sh. 

DARLEY, Rev. John, B.D, B. of Northill. 

The glory of Chelsey Colledge revived.; 
wherein is declared, I. — Its original progress' 
and design... 11.^ — How this design was by the 
renowned King James and the three estates of 
his first Parliament highly applauded. . .III. — By 
what means this excellent work... hath been imr 
peded and obstructed. By John Darley, B.D., 




DAELEY, Eev. John. (Con.). 

and of Northill, in the County of Cornwall, 
Rector. Lond., printed for J. Brown, at the 
south entrance of the Royal Exchange, 1662, 
4"., pp. 42. 

DARTON, Rev. Nicholas. Entered at Ex. 

Coll 1618. V. of Kilshy, Northamptonshire, 

31st Jan., 162|-1645.. &. Cornwall, 1603. 

c/. Bliss' Wood, iii, 263 3 Brook's Puritans, iii, 


The true and absolute Bishop, with the con- 
vert's returne unto Him. Wherein is also showed 
how Christ is our only Shepherd, as well as our 
truest Bishop ; and also how lamentable and 
miserable the condition of those men doth ap- 
peare to bee which are out of Christ's fold or 
out of Christ's diocese. By N. Darton, Minister 
of God's Word at Killesbie, in Northampton- 
shire. Lond., printed by Tho. Badger for 
Humphrey Mosley, and are to be sold at his 
shop, at the Prince's Axmes, in St. Paul's Church- 
yard, 1641, sm. 4"., pp. 51. Dr. Williams'. 

Ecclesia Anglicana ; or Barton's cleare and 
protestant manifesto, as an evangelical key, sent 
to the Governour of Oxford, for the opening of 
the church dores there, that are shut up with- 
out prayers or preaching. Printed in the yeare 
1649. sm. 4°., pp. 13. Bod. Lib. 

DATE, John, formerly of Truro. 

Improvement in Slotting Machines. Bep. 
B.G.P. Soc, 1848, p. 34. 

DAXJBENY, Charles Giles Beidle, M.D. 

Professor of Botany, Oxford. b. Stratton, 

Gloucestershire, 1795. d. Oxford, 13th Dec, 


Tender Plants growing at Tresco, Scilly, and 
Grove-hill and Penjerrick, Falmouth. [Reprinted 
from a Lecture on Climate, delivered at Torquay, 
in 1863]. Journ. B.I.C., 1864, pp. 71-73. 

DAUBUZ, Lewis Charles. 6. Falmouth, d. 
Leyton, 15th Dec, 1839. cf. Gent. Mag., xiu, 
212 (1840). 

DAUNT, Rev. Edwaed Synge Townsend, 
M.A. F. of St. Stephens by Launceston 1853. 
The Priory Tracts. Series No. L Infanticide 
caused no less by impurity than by Society. 
Signed E. S. T. Dfaunt]. PhUip D. Maddox, 
Launceston [printed]; Netherton, Truro; Hayes, 
Lyall Place, London; 1861, 12°., pp. 10, price 
Id., or 7/- per hundred. 

Note.— The title page bears a woodcut of Laun- 
ceston Priory seal. Only one number was pubhshed. 

DAVEY, James {son of John Bavey). b. Gwinear, 

A Set of Tables showing the difference of the 
Standard at which Copper Ores of various pro- 
duces usually sell in Cornwall, with the price of 
21 cwts. affixed. By J. Davey, Assayer of cop- 
per ores, &c, St. Austell. Pub. and sold by the 
Author, and by J. May, Printer, Redruth, 1842, 
4"., pp. viii and 83, 21/-. — 2nd ed., enlarged, 
1844, 4°., 10/6. 

Note.— Dedicated to Joseph Thomas Treffry, ol 

An Appendix to Davey's Copper Ore Tables. 
By Jas. Davey. Redruth, printed and sold by 
J. May, 1845, 8"., 2/6. 

A Prefix to Davey's Copper Ore Tables. By 
J. Davey, Assayer, &c Pubhshed and sold by 
the Author; by A. C. Hennah, Printer, St. 
Austell; and Longman & Co., London; 1848, 
4°., pp. 43, 5/-. 

A Supplement to Davey's Copper Ore Tables. 
By Jas. Davey ... Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1856, 
8"., 7/-. 

DAVEY, John, {son of John Davey). b. Zen- 
nor, 25th Dec, 1770. bapt. 25th Jan., 1771. 
d. St. Just, 13th Dec, 1845. cf Lady's and 
<?eK&??iaw'sX>Mr2/(Stationers' Company), 1846, 

p. 76. 
Note. — Mr. Davey was a frequent contributor to 
the "Lady's Diary," both in the Mathematical and 
Poetical Departments. He also assisted D. Gilbert in 
his works, more particularly in his paper on "The 
Mathematical Theory of Suspension Bridges." 

DAVEY, Joshua Sydney {2nd son of Stephen 
Davey). b. Redruth, 28th April, 1842. 
A Lecture on " The Most Economical Method 
of Breeding and Feeding of Sheep," given by 
J. S. Davey, Esq., of Redruth, at the East Pen- 
with Agricultural Exchange, Camborne, Corn- 
wall, on the 31st of October, 18^8. Printed 
by desire. 1868. Camborne, printed by H. V. 
Newton, 8°., pp. 13, 3d. 

DAVEY, Richakd, F.G.S. {youngest son of Wil- 
liam Davey). M.P. for West Cornwall 1857- 
68. b. Redruth, 11th Dec, 1799. 
Report of the Commissioners... on the Con- 
dition of all Mines in Great Britain. Epitome 
of Evidence, No. Vt¥- '^o'^^; Hansard, 1864, 
fol., 3/2. 

Note.— Mr. Davey was one of the Commissioners. 

Notice of Pseudomorphous Crystals. See 
Davey, S. 

DAVEY, Stephen {eldest son of William Davey). 
b Redruth, 1785. d. Bochym House, Helston, 
16th Nov., 1864. 
Notice of Pseudomorphous Crystals of Oxide 




DAVEY, Stephen. {Con.). 

of Tin, found in Huel Coates Mine, in St. Agnes, 
in 1828. Trans. IIG.S.C, iv, 481-85 (1832). 

Note. — This Paper is really by Rich. Davey, as 
stated in the index to the volume.. 

DAVIDSON, James, d. Secktor House, Ax- 
minster, 1866 (1). 
Bibliotheca Devoniensis. A Catalogue of tlie 

Printed Books relating to the County of Devon. 

By J. Davidson. Exeter, W. Roberts, 197, High 

Street, 1852, sq. 8°., pp. iv and 226, Supp., 

1862, 8°. 

Note. — Contains numerous notices of Cornish 

DAVIES, Augusta. See Webster, A. 

DAVIES, Eev. Edward. Chancellm- of Christ 

College in Brecon, d. 1830. 

Celtic Researches on the Origin ... of the 
Ancient Britons... Lond., Booth, 1804, 8°., 12/6. 

The Mythology and Rites of the British 
Druids... Lond., Booth, 1809, 8°., 18/-. 

Note. — These works contain accounts of Cromlechs, 
etc., in Cornwall. 

DAVIES, Rear- Admiral George, R.N. {son 
of Stephen Davies). Chief Constable of Cam- 
hidgeshire and Huntingdonshire, b. Wells, Dec, 

Summary of the Services in the Royal Navy 
and Coast-Guard, and Services acting under 
Civil Power at Riots, Fires, Wrecks, &c., &c., of 
Capt. George Davies, R.N., with Documents, 
Extracts, and Testimonials. January 31st, 1851. 
Penzance, 1851, 8°., pp. 22. Not Fublished. 
For private circulation only. 

DAVIES, Rev. Owen. Wesleyan Minister; Chair- 
man of the Redruth District in 1799. h. North 
Wales, 1752. d. Liverpool, 12th Jan., 1830. 
Two Letters, dated Penzance, 8th and 1 7th 

April, 1799. Methodist Mag., ^i\,iQ'd-n (1799). 

DAVIS, Mary Margaret {dau. of John Davis). 

b. St. Mary's, Scilly. 

Poems on Various Subjects. Penzance, printed 
by E. Rowe, 1863, 8°. 

Poems on Various Subjects. Second Series. 
Redruth, John S. Doidge, Fore Street [printed] ; 
Lond., Henry James Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria 
Lane; 1864, 8"., pp. 50. 

Tekel. Bible Christ. Mag., May, 1868. 

DAVIS, Thomas, of Longleat. Steward to the 

Marquis of Bath. 

Observations on the Management of Woods 
and on the present state thereof, particularly in 
the Western Counties. Letters and Papers Bath 
<& West Engl. Soc, vii, 1-21 (1795). 

DAVISON, S. C. See Carus, C. G. 

DAVY, Edmund, F.R.S. {son of William Davy). 
Professor of Chemistry, h. Penzance, 1785. 
d. Kimmage Lodge, Co. Dublin, 5th Nov., 
1857. Mem. of {by Will. Barker), Journ. Royal 
Dublin Soc, i, 419-25 (1858); cf Medical 
Circular, xi, 251 (1857). 

An Essay on the Use of Peat or Turf as a 
means of promoting the public health and the 
agriculture of the United Kingdom. By E. 
Davy, Professor of Chemistry and Agricultural 
Chemistry to the Royal Dublin Soc, etc. Dub- 
lin, Hodges and Smith, Grafton Street, 1850, 
8"., pp. 34. [cf Chemist, by J. & G. Watt, ii, 
717-23, 1855]. 

On the Combination of Sulphur and Phos- 
phorus with Platina. Tilloch, Philos. Mag., xl, 
27-39, 1812; [Schweigger Journ. Nurnberg, x, 
382-92, 1814]. 

Examination of a Species of Plumbago from 
Africa, ib., xl, 41-45 (1812). 

On some Combinations of Platina. ib., xl, 
209-20, 263-78, 350-65. 

On the Agency of the Carbonate of Magnesia 
in improving bread made from new flour, ib., 
xlix, 161-66 (1817). 

On New Wheat and the means of improving 
the flour, ib., xlix, 173-78. 

Experiments upon the State of the Air in the 
Fever Hospitals of Cork, ib., 1, 433-37, 1817; 
[Thomson, Ann. Philos., xi, 214-16, 18181. 

Experiments made upon the Hard Water at 
Black Rock, near Cork. ..ih., Hi, 3-8 (1818). 

On the Solid Excrement of the Boa Constrictor. 
ib.,\rv, S03-306, 1819; [Schweigger Journ., xxviii, 
176-80, 1820]. 

Some Experiments made with a view to the 
detection and prevention of frauds in the sale 
of skimmed milk, ib., Iviii, 241-47 (1821). 

An Account of some Experiments on the 
action of Iodine on volatile and fixed oils, ib., 
lix, 208-11 (1822). 

On a New Fulminating Platinum. Philos. 
Trans., cvii, 136-57 (1817). 

On some Combinations of Platinum, ib., ex, 
108-25, 1820; [Schweigger Journ., :ssxn (J ahrh. 
i), 340-56, 1821]. 

On a Simple Electro-Chemical Method of 
ascertaining the presence of different Metals, 
applied to detect minute quantities of Metallic 
Poisons, ib., cxx, 147-64 (1830). 

On a New Combination of Chlorine and 

Nitrous Gas. Boy. Soc. Proc, iii, 27-29 (1831). 

On some New and Simple Methods of detecting 




DAVY, Edmund. (Con.). 

Manganese in natural and artificial compounds. 
ik, vi, 385-88 (1854). 

An Account of some Experiments recently- 
made on the Buoys in Kingstown Harbour, with 
a view to protect from the action of the sea-water 
the metals and especially the ironwork attached 
to them. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1835, pp. 34-36 ; 
[Erdmann, Journ. Prah. Chem. Leipzig, yu, 129-33 
(1836) ; Liebig, Annal, xvii, 241-44, 1836]. 

On some recent Experiments made with a 
view of protecting tin plate and tinned iron 
from corrosion in sea water. ;.'i6., 1835, pp. 36- 
37 ; [Erdm., Journ. Prah. Chem., vii, 1 33-35, 
1836; UeUg, Annal, xvii, 244-46, 1836]. 

On the Comparative Value of Irish and Vir- 
ginian Tobacco, ih., 1835, pp. 37-38 ; \Journ. 
de Pharm. Paris, xxii, 18-21, 1836 ; Liebig, 
Annal., xviii, 63-66, 1836]. 

On Nicotin and some of its Combinations. 
ib., 1835, pp. 38-40; [Erdm., Journ. Prak. Chem., 
vii, 91-93, 1836]. 

Notice of a new gaseous Bicarburet of Hydrogen 
...*J.,1836, pp. 62-63, 63-64 ; [Journ. dePharm., 
xxiii, 143-45, 1837 ; Liebig, Annal, xxiii, 144- 
46, 1837; Thomson Records, London, iv, 321-23, 

On a New Gaseous Compound of Carbon 
and Hydrogen, ib., 1837, p. 50. 

On a New Gaseous Compound, etc. Proc. 
Irish Acad., i, 88-89 (1837). 

On the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, ib., 
iv, 297-98 (1850). 

On a Test for Manganese, ib., iv, 345-46. 

An Account of a New Fulminating Silver. 
Trans. Irish Acad., xvii, 265-74 (1837)._ 

On a New Gaseous Compound, etc. ib., xviii, 
80-88 (1838). ^ 

On a Manganese Ore, containing oxide of cop- 
per, from Sweden. Journ. Dublin Geol. Soc, 
i, 241-45 (1838). 

On a simple and economical method of con- 
verting urine into a solid portable manure. The 
Chemist, ii, 641-42 (1855). 

An Account of some Experiments made to 
determine the relative deodorizing powers of 
peat charcoal, peat, and lime. Jowrn. Dublin 
Soc, i, 1-6 (1856-57). 

On a simple electro-chemical Method of Detect- 
ing Arsenic or arsenious acid, etc. ib., i, 62-72. 

An Account of some Miscellaneous Experi- 

DAVY, Edmund. (Con.). 

ments made to determine the relative deodorizing 
powers of different substances, ib., i, 134-39; 
[Chemist, iv, 4-8, 1857]. 

On the Use of Platina instead of Porcelain or 
Glass in Marsh's method of detecting Arsenic. 
ib., i, 140-41 ; [Chemist, iv, 3-4, 1857]. 

On some Cements, ib., i, 180-83. 

DAVY, Edmund William, A.B., M.B. (eldest 
son of the preceding). Professor of Agricultural 
Science, b. Cork Institution, Cork, 2nd July, 

On Flax, and the practicability of extending 
its cultivation in Ireland, together with direc- 
tions for the proper management of that crop. 
ByE. W.Davy, A.B., M.B., M.E.I.A....Eead 
before the Royal Dublin Society, Feb. 15, 1864. 
Dublin, Mc. Glashan and Gill, 50, Upper Sack- 
ville Street; Lond., Simpkin; 1865, 8"., pp. 28. 

On a New Test for Nitric Acid and the 
Nitrates. PMlos. Mag., v, 330 (1852). 

On some New Methods of Forming the 
Nitro-prussides. ib., vi, 11-14 (1853). 

On a New and Simple Method of determining 
the amount of Urea in the Urinary secretion. 
ib., vii, 385-90, 1854; [Dublin Eosp. Gaz., i, 
134-36, 1854]. 

On some Experiments to determine the value 
of Peat and Peat Charcoal, ib., id, 172-78, 
1856; [Jown. Dublin Soc, i, 6-10, 1855-5_6]._ 

On the presence of Arsenic in some Artificial 
Manures, ib., xviii, 108-13, 1859; [Journ. 
Dublin Soc, ii, 270-74, 1858-59; Nat Hist. 
Beview (Proc), vi, 276-80, 1859; Jown. de 
Pharm. Paris, xxxvii, 468-69, I860]. 

On Superphosphate and a method of determ- 
ining the soluble and insoluble phosphates in 
this and other manures, ib., xix, 181-86, 1860; 
[Journ. Dublin Soc, iii, 1-80, 1860-62 ; Chemical 
News, i, 181, 1860 ; Nat. Hist. Beview {Proc), 
vii, 112-18, I860]. . «, • , 

On the Ferrocyanide of Potassmm Chemical 
Analysis, ib., xxi, 214-23, 1861 ; [Jown. Dublin 
Soc, iii, 124-33; Chemical News, vi, 274-76, 
287-89, 1861]. 

On the action of nitric and nitrous acids on 
the sulpho-cyanides. ib., xxx, 228. 

On a simple method of recovering the silver 
from old hyposulphite baths, etc. Journ. Photogr. 
Soc, i, 158-59 (1854). 

On the scientific principle involved in the 
feeding and fattening of stock. Nat Hist. 
Beview (Proc), vi, 261-68 (1859). 

On the injurious effects of Arsenical Pigments 




DAVY, EDMnND William. (Con.). 

in the Manufacture of Paper-hangings. Journ. 
Dublin Soc, iii, 253-60 (1860-62). 

Notes of a Chemico-Agricultural Tour, made 
principally through portions of France, Germany, 
and Belgium, in the summer of 1861. ib., iii, 

On the Changes produ^ced in Calp by exposure 
to the atmosphere. HejJ. of Scientific Meetings of 
Boy. Dublin Soc, p. 80. 

On a new Explosive Powder, ib., p. 105. 

On native Phosphate of Lime from New Jersey, 
U.S. ib., p. 159. 

On Ozone, ib., p. 210. 

On a new Method of Detecting Strychnine 
and its salts. Dublin Quart. Med. Journ., xv, 

On some spontaneous Changes taking place in 
the Bark and Leaves of different species of 
Poplar, amongst which is the conversion of the 
populine contained in them into the hydride of 
salicyb. The Laboratory, i, 361. 

On a simple and expeditious method of de- 
termining the amount of Nitrogen in Guano and 
other nitrogenous manures. The Chemist, ii, 449- 
53 (1855). 

On some new Properties of Glycerine, ib., ii, 

DAVY, Sm Humphry, Baet., LL.D., P.R.S. 
(son of Bobert Davy), cr. Bart. 20th Oct., 1818. 
b. Penzance, 17th Dec, 1778. d. Geneva, 28th 
May, 1829. cf Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. ii, 9-16, 
652 a829); ci, pt. i, 533 (1831); N. & Q., 
3 S.,~ i, 117, ii, 106, viii, 235; 0. Knight's 
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Ode to St. Michael's Mount, in Cornwall. 
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The Tempest. Signed D. 1796. ib., i, 179- 

Extract from an Unfinished Poem on Mount's 
Bay. By H. Davy, ib., i, 281-86. 

Experimental Essays on Heat and Light, etc. 
By H. Davy. In "Contributions to Physical 
and Medical Knowledge. Ed. by T. Beddoes, 
M.D., 1799," pp. 5-147. 

Note. — The original MS. is in the possession of 
Eichard Edmonds, Esq., Plymouth, 1870. 

An Essay on the Generation of Phosoxygen 
or Oxygen, ib., pp. 151-205. 

Researches, Chemical and Philosophical, chiefly 
concerning nitrous oxide, or dephlogisticated 
nitrous air and its respiration. By H. Davy, 
Superintendent of the Medical Pneumatic Insti- 
tution. Lond., printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's 
Church-yard, by Biggs & Cottle, Bristol, 1800, 
8°., pp. xvi and 580. London Instit. 

Essay on Heat, Light, and the Combination of 
Light, with a new Theory of Respiration. On the 
generation of oxygen gas and the causes of the 
colours of organic beings. By H. Davy. n.p. 
ovd. [1800 q, 8^, pp. 230. 

Note. — In the Penzance Public Lib. is the copy 
presented by the author to Dr. J. B. Borlase. 

Journals of the Royal Institution of Great 
Britain. [Ed. by T. Young and H. Davy]. 
Vol. i. Lond., sold at the house of the Insti- 
tution... 1802, 8"., pp. 335. London Instit. 

Note. — In addition to the above, there appeared 
80 pages of vol. ji. 

A Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on 
Chemistry, delivered at the Royal Institution of 
Great Britain. [By H. Davy]. Lond., From the 
Press of the Royal Institution. ..1802, 8"., pp. 91, 
3/-., large paper 3/6. 

A Discourse introductory to a Course of Lec- 
tures on Chemistry, delivered in the Theatre of 
the Royal Institution, 21st Jan., 1802. Lond., 
...J. Johnson, 1802, 8°., pp. 26, 1/6. 

Note. — Advertisement signed H. Davy, 26th April, 

An Account of some Experiments and Obser- 
vations on the constituent parts of certain asT 
tringent vegetables and on their operation in 




DAVY, Sib Hdmphky. (Con.). 

tanning. By H. Davy. Lond., W. Bulmer and 
Co., 1803, 4"., pp. 41. 

Outlines of a course of Lectures on Chemical 
Philosophy. By H. Davy. Lond., From the 
Press of the Eoyal Institution, 1804, 8"., pp. 

On some New Phenomena of Chemical Changes 
produced by Electricity, particularly the decom- 
position of the fixed alkalies and the exhibition 
of the new substances which constitute their 
basis... By H. Davy, Esq. Lond., W. Bulmer 
and Co., 1808, 4°., pp. 44. 

Electro-chemical Researches on the Decom- 
position of the Earths, with observations on the 
metals obtained from the alkaline earths, and 
on the amalgam procured from ammonia. By 
H. Davy, Esq. Lond., W. Bulmer and Co., 1808, 
4°., pp. 38. 

An Account of some new Analytical Researches 
on the nature of certain bodies, particularly the 
alkalies, phosphorus, sulphur, carbonaceous mat- 
ter, and the acids hitherto undecomposed ; with 
some general observations on chemical theory. 
By H. Davy, Esq. From the Philosophical 
Transactions. Lond., W. Bulmer and Co., 1809, 
4»., pp. 66. 

A Lecture on the Plan which it is proposed 
to adopt for improving the Eoyal Institution 
and rendering it permanent, delivered in the 
Theatre of the Eoyal Institution, March 3, 1810, 
by H. Davy, Esq., Sec. R.S., Prof Chem. R.I. 
Printed by desire of the Managers. Lond., W. 
Savage... w.^;. [1810], 8o., pp. 41. 

Elements of Chemical Philosophy. By Sir 
H. Davy. Lond., J. Johnson, 1812. Part I, 
vol. i, 8"., pp. xiv and 505, 18/-. 

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, in a 
course of Lectures for the Board of Agriculture. 
By Sir H. Davy. Plates. Lond., Longman, 

1813, 4"., pp. viii, 323, and Ixiii, 42/.— 2nd ed., 

1814, 8°., pp. xi and 479, index unpaged, 18/-. 
—4th ed., 1827, 8°., pp. x and 403.— 5th ed., 
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cultural Biog., pp. 105-6]. 

Hints on the Geology of Cornwall. By Sir 
H. Davy. Trans. B.C.G.S., i, 38-50 (1818). 

On the Fire-Damp of Coal Mines, and on 
Methods of Lighting the Mines so as to prevent 
its explosion. By Sir H. Davy, LL.D. From 
the Philosophical Transactions. Lond., printed 
by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Row; and to 
be had at Longman and Co.'s ; 1815, 8"., pp. 39. 

Practical Hints on the Application of Wire 
Gauze to Lamps, for preventing Explosions in 
Coal Mines. Lond., 1816, 12°., pp. 11. 

On the Fire-Damp of Coal Mines. From the 
Philosophical Transactions of the Eoyal Society. 
■ With an Advertisement j containing an account 

DAVY, Sir Hdmphky. (Con.). 

of an invention for lighting the Mines and con- 
summg the fire-damp without danger to the 
Mmer. By Sir H. Davy. Lond., printed by 
W. Bulmer and Co. ..1816, 8"., pp. xvi and 39. 

Note.— This is the ed. of 1815, with a new title page. 

The Papers of Sir H. Davy... communicated 
to the Royal Society, on the Fire-Damp of Coal 
Mmes and on Methods of Lighting the Mines, 
so as to prevent its explosion, etc. With 
Engravings. As printed in the Royal Society's 
Transactions for 1816...]Srewcastle, printed for 
Emerson Charnley, 1817, 8"., pp. 20. 

A Description of the Safety Lamp invented 
by Geo. Stephenson ; to which is added an ac- 
count of the lamp constructed by Sir H. Davv. 
Lond., 1817, 8°. Bod. Lib. 

Report upon the Claims of Mr. George 
Stephenson, relative to the Invention of his 
Safety Lamp. By the Committee appointed at 
a Meeting, holden in Newcastle, on the First of 
November, 1817; with an Appendix, containing 
the evidence. With 4 Engravings." Newcastle, 
printed by S. Hodgson, for Emerson Charnley. 
1817, 8°., pp. 26. ^ 

Some New Researches on Flame. By Sir H. 
Davy. From the Philosophical Transactions. 
Lond., printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland 
Row, 1817, 4°., pp. 41. 

On the Safety Lamp for Coal Mines, with 
some Researches on Flame. By Sir H. Davy. 
Lond., R. Hunter, 1818, 8°., pp. viii and 148. 

A Treatise on Soils and Manures, as founded 
on actual experience, and as combined with the 
leading principles of Agriculture ; in which the 
theory and doctrines of Sir H. Davy and other 
agricultural chemists are rendered familiar to 
the experienced farmer. By a Practical Agri- 
culturahst. Lond., Cadell and Davies, in the 
Strand, 1818, 8"., pp. iv and 176. 

Elements of A^icultural Chemistry... By Sir 
H. Davy. To which is added a treatise on soils 
and manures... By a Practical Agriculturalist. 
2 pts. Philadelphia, B. Warner; ...Baltimore, 
F. Lucas; 1821, 8°. 

Note.— Elements, pp. 1 — 304 ; Treatise on Soils, 
pp. 1—92. 

A Letter to Sir H. Davy, P.R,S., on the Ap- 
plication of Machinery to the purpose of Calcu- 
lating and Printing Mathematical Tables. By 
Charles Babbage, A.M., Secretary of the Astro- 
nomical Soc. of London. Lond., July, 1822, 4". 

On the Science of Agriculture ; comprising a 
commentary on, and comparative investigation 
of, the Agricultural Chemistry of Kirwan and 
Davy... By Joseph Hayward. Lond., 1825, 8°., 
pp, 220. 

On the Safety Lamp for preventing Explosions 




DAVY, Sib Humphet. (Con.). 

in Mines, Houses lighted by Gas, Spirit Ware- 
houses, or Magazines in Ships, &c., with some Re- 
searches on Flame. By Sir H. Davy, Bart. 
Lond., printed for E. Hunter, No. 72, St. Paul's 
Church-yard, 1825, 8°., pp. viii and 152. 

Note. — This is the ed. of 1818, with a new title 
page, some additions to the Appendix, etc. 

Nouveau Manuel de Chimie Agricole, traduit 
sur la cinqui^me edition Anglaise des Elemens 
de Chimie Agricole de Sir H. Davy, avec les 
Notes de J. Davy sur des faits connus seulement 
depuis 1826 par A. D. Vergnaud ... Paris a la 
libraire Encyclopedique de Eoret, 1838, 18°., 
pp. iv and 304. 

Six Discourses delivered before the Royal 
Society, at their Anniversary Meeting, on the 
award of the Royal and Copley Medals, pre- 
ceded by an Address to the Society on the 
Progress and Prospects of Science. By Sir H. 
Davy. Lond., J. Murray, 1827, 4°., pp. xi and 

Salmonia; or the days of Fly Fishing... By 
an Angler [i.e. Sir H. Davy]. Lond., John 
Murray, 1828, 8°., pp. viii and 273.— 2nd ed., 
Lond., Murray, 1829, 8°., pp. xiii and 335. 

Salmonia ... By Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. 
4th ed., with Illustrations. Lond., Murray, 
1851, 12°., pp. xiii and 305. 

Consolations in Travel ; or the Last Days of 
a Philosopher. By Sir H. Davy. [Ed. by J[ohn] 
D[avy]. Lond., J. Murray, 1830, 12°., pp. vi 
and 281.— 5th ed., 1851, 8°., pp. 297.— 6th ed., 
1853, 8°., pp. iv and 297. 

Note. — The Br. MuBeiim Catalogue states that the 
5th ed. was probably edited by Lady J. Davy, but this 
does not appear to have been the ease. 

Sketch of the Philosophical Characters of Dr. 
WoUaston and Sir H. Davy. Extracted from 
"The Decline of Science in England," by C. 
Babbage. 1830, 8°. 

The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart., LL.D., 
late President of the Royal Society... By John 
Ayrton Paris, M.D. Lond., Colburn and Bentley, 
1831, 4°., pp. XV and 547.-1831, 2 vols., 8"., 

Journal of a Tour made in the year 1828-29, 
through Styria, Carniola, and Italy, whilst ac- 
companying the late Sir H. Davy. By J. J. 
Tobin, M.D. Lond., W. S. Orr, 14, Paternoster 
Row, 1832, 12°., pp. vi and 242. 

G-. Cuvier. Eloges-historiques, pr^cMfes de 
r 61oge de 1' auteur par M. Flourens. Paris, E. 
Ducroc, Libraire-editeur, 55, rue de Seine, n.d. 
[1834 1], 8°., pp. Ix and 356, 5 fr. 

Note.— Eloge-historique de Sir H. Davy, pp. 321— 
56. cf.Edin. New Philos. Journ., xv, 1—26 (1833). 

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Humphry Davy, 
Bart., LL.D., F.R.S. By his Brother, John 

DAVY, Sib Humphbt. (Con.). 

Davy, M.D....Lond., Longman, 1836, 2 vols., 
80., 28/-. 

The Collected Works of Sir Humphry Davy 
...Ed. by his Brother, John Davy. Lond., Smith 
and Elder, 1839-40, 9 vols., post 8°., ea. 10/'6. 

Chymistry applied to Agriculture. By M. le 
comte Chaptal . . . with a preliminary chapter 
" On the organization, structure, etc., of plants, 
by Sir H. Davy."... Trans, and ed. by Rev. Wil- 
liam Page. New York, Harper and Brothers, 
82, Clift Street, 1840, 8°., pp. 359. 

Note. — The preliminary chapter, pp. 25 — 76. 

Sir H. Davy. Begins "Experimental Rbt 
searches in Chemistry. I. — The Bakerian Lec- 
ture for 1806; or some chemical agencies of 
electricity." n.d. [Glasgow, 1842], 8°., pp. 56. 
(Vol. viii of J. J. Griffin's " Scientific Miscel- 

Sir H. Davy. Begins "A Granite Column 
proposed to be erected to the memory of Sir H. . 
Davy at Penzance." Notice of a Meeting, to 
be held [in London], May 27, 1842, relative to 
the erection of the above-named column. n.]p. 
or d. [Lond., 1842], 4°., s. sh. Br. Mimwrn, 

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry... By Sir 
H. Davy. A new edition, with instructions for 
the analysis of soils, etc., by John Shier... Glas- 
gow, R. Griffin and Co. ; Lond., T. Tegg ; 1844, 
8°., pp. ix and 293. 

La Lampe de Davy. A Drama. By Mons. 
Jozef Kjystyan Ostrowsky, June, 1854. 

Note. — Sir H. Davy is made to discover the lamp 
through a love adventure. 

The Wonders of Science ; or young Humphry 
Davy (the Cornish Apothecary's Boy, who taught 
himself Natural Philosophy, and eventually be- 
came President of the Royal Society). The Life 
of a Wonderful Boy, written for boys. By 
Henry Mayhew. With Illustrations by John 
Gilbert. Lond., D. Bogue, 1855, fop. 8°., 6/-.— 
2nd ed., 1856, 8°.— 3rd ed., Lond., Kent, 1858, 
8°., pp. xvi and 424, 6/-. 

Goldkorner aus dem literarischen Nachlasse 
eines Christlichen Naturforschers [Sir H. Davy] 
Gesammelt von Dr. W. Biichner. Erlangen, 
1856. Berlag, von J. J. Balm and Ernst Enke, 
16°., pp. iv and 72. 

Fragmentary Remains, Literarj' and Scientific, 
of Sir H. Davy... with a Sketch of his Life and 
Selections from his Correspondence. Ed. by 
his Brother, John Davy. Portrait. Lond., 
Churchill, 1858, 8°., pp. viii and 330, 10/6. 

The School Days of Sir Humphry Davy ; or 
Deeds speak louder than Words. By D. D. 
Lond., Dean, 1862, 12°., 2/6. 

From the Philosophical Magazine for Feb., 
1865. A Letter from J. Davy. . .in continuation 




DAVY, Sib Humphry. {Con.). 

of a former one, and accompanied by documentary 
evidence contributed by Sir Jas. South, F.R.S., 
and Benjamin Gompertz, Esq., F.R.S., in reply 
to a certain charge, made by Charles Babbage, 
Esq., F.E.S., against the late Sir H. Davy, vi^hen 
President of the Eoyal Society, n.p. or d. 
[1865], 8°., pp. 4. 

Note. — The cover reads " Correspondence. Did Sir 
H. Davy promise to nominate Mr. Babbage as the Sec- 
retary of the Eoyal Society, 1826 ? " cf. also London, 
Edinburgh, and Dublin Mag., xxviii, 480 — 84 (1864) ; 
xxix, 77—78, 164—68, 246—47 (1865). 

Humphry Davy. — Eedevoering Gehouden bij 
het bataafsch genootshap van proefondervinde- 
lijke wijsbegeerte te Eotterdam den 9 November, 
1866, door K. M. Giltay. Eotterdam, bij M. 
Wyt and Zonen, 1867, 8°., pp. 24. 

Plate presented to Sir H. Davy by Colliery 
Proprietors. Gent. Mag., Ixxxvi, pt. ii, 282 

On the Poetry of Sir H. Davy, ib., vii, 339- 
53 (1837). 

The Success of Sir H. Davy. Letter signed 
M. ib., X, 150-51 (1838). 

Note. — The greater part of Sir H. Davy's Papers 
having been reprinted in the Collected Edition of his 
Works, 1839 — 40, no list of them is given here. A full 
aeoount of them can be found in the Catalogue of 
Scientific Papers published by the Eoyal Society. 

DAVY, John, M.D., F.E.S. (brother of the pre- 
ceding), b. Penzance, 24th May, 1790. d. 
Lesketh-how, near Ambleside, 24th Jan., 1868. 
cf. Gent. Mag., v, 399 (1868); Diary of H. 0. 
Robinson., iii, 238 ; English Gijclop. 

Tentamen experimentale qusedam de sanguine 
... quod... pro gradu Doctoris, summisque in 
medecina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime 
consequendis, eruditorum examini subjicit Johan- 
nes Davy, Anglo-Cornubiensis...Edinburgi, ex- 
cudebat Eobertus Allan, 1814, 8"., pp. 53. 

Note. — Dedicated to " Onuphrio Davy, equiti 

An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of 
its Inhabitants, with Travels in that Island. By 
J. Davy, M.D., F.E.S. Lond., Longman, 1821, 
4°., pp. viii and 530, 73/6. 

Memoirs of... Sir H. Davy... Ed. by J. Davy. 
Lond., 1836, 2 vols., 8°. 

Nouveau Manuel de Chimie Agricole traduit SirH. Davy, avec les Notes de J. Davy... 
Encyclopedie-Boret, 1838. See Davy, Sir H. 

The Collected Works of Sir H. Davy. Ed. 
by J. Davy. Lond., 1839-40, 9 vols., 8". 

Eesearches, Physiological and Anatomical. 
By J. Davy. Lond., Smith and Elder, 1839, 2 
vols., 8"., 30/-. 

Notes and Observations on the Ionian Islands 
and Malta, with some Eemarks on Constanti- 

DAVY, John. (Con.). 

nople and Turkey, and on the System of Quar- 
antine as at present conducted. By J. Davy. 
With Map and lUust. Lond., Smith and Elder, 
1842, 2 vols., 8°., 32/-. 

Lectures on the Study of Chemistry in con- 
nexion with the atmosphere, the earth, and the 
ocean, and Discourses on Agriculture ; with 
Introductions on the present state of the West 
Indies and on the Agricultural Societies of Bar- 
bados. By J. Davy. Lond., Longman, 1849, 
8°., pp. XXV and 291, 5/-. 

Some Account of the last Yellow Fever Epi- 
demic of British Guiana. By Daniel Blair, M.D., 
Surgeon-General of British Guiana. Ed. by J. 
Davy. Lond., Longman, 1850, 8°., pp. xv and 
161. — 3rd ed., with Illustrations and Supple- 
mentary Documents, 1852, 8°., pp. xv and 230. 

The West Indies before and since Slave Eman- 
cipation ; comprising the Windward and Lee- 
ward Islands' Military Command; founded on 
notes... collected during a three years' residence. 
By J. Davy. Lond., W. and F. G. Cash ; Faring- 
don, T. Knapp [printed] ; 1854, 8°., pp. vii, 
viii, and 551, 12/-. 

The Angler and his Friends; or Piscatory 
Colloquies and Fishing Excursions. By J. Davy. 
Lond., Longman, 1855, 8°., pp. viii and 306, 6/-. 

The Angler in the Lake District ; or Piscatory 
Colloquies and Fishing Excursions in Westmore- 
land and Cumberland. By J. Davy. Lond., 
Longman, 1857, 12"., pp. viii and 352, 6/6.- 

Fragmentary Eemains...of Sir H. Davy... Ed. 
by J. Davy. Lond., 1858, 8". 

On some of the more important Diseases of 
the Army, with Contributions to Pathology. 
By J. Davy . . . Inspector-General of Army Hos- 
pitals, H.P. Lond., Williams and Norgate, 1862, 
8°., pp. xii and 438, 15/-. 

Physiological Eesearches. By J. Davy. Lond., 
Williams and Norgate; Hertford, S. Austin 
[printed] ; 1863, 8°., pp. viii and 448, 15/-. 

An Account of some Granite Veins at Porth 
Just, near Cape Cornwall. Trans. B.G.S.C., i, 
20^26 (1818). 

Observations on the temperature of springs, 
wells, and mines, in Cornwall. Brewster's Edin. 
Journ. of Science, iii, 75 (1826). 

Note. — Many of J. Davy's Scientific Papers having 
been reprinted in " Eesearches, Physiological and 
Anatomical, 1839," and " Physiological Eesearches, 
1863," no list of them is given here. A fuU account of 
them can be found in the Catalogue of Scientific Papers 
published by the Eoyal Society. 

DAW, James. 5. Blackwater, in St. Agnes, 
4th July, 1825. 

Whistle for Eailway Signals. By J. Daw, 
Pool. Bep. B.C.P. Soc, 1854, p. 49. 




DAWSON, James. Comedian, b. Scarborough, 
16th Oct., 1799. cf. R. Dyer's Nine Years of 
an Actor's lAfe, pp. 25-48. 

The Autobiography of Mr. James Dawson. 
Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1865, 8°., pp. viii and 
171. List of Subscribers. 

DAWSON, Eev. W. a., M.A. 

A Sermon [on Eccles., xi, 7-8] addressed to 
the Miners of Cornwall. Redruth, printed and 
sold by H. Grylls, 1837, 8". 

DAYMAN, Eev. Peter. 
Devon, d. in America. 

b. Pancrasweek, 

Twelve Sermons on Practical Subjects. By 
P. Dayman, Wesleyan Local Preacher, of the 
KiUdiampton Circuit. Stratton, printed and 
Published by J. Roberts, 1843, 8"., pp. 217. 

DEANE, Thomas. 

The Laws and Customs of the Stannaries in 
the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, revised 
and corrected according to the ancient and 
modern practise, etc. By T. Deane, Gent. 1750, 


See Elie de Beaumont, 

DEBELL, Eev. Philip. Wesleyan Missionary, 
b. Cornwall, d. St. Christopher, West Indies, 
25th Jan., 1803. cf. Methodist Mag., xxvi, 
493 (1803); xlvi, 140-41 (1823). 

An Elegy written on the Death of Mr. P. 
Debell. Methodist Mag., xxxii, 224 (1809). 

DEBILL, Nicholas, of University Coll., Oxford. 
(son of John Debill). V. of Maker 1602-31, 
afterwards R. of Calstoch. b. Cornwall, 1576. 

Academise Oxoniensis pietas erga...Jacobum, 
Angliae Eegem. 1603,4°. 

Note. — Contains verses by N. DeKU. 

DE COUECY, Admiral Michael {?>rd son of 
John, 25th Lm-d Kinsale). d. Stockton House, 
near Saltash, 22nd Feb., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xciv, pt. 1, 640-41 (1824). 

DE COUESON, Aurelien. 

Histoire des Peuples Bretons dans le Gaule, 
et dans les lies Britanniques, Langue, Coutumes, 
Moeurs, Institutions, &c., &c., avec un Glossaire 
CornouaiUais, Armorican et Gallois. Paris, 1846, 
2 vols., 80. 

DEEBLE, Joseph Harry {son of Joseph Deeble). 
b. Falmouth, 18th Oct., 1819. 

The Casket ; a Collection of Poems. By J. H. 

DEEBLE, Joseph Habkt. (Con.). 

Deeble. Coleford, Printed by Charles Hall, 
1842, 8°., pp. 102. For private circulation only. 

The Sorceress of Saragossa. By C. Devon- 
shire (1846), q.v. 

Note.— The Prologue written by J. H. Deeble. 

The Jew and the Vintner. A True Story. 
Jnon. Second edition, n.p. [Falmouth], 1853, 
8°., pp. 17, 6d. 

Azora, a Eomaunt of the Moors, Eeuben 
Gray, Spirit Warnings, Ivan and Anna (a Rus- 
sian Tale), A Painter's Adventure, and Miscel- 
laneous Poems. By J. H. Deeble. Falmouth, 
C. S. Dixon, 31, Market Street, 1855, 8"., pp. 
200, 2/6. 

DE DUNSTANVILLE, Francis, Lord [Sir 
Fras. Basset (so7i of Fras. Basset), cr. Baronet 
24th Nov., 1779] ; Baron de Dunstanville, of 
Tehidy, 17th June, 1796; Baron Basset, of 
Stratton, 30th Oct., 1797. b. Walcot, 9th 
Aug., 1757. d. London, 5th Feb., 1835. cf 
Gent. Mag., iii, 655-57 (1835); Annual Biog. 
fw 1836, pp. 35-39. 

Thoughts on Equal Eepresentation. Anon. 
Lond., printed for E. Blamire, 5, Strand; sold 
by B. Law, Ave-Mary-Lane...l783, 8°. 

Observations on the Treaty of Commerce 
between Great Britain and France. Anon. 
Lond., printed for E. Blamire, 1787, 8". 

Thoughts on the Theory and Practice of the 
French Constitution. In 4 Letters. Lond., 
printed for E. Blamire, 1794, 8". 

Note.- — The 4th Letter is signed " An Englishman." 

The Crimes of Democracy. Anon. Lond., 
printed fopE. Faulder, 1798, 8". 

A Speech made at the County Meeting at 
Bodmin, on Monday, 15th May, 1809, against 
certain resolutions proposed there. Anon. Lond., 
printed for J. Faulder, New Bond Street, 1809, 

Note. — "Political Tracts." A Volume so labelled is in 
the Library of the Royal Instit. of Cornwall, with the fol- 
lowing inscription on the fly leaf : " My own Pamphlets, 
De Dunstanville, the Gift of the Author to his Dearest 
Friend, Miss Lemon, 1824." It contains all the above 

Eemarks on a Pamphlet entitled " A Speech 
made at the County Meeting, at Bodmin..." 
Am)n. 1809,8°. ,S'e« Budd, E. 

Eichard Carew's Survey of Cornwall ... By 
Lord de Dunstanville. 1811, 4°. See Carew, 

Experiments in Agriculture. By Sir F. Basset. 
Arthur Young's Annals of Agriculture, xxii, 145- 
62 (1794). 

Eeply to a Circular Letter of A. Young's, ih., 
xxiv, 234-6 (1795). 




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A Fat Ox. By Lord De Dunstanville. i 

, xxxiv, 263-5, 267-68 

xxxiii, 636-7 (1799). 

Crops and Prices. 

Letter to Lord De Dunstanville. By Wrey 
I'Ans. Dated Whitstone House, Mar. 31, 1800. 
[Relative to the Culture of Potatoes! ib., xxxv 
113-19 (1800). 

Crops in Cornwall, ib., xxxvi, 106-9 (1801). 

Mildew, ib., xliii, 471-2 (1805). 

Letter to the Rev. Canon Rogers, on the Ap- 
propriation of the Dunstanville Fund. By Sir 
C. Lemon. 1838, 8". 

History of the Manor... of Castle Combe, in 
"Wilts... with Memoirs of the Families of Dun- 
stanville, Badlesmere, etc. By George Poulett 
Scrope, M.P. Printed for private circulation. 
[Lond., J. B. Nichols and Sons], 1852, 4°., pp. 
X and 403. 

G-recian Prospects. A Poem, in Two Cantos. 
By Rev. R. Polwhele. Helston, 1799, 4". 
Note. — ^Dedicated to Lord De Dunstanville. 

Sonnet written 25th Aug., 1825, to Lord De 
Dunstanville, on his return to his native country. 
By Rev. R. Polwhele. Gent. Mag., xcvi, pt. 1, 
552 (1826). 

Letter from Sir G. Rodney to Lord De Dun- 
stanville. cf. Life and Corresp. of Lord Rodney, 
ii, 312, 335-37. 

DE FOE, Daniel {son of James Foe), b. Lon- 
don, 1663. d. London, 24th April, 1731. 

The Storm ; or a collection of the most re- 
markable casualties and disasters which hap- 
pened in the late dreadful tempest, both by sea 
and land. Atwu. Lond., printed for G. Saw- 
hridge, in Little Britain; and sold by J. Nutt, 
near Stationers'-Hall ; 1704, 8°., pp. 272, and 
Preface 1 sheet not paged. 

Note. — Letter signed W. T., and dated " From St. 
Keyearn Parish, in ComwaU, May 26, 1704," pp. 148 — 
50 ; Letter signed " E. P., May 28, 1704," containing an 
account of a ship laden with tin, whereof Anthony 
, Jenkins, of Falmouth, was commander, which was blown 
from her anchorage at Helford to the Isle of Wight in 
8 hours, pp. 196—9; cf. also pp. 66, 209, 213, 223. 

The Dumb-Philosopher, or Great Britain's 
Wonder ; containing : I. A faithful and very 
surprizing account how Dickory Cronke, a Tin- 
ner's son, in the County of Cornwal, was born 
dumb, and continued so for 58 years ; and how, 
some days before he died, he came to his speech : 
with memoir of his life and the manner of his 
death. II. A declaration of his faith and prin- 
ciples... III. His prophetical observations ... To 
which is added his Elegy, written by a young 
Cornish gentleman, of Exeter Coll., in Oxford 

DE FOE, Daniel. (Con.). 

...Lond., printed for Tho. Bickerton, at the 
Crown, in Pater-Noster-Row, 1719, sm. 4»., pp. 
64, 1/-.— 2nd ed., Lond., Bickerton, 1720, 4"., 
1/-.— Reprinted in "Smeeton's Hist. & Biog. 
Tracts," (1820), ii, 23. 

Note. — A fictitious narrative, supposed to be by 
D. De Foe. 

A Tour thro' the whole Island of Great 
Britain, divided into Circuits or Journeys. 
Giving a particular and entertaining account of 
whatever is curious and worth observation... By 
a Gentleman [i.e., D. Defoe]. Third Edition, 
with very great additions... to the year 1742. 
Lond., printed for J. Osborn, &c., 1742, 4 vols., 

Note. — The account of Cornwall contained in I, 
337-56; II, 1—8. 

A Tour thro' the whole Island of Great 
Britain. . . 7th Edition. Lond., printed for J. and 
F. Rivington, &c., 1769, 4 vols., 8". 

Note. — In this edition the account of Cornwall is 
comprised in I, 387 — 415 ; II, 1 — 8. 

DEGENHARDT, B. Charles. 

On the Geological Formation of the Gold 
Regions of the Eastern Coast of Virginia. Re;p. 
R.C.P. Sac, 1838, pp. 162-63. 

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6. London, 1796. d. London, 13th April, 1855. 

Report on the Geology of Cornwall, Devon, 
and West Somerset, by H. T. De la Beche, 
Director of the Ordnance Geological Survey. 
Map, woodcuts, and 12 plates. Lond., Longman, 
1839, 8"., pp. 648, 14/-. 

Researches in Theoretical Geology. By H. T. 
De la Beche. Lond., C. Knight, 22, Ludgate 
Street, 1834, 8°., pp. xvi and 408. 

How to observe Geology. By H. T. De la 
Beche. Lond., C. Knight, 1835, 12°., pp. viii 
and 312. 

Inaugural Discourse at the Opening of the 
Government School of Mines, 6th November, 
1851. By Sir H. T. De la Beche. Lond., 
printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1851, 8°., 
pp. 24. 

Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgical Pro- 
cesses and Products. By Sir H. T. De la Beche. 
In " Lectures on the Results of the Great Exhi- 
bition of 1851, delivered before the Society of 
Arts." (Lond., Bogue, 1852, 8".), pp. 37-73. 

Note. — The above four works contain references to 
the Geology of Cornwall. 

Notice of Fossils from the schistose rocks of 
North Cornwall. Pm. Geol. Soc, ii, 225-26 

On the Influence of Atmospheric Pressure on 




DE LA BECHE, Sin Henby Thomas. {Con.). 

the Tidal Waters of Cornwall and Devon. Edinh. 
New Philos. Journ., xxvi, 415-19 (1839). 

On tlie Connexion between Geology and Ag- 
riculture in Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset. 
Agric. Soc. Journ., iii, 21-35 (1842). 

On Estuaries and their Tides. Philos. Mag., 
xxiv, 485-91 (1844) ; Trans. B.G.S.O., vi, 211-18 

On the Formation of the Eocks of South 
Wales and South- Western England. Mem. of 
Geol. Survey of Great Britain, i, 1-296 (1846). 

DELANY, Mary (dau. of Bernard Grannlle). 
b. Coulton, Wiltshire, 14th May, 1700. m. 
firstly Alex. Pendarves, of Eoscrow (who d. 
1724); m. secondly Eev. Patrick Delany,D.D. 
(who d. 1768). d. Windsor, 15th April, 1788. 

The Autobiography and Correspondence of 
Mary Granville (Mrs. Delany), with interesting 
Eeminiscences of King George the Third and 
Queen Charlotte. Ed. by the Et. Hon. Lady 
Elanover. Lond., E. Bentley, 1861, 3 vols., 
8°.— Second Series, 1862, 3 vols., 8"., 50/-. 

Note. — The account of Mrs. Delany whilst she was 
mfe of Mr. Pendarves, is contained in 1 S., i, 22—109. 

DE LECLUSE, Charles. 

Letter from Guzman de Silva, the Spanish 
Ajnbassador, to Sir W. Cecil, dated London, 
l7th August, 1564, for one C. de Lecluse, mer- 
chant, who complained that he had suffered 
injury from a Magistrate, at St. Ives, Cornwall. 
(Latin). MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. iii, 8, 
art. 54, fol. 116. 

DELTA, pseud., i.e., Boase, W. M. 

DE LUC, Jean Andre, the elder, r.E.S. 
b. Geneva, 8th Feb., 1727. d. Windsor, 8th 
Nov., 1817. 

Geological Travels. By J. A. De Luc. Trans- 
lated from the French. Lond., 1810, 11, 13, 
5 vols., 8". 

Note.— In vol. iii, Cornwall and Devonshire, pp. 

An Elementary Treatise on Geology ... By 
J. A. De Luc. Translated from the French 
MSS., by the Eev. H. De la Fite. Lond., 
Eivington, 1809, 8°., pp. xxvii and 415. 

On a Phenomenon of St. Michael's Mount, 
in Cornwall. lilloch, Philos. Mag., xlii, 429-39 

DENDY, Walter Cooper, M.E.C.S. 

The Beautiful Islets of Britaine. By W. C. 
Dendy. Lond., Longman, 1857, 8"., pp. xii 
and 151. 

DENDY, Walter Coopeb. (Con.). 

The Beautiful Islets of Britaine. By W. C. 
Dendy. Described and illustrated from sketches 
on the spot, by the Author. Ee-issue, with ad- 
ditions. Lond., Bickers, 1860, post 8°., pp. 
151, 3/6. 

Note. — Account of Soilly, with map and 8 wood- 
cuts, pp. 37 — 66, in both editions. 

DENNEES, Mr. b. 1728. d. Frogwell, near 
Callington, 4th Oct., 1802. 

The Grace of God manifested in the conversion 
and happy death of Mr. Denners. By J. Kingston. 
Methodist Mag., xxix, 77-81 (1806). 

DENNIS, Alexander, b. Sawah, St. Levan, 
1739. d. Madron, 6th July, 1823. 

Journal of a Tour through great part of 
England and Scotland, in the year 1810, per- 
formed by A. Dennis, of Trembath. Penzance, 
T. Vigurs, 1816, 12"., pp. 163. 

DENNIS, Thomasine {da.u. of th 

b. Sawah, 29th Sept., 1771. d. Sawah, SOtli 

Aug., 1809. cf. D. Gilberts Cornwall, iii, 33. 

Sophia St. Clare. A Novel. In two volumes. 

Anon. Lond., printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's 

Churchyard, 1806, 2 vols., 12°. Cornwall County 



DENZELL, John (son of John Denzell, of St. 
Maiogan). Created Serjeant-at-Law, 23 Hen. 
VIII. d. 3rd Jan., 1535. bwr. St. Giles' m 
the Fields, London. cf. Dugdale's Origines 
Judiciales (3rd ed.), pt. i, 251, pt. ii, 83. 

Nine Eeadings of J. Denishill, Serjeant-at-Law, 
upon the Statute 4 Hen. VII, beginning with 
the second reading. MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Eh. 
ii, 1, art. 1, if. 28-45. 

Note. — A French version of the above is stated in 
Bishop Tanner's " Bibliotheca Britannioo-Hibernica," to 
have been amongst the MSS. of Sir William Glyrm, 
Bart., 1672. 

DEEEICK, Francis. 

The Kiddle-a-wink, or Ghostly Stories on the 
Western Coast ; comprising Gualmara, or the 
House of Bitterness ; A Tale of Love ; A Life 
Lost; in Beeton's Christmas Annual (186i), vv- 

Mildred's Wedding. A Family History. 
By F. Derrick, Author of the " Kiddle-a-wink." 
Lond., F. Warne and Co., 1865, 3 vols., 8°.— 
Lond., Ward, Lock, and Tyler, n.d. [1869], 8°., 
pp. viii and 336 (Library of Popular Authors). 

Note.— Eeprinted from Englishwoman's Domestic 
Mag., ix, 1, etc. (1864). 




DEEEIOK, Pkanois. (Con.). 

Olive Varcoe. A Novel. By F. Derrick. 
Lond., Saunders, Otley, & Co., 1868, 3 vols., 8" ', 

Simple as a Dove. A Novel. By the Author 
of " Olive Varcoe." Lond., Tinsley Bros., 1869 
3 vols., 8"., 31/6. 

Beneath the Wheels. A Eomance. By the 
Author of " Olive Varcoe." Lond., Tinsley 
Bros., 1870, 3 vols., 8°., 31/6. 

Patience Caerhydon. A Story. By the Author 
of "Beneath the Wheels." Lond., Tinsley 
Bros., 1870, 3 vols., 8»., 31/6. 

Note. — Eeprinted from the Englishwoman's Do- 
mestic Mag., vol. iv, t, vi, vii (1868), where it is called 
" The Journal of Miss Patience Caerhydon, of Gualmara." 
The work is " Dedicated to my own people, the dear, 
kindly, ancient Cornish race, whose memory, like a 
'lengthening chain,' has followed me to many lands, 
but among whom I am now a stranger." 

My Love Amy. A Cornish Tale. Belgravia, 

An Episode in the Life of Miss Tabitha Tre- 
noodle. ib., ii, 305-18. 

Another Episode in the Life of Miss Tabitha 
Trenoodle. ib., v, 489-98 (1868). 

A Sealed Heart. [A Valentine Story]. Bow 
Bells (Extra Valentine Number, 12th Feb., 
1868), pp. 2-4. 

DES MAISEAUX, Pierre. I. Auvergne, 1666. 
d. London, June, 1745. 

The Survey of Cornwall ... By R. Carew. With 
the Life of the Author, byH**** c*****. 
\pseud., i.e., P. Des Maiseaux], 1723. See 
Carew, E. 

DEVILLE, Louis. 

Excursions dans le Cornouailles et le Devon- 
shire. Par L. Deville. Paris, E. Dentu, Editeurr 
Libraire de la Societ6 des Gens de Lettres, 
Palais Royal, 1863, sm. 8°., pp. 180. 

DEVONSHIRE, Charles (sm of John Devon- 
shire), b. Falmouth, 10th Dec, 1783. d. 
Indiana, U.S. America, 15th Oct., 1851. 
Kenilworth, a Tragedy, in five acts. This 
play is founded on Sir W. Scott's celebrated 
romance of Kenilworth, and adapted to theatrical 
representation . . . Entered at Stationers' Hall. 
Falmouth, printed and published by James 
Philp; and sold in London by Simpkin and 
Marshall; 1830, 8"., 1/-. 

Clara, or the Marriage Feast. A Tragic 
Drama, in five acts. By a Mechanic [i.e., C. 
Devonshire]. Falmouth, printed and published 
by J. W. Dixon, near the Church, 1836, 8°., 2/-. 
The Sorceress of Saragossa. A Play, in five 
acts. By C. Devonshire, Author of Kenilworth, 

DEVONSHIEE, Chaeies. {Con.). 

etc. Falmouth, printed by Fred. H. Earle, 
Arwenack Street, 1846, 8°., pp. iv and 78. 

Eugene Aram. A Drama, in three acts. Not 

The Love Chase, or the Magic Phials. A 
Farce. Not Printed. 

Note. — The above pieces were all produced at 

DEVONSHIRE, Rear-Admiral Sir John- 
Ferris, K.C.H. [son of Thomas Devonshire), 
b. Truro, 1775. d. Stonehouse, 19th Feb., 
1839. cf Gent. Mag., :s.i,Q58 (1839); 0' Byrne's 
Naval Biog. Did. 

Letter to Capt. Devonshire. Letters and 
Despatches of Lord Nelson, iv, 382. 

DEVONSHIRE, Admiral Richard (son of 
Thomas Devonshire), b. Truro, 25th June, 
1784. d. Plymouth, 19th March, 1860. cf 
Gent Mag., viii, 527 (1860); Byrnes Naval 
Biog. Diet. 

DIBDIN, Charles. 6. Southampton, 1745. 
d. London, 25th July, 1814. 

Observations on a Tour through almost the 
whole of England and" a considerable part of 
Scotland, in a series of letters, addressed to a 
large number of intelligent and respectable 
Friends. By Mr. Dibdin. Lond., G. Goulding, 
n.d. [1801], 2 vols., 4°. 

Note. — Contains an account of Cornwall with 4 
views, I, 127 — 76, in letters addressed to Eev. Mr. Pen- 
neck and Col. Gr. C. George. 

DICKEN, Capt. Henry Perry, R.N. h. 

Witheridge, Devon, 2nd Aug., I'r95. 

Remarks on a heavy gale of wind experienced 
in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Sept., 1839, on board 
H.M. Brig " Reindeer." Bep. B. G.P. Soc., 1842, 
pt. ii, pp. 72-73. 

DICKINSON, Rev. Thomas Gustavus. 

The Church of England the pillar and stay 
of the truth. A Sermon preached on the 
opening of the Godolphin District Church, in 
the parish of St. Breage, on Thursday, July 11, 
1850, by the Rev. T. G. Dickinson, Curate of 
St. Breage. Helston, J. C. Carlyon, 1850, 12°., 
pp. 23, 6d. 

DILLWYN, Lewis Weston, r.R.S. & L.S. 

(son of Will. Dillwyn). b. Ipswich, 1779. d. 

Sketty Hall, near Swansea, 31st Aug., 1855. 

The Botanist's Guide through England and 
Wales. By Dawson Turner, F.R.S., A.S., and 
L.S., and L. W. Dillwyn. Lond., printed and 




DILLWYN, Lewis Weston. (Con.). 

sold by Phillips and Fardon, George Yard, 
Lombard Street, 1805, 2 vols, 8°., 14/-. Boy. 
Soc. Lib. 

Note. — Contaias list of plants in Cornwall, i, 124 

DINGLE, Eev. John. F. of Cubert, 16— to 
1672. c/. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, 
pt. ii, 136. 


Pedigree of tbe Family of Dinham. By 
Thomas Knyvet. 1640. Earl. MSS., 154, art. 

Pedigree of the Family of Dinham. By E. 
Broke, ib., 807, art. 103. 

Descent of Dinham, &c. ib., 1074, art. 65; 
1393, art. 72. 

DINHAM, Chaeles (son of John, Lord Dinham). 
d. ante 1496. cf. Ninth Bep. Dep. Keeper of 
Records, p. 92. 

Grant to 0. Dinham of the ward and marriage 
of Johanna Durnford, with a pardon of £160 
a year, which he paid for the same. Earl. MSS., 
433, art. 1304. 

Order to C. Dinham^ to seize the lands of 
John Halwelle. ib., 433, art. 1707. 

DINHAM, John. cr. Baron Dinham, of Car- 
dinham, 28th Feb., 1466. b. 1430. d. ante 
26th Jan., 1496. 

J. Dinham appointed Senechal of the Duchy 
of Cornwall. Earl. MSS., 433, art. 26 [Grants, 
&c., from the Crown during the Beign of Edw. V, 
Camden Soc., 1854, p. 24]. 

J. Lord Dinham, one of the Assessors of the 
County of Cornwall, ib., 433, art. 144. 

J. Lord Dinham appointed Chief Steward 
to the Duchy of Cornwall, ib., 433, art. 401. 

DINHAM, Lady Jean (daughter of Sir Rich. 
Arches and wife of the preceding). 

The Lady Dinham hath four tuns of wine 
yearly. Earl. MSS., 433, art. 1123. 

The Will of Lady Dinham. 26th Jan., 1496. 
Test. Fetust., i, 379, 431, ii, 496. 

DIODOEUS SICULTJS. b. Agyrium, in Sicily. 
He wrote after B.C. 8. 

Diodori Siculi Bibliotheca Historica. Ex 
recognitione Immanuelis Bekkeri. Lipsiee, 
Sumptibus et Typis B. G. Teubneri. 1853-4, 
4 vols., 8°. 

Note.— Description of the Tin Workers near Be- 
lerimn [i.e., the Land's End] and the Island Ictis, 
Book T, chap. 21 and 22 ; The Cassiterides, Book v, 
chap. 38. 

DIX, Eev. Edward, M.A. (only son of Capt. 
Edw. Dix, B.N.). R. of Truro 1833-9; F. of 
Newlyn [Eas^ 1839-56. h. 1804. d. Newlyn, 
22nd Jan., 1856. 

A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Church, 
Truro, on Thursday, August 25, 1836, at the 
Triennial Visitation of the Eight Eeverend the 
Lord Bishop of Exeter, by the Eev. E. Dix. 
Truro, 1836, 8°., pp. 19. 

DIX, Thomas. Master of North Walsham 

A New Map of the County of Cornwall, 
divided into hundreds. By T. Dix. With 
Engraving of the Cheesewring. Lond., W. 
Darton, 58, Holborn Hill, 1st Jan., 1821. 
Size, 17 in. by 13| in. 

DOBBS, H., Helston. 

Improved Eepeating Time-Piece. Rep. R.C.P, 
Soc, 1835, p. 120. 

DOCTON, Thomas (son of Francis Docton). b. 
Trevone, Padstow, 1st Sept., 1774. d. Little 
Petherick, 1st March, 1863. 

The Orphan's Prayer. Verses. Cornish Mag., 
iii, 67 (1828). 

DODD, Samuel (son of John Thomas Dodd). 
b. London, 20th June, 1802. 

Inscribed Slab near Penzance. 
Journ., xxi, 100 (1864). 


DODDEIDGE, Sir John. 6. Barnstaple, 1555. 
d. near Egham, 13th Sept., 1628. 

The History of the Ancient and Moderne 
Estate of the Principality of Wales, Dutchy of 
Cornewall, and Earldome of Chester, collected 
out of the Eecords of the Tower of London and 
divers Ancient Authors. By Sir John Dod- 
ridge, Knight, late one of His Majestie's Judges 
in the King's Bench, and by himself dedicated 
to King James, of ever blessed memory. Lond., 
printed by Tho. Harper, for Godfrey Edmondson 
and Thomas Alcherne, 1630, 4°., pp. 142. 

An Historical Account of the Ancient and 
Modern State of the- Principality of Wales, 
Dutchy of Cornwall, and Earldom of Chester, 
collected out of the Eecords of the Tower of 
London and divers Ancient Authors. By Sir 
J. Doddridge, Knight. The Second Edition. 
To which is added His Eoyal Highness the 
Prince of Wales' Patent, both in Latin and 
English; also an account of his Dignities, Privil- 
eges, Arms, Eank, and Titles, and of his Sons 
and Daughters. Lond., printed for J. Eoberts, 




DODDEIDGE, Sir John. {Con.). 

in Warwick Lane, 1714, 8°., pp. 147. Price 
Two Shillings, sticht. 

Note.— c/. MSS. Ex. Coll. Lib., No. clxxi; Harl. 
MSS., 305, art. 12, pp. 99—150 ; 2159, art. 1—3 ; Lansd. 
MSS., 806, art. 4, fol. 67—195 ; Cottonian MSS., Vitel- 
lius, C. X, art. 29, fol. 220—50; Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 
14,289; MSS. Cavib. Univ. Lib., Mm. iv, 8, 50 leaves; 
Hargrave MSS., Br. Museum, 489, art. 11 ; Cat. Roy. 
Insiit. Lib., p. 368. cf. also "The Present State of 
the Dutohy of Cornwall, Nov., 1714," Br. Museum Addit. 
MSS., 11, 827, fol. ; 3,081 and 3,479, art. 1. 

The Report of Sir J. Doddridge, 28th May, 
1628, in the Cause of Buller v. Trelawny and 
others, in the Stannary Court. MSS. Trelawne. 

DODDEIDGE, Rev. Philip, D.D. h. London, 
26th June, 1702. d. Lisbon, 26th Oct., 1751. 

The Correspondence and Diary of Dr. P. 
Doddridge. By J. D. Humphreys. Lond., 
1829-31, 5 vols., &°. 

Note. — Contains Letters from Dr. W. Oliver, q.v. ; 
and an account of Dr. Doddridge's visit to Falmouth, 
27th Sept., 1751, v, 232—83. 

DCERING", Frederick Bernard, h. Batavia, 

Island of Java. 

Doering's Rock Boring Engine. Sep. R.C.P. 
Soc., 1867, p. 58 ; 1868, p. 26. 

DOIDGE, John Sweet (eldest son of J. S. Doidge, 
of Plymouth), b. Newton Abbot, Devonshire, 
14th Oct., 1827. Came to Redruth, Jan., 

West Cornwall Almanack and Advertiser ; con- 
taining local and general information. Redruth, 
printed and published by J. S. Doidge. 1866, 
8"., and since continued annually. 

A Directory of Redruth and its neighbour- 
hood : being an alphabetical list of the names, 
residences, and trades of persons, residing in the 
four parishes of Redruth, Illogan, Gwennap, 
and Stithians ; with a brief history of Redruth, 
Cam Brea, and Gwennap Pit, and a list of the 
mines and their managers. Redruth, printed 
and published by J. S. Doidge, 1866, cr. 8°., 
pp. xxiii and 352. 

Note.— Preface and Index, pp. 1— viii ; Introductory 
History of Eedruth, by Miss G. Angove and Mr. James 
Johns, pp. ix— xxiii ; Eedruth Directory, wholly com- 
piled from personal survey of house to house visitation 
by the Publisher, pp. 180 ; Illogan Directory, pp. 80 ; 
Gwennap Directory, pp. 32 ; Stithians Directory, pp. 20 ; 
Advertisements, pp. 40. 

The Wreck of the Ship General Grant, with 
loss of 68 lives, on her voyage from Austraha 
to London. [Containing the account of the 
drowning of a Eedruth family in the ill-fated 
vessel, unheard of for nearly 18 months]. Red- 
ruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, 
fop. 8"., pp. 20. 

DOIDGE, John Sweet. (Con.). 

The Sunday School Reciter ; including Orig- 
inal Dialogues and Selections in Verse. First 
Series. Redruth, J. S. Doidge ; Lond., H. J. 
Tresidder; n.d. [186-], 8°., pp. 36, 2d. 

Note. — Contains " A Dialogue on King Eehoboam, 
or the danger of following bad advisers." By J. S. 
Doidge. pp. 5 — 13. 

DOLLY PENTREATH. See Pentreath, D. 

DONNALL, Robert Sawle. b. Exeter. Resi- 
dent at Falmouth since 1814. 

The Trial of R S. Donnall, Surgeon and 
Apothecary, late of Falmouth, in the County 
of Cornwall, for the wilful murder, by poison, 
of Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, Widow, his Mother- 
in-law, at the Assize at Launceston, Monday, 
March 31, 1817. ... Taken in Shorthand, by 
Alexander Frazer. Falmouth, printed by and 
for James Lake, 1817, 8"., pp. xiv and 179. 

DOOGOOD, Henry John. b. Bristol, 18th 
Nov., 1813. d. Highgate, 5th Dec, 1869. 
Many years resident in Cornwall. 
The Coming Day and other Poems. By H. J. 

Doogood. 2nded., Lond., Cassell, 1863, 8"., 3/6. 
Note. — Contains a tribute to the memory of J. 


DOTING, or DOTYN, Rev. John. B. of 

Whitstone. d. Kingston, Somerset, 7th Nov., 
1561. cf Bliss' Wood [Fasti), ii, 98, 157; 
Wood's Hist, of the Colleges, &c., of Oxford 
(1786), i, 114. 

DOWNING, Rev. George. Wesleyan Free 

Church Minister, b. St. Day. 

God's Mark ; or holy lamentation for prevail- 
ing abominations. A Sermon preached at the 
Anniversary of the Trewellard branch of the St. 
Ives Teetotal Wesleyan Society, by G. Down- 
ing, T.T. Wesleyan Minister. St. Ives, 1849, 
8°.', pp. 15. 

DOWNING, George William {son of a Purser 
in the Navy). Admitted a Vintner by servi- 
tude, 5th Feb., 1800. b. Plymouth [1), circa 
1778. d. on a voyage to the Cape of Good 
Hope, circa 1820. 

The Great Hewas Mine ; or the humours of 
Cornwall. A Comedy, adapted for the Theatre 
Royal, Covent Garden. By G. W. Downmg, 
late of Tower Street... Lond., published for the 
Author, by C. Chappie, Pall Mall.. n.d., 8«., pp. 
i-vii, i-x, and 9-115, 5/-. , , -, . „ 

An Address to the Independent Livery ot 
London, on the advantage to be derived from a 
Radical Reform in the Commons House of Par- 




DOWNING, Geoeqe William. [Con.]. 

liament, endeavouring to point out an effectual 
method by which the flagrant abuses actually- 
existing may be remedied... By G. W. Downing, 
late of Tower-street, a Free Vintner by servitude. 
3rd ed., Lond., published for the Author, by 
C. Chappie, PaU Mall. ..n.d., 8°., pp. viii and 
83, 5/-. 

Note. — Contains references to the law proceedings 
respecting Crinnis Mines. 

DOWNING, James. 6. Truro, 14th April, 
1781. d. Truro, 1859. 

A Poem on the Death of our late beloved 
Monarch, King George the Third, who was born 
the 4th day of June, 1738... By J. Downing, 
who lost his sight in Egypt, in the year 1801, 
being then a soldier in His Majesty's 20th Eegt. 
of Foot. Bedford, printed by J. Wehh... n.d. 
[5th Feb., 1820], 8°., pp. 8, 2d. 

A Narrative of the Life of J. Downing (a 
blind man), late a private in His Majesty's 20th 
Eegt. of Foot ; containing historical, naval, 
military, moral, religious, and entertaining re- 
flections. 3rd ed., Bedford [printed by W. 
White, High Street] ; sold by the Author, All 
Hallows Lane; 1840, 12"., pp. viii and 96. 

An Autobiography of James Downing (a 
blind man), late a soldier in Her Majesty's 20th 
Eegiment of Foot, to which several additional 
pieces are added. Written in easy verse, and 
published by request. 6th ed., Truro, printed 
and published for the Author, by J. E. Endean, 
Boscawen Street, 1854, 8°., 1/-. 

DOWNING, Me., of St. Ives. See Bale, John, 
Bp. of Ossory. 

DOWEICHE, Ann (dau. of Sir Bich. Edgcumle 
and wife of Bev. Hugh Dowriche). cf. Farr's 
Select Poetry, pt. ii, 359-60. 

The French Historic. That is a Lamentable 
Discourse of three of the chiefe and most famous 
bloodie broiles that have happened in France, 
for the GospeU of Jesus Christ, namelie : 1. — 
The Outrage, called the winning of S. James 
his Street, 1557. 2. — The Constant Martirdome 
of Annas Burgseus, one of the K. Councell, 
1559. 3. — The Bloodie Marriage of Margaret, 
Sister to Charles the 9, Anno 1572. Pub- 
lished by A. D[owriche] ; Imprinted at London, 
by Thomas Orwin for Thomas Man; 1589, 4°., 
42 leaves. 

Note. — At the back of the title are the arms of the 
Edgoumbe family, after which follows a dedication "To 
the right worshipfuU her loving bro. Master Pearse 
Edgecumbe." Between the dedication and the prose 
address to the reader is an acrostic to her brother. 

A Frencheman's Songe, made upon y= death [of] 

DOWEICHE, Ann. (Con.). 

j° French King, who was murdered in his owne 
Court, by a traiterouse Fryer of St. Jacob's 
order, 1st Aug., 1589. Licensed to Edw. AUde 
in 1589. 

Note. — This entry is copied from Carew Hazlitt's 
" Handbook to Early English Lit.," where it is suggested 
that the Song was written by A. Dowriche. 

DOWEICHE, Dr. Walter (elder hro. of Beii. 
Hugh Dowriche). 

Mr. Serjeant Glanvyle to Mr. Hicks ; to pro- 
cure for his brother-in-law. Dr. Dunriche, the 
Escheatorship of Devonshire and Cornwall. Oct 
24, 1594. 

DEAKE, George. 

An Act for confirming the agreement between 
G. Drake, Esquire, and others, and Samuel 
Parker, for granting leases of mines, etc., in the 
county of Cornwall. 1822, fol. 

DEAKE, Henry Holman, LL.D. (son of John 
Pode Drake), h. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2nd 
March, 1820. 

Pedigree illustrating the descent of the eldest 
house of Carew... from Edw. I. Parochial Hist, 
of Cornwall (1867), i, 72. 

Genealogies from the above, traced back to the 
Conquest, n.d. [Nov., 1869], s. sh., fol. Privately 

Note. — Other sheets (now, 1870) are in preparation. 

Pedigree of Petit and Tresahar, with letter- 
press explanation. Parochial Hist, of Cornwall, 
iv, 77. 

DEAKE, Eev. William Hinton, B.A. F. of 

Halsetown, St. Ives, 1846. 

Sermons and Literary Eemains of Eev. E. 
G. Dangerfield. [1859], q.v. 

The Christian Ministry. A Sermon preached 
in St. Mary's Church, Penzance, on Wednesday, 
June 16th, 1852, at the Visitation of the Vener- 
able the Archdeacon of Cornwall, by W. H. 
Drake, Perpetual Curate of the Ecclesiastical 
District in the parish of St. Ives. Lond.,- J. H. 
Parker; Penzance, F. T. Vibert [printed] ; Truro, 
J. E. Netherton; 1852, 8°., pp. 20. 

DEAYTON, Michael, b. Hartshill, Warwick- 
shire, 1563. d. London, 1631. 

Connan, Prince of Cornwall. A Play. By 
M. Drayton and Thomas Decker. Written in 
1598. Not now known. 

A Chorographicall description of all the Tracts, 
Eivers...and other parts of this Eenowned Isle 
of Great Britain... Divided into Two Books... 
Digested into a Poem, by Michael Drayton, 




DEAYTON, Michael. {Con.). 

Esquire. Lond., printed for John Marriott, 
John Grismand, and Thomas Dewe, 1622, fol. 

Note. — The Cornish portion (oomprised in pp. 1 — 
6) is reprinted in the App. to X>. Gilbert's Cornwall, iv, 

DREW, Lieut. Edward, E.]Sr. (son of Bohert 
Drew), b. Forleigh, near St. Columb, 7th 
Dec, 1792. d. Bidna House, near Bideford, 
17th March, 1870. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. 

DEEW, Jacob Halls, formerly Publisher at 
St. Austell, then at Bodmin, now resident at 
Bath. 5. St. Austell, 13th Jan., 1793. 
Note. — See the first three entries under Drew, S. 

DREW, Joseph, M.B., M.R.C.S. {son of Jos. 
Drew and grandson of S. Drew), b. St. Austell, 
10th Nov., 1826. 

Case of Death from Wound of the Heart. 
Lancet, ii, 691-92 (1849). 

Report of an example of the passing of living 
larvae from the uretha of a man aged 22. ib., i, 
83-84 (1850). 

A report of two cases of sloughing phagedsena. 
ib., i, 206-208. 

Dislocation without Fracture of the last 
Cervical Vertebra, ib., i, 599. 

DREW, Samuel, M. A. (2nd son of Joseph Drew), 
b. St. Austell, 3rd March, 1765. d. Helston, 
29th March, 1833. cf. Polwhele's Sketches, i, 
96; Biog. Univer. Supp. Paris, 1837; Bose; 
Gent. Mag., ciii, pt. i, pp. 469-72, 512 (1833) ; 
Annual Biog. for 1834, pp. 80-92; Sketch of 
S. Drew, by Bev. S. Dunn, The Methodist, New 
York, 24th Nov., 1866; Crispin Anecdotes 
(Sheffield, 1827, 12°.), pp. 76-77; Lives of the 
Illustrious, by J. P. Edwards (" S. Drew," ex- 
tracted from Sartain's American Mag.), ii, 43- 
54 (1852) ; S. Smiles' Self Help (1866), 81, 
110-15, 292, 320, 372. 

The Life, Character, and Literary Labours of 
Samuel Drew, A.M. By his eldest son [J. H. 
Drew]. Portrait and Fac-simile of writing. 
Lend., Longman; J. H. Drew, Printer, St. 
Austell; 1834, 8"., pp. xii and 530, 10/6, List 
of Subscribers. — 2nd ed., Lond., Fisher, 1835, 
8°., pp. 543, 10/6. 

The Remains, Religious and Literary, of 
Samuel Drew, M.A.; comprising Sermons, Con- 
troversial Pieces, Essays, and Letters. Ed. by 
His eldest son [J. H. Drew]. Lond., Fisher and 
Jackson; St. AusteU, J. H. Drew; 1836, 8°., 
pp. 547, 10/6. 

Samuel Drew, M.A., the Self-taught Cornish- 
man. A Life Lesson. By his eldest son [J. H. 

DEEW, Samuel. {Con.). 

Drew]. Lond., Ward and Co. ; Bodmin, J. H. 
Drew [printed]'; 1861, sm. 8"., pp. 304, 3/6. 

A Morning Excursion. A Poem. Bv S.Drew. 
1791. MSS. Now lost. 

An Ode on Christmas. By S. Drew. 25th 
Dec, 1791. MSS. 

Note. — A poem of 89 lines, penes Mr. J. H. Drew, 
Laura Place, Bath. 

Reflections on St. Austell Churchyard. By 
S. Drew. I7th Aug., 1792. MSS. 

Note. — A poem of 1200 lines, penes Mr. J. H. Drew. 

Remarks on T. Paine's "Age of Reason." 

By S. Drew. St. Austell, Hannah, 1799, 12°. 

—2d. ed., St. Austell, J. H. Drew, 1820, 12°., 


Note. — cf. Anti-Jacobin Rev., p. 382, April, 1801. 

Observations on a Pamphlet lately published 
by the Rev. R. Polwhele, entitled " Anecdotes 
of Methodism." By S. Drew. 1800, 8°. 

An Elegy on the Death of Mr. John Patterson, 
of St. Austell, who was unfortunately drowned 
at Wadebridge, in Cornwall, on Tuesday, Feb- 
ruary 25, 1800. By S. Drew, St. Austell. 
Helston, printed for the Author, by T. Flindell, 
1800, 8°., pp. 20, 4d. 

Remarks on Two Pamphlets, entitled " Meth- 
odism Tried" and "Observations on Rev. R. 
Polwhele's Anecdotes of Methodism." By a 
Friend of the Church. 1801, 8°. 

Letter to the Author of " Remarks on Two 
Pamphlets," etc By S. Drew. 1801, 8°. 

An Essay on the Immateriality and Immor- 
tality of the Human Soul, founded solely on 
Physical and Rational Principles. By S. Drew. 
Bristol, Edwards ; St. Austell [printed] ; 1802, 
8°.— 2nd ed., 1803, 8°., pp. 296, 7/-.— 3rd ed., 
revised, corrected, enlarged, and greatly im- 
proved, Lond., T. Hamilton, 1811, 8°., pp. xxxix 
and 275, 4/-. — 5th ed., carefully revised and en- 
larged by the Author (Portrait), Lond., Fisher, 
1831, 8°., pp. 364, 10/6.— 6th ed., Lond., 1835, 
8°.— Enlarged ed., with Portrait, 1838, 8°., 6/-. 

Note. — Dedicated to Rev. J. Whitaker. cf. Anti- 
Jacobin Rev., Feb., 1803 ; Annual Rev., April, 1804. An 
edition of 700 was first published by subscription, the 
copyright was then sold for twenty pounds and thirty 
copies of the work. The supposed first draft of this 
Essay is now penes Mr. J. H. Drew. 

An Essay on the Immateriality and Immor- 
tality of the Human Soul ... By S. Drew. 
With Notes and a Memoir, by John Reid Miles. 
Manchester, printed and published by Thomas 
Johnson, Livesey Street, 1847, 8°. 

Note. — Dedication by J. E. Miles, pp. v — vii ; Dedi- 
cation by S. Drew, pp. 1 — 3 ; Preface, pp. 5 — 15 ; Memoir, 
pp. iii — Ixxiii ; Essay, pp. 19 — 206. 

An Essay on the Immateriality, etc. 1848, 

12°., 4/-. 




DEEW, Samuel. {Con.). 

An Essay on the Identity and General Eesur- 
rection of the Human Body ; in which the 
evidences in favour of these important subjects 
are considered in relation both to Philosophy 
and Scripture. By S. Drew. Lond., sold by 
T. Hamilton, Paternoster Eow ; and by the 
Author, St. Austell; [April], 1809, 8°., pp. xxxii 
and 439, 10/6. 

Note. — The Address to tlie Eeader contains a Sketch 
of the Author's Life, There is a List of Subscribers. 
This was an edition of 1500 copies, the Author's re- 
muneration being 500 copies complete in boards, for the 
copyright of the work. The original MS. is now p^nes 
Mr." J. H. Drew. 

An Essay on the Identity, etc. Second edition. 
Lond., printed for Eichard Edwards, Crane Court, 
Fleet Street... 1822, 8°., pp. xxxii and 487, 12/-. 

Scriptural and Philosophical vLrguments to 
prove the Divinity of Christ and the Necessity 
of His Atonement. By S. Drew, St. Austell. 
1813, 8°. — 2nd ed., revised, printed, and sold 
by E. Hennah, St. Austell, n.d. [1813], 8°., pp. 
48, 1/-. — 3rd ed., Lond., E. Edwards; sold also 
by the Author, St. Austell; 1814, 8"., pp. 48, 
1/6.— New York, 1826, 8"., pp. 32. 

Note. — This work is the substance of an extempo- 
raneous discourse delivered at Eedruth, in April, 1813. 
The copyright was sold after the 2nd ed., for twenty 

The Unitarian's Serious Appeal on the Divinity 
of Christ and His Atonement. By Thomas Prout, 
in Eeply to S. Drew. Plymouth, 1813, 8°. 

The Divinity of Christ and the Necessity of 
His Atonement vindicated from the cavils of Mr. 
Thomas Prout and his associates. By S. Drew, 
St. Austell, Cornwall Penryn, Cock, 1814, 8°., 
pp. 84. 

Sequel to " The Unitarian's Serious Appeal," 
in further Eeply to S. Drew. Hackney, 1815, 8°. 

A Comparative View of some of Mr. Drew's 
Scriptural and Philosophical Arguments to prove 
the Divinity of Christ and the Necessity of His 
Atonement. In a Letter to that Gentleman. 
Lond., printed for Gale, Curtis, & Fenner, Pater- 
noster-row, 1815, 8°., pp. 23. Lond. Instit. 

The Life of the Eev. Thomas Coke, LL.D., 
including in detail his various travels and extra- 
ordinary mission exertions in England, Ireland, 
America, and the West Indies ; with an account 
of his death, on the 3rd of May, 1814...inter- 
spersed with numerous reflections, and con- 
cluding with an abstract of his writings and 
character. By S. Drew, of St. Austell, Corn- 
wall. Lond., printed at the Conference OfBce, 
14, City-road, by Thomas Cordeux, Agent... 
1817, 8°., pp. xix and 391. Published by J. 
Soule and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, in the United States. New York, 1818, 
8°., pp. xix and 391.— 1820, 8°., 8/-. 

DEEW, Samuel. {Con.). 

An attempt to demonstrate from reason and 
revelation the necessary existence, essential per- ■ 
fections, and superintending providence of an 
Eternal Being, Who is the Creator, the Sup- 
porter, and the Governor of all things. By S. 
Drew. Cornwall, printed and published for the 
Author, by J. H. Drew, St. Austell; Lond. 
Duncan; [May], 1820, 2 vols., 8°., 18/-. ' 

Note. — Published by subscription. An edition of 
1000 copies. 

Conversation on a Stage Coach between a 
Deist and a Christian. By S. Drew. 1819, 8°. 
2d. — Eeprinted (10,000 copies), Manchester 
Tract Soc, 1820, 8". 

Note.— Originally appeared in Methodist Mag., as 
" The Truth of God defended " [Conversation on a Stage 

Coach, between a Deist and a Christian] , xxx, 393 99' 

441—45 (1807). 

The Imperial Magazine; a compendium of 
religious, moral, and philosophical knowledge, 
comprehending religion, literature, moral phi- 
losophy or ethics, natural philosophy, chemistry, 
review of books, historical narrative, antiquities, 
domestic economy, trade, miscellaneous articles, 
poetry. [Ed. by S. Drew]. Liverpool, printed 
at the Caxton Press, by Henry Fisher, printer 
in ordinary to His Majesty. Published at 87, 
Bartholomew Close, London, 1819-30, 12 vols 
8".— 1831-34, 4 vols., 80. 

Note. — This work was printed in Liverpool until 
Jan., 1821, when the Caxton press was destroyed by 
fire. The publication of the Magazine was resumed at 
the Caxton press, in London, during the same year. 
Mr. Drew's portrait forms the frontispiece to the first 
volume. He edited the work from the commencement 
until the 2nd March, 1833. 

The Bee. Fireside Companion and Evening 
Tales. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1820, 
8"., 12/-. 

The Queen-Bee. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., 
Fisher, 1821-22, 2 vols., 8". 

The Working-Bee. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., 
Fisher, 1823, 24, & 25, 3 vols., 8". 

The Diorama and Fireside Companion. Ed. 
by S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1826, 8°., 12/-.' 

The Tell-Tale and Fireside Companion. Ed. 
by S. Drew. 48 Engravings. Lond., Fisher, 
1827, 8°., 12/-. 

The History of Cornwall, from the earliest 
records and traditions to the present time. 
Compiled by Fortescue Hitchins, Esq., and 
edited by Mr. S. Drew, of St. Austell. 12 plates. 
Helston, printed and published by W. Penaluna; 
and sold by Edwards, 53, Newgate Street, Lon- 
don; 1824, 2 vols., 4"., 63/-., large paper 94/6. 

Note.— Although Mr. Hitchins wrote no part of this 
work, as he died just as he was going to commence 
it, yet the publisher retained his name on the title page. 
The History appeared in parts, the first coming out in 




DEEW, Samuel. {Con.). 

1815. After the publication of the eighth part, in 1817, 
the work was delayed nearly seven years, owing to the 
banlcruptcy of the publisher. Mr. Drew received as 
his remuneration £200 and six fine copies of the work. 

Principles of Self Knowledge... By Stephen 
Drew. Ed. by Samuel Drew. Lond., 1828, 
2 vols., 8°. See Brew, Stephen. 

Sermons of the Eev. John Wesley, on several 
occasions. With Portrait and Life of the Author. 
By S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1828, 2 vols., 8°., 

Sermons on Important Subjects, by the Rev. 
G. Whitefield. With a Memoir of the Author, 
by S. Drew, and a Dissertation on his Character, 
Preaching, &c., by the Eev. Joseph Smith. 
Portrait. Lond., Fisher, 18—, 8"., 15/-. 

Copy of a Letter written by S. Drew, in 
1803. Methodist Mag., xxxvi, 781-84 (1813). 

Eeview of "Elements of Intellectual Phi- 
losophy. By E. E. Scott." Eclectic Review, ii, 
904-11 (1806). 

Review of " The Principles of Moral Science, 
byEobert Forsyth." ib., iii, 97-112; 211-24 

Eeview of Dr. Williams' Essay on the Equity 
of the Divine Government. 1807. MSS. Now 

Note. — Written for the Eclectic Eeviev), but never 
printed, owing to the influence of Dr. Williams' friends. 

. A Commentary on the New Testament. By 
Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., printed by A. Paris, 
1807, 2 vols., 40., 84/-. 

The Recent Occurrences of Europe considered 
in relation to Prophecy, fulfilled and unfulfilled. 
By Thomas Coke, LL.D. 1808, 8°., 4/6. 

A History of the West Indies. . .Natural, Civil, 
and Ecclesiastical ... with an Account of the 
Missions instituted in those Islands. By Thomas 
Coke, LL.D. Liverpool, printed by Nuttall, 
Fisher, & Dixon, Duke Street, 1808-11, 3 vols., 
8°., 31/6. 

A History of the Old and New Testament. 
By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1809, 4". 

Six Letters in reply to the Rev. Melville 
Home, in Defence of the Doctrines of Justifi- 
cation by Faith and the Witness of the Spirit. 
By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1810, 8°., 5/-. 

The Cottager's Bible ; containing a short ex- 
position and practical reflections on each chapter. 
By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1810, 4°. 

A Series of Letters to the Rev. G. F. Nott, B.D., 
vindicating Mr. Wesley and his colleagues from 
the misrepresentations contained in his Sermons 
at the Bampton Lecture, entitled "Religious 
Enthusiasm considered." By Thomas Coke, 
LL.D. 1806. MSS. 

A System of Natural Philosophy deduced from 
the Newtonian Theory and the most recent dis- 

DEEW, Samtjel. {Con.). 

coveries. By T. Coke, LL.D. 1807. MSS. 

Note. — The above eight works, bearing the name 
of Thomas Coke, LL.D., were virtually or principally 
written by S. Drew. 

DREW,' Samuel, M.D. (eldest son of J. H. 
Drew), b. St. Austell, 4th March, 1821. 

Status and Salaries of Poor Law Medical 
Ofiicers. Association Med. Journ., ii, 605 (1854) ; 
iii, 1039-40, 1151-2 (1855). 

Wound penetrating the knee joint, ih., iii, 

Local Aneethesia. ib., iii, 193. 

Sounds we cannot hear. Intellectual Observer, 
vii, 413-16 (1865). 

The moral effects of the Poor Law. Trans, 
of tlie Nat. Assoc, for Promotion of Social Science, 
1865, pp. 556-7. 

On popularization of the Church of England. 
In " Report of the Proceedings of the Church 
Conference of Clergy and Laity, held at the 
Music Hall, Surrey Street, Shefiield, on Monday 
and Tuesday, May 24 and 25, 1869. . .Printed by 
order of Committee ; pub. by Pawson & Brails- 
ford, Shefiield, 1865," pp. 13-14. 

Order as in France. Letter signed Delta. The 
Times, 20th Jan., 1870. 

DREW, Stephen. Barrister-at-Law; Member of 
the House of Assembly, Jamaica, b. Saltash (^). 
d. Jamaica, 1826. cf. Memoir of W. Carvosso, 
ed. 1835, pp. 141-151. 

Principles of Self-Knowledge ; or an attempt 
to demonstrate the truth of Christianity... By 
the late S. Drew, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Jamaica. 
[Ed. by Samuel Drew]. Lond., Longman; J. H. 
Drew, Printer, St. Austell; 1828, 2 vols., 8",, 

Note. — Preface signed Stephen Drew, Jamaica, 
March, 1826. 

Memoir of Mrs. Ratcliffe. By S. Drew, of 
Jamaica. Methodist Mag., xliv, 754-60, 827-33 

DREWE, E. D. (dau. of Bev. W. D. Longlands 
and wife of Bev. W. B. Drewe, V. of Longstock, 
The Last Prior of St. Anthony (in Roseland), 

Anon. [By Miss Longlands]. Truro, J. R. 

Netherton; Lond., Mozley; 1857, 12°., pp. 80, 


Note. — The first, but only one printed, of an in- 
tended series of Tales founded on Cornish legends ; the 
remainder are still in MSS. 

DRYDEN, Sir Henry Edward Leigh, M.A., 
4th Bart, (son of the Bev. Sir H. Dry den), 
b. Adlesthorp, Gloucester, 17th Aug., 1818. 





DRYDEN, Sib Henry Edward Leigh. (Core.). 

On the Matrix of the Seal of the Friar 
Preachers, Truro. Cornw. Gaz., 8th Oct., 1847. 
cf. Oliver's Monasticon, p. 68. 

DRYDEN, Thomas. 

Tables for calculating the value of a ton of 
Copper Ore at any rate of standard, from X80 
to £180 per ton of fine copper; the produce 
ascending in regular gradation (with the lowest 
fraction used, viz., ^) from 1 to 25| per cent. 
By T. Dryden. Truro, printed by Michell & Co., 
No_. 8, High Cross, 1813, post 8"., 10/6 to sub- 
scribers, 12/- to non-subscribers. 

DEYMAJSr, Rev. Mr. 

Eeply to a Circular Letter of A. Young's, 
dated East of Cornwall, 30th Nov., 1795. 
Young's Annals of Agriculture, xxvi, 17-20(1796). 

DUPEENOY, Pierre Armand. 
Canon dep., Calvados, 23rd Sep., 1798. 

Notice sur le gisement, I'exploitation et le 
traitement des minerais d'6tain et de cuivre de 
Cornouailles. Annal. des Mines, ix, 827-908 
(1824) ; X, 331-66, 401-26 ; xi, 207-54. 

Sur la constitution g^ognostique et les gites 
•m^tallifferes de Cornouailles et de Devonshire. 
Ann. Sci. Nat., vii, 195-243 (1826). 

Voyage M6tallurgique en Angleterre . . . Par 
MM. Dufr^noy et Ehe de Beaumont, Coste 
et Perdonnet. 2nd ed., Paris, Bachelier, 1st 
vol., 1837, 2nd vol., 1839, 8«. 

Note. — Fabrication . . . de I'fitain et du cuivre . . . 
ii, 171—498. 

Sur le Voyage M6tallurgique en Angleterre 
de MM. Dufr6noy et Ehe de Beaumont. Annal. 
des Mines, 2 S., iv. 

DUGDALE, Sir William, Knt. 6. Shustoke, 
near Coleshill, Warwickshire, 1605. d. Blythe- 
hall, Shustoke, 10th Feb., 1686. 

Monasticon Anglicanum. A History of the 
Ancient Abbeys and other Monasteries ... in 
England and Wales... By Sir W. Dugdale. A 
New Ed., by John Cayley, [Sir] H. ElHs, and 
Eev. B. Bandinel. Lond., Longman, 1817-30, 
6 vols., 8 pts., fol. 

Note. — Contains 33 articles relating to Cornwall. 

The Baronage of England ; or an Historical 
Account of the Lives and most Memorable 
Actions of our English Nobility. . .By Sir W. Dug- 
dale... Lond., printed by Tho. Newcomb...l675 
2 vols., fol. 

Note.— The portion relating to the Earls and Dukes 
of Cornwall is reprinted in the App. to D. Gilbert's 
Cornwall, iv, 346 — 74. 

DUMMEE, Edward. 

A Survey of the Ports on the South-west 
Coast of England, from Dover to the Land's 
End. By E. Dummer, Surveyor... Delineated in 
July and August, 1698. Br. Museum Addit. 
MSS., 3,233. 

Note. — Contains an account of Fowey, Falmouth, 
and Helf ord. 

DUNKIN, Edwin, F.E.A.S., of the Eoyal 
Observatory, Greenwich (son of William 
Dunkin). h. Truro, 19th Aug., 1821. 

Hand-Book of Astronomy. By Dionysius 
Lardner, D.C.L....2nd ed., revised and edited 
by E. Dunkin, F.E.A.S., of the Eoyal Observar 
tory, Greenwich. 37 plates and up-rt^ards of 
100 illustrations. Lond., Walton & Maberley, 
1860, 8"., pp. xxii and 496, 7/6.— 3rd ed., 
revised and edited by E. Dunkin, 1867, 8°., pp. 
xxii and 528, 7/6. 

The Midnight Sky. Familiar Notes on the 
Stars and Planets. By E. Dunkin. 32 star 
plates and numerous other illustrations. Lond., 
The Beligious Tract Sac, 1869, 4»., pp. 326, 7/6 
boards, 9/- gilt edges. 

Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun 
of July 28, 1851, at Christiania, Norway. Mem. 
Boy. Astronom. Soc, xxi, 9-16 (1852). 

On the movement of the solar system in space 
deduced from the proper motions of 1,167 stars. 
ib., xxxii, 19-73, 1863. [Monthly Notices, xxiii, 

On some peculiar instances of personal equar 
tion in zenith-distance observations, ib., xxxiv, 
17-24, 1865. [Monthly Notices, xxv, 215-16]. 

Comparison of the probable error of a Transit 
of a Star, observed with the Transit-circle of 
the Eoyal Observatory, by the ' eye and ear ' and 
chronographic methods. Monthly Notices Boy. 
Astronom. Soc, xx, 86-88 (1860). 

On the frequent omission of readings of the 
barometer and thermometer in sextant obser- 
vations, for the determination of terrestrial lati- 
tudes and longitudes, ib., xxiv, 121-22 (1864). 

On the estimated number of luminous particles 
contained within a defined space on the Sun's 
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A.D. 1813. No. 3646. Specification of 
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Philosophy in Sport... ^wow. [By J. A. Paris]. 
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Note. — Mr. Dunkin is caricatured in this work 
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DUNKIN, Eev. Egbert. B. of St. Stephens 
in Branwel. 

An Assize Sermon at Launceston. 1661, 4°. 

Note. — It is stated in " Walker's Sufferings," pt. ii, 
229, that E. Dunkin wrote a controversial work against 
John Milton ; but the title of the work is not given. 

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Note. — The first of a series of contributions on 
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Christian Theology, with Selections from the 
Works of the Eev. John Fletcher. Systematic- 




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ally arranged, with a Life of the Author, by Eev. 
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Duwinyddiaeth Cristionogol, a ysgrifenwyd 
yn wreiddiol gan y Parch J. Calvin, A.D...gan 
y Parch Samuel Dunn, ac a gymreigiwyd gan 
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Note.— Anotlier ed. of " A New Year's Gift," 1833, 
with a slight change in the title. 

Plain Things for those who need them. A 
Sermon preached in Ebenezer Wesleyan Metho- 
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, The Flower Fadeth. Memoirs of Miss Jane 
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The Missionary of Australasia and Polynesia; 
or the importance of entire devotedness to 

DUNN, Eev. Samuel. {Gon.). 

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14, City Road. . . [J. U. Walker, printer, Halifax] ; 

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A Second Exposure of the Misrepresentations 
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habitants of the Chapelry of lUingworth. Hali- 
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The Certainty of a Future Judgment. By 
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The Eternity of a Future Punishment Demon- 
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12°., pp. 12. 

An Example for Young Men. A Memoir of 
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1845, 24°., 

An Exposure of Popery. By S. Dunn. New- 
castle-on-Tyne, 1845, 12°. 

Socinianism Exposed. By S. Dunn. New- 
castle-on-Tyne„ 1845, 12°. 

Socinianism Unmasked. By S. Dunn. New- 
castle-on-Tyne, 1845, 12°. 

Socinianism, as contained in twenty-one pub- 
lications of the Eev. George Harris, investigated 
and confuted. By the Eev. S. Dunn. [Newcastle, 
J. Blackwell and Co., printed, 1846], 8°., pp. 12. 
Note.— Dated Brunswick Place, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
January 24, 1846. 

The Biography, Geography, and Miscellaneous 




DUNN, Eev. Samuel. {Con.). 

Subjects of the Gospels, and other Biblical In- 
formation... By the Rev. Samuel Dunn. Lond., 
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1846, .32°., pp. 164. 

Lessons on the Gospels. In Six Parts. By S. 
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Christian Unitarianism, what it really is ; in 
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Wesleyan Methodism in Nottingham By Eev. 
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A Pure Eiver of Water of Life. A Memoir 
of Mary Howitt. By Eev. S. Dunn. Notting- 
ham, 1848, 18°- 

The Disciplinary Act of the Wesleyan Con- 
ference Exposed. By S. Dunn. Lond., 1849, 8°. 

Pleasing and interesting Historic of three 
most noble MartjrrSj-to witte, James y° Everette, 
Samuel y° Dunnite, and William y° Grifiith. 
With a strict account of all y" sufferings, trials, 
troubles, and vexatious tribulationes each had 
to endure, in y' eventfuU yere of our Lorde, 
1849. Anon. 2nd ed., printed by W. Dearden, 
at his Office, Carlton Street, in y° towne of 
Nottingham; and sold by Simpkin, Marshall, 
and Co., London; 1850, 4°., pp. 100, 1/-. 

The Wesley Banner and Eevival Eecord. [A 
Monthly Magazine]. Ed. by Eev. S. Dunn... 
Prom 1849 to 1852]. Lond., Partridge and 
Oakey, Paternoster Eow, 1849-52, 4 vols., 8°. 

Note. — Preface to Vol. I signed Samuel Dunn, 
Camden Town, London, November 20, 1849. 

Wreath for Bunting, Jackson, and Garland. 
By S. Dunn. Lond., 1851, 12°. 

The Eealities of Eternity. A Funeral Sermon 
on Professor T. Smith. By S. Dunn. Sheffield, 
1852, 12°. 

Useful Knowledge. A Sermon. By S. Dunn. 
Camborne, 1855, 12° 

Glorious Prospects. A Sermon. By S. Dunn. 
Camborne, 1855, 12°. 

The Happy Eelease. A Sermon. By S. Dunn. 
Camborne, 1856, 12°. 

Comfort to Bereaved Parents. A Sermon. 
By S. Dunn. Camborne, 1857, 12°. 

Death on the Pale Horse. A Sermon. By 
S. Dunn. Camborne, 1857, 12°. 

Judas and the Bag. A Sermon. By S. Dunn. 
Camborne, 1857, 12". 

Dangers of the Theatre. By S. Dunn. Cam- 
borne, 1857, 12°. 

DUNN, Eev. SaJhtbl. (Con.). 

• Death of Good Men. A Sermon. By S. 
Dunn. Camborne, 1858, 12°. 

The Monthly Herald. Ed. by Eev. S. Dunn. 
Camborne, 1859, 12°. 

Note. — Only nine numbers printed. 

Lecture on G. Smith's Methodism. By S. 
Dunn. Camborne, 1861, 12°. 

Lecture on the Black Bartholomew. By S. 
Dunn. Camborne, 1862, 12°. 

[324 Original] Hymns for Pastors and People. 
By S. Dunn, [Pastor of the Free Church, in 
Camborne, Cornwall]. Lond., Hamilton, Adams, 
and Co., 1862, 12° No pagination. 

Note. — The preface is signed by Edmund Dunn, 
the Author's brother. 

201 Original Hymns. Camborne, 1863, 12°. 

The Life of Adam Clarke, LL.D., Author of 
a Commentary on the Old and New Testaments. 
By the Eev. S. Dunn, Free Church, Camborne. 
Portrait and Engravings. Lond., W. Tegg, 1863, 
8°., pp. viand "250. 

Stephen's Character and Burial. A Sermon. 
By S. Dunn. Camborne, 1864, 12°. 

Lecture on the Local Government Act. By 
S. Dunn. Camborne, 1864, 12°. 

Misrepresentations in " Coley's Life of Col- 
lins" exposed. By Eev. S. Dunn. Bradford, 
1869, 18°. 

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the Shetland and Orkney Islands. Wesleyan 
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180-81, 251-56, 681-82(1823); xlvii, 270-71, 
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Messiah's Humiliation and Triumph. A Ser- 
mon on Psalm ex, 7. ib., Ixx, 225-32 (1847). 

Account of the Shetland Islands and their 
productions. [In a letter from Mr. S. Dunn, 
Methodist Missionary, to his brother, Mr. Ed- 
mund Dunn, a Silk Merchant, in London]. 
Imperial Mag., v, 342-46 (1823). 

Justification and Sanctification. Christian 
Miscell., ii, 107-8 (1847). 

Christian Perfection. A Sketch, ib., iii, 
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The Presidents of the British Conference. 
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Gethsemane. ib., 20th Oct. 

Sketch of Joseph Beaumont, ib., 10th and 
17th Nov. 

Sketch of Samuel Drew, ib., 24th Nov. 

Sketch of T. Galland and T. Eoberts. ib., 
1st Dec. 




DUNN, Bet. Samuel. {Con.). 

I., 8th Dec. 

., 15th and 22nd 

Sketch of Daniel Isaac. 

Sketches of Chalmers. 

Sketch of Jabez Bunting, ib., 29th Dec. 

Sketch of Wilham M. Bunting, ib., 6th Jan., 

Sketch of E. Treffry, Sen., and K. Treffry, 
Jun. ib., 10th Feb. 

Angels instructed by the Church, ib., 11th 
July, 1868. 

British Methodist Local Preachers. " Christian 
Advocate," New York, 24th Sept., 1866. 

The Centenary of British Methodism, ib., 
6th Oct. 

The Branches of British Methodism. ib., 
29th Oct. 

Anecdotes of Rev. J. Wesley, ib., 22nd and 
29th Nov., 6th, 13th, and 20th Dec. 

Meditation on the close of 1866. ib., 27th 

Personal Scrutiny, ib., 6th Jan., 1867. 

Remarks on Entire Sanctification. ib., 13th 

Adam Clarke as a Preacher. " Methodist Quart. 
Bev," New York, Jan., 1867. 
Our Ministry, ib., July. 

Memoir of Mrs. Charles Wesley. "Ladies' 
Repositm-y" Cincinnati, Aug., 1866. 
Comfort to Bereaved Mothers, ib., Nov. 
Memoir of Mrs. Adam Clarke, ib., Feb., 1867. 
Memoir of Joseph Benson, ib., April. 

Sketch of G. Steward and Jos. Sutcliffe. 
" Western Advocate," Cincinnati, 8th May, 1867. 
Sketch of J. W. Etheridge. ib., 15th May. 
Sketch of Jas. Everett, ib., 22nd May. 
Sketch of James Bromley, ib., 29th May. 
Wesley's Closing Scene, ib., 11th July. 

Letters of Rev. J. Wesley. 
Boston, U.S., 10th Aug., 1867. 
Recollections of R. Watson. 

" Zion's Herald," 
ib., 21st Sep. 

The Duty of Class Leaders. 
ness," New York, Oct., 1867. 

" Guide to Eoli- 

DUNN, Walter {Zrd son of James Durni, Sen.), 
b. Mevagissey, 1789. d. Mevagissey, 23rd 
July, 1849. 

The Word and Truth of God Illustrated. 
Dated Mevagissey, 18th March, 1817. Methodist 
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DUNSFORD, Martin. 

Miscellaneous Observations in the course of 
two Tours through several parts of the West of 
England. By M. Dunsford, Merchant. Portrait. 
Tiverton, printed and sold by E. Boyce, 1800, 4". 

DUNSTAN, Capt. Richard. 

Reports of Experiments in Blasting with the 
tamping wedge invented by R. W. Fox. By 
R. Dunstan, of Wheal Vyvyan Mine. Bep. 
B.C.P. Soc, 1838, pp. 141-43. 

DUNSTAN, William Henry, b. Falmouth, 


Dunstan's Alarm Bell for the Black Rock. 
Bep. B.C.P.' Soc, 1838, ■p. 151. 

DUNSTANVILLE. See De Dunstanville. 


late of the Hydrographic Office, Admiralty 

(son of Edward Dunsterville, Ship Owner), b. 

Penryn, 2nd Dec, 1796. 

The Lights of the British Islands. Corrected 
to July, 1847. Ed. by Commander E. Dunster- 
ville, R.N., Hydrographic Office, Admiralty. 
Lond., printed by Geo. E. Eyre and Wm. Spot- 
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Continued annually until 1870. 

The Light-houses, Lighted Beacons, and Float- 
ing Lights of the United States. Corrected to 
Oct., 1847. Ed. by E. Dunsterville... Prepared 
by the Light-house Board at Washington, and 
republished by the Hydrographic Office. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 8"., 1/6. Con- 
tinued annually until 1870. 

The Light-houses of the Coasts and Lakes of 
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nually until 1870. 

The Lights of the West India Islands and 
adjacent coasts. Corrected to Sep., 1847. Ed. 
by E. Dunsterville.... Lond., Eyre and Spottis- 
woode, 1847, 8°., 6d. Continued annually until 

The Admiralty List of the Lights of the 
Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Sea of Azof. 
Corrected to 1 847. By E. D unsterville ... Lond. , 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 8°., 1/6. Con- 
tinued annually until 1870. 

The Admiralty List of the Lights on the 
Eastern and Western Coasts of South America, 
and the Western Coast of North America. 
Corrected to Feb. ,1847. By E. Dunsterville . . . 
Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 8°., 6d. 
Continued annually until 1870. 

The Admiralty List of the Lights on the 
North and West Coasts of France, Spain, and 




DUNSTEEVILLE, Gommandee Edward. {Con.). 

Portugal. CoiTected to March, 1847. By E. 
Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 
1S47, 8°., 1/-. Continued annually until 1870. 

The Admiralty List of Lights on the West 
Coast of Africa. Corrected to Jan., 1847. By 
E. Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 
1847, 8°., 6d. Continued annually until 1870. 

The Admiralty List of Lights in South Africa, 
East Indies, China, Australia, Tasmania, and 
New Zealand. Corrected to August, 1847. By 
E. Dunsterville. . .Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 
1847, 8"., 1/-. Continued annually until 1870. 

The Admiralty List of the Belgian, Dutch, 
Danish, Prussian, Eussian, Swedish, and Nor- 
wegian Lights. Corrected to May, 1847. By 
E. Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 
1847, 8"., 1/-. Continued annually until 1870. 

Admiralty Catalogue of Charts, Plans, Views, 
and Sailing Directions, etc. Edited and revised 
by E. Dunsterville.... Published by order of the 
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1860, 8"., 3/-. Con- 
tinued annually until 1870. 

The Lidia Directory ; or Directions for Sail- 
ing to and from the East Indies... By James 
Horsburgh, F.E.S. ...Corrected and revised ac- 
cording to the most recent Surveys, by Com- 
mander E. Dunsterville, E.N. 7tli ed., Lond,, 
W. H. Allen & Co., 1859, 2 vols., 4°.— 8th ed., 
1864, 2 vols., 4«., 86/-. 

Note. — Various slight differences are found in the 
titles of the different editions of the " Admiralty Lists 
of Lights," published between 1847 and 1870. 

DUNSTONE, John. b. Camborne, 1787. d. 
Camborne, 9th Jan., 1856. 

Memoir of J. Dunstone, of Camborne, in 
Cornwall, who was blind for 44 years, till his 
death, in 1856. By J. B. [i.e., JohnBudge]. 
Lond., F. G. Cash...; J. Philp, Liskeard; 1857, 
16°., pp. 48. — 2nd ed., revised, Lond., W. and 
P. G. Cash.. .1857, 16°., pp. 48. 

DUPEEZ, Louis (son of Professor Duprez, 
B.E.L.). b. Barnstaple, 5th April, 1844. 

Duprez's Devon and Cornwall Parliamentary 
Portrait Album : containing 50 photographs of 
the representatives of Devon and Cornwall, 
with statistics respecting the recent elections; 
also portraits of the Mayors and High Sheriffs 
throughout the two counties. Plymouth, pub- 
lished by Duprez, 1869, 4°., 21/-. 

Duprez's Photographic Views of Plymouth 
and neighbourhood. 20 photographs, with de- 
scriptive letter-press. Plymouth, published by 
Duprez, 1869, 8°., 1/6. 

Duprez's Excursions up the Tamar, illustrated 

DUPEEZ, Louis. (Con.). 

with photographs. Plymouth, published by 
Duprez, 1870, 8"., 1/-. 

Duprez's Devon and Cornwall Almanack for 
1870, with photographic illustrations of Exeter 
Cathedral, Dr. Temple, Members of Parliament 
for both Counties, Plymouth Sound, etc., etc. 
Price One Shilling. Published by Duprez, West 
of England Portrait Studio, the Hoe, Plymouth 
n.d. [1870], 8°., pp. 34. 

Note. — Title from the cover. 

DURELL, Rev. Edward, A.M. Curaie of 

The Triumph of Old Age ; an elegiac poem, 
in eight cantos, occasioned by the death of Mrs. 
Gilbert, of the Priory, Bodmin... By E. Durell, 
Curate of Withiel. Bodmin, printed and pub- 
lished by J. Liddell; Lond., Whitaker; 1818, 
8°., pp. 156. List of subscribers. 

Note.— In N. <& Q., 4 S., v, 397—98 (1870), will be 
found particulars of a copy with MSS. poems by Mrs, 
John Hunter, addressed to Mr. W. Clift. 


The Origin of a Festive Custom at Helston. 
— The Furry-day. In a letter dated Cornwall, 
June 8. Gent. Mag., Ix, 520 (1790). 

DUSTOW, Thomas, b. Newlyn, Feb., 1811, 
d. Madron, Dec, 1867. 

A Copy of Verses on the Loss of the "John 
Gray." By T. Dustow, Penzance, n.p. or d. 
[Penzance, Jan., 1867], 4°., s. sh. 

Note. — The "John Gray" was lost in Mount's 
Bay, 7th Jan., 1867. 

DYER, Robert. 

Nine years of an Actor's Life. — E. Dyer, late 
of the Theatre Royal, Plymouth... Lond., Long- 
man; E. Nettleton, Plymouth; 1833, 8°.- pp. 

Note. — The first and second years contain accounts 
of theatrical journies into Cornwall, pp. 25 — 48, 


E., Eedruth, i.e., Edmonds, R. 

E., C. E. 

Fish and Fowl at the Land's End. . Once a 
Week, V, 446-48 (1861). 

FARE, Sarah. 

Case of S. Fare, Widow, v. William Pamell, 




EA.EE, Sarah. {Con.). 

[relative to the Duke of Wharton's visit to 
Cornwall, in company with Philip Lloyd, Esq., 
■who went down to Saltash to be returned a 
Member of Parliament]. 1727, fol. 

EARLE, James. 

Extracts from History. By J. E., Falmouth 
[i.e., J. Earle]. Selector or Cm-nish Mag., i", 4 

jjoTB. — The first of a series of articles in vols, i, 
ii, and iii. 


Ebden's Map of the County of Cornwall, 
divided into hundreds, laid down from trigono- 
metrical observations by W. Ebden. Hoare and 
Eeeves, Sc, 90, Hatton Garden, London, Feb. 
1, 1825. Published by William Cole, late Hodg- 
son and Co., 10, Newgate Street; size 17 in. by 
13f in. 


A Review of W. Stokes' Cornish Mysteries. 
KuMs Beitrage, 1866, p. 128. 

On the Cornish, ib., 1867, p. 145. 

EDDY, James, d. Gwennap. 6m?-. 12th Nov., 

1861, aged 77 (?). 

[John] Arthur's and [.fames] Eddy's Apparatus 
for Raismg Mine Pumps. £ep. R.C.P. Sac, 
1839, p. 96. 

EDDY, Stephen. 

The Geology of the Grassington Mines, near 
Skipton, in Yorkshire. Trans. B.G.S.C, vi, 
186-89 (1846).' 

The Lead Mining District of Yorkshire. Brit. 
Assoc. Rep., 1858, pp. 167-74. 

EDGCOME, MRS.,w^ePascoe. &. Prospednick, 
Sithney, 1738. d. Helston, 9th Nov., 1797. 

An Account of the Life and Death of Mrs. 
Edgcome. By Thomas Stanley. Dated Truro, 
July 10, 1801. Methodist Mag., xxiv, 483-87, 
521-23 (1801). 

EDGCOME, Jane. See Stanley, Jane. 

EDGCUMBE FAMILY. cf. Brydgei ed. of 
Collins' Peerage (1812), v, 306-35. 
Genealogical Notes relative to the Edgcomb 

Family. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 6405, fol. 


EDGCUMBE, Ann. See Dowriche, Ann. 

EDGCUMBE, Lady Emma (only dau. of Dr. 
John Gilbert., Arch-Bp. of York, and wife of 
George, \st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe). d. 
Upper Grosvenor Street, London, 26th De- 
cember, 1807. cf. Gent. Mag., Ixxvii, 1238 

Letter from Lady Edgcumbe to D. Garrick, 
dated 8th Dec. (no year). In D. Garrick's Private 
Correspondence, ii, 368. 

EDGCUMBE, Emma Sophia. 

See Brownlow, 

EDGCUMBE (Ernest Augustus). 3rd Earl of 
Mount Edgcumbe {son of Richard, the 2nd 
Earl), b. Richmond, 23rd March, 1797. d. 
in his yacht, on the Thames, 3rd Sept., 1861. 
cf Gent. Mag., xi, 439 (1861). 

Letter from the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe to 
his Tenantry. Plymouth, 1846, 8°. 

Memorandum of Tenancy Regulations for Lord 
Mount Edgcumbe's Estates, in Devon and Corn- 
wall. Plymouth, 1846, 8°. 

Extracts from a Journal kept during the com- 
mencement of the Revolution at Palermo, in the 
year 1848. By the Earl of Mount-Edgcumbe. 
Lond., Ridgway, 1849 (?), 8°.— 2nd ed., 1850, 
80., pp. 65. 

The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe to the House 
of Peers, on the Militia Bill, and on the effects 
of Past Legislation on the present War. Lond., 
J. Mitchell, Library 33 Old Bond Street; Ply- 
mouth and Devonport, Roger Lidstone [printed]; 
1855, 8"., pp. 32. 

EDGCUMBE, Hon. George. Admiral of the 
White {2nd son of \st Baron Edgcumbe). 3rd 
Baron Edgcumbe. cr. Viscount Mount Edg- 
cumbe and Valletort 5th March, 1781, and 
Earl of Mount Edgcumbe 31st Aug., 1789. 
6. 1731. d. Grosvenor Street, London, 4th 
Feb., 1795. cf Gent. Mag., Ixv, pt. 1, 174 
(1795); Charnock's Biog. Namlis, v, 293-98; 
Chatham Correspondence, iii, 126-30 ; Thach- 
eray's Life of Lord Chatham, ii, 97-99 ; H. 
Walpole's Journ. of Geo. Ill, from 1771-83, i, 
171 ; Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 19,026, fol. 7. 
Journal kept on board H.M. bomb the Ter- 
rible, Captains William Marsh a,nd Hon. George 
Edgecumbe, in the Mediterranean, by Housman 
Broadley. 30th April, 1742, to 1st June, 1744. 
Rawlinson MSS., Bod. Lib., class A 335, art. 4, 
fol. 83-123. 

An Act enabling George, Earl of Mount 
Edgcumbe, and Reginald Pole Carew, Esq., to 
establish and maintain a common ferry across 
the river Tamar, between Plymouth Dock and 
Tor Point. 1790, 8". 




EDGCUMBE, Hon. Geokoe. (Con.). 

Letter from Lord Edgcumbe to D. Garrick, 
dated 14th Nov., 1775. D. GairicJc's Private 
Correspondence, ii, 109. 

EDGCUMBE, Lady Katharine (Jau. of Sir 
John St. John and 2nd wife of Sir Piers Edg- 
cumbe). d. 1553. 

The Will of Lady K. Edgecombe. Test. 
Vetust., ii, 739. 

Annuity to Katherine Edgecumbe. A.D. 1543. 
Trevelyan Papers {Camden Soc., 1857), pp. 182-83. 

EDGCUMBE, Sir Piers (son 'of Sir Rich. Edg- 
cumbe). (f. 14th Aug., 1539. 

The Will of Sir P. Edgecombe. Test. Vetust., 
ii, 647-50. 

Letter from Sir P. Edgecombe to Secretary 
Cromwell, dated March 25, 1536. Cottonian 
MSS., Cleopatra, E iv, art. 169. Printed in 
Wright's " Letters relating to suppression of Monas- 
teries" {Camden Soc, 1843), pp. 117-19. 

A Copy of the Accounts of Sir P. Edgecombe 
and Roger Holland, the Feodaries in the Duchy 
of Cornwall, in the reign of Hen. VII. MSS. 
Lincoln's Inn Lib., 78, art. 24. 

EDGCUMBE, Piers. M.P. for Cornwall 1 585- 
92 {son of Sir Rich. Edgcumbe). J. 1537. d. 
4th Jan., ]60|. hur. Maker Church, cf. 
N. & Q., 3 S., xii, 9, 176 (1868) ; Chancery 
Proc, Eliz., i, 268; Bawlinson MSS., class B 

Mr. Waad to Sir W. Cecil... and that P. Edg- 
combe is a fit man to be Knighted. March 12, 
1567. Lansd. MSS., 9, art. 62. 

A representation that the Mines in England 
...were granted to Humphry and Schuttz ... 
before Mr. Edgcombe's suit commenced. 1568. 
ib., 10, art. 19. 

Grant to P. Edgcombe, Esquire, to search and 
enjoy part of the product of some Mines in 
Ireland. 1579. ib., 28, art. 8. 

Mr. P. Edgcombe shows to Lord Burghley 
that he has formed a scheme for improving Irish 
Mines. June 15, 1579. ib., 29, art. 1. 

Leases from Sir Peres Eggecomb to Eichard 
Boneython, of land in Coyssaweys, alias Cosawes. 
29 Hen. VIII, 1 and 2 Phil, and Mary. Er. 
Museum Addit. MSS., 15,553, fol. 97. 

The French Historie. By A. Dowriche 
(1589), q.v. 

EDGCUMBE, Piers, d. London, 8th July, 

1628. bur. St. Botolph's, Aldersgate. cf. 
Maithiid's London (3rd ed.), ii, 1077. 

EDGCUMBE, Piers, M.P. (son of Sir Rich. 
Edgcumbe). d. 6th Jan., 1660, aged 56. bur. 
Letter to E. Walker. 1644. See Coryton, W. 

EDGCUMBE, Sir Eichard (son of Peter Edge- d. 8th Sept., 1491 (?). Will proved 

29th April, 1492.' cf. 9th Rep. Dep. Keeper of 

Records, pp. 81, 110; Oliver's Monasticon, Suppl., 

p. 20 ; JFare's Hist, of TVriters of Ireland 

(Harris' ed.). Book ii, pp. 323-4. 

The Voyage of Sir E. Edgecombe into Ireland, 

in the year 1488. Collated with a MSS. of 

Dr. Sterne, late Bishop of Clogher, in the College 

Library. In IFa.lfer Harris' Hibernica, 1757, 

pp. 29-38 ; cf Cottonian MSS., Titus, B xi, art. 

188 and 189. 

The Will of Sir E. Edgecombe. Test. Vetust., 
i, 393. 

EDGCUMBE, Sir Eichard (son of Sir Piers 
Edgcumbe). b. 1499. d. 1st Dec, 1561. 

A Friend's Eemembrance of SirE. Edgcumbe. 
By Eich. Carew. MSS. cf. Prince'^ Worthies 
(ed. 1810), pp. 344-50; Brydges' ed. of Collins' 
Peerage, v, 322-27. 

EDGCUMBE, Eichard (son of Sir Rich. Edg- 
cumbe, d. 1561). M.P. for totness, 1563 and 

Letters from E. Edgecomb to Mayor and 
Burgesses of Totness, dated Mount Edgcumbe, 
8th Sept., 1565 (?). cf Hone's Fear Booh (1832), 
p. 755. 

EDGCUMBE, Sir Eichard (son of Peter Edge- 
cumbe). b. 1565. d. 22nd March, 1638. bur. 

Lease from Sir E. Edgecombe to Eichard 
Bony thon, of land in Cosawes. 1607. Br. Museum 
Addit. MSS., 15,553, fol. 114. 

Letter to J. Eashleigh from E. Mohun and 
others, recommending John Mohun to Sir R. 
Edgecumb. 10th Feb., 1627. MSS. Trelawne. 

EDGCUMBE, Sir Eichard. M.P. for Cornwall 
(son of Piers Edgcumbe). d. March, 1688. 
cf. J. Evelyn's Diary (1870), p. 230. 

EDGCUMBE, Eichard '(son of Rich. Edg- 
cumbe). cr. Baron Edgcumbe, 20th April, 
1742. b. 1679. d. 22nd Nov., 1758. bur. 
Maker, cf Gent. Mag., xxviii, 557 (1758). 

Gratulatio Academiss Cantab, de Reditu . . 
Gulielmi. Cantab., 1697, fol. 

Note. — Contains verses by " Eich. Edgcumbe, 
Trin. Coll., Commensalis." 




EDGCUMBE, Eichakd. (Con.). 

Verses to Harry Day. cf. Corresjiondence of 
^h Duke of Bedford, ii, 117. 

An Act to enable Rich. Edgecombe, Esq., to 
sell lands not exceeding 20 acres, to and for the 
use of His Majesty, for building a Victualling 
Office for tlie service of the Royal Navy, at 
Plymouth, and to purchase other lands, to be 
settled to the same use as the lands to be sold 
now stand limited by his marriage settlements. 
n.p. or d. [Lond., 1722], fol. 

A Bill to impov\fer and authorize Sir Robert 
Eurnese, Bart., to deliver. . .unto Rich Edgcumbe, 
Esq., certain South-Sea Bonds ...therein men- 
tioned, and for letting lands of equal value upon 
the same trusts to which such Bonds... are now 
subject [5 Geo. II, c. 14]. n.p. or d. [Loud., 
1732], fol. 

Note. — Lord Edgoumbe m. Matilda, dau. of Sir H. 
Furnese, Bart., of Waldershare, Kent. Slie d. 1721. 

Power of Attorney from R. Edgecumbe and 
others, to receive South-Sea Dividends. 10 th 
November, 1724. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 
15,949, fol. 83. 

Petition of the Miners of Derby to Lord 
Edgecumbe, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan- 
caster, ib., 6682, p. 449. 

EDGCUMBE, Richard (son of Richard, 1st 
Baron). 2nd Baron Mount Edgcumbe. b. 
1716. d. 10th May, 1761. cf JFalpole's 
Noble Authors (Park's ed.), iv, 242 ; Chatham 
Correspondence, i, 188 ; Gent. Mag., xxxi, 237 

Fable of the Ass. By the late Lord E-g-e. 
New Foundling Hospital for Wit (1786), vi, 106-8. 
Ode to Health. Written 10th March, 1775 {sic), 
ib., vi, 108-9. 

Encaustic : or Count Caylus's Method of 
Painting in the manner of the ancients. To 
which is added a sure and easy method for 
fixing of Crayons. By J. H. Miintz. Lond., 
printed for the Author... 1760, 8°., pp. viii and 

NoTE.^Dedicated to the Et. Hon. Eiehard, Lord 
Edgcumbe, etc., who is styled " The Greatest Patron of 
Arts, and the best Judge of the Merits of Painting." 

EDGCUMBE, Richard, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A. 

(son of George, 1st Earl). 2nd Earl of Mount 

Edgcumbe. 6. 13th Sept., 1764. d. 26th 

Sept., 1839. cf Gent. Mag., xii, 540 (1839). 

Musical Reminiscences of an old amateur; 

chiefly respecting the Italian Opera in England 

for fifty years, from 1773 to 1823. 2nd ed., 

continued to the present time. Anon. Lond., 

W. Clarke, New Bond Street, 1827, 12"., pp. 


Note The 1st ed. was privately circulated. 

EDGCUMBE, Eichaed. (Con.). 

Musical Reminiscences ; containing an account 
of the Italian Opera in England from 1773. 
The fourth edition, continued to the present time, 
and including the Festival in Westminster Abbey. 
By the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. Lond., John 
Andrews, Old Bond Street ; F. H. Wall, Rich- 
mond [printed]; 1834, 12"., pp xvi and 294, 
8/-.— Lond., 1849, 12°., 8/-. 

Letter to John Burke, containing an account 
of the Baronetcy of Furnese. 22nd Dec, 1835. 
Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 16,569, fol. 97. 

EDGCUMBE, Roger (? son of Sir Richard, 
d. 1638). 

Threni Exoniensium in obitum...D. Johannis 
Petrei, Baronis de Writtle. Oxon., 1613, 4°. 

Note. — Contains verses by E. E^gcomb. 

EDGEWORTH, Maria (eldest dau. of R. L. 

Edgeworth). b. Black-Bourton, near Oxford, 

1st Jan., 1767. d. Edgeworthstown, 21st 

May, 1849. 

Popular Tales. By Miss Edgeworth. 2nd 
ed., Lond., printed for J. Johnson, 1805, 3 vols., 

Note. — Contains "Lame Jervas; a Story of a 
Cornish Miner Boy," i, 1—127.— Eeprinted in Miss Edge- 
worth's Novel and Tales (1832), iv, 1—81, and in " Every 
Boy's Stories " (Lond., Jas. Hogg and Sons, n.d., 1861, 
8".), pp. 419—79. 

EDMONDS, Frederic, M.D., F.R.C.S. (5th 
son of Rich. Edmonds, Sen.), b. Penzance, 
23rd April, 1810. 
A Letter to the Editor of The Lancet, with 

the Explanatory Statement of the Defendant 

[i.e., F. Edmonds] in Millett v. Edmonds. Lond., 

J. Wade, 1866, 8"., 1/-. 

Note.— Eespeoting the reported poisoning of Jacob 

Curnow Millett. at Hayle, in Jan., 1864. 

On the Temperature of Mexico. Rep. R.I.C., 
1846, p. 71. 

Notice of Obsidian from Mexico. Geol. Sac. 
Proc, ii, 686 (1838). 

EDMONDS, George {3rd son of Rich. Edmonds, 

Sen.), b. Penzance, 25th March, 1805. d. 

Croydon, 13th Sept., 1869. 

The King against Sir Charles Wolseley, 

Baronet, and Joseph Harrison, Schoolmaster; 

set down for trial at Chester, on the 4th April, 

1820. Brief remarks, tending to show the un- 

tenability of this indictment. By Jeremy 

Bentham, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. Lond., 

printed by John Mc Creezy, Black-Horse Court, 

Fleet Street, 1820, 8°., pp. 39. 

Note.— This work has a second title-page, which 




EDMONDS, Gboege. (Con.). 

commences as foUo-ws : " The King against Edmonds 
and others ; set down for trial at Warwick, 29th JWarch, 
1820. Brief Remarks tending to show," etc., etc. 

" The Tuck Net " retuoked, or Porpoises in- 
stead of Pilchards!!! ... Penzance, 1824, 12°. 
See JeiTery, John. 

By His Majesty's Eoyal Letters Patent. The 
Philosophic AljDhabet, with an explanation of 
its principles... To which is added a Philosophic 
System of Punctuation. By G. Edmonds. Lond., 
Simpkin; Birmingham, F. & J. Turner [printed] ; 
1832, 8"., pp. iv and 96. 

George Edmonds' complete Ancient Classical 
Dictionary. [Stevens and Pardon, Printers, 
Bell Yard, London], n.d. [1837], 12°., pp. 16. 
NoiE. — ^Without title-page. 

George Edmonds' complete English Grammar, 
with a supplemental Grammar of Etiquette. 
5th ed., Lond., published forG. Edmonds, Esq., 
19, East Street, Lamb's Conduit Street... 1837, 
12°., pp. 16, l^d. 

The Tri-National Grammar. By G. Edmonds. 
[Colophon, "Published by G. Edmonds, 12, 
Church Eow, Old St. Pancras, and 25, Bow 
Street ; Stevens and Pardon, Printers, etc."] ; 
n.d. [1838], 12°., pp. 16. 

A Universal Alphabet, Grammar, and Langu- 
age ; comprising a scientific classification of the 
radical elements of discourse, and illustrative 
translations from the Holy Scriptures and the 
Principal British Classics ; to which is added a 
Dictionary of the Language. By G. Edmonds. 
London and Glasgow, E. Griffin and Co., n d. 
[1856], 4°. Preface, pp. vii ; Contents, pp. vii; 
Introduction, pp. 34 ; Book I, Alphabet, pp. 
152 ; Book II, Translation, pp. 44, Notes, pp. 
iii. Addenda and Corrigenda, pp. ix ; Book III, 
Dictionary, unpaged. 

EDMONDS, EiCHARD, Sen. Town-Clerk of 
Mamzion, 1805-60. 6. St. Buryan, 20th May, 
1774. d. Penzance, 14th April, 1860. 

On a Granite Vein discovered in Herland 
Mine. Tram. R.G.S.C, iii, 332 (1827). 

EDMONDS, EiCHAED, JuN. {eldest son of the 
preceding), h. Penzance, 18th Sept. 1801. 

Hymns for the Principal Festivals of the 
Church, and for other occasions. Two hundred 
copies are, by permission, offered to the Eev. 
Henry Batten, M.A., the Incumbent of Penzance, 
for the benefit of the Penzance Church School. 
By the Author of the Original Hymns [i.e., Eich- 
ard Edmonds], a Member of his Flock. Lond., 
Longman; Penzance, T. Beare: 1857, 8°., pp. 
206, 1/-. ^^ 

Note.— 185 Hymns, 44 of which are by E. Edmonds. 

EDMONDS, EiOHABD, Jun. (Con.). 

The Land's End District; its Antiquities, 
Natural History, Natural Phenomena, & Scenery; 
also a brief Memoir of E. Trevithick, C.E. By 
E. Edmonds (late of Penzance), Secretary for 
Cornwall to the Cambrian Archaeological Asso- 
ciation. With map, 6 plates, and several wood- 
cuts. Lond., J. E. Smith ; Penzance, F. T. 
Vibert; 1862, 8°., pp. 270, 7/6. 

A Statistical Account of the Parish of Madron, 
containing the Borough of Penzance. 1839, 8°. 

Note. — Reprinted from Jom™. Statist. Soc. of Lond., 
ii, 198—233 (1839). 

On the Phoenician Tin Trade of Cornwall. 
With Eemarks on the Great Irruption of the Sea 
in the Eleventh Century, Sand Hillocks, Eaised 
Beaches, the Causeway between Marazion and 
St. Michael's Mount ; and on the origin of the 
names Marazion, Market Jew, Iktin, and Britain. 
By E. Edmonds. Eeprinted from the .Annual 
Report and Transactions of the Plymouth Institution 
and Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, 
1867-8. Plymouth, Isaiah W. N. Keys and 
Sons, 52, Bedford Street, 1868, 8°., pp. 23. 

Notice of an Extraordinary Literary Blunder. 
Signed E. E. N. & Q., 2 S., vi, 108 (1858). 

Meteor of 29th June, 1832. Literary Gazette, 
7th July, 1832, p. 430. 

An Ancient Church [Perranzabuloe] restored 
to light. Letter dated Eedruth, 24th Sept., 
1835. ib., 3rd Oct., 1835, p. 634. 

Eemarkable Appearance of the Sun. Letter 
dated Penzance, 20th May, 1842. ib., 28th 
May, 1842, p. 364. 

Extraordinary Movement of the Sea in Mount's 
Bay, 5th July, 1843. ib., 15th July, 1843, p. 464. 
c/. JVest Briton, 28th July, 1843; Trans. Roy. 
Soc. of Edinb., xv, 610, 615, 623 (1843). 

Notice of the Great Meteor, June 29, 1832. 
Lond. and Edinb. Philos. Mag., i, 306-7 (1832)-. 

The Visibility of the Stars by day. ib., iii, 
238-9 (1833). 

The Mirage as seen in Cornwall, ib., viii, 
169-70 (1836). 

On Earthquakes and Extraordinary Agitations 
of the Sea. ib., xxxi, 45-52 (1866). 

On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea not 
produced by Winds or Tides, ib., xxxvii, 35- 
40 (1869). 

On Lunar Periodicities in Earthquakes, &c, 
Edinb. New Philos. Journ., xxxviii, 271-79 (1845). 

Great Thunder-Storms, etc., on 5th July and 
1st Aug., 1846. ib., xli, 412-14 (1846). 

On the Origin of the Saud-hillocks of St. 




EDMONDS, EiOHAED, Jcn. (Con.). 

Ives Bay, etc. ib., xliii, 181-84 (1847). 

Oscillation of tlie Waters in Lake Ontario. 
ib., xlv, 107-109 (1848). 

Extraordinary Agitation of the Sea, 23rd 
May, 1847. ib., xlv, 109-110. 

On the Eapid Diminution of the Sand-banks 
in Mount's Bay. ib., xlv, 113-15. 

Land Shells found beneath Sand-hillocks in 
Cornwall, ib., xlvii, 263-65 (1848). 

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Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea in the 
West of England, and Earthquake Shocks in 
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Earthquakes in Cornwall on 13th Jan., 1860. 
ib., xiii, 100-105 (1861). 

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Notes on Earthquakes and Agitations of the 
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St. Michael's Mount and the Phoenicians, ib., 
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Bee-hive British Dwellings at Bosphrennis 
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, 187-190. 

The Calling of the Sea. Eep. E.O.P. Soc, 
1843, p. 47. 

Sepulchral Monument discovered on Carnsew 
Cliff, in Hayle, in Dec, 1843. Plate, ib., 1844, 
p. 69. 

Note.— The above two papers are reprinted in 
Coiirtney's "Guide to Penzance," App., pp. 53—58. 

Ancient Customs in Cornwall. Trans. P.N.H. 
& A. Soc, i, 69-82 (1846). 

Thunder Storms and Agitations of the Sea m 
1846. ib., i, 102-6. 

The Effects of Lightning at Polmenna in 

1846. ib., i, 155-6. 

Four Whirlwinds at St. Just in 1846. ib., i, 
157-8 (1847). 

The Oscillation of the Waters in Lake Ontario 
in 1845. ib., i, 169-70. 

The Agitation of the Sea on the 23rd May, 

1847. «6.,i, 171-2. . . in. 
The Cromlechs near Penzance, ib., i, 195- 

202 (1848). 


Barrows, Urns, and other Sepulchral Eemains, 
found near Penzance, ib., i, 229-36. 

On Ancient Mill-stones and British Villages 
near Penzance, ib., i, 245-50. 

The Tolm^n of Constantino, ib., i, 309 (1849). 
Ancient Cave near Penzance compared with 
Caves in Scilly and Sepulchres in Sardinia, ib., 
i, 310-13. 

Hill Castles, Cliff Castles, and other supposed 
British Dwellings, near Penzance, ib., i, 341-6. 
Also found as a Pamph., with a title page, 1849, 

Fragment of a Bronze Furnace discovered 
near St. Michael's Mount, ib., i, 347-51. Also 
found as a Pamph., with a title page, 1849, 8°. 
Druidical Temples near Penzance, ib., i, 381- 
6 (1850). 

The Wind and the Lightning of 14th Dec, 
1850. ib., ii, 19-20. 

Crucifix found at Penzance, ib., ii, 46-7 

The Calling of the Sea and the Wind, ib., ii, 

Ancient Mill-stone found at St. Just, ib., ii, 
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Extraordinary Vegetable Productions, ib., ii, 

Inscribed Stone found in St. Hilary, ib., ii, 
290-94(1853). i 

On Sand-banks in Mount's Bay. Quart. Journ. 
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On Land Shells below Sand-hillocks on the 
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On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea, with 
a refutation of the new theory thereon. Trwns. 
Devonshire Assoc, of Science, etc. (1869). 

On Eemarkable Lunar Periodicities in Earth, 
quakes. Extraordinary Oscillations of the Sea, 
and Atmospherical Changes. Brit. Assoc. Section, 
1845, pp. 20-22. , 

Thermometrical Maxima at or near the Moon s 
first quarter during 12 years.— 1839-1850. ib., 

1850, p. 32. , , c. ^ 

On Extraordinary Agitations of the bea not 
produced by winds or tides, with a refutation 
of the new theory thereon, ib., 1870, p. 160. 

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and Cornwall, ib., vii, 171-72 (1861). 

The Lost Church in the sands of Orwithian. 
ib., ix, 52-54 (1863). 




EDMONDS, BiCHABD, Jun. (Con.). 

Extraordinary Movement of the Sea, July, 
1843, with notice... of Earthquakes which have 
occurred in Cornwall. Trans. E.G.S.C., vi, 111- 
121 (1843). 

Lunar Periodicities in Earthquakes, Atmos- 
pherical Changes, and Hygrometrical Facts, ib., 
vi, 196-210, 259-264 (1845). Also found as 
Pamphlets, with title-pages, 1844 and 1845, 8". 

The Origin of the Sand-hillocks of St. Ives 
Bay, Whitesand Bay, and Mount's Bay. ib., vi, 
301-304. Also found as a Pamph., with a 
title-page, 1846, 8". 

The Rapid Diminution of the Sand-banks in 
Mount's Bay. ib., vii, 31-33 (1847). 

Land Shells found beneath the surface of 
sand-hillocks on the coasts of Cornwall, ib., vii, 
70-71 (1848). 

On Earthquakes, &c. ib., vii, 164-67. Also 
found as a Pamph., with a title-page, 1850, 8°. 

Earthquake, 30th May, 1855, and Agitation 
of the Sea, 6th June, 1855. ib., vii, 279-84 

Agitations of the Sea and Earthquakes, ib., 
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Earthquake, 13th Jan., 1860. ib., vii, 381- 
87 (1860). 

On Earthquakes, &c. ib. (1865). 

On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea not 
produced by winds or tides, ib. (1868). 

On the Earthquake Sea-waves in Peru, New 
Zealand, etc., on the 13th and 14th Aug., 1868, 
and in the West of England, on Michaelmas 
Day, 1869 ; also on the Earthquake Shock felt 
at Sea, near Peru, on the 24th Aug., 1869, and 
on the great Sea Waves near the Land's End, in 
1809. ib. (1869). 

Optical Phcenomena. Hep. B.I.O., 1841, p. 28. 

Periodicities in Atmospherical and other Phce- 
nomena. ib., 1844, p. 41. Also found as a 
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Description of Cornish Antiquities for the 
guidance of the Camb. Archseol. Soc. ib., 1861, 
pp. 12-14. 

Bee-hive Cave at Chapel Euny, and Longi- 
tudinal Cave at Chyoyster. ib., 1861, p. 48-50. 

Notes on Earthquakes, etc. ib., 1861, p. 56- 

St. Michael's Mount and the Phoenicians, ib., 
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EDMONDS, EiCHABD, Jtjn. (Con.). 

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The Calling of the Sea. ib., v, 968. 

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Cornish Customs on Midsummer Eve. ib 
iii, 137. 

Proposed Reformation of the Laws of England. 
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Penzance and Mount's Bay. ib., iii, 158. 

Trial by Jury, ib., iii, 183. 

Puns and Punning. By Redruth [i.e., E. 
Edmonds], ib., iii, 86-92. 

Insulation of St. Michael's Mount, ComwaL 
Nature, iii, 309 (1871). 

EDMONDS, Thomas Rowe, B.A. {2nd son of 
Eich. Edmonds, Sen.), b. Penzance, 20th June, 

Practical, Moral, and Political Economy; or 
the Government, Religion, and Institutions, most 
conducive to individual happiness and to national 
power. By T. E. Edmonds, A.B., Trinity Coll., 
Camb. Lond., Effingham Wilson, Royal Ex- 
change, 1828, 80., pp. viii and 304, 9/-. 

Lite Tables, founded on the discovery of a 
Numerical Law regulating the existence of every 
human being. Illustrated by a new theory of 
the causes producing health and longevity. By 
T. E. Edmonds. Lond., Duncan, 1832, imp. 8". 

On the Influence of Age on the Mortality of 
the Population of Sweden. Proc. Statis. Soc. of 
Lond., vol. i [No. 10, 17th April, 1837], pp. 

On the Movement of the Populations of 
Eng'land and Sweden throughout 75 years, 
ending with 1830. ib., pp. 17-22. 

An Enquiry into the Laws which govern the 
Mortality of the People of England; founded 
upon official records of births, deaths, and popu- 
lation, for the last 70 years. By T. E. Edmonds, 
Actuary to the Legal and General Life Assurance 
Soc, London. The Lancet, pp. 297-301, March 
9, 1850. 

An Enquiry into the Law which governs the 
MortaHty of the Population of England, in 
various localities of Town and Country ; founded 
upon Official Eecords of the Eegistrar-General. 
ib., pp. 328-29, March 16, 1850. 




EDMONDS, Thomas Eowe. [Con.). 

On the Laws of Mortality and Sickness of 
the Labouring Classes of England, ib., pp. 
329-32, Oct. 21, 1854, and pp. 453-56, Dec. 2, 

On the Law of Increase of the Population of 
England during the last 100 years. By T. R. 
Edmonds. The Assurance Mag., ii, 57-69 (1851). 
On an unfair suppression of due acknowledg- 
ment to the writings of Mr. Benjamin Gompertz. 
By Professor De Morgan, ib., ix, 86-9 (1861). 
On the discovery of the law of human mor- 
tality, and on the antecedent partial discoveries 
of Dr. Price and Mr. Gompertz. By T. R. 
Edmonds, ib., ix, 170-84. 

On Mr. Gompertz's law of mortality. By 
Professor De Morgan, ib., ix, 214-15. 

On Mr. Gompertz's law of human mortality, 
and Mr. Edmonds' claims to its independent 
discovery and extension. By T. B. Sprague. 
ib., ix, 288-95. 

Letter from Benjamin Gompertz. ib., ix, 

On the law of human mortality, and on Mr. 
Gompertz's new exposition of his laws of mor- 
tality. By T. R. Edmonds, ib., ix, 327-41. 
[Also found as a Pamph., printed by E. & 0. 
Layton, 150, Fleet Street, n.d., 8°., pp. 15]. 

Mr. Edmonds ; College Life. By Professor 
De Morgan, ib., x, 29-30 (1862). 

On the recent imputations made as to Mr. 
Gompertz's accuracy. By T. B. Sprague. ib., 
X, 32-44. 

On the value of Mr. Gompertz's Formula for 
the number living, in terms of the mortality 
according to age, compared with the value of a 
similar Formula published in 1832. By T. R. 
Edmonds, ib., x, 104-113. 

On the Elastic Force of Steam of Maximum 
Density ; with a new Formula for the expression 
of such force in terms of the Temperature. 
Lond., Edinb., and Dub. Philos. Mag. and Journ. 
of Science, xxix, 169-87 (1865). 

On the Laws of Density of Saturated Steam, 
expressed by a new Formula, ib., xxx, 1-11 

On the Laws of Human Mortality, expressed 
by a new Formula, ib., xxxi, 1-16, (1866). 

Note. — The Penzance Public Library have [re- 
printed] copies of the three preceding papers, bound in 
one volume, with the following printed title : " On the 
Laws governing Human Mortality, Pressure of Saturated 
Steam, and Density of Saturated Steam. By T. E. 
Edmonds. London, 1866," 8°. 

On Vital Force according to Age and the 
"-English Life Table." ib., xxxviii, 18-33 (1869). 

EDMONDS, Thomas Eowe. {Con.). 

On the Laws of Density of Steam, etc. The 
Artizan, pp. 175-79, Aug. 1, 1865 ; The Engineer, 
28th July, 1865. 

On the Reform of the Income and Property 
Tax. A Letter from. Junius \i.e., T. R. Edmonds] 
to Joseph Hume, Esq., M.P. Daily News, 8tn 
Jan., 1853. 

Second Report from the Select Committee on 
the Income and Property Tax... Ordered by the 
House of Commons to be printed 22nd June, 

Note. — Evidence of T. E. Edmonds, 24th April, 
1852. Questions 2314 to 4565, pp. 121^8. 

EDSALL, Charles Stokes {son of William 
Edsall). b. Helston, I6th June, 1797. d. 
Truro, 6th April, 1869. 
Copper-Ore Tables, shewing the Prices of 

Ores of different Produces, together with the 

mode of conducting the Copper-Ore Ticketing. 

By C. S. Edsall, Accountant. Truro, Heard 

and Sons, 1854, 8"., pp. 432, 42/-. 


Grant to Edward, the King's Son, of the 
Duchy of Cornwall, 15 Ed. IV [1475]. Br. 
Museum Addit. MSS., 15,663, fol. 248. 

EDWARDS, John Passmoee {2nd son of Will. 

Edwards), b. Blackwater, near Chacewater, 

24th March, 1824. 

The Temperance Tract Journal. [Ed. by 
J. P. Edwards]. Nos. 1 and 2, January and 
February, 1851, S°., pp. 32, Id each. 
Note. — No more published. 

The Public Good : devoted to the advocacy of 
great principles and advancement of useful insti- 
tutions and the elevation of man. By J. P. 
Edwards. Lond., pubHshed by J. P. Edwards, 
2, Horse-Shoe Court, Ludgate HDl, n.d. [1849- 
51], 3 vols., 8°., 

Note. — Originally appeared in twopenny monthly 

Public Good Almanac for 1851. Ed. by J. P. 
Edwards. Lond., published at "Public Good" 
Office, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, 1851, 

8^'., 2d. ., , 

The Poetic Companion, for the fireside, the 

fields, the woods, and the streams. [Ed. by 

J P. Edwards]. Lond., "Poetic Companion' 

Office, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, 1851, 8°. 
Note.— OriginaUy appeared in twopenny monthly 

parts. The first is dated January, 1851. 

The Peace Advocate and Correspondent. [Ed. 

by J. P. Edwards]. Lond., published by J. P. 

Edwards, "Public Good" Office, LoveU's Court, 




EDWAEDS, John Passmobe. (Con.). 

Paternoster Eow. Nos. 1 and 2, January and 
February, 1851, 8°., pp. 32, Id. each. 

Note. — No more published. 

The Eclectic Review. Lond., 1852-60, 8". 
Tait's Edinburgh Magazine. Edinburgh, 1852 
-60, 8°. 

Note. — During the years above-mentioned Mr. Ed- 
wards contributed to these two publications. 

Lives of the Illustrious (The Biographical 
Magazine). Lond., J. P. Edwards, 2, Horse-shoe 
Court, Ludgate Hill, 1852-55, 7 vols., 8°., 7/6 

Note.— Originally appeared in sixpenny monthly 

The War a blunder and a crime. By J. P. 
Edwards. Lond., published by Houlston and 
Stoneman, Paternoster Row, n.d. [1855], 8"., 
pp. 50, 1/-. 

Shot and Shell. [Ed. by J. Passmore Ed- 
wards]. 1855, Id. weekly. 

Note. — Announced for publication, but was never 
commenced, owing to the cessation of the Eussian War. 

The Mechanics' Magazine. Lond., 1860-68, 

Note. — During the years above-mentioned Mr. Ed- 
wards was proprietor of this Magazine. He succeeded 
Mr. B. J. Eeed as Editor, upon that gentleman's ap- 
pointment to the ControUersMp of the Navy. 

The Building News and Engineering Journal. 
[Ed. by J. P. Edwards]. Printed and published 
for the proprietor [J. P. Edwards], by E. J. 
Kibblewhite, 31, Tavistock Street, Covent Gard- 
en, London. Plates. Weekly, foL, pp. 28, 3d. 

Note. — In progress. Mr. Edwards has been the 
proprietor of this paper since 1861. The circulation is 
now (1871) 7,000 a week. 

English Mechanic and World of Science; 
with which are incorporated " The Mechanic," 
" Scientific Opinion," and the " British and 
Foreign Mechanic." [Ed. by J. P. Edwards]. 
Woodcuts. Lond., printed and published (for 
the proprietor, J. P. Edwards) by E. J. Kibble- 
white, 31, Tavistock Street, London. Weekly, 
fol., pp. 32, 2d. 

Note. — In progress. Mr. Edwards has been the 
proprietor of this paper since 1869. The circulation is 
now (1871) 27,000 a week. 

Banquet to J. Passmore Edwards, Esq. [Lond., 
W. H. ColUngridge, Aldersgate Street, n.d., 29th 
Oct., 1866], 8°., pp. 8. 

Note. — ^Without Title-page. 

The Mission of Richard Cobden. Howitt's 
Journ., m, 200-203 (1848). 

The Peace Congress. People's Journ., vi, 197- 
200, 225-28 (1848). 

The Pleasures of Knowledge, ib., vi, 323-25. 

EDWAEDS, John Passmoee. (Con.). 

Revolutions and Reforms, ib., vi, 107-111. 

The Greatest Evil, ib., vi, 282-85. 

The Two Sisters, ib., vi, 169-73. 

The New Movement, ib., vii, 38-39 (1849). 

The Advantages of Knowledge, ib., vii, 127- 


The EngUsh in France. 

A Few Days in Paris. 
344, 358. 

ib., vii, 250-52. 
I., vii, 301, 315, 329, 

EDWARDS, Richard, M.A., M.D. {Zrd son of 
John Edwards), b. Cornwall, d. Falmouth, 
12th Sept., 1827. cf. Gent. Mag., xcvii, pt. 2, 
471 (1827); Annual Biog. far 1828, p. 433; 
New Mmthly Mag., xxi, 485 (1827). 

A.D. 1813, No. 3667. Specification of E. 
Edwards, of the parish of Budock, Doctor of 
Physic, and William Williams, of the Borough 
of Penryn, Surgeon, for the invention of "A 
certain process for extracting arsenic from any 
of the ores or other substances in which it is 
contained, in a purer state than it is at present 
procured in this kingdom." 2 section plans. 
Lond., 1813, fol. — Reprinted, Lond., Eyre and 
Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 7, 9d. 

MSS. additions to Pryce's Mineralogia. By 
Dr. Edwards, cf. Journ. B.I. C, Oct., 1 864, p. ix. 

EDWARDS, Rev. William. Wesleyan Minister 
in Cornwall 1824. d. Ipswich, 16th May, 
1860, aged 70. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., 
Ixxxiii, 842 (1860). 

Memoir of Mrs. Amey Brokenshire (daughter 
of Mr. Verco, of Rathern Bridge), who died at 
Brixham, 14th April, 1824, aged 71. Methodist 
Mag., xlvii, 716 (1824). 

EDWARDS, Zachary. 

Primitise. [In verse]. With eight photo- 
gBaphs. By Z.- Edwards. Lond., Provost & Co. 
(successors to A. W. Bennett), 5, Bishopsgate 
Without,, 1869, 8°., pp. viii and -202, 7/6. 

Note.— (;:!ontains views of Tiutagel Castle, Tiatagel 
Head, &o. 

EFFINGAM, John. d. near Penryn, circa 
6th Feb., 1757, aged 144. cf. Public Adver- 
tiser, 18th Feb., 1757. 


A Cornish Ghost Story. A Night's Adventures 
at the Devil's Stile, or Jacky Trevose and Mary 
Trevean. By "Elfin." Truro, James R. Nether- 
ton, Lemon Street, 1862, 8"., pp. 19, 3d. 




EGAN, Pierce (son of James Egan). I. London, 
4th Sept., 1773. d. London, 3rd Aug., 1849. 
Pierce Egan's Book of Sports gand Mirror 
of Life ; embracing the turf, the chase, the ring, 
and the stage; interspersed with original memoirs 
of sporting men, etc. Dedicated to George 
Osbaldeston, Esq. Lond., Tegg, 1832, pp. iv 
and 414. 

Note.— No. xxi, price 3d., " The Wrestlers," con- 
tains notices of the following Cornish wrestlers : 

Polkinghorne, George Saunders (of the Coldstream 
Eegiment of Guards), Francis Olver, Trewioke, John- 
son, Cooks, Benjamin Sambell. 

ELIE DE BEAUMONT, Jean Baptiste Ar- 
MAND Louis Leonce. See Dufr6noy, P. A. 

ELIOT FAMILY, of Cornwall, cf. Brydges' 
ed. of Collins' Peerage, viii, 3-7 ; N. & Q., 3 S., 
iv, 305 (1863). 

Genealogical Memoranda, relating to the 
families of Eliot, of Port Eliot, and Craggs, of 
Wyserley. Copied from Documents in the pos- 
session of the Rt. Honble. the Earl of St. Ger- 
mans. Lond., privately printed by Taylor & Co., 
Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1868, 
4"., pp. 16. 

Note.— Originally appeared in Miscell. Geneal. et 
Herald, ii, 34—49. 

Genealogy of the Eliot family. Originally 
compiled by W. H. Eliot, jun. ; revised and en- 
larged by W. S. Porter. Newhaven, Conn., 
George B. Bassett and Co., 1854, 8"., pp. 184. 

Note. — The account of the Cornish family con- 
tained in pp. 17 — 29, 181 — 2. 

Pedigree of Eliot family. Br. Museum Addit. 
MSS., 5,839, pp. 451-3, 460. 

ELIOT, Lady Catherine (dau. of Edward 
EUiston, and wife of Edward, \st Baron Eliot, 
of St. Germans), h. 1735. d. Port Eliot, 23rd 
Feb., 1804. 

Note. — Lady Eliot was maternal cousin to Gibbon. 
See under Eliot, Edward. 

ELIOT, Edward {son of Rich. Eliot). Baron 
Eliot of St. Germans, 30th Jan., 1784. Com- 
missioner of the Board of Trade, 1760-1776. 
I. St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 8th 
July, 1727. d. Port Eliot, I7th Feb., 1804. 
cf Gent. Mag., Ixxiv, pt. i, 186 (1804); H. 
Walpole's Journ. of Geo. Ill, from 1771-83, 
ii, 26; BoswelFs Johnson (ed. 1848), pp. 511, 
642, 680, 748 ; Mem. of Life and Writings of 
E. Gibbon (ed. 1827), i, 16, 57, 226; ii, 75, 
123, 125, 138; Chesterfields Letters (Mahon's 
ed.), i, 65, 169, 224; ii, 355, 364; iv, 337. 

Letters from E. Eliot to his father, E. Eliot, 
written during his tour through Holland, Prussia, 

ELIOT, Bdwakd. {Con.). 

and Switzerland, in 1744-48. MSS. Port Eliot. ' 
Ten Letters from W. Harte to E. Eliot, 1746- 
52. MSS. ib. 

Six Letters from Lord Chesterfield to E. Eliot, 
1747 or 48. MSS. ib. 

Note.— Lord Chesterfield sent his son, Philip Stan- 
hope, as traveUing companion with B. Eliot, under Rev. 
W. Harte. One of the letters is of condolence with E. 
Eliot, on the occasion of his father's death. 

Three Letters from P. Stanhope, at Leipzig, 
to E. Eliot, at Port Eliot. 1748. MSS. ib. 

A Letter from E. Nugent to E. Eliot. London 
23rd Nov., 1753. MSS. ib. 

Four letters from Edward Gibbon, of Benton 
(father of the Historian), to E. Eliot (who m. 
his niece, Catherine EUiston). 1753,1767. MSS. 

Seven Letters from E. Gibbon (the Historian) 
to E. EHot. 1775-88. MSS. ib. 

Letters from "W. Pitt to Lord Eliot. Walmer 
Castle, 10th Oct., 1797. MSS. ib. 

Letters from John Whitaker to Lord Eliot, 
1 793-95, about his " Ancient Cathedral of Corn- 
wall." MSS. ib. 

Letter from Lord Chesterfield to Edward Eliot, 
Esq., dated Bath, 19th Oct., 1748. Lord Chest- 
erfield's Letters (Mahon's ed.), v, 449-50. 

ELIOT, Edward Granville (only son of Will, 
2nd Earl). 3rd Earl of St. Germans, b. Port 
Eliot, 29th Aug., 1798. 

Advice to the Government on the subject of 
Irish Education, in a series of Letters on Edu- 
cational Reform, addressed to the Eight Hon. 
Lord Eliot, M.P. By an Educational Advocate. . 
Belfast, printed for the Author, and sold by 
W. H. Parker, Lond.. ..1842, 12"., pp. iv and 71. 

Reasons for not signing an address to Her 
Majesty on the subject of the recent so-called 
Papal Aggression. By the Earl of St. Germans. 
2nd ed., Lond., James Ridgway, 1850, 8"., pp. 16. 

Marriages Bill. Speeches of the Earl of St. 
Gerinans and Viscount Gage, in the House of 
Lords, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1851. Printed for the 
Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., James 
Madden, 8, Leadenhall Street, 1851, 8"., pp. 32. 
Note. — Lord St. Germans' Speech, pp. 3 — 24. 

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister. Speech • 
of the Earl of St. Germans, in the House of 
Lords, Monday, June 21, 1852, on the presenta- 
tions of petitions in favour of rendering lawful 
marriage with a deceased wife's sister. Published 
for the Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., 
Seeleys, 1852, 8°., pp. 24. 

Marriages Bill. Speeches of the Earl of St. 
Germans, the Earl of Albemarle, the Lord 
Ravensworth, and the Earl Grey, in the House 
of Lords, on the 25th April, 1856. Printed for 




ELIOT, Edwaed Granville. (Con.), 

the Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., 
T. Hatchard, 1856, 8"., pp. 34. 

Note. — Lord St. Germans' Speech, pp. 3 — 24. 

Addresses delivered at Meetings of the Senate 
of the Queen's University in Ireland, to confer 
degrees on Students of the Queen's Colleges of 
Belfast, Cork, and Galway. By the Et. Hon. 
Maziere Brady... from the year 1852 to 1858. 
And those of the Lords Lieutenants of Ireland, 
who successively attended those meetings. Dub- 
lin, Hodges, Smith & Co., 1859, 8°., pp. iv and 
102.— 2nd ed., Dublin, Hodges, 1863, 8°., pp. 
iv and 178. 

Note. — Lord St. Germans' Speech contained in pp. 

ELIOT, Hon. Edwakd James (2nd son of Isi 
Baron Eliot), b. Port Eliot, 24th Aug., 1758. 
d. Port EKot, 20th Sept., ] 797. cf. Gent. Mag., 
Ixvii, pt. 2, 896 (1797). 

Nine Letters from E. J. Eliot to his Father. 
1785-89. MSS. Port Eliot. 

ELIOT, Edward John Coknwallis. Lord 
Eliot (eldest son of Srd Earl of St. Germans). 
b. 2nd April, 1827. bapt. St. George's, Han- 
over Square, 16th May. d. Port Eliot, 26th 
Nov., 1864. cf. Gent. Mag., xviii, 119 (1865). 

Begins "Address to the Eight Hon. Lord 
Eliot," [in recommendation of J. Kingsley's 
County Books]. [Dublin, 1841 (?)], 8°, £r. 

ELIOT, Harriet (natural dau. of James Craggs 
and wife of Richard Eliot, who d. 1748). 6. 
1714. bur. St. Germans, 1st Feb., 1769, cf. 
Chatham Correspondence, iv, 373, 

ELIOT, Jemima. Countess of St. Germans 
(?,rd dau. of Charles, 2nd Marquis Cornwallis, 
and wife of 3rd Earl of St. Germans), d. 2nd 
July, 1856. 

Gleanings of Verse. Edited by Granville 
Edward Harcourt Vernon, and sold by the 
Countess of St. Germans, for the benefit of the 
distressed Irish, at the Bazaar held in theRegent's 
Park Barracks, May, 1847. [With a Preface by 
the Countess], [Whittingham, Chiswick, 18471 
4"., pp. 64. -" 

ELIOT, John (3rd and youngest son of Rich. 
Eliot, who d. 1748). Governor of East Florida 
b. Port Eliot, 12th June, 1741. d. East 
Florida, 12th June, 1769. cf Charnoch's Bioq. 
Navalis, vi, 391. ^ 

ELIOT, Sir John, Knt. (son of Rich. Eliot, 
who d. 1609). bapt. Port Eliot, 20th April, 
1590. d. In the Tower of London, 27th Nov., 
1632. cf Bliss' Wood, ii, 478-79 ; Gent. Mag., 
viii, 483 (1837) ; Sir R. Ferney's Notes of the 
Long Parliament (Camden Soc, 1845), pp. 102- 
4 ; /. D' Israeli's Commentaries on the Life and 
Reign of Charles I (1828), ii, 268-84, iv, 507-. 
48; Lord Nugent s Some Memorials of J. Hamp- 
den, i, 150-77; Echard's History (1720), p. 
424 ; Aikin's Charles I, i, 265 ; Biog. Brit. ; 
W. H. Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower (1870-71), 
iv, 3. 

The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of Eng- 
land. . .By John Forster. Lond., Longman, 1840, 
5 vols., 8". 

Note. — Aoeotint of Sir J. Eliot, i, 1 — 177. Ee- 
printed from (Lardner's Cabinet Encycloptedia) Lives 
of Eminent British Statesmen, ii, 1 — 125. 

Sir John Eliot ; aBiography. 1590-1632. By 
John Forster. Portrait. Lond., Longman, 1864, 
2 vols., 8°., 30/-. 

Sir J. Eliot, his grave and learned Speech, 
spoken in the High Court of Parliament, de- 
siring an orderlie proceeding in matters of re- 
ligion, and that it may not be onely disputed of, 
but firmely established, as it ought to be ; ex- 
pressing the misprision and errour whereby His 
Majesty is traduced by evUl members about 
him ; and the great danger of overwhelming 
that we were in by the Bishops' Articles and 
their proceedings ; exhorting to maintaine our 
King, Country, and Eeligion, even with the 
sword, against all opposers ; with a motion pro- 
pounded for laying down of the grounds wherein 
the Arminians and we differ. Lond., printed 
for V. v., 1641, 4°. Without pagination. 

The Argvments upon the Writ of Habeas 
Corpus, in the Court of King's Bench,.. Where- 
unto is annexed the Petition of Sir J. ElUot, 
Knight, in behalf of the Liberty of the Subject, 
Lond., printed by M. F., for W. Lee, M. Wal- 
bancke, D. Pakeman, and G. Bedell, 1649, 4"., 
pp. 95, 

Note. — The Petition of Sir J. Eliot is comprised in 
pp. 91—95. 

Eliot, Hampden, and Pym ; or a Eeply of 
" The Author of a Book " entitled " Commen- 
taries on the Life and Eeign of Charles the 
First," to "The Author of a Book" entitled 
" Some Memorials of John Hampden, his Party 
and his Times." [Signed I. D'Israeli]. Lond., 
Colburn and Bentley, 1832, 8°., pp. 50. 

Speech in the Parliament at Oxford, 10th 
Aug., 1625, MSS Port Eliot, in Sir J. Ehot'a 
handwriting; [Lands. MSS., 491, fol. 195]. 

Note. — It is doubtful whether this Speech were 




ELIOT, SiK John. {Con.). 

delivered by Sir Robert Cotton or Sir J. Eliot, cf. 
Forster's Life, i, 413 ; Life of Sir R. Cotton, in Edwards' 
Lives of Founders of Br. Museum, i, 93 — 96. 

The Eeport of the Committee on the Stan- 
naries. 27th May, 1628. MSS. Port Eliot. 

Negotium Posterorum. 1628-32. MSS. ih. 

De Jure Majestatis. 1629. 121 folios. MSS.ib. 

The Project for New England for Mr. Hamp- 
den ; or the grounds for settling a plantation in 
New England. 1629, fol. MSS.ib. 

An Apology for Socrates [upon a judgment 
in y° Court of King's Bench, against y" privelege 
of Parliament, 5 Car. I]. 1632. MSS. ih. 

Verses. MSS. ih. 

Commission and Articles of Enquiry in Ad- 
miralty Suits. 1626. MSS. ih. 

Depositions before the Commissioners, in 1627, 

against Sir J. Eliot, as Vice-Admiral. MSS. ih. 

Proceedings in Parliament on Election of 

Knights of the Shire for Cornwall. 1627. 

MSS. ih. 

Papers in the matter of the information agamst 
Sir J. Eliot. MSS. ih. 

Original Letters and Correspondence of Sir 
J. Eliot 1 vol. MSS. ih. 

Inventory of the goods of Sir J. Eliot, 6th 
April, 1633, at Cuddenbeake and Port Eliot. 
On a parchment roll, 40 to 50 feet long. MSS. ih. 
Note.— The MSS. by and belonging to Sir J. Eliot, 
now at Port Eliot, are bound in moroooo, and are m 10 
vols. cf. " 1st Eep. of Eoyal Commission on Histonoal 
MSS. (Lend., 1870, fol.)," pp. 42—44. 

The Collection of Sir J. Eliot's Speeches, 
touching grievances, to induce the House to make 
a remonstrance to the King, 3rd June, 1628. 
Earl. MSS., 37, art. 44, pp. 347-50 ; 721, art 
95, pp. 589-605 ; 2,305, art. 89 ; 6,799, art. 
103; 6,800, arf. 67. 

Information against Sir J. Eliot and others. 
ih., 39, art. 46, pp. 412-422 ; 2,217, art. 55, pp. 

88-94. . ^,. „ , 

Sir D. Carleton's Explanation of his bpeecti, 

with Sir J. Eliot's Answer, delivered 20th May, 

1626. ih., 49, art. 12, pp. 79-89. 
Sir John Eliot's Speech, 27th March, 1626. 

ih., 161, art. 25, pp. 61-63. , ^ , 

Sir J. EUot's EpHogue before the Lords against 

the Duke of Buckingham, ih., 161, art. 26, pp. 

63-65. , ^- „ 

His Majestie's Message to the House for re- 
tayning Sir J. Eliot, 26th May, 1626. ih., 161, 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech in answer to the King's 
Message, 4th April, 1628. ih., 161, art. 70, pp. 
167-70; 1,721, art. 29, pp. ^}^-}\ . .^^ ^^ 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 28th April 1628, on 
ihe right, liberty, and property of the subject. 
ih., 1,219, art. 103, pp. 330-33. 

ELIOT, SiE John. {Con.). 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 1627. ih., 1,721, art. 14. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech against Secretary Cooke's 

calling the Duke of Buckingham a great man. 

ih., 2,217, 'art. 20. [Printed in BusJmorth, i, 


Sir J. EUot's Speech to induce the Eemon- 
strance. ih., 2,217, art. 29, pp. 36-40. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech at the Committee, 30th 
Jan., 1628. ih., 2,217, art. 47. 

The Monarchie of Man. A Treatise, Philoso- 
phical! and Morall ; wherein some questions of 
the Politicks are obviously discust. By Sir J. 
Eliot, Knight, Prisoner in the Tower, 1631. 
ih., 2,228, fol, pp. 426 [cf. The Statesmen, etc., 
pp. 125-77; Forster's "Life of Eliot," i, 31, 581 

Petition to the King concerning the loan, 

1628. ih., 2,234, art. 17, pp. 279-282; cf also 

4,619, art. 6. [Printed in Bushworth, i, 429-31]. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 22nd March, 1627. ih., 

2,305, art. 21 ; 6,799, art. 96. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech in answer to a Message 
of thanks from the King, 5th April, 1628. ih., 
2,305, art. 32 ; 6,800, art. 19. 

Answer of... Sir J. Eliot touching seditious 
behaviour in Parliament, ih., 2,305, art. 120. 

Speech of Sir J. Eliot concerning the Election 
at Newport, in Cornwall, ih., 6,799, art._ 94. 

Speech concerning the King's proposition for 
a supply, 2nd April, 1628. ih., 6,800, art. 16 
[cf MSS., Camh. Univ. lAb., Mm. iv, 24, art. 
16; printed in Bushworth, ii, 520-23]. 

Speech in the House of Commons upon the 
subjects' grievances, anno 1640 {sic), ih., 6,801, 
art. 14. 

Petition in the Star Chamber, that Sir J. 
Eliot and the other Members of the House of 
Commons may have their Counsel to visit them. 
ih., 6,846, art. 120. 

A copy of the Petition of Sir J. Eliot, a 
prisoner in the Gatehouse, to the King, concern- 
ing the loan, 1628. Lands. MSS., 93, art. 40. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech at a conference with the 
Lords on the affair of the Duke of Buckingham, 
1626. ih., 93, art. 44. , , . • 

A Speech of Sir J. Eliot, not spoken but in- 
tended, ih., 491, art. 15. 

Original Letter from Sir J. Eliot to Sir R 
Cotton. Cottonian MSS., Julius, C in, 184. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, May 10, 1626. AsJt- 
molean MSS., Bod. Uh., 800, art. 35, fol. 1596- 


Sir J. Eliot's Speech at a conference about 
the Duke of Buckingham, ih., 830, art. 61. 




ELIOT, SiE John. (Cm.). 

Petition of Sir J. Eliot, prisoner in the Gate- 
house, to the King, concerning the loans. Tanner 
MSS., Bod. Lib., 72, art. 5. 

Speech of Sir J. Eliot in Parliament, 2nd 
March, 1628-9. ih., 72, art. 150; 395, art. 3. 

Sprinted in "Speeches and Arguments of the 
Conference." Lond., 1642, 4".]. 

Part of Sir J. Eliot's Answer to the Informa- 
tion brought against him in the Star Chamber, 
1628-9. ib., 72, art. 152. 

The Humble Petition of Sir J. Eliot, Knight, 
prisoner in the Gatehouse,. concerning the loan, 
1626. MSS., Camb. Univ. Lib., Ff. iii, 17, art. 
3, pp. 114-16; [printed in Prynne^s Tracts and 
Pari. Hist., ii, 209 ; Bushworth, i, 439]. 

Sir J. Ellyott's Speeche in the Parliament 
Hoyse, 1626. ib., Gg. iv, 13, art. 7. 

Sir J. Eliott's Speech upon the Impeachment 
of the Duke of Buckingham, 2 Charles I. ib., 
Ii. V, 9, art. 11. [Printed in Bushworth, i, 353]. 

Sir J. Eliot, his Speech, 31st March, 1626. 
ib., Mm. iv, 38, art. 40, fol. 32J. [Printed ib., 
1, 220-21]. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech against the Duke of Buck- 
ingham on the £10,000 extracted from the East 
India Company, May, 1626. ib.. Mm. iv, 38, 
art. 62, fol. 92. [Printed, with variations, ib., 
i, 352-56, 362]. 

Sir J. Eliot, his Speech, not spoke, but found 
in his chamber after the being committed to the 
Tower, ib.. Mm. iv, 38, art. 66, fol. 95&. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech in Parliament upon 
religious grievances, June, 1628. ib.. Mm. v, 
1, art. 10, fol. 32. [Printed in Pari. Hist. Eng., 
ii, 450-53; and in Bushworth, i, 591-92]. 

Remonstrance of the Commons to Charles I, 
on the committal of Sir Dudley Digges and Sir 
J. Eliot, ib., Mm. vi, 62, art. 11, fol. 90-92. 

The Collection of Sir J. Eliot's Speeches in 
Pariiament, "taken by H. W., T. B., and others." 
Begins " We sit here as the greate councell of 
the king." MSS., penes J. Tollemache, M.P., at 
Helmingham Hall. 

■ Proceedings in the Star Chamber, in the mat- 
ter of Sir J. Eliot, Miles Hobart, P, Haymqn, 
and D. Holies, and the pleadings thereon. MSS., 

Sir J. Elliott, his Speech, in the Commons 
House of Pariiament, Jan. 3rd, 1628. Hargrave 
MSS., Br. Museum, 226, art. 29. [Printed in 
Bushworth, i, 648-49]. 

The Petition of Sir J. Elliott, when prisoner 
in the Gatehouse, to His Majesty, ib., 226, art 

ELIOT, Sib Johw. (Con.). 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 25th March, 1628. 
Sloane MSS., Br. Museum, 826, fol. 50. 

Notes of Proceedings in the House of Com- 
mons, 23rd Feb., 1628, containing the Speech 
of Sir J. Eliot, ib., 826, fol. 147. 

Letter by certain justices of the co. of Corn- 
wall to others of their own rank, and to the 
freeholders generally, to join with them in taking 
care to elect men of moderation and gravity for 
Knights of the Shire, 10th Feb., 1627. MSS., 
penes John Harvey, Esq., at Ickwell Bury, in Hert- 

Note. — Sir J. Trelawny, Bart., has the original of 
this letter ; and at Montacute, in Somersetshire, is the 
warrant, by Lord Keeper Coventry, for removing Sir J. 
Eliot and others from the office of Justice of the Peace, 
which warrant was the cause of the letter. 

Speeches in Parliament of Sir J. Eliot, 1626- 
27. MSS., ib. 

Speeches in Parliament of Sir J. Eliot, 1640 

(sic). MSS., ib. 

Petition of Sir J. Eliot, when prisoner in the 
Gatehouse, concerning the loan. Br. Museum 
Addit. MSS., 2,531, art. 3. 

Mr. Eliot's Speech against the oath ex-officio. 
ib., 1,200, art. 15. 

Speech of Sir J. Eliot, ib., 2,531, art. 9. 

Sir Dudley Carleton's Explanation of his 
Speech, delivered May 12, 1626, with Sir J. 
EUot's Answer, May 20, 1626. ib., 4,106, art. 

Sir J. Eliot's Speech against the Duke of Buct 
ingham, 1626. ib., 4,155, art. 28. 

Letter from J. Hampden to Sir J. Eliot, dated 
Hampden, 21st March, 1631. ib., *5,016, fol, 
1. [Printed in Hone's Every Lay Book, ii, 475-76], 

Mr. Eliot's Speech in the House of Commons, 
1640. ib., 6,411, Ff 62-63i. 

Petition of Sir J. Eliot, prisoner in the Gate' 
house, concerning the loan, ib., 12,511. 

Information in the Star Ch9,mber, May, 1629, 
against divers pariiament men, viz.. Sir J. Eliot. . ,; 
with the arguments of Mr. Will. Mason, of 
Lincoln's Inn, for Sir J. Eliot, ib., 12,511 ; 
MSS., Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. v, 1, art. 10, fol. 
74 ; Mm. vi, 57, art. 36, fol. 118-22, Printed in 
Bushworth, i, 665-70, 686-91. 

Letter of Sir J. Eliot to the Duke of Buct 
ingham, dated Nov. 8, 1623. Cabala (1691), 
pt. 1, p. 377. 

ELIOT, John. M.P. for St. Germans (eldest 
son of Sir J.Eliot), bapt. Port -Eliot, 18th 
Oct., 1612. bur. St. Germans, 25th March, 




ELIOT, John. (Con.). 

Papers relating to Sir John Eliot's eldest son, 
and the sums voted to him in consideration of 
his father's sufferings. The vote of £5000 in 
1646 and the son's petition. MSS. Port Eliot. 

Original documents regarding the appoint- 
ment of J. Ehot to be Vice- Admiral of the 
county of Devon. MSS. ib. 

ELIOT, John Craggs {2nd son and heir of Edw. 
Eliot, \st Baron Eliot), cr. Earl of St. Ger- 
mans, 28th Nov., 1815. h. Port Eliot, 30th 
Sept., 1761. d. Port Eliot, 17th Nov., 1823. 
c/. Gent. Mag., xciv, pt. i, 82 (1824). 

ELIOT, Richard. Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, 1513-22. h. Cornwall (?). d. 
circa 1522. bur. Salisbury Cathedral, cf. 
Fobs' Judges, v, 158. 

ELIOT, Richard, M.P. {Zrd son of Will. Eliot, 
living in 1694). Auditor and Receiver-General 
to the Prince of Wales. bapt. St. Germans, 
28th Oct., 1694. d. 19th Nov., 1748. cf 
Granger's Biog. Did. (Noble's ed.), iii, 249, 
where he is called Edward Eliot. 
20 Letters from R. EUot to his son, E. Eliot 

(afterwards 1st Lord Eliot), 1724-48. MSS. 

Port Eliot. 

ELIOT, William (Uh son of Edward, 1st Baron). 

3rd Baron Eliot and 2nd Earl of St. Germans. 

b Port Eliot, 1st April, 1767. d. 19th Jan., 

1845. cf Gent. Mag., xxiii, 426^27 (1845). 

Letters from W. Eliot to his father, 1793-94. 
MSS. Port Eliot. ^^ ^^^ ^,, ^ 

Original Draft of Letters from Hon. W . Ehot 
to Lord Grenville. Hague and Berlin, 1793- 

94. MSS. ib. . , , . 

Fourteen Letters from Lord Malmesbury to 
Hon. W. Eliot. Berlin, 1793-94. MSS. ib. 

Copies of 35 Letters from Hon. W. Eliot to 
Lord Grenville. Berlin, 1793. MSS. ib. 

ELIOT Hon. William Gordon Cornwallis 
(3rd 'son of 3rd Earl of St. Germans), cr. 
Baron Eliot, of St. Germans, 14th Sept., 1870. 

. b. 14th Dec, 1829. 

Krim-Girai, Khan of the Crimea. Translated 

from the German of Theodore Mundt, by Hon. 

W. G. C. Eliot. Lond., Murray, 1856, 8 ., pp. 

xvi and 192. „ ^ oc 

Note.— Translator's Preface signed Berlin, Oct. 26, 


ELLACOMBE, Rev. Henry Thomas M.A., 
■ F.S.A. B. of Clyst St. George, Devon, b. May, 


The Bells of the Church. A Sermon, preached 

ELLACOMBE, Rev. Henkt Thomas. {Cm.). 

at St. Mary's, Penzance, on Tuesday, the 31st 
of October, 1865, by the Rev. H. T. EUacombe. 
Lond., Bell and Daldyj Penzance, W. Cornish; 
1865, 8"., pp. 23, 6d. 

Bell Marks [Cornish]. Willis' Current Notes, 
1855, p. 29. 

List of the Ancient and Modern Bells in the 
Parish Churches in Cornwall. Trans. Exeter 
Dioc. Architect. Soc, 2 S., i, 407-9 (1867). 

ELLIOT, Rev. St. John. B. of Ladoch 1749- 
60; B. of Truro 1746-60. d. 1760. cf 
Sidney's Life of Walker, pp. 43, 49-50, 446, 

ELLIS FAMILY, of Sennen. 

Notices of the Ellises of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland. By W. S. Ellis. In 4 numbers. 
1857-66. Not published, 

Note.— Notices of the Ellis family, of Sennen, will 
be found in ii, 66—67, iii, 151, iv, 275. 

ELLIS, Carteret John William {son of John 
Ellis, of Sennen). b. James Street, West- 
minster, 11th Sept., 1805. d. ClaphamPark, 
4th Oct., 1858. 

Truro, Redruth, and Penzance Railway Com- 
pany, in continuation of the London, Exeter, 
and Falmouth Railway, with a breakwater at 
Penlee Point, Mount's Bay. n.d. [1836], fol., 
pp. 4. 

Note.— Drawn up by 0. J. W. Ellis. 

Published by desire, and dedicated to the 
Working Classes. A Lecture on National Edu- 
cation, delivered at the Plymouth Mechanics' 
Institute, in 1850, and at Burleigh, in the New 
Forest, 1852. By C. J. W. Ellis, M.A., of Trin. 
Coll., Cambridge, and Barrister-at-Law of the 
Hon' Soc. of the Middle Temple. 2nd ed., 
Lond., E. Stanford, 6, Charing Cross, 1854, S"., 
pp. 16, 

ELLIS, Sir Henry, K.H., r.R.S. Principal 
Librarian of the Br. Museum, b. Shoreditch, 
29th Nov., 1777. d. 15th Jan., 1869. 
Seal of Richard, Eari of Cornwall, King of 

the Romans. Archosol, xxxii, 408, 1847; [Proc. 

Socof Antig.,i,l^^,\^m- 

On the Early History of Lord Lieutenants of 

Counties, ib., xxxv, 350-58 (1853). 

Tanner's Notitia Monastica for Cornwall, from 

Nasmith's edition, folio, 1787, with additions, 

D. Gilberts Cornwall, App., iv, 319-36. 

Note.— The additions were communicated to D, 

Gilbert by Sir H. EUis. 




ELLIS, Henry S., r.RA.S. i. Exeter. 

On the Oysters in the West of England. By 
H. S. Ellis, Fair Park, Magdalen Eoad, Exeter. 
Journ. Bath & W. E. Soc, xii, pt. 2, 324-28 

ELLISON, Benjamin. 6. Birkensha-w, near 
Leeds, 1784. 

An account of the trial and execution of 
Benjamin Ellison, who was hanged at Bodmin, 
on Monday, the 11th of August, 1845, for the 
Murder of Elizabeth Euth Seaman, at the 
horough of Penzance [7th July, 1845]. Liddell 
and Sons, printers, Bodmin, n.d. [1845], fol., 
s. sh. 

ELWINUS OR ALUNUS. Came from Ireland 
into Cornwall with S. Breaca, circa 460. cf. 
Leland's Itin. (2nd ed., 1744), iii, fol. 4 ; Acta 
Sanctorum, 27th Oct., xii, 293. 

EMIDY, T. H. {son, of Joseph Antonio Emidy). 
h. Falmouth, 5th July, 1805. d. Truro, 2nd 
March, 1871. 

The Eoyal Cornwall and Devon Artillery 
Quadrilles. Composed and arranged for the 
Piano-Forte, by Thos. Emidy (of Truro). Dedi- 
cated, by permission, to Lady Eashleigh, of 
Prideaux. Truro, published at the Piano-Forte 
and Music Warehouse of Mrs. Heard and Sons, 
Boscawen Street; Lond., D'Almaine and Co., 
20, Soho Square; [1855], fol., pp. 5, 2/6. 

The Cornwall Archery Quadrille. Composed 
and arranged for the Piano-Forte, and dedicated, 
with permission, to the Ladies of the Truro 
Archery Club. By T. H. Emidy, Professor of 
Music. Published for the Author, No. 4, Charles 
Street, Truro [1864], fol., pp. 5, 2/6. 

The Workingman's Club Waltzes. By T. H. 

Note. — Armotmced for publication in 1870. but 
never printed, in consequence of the author's death. 

ENGLISH, Henry. 

Glossary of Mining Terms used in South 
America, Cornwall, and Derbyshire. By H. 
English. 1830, 8°. 

Note. — Originally appeared as a Snpp. to The 
Mining Review. The Glossary of the Cornish Mining 
Terms was compUed by W. J. Henwood, P.E.S. 

ENGLISHMAN, An. pseud., i.e.. Sir F. Basset. 
See De DunstanvUle, Lord. 

ENTY, Eev. John (son of a tailor in Cornwall). 
d. 1743. ' 

Memoir of Eev. J. Enty, by John Fox. 
Monthly Repository, xvi, 325-27 (1821). 

Note.— A Satire on Kev. J. Enty, by Mr. Kellow 
of Fowey, is referred to in the above. 

ENTY, Eev. John. (Cm.). 

The Ministry secur'd from Contempt. A 
Sermon [on Tit., ii, 15] preached at Exon, Sept. 
10, 1707, before an Assembly of the United 
Ministers of Devon and Cornwal, by J. Enty. 
Lond., printed for John Clark, at the Bible and 
Crown, in the Old-Change, near St. Paul's, 1707, 
4°'., pp. 32, 6d. Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'. 

Note. — The Dedication to the United Ministers of 
Devon and Cornwall, is dated Plymouth, Oct., 1707. 

The Innocence of Protestant Dissenters clear'd 
and vindicated in reference to the transactions 
of 41 and the death of K. Charles I. In a Sermon 
[on Acts, XV, 7 and 8] preach'd at Plymouth, 
Jan. 30th, 17^, being a lecture day. By J. 
Enty. Lond., printed for J. Clark, at the Bible 
and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 
1717, 8"., pp. 59, 6d. Br. Museum. 

A defence of the proceedings of the late As- 
sembly at Exon [on the United Ministers of 
Devon and Cornwall]. Being a reply to Mr. 
Peirce's Eemarks on those proceedings. To 
which are added some brief animadversions on 

a paper subscribed by Mr. Peirce, &c And 

also a short postscript, containing some remarks 
on a late pamphlet of Mr. George Jacomb's. 
By J. Enty. Lond., printed for J. Clark, at the 
Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheap- 
side, 1719, 8^, pp. 84, 1/-. Br. Museum, Dr. 

An Answer to Mr. Enty's defence of the pro- 
ceedings of the Assembly at Exon. By J. Peirce. 
Lond., printed for John Clark, at the Bible and 
Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1719, 
8°., pp. 106, 1/6. Dr. Williams'. 

Note.— At p. 97 commences " A Keply to Mr. Enty's 
brief animadversions on a Paper," &c. 

The Wefstern Inquisition ; or a relation of the 
Controversy which has been lately among the 
Dissenters in the West of England. By James 
Peirce. Lond., printed for John Clark, at the 
Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheap- 
side, 1720,8°., pp. 192, 2/-. Dr. Williams'. 

Propositions relating to the controversy among 
the Dissenters in the West, concerning the 
Trinity. In a letter to the Eev. Mr. .1. Enty. 
[By James Peirce]. Lond., printed for T. Bick- 
erton, at the Crown, in Pater-noster-row...l720, 
8°., pp. 24, 3d. Br. Museum. 

Truth and Liberty consistent and maintaui'd ; 
being a farther defence of the proceedings of 
the Assembly at Exon, in answer to Mr. Peirce ; 
wherein the reader will find obviated whatever 
is material in certain Propositions, in an anony- 
mous letter to Mr. J. Enty. By J. Enty. Lond., 
printed for J. Clark, &c. MDDCXX [1720 ?], 8"., 
pp. 235, 2/-. Br. Museum. 

A reply to Mr. Enty's late piece, intituled 
" Truth and Liberty consistent, etc.," as far as 




ENXY, Eev. John. (Con.). 

it relates to the controversy concerning the 
Trinity. By the Author of the Propositions 
addressed to him [J. Peirce]. Lond., printed 
for -L Noon, at the White-Hart, in Cheapside... 
1721, 8"., pp. 85, 1/-. Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'. 
The Security of Truth, without the assistance 
of persecution or scurrility ; being an Answer 
to Mr. Enty's "Truth and Liberty consistent 
and maintain' d." By J. Peirce. Lond., printed 
for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the 
Poultry, near Cheapside, 1721, 8"., pp. 136, 
1/6. Bod. Lib. 

A stated Ministry and Presbyterian ordination 
vindicated. By John Withers. St. Paul's love 
to souls considered and recommended. By J. 
Enty. Being Two Sermons, preach' d at the 
Ordination of Mr. Peter Jilleard, at Crediton, 
in the County of Devon, October 21, 1724... To 
which is added Mr. Jilleard's confession of faith 
..Lond., printed for J. Clark and Eichard Hett, 
at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near 
Cheapside, mdccxxv, 8"., pp. 102, 1/-. Br. 

Note.— Enty's Sermon, pp. 43—93. 

A Sermon [on Ps. cxxxii, 17-18] preached at 
Exon, October the 11th, 1727, being the day of 
their most excellent Majesties' ... Coronation, 
by J. Enty. Exon, printed by And. Brice, for 
Aaron Tozer, jun., Bookseller, at the sign of the 
Bible, in the High-Street, 1727, 8"., pp. 36, 4d. 
Br. Museum. 

A Preservative against several abuses and 
corruptions of Eeveal'd Religion; containing 
Eemarks on a late book of Mr. Joseph Hallet, 
mn entitled A Collection of Notes, etc. By 
J Enty. Exon, printed by Andrew Brice, for 
Aaron Tozer, jun.. Bookseller, at the Bible, a 
Uttle below St. Martin's Lane, in the High-Street, 
1730, 8"., pp. XX and 200, 2/-. Br. Museum, 
Br. Williams'. ^ 

A Letter to the Eevd. Mr. Enty, m answer 
to his slanderous pamphlet, entitled A Preserv- 
ative against several abuses and corruptions of 
Eeveal'd Eeligion, &c. Being a defense ot 
several Notes and Discourses, contain d in a 
book, entitled A free and impartial study of the 
k Scriptures recommended. By J. Hfllet, Jun. 
I Lond., printed for J. Noon, at the White-Hart, 
■' near Mercers'-Chapel, in Cheapside, 1730, 8 ,, 
"*'pp 43, 6d. Br. Museum, Br. Wilhams._ 

A Defense of a late pamphlet, entitled A 
Preservative, &c., in answer to an abusive letter 
of Mr. J. Hallet, jun. By J. Enty. Lond 
printed for Aaron Tozer, jun., at the ^ible, in 
the High-Street; Exon, MDCOXXX, 8"., pp. 60. 
Br. Musetm, Dr. William^. 

A Letter to the author of the Vindication of 
Mr. Nation's Sermons ; in which the importance 

ENTY, Bet. John. {Con.). 

of faith in matters of religion, and particularly 
as to the doctrine of the deity of our Saviour, 
is considered; and the Assembly of the United 
Ministers of Devon and Cornwall is further 
defended. To which is added a second letter to 
Mr. Nation, ia answer to his vindication of him- 
self. Anon. Lond., 1732, 8"., pp. 70. 

Note. — Contains also " A Postscript ; being a third 
letter to Mr. Nation," pp. 71—87. cf. "J. Darling's 
Cyclop. Eibliog.," sub Enty, John. 


Seal Hunting ia Cornwall. Once a Week, iv, 
406-8 (1867). 

ENYS, Francis {2nd son of John Enys). b. 

1752. d. Enys, 12th April, 1821. 

Anecdotes of the Cornish Sheriffs. MSS. at 
Enys. cf. N. & Q., 3 S., viu, 474 (1865). 

ENYS, John (son of Thos. Enys). 

29th March, 1625. Sale of a Messuage in 
the Parish of St. Keverne, from J. Enys to 
Nath. Pearse. Earl. MSS., 6,243, art. 8. 

ENYS, LiEUT.-CoL. John, 29th Eegt. (^rd 
son of John Enys). b. 1772. d. 11th Oct., 
1802. cf Gent. Mag., Ixxri, 981 (1802). 

ENYS, John Samuel, F.G.S. (son of Samuel 
Oliver Hunt and Lucy Ann Enys ; his father, 
in 1813, took the name of Enys only, by 
royal license). 6. 21st Sept., 1796. 
Eemarks on the intensity and quantity of the 
junction changes of Sussex and Cornwall, con- 
sidered as mining districts. By J. S. Enys. 
Lond., E. Stanford, 6, Charing Cross, 1863, 8"., 
pp. 30.— Lond., E. Stanford, 1869, 8°., 1/-. 

The Granite near Penryn. Lond. and Edinb. 
Philos. Mag., ii, 321-25, 483 (1833). 

The Duty of the Steam Engines in the Mines 
of Cornwall, at different periods. Trans. Instit. 
Civil Engineers, iii, 449-66 (1842). 

Premiums offered by J. S. Enys. Bep. B.C.P. 
(Soc, 1834, p. 12. .^ . , 

Tables relative to the Properties and Practical 
Application of Steam, ib., 1835, pp. 44-49. 

The application of expansive Steam, ib., 
1836, pp. 70-76. 

The Duty and Horse-power of Steam Engines. 
ib., 1837, pp. 70-76. 

On Expansion Diagrams, etc. ib., 1838, pp. 





ENYS, John Samuel. (Con.). 

On Light Vessels, ik, 1842, pt. 2, pp. 72; 
1851, pp. 35. 

On Ships' Fastenings and Steamboats, ib., 
1842, pt. 2, p. 109. 

On Double Cropping as lessening the risk of 
growing Potatoes, ib., 1846, pp. 15-17. 

Floating Light Vessels and Buoys, ib., 1851, 
p. 35. 

On the Construction of Boats, ib., 1854, p. 

Hornblende and Serpentine, ib., 1863, p. 42. 

Probable Course of the Tyrian Ships to Corn- 
wall, ib., 1866, p. 68. 

On the Cell Growth of Timber in reference 
to the thinning of Plantations. Hep. R.I.G., 
1860, p. 46; 1861, pt. 1, pp. 37-39. 

Flint Flakes of Lyell's First Stone Period. 
Jmrn. B.I.G., April, 1867, p. 223-25. 

Experiments on Steam Engines. Brit. Assoc. 
Bep., 1834, p. 104; 1844, p. 90. 

The application to Government for a deposi- 
tory for Mining Eecords. ib., 1839, p. 174. 

A constant Indicator for Steam Engines, ib., 
1841, pp. 307-25 ; 1842, p. 98. 

The performance of Steam Engines in Corn- 
wall. Brit. Assoc. Section, 1836, p. 130. 

The connexion between improvements in Pit- 
works and the duty of Steam Engines in Corn- 
wall, ib., 1841, p. 103. 

Photographs of Quarries near Penryn, showing 
the structure of the Granite, ib., 1858, p. 80. 

EPSILON. pseud., i.e., Edmonds, E. 

ERISEY, Mary. (1727). See KiUigrew, Sir 
Peter (d. 1704). 

ERTHUSYO. pseud., i.e. 

The Traveller or a Shy Fish glancing at " The 
Tuck-Net." A Poem by Erthusyo. Penzance, 
1824, 12°. See Jeffery, John. 

ESPRIELLO, Don Manuel Alvarez, pseud., 
i.e., Southey, Robert. 

ESQUIEOS, Henri Alphonse. b. Paris, 1814. 

L'Angleterre et les Anglais, xxii. Paysage 
et Moeurs de Cornouaille. Bevue des Deux Mondes, 
xlviii, 399-441 (1863). 

Cornwall and its Coasts. By A. Esquires. 
Lond., Chapman and Hall, 1865, 8°., pp. vii 
and 304, 9/-. 


Letter to the King of Arms, from J. Estcott, 

ESTCOTT, John. (Com.). 

Deputy for Devonshire and Corn wall... and con- 
cerning the fees due from John Smyth, of Tre- 
gonnoke, Mrs. Acham, of Plynt, Tho. Hearel, of 
Trenouth, Mrs. Boskawen, Mr. Baud, and Mr. 
Holland. Launceston, 13th May, 1620. Ash- 
molean MSS. {Bod. Lib.), 836, art. 142, fol. 513- 

ETHEEIDGE, Rev. John Wesley, A.M., Ph.D. 
Wesley an Minister in Oornwall, 1833-36 and 
1853-66; b. Youngwoods, Isle of "Wight, 
24th Feb., 1804. d. Camborne, 24th May, 

The Apostolic Ministry and the question of 
its Restoration, considered in an Exposition of 
Part of the Fourth Chapter of the Epistle to 
the Ephesians. By J. W. Etheridge. Falmouth, 
J. Trathan, 1836, 12°., pp. 166. 

Note. — Inscribed to the Wesleyan Society, Fal- 

Jerusalem and Tiberias : Sora and Cordova. A 
Survey of the Religious and Scholastic learning 
of the Jews ; designed as an Introduction to the 
study of Hebrew literature. Lond., 1856, 12°., 
pp. xi and 508, 7/6. 

Note. — The prefatory " Memorandum " is dated 
Penzance, June, 1856. 

The Life of the Rev. Adam Clarke, L.L.D., 
F.A.S....By J. W. Etheridge... 2nd Edition. 
Lond., Mason, 1858, post 8°., pp. viii and 439, 

The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke, D.C.L. 
By J. W. Etheridge... Lond.,, Mason, 1860, post 
8°., pp. viii and 450, 6/-. 

Note.— Preface dated Truro, May, 1860. 

The Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan ben 
Uzziel on the Pentateuch ; with the Fragments 
of the Jerusalem Targum; from the Chaldee. 
By.r. W. Etheridge, M. A... Genesis and Exodus 
[vol. i]. Lond., Longmans, 1862, 12°., pp. viii 
and 580. — Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuterono- 
my [vol. ii]. Lond., Longmans, 1865, 12°.. pp. 

Note.- -Preface to Genesis and Exodus, dated St. 
Austell, Oct. 24, 1862. 

The Sacraments ; a discourse delivered at St. 
Mary's Chapel, Truro, by J. W. Etheridge, 
M.A. Published by request. Truro, printed 
and published by W. J. Clyma, 1865, 12°., pp. 


Faithful Endurance and High Aim. Being 
a Sermon preached on the death of the late 
Rev. J. W. Etheridge, M.A., Ph.D., in Wesley 
Chapel, Camborne, by Thomas Hughes. Lond., 
Hamilton Adams & Co., 1867, 8°., pp. iv and 
114, 2/-. 

Memoir of Miss Mary Anne Job, who died at 




BTHEEIDGE, Ebt. John Wesley. (Con.). 

Trnro, 15th .July, 1834. By Eev. ,T. W. Etheridge. 
Weslmjan Methodist Mag, Ivii, 876 (1834). 

EUSEBIUS EXONIENSIS. pseud., i.e., Pol- 
whele, Rev. K 

EVANS, Miss Rachel {dau. of the Rev. Will. 
Evans), h. Kilworthy House, near Tavistock, 

Home Scenes ; or Tavistock and its Vicinity. 
By R. Evans. Illustrated. Lond., Simpkin ; 
Tavistock, J. L. Commins; 1846, 8°., pp. viii 
and 258. 

Note. — Contains Excursions to Coteliele, PentUlie, 

EVAN'S, Thomas {son of John Evans), b. Bide- 
ford, loth Aug., 1803. 

Copy of a Letter [on Iron and Wooden Ships], 
from Thomas Evans, Esq., Mayor of Bideford, 
and an experienced Ship-builder, to E. 0. Tre- 
gelles, Esq., dated London, 18th Jan., 1850. 
Eep. B.G.P. Soc, 1849, pp. 18-61. 

EVELYN, Anne {dau. of Edward Boscawen, and 
wife of Sir John Evelyn), d. 1751. 

Eight Letters from John Evelyn to his wife, 
1712-27. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 15,949, 
Ff. 50, 56, 58, 63-68, 87. 

EVELYN, John (son of Rich. Evelyn), b. Wot- ■ 
ton, in Surrey, 31st Oct., 1620. d. Wotton, 
27th Feb., 170f 
Life of Mrs. Margaret Godolphin q.v. 

EVEREST, Rev. William Frederick (son of 
Geo. Everest), h. Plymouth, 21st April, 1817. 

A Letter respectfully addressed to the Clergy 
and Laity of Cornwall, on an important subject. 
By the Rev. W. F. Everest, Chaplain of the 
County Gaol. Bodmin, printed by Liddell and 
Son, ».d [I860], 12"., pp. 11. 

EX-ETONIAN, An. pseud., i.e. 

The Comic Adventures of Satan and Peter 
Pindar {i.e., J. Wolcot], in Epistles from Aunt 
Rachel to Aunt Trebitha. Dedicated to the 
Worthy Inhabitants of Cornwall. By an Ex- 
Etonian. Doctor ego. Medians, Pharmacopola, 
sophus. Lond., printed for Allen and West, 
No. 15, Paternoster Row, 1795, 8»., pp. 29, 1/-. 
Note. — Two Epistles, dated from Penzance. 

EXMOUTH, Baron. See Pellew. 

EZEKIEL, Solomon {son of Erxkiel t Ezekiel). 
b. Newton Abbot, Devon, 7th June, 1781. d. 
Penzance, 9th March, 1867. 

Remarks on the Censures of the authorized 
version of the Holy Scriptures, contained in a 
pamphlet by the Rev. Hart Symons ; translated 
from the Hebrew by S. Ezekiel. By John 
Rogers, M.A., Canon of Exeter and Rector of 
Mawnan. Lond., 1822, 16°., pp. 15, 6d. 

The Life of Abraham ; being the first, second, 
and third of a series of Lectures on the Lives 
of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance 
Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diffusion of 
Religious Knowledge, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, 
184-, 12°. 

The Life of Isaac ; being the fourth, fifth, 
and sixth of a series of Lectures on the Lives 
of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance 
Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diff'usion of 
Religious Knowledere, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, 
printed by T. Beare, 1845, 12°., pp. 24. 

A Lecture on the Hebrew Festivals, delivered 
at the Penzance Literary Institute, by S. Ezekiel. 
Penzance, printed by F. T. Vibert, 1847, 12°., 
pp. 26. 

Letter to Sir Rose Price, on the Christianising 
of the Jews. 31st Jan., 1820. Reprinted, 
Corn. Teleg., 13th March, 1867. 

A Lecture on the Passions and Feelings of 
Mankind. 4°., pp. 48. MSS., penes Mv. Henry 
Levin, Penzance. 

F., J. F., Bristol. 

Contentment. Cornish Mag.,iv,l29-32 (1829). 

FAIRFAX, Thomas {eldest son of Ferdinando, 
2nd Baron), 3rd Baron Fairfax, b. Denton, 
in Yorkshire, 17th Jan., 1612. d. Nunapple- 
ton, 12th Nov., 1671. 
The Life of the great Lord Fairfax. . .By C. R. 

Markham. Portrait, etc. Lond., Macmillan, 

1870, 8°., pp. xii and 480. 

Note. — The account of the campaign in Cornwall 
' contained in pp. 261 — 8. 

Letter from Sir Thomas Fairfax to Speaker 

Lenthall, on behalf of various gentlemen of 

Cornwall, whose estatois are under sequestration. 

February 13,1646-7. Tanner MSS. {Bod. Lib.), 

59, a/rt. 415. 

FALMOUTH. See also Boscawen. 

FALMOUTH FAMILY, cf Sir E. Brydges 
Collins Peerage, vi, 62, 183. 





FALMOUTH, Edward {son of George Evelyn, 
3rd Viscount), 4th Viscount and 1st Earl. cr. 
Earl Falmouth. 14th July, 1821. h. 10th 
May, 1787. d. Tregothnan, 29th Dec, 1841. 
cf. Gent. Mag., xvii, 209 (1842). 

A Letter on the subject of tlie re-establishing 
and extending the Stannary Courts of the Dutchy 
of Cornwall. By the Earl of Falmouth. Lond., 
Nichols and Sons, 183G, 8°., pp. 16. 

First Eeport of the Committee appointed at 
a General Meeting of persons connected with 
the Mines of Cornwall, convened by public ad- 
vertisement, at Truro, on the 4th of November, 
1835, in compliance with a requisition to the 
Earl of Falmouth, as Chairman of the Standing 
Committee for Mining affairs, " for the purpose 
of taking into consideration the present state of 
the Vice- Warden's Courts, and other matters 
relating to the Mining interests of Cornwall." 
Dated and signed Jan. 23, 1836, 8"., pp. 12. 

FALMOUTH, Evelyn {eldest son of Rev. John 
Evelyn Boscawen, Canon of Canterbury and 
B. of Wotton, Surrey). 6th Viscount. 6.18th 
March, 1819. cf. Eailey's Monthly Mag., vii, 
1-3 (1863). 

FALMOUTH, George Evelyn {eldest son of 
Admiral Edward Boscawen). 3rd Viscount. 
b. 6th May, 1758. d. 14th Feb., 1808. cf 
European Mag., liii, 103 (1808) ; Gejit. Mag., 
Ixxviii, 181 (1808). 

FALMOUTH, George Henry {only son of 
Edward, 1st Earl). 5th Viscount and 2nd Earl. 
b. Newbury, 8th July, 1811. d. London, 29th 
Aug., 1852. cf Gent. Mag., xxxviii, 425 

FALMOUTH, Hugh {son of Hugh, 1st Viscount 
Falmouth). 2nd Viscount, b. 1720. d. Bath, 
4th Feb., 1782. cf Gent. Mag., Hi, 94 (1782) ; 
European Mag., xxx, 158 (1796); Beatson's 
Naval Hist. ; J. Mcholls' Recollections and Re- 
flections, i, 186-7. 

FALMOUTH, Viscountess M. F. E. See Bos- 
cawen, M. F. E. 

FANSHAWE, Lady Anne {dau. of Sir John 
Harrison, and wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe). 
b. St. Olaves, Hart Street, London, 25th 
March, 1625. d. 20th Jan., 16i§. 

Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe ... Written by 
herself. To which are added extracts from the 
correspondence of Sir R. Fanshawe. Lond., 
Colburn, 1829, 8"., pp. Ixiii and 395, 9/-.— New 
ed., 1830, 8°., pp. vii and 332. 

Note.— Account of Lady PanBhawe's stay in Corn- 
wall and the Scilly Isles, 1st ed., pp. 55—62, 2nd ed 
pp. 71—75. ■' 

FARINGTON, Joseph, R.A. b. 1742. d. Parr's 
Wood, near Manchester, 30th Dec, 1821. 

Britannia Depicta. See Byrne, W. 

FARNABY, Giles, of the family of Farnaby 
of Truro ; Christ Church, Oxford. Admitted 
Mus. Bac. 1592. cf Bliss' Wood {Fasti), ii, 
257 ; Hawkins' Hist, of Music, iii, 367. 

Cantvs. Canzonets to fowre voyces, with a 
song of eight parts. Compiled by G. Farnaby, 
Bachilar of Musicke. Lond., printed by Peter 
Short, dwelling on Bread-street hil, at the signe 
of the Star, 1598, 4"., pp. xxi. 

Note. — There are distinct volumes also, for the 

scores of the altvs, tenor, and bassvs. 

A Nosegay of Spring Flowers. Madrigal, in 
four voices. The music by Giles Farnaby, A.D. 
1598. The poetry by Thomas Oliphant, Esq. 
Lond., Addison and Hodder, 210, Regent Street 
n.d. [1847], 4°., pp. 5, 2/-. 

The Whole Booke of Psalmes . . . newly cor- 
rected and enlarged by Tho. Rauenscroft. 1621, 
8°.— Reprinted by W. H. Havergal, 1845, 8". 

Note.— Contains Psalm 119, by G. Farnaby, pp. 
206— 14, reprint p. 42; Ps. 121, pp. 214—16, ih., p. 44; 
Ps. 122, pp. 216—18, lb., p. 44; Ps. 125, pp. 220—22. 
ib., p. 47. 

FARNABY, Thomas {son of T. Farnaby, and 
grandson of — Farnaby, Mayor of Truro). A 
Schoolmaster in Cornwall m 1596. b. London, 
circa 1575. d. Sevenoaks, 12th June, 1647. 
cf Bliss' Wood, iii, 213; Aihin's Gen. Biog.; 
English Cyclop. 

Note.— Wood says, speaking of T. Farnaby, "when 
he landed in Cornwall his distresses made him stoop so 
low as to be an abodarian, and several were taught their 
hornbook by him." 

M. Val. Martialis Epigrammaton libri, anim- 
adversi, emendati, et commentariolis luculenter 
explicati. Londini, excudebat Felix Kingstonius 
impensis Gulielmi Welby, 1615, 8"., pp. 392.— 
Sedani, Typis Joannis Jannoni Academiae Typo- 
graphi, 1624, 8°., pp. 342. 

Note. — The dedication in both editions is signed 
Tho. Farnaby, and commences " Virtutis juxtaac stem- 
matis splendore insigni v. vere nobiU, D. Boberto Kille- 
grseo, equiti aurato, &o." 

FARNHAM, Rev. John. Curate of Lanteglos 
juxfa Camelford 1722-40. bur. Lanteglos, 
10th June, 1740. 

Catalogue of the Libraries of Rev. Mr. Farn- 
ham, of Camelford, Rev. Mr. Edwards, of Oke- 
hampton, and Rev. Mr. Odam. 1746. 

FARNINGHAM, Marianne. pseud.,ie., Hearne, 
Mary Anne. 




FATHERS, Rev. John. R. of StokecUmsland. 

Ejected 1662. cf. Palmer's Noncon. Memorial 

(1775), i, 290. 

The Strife of Brethren ; and a Treaty for 
Peace. Two Sermons. The one preached at 
the Morning Lecture, in the Citie of London ; 
the other, more enlarged, in another congrega- 
tion. By J. Fathers, Master in Arts. Lend., 
printed by Matthew Simmons, and are to be 
sold by Christopher Meredith, at the Crane, in 
Paul's Churchyard ; 1648, sm. 4°., pp. 26 and 
Epistle Dedicatory unpaged. Br. Museum. 

The content of a wayfaring man ; and the 
accompt of a Minister's removall. Two Sermons. 
The one preached at the morning lecture, in the 
Citie of London ; the other, more enlarged, in 
another congregation. By J. F[athers], M.A. 
Lond., printed by Matthew Simmons, 1648, 
sm. 4°. Pagination of first sermon (in continu- 
ation of previous volume), pp. 29-41, of second 
sermon, pp. 45-75. Br. Museum. 

Note.- — The first sermon is dedicated to John, Lord 
Eoberts, Baron of Truro ; the second to Francis Buller, 
Member of the House of Commons ; in which he men- 
tions the '• publick acknowledgments of what I owe unto 
your family, for my first induction into a pastoral 

FAWCETT, Henry, M.P. {sonof Will. Fawcett). 

b. Salisbury, 1833. 

On the distress in Cornwall. The Times, 23rd 
Aug., 1866. 

FENNELL, Rev. John. 

An Account of the Death of Mrs. H. Barni- 
coat, dated Falmouth, Oct. 23, 1799. Methodist 
Mag., xxiii, 304-7 (1800). 

Cjpy of a Letter from Mr. John Fletcher, by 
J. Fennell, dated Penzance, 23rd July [1800]. 
ib.,xxiv, 91-93 (1801). 

An Account of the Death of S. Taylor, dated 
Penzance, Jan. 12, 1801. ih., xxiv, 531-33. 

FENTON, John. d. 8th Jan., 1864. bur. 

Manorowen, near Fishguard. 

Names of places in Cornwall. By J. Fenton, 
Bodmor Lodge, near Glynmel, Fishguard. 
JrchcBol. Camb., ix, 72-73 (1863j. 

FENWICK, LiEUT.-CoL. William, C.B. and 
K.T.S. (7th son of Thomas FenwicJc). lAeut.- 
Governor of Pendennis Castle 1813-32. b. 
Earsdon, Northumberland, 4th Oct., 1777. 
d. Pendennis Castle, 7th July, 1832. cf Gent. 
Mag., cii, pt. 2, 181 (1832) ; N. & Q., 3 S., 
vii, 342, 387 (1865). 


Memoir of Mrs. E. Berriman, of Penzance, 
who died in 1820. By Mr. Fenwick. Wesleyam 
Methodist Mag., xlv, 693-99 (1822). 

FERRAR, Lieut. William Augustus, b. Dub- 
lin, 6th Feb., 1797. 

Account of the Wreck of the Postboy, 
mouth, 1838, 8°. 


FERRIS, OcTAVius Allen {son of William 
Ferris), b. Truro, 27th Aug., 1805. 

Elementary Lessons in English Etymology, 
with copious exercises... Part I, Separable words. 
By 0. Allen Ferris, formerly a student in Uni- 
versity College, London. Lond., Simpkin, 1862, 
8°., pp. viii and 74. 

FERRIS, Richard. 

The most dangerous and memorable aduenture 
of Richard herris, one of the fiue ordinarie 
messengers of her Maiestie's Chamber, who de- 
parted from Tower Wharfe, on Midsommer day 
last past, with Andrew Hill and William Thomas, 
who vndertooke in a small Whefry Boate to 
rowe by sea to the citie of Bristowe, and are 
now safely returned. Wherein is particularly 
expressed their perils sustained in the said voy- 
age, and the great entertainment they had at 
seuerall places vpon the coast of England, as 
they went, but especially at the said citie of 
Bristow. Published by the sayd Richard Ferris. 
Lond., printed by John Wolfe for Edward White, 
and are to be sold at his shop, being at the litle 
north doore of Pauls, at the signe of the sunne, 
1590, 4". No pagination. 7 leaves. Bod. Lib. 
—Reprinted, Lond., 1863, 4". 

Note. — He visited Looe, St. Mawes, Mount's Bay, 
St. Ives, and Padstow. ef.Journ. B.I.G., pp.i— v, 1864. 

FESTING, Rev. George Arthur, M.A. (son 

of Rev. Chas. Geo. Ruddoclc Festing, V. of Paul). 

V. of Clifton in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, b. 

Witham Friary, Somerset, 1834. 

Dolly Pentreath. N. & Q., 1 S., xii, 500 

FIELD, Frederick. 

On a specimen of Tin-ore hitherto undescribed. 
Brit. Assoc. Sect, 1864, p. 27. 

FIELDING, Henry, b. Sharpham, near Glas- 
tonbury, 1707. d. Lisbon, 8th October, 1754. 
A True state of the Case of Bosavern Penlez. 

(1749), q.v. 

FINGAR OR GWINEAR, St. Came from Ire- 
land circa 460. cf. Acta Sanctorum, 23rd 
March, iii, 455-59 ; Hardj/s Cat. of Materials, 
i, 59. 
Passio Sanctorum Guigneri Fingaris, Pialae 

etsociorum. By Anselm. MS.S'. (?) 13th cent. 

Printed in S. Anselmi opera (ed. Gerberon, Paris, 





1675, fol.), pp. 508-11 J /. Picard's ed. of S. 
Anselni, 1612; Messingham's Florilegium insulae 
sanctorum, pp. 211-16; Migne's Patrologia, clix, 

Note. — The life of S. Fingar cited in Leland, Itin., 
iii, fol. 4, is perhaps a different life to the above. 

FISHER, Rev. John, M.A. 

V. of Veryan, 

A Sermon [on Ps. xxx, 5] preacli'd at the 
Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in Exon, before 
the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Chamber, 
on August the 6th, 1723, being the Anniversary 
of the Deliverance of that City from the Cornish 
Insurrection, in the reign of King Edward the 
Vlth, by J. Fisher, B.A. Lond., printed for 
Edward Score and Nathanael Thorn, Booksellers 
in Exon, 1723, 8°., pp. 27. Br. Museum. 

A Sermon [on Ps. cxxvii, 1] preach'd in the 
Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in Exon, before 
the Rt. Worshipful the Mayor and Chamber, on 
August the 6th, 1725, being the Anniversary of 
the Deliverance of that City from the Cornish 
Insurrection, in the reign of King Edward VI, 
by J. Fisher, M.A., Vicar of St. V'Uryan (sic), 
in Cornwal. PubHsh'd at the request of the 
Mayor. Exon, printed by Andrew Brice, and 
sold by the Booksellers of that City, 1725, 4"., 
pp. 32, 6d. Br. Museum. 

FISHER, Rev. John, B.A. {son of John Fisher). 
Fellow of Magdalen Coll., Oxford; Curate of 
Mawgan 1797-1804; R. of Wavendon, 1805- 
46. J. Bodmin, 13th April, 1774. tZ. Waven- 
don, 23rd December, 1846. 

The Valley of Lanherne and other pieces of 
verse. By John Fisher, A.B. Lond., J. Hatch- 
ard, 1801, 12"., pp. 110, 5/-. 

FISHER, Rev. Thomas. R. of Roche 1819-34; 
R. of Luccomhe 1834-56. d. Luccombe, 4th 
April, 1856, aged 74. 

A Sermon [on Acts x, 38] preached in the 
Parish Church of St. Mary, Truro, in behalf of 
the Cornwall General Infirmary, on Friday, 
August 12th, 1825, being the day appointed 
for the anniversary meeting of that Institution. 
By Rev. T. Fisher, A.M., Rector of Roche. The 
profits of the publication will be given to the 
Infirmary. Bodmin, printed and sold by J. 
Liddell and Son; Lond., Whittaker; 1825, 8°. 

A Sermon preached at the Bishop's Visitation, 
held in Bodmin, on Friday, Sept. 6, 1833, by 
T. Fisher, A.M., Rector of Roche, Cornwall. 
Bodmin, printed and sold by Liddell and Son 
1833, 8"., pp. 26, 


Devonshire and Cornwall illustrated (1832). 
See Brayley, Edwd. Wedlake. 

FISSACRE, Rev. Robert. Prior of Launceston; 
resigned 1261. of Tanner MSS. {Bod. Lib.), 
196, art. 11 ; Oliver's Monasticon, p. 22. 

FITTON, William Heney, M.D., F.R.S. b. 
Dublin, 1780. d. London, 13th May, 1861. 

On the Porcelain Earth of Cornwall. T. 
Thomson's Annals of Philos., iii, 180-84 (1814). 

FITZ-GEFFRY, Alexander, b. Bedford, d. 

Exeter, cf 0. Fitz-Geffry's Affanim[Cenotaphia]; 
Cooper's Ath. Cantab., ii, 86. 

FITZ-GEOFFRY, Rev. Charles {son of thepre- 
ceding). R. of St. Dominiclc. b. Fowey, 1575. 
d. St. Dominick, 22nd Feb., 163f. cf Bliss' 
Wood, ii, 607-9; Chalmers; British Bibliogra- 
pher, ii, 116, 260, 267 ; Brydges Phillip^ 
Tlieatrum Poetarum. 

Sir Francis Drake, his honorable life's com- 
mendation and his tragical! deathe's lamentation. 
At Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes, and are 
to bee solde in Paul's Church-yard, at the signe 
of the Bible, 1596, 8". No pagination. Br. 
Museum and Bod. Lib. 

Note. — cf. Collier's Bibliog. Account of the Rarest 
Books, dc, additions, p. iv. 

Sir Francis Drake, &c. Newly printed, with 
additions. Oxford, 1596, 8°. No pagination. 
Bod. Lib. 

Note. — Preface dated Broadgate Hall, November 
17, 1596. 

The Life and Death of Sir F. Drake. By C. 
Fitz-Geffrey. [Ed. by Sir S. E. Brydges]. Kent, 
printed at the private press at Lee Priory, by 
John Warwick, 1819, 8"., pp. xxiii and 101. 
Note. — A reprint of the preceding. 

Caroli Fitzgeofridi Affaniae ; sive Epigramma- 
tvm libri tres. Ejusdem Cenotaphia. Oxonise, 
Excudebat Josephvs Barnesivs, 1601, 8". No 
pagination. Br. Museum, Bod. Lib. 

Death's Sermon [on Eccles. vii, 2] vnto the 
Liuing ; dehvered at the Funerals of the Religious 
Ladie Philippe, late Wife unto the Right Wor- 
shipfuU S"' Anthonie Rovs, of Halton in Cornwall, 
Knight, by C. Fitz-Geflfry. Lond., printed by 
W. Stansby for John Parker, and are to bee sold 
at his shop, in Paul's Church-yard, at the signe 
of the Three Pidgeons, 1620, 4"., pp. 32. Br. 

Note. — The dedication, " To my most honovred 
friend, John Pym, Esqvire," commences with, " I present 
you here with that whereat you could not bee present, 
your dearest Mother's Funeral." In other copies the 




FITZ-GBOFFBY, Ebv. Chaeles. (Con.). 

date 1622 occurs on the title page, in -which year a Sermon 
on Sir Anthony Eous was published by Fitz-Geoiiry. 

Elisha. His lamentation for his owne and 
all Israels losse in Elijah. The subiect of a 
Sermon [on II Kings, xi, 12] preached at the 
Funeralls (sic) of the Right Worshipfull Sir 
Anthony Rovs, late of Halton, in Cornwall, 
Knight. By 0. Fitz-Geffry. Lond., printed 
by William Stansby for John Parker, and are 
to be sold at his shop, in Pauls Churchyard, at 
the signe of the Three Pidgeons, 1622, 4°., pp. 
54. Dedication unpaged. Br. Museum. 

Note.- — Dedicated to " The Eight Worshipfull my 
worthy Patron, William Rovs, of Halton, Esquire." 
cf. Wilford's Memorials and Characters (1741), pp. 419, 

The Curse of Corne-horders : with the blessing 
of seasonable selling. In three Sermons, on 
Prov. ii, 26. Begun at the General Sessions for 
the County of Cornwall, held at Bodmyn, and 
continued at Fowy. By C. Fitz-Geffrie. Printed 
at London, by I. B., for Edward Dight, dwelling 
in Excester, 1631, 4"'., pp. 56. £r. Museum. 

Note. — Dedicated "To the truly ennobled and 
rightly honored, Sir Eeginald Mohvne, Knight and 

God's Blessing upon the Providers of Oorne ; 
and God's curse upon the Hoarders. Read, 
judge, and consider God's judgements by the 
sword, plague, famine. Together with the Corn 
imported into London Port in four moneths. 
By C. F.— G[effry]. Lond., printed for M. S., 
1648, 4°., pp. 56. Br. Museum. 

Note. — A reprint of the preceding, with a new 
title-page, and a page prefixed, containing an account of 
the Corn imported into London from August to Novem- 
ber, 1647. The pages are headed " The curse of Corne- 

The Blessed Birth-Day, celebrated in some 
Pious Meditations on the Angels' Anthem. 
Luke ii, 14. Also Holy Raptures in contempla- 
ting some of the most observable adjuncts about 
our Saviour's nativitie. By C. Fitz-Geffry. Ox- 
ford, printed by John Lichfield, Printer to the 
University ; and are to be sold by Edward For- 
rest; An. Dom. 1634, 8°., pp. 55. Bod. Lib. 

The Blessed Birth-Day. . .Second Edition, with 
additions. Oxford, imprinted by Leonard Lich- 
field, 1636, 8°. 

The Blessed Birth-Day. . . [3rd Edition], Lond., 
printed by T. M., for Stephen Chatfield, and are 
to be sold at his shop, in the Middle of St. 
Dunstan's Church-yard, in Fleet-street, 1654, 
8°., pp. 38. Br. Museum. 

Note. — ef. Censura Literaria, vi, 234 ; ix, 44, 53. 

Compassion towards captives, chiefly towards 
our bretheren and countrymen, who are in 
miserable bondage in Barbariej urged and 

PITZ-GEOFFEY, Etsv. Charles. {Con.). 

pressed in three sermons on Heb. 13, 3, preached 
in Plymouth, in October, 1636, by C. Fitz- 
Geffry. Whereunto are annexed an epistle of 
St. Cyprian, concerning the Redemption of the 
bretheren from the bondage of Barbarians, and 
a passage concerning the benefits of Compassion, 
extracted out of St. Ambrose, his second booke 
of offices, cap. 28. Oxford, printed by Leonard 
Lichfield for Edward Forrest, An. Dom. 1637, 
4«- Br. '- 

Note. —The extracts from Cyprian and Ambrose 
are unpaged, but the register is continuous. The 
Sermon is dedicated to " The Worshipfvll John Cavse, 
Maior of Plymovth." 

The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey, 
Cardinell ... By Thomas Storer, Student of 
Christ-Church, in Oxford. At London, printed 
by Thomas Dawson, 1592, 4°. Br. Museum. 

Note — Prefixed to this are two copies of Latin 
verses and two English sonnets, by C. Fitz-Geoffry. 

England's Parnassus ; or the choysest Flowers 
of our Moderne Poets, with their PoeticaU com- 
parisons... whereunto are annexed other various 
discourses, both pleasant and profitable. Im- 
printed at London for N. L., C. B., and T. H., 
1600, 8°., pp. 510. 

Note. — This collection of Poetry, which was erron- 
eously ascribed to Fitz-Geofiry by Anthony A. Wood, is 
really the work of Eobert Allot. It contains however 
20 extracts from Fitz-Geoffry's Poetry, ef. Censwa 
Literaria, vii, 372. 

Oxoniensis academies funebre officium in me- 
moriam...Elisabeth8e, Anglise Reginse. Oxon, 
1603, 4°. 

AcademiBe Oxoniensis pietas erga...Jacobum, 
Anglise regem. Oxon, 1603, 4°. 

Note. — The above two works contaiB verses by C. 

Microcosmos. The discovery of the little 
world, with the government thereof. By John 
Davies [of Hereford]. At Oxford, printed by 
Joseph Barnes... 1603, pp. 254 and 15 unnum- 
bered pages. Br. Museum. 

Note.— Prefixed is a copy of verses signed Charles 
Fitz- Jeffry, and entitled " Upon the Discoverie of the 
little World, by Master John Davies." 

The Golden-Grove, moralized in three Books 
...made by W. Vaughan.,,The second edition. 
Imprinted at London, by Simon Stafford.. .1608, 
8°. Br. Museum. 

Note. — Prefixed is a copy of verses signed Charles 
Fitz-Gefirey, and entitled "In praise of the Golden- 
grove, moralized by Master Vaughan." 

Letter from C. Fitzgeoffry, dated Fowey, 
March, 1633, giving an account of the thunder- 
storm. MSS. at KimMton Castle. 

A Latin Epigram on Thomas Clifford, of 
Devonshire. MSS. formerly penes Rev. John 




FITZ-GEOFFEY, Eev. Chakles. (Con.). 

Epigrammaton Joannis Dvnbari Megalo-Brit- 
anui CentvriEe sex Decades totidem. Londini, 
ex Typographeo Thomse Purfootij, 1616, 8°., 
pp. 220. £r. Miiseum. 

Note. — Century II, No. xvi, Ad Carolmn Fitzgeo- 

The Scourge of Folly ; consisting of Satyricall 
Epigrams and others in honour of many noble 
persons and worthy friends. [By John Davies, 
of Hereford]. At London, printed by E. A., 
for Eichard Eedmer, 1620, 8°., pp. 264. £r. 

Note.— Epigram (p. 214) " To my deere friend Mr. 
Charles Fitz-Jeffery." 

Quodlibets, lately come over from New Britan- 
niola, old Newfound-land. By E. H[ayman], 
sometimes Governor of the Plantation there. 
Lond., 1628, 4». 

Note.— Book i, No. iii, is addressed " To the Eever- 
end, Learned, Acute, and Witty Master Charles Fitz- 
Geoffery, Bachelor in Divinity, my especiaU kind friend, 
most exceUeut Poet." 

Nocturnall Lucubrations... whereunto are ad- 
ded Epigrams and Epitaphs, written by Eob. 
Chamberlain. Lond., printed by M. F., for 
Daniel Frere...l638, 8o., pp. 89 and Epigrams, 
&c., unpaged. Br. Museum. 

Note.— One of the Epitaphs is " On the death of 
Mr. Charles Fitz-Geffrays, Minister of God's word." 

FITZ-GEOEFEY, Henry (son of the preceding). 

cf. Bhsi Wood, ii, 608 ; Welch's List of West- 
minster Scholars (ed. 1852), p. 81. 

Certayn. Elegies done by svndrie excellent 
wits, with satyres and epigrames. Lond., printed 
1617, sm. 8". 'i' > 

Certaine Elegies, etc. Lond., printed by B. A., 
for MUes Partriche, and are to be solde at his 
shoppe, neare Saint Dunston's Church, in Fleet- 
streete, 1618, 8°. Not paged. Br. Museum. 

Certayne Elegies, etc. Lond., printed by B. A., 
for Miles Partriche, and are to be solde at his 
shoppe, neare Saint Dunstan's Church, in Fleet 
Streete, n.d., 8°. Bod. Lib. 

Certaine Elegies, etc. Lond., printed for 
Thomas Jones, and are to be solde at his shoppe 
m Chancery Lane, ouer against the Eoles, 162o' 
8°. Not paged. Bod. Uh. 

Certaine Elegies, etc. Colophon, reprinted at 
the Beldomie Press [Eyde, Isle of Wight! bv 
G. E. Pahner for Edwd. V. Utterson, in the year 
1843, 8°. ' 

Note.— A facsimile of the edition of 1620, only 12 
copies prmted. •' 

FITZGEOFPEY, Eev. Mr. {son of Rev 0. 
Fitzgeoffry). <?. Tamerton. cf Walker' s Suffer- 
ings, Jpp., 416. •" 

FITZ-PEN, alias Phippen, Owen. b. Melcombe, 
1582. A Lamorran, 17th March, 1636. bur 
Truro, cf N. & Q., 3 S., ii, 409, 515 (1862) "• 
iii, 33 (1863). 

FLAMANK, Eev. Henry. V. ofLanivet. Ejected 
1662. Chaplain to Sir Hardress Waller at 
Pendennis Castle, d. Tavistock, 1693. cf. 
Palmer's Nonconformists Memorial (1775^ i 
278-9; Jmrn. B.LC, Oct., 1865, p. 74. " ' 

FLAMANK, James (third son of George Flor 
manh). b. Exeter. Eesident sometime at St. 
Austell and many years at Penzance. 

Treatise on Happiness. Anon. Lond., Long- 
man, 1832, 2 vols., post 8"., 21/-. 

Natural Influence of Speech in raising Man 
above the Brute Creation. Anon. Lond Whit- 
taker, 1834, 12"., pp. 223, 5/-. 

The Land of Vision ; or Glimpses of the Past, 
the Present, and the Future. Arwn. Lond' 
Hatchard, 1835, post 8"., pp. 317, 8/-. ' 

The Curate of Steinhollt ; a Tale of Iceland. 
Anon. Lond., Longman, 1837, 2 vols., post 8°. 

Tracings of Men and Things. By Trevelyan 
Turnham, Esq. [i.e., J. Flamankl. Lond., Hope 
and Co., 1854, 80., pp. 265, 5/-. 

Mind and Manner; or Diversities of Life. 
By J. Flamank. Lond., Longman, 1870 [18691 
8°., pp. vi and 282, 7/6. 

On the cause of the Meteorological Pheno- 
mena observed in the Mount's Bay, by Mr. 
Kenwood. Lond. & Edinb. Philos. Mag., iv, 

FLAMANK, Jewart. Temp. Hen. FIJI. 

Letter from E. Chamond to J. Flamank. See 
Chamond, E. 

FLAMANK, John. d. 1541. 

Award [of Will Carnsuyowe, Nicholas Opy, 
and Cristofer Tredenek] in a Dispute between 
Thomas, Bishop of Megarence and Prior of the 
House and Church of our Lady and St. Petrok 
of Bodmyn, and John Flamank, respecting 
Eothyn More. Cart. Antiq. Earl, 44, H 20, 
dated 10th Hen. VIIL [App., xi, R Gilbert's 

FLAMANK, Eichard. 

Award of John Treffry, Thomas Brown, and 
others, m a Dispute between the Prior of Bod- 
myn and Eichard Flamank, Esq., respecting 
Land m Little Boscarn and Dynmur, dated 12 

D. Gilbert's Cornwall]. i ri' , > 




FLAMATSTK, Rev. Roger (elder brother of Bev. 
H. Flamank). V. of Sithney. Ejected 1662. 
d. St. Enoder, aged 87. cf. Palmer's Noncon. 
Mem. (1775), i, 289-90. 

FLAVELL, Eev. Thomas {son of Rev. John 
Flavell). V. of Mxdlion ; B. of Buan Major ; 
Prebend, of Exeter I8th Jan., 1660. b. Somer- 
set, d. Exeter, 26th Oct., 1682. bur. Mullion. 
cf. Blisi Wood, iv, 323-26 ; Walker's Suffer- 
ings, pt. ii, 240. 


Descent of Fletcher, of Cury, from the Visi- 
tation of 1620. Earl. MSS., 1052, art. 291. 

FLETCHER, Rev. John Rooke, B.D. (son of 
Bev. J. K. Fletcher). V. of Quethiock, 23rd 
Nov., 1816 ; B.of Lydford. 

The happiness of true wisdom ; a sermon [on 
Prov. iii, 13] preached in the parish church of 
Totness, Devon, in aid of the school in that 
town, for the instruction of poor children in the 
principles of the established church. By J. R. 
Fletcher, Vicar of Quethioke, Cornwall, and 
Curate of Diptford (sic), Devon. Lond., Riving- 
ton, 1818, 8"., pp. 23. 

The Judgments of God. A Sermon [on Isa. 
xxvi, pt. of verse 9] preached in the parish church 
of Quethiock, Cornwall, on the 21st March, 
1832, being the day appointed for a general 
fast, in consequence of that grievous disease 
which has visited several places in this kingdom. 
By .lohn R. Fletcher, Vicar of Quethiock, Corn- 
wall, and Rector of Lidford, Devon. Devonport, 
W. Byers, printer, Fore Street ; Lond., Riving- 
ton; 1832, 8°., pp. 19. 

Note. — Dedicated to the mhabitants of Quethiock. 

FLINDELL, Thomas, b. Helford, in Manaccan. 
d. Exeter, 11th July, 1824. cf Polwhele's 
Cornwall, v, 89-93 ; Timperley's Typographical 
Did., pp. 853, 879, 893; Andrews' Hist, of 
British Journalism, ii, 68-69 ; Life of S. Drew 
(1834), pp. 126, 369-72. 
The Doncaster Gazette. Ed. by T. Flindell. 

The Holy Bible ; containing the Old and New 
Testaments and the Apocrypha, illustrated with 
annotations, historical, critical, practical, and 
spiritual ; and a chronological index of events 
from the creation of the world to the destruction 
of Jerusalem by the Romans. To which is pre- 
fixed a copious introduction, exhibiting a full and 
systematic exposition of the Sacred Scriptures. 
By the Revd. John Whitaker, Rector of Ruan- 
Lanyhorne, Cornwall... Vol. i, Falmouth, printed 
by T. Flindell; sold in London by Ohampante 

FLINDELL, Thomas. (Con.). 

and Whitrow, Jewry Street, Aldgate; H. D. 
Symonds and T. Hurst, Paternoster Row ; and 
Mathews, in the Strand; 1800, 4". 

Note. — Title and introduction [signed John Whit- 
ater, Eiian-Lanyhorne, June 27, 1800], pp. xxii. Dedi- 
cation, " To the inhabitants of the County of Cornwall 
this work is most respectfully dedicated, by their very 
humble servant the Editor," p. i. Names and order of 
all the books of the Old and New Testament, p. i. Then 
follows, without pagination, the Old Testament from 
Genesis to Malachi. The Apocrypha and New Testa- 
ment were never published. Whitaker wrote the Intro- 
duction and Notes on Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel ; 
and the Eev. E. Polwhele wrote the Notes on the other 
books. This work came out in numbers. Nos. i — xxx, 
read " Helston, printed at the Stannary Press, by T. Flin- 
dell, 1799"; No. xxxi, "Falmouth, T. FHndell, 1800." 
The XXX and xxxi numbers contain Whitaker's introduc- 
tion. This is a very scarce book : W. J. Mumford, Esq., 
Content, St. Mary's, Scilly, is the owner of a copy. cf. 
A Letter from Eev. B. Polwhele, in Gent. Mag., xoviii, 
10, 1828 ; Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, iii, 58. 

The Cornwall Gazette and Falmouth Packet. 
Published at Falmouth on every Saturday. By 
T. Flindell. 1801. 

The Royal Cornwall Gazette and Falmouth 
Packet ; or General Advertiser for the Western 
Counties. A weekly paper. Ed. by T. Flindell. 
First number published at Truro, Saturday, 2nd 
July, 1803. 

The Western Luminary. Established by T. 
Flindell at Exeter, 1813. 

The Trial, Defence, and Sentence of T. Flin- 
dell, of Exeter, for a libel on the Queen. Pub- 
lished in the Western Luminary, 11th July, 
1820. Exeter, 1820, 8°. 

Prison Recreations. The Philosophy of Reason 
and Revelation attempted, with a view to the 
Restoration of the Theory of the Bible on the 
Ruins of Infidelity. By an Uneducated Man 
\ie,T. Fhndell]. Exeter, printed at the Western 
Luminary Office, by T. Flindell, 1822, 8»., pp. 
xii and 208. Colophon, p. 200, Exeter, printed 
by W. C. Pollard, North Street. 

Note.— Preface dated Exeter, 1822, and signed T. 
Flindell. Mr. W. P. Courtney has the author's presen- 
tation copy to Mr. Budd, which contains a copy of the 
letter which accompanied the book. It appears that 
these two gentlemen having hitherto been political 
enemies, Mr. Flindell concludes by stating that he is 
coming to Truro, " when it shall not be my fault if we 
do not shake hands." 

Song written for the Institution of the Devon 
and Exeter Pitt Club, in 1814. New Monthly 
Ma^., iv, 36-7 (1815). „^ ^ 

On hearing of the death of Fras. Gregor, ot 
Trewarthenick, July, 1815. ib., v, 160 (1816). 

FOOTE, Samuel (son of John Foote). b. Truro, 
1679. d. Truro, 12th March, 1754. bur. St. 
John Prowse, Gent., v. Samuel Foote, Esq., 




FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

Mayor of Truro. An Appeal case before the 
House of Lords, 1725, fol. 

Mandamus to admit S. Ffoot into the office of 
Alderman of Truro. if-S'iS'. formerly at Stoioe 
" Parliament Becords," No. cvii. cf. O'Oonor's Bih- 
liotheca Stowensis, Ji, 339. 

FOOTE, Samuel {2nd son of the preceding), 
bapt. Truro, 27th Jan., 1720. d. Dover, 21st 
Oct., 1777. bur. Westminster Abbey, 30th 
Oct. cf. Cheiwood's Gen. Hist, of the Stage 
(1749), pp. 152-56 ; The Actor, or a Treatise 
on the Art of Playing (Lond., 1750, 12°.), pp. 
156, 166, 273; Thos. Dames' Life of John 
Henderson (1777), pp. 14-20, 30-32 ; H. Wal- 
pole's Journ. of George III, from 1771-83, i, 
499 ; /. Ireland's Letters, etc., of John Hender- 
son (1786), pp. 126-30, 188; Life and Mem. 
of Elizabeth Chudleigh {Duchess of Kingston), 
Lond., E. Randall, 1788, 4°., pp. 15-20; 
Tate Wilkinson's Mem. of his otvn Life (Dublin, 
1791, 3 vols., 8°.), passim ; Boswell's Johnson, 
passim ; /. T. Kirkm,an's Mem. of C. MacUin, 
i, 292, 361-62, 406; T. Dames' Garrich, passim; 
TFilson's Wonderful Characters, i, 248-69, 400 
-406 ; /. GradocKs Lit. and Miscell. Mem., 
i, 30-35, 95 ; Life of Countess of Huntingdon, 
i, 208-9, ii, 425 ; W. T. Parke's Musical Mem., 
ii, 305-7 ; Diary of H. C. JRobinson, i, 10, 
345; Colman's Bandom Becords, i, 113-14, 
121, 229-35, 252-54, ii, 69-70; Gent. Mag., 
xxviii, 44 (1758), xxxii, 8 (1762), xxxiii, 45, 
xxxiv, 382, XXXV. 253, 297, xxxvi, 100, 339, 
xxxix, 567, xl, 98, xliii, 101 (1773), xlv, 
390-92, xlvii, 44, 508, 534, 625 (1777), 
Ixxx^iii, pt. 2, 304 (1818) ; Annual Begister 
(Characters), 1777, pp. 27-31 ; EuropeanMag., 
XXV, 14-16 (1794); N. & Q., 2 S., v, 22-24, 
85-87, 216 (1858), xii, 122(1861); Chambers' 
Journ., vii, 229-31 (1838); Chambers' Book of 
Days, ii, 476-79; Faulkner's Account of Fulliam, 
pp. 331-35 ; Churchill's Bosciad (1761), pp. 
2, 12, 13. 

The genuine Memoirs of the Life of Sir John 
Dinely Goodere, Bart., virho was murder'd by the 
contrivance of his own brother, on board the 
Euby Man-of-War, in King-Eoad, near Bristol, 
Jan. 19, 1740, Together with the life, history, 
tryal, and last dying words of his brother, Capt. 
Samuel Goodere, who was executed at Bristol, 
on Wednesday, 15th April, 1741... Dedicated to 
the Rt. Worshipful Henry Combe, Mayor of 
Bristol. By S. Foote, of Worcester-College, 
Oxford, and nephew to the late Sir J. D. Goodere, 
Bart. Lond., printed and sold by T. Cooper, in 
Paternoster Row, n.d. [1741'!], 8°., pp. 36, 6d. 

Note. — " An account of the trial of S. Goodere, 
Esq., and Matthew Mahony. . .for the murder of Sir 

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

J. D. Goodere," is printed in W. Cooke's Memoirs of 
Foote, iii, 209—20. 

A full and true account of the horrid murders, 
etc., and of the trial and conviction of John 
Palmer, etc... Likewise the memoir [by S. Foote] 
of the life and death of Sir J. Dineley Good- 
ere, Bart., who was murdered by the contrivance 
of his own brother, Capt. S. Goodere, on board 
the Euby Man-of-War, in King-Road, near Bris- 
tol, Jan. 19, 1740-41. Two parts. Worcester, 
printed and sold by J. Butler, in High Street, 
1782, 4°., pp. 84 and 24,. 2/6. 

Note. — Each part has a distinct title-page, pagina- 
tion, and register. Memoir of Sir J. D. Goodere, pp. 

The Diversions of the Morning. An Enter- 
tainment. By S. Foote. 1747. Not printed. 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket, 22nd 
April, 1747. This entertainment was stopped by the 
Westminster Magistrates on the second representation, 
under a law limiting the playhouses in London to two 
only. However, on the 24th April Foote issued an ad- 
vertisement, inviting his friends "to come and drink a 
dish of Chocolate with him " ; subsequently, namely on 
the 1st June, " Mr. Foote's friends are desired to drink 
a cup of tea with him." By this Blight evasion of the 
law, " The Diversions of the Morning " was played for 
35 nights. In March, 1748, the invitation was called 
" Taking Chocolate in Ireland." 

An Auction of Pictures. An Entertainment. 
By S. Foote. 1748. Not printed. 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket in the 
spring of 1748. 

A Treatise on the Passions, so far as they re- 
gard the stage. With a critical enquiry into 
the theatrical merits of Mr. G[arric]k, Mr. 
Q[ui]n, and Mr. B[arr]y. The first considered 
in the part of Lear, the two last opposed in 
Othello. Anon. Lond., printed for C. Corbet, 
against St. Dunstan's-Church, Fleet Street, n.d. 
[1747], 8°., pp. 44, 1/-. 

A Letter of Compliment to the ingenious 
author of A Treatise on the Passions [i.e., S. 


Signed J. T. 
i°., pp. 47. 

Lond., C. Corbertt, n.d. 

The Roman and English Comedy consider'd 
and compar'd. With remarks on the "Sus- 
picious Husband " [by Benjamin Hoadley], and 
an examen into the merits of the present comic 
actors. By S. Foote, Esq. Lond., printed for 
T. Waller, in Fleet-Street [March], 1747, 8"., pp. 
45, 1/-. 

The Knights ; a comedy, in two acts [and in 
prose], as it is performed at...Drury Lane. By 
S. Foote. Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, op- 
posite Southampton Street, in the Strand, 1754, 
8°., pp. vi and 47, 1/-. — Glasgow, printed in the 
year 1758, 12"., pp. 35. —Lond. Theatrical 
Magazine (1778), ii, pp. 10. — Supplement to 




FOOTE, Samoel. {Con.). 

John Bell's "British Theatre," i, 252-81.— 
Modern British Drama (1811), v, 249-60. 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 1748. 
It contains references to Cornwall. 

A new scene for the comedy called The 
Knights, or Fresh Tea for Mr. Foote. Lond., 
printed for J. Scott, in Fleet Street, 1758, 8"., 

PP- 1^- 

Mr. Foote's original address to the public. 

[Inverse]. [DubUn (^), 1750 (^)], s. sh.,fol. Br. 


Note. — A Poem of 46 lines, commencing " Hush I 
let me search before I speak aloud." 

Taste ; a comedy of two acts [and in prose], 
as it is acted at the Theatre-Eoyal, in Drury 
Lane. By Mr. Foote. Lond., printed for R. 
Francklin, in Russel-Street, Covent Garden, 
1752, 8"., pp. ix and 28, 1/-. — 2nd ed., Lond., 
printed for R. Francklin... 1753, 8^., pp. xii and 
34^ l/-.^-3rd ed., Lond., printed for T. Lowndes, 
in Fleet Street... 1765, 8°., pp. xii and 34, 1/-. 
—Lend., Theatrical Magazine (1777), ii, pp. 6. — 
Lend., 1779, 8".— Supplement to John Bell's 
" British Theatre," 163-83. — Lond., printed for 
W. Lowndes... 1799, 8°., pp. xi and 28, 1/-. 

Note. — First produced by D. Garrick, at Drury Lane, 
11th Jan , 1752, and acted 5 times. It mainly consists 
of selections from the characters in " The Diversions," 
1747, and "An Auction," with a thread of story suffi- 
cient to connect them for dramatic purposes. 

The Englishman in Paris. A comedy in 2 
acts [and in prose] as it is performed at Covent 
Garden. By S. Foote. Lend., printed for Paul 
Vaillant, 1753, 80., pp. 51, with Epilogue 
unpaged,l/-. — Lond.,TheatricalMagazine'1778), 
ii, pp. 10.— Supp. to J. Bell's " British Theatre," 
iii, 80-103. 

NoTEi— First produced at Covent Garden, 24th 
March, 1753, under the title of An Answer to a French 
Farce, called " The Frenchman in London." 

The Inquisition. A diversion. By S. Foote. 
1754. Not printed. 

Note.— Played for a few nights at the Haymarket, 
in 1754. 

The Actor; or a Treatise on the art of Playing. 
A new work, written by the author of the 
former [Sir J. Hill, M.D.], and adapted to 
the present state of the Theatres, containmg 
impartial observations on the performance, etc 
of Mr. Garrick....Mr. Foote, etc. Lond., prmted 
for E. Griffiths, at the Dunciad, in Pater-noster 
Row, 1755, 12°., pp. 284. 

Note.— Account of S. Foote, pp. 156, 166, 273. 

The Englishman returned from Paris, being 
the sequel t6 The Englishman in Pans. A farce 
in 2 acts [and in prose], as it is performed at the 

FOOTS, Samuel. {Con.). 

Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. By S. Foote. 
Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, 1756, 8"., pp. 56, 
1/-.— 2nded., Lond., 1766, 80.— Lond., Theatri- 
cal Magazine (1780), iv, pp. 10. — Supp. to J. 
Bell's " British Theatre," iii, 104-37.— New ed., 
Lond., printed for W.Lowndes, 77, Fleet Street, 
1788, 8°., pp. vi and 47, 1/-.— Modern British 
Drama (1811), V, 261-73. 

Note. — First produced at Covent Garden, 3rd Feb., 

The Green Room Squabble ; or a Battle Royal 
between the Queen of Babylon [Mrs. Woffington] 
,and the Daughter of Darius [Mrs. Bellamy]. A 
Farce. By S. Foote. 1756. , Not printed. 

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote, Esq. Lond., 
printed for P. Vaillant, J. Rivington, etc., n.d. 
[1757-87], 4 vols., 80. 

Note. — This is a coUeotion made up of pieces of 
different dates and editions. 

The Author. A comedy of two acts [in prose], 
as performed at the Theatre Royal, in Drury 
Lane. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for 
R. Francklin, in Russel Street, Covent Garden, 
1757, 8"., pp. 43, 1/-.— Lond., Theatrical 
Magazine (1778 ?), ii, pp. 10.— New ed., Lond., 
printed for T.Lowndes, 77, Fleet Street... 1782, 
8°., pp. 48, Prologue and Epilogue unpaged, 1/-. 
—Supp. to J. Bell's "British Theatre," iii, 214- 
46.— Modern British Drama (1811), v, 274-85. 
—Mrs. Inchbald's " Collection of Farces,"(1815), 
vii, 197-231. 

Note. — First produced by D. Garrick, at Drury 
Lane, 5th Feb., 1757. After being played one season, 
its reproduction was prohibited by the LordChamberlain. 
at the instance of Mr. Aprice, who had been satirized 
in the character of Cadwallader. 

The Diversions of the Morning, altered." A' 
farce in two acts. By S. Foote, 1758. Not 

Note.— Produced at Drury Lane, 17th Oct., 1758. 
Act i is nearly the same as the first of Taste. Act ii is 
printed in J. Bee's Works of S. Foote, i, pp. Ivii— Ixv. 
Will. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, 113—29. For the 
original play see ante under 1747. When this piece was 
reproduced at the Haymarket in 1762, a new second act 
was substituted, called " Lindamira, a Tragedy a la 
Mode, a burlesque tragic bagatelle, altered by S. Foote, 
from Will Whitehead's Fatal Constancy." It is prmted 
in T. Meadow's Thespian Gleanings (Ulverston, 1805, 
80). Tate Wilkinson's Wandering Patentee (1795), i, 
285, iv, 237. 

The Minor. A comedy [in 3 acts and in prose] 
written by Mr. Foote. As it is now acting in 
the new Theatre in the Haymarket. By 
authority from the Lord Chamberlain. Lond., 
printed and sold by J. Coote...l760, S"., pp. iv 
and 91, 1/6.— 2nd ed., 1760, 80., pp. iv and 91, 
1/6.— 3rd ed., 1760, 80., pp. iv and 91, 1/6. 

The Minor. A comedy... as it is acted at the 





FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane. — 6th ed., Lond., 
printed and sold by J. Coote, 1764, 8°., pp. 
iv and 74, 1/6. — 7th ed., Lond., printed for J. 
Coote, 1767, 8"., pp. vi and 80, 1/6.— The New 
English Theatre, 1776, 8".— Loud., Theatrical 
Magazine (1778), ii, pp. 14. 

The Minor... Printed under the Inspection of 
James Wrighten, Prompter. Exactly agreeable 
to the representation at... Drury Lane. Lond., 
W. Lowndes, 1788, 8°., pp. 14.— Lond., printed 
for the Proprietors, under the direction of John 
Bell, British Library, Strand. ,. 1792, ' 12"., pp. 
73.— J. Bell's "British Theatre," (1797), ii, pp. 
61.— Modern British Drama (1811), v, 286-301. 
— Mrs. Inchbald's Collection of Faroes (1815), 
V, 181-234. 

Note. — First produced, as a 2 act play, at the Crow 
Street Theatre, Dublin, 28th Jan., 1760. Reproduced, 
with alterations, at the Haymarket, 1760. In this play 
the Rey. Geo. Whitfield was satirized under the name* 
of " Squintum." 

A Letter to David Garrick, Esq., occasioned by 
the intended representation of the Minor at... 
Drury Lane [signed Anti Profanus], Lond., sold by 
Mr. Field, Pater-noster Row. ..1760, 8"., pp. 48. 
Note. — Supposed to have been written by the Eev. 
Martin Madan. 

An additional scene to the comedy of the 
Minor [being a satire on S. Foote]. Aiinn. 
Lond., printed for J. Williams, Bookseller, on 
Ludgate Hill, 1761, 8°., pp. 19. 

The Methodist ; a comedy [in three acts, in 
prose, by Israel Pottinger], being a continuation 
and completion of the plan of the Minor, written 
by Mr. Foote, as it was intended to have been 
acted at...Covent Garden, but for obvious 
reasons suppressed. With the original prologue 
and epilogue. Lond., printed for I. Pottinger 
in Ave Maria Lane, n.d. [1761], 8"., pp. 60, 
Prologue, Epilogue, and Songs, unpaged, 1/6. — 
3rd ed., Lond., n.d. [1761], 8».,pp. 60, 1/6. 

Christian and Critical Remarks on a droll or 
interlude, called The Minor. Now acting by a 
company of stage players in the Haymarket, and 
said to be acted by authority, in which the 
blasphemy, falsehood, and scurrility of the piece 
are properly considered, answered, and exposed. 
By a Minister of the Church of Christ. The 2nd 
ed. corrected. Lond., printed for and sold by 
Mr. Keith, in Grace Church Street, 1760, 8" 
pp. 41, 1/-. 

A Letter from Mr. Foote to the Reverend 
Author of the " Remarks Critical, and Christian, 
on the Minor," Lond., printed for T. Davies, in 
Russel Street, Co vent Garden, [Oct.,] 1760 8° 
pp. 40, 1/-. 

Note.— Reprinted in J. Bee's Works of S. Fnote, i, 
pp. xciii— exiv. H'. Cooke's Memoirs of H. Foote, iii, 160 

FOOTE, Samcel. (Con.). 

A Letter to Mr. F . . te, occasioned by the 
Christian and Critical Remarks on his Interlude 
called The Minor. To which is added an Ap- 
pendix relative to a serious address to the 
Methodist themselves. Anon. Lond., printed 
for T. Pote, Bookseller, next Serjeant's Inn 
Gate, Fleet Street, [Oct.], 1760, pp. 28, 6d. 

A Letter to Mr. Foote, occasioned by his 
letter to the Reverend Author of the Christian 
and Critical Remarks on the Minor, containing 
a Refutation of Mr. Foote's Pamphlet, and a full 
defence of the principles and practices of the 
Methodists. By the Author of the Christian 
and Critical Remarks. Lond., printed for P. 
Wicks, in Paternoster Row, [Oct.], 1760, 8"., 
pp. 28, 1/-. _ 

Observations good or bad, stupid or clever, 
serious or jocular, on Squire Foote's dramatic 
entertainment, intitled The Minor. By A. 
Genius. Lond., printed for J. Wilkie, at the 
Bible, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1761, 80., pp. 
15, 3d. 

Belinda's Account of a comedy, called the 
Minor, introduced upon the stage at Edinburgh, 
Saturday, Nov. 24th, 1770, n.p. or d., 8»., pp. 4. 
Br. Museum. 

The Theatre, licentious and perverted ; or a 
Sermon for reformation of manners. Preached 
on the Lord's Day, Dec. 2nd, 1770, partly occar 
sioned by the acting of a comedy, entitled The 
Minor, in the licensed theatre of Edinburgh, on 
Saturday, the 24th of Nov. preceding. By 
James Baine, A.M., Minister of the Gospel, at 
Edinburgh. Inscribed to S. Foote, Esq., 2nd 
ed., Edinburgh, printed by J. Reid...l770, 8"., 
pp. 40, 4d. 3rd ed. 1771, 8°., pp. 40, 4d. 

Apology for the Minor in a Letter to the Rev. 
Mr. [James] Baine. To which is added the 
original epilogue. By Samuel Foote, Esq. 
Edinburgh, printed for •!. Wood, and sold by 
him, at his shop, below the Tron Church, 1771, 
8"., pp. 24. 

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote, Esq. 
Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, T. Lowndes, etc., 
n.d. [1763-81], 4 vols., 8°., 30/-. 

Note. — This is a collection made up of pieces of 
different dates and editions. 

The Liar. A comedy in three acts [and in 
prose], as it is performed at the Theatre in the 
Haymarket. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for 
G. Kearsley, 1764, 8"., pp. 66, Prologue and 
Epilogue unpaged, 1/6. — Lond., printed for P. 
Vaillant.. .1769, 8°., pp. 69, Prologue and 
Epilogue unpaged, 1/6. — Lond., Theatrical 
Magazine (1780), iv, pp. 18.— Supp. to J. Bell's 
" British Theatre " (1784), ii, 142-95. Modern 
British Drama (1811), v, 302-22. Mrs. Inch- 




FOOTE, Samuel. (Cora.)- 

bald's Collection of Farces (1815), v, 273-331. 
— W. H. Oxberry's The New English Drama 
(1823), XV, pp. 48.— The London Stage (1824), 
li, 1-16.— The British Drama (1824), i, 756-68. 
The Liar. . .correctly given as performed at the 
Theatres Royal, with Remarks. New York, 
published by Chas. Wiley, 3, Wall Street, 1824, 
12", pp. 51. 

The Liar. A comedy in two acts. Altered 
and adapted by Charles J. Matthews. Lond., 
T. H. Lacy, n.d. [1867], 8°., pp. 50, 6d. 

Note.— First produced at Covent Garden, 12tb 
Jan., 1762. 

The Orators [a comedy in 3 acts and in prose], 
as it is now performing at the New Theatre in 
the Haymarket, written by Mr. Foote. Lond., 
printed for J. Coote, in Paternoster Row... 17 62, 
8"., pp. 67.— Lond., 1767,80.— Lond., Theatrical 
Magazine (1777), ii, pp. 13.— Supp. to J. Bell's 
" British Theatre," iv, 231-52.— Modern British 
Drama (1811), v, 323-31. 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 1762. 
Geo. Faulkner, printer of the Dublin Journal, being 
libelled in this piece under the name of Peter Paragraph, 
brought an action against Foote, and recovered damages. 
cf. Gent. «a3.,'ixxiii, 39, (1763), for Mr. Foote's Address 
to the Public, after a prosecution against him for a libel. 
cf. also Lord Chesterfield's Letters {Mahon's ed.), Iv, 346, 
359, 422. 

The trial of S. Foote, Esq., for a libel on 
Peter Paragraph. By S. Foote. A diversion 
performed at the Theatre Royal, in the Hay- 
market, 1763. Printed in J. Bee's Works of 
S. Foote, i, pp. cxvi-cxxii ; W. Cooke's 
Memoirs of Foote, iii, 130-41 ; Wilkinson's 
Wandering Patentee, iv. 

The Comic Theatre, being a free translation 
of all the best French Comedies. By S. Foote 
and others. Lond., printed by Dryden Leach, 
for J. Coote, in Paternoster Row... 1762, 5 vols., 
12°., each 3/-. 

Note.— Mr. Foote's name was put to this work, and 
it was announced that one Comedy in each volume 
would be translated by him; but " The Young Hypocrite 
is said to be the only play in the collection that can 
with certainty be ascribed to him. 

The Mayor of Garret. A comedy in 2 acts, 
as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, m 
Drury Lane. By S. Foote. Lond., pnnted for 
P. Vaillant, facing Southampton-Street, in the 
Strand, 1764, 8"., pp. 48, _1/--— 2nd ed., Lond., 
printed for P. Vaillant, 1769, 8o., pp. 48, 1/- 

The Mayor of Garratt...Lond., printed tor 
Harrison and Co., No. 18, Paternoster Row... 
1780, 8»., (Theatrical Magazine), v, pp. 11- 

The Mayor of Garratt...A New Edition. 
Lond., printed for T. and W. Lowndes, No. 77, 
Fleet Street, 1783, 8«., pp. 48, 1/-.— Supp. to 

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

J. Bell's "British Theatre" (1784), ii, 1-29.— 
Lond., printed for W. Lowndes, 76, Fleet Street, 
1797, 8°., pp. 48, 1/-.— The Modern British 
Drama (1811), v, 332-43.— Mrs. Inchbald's 
Collection of Farces (1815), v, 237-70.— T. 
Dibden's London Theatre (1815), xvii, pp. 28. 
— W. H. Oxberry's The New English Drama 
(1818), ix, pp. vi and 23. 

The Mayor of Garret... correctly given as per- 
formed at the Theatres Royal, with Remarks. 
New York, published by Chas. Wiley, 3, Wall 
Street, 1824, 12"., pp. 32. 

The Mayor of Garret... The British Drama 
(1824), i, 188-95. 

The Mayor of Garratt. A farce in two acts. 
Printed from the acting copy, with remarks 

biographical and critical. By D G [Geo. 

Daniel]. Lond., G. H. Davidson, Peter's Hill, 
Doctors' Commons. (J. Cumberland's " British 
Theatre" 1829), viii, pp. 27. 

The Mayor of Garratt, a comedy in two acts. 
By S. Foote. Lond., printed by Thomas White, 
1831, 8°., pp. 45. — (.Thomas' Burlesque Drama 
(18.^8), pp. 54. — The British Drama, illustrated 
(1864), i, 147-53. 

The Mayor of Garrett. A farce. With a 
history of the mock election formerly held there. 
Illustrated, with designs, by R. Seymour... Lond., 
T. H. Lacy n.d. [18—], 8°., pp. 42, 6d. 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 20th 
June, 1763. 

The Patron. A comedy in three acts [and in 
prose], as it is performed in the Haymarket. 
Lond., printed by G. Kearsly... opposite St. 
Martin's Church, in Ludgate Street, 1764, 8"., 
pp. viii and 74.— 2nd ed., Lond., printed for 
G. Kearsly, 1764, 8"., pp. viii and 74.— 3rd ed., 
Lond., printed for P. Vaillant... 17 74, 8»., pp. 
vi and 74, 1/6.— Lond. Theatrical Magazine 
(1780), iv, pp. 13.— Supp. to J. Bell's "British 
Theatre," iv, 358-91. — Modern British Drama 
(1811), V, 344-57. 

Note.- First produced at the Haymarket, 1764. 

The Commissary. A comedy in 3 acts [and 
in prose], as it is performed at the... Haymarket. 
By S Foote. Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, 
facing Southampton Street... 1765, 8"., pp. 67, 
1/6 — 3rd ed., Lond., 1775, 8°. — Lond., 
Theatrical Magazine (1779), iii, PP- 17— Supp. 
to.) Bell's "British Theatre" (1784), iv, 49- 
96.— Modern British Drama (1811), v, 458-76. 
Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 1765. 
cf. J. Cradock's Memoirs (1828), iv, 119. 

Copy of the original license under which S. 
Foote held the flaymarket Theati'e_ Dated, 
Westminster, 5th July, 6th Geo. HI, [1766], 




FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

Printed in W. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, 
202-8. ' 

An Occasional Prelude performed at the 
opening of the Theatre Royal, in the Hay- 
market, May, 1767. By S. Foote. Printed in 
W. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, 142-59; J. 
Bee's Works of Foote, i, pp. cxxv-cxxxiii. 

The Devil upon Two Sticks. A comedy in 3 
acts, as it is performed at the...Haymarket. 
Written by the late Samuel Foote, Esq., and 
now published by Mr. Colman. Lond., printed 
by T. Sherlock, for T. Cadell, in the Strand, 
1778, 80., pp. vi and 69, 1/6.— Lond., printed 
for W. Lowndes and S. Bladon, 1794, 8°., pp. 
58, 1/6.— Modern British Drama (1811), v, 377 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket, 30th 
May, 1768. Foote made between £3,000 and £4,000 by 
this piece in London, and nearly as much more in 

Sodom and Ouan. A satire inscribed to S. 
Foote, Esq., alias the Devil upon Two Sticks. 
By Humphrey Nettle. Printed for the author 
and sold at No. 23, opposite St. Dunstan's Church, 
Fleet, 22nd June, 1772, 4"., pp. ii and 29, 2/-. 

The Lame Lover. A comedy in 3 acts [and in 
prose], as it is performed at the... Haymarket. 
By S. Foote. Lond., printed for Paul Vaillant 
...1770, 80., pp. 74.— A Collection of New Plays. 
(Altenburgh, printed for Gottl. Eman. Eichter, 
(1774), ii, 185-254.— Modern British Drama 
(1811), V, 394-410.— The British Drama (1824), 
ii, 1299-1313, 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 22nd 
May, 1770, reproduced with considerable alterations, 
27th Aug. cf. Gent. Mag., xl, 378—82, (1770). 

Foote's Prologue detected with a miniature- 
prose epilogue on his manner in speaking it. 
By Philo-technicus Miso-mimides. Lond., print- 
ed for the author, and sold by J. Williams, 38, 
Fleet Street, 1770, 8o., pp. 35. 

An_ Appendix to Foote's Prologue detected, 
containing, with other curious articles, A New 
Occasional Epilogue, for the close of his theatre, 
on Saturday, Sept. 15th, 1770. By Philo- 
technicus Miso-mimides. Lond., printed for the 
author, and sold by J. Williams, 38, Fleet 
Street, 1770, 8o., pp. 39. 

The Methodist and Mimic. A Tale in Hudi- 
brastic Verse. Lond., 1776, 80., 1/6. 

Note.— In this work Whitfield is represented as 
sending a fnend to Foote to propose that he should 
become a preacher, which proposal Foote rejects with 

The Maid of Bath. A comedy of 3 acts, as it 
was performed at the Theatre Eoyal, in the 
Haymarket. Lond., John Wheble, Fleet Street 
1778, 80., pp. 69, 1/6. 

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.). 

The Maid of Bath... Written by the la.te S. 
Foote, Esq., and now published by Mr. Colman. 
Lond., printed by T. Sherlock for T. Cadell, in 
the Strand, 1778, 80., pp. viii and 67, and 
Epilogue unpaged, 1/6. — Modern British Drama 
(1811), v, 411-26. 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket, 26th 
June, 1771. 

The Nabob. A comedy in 3 acts [and in prose], 
as it is performed at the... Haymarket. Written 
by the late S. Foote, Esq., and now pubUshed 
by Mr. Colman. Lond., printed by T. Sherlock 
for T. Cadell, in the Strand, 1778, 8"., pp. viand 
71, 1/6. — Lond., printed for W. Lowndes and 
S. Bladon, 1795, 8°., pp. 59, 1/6. 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket, 29th 
June, 1772. In this play The Antiquarian Society are, 
satirized for sitting in Council on the story of Whit^ 
tington and his Cat. cf. Walpole's Letters, (Cunning- 
ham's ed.), V, 398-400. 

The Primitive Puppet Show. A Diversion. 
By S. Foote, 1773. Not printed. 

Note. — Under the above general title, Foote brought 
out at the Haymarket, on the 15th Feb., 1773, a farce 
called ' ■ The Handsome Housemaid, or Piety in Pattens," 
a piece in which the characters were represented by 
handsomely dressed puppets nearly as large as life. 
The Introductory Oration to The Primitive Puppet 
Show, as delivered by Mr. Foote, is printed in J. Bee's 
Works of S. Foote, i, pp. cxxxvii — cxli. 

Piety in Pattens ; written by S. Foote, Esq., 
and first performed in his Primitive Puppet 
Show. MS. 40., formerly penes Eich. Heber. 
cf. Heber's Cat, pt. xi, (MSS.), No. 429. 

Note.— At Heber's sale this MS. was sold to Thos. 
Eodd, a well known bookseller, for the sum of one 

The Bankrupt. A comedy in 3 acts [and in 
prose]. Lond., printed for G. Kearsly, No. 
46, near Serjeant's-Inn...l776, 80., pp. 97, 1/6. 
—New ed., Lond., printed for W. Woodfall 
and S. Bladon, in Paternoster Eow, 1782, 8" 
pp. 63, 1/6. 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 21st 
July, 1773. 

The Cozeners. A comedy in 3 acts, as it was 
performed at the Theatre Eoyal, in the Hay- 
market [1774]. Lond., John Wheble, Fleet 
Street, 1778, 80., pp. 79, 1/6. 

The Cozeners... written by the late S. Foote, 
Esq., and now published by Mr. Colman. Lond 
printed by T. Sheriock, for T. Cadell, in the 
Strand, 1778, 80., pp. vi and 94, 1/6. 

Note.— First produced at the Haymarket, 3rd 
Aug., 1774, contains references to the History of Dr. 
William Dodd, who is represented under the title of 
Dr. Simony, and to the trial of Mrs; Catherine Endd, 
and J. and D. Perreau, see Dagge Hen, ante p. 102. 




FOOTE, Samuel. {Con.). 

The Tailors. A Tragedy for "Warm Weather, 
in 3 acts, as it is performed at the Theatre 
Koyal, in the Haymarket. Anon. Lond., printed 
by T. Sherlock for T. Cadell, in the Strand, 
1778, 80., pp. vi and 47, 1/-. Bod. Lib. 

The Tailors (or " Quadrupeds."). A Tragedy 
for Warm Weather, in 3 acts, as performed at 
the Theatre Eoyal. Anon. Illustrated with 
original designs by Eobert Cruikshank...with 
introductory remarks by Eichard Eyan. Lond., 
Joseph Thomas, Finch Lane, 1836, 8"., pp. 69. 
— Reprinted in Thomas' Burlesque Drama, 1836, 
80., pp. 69. 

Note. — First produced at the Haymarket, 2ud 
July, 1767. Mr. Eyan states in his preface, p. 5, that 
this piece was written by S. Foote, and on this authority 
the play is attributed to him in the Br. Museum Cat. 
Genest, Baker, and other writers, positively state that 
the piece was not written by Foote, cf. also S. Foote's 
letter to Tate Wilkinson, dated Nov., 1766, and quoted 
in Baker's Biog. Dram., iii, 315. 

A Trip to Calais. A comedy in 3 acts, as 
originally written [in Aug. 1775], and intended 
for representation, by the late Samuel Foote, 
Esq., to which is annexed the Capuchin, as it is 
performed at the... Haymarket, altered from the 
Trip to Calais, by the late S. Foote, Esq., and 
now published by Mr. Colman. Lond., printed 
by T. Sherlock for T. Cadell, in the Strand, 
1778, 80., 2/6. 

Note. — Trip to Calais, pp. 1 — 90. The Capuchin, 
pp. 91—141. 

A Trip to Calais, etc. Lond., printed for 
W. Lowndes and S. Bladon, 1795, 8o., 2/6. 

Note.— Trip to Calais, pp. 1 — 74. The Capuchin, 
pp. 75 — 112. The Capuchin was first produced at the 
Haymarket, 17th Aug., 1776. The Duchess of Kingston 
being satirized in " A Trip to Calais," under the name 
cf Lady Kitty Crocodile, had sufficient influence with 
the Lord Chamberlain to prevent that play being 
licensed, cf. Walpole's Letters, vi, 238, 239, 252. 

The Slanderer. A comedy. 

Note. — Left unfinished at the time of the author's 
death, 1777. 

Elegies. I. — On the death of Samuel Foote, 
Esq. II.— On Age. By Thos. Holcroft, of the 
Theatre Eoyal, Drury Lane. Lond., printed for 
J. Bew, in Paternoster Eow, 1777, 4"., pp. 24, 


Note. — The Elegy on S. Foote, pp. 5 — 15. 

Wit for the Ton ! The Convivial Jester ; or 
Sam Foote's last Budget opened, containing 
original and authentic anecdotes... of that im- 
mortal Child of Humour, the English 
Aristophanes...Lond,, printed for W. Adlard, at 
No. 10,' Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, n.d. [1777], 
80., pp. 47, 1/-. 

FOOTE, Samuel, {Con.). 

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of S. 
Foote, Esq., the English Aristophanes ; to which 
are added the Bon Mots... said by that gre^it 
Wit and Excentrical Genius. Printed for J. 
Bew, (No. 28), Paternoster-Eow, n.d. [1778], 
80., pp. 88. 

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote, Esq. 
Dublin, printed by C. Talbot, for S. Price... 
1778, 3 vols., 120. 

An Elegy on the death of S. Foote, Esq. By 
Boscherecoio [pseud, i.e. ]. Lond., printed 

for G. Kearsly, No. 46, Fleet Street, 1778, 4°., 
pp. 11, 1/6. 

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote. To which 
is prefixed A Life of the Author. Lond., J. F. 
and C. . Eivington, 1781, 4 vols. 8 o.— 1788, 4 
vols., 80., 30/-. 

The Life of Samuel Foote, Esq., Lond., 1788, 
80., pp. 23. 

Samuel Foote's Dramatische Werke. Berlin 
und Stettin, bei Friedrich Nicolai, 1796, 3 vols., 

The Works of S. Foote, Esq. Edinburgh, 
printed for Peter Hill, 1798, 2 vols., 8o. 

Memoirs of S. Foote, Esq., with a collection 
of his genuine bon-mots, anecdotes, opinions, 
etc., mostly original, and three of his dramatic 
pieces, not published in his works. By Will. 
Cooke. Lond., printed for Eichard Phillips, 
No. 6, Bridge-Street, Blackfriars, 1805, 3 vols., 
120., 13/6. 

Note. — The 3 pieces are The Second Act of the' 
Diversions of the Morning (as performed in 1758), iii, 
118—29. The Trial of S. Foote, Esq., for a Libel on 
Peter Paragraph, iii, 130 — 41. An occasional prelude, 
iii, 142—59. 

The works of S. Foote, Esq., with remarks on 
each play and An Essay on the life, genius, and 
writings of the author. By Jon (sic.) Bee, Esq., 
[psevd., i.e., John Badcock]. Portrait. Lond., 
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1830, 3 vols., 
120., 18/-. 

Historical and Biographical Essays. By John 
Forster. Lond., J. Murray, 1858, 2 vols., 8o. 

Note.— Essay on S. Foote, ii, 293—347. Eeprinted 
(with additions) fiom Quart. Rev., xcv, 483 — 548 (1854). 

FOOTE, Samuel, Jun., i.e. Francis 

Wrangham (i) 

Eeform. A Farce modernised from Aris- 
tophanes and published with the annotations 
select, of. Belland, Mart. Scrib, T. P., complete of. 
Cantab, Anti-P., Hyper-bell. By S. Foote, jun. 
Lond., printed for E. Edwards, 142, New Bond 
Street, 1792, 8o., pp. viii and 29. 

FOEBES, Sir John, M.D., F.E.S., D.C.L., (ith 
son of Alex. Forbes), b. Cattelbrae, 18th Oct, 




FOEBES, SiK John. {Con.). 

1787. d. Whitchurch, Oxfordshire, 13th 
Nov., 1861. cf. Gent. Mag., xii, 226-28, (1862). 

Observations on the climate of Penzance and 
the district of the Land's End, in Cornwall, with 
an Appendix containing Meteorological Tables, 
and a Catalogue of the Earer Indigenous Plants. 
Eead before the Penwith Agricultural Society, 
and published by request of the members, by 
John Forbes, M.D., Secretary of the Eoyal 
Geological Society of Cornwall, and Physician 
to the Penzance Infirmary. Penzance, printed 
for T. Vigurs and T. and E. Underwood, Lond., 

1821, 8"., pp. ivand 64. 

Sketch of the Medical Topography of the 
Hundred of Penwith, comprising the district 
of the Land's End, in Cornwall. By J. Forbes, 
M.D., F.E.S. Map, n.d., 8". 

Note.— Part ii, pp. 121—229. 
On the Temperature of Mines. By ,T. Forbes, 

1822, 8". 

Note. — Eeprinted from Trans. E.G.S. C, ii, 159— 21 7 

On the Geology of the Land's End district. 
By J. Forbes. Coloured Map, 1822, 8". 

Note.— Eeprinted from Trans. R.G S C, ii, 242-80, 

On the Geology of St. Michael's Mount. 
Trans. B.G.S.C, ii, 366-75, (1819). Froriep 
Notizm, Erfurt, vi, col., 241-43 ri824). 

On the Comparative Temperature of Penzance. 
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List of Cornish Shells, discovered in Mount's 
Bay during 1853. Trans. P.N.H. and A.S., ii, 
196-9 (1853.) 

FOED, .TOHN {son of Tlws. Ford), hapt. Ilsington, 
17th April, 1586. d. not known, 1639 (1). 

The Chronicle Historic of Perkin Warbeck. 
A strange truth. Acted (sometimes) by the 
Queenes Maiesties Servants at the Phenix, in 
Drurie Lane. Lond., printed by T. P. for Hugh 
Beeston, and are to be sold at his shop, neere the 
Castle, in Cornhill, 1634, sm. 4°. No pagina- 
tion. A to K 44 pages. 

Perkin Warbeck. In Dramatic Works of 
Massinger and Ford (1839), pp. 98-122. 

Note. — Act iv, Scene ¥, Coast of Cornwall. Act v, 
Scene i, St. Michael's Mount. 

FOEDYCE, George, M.D., F.E.S. {only son of 
Geo. Fordyce). b. Aberdeen, 18th Nov., 1736. 
d. London, 25th May, 1802. 

A new method of Assaying Copper Ores. 
FMlos. Trans. Ah:, xiv, 608 (1780). 

FOEFAR, William Bentinck {son of John 
Bentinck Forfar), b. Breage. 

The B&l ; or 'Tes a bra' keenly lode — dedicated 
to one and all. A Song — 24 verses. Helston, 
E. Cunnack, 1850. 

Pentowan ; or the adventures of Gregory 
Goulden, Esq., and Tobias Penhale. A Cornish 
Story. By W. B. Forfar. Helston, E. Cunnack, 
Market Place ; Lond., W. Kent and Co. ; 1859, 
8°., pp. viii and 256. 

'The Helston Furry day; an account of its 
origin and celebration, with the music of the 
ancient Furry dance. Helston, E. Cunnack, 
1861, 12°., pp. 16. 

Pengersick Castle. A Cornish Tale. By W. 
B. Forfar. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1862, 8»., 
pp. vi and 200, 1/-. ' 

Cousin Jan's Courtship and Marriage; The 
Exhibition (A Sequel to " The Bi,l "). Truro, 
J. E. Netherton, 1859, sm. 8°., pp. 17.— 1862, 
8"., pp. 24, 6d. 

Found Drowned. A Tale founded on fact; 
by the author of '■ The Great Grizzler." Truro, 
J. E. Netherton, 1863, 12"., pp. 24. 

Kyuance Cove ; or The Cornish Smugglers. 
A Tale of the last century. By W. B. 1' orfar. 
Lond., J. E. Smith, 1865, 8°., pp. v and 154, 2/-. 

Eozzy Trenoodle and his Leathern Bag. A 
Cornish Tale. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1865, 
12"., pp. 6. 

Tale of the Oysters. By W. B. Forfar. [In 
Pengersick Castle]. Versified by H. J. Daniel. 
App. to " Bobby Poldue," 18—. See p. 103. 

Note. — This Tersification, by H. J. Daniel, waa 

prohibited by a threatened action on the part of .\Jr. 

Forfar, -whereupon it was withdrawn, and the copies 
promised to be destroyed. 

The Wizard of West Penwith ; a tale of the 
Land's End. By W. B. Forfar. Penzance, 
printed and published by W. Cornish, 1871, 
roy. 12°., pp. 241, 3/6 to subscribers. 

Note. — The Bal, Cousin Jan, Found Drowned, Eozzy 
Trenoodle, and Tale of the Oysters, are reprinted in 
" Cornish Tales, Truro, J. E Netherton, 1867, 8°." 

FOESTEE, Rev. Benjamin, B.D. {3rd son 
of Thos. Forster.) B. of Boconnoc, 1773-18()5, 
b. 7th Aug., 1736. d. Boconnoc, 2nd Dec, 
1805. cf. Gent. Mag., Ixxv, 1177, 1237, 
(1805); Nichols' Anecdotes, vi, 268, 270, 6i6, 
ix, 648-51. Nichols' Illustrations, v, 290-328, 
viii, 544-6, 633-39. 

Some account of the church and windows of 
St. Neots, in Cornwall. Anon. Folding plate. 
Lond., printed by H. andE. Ledger, Mazepond, 
Southwark, 1786, 4°., pp. iv and 26. List of 

A short address to the Masters and Mistresses 
of Parish Apprentices, in the County of Cpni' 




FOESTEE, Eev. Benjamin. [Con.). 

wall, introductory to some account of the 
Principal Matters contained in an Act of Parlia- 
ment, past in the year 1792, for the better 
regulation of Parish-Apprentices. [By Rev. B. 
Forster]. To be had of J. Liddell, printer and 
book-binder, Bodmin ; and of J. Vandersluys, 
at Boconnoc, n.d. [1793], 8"., pp. 11, Id. 

Note. — " A short address, &c.," is dated " Bocon- 
noc Parsonage, April 26th, 1793," and comprised in 
pp. 1 — 5 ; " The principal matters contained in the Act," 
is comprised in pp. 6 — 11. 

Letter respecting the visit of the Rev.William 
Mason to Cornwall, signed B. P., [i.e. B. Forster] 
and dated Cornwall, 17th Sept., 1799. W^eekly 
Entertainer, xxxiii, 330 (1799). 

Note. — The purport of the letter is to contradict a 
report that Mr. Mason had stated that there was nothing 
good in Cornwall but junket and the Weekly Entertainer. 

Epistolarium, or Fasciculi of curious letters, 
together with a few familiar poems, and some 
account of the writers as preserved among the 
MSS. of the Forster family. By F. [i.e. Thomas 
Ignatius Maria Forster] Bruges, 1845—50, 2 
vols., 80. 

Note.— Contains several letters to Eev. B. Forster. 

FOESTER, E., Jun. 

The Botanists' Guide... By D. Turner and L. 
W. Dillwyn...l805, 2 vols, 8°. 

Note — The Botany of Cornwall described, i, 124-42. 
Considerable portion of the information, especially with 
regard to the eastern part of the county, was furnished 
by Mr. B Forster, jun. 

FORSTER, William. b. Tottenham, 23rd 
March, 1784. d. Houlston, Tennessee, 27th 
Jan., 1854. 
Memoirs of W. Forster, edited by Benjamin 

Seebohm. Lond., Bennett, 1865, 2 vols., 8". 
Note —He came into Cornwall in 1814, (when he 

visited SciUy), 1819 and 1835. cf. i, 178—181, 231 ; ii, 



A history of the Fortescue family. By 
Thomas (Fortescue) Lord Clermont. Chiswick 
Press. Printed for private circulation, 1869, 2 
vols., fol. 

Note. -Contains an account of the Cornish family 
of Fortescue. 

FORTESCUE, Hugh, of Filleigh, Devon, 
{eldest son of Arthwr Fortescue). d. 1719. 
An Act for discharging the Barton and Lands 
of and in Catch French, in the county of Corn- 
wall, from the uses and limitations contained m 

FORTESCUE, Hugh. {Con.). 

the will of H, Fortescue, Esq., n.d. [1726], fol., 

Note. — This manor was carried to H. Fortescue by 
marriage with Bridget, only daughter and heiress of 
Hugh Boscawen. 

FORTESCUE, John, of Punsborne, Herts. 
Sheriff of Cornwall, 1471-76. d. 28th .luly, 
1500. cf. Liber de AntiquisLegibus(CamdenSoc., 
1846), preface, pp. 216-17; Hist, of Fortescue 
family, ii, 153-63. 

FORTESCUE, Colonel Richard. Commander 
of Parliamentary Forces in the West. d. 1656 (!) 
cf. Joshua Sprigge's Anglia Bediviva (1647), 
pp. 69, 97, 167, 329, N & Q., 3 S., vii, 
258, 341, 387 (1865). 

FOSTER, Clement Le Neve, B.A. {son of 

Peter Le Neve Foster.) b. Camberwell, Surrey, 

23rd March, 1841. 

Banca and its Tin Stream Works. By P. 
Van Dieste, Mining Engineer. Translated 
from the Dutch. By C. L. N. Foster. Maps 
and 2 woodcuts. Truro, Heard, 1867, 8°., pp. 

Remarks on the tin producing districts of 
Asia. Rep. B.G.P. Soc, 1866, pp. xlv--l. 

Notes on New Rosewarne Mine, ib., 1866, 
pp. li-lv. 

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Rock-boring Machine at Altenberg. ib., 1867, 

p. 6. 

Perseberg Iron Mines, ib., 1867, p. 47. 

Tabulated account of the Boring Machines 
exhibited or described at Falmouth, Aug. 1867. 
ib., 1867, p. 48. 

On the use of Doering's Boring Machine at 
Tincroft Mine, Redruth, ib., 1867, p. 58. 

The Thirty-fifth annual report of the Royal 
Cornwall Polytechnic Society, 1867. [Ed. by 
C. L. N. Foster]. Falmouth, Mrs. Lake ; [Heard 
and Sons, printers, Truro] ; n.d. [1867], 8"., 2/-. 

On a curious lode or mineral vein at New 
Rosewarne Mine, Gwinear, Cornwall. Bnt. 
Assoc. Bep., 1866, p. 52. 

Notes on New Rosewarne Mine. Bep. Miners' 
Assoc, of C. and D., 1866, p. 26. 

Bergstrom's Boring Machine, ib., 1868, p. 0. 
Rock Boring Machine at Altenberg. ib., 

Perseberg Iron Mines, ib., 1868, p. 46. 




FOSTBB, Clement Le Neve. (Con.). 

On the mine and smelting works of Agordo. 
By N. Pellati. Trans., from the Italian, by C. L. 
N. Foster, ik, 1869, pp. 11-28. 

Notes on theCaratal gold diggings, Venezuelan 
Guayana. «&., 1869, pp. 43-45. [Quart. Journ. 
Geol. Soc, Land., xxv, p. 336.] 

On a new apparatus for " determining the 
weights of small buttons of gold and silver, for 
the use of assayers. ib., 1869, pp. 46-47. 

Note on Specimens of Scheelite. ik, 1869, p'. 

Eeports of the Miners' Association of Cornwall 
and Devon, for 1866 and 1867. [Ed. by C. L. 
N. Foster]. Truro, Heard and Sons, 1866, 
1867, 8". 

FOSTEK, Miss Elizabeth, k Surrey. 

Writing Copies for Village Schools. Rep. 
R.G.P. Soc, 1854, p. 51. 

FOTHERLY, Rev. Charles. Incumk of 
Southill, Callingtonand St. Eive. d. 1677 C!) cf. 
Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, pt. ii, 31. 

FOWLER, Rev. William. Wesleyan Minister 
in Cornwall 1805-12. k Collumpton, 1773. 
d. 23rd Aug., 1845. 

A Funeral Sermon for Alexander New. 
Bodmin, 1812, S". 

FOX FAMILY, of Brislington. 

Genealogical Memoranda relating to the 
family of Fox, of Brislington, Clifton, &c., 
[descended from E. L. Fox, q.v]. Howards' 
Miscell. Geneal. ei Serai. (Monthly Series), i, 

FOX, Miss Anna Maria, (eldest dau. of R. W. 
Fox), k Falmouth, 21st Feb., 1815. 

Illustrations of Greek History and Antiquities 
Penryn, 1848, 8°. Not published. 

Note.— Sold in aid of the Scripture Eeadera' 
Society. For Miss A. M. Fox's other works see Fox, 

FOX, BiTHA or Tabitha. See Lloyd Tabitha. 

FOX, Miss Caroline, (2nd dau. of R. W. Fox) 
k Falmouth, 24th May, 1820. d. Pengerrick" 
near Falmouth, 12th Jan., 1871. ' 

II poter della Parola. Trans, [by the Misses 
C. and A. M. Fox], from " The Power of the 
Word," Memoirs of Pastor Von Maas-dyk 
Printed at Florence, 18 — , 12o. 

Che puo fare. Trans, [by the 
Misses C. an4 A. M. Fox], from " What one 
man may do." Lond., Printed by Feretti, 18— 
12", Not published, ' 

FOX, Miss Cakolinb. {Con.). 

II poter della fede. Trans, [by the Misses 
C. and A. M. Fox], from " The Power of Faith." 
Tregaskis, Falmouth, 18—, 120. 

Gualtiero e Gulielmo. Trans, [by the Misses 
C. and A. M. Fox], from " Walter and Willie." 
Printed at Naples, 18—, 12". 

Le due Pecorelle. Trans, [by the Misses C. 
and A. M. Fox], from " The Two Lambs." 
Printed at Naples, 18—, 12o. Not published. 

II Mozzo Bertino. Eacconto Vero. Seconda 
edizione. Firenze Tipografia Clandiana, Via 
Maffia, 33, 1867, 8°., pp. 14. 

Note.— Trans, by the Misses C. and A. M. Fox, from 
" The Cabin Boy Bob." Wesleyan Conference Beligious 
Tracts, No. 101, pp. 8. 

FOX, Charles, k Falmouth, d. Caroline 
Buildings Bath, 1808 (1) cf. Hone's Table Rook 
(1827), p. 762. Etheridge's Life of Rev. Adam 
Clarice, pp. 265, 384. 

A series of Poems, containing the plaints, 
consolations and delights of Achmed Ardebeili, 
a Persian Exile. With notes historical and ex- 
planatory. By C. Fox. Bristol, printed by 
Bulgin and Roster for J. Cottle... 1797, 80., pp. 
xl and 276, 8/-. List of Subscribers. 

Leila and Mignon. A Poem. By C. Fox, 

Note. — This, with other MSS. came into Dr. 
Adam Clarke's care after the author's death. 

A [Cornish] Dialogue b.etween Gracey Penrose 
and Mally Trevisky. By C. Fox. [1790?]; 
Printed in Polwhele's Cornwall, v, 25 ; Paris' 
Guide to Mount's Bay (1828), pp. 266-69 ; C. 
Eedding's Itinerary of Cornwall, pp. 169-171 ; 
J. Trenhaile's Dolly Pentreath and other Cornish 
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Celtic and Christian Antiquities of Algeria. 
ik, 1869, p. 78. 

Premiums and prizes offered by C. Fox. Rep. 
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154 ; 1836, p. 20. 

Statistical Notice of the Mining History of 
Saxony, ib., 1845, pp. 26-30. 

Remarks on Boring Machines, ik, 1867, p. 
14. ' ' *- 

[The History of] The Royal Cornwall P61y. 
technic Society, ib., 1869, pp. 99-106. 




POX, Charles. (Con.). 

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The Mount Cenis Tunnel, ib., xxxiii, 554. 

Mining Association of Cornwall and Devon. 
ib., xxxiv, 238 (1864.) 

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Mushrooms, ib., 1869, p. 70. 
Badgers from Penwarne. ib., 1871, p. 41. 

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wife of Samuel Fox), b. Falmouth, 1801. 

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and Son, printers, Mark Lane. Dated Falmouth, 
17th 3rd month, 1868], 8o., pp. 32. 

FOX, Edward Long, M.D. {2nd son of Joseph 

Fox, of Falmouth), b. Falmouth 1761. d. 

Heath House, Brislington, near Bristol, 2nd 

May, 1835. 

Dissertatio Physico-Medica inaugiiralis de 
voce humana, gradu Doctoris, sum- 
misque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite 
et legitime consequendis eruditorum examini 
subjicit Edvardus Long Fox, Britannus. 
Edinburgi, apud Balfour et Smellie, Academise 
Typographos, 1784, 8"., pp. 47. 

Note. ■ — The deciioation reads " Viro eximio, 
parentum optimo, dileotissimo, Josepho Pox . . neonon, 
amico suo benevolo, medico peritissimo, Joanni Gould, 
de Truro, in Cornubiae oomitatu. . .sacrare voluit auotor 

FOX, Elizabeth, late of Falmouth, b. 1768. 

d. 10th October, 1848. 

Memoir of E. Fox. " The Annual Monitor " 
(Friends), No. 7, New Series for 1849... (York, 
pub. by Executors of late Will. Alexander, 
1848, 18".,) pp. 122-130. 

FOX, Elizabeth T. See Gibbins, E. T. 

FOX, George. Fowider of the Society of Friends, 
b. Drayton, July, 1624. d. London, 13th 
Jan., 1690. 

A Journal of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, 
Christian Experience, and Labour of Love, of 
G. Fox. By William Armistead. 7th ed. Lond., 

Cash, 1852, 2 vols., 8"., 5/-. 

Note.— G. Pox oame into Cornwall in 1655, 59, 63, 

FOX, George (Son of Robert Phillips Fox), b. 
Perran Wharf, 31st Jan., 1815. cf G. J. 

Symons' British Bainfall, 1867-70. 

Adjusting unicomb and suspended hives with 
registering apparatus. Rep. R.C.P.Soc, 1849, 
pp. 26-29. 

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Mirror of Science and Art, x, 27, (1870). 

Old China, Plymouth China, ib., x, 192. 

Gas Fires, x, 214. 

Musical Box. ib., x, 238. 

Electric Clock, ib., xii, 177," 260, 273, 381. 

On Magic Lanterns, ib., xii, 212, 284, 405. 

Hydro Electric Machine, ib., xii, 324. 

Value of Coins, ib., xii, 407. 

Graphite Cells for Manganese Battery, ib., 
xii, 496. 

Hydrogen Lamp, ib., xii, 524, 546. 

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father of the succeeding), d. Falmouth, 31st 
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FOX, George Croker, F.G.S. {son of the pre- 
ceding), b. Falmouth, 1784. d. Falmouth, 
1st July, 1850. cf Gent. Mag., xxxiv, 663 

The Prometheus of ^schylus and the Electra 
of Sophocles, translated from the Greek, with 
notes intended to illustrate the typical character 
of the former, also a few Original Poems. By 
G. C. Fox. Lond., Darton and Harvey, 1835, 
8°., pp. vii and 259. 

The Death of Demosthenes and other Original 
Poems, with the Prometheus and Agamemnon 
of ^schylus, translated from the Greek. By 
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xii and 287, 8/-. 

Premiums offered by G. C. Fox. Bep. R.C.P. 
Soc, 1834, p. 13. 

FOX, Howard {3rd son of Alfred Fox), b. 10th 

Dec, 1836. 

On Weekly Returns of the Cornish and Devon- 
shire Sea Fisheries. Land and Water, vii, 214, 
234 (1869). 





FOX, Jane G-URNEY {dau. of Jonathan Back- 
house, of Darlington, and wife of Robert Barclay 
Fox, who d. 1855). See Backhouse. 

FOX, John (3r(i son of Francis Fox, of St. 
Germans). 6. Plymouth, 1693. c?. 25th Oct., 

Memoir of himself, by Mr. John Fox, of 
Plymouth, with biographical sketches of some 
of his contemporaries, and some unpublished 
letters from Archbishop Seeker and Dr. Samuel 
Chandler. Monthly Repository, xvi, 129, etc. 
(1821); xvii, 219 (1822). 

Note. — The above contain much information res- 
pecting tlie early Cornisli dissenters. 

Memoir of Benjamin Smithurst [of London, 
who resided sometime at Saltash and Launces- 
ton]. By J. Fox. ib., xvi, 44.3-46 (1821). 

FOX, Joseph {ird son of Oeorge Fox, of Par), 
b. 1729. d. 1784 (?). cf. Letters of \st Earl 
of Malmesbury (1870), i, 428. 

The Christian Principle. ..of Goodwill, exemp- 
hfied in practice [a Memoir of J. Fox]. The 
Herald of Peace, vi, pt. ii, 437-44 (1828.) cf 
The Irish Friend, iv, 35. 

On theNational Crime of Privateering [relative 
to Mr. J. Fox]. Christian Observer, xxxi, 22-9 

FOX, Joseph, M.D. {eldest son of the preceding), 
b. Falmouth, 1759. d. Plymouth, 25th Feb., 
1832. cf. Munk's Roll of Physicians, ii, 337 ; 
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FOX, Joseph John, M.E.C.S., F.S.S., (eldest 
son of Joseph Fox, Surgeon). J.Falmouth, 6th 
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cause of its weakness as a Church. By J. J. 
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80., pp. 106. 

On the Mortality of the Metropolis. Med. 
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and the apparatus needful or expedient to be 




FOX, ROBEET Weee. CCoiu). 

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Note. — A Key to the Acrostics is published 

separately, price 6d. 
The Matterhorn Sacrifice. [A Poem,] signed 

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Note.— The photographic illustrations are by the 
writer's brother, Geo. Fox. 

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Our Duty under National Bereavements. A 
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her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of 
Saxe Coburg; the outlines of which were 
delivered at the Independent Meeting, Penzance, 
on Wednesday evening, November 19th, 1817. 
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T. Vigurs, Lond., Boynes, 1817, 4"., pp. 27, 
1/-. Dr. Williams'. ^. , 

A Letter to Mr. Foxell on the Apostolical 
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appeared in the Penzance Gazette, 22nd Dec, 
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zance, R. D. Rodda, 1842, 8°., pp. 24. 

FOXELL, Mary {dau. of Walter and Mary 
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Street, 1867, 8"., pp. viii and 126. 

Note. — This work contains numerous references to 
Cornish Copper Mines. Prefixed is a list of 50 persons 
to whom copies were presented. 

List of Cornish Tokens. West Briton, 22nd 
July, 1864. 

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d. Whitehall, Kenwyn. bur. Gwennap, 22nd 

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General View of the Agriculture of the 
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means of its improvement, drawn up for the 




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consideration of the Board of Agriculture. By 
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Note. — App. pp. 115-19 contains the evidence of 
Mr. Philip Hall, and pp. 123-25 the evidence of Mr. 
Will. Harvey, respecting the use of salt in the Cornish 

On Potatoes in Cornwall. A. Young's Annals 
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The Seaside Naturalist. By the Rev. R. W. 
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Note. — Contain notices of Cornwall, and the frontis- 
piece is a view of " Pilchard Pishing on the Cornish 
coast," described on pp. 353-55 in the " Divinity," and 
on pp. 2fiC-68 in the " Naturalist." This account of 
pilchard fishing first appeared in The Athenceum, Dec, 
1859, pp. 778-79. 

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Old England, or The National Gazette. 
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11. By Jonathan Free of the county of Corn- 
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The Three Fingered Stone. Translated from 
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Jan., 1868. 

Note.— The first of a series of translated tales. 
FREEMAN, Thomas, h. Gloucestershire, 1590. 
Rvbbe and a Great Cast. Epigrams by T. 
Freeman, Gent. Imprinted at London, & are 
to bee sold at the Tigers-Head, 1614, sm. 4" 
No pagination. Br. Museum. ' ' 

^. Note.— 2nd Book. Epigram 47. " Encomion Comu- 
biffi. Epigram 48, ■' Iij laudem Pensancis." 

FEEEMAN, Thomas. (Con.). 

Encomion Cornubias. Reprinted in G. Ellis' 
Specimens of Early English Poetry, (1811), iii 

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FRENCH TRAVELLER, A. pseud, i.e., L 

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1681. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, p. 241. 

FROHOCK, Rev. Henry. (.? son of the preced- 
ing), h. Cornwall, 1648. d. 7th April, 1692. 
cf. Faulkner's Hist, of Kensington, p. 211. 

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Truro, 1861. By , W. Froude, Elmsleigh, 
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FRY, Elizabeth. (3rd dau. of John Gu/rney, 
and wife of Joseph Fry), h. Norwich, 2 1st 
May, 1780. d. Ramsgate, 12th Oct., 1845. 
Memoir of the Life of E. Fry,- with extracts 

from her journals and letters. Ed. by two of 

her daughters. Lond., C. Gilpin, 1847, 2 vols., 


NoTE. — Account of Mrs. Pry's visits to Cornwall 

(in 1825) i, 491-94, (in 1835) ii, 211-14. 

FUGE, Rev. James, M.A. 

The Mission of Christ, and of his disciples. 
A sermon preached in the Church of St. 
Michael, Helston, at the Visitation of the Vener- 
able the Archdeacon of Cornwall, in the month 
of .[une, 1850, by the Rev. J. Fuge, Minister of 
the New District of Godolphin. Helston, E. 
Carlyon, 1850, 12o., pp. 11. 

FULLER, John .James Gibson, {son of Lieut. 
Jas. Fuller.) b. Blakeney, in Norfolk, 17th 
May, 1804. 

Brasses formerly in Crowan Church. By 
Curiosus, [pseud, i.e. J. J. G. Fuller]. West Brit., 
26th March, 1868. 

Archaeology, ih., 16th April. 

The Rev. M. B. Hutchison's Collection of 
Rubbings from Brasses, it., 16th July. 

The opening of the Tich Barrow, near Camel- 
ford, ik, 3rd Sept. 

Note. — Mr. Puller has at various times written 
under the pseudonyms of " Curiosus," " Our Own 
Pioneer," " The Practical Man," " The Old Hand," 
" Nitric Acid," &c. 




FULTON, Robert, b. Little Britain, Pennsyl- 
vania, 1765. d. United States of America. 
24th Feb., 1815. 

Eeport on the proposed Canal between the 
rivers Heyl and Helford. Map by Chas. Moody. 
24th Nov., 1796, 8"., pp. 16. 

FURLY, Rev. Samuel, M. A. B. of Roche, 1766 
-95. hur. Roche, 9th Aug., 1795, aged 61. 
A Visitation Sermon, on John, viii, 17, preached 

at Truro by the Rev. S. Furly, B. A. Printed for 

the Author, 1779, 4o. 

Note. — Dedicated to the Earl of Dartmouth. 

FURNEAUX, Rev. Henky, M.A. {son of Rev. 

Tobias Furneaum.) R. of Hey ford, Banbury. 

b. St. Germans, 26th June, 1829. 

Historical Notices of St. Germans, in the 
County of Cornwall, with a description of the 
Church. Plates. By the Rev. H. Furneaux, 
late Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, 
Oxford. Plymouth, I. W. N .Keys and Son, Bed- 
ford Street, 1871, 8"., pp. 56. 

FURNEAUX, James, (eldest son of James 
Furneaux). b. Burdwan, Bengal, 1813. 
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Furneaux. Lond., Rivington. Devonport, H. 

V. Harris... 1846, 8«., pp. vii and 126.— 2nd 

ed., 1847, 80., pp. viii and 102. 

Note.— Contains " On a summer evening in Mount 

Edgeoumbe Park," pp. 26-27 ; in 2nd ed., pp. 23-25. On 

the deaths of Sir John M • * * * * * * and the Eev. 

Gerald P«**C»***,pp. 97-99 ; in 2nd ed., pp. 

63-65. The 2nd ed. is dedicated to W. H. Pole Garew, 

Esq.. M.P. 

The Poultry Pentalogue, or Five Rules for 
Fancy Fowls and Fowl Fanciers. Intended for 
popular use and practical purposes. By I. 
Furneaux, President of the Devon and Cornwall 
Poultry Association. Lond., W. S. Orr... Ply- 
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On Antony and Sheviock Churches. «&., v 

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Political, Religious, and Love Poems. Ed. 
by F. J. Furnivall. Published for the Early 
EngUsh Text Society, by N. Trubner and Co., 
London, 1866, 8"., pp. xlvni and 267. 

NoTB.-Contains "The Story of tl^e Adulterous 
Squire of Falmouth in Dorsetshire (sic; and his brother, 
pp. 93-102. 

FURSMAN, Rev. John, M.A. B. of Trevalga. 
1704-23. ■ 

A Sermon preach'd at the Assizes held at 
Launceston for the County of Cornwall, on 
Thursday, Aug. 18th, 1715, by the Honourable 
Mr. Justice Powis & Mr. Justice Eyre. By 
J. Fursman, Rector of Trevalga. Exon. Printed 
and sold by Philip Bishop in St. Peter's Church- 
yard, 17 15, 8°., pp. 24. 

Note. — Dedicated to the High Sheriff and the 
Gentlemen of the Grand Jury. 



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G. i.e., E. C. GIDDY, 

G. E. G. 

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G.— J. K. G. 

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G.— P. E. G. 

Stanzas. Cornish Mag., iv, 86, (1829). 

G.— R. G. 

Memoir of Mrs. Gill, who died at St. Thomas, 
Launceston, 2nd Nov., 1827, aged 55. JVesleyar^ 
Methodist Mag., li, 141, (1828). 

GABRIEL, Virginia, pseud., i.e. 

The Fishers of St. Ives. Cornish Ballad. 
Composed by Virginia Gabriel. The Poetry by 
Catherine J. Lacy. Dedicated to Miss Monarty. 
Lond R. W. OlUvier, n.d., [1868], fol. pp. 5, 

GAMMON, Hannibal. B. of St. Mawgan. h. 
London, 1582? cf Walker's Sufferings, vt- 
ii p 249 : Brooke's Puritans, lu, 530 ; Bliss 
Wood, iii, 103-4; Degorei JFheari...Putas 
erga Benefactores, {Epistolm Euchansticx), pp. 
85-93, (Charisteria), p. 133. 




GAMMON, Hannibal. (Con.) 

Gods ivst desertion of the vnivst, and his 
persevering grace to the righteovs, in a sermon 
preached at the Assises, at Launston, the 18. 
of July, 1621. By Hannibal Gammon, Minister 
of Gods word at S. Maugan, in Cornwall... 
Lond., printed by G. Eld for Thomas Thorp, 
and are to be sold at the signe of the blacke 
beare, in Pauls Church-yard, 1622, 4° , pp. 38. 

The Praise of a Godly Woman. A Sermon 
preached at the solemne Funerall of the Eight 
Honourable Ladie, the Ladie Frances Eoberts, 
at Lanhiderock-Church, in Cornwall, the tenth 
of August, 1626. By H. Gamon, Minister of 
the Word of God, at St. Maugan, in the same 
Countie. Lond., printed by I. H. for John 
Grismond, & are to be sold at his shop, in Ivie- 
Lane, at the signe of the Gunne, 1627, sm. 4°., 
pp. 37. Dr. JVilliams'; Br. Museum. 

Note. — Dedicated " To the Trvly Noble John 
Eoberts, Son and Heire to the Eight Honourable 
Eichard, Lord Eoberts, of Truro," and dated St. Maugan, 
the 19 August, 1626. 

God's Smiting to Amendment, or Eevenge- 
ment, with Preseruativea against Eeuolting. In 
a Sermon preached at the Assises, in Launoeston, 
the 6. of August, 1628. By H. Gamon. 
Minister of God's Word, at S. Maugan, in 
Cornwall. Lond., printed for John Clark, and 
are to be sold at his shop, under S. Peters 
Church, in Cornhill, 1629, 4"., pp. 38. Bod. 

Note.- Dedicated to " The WorshipMl Jonathan 
Eashleigh, Esquire, & to the vertuous Gentlewoman, 
his wife," signed " Tour "Worships humbly denoted and 
sincerely louing kinsman Hanuiball Gamon, St 
Maugan, the 26. of Sept., 1628." 

GAEBY, John (son of Thomas Garhy). h. 
Garby's Place, Eedruth, 20th Oct., 1812. d. 
Cachias, Brazil, 8th March, 1864. 

The Condurrite and Native Copper at Wheal 
Druid. Trans. B.Q.S.C., vi, 194-95, (1846). 

Occurrence of Gold in a cross course in 
Cornwall, ih., vi, 265-66. 

A Catalogue of Minerals found in Cornwall, 
with their localities, ib., vii, 72-92, (1848). 

List of Cornish Minerals. Quart, 'journ. Oeol 
Soc. of Lond., v, pp. xcii-xoiii, (1849). 

GAELAND, Charles {son of the succeedina) 
b. Illogan, 10th March, 1813. 

Outlines of Scripture Doctrine and History 
By C. Garland. Published by Joseph Potter 
Haverfordwest, 1842, 12". ' 

Memorkls, Literary and Eeligious, of Thomas 
Garland, Fairfield, Eedruth. [Ed. by his brother 
0. Garland]. Lond., Hamilton, Adams, and Co 

GAELAND, Charles. (Con.). 

Leeds, H. W. Walker, 1868, 8"., pp. xii and 
475, 6/6. 

Note. — Preface dated Penzance', Deo. 1867. 

The Om-nish Telegraph, Mining, Agricultural, 
and Commercial Gazette. [A weekly newspaper]. 
Penzance, 1851, fol. Still in progress. 

Note. — Mr. Garland edited this paper from its 
commencement, on Friday, the 3rd Jan., 1851, until 

The Stars. A Poem, signed C. G d, ,in 

Diamond Mag., No. 5, Oct., 1831. [Lond., F. 
F. Moore], pp. 146-7. 

Wings of the Dove. A Poem, signed C. 

G d, in The Pocket Album. (Lond., Jos. 

Eobins, Blackfriars, 1831-32.) 

Eemorse. ih. 

The Bride, ib. 

The Prophecy, ib. 

The Portrait, ih. 

The Three Glorious Days. ih. 

The Sleeper, ih. 

The Ocean, ih. 

The Last Slumber, ib. 

Modern School Books. Lond. Quart. Reo. vii, 
330-50, (1857). 

American Poets, ib., xvii, 36-73, (1861). 

GAELAND, Thomas, h. Bridge, Illogan, 1st 
Aug., 1771. d. Illogan, 15th Sept. 1827. 
Memoir of Thomas Garland, of Illogan. By 

his son Thomas Garland. Wesleyam, Methodist 

Mag., lii, 361-65, (1829). 

GAELAND, Thomas {son of the preceding), 
h. Cambridge, near Eedruth, April, 1804. d. 
Fairfield, 30th July, 1865. cf One and All, 
May and Oct., 1868. 

Christian Life, the True Preparation for Death. 
A Sermon on the death of Thomas Garland, Esq., 
Fairfield, Eedruth, with a brief sketch of his 
life. By Thomas Hughes. Lond., Hamilton, 
Adams, and Co., 1865, 8°., pp. 32, 1/-. 

Memorials, Literary and Eeligious, of T. 
Garland. 1868. See Garland, C. 

Letters on the Eecent Agitations in Wesleyan 
Methodism. By T. Garland. Lond., printed 
for the Author, sold by J. Mason, 1852, 8"., 
pp. 48, 6d. 

The Cornubian. - A weekly newspaper. 
[Edited by T. Garland]. Falmouth, 1830, fol. 

Note.— No. 1, dated Friday, 1st Oct., 1830. Mr. 
Garland's connection with the paper ended on the ISth 
Dec, 1832. 

Memoir of T. Garland, of Illogan, q.v. 
List of words in common use in West Corn- 
wall. Jowrn. R.I.C., April, 1865, pp. 45-54. 




GAELAND, Rev. Thomas Whale, (son of Rich. 
Garland.) b. Lewanick, 14 March, 1812. 

The Young Local Preachers' Guide. A Guide 
to young men in the pursuit of knowledge under 
difficulties, in the Bible Christian connexion . . . 
By T. W. Garland, Minister of the Gospel. 
Plymouth, Sellick [printed]... Liskeard, Philp, 
1860, 8"., pp. xiiand 115. 

Note. — Preface, dated Liskeard, July 20, 1860. 

[Synopsis of subjects in] One of a Thousand. 
By Rev. T. W. Garland. 1866, s. sh. 

Note. — This work has not been printed. It is 
intended to be pp. 250 ; price 3s. to subscribers. 

The Genuineness, Authenticity, andlnspiration 
of the Holy Scriptures. Bible Christian Mag., 
iv., 173-78, 211-16, (1868). 

GARRETT, Rev. John. F. of Paul 1857 to 


A Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of the 
Parish of St. Paul, near Penzance, by the 
"Vicar [the Rev. J. Garrett], on the close of the 
first year of his ministry amongst them, and at 
the opening of the new year, 1859. Penzance, 
E. Rowe, 1859, 8"., pp. 19. 

Note. — Dated Lower Lariggan, Penzance, Jan. 

A Reply to the Rev. John Garrett's Pastoral 
Letter (so called). By Henry Brown, q.v. 

Columbia Mission. Dedicated by permission 
to Miss Burdett Coutts. A sermon preached in 
St. Stephens', Westminster, on the Sunday 
before Advent, 1860. By John Garrett, M.A., 
Vicar of St. Paul, near Penzance, and Commis- 
sary to the Bishop of Columbia. Lond., 
Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, n.d., [26th Dec, 
1860], 80., pp. 22, 3d. 


Map of the County of Cornwall, newly sur- 
veyed by J. Gascoyne, sold by J. Thorn, m the Charles BUth, at the White Hart, 
in Launceston, 1700, fol. Br. Museum. 

Note.— Dedicated to the Et. Hon. Charles Bodville, 
Earl of Eadnor, Viscount Bodmin, Lord Bobarts, &c.. 
Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall, 

GASKIN, Rev. Geokge, D.D. (son of John 

GasUn), Prebend, of Ely, B. of Stoke Nemngton. 

h. Newington Green, Islington, 1751. d. at 

the Rectory, Stoke Newington, 29 June, 


Note.— Dr. Gaskin was Secretary to the Society for 

Promoting Christian Knowledge, and was sent by it to 

visit their missions and schools in t^if J^les of SciUy 

in 1798. cf. Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. u, 281-82, (Ib^aj. 

GATES, Jacob, Barrack-Serjeant, Truro, b. 
Truro, 1749. d. Truro, 4 Nov., 1822. 

Memoir of Jacob Gates. By Jos. Burgess. 
Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xlvi, 273-4, (1823). 

GAYER, Arthur Edward, Q.C, L.L.D. {eldest 
son of Major Edward Echlin Gayer), b. near 
Newcastle-under-Lyne, 6 July, 1801. 
Memoirs of the family of Gayer. Compiled 
from authentic sources, by A. E. Gayer. Exclu- 
sively for private distribution among friends and 
relatives. Westminster, printed by Nichols and 
Sons, 25, Parliament Street, 1870, 4°., pp. 47. 

Note. — The Gayer family were originally resident 
in Cornwall. A view of Liskeard forms the frontispiece 
of the work. 

GAYER, John, M.P. for Liskeard, 1557, Hel- 
ston, 1571, {eld. son of Reginald Gayer, of Lis- 
The Substance of Gayer's Book touchinge the 

Tynne Causes. Cotionian MSS., Titus B. iv, f. 

317; State Paper Office, Domestic Correspondence, 

July, 1604, No. 138. 

GEACH, Charles, M.P. for Coventry, 1851, 

(son of Geo. Geach). b. St. AusteU, 1808. d. 

Westminster, 1st Nov., 1854. cf. Gent. Mag., 

xliii, 89, (1855). 

The Risks of Life Assurance, suggested by a 
History of the case of Geach v. Ingall, in which 
the Imperial Life Assurance Company, by the 
verdicts of three different special juries, was 
defeated in an attempt to evade payment of a 
policy. 2nd edit. Lond., Effingham Wilson, 
Royal Exchange, 1848, 8»., pp. 26. 

GEAKE, Thomas, b. Lezant, 5 Aug., 1761. 
d. Cuttenbeake, near St. Geimans, 19 Nov., 
1834. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., Ixi, 561- 
73, (1838). 

GEARING, Arthur. Secretary to the B. C.P.Soc, 


Miners' Portable Ventilator. Rep. R.C.P.Soc, 
1855, p. Ix. 

GEFFERY or JEFFERY, Sir Robert (son of 
Robt. Geffery, of Tredenick), Lord Mayor of 
London, 1685. bapt. Landrake, 24 May, 
1613. d. London, 26 Feb., 1703. bur. at 
St. Dionis Backchurch. cf Herberts Hist, of 
the Twelve Great Companies of London, ii, 587, 
594, 605, 610, 614 ; NichoUs' Account of 
Ironmongers' Company, pp. 300, 307, 310, 317, 
319, 325, 331, 336, 369, 378, 469, 474, 511- 
15^ 574-75 ; White's Endowed Charities of 
London, p. 525 ; Lake's Hist, of Cornwall, ii, 






397, 402 ; Earl. 3ISS., 2263, art, 57 ; B. B. 
Orridge's Citizens of London and their Eiders, 
(1867), p. 240; Accounts of Lord Mayors of 
London, MSS., Guildhall Lib. ; Howard's Miscell. 
Oeneal. et Herald., i, 328; Malcolm's Londinium 
Redivivum, ii, 35, 38-39, 45-47, 571. 

London's Annual Triumph. Performed on 
Thursday, Octob. 29, 1685, for the Entertain- 
ment of the E.t. Hon. Sir Eobert Jeffreys, Kt., 
Lord Mayor of the City of London; with a 
description of the several Pageants, Speeches, 
and Songs, made proper for the occasion. All 
set forth at the proper cost and charges of the 
Worshipful Company of Ironmongers. Com- 
posed by Matt. Taubman. Lond., printed for 
Hen. Playford, near the Temple Church, 1685, 
40. Bod. Lib. 

London's Annual Triumph... Eeprinted in 
"NichoUs' Ironmongers," pp. 338-54. 

Letter of Sir E. Geffery to Archbishop 
Sancroft, stating that the Inhabitants of Christ 
Church are desirous of having a spire, 29 
September, 1686. Tanner MSS., (Bodl. UK), 
142, Art. 41. 

GENN, William James, Jun. I. Falmouth, 
30 March, 1846. d. Melbourne, Australia, 
24 June, 1870. 

'Statistics of the Eoyal Cornwall Polytechnic 
Soc. Rep. R.C.P.Soc, 1864, pp. 20-23, and 14 
•pages of statistical tables. 

GENTLEMAN, A. pseud, i.e., D. De Foe. 

GEOFFEEY, Antony, cf. C. Fitz-Geffrey's 
Affanice, book iii. 

GEOEGE, Col. G. C. cf Polwhele's Cornwall, 
V. 97. 

Letters numbered xviii, xix, xx, from C. 
Dibdin to Col. G. C. George, Penryn, (1801.) 
See Dibdin, C. 

GEOEGE, Simon. See Chamberlain, J. 
GEEAED. See Girardus. 
GEEEANS, Eev. B. h. Truro. 

Travels of Eabbi Benjamin, son of Jonah of 
Tudela, through Europe, Asia, and Africa, from 
the Ancient Kingdom of Navarre to the frontiers 
of China. Faithfully translated from the original 
Hebrew, and enriched with a Dissertation and 
notes... By the Eev. B. Gerrans, Lecturer of St. 
Catherine Coleman, and Second Master of Queen 
Elizabeth's Free Grammar School, St. Olave's 
South wark. . . Lond., printed for the Translator ■ 
and sold by Messrs. Eobson, New Bond-Street ' 
1783,80., pp. xiii and 171, 5s. List of Subscribers 

GEEUNTIUS. King of Cornwall, liv. 690. 

Letter from S. Aldhelm to Geruntius. A.D. 
690. S. Aldhelmi opera, (ed. Giles, Oxford, ISii), 
pp. 83-S9 ; printed also iuMigne's Patrologia vol. 
ixxxix, and elsewhere. 

Note. ^Concerning the practices of the Celtic 
church, as to the tonsure, time of keeping Easter, etc. 

GEEVIS, Marianne nee Edgcome. 6. Penryn, 
1795. d. Mylor Bridge, 1861. 

Original Cornish Ballads. ..^wom... 1846, 8". 
See Miles, S. E. 

GEWEN, Thomas, of Boyton. M.P. cf Sir J. 

Bramston's Autobiography, (Camden Soc., 184:5), 
p. 13 ; Burton's Diary, introduction, p. 18 ; ii, 
333, 392, 424 ; iii, 180, 250, 529 ; iv, 22, 130, 
240, 304. 

Oxoniensis Academise funebre officium in Me- 
moriam . . . Elisabethse, Anglise Eeginse. Oxon. 
1603, 4». 

Note. — Contains verses by T. Gewen, of Exeter 
CoU., Oxford. 

Letters to the Treasurers for Sequestrations 
from the Committee of Cornwall, (Anth. NicoU, 
Anth. Eous, and Tho. Gewen) respecting their 
procedings in that county, dated Truro, 12 
Oct., 1648. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5494, 
fol. 78. 

GIBBINS, Elizabeth T. (2 dau. of R. W. 

Fox and wife of William Gibbins.) b. 1801. 

d. Falmouth, 5th June, 1837. 

Memoir of E. T. Gibbins in " The Annual 
Monitor" (Friends), No. 26, for 1838, (York, W. 
Alexander and Co.), pp. 111-27. 

GIBBONS, Anne (3 dau. of Sir. W. L. S. Tre- 
lawny and wife of Rev. G. B. Gibbons.) h. Pen- 
quite, near Fowey, 1813. 

Mary Stuart : A Tragedy from the German 
of Schiller. Anon. Lond., A. Schloss, 42, Gt. 
Eussell St., [W. Byers, printer, Devonport.l 
1838, 8",, pp. 162. 

Lyrical Ballads from the German of Schiller, 
containing The Song of the Bell, and other 
minor poems. By the translator of Mary Stuart. 
Devonport, W. Byers, printer, Fore St., 1838, 
8"., pp. 68. 

Note.— The profits of this work were given to the 
fund for providing a chapel in Calstock. 

An Easter Offering. By Anne Trelawny. 
Lond., Edwards and Hughes, Ave Maria Lane ; 
W. Brendon, Tavistock, 1845, 8°., pp. 44. 

Note.— Contains "Lines written on the opening of 
a chapel, in the mining district of Gunnislake, 1841." 




GIBBONS, Anne. (Con.). 

Scenes and Sketches in Cornwall. Plate. 
■Anon. Tavistock, W. Brendon, Higher Market 
St., 1844, 80., pp. 54. 

Note. — Sold for the benefit of The Orphan Asylum 
and The Falmouth Polytechnic, at their annual bazaar. 

The Tale of Trecarrell, or Legend of Laun- 
ceston Church, and other poems. By Anne 
Gibhons. Dedicated, by permission, to Her 
Grace the Duchess of Northumberland. Laun- 
ceston, T. W. Maddox, [printed] Simpkin, Mar- 
shall, and Co., London, 1849, B"., pp. 48. 

Spiritual Songs, a Whitsun Gift. By Mrs. 
Gibbons, Author of "Tale of Trecarrell," 
" Easter Offering," etc. Chiefly translated from 
the German and Italian. The profits are 
intended to benefit the National Schools of 
Launceston. Launceston, printed by J. Brimwell, 
Broad St., 1861, 8°., pp. 48. 

An Itinerary of Launceston, Cornwall, con- 
taining some account of its antiquities, compiled 
from various sources with a glance at its pros- 
pects and commercial advantages, as connected 
with the opening of the railway. Anon. 
Launceston, W. PhUp, Broad St., 1865, 8o., pp. 
74, 1/-. 

Note.— There is a short appendix by Richard Peter, 
Mayor of Launceston, to whom the book is dedicated. 
The dedication, however, does not bear any signature. 

GIBBONS, Edward Theodore {only surviving 
son of Bev. G. B. Oihhons.) b. Launceston, 31 
July, 1850. 
Inscription at Castlegough, Cornwall. N. and 

Q. 4, S. ii, 226, (1868.) 

GIBBONS, Rev. George Buckmaster, B.A. 
(son of Geo. Gibbons.) P.O. of Launceston, 30 
Mch., 1837, P.O. of Laneast, 1866, V. of 
Werrington, 1869. b. London, 2 Jan., 1808. 
Then said the High Priest, are these things 
so? and he said men, brethren, and fathers, 
hearken. [Acts, vii, 1.] A Sermon preached in 
the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, 
Launceston, before the Rt. Rev. Henry, Lord 
Bishop of Exeter, at his triennial visitation, 
Sep. 23, 1839. By G. B. Gibbons, B.A., late 
Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, and 
Perpetual Curate of St. Mary Magdalene. 
Published by command of the Bishop. Laun- 
ceston, printed and published by T. and W. R. 
Bray...«.cZ. [1839], 8"., pp. 30. 

Christ, the First Fruit. A sermon preached 
in the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Launces- 
ton, on Easter day, 1841. By G. B. Gibbons. 
Launceston, 1841, 8"., pp. 16. 

The Christian Reader. Edited by George B. 
Gibbons, B.A, Perpetual Curate of Launceston, 

GIBBONS, Rev. Geokqe BnOKMAStEE. (Con.). 

and Thomas Gibbons, B.A., Curate and 
Lecturer of Tavistock. Lond., Simpkin, Mar- 
shall, and Co. [Launceston, Cater and Maddox, 
printed,] 1842-3, 2 vols., 80. 

Note.— Appeared in monthly parts, price three- 
halfpence each. 

A Lecture on Experiment as the basis of 
Theory read before the Members of the East 
Cornwall Experimental Club... at their annual 
meeting, held at Launceston, April 29th, 1845. 
By G. B. Gibbons, B. A.... Launceston, T. W. 
Maddox, Southgate Simpkin, London, 1845, 
12"., pp. 22, 6d. 

A Sermon [on Ps., Ixxxii, 6] preached in 
Launceston church, on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1847, 
being the day of the funeral of the late Duke of 
Northumberland. By G. B. Gibbons, B.A. 
Perpetual Curate. Printed in compliance with 
the wishes of the congregation. London, 
Simpkin; T. W. Maddox, Launceston, 1847, 8"., 
pp. 20. 

GIBBS, James, M.D., of Ex. Coll. {son of Bev. 

James Gibbs, V. of Gorran, 1660). d. Tregony, 

4 ApL, 1724. 

A Consolatory Poem, humbly addressed to 
Her Royal Highness, Upon the much lamented 
death of His Most Illustrious Highness 
William, Duke of Gloucester. By Dr. Gibbs. 
Lond., printed for John Hartley, over against 
Gray's Inn, in Holbom, and sold by John Nutt, 
near Stationer's Hall, 1700, fol. pp. 8. Bod. Mb. 

The First Fifteen Psalms of David, translated 
into Lyric Verse, propos'd as an essay, supply- 
ing the Perspicuity and Coherence according to 
the Modern Art of Poetry, not known to have 
been attempted before in any Language. With 
a Preface containing some observations of the 
great and general Defectiveness of former 
Versions in Greek, Latin, and English. By 
Dr. Gibbs. Lond., printed by J. Matthews for 
John Hartley, over-against Gray's-Inn, in Hol- 
bom. 1701, 40., pp. 35. Bod. Lib.; Br. Museum. 

Observations of various eminent cures of 
scrophulous distempers, commonly call'd the 
King's Evil, such as tumours, ulcers, cariosity of 
bones, blindness, and consumptions... to which 
is added An Essay concerning the animal spirits, 
and the cure of convulsions... By Dr. Gibbs. 
Lond., printed for and sold by Ralph Simpson, 
at the Harp... in St. Paul's Church-yard, and 
PhiKp Yeo, bookseller, Exeter, 1712, sm. 4°. 

Note. — The observations pp. 1-68, and preface un- 
paged. An Essay, pp. 1-29. Written in vindication of 
a trial at Launceston, in 1710, concerning the cure of a 
lad from Plymouth. Some of the cases relate to persons 
living at Tregony, Gorran, and other places in Cornwall. 




GIBBS, James. (Con.). 

Carmen in honorem principis poetarum, doct. 
Gibbesii, cum diploma a Csesarea Majestate in 
Musarum templo concessum est. MSS. Worcester 
Coll., No. 58, pp. 99-101. 

Proposal of J. Gibbs to the Archbishop of 
Canterbury for a New Translation of the Psalms, 
with a printed translation of the first and second 
Psalm into English verse. Lambeth MSS. 937, 
art. 24, 25. 

GIBBS, Mary {wife of Silvarms GiUs, of St. 
Ives.) d. St. Ives, 24 Dec, 1815, aged 65. 
cf Monthly Repository, xi, 43-44, (1816.) 

GIBBS, SiLVANUS (son of preceding.) 

A Letter to the Inhabitants of Plymouth-Dock 
and its neighbourhood, who attend the Public 
Worship in the Parish Church of Stoke Damerel ; 
on the spuriousness of I John, v, 7. By S. 
Gibbs. Plymouth-Dock, 18- -, 120.— 2nd ed., 
1816, 12"., 3d. 

Illiberality Admonished. A Letter to the 
Eev. Henry Heap, of London, now officiating in 
Princes-Street Chapel, Dock ; occasioned by his 
severe denunciations against different sects of 
Christians. By S. Gibbs. Plymouth-Dock, 
printed and sold by J. Johns, 56, Fore Street, 
Catherine Street. ..n.d. [1818,] 8"., pp. 12, 4d. 
Dr. Williams'. 

Desultory remarks on W. Burne/s petulant 
pamphlet, entitled " Heresy Confuted." By the 
author of a letter to Mr. Heap. Plymouth-Dock, 
printed and sold by J. Johns. ..n.d. [1818,] 8"., 
pp. 12, 4d. Dr. Williams'. 

The Calvinistic Doctrine of election and re- 
probation exploded : in a letter to a friend. To 
which are annexed Dr. Adam Clarke's judicious 
Observations on the use of reason in matters of 
religion. By a lover of the pure gospel [i.e. S. 
Gibbs.] Plymouth-Dock, printed and sold by 
J. Johns... ■ [1820,] 8°., pp. 12, 2d. Dr. 

Unitarian Christianity and its Professors, 
vindicated from Popular Misrepresentations and 
Calumny : in a letter addressed to the inquiring 
and candid inhabitants of Plymouth-Dock : occa- 
sioned by the recent officiousness of a clergyman 
and his friends. By S. Gibbs. Plymouth-Dock, 
printed and sold by J. Johns, 56, Fore St... 1821, 
8'^., pp. 29. Dr. Williams'. 

Three letters to the Young People of Devon- 
port. Devonport, Byers, 1829, 8". 

The Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ to 
his Inferiority and Subjection to the Father. A 
Fourth Letter to the Young People of Devon- 
port. Devonport, Byers, 1830, 8"., pp. 32. 

A Fifth and Sixth Letter to the Young People 
of Devonport, being a Vindication of Unitarians 


and Unitarianism. Devonport, Byers, 1831? 8 <>. 

Lines addressed to his Mother, Mrs. M. Gibbs. 
Dated Plymouth Dock, 7 Jan., 1816. Monthly 
Repository, xi, 44, (1816.) 

Letter on Deficiency of Zeal, ib., xvi, 225- 
27, (1821.) 

GIBSON, Rev. Christopher Mends (son of 

Archibald Birt Gibson.) Perp. Cmate of Chace- 

water, 31 Mch., 1832-1840. F. of St. Clements, 

7 Feb., 1840. b. Plymouth, 22 Feb., 1796. 

A sermon preached in the parish church of 

St. Agnes, at the interment of the late Mrs. 

WilHams, of that parish, Feb. 19, 1837. By the 

Rev. C. M. Gibson, B.A. Perpetual Curate of 

Chacewater. Truro, printed and published by 

E. Heard, Boscawen St., 1837, 8o. 

A sermon preached in the church of St. 
Mary's, Truro, Aug. 12, 1842. By the Rev 0. 
M. Gibson, Vicar of St. Clements and Chaplain 
to the Rt. Hon. Lord Kinsale, before the 
Governors of the Royal Cornwall Infirmary and 
published at their request. Truro, printed and 
published by E. Heard, 1842, 80. 

Remarks on the prophecies in reference to the 
present time, with a particular consideration of 
the Romish Church. By Rev. C. M. Gibson, B. A., 
Vicar of St. Clements. Truro, printed and pub- 
lished by E. Heard, 1840, 8"., 1/6. 

The Present Times. A tract by the Rev. 0. 
M. Gibson. Vicar of St. Clements. Truro, E. 
Heard, 1851, 80. 

GIDDY, Da vies. See Gilbert, Davies. 

GIDDY, Rev. Edward, of Pembroke Coll., 
Oxford, (son of John Giddy, of Kea.) b. 5 Sept., 
1734. d. St. Erth, 6Mch., 1814. cf Gent. 
Mag., Ixxxiv, pt. i, 306, (1814.) 

On Mr. Pitt's Poor Law Bill. A. Young's 
Annals of Agriculture, xxvii, 355-6, (1796.) 

GIDDY, Edward Collins (6 son of Thos. 
Giddy, d. 1825.) b. Penzance, 15 Nov., 1775. d. 
Penzance, 1 Nov., 1833. 

Meteorological Observations made at Pen- 
zance, by Mr. Giddy, [commencing 1 Nov., 1826, 
and continuing monthly.] Philos. Mag., i, 79, 
etc., (1827.) 

Meteorological Results of Observations made 
at Penzance for 21 years, 1807-27. ib., cxi, 173, 
(1828). Also found as a Pamph., printed by 
R. Taylor, London, 1828, 80., pp. 10. 

Note —This Pamph. is often bound up with Tram. 
R.O.S.G., vol. iii. 

Table of the Comparative Temperature of 
Pisa and Penzance. Thomson, Ann. Philos., vii, 
200, (1824.) 




GIDDY, Edwakd Collins. (Oon.). 

Loss of the Algerine Xebec, of 22 guns, in 
Mount's Bay, in Sept., 1760. By G. [i.e., E. C. 
Giddy.] Selector or Cornish Mag., ii, 27, (1827.) 

Memoirs, etc., of William GifFord. Cornish 
Mag., iii, 161, 189, 218, 284, (1828.) 

Cornish Cantata, ib., iii, 199. 

GIDDY, Thomas, b. Truro, 6 Oct., 1741. d. 
Penzance, 26 July, 1825. cf. Gent. Mag., xcv. 
pt. ii, 281, (1825) ; Annual Biography fm 
1826, pp. 428-29. 


Letter from Eev. J. Wesley to Mr. Gidley, 
Of&cer of the Excise in Port Isaac, near Camel- 
ford, Cornwall, 1776. Methodist Mag., xlviii, 456, 

GIFFORD, Andrew, D.D., Assistant Librarian 
Br. Museum, Pastor to a Baptist Congregation 
in Eagle St., near Bed Lion Sq. d. London 1 
19 June, 1784, aged about 86. cf. Gent. Mag., 
liv, 478, (1784.) 

The Living Water... A sermon occasioned by 
the death of Mrs. Ursula Gwennap, q. v. 

GIFFORD, Miss Isabella {dau. of Major George 
St. John Gifford, of Cambridgeshire.) 
The Marine Botanist, an introduction to the 
study of the British Sea-weeds... By Miss I. 
Giiford. Lond., Darton, 18--, 12"., 5/-. 2nd 
ed., Lend., Longman, 18- -, 12"., 7/6. 3rd 
ed. greatly improved and enlarged, with illustra- 
tions printed in oil colours, by W. Dickes. 
Brighton, R. Folthorp, 170, North St.; Lond., 
Longman and Co., 1853, 12"., pp. xl and 357, 

Note. The specimens described were partly 

collected at Falmouth. 

Memorial of the late Miss [E. A.] Warren. 
Hep. RC.P.Soc., 1864, pp. 11-14. 

GILBERT, Mrs. Ann. d. Gwinear, 18 July, 


The Experience of Mrs. A. Gilbert, of 
Gwinear. Arminian Mag., xviii, 42-45, (1795.) 

GILBERT, Charles Sandoe {son of Thos. 

Gilbert,) Chemist and Druggist, at Devonport. 

I. Devonport ? d. London, 1831. cf N. and Q. 

3 S., X, 417, (1866); Wallis' Cornwall Register, 

p. 312. 

An Historical Survey of the county of Corn- 
wall, to which is added a complete heraldry of 
the same, with numerous engravings. By C. 
S. Gilbert. Plymouth-dock, printed and pub- 

GILBERT, Charles Sandoe. (Cov.). 

lished by J. Congdon, published in Lond., by 
Longman, Paternoster-row, and by R. Acker- 
man, Strand, 1817-20, 2 vols., roy. 4"., 100/-. 

Note. — This work is generally bound in 3 volumes, 
the third commencing at the conclusion of the Heraldry 
at p. 373, in vol. ii, where a title page, embellished with a 
view of St. German's Church, and the inscription " His- 
torical and Topographical Survey of the county of 
Cornwall," is found. Copies are rarely met with con- 
taining a complete set of the engravings. 

GILBERT, Davies, P.R.S.,F.A.S., F.G.S., (son 
of Rev. Edw. Giddy, )assumed the name of Gilbert, 
10 Dec, 1817. b. St. Erth, 6 Mch., 1767. d. 
Eastbourne, 24 Dec, 1839. cf. Fisher's Nat. 
Portrait Gallery, (1830), ii, pp. % ; W. C. 
Taylor's Nat. Pmirait Gallery, (1846,) i, 113- 
14; Weld's Hist, of Roy. Soc, ii, 419-28, 456- 
60 ; Life of S. Drew, (1834,) pp. 160-62 ; Sir 
J. Barrow's Sketches of Roy. Soc, (1849,) pp. 
102-111 ; Dean Peacock's Life of T. Young, 
M.D., (1855,) pp. 473-76 ; Mems. of Distin- 
guished Men, {By W. Walker, Junr.,) 1864, 
pp. 53-55 ; Diary of H. C. Robinson, ii, 401 ; 
Life of I. K. Brunei, (1870,) pp. 52-53 ; 
Lower's Worthies of Sussex, (1865), pp. 212-15 ; 
Drew's Imperial Mag. (with portrait,) x, col., 
585-93, (1828) ; Mem., of Astronom. Soc. of 
Lond., xi, 317-20, (1840,) and Notices, v, 20- 
22, (1839); Gent. Mag., ciii, pt. i, 445, 
(1833,) xiii, 208-11, (1840); European Mag., 
Ixxvii, 273, (1815) ; Rose; Proc. of Roy. Soc, 
iv, 256-58 ; Proc. of Geol. Soc. of Lond., iii, 
254-58 ; West Briton {by W. J. Henwood) Dec, 

A Plain Statement of the Bullion Question, 
in a Letter to a Friend. By D. Giddy, M.P. 
Lond., printed for John Stockdale, 1811, 8"., 
pp. 48, 2/-. — 2nd ed., in The Pamphleteer, xiv, 
17-37, (1819.) 

A Letter to Davies Giddy, in answer to his 
"Plain Statement of the Bullion Question." 
By S. BanfiU. (1811,) ?. v. 

Observations on a Letter of D. Giddy on the 
BuUion Question. By A. W. Rutherford. Lond., 
1811, 8". 

Some ancient Christmas Carols, with the 
tunes to which they were formerly sung in the 
west of England. Collected by D. Gilbert, 
E R.S. [Engraved plates of the music] Lond., 
J. Nichols and Son, 1822, 8"., 5/-.— 2nd ed., 
Together with two ancient ballads, a dialogue, 
etc, 1823, 8"., pp. x and 80, 5/-.— 3rd ed., 1839, 

Mount Calvary. Trans, by John Keigwm. 
Ed. by D. Gilbert, 1826. See Keigwin, J. 

The Creation of the World. By Will. Jordan. 
Ed. by D. Gilbert, 1827. See Jordan, W. 




GILBEET, Davies. (Con.J. 

A Description... of the splendid decorations 
recently made to the church of St. Neot...By J. 
P. Hedgeland, to which are prefixed some col- 
lections... by D. Gilbert, 1830. See Grylls, Rev. 
E. G. 

The Parochial History of Cornwall, founded 
on the Manuscript Histories of Mr. Hals and 
Mr. Tonkin, with additions and various appen- 
dices. By D. Gilbert, sometime Pre.sident of 
the Royal Society, F.A.S., F.R.S.E., M.R.I.A., 
etc., etc., and D.C.L., by diploma from the 
University of Oxford. Lond., published [and 
printed] by J. B. Nichols and Son, 1838, 4 vols., 
8"., 60/-., large paper 90/-. 

Note. — To each of the parishes mentioned in this 
work is annexed An Abstract of the Geology of the 
parish, byDr.H. S. Boase, who also supplied " Anlntro- 
ductiou to the Geology of Cornwall," occupying pp. 
xxv-xxxii. cf. Gent. Mag., ix, 273, ("1838.) 

Experiments on the use of Sea Salt as Manure. 
[Report made by Rev. John Allen and Henry 
Sickler to Penzance Agricultural Club.] Com- 
municated by D. Gilbert. A. Young's Annals of 
Agriculture, xxvii, 200-4, (1796.) 

Reply to Queries relative to Corn., etc., dated 
Tredrea, Dec. 8, 1799. ih., xxxiv, 278-81, 

Letter describing a singular fact of the In- 
visible Emission of Steam and Smoke together 
from the chimney of a furnace, though either of 
them, if separately emitted is visible as usual. 
Nicholson, Jomii., xii, 1-2, (1805) ; Gilbert, 
Annal, xxii, 403-406, (1806.) 

Account of the Opening of a Barrow at 
Berling, near Eastbourne, in Sussex. Archceol, 
xvii, 338-39, (1814.) 

On Some properties of the Catenarian Curve, 
with reference to bridges by suspension. Quart. 
Journ. Sci, x, 230-35, (1821.) 

On the Ventilation of Rooms, and on the 
ascent of heated gas through flues, ih., xiii 
113-20, (1822.) 

An Investigation of the Methods used for 
Approximating to the Roots of Adfected Equa- 
tions, ib., xiv, 353-58, (1823.) 

On the Vibration of Heavy Bodies in 
Cycloidal and in Circular Arches, etc. ib. xv 
90-103, (1823) ; XX, 69-73, (1826.) 

On the. . .Wheels and Springs for Carriages, the 
Draft of Cattle, and the Form of Roads ib 
xviii, 95-98, (1825.) 

GILBEET, Davies. (Co«.). 

On the Eikon Basilike. Gent. Mag., xciii, pt. 
ii, 132-33, (1823.) 

Curious Version of the Lord's Prayer, ib., 
xcv, pt. ii, 421, (1825.) 

And Shall Trelawny Die. ib., xcvii, pt. 
ii, 409, (1827.) 

Michael de Tregury, Arch.-Bp. of Dublin, ib., 
ci, pt. i, 197-200, 1831. [Reprinted in D. 
Gilbert's Cornwall, iv, 143-48.] 

Translation of a Passage in SjTiesius inscribed 
over his child in Eastbourne Church by D. 
Gilbert, ib., cii, pt. i, 632, (1832.) 

The Mathematical Theory of Suspension 
Bridges. PMlos. Trans., cxvi, pt. iii, pp. 202- 
218, (1826) ; cxxi, 341-44, (1831.) 

The Expediency of Assigning Specific Names 
to all such Functions of Simple Elements as 
Represent Definite Physical Properties. «&.,cxvii, 
pp. 25-38, (1827.) Also found as a pamphlet, 
1827, 80. 

Progressive Improvement made in the Steam- 
engines in Cornwall, ib., cxx, 121-32, 1830. 
[Philos. Mag., vii, 449-50, 1830.] 

On The Nature of Negative and Imaginary 
Quantities, ih., cxxi, 91-98, (1831.) Philos. 
Mag., ix, 37-38, (1831.) 

Speech of the President [D. Gilbert] of the 
Royal Society, 30 Nov., 1830. Philos. Trans. 
Abstract, iii, 6-15, (1837.) 

Note. — This is the only speech of D. Gilbert printed 
in the Transactions. 

On the Regular or Platonic Solids. Phihs. 
Mag., iii, 161-65, (1828.) 

On the Luminous Belt of Sept. 29, 1828, (as 
seen at Rosemorran, Penzance.) ib., iv, 453- 

Statement respecting the Legacy left by the 
late Earl of Bridgewater. ib., ix, 200-202, 

Addresses at the Annual Exhibitions of the 
Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Soc. By D. Gilbert, 
Vice-President. Rep. Pi.C.P.Soc, 1834, pp. 19-20, 
1835, pp. 25-26, 1838, pp. 23-24. 

A Statement of Circumstances connected with 
the late election for the Presidency of The Royal 
Society. [Lond., printed for Richard Taylor, 
Red Lion Court, Fleet St.,] 1831, 8"., pp. 47. 
Br. Museum. 

Note. — Contains several letters to and from D. 

Letter from D. Gilbert to Sir J. E. Smith, 




GILBERT, Davies. (Con.). 

dated 18 June, 1799. Mem. and Gorresp. of Sir 
J. E. Smith, i, 450. 

Letter from D. Gilbert to Rev. Will. Veale, 
Trevaylor, dated East Bourne, 22 July, 1866. 
Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 28,554, p. 1. 

Proposals by Sir N. H. Nicolas to print the 
last Heraldic Survey of Cornwall, 1640,' (sic.) 
Signed "D. Gilbert, East Bourn, 1838." See 
Nicolas, Sir N. H. 

An Arrangement of British Plants. By Will. 
Withering. 3rd ed. Lond., 1796, 4 vols., 8o. 

Note.— Mr. Gilbert contributed to this edition. 

Letters of Sir Walter Scott addressed to the 
Rev. R. Polwhele, D. Gilbert Esq., Francis 
Douce, Esq., and others. Accompanied by an 
original autobiography of Lieut.-Genl. Sir H. 
Vivian, Bart. Lond., Nichols and Son, 1832, 
80., 4/-. 

Observations on the nature of Demonstrative 
Evidence... By Thomas Beddoes. Lond., 1793, 

Note. — The Dedication to Daviea Giddy mentions 
Ms " uncommon proficiency in Mathematical Science." 

Mr. D. Gilbert's Improvements at Eastbourne. 
•Chamber's Journ., ii, 30-31, (1844.) 

GILBERT, Commander Edmund William (4 
son of Rev. Edmund Gilbert, V. of GoMtantine.) 
h. 1787. cf O'Byrne. 

GILBERT, John Davies {son of Davies Gilbert.) 
h. Eastbourne, 5 Dec, 1811. d. Prideaux 
Place, 16 ApL, 1854. cf. Gent. Mag., xli, 649, 

A Clue for Young Latinists, 1821. See Carey, J. 
The Greek Terminations, 1821. See Carey, J. 

GILBERT, Mary Anne (dau. of Thomas 
Gilbert and wife of Davies Gilbert.) J.Lewes, 
29 Feb., 1776. d. Eastbourne, 26 ApL, 1845. 

On Tanks. By M. A. G[ilbert], 1838. See 
• Cotton, Rev. W. C. 

On an Improved Mode of Forming Water 
Tanks. Mep. B.G.P.Soc., 1836, pp. 79-80. 

On the Construction of Tanks. Jov/rn. Boy. 
Agric. Soc. England, i, 499, (1840.) 

On the Self-supporting Reading, Writing, and 
Agricultural School, at Wallingdon, in Sussex. 
Journ. Statist. Soc, v. 289, (184.2.) 

Sketches of the Boroughs of East and West 
,Looe. By T.Bond. 1828,8". 

'Note. — Several of the Illustrations are signed " M. 
A. GUbert, delt." 

GILBERT, Nancy or Ann (dau. of Rev. 
Anthony Hoshen, m. 1, Mr. Vivian; m. 2, J Taller 
Raleigh Gilbert.) d. The Priory, Bodmin, 8 
April, 1818, aged 73. cf Gent. Mag., Ixxxviii, 
pt. i, 644, (1818.) See Durell, Rev. E., ante, 
p. 128. 

GILBERT, Coll. Walter Raleigh, R.A. {2nd 
son of Rev. John Pomeroy Gilbert.) b. 1813. 

Instructions for the guidance of the Cornwall 
Constabulary, by Colonel Gilbert, Chief Con- 
stable, and approved by the Quarter Sessions, 
20th Oct., 1857. Bodmin, printed by Liddell 
and Son, 1857, fcp. 8"., pp. 60. 

GILES, John {son of Peter Giles.) b. Laun 
ceston, 17 July, 1814. 

The Fossiliferous Rocks of the Liskeard 
district. Trans. B.G.8.G., vii, 93-99, (1849.) 

The Geology of the Neighbourhood of Lis- 
keard. ib., vii, 155-60, (1850.) 

The Geology of the Liskeard district, ib., 
vii, 169-74, (1851.). 

The Metalliferous Associations of the Liskeard 
Rocks, ib., vii, 198-207, (1852.) 

GILL, William, d. 6 July, 1827, aged 43. 

A Sermon preached... at the funeral of Mr. 
W. GiU, of Chacewater. By Rev. J. D. Cole- 
ridge, q.v. 

GILLIES, Capt. Robert, of the ship Hibernia. 

Method of Preserving Plants during a Long 
Voyage. Rep. R.C.P.Soc, 1835, pp. 43-44. 

GILPIN, Rev. William, b. 1725. d. Vicar's 

Hill, Boldre, 5 April, 1804. 

Observations on the Western Parts of Eng- 
land, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty... 
By W. Gilpin, M.A., Prebendary of Salisbury 
and Vicar of Boldre... (Plates.) Lond., printed 
for T. Cadell, jun., and W. Davies, Strand, 1798, 
8°., pp. xvi and 359, 25/-.— 2nd ed., 1808, 8o., 
pp. xvi and 359. 

Note. — Mr. Gilpin only came into Cornwall as far 
as Bodmin. 

cf. Liber de Hyda, pp. xxi, 62, 111, 118; 
Wright's Biog. Lit, ii, 466-67 ; Hardy's Cat. 
of Materials, iii, 50 ; Wharton's Anglia Sacra, 
i, 180, 186, 189 ; Tanner, p. 326. 
De gestis Britonum. 
De gestis Regam West Saxonum. 

Note.— At the end of a MS., No. 147, of Higden's 
Polychronioon in Magd. Coll., Oxford, there is The 
History of Guy, Earl of Warwick, which the copyist 





states that he took from the xith chapter of Girardus 
" De Gestis Eegum." The work itself is not known to 
be extant. 

Girardi Cornubiensis Historia Guidonis de 
Warwyke. Rawlinson MSS., Bod. Lib., class B 
180, art. 4, fol. 126-29. 

Note — Printed in App. to Hearne'e Chron. de Dun- 
staple, ii, 825-30. 

GISBUENE, Eev. John (son of William 
Gishurne,) Unitarian Minister, b. Gisborough, 
Yorkshire, 30 Mch., 1777. d. Soham, Cam- 
bridgeshire, May, 1826. 
Extracts from a Journal of Mr. Gisburne's 

Missionary Tour in Cornwall. Monthly Repod- 

tory, vi, 731-34, (1811.) 

GLANVILLE, Francis. (2 son of Sir J. 
Glanvilh, who d. 1769.) b. 31 July, 1762. d. 
Great Marlow, 3 June, 1846. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xxvi, 206, (1846.) 

GLANVILLE, Sir John {son of Sir J. Glan- 
ville, Krd.,) Sergeant at Law, M.P., Speaker 
of the House of Commons, 1640. 6. 1586. 
d. 2 Oct., 1661. 

Copy of Sergeant Glanville's Speech, being 
Speaker, 15 April, 1640. MSS. Trelawne. 

GLANVILLE, John. 6.1665. (^. 12 June, 1735. 

Poems, consisting of originals and translations. 
By J. Glanville. Lond., 1725, 8o. 

Note. — Dedicated to E. Edgomnb. 

Two letters to Francis Gregor, dated Catch- 
french, August, 1730, and October, 1730. 
Printed in Gregor's preface to Sir John 
Fortescue's De laudibus legum Anglise, (1737), 
fol., pp. xxvii-xxxii. 

GLOVEE, EOBERT. b. Kent. d. London, 14 
Apl., 1588. 

The Names of the Abbayes and Pryories of 
England, Walles, and Cornwall. Ashmolean 
MSS. Bodl. Lib., 839, art. 12. 

GLUBB, Christian Mary {dau of Rev. Richard 
Lyne and wife of Peter Glubb, Solicitor, Little 
PethericL) b. 21 Aug., 1789. d. Liskeard, 1 
Mch., 1868. See Lyne, Eichard. 

GLYNN, Admiral Henry Eichard (3 son of 
Serjeant Glynn.) b. 2 Sept., 1768. cf. O'Byme. 

GLYNN, John. Murdered at Higher-Wring- 
worthy, Morval, 1471. cf. Rot. Pari. (1472- 
73,) vi, pp. 36-38; Myro's Instructions to 
Priests' {Early English Tezi Soc.) p. 70. 

GLYNN, Serjeant John {ird son of Will. 
Glynn,) M.P. for Middlesex, Eecorder of 
London, bapt. Cardynham,30 Aug.,1722. d.\% 
Sept., 1779. cfH. W. Woolrych's ''Lives of the 
Serjeants,l869,"n, 572,-604: ; Chatham Correspm- 
dence, iii, 474-75, 481, 483 ; iv, 31, 35, 48, 131, 
138, 144, 229, 234 ; H. Walpole'sJourn. of Geo., 
Hi, from 1771-83,1,118, 124-26, 189, 197, 
301 ; /. Nicholls' Recollections and Reflections, 
i, 342 ; lAves of Recorders of London, by Rev. 
Mark Noble, MSS. Guildhall, Lib.; Almon's 
Biog. Anecdotes i, 236-39, 244-56. 

GLYNN, Egbert. See Clobery, E. 

GODFEEY, of Cornwall, p., 1320. b. St. 
Stephens-in-Branwell. cf. Imcke's Exeter, 
(1731), pt. ii., p. 38 ; Pits, pp. 412-3; Tanner, 
pp. 329-30. 

Tabula super novem Quodlibeta magistri 
Godefridi [Cornubiensis] quam ad articulos et 
loca in quibus dissentit ab aliis ; et hoe a quinto 
quodlibet et sic deinceps. MSS. Merton Coll., 
276, fol. 51-3. 


The Godolphin. A new dance made for her 
Majesty's birthday, 1714. By Mr. Isaac, 
Dancing Master. Lond., 1714, fol. 

GODOLPHIN, The Fortunes of. 

The Fatalist, or The Fortunes of Godolphin. 
By An Essayist on the Passions. Lond., W. 
Edwards, 12 Ave-MariarLane, 1840, 3 vols., S". 

Note. — The scene of this tale is laid in Cornwall, 
and the hero is a Sir Ealph Godolphin. The author 
states that the work was written after he had taken a 
pedestrian tour through Cornwall. 


Memoirs of the family of Godolphin, more 
particularly the life of Sydney, Earl of Godol- 
phin. Memoirs. . .of the Lives and Families of the 
most illustrious persons who died m 1711. By J. 
Le Neve, pp. 321-75. 

GODOLPHIN, Charles, M.P. for Helston {5th 
son of Sir Francis Godolphin.) 6. 1651. d. 
10 July, 1720. &Mr. Westminster Abbey. 

Draft of Epitaph on C. Godolphin and 
Elizabeth his wife, to be placed over their tombs 
by Frances Hall, Executrix and niece of Mrs. 
Godolphin, 1727, in the handwriting of Sir John 
Evelyn. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 15,949, fol. 

Correspondence (Anno. 1700) between the 
Bishop of Exeter and Mr. Charles Godolphin, 
Jovm. R.LC. Apl., 1868, pp. 17-20. 




GODOLPHIN, Sir Francis {son of Thos. 

Godolphin and nephew of Sir Will. Godolphin.) 

Knighted Richmond, 1580. bur. Breage, 23 

Apl., 1608. 

Sir F. Godolphin to the Earl of Cumberland, 
on the loss of a prize laden with hides and 
cochineal on the coast of Cornwall, belonging to 
his Lordship. Helsbi (Helston), 6 Dec, 1589. 
Lansd. MSS. 145, art. 40. 

Sir F. Godolphin to Mr. Doctor Csesar, con- 
cerning certain pirates who had brought French 
vessels to the Western coast. Godolphin, 16 
May, 1587. ib. 145, art. 101. 

Letter from the Privy Council to ■_ — to 

deliver a supply of ordnance and ammunition to 
Francis Godolphin, Esq., Captain of the Isles of 
Sillie, dated 22 Feby., 1573. Br. Musewm, 
Addit. MSS., 5752, fol. 386. 

Indenture between the Earl of Warwick and 
F. Godolphin for the receipt of ordnance and 
ammunition, dated 26 Mch., 1574. ib. 5752, 
fol. 387. 

Letter from Sir F. Godolphin and Thomas 
Payne to Lord Howard of Effingham, 16 Deer., 
1594. ib., 15,208, fol. 341. 

Letter from Lord Burleigh, dated the Strand, 
7 Feby., 1595... appointing a Lieutenant to Sir 
F. Godolphin, the name to be inserted by the 
Earl of Essex. MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Ee iii, 
56, art. 80. 

Letters from F. Godolphin to Sir J. Trelawny, 
his nephew. 1590. MSS. Trelawne. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir Francis {eld. son of Sir 
Will. Godolphin,) was 15 in 1620. cr. Knight 
of the Bath, 1660. d. 22 Mch., 1667. 
Carolus Redux. Oxon., 1623, 40. 
Note.— Contains verses by " Fra Godolphin, Bquitis 

aur. fill. nat. max., Exeter Coll." 

Leviathan... By T. Hobbes, of Malmesbvry. 

Lond., printed for Andrew Crooke [at the Green 

Dragon, in St. Paul's Church-yard.] 1651, 4». 

—English works of T. Hobbes. Ed. by Su' W. 

Molesworth, (1839), vol. iii, 8o. 

Note.- Dedicated " To my most honor'd friend Mr. 

Francis Godolphin, of Godolphin." The dedication 

contain a high eulogiwn on Sidney Godolphin, the Poet. 

Notes on a suit between Sir F. Godolphin and 
Mr Grose. See Buller, Francis, ante p. 51. 

Letters from F. Godolphin to Archbishop 
Sancroft, dated the Temple, 20 March, 16--. 
Earl. MSS. 3784, art. 47-48. 

Letter from Sir F. Godolphm to Archbishop 
Sancroft concerning expectations of a plot 
against the Protector ; conduct of Major Gen. 
Harrison and others at their Examination 
London, 25 Feby., 1654. Tarmer MSS. Bodl. 
Lib. 52, art. 71. ' 

GODOLPHIN, SiK Feanois. (Con.). 

Letter to Archbishop Sancroft, acquainting 
him with his safe arrival at Dieppe. Dieppe, 1 
Jan., 1655-56. ib. 314, art. 42. 

Letter from F. Godolphin, mca 1660. Br. 

Museum, Addit. MSS. 4,162, art. 51. 

GODOLPHIN, Francis (2 son of preceding.) 

Britannia Rediviva. Oxon. 1660, fol. 

Note. — Contains verses by "Fran. Godolphin, 
Armigeri filins, Christ Church." 

GODOLPHIN, Francis, 2 Earl of Godolphin 

{son of Sidney Godolphin, the first Earl.) b. 

1678. d. 17 January, 1766. cf Granger's 

Biog. Hist. ; Sketch of the life of Dr. Moimsey, 

(1789), pp. 15-17, 26-28 ; 30th Bep. Dep. 

Keeper of Records, p. 375. 

Grant of the office of the Steward of the 
Duchy of Cornwall, 16 May, 1705. Ha/rl. 
MSS. 2262, art.^49. 

Copies of two accompts of Francis Earl 
Godolphin, as Cofferer and Keeper of the Great 
Wardrobe of the Household of George I, from 
1 August, 1714, to 30 Sept., 1716. Br.Musewn, 
Addit. MSS. 15,630, fol. 76. 

Letter from Francis, Earl of Godolphm, to 
Lady Evelyn. Newmarket, 26 October, 1721. 
ib. 15,949, /oZ. 77. 

Letter from Francis, Earl of Godolphin, to 
Sir John Evelyn. St. James', 16 Jan., 1752. 
«6. 15,949, /o?. 112. 

Letters of Henry Joynes, to the Earl of 
Godolphin and others, relative to the works at 
Blenheim, ib. 19,606. 

GODOLPHIN, Francis, 3 Baron Godolphin, 
1766, {youngest son of Bev. Hen. Godolphin, 
D.D.). b. 1706. d. Stable Yard, St. James', 
London, 25 May, 1785. cf Gent. Mag., Iv, pt. 
i, 489,(1785.) 
Letter from F. Godolphin to Thomas Birch, 

D.D., 1727. Br. Musewm, Addit. MSS., 4,308, 

art, 325. ^, ^ ^^ ,, 

Lewis Pughe... Appellants. The...Rt. Hon. i. 

Lord Godolphin... Respondents, 1780. See 

Leeds, John, Duke of 

GODOLPHIN, Godfrey, pseud.., i.e. 

On descriptions of the habits and manners of 

the Cornish. Cornish Mag., iii, 93, (1828.) 

GODOLPHIN, Guy {son of Guy [or Will] 
Godolphin, of Windsor.) Living, 1620. 
Mr G Godolphin to Sir M. Hicks ; to pro- 
cure for his son Palmer, a debt due to hun out 
of the Exchequer from Lord Westmoreland, 
1608. Lansd. MSS., 90, art. 112. 




GODOLPHIN, GnT. (Con.). 

Grant to G. Godolphin and John Smith, of 
London, of the Hundred of Bradford, in Salop, 
and the Manor of Ashford, in Middlesex, 44, 
Eliz., [1602.] Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 
15,553, fol. 105. 

GODOLPHIN, Lady Henrietta (eld. dau. of 
Francis, 2 Earl of Godolphin, and wife of Thos. 
Pelham, Duke of Newcastle.) J. 1701. d.ll 
July, 1776. 

A poem on the marriage of his Grace the 
Duke of Newcastle, to the right honourable the 
Lady Henrietta Godolphin. Inscrib'd to his 
Grace. By Mr. Lawrence Eusden. Lond., 
printed for J. Tonson, at Shakspear's-Head, over 
against Katherine St., in the Strand. 1717, 
fol. pp. 14. Br. Museum. 


Letters from H. Godolphin to Sir Jonathan 
Trelawny on Duchy of Cornwall matters, circa, 
1590. MSS. Trelawne. 

GODOLPHIN, Rev. Henry, D.D. (4 son of 

Sir Fras. Godolphin.) Provost of Eton, 16 
Oct., 1695-1732. Dean of St. Paul's, 14 
July, 1707-26. h. Godolphin, 15 Aug., 1648. 
hapt. Breage, 20 Aug. d. Eton, 29 Jan., 1732- 
3. cf. Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, i, 237, 681, 706 ; 
iv, 601 ; V, 98 ; viii, 391'; Ackerman's Hist, of 
Winchester, Eton, t&c, ip. 55; Evelyn's Diary, 
(1870,) p. 517 ; Milman's Annals of St. Paul's, 
p. 458; Hoare's Wiltshire, vi, 516, 533, 536, 

Letter from J. Evelyn to Dr. Godolphin. 
Diary and Corresp. of J. Evelyn, (1870,) pp 

Letter from Dr. Godolphin to Mr. Talbot, 
June 11, 1691. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 4,275 
art. 99. 

GODOLPHIN, Jael (dau. of Sir Francis Godol- 
phin {who was b. 1605), and wife of Edward 
Boscawen, M.P.) b. Godolphin, 5 June, 1647. 
d. 14 ApL, 1730. cf Faulkner's Hist, of Ken- 
sington, pp. 194-95. 

Letter without signature to Mrs. Boscawen 
7 Feb., 1698-9. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS 
15,949, fol. 31. 

GODOLPHIN, John (2 son of Sir F. Godolphin 
whod. 1608.) ^ 

The depositions of the Islanders of St. Maryes, 
Trescoe, Braier, and St. Martins, concerning cer- 
taine goodes, taken by me, John Godolphin 
Esquire, Deputy Governor of the Fort and Isles 
there. Dated 11 Octob., 1603. Br. Museum, Addit 
MSS, 5664, fol. 399. 

GODOLPHIN, John, LL.D. (3 son of John 
Godolphin). judge of Admiralty Court 1653- 
78, cr. Kings' Advocate, 1660. b. Scilly, St. 
Andrew's eve, 1617. d. Fleet St., London, 4 
ApL, 1678. bu7: Clerkenwell church, cf. Bliss' 
Wood, iii, 1152-3; L. Echard's Hist, of Eng., 
(1720,) p. 960; Chalmers; Bose. 

The Holy Limbec, or an extraction of the spirit 
from the Letter of certain eminent places in the 
Holy Scripture. By John Godolphin. Lond., 
1650, 12". 

The Holy Limbeck : or a Semicentury of 
Spiritual Extraction, wherein the Spirit is ex- 
tracted from the Letter of certain eminent places 
in the Holy Scripture, and a compendious way 
discovered for the Spiritual improvement of the 
Literal Sense, in order to the better under- 
standing of the minde and meaning of the Spirit 
therein. By Jo. Godolphin, D.D. Lond., printed 
by John Field for Edmund Paxton, and are to 
be sold at his shop, in Paul's Chain, over-against 
the Castle Tavern, near the Doctors Commons, 
1650, sm. 12". Sion College Lib. 

Note.—" To the Reader," and " The Names and 
Titles of the Extractions," oooupy three quarters of a 
sheet, then pp. 1-235. The oolop'hon is "Imprimatur 
1° Martii, 1649, Joseph Caryl." This is the previous 
work with an alteration in the title. 

The Holy Arbour containing a body of divinity, 
or the sum and substance of Christian Eeligion. 
Collected from many orthodox laborers in the 
Lord's Vineyard ; for the benefit and delight of 
such as thirst after righteousness. First methodi- 
cally and plainly treated of, then annalized and 
applied at large. By J. Godolphin, J. CD... 
Lond., printed by John Field for Edmund Paxton, 
neer Doctors Commons... 1651, 4". 

Note. — Dedication and preface 2 sheets unpaged, 
then pp. 1-383. Index 1 J sheets, unpaged. There is 
also a pictorial half title with 1 page of explanation, 
commencing " The curtain drawn, or the front door of 
this holy arbour unlock'd and laid wide open." 

STNHrOPOS 0AAA2SIO2. A view of the 
admii-al jurisdiction, wherein the most material 
points concerning that jurisdiction are fairly 
and submissively discussed, as also divers of the 
laws, customes, rights, and priviledges of the 
High Admiralty of England by ancient records 
and other arguments of law asserted. Where- 
unto is added, by way of Appendix, an Extract 
of the ancient laws of Oleron. By J. Godolphin, 
LL.D. Lond., printed by W. Godbid for 
Edmund Paxton, over-against the Castle Tavern, 
neer Doctors Commons... 1661, 8". 

Note.— Dedication, preface, list of authors, and 
contents, unpaged, 3 sheets. Index, unpaged, 1 sheet. 
A view, pp. 1-160, Laws of Oleron, pp. 161-96, Catalogue 
of Admirals, pp 197-207. At p. 160 the following title 
page 18 found " An extract, by way of Appendix, of the 




GODOLPHIN, John, LL.D. (Om.). 

Ancient Laws of Oleron. Eendered into English out 
of Garsias alisls Ferrand. Together with some mar- 
ginal observations thereon. Lond., printed in the year 

ZTNHrqPOE ©AAA22I02. Avievvof the 
admiral jurisdiction... With A Catalogue of the 
Lord High Admirals... By J. Godolphin, LL.D. 
2nd ed., corrected and amended. Lond., printed 
for, and sold by, George Dawes, in Chancery- 
Lane, against Lincolns-Inn-Gate, 1G85, 8°. 

Note. — Dedication, preface, list of authors, and 
contents, unpaged, 3J sheets, then pp. 1-230. Index, 
unpaged, IJ sheets. There is a frontispiece of the Eoyal 

Laws, ordinances, and institutions of the Ad- 
miralty of Great Britain, civil and military, etc. 
Lond., printed for A. Millar, opposite to Katharine 
St., in the Strand, 1746, 2 vols., B"., 12/-.— 
Lond., printed for W. Owen, near Temple-Bar, 
rieet-St., 1767, 2 vols., 8°., 12/-. 

Note. — It is stated in Watt's Bihl. Brit, that this 
is the previous work published anonymously with a new 
title, but on comparison of the books, such does not 
appear to be the case. 

The Orphans Legacy, or a testamentary 
abridgment. In three parts — i, of last wills and 
testaments — ii, of executors and administrators 
— iii, of legacies and devises, wherein the most 
material- points of law relating to that subject 
are succinctly treated. . .By J. Godolphin. Lond., 
1674, 4". 

The Orphans Legacy, etc. 2nd ed. much aug- 
mented and enlarged. By J. Godolphin, LL.D. 
Lond., printed for Chr. Wilkinson, at the Black 
Boy, over-against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet- 
St., 1677, sm. 40.— 3rd ed. printed by the 
Assigns of E. and E. Atkins, Esquires... 1685, 
sm. 4". 

Note. — The 2nd and 3rd editions are of the same 
impression. Advertisement, preface, and contents, un- 
paged, 1 sheet, then pp. 1-478. Index, unpaged, 2\ 

The Orphans Legacy, etc. 4th ed. Lond., 
1701, 40., 6/-. 

Eepertorivm Canonicvm, or an abridgement of 
the ecclesiastical laws of this realm, consistent 
with the temporal, wherein the most material 
points relating to such persons and things as 
come within the cognizance thereof, are suc- 
cinctly treated. By J. Godolphin, LL.D. Lond., 
1678, 40. 

Eepertorium Canonicvm, etc. 2nd ed. cor- 
rected, whereunto is added an appendix. By 
J. Godolphin, LL.D. Lond., printed by S. 
Eoycroft, for C. Wilkinson, at the Black Boy, 
against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet-St., 1680, 
?m. 4". 3rd ed. corrected, whereunto is added 

GODOLPHIN, John, LL.D. (Cm.). 

an appendix. Lond., printed by the assignes of 
R. and E. Atkins, Esquires, for Christopher 
Wilkinson, at the Black Boy, against St. Dunstan's 
Church, in Fleet-street, 1687, sm. 4^. 

Note. — The 2nd and 3rd editions are of the same 
impression. Introduction, pp. 88. Contents, pp. 2. 
An Abridgment, pp. 1-652. Index, pp, 34, not paged. 
App., pp. 20. 

Catalogus variorum et insignium librorum 
instructissimarum bibliothecarum doctiss. claris- 
simorumq ; virorum D. Johannis Godolphin, 
J.U.D. et D. Oweni Phillip's, A.M., et scholae 
Wintoniensis Hypodidascali. Quorum auctio 
habebitur Londini in vico vulgo dicto Westmor- 
land-court, in St. Bartholomews Close, Novem- 
bris 11. Per Gulielmum Cooper Bibliopolam. 
Catalogi gratis distribuentur ad insigne Pelicani 
in vico vulgo dicto Little-Britain, 1678, sm. fol. 

Note. — Advertisement unpaged. Foreign Books, 
pp. 1-52. English Books, pp. 1-56. Pamphlets, pp. 

Pallas Armata. The Gentleman's Armorie... 
Printed at London, by J. D., for John Wilhams, 
at the signe of the Crane, in S. Pauls Church- 
yard, 1639, 8". Gh-enville Lib., Br. Museum. 

Note. — Prefixed are verses " To the deserving 
Author," by " Jo. Godolphin, Bach, of the Givill Law 
of Glouo. HaU., Oxford." 

GODOLPHIN, Margaret (4 dau. of Col. Thos. 
Blague and wife of Sidney Godolphin, first Earl), 
b. 2 Aug., 1652. d. Whitehall, Westminster, 
9 Sept., 1678. bur. at Breage, 27 Sept., but 
in the Register called Catherine, cf. Sioughton's 
Eccl. Hist, of England (The Church of the 
Bestoration,) ii, 475-78; Evelyn' s Diary, (1870,) 
pp. 369-81, 384, 388-89,392, 400, 402-4; 
Grammont's Memoirs of Court of Charles II, 
(Bohn's ed.,) p. 358. 

The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. By John Evelyn, 
of Wootton, Esq. Now first pubUshed and edited 
by Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford. Portrait. 
Lond., Will. Pickering, 1847, 8"., pp. xviii and 
265, 6/-.— 1848, S"., pp. xviii and 291, 6/-.— 
[Another ed.] 1848, 8°., pp. xviii and 291, 6/-. 
The Saintly Life of Mrs. Margaret Godolphm, 
abridged by permission from the Life of Mrs. 
Godolphin, by J. Evelyn, ed. by Samuel, Lord 
Bishop of Oxford. Lond., WiU. Pickermg, 1853, 
8"., pp. 32. . ,. ^ 

The Saintly Life of Mrs. M. Godolphin. By 
the Eev. J. J. Daniell, (1864,) q.v. 

GODOLPHIN, Mary {dau. of Col. Sidney Godol- 
phin, and wife of Bev. Henry Godolphin, D.D.) 
Letter from M. Godolphin, to Lady Evelyn. 

Eton, 25 August, 1731. Br. Museum, Addit. 

Mas., 15,949, fol. 94. 




GODOLPHIN, Mary, pseud, i.e. 

^sop's Fables in words of one syllable. By- 
Mary Grodolphin. Lond., Cassell, n.d., [1868,] 
80, pp. 174. 

Note. — The writer of the above work was the first 
person to compose continuous tales in words of one 
syllable. Various books on this plan by "Mrs. Mary 
Godolphin," have been published by Mess. Eoutledge 
and Mess. Cassell. 

GODOLPHIN, Sidney. The Poet. (2 son of 
Sir Will. Godolphin, who d. 1613). 6. Godolpliin. 
iapt. Breage, 14 Jan., 1609. Slain at Cliag- 
ford, Devon, Jan., 164|. bur. Okehampton, 
10 Feb. cf. Bliss' Wood, lii, 4:4:-4:6 ; Clarendon's 
Hist, of Rebellion, {ed., 1819,) ii, 185; Censura 
Literaria, ix, 342 ; Dedication to T. Hobbes' 
Lemathan,{Molesworth's ed.,)pref. vol., in; Review 
and Conclusionof the Leviathan, (Molesworih's ed.,) 
iii, 702-3 ; Lord Clarendon's Brief View, etc., of 
the Leviatlwn, (1676,) pp. 319-20; L. Echard's 
Hist, of Engl, (1720,) pp. 534, 561 ; N. and Q. 
4 S. vii, 364, (1871); D. Lloyd's Memoirs of 
Persons, 1637-66, (1668,) pp. 693-4; Rose. 

The Passion of Dido for ^neas, as it is in- 
comparably exprest in the fourth book of Virgil. 
Translated by Edmund Waller and S. Godolphin, 
Esqrs. Lond., printed for Humphrey Mosley, 
at the Prince's Armes, in St. Paul's Church-yard, 
1658, 80., pp. 82. 

The Passion of Dido for ^neas, etc. — Lond., 
printed, and are to be sold by Peter Parker, at 
the Leg and Star, over against the Eoyal Ex- 
change, in Comhil, 1679, 12o., unpaged A to F 
in eights. Br. Museum. 

The Passion of Dido for -(Eneas, etc. Printed 
in J. Dryden's "Miscellany Poems," (1716,) iv, 

Note.— c/. MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Dd., vi-43 ; 
Malone MSS., (Bod Lib.,) 13. 

Carolus Eedux. Oxon., 1623, 4o. 
Camdeni Insignia. Oxon., 1624, 4o. 

Note. — The above works contain verses by " S. 
Godolphin, Eq. aur. fil. Exeter Coll." 

A Paraphrase upon the Divine Poems. By 
George Sandys. Lond., at the Bell, in St. Paul's 
Church-yard. 1638, fol. 

Note. — Prefixed are commendatory verses by S. 
Godolphin, "To my very much honour'd friend, Mr! 
George Sandys," &c. 

Funerals made Cordials in a sermon... at the 
solemn interment of the corpse of the Et. Hon. 
Eobert Eich...By John Gauden, D.D. Lond 
1658, 40. 

Note.— At p. 124, is " An epitaph upon the Lady 
Eich," [A poem of 20 hnes,] signed " Sidney Godol- 

GODOLPHIN, Sidney. (Con.). 

Song [beginning " Or love me less or love me 
more."] By S. Godolphin. Ellis' Specimens of 
Early English Poets, iii, 202-3. 

For Love. A Poem by S. Godolphin. In 
Tixall Poetry, with notes by A. Clifford, (1813,) pp. 

The Judgment (in verse) of S. Godolphin, 
on G. Sandys' Paraphrase on Solomon's Song 
Lands. MSS., 489, art. 10. 

Poems. By S. Godolijhin. Harl. MSS., 6917, 
pp. 5, 52, 53, 7.3. 

Poems. By S. Godolphin. Malone MSS. (Bod 
Lib.,) 13. 

Character of S. Godolphin, killed at Chagford, 
Jan., 164f. Addit. MSS., Br. Museum, 15,949, 
fol. 79. 

GODOLPHIN, Sidney, K.G. (3 son of Sir Eras. 
Godolphin, who was b. in 1605.) cr. Baron 
Godolphin, of Eialton, co. Cornwall, 8 Sept., 
1684, and Viscount Eialton, and Earl of Godol- 
phin, 26 Dec, 1706. Lord High Treasurer, 
1702. b. Godolphin. hapt. Breage, 15 June, 
1645. d. St. Albans, 15 Sept., 1712. hur. 
Westminster Abbey, cf. Burnet's Hist, of his own 
Time, (ed., 1724) vols, i and i\, passim; Pepys' 
Diary passim ; Diary and Corresp. of J. 
Evelyn, (1870,) pp. 719-22; Calamy's Hist. 
Account of my own Life, ii, 257-58 ; L. Echard's 
Hist, of Engl., (1720,) pp. 960, 985, 1,000, 
1,044, 1,050,- 1,124; Bliss' Wood, {Fasti,) iv, 
272-73; Granger's Biog. Hist; Jas. Houbrahen's 
Heads of Illust. Persons, with Lives by Dr. Birch, 
(1813,) pp. 145-46; Stanhope's Hist, of Engl, 
1701-13, {1870,) passim ; Nichols' Topog. and 
Geneal, iii, 505 ; E. Lodge's Portraits of Illust. 
Persons. (1850,) vii, 9; Macaulay's Hist, vols. 
i-iv, passim ; Stanley's Westminster Abbey, 
(1868,) p. 238 ; 30 Rep. of Dep. Keeper of 
Records, pp. 371, 403, 422; Chalmers; Rose; 
Encyclop. Brit, (8 ed.) ; English Cyclop. 
Two fables, in verse. By Sidney, Earl of 

Godolphin. Never before printed, n.p. or d. 

[Salisbury, printed by, and for, Brodie and 

Dowding,] 1817, 40., pp. 15. 

A third fable, in verse. By Sidney, Earl of 

Godolphin. Never before printed, n.p. or d. 

[Salisbury printed by, and for, Brodie and 

Dowding,] 1818, 40., pp. 5. 

Note.— The above fables were edited by Archdeacon 
W. Coxe, from the original MSS., at Blenheim. Only 10 
copies of the fables were printed on imperial paper, and 
12 on demy paper. A copy of the former size is in the 
Grenville Lib , Br. Musewm. 

The secret history of Arlus and Odolphus, 
Ministers of State to the Empress of Grandin- 
sula, in which are discover'd the labour'd artifices 
formerly us'd for the removal of Arlus, and the 




GODOLPHIN, Sidney. (Con). 

true causes of his late restoration, upon the 
■ dismission of Odolphus and the Quinquinvirate. 
Humbly offer'd to those good people of Grand- 
insula, who have not yet done wond'ring why 
that Princess wou'd change so notable a ministry. 
Anon. [Lond.,] printed in the year 1710, 8"., 
pp. 37, 6d. — 2nd ed. [Lond.,] printed in the 
year 1710, 8o., pp. 37, 6d.— 3rd ed. [Lond.,] 
printed in the year 1710, 8"., pp. 37, 6d. 

The impartial secret history of Arlus, For- 
tunatus, and Odolphus. . .The true and just causes 
of the removal of Arlus, who, by his t[raitorou]s 
Ad[ministratio]n rather deserved H[ama]ns 
Pun[ishmen]t, than Mordecai's preferment, and 
justice is done to the character of Fortunatus 
and Odolphus... /4 mow. [Lond.,] Printed in the 
year 1710, 8o., pp. 40, 6d. 

Note — In the above works Arlus represents Eobt. 
Harley, Earl of Oxford; Odolphus, S. G-odolphin and 
the Princess of Grandinsula, Queen Anne ; their author- 
ship is unknown 

Verses upon Dr. G 's Verses to the E. 

of G n. n.p. or d. [Lond., 1710,] s. sh. fol. 

Bod. Lib. 

On Virtue, to Mr. S. G[odolphin ?]. By John 
Evelyn. Nidwls' Select Coll. of Poems, (1780,) ii, 

Life of the Et. Hon. F. North, Baron of 
Guilford... wherein are inserted the Characters 
of Sir M. Hale... Sidney Godol'phin and others. 
By the Hon. Roger North. Lond., 1808, 2 vols., 

The Lives of the Et. Hon. F. North... Hon. 
Sir Dudley North... and Hon. and Eev. Dr. John 
North. By the Hon. Roger North. Lond., 1826, 
3 vols., 8». 

Note. — In the former work, the character of Lord 
Godolphin is contained in ii, 138-9 ; in the latter, in ii 

Lease from the Earl of Feversham. . .to Sidney, 
Lord Godolphin, of the park of Greene's Norton, 
in Northampton, 6th April, 1693. Br. Museum, 
Addit. Charters, 6,076. 

Assignment from Sidney, Lord Godolphin, of 
Lease of Greene's Norton, 21 July, 1693. ib., 
6,150-52. ^^ ^ 

Letter to Lord Godolphm. Eeygate, March 
27, 1711. Br. Museum, AddU._ MSS., 4,107, 
art. 153. 

Summary of the Life of Sidney, Earl of 
Godolphin. ib., 4,222, wrt. 81. 

"Warrants, signed by Lord Godolphin, 1669- 
1707. ib., 5750, # 10,56,89; 5,751, # 333, 
337; 5,752,#169, 236; 5,755,/ 5, 6, 51, 140, 
197,203,213; 5,756,/. 119. 

GODOLPHIN, SiDNElr. (Con.). 

Letters from Lord Godolphin, to the Duke of 
Queensberry, 1706-1707. ib., 6,420,/ 74-85. 

Letter to Lord Godolphin from the Duke of 
Marlborough, 1706. ib., 7,058,/. 61. 

LettertoLord Godolphhifrom George Stepney. 
ib., 7,059, fol. 161 ; 7,075, fol. 68. 

Letter from Lord Godolphin to Lord Halifax, 
dated 24 May, 1706. ib., 7,121, fol. 35. 

Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, 
with Lord Godolphin and other, ib., 9,735. 

Letter from S. Godolphin to the Earl of 
Eochester, August, 1684. ib. 15,892, fol. 169. 

Sidney Godolphin to Laurence Hyde. Windsor, 
Friday, noon, ik, 17,017, fol. 64. 

Eeport from the Commissioners of Accounts, 
1710-11 : with correspondence between Lord 
Godolphin, and the Duke of Queensberry. ib., 
17,766, 8". 

Letters of William HI to Lord Godolphin, 
1691-3. ib., 24,905. 

Correspondence of Lord Godolphin on Home 
Affairs, 1701-10. ib., 28,055. 

Correspondence of Lord Godolphin on Foreign 
Affairs, 1680-1709. ib., 28,056-7. 

Commission to Lord Godolphin to be Lord 
Lieutenant of Cornwall, in the room of John, 
Lord Granville, 12 April, 1705. Sari. MSS., 
2,262, art. 20. 

Grant to Sidney, Lord Godolphin, of the title 
of Viscount Eialton and Earl of Godolphin, 14 
Dec, 1706. ib., 2,262, art. 232. 

Lord Godolphin's Correspondence, 1695. Sir 
T. Phillipps' MSS., 10,074. 

A conference in writing between Lord Godol- 
phin and Mr. Secretary Harley. ib. 15,011. 

An account of the proceedings of the Commis- 
sioners, Lords Halifax, Nottingham, and Godol- 
phin, appointed to treat with the Prince of 
Orange, 1688. MsS., All Souls' Coll., 273. 

Letter of Lord Godolphin to Archbishop 
Tenison, 24 Sept., 1705. Lambeth MSS., 930, 
art. 37. 

Letters to, and from, the Hon. James Brydges, 
1703-11. Stowe Political MSS., xxx-cii. cf. 
O'Conor's Bibl. MSS. Stowensis, (1819,) ii, 484. 

Forty-eight Letters and Drafts, from S. Godol- 
phin, Lord Treasurer to the Earl of Nottingham, 
andothers, 1689, 1 702-4. MSS.,HattonCollection. 

Letters from S. Godolphin, 1680-82. MSS., 
T. E. P. Lefroy Esq. 




GODOLPHIN, Capt. Sidney (son of John 
GodolpMfi, LL.D.) Governor of Scilly, Auditor 
of Wales, d. 23 Sept., 1732, aged 81. bur. 
Thames Ditton. 

Letter from Dr. W. Lloyd, Bp. of St. Asaph, 
to Lord Hatton, 6th April, 1689. Recommends 
Capt. S. Godolphin, whom his Lordship has ap- 
pointed Deputy-Governor of Guernsey. MSS. 
Hatton Collection. 

Three Letters from S. Godolphin, to Lord 
■ — — , 1689. "Has received a commission from 
the Prince of Orange, to act as Deputy-Governor 
of Guernsey," etc. MSS., ib. 

GODOLPHIN, Mr. R Sir William Godolphin son 

of Will. Godolphin!] 

Letter from the Treasurer of Calais to Mr. 
Godolphin, demanding Justice for the robbery 
of a Frenchman, anno. 2 Edw. VI. Harl. MSS. 
288, art. ii...also 288, art. 25. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir William, Knt., M.P., {eld. 

son of William Godolphin.) Vice- Ward en of 

the Stannaries, 1553. bur. Breage, 30 July, 


Two Letters from Sir W. Godolphin to Thos. 
Cromwell. Printed in Sir H. Ellis' Original 
Letters, 3 S. ii, 217-21. — Reprinted in Cornish 
Teleg., 26 October, 1864. 

Note. — They refer to Coruisli wrestling, &o. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir William, Knt., M.P. for 
Cornwall {eld. son of Sir Fras. Go'hlphin, 
knighted 1580.) bur. Breage, 5 Sept., 1613. cf. 
JBirch's Life of Henry, Prince of Wales, pp. 129, 
205 ; 6 Eq>. Dep. Keeper of Records, App. ii, p. 
4; Clifford's Tixall Letters, (1815,) i, 3. 

Indenture of Charles, Earl of Devon, with 
Sir W. Godolphin, touching the Manors of 
Langston Lacy, &c., dated Octav. Purif. B.M., 1 
Jac. i. MSS. Exeter Coll. 182, fol. 117-8. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir William, Knt., M.P. for 
Camelford, 1661 (3 son of Sir Will. Godolphin 
who d. 1613.) Knighted AtWhitehall, 28 Aug., 
1668. bapt. Breage, 9 Oct., 1611. d. Madrid, 
1696. cf. Clarendon's Hist, of Rebellion, fed. 
1819,; ii, 184, 359 ; Burnet, (ed., 1724) i, 430; 
Pepys' Diary, (1858,) iii, 362, iv, 30, 87; 
Dodd's Ch. Histoi-y, (1737,) iii, 251 ; Welch's 
List of Westminster Sclwlars, (1852,) pp. 118, 
136-38 ; Evelyn's Diary, (1870,) pp. 406, 408; 
Birch's Hist, of Boy. Soc, ii, 297, 331 ; Bliss' 
Wood, (Fasti,) iv, 275 ; L. Echard's Hist, of 
Eng., (1720,) pp. 857, 952; 30 Rep. Dep. 
Keeper of Records, p. 365. 

Musarum, Oxon., i-Kaw^opid sive ob foedera 
...Oliveri Domini Pro tectoris, etc. Oxon. 1654, 

GODOLPHIN, SiK William. (Con.). 

Note — Contains verses by " W. Godolphin, Christ 
Church." They are reprinted in State Poems, fI709,) 
pp 4-5 ; 18-15. 

An answer to Mr. Waller's Poem on Oliver's 

Death, call'd The Storm. Written by Sir W 

G n. /. Dryden's Miscellany Poems, (1716,) 

i, 191-2; Poems on Affairs of State, (1716,) i, 
247-8 ; Nichols' Select Collection of Poems, (1780,) 
i, 116-9. 

Note. — In the latter collection, this poem is erron- 
eously ascribed to Sidney Godolphin, the Lord Treasurer. 

A true relation of the victory and happy suc- 
cess of a squadron of his Majesties fleet in the 
Mediterranean, against the pyrates of Algiers, 
taken as well out of letters from Sir Thos. Allen, 
his Majesties admiral in those seas, and from Sir 
Will. Godolphin, his Majesties Envoye Extraor- 
dinary to the Court of Spain, as from a relation 
made by the Heer Van Ghent, the Admiral of 
the Dutch fleet, who assisted in that action. 
Published by authority. Printed by T. Newcomb, 
in the Savoy, 1670, 4"., pp. 15. 

The Right Honourable the Earl of Arlington's 
Letters (vol. i) to Sir W. Temple, Bart., etc. ; 
(vol. ii) containing a compleat collection of his 
Lordship's letters to Sir Richard Fanshawe... 
and Sir Will. Godolphin during their respective 
embassies to Spain from 1664 to 1674. Lond., 
printed for Tho. Bennet, at the Half Moon, in 
St. Paul's Churchyard, 1701, 2 vols., 8°. 

Original letters and negociations of his excel- 
lency Sir Richard Fanshaw, The Earl of Sand- 
wich, The Earl of Sunderland, and Sir W. 
Godolphin. . .wherein divers matters of importance 
between the three crowns of England, Spain, and 
Portugal, from the year 1663 to 1678, are set in 
a clearer light. . .Lond., printed for John Wilford, 
at the Three Flower de Luces, in the Little 
Britain, 1724, 2 vols., 8". 

Note. — Contains copies of a large number of letters 
and other documents, from Sir W. Godolphin. 

Prseexcelsoheroi Tiim Augustis maiorum''imaf 
ginibus ciim eximiis animi dotibas inclarescenti, 
D. D. Gvillermo Godolphin, Pro Potentissimo 
Magnse Britanise Monarcha in Hispania Legato. 
Excellentissimo Senor. A los pies de V. Exc, 
Don Christoval Gauvain. n.p. or d. fol. s. sh, 
Br. Museum. 

Note.— Contains " Anagramma, Sir Vvilliam Godol- 
phin, al mi hope is in God's Vvill." 

Anno decimo Gulielmi iii, Regis. An Act 
for confirming and establishing the administrar 
tion of the goods and chattels of Sir W. Godol- 
phin, Knight, deceased. Lond., printed by Chas, 
Bill, and the Executrix of Thos. Newcomb, 
deceased, printers to the King, 1700, fol. pp. 4, 




GODOLPHIN,, Sir William. (Con.). 

Respuesta a una carta de un Senor titulo de 
Ingalaterra, en que le pide a un ingenio de esta 
corte, le avise las novedades de ella ; el qual le 
responde en esta relacion, que oprece al don 
Guillermo Godolphin [in verse], n.p. or d. fol. 
Bod. Lib. 

Romance, dando las bvenas pascvas al...Don 
Guillermo Godolphin, Cauallero de la Espuela 
Dorada, Senador del muy Alto, y soberano 
Senor, el Senor Rey de la Gran Bretana, y su 
Embaxador ordinario, a la Saprema Magestad 
Catolica. n.p. or d. 4°. Bod Lib. 

Begins " Extractum ex tractatu paois et ami- 
citie inter Magne Brittannie et Hispanie coronas 
Matriti ^ die mensis Maij, 1667. Concluso 
[In Spanish, Madrid, 1710 T] fol., unpaged, [pp. 
1-76, and 1-32, in writing.] Br. Museum. 

Note. — Annexed is a notarial Act or Instrument of 
Sir W. Godolphin, appointing Testamentarios, who 
should on his death have power to make his will for the 
good of his soul, which was declared his universal heir 
in that instrument ; with sundry documentary papers 
in a suit thereon ensuing. 

Copy of a Fine levied in 1655, by T. Grose 
and wife, and D. Grose and wife, to Sir W. 
Godolphin, of lands in Trensweale and Breage. 
Earl. MSS.'l,228, art. 9. 

Extracts from letters from Sir W. Godolphin, 
from Madrid, 1667, 1676, 1677, 1678. ib., 1515, 
art. 75-77; 1516, art. 123; 3792, art. 32. 

Francis Parry's Diplomatic Correspondence 
with Lord Arlington, Sir W. Godolphin, etc., 
from Portugal, 1668-80. Sir T. Phillipps' MSB., 
8914, 2 vols., fol. 

Copies of Letters from Sir H. Shere to Sir 
W Godolphin, dated Tangier, 1676. Bawlinson 
MSS., (Bod. Ub.,) class A. 342, fol. 60, 88. 

Despatch from Sir W. Godolphin, ambassador 
at Madrid, to Lord Arlington, 14 Sept., 1670. 
ib., A 478, art. 6. 

Letter from Sir W. Godolphin, Ambassador 
at Madrid, to George, Earl of Berkeley, Ambas- 
sador at Paris. Madrid, || March, 1677. Br. 
Museum, Addit. MSS., 17,017, fol. 62. 

Extracts of letters from Sir W. Godolphin to 
Mr Secretary Coventry, and others. Madrid, 
1675-77. ib., 17,018, fol. 63-69. 

Papers relating to the conversion of Sir W. 
Godolphin, English Ambassador, April, 1671. 
Br. Museum, Egerton MSS., 1,509, fol. 281. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir William. (Con.). 

Upon the late storm and thedeathof Cromwell, 
by Waller, with " the answere or construction," 
by W. Godolphin. MSS. All Souls' College, 174, 
fol. 36b. 

Letter from Sir W. Godolphin to Lord Arling- 
ton, touching cutting logwood in Campeche. 
Madrid, May ^§, 1672. ib. 203, fol. 476-50. 

Declaration of what relateth to the case of the 
Spanish envoye, Don Bernardo de Salinas, and 
Sir W. Godolphin. ib. 213, fol. 56&-73. 

Note.— Sir W. Godolphin gave MSS, Nos, 14, 36, 37, 
46, 49, 51), and 52, to Wadham College, but they contain 
no references to himself. 

Concerning the will of Sir W. Godolphin, 
1697. Lambeth MSS., 942, art. 132. 

Letter from Madm. Ellis to Fra. Godolphin, 
relating to the personal estate of his late uncle 
Sir Wm. Godolphin, which was likely to fall into 
the hands ot some Priests at Rome, 4 Sept., 
1697. ib. 1,029, art. 94. 

GODOLPHIN, Sir William, Bart. (eld. son of 
Eras. Godolphin, M.P. for St. Ives, 1640.) cr. 
Baronet, 29 ApL, 1661. d. Suffolk St., London, 
17 Aug., 1710. iur. Westminster Abbey. 

Note.— This person is generally confused with the 
previously mentioned Sir William, who d. in 1696. 

GODOLPHIN, William, Marquis of Bland- 
ford. M.P. for Woodstock (eld. son of Fras., 2 
Earl Godolphin, by Lady Henrietta Ghwrchill.) 
d. 24 Aug., 1731. 
A Letter from an English Traveller at Rome, 

to his father, of the 6th of May, 1721. 0. S. 

n.p. or d. [1721,] i°., pp, 8. Bod. Lib. 

GODWIN, Edward William, F.S.A. (son of 
William Godwin.) b. Bristol, 1829. 
Notes on some examples of church architec- 
ture in Cornwall. Archceol. Journ., x, 317-24, 

Notes on churches in the deaneries of Kerrier 
and Penwith. ib. xviii, 231-52, 325-41, (1861.) 

GOFF, Dinah Wilson (dau. of Jacob Goff.) b. 

Horetown House, co. Wexford, 1784. d. 

White Ladies Road, Clifton, 5 June, 1858. 

Divine protection through extraordinary 
dangers; experienced by Jacob and Elizabeth 
Goff, and their family, during the Irish Rebellion, 
in 1798, (with a frontispiece of Hore Town 
House, County of Wexford, Ireland.) By D. W. 
Goflf of Penzance. Lond., W. and F. G. Cash... 
1857, fcp., 8"., 3 sheets.— 2nd ed., 1857, 8»., 3 




GOLDSMITH, Commander Charles, RN. b. 
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, 10 June, 1795. 
d. Stonehouse, Plymouth, 17 Jan., 1854. 

The Logging Stone. Household Words, vi, 
234-35, (1853.) 

Note — This is Lieut. H C. Goldsmith's own ac- 
count of his displacement of the Logan Stone, supplied 
to Household Words by his brother - 

GOLDSMITH, Lieut. Hugh Colvill, E.N. 
(hro. of the preceding.) The Overthrower and 
Replacer of the Logan Eock. 6. St. Andrews, 
New Brunswick, 2 ApL, 1789. d. At sea, off 
St. Thomas, West Indies, 8 Oct., 1841. 

The Logan Stone Overturned. By G. W. 
Harvey. A Letter, dated Plymouth, 18 ApL, 
1824. Ann. of PMlos., vii, 392, (1824.)— Re- 
printed in App. to Stockdale's Excursion, 1824, 
(small ed.,) p. 184. 

The Logan Eock Displaced, 8 Apl., 1824, by 
Lieut. Goldsmith, of H.M.S. "Nimble." Gent. 
Mag., xciv, pt. i, 363, 430, (1824.) 

The Golden Chersonese, or the Logan Rock 
Restored, by an officer of the Royal Navy. 
Penzance, 1824, 12". 

A complete set of six lithographic views of 
the Logan Rock, on the occasion of its being 
forced from its equilibrium, {& April, 1824.) By 
Lieut. Goldsmith, and when being replaced by 
him, (2 Nov., 1824.) Penzance, Vibert and 
Tonkin, 1824, obi. fol. No letter press. 

Lines to Rev. C. V. Le Grice, with a reply by 
him, on the subject of giving a silver cup or a 
dinner to Lieut. Goldsmith. MSS. penes G. B. 
Millett, Esq., Penzance. 

GONZALES, Don Manoel, pseud., i.e. 

The voyage of Don Manoel Gonzales (late 
merchant) of the city of Lisbon, in Portugal, to 
Great Britain containing. . .an account of England 
and Scotland... Translated from the Portugueze 
MSS. Printed in A Collection of Voyages and 
Travels. . .from the library of the Earl of Oxford, 
Lond., T.Osborne, (1745,) i, 9-208 ; Pinkerton's 
Voyages and Travels, (1808,) ii, 1-171. 

Note — Account of Cornwall in Earl of Oxford's 
Collection, i, 82-83 ; Pinkerton, ii, 2-3. This Work is 
thought to have been written by D- Defoe. 


On preserving public buildings from fire. Hep. 
li.C.P. Soc, 1842, pt. i, p. 32. 

Talc water guage for steam boiler, ib., 1852, 
p. 106. 

On an improved penholder, ib., 1852, p. 107. 

GOODFELLOW, Stephen Jennings, M.D. 
(son of Robert Goodfellow.) b. Budock, 21 Oct., 

GOODFELLOW, Stephen Jennings, M.D. (Con.). 

The London Physiological Journal, or monthly 
record of observations on animal and vegetable 
anatomy and physiology, chiefly made by the use 
of the microscope. Edited by S. J. GoodfeUow, 
M.D., Lecturer on General Anatomy and Physio- 
logy, at the Aldersgate Street Medical School, 
and Edwin J. Quekett, F.L.S. Lond., published 
for the Proprietors, by John Van Voorst, 3 Pater- 
noster Row. Oct., 1843, to Feb., 1844. 5 Nos. 
1/-. each. 

Note. — No more published. 

Lectures on the diseases of the kidneys, gene- 
rally known as " Bright's Disease," and dropsy. 
By S. J. Goodfellow.. .Lond., Rol)ert Hardwicke, 
1861, post 8"., pp. xii and 308, 7/6. 

Observationes microscopicse ad morphologi'am 
pathologicam, auctore Dr. Davide Griiby, Mor- 
phologia Fluidorum Pathologicorum. Tomi 
primi, pars prima, Vindobonse apud Singer at 
Goering, 1840. Translated by S. J. Goodfellow. 
Microscopical Journ., 1841, pp. 195-206, 227-37, 

Lezioni sui Fenomeni Fisico-Chimici dei Corpi 
Viventi. De 1' Cav Professor Carlo Matteucci. 
2nd ed. Firenze presso Ricordi e Jojouhaud. 
Translated by S. J. Goodfellow. Lancet, i, 57-9 
81, etc.; ii, 1-3, etc., (1847.) 

Some remarks on the internal structure of 
voluntary muscle. Lond. Phys. Journ., i, 97-103 

Nine Lectures on those diseases of the kidney 
generally known as Bright's disease delivered at 
the Middlesex Hospital. By S. J. Goodfellow, 
M.D. Med., ii, 50-53, etc., (I860.) 

Two cases of empyema, illustrating the advan- 
tage of making two openings and adopting the 
plan of drainage in the operation of paracentesis 
in that disease. Trans. Boy. Med. and Chir. Soc. 
Lond., xlii, 231-43, (1859.) 

Two cases of extensive arterial obstruction 
from separated cardiac vegetations, followed by 
gangrene of the lower extremities and death, ib., 
xlv, 367-78, (1862.) 

Fibroid tumour in the brain, with disease of 
the petrous portion of the temporal bone. Trans. 
Pathological Soc. Lond., xiii, 17, (1862.) 

Case of chorea, softening of the brain and 
spinal cord, ib., xiii, 18. 

Atrophy of the right kidney from former dis- 
tension of pelvis and calices by urine, hyper- 
trophy of the left kidney, ib., xiii, 193. 

Left kidney extensively diseased, minute 
calculi, obstruction of the ureter, ib., xiii, 158. 

GOODRIDGE, Capt. John. Commander of 
the Duke of Cumberland Packet Boat, Fair 
mouth, bw. Mylor, 27 Dec, 1781, 




GOODEIDGE, Capt. John. (.Oon.). 

The Phoenix, an Essay. Being an attempt to 
prove from History and Astronomical Calcula- 
tions that the Comet which, by its approxima- 
tion to our Earth, occasioned the change made 
at the Fall and at the Deluge, is the real Phoenix 
of the Ancients. By J. Goodridge. Lond., printed 
for Wells and Grosvenor, No. 11, Cornhill, 1781, 
8°. Dedication and preface unpaged, then pp. 
74. 3/-. List of Subscribers. 

Note. — ^Dedication dated Flushing, 17 Feb, 1781. 
Prefixed is an engraving from a portrait by Opie of 
"Capt. John Goodridge, aged 71." In Mr. W. P. 
Courtney's copy there is a curious copy of verses in 

GORDON", Professor Lewis, r.R.S., Edinb., 
F.G.S. (son of Joseph Gordon.) b. Edinburgh, 

Abstract from the notes on the Power Ladders, 
used in the Hartz Mines. Bep. E.G. P. Soc, 
1841. App. pp. 6-11. 


Contents of N. Gorge's book, founded on a 
Statute 27, Hen. VIII, that no tin shall be wrought 
near freshwater rivers in Devon or Cornwall. 
Larml. MSS. 86, art. 70. 

GORHAM, Rev. George Cornelius, B.D. (son 
of Geo. jas. Gorham, of St. Neots. ) B. of St. 
Just-in-Penwith, 6 Feb., 1846-50, and V. of 
Brampford-Speke, 1850-57. b. St. Neot's, 
Huntingdon, 21 Aug., 1787. d. Brampford- 
Speke, Devon, 19 June, 1857. 

The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury 
and St. Neot's in Huntingdonshire ; and of St. 
Neot's in the County of Cornwall ; with some 
critical remarks respecting the two Saxon saints 
from whom these places derived their names. 
(Illustrated with 50 engravings.) By G. C. 
Gorham, M.A., Fellow of Queen's College, Cam- 
bridge. Lond., printed by Thomas Davison, 
Whitefriars ; published by Lackington...l820, 
80., pp. xii and 340, 20/-. 

Note. — There was also an unpublished impression 
of 2.') copies ; printed on best paper, by Tliomas Davison, 

The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury 
and St. Neot's, in Huntingdonshire, and of St. 
Neot's, in the County of Cornwall ; with critical 
remarks respecting the two Saxon Saints from 
whom these places derived their names. (Illus- 
trated with many engravings.) By G. C. Gorham, 
B.D. Lond., printed by Thomas Davison, White- 
friars ; for Harding, Mavor, and Lepard (Lack- 
ington's,) Finsbury Square, 1824, 2 vols., S^., 

GOEHAM, Eev. Geokge Coknelius, B.D. (Gon.J. 

Note — The copy in the Cfranville Lib., Br. Museum, 
is on thicker paper than the finest of the two impres- 
sions published It has also two additional plates. At 
page 177, five additional pages have been inserted, bring- 
ing the list of Vicars down to 1866, and containing 
much additional information relative to the previous 

Madron Well. Willis' Current Notes, 1855, p. 

Madron Well with baptistry chapel. Plate and 
plan, ib., 1856, pp. 1-2. 

GOUGH, Richard (son of Hen. Gough.) b. 
London, 21 Oct., 1735. d. Wormley, Herts, 
20 Feb., 1809. 

Britannia, or a Description of England, &c. 
Ed. by R Gough. See Camden, W. 

British Topography, or an Historical account 
of what has been done for illustrating the Topo- 
graphical Antiquities of Great Britain and Ire- 
land. Lond., printed for T. Payne and Son, and 
J. Nichols, 1780, 2 vols., 4o. 

Note. — ^Account of Cornwall, i, 265-7. 

GOURMELIN, Stephen, M.D. of Paris, b. 
Cornouailles, in Lower Brittany, d. Melun, 
12 Aug., 1593. 

Note.— In Dodd's Church History, ii, 162, and in 
Pits', (1619,) p. 784, it is stated that Gourmelin was 
born in Cornwall, in England, but it appears, by the 
Biog Univ., and the Nouvelle Biog. Gen., (though no 
authority is given,) that he was born in Prance, 

GRAHAM,Rev. Henry Elliot. R. of Ludgvan, 
1835-55. d. Ludgvan, 29 August, 1855, aged 
A Short Harvest Sermon. By the Rev. H. 

E. Graham, Rector of Ludgvan. Penzance, 1845, 

120., pp. 11. 

GRANT, James (son of Capt. John Grant.) b. 

Edinburgh, 1 Aug., 1822. 

Only an Ensign. A tale of the retreat from 
Cabul. By Jas. Grant. Lond., Tinsley Bros., 
1871, 3 vols., 80., 31/6. 

Note. — A considerable portion of the scene of this 
tale is laid in Cornwall. 


GEAVES, Admiral Thomas (2 son of James 
Graves, of Leeds.) b. 1680. d. 1 Dec, 1755. 
bur. Antony, cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis, iv, 

GRAVES, Admiral Sir Thomas, K.B. (3 son 
of Admiral Samuel Graves.) d. 1814. cf. 
Brenton's Naval Hist., (1837,) i, 624. 




GRAVES, Admiral Sik Thomas, K.B. (Con.). 

Two letters from W. Graves, Esq., respecting 
the conduct of Rear-Admiral Thomas Graves, in 
North America, during his accidental command 
there for four months iu 1781. n.;p. or d., [1782], 
pp. 1-48, and App. pp. 1-19. 

Note.— The preface dated Thanckes, 25 Oct., 1782. 

GRAVES, Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas (son of 
Admiral T/ios. Graves who d. 1755.^ cr. Lord 
Graves, Baron of Gravesend, co. Londonderry, 
July, 1795. d. Cadhay, 9 Feb., 1802. cf. 
Gent. Mag., Ixxii, 187, (1802); Brenton's 
Naval Hist, (1837,) i, 154, 268 ; Charnock's 
Biog. Navalis, vi, 126-43; James' Naval 
Hist, (1859,) i, 199; Life and Gorresp. of 
Lord Rodney, i, 384-88, 402 ; ii, 319. 

Memoir of Lord Thomas Graves, Admiral of 
the White. Portrait. European Mag., xxviii, 146- 
56, (1795.) Also found as a Pamphlet, n.d., 
[1795,] 80., pp. 1-12. 

Naval Researches, or a candid enquiry into 
the conduct of Admirals Byron, Graves, Hood, 
and Rodney. By Capt. Thomas White, R.N. 
Lond., 1830, 8". 

Letter from Rear-Admiral Sir S. Hood to 
George Jackson, Esq., with copies of letters from 
Sir G. B. Rodney and Admiral Graves to Admiral 
Hood, 1778-83. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 
9,343, fol. 27. 

GUAYES,TiLOM.AS'NoRT:B(eld.sonofthel Baron,) 
2 Lord Graves, b. 28 May, 1775. d. 7 Feb., 
1830. cf Gent. Mag., c. pt. i, 267, (1830.) 

A letter addressed to Lord Ebrington relating 
to the Stag Hunting establishment of the county 
of Devon. Exeter, 1814, 8 «. 

GRAVES-SAWLE, Sir Joseph Sawle, Bart., 
(son of Admiral John Graves.) cr. Baronet, 
22 March, 1836, h. Exeter, 10 Dec, 1793. d. 
Honiton, 13 Jan., 1865. cf. Gent. Mag., xviii, 
261, (1865.) 

GRAY, John. 

A certificate on the behalf of Tho. Hodge and 
J. Gray, in Launceston jail, begging, as her 
Majesty had granted them a pardon, it may pass 
in forma pauperis. Lescard, 19 Oct., 1592. Earl 
MSS., 6995, art. 95. 

GREATHEED, Rev. Samuel (son of Samuel 
Greatheed.) b. St. Clement Danes, London, 9 
March, 1759. d. Bishop's Hull, Somerset, 15 
Feb., 1823. 

On the knowledge and commerce of tin among 
ancient nations. Trans. R.O.S.G., ii, 359-65 
(1822); Tilloch, Philos. Mag.,lx.i, 109-12, (1823.) 

GREEN, Lieut. Edmund Lyons, R.N. 

A New Fire-escape. Bep. B.G.P.Soc, 1836, 
p. 79. 

GREEN, Lieut. William Pringle, R.N. d 
18 Oct., 1846. cf O'Bijrne. 

Signals to be made by one man, without flags, 
haulyards, or any previous preparations, by day 
or at night, to be understood by all nations, and 
affording a mode of instantaneous communica- 
tion, including information of importance to the 
crews of stranded ships. By Wm. Pringle 
Green, R.N. Gilbert, printer, Salter's-hall-court, 
Cannon St., London, 3 Oct., 1812, fol., s. sh. 

A.D. 1836, Sept. 28, No. 7,193. Letters 
Patent to W. P. Green, of Falmouth, Lieutenant 
in the Royal Navy, for " Improvements on Cap- 
stans, applicable to ships, etc." Lond., 1836, fol. 
s. sh. — Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottis- 
woode, 1857, fol. s. sh. 

Note. — No specification enrolled/ 

A.D. 1837, July 10, No. 7,400. Specification of 
W. P. Green... for " Improvements in Capstans 
and Machinery, employed in raising, lowering, 
and moving ponderous bodies and matters." 
With drawings annexed. Lond., 1836, fol. — 
Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1857, 
fol. pp. 5, 1/10. 

DE. Dean of Chichester, 1303-4. Arch- 
bishop of York, 4 Dec, 1304-15. Chancellor 
of England, 30 Sept., 1302-5. b. Cornwall, d. 
Cawood, 6 Dec, 1315. bur. York Minster. 
cf. Fasti Eboracences, (1863,) i, 361-97 ; Foss' 
Judges, iii, 96-97, 100, 274, 285 ; MSS.^Bal- 
liol. Coll. Oxf, Ixxxix ; Horwood's Yearbook of 
30 Edio. i, p. xix; Prynne's Records, iii, 1073, 
1112,1145-46, 1158; LeNeve's Fasti, {Ha/rdy^s 
ed.,) iii, 105; Murimuth, 1 ; Hemingburgh, ii, 


GREENWAY, Henry, M.R.C.S. (eld. son of 
Henry Greenway.) b. Launceston, 10 May, 

1828. ' 

Improved fracture apparatus. Med. Times, vii, 
99, (1853.) 

On a new operation for iridectomy, etc. ib., 
ii, 578, (1860.) 

Improved Hospital construction, ib., ii, 362, 

On a new form of leg suspender and bed- 
guard._ The Lancet, i, 202-203, (1866.) 

An improved suction tractor [for the removal 
of cataract, etc.'] ib., i, 693-94, (1867.) 




GEEBNWAY, Heney, M.E.C.S. (Con.). 

Improved opthalmoscope [for examining the 
fundus of the eye with steadiness and precision.] 
£rit. Med. Journ., ii, 573, (1868.) 

Treatment of constitutional syphilis by car- 
bolic acid, ib., ii, 635. 

Irrigating apparatus, ib., iii, 335, (1870.) 

A unilateral leg suspender, ib., iv, 19, (1871.) 


Occurrence of the black redstart near Pen- 
zance. Zoologist, i, 100, (1843.) 

Note. — The first of a series of paragraphs. 

On the mosses of the neighbourhood of Pen- 
zance, by A. Greenwood, Member of the Botanical 
Society of Edinburgh, Corresponding Member of 
the Society. Trans. P.N.E. & A.S., i, 60-68, 

Borrera flavicans, discovered in fruit, near 
Penzance. Phytologist, ii, 496, (1846.) 


Map of the county of Cornwall from an actual 
survey made in the years 1826 and 1827, by C. 
and J. Greenwood. Published by the Proprietors, 
Greenwood and Co. London, 4 July, 1829. 
Engraved by J. Dower, [with view of St. 
Michael's Mount, and small map of the Scilly 
Isles.] In "Atlas of the counties of England, 
by C. and J. Greenwood." Lond., 1829, fol. 

GREGOE, Francis, of Truro, {son of W. Gregor.) 

Conveyance of lands, circa, 1620. See Surges 

GEEGOE, Francis (son of John Gregor.) 

De laudibus legum Anglise. Written originally 
in Latin, by Sir John Fortescue. . .translated into 
English, illustrated with the notes of Mr. Selden, 
and Great Variety of Remarks with respect to 
the Antiquities, History, and Laws of England. 
To which are prefix'd Mr. Selden to the Reader, 
and a large Historical Preface. To the whole 
are added the Preface of the First Editor... In 
the Savoy ; printed by E. and R. Nutt, &c., 1737, 

Note. — The preface is dated Trewartheniek, Corn- 
wall, April 17, 1732, and contained in pp. iii-lvi. In 
1741 appeared a second edition of the work down to the 
end of the Index to the English Translation, bound up 
with copies of the Latin Text, with the title dated 1737. 
Both editions are without the Editor's name. 

De laudibus legum Anglise. By Sir J. Fortescue. 
Translated into English (with the Original Latin.) 
...With a large historical preface by Francis 
Gregor, Esq. Lond., printed for T. Evans, near 
York Buildings, Strand, 1775, 8o. 
Note.— Preface pp. iii-lxii. 

GEEGOE, Feancis. (Con.). 

Fortescue de laudibus legum Anglise. The 
Translation into English, published A.D. 
MDCCLXXV, and the original Latin-Text, with 
Notes. By A. Amos. Cambridge, printed by J. 
Smith. . .for JosephButterworth and Son, London 
...1825, 80. 

The works of Sir John Fortescue, Knight... 
now first collected and arranged by Thomas 
(Fortescue) IjOrd Clermont. Lond., printed for 
Private Distribution, 1869, 4o. 

Note.— In both the preceding works Mr. Gregor's 
translation of De laudibus legum Anglise is reprinted. 

Correspondence of F. Gregor. MSS. Trewar 

GREGOR, Francis, M.P. for Cornwall, 1 790- 
1806 (eld. son of Fras. Gregor.) baft. Cornelly, 
1760. d. Trewartheniek, 12 July, 1815. c/. 
Gent. Mag., Ixxxv, pt. ii, 185, (1815); New 
Monthly Mag., (by T. Flindell,) v, 160, (1816.) 

A short historical sketch and account of the 
expences incurred under the heads of Civil List, 
Pensions, and Public Ofiices, with some obser- 
vations on the conduct of the Modern Reformers 
in a letter addressed to a Friend. Lond., 1810, 
8"., [pp. 13-67 in Collected Works.] 

Two letters : the first containing some remarks 
on the meeting held 5 Nov., 1809, to celebrate 
the acquittal of Messrs. Hardy, J. H. Tooke, 
Thelwall, and others, in November, 1794; with 
an abstract of the facts proved on those trials, 
and also of the confession of James Watt, exe- 
cuted at Edinburgh, for High Treason, in Oct., 
1794. The second containing a short compara- 
tive sketch of our practical constitution in 
ancient times and the present, with some obser- 
vations on certain assertions made by the Modern 
Reformers. By a Freeholder of Cornwall, [i.e., 
F. Gregor.] Lond., printed for J. Hatchard, 190, 
opposite Albany, Piccadilly, 1810, 8"., pp. 57. 

Note.— The First Letter is reprinted in The Col- 
lected Works, pp. 67-89, the Second Letter in pp. 89- 106. 

Observations on the Resolutions passed by 
certain friends of Parliamentary Reform, at 
Bodmin, on the 8 July, 1811. Truro, T. Flindell, 

1812, 8"., 1/-., [pp. 106-157, in Collected Works.] 
Catholics, Remarks on the proceedings of the 

Lords and Commons in the late parliament re- 
specting the Catholics, contained in a letter ad- 
dressed to the Protestants of all persuasions and 
communions. By F. Gregor. Truro, printed at 
the Royal Cornwall Gazette OflEice, by T. Flindell, 
published in London by J. Hatchard... 181 2, 8"., 
pp, 76. — 3rcl ed. with a supplement respecting 
the parliamentary proceedings in the session 

1813, and an Appendix, by F. Gregor, Esq. 




GEEGOE, Feanoib, M.P. (Con.). 

Exeter, printed and published at Flindell's 
Luminary Office, published also by P. Nettleton, 
jun., Cornwall Gazette Office, Truro, 18 1 3, 8"., 
pp. 96, [pp. 157-269, in Collected Works.] 

Two Letters to the Freeholders of Cornwall, 
containing Remarks on some doctrines promul- 
gated by F. Gregor, Esq., 1812, 8o. 

Letters on the national debt, sinking fund, 
property tax, peace establishment, etc. Lond., 
18- -, 80., [pp. 269-307, in Collected Works.] 

The [Collected] Works of Francis Gregor, of 
Trewarthenick, Esq. Exeter, printed by T. 
Flindell, 1816, 8"., pp. xv and 13-307. List of 

GREGOR, Gordon William Francis (son of 
Thos. Booker, of the 53 Regt.) Assumed the 
surname and arms of Gregor, 1 826. h. 2 Oct., 
1789. d. Trewarthenick, 5 Dec, 1865. c/. 
Gent. Mag., i, l53, 285, (1866.) 

GREGOR, Rev. William, M.A. (only hro. of 
F. (h-egor, M.P.) E. of Creed, 1793-1817. h. 
Trewarthenick, 25 Dec, 1761. d. Creed, 11 
July, 1817. cf. Ufe of S. Drew, (1834), pp. 
162, 177, 199-201, 226-30, 237-38. 

A Memoir of the life and scientific labours of 
the late Rev. W. Gregor, A.M., read before the 
Royal Geological Society, of Cornwall, at the 
Anniversary Meeting, A.D. 1817, and printed at 
their Request, by J. A. Paris. Lond., printed 
and sold by William Phillips, George Yard, 
Lombard street, sold also by Harry, Truro, 1818, 
80., pp. 37, 1/-. 

A sermon preached at the visitation held by 
the Archdeacon of Cornwall, at Truro, on the 
14 May, 1798. By Rev. W. Gregor. Truro, 
printed and sold by W. Harry. Sold also by 
W. and J. Richardson. London, n.d. [1798,] 4o., 
pp. 30. 

A letter addressed to the members of the 
House of Commons on the Stat., 21 Hen. viii, 
c. 1 3 and on the grievances to which the clergy 
are exposed in consequence of it, with hints and 
observations respecting a new bill. Truro, J. 
Tregoning, Cornish press, 1802, 8o. 

A Sermon preached at St. Mary's Church, in 
Truro, at the Primary Visitation of the Right 
Reverend the Bishop of Exeter, on Wednesday, 
the 17th day of August, 1805. By the Rev. W. 
Gregor, M.A., Rector of Creed. Published at 
the request of the Right Reverend the Bishop 
of Exeter. Truro, printed at the Cornish Press, 
by J. Tregoning, 1805, 4o., pp. 32, 1/6. 

A Sermon preached at Truro, at the Primary 
Visitation of the Right Reverend the Bishop of 
Exeter, on the 1st July, 1809. By the Rev. W. 

GEEGOE, Eev. William, M.A. (Con.). 

Gregor, M.A. , Rector of Creed. Published at 
the request of the Bishop and Clergy assembled. 
Truro, printed and sold by J. Tregoning. Lend., 
Rivington, 1809, 4o., pp. 22, 1/6. 

An analysis of a variety of the Corundum. 
Nicholson's Journ., v, 209-11, (1803.) 

On the production of sulphate of Magnesia 
from the ashes of pit-coal, with remarks on the 
efflorescence of the same salt, observed by Dr. 
Bostock. ib., V, 225-27. 

_ Experiments on a mineral substance formerly 
supposed to be Zeolite, with some remarks on 
two species of Uran-Glimmer. ib., xii, 247, 
1806, [Philos. Trans., xcv, 331-48, 1805.] 

On a native arseniate of lead, ib., xxv, 360, 
1810, [Philos. Trans., xcix, 195-211, 1809.] 

Analysis of a soil containing free muriatic acid 
and muriates of soda, lime, alumine, magnesia, 
and manganese, ih., xxviii, 180-84, (1811.) 

Experiments upon green uran mica, with a 
view to its chemical analysis. Thomson An. 
Philos., V, 281-84, (1815.) 

Experiments upon topaz and carbonate of bis- 
muth, with some observations relative to 
Smithson Tennant, Esq. ib., viU, 276-79, 

On the tremolite of Cornwall. Trans. Geol. 
Soc, London, cxi, 399-403, (1803.) Found also 
as A Pamphlet with a title page, 1816, 4o. 

Observations on a remarkable change, which 
metallic tin undergoes, under peculiar circum- 
stances, and on its partial conversion into a 
muriate of tin. Trans. B.G.S.C., i, 5 1-59, (I8l8.) 

On kupfer-nickel. ib., i, 224-25. 

Notice of the analysis of zinc ore trom Huel 
Ann. ib., iii, 338, (1827.) 

Formation of prussic acid by the ignition of 
carbonaceous substance with nitrate of barytas. 
Tilloch, Philos. Mag., Ixxii, 234-;55, (1823.) 

Observations et essais sur le menakanite, 
esp^ce de sable attirable par I'aimant, trouv6 
dans le province de Cornouailles. Observations 
sur la Physique, xxxix, 72-78, 152-60, (1791.) 

Experiments on, and analysis of, the magnetic 
sand, found in the county of Cornwall, and called 
by Mr. Gregor menekanite. By J. G. Schmeisser. 
Crell's Chemical Journ., iii, 252-9, (1793.) 




GEELLET DU MABILLIER, Etienne de (son 
of G. M. A. de Grellet.) h. Limoges, 2 Nov., 
1773. d. Burlington, U.S. America, 16 Nov., 

Memoir of the Life and gospel labours of 
Stephen Grellet. Ed. by Benjamin Seebohm. 
Lend., A. W. Bennett, 1860, 3 vols., 8°. 

Note. — Account of visits to Cornwall (in 1813,) i, 
226-27, (in 1832,) ii, 240-41. 

GRENFELL, Coll. George Saint Leuer (1 
son of George Grenfell, of Penalverne.) b. 
London, 1808. cf One and All Mag., 1868 ; 
7 JRep. Dep. Keeper of Records, App. p. 151. 

A.D. 1834, Nov. 12, No. 6,622. Specification 
of George Saint Leger Grenfell, of Paris, in the 
kingdom of France, Merchant, for " Certain im- 
provements in the construction of Saddles." 
Lond., 1834, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and 
Spottiswoode, 1857, fol., pp. 3, 3d. 

GRENFELL, John (son of Pascoe Grenfell.) 
bapt. St. Hilary, 11 Feb., 1767. d. Plymouth, 

A defence of bank notes against the opinions 
published in the Morning Chronicle, Cobbett's 
Register, and a Pamphlet entitled " The High 
Price of Bullion, etc." Lond., printed for John 
Walker, and others, 1810, 8o., pp. iv and 24, 
1/-. — A defence of Bank Notes against the 
opinions pubhshed in the Morning Chronicle, 
etc. 2nd ed., with Two Letters to Francis 
Horner. Lond., 1810, 8°., pp. 111. 

Observations on the expediency and facility 
of a Copper Coinage of uniform weight and a 
standard value according with the mint prices of 
gold and silver bullion. By J. Grenfell. Lond., 
printed by Whittingham and Rowland, for J. 
Asperne, Cornhill, I8l4, 8'^., pp. 28, 1/-. 

GRENFELL, Miss Lydia (dau. of Pascoe 
Grenfell.) bapt. St. Hilary, 19 Nov., 1775, as 
Lydia Grenvile. d. The Old Vicarage House, 
Breage, 18 Sept., 1829. 

Letters from the Rev. Henry Martyn to Miss 
L. Grenfell, 1805-12. cf Letters of Rev. Henry 
Martyn, (1844,) pp. 23, 28, 44, 51, 56, 318, 323, 
337, 349, 356, 369, 387, 396, 403, 412, 415. 

GRENFELL, Pascoe rson of John Grenfell.) 
Commissory to the States of Holland, b. 
Marazion. bapt. St. Hilary, 27 Apl., 1729. d. 
Marazion, 27 May, 1810. cf Gent. Mag., 
Ixxx, pt. 1, 595, (1810.) 

GRENFELL, Pascoe, D.C.L., M.P. for Marlow, 
1802-20; M.P. for Penryn, 1820-26, {son of 
the preceding.) b. Marazion. bapt. St. Hilary, 
24 Sept., 1761. d. Belgrave Sq., London, 23 
Jan., 1838. cf Gent. Mag.,ix, 429, (1838.) 

Substance of a speech addressed to the House 
of Commons, on the 28th Apl, 1814, by P. 
Grenfell, Esq., on the subject of applying The 
Sinking Fund towards any loans raised for the 
Public Service. Lond., 1817, 8°., pp. 31.— 2 ed., 
1817, (in The Pamphleteer, ix, 524-44.)— 1819, 
8°., pp. ix and 35. 

A Speech of P. Grenfell, Esq., in the House 
of Commons, on Tuesday, 13 Feb., 1816, on 
certain transactions subsisting between the public 
and the Bank of England. With An Appendix. 
Lond., printed for J. Murray, 1816, 8"., pp. 120, 

GRENFIELD, Henry. Master of Truro Gram- 
mar School, 9 Sept., 1685, to Dec, 1693. b. 
Truro, cf Journ. R.I.C., Apl., 1870, p. 190; 
Apl., 1871, p. 316. 

God in the Creature. Being a poem in three 
parts, viz., a song of praise in contemplation of 
the works of creation and providence in general ; 
with a Debate touching providence in particular, 
by way of Dialogue... With several other poems 
and odes. By H. Grenlield. Lond., printed for 
George May, and are to be sold at the Peacock, 
in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1686., 8"., pp. 128. 
Bod. Lib. 

Note — Dedicated " To the Worshipful the Mayor, 
the Eight Hon. the Kecorder, with the Hon, and Wor- 
shipful Justices, Aldermen, and all the rest of the 
Worthy Capitol (sic.,) Burgesses of the Reformed and 
Legal Corporation of the Borough of Truro, in the 
County of Cornwall." In the Dedication occur the 
words "In this ancient Corporation I drew my first 

GRENVILLE FAMILY, cf Clarendon's Hist. 

of the Rebellion, passim , Biog. Brit., ed. 1. 

Memoirs of the Grenville family, in " Memoirs 
...of the Lives and families of the most illus- 
trious persons who died in 1711. By J. Le 
Neve," pp. 314-50. 

Pedigrees of Granville, of Stowe, co. Devon 
and , of Dewes of Willesborn... Printed at 
Middle Hill Press, Worcestershire, 1840, fol. 
[Privately printed for Sir T. Phillipps, Bart]. 

GRENVILLE, Sir Bernard, Knt., M.P. for 
Bodmin, 1596, (son of Sir Rich. Grenville, who 
d. in 1591.^ bur. Kilkhampton, 26 June, 
The Praise of the Govt, or the Govt's 

Apologie. A Paradox both pleasant and profit 

able : written first in the Latin tongue by.,.B. 

Pirckheimerus,,,and now Englished by WilHam 




GEENVILLE, Sie Beenaed, Knt., M.P. (Con.). 

Est, Master of Arts. Lond., printed by G-. P. 
for John Budge... 1617, 4"., pp. 37, and Epistle 
Dedicatory unpaged. Qrenville Lib., Br. Museum. 

Note.— Dedicated to " The Eight Worshipfull Sir 
Bernard Grenyile, Knight, my very good Patron." 

GEENVILLE, Bernard, of Exeter Coll. 
(? Brotlur of Sir Bevil Gh-enville.) 

Justa funebria Ptolemsei Oxoniensis Tliomse 
Bodleii. Oxon., 1613, 4°. nuptias... Frederic! Comitis 
Palatini. Oxon., 16l3, 4». 

Threni Exoniensium in obituin...D. Johannis 
Petrei, Baronis de Writtle. Oxon., 1613, 40. 

Note All the above contain verses by " B. 


GEENVILLE, Bernard (4 son of Sir Bevil 
Grenville.) Oroom of the Bedchamber to Charles 
II. b. 4 March, 1630. bapt. Kilkhampton, 
20th March, d. 2 June, 1701. bur. Lambeth. 
cf. Remains of D. Granville, (1861,) pp. 218- 

GEENVILLE, Sir Bevil, Knt. (eld. son of Sir 
Bernard Grenville.) b. Brinn, in St. Winnow, 
23 March, 159f. bai^t. 25 Mch. Slain at 
Lansdown, 5 July, 1643. bur. Kilkhampton, 
26 July. cf. Granger's Biog. Hist.; Bliss' Wood, 
(Fasti), ii, 352; Nugent's Memorials of 
Hampden, ii, 192-8, 366-78, 380-5; L. 
Echard's Hist, of Eng., (1720,) pp 500, 568, 
57,3 ; N. and Q., 1 S. x, 417 ; xi, 71, 128 ; 2, S. 
xi, 165-6 _; xii, passim; 3 S., x, 166, 200, 299; 
Gent. Mag.,]xm, pt. ii, 795,(1793); xxiv, 
35-42, (1845); E. Lloyd's Memoirs of Persons, 
1637-66, (1668), pp. _468-72 ; Biog. Brit. 
1750; Ailiins' Gen. Biog.; Chalmers; Rose. 

Threni Exoniensium in obitum...D. Johannis 
Petrei, Baronis de Writtle. Oxon., 1613, 4°. 

Note. — Contains verses by B. Grenville. 

True and joyfvU newes from Exceter. Shew- 
ing how Sir Ealph Hopton, Sir Bevill Greenvill, 
with divers of the Cornish Malignants, made 
their approaches thither. With five thousand 
horse and foot, intending to plunder that great 
and rich city, and how they were manfuUy re- 
pulsed by the valour of the citizens. With the 
losse of fifteen hundred of their men, on Munday 
last, being the one and twentieth of November. 
Lond., printed for John Davis, n.d., [25 Nov., 
1642,] 4"., pp. 8. Grenville Ub. 

Verses on the death of the right valiant Sir 
Bevill Grenvill, Knight. Who was slaine by 
the rebeUs on Lansdown-hill, neare Bath, July 
5,164.3. Printed [at Oxford, 12 Aug.,] 1643, 
4"., pp. 22. Grmwilh Lib. 

GEENVILLE, Sie Bevil, Ent. (Con.). 

Verses by the L^niversity of Oxford. On the 
death of the Most Noble and Eight Valiant Sir 
Bevill Grenville, alias Granvill, Kt., who was 
slain by the Eebells at the Battle on Lansdown 
Hill, near Bathe, July the 5, 1643. Printed at 
Oxford, in the year of our Lord, 1643, and now 
Eeprinted at London, 1684, 4°. AtoGinfours. 
Br. Museum. 

Note. -Some copies have a portrait, by W.Paithorne, 
of Sir B. Grenville, an. aet, 39. Besides the Verses, 
there are printed in this edition several documents 
relative to the Grenville family, pp 19-28, and Sir W. 
Ealeigh's " Eeport of the Truth of the Fight about the 
Isles of Azores," pp. 29-46. The Dedication to John, 
Earl of Hath, is signed Henry Birkhead, and dated 
" From the Inner- Temple, Nov. 1, 1684." 

View from the monament on Lansdovnie Hill 
to Sir B. Grenville. Lond., 1793, 40. 

Note. — Formerly in the Grenville collection, but 
not received at the British Museum. 

The Government of Ireland, under the 
honourable. .. Sir John Perrott, Knight, 1584- 
1626. By E. C. S[mith q. Lond., printed for 
Thomas Walker, 1626, 40. 

Note. — Dedicated "to my most respected and 
worthy cossin, Bevelle Grenvill, Esquire," by E C. S. 

Characters and Elegies. By Francis VVortley, 
Knight and Baronet. Printed in the yeere CIg 
IqC XL VI, 40., H to I in fours and K 2 leaves. 
Grenville Lib. 

Note. — At pp. 44-45 occurs a poem "Upon the 
truly noble and vaKant Sir Bevell Greenfield, Knight." 

Clarastella, together with poems occasional, 
elegies, epigrams, satjrrs. By Eobert Heath, 
Esq. Lond., printed for Humph. Moseley, and 
are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the 
Prince's Arms, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1650, 

Note.— At p. 6 of the Elegies is a poem of 33 lines 
" Upon the death of the truly valiant Sir Bevil Grenvil, 

Comedies, tragi-comedies with other poems. 
By Mr. Will. Cartwright. .Lond., printed for 
Humphrey Moseley. . . at the signe of the Prince's 
Arms, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1651, 8°. Gren- 
ville Lib. 

Note.— The preliminary matter is unpaged, then 
pp. 1-320. At pp. 303-6 occurs a poem " Upon the death 
of the Eight valiant Sir B. Grenvill, Knight." This 
copy contains 3 duplicate leaves numbered 301-306, in 
them the poeni on Sir B. Grem ill is repeated, but in an 
imperfect state. 




GEENVILLE, Sik Bevil, Kut. (Oon.). 

Men Miracles, -with other poemes. By M. 
LL[ewelyn,] St. of Ch. Oh. in Oxon. Lond., 
printed for Will. Shears, Junior, at the Blue 
Bible, in Bedford St., in Co vent Garden, 1656, 
8°. A to H, in eights. Gi-enville Lib. 

Note. — Oontains " Elegie on the death of Sir 
Bevile Grenvile, pp. 88-90 " ; reprinted in Bliss' Wood, 
iv, 43-4. 

Elegy upon the death of Sir B. Granville. 
Harl. MSS., 1576, art. 110, pp. 658-62. 

Letters from Bevill Grenville to Sir J. Eliot. 
MSS. Port Eliot. 

Letter signed E. Mohun, Bev. Greenville, and 
J. Trelawny, and addressed to J. Rashleigh, 10 
Feb., 1627. MSS. Trelawne. 

GRENVILLE, Very Rev. Denis, D.D. (2 son 
of Sir Bevil Grenville.) Dean of Durham, 
1684-90. b. Kilkhampton, 13 Feby., 163.|. 
bapt. 26 Feby. d. Paris, 18 April, 1702, [7 
ApL, 1703, OS.] bur. Oemeteryofthe Holy In- 
nocents, of. Bishop Kennets Biog. Memoranda, 
Lansd. MSS. 987, art. 66, fol. 141-3; Hunter 
MSS., (Durham Cathedral Lib.) ; Hutchinson's 
Durham, ii, 167-8; Swtees' Durham,!, 12-13, 
175, ii, 373-4, iii, 32-36; Bliss' Wood, iv, 
497-8, and Fasti, 229; Comber's Life of 
Comber, (1799,) pp, 139-47, 177-84, 200-1, 
295-301, 309-12, 334 ; Granger's Biog. Hist. ; 
Life of James II, (Land., 1702,; pp. 379-80; 
Biog. Brit. 1750; Chalmers; Rose. 

The Remains of D. Granville, D.D., Dean 
and Archdeacon of Durham, &c., comprising his 
Farewell Sermons, Letters to the Earl of Bath, 
&c., and Miscellaneous Correspondence. Pub- 
lished for the Surtees Society, 1861, 8°., pp. Iv 
and 292. (Being first part of vol. xxxvii, Miscel- 
lanea. ) 

The Remains of D. Granville, D.D., Dean and 
Archdeacon of Durham, &c., being a further 
selection from his Correspondence, Diaries, and 
other papers. Published for thfi Surtees Society, 
1865, 8°., pp. xxix and 278. (Being vol. xlvii 
of the Society's publications.) 

Britannia Eediviva. Oxon., 1660, 4o. 

Note. — Contains verses by "Dionysius Grenvile, 
Bevilli Equitis aur. fil., et Col. Exon. Soo. Commen- 

The Compleat Conformist, or seasonable advice 
concerning strict conformity and frequent cele- 
bration of the Holy Communion, in a sermon, 
preached (an the seventh of January, being the 
first Sunday after the Epiphany, in the year 
1682) at the Cathedral. And in a Letter written 
to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Durham. 
By Denis Grenville, D.D., Archdeacon and Pre- 

GBENVEjLE, Veky Eev. Denis, D.D. (Cm.). 

bendary of Durham. Lond., printed for Robert 
Clavell, at the Peacock, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 

1684, 4°. Grenville Lib. 

Note. — The Compleat Conformist, A to D in fours. 
The letter to the clergy, B to E in fours. 

Counsel and directions, divine and moral, in 
plain and familiar Letters of Advice, from a 
Divine of the Church of England, to a young 
Gentleman, his nephew, soon after his admission 
into College, in Oxon. Lond., printed for Robt. 
Clavell, at the Peacock, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 

1685, 80., pp. 210. Grenville Lib. 

Note. — The Advertisement and Contents are un- 
paged, then pp. 210. On the title page Dr. Grenvill, 
Chanter of Durham, is named in MS. as the author, and 
the nephew as son to Sir Thos. Higgons. 

A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church 
of Durham, upon the Revival of the antient, 
laudable practice of that, and some other 
Cathedrals, in having Sermons on Wednesdays 
and Fridays, during Advent and Lent. By D. 
G., D.D., D.D., (sic.) Lond., printed for Robert 
Clavel, at the Peacock, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 

1686, 4". A to D in fours. Grenville Lib. 

The Resigned and Resolved Christian and 
faithful and undaunted Royalist, in two plaine 
Farewell-Sermons, and a Loyal-Farewell- 
Visitation-Speech. Both deliver'd amidst the 
lamentable confusions, occasioned by the late 
forreign invasion ■ and home-defection of his 
Majesties subjects in England. By D. Granville, 
D.D., Deane and Archdeacon of Durham (now 
in exile,) Chaplaine in ordinary to His Majestie. 
Whereunto are added certaine Letters to his Rela- 
tions and Freinds in England, shewing the 
reasons and manner of his withdrawing out of 
the Kingdom, etc. Printed at Roiien, by Wm. 
Machuel, rue S. Lo, near the Palace, for John 
Baptists Besongue, rue Escuyer, at the Royall 
Sun, and are to be sold by Augustin Besongue, 
in the Great Hall of the Palace at Paris. In 
the yeare of our Lord God MDCLXXXIX, 4°. 

Note. — Some portions unpaged, the pagination of 
the remainder very irregular. The above was reprinted 
in " The Eemains of D. GranviUe, D.D., Surtees Soo., 
1861," pp. 1-140. Only 20 copies were printed of the 
original impression in 1689. One is in the Orenville 
Lib., and another in the Bod. Lib. Both contain por- 
traits of the Dean, after Beaupoille, engraved by Ede- 
linck. Heber's copy, which had previously been in 
Bindley's collection, contained, in addition to the por- 
trait, some MS. notices. The "Loyal Farewell Visit- 
ation Speech," and the " Letters to his Eolations" have 
the following distinct title pages, viz. : — 

" The Chief est Matters, contained in Sundry Dis- 
courses, made to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of 
Durham, since his Majesties oomeing to the crown 
summed up and seasonably brought againe to their view 
in a Loyall Farewell Visitation- Speech on the 15 of 
November last, '88, being ten dayes after the landing of 
the Prince of Orange. By D. G. , &o. Printed at Eouen, 
by William Machuel, &c., 1689, i"."' 




GEENVILLE, Veey Eet. Denis, D.D. (Con.)- 

" The Deane of Durham's Reasons for his with- 
drawing into France ; immediately after the Prince of 
Orange's invasion, and driving the King by the sword 
out of the kingdoms of England; in certaine Letters. 
A Letter to his brother, the Earle of Bathe. Printed at 
Eouen, by WiUiam Machuel, &c., 1689, 4"." 

Letter from Eev. D. Grenville to Sir Will. 
Dugdale, dated 3 Nov., 1683. cf. Dugdale'sLife, 
etc., pp. 428-32. 

Letter from Rev. D. Grenville to Geo. Trosse. 
cf. Ldfe of G. Trosse, by Isaac Gilling, (1715,) p. 

8 Letters to Archbishop Sancroft, 1666-1690. 
Tanner MSS., (Bodl. Lib.,) 27, art. 103 ; 31, art. 
7 and 117; 32, art. 130; 34, art. 94; 40, art. 
117; 45, art. 49 and 100. 

Letter from Dr. Grenville to Dr. William 
Beveridge. St. Germains, 1 July, 1692. ib. 
459, art. 18. 

Paper by Dr. Grenville, explaining some ex- 
pressions used by him concerning Bishop Cosin. 
Easter-Eve, 1685. ib. 144, art. 48. 

Letters from George Davenport to Archbishop 
Sancroft, concerning Dr. Grenville. ib. 44, art. 
3 ; 48, art. 30. 

Two Letters from John Locke to Mr. D. 
Granville. Paris, 1678. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 
4,290, art. 1. 

Collections by Dean Grenville. Rawlinson 
MSS. (Bod. Lib.,) 3 vols., fol. 

Note. — These collections are not yet (1871) cata- 
logued by Mr. Macray. 

GRENVILLE, Sm George (son of George 
Grenville, of Penheale, Egloskerry.) b. Cornwall. 

Oxoniensis Academise funebre officium in 
Memoriam..,Elisabeth8e, Angliee Reginse. Oxon., 
1603, 4". 

Note. — Contains verses by G. Grenvyll, Cornu- 
biensis Armig. 

GRENVILLE, Sm John (eld. surviving son of 
Sir Bevill Grenville.) cr. Baron Grenville of 
Kilkhampton and Earl of Bath, 20 April, 
1661. Governor of the Isles of Scilly. b. 29 
Aug., 1628. bapt. Kilkhampton, 16 Sept. d. 
London, 21 Aug., 1701. bur. Kilkhampton, 
22 Sept. cf Earl. MSS., 1395, art. 11 ; 4712, 
art. 114; Ashmolean MSS., Bod. Lib., 838, 
art. 16 ; L. Echard's Hist, of Eng., (1720,) pp. 
746, 759; Bp. Kennets' Register, pp. 9, 24 
87-9, 97-8, 104-5, 114-17, 128, 132-3, 144. 
408 ; Remains of Dean Granville, (1861,) pp, 
150-2; Remains of Dean Granville, (1865,) p. 
4; D. Lloyd's Memoirs of Persons, 1637-66, 
(1668,) p. 472 ; Genuine Works of G. Granville, 

GEENVILLE, Sin John. (Oon.). 

Lord Lansdou-ne, (1732,) i, 474-8; Biog. Brit. 
1750 ; 2 Rep. of Royal Commn. on Hist. MSS., 
p. 163. 

The late victorious proceedings of Sir Thomas 
Fairfax, against the enemy in the west. .The 
Lord Hopton routed, dispersed, and fled, seven 
peece of ordnance taken and many prisoners... 
Sir John Green vill routed, with the taking of 
Saltash, Temple, and divers other forts and 
places of strength of the enemy. ..Loud., printed 
for Matthew Walbancke, 9 March, 1645, 4o., 
pp. 13. Grenville Lib. 

Note — Contains three letters dated Bodmin, 1645, 
and signed W. C[urtis ?] 

His Majesties Gracious Letter and Declaration 
sent to the House of Peers by Sir J. Grenvil, 
Kt., from Breda; and read in the House the 
first of May, 1660. Lond., printed by John 
Macock and Francis Tyton, printers to the House 
of Lords, 1660, 4"., pp. 14. Br. Museum. 

The Arguments of the Lord-Keeper, the two 
Lords Chief Justices, and Mr. Baron Powell, 
when they gave judgment for the Earl of Bath, 
n.p. or d., [Lend., 1693,] pp. 63, fol. 

Note. — cf. N. LuttreU's Brief Hist. Belation of State 
Affairs, iv, passim. 

Letter from Sir J. Grenville, 23 Dec, 1644. 
Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 18,981, fol. 340. 

Letter from Earl of Bathe to Sir J. Trelawny 
..." with Sir T. Allen's consent, has sent Capt. 
Johnson with his fire ship to be at Foy to- 
morrow morning, God willing he will be there 
too." Plymouth, 19 Aug., 1667. MSS Trelawne. 

Copies by the Earl of Bath of Council letters 
about tumults of miners, and defence of Corn- 
wall against domestic and foreign enemies, 
1690. ib. 

Case of the Earl of Bath, 1693. Sir. T, 
Phillips' MSS., 8,699. 

GRENVILLE, John (2 son of first Earl of 
Bath,) cr. Baron Granville of Potheridge, 16 
May, 1703. bapt. St. James, London, 12 
April, 1665. d. 3 Dec, 1707. bur. St. Clement 
Danes, 16th Dec cf. Gharnock's Biog. Navalis, 
ii, 154-8. 

Letter from Col. J. Granville, to the Earl of 
Torrington, 21 August, 1690. Br. Museum, 
Addit. MSS., 15,837, fol. 261. 

Letter from J. Granville, to Lord , 6 Aug., 

1702, concerning the elections in Cornwall, and 
the state of the Militia. MSS. Hatton Collection. 

Letters from Col. J. Granville and others, 
1690-1700. Spencer MSS., Spencer House, St, 




GEENVILLE, Mary. See Delany, Mary. 

GRENVILLE, Sir Richard {eld. son of Sir 
Roger Grenville, who d. 1524.) Sheriff of Devon 
in 1533. hur. at Kilkhampton, 23 March, 1550. 
cf. ^th Rep. Def. Keeper of Records, p. 216. 

Farewell. Or poems of seafaringmen, in hope 
of good fortune and describing evill fortune, 
1519. By Sir E.. Grinfillde. Br. Museum, Addit. 
MSS., 2,497, art. 9. 

GRENVILLE, Sir Richard (son of Sir Roger 
Grenville, icho d. ante 1552). b. in the west of 
England about 1540 ; killed at sea ofFTerceira, 
13 Sept., 1591. cf L. E chard's Hist, of Eng., 
(1720,) p. 364; Naval Biog.,\, 281-82, (1800); 
C. Fitz Geffi'ey's Affanice [Oenotaphia'] ; Granger's, 
Biog. Hist. ; Camden's Annals of Elisabeth, 
(1717,) i, \22\;Biog. Brit. 1750; Ailin's Gen. 
Biog. ; Chalmers; Rose; Miss Aikin's Memoirs of 
Court of Elizabeth, ii, 264 ; Jeremy Belknap's 
American Biography, i, 289, 306, 316; Nichols' 
Collectanea iv, 321. 

A briefe and true report of the Newfoundland 
of Virginia... discovered by the English colony, 
there seated by Sir R. Greinvile, Knight, in the 
yeere 1585, which remained under the govern- 
ment of Rafe Lane, Esquire... at the especiall 
charge and direction of the honourable Sir Walter 
Raleigh, Knight, Lord Warden of the Stannaries 
...By Thomas Hariot... Imprinted at London, 
1588, 4"., 24 leaves. Grenville Lib.; Bod. Lib. 

Merveilleux et Estrange Rapport toutesfois 
fideles des commoditey qui se trouvent en Virginia 
...descouverte par les Anglais que Messire R. 
Greenvile Chevalier y mena en Colonie I'an 1585 
...By T. Hariot... Typis Joannis Wecheli, sump- 
tibus vero Theodori De Bry, [1590,] fol. Grenville 

A briefe and true report of the Newfoundland 
of Virginia, &c. Frankfort typis Joannis Wecheli 
... [1 590,] fol. Grenville Lib. 

Note. — This copy formerly belonged to the Earl of 

Admiranda Narracio fida tamen. de commodis 
et incolarum ritibus Virginise &c. Francof. typis 
Joannis Wecheli, 1590, fol. Grermille Lib. 

WunderbarUche, doch Warhafftige Erklarung, 
von der Gelegenheit und Sitten der Wilden in 
Virginia, &c. Gedrucht zu Frankfort am Mayn, 

1590, fol. Grenville Lib. 

A Report of the Truth of the Fight about 
the Isles of A<jores this last sommer ; betwixt 
the Revenge, one of her Majesties ships [under 
Sir R. Grenville] and an Armada of the King 
of Spaine. Lond., printed for William Ponsonbie, 

1591, 4°., 14 leaves. Grenville Lib. — Reprinted 

GEENVILLE, Sie Eichakd. (Con.). 

in " Verses by the University of Oxford on the 
Death of Sir B. Grenvill." (Lond., 1684, 4».,) 
pp. 29-48. 

Note. — cf. Hadduyt's Voyages, ii, 169-75, [where 
said to be penned by the Honourable Sir W. Ealeigh, 
Knight] ; AstUy's New General Collection of Voyages, i, 
216-21 ; Somers' Tracts, (Scott's ed.,) i, 465-74. 

Old English Valour : being an account of a 
remarkable sea engagement, anno 1591. Written 
by Sir Walter Raleigh. Lond., Baldwin, 1757, 
8°., 6d. 

The most Honorable Tragedie of Sir Richard 
Grinuile, Knight. Bramo assai, poco spero, nulla 
chieggio. At London, printed by I. Roberts for 
Richard Smith, 1595, 12". 

Note. — Only two copies known, one bought by Mr. 
Grenville at Bindley's sale, in 1818 for £40 19s., is now 
in the Br. Musewn, the other is amongst the boots be- 
queathed by Malone to the Bodleian. The author's 
name is not on the title page, but the dedication is 
signed Jeruis Markham. No pagination. A to G in 

Joannis StradlingEpigrammatumlibriquatuor. 
Londini impensis Georgii Bishop et Joannis 
Norton, A.D. 1607, 12". Grenville Lib. 

Note. — Contains verses on the death of Sir E. 
Grenville, p. 68. 

A brief description of Ireland, made in this 
yeere, 1589, by E. Payne... Lond., printed by 
Thomas Dawson, 1590, 8°., 8 leaves. Grenville 

Note. — This is the only copy known to be extant, 
it particularly quotes Sir! E. Greenfield's leasing of his 
estate in Ireland. 

Biographical notices of Sir Richard Grenville, 
Sir Humphrey Gilbert, etc. Printed at the Dar- 
lington Press [for Geo. Allen, Esq.] n.d. sm. fol. 
1 page. 

Sir R. Greynvile to Mr. Doctor Csesar, con- 
cerning the ship and wines, arrested by a Kinsman 
of his at Padstowe. Bediford, 19 May, 1589. 
Lansd. MSS., 143, art. 66, fol. 266. 

Letter from Sir R. Greynvile to Sir J. Csesar, 
27 Feb., 1586. ib., 158, art. 24. 

GRENVILLE, Sir Richard, Bart., (2 son of 
Bernard Grenville.) cr. Bart. 9Apl., 1630. bapt. 
Kilkhampton, 26 June, 1600. d. Ghent, 1658. 
cf. Sprigge's Anglia Rediviva, (1647,) p. 23 ; L. 
Echard's Hist, of Eng., (1720,) p. 620; D. 
Lloyd's Memoirs of Persons, 1637-66, (1668,) 
pp. 472-4; Biog. Brit. 1750; Bliss' Wood 
(Fasti,) i, 352 ; Uster's Life of Lord Clarendon, 
i, 255-59, 269-70, 274-75, 379-84; iii, 7; 
TFarbwton'sMemoirsof Prince Rupert, iii, 78-79. 




GEENVILLE, Sib Eichakd, Bart. (Con.). 

A Narrative of Affaires in the West, since 
the defeate of the Earle of Essex at Listithiell, 
in Cornwall, anno 1 644. [By Sir E. G-renville ?] 
Printed anno 1647, 40., pp. 22. 

A true narrative of the most observable pass- 
ages in and at the late siege of Plymouth, from 
15 Sept., 1643, till 25 Deer., following... Lond., 
printed by L. N., for Francis Eglesfield, 1644, 
4°. Grenville Lib. 

A continuation of the trve narration of the 
most observable passages in and about Plymouth, 
from Jan. 26, 1643, till this present... Together 
with the letter of Sir R. Greenvile, with the 
answer to it, as also the burning of a booke 
enclosed in his letter, by the hand of the hang- 
man, the book being intituled, The Iniquity of 
the Covenant. . .Lond., printed by J. D., for Francis 
Eglesfield, and are to be sold at the signe of the 
Marigold, in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1644, 4"., 
pp. 12. Grenville Lib. 

A Trve relation of a brave defeat given by 
the forces in Plimouth to Skellum Greenvile, [i.e. 
Sir R. Grenville,] on Tuesday, 18th Feb., 1644 
...Lond., printed by E. P., for Francis Coles, 
dwelling in the Old Bayly, 1645, 4"., pp. 6. 
G^-enville Lib. 

A Letter written by Sir R. Grenvile (under 
his own hand) to an Honorable Person in the 
City of London, concerning the affairs of the 
West. Published by Authority. Lond., printed 
for Edward Husband. April 17, 1646, 4"., pp. 7. 
Grenville Lib. 

Note. — Signed E. Grenvile, and dated " Nantes, in 
France, 9 April, 1646, new stile." It, however, chiefly 
relates to a drunken quarrel, which took place at Peurin 
[Penryn] between Lord Culpepper and Mr. Slingsby. 

Powtheram Castle at Exeter, taken by Sir 
Thomas Fairfax... Sir R. Green vil taken pri- 
soner at Langsdown, in Cornwall, and Tothill 
Horse (sic) taken by Sir Thomas Fairfax... 
Lond., printed by Jane Coe, 1646, [Jan. 31, 
1645,] 4°., pp. 6. Br. Museum. 

A Message sent from the Lord Hopton and 
Sir R. Greenvill to the Prince, and a fight in the 
isle of Guernsey... Lond., printed for J. C, and 
are to be sold near the Royall Exchange, in 
Cornhill, 1650, 4»., pp. 6. Br. Museum. 

Sir Richard Granville's Defence against all 
aspersions of Malignant Persons. Printed and 
publish'd in Holland, January 28, 1654. — Re- 
printed in Genuine Works of G. Granville, Lord 
Lansdowne, (1732,) i, 544-54. 

A Vindication of Sir Richard Granville, 
General in the West for King Charles the First, 
from the misrepresentations of the Earl of 
Clarendon and the reverend Mr. Archdeacon 
Echard. The Genuine Works... of G. Granville, 
Lord Lansdowne, (1732,) i, 503-60. 

GEENVILLE, Sir Eichaed, Bart. (Con.). 

A Letter to the Author of Reflexions, 
Historical and Political, occasioned by a Treatise 
in Vindication of General Monk, and Sir Richard 
Granville, etc. By the Right Honourable George 
Granville, Lord Lansdowne, Lond., printed for 
J. Tonson, in the Strand, and L. Gulliver, in 
Fleet St., 1732, 4"., pp. 32, 1/-. 

Note. — Account of E. Grenville, pp. 22-26, 

Two Original Journals of Sir R. Granville, 
viz., i, of the Expedition to Cadiz, in Spain, 
anno 1625. ..ii, of the Expedition to the Isle of 
Rhee, in France, anno 1627... Now first published 
from their respective Manuscripts. Lond , 
printed for John Clarke, at the Bible, under the 
Royal Exchange, in Cornhill, 1724, 8«., 1/6. 
Grenville Lib. 

Note. — Preface pp. i-xiv. Expedition to Cadiz, pp, 
1-56, Expedition to Isle of Ehee, pp. 1-25. 

Two Authentick Journals of Sir R. Granville, 
afterwards General in the West for King Charles 
I, viz., i, of the Expedition to Cadiz... ii, of the 
Expedition to the Isle of Rhee. Reprinted in 
Genuine Worhs of G. Granville, Lord Lansdowne, 
(1732,) ii, 247-337. 

Pallas Armata. The Gentleman's Armorie... 
Printed at London, by J. D. for John Wilhams, 
at the signe of the Crane, in S. Pauls Church- 
yard, 1639, 80. Grenville Lib. 

Note. — The Dedication to B. Grenvile, amongst 
others, commences " geuerosis juveuibus atque ad 
summa quseque natis." 


Examination of Will. Mathew, Commander 
of the Ship Expedition, concerning the return 
of Sir R. Grenvile to England, 5 July, 1647. 
Tanner MSS., (Bodl. lAb.,) 58, art. 181. 

Letters from Sir R. Grenville to Herbert Ast- 
ley, then tutor to his son at Roiien, concerning 
his son's education, &c., 1644-6. ib. 59, art. 
39; 286, art. 49, 52, and 60. 

The Committee at Manchester to 
Lenthal, concerning Sii- R. Grenville's 
&c., 24 August, 1643. ib. 62, art. 147. 

Sir R. Grenville to Edward Walker, Secretary 
of the Council of War to the King. Plympton, 
19 Sept., 1644. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 
15,750, fol. 20. 

Safe conduct of Louis xiv to Sir R. Grenville, 
to go from Holland into France. Dijon, 28 
March, 1650, (French.) ib. 15,856, fol. 63, b. 

R. Grenville to Captn. Symon Cottell. Dated 
Cullomblin, 30 Mch., 1645. Mount Edgcimbe 




GRENVILLE, Richard (eld. son of Sir Bevill 
Grenville.) b. Trenieere, Lanteglos-by-Fowey, 
19 McL, 1620. bapt. 25 Mch. 

Musarum Oxoniensium Charisteria pro... 
Maria. Oxon., 1638, 4o. 

Note. — Contains verses by " Eio. Greuvile, Glou- 
cester Hall." 

GRENVILLE, Skellum. See Grenville, Sir 
R., (1645,) ante p. 194. 

GREYSON, Thomas. 

Grant to T. Greyson of tlie Manors of 
Landehilpe and Lydurant in Cornwall, lately 
belonging to Rauf Astsheton. Harl MSS. 433, 
art. 1658. 

GRIFFIN, Charles (son of John J. Chiffin.) b. 

Glasgow, 1838. 

An account of a gas furnace for chemical 
operations at a white heat, without the aid of a 
blowingpipe. Woodcuts. Rep. B.C. P. Soc, 1870, 
pp. 70-75. 


Directions for entering the Port of Padstow, 
in a letter to Capt. Durand, in Dublin, by J. 
Griffin. Gent. Mag., xxxi, 205-6, (1761.) 

GRIFFITHS, Rev, William, M.A., V. of St. 
Issey, 1794-1802. 6. 1763. d. 31 July, 1802. 
cf. Gent. Mag., bodi, 785, (1802.) 

GRILLS, James (son of Stephen Grills.) b. St. 

Dominick, 9 Dec, 1828. 

Lines on, and description of St. Dominick 
Church, lately restored and re-opened by the 
Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter. On 
Thursday, 2 Feb., 1871. By J. Gj-iUs. Devon- 
port, printed by W. Wood, 52, Fore St., n.d., 
[1871,] 12"., pp. 8. 

GRONOVIUS. psevd., i.e. Le Grice, Rev. C. V. 

GROSCHKE, John Gottlieb, M.D. 

Observations relating to the. . .Fossils of Corn- 
wall. By M. H. Klaproth... Trans, by J. G. 
Groschke, 1787, 8°. See Klaproth, M. H. 

GROSE, David and Thomas. See BuUer 
. Francis, and Godolphin, Sir W., (who d. 1696.) 

GROSE, Francis, F.R., and A.S.S. b. London, 

1731. d. Dublin, 12 May, 1791. 

The Antiquities of England and Wales. By 
F Grose, F.A.S. Lond., printed for S. Hooper, 
No. 25, Ludgate Hill, 1773-87, 4 vols., fol. 

Note.- Contains 23 views and a map of Cornwall. 

GEOSE, Pbanois, P.B.S. (Oon.). 

The Antiquities of the County of Cornwall. 
By F. Grose. Extracted from his general work 
on the Antiquities of England and Wales. 24 
plates. Lond., J. G. Bell, Bedford Street, Covent 
Garden, 1849, 4"., pp. 48. 

A Provincial Glossary, with a collection of 
local proverbs and popular superstitions. By F. 
Grose. Lond., printed for S. Hooper, 1787, 8". 
—New ed. Lond., E. JefFery, 1811, i". 

Note. — The Glossary is unpaged. Cornisli Local 
Proverbs, (ed. 1811,) pp. 63-64. 

Grose, Rev. John Cole, B.A. (son of John 

Cole Grose.) h. Bodmin, 13 Aug., 1824. bapt. 

29 Aug. d. Cheltenham, 8 Nov., 1851. 

" To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." 

A sermon preached in the Parish Church, 

Bodmin, on Sunday evening, Nov. 30, 1851, on 

the occasion of the death of the Rev. J. C. Grose, 

late Curate of Leamington Priors, Warwickshire. 

By Rev. Alfred R. Taylor, Curate of Bodmin. 

Published by request, 1851, 8". 

GROSSE, General Christopher. 

Letter from General C. Grosse to Sir T. Fair- 
fax, concerning delay in payment of money 
agreed on at the surrender of Scilly. Undated. 
[1651.] Tanner MSS., {Bodl. Lib.) 57, art. 286. 

GROVE, William Robert, Q.C, M.A., F.R.S. 

b. Swansea, 11 July, 1811. 

Artificial Rocking Stones. Brit. Assoc. Rep., 
1868, pp. 65-66. 
GRYLLS, Rev. Charles, B.A., V. of Lanhy- 

drock (youngest son of Thos. Grylls.) b. Helston, 

22 Mar., 1812. bapt. Manaccan. 

Five Sermons : on the Church and its Ministry, 
on the simplicity of its Doctrine and Ritual, on 
Justification by Faith, and on the presence of 
Christ in the Eucharist ; as preached on several 
occasions in Bodmin Church. By Rev. C. Grylls, 
B A., late Curate of Bodmin. Bodmin, Liddell 
and Son, n.d., [1845,] 8°., pp. 70, 2/-. 

Published with the sanction of the Bishop. 
Correspondence between the Lord Bishop of 
Exeter and the Rev. C. Grylls, Curate of Lanhy- 
drock, explanatory of certain passages in five 
sermons, recently published and preached in 
Bodmin Church by the Rev. C. Grylls, when 
Curate of Bodmin. Lond., Hatchard; Bodmm, 
Liddell, 1845, sm. 8°., pp. 44. 

GRYLLS, Commander Charles Gerveys, 
R.N. (3 son of Rev. H. Grylls, V. of St. Neot,) 
Inspecting Commander of Coast Guard,Chester. 
b. St. Neot, July, 1826. d. Cheltenham, 7 Feb., 
1860. cf.Bev. C. A. Johns' "Loss of the Amazon." 
pp. 46-8, 104-12,117-24; Gent. Mag., viii, 
310, 420, (1860.) 




GRYLLS, Rev. Henry, M.A. (3 son of Rev. 
R. G. Gh-ylls,) V. of St. Neot, 1821-62. h. 
Helston, 1 Feby., 1794. hapt. 26 Mch. d. 
Helston, 11 June, 1862. cf. Gent. Mag., xiii, 
112, (1862.) 

A Sermon preached in the parish church at 
Bodmin, before the Provincial Grand Lodge of 
Cornwall, with a sketch of the order in Cornwall. 
By the Rev. H. Grylls. Falmouth, 1832, S". 

A Sermon preached in the Church of King 
Charles the Martyr, Falmouth, July 11, 1837, 
before a provincial grand lodge of Free and ac- 
cepted Masons for Cornwall. By the Rev. H. 
Grylls, A.M., Vicar of St. Neot. Falmouth, 
printed and published by W. R. Ellis, at the 
Repository of Arts... 1837, 8"., pp. 18. 

A Sermon preached in the parish church at 
Bodmin on the occasion of the death of Sir J. 
St. Aubyn, Bart. By Rev. H. Grylls. 1839, 80. 

A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of 
Falmouth, on Tuesday, April 16th, 1844, at the 
Installation of Sir Charles Lemon, Bart., M.P., 
F.R.S., as Provincial Grand Master for Cornwall. 
By the Rev. H. Grylls, A.M., Vicar of St. Neot's 
and P.G. Chaplain for the County of Cornwall. 
Lond., R. Spencer, 314, High Holborn; Dixon, 
Falmouth... 1844, 8^, pp. 26. 

A Selection of Masonic Prayers for the use 
of the Craft. By the Rev. H. Grylls, A.M. Lond., 
R. Spencer ; .Helston, 1844, 12°., 2/6. 

Descriptive Sketch of the Windows of St. 
Neot Church, 1830, 1844, and 1854. See Grylls, 
Rev. R. G. 

A Manual of Private and Domestic Prayer 
with Meditations for every day in the "Week ; 
selected from the works of the Rev. John Inett, 
D.D., by the Rev. H. Grylls, A.M., Vicar of St. 
Neot. Lond., H. J. Tresidder, Ave Maria Lane, 
1861, 120., pp. yiiand 113. 

The Object of Life. A Sermon " in memoriam '' 
preached on Tuesday, July 29, 1862, before the 
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall. By Brother 
the Rev. W. H. Wright, B.A., Incumbent of 
Godolphin. Published by request. Truro, Print- 
ed by Brother Heard, 1862, 8o., pp. 19. 

Note.. — In memory of Eev. H. Grylls. 

GRYLLS, Humphrey Millett (eld. son of Thos. 
Grylls.) b. Helston, 23 Aug., 1789. bapt. 28 
Oct. d. Bosahan, St. Anthony, 17 Apl., 1834. 
bv/r. Helston. cf Gent. Mag., ii, 109, (1834;) 
YarreUs British Birds, (1856,) i, 410. 

GRYLLS, James Willyams {son of Rev. Thos. 
Gi-ylls.) b. 1816. d. Camborne, bw: 14 Nov., 

The Out-Station : or Jaunts in the Jungle. 
By J. W. Grylls. Lend., Chapman and Hall, 
186, Strand, 1848, 8°., pp. viii and 153, 7/6. 

GEYLLS, James Willyams (Con.). 

Note. — Originally appeared in Colburn's New 
Monthly Magazine. The preface is dated Miners' Bank, 
Camborne, February, 1848, and the Dedication is to 
Humphry Willyams. 

GRYLLS, Mary (eld. dau. of Rev. C. Grylls, V. 
of Lanhydrock.) b. Helston, 15 Feb., 1836. d. 
Lanhydrock, 13 Nov., 1863. 

Death in the Palace. Anon. Lond., printed by 
Ward and Co., for The Weekly Tract Soc, 62 
Paternoster Row, n.d., [1861,] 8o., pp. 4^ |d. 

The Sting of Death. Anon. Lond., printed by 
Ward and Go... n.d., [1861J 8o., pp. 4, ^d. 

Harriette Clifford. [A Tale.] Anon. Lond,, 
Soc. for Prom.. Christ. Know., n.d., [1862,] 8"., 
pp. Ill, 1/6. 

The Scarlet Geranium, a story for young 
children. Anon. Lond., Soc. for Prom. Christ. 
Know., n.d., [18 ,] 80., pp. 38, 2d. 

The Parsonage and the Park. Anmi. Lond., 
Soc. for Prom. Christ. Know., n.d., [1863,] 8o., 
pp. 159, 1/6. 

Helen and her cousins : or Two months at 
Ashfield Rectory. Anon., Lond., Soc. for Prom. 
Christ. Know., n.d., [1863,] 8o., pp. 175, 1/6. 

GRYLLS, Rev. Richard Gerveys, LL.B. (eld. 
son of R. G. Gh-ylls, Esq.,) V. of St. Neot, 5 
April, 1793-Jan., 1821. bapt. Helston, 20 
Nov., 1758. d. Helston, 20 Deer., 1841. cf 
Gent. Mag., xvii, 447, (1842.) 

A Descriptive sketch of the windows of St. 
Neot church, in Cornwall, as restored by the Rev. 
R. G. Grylls, of Helston, in the years 1826, 1827, 
1828, and 1829. [By Rev. H. Grylls.] Lond., 
printed by W. Clowes, 14 Charing Cross, 1830, 
80., pp. 43. 

A descriptive sketch of the windows of St. 
Neot church, etc. [By Rev. H. Grylls.] To which 
is added the Poem of Tregeagle or Dozmary 
Pool. [By J. Penwarne.] Plates. Lond., 1844, 

A descriptive sketch of the windows of St. 
Neot church, etc. Fourth Edition, embellished 
with a view of the church. With some prefatory 
remarks. By Rev. H. Grylls, A.M., Vicar of St. 
Neot. Lond. and Oxford, J. H. Parker ; Ply- 
mouth and Devonport, Roger Lidstone, Hprinted] 
1854, 80., pp. ix, and 54, 3/-. 

A description accompanied by sixteen coloured 
plates of the splendid decorations recently made 
to the Church of St. Neot, in Cornwall, at the 
sole expense of the Rev. R. G. Grylls, by J. P. 
Hedgeland. To which are prefixed come collec- 
tions and translations respecting St. Neot and 
the former state of his Church, by D. Gilbert. 
Plates. Lond., printed for J. P. Hedgeland, 16, 
Claremont Place, Brunswick Sq., 1830, 4o., 42/-. 




GEYLLS, Bev. Richabd Gekveys, LL.B. (Con.). 

Note.— St. Neot's Church, pp. 1-32. St. Neot's Life, 
pp. 33-38, Observations on the windows, pp. 39-67. 

A description... of the splendid decorations 
recently made to the Church of St. Neot, etc. 
Lond., printed for J. P. Hedgeland, 2, Grove 
Place, Lisson Grove, 1830, 4o., 42/-. 

Note. — Collections, etc., pp. 1-38, Observations, 
etc., pp. 89-67. 

GRYLLS, Rev. Thomas, M.A. (2 son of Thos. 
Grylls, of Bosahan,) R. of Cardynham, 1814- 
ib, and Prebend, of Exeter, 1833-45. h. 19 
Nov., 1790. hapt. Helston, 3 Mar., 1791. d. 
Cardynham, 26 Feb., 1845. cf. Gent. Mag., 
xxiv, 90, (1845.) 

Education of the Poor, its importance and 
true nature. A sermon preached in Exeter 
Cathedral at the anniversary of the Devon and 
Exeter Central and National Schools, on Tuesday, 
July 26th, 1836. By T. Grylls, M.A., Prebend 
ary of Exeter Cathedral and Rector of Cardyn- 
ham. Exeter, printed and sold by E. Woolmer 
and Co. Lond., Rivingtons, 1836, 8°., pp. 24. 

Sermons preached in the cathedral church of 
St. Peter, Exeter, by the late Rev. T. Grylls, 
A.M... With a biographical sketch of the author 
by Rev. J. Punnett. Lond., J. Hatchard and 
Son, 1845, 8"., pp. xxxv and 401, 10/6.— 1849, 
8"., 10/6. 

Report of the case of the Queen v. the Presi- 
dent and Chapter of the cathedral church of St. 
Peter, in Exeter, regarding the deanery of 
Exeter, in the Queen's Bench, in Easter and 
Trinity terms, 1840. By Ralph Barnes, Chapter 
clerH. Lond., Stevens and Norton, Bell Yard ; 
and Roberts, Exeter, [printed,] 1841, 4^., pp. 
viii, 138 and xlvi. 

Note.— The Eev. T. Grylls was nominated to the 
deanery by the erown, but the chapter refused to elect 
him, and this refusal was supported by the court of 
Queen's Bench. 

A Tribute of affection to the memory of the 
late Eev. T. Grylls, A.M., Rector of Cardynham 
and Prebendary of Exeter. From the Cornvsrall 
Royal Gazette, Mch. 7, 1845. Truro, Gazette 
Office, J. Brokenshir, Jun., Lemon St., n.d., 
[1845,] 120., pp. 10. 

GRYLLS, Rev. William, M.A. (2 son of Rev. 

R. G. Grylls,) V. of Crowan, 1828-44. h. 

Helston, 6 August, 1786. hapt. 12 Sept. d. 

Polsloe Park, Exeter, 5 Nov., 1863. cf. Gent. 

Mag., xvi, 127, (1864). 

Concihation without compromise, the duty of 
the clergy in the present state of the Christian 
Church. A Sermon preached at the annual 
visitation of the clergy of the Deanery of Pen- 

GEYLLS, Eev. William, M.A. (Cm.). 

with, in Penzance Chapel, on Wednesday, June 
16, 1824, and published at their request, to 
which is added. An Appendix containing a few 
observations on the late "Revival" in the 
Western Mining District of Cornwall, by the 
Rev. W. Grylls, A.M., of Trinity College Cam- 
bridge, and late Curate of Crowan... Lond., C. 
and J. Eivington, 1824, 8°., pp. vii and 69. 

The Sentiments of a Minister of the Esta- 
blishment on contemplating the present Eccles- 
iastical Condition of the Western portion of the 
diocese of Exeter, contained in a Sermon preached 
at the Annual Visitation of the Clergy of the 
Deanery of Penwith at Penzance, on Wednesday, 
June 12, 1833. To which is added a postscript reference to the Wesleyan community, etc. 
Lend., Roake and Varty. Penzance, T. Vigurs, 
1833, 80., pp. 68, 1/6. 

Catalogue of Books bequeathed to the 
Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, by the 
Rev. W. Grylls, 1863. MSS., Trin. Coll., Camb. 

Note.— Above 14,000 volumes. 

GRYLLS, William Michbll (son of Henry 
Grylls.) b. Redruth, circa 1829. 

Copper Ore Tables ; showing the value of any 
quantity of Ore, from J cwt. weight to 100 tons 
...The quantity of Copper, in any parcel of ore 
...To which are added tables for ascertaining 
the quantity of water contained in both Copper 
and Silver Ores. By John F. Penrose and W. 
M. Grylls. Redruth, James Tregaskis, Ticketing- 
paper office, 1858, 8o., pp. iv and 324. List of 

GUDWALUS, St. (i.e. Gulval, St.) d. 6 June, 
in 7th cent. cf. Acta Sanctorum, 6 June, i, 
729-42 ; Hardy's Cat. of Materials, i, 371-73 ; 
Haddan and Stubbs' Councils, i, 28, 31, 36, 161. 

The Life of S. Gudwalus. Capgraves " Nova 
Legenda Jnglice," (1516,) fol. 167. 

GUIERUS, St. (or Guerir, St.) d. 4 Apl. cf 
Acta Sanctorum, 4 Apl., i, 377 ; Jsser's Life of 

Note. — It is stated in Asser that King Alfred came 
to St. Guierus' shrine in Cornwall to be cured. 

GULLY, William Slade (son of Sam. Coryn 
Gully,) Sheriff of Cornwall, 1797. b. 1755. d. 
Trevenen, Gorran, 16 Nov., 1816. 

Mildew. Younfs Annals of Agriculture, xliii, 
619-21, (1805.) 

GULVAL, St. See Gudwalus,' St. 




GUMB, Daniel, b. Linkinhorne, 17 . d. 

Linkiuhorne, 18 . 

Daniel Gumb's Eock. [By Rev. R. S. Hawker.] 
All the Year Bowid, xv, 206-10, (1866.) 

GURNEY, SiK GoLDSWORTHY, Knt., (4 am of 

John G-arney, of Trevorgus,) knighted, 20 Aug., 
1863. h. Treator, near JPadstow, 14 Feb., 1793. 
bapt. Padstow, 26 June, 1793. 

A Course of Lectures ou Cliemical Science, as 
delivered at the Surrey Institution. By G. 
Gurney. Lond., Whittaker, 1823, 8"., pp. v and 
310, 13/-. 

Mr. Gurney's Observations on Steam Carriages 
on Turnpike roads; With returns of the daily 
practical results of working ; the cause of the 
stoppage of the carriage at Gloucester ; and the 
consequent official report of the House of Com- 
mons ordered to be printed 12 October, 1831. 
Lond., Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row, 
1832, 80., pp. 48, 2/-. 

Debate on the presentation of Mr. Gurney's 
Petition praying for the repeal of the legislature 
restrictions on Steam Engines running on com- 
mon roads. Lond., printed by J. Shaw, 1834, 

Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney's Account of the 
Steam-jet or Blast, and its application to steam- 
boats and locomotive engines. In reference to 
the mistaken claim put forth by Mr. Smiles, in 
his "Life of the late Mr. George Stephenson." 
London, printed by G. Barclay, Castle Street, 
Leicester Square, 1859, 8°., pp. 24. 

Sir G. Gurney's observations, pointing out a 
means by which seamen may identify Lighthouses 
and know their distance, from his ship, in any 
position or bearing of the compass. Lond., 
Longman, 1864, 8°., pp. 13. 

Note.— An impression of 500 copies. Sir G. 
Gurney was seized with paralysis whilst writing this 
pamphlet in Oct., 1863, and the printing was delayed in 
consequence. As he was never able to resume the sub- 
ject, his daughter, Miss Anna J. Gurney, caused the 
work to be issued in Dec, 1864. 

On the analogy between chemical and musical 
combinations ; on the effects of temperature on 
musical instruments ; and on the cause of the 
production of musical tones from burning hydro- 
gen gas. Gill, Techn. Rev. iv, 398-407, (1823.) 

Some experiments shewing the possibility of 
fire, from the use of hot water in warming 
buildings, and of explosions in steam engine 
boilers. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1841, pp. 49-50. 

Description of an evaporating gauge. Bep. 
R.I.C., 1845, pp. 18-19. 


To the Deputation of the Coal Miners of 
Northumberland, Durham, and Lancashire. No. 
ii. By G. Gurney, Esq. The Differential Baro- 
meter. The Mining Journal, {London,) xxi, 404, 
414, (1851.) 

A.D. 1825, Jan. 11, No. 5068, Specification 
of Goldsworthy Gurney, of Argyle Street, Han- 
over Square, in the county of Middlesex, Surgeon, 
for "An improved finger-keyed musical instru- 
ment, in the use of which a performer is enabled 
to hold or prolong the notes, and to increase or 
modify the tone at pleasure." With drawing 
annexed. Lond., 1825, fol. — Reprinted, Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1857, fol. pp. 6, lOd. 

A.D. 1825, May 14, No. 5,170, Specification 
of G. Gurney. . .for " An Apparatus for propeUing 
carriages on common roads or on railways." 
With drawing annexed. Lond., 1825, fol. — 
Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1854, 
fol. pp. 6, 7d. 

A.D. 1825, Oct. 21, No. 5,270, Specification 
of G. Gurney... for "certain improvements in 
the apparatus for raising or generating steam." 
With drawing annexed. Lond., 1825, fol. — 
Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1854, 
fol, pp. 8, 1/-. 

A.D. 1827, Oct. 11, No. 5,554, Specification 
of G. Gurney... for "Certain improvements of 
locomotive engines and the apparatus connected 
therewith." With drawing annexed. Lond., 
1827, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottis- 
woode, 1857, foL, pp. 21, 1/9. 

A.D. 1833, Oct. 7, No. 6,48.3, Specification of 
G. Gurney, of Bude, Cornwall, Esquire, for 
" Certain improvements in Musical Instruments." 
With drawing annexed. Lond., 1833, fol. — 
Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, lb57, 
fol., pp. 4, 5d. 

A.D. 1839, June 8, No. 8,098, Specification 
of G. Gurney. . .and Frederick Rixon, of Cockspur 
Street, Pall Mall, in the county of Middlesex, 
for " Improvements in the apparatus for pro- 
ducing and distributing Light.' With drawing 
annexed. Lond., 1839, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1857, fol., pp. 9, lid. 

Note. — The cover reads "Lamps, Burners, etc." 

A.D. 1841, Mch. 25, No. 8,902, Specifica- 
tion of G. Gurney... for "Certain improvements 
in the production and diffusion of Light." With 
drawing annexed. Lond., 1839, fol. — Reprinted. 
Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 5, 

A.D. 1842, Aug. 18, No. 9,451, Specification 
of G. Gurney, for "Certain improvements in 
apparatus for producing, regulating, and dis- 





persing light and heat." With drawings an- 
nexed. Lond., 1842, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 5, 1/-. 

Report from Select Committee on Mr. Gr. 
Gurney's Case, with The Minutes of Evidence. 
Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 
17 July, 1834. n.p. or d. [Lond., 1834,] fol., 
pp. 88. 

Note. — Sir W. Molesworth was Chairman of the 
Committee which met to enquire into Sir G. Gurney's 
claim to the invention of the Locomotive. Evidence 
of Sir G. Gurney, pp. 5-33, 46-47. 

Report from Select Committee on Lighthouses 
with the minutes of evidence... Ordered by the 
House of Commons to be priuted, 3 Aug., 1834. 
n.p. or d. [Lond., 1834,] fol., pp. Ixxvii, 248, 
and Appendix, pp. 303. 

Note. — Mention of Sir G. Gnrney and the lime 
light, p. xxxiv. 

Report from the Select Committee on Mr. G-. 
Gurney's case with The Minutes of Evidence. 
Ordered by The House of Commons to be 
printed, 10 July, 1835. n.p. or d. [Lond., 
1835,] fol., pp. 34. 

Note. — Evidence of Sir G. Gurney on Locomotives, 
pp. 19-32. The Committee recommended that Sir G. 
Gurney's patent-right should be extended for 14 years, 
or, that £5,000 be offered him in lieu thereof. 

Report from the Select Committee on Acci- 
dents in Mines, together with the Minutes of 
Evidence. Ordered by the House of Commons 
to be printed, 4 Sept., 1835. n.p. or d. [Lond., 
1835,] fol., pp. 360. 

Note.— Evidence of Sir G. Gurney, pp. 1-11, 284- 

Report from The Select Committee on Light- 
ing the House, together with the Minutes of 
Evidence. Ordered by The House of Commons 
to be printed, 7 Aug., 1839. n.p. or d. [Lond., 
1839,] fol., pp. 86. 

Note. — Evidence of Sir G. Gurney [chiefly on the 
Bude light,] pp. 1-21, 24, 84-35, 39, 44-49, 51, 61-68. 

Return [from the Office of Woods, etc.,] of the 
expenses connected with the experiments of the 
Bude Light, from their commencement to the 
present day. Ordered by The House of Commons 
to be printed, 10 March, 1840. n.p. or d. [Lond,, 
1840,] fol. s. sh. 

Note.— At this time no remuneration had been 
made to the Laventor, nor had he applied for any. 

GUBNEY, SiE Goi.DswoRTHT, Knt. (Con.). 

Report from the Select Committee on Light- 
ing the House, together with the Minutes of 
Evidence. Ordered by the House of Commons 
to be printed, 20 May, 1842. n.p. or d. [Lond., 
1842,] fol., pp. 36. 

Note.— Evidence of Sir G. Gurney, pp. 9-21, 38-35. 
The Committee recommended that the sum of £1,600 
should be paid to Sir G. Gurney for hie services in lighting 
the House of Commons, and his attendance from 1839 
to 1843. 

Second Report from the Select Committee on 
Ventilation and Lighting of the House. . . Ordered 
by the House of Commons to be printed, 6 ApL, 
1852. n.p. or d. [Loud., 1862,] fol., pp. 670. 

Note. — Evidence of Sir G. Gurney, pp. 10, 125-62, 
277-78, 368-422, 444-58. 

Copy of correspondence between the Commis- 
sioners of Sewers and Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney 
in reference to the experiment of the Steam Jet 
in purifying the pestilential sewer in Friar St., 
Borough, in Autumn last. Ordered by The 
House of Commons to be printed, 26 June, 1850. 
n.p. or d. [Lond., 1850,] fol, pp. 12. 

First Report of Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney on 
the ventilation of the New House of Commons. 
Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 
5 Apl., 1852, n.p. or d. [Lond., 1852,] fol., s. sh. 

Second Report of Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney 
on the ventilation, lighting, and warming of the 
New House of Commons. Ordered by the 
House of Commons to be printed, 19 Apl., 1852. 
n.p. or d. [Lond., 1852,] fol., pp. 4. 

Third Report of Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney on 
the ventilation, warming, and lighting, of the 
New House of Commons. Ordered by the 
House of Commons to be printed, 20 May, 1852. 
n.p. or d. [Lond, 1852,] fol, pp. 6. 

Copy of Mr. Gurney's Memorial presented to 
the Treasury, dated the 14th June, 1849, re- 
specting his claim to remuneration for the use 
of his Patent Light, in lighting the Hoase of 
Commons Libraries; and any Report of the 
Commissioners of Woods, and other proceedings 
thereon. Ordered by the House of Commons to 
be printed, 15 June, 1852. n.p. or d. [Lond., 
1852,] fol., pp. 3. 

Copy of Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney's Memorial 
to the Treasury, 3 June, 1851, on Lighting the 
House and Correspondence between the Trea- 
sury, Office of Woods and Mr. Hume. Ordered 
by the The House of Commons to be printed, 22 
June, 1852. n.p. m- d. [Lond., 1852,] fol., pp. 6. 

GURNEY, Joseph John (son of John Gurney.) 
b. Earlham Hall, Norwich, 2 Aug., 1788. d. 
Earlham Hall, 4 Jan., 1847. 




GTJENBY, Joseph John. (Con.). 

Memoir of J. J. 6urney...Ed. by J. Braith- 
waite. Norwicli, Fletcher, [printed.] Lond., 
Cash, 1855, 8". 

Note. — Mr. Gurney came into Cornwall in 1826. 

GUENEY, EiCHARD (2 son of Rev. Rich. Gurney, 
V. of Paul.) Vice-Warden of the Stannaries of 
Devon, cf. Upcott's Biog. Did. of Living Authors. 

Fables on Men and Manners. Lond., 1809, 
12°., 5/-. 

Note. — Dedicated to the Author's father. 

Eomeo and Juliet Travesty. In three acts. 
Anon. Lond., published by T. Hookham, Jun., 
and E. T. Hookham, Old Bond St., and J. M. 
Eichardson, opposite the Eoyal Exchange, [Jen- 
kins, printer, 7, Old Town St., Plymouth,] 1812, 
12"., pp. X and 71, 3/6. Br. Museum. 

The Battle of Salamanca. An Heroic Poem, 
1820? 12°. 

The Trial of Mary Ann Tooker for an alleged 
libel on Mr. E. Gurney, Jun., Vice-Warden of 
the Stannary Court, iii the county of Devon. 
Before Mr. Justice Burroughs, on Wednesday, 
the 5th of August, 1818, at Bodmin, in the 
county of Cornwall. Lond., printed and pub- 
lished by E. Carlile, 183, Fleet-street, n.d. 
[1818,] 8°., pp. 16, 4d. Br. Museum. 

Note. — The libel was published in The West Briton 
in the shape of a letter to the Editor, signed "An 
Enemy to Corruption." It accused Mr. Gurney of neg- 
lecting to attend his Court, he being out-lawed and 
obliged to leave England, and also stated that he de- 
manded and took higher fees than he was entitled to by 
law. Miss Tocker conducted her own case without the aid 
of counsel, and the jury gave a verdict in her favour. 


A.D. 1841, Nov. 25, No. 9,163, Specifica- 
tion of Eichard Gurney, of Trewinion House, in 
the county of Cornwall, Esquire, for A Method 
for cutting wood and incrusting the same, in 
order to present a sure footing for horses and 
other purposes. With drawing annexed. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1841, fol. — Eeprinted. 
Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 
3, 5d. 

Note. — The Cover reads " Wood paving blocks." 

GUENEY, Eev. Samuel (only son of Rev. J. 
(hirney, V. of St. Merryn,) V. of St. Erth, 9 
ApL, 1801-33. b. 1763. d. 28 May, 1833. 

Crops and Prices, dated Eedruth Parsonage, 
Dec. 8, 1799. Young's Annals of Agr\ 
xxxiv, 266-7, (1800.) 

GUTTERES, Rev. Frederic. 

A Sermon on Acts, xxviii, 2, in behalf of the 
Eoyal Cornwall Sailors' Home. Preached at the 
Parish Church of Falmouth,, on Sunday, March 
20th, 1859. By the Eev. F. Gutteres, Chaplain 
H.M.S. Eussell. Falmouth, Dixon, 31, Market 
Street, 1859, 8°. 

GWATKIN, Egbert Lovell, M.A., of Killiow, 
in Kea. h. 1757. d. Plymouth, 5 ApL, 1843. 
cf. Gent. Mag., xx, 95, (1843.) 

GWATKIN, Theophila Lovell (dau. of John 
Palmer, wife of preceding and neice and co-heiress 
of Sir Joshua Reynolds.) b. 1757. d. Ideford, 
5 July, 1848. cf. Leslie and Taylor's Life of 
Sir J. Reynolds, i, 5, 102, 205, 369, 400, 416; 
ii, 6, 239-40, 317-19, 342, 634-36. 

A Devonshire Dialect in four parts. To which 
is added a glossary for the most part by the late 
Eev. John Phillips, of Membury, Devon. [Edited 
by Mrs. Gwatkin.] Lond., 1839, 12". 

Note. — This is a posthumous work by Mrs. Palmer 
edited by her daughter, Mrs. Gwatkin. 

Letters from Hannah More to Mrs. Gwatkin. 
In " W. Eoberts' Mem. of Life and Corresp. of 
H. More," (1835,) i, 38-47, 88-93, 137-43. 


A copy of Carew's Cornwall, printed and in- 
terleaved with MSS. Notes, and on the first leaf a 
memorandum of the Gwavas family. At the 
end is a dissertation on the Cornish language 
and an interpretation of Cornish names of places 
and persons. Sir T. Phillips' MSS., 12,409. 

GWAVAS, William. 

Case of Andrew Fountayne against Will. 
Gwavas, executor of John Coke, in the Court 
of Exchequer. Tanner MSS., {Bodl. Lib.,) 80, 
art. 36; 91, art. 30. 

GWAVAS, William (son of Will. Gtvavas,} 
Barrister of the Middle Temple, Impropriator 
of Paul. bur. Paul, 9 Jan., 1741. 

Some observations on the Eev. E. Williams' 
Preface to his Lexicon. By Prince L. L. Bona- 
parte. [Lond., May, 1865,] s. sh. 4", 

Note. — Annexed is a copy of a letter from W. 
Gwavas to T. Tonkin, dated Penzance, 25 Jan., 1732. 

Four Letters from John Boson to W. Gwavas, 
Brick Court, Mid. Temple, London. Dated, 
Newlyn, 1709, 1711, 1720. Br. Museum Addit. 
MSS., 28,554, pp. 2, 6-7, 10-11, 12. 

Letter from W. Gwavas to J. Boson, Newlyn. 
Dated, Middle Temple, 1711. ib., 28,554, pp. 




GWAVAS, William. (Oon.). 

Letter from W. Grwavas to Mr. Oliver Pendar, 
Merchant, Newlyn, 1711. ib., 28,554, p. 3. 

Letter from 0. Pendar to W. Gwavas, London. 
Dated Newlyn, 1711. ib.. 28,554, p. 4. 

Letter from W. Gwavas to . Mch. 1731. 

Etate 55. ib., 28,554, p. 13. 

Three Letters from Thos. Tonkin to W. 
Gwavas, Penzance. Dated Polgorran, 1735. ib., 
28,554, pp. 14, 18, 22. 

Three Letters from W. Gwavas to T. Tonkin. 
Dated Penzance, 1735-36. ib., 28,554, pp. 16, 
20, 23. 

Letter from Jane Manly to W. Gwavas. ib., 
28,554, pp. 130-32. 

Letter from John Keigwin to W. Gwavas. 
1693. ib., 28,544, pp. 139-40. 

The Apostle's Creed in Cornish. By W. Gwavas. 
ib., 28,554, p. 143. 

Cornish Derivations. By W. Gwavas. Pen- 
zance, 1735. ib., 28,554, pp. 144-46, 149-53. 

Sundry Cornish Rhymes, riddles, poems and 
other writings, by W. Gwavas, 1731. ib., 28,554, 
pp. 156-65, 167-68. 

" Monumental Inscription to be put on my 
tomb." Dated,"16 Sept., 1719. W. Gwavas, parish 
of Sithney, son and heir of Will. Gwavas." ib., 
28,554, p. 166. 

Note. — The MS., No. 28,554, referred to above, 
passed from the Ee¥. W. Veale, of Trevaylor, to the 
Eev. W. W. Wingfield, Vicar of Gulval, by whom it was 
presented to the Br. Museum in 1870. In addition 
to the persons already mentioned, for further particulars 
of this MS. see also Boson, Thos. ; Chirgwin, Edw. ; 
Collins, Eev. Edw. ; Gilbert, D. ; H. W. H. ; Jenkin, 
Mr. ; Lhuyd, Edw. ; and ' Comish Language. — Some of 
Gwavas' writings have been printed by Borlase, Pryce, 
and "Polwhele. 

William Kelynack, Richard Richards, Philip 
Kelynack, and 1 1 6 others, parishioners and 
fishermen in the parish of Paul, in the Comnty 
(sic) of Cornwall, Appellants; William Gwavas, 
gentleman, respondent. [On the back] To be 
heard on Thursday, the 26th Feb. 17f^,fol.,pp. 3. 

William Kelynack, Richard Richards, Philip 
Kelynack, and 116 others, fishermen, Appellants. 
WilHam Gwavas, Gent., Respondent. The Ap- 
pellants case. [On the back] To be heard at the 
Bar of the House of Lords, on Thursday, the 
26th of Feb., 1730, foL, pp. 3. 

Note. — The cause had been previously heard " 14 
Junii, 32 Car. ii, 1680." The above documents are now 
penes Mr. Henry Williams, of the Mount's Bay Bank, 
Penzance, and were printed in the Cor. Teleg., 9 Feb., 

GWENNAP, Andrew Giffqrd. b. Falmouth, 

Sept., 1771. d. Falmouth, 24 Aug., 1790. 

Sermon occasioned by the decease of the late 

Mr. Andrew Gifford Gwennap, Minister of the 

Gospel. Preached in the Dissenting Meeting 

GWENNAP, Andhew Gipfobd. (Oon.). 

House, in Falmouth, on Sabbath Day, August 
the 29th, 1790. To which are annexed some 
letters and extracts of letters of the deceased. 
By William Moore. Falmouth, printed by E. 
Elliot, on the Market Strand, 1790, 4"., pp. 70. 
Br. Musewm. 

An Elegy on the death of Mr. A. G. Gwennap. 
By a Lady. n.p. or d., [Falmouth, 1790,] 4"., 
pp. 8. Br. Museum. 

GWENNAP, Ursula. 

The Living Water : or the Work of the 
Spirit, as the Sanctifier and Comforter of 
Believers in Jesus. A Sermon occasioned by the 
death of Mrs. U. Gwennap, of Falmouth, in the 
county of Cornwall. By A[ndrew] G[ifford.] 
Lond., J. Lewis, 1746, 8o., pp. 20. Dr. 

Note. — Dedicated " To the Children and Eelations 
of Mrs. U. Gwennap, Deceased," signed "Your affec- 
tionate Eelation and Faithful Servant, A. Giflord, Aug. 
17, 1745." Another impression of this sermon was 
published in the same year with the omission of the 
words after " Believers in Jesus," and the substitution 
of others. The dedication previously given was also 
cancelled and a fresh one dated January 1, 1746, " To 
Mrs. Elizabeth Cooke, Widow," given instead of it. 

GWIN, Anne {dau. of succeeding.) h. 1692. d. 

Falmouth, 15 April, 1715. 

A Memorial of A. Gwin, a Prudent and Vir- 
tuous Maiden, who departed this life, at Fal- 
mouth, the 1 5th day of the 2nd month called 
April, 1715, in the 23rd year of her age. By 
Thomas Gwin. With some Portions of Scrip- 
ture which she transcribed for matter of Medi- 
tation ; and several sayings of the Ancient 
Fathers, Prayers, and Sohloquies ; shewing forth 
how she passed her days in consideration of 
Good Things. Lond., printed by the Assigns of 
J. Sowle, in White Hart Court... 1715, 8"., 2|- 

GWIN, Thomas (son of Thos. Owin, of Falmouth.) 

b. Falmouth, 1656. d. Falmouth, 26 Oct., 


To the children of Friends and other Young 
People belonging to Falmouth and elsewhere. 
By T. Gwin. No printer' s name or place. [1690,] 
sm. 8"., 1 sheet. 

An Epistle of Caution to Friends to keep on 
their Inward Armour in this day of Outward 
Ease. By T. Gwin. Lond....T. Sowle, in White 
Hart Court, in Gracious Street, 1702, sm. Bo., 
1 sheet. — A new ed. To which are annexed the 
Testimony of Friends of Falmouth Monthly 
Meeting respecting him, and a list of such of his 
writings as have been pubhshed. Liskeard, 
printed by R. Williams, 1822, 12°., pp. 24. 

A A 




GWIN, Thomas. (Con.). 

A Letter to a Friend of the Danger of 
Apostacy; Written on occasion of 'G. Keith's 
Mission into the West-Countiy. By T. Gwin. 
Lond....T. Sowle...l706, 8°., 1 sheet. 

A Faithful and Loving Warning to All People 
to turn to the Lord while their day of Salvation 
Lasts. Chiefly intended for the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Falmouth. By T. G-win. Exon., 
printed by Sam. Farley, over against the New 
Inn, 1709, S"., 1 sheet. 

An Epistle of Advice to Friends to Look to 
the Lord, and to Beware of the Snares of Satan. 
By T. Gwin. Lond...J. Sowle...l709, 8°., 1 

A Salutation of Love, To those who are 
entered on a Spiritual Travel ; with Cautions 
against Sundry Dangers which may attend them 
in the way. By T. Gwin. Lond... Assigns of 
J. Sowle...l713, 8"., pp. 32. 

A Memorial of Anne Gwin. See Gwin, A. 

The Will and Testament of Thomas Gwin, of 
Falmouth ; being some Eeligious and Serious 
Considerations, which he recommends to his 
Children and Friends, and such as may remain 
after his Decease. Written in the 52nd year of 
his age. Lond... Assigns of J. Sowle...l720, sm. 
8"., 4 sheets. — 2nd ed. Lond., printed and sold 
by Mary Hinde, at No. 2, in George Yard, 
Lombard Street, n.d., [1745,] 8"., pp. 59. — 3rd 
ed. Leeds, 1792, 8"., 3 sheets. 

A Letter to Friends of Port Isaac, in Corn- 
wall, from Thomas Gwin, late of Falmouth, 
(Written 13th of 2nd Mo., 1710.) Lond... James 
Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1796. 
8"., 1 sheet. 

Brief Notice of T. Gwin. Compiled from his 
MS. Journal, etc. The Friend, iii, 25, (1845.) 

GWINEAR, St. See Fingar, St. 

GWYN, Daniel, cf. N. Lutirells' Brief Histori- 
cal Belation, iv, 511. 

Case upon petition of John Eussel, Gent., 
against Daniel Gwyn, concerning pacquet boats 
from Falmouth to Coruna. 1690, fol. 

GYDLEGH, Giles de. 

Carta Martini, Ducis et Comitis Cornubiee 
concedens Egidio de Gydlegh, nepoti suo mane- 
rium de Gydlegh, parcel! manerii de Leghat- 
forde. Dat. 16 cal. mail anno creationis nostrse 
quinto. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5,485, fol. 

Note. — J. Austis has written above this charter 
" The following is certainly an infamous forgery." 



Account of the Arundell family of Trerice. 
By H. Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. ii, 213, (1829.) 


Mr. Prim writes an article for a magazine, by 
H. Helston Gram. School Mag., 1857-59, pp. 

Hu the Mighty, by H. ib., pp. 149-55. 

H. Penzance, i.e., Williams, Henry. 

H. C. E. H., Morwenstow, i.e., Hawker, C. E. 

H. J. H. 

Lines supposed to have been written on St. 
Michael's Mount, Cornwall. Ewropean Mag., 
Ixii, 450, (1812.) 

H. M. T. H., i.e., Button, Eev. M. T. 

H. T. H. 

St. Columb Parish. Gent. Mag., xcv, 202- 
205, (1825.) 

H. T. R. H., i.e., Higham, T. R. 

H. W. H., see under Keigwin, J. 

H. W. A. H., i.e., Hamilton, W. A. 

H. W. E. H., i.e., Heygate, Rev. W. E. 

HADDAN, Rev. Arthur West, B.D. (son of 
Tlws. Haddan,) R. of Barton, Moreton-in- 
Marsh, 1857. h. Woodford, Essex, 31 Aug., 

Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating 
to Great Britain and Ireland. lEdited after 
Spelman and Wilkins, by A. W. Haddan, B.D., 
and William Stubbs. Vol. i. Oxford, at the 
Clarendon Press, 1869, 80. 

Note.— Church of Cornwall during the Saxon 
Period, A.D. 681-1072 (by the Eev. A. W. Haddan), pp. 
671-704. ' "^ 

HADOW, Rev. George. V. of St. Just-in- 
Penwith, 1855. R. of Tidcombe, Devon, 1867. 
h. Madras. 

Mural paintings in St. Just Church. Journ. 
R.I.C., Oct., 1865, p. 81-82. 

HAIDINGER, Wilhelm von (son ef Karl 
Haidinger.) Director of the Geological Insti- 
tute for the Empire at Vienna, h. 5 Feb., 
1795. d. Vienna, 19 Mch.,.1871. 




HAIDINGER, Wilhelm von. (Con.). 

Neue varietiit von Vivianit. [A mineral found 
at St. Agnes.] Wien, Sitz. Ber., 1848, pp. 75-77. 

Vivianit in einem Eohrenknochen. Haidinger, 
Bericht, iv, 263-64, (1848.) 

HAIGG, Philip. 

Memorandum de possessione tenementorum 
in Diinheved et in Launceston, per P. Haigg, ex 
familia de Dudston alias Dobelday. Tanner MSS. 
(Bodl. Uh.,) 196, art. 11. 

HAILSTONE, Rev. John. Woodwardian Pro- 
fessor of Geology, Cambridge, 1788. Resign- 
ed, 1818. cf. Cornish Mag., (Mem. of Sir 
H. Davy,) iv, 186-87, (1829) ; Paris' Life of 
Sir H. Davy, (1831,) pp. 35-37. 

Note. — Dr. Beddoes was a Plutonist, and Professor 
Hailstone, a Neptunist. Eacli of them appealed to the 
rooks of Cornwall in confirmation of his own geological 
theories, and in .the year 18- - met at Penzance to 
inspect the rocks. Sir H. Davy and Davies Gilbert as- 
sisted these gentlemen in their researches. 

HAINES, John. 

The History of the Constitution of the Duchy 
of Cornwall, (1834.) See Clayton, Sir W. 

HALCOMB, John, Serjeant-at-Law. 6. 1790. 
d. New Radnor, 3 Nov., 1852. 

Analysis of the Report of the Case of Rowe 
V. Young, on a Bill of Exchange, decided in the 
House of Lords, (July, 1820) ; with Remarks 
thereon. 1821, 8". 

Report of the Trials and Subsequent Proceed- 
ings in the Causes of Rowe v. Grenfell, Rowe v. 
Brenton and another, and Doe (dem. Carthew) 
V. Brenton, relative to the Claims made by the 
Lessees of the Duke of Cornwall to the Copper 
Mines within the Duchy Lands ; and involving 
also the question of Title to the lands and 
estates of the Tenants. Lond., 1826, 8"., pp. 


Representations drawn up by Mr. Halford 
concerning the tin mines of Cornwall and Devon- 
shire, 1577. Lansd. MSS. 24, art. 49. See Carey, 
Sir G. ' 

HALL, Rt. Rev. George (son of Bt. Bev. Jos. 
Hall, Bp. of Exeter.) Fellowof Ex. Coll., 1632. 
Archdeacon of Cornwall, 7 Oct., 1641. V. of 
Menheniot, 1637. Archdeacon of Canterbury, 
14 Aug., 1660. Bp. of Chester, 1662-68. 
d. Chester, 23 Aug., 1668, aged 55. Iw. 
Wigan. cf Wallm's Sufferings of the Clergy, 
pt. ii, p. 26. 

HALL, Et. Eev. Geoeqe. (Oon.). 

The triumphs of Rome over despised protes- 
tancie. Anon. Lond., printed Anno. Dom. 1655, 
40., pp. 148; and dedication 1 leaf. 

Note. — Dedicated " To the victorious Boman 
Catholigue Knight, That foyld the Vicar and won the 
Lady," signed " Vicar of Non-such." 

HALL, Rt. Rev. Joseph, D.D. Bp. of Exeter, 
1627-41. Bp. of Norwich, 1641-56. 6. Ashby 
de la Zouch, 1 July, 1574. d. Heigham, near 
Norwich, 8 Sept., 1656. 

The Great Mysterie of Godliness... Also the 
Invisible World... In three books. By J. Hall. 
B. [i.e. Bishop of] Norwich. Lond., printed for 
John Place, at Furnivals Inne-gate, in Holborn. 
A.D. MDCLII, 120.— Reprinted [in facsimile] 
for W. Pickering, 1847, 12". 

Note. — The account of the Cure at Madron Well 
is contained in " The Invisible World," Bk. i, Sect. 8, 
pp. 169-70. 

HALL, Capt. J. 

Reply to a circular letter of A. Young's, dated 
Merryfield, Torpoint, 18 Feb., 1795. Young's 
Annals of AgrimUwe, xxiv, 217-9, (1795.) 

HALL, Thomas, M.D. d. Bodmin, 26 Sept., 
1806. cf Gent. Mag., Ixxiv, pt. ii, 609, (1804.) 

Letters on Prisons. By J. C. Lettsom. Cent 
Mag., 1805-1808. 

Note.— Account of death of Dr. Hall, in a com- 
munication from Mr. Neild to Dr. Lettsom, dated Laun- 
ceston, 27 Sept., 1806. Letter xxxiv, in Oent. Mag., 
Ixxvi, pt. ii, 1019, (1806.) 

son of Rev. Will. Cradock Hall, V. of Pilton.) 
b. Torquay. 

The Mineralogist's Directory ; or A Guide to 
the Principal Mineral Localities in the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. By T. 
M. Hall. Lond., E. Stanford, 1868, 80., pp. 
xii and 168. 

Note. — Account of Minerals found in Cornwall, 
pp. 32-52, 130-31. 

HALL, William (son of Jonathan Hall.) b. 
Kensington, 1809. 

The Diary of Sergeant W. Hall, of Penzance, 
Cornwall, Late of H.M. 41st Regt., containing 
the incidents connected with two years campaign 
in Scinde and Affghanistan during the late war. 
To which is added the Sermon preached to the 
troops on the Sunday after the battle {sic,) by 
the Eev. J. N. Allen, B.A., Assistant Chaplain 
to the Scinde Field Force. Also the particulars 
of numerous shooting excursions in India after 




HALL, William. (Con.). 

game of all descriptions, including the lion and 
other wUd beasts of the jungle. Penryn, printed 
for the author by T. Whitehorn, Broad St., n.d. 
[1848,] 8"., pp. iv and 77. 

HALLET, John. 

Dispensatio Johanni Hallet de Talland in com . 
Cornub. concessa, ut, una cum uxore et liberis 
suis et quatuor aliis, carnes in tempore Quadra- 
gesimali comederet ; 4 Mart., 166|. BawUnson 
MSS., Bod. Lib., class A, 290, art. 25. 

HALLIWELL, James Orchard, F.R.S., F.S.A. 
(son of TJios. Halliwell.) h. Sloane St., Chelsea, 
21 June, 1820. 

Rambles in Western Cornwall, by the footsteps 
of the giants, with notes on the Celtic Remains 
of the Land's End district and the Islands of 
Scilly. By J. O. Halliwell. Lend., J. R. Smith, 
1861, sq. 8"., pp. viii and 245, 7/6. 

A Dictionary of Archaic and provincial words, 
obsolete phrases, proverbs, and ancient customs, 
from the 14th century. By J. 0. Halliwell. 
Lond., J. R. Smith, 1847, 2 vols., 8o.— 2nd ed., 
1850, 2 vols., 8".— Brixton Hill, [112 copies 
only] printed for private circulation, 1852, 2 
vols., fol. 

Note. — Contains an account of the Cornish dialect 
with "The Cornwall Schoolboy," and "A Western 
Eclogue," (ed. 1847,-) pp. xii-xiii. 

Sketches of the Provincial Dialects of Eng- 
land. By J. 0. Halliwell. Lond., J. R. Smith, 
1847, 80., pp. 18, 2/-. 

Note. — This is the introductory part of the pre- 
vious work, sold separately, with a new Title. 

HALS, William, h. Tresawsen, Merther, 1655. 
d. Tregury, St. Wenn, 1737. cf. N: and Q., 
3 S., xii, 22, (1867); Gent. Mag., Ix, pt. ii, 
608, 711, (1790), Ixi, pt. i, 32, (1791). 

The Complete History of Cornwall. Part ii 
being the Parochial History. [Exeter, A. Brice, 
1750], fol., pp. 160. 

Note.— The first part was never printed, hence 
there is no general title page. The second part, so far 
as it is completed, contains the account of 72 parishes 
^Advent to Helston — brought out in ten numbers, after 
the issue of which the publication was discontinued. 
This is an extremely rare work. A copy with MS. notes 
by Lysons, was sold at his death, in 1820, for £168 ; at 
Geo. Chalmer's sale a copy produced £15. The Br. 
Museum copy was purchased from Mr. Thos. Eodd, in 
1841, for £25, after having been for a fortnight in the 
possession of Mr. GrenviUe. The most perfect impres- 
sion is that in the Grenville Lib., Br. Museum, as it 
possesses the printed wrapper to the first number of the 
work, on which is detailed at great length the Author's 
intentions regarding the plan and progress of the un- 
dertaking. Prom this it appears that the History was 

HALS, William. (Con.). 

to have been comprised in one volume, consisting of 
200 sheets, to be delivered in weekly numbers of four 
sheets each, price 6d. a number. The numbers were to 
be delivered " at Mr. Thomas Paine's, Bookseller, near 
the Southsea House, in Bishopsgate-street, London ; at 
Mr. Brice's printing-office, in Exeter ; and at the House 
of Mr. Hals (Nephew and Heir of the Author and Pro- 
prietor of this Work), at his house in Truro." The second 
part was commenced first, " not only because the proper 
necessaries for the first part are not yet oompleated, but 
as considerable additions are preparing by a very Great 

Soon after Hals' death, the MSS. of his history came 
into the hands of Mr. Andrew Brice, who, in 1750, pub- 
lished the volume containing the parts referring to the 
parishes from Advent to Helston. After Brice's death 
they remained in the custody of his partner and successor 
in the business, Mr. Thorn, of Exeter. On his death 
in 1786, they came to his son, and on the latter's death 
shortly after, they were missing, and being advertised 
for in the Exeter papers were recovered on information 
given by Mr. George Browne, of Bodmin. Subsequently, 
whether by loan or as security for money lent, they were 
with that gentleman, and were lent by him about 1794 
to Dr. Whitaker. On Mr. Browne's death, in 1795, the 
MSS. still remained with Whitaker, until his death in 
1808. In April of the following year they were returned 
by the widow to G. E. Collins Browne, who, under the 
supposition that they were his grandfather's property, 
presented them to Dr. Taunton, of Truro, who had 
married VVhitaker's daughter. In 1819 the ownership was 
discussed in a protracted correspondence between Dr. 
Taunton, and Col. Thorn, grandson of Brice's partper, 
but, as Col. Thorn failed to establish his claim, they 
remained with Dr. Taunton, whose widow bequeathed 
them to H. S. Stokes, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, of 
Cornwall, whose property they now are. 

The Parochial History of Cornwall, founded 
on the Manuscript Histories of Mr. Hals and 
Mr. Tonkin... By D. Gilbert, (1838), q.v. 

The History of St. Michael's Mount. By W. 
Hals. MSS. 

An Latimer ay Kernow. A Dictionary of the 
Cornish Language. By W. Hals. MSS. 

HALSE, James, M.P. (son of John Halse.) b. 
Truro, 1769. d. Regent Street, London, 14 
May, 1838. bur. Kensal Green Cemetery, cf. 
Gent. Mag., x, 214, (1838). 

Trash, dedicated without respect to James 
Halse, Esq., M.P, Anon. [By W. M. Praed.] 
Penzance, printed by T. Vigurs, Bookseller, 
1833, 12"., pp. iv and 31. 

Note.— The Dedication to Jas. Halse, is dated " St. 
Ives, Dec. 20, 1832." 

HALSE, Sir Nicholas (son of John Halse of 
Bfford, near Plymouth,} and grandfather of the 
Historian. Governor of Pendennis Castle, d. 

Great Britains Treasure : Environing this 
famous He with brazen walls invincible, mantained 
with great gaine by forces invisible: Unto Charles 
the First . . . Most humbly presenteth Francis 




HALSE, Sir Nicholas. (Con.). 

Stewart, eldest son to the late Earl of Bothwell. 
By whose loyall care and special diligence the 
subsequenttreatiseshavebeen recovered and pain- 
fully re-collected out of the old papers and frag- 
ments of that worthly and lately deceased 
Knight, your Ma''' faithful and ingenious Servant, 
Sir N. Halse, 1636. Egerton MSS./Br. Museum, 
1140, 80. 

Note. — The treatises, five in number, are in the 
original binding, with silver clasps. In the third is 
contained a scheme of substituting a coinage of "Mun- 
diok and Hinder Tinne " for copper coin. 

HALSEY, Rev. Joseph, M.A., R. of St. Michael 
PenMvel. Ejected, 1662. b. 1626. d. 1 Oct., 
1711. cf. Palmer's Noncon. Mem., (1775,) i, 

HALSEY, Joseph, M.D. {son of the preceding.) 
b. 1 Dec, 1663. bapt. St. Michael Penkivel, 
8 Deer. cf. Calami/ s Hist. Account of his own 
Life, (1830,) i, 189. 

Determ. Philosophicse de Attributis Dei 
Viventis : quam...sub prsesidio M. Gerardi de 
in illustri academia Ultrajectina professoris ordi- 
narii public^ ventilandam proponit Josephus 
Halsey, Anglus. Trajecti ad Ehenum, ex 
ofiicina Francisci Halma Academise Typographi 
cIoIocLxxxvi 4"., unpaged. Br. Museum. 

Note. — The Dedication reads "Viroprseter omnes 
optim6 de me merito, D. Josepho Halsey, A.M. , quondam 
Coll. SS. Trinitatis Cantabrigiae Socio. . .parenti honor- 
ando. . .ut et. . .D.D. Hugoni de Fortiscuto. . .necnon viro 
reverendo D. Johanni How, A.M. . .D.D.D. Josephus 

Dissertatio Medica inauguralis de Lympha, gradu doctoratus, summisque in 
Medicina honoribus et privilegiis ritfe ac legitinife 
consequendis, eruditorum examini subjicit 
Josephus Halsey, Anglus...Trajectiad Rhenum, 
ex ofBcina Francisci Halma, Academic Typo- 
graphi, do loc xci., 4"., pp. 14. Br. Museum. 

Note. — The Dedication reads " Viris Nobilissimis, 
D.D. Hugoni Boseawen Armig. . .D.D. Arthuri Fortescue 
Armig. , . hmc studiorum suorum specimina . . . offert 
Josephus Halsey." 


Order to Charles Dinham to sieze the lands 
of J. Halwell. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1707. 

HALY, Nicholas, b. Boconnoc, May, 1777. d. 
Saltash, 28 Feb., 1841. cf Wesleyan Method- 
ist Mag., Ixvi, 353-59, (1843.) 

HALY, Rev. Nicholas {son of Nicholas Ealy.) 
Curate of St. Erth. Curate of Harford, Ivy- 
bridge, Devon. V. of Egloskerry with Tre- 
maine, 1871. b. Saltash, 31 July, 1810. 

The Lord Our Helper. A Sermon on ii Chron- 
icles, xxxii, 6-7, preached in the parish church 
of St. Erth before the Volunteers, by the Rev. 
N. Haly. Published by request, 1860, 8o. 

H AMBLE Y, John. A Native of the diocese of 
Exeter. Executed, Chard or York, July 20 or 
Sept. 9,1587. cf. Challoner's Mem. of Missionary 
Priests, (1803,) i, 107-108. 

HAMBLY, Loved AY, of Trigangeeves. d. li 
Oct., 1682, aged 78. 

A Relation of the Last Words and Departure 
of that Antient and Honourable Woman L. 
Hambly, of Trigangeeues, in the Parish of Austell, 
in the County of Cornwall. With further Testi- 
monies concerning her Life and conversation. 
Lond., printed by John Gain, living in the Upper 
Moor-Fields, near the Flying Horse, 1683, A"., 
1^ sheets. 

Note. — Contents of the above. 

The Preface, by Benjamin Coales, dated Reading, 
the 20th of the 1st Month, 168f . 

A Copy of a Letter sent to M. D., (Margery Dyer,) 
and Friends at Plymouth, the 14th day of 10th month, 
1682, by Thomas Salthouae, Eichard Tregenow, Loveday 
Beauohamp, Anne Salthouse, with several Servants, &o. 

A Farther Testimony concerning Dear Loveday 
Hambly, from Thomas Salthouse, dated Austell, in 
Cornwall, the 20th of the 10th month, 1682. 

The Testimony of Thomas Curtis, n.d. 

HAMEBY, John. 

De J. de Hameby, commisso prisonse de Flete 
pro debitis Duels Cornubise. 18, Edw. III. Br. 
Museum, Addit. MSS., 4, 484, art. 13, pp. 60-63. 

HAMILTON, Walter Adolphus. 

A few calculations about the National Debt, 
by W. A. H[amilton.] Helston Gram. School 
Mag., (1857-59), pp. 87-88. 

Old Cornish Legend, by W. A. H. ib., p. 183. 


Single coat of arms of Hamley family. Br. 
Museum, Addit. MSS., 5,524, fol. 215. 

HAMLEY, Capt. Charles Ogilvy, R.N, (2 
son of Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, 
24 April, 1817. d. 14 May, 1863. 
Fleets and Navies, by Capt. C. Hamley, R.M. 

(Originally published in Blackwood's Mag.) W. 

Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 

1860, 8«., pp. 195, 6/-. 




HAMLEY, Rev. Edward (son of Bev. Thomas 
Hamley.) Fellow of New College, Oxford, 5 
Nov. 1785. E. of Cusop, Herefordshire, 1804. 
R df Staunton St. John's, Oxfordshire, 1806. 
hapt. St. Columb Major, 25 Oct., 1764. d. 
Staunton, 7 Dec, 1837. 
Poems of Various Kinds. By E. Hamley. 

Fellow of New College. Lond., printed by J. 

W. Myers, for T. Cadell and W. Davies...w.d, 

[1795,] 8»., pp. 138. 

Note. — Preface dated "Inner Temple, Aug. 10, 
1795." At page 85 is a half title which reads " Sonnets, 
The second edition corrected." 

Letter from E. Hamley to Dr. Parr, dated New 
College, March 30, 1795. Parr's Works, (1828), 
viii, 185. 

An Epitaph. Poetical Register and Repository 
of Fugitive Poetry. {Lond., F. and C. Riving ton, 
120.), 1805, p. 307. 

To a Young Woman. [Dated, 1795.] ib., 
1805, pp. 334-35. 

On revisiting Cornwall, ib., 1805, pp. 350-54. 

Sonnet. [Dated 1795." 

Sonnet. [Dated 1795." 

Sonnet. 'Dated 1795." 

Sonnet. [Dated 1795." 

Sonnet. [Dated 1795." 

Lines written between Caernarvon and Bangor. 
ib., 1806-7, p. 248. 

Verses written in Autumn, ib., 1806-7, pp. 

To Spring, ib., 1806-7, pp. 350-53. 

ib., 1805, p. 399. 
ib., 1805, p. 400. 
ib., 1805, p. 401. 
ib., 1805, p. 402. 
ib., 1805, p. 403. 


Dated 1795. 
Dated 1795, 
Dated 1795 
Dated 1795." 
Dated 1795. 
[Dated 1795^.] 

1806-7, p. 435. 
ib., 1806-7, p. 436. 
ib., 1806-7, p. 437. 
ib., 1806-7, p. 438. 
ib., 1806-7, p. 439. 
ib., 1808-9, pp. 

HAMLEY, Colonel Edward Bruce (4 son of 
Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, 27 
April, 1824. 

Lady Lee's Widowhood, by E. B. Hamley, 
Captain, E.A. W. Blackwood and Sons, Edin- 
burgh and London, 1854, 2 vols., post 8"., 21/-. 
—2nd ed., 1859, 1 vol., post 8"., pp. 416, 6/-.— 
3rd ed., 1869, 1 vol., fop. S"., pp. 416, 2/6. 

Note.— Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag. 
Ixxiii, 77-96, etc., (1853.) 

The position on the Alma, sketched the day 
after the battle. By E. B. Hamley. 1855 
oblong, 10/6. 

The Story of the Campaign of Sebastopol, 
written in the camp, by Lieat.-Col. E. B. 
Hamley, Captain, Royal Artillery. With illus- 
trations, drawn in camp by the author. Map. 
W. Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London 
1855, 80., pp. XV and 339, 21/-. 

HAMLET, Colonel Bdwakd Beuoe. (Oon.). 

Note.- — Originally published in Blackwood's Mag., 
Vols., Ixxvi-lxxviii, (1854-55.) Messrs. Gould and Lin- 
coln, of Boston, America, anticipated the Author by a 
" piratical reprint." 

A Legend of Gibraltar. By Col. E. B. Hamley. 
In "Tales from Blackwood," (1858), i, pp. 67. 

Note. — Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., 
Ixx, 522-43, (1851.) 

Lazaro's Legacy, a tale of the siege of Gibral- 
tar. By Col. E. B. Hamley. In "Tales from 
Blackwood," (1858), ii, pp. 64. 

Note. — Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., 
as The Jew's Legacy, Ixx, 648-69, (1851.) 

Wellington's Career, a military and political 
summary. By E. B. Hamley, Captain, R.A., and 
Lieut. -Colonel, Professor of Military History 
and Art, at the Staff College. W. Blackwood 
and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1860, fcp. 
80., pp. viand 113, 2/-. 

Note. — Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag. as 
a review of the Life of Wellington, by M. Brialmont 
and Mr. Gleig, Ixxxvii, 397-417, 591-610, (1860). 

The Operations of War, explained and illus- 
trated, by E. B. Hamley, Colonel in the Army, 
and Lieut, -Colonel, Royal Artillery; [Companion 
of the Bath], Knight of the Legion of Honour 
and the Medjidie ; Formerly Professor of Mili- 
tary History, Strategy, and Tactics, at the Staff 
College; Member of the Council of Military 
Education. W. Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh 
and Lond., 1866, sm. 4o., pp. xxiiiand 438, 28/-. 
—2nd ed., 1869, sm. 4o., pp. xxiii and 456, 28/-. 

The European Hurricane. Blackwood's Mag., 
cviii, 384-400, 513-30, (1870.) 

The Conduct of the War. Letters in "The 
Times," 22 and 24 Jan., 1871. 

HAMLEY, Vice-Admiral William (2 son of 
Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, July, 1786. d. 
Chelsea, 7 Nov., 1866.' iMr.BromptonCemetry. 
cf. O'Bijrne; Brenton's Naval Hist., ii, 389; 
Gent. Mag., ii, 846, (1866.) 

HAMLEY, Coll. William George (eld. son of 
Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, 28 
June, 1815. 

Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne and West 
Indian Reminiscence, by Col. W. G. Hamley, 
E.E. Originally published in Blackwood's Mag. 
Printed and published by W. Blackwood and 
Sons. Edinburgh, 1862, post 8o., pp. 372, 12/-. 

Note. — Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., 
xc, 499-524, 555-81, 645-69, (1861), xci, 85-54, 178-270, 




HAMLEY, Coll. William Geoboe. (Con.). 

A New Sea and an Old Land : Being papers 
suggested by a visit to Egypt at tlie end of 
1869. By W. G. Hamley, Colonel in the Corps 
of Royal Engineers. Illustrations. Lond., 
W. Blackwood and Sons, 1871, cr. 8"., 10/6. 

Note. — Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., 
cvii, 85-104, 179-97, 356-75, (1870.) 

HAMLEY, Commander Wymond (S son of 
mil. Hamley.) b. . d. Z Mch., 1865. 

cf. O'Byrne. 

HAMMOND, Edward. Merchant and Seyne 
Owner. Mayor of St. Ives, 1644 and 1657. 
cf. Clarendon's Hist, of Bebellion, (1849), iv, 

HAMMOND, Commander Graham Eden 
William (2 son of Admiral G. E. Hammond.) 
b. Fowey, 3 March, 1814. d. Woolwich, 23 
Jan., 1847. cf O'Byrne; Gent. Mag., -xxviii, 
439, (1847.) 

HANCOCK, Richard (son of William Hancock) 

6. Liskeard, 13 July, 1853. 

On the mineral deposit of Old Wlieal Vor 
Mine, Breage. Bep. B.G.P. Soc, 1870, pp. 101- 

HANNE, Charles. Roman Catholic Priest. 
6. Deviock, 14 June, 1711. d. Haggerston, 
Middlesex, 27 ApL, 1799. cf Oliver's Hist, of 
Catholic Beligion, p. 319. 

HANSON, Rev. Thomas. Wesleyan Minister 

in Cornwall, b. Horbury, near Wakefield, 

May, 1733. d Horbury, ? 18 October, 1804. 

cf. Memoir of W. Carvosso, (5th. ed.,) p. 34. 

Some Account of the Life of Mr. Thomas 

Hanson. [Written by himself, and dated Cro wan, 

,11 March, 1780.] Arminian Mag., iii, 477-85, 

(1780.)— Reprinted in Rev. T. Jackson's " Lives 

of Early Methodist Preachers," (1837-8,) m, 


HARDING, Rev. Isaac. Wesleyan Minister 
at St. Just, 1847-50. 

Conference Expulsions and the " Fly Sheets." 
A Statement read before the Members of the 
St. Just Quarterly Meeting, by the Rev. Isaac 
'Harding. Penzance, 1849, 8"., p. 15. 

HARDING, LiETJT.-CoL. William, F.G.S. {son 
of Bobert Harding.) b. Upcott House, Pilton, 
Devon, 1792. 
Morwengtow Church, flccledologist, x, 355, 


HARDING, LiEtiT-.CoLL. William, P.G.S. (Con.). 

A paper on Morwenstow Church. . .read at the 
College Hall, 16 Dec, 1863. 3 plates. Trans. 
Exeter Bioc. Architect Soc, 2 S., i, 209-19, (1867.) 

HARE, Nicholas, Junior (son of Nicholas Hare.) 

b. Liskeard, 22 Nov., 1820. 

Royal Institution of Cornwall. Excursion to 
Liskeard and neighbourhood, Saltash, Trematon 
Castle, St. Germans, etc., on Monday and Tues- 
day, August 10th and 11th, 1868. Anon. (Re- 
printed from the Cornish Times.) Liskeard, 
Cornish Times Oflace, n.d., [1868,] 120., pp. 21. 

Calendar of natural history, kept at Liskeard, 
in Cornwall, from the year 1838 to 1846. Bep. 
B.C.P. Soc, 1846, pp. 18-24. 

The Ornithology of Liskeard. ib., 1846, pp. 

Rubbings from 37 Cornish Monumental 
Brasses, ib., 1867, p. 74. 

General Indexto the Nineteen Annual Reports 
of the B.C.F. Soc. From No. 17 (1849) to No. 
35 (1867,) both inclusive. By N. Hare, Jun. 
ib., 1868, pp. 1-18. 

Notice of Birds near Liskeard, by N. Hare, 
Jun., Esq., in a Letter to E. H. Rodd. Trans. 
P.N.H. and A. Soc, i, 211-12, (1848.) 

Notice of Birds, etc, found near Liskeard. ib., 
i, 314-16, (1849.) 

On rubbingsfrom Cornish monumental brasses. 

ib., i, 317-21. .. 

Rubbings from Sepulchral Monuments, w., u, 
86-87, (1852.) 

An incident in Natural History. Jown. B.I. C, 
1864, p. 78. 

An ancient bill in chancery, ib., 1867, pp. 

Redwory manor and the family of Pomeray. 
ib., 1867, pp. 243-44. 

More about Pilchards. Once a Week, xii, 232- 
33, (1865.) 

[On the word] Liskeard. Letter signed H. 
West Briton, 30 Sep., 1869. 

HARPER, Rev. Thomas Norton (son of Will. 

Harper.) b. City of London, 26 Sept., 1821. 

'Now a Father in the S.ociety of Jesus. 

The Field of Rephidim. A Visitation Sermon 
in the Diocese of Exeter. Written by the Vicar 




HARPER, Rev. Thomas Noeton. (Cm.). 

of Morwenstow, in Cornwall, [i.e., the Rev. E. 
S. Hawker.] Delivered in the Parish Church of 
St. Mary Magdalene, Launceston, June 27, 1845. 
By T. N. Harper, B.A., Curate of Stratton. 
Lond., Edwards and Hughes, 1845, 8°., pp. 16, 
1/-. Bod. Lib. 

Note. — In consequence of the death of Mr. Hawker's 
father after this sermon was written, and before the day 
appointed for its delivery, the Bishop permitted Mr. 
Harper to read it. 

HARRIE OR HARRY, Alexander, M.A., 
(Cornish?) Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 

The Revelation revealed, (1659.) See Hicks, 

Threni Exoniensium in obitum...D. Johannis 
Petrei, Baronis de WrittIe...Oxon., 1613, 4». 

Note. — Contains verses by A. Harrie. 

HARRINGTON, John (youngest son of Dr. 
Hamnqton of Bath.) b. 1759. d. Penzance, 
18 Feb., 1819. bur. Gulval, 24 Feb. cf. 
Gent. Mag., Ixxxix, pt. i, 279, (1819.) 

HARRIS, Abraham, M.D. (son of Nicholas 
Harris.) b. Congo Soco in the Brazils. Resi- 
dent at Camborne. 

Report of two cases of Compound Fracture 
of the Skull, trephining ; removal and elevation 
of depressed bone; recovery. Lancet, ii, 377, 

A case of Hydro-Encephalocele. Trans. Lond. 
Obstet. Soc, vi, 115-16, 1865. [Lancet, ii, 40, 

Membrane expelled from uterus, a few days 
before delivery at full term, ib., vii, 47-48, 

HARRIS, Arthur {sonof Will. Harris, ofHayne.) 
Captain of the Mount, b. 1558. d. Kenegie, 
16 May, 1628. bur Gulval. 

CharJes Howard, Lord Admiral to Lord Burgh- 
ley; that Mr. Harris of St. Michael's Mount, 
Cornwall, may, on certain conditions, have a 
lease of that place for life, June 24, 1597. Lansd 
MSS., 84, art. 57. 

HARRIS, Arthur (4 son of preceding.) Petreian 
Fellow of Ex. Coll., 1614-21. 

Ivsta Fvnebria Ptolemsei Oxoniensis, Thom^ 
Bodleii. Oxon., 1613, 4". 

Note.— Contains verses by "Arthur Harris Ex 
Coll.," p. 55. 

HARRIS, Henry Thomas (son of John 
Harris.) b. Hayle, 5 April, 185i. 

The Hayle Miscellany. A Monthly Journal. 
New Series. [1st No. dated Feb., 1870.] Hayle, 
printed and published by H. T. Harris, 1870, 
cr. S"., pp. 16, Id. Continuing. 

HARRIS, John (eld. son of John Harris.) b. 
Bolennowe, Camborne, 14 Oct., 1820. cf. The 
New Briton Journ., (America,) 2 Apl., 1859. 

Lays from the mine, the moor, and the moun- 
tain. By J. Harris. Lond., Simpkin, [Oct.], 
1853, 12"., pp. 112, 1/6.— 2 ed. with litho- 
graph frontispiece and several additional poems. 
Lond., A. Heylin, [Apl], 1856, 8°., pp. 186, 4/-. 

The Land's End, Kynance Cove, and other 
poems. By J. Harris. Lond., A. Heylin, 1859, 
[Sept., 1858,] 8"., pp. 180, 3/6. 

Note. — The above were written whilst the author 
was working as a miner, his other works were composed 
at Falmouth. 

The Mountain Prophet, the Mine, and other 
poems. By J. Harris. Lond., A. Heylin, [Sept.], 
1860, 8«., pp. 158, 4/-. 

A Story of Carn Brea, essays and poems. By 
J. Harris, Cornish Miner... Lond., Hamilton, 
Adams & Co., [Mch.], 1863, 8»., pp. 239, 4/-. 

The Shakspere tercentenary first prize poem. 
By J. Harris. Adjudicators : The Right Hon. 
Lord Lyttleton, G. Dawson, M.A., C. Bray, Esq. 
Taunton, Coventry, [22 April,] 1864, 8"., 6d. 

Note. — The original MSS. of this work is preserved 
in the Shakspeare Museum, at Stratford-on-Avon. This 
poem was selected from upwards of 80 contributions, 
and the prize, a gold watch, presented to the author. 

Shakspere's Shrine, an Indian story, essays 
and poems. By J. Harris. Lond., Hamilton, 
[Sep.], 1866, 8"., pp. 236, 5/-. 

Rilla Rock, the maid of the moor. By J. 
Harris. Penryn, 1867, 8"., pp. 22, 3d. 

Luda, a lay of the Druids, hymns, tales, 
essays, and legends. Lond., Hamilton ; Exeter, 
F. Clapp, [Oct.], 1868, 8"., pp. 272, 5/-. 

Bulo, Reuben Ross. A 'Tale of the Manacles, 
Hymn, Song, and Story. By J. Harris. Lond., 
Hamilton. Exeter, Frederick Clapp, [Sept.], 
1871, 80., pp. 386, 6/-. 

Note. — Dedicated to Robert Alexander Gray, Esq., 

The Converted Miller and the Miner. [A 
poem.] Anon. Illustration. Lond., The Reli- 
gious Tract Soc, No. 1642, 8"., pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. 

Nancy Gray. [A poem.] Amn. Illustration. 
Lond., The Religious Tract Soc, No. 1643, 8"., 
pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. 

Betsy Bhght. [A poem.] Anon. Illustration. 
Lond., The Religious Tract Soc, No. 1647, S"., 
pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. 




HAEEIS, John. (Con.). 

Old Eoger Eough, the Cornish Streamer. [A 
poem.] Anon. Illustration. Lond., The Reli- 
gious Tract Soc, No. 1,639, S°., pp. 8, 2/4 per 

Daniel Donor, the Pedlar. [A poem.] Anon. 
Illustration. Lond., The Religious Tract Soc, 
No. 1649, 80., pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. 

Widow Watt. Anon. Illustration. 3rd ed. 
Leominster Tract Assoc, No. 63, 8"., pp. 8, 2/6 
per 100. 

Old Robin Green. Anon. Illustration. 3rd 
ed. Leominster Tract Assoc, No. 75, 8"., pp. 
8, 2/6 per 100. 

Edmund Ivy, the Fisherman. Anon. Illustra- 
tration. Leominster Tract Assoc, No. 79, 8°., 
pp. 8, 2/6 per 100. 

The Winding Wye. A Song. The Music by 
Shirley Keeldar. [pseud, i.e. ] The -words 

by J. Harris. Lond., Augener, [1863], fol., 2/-. 

History of Falmouth... including a poem on 
Falmouth, written expressly for this work by 
Mr. Harris, the Cornish Poet. By E. S. Tre- 
goning, (1865), q.v. 

Note.— [The Poem] " On Palmoutli," pp. 5-8. 

HARRIS, John, of Camborne. 

On the labour market. Bep. B.C. P. Soc, 1844, 
p. 100. 

Improved saw-setting machine. Woodcut, ib., 
1849, p. 110. 

HARRIS, John Edwin (son of John Olver 
Harris.) b. Penryn, 3 July, 1837. 
The Hayle Weekly News. [1st No. dated 24 
Apl., 1869.] Hayle, printed and published by 
J. E. Harris, 1869, demy 8°., pp. 8, Id. Con- 
tinuing. See HARRIS, J. 0., (1868). 

Harris's New Selection of 50 Carols and 
Anthems. Hayle, printed and sold by J. E. 
Harris, n.d., [1870], 8°., pp. 24, Id. 

Note. — ^A similar Selection of Carols, etc., has been 
printed annually, in October, for some years. 

HARRIS, John Olver (son of John Harris.) 

b. Penryn, 1 Dec, 1812. 

The Cornwall Temperance Journal. A 
Monthly Periodical. [1st No. dated Apl., 1838.] 
Falmouth, printed and published by J. 0. 
Harris, 1838, to May, 1842, cr., 4"., pp. 8, Id. 

Note.— It was afterwards printed at Hayle until 
1848, when Mr. Henry Mudge, of Bodmin, became the 
Editor, and the- printing was transferred to the latter 

The Hayle Miscellany. A Monthly Journal, 
fist No. dated Jan., 1859.] Hayle, printed and 
3)ublished by J. 0. Harris, 1859-66,, demy 8"., 
yp'. 20, Id. 

HAEEIS, John Olver. (Con.). 

The Cornish Herald. A Monthly Journal. 
[1st No. dated Apl., 1866.] Hayle, printed and 
published by J. 0. Harris, 1866, demy, 8"., pp. 
16, Id. 

Note. — This Journal was discontinued in Dec, 
1867, and gave place to the following. 

The Hayle Weekly news. [1st No. dated 1 
Jan., 1868.] Hayle, printed and published by 
J. 0. Harris, 1868, Demy 8"., pp. 8, Id. 

Note. — 111 health caused Mr. J. 0. Harris to 
transfer this paper to Mr. J. E. Harris, in Apl., 1869. 

HARRIS, JosiAH (son of Will. Harris.) b. 
Mevagissey, 6 May, 1821. ' 

The Bath Herald and General Advertiser for 
Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and 
the West of England. Printed and published 
[every Saturday] by Mary Meyler...Bath, fol. 
Note.— Edited by J. Harris from 1848 to 1852. 

The Western Luminary and family newspaper 
for Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Dorset. 
Printed and published [every Tuesday] by the 
proprietress Mary Dewdney, Exeter, fol. 
Note. — Edited by J. Harris from 1854 to 1855. 

The Wolverhampton Journal and Mining Dis- 
trict Advertiser. Printed [every Saturday] at 
the Journal Office, 28 King St., Wolverhampton, 

Note.— Edited by J. Harris from 1855 to 1856. 

The Oxford University Herald, City and 
County Advertiser. Printed and published [every 
Saturday] by Joseph Vincent, Oxford, fol. 

Note. — Edited by J. Harris in 1856. 

The Cambridge Chronicle and University 
Journal. Cambridge, printed [every Saturday] 
by C. W. Naylor, fol. 

Note. The University and Ecclesiastical Depart- 
ment of this Chronicle was edited by J. Harris from 
1852 to 1854. 

The Pulpit of Cornwall; its preachers and 
their teachings. By Ishmael. [pseud, i.e., J. 
Harris.] No. i, Feb. 14, 1859. Published by 
F. T. Vibert, Penzance ; Wm. Parkhouse, Truro, 
and sold by all Booksellers, 8"., pp. iv and 3- 
56^ l/.._]Sfo. ii, March 1, 1859. ..Printed and 
published by William Parkhouse, (late Endean,) 
Truro ■ F. T. Vibert, Penzance, and all book- 
sellers' 8"., pp. viii and 57-112, 1/-.— No. iii. 
May 1, 1 859, William Parkhouse, (late Endean,) 
Truro ; F. T. Vibert, Penzance, and all book- 
sellersi 8"., pp. xi and 112-44, 6d. 

jifoTE. No more published, although a fourth 

number was announced. 





HAKRIS, JosiAH. (Con.). 

A Dialogue in Mevagissey Churchyard. A 
Domestic Piece. By J. Harris, formerly Chief 
Editor of the Western Luminary. Bath, printed 
and published by Tabb, 18- -, 8^, 2/-. 

The Sabbath. By Josiah Harris. Wolver- 
hampton, printed andpublishedby Geo. Williams, 
1855 1 80. 

A biographical notice of Thomas Stark, the 
Mevagissey Quaker, with notes comprehending 
his domestic manners, politics, morals, religion. 
How he got riches and disposed of them. His 
death and the respect paid to his remains on the 
day of his burial. By Cantabar, [i.e, J. Harris.] 
Bath, printed and published by Wood Brothers, 
18- -, 8"., 4d. 

The Test and Triumph of the Bible. An Alle- 
gory. By J. Harris. Bath, printed and published 
by Meyler and Son, 18 , 8". 

A Voice from the Police Court or the danger 
of too much punch. By Saint Meva, [i.e., J. 
Harris.] Plymouth, Will. Brandon, 26, George 
St., 18- -, 8"., 6d. 

The Mevagissey Life Boat. By J. Harris. 
Printed and published by Philip Giles, St. Aus- 
tell, 18- -, 8". 

The Sabbath and the working classes. Being 
a reply to certain sermons preached in the Abbey 
Church, Bath, by the Rev. Mr. Stevens. By 
J. Harris. Bath, printed and published by Wood 
Brothers, 18 , 8"., 6d. 

A Voice from the ocean grave. An Essay on 
the deaths of Richard Coombe, John Cockin, 
Joseph Nettle, and James Hobba, of Holmbush, 
by drowning, near Mevagissey, on Sunday, the 
11th Sept., 1859. Also a supplement containing 
notices of the sermons preached by the Rev. 
W. Bamfield, M.A., and the Rev. Thomas Snell. 
An article on the Teare Testimonial, etc., etc. 
Respectfully dedicated to the Magistrates of 
Cornwall by A PhUanthrophist, [i.e., J. Harris.] 
— 2nd ed., Truro, printed by W. J. Clyma, St. 
Nicholas St., 1859, 8°. 

A Tear and a Floweret. By J. Harris. This 
work embraces a Messianic Sermon preached by 
the Rev. Dr. Etheridge, M.A., [at Mevagissey,] 
also a notice of his Translation of the Targums 
of Onkelos...and a letter from the Rev. Mr. 
Hughes,_ speaking of his interview with the 
Doctor in his last hours. Truro, printed and 
published by W. Lake, Boscawen St., 1871, 8"., 
pp. V and 71.— 3rd ed. Bristol, Marwood, Son 
and Hall, 1871, 8«. 

Life of Robert Raikes, Esq., and the History 
of Sunday Schools. Edited by J. Harris. 

Note. — Now in preparation, (Deo., 1871.) 

HARRIS, William, M.P. for St. Ives, 1690-95; 
(son of Christopher Harris of Kenegie.) d.l7Q9, 
aged 57. 

AD. 1682, 12 May, No. 218. Patent to John 
Tredenham, Charles Vivian, John Trewren, 
Esquires, and William Harris, Gentleman, for 
" A new engine for the drawing of water after a 
more facile and advantageous way then hath 
ever beene heretofore practised or found out, 
which may be of great vse in drawing the water 
out of the Tinn Mines in Cornwall, and other 
mines." Lond., 1682, fol. — Reprinted, Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1857, fol., pp. 4, 3d. 

HARRIS, William (son of Will. Harris.) b. 
Newlyn, near Penzance, 3 March, 1818. 

Lines on John Newcombe. A Member and 
a Sunday School Teacher of the Independent 
Society, Penzance, who died on the 6th day of 
September, 1850, after a long and painful illness, 
aged 23 years, by W. Harris, of Newlyn. n.p. or 
d., [1850,] fol., s. sh. 

Lines written on the deaths of Henry and 
Amelia Potts, who died of Scarlet Fever, Janry. 
21st, 1855. Addressed to their Mother by their 
Cousin, W. Harris, Newlyn. n.p. or d., [1855,] 
fol., s. sh. 

HARRIS, William [i.e., Arundell, W. A. H.] 

A plain and brief statement... By J. Beard, 
(1810), q.v. 

HARRIS, W. A. See Arundell, W. A. H. 

HARRIS, Sir William Snow, F.R.S. (son of 
Thomas Harris.) I. Plymouth, 1792. d. 
Windsor Villas, Plymouth, 22 Jan., 1867. 

A description and account of a new kind of 
Mariner's Compass. Bep. R.G.P.Soc, 1840, pp. 

Observations on Meteorology, ib., 1841, p. 6. 

HARRISON, Sir George, K.C.H. Auditor of 

the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, d. 

Spring Garden Terrace, London, 3 Feb., 1841. 

Substance of a Report on the Laws and 
Jurisdiction of the Stannaries in Cornwall. By 
Sir Geo. Harrison, K.C.H., one of His Majesty's 
Special Commissioners for Managing the Affairs 
of the Duchy of Cornwall, and Auditor of the 
Revenues and Keeper of the Records of the said 
Duchy, 1829. Lond., Longman, 1835, 8°., pp. 
178, 6/-. 

Memoir respecting the Hereditary Revenues 
of the Crown and the Revenues of the Duchies 
of Cornwall and Lancaster, and remonstrance 
and petition addressed to the Chancellor and 
Council of the Duchy of Lancaster. n.d., [18381 
8o.,pp. 91. ''■■'' 




HAERISON, Sib Geobqe, K.O.H. (Con.). 

Note. — At page 83 ooeurs the signature of Sir G. 
Harrison, as author of the Memoir, and the date, 5 
Nov., 1838. 

HAERISON, Vice-Admiral Henry, d. Graves- 
end, East Antony, 13 March, 1759. cf. Gent. 
Mag., xxix, 146, (1759) ; Charnock's Biog. 
Navalis, v, 24-32. 

HAERISON, Rev. Thomas. R. ofLanivet, 1639. 
d. ante 1660. cf. ^Father's Sufferings, pt. ii, 

HAEEISON, [William] bro. of Sir G. Harrison. 

St. Ives Election. On the petition of Sir 
Walter Stirling, Bart., complaining of an undue 
return in James Eobert Geo. Graham, Esq., and 
Lyndon Evelyn, Esq. The reply of Mr. Harrison, 
the petitioner's counsel on the above petition. 
Lond., printed by W. Glendinning, 25, Hatton 
Garden, 1820, S"., pp. 101. 


Harrison, Harrod, and Co.'s Postal Directory 
and Gazetteer of Devonshire and Cornwall, con- 
taining a descriptive account of every town, 
village, hamlet, and parish, followed by a 
directory. Lond., printed for the Publishers, by 
Thomas Danks, 9, Crane Court, Fleet Street, 
1862, 8"., pp. viii and 1,008, 26/-. 

Note. — Account of Cornwall, contained in pp. 758- 

HAERY, Philip, R.N. 6. 1786. d. Bodmin, 
1815. hwr. 12 May. cf Gent. Mag., Ixxxv, 
pt. ii, 86, (1815.) 

Note. — Author of poetical pieces in Cornwall 
Gazette and West Briton under signature of H. 

HART, Rev. Ebenezer Stear, M.A. (son of 
Rev. Hugh Eart, D.D.) b. Paisley, 18 Sept., 
1823. Minister of the Countess of Hunting- 
don's Chapel at St. Ives, 1851-59. Now 
(Dec, 1871) at Chalford, Gloucestershire. 
A Ramble in Cornwall. By E. S. H[art.j The 
Harbinger, The Mag. of the Countess of Hunting- 
don's Connection, 1856, pp. 134-36. 

Memoir of the late Mr. Andrew Noal [b. at 
St. Ives, 1785. d. at St. Ives, 20 Aug., 1856 ] 
By E. S. Hart. ib. 1856, pp. 177-80. 

HART OR LYHARTE, Rt. Rev. Walter (son 
of a miller.) Fell, of Ex. Coll., 1425. Provost 
of Oriel, 1443, resigned, 28 Feb., 144f Bp. 
of Norwich, 24 Jan., 144| to 1472. b. Lan- 
teglos-by-Fowey. d. Norwich, 17 May, 1472. 
bur Norwich Cathedral, cf. Blomefield's Nor- 
folk, (1739-45), i, 131; ii, 380-82, 488; 
liinerarium Willelmi de Worcestre (J. Nasmith's 
ed., 1778), p. 113. 

HART OB LYHARTE, Rt. Rev. Waltek. (Gon.). 

Note. — The " Body Stone" of Bishop Hart is still 
to be seen in Norwich Cathedral, the sculptured roof of 
which was built by him. 

HARTE, Rev. Walter, M.A. (son of Rev 
Walter Harte.) R. of Creed, 1750-74. V. of 
St. Austell and St. Blazey, 1758-74. b. 1700. 
d. Bath, Mch., 1774. cf Lord Chesterfield^ s 
Letters (Mahon's Ed.), i, 47, ii, 29, 81, 159, 
313, 354, iii, 374, iv. 

Letter from Rev. W. Harte to the Et. Eev. 
Chas. Lyttleton, [describing the site of the battle 
of Stratton.] Dated Port Eliot, 13 Aug., 1743. 
Stowe Poetical MSS., Ixxv-lxxvii. cf. ff Conor's 
Bibl. MS., Stowensis, (1819), ii, 439. 

Note — The above letter is yiiintediiR Lysons' Magna 
Brit., {Cornwall,) p. 269. 


Descent and arms in Blazon of Harvey, of 
Hale, in CornwaU. Earl. MSS., 1,052, art. 224. 

HAEVEY, Eev. Edmund George, B.A. (eld. 
son of Eev. W. W. Earvey.) E. of Truro, 
1860-65. V. of MuUion, 1865. b. Penzance, 
20 Feb., 1828. ba:pt. 19 Mch. 

Our Cruise in the Undine. Journal of an 
English Pair-oar Expedition through France, 
Prussia, etc. By the Captain {i.e. E. G. Harvey.] 
With etchings by one of ourselves. Lond., J. 
W. Parker, 1854, 8"., pp. 156. 

Short Services for daily use in Families. 
Lond., J. Masters, 1856, 12"., pp. 54.— 2nd ed., 
1864, 12". 

A Pastoral Address to the Parishioners of St. 
Mary, Truro, specially those dwelhng in and 
near Castle Hill, Boscawen Eow, Pydar Street, 
and the more immediate neighbourhood of St. 
Mary's Chapel. [By Eev. E. G. Harvey.] Truro, 
J. E. Netherton, 1858, 12"., pp. 11. 

Note.— Dated Rectory, St. Mary, Truro, Lent, 1858. 

Psalmody, Gregorian Tones, etc. A Letter by 
E. G. Harvey, Curate of St. Mary, Truro. Truro, 
J. E. Netherton, 1858, 12o., pp. 12. 

A Form of Pointing the Canticles to the use 
of the Anglican Chant. By E. G. Harvey. 
Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1859, 12»., pp. 11, Id. 
Printed for the Cornwall Association of Church 

An Address to the Parishioners of St. Mary, 
Truro, and others habitually attending Truro 
Church. Containing a brief statement of the 
Services, Schools, Societies, and other matters 
connected with the Church in this Parish. By 
E. G. Harvey, Eector. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 
1861, 8"., pp. 30. 




HABVEY, Bev. Edmund Geokge, B.A. (Gon.). 

The Choral Service of the Church. A Sermon 
preached before the Cornwall Association of 
Church Choirs at its Fifth Meeting, held at S. 
Mary, Truro, on Tuesday, September 11, 1860, 
by the Rev. E. G. Harvey, Eector of Truro. Truro, 
prmted for the Association, by J. R. Netherton, 
1860, 8°., pp. 14, 6d. 

Works Manifest and Follov^ring. A Sermon 
preached before the Mayor and Corporation of 
Truro, on Monday, December 23rd, 1861, on 
the occasion of the Funeral of the late Prince 
Consort. By the Rev. E. G. Harvey. Truro, 
J. E. Netherton, 1861, 8°., pp. 8, 6d. 

" Orat qui laborat." — "How the Parson caught 
his fish on Christmas Day." By E. G. Harvey. 
Privately printed, [MuUyon,] 1869, 8°. 

Note,— Extracted from "The Mullyon Gull," a 
manuscript monthly periodical edited by the Bev. E. G. 
Harvey, 1889-71. 

" A word of remonstrance " being an unspoken 
address to the inhabitants of Mullyon. By the 
Vicar of that parish, E. G. Harvey, B.A. Truro, 
W. Lake, 1871, 8o. 

La Rosaura. Polka BrUlante. Dedi^e a 
Madame Harvey. Compos6e par E. G. H[arvey.] 
n.p. or printer's name, [1846,] fol., pp. 5. 

"When death is drawing near." Lines 
translated from De la Motte Fouqu6's "Sintram." 
Set to music by E. (3-. Harvey, Truro, [1853,] 

Undinen — Waltzen fiir das Piano Forte von 
E. G. H[arvey], Bruges, Octobre, 1853. Lith. 
A. Ancot, rue S. Georges, Bruges, [1853,] fol. 

"S. Matthias." A Hymn Tune to "Jesu, 
Refuge of my soul," by E. G. Harvey. Truro, 
[1859,] fol. 

"S. Malo." A Hymn Tune to "Jesu meek 
and gentle " by E. G. Harvey. Truro, [1862,] 

" S. Lucian." A Hymn Tune to " When our 
heads are bowed with woe " by E. G. Harvey 
Truro, [1862,] fol. 

"0 Lord my God." Lines from "The 
Christian Year," set to music by E. G. Harvey. 
Weston-super-mare, [1864,] fol. 

" The signal gun." Soldier's song, a German 
melody. Words and harmonies by E. G. Harvey. 
Weston-super-mare, [1864,] fol. 

Our Children's Matin Hymn. German Melody. 
The Words and Harmonies by E. G. Harvey 
Lond., Novello, [1864,] 12°. 

Our Children's Evensong. German Melody. 
The Words and Harmonies by E. G. Harvey 
Lond., Novello, [1864,] 12°. 

The Worle Te Deum. An easy arrangement 
for the use of Parish Choirs by E. G.. Harvey 
Lond., Novello, [1865,] 12o., pp. 7, 4d 

HABVEY, Ejsv. EBMnND Geobgb, B.A. (Con.). 

"Strawberry Leaves." An old Cornish song 
newly set by E. G. Harvey. Mullyon, [1867,] 

" A Litany of the Holy Name.'' Music by E. 
G. Harvey. MuUyon, [1870,] fol. 

HARVEY, Fanny. 

Narrative of a voyage to Australia. Letters 
written by Fanny Harvey [formerly of Redruth 
Highway] to her Mother, whUe on board the 
emigrant ship Tornado, bound for Melbourne, 
with a description of the country on her arrival. 
Redruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, 
1869, fcp. 8"., pp. 32. 


On a new sketching easel. By F. W. Harvey, 
Oxford. Bep. B.O.P.Soc, 1852, p. 100. 

HARVEY, G.W. Plymouth. 

The Logan Stone overturned, 1824. See 
Goldsmith, Lieut. H. C. 

HARVEY, Henry (7 son of Will. Harvey.) h. 

Penzance, 10 May, 1804. d. Bodmin Asylum, 


Original poems and translations. By H. 
Harvey. MSS. penes Mrs. A. Harvey, Penzance. 

HARVEY, John. A Cooper at Mousehole (son 
of John Harvey.) b. Kerris. bapt. Paul, 8 
Dec, 1714. d. Mousehole, 1799. cf B. 
Treffry's Mem. of B. Trewavas, Sen., (1839,) pp. 
8, 9, 14, 16, 24.; Mem. of W. Carvosso, (1835,) 
p. 6. 

Note. — "It was beneath Mr. Harvey's roof that 
Methodism was first received in Mousehole." 

HARVEY, John (4 son of Will. Harvey.) b. 
Penzance, 10 Feb., 1796. d. Penzance, 13 
Oct., 1844. 

The Canorum Conclave. In Two parts with 
an Appendix. By John Harvey, assisted by 
other persons. MSS. 

Note. — Written on the occasion of erecting an 
organ in the Wesleyan Chapel, Penzance. Never printed, 
but many copies circulated in MSS. There are varia- 
tions in some of the copies. 

Original Poems on various subjects. By John 
Harvey; 1838-40. MSS. penes Mr. W. G. 
Harvey, Penzance. 

A paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer. By John 
Harvey, written, 24 Sep., 1843, 8"., pp. 16. 
MSS. penes Mr. W. G. Harvey. 

A tale of the dark ages. A Fragment. Anon. 
n.p. or d. [Penzance, E. Paddy ?] 8". s. sh. 

To Mr. Tailor Gann. Signed John Harvey. 
n.p. or d. [Penzance, E. Paddy,] S". s. sh. 




HAHVEY, Nicholas Oliver {son of John 
Harmy, of St. Columh). b. Helston, 22 Apl., 
1803. d. 13, Ladbroke Terrace, Notting Hill, 
London, 7 June, 1861. 6m?-. St. Erth. 

Memoir of Nicholas Oliver Harvey, M. Inst. 
C.E. — Excerpt Annual Eeport of the Institution 
of Civil Engineers, 1861-62, [vol. xxi, 558-60, 
1862.1 Lond., printed for W. Clowes and Sons, 
Stamford Street and Charing Cross, 1862, 8°., 
pp. 5. 

A.D. 1839, June 12, No. 8,103. Specification 
of Nicholas Harvey, of Hayle... Cornwall, and 
William West, of Saint Blazeys, (sic), in the 
same county. Machinists, for "An improved 
valve for machines for raising water and other 
liquids." Drawing annexed. Lond., 1839, fol. — 
Eeprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1850, 
fol., pp. 4, 5d. 

A.D. 1846, Mch. 3, No. 11,366. Specification 
of N. Harvey, of Hayle Foundry, in the parish 
of Saint Earth, (sic), in the coanty of Cornwall, 
for " Certain improvemei^ts in filtering of water 
for steam engines and boilers." Drawing an- 
nexed. Lond., 1846, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., 
Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1855, fol, pp. 4, 6d. 

An experimental enquiry concerning the 
relative power of, and useful effect produced by 
The Cornish and Boulton and Watt pumping 
engines, and cylindrical and waggon-head boilers. 
By Thomas Wicksteed. Lond., John Weale, 59, 
High Holborn, 1841, 4"., pp. viii and 34, with 
6 Tables. 

Note. — Contains an account of an 80-incli cylinder 
engine erected for the Bast London Water Work Co., at 
OldEord, by Harvey and Co., of Hayle, to wMch Messrs. 
Harvey and West's patent double beat valve was applied 
with great success, pp. 3, 17, 33. 

HARVEY, Thomas Hingston (3 son of Rev. 
W. W. Sarvey.) Eesident at Constantinople 
since 1863. J. Penzance, 26 Feb., 1831. hapt. 
22 Apl. 

In Memoriam E.G. obiit, Feb. viii. A.D. 
1851. setat XX. n.p. or d. 16o., pp. 2. 

Note. — Dirge dated 9 Feb., 1851 : Eesponse dated 
29 March, 1853. 

The Lay of the old Church Clock. Dated 
Truro, March 18, 1851, 8"., pp. 4. 

G-lyglumgleagh. A legend of the olden time. 
By the author of " The Famine," " A trip on 
Truro Eiver," etc. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 
1849, 8"., pp. 12. 

. St. Michael's Mount. By the author of 
"Glyglumgleagh"...Lond., Hope and Co., Great 
'Marlborough St., 1852, 12"., pp. 14. 

■ Note .-^Signed T. H. H. and dated Penzance, August 
20, 1852. Dedicated to Bllen Georgiana Harvey, of 
Lamoma Cottage, Penzance. 

HARVEY, Thomas Hikoston. (Con.). 

The Tourist's Guide through Cornwall, by 
Eoad, by Eiver and by Eail. Illustrated with 
original etchings from sketches taken on the spot 
by T. H. Harvey. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1861, 
120., pp. 89, 1/6. 

Harkylogy. Mr. Theodosius Smitheram's ac- 
count of the sayings and doings of the Cambrian 
Archaeological Association. Eecited at Truro, on 
Thursday evening, September 4th, 1862. By T. 
H.H. Truro, J. E. Netherton, 1862, IS^., pp. 15, 

HAEVEY, William. 

A larger and new description of the parish of 
Linkinhorne, in the county of Cornwall, with 
all its bounds, limits, rivers, brooks, highways, 
villages, situations, nature, value, fertility, rates, 
rents, etc. By W[illiam] H[arvey], 1728, fcp., 
pp. 28. MSS. penes Eev. James Dingle, Vicar 
of Euswarp, Whitby. 

HAEVEY, Eev. William Woodis, M.A. E. 

of Truro, 1839-60; Prebendary of Exeter, 

1859-64. h. Penzance, 15 June, 1798. d. 

Torquay, 6 Oct., 1864. cf. Gent. Mag., xvii, 

662, (1864.) 

Sketches of Hayti ; from the expulsion of the 
French to the death of Christophe. By W. W. 
Harvey, of Queen's College, Cambridge. Lond., 
L. B. Seeley and Son ; Thames Ditton, L. B. 
Seeley, [printed] 1827, 8°., pp. xvi and 416, 

The character and ministry of the Church of 
England. A sermon preached in the Parish 
Church of Falmouth, on Sunday April 27, 1834. 
By Eev. W. W. Harvey, B.A., of Queen's College, 
Cambridge, Joint-Curate of Falmouth. PubUshed 
at the request of the Congregation. Lond., 
printed for J. G. and F. Eivington ; James Lake, 
Falmouth, 1834, 8°. 

Note. — This sermon is No. sv, in the collected 
edition of his sermons published in 1835. 

The Efiicacy of the Gospel. A Sermon preached 
in the Parish Church of Falmouth, on Sunday, 
April 26, 1835. By Eev. W. W. Harvey, B.A., 
of Queen's College, Cambridge, Joint-Curate of 
Falmouth. Pubhshed by request. Lond., printed 
for J. G. and F. Eivington, and James Lake, 
Falmouth, 1835, 8°., pp. 40. 

]v(oTE. — This sermon is No. iv, in the collected 
edition cf his sermons published in the same year. 

Sermons preached in the Parish Church of 
Falmouth, by Eev. W. W. Harvey, M.A., of 
Queen's College, Cambridge, Joint-Curate of 
Falmouth. Lond., printed for J. G. and F. Eiv- 
ington, and sold by James Lake, Falmouth, 1835, 
8"., pp. xii and 366, 12/-. 




HABVEY, Eet. William Woobis, M.A. (Oon.J. 

Sermon on the knowledge of a resurrection to 
come [on II, Cor., v, i.] by Rev. W. W. Harvey, 
in " Original Family Sermons." Lond., Parker, 
1833-35, 5 vols., 12o. 

Note. — Mr. Harvey's Sermon is No. xix, in vol. v, 
pp. 279-92. 

The dangers of a sea-faring life. A sermon 
preached in the Parish Church of Falmouth. 
By Eev. W. W. Harvey, M.A., (Joint-Curate of 
Falmouth.) Falmouth, printed and published by 
James Lake, printer, &c., 1836, 8°., pp. 15, 3d. 

The Tribulation and Triumph of Christ's Holy 
Catholic Church. A Sermon preached in St. 
Mary's Church, Truro, on Friday, Aug. 30, 

1839, at the triennial Visitation of the Right 
Reverend Henry, Lord Bishop of Exeter, by the 
Rev. W. W. Harvey... Truro, printed and pub- 
lished by E. Heard, 1839, 8°., pp. 34. 

The duty and benefits of supporting Charitable 
Institutions. A Sermon on Heb. xiii, 16, 
preached in St. Mary's Church, Truro, on Wed- 
nesday, Aug. 12, 1840. By the Rev. W. W. 
Harvey, M.A., Rector of Truro. Before the 
Governors of the Royal Cornwall Infirmary, and 
published at their request. Truro, E. Heard, 

1840, 8°. 

The House of God, the House of Prayer. A 
Sermon on Luke xix, 46, preached at St. Mary's 
Church, Truro, on the 10th Sunday after Trinity, 
Aug. 15, 1841. By Rev. W. W. Harvey. 
Truro, E. Heard, 1841, 8o. 

Sermon x. The love of the Church of God, 
and of his earthly sanctuary. Preached at the 
consecration of St. Michael's Church, Stoke 
Dameral, Aug. 1, 1845. By W. W. Harvey... 
in Eight Visitation Sermons,... and Two Consecra- 
tion Sermons, (1845,) pp. 277-300.- 

Discourses preached in the Parish Church of 
St. Mary's, Truro. By Rev. W. W. Harvey, M.A. 
. . .R. of Truro. Lond., Rivington. . .Truro, Heard, 
1846, 80., pp. xii and 362, 11/-. 

Mutual Assistance, a Christian Duty. A 
Sermon preached in Truro Church, to the Truro 
Friendly Society, on Whit-Monday, June 1st, 
1857. By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. 
R. Netherton, 1857, 12"., pp. 16, 4d. 

Reflections on the Mutiny in India. A Sermon 
preached in Truro Church, on Wednesday, 
October 7, 1857, (being the day of the General 
Fast.) By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. 
R. Netherton, 1857, pp. 24, 1/-. 

The Music of the Church. A Sermon preached 
before the Cornwall Association of Church 
Choirs, on its first Meeting at St. Mary, Truro, 
on the Festival of St. Michael and All Angels. 
By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. E. 
Netherton, 1858, 8o., pp. 24, 6d. Printed for 
the Association. 

HAEVEY, Eev. William Woodib, M.A. (Con.). 

On the Use of Granite. By Zeta \i.e., Eev. 
W. W. Harvey.] Cornish Mag., iii, 107-11, 

Essays on Conversation No. 1. ih., iii, 163-66. 

HASLAM, Rev. William. Curate of Perran- 

zabuloe, 1842-1846 ; Incumbent of Baldhu, 8 

Mch., 1847-1855 ; R. of Buckenham, Norfolk, 

1851-71 ; V. of Little Missenden, Bucks,1871. 

Perran-zabuloe with an account of the past 

and present state of the oratory of St. Piran 

in the Sands, and remarks on its antiquity. 

Views. By the Rev. W. Haslam, B.A. Lond., 

John Van Voorst, 1844, 8°., pp. viii, and 151, 


Note. — Original preface dated Lambriggan, St. 
Perran-zabuloe, 30 Aug., 1844. 

The Heavenly Jerusalem. A Sermon to the 
Cornish. By Rev. W. Haslam, Curate of St. Per- 
ranzabuloe. Truro, E. Heard and Sons, 1845, 
12"., 6d. 

The Cross and the Serpent ; being a brief 
history of the triumph of the cross through a 
long series of ages in prophecy, types, and ful- 
filment. By Rev. W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate 
of St. Michael's, Baldiu. Oxford [printed] and 
Lond., J. H. Parker, 1849, 12"., pp. xv and 
273.— 1850, 12"., 5/-. 

Religious Excitement. A letter to the Rev. E. 
H. Browne, (1851,) q.v. 

An Address to the people of Baldiu. By their 
faithful minister, W. Haslam. Truro, J. R. 
Netherton, Easter, 1853, 8°., pp. 8. 

Conversion. — A Lecture delivered by request 
at Penryn, in Cornwall, on the 12 July, 1853. 
By the Eev. W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate of 
Baldiu. Truro, printed and published by J. E. 
Netherton. Lond., J. and C. Mozley, 1853, 8°., 
pp. 27, 6d. 

A Letter to the Venerable the Archdeacon of 
Cornwall, on the occasion of a Lecture delivered 
at Penryn, on the 12th July, 1853. By the Eev. 
W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate of Baldiu. Truro, 
printed and published by J. E. Netherton. Lond., 
J. and C. Mozley, 1853, 8o., pp. 11.— 2nd ed., 
1853, 8°., pp. 11. 

Scriptural contrasted with fanatical conver- 
sion, being a reply to a Letter of the Eev. W. 
Haslam, addressed by him to the Venerable the 
Archdeacon of Cornwall. By the Eev. John 
Tucker, Incumbent of Christ Church, LanartL 
Truro, Heard and Sons, 1853, 8o., pp. 39. 

A Correspondence with the Eev. W. Haslam, 
Incumbent of Baldiu, Cornwall, to which is 
appended A Letter to his Parishioners by the 
Eev. Charles Lyne, Vicar of Tywardreath and 
Prebendary of Exeter. Truro, printed and pub- 
lished by J. E. Netherton, 1854, 8"., pp. 16. 




HASLAM, Eev. William. (Con.). 

All this and Christ too ; or the story of a 
Cornish Mine Girl. By Eev. W. Haslam. No. 
102, Norwich Series of Eeligious Tracts. Nor- 
wich, Samuel Jarrold, n.d. [186-], 8"., pp. 4, 2/-. 
for 250. 

Ancient rings, one silver found on skeleton at 
St. Piran, the other gold, found in Kenwyn St., 
Truro. Proc. Soc. Antiq., i, 60, (1844.) 

On the crosses of Cornwall. Bep. B.I.G., 
1845, p. 26. 

On the seal of the Dominican Friars, Truro. 
il., 1847, p. 61. 

On the Eoche Eock. ih., 1849, p. 54. 

On Tintagel Castle, ih., 1850, p. 43. 

Inscribed stone near St. Clement's, Truro. 
ArchcBol. Journ., ii, 77, (1846.) 

Ancient oratories of Cornwall, ib., ii, 225-39. 

Inscribed stone near Fowey, Cornwall, ih., ii, 

An account of some monumental and wayside 
crosses still remaining in the west of Cornwall. 
ih., iv, 302-13, (1847.) 

A Paper on the history and character of the 
churches in Cornwall. Trans. Exeter Dioces. Archi- 
tect. Soc, ii, 92-103, (1847.) 

HASTINGS, Edward, 2 Baron Hastings (son 
of Will. Hastings, 1 Baron.) d. 1507. 
Account of Lord Hastings' Estates in Leicester, 

Cornwall, &c., A.D. 1500. Earl. MSS., 3881, 

art. 26, 4774, pp. 68, 72. 

HATCHETT, Charles, F.E.S. b. London, 2 
Jan., 1765. d. Chelsea, 10 March, 1847. 

Analysis of a triple sulphuret of lead, anti- 
mony, and copper, from Cornwall. Philos. Trans., 
xciv, 63-69, 1804; [Also found as a Pamphlet, 
Lond., W. Buhner and Co., 1804, 40., pp. 7.] 

An analysis of the magnetical pyrites, with 
remarks on some of the other sulphurets of iron. 
a., xciv, 314-45, 

HATFIELD, S. E. See Miles, S. E. 

HAUGHTON, Eev. Samttel, M.D., D.C.L., 
r.E.S., Fellow of Trin. Coll., Dublin (son of 
Samuel Eatighton.) h. Carlow, 21 Dec, 1821. 

Notes on the serpentines of Cornwall, and 
Connemara. Jown. Duhlin, Geol. Soc, v, 136-39, 

On the joint systems of Ireland and Cornwall, 
and their mechanical origin. Proc Boy. Soc, xiii, 
142, 1864. [Philos. Trans., cliv, 393, 1864.] 

HAUGHTON, Eev. Samuel, M.D., &o. [Con.). 

Notes of a comparison of the Granites of 
Cornwall and Devonshire, with those of Leinster 
and Mourne. ih., xvii, 209-11, (1869.) Also 
found as a Pamphlet, 1870, 8". 

HAVILLAN, Joannes, of Cornwall. 

Epitome Poematis Joh. Havillensis, Angli- 
Cornubiensis ; qui se illic nuncupat architrenium. 
Cottonian MSS., Titus, D, xx. art., 19, fol. 141- 

HAWEIS, Eev. John Oliver Willyams, M.A. 

(son of the following J. h. Aldwinkle, 27 Nov., 


The Power of Prayer. A Sermon on Mark 
xi, 24. By the Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis, Queen's 
College, Oxford. In " Practical Sermons" (Lond., 
J. W. Parker, 1845,) i, 393-404. 

Sketches of the Eeformation and Elizabethan 
Age. (Taken from the Contemporary Pulpit.) 
By the Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Lond., W. 
Pickering, 1844, sm. 8°., pp. xii and 323, 6/-. 

Note. — Originally published in the Brit . ^ Magazine. 
Vols. xx-xxiY, (1841-43.) '^ 

Sermons by the Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis. 
Morning Preacher at the Magdalen Hospital. 
Lond., J. W. Parker, 1848, sm. 8"., pp. viii and 
241, 5/-. 

Three Sermons preached on particular occa- 
sions, at All Saint's Church, Norwood. By the 
Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Published by request, 
and sold only at the National School Eoom, 
Upper Norwood. Lond., printed by James 
Truscott, Nelson Square, 1852, 8"., pp. 61, 2/6. 

The Ministry of Heroes. A sermon preached 
at All Saints, Norwood, on occasion of the 
funeral of the late Duke of Wellington. By the 
Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Lond., J. W. Parker 
and Son, 1852, sm. 8"., pp. 19, 6d. 

Light Sown for the Eighteous. A Sermon, by 
the Eev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Privately printed, 
1855, sm. 80. 

Is the Church bound for ever by the first four 
CEcumenical Councils 1 By the Eev. J. 0. W. 
Haweis. Lond., Strahan and Co., 1870, 8",, 
pp. 31, 1/-. 

HAWEIS, Rev. Thomas LL.B., M.D. (son of 
Thomas Haweis.) E. of All Saints, Aldwinkle, 
Northamptonshire, 1764. h. Eedruth, 1 Jan. 
1733. hapt. 20 Feb. d. Bath, 11 Feb., 
1820. hur. in the Abbey Church, cf. Life and 
Times of Countess of Huntingdon, i, 223-24, 
326, 391, 413-21, 486, ii, 314, 316-18, 487 ; 
Sidney's Life of Walker, -p. 199 and passim; 
Puhlic Characters for 1798-99, pp. 312-16; 
nt. Mem. of Living Authors, (1798), i, 243 ; 
Monthly Bepository, xv, 187, (1820) ; Evangeli- 




I-IAWEIS, Eev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D. (Con.). 

calMag., xxviii, 104, 129, 174, 237, (1820); 
Upcoit's Biog. Diet, of Living Autliors; Gent. 
Mag., xxvii, 507-10, (1767), xc, pt. i, 277, 
290 (1820) ; Biog. Univ. Supp. (Paris, 1839) ; /. 
Morison's Fathers and Founders of the London 
Missionary Soc, (1840), ii, 170-207; /. 
Miller's "Our Hymns," (1866), pp. 212-13; 

Evangelical Principles and Practice, being 
fourteen sermons preached in the parish church 
of St. Mary Magdalen, in Oxford... By the Rev. 
T. Haweis, late of St. Mary Magdalen Hall, 
Oxford, and Chaplain to... the Earl of Peter- 
borow. Lond., printed by J. and W. Oliver, in 
Bartholomew-Close, and sold by... J. Painter, at 
Truro, and W. Eawlings, at St. Columb, 1762, 
8"., pp. viii and 328. — 2nd ed. corrected. Lond., 
printed for the author, and sold by E. DiHy, at 
the Eose and Crown, Poultry... 1763, 8"., pp. 
viii and 328, 5/-.— New ed., 1835, 12". 

The Communicants' Spiritual Companion, or 
an evangelical preparation for the Lord's Supper, 
. . .With meditations and helps for prayer suitable 
to the subject. By the Rev. T. Haweis, Late of 
Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and Chaplain to the Et. 
Hon. the Earl of Peterborow. Lond., printed 
for E. Dilly, in the Poultry... and sold by J. 
Painter, at Truro, 1763, 12"., pp. xii and 144. 
—2nd ed., 1763 ? 12o., pp. xii and 144.— A new 
ed. revised and corrected. Dublin, printed by 
John Jones, 90, Bride Street, 1808, 12"., pp. 
xii and 96, 1/1.— 9th ed. Lond.. 1809,12".— 
10th ed. Lond., printed by J. Mawman, 39, 
Ludgate Street., 1818, 12"., pp. xii and 138.— 
New ed. Jas. Robertson and Co., Edinburgh ; 
David R. Bleakley, Cork, 1830, 16"., pp. 223, 
2/-. — A new ed. revised with the Communion 
Office of the Church and additional prayers 
selected from various authors by the Rev. James 
Colley, M.A., Curate of Trinity Church, Shrews- 
bury. Shrewsbury, published by John Davies, 
1839, 24"., pp. 239.— With an introductory 
essay, by Rev. B. Philpot, late Archdeacon of 
the isle of Man. Lond., J. Nisbet and Co., 1845, 
16"., pp. xl and 214, 1/6.— 28 ed. Derby, Thos. 
Richardson; Lond., Simpkin, m.rf., [18 — ] 16"., 
pp. 258. — New ed. by Rev. Henry White, 1848, 
32"., 1/6.-1854, 32". 

Note. — The let and 2nd editions are of the same 

An authentic narrative of some remarkable 
and interesting particulars in the life of * * * 
***** [i.g. the Rev. John Newton. J Commu- 
nicated in a series of letters to the Reverend Mr. 
Haweis, Rector ef Aldwinckle. And by him, at 
the request of friends, now made public. Lond., 
printed by R. Hett, for J. Johnson, opposite the 

HAWEIS, Eev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D. (Con.). 

Monument, 1764, 8"., preface unpaged, then pp. 
1-208, 2/-.— 3rd ed. Lond., printed for S. 
Drapier, T. Hitch and P. Hill, 1765, 12"., pp. 
192. — 9th ed. Lond., printed for J. Johnson, 
1799, 12"., pp. iv and 124. — Edinburgh, printed 
by T. Maccliesh and Co., 1801, 12"., pp. 166. 

Letters and sermons, with a review of Eccle- 
siastical history and hymns. By John Newton, 
Rector of St. Mary, Woolnoth, London. Lond., 
printed for J. Buckland, No. 57, Paternoster- 
Row, 1787, 6 vols., 12". 

Note. — Contains " An Authentic Narrative," i, 

The Evangelical Expositor, or a commentary 
on the Holy Bible, wherein the sacred text of 
the Old and New Testament is inserted at large, 
the sense explained, and the more difficult pas- 
sages elucidated, with practical observations. 
Also references to parallel scriptures ; the mar- 
ginal readings and a chronology. For the use of 
families and private christians of every denomi- 
tion. By the Rev. T. Haweis, Rector of 
Aldwinckle, and Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. the 
Earl of Peterborow. Lond., printed for E. and 
C. Dilly, in the Poultry, near the Mansion House, 
1765-6, 2 vols., fol., 42/-.— New ed., Glasgow, 
3 vols., 4". 

Note. — The work originally appeared in numbers. 

A faithful narrative of facts relative to the 

late presentation of Mr. H 's [i.e. Rev. T. 

Haweis] to the Rectory of Al — w — le, [i.e. Ald- 
winckle] in Northamptonshire. Setting forth 
the manner in which the same was obtained 
from the patron and the subsequent conduct of 

Mr. M n, [i.e. Rev. M. Madan] and Mr. H s, 

[i.e. Rev. T. Haweis]. To which are annexed 
some remarks on a manuscript narrative, sub- 
scribed M. M[adan.] Lond., printed for the 
author, and sold by the Booksellers in town and 
country, 1767, 4"., pp. 36, 1/-. 

Aldwincle. A candid examination of the Rev. 

Mr. M -'s conduct, as a counsellor and a 

friend, agreeable to the principles of law and 
conscience. Lond., printed for S. Bladon, 1767, 
8"., pp. 59, 1/-. 

The Priest in Rhyme ; an epistle to the Rev. 
and learned Mr. Br — w — r, concerning the pre- 
sentation of Mr. H s to the living of 

A] — nk — e, etc. Lond., Hingeston, 1767, 4"., 1/-. 

An answer to a pamphlet entitled " A faithful 
narrative of facts relative to the presentation of 

Mr. H s to the Rectory of Aldwincle," 

etc. By M. Madan. Lond., Dilly, 1767, 8"., 1/-. 

Remarks on the Answer of the Rev. Mr. 

M n to the Faithful Narrative, etc. By a 

Bystander. Lond.,.Lee, 1767, 8"., 1/-. 

HA^^. ?^7, 


^J^WfllS^Bpv. Thomas, Jj];,.?., ^.D. (Gon.). 
Strictures upon Modprn Simony and the crime 
of Sini,oa