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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the Royal Geographical Society, May, 1865"

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3 1924 093 598 526 

Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 







Additions from December, 1870, to the end of 1880. 







In pieparing this Second Supplement, the scheme of the 
original Catalogue (1865) and its First Supplement (1870) 
has been, in the main, followed for the sake of uniformity ; but 
some alterations in the treatment have been adopted, partly as 
facilitating reference and partly on account of various new 
serial publications, which are better catalogued as a whole than 
under the names of the different writers whose papers are 
comprised in them. The publications of our own Admiralty 
and of the French Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine, and 
the various Indian, American and Colonial Scientific Surveys, 
may be mentioned as instances of this kind. Cross-references 
have been given in these cases, and also elsewhere, wherever 
such treatment is likely to aid the searcher {e.g. the separate 
authors of the volumes of the Hakluyt Society's Publicationp, 
Baer und Helmersen's Beitrage, &c.). The names of the ships 
in which noteworthy voyages have been made are also sepa- 
rately catalogued. 

In accordance with ordinary modern usage, the names of 
authors with the simple prefix " De " or " Von " or their 
equivalents, are catalogued under the initial letter of the name 
following the prefix ; but when the prefix is followed by an 
article, both are treated as if part of the name. 

Librarian, B.G.S. 

1, Savile Row, W., 
January, 1882. 



contaihmg the 
Additions feom December 1870 to the end of 1880. 


Abbot, H. L. Eeports of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain 
the most practicable and economical route for a Eailroad from 
the Mississippi Eiver to the Pacific Ocean. Vol. vi. 4° 

Washington, 1857. 

Abel, C. Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of 
a Voyage to and from that Country, in the years 1816 and 
1817. Maps and plates. 4° 1818. 

Abich, H. Translation by A. Phyladelphyn of Abioh's ' Earth- 
quakes at Shamaok andErzeroum in May 1859.' [In Eussian." 
Maps. 8° [n. p., n. d.' 

Zur Geologie des siidostlichen Kautasus. Bemerkungen von 

meinen Eeisen im Jahre 1865. 8° St. Petersburg, 1866. 

Eeport by, on Explorations in Naphtha districts in the 

Trans-Kuban district and the Peninsula of Tamand. [In 
Eussian.] 8° Tiflis, 1867. 

Bemerkungen iiber die GeroU- und Trummer-ablagemngen 

aus der Grletsoherzeit im Kaukasus. 8° St. Petersburg, 1871. 

Ueber die Lage der Schneegranze und die Gletscher der 

Gegenwart im Kaukasus. Sm. 8° St. Petershwrg, 1877. 

Ein Cyclus fundamentaler barometrischer Hohenbestim- 

mungen auf dem Armenischen Hochlande. 4° . ; 

St. Petersburg, 1880. 

See Baer & Helmersen, xiii. 

Aboriginal tribes. (British Settlements.) Eeport of the Parlia- 
mentary Select Committee. 8° 1837. 

About, E. Eome Contemporaine. 2nd edn. 8° Paris, 1861. 

Aby-Serour, M. Premier etablissement des Israelites a Tim- 
bouktou. Plate and Map. 8° [Paris, 1870.] 



Abyssinia. Furtter correspondence respecting the British 
Captives in Abyssinia. [Parly. Eep.] To. 1866. 

Views in Central Abyssinia, with portraits of the natives 

o'f the Galla Tribes, ... by a German traveller ; with de- 
scriptions by S. P. T. Veitch. Plates. Oblong 8° 1868. 

Abyssinian War. Newspaper cuttings. 

Acheen. Correspondence relRtive to relations between Great 
Britain and Acheen. [Parly. Eep.] Po. 1873. 

Acosta, Joseph.. Historia natural y moral de las Indias. En que se 
tratan las coeas notables del cielo . . . y los rites . . . de los 
IndioB. Sq. S" Madrid, 1608. 

The Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West 

Indies. In treating of the remarkeable things of Heaven 
. . . together with the manners ... of the Indians. Trans- 
lated from the Spanish by E. G. [Edward Grimston]. Squ. 8° 


See also Hakldtt See, Publ. Ix., Ixi. 

Adams, A. See Belcher. 

A. L. Field and Forest rambles, with notes and observa- 
tions on the natural history of Eastern Canada. Maps and 
Plates. 80 1873. 

On a fossil Saurian Vertebra (Arctosaurus Osborni)from the 

Arctic Eegions. 8° Dublin, 1875. 

F. O. Despatches from Mr. Adams, Her Majesty's Se- 
cretary of Legation at Yedo, respecting the Deterioration of 
Silk in Japan. (Including Eeport by Mr. Eobertson, Her 
Majesty's Consul at Kanagawa, on Silk Cultivation in Japan.) 
Map. Po. Tedo, 1871. 

The History of Japan from the earliest period to the 

present time. Maps and Plans. 2 vols. 8° 1874-76. 

J. The flowers of Modern Travels ; being elegant, enter- 
taining, and instructive extracts, selected from the works of 
the most celebrated travellers. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 12° 


J. Q. Letters on Silesia, written during a tour through 

that Country in the years 1800, 1801. Map. 8° 1804. 

Adanson, M. A Voyage to Senegal, the Isle of Goree, and the 
Eiver Gambia. Map. 8° 1759. 

Adelaide. Eegister of the Eainfall, kept in Grote Street, Adelaide, 
by Sir George Strickland Kingston, from January 1, 1839, to 
December 16, 1879, both inclusive. Po. Adelaide, 1879. 

Meteorological Observations made at the Adelaide Observa- 
tory, during the year 1878, under the direction of Charles 
Todd. Map. Po. Adelaide, 1879. 


Adelung, P. See Baer & Helmeesen, iv. 

Aden Handbook. See Hunter. 

Adhemar, J. Eevolutions de la Mer. Plates. 8° Paris, 1842. 

Admiralty. Hydrographic Office Publications. 8° 

General Instructions for tlie HydrograpMo Surveyors of tte 
Admiralty. 1862 & 1877. 

Tables to facilitate th.e practice of Great Circle Sailing and 
the Determination of Azimuths. By J. T. Towson. 
6th edn. 1861. 

Tables for the Keduction of Meridian Altitudes. By J. T. 
Towson. 1862. 

Eules for finding Heights and Distances at Sea. By Lieut. 
H. Eaper. 6th edn. 1866. 

Notes on Deep-Sea Sounding. By Staff-Oomm. J. E. 
Davis. Plates. 1867. 

Practical Eules for ascertaining and applying the Deviations 
of the Compass caused by the Iron in a ship. 1868. 

Admiralty Manual for the Deviations of the Compass. 
Edited by E. J. Evans & Archibald Smith. 3rd edn. 


of Scientific Enquiry. See Herschel. 

List of Lights : — 

West, South, and South-East coasts of Africa, corrected to 

January 1871. 
Coasts and Lakes of British North America. 
The United States of America. 
South America, and Western coast of North America. 
The North Sea, Baltic, and the White Sea. 
South Africa, East Indies, China, Japan, Australia, Tasmania, 

and New Zealand. 

The Mediterranean, Black, and Azof Seas, and Gulf of Suez. 
The West India Islands and adjacent coasts. 

Tide Tables for the British and Irish Ports for the year 
1873 ; also the times and heights of High water at full and 
change for the principal places on the globe. 8° 

for 1874, 75, 76, 77, 78, 80. 

Eemarks on Davis Strait, Baffin Bay, Smith Sound, and the 
Channels thence northward to 82-4° N. 1875. 

The Norway Pilot. Part 1. From the Naze to the Katte- 
gat. 1854. 

Views in the Baltic to accompany Klint's Sailing Directions. 

B 2 

4 ADM 

Admiralty. Hydrographic OflBce Publications — Continued. 

The Botimia Pilot. Supplementary Sailing Directions. 


North Sea Pilot. Parti. 2nd edn. Map. 1876. 

Parts II. & III. 1868-1869. 

Part II. 3rd edn. Map. 1875. 

— Part III. 3rd edn. Map. 1874. 

Part IV. 3rd edn. Map. ' 1878. 

Directions for making the passage from The Downs to the 
White Sea. Compiled by George F. M'Dougall. 1858. 

Sailing directions for the Bristol Channel. Compiled by 
Capt. E. J. Bedford. Map. 1872. 

Sailing directions for the West Coast of England. Compiled 
by Capt. E. J. Bedford. 2nd edn. Map. 1876. 

Sailing directions for the West Coast of Scotland. Part I. 
Hebrides or Western Isles. By Capt. H. C. Otter. 

1867, and 2nd edn. 1874. 

Part II. Cape Wrath to the Mull of Galloway. By 

G. F. M'Dougall. 2nd edn. 1877. 

Sailing directions for the Coast of Ireland. Parts I. & II. 
By Staff-Comm. Eichard Hoskyn. 1866-68. 

The Channel Pilot. Part I. South- West and South coasts 
of England. 1869. 

The Channel Islands Pilot. By Staff-Comm. J. Eichards. 


Sailing directions for the West Coasts of France, Spain, and 
Portugal. Compiled by Staff-Comm. James Penn. 

1867, and 2nd edn. 1873. 

The Mediterranean Pilot. Vols. i. & ii. 1873-77. 

Sailing directions for the Island of Candia or Crete. By 
, Capt. T. Spratt.' 2nd edn. 1866. 

The Black Sea Pilot. 2nd edn. 1871. 

Eeport on the Currents of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus. 
By W. J. S. Wharton. Map and sections. 1872. 

Sailing directions for the Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara, and 
the Bosphorus. 2nd edn. 1877. 

The Gulf of 'Aden Pilot. Sokotra and adjacent islands. 
The Somali and Arabian coasts in the Gulf of 'Aden. 
The east coast of Arabia, and off-lying islands. Compiled 
by Comm. C. T. Ward. 1863. 


Admiralty. Hydrographio OflGlce Publications- 

Eeprinted with additions. (With Hydrographio 

Notice, No. 19.) 1872. 

The Eed Sea Pilot. From Suez and from 'Akabah to the 
Straits of Bab-el-mandeb, and the Arabian coast thence to 
'Aden ; with directions for the navigation of the Suez 
Canal. 2nd edn. (With Hydrographio Notices, Nos. 18 & 
33.) 1873. 

The Persian Gulf Pilot, including the Grulf of 'Omman. 
Compiled by Captain C. G. Constable and Lieutenant 
A. W. Stiffe. (With Hydrographio Notice, No. 16.) 


Supplement. Coast of Baluchistan, from Karachi 

to Eas-al-Kuh, or Makran Coast. By Lieut. A. W. Stiffe. 


The West Coast of Hindostan Pilot, including the Gulf of 
Manar, the Maldivh and the Lakadivh Islands. Compiled 
by Comm. A. D. Taylor. 1866. 

The China Pilot. By Staff-Comm. J. W. King. 4th edn. 


Do. Appendix, No. 2. General Observations on the Coasts 
of Borneo, the Sulu and Mindoro Seas ; with Sailing 
directions for Palawan Passage and Island. 1859. 

No. 13. Gulf of Siam. 1866. 

No. 14. La P6roUse Strait, Gulf of Tartary, Kuril 

Islands, and Sea of Okhotsk. 1855-56. 

Nos. 16 & 17. Yang-tse-Kiang. 1857. 

No. 18. East Coast. 1859. 

The China Sea Directory. Yol. I., containing directions for 
the approaches to the China Sea and to Singapore, by the 
Straits of Sunda, Banka, Gaspa, Oarimata, Rhio, Varella, 
Durian, and Singapore. Vol. II., cohtainiiig directions 
for the navigation of the China Sea, between Singapore 
and Hong Kong. By J. W. Eeed and J. W. King. 


Vol. III., comprising the Coasts of China from Hong 

Kong to the Korea; North coast of Luzon, Formosa Island 
and Strait ; the Babuyan, Bashee andMeiaco Sima groups ; 
Yellow Sea, Gulfs of Pe^ Chili and. Liau-Tung; also the 
rivers Canton, West, Min, Yung, Yangtse, Yellow, Pei 
Ho, and Liau Ho; and Pratas Island. By C. J. Bullock. 
(With Hydrographio Notices, Nos. 2, 8, 23, 26, 26, 29.) 


Vol. IV., comprising the Coasts of Korea, Eussian 

Tartary, the Japan Islands, Gulfs of Tartary and Amur, 

6 ADM 

Admiralty. Hydrographic Oflaoe Publications— Cowfinwed. 

and the Sea of Okhotsk ; also the Meiaco, Liu-Kin, Lin- 
sohoten, Mariana, Benin, Saghalin, and Kuril Islands. By 
P. W. Jarfad. (With Hydrographic Notices, Nos. 1, 9, 
27, 32.) 1873. 

The African Pilot. By Capt. Algernon F. E. De Horsey. 
For the South and East coasts of Africa, from the Cape 
of Good Hope to Cape Guardafui, including the islands 
in the Mozambique Channel. 2nd edn. 1865. 

Part I., or Sailing directions for the "Western coast 

of Africa ; comprising the Azores, Madeira, Canary, and 
Cape Verde Islands, and from Cape Spartel to the river 
Cameroon. 2nd edn. 1873. 

Part II., from the Eiver Cameroon to the Cape of 

Good Hope. 2nd edn., including Ascension, St. Helena, 
Tristan da Cunha, and Gough Islands. 1875. 

Part III. South and East coasts of Africa, from 

the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guardafui, including 
the Islands in Mozambique Channel. Originally com- 
piled by Capt. Algernon F. E. De Horsey. 3rd edn. 
Map. 1878. 

Newfoundland : East and South Coasts. Bonavista Bay to 
Placentia Harbour. 8° 1868. 

Sailing directions for the principal ports of the East coast of 
North America to 1858. 1863. 

Sailing directions for the South-East Coast of Nova Scotia 
and Bay of Fundy. By Staff-Comm. G. F. M'Dougall. 


The Vancouver Island Pilot, containing Sailing directions 
for the Coasts of Vancouver Island and part of British 
Columbia. From the Surveys of Capt. G. H. Eichards. 


The West India Pilot. Vol. I. Compiled by Capt. E. 
Barnett. 1872. 

Vol. II. 2nd edn. Compiled by Capt. E. Barnett, 

1866 ; and 3rd edn. Map. 1876. 

The South America Pilot. Part I. The East Coast of 
South America, from Cape St. Eoque to Cape San Antonio, 
Eio de la Plata ; and the North Coast, from Cape St. 
Eoque to the Eio Maroni in French Guayana. By Staff- 
Comm. J. Penn. 1864. 

Part II. The South-East and West coasts of South 

America, from the Eio de la Plata to the Bay of Panama, 


Admiralty. Hydrographic Office Publications- 
including Magellan Strait, the Falkland and Galapagos 
Islands. By Capt. Philip Parker King and Eobert 
Fitzroy. 6th edn. 1865. 

The Australia Directory. Vol. I. South and East Coasts, 
Bass Strait, and Tasmania. Compiled by Capt. Charles 
B. Yule. 6th edn. 1868. 

Vol. II. Comprising the East Coast, Torres Strait, 

and the Coral Sea. 2nd edn. 1864. 

Vol. III. North, North- West, and West coasts. 


North-Eastern Australia. Coast-views between Sandy Cape 
and Endeavour Strait for the Navigation of the Inner 
Passage to Torres Strait. Plates. Oblong 8° [n. d.] 

The New Zealand Pilot. Including also the Chatham 
Islands and the oif-lying islands southward of New 
Zealand. Compiled by Capts. G. H. Eichards and F. J. 
Evans. 4th edn. Ma;p. 1875. 

See also ' Challenger,' Eichards, ' Valorous.' 

Adriatic. Erster Bericht der standigen Commission fur die 
Adria an die kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften. Tables. 8° 

Wien, 1869. 

Adrichroinius, Christianus. Theatrum Terrse Sanotse et 
Biblicarum Historiarum cum tabulis geographicis. Maps. 
Fo. Cohnise Agrippinx, 1593. 

' Adventure ' and ' Beagle.' See Fitzeot aud King. 

AfTghan War. Eeport of the East India Committee of the Colonial 
Society on the causes and consequences of the Affghan War. 
8° 1842. 

Afghanistan. Article [by Col. H. Yule] in the ' Encyclopssdia 
Britannica,' 9th edn. 4° [Edinburgh, 1876.] 

Africa. Article [by A. Keith Johnston] in the ' Encyclopasdia 
Britannica,' 9th edn. Map. 4° [Edinburgh, 1876.] 

— • Eoyal Geographical Society's African Exploration Fund 

Circular. Map. 4° 1877. 

Past and Present. A concise account of the Country, its 

History, Geography, Explorations, Climates, Productions, 
Eesources, Population, Tribes, Manners, Customs, Languages, 
Colonization, and Christian Missions. By an Old Eesident. 
Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 1879. 

Die neuesten Eeisen und Entdeckungen in Inner-Afrika. 

Map and Plate. 4° Winterthur [n. d.] 

^ — East Coast. Correspondence respecting the Slave Trade 

andothermatters,Jan.— Dec. 1869. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1870. 

8 AFK 

Africa. Slave Trade Eeport. [Parly. Eep.J Fo. 1871, 

Eeport from the Select Committee on Slave Trade, with 

the Proceedings of the Committee. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1871. 

Eecent Correspondence respecting the Slave Trade. [Parly. 

Eep.] Fo. 1871. 

Correspondence respecting Sir Bartle Frere's Mission to 

the East Coast of Africa, 1872-73. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1873. 

Equatorial. Spedizione Geografioa Italiana nell' Africa 

Equatoriale. 8° Boma, 1876. 

[German Society for the exploration of Equatorial Africa.] 

Album der Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung Aequa- 
torial-Afrikas, landsohaftlicher und anthropologischer Theile 
. . . heransgegehen von der Kommission Dr. Max Boehr, Dr. 
Eobert Hartmann, Dr. Henry Lange. Photographs. Oblong 
40 Berlin, 1876. 

Outline of a Vocabulary of a few of the principal lan- 
guages of "Western and Central Africa ; compiled for the use 
of the Niger Expedition. Oblong 12° 1841. 

South. [Incomplete] parts of South African Quarterly 

Journal. 8° Cajpe Town [1830]. 

Contents : — 

Smith, A. A desoription of the Birds inhabiting the South of Africa. 
Observations relative to the Origin and [History of the 

Btjoheneodhb, W. L. ton. An aoooimt of the Earthquakes which 

occurred at the Cape of Good Hope during the monui of December 

1809 ; with a meteorological table, from the 4th to the 27th : and 

an Appendix containing notices of shocks which have occurred at 

various other periods. 
Webstee, W. D. a description of two supposed undescribed species 

of fishes from Table Biay. 
Bowie, J. Sketches of the Botany of South Africa. 
Van dee Stell, S. Diary of a Journey made to the Country of the 

Amaquas, in the year 1685. Translated from the Dutch by 

W. L. von Buchenroder. 

The Cave Cannibals of South Africa. 8° [n. d.] 

— Diamonds and Gold. The three main routes to the South 

African Ophir, and how to equip for the Journey. By W. B. L. 
Mof. Sm. 8° 1871. 

—— Prospectus of an Expedition into the interior of South 
Africa, from Delagoa Bay. Map. [n. d.] 

Further Correspondence respecting the Affairs of South 

Africa. Maps. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1878. 

Correspondence relative to military affairs in Natal and the 

Transvaal. Maps. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1879. 


Africa, South. [Extracts from] Further Papers respecting the 
affairs of South Africa. Mwps. [Parly. Eep.] Po. 1879. 

Further Correspondence [and Extracts] respecting the 

affairs of South Africa. Maps. [Parly. Kep.] Fo. 1880. 

The Cape and South Africa. Sm. 8° 1879. 

West. Papers respecting the Danish possessions on the 

Coast of Africa. Map. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1860. 

Agas, Ralph. Civitas Londinum. A Survey of the cities of 
London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and 
parts adjacent, in the reign of Queen Elizaheth. Facsimile 
hy W, H. Overall and E. J. Francis. 4° .1874. 

Agassiz, A. North American Aoalephse. 4° 

Cambridge, U.S.A., 1865. 

Letter (No. 1) to C. P. Patterson on the dredging opera- 
tions of the United States Coast Survey Steamer Blake, 
during parts of January and February, 1878. 8° 

Gairibridge, U.S.A., 1878. 

L. Etudes sur les Glaciers. Plates. Fo. Neuchatel, 1840. 

Lake Superior: its Physical character. Vegetation, and 

Animals, compared with those of other and similar regions. 
With a Narrative of the Tour, hy J. Elliot Cabot. Plates. 8° 

Boston, 1860. 

See also Haett. 

Aime, G. See Algeria. 

Ainsworth, F. W. The Euphrates Valley Eailway. Map. 8° 


Air Motion. Can the Air be at Eest while it is in Motion ? 8° 

New Tork, 1880. 

Ajmere and Mhairwarra, Eeport upon the Census of. Fo. 

Simla, 1877. 

See also India [Selections, For. Dep. No. cxii.]. 

Aksakof. Memoirs of the Aksakof family. A sketch of Eussian 
rural life 70 years ago. 8° Calcutta, 1871. 

Alberdi, J. B. See Wheelweight. 

'Albert.' See Mohn. 

Alberti, L. De Kaffers aan de zuidkust van Afrika, Natuur en 
Geschiedkundig beschreven. Maps, Plates. 8° 

Amsterdam, 1810. 

Description physique et historique des Cafres, sur la Cote 

meridionale de I'Afrique. Map and Plates. 8° 

Amsterdam, 1811. 

10 ALC— ALL 

Aloock [Colonel]. The Eelative Power of Nations. 8° 1872. 

[Sir] Rutherford. Art and Art Industries in Japan. 

Plates. 8° 1878. 

See also Maebaey. 

' Alert ' & ' Discovery.' See Naees. 

Alexander, [Sir] J. E. Notes on the Maories of New Zealand, 
with suggestions for their pacification and preservation. 

[n. d.] 

Travels to the seat of war in the East, through Eussia and 

the Crimea, in 1829, with sketches of the Imperial fleet and 
army, etc. 2 vols. Map and Plates. 8° 1830. 

Alexandria. See Madbid. 

Alfonso. Lihros del Saber, etc. [as in Catalogue]. Vols. iii. 
(1864), iv. (1866), V. pt. 1 (1867). Fo. Madrid. 

Algeria. Exploration Scientifique de 1' Algeria pendant les annees 
1840, 1841, 1842, publiee par ordre du Gouvernement et aveo 
le concours d'une Commission Academique. Paris, 

Sciences Historiques et GeograpMgues. 8° 
Vol. m. :— 

Cakbtte, B. Recherches sur I'origine et les migrations des prin- 
cipalea tribus de I'Afrique septentrionale et particuliferement de 
.I'Algerie. 8° 1853. 

Vols. rv. &y.:— 

Etudes sur la Kabilie proprement dite. 8° 1849 & 1848. 

Vols. XI. & XII. :— 

Pekbon, B. Pr&is de Jurisprudence Musulmane, ou prinoipes de 
legislation Musulmane civile -et religieuse selon le rite malekite, 
par'KhaJiil-Ibn-Isli'ak. Traduit de I'Arabe. 1849. 

Vol. XIII. :— Do. Do. 1851. 

Vols. XrV. & XV. Do. Do. 1852. 
Vol. XVI. :— . 

Pellissieb, E. Description de la Eegence de Tunis. 8° 1853. 

Physique Gen&rale. Fo. 

Vol. I. :— 

AraE,Gr. Eeclierobes de physique sur la Mediterranfe. Flaim. 1844. 
Vol. II. :— 

Observations sur la Magnetisme terrestre. Plates. 1846. 

Gouvernement general civil de I'Algerie. Statistique 

G6nerale de I'Algerie. Annees 1867 a 1872, 1873 a 1875. 
Large 4° Paris, 1874-77. 

Alishan, L. See Antioch. 

Allen, J. A. Catalogue of the Mammals of Massachusetts : with a 
Critical EevisiOn of the Species. ' 8° Cambridge, Mass., 1869. 

ALM— AME 11 

Almada, Andre Alvares d'. Tratado breve dos Eios de Guine' 
do Cabo- Verde, desde o Eio do Sanaga' ate' aos Baixos de 
Sant' Anna, etc., 1594. Pnblicada por Diogo Kopke. Map. 
8° Porto, 1841. 

Almanaque NaUtico para el ano 1870. 8° Oadiz, 1868. 

Almaraz, Ramon. Menioria acerca de los Terrenes de Metlal- 
toyuca presentada al Ministerio de Pomento por la Comision 
exploradora. Plates. 8° Mexico, 1866. 

Almeida, A. Lopes da Costa. Eoteiro Geral dos Mares, Costas, 
Ilhas, e Baixos recontrecidos no Globo. 8" Lishoa, 1845. 

Serra, R. F. de. Geographical description of the Cap- 
taincy of Matto Grosso. 1797. 12° [MS.] 

Alvarado, P. de. See Cortes. 

America. North American Boundary. Part II. Correspondence 
relating to the Bovmdary between the British possessions in 
North America and the United States of America under the 
treaty of 1783, (with) Eeport of the British Commissioners 
appointed to Survey the Territory in dispute, between Great 
Britain and the United States of America, on the North- 
Eastern Boundary of the United States ; with an Appendix. 
[Parly. Eep.] Maps. Fo. 1840. 

North-West American Water Boundary. Parliamentary 

Eeports a-u, with reference to the Case submitted to the arbi- 
tration of H. M. the Emperor of Germany. Maps. Fo. 


Correspondence respecting the determination of the North- 
western Boundary between Canada and the United States. 
[Parly. Eep.] Eo. 1875. 

Anecdotes Americaines, ou Histoire abregee des princi- 

paux evenemerits~arrives dans le Nouveau Monde, depuis sa 
decouverte. 12° Paris, 1776. 

United States. 

Eeport of Committee on Eoads and Canals (Mount Carmel 

and New Albany Eailroad). 8° Washington, 1839. 

Annual Eeport of the Commissioner of the General Land 

Office. 8° Washington, 1848. 

Ditto, for the year 1867 [in German, French, and Swedish]. 

8° Washington, 1868. 

Ditto, for the year 1868. 8° Washington, 1S68. 

Ditto, for the year 1869. 8° Washington, 1870. 

Ditto, for the year 1871. 8° Washington, 1871. 

Annual Eeport of the Secretary of the Navy on the opera- 

tions of the department for the year 1871. Charts. 8° 

Washington, 1871. 

12 AME 

America. United States — Continued. 

Annual Eeport of the Secretary of the Navy on the opera- 
tions of the department for the year 1873. Washington, 1873. 

Annual Eeport of the Chief Signal Officer to the Secretary 

of War for the year 1871. 8° Washington, 1872. 

Ditto, for 1872. 8° Washington, 1873. 

Ninth Census of the, compiled by F. A. Walker. 3 vols. 

Maps. 4° Washington, 1872. 

Eeport of the Superintendent of the Yellowstone National 

Park for the year 1872. 8° Washington, 1873. 

Annual Eeport of the Chief of Engineers to the Secretary 

of War for the year 1879. In three parts. Majps, Tables, etc. 
go Washington, 1879. 

Ditto, for the year 1880. In three parts. Maps, Tables, etc. 

8° Washington, 1880. 

Coast Survey. Eeport of the Superintendent of the 

United States Coast Survey, showing the progress of the 
Sui-vey during the years 1865-1875. 6 vols. Maps. 4° 

Washington, 1869-78. 

Ditto, during the year 1868. 4° Washington, 1871. 

Ditto, for the fiscal year ending with June, 1876, and June, 

1877. Maps. 4° Washington, 1879-80. 

Coast and Geodetic Survey. (Carlile P. Patterson, 

Superintendent.) Deep-Sea Sounding and Dredging. A 
description and discussion of the methods and appliances 
used on board the Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer, 
Blake. By Charles D. Sigsbee. Plates. 4° [^See also 
Agassiz, a.] Washington, 1880. 

Geographical and Geological Surveys. 

Surveys West of the Mississippi. [Congress Eep.] 8° 

Washington, 1874. 

— [HATDEN, F. F.] 

— Sketch of the Origin and Progress of the United States 
Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. 8° 

"^- '■ 7<cm, 1877. 

— Final Eeport of the United States Geological Survey of 
Nebraska and portions of the adjacent Territories made under 
the direction of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. 
Maps. 8° Washington, 1872. 

Profiles, sections, and other illustrations, designed to 

accompany the final report of the Chief Geologist of the 

A ME 13 

America. United States [Sueveys] — Continued. 

Survey and sketched under Ms directions by Henry W. 
Elliott. 4° New York, 1872. 

First, Second, and Third Annual Eeports of the United 

States Geological Survey of the Territories for the years 1867, 
1868, and 1869, under the Department of the Interior. 8° 

Washington, 1873. 

Preliminary Eeport of the Survey of Wyoming and por- 
tions of contiguous territories [practically the 4th Annual 
Eeport, see p. 3]. 8° Washington, 1871. 

Preliminary Eeport of the Survey of Montana and portions 

of adjacent Territories ; being a Fifth Annual Eeport. Jfaps 
and Plates. 8° Washington, 1872. 

Supplement to Fifth Annual Eeport. Eeport on Fossil 

Flora. By Leo Lesquereux. 8° Washington, 1872. 

Sixth Annual Eeport, embracing portions of Montana, 

Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, for the year 1872. Plates. 8° 

Washington, 1873. 

[Seventh] Annual Eeport, embracing Colorado, for the year 

1873. Maps and Plates. 8° 1874. 

[Eighth] Annual Eeport, embracing Colorado and parts of 

adjacent Territories, for the year 1874. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Washington, 1876. 

Ninth Annual Eeport, embracing Colorado and parts of 

adjacent Territories, for the year 1876. Maps and Plates. 8° 

~ ' ■ 4on, 1877. 

Summary of the Field work of the Hayden Geological 

Survey during the season of 1875. 8° Washington [1876]. 

Tenth Annual Eeport, embracing Colorado and parts of 

adjacent Territories, for the year 1876. Maps. 8° 

Washington, 1876. 

Explorations made under the directions of Prof. F. V. 

Hayden in 1876. [n. p., n. d.] 

Preliminary Eeport of the Field work for the season of 

1877. 8° Washington, 1879. 

— ■ Eleventh Annual Eeport, embracing Idaho and Wyoming, 
for the year 1877. Maps and Plates. 8° Washington, 1877. 

- Preliminary Eeport of the Field work for the season 
of 1878. 8° Washington, 1878. 

Bulletin of the Survey. Vols. i.-v. Maps and Illustra- 
tions. 8° Washington, 1875-1880. 

14 AME 

America. United States [Suevets] — Continued. 

Keports of the Survey. 4° Washington. 

Vol. I.— Fosail Vertebrates. Part I. Contributions to the Extinct 
Vertebrate Fauna of the Western Territories. By J. Leidy. 
Flates. 1873. 

Vol. n. — The Vertebrata of the Cretaceous formations of the West. By 
E. D. Cope. Plates. 1875. 

Vol. V. — Zoology and Botany. Part. I. Synopsis of the Acrididse of 
North America. By Cyrus Thomas. Part II. Acrididse of North 
America not found in the United States. Plate. 1873. 

Vol. VI.— Contributions to the Possil Flora of the Western Territories. 
Part I. The Cretaceous Flora. By Leo Lesquereux. Plates. 1874. 

Vol. VII. — Contributions to the Fossil Flora of the Western Territories. 
Part II. The Tertiary Flora. By Leo Lesquereux. Plates. 1878. 

[Vol. VIII. — Preliminary issue of Plates only.] Illustrations of Creta- 
ceous and Tertiary plants of the Western Territories of the United 
States. Plates. 4° 1878. 

Vol. IX. — The Invertebrate Cretaceous and Tertiary Fossils of the Upper 
Missouri Country. By F. B. Meek. Plates. 1876. 

Vol. X. — A Monograph of the Georaetrid moths, or Phalsenidss, of the 
United States. By A. S. Packard, Jun. PlaUs. 1876. 

Vol. XI. — Monographs of North American Eodentia. By Elhott Coues 
and J. A. AUen. 1877. 

Vol. XII. — Fresh-water Ehizopods of North America. By Joseph 
Leidy. Plates. 1879. 

Miscellaneous Publications. Washington. 

No. 1. — Lists of Elevations and Distances in that portion of the United 

States West of the Mississippi Eiver. Collated and arranged by 

Prof. C. Thomas under Dr. F. V. Hayden. 12° 1872. 

Ditto. Collated and arranged by Henry Gannett. 8° 1873. 

Ditto. 3rd and 4th edns. 1875, 1877. 

No. 2.- — Meteorological Observations, during the year 1872, in Utah, 
Idaho, and Montana. By Henry Gannett. 8° 1873. 

No. 3. — Birds of the North-West : a handbook of the Ornithology of the 
region drained by the Missouri Eiver and its tributaries. By Elliott 
Coues. 8° 1874. 

No. 4. — Synopsis of the Flora of Colorado. By Thomas C. Porter and 
John M. Coulter. 8° 1874. 

No. 5. — Descriptive Catalogue of the Photographs of the U.S. Geological 
Survey of the Territories for the years 1869 to 1875, inclusive. (2nd 
edn.) W. H. Jackson, photographer. Plates. 8° 1875. 

No. 6. — Meteorological Observations, 1873-74, in Colorado and Montana. 
By G. B. Chittenden. 8° 1874. 

No. 7. — Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians. By Wash- 
ington Matthews. 8° 1877. 

No. 8. — Pur-bearing Animals : a Monograph of North American Mns- 
telidsB... by Elliott Cques. Plates. 8° 1877. 

No. 9. — Descriptive Catalogue of Photographs of North American 
Indians. By W. H. Jackson. 8° 1877. 

No. 10. — Bibliography of North American Invertebrate Paleontology. 
By C. A. White and H. A. Nicholson. 8° 1878. 

No. 11.— Birdsof the Colorado Valley. By E. Coues. Part I. 8° 1878. 

No. 12. — History of North American Pinnipeds : a Monograph of the 

A ME 15 

America. United States [Surveys] — Oontinued. 

Walruses, Sea-Lione, Sea-Bears, and Seals of North America. By 
J. A. Allen. 8" 1880. 

First Annual Eeport of the United States Entomological 

Commission for the year 1877, relating to the Eocky Mountain 
Locust. Maps. 8° Washington, 1878. 

Bulletin of the Commission, Nos. 1 & 2. Washington, 1877. 

The Grotto Geyser of the Yellowstone National Park, with 

descriptive note, map, and illustration. Atlas fo. [n. d.] 

Account of photographs of 1873. 8° Washington, 1873. 

Twenty-five photographic views. 

Catalogue of the Publications of the U.S. Geological and 

Geographical Survey of the Territories. 8° Washington, 187 4. 

Ditto, 3rd edn., revised to Dec. 31, 1878. 8° 

Washington, 1879. 

See also Haydest, F. V., infra. 


Report of the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth 

parallel . . . By Clarence King, U.S. Geologist. 4° 


Vol. I. — Systematic Geology. By Clarence King. Plates. 1878. 

Vol. II. — ^Descriptive Geology. By Arnold Hague and S. F. Emmons. 
Plates. 1877. 

Vol. III. — Mining Industry. By J. D. Hague, with Geological Contri- 
butions by Clarence King. Plates. Atlas to ditto. 1870. 

Vol. IV.— Part I. Palaeontology. By F. B. Meek. Part H. Paleontology. 
By James Hall and R. P. Whitfield. Part III. Ornithology. By 
Robert Eidgway. Plates. 1877. 

Vol. V. Botany. By Serene Watson, D. C. Eaton, and others. Map 
and Plates. 1871. 

Vol. VI. — Microscopical Petrography. By Ferdinand Zinkel. Plates. 


[POWELL, J. W.] 

Department of the Interior, U.S. Geographical and 

Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region : J. W. 
Powell, Geologist in Charge. Report on the Geology of the 
Eastern portion of the Uinta Mountains and a region of 
country adjacent thereto. By J. W. Powell. Plates. 4" with 
Atlas. ' Washington, 1876. 

Preliminary Report on the Palaeontology of the Black 

Hills, by R. P. Whitfield. 8° Washington, 1877. 

Report on the Geology of the Henry Mountains. By G. K. 

Gilbert. Maps and Plates. 4° Washington, 1877. 

16 AME 

America. United States [Survsyp}— Continued. 

Contributions to Nortli American Ethnology. Vol. i. 

Maps in cover. 4° Washington, 1877. 

See also Powell, J. W. 

- [WHEELEB, G. M.} 

Annual Eeport upon the geographical explorations and 

surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, in California, 
Nevada, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, 
Wyoming, and Montana, by George M. Wheeler. Maps & 
Plates. 8° _ Washington, 1875. 

Topographical Atlas accompanying. 

The like Eeport for 1876. Maps. 8° Washington, 1876. 

Topographical Atlas Sheets accompanying. 

Engineer Department, U.S. Army. Eeport upon United 

States Geographical Surveys west of the One hundredth 
Meridian, in charge of First Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler. 4° 


Vol. II. — Astronomy and Barometric Hypsometry. 1877. 

Vol. III. — Geology. Plates and Photographs. 1875. 

Vol. IV.— Paleontology. Plates. 1877. 

Yol. v.— Zoology. Plates. 1875. 

Vol. VI.— Botany. Plates. 1878. 

IWHITNET, J. K.] See California. 

Hydrographic OflBoe Publications (Bureau of Navi- 
gation). Washington. 

A List of the Eeported Dangers to Navigation in the Pacific 
Ocean, whose positions are doubtful, or not found in the 
Charts in general use. 8° 1866. 

Catalogue of Charts, Plans, and Views published by the 
United States Hydrographic Office, with a list of books 
sold to Agents. 8° 1876. 

No. 7 — An observing list of stars selected for the determi- 
nation of time with the portable meridian transit in the 
Southern Hemisphere. 8° 1877. 

No. 30. — (No. 1) List of Lights of Nortli and South America 
(East and West Coasts) corrected to March 1877. Do. 
corrected to May 1879. 8° 1877,1879. 

No. 31. — (No. 2) List of Lights of South and East Coasts 
of Africa and the East Indies, including the East India 
Islands, China, Japan, Australia, Tasmania, and New 
Zealand, corrected to April, 1877. Do. corrected to July 
1879. 8" 1877, 1879. 

AME 17 

America. United States — Continued. 

No. 32.— (No. 3) List of Lights of the West Coast of Africa 
and the Mediterranean Sea, corrected to July 1877. 8° 


No. 33.— (No. 4) List of Lights of the Atlantic Coast of 
Europe, the English Channel and North Sea, corrected 
to September 1877. 8° 1877. 

No. 33 a.— (No. 5) List of Lights of the North, Baltic, and 
"White Seas, corrected to October 1877. 8° 1877. 

No. 33 b.— (No. 6) List of Lights of the British Islands, 
corrected to October 1877. 8° 1877. 

No. 35. — Sailing directions for the English Channel. 
Part II. North coast of France and Channel Islands. By 
Asher C. Baker. Map. 8° 1877. 

No. 37. — Coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Part I. S. and 
S. E. coasts of Spain, from Mala Bahia to Cape Creux, 
Balearic Islands, and N. coast of Africa from Ceuta to La 
Cala. By S. H. Gorringe. 8° 1875. 

No. 38. — Coasts and Ports of the Gulf of Lyons and Gulf of 
Genoa. Cape Creux to Piombino Headland. By H. H. 
Gorringe. 8" 1877. 

No. 38 [39]. — Coasts and Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. 
Part II. By H. H. Gorringe and S. Schroeder. 8° 1878. 

No. 41 a. — Eeported Dangers to Na'vigation in the Pacific 
Ocean inclusive of Australia and the East India Archi- 
pelago. By J. E. Pillsbury. Part II. South of the 
Equator. Oliart in Cover. 8° 1879. 

No. 41 b. — Supplement to First Edition of Eeported Dangers 
to Navigation in the North Pacific Ocean, inclusive of 
the China and Japan Seas and the East India Archi- 
pelago. By Commander William Gibson. 8° 1880. 

No. 42. — Coasts and Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. 
Part in. By H.H. Gorringe and S. Schroeder. 8° 1879. 

No. 43. — The Coast of Brazil from Cape Orange to Eio 
Janeiro. By H. H. Gorringe. Profiles. 8° 1873. 

No. 45. — Navigation of the Atlantic Ocean. (Labrosse.) 
By J. B. Coghlan. 8° 1873. 

No. 46.— The West Coast of Africa. Part I. From Cape 
Spartel to Sierra Leone. By H. H. Gorringe. Profiles. 
8° 1873. 

No. 47.— The West Coast of Africa. Part IT. From 

'Sierra Leone to Cape Lopez. By Leonard Chenery. 

Profiles. 8° 1875, 

18 AME 

America. United States — Continued. 

No. 48.— The West Coast of Africa. Part III. Cape Lopez 
to the Cape of Gofid Hope, including the islands in the 
Bight of Biafia, and Ascension and St. Helena Islands. 
By Lieut.-Comm. J. E. Bartlett. Profiles. 8° 1877. 

No. 50. — The Azores or Western Islands (Kerhallet, with 
additions). By Lieut. G. M. Totten. 8° 1874. 

No. 51. — Madeira, the Salvages, and the Canary Islands 
(Kerhallet and Le Gras, with additions). 8° 1874. 

No. 62.— The North- West and West Coast of Spain and the 
Coast of Portug'al, from Point Estaca to Cape Trafalgar. 
By Lieut. G. M. Totten. 8o 1874. 

No. 54. — Deep-sea Soundings in the North Pacific Oppan 
obtained in the United States steamer ' Tuscarora.' By 
Comm. G. E. Belknap. Plates and Profiles. S" 1874. 

No. 56. — Eemarks on the Coasts of Lower California and 
Mexico. By Comm. George Dewey. 8° 1874. 

No. 57. — Tables for finding the distance of an object by two 
bearings. 8° 1874. 

No. 58. — The Navigation of the Pacific Ocean, China Seas, 
etc. (Labrosse). Bj J. W. Miller. 8° 1875. 

No. 59. — The coasts of Chile, Bolivia, and Perli. Profiles. 
8° 1876. 

No. 60. — Coasts and Ports of the Bay of Biscay. By Lieuts. 
G. M. Totten and S. Schroeder. 8° 1876. 

No. 61. — The Eio de la Plata. By Lieut.-Comm. H. H. 
Gorringe. 8° Charts, Plates, etc. 8° 1875. 

No. 63. — The Navigation of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of 
Mexico. Vol. I. The West India Islands, including the 
Bahama Banks and Islands and the Bermuda Islands. 
By Lieut.-Comm. F. M. Green. 8° 1877. 

No. _ 65.— Eeport on the Telegraphic Determination of 
differences of Longitude in the West Indies and Central 
America. By Lieut.-Comm. F. M. Green. 4° 1877. 

Nordenskjold's Voyage, 1878. Map. 8° 1879. 

' See also Gulf Steeam. 

U.S. Naval Observatory Publications. 4° 

Memoiandum of the bounding and Progress of t^e U.S. 
Naval Observatory. 1873' 

AME— AND 19 

America. United States — Oontinued. 

Washington Observations for 1868. Appendix I. A 
Catalogue of 1963 stars reduced to the beginning of the 
year 1850 . . . from observations made ... by the U.S. 
Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemi- 
sphere. 1870. 

Do. for 1871, Appendix III. Catalogue of Stars observed 
at the United States Naval Observatory during the years 
1845 to 1871 by Prof. M. Yarnall. 1873. 

Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made during 
the year 1871. 1873. 

Do. 1872. 1874. 

Do. 1873. 1875. 

Do. 1874. 1877. 

Do. 1875. 1878. 

Instructions for observing the total Solar Eclipse of July 29, 
1878. 1878. 

Telejfraphic measurement of Differences of Longitude by 
Officers of the U.S. Navy in 1878 aud 1879. Greenwich, 
Lisbon, Eunchal, Porto Grande, Pernambuco, Bahia, Eio 
de Janeiro, Monte Video, Buenos Ayres. Pernambuco — 
Para. 1880. 

Amicis, E. de. Morocco : its People and Places. Translated by 
C. Eollin-Tilton. Plates. 4P [n. d.] 

Amoretti. See Maldonado. 

Ampere, J. J. Voyage en l&gypte et en Nubie. 8° Paris, 1868. 

Amu and Usboi. [In Eussian.] Map and Plate. Sm. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1879. 

Amnnategui, M. L. La Cuestion de Limites entre Chile i la 
Eepublica Argentina. Tomo I. 4° Santiago de Chile, 1879. 

Anacharsis. Eecueil de Cartes Geographiques, Plans, Vues et 
Medailles de I'Ancienne Gr6ce, relatifs an Voyage dn jeune 
Anacharsis. 2nd edn. 4° Paris, 1789. 

Andagoya, Pascual de. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. xxxiv. 

Anderson, A. H. Notes of a Journey to the Auriferous Quartz 
Eegions of Southern India, with facts relating thereto. 12° 


B. 5eeBLYDEN. 

[Sir] C. H. J. The Liucoln Pootet Guide : being a short 

account of the Churches and Antiquities of the County, and of 
the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, com- 
monly called the Minster. Map and Plan. 12" 1880. 

C 2 

20 AND— ANN 

Anderson, G. Eemarks on the husbandry and internal Com- 
nferce of Bengal. 8° Calcutta, 1804. 

J. A Eeport on the Expedition to Western Yunan via 

Bhamo. "Eoyal 8° Calcutta, 1871. 

Mandalay to Momein ; a narrative of the tvro expeditions 

to Western China of 1868 and 1876 under Colonel Edward B. 
Sladen and Colonel Horace Browne. Maps and Plans. 8° 1876. 

J. W. Notes of Travel in Eiji and New Caledonia, with 

some remarks on South Sea Islanders and their languages. 
Map and Plates. 8<* 1880. 

Andersson, C. J. Notes of travel in South Africa (edited by 
L. Lloyd.) Plate. 8" 1876. 

Andrade, Jeronimo Jose Nogueira de. Descripgao do estado, 
em que ficavao os Negocios da Capitania de Mossambique nos 
fins de Novembro de 1789, com algumas Observa5oens e He- 
flexoens sobre os mesmos Negocios e sobre as causas da deca- 
dencia do Commercio e dos estabilecimentos Portuguezes na 
Costa Oriental d' Africa, escripta no anno de 1790. 4° MS. 

Andrae, O. G. Den Danske Gradmaaling. ii and iii. 4" 

Kj^lenham, 1872-1878. 

Andree, R. Ethnographisohe Parallelen und Vergleiche. 

Plates. 8" Stuttgart, 1878. 

Andrew, W. P. Letter to Sir Stafford H. Northcote on the 
Euphrates Valley Eailway. Fo. 1867. 

The Euphrates Eoute to India. Letters addressed to the 

British and Turkish Governments, etc. 8° 1871. 

The Euphrates Valley Eoute to India in connection with 

the Central Asian Question. Map. 8° 1873. 

The Bolan and Khyber Eailways. Eeprinted from the 

' Times.' With a Memorandum by Sir Henry Green, pn 
Portable Eailways in Military Operations. Sm. 8° 1879. 

Our Scientific Frontier. Map. 8° 1880. 

Andrews, T. Address delivered at the Glasgow Meeting of the 
British Association for the Advancement of Science, Sep- 
tember 6, 1876. 8° 1876. 

Annales, Nouvelles, des Voyages, de la Geographie, et de 
I'Histoire, etc. [Completing the series.] 8° Pans. 

4"» Se'rie, 8 vols, for 1841 and 1844. 
5»" S^rie, 36 vols., 1846-1854. 
6™ Sdiie, 44 vols., 1855-1865. 

des Voyages, de la Geographic, de I'Histoire, et de 

I'Archeologie, dirigees par V. A. Malte-Brun. 20 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1866-1870. 

ANO— APO 21 

Auoutchine, D. Sooiete Imperiale des Amis des Sciences Natu- 
relles d'Anthropologie et d'Ethnographie de Moscou. (Exposi- 
tion "Universelle de 1878, k Paris.) 8° Paris, 1878. 

Anselmi, T. Grande e Completo Trattato di Pronunzia Inglese. 
Sm. 8° Napoli, 1867. 

Anson, Commodore. An authentic account of his Expedition, 
etc. 8° 1744. 

Ansted, D. T. Physical Geography. 4th edn. Maps. 12° 


Anthropology. Notes and Queries on Anthropology, for the use 
of Travellers and residents in uncivilized lands. [British 
Association Committee.] 12° 1874. 

Antioch. Assises d'Antioohe, reproduites en frangais et puhli^es 
au sixieme Uentenaire de la mort de Sempad le Connetable, 
leur ancien tradnoteur Armenien. Par la Societe Mekhitha- 
riste de Saint-Lazare. [Translated by Prof. Leon Alishan.] 
4° Venise, 1876. 

Antipow, Q. See Baer & Helmersen, xxii. 

Antiquitates Americanse. See Eafn. 

Antoninus Augustus. Vetera Eomanorum Itineraria, sive An- 
tonini Augusti Itinerarinm, cum integris Jos. Simleri, Hieron. 
Surit», et And. Schotti notis, Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum ; 
et Hieroolis Grammatici Synecdemus, curante Petro Wes- 
selingio, qui et suas addidit adnotationes. Frontispiece. 4° 

Amstelaedami, 1735. 

See also Parthey & Pinder. 

Anville, J.-B. B. d". Consideiations generales sur I'etude et les 
connoissances que demande la composition des ouvrages de 
Geographic. Sm. 8° Paris, 1777. 

Dissertation sur les Sources du Nil, pour prouver qu'on ne 

les a point encore decouvertes. 4° [Paris, 1779.] 

Memoire concernant les rivieres de I'interieur de I'Afrique, 

sur les notions tires desAnoiens et des Modernes. 4° 

[Paris, 1779.] 

Memoire sur la mesure du Schene Egyptien, et du Stade 

qui servoit a le composer. 4° [Paris, 1779.] 

Discussion de la mesure de la Terre par Eratosthene. 4° 

[Paris, 1779.] 

Aoust, Virlet d'. Les Origines du Nil. 8" Paris, 1872. 

ApoUonius Rhodius, The Argonautics of, by Francis Eawkes. 
Frontispiece. 8° 1780. 

22 APP— AEG 

Appell, J. W. Monuments of Early Christian Art. Sculptures 
and Catacomb paintings. Illustrative Notes, collected in order 
to promote the reproduction of remains of art belougino; to 
the early centuries of the Christian Era. 8° 1872. 

Appleton's Railway and Steam Navigation Guide. Large 
12° New Yorl, 1867. 

Appun, C. P. TJnterden Tropen. Vol. 2. Plates. 8° 

Jena, 1871. 

Aramayo, A. See Bolivia. 

Arbousset, T., & Daumas, F. Narrative of an exploratory tcnir 
to the north east of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Translated by John Croumbie Brown. 8° Capetown, 1846. 

Archipelago, Grecian. Beschryvinge van det Archipel, tot nut 
van den Krygsman, Zeevaarenden en Handeldryvenden. [By 
E. V. K.] 80 Te Amsterdam, 1192. 

Arconati, [Viscount] G. Diario di un Viaggio in Arabia Petrea 
(1865). 40 Maps and Photographs. Atlas. 4° Torino, 1872. 

Arctic. Vorstellungen des Norden, oder Bericht von einigen 
Nordlandern, und absonderlich von dem so genandten 
Griinlande, etc. 8° Hamburg, 1675. 

Voyage to Davis' Strait, by David Duncan, Master of the 

ship ' Dundee.' Plate. 8° 1827. 

Land discoveries. 8° (Newspaper cuttings, 1867.) 

Land discoveries (from Honolulu Advertiser, 9 Nov. 1867.) 

■ The literature of the Polar regions of the earth, by Dr. J. 

Chavanne, Dr. A. Karpf, and E. Chevalier de Le Monnier. 
■' 8° Vienna, 1878. 

Eegions and Arctic explorations. 12° 

— Extract of a letter from an Officer in the Arctic Expedi- 
tion. 8° [n. d.] 

— See also Baeeington, Hoopee, W. H., Polar Confeeence. 

[Ameeican Expeditions.] 

Instructions for the Expedition toward the North Pole 

from Hon. Geo. M. Eobeson, Sec. of the Navy, with an 
Appendix from the National Academy of Sciences. 8° 

Washington, 1871. 

Eeport to Congress from Committee on Naval Affairs to 

whom was referred a Bill to authorize and equip an Expedi- 
tion to the Arctic Seas. 8° 1877. 

AKO 23 

Arctic — Continued. 

Eeport to the President of tlie United States of Action of . 

the Navy Department in the matter of the disaster to the 
United States exploring Expedition [Polaris] toward the 
North Pole, accompanied by a leport of the Examination of 
the rescued party, etc. Map. 8° [Washington, u. A..'] 

Eeport on substituted Expedition to the Aictic Seas. 8° 

[WasUngtm, 1880.] 

See also Bessels, Blake, Brooks, Hall, Howoate, Kumlien, 

N CURSE, ' Polaris,' Tyson. 

[Franklin Expeditions.] 

A COLLECTION of eight bound folio volumes [presented by 

Mr. J. Barrow] of Parliamentary papers relating to the 
Search for Sir John Franklin and the officers and crews of 
H.M. Ships Erebus and Terror containing : — 

Vol. I. — 1848-50. — (1) Copies of Insjtruotiona to Captain Sir John 
Franklin, m reference to the Arctic Expedition of 1845, and to the 
officers who have been appointed to command expeditions in search 
of Sir John Franklin ; Proposed plans for relief of the Arctic Expe- 
dition ; Copies and extracts of correspondence and proceedings of the 
Admiralty in reference to the Arctic Expedition. (2) Copy- of the 
Orders' froni the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, uader 
which Capt. Sir J. C. Boss, r.n., has proceeded on an expedition in 
search of Capt. Sir J. Franklin, e.n. (3) Extracts of proceedings or 
correspondence of the. Admiralty, in reference to the Arctic Expe- 
ditions. (4) Return of the opinions of the most experienced officers 
[Sir W. E. Earry, Sir G. Back, Capt. Beechey, Col. Sabine, and 
Sir E. Belcher] connected with the Arctic expeditions, on the 
necessity of sending a ship to tlie entrance of Ijancaster Sound, with 
supplies for Sir J. Eoss's expedition ; and their joint opinion as to 
certaii^ measures proposed to be adopted. (5) Copies of Reports or 
Statements from the officers employed in the Arctic Expeditions or 
from any other persons, &o., in respect to the resumption of the 
search ; of plans of search ; of orders issued by the Board of Ad- 
miralty to Captains Collinson, Kellett, and Sloore, and Lieut. 
PuUen ; of Instructions to Dr. Eae ; and of Chart of the Polar Sea. 
(6) Orders to Capt. Penny, Lady Franklin, and Mr. Saunders, 
North Star. (7) Orders to Captain Austin, Resolute. (8) Pro- 
ceedings of Dr. Rae, and of Lieut. PuUen, Plover : also copies 
of Arctic Reward and other BiUs. 

Vol. IL — 1851. — Report of the Committee appointed by the Lords Com- 
missioners of the Admiralty to inquire into and report on the recent 
Arctic expeditions in search of Sir J. Franklin, together with the 
minutes of evidence taken before the Committee and papers con- 
nected with the subject. 

Vol. III.^ — 1851. — Additional papers relative to the Arctic Expedition 
under the orders of Captain Austin and Mr. WiUiam Penny. 

Vol. IV. — 1852-53. — (1) Copies and Extracts of Correspondence or 
Proceedings, of Instructions to officers, and of correspondence or 
communications from the Government of the United States or 
H.M. Minister at Washington, in relation to search made on the part 
of the United States or from its Territory for the Franklin Expedi- 
tion. (2) Further correspondence and Proceedings. (3) Corre- 

24 AEO 

Arctic — Continued. 

spondence between Capt. Penny and the Admiralty, Rumeurs at 
Kyron's Bay, Adam Beck's Deposition. (4) Track Chart of the 
American Expedition. (5) Communications in reference to certain 
Vessels observed on an Iceberg in the N. Atlantic in 1851. 

Vol. v.— 1853-54.— (1) Copies of correspondence &om Sir. E. Belcher's 
squadron, from Mr. Kennedy of th& Prince Albert, from Commander 
Inglefield of the Isabel, and plans and suggestions of search and 
further correspondence. (2) Papers relative to the recent Arctic 
Expeditions in search of H.M.S. Erebus and Terror. (3) Dr. M'Cor- 
mick's Expedition up the Wellington Channel in the year 1852 
commanding H.M. Boat Forlorn Hope in Search of Sir John Franklin. 
(4) Copy of Lady Franklin's letter to Lords Commissioners of the 
Admiralty [with MS. autograph letter from Lady Franklin to 
Mr. Barrow]. (5) Sir John Bichardson on equipments for Arctic 
travelling.. (6) Sir W. Parry on equipments for Arctic travelling. 
(7) Sir J. C. Boss on same subject. (8) Col. Sabine, ditto. 

Vol. VI. — 1854-55. — Further papers relative to the recent Arctic Expe- 
ditions, &c. Photograph of SirEobert MoClure, and autographs. 

Vol. VII. — 1855-56.— (1) Beport from the Select Committee on Arctic 
Expedition; together .with the proceedings of the Committee, 
Minutes of evidence, and Appendix. (2) Further papers relative to 
the recent Arctic Expeditions in search of Sir J. Franklin and the 
crews of Her Majesty's Ships Erebus and Terror, including the 
report of Dr. Kane and Messrs. Anderson and Stewart, and corre- 
spondence relative to the adjudication of £10,000 as. a Reward for 
ascertaining the fate of the crews of Her Majesty's Ships Erebus and 

Vol. VIII.— Charts. 

A COLLECTION of eight 8° pampUets [made by Mr. J. Barrow] 

oonneoted with the search for Sir John rranklin, contain- 

Vol. L:— 

OsBOKN, S. Letters on the relief of Sir John Franklin's Expe- 
dition. 1850. 

■Weld, C. B. A Lecture on Arctic Expeditions. Map. 1850. 

SooBESBT, W. The Franklin Expedition. 1850. 

Weld, C. B. The Search for Sir John Franklin, a Lecture delivered 
at the EusseU Institution. Map. 1851. 

O'Btenb, W. R. The Arctic Council: descriptive key to the 
historical picture by S. Pearce. 1851. 

Faekae, F. W. The Arctic Regions, and the hopes of discovering 
the lost adventurers: Prize Poem (Cambridge, Chancellor's 
Medal). 1852. 

Peteemann, a. The Search for Sir John Franklin, a suggestion 
submitted to the British public. Chart. 1852. 

Masqleb, J. Papers and despatches relating to the Arctic searching 
expeditions of 1850-51-52, collected and arranged. 2nd Edition. 
Maps. 1852. 

Vol. II. :— 

De la Boqubtte, — . Regions arctiques, Terre Gtrinnell, Mont Frank- 
lin : Question de priority de de'couverte. Map. Paris, 1852. 
Kane, E. K. Access to the open Polar Sea in connection with the 
search after Sir John Franklin and his companions. Map. 

■New Yorh, 1853. 

ARC 25 

Arctic — Continued. 

Allen, B. C, Snow, W. P., and Inglbfield, E. A. Kemarks on 
Baffin Bay. 1853. 

Petekmann, a. Historical Summary of the search for Sir John 
Franklin, reprinted from Seemann'a Narrative of the Voyage of 
H.M.S. Herald, and Notes on the distribution of animals avail- 
able as food in the Arctic Regions. 1 852. 

The Search for Sir John Franklin. [n. d.; Chambers's Tracts. J 

The Arctic Dispatches containing an account of the discovery of the 
North-West passage by Capt. Robert Maolure, with narrative of 
proceedings of H.M.S. Resolute, Capt. Kellett, and the dispatches 
of Capt. Sir E. Belcher, Capt. Ingleheld, and Comm. PuUen. Map. 


The North-West Passage; Capt. M'Clure's Despatches from Her 
Majesty's Discovery Ship Investigator, off Point Warren and Cape 
Bathmst. Map. 1853. 

Jago, B., and Seemann, B. The History of the Poetical Assembly 
(on board H.M.S. Herald). Hanover, 1852. 

Prospectus of portrait of Capt. Penny. 

Vol. ni.:— 

M'CoRMioK, — , Christmas in the Frozen Kegions (from ' Household 
Words,' 1854). 

The lost Arctic Voyagers (from ' Household Words,' 1854). 

Eae, J. Kepoi-t (from ' Household Words,' 1854). 

Ross, Sir J. Kear-Admiral Sir John Franklin : a narrative of the 
circumstances and causes which led to the failure of the searching 
expeditions sent by Government and others for the rescue of Sir 
J. Franklin. Plate. • 1855. 

MuREAT, J. The Tides and Currents in and connected with the 
Polar Sea, indicative -of the probability of a North-east passage 
to the Pacific, with reasons for persevering in tbe search for Sir 
J. Franklin and the party under his command. Map. 1854. 

A Catalogue of the library established on board H.M.S. Assiitanoe, 
Capt. Sir E. Belcher, &c., Wellington Channell. 1853. 

ScoEESBT, W. On the Surface temperature and great currents of the 
North Atlantic and Northern Oceans. Chart. 1853. 

" The Weekly Guy," Nos. i.-xiv., 1852-53, and Prospectus (H.M.S. 
Plover, Pt. Barrow). 

Memoir of Lieut. Bellot, to accompany his portrait, 1854 (prospectus, 
and plate of tablet). 

Prospectus of Commr. W. W. May's sketches, and of Dr. Rae's Poly- 
technic Lecture. 

Vol. IV. :— 

The Great Arctic Mystery, by " Philoi Symbouleuomenoi." 1856. 

Arctic Kewards and their claimants. 1856. 

Voyages and travels of Dr. Rae in the Arctic Eegions. 

Copy of a letter from Dr. Eae. Feby. 1856. 

IsBisTEB, A. K. On the Geology of the Hudson's Baji Territories and 
of portions of the Arctic and North-Western Eegions of America. 
Map. 1855. 

Memorial, &c., as to expediency of despatching a vessel to search for 
relics of Erebus and Terror. 1856. 

OsBOEN, S. Notes on the late Arctic Expeditions. 1856. 

Sir Eobert M'Clure's Discovery of the North West Passage. ' Edin- 
burgh Review.' Jany. 1856. 

26 AKC 

Arctic — Continued. 

De La Eoqcette, — . Des derniferea exp^ditiona faites i la recherche 
de Sir John Franklin, et de la d^couverte d'un passage par mer de 
I'Ocean atlantlque k I'Oce'an paoifique. Paris, 1856. 

White, E. On the open water at the great polar Basin. Figures. 


Suggestions for a medal to record the discovery of the passage by the 
North Pole. 1856. 

KiCHABDSON, Sir J. Life of Sir John Franklin. (Encycl. Britan. 
8th edn.) 

Memoir of Sir W. E. Parry. 185S. 

A Prayer which may be used by those engaged in the Arctie Expedi- 
tion, A.r. 1850, and a short form of prayer for the use of those 
engaged in the Arctic Expedition. kdcccl. 

Diagram showing the amount of daylight experienced during the 
absence of the sun within the Arctic Zone in the Winters of 
1852-53 and 11S53-54. 

Vol. V. :— 

Snow, W. P. A Catalogue of the Arctic Collection in the British 

Museum ; with a list of the Arctic Eelics in the United Service 

Museum, and the Painted Hall at Greenwich. 1858. 

A letter to Viscount Palmerston, K.G., from Lady Franklin, with an 

Appendix. 1857. 

Do. 2nd edn. with a chart. 
PiM, B. An earnest appeal to the British pubUo on behalf of the 

missing Arctic expedition. 3rd edn. 1857. 

M'Clintook, F. L. Eeminiscences of Arctic Ice-travel in search of 

. Sir John FrankUn and his companions, with geological notes and 

illustrations by S. Haughton. Map and Plates. IDublin, 1857.] 
Statement by Eev. S. Haughton. {Dublin, n. d.] 

Vol. VI. :— 

Capt. M'Clintock's expedition, Fox. Newspaper cuttings, with 
woodcuts. 1859. 

Article by Capt. Allen Young from 'ComhiU Magazine.' Vol. 1. 

Plate and Map; and another from 'Blackwood's Magazine.' 

OsBOKN, S. The last voyage of Sir J. Franklin, and the Search for 

Sir John Franklin, from ' Once a Week.' Woodcuts. 1859. 

MoOlintock, F. L. Discoveries by the late expedition in Search of 

Sir John Franklin and his party. 1859. 

OsBOEK, S. Arctic Discovery and Sir John Franklin. ' Everybody's 

Journal.' 1859. 

Arctic Explorations, from ' London Eeview.' u. d. 

LusHiNGTON, P. Arctic Enterprise and its results since 1815. n. d. 
Two MS. letters ; cuttings from ' Express ' and ' Globe.' 1 859. 

On the Fish river of the Polar Sea. 1844. 

Three printed letters. 1844 & 45. 

Facts and arguments in favour of a new expedition to the shores of 

Arctic Ocean. Plate. [f 1835.] 

The Franklin Expedition, a letter of appeal. Map, Plate. 1860. 

The FrankUn Expedition from first to last. n. d. 

King, E. Letter to Lords Commissioners of Admiralty. 1857. 

CoNiNGHAM, W. The last Journals of Capt. Fitzjames of the lost 

Polar expedition. Brighton, u. d. 

AEO 27 

Arctic — Continued. 

OsBOEN, S. Reinaiks upon the amoimt of light experienced in high 
northern latitudes during the absence of the sun. Diagram. 


Catalogue of the Franklin relics in the Museum of the United Service 
Institution, Whitehall. 

Snow, W. P. On the fate of Franklin. Newspaper Cutting, and 
prospectus, etc. of renewed Arctic Search foT journals, records, or 
other traces of the lost Franklin Expedition. 1860. 

Vol. VII. :— 

Description of the Monument erected on the Hill of Hoad, Ulver- 
stone, in memory of Sir John Barrow, with Memoir. Plate. 

Notice of Rear- Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort. 1858. 

Snow, W. P. A Paper on the lost Polar Expedition. 1860. 

On renewed Arctic search, and on practical experience of the 

law of storms in each quarter of the globe. Newspaper cuttings. 

n. d. 

Shaw, N. Introductory notice to Dr. I. J. Hayes's " Boat-Journey," 

with lists of Arctic expeditions and works. n. d. 

ViDAL, [0. A. A poem upon the life and character of Sir John 

Franklin. Oxford, 1860. 

Miles, S. E. MS. poem. 1862. 

Vol. VIII. :— 

Photograph of tablet to Sir Horatio Thomas Austin. 
Simpson, TV. The Restoration of the Arctic Ship Besolute, explana- 
tory of painting. n. d. 

Second letter of Dr. A. Petermann to Sir K. I. Murchison on the 
subject of North Polar Exploration, with discussion thereon. 

MacFaelane, R. An account of the Mackenzie River District. 1865. 

Hamilton, E. V. On the portion of the Coast of Labrador between 
Blanc Sablon Bay and Cape Harrison. 1865. 

Maekham, C. E. On the best route for North Polar exploration. 
Map. 1865. 

Jansen, Capt. Notes on the lee between Greenland and Nova 
Zembla. 1865. 

Hates, I. J. Account of the scientific results of the Arctic expedi- 
tion under the command of Dr. Isaac J. Hayes. 1865. 

Ommannet, B. Polar Exploration. 1866. 

OsBOKN, S. On the Exploration of the North Polar Region. 1865. 

Makkham, 0. R. On the origin and migration of the Greenland 
Esquimaux. 1865. 

Petermann, A. On the proposed expedition to the North Pole. 

Letter to Sir R. I. Murchison. 1865. 

Hall, C. F. Arctic discoveries by. Newspaper cuttings. 1862. 

Obituary Notice of John Brown. 1861. 

The Frobisher Relics. Newspaper cutting. 1863. 

Notices of " the Arctic Council," and of portraits of Lieut. Bellot 

and Captns. Penny and M'Clure, and newspaper cutting (1866) 

on Statue of Sir J. Franklin. Newspaper cutting, 1866, and letter 

from Dr. King on Hall's expedition. 

28 A EC 

Arctic— Continued. 

OsBOBN, S. On the Exploration of the North Polar Kegion. 1868. 
Lambert, G. Expedition frangaise au P61e Nord. Map. 1867. 

OsBOBN, S. On recent explorations of the North Polar Eegion. 

Letter from Dr. Bae to Admiral Bichards. 1872. 

Eeport on the Eeturn of Lady Franklin's vessel the Prince 

Albert, under the command of Mr. Wm. Kennedy, from the 
Arctic Eegions (incomplete). Map. 8° 1862. 

Further Papers relative to the recent Arctic expeditions 

in search of Sir J. Franklin and the crews of Her Majesty's 
Ships Erebus and Terror, including the reports of Dr. Kane 
and Messrs. Anderson and Stewart. Fo. 1856. 

[German and Austrian Expeditions.] 

Die zweite deutsche Kordpolar-Expedition. Officielle 

Mittheilungen des Bremischen Comite's. Plates. 8° 

Braunschweig, 1870. 

Die zweite deutsche Nordpolarfahrt, 1869-1870. Map. 

8° Berlin, 1871. 

See also Koldewey. 

Programme des tiavaux d'une Expedition palaire inter- 
rationale, propose par Le Comte Wilczek et Charles Weyprecht. 
4° Vienna, 1877. 

Eesultate der Osterreichisoh-ungarischen Arctischen Ex- 

pedition 1872-74. Plates. 4° Wien, 1878. 

[Naees's Expedition.] 

Arctic Geography and Ethnology. See Transactions, Eoyal 

Geographical Society. 

Manual of the Natural History, Geology, and physics of 

Greenland, etc. See Transactions, Eoyal Society. 

See also Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

— ■ Papers and Correspondence relating to the Equipment and 
Fitting out of the Arctic Expedition of 1875, including Eeport 
of the Admiralty Arctic Committee. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1875. 

Journals and Proceedings of the Arctic; Expedition, 

1876-76, under the Command of Captain Sir George S. Nares, 
E.N., K.CB. Maps. Fo. 1877. 

Eesults derived from the Arctic Expedition, 1875-76. 

I. Physical Observations by Captain Sir George Nares, and 
Captain Peilden, etc. II. Medical Eeport on the Eskimo Dog 
Disease, by Fleet-Surgeon B. Ninnis. Plates. Fo. 1878. 

Contributions to our Knowledge of the Meteorology of 

the Arctic Eegions. Part I. Map. 4° 1879 

AEC— AEM 29 

Arctic — Continued. 

[Peteemann's Papers.] 
Petermann's Arctic papers. 4° Goiha, 1867-71. 

Contents : — 

Spobeb, J. Nowaja Semla in geographiaoher, naturliistorischer und 
Tolkswirthachaftlicher Beziehung. Maps, 1867. — Peteemann, A. 
Die deutsche Nordpol-Expedition, 1868. Map. 1868. — Peteb- 
MANN, A. Das neu entdeokte Polar-Land und die Expeditionen 
im Bismeere nordlich der Beriag-Strasse von 1648-1867. Jtfop. 
1869. — Pkeeden, W. von. Die wissensohaftliohen Brgebnisse der 
ersten Deutsohen Nordfalirt, 1868. Map. 1869. — Lindeman. Die 
aiktisohe Fischerei der Deutschen Seestadte, 1620-1868. Maps. 
1869. — Pater, J. Die zweite Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedition, 
1869-1870, 1871. — Pbteemann, A. Instruktion fiir die zweite 
Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedition, 1869-70. 1869. — Die zweite 
Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedition, 1869-70, Stand der Publika- 
tionen. Dr. Pausch iiber das Klima, Pflanzen- und Thierlebeu 
auf Ostgronland. Neue Expeditionen in 1871. Eussische Nord- 
polar Expedition. Kapitan E. H. Johannesen's Umfahrung von 
Nowaja Semla im September 1870. Map. 1871. — Th. v. Heuglin's 
Aufnahmen in Ost-Spitzbergen, 1870. Map. — Payer, J. Die 
zweite Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedition, 1869-70 (Schlittenreise an 
der Kiiste Gronlands nach Norden, 8 Marz, .27 April 1870, and 
Die Entdeckung des Kaiser Franz Josef-Ejordes in Ost-Gron- 
land, August 1870.) Map. 1871. — Petekmann, A. Die Ersehlies- 
sung eines Theiles dea nordlichen Eismeeres duroh die Pahrten 
und Beobachtungen der Norwegischen Seefahrer Torkildsen, Olve, 
Mack, Qvale, und Nedrevaag im Karisohen Meere, 1870. Maps. 
1871. — Koldbwet, K. Die erste Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedition 
im Jahre 1858 (preface by Petermann). Maps, Plate. 1871. 

Ardoino^ A. See Cabeza de Vaca. 

Argentine Railway. Eeport of the proceedings at the second 
ordinary general meeting of the Central Argentine Eailway 
Company. 8° 1866. 

Republic. Compagnie de Navigation a Vapeur du Eio 

Salado, Eepublique Argentine. (Prospectus.) Map. Sm. 8° 

Paris [? 1869.] 

Docnmentos relativos a la Esposicion de productos Argen- 
tines en Paris, 1867. 8" Buenos Aires, 1867. 

Nuestra Industria Enral. 8° Buenos Aires, 1866. 

. Ultimas Leyes y Decretos sobre Tierras publicas. 12° 

Buenos Aires, 1867. 
' Ariel.' See Glen. 

Arkansas. Plans and descriptions of the New English Village of 
Lichfield. 8° Birmingham [1871.] 

Armenio, R. A LibertagSo des Ea^as de Cor por nma revolu^ao 
na applica5ao das Machinas a Vapor. Eelatoric* das Con- 
feren9ias Scientificas pelo rapido Atravessador dos Desertos e 
das Savanas. 8° Bio de Janeiro, 1873. 

30 AKM— ASI 

Armit, R. H. Light aB a motive power. A series of Meteoro- 
logical Essays. Vol. 1. Plates. 8° 1875. 

The History of New Griiinea and the origin of the Negroid 

race. A Eesume of past exploration, future capahilities, and 
the political, commercial, and moral aspect of the Island. 8° 


Arnold, E. See Nicholls, K. 

Arriens, N. A. T. Aanteekeningen omtrent eenige vulkanen van 
den Indischen Archipel. Map. 8° \Batavia, 1866.] 

Arve, Stephen d'. Les Tastes du Mont Blanc. Ascensions 
celebres et Catastrophes depuis M. de Saussure jusqu'a nos 
jours. Sm. 8° Geneve, 1876. 

Arzruni, K. Die okonomische Lage der Armenier in der Tiirkei. 
8° St. Petersburg, 1879. 

Afebj0msen, P. C. See Saks. 

Asia, Central. Eecueil d'ltineraires et de Voyages dans I'Asie 
Oentrale et I'extrgme Orient. [No. vii. of " Publications de 
I'Ecole des Langues Orientales vivantes."] Map. 8° 

Paris, 1878. 

Journal d'une Mission en Coree. 

Memoires d'nn Voyageur Ohiuois dans I'Empire d'Annam. 
Itiueraiies de I'Asie Oentrale. 
Itin&aire de la Valfe du Moyen Zerefchan. 

Itin^raires de Pichaver k Katoul, de Kaboul k Qandahar, et de Qanda- 
har ^ H^rat. 

The Central-Asian Question, from an Eastern Stand-point. 

8° 1869. 

Correspondence with Eussia respecting. Po. 1873. 

Eussian advances in Asia. (Continuation No. 2.) Maps. Fo. 

Papers relating to Central Asia and Quetta. Fo. 1879. 

Further Correspondence respecting Affairs in Central Asia 

1879. Fo. 1880. 

See also Eussia. 

— East. Die Preussische Expedition nach Ost-Asien. Naoh 
amtlichen Quellen. Maps and Plates. 7 vols. Sm. 4° 

Berlin, 1864-1873. 

Botanisoher Theil. Die Tange, von Georg v. Martens. 1866. 

Zoologisoher Theil. I. AUgemeines und Wixbelthiere, von Eduard v. 

Martens. 1876. 

II. Die Landschneoken, von Eduard v. Martens. 1867. 

ASS— AST 31 

Assam. Selections of papers regarding the Hill Tracts between 
Assam and Burmah, and on the Upper Brahmaputra. Large 8" 

Calcutta, 1873. 
Contents : — 

I. — Memoir of a Survey of Aesam and the neighbouring Countries, 

executed in 1825-6-7-8. By Lieut. E. Wilcox. 
II. — Abstract (of the Journal of a Route travelled by Capt. S. F. 

Hannay, in 1835-36, from the Capital of Ava to the Amber Mines 

of the Hookoong Valley, on the south-east frontier of Assam. By 

Capt. B. B. Pemberton. 
III. — Journal of a Trip to the Mishmi Mountains, from the debouching 

of the Lohit to about ten miles east of the Ghalums. By W. 

IV. — Journey from Upper Assam towards Hookhoom, Ava, and Ean- 

goon. By W. Griffith. 
V. — Narrative of a Journey from Ava to the frontiers of Assam, and 

back, performed between Dec. 18a6 and May 1837. By G. T. 

VI. — Notes on a trip across the Patkoi Eange from Assam to the 

Hookoong Valley. By H. L. Jenkins, in 1869-70. 
VII.— Notes on the Burmese Eoute from Assam to the Hookong 

VaUey. By H. L. Jenkins. Map. 
VIIL — ^Report of a visit by Capt. Vetch to the Singpho and Naga 

Frontier of Luokimpore, 1842. 
IX. — Reports of Lieut. Brodie's dealings with the Nagas on the Seeb- 

saugor Frontier, 1841-46. 
X. — ^Notes on a visit to the Tribes inhabiting the Hills south of Seeb- 

saugor, Assam. By S. B. Peal. 

Assam, Tea in. Report of the Provisional Committee of the 
Assam Company, made on the 31st January, 1840, with an 
Ahstract of1>he deed of Settlement of the Company. 8° 1840. 

Keport of the Directors and auditors made . . . 7th May, 1841, 

with Appendix. 8° 1841. 

6th May, 1842 (Appendix) 8<> 1842 

5th May, 1843 „ 8° 1843. 

(Circular Eeport &c. 1844.) 

2nd May, 1845. Map. 8° 1845. 

11th November, 1845. 8° 1846. 

The tea of Assam. 8° [n. p., n. d.] 

See also Leonaed. 

Astafieve, N. Topographical Sketch of Upper Armenia [in 
Eussian]. 8° Tifiis, 1874. 

Astete, M. de. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. xlvii. 
Astrand J. J. Ny Interpolationsmethode. 8° Christiania, 1871. 

Gecdsetisk Bestemmelse af Bergens Observatoriums geo- 

grafiske Beliggenhed. 8° Christiania, 1874. 

' Astrolabe ' & ' Zelee.' See Dumont D'Ueville. 

32 AST— AUS 

Atkins, H. M. Ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc, on the 22nd 
and 23rd of August, 1837. 8° 1838. 

Atkinson, E. T. Statistical, descriptive, and historical account of 
the North-Western Provinces of India. 5 vols. Maps. 8° 

Allahabad, 1874-79. 

Atlantic. Great North Atlantic Telegraph Eoute. Map. 8° 


and Pacific. Imperial Atlantic and Pacific EaUroad. 8° 


Atwood, T. The History of the Island of Dominica, containing a 
description of its hituation, extent, climate, mountains, rivers, 
natural productions, etc. 8° 1791. 

Aufrere, A. See Della Cella. 

Austin, C. E. Undeveloped Resources of Turkey in Asia„ with 
Notes on the Eailway to India. Essay. Map. Sm. 8° 1878. 

Australia. Auriferous' drifts in Australasia, or the Cause and its 
Continuity of the great geological convulsions, and the theory 
of the origin and position of auriferous drifts. By " Eesearch." 
8° Melbourne, 1868. 

The Australian Almanac for 1832. S^ Sydney, 1832. 

The Australian Handbook and Almanac and Shippers' and 

Importers' Directory for 1877 and 1878. Maps. 8° 

Melbourne, 1877-78'. 

Further papers rela;tive to the discovery of Gold in Aus- 
tralia. To. 1855. 

Sketches in pencil and ink of Australian scenery, etc. 

pBabbage's Expedition, 1858]. Oblong cr. 8° 

South. Survey of Northern Territory. Fo. Adelaide, 1869. 

Eeport on Anglo- Australian Telegraph (C. Todd). Map. 

Fo. Adelaide, 1869. 

Eeport on the Mineral Eesources lying within 250 miles of 

Port Augusta (G. H. F. Ulrich). Map and Plates. Fo. 

Adelaide, 1872. 

Colonel Warburton's Explorations. Fo. Adelaide, 1873. 

— Lieut. Goalen's Survey of Port Adelaide. Map. Fo. 

[Adelaide, 1875.] 

— Eeport on the Lake Eyre Expedition (J. W. Lewis) Map. 
Fo. [Adelaide, 1875.] 

E. Giles's Explorations, 1875-6. Proceedings of the Hon. 

Thos. Elder's Expedition, under the Command of Ernest Giles, 
from Perth tb Adelaide. Maps. Fo. Adelaide, [n. d.] 

— E. Giles's Exploi3.tions, 1875-6. Map. Fo. Adelaide, 1876. 

— Statistical Eegister for 1875. Fo. Adelaide, 1876. 

AUS— AVE 33 

Australia. Navigability of Murray Mouth. (Eetum by Eobert 
Hickson.) Maps. Fo. Adelaide, 1876. 

Sections of Port Adelaide Creek. (Report by Lieut. 

Goalen.) Maps. To. Adelaide, 1876. 

Australian Coastline and Ports. (Report by P. Howard.) 

Fo. Adelaide, 1876. 

Improvement of Semaphore Harbor. Fo. Adelaide, 1876. 

Report from the Public Works Department for 1875. Fo. 

Adelaide, 1876. 

Progress of South Australia, 1870 to 1875. Fo. 

Adelaide, 1876. 

Journal of Mr. [Henry] Barclay's Exploration, 1878. 

Plan. Fo. Adelaide, 1878. 

Examination of Country North-east of Eucla. Plan. Fo. 

Adelaide, 1880. 

See also Giles, E. 

West. Journals and Reports of two voyages to the Glenelg 

River, and the North-West Coast of Australia, 1863-64. 

80 Perth, 1864. 

Special Settlement of that part of the Territory of Western 

Australia which is north of the 19th parallel of South 
Latitude. Fo. Perth, 1878. 

Instructions issued to Alexander Forrest, Esq. Commander 

of the Northern Exploring Expedition, and Progress Reports 
of Expedition from De Grey River to Beagle Bay, and from 
Beagle Bay to Port Darwin, by A. Forrest. Map. Fo. 

Perth, 1879. 

Crown Lands and Surveys. Report for the year 1878. 

Fo. Perth, 1879. 

See also Foeeest, J. 

Auteroche, Chappe d'. Voyage en Siberie, fait par ordre du Roi 
en 1761 ; contenant les moeurs, les usages des Russes, et I'i^tat 
actuel de cette Puissance ; la description g6ographique de la 
Nivellement de la route de Paris a Tobolsk ; I'Histoire naturelle 
de la meme Route ; des observations astronomiques, et des 
experiences sur I'J&lectricite naturelle. 4 vols. Maps and Plates, 
etc. Fo. Paris, 1768. 

Avezac, IVIarie Armand Pascal d'. Afrique [from I'Ency- 
clopedie pittoresque]. 4° Paris, [n. d.] 

Note sur une Mappemonde Turke du xvi" si^cle conservee 

a la biblioth^que de Saint Marc a Venise. 8° Paris, 1866. 

Relation authentique du Voyage du Capitaine de Gonne- 

ville es Nouvelles Terres des Indes. 8° Paris, 1869. 



Avezac, Marie Armand Pascal d'. Atlas hydrograpliique de 
1511 du Genois Visconte de Maggiolo. 12° Paru, 1871 

Deux Bluettes fitymologiques en reponse a M. le C'°.H. de 

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Asuncion, al interior del Paraguay, y a los Pueblos Misiones, 
con una noticia preliminar por el General D. Bartolome Mitre, 
y algunas notas por el doctor D. Juan Maria Gutierrez. 8° 

Btienos Aires, 1873. 

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geographical and historical introduction. Together with a 
map of the countries between the Oxus and Jaxartes, and a 
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tion.] Fo. 1877. 

Eeport by Mr. Baber on the Eoute followed by Mr. 

Grosvenor's Mission between Tali-fu and Momein. Map. 
[Party. Eep.J Fo. 1878. 

Eeport by Mr. Baber on his journey to Ta-Chien-Lu. 

[Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1879. 

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BAG— B^D 35 

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— Hand-Bqok of the Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab. 
Forming Vol. ii. to the " Hand-Book of the Economic 
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D 2 

36 BiED— BAE 

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Palestine and Syria. 1876. 

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TJeber den tagliohen Gang der Temperatur in Nowaja 

Semlja. 8° [St. Petersburg] 1837. 

Why are the right banks of our rivers flowing northwards 

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[Moscow, 1857.] 

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See infra, Baee & Helmeesen, iv., vii., ix., xvi., xviii. 

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Contents : — 
Vol. VI. :— 1843_ 

Helmebsen, Ge. v. Reise naoh dem Ural und der Kirgisensteppe in 
den Jahren X833 und 1835. Part II. Mapi, profiles. 

BAE 37 

Baer & Helmersen — Continued. 

Vol. VIII. :— 1843. 

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Ueber die Obolen uud den silurisoheu Sandsteiu von Esthlaud 

und Sohweden. Plate. 

Ueber das Seifengebirge des Ural und seine organisohen Ein- 


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Ergebnisse der natuihiBtorischeu Beise Uach Lappland, wahrend 
des Sommers 1840. 

Naohtrag des Herausgebera. Map. 

Vol. X.:— 1844. 

PoGODDf, — . Nestor, eine hiatorisoh-kritisohe Untersuohung uber den 

Anfang der Eusaisohen Chroniken. 
Danilowitsoh, — . Ueber die Litauischen Chroniken. 
Vol. XI. :— 1845. 

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zwiaohen dem Untem-Dnjepr uud dem Asow'sohen Meere. 

Teetzmank, E. Ueber die Siidruasischen Steppen und iiber die 

darin im Tauiisohen Gouvernement belegenen Beaitzungen des 

Herzogs von Anbalt-Kothen. 
MiDDENDOEiT, A. T. VON. Bericht iiber eineu Abstecher durch das 

Innere von Lappland, wabrend der Sommer-Bxpedition Im Jahre 

Vol. Xn. :— 1847. 

HoEMANN, E. Eeiae naoh den Goldwaaohen Ost-Sibiriena. Maps 

and Plate. 
Vol. XIII. :— 1849. 

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Peterabnrg nach Kasan,'Wjatka, und Wologda gemaohte Eeise. 
Abich, H. Die Besteigung des Ararat am 29 Juli 1845. 
Wabelius, a. Beitrage zur Kenutnisa Finulands in ethnograph- 

ischer Beziehung. 
Btthse, p. a. Berg-reise von Gilan naoh Aaterabad. 
Vol. XVI. :— 1872. 

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Europ'aischen Busslands. 

Beitrag zur Wiirdigung der Foratwirthschaft in Eussland. 

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NoscHEL, A. Bemerkungen iiber die naturhistoriscben, insbesondere 

die geognostich-hydrographiaehen, Verhaltnisse der Steppe zwis- 

chen den Fliissen Or und Turgai, Kumak, und Syr-Daria. 
Wesselowskt, G. Tabellen iiber mittlere Temperaturen im Euaais- 

cben Eeiche. 
Vol. XIX. :— 1854. 

Bode, A. Notizen, gesammelt auf einer Forat-reise duroh einen 

Theil des Europaisehen Eusslanda. Plates. 

Vol. XXII. :— 1861. 

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im Ural. Plate. 

38 BAE— BAK 

Baer & Helmersen — Continued. 

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Atlas, oblong 4°.) 
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Die Geologie in Bnssland. 

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Haiisa, performed in 1862, by Dr. "W. B. Baikie, e.n. ; 
extracted from portions of Dr. Baikie's Journals in possession 
of the Foreign Office. [Foreign OfBce publication.] Fo. 


Baines, Thomas (The late). The Gold Eegions of South 
Eastern Africa. Accompanied by a biographical sketch of the 
Author. Map in cover, photographs, etc. 8° 1877. 

See also Lord, "W. B. 

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Ports for the year 1881 (also December 1880 and January 
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porting specimens of Natural History prepared, for the use of 
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=■ — =- — See also California. 

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by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. 2 vols. Maps, Plates, 8° 


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8° 1876. 

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MiUno, 1863. 

Parte seconda e terza. L'Asia e 1' Africa. 12° 

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Nuovo Mondo. Mondo Marittimo. 12° Milano, 1868. 

I Moment! della Geografia nell' Evo medio e moderno. 8° 

Pavia, 1877. 

and A. Principii generali della Geografia. 12° 

Milam, 1864. 

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Enropa e dell' Asia dalla Decadenza di Eoma fino alia Distru- 
zione del Califiato. 2 vols. 4° Firenze, 1827. 

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some of the great peoples and civilizations of Antiquity, and 
their probable relation to a still older civilization of the 
Ethiopians or Cushites of Arabia. Sm. 8° New York, 1875. 

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^ — Sir G. Trade and Salt in India Free. With a preface on 

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Asia. 8° 1875. 

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and the Great St. Bernard ; with Lombardy, and the adjoining 
portion of Tyrol. Maps. 12° 1876. 

See also Hooker. 

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[Calcutta, 1869.] 

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man Islands. 8° [Calcutta, 1870.] 


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Blair, Andaman Islands, during the month of August 1869. 
8° [Calcutta, 1870.] 

Names of Birds, &c., in four of the aboriginal languages of 

Western Bengal. 8° [Calcutta, 1871.] 

On the Torms and Geographical Distribution of Ancient 

Stone Implements in India. Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 

Dublin, 1879. 

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Trabalho rural Africano e a AdministraQao Colonial. 8" 

Lisboa, 1873. 

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de la Sooi6te de Geographic de Lisbonne, le 7 Mars, 1877, par 
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BAR 41 

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Plata [a Poem]. Fo. Madrid, 1730. 

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[Thia represents the " Barros, 6 vols. 8°," of Suppl. Cat., 1871 : the details 

are as under.] 
Da Asia de JoSo de Barros. Dos feitos que os Portuguezes fizeram na 

conquista e desoubrimento das terras e mares de Oriente. 4 Decades, 

each in 2 parts. 1777. 

Vida de Joao de Barros, por Manoel Severim de Faria, e ludice Geral das 

quatro decadas da sua Asia. 1778. 

Continua(;l,o da JAsia de Joao de Barros, pof Diogo de Couto. Da Asia de 

Diogo do Couto. Dos feitos, &o. [as above]. Deeada IV., 2 pts., 1878 ; 

V. pt. 1, 1779, pt. 2, 1780 ; VI. 2 pts., 1781 ; VH. pt. 1, 1782, pt. 2, 1783 ; 

Vni. and IX., 1786 ; X. 2 pts., XI. and XII., 1788. 
Indice geral das Decadas de Couto. [n. d.] 

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Mount Sinai and Petra. 4th edn. Map and Plates. 8° [n. d.] 

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viva della Compagnia di Gesii, Sua Vita e Morte ... 8° 

Piacenza, 1819. 

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Benevento, e di ritorno a Caserta, ed a Monte-Casino. Sm. 8°. 

Napoli, 1827. 

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4° Boma, 1796. 

42 BAE— BAV 

Bartram, W. Travels through North and South Carolina- 
Georgia, East and "West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the 
extensive Territories of the Musoogulges or Creek Confederacy, 
and the Country of the Chaotaws, &c. Map and Plates. 8° 


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Maps. 4° Amsterdam, 1876. 

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Trigonoin. [Walker]. 

' Basilisk '. See Moeesby. 

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dans le Grolfe de Biafra, a I'lle de Fernando Po, rile_ de 
St. Helene, et autres lies dans le Passage, a bord du Brick- 
goelette " Le Lancier." 8° La Haye, 1853. 

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vador, der Haupstadt des Konigreichs Congo. Ein Beitrag znr 
Mythologie und Psychologie. 8° Bremen, 1859. 

Der Mensch in der Geschichte. 3 vols. 8° 

Leipzig, 1860. 

Die Voelker des Oestlichen Asien. Studien und Eeisen. 

Vol. 2, Eeisen in Binna in den Jahien 1861-1862. 8vo. Leipzig, 1866. 
Vol. 4, Eeise durchKambodjanaohCoohinChina. 8to. /e«o, 1868. 

Die deutfeche Expedition an der Loango-Kiiste, nebst 

alteren Nachrichten Uber die zu erforschenden Lander. 2 vols. 
Map and Plates. Sm. 8° Jena, 1874r-75. 

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8" Berlin, 1878. 

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the Jomal do Para, 1864.] 

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Kumaon and Garw4hl. 8° 1878. 

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destine aux Observatoires solitaires. 8° Harlem, 1874. 

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ihrer historischen Entwickluug und ihres gegenwartigen 
Bestandes, mit einem Anhang ueber das schweizerische Post- 
wesen. Maps and Plates. 4° Ziirich,\878. 

BAX— BBA 43 

Bax, [Capt.] B. W. The Eastern Seas : being a narrative of the 
Voyage of H.M.S. ' Dwarf in China, Japan, and Formosa. 
"With a description of the coast of Eussian Tartary and 
Eastern Siberia, from the Corea tp the Eiver Amur, Map 
and Plates. 8° 1875. 

Baxter, M. Louis Napoleon, the destined Monarch of the World, 
&o. Sm. 8° 1865. 

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canischen Grlaubenspredigers der Gesellschaft Jesn, Eeise 
nach Peru, von ihm selbst beschrieben. Herausgegeben von 
C. G. von Murr. 12° Mrnlerg, 1776. 

Bayfield, G. T. See Assam. 

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8° 1830. 

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' Beagle '- See Eitzeoy. 

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from China to India (400 a.d. and 518 A.D.). Translated from 
the Chinese. Map. Sm. 8" 1869. 

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including some stay in the Lebanon, at Palmyra, and in 
Western Turtey. 2nd edn. Map and Plates. 2 Vols. Sm. 8" 


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the year mdcclxxxvi, from Italy to Germany, through Tyrol. 
Plates. Fo. 1792. 

Elie de. See DviRtsor. 

J. F. A. Description des Alpes. Atlas of Plates. Po. 

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Sm. 8° ■ 1870-1872. 

Beavan, H. I. C. Observations on the people inhabiting Spain. 
8° [n. d.] 

Beaver, P. African Memoranda : relative to an attempt to esta- 
blish a British Settlement on the Island of Bulama, on the 
Western Coast of Africa, in the year 1792. With a brief 
notice of the neighbouring tribes, soil, productions, &c., and 
some observations on the facility of colonizing that part of 
Africa, with a view to cultivation ; and the introduction of 
letters and religion to its inhabitants ; but more particularly 
as the means of gradually abolishing African Slavery. Maps. 
4P 1805. 

44 BEG— BEL 

Becher, H. C. R. A Trip to Mexico, being Notes of a Journey 
from Lake Erie to Lake Tezcuco and back, with an Appendix, 
containing and being a paper about the ancient nations and 
races who inhabited Mexico before and at the time of the 
Spanish Conquest, and the ancient stone and other structures 
and ruins of ancient cities found there. Photographs. Sq. 8° 

Toronto, 1880. 

Bedford, E. J. See Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

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Majesty King George's German dominions. [Translated by 
J. Andree.] 8° 1730. 

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ciples for gold and coal. 12° Melbourne, 1875. 

Beke, C. T. Eoute from Ankober to Dima. 8° 1841. 

Abyssinia ; being a continuation of Eoutes in that Country. 

Map. 8° ■ [1842.] 

On the countries South of Abyssinia. Map. 8° [1844.] 

The British Captives in Abyssinia. 8° 1865. 

The Idol in Horeb. Sm. 8° 1871. 

See Transactions [E. G. S.]. 

The late Dr. Charles Beke's discoveries of Sinai in Arabia 

and of Midian. Edited by his Widow. Map and Plates. 8° 


Emily. Summary of the late J)t, Beke's published Works, 

and of his inadequately requited public services. Sm. 8° 

Tunhridge Wells, 1876. 

Belavenetz, I. Deviations of the Compass and the Compass 
Observatory. [In Eussian.] Plate. 8° St. Petersburg, 1863. 

Fixing the Compass in the submarine Boat. [In Eussian.] 

Plates. 8° St. Petersburg, 1867. 

Belcher, Sir E. The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.8. ' Sama- 
rang,' under the command of, during the years 1843-1846, 
by J. E. Gray, Sir J. Eichardson, A. Adams, L. Eeeve, and 
A. White. Edited by Arthur Adams. Plates. 4° 1850. 

Belfour, F. C. See Hazin. 

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B 2 

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54 BOS— BOU 

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Traduction franQaise, 8° Paris, 1876 

[N.B. These two form No. i. of the Publications de r]6cole 
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menta, Ees domi forisq. gestae, Jura, Privilegia, Immunitates, 
ipsis Principum tabulis expressa, et Yiri illustres, exhibentur. 
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fragios, Peregrinaciones, i Milagros de Alvar Nunez Cabeza 
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Australis or Southern Hemisphere, during the Sixteenth, 
Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries, Containing an 
account of the manners of the people and the productions of 
the countries hitherto found in the Southern latitudes ; the 
advantages that may result from further discoveries of this 
great Continent, and the methods of establishing Colonies 
there, to the advantage of Great Britain. 3 vols. Maps. 8" 

Edinburgh, 1766-68, 


Vol. I. :— 

Americo Vesputio's Voyages to Magellanica, 1501. — Americe's fourth 
Voyage, in 1503. — Binot Paulmier De Goneville to Australasia. 
— Ferdinand Magellan to Magellanica and Polynesia. — Carjaval 
and Ladrilleros to Magellanica. — Garcia de Loaisa to Polynesia, 
etc. — Alvar De Saavedra to Polynesia and Australasia. — Diego 
Hurtado to Polynesia. — Simon De Alcazova to Magellanica. — 
Francisco De Ulloa to the North- West of California. — Alphonso 
De Camargo to Magellanica. — Juan Gaetan and Bertrand della 
Torre to Polynesia. — Villegagnon to South America. — Alvar De 
Mendoza to Polynesia. — Sir Francis Drake to Magellanica and 
Polynesia. — Nuno Da Silva to Magellanica. —John Winter to 
Magellanica. — Lopez Vaz's account of Drake's Voyage to Magel- 
lanica. — Pedro Sarmiento to Magellanica. — Fenton's Voyage to 
Magellanica. — Francisco De Gualle to Polynesia. — Sir Thomas 
Cavendish to Magellanica for the second time. 

Vol. II. :— 

Sir Richard Hawkins to Magellanica, in 1593.— rFeruand de Quiros to 
Polynesia and Australasia. — George Spilberg to Magellanica and 
Polynesia. — James Le Maire and William Schouten to Magel- 
lanica, Polynesia, and Australasia. — 'Garcia de Nodal to Magel- 
lanica. — Account of the Dutch Navigations to the Terra Australis, 


66 CAL— CAM 

Callander, J. — Continued. 

from 1616 to the end ti the 17th century.— Jacques Le Hermite 
to PolyneBia and Australasia. — Francis Pelsart to Australasia. — 
Gerard Pool to Australasia. — Abel Tasman to Australasia. — 
Henry Brewer to Magellanica. — A Dutch Frigate to' the isle of 
Tristan d'Acunha, in 1643.— Vink to Australasia.— Sir John 
Narborough to Magellanica in 1670.— Keyts to Australasia in 1678. 
— Baitholemew Sharp to Magellanica in 1680.— Cowley to Magel- 
lanica and Polynesia in 1683.— William Dampier to Magellanica 
and Polynesia. — Lionel Wafer to Magellanica. 

Vol. hi. :— 

De Gennes to Magellanica. — Vlaraing to the East Indies by 
the Cape of Good Hope. — History of the New Philippine 
Islands. — Antony Cantova to the Caroline Islands. — Manners 
and customs of the inhabitants of the Marian or Ladrone Islands. 
— Beauohesne Gouin to Magellanica. — Darapier's last voyage 
round the world. — Funnell's voyage round the world. — ^Fouquet 
and Peree to the South Seas. — Captain Woodes Kogers's famous 
voyage round the world. — Louis Feuillee to the South Seas. — 
Monsieur Frezier's curious and useful journal of his voyage to 
Magellanica. — ^La Barbinais's voyage round the world. — Clip- 
perton's voyage to the South Seas and East Indies. — Shelvooke's 
voyage round the world. — Commodore Koggewein's voyage round 
the world, with a full account of the Dutch settlements in India. — 
Lozier Bouvet to Magellanica. — Commodore Anson's voyage 
round the world. — The Hon. George Murray, Esq. ; his account 
of the separation of the ships " Severn " and " Pearl," from 
Anson's squadron. — ^Don Antonio Ulloa to the South Seas. — Hen 
Brignon to Magellanica. — Commodore Byron to the South Seas. — 
Of the method of forming Colonies in the Terra Australis, and 
the advantages that may be expected to result to Great Britain 
from such establishments in that Hemisphere. 

Calvert, F. Contributions towards the ancient Geography of the 
Troad. On the site of Gergis. Plate. 8° [n. d.] 

■ J. Vazeori Eupi, the Silver Conntry of the Vazeers, in Knlu : 

its Beauties, Antiquities, and Silver Mines. Including a Trip 
over the Lower Himalayah Bange and Glaciers. Map and 
Plates. 8° 1873. 

Cameron, V. L. Copies of letters to the Earl of Derhy as to 
outlet of Lake Tanganyika and supposed connection with the 
Congo ; March 4 and May 14, 1874. 

Across Africa. 2 vols. Map and Plates. 8° 1877. 

The trade of Central Africa, present and future. 8° 


Our Future Highway. 2 vols. Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 


Camoens. Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads) : Englished by Eichard 
Francis Burton : (edited by his wife, Isabel Burton). 2 vols 
12° 1880'. 

Campbell, A. J. See infr^. 

CAM— CAN 67 

Campbell, P. A. A year in the New Hebrides, Loyalty Islands, 
New Caledonia, with an account of the early history of the 
New Hebrides Missions, by A. J. Campbell ; a Narrative of 
the voyages of the "Dayspring," by D. M'Donald; and an 
Appendix, containing a contribution to the Phytography of 
the New Hebrides, by Baron von Mueller. Map and Plates. 
12° Geelong, 1873. 

[Lord] George. Log letters from ' The Challenger.' 

Chart. 8° 1876. 

J. F. Frost and Fire. Natural Engines, Tool-marks, and 

Chips, with sketches taken ab home and abroad by a traveller. 
2 vols. Maps. 8° Edinburgh, 1865. 

T. Letters from the South. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 1837. 

T. M. A. J. Notes on the Island of Corsica in 1868. 

Plate. 12" 1868. 

Campbell-Johnston, A. K. South Africa: its difficulties and 
present state, suggested by a recent visit to that country. 8" 


Campe, Joachim Heinrich. Neue Sammlung merkwiirdiger 
Eeisebesohreibungen ftir die Jugend. 8 vols, in 4. Plates. 
12° Braunschweig, 1806-1817. 

Campen, S. R. van. See Ionge. 

Campomanes, de. ' La Industria Popular ' and ' La Historia 

de los Templarios ' [reprinted by J. D. Wagener, and forming 
vols. 1 and 2 of the ' Coleccion de las mejores Obras Es- 
panolas']. Sm. 8° Hamhwrgo, 1795. 

Campos, A. M. de. Un Congres permanent de Geographie en 
Portugal au XV^ Siecle. 12° Leiria, 1878. 

Canada, Animal resources of. See Eoss, A. M. 

Gazetteer o£ See White, W. 

Geological Suevey of. [Sir W. E. Logan, Director.] 

Plans of various lakes and rivers between Lake Huron and 
the Eiver Ottawa, to accompany the Geological Eeports 
for 1863-54-55-56. 4° Tormto, 1867. 

Eeport of Progress from commencement of the Survey to 
1863. Atlas of Maps and Sections, with an introduction 
and appendix. 8° Montreal, 1866. 

from 1863 to 1866. 8° Ottawa, 1866. 

[A. E. C. Selwyn, Director.] 

Eeport of Progress from 1866 to 1869. 8° Montreal, 1870. 

for 1870-71. 8° Ottawa, 1872. 

for 1871-72. Map. 8° Montreal, 1872. 

F 2 

68 CAN 

Canada — Continued. 

Eeports for 1872-73, 1873-74, 1875-76, 1876-77, 1878-79. 
Maps and Plates. 8° Montreal, 1873-80. 

Eeport on the Fossil plants of the Lower Carboniferous 
and Millstone Grit formations of Canada. By J. W. 
Dawson. 8" Montreal, 1873. 

Palffiozoio Fossils, ii. part i. By E. Billings. 8° 

Montreal, 1874. 

Mesozoic Fossils. Vol. i. Parts 1 and 2, hy J. F. Whiteaves. 
Plates. 8° Montreal, 1876-1879. 

Water communications in Canada. Estimates of the 

Expense of the construction of water communications in the 
Canadas. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1827. 

Copies of two despatches upon the subject of the Welland 

Canal. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1828. 

■ Copy of Letter from the Secretary of the Ordnance respect- 
ing the expenditure upon the works of the Eideau Canal in 
Canada ; with a copy of the Treasury minute thereon. [Parly. 
Eep.] Fo. 1832. 

An estimafe of the expense of Eideau Canal for 1833. [Parly. 

Eep.] Fo. 1832. 

General Eeport of the Commissioner of Public Worts, 

for the year ending 30fh of June, 1867. Maps. 8° 

Ottawa, 1868. 

— Eeports of Surveyor-General of Dominion Lands. 8? 

Ottawa, 1874-1880. 

— The Grand Trunk Bailway Company of Canada. Its 
present position and future prospects. Large 8° 1873. 

Paris Universal Exhibition, 1878. Handbook and Official 

Catalogue of the Canadian Section. Published under the 
direction of T. C. Keefer. Maps in cover. 8" 1878. 

— Eeport of the Select Standing Committee on Immigration 
and Colonization. Map. 8° Ottawa, 1878. 

Telegraphy with the Coasts and Islands of the Gulf and 

Lower Elver St. Lawrence, and the coasts of the Maritime 
Provinces. Maps. 8° Quebec, 1879. 

Canadian Pacific Railway. See Fleming, S. 

Candolle, A. de. See Hooker. 

Canepa, Pietro. Quale sia il limite fra le Alpi e gli Appennini. 
8" Genova, 1878. 

CAN— CAB 69 

Cantley, N. Memorandiim of circumstances whioli affect the 
value of forest land in the Colony of Mauritius, together with 
an approximate valuation of all private forest land contained 
therein, mere- fragments of small area excepted. Map. Fo. 

[n. d.] 

Cape of Good Hope. Correspondence relative to the establish- 
ment of a representative assembly at the Cape of Good Hope. 
[Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1850. 

Further papers relative to the establishment of a repre- 
sentative assembly at the Cape of Good Hope. [Parly. Eep.] 
Fo. 1852. 

CoiTespondence respecting the affairs of the. Mwp. [Parly. 

Eep.] Fo. 1871. 

Further correspondence respecting. Map. [Parly. Eep.] 

. Fo. 1872. 

Eeport of Dr. Bleek concerning his researches into the 

Bushman Language. Fo. 1873. 

Ministerial Department of Native Affairs. Eeport of W. 

Coates Palgrave, Esq., Special Commissioner to the tribes 
north of the Orange Eiver, of his mission to Damaraland and 
Great Namaqualand in 1876. Map. 8° Gape Town, 1877. 

Eeport on the division of Oudtshoorn by John G. Gamble, 

Hydraulic Engineer to the Colony. Jfap and Plates. Fo. 

Cape Town, 1877. 

Eeport and Proceedings of the Commission appointed by 

His Excellency the Governor, to collect, examine, classify, and 
Index the Archives of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Fo. Gape Town, 1877. 

Blue-Book for the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 1878. 

Fo. Cape Tom, 1879. 

- Do., 1879. Fo. Cape Town, 1880. 
Eeport on the Blue-Book for 1879. Fo. Cape Town, 1880. 

Despatches, Correspondence, and Papers, &c., relative to 

proposed Continuation of the Trigonometrical Survey of the 
Cape Colony in connection with the Adjacent Territories. 
Maps. Fo. Cape Town, 1880. 

Capreolus, Jacobus. Sphsra Jacobi Capreoli, moderatoris Scholae 
Harcurianae, professoris philosophise. 12° Lutetise, 1623. 

Capron, H. See Japan. 

Qarate, A. de. See Zaeate. 

[Caravan Routes.] Die Karawanen-Strasse von Aegypten nach 
Syrien. Plates. Sq. 8° Prag, 1879. 

70 CAE 

Cdrdenas, J. See Iquitos. 

Careri, — & Licata, — . Club Africano di Napoli. Eelazione 
del Progetto di Spedizione ad Assal). Map. 8° 

Napoli, 1880. 

Carette, E. See Algebia. 

Carey, H. C, and J. Lea. The Geography, History, and Statistics 
of America and the West Indies ; exhibiting a correct account 
of the discovery, settlement, and progress of the various King- 
doms, States, and Provinces of the Western Hemisphere. 
Plates. 8° [? 1824.] 

Caribbeaua. Containing Letters and Dissertations, etc. 2 vols. 
Sm. 4" 1741. 

Carlleyle, A. G. L. See India. 

Carlsbad. Der Ptihrer in Carlsbad und der TJmgebung. Plate. 
16° Carlsbad, 1853. 

Carlsen, E. Optegnelser fra den osterrigskunyarske Polarex- 
. pedition. (1872-1874.) 12° ' Tromsfi, 1875. 

Carlson, P. P. Minnesteckning ofver Erik Gustaf Geijer. 8° 

Stockholm, 1870. 

Carmichael, D. P. A manual of the district of Vizagapatam in the 
Presidency of Madras. Plate, Map, and Plates in cover. 8° 

Madras, 1869. 

Carne, J. Letters from the East. Plate. 8° 1826. 

Came, Louis de. Travels in Indo-China and the Chinese Em- 
pire. Map. 8° 1872. 

Carnes, J. A. Journal of a Voyage from Boston to the West 
Coast of Africa : with a full description of the manner of 
trading with the Natives on the Coast. 8° 1853. 

Carpenter, J. See Nasmtth. 

W. B. On the Temperature of the Atlantic. 8° 1874. 

Eeport on Scientific researches carried on during the months 

of August, September, and October, 1871, in H.M. Surveying 
Ship ' Shearwater.' Tahles. 8° 1872. 

Carr [Sir] J. A Tour through Holland, along the right and left 
Banks of the Ehine, to the south of Germany, in the summer 
and autumn of 1806. Map and Plates. 4° 1807. 

Carrasco, E. Calendario y Guia de Eorasteros de la Eepublica 
Peruana para el Ano de 1850, 1851, & 1852. 3 vols. 12° 

Lima, 1849-51. 

Carrere, P. & HoUe, P. De la Senegambie Frangaise. 8° 

Paris, 1855. 

OAR 71 

Garret, Jules. Le D^plaoement Polaire. Preuves des variatiocs 
de I'Axe terrestre. Map. 12° P(uris, 1877. 

Carrington, R. C Eeturns of Wrecks and Casualties in Indian 
Waters for the years 1878 and 1879. Charts. Fo. 

Calcutta, 1879-80. 

See also India, Surveys [Marine]. 

Carruthers, W. On the structure and affinities of Lepidodendron 
and Calamites. Plates. 8° [n. d.] 

Cartas de Indias. Publicalas por primera Vez el MInisterio de 
romento [El Conde de Toreno : who appointed a Commission 
composed of Justo Zaragosa, Vicente Barrantes, JFrancisco 
Gronzalez de Vera, Marcos Jimenez de la Espada, & Jose Maria 
Escudero de la Pena]. Facsimiles. Maps. Fo. Madrid, 1877. 

Contents : — 

Ceistobal OoLOir, Amerrigo Vespucci, Fray Bartolome de las Casag, 

y Bemal Diaz del Oaatillo. 
NuEVA EsPANA. Keligiosos, Prelados, Clerigos. Vireyes, Goberna- 

dores. Caciques, Justicias y Eegimientos, Partioulares. 
America Cbntkal. Preladoa de Guatemola y Chiapa. 
PeeI;. GobemacJonea de Crietdbal Vaoa de Castro y de Pedro de la 

Eio DE LA Plata. Gobernaoion de Domingo Martinez de Irala. 
IsLAS riLiPiNAS. El Obispo Fray Domingo Salazar. 

Cartbagena. A genuine and particular account of the taking of 
Carthagena by the French and Buccaniers in the year 1697. 
. . . By the Sieur Pointis ; with a preface giving an account 
of the original of Carthagena in 1532, etc. Sm. S" [1740.] 

An account of the Expedition to Carthagena. Sm. 8° 


Original papers relating to the expedition to Carthagena. 

Map. Sm. 8° 1744. 

[Cartography.] Voorschrift ter Vervaardiging van Kaarten, vast- 
gesteld bij Koninklijk Besluit van den 21" Junij 1856. 
Oblong 12° [n. p.] 

Carvalho, A. Nunes de. See Castro. 

Carve, T. Itinerarium Thom» Carve Tipperariensis, sacellani 
majoris Anglorum, Scotorum et Hibernorum, sub exercitu 
Ceesareae Majestatis militantium, cum historia facti Butleri, 
Gordon, Lesly et aliorum. (Nova Editio : Quaritch.) Sq. 
8° 1859. 

Carver, J. Travels through the interior parts of North America, 
in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. Map and Plates. 8° 1778. 

72 CAS— CAT 

CasaliS, E. Les Bassoutos, ou vingt-trois annees de sejour et 
d'oDservatioiis an Sud de rAfrique. Mwp and Plates. 8° 

Paris, 1859. 

Casdagli, A. S. Pos euron ton Livingstona. [Greek Translation 
of " How I found Livingstone," by H. M. Stanley.] Map. 8° 

" yma, 1877. 

Casoni, L. Vannicelli. Eelazione alia Santitd di nostro Signore 
Papa Pio IX. suUa eseguita EeTisione dell'Estimo rustico 
nelle provincie di Camerino e Perugia. Maps. Fo. 

Boma, 1848. 

[Do.J delle Provincie componenti la Sezione delle Marche. 

Map, Tables. Po. Boma, 1847. 

Cassell's Natural History. Edited by P. Martin Duncan. Vols, 
i.— iv. Plates. 4° [n.d.] 

CaBtellani, C. See Cataloqijes. 

Castro, Don loam, de. Boteiro em que se contem a viagem que 
fizeram os Portuguezes no anno de 1541, partindo da nobre 
Citade de Goa atee Soez, que he no fim, e stremidade do Mar 
Eoxo, com o sitio e pitura de todo o Syno Arabico. . .tirade a 
luz pela primeira vez do manuscrito original e aorescentado 
com o itinerarium Maris Eubri, etc.. . .pelo Don tor Antonio 
Nunes de Carvalho. Ma^ and Plates. 8° Paris, 1833. 

Memoire sur les connaissances scientifiques de, par 

F, D'Andrade. 8° Paris [n, d.] 


Catalogue of the Admiralty Library. By E. Thorburn. 4° 


Catalogues of the Eoyal Geographical Society. See Trass- 
ACTioNS (Eoyal Geographical Society). 

Catalogue of Scientific papers. See Transactions (Eoyal 

Catalogues of the Library of the Zoological Society. 8° 

1872 and 1880. 

A Catalogue of the Library of the Museum of practical 
Geology and Geological Survey. Compiled by Henry 
White and Thomas "W. Newton. 8° 1878. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Institution of Civil 
Engineers. Supplement to the 2nd edn. : containing the 
additions from Jan. 1, 1866, to Oct. 31, 1870. 8° 1870. 

Catalogue of Books in the Library of the War Office. Ist 
January, 1878. Part 1. Nominal Order. 8° 1878. 

CAT 73 

C atalogues — Ooniinued. 

Catalogue of the Eoyal Engineer Corps Libraries (except 
Chatham and Dublin). Compiled by Lieut. J. J. Curling, 
and edited by Capt. C. E. Luard. Eoy. 8" 1876. 

Catalogue of the London Library, 12, St. James's Square, 
S.W. . . . with classified Index of Subjects. By Kobert 
Harrison. 4th edn. Large 8° 1875. 

A Keference Catalogue of current literature, containing the 
full titles of books now in print and on sale, with the 
prices at which they may be obtained of all booksellers, 
and an Index to nearly 30,000 works. 8° 1877. 

Catalogue of the objects of Indian Art exhibited in the 
South Kensington Museum. By H. H. Cole. Map and 
Plates. 8° 1874. 

Catalogue of Persian Objects in the South Kensington 
Museum. 8° 1876. 

Catalogue of the Educational division of the South Ken- 
sington Museum. 9th edn. 8° 1876. 

Catalogue of the Special Loan Collecticm of Scientific Appa- 
ratus at the South Kensington Museum. 2nd and 3rd 
edns. 8° 1876-77. 

Catalogue of the Eeferenoe Department (Birmingham Free 
Libraries). By J. D. MuUins. 8° Birmingham, 1869. 

Catalogue of books, Bristol Museum and Library. Edited 
by John Taylor. 8° Bristol, 1878. 

The Catalogue of the Melbourne Public Library. 8° 

Melbourne, 1861. 

Catalogue of Books in the Tasmanian Public Library. 8° 

Hohart Town, 1870. 

Catalogue of the Library of the North China Branch 
of the Eoyal Asiatic Society. By H. Cordier. 8° 

Shanghai, 1872. 

Catalogue of the American Philosophical Society Library. 
Parts 2 and 3. Large 8° PUladelpUa, 1866, 1878. 

Catalogus der Bibliotheek van het Indisch Genootschap te 
's Gravenhage. Door J. Boudewijnse. 8° 

'« Gravenhage, 1869. 

Catalogus Codicum Latinorum Bibliothecae Eegiee Mona- 
censis (Halm, C, Laubmann, G., Meyer, G., Keinz, F., 
Thomas, G.). I. Pts. 1 and 2. II. Parts 2 and 3. IV. 
Part 1. 8° Monachii, 1868-1874. 

74 OAT— CHA 

Catalogues — Gontinued. 

Verzeichniss der orientalischen Handsclirifteii der K. Hof — 
und StaatsMbliothek in Miinolien, mit Aui-scliluss der 
hebrseisclien, arabisohen und persischen. Nebst Anbang 
zum Verzeiobniss der arabiscben und persiscben Hand- 
scbriften. 8° Munchen, 1875. 

See also Steinschneidee. 

Catalogo ragionato delle piii rare o piii importanti opere 
geograficbe a stampa cbe si conservano nella Biblioteca 
del CoUegio Eomano, oompilato da Carlo Castellani. 8° 

Boma, 1876. 

See also America [U.S. Hydrogr. Off. Publ.] Colombia, 
Teance [Publ. Depot etc., No. 516], Gat, India [Surveys], 
LoEENZ, QuAEiTCH, Smith, A. R., Stevens, H. 

Catlow, A. and M. E. Sketcbing Eambles ; or, Nature in tbe 
Alps and Apennines. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 1861. 

Caviezel, M. See Engadine. 

Cellarius, C. Geograpbia Antiqua. By S. Patrick. 6tb edn. 
Maps. S° 1816. 

Oernuschi, H. Mecanique de I'lfeobange. 8° Paris, 1866. 

La Monnaie bimetallique. Sm. 8° Paris, 1876. 

■ Bi-metallic money, and its bearings on tbe monetary crises 

in Germany, France, England, and the United States. 2nd 
edn. Sm. 8° 1876. 

Ceruti, Antonins. Statuta Communitatis Novarias. 4° 

Novarise, 1878. 

Cervati, Domenico. Studi e Considerazioni intomo ai Porti e 
segnatamente su quelle di S. Venere, e del bisogno di costruirsi 
un nuovo Porto a Napoli con un Dock. Plan. 8° 

Napoli, 1859. 

Cesnola, L. P. di. Cyprus : its ancient cities, tombs, and 
temples. A narrative of researcbes and excavations during 
t^n years' residence as American Consul in tbat island. Maps 
and Plates. 8° 1877. 

Ceylon. Correspondence relating to the deepening of tbe Paum- 
ben Channel ; Eurtber do., and Further Eeport respecting tbe 
Paumben Ship Canal. Map. [Parly. Rep.] Eo. 1872-73. 

Correspondence respecting tbe improvement of Colombo 

Harbour. Map. [Parly. Eep.] Eo. 1874. 

Chadwick, J. O. Perseverance in Arctic Exploration. An 
Enquiry whether the advantages wbich may be expected to 
result from a successful Expedition to tbe North Pole are 
sufficient to justify further efforts in the attempt. 8° 1877. 

CHA 75 

Chaho, J. A. Voyage en Navarre pendant I'insurreotion des 
Basques. (1830-35) Plates. 8° Perns, 1836. 

Chaix, P. Esquisse ohronologique des Voyages sur le Senegal et 
la Gambia. Map. 8° Geneve, 1866. 

' Challenger ' Voyage. H.M.S. 'Challenger' : Eeports Nos. 1-7. 
Maps. Fo. 1873-76. 

Contents ; — 

No. 1. — Eeports of Captain G. S. Nares, E.N., with Abstract of 

Soundings and diagrams of Ocean temperature in North and 

South Atlantic Oceans. 1873. 

No. 2. —Eeports on Ocean Soundings and Temperature, Antarctic 

Sea, Australia, New Zealand. 1874. 

No. 3. — The like, New Zealand to Torres Strait, Torres Strait to 

Manila and Hong Kong. 1874. 

No. 4. — The like. Pacific Ocean, China and adjacent Seas. 1875. 

Nos. 5 and 6.— The like, Pacific Ocean. 1875. 

No. 7.— The like, Atlantic Ocean. 1876. 

The ' Challenger ' Expedition Papers, by Sir WyviUe 

Thomson, Mr. Murray, Mr. Moseley, Mr. Buchanan, and the 
late Dr. Von Willemoes-Suhm, communicated by permission of 
the Lords of the Admiralty to the Koyal Society, and printed 
in their Proceedings. Charts, Sections and Plates. 8° 1876. 

See also Campbell, Ld. Geoege, Spry, Thomson, Sir C. W., 

Wild. J. J. 

Challice, J. A. Scheme for the effectual Suppression of the East 
African Slave Trade. 8" 1869. 

Do. Appendix, 1871 ; Addenda, 1872. 

Chalmers, Andrew. Transylvanian EecoUections : Sketches of 
Hungarian Travel and History. 12° 1880. 


John. The Origin of the Chinese : an attempt to trace 

the connection of the Chinese with western nations in their 
Eeligion, superstitions, arts, language, and traditions. Sm. 8° 


Chambers, C. The Meteorology of the Bombay Presidency. 4° 


See also Egbinson, G. T. 

F. Eeport on the administration of the Meteorological 

Department in Western India for the year 1878-9. Fo. 

Bombay, 1879. 

See also Eobinson, G. T. 

Chamouni, The Peasants of. Containing an attempt to reach the 
summit of Mont Blanc ; and a delineation of the Scenery among 
the Alps. 12" 1823. 

76 CHA 

Champion, P. Industries Anciennes et Modemes de TEmpire 
Chinois d'aprfes des notices traduites du Chinois par Stanislas 
Julian. PlaUa. 8° Paris, 1869. 

Champlain, S. de. CEuvres de Champlain, publiees sous la 
patronage de I'Universite Laval par I'Abbe C. — H. Laverdi^re. 
2nd edn. 6 vols. Ma;ps and Plates. 4° Quebec, 1870. 

Champlouis, Nau de. Notice sur la Carte de I'Afrique sous la 
domination des Eomains. . .d'apres les travaux de Fr. Lacroix. 
4° Paris, 1864. 

Chanter, J. R. Lundy Island : a Monograph, Descriptive and 
Historical ; with notices of its distinguishing features in Natural 
History. Map. 12° 1877. 

Chanyalon, T. de. Voyage a. la Martinique, contenant diverses 
observations sur la Physique, I'Histoire Naturelle, 1' Agriculture, 
les Moeurs, et les Usages de cette Isle, faites en 1761 et dans 
les ann^es suivantes. Map, 4° Paris, 1763. 

Chapman, C A Voyage from Southampton to Cape Town, 
Plates. 8° 1872. 

Chardin. See Langlks. 

Charlevoix, Pierre-Pran9ois-Xavier de. Histoire de I'lsle 
Espagnole ou de S. Domingue, ecrite particulieiement sur 
des Memoires manuscrits du P. Jean-Baptiste le Pers, Jesuite, 
Missionaire a Saint Domingue, and sur les Pieces origftiales, 
qui se conservent au Depdt de la Marine. 2 vols. 4° 

Paris, 1730. 

■ Histoire et description generale de la Nouvelle France aveo 

le journal historique d'un Voyage fait par ordre du Eoi dans 
I'Amerique Septentrionale. 3 vols. Maps, Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1744. 

Histoire'du Paraguay. 6 vols. Maps. 12° Paris, 1757. 

Chamock, R. S. Verba nominalia ; or words derived from 
proper names. 8° 1866. 

Charon, Manuel. Estado Comeroial del Amazonas Peruano. 
Sm. 8° Lima, 1877. 

Chase, J. C. See Wilmot. 

Chateaubriand, F. A. de. Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem et 
de Jerusalem a Paris, en allant par la Gr^ce, et revenant par 
I'i^gypte, la Barbarie, et I'Espagne. 2nd edn. 2 vols. Map. 
8° Paris, 1812. 

Chatterton [Lady]. The Pyrenees, with excursions into Spain. 
Plates. 2 vols. 8° 1843. 

Chavanne, Jospph. Der Golf- und Polarstrom im Ost-Spitz- 
bergischen Meere. 8° Wien, 1875. 

CHA— CHI 77 

Chavanne, Joseph — Continued. 

Die geographische Aufstellung auf dem zweiten inter- 

nationalen Geographen-Congiesse zu Paris. 8° Wien, 1876. 

Central-Afiika nach dem gegenwartigen Stande der geo- 

grapliischen Kenntnisse. 8° Wien, 1876. 

Die Engliscie Nordpolexpedition 1875-1876 unter Capitan 

Nares, und ihre Eesultate. Map. 12° Wien, 1877. 

Ueber Sonnenflecken. 12° Wien, 1879. 

Die Sahara, oder von Oase zu Oase. Bilder aus dem Natnr 

und Volksleben in der grossen afrikanischen Wuste. 

Map and Plates. 8" Wien, 1879. 

Chavero, Alfredo. Calendario Azteca, ensayo arqueologico. 

(2nd edn.) Plate. Sm. 8° Mexico, 1876. 

La Piedra del Sol. Plates. 4° Mexico [1880 7] 

See also Azkecs. 

CherkaSF^ri, [Prince] A. B. A narrative of the Eussian Military 
Expedition to Khiva, in 1717. Translated from the Eussian 
by E. Michell. 8° 1873. 

Chesney, [Lieut.-Col.] F. R. Expedition to the Euphrates and 
Tigris. Maps. 4° 

Chesson, P. W. The War in Zululand. 8° 1879. 

Clieyne, J. P. An Expedition to the Arctic Eegions in search of 
Franklin. [Voyage of H.M. Ship ' Enterprise,' Sir Jas. Eoss, 
1848-9.] Sq. 8° 1873. 

Chile. Memoria que el Ministro de Estado en el Departamento 
de Marina presenta al Congreso Nacional de 1871. 8° 

Santiago, 1871. 

Do. and Conclusion. 2 vols. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1872. 

Do. for 1873. Plans. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1873. 

Anuario hidrografico de la Marina de Chile, publicado por 

la Ofioina respectiva. Vols. i.-vi. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Santiago de Chile, 1875-80. 
See also Goemaz. 

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Santiago de Chile, 1879. 

Nitrate and G-uano deposits in the desert of Atacama. An 

account of the measures taken by the Government of Chile to 
facilitate the development thereof. Map. 8° 1878. 

and Peru. Narrative of the events which led to the De- 
claration of War by Chili against Bolivia and Peru. Sm. 8° 


78 CHI 

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(" Vemis's Flower-Basket") from the Philippine Islands, etc. 
Plates. 4° 1878. 

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through the Silk and Green Tea districts. 1845. (No. 1 of 
the Chinese Miscellany.) Maps and Plans. Sm. 8° 

Skanghae, 1849. 

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China in 1863. [In Chinese.] 2 vols. Woodcuts. 8° 

Topography of China and Neighbouring States; with 

degrees of Longitude and Latitude. 8° Eongkong, 1864. 

Direct Commerce with the Shan States and "West of China, 

by Eailway from Eangoon to Kian-Hung, on the Upper Kam- 
boja Eiver, on the South-west frontier of China. Memorial 
from the Wakefield Chamber of Commerce to the Lords of Her 
Majesty's Treasury. 8° 1869. 

Overland Communication with Western China. By E. G. 

Map. 8° Liverpool, 1872. 

Correspondence respecting the Woosung Bar near Shang- 

hae. [Parly. Eep.] Po. 1874. 

Port Catalogues of the Chinese Customs' Collection at the 

Austro-Hungarian Universal Exhibition, Vienna, 1873, to 
illustrate the international exchange of products. 4° 

Shanghai, 1873. 

Trade Statistics of the Treaty ports for the period 1863- 

1872. Compiled for the Austro-Hungarian Exhibition, etc. 
4° Shanghai, 1873. 

Statistics of Trade at the Ports of Newchang, Tientsin, Chee- 

foo, Hankow, Kiukiang, Chinkiang, Shanghai, Ningpo,Foochow, 
Tamsu (Formosa), Takow (Formosa), Amoy, Swatow, and 
Canton, for the period 1863-72, compiled for the Austro-Hun- 
garian Exhibition, etc. 14 vols. 4° Shanghai, 1873. 

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generale : No. 5. Catalogue special de la collection exposSe 
au Palais du Champ de Mars. Exposition Uniiverselle, Paris, 
1878. 4° Shanghai, 1878. 

— Commercial reports by Her Majesty's Consuls in China. 
1877. Map. 8° 1878. 

— Do. 1877-78. 8° 1879. 

— [Meteorology.] See Haet, E. 

CHI— CIA 79 

Ghinchona cultivation in India. [' Edinburgh Review :' Oct. 

See also Oeawfued, Makkham, 0. E. 

[Chinese Emigration.] Eelatorio e Documentos sobre a Aboligao 
da Emigra^ao de CMnos contratados em Macau. 8° 

Lishoa, 1874. 

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Po. 1747. 

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Paris, 1822. 

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Uruguaj', in 1867-68, and on Pamperos there, with, the relation 
of these and other storms at San Jorge and Buenos Ayres to 
each other. Large 8° 1880. 

Christopher, J. S. Natal, a Cotton, Sugar, Grazing, and Agri- 
cultural Country. With a map of the Colony, and a voca- 
bulary of the Natal or Zulu language. 8" [n. d.] 

Christy, H. See Laetet. 

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Calcutta, 1870. 

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8° [1870.] 

Explorations made in the valley of the Eiver Madeira 

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The route to Bolivia via the Eiver Amazon. A Eeport to 

the Governments of Bolivia and Brazil. Majis. 8° 1877. 

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Turkish rule from 1840 to'l860. 8° 1862. 

G. C. See Gilbeet. 

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under ledning af Otto Torell. Ur deltagarnes Anteckningar 
och andra Handlingar. Map and Plates. Large 8° 

Stockholm, 1865. 

Chy Pa Hian. Foue Koue Ki, ou Eolation des Eoyaumes Boud- 
dhiques : Voyage dans la Tartaric, dans 1' Afghanistan et dans 
rinde ex6cut6 a la fin duIV° Siecle par ChyEa Hian. Traduit 
du Chinois et comment^ par Abel Eemusat. Eevu, etc., par 
Klaproth et Landresse. Ma;ps and Plans. 4° Paris, 1836. 

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8° Firenze, 1831. 

80 CIE— CLA 

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Peru, que tracta la demarcacion de sus provincial, la descripciou 
dellas, las fundaciones de las nenvas ciudades, los rites y 
costumbres de los Indies, y otras cosas estranas dignas de ser 
sabidas. 12° Amen, 1554. 

Cieza, Peter de. The Seventeen years Travels of, through the 
mighty kingdom of Peru, and the large provinces of 
Cartagena and Popayan in South America ; from the City of 
Panama, on the Isthmus, to the frontiers of Chile. Majf. 
Sm. squ. 8° 1709. 

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Kingdom and in foreign countries. CompUed from documents 
supplied to the Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 
1868 to 1870. 8° 1870. 

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JMop and. Plans. 8° 1858. 

See also Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

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England, France, Belgium, Prussia, Bussia, India, Australia, 
made at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, under the 
direction of Sir Henry James. Plates. 4° 1866. 

Geodesy. 8° Oxford, 1880. 

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Africa. 5 vols. Maps, Plates. 4° 

Part the First. Bussia, Tartary smd Turkey. 1810. 

„ 2nd. Sect. 1-3. Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land. 1812-1816. 
„ 3rd. Sect. 1. Scandinavia. 1819. 

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Eo. 1879. 

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traffic of Smyrna, with statistics of trade, etc. 12° 1860. 

The Imperial Ottoman, Smyrna and Aidin Railway, its 

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The Warings or Waranghians. 12° Constantinople [n. d.] 

Memoir on the Comparative Grammar of Egyptian, Coptic 

and TJde. 8° 1873. 

— Serpent and Siva Worship and Mythology in Central 
America, Africa, and Asia. 8° 1876. 

— On Prehistoric Names of Weapons. 8° 1876. 


Clarke, Hyde. Himalayan Origin and Connection of the Magyar 
Ugrian. 8° 1877. 

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and of the providential deUverance of vessels. Frontispiece. 
Sm. 8° 1805. 

W. B. New South Wales Intercolonial and Philadelphia 

International Exhibition. Mines and Mineral Statistics of 
New South Wales, and notes on the geological collection of 
the department of mines . . . also remarks on the sedi- 
mentary formations of New South Wales, and notes on the 
iron and coal deposits, Wallerawang and on the diamond 
fields by Prof. Liversedge. Maps and Plates. 8° Sydney, 1875. 

Eemarks on the sedimentary formations of New South 

Wales, illustrated by references to other provinces of Austral- 
asia. 4th edn. Maps. 8° Sydney, 1878. 

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Western Himalaya. Maps. 8° Moorkee, 1864. 

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Blanc, August 18th, 1822, with Appendix upon the sensations 
experienced at great elevations. 8° 1823. 

Clogher, Robert [Bishop of]. A Journal from Grand Cairo to 
Mount Sinai and back again . . . Sm. 4° 1763. 

Clugnet, L. Geographic de la Soie. i^tude g6ographique et 
statistique sur la production et la commerce de la Soie en 
cocon. Map. 8° Lyon, 1877. 

Cluverius, P. Philippi Cluverii Introductio in universam Geo- 
graphiam. Map and Plates. 4° 1711. 

Philippi Cluverii Gedanensis, Sicilia antiqua. Maps and 

Plates. To. Lugduni Batavorum [n. d.] 

Coello y Quesada, F. . Notioias sobre las vias, poblaoiones y ruinas 
antiguas, especialmente de la epoca romana, en la Provincia de 
Alava. Map. 8° Madrid, 1874. 

Coen, C. J. See Veies, M. G. 

Coghlan, J. B. See Ameeica [U.S. Hydrogr. Off. Publ. No. 45]. 

Coke, E. T. A Subaltern's Furlough : descriptive of scenes in 
various parts of the United States, Upper and Lower Canada, 
New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, duping the summer and 
autumn of 1832. Plates. 8° 1833. 

Colding, A. Bxtrait d'un M6moire sur les lois des courants dans 
les conduites ordinaires et dans la mer. 4° 

Copehhague [1873.] 

82 COL 

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J5n J6nsoiin's Saga ; the genuine autobiography of a modern 

Icelander. 8° 1877. 

H. H. See Catalogues. 

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and Waters of the China Sea. Illustrations. 8° 1868. 

Collins, P. See Lull, E. P. 

- J. Eeport on the Caoutchouc of Commerce, being information 

on the plants yielding it, their geographical distribution, 
climatic conditions, and the possibility of their cultivation 
and acclimatization in India. With a memorandum on the 
same subject by Dr. Brandis. Maps and Plates. Sm. 4° 1872. 

CoUinson, [Admiral Sir] R. See Galton [Vacation Tourists] 
and Hakluyt Soc. Publ., xxxviii. 

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On Fog-signals, etc. Plates. 8° [1876.] 

Colomb, J. C. R. Colonial Defence and Colonial Opinion. Sm. 8° 


The Naval and Military Eesources of the Colonies. Sm. 8° 


Colombia. Cat^ogo de los objetos enviados por la Sociedad de 
Naturalistas Colombianos a la Exposicion del 20 de Julio de 
1871. 8° Bogota, 1871. 

Esploracion Minora practicada en el Estado del Magdalena 

(Estados TJnidos de Colombia) del 9 de Eebrero al 21 de Abril 
de 1876. Con un apendice sobre minos situadas en los terri- 
tories naoionales de la Nevada i Motilones. Map. 8° 

Cartagena, 1876. 

Colon, Fernando & Christoval. See Columbus. 

Colonies Fran^aises. Tableaux de population, &c. [as in 1865 
Cat.], 1863-77. 14 vols, in 5. 8° Paris, 1865-1878. 

Colthurst [Miss]. A Natural Scale of Heights, by the applica- 
tion of which the measures of different countries are reduced 
to a common measure known to all geographers. Table. 
Fo. (folded 8°) [n. d.] 

Colton's Traveler and Tourist's Eoute-Book through the United 
States of America and the Canadas : containing the routes and 
distances on the great lines of travel, by railroads, stage roads, 
canals, lakes and rivers. Map. 12° New York, 1861. 

Colucci, G. I oasi della Guerra per I'Indipendenza d' America. 
2 vols. Sm. 8° Geneva, 1879. 

COL— CON 83 

Columbus. La Historia de D. Fernando Colon, en la qual se da 
particular y verdadera relacion de la Vida y Hechos de el 
Almirante D. Ohristoval Colon sn padre, y del descubrimiento 
de las Indias Occidentales . . . que tradujo de Espanol en 
Italiano Alonso de TJUoa ; y aora, por no parecer el Original 
Espanol, facada del traslado Italiano. Fo. [n. p., n. d.] 

- Christopher. Lettera rarissima di Cristoforo Colombo 
riprodotta e illustrato dal Cavaliere Ab. Morelli. Sm. 8" 

Bassano, 1810. 

Letter of, describing his first voyage to the Western 

Hemisphere. Sm. 8° New YorTc, 1875. 

Los Eestos de Colon. Informe de la Eeal Academia de la 

Historia al Gobiemo de S. M. sobre el supuesto hallazgo de 
los -verdaderos restos de Cristoval Colon en la Iglesia Catedral 
de Santo Domingo. Plates. 12° Madrid, 1879. 

See also Hakltjtt Soc. Publ. ii., xliii. 

Colvile, H. E. A Eide in Petticoats and Slippers. Map and 
Frontispiece. Sm. 8° 1880. 

Colvin, Verplanck. State of New York. Eeport on the Topo- 
graphical Survey of the Adirondack Wilderness of New York, 
for the year 1873. Maps. 8° Albany, 1874. 

Compiegne, [Marquis] de. L'Afrique Equatoriale, Okanda-Ban- 
gouens-Osyeba. Map and Plates. 12° Paris, 1875. 

Do. Gabonais-Pahouins-Gallois. Map and Plates. 12°" 

Paris, 1875. 

Notice Neorologique sur M. le Marquis de Compiegne, par 

0. GuiUemine. 8° Caire, 1877. 

Conder, C. R. The High Sanctuary at Jerusalem. Plates. 4° 


Tent Work in Palestine. A Eecord of Discovery and 

.Adventure. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 1879. 

J. See Pringle, T. 

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tionalen geographischen Congress und die damit verbundene 
geographische Aufstellung zu Paris, 1875. Wien, 1875. 

Congres International des Sciences geographiques, Paris, 

1875. Catalogue des produits exposes (3rd & 5th edns.) Plans. 
8° Paris, 1875. 

International des Sciences geographiques tenu a Paris du 

1"' au 11 Aout, 1875. Compte Eendu des Seances. 2 vols. 
Maps and Plates. 8° Paris, 1878-80. 

G 2 

84 CON— COO 

Conklin, "E. Picturesque Arizona. Being the Eesult of Travels 
and Observations in Arizona during the fall and winter of 
1877. Plates. Sm. 8° New York, 1878. 

Conring, A. von. Marroco, das Land und die Leute. AUge- 
meine geographische und ethnographische Verhaltnisse. Ver- 
fassung. Stadte. Land. Bewohner. Handelsbeziehungen. Pro- 
dnkte. Politische Verhaltnisse. Europaer und deren Vertreter. 
Map and Plan. 8° Berlin, 1880. 

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Finland, and Denmark. Plates. 4° 1789. 

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Off. Puhl.]. 

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Account of the Bijnor district. Edited by E. T. Atkinson. 
Map. 8° Allahabad, 1878. 

Note on Pargana Dudhi of the Mirzapur District, with 

special reference to its land assessment. Maps. Fo. 

Allhahad, 1879. 

Cook [Capt. James]. Centenaire de la Mort de Cook, celebre le 14 
Eevrier 1879 (Cartographie et BihUographie par James 
Jackson.) Map. 8° Paris, 1879. 

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W. P. The Electric Telegraph ; was it invented by Pro- 
fessor Wheatstone ? 4th edn. 8° 1866. 

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Paris, 1869. 

Dr. Livingstone a!nd the Eoyal Geographical Society. 

Sm. 8° London, 1874. 

Physical Geography, or the Terraqueous globe and its 

phenomena. Maps, Plate, etc. 8° 1876. 

Cooper, A. J. The unequal distribution of heat over the Earth's 
surface ; or, New Theory of tropical heat, polar cold, mountain 
snows, and the Earth's diurnal revolution. 8° 

Liverpool, 1878. 

H. Stonehewer. Coral Lands. 2 vols. Photographs. 8° 

J. G. See California. 

T. T. Travels of a Pioneer of Commerce in Pigtail and 

Petticoats: or, an Overland Journey from China towards 
India. Map and Plate. 8° 1871.- 

coo— COE 85 

Cooper, T. T. The Mishmee Hills. An account of a journey 
made in an attempt to penetrate Thibet from Assam to 
open new routes for Commerce. Map and Plates. 12° 


Coote, 0. H. Shakspere's New Map in ' Twelfth Night.' Sm. 8° 


Cope, E. D. An examination of the Eeptilia and Batrachia ob- 
tained by the Orton Expedition to Equador and the Upper 
Amazon, with notes on other species. 8" PMladeVpMa, 1868. 

Coro, Guido. Spedizione Italiana alia Nuovo Guinea. 12° 

Boma, 1872. 

H Tanjanika, Bacino chiuso. Map. 4° [Torino, 1873.] 

Cordeiro, Luciano. Viagens. Hespanha e Franca. 12° 

Lisboa, 1874. 

Viagens. Franca, Baviera, Austria e Italia, 12° 

Lisboa, 1875. 

De la part prise par les Portugais dans la decouverte de 

I'Amerique. 8° Lishonne, 1876. 

Portugal e o movimento geographioo moderno. 8° 

Lisboa, 1877. 

Noticia do Cunene. 12° Lisboa, 1878. 

L'Hydi'Ographie Africaine au XVI° Siecle, d'ap^es les 

premieres explorations Portugaises. 8° Lisbonne, 1878. 

Cordier, H. A narrative of the recent events in Tong-king. 8° 

Shanghai, 1875. 

Bibliotheca Sinica. Dictionnaire BibUographique des 

Ouvrages relatifs a I'Empire Chinois. Vol. i. Pt. 1. Sm. 4° 

Paris, 1880. 
See also Catalogues. 

[Corinth.J Eine Spazierfahrt im Golfe von Korinth. Map in cover. 
Plates. 4° Prag, 1879. 

Cork Harbour. Correspondence in reference to removal or light- 
ing of Daunts' Kock, &c. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1874. 

Cornelius, C. S. Grundriss der physikalischen Geographic. 8° 

Halle, 1851. 
Cornish, W. R. See Madras. 

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Portuguez de S. Joao Baptista de Ajuda na Costa da Mina, em 
1865. Plan. 8° Lisboa, 186C. 

Correa, G. See Poetugubse Conquests. 

Comwell, James. A School Geography. (47th edn.) Maps. 


86 COB— COU 

Cortambert, E. Trois des plus anoiens Monuments G6ogra- 

, phiques du Moyen. Age, conserves k la Bibliotheque nationale. 

Ma^s. 8° Paris, 1877. 

& Rosny, L. de. Tableau de la Cochin-Cliine. 

r6dige sous les auspices de la Societe d'Ethnographie . . . 
precede d'une introduction par Paul de Bourgoing. Map, 
Plan and Plates. 8° Paris, 1862. 

Cortes, F. Carta de relacion . . . por . . . D. Fernando Cortes, en 
la qual hace relacion de las Tierras i Provincias sin cuento 
que a desonbierto nuevamente en el Jucatan, del Ano de xix. 
a esta parte, etc. Fo. Sevilla, 1522. 

Carta tercera de relacion . . . por D. Fernando Cortes . . . 

de las cosas sucedidas ... en la conquista . . . de la . . . Ciudad 
de Temixtitan. Fo. [Cuioacan], 1522. 

Carta, o quarta Eelaoion, que Fernando Cortes . . . embio 

al . . . Senor Don Carlos. ... en la qual estan otras Cartas y 
Eelaciones que los Capitanes Pedro de Alvarado y Diego de 
Godoy embiaron al dicho Capitan Fernando Cortes. Fo. 

[n. p.] 1524. 

See also Gatangos. 

Hernan. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. xl. 

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tumbres descriptivos e historicos. Sm. 8° Paris, 1875. 

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Court of King John of Ethiopia. 2 vols. Map and Plates. 
8° 1877. 

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luscos Fosseis. Gasteropodes dos Depositos terciarios de Por- 
tugal, com a versao franceza por M. Dalhunty. Plates. 8° 

Lisboa, 1866. 

Costa Rica. Informe de Hacienda en 1853. 4° San Josi, 1853. 

Costa, W. H. de. In Memoriam. 12° Charlestovm, 1878. 

Coste, — . Voyage d'Exploration sur le littoral de la France 
et de ritalie. (2nd. edn.) 4° Paris, 1861. 

Cottean, E. Promenade dans I'lnde et k Ceylan. 12° 

Paris, 1880. 

Promenades dans les deux Ameriques, 1876-1877. Maps. 

12° Paris, 1880. 

Cotterill, H. B. African Slave Traffic. 8° 1875. 

See also Elton. 

Courcy, Pol de. De Eennes a Brest et a Saint Male. Itineraire 
descriptif et iistorique. Sm. 8° Paris, 1864. 

COU— OEA 87 

Courcy, Pol de. De Nantes k Brest, a Saint-Nazaire, h, Bennes, 
et a Napoleonville. Itineraire desoriptif et historique. Map. 
Sm. 8° Paris, 1865. 

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Commeroio de Portugal e suas Colonias. 3rd edn. Sm. 8° 

Lishoa, 1828. 

J. M. da Silva. Eelatorio da explora9ao do Eio Madeira. 

4° Bio de Janeiro [1864.] 

Explora^ao do Eio Hyupura. 4° Mio de Janeiro [1864.] 

Couto, Diogo de. See Baekos. 

Covino, F. De Turin a Chambery : ou Les Vallees de la Dora 
riparia et de I'arc et le Tunnel des Alpes Cottiennes [trans- 
lated by N. Gachet], Maps and Plates. 12° Turin, 1871. 

Cowell, J. J. See Gaiton [Vacation Tourists]. 

Cox, G. Expedition across the Southern Andes of Chili, with the 
object of opening a new line of communication from the 
Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, by the lake of Nahuel-Huapi 
and the Elvers Limay and Negro. (Translated by Sir W. 
Parish.) Map. 8° 1864. 

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6th edn. 3 vols. Maps and Plates. 4° 1803. 

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Arizona and New Mexico. 2nd edn. Plates. 8° 1875. 

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Ancient Greece. Map and plan, 3 vols. 8° 1828. 

A Geographical and Historical Description of Asia Minor. 

Map. 2 vols. 8" 1832. 

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desLandes und der Einwohner, &c., insbesondere die Gesohichte 
der dortigen Mission der evangelisohen Briider zu Neu- 
Herrnhut und Lichtenfels. 2nd edn. 3 vols. Plates. 1 2° 

Barby & Leipzig, 1770. 

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Craven, A. E. Observations sur 1' Helix ligulata, Fer., de Madras. 
Plate. 8° Bruxelles [1869]. 

Quelques observations sur le Hyalsea tridentata, Lamarck. 

Plate. 8° Bruxelles [1873.] 

Monographie du genre Sinusigera, D' Orb. Plates. 8° 

Bruxelles, 1877. 

Crawford, J. C. Eecollections of Travel in New Zealand and 
Australia. Maps and Plates. 8° 1880. 

88 CEA— CEO 

Crawfurd, J. On the migration of cultivated plants in reference 
to Ethnology; Articles of food. 8° 1866. 

Naturalization of the Bark of Peru in India. 8° [1866.] 

On the supposed Aborigines of India as distinguished from 

its civilised inhabitants. 8° 1867. 

On the classification of the races of man according to the 

form of the skull. 8° 1867. 

On the Skin, the Hair, and the Eyes, as tests of the races 

of Man. 8° 1867. 

On the Vegetable and animal food of the Natives of 

Australia in reference to Social position, with a comparison 
between the Australians and some other races of Man. 8° 


— ■ O. Portugal, Old and New. Ma^s and Illustrations. 8° 


Crawshay, G. The immediate cause of the Indian Mutiny, as 
set forth in the ofiScial correspondence. 8° [1857.] 

Greagh, J. Over the Borders of Christendom and Eslamiah. A 
Journey through Hungary, Slavonia, Servia, Bosnia, Herze- 
govina, Dalmatia, and Montenegro, to the North of Albania, 
in the Summer of 1876. 2 vols. 8° 1876. 

Crealoek, H. Foreign Politics and England's Foreign Policy. 
Map. 8° 1873, 

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Coast Guide. Vol. 2. 1879-80. Illustrations. 8° Chicago. 

Croizier [Marquis de]. La Perse et les Persans. Nasr-Eddin- 
Schah, le Nouvel Iran et I'equilibre Asiatique. 8° 

Paris, 1873. 

L'Art Khmer. Etude historique sur les Monuments de 

I'Ancien Cambodge avec un aperQU general sur I'Architecture 
Khmer et une liste complete des monuments explores, suivi 
d'un Catalogue raisonne du Musee Khmer de Oompifegne. 
Map and Illustrations. 8° Paris, 1875. 

CroU, J. On Ocean Currents. Part III. On the physical cause 
of Ocean-currents. 8° 1871 and 1874. 

The ' Challenger's ' Crucial Test of the Wind and Gravita- 

tion Theories of Oceanic Circulation. 8° [1876.] 

^ The Wind Theory of Oceanic Circulation : objections ex- 
amined and furthej remarks on the " Crucial-Test " Argument. 
8° 1876. 

Crome, F. G. Geographisch-historiche Beschreibung des Landes 
Syrien. Das gUdliche Drittheil oder das Land Palastina. 
Majp. Sm. 8° Gottingen, 1834 

GRO— CUE 89 

Cronise, T. P. The Natural Wealth of California . . . together 
with a detailed description of each Connty. 8° 

San Francisco, 1868. 

Cross, R. Eeport to the Under Secretary of State for India, on 
the Pitayo Chinchona and on proceedings while employed in 
collecting Chinchona Seeds in 1863. Majp. 8° 1865. 

Crowther, Samuel A. Vocabulary of the Yoruba language ... to 
which are prefixed the grammatical elements of the Xoruba 
language. 12° 1843. 

A Grammar and Vocabulary of the Yoruba language . . . 

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Ihr Konigl. Maijtt. zu Dennemarck, Norwegen, etc., und Ihr 
Ftirstl. DiircM. beeder regierenden Hertzogen zu Sohleswich 
Holstein, etc., aller und gnadigsten befeble von dero Eonigl. 
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DEC— DEL 95 

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Primera Parte. Historia fisica y politioa. 
f I. Introducoion, Geografia, Clima, Poblacion, Agrionltura. 1842. 
1 n. Comeroio maritlmo, Eentas y Gastos, Fuerza Armada, Apen- 
^ dice. 1842. 

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DEL— DEN 97 

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Map. 8° Ottawa, 1877. 

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98 DEN— DIG 

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^ 1809. 

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4° Agra, 1853. 

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H 2 

100 DOL— DOE 

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la Eepnblique orientale de I'TJiugTiay, la Eepublique Argentine, 
la Patagonie, la Eepublique du Chili, la E6publique de 
Bolivia, la Eepublique du P6rou) execute pendant les Annees 
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PI. 3.— G6)logie. 1842. 

Pt. 4.— Paleontologie. 1842. 

Vol. IV. 

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Pt. 3.— Oiseaux. 1835-44. 

Vol. V. 

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Pt. 2.— Poissons [by A. Valenciennes]. ; 1847. 

Pt. 3.— MollusqueB. 1835-43. 

Pt. 4.— Zoophytes. 1839-46. 

Pt. 5.— Foraminiftres. 1839. 

Vol. VI. 

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Pt. 2.— Inseotes [by B. Blanchard and A. BmlM]. 1837-43. 

Vol. VII. 

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la Patagonie; & Florula Boliviensis. Cryptogames de la 

Bolivia [by O. Montague]. 1839. 

Pt. 3. — ^Palmiers. Palmetum Orbignianum. Desoriptio palmamm 

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Vol. Vm. 

Atlas Historique, Geographique, Geologique, Paleoniologiqne, et 
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Vol. rs. 

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DOB— DBA 101 

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grapliie Persiens ; Ausziige aus zwei morgenlandischen Schrift- 
stellern, betreffend das Kaspisclie Meer Tiiid angranzende 
Lander ; Morgenlandisohe Benennungen der Tahrzeuge auf 
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See also Neamet Ullah. 

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The distribution of Heat over the Surface of the Globe, 

illustrated by Isothermal, Thermic Isabnormal, and other 
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Die Verbreitung der Warme in der NSrdlichen Hemisphare 

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The law of Storms considered in connection with the 

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Die Monats- und Jahresisothermen in der Polarprojection, 

&o. Maps. Oblong 4° Berlin, 1864. 

Dover Harbour. Copy Eeport by Mr. Hawkshaw and Sir 
Andrew Clarke upon the possibility of combining Naval and 
Military requirements with the objects of Dover Harbour Bill. 
Map. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1873. 

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the lower plains of Canterbury, New Zealand. Fo. 

Christchurch, 1865. 

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and Eoyal Coffer's Dimensions. 8° 1872. 

Why is Forty-three a basal biblical Number ? 8° 1876. 

Key to the genealogical table of the first Patriarchs in 

Genesis, and the Chronology of the Septuagint by Victot 
Eydberg. 8° 1876. 

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' 1876. 

See also Bueton, E. F. 

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Bnixelles. Plates. 12° Brmelles, 1836. 

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Wien, 1878. 

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The Northern Barrier of India. A popular account of the 

Jummoo and Kashmir Territories. Map and Plates. 8° 1877. 

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geographique internationale des terrains qui semblent presenter 
la plus de facilites pour le perceraent d'un Canale Maritime 
interoceanique. Map. 8° 1876. 

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vicinity of Dublin. Map. 8° Dublin, 1835. 

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A journey to Ashangoland : and further penetration into 

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faites a bord des navires de I'ilfetat en 1873, 1874, et 1875. 
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logique, politique, et physique die I'Empire de la Chine et de 
Tartaric Chinoise. Maps and Plates. 4 vols. Imp. fo. 

Paris, 1735. 

DUM-DUN 103 

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its geographical and hiblical locality identified. 8° 

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L. Bousseau). 
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and 1851. Tables. 


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Anthropologic. 1842-47.} in one. 

G&logie. 1847.) 

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P. M. See Cassel, India, Surveys [Geol.] 

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104 DUP— DTJR 

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Vol. V. — Zoologie. Vol 2, par Lesson & Guerin Meneville. 1830. 

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Vol. Vn.— Hydrographie. Atlas. 1827. 

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Atlas de Zoologie. Fo. 1846. 

Atlas de Botanique. Fo. 1846. 

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Coloniale entre L'Algerie et Le Soudan, i^tudes preliminaires 
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-! Coup d'oeil sur I'ensemble des voles navigables de I'Ame- 

rique du Sud, et du bassin de TAmassone en partioulier. 8° 

Bordeaux, 1872. 

Le Kio Negro du Nord et son bassin. 8° Pairis, 1872. 

L'Amazone Br^silien. 8° Paris, 1873. 

^ — Le Solimoes ou Haut Amazone Bresilien. 8° Paris, 1873 

DUE— DUT 105 

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Paris, 1874. 

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Durrant, W. See Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

Dutch East India Company. A Collection of Voyages under- 
taken by the Dutch East India Company, for the Improvement 
of trade and navigation, containing an account of several 
attempts to find out the North - east Passage, and their 
discoveries in the East Indies, and the South Seas. Together 
with an historical Introduction giving an account of the 
rise, establishment and progress of that great body. [Trans- 
lated.] Maps. Sm. 8° 1703. 

Contents : 

The first and second North Voyages of the Hollanders and Zelanders 
along the coasts of Norway, Muscovy, and Tartary, in quest of a 
passage to the kingdoms of Cathai and China. The third North 
Voyage of the Dutch, through the seas of Muscovy and Tartary, 
to find a passage that way to the Kingdoms of Cathai and China, 
by the permission of the Town-Council of Amsterdam, in the year 
1596. — Other voyages (Hudson) in quest of a passage to China 
by the North — ^A description of Siberia. — ^A short account of the 
roads and rivers to be met with in going from Muscovy to the 
east and east-north-east, according to the course the Muscovites 
observe, &c. — A dissertation of Isaac Pontanus, wherein he 
answers objections against a passage by the North, &c. — ^Relations 
of the first (1595) and second (1598) voyages of the Dutch into 
the East Indies. — An account of the voyage of five Rotterdam 
ships which sailed June the 27th, 1598, to the Streight of 

— Kecueil des Voyages qui ont servi a I'^tablissement et aux 
progrez de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales formee dans les 
Provinces Unies des Pais-Bas. Plates. 12° Rouen, 1125. 

Staat der generale Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie. 

8° Amsterdam, 1792. 

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observee dans I'Afrique orientale. 8° [ ? Gam.d'] 1879. 

• La Question Africaine au point de vue commercial. 8° 

Bruxelles, 1880. 

106 DUT— EDE 

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climatement des Europeens dans I'Afrique intertropicale. 8° 

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' Dwarf.' See Bax. 

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With reference to the work and mission of Edward S. Morris 
of Philadelphia. Portrait. 12" 1879. 


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Crimea in the emharkation of the Turkish Army from Bul- 
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and the Conduct of affairs in the East. 8° 1876. 

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have been made in the affairs of the East India Company, 
from the conclusion of the war in India in 1784 to the com. 
mencement of the present hostUities. 8" 1792. 

See also Bruce, Fidler. 

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Account of total eclipse of the sun, August 18, 1868, as 

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EDE— EGY 107 

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with an account of the native tribes inhabiting that region. 
Map. Sm. 8° 1879. 

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East Indies, and other countreys lying eyther way, towardes 
the fruitful! and ryche Moluocaes, as Moscouia, Persia, 
Arabia, Syria, Mgypte, Ethiopia, Guinea, China in Cathayo, 
and Giapan : With a discourse of the Northwest passage. 
Urn. 8° 1577. 

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Edgar. With a memoir of James Edgar, private Secretary to 
the Chevalier St. George. Frontispiece. Sm. 4° 1873. 

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Erontier in October, November, and December, 1873. Map. 
8° Calcutta, 1874. 

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[^Leipzig, n. d.] 
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such eiaer allgemeinen geographischen Onomatologie." Sm. 4° 

Leipzig, 1880. 

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illustrate the Sacred Scriptures. Plates. 8° 1841. 

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General Eepoet on the province of Kordofan, submitted to 
General C. P. Stone, Chief of the General Staff, Egyptian 
Army, by Major H. G. Prout, Corps of Engineers, com- 
manding expedition of reconnaissance made at El-Obeiyad 
CKordotan), March 12th, 1876. Maps and Plates. 8" 


108 EGY— ELL 

Egyptian General Staff Publications— Cbwfo'wMei. 

Peovinces of the Equator. Summary of Letters and 
Eeports of His Excellency the Governor-General. Part I. 
Year 1874. 8° 1877. 

JoTJENAii of the march of an expedition in Nubia between 
Assouan and Abouhamid, executed by Eugene Eechet. 8° 


Eeport on the seizure by the Abyssinians of the Geological 
and Mineralogical Keconnaissance Expedition attached to 
the General Staff of the Egyptian Army. By L. H. 
Mitchell. 8° 1878. 

Kappoet fait a S.E. le General Stone Pacha . . . sur les 
specimens botaniques , . . colliges pendant les expeditions 
!l&gyptiennes au Kordofan et au Darfour en 1875 et 1876 
par le D'. Pfund. Par J. H. Zarb. Sm. 4" 1875. 

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BaiaufNeuholland. Map. 12° Stuttgart, 1789. 

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Kaukasus und des sudlichen Eusslands. Nach Grieohischen, 
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Die Lethaea rossica und ihre Gegner. 8° Moskau, 1869. 

See also Baee & Hblmeesen, viii. 

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On the general causes of the Ocean-currents. 4° 

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Indian Eemounts. 8° Bombay, 1874. 

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J. Eeport on the Vizagapatam and Backergunge Cyclones 

of October 1876. To. Calcutta, 1877. 

Ellis, G. E. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Eumford, 
with notices of his Daughter. Portraits and Plates. 8° 

Philadelphia [n. d.] 

Henry. Journal of the Proceedings of the late Embassy 

to China ; the Voyage to and from China, and the Journey 
from the mouth of the PeL-ho to the return to Canton, etc. 
Maps and Plates. 4" 1817. 

ELL— ENG 109 

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dated in the month of January, 1612. 4° 1837. 

History of the hoat which gave Peter the Great the first 

thought of building the Bussian fleet. 8° 1866. 

" Elpis Metena." Calabria and the Liparian Islands in the year 
1860. 8° 1862. 

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S" 1867. 

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of Eastern and Central Africa. From the Journals of the 
late J. Frederic Elton. Edited and Completed by H. B. 
Ootterill. Maps and Plates. 8° 1879. 

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Value, and Distinguishing Characteristics. Plates. 4° 1865. 

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Jahrhunderts in synohronistischer tJbersicht. 4° 

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Washington, 1878. 

On the Erupted Eocks of Colorado. 8° Washington, 1878. 

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and Wales. The Imperial Gazetteer of, [FuUarton's, 

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England's Gazetteer. Vol. iii., being a new Index Villaris or 
Alphabetical Register of the less-noted Villages ; with their 
distance or bearing, from the next Market-Town or well-known 
place. 12° 1751. 

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Beauties, Antiquities, and Geological Ph88nomena of the Isle 
of Wight. Maps and Plates. Fo. 1816. 

110 EPP— EUP 

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Heidelberg, 1852. 

Eratosthenes. See Bkrgeb, De la Nadze. 

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dames Forandringar, etc. Map and Plate. 49 

StocMolm, 1856. 

Expose des formations qnaternaires de la SuMe. Atlas. 


— E. See Sweden. 

'Erebus' and 'Terror.' See Eoss, Sir J. C. (Zoology), and 
Hooker, J. D. (Botany). 

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the moon. [Newspaper cuttings.] 4° 1869. 

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Liebig auf die Entwioklung der reinen Chemie. 4° 

Munchen, 1874. 

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Vol. I. Part 4; III. Part 4; V. Part 4; VI.-IX. ; X. Parts 
1, 2, 3 J XI.-XXV. [completing the series.] 8° 

£e»-Zi«, 1841-1867. 

See also Hoppe, J. 

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4° Berlin, 1853. 

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George N. Gordon and Ellen Catherine Powell his wife. 
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Ethnological Tables. [4 sheets, n. p., n. d.] 

' Eugenie.' See Virgin. 

Euphrates Valley. Eeports respecting communication with 
India through Turkey, by the Euphrates Valley route. Map. 
[Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1872. 

— ^ Eeport from the Select Committee on the Euphrates VaUey 

Eailway ; together with the Proceedings of the Committee, 
Minutes of Evidence, etc. [Parly. Eep,] Fo. 1872^ 

EUP— FAI 111 

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112 FAI— FED 

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plan topographique du terrain et des mines de la ville dans 
lenr etat aotuel, etc. 8° Atlas 4° Paris, 1833. 

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reference to the profitable investment of Capital in the Otto- 
man Empire, with statistics of the trade and commerce of the 
[28] principal commercial towns. 8° 1862. 

Modem Turkey. 8° 1872. 

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Geneve, 1862. 

Sur la structure en eventail du Mont Blanc. 8° 

\Geneiie, 1865.] 

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See also Beunton. 

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FEI— FIE 113 

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See also Aectic, Narbs. 

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On the Norwegian origin of Scottish Brochs. Sq. 8° 1878. 

See also Teisteam. 

& Burgess, J. The Cave Temples of India. Map and 

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additions and an Index by Mr. G. M. Craufurd, late of the same 
Department ; showing the leading events (chiefly political) 
chronologically arranged, in the Company's career, from 1599 
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a Catalogue of books relating to the history, etc., of the 
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114 FU—FIS 

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the Fiji group. 4° [n. d.] 

How abput Fiji ? or Annexation versus Non-annexation. 

With an account of the various proposals for cession, and a 
short sketch of the natural aspects of the group. By " E." 
8° 1874. 

See also Eicci, J. H. de. 

Correspondence respecting the cession of Fiji, and the pro- 
visional arrangements made for administering the Govern- 
ment. [Parly. Sep.] Fo. 1876. 

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Cape of Good Hope to the Strait of Sunda and Western 
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Do. 2nd edn. 1870. 

A Sailing Directory for the Mediterranean Sea, including 

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of Africa. Map and Profiles. 8° 1868. 

A Dii ectory for the navigation of the Indian Archipelago, 

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— Do. 7th edn. 1871. 

A Description and List of the Lighthouses of the World. 

1872-73. 8° 1873. 

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— See also Pukdy. 

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F IS— FLO 115 

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througli Egypt, to England, in the latter end of the year 
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Map. 8° 1875. 

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in 1866 Cat.] 

Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. 'Beagle' during the 

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Birds, by J. Gould ; Fish, by Leonard Jenyns ; Eeptiles, by 
Thos. Bell.] Coloured Plates. 3 vols. 4° 1840-43. 

— ■ Further considerations on the Great Isthmus of Central 

America. Map. 8° [1853.] 

[Vice-Admiral] R. Brief sketch of the Scientific career 

of the late. By Sir E. I. Murchison. 8° 1865. 

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tions on the Canadian Pacific Eailway up to January, 1877. 
Maps. 8° Ottawa, 1877. 

Canadian Pacific Eailway. Eeports and Documents in 

reference to the location of the line and a western terminal 
harbour. Maps. 8° Ottawa, 1878. 

Eeport in reference to the Canadian Pacific Eailroad. 

Map. 8° Ottawa, 1879. 

■ • Eeport and Documents in reference to the Canadian 

Pacific Eailway. 1880. Maps. 8° Ottawa, 1880. 

Short Sunday Service for travelling parties. 16° 

Montreal, 1877. 

Papers on Time-Eeckoning and the selection of a Prime 

Meridian to be common to all Nations. Diagrams. 8° 

Toronto, 1879. 

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portrayed in historical and descriptive sketches. 9th edn. 
Map and Plates. 8° 1879. 

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Bio de Janeiro [1864.J 

Flinders, M. Observations on the Coasts of Van Diemen's Land, 
on Bass's Strait and its Islands, and on part of the Coasts of 
New South Wales. 4° 1801. 

Flores Arenas, F. Obras escogidas. I. Obras poeticas. 8° 

Cadiz, 1878. 
I 2 

116 FLO— FOE. 

Flower, W. B. Illustrated Guide to Baden-Baden. Based on 
the German. Maps. 12° Baden-Baden, 1865. 

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Europa, nebst anderen zu den Wechselgesohafften dienlichen 
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agraire, civile et medicale, du comte de Nice et pays limi- 
tiophes. 2 vols, in 1. 8° Paris, 1821. 

FcEtterle, F. Beiicht iiber die Durchstechung der Landenge 
von Suez. 8° Berlin [1857.] 

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being travels through Egypt, Arabia, and Persia, to Bagdad. 
With an Introduction by Bayard Taylor. Plates. 8° 1875. 

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Supremo Gobiemo como testo de ensenanza en la Bepublica. 
Sm. sq. 8° Guatemala, 1874. 

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des deux Oceans dans le Darien. Maps and Plans. Sm. 8° 

Sancerre, 1875. 

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8° Paris, 1840. 

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from their first discovery to the present time, comprising an 
account of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, 
Commerce, etc. Map and Plates. 8° 1839. 

C. Notes on the physical Geography of Vancouver Island. 

Map. 8° [1864.] 

■ D. On the Aymara Indians of Bolivia and Peru. Plates. 

8° ' 1870. 

E. The Natural History of the European Seas. Edited 

and continued by E. Godwin-Austen. Map. 12*' 1859. 

See also Seemann. 

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America. Fo. 1866. 

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8° Edinburgh, 1869. 

FOE 117 

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8° Leipzig, 1842-48. 

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8° [n. p., n. d.] 

Ueber das mythitiche und geographisohe Wissen des Mb- 

chylos, oder die Wanderungen der lo. Map. 4° 

[n. p., n. d.] 

Daduchos. Einleitung in das Verstandniss der Hellen- 

ischen Mythen, Myth.ensprache, und mythisclien Bauten. 
Plates. S° Kiel, 1875. 

Das Erechtheion. Plates. 4° Kiel, 1879. 

Mykena und der Ursprung der Mykenischen Funde. 8° 

Kiel, 1880. 

Forester, T. Eambles in Norway among tbe Fjelds and Fjords of 
tiie central and western districts. 12° 1866. 

Formosa. Correspondence respecting the Settlement of the diffi- 
culty between China and Japan in reg.trd to the island of 
Formosa. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1875. 

Formosa and the Gospel. 8° [n. p., n. d.] 

Forni, G. Viaggio nell' Egitto e nell' Alta Nubia. 2 vols. 
Plates. 8° Milano, 1859. 

Forrest [Lieut.-Col.]. A Picturesque Tour aloni? the rivers 
Ganges and Jumna, in India. Map and coloured Plates. 
Large 4° 1824. 

Alexander. Western Australia. North- West Explora- 
tion. Journal of Expedition i'rom De Grey to Port Darwin. 
Map and Plates. Fo. Perth, 1880. 

John. Newspaper cuttings referring to Australian ex- 
plorations of. [" Inquirer " and " Commercial News."] 8° 


Explorations in Australia : I. Explorations in search of Dr. 

Leichardt and party. II. From Perth to Adelaide, around the 
great Australian Bight. III. From Champion Bay, across the 
Desert to the Telegraph and to Adelaide. With an appendix 
on the condition of Western Australia. Maps and Plates. 8° 


Journal of proceedings of the Western Australian Explor- 

ing Expedition through the Centre of Australia, from Cham- 
pion Bay on the West Coast to the Overland Telegraph line 
between Adelaide and Port Darwin. Map and Plates. Fo. 

Perth, 1875. 

Forster, J. R. Geschichte der Entdeckungen und Schiff-fahrten im 
Norden. Maps. Sm. 8° Frankfurt a. d. Oder, 1784. 

118 FOR— FEA 

Forsyth, [Capt.] J, The Highlands of Central India : notes 
on iiieir forests and wild tribes, natural history, and sports. 
Plates. 8» 1872. 

■ — [Sir] T. D. Trade Eontes between Northern India and 

Central Asia. 8" [Exeter, 1869.] 

Eeport of a mission to Tarkund in 1873, nnder command 

of Sir T. D. Forsyth, with historical and geographical informa- 
tion regarding the possessions of the Ameer of Yarkund. 
Map in cover and photographs. 4° Calcutta, 1875. 

See also Peejevalskt. ' 

W. The Eules of Evidence as applicable to the credibility 

of History. 8° 1874. 

Fossett, F. Colorado : its Gold and Silver Mines, Farms and 
Stock Eanges, and Health and Pleasure Eesorts. Tourist's^ 
Guide to the Eocky Mountains. Maps and Plates. 8" 

New YorTe, 1879. 

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Fouque, F. Santorin et ses fcuptions. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1879. 

Four Months Abroad. Madras to London and Edinburgh, and 
back through France and Italy. Sm. 8° Madras, 1879. 

Fournet, J. J. Notice historique sur la vie et les travaux de. 
Par Ernest Chantre. 8° Lym, 1870. 

Fowler, G. History of the War . . . between Turkey and Eussia, 
and Eussia and the allied powers of England and France . . . 
to the end of 1854. Maps. 12° 1855. 

H. A Narrative of a Journey across the unexplored por- 
tion of British Honduras, with a short sketch of the History 
and Eesources of the Colony. Map and Photograph. 8° 

Belize, 1879. 

Pox, [Hon.] W. Hot Springs District of the North Island. F&. 

Wellington, 1874. 

France. Liste Generale des Postes de France dressee par ordre de 
Voyer de Paulmy, Chevalier Comte D'Argenson, etc. 12° 

Paris, 1749. 

Voyages en France. Tom. iv. [Provence, Chantilly, Nor- 

mandie, Beaune, Havre-de-Grace.] Plates. 12° Paris, 1768. 

Four years in France ; or Narrative of an English 

family's residence there during that period ; preceded by some 
account of the conversion of the author to the Catholick faith. 

. 8° 1826. 

FEA 119 

France. Publications of the Depdt des Cartes et Plans de 
la Marine. Paris. , , 

Annales Hydrographiques, vols, xxxiv.-xliii. 8° 1871-80. 

No. 216. — Phares de la Mer du Nord, la iVIer Baltiqiie, et la 

Mer Blanche, corrigSs en Mai 1877. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 

■ '■:■■. 1877. 

No. 217. — Phares des GdteB des ties Britanniqiies. Par 
A. Le Gras. 8° 1876, 1877. 

No. 218. — Phares des C6tes nord et ouest de Prance et des 
cotes onest d'Espagne et de, Portugal, corriges en Aout 
1874. Do.^Juin 1876, Mars 1877. " 8" 1874,1877. 

No. 219. — Phares de la Mer Meditserranee, de la Mer Noire, 
et de la Mer d'Azof (Espagne, Erance, Italie, i^tats de 
I'ifeglise, Autriche, Grece, Turqnie, et Enssie), corriges en 
Avril, 1875. Do. corriges en Mars, 1877. Par A. Le 
Gras. 8° 1875, 1877. 

No. 220. — ^Phares des Cotes orientales de TAmeriqne 
Anglaise et des Etats-Unis, corriges en Avril, 1875. Do. 
Octobre, 1877. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 1875, 1877. 

No. 221. — Phares de la Mer des Antilles et du Golfe du 
Mexique. Do. corriges en Mai, 1874. Par A. Le Gras. 
8° 1872,1874. 

No. 222. — Phares des Cotes Quest, Sud et Est d'Afrique, et des 
lies ^parses de I'Ocean Atlantique, corriges en Mars, 1869. 
Do. Decembre, 1876. Par A. Le Gras. 8o 1869, 1876. 

No. 223. — Phares des C6tes orientales de I'Ameriqne du Sud, 
corriges en Avril, 1874. Do. corriges en Decembre, 1876. 
Par A. Le Gras. 8" 1874, 1876. 

No. 224. — Phares des Mers des Indes et de Chine, de TAus- 
tralie, Terre de Van-Diemen et Nouvelle-Zelande, 1872. 
Do. corriges en Avril, 1877. Do. de I'Australie, de la 
Tasmanie, de la Nouvelle-Zelande, et des Cotes Sud et Est 
d'Afrique, corriges au 15 Octobre, 1878. Par A. LeGras. 
8° 1872, 1877. 

No. 225. — Phares du grand Ocean (Cotes occidentales 
d'Amerique et lies eparses, corriges au 15 Oct. 1878). 8° 


No. 296. — Detroit de Banka. Nouvelle Passe pour donner 
dans le detroit en venant du Sud. Position de quelques 
ilcueils dans la Mer de CoraU. 8° 1860. 

No. 308. — Instructions nautiques sur les traversees d'aller 
et de retour dela Manche a Java. Par C. Le Helloco. 4° 


120 FRA 

Prance [Dep6t de la Marine]— Continued. 

No. 309. — Oc^an Indien — tie de Ceylan. Description des 
B4sses et des dangers qui sont pres de la C6te S.E. de I'lle 
de Ceylan. 8° 1861. 

No. 347. — Campagne de la Cordeliere. Etudes sur I'Ocean 
Indien. Par le Vioomte Fleuriot de Langle. 8° 1862. 

No. 357. — Eenseignements sur la Mer Eouge. Par — La- 
pierre. 8° 1863. 

No. 358. — Pormule g6n6rale pour trouver la Latitude et la 
Longitude par les hauteurs hors du Meridien. Par Louis 
Pagel. 8° 1863. 

No. 359. — Mer de Chine. Eoute de Singapour a Saigon. 8° 


No. 361. — Instructions nautiques sur les Cotes orientales 
de I'Amerique du Sud comprises entre La Plata et le 
Detroit de Magellan. Par E. Hamelin. 8° 1863. 

No. 365, — ^Instruction pour aller cheroher La Barre de 
Bayonne et entrer dans la riviere, ou pour relacher on 
mouiller dans les environs. 8° 1863. 

No. 367. — Les C6tes du Bresil, Description et Instructions 
nautiques. Par E. Mouchez. 2™° Sect. De Bahia a 
Eio Janeiro. Charts. 8° 1864. 

No. 368. — Eapport sur une nouvelle Route pour doubler le 
Cap de Bonne-Esperance, de I'Est a I'Ouest, pendant la 
saison d'hiver, de Mai a Septembre, par — Bridet. Chart. 
8° 1863. 

No. 370. — Meteorologique Nantique. Vents et Courants, 
Eoutes Generales (Maury). Par E. Ploix. Plates and 
Charts. 4° 1863. 

No. 371. — Instructions nautiques sur les Cotes occidentales 
de rAmerique, du Golfe de Penas a la riviere Tumhez. 
Par — MacDermott. 8° 1863. 

No. 373. — Instructions nautiques sur les C6tes Est de la 
Chine, la Mer Jaune, les Golfes de Pe-Chili et de Liau- 
Tung, et la Cote Quest de la Coree (China Pilot.) Par — 
de Vautre & A. Le Gras. 8° 1833. 

No. 379. — Instructions nautiques pour les principaux ports 
de la C6te Est de I'Amerique du Nord. Par — MacDer- 
mott. 8° 1864. 

No. 380. — Manuel de la Navigation dans la Mer des Antilles 
et dans le Golfe du Mexique. Par C. P. de Kerhallet. 
3""° Ptie. 2'°= ed. Maps, etc. 8° 1864. 

FEA 121 

France [DepSt de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 382.— Mer du Nord. 4°»e Ptie. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 


No. 383. — La Loi des Templtes consideree dans ses rapports 
avec les mouvements de rAtmosph^re (Dove). Par A. Le 
Gras. Plates and Charts. 8° 1864. 

No. 384. — Eecherclies snr les Chronometres et les Instru- 
ments Nantiqnes. T^ Cahier. 8° 1864. 

No. 385. — Madagascar (Cote orientale), Partie comprenant 
Tile Fong, Tamatave, Foulepointe, Mahambo, Fenerive, 
Sainte-Marie et Tintingue. Par — Germain. 8° 1861. 

No. 387. — Instruction pour le Micrometre Lugeol a Cadran 
Lorieux. Par J. Bosc. Plates. 8° 1864. 

No. 389. — Instructions nautiques sur les Cotes de Corse. 
Par — Sallot des Noyers. 8° 1866. 

No. 390. — ^Anmiaire des Marees des Cdtes de France pour 
I'an 1866. Par — Gaussin et E. Ploix. 16° 1865. 

No. 393.— Pilote de la Mer Noire. Par H. de la PJanclie. 
Cote d'Asie. Plans and Profiles. 8° 1865. 

No. 396. — Mer de OLine. 1^" Ptie. Instructions nautiques 
sur la C6te Est de la Malaisie, le Golfe de Siam, les 
Cotes de la Cochinchine, le Golfe de Tonquin, et la Cote 
Sud de la Chine. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 1865. 

No. 396. — Eenseignements sur la navigation des Cotes et 
des Eivieres de la Guyane Frangaise. Par E. Gouy. 8° 


No. 398. — Eecherclies sur les Chronometres et les Instru- 
ments Nautiques. &^ Cahier. 8" 1865. 

No. 400. — Supplement au Eoutier de I'Australie, ii. Cote 
Est, Detroit de Torres, et Mer de Corrail. 8° 1865. 

No. 404. — Supplement aux Instructions (No. 373) sur la 
Mer de Chine. 2°^" Ptie. Contenant des Instructions sur 
les C6tes Est de Chine, la Mer Jaune, les Golfes de Pe-Chili 
et de Liau-Tung et la Cote Quest de la Coree (China 
Pilot). Par — Costa. 8° 1866. 

Nob. 406 & 407. — Le Pilote de la Nouvelle-Zelande (Eichards 
& Evans). Par A. Jouan, revue par Sallot des Noyers. 
jtae & 2°"' Pties. Maps. Oblong 12° 1865. 

No. 416. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1867. Par — Gaussin et E. Ploix. 16° 1866. 

No. 420. — Eoutier de I'Australie, Cotes Nord, N. 0., et Quest 
(Yule). Par — Besson. 8° 1866. 

122 FRA 

Prance [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 423 — Note sur les TraTersees de Eetour du Golfe du 
Mexiqiie en France. Par B. F. Grasset. Eoute d'Burope 
an Mexique. 8° 1866. 

No. 426. — ^Mer de Chine. 3""° Ptie. Instructions Nautiques 
snr les lies et les Passages entre les Philippines et le 
Japon et les lies du Japon. Par A. Le Gras. 8°~ 1867. 

No. 430. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1868. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1867. 

No. 432. — Mer de Chine. 5"° Ptie. Instructions nautiques 
sur la Mer du Japon, la Cote Quest du Nippcaj, la C6te 
Est de la Coree et la Cote de Tarfarie, la Ma,m^e de Tar- 
tarie, le Detroit de Tsugar, les lies Kouziles, le Detroit de 
La Perouse, la Mer d'Okhotsk, et la Xamschatka. Par A. 
Le Gras. 8° 1867. 

No. 434. — 2°"' Supplement aux Instructions (No. 873) sur la 
Mer de Chine, 2°* Ptie., contenant des renseignements 
nautiques but la Cote Quest de la Coree et la Eivi^re de 
Beonl, Tecuellis pendant I'exploration faite en Septemhre 
et Qctobre, 1866, par la division navale de Chine sous les 
ordres du C. A. Eoze. Jlfops. 8° 1867. 

No. 435. — Instriictions nautiques sur la Cote occidentale 
d'AMque, coroprenant le Maroc, le Sahara, et la Sene- 
gamhie. Par C. P. de Kerhallet, revues par Le Gras et 
Vallon. Projilea. 8° 1867. 

No. 438. — Pilote de I'lle Vancouver (Eichards). Par 
— Hocquart. 8° 1867. 

No. 439. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1869. Par — Gaussin. 16° ' 1868. 

No. 440. — Pilote de la Cote occidentale de I'Hindostan, 
comprenant la Golfe de Manar, les lies Maldives et 
Laquedives (Taylor). Par J. Lafont. 8° 1868. 

No. 443. — C6te occidentale d'Amerique. Bale de San Fran- 
cisco et Cote au Nord. 8° 1868. 

No. 444. — Instruction pour enter dans le Port d'Alexandrie, 
:6gypte. Par A. Bouquet de la Grye. 8° 1867. 

No. 447. — Mer de Chine. 4"' Ptie. Instructions nautiques 
pour naviguer sur les Cotes Quest et N. 0. de Borneo, 
les detroits de Balabac, les Cotes Quest et Est de Palawan, 
les lies Calamiant'S, le detroit de Mindoro, et les Cotes 
S. Q. et Quest de I'ile Lu^on, suivies d'uno description des 
Bancs de la Mer de Chine. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 1868. 

No. 447 6. — lies Philippines. Eenseignements sur les lies 
de Manille a Ilo-llo, a Zebu, et a Samboangon. 8° 1879. 

FKA 123 

France [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 451. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1870. Par — Ganssin. 16° 1869. 

No. 452. — Description des C6tes du Eoyaume de Portugal. 
Par A. Le Gras. Profiles. 8° 1869. 

No. 456. — Note snr les Sondes faites par de grandes pro- 
fondeurs (Davis), et Determination du diametre de la 
meilleure ligne de Sonde. Par A. Bouquet de la Grye. 
8° 1869. 

No. 461. — Pilote de la Mer Noire. Par H. de Laplanche. 
Cote d'Europe. Plans and Profiles. 8° 1869. 

No. 464. — Pilote des Cotes Quest de Prance. Par A. Bouquet 
de la Grye. I. Partie . comprise entre Penmarc'h et la 
Loire. Plans, etc. 8° 1869. 

No. 470. — Instructions nautiques sur la Cote occidentale 
d'Afrique, comprenant la Cote de Liberia, la Cote d'lvoire, 
la C6te d'Or, la Cote de Batonga, et la Cote du Gabon. 
Par C. P. de Kerballet, revues et oorrigees par A. Le 
Gras. Profiles. 8° 1870. 

JSo. 473. — ^Annuaire des Marees des C6tes de France ponr 
Pan 1871. Far — Gaussin et — BouDlet. 16° 1870. 

No. 474. — Instructions pour na-viguer dans le Canal de 
Bristol (Bedford). Par Paul Martin. 8° 1870. 

No. 477. — Tables pour I'Evaluation des distances en Mer. 
8° 1870, 

No. 478. — Terre Neuve. Supplement aux Instructions 
No. 468 et 469. 8° 1870. 

No. 479.— Cote Est d'Angleterre. 8° 1870. 

No. 480. — Instructions nautiques pour la Cote d'Irlande 
(Hoskin). Par J. Lafont. 8° 1870. 

No. 481. — Pilote de la Manche. Cotes Nord de France. 
Vol. i. De la Pointe de Penmarc'h a I'lle de Bas. 
Par — Thomassin. 8° 1870. 

No. 482. — Instructions pour naviguer dans la Mer Eouge. 
(Moresby & Elwon). Par A. Le Gras. 8° 1870. 

No. 485. — Instructions nautiques sur le Cote occidentale 
d'Afrique, comprenant la Cote de Congo, la Cote d' Angola, 
la Cote de Benguela, et la Colonie du Cap. Par C. P. de 
Kerhallet et A. Le Gras. Profiles. 8° 1871. 

No. 486.— Eoutier de I'Australie. 1*" Ptie. Cote Sud et 
partie de la .C6te Est, detroit de Bass et Tasmanie. 
Par A. Frickmann. I. Comprenant du Cap Leeuwin au 
Cap Schanck. 8° 1871. 

124 FEA 

Prance [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 488. — Mer de Chine. 4™ Ptie. Supplement No. iii. a 
rinstruction No. 447. 8» 1871. 

No. 489. — Mer de Chine. 3"°° Ptie. Supplement No. viii. a 
rinstruction No. 426. lies du Japon. 8° 1871. 

No. 490. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
ranl872. Par — Gaussin et — Bouillet. 16° 1871. 

No. 491. — Instructions nautiques pour la Cote d'Irlande. 
1^'« Ptie. Par H. de Laplanche. 8° 1871. 

No. 493. — Ocean Pacifique Nord. Eenseignements sur les lies 
Havaii ou Sandwich, et le groupe d'llots et Kochers qui 
est dans le N. 0. Par A. Frickmann. 8° 1871. 

No. 494.— Eoutier de I'Australie. 1''^ ptie. Cote Sud et 
partie de la C6te Est, detroit de Bass et Tasmanie. Par 
'ij. Frickmann. II. Comprenant du Cap Schanck au Port 
JacksoD. 8° 1871. 

No. 495. — ]fctude sur les Embouchures du Nil et sur les 
changements qui s'y sont produits dans les demiers 
Siecles, d'apres une reconnaissance hydrographique 
executee en 1860. Par E. Larousse. Charts. 8° 1871. 

No. 499. — Instructions nautiques sur la Cote du Perou. 
Par F. Chardonneau. 8" 1872. 

No. 500. — Instructions pour na\iguer dans le Detroit de 
Magellan et les Canaux conduisant au Golfe de Penas 
(Mayne). Par E. Talpomba et E. de Lapierie. 8° 1872. 

No. 601. — Cote occidentale de I'Amerique du Nord. Cotes 
de Californie. Instructions pour la navigation sar la 
Cote de Californie, de la Bale San Diego a la Bale San 
Francisco. Par A. Frickmann. 8° 1872. 

No. 502. — Cotes de I'Oregon et du Territoire de "Washington, 
de la Bale Pelican a I'entree du detroit de Juan de Fuca. 
Par A. Frickmann. 8° 1872. 

No. 505. — Kecherches sur les Chronometres et les Instru- 
ments nautiques. 9°'° Cahier. 8° 1872. 

No. 506. — Memoire sur les Marees de la Basse Cochinchine. 
ParG. Heraud. Plate. 8° 1873. 

No. 508. — Le Kattegat, Le Sund, et les Belts. Par A. Le 
Gras. Profiles. 8" 1873. 

No. 509. — Instructions pour naviguer sur les Cotes de I'ile 
Eeine-Charlotte et d' Alaska, dans les iles Aleoutiennes, 
U Mer de Behring, et le detroit de Behring. Par le 
Vicomte De la Tour du Pin. 8° 1873. 

PEA 125 

France [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 510. — Instructions pour navigner sur la C6te occidentale 
d'Angleterre, de Milford Haven a la Mull of Galloway, y 
compris I'lle de Man. Par A. Frickmann. 8° 1873. 

No. 611. — Pilote des C6tes Onest de France. Par A. Bouquet 
de la Grye. II. Partie comprise entre la Loire et la 
Bidassoa ; et Cote Nord d'Espagne jusques et y compris 
Saint-Sebastien. Plans, etc. 8° 1873. 

No. 513. — Nouvelle Classification des Nuages, suivie d'ln- 
structions pour servir a I'observation des Nuages et des 
courants atmospheriques. Par A. Posy. 8° 1873. 

No. 515. — Catalogue chronologique des Cartes, Plans, Vues 
de Cotes, Memoires, Instructions nautiques, etc., qui com- 
posent I'Hydrographie FranQaise. 8° 1873. 

No. 516. — Des Vents et des Coups de Vent observes dans 
r Atlantique Nord sur les des B4timents a Vapeur, 
allant de La Manche a New York et vice versa. Par le 
Vioomte De la Tour du Pin. 8° 1873. 

No. 518. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1874. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1873. 

No. 519. — Annuaire des Marees de la Basse Cochincbine 
pour I'an 1874. Par G. Heraud. 16° 1873. 

No. 521. — Eoutier de I'Australie, Cote Est d'Australie. 
Pt. 2. Vol. i. Par A. Le Gras. 8° 1873. 

No. 522. — Instructions nautiques sur les Cotes du Cbili et 
de la Bolivie. Par F. Cbardonneau. 8° 1873. 

No. 524. — Les Cotes du Bresil, Description et Instructions 
nautiques. I''™ Section : Du Cap San Eoque a Babia. 
Par E. Moucbez. 8° 1874. 

No. 525. — Pilote de la Mancbe. Cotes Nord de France. 
Par — Tbomassin. 2™° Ptie. De I'lle de Bas aux Heaux 
de Brebat. 8° 1874. 

No. 526. — Note sur la regulation des Compas par des obser- 
vations de force horizontale. Par E. Caspari. 8° 1873. 

No. 528. — Instructions nautiques sur les cotes de I'^^quateur 
et des !6tats-Unis de Colombie, d'apres les Capitaines 
Kellett et de Eosenooat. Par F. Cbardonneau. 8° 1874. 

No. 529. — Eecberches hydrograpbiques sur la regime des 
C6te8. 1»' Cabier (1838-1858) 4° 1874. 

No. 530. — Notes sur la forme des Cyclones dans I'Ocean 
Indien, etc. (Meldrum.) 8° 1874. 

126 EEA 

Prance [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 531. — Annuaire des Mar6es des Cotes de Trance pour 
I'an 1875. Par — Gaussin. 16" 1874. 

No. 532. — Meteorologie nautique. Vents et Courants, routes 
generales, extrait des Sailing Directions de Maury et des 
travaux les plus recents. Par C. Ploix et E. Caspari. 
4° 1874. 

No. 634. — Instructions Nautiques. Cote Quest d'Ecosse tra- 
duit de I'Anglais, etc. 2'"'> Ptie. Par L. de la Chau- 
■vinifere. 8° 1874. 

No. 535. — Eoutier de lAustralie, C6te Est d'Anstralie, 
detroit de Torres, et mer de Oorail, revu et complete 
jusqu'en 1874. 2"° Ptie. ii. Comprenant le detroit de 
Torres, La Mer de Corail, la Cote Sud de la Nouvelle- 
Guinee, et lArchipel de la Louisiade. Par A. Le Gras. 
8° 1874. 

No. 537. — Pilote de La Guadeloupe. Par E. Ploix. Charts 
and Profiles. 8° 1875. 

No. 538. — Ocean Pacifique. ' Eenseignements sur les Arclii- 
pels Marshall et Gilbert. Par A. Le Gras. 8° Paris, 1875. 

No. 541. — Annuaire des marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1876. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1875. 

No. 542. — Mer des Antilles et Golfe du Mexique. 2°" 
Ptie. Comprenant les petites Antilles, les grandes An- 
tilles, les lies et les bancs de Bahama, les Hecifs de la 
Eloride et les Bermudes. 2" et 3° parties du Manuel de 
la navigation dans la mer des Antilles, par A. Le Gras. 
8" Paris, 1875. 

No. 546. — Mer, Mediterranee, Cotes Sud et Sud-est d'Es- 
pagne, lies Baleares. 8° 1875. 

No. 547. — Annuaire des Marees de la Basse Cochinchine 
pour I'an 1876. 16« 1875. 

No. 548. — Mer Baltique. Cote de Prusse, de Memel a Dar- 
serort. Plates. 8° 1875. 

No. 549.— Mer de Chine. 3""= Ptie. Le Seto tltchi, Mer 
interieure du Japon et ses approches. Par A. Banare. 8° 


No. 550. — Pilote des Cotes Sud de France. Par A. Germain. 
8° Plates oblong 8° 1876. 

No. 552. — Pilote de la Manche, C6tes nord de France. 3°" 
Ptie. Des Heaux de Brehat au Cap de la Hague. Par 
— Thomassin. 8° 1876. 

FEA 127 

France [DepSt de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 553. — SuppMment a I'lnstruction No. 421. Afrique. 
Cote Sud et Est. 8° . 1875. 

No. 554. — Pilote des Cotes Nord de France. I. Cherbourg 
au Havre. Par — Estignard. Plates. 8° 1875. 

No. 555. — Annuaire des Marees des C6tes de France pour 
I'aa 1877. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1876. 

No. 556. — Recherciies sur les Chronometres et les Instru- 
ments nautiques. lO""' CaMer. 8° 1876. 

No. 558.— Mer du Nord. 3"» Ptie. Cotes Est d'Angle- 
terre. 8° 1876. 

No. 560. — Annuaire des Marees de la Basse Cochinchine 
pour I'an 1877. 16° 1876. 

No. 561. — Eecherches sur les Chronometres et les Instru- 
ments nautiques. 11"= Cahier. 8° 1876. 

No. 563.— Mer Mediterranee. Par J. S. Bayot. 8° 1876. 

No. 564.— Mer des Antilles et Golfe du Mexique. 1*" 
Ptie. Par A. Sallot des Noyers. 8° 1876. 

No. 565. — Supplement a I'lnstruction No. 352, Cotes Sud et 
Est d' Afrique. 8° 1876. 

No. 566. — Supplement a I'lnstruction No. 363, Labiador, 
C6te Nord-Est. 8° 1876. 

No. 568. — Supplement aux Instructions No. 468 et 469, Terre- 
Neuve. Cotes Est et Sud. 8° 1876. 

No. 569. — Eecherches Meleoiologiques. No. 1. Geographie 
physique de la partie 6quatoriale de I'ocean Atlantique 
(Toynbee). Par C. Ploix. Charts. 4° 1877. 

No. 570. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an ] 878, par — Gaussin et — Hatt. 16° 1877. 

No. 572. — Eecherches hydrographiques sur le Eegime des 
Cotes. 2"" Cahier (1858-1863). Maps. 4° 1877. 

No. 673. — Supplement a I'lnstruction No. 361. Eenseigne- 
ments sur la Cote Nord du Golfe Saint-Georges (Patagonie). 
Par J. B. Olry. 8° 1877. 

No. 674. — Guyane Fran^aise et Fleuve des Amazones. 8° 


No. 575. — Supplement aux Instructions No. 521, 635, 420, 
486, Cotes Est, Nord, Nord-Ouest, et Sud de I'Australie. 
8° 1877. 

128 PEA 

France [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 576. — ^Eecherches hydrographiques snr le Eegime des 
Cotes. 7""' Cahier. Eapport sur la reconnaissance de 
Boulogne. Par E. Ploix (1876). Charts and Plates. 4° 


No. 578. — Eecherches hydrographiqiies sur le Eegime des 
Cotes. S-"' Cahier (1864-1866). 4" 1877. 

No. 679. — Eechercbes hydrographiques sur le Eegime des 
Cfites. 6"° CaMer. i^tude hydrographique de la bale de 
la Eochelle, etc. Par A. B. de la Grye. Maps and Plates. 
4° 1877. 

No. 580. — Annuaire des Marees de la Basse Cochincliine et 
du Tong-Kin pour I'an 1878. 16° 1877. 

No. 682. — Eecterches hvdrograpliiques sur le Eegime des 
Odtes. 4°'» Cahier (1867-1870). Charts. 4° 1877. 

No. 683. — Ocean Indien. Golfe du Bengale, depuis la Pointe 
de Galle jusqu'a la Tete d'Achem. Par — Weyl. 8° 


No. 584. — Mer de Chine. 3™ Ptie. Instructions nautiques 
pour les lies et les Passages entre les Philippines et le 
Japon, et les lies du Japon, comprenant Formose, les 
lies Low Chow, les Mariannes, les Pelew, les lies Bonin, 
les cotes Sud, Est, et Quest des lies Kiusiu et Nipon. Par 
A. Le Gras. 8° 1877. 

No. 685. — Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1879. Par — Gaussin et — Hatt. 16° 1878. 

No. 686. — Mer Mediterranfie. Golfe de Genes, Cotes Quest 
et Sud d'ltalie (de la frontiere de France a Brindisi) 8° 


No. 588. — Eecherches sur les Chronometres et les Listru- 
ment nautiques. 12"° Cahier. 8° 1878. 

No. 589, — Annuaire des Marees de la Basse Cochinchine et 
du Tong-Kin pour I'an 1879. 16° 1878. 

No. 591. — Eecherches hydrographiques sur le regime des 
Cotes. 8™ Cahier. Eapport sur la reconnaissance 
hydrographique de 1875 a I'embouchure de la Seine, par 
— Bstignard. Charts. 4° 1878. 

No. 592. — Instiuction sur les Cartes pour la navigation par 
I'arc de grand Cercle. Par — Hilleret. 8° 1878. 

No. 693. — Instructions sur les Cotes d'Espagne et de 
Portugal, de la Corogne au Cap Trafalgar. Par A. Le 
Gras. 8° 1878. 

FRA. 129 

France [Depot de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 597. — Anmiaire des Maries des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1880. Par — Gaussin et — Hatt. 16° 1879. 

No. 598. — Eecherches hydrographiques sur le regime des 
Cotes. 9°'° Cahier. Eeconnai<sance de rEmbouohure de 
la Gironde en 1874, per L, Manen, E. Larousse, E. Caspari, 
et — Hamisse. 4" 1878, 

No. 599. — Instructions nautiques sur lee Cotes Quest du 
Centre-Amerique et du Mexique. Par A. Pailhfia. 8° 


No. 600. — Annuaire des Courants de Maree de la Manche 
pour I'an- 1879. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1879. 

No. 602 6 — Ocean Pacifique Sud, Les lies Salomon ; No. 602 c, 
Nouvelles Hebrides, lies Banks et Arohipel de Santa 
Cruz ; No. 602 d, lies Wallis. 8° 1879. 

No. 603. — Instructions nautiques sur les lies du Cap Vert. 
Par C. P. de Eerhallet et A. Le Gras. Profiles. 8° 


No. 604. — Annuaire des Mar6es de la Basse Coobinchine et 
du Tong-Kin pour I'an 1880. 16° 1879. 

No. 606. — Patagonie. Detroit de Magellan et Canaux 
lat^raux, Cap Horn et Terre de Feu. Par P. Cave. 8° 


No. 607. — .Jlenseignements nautiques sur quelques lies 
eparses de I'Ocean Indien Sud, Prince !^douard, Crozet, 
Kerguelen, MacDonald, Eodriguez, Maurice, La Eeunion, 
Saint-Paul et Amsterdam, Les Seycbelles, Madagascar et 
Maygtte. 8° 1879. 

No. 608. — Instructions nautiques sur les C6tes de I'Alg^rie. 
Par M. le Contre-Amiral Moucbez. 8° 1879. 

No. 609. — Notice Meteorologique sur les Mers comprises 
entre la Chine et le Japon. Par J. Eevertegat. Charts. 4° 


No. 615. — Annuaire des Courants de Maree de La Mancbe 
pour I'an 1880. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1880. 

No. 616. — -Annuaire des Marees des Cotes de France pour 
I'an 1881. Par — Gaussin. 16° 1880. 

No. 617. — Annuaire des Maries de la Basse Cocbincbine et 
et du Tong-Kin pour I'an 1881. Par G. Heraud. 16° 


No. 619. — ^Pilote de la Mancbe. Cotes Nurd de France. 
Par E. de Courtbille et F. Hedouin. i. 8° 1880. 


130 FKA— FEE 

Prance [Dep6t de la Marine] — Continued. 

No. 622. — Bassin Oriental de la Mer Mediterranee. 2"°° Ptie. 
Tripoli, :6gypte (de I'lle Djerbah a El-Arish). 8° 1880. 

No. 623. — Pilote de la Manche, Cotes Nofd de Trance, 
ii. 8° 1880. 

Pranoq, F. de. De la formation et de la repartition des reliefs 
terrestres. MSS. 4° 1856. 

Franklin, [Captn.J J. Narrative of a seeond expedition to the 
shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1826, 1826, and 1827. 
Including an account of the progress of a detachment to the 
eastward by John Richardson. Maps & Plates. 4° 1828. 

Fraser, T. Notes on Individual Equipment for the East. Erom 
personal experience. 8° 1878. 

■ W. On Hy Brasil, a traditional island off the West coast 

of Ireland, plotted in a MS. map, written by Sieur Tassin, 
Geographer Eoyal to Louis XIII. Map. Sm. 8" 1879. 

Freeden, W. von. Siebenter Jahres-Bericht der Deutschen 
Seewarte fiir das Jahr 1874. Sq. 8° Hamburg. 

See also Arctic. 

Freese, A. G. F. Eeise Handbnch durch Schweden nnd Nor- 
wegen. Map. 12° Berlin, 1844. 

Frere, A. M. [Mrs. Godfrey Clerk]. The Antipodes and Eonnd 
the World, or, Travels in Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, 
China, Japan, and California. Plates. 8° 1870. 

[Sir] H. Bartle. See Africa, East Coast, Kurraohee. 

Freshfield, D. W. Italian Alps. Sketches, in the mountains of 
Ticino, Lombardy, the Trentino and Venetia. Map & Plates. 
Sm. 8° 1875. 

Freycinet, Louis de. Yoyage antour du Monde, entrepris par 
Ordre du Eoi . . . execute sur les corvettes de S. M. ' i'Uranie ' et 
'la Physicienne,' pendant les annees 1817, 1818, 1819, et 1820, 
etc. 9 vols. 4°, and 4 fo. Paris, 1826-44. 

Contents : — 

HiSTOBiQUE. 2 vols, in 3, 4°, 1827-39, and Atlas, Fo., 1825. 

ZooLOGiE (By J. E. C. Quoy & P. Gaimard). 4°, and Atlaa, Fo. 1824. 

BoTANiQUB (By 0. Gaudiohaud). 4°, and Atlas, Fo. 1826. 

Observations du Peudule. 4° 1826. 

Magnetisme terrestre. 4° 1842. 

Meteorologie. 4° 1844. 

Navigation et Hydrographie. 4°, and Atlas, Fo. 1826. 

FEE— GAB 131 

Frezier, — . A Voyage to the Soutli Sea and along the Coasts of 
Chili and Peru, in the years 1712, 1713, and 1714 . . . witli a 
postscript by Dr. Edmund Halley, and an account of the 
Settlement, Commerce, and riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay. 
Maps d Plates. Sm. 4° 1717. 

Friederich, A. C. A. Historisch-geographisehe Darstellung Alt- 
und Neu-Polens. Maps. 8° Berlin, 1839. 

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in Central Amerika. 8° Hamburg, 1877. 

Friend, 0. Notes of an excursion from the Banks of the Atrato 
to the Bay of Cupica, on the coast of the Pacific, in the year 
1827. 8<> [1853.] 

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Map & Plates. 12° Paris, 1876. 

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Notizen des Tagebuchs zusammengestellt. Coloured plates. 
8° Breslau, 1868. 

Die Eingeborenen Siid-Afrika's, ethnographisch und ana- 

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Breslau, 1872. 

K. von. Eeisebilder von den Canarischen Inseln. Maps. 

4° QotJia, 1867. 

-, Reiss, W., & Stubel, A. Santorin. The Kaimeni 

Islands. Maps & Photographs. 4° 1867. 

Frobisher, M. See Hakluyt See. Publ. v., xxxviii. 

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y litteratura. CoUeccion de Escritos del anterior y presente 
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Mercurio Peruano, 1) ; ii. (do 2); iii. (do. 3). 12° 

Lima, 1861. 

Lima, or Sketches of the Capital of Peru, Historical, Statis- 

tical, Administrative, Commercial and Moral. Plates & 
Portraits. 8° Paris, 1866. 

Fytche, [Col.] Albert. Narrative of the Mission to Mandalay in 
1867. [India Office Eep.] Eo. Rangoon, 1867. 

Burma past and present, with personal reminiscences of 

the Country. 2 vols. Map & Plates. 8« 1878. 


Gabb, W. M. On the Indian Tribes and languages of Costa 
Eica. 8° Philadelphia, 1875, 

See also California. 

K 2 












132 GAD— GAI 

Gadsby, John. My wanderings. Being travels in the East in 
1846-47, 1850-51, 1852-53. 2 vols. Map. Sm. 8° 1864-5. 

Gafifarel, P. Les Colonies Fran^aises. 8° Paris, 1880. 

Gaimard, Paul. Voyage en Islande et an Groenland execute 
pendant les Annees 1835 et 1836 sur la Corvette ' La Eeoherche,' 
command6e par M. Trehouart, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, dans 
le but de decouvrir les traces de ' La Lilloise ' : publie par ordre 
du Eoi, sous la direction de M. Paul Gaimard, President de la 
Commission scientifique d'Islande et de Groenland. 8 vols. 
8°, 1 sm. 4°, 2 imp. fo. Paris, 1838-52. 

Contents : — 

Paul Gaimakd. Hiatoire du Voyage. Vol. i. 
EuG&NE EoBEBT. do. do. Vol. ii. 

EogJinb Mequet. Journal du Voyage. 8° 
Xatebb Mabmieb. Histoire de I'lslande. 8° 

Litterature Islandaise. 8° 

ViOTOE LoTTiN. Physique. 8° 

E. KoBEET. Mineralogie et Geologie. 8° 

do. do. Atlas. Sm. 4° 

Zoologie et M^decine. 8° 

Atlas historique [1 and 2 in one]. Imp. fo. 

Atlas zoologique, medical, et geographique. Imp. fo. 

Voyages de la Commission Scientifique du Nord en 

Scandinavie, en Laponie, au Spitzberg, et aux Feroe, pendant 
les Annees 1838, 1839 et 1840, sur la Corvette ' La Eecherche,' 
commandee par M. Fabvre, Lieutenant de Vaisseau : publies 
par ordre du Eoi sous la direction de M. Paul Gaimard, Pre- 
sident de la Commission scientifique, du Nord. 16 vols. 8° 
3 fo. Paris, [n. d.] 

Contents : — 

Xaviee Mabmieb. Belation du Voyage. 2 vols. Frontispiece, 8° 

Histoire de la Scandinavie. 8° 

Littdratuie Soandinave. 8° 

C. Martins, J. Vahl, L. L. L^sistadius, A. Bbavais, J. Duboohbb, 
P. A. Siljestbom, G. Boeok, & B. Kobebt. Geographic 
physique, Geographic botanique, Botanique, et Physiologie. 
2 vols. 8° 
E. Eobket. Geologie, Mineralogie, et Metallurgie. 8° 
J. Dueocheb. Geologie, Mineralogie, Me'tallurgie et Chimie. 8° 
V. LoTTiN, A. Beatais, C. B. Lilliehook, p. A. Siljestbom, 
E. G. Metee, J. De Laeoohe-Poncie, Le Oapitaine Faiivbe et 
LES OPFtciEEs DE LA CoBVETTE ' La Keoheeohb.' MagDetismc 
terrestre. 3 vols. 8° 
V. LoTTiN, A. Bravais, G. B. Lilliehook, P. A. Siljestbom, 
C. Maetins, J. De Laboohe-Ponoie, L. L. LasTADins, & 
E. Potties. Metcorologie. 3 vols. 8° 
V. Lottin, a. Bravais, C. B. Lilliehook, & P. A. Siljestbom. 
Auroras Bore'ales. 8° 

GAI— GAL 133 

Gaimard, Paul — Continued. 

V. LoTTiN, A. Bravais, 0. B. LillibhSok, J. De Laeoohe-Ponoie, et 
LES OpFICIERS de LA OoEVETTB ' La Beobebche,' ABtTonomie et 
Hydrographie. 8° 

Atlas historique et pittoresque. 2 vols. Imp. fo. 

Atlas de Physique, de Gdologie, & de Zoologie. Imp. fo. 

Galiano, Pelayo Alcald.. Memoria sobre la situacion de Santa 
Cruz de Mar Pequena en la Costa Noroeste de Africa. 8° 

Madrid, 1878. 

Memoria sobre Santa Cruz de Mar Pequena y las Pesque- 

rias en la Costa Noroeste de Africa. Ma^s. 8° • 

Madrid, 1879. 

Mas Consideraciones sobre Santa Cruz de Mar Pequena. 

Map. 8° Madrid, 1879. 

Gallenga, A. The Pearl of the Antilles. 12° 1873. 

Gallicia. See Poettjgal. 

Gallo, L. Storia del Cristianesimo nell' Tmpero Barmano, preoe- 
duta dalle Notizie del Paese. 3 vols, (forming vols. 18, 19 
and 20 of the " CoUezione di Vite dei piii distinti Eeligiosi 
del la congregazione dei chierici EE. di S, Paoli detti Barna- 
biti"). 12° Milano, 1S62. 

v. Trattato di Navigazione. 2 vols. 8° Trieste, 1851. 

Gallon, Francis. Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 
1800. Maps. 8° London & Cambridge, 1861. 

Contents : — 

Clabk, W. Gr. Naples and Garibaldi. 

Spottiswoode, Gc. a. a Tour in civil and military Croatia and 

through part of Hungary. 
E. D. Sclavonic races. 

G. H. K. A gossip on a Sutherland Hill-side. 
BowEN, C. C. A visit to Peru. 
CowELL, J. J. Graian Alps and Mount Iseran. 
Stephen, [Eev.] L. The AUelein-Hom. 
Hawkins, F. V. Partial ascent of Mont Cervia (Matterhorn). 
Ttndall, J. From Lauterbrunnen to the .SIggischhorn by the Lau- 

winen-Thor in one day. 
Clark, J. W. Journal of a Yacht Voyage to the Faroe Islands and 

Tozer, H. F. Norway. 

Galton, F. a visit to North Spain at the time of the Eclipse. 
Noel, [Hon.] B. Syrian travel, and Syrian tribes. 

Do. in 1861. Maps. 8° 1862. 

Contents: — 

Weir, [Rev.] A. St. Petersburg and Moscow. 
Marshall, W. The Country of Schamyl. 

134 GAL— GAN 

Galton, Francis — Continued. 

TozEB, H. F. The Monks of Mount Athoa. 

Young, [Eev.] C. The Amazon and Kio Madeira. 

CoLLiNSON, R. Nine weeks in Canada. 

SoLATBB, P. L. A Naturalist's Impressions of Spain. 

Geikie, a. Geological Notes on Auvergne. 

Seeiiaiik, B. Fiji and its inhabitants. 

Ddebamt, W. The Kru Coast, Cape Palmas and the Niger. 

Gbote, G. Nabloos and the Samaritans. 

J. M. Christmas in Montenegro. 

On Stereoscopic Maps, taken from models of mountainous" 

countries. Photograph. 8° 1865. 

See also Transactions [E. G. S.]. 

Grama e Silva, L. da. Do Amazonas ao Oyapock. Belatorio 
da Commissao ao norte da Costa da provincia do Para. 8° 

Para, 1877. 

Gama, Vasoo da. Eeproduction in photo-lithography of a letter 
in Portuguese from Godinho de Oredia, referring to the death 
of Vasco da Gama. ^ {^Lisbon, n. d.] 

Vlamisches Tagebuch iiber Vasco da Gama's zweite Eeise 

1502-1503. Herausgegeben von H. G. G. Stier. 12° 

Braunschweig, 1880. 

See also Berjeau, and Hakluyt See. Pcbl. xlii. 

Gamazoff, M. Notes of a voyage in Turkey and Persia 
(1848-52) by the late General Tchirikoff, Eussian Commis- 
bioner for delfining the Turco-Persian boundary. [In Eussian.] 
Map. 8" St. 'Petersburg, 1875. 

Gamba [Chev.]. Voyage dans la Eussie meridionale, et particu- 
liferement dans les provinces situees au dela dii Caucase, fait 
dopuis 1820 jusqu'en 1824. 2 vols. Maps. 8° Paris, 1826. 

Gambia River. Correspondence respecting the limits of British 
jurisdiction in the river Gambia. [P^rly. Eep.] To. 1877. 

Gamble, J. G. See Cape of Good Hope. 

Gam.well, S. 0. British Association for the Advancement of 
Science. Meeting at Swansea, 1880. The Official Guide and 
Handbook to Swansea and its District. Map. 12° 

Swansea, 1880. 

Ganeval, A. La France dans I'Europe Commerciale et Indus- 
trielle. 12° Lyon, 1875. 

Gannett, H. On the arable and pasture lands of Colorado. 8° 

Washington, 1878. 

Ganot, — . Elementary treatise on Physics experimental and 
applied. Translated by E. Atkinson. 7th edn. Plates. 8° 


GAN— GAW 135 

Ganzenmiiller, K. Tibet, nach den Eesiiltaten geographisoher 
Forschungen friiherer und nenester Zeit (mit einer Einleitung 
von H. von Schlagintweit-Sakiinlunski). 8° Stuttgart, 1878. 

Garcia y Cubas, A. Memoria para servir a la Carta General de 
la Eepublica Mexicana. Maps. 8° Mexico, 1861. 

y Garcia, A. Derrotero de la Costa del Peru. 2nd edn. 

8° Lima, 1870. 

J. A. Eelaciones de los Vireyes del Nnevo Eeina de 

Granada, ahora Estados unidos de Venezuela, Estados nnidos 
de Colombia y Ecuador. 8° Nueva York, 1869. 

El Monitor Eebelde ' Huascar,' i sus inoidentes juzgados con- 
forme a la autoridad de la Ciencia, de la Lei, i de la Jurispru- 
dencia internacional. 8° Lima, 1877. 

Gardiner, Allen F. Narrative of a journey to the Zoolu Country 
in South Africa, undertaken in 1835. Maps and coloured 
Plates. 8" 1836. 

Gardner, G. Travels in the Interior of Brazil, principally 
through the Northern Provinces, and the Gold and Diamond 
districts during the years 1836-1841. Plate. 8° 1846. 

Garneau, F. X. Histoire du Canada depuis sa decouverte 
jusqu'a nos jours. 3 vols. 8° Quebec, 1852. 

Garner, Robert. The Natural History of the County of Stafford ; 
comprising its geology, zoology, botany, and meteorology ; 
also its antiquities, topography, manufactures, etc. Plates. 8° 


Garnier, F. Notice sur le Voyage d' Exploration effectue en 
Indo-Chine par une Commission fran^aise pendant les annees 
1866-67-68. Map. 8» Paris, 1869. 

Note sur I'exploration du Cours du Cambodge par une Com- 
mission scientifique frangaise. Map. 8° Paris, 1869. 

Voyage d'Exploration en Indo-Chine effectue pendant les 

anndes 1866, 1867 et 1868, etc. 2 vols. 4° Maps & Plates, 
& Atlas fo. Paris, 1873. 

Gastrell, J. E. See India, Surveys, [Eevenue]. 

Gatschet, A. S. Analytical Eeport upon Indian dialects spoken 
in Southern California, Nevada, and on the Lower Colorado 
Eiver. 8° Washington, 1876. 

The numeral adjective in the Klamath Language of 

Southern Oregon. 8° [n. p., n. d.] 

Gaume, — . See Horner. 

Gawler, J. C. Sikhim. With hints on Mountain and Jungle 
Warfare. Map & Plates. 9>° 1873. 

136 GAY— GEO 

Gay, J. Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs a I'Afrique et a 
I'Arabie. Catalogue methodique, etc. 8° San Bemo, 1876. 

Gayangos, Fascaal de. Cartas y relaciones de Heman Cort6s 
al Emperador Carlos V. 8° Paris, 1866. 

See also Hakluyt Soc. Pdbl. xl. 

Geary, G. Through Asiatic Turkey. Narrative of a Journey 
from Bombay to the Bosphorus. 2 vols. Map & Plates. 
Sq. 8° 1878. 

Geiger, J. L. A Peep at Mexico : narrative of a Journey across 
the Eepublic from the Pacific to the Gulf in December 1873 
and January 1874. Maps & Plwtographs. 8° 1874. 

Geikie, A. Outlines of the geology of the BrisLih Isles. 12° 

Edinburgh, 1864. 

The Scenery of Scotland viewed in connexion -with its 

Physical Geology.. Maps & Illustrations. 12° 

London arid Cambridge, 1865. 

Elementary Lessons in Physical Geography. Maps. 12° 


See also Galton [Vacation Tourists], Muechison. 

J. The Great Ice Age and its Belatiou to the Antiquity 

of Man. Maps. 8° 1874. 

Gens [Major]. See Baee & Helmkrsen, ii. 

Geoflfroy, L. Memoir and Notice explanatory of a chart of Mada- 
gascar and the North-eastern Archipelago of Mauritius. Map. 
4° 1819. 

Geographical Dictionary. Historical Anecdotes, Tables of 
population of England and Wales, Coins, Introduction on 
Newtonian System, etc. 3rd edn. Maps. 12° 1804. 

Diotionnaire de Geographic ancienne et moderne a I'usage 

du Libraire et de 1' Amateur de livres. 4° Paris, 1870. 

Memoirs. A collection of 16 vols. 8° and 2 vols. 

4° [Mr. Kenneth Murchison], containing 202 miscellaneous 
articles on Geography and allied subjects, in different lan- 
guages and of various dates, from 1825 to 1864. 

Geography. A compendious geographical and historic >1 Gram- 
mar ; exhibiting a brief survey of the Terraqueous Globe . . . 
and also a concise view of the political history of the several 
Empires, Kingdoms, and States. Maps. 16° 1795. 

George, C. Description of a self-replenishing Artificial Horizon. 
8° 1876. 

Description of an improved double Sextant. Plate. 8° 


Description of a Mercurial Barometer. 8° 1876. 

GEO— GIL 137 

Georgii, Ludwig. Alte GeograpMe, beleuchtet durch Geschichte, 
Sitten, Sagen der Volker, und mit vergleiohenden Beziehtmgen 
auf die neuere Lander- und Volkerkunde. 8° 
\ Stuttgart; 1838-40. 

Germain^ A. Note sur Zanzibar et la cote orientals d'Afrique. 
8° [Paris, 1868.] 

Quelques mots sur I'Oman et le Sultan de Maskate. 8° 

[Paris, 1868.] 

Gerritsz, Hessel. The Arctic North-East and West Passage. 
Detectio Freti Hudsoni, or Hessel Gerritsz's Collection of 
Tracts b.y himself, Massa, and De Quir on the N.E. and "W. 
passage, Siberia, and Australia. Eeproduced, with the Maps. 
in Photo-lithography, in Dutch and Latin after the editions of 
1612 and 1613. Augmented with a new English translation 
by F. J. Millard and an Essay on the origin and design of this 
Collection by S. MuUer. Ma^s. Sq. 8" Amsterdam, 1878. 

Gertsfeldt, — von. See Baee & Helmeesen, xxiv. 

Gesner, A. New Brunswick ; with Notes for Emigrants. Com- 
prehending the eaily history, an account of the Indiaas, 
Settlement, Topography, Statistics, Commerce, Timber, Manu- 
factures, Agriculture, Fisheries, Geology, Natural History, 
Social and political State, Immigrants, and contemplated rail- 
ways of that Province. 8° 1847. 

Gibbs, A., and Myers, W. I. Peruvian and Bolivian Guano : its 
nature, properties, and results. 8° 1844. 

Giedroye [Prince] Romuald. Eesum6 de I'Histoire du Portugal 
au XIX= SiSele. 8° Paris, 1875, 

Giglioli, E. H. Viaggio intorno al Globo della E. Pirocorvetta 
Italiana ' Magenta ' negli Anni 1865-66-67-68. Eelazione des- 
crittiva e scientifica. Con una Introduzione Etnologica di Paolo 
Mantegazza. Majps & Photographs. 4° Milano, 1875. 

Studi suUa razza Negrita. Plate. 8° Firenze, 1876. 

II Brasile nel 1876. 8° Firenze, 1877. 

Gilbert. Gvilielmi Gilberti Colcestrensis, medici Londinensis, de 
Magneto, magneticisque corporibus, et de magno Magnate 
Tellure, Physiologia noua, plurimis & argumentis & expeii- 
mentis demonstrata. Plates. Sm. Fo. 1600. 

J., and Churchill, G. O. The Dolomite Mountains. 

Excursions through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli in 
1861, 1862, and 1863. Maps and coloured Plates. 8° 1864. 

Giles, Ernest. Diary of Exploratioas in Central Australia, Aug. 
to Nov. 1872. Fo. Adelaide. 

— '- See also Ausi'Ralia, South. 

138 GIL— GIO 

Giles, Ernest — Continued. Geographic Travels in Central, Australia 
from 1872 to 1874. Map. 8° Melbourne, 1875. 

The Journal of a Forgotten Expedition. Map. 8° 

Adelaide, 1880. 

H. A. From Swatow to Canton (Overland). 8° 

Shanghai, 1877. 

Gill [Mrs.]. Six Months in Ascension. An unscientific Account 
of a Scientific Expedition. Map. Sq. 8° 1878. 

[Capt.J W. The Eiver of Golden Sand. The Narrative 

of a Journey through China and Eastern Tihet to Burmah. 
With an introductory Essay by Colonel Heury Tule. 2 vols. 
Maps & Plates. 8° 1880. 

[Rev.] W. Wyatt. New Guinea revisited. A supple- 
ment to Mr. M'Farlane's papers in the April, May, and June 
Numbers of the " Sunday Magazine," 1874. [August No. 
1874 of same Magazine]. 8° 

Papers on New Guinea in " The Leisure Hour." 8° 1875. 

Nos. I. II. August, pp, 632, 548. 
III. September, p. 571. 

Life in the Southern Isles ; or Scenes and Incidents in the 

South Pacific and New Guinea. Map & Plates. 12" 1876. 

Tristan D'Acunha. 8° 1877. 

Historical sketches of Savage Life in Polynesia ; with 

illustrative clan songs. 8° Wellington, 1880. 

Gillieron, J. Petit Atlas Phon6tique du Valais Eoman (Sud du 
Ehone). Oblong 12° Paris [n. d.] 

Gillmore, Parker. The Great Thirst Land : a ride through 
Natal, Orange Free State, Transvaal, and Kalahari Desert. 
Plate. 8° [1878.] 

Gilly, W. S. Narrative of an Excursion to the Mountains of 
Piemont in the year mdcccxxtii, and researches among the 
Vaudois, or Waldenses, Protestant inhabitants of the Cottian 
Alps. 4th edn. Maps & Plates. 8° 1827. 

Gilpin, W. Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty, 
made in the year 1772, on several parts of England ; particu- 
larly the mountains and lakes of Cumberland and Westmore- 
land. 3rd edn. Vol. 1. Plates. 1792. 

Gilson, W. See America [U.S. Hydrogr. Off. Publ. No. 41 6]. 

Ginsburg, C. D. Eeport on the Exploration of Muab. 8" 1872. 

Giordano, P. Cenni sulle Condizioni Fisico-Eoonomiche di Eoma 
e suo Territorio. Maps. 8° Firenze, 1871. 

GIO— GOE 139 

Giovio, P. Descriptio Britanniae, Sootise, Hybernise, et Orchadum, 
ex libro Pauli Jovii, episoopi Nucer, de imperiis, et gentibus 
oogniti orbis. 8° ' Venice, 1548. 

Girard, H. Fortification passagfere. Traite des Applications 
tactiques de la fortification. Pts. 1 & 2. 8° Paris, 1874. 

Jules. La Photographie appliqnee aux etudes geo- 

grapiiques. 12° Paris, 1871. 

Essai d'orographie sousmarine de I'Ocean Atlantiqne sep- 

tentrional. Map. 8° Paris, 1872. 

Les Explorations sousmarines. Illustrations. 8° Pam, 1874. 

Voyage dans les Highlands et les Hebrides. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1878. 

Glaciers and Glacier theories. [Review]. 8° 1859. 

Gladisheff, — , & Mouraviefif, — . See Khanikoff. 
Gladstone, W. E. See Mackenzie and Irby, Schliemann. 

Glasgow. Liber protocollonim M. Cuthberti Simonis notarii 
publioi et scribse capituli Glasguensis a.d. 1499-1513 ; also 
Eental Book of Diocese of Glasgow, a.d. 1509-1670. Edited 
by Joseph Bain and the Eevd. Charles Eogers. [Grampian 
Club PubHcation] vols. i. & ii. 8° 1875. 

Glen, J. Foundering of the H.E.I. Co.'s gun-brig ' Ariel.' 8° 


Gliickselig, L. Prag und dessen Merkwurdigkeiten. 2nd edn. 
Plates. 12° Prag, 1856. 

Goalen [Lieut.] See Australia, South. 

Gobanz, J. See Zollikofee. 

Goblet D'Alviella [Le Comte]. Inde et Himalaya. Souvenirs 
de Voyage. Map & Plates. 12° Paris, 1877. 

Godman, F. Du C. Natural History of the Azores or Western 
Islands. Map. 8° 1870. 

Godoy, Diego de. See Cortes. 

Godwin-Austen, H. H. On the Glaciers of the Mustakh Eange. 
Map. 8° [18«4]. 

The evidence of past glacial action in the Naga Hills. 

Assam. Map & Plates. 8° Calcutta, 1875. 

Notes on the Geology of part of the Dafla Hills, Assam. 

Plate. 8° Calcutta, 1875. 

R. See Forbes, B. 

Goeje, M. J. de. Das alte Bett des Oxus Amu-Daija. Map. 
Sm. 8° Leiden, 1876, 

140 GOE— GOE 

Gods, Benoit de. Missionaire voyageur dans I'Asie Ceutrale, 
1603-1607. Par J. Brucker. 8° Lym, 1879. 

Gogorza, A. de. Canal interoceanique du Darien. Lettres a la 
Societe de GeograpMe de Paris. Map. 4° 1870. 

Gohring, H. Informe al Supremo Gobiemo del Peru sobre la 
Expedicion a loB Valles de Paucartambo en 1873 al mando del 
Coronel D. Baltazar La-Torre. 8° & oblong 8° vol. of 
Photographs. Lima, 1877. 

Goldsmid, [Sir] P. J. Central Asia, and its question. 8° 1873. 

Telegraph and Travel. A narrative of the formation and 

development of Telegraphic communication between England 
and India, under the orders of Her Majesty's Government, 
■with incidental notices of the Countries traversed by the lines. 
Maps & Plates. 8° 1874. 

See OuTEAM, Persia. 

Golownin, [Capt.] W. Memoirs of a captivity in Japan during 
the years 1811, 1812, and 1813 ; with observations on the 
country and the people. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 8° 1824. 

Gomara, Francisco Lopez de. Historia de las Indias, and 
Cronica de la Nueva-Espana. Fo. [? Saragoga, 1552-53.] 

Good, J. B. A Vocabulary and outlines of Grammar of the 
I^itlakapamuk or Thompson Tongue, (the Indian language 
spoken between Tale, LiUooet, Cache Creek and Nicola Lake.) 
Together with a Phonetic Chinook Dictionary, adapted for use 
in the Province of British Columbia. Sm. 8° 

Victoria, B.C., 1880. 

Goodenough, [Commodore] J. G. A brief Memoir, by C. E. 
Markham. Plate. Sm. 8° 1875. 

Goos, P. The lighting Colomne or Sea-Mirrour, containing the 
Sea-coasts of the Northern, Eastern, and Western Navigation ; 
setting forth in divers necessarie Sea-cards all the Ports ... as 
also the situation of the Northerly Countries as Island, the 
Strate Davids, the Isle of Jan Mayen, Bear-Island, Old-Green- 
land, Spitzbergen, and Nova Zembla. . .whereunto is added a 
brief instruction of the Art of Navigation, etc. Maps & Plates. 
Eo. Amsterdam, 1670. 

Gordon, [Hon.] A. H. Wilderness Journeys in New Bninswick, 
in 1862-3. Sm. 8° Saint John, 1864. 

C. A. Our trip to Burmah ; with notes on that country. 

Map, Plates, & Photographs. 8° 1876. 

[Col.] C. G., and Abyssinia. 8° [n. d.] 

[Lady] Duff. Last letters from Egypt. To which are 

added letters from the Cape. With a memoir by her daughter, 
Mrs. Eots. Plate. Sm. 8° 1875. 

GOE— GOT 141 

Gordon R. Eeport on the Irrawaddy Eiver. Maps. Fo. 

Bangoon, 1879-80. 

[Col.] T. E. The Eoof the "World, being the Narrative of a 

journey over the high plateau of Tibet to the Eussian frontier 
and the Oxus sources of Pamir. Maps & Plates. Sq. 8° 

'Gorgon.' See Deveeeux. 

Gormaz, P. Vidal. Eeconooimientos de la costa comprendida 
entre la rada de los Vilos i el Eio Ohoapa, i del Eio Valdivia i 
costa comprendida entre el morro Bonifacio i el Eio MauUin. 
Plan. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1870. 

Esploraoion de la Costa de Llanquihue i Archipi^lago de 

Chiloe. Plans. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1871. 

Exploracion del Seno de Eeloncavi, Lago de Llanquihue i 

Eio Puelo. Plans. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1872. 

Esploraoion de las Costas de Colohagua i de Curico i de la 

Albufwa de Vichuquen. Map & Plans. 8° Santiago, 1873. 

Instrucciones sobre el literal de Valdivia, entre Punta 

Galera i el Eio Tolte. Map. 8° Santiago, 1878. 

— Jeografia Nautica i Derrotero de las Costas del Peru. 

Santiago, 1879. 

Noticias del Desierto i sus Eecursos. 8° Santiago, 1879. 

Jeografia Nautica de Bolivia. Map. 8° Santiago, 1879. 

Noticias sobre las Provincias Litorales correspondientes a 

los Departamentos de Arequipa, lea, Huancavelica i Lima, per 
la Oficina Hidrogratioa. Map. 8° Santiago, 1880. 

See also Chile. 

Gorringe, H. H. See America [U.S. Hydrogr. Off. Publ. Nos. 37, 
38, 89, 42, 43, 46, 61]. 

Gottfriedt, Johan Lodewyk. Neue Welt und Americanische 
Historien, inhaltende warhasstige und volkommene Beschrei- 
bungen aller West-indianischen Landschafften, Jnsulen, 
Konigreiohen, und Provinzien, Seecusten, fliessenden und 
stehenden Wassern, etc. (" Histuria Antipodum.") Maps & 
Plates. Po. Frankfurt, 1631. 

De aanmerkenswaardigste en alomberoemde Zee- en Land- 

reizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen, en allerhande 
Natien : zoo van Fransen, Italiaanen, Deenen, Hoogh- 
en Neder-Duitsen als van veele andere Volkeren. Vooruaa- 
menlyk ondernomen tot Ondekking van de Cost- en West- 
Indien, midsgarters andere veralgelegene Gewesten des 
Aardryks. 8 vols. Maps & Plates. Fo. 's Gravenhage & 
Leyden, [Title 1727 : 1706 where dated in detail]. 

142 GOT 

Gottfriedt, Johan Lodewyk — Omtinued. 

Contents : — 

De doorlugtige Scheeps-togten der Portugyzen na Oost-Indien.—l. 
1706.— -Contents : — De alde-eerste Scheeps-togten der Portugyzen, 
1419 ; also the voyages of Vasco da Gamma, Pedralvarez Cabral 
and Joan da Nova, Francisco D'Albuquerque and Lopo Soares, 
Francisco D'Almeida, Pedro na Nliaya, Tristano d'Acunha, 
Alfonso d' Albuquerque, Jorge de Mello and Jurge d'Aguilar, 
Fernando Coutinlio, Uonsalo de Sequeira and Garcia de Noronha, 
Fernando Perez d'Andrade. — ^n. Voyages of Diego Lopez de 
Sequeira, Duarte de Menezes, Vasco da Gamma, Lopo Vaz de 
Sampayo, Nunc da Cunha. 

De gedenkwaardige en alomberoemde Voyagien der Spanjaarden na 
West-Indien. — I. Voyages of Cliristoffel Kolumbus, Alonso 
d'Ojeda, Amerikus Vesputius, Christoffel Guerre, Pero Alonso 
Nino, Vincent Yanes Pinzow, Diego de Lepe, Eodriguez de 
Bastidas, Nikolas de Obando, Diego Mendez da Segura, Barto- 
lemi Fiesco, Franciscus de Porras, Ferdinandes Cortes, Jean Dias 
de Soils, Sebastian D'Ocampo, Jean Ponze de Leon, Diego de 
Nicueza, Jean de Ezquebel, Vasco Nunes de Balboa, Diego 
Velasques, Famphilio de Narvacs, Vasco Nuoez, Pedrarias Davila, 
Jean Diaz de Solis, Franciscus Hernandez de Cordua, Jean de 
Gryalva. — XL Voyages of Ferdinandes Cortes, Alonso d'Ojeda, 
Ferdinandes Magellanes, Gronzale d'Ocampo, Panfilio de Narvaez, 
Lucas Vasquez d'AyUon, Gil Gonzales DayUa, Stephan Gomez, 
Franciscus de Garay, Pedro d'Alvarado, Diego de Godoy, Garcia 
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GOT— GEE 113 

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HAA— HAK 147 

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Ee searches and Excavations carried on in and near the 

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Discoveries of the English Nation made by Sea or ouer Land 
to the most remote and farthest distant quarters of the Earth 
at any time within the compasse of these 1500 yeeres : Deuided 
into three seuerall parts, ^.ccording to the position of the 
Eegions to which they were directed. 4° 1589. 

— The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiqves and Dis- 
coveries of the English Nation, made by Sea or ouerland, to 
the remote and farthest distant quarters of the Earth, at any 
time within the compasse of these 1600 yeres ; Diuided into 
three seuerall Volumes, etc. 3 vols, in 2. Sm. fo. 1599-1600, 

L 2 

148 HAK 

Hakluyt Society Publications. 8° 1865-1880. 

Vol. XXXrV.— Narrative of the Proceedings of Pedbakias Davila iu 
t lie provinces of Tierre Fiime or Castilla del Oio, and of the dis- 
covery of the South Sea and the coasts of Peru and Nicaragua, 
written by the Adelantado Pascial de Andagoya. Translated 
and edited, with Notes and an Introduction, by Clements E. 
Markham. Map. 1865. 

Vol. XXXV. — A description of the coasts of East Africa and Malabar 
in the beginning of the Sixteenth Century, by Doabte Bakbosa, a 
Portuguese. Translated from an early Spanish manuscript in tlie 
Barcelona Library, with Notes and a Preface, by the Hon. Henry 
E. J. Stanley. 1866. 

Vols. XXXVI. & XXXVII.— Cathay and the way thither; being a 
collection of medieval notices of China, translated and edited by 
Colonel Henry Yule .... with a preliminaiy Essay on the Inter- 
course between China and the Western Nations previous to the 
discovery of the Cape Koute. 1866. 

Vol. XXXVIII. — The Three Voyages of Maetin Probishek, in search 
of a passage to Cathaia and India, by the North-West, a.d. 1576-8, 
reprinted from the first edition of Hakluyt's Voyages, with selec- 
tions from Manuscript Documents in the British Museum and 
State Paper Office, by Rear-Admiral Eichard CoUinson. Portrait 
and Maps. 18B8. 

Vol. XXXIX. — The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, 
Japan, and China, at the close of the Sixteenth Century, by 
Antonio de Mokga. Translated from the Spanish, with notes and 
a preface, and a letter from Luis Varez de Torres, describing his 
voyage through the Torres Straits, by the Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. 
Maps and Plate. 1868. 

Vol. XL. — The fifth letter of Heenan Coktes to the Emperor Charles V., 
containing an account of his expedition to Himduras. Translated 
from the original Spanish by Don Pascual de Gayangos. 1868 . 

Vol. XLI. — First part of the Eoyal Commentaries of the Yucas, by the 
Ynca Gaboilasso de la Vega. Translated and Edited, wilii Notes 
and an Introduction, by Clements E. Markham. Vol. i. 8° 

^ 1869. 

Vol. XLII. — The Three voyages of Vasooda Gama and his Viceroyalty, 
from the Lendas da India of Gaspar Correa. Accompanied /by 
original documents. Translated from the Portuguese, with notes 
and an introduction, by tlie Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. 1869. 

Vol. XLIII. — Select letters of Chkistopheb CoLUMBrs, with other 
original documents, relating to his four voyages to the New World. 
Translated and edited by E. H. Major. 2ud edu. Maps and Plate. 


Vol. XLIV. — History of the Im&ms and Seyyids of 'OniS,n, by SalIl- 
Ibn-Eazik, from a.d. 661-1856. Translated from the original 
Arabic, and edited, with Notes, Appendices, and an Introduction, 
continuing the History down to 1870, by George Percy Badger. 
Map. 1871. 

Vol. XLV. — First part of the Eoyal Commentaries of the Yncas, by 
the Ynca Gaeoilasso de la Vega. Translated and edited, with 
Notes, an Introduction, and an Analytical Index, by Clements E. 
Markham. Vol. ii. (containing Books v., vi., vii., viii. & ix.) 
Maps. 1871. 

HAK 149 

Hakluyt Society Publications — Continued. 

Vol. XLVI. — The Canarian, or, Book of the Conquest and ConTersion 
of the Oanarians in the year 1402, by Messire Jean de Bethen- 
CODBT. Composed by Pieeee Bontiek, and Jean le Vekrieb. 
Translated and Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, by R. H. 
Major. Map and Portrait. 1872. 

Vol. XLVII. — Reports on the Discovery of Peru. 1. Report of Fean- 
cisoo DE Xeees, Secretary to Francisco Pizarro. 2. Report of 
Miguel de Astete on the Expedition to Pachacamae. 3. Letter 
of Heenando Pizaeeo' to the Royal Audience of Santo Domingo. 
4. Report of Pedro Sanoho on tlie partition of the ransom of 
Atahuiillpa. Translated and edited, with notes and an introduction, 
by Clements R. Markham, c.B. 1872. 

.Vol. XLVm. — Narratives of the Rites and laws of the Yncas. Trans- 
lated from the oiiginal Spanish Manuscripts, and edited, with 
Notes and an Introduction, by Clements R. Markham, o.b., p.e.s. 


Vol. XLIX. — Travels to Tana and Persia, by Josapa Baebaeo and 
Ambrogio Contaeini. Translated from the Itilian, and Edited, 
with an Introduction, by Lord Stanley of Alderley. 1873. 

Vol. L. — The Voyages of the Venetian brothers, NicoLb and Antonio 
Zeno, to the Northero Seas, in the xivth century, etc. Translated 
and Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, by Richard Henry 
Major. Maps. 1873. 

Vol. LI. — The Captivity of Hans Stabe of Hesse, in a.d. 1547-1555, 
among the Wild Tribes of Eastern Biazil. Translated by Albert 
Tootal, Esq. of Rio de Janeiro, and annotated by R. F. Burton. 


Vol. LII. — The first voyage round the world, by Magellan. Trans- 
lated from the accounts of Pigafetta and other contemporary 
writers. Accompanied by original documents, with Notes and an 
Introduction, by Lord Stanley of Alderley. 1874. 

Vol. LIII. — The Commentaries of the Great Aponso Dalboqderque, 
second Viceroy of India. Translated from the Portuguese edition 
of 1774, with Notes and an Introduction, by Walter de Gray Birch. 
Vol. i. Maps and Plate. 1875. 

Vol. LIV. — The three voyages of William Barents to the Arctic 
Regions (1594, 1595, and 1596) by Gerrit de Veer. Second 
Edition, with an Introduction, by Lieutenant Koolemans Beynen. 
Map and Plates. 1876. 

Vol. LV. — The Commentaries of the Great Aponso Dalboquerque, 
second Viceroy of India. Translated from the Portuguese Edition 
of 1774, with Notes and an Intioduction, by Walter de Gray Birch. 
Vol. ii. Map and Plates. 1877. 

Vol. LVI. — The Voyages of Sib James Lancaster, Kt., to the East 
Indies, with abstracts of Journals of Voyages to the East Indies 
during the Seventeenth Century, preserved in the India Office. 
And the voyage of Captain John Knight (16u6„ to seek the Nortli- 
West passage. Edited by Clements R. Markham. 1877. 

Vol. LVII. — The Hawkins' Voyages during the Reigns of Henry VIII., 
Queen Elizabeth, and James I. Edited, with an Introduction, by 
Clements R. Markham. Portrait. 1878. 

Vol. LVIII. — Tlie Bondage and Travels of Johann Sohilteeegee, a 
native of Bavaria, in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427. Trans- 
lated from the Heidelberg MS. edited in 1859, by Professor Karl 

150 HAK— HAL 

Hakluyt Societ;^ Publications— OontjWed. 

Friedrich Nenmann, by Commander J. Buohan Telfer. With 
Notes by Professor P. Bruun, a"iid a Prefers, Introduction, and 
Notes by the Translator and Editor. Mwp. 1879. 

Vol. LIX. — The Voyages and Works of John Datis the Navigator, 
Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by Albert Hastings 
Markham. Map, etc. 1880. 

The Map of the World, a.d. 1600. Called by Shakspere " The 

New Map, with the Augmentation of the Indies." To illustrate the 
Voyages of John Davis. [In cover.] 1880. 

Vol. LX. — The Natural and Moral History of the Indies, by Father 
Joseph de Aoosta. Reprinted from the English translated Edition 
of Edward Grimston, 1604, and edited, with Notes and an Intro- 
duction, by Clemente E. Markham, o.b., p.e.s. Vol. i. The 
Natural History (Books i., ii., iii., and iv.). Issued with this 
work is also a " Map of Peru ; to Ulustrate the Travels of Cieza de 
Leon, in 1532-50 ; the Royal Commentaries of Garoilasso De la 
Vega (1609) ; and the Natural and Moral History of the Indies, by 
Father Joseph de Acosta (1608)." 1880. 

Vol. LXI. — The Natural and Moral History of the Indies, by Father 
Joseph de Acosta. Edited by Clements E. Markham, C.B., f.b.s. 
Vol. ii. The Moral History (Books v., vi., and vii.). 1880. 

Vol. LXII. — The Commentaries of the Great Aponso Dalboqtjerqce, 
etc. By Walter de Gray Birch. Vol. iii. Maps and Portraits. 


Halifax. Eecord of the Proceedings of the Halifax Fisheries 
Commission. Maps. Fo. 1877. 

Hall, A., & Harkness, W. Eeports on ohservations of Encke's 
Comet during its return in 1871. Plate. 4° 

Washington, 1872. 

C F. Narrative of the Second Arctic Expedition made 

by Charles F. HaU : his voyage to Eepulse Bay, Sledge 
Journeys to the Straits of Fury and Hecla and to King 
William's Land, and Eesidence among the Eskimos during the 
years 1864^69. Edited under the orders of the Hon. Secretary 
of the Navy, by Prof. J. E. Nourse, U.S.N., U.S. Naval Obser- 
vatory, 1879. Photograph,, Plates, Maps, and Map in pocket. 4° 

Washington, 1879. 

See also ' Polaris.' 

[Commr.] W. H. Narrative of the Voyages and services 

of the ' Nemesis ' from 1840 to 1843 ; and of the combined naval 
and military operations in China, comprising a complete 
account of the Colony of Hong Kong, and remarks on the 
character and habits of the Chinese. With personal observa- 
tions by W. D. Bernard. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1844. 

[Sir]. A few remarks relative to the Slave-Trade on the 

East Coast of Africa. Extracted from the Voyage of the 
' Nemesis.' 8° [n. d.] 

[Admiral Sir]. Our National Defences. Map. 8° 1876. 

HAL— HAE 151 

Halley, Edmund, his Life and Work. 8° 1880. 

See also Feeziee. 

Hamilton, C. Oriental Zigzag, or Wanderings in Syria, Moab, 
Abyssinia, and Egypt. Plates. Sm. 8° 1875. 

G.. A Voyage round the World in Her Majesty's 

frigate ' Pandora,' performed under the direction of Captain 
Edwards in the years 1790, 1791, and 1792. With the dis- 
coveries made in the South-Sea ; and the many distresses ex- 
perienced by the crew from shipwreck and famine, in a voyage 
of 1100 miles in open boats between Endeavour Straits and the 
Island of Timor. 8° Berwick, 1793. 

Hamley, W. G. A new sea and an old land, being papers sug- 
gested by a visit to Egypt at the end of 1869. Plates. 8° 

Hammer, J. von. See Evliya Efendi, Pdegstall. 

Hann, J. Ueber die Warmeabnahme mit der Hohe im asiatischen 
Monsungebiet. 8° Wien, 1873. 

Ueber gewisse betraohtliche Unregelmassigkeiten des 

Meeres-Niveaus. 8° Wien, 1875. 

Zur barometrischen Hohenmessung. 8° Wien, 1876. 

Zur Meterologie der Alpengipfel. 8° Wien, 1878. 

Untersuchungen iiber die Eegenverhaltnisse von Osterreich- 

Ungam. 8° Wien, 1879, 1880. 

' Hansa.' See Koldewey. 

Hansteen, C. Untersuchungen iiber den Magnetismus der Erde. 
tJbersetzt von P. T. Hanson. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Christiania, 1819. 

Souvenirs d'un Yoyage en Siberie. Traduits du norvegien 

par Mme. Colban et revus par MM. SediUot et De la Eoquette. 
Map. 8° Paris, 1857. 

Hanway, J. An Historical account of the British Trade over the 
Caspian Sea : with the Author's Journal of travels from 
England through Eussia into Persia, and back through Eussia, 
Germany, and Holland. To which are added The revolutions 
of Persia during the pre.-ent century, with the particular 
history of the Great Usurper Nadir Kouli. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 
Maps. 4° 1754. 

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HUG— HUM 163 

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— See also Dempset. 

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M 2 

164 HUN— HUT 

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HUY— IND 165 

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See also India, Surveys [Geological]. 

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'Hydra.' See Shortland. 

Hydrographical Department of the Admiralty. 

See Admiealty, Eiohakds. 

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India. A Further enquiry into the expediency of applying the 
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—■ Central Provinces. See Dods, Grant. 

166 IND 

India. Geography of India; comprising an aooount of British 
India, and the various .states enclosed or adjoining. 12° 


(Cotton Eeports.) Copy of the Eeports of Mr. H. Eivett- 

Camao, Commissioner for the Central ProvinceB and the 
Berars, for the year 1868-69.' Majps. Fo. 1871. 

(Progress and Condition.) Statement exhibiting the Moral 

and Material Progress and Condition of India, during the years 
1869-70, 1871-72, 1872-73, 1873-74, 1874-75, 1875-76. 
Maps. [Parly. Kep.] Fo. 1871-1877. 

Eailways in. See Danvebs. 

The English Press on the proposed Construction of Eail- 

ways in India by Government Agency. 8° 1869. 

— Eeports on the Tea and Tobacco Industries in India. 
[Parly. Eep.] 4» 1874. 

— Eeports on Trade Eoutes and Fairs on the Northern 
Frontiers of India. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1874. 

— The Indian Treaty. 12° Lisbon, 1879. 

— Selections from the Government of India Records. 


Papers regarding the Village and rural indigenouB Agency employed in 
taking the Bengal Census of 1872. 8° CaltmUa, 1873. 

BOMBAY OOVEBNMENT. (New Series.) 8° BoTtibay. 

No. XVIII. — 0£Bcial CorreBpondence relative to the introduction of 
a rough Survev and Bevenue Settlement in the Province of Sind. 


Nob. CXVI. and CXXII.— Annual Police Beporteforthe years 1868 and 
1869, Province of Sind. 1871. 

Xo. CXVIII.— Papers relative to the introduction of revised rates of 
assessment into the Chikodee and Bedee Talookas, and part of 
the Padshapoor Talooka ; all of the Belgaum OoUeotarate ; with an 
appendix bringing up the revenue history of these districts to 
1865-66. Map, Diagrams. 1871. 

No. OXIX. — Papers relative to the introduction of revised rates of 
assessment into the Beejapeor Talooka, formerly of the Sattara 
Cullectorate. since transferred to Kuladgee, with an appendix 
bringing up the revenue history of the Talooka to 1865-66. 
Map, Diagram. 1871. 

Nos. OXX. and CXXI. — Police Eeports of the Northern and Southern 
divisions of the Bombay Presidency for the years 1868 and 1869. 


No. OXXm.— Papers relating to the revision of assessment in six 
Talookas of the Ahmednuggur Collectorate. Maps, Plates. 1871. 

No. CXXIV. — Annual Police Eeport for the year 1870, Province of 
Sind. 1871. 

No. CXXV. — Annual Eeport of the Bombay Gaols for the years 1868-69. 


IND 167 

India [SeleGiions]— Continued. 

No. CXXVI.— Animal Eeport for the Calendar year 1869. 1872. 

No. CXXVn.— Do. do. do. 1870. 1872. 

No. CXXVIII. — Police Eeports of the Northern and Southern divisions 
of the Bombay Presidency for 1870. 1872. 

No. OXXIX. — Annual Eeport of the Bombay Jails for the Calendar 
year 1871. 1878. 

No. CXXX. — Papers relative to the introduction of revised rates of 
assessment into part of the Niphar and Chsiudrir Talukis in the 
Nasik Collectorate, with an appendix showing progress of the survey 
in 1840-43. Maps, Diagrams. 1872. 

No. CXXXI. — Annual Police Kepoit for the year 1871, Province of 
Sind. 1873. 

No. CXXXII. — EfHEEiDGE, [CoL.] A. T. Narrative of the Bombay Inam 
Commission and Supplementary Settlements. Fo. Foona, 1873. 

No. CXXXIII. — ^Police Eeports of the Northern and Southern divisions 
of the Bombay Presidency for the year 1871. 1873. 

No. CXXXV. — Correspondence regarding City Surveys in Gujarat. 


No. CXXXVI. — ^Annual Eeport of the Bombay Jails, for the Calendar 
yeax 1872. 1873. 

No. CXXXIX. — Papers relating to the Introduction of Survey rates into 
the Baga-ka-tanda Talooka of the Haidarabad Collectorate, in 
Sind. 1874. 

No. CXL. — Papers relative to the Eevenue Supply and assessment of 
the Wagra Talooka of the Broach Collectorate. 1874. 

No. CXLI.— Annual Eeport of the Bombay Jails for 1873. 1874. 

No. CXLII. — Annual Police Eeport for the year 1873, Province of 
Sind. 1874. 

No. CXLIII. — Police Eeports of the Southern and Northern divisions 
of the Bombay Presidency for the year 1873. 1874. 

No. CXLIV. — Papers relative to the revision of the Eates of assessment 
of the Kharapat Lands of the Alibigh Taluka. 1874. 

No. CXLV. — Papers relative to the revision of Assessment of certain 
Villages in the Talukas of Chandore, Dindori, Niphar, and Nasik 
in the Nasik Collectorate. 1875. 

No. CXL VI. — ^Papers relative to the Introduction of the Survey Settle-. 
ment into the Broach and Ankleshwar Talukas of the Broach 
Collectorate, GUzerat. , 1875.. 

No. CXL VII. — CooKB, H. E. Eepression of Female Infanticide 
in the Bombay Presidency. With a preface by Eev. J. Wilson. 


No. CXLVIII. — Papers relating to the revision of the rates of assess- 
ment on the expiration of the first Settlement in the Indee and 
Hooblee Talukas of the KuUadgee and Dharwar CoUeotoratga 
respectively. 1875. 

No. CXLIX [in error CXLVIII]. — Papers relative to the completion of 
the Surat City Survey. ■ 1877. 


8° Calcutta. 

Home Department : — 

No. LXXX. — Selections from the Eeports of the Trigonometrical, 
Topographical, and Eevenue Surveys of India, 1868-69 1870. 

168 IND 

India [Selections] — Continued. 

No. LXXXIII.— Selections from the Beports of the Trigonometrical, 
Topographical, and Kevenue Surveys of India, for 1869-70. 1871. 

No. LXXXVIII.— Correspondence regarding the proposal for forming 
by a system of local taxation, the funds required for relief purposes 
on occasions of famine. 1872. 

Foreign Department : — 
No. LXXVIII.— Brown, R. Annual Eeport of the Munnipore Political 

Agency for 1868-69. 1870. 

No. LXXXI.--Eeport on the political administration of the Eajpootana 

States for 1869-70. 1870. 

No. LXXXII.— Daly, [Majob Gen.] H. D. Eeport on the political 

administration of the territories comprised within the Central India 

Agency for the year 1869-70. 1870. 

No. LXXXVI. . Eeport on the political administration of the 

Territories comprised within the Central India Agency, for 1870-71. 


No. C. — Eeport on the poUtioal administration of the Eajpootana States, 
1871-72. 1872. 

No. CI. — Tbembnheebe, C. W. Eeport on the varioxis Arab tribes in 
the neighbourhood of Aden having treaty relations with the govern- 
ment of India. 1872. 

No. CII. — Dalt, [Majob-Gen.] H. D. Eeport on the political adminis- 
tration of the territories comprised within the Central India Agency 
for the year 1871-72. 1873. 

No. CIV. — Belle w, H. W. Eecord of the March of the Mission to 
Seistan under the command of Major-General F. E. Pollock, c.s.i. 


No. CVUI. — Eajpootana Dispensary, Vaccination, JaU and Sanitary 
Eeport for 1S72-73. 1873. 

No. CIX. — Annual Administration Eeport of the Munnipoor Agency 
for the year ending 30th June, .1873. 1874. 

No. ex. — Watson, [Col.] J. Eeport on the political administration of 
the territories comprised within the Central India Agency for the 
year 1872-73. . 1874. 

No. CXII. — Saunders, L. . S. Eeport on the Administration of the 
Ajmere and Mhairwarra districts for 1872-73. 1874. 

No. CXIII. — Eajpootana Dispensary, Vaccination, Jail and Sanitary 
Eeport for 1873. 1874. 

No. CXIV. — Dalt, [Majoe-Gen.] H. D. Eeport on the political ad- 
ministration of the territories within the Central India Agency for 
the year 1873-74. 1874. 

No. OXVII. — Eeport on the political administration of the Eajpootana 
States, 1873-74. 1875. 

No. CXVIII. — Annual Administration Eeport of the Munnipoor Agency 
for the year ending 30th June 1873-74. 1875. 

No. CXX. — Eajpootana Dispensary, Vaccination, Jail and Sanitary 
Eeport for 1874. 1875. 

Public Works Department : — 

Maps and plans to accompany Government Eecord No. LIII. or Annual 
progress Eeports of the Executive Engineers in the Southern Central 
and Northern Provinces for 1857-58, also in Sind for 1856-57, and 
1857-58. Oblong fo. 

IND 169 

India [Selections] — Continued. 

MADRAS GOVERNMENT. (New Series.) 8° Madras- 

No. IV. — Annual Eeport of the Madras Medical College, Session 
1866-67. 1867. 

No. XIV. — Papers relating to the Survey and Settlement of the Chell- 
umbrum and Manargoody Talooks of the South Aroot district. 


No. XVIII.— Eeport of the Civil Dispensaries, Session 1868-69. 1869. 

No. XXI. — Eeport on Vaccination throughout the Presidency anJ Pro- 
vinces of Madras in tlie year 1869. 1870. 

No. XXII. — Papers relating to the Survey and Settlement of the 
Western Delta Talooks of the Godavery district. 1870. 

No. XXIII. — Eeport on public Instruction in the Madras Presidency 
for 1869-70. 1871. 

No. XXIV.— Eeport of the CivU Dispensaries, Session 1869-70. 1871. 

No. XXV. — Papers relating to the unoovenauted Civil Service Examina- 
tions held in the years 1869-70, and 1870-71, in the Madras Presi- 
deucy. 1872. 

No. XXVII. — Eeport on Vaccination throughout the Presidency and 
Provinces of Madras in the year 1870-71. 1872. 

No. XXVIII. — Eeport on Public Instruction in the Madras Presidency 
for 1870-71. 1871. 

No. XXIX. — Annual Eeport of the Civil Dispensaries for the calendar 
year 1870. 1872. 

No. XXXI. — ^Annual Eeport of the Madras Medical College, Session 
1872-73. 1873. 

No. XXXII. — Papers relating to the Survey and Settlement of the 
Central and Eastern Deltas and the Upper Talooks of the Godavery 
District. Maps. 1872. 

No. XXXIII. — ^Eeport on Vaccination throughout the Presidency and 
Provinces of Madras, in the year 1871-72. 1873. 

No. XXXV. — ^Eeport on Public Instruction in the Madras Presidency, 
for 1871-72. 1872. 

No. XXXVI. — Eeport on Vaccination throughout the Presidency and 
Provinces of Madras in the year 1872-73. 1874. 

No. XXXVII. — Annual Eeport of the Civil Dispensaries for the calendar 

year 1872. 

No. XXXVm. — Eeport on Public Instruction in the Madras Presidency 
for 1872-73. 1874. 

No. XXXIX^Annual Eeport of the three Lunatic Asylums in the 
Madras Presidency during the year 1873-74. 1874. 

No. XL.— Eeport on Vaccination for 1873-74. 1875. 

No. XLI. — ^Eeport on Public Instruction in the Madras Presidency for 
1873-74. 1875. 

No. XLII. — Annual Eeport of the Madras Medical College. Session 
1873-74. 1875. 

. No. XLIII. — Annual Eeport on the Lock Hospitals of the Madras Pre- 
sidency for the year 1873. 1874. 

No. XLIV. — ^Eeport of the Committee for the revision of English 
Telugu and Tamil School Books in the Madras Presidency. 1875. 

170 IND 

India [Selections] — Continued. 

No. XXIX. — Annual Report of the three Lunatic Asylums in the 

Madras Presidency during the year 1874-75. 1876. 

No. L. — Papers relating to the Survey and Settlement of the Trichi- 

nopoly district. 1876. 

No. LII.— Beport on the treatment of Leprosy with Gurjun oil and other 

remedies in Hospitals of the Madras Presidency. 1876. 

No. LIX. —Annual Eeport of the Civil Dispensaries, for the official year 

1875-76. 1877. 

See also Madeas [Orthographic lists]. 


Eeport on Female Infanticide, by the late W. K. Moobe. Moups. 

London, 1860. 

(Second Series.) 8° Allahabad. 

Vol. IV. No. 1. 1870 :— 

Area and Out-turn of Cotton Crop for 1869-70. 

Bdoks submitted by Native Writers. 

Pbakson, [Major] G. F. Eeport on the Forests of Jhansie Division. 

MoCoNAGHEY, M. A. Memo, on the Mynpoorie System of Khusrah 

Milne, E. M. Eeport on the Practice of Inoculation. 
Peabson, [Majob] G. F. Eeport on the Goruckpore Forests. 

Vol. IV. No. 2. 1871;:— 

Books submitted by Native Writers. 

Eeport by the Board of Eevenue, N. W. P., on the prospects of the 
Cotton Crop of 1870-71. 

Papers regarding Local Taxation for Provincial Eequirements. 
Jameson, W. Eeport on the Botanical Gardens, Saharunpore. 

No. 3. 1871 :— 

Papers regarding Establishment of a Medical College for the Nortli- 
Westem Provinces. 

Books submitted to Government by Native Writers. 

Papers regarding Publications Eegistered at Curator's Office, Allaha- 
bad, during 1870. 

DoDD, [Captain] C. A. Eeport on the Allahabad Public Museum and 
Library for 1870-71. Speech of His Honour the Lieutenant- 
Governor, North-Westem Provinces, at the CouncU of the 
Governor-General of India, held at Allahabad on the 6th of April, 
1871, with memorandum by A. Colvin, on the revision of Settle- 
ment in the North-Westem Provinces. 

No. 4. 1871:— 

Eeport by Director of Public Instruction, on Vernacular News- 
papers and Periodicals published in the N.W. Provinces during 

Vol. V. No. 1. 1871 :— 

Papers regarding Female Infanticide in the N.W. Provinces. 

No. 2. 1871 :— 

Female Infanticide in N.W.P. :- Circular issued by Government to 
the Magistrates of Districts proclaimed under the InfanticSde Act, 
and Eeports showing the result of the census of clans suspected 

IND 171 

India [Selections] — Continued. 

of praotiaiQg infanticide in the districts of: — Seharanpore, by E. 
G. Jenkinson ; Fan-uckabad, by B. Montagu ; Etah, by E. T. 
Hobart ; Etawah, by C. W. Moore ; Mynpoory, by W. Lane : 
Puttehpore, by W. C. Turner; Allahabad, by T. W. Eawlins ; 
Humeerpore, by H. A. Harrison (with modifying proposals con- 
tained in the first report) ; Jounpore, by D. M. Gardner (with 
extract from a demi-official letter) ; and Bustee, by E. Smeaton, 
with the Orders of Government thereon. 

Vol. VI. No. 1. 1871 :— 

Jameson, W. Eeport on Botanical Gardens, N.W.P. 

Books submitted by Native Writers. 

Wabd's Institution, Benares. 

Elliott, John. Eeport on Meteorology of the N.W.P. 

Eeturns of Vaccination N.W.P. for 1870-71. 
No. 2. 1872:— 

Flooding of the Towns of Jounpore and Azimgurh. 

Books submitted by Native Writers. 

Marshall, [Lieut.] G. F. L. Eeport on the Drainage and Improve- 
ment of the Saharunpore and Moozuffernugger Districts. 

Kempson, M. Eeport on Eegistered Publications during 1871. 

Daniell, 0. A. Eeport on Fever in the Sote Valley, Pergunnah 
Sumbhul, District Moradabad. 

Kempson, M. Memorandum on certain Works received &om Persia. 

Memorandum on two Scientific Treatises in Oordoo. 

Memorandum on Meritorious Books by Native Authors. 

Eeport on the Actual Out-turn of Cotton in the North-Western 

Provinces, for the year 1871-72. 
Kempson, M. Eeports on the Municipal Free Schools, Benaiea, with 

memorandum thereon. 
Bakeb, F. Eeport on the Butesur Fair of 1871. 
DoDD, [Captain] 0. A. Eeport on the Allaha,bad Public Library and 

Museum, for the year 1871-72. 
Peabson, [Scbqeon-Majok] F. Vaccination Eeturns, North-Western 

Provinces, for 1871-72. 

No. 3. 1873:— 

Eeport on the Meteorology of the North-Western Provinces, for 

Eeport on the Government Gtardens, North-Western Provinces, for 

1871-72, by Superintendent. 
Books submitted by Native Writers. 
Eeport on the effect of increased Poppy Cultivation on the use of 

Opium, by the Secretary to the Board of Eevenue, North-Western 

Habbison, [Capt.] C. W. J. Eeport on Katha Nuddee, and the 

Swamps in its Valley. 
Visit of the Lieutenant-Governor to the Thomason College of Civil 

Engineering, Eoorkee. 

No. 4. 1873 :— 

Kempson, M. Eeport on the Vernacular Newspapers and Periodicals 

published in the North- Western Provinces during 1872. 
Eesult of the Measures taken for the Belief of the Inhabitants of 


172 IND 

India [Selections] — Continued. 

Kbmpson, M. Reports on Publications Registered by the Curator of 
Government Books during 1872. 

Hutchinson, C. W. Reports on the Working of the District Daks 
in the North- Western Provinces, for the year 1872-73. 

Board or RevENUis and R. J. Hobaet. Reports on the Actual 
Out-turn of the Cotton Crop, North-Westem Provinces, for 1872- 

Memorandum by Superintendent of Botanical Gardens, on Discon- 
tinuance of Experiments for Cinchona Cultivation in the North- 
Westem Provinces. 

Jameson, W. Annual Report on Government Gardens, North- 
Westem Provinces, for 1872-73. 

Thomson, M. Report on Meteorology of the North-Westem Pro- 
vinces, for 1872. 

WiLLOCK, H. D., and Simpson, J. Reports on Operations of the 
Boolundshuhur Model Farm during Rubbee Harvest of 

Special Education of Mahomedans; paper by Director of Public 

Instruction, N.W.P. 
See also Oldham, W. 


Public Works Department : — 

No. 1. — Reports on forests and fuel plantations in the Punjab. 8° 1868. 

New Series : — '■ 

No. X. — ^Hakcoubt, [Capt.] A. P. P. The Himalayan districts of 
Kooloo, Lahoul, and Spiti. 1874. 

No. XII. — Report on current rates of interest on loan transaotions in 
the Punjab. 

No. Xni. — Papers regarding alienation of estates of insolvent pro- 
prietors to the money-lending class. 



Archaeological Survey of India. Plates, Maps. 6 vols. 

8" Simla & Calcutta, 1871-1878. 

Vols. I. & II.— (Four Reports made during 1862, -63, -64, and 65). By 
Alexander Cunningham. 

Vols. III. & IV.— Report for 1871-72. By A. Cunningham. 
(Delhi, by J. B. Beglar; 
Agra, by A. C. L. Carlleyle). 
Vol. v.— Report for 1872-73, by A. Cunningham. 
Vol. VI. — Report of a Tour in Eastern Rajputana in 1871-72 and 1872- 
73, by A. C. L. CarUeyle. 

ArchsBological Survey of WeBtern India. 3 vols. Plates, 

Photographs. 4° 1874-1878. 

Vol. I. — Report of the first season's operations in the BelgSjn and 
Kaladgi Districts : January to May, 1874. 

IND 173 

India [Surveys] — Continued. 

Vol. II.— Eeport on the Antiquities of Kathiawad and Kaohh, being the 
result of the second season's operations, 1874-75. 

Vol. III. — ^Report on the antiquities in the Bidar and Auruugabad dis- 
tricts, in the Territories of his Higlmess the Nizam of Haidar- 
abad, being the result of the third season's operations, 1875-76. 

See also Bcesess. 


Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India. Palseon- 

tologica Indica. Plates. Fo. Galeutta, 1863-80. 

(Series I., HI., V., VI., VIII. : Cretaceous Fauna of Southern India.) 

Vol. I. — The Cephalopoda. Belemnitidse and Nautilidse by H. F. 

Blanfoed ; Anunonitidse by F. Stohozka, 1863-66. 
Vol. II. — The Gastropoda, by F. Stoliozka, 1867-68. 
Vol. ni. — The Pelecypoda ; with a Eeview of all known genera of this 

Class, fossil and recent, by F. Stoliozka, 1870-71. 
Vol. rV. — The Brachiopoda, CUiopoda, Eohinodermata, Anthozoa, Spon- 
gozoa, Foraminifera,Arthrozoa,andSpondylozoa, by F. Stoliozka, 

(.Series 11., XL, XII. : the Fossil Flora of the Gondwana System.) 

Vol. I.— Part 1 : the Fossil Flora of the Eajmahdl Series, Eijmaial 
HUls, Bengal, by T. Oldham and J. Morris, 1863. Part 2: 
Jurassic (Liassic) Flora of do., by Ottokab Peistmantel, 1877. 
Part 3 : do. from Golapilli (near EUore), South Godaveri district, 
by O. Peistmantel, 1877. Part 4 : Outliers on the Madras Coast, 
by 0. Peistmantel, 1879. 
Vol. II. — Part 1 : Jurassic (Oolitic) Flora of Kach, by O. Peistmantel 
1876. Part 2 : Flora of the Jabalpur Group, in the Son-Nar- 
bada Eegion, by 0. Peistmantel, 1878. 
Vol. III.— Part 1 : the Flora of the Talchir-Karharbari beds, by O. 
Peistmantel, 1879. 
(Series IX. : Jurassic Fauna of Kaoh.) 

Vol. I.— The Cephalopoda, by W. Waagen, 1873-76. 
(Series IV. : Indian Pretertiary Vertebrata.) 

Vol. I. — Part 1 : on Vertebrate Fossils from the Panchet Eocks, near 
Eanigunj, Bengal, by T. H. Huxley, 1865. Pait 2 : on some 
remains of Ganoid fishes from the Deooan, by Sir Philip de M. 
Gret Egeeton, Bart. ; on the genus Ceratodus, with special 
reference to the fossil teeth found at Maledi, Central India, by 
L. C. MiALL ; on the stratigraphy and homotaxis of the Kota- 
Maledi deposits, by W. T. Blanfobd, 1878. Part 3 : Fossil 
EeptUia and Batraohia, by E. Ltdeeker, 1879. 

(Series X. : Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vertebrata.) 

Vol. I. — Part 1: Ehinoceros decoanensis, by E. B. Poote, 1874. 
Part 2 : Molar teeth and other remains of Mammalia, by R. 
Ltdekkeb, 1877. Parts 3 and 4 : Crania of Ruminants, by E. 
Ltdbkkee, 1878-80. Part 5: Siwalik and Narbada Proboscidia, 
by E. Lydekkbe, 1880. 

(Series VII., XIV. : Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fauna of Western India.) 

Vol. I. — Part 1 : on some Tertiary Crabs from Sind and Kutch, by P.' 
Stoliozka, 1871. Part 2 [in eiTor, 1] ; Sind Fossil Corals and 
Aleyonaria, by P. Maetm Ddnoan, 1880. 

174 IND 

India [Surveys] — Continued. 

(Series XIII. : Salt-Eange FosbUb.) 

Vol. I.— Produotua-Limeatone Group. Part 1 : Piaces— Cephalopoda, 
1879 ; Part 2, Supplement to do. and Gastropoda, 1880. By W. 

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India. Maps and 

Plates. 17 vols. Eoyal 8° Galmtta, 1859-80. 

Vol. I.— On the Coal and Iron of Cnttack. — Structure and Relations of 

the Taloliir Coal-field.— Gold Deposits in Upper Aasam.— Gold 

and Gold-dust from Sliue-Gween.— Geology of the Khasi Hills. 

—The Nilgliiri Hills.— Geology of Bankoorah, Midnapore, and 

Orissa.— Laterite of Orissa.— Fossil Teeth of Oeratodus. 1859. 

Vol. II.— Keport on the Vlndhyan Books and their Aasociates in Bun- 

delkand.— Geological Structure of the Central Portion of the 

Nerbudda District.— Tertiary and Alluvial deposits of the Ner- 

budda Valley. — Geolos^oal Relations and probable Geological 

Aee of iiie several Groups of Eocks in Central India and Bengal. 

^ 1859. 

Vol. III. — Report on the Eanigunj Coal-field. — Additional Remarks on 
the Geological Age of Indian Rock systems.-— On the Sub- 
Himalayan Ranges between the Ganges and Sutlej. 1863-64. 

Vol. rV. — Report on the Cretaceous Rocks of Trichinopoly District, 
Madras. — On the Structure of the Districts of Trichinopoly, 
Salem, etc. — On the Coal of Assam, etc. 1863-65. 

Vol. v.— Sections across N.W. Himalaya, from Sutlej to Indus.— On 
the Gypsum of Spiti. — On the Geology of Bombay. — On the 
Jherria Coal-field.— Geological Observations on Western Tibet. 


Vol. VI.— On the Neighbourhood of Lynyan, etc., in Sind.— Geology of 
a Portion of Outch.— Bokiro Coal-field. — Rdmgarh Coal-field. — 
Traps of Western and Central India. — Taptee and Nerbudda 
Valleys. — ^Frog-beds in Bombay. — Oxyglosaus pusillus. 1867-69. 

Vol. VH.— Vindhyan Series.— Mineral Statistics.- Coal.— Shillong Pla- 
teau.— Karhfirbari Coal-field. — Deoghar Coal-field.— Aden Water- 
supply. — ^Kdranpura Coal-fields. 1869-71. 

Vol. VIII.— On the Kadapah and Karnul Formations in the Madras 
Presidency. — Itkhuri Coal-field. — Daltongunj Coal-field. — Chope 
Coal-field. 1872. 

Vol. IX.— Geology of Kutch.— Geology of Nagpnr.— Geology of Sirban 
Hill. — Carboniferous Ammonites. 1872. 

Vol. X.— Geology of Madras.- SAtpura Coal basin.— Geology of Pegu. 


Vol. XI. — Geology of Ddjjiling and Western Driars. — Salt-region of 
Koh4t, Trans-Indus. 1874-76. 

Vol. XU. — South Mahrdtta Country.— Coal-fields of the Nfiga Hills. 


Vol. XIII.— Wardha Valley Coal-field.— Geology of the R4jmah41 
Hills. 1877. 

Vol. XIV.— Geology of the Salt-range in the Punjab. [1878.] 

Vol. XV. — Geology of the Aurunga and Hutdi Coal-fields (Palamow). — 
Ramkola and Tatapani Coal-fielda (Sirgnja). 1878-80. 

Vol. XVI. — Geology of Eastern Coaat from Lat. 15° to Maaulipatam. — 
The Gneiss and Transition Rocks, and other Formations of the 
Nellore Portion of the Camatic. — Coastal region of the Godavari. 


IND 175 

India [Surveys] — Continued. 

Vol. XVII. — Geology of Western Sind. — Trans-Indua extension of the 
Salt-range. 1879-80. 

Eecords of the Geological Survey of India. Vols, i.-xiii. 

Maps and Plates. Koyal 8° Calcutta, 1868-80. 

IMABINE.'] Calcutta, 

General Eeport of the Operations of the Marine Survey of 

India from the commencement in 1874, to the end of the official 
year 1875-76. Prepared by Commander A. Dundas Taylor. 
Maps. Fo. 1876. 

- General Eeport on the Operations of the Marine Survey of 
India for the year 1876-77, prepared for submission to the 
Government of India by Commander A. Dundas Taylor. Map. 
Fo. 1878. 

General Eeport on the Operations of the Marine Survey of 

India, for the year 1877-78. By Commander A. D. Taylor. 
Map. Fo. 1879. 

General Eeport on the Operations of the Marine Survey of 

India, for the year 1878-79. By Commander A. Dundas 
Taylor. Map and Plate. Fo. 1880. 

List of light-houses and light-vessels in British India, in- 
cluding the Eed Sea and Coast of Arabia ;(Suez to Singa- 
pore). Corrected to January 1, 1878. By E. C. Carrington. 
Chart. Oblong 8° Calcutta, 1878. 

Do. Corrected to January 1, 1879. Calcutta, 1879. 

Do. do. February 1, 1880. Calcutta, 1880. 

Hydrographic Notices : — 

No. 17. Eatnagiri, Eajapur Bay, and Viziadurg. 8° 


No. 18. Bay of Bengal— Siam Coast. 8° 1879. 

Do. 2ndedn. 8° 1880. 

No. 19. Africa East Goast, Pemba Island and adjacent 
coast. 8« 1879. 

No. 20. India — ^West Coast. The coast from Kundari 
Island to Chaul, and the harbours of Dabhol and 
Jaygad. S" 1880. 

IBEVUNVE.'] Fo. Calcutta. 

-^— Vaneenen, [Col.] D. C. Eeport on the Eevenue Survey 
Operations of Lower Provinces, for season 1868-69. 1869. 

Gasteell, [Col.] J. E. Geneial Eeport on the Eevenue 

Survey Operations of the Bengal Presidency, Upper Circle, for 
season 1868-69. 1870. 

176 IND 

India [Surveys] — Continued. 

Vaneenen, [Col.] D. C. General Eeport on the Revenue 

Survey operations of the Bengal Presidency, Upper Circle, for 
season 1869-70. 1871. 

Eevenue Survey Operations of the Lower Provinces 

Eeport, Oct. 1, 1869 to Sept. 30, 1870. 1871. 

— Gasteell, [Col.] J. E., & Macdonald, [Major] J. General 

Eeport on the Eevenue Survey Operations of the Upper and 
Lower Provinces in Bengal (including Boundary Commis- 
sioner's Eeport), for season 1870-71. 1872. 

& Vaneenen, [Col.] D. C. General Eeport of the 

Eevenue Survey Operations of the Upper and Lower Circles 
(including Boundaiy Commissioner's Eeport), for season 
1871-72. Map. ' 1873. 

Do. 1872-73. 1874. 

& Macdonald [Lieut.-Col.] J. Do. 1873-74. 1875. 

Do. 1874-76. Map. 1876. 

[TOFOGRAFMICAL.-\ Calcutta. 

Depeee, G. C. Eeport, geographical and statistical, on that 

part of the Chota Nagpore division which has come under the 
operations of the Topographical Survey. Plates. 4° 1868. 

General Eeport of the Bengal Presidency, and of the 

Surveyor-General's OfBces for season 1867-68. Fo. 1869. 

Thuilliee, [Lieut.-Col.] H. L. General Eeport on the Topo- 
graphical Surveys of India and of the Surveyor-General's 
Department, Head Quarter establishment, for season 1868-69. 
Fo. 1870. 

Do. 1869-70 (1871), 1870-71 (1872), 1871-72 

(1873), 1872-73 (1874), 1873-74 (Maps, 1875), 1874^75 
(1876), 1875-76 {Maps, 1877). 


Litroductory account of the Operations of the Great 

Arc Meridional Series. 4° [n. d.] 

Walkee, [Lieut.-Col.] J. T. Extracts from General Eeport 

on the operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of 
India, during 1866-67. Fo. Behra Boon, 1867. 

General Eeport on the operations of the Great 

Trigonometrical Survey of India during 1869-70. Maps. 
Fo. Boorkee, 1871. 

Montgomeeie, [Major] T. G. Bo. during 1870-71. Maps. 

Fo. Behra Boon, 1871. 
Do. during 1871-72. Maps. Fo. Belira Boon, 1872. 

IND 177 

India [Surveys] — Continued. 

Walker, [OoL] J. T. Do. during 1872-73. Maps. Fo. 

Dehra Boon, 1873. 

Do. during 1873-74. Maps. Fo. Dehra Bun, 1874. 

Do. during 1874-75. Maps. Fo. Dehra Boon, 1876. 

Hennessey, J. B. N. Do. during 1875-76. Maps. Fo. 

Dehra Dun, 1877. 

Walker, [Col.] J. T. Do. during 1876-77. Fo. 

Calcutta, 1878. 

Synopsis of the results of the operations of the Great 

Trigonometrical Survey of India. Yol. I. Descriptions and 
Co-ordinates of the principal and secondary stations and other 
fixed points of the Great Indus series, or series D of the 
North-West Quadrilateral. 4° Dehra Doon, 1874. 

Do. Vol. II. Descriptions and Co-ordinates of the 

principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of the 
great Arc-section 24° to 30°, or Series A of the North-West 
Quadrilateral. Maps. 4° Dehra Doon, 1874. 

Do. Vol. III. Descriptions and Coordinates of the 

principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of the 
Karachi Longitudinal Series, or Series B of the North-West 
Quadrilateral. 4° Dehra Doon, 1874. 

Do. Vol. IV. Descriptions and Co-ordinates of the 

principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of the 
Gurhagarh Meridional series, or Series F of the North-West 
Quadrilateral. 4° Dehra Dun, 1875. 

Do. Vol. VII. Descriptions and Co-ordinates of the 

principal and secondary htations and other fixed points 
of North-West Himalaya Series (or Series C of the N.W. 
Quadrilateral), and the i riangulation of tlie Kashmir Survey. 
Maps. 4° Dehra Dun, 1879. 

Do. Vol. VIII. Descriptions and Co-ordinates of the 

principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of 
the Great Arc-section 18° to 24°, or Series A of the South- 
East Quadrilateral. Maps. 4° Dehra Dun, 1878. 

Do. Vol. IX. Do. of the Jabalpur Meridional Series, 

or Series E of the South-East Quadrilateral. Maps. 4° 

Dehra Dun, 1878. 

Account of the Operations of the Great Trigono- 
metrical Survey of India. Vol. I. The Standards of Measure 
and the Base-Lines. Also an introductory Account of the 
early Operations of the Survey during the period 1800-1830. 
Map and Plates. 4° Dehra Doon, 1870. 

Do. Vol. II. History and General Description of 

the principal Triangulation and of its Eeduction. Chart and 
Plans. 4° Dehra Dun, 1879. 

178 IND 

India [Surveys] — Oontinued. 

Walkee, (Col.) J. T. Do. Vol. III. The principal Triangula- 

tion. The Base-line Figures, the Karachi Longitudinal, N.W. 
Himalaya, and Great Indus Series of tho North- West Quadrila- 
teral. GhaH and Plates. 4° DeSm Doom, 1873 [Issued in 1879]. 

Do. Vol. IV. The principal Triangulation. The 

Great Arc-section 24''-30°, Eahun, Gurhagarh and Jogi-Tila 
Meridional Series, and the Sutlej Series of the North-West 
Quadrilateral. Chart and Plates. 4° 

Dehra Bun, 1876 [Issued in 1879]. 

Do. Vol. V. Details of the Pendulum Operations by 

Capts. J. P. Basevi, e.e., and W. J. Heaviside, E.E., and of 
their Eeduction. Piepared under the directions of Major- 
General J. T. Walker, c.b., etc. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Dehra Dun and Calcutta, 1879. 

Vol. VI. The principal Triangulation of the South- 

East Quadrilateral, including the Great Arc-section 18° to 24°, 
the East Coast Series, the Calcutta and the Bider Longitudinal 
Series, the Jabalpur and the Bilaspur Meridional Series, and 
the details of their simultaneous Eeduction. Prepared under 
the direction of Major- General J. T. Walker. Maps and 
Plates. 4° Dehra Dun, 1880. 

Tables of heights in N.W. Provinces and Bengal 

determined by the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India by 
spirit levelling operations to May, 1866, 8° Boorhee, 1866. 

Spirit levels taken in the Punjab since 1863. 8° 

Dehra Doon, 1869. 

Spirit levels taken in the N.W. Provinces and Oude; 

seasons 1867-68-69. 8° Dehra Doon, 1869. 

Spirit-levelledheights, Section VII.; seasons 1868-69- 

70. Lucknow to DUdemugger. Map. 8° Dehra Doon, 1871. 

Do. Seas-on 1869-70. Tutukudi to Parmespuran. 

8° Dehra Dun, 1872. 

Do. Section VIII. ; season 1870-71. Goruckpore 

to Parsurman. 8° Dehra Doon, 1872. 

Do. Section IX. ; season 1871-72. Map. 8° 

Dehra Dun, 1873. 

— MoNTGOMEEiE, [Major] T. G. Eeport on the Trans-Himalayan 
Explorations [Mirza] in connection vrith the Great Trigono- 
metrical Survey of Ladia during 1869. Map. 4° 

[Dehra Dun, 1870.] 
Do. during 1871. Map. Po. Dehra Dun, 1872. 

— Trottee, [Capt.] Heney. Eeport on the Trans-Himalayan 
Explorations by employes of the Great Trigonometrical Survey 
of India dming 1873-74-75. Dravfn up from the original 
Eecords. Fo. Calcutta, 1876. 

IND— lEB 179 

India [Surveys]— CWmwed 

[UNITED SUSVEYS.-] Calcutta. 

Selections from Surveys, 1870-71. See above, SeleotioiiB 

[Home Dept., Nos. Ixxx. & Ixxxiii.] 

Extracts from the Reports of the Trigonometrical, Topo- 

graphical,andEevemieSurveysof Indiaforl871-72. 8° 1873. 

Abstract of the Eeports of the Surveys and of other geogra- 
phical operations in India for 1869-70, 1870-71, 1871-72, 
1872-73, 1873-74, 1876-77, 1877-78. Sm. 4° 

1871-76, 1878-79. 

Walker, J. T., & Vanrenen, D. 0. General Eeport on the 

Operations of the Survey of India, compris i ng the Great Trigon o- 
metrical, the Topographical, and the Revenue Surveys under 
the Government of India during 1877-78. Maps. Fo. 1879. 

Do. during 1878-79. Maps. Fo. 1880. 

— Review of the Eeport on the Operations of the Survey of 

India during 1878-79. Po. [Simla], 1880. 

Catalogue of Manuscript and printed Eeports, Field-hooks, 

Memoirs, Maps, etc., of the Indian Surveys, deposited in the 
Map-room of the India Office. 8° 1878. 

See also Maekham, C. E. 

Indiana. Third and Fourth Annual Eeports of the Geological 
Survey of Indiana, made during the years 1871 and 1872, by 
E. T. Cox. Sections, Maps separate. 8° Indianopolis, 1872. 

Indus Route. The Route of the Indus and the advance of 
Russia towards India. A letter to W. P. Andrew on the 
importance and necessity of placing Delhi and Lahore in 
Eailway Communication with Kurrachee on the Arabian Sea. 
8° 1865. 

Interoceanie Canal. Canal Interoceanique, 1877-78. Eapports 
sur les etudes de la Commission Internationale d'Exploration 
de risthme Americain, par L. N.-B. Wyse, A. Eeclus, & 
P. Sosa. Maps. 4° Paris, 1879. 

Canal Interoceanique Maritime de Nicaragua. Notes et 

documents presentes an Congr^s de Geographie de Paris du 
15 Mai 1879 a I'appui du projet de M. Ar.-P. Blanchet, par 
J. Pouchet et G. Sauterau. Map. 4° Paris, 1879. 

Iquitos, the River Perene, and Huanuco. Newspaper 
cuttings from " El Nacional " and " El Peruano," Sept. and 
Nov. 1870, of Eeports by Arthur Wertheman, B. Bermudes, 
Jose Cardenas, and Jose Manuel Kuzas. 8" 

Irby, A. P. See Mackenzie. 

N 2 

180 lEB— JAM 

Ireland. A geographical description of the kingdom of Ireland, 
newly corrected and improved by actual observations, etc. 
Maps. Oblong 12° 1728. 

Irvine, J. The Ashantee difiSoulty. 8° Liverpool, 1873. 

Irving, B. A. The Great Lake, Lagoon, or Bay of Triton. 
Maps. Sm. 8° [Garlisle, n. d.] 

Isenberg, C. W. Grammar of the Amharic language. 8° 1842. 

Issaverdens, J. Armenia and the Armenians. Being a sketch 
of its Geography, History, Church, and Literature. Vol. i. 
120 ■ Venice, 1874. 

Do. Vol. ii. Ecclesiastical History. 12° Venice, 1875. 

Italy. Studi sulla Geografia Naturale e Civile dell' Italia. Map. 
4° Borne, 1875. 

Studi bibliogiafici e biografici sulla storia della Geografia 

in Italia. Maps and Photographs. 4° Borne, 1875. 

Jackson, J. See Cook [Capt.J, Nordenskiold. 

L. D'A. Hydraulic Manual. (Parts 1 and 2 in one.) 

8° 1875. 

Part 1. — Working Tables and Explanatory Text. 
„ 2. — Hydraulic Stetistics and Indian Meteoiological Statistics for 
the use of Engineers. 

Canal and Culvert Tables, based on the formula of Kutter, 

under a modified Classification, with explanatory text and 
examples. Plates. 8° 1878. 

Jacquemart, A. L'extreme Orient au palais de I'Industrie. 
Notices sur les collections de M. H. Cemuschi. 8° 

Paris, 1874. 

Jaequemont, V. Correspondance de, avec sa famille et plusieurs 
de ses amis pendant son Voyage dans I'lnde (1828-1832). 
Nouvelle i^dition. Vol. 2. 12° Paris, 1841. 

Jagor, F. Eeisen in den Philippinen. Map and Plates. 8° 

Berlin, 1873. 

■ Travels in the Philippines. Map and Plates. 8° 1875. 

James, H. Abstracts from the meteorological observations taken 
at the stations of the Eoyal Engineers in the year 1853-4, etc. 
Map and Tables. 4° 1865. 

[Sir] Henry. Notes on the parallel roads of Lochaber, 

with illustrative maps and sketches from tho Ordnance Survey 
of Scotland. 4° Southampton, 1874. 

JAM— JEF 181 

James the First of Scotland, The Poetical Eemains of King, 
with a memoir and an introduction to the Poetry by the 
Eev. Charles Eogers. FrontiBpiece. 8° Edinburgh, 1873. 

Janin, J. Voyage de Paris a la Mer. Description historique des 
herds de la Seine. Plates. Sm. 8° Paris [1847]. 

Jausson, J. Aocuratissima Orhis antiqui delineatio, sive Geo- 
graphia vetus, sacra et profana, etc. Majps. Po. 

Amstelodami, 1652. 

Japan. Lettera Annale del Giapone scritta al Padre generale 
della Compagnia di Giesu. 1588. 12° Moma, 1590. 

Litters societatis Jesu, anno mdcii et MDcin e Sinis, 

Molncis, Japone, datee. 12° Moguntiaci, 1607. 

The claims of Japan and Malaysia upon Christendom, 

exhibited in Notes of Voyages made in 1837, from Canton, in 
the ship ' Morrison ' and brig ' Himmaleh,' under direction 
of the owners. 2 vols. Maps. 12° New Yorh, 1839. 

Vol. I. — Notes of the voyage of the ' Morrison ' from Canton to Japan. 

By C. W. King. 
Vol.11. — -Notes Eoade during the voyage of the 'Himmaleh' in the 

Malayan Archipelago. By C. Tradesoant Lay. 

Night Eecord of a visit to East Yesso [in Japanese]. 

8° Woodmts. [1865]. 

— Eeports and official letters to the Kaitakushi by Horace 
Capron, Commissioner and Adviser, and his foreign assistants. 
8° Tokei, 1875. 

— — Commercial Eeports by Her Majesty's Consuls in Japan, 
1877. 8° 1878. 

Geological Survey of Japan. Eeports of Progress for 

1878 and 1879 ; by Benjamin Smith Lyman. 

Tokei, 1879. 

Japanese dictionary of Chinese. 

Jardine, [Sir] W. Memoirs of Hugh Edwin Strickland. Maps 
and Plates. 8° 1868. 

Jarrad, P. W. See Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

Jarvis, E. Immigration into the United States. 8° Boston, 1872. 

Infant Mortality. 8° Boston, 1873. 

Jeffreys, J. Gwyn. Eeport of the Committee appointed for ex- 
ploring the Coasts of Shetland by means of the Dredge. 8° 


Jeffries, D. A treatise on diamonds and pearls, in which their 
importance is considered, and plain rules are exhibited for 
ascertaining the value of both ; and the true method of manu- 
facturiny; diamonds. 4th edn, 12° 1871. 

182 JEN— JES 

Jenkins, H. L. See Assam. 

Jenkinson, H. J. See Man, Isle of. 

Jenner, T. A Book of the Names of all Parishes, Market Towns, 
Villages, Hamlets, and smallest Places, in England and Wales. 
Sm. 8° 1668. 

Jenner, T. That Goodly Mountain and Lebanon : being the 
Narrative of a Eide through the Countries of Judea, Samaria, 
and Galilee, into Syria. Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 1873. 

Jentzseh, A. Bericht uber die geologisohe Durchforschnng der 
Provinz Preussen im Jahre 1876. 4° Konigsberg, 1877. 

Das Belief der Provinz Preussen. Begleitworte zur 

Hohenschichten-Karte. Map. 4° Konigsberg, 1877. 

Jeppe, F. Transvaal Book Almanac and Directory for 1879. 

12" Pretoria, 1879. 

Jerrold, W. Blanchard. A Brage-Beaker with the Swedes ; or. 
Notes from the North in 1852. Plates. 12° 1864. 

Jervis, G. I Tesori Sotterranei dell' Italia. Descrizione topo- 
grafica e geologica di tutte le localita nel Eegno d'ltalia in cui 
rinvengonsi Minerali .... Eepertorio d'informazione utili. 
Plates. 2 vols. 8° Torino, 1873-74. 

Cenni geologici sulle montagne Poste in prossimita al 

Giaoimento di Antracite di Demonte. 8° Torino, 1874. 

Sul Giaoimento di Carbon fossile Antracito di Demonte. 

8° Milano, 1875. 

T. B. Address delivered at the Geographical Section of 

the British Association, Newcastle-on-Tyne, descriptive of 
the state, progress and prospects of the various Surveys and 
other scientific enquiries instituted by the Hon. East India 
Company throughout Asia, etc. 8° Torquay [n. d.] 

^ W. P. The Mineral Eesources of Central Italy ; including 

a description of the Mines and Marble quarries. Map and 
Plates, 8° 1862. 

Supplement to do. : containing an account of the Mineral 

Springs, accompanied by the most reliable Analyses. 8° 1868. 
The Anthracitic Coal of Demonte, near Cuneo, in the 

Italian Alps. 8° 1875. 

Jesuits. Lettere dell' India Orientale, scritte da' Eeuerendi Padri 
della Compagnia di Giesii. 12° Vinegia, 1680. 

Nouvelles des Missions Orientales, revues a Londres par les 

Directeurs du Seminaire des Missions etrangeres, en 1793, 
1794, 1796, & 1796. Pouvant servir de suite aux Lettres "^. rlifi - 
antes des Missionnaires de la Compagnie de Jesus. 12° 

London, 1797. 

JES— JOH 183 

Jesuits. Nouvelles Letfrea ]^difiantes des MiBsions de la Chine et 
des Indes Orientales. 8 vols. 12° Pam, 1818-1823. 

See also Eiccius, Japan. 

Jimenez, P. Memoria sobre la determinaoion astronomica de la 
Ciudad de Cuernavaca. Map. 8° Mexico, 1866. 

Jinman, G. Winds and their Courses. 3rd edn. Charts, etc. 8° 


Joanne, A. Collection des Guides-Joanne. Itineraire general de 
la France. Maps and Plans. Sm. S° Paris. 

Le Nord. 1870. 

Bretagne. 2™ edn. 1873. 

Normaudie. 2°'° edn. augment^e d'un Appendice pour les 
lies Anglaises de Jersey et do Guernsey. 1872. 

Auvergne, Morvan, Velay, Cevennes. 2"° 6dn. 1874. 

De la Loire k la Garonne. 1876. 

Jura et Alpes Frangaises. 1877. 

De Paris a Geneve et a Chamonix, par Macon et par Lyon. 


De Bordeaux a Toulouse, a Cette, et a Perpignan. [1858.] 

De Paris a la Mediterran6e. Premiere partie. Bourgogne, 
Franche-Comte, Savoie, Bourbonnais, Lyonnais, etc. 


Do. Deuxifeme partie. Auvergne, Dauphinfi, Provence, 

Alpes-Maritimes, Corse, etc. 1865. 

Les Pyrenees. 4™ edn. 1874. 

Paris illustrfi en 1870 et 1876. 3™ 6dn. [1876.] 

Les environs de Paris illustres. 2"° edn. 1872. 

Itineraire desoriptif, historique et artistique de la HoUande, 
par A. J. Du Pays. 1862. 

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190 KJE— KNI 

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See also Abctig. 

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KOU— KUM 193 

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See also Maybe. 

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194 KUN— LAG 

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[n. p., n. d.] 

Die Schutzmittel der Pflanzen ^gen Thiere nnd Wet- 

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See Veies, M. G. 

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LEY— LIT 203 

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See also Arctic. 

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204 LIV— LOA 

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— See also Stanley [Dean]. 

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See also Bastian, Danckelman. 

LOB-L'ON 205 

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tratar de la Mitolojia Clasica. Estudio primero. 8° 

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-. Eemarkable discoveries in Central Australia, with an 

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8° [n. d.] 

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[^CaJcutta [n. d.] 

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with a large-sized plan of the city, executed by Darogha 
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added a full description of each scene depicted, the whole 
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208 LUE— MAC 

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Vol. 11. — De Petra k Palmyre, par M. Vignes ; Voyage de Jerusalem Ji 

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See also Japan. 

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Moldavia, 1829. II. Wallachia, Moldavia, and the Cossack 
Country, 1831. III. The Cossack Country and Muscovy, 1832. 
IV. Muscovy, 1833. V. Muscovy, 1834. VI. Moscovf, Novo- 
gorod, 1836. VII. Novogorod, Moscow, and the Cossack 
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MAC 209 

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On a new floating Breakwater. Sm. 8° 1874. 

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The Commerce and Navigation of the Erythraean Sea ; 

being a translation of the Periplus Maris Erythrsei, and of 
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and on the N.W. Frontier of Afghanistan in 1875. 2 v 'Is. 
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The Voyage alone in the Yawl ' Eob E03' ' from London 

to Paris, and back by Havre, the Isle of Wight, South Coast, 
etc., etc. 2nd edn. Plates. Sm. 8° 1868. 

A Tliousand Miles in the ' Rob Eoj' ' Canoe (m Eivers and 

Lakos of Europe. 8th edn. Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 1871. 


210 MAC 

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Outlines of Modem Geography ; a book for banners. 

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8° Map and Plate. 1864. 

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opening Central Africa to commerce and civilisation. 8° 

Liverpool, 1878. 

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Slavons. Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey-in- 
Europe. Map and Plates. 8° 1867. 

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with a preface by W. E. Gladstone. 2nd edn. 2 vols. Map 
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1859 to 1869. Map and Plates. Sra. 8° Edinburgh, 1871. 

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of the Tsibe of Eamoossies, including the life of the Chief 
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partment for the four years ending 30th April, 1877. 8° 

Glasgow, 1877. 

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and Plates. 8° 1876. 

MAC— MAG 211 

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experience of bnsii farming in the free grant districts of Mns- 
koka and Parry Sound. Map. 8° Bracdyridge {Ontario), 19,11. 

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and Plates. 8" 1878. 

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relation to the Disease-Distribution of the Himalayan and Sub- 
Himalayan Districts of British India. Map. 8° 1880. 

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correspondence of the late Major Samuel Charters Macpherson, 
C.B. Map and Plates. 8° 1865. 

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Translated from the German of Hieronymus Megiserus, with 
Introductory Notice, by James Sibree, junr. 8° 

Antananarivo [n. d.] 

Madden, R. R. The Island of Cuba, its resourcps, progress, and 
prospects, considereil in relation especially to the influence of 
its prosperity on the interests of the British West India 
Colonies. 12° 1853. 

T. M. The principal Health-resorts of Europe and Africa 

for the treatment of chronic diseases. 8° 1876. 

Madeira. Tlie Traveller's Guide to Madeira and the West Indies, 
being a Hieroglyphic Eepresentation of appearances and 

incidents during a voyage out and homewards By a 

young Traveller. Map and Plates. 8° Haddington, 1815. 

Madras. Census of the Town of Madras, 1871. Maps. Fi>. 

Madras, 1873. 

~ Eeport on the Census of the Madras Presidency, 1871, with 

Appendix containing the Results, etc. By W. R. Cornish. 
2 vols. Fo. Madras, 1874. 

Alphabetical Lists of the names of places in the Madras 

Presidency, (1) in which the popular spelling hns been re- 
tained, (2) in which the system of Transliteration has been 
followed. Fo. Madras, 1879. 

Maestre, Amaio. Desoripcion geologica industrial de la Cuenca 
carbonifera de San Juan de las Abadesas en la provincia de 
Gerona, con pianos y cortes de dioha cuenca, y un mapa com- 
parative de proyectos de ferro-carril. Maps. 8° Madrid, 1865. 

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Miger), 1863-1866. Maps and Plates. 8° Paris, 1868. 

Magellan. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ , lii. 

' Magenta.' See Giglioli. 

p 2 

212 MAG— MAL 

Magyar, Ladislaus, Eeisen in Siid-Afrika in den Jahren 1849 
bis 1867. Ans dem Un^arischen von Johann Hunfalvy. 
Vol. i. Map and Plates. 8° Pest t&Leipzigi 1859. 

— ^ See also Eonay. 

Mailly, E. See Quetelet. 

Maitland, C. The Chnrch in the Catacombs : a description «{ 
the primitive Uhuroh of Kome, illustrated by its Sepulchral 
remains. Plate. 8° 1846. 

Major, R. H. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., xliii., xlvi., I. 

Malay Archipelago. The Chinaman abroad : or, a Desultoiy 
Account of the Malayan Archipelago, particularly of Java : 
by Ong-tae-hae. Translated from the original. [No. 2 of the 
Chinese Miscellany]. Map. Sm. 8° Shanghie, 1849. 

Peninsula. Correspondence relative to the affairs of 

certain Native States in the Malay Peninsula, in the neigh- 
bourhood of the Straits Settlements. [Parly. Eep.] To. 


Malcolm, Howard. Travels in South-eastern Asia, embracing 
Hindustan, Malaya, Siara, and China ; with notices of numerous 
Missionary Stations, and a full account of the Burman Empire. 
2 vols. Map. 8° 1839. 

Maldonado, Lorenzo Ferrer. Viaggio dal Mare Atlantico al 
Paoifico per la via del Nord-ouest, fatto I'anno mdlxxxviii., 
tradotto da un Manoscritto SpaghuoTo inedito da Cario Amo- 
retti. Maps. 4° Mikmo, 1811. 

Malleson, [Col.] G. B. Herat : the Granary and Garden of Central 
Asia. Map. 8° 1880. 

Mallet, L. See India. 

R. The late Earthquake, and Earthquakes in general. 8° 


See also Palmieri. 

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Atignon, 1818. 

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mand, A. Petermann ; Fran9ais, G. Lambert) d'exploration au 
Pole Nord. Expose historique et geographiqiie de la question. 
Map. 8° Paris, 1868. 

. Eapport sur le concours au prix annuel pour la decouverte 

la plus importante en Geographie. Map. 8° Paris, 1874. 

— La France Vinicole. Nouveau Carte de la distribution 

topugraphique des Vignubles tur le sol Prangais. 

[Paris, 1875.] 

MAL— MAN 213 

Malte-Brun, V. A. Rapport sur le conoours au piix annuel fait 
4 la Societe de Geographie dans sa seance du 21 Avril, 1875. 
8° Paris, 1875. 

■ Aper^u de I'ifitat de nos connaissances geographiques au 

moment de I'ouverture du Congres international a Paris. 
Map. 8° Paris, 1875. 

L'Expedition polaire Anglaise en 1875. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1876. 

Tableau G6ograpbiqne de la distribution etbnograpbique 

des nations et des langues au Mexique. Map. S° 

Nancy, 1878. 

Man, E. H. Tbe Lord's Prayer translated into the Bojingijida, or 
South Andaman (Elakabeada) Language. With Frelace, 
Introduction, and Notes by E. 0. Temple. 8° Caleulta, 1877. 

& Temple, R. C. A Grammar of the Bojingijida or South 

Andaman Language. 8° Calcutta, 1878. 

Man, Isle of. Practical Guide to the Lsle of Man, by H. J. 
Jenkinson. Map in cover. 12° 1874. 

Manby, G. W. Journal of a voyage to Greenland, in the year 
1821. Plates. 4° 1822. 

Mandelslo, A. de. See Olearius. 

Manila. Provincia de Tondo (incomplete), Provincia de Bulacan 
(Map'), and Provincia de Pangasinan [Nos. ii., iii. & v. of a 
Survey of Manila.] Sm. 8° Manila, 1819. 

Mann, — . Dissertation dans laqnelle on tache de determiner 
precisement le port oil Jules-Cesar s'est embarque pour passer 
dans la Grande-Bretagne, et celui oil il y aborda; ainsi que le 
jour precis oil il fit ce Voyage. 4° [Paris, 1779.] 

R. J. The Zulus and Boers of South Africa. A fragment 

of recent history. 12° 1879. 

See also Beooks. 

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Leipzig, 1825. 

Mansfield, R. B. The Log of the ' Water-Lily ' (Thames Gig), 
during two cruises, in the summers of 1851-2, on the Ehine, 
Neckar, Main, Moselle, Danube, and other streams of Germany. 
3rd edn. 12° 1854. 

Mantegazza, P. See Giglioli. 

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in the midflle island of New Zealand of a living specimen of 
the Notornis. Plate. 4° 1862. 

214 MAP— MAE 

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Watering-places. 3rd edn. Ma^ and Plates. 12° 1876. 

Marche, A. Tiois Voyages dans I'Afrique oocidentale. Senegal, 
Giimbie, Casamance, Gabon, Ogooue. Ma;p a/nd Plates. 12° 

Paris, 1879. 

Marco Polo. The Buok of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, con- 
cerning the Kingdoms and Miirvels of the East. Newly Trans- 
lated and Edited, with Notes, etc., by Col. Henry Yule. 2 vols. 
Maps and Plates. 8° 1871. 

Do. 2nd edn. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1875. 

Marcou, Jules. On a second edition of the Geological Map of the 
World. [Boston, 1873.] 

Origin of the name America. 8° [Washington, 1875.] 

Notes upon the first discoveries of California and the origin 

of its name. Map. 8° Waihington, 1878. 

Margary, Augustus Baymond. The Journey of, from Shanghae 
to Bhamo, and back to Manwyne . . . with concluding chapter 
by Sir Rutherford Alcock. Map and Portrait. 8° 1876. 

Margry, P. Decouvertes et Etablissements des Erangais dans 
rOuest et dans le Sud de TAmerique Septentrionale, 1614-1698. 
Memoires et documents inedits. 3 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Paris, 1879. 

Mariette-Bey, Augusts. Aperpu de I'Histoire d'l&gypte depuis 
les temps les plus recules jusqu'a la conquete Musulmane. 
3rd edn. 12" Alexandria, 1872. 

Notice des prinoipaux Monuments exposes dans les Galeries 

provisoires du Musee d'Antiquites ^gyptiennes de S. A. le 
Kh6dive A. Boulaq. 4th edn. 8° Paris, 1872. 

Itineraire de la Hante-Egypte, comprenant une description 

des Monuments antiques des rives du Nil entre le Caire et la 
premiere Cataracte. 12° Alexandrie, 1872. 

The Monuments of Upper Egypt. A translation of the 

Itineraire de la Haute-ilfegypte. By Alphonse Mariette. Map 
and Plans. 12° Alexandria, 1877. 

Marigny, E. Taitbout de. Portulan do la Mer Noire, et de la 
Mer d'Azov, ou description des cotes de ces deux mers a I'usage 
des navigateurs. 12° Odessa, 1830. 

Piloto de la Mer Noire et de la Mer d'Azov. Extrait de 

I'Hydrographie de la Mer Noire et de la Mer d'Azov, comparee 
h celles de I'antiquite et du raoyen age du meme auteur. 8° 

GotMtantinople, 1850. 

MAE 215 

Maritime Conference held at Brussels for devising a uniform 
system of meteorological observations at Sea. 4° Brusaela, 1S53. 

Markham, [Oapt.] Albert Hastings. The Cruise of the 
' Eosario ' amongst the New Hebrides and Santa Cruz Islands. 
Map and Plates. 8° 1873. 

A Whaling Cruise to Baffin's Bay and the Gulf of Boothia. 

And an account of the rescue of the crew of the ' Polaris.' 
With an Introduction by Eear- Admiral "Sherard Osborn. Map 
and Plates. 8° 1874. 

The Great Frozen Sea : a personal narrative of the voyage 

of the ' Alert ' during the Arctic Expedition of 1876-6. Maps 
and Plates. 8° 1878 

Northward Ho ! . . . including a narrative of Capt. Phipps's 

Expedition by a Midshipman. Illustrations. Sm. 8° 1879. 

See also Hakluyt See. Publ., lix. 

Clements Robert. On the Origin and Migrations of the 

Greenland Esquimaux. Map. 8° [n. d.] 

On the best route for North Polar Expedition. 8° 1865. 

Further Eeport on Chinchona cultivation in India. 4° 


Letter to the Under-Secretary of State for India on the 

Marine Surveys of India (with five Enclosures). Fo. 1871. 

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys. Maps. 4° 1871. 

Do. 2nd edn. 1878. 

Ollanta. An Ancient Ynca Drama. Translated from the 

original Quichua. Sm. 8° 1871. 

— The Threshold of the Unknown Eegion. Maps. 8° 1873. 

Do. 3rd and 4th edns. 1875. 

A General Sketch of the History of Persia. Map. 8° 


The Arctic Navy List ; or a Century of Arctic and Ant- 
arctic Officers, 1773-1873. Together with a list of officers of 
the 1875 Expedition, and their services. Map. 8° 1875. 

Narratives of the mission of George Bogle to Tibet and of 

the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa. Edited, with 
notes, an Introduction, and lives of Mr. Bogle and Mr. Manning, 
by C. E. Markham. Map and Plates. 8° 1876. 

- Do. 2nd edn. 1879. 

- Eeport on the Geographical Department of the India Office. 
1867 to 1877. Sm. 8° 

216 MAE 

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Scurvy Committee. 8° Portsmouth, 1877. 

Do. 2nd edn., with additions. 8° Portsnuyuih, 1877. 

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and British Colonies.") Maps and Elustrations. 12° 1880. 

Peruvian Bark. A popular account of the Introduction of 

Chinchona cultivation into British India. 1860-1880. Maps 
and Illustrations. Sm. 8° 1880. 

An account of the Ealeigh, Geographical, and Kosmos 

Clubs. 8° 1880. 

See also Goodenough, Hakluyt Soc. Publ., xxxiv., xli., xlv., 

xlvii., xlviii., Ivi., Ivii., Ix., Ixi. 

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egyptischen Sudan und den angrenzenden Negerlandern, in den 
Jahren 1869 bis 1873. Maps and Plates. 8° Wien, 1874. 

Eeise in der Egyptischen Aequatorial-Provinz und in Kor- 

dofan, in den Jahren 1874-1876. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Wien, 1878. 

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Guinea. 2 vols. Map and Plates. 8° 

's Gravenhage & Amsterdam, 1817-18. 

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through Persia and Afghanistan to India, vil, Meshed, Herat, 
and Kandahar. Map. 8° 1877. 

O. C. Introduction and Succession of Vertebrate life in 

America. 8° New Haven, 1877. 

Marshall, C. The Canadian Dominion. Plates. 8° 1871. 

H. Ceylon : a general description of the Island and its 

inhabitants : with an historical sketch of the Conquest of the 
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MAE-MAS 217 

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See also Geodekofk. 

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(War Department Circular). The practical use of 

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■ — Memoria que el Secretario de Estado y del Despacho de 

Fomento, Colonizacion, Industria, y Comercio de la Eepublioa 
Mexican a presenta al Congreso de la TJnidn. Correspondiente 
al ano trascurrido de 1° de Julio de 1868 al 30 de Junio de 
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See also Oeozco y Berka. 

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■ Ueber einen bemerkenswerthen Farbenunterschied der 

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tTbersicht der von mir auf Neu Guinea und den Inseln Jobi, 

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• Uber die Mafoor'sche und einige andere Papua-SpiacVien 

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222 ME Y— MID 

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Translated from the Enssian. Map. 8° 18rt5. 

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See also Kostenko, Chekkasski, Pedchenko. 

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[Translated.] 8° 1824. 

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— An Ethnological Excursion in Johore (1 5 Deo. 1874 - 2 Feb. 

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fo.-^siliferous deposits of Scotland. Sm. 8" 

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224 MIL— MOH 

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Ice and Ice-work in Newfoundland. 8° 1876. 

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Geneva, Flanders, and Holland. Together with Useful In- 
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MOH— MON 225 

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'Albert's' Expedition til Spidsbergen i November og 

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Christiania, 1873. 

Om visse Virkninger af Str^mme paa Vandets og Luftens 

Temperatur. 8° Christiania, 1873. 

Bidrag til 0st-lsbavets Klimatologie og Meteorologi. 8° 

Christiania, 1874. 

Askeregnen den 29de-30te Marts, 1875. Map. 8° 

Christiania, 1877. 

Beretning om dtt Norske Meteorologiske Instituts Virk- 

somhed i 1872. 8° [Christiania, 1873.] 

Konig Karl-Land im Osten von Spitzbergen, nnd seine 

Erreichung und Aufnabme durch Norwegische Schiffer im 
Sommer 1872. Map. 4° [Gotha, 1873.] 

Grundzuge der Meteorologie. Die Lehre von Wind und 

Wetter, nach den neuesten Forscliungen gemeinfasslich dar- 
gestellt. Maps and Plates. 8° Berlin, 1875. 

See also Gtjldberg. 

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West-alpen. Map. 8° [Wien, 1873.] 

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MS. 4° 

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Arabic] Sm. 8° [n. p., n. d.] 

Notes sur le Pays de Harrar. Map. 8° Le Gaire, 1877. 

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Map and Illustrations. Sm. 8° Paris, 1854. 

MoUusca. Book containing Indian ink drawings of various 
MoUusoa, etc. 

Molyneux [Lieut.]. MS. Journal Note-book referring to Survey 
of the Dead Sea and Jordan valley. Map. 4° 

Mombas. Photograph of drawings of inscriptions on Mombaza 
Fort, 1875. 

M[oiicayo], P. Question de limites entre el Ecuador i el Peru, 
segun el ' TJti possidetis' de 1810 y los tratados de 1829. 8° 

Santiago de Chile, 1860. 

226 MON— MOE 

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Curso elemental de Geographia astronomica, fisica y politica. 

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of an Officer in 1879. 8° 1880. 

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Lugduni Batavorum, 1654. 

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relation of remarkable passages in two Embasses- from the 
East India Company of the United pri vinces to the Viceroy 
Singlamoug and General Taising Lipovi, and to Konchi, 
Emperor of China and East Tartary, with a relation of the 
Netherlanders assisting the Tartar against Coxinga, etc. En- 
glish'd by John Ogilby. Plates. Po. 1671. 

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and the Valley of Chamonix. Plate. 12° Geneva, 1855. 

Montefiore, [Sir] Moses. An open letter addressed to Sir M. 
Montefiore, on the day of bis arrival in the Holy City of « 
Jerusalem . . , July 25, 1875, by the Eev. Meyer Auerbach . . . 
and the Eev. Samuel Salant . . . Together with a narrative of a 
forty days' sojourn in the Holy Land. Photograph. 8° 1875. 

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and Plates. 2 vols. Sm. 8° 1875. 

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vue des interets Europeens. 8° Paris, 1873. 

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12° Pcmbay, 1877. 

MOK 227 

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physiques. 4 vole. 4° ; Atlas, To. (1831-1835). Paris. 

I. — Eelation, par Bory de Saint-Vincent. 183G. 

II — ^Part ]. G&graphie, par Bory de Saint- Vincent. 1834. 

„ 2. Ge'ologie et Mineralogie, par E. Puillon de Boblaye et 
The'odore Virlet. 1833. 

Ill— Part 1. Zoologie. 

Sect. 1. Mammifferes et Oiseaux, par Isidore Geoffroy Saint- 

Hilaire. 1833. 
Sect. 2. Animaux artioules, par Brulle (Crustac^s, par Guerin). 

IV. — ^Part 2. Botanique, parFauche, Ad. Bronguiart, Ohaubard,et Bory 

de Saint-Vincent. 1832. 
[TMs vol. also includes — ^Eeoherohes geographiques Bur lea ruinea de la 
Moree, par E. Puillon de Boblaye.] 

Morelet, A. lies Agores. Notice sur I'Histoire Naturelle des 
Agores, STiivie d'une description des Mollusques terrestres de 
cet Arohipel. Plates. Large 8" Paris, 1860. 

See also Squiee, M. F. 

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Morelli, Jacopo. Dissertazione intorno ad alcuni Viaggiatori 
eruditi Veneziani poco noti, pubblicata nolle faustissime nozze 
del Conte Leonardo Manino con la Contessa Foscarina Gio- 
vanelli. Frontispiece. 4° Venezia, 1803. 

See also Columbus. 

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Buenos Aires, 1878. 

Viaje a la Patagonia Austral. 1876-1877. L Map 

Plates. 4° Buenos Aires, 1879. 

Moresby, J. Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea and the 
D'Entrecasteaux Islands, a cruise in Polynesia and visits to 
the Pearl-shelling stations in Torres Straits of H.M.S. 
'Basilisk.' 8° Map and Plates. 1876; 

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foundland. Map. 8° [1864.] 

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[Lady]. Italy. 2vols.ini. 4° 1821. 

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Tiflis, 1865. 

Schemacha und seine Erdbeben. 8° Tiflis, 1872. 

Q 2 

228 MOE— MOU 

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Jan Mayen Eilandt, de Straat Davis, en al't aanmerklykste in 
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MOU— MUE 229 

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Phylarolii. Clitodemi. Phaaodemi. Androtionis. Demonis. 

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230 MUE 

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Hegesianaotis Alexatidrini. Mnesiptolemi. Euphoiionis Clial- 
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Cappadoola. Eutycbiani Cappadoeis. Magni Carrheni. Eunapii 
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delpbenaia. Gapitonis Lycii. Gandidi laauri. Euatatbii Epi- 
pbanienaia. Hesyohii Milesii. Nonnoai. Petri Patricii. Anonymi. 
Menandri Proteotoria. Theopbanis Byzantii. Joannis Epipha- 
nienaia. Joannis Antiocbeni. 

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Antiooheni, Joannis Malelse. Critobuli Imbriotas libri quinque de 
rebiiB geatia Mechemetis. Aocedunt Photii homilisB duse de prima 
EoBsorum invaaione, fiagmenta Peripli Ponti Euxini et Anapli 
Boapori. E codioibua Paiisiensi, Scoriulensi, Conatantinopolitano, 
Athoo, Londinienai edidit, prolegomensis, annotatione, Indioibua 
inatrnxlt Garolua Miiller. 

Pars Altera. Historicorum Grsecorum et Syriorum Eeliquise in 
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MUE— MUN 1:31 

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■ Forest Culture in its relation to industrial pursuits. 8° 


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Select Plants readily eligible for Industrial Culture or 

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See also Campbell, T. A. 

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See also Geeeitsz. 

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232 MUN— MUR 

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Library. See Catalogues. 

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See also Wild, G. 

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Eeview of Professor Alphonse Favre's geological researches 

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- Letter from, to the ' London Scotsman,' and leader thereon, 
" Where is Livingstone " ? 8° 1869. 

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bilities and general fertility of the country in the neighbour- 
hood of the Gander Eiver, Newfoundland. 8° 

[St. John's, 1874.] 

MUE 233 

Murray, John. Handbooks for Travellers. Maps and Plans. 
Post 8° 


Handbook for England and Wales ; aphabetically arranged 
for the use of travellers. 1878. 

Handbook to London, as it is. 2nd edn. 1874. 

A Handbook for travellers in Surrey, Hampshire, and the 
Isle of Wight. 2nd edn. 1865. 

Do. for Kent and Sussex. 3rd edn. 1868. 

Do. for Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire. 1870. 

Do. for Berks, Bucks, and Oxfordshire. Including a parti- 
cular description of the University and City of Oxford, 
and the descent of the Thames to Maidenhead and Windsor. 
2nd edn. 1872. 

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Do. for Yorkshire. 2nd edn. 1874. 

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2nd edn. 1869. 

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Do. for Scotland. 3rd edn. 1873. 

Do. for Ireland. 3rd and 4th edns. 1871, 1878. 

234 MUE 

Murray, John. Handbooks for Travellers — continued. 

A Handbook for travellers in France, ALaoo and Lorraine : 
being a guide to Normandy, Brittany ; the riyers Seine, 
Loire, EMne, and Garonne ; the French Alps, Danphine, 
the Pyrenees, Provence, and Nice, etc. ; the railways and 
principal roads. 12th edn. Parts I. and II. 1873. 

Do. Part I. Containing Artois, Picardy, Normandy, Brit- 
tany, the Seine and Loire, the Garonne, Bordeanx, Li- 
mousin, Gascony, the Pyrenees, etc. 15tli edn. 1879. 

A Handbook for Visitors to Paris. 1874, 1879. 

A Handbook for travellers on the Continent : — Part I. Being 
a guide to Holland, Belgium, Ehenish Prussia, and the 
Ehine from Holland to Mayence. 18th and 19th edns. 

1873, 1876. 

Do. Part II. Being a guide to North Germany from the 
Biltic to the Black Forest, the Hartz, Thliringerwald, 
Saxon Switzerland, Eiigen, the Giant Mountains, Taunus, 
Odenwald, and the Ehine Countries from Frankfurt to 
Basle, etc. 18th and 19th edns. 1874, 1877. 

Do. for Southern Germany : being a Guide to Wiirtemberg, 
Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, etc. The 
Austrian and Bavatian Alps, and the Danube from TJlm 
to the Black Sea. 12th & 14th edns. 1873, 1879. 

Do. for Switzerland, and the Alps of Savoy and Piedmont. 
15th edn. 1874. 

Do. (including the Italian Lakes, and part of Dauphine.) 
16th edn. 2 vols. 1879. 

Do. for the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia. 1868. 

Do. for Northern Italy ; comprising Turin, Milan, Pavia, 
Cremona, the Italian Lakes, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, 
Mantua, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Ferrara, Bologna, Ha- 
venna, Eimini, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Genoa, the 
Eiviera, and the intermediate towns and routes. 13th 
edn. 1874. 

Do. for Central Italy; inclnding Florence, Lucca, Tuscany 
and its off-lying islands, Umbria, the Marches, and part of 
the late patrimony of St. Peter. 8th & 10th edus. 

1874, 1880. 

Do. for Eome and its environs. 11th edn. 1873. 

Do. for Southern Italy ; comprising the provinces of the 
Abruzzi, Terra di Lavoro, Naples, the Principati, Bene- 
vento, Capitanata, Molise, Basilicata, Terra di Bari, Terra 
d'Otranto, Calabria, etc. 7th & 8th edns. 1873, 1878. 

MUE 235 

Murray, John. Handbooks for Travellers— continued. 

A Handbook for Spain. By Eichard Ford. 4th & 5th edns. 
2 vols. 1869, 1878. 

Do. for Portugal. A Complete guide for Lisbon, Cintra, 
Mafra, the British battle-fields, Alcobaga, Batalha, Oporto, 
etc. 3rd edn. 1864. 

Do. for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 3rd edn. 1871. 

Do. for Norway. 5th & 7th edns. 1874, 1880. 

Do. for Sweden, Stockholm and its vicinity. 4th edn. 1875. 

Do. for Denmark, with Sleswig and Holstein. 4th edn. 


Do. for Eussia, Poland, and Finland. 2nd & 3rd edns. (in- 
cludiijg the Crimea, Caucasus, and Central Asia). 

1868, 1875. 

Do. for Greece, describing the Ionian Islands, continental 

Greece, Athens, and the Peloponnesus, the islands of the 

^gean Sea, Albania, Thessaly, and Macedonia. 4th edn. 

Handbook for Travellers in Turkey in Asia, including Con- 
stantinople, the Busphorus, Dardanelles, Bi ousa and' Plaiu 
of Troy. 2nd edn., and 4th edn. (including the Isles 
■ci Cyprus, Ehodes, etc., Smyrna, Bphesus, and the routes 
to Persia, Btigdad, Moosool, etc.) 1871, 1878. 

Do. for Syria and Palestine, including an account of the 
Geography, History, Antiquities, and Inhabitants of these 
countries, the peninsula of Sinai, Edom, and the Syrian 
desert, with detailed descriptions of Jerusalem, Petra, 
Damascus, and Palmyra. Parts I. & II. 2nd edn. 1868. 

Do. for India ; being an account of the three Presidencies, 
and of the Overland Eouts, in;tended as a guide for 
Travellers, Of&cers, and Civilians, with vocabularies and 
dialogues of the spoken languages of India. Part I., 
Madras; Part II., Bombay. 1859. 

Do. for the Madras Presidency. With a notice of the Over- 
land Eoute to India. By E. B. Eastwiok. 2nd edn. 1879. 


A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt; including descriptions 
of the course of the Nile through Egypt and Nubia, 
Alexandria, Cairo, the Pyramids, and Thebes, the Suez 
Canal, the peninsula of Mount Sinai, the Oases, the Fyoom, 
etc. 4tli edn. 1873. 

236 MUE— NAE 

Murray, John. Handbooks for Travellers — continued. 

Do. for Lower and Upper Egypt, etc. In two parts. 6th 
edn. 1880. 

Do. for Algeria. By Lieut.-Col. E. L. Playfair. 1873. 

Do. for Algeria and Tunis. Algiers, Oran, Constantine, 
Carthage, etc. 2nd edn. 1878. 

Musters, [Capt.] G. C. At Home with the Patagonians, a year's 
wanderings over untrodden gronrid from the Straits of 
Magellan to the. Eio Negro. Ma^ and Plates. 8° 1871. 

Mysore. Eeport on the Mysore General Census of 1871. By A. 
W. C. Lindsay. Map. 8° Bangalore, 1874. 

Supplement to do. Appendices A to H. 8° 

Bangalore, 1875. 


Nachtigal, [Dr.] Gustav. Letter to Chevalier Negri from 
Boomou. 8° [n. d.] 

Sahara und SiidS,n. Ergebnisse sechsjahriger Eeisen in 

Afrika. I. Maps and Plates. 8° Berlin, 1879. 

Namur, A. Tables de Logarithmes a 12 decimales jusqu'a 434 
Milliards. 8° Bruxdles, 1877. 

Naoroji, Dadabhai. The Financial Administration of India. 8° 


Napier, [Lieut.-Col.] E. Eeminiscences of Syria and the Holy 

Land. Map and Plates. 2 vols. Sm. 8° [1847.] 

Napp, R. Die Argentinische Eepublik. Im Auftrag des Argentin 
central Comite's fiir die Philadelphia-Ausstellung, und mit 
dem Beistand mehrerer Mitarbeiter. Maps. 8° 

Buenos Aires, 1876. 

Nardi, Francesco. Sullo stato presente dei lavori pel taglio 
deir istmo di Suez. 4° [Boma, 1867.] 

SuUe ultime Eicerche nell' Ooeano polare artico. Map. 8° 

Boma, 1872. 

Europei in America avanti Colombo. 12° Boma, 1875. 

Spedizione nell' Africa Equatoriale del Conte Pietio 

di Brazza-Savorgnan. 4° Boma, 1876. 

Nares, [Sir] G. S. Investigations of the Gibraltar Strait Current. 
Map and Plates. 8° 1872. 

Narrative of a voyage to the Polar Sea during 1875-6 in 

H.M. Ships 'Alert' and 'Discovery,' with Notes on the 
Natural History, edited by H. W. Feilden, Naturalist to the 
Expedition. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1878. 

NAEr— NEU 237 

Nares, [Sir] G. S. See also Arctic, ' Challenger.' 

Nasmyth, J., & Carpenter, J. The Moon considered as a 
planet, a world, and a satellite. Plates. Sm. 4" 1874. 

' Nassau.' See Cunningham, E. O. 

Natal. Three MS. copies of Captain H. D. Kyle's Memoranda 
respecting expeditions to Nodwenga, Port Hare, and the 
Amabaca Country. 

Emigration to Natal, and conditions of Government L^ind 

Grants. 8° 1868. 

The Natal Almanac, Directory, and yearly Eegister. 1871. 

12° Pietermaritzburg, 1870. 

Nathorst, A. G. Om floran i Skanes kolforande bildningar. 
I. (Hefts 1 & 2) and II. Plates. 4° Stockholm, 1878-1879. 

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Persian of Neamet Ullah, by Bernhard Dorn. Two parts in 
one. [Oriental Translation Fund.] 4° 1829. 

Negri, Cristoforo. Due Mesi di Escursione alle Coste Belgiche, 
Olandesi, e Germaniche. 8° Firenze, 1871. 

■ Eiflessioni Geografiche e Politche sui progetti Inglesi e 

Eussi di nuove comunicazioni ferroviare fra I'Europe a I'Asia. 
8° [Boma, 1878.] 

Spedizione Artica Svedese. Sq. 8° [Boma, 1878.] 

Neil, A. Eeport on the Meteorology of the Punjab for the year 
1869. GharU. Fo. Lahore, 1870. 

Nelson, J. H. The Madura Country: a Manual compiled by 
order of the Madras Government. Map in cover. 8° 

Madras, 1868. 
' Nemesis.' See Hall, W. H. 

Netherlands. Nieuwe Zak-Atlas voor de Reizigers door de 
gezamentlyke Nederlauden. Frontispiece and coloured Maps. 
Sm. 8° Te Amsterdam, 1739. 

Compleete Zak-Atlas van de Zeventien Nederlandsche Pro- 

vincieu. Coloured Maps. Sm. 8° Te Amsterdam, 1786. 

■ Indies. See Dutch East India Co. 

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L. InvestigaQoes Historicas e Scientificas sobre o Museu 

Imperial e Nacional do Eio de Janeiro. Plate. 8° 

Mio de Janeiro, 1870. 
Apontamentos relatives a Botanica apj^icada no Brazil. 

8° Bio de Janeiro, 1871. 

Neuman & Baretti. See Dictionary [Spanish]. 

238 NEU— NEW 

Neumayer, G. Anleitung zu wisBenschaftlichen Beobachtungen 
auf Eeisen. Mit besonderer Eucksioht auf die Bedurfnisse 
der kaiserlichen Marine verfasst von P. Asoherson, A. Bastian, 
etc. Maps. 8° Berlin, 1875. 

New, [Rev.] C. Life, Wanderings, and Labours in Eastern Africa. 
With an account of the first successful Ascent of the Equa- 
torial Snow Mountain, Kilima Njaro, and remarks upon East 
African Slavery. Portrait, Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 1873. 

Newberry, J. S. Eeports on the Geology, Botany, and Zoology 
of Northern California and Oregon, made to the War Depart- 
ment. Plates. 4° WasMngton, 1857. 

The U.S. Sanitary Commission in the Valley of the 

Mississippi during the war of the Eebellion, 1861-1866. 
Final Eeport, 8° Cleveland, 1871. 

See also Ohio. 

Newcomb, Simon. On the right ascensions of the equatorial 
fundamental Stars and the corrections necessary to reduce the 
' right ascensions of different Catalogues to a mean homo- 
geneous system. 4° Washington, 1872. 

Eesearches on the motion of the Moon. Part I. Eeduction 

and discussion of observations of the Moon before 1750. 4° 

WasMngton, 1878. 

Newfoundland. Eeports of , progress of the Geological Survey 
for the years 1874, 1876. 8° St. Johns, 1876-77. 

New Guinea. The Voyage of the ' Chevert,' by Wm. Macleay ; 
Exploration of a new river, named the Baxter, by S. 
McParlane ; D'Albertis's account, etc. Letters in the " Sydney 
Morning Herald " of 22 Oct. 1875. Sm. 8" 

Newland, H. Forest Scenes in Norway and Sweden: being 
extracts from the journal of a fisherman. Plates. Sm. 8° 

New Mexico. See Texas, Western. 

New South Wales. Eeport of the Commissioner of Inquiry into 
the State of the Colony of New South Wales. [Parly. Eep.] 
Fo. 1822. 

Do. on the state of Agriculture and Trade in the Colony 

of New South Wales. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 182b. 

Do. on the Judicial establishments of New South Wales 

and Van Diemen's Land. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1823. 

London International Exhibition, 1862. Catalogue of the 

Natural and Industrial products of New South Wales ; with a 
map and introductory account of its population, commerce, 
and general resources. Sm. 4" 1862. 

NEW 239 

New South Wales. The Gazetteer of New South Wales. Map. 
12° Sydney [1863.] 

Bailliere's New South Wales Gazetteer and Eoad Guide, 

containing the most recent and accurate information as to 
every place in the Colony. Compiled by E. P. Whitworth. 
Wap. 80 Sydney, 1866. 

— The Industrial progress of New South Wales : being a 

Eeport of the Intercolonial Exhibition of 1870, at Sydney : 
together with a variety of papers illustrative of the industrial 
resources of the Colony. 8° Sydney, 1871. 

Map of New South Wales, to accompany " Correspondence 

respecting emigration," presented to both Houses of Parlia- 
ment by Command, May 1st, 1871. Fo. 1871. 

Financial Statement of the Treasurer. Fo. [Sydney"], 1873. 

^- Ways and Means. The financial Statement of the Hon. 

Alexander Stuart, Colonial Treasurer of New South Wales, 
made 24th January, 1877. Sm. 8° Sydney, 1877. 

Eailways of New South Wales. Eeport on their con- 
struction and working during 1876, by John Eae. Maps and 
Plans. Fo. Sydney, 1877. 

Annual Eeports of the DepartmeJit of Mines, New South 

Wales, for the years 1876, 1877. Maps. 4° Sydney, 1877-78. 

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C T. Travels and Discoveries in the Levant. 2 vols. 

Maps and Plates. Large 8° 1865. 

[Sir] I-, Oration [in German] by Brennecke upon. 8° 

Posen, 1866. 
New York. Census of th,e State of New York for 1876. Com- 
piled from the original returns by C. W. Seaton. Maps. Fo. 

Albany, 1877. 

Eeport of the Director of the New York Meteorological 

Observatory, Department of Public Parks, City of New York, 
for year ending December 31, 1876. 8° New Yorlc, 1877. 

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New Zealand. Published by the Church Missionary Society. 
12° 1820. 

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the Jurors, and Appendix. 8° Dunedin, 1866. 

Statistics of the Colony of New Zealand for 1869, 1870, 

1872, 1874, 1876, 1877, and 1878. Fo. 

Wellington, 1870, 72, 75, 77, 78, 79. 

240 NEW 

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Thomson) on the Surveys of New Zealand. Plana. Fo. 

Wellington, 1877. 

New Zealand, Graphic and Descriptive. The illustrations' 

by C. D. Barraud; edited by W. T. L. Travers. Coloured 
Plates. Atlas Fo. 1877. 

— New Zealand Court. International Exhibition, Sydney, 

1879. Appendix to Official Catalogue. 8° Wellington, 1880. 

— Colonial Museum and Geological Survey Department 

(James Hector, Director), Publications of the. 8° 


Eeports of Geological Explorations during 1870-71, 1871- 
72, 1873-74, 1874^76, 1876-77, 1877-78, 1878-79. Maps, 
Sections and Plates. 1871-79. 

Maps of the BuUer Coal Field, to illustrate Eeports by Mr. 
Cox and Mr. Denniston. Geological Eeports, 1874r-7. 

HuTTON, F. W. Catalogue of the Birds of New Zealand, 
with diagnoses of the species. 1871. 

Catalogue of the Eohitiodermata of New Zealand, 

with diagnoses of the species. 1872. 

Catalogue of the Marine MoUusca of New Zealand, 

with diagnoses of the species. Plate. 1873. 

Catalogue of the Tertiary MoUusca and Echinoder- 

mata of New Zealand, in the Collection of the Colonial 
Museum. 1873. 

Do. Manual of the New Zealand MoUusca. A 

systematic and descriptive Catalogue of the Marine and 
Land Shells and of the Soft Mollusks and Polyzoa of New 
Zealand and the adjacent islands. 1880. 

Martens, E. von. Critical list of the MoUusca of New 
Zealand contained in European Collections. 1873. 

Catalogue of the Land MoUusca of New Zealand, 

with descriptions of the species. Collected from various 
Authors. 1873. 

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New Zealand. Plates. 1880. 

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Part IV. Corals and Bryozoa of the Neozoic Period in 
New Zealand. Plates. 1880. 

Broun [Capt.] Thomas. Manual of the New Zealand 
Coleoptera. 1880. 

NEW— N IE 241 

New Zealand — continued. 

Hector, J. Fourth, fifth, tenth, thirteenth, fourteenth and 
fifteenth Annual Eeports on the Colonial Museum and 
Laboratory ; together with lists of donations and deposits. 


Meteorological Eeport, 1875 : including returns for 

1873-74 and averages for previous years. 1877. 

See also Hutton & Ulrich. 

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sion a la Presqu'ile et a la Montague des Moines. Plates. 
12° Paris & Lyon, 1880. 

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Maps, Plans, and Plates. 12° Bo-me, 1876. 

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Max. von Sonnenstem to the Minister of public works, Nica- 
ragua. 4° Washington, 1874. 

Nice. Account by Mediterranean Hotel Company. 8° 1866-7. 

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tables, calculations, and statements indispensable for ascertain- 
ing the dates of historical events, etc. New edn. 12° 


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proposed line of telegraph overland from Egypt to the Cape of 
Good Hope. 8° 1876. 

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together. 2nd edn. Plates. Sm. 8° 1877. 

[Nicolson, — ]. Essai sur I'Histoire Naturelle de St. Domingue. 
Plates. 8° Paris, 1776. 

W. The English Historical Library, in three parts. 

Giving a short view and character of most of our Historians 
either in print or manuscript : with an account of our Eecords, 
Law-Books, Coins, and other matters serviceable to the under- 
takers of a general History of England. 2nd edn. Fo. 


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East. Translated into English by Eobert Heron. 2 vols. 
Map and Plates. 8° Edinburgh, 1792. 

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Agrioole, Industrielle, et Commerciale). 12° Bone, 1876. 

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12° 's Gravenhage, 1870-71. 


242 NIL— NOB 

Nile. A short relation of the river Nile: of its source ami 
current; of its overflowing the Campagnia of Mgypt, 'till 
it runs into the Mediterranean ; and of other curiosities. 
(Eeprint.) 8° 1791. 

Nilsson, S. Skandinaviska Nordens TJrinvanare, etc. Plates. 
4° Lund, 1838-1843. 

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commtsrcial aspects. 8° Washington, 1880. 

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et Militaire. 8°, & Atlas, Fo. Paris, 1874. 

Noble^ J. Descriptive Handbook of the Cape Colony : its con- 
dition and resources. Map and Plates. 12° 

Cape Tovm, 1875. 

South Africa, past and present ; a short history of the 

European Settlements at the Cape. 12° 1877. 

Noel, [HonJ R. See Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

Noschel, A. See Baer & Helmeesen, xviii. 

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etc., par L. Langles. 3 vols. ' Maps and Plates. 4° Paris, 1796. 

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of Spitzhergen. 8° Stockholm, 1867. 

Eedogorelse for en Expedition till Gronland, ar 1870. 

Maps and Plate. 8° Stockholm, 1871. 

Eedogorelse for den Svenska Polarexpeditionen, kr 1872- 

1873. Maps. 8° Stockholm, 1875. 

Sur la possibilite de la Navigation Commercial e dans la 

Mer Glaciale de Sihfirie. 8° Stockholm, 1879. 

The Arctic Voyages of, 1858-1879. Maps and Illustrations. 

8° 1879. 

Notice sur sa Vie et ses Voyages par C. FJahault. Map 

and Portrait. 8° Paris, 1880. 

par James Jackson. 8° Paris, 1880. 

See also Dun^r, North-East Passage. 

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Islands. Map and Plates. 8° 1874. 

Norman, C. B. Armenia, and the campaign of 1877. Maps and 
Plans. 8° [1878.] 

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Syd-Gronland. 8° Kjobenhavn, 1866. 

NOI^-NOV 243 

North-East Passage. Historia de las Exploraciones Articas 
h.echas en busca del Paso del Nordeste. For Pedro de Novo y 
Colson. Map and Portrait. 8° Madrid, 1880. 

Norway. Eeisekart over Norges 5 sydlige Stifter, udgivet i 2 
Blade af den geografiske Opmaaling. [2 pamphlets.] 12° 

Kristiania, 1873. 


Den Norske Turistforenings Arbog, 1874, 1875, 1877. 

Plates. 8° Kristiania, 1875-78. 

Norwegian North-Atlantic Expedition, 1876-1878, General 
Keport of the (m Norwegian and English). Imp. 4° 

Ohristiania, 1880. 

Chemistet. — 1. On the Air and Sesi-water. 2. On the Carbonic 
Acid in Sea-water. 3. On the amount of Salt in the water of the 
Norwegian Sea. By Hercules Tom0e. Maps and Woodcuts. 

Zoology. — Fishes. By Robert Collett. Maps, Plates and Woodcuts. 

Pilot. Den Norske Lods, udgiven af den geografiske 

Opmaaling. Profiles. 8° Kristiania. 

l"'" Hefte. — KyststrsBkningen fra Idefjorden til Jomfniland, udarbejdet 
after de hydrografiske Unders0gelser 1863 til 1870 ved 0. P. Wille. 


2'"" Hefte. — ... fra Jomfruland til Kjistiansand, omarbeidet efter de 
seldre Beskrivelser og hydrografiske Unders0gelser 1853 til 1855 ved 
J. S. Fabricius. 1880. 

8'" Hefte. — ... fra Trondhjemsleden til den Russiske Grsendse, efter de 
hydrografiske TJnderB0gelser i Aarene 1828 tU 1842. 1870. 

Nostitz [Countess]. See Helfee. 

Noiirse, J. E. The Maritime Canal of Suez : Brief Memoir of 
the Enterprise from its earliest date, and comparison of its 
probable results with those of a ship canal across Darien. 
Maps and Plate. 8° Washington, 1870. 

Eeports of foreign Societies on awarding medals to the 

American Arctic Explorers, Kane, Hayes, Hall. Plate. 8° 

[Washington'], 1876. 

See also Hall, C. E. 

' Novara.' Eeise der Osterreichischen Fregatte ' Novara ' um die 
Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859, unter den Befehlen des 
Commodore B. von Wiillerstorf-Urbair. 4° [Completing 
work as in 1871 Supp. Cat.] Wien. 

Nautisch-phtsioalisohee Theil. 

Abtheilung 1. — Geographische OrtsbeBtimmimgen und Fluthbeo- 
bachtungen. Plates and Chart. 1862. 

2. — Magnetische Beobachtungen. 1863. 

3. — Meteorologisches Tagebuch. Maps. 1865. 

K 2 

244 NOV— NYS 

' Novara ' — Continued. 

Statistisoh-commeeoielleb Theil, von Dr. Karl von Soherzer. Bd. II. 
Maps. 1865. 

Geolpqisoher Theil. Bd. I. 

Abtheilung 2. — ^Palaontologie von Neu-Seeland. Beitrage zur 
Kenntniss der foasileu Flora und Flora der Provinzen Auck- 
land und Nelson, von F. linger, K. Zittel, E. Suess, F. 
Karrer, F. Stoliczka, G. Stache, und G. Jaeger, redigirfc von 
F, V. Hoohstetter, M. Homes, und F. Bitter von Hauer. 
Flates. 1864. 

Bd. II. von F. V. Hoehstetter, A. E. Eeuss, und C. Schwager. 

PlaUa. 1866. 

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Krempelliaber, H. W. Eeichardt, G. Mettenius, J. Milde, redigiit 
von Eduard Fenzl. Flates. 1870. 

AsTHBOPOLOGiscaBER Theil. AbtHeilung 1, von E. Zuckerkandl. 1875. 

Zoolosisoher Theil. Bd. I. ('Wiibeltliiere.') S'augethiere von J. 
Zelebor; Vogel, von A. v. Pelzeln; Eeptilien und Amphibien, 
von P. Steindaclmer ; Fische, von B. Kner. Flates. 18(j9. 

Bd. n., Abtheilung I :— 

A. Coleoptera, von L. Bedtenbacher ; Hymeuoptera. von 
H. de Saussure nnd J. Sichel ; Formicidse, von G. L. 
Mayr ; Neuroptera, von F. Brauer. Flates. 1868. 

B. Diptera, von J. E. Schiner; Hemiptera, von G. L. 
Mayr. Flates. 1868. 

Abtheilung 2 : — 

Lepidoptera, von Cajetan Felder und Budolf Felder. Text. 

Atlas, von Cajetan Felder, Eudolf Felder, und A. F. 
Eogenhofer. 1864-67. 

Abtheilung 3 — 

Orustaoeen, von 0. HeUer. Flates. 1865, 

Nova Scotia. Les Mines d'or de la Nouvelle ilfecosse. Eevue 
Statistique, 1862-1866. 12° Halifax [N.S.}, 1867. 

Novo y Colson, Pedro de. See North-East Passage. 

Numerical Language. International Correspondence by means 
of Numbers; an easy method whereby people of different 
nations may readily communicate with each other. 16° 1874. 

Nunes, A. See Poetugdese Conquests. 

J. C. Formnlario dos Medicamentos para os Hospitaes 

da Provincia de S. Thome e Principe. 8° Lisboa, 1874. 

Nursingrow, A. V. G-. V. Juggarow's Observatory, Daba 
Gardens, Vizagapatam. Eesults of Meteorological observa- 
tions, 1872-79. 12° Calcutta, 1873-80. 

Nyrerij M. Die Polhohe von Pulkowa. 4° St. Petersburg, 1873. 

Nystrom, J. G. Informe al Supremo Gobierno del Peru sobre 
una Espedicion al interior de la Eepublica. Maps. 8° 

Lima, 1868. 

OBE— OLI 245 


Ober, P. Interlaken et ses environs. 12° Berne, 1857. 

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CErsted [Prof.], Biographical Sketoli of. 8° 1872-73. 

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Persia and the several provinces thereof, the vast empire of 
the Great Mogol, and other parts of India, etc. Plates. Fo. 


Ohio, Geological Survey of. Eeport of Progress in 1870. By 
J. S. Nevfberry. Sections. 8" Columbus, 1871. 

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Etisse-fran(jais, precede d'une grammaire .... et suivi d'un 
vocabulaire, etc. 4™« edn. par X. Polevoi. Sm. 8° 

St. Petersbourg, 1844-1855. 

Oldham, C. P. Notes on the lost Eiver of the Indian Desert. 
Map. 8° [1874.] 

T. See India, Surveys [Geological]. 

W. Historical and Statistical Memoir of the Ghazeepoor 

District. Part 1. Maps and Plates. Fo. Allahabad, 1870. 

Olearius, Adam. The Voyages and Travels of the Ambassa- 
dors sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein to the great Duke 
of Muscovy and the King of Persia, begun in the year 
MDCXXXiii and finished in mdcxsxix, containing a compleat 
History of Muscovy, Tartai-y, Persia and other adjacent 
countries .... whereto are added the Travels of John Albert 
de Mandelslo from Persia into the East Indies, containing a 
particular description of Indosthan, the Mogul's Empire, the 
Oriental Islands, Japan, China, etc. . . . faithfully rendered 
into English by John Davies of Kidwelly. Maps and Plates. 
Sm. fo. 1662. 

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Panama. Map. 8° 1865. 

African Explorers. Maps. 8° Boston, 1877. 

■ The Land of Gilead, with Excursions ia the Lebanon. 

Maps and Plates. 8° 1880. 

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Connaraceee ; Vol. ii. Leguminos* to Ficoidese ; Vol. iii. 
Umbelliferse to Ebenacese. 8" 1868-1877. 

S. P. The Dolmen-Mounds and Amorpholithic Monu- 
ments of Brittany. 8o 1872. 

Oliver's Shipping Law Manual. 6th edn. By W. M. Eoehe. 

8» 1879. 

246 OLI— OEE 

Oliver and Boyd's Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, descrip- 
tive and statistical, with etymological notices ; being a Geo- 
graphical Dictionary for popular use. With Atlas of 32 maps. 
Sm. 8° Edinburgh, 1879. 

Olivier du Nort. Description du Penihle Voyage fait entoiir 
de I'univers . . . par Sr. Olivier du Nort d'TJtrecht . . . pour 
traversant le Destroict de Magellanes, descouvrir les Costes 
de Cica, Chili, and Pern, . . . y puis passant les Molucques, 
& circomnavigant le Globe du Monde, etc. Maps and Plans. 
4° Amsterdam, 1610. 

OUive, C. Climat de Mogador et de son influence sur la Phthisic. 
8° Paris, 1875. 

Olsen, O. T. The Fisherman's Practical Navigator. Map and 
Plates. 8° Grimsby & Hull, 1878. 

The Fisherman's Nautical Almanac, 1880 & 1881. Map. 

Sm. 8° 

O'Neill, T. Sketches of African Scenery from Zanzibar to the 
Victoria Nyanza, being a series of coloured lithographic pic- 
tures from original sketches by the late Mr. Thomas O'Neill, 
of the Victoria Nyanza Mission of the Church Missionary 
Society. 4° 1878. 

Opium. Anti-opium ; or things to think on ... on India, Opium, 
and China. 8° 1873. 

Oppert, E. A Forbidden Land : Voyages to the Corea. With 
an account of its Geography, History, Productions, and Com- 
mercial capabilities, etc. Charts and Plates. 8° 1880. 

J. Les Inscriptions Assyriennes des Sargonides et les Pastes 

de Ninive- 8° Yersailles, 1862. 

Orcuttj J. African Colonization. 8° New York [n. d.] 

Ord, H. St. G. Eeport on Condition of the British Settlements 
on the West Coast of Africa. Maps. [Parly. Eep.j Fo. 1865. 

Ordnance Survey. Eeport of the progress of the Ordnance 
Survey and Topographical Dep6t to the 81st December, 1866. 
Maps. Fo. 1867. 

of Scotland. Book of reference to the Plan of the parish 

of Stow (part of), in the co. of Selkirk. Map. Oblong 8° 


O'Reilly, J. P. Explanatory Notes and Discussion of the Nature 
of the Prismatic Forms of a Group of Columnar Basalts, 
Giant's Causeway. Plates. 4" Dublin, 1879. 

On the Correlation of Lines of Direction on the Earth's 

Surface. 4° Dublin, 1879. 

OKI— OSB 247 

Oriental Congress. Travaux de la Troisieme Session du Congres 
International des Orientalistes, St. P6terBbourg, 1876. Vol. ii. 
Plates. 8° St. Petersbourg & Leyde, 1879. 

Languages, Miscellaneous translations from, Vol. i. 8° 


Contents : — 

1. Notes of a Journey into the interior of Northern Africa. By. Hadji, 

Bbned-diu El Kghwaati; translated from the Arabic by W. B. 

2. Extracts from the Sakaa Thevan Saa,sterani, or Book of Fate, 

tiunslated from the Taraul by Rev. Jos. Roberts. 

3. The last days of Krishna and the sons of Pandu, translated from 

the Persian of Nekkeib Khan by Major David Price. 
.4. The Vedala Cadai, translated by B. G. Babington. 
5. Indian Cookeiy, translated by Sandford Arnot. 

Orme, Robert. A Collection of Maps and Plans, to accompany 
the History of the Military Transactions of the British Nation 
in Indostan, from the year mdccxlt. Being vol. iii. of the 
new edition of that work, etc. 8° Madras, 1862. 

Orozco y Berra, M. Geografia de las lenguas y Carta etno- 
grafica de Mexico, precedidas de un ensayo de clasificacion de 
las mismas lenguas y de apuntes para las imigraciones de las 
tribus. Map. 8° Mexico, 1864. 

— ■ Memoria para el piano de la Oiudad de Mexico formada 

de orden del Ministerio de Pomento. Plan. 12o 

Mexico, 1867. 

Orpen, J. M. Some Principles of Native Government illustrated. 
And the Petitions of the Basuto Tribe regarding land, law, 
representation, and disarmament to the Cape Parliament con- 
sidered. Maps. 8° Cape Town, 1880. 

Orth, A. Ueber die Anforderungen der Geographie und der 
Land- und Forstwirthschaft an die geognostische Karto- 
graphie des Gmnd und Bodens. 8° [Berlin, 1877.] 

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- Continent of South America. Map and Plates. 8° 1870. 

Do. 3rd edn. New Torh, 1876. 

Osborn, [Admiral] Sherard. Stray Leaves from an Arctic 
Journal ; or Eighteen Months in the Polar regions, in search 
of Sir John Franklin's Expedition, in the years 1850-51. 
Map and coloured Plates. Sm. 8° 1852. 

Do. New edn. (including the Career, Last Voyage, and 

Fate of Captain Sir John Franklin). Sm. 8« 1865. 

On the Exploration of the North Polar Eegion. 8" 1865. 

248 SB— OUT 

Osbom, [Admiral] Sherard. Quedah; a Cruise in Japanese 
"Waters, the fight on the Peiho. Map. Sm. 8° 1865. 

The Discovery of a North- West Passage by H.M.S. 

' Investigator,' etc. ... 4th edn. Sm. 8° 1865. 

See also Markham, A. H. 

Osgood's Handbooks for Travellers. 12° Boston {U.S.A.'l 

A Guide to the chief cities and popular resorts of New 
England, . . . with the western and northern borders from 
New York to Quebec. Maps and Plans. 1873 & 1875. 

A Guide to the chief cities and popular resorts of the Middle 
States, and to their scenery and historic attractions : 
with the northern frontier from Niagara Falls to Montreal ; 
also Baltimore, Washington, and northern Virginia. 
Maps and Plans. 1874. 

A Guide to the chief cities, coasts, and islands of the 
Maritime Provinces of Canada, and to their scenery 
and historic attractions ; with the gulf and river of St. 
Lawrence to Quebec and Montreal : also, Newfoundland 
and the Labrador Coast. Maps and Plans. 1875. 

Osten-Sacken, [Baron] F. von der. TJebersicht der geo- 
graphischen Leistungen in Eussland wahrend der Eegierung 
Kaiser Alexander II. 8° St. Petersburg, 1880. 

Otter, H. 0. See Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

Oudemans, J. A. C. Verslag van de Bepaling der geographische 
Ligging van Punten op of nabij de Oostkust van Celebes, 
verrigt in September-December, 1864. Map. 8° 

[Batavia, 1865.] 

— ■- Die Triangulation von Java, ausgefuhrt vom personal des 

geographischen Dienstes in Niederlandisch Ost-Indien. Erste 
Abtheilung. Vergleichung der Maasstabe des Eepsold'schen 
Basis-Mess- Apparates mit dem Normalmeter. Plates. 4° 

Batavia, 1875. 

Do. Zweite Abtheilung. 4° Haag, 1878. 

budh. The Keport on the Census of Oudh. Compiled by J. C. 
Williams. 2 vols. Fo. Lucknow, 1869. 

Ouseley, [Sir] W. G. See Sadik Isfahani. 

Outhie^:', — . Journal d'un Voyage au Nord en 1736 and 1737. 
Maps. 4° Paris, 1744. 

Outram, James. A Biography. By Major-Gen. Sir F. J. 
Goldsmid. 2 vols. Maps and Illustrations. 8° 1880, 

VI— PAL 249 

Oviedo, alias de Valdes, Gongalo Fernandez de. [" Breve 
sumario," " General i Natural Historia de Indias." Title 
lost.] Fo. [n. p.; ?1526.] 

Owen, R. Anatomy of the king-crab. Plates. 4° 1873. 

Oxus. Fall and Eapidity of the Oxus and of other rivers com- 
pared with it. MS. 4° 


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250 PAL— PAR 

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See also Dictionaey [Persian]. 

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. The Isthmus of Panama Inter-Oceanic Canal. M. le Comte 

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PAE-PAT 251 

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Itoanne [n. d.] 

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private, relating to the same Mission. To which is prefixed 
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252 PAT— PEA 

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See also Arctic, Wetpkecht. 

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Manuel Bouaud y. Dos Ilustres Sabios [Lorente & 

Eaimondi] vindicados. 4° Lima, 1868. 

Estudio sobre la Altura de las Montanas, aplicado especial- 

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Ensayo deunateoria del Magnetismo terrestre en el Peru. 

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PEA— PEN 253 

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Pacific Oceans. Maps and Plans. 8° Exeter, 1879. 

The Guinea or Gold Coast of Africa, formerly a Colony of 

the Axumites, or ancient Abvssinians in the reign of. King 
Solomon, and the veritable Ophir of Scripture, now an un- 
disputed Colony of Great Britain. Map and Plans. 8° 1880. 

See also Panama. 

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See also Assam. 

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East India Pacquet on the Pelew Islands, situated on the 
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Map and Plates. Sm. fo. 1864. 

Itinerary of route from Bunder Abbass to Cape Jashk. 

Map. Sm. fo. 1864. 

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4° Wien, 1876. 

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254 PEN— PER 

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Supplements pour les annees anterieurs, 1862 & 1864. 8° 

Bmxelles, 1863-64-66. 
See also Barbiani. 

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American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed 
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journals of Commodore Perry and his ofBcers, at his request 
and under his supervision, by Francis L. Hawks. 8 vols, in 4. 
Maps and Plates. 4° WashiTiglon, 1856. 

Vol. I. — ^Narrative. 

11. — Plates and Maps, ia two parts. 

III. — United States Japan Expedition. — Observations on the 

Zodiacal Light, from April 2nd, 1853 to ApiU 22nd, 1855, made 
chiefly on hoard the United States Steam-Frigate ' Mississippi ' 
during her late cruise in Eastern Seas, and her voyage homeward : 
with conclusions from the data thus obtained, by the Kev. George 

Persia. Eastern Persia. An account of the Journeys of the 
Persian Boundary Commission, 1870-71-72. Vol. I. The 
Geography, -with Narratives by Majors St. John, Lovett, and 
Elian Smith, and an Introduction by Major-General Sir 
Frederic John Goldsmid. Vol. II. The Zoology and Geology. 
By W. T. Blanford. Maps and Plates. 8° " 1876. 

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Persian Gulf. 8° Calcutta, 1859-60. 

PEE— PET 255 

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durante el Tiempo del Coloniaje Espanol. 6 vols. Imp. 4° 

Lima, 1859. 
Contents : — 
Vol. I. — Juan de Mendoza y Luna, Francisco de Borja y Aragon, 
Baltasar de la Cueva, Melohor de Lifian y Cisneros. 

II. — Melchor de Navarra y Kocaful. 

in. — Jose Aimendaris, J. A. de Mendoza. 

rV. — Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemos. 

V. — Teodoro de Croix. 

VI. — Jose Antonio Manso de Velaseo, Manuel Amat y Yunient, 

Eeports to Admiralty, etc., relative to Guano deposits in 

Peru. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1874. 

Keport on the Guano deposits on the islands of Lobos de 

Tierra, Lobos de Afuera, Macabi, and Guanape. [Parly. Eep.] 
Fo. 1874. 

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cion de Estadistica. Oblong 4° Linna, 1874. 

Informe Bobre las Minas de la Sociedad Carbonifera denomi- 

nada " La Union " situados en el departamento de Ancachs. 12° 

Lima, 1875. 

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See also Fuentes, Maekham, C. E. 

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The races of Man and their geographical distribution. 

Sm. 8° 1876. 

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Leipzig, 1878. 

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256 PET— PHI 

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{Goiha, 1867.] 

■ Eine Kartenskizze von Dr. Livingstone's neuen Porschungen. 

Maps. 4° [Gotha, 1870.] 

Dr. Livingstone's Erforschung des oberen Congo. 4° 

{Gotla, 1872.] 

Geographie und Erforschung der Polar Eegionen (Nordens- 

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See also Aectic, Transactions [Germany]. 

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Abu Kuka to Gondokoro. Map. 8° [1864.] 

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[n. d.] 

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diente a el ano de 1818. Sm. 8° Momila, 1820. 

See also Manila. 

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Chapelle (Aachen) on Monday, August 26th, 1878. 8° 1879. 

PHI— PIK 257 

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shire. With- essays on the climate, scenery, and ancient in- 
habitants of the county. Plates. 8° 1853. 

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ordre du Eoi d'Angleterre. Traduit de I'Anglois. Maps. 4P 

Paris, 1775. 

See also Maekham, A. H. 

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Guide aux eaux thermales du Mont Dore, de Sainte Alyre, 

de Eoyat, de la Bourboule et de Saint Nectaire, avec la 
description du Clermont Ferrand. 12° Paris, 1856. 

See also Joanne. 

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convicine Contrade. Tratta dalli Scritti & Eagionamente di 
Odoardo Lopez, Portogheze, per Filippo Pigafetta, con Dissegni 
vari di Geografia, di Piante, d'Habiti, d'Animali & altro. Maps 
and Plates. Sm. sq. 8° Boma, 1591. 

See also Hakluyt Soc. Publ., lii. 

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Aphanapteryx. Personal Experiences, Adventures, and Wan- 
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Plates. 8° 1873. 


258 PI L— PIN 

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(aujourd'hui Territoire d'Aliaska). 8° Paris, 1872. 

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Kaniagmioutes. 8° Paris, 1873. 

Notes sur les Koloches. 8° Paris, 1873. 

Voyage a la Cote Nord-ouest d'Ameiique d'Ounalashka a 

Kadiak (lies Aleouti^ nnes et peninsule d'Aliaska). Map. 8° 

Paris, 1874. 

Sur les Atnahs. 8° Paris, 1875. 

La Caverne d'Aknanh lie d'Ounga (ArcHpel Shumagin, 

Alaska). Plates. Large 4° Paris, 1875. 

Voyages a la Cote Nord-ouest de I'Amerique executes 

durant les annees 1870-72. Vol. i. Pt. i. (Histoire natu- 
relle.) Plates. Large 4° Paris, 1875. 

La Chasse aux animaux marins et les Pecheries chez les 

Indigenes de la Cote Nord-ouest d'Amerique. 8° 

Boulogne, 1876. 

Bibliotlieque de Linguistique et d'Ethnographie Ameii- 

caines. Vol. i. 4° Paris, 1875. 

Contents : — 

Arte de la lengua Chiapaneoa poT Fray Juan de Albomoz, y Doctrina 
Cristiana en lengua Obiapaneea, por Fray Luis Barrieutos. 

Pinckard, G. Notes on the West Indies, written during the 
expedition under the Command of the late General Sir Ealph 
Abercromby : including observations on the Island of Barba- 
does, and the settlements captured by the British troops upon 
the coast of Guiana ; likewise remarks relating to the Creoles 
and slaves of the western Colonies, and the Indians of South 
America, with occasional hints regarding the Seasoning or 
yellow fever of hot climates. 3 vols. 8° 1806. 

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past and present state of that country and its inhabitants. 
Plates. 8° 1833. 

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Mendez Pinfo, fidellement traduits de Portugais en Fran9ois 
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PIO— POE 259 

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Portrait and Map. 8° 1863. 

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re naturali et medica, Libri quatuordecim. Plates. Fo. 

Amstelaedami, 1658. 

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& Atlas oblong 4° Paris, 1875. 

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& Letourneux, — . Memoir on the Hydrographical 

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of 670 useful phrases in English, Hindustani, Persian, and 
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8° 1875. 

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accompagne d'une note additionnelle sur la force ascensionelle 
qu'exercent les ouragans, etc. 8° Paris, 1856. 

See also France [Publ. Depot, etc.. No. 5131. 

S 2 

260 POG— POE 

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Auftrage der Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Erforschnng Aequa- 
torial-Afrika's in die Lunda-Staaten untemommenen Beise. 
Map and Plates. 8° Berlin, ISgO. 

Fogodin, — . See Baer & Helmeesen, x. 

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Polar Conference, International. Bericbt iiber die Verband- 
Itmgen und die Ergebaisse der internationalen Polar-Konferenz, 
abgehalten in Hamburg in den Tagen vom 1. bis 5. October 
1879. Eapport des Discussions et des Eesolutions de la Con- 
ference Polaire Internationale, tenue a Hambourg du l^' au 
S™' Octobre 1879. 4° Hamburg, 1880. 

Protocols of tbe Proceedings of the 2nd Conference at Bern, 

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See also Maekham, A. H. 

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POE— POS 261 

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Correa, in 1865 Oat.]. A quarta parte da Cronica dos feytos que 
se passarao na India do ano de 1538 at^ o ano de 1550, em que 
residerao seis Gouernadores (D. Graoia de Noronha, D. Bsteuao 
da Gama, Martim Afonso de Lonsa, D. Joao de Crasto, Gracia de 
Sa, e Jorge Cabral). Pt. 1, 1864 ; Pt. 2, 1866. 

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262 POS— PRI 

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Nvmismatioo Athenarvm Pvblico adservantvr. 4° 

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PEI— PUN 263 

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See also Egyptian Gen. Staff Publ. 

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' Providence.' See Brotjghton. 

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Eoyaumes d'Afrique ; redigee d'apres les Memoires des Prefets 
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264 , PUN— QUE 

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On the New Settlement in Eookingham Bay, and advance 

of Colonization over North-Eastern Australia, including Mr. 
J. E. Dalrymple's report on his journey from Eockingham Bay 
to the Valley of Lagoons. 8° 1865. 

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proposed Lines of Steam Communication, together with the 
proceedings of the Committee and minutes of evidence. Fo. 

Brisbane, 1865. 

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Handbook for Emigrants to Queensland, Australia. 8° 


Census of 1871, taken on the 1st day of September, being 

the 4th taken in the Colony. Fo. Brisbane, 1872. 

QUE— EAD 265 

Queensland. Narrative and Eeports of the Queensland Nortli- 
East Coast Expedition, 1873. Fo. [Brisbane, 1874.} 

Crnise of the Queensland Government Schooner ' Pearl ' 

in the Gulf of Carpentaria. (Captain Pennefather's Eeport of 
the Exploration of the Coen, Archer, and Batavia Eivers.) 
Plan. Fo. [Brisbane], 1880. 

Explorations in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and Surveys in 

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See also Pugh. 

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Eesults of Astronomical and Meteorological Observations 

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1871, and 1872 under the superintendence of the Eev. E. 
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266 RAD— RAI 

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See also Baer & Helmersen, xxiii. 

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— The Country of the Moors. A Journey from Tripoli in 
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Antiquitates Americanae, sive Scriptures septentrionales 

rerum Ante-Columbianarum in America. Samling af de i 
nordens Oldskrifter indeholdte Efterretninger am de gamle 
Nordboers Opdagelsesreiser til America fra det lOde til det 
14de Aarhundrede. Imp. 4° Hafnise, 1837. 

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8° 1838. 

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12° Lima, 1862. 

EAI— EAV 267 

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Minerales. 4° Lima, 1873. 

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Burton ... on the Africans of Sierra Leone refuted, etc., with 
some remarks on the Sierra Leone Exhibition. 8° 1865. 

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Calcutta & Simla, 1879-80. 

Bamaseeaua, or a Vocabulary of the peculiar Language used by the 
Thugs, with an Introduction and Appendix descriptive of the 
system pursued by that Fraternity, and of the measures which 
have been adopted by the Supreme Government of India for 
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the local agreement of history and tradition, with the 
remains of Elephants and Mastodontes, found in the New 
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Cyprus : its resources and capabilities, with hints for 

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geographical, ethnographical, and historical, extracted from 
the writings of little known Afghan and Tajzik historians. 

268 E AW— EEC 

geographers, and genealogists ; the histories of the Ghtiris, 
the Turk sovereigns of the Dihli kingdom, the Mughal 
sovereigns of the house of Timur, and other Muhammadan 
Chronicles ; and from personal observations. [Part I.] Fo. 


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Territory? Colonize the "Fertile Belt," which contains 
Forty Millions of Acres. 8° 1866. 

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■ Biography, with portrait. [From " Leisure Hour " of Aug. 


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fluence on the Sugar-Crops, 1847-71, with two supplements. 
1873-4. 4° Barbados, 1874. 

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Sm. 8° 1873. 

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See also Eohlfs, Schweinfukth. 

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Contents : — 

Vol. I. — ^L'Europe M&idionale (Grfece, Turquie, Eoiimanie, Serbia, 
Italie, Espagne et Portugal). 1876. 

Vol. II.— La France. 1877. 

Vol. III. — L'Europe Centiale (Suisse, Austro-Hongrie, Allemagne). 


EEC— EEI 269 

Vol. IV. — L'Europe du Nord-Ouest (Belgique, Hollande, lies, Biltan- 

niques). 1859. 

Vol. V. — L'Europe Soaudinave et Ruaso. 1880. 

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Mongibello e snoi ultimi fuochavvenuti nel mese di Marzo 
del ourrento anno mdcclv. 8° Catania, 1755. 

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[Paris], 1818. 

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Scripture translated into Fulde : together with eight chapters 
of the Book of Genesis translated by the late Dr. Baikie. 8° 


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of the Australias. Map. 8° Sydney, 1876. 

Five Free Trade Essays. 8° ' Melbourne, 1877. 

[Lieut.-Col.] W. An attempt to develop the Law of 

Storms by means of facts, arranged according to place and 
time ; and hence to point out a cause for the variable Winds, 
with the view to practical use in navigation. Charts and 
Woodcuts. 8° 1838. 

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Eepublica del Ecuador, en los anos de 1870 y 1871. 4° 

Quito, 1871. 

270 EEI— REU 

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Colombia, en los anos de 1868 y 1869. 4° Quito, 1872. 

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Morceanx de Critiques et de M6moires relatifs aiix Eeligions, 
anx Sciences, aux Coutumes, a THistoire et a la Geographie 
des Nations Orientales. Map. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1829. 

See also Chy Fa Hiah. 

J. P. A. See Pauthieb. 

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d'une Introduction sur I'etat physique, moral et politique du 
pays. 8° Paris & Leipzig, 1862. 

See also Brknchley. 

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Compagnie des Indes Orientales en f'lsle de Madagascar ou 
Dauphine. 16° Paris, 1668. 

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Aaru, 1835. 

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(now first published) exhibiting a view of the Governments 
and Society in the principal States of Europe, during the time 
of Cromwell's usurpation ; containing a multiplicity of his- 
torical facts not generally known, with anecdotes and secret 
history of the Courts of Charles II. and James II. 3rd edn. 8° 


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Studier inum andra omraden af Finsk Antropologi. Plates. 
Fo. Stockholm, 1878. 

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bourg, et renseignements divers sur le Grand Duche de Luxem- 
bourg. 8° Luxembourg, 1875. 

Projet de creation d'une Colonic Agricole Beige dans 

I'Afrique Centrale, ou Manuel du Colon Beige. 12° 

Bruxdles, 1877. 

EEU— EIC 271 

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protection de postes militaires. 8° Bruxelles, 1878. 

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Map and Plates. Sm. 8" Paris, 1880. 

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Provincia de S. Thome e Principe no Anno de 18G9. 8° 

Lisboa, 1871. 

A Provincia de S. Thome e Piincipe e suas Dependencias. 

Plates. 8° Lisboa, 1877. 

As Conferencias e o Itinerario do Viajante Serpa Pinto 

atravez das terras da Africa Austral nos limites das Piovincias 
de Angola e Mogambique, Bie a Shoshong ; Junho a Dezembro 
de 1878. Estudo critico e ducumentado. Maps. 8° 

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272 EIO 

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— See also Eoss, Seemann. 

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EIC— EIN 273 

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[n. p., n. d.J 

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274 BIN— EOB 

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EOB 275 

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T 2 

276 EOB— ROG 

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EOG— EOS 277 

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' Rosario.' See Palmee, G. 

278 EOS 

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Vol. I. — ^Eeise nach dem nordliohen Ural und dem Altai 1837. 

Vol. II. — Eeise naoh dem sudlichen Ural imd dem Kaspischen Meere. 


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sketcbes of tbe life and obaracter of tbe Spaniard of tbe 
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Eeis naar de Zuidoostereilanden. Plates. 8° 

's Gravenhage, 1867. 

■ Eeistocbten naar de Geelvinkbai op Nieuw-Guinea in de 

Jabren 1869 en 1870, ambtenaar belast met wetenscbappe- 
lijke onderzoekingen in Nederlandscb-lTidie. Maps and Plates. 
4° 's Gravemihage, 1875. 

Der Malayiscbe Arcbipel. Land und Leute "in Scbilde- 

rungen, gesammelt wabrend eines dreissigjabrigen Aufen- 
tbaltes in den Kolonien. (Vorwort von Professor P. J. Vetb.) 
Plates. 8° Leipzig, 1878-79. 

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-^ • See also Coetambert. 

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Columbia Eiver : being a Narrative of the Expedition fitted 
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Plates and Woodcuts. Sm. 8° Toronto, 1871. 

— U.S. Centennial Exhibition Catalogue to illustrate the 
Animal resources of the Dominion of Canada. List of fur- 

EOS— ROT 279 

bearing, useful and injurious animals, and the native and 
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Contents : — 

Vol. I. — Summary of voyage, by J. D. Hooker; Mammalia, by J. E. 

Gray ; Birds, by G. E. Gray and E. B. Sharpe. 
Vol. II. — Eeptiles, by G. E. Gray and A. Giintber ; Pishes, by Sir J' 

Eichardson ; Crustacea, by B. J. Miera ; Insects, by A. WMte and 

A. G. Butler; MoUusoa, by E. A. Smith. 

— The Botany of the Voyage, etc. See Hooker, [Sir] J. D. 

— [Sir] John. Appendix to the Narrativejof a second voyage 
in search of a North-West passage and of a residence in the 
Arctic regions during the years 1829, 1830, 1881, 1832, 1833, 
including the Eeports of Commander, now Captain, James 
Clark Eoss, and the Discovery of the Northern Magnetic Pole. 
Coloured Plates. 4° 1835. 

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scription of Manners and Customs, Language and Geography. 
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8" 1875. 

A self-instruction in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 

for the local Marine Board examinations and for use at sea. 
Srdedn. Plates. 8° 1876. 

Roth A. The Doldenhom and Weisse Frau ascended for the 
first time by Abraham Eoth and Edmund von Fellenberg. 
Map and Plates. 8° Gdblentz, 1863, 

280 EOT— EUS 

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nebst einem Verzeiohnies der Kaufleute, etc. Plates. 12° 

Niirnherg, 1813. 

Rotzmital, L. von, & Blatna, — . See Hoekt. 

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Publique sur la Mission dea Chotts. l&ttides relatives au 
projet de IVLer interieure. Map. 8° Paris, 1877. 

Rousset, L. A. travers La Chine. Map. 12° Paris, 1878. 

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experiences of an old country settler, with sketches of 
Canadian Life, Sporting Adventures and observations on the 
forests and fauna. Map. 8° 1876. 

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his birth in 1841 to his discovery of Livingstone, 1871. Plates. 
Sm. 8° • 1872. 

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Orient. Eeoit de son Voyage, traduit de I'original latin et 
annote par Louis de Backer. 12° Paris, 1877. 

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der Wiederkaner zunachst an Linne's Genus Bos. 8° 

Basel, 1865. 

Uber Thai- und See-Bildung. Beitrage znm Yerstandniss 

der Oberflache der Schweiz. Map. 4° Basel, 1869. 

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Paris, 1835. 

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See also Ellis. 

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Sm. 8° 1873. 

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New South "Wales, up to the end of 1869 ; with remarks on the 
Climate. 8° Sydney, 1871. 

Climate of New South Wales : Descriptive, Historical, and 

Tabular. Diagrams. 8° Sydney, 1877. 

Storms on the Coast of New Sonth Wales. Maps. 8° 


Eesults of Bain Observations made in New South Wales 

during 1878. Map. 8° Sydney, 1879. 

BUS— SAD 281 

Russell, H. C. Eesiilts of Meteorological Observations made 
in New South "Wales during 1875. 8° Sydney, 1880. 

Eesults of Eain and Eiver Observations made jn New- 
South Wales during 1879. 8° Sydney, 1880. 

M. History and present condition of the Barbary States : 

comprehending a view of their Civil Institutions, Antiquities, 
Arts, Eeligion, Literature, Commerce, Agriculture, and 
Natural Productions. Map and Plates. Sm. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1835. 

Russia seu Moscovia itemque Tartaria Commentario topographico 
atque politico illustratse. 16° Lugduni Batavorum, 1530. 

Sketch Map of the acquisitions of, in Europe and 

Central Asia, since the accession of Peter I. to the Throne. 
New edn. 

Eevelations of, or, the Emperor Nicholas and his 

Empire in 1844. Map and Plates. 2 vols. 8° 1844. 

Central Asia, and British India. By a British Subject. 

8° 1865. 

& Persia. Histoire des decouvertes faites par divers 

savans voyageurs, dans plusieurs contrees de la Eussie et de 
la Perse, relativement h I'histoire civile et naturelle, a 
I'economie rurale, au commerce, etc. 3 vols. Maps and 
Plates. Sm. 4° Berne, 1779-87. 

Russians in the East. 8° [Eeview. ? 1865.] 

Russo- Turkish War. The present Crisis ; or, the Eusso-Turkish 
"War and its consequences to England and the World. 8° 

' Rynda.' See Tilley. 


Sabine, [Gen. Sir] Edward. Note on a correspondence between 
Her Majesty's Grovernment and the President and Council of the 
Eoyal Society regarding meteorological observations to be 
made by sea and land. 8° 1866. 

Sachs, C. Aus den Llanos. Schilderung einer naturwissen- 
schaftlichen Eeise nach Venezuela. Map and Plates. 8° 

Leipzig, 1879. 

Sadik Isfahdni, the Geographical "Works of. Translated by J. C. 
from original Persian MSS. in the Collection of Sir "William 
Ouseley, the Editor. Also, "A critical essay on various 
manuscript works, Arabic and Persian, illustrating the history 

282 ' SAD— SAI 

of Arabia, Persia, Turkomania, India, Syria, Egypt, Mauritania, 
and Spain," translated by J. 0. from a Persian manuscript in 
the same collection. [Oriental Translation Fund.] 8° 1832. 

Sadlier, [Capt.J G. Porster. Diary of a journey across Arabia 
from El Khatif in the Persian Gulf to Yambo in the Eed Sea 
during the year 1819, compiled from the records of the Bombay 
Government by P. Kyan. Map. 8° Bombay, 1866. 

Said-Ibn-Razik. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. xliv. 

St. Domingo. See Nicolson, Santo Domingo. 

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2 vols, in 4. Plate. 8" Paris, 1833. 

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Nipon. With chapters on Cruising after Pirates in Chinese 
waters. Maps and Plates. Sm. 8° Edinburgh, 1880. 

[Major]. See Persia. 

O. Notes on the geology of North-Eastem New Mexico. 

Plates. 8° [WasUngtonl, 1876. 

St. Lawrence. Eeport of the Chief Engineer of Public Works on 
the Navigation of the Eiver St. Lawrence between Lake 
Ontario and Montreal. Ottawa, 1875. 

Eeport on the advantages and necessity of establishing a 

Submarine Telegraphic System for the Eiver and Gulf of St. 
Lawrence. Map. 8° Ottawa, 1876. 

St. Lucia & St. Vincent. A relation of the late intended 
Settlement of the Islands of St. Lucia and St. Vincent in 
America ; in right of the Duke of Montagu, . . . 1722. Maps. 
12° 1725. 

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Universelle. I. (a-o) A° Paris, 1879. 

L'Annee Geographique. See Teansactions [Prance]. 

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the Isle of Bourbon, and the Cape of Good Hope. Translated 
from the French. 8° 1800. 

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8° Paris, 1877. 

Exploration et Colonisation. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Paris, 1878. 

Saint-Priest, — De. Memoires sur I'Ambassade de France en 
Turquie, et sur le commerce des Fran9ais dans le Levant. 
[No. VI. of Publ. de I'^Bc. des Langues Orient, viv.] 8° 

Paris, 1877. 

SAI— SAN 283 

St. Vincent, J. B. G. M. Bory de. Essais sur les lies For- 
tunees et I'Atlantique Atlantide, ou Precis de I'liistoire 
generale de I'Archipel des Canaries. Maps, 4° Paris [1803.] 

See also Moeea. 

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284 SAN— SAU 

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See also Nicolson. 

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SCH 287 

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See also Kirchnek. 

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290 SEL— SHA 

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SHE— SIB 291 

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South-East Madagascar. Being notes of a journey through 

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u 2 

292 SIB— SIL 

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Madagascar. A popular account of recent researches in the 
Physical Geography, Geology, and Exploration of the country, 
and its Natural History and Botany ; and in the Origin and 
Divisions, Customs and Language, Superstitions, Folk-lore, 
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Together with illustrations of Scripture and early Church 
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See also Madagascae. 

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— Handbook to South. Africa, including the Cape Colony, 
Natal, the Diamond Fields, the Trans-Orange Eepublics, etc. 
also a Gazetteer. 2nd edn. Plates. Sm. 8° 1876. 

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fcim. 8° 1877. 

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notizie della citta di Adria, e Gavello di Eovigo . . . e delle 

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SIM— SLA 293 

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a Synopsis of progress made in their economic utilisation 
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3rd edn. 12° 1876. 

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Foot-print. Majp. Sq. 8° 1870. 

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Copy of Major Sladen's Eeport on the Bhamo Eoute. 

Official Narrative of the Expedition to explore the Trade 
Routes to China vit Bhamo, under the guidance of Major 
E. B. Sladen, Political Agent, Mandalay j with connected 
Papers. Map. [Parly. Rep.] Fo. 1871. 

294 SLA— SMI 

Slave Trade. See Africa [East Coast], Berlioux, Challice, 
Seebohm, United States. 

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A. See Africa [South]. 

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See aho Smith, J. E. 

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D. A true key to the Assyrian History, Sciences, and 

Eeligion : being an introduction to the History of the remark- 
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Indian Tribes of Southern ChUi. Sm. 8° New York, 1855. 

F. Descriptions of New Species of Hymenoptera in the 

Collection of the British Museum. 8° 1879. 

P. Porter. A Vocabulary of Proper Names, in Chinese 

and English, of Places, Persons, Tribes, and Sects, in China, 
Japan, Corea, Annam, Siam, Burmah, the Straits, and adjacent 
countries. Large 8° Shanghai, 1870. 

The Oils of Chinese Pharmacy and Commerce. 8° 1874. 

- George. The Chaldean account of Genesis. Containing 
the description of the Creation, the Fall of Man, the Deluge, 
the Tower of Babel, the Times of the Patriarchs, and Nimrod ; 
Babylonian fables, and Legends of the Gods; from the Cunei- 
form Inscriptions. Plates. S° 1876. 

Assyrian Discoveries ; an account of explorations and 

discoveries on the site of Nineveh, during 1873 and 1874. 
Map and Plates. 8° 1876. 

- See also Wilson, J. 

G. A. The advantages of the Far West of America as 

compared with other fields of emigration. 8° .1870. 

H. H. Brazil, the Amazons, and the Coast. Map and 

Woodcuts. 8° 1879. 

[Mrs.] James. The Booandik Tribe of South Australian 

Aborigines : a sketch of their Habits, Customs, Legends, and 
Language. Also, an account of the efforts made by Mr. and 
Mrs. James Smith to Christianise and civilise them. 
Illustrations. 12° Adelaide, 1880. 

SMi— SMt 295: 

Smith, [Caplaine] John, The True Travels, Adventures, and 
Observations of, in Europe, Asia, Afirica, and America, from 
Anno Domini 1593 to 1629. His accidents and sea-fights in 
the Straights; his set vice and stratagems of warre in 
Hungaria, Transilvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia . . . Tartaria 
. . , Gambia . . . Together with a continuation of his generall 
History of Virginia, Summer-Isles, New England and their 
proceedings since 1624 to this present 1629; as also of the 
new Plantations of the great river of the Amazons, the lies of 
St. Christopher, Meirs, and Barbados in the West Indies. 
Plate. 40 1630. 

— J. E. A Sketch of a Tour on the Continent, in the years 
1786 and 1787. 3 vols. 8° 1793. 

— J. L. Cliflford. Narrative of the discovery of the Great 
Central Lakes of Africa : Tanganyika, Victoria Nyanza, 
Albert Nyanza, and Nyassa. Map. Sm. 8° Halifax, 1877. 

— J. R. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a valuable 
collection of books, etc., illustrating the Histdry and Geography 
of North and South America and the West Indies. 8° 1864. 

— See also Smith, A. E. 

Mary H. The Earth and its inhabitants. Common 

School Geography. (Guyot's Geographical Series.) Maps. 4° 

Nm York, 1870. 

- — R. B. Italian Irrigation ; being a Eeport on the Agricul- 
tural Canals of Piedmont and Lombardy. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 
8° and Atlas. 1855. 

— R. Bosworth. Mohammed and Mohammedanism. 2nd 

edn. Sm. 9,° 1876. 

Carthage and the Carthaginians. Maps and Plates. Sm. 8° 


R. M. Persian Art. Plate. 8° [1876.] 

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Lugduni Batavorum, 1641. 

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the World, and its application to certain anthropological 
questions. Maps. 8° Edinburgh, 1870. 

Our inheritance in the Great Pyramid. Fourth and much 

enlarged edition, including all the most important discoveries 
up to the time of publication. Plates. 8° 1880. 

— R. Brongh. Mining and Mineral Statistics; with Notes 

on the Eock Formations of Victoria : to which is added a sketch 
of a new Geological Map of Victoria. 8° Melbourne, 1873. 

296 SMY— SON 

Smyth, R. Brongh. The Aborigines of Victoria: with notes 
relating to the habits of the natives of other parts of Australia 
and Tasmania. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 4° 1878. 

Smythe [Mrs.] Ten months in the Fiji Islands, with an intro- 
duction and appendix by Colonel W. J. Smythe. Maps and 
Plates. 8° Oxford it London, 1864. 

Snellemanj J. P. See Veth, P. J. 

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Exploring in the Far North. 8° 1880. 

Soleillet, Paul. Exploration dii Sahara Central. Avenir de la 
France en Afrique. 8° Paris, 1875. 

L'Afrique Occidentale. Algerie, Mzab, Tildikelt. Map. 

Sm. 8° Avignon, 1877. 

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larmente di tutta Italia ... col principio del Eegno de Longo- 
bardi, etc. 8° Venetia, 1592. 

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Moeurs, Coutumes, et Ceremonies. Vols, ii., iii., iv. Plates. 
Fo. Paris, 1810-1812. 

Somali Land. European Captives among the Somali Tribes of 
Eastern Africa. Map. 8° 1869. 

Language. See Hunter, F. M. 

Somerville, Mary. Physical Geography. 2 vols. Portrait. 12° 


Sonklar, Carl von. Die Gebirg-gruppe der Hohen-Tauern, mit 
besonderer Eiicksicht auf Orographie, Gletscherkunde, 
Geologie, und Meteorolo^ie. Maps. 8° Wien, 1866. 

Leitfaden der Geographic von Europa, fiir hohere Lehr- 

anstalten. 2nd edn. 8° Wien, 1876. 

Lehrbuch der Geographic fiir die k. k. Militar- Eeal- und 

Kadeten-Schulen. Maps. 8° Wien, 1877. 

Do. 2nd edn. 8° 1880. 

Sonnenstem. M. von. See Nicaragua. 

Sonnini, C. S. Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt : undertaken 
by order of the old Government of France. Translated by 
Henry Hunter. 3 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1799. 

Travels in Greece and Turkey. Map and Plates. 4° 1801. 

Do. Collection of plates. 4° 1801. 

SON— SPE 297 

Sonnleithner, H. von. See Helmreicheit. 

Sonora [Marques] de. Informe General que en virtud de Eeal 
Orden instruyo y entrego el Excmo. Sr. Marques de Sonora 
siendo visitador General de este Eeyno al excmo. Sr. Virrey 
Frey D. Antonio Buoarely y Ursua con fecta de 31 de Diciem- 
bre de 1771. Poblicado por la Seccion de romento del 
Ministerio de Gobernacion. 8° Mexico, 1867. 

Sopwith, T. Notes of a visit to Egypt, by Paris, Lyons, Nismes, 
Marseilles and Toulon. Plates. 12° 1857. 

Southesk [Earl of]. Saskatchewan, and the Eocky Mountains. 
A Diary and Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventure during 
a journey through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories in 
1859 and 1860. Maps and Plates. 8" 1875. 

South Kensington Museum. Conferences held in connection 
with the Special Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus, 1876. 
Chemistry, Biology, Physical Geography, Geology, Mineralogy 
and Meteorology. 8° [n. d.] 

Do. Physics and Mechanics. 8° [n. d.] 

See also Catalogues. 

South Sea Bubbles. By "The Earl and the Doctor." 8° 1872. 

Spain. Espaiia Maritima, or Spanish Coasting Pilot ; containing 
directions for navigating the coasts and harbours of Spain in 
the Mediterranean with the Balearic Islands, illustrated with 
eight charts and plans drawn from the Spanish Surveys of 
Brigadier Don Vicente Tofino de San Miguel. Translated by 
John Dougall. (Vol. ii. ouly.) i° 1814. 

Spalding, H. Khiva and Turkestan. Translated from the 
Eussian. Map. Sm. 8° 1874. 

Speed, John. A prospect of the most famous parts of the world 
.... with these kingdoms therein contained, Greoia . . .- etc., 
together with all the provinces, counties and shires contained 
in that large theater of Great Brittaine's Empire. ■ Maps and 
Plates. Po. 1631. 

Speedy, T. C. S. Eeport on the province of Larut in Perak, 
Straits Settlements. Po. Singapore, 1875. 

Speke, J. H. An 8° pamphlet of 43 pages, containing water-colour 
drawings of parts of various African Mammals, taken out by 
Capts. Speke and Grant, with interpolated original drawings 
by both those travellers. 

Another 8° pamphlet, originally containing coloured litho- 
graphs of African birds, and a Eeport on a zoological col- 
lection from the Somali country by Edward Blyth, 1860, with 
interpolated original drawings by Capts. Speke and Grant. 

298- SPE— SQU 

Spelman, Edward. The Expedition of Cyrus into Persia ; and 
the retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks. Translated from the 
original Greek of Xenophon. 8° 1812. 

Spence, J. J. Primera Ascension al Pico de Naiguata. 8° 

Caracas, 1872. 

— J. M. Illustrations of Venezuela. Catalogue of Works of 
Art, etc., collected during eighteen months' travel in that 
Republic, 1871-2. 8° Manchester, 1873. 

— Venezuela : its people and its products. 8° 

Manchester, 1874. 

The Land of Bolivar ; or War, Peace, and Adventure in the 

Kepublic of Venezuela. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1878. 

Spice, R. P. A brief account of a Tour from Westminster to the 
extreme north of Norway. 8° 1878. 

Spix, J. B. von, und Martius, C. F. P. von. Eeiee in 
Brasilien auf Befehl Sr. Majestat Maximilian Joseph I. 
Konigs von Baiem, in den Jahren 1817 bis 1820. 3 vols. 4° ; 
Atlas, eleph. fo. Miindhen, 1823-31. 

Sporer, J. See Arctic. 

Spottiswoode, G. A. See Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

Spratt, [Adm.] T. Eemarks on the comparative conditions of 
the different mouths and branches of the Danube. Majps and 
Plans. [Parly. Eep.] Fo. 1858. 

A Suggestion for the Improvement of the Entrance to the 

Mersey. Map. 8° 1880. 

See also Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

Sprengel, M. C. Geschichte der viricbtigsteii geographischen 
Bntdeckungen bis zur Ankunst der Portugiesen in Japan 
1542. 12° Halle, 1792. 

Spruce, E. On the Eiver Purus, a tributary of the Amazon. 8° 


Spry, W. J. J. The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship ' Challenger.* 
Voyages over many seas, Scenes in many lands. Map and 
Plates. 8° 1876. 

[Sprye, Richard.] Commerce with Western and Central China, 
Thibet, and Tartary. Introduction to Notices by the Press 
(and various press notices). 4° [1868.] 

Squier, E. G. Observations on the Geography and Archaeology 
of Peru. 8° 1870. 

Peru. Incidents of travel and exploration in the land of 

the Incas. Plates. 8° 1877. 

SQU— STA 299 

Squj.Qr, M. F. Travels in Central America, including accounts of 
some Eegions unexplored since the Conquest, from tlie French 
of the Chevalier Arthur Morelet. Introduction and notes by 
E. G. Squier. Map and Plates. 8° 1871. 

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Chott-Gebietes mit dem Mittelmeere. 8° Wien, 1875. 

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Diagrams. 4° Buda-Pest, 1874. 

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Sm. 8° 1874. 

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based on Hellwald's "Die Erde und ihre Volker," Majps and 
Plates. 8° 

Africa, edited and extended by Keith Johnston, with 
Ethnological Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1878. 

Central America, the West Indies, and South America. 
Edited and extended by H. W. Bates, with Ethnological 
Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1878. 

Australasia. Edited and extended by Alfred E. Wallace 
.... with Ethnological Appendix by A. H. Keane. 1879. 

Stanley, A. P. See Wilson. 

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on Dr. Livingstone : from " Good Words.") 

[Hon.] H. E. J. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., xxxv., xxxix., xlii. 

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and discoveries in Central Africa; including four months' 
residence with Dr. Livingstone. Maps and Plates. 8° 1872. 

Do. 2nd edn. > 1873. 

See also Casdagli. 

Coomassie and Magdala : The story of tw;o British 

Campaigns in Africa. Maps and Plates. 8° 1874. 

Mr. Henry M. Stanley and the Eoyal Geographical 

Society; being the Eecord of a Protest by Colonel H. Yule 
and H. M. Hyndman. 8° 1878. 

Through the Dark Continent ; or. The Sources of the Nile 

around the great Lakes of Equatorial Africa, and down the 
Livingstone river to the Atlantic Ocean. 2 vols. Maps and 
Plates. 8° 1878. 

Do. Sm. 8° 1880. 

300 STA— STE 

Stanley, H. M. See also Eowlands. 

• of Alderley [Lord]. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., xlix., lii. 

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Paris, 1879. 

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the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, etc. 
Atlas, Eo. 1797. 

[Sir] G. T. Narrative of the Chinese emhassy to the 

Khan of the Tourgouth Tartars, 1712-15. By the Chinese 
Ambassador, and published, by the Emperor's authority, at 
Pekin. Translated from the Chinese, and accompanied by an 
Appendix of miscellaneous translations. Map. 8° 1821. 

Notes of proceedings and occurrences during the British 

Embassy to Pekin, in 1816. [Privately printed.] 8° 

Havant, 1824. 

Stebnitzky, J. Ueberdie geographische Lage und die absolute 
Hohe der Stadt Teheran. [Translated from the Eussiau by 
A. Moritz.] 8° [n. p., n. d.] 

Steenstrup, J. J. S. Et Blik paa Natur- og Oldforskningens 
Forstudier til Besvarelsen af Sp0rgsmaalet om Menneskes- 
laegtens tidligste Optraeden i Europa. Plate. 8° 

Kj<fbenhaim, 1865. 

K. J. V. Ora de kulforende Dannelser paa Oen Disko, 

Hareoen, og Syd-Siden af Niigssuak's Halvoen i Nord-Gron- 
land. Map and Plates. 8° Kj^benhwn, 1874. 

Steere, [Bishop] E. A walk to the Nyassa Country. 12° 

Zanzibar, 1876. 

Stein, C. G. D., & Horschelnxann, r. Handbuch der Geo- 
graphic und Statistik fiir die gebildeten Stande. Neu arbeitet 
unter Mitwirkung mehrerer Gelehrten, von Dr. J. E. Wappaus, 
7th edn. 4 vols. (11 pts.) in 9. 8° Leipzig, 1855-1868. 

Steinberger, A. B. Eeport upon Samoa or the Navigator's 
Islands. 8° Wasldngton, 1874. 

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Schweiz, oder das Ober-Ennsische Salzkammergut. 12° 

Linz, 1829. 

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Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in Muenchen. 8° Miienchen, 1876. 

Steinwenter, A. Tersuch einer zusammenhangenden Darstel- 
lung des Stromsystems des obern Nil. Map. 8° Marburg, 1875. 

Stephen, L. See Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

STE— STO 301 

Stephens, J. L. Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Pefrrea, 
and the Holy Land. 8° [? 1836.] 

Stemdale, R. A. Seonee, or Camp life on the Satpura Eange, a 
tale of Indian adventure. Map and Plates. 8° 1877. 

Stevens, H. Historical and geographical Notes. 1453-1630, 
Maps. 8° New Haven [TJ.S.A.\ 1869 

Sebastian Cabot— John Cabot = 0. 12° Boston [ U.S.A.'], 1870 

Bibliotheca Geographica et Historica, or a Catalogue . . . 

of rare and valuable ancient and modern books, maps, . . 
etc., illustiative of historical geography and geographical 
historj', etc. Part I. Frontispiece. 8° 1872. 

John. See Heeeera. 

S. The New Eoute of Commerce by the Isthmus of 

Tehuantepec. Maps. 8° 1871. 

The New Eoute of Commerce by the Isthmus of Tehuan- 

tepec. Argument demonstrating the advantages which 
the Tehuantepec possesses over all other routes across the 
American Isthmus. 8° [New Yor¥\, 1872. 

Stevenson, James. Notes on the Country between Kilwa and 
Tanganika. Maps. 8° Glasgow, 1877. 

The Civilization of South-Eastem Africa, including re- 
marks on the approach to Nyassa by the Zambesi, and notes 
on the Country between Kilwa and Tanganika. 3rd edn. 
Maps. 8° Glasgow, 1877. 

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Bern, 1868. 

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Eo. [n. d.] 

Do. Fo. 1877. 

: See also Admiealty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

Stillman, J. D. B. Seeking the Golden Fleece; a Eecord of 
pioneer life in California : to which is annexed footprints of 
early navigators, other than Spanibh, in California ; with an 
account of the voyage of the Schooner ' Dolphin.' Plates. 8° 

San Francisco, 1877. 

Stizenberger, E. Index Lichenum hyperboreorum. 12° 

Sangallensis, 1876. 

Stookdale, F. W. L. A concise historical and topographical 
Sketch of Hastings, Winchelsea, and Eye, including also 
several other places in the vicinity of those ancient towns. 
Plates. 8» 1817. 

302 STO— STR 

Stoliczka, P. A brief account of the Geological Structure of 
the Hill-ranges between the Indus Valley in Ladak and Shah- 
i-dnla on the frontier of Yarkand Teriitory. 8° 

Calcutta, 1874. 

Geological Notes on the Eoute traversed by the Yarkand 

Embassy from Shah-i-dula to Yarkand and Kashgar. 8° 

Calcutta, 1874. 

Geological obsei-vations made on a visit to the Chaderkul, 

Thian Shan Eange. 8° Calcutta, 1874. 

See also India, Surveys [Geological]. 

Stolpyanski, N. " Narodnaya Azbuka." [Eussian Primer.] 
12» St. Petersburg, 1872. 

Stone, Octavius C. A few months in New Guinea. Maps and 
Plates. 8° 1880. 

Storms. An examination of the Law of Storms. 8° 1839. 

Stout, B. Narrative of the Loss of the ship ' Hercules,' on the 
Coast of Gaffraria, the 16th of June, 1796 ; also, a circum- 
stantial detail of his travels through the southern deserts of 
Africa and the Colonies, to the Cape of Good Hope. With an 
Introductory Address to the Et. Honourable John Adams. 
8° 1798. 

Strabo. Strabon's Erdbeschreibung in siebenzehn Biichern. . . . 
Verdeutscht von Christoph Gottlieb Groskurd. 4 vols. 8° 

Berlin & Stettin, 1831-34. 

Strachan, R. On the weather of thirteen Autumns, Winters, 
Springs and Summers; and on the annual means of thirteen 
years' observations at London. [Bxtr. from Qu. Journal 
Meteorol. Soc. ii.] Chart. 8° 

Strachey, [Gen.] R. Introductory Lecture on Scientific Geo- 
graphy. 8" 1877. 

Strahlenberg, P. J. von. An Historioo-geographical descrip- 
tion of the North and Eastern parts of Europe and Asia ; but 
more particularly of Eussia, Siberia and Great Tartary .... 
with table of the dialects of 32 Tartarian Nations : and a 
vocabulary of the Kalmuck-Mungalian Tongue, etc. Sq. 8° 


Strahom, R> E. To the Eockies and Beyond, or a summer on the 
Union Pacific Eailroad and branches. Saunterings in the 
popular health, pleasure, and hunting resorts of Mebraska, 
Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington 
and Montana, etc. Plates. 8° Omaha, 1879. 

Straits Settlements. Eeport of the Committee appointed to 
consider the adoption of a uniform system of spelling Native 
Names. Fo. Singapore, 1879. 

STE— SUE 303 

Stralisky, J. Account of the Survey of the Eussian Empire 
during the reign of the Emperor Alexander 2nd. [In Russian .] 
4° St. Petersburg, 1874. 

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distinguishing Characteristics. Plates. 8° 1877. 

Strickland, H. E. See Jaedine. 

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Map. 4° Miinchen, 1875-76. 

Strover, G. A. Memorandum on the Metals and Minerals of 
Upper Burmah. Eo. 1873. 

Struve, P. G. W. Description de I'Observatoire du Poulkowa. 
Plates. 4° St. Petersbourg, 1845. 

Struys, Jean, Les Voyages de, en Moscovie, en Tartaxie, en 
Perse, aux Indes, & en plusieurs aiitres Pais Etrangers, etc. 
Par M'. Glanius. 3 vols. Plates. 12° Bouen, 1724. 

.Stuart, Villiers. Nile Gleanings, concerning the Ethnology, 
History and Art of Ancient Egypt, as revealed by Egyptian 
Paintings and Bas-Eeliefs. With Descriptions of Nubia and 
its Great Eock Temples to the Second Cataract. Map and 
Plates. 8° 1879. 

Studer, B. Uber die nattirliche Lage von Bern. Map. 4° 

Bern, 1859. 
StUbel, A. See Eeiss. 

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durch Afrika, Asia, und Osteuropa. Map. 8° Berlin, 1836. 

Stumm, H. Der russische Feldzug nach Chiwa. 1 Theil. His- 
torische und militair-statistische Uebersicht des russischen 
Operationsfeldes in Mittelasien. Maps. Large 8° 

Berlin, 1875. 

Stur, D, Geologie der Steiermark. 4° Graz, 1871. 

Sturz, J. J. German Emigration to British Colonies. Sm. 8° 


Die deutsche Auswanderung und die Verschleppung 

deutscher Auswanderer. Mit speciellen Dooumt-nten liber die 
Auswanderung nach Brazilien zur Widerlegung falscher 
Angaben. 8° Berlin, 1868. 

Circular [in German] relative to emigration to Paraguay. 

4° Berlin, 1869. 

Suez. Outline of the plan for tlie proposed navigation through the 
Isthmus. Map. 8° 1850. 

304 SUE— S WE 

Suez. Itineraire pour ITsthme de Suez et les grandes villes 
d'Egypte (Vooabulaire Fran9ai8-!]fegyptien). Par H. Bernard 
& E. Tissot. Map. 12° Paris, 1869. 

Correspondence relative to the question of the Suez Canal 

dues, together with the Procfes-verbaux of the Meetings held 
by the International Commission at Constantinople. [Parly. 
Eep.] Fo. 1874. 

Sulivan, [Capt.] G. L. Dhow chasing in Zanzibar waters and on 
the Eastern Coast of Africa. Narrative of five years' expe- 
riences in the suppression of the Slave Trade. Map. 8° 1873. 

Sumatra Expedition, Dutch. See Veth, P. J. 

Sutherland, D. A Tour up the Straits from Gibraltar to Con- 
stantinople. With the leading events in the present war 
between the Austrians, Bussians, and the Turks, to the com- 
mencement of the year 1789. 8° 1790. 

Surinam. Verzameling van Stukken aangaande de Surinaamsche 
Aangelegenhieden (2). 8° s' Gravenhage, 1846. 

Svoboda, Alexander. The Seven Churches of Asia, as seen in 
their present Condition, and other Eastern Subjects. (Descrip- 
tive Catalogue of Paintings.) 8° 1869. 

Swainson, W. A Treatise on the Greography and Classification 
of Animals. 120 1835. 

Sweden. Sveriges Geologiska Undersokning. (La Eecherche 
Geologique de la Sufede). Stockholm, 1872-78. 

BoBTZELL, A. BeskrifniQg ofver Besier-Eoksteins Eroraolitograli ooh 
Litotypografi anvanda vid tiyckningen af Geologisk Ofveisigtskartci 
ofver Sk&ne. 4° 1872. 

GuMiELOis, O. Bidrag till kannedomen om Sveriges Erratiaka Bild- 
ningar, samlade & Geologiska Kartbladet " Orebro." 8° 1872- 

Ebdmann, B. Description de la formation oarbonifere de la Soanie. 
(Traducteur, J. H. Kramer.) Abridged edn. Maps and Plates. 4°, 
1873, [including the original Swedish work, " Beskrifning ofver 
Sk&nes Stenkolsfiirande formation, af Edvard Erdmann "]. 1872. 

KiRLSSON, V. Beskrifiiing till Kartbladet " Biddarhyttan." 8° 1873. 

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GDM2ELHJS, O. Beskrifning till Kartbladet " Orebro." 8° 1873. 

Kablsson, V. Beskrifning till Kartbladet " Segersjo." 8° 1873. 

ToFNBBOHM, A. B. Uebsr die Geognosie der schwedischen Hochgebirge. 
Map. 8° 1873. 

Hummel, D. Ofversigt af de Geologiska Forh&llandena vid Hallands 
As. 8° 1873. 

LnwAEsaoN, J. G, O. Om nfigra Forsteningar fr&n Sveriges ooh Norges 
" Primordialzon." 8° 1873. 

Die Austellung der geologischen Lundes-Untersuchung Schwedens auf 
' der Weltausstellung in Wien, 1873. 8° 1873. 

Nathobst, a. G. Beskrifning till Kartbladet " Gottenvik." 8° 1878- 

SWE— SWI 305 

Sweden — continued. 

Hummel, D. Om BullBteusbildningar. Maps. 8° 1874. 
Om Sveriges lagrade Urberg jemforda med sydvestra Buropas. 

Map. 8° 1875. 

GuM^WUS, O. Om mellersta Sveriges glaciala Bildningar. Plates. 

8° 1874. 
Om Malmlagrens Aldersfoljd och deras anvaadande s&som 

ledlager. Map, 8° 1875. 

ToRNEBOHM, A. E. Geoguostisk Bestrifning ofver Persbergets Grufve- 

falt. Maps. 4° 1875. 

Underdanig Berattelse om en pa nadi'^ befallning §,r 1875 
f oretagen Undersokning af Malmfyndigheter inom Gellivare 
ooh Jukkasjarvi soknar af Norrbottens Ian. Maps. 4° 


Nautisk Meteorologiska Byran, Stockholm. Stockholm. 

No. 1. Instruktion for Meteorologisk loggboks forande. 
PUtes. 8° 1879. 

No. 3. Yaderleksbok. Sm. 8° 

No. 4. Instniktion for Meteorologiska Observationers utfo- 
rande vid Svenska Fyrstationer. Plates. 8° 1879. 

No. 5. Instruktion for Hydrografiska Observationers utfo- 
rande vid Svenska Fyr- och. Lots-stationer. Plates. 8° 


'■ — Guide du Voyageur en Suede et en Norwege. 3rd edn. 

Maps. 12° Stockholm, 1874. 

The Traveller's Illustrated Guide for Sweden, Stockholm, 

and the principal pleasure-routes in the interior. Maps and 
Plates. 12° Stockholm, 1875. 

Swindells, R. A summer trip to the Island of St. Michael, the 
Azores. Map and Plates. [Privately printed.] 12° 

Manchester, 1877. 

Swinhoe, B. On the Chinese Dialect spoken in Hainan. 4° 


A Eevised Catalogue of the Birds of China and its Islands, 

etc. 8° 1871. 

The Natural History of Hainan. Plates. Sm. 8° 1871. 

Swinburne, H. Travels through Spain in the years 1775 and 
1776, in which several monuments of Roman and Moorish 
Architecture are illustraied by accurate drawings taken on the 
spot. 2nd edn., to which is added a Journey from Bayonne 
to Marseilles. Plates. 2 vols. 8° 1787. 

Travels in the Two Sicilies, in the years 1777, 1778, 1779 

and 1780. Maps and Plates. 2nd edn. 4 vols. 8° 1790. 


306 SWI— TAS 

Switzerland. Helvetiornm Eespublica. 16° [The Hague, 1627.] 

Census of Switzerland, 1st of December, 1870. MS. Fo. 

Sydney. Visitors' Guide to Sydney, compjising description of 
the city, etc., and information respecting the resources of New- 
South Wales. Plan. 12° Sydney, 1872. 

Sydow, E. von. Eia Nachruf. 8° Berlin, 1873. 

Syed, Ahmed Bahadoor. On Dr. Hunter's "Our Indian 
Mussulmans — are they hound in conRcience to rebel against 
the Queen?" [Privately circulated.] 8° 1872. 

Sykes, W. H. On a portion of Dukhun, East Indies. Map. 4° 


Tachard, Guy. Second voyage du Pere Tachard et des Jesuites 
envoyez par le Eoy au Eoyaume de Siam. Contenant diverges 
remarques d'Histoire, de Physique, de Geographic, et d'Astrono- 
mie. Plates. Sq. 8° Pom, 1689. 

Taintor, E. C. Geographical sketch of the Island of Hainan. 
Map. 4° Canton, 1868. 

The Aborigines of Northern Formosa. 8° Shanghai, 1874:. 

Tarasp. The Mineral Waters and Baths of Tarasp (Tarasp-Schuls) 
in the lower Engadiue, Canton of Grisons. Map and Frontis- 
piece. 8° Coire, 1866. 

Tasmania. Eeport on the general condition of the colony by 
H. Calder, Surveyor-General. MS. Fo. 1867. 

Mr. Sprent's Eeport on country round Mount Bischoff. 

Map. Fo. Hobart Town, 1876. 

W^estem Country : Eeports by the Hon. J. E. Scott and 

Mr. C. P. Sprent. Map. Fo. Eohart Town, 1877. 

Tiack to Macquarie Harbour : Mr. Frodsham's Eeport. Fo. 

Rdbart Town, 1878. 

Eoad from Marlborough to Pieman Eiver : Mr. Counsel's 

Eeport. Fo. Hobart Town, 1878. 

Main Line Eailway : Case and opinion of Messrs. Holker, 

Benjamin, and Cyril Dodd. Fo. Hobart Town, 1878. 

— Sec also Yan Diemen's Land. 

Tassy, Garcin de. Les Auteurs Hindoustanis et leurs Ouvrages. 
8° Paris, 1868. 

TAS— TAY 307 

Tassy, Garoin de. Bag o Bahar, Le Jardin et le Printemps, 
Poeme Hindoiistani tradn t en Fran^ais [No. viii. of PuW. de 
Vilo. des Langues Orient, viv.]. 8° Paris, 1878. 

Tate, T. Notes on a voyage to the Arctic Seas in 1863. 12° 

Alnwick, 1864. 

Tavara, Santiago. Memoria de la Constilucion Medica del 

Callao en el Ano 1877. 12" CaiZao, 1878. 

Tavemier, John Baptista. The Six Voyages of John Baptista 
Tavernier . . . through Turky into Persia and the East-Indies, 
finished in the year 1670 . . . made English hy J. P. To which 
is added a description of all the kingdoms which encompass the 
Euxine and Caspian Seas, by an English traveller. Plates. 
Sm. fo. 1678. 

Eeciieil de plusietirs Eelations et Traitez singuliers et 

cnrieux de J. B. Tavernier, Escuyer, Baron d'Auhonne, qui 
n'out point est6 mis dans ses six premiers voyages. Maps 
and Plates. 4° Paris, 1679. 

Contents : — 

I. — Une relation du Japon, et de la cause de la persecution des Chres- 

tiens dans ses Isles. Ayec la Carte du Pais. 
II. — Relation de ce qui c'est passe dans la Negooiatiou des Deputez 

qui ont est^ en Perse et aux Indes, tant de la part du Eoy, que de 

la Cbmpagnie Frangoise, pour I'etablissement du Commerce. 
III. — Observations sur le Commerce des Indes Orientales, et sur les 

fraudes qui s'y peuvent commettre. 
IV. — Eolation nouvelle et singuliere du Eoyaume de Tunquin, avec 

plusieurs Figures et la Carte du Pais, 
v. — Histoire de la Conduite des HoUandois en Asie. 

Les six Voyages de Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Chevalier 

Baron dAubonne, qu'il a fait en Turqnie, en Perse, et aux 
Indes. 2 vols. Plates (and Water-colour Drawing, hy Svindler). 
4° Paris, 1682. 

Taylor, [Commr.] A. D. The Indian Directory, for the 
guidance of Commanders of steamers and sailing vessels, 
founded upon the work of the late Captain James Hprsburgh, 
F.R.S., Hydrographer to the Honourable the East India Company. 
Part the First, containing the East Indies and interjacent parts 
of Africa and South America. Eevised, extended, and illus^ 
trated, with charts of winds, currents, passages, variation and 
tides. Sm. 4° 1874. 

See also Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

. J. Words and Places: or Etymological Illustrations of " 

History, Ethnology, and Geography. 3rd edn. Maps. 12° 


308 T AY— TEE 

Taylor, J. G. Ti avels in Kurdistan, with notices of the sources of 
the Eastern and Western Tigris, and ancient ruins in their 
neighbourhood. 8° [1865.] 

[Rev.J R. Te Ika A Maui ; or, New Zealand and its in- 

habitants, illustrating the origin, manners, customs, mythology, 
religion, rites, songs, proverbs, fables and language of the 
Maori and Polynesian races in general; together with the 
geology, natural history, productions and climate of the 
country. 2nd edn. Plates. 8° 1870. 

TchihatchefiF, P. de. Voyage Scientifique dans 1' Altai Oriental 
et les parties adjacentes de la Frontiere de Chine. Plates. 
Large 4° Paris, 1846. 

" Miscellanea." 8° Paris, etc. 

Notice of researches in Asia Minor. J 849. 

Memoire sur les terrains jurassiqne, crdtace', et nummulitique de la 

Bithynie, de la Galatie, et de la Paphlagonie. 1851. 

Depots nummnlitiques et diluviens de la Presqu'lle de Thraca Map. 

Lettre sur les Antiquitfe de I'Asie Mineure. 1854. 

DepSts tertiaires d'nne partie de la Cilicie Trachee, de la Cilicie Cham- 

pStre et de la Cappadoce ; Dep6t3 tertiaires du midi de la Carte, et 

dune partie septentrionale de la Pisidie; Depots paleozoiques de 

la Cappadoce et du Bosphoie. Map. 1854. 

Considerations historiques sur les phenomfenes de congelation constates 

dans le bassin de la Mer Noire. 1855. 

Discours prononce h MontpeUier le 16 Juin 1857 ^ la seance de Cloture 

de la Session extraordinaire de la Society botanique de France. 
Studes sur la vegetation des hautes montagnes de I'Asie Mineure et de 

I'Armenie. 1857. 

Le Paix de Zurich et le nouveau Congrfes Europeen. 1859. 

Italic et Turquie. 1859. 

Lettres sur la Turquie. 1859. 

Asie Mineure. Descriptiou physique de cette contree. 

Quatrieme partie. Large 8° Paris. 

G6)logie. 1. Map and Plate, 1867; ii. and iij., 1869. 

PaMontologie (par A. D'Archiao, P. Fischer, & E. de Verneuil). 1866. 

Espagne, Algerie et Tunisie. Lettres a Michel Chevalier. 

Jlfap- S" Paris, 1880. 

See also Gbisebach. 

Tebbutt, J. Meteorological observations made at the private 
observatory of John Tebbutt, Windsor, N.S. Wales, 1867, 
1868, 1869, and 1870. Fo. Sydney, 1874. 

Eesults of Meteoiological Observations made in the years 

1871-76. Fo. Sydney, 1877. 

Teetzmann, P. See Baer & Helmeesen, xi. 

TEG-TES 309 

' Tegetthofif.' See Payer. 

Tehuantepec Railway ; its Location, Features, and advantages 
under the La Sere Grant of 1869. 8° 1869. 

Telegraph. Great North Atlantic Telegraph Eoute. Map and 
Plate. 8° 1866. 

See also Canada. 

Telfer, [Capt.] J. Buchan. The Crimea and Transcaucasia ; being 
a narrative of a journey in the Kouban, in Gouria, Georgia, 
Armenia, Osi-ety, Imeritia, Swannety, and Mingrelia, and in 
the Tauric range. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1876. 

See also Hakluyt See. Publ., Iviii. 

Tellier, J. Essai d'lfetude positiviBte sur le Sud Algerien. 8° 

Bruxelles, 1878. 

Temminck, C. J. Coup d'oeil general sur les possessions neerlan- 
daises dans I'lnde Archipelagique. 3 vols. 8° 

Leide, 1846-49. 

Temple, [Lieut.] G. T. Hydrography, past and present. Map. 
8° 1879. 

Statement in vindication of Commander T. A. Hull, k.n., 

Superintendent of Charts at the Admiralty. 8" 1880. 

[Sir] Richard. India in 1880. Maps. 8° 1880. 

{Lieut.] R. O. Notes on the Transliteration of the 

Burmese Alphabet into Eoman Characters ; to which is 
attached a Note on the Vocal and Consonantal Sounds of the 
Peguan or Talaing Language. Fo. Bangoon, 1876. 

Notes on the Formation of the Country passed through by 

the 2nd Column, Tal Chotiali Field Force, during its march 
from Kala Abdullah Khan in the Khojak Pass to Lugari 
Barkhan. Spring of 1879. Map. 8° Calcutta, 1879. 

Eough Notes on the Distribution of the Afghan Tribes 

about Kandahar. Maps. 8° 1879. 

— — — See also Man. 

Tenison-Woods, [Rev.] J. E. See New Zealand. 

Terao, — . Memoir relative to the Captaincy of the Rios de 
Senna, a Portuguese Settlement on the South-East Coast of 
Africa. 8° Cape Town [1830.] 

Tessan, — de. Eapport verbal sur un ouvrage imprim6 de 
M. Cialdi intitule " Sul moto ondoso del Mare, etc." 4P 

Paris, 1866. 

310 TEX— THO 

Texas, Western. Eeports of the Secretary of War with Eecon- 
naissant^es of routes from San Antonio to El Paso, by J. E. 
Johnston, W. F. Smith, P. T.' Bryan, N. H. Michler. and 
S. G. French ; also the Eeport of Capt. E. B. Marcy's Eoute 
from Fort Smith to Santa Fe ; and the Eeport of Lient. J. H. 
Simpson of an Expedition into the Navajo Country ; and the 
Eeport of Lieut. W. H. C. Whiting's Eeconnaissance of the 
Western Frontier of Texas. Maps. 8° Washington, 1850. 

Texier, C. Description de I'Armenie, la Perse, et la Mesopotamie. 
2 vols. Plates. Fo. Paris, 1842. 

Theal, G. M'Call. Compendium of the History and Geography 
of South Africa. 3rd edn. 8° 1878. 

Thielmann, Max von. Streifztige im Kaukasus, in Persien, und 
in derasiatischen Tiirkei. Map and Plates. 8° Leipzig, 18T 5. 

Journey in the Caucasas, Persia, and Turkey in Asia. 

Translated by Charles Heneage. 2 vols. Map and Plates. 
Sm. 8° 1875. 

Vier Wege durch Amerika. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Leipzig, 1879. 

Thomas^ E. Early Armenian Coins. 8° 1867. 

T. M. Eleven years in Central South Africa. Map and 

Plates. 8° [1872.] 

Thompson, G. ' Confederation in South Africa,' and ' Delagoa 
Bay.' Extracts from the " Empire " newspaper, 1874. 

Thomson, [Sir] C. Wyville. The Deptbs of the Sea. An 
account of the general results of the Dredging Cruises of 
H.M.SS. 'Porcupine' and 'Lightning' during the Summers 
of 1868, 1869, and 1870. Maps and Plates. 8° 1873. 

The Voyage of the ' Challenger.' The Atlantic : a pre- 
liminary account of the general results of the exploring voyage 
of H.M.S. 'Challenger' during the year 1873 and the early 
part of the year 1876. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° 1877. 

G. Notes on Cambodia and its Eaoes. 8° 1867. 

J. Illustrations of China and its people. A series of two 

hundred photographs, with letterpress descriptive of the 
places and people represented. 4 vols. Fo. 1873-1874. 

The Straits of Malacca, Indo-China and China, or Ten 

Years' Travels, Adventures, and Eesidence abroad. Plates. 
8° 1875. 

— The Land and the People of China. Map and Plates. 12° 


THO— TIM 311 

Thomson, J. Through Cyprus with the Camera, in the Autumn 
of 1878. 2 vols. Photographs. 4° 1879. 

J. T. See New Zealand. 

T. "Western Himalaya and Tibet ; a narrative of a Jour- 

ney through the Mountains of Northern India, during the 
years 1847-8. 8° 1852. 

Thorbum, S. S. Bannu ; or our Afghan Frontier. Mwp. 8° 


Thome, James. Handbook to the Environs of London, alpha- 
betically arranged, containing an account of every town and 
village, and of all places of interest, within a circle of twenty 
miles round London. 2 vols. Sm. 8° 1876. 

Thornton, J. W. The landing at Cape Anne; or the Charter of 
the first permanent Colony on the Territory of the Massa- 
chusetts Company. From the original MS. ; with an inquiry 
into its authority, and a history of the Colony, 1624-1628. 
Plate. 8" Boiton, U.S.A., 1850. 

[Rev.] R. The varying tactics of Scepticism (during the 

last 150 years). 8° 1874. 

W. T. Indian public works and cognate Indian topics. 

Majp. Sm. 8° 1875. 

Thuillier, [Sir] H. L. See India, Surveys [Topographical]. 

& Smyth, R. A Manual of Surveying for India, detailing 

the mode of operations on the Trigonometrical, Topogra- 
phical and Eevenne Surveys of India. 3rd edn. Maps, 
Plates, etc. 8° Calcutta, 1875. 

Tieffenthaler, J. See Bernoulli. 

Tietkens, W. H. An account of the latest Exploring Expedition 
across Australia. 12° [1877.] 

Tigre Island and Central America. Message from the President 
of the United States, transmitting Documents, etc. 8° 

[Washington], 1850. 

Tilley, H. A. Japan, the Amoor, and the Pacific ; with notices 
of other places, comprised in a voyage of circumnavigation 
in the Imperial Eussian Corvette 'Eynda' in 1858-1860. 
Plates. 8° 1861. 

Times, The. A reprint from " The Times." The Annual Summaries 
for a quarter of a century. 12° 1876. 

Timiir. The Mulfuzat Timtiry, or Autobiographical Memoirs of 
the Moghul Emperor Timiir, written in the Jagtay Tiirky 
language, turned into Persian by Abu Talib Hussyny, and 
translated into English by Major Charles Stewart. [Oriental 
Translation Committee publication.] Majp. 4P 1830, 

312 T IS— TOP 

Tissot, M. EecbercheB sur la Geographie compaiee de la Maure- 
tanie Tiiigitane. Maps and Plates. 4° Paris, 1877. 

Tizard, T. H. Contribulion to the Meteorology of Japan. 4° 


Tobacco in Virginia and North Carolina. Map. 8° 

Bichmond, TI.S.A., 1877. 

Tobler, T. Bibliographia geographica Palaestinaa ab anno cccxxxiii. 
usque ad annum M. 8° Dresdse, 1875. 

— Itinera et descriptiones Terras Sanctse, lingua latina saec. 

iv.-xi. exarata. i. 8° Genevse, 1877. 

& Molinier, A. Itinera Hierosolymitana et Descriptiones 

Terrse Sanctse bellis sacris anteriora. 8° Genevae, 1879. 

Todd, C. See Austealia [South]. 

Tdnsberg, C. Norway. Illustrated Handbook for Travellers. 
Maps and Plates. 12° Christiania, 1875. 

Toeppen, H. Die Doppelinsel Nowaja Semlja. Geschichte ihrer 
Entdeckung. Map. 8° Leipzig, 1878. 

Tomebohn, A. E. See Swiujen. 

Tofifio de San Miguel, Vicente. Espana Maritima, or 
Spanish Coasting Pilot, etc. Vol. ii. Charts and Plans. 4° 

Tolhausen. See Dictionakt [Technological]. 

Tolstoy, G. The first forty years of intercourse between England 
and Eussia. 1553-1593. [In Kussian.] Crown 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1875. 

Tomaschek, Wilhelm. Die vor-slawische Topographie der 
Bosna, Herzegowina, Cma-gora und der angrenzenden Gebiete. 
8° Wien, 1880. 

■ — Centralasiatische Studien. II. Die Pamir-Dialekte. 8°. 

Wien, 1808. 

Tootal, A. See Haklutt Soc. Publ., li. 

Topinard, M. P. De la Notion de Eace en Antbropologie. 8° 

[n. p., n. d.] 

Topley, W. On the Comparative Agriculture of England and 
Wales. 8° 1871. 

Geology of the Straits of Dover. Map and Plates. 8° 


On the Agricultural Geology of the Weald. Map. 8° 


TOR— TOY 313 

Torell, Otto. On the causes of the Glacial Phenomena in the 
North-Eastem portion of North America. Map. 8° 

Stockholm, 1878. 

Torlonia, [Prince] D. A. Prosciugamento del Lago Fucino. 

Diagrams. 8° Firenze, 1871. 

See also Beisse & Eotbou. 

Tomero, R. S. Chile ilustrado. Guia descriptive del Terrifcorio 
de Chile, de las capitales de provincia, de los pnertos princi- 
pales. Plates. 4° Valparaiso, 1872. 

Tom0e, H. See Norwegian N. Atlantic ExPEDiTiON. 

Torquemada, F. Juan de. Primera (Segnnda, & Ttrcera) parte 
de los Veinte i un libros rituales i Monarchia Indiana, con el 
origen y guerras de los Indies occidentales, de sus Pobla^ones, 
Descubrimiento, Conqnista, Conversion, y otras cosas maravil- 
losas de la mesma tierra. Map. 3 vols. Fo. Madrid, 1723. 

Torres, L. V. de. See Hakluyt See. Publ., xxv., xxxix. 

Simon Perez de, Viaje del Mundo de. Fo. [n. p., n. d.] 

Totten, G. M. See America [U.S. Hydrogr. Off. Publ., Nos. 50 


& Schroeder, S. See do. [No. 60]. 

Toula, Franz. Eine geologische Eeise in den westlichen Balkan 
imd in die benachbarten Gebiete. Map. 8° Wien, 1876. 

ToTlmefort, [Joseph Pitton de.J A voyage into the Levant, etc. 
[as in Cat.] 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 4° 1718. 

Townsend, F. T. Wild Life in Florida, with a visit to Cuba. 
Map and Plates. S" 1875. 

J. K. Narrative of a Journey across the Eocky Mountains 

to the Columbia Eiver, and a visit to the Sandwich Islands, 
ChUi, etc., with a Scientific Appendix. 8° Philadelphia, 1839. 

Towson, J. T. See Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 

Toynbee, Henry. Eeport to Ihe Committee of the Meteorological 
Office on the use of Isobario Curves, and a line of greatest 
barometric change in attempting to foretell winds . . . with 
some practical suggestions for seHmen, and a few remarks on 
Buys Ballot's law. Charts. 8° 1869. 

On the Physical Geography of the part of the Atlantic 

which lies between 20" N. and 10° S., and extends from 10° to 
40° W. Tables. 8° 1876. 

314 TOY— TEA 

Toynbee, Henry. On the Great Hurricane, the tracks of 
Americnn Storms, and the ordinary winds of the N. Atlantic, 
in August, 1873. Ma^ps. 8° 1877. 

Tozer, H. P. Lectures on the Geography of Greece. Map. 
Sm. 8° 1873. 

See also Galton [Vacation Tourists]. 

Traeey [Capt.J Notes on the Antechamber of the Great Pyramid. 
8° Edinburgl, 1871. 

Traflford, P. W. C. Amphiorania : ou La Vue du Monde des mon- 
tagnes de la Spezia. Map. 8° Zurich, 1874. 

Do. 2°'» Notice. 8° Zurich, 1875. 

Do. Lausanne, 1877. 

Souvenir de I'Amphiorama ou la Vue du Monde pendant 

son passage dans une comete. 8° Zurich, 1880. 

Traill, G. W. An Elementary Treatise on Quartz and Opal, 
inclpding their varieties ; with a notice of the principal 
foreign and British localities in which they occur. 12° 

EdivJmrgh, 1867. 

Transactions, Journals, Proceedings, & Periodicals. 



Austria — 

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Sitzungsherichte der mathe- 
matisch naturwissenschaftliohen Classe der k. Vols. Ix.- 
Ixxxi. (Abth. 1 & 2 only). Maps and Plates. 8° 

Wiea, 1870-80. 

Eegister, vols, li.-lx., Ixi.-lxiv., Ixv.-lxxv., Ixxvi.- 

Ixxx. 8° ; Wien, 1870-80. 

Deutsche Eundschau fiir Geographie und Statistik. Heraus- 
gegehen von Prof. Dr. Carl Arendts. Vols. i. & ii. 
Maps and Plates. 8° Wien, 1879-80. 

Geologischen Eeichsanstalt, Jahrhuch der kaiserUch-konig- 
lichen. Vols, xxi.-xxx. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Wien, 1871-80. 

General-Eegister der Bande xi.-xx. (1860-70). Zusam- 

mengestellt von Adolph Senoner. 8° Wien, 1872. 

Verhandlungen der Eeichsanstalt. 8° TFien, 1867-80. 

Abhandlungen der Eeichsanstalt. Vols, i.-v., vi. (Heft 1 & 2), 
vii. (Heft 1-6), viii., ix., xii. (Heft 1 & 2). Maps and 
Plates. 4° Wien, 1852-80. 

TEA 315 

Transactions. — continued. 

Meteorologie, Zeitschrift der osterreichisohen Gesellscliafr, fiir. 
Eedigirt von Dr. Carl Jelinek und Dr. J. Harm. Vols. i.-T. 
(sm. 8°), vi.-xv. (large 8°). Tables. Wien, 1866-80. 

Meteorologie und Erdmagnetismus, Jahrbiicher der k. k. Cen- 
tral-Anstalt fiir. Von Carl Jelinek und Carl Pritsch. Neue 
Folge. Vols, vii.-xvi. (1876-79). Maps. 4° 

Wien, 1873-80. 

Oesterreiohische Monatssohrift fiir den Orient. Vols, i.-vi. 
Maps. 4" Wien, 1875-1880. 

Wien, Mittheilungen der kais. und konigl. geogrnphischen 
Gesellsobaft in. Vols, xiii.-xxiii. (der neuen Folge iii.- 
xiii.). Maps. 8° Wien, 1871-1880. 

, Jahresbericht des Vereines der Geographen an der 

k.-k. TJniversitat. i. 8° Wien, 1875. 

, Jahresbericht des wissenschaftlichen Club, 1876-77. 

8° Wien, 1877. 

Hungary — 

A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia i^rtesitoje. , A Mag. Tud. 
Ak. Eendeletebol. 8° Pest, 1867, 69-80. 

Nev- es Targymutato a Mag. "Tud. Ak. Ertesitojenek, i.-viii. 
iifevfolyamahoz. (1867-1874.) 8° Budapest, 1876. 

i^rtekezesesk a Termeszettudomanyi Osztaly Korebol . . . az 
Osztaly Eendeletebol. Pts. 1-4, 14r-19. 8° 

Pest, 1867-70. 

!l&rtekezesesk a TermeszettudomAnyok Korebol. Pts. 1-8. 8° 

Pest, 1870-71. 

;^rtekez6sek a T6rt6nettudoinanyi Osztdly Korebol. Pts. 8-12. 
8° Pest, 1869-70. 

i^rtekezesek a. Torteneti Tudomdnyok Korebol. Vol. i., pts. 1 
& 2; Vol. ii., pt. 10 ; Vol. iii., pts. 3, 4. 8" 

Pest, 1872-73. 

idlnekezesek a Tortenelmi Tudomanyok Korebol. Vol. iii. 
(pts. 2, '5-10), iv. (pts. 1-6), V. (pts. 1-6), vi. (pts. 1-10), 
vii. (pts. 2-10), viii. (pts. 1-10), ix. (pts. 1-3). 8° 

Budapest, 1873-80. 

i^rtekezesek a Tarsadalmi Tudomanyok Korebol. Vol. iii. (pts. 
7-9), iv. (pts. 1-9), V. (pts. 1-9), vi. (pts. 1-5), vii. (pt. 1). 
80 Budapest, 1874-77. 

A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia. Almanaoh 1867, 1870-72, 
1874^80. Cr. 8° Budapest. 

Magyar Tortenelmi Tar. Vols, xiv.-xxv. 8° 

Pesten, 1870-78. 

316 TEA 

Transactions. — continued. 

Monumenta Hungarias Historica (Diplomataria), Magj'ar 
Tortenelmi Emldkek (Okmdnyt^rak). Vols, xii.-xxv. 8° 

Budapest, 1869-76. 

Monumenta Hungarias Historica (Scriptores). Magyar Tor- 
tenelmi EmISkek (Irok). Yols. xiv., xx.-xxii., xxv.-xxix., 
xxxii. 8° Budapest, 1870-77. 

Statistikai es Nemzetgaz dasagi Kozlemenyek. Vols, v.-viii. 
8° Pesten, 1869-72. 

Torok-Magyarkori Tortenelmi Emlekek. Vols, iv.-vii., ix. 

Pest, 1869-73, 

Nev- es Targymutato a Torok-Magyarkori Allamokmantyar. 
Vols. i.-vii. 8° Budapest, 1875. 

A Szorenyi Eansag es Sz6r6ny Varmegye Tortenete. Irta 
Pesty Erigyes. 3 vols. 8° Budapest, 1878. 

Az Eltiint Eegi V&rmegyek. Irta Pesty Frigyes. 2 vols. 
8° Budapest, 1880. 

Archivum Bakoczianum. II. Eakoczi Eerencz Leveltara, Bel- 
es Kulfoldi Irattarakbol Bovltve. Sect. 4, Had- es Belligy, 
Vols, ii.-vii. Sect. 2, Diplomatia, Vols, i.-iii. 8° 

Budapest, 1872-79. 

Archseologiai ifertesito. A Mag. Tud. Akad. ArchaBologiai 
Bizottsaganak Kozlonye. Vols, x.-xii. 8° 

Budapest, 1876-78. 

Archaeologiai Kozlemenyek. Vols, viii., xi. (incomplete) 

Maps and Plates. Fo. Budapest, 1870-77. 

Magyarorszagi , Eegeszeti Emlekek. (Mag. Tud. Akad. 

Archseologiai Bizottsdga"). Vol. i. (pt. 2), ii. (pt. 2), iii. 

(pts. 1 & 2), iv. (pts. 1 & 2). Plates and Plans. Eo. 

Budapest, 1869-80. 
Nyelvtndomdnyi Kozlemenyek. Vols. v. & vii. (incomplete). 

8" Pesten, 1866, 1869. 

Magyarorszdg Helyrajzi Tortenete. Vol. i. 8° Pest, 1870. 

Hazai es Kulfoldi Folyoiratok Magyar Tudomanyos Eeper- 
toriuma. Pt. 1, Vol. i. 8° Budapest, 1874. 

Eepertbrinm ad Literaturam Daciae Archeeologicam et Epi- 
graphicam, 8° Budapest, 1880. 

A Mag. Tud. Ak. Jegyzokonyvei, mdccclxvi. Pts. 1 & 2. 12° 

Pest, 1806. 

A Mag. Tud. Ak. ^vkonyvei. Vols, x., xiii.-xvi. incomplete. 
Plates. 4° Budapest, 1861-80. 

Kortan. Hazai Tortenelmiinkhoz Alkalmazva. (N. Knautz.) 
40 Budapest, 1877. 

TEA 317 

Transactions — continued. 

Jegyzeke a Mag. Tud. Ak. Altai kiadott Konyveknek jelente- 
kenyen leszallitott Axakon, 1875. 8° Budapesten. 

Kir. Magyar Termeszettudomanyi Tarsnlat Megtizasabol. 
Magyarorszag Jellemzoff Dohanyainak Chemiai es Noven- 
yelettani Vizsgalata. (T. Kosutany.) i. 4° 

Budapest, 1877. 

MagyarorszAg Vaskovei es Vastermenyei kiilonos.tekintettel 
a vas legfofl Chemiai es Physikai Tulajdonsagaira (A. 
Kerpely). 4° Budajiest, 1877. 

Foldrajzi Kozlemenyek . . . kiadja a Magyar Poldrajzi Tar- 
sulat. [The Hungarian Geographical Society.] Vols. i. 
(pts. 5 & 6), ii. (pts. 3-6). Maps and Plates. 8° 

Budapest, 1873-75. 

Budapest! Szemle. (n. s.) Vols. xiii. (imperfect), xiv., xv. 8° 

Pest, 1869. 

Puhlicationen des statistischen Bureaus der kon. Freistadt 
Pest. Nos. iii., v.-viii. Large 8° Pest, 1871-73. 

Belgium — 

Anvers, Bulletin de la Society de Geographie d'. Vols. i.-v. 
Maps, Tables, etc. 8° Amers, 1877-80. 

Compte-Eendu du Congres des Sciences Geographiques, Cos- ' 
mographiques, et Commerciales tenu a Anvers du 14 au 22 
Aoiit, 1871. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 8° Anvers, 19,12. 

Eapport par Fleury-Flobert. 16° Paris, 1872. 

Academie Eoyale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux- Arts 
de Belgique, Annuaire de r. ]2° JBreaeZZes, 1870-80. 

Bulletin de 1' Academie. 2me Serie. Vols, xxix.-l. 

Plates. 8° Bruxelles, 1870-80. 

Bulletins des Seances de la Classe des Sciences. 

Plates. S" Bruxelles, 1863-64. 

Centieme Anniversaire de Fondation (1772-1872). 

2 vols. Large S" Bruxelles, 1872. 

Memoires de 1' Academie. Vols, xxxv.-xlii., xliii. 

(pt. 1.) Plates. 4° Bruxelles, 1865-80. 

Mdmoires couronnes et Memoires des savants strangers, 

publics par 1' Academie. Vols, xxxiii.-xliii. Plates. 4** 

Bruxelles, 1867-80. 

Memoires couronnes et autres Memoires, publics par 

I'Academie. Vols, xxii.-xxx. 8° Bruxelles, 1872-80. 

Notices Biographiques et Bibliographiques, 1874. 

16° Bruxelles, 1875. 

Tables des Memoires des Membres, &c., 1816-1857, 

1858-1878. 12° Bruxelles, 1858,, 1879. 

318 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Annales de rObeervatoire Eoyal de Bruxelles. Vols, xxiii.- 
XXV. 4° Bruxelles, 1875-77. 

Do. (Nouvelle Serie.) Astronomie. Vols, i.-iii. 4° 

Bruxelles, 1878-80. 

Annuaire de rObservatoire, 1877-81. 16° 

Bruxelles, 1876-80. 

Notices extraites de I'Anniiaire, 1875, 76. 16° Bruxelles. 

Observations meteorologiqiies fai'tes aux Stations Inter- 
nationales de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas. Pts. ii. & 
iii., 1878, 1879. 4° Bruxelles, 1879-80. 

Association Internationale Africaine. 8°. 


(No. 1 .) Eapports sur les Marches de la premiere Expe- 
dition. 1879. 

(No. 2.) Journal et Notes de Voyage de la premiere 
Expedition. 1879. 

(Nos. 3 & 4.) Extraits des Eapports des Voyagenrs de 
I'Assooiation. 1880. 

See also Duteieux. 

Societe Beige de Geographie. Bulletin. Vols, i.-iv. Maps. 
8° Bruxelles, 1877-80. 

Denmark — 

Aarb^ger for nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historic, ndgivne af 
det kongelige nordiske Oldskrift Selskab. Plates. 8° 

Kjobenham, 1866-80. 

Tilleeg til Aarb0ger, 1866-78. 8° Kj^benhavn, 1867-79. 

Memoires de la Societe Eoyale des Antiquaires du Nord. 
Nouvelle Serie. Maps and Plates. 2 vols. 8° 

Gopenhague, 1866-77. 

Cinquantieme Anniversaire de la Fondation de la Societe. 
Discours prononce par J. J. A. Warsaae. 8° 

(^Gopenhague,) 1875. 

Det kongelige danske Videnskabernes Selskabs Skrifter. 
5te Esekke. Naturvidenskabelig og mathematisk Afde- 
ling, Vols, i., v.-xii. ; 6'« Esekke, Vol. i., pts. 1 & 2. 
Plates. 4° Kjobenham, 1849, 1861-80. 

Oversigt over det kongelige danske Videnskabernes Selskabs 
Forhandlinger. Plates. 8° Kj^benhavn, 1870-79. 

Geografisk Tidskiift, ridgivet af Bestyrelsen for det kongelige 
danske geografiske Selskab, og redigeret af Prof. Ed. 
Erslev. Vol. i. (incomplete), iii., iv. (incomplete). Maps. 
4° Kj^benhavn, 1879-80. 

TEA 319 

Transactions — continued. 

Schriften der Universitat zu Kiel. Vols, xi., xiv.. xvii.-xxvi. 
Maps and Plates. 4° Kiel, 1865-80. 

France — 

AcadSmie des Sciences, Comptes Rendus hebdomadaires des 
Seances de 1'. Vols. Ixxii.-xci. 4° Paris, 1871-80. 

Journal Asiatique, ou Eecueil de Memoires, etc., relatifs a 
rhistoire, etc., des Peuples Orientaux . . . puUie par la 
Sooiete Asiatique. Plates. 8° Paris. 

Cinquteme Serie. Vols, xvii.-xx. 1861-02. 

Sixifeme Serie. Vols. i.-xx. 1863-72. 

Septi&me S&ie. Vols, i.-xvi. 1873-80. 

Annales de TExtrerae Orient. Bulletin de la Sooiete Acade- 
mique Indo-Chinoise. Sons la direction du D'. C'^. 
Meyners D'Estrey. Vols, i.-iii. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Paris, 1878-80. 

Annuaire de la Societe des ifitudes Japonaises, Chinoises, 
Tartares, et Indo-Chinoises, fondee k Paris en 1873. 
Sm. 8° Paris, 1874. 

Publications de rEoole des Langues Orientales Vivantes. 
I. [See BoxjKHARx] ; IV- [See EizA Qoult Khan] ; 
V. [See Legeand] ; vi. [See Saint-Peiest] ; vii. [See Asia, 
Central] ;' viii. [See Tasst] ; ix. [See TJntcm] ; xii. 
[See Beetschneidee] ; xiii. [See Dev^ria] ; xiy. [See 
Dapontes]. Large 8° Paris, 1876-1880. 

Annales Hydrographiques. See Erance [Depot, etc.]. 

Bordeaux, Societe de Geographie Commerciale de. Bulletin. 
No. 2, 1876-76 : Do. a™" serie. Vols, i.-iii. Maps. 8° 

Bordeaux, 1877-80. 

Canal Interoceaniqne, Bulletin du. Nos. 1-32. 4P 

Paris, 1879-80. 

Compte-Eendu des Seances du Congr^s International. 
See Congress. 

Dijon, Memoires de I'Acadeinie des Sciences, Arts et Belles- 
Lettres de. (2™« ser.) Vol. xvi., (S'^" ser.) Vols, i., iv., v. 
Plates. 8° Dijon, 1871-79. 

Ethnographie, Actes de la Societe d'. Vol. vii. No. 32, viii. 
ptie. 2, 3, 4, ix. ptie. 4, 5, 6. Sm. 8° Paris, 1873-79. 

Memoires de la Societe. Vol. vii., pt. 2. Sm. 8° 

Paris, 1873. 

Annuaire de la Societe, 1874, 1877, 1878. Sm. 8° and 12» 


Annuaire de la Societe Amerioaine, 1873-74. Sm. 8° 

Paris, 1873-75. 

320 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

ArcMves de la Societe Am^rioaine de France. Nouvelle Serie. 
Vol. i. Plates. 8° Paris, 1875. 

Compte-Eefidn des Seances de la Societe. Vol. viii. pt. 5, ix. 
pt. 2. Sm. 8° Paris, 1877-79. 

Actes de I'lnsfitution EthnograpMque, 1876-7", pt. 4, 1878, 
pt. 1, and Bulletin Officiel, 1878, No. 2. Sm. 8° 

Paris, 1877-78. 

L'Exploratenr, Journal Geographique et Commercial . . . 
Vols. i. & ii. (sous la direction de 0. Hertz et A. Puissant). 
Vol. iii. and all issued of iv. (C. Hertz). Maps and 
Illustrations. Fo. Paris, 1875-76. 

L'Exploration : Journal des Conqugtes de la Civilisation snr 
tons les points dn Globe. Vols. i.-v. (0. Hertz), v,i.— viii. 
(H. Capitaine), ix.-x. (P. Tournafond). Maps and Plates. 
8° 1876-80. 

La Geographie Contemporaine d'apres les Voyageurs, les 
Emigrants, les Comnier^ants. Par Ciarles Hertz. Vol. i. 
(incomplete;. La Conqulte dn Globe. Les Poles. Maps 
and Plates. Large 8° Paris [n. d.] 

Geographie, Bulletin de la Society de. 6™« Serie. Vols, i.-xx. 
Maps and Plates. 8" Paris, 1871-80. 

L'Annee Geographique. Par Vivien de Saint-Martin. Vols. 
ii.-xiii. [1863-1875]. 12° Paris, 1864-1876. 

2® Serie : par C. Maunoir et H. Duveyrier.- 

Vols. i. and ii. [1876 & 1877]. 12° Pans, 1878-79. 

Geologique de France, Bulletin de la Societe. Vol. i. 8° 

Paris, 1830. 

Industrie Nationale, Bulletin de la Society d'Encouragement 
pour r. 1871 to date. Plates. 4° Paris. 

Languedocienne de Geographie, Bulletin de la Societe. Vols. 

i.-iii. (incomplete). Maps. 8° Montpellier, 1878. 

Lyon, Bulletin de la- Societe de Geographie de. Vols. i.-iii. 

Maps. 8° Lyon, 1875-80. 

Marseille, Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie de. Vols, i.-iv. 
Maps. 8° Marseille, 1877-80. 

Les Missions Catholiques, Bulletin hebdomadaire de I'oeuvre 
de la Propagation de la Foi. Vols, i.-xii. Maps and Plates. 
4° Lyon & Paris, 1868-80. 

Musee Guimet, Annales du. Vol. i. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1880. 

Nancj', Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences de. Ser. 2, 
vols, i.-v., faso. 3-11. Plates. 8° Paris, 1876-80. 

TEA 321 

Transactions— continued. 

Normahde Ae Geogfaphie, Bulletin de la Societe. VoL i. (in- 
complete), ii. Map. Sm. 4» Bouen, 1879-80. 

Kevue de Geographie. Dirigee par Ludovic Drapeyron. 
Vols. i. and ii. Map. 8° Paris, 1877. 

Eevue Maritime et Coloniale. Vols, xxxi.-lv. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1871-77. 

Toulouse, Bulletin de la Society Academiqne Hispana-Portu- 
gaise de. Vol. i. (Nos. 3 & 4.) 8° Toulouse, 1880. 

Le Tonr du Monde: Nouveau Journal des Voyages, publie 
sous la direction de M. Edouard Charton. Vols i.-xl. 
Maps and Plates. 4° Paris, 1860-80. 

Table des Matieres. Vols. i.-xx. 4° Paris, 1869. 

Union Geographique du Nord do la France. Bulletin 
{V^ Annee). Nos. 1-5. 8" Lille, 1880. 

Great Britain and Ireland. 
England — 

Academy, The, A weekly Eeview of Literature, Science, and 
Art. Vols, vii.-xviii. 4° 1875-1880. 

Agricultural Society of England, Journal of the Eoyal. 
Second Series, Vols, vii.-xvi. Plans and Plates. 8° 


General Index. Second Series, Vol. i.-x, 1876. 

Alpine Journal, The. Vols. v.-x. (Nos. 69 & 70). Plates. 8" 


Anglo-Jewish. Association, in connection with, the Alliance 

Israelite Universelle, Annual Eeporfc of the. vii.-ixi. 

• 8° 1877-80. 

Anthropological Society of London, Memoirs read before the. 
Vols, i.-iii. (1863-69). Maps and Plates. 8° 1865-70. 

Anthropology, Journal of. Vol. i. Map and Plates. 8" 


Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Journal 
of the. Vols. i.-x. (No. 1). Maps and Plates.^ 8" 


List of Members. 8° July, 1875. 

Antiquaries of London, Proceedings of the Society of. Second 
Series. Vols, v.-viii. (Nos. 1, 2, 3). 8° 1871-80, 

Archaeolpgia ; or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity ; 
published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. 
Vols, xliii.-xlvi. (pt. 1). Maps and Plates. 4" 1871-80. 


322 TRA 

Transactions — continued. 

Architects, Eoyal; Institute of British, Sessional Papers read 
at the. 1870 to data. Plates. 4? 

Artillery Institution, Woolwich, Proceedings of the Eoyal. 
1871 to date. Plates. 89 Woolwich. 

Arts, Journal of the Society of, and of the Institutions in 
Union. Vols, xviii.-xxviii. Woodcuts. B° 1869-80. 

Asiatic, Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Journal of the 
Eoyal. (New Series.) Vols, v.-xii. 8» 1871-80. 

Astronomical Society of London, Memoirs of the Eoyal. 
Vols. xxxix.-xlv. Plates. 4° 1871-80. 

Athenaeum, The. 4? 1871-80. 

Biblical Archaeology, Transactions of the Society of.- Vols, i.- 
vii.(pt. 1). 8° 1872-1880. 

Proceedings of the Society of. Vol. i. 8° 1879. 

Bookseller, The. 8° 1871-80. 

British Association for the Advancement of Science, Eeports 
of the Meetings of the. 40th meeting, 1870— ^SOth meeting, 
1880. MajpSi Plates, and Tables. 8° 1871-80. 

Chronological Institute of London, Transactions of the. Vols, 
i., ii. (pts. 3 & 4), iii. (pt. 1). Plates. 8° 1858-1866. 

Church Mirsionary Intelligencer ; a Monthly Journal of Mis- 
sionary Information. (n.s.) viL-xi. Large 8° [1871-75.] 

Church Missionary Intelligencer and Eecord, The. New 
series. Vols. i.-v. Sm. 8° [1876-1880.] 

Civil Engineers, Institution of. Minutes of Proceedings of the. 
Vols. xxxii.-lxii. Maps and Plates. 8° 1871-80. 

i General Index, vols, xxi.-xxx. 8° 1871. 

: — Charter, Bye-Laws and Eegulations, and List of 

members. 8° 1879. 

Clarendon State Papers preserved in the Bodleian Library, 
Calendar of the. Vol. i. to January, 1649, edited by the 
Eev. O. Ogle and W. H. Bliss ; vol. ii., 1649-1654, and vol. 
iii., 1656-1657, edited by the Eev. W. Dunn Macray: 
under the direction of the Eev. H. O. Coxe. 8° 

Oxford, 1869-76. 

Colonies and India, The; (Current issue). 4° 

Colonial Institute, Proceedings of the Eoyal. Vols, ii -xi 
(1870-80.) Maps. 8° 1872-80. 

TEA S23 

Transactions —continued. 

East India Association, Journal of the. Vols, v.-xiii. (iticom- 
plete). 8° 1871-80. 

Education, Eeports of the Committee of Council on, with 
Appendix, 1869-70, 1871-72. 3 vols. 8° " 1870-72. 

Do. England and Wales, with Appendix, 1873-74, 

■l874^187'5, 1875-76, l'876-7'7, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1879-80. 
9 vols. 8° 1874-80. 

Do. in Scotland, with Appendix, 1873-74, 1874r-75, 

1875-76, 1876-77, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1879-80. 7 vols. 8° 


Ethnological Society of London,. Journal of the. Vo)s. ii. 
(pp. 89-282), iii., iv. Maps and Plates. 8° 1848-1856. 

Do. New Series, Vols. i. and ii. 1869-70. 

Food Journal, The. A Eeview of Social and Sanitary 
Economy. ' Vols. i. (incomplete) -iv. Sm. 8° 1870-73. 

Geographical Magazine. See Ocean Highways. 

Geographical Society, Journal of the Eoyal. Vols, xxxv.r-xlix. 
Maps and Plates. 8° . 1865-79. 

General Index to the third ten volumes, compiled by 

Colonel H. E. Yule. 8^ 1867. 

Proceedings of the. . Vols, ix.-xxii. Sessions 1864-65 

to 1877-78. Maps. 8° 1865-78. 

— '■ . and Monthly Eecord of Geography. New monthly series. 

Vols. i. and ii. Maps and Illustrations. Large 8° 1879-80. 

— Catalogue of the Library, May, 1851. 8° 1852. 

Do. May, 1865. .8» 1866. 

— Supplement to the Alphabetical ■ Catalogue .... con- 
taining the additions from 1865 to December, 1870. 8° 


Classified Catalogue to December, 1870. 8° 1871. 

Hints to Travellers (from Journ. E. G. S., 1854); 

Eevised edition, 1865 ; Third and revised edition, De- 
cember, 1871, 8° : Fourth edition, edited by Francis 
Galton, 129 Woodcuts. 1878. 

The Lands of Cazembe. Lacerda's Journey to 

Cazembe in 1798. Translated and annotated by Captain 
E. F. Burton. Also, Journey of the Pombeiros P. J. Bap- 
tista and Amaro Jose, across Africa, from Angola to Tette 
on the Zambeze; translated by B. A. Beadle; and a 
resum6 of the journey of MM. Monteiro and Gamitto, by 
Dr. C. T. Beke. Map. 8° 1873. 

T 2 

324 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

[Eoyal Geographical Society] Arctic Geography and Ethno- 
logy. A selection of papers reprinted, and presented 
to the Arctic Expedition of 1875 by the President, 
Council, and Fellows of the K.G.S. Maps and Plates. 8» 


Prebidents' Addresses, 1836-1875. 4 vols. 8°, and 

current Addresses. 

.List of Maps and other illustrations contained in the 

Journal and Proceedings to December, 1880. 8° 
— African Exploration Fund. See Africa. 

Geological Magazine, The ; or, Monthly Journal of Geology : 
with which is incorporated ' The Geologist.' Edited by 
T. Eupei't Jones, assisted by H. Woodward (vol. i. and 
part of vol. ii.) ; subsequently by H. Woodward, assisted 
by Prof. J. Morris and E. Etheridge. Vols. i.-x. [1864- 
1873], and New Series, Decade 2, i.-vii. [1874^1880]. 
Maps and Plates. 8° 

Geological Society of London, Quarterly Journal of the. 
Vols, xxvii.-xxxvi. Maps and Plates. 8° 1871-80. 

A Classified Index to the Transactions, Proceedings, 

and Quarterly Journal. 2nd edition, inolndins; all the 
Memoirs and Notices to, the end of 1868. By G. W. 
Ormerod. 8° 1870. 

List of the Geological Society, 1878-1880. 8"» 

Geologists' Association, Proceedings of the. Vols, ii.-vi. 
Maps and Plates. 8" 1871-1881. 

Annual Eeport, together with List of Members, etc. 

for 1871-79. 8° 1872-80. 

Hebrew Literature, Miscellany of. Edited by the Eev, A. 
Lowj'. Second Series. Vol. ii. 8" [1877.] 

Historical Society, Transactions of the Eoyal. Edited by the 
Eev. C. Eogers. Vols, i.-iv. 8° 1875-76. 

Illustrated Travels : a Eecord of Discovery, Geography, and 
Adventure. Edited by H. W. Bates. Vols, i.-vi. Maps 
and Plates. - 4° [n. d.] 

Lancashire and Cheshire Historic Society, Transactions of the, 
3rd Series, Vols, i.-viii. (xxv.-xxxii. of the whole set). 
Maps, Plates and facsimiles. 8° Liverpool, 1873-80, 

Index to the First and Second Series, Vols. i.-xxiv. 

Prepared by the Eev. A. H. Hume. 8° Liverpool, 1874. 

TEA 325 

Transactions — continued. 

Linnean Society, Journal of the. Zoology, Vols, xi.-xv. (No. 
84), 1873-80 ; Botany, Vols, xi.-xviii. (No. 109), 1871-80. 
Plates. 8° 

Linnean Society, Proceedings of the, 1871-75 [all issued]. 8° 

Transactions of the. Vols, xxv.-xxx. (1866-1875), 

and General Index to the First Series (1876). Do. Second 
Series, Zoology, Vol. i. 1879 ; Botany, Vol. i. (Pts. 1-6), 
1879. 4° 

List of the. 8° 1875-79. 

Literature, Transactions of the Eoyal Society of. Second 
Series. Vols, x., xi., and xii., (pts. 1 and 2). 8° 


Liverpool, Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophic Society 
of. Vols, xxvi.-xxxiv. 8° Liverpool, 1872-80. 

London Missionary Society, Chronicle of the. Map and Plates. 
8" 1878-1880. 

Mission in Central Africa (Thomson, Dodgshun, Hore, 

&Hutley). Map. 8° 1879. 

Mission in New Guinea (Macfarlane, Chalmers). Map. 

8° 1879. 

Manchester, Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical Society 
of. Third Series. Vols, ii.-vi. Plates. 8° 

Manchester, 1865-79. 

Proceedings of the. Vols, iii., v., -vii.-x., xv.-xix. 

Plates. 8° Manchester, 1864-80. 

Mercantile Marine Magazine and Nautical Eecord. Vols. xix. 
& XX. 8° 1872-73. 

Meteorological Committee and Council, Publications of the. 

Qutirterly Weather Eeports of the Meteorological Office. 1869. Pts. 
i., ill., iv. ; 1870, Pt. iv. ; 1871-1875. 4° 

Eemarks to accompany the monthly charts of meteorological observa- 
tions for No. 3 square, extending from the Equator to 10° N. Lat., 
and from 20° to 30° W. Long. 4° 1872 and 1874. 

Contributions to oiir knowledge of the Meteorology of the Antarctic 
Begions. 4° 1873. 

Eeport qf the Proceedings of the Meteorological Conference at Leipzig ; 
Protocols and Appendices. 8° 1873. 

Eeport of the Proceedings of the Meteorological Congress at Vienna ; 
Protocols and Appendices. 8° 1874. 

Beport on Weather Telegraphy and Storm Warnings presented to the 
Meteorological Congress at Vienna by a Committee appointed at 
the Leipzig Conference. 8° 1874. 

Beport of the Permanent Committee of the First International Meteoro- 
logical Congress at Vienna for the year 1874. Meetings held at 
Vienna and at Utrecht, 1873-74. 8° 1875. 

326 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Beffort of the Proecedinga nt tlie Conference on Maritime Meteorology 
held in LondoD, 1874; ProtocoJs and Appendices. 8° 1875. 

Eeport of the Permanent Committee of the First International Congress 
at Vienna, Meeting at London, 1876. 8° 1876. 

Hemarks to accompany the monthly charts of meteorological data for 
the nine 10° squares of the Atlantic which lie between 20° N. and 
10° S. Lat., and extended from 10° to 40° W. Long., ending with 
the best routes across the Equator. 4° 1876. 

Eeports to the Permanent Committee, of Jh? First International Meteoro- 
logical Congress at Vienna, on Atmospheric Electricity, Maritime 
Meteorology, Weather Telegraphy. 8° 1878. 

Nature : a Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science. Vols, i.-xxi. 
Mapsdnd Illustrations. Sm'. 4° 1870-80. 

Nautical Almanac. %° 1871-80. 

Nautical Magazine : 9 Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected 
with Maritime affairs. 8° 1871-80. 

Ocean Highways : The Geographical Eecord. Vol. ii. Maps. 
Fo. 1873. 

Ocean Highways : The Geographical Eecord. Edited by 0. E. 
Markham. New Series. Vol. i. Maps. Sm. Fo. 1874. 

E Continued as] The Geographical Magazine. Edited 
!. E. Markham. Vols. i.-v. Maps. Sm. Fo. 1874-78. 

Pttleetine Exploration Fund. Volume of Preliminary Eeports, 
(fee., by Capt. C. W. Wilson, Lieut. Warrea & E. H. Palmer. 
Prospectus -s, Catalbgues of Photographs, &c. Plans. 12" 


— - — Quarterl;^ Statement, 1869-1880 (wants No. for 
January, J 872). Maps and Plates. 12° 

Photographic Society of London, Journal of the. 8° 1869-80 


Quarterly Eeview. Vols, cxxx.-ol. 8° 1871-80. 

Eoyal Institution of Great Britain, Notices of the Proceedings 
at the Meetings of Members of the. With Abstracts of 
the Discourses delivered at the Evening Meetings. 
Vols, vi.-ix. [pts. 1-3.] 8° 1872-80. 

List of Members. 8° 1878. 

Eoyal Society, Philosophical Transactions of the. Vols, clxi.- 
olxxi. Plates, 4° 1871-80. 

Proceedings of the. Vols, xix.-xxx. Plates. 8° 


~ Eeport of the Meteorological Committee of the. For 

1868, 1870, 1872-75, for the 17 months ending 31 May, 
1877 ; for the 10 months ending 31 March, 1878; for the 
year ending 31 Maich, 1880. 8° 

TBA 327 

Transactions — continued. 

Eoyal Society, Catalogue of Scientific Papers. Compiled and 
pnblisht'd by .the Boyal Society of London. Vols, iv.- 
viii. (1800-1873). 4° , 1870-79. 

Manual of the Natural History, Geology, and Physios 

of Greenland and the neighbouring regions, prepared for 
the use of the Arctic ExpeditioU of 1875 under the di- 
rection of the Arctic Committee of the Eoyal Society, and 
edited by T. Eupert Jones-. Tpgether with instructions 
suggested by the Arctic Committee of the Eoyal Society 
for the use of the Expedition. 8° 1875. 

South American Missionary Magazine. Vols, ii.-xiv. (in- 
complete). 8° 1868-80. 

, Statistical Society of London, Journal of the. Vols, xxxiv.- 
xliii. 8° 1871-1880. 

Syro-Egyptian Society of London, Original papers read before 
the. Vol.i. (pts. 1 and 2). Plates. 8° 1845-50. 

Transactions of the. Session of 1867-68. 8° 1868. 

United Service Institution, Journal of the. Vols. xiv.-xxiiL 
Maps and Plates. 6° 1871-1880. 

Vacation Tourists. [See Galton, F.] 

Victoria Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britain, 
Journal of the Transactions of the. Vols, v., viii.-xiv. 8° 


Wesleyan Missionary Notices, relating principally to the 
■Foreign Missions under the Direction of the Methodist 
Conference. 8" 1871-80 (incomplete). 

Zoological Society of London, Transactions of the. Vols, 
vi.-xi. (pts. 1, 2). Plates, 4° 1869-80. 

Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the. Plates. 

8° 1871-1880. 

—, Index, 1861 -1870. 8" 1872. 

List of the Vertebrated Animals now or lately living 

in the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London. 
7th edn. with first Supplement, S" 1879. 

Catalogue of the Library. 8° 1880. 

Scotland — 

Edinburgh Geological Society, Transactions of the. Maps andf 
Plates. 8° Vols. ii. (pt. 3,) and iii. 

Edinburgh, 1874-1880, 

Edinburgh, Proceedings of the Eoyal Physical Society of, 8° 

Edinburgh, 1869. 

328 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Edinburgh, Proceedings of the Eoyal Society of. . Vols, vii.-xi. 
8° EdirAurgh, 1869-1880. 

Transactions of the. Vols, xxv.-xxix. ' 1868-80. 

First, second, third, and fifth Annual Eeports of the Board of 

Education for Scotland, to the Et. Hon. the Lords of Com- 
mittee of the Privy Council on Education in Scotland. 
8° Edinburgh^ 1874-78. 

Free Church of Scotland. The Home and Foreign Missionary 
Eecordofthe. 1878 [Nos. 190-197]— 1880. 8° 


1 Eeport on Foreign Missions. No. viii. [May, 1879]. 

Maps. 8° Edinburgh. 

GlasEfow, Proceedings- of the Natural History Society of. 
Vols, i.-iv. [1858-80]. 8° Glasgow, 1869-81. 

Scottish Meteorological Society, Journal of the. New Series. 
Vols, i (incomplete)-v.. Majps, Charts, &c. Large 8° 

Edinburgh, 1866-80. 

Ireland — 

Eoyal Dublin Society, Journal of the. Vol. vi. and No. 44. 
Maps and Plates. 8° JDvhlin, 1870-75. 

Scientific Proceedings of the. New Series. Vols, i., ii. 

(pts. 1-6). Dublin, 1877-80. 

-tScientific Transactions of the. New Series. Vols. i. 

(Nos. 1-12), ii. (Nos. 1, 2). Plates. 4° Lublin, 1877-80. 

Eoyal Geological Society of Ireland, Journal of the. New 
Series. Vols. ii. (pts. 1, 2), iii. (pt. 3), iv. (pts. 1, 2, 4), 
V. (pts. 1-3). Plates. 8° Dublin, 1868-1880. 

Eoyal Irish Academy, Transactions of the. Science. Vols. 
xxiii.-xxvi., and xxviii. (Pt. 1.) 1856-80. Polite 
Literature and Antiquities, vols. xxiv. and xxvii. (pts. 
1, 2). 1874r-79. Plates. 4° Dublin. 

Irish Manuscript Series, Vol. i. (pt. 1). 1880. " Cun- 
ningham Memoirs," No. 1. 1880. 4° Dublin. 

Proceedings of the. Vols, vi.-x., 1858-70. Do. 2nd 

series : Science, vols, i.-iii. (pts. 1-5), 1874-80 ; Polite 
Literature and Antiquities, vols, i., ii. (pts. 1, 2), 1879-80. 
Plates and Maps. 8° Dublin, 1858-80. 

Germany — . 

Afrikanischen,Gesellschaft,Correspondenzb]att der. Herausge- 
geben im Auftrage des Vorstandes von Prof. Dr. W. 
Koner und Prof. Dr. E. Hartmann. Vol. i. Maps. 8° 

Berlin, 1877. 

TEA 329 

Transactions — continued. 

Afrikanischen Gesellschaft in DeutscUand, Mittheilungen der. 
Unter Mitwirkung des Vorstandes herausgegeben von Dr. 
W. Erman. Vols. i. & ii. (Heft 1-3). Map. Sm. 8° 

, . SetUn, 1879-80. 

Satzungen der Deutsohen Afrika-Gesellsohaft. 8° 

[n. p., n. d.] 
See also Africa, Equatorial. 

Das Ausland. Vols. xxxix.-xliV. (^Auggburg), xlv.-liii. 
{Stuttgart). 4° 1866-1880. 

Bayerischen Akademie der Wissensohaften, Abhandlungen 
der matheinatisch-physikalischen Classe der k. Vols, x.- 
xiii. Plates. 4° Miinchen, 1870-80. 

Sitzungsberichte der Akademie. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 

Miinchen, 1870. 

Inhaltsverzeichniss zu Jahrgang 1860-1870. 8" 

Munchen, 1872. 

Sitzungsbericbte der matbematisch - physikaliscben 

Classe der Akademie. Vols. i.-x. Plates. 8° 

Munchen, 1871-80. 

Berlin, Abbandlungen der koaiglicben Akademie der "Wissen- 
Bchaften zu. 1863-1879. Maps, Plates, and Tables. 4° 

Berlin, 1864-80. 

Verzeichniss der Abbandlungen, von 1710-1870, in 

alpbabetiscber Eolge der Verfasser. 8° Berlin, 1871. 

Inhaltsverzeicbniss der Abbandlungen, aus den Jahren 

1822 bis 1872, nach den Klassea geordnet. 8° 

Berlin, 1873. 

Monatsbericbte der Akademie. Plates. 1869-79. 8° 

Berlin, 1870-80. 

Zeitsobrift der Gesellscbaft fiir Erdkunde zu. Als 

Eortsetzung der Zeitsobrift fiir allgemeine Erdkunde im 
Auftrage der G-esellscbaft berausgegeben von Prof. Dr. 
W. Koner. Vols, i.-xv. Maps. 8» Berlin, 1866-80. 

Verbandlungen der Gesellscbaft. Vols, i.-vii. Maps. 

8° Berlin, 1876-80. 

Bremen. Verein ftir die deutscbe Nordpolarfabrt. Bericbte 
iiber die Sitzungen nebst Anlagen. 12" Bremen, 1870-76. 

Deutscbe geograpbiscbe Blatter. Herausgegeben von 

der geograpbiscben Gesellscbaft in Bremen durcb deren 
Scbriftfiibrer Dr. M. Lindeman. Vols. i. & ii. Maps. 8° 

Bremen, 1877-78. 

330 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Darmstadt, Noti'zblatt des Vereins fflr Eidkunde und Ver- 
■wandte Wissenschaften zu, uud des mittelrheinisohen 
geolojjjischen Vereins. Herausgegeben von Xi. Ewald. 
(iii. Folge) Vols, ix.-xviii. (iv. Folge) Vol. i. Tdblea. &° 

Darmstadt, 1870-80. 

> Dresden, Sitzungs-Berichte der natnrwissenschaftliohen Gesell- 
schaft Isis in, 1866. Map and Plate. 8'> Dresden, 1866-Q7 . 

— Jahresberichte des Vereins fiir Erdkuude zu. Vols, 

vi.-xvii. Maps and Plates. Sm. 8° 1870-80. 

, Mittljeilungen des etatistisohen Bureaus der Stadt 

Dresden. (E. Jannasch). ii.-v. 8°. Dresden, 1875-77. 

Frankfurter Vereins fur Geograpbie und Statistik, Jabres- 
beiichte der. 1872-73,-1873-74, 1875-80. 8° 

' ■ ■ Frankfurt a. M., 1875-80. 

Geogi'apbiiscbes Jahrbuch. Vols.iv.-vii. Herausgegeben von 
; E.Bebm. 12" Gotlia, 1872-78. 

Geograph'isobe Nacbriobten fiir Weltbandel und Volkwirth- 
scliaft. flerausgegebeh vom Central-Verein fiir Handels- 
geograpbie und Fordeiung deutsoher Interessen im 
Auslande unter der .veraiitwortlicben Bedaction von 
Dr. 0. Keisten. Vols. i. & ii. (Heft 1 & 2). Maps. 8° 

Berlin, 1879-80. 

Globus, Illustrirte Zeitscbiift fiir Lander- und Volkerkunde. 
Herausgegeben von Karl Andree & Dr. Kichard Kiepert. 
Vols, ix., xxxv'.-xxxviii. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Hildburyhausen & Braunschweig, 1866-80. 

Godeffroy, Journal des Museum. Geograpbisobe, etbno- 
giapbiBche und naturwissenscbaftliube Mittbeilungen. 
Heft i.-ix., xi.-xiv. Maps and coloured Plates. 4° 

Hamburg, 1873-79. 

Halle a. S., Mittbeilungen des Vereins fiir Erdkunde zu. 
Plates. 8° Halle a. S., 1877-80. 

Hamburg, Jabresbericht der geograpbispben Gepellsohaft 
in. VQls.i., ii. Maps. 8° Hamburg, 187 i-7 5. 

Mittbeilungen der GesellKobaft, 1876-79. Maps and 

Plates. 8° . Hamburg, 1878-80. 

Hannover, Erster Jabresberiobt der geographiscben Gesell- 
Bobafi zu. Maps, 12° Hannover, 1879. 

Heidelberg, Verbandlungen des nalurbistorisob-mediciniscben 
Vereins zu. Neuo Folge. ^ols., i. & ii. Maps and Plates. 
8° Heidelberg, 1877-80. 

TRA 331 

Transactions — continued. 

Leipzig, Jahresbeiichto des Vereins von Preunden der Erdkunde 
zu. ix.-xi. (1869-71.) Jlfops, etc. 8° Leipzig, 1870-72. 

Mitthoilungen des Vereins fiir Erdkunde zu. 

Maps, etc. 8° Leipzig, 1872-80. 

Metz, Erster und zweiter Jahresbericht des Vereins fur Erd- 
kunde zu Metz pro 1878 & 1879. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Metz, 1879-80. 

Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geogi-aphisoher Anstalt. 
Vols, xvii.-xxiv. [edited by Dr. A. Petefinann], xxv. [by 
Dr. E. Behm & Dr. M. Lindeman], xxvi. [by Dr. E. Behiu]. 
Maps. 4° Gotha, 1870-80. 

— Erganzungsbande. Vols, i.-xiii. Maps and Plates: 49 

Gotha, 1861-80. 

Morgenlandes, Abhandlungen fiir die Kunde des, herausgegeben 
von der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, unter 
der verantwortliohen Kedaction des Prof. Dr. Ludolf 
Kiebl und Prof. Otto Loth. Vols, v., vi., vii. (Nos. 1-3). 
Maps and Plates. 8" Leipzig, 1876-80. 

Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft. Vols. xxv. - xxxiv. 

Plates. 8"' . - Leipzig, ISl 1-80. 

Eegister zu Band xi.-xx., xxi.-sxx. 8° 

Leipzig, 1872 & 1877. 

Miinchen, Jahresbericht der geographischen Gesellschaft in. 
Vols. i.-vii. Plate. 8° Miinchen, 1871-77. 

Nord-deutschen See-Warte, Jahresbericht der (W. P. von 
Freeden). Hamburg, 1870. 

Jahresbericht 6 der Commission zur wissensohaftlichen Dnter- 

suchung der deutschen Meere in Kiel. Herausgegeben 

' von Dr. H. A. Meyer, Dr. K. Mobius, Dr. G. Karsten, & 

Dr. V. Hensen. i. (1871), ii. & iii. (1872-73), iv., v., 

& vi. (1874-76). Maps and Plates. Fo. Berlin, 1873-78. 

Ergebnisse der Beobachtungsstationen an den deutschen 
Kiisten iiber die physikalischen Eigensohaften der Ostseg 
und Nordsee und die Fischerei. Oblong 8° 

Berlin, 1873-188Q, 

Oiiterlande, Mittheilungen aus dem. Vols. xvii. & xviii. 8° 

Altenhurg, 1866-68, 

Sachsen, Kalenderfur das Konigreich, auf das Schaltjahr 1872. 
Sm. 8° Dresden, 

Kalender und statistisches Jahrbuoh .... fiir Sachsen 

und Thiiringen auf das Jahr 1873. Do. 1874-79. Sm. 8o 


Zeitschrift des k. bachsischen statistischen Bureau's, 

VoL xvii. (and supplement )-xxv. 4° Dresden, 1871-79, 

332 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

[Sachsen] Erster,,zweiter, dritter, vierter, und funfter Jahres- 
bericht Aea Landes-Medicinal-CoUegiums iiber das Medi- 
cinalwesen ita Konigreich Sachgen, 1867-73. 8° 

Dresden, 1869-75. 

Wirtembergisches Ttrkundenbucb, herausgogeben von dem k. 
Staatsarchiv in Stuttgart. Yols. i.-iii. 4° 

Stuttgart, 18^9-71. 

Zeitsobrift fur wissenscbaftlicbe Geograpbie, heranegegeben 
von J. I. Kettler. Vol. i. Maps. Lahr, 1880. 

See also Prussian Geneeal Staff, Publications of the. 

Greece — 

Athens, Archaeological Society of. Eules [in Greek]. 8° 

Athens, 1873. 

Ephemeris (Per. B, Teucb. 1 Z'), [in Greek]. Plate. 

4P Athens, 1874. 

Athenaion, Syngramma Periodicon. Vols. i. & ii. [in Greek]. 
8° Athens, 1873-74. 

Holland — 

Aadrijkskundig Weekblad (Nieuwe Serie), onder Eedactie 
van Dr. G. T. Dozy. Vols. i. & ii. 8° 

Amsterdam, 1879-80. 
Tijdschrift van bet Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, gevestigd 
te Amsterdam, onder Eedactie van D'. C. M. Kan en 
N. W. Posthumus. Vols, i.-iv. Maps. 4" 

^ Amsterdam, 1876-80. 

Bijbladen, Vol. i. Maps and Plans, 4P 

Amsterdam, 1879. 

Annalen der Stemwarte in Leiden. Herausgegeben von Dr. 
r. Kaiser. Vols, ii.-iv. Plates. 49 

Haarlem & Haag, 1870-75. 

Bijdragen tot de Taal- Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch 
Indie. Uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Instituut voor 
de Taal- Laud- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch Indie. 
3de Yolgreeks, Vols, v.-xi. ; 4^* Volgreeks, Vols, i.-iv. 
Maps and Plates. 8° 's Gravenhage, 1870-80. 

Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Jaarboek van de. 
8° Amsterdam, 1871-79. 

Verslagen en Mededeelingen der Akademie. Tweede 

Eeeks, Vols, v.-xv. (Afdeeling Natuurkunde.) Maps and 
Plates. 8» Amsterdam, 1871-80. 

■— Naam- en Zaakregister, Deel i.-xvii. 8° 

Amsterdam, 1880. 

Verhandeligeu der Akademie. Vols, x.-xx. Maps and 

' Plates. 4° Amsterdam, 1864-80. 

TEA 333 

Transactions — continued. 

Koninlijk Nederlandsch. Meteorologisch Inetituut [Publi- 
cations of]. Utrecht, 

Uitkomsteu van Wetenschap en Ervaring aangande Winden en Zee- 
stroomingen in Sommige gedeelten van den Oceaan. 4° 1859. 

Zeilaanwijzingen van Java naai het Kanal. ii. 4° 1870. 

Meteorologiaohe Waarnemingen in Nederland, 1852 (C. H. D. Buys 
Ballot), 1853-64. Oblong 8° 

Meteorologisch Jaarboek. Eerste Gedeelte. Waarnemingen in Neder- 
land, 1865. Oblong 8° 

Nederlandsch Meteorologisch Jaarboek. 1866 (pts. 1 & 2), 1867 (pts. 
1 & 2), 1868 (pts. 1 & 2), 1870 (pt. 2), 1872 (pts. 1 & 21, 1873 (pts. 
1 & 2\ 1875 (pt. 1), 1876 (pts. 1 & 2), 1877 (pt. 1), 1878 (pt. 1), 
1879 (pt. 1). Oblong 8° 1870-80. 

Suggestions on a Uniform System of Meteorological Observations. 8° 


Marche Annuelle du Thermomfetre et du Baromfetre en N€erlande, 
deduite d'observations simultandes de 1843 h, 1875, en rapport avec 
les Observations des Stations normales, Copenhague, Greenwich, et 
Paris. 4» 1876. 

Observations Metforologiques des Stations du Second Ordre dans les 
Pays-Bas, 1876. 4° 1877. 

Italy — 

Atti della E. Accademia dei Linoei. Serie 2. Vols. i.-iii. 
v.-vii. Plates. 4° Boma, 1875-80. 

Serie 3. . Memorie della classe di Scienze morali, 

Storiche e Filologiche. Vols. i.-v. Maps and Plates. 8° 

Boma, 1877-80. 

Memorie della classe di Scienze Fisiche, 

Matematiclie e Katurali. Vols, i.-viii. Plates. 4° 

Borna, 1877-80. 

Transunti. 1876-80. Vols, i.-iv. 4° 

Boma, 1877-80. 

PubbHcazioni del Comitato Centrale per la Spedizione Antartica 
Italiana. Faso. 1. Map. 8° Geneva, 1880. 

Cosmos : Communicazioni sui progressi piu recenti e notevoli 
della GeogTdfia e delle Scienze affini, di Guido Cora. 
Vols. i.-vi. Maps and Plates. 4" Torino, 1873-80. 

L'EspIoratore. Giomale di Viaggi e Geografia Commerciale, 
diretto dal Capitano Manfredo Camperio. Vols, i.-iv. 
(incomplete). Maps and Plates. 4° Milano, 1877-80. 

Genova, Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di. 
Vols, i.-vii. (Pubblicati per cura di Giacomo Doria). 
viii.-xvi. (G. Doria e E. Gestro). Maps and Plates. 8° 

Genova, 1870-80. 

334 TEA 

TransactionB— coMfowMfid. ' 

Societa Geografica'Italiana, BoUettino dolla. Vols, vi.-xii. 
Maps. 8° Firenze d; Boma, 1871-75. 

Do. Serie 2 (as BoUettino della Societa Geografica). 

Vols, i— V. Maps and Plates. 8° JRoma,' 187 6-80. 

Memorie della Society,. Vol. i. Maps. 8° . 

Boma, 1878. 

PutbUcazioni del Circolo Geograficoltaliano, sotto gli Anspizi 
di S.A.E. il Principe Eugenio di Savoja Carignano. 
Periodico bimestrale di GeOgrafia, Etnografia, e Scienze 
affini.. Vols, i.-iii., and iv. incomplete. Plates. 8° 

Torino, 1872-76. 

Beale Istituto Lombardo" di Scienze e Lettere, Memorie. 
Ser. 3. Vols, i.-iv., v. (in progress). Plates. 4° 

Milam, 1867-80. 

Eendiconti. Ser. 2. Vols, iv.-xii. 8° 

Milam, 1871-79. 

Eivista maiittima.' Vols. xii. & xiii. Plates and Charts. 8° 

Boma, 1879-80. 

Norway — 

Norges Ofiicielle Statistik ndgiven i Aaret 1862 (C, No. 2), 

1863 (B, No. .1 ; 0, Nos. 3 & 4 ; D, No. 1 ; F, No. 1), 

1864 (B, No. 1 ; C, Nos. 3 & 4; 1), No. 1 ; F, No. 1), 

1865 (B, No. 1 ; C, Nos. 3, 4, 6. 7 ; IJ", No. 1 : F, No. 1), 

1866 (A, No. 1 ; B, No. 1 ; C, Nos. 3 &.4; D, No. 1 ; F, No. 1), 

1867 (B, No. 2;. C,, Nos. 3 & 4; D, No. 1 ; F, No. 1 ; 

1868 (A, No. 2 ; B, No. 2 ; C, Nos. 1, 3, 4, 8 ; D, No. 1 ; 
F, Nos. 1 & 2), 1869 (A, No. 1 ; B, Nos. 1 & 2 ; C. Nos. 
7 & 8 ; D, No. 1 ; F, No. 1), 1870 (C, Nos. 1, 8, 9, 10 ; F, 
No. 1), 1871 (A, No. 2-; C, Nos. 3 & 9). 4° Kristiania. 

Besume de Eenseignements Statistiques sur la Norvege. 
Elabore par le Bureau de titatistique du Ministfere de 
rinterieur. 8° Christiania, 1875. 

Eapport an Congr^s International de Statistique de St. Peters- 
bourg sur I'Etat de la Statistique Offioielle dn Eoyaume de 
Norvege. 8° [Gkristiania,1872.'\ 

Norsk Meteorologisk Aarbog, i.-vii. 1867-73. Oblong 8° 

. Christiania, 1868-73. 

Jabrbuch des norWegisoben meteorologisoben Instituts 

(H.. Mobn), 1875, 1876. Map. 4" Christiania, 1877. 78. 

•T)oms0 Museums Aarsbefter. iii. Map. 8° Tromsfi, 1880. 

Portugal — 

Academia Eeal das Sciencias de Lisboa, Memorias da. Classe 
de Sciencias Mathematicas, Physicas, e Natura-es. (n. k.) 
vol. v., pt. 1. 4° Lisboa, 1875. 

TEA 335 

Transactions — continiied. 

[Academi>t Eeal das Sciencias de Lisboa] Jornal de Sciencias 
Mathematicas, 1 Pbysioas e Naturaes. Vols, i.-vi. & -vii. 
(pt. 1). Plates. 8° Lisboa, 1868-80. 

See also Portuguese. CoNQUESts. 

Sessao publica da Academia, 1875, 1870, 1880. 8° 

— : Conferencias celebradas na Academia, dcerca dos 

de'^cobrimentos e colonisagoes dos Portugiiezes na Africa. 
i.-iv. 8° Lisboa, 1877-80. 

Annaes da CommissSo Central Pennanente de Geograpbia 
(Ministerio dos Negooios da Marinba e Dltramar). Nos. 
1 & 2. Map. 8° Lisboa, 1876-77. 

Constitui^ao e Eegnlamento Geral. 12° Lisboa, 1876. 

Organisation at Eeglement. 8° Lisbonne, 1877. 

Sooiedade de Geograpbia de Lisboa, Boletim da. Nos. 3 & 4. 8° 

Porto, 1878-79. 

2* Serie. Nos. 1-3. 8" Lisboa, 1880. 

: — Tableaux Statistiques. Le Commerce du Portugal 

(1866-1875) ; La Population du Departement de Lisbonne 
(1864-1878) ; L'Instruction primaire au Departement de 
Lisbonne. 4° Lisbonne, 1878. 

De I'Enseignement de la Geographie. 12° 

Lisbonne, 1878. 

L'Bnseignement Commercial en Portugal. 12° 

Lisbonne, 1878. 

Expedition Portugaise a I'Afrique Centrale (Serpa 

Pinto, Brito Capello, & E. Ivens). 12° Lisbonne, 1878. 
The Geographical Society of Lisbon and Mr. Stanley. 

12° • • Lisbon, 1878. 

L'Industrie Miniere au Portugal." [See Guedes.] 


Explor^/tion Geographique et Commerciale de la Guinee 

Portugaise. 8° 1878. 

Le Marquis de S& da Bandeira. 8° 1878. 

L'Hydrographie Africaine an xvi" Siecle. 

[See CoRDEiRO, L.] 8° 1878. 

Bases d'un plan d'Etndes Commerciales presentees 

an Congres International de Geographie Commerciale 
(Bruxelles, 1879) par la Societe. 8° 1879. 

ExpediQao Scientifica ao Interior de Africa. Observa- 

goes Meteorologicas e Magneticas feitas pelo Exploradores 
Portuguezes Hermengildo de Brito Capello e Eoberto 
Ivens. Fo. 1879. 

336 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

[Sooiedade de GeograpMa de Lisboa.] Investiga^oes Geogra- 
phicas dos Poituguezes^ pelo Prof. E. Milne Edwards. 8° 


Questoes Afrioanas. Proposta . . . pela Coramissao 

NaciQnal Portugueza de Explora^ao e Civilisagao d' Africa. 
8° 1880. 

- Eepresenta^ao ao Govemo Portuguez pela Sooiedade. 
8° 1880. 

O districto de Lourengo Marques no presente e no 

fiituro (A. de Castilho). 8° ' 1880. 

Zambeze. Apontamentos de duas Viagens (A. de 

Castilho), 8° 1880. 

NoGUEiRA, A. F. A Ea<ja Negra sob o ponto de Vista da 

Civilisagao da Africa. Usos e costumes de alguns povos 
gentilieos do interior de Mossamedes. 8° Lishoa, 1880. 


Buletinul Sociotatii Geografice Bomane. Vol. j. Maps. 8° 

Bucwresci, 1876. 


Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St. Petersl)Ourg, Memoires 
de r. 7« serie. Vols, xiv.-xxviii. (Nos. 1-3) Maps and 
Plates. 4° St. Petersbourg, 1870-80. 

— Bulletin de I'Acadeniie. Vols, viii.-xxvi. 4° 

St. Petersbourg, 1865-80. 

Tableau general, methodique et alpbabetique des 

matieres contenues dans les publications de I'Academie. 
depuis sa fondation. 1'^ Partie. Publications en Langues 
etrangeres. 8° St. Pitershourg, 1872. 

Institut des langues Oiientales du Ministere des a£E'aires 
etrangeres, Collections scientifiques de 1'. [See Dorn, 
EosEN.] 8° St. Petersburg, 1877. 

Eussische Eevue: Monatsschrift fiir die Kunde Eusslands. 
Herausgegeben von Carl Eottger. i.-xvii. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1872-1880. 

[Eussian Geograpbioal Society, Publications of the.] 

Isvestiya Imperatorskago Russkago Geographiolieskago Obschestva. 

[Proceedings.] Vols. vi.-X7i. (some incomplete). Mapa. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1871-80. 
Otchdt Imp. EuBS. Geogr. Obs. [Beport of the Society], 1871, 1873, 1879. 

8° St. PeterAwg, 1878-80. 

Otchoti otdielov Imp. Eusa. Geogr. Obs. [Reports of the Sections or 

Branches], 1879. 8° St. Petersburg, 1880. 

TRA 337 

Transactions — continued. 

Zapiski Imp. Kusa. Geogr. Obs. [Memoirs of the Society.] Maps and 

Plates. 8° St. Petersburg. 

Statistical Section. Vols, i.-iv. 1866-74. 

General Geography. Vols. i.-v. 1867-75. 

Ethnography. Vols, i., iii.-v. 1867-7.3. 

Novaya Zemlya v geographicheskom, yestyestvenno-isfcoricheskium i 

promyshlennom Otnosheniakh. [Nova Zembla in its geographical, 

natural-historical and economic aspects.] By K. Svenske. Map 

and Plates. 4° St. Petersburg, 1866. 

Terrestrial Magnetism of the Country of Orenburg (1830-1870). By 

Col. A. Tillo. Text iu Russian. Published by the Orenburg 

Section of the Society. Map. 4° St. Petersburg, 1872. 

Puteshestvya po Turkestanskomu Ejayu i Izsledovaniye gornoi strany 

Tyau-Shanya. [Travels in Turkestan and Kesearches in the moun- 

tsunous regions of the Thian-Shau.] By N. Severtsoff. Map. S° 

St. Petersburg, 1873. 
Trudy Sibirskoi Expeditsii Imp. Russ. Geogr. Obsch. [Works of the 
Siberian Expedition of the Society. Physical Section. Vol. i. 
Narrative of the Expedition, by O. Schmidt and P. Glen. Maps. 
1866. Vol. ii. Botany, by P. Schmidt. Plates. 1874. Vol. ill. 
Geology. Ft. 1. Fossils of the Chalk formation of Saghalien, by 
P. Schmidt. Plates. 1873. 4° St. Petersburg 

Trudy etnographieheskao-statisticheskoi Expeditsii v Zapadno-Russkii 
Krai, snaryajonnoi Imp. Russ. Geogr. Obsch. [Works of the Ethno- 
graphico-Statislical Expedition in Western Russia, equipped by the 
Society : materials collected by P. Chubinski.] Vol. v. Large 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1874. 

Zemlevedenye K. Rittera. [Ritter's " Erdkunde."] [Eastern or Chinese 
TurMstan: by V. Grigorieff.] Parts 1 & 2. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1869-73. 

[Iran, by N. Khanikoff.] Part 1. Map. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1874. 
See also Asia (Caucasus), infra, p. 340. 

Trudy Expeditsii snaryajonnoi Imp. Volnym Ekonomicheskim 
i Euss. Geogr. Obsch., d]ia Izsledovaniya Khlebnoi 
Torgovli i Proizvoditelnosti v Eossii. [Works of the 
expedition equipped by the Imp. Free Economical and 
Euss. Geogr. Societies for the enquiry into the Corn trade 
and Production in Eussia.J 9 parts. Maps. Large 8" 

St. Petersburg, 1868-74. 

Annales de I'Observatoire physique Central de Eussie 
(H. Wild), 1866-69. 4° St. Petersburg, 1870-74. 

Compte-Eendu Annuel, 1850, 52-59 [1860-63 entered 

in 1865 Cat. under Kupffer], 1864. 4° 

St. Petersburg, 1861-65. 

Annalen der physikalischen Central-Observatoriums (H. Wild), 
1870-79. 4° St. Petersburg, 1872-80. 

Jahresbericht desObeerva tori urns, 1869-72. 4° 

St. Petersburg, 1870-73. 

Jahresbericht dem Comite der Nicolai-Hauptstemwarte, 
1863-71, 74-80. 8° St. Petersburg. 


338 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Uebersioiit der Thatigkeit der Nicolai-Hauptsternwaite 

■wahrend der ersten 25 Jahre ihres Bestehens. (Otto 

Struve.) Plate and Plan. 4° St. Petersburg, 1865. 

Eepertorium flir Meteorologie, herausgegeben von der k. 
geographischen gesellschaft zu St. PeterslDTirg (L. F. 
Kanite). Vol. i., ii. (Heft 1, 2, 4), iii. (Heft 1). 4° 

Dorpat, 1860-63. 

. herauRgegeben von der k. Akademie der Wiesenscliaften. 
Vols, i.-vi., vii. (pt. 1). Maj) and Plates. 4° 

St. Petersburg, 1870-80. 

Meteorologisclie Beobachtungen angestellt in Dorpat, ii.-ix. 
1868-74 (A. von Oettingen) ; im Jahre 1876 (K. 
Weihrauch). 8° Borpat, 1869-78. 

Zapiski Voienno-Topographicheskago Depo [Memoirs of the 
Military- Topographical Bureau], continued as Zapiski 
Voienno-Topographicheskago Otdiela Glavnago Shtaba 
[Memoirs of the Military-Topographical Section of the 
General Staff]. Pts. xxiv.-xxxvii. Maps and Plates. 4° 

St. Petersburg, 1863-80. 

Vspomogatelnya Tablitsy Trigonometricheskikh . Phunktsii 
dlia malykh Dug. [Auxiliary tables of trigonometrical 
functions for small arcs : by D. Oblomievesky.] 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1875. 

Zapiski Novorossiiskago Obsohestva Testy est voispytate ley. 
[Memoirs of the New-Eussian Society of Naturalists.] 
Vols, i., ii. (pt. 1). Plates. 8" Odessa, 1872-73. 

Poland — 
Akademija TJmiejetnosci w Krakowie. Sprawozdanie Komisyi 
Fisyjograficznej . . . Materyjaly do Fizyjografii Galicyi. 
Vols. ii.-xv. Maps and Plates. 8° 

w Krakowie, 1868-1880. 

Spain — 

Boletin de la Exploradora (publicado por la Asooiacion 
Euskara para la Exploracion y Civilizacion del Africa 
Central). Vol. i. Map. 8° Titoria, 1880. 

Madrid, Boletin de la Sociedad Geogr4fica de. Vols, i.-ix. 
Maps. 8° Madrid, 1876-80. 

Eeglamento de la Sociedad. 8° Madrid, 1876. 

Eevista de Antropologia. Organo Oficial de la Sociedad 
Antropologica Espanola. Vol. i. (incomplete). 8° 

Madrid, 1875. 

Eevista General de Marina. Vols, iii., vi., & -vii. (incom- 
plete). Maps and Plates. 8° Madrid, 1878-80. 

TEA 339 

Transactions — continued. 

Estatutos y Beglamento de la Eeal Academia Gaditana de 
Ciencias y Letras. Sm. 8° Cadiz, 1876. 

Sesion Inaugural de la Academia, efc. Sm. 8° Cadiz, 1876. 

Acto Solemne celebrado par la Academia. Sm. 8° Cadiz, 1877. 

InaugTiracion del ASo Academico, 1878 a 1879, & 1880 a 

1881. Sm. 8° Cadiz, 1878-80. 

See also Floees Aeenas. 

Sweden — 

Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar. Ny 
Foljd. Vols, ix.-xvii. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Stockholm, 1870. 

Bihang. Vols. i.-v. Plates. 8° 

Stockholm, 1872-1880. 

Ofversigt af Kongl. Vetenskaps-Akademiens Forhandlingar. 
Vols. xx.-xxxvi. (1865-79.) Maps and Plates. 8° 

Stockholm, 1866-1880. 

Lefnadsteokningar ofver Kongl. Svenska Vetenskaps- 
Akademiens efter Ar 1854 aflinda Ledamoter. Vols, 
i. & ii. (Hafte 1). 8° Stockholm, 1869-78. 

Meteorologiska lakttagelser i Sverige, utgivna af K. Sv. Vet.- 

Akademien [entered under Edlund, in 1865 Cat.]. 

Vols, iv.-xiv. (1862-72), 2* Ser., i.-T. (1873-77). 

Oblong 8° Stockholm, 1864-77. 

Astronomiska lakttagelser och Undersokningar anstalda pa 

Stockholms Observatorium (H. Gylden). Vol. i. (Hafte 1). 

4° Stockholm, 1876. 

Svenska Sallskapet for Antropologi och Geografi. Geografiska 
Sektionens Tidskrift. Vol. i. (Nos. 11-13). Maps. 8" 

Stockholm, 1880. 

Upsal, Observations Meteorologiques faites a I'Observatoire d', 
pendant les Annees 1855-1862. 4°. Upsal, 1866. 


L'Afrique exploree et civilisee. Journal Mensuel. Vol. i. 
. 1879-1880. Maps. 8° Geneve, 1879. 

Bern, i. & ii. Jahxesbericht der geographisoLen Gesellschaft in. 
1878-1880. Eedigirt von G. Eeymond-le-Brun. Sm. 8" 

Bern, 1879-80. 
Bibliotheque Universelle : Archive des sciences physiques et 
naturelles. Nouvelle periode, vols, xl.-lviii., lix. & Ix. 
incomplete, Ixi.-lxiv. ; 3""° periode, vols, i.-iv. 8° 

Geneve, 1871-80. 
Meinoires de la Societe de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle 
de Geneve. Vols, xx.-xxvi., xxvii. pt. 1. Plates. 4° 

Geneve, 1870-80. 
z 2 

340 TRA 

Transactions — continued. 

Le Globe : Journal G6ograpliiqiie. Organe de la Sopi6t6 de 
G6ographie de Geneve pour ses Memoires et Bulletin. 
Vols. ix.-xix. Maj)g. 8" Geneve, 1870-80. 

Bulletin de la Societe Suisse de TopograpMe. Vol. i. Pt. 1 . 
Plate. Sm. 8° Geneve, 1880. 

Proces-verbal de la stance de la Commission G^odesiqne 
Suisse, xviii. 12° Neiichatel. 1878. 

Jahresbericht der ostschweizerrsclien geographisch-com- 
meroiellen Gesellschaft pro 1879. 12° St. Gallen, 1880. 

Katalog der geographischen Aufstellung veranstaltet von der 
Gesellschaft, 16° [St. Gallen, 1879.] 

Schweizerische polytechnisclie Zeitschrift ; herausgegeben 
von Dr. P. Bolley und J. H. Kronauer. Vols, vi., viii.— xv. 
Maps and Plates. 4° Winterihur, 1861-70. 

Ziirich, Mittheilungen der antiquaiiscben Gesellschaft. Vols, 
xvi. Abth. i. pts. 1-3 ; ii. pts. 1-4 ; xix. pts. 2-4 ; 
XX. Abth. i. pts. 2 & 3 ; ii. pt. 2 ; xxi. Maps and 
Plates. 4° Zilrieh, 1867-80. 

Vierteljahrsschrift der naturforschenden Gesellschaft. 

Bedigirt von Dr. Rudolf Wolf. Vols. xi.-xxv. Plates. 
8° Zurich, 1866-80. 


Caucasus — 

Izvestia Kavkazskago Otdiela Imperatorskago Eusskago Geo- 
graphicheskago Obsohestva. [Journal of the Caucasus 
Section of the Imp.Euss. Geographical Society..] Vols, i.-vi. 
(some incomplete). Maps. 8° Tiflis, 1872-80. 

Zapifikil [Memoirs of the Section]. Vols, ix.-xi. (pt. 1). 

Maps. 8° Tiflis, 1875-80. 

Otchet [Eeport of the Section], 1870. Large 8° 

Tiflis, 1871. 
Kavkazskii Otdiel Imp. Enss. Geogr. Obsch. s. 1851 po 1876. 

[Historical Sketch of the Section.] 8° Tiflis, 1876. 

[Publications of the Tiflis Observatory :] 

TSxeroises Hypsom^tiiques, par A. Moritz. Livraison 1. Kasbek- 
Tiflis. Map. 8° Tiflis, 1869. 

SammluDg von Hiilfatafelu zur Bereohnung barometriacher Hoheu- 
bestimmiingen, zusammengestelt von A. Moritz and H. Kiefer. [In 
German and Russian.] Sm. 8° Tiflis, 1870. 

Materialen zu einer Klimatologie des Kaukasus, gesammelt nnd heraus- 
gegeben von A. Moritz. [In German and Russian.] Abth. i. 
Meteorologiache Beobaohtungen. Vol. i. 1871-75 8° 1877 
Vol. ii. Parts 1 & 2. Sm. 8° 1878. Abth. iii. Kllmatologische 
Stndien. Vol. i. 8° 1871 

TEA 341 

Transactions— cowimMed. 

Pamphlet [in Ruasian] containing reply to criticisms on the Meteorological 
Observations ; by A. Moritz. 12° Tiflls, 1876. 

Meteorologisohe Beobachtungen angeatellt im Tifliser Obsorvatorium, 
1878 tincomplete). Sm. 8° 

Magnetische Beobachtungen des Tifliser physikalischen ObservatoriumB, 
1879, herausgegeben von J. Mielberg. Sm. 8° Tiflie, 1880. 

See also Kiefeb, Mobitz. 

China — 

Eoyal Asiatic Society, Journal of the Nortli-China Brancli 
of the. New Series. Nos. vii.-xv. (1871-80) Plates, etc. 
8° Shanghai, 1873-80. 

Zi-Ka-Wei. Observatoire Meteorologique et Magnetique. 
Bulletin des Observations M^teorologiques de Septembre 
1874 a Decembre 1875. Sm. 8" Ghang-hai. 

Do. Magnetisme 1874 & 1876. 12» 

Observatoire Magnetiqiie et Meteorologique. Bulletins 

des Observations de 1876. 8° Zi-Ka-Wei. 

Bulletin Mensuel de I'Observatoire Magnetique et 

Meteorologique. III., IV., & V. 1877-79. 4o 

Zi-Ea-Wei, 1877-79. 

See also Decheveens, M. 


Asiatic Society of Benjial, Journal of the. Vols, xl.-xlix. 
Maps arid Plates. 8" Calcutta, 1871-80. 

A sketch of the Turki language as spoken in Eastern 

Turkistan (Kashgar and Yarkand). By E. B. Shaw. 
Part 2. Vocabulary, Turki-English ; with list of names 
of birds and plants by J. Scully. (Extra No. to Pt. 1, 
Vol. xlvii.) 8" Calcutta, 1880. 

Proceedings of the. Maps and Plates. 8°. 

Calcutta, 1866-68. 

Abstracts of the Eesults of the Hourly Meteorological Obser- 
vations, taken at the Surveyor General's office, Calcutta. 
1869 (incomplete), 1870-76, 1877 (incomplete). 8° 


Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Eoyal Asiatic Society. 
Vols, vi.-xiv. Maps and Plates, &o. 8° 

Bombay, 1863-80. 

Do. Extra No., 1877. Detailed Eeport of a tour in 

search of Sanskrit MSS. made in Kasmir, Eajpootana, and 
Central India. By G. Biihler. 8° Bombay, 1877. 

Bombay Geographical Society, Transactions of the. Vols, 
xvii-xix. Maps and Plates. 8° Bombay, 1865-74. 

342 TRA 

Transactions — continued. 

Bombay GeograpMcal Society, Proceedings of the, 1837 and 
1838. Maps. 8° Bfmbay., 

Catalogue of the Library, compiled by D. J. KenneUy, 

go Bombay, 1862. 

Index to the first seventeen volumes, with Catalogue 

of the Library and Catalogue of Charts, Maps, Sketches, 
and Views. Edited and compiled by D. J. KenneUy. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1866. 

The Indian Forester; a Quarterly Magazine of Forestry. 
Edited by J. S. Gamble. Vol. iv. Nos. 3 & 4. 8° 

Calcutta, 1879. 

The Indian Antiquary. A Journal of Oriental Eesearch in 
Aroboiology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, 
Eeligion, Folklore, &c. Edited by J. Burgess. Vols, 
vii.-ix., incomplete. Plates. Sm. 4° Bombay, 1878-80. 

The Madras Journal of Literature and Science for 1878 & 
1879. Edited by Gustav Oppert. 8° Madras, 1879-80. 

Indian Archipelago — 

Tijdschrift van het Indisch Aardrijksundkig Genootschap, 
onder Eedaktie van A. J. Ten Brink. Vol. i. Pt. 1. 
Maps. Sm. 4° Samarang [1880]. 

Eastern- Asia, the Journal of. Edited by James Collins. 
8° Vol. i. No. 1 (all published). Singapore, 1875. 

Mittheilungen der deutschen Gesellsohaft fiir Natur und 
Volkerkunde Ostasien's. Heft. 1-6. Plates. Sm. fo. 

Yokohama, 1873-74. 

Journal of the Straits Branch of the Eoyal Asiatic Society. 
Nos. 1-5. 8° Singapore, 1878-79. 

Batavia, Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteoro- 
logical Observatory at : Published by order of the Govern- 
ment of Netherlands India. Vols, i.-iv. (1866-1878 : 
Dr. P. A. Bergsma). Fo. Batavia, 1871-79. 

Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten 
en Wetensohappen. xxxix. (pt. 2), xl., xli. (pt. 1). 4° 

Batavia, 1879-80. 

Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Land-, en Volkenkunde, uit- 
gegeven door het Genootschap. Vols. xxv. & xxvi. (pt. 1). 
Plates. 8° Batavia, 1879-80. 

Notulen van Algemeene en Bestuurs- Vergaderingen van het 
Genootschap. Vols. xvi. & xvii. 8° Batavia, 1878-79. 

Eegister op de Notulen over de Jaren 1867-1878, door Mr. J. A. 
Van der Chijs. 8° Batavia, 1879. 

TBA 343 

Transactions— cowfe'wMed. 
Japan — 

TranBactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Yols. i.-viii. 

Maps and Plates. 8° Yokohama, 1874-80. 

Tokio Daigaku (University of Tokio). The Calendar of the 
Departments of Law, Science, and Literature. 
2539-40 (1879-80). 12° ToMo, n. d. 

Memoirs of the Science Department, University of Tokio, 
Japan. Vol. i. Pt. 1. Shell Mounds of Omori [See Morse, 
E. S.] Vol. ii. On Mining and Mines in Japan [See Netto, 
0.]. Plates. 4" 1879. 

Eegulations of the Toukiyau Geographical Society. [In 
English.] _ 12° n. p. [?1879.] 22- sm. 8° & 2 12° 
numbers [in Japanese] of the Society's Publications. 


Caire, Bulletin Trimestriel de la Sooiete Khediviale de 
Geogiaphie du. Vol. i. Maps. 8° Le Caire, 1876. 

See also Egyptian General Staff, Publications of the. 

South African Philosophical Society, Transactions of the. 

Vol. i. Plate. Sm. 8° Cape Town, 1877-80. 

Oran Bulletin- de la Societe de Geographic de la Province d'. 
Nos. 1, 4-7. 8° Oran, 1878-80. 


Argentine States. 

Boletin del Institute Geografico Argentine, publicado bajo la 
Direccion de su Presidente D'. D. Estanislao S. Zeballos. 
Vol. i. Plates, etc. 8° Buenos Aires, 1879-80. 

La Esposicion Nacional, Ano 1871. Publication autorizada por 
la Comission directiva de la Exposicion. Po. 

Cordoba, 1871-72. 

Buenos Aires, Anales del Museo Publico de. . . . por German 
Burmeister. Vols. i. & ii. Plates. 4° 

Buenos Aires, 1864r-74. 

Eio de Janeiro, Archives do Museu Nacional do. Vol. i., 
Pts. 1-3. Plates. 4° Bio de Janeiro, 1876. 

British North America — 

The Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History [New- 
title for the Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and 
Art] : conducted by the Editing Committee of the Cana- 
dian Institute. New Series. Vols, xiii.-xv. Plates. 8° 

Toronto, 1873-78. 

^ Proceedings of the Canadian Institute. New Series. 

Vol. i. (No. 1). Plates. 8° Toronto, 1879 

344 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Quebec, Bnlletiii de la Societe de Geograpiiie de. Vol. i. 
(No. 1). Maps. 8° Quebec, 1880. 

Chili — 

Anales de la TJniversidad de Chile. Vols, xvi.-xxv., xxxii., 
xxxiii., xxxviii.-xliv., liii., liv., Iv. (pts. 1-6), Ivi. (pts. 
1-6). Maps, Plates, and Tables. 8° Santiago, 1859-79. 

Besena de los Trabajoe de la TJniversidad desde 1855 hasta el 
Presente. Memoria per Don Ignacio Domej'ko. 8° 

Santiago, 1872. 
Mexico — 

Boletin de la Sociedad de Geografia y Estadistica de la Ee- 
publica Mexicana. (Segunda Epoca.) Vols. iii. & iv. 
Majps and Plates. Sm. 4° Mexico, 1871-72. 

(Tercera !&pooa.) Vols, i., ii. & iii. (incomplete), iv. 

& V. (incomplete). Maps and Plates. 8° 1873-80. 

Historia de la Conquista de la Provincia de la Nueva-Galicia, 
escrita por el Lie. D. Matias de la Mota Padilla en 1742. 
(Public, por la Soo. Mex. de Geogr.) 4° Mexico, 1870. 

Materiales para una Cartografia Mexicana, por Manuel Orozco 
y Berra (Do.) 4° Mexico, 1871. 

Kesena de los Trabajos Cientificos de la Sociedad, en el Ano de 
1865, por D. Jose Miguel Arroyo. 4° Mexico, 1865. 

United States — 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Memoirs of the. 
New Series. Vols, i.-iv., ix. & x., Pt. 1. Maps and 
Plates. 4° Cambridge and Boston, 1833-49, 1867 & 1868. 

Proceedings of the. Vols, i., ii., vi.— viii. and New- 
Series i.-vii. Plates. 8° Boston and Cambridge, 1846-80. 

Association for the Advancement of Science, Proceed- 
ings of the. 1866-68,1870-72,1875-78. Maps and Plates. 
8 vols. 8° CanAridge and ScJ£,m, 1867-79. 

Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Publica- 

tions of the — 

The Missionary Herald, Vol. Ixxvi. Maps, Blustra- 
tions. 8° Boston, 1880. 

70th Annual Eeport of the Board. 8° Boston, 1880. 

See also Means, J. 0. 

Geographical and Statistical Society, Journal of the. 

Vols. i. and ii. (1859-70) ; continued as Annual Eeport 
of the American Geographical Society of New Yort 
(Vol. iii.) for 1870-71, and as Journal (vol. iv.-xii.), 
1873-80. Maps and Plates. 8° New Tork. 

— Bulletin of the. Maps. 8° New Yorlc, 1873-77. 

TEA 345 

Transactions — continued. 

American Journal of Science and Arts. 3rd series, vols, i.-xx. 
Maps and Plates. 8° New Haven, 1871-80. 

Naturalist. Vols, iii., xiv. [after vol. xi. with addition 

of Geography and Travels]. Ma^ps and Plates. 8° 

Salem, Boston, and Philadelphia, 1870-80. 

Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia, for pro- 
moting Useful Knowledge, Proceedings of the. Vols. 
xi.-xviii. Maps and Plates. 8° Philadelphia, 1869-80. 

Transactions of the. Vols, xiii., xiv. Plates. 

4° Philadelphia, 1869-71. 

Appalachia. Publication of the Appalachian Mountain Club. 
Maps and Plates. 8° Vol. i. (Nos. 1-4), ii. (No. 2). 

Boston and Cambridge, 1876-80. 
See also So0Ddeb, S. 

Boston Society of Natural History, Memoirs read before the. 
Vols, i., ii., iii. (Nos. 1-3). Plates. 4° Boston, 1866-79. 

Proceedings of the. Vols, ii., iii., ix.-xx. (pts. 1-3). 

Maps and Plates. 8° Boston, 1844-80. 

Occasional Papers of the. 8° Boston. 

i. See Habris, T. W. 

ii. The Spiders of the United States. A collection of the arachnological 
writings of Nicholas Maroellus Hentz. Edited by Edward Surges, 
with notes and descriptions by James H. Emerton. Plates. 1875. 

iii. Contributions to the Geology of Eastern Massachusetts. By William 
O. Crosby. Plates. 1880. 

California Academy of Natural Sciences, Proceedings of the. 

Vols. i. (2nd edn.), iii., iv. (imperfect), v., vi., vii. (pt. 1). 

Plates. 8° Sam, Francisco, 1854-77. 

Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Transactions of 

the. Vols. i.-iii., iv. & v. (imperfect). Plates. 8° 

New Haven, 1866-80. 

Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences, Proceedings of the. 
Vol. i. 1867-1876. Plates. 8° Ba/uenport, Iowa, 1876. 

Franklin Institute, Journal of the, devoted to Science and the 
Mechanic Arts. 3rd series, vols. Ixi.-lxxx. Maps, Plates, 
and Tables. 8° Philadelphia, 1871-80. 

New York State Agricultural Society, Transactions of the. 

Vol. xxxi. 1871. Plate. 8° Albany, 1873. 

Peabody Academy of Science, Memoirs of the. Vol. i. Nos. 

2-4. Plates. 4° Salem, 1871-75. 
Annual Eeport of the Trustees of the Academy, iv.-vi. 

1871-73. 8° Salem, 1872-74. 

Philadelphia, Academy of Natural Sciences of, Proceedings of 
the. 1870-79. Plates. 8° Philadelphia, 1870-80. 

346 TEA 

Transactions — continued. 

Smithsonian Institution, Eeport of the Board of Eegents, for 

the years 1869-79. 8° Washington, 1871-80. 

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vols. xvii,-xxii. 

Maps and Plates. 4°. Washington, 1871-80. 

Miscellaneous Collections. Vols, x.-xix. Plates. 8° 

» Washington, 1873-80. 

St. Louis, Transactions of the Academy of Science of. 
Vols, ii., iii., iv. (pt. 1). Plates. S° Si. Louis, 1868-80. 



New South Wales, Transactions of the Philosophical Society 
of. 1862-1865. 8° Sydney, 1866. 

Proceedings of the Linnean Society of. Vol. i. 

Pts. 2 & 3. Plates. Sm. 8° Sydney, 1876. 

Transactions of the Eoyal Society of. 1867, 1872-74. 

Maps and Plates. Sm. 8° Sydney, 1868-75. 

Journal and Proceedings of the. Vol. x., xii.-xiv. 

Plates .and Tables. 8° Sydney, 1877-80. 

Meteorological Observations made at the Eoyal Observatory, 
Sj'dney, 1870 (under direction of G. K. Smalley and 
H. C. EusseU), 1871-79. 8° Sydney, 1870-80. 

Eesults of Meteorological Observations made in New South 
Wales (under direction of H. C. EusseU), 1870-75, 1878, 
1879. 8° Sydney, 1871-80. 

— ^ See also Eussell, H. C. 

Victoria, Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of. 
Vol. ii. Plates. 8° Melbourne, 1858. 

Transactions and Proceedings of the Eoyal Society of. 

Vols. vi.-xvi., 1861-80. Plates. 8° 

Melbourne, 1865-80. 

New Zealand — 

Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. 
Vol. iii.-xii. Plates. 8° Wellington, 1870-80. 


Van Diemen's Land, Papers and Proceedings of the Eoyal 
Society of. Vol. ii. 8° Plates. Hobart Town, 1853. 

Tasmania, Eeports of the Eoyal Society of. 1864, 65. 8° 

Hobart, 1864, 66. 

Monthly Notices of Papers and Proceedings (including 

Eeports). 1863, 1864, 1868-74. Plates. Sm. 8° 

Hobart Town, 1863-75. 

Eoyal Society of. Papers and Proceedings for 1875-79. 

Plates. 8°. Hobart Town, 1876-80. 

TEA— TEO 347 

Transit of Venus. Papers relating to the Transit of Venus in 
1874. Parts 1 and 2. Charts. 4° WasMngton, 1872. 

Transvaal-boundary. Parliamentary Papers. Maps. Fo. 1879. 

Trautwein, T. Bibliographie der Alpinen Literatur, 1871. 8° 

[n. p., n. d.] 

Travers, H. De La Cour. Letter to Sir Bartle Frere on deTclop- 

ment of trade on the East Coast of Africa. 8° Cape Town, 1877. 

W. T. L. See New Zealand. 

Tremenheere, C. W. See India, Selections [For. Dept., No. ci.]. 

Tristram, H. B. The Land of Israel : a Journal of Travels in 
Palestine, undertaken with special reference to its physical 
character. Map. 8° 1865. 

The Land of Moab. Travels and discoveries on the east 

side of the Dead Sea and the Jordan. With a chapter on the 
Persian palace of Mashita, by Jas. Fergusson. Map and Plates. 
8° 1873. 

Do. 2nd edn. 1874. 

TroUope, Anthony. Australia and New Zealand. 2'vols. Maps. 
8° 1873. 

South Africa. 2 vols. Map. 8° 1878. 

Troms0. Beretning om den almindelige Udstillins; for Troms0 
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See also India, Surveys [Trigonometrical]. 

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348 TRU— TYS 

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Eussian.] Sm. 8" Tashkent, 1879. 

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UBI— UNI 349 


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Ottoman. Statist ique, Gonvernement, Administration, Finances, 
Armee, Commnnantes non Musnlmanes, etc., d'apres le SalnS,- 
ni6h (Annuaire Imperial) pour I'annee 1293 de I'Hegire (1875- 
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Sib&ie opcidentale. 1879. 

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350 UNI— VAI 

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States, and Obstacles to Abolition. By a South Carolinian. 
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Exploring Expedition (Wilkes). See Pickering, C. 

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Tourists and Settlers, etc. 3rd edn., with Appendix contain- 
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Philadelphia. Plates. 12" 1876. 

See also America. 

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Laubent, — . Zoophytologie. 8° 1844. 

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cellulaiies et vasculaiies, par Montagne, L^veille, & Spring. 

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VAI— VAN 351 

Vaillant, — continued. 

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„ (Botanique). Eleph. fo. [n. d.] 

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Bio de Janeiro [1864.J 

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Zee- en Land-Keysen na Oost- en West-Indien, mitsgaders 
andere Gewesten, ter eerster Ontdekking en soo vervolgens 
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schappyen derwanrts gesonden, gedaan ; . . . 1246-1670. 
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veldt van Hemert en P. Swaan, met geschieden aardrijks- 
kundige Toelichtingen. Maps. 8° 's Gravenhage, 1879. 

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tende de Lotgevallen van een Kantjil, en Eeebok, en andere 
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's Gravenhage, 1878. 

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352 VAN— YEN 

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• Land. 2nd edn. 80 Gotha, 1865. 

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the year 1832. 12° 1832. 

Statistical Eetums of Van Diemen's Land, from 1824 to 

1835 & 1839. Fo. Hobart Tovm, 1836-39. 

See also Tasmania. 

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telluris explioantur. Plates. 16° Amstelodami, 1671. 

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Zanzibar and back. 12° Natal, 1877. 

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Plates, and Photographs. 4° Paris, 1878. 

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containing an accurate Description of that Country, etc. 
Translated from the original Spanish. Map and Plates. 
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ment at the Philadelphia International Exhibition, 1876. 
Compiled by Dr. Adolphus Ernst. 12° Philadelphia, 1876. 

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A Treatise on the History, Climate, Soil, Productions, etc., of 
Venezuela, with like notices of New Granada and Ecuador, and 
a slight glance at Bolivia and Peru. 12° 1846. 

Venezuelan Colony. The London Venezuelan Guyana Mutual 
Emigi-ation Society. Prospectus, with Code of Laws, etc., in 
the Settlement and Colony of Pattisonville. 12° [1869.] 

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1577-1877. [In Eussian.] [n. p., n. d.] 

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Japanese Archipelago.] Parts 1 & 2. Map. 8° 

St. Petersburg, 1871. 

Opyt voiennago Obozreniya Eusskikh Granits v Asii. 

[Attempt at a military sketch of the Eussian frontiers in 
Asia.] Map. 8° St. Petersburg, 1873. 

YEN— VET 353 

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depuis 20 ans, 1854-1874. [Table in Eussian and French.] 8° 

[n. p., n. d.] 

Lists des Voyageurs Eusses en Asie depuis I'ooctipation par 

les Eusses du bassin de I'Amour et du Semiretobie : 1854-80. 
[Also in Eussian.] 12° [n. p., n. d.] 

Aper^u Historique des Decouvertes Geographiques faites 

' dans la Eussie d'Asie depuis les temps les plus recule jusqu'a 
nos jours. Map. 8° Paris [1879 ?] 

' Venus.' See Du Petit-Thouars. 

Verdun de la Crenne, — de, Borda, — de, & Pingre, — . 

Voyage fait par ordre du Eoi en 1771 et 1772 en diverses 
parties de I'Enrope, de I'Afriqne, et de I'Ameriqne ; ponr 
verifier I'utilite de plusieurs methodes et instrumens, ser- 
vant a determiner la Latitude et la Longitude, tant du 
vaisseau que des cotes. Isles et !!&ctieils qu'on reconnoit : suivi 
de recbercbes pour rectifier les cartes bydrograpbiques. 
2 vols. Maps and Plates. 4° Paris, 1788. 

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Santiago de Chile. 8° Santiago, 1879. 

R. G. Lei de Navegacion de la Eepublica de Chile, pro- 

mulgada el 24 de Jnnio de 1878, precedida de una resena 
bistorica de nuestra marina mercante, i comentada. 8° 

Santiago de Chile, 1878. 

Do. Parte II. Texto de la Lei, precedido de varies regla- 

mentos de su referencia. 8° Santiago de Chile, 1879, 

• Noticias sobre las Provincias del literal correspond iente al 

Departamento de Lima, i de la Provincia constitucional del 
Callao, por la Oficina Hidrografica. Map. 8° Santiago, 1879. 

Los Descubridores del Estrecbo de Magallanes i sus 

primeros Exploradores. 1553-1584. Map. 8° 

Santiago de Chile, 1880. 

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Maritime Discovery in America. By H. C. Mnrphy. Maps. 
8° New tork, 1875. 

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History, in ten Centuries. Whereunto' is. newly added the 
History Naturall and Experimentall of life and death, or of 
the prolongation of life. Published after the author's death 
by Wm. Eawley. 6tb edn. Sm. fo. 1651. 

Vesuvius, The Natural History of Mount. 12° 1743. 

Vetch, J. On Havens of Safety. Map and Plates. 4° 1844. 

[Capt.J See Assam. 

Veth, D. D. See Veth, P. J. [Midden-Sumatra.J 

2 A 

354 VET— VIC 

Veth, P. J. Het Eiland Flores. 8° [Amsterdam,' 1855. ] 

Borneo's Wester-Afdeeling. Geographiseh, statistisch, 

historisch voorafgegaan door eene algemeene Scliets des 
gansohen Eilands. 2 vols. Plates. 8° Zaltbommel, 1854 & 1856. 

Over de Piiysisclie Geographie van den Indischen Arcliipel 

[translated from A. E. Wallace]. 8° Zaltbommd, 1865. 

Geographisclie Aanteekeningen betrekkelijk het Eiland 

Elores. Map. 4° Amsterdam, 1876. 

GeograpMsolie Aanteekeningen betreffende deKei-Eilanden. 

Map. 4° Amsterdam, 1877. 

Het Landschap Deli op Sumatra. Map. 4° 

Amsterdam, 1877. 

Het Landschap Aboeng en de Aboengers op Sumatra. 

Map. 4° Amsterdam, 1877. 

Beccari's Eeis van Makasser naar Kendari. 4° 

Amsterdam, 1877. 

Een Woord bij de Kaart van Dieng-Gebergte. Map. 4" 

Amsterdam, 1877. 

Geographisclie Aanteekeningen omtrent de Oostkust van 

Atjeh. 4" Amsterdam, 1877. 

Notizia STi Selajar e isole adiacenti. Map. 8° Torino, 1880. 

Midden-Sumatra. Eeizen en Onderzoekingen der Sumatra- 

Expeditie, uitgerust door het Aardrijkskundig Genootsohap, 
1877-79 ; beschreven door de Leden der Expeditie onder 
Toezicht van Prof. P. J. Veth. Plates. Squ. 8° Leiden, 1880. 

I. — 1"° Aflevering. Eeisverhaal, Eerste Gedeelte, door A. L. Van Hasselt 

en Joh. F. Snelleman. 
II. — !"• Aflevering. Aardrijkskimdige Beschrijving, door D. D. Veth. 
III. — l"'" Aflevering, Volkflbeschrijving en Taal, Tweede Gedeelte, 

door A. L. Van Hasselt. 
IV. — 1"* Aflevering. Natuurlijke Historie, door Joh. F. Snelleman. 
Atlas bij de Aardrijkskundige Beschrijving, door D. D. Veth. Fo. 

& Kan, O. M. Bibliografie van Nederlandsche Boeken, 

Brochures, Kaarten, etc., over Afrika. 8° Utrecht, 1876. 

Vichy. On the medicinal properties of the Mineral Waters of 
Vichy. Sm. 8° 1857. 

Victoria. Essais Divers, servant d'Introduction au Catalogue de 
I'Exposition des produits de la Colonie de Victoria : mettant 
en Eelief les Progrfes, Eessources, et Caractere physique de la 
Colonie. (Par W. H. Archer, F. Mueller, E. B. Smyth, 
— Neumayer, F. M'Coy, A. E. C. Selwyn, W. Birkmyn.) 8° 

Melbourne, 1861. 

Die Colonie Victoria in Australien ; ihr Fortschritt, ihre 

Hilfsquellen, und ihr physikalischer Charakter. (Translated 
by B. Loewy.) 8° Melbourne, 1861. 

VIC 355 

Victoria. Eeport of Commander Norman of H.M.C.S. ' Victoria,' 
together with copy of his journal on the late expedition to 
the Gulf of Carpentaria. Melbourne [1842.] 

Eeport of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into and 

report upon the circumstances connected with the sufferings 
and death of Eohert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills, 
the Victorian Explorers. Fo. Melbourne [1862.] 

Progress reports and final report of the Exploration Com- 
mittee of the Eoyal Society of Victoria. Fo. 1872. 

Eeport on the physical character and resources of G-ipps- 

land. By the Surveyor-General and Secretary of Mines. Map 
and Geological Sections. S° Melbourne, 1874. 

" Through Gipps Land." Cutting from " Melbourne Argus " 

of 14th Feb. 1674. 

Census of Victoria, 1871. Parts i. to ix. (b). with Pre- 
liminary Eeport. Do. part ix. (b). Occupations of the People : 
Detailed tables. Do. General Eeport and Appendices. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1874. 

Statistics of the Colony of Victoria, for the year 1873. 

General Eeport, by the Government Statist, and Pt. ix. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1874. 

Statistical Eegister of the Colony of Victoria for the year 

1874, compiled from Official Eecords in the Office of the 
Government Statist (Pts. ii.-v., vii.-ix.). Do. for 1875, 1876 
(with Statistical Tables relating to the Colony of Victoria, for 
the Philadelphia International Exhibition of 1876), 1877 (Pts. 
i.-vii.), 1878 (Pts. i.-iv., viii., ix.), 1879 (Pts. i.-ix.) Fo. 

Melbourne, 1875-80. 

Statistics of Friendly Societies for the years 1873-1876, 

1878, with Eeports by the Government Statist, and Second 
Annual Eeport of the Proceedings of the Government Statist 
in connection with Friendly Societies, 1879. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1874^80. 

Australasian Statistics for the years 1873-76, 1879, with 

Eeports by the Government Statist of Victoria. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1874-80. 

- Agricultural Statistics, 1876-76, 1876-77, 1879-80. Fo. 


Eeport of the Conference of Government Statists held in 

Tasmania, 1876, with Introductory Letter by the Government 
Statist of Victoria. Fo. • Melbourne, 1876. 

2 A 2 

356 VIC— VIL 

Victoria. Eeforts of the Mining Surveyors and Eegistrars. 
Quarters ending September and December, 1867 ; March- 
September, 1868, June-December, 1869, 1870, 1871; March, 
1872, 1873-1876 ; March-September, 1877 ; June and Sep- 
tember, 1878 ; March-September, 1879 ; March and September, 
1880. Fo. Melbourne, 1867-80. 

Mineral Statistics of Victoria for the years 1867-78. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1868-79. 

Eeports of the Chief Inspector of Mines to the Honorable 

the Minister of Mines for the years 1874^1879. Fo. 

Melbourne, 1875-80. 

See also Haytee. 


Prodromus of the Palaeontology of Victoria; or figures and 

descriptions of Victorian Organic remains. Decades i.,iii. By 
Frederick McCoy. Plates. 8° Melbourne, 1874-76. 

Eeport of Progress by E. Brough Smyth . . ; with Eeports 

on the Geology, Mineralogy, and Phj-sical Structure of 
various parts of the Colony, by F. M. Kraus^, E. A. F. 
Murray, A. W. Howitt, N. Taylor, T. Cowan, W. Nicholas, 
and J. C. Newbery. Maps and Plates. 8° Melbourne, 1876. 

Eeports of Progress by the Secretary for Mines, etc. 8° 

Melbourne, 1877-78. 

Eeport of Progress, by the Secretary for Mines, with 

Eeports on Geology, Mineralogy, Mining, the Physical Struc- 
ture of various parts of the Colony, etc. Maps arid Plans. 8° 

Melbourne d London, 1880. 

Vicuna Mackenna, B. Esploracion de las Xagunas Negra i del 
Encanado en las Cordilleras de San Jose i del VaUe del Yeso. 
Maps. 12° Valparaiso, 1874. 

Catalogo del Museo historico del Santa Lucia. Squ. 8° 

Santiago, 1875. 

Lautaro y sus Campanas contra Santiago, 1563-1557. 8° 

Santiago, 1876. 

Viele, E. L. The Topography and Physical Eesourc^s of the 
State of New York. 8° [New Torh, 1875.] 

Vienna. Vienne : Guide illustre par le Dr. Fr. Forster. 
10th edn. Map and Plates. 12° Vienne, 1873. 

Villafane, J. A. de. Quilatador de la Plata, Oro, y Piedras. 
Sm. 8° Valladolid, 1572. 

Villaneuva, A. Salitres i Guanos del Desierto de Ataoama. 
Clasificacion i Analisis de vaiias plantas halladas en el 
Desierto. 8° Santiago, 1878. 

VIL— VIQ 357 

Vilovo, J. S. von. Die Felsengen des Kazan und die Donau- viiid 
Theiss-EegTiliruDg. Ma^s. 8° Wien, 1879. 

Vincent, B. See Haydn. 

C. E. H. Russia's advance Eastward. Based on the 

OfBcial Eeports of Lieutenant Hugo Stumm, to which is 
appended other information on the subject ; and a minute 
account of the Eussian army. Map. 12° 1874. 

P. The Land of the White Elephant. Sights and Scenes 

in South-Eastern Asia : A personal narrative of Travel and 
Adventure in Farther India, embracing the countries of 
Burma, Siam, Cambodia, and Cochin-China (1871-2). Maps 
and Plates. 8° 1873. 

[Dean] W. T^he Commerce and Navigation of the Ancients 

in the Indian Ocean. Vol. ii. 4° 1807. 

CoSTENTS 01' Vol. II.: — 

The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea. Part the First. Containing an 
account of the Navigation of the Ancients, from the Sea of Suez 
to the coast of Zanguebar. 
Sequel to the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea. 


On the Adulitick Inscription, collected from Chishull, Montfaucon, 
Melchisedeck Thevenot, and other authors. 


On the Ancient Maps of the World. 

On the Sinse, the Seres, and the Termination of Ancient Geography 

on the East. 
On the Twenty-Seventh Chapter of Ezekiel. 
On the Navigation and Compass of the Chinese, by the Eight Hon. 

the Earl of Maoaitney. 
On the Map of Era Mauro. in the Monastery of St. Michael di 

Murano, at Venice, so far as it relates to the Circumnavigation of 

A Catalogue of the Articles of Commerce in the Periplus, corrected, 

enlarged, and compared with the Articles enumerated in the 

Digest of the Eoman Law, relating to the Imports and Exports at 


The Voj'age of Nearchus and the Periplus of the Ery- 

threan Sea, translated from the Greek. Plate. 4° 

Oxford, 1809. 

Vines, — . Report on the trade and navigation of the Port of 
May, for the years 1870 and 1871, and touching the Ee- 
sources, Traffic, Communications, and General Condition of 
Southern Peru. 8» 1872 

Vinson, A. Voyage a Madagascar au couronnement de 
Eadama II. Plates. Large 8° Paris, 1865. 

Viquesnel, A. Coup d'oeil sur quelques points de I'histoire 
g6n6rale des peuples Slaves et de leurs voisins les Turcs et 
les Finnois. 4° Lyon, 1865. 

358 . VIE— VOY 

Virgin, C. A. Kongliga Svenska Fregatten ' Eugenies ' Eesa om- 

kring Jorden, tinder Befal af C. A. Virgin aren 1851-1853. 

Vetenskapliga lakttagelser, 4° Stocjchobn. 

Part I. — Zoologi (Inseota), 2 and 6 (Noa. 4 and 12 of the whole work). 

Plate. 1859, 1868. 

Voyage autour du Monde snr la Fregate Suedoise ' L'Eugenie ' 

execute pendant les Annees 1851-1853, sous le commandement 
de C. A. Virgin. Observations scieutifiques. 4° 

Stochholm, 1874. 
Part III. — Physique, 2 (No. 9 of the whole work), Observations magne- 
tiquea. Map. 

Virginia. A geographical and political Summary, embracing a 
description of the State, its geology, soils, minerals and 
climate ; its animal and vegetable productions ; manufacturing 
and commercial facilities; religious and educational advan- 
tages ; internal improvements, and form of government. Pre- 
pared and published under the supervision of the Board of 
Immigration. Maps. S° Biehmond lU.S.A.I, 1876. 

Vissering, S. Handleiding tot wetenschappelijke Waarnemin- 
gen ten Behoeve van Eeizigers, Koloniale Ambtenaren, Con- 
suls, en andere Eesidenten in vreemde Gewesten. Sm. 8° 

Utrecht, 1875. 

Vogel, [Sir] Julius. The OfiBcial Handbook of New Zealand. 
A collection of papers by experienced Colonists on the Colony 
as a whole, and on the several provinces. Plates. 8° 1875. 

New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, and their relation 

to the Empire. 8° ' 1878. 

Vogiie, E. M. de. Syrie, Palestine, Mont Athos. Voyage aux 
pays du passe. Plates. 12° Paris, 1876. 

Volbehr, P. Die Binweihungsfeier des neuen Universitats- 
Gehaudes zu Kiel. 8° Kiel, 1876. 

Von der Decken, [Baron] Carl Glaus. Eeisen in Ost-Afrikat 
in den Jahren 1859-1865. Vol. iii. pts. 2 and 3. Map, Plates, 
and Tables. 4° Leipzig & Heidelberg, 1873, 1879. 

Von der Linth. See Btjekli. 

Vos, J. Zeevaartkundige Beschrijving van de Kust van Guyana 
tusschen Cayenne en Demerary, behoorende bij de Kaart dezer 
Kust. Chart. 8° Amsterdam, 1854. 

Voyages and Travels. EecueU de divers voyages faits en 
Afrique et en I'Amerique qui nont point este encore publiez 
. . . avec des Traitez curieux touchant la Haute Ethyopie, le 
debordement du Nil, la mer Eouge et le Prete-Jean. Maps 
and Plates. 4° Paris, 1684. 

Contents : — 

1. LiGON, E. Histoire de I'isle des Barbades. 

2. Eelation de la Eivifere du Nil, etc. 

VOY 359 

Voyages and Travels — continued. 

3. Telles, B. Extrait de I'histoire d'Ethiopie. 

4. Description de I'Empire du Prete-Jean. 

5. Eelation du voyage fait sur les oostes d'Afrique . . . 1670, 1671, com- 

men^ant au Cap Verd. 

6. De la Borde, — . Eelation de I'origine, moeura, coustumea, etc., des 

Caraibes sauvages des ilea Autilles de I'Amerique. 

7. Relation de la Guiane. 

8. Description de I'isle de Jamaique. 

9. Eelation de I'isIe des Barbadea. 

10. Description de I'iale de Saint Christophe. 

Eecueil de Voiages au Nord, contenant divers Memoires 

tres utiles au Commerce & a la Navigation. 10 vols. Maps 
and Plates. 12° Amsterdam, 1715-38. 

Allgemeine Historie der Eeisen, etc. Vol. i. [completing 

series in 1865 Catalogue]. Maps and Plates. 4° 

Leipzig, 1747. 
Contents of Vol. I. : — 

Von dem TJraprunge nnd Fortgange der Schiffahrt und Handlung in 
verschiedeneu Theilen der Welt. 


Die eraten Eeisen der Portugieaen nacli Oatindien. 

Eeisen und Entdeckuugen der Portugieaen langat den Kiiaten von 
Africa bis an das grune Vorgebiirge ; aua dem Faria y Souaa, 
Juan de Barros, Antonio Galvam und andern zuaammen- 

Fortsetzung der Bntdeckung der Portugieaen von dem griinen 
Vorgebiirge bia an Cabo de Buena Esperauza, oder daa Vorge- 
biirge der guten Hoffnung, aus eben den Schriftstellern. 

Die Portugieaen woUen Oatindien zu Lande entdecken, nebat einer 
umatandlichen Naohrich.t von den ersteu Niederlassungen in 
Mandinga, Guinea und Kongo. 

Vasco de Gama. Eeise nach Indien, im Jahre 1497; die erate welche 
die Portugieaen um Africa hermn voUfuhret. 

Cabral, Pedro Alvarez. Eeise im Jahre 1500; die zweyte welche die 
Portugieaen nach Indien gethan, vornehmlich aua dem Castan- 
neda genommen. 

Juan de Nueva, Eeise von ; die dritte welche die Portugieaen nach 
Oatindien gethan ; vornehmlich aua dem Castanneda genommen. 

Vasco de Gamas zweyte Eeise, im Jahre 1502 ; die vierte welche die 
Portugieseu nach Oatindien gethan. 

Eeisen und Verrichtungen der Portugieaen in Indien, vom Jahre 
1503 bis 1507, mit den Thateu des Pacheoo. Aua dem Castan- 
neda, de Barros und de Faria y Souaa genommen. 

Thaten der Portugieaen im Jahre 1507, uuter Don Francisco de 

Almeyda, erstem Vicekonige von Indien ; aus eben denselben 

Schriftstellern gezogeu. 
Fortsetzung der Thaten der Portugieaen unter dem Vicekonige 

Almeyda, vom Jahro 1508 bis 1510. 
Albuquerque's Verrichtungen als Vicekonig von Indien, vom Jahre 

1510 bis 1516. 

360 VOY 

Voyages and Travels — continued. 

Kurze Nachricht von der Portugiesen Thaten in Indien, von dent 

Jahre 1516 Ms 1521, unter dem Statthalter Lope Soarez. 
Veirichtungen und Entdeckungen der Portugiesen vom Jahre 1521 

bis 1537. 
Fortsetzung der portugiesischen Verrichtungen und Entdeckungen, 

vom Jahre 1537 bis 1542. 
Nachricht von allem dem, -was die Portugiesen von dem Vorgebiirge 

der guten Hoffnung an bis nach China besitzen. 
D®s Soleyman Bascha Keise von Suez nach Indien, bey aeinem Feldzuge 
wider die Portugiesen ih Diu, vom Jahre 1537 ; besohrieben von 
einem Offioier der venetianischen Galeeren, welcher zu dem 
tiirkischen Dienate gezwungen worden; jetzo zuerst aus dem 
Italienischen iibersetzet. 
Die Belagerung von Diu, durch Soleyman Bascha von Aegypten. 
Don Stephano de Gama. Eeise aus Goa nach Suez, in der Absicht, 
die tiirkischen Schiffe in diesem Hafen zu verbrennen, besohrieben 
durch Don Juan de Castro, damaligen Schiffshauptmaun auf der 
Flotte, nach der Zeit Statthalter und Vicekonig von Indien ; aus 
dem Portugiesischen iibersetzt und zusammengezogen. 
Eine Beschreibung der See von Kolzum, welohe gemeiniglich der 
arabische Meerbusen, oder das rolhe Meer genannt wird, aus 
Abulfeda'a Geographie. 
Die zweyte Belagerung der Stadt Diu von Mahmud, Konige von 
Eambaja, im Jahre 1545, unter des Don Juan de Castro Statt- 

Die ersten Beisen der Euglander nach Guinea uud Ostindien. 
Windham, Thomas. Die zweyte Eeise nach der Barbarey, im Jahre 
1552, besohrieben von James Thomas. 

und Pinteado, Antonio Anes. Eine Eeise nach Guinea und 

Benin, im Jahre 1553. 
Lok, Johann. Die zweyte Eeise nach Guinea, im Jahre 1554; 

beschrieben von einem der vomehmsten Lootsen. 
Towrson, William. Erste Eeise nach der Kiiste von Guinea, im 
Jahre 1555. 

Zweyte Eeise nach den Kiisten von Guinea und dem Castelle 

del Mina, im Jahre 1556. 

Dritte und letzte Eeise nach der Kiiste von Guinea und dem 

CasteUe del Mina, im Jabre 1557. 
Eeisen nach Guinea, in den Jahren 1561, 1562, 1563 und 1564. 

I. Eeise nach Guinea, im Jahre 1561, welche Johann Lok 

unternommen, aber wieder aufgegeben hat, nebst den 
Ursachen, die er deswegen anfuhret. 

II. Eine Eeise nach Guinea, im Jahre 1562, von Wilh. 
Euttern beschrieben. 

III. Erganzung zu der vorhergehenden Eeisebeschreibung, 
die aus Bakers Beschreibung in Versen gezogen ist. 

IV. Baker, — . Die 2te Eeise nach Guinea und dem Flusse 
Sestos im Jahre 1563. 

V. Carlet, David. Eine Eeise nach Guinea, im Jahre 

Fenner, Georg. Eeise in die Inseln des griinen Vorgebiirges, im 
Jahre 1566 mit drey en Schiffen und einer Finnasse ; beschrieben 
durch Walter Wreen. 

VOY 361 

Voyages and Travels — continued. 

Stephens, Thomas. Eeiae auf der portugiesischen Flotte nach Goa, 

im Jahre 1579. 
Einige Seefahiten und Capereyen gegen die Spanier und Portu- 


I. Veiriohtungen der ' Schliisselblume ' von London. 

II. Whiddon, — . Eeise mit zwoen Pinnassen 1586 an die 
Azoriachen Inaeln ; besohriebeu durch Joh. Bvescham. 

III. Drake, Sir Franz. Relse nach Cadix und den Azori- 
Bchen Inaeln, in welcher auf hundert Schiife zu Grrunde 
gerichtet, und elne grosze Caracke aus Oatindien nebat 
audern Pahrzeugeu erobert worden. 

Zwey Beisen nach Benin hinter Guinea, im Jahre 1588 und 1590 ; 
besohriebeu von Jamea Welsch. 

Georg von Cumberland, Graf, Eeiae nach den Azoriachen Eylanden, 
im Jahre 1589 ; beschrieben von Eduard Wright. 

Daa Gefecht zwischeu dem Kriegesachiffe, ' Die Eaohe,' welohea Hr. 
Eichard Greenville gefiihret, und funfzehen Armadas dea Koaigs 
in Spanien, im Jahre 1591, von dem Herru Walter Ealegh, 
Eitter, beschrieben. 

Erzahlung der Eeise einer Flotte londonscher Schiife, unter dem 
Hauptmanne Eobert Flicke, welcher bey den Azoriachen luseln 
1591 gekreuzet, und dem Lord Thomas Howard zur Hiilfe 
bestimmt ward ; von dem Hauptmanne selbst beschrieben. Wozu 
eine Nachrioht von der westiudischen Flotte, die selbigea Jahr 
in Spanien erwartet wurde, und der Zahl der verlohmen oder 
genommenen Schiffe gesetzt iat. 

Die Thaten der Englander bey veraohiedenen Sohififahrten und kreu- 
zenden Seerei en, vom Jahre 1589 bis 1592 ; aus Joh. Huigheu 
ran Linsoho en's Eeise von Goa nach Portngall gezogen. 

Eine Eeise nach Ostindien, im Jahre 1591 ; die erste, welche die 
Englander in diese Gegenden gethan, von dem Hauptm. Georg 
Eaymond angefangen, und von dem Hauptm. James I^noaater 
geendigt. Nach der Erzahlung Edmund Barker's, Lieutenant's 
von dem ' Bonaventure,' aufgesetzt. 

Eainolds, Eichard, und Dassela, Thomas. Eeisen nach den Fliiaaen 
Senega und Gambra, im Jahre 1591. 

Burrough, Johann. Bine kreuzende Eeise nach den Azorischen 
Inseln, im Jahre 1592, in der Abaioht, die ostindischen Caraokeu 

Zwey merkwiirdige Seegefechte ; daa eine im Jahre 1592, in welchem 
zwey Aaaogueschiffe erobert worden ; das andere 1593, in 
welchem eine grosze ostindisohe Caracke im Eauehe auf- 

Wood, Benjamin, Die ungliickliche Eeiae dea Hauptmanns, nach 
Ostindien, im Jahre 1596. 

Davia, Johann, Eeise des Hauptmanns, damaligen Lootsmannes auf 
einem hoUandiaohen Schiffe nach Oatindien, im Jahre 1598 ; 
beschrieben von ihm selbat. 


Die ersten Eejsen der Englander nach Ostindien, welche eine Geasell- 

schaft von Kaufleutern angestellt. 
Lancaster, James. Eeiae im Jahre 1600, welche die erate iat, die auf 

Eechnung der oatindiachen Compagnie gethan worden. 
Middleton, Heinrich. Eeise im Jahre 1604, welches die zweyte iat, 

die von der oatindiachen Compagnie angestellt worden. 

362 VOY 

Voyages and Travels — continued. 

Nachrioht von Java, und wie sinh die Englander das erstemal zu 
Bantam festgesetzet ; nebst einem Tagebuohe von den dasigeu 
Begebenheiten, besondera was zwiscben ibnen und sowohl den 
Niederlandern, als den Bingebobrnen von 1602 bis zu Ende des 
Jabies 1605 vorgegangen. Aus einer weitlauftigen Brzablung 
des Oberfactors Edmund Scot gezogen. 
Miohelbum, Eduard. Keise nacb Bantam, im Jabre 1604. 

Keeling, William. Eeise vom Jabre 1607, naoh Bantam und Banda; 

die dritte, welebe von der ostindiscben Compagnie ausgefiibret 

vrorden; von dem Hauptmanne selbst bescbrieben, und bier 

Middleton, David. Eeise nach Bantam und den Molukken, im 

Jabre 1607. 

Scbarpey, Alexander. Eeise im Jabre 1608 ; die vierte, welche von 
der ostindiscben Gesellscbaft ausgefiibret worden ; vom Haupt- 
manne Eobert Coverte bescbrieben. 

Jones, Tbomas. Kurze Nacbricbt von eben der Eeise der ' Himmel- 

Eowles, Eiobard. Eeise naoh Priaman in der ' Vereinjgung ' ; als eine 
Fortsetzurig der vierten Eeise. 

Middleton, David. Eeise naoh Java und Banda, im Jabre 1609 ; die 
fiinfte, welebe von der Gesellsohaft vollstreckt worden; aus 
einem Briefe ausgezogen, den er selbst an die Kaufleute 

Middleton, Heinr. Pabjt nacb dem rotben Meere und Surat, im Jabre 
1610 ; die seobste, welebe von der ostindiscben Gesellscbaft 
ausgefiibret worden ; von ibm selbst bescbrieben. 

Dounton, Niklas. Tagebuoh von eben dieser Eeise des Hm. Heinr. 

Middleton 3. 

Hippon, Anton. Eeise nacb der Kiiste Koromandel, Bantam und 
Siam, im Jabre 1611 ; die siebente, die auf Veranstaltung der 
ostindiscben Compagnie gescheben ; bescbrieben duroh den 
XJnterschiffer, Natlianael Marten. 

Floris, Peter Williamson, Tageregister des, Oberkaulinanns bey eben 
der Keise des Hauptmanns Hippon; aus dem Hollandiscben 
iibersetzt, und zusammengezogeu. 

Castleton's Fahrt naoh Priaman, im Jahre 1612 ; vom Steuerm. Joh. 
Tatton aufgesetzt. 

Saris, Jobann. Eeise naoh dem rotben Meere, den Molukken und 
Japan, im Jabre 1611 ; die acbte, welebe von der ostindiscben 
Gesellscbaft ausgefiibret worden ; aus des Hauptmanns eigenem 
Tageregister gesammlet. 

Begebenheiten zu Bantam und an aiidern Orten in Ostindien, 

von dem Weinmonate 1605 bis zu dem Weinmonate 1609, nebst 
einer Nacbricht von den Marktplatzen und Waaren daselbst. 

Cocks, Eichard. Nacbricht von dem, was zu Firando in des Generals 
Abwesenheit an dem kaiserlicben Hofe zu Japan vorgefallen. 

Einige Umstande von den Sachen in Japan, von 1614 bis 1620, aus 
den Briefen des Herrn Cocks, welchem der Inbalt zweener 
Briefe des Herrn Sayers, und ein Sohrieben des Kaisers von Japan 
an den Prinzen von Oranien beygefiiget ist. 

Adams, Wilhelm. Eeise nach Japan, und Begebenheiten daselbst ; 
von ibm selbst bescbrieben. 

VOY 363 

Voyages and Tra.vels— continued. A New Collection of Voyages, 
Discoveries, and Travels, containing whatever is worthy of 
notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, oto. 7 vols. 
Maps and Plates. 8" 1767. 

Contents :— 

Vol. I. — The four Voyages of Columbus to America.' — Discoveries of 
the Spaniards, fjom the death of Columbus to the expedition 
of Hernando . Cortes. — The - Conquest of Mexico by Hernando 
Cortes. — -The Discovery of Golden Castile. — The Conquest of , 
Peru, by Francis Pizarro. — A Voyage to South America, by 
John George Juan and Don Antonio de Ulloa. — Eemaiks on the 
Trade between Spain and the West Indies. — Some Particulars 
relating to the Inhabitants of Patagouia. 

Vol. II. — Mr. John Nieuhoff's voyage to, and account of, Brazil in 
South America. — ^Modern state of Brazil. — Memoir couoerning the 
Settlements of the Jesuits in Paraguay. — Mr. Lionel Wafer's 
Journey over the Isthmus of Darien. — A brief Account of North 
America, from Major Eogers and others, with Particulars relating 
to the Indian Natives. — An Abstract of the Account of Colonel 
Bouquet's Expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1764.^Keflec- 
tions on the War with the Savages of North America. — A short 
Account of the American Islands. — The Proclamation for regu- 
lating the Cessions made to us by the last Treaty of Peace. — 
Conclusion to the Discoveries, Voyages, and Descriptions, relating 
to America. — The first Voyage to the East Indies by Vasquez de 
Gama. — The first Voyage to the East Indies, on tlie Account of 
the English East India Company, under the command of Captain 
James Lancaster. — A Voyage to the Cape de Verde Islands, by 
Captain George Koberts. — Mr. Peter Kolben's Voyage to the Cape 
of Good Hope, containing an Account of the Dutch Settlement, 
and the Hottentot Natives. — Mr. John Nieuhoff's Voyages to the 
East Indies, containing an Account of the Dutch Settlements, 
particularly Batavia on the Island of Java.— Narrative of Cruelties 
exercised by the Dutch on the English at Amboyna. — Mr. Grosse's 
Voyage to the East Indies, etc. 

Vol. III. — The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake round the Globe. — The 
Voyage round the World, performed by Captain William Dampier. 
— T'he Voyage of Captain Woodes Eogers in the 'Duke,' and 
Captain Stephen Courtney in the ' Duchess,' round the World, 
induding the account of their finding Alexander Selkirk on the 
Island of Juan Fernandez. — The Voyage round the World, by 
G«org& Anson. 

Vol. rV. — Travels through the moat northern parts of Europe, particu- 
larly Norway, Danish, Swedish, and Muscovite Lapland, Borandia, 
Samojedia, Zembla, and Iceland ; extracted from the journal of 
a gentlfeman employed by the North-Sea Company of Copenhagen, 
to make discoveries. — The travels of Maupertuis and his associates 
to determine the figure of the earth at the Polar circle. — Natural 
history of Norway, by Erick Pontoppidan. — Account of Sweden, 
from the writings of an English minister residing there. — The 
present state of Denmark, from the writings of Lord Molesworth 
and others.— Account of Poland, from the writings of Dr. Bernard 
Connor, physician to King John Sobieski. — ^Account of the Ukrain 
and the Cossacks, from the writings of Mr. Beauplau and others. 
— A description of the seven United Provinces of the Low 
Countries, from Misson, Hanway, and others. — Travels through 
Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Switzerland, Italy, and Lorrain, by 
John George Keysler, etc. 

364 VOY 

Voyages and Travels — continued. 

Vol. V. — Continuation of Keysler's Travels. — Travels through Prance, 
by Sacheverel Stephens. — Travels through, and an account of the 
kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, from the remarks of the 
Reverend Mr. Clarke, chaplain to the Earl of Bristol, Ambassador 
at Madrid iu 1760, including an authentic narrative of the suffer- 
ings of Isaac Martin in the Inquisition at Granada. — ^Account of 
the empire of Eussia, from the observations of Mr. Hanway, etc. — 
Account of the kingdom of Prussia. 

Vol. VI. — The Voyage and Travels of Mr. John Thevenot from Italy 
to Constantinople. — Mr. Wood s Journey to Palmyra, or Tedmor 
in the Desart. — Mr. Wood's Account of the Ruins of Balbeo, the 
ancient Heliopolis, in Coelosyria. — A Description of Judea, or the 
Holy Land, and particularly of Jerusalem, from Mauudrell, Shaw, 
and other Travellers. — The Travels of Dr. Ppcocke through 
Egypt, with occasional Extracts from Mr. Norden. — Dr. Shaw's 
Travels through Barbary. — A journey to Meqainez, by Mr. 
Windus. — Travels into the inland parts of Africa, by Francis 
Moore, including an Account of the Adventures of Job Ben 
Solomon, Son of the High Priest of Bundo. — The Travels of Sir 
John Chardin through Mingrelia and Georgia into Persia. — An 
Account of Indostan, interspersed with the Observations of Sir 
T. Eoe, etc. — ^A Journey from St. Petersburg to PeMn, with an 
Embassy from his Imperial Majesty Peter the First, to Kamhi, 
Emperor of China, by J. Bell, Esq. 

Vol. Vn. — ^An Account of the Country and Constitution of Great 
Britain in general, and of England in particular. — A short general 
Description of the City of London, etc. — An Accovmt of the 
Kingdom and Laws of Scotland, with the general Articles of its 
Union with that of England. — A Short View of the Naval 
Transactions of Britain ; Elizabeth to Peace of Versailles, 1703. — 
A List of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, at the close of 1762. 

The Modern Traveller, being a collection of useful and 

entertaining Travels lately made in various countries. 
(Vol iv. only.) 12° 1776. 

A general collection of Voyages and Discoveries made by 

the Portuguese and the Spaniards during the Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth Centuries. Containing the interesting and entertain- 
ing Voyages of the celebrated Gonzalez and Vaz, Gonzalez 
Zarco, Lanzerota, Diogo Gill, Cada Mosto, Pedro di Sintra, 
Diogo D'Azambuza, Bartholomew Dias, Vasco de ,Gama, 
Voyages to the Canary Islands, Voyages of Columbus, Nino 
and Guierra, Ojeda and Vespusius, Corteieal, Alvarez Cabral, 
Francis Almeed, Albuquerque, Andrea Corsali, Voyage to St. 
Thomas, Voyage of De Solis, Pinzon, etc., Voyage of John 
Ponce, Grijalva, Nicuessa, Cortes, Ojeda andOcampo, Magellan. 
With other Voyages, to the East Indies, the West Indies, 
round the World, &c. Map and Plates. 4°. 1789. 

Eough Notes of Journeys made in the years 1868, '69, '70, 

'71, '72, and 1873, in Syria, down the Tigris, India, Kashmir, 
Ceylon, Japan, Mongolia, Siberia, the United States, the 
Sandwich Islands, and Australasia. 8° 1875. 

See also Campe, Hacke. 

VEE— WAG 365 

Vretos, A. P. La Bulgarie ancienne et modeme bous le rapport 
GeograpHque, Historique, Aroheologique, Statistique et 
Commercial. 8° Saint-Petershourg, 1856. 

Vries, G. de. De Zeeweringen en Waterschappen van Noord- 
HoUand. 8° Haarlem, 1864. 

M. G. Eeize van Maarten Gerritsz Vries in 1643 naar 

het Noorden en Oosten van Japan, volgens het journaal ge- 
houden door 0. J. Coen, op het schip ' Castrioum "... vermeer 
derd door P. A. Leupe, met . . . geograpMsche en etiinograph- 
ische aanteekeningen, tevens dienende tot een Zeemansgids 
naar Jezo, Krafto en de Kurilen, en stukken over de taal en 
voortbrengselen der Aino-Landen, van P. F. von Siebold. 
Map. 8° Amsterdam, 1858. 

S. de. De Noordsche Weereld ; vertoond in twee nieuwe 

aenmercklijcke derwaerts gedaene Eeysen : d'eene van de 
Heer Martiniere, door Noorweegen, Lapland, Boranday, Si- 
berien, Samojessie, Ys-land, Groenland en Nova-Zembla, etc. ; 
d'andere van de Hamburger Frederick Martens, verrigbt nae 
Spitsbergen of Greenland in't Jaer 1671, etc. Plates. Sqn. 8° 

t'Amsteldam, 1685. 

Vsevolojsky, N. S. Diotionnaire G^ograpbique historiqn'e de 
I'Empire de Eussie. 2 vols. 8° Moscou, 1813. 

Vyse, Griffin, W. Eeport on tbe Irrigation and Inundation of 
the Nile. 8° 1878. 


Waagen, W. tJber die geographisohe Vertheilung der fossilen 
Organismen in Indien. Map. 4° Wien, 1878. 

See also India, Surveys [Geological]. 

Waddington, A. Overland Eoute through British North 
America ; or the shortest and speediest road to the East. 
Map. 8° 1868. 

Wadstrom, C. B. An Essay on Colonization, particularly 
applied to the Western Coast of Africa, etc. Maps and Plate. 
40 1794. 

Wagener, G. On a new Seismometer. Fo. [Kioto], 1880. 

Wagner, Hermann. See Guthe. 

H., & Wichmann, H. Geographisohe Gesellschaften, 

Congresse und Zeitschriften. 12° Gotha, 1880. 

Moritz. Der Kaukasus und das Land der Kosaken in 

den Jahren 1843 bis 1846. 12° Leipzig, 1860. 

366 WAG— WAL 

Wagner, Moritz. Naturwissenschaftliclie Eeisen im tropischen 
Amerika. 8° Stuttgart, 1870. 

& Scherzer, Carl. Die Kepublik Costa Eica in Central- 

Amerika, mit besonderer Beriicksiclitignng der Naturverlialt- 
nisse und der Frage der deutschen Auswanderung und 
Colonisation. Eeisestudien und Skizzen aus den Jahren 1853 
Tind 1854. Map. 8° _ Leipzig, 1856. 

Wahl, F. S. Giintlier. Altes und neues Vorder- und Mittel- 
Asien, oder pTagmatisch-geografisclie, fysische und statistisclie 
Schilderung und Geschichte des Persisohen Eeichs, von den 
altesten Zeiten bis auf diesen Tag. Vol. i. 8° Leipzig, 1795. 

Waitz, T. Introduction to Anthropology, edited by J. T. Colling- 
wood. 8° 1863. 

Wakhoucht [Tsarevitch]. See Beosset. 

Walckenaer, C. A. ■ Dieuili Liber de Mensura orbis terraB. 8° 

Paris, 1807. 

Walker, P. A. See America, United States. 

J. B. Notes illustrating Charts of the Cross and Old 

Calabar Eivers, June, 1871 ; and notes of a vist to the Old 
Calabar and Qua Eivers, the Ekoi Country, and the Qua 
Eapids, May 14, 1875. Maps. 8° [Extracted from the 
" United Presbyerian Missionary Eecord," Sept. 1872 ; March 
and April, 1876.] 

[Col.] J. T. Explorations of the Great Sanpo Eiver of 

Tibet during 1877, in connection with the operations of the 
Survey of India. Maps. 8° {Calcutta, 1879.] 

iSee also India, Surveys [Trigonometrical]. 

W. On the social and economic position and prospects 

of the British West India Possessions. 8° 1873. 

See also British Guiana. 

W. B. Cyclical Deluges : an explication of the chief 

geological phenomena of the Globe by proofs of periodical 
changes of the Earth's axis, embracing a theory, founded on 
geographical facts, on the true geological formation of carbo- 
niferous Mineral. 12° 1871. 

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utan and the Bird of Paradise. A narrative of travel, with 
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Do. 5th edn. 1874. 

The geographical distribution of Animals, vfith a Study of 

the relations of living and extinct Faunas, as eluci,dating the 
past changes of the earth's surface. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. 


WAL— WAR 367 

Wallace, A. R. Island Life : or, the Phenomena and Causes of 
Insular Faunas and Floras, including a Eevision and attempted 
Solution of the problem of Geological Climates. Maps. 8° 


See also Stanford. 

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Fever of Africa : its treatment, and precautions to be used in 
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See also Livingstone, Young, E. D. 

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England. 3rd edn. Maps. 8° 1829. 

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Wappaus. See Stein & Hoeschelmann. 

War Office. Publications of the Topographical, Statistical, and 
Intelligence Branches; Quarter - Master - General's Depart- 
ment : — 

Venetia with the Quadrilateral, a military geographical 
sketch, by M. Biffart. Translated by Lieut. Col. A. 0. 
Cooke. Maps. 8° 1866. 

Ideas on our Military Position in a War with Eussia. By 

an Austrian Officer. [Translated from the German.] 8° 

The Campaign of 1866 in Germany. Compiled by the 

department of Military History of the Prussian Staff. 

Translated by Col. Von Wright and Captain H. M. 

Hozier. Flans. 8° 1872, 

Atlas of Plans separate. Fo. 

Military Eeports : addressed to the French War Minister, 
by Colonel Baron StofFel, French Military Attache in 
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Recruiting. Translated by Captain Home. 8° 1872. 

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the Army, and on Contracts. Precis of the Speech of the 
Duke d'Audiffret Pasquier. 8° 1874. 

368 WAE 

War Office — continued. 

A Precis of Modem Tactics, compiled from the works of 
recent continental writers, by Major Eobert Home. Maps 
and Plates. 8° 1873. 

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The new law regulating military service in Bussia. 8° 

[n. d.] 

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The Armed Strength of Denmark, compiled by Capt. W. S. 
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The Armed Strength of Sweden and Norway. Compiled by 
Capt. W. S. Cooke. 8° [1874.] 

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German Official Account, by Capt. F. C. H. Clarke. First 
Part : — ^History of the "War to the Downfall of the 
Empire. Vol. i. From the outbreak of Hostilities to the 
Battle of Gravelotte. Vol. ii. From the Battle of 
Gravelotte to the Downfall of the Empire. Maps in 
pocket. 8° 1874, 1876, 

Do. Second Part : History of the "War against the Eepnblic. 
Vol. i. From the investment of Paris to the re-occupa- 
tion of Orleans by the Germans. Maps separate. Vol. ii. 
Sections 14 & 15. Maps. 8° 1880. 

The Armed Strength of Italy. Translated from the 
German by Lieut. W. A. H. Hare. 8° 1875. 

The Armed Strength of the German Empire. Part i. 
Organisation and Administration. Compiled by Capt. 
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The Armed Strength of the Netherlands. By Capt. 
F. C. H. Clarke. Map. 8° 1876. 

The Ottoman Empire and its tributary States (excepting 
Egypt), with a sketch of Greece. Compiled by Capt. 
"W. S. Cooke. Maps. 8° 1876. 

The Armed Strength of France. By Major C. J. East. Map. 
8° 1877. 

The Siege Operations in the Campaign against France, 
1870-71, by B. von Tiedemann, translated by Major 
Tyler. Plans. 8° 1877. 

WAE 369 

War Office — continued. 

Cyprus. By Captain Ai R. Savile. Map. 8" 1878. 

The Anglo-Afghan War of 1878. First Section. 20th Nov. 
to 20th Dec. Fo. 1878. 

The Anglo- Afghan "War of 1878-9. Second Section. 21st 
Dec. 1878 to 31st Jan. 1879. Third Section. From 1st 
Feb. 1879 to the Close of the War. Majpa. Fo. 1879. 

Memurandum on Afghanistan with reference to the pro- 
bable British Operations consequent on the Murder at 
Kabul of the Besident and Escort, on 3rd September, 
1879. Maps. Fo. 1879. 

The Anglo-Afghan War of 1879-80. First Section. From 
the Kabul Massacre on 3rd Sept. 1879 to 25th Nov.1879. 
Second Section. From 26th Nov. 1879 -to Slst Dec. 1879. 
Maps. Fo. 1879, 

Precis of Information concerning the Colony of Natal. 
Corrected to June 1879. Map. 8° 1879. 

Precis of Information concerning the Zulu Country. Map. 
8° 1879. 

The Armed Strength of Switzerland. Compiled by Major 
Frank S. Eussell. Map. 8° 1880. 

See also Clarke, A. E., Okdnance Survey. 

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of Australia. With an introduction and additions by 
C. H. Eden. Edited by H. W. Bates. Map and Plates. 8° 


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£S. Knapsack-Manual for Sportsmen on the Field. 8° 

Warelius, A. See Baer & Helmersen, xiii. 

Warren, 0. Underground Jerusalem ; an account of some of the 
principal difficulties encountered in its exploration, and the 
results obtained, with a narrative of an Expedition through 
the Jordan Valley, and a visit to the Samaritans. Plates and 
Photographs. 8° 1876. 

See also Wilson. 

G. E. An Essay concerning physical features exhibited in 

the Valley of the Minnesota Eiver, and upon their significa- 
tion. Maps. 8° Washington, 1874. 

W. W. Life on the Nile and excursions on shore between 

Cairo and Asouan. Also a Tour in Syria and Palestine in 
1866-67. 12° Pari*, 1867. 

2 B 

370 WAS— WEB 

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Historical and Physical. Translation by Edward St. John 
Fairman. 8° 1879. 

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the observation of the total Solar Eclipse of April 6, 1875, at 
Gamorta in the Nicobar Islands. Fo. Calcutta, 1875. 

The application of Photography to the reproduction of 

maps and plans by the Photomechanical and other processes. 
Maps. 8° Calcutta, 1878. 

Notes on the Survey Operations in Afghanistan in connec- 

tion with the Campaign of 1878-79. Map. 

[Calcutta, 1879.] 

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sonal records .towards showing the distribution of British 
plants traced through the 112 counties and vice-counties of 
England and Scotland. Map. 8° Thames Bitton, 1873-74. 

Part 1. — BanonculacesB — Coniferse. 

Part 2. — Orohidaoeje — ^BquisetaoesB. 

J. Forbes. The ImperiaiJ Museum for India and the Colonies. 

Plan. 8° " 1876. 

B. S. The Villages around Metz. 8° 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1870. 

A Visit to Wazan, the Sacred City of Morocco. Map and 

Illustrations. 8° 1880. 

T. Letter to Sir Bartle Erere on telegraphic communica 

tion in Africa. 8° Gape Town, 1877. 

Watteville, [Baron] de. Eapport a M. Waddington, Ministre de 
rinstruction publique et des Beaux-Arts, sur le service des 
Missions et Voyages scientifiques en 1876. 8° Paris, 1877. 

Watts, W. L. Snioland ; or Iceland, its Jokulls and Fjalls. 
Photographs. 12° 1875. 

Across the Vatna Jokull ; or. Scenes in Iceland ; being a 

description of hitherto unknown regions. Plates. 12° 1876. 

Wauters, A. J. L'Afrique Centrale en 1522. Le Lac Sachaf 
d'apres Martin Hylacomilus et Gerard Mercator. Quelques 
mots a propos de la doctrine Portugaise sur la decouverte de 
I'Afrique centrale au XVI« siecle. Map. 8° Bruxdles, 1879. 

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P. B., & Berthelot, S. Histoire naturelle des lies 

Canaries. Plates. 3 vols. Large 4° ; Atlas, Fo. 

Paris, 1836-50. 

Contents : — 
Vol. I. 

Pt. I. — ^L'Ethnographie et les AnnaleB de la Coiiqu£te. 1842. 

Pt. 2. — Lea Miscellanees Gaoariennes. 2839 

WEB^WEE 371 

Webb, P, B., & Bertkelot, S.— continued. 
Vol. II. 

Pt. 1. — ^La Geographie descriptive, la Statistique et la Geologie. 1839. 

Pt. 2.— La Zoologie. 1836-44. 

Vol. III. 

Pt. 1. — La Gdographie Botanique. 1840. 

Pt. 2. — Pliytugraphia Canariensis. 1836-50. 

Webber [Lieut.-Col.] Britisli Guiana. The Esseqnibo and 
Potaro Elvers, with an account of a visit to the recently dis- 
covered £aieteur Palls. Mo^s and Fhotographs. Large 8° 


V. A. Journal of a Voyage round Cape Horn. 8° 

Swansea, 1859. 

Webster, W. D. See Africa [South]. 

W. H. B. The recurring monthly periods and periodic 

system of the Atmospheric Actions, with evidences of the 
transfer of Heat and Electricity, and general observations on 
Meteorology. Chart. 8° 1857. 

Weihrauch, K. Zehnjahrige Mittelwerthe (1866 bis 1875) nebst 
neunjahrigen Stundenmitteln (1867 bis 1875) fiir Dorpat. 
Tables. 8° Dorpat, 1877. 

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nachste Umgeb-ying. 16° Begensburg, 1863. 

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America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Polynesia. 8° 

New York, 1873. 

Weld, C. R. The Pyrenees, West and East. Plate. 8° 1869. 
I. (Jun.) Travels through the States of North America, and 

the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, during the years 
1795, 1796, and 1797. 3rd edn. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 1800. 

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Spitzbergen. Map and Plates. 8° 1873. 

[Sir] Mordaunt, and Public Opinion in India. 8° 

Calcutta, 1863. 

Wenjukow, — . See Kkahmer. 

Weme, Ferdinand. Eeldzug von Sennaar nach Taka, Basa und 
Beni-Amer, mit besonderem Hinblick auf die Volker vun Bel- 
lad-Sudan. Map and Portraits. 8° Stuttgart, 1851. 

Eeise durch Sennaar nach Mandera, Nasub, Cheli, im Lande 

zwisohen dem blauen Nil und dem Atbara. Map and Plates. 
8° Berlin, 1852. 

2 B 2 

372 WEE— WEY 

Wertheman, A. Infonne de la Exploracion de los Eios Perene y 
Tambo. Map. 8° Lima, 1877. 

See also Iquitos. 

Wesseliug, P. See Antoninus. 

Wesselowsky, C. See Baee & Helmeesen, xviii. 

Westgarth, W. Tracks of McKinlay and party across Australia. 
By John Davis, one of the expedition. Edited from Mr. 
Davis's Manuscript Journal, with, an introductory view of the 
recent Australian explorations of McDouaU Stuart, Burke 
and Wills, Landsborough, etc. Map and Plates. 8° 1863. 

The Colony oT Victoria, its Bistory, Commerce, and Gold 

Mining, its Social and Political Institutions, down to the end 
of 1863, with remarks incidental and comparative upon the 
other Australian Colonies. Map. 8° 1864. 

West Indies. See Madeira. 

Wettstein, H. Die Stromungen des Festen, fliissigen und gas- 
formigen, und ihre Bedeutung fiir Geologie, Astronomic, 
Klimatologie und Meteorologie. Maps. 8° Zurich, 1880. 

Wex, Gustav von. Zweite Abhandlung fiber die Wasserabnahme 
in den Quellen, Fliissen und Stromen bei gleiohzeitiger Steig- 
erung der Hochwasser in den Culturlandern. 4° Wien, 1879. 

Wey, William. The Itineraries of William Wey, Fellow of Eton 
College, to Jerusalem, a.d. 1458 and a.d. 1462, and to Saint 
James of Compostella, A.D. 1456. From the original Manu- 
script in the Bodleian Library. Large squ. 8° 

[BoxhwrgJie Club'], 1857. 

Map illustrating the Itineraries of 1458 and 1462. In fac- 
simile, from the original in the Bodleian Library. Large squ. 
S" 1867. 

Weyprecht, Carl. Grundprinoipien der Arktischen Forsohung. 
4° ■ [Triest, 1875.] 

An address delivered by, before the 48th meeting of German 

Naturalists and Physicians at Graz, on the 18th Sept. 1875. 
Fundamental Principles of Scientific Arctic Investigation. 4° 

Die Metamorphosen des Polareises. Map and Plate. 8° 

Wien, 1879 

— & Payer, J. Berichte- des Oesterreiohisch-ungarischen 

Nordpol-Expedition, 1872 bis 1874. 8° Wien, 1874. 

La Spedizione Austro-ungarica al Polo Nord 1872-1874. 

Eapporti ufficiali dell imperiale regia Marina al Comitate della 
Spedizione, etc. Map. 8° Boma, 1874. 

See also Arctic [German and Austrian Exped.], Pater, 


WHA— WHY 373 

Wharton, W. J. S. See Admiralty [Hydrogr. Off. Publ.]. 
Wheeler, G. M. See America [U.S. Geol. and Geogr. Surveys]. 

J. T. Journal of a Voyage up the Irrawaddy to Mandalay 

and Bhamo. 8" Bangoon, 1871. 

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W. Wheelwright en la America del Sud, por J. B. Alberdi. 8° 

Paris, 1876. 

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Barometer, the duration of Sunshine," and the amount of 
Cloud, as observed at the Kew Observatory. 8° 1879. 

On the Eelation existing between the duration of Sun- 
shine, the amount of Solar Badiation, and the Temperature, 
indicated by the Black-bulb Thermometer in vacuo. 8° 


On the Rate at which Barometric Changes traverse the 

British Isles. 8° 1880. 

White, P. W. Notes on the Province of Cbekiang. Map. 
Sm. 8" Bath, 1876. 

T. H. Fragments of Italy and the Ehineland. 12° 


W. Post OfiBce Gazetteer of the Dominion of Canada. 

8° Montreal, 1872. 

Whitford, J. Trading life in Western and Central Africa. 
Map. Sm. 8° Liverpool, 1877. 

Whitney, G. H. Hand-book of Bible Geogi'^phy ; containing 
the name, pronunciation, and meaning of every place, nation, 
and tribe mentioned in both the Canonical and Apocryphal 
Scriptures. 3rd edn. Maps and Plans. Post 8° 1877. 

J. D. Geographical and Geological Surveys. 8° 

Cambridge [U.S.A.], 1875. 

Are we drying up ? 8° Cambridge [U.S.A.'], 1876. 

The Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of Cali- 
fornia. [Vol. i. of Contributions to American Geologv.] 
Maps and Plates. 4° Cambridge [U.S. A.], 1880. 

See also California. 

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. 69. 2nd edn. Maps and Plates. 8° 1871. 

The Ascent of the Matterhorn. Maps and Plates. 8° 


Whyte, W. A. A Land Journey from Asia to Europe; being 
an account of a Camel and Sledge Journey from Canton to 
St. Petersburg through the Plains of Mongolia and Siberia. 
Maps and Plate. 8" 1871. 

2 B 3 

374 WIC— WIL 

Wickham, H. A. Eough Notes of a Jottrnej'^ through the 
Wilderness, from Trinidad to Para, Brazil, by way of the 
Great Cataracts of the Orinoco, Atabapo, and Eio Negro. 
Plates. 8° 1872. 

Wiener, C. Perou et Bolivie. Eecit de Voyage, suivi d'ilfetudes 
Archeologiques et Ethnographiqnes, etde Notes sur I'Eoriture 
et les Langues des Populations Indiennes. Mapg and Plates. 
4° Paris, 1880. 

Wiggins, [Capt.J J. The Austro-German Polar Expedition 
under the command of Lieut. Weyprecht. [Translated from 
the German.] 8° Bishopswearmouth, 1875. 

Newspaper extracts descriptive of Captain Wiggins' 

Voyages to the " Obi " and " Yennesie " rivers. North Siberia. 
S° [n. d.] 

Wijkander, A. Observations met^orologiques de I'Expedition 
Arctique Suedoise 1872-1873. Plate. 4° Stockholm, 1875. 

Wilcox, R. See Assam. 

Wild, G. Von Kairo nach Massaua. Eine Erinnerung an 
Werner Munzinjjer. Mit einem Vorwort iiber das Leben 
Munzinger's, von Peter Dietschi. Map and Plates. 12° 

Olten, 1879. 

J. J. Thalassa. An Essay on the Depth, Temperature, 

and Currents of the Ocean. Charts and Diagrams. 8° 


At Anchor. A narrative of Experiences Afloat and 

Ashore during the Voyage of H.M.S. ' Challenger' from 1872 
to 1876. Map and Plates. 4» 1878. 

Wilkes, C. See Pickering, C. 

Wilkinson, [Sir] J. Gardner. Topography of Thebes, and 
general view of Egypt. Being a short account of the prin- 
cipal objects worthy of notice in the valley of the Nile to the 
second Cataract and Wadee Samneh, with the Pyoom, Oases 
and Eastern Desert, from Sooez to Berenice ; with remarks on 
the manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians and the 
productions of the country. Plates. 8° 1835. 

Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, including 

their private life, etc. Plates. 3 vols. 8° 1837. 

■ A second series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient 

Egyptians, including their religion, agiiculture, etc. 2 vols. 
8°, and 1 vol. of Supplement, Index and Plates. 1841, 

Wille, C. P. See Norwegian Pilot. 

Wilier, T. J. Het Eiland Boeroe. Uitgegeven door J. P. Cor- 
nets de Groot van Kraaijenburg. Map. 8° Amsterdam, 1858 

WIL 375 

Williams, B. On the land of Ditmarsh and the Mark Con- 
federation. 4° 1858. 

C. The Armenian Campaign : a diary of the Campaign 

of 1877 in Armenia and Koordistan. Maps. Squ. 8° 1878. 

J. Observations of Comets, from B.C. 611 to a.d. 1640, 

extracted from the Chinese annals. Translated, with intro- 
dnctory remarks, and an Appendix comprising the tables 
necessary for reducing Chinese time to European reckoning; 
and a Chinese celestial Atlas. 4° 1871. 

T., & Calvert, J. Fiji and the Fijians. And Mis- 
sionary Labours among the Cannibals ; extended, with notices 
of recent events. Edited by Geo. Stringer Eowe. Map and 
Plates. 12° 1870. 

T. C. An appeal on behalf of the Ngatiraukawa Tribe. 

8° Wellington, N.Z., 1873. 

Willkomm, Moritz. Die Halbinsel der Pyrenaen, eine geogra- 
phisch-statistische Monographic, nach den neuesten Quellen 
und nach eigener Ansohauung. 8° Leipzig, 1 855. 

Willson, W. G. Eeport of the Meteorological Eeporter to the 
Government of Bengal. Meteorological Abstract for the year 
1874. Fo. Calcutta, 1875. 

Administration Eeport of the Meteorological Eeporter to 

the Government of Bengal for the year 1874-75. Po. 

[Calcutta, 1876.] 

Eeport of the Midnapore and Burdwan Cyclone of the 15th 

and 16th of October, 1874. Fo. Calcutta, 1875. 

Wilmot, A. History of the Zulu War. Map and Portrait. 8° 


& Chase, J. 0. History of the Colony of the Cape of 

Good Hope, from its discovery to the year 1819, by A. Wilmot, 
Esq.; from 1820 to 1868, by the Hon. John Centlivres Chase. 
8° Cape Town, 1869. 

Wilson, Andrew. The " Ever- Victorious Army." A History of 
the Chinese Campaign under Lt.-Colonel C. G. Gordon, and of 
the suppression of the Tai-ping Eebellion. Map. 8° 1868. 

The Abode of Snow. Observations on a Journey from 

Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, through the Upper ■ 
Valleys of the Him41aya. Plate. 8° 1875. 

C. W., & Warren, C. The Eecovery of Jerusalem. 

A narrative of Exploratiqn and Discovery in the City and the 
Holy Land. With an introduction by A. P. Stanley ; edited 
by W. Morrison. Plates. 8° 1871. 

376 WIL— WOL 

Wilson, D. Bishop Wilson's Joums^l letters, addressed to his 
family, during the first nine years of his Indian Episcopate. 
8° 1863. 

Erasmus. Cleopatra's Needle, with brief notes on Egypt 

and Egyptian Obelisks. Plates. Sm. 8° [1878.] 

J. The life of John Wilson, d.d., f.e.s., for fifty years 

philanthropist and scholar in the East. By George Smith. 
Maps and Plates. 8° 1878. 

[Capt.J J. A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific 

Ocean, performed in the years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship 
' Duff.' Compiled from journals of the Ofificeis and the Mission- 
aries, etc., with a preliminary discourse on the Geography and 
History of the South Sea Islands, and an Appendix on the 
Natural and Civil State of Otaheite. Maps and Plates. 4° 


R. T. History of the British Expedition to Egypt, to 

■which is subjoined a sketch of the present state of that Country 
and its means of defence. 2nd edn. Maps and Plates. 49 


[Sir] S. Salmon at the Antipodes, being an account of 

the successful introduction of Salmon and Trout into Austra- 
lian Waters. Map and Photograph. Sm. 8° 1879. 

Winderlich., C. Das deutsche Land und seine Bewohner. 8° 

Leipzig, 1852. 

Winter, J. W. " Gigantic Inhumanity." South African Notes 
on Woman Slavery, Confederation, and the Diamond and Gold 
Fields. Plate. 8" 1877. 

Winterberg, A. Malta. Geschichte und Gegenwart. Map. 12° 

Wien, 1879. 

Winthrop, T. The Canoe and the Saddle ; adventures among the 
North- Western Eivers and Forests, and Isthmiana. 5th edn. 
Sm. 8° Bostrni, 1863. 

Wisconsin. Geology of Wisconsin. Survey of 1873-1877. (T. C. 
Chamberlin, Chief Geologist.) Vol. ii. Plates. 8° 

[Beloif], 1877. 

Wittman, W. Travels in Turkey, Asia Minor, Syria, and across 
the Desert into Egypt during the years 1799, 1800, and 1801, 
in company with the Turkish Army and the British Military 
Mission. Map amd Plates. 4° 1803. 

Wlangali, — . Beise nach der ostlichen Eirgisen Steppe. Map. 
8° St. Petersburg, 1856. 

See Baer & Helmersen, xx. 

Wolf, Theodor. Ein Besuch der GaUpagos-Inseln. Maps. Sm. 8° 

Heidetterg, 1879. 

WOL— WYL 377 

WoUzogen, [Baron] von, & Wurmb, — , von. Briefe auf ihren 
Beisen nach Afrika und Ostindien in den Jahren 1774 bis 
1792. Plate. 12° Qoiha, 1794. 

Wood, 0. P. A Yachting Cruise in the South Seas. Plioto- 
graphs. 8° 1875. 

■ — Herbert. Notice sur une cause probable du changement 

de direction survenu dans le cours de rAmou-Daria par lequel 
son embouchure a ete transportee de la Caspienne a I'Aral. 
8° Geneve, 1875. 

The Shores of Lake Aral. Maps. 8° 1876. 

J. A Journey to the Source of the Kiver Oxus. With an 

Essay on the Geography of the Valley of the Oxus, by Col. H. 
Yule. New edn. Maps and Frontispiece. 8° 1872. 

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tispiece. 8° 1873. 

Woodward, H. On Volcanoes. 8° 1871. 

H. B. The Geology of England and Wales : a concise 

account of the Lithological Characters, Leading Fossils, and 
Economic Products of the Eocks ; with notes on the Physical 
Features of the Country. Map and Plates. 8° 1876. 

Wrangell, [Adm.] F. von. See Baer & Helmersen, i. 

Wraxall, N. W. A Tour round the Baltic, through the northern 
Countries of Europe, particularly Denmark, Sweden, Finland, 
Bussia, and Prussia. 4th edn. 8° 1807. 

Wright, O. Darwinism : being an examination of Mr. St. George 
Mivart's " Genesis of Species." 8° 1871. 

D. History of Nepal, translated from the Parbatiya by 

Munshi Shew Shunker Singh, and Pandit Shri Gunanand : 
with an introductory sketch of the Country and People of 
Nepal. Plates. 8° Cambridge, 1877. 

Wiillerstorf-Urbair, [Baron] G. von. Zur wissenschaftlichen 
Verwerthung des Aneroides. 4° Wien, 1871. 

Die meteorologischen Beobachtungen und die Analyse des 

Schiffcurses wahrend der Polarexpedition unter Weyprecht 
und Payer 1872-1874. 4° Wien, 1875. 

See also ' Notara.' 

Wiistenfeld, F. Die Strasse von BaQra nach Mekka mit ,der 
Landschaft Dharija. Map. 4° Gottingen, 1871. 

Das Gebiet von Medina. Nach arabischeh Geographen 

beschrieben. Map. Squ. 8° Gottingen, 1873. 

Wyld, J. Notes to Map of Afghanistan, the Punjab, ete. 
Oblong 8° [n. d.] 

378 WTL— YOU 

Wylie, A. Notes on Chinese Literature: with Introductory 
Eemarks on the progressive advancement of the Art ; and a 
list of Translations from the Chinese into various European 
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