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Full text of "Catalogue of the collection of books and manuscripts belonging to Mr. Brayton Ives of New-York : Comprising: Early printed books, Americana, illustrated French books, works of standard authors, classical manuscripts, missals and books of hours"

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3 1924 105 731 479 



Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

This is one of a special edition of loo copies printed 
on Holland paper in the month of December, 1890. 

(^00^0 anb QUanuacnp^e* 

The Gutenberg Bible, Mentz, 14SS. 

of t^t Comc^ion of 

(glefonging to 

of (ItetosTSorft. 

€ftirfg ^nfeb Q^ooSe, 

3ffu6fratei Srenc^ QgooftB, 
TWorSg of ^fftnWi (^uf^e, 
Cfa00tcaf (glanuecri)}t0, 
Q^tseafg and Q^ooSe of jpours. 

(ptinteb cit t^e ®e (^inne pcm. 

/T is not claimed that the books described in this Catalogue 
form a Library. Tbey are only a Collection. Nearly 
twenty years ago I began a tolerably comprehensive course 
of historical reading. In selecting the works necessary for this 
I got into the way of frequenting booksellers' shops, and thus 
became inoculated with the disease which, in its development, 
made me a CoUe&or. For many years I found rest after a hard 
day's work in Wall Street, by pending an hour or two on my 
way home in one or more places where I could look over recently 
purchased books. In those days (Mr. Sabin's shop in Nassau 
Street was the favorite resort of book-coUeStors, and one could 
meet several of them there nearly every afternoon. The arrival 
of a box from London, containing new importations of books, 
was always an occasion of interest, and usually gave rise to 
keen competition for the privilege of making the first sele^ions. 
Ovir. Sabin was an enthusiastic student of Americana, and I was 
soon instilled with the same feeling. My first efforts were not 
directed to the purchase of rarities so much as to early local 
histories of towns, accounts of Indian fights, and other incidents 
of Special interest. But it is natural to work back to first 
principles, and so I found myself striving more and more every 
year to secure the original sources of our knowledge of the dis- 
covery and early history of the country. This made me more 
or less familiar with the works issued in the early part of the 
sixteenth century and the latter part of the fifteenth. Then I 
became impressed with the wonderful beauty of these volumes, 
and I began to study and collet Early Printed Books. 

The diversion of several of the finest libraries in England 
gave unexpected and most favor able opportunities to secure books 

of this description. It is not in the range of probability that 
collectors will ever again have such facilities in this dire&ion 
as were given by the sale of the Sunderland, Hamilton Palace, 
Beckford, Syston Park, and PVodbuU Libraries. They con- 
tained volumes of which bibliographers have written enthusias- 
tically for a hundred and fifty years, and which were generally 
supposed to be out of the reach of modern coUedors. I was 
fortunate enough to secure many of the more notable of these 
precidus volumes, and to crown fittingly my acquisition of them 
by the purchase of the most remarkable of aU printed books, as 
it is the first — the Gutenberg Bible. In sele^ing these examples 
of early typographical work I have always tried to get books 
which were not only beautiful and in fine condition but which 
were inherently valuable. Next to the Gutenberg Bible the 
oldest printed volume in the collection is the Catholicon of 
Balbus. It is the fourth book printed with a date (1460), and 
is the first lexicon or dictionary published. The " De Ofiiciis " 
of Cicero is remarkable as being the first classic printed 
and as exhibiting the first example of Greek characters in 
print, all previous passages having been written in. The col- 
lection contains three other First Editions of Cicero. There 
are to be found also the only known copy of the first 
printed Arithmetic, the First Editions of Apuleius, Aristotle, 
St. Augustine, Boccaccio, CcBsar, St. Chrysostom, Columbus, 
Cortes, Euclid, Euripides, Hesiod, Homer, Horace, Lactantius, 
Lascaris {the first book printed in Greek), Peter Martyr, Nepos, 
Petrarch, Pindar, Plato, Plautus, Pliny, Plutarch, Ptolemy, 
Seneca, Tacitus, Theocritus, Vespucius, and Virgil. It must 
be borne in mind that these volumes were printed direCtly from 
manuscripts and that they have, therefore, the same impor- 
tance, virtually, as the original classical codices. No matter 
what may be the estimation in which public opinion holds 

a classical education, such hooks as these will possess an 
attra^ion for intelligent men and women for all time. They 
represent the great leaders in Fiction, Poetry, Mathematics, 
Philosophy, Theology, History, and Travel, and they are the 
very foundation-stones of the literature of the cultivated world. 

The collection is strong in typographical rarities. It con- 
tains, in addition to those already named, the first three and 
the only books printed by John of Spira, the first printer of 
Venice ; the first book printed in Italy ; one by the first printers 
of Taris; one in which signatures were used for the first time; 
the first volume issued in octavo form ; the first hook printed 
by the stereotype process ; and many others of almost equal 

Next in importance are the Americana. At the head of the 
list stands the unique copy of Columbus's Letter in Spanish to 
Luis de Sant Angel, which I believe to he the earliest printed 
report of Columbus' s first voyage. Then follow the two editions 
in Latin, one of which Harrisse claims to be the first of aU the 
Latin editions, while Major makes the same claim for the other. 
PVith them is to he found also the equally rare edition in 
German. After these come the Voyages of Vespucius and of 
Cortes, the Works of Peter Martyr, the Voyages ofNune^ Caheca 
de Vaca, of Laudonniere, Jacques Cartier, Oviedo, Hakluyt, 
De Bry, Champlain, Garcilassode la Vega, Captain John Smith 
and others. The rarest of the accounts of the settlements made 
in this country by the English and French during the seven- 
teenth century are also to he found in the coUe&ion. The 
copy of Eliot's Indian Bible, which is usually classed under 
Americana, is next in interest, perhaps, to Gutenberg's great 

Of the books printed in England, Caxton's edition of 
Higden's Polychronicon stands first. It came from a dealer 

who described it as the best of the six known perfect copies. 
Wynkyn de Worde is represented by the Vitas Patrum and 
The Seven Penitential Psalms. The rare and beautiful first 
English edition of The Ship of Fools is an example of Richard 
Pynson's skill, and Arnold's Chronicle of London, printed by 
Peter Treveris, compares favorably with it. Among the works 
of Shakespeare are to be found six of the Quarto editions, the 
four Folios, the Poems, and a copy of the Venus and Adonis of 
which only one other copy is known, and that, being in the 
British Museum, is beyond the reach of the coUe^or. There are 
also First Editions of Shirley, Massinger, Teele, Daniel, Ben 
Jonson, Milton, Burns, Keats, and Shelley. The last named 
volume has a personal feature of the greatest interest, which 
is not mentioned in the Catalogue. It is a presentation copy 
from Shelley to Mary WoUstonecraft Godwin, and contains 
more than a page of her writing, in which she inscribes her 
admiration and love of Shelley. 

Among the French books are included the illustrated works 
which were published in the latter part of the eighteenth century, 
and which are remarkable for grace of design and perfe^ion 
of execution. When the drawings of Eisen, Moreau, Monnet, 
Denon, Lebarbier, and others, were skillfully engraved on copper, 
then printed on fine paper, and the whole bound with that taste 
for which the French binders are proverbial, the result was a 
book which for artistic beauty has never been excelled. It is not 
improper to say that I have exercised fastidious care in the 
sele&ion of these volumes, and that they are in the finest possible 

The study of Early Printed Books took me naturally to 
Manuscripts, and while I have not made any efforts to collet 
a great number, I have tried to secure representative examples 
of the English, French, and Italian schools. The Pembroke 

Book of Hours is not surpassed, probably, by any manuscript of 
English execution in any private coUe&ion in the world. The 
smaller manuscripts, while less important, are equally interest- 
ing as ^ecimens of the skill ofmediceval scribes and illumina- 
tors. It is instrudive to compare the French examples with 
the Books of Hours printed at Paris about the beginning of the 
sixteenth century. In some cases, only a careful examination 
will enable one to detect the differences between the written and 
the printed volumes. 

Mingled with the rarities above described will be found a 
goodly number of essays, histories, books of poetry, and works 
on political economy. IVithout laying claim to much know- 
ledge I can say truthfully that my acquaintance with my books 
has not been confined to their exteriors or to their typographical 
peculiarities. They have comforted me after many a weary day, 
and have stood often in the place of friends. I can hope nothing 
better for them and for their future owners than that they may 
receive as watchful care and give as much pleasure as while in 
my possession. 

'B. I. 

New- York, January, 1 89 1 . 

Catalogue of BOO60 anti jEanujaicnpt^. 

(K-l By GILBERT ABBOTT A BECKETT. Illustrated with lo 
w ^k highly facetious colored engravings, and 98 woodcuts, dy John 

Leech. London : Bradbury, Evans &' Co. n. d. [1847.] 

8° ; half calf, gilt back, marlled edges. 

2 ACOSTA (lOSEPH).— THE | NATVRALL | and MoraU Hiftorie of 

the I Eaft and Wejl \ Indies. | Intreating of the remarkeable things of 
Heaven, of the | Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Beafts which are pro- | per 
to that Country: Together with the Manners, | Ceremonies, Lawes, 
Govemements, and Warres of | the Indians. | Written in Spanijh by lofeph 
Acofta, and tranflated | into Englijh by E. G. | [Edward Grimstone.] Lon- 
don : I Printed by Val: Sims for Edward Blount and William | Apfley, 
1604. I 

Sm. 4"; 4 prel. leaves. Text 590 fp., fgllowed by y leaves of Table and Errata. Polished 
sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges, by W. Pratt. 

3 iESOP. — THE FABLES of uESOP, With Fifty-Six Illustrations from De- 

signs by HENRY L. STEPHENS. New York : J. W. Bouton, 1868. 
4" ; brmon cloth. 
3 »3 

14 ^^talogue of ^wth^ anti SK^omt^ecc^ist. 

. >ESOP. 

(2E(o^ ajpj^dogt rttie mpttioiogt cum 
qutliuftiam canntnum et foduiamm 
abbittonil&u^f ^ebaftiani ^cant. 

In Fine [>/. 202, verso] : 

^ttftAogi €fopt danflimt £a£iu{aton$i : una cum 
5lluiam et lUcmicij quitiuf bam fetiuiiief : pec ^Seftaftia? 
num 2&i:ant nuj^ec ceuift : abtiitifg' pec eum e]c bacijjai 
autocibuief, centum ciccitec ^ qua&caginta elegantifli? 
mijf fafidlisf, fecetiies tiictijS, et iierfiliusf : ac mubi mon? 
ftcuofjisr coplucitiujS cceatuciiei : 3[mpcefli S^afilce ojpe? 
ca et impenfa mafliCtci Slacofti be |^|joct3|)eim : 3ln^ 
no bomtnice tncacnattoijef pctmo poft qutnbectm cen^ 
teftmum : [1501] feiicitec finiunt. 

FoUo; 202 unnumbered leaves; with 33a exceedingly curious and diverting Woodcuts. 
Bound in russia leather super-extra, elaborately blind-tooled bcuk and fcmeled sides, gilt edges, by 
Clarke and Bedford. A beautiful copy (on LARGE PAPER) in the most per- 
fect CONDITION. Very Rare. 

" The very mention of jEsop darts a species of electricity through the Umbs of an ardent 
Collector. He thinks how dearly he loved in his boyish days to read the supposed adven- 
tures, the wily tricks, and the arch sayings of all the Animals introduced into this instructive 
voltime; and as his knowledge expands, and his taste becomes matured, he spares no trouble, 
nor sticks at any cost, to become the possessor of most of those impressions which are distin- 
guished for rarity, or price, or curious and costly embellishments." — DIBDIN. 


SIDE. London : W. Pickering, 1835. 

12° \ portrait, bnrwn calf, marbled edges. 

6 ALCIATUS(A.) — CLARISSIMI | \iw.T>.AiiiDVi.^MAi.-\ciatiEmbletnatutn 

libellus, uiff.lanier \ recognitus, &" ab ipfo iam au- | thore locupUtatus. \ Pa- 
ribus : I Apud Chriftianum Wechelum, fub fcuto | Bafilienfi, in uico 
lacobeo : &' fub \ Pegafo, in uico Bellouaceiifi. \ M.D.XLII. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. 121, and 3 unpaged leaves of Index; with 115 beautiful Woodcuts. Bound in 
crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled and filleted sides, with comer ormt- 
ments and center-pieces, inside broad dentelle borders, richly gilt and delicately tooled, by LORTIC. 
An elegant copy of this fascinating volume. In a sliding case. 


and MISCELLANEOUS. Edinburgh: Blackwood &' Sons, 1850. 

3 vols. 8° ; polished tree-calf extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, marbled edges. 


Commencement of the French Revolution to the Accession of Louis Na- 
poleon in MDCCCLii. Edinburgh : Blackwood fir" Sons, 1859-60. 

23 vols, and oblong atlas of maps; with Portraits engraved on steel. Elegantly bound in 
polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

1 6 Catalogue of ^ooftjs? anb £i^ttiercttjptie(. 

15 ANACREON.— n^APIA ANAKPE0NT02. Odes d'Anacreon avec 

LIV Compositions par Girodet. Traduction d'AMB. Firmin-Didot. 

Typographic de Firmin-Didot Frires. Paris : 1864. 

16°; with $1^ beautiful photographic illustrations after designs by Girodet. Cloth, uncut. 

16 ANACREON.— The ODES of ANACREON. Translated by Thomas 

Moore. With 54 Illustrative Designs by Girodet de Roussey. Now 
First Produced in England. London: n. d. [1869.] 
Oblong 12° ; chth extra, gilt edges. 

17 APULEIUS.— [L. APULEII Madaurensis OPERA ex recognitione 

JOANNIS ANDRE.^ Aleriensis, at cum ejufdem Prsfatione ad 

PAULUM II.] RoMiE, in domo Petri de Maxima (per Conradus Sweyn- 

heym et Aarnoldus Pannartz), M.CCCC.lxix. [1469.] 

First Edition. Folio; ijj leaves; ^Z long lines on full page ; without numerals, signatures, 
and catchwords. All the Initials are richly illuminated in gold and colors. The text on the recto 
of the yth leaf is surrounded by a broad arabesque border of various colors heightened with gold. 
Bound in bright green morocco extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside 
gold border, vellum fly-leaves, by Walther. From the Syston Park Library. 

The works ofApuleius end on the verso offol. i^g, without subscription ; fol. 
160 is wholly blank. Then follows, on the recto of fol. 161, Alcinous's epit- 
ome of the Platonic discipline, pireceded by an epistle to Cardinal Cusano. This 
occupies ly leaves. On the verso of the 17 th leaf is the following subscription .- 

Lucii Apuleii platonici madaurefif philofophi metamorphofeof 
liber : ac nonuUa alia opufcula eiufdem : necnon epitoma Alcinoi 
in difciplinaru Platonif definunt. Anno falutif M.CCCC.lxix 
Paulo ueneto regnante fecundo. anno eiuf qnto die uero ultima 
menfif Februarii. Romse in domo Petri de Maximo. 

18 APULEIUS.— L'ANE D'OR, ou La Metamorphose. Par Apulee. 

Traduction de Saval^te, Pr6face de J. Andrieux. Paris: Didot, 1872. 

Roy. 8° ; elegantly printed within ornamental borders, and illustrated with numerous fine engrav- 
ings on wood, from designs by A. Racinet and P. B6NARD. Half crimson levant morocco, gilt both 
and top, UNCUT. 

19 ARABIAN NIGHTS— The Thousand and One Nights, commonly 

called, in England, The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. A New Trans- 
lation from the Arabic, with copious Notes, by EDWARD WILLIAM 
LANE. Illustrated by many Hundred Engravings on Wood, from Original 
Designs by William Harvey. London : C. Knight 6- Co. 1839-41. 

3 vols. roy.S,°. First Edition. Elegantly bound in citron colored calf super-extra, gilt backs, 
colored labels, filleted sides, tops gilt, by Zabhnsdorf, fore edges UNCUT. 

•Catalogue of 25oofejS aitb a^nusrccijptsE. 17 

ao ARIOSTO (L.) — ROLAND FURIEUX, Poeme H^roique, de 
L'ARIOSTE. Traduction Nouvelle, par M. D'USSIEUX. Paris: 
chez Brunei, Libraire, rue des Acrivains, 1775-1783. 

4 voh. 8° ; sprinkled calf.gUt backs and edges. Portrait, and 92 beautiful plates by COCHIN, 
MOREAU, Bartolozzi, and others; brilliant impressions. 

Theodoro Gaza.] 

. . . Venetiis per lohannem 
de Colonia socifltj eius lohanne mathen de Gherretze. Anno 
domini M.CCCC.LXXVI. [1476,] 

First Edition, Magnificently Printed on Vellum. Folio; z^o leaves; 35 long- lines 
on a fun page; mitk signatures, but without numerals and catchwords. A sumpttious copy, with 
Arms of Catecb, 3 borders and 16 Initial letters most exquisitely illuminated in gold and brilliant 
colors by an Italian miniatore. Bound in red morocco extra, gilt back, filleted sides, with comer 
ornaments, inside gilt border, and arms of Sir M. M. Sykes stamped in gold on the sides. 

Only one other copy is known of this exceedingly beautiful specimen of John de 
COLONlA's typography, and that is in the National Library in Paris. 

The work terminates on the verso offol. 249, middle of the page, with the fol- 
lowing subscription : 

Finiunt libri de animalibus Ariftotelis interprete Theodoro 
Gaze. V. clariffimo : quos Ludouicus podocatharus Cypri- 
us ex Archefypo ipfius Theodori fideliter & diligeter aufcul 
tauit : & formulis imprimi curauit Venetiis per lohannem 
de Colonia Sociuqj eius lohanne mathen de Gherretze. 
Anno domini. M.CCCC.LXXVI. 

The recto of the last leaffol. 250, contains the register of the signatures, which 
begins thus : 

Tabula cartarum fecundum ordinem ponendarum 
And concludes with the word: 


This identical copy, which was formerly in the possession of Sir M. M. Sykes, is 
described by Dibdin in the following ecstatic terms ; " How can I omit to mention, with the 
distinction which it merits, the very beautiful, if not matchless, copy of Theodore Gaza's 
Latin vetsxya. ol" Aristotle upon Animals," ol'ihK date of 1476, in foUo, UPON VELLUM, from 
the press of John of Cologne — of which my friend Sir M. M. Sykes is the fortunate pos- 
sessor ! If my memory be not treacherous, this is the most exquisite specimen of an early 
Venetian vellum book that I have ever seen." 

See Dibdin, " Bihl. Decameron," Vol. L, pp. ^^Or^. Panzer, "Annates Typographici," Vol. 
III., p. 114. Laire, "Index Librorum ab Inventd Typographic ad Annum zsoo," ViSi.l., p. ^z. 
La Valliere, "Catalogue," Tome I., p. 470. [Braun,] "Notitia Historico-Litteraria de 
Libris ab Artis Typographic^ Inventione," etc.. Vol. II., /. 68. Hain, "Repertorium Biiliographi- 
cum,"Vo\. I., Pars I., /. 211. VAN Praet, "Catalogue des Livres Imprimis stir Vilin," Tome 
III., p. $6. 

1 8 Catalogue of ^oolfo$( anb st^amuErccq^tiEr. 


Vncommincia una practfca molto bona et uttle | a cfascbaduno 
cbi vttole ujare larte De labbacbo. treviso, 1478. 

Sm. 4°. 

"The first arithmetic published, and apparently never seen by Dr. Peacock or by 
Professor De Morgan, who cites it only on the authority of writers on the subject who proba- 
bly had merely heard of its existence. The only bibliographer who appears to have been per- 
sonally acquainted with its existence was Federici, who describes the work in his 'Memorie Tre- 
■vigiane ' (p. 73) and ascribes it to the press of Michiele Manzolo, one of the earliest of Treviso 
printers. As, however, the copy mentioned by Federici has since been lost, stolen, or mislaid, 
subsequent bibliographers have doubted or denied its existence and considered his statement 
as a blunder, more especially as in spite of the most diligent search by Brunet and other 
philobiblists, no copy could be discovered in the Biblioth&que Nationale, British Museum, 
Bodleian, or any other library, pubUc or private." 

The condition of the volume is generally good, with wide margins and untrimmed edges. 
But on some of the pages are manuscript figures which indicate that the boy of four hundred 
years ago "wrestled " with the problems just as his successors have done. It is not possible, 
however, to get a better copy, as this is, so far as known, UNIQUE. 

From the Wodhull Library. 

23 [ARMSTRONG (JOHN).] — The | ART | of preserving | 

HEALTH: \ a | POEM. | 

LONDON, Printed: | 

Philadelphia, Re-printed, and Sold by | 

B. Franklin. M.DCC.XLV. 

4° ; pp. 88, sign. A to L in fours. Bound in olive levant morocco super-extra, inside lined 
viitk dark crimson levant morocco, with broad dentelle borders, richly gilt, elaborately tooled and deli- 
cately worked after a tasteful pattern, morocco joints, top gilt, ibarbi, double fly-leaves, by Pawson 
& Nicholson. A beautiful and exceedingly rare specimen of FRANKLiN's/nBrt«jf, 
and in remarkably fine preservati/m. 

24 ARNOLD (MATTHEW).— Essays in Criticism. Boston: Ticknor 

&» Fields, 1865. 

12°; cloth. 


TURE. By Matthew Arnold, London r Smith, Elder 6* Co, 1867. 

8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


in Political and Social Criticism. By Matthew Arnold. London : Smith, 
Elder &• Co. 1869. 

8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


London: Macmillan &• Co. mdccclxix. 
2 vols. 12° ; green cloth, uncut. 

€ataIosue of 52E»oofi|( rniti 9i^Ujeicri]^. 19 


toms OF London. 

'^^n t^ iiofte I i0 cometmti | pe nameier of | ttft iiaplp^ 

^■L I CuiETtojEfe ma | ptc^ anti 0^t \ td^ of pe c? | te of 

J^ loiibon I fcom tl^ tp | me of fepnge Jflicljacli t^ tpt^ 

% aljSo I tl^ artptfejS of pc "Cliartoiu: anti IpBac | tpe^s 

of t|)e jEfame €pte ^nti of t^ t^ \ tout anb IpIiactpejEi of 

<lEnsIanti toitD | otfjec bpuer^ matterje^sooHantineceisr | ja^arpfor 

euecp cpte^en to tonbecjertoiUi | anb ftnotoe. 3@l^ict)e Ben j6e|)etoeb 

in I cliaj^ptecjtf aftpc tfje fbunne of ttiiise fta | ientipt foiotopnge : 

FoUo ; printed in black letter, iaund in olive crusked morocco by CoVERLEY, gilt edges. 

Although this book has neither title page, date, printer's name, nor place of publication, it is 
well known to be the second edition of Arnold's Chronicle printed by Peter Treveris about isai. 
The first edition was printed in Antwerp in 1503. 

This copy is perfect in every way. Both as a rare specimen of early printing and a chron- 
ide of the old corporations of London and many curious customs of the City, the volume pos- 
sesses nnusiuU interest. 

29 ARNOLD (THOMAS).— WORKS, comprising : I. History of Rome, 

3 vok. II. History of the Later Roman Commonwealth, 2 vols. III. 
Sermons, 6 vols. IV. Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, 
D. D., by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, 2 vols,, fine portrait. London : 

13 vols. 8° ; bound in polished tree-calf super-extra, gill iacis, marbled edges, except ' ' Life " by 
Stanley, 2 vols. 8°, cloth, uncut. 

30 ARS MORIENDL — (Editio Princeps, circa 1450.) A Reproduction of 

the Copy in the BRITISH MUSEUM, Edited by W. HARRY RYLANDS, 
F. S. A. With an Introduction by GEORGE BULLEN, F. S. A., &c., 
Keeper of the Printed Books in the British Museum. Jointed for the Hol- 
bein Society. London : m.dccc.lxxxi. 

4° ; cloth, uncut. 

A beautifiil reproduction of this unique BLOCK-BOOK, for which the trustees of the 
British Museum paid, at the Weigel Sale, at Leipsic, in 1872, the sum of ;f 1,072101., exclusive of 
commission, being the highest price ever paid by them for any single xylographic or printed work. 

31 ARTHUR OF LITTLE BRITAIN.— The History of the Valiant 

Knight, ARTHUR OF LITTLE BRITAIN. A Romance of Chivahy. 
OriginaUy Translated from the French by JOHN BOURCHIER, Lord 
Berners. a New Edition [Edited by E. V. Utterson]. With a series 
of richly colored Plates, from Illuminated Drawings in a valuable MS. of 
the Original Romance. London: Printed for White, Cochrane b' Co., Fleet 
Street, 1814. 

4° ; bound in green levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, broad gold borders on the 
sides, inside gilt borders. A splendid copy, in exceptionally fine condition. Scarce. 

20 ^Cotdogue of S^ooftjet anb ai^anujeicc^jes. 




Gratia del omnipotente Dio, Opera certamente vti- 

lisfima, & a qualunq ; uero chriftiano molto ne- 

ceffario, Nouamente con fumma diligentia 

reuifta & ftampada con le figuere 

debite alii luochi conue- 

nienti repofte. 

In Fine [fol. 20, veno] : 

C ^tanijpata in Clenetta pet Ctittoc be ^lauant 
% Conijpagni SDei. 1536- 

5«».4° ; 20 unnumbered leaves, sign. A to E in fours; 36 lines to afullpage; with 13 extremely 
curious Woodcuts. Bound in dark green levant morocco super-extra, blind-tooled back and sides, 
with large center-pieces appropriately ornamented with a gilt SKULL ; inside broad gilt borders, by 

33 A[SH (T[HOMAS]) CAROLINA j | or A | Description | Of the 

Present State of that | COUNTRY, | and | The Natural Excellencies 
thereof, viz. The | Healthfulnefs of the Air, Pleafantnefs of the Place, | Ad- 
vantage and Ufefulnefs of thofe Rich Commo- ( dities there plentifully 
abounding, which much | encreafe and flourifh by the Induftry of the Plan- | 
ters that daily enlarge that Colony. \ Publijhed by T.[homas] A.[sh.] Gent, j 
Clerk on Board his Majefties Ship the Richmond, which was ( sent out in 
the Year 1680, with particular Inftructions to | enquire into the State of that 
Country, by His Majefties | Special Command, and Retum'd this Prefent 
Year, 1682. | LONDON: \ Printed for W. C. and to be Sold by Mrs. 
Grover in Pelican \ Court in Little Britain, 1682. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (2) 40. Light polished calf extra, gilt back, yellow edges, by F. Bedford. 

34 A TRVE I Coppie of a Dis- | course written by a Gentleman, | employed 

in the late Voyage of | Spaine and Portingale ■' | '^ | Sent to his particular 
friend, and | by him published, for the better satisfacti- | on of all such, as hau- 
ing been sedu- | ced by particular report, haue entred in- ( to conceipts tend- 
ing to the dis- I credit of the enterprise, and \ Actors of the | Same. \ (Device.) 
At London: | Printed for Thomas Woodcock | dwelling in Paules Church- 
yard, at I the signe of the \ blacke Scare, 1589. 

Sm. 4° ; printed in 'SBIacft %mtX, and bound by Pratt in dark blue morocco, back and 
edges gilt. 

An exceedingly rare and interesting account (by a participant) of the unsuccessful attack on 
Lisbon in 1589 by the English army and fleet under command of Norris and Drake. 

Catalogue of ^tik^ anb Si^mije(ct^i9;« 21 


Complet d'EcRiTURE Sainte, grav6 par vingt artistes distingues de Paris, 
e/c. Paris: 1844. 

Jlcfy. 4" ; boards, UNCUT. 

36 AUDUBON (J. J.)— The BIRDS OF AMERICA, from Drawings 

made in the United States and their Territories. By JOHN JAMES 
AUDUBON. New York: J. J. Audubon, 1840-44. 

7 vols. roy. 8° ; with 500 beautifully colored plates, half green morocco, gilt iacis and edges. 
The First and Best Edition in this form, published during the author's lifetime, in 
one hundred parts. A fine, clean copy. 


{^fol. la) Aurelii Auguftini de ciuitate dei 
primi libri incipiunt Rubric^. 
In Fine (fol. 257 second column of the recto) : 

egregii atc^ Epifcopi ypponenCs de ciui- 
tate dei liber uicefimuffecundus explicit 
contra paganos. Sub anno a natiuitate 
domini. M.CCCC.LXVII". Pontificaf 
PAVLI Pap9 fecundi anno eius temo. 
Temo regnante Romanox Impatore 
FREDERICO. Indictioe. XV. die uero 
duodecima menfis luiui. 


FIRST edition, and of the HIGHEST DEGREE OF RARITY. It begins 
with the Table, which occupies 12 leaves ; then follows the Text on 257 leaves, ending on 

the recto, second column, of the last, with the words DEO GRATIAS. ^l_ Some copies 

are without these last two mysterious words, which are supposed to signify, "_Godt allein die 
Ehre" (To God alone the Honor). There are neither numerals, signatures, catchwords, nor 
prefixes to the chapters. The first page is painted in Flower Scrolls and illuminated, and 
the large Initials at the beginning of each book (22 in number) are finely painted and illumi- 
nated. The present is a fine, large copy, clean and sound, with rough edges, excepting the last 
two leaves, which have been repaired. Size n% x 11 inches. 

Bound in old red morocco, double paneled sides, gilt borders, with comer ornaments. 

%* This edition was printed in the Monastery at Subiaco, and is the M«n/ known produc- 
tion of that Monastic Press. From the exact resemblance of its types to those of the edition of 
Lactantius, executed two years before, in the same Monastery, and firom both these works 
being expressly noticed by Sweynheym and PanNARtz among the earliest of their produc- 
tions (in the list of works prefixed to their edition of De Lyra's Commentary printed in 1472), 
there is every probability to conclude that these artists were the printers of the present work. 
Meerman tells us " he turned over the leaves of this book, in the exquisite Library of the Earl 
of Sunderland, in the year 1759," and agrees with Maittaire in assigning it to the Subla- 
censian Press. (" Orig. Typog." Vol. II. pp. 245-6.) Dibdin describes this splendid volume as 
being "one of those choice specimens of rare ancient printing which a tasteful collector 
rejoices to place in his library." ["Bibl. Spenceriana," Vol. \.p. 170.) 


22 Catalogue of ^mh^ anb a^ujscrijrtj^, 

38 W^ACON (F.) — The WORKS of FRANCIS BACON. . . Lord 
1^^ High Chancellor of England. Collected and Edited by James 
*^*^F Spedding, M. a,, Robert Leslie Ellis, M. A., and Douglas 
Denon Heath. Cambridge: IHnted at the Riverside Press, i^td'^, 

15 vols. 8° ; half blue morocco, tops gilt, front edges UNCUT, rubricated titles. Portraits on 
India Paper. Large Paper: zoo copies only printed, and rurw scarce in this size. 

An elegant example of American Typography. It is an accurate reprint of the best 
English edition, with additions and corrections by the chief editor, Mr. James Spedding. 
The size is more convenient, and the Index much more complete, than that of the London 


published Papers. By William Hepworth Dixon. Boston : Ticknor b' 
Fields, 1 86 1. 

8° ; half blue morocco, top gilt, front edges UNCUT, rubricated title. LARGE PAPER. 75 
copies printed. 

40 BADIUS.— 3|0tl0tt ^bij afCe | Cj stultifer^ nauicul^ feu fcaphf, 

Fatu I arum mulierum: circa fenfus quincg ex | teriores fraude nauigan- 
tium. I 
Stultifer^ naues fenfus animofqj trahentes | Mortis in exitium. | 
In Fine: 
Impreffit honeftus lohannes pru§ 
Ciuis Argentinenfis, Anno falutis 

Sm. 4° ; 24 unnumbered leaves, 33 lines to a full page, not including the running title ; with 7 
EXCEEDINGLY CURIOUS WooDCUTS, each occupying half a page, representing 7 boat-loads of 
' ' Female Pools. ' ' Bound in full russia extra, paneled and filleted sides, with large and small comer 
ornaments, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. A beautiful copy of the FIRST EDITION. 


A good account of this pungent satire on " Female Fools " is found in Wright's "History 
of Caricature and Grotesque," etc., Land., 1864, pp. 223-4: "The first cut represents the ship 
carrying Eve alone of the female race, whose folly involved the whole world. The book is 
divided into five chapters, according to the number of the five senses, each sense represented by 
a boat carrying its particular class of foolish women to the great ship of fooUsh women, which 
lies off at anchor. The text consists of a dissertation on the use and abuse of the particular 
sense which forms the substance of the chapter, and it ends with Latin verses, which are given 
as the boatman's celeusma, or boat song." 


A Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by 
John Ball and Edward Shirley Kennedy. London: Longman, 

3 vols. 8°; with Maps, Chromo-Lithographic Plates, and numerous Woodcuts; 
half maroon morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. Scarce. 

<CataIo0uc of 25oofeiSf anb a^ujefcrijitjai. 23 


(foi. i«j [i.]iFicipit fumma quauocaf catboUcon. e5ita a fra 
tre iobanne 5e ianua. or&infs frat? prebicatoe. 
iRotobfa queba gs | gramatice nuncupa | tur. ipar* 
tes Wquibem | gramatice funt qua | tuor. filicet 
ortbog | pbia etb^mologia | bialintaftica et pro i 
tobfa. ©rtbo^pbia | b'r ab ortbos quob | e rectum 
et grapbfa | fcriptura. Hn ortbog | pbia. i. trac* 
tatuB be I 

On the recto of the last leaf but one, at the bottom of the second column, 
is the following Colophon : 

aitiflimf preflbfo cuius nutu infantium lingue fi 
unt biterte. Qui « nUo fepe £uulis reuelat quob 
fapientibus celat Ibic liber egregius. catbolicon. 
bflice incarnacionis annis /lb cccc Is Hlma in ur 
be maguntina nacionis indite germanice. (Siuam 
bei clemencia tarn alto ingenij lumine. bono (33 g 
tuito. ceteris terra? nacionibus pref erre. illuttrare 
<B bignatus eft Bon calami, ftili. aut penne fuffra 
gio. C5 mira patrona? f orma? an concorbia ^or 
clone et mobulo. impreffus at® conf ectus eft. 
1binc tibi fancte pater nato cu flamine Cacro. Xaus 
et bonor bno trino tribuatur et uno JEcclelie lau 
be libro boc catbolice plaube (Siui laubare piam 
temper non linque mariam I>B© (BIRHCIFHS 

Large folio. Elegantly bound in heavy grosgr. crimson levant morocco super-extra, richly gilt 
back, filleted sides with comer ornaments, paneled inside with broad morocco borders, richly gilt 
and finely tooled, morocco joints, by Wm. Matthews. UNCUT EDGES. In a sliding case 
lined with chamms skin. 

FIRST EDITION, printed in small Gothic characters in double columns, without marks 
of any land. It contains 373 leaves, which number is correct according to Panzer, Hain, 
and Brunet ; but Dibdin makes the copy he describes in " Biil. Spenceriana " to contain 375 
leaves, evidently trusting to the pencil numbers to which he refers. The Capitals and 
Initials throughout the volume are painted in red and blue. This magnificent volume, which 
is attributed to the press of JO HN GUTENBERG, is regarded as the Fourth Book printed 
with a date ; and its extraordinary rarity and value have been mentioned by most BibUog- 
raphers. Its importance is largely due to the fact that it is the FIRST LEXICON or diction- 
ary ever published. The present copy is an exceedingly fine one; the leaves measure 16x11^ 
inches. It is sound and perfect in every leaf, and nearly as clean as if it had but just been 
issued from the press. The copy in Sir John Thorold's Library, with edges cut and gilt, sold 
in 1884 for ;^400. 


24 <jrat^o0itt of 95oofeier anii ai^anu^cript^. 


LANIES. New York: Harper 6?" Brothers, 1855. 
8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


from the Discovery of the American Continent. Boston : Little, Brown 
b' Company, 1866-74. 

10 vols. 8° ; forlraits and maps, half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


STATES of North America. By Hubert Howe Bancroft. Vol. I. 
Wild Tribes. Vol. II. Civilized Nations. Vol. III. Myths and Lan- 
guages. Vol. IV. Antiquities. Vol. V. Primitive History. New York: 
D. Appleton 6f° Company, 1875-76, 

S vols. 8° ; maps and engravings, brown cloth. 


With a particular Description to each View. Drawn and Engraved by 
J.W.Barber. New Haven: 1825. 

12° ; with 6 colored plates, half roan, 


(CONN.) from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Collected and 
Compiled from the most Authentic Sources by J. W. Barber. New Haven : 

12°; with map and colored engravings, half roan, UNCUT. 

48 BARNES (D. M.)— The DRAFT RIOTS in NEW YORK, July, 

1863. The Metropolitan PoUce : their Services during Riot Week, their 
Honorable Record. By David M. Barnes. New York: Baker £r» 
Godwin, 1863. 

8°; pp. 117, half roan. Scarce. 

49 BARRfi (L.) — HERCULANUM et POMPfil, Recueil General des 

Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, etc. D^couverts jusqu'i ce jour, et repro- 
duits d'apr^s Le Antichita di Ercolano, il Museo Borbonico, et tous 
les Ouvrages analogues; Augment^ de Sujets In6dits, Graves au trait but 
Cuivre par H. Roux ain^, et accompagn^ d'une Texte explicatif par M. L. 
Barr^. Paris : Firmin-Didot Frires, mdcccxl. 

8 vols. imp. 8° ; boards, UNCUT. A fine copy in excellent condition of the First Edition. 
The Musde Secret is included. 

Catalogue of ^ooftjs? atib lai^UjEfcn^tje^. 25 

50 BARRY (THOMAS). — Narrative of the Singular Adventures 
and Captivity of Mr. Thomas Barry, among the Monsipi Indians, in 
the unexplored Regions of North America, during the years 1797, 1798, & 
1799: Including the Manners, Customs, &c., of that Tribe; also a particu- 
lar Account of his Escape, accompanied by an INDIAN FEMALE; the 
extraordinary Hardships they encountered ; and their safe Arrival va. London. 
Written by Himself. Sommers Town: Printed and published by 
A. Neil, 1800. 

18° ; fp. 60, plate, light polished calf extra, gilt edges, by W. Pratt. 

51 [»aiRUlb©aLms &e Sajoferrato.] 

C XTractatuB procurators eWtus tub nomine 
DiaboU : qn pettjt fuftttfa cora &eo. ti bta virgo 
/iDaria tc oppoCult ctra tpm : et obtinuit. necno 
obmututt pugna contra genus bumanum. 

[Absque anni, loci et typographi indicatione, 

sed RoMiE, Steph. Plannck, circa 1480.] 

Sm. 4° ; 10 leaves, 32 lines to a full page, boards. A BEAUTIFUL COPT, IN PERFECTLY 
clean condition, excessively RARE. 

52 BARTRAM (JOHN).— OBSERVATIONS on the Inhabitants, Cli- 
mate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matters worthy of 
Notice. Made by MR. JOHN BARTRAM, in his Travels from PEN- 
SILVANIA to Onondaga, Oswego, and the Lake Ontario, in Canada. 
To which is annex'd a Courious Account of the Cataracts at NIAGARA. 
By MR. PETER KALM, A Sweedi/h Gentleman who traveled there. 
London: Printed for J. Whiston and B. White, in Fleet Street, 1751. 

8°: Title, pp. 94, folding map; light polished calf super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted 
sides, by W. Pratt. 

e,^ BASCOM (A.) POLITICAL ECONOMY: Designed as a Text-Book 
for Colleges. By JOHN BASCOM, A. M. Andover: i860. 

12° ; cloth. 

54 BATES (S. P.)— The BATTLE of GETTYSBURG. By Samuel P. 

Bates. Philadelphia : T. H. Davis &" Co. 1875. 

8° ; pp. 336. Maps and engravings, isporimits engraved on steel. Hue cloth. 

55 BEALE (E. F.) and HEAP (G. H.) — CENTRAL ROUTE to the 

PACIFIC, from the Valley of the Mississippi to California : Journal 
of the Expedition of E. F. Beale and Gwinn Harris Heap. Philadel- 
phia: 1854. 

8° ; with 13 tinted plates, gray cloth. 

26 €at^o0ue of ^ooW anb £i^anu$(cn{)tjs?« 

56 BEAMISH (N. L.) — The Discovery of America by the Northmen, in 

the Tenth Century, with Notices of the Early Settlements of the Irish in 
the Western Hemisphere. By North Ludlow Beamish. London : T. 
b" W. Boone, 1841. 

8° ; 2 maps and plate, boards, rough edges. 


London : W. Pickering, 1853. 

12° ; portrait, brorwn calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 


Facts ; indicative of the present Condition of Society, Manners, Religion, 
and Morals, among the Spanish and Native Inhabitants of Mexico . . . 
as they appeared during part of the Years 1825, 1826, and 1827 ... By 
Mark Beaufoy. London: 1828. 

8° ; //. xii., 310. Map and plates, boards, UNCUT. 


& FLETCHER; The Text formed from a New Collation of the Early 
Editions. With Notes and a Biographical Memoir, by the REV. 
ALEXANDER DYCE. London : Moxon, mdcccxliii. 

II vols. 8° ; portraits, bound in light polished coif extra, gilt backs and tops, front edges UNCUT. 
Very Fine Copy. Best Edition. Scarce. 

60 BECKER (Prof. ^V. A.) — GALLUS, or Roman Scenes of the Time 

of Augustus. With Notes and Excursuses Illustrative of the Maimers and 
Customs of the Romans. Translated by the REV. FREDERICK MET- 
CALFE, M. A. Fourth Edition. London : Longmans, 1873. 
Post?P; polished tree-calf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges, filleted sides, by Riviere. 

61 BECKER (Prof. W. A.) — CHARICLES, or Illustrations of the 

Private Life of the Ancient Greeks. With Notes and Excursuses. 
Translated by the REV. FREDERICK METCALFE, M. A. Fourth 
Edition. London: Longmans, 1874. 

Post 8° ; polished tree-calf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges, filleted sides, by Riviere. 


PHY of EXPRESSION. Second Edition. London : John Murray, 1824. 

4° ; cloth, UNCUT. Excellent impressions of the plates. 

63 BELL (W^. A.) — New Tracts in North America. A Journal of 

Travel and Adventure whilst engaged in the Survey for a Southern Rail- 
road to the Pacific Ocean during 1867-8. By WILLIAM A. BELL, 
M. A. . . London: Chapman b" Hall, 1869. 

2 vols. 8° ; with map, 20 colored lithographic plates, andzi woodcuts, cloth, UNCUT. 

<E^taIogue of ^oolt$r anb ^^anu^ect^iEf. 27 

64 BENTON (T.)— THIRTY YEARS' VIEW; or, A History of the 

Working of the American Government for Thirty Years, from 1820 to 
1850. . . With Historical Notes and Illustrations, and some Notices of 
Eminent Deceased Cotemporaries. By a Senator of Thirty Years. 
[Thomas Benton.] New York: D. Appteton 6* Company, 1854. 
2 voh. roy. 8° ; cloth, portrait. 






With the manner of their difcouerie 

Aimo 1609, by the fliipwrack and admirable deliuerance 

of Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Sommers, wherein 

are bulyfet forth the commodities and profits of 

that Rich, Pleafant and Healthfull 



An Addition, or m^re ample relation of 

diners other remarkeable matters concerning thofe 

Hands fince then experienced, lately fent 

from thence by one of the Colonic now 

there refident. 


God hath made euery thing beautiful in his time. 

Printed by W. Stansbyfor W. Welby, 
Sm. 4° ; 4 prel. leaves, and Pipages, n. n. Twenty pages of the Text are in Black Letter, 
the remaindtr in Roman, elegantly bound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 
paneled and filleted sides, with comer ornaments, by F. Bedford. 


Prof. Tyler says: "It is a book of marveloi:s power. ... It has some sentences which 
for imagination and pathetic beauty, for vivid applications of appalling danger and disaster, 
can hardly be surpassed in the whole range of English Prose. " ( " Hist. Am. Lit. ' ' Vol. /.,p.4z.] 

66 BfeRANGER (P. J.) — CEUVRES COMPLETES, Edition Unique 

revue par I'Auteur. Orn^e de 104 Vignettes en Taille-Douce dessin^es 
par les Peintres les plus c61^bres. Paris : Perrotin, 1834. 4 vols. DER- 

28 Catalogue of 25oofe^ anb a^u^cri^tief* 

NI£RES chansons de Beranger, de 1834 k 1851, avec une Lettre 
et une Preface de I'AuTEUR. Varis: Ferroim, 18 sj. r vo/. MUSI QUE 
des CHANSONS de Bj^ranger, Airs Not6s Anciens et Modemes. 
Neuvi&me Edition, revue par Fr^d^ric B^rat, augment6e de la Musique 
des Chansons Posthumes. D'Airs composes par B&anger, Hal^vy, Gou- 
nod, et Laurent de Rill6. Paris: PerroHn, 1865. i vol. MA BIO- 
GRAPHIE, Ouvrage posthume de P. J. de Beranger. Avec un 
Appendice et un grand nombre de Notes In^dites de Bj^ranger sur ses 
Chansons. Deuxi&me Edition. Paris : Perrotin, 1859. i vol. 

7 vols. 8° ; with numerous beautiful plates on steel, from the designs of Johannot, Gigoux, 
Boulanger, etc., all hrilliant proof impressions on India Paper, and an EXTRA series of colored 
plates by H. Monnier; elegantly bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs, 
filleted sides, broad inside gill borders, edges gUt over marble, by Masson-De Bonnfille. 

67 BEROALDUs(p.)— SDecIamatto^ljiiit^jpt | ^croattii be tnfiuje^ 
&atn&^ e£info : ktiti | tatote : et aleotte non vmn^ tt£U^ ^5 
iticm^a. I 

In Fine: 

C €;e officina ttatona ^l&etti l^afratii ^tmo 

abtrgtneo jami a?.€€€€,f ijc 

a^enfe ^ugulJto. 

Sm. 4° ; 13 leaves, 31 lines to a full page, elegantly bound in brown levant morocco super-extra, 
paneled and filleted sides, gilt edges, by W. Pratt. Vert Rare. 

68 [BEVERLEY (ROBERT)] THE | H I STO RY | AND | Prefent 

State I OF I V I R G I N I A, I In Four PARTS. | I. The History of 
the Firfl Settlement | of Virginia, and the Government there- | of, to the 
Prefent Time. | II. The Natural Productions and Conveni- | ences of 
the Country, fuited to Trade | and Improvement. | III. The Native In- 
dians, their ReUgion, Laws, | and Cuftoms, in War and Peace. | IV. The 
prefent State of the Country, as to | the Polity of the Government, and the 
I Improvements of the Land. | £ya Native and Inhabitant of the Place. 
I London : | Printed for R. Parker^ at the Unicorn, under the Piazza's of 
the Royal-Exchange, MDCCV. 

8° ; 7 prel. leaves, including the frontispiece, title, dedication, and preface ; Table and Errata, 
sopp.; Text, Book I., zo^pp.; Book II., ^pp.; Book III., 6a, pp.; followed by a folded sheet con- 
taining the Census of 1703; Book IV., 83 pp., with nfine copperplates by S. Gribelin, reduced 
from De Bry's Latin edition of Haiiot's " Admiranda Narratio." Richly bound in dark blue 
wrinkled morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides, with comer ornaments and double 
borders, broad inside borders. A sumptuous Copy of the First Edition, and VERY 
RARE in such fine condition. 

" Beverley is the best authority concerning the particular subjects delineated in his quaint 
and agreeable pages; and his work affords the most vivid, comprehensive, instructive, and 
entertaining picture of Virginia at the date of his writing that is to be found." — "North Ameri- 
can Review," Vol. \.pp. 158-161. 




Dcptauata toragnt-tt fartamtttta re 
rirfit puro tt fiiDtlt aptrirc Emnntmtl 
a fathDioIia ud a raalignie lettodto 
lunt ucrctto libtoa url i mmibrania 
purpurrio-auro argtratp DeTraproe: 
uri unrialibiio ut uitltjo niiitit litmiB 
ontta riiagio rfarata quara toBirro: 
QuniotD mitt|i mnfq; jimttantpau' 
pttco Ijatec ttOulantt non tam pul; 
troB mBitra quam rmaama . Xitca-^ 
m Qumn taitio tt fcptuaginta mm 
jmoactmcaiujEta btbrraa-f larinu 
ratolabotc ttanararft.i9igatunur' 
quirq-.qfimiltrttBuDiDlurotmagia ; 
' maliunlu jjbtt j)(o£ni6 frmf*'' 

' i.uitRftdlaiunrotcpmti 
aiifpalmaii folia romp li 
fjrmi aut III fuiDtt milt9 

Drnttia opus rnllirira mftc ptttrada- 
rrmmulluB ramOmt nnno rtprd;tn 
ijtttt. iHur aut quia iuita faittnnam 
(ialuatonB aolo oprtan tibu qui no 
pmt rt annqua Stminoiu oolummu 
uiara ftntibuo oitgultiTq! purgatn 
mot itnttji gtminua infiaitur • njm- 
4or uirioi) falfariue aotor-ct tttott*' 
non au&ttt ftQ fttttc . Eanta tft nuni 
uEtu Katie onTunuiD ut ttta conCefia 
plrafqt oitia plaitant:Iiii nia|[ie pid< 
ttoB uolut Ijabttt tolntto qua mrni* 
DatoB-iDuapropttt o fcattto Uilrtit 
&mi unicu nobilicatiB rt bumilttatis 
tinnplai tt pro Babdla lalatia ijun- 
tttlifq; raunuCoiliB tnonadjoi? • Ipiii< 
tualia btt tt raanfuta Bona fuftipitn 
iattbat in artrort rt umnito ftattbat 
ttmij-uittgrii rt immatulatiiq! gaulif, 
tt.lDuoinD mim poft probationnn 
atq; uidona Bupliaa Tunt a amMa 

rtOBitarita rgo in Imjua nofltam ut 
auBadtt loquat • to ru ijabftc qut a^ 
nii&tat igimr rt uoa rt aniiqurniqi lt< 
dortni folita pEationr mraonco tt in 
prinripqB iibroi? taDf frnip annrica 
mgir.nttubiruqf frinp pteaiJ&co oir- 
gtdae uiirnnB-rdatieraqutlubitAa 
funt in brbraina uoluraitribi non Ip- 
, tjETLiSorm ubi Mr rraagn pfiiUtnt- 
j-t/,/ 1| Ijtbrra in fttmonr nfo aBBita funt. 
/Hrcnon tt ilia qur babtri oiBtban^ 
'_\\t tur-ttitanjraqjrartantutrmlimilr 
'^j^;*i gmtibuo tollttmt-orantibuB oobia 
' /' niagno Inbore nmt|i : mania uiilt 
quiB tf DBio ram rtdtfija ttifii nttmt 
.■^tura rama- qua n alintura ntgorio. 
ifyuliriiiiUijfjjlotnlnnpit libcr iob 
• :^,.. T—T t- iT-Ts^ a ttat m ittta Ifua 
ft rtttBtna a malo. 
tij-i ttts filn.i66iit poMm ri' ftpte 
railia ouiii-ct tria miiia taratlorura: 
quingtnta tp iuga boum tt quiimtn^ 
tt afmnai farailia mtta nrarie.i&at 
qi uir lUr magnua inttt nifita nrinb 
talts . Sb ibant Uiiciua tt Eatubont 
mutuin prt Bsnoe-onuTquirqt in im 
rua.iEt mmttme noiabam me bm' 
rta luae-ut Qumtamt tt bifattzt nini 
nB.Cunic in otbtm nionTiflimt Bite 
tonuimi rnittdBt a& toa iob tt bmiti 
btauit illoe : taHicgmffn Biluifa oK^ 
itbot oloiaufia ptc rmguloa . Siim 
bat ttrim./Ht Bsttptecautrint fili^ mti: 
tt btnttdiEtnnttn) m nKBiii3liue.S)it 
taatbat iob nindu Bitbue . IDuoBa 
aut Bit lO utmlTtm Uij (a ut aOiftas 
mrara Biio : affiiit inter toa tnara fo> 





'A-^i ^ 

The Gutenberg Bible,, Mentz, 14S5. 

Catalogue of 25ooftsf anb a^anuj^cn^tjef, 29 

69 Cf)e (3nttnhtXQ MUt. 


The Bible in Latin, with the Prologue of Saint Jerome. THE 

^0£f)tC PfPt: hundreds of illuminaUd capital letters, brilliantly colored 
and decorated, many of them heightened with gold. Two volumes folio. 

MENTZ : Joannes Gutenberg. [1450-1455 ?] 

In the original binding, thick oak boards covered with stamped calf, orna- 
mented brass comers and center-pieces, with bosses ; many leaves with uncut 
edges; measuring ii}4 by 15^ inches on the leaf. Without title pages, 
pagination, or signatures ; 641 leaves printed in double columns, 42 lines to a 
full column / the initials and rubrics in manuscript throughout. The first vol- 
ume contains 324 leaves (of which one is in facsimile) and ends with the 
Psalms s the second has 317 leaves (sixteen in facsimile). 

"The honor of producing the first and, as many think, the most perfect book, is now 
ascribed to Gutenberg alone. Fust not coming in for a share of the credit of the invention until 
after his famous lawsuit in 1455, when the Bible had been finished. We call it, therefore, the 
Gutenberg Bible, and have no sympathy for any French name given to it simply because a 
copy found in a Paris library had the honor of being described by a French bookseller." — H. 
Stevens (in Caxton Celebration Catalogue). 

It was known formerly as the " Mazarin Bible " from the fact that the earliest published 
description of it was based on a copy discovered by De Bure in the Mazarin Library. 

While it is impossible to fix with accuracy the date of the appearance of this first printed 
book, it is generally believed to have been published between 1450 and 1455. That it was not 
later than 1456 is shown by a MS. note which is in the copy in the National Library in Paris 
which states that it was " illuminated, bound and completed on the day of the Assumption of 
the Virgin Mary [Aug. 15], 1456, by Henricus Albrech, alicis Cremer," Vicar of the Collegiate 
Church of St. Stephen at Mayence. 

Some copies, which may be called a SECOND ISSUE, have 40 lines on each of the first eight 
pages, 41 on the ninth, and the rest 42. In the later issue the three red lines at the beginning 
are in type, and not in manuscript as in the 42-Une issue. In the first volume of this copy the 
beginning of the prologue to the Pentateuch (recto of 4th leaf), of the book of Genesis (recto 
of Sth leaf), and the title and finis (Incipit and Explicii) of each of the books, from Genesis to 
Ruth, inclusive, are rubricated in manuscript, not printed. 

The Gutenberg Bible, as Dibdin remarks in his description of Earl Spencer's copy, has 
been "justly praised for the strength and beauty of the paper, the exactness of the register, the 
luster of the ink, and the general splendor and magnitude of the volumes." In Asher's 
announcement, in 1873, the present copy is claimed to be the most beautiful of all known 
copies on paper. " It is not only the tallest and almost uncut copy, but it is of remarkable fresh- 
ness and purity, and though it has never been subjected to washing, is without the least stain. 
One sees by the costliness of Its binding and by the beauty of its painted initials, heightened 
with gold and decorated in arabesques, that it was intended for the library of some prince or 
great nobleman. This exceptional excellence brought it ill-fortune, for some barbarian or 
crazed amateur has taken from it a few leaves, doubtless for the sake of their capital letters." 
By extraordinary good luck some ancient paper was found like that on which the Bible was 
printed, and the missing leaves were reproduced by photolithographic facsimile with such 
success that it is not easy to distinguish them. The copy is so nearly uncut that many of the 
manuscript cues for the rubricator are preserved at the extreme upper margins of the leaves. 


so ((Tatalogue of ^ooft^ anti £i^anu^cnptief. 

On the outer margins can be seen also the holes made by the pins by which the sheets were 
fastened while going through the press. It is, in other words, just as it came from the press 
and the hands of the great Inventor of Printing, and, so far as known, is in this respect 
UNIQUE. The only other copy of this Bible in the United States is in the Lenox Library ; 
that, however, is one of the "forty-line " edition above referred to, and generally regarded as 
later than this. A copy was sold in December, 1884, in London, for ^'3,900. It was much 
smaller than this copy, and was in modern binding. 

The compiler of a catalogue should guard against eulogistic description, but it is difficult to 
restrain one's enthusisism while contemplating these magnificent volumes. Gutenberg may 
have failed in his preliminary trials, but if so, he concealed the fact. So far as we know, he 
worked patiently until his standard was reached, and then gave to the world a work which as 
a first production must always be regarded as the most wonderful triumph of inventive genius 
known to history. Although nearly four and a half centuries have passed since its publication, 
this book still stands preeminent as a specimen of the printer's skill ; and there is no reason to 
believe that the coming centuries will produce anything which will deprive it of the position it 
now holds. 







Tranflated into the 



Ordered to be Printed by the Commiffioners of the Vnited Colonies 


At the Charge, and with the Confent of the 


For the Propagation of the Gofpel amongft the Indians 

in New-England. 

Printed by Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnfon, 
Collation : Title, i /. Dedication to King Charles II., 2 /. List of 
Books, I /. Text, Genesis to Malachi, A to M.mmmtn in 4s. [New Test.] 
Title, wusku | WUT-TESTAMENTUM | nul-lordumun | JESUS 
CHRIST I Nuppoquohwuffuaeneiimun. | Cambridge : | Printed by Samuel 
Green and Marmaduke Johnfon, \ MDCLXI. | i /.; verso blank. Text : 
Matthew to the end of Luke, sigs. A^ to verso of L*; John to Rev. Aa to 
verso of XX3, all in 4s ; i leaf blank. {Psalms in Meter.] VVAME | 

Ketoohomae uketoohomaongafli | DAVID. | 50 unnumbered leaves, sigs. 
A to N2 in 4s. [Caieckism.] Noowomoo Wnttinnoowaonk God, ete. | i /. 
Size of printed page in full, 6^ inches by 4^ inches. Of the leaf, 'j}4 


Sm. 4°; olive levant gros-gmined morocco, elegantly ornamented iack and double paneled sides, 
diamond center and diamond comers in rich Harleian style, joints inside richly hand-tooled and crim- 
son silk linings against marble paper facings, double silk head-bands, enclosed in a Solander case 
of blue English morocco, full gilt and lettered back, lined with white velvet, by F. Bedford. 

This Translation of the Bible by John Eliot is scarcely inferior in interest to the noble work 
of Gutenberg above described. As an instance of learning, industry, piety and real it is 
unexcelled. The Old World was indebted to Gutenberg for its first printed Bible, and Eliot 
was the first to give it to the New World. Cotton Mather exclaimed, when he saw it, "Behold, 
ye Americans, the greatest honour that ever you were partakers of I This . . . is the only Bible 
that ever was printed in all America, from the very foundation of the World. ' ' Mr. Eliot was the 
pastor of Roxbury, Mass. , when he commenced, at the age of forty-two, the study of the Natick 
dialect, in which this work is printed. He began his task in 1650 and finished it after a labor 
of eight years. The printing of the Old Testament was commenced in 1660 and the work 
was completed in 1663. The printers required a week for each sheet, and there were about a 
hundred and fifty sheets. The names of the Books are retained as in the English versions, and 
such words as were unknown to the Indians are retained with an Indian termination, such as 
cherubim&A, etc. The longest word is, Mark i, 40 : Wutteppesittukqussunnoowehtunkquoh, 
signifying " kneeling down to him." 

This is one of the copies having the Dedication to King Charles, of which, according 
toTbomas{" ffist. of Printing"), Twenty Copies only were printed. It is absolutely perfect 
and in matchless condition. It is so nearly uncut that proof leaves are to be found at every few 

71 BIBLE, ELIOT'S INDIAN.— A Translation [by J. H. Trumbull] of 

the single leaf Catechism which occurs at the end of the first and second 
editions. Albany: 1865. 

4° ; half morocco, gilt top. 

Only 3S copies privately printed. No. 5— presentation copy firom the author to S. L. M. 


I An Account written by the hand of Mor- | mon, upon plates 


JUNIOR, I Author and Proprietor. Palmyra : | \N. Y\ Printed by 
!S. B. Grandin, for the Author, \ 1830. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. IV. 588, (2.) in the original sheep binding. A LARGE AND exceedingly fine, 

73 BINDING.— LIVRE D'fiGLISE | a l'usage | de ceux qul frequen- 

TENT I LEUR PAROISSE, etc. Paris: 1765. 

Sm. 8° ; bound in red crushed morocco, sides decorated with gracejhil scrolls of leafy character, 
gilt back and gilt edges, by Derome. 

A good specimen of the work of this famous binder, executed, doubtless, about 1765, or 
shortly after he became Master Binder, which was in 1761. 


32 (Catalogue of 2£>oofe^ anb jai^anuiefcr^tiS. 

74 BIBLIOPHILE (Le) FRAN^AIS.— Gazette Illustr6e des Amateurs 

de Livres, d'Estampes et de haute Curiosit6. Paris : Librairk Bachelin- 
Deflore7ine, 1868-1873. 

Tvols. imp. 8°; half crimson levant morocco, tops gilt, uncut. 


tian, Assyrian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman. New and Revised Edition. 
With Colored Plates, and upwards of 200 woodcut illustrations. London : 
John Murray, 1873. 

8° ; pp. XV. 644, bound in polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt iaci and edges, filleted sides with 
comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by Mansell, successor to Hayday. 

76 BISSELIUS (JOHANNES).— JoANNis Bisselii, | ^ Societate Jesu, \ 

ARGONAUTICON AME- | RICANORUM, | sive, \ Historic 
Pericu- I LORUM I Petri de Vi- | ctoria, ac So- | riorum eius, | Libri xv. | 
MoNACHii : I Formis Luca Siraubii, \ Sumptibus lohannis Wagneri. \ Biblio- 
polm. I Anno C^m^« m.dc.xlvii. [1647.] 

12° ; with engraved frontispiece and map of America. 


BLACK'S GENERAL ATLAS of the WORLD. Accompanied by 

Introductory Letter-press and Index. Edinburgh: 1873. 

Folio ; half red morocco, gilt edges. 


Translated from the French of Blanc's " Grammaire des Arts du Dessin." 
By Kate Newell Doggett. With the [43] Original Illustrations. New 
York: Hurd &" Houghton, 1874. 

Sq. 8° ; cloth. 

79 "BLUE LAWS."— THE CODE of 1650. Being a Compilation of 

the Eariiest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Connecticut : also 
the Constitution, or Civil Compact, entered into and adopted by the Towns 
of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield, in 1638-9. To which is 
added some Extracts from the Laws and Judicial Proceedings of New 
Haven Colony, commonly called BLUE LAWS. Hartford : Silas An- 
drus, 1822. 

12° ; pp. 120, frontispiece of " The Constable seizing a tobacco taker." Halfboundin sheep. 

On page 98 we read the following bright "Blue Law": "It h ordered. That no man 
within this colonye, shall take any tobacko, publiquely, in the streett, highwayes, or any bame 
yardes, or uppon training dayes, in any open places, under the penalty of six pence for each 
offence against this order, in any the perticulars thereof, to be paid without gainesaying." 

<Cataiogue of 2£>oofe^ anti lar^nuifcriptif. 2>2, 


<E^]^cra noua contem^plattua 9 
ogni fibd cljciftiano iatiuafe tra? 
tta lie fe figiurc &d tcftaitiento 
toecclito : ie quale figure fonno Ijeti? 
ficate nei teftamento nuouo : 

[On the verso of fol. 6z :] 

(@j^eca tit <i3iouaniantii:ea 

CtauafTote tittto aatiagtu^ 

no : ^tanijpata nouamete 

n^ tnclita citta tit 


\s. a. circa 1510.] 

Eauf 2Deo. 

Sm. 8° ; hound in olive tenant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides with comer 

This Very Rare and interesting little volume consists of 63 leaves, the first of which is occu- 
pied by the title and the last two by the colophon and an engraving of the Virgin and Child ; 
the remaining 60 bear on either side illustrations of the Old and New Testament, giving always 
two representations of the types to one of the fulfillment. At the top and bottom of the pages 
are descriptive sentences and quotations from the Prophets, engraved in block. An extraor- 
dinary degree of interest attaches to the volume, AS being the only Block-Book Printed 
IN Italy. Didot's copy, sold at his sale in May, 1879, brought xyyofrs. 

" Imitation dela Bible des Pauvres, et te seut tivre xylografhique Itatien que Ton connaisse. 
Une jolie bordure d'entrelacs blancs sur fond noir ddcore la premifere page. Les planches 
sont au nombre de centoingt, plus une image de la Madone, assise sur un trone et couronnfe 
par deux anges (au verso de Tavant-demier feuillet). La gravure de ces planches est de Giovanni 
Andrea Vavassoee, dit Vadagnino, dont le nom figure dans la souscription finale : c'est sans 
doute I'artiste plus connu sous le nom de ZoAN Andrea. Leur execution ne pent pas etre 
ant^rieure i 1510 ou 1512, attendu que la planche repr^sentant yisus chassant les vendeurs du 
Temple est une copie fiddle du mSme sujet de la Petite Passion de Jisus-Christ d' Albert DftRER. 
CiCOGNARA, qui le premier a d^crit ce volume fort rare (" Catalogo," Tome I., No. 1992), nous 
dit que certaines planches semblent avoir €i€ grav&s d'aprfes les dessins de Bellini, de Car- 
PACCio, de Squarcione et de Montagna; celle de la Madone est trfes remarquable." — Am- 


81 BOCACE (lEAN).— LE | DECAMERON DE | maistre jean bocace | 

Florentin, \ TRADVICT niTALIEN\ en Frangoys par mai/lre Antoine 
le Ma- I (on, Confeiller du Roy, b' Trefo- \ rier de V Extraordinaire de \ fes 
guerres. \ a Paris: | De Vlmprimerie d''Oliuierde Harfy, \ 1569. 

2 vols. sm. 12° ; 16 prel. leaves, and6z& leaves numbered on the recto of each leaf with spirited 
WOODCUTS, medallion portrait of Boccaccio on the title, and fine portrait engraved by Demau- 
TORT added, ruled throughout in red lines. Bound in blue morocco, doubU with vellum, the outside 
and inside covered with elaborate gold tooling (including the Daisy) in the Grolier style, gilt over 
marbled edges, by CLOVIS iNV,for Marguerite de Valois, Reine de Navarre. 

34 €ata{osue of ^ooh^ anti ili^nuie^cnptj^. 

82 BOCCACIUS (lOHANNES).— (i^^/. i«.) [GJEnealogi? deorum gen- 

I tilium ad Vgonem in- | clytum Hierufale & Cy- | pri regem fecundum lo- ( 
hannem Boccatiu de certaldo liber ( primus incipit feliciter. ghemiu. | 

On the verso of the last leaf of the Index, which comprises 36 leaves, are 
two sets of verses, the last of which end as follows : 

H5C Vindellinus fignis qui impreffit ahenis 
Se tibi comendat familiamq^ fuam. 

Venetiis impreffum anno falutis M.CCCC.LXXII. 
Nicolao Throno Duce foeliciffimo Impe. 
[Followed ty (fol. x'j : ] 

loannis Boccacii de Certaldo : de montibus : fyluis : fontibus : lacubus : | 
fluminibus : ftagnis : seu paludib' : de nomibus maris : liber icipit feliciter. ( 

On the recto of the last leaf: 

lo. Boccatii uiri clariffimi de montibus : filuis : 
fontibus : lacubus : ftagnis feu paludibus : & de 
diuerfis nomibus maris opus diligentiffime 
ipreffum finit. Venetiis Idus Ian, cccc.lxxiii. 

2 vols, in I vol. folio ; plain calf. 

First Edition. Elegantly printed in Roman letters, without numerals, catchwords or 
signatures. The " Genalogia " contains 294 leaves, 41 lines on a full page, and 2 blank leaves. 
The last two leaves of the Index have been misplaced by the binder between the Treatises 
' ' de Fluminibus " and " </« Stagnis. ' ' 

The "De Montibus," etc., comprise 75 leaves, 41 lines on a full page. The millenary letter 
" M " is omitted by mistake from the date. 

83 Boccacius (Jobannes) 2)e mulierfbus claritHmfs, 

In Fine \verso fol. cxvj.] : 

OLiber Jobanfs boccadj be certalbo mrrfbus Claris 
luma cum btUgentia ampUus f olfto correctus, ac per 
5obanem C3einer be IReutUnaen, vlme impreffus finit 
jfeliciter, Hnno bW /Iboccccljjiij. 

Folie; 2 unnumbered prel. leaves, containingthe Table of Chapters ; Text, llGnumtered leaves ; 
33 lines on a full page, and 8l exceedingly curious and diverting WOODCUTS, one of which is dated 
1473- This copy is perfect and has all the cuts, including that which is usually missing, represent- 
ing the sudden accouchement of " Papess JOANNA " in the street, which DiBDlN has reproduced 
in the " Bibl. Spenceriana," Vol. IV., p. 586. // has unusually wide margins and is handsomely 
hound in russia by Roger Payne, gilt back, untrimmed edges. 

First Edition. "It is not without good reason that Laire pronounces this jmpression 
to be 'Editio originalis et rarissima.' It has, however, other pretensions to be noticed and 
treasured by the curious ; since it not only presents us with a specimen of a type— rarely used 
by John Zeiner— and one of the earliest books printed at Ulm, butit contains some of themost 
curious and diverting woodcuts in the eariier annals of the arts of printing and engraving. 
There are also very few books, of the same date, which display equal spirit of execution, and 

<Catdo0ue of ^oolM anb !3i^u$fcnptjef. 35 

if the printer had shewn the skill of modern typographers in working the blocks, very little 
would have been wanting to render this a brilliant, as well as an interesting, production of 
early art."— Dibdin. ("Bibl. Spenceriana," Vol. IV., p. 580 et seq.) 

When perfect it is one of the rarest of the editions of Boccaccio. This is believed to be the 
only perfect copy in the United States. 


J. Czeiner de Reutlingen, 1473. 

Folio; old calf. 

Another copy, in good condition, and similar to the foregoing, except that it lacks three 
leaves, including that representing the accouchement of " Papess Joanna." 


duction Libre, Accommod6e au gout de ce temps, & enrichie de Figures 
en Taille-Douce gravies par Mr. Romain de Hodge. Amsterdam : chez 
George Gallet, M.DC.XCVII. 

2 vols. sm. 8° ; Vol. I. , 12 prel. leaves, pp. 366 ; Vol. II., pp. 427 ; Table, 7 leaves. Bound 
in highly polished crimson leruant morocco super-extra, gULbacks and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. Beautiful copy of the FIRST EDITION, containing the 
Plates of Romain de Hooge. 

86 BOCCACCIO Le | DECAMERON | de jean | BOCCACE.— Lon- 

DREs: I (Paris) 1757. 

[Engraved title by Gravelot.] 

5 vols. 8° ; bound in full red crushed morocco by David, fillets on sides, and broad inside border, 
gUt edges. 

These volumes are beautifully illustrated by Gravelot, Eisen, and Boucher. The head 
bands and tail-pieces are especially charming. The portrait of Boccaccio by Gravelot faces 
the engraved title of the first volume. It is the most attractive and popular edition of Boccaccio's 
Tales which has been published in modem times. This copy is in especially iine condition, 
being clean and having unusually wide margins. 

87 BOCCACE.— CONTES de BOCCACE (Le DicAMiRON) Traduits de 

I'ltalien et precedes d'une Notice Historique par A. BARBIER. Vignettes 
par MM. Tony Johannot, H. Baron, Eug. Laville, C61estin Nanteuil, Grand- 
ville, Geoffroi, etc. Paris: Barbier, 1846. 

Roy. 8°; half red leruant morocco, top gilt, UNCUT. 

88 BOLLAERT (W.)— Antiquarian, Ethnological and other Re- 

searches in NEW GRANADA, EQUADOR, PERU and CHILE, with 
Observations on the Pre-Incarial, Incarial, and other Monuments of Peru- 
vian Nations. By WILLIAM BOLLAERT, F.R.G.S. 'Lom>o^: Trubner 
fir* Co. i860. 

8° ; map and plates, cloth, uncut. 

36 iltotaiogue of 25ooliief anH a^atmjgicriptis. 

89 BOETHius.— C SHuifij Isu] tnanilij torquati feumni fioecij 
ocbiim I rij ^atririj tin ejcconfuftjs be confolationep|jttofo}?|jie. | 

[Z?W F.] 
In Fine: 

C d&ancti €|)omc be aquino fiqier lifiriiS 25oeci) | be cofola^ 
tiotte pljie comcntu cu ejcj^ofitione felict: | ter incijit. | 
C Eititt quing/ be confolatone ^Dilofopijie S^oetij 1 rj^omani 
ofuftss ac ocatoosf fpienbibiflimi tna smentaria ebitiom per | 
me SofKinnem feoriljoff be lufiitfe in (ancta ciuitate Colonia 
biligeter ela^ | fiorati bie biceftmo duito a?aij ejcjpiicint 3llnno 
gcatie at^efimoquabrin | gentefimo octogefimo jnmo. [1481] 

Folio; Text 47 leaves, 27 lines on a full page ; COMMENT. 202 leaves, 40 lines on a full page; 
rubricated initial letters ; large, fine copy, old calf. 

The following work is bound with the above volume : 

C 3[n fisucamm BiBlie fcuttuof B 
et bttte comj^enbium : quob %. auce^ 
um aiia^ IbiMie ce^ottociu nuntu^ 
patur. ^ologuie^ Micitet iiit{)oat 

In Fine: 

C 5Fi0Ucarum IiiJiIie ftuttuof u et 
ttile coj^enbiu qB auren WAxt tt^ 
ptjxtmm noiant €]irj^icit fcJiciter, 

[Absque anni, loci, et typografhi indicatione, 
sed Colon. : Ulr. Zell, circa 1475.] 

Folio; 98 leaves, 2 columns, 41 lines on a full page; rubricated initials. 

The author's name was Antonius Rampigollis, vel KMS\ Vide Panzer, "An- 
nates Typogr." Vol. I. p. 333. Hain, " Repertorium BiHiographicum," Vol. I. p. 462, Vol. IV. /. 
190. Laire, " Index Librorum," Pars I. /^. 173-4. Denis, " Supplementum," p. 6ni. 

90 BOETHIUS. — De Consolatione Philosophi.*;. Latin} et Belgice, cum 
Commentariis Belgici. 

. « « (iBIie^enbt te <2B{)ei^ 
&tt mji ^ilcenb be fte^fer benbeirben 
bacl) in aj?ep» 3Int iaec on$r tieeren 
buuft tiec^onbeit t)iue enbe tacl)ten 
ticlj. [1485.] 

Gothic Letter. Folio ; 360 leaves, printed in two columns wiihoat numerals and catchwords, 
but with signatures. The Latin text and Flemish version are printed in a larger black letter than 
the Commentary. The present copy is richly ornamented with Initial letters illuminated in gold 

Catalogue of 95oofesf aitb jar^ujefcriptjsf. 37 

and brilliant colors, and with 5 full-page Beautiful Paintings and 6 Borders executed 
by a Flemish Artist in the best style, and having on each his initials " T. P." Old calf, gilt. 

In Fine, on the verso of the last leaf, second column, the following subscrip- 
tion is found, beneath which is the curious Device of the printer . 

J^ier enbt tiat toeertitct) bout boe 
vm tie confdatiom {>|)tiofq^|)te te 
tcooGte ieennstie ct^ confootte al 
iec meinfcl^ (DI)e]^i:enbt te ({3|)enti 
bji mp %xxxix be ftepfetre ben bei^sen 
bacfj in a?ep. 3[nt iao: omsf lieeren 
buuft btecliot^ed: thte enbe tactiten 

DEO ■ ; - GRACIAS - ; 

See Panzer, "Annates Typographic," Vol. I. /. 439. Clement, " Bibliothique Curietue,' 
Tome IV. p. 443. Santander, "Diet. Bibliographique Choisidu Quinzihne SUcle," Tome II. 
/. 231. DIBDIN, "Bibl. Spenceriana," Vi:A.\. p.2%^. Hain, " Jiepertorium Sibliogmphicum," 
Vol. I. Pars I. p. 466. Graesse, " Tr&or de Livres Rares et Priciextx," Tome I. p. 465. 
Brunet, "Manuel." Tome \.p. 1038. 

This is one of the most beautiful specimens of typographical work in the collection. The 
paintings are in the best style of Flemish art and make the volume unique. 

91 BOOKE (A) OF I CHRISTIAN | |^caiet3Bf, cofilectcb out |.of tlje 
anetent Wasst$, \ atd fieft leanteb in otu: | time; worthy to be 

read with \ an eameft minde of all Chri- \ ftians in thefe daungerous and | 
troublefom daies, that God | for Chrifts fake will | yet ftil be mer- | ciful 
vnto I vs. I At London: \ printed for the Com- \ pany of Stationers, \ 1608. 

Sm. 4° ; elegantly bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 

Black Letter. This handsome volume is commonly known as Queen Elizabeth's 
Prayer-book, in consequence of the large woodcut portrait of the Queen, on the reverse of 
the title, in the attitude of prayer. The work is elegantly printed within ornamental woodcut 
borders, in imitation of the French "Boohs of Hours," and is remarkable as being the only 
English book of the kind. The borders contain scenes from the Old and New Testament, the 
ApocaljTJse, illustrations of the Cardinal Virtues, and the Dance of Death, which last contains 
specimens of the costumes of all ranks in the time of Elizabeth and James i. The author- 
ship of the work is by some attributed to John Foxe, and by others to Richard Day. 

92 BOOTH (M. L.) — HISTORY of the CITY of NEW YORK, from its 
Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. By MARY L. BOOTH. 
Illustrated with over 100 Engravings. New York : W. R. C. Clark &• 
Meeker, mdccclix. 

Royr'^ ; half blue morocco, gilt back and top, UNCUT. ^ 


38 Catalogue of S^ooitjsr anb ^am^coftg* 

93 95onifetiU3ai YIII; 5^apa, (M i".) %m^ mitt fcmijtf bareta^ 
I ini bSt tiontfiactj papt. tttj. | 

I>f Fine : 

^te(m$ ^uia^ tej^H bectetaim ^edam ttpn^, ^Ulma 
in \itbt ni^ttna . . , pet '^ti^tm fait ctue. et 
^etm ^djoifter be gemri^em. Slnno bni. )ai[?.cccc«lj:lj. 
SDie \jero vtij menfijS becemft\ [ 1 465 •] 

^oj'. I^olio ; • tound in highly polished brown levant morocco super-extra, gilt back, paneled and 
filleted sides with elegant comer ornaments, insides lined with vellum, surrounded ty broad m^irocco 
borders, richly gilt and finely tooled, double vellum fiy-leaves, morocco joints, by Wm. Matthews. 
UNCUT, in a sliding case. FiKST Edition. PRINTED ON VELLUM in Gothic Letter, 
double columns, with the commentary surrounding the text. The commentary is printed in 
the smallest, and the text in the largest, type used by Fust and Schceffer. The work 
contains 141 leaves. The initial at the beginning of the text is a MINIATURE OF Boniface, 
painted and illuminated in gold ; and all the capitals are painted in blue and red. A few leaves 
are sUghtly stained. 

In this copy there are 4 preliminary leaves upon genealogical subjects, by Johannes de 
Deo Hispanus ; a space being left for the introduction of the genealogical tree by the rubri- 
cator. The Text begins on the recto of the first leaf, surrounded by commentary, and the 
first two lines are printed in red, as follow : 

Sncipit liJiec (e]etu$r becteta^ 
iin bni BoniGacQ ^^e. toitj. 
#niGaciUjE^ e^tfco]^ui6f fuuier 
V\m bei, bilcijer mij<a[ bottom 
tt0Uj$ et fcoiatid^ bniuei:0i6e 

On the recto of the last leaf, fol. 137, is the following COLOPHON printed in red: 

^reteniS Jjuiujef ftjcti bctretaiiu jpxdam oj^jf. 5Mnia 
in \s^t magntina. indite naconi^ germanice. qua bei 
dementia tarn ^ ingenij lumine. bono^ gratuito. ce^ 
terisr tetta? natonifij. pfimre* fliuftrareg' bignattwf e. 
1^0 atcamao. 3?lunidi canna ne^? aetea. C^ artificofe 
quaba abinuentione im^rinienbi feu catatteirijanbi 
fit effigiatn, et ab eufeBia bei. inbuftcie eft sfummatu 
pwc 3(o|)anne fuft ciue. et "^ztm i&djoiffin; be gemf '|)em. 
5llnno bni. a9.cccc.l]Cb. SDie bera jcbij. menfiiS bctemli*. 

94 BOOTH (A. J.) — SAINT-SIMON and SAINT-SIMONISM ; a Chapter 
BOOTH, M. A. London: Longmans, 1871. 

8° ; cloth, uncut. 

€atdo0tte of S^oohjor aiUi a^u^mptje^. 39 

95 BORDONE (B.) 



Nel qual si ragiona di tutte 1' Isole del mondo, 
con li lor nomi antichi & modemi, historic, 
fauole, & modi del loro viuere, & in qual 
parte del mare stanno, & in qual pa- 
rallelo & clima giaciono. Ri- 
coreto, & di Nuono 
Con la gionta del Monte del Oro 
nouamente ritronato. 
Et gratia & priuilegio della lUustrifli- 
ma Signoria di Venetia co- 
me in queUi appare. 
M. D. (Device) XLVIII. 

Rubricated title inclosed in medallion-shaped border engraved on wood. 
Folio. Bound in dark green morocco ornamented with Grolierfcettem, gilt edges. 
A perfect copy, having three double maps and one hundred and eight small maps in the 

96 BORROW (G.) — ROMANTIC BALLADS, Translated from the Danish ; 

and Miscellaneous Pieces. By George Borrow. London: Wightman 
fir* Cramp, 1826. 

8° ; half crimson morocco, red edges. Very Rare. 

97 BORROW (GEORGE) — WORKS, Comprising, viz.- I. The Bible in 

Spain ; or, the JoumeySf- Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman, 
in an attempt to circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula. Third Edition. 
3 vols. 1843. II. The ZiNCALi ; or, an Account of the Gypsies of Spain, 
Avith an original Collection of their Songs and Poetry, and a copious Dic- 
tionary of their Language. Third Edition. 2 vols. 1843. III. La- 
VENGRO ; The Scholar — The Gypsy — The Priest. 3 vols. 1851. Fine portrait 
<j^ Borrow. IV. The Romany Rye; A Sequel to "Lavengro." 2 vols. 
1857. V. Wild Wales: Its People, Language, and Scenery. 3 vols. 
1862. London: John Murray, 1843-1862. 

13 vols, post 8° J uniformly boimd in half maroon morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. Scarce. 

98 BOTTU DE LIMAS (M. J.) — Six Mois en ORIENT en mdcccli & 

MDCCCLii. Lyon : chez N. Scheuring {Imprimerie de Louis Perrin), 1861. 

8° ; pp. 506. With a series of beautiful engravings from designs by M. Hippolite Jordan 
& M. le baron Charles de Coubertin, magnificently bound in highly polished olive levant 
morocco, back and sides inlaid with green and red morocco, interlaced and worked after a Grolier 

40 Catalogue of 25oofejS anti a^nujSccipt^. 

pattern ; insides lined with bright crimson levant morocco, elaborately and most delicately tooled orna- 
ments in gold; broad dentelle gilt borders, morocco joints , vellum fly-leaves, gilt edges, by Zaehns- 
DORF, in his very best and most artistic style, 

Le I CANADA" I [Par Pierre Bovcher.] A Paris, | Chez 
Florentin Lambert, rue | Saint lacques, vis h vis Saint Yues, \ h I'Image 
Saint Paul, | M.DC.LXIV. | 

12° ; pp. (12), 168. Mottled calf extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders. 
Fine Copy. Very Scarce. 

" Ce petit ouvrage passe pour etre fort exact." — Brunet. 

PATAGONIA; or, Life among the Giants. A Personal Narrative. 
Boston: 1858. 

12° ; with woodcut illustrations. Cloth. 

loi BOZMAN (J. L.)— The | HISTORY OF MARYLAND, | from | its 
First Settlement, in 1633, | to | The Restoration, in 1660, | with | A 
Copious Introduction, | and | Notes and Illustrations. | By JOHN 
LEEDS BOZMAN. | Baltimore : | James Lucas df E. K. Beaver, | 

2 vols. 8° ; pip. 314, 728. Light polished calf extra, gilt backs and tops, filleted sides with 
comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, rough edges. Very Fine Copy. Scarce. 


Strictures on the Management of the Currency and the Finances since 1861. 
With a chart showing the Fluctuations in the Price of Gold. By FRANCIS 
BOWEN. New York: 1874. 

Crown 8° ; cloth. 


searches into the Origin and History of the Red Race. By ALEX- 
ANDER W. BRADFORD. New York: Dayton &• Saxton, 1841. 

8° ; pp. 435. Cloth, rough edges. 

104 BRAND (JOHN) — Observations on the Popular Antiquities of 

Great Britain : chiefly Illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar and Provin- 
cial Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions . . . Arranged, revised, and 
greatly enlarged, by SIR HENRY ELLIS, F. R. S. London : Bohn, 

3 vols, post 8° ; half blue calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

Catalogue of ^ooM anti ^^anu^cci^tia!. 41 


Stultiteta mavis. 

[Large cut of the ship of fools ^ 

NARRAGONICE PFECTIONIS NUN§. Satis laudata Nauis: per 
Sebastianu Brant: vemaculo vul- | gariqg, Sermone & rhythmo p cuctoi: 
mortalium fatuitatis | etc. 


i^ihil sine causa. 

lo. de Olpe. 

First Edition of "The Ship of Fools." Sm. 4°. Old calf binding with tht arms of 
M. WodhuB on cover, numerous and very curious woodcuts. A large copy with untrimmed edges. 

As the " Editio Princeps " of a work which has maintained its place before an intelUgent 
public for nearly four hundred years, this book cannot fail to be of great interest to every gen- 
uine bibliophile. 


Stultifera Nauis, 

qua omnium mortalium narratur ftultitia, admo- 

dum vtilis & neceffaria ab omnibus ad fuam falutem perlegendo, 

h Latino fermone in noftrum vulgarem verfa, & iam diligenter 

impreffa, An. Do. iS7o. 

[Large cut of several vessels laden withfools.1 

The Ship of Fooles, wherein is fhewed the folly 

of aQ d&tate^) tdttt) \met^ otiiet; \SM«iit^ abto{ineb unto t{)e fame, 
toetp j^tofita&ie attii &uit&dl fac all men» 

41 Translated out of Latin into Engliflie by Alexander 

Barclay Prieft. 
[On the recto of the last leaf.'\ 

Imprinted at London in Paules Church- 

yarde by lohn Cavvood printer to the 

Queenes Maieftie. 

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum folum. 

Folio; tp. 6f}(> ; with ii6curious Woodcuts. This edition contains the LATIN text uniformly printed 
in Roman type, and the ENGLISH in Black Letter. Elegantly bound in grosgr. crimson levant 
morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments. A RE- 
MARKABLY LARGE, CLEAN, AND BEAUTIFUL COPY, in perfect preservation. 

42 Catdogue of ^ooftj6( anb nr^ujerccijtt^. 

107 BRANT.— fiauis ftulttfera a Domino fe« | baftfano JStant 
ptimu eMficata : & tepiummis teuto^^ | nice Undue ritbmis 
Decorata ; 2)ein5e ab Jacobo %o | cbero pbilomuto latinitate 
Sonata : & &emu ab 5odo« | co J3aMo Hf cenfio vado catmlnu 
generenofineeo* | run&um familfarf ejplanatione illuftrata. | 

In Fine: 

maufs ftultif ere opufculR ttnft : [Basiled] iTmpreffum p I 
flfcolau lamparter. anno S^c. /iD.cccc. [sic pro ccccc] vj. 
5ie I vero. XXYj, menfis Buauftf, [1506] 

Sm. 4° ; \cf] folioed leaves, 115 large woodcuts, excellent imfressions. Bound in diamond russia. 

108 BRANTEGHEM (GUILHELMUS de).— lESV CHRI- | fti vita, 

iuxta qua- | tuor Euangeliftaru | narrationes, artifi- | do graphices perg | ele- 

ganter picta, vna | cu totius anni Eua- | gelijs ac Epiftolis, | nee non pijs 

preca- | tionibus magna c6- | meditate adpreflis. | 

In Fine: 


Matthaeum Cromme, pro Adriano 

Kempe de Bouchout. 


XXIII. Decem. 

Sm. Z° ; 12 prel. leaves; Text, pp. 307, and " Catalogvs tvm Epiftolanim,'' 197;!?. unnum- 
bered. The Title printed within an elegant ornamental woodcut border, and illustrated with upwards 
ofiZo remarkably fitu woodcuts, all in perfectly clean condition. Elegantly bound in highly polished 
olive levant morocco super-extra, broad inside gilt borders, gilt edges, by Thibaron-Joly. First 
Edition of this extremely curious and VERY RARE volume. 

109 [BRATHWAYTK] A | Solmne loviall Difputation, | THEORET- 

ICKE and PRACTICKE; | briefely Shadowing | The Law Of Drink- 
ing; I Together, with the Solemnities and Contro- | verfies occurring: | 
Fully and freely difcuffed according to the | Civill Law. | Which, | By the 
penniflion, priviledge and authority, of that moil Noble | and famous order 
in the Vniverfity of Goddeffe Potina; | Dionifius Bacchus | Being the Prefi- 
dent, chiefe Goffipper, and moll excellent Gover- \ nour, Blasius Multibibus, 
ahks Drinkmuch, | A Angular proficient and moft. qualifi'd Graduate in 
both the I liberall Sciences of Wine and Beare; \ In the Colledge of 
Hilarity, hath publikely expounded to | his moft approved and improved 
Fellow-Pot-Jkots s I Touching the houres before noone and after, | ufuall and 
lawfuU. I . . . Faithfully rendred according to the originall Latine Copie. | 
OENOZYTHOPOLIS, | At the Signe of Red-eyes. \ cio lo cxvii. 

{Also:\ The I SMOAKING AGE, | or, | The man in the mift: | with | 
The life and death of Tobacco. | Dedicated \ To thofe three renowned and 
impa- I rallel'd Heroes, Captaine Whiffe, | Captaine Pipe, and Cap- | taine 

€atai(K0ue of ^ooft$e anb 0^Uj9im;^t$e* 43 

Snuffe. I To whom the Author wiftieth as much content, | as this Smoaking 
Age can afford them. | Divided into three Sections, | i. The Birth of To- 
bacco. I 2. Pluto's bleffing to Tobcuco. \ 3. Times complaint againft 
Tobacco, I Satis mihi pauci lectores, fatis est unus, fatis est Nullus. \ ■ ■ ■ 
OENOZYTHOPOLIS. | At the Signe of Teare-Nofe. ciD lo cxvii. [16 17.] 

Sm. 8° ; bound in plain calf, gilt, yellow edges. A- O4 in eights (except that A has only 4 
leaves), not including a frontispiece by W. Marshall to each Part. The Second Part 
begins on G with a separate title. The Frontispieces are supposed to be Marshall's earliest 

The First Part of this extremely rare work is simply a translation of a semi-facetious 
Latin dissertation printed the same year, under the title of " Disputatio Inau^rulis Theoretica- 
Practica yus Potandi," etc. Oenoz'j'thopoli. Ad signum Oculorum Subricolorum. Sm.iP. 

DRAWNE, I or | The ANATOMIE | of VANITIE. | with | other 
choice Poems, | Entituled ; \ PANEDONE : | or | Health From | Heli- 
con : I containing | Emblemes, Epigrams, Elegies, | With other continuate 
Poems, I full of generous delight. | By Richard Brathvvayte Oxonian. | 
" nie ego qui quondam^ \ London : | Printed by John Dawfon for John 
Bellamie, \ and are to be fould at the South entrance | of the Royall-Eocchange. 

Sm.V; russia,gilt. A-O in eights, but H with 4 leaves only. "Panedone, or Health 
from HeUcon," has a separate title. 

An excellent notice of this extremely rare volume will be found in Corser's "Collec- 
tanea Anglo-Poetica," pt. ii.^. 368-373. 


R. A., with Personal Reminiscences, with Portrait, and 53 Illustrations 
from his Works. London: John Murray, 1851. 

Sm. 4°; half blue levant morocco, gilt back and edges. 

112 BRETT (Rev. W. H.)— The Indian Tribes of Guiana; their Condi- 

tion and Habits. With Researches into their past History, Superstitions, 
Legends, Antiquities, Languages, &c. London : Bell b' Daldy. 

8° ; viith map, 8 colored plates and x^ plain, green cloth, UNCUT. 

113 BREVIARIVM ROMANVM Ex decreto Sacrofancti ConcUij Triden- 

tini reftitutum, PII V. Pont. Max. iuffu editum, et Clementis VIII. 
auctoritate recognitum. Antverpi^e, Ex Officinci Plantiniana, Apud Viduam 
&• Filios lo. Moreti. M.DC.XII. 

8° ; printed in red and black. Bound in brown morocco, gilt edges, back and sides covered with 
elaborate and delicate gold tooling, by CLOVIS 6VE. A beautiful specimen of the fine taste and 
artistic skill of this famous binder. 

44 Catalogue of 'iBooh^ atdj a^nujGfcnptisi. 

114 [BREWER (THOMAS).] — The Life and Death of the MERRY 

DEUILL of EDMONTON, with the Pleasant Pranks of Smug the Smith, 
Sir John, and mine Host of the George, about the Steahng of Venison. By 
T. B. [/. e. Thomas Brewer.] London : Printed in the Black Letter, 
by T. P. for Francis Faulkner, 1631. Reprinted by J. Nichols b" Son, 

8° ; pp. 52. Woodcut on the title, boards, UNCUT. Scarce and curious. 

115 BRITISH ESSAYISTS: Comprising, (r.) The Spectator, 8 w/f. (2.) 

The Guardian, 2 vols. (3.) The Tatler, 4 vols. A corrected Edition j 
With Prefaces Historical and Biographical, by ALEXANDER 
CHALMERS, A. M. London : 1806. 

14 vols. 8° ; wit/t frontispieces ; neatly iound in diamond calf, gilt. Fine copy of the large 
type, Variorum Edition, with copious Indices. 

116 BROWN (HENRY ARMITT) Oration dehvered in Carpenters' 

Hall on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Meeting of the Congress 
of 1774. Philadelphia: Privately printed, 1875. 

4° ; paper. Large Paper Copy, of which only 50 copies were printed. 

117 BROWNE (J. ROSS) — REPORT on the Mineral Resources in 

the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains. Wash- 
ington: 1868. 

8° ; pp. 672. Half calf, marbled edges. 


Poetical Works. Seventh Edition. London: Chapman bf Hall, 

S vols. 16° ; fine portrait, elegantly bound in citron calf extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted 
sides, inside gilt borders, by Matthews. 


et de L' Amateur de Livres contenant 1° Un Nouveau Dictionnaire 
Bibliographique dans lequel sont d6crits les Livres rares, pr^cieux, singu- 
liers, et aussi les Ouvrages les plus estim^s en tout genre, etc. etc. 2° Une 
Table en Forme de Catalogue Raisonn^; oil sont classes, selon I'ordre 
des matiferes, tous les Ouvrages portds dans le Dictionnaire. CiNQUiiiME 
Edition Originale Entiferement Refondue et Augmentde d'un Tiers par 
I'AuTEUR. Paris: Librairie de Firmin Didot Frlres, Fits et C", 1860- 

12 parts imp. 8° ; half crimson levant morocco, tops gilt, UNCUT EDGES. LARGE PAPER. 
Only 100 Copies Printed. 

Catalogue of ^oohjse anti lat^nui^mjpt^. 45 


By Henry Thomas Buckle. From the Second London Edition. To 
which is added an Alphabetical Index. New York: D. Appleton &" 
Co. 1867. 

2 vols. 8° ; half brawn morocco, marbled edges. 



Impartially examined, and left 

,to publick view, to be confidered by all ludi- 
cious and honed men. 

Under which Title, is compre- 
hended the Degrees from 34 to 39, wherein 
lyes the rich and healthfuU Countries of Roanock, 
the now Plantations of Vir^nia 
and Mary-land. 

Looke not upon this Booke, as 

thofe that are fet out by private men, for private 
ends ; for being read, you'l find, the publick 
good is the Authors onely aime. 
For this Piece is no other then the Adventurers 
or Planters faithfuU Steward, difpofing the Ad- 
venture for the bed advantage, advifing 
people of all degrees, from the highefl 
Mafter, to the meaneft Servant, 
how fuddenly to raife 
their fortunes. 
Perufe the Table, and you (hall finde the 
way plainely lay'd downe. 
By William Bvllock, Gent. 
16 April, 1649. Imprimatur, Hen : Whaley. 


Printed by John Hammond, and are to be fold at his houfe 
over-againft S. Andrews Church in Holborne. 1649. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (12) 66. Polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled 
sides with comer ornaments, inside broad borders, by F. Bedford. Beautiful Copy. EX- 

46 Catalogue of ^oo^ anti 09anu$ea:q^tie^. 

122 BUNN (MATTHEW) NARRATIVE of the Life and Adventures 

of MATTHEW BUNN (of Providence, R. I.), in an Expedition against 
the North-Western Indians, in the years 1791, 2, 3, 4 & s- 7th Edition, 
Revised. Batavia : Printed for the Author, by Adams &" Thorp, 1828. 

8° ; pp. S9. Half morocco, UNCUT. 

The Affidavit of the Author, Oct. 30, 1826, sworn before " Millerd Fillmore, Com'r &c. for 
Erie County," is printed on/. 56. 


SETTLEMENT | to | The Present Day. | By JOHN BURK. | Peters- 
burg, Virginia. \ Printed for the Author, by Dickson &" Pescud. \ 1804-1805. 
[3 vols.] The | HISTORY OF VIRGINIA; | commenced by | JOHN 
BURK, I and continued by | SKELTON JONES ( and | LOUIS HUE 
GIRADIN. I Vol. IV. Petersburg, Virginia — printed by M. W. Dun- 
navant, for the Proprietors. 1816. 

4 vols. 8° ; purple morocco super-extra, paneled sides filleted, gilt backs and tops, broad inside 
dentelle borders, richly gilt, UNCUT ; except the fotuth volume, which is never found uncut, but 
is bound to match the others in size. An exceedingly fine set of this VERY RARE 
History. The Fourth Volume is the most rare, a large portion of the edition having been 
destroyed by fire. 

This copy contains a fine impression of the original engraving of Capt. John Smith fi-om 
the map in his "History of Virginia," London, i&ifj, and a COLORED photograph of L. H. 
Giradin, who assisted in the completion of the work. An account of the duel in which BuRK 
lost his life, in the handwriting of Mr. E. D. Ingraham, is also inserted. 




BY • 


THE Simple Bard, unbroke by rules of Art, 

He pours the wild effusions of the heart : 

And if inspir'd, 'tis Nature's pow'rs inspire ; 

Hers all the melting thrill, and hers the kindling fire. 



8 vo ; hound in dark blue levant morocco extra, tooled sides, gilt edges, in the style of Roger Payne, 
by F. Bedford. 

An unusually tall and beautiful copy of the First Edition. Its rarity is very great, and 
the demand seems to be ever increasing. Mr. Gibson Craig's copy sold in March, 1888, for 

€ataiosue of ^oofi$r anb a^onu^m^j^. 47 

125 BURNS (ROBERT).— POEMS, I chiefly m the | SCOTTISH 

DIALECT. I BY ROBERT BURNS. | to which are added, | SCOTS 
New-York: | Printed by J. and A. M'Lean, Franklin's Head, \ No. 41, 
Hanover- Square. \ m.dcc.lxxxviii. 

Sm. 8°. Atpnl. leaves, comprising- Title, "Dedicaaon, To the Noblemen and Gentlemen 
of the Caledonian Hunt," dated " Edinburgh, April 4th, 1787," and table of •• Contents," y&jw- 
ing- viii pages; Text, " Poems chiefly Scottish," pp. 9 to 248, inclusive; "Scots Poems, se- 
lected from the works of Robert Ferguson,"^. 249 to 284, inclusive; " Glossary,"^. 285-306. 

Sumptuously bound in highly polished grass-green levant morocco super-extra, gUt back, elabor- 
ately and delicately tooled, and ornamented with bunches of Scotch thistles, filleted sides with elegant 
comer ornaments, finely gilt, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, in his best style. With oval Portrait 
OF' Burns, engraved iy "Scot [sici Philad*." A large and beautiful Copy of this 

This copy is from the Menzies Collection. In that Catalogue the well-known bookseller, 
Wm. Gowans, is quoted as saying: " The New-York Edition of Robert Bums, 1788, may so 
far be pronounced unique. No copy, with the exception of the one named [the present], has 
been seen by the most sharp hawk-eyed book hunter, or the keenest bibUographer, nor by any 
of the living generation so far as known." 

126 BURNS.— POEMS | Chiefly in the | SCOTTISH DIALECT. By | 

Robert Burns. | Philadelphia | Printed for, and sold by Peter 
Stewart and | George Hyde, the west side of Second Street | the 
ninth door above Chestnut Street. | m.dcc.lxxxviii. 

12° ; pp. 304. Bound in crushed olive morocco, with broad dentelle border, elaborately tooled, by 
LORTIC FRfeRBS. An exceptionally beautiful specimen of their skill. 

It is doubtful whether this or the New York Edition of the same date is the First American 
Edition of Bums's Poems. Probably they appeared at about the same time. Both are exceed- 
ingly rare, far more so than the Kilmarnock Edition. 

127 BURNS (ROBERT).— An ADDRESS to the DEIL. With Explana- 

tory Notes. Illustrated by seven Engravings on Wood, by Thomson, Bonner, 
Slader, Williams, and Nesbit, from designs by T. Landseer. London : 
William Kidd, 1830. 

12° ; half morocco, UNCUT. 


London: W. Pickering, \^2>9. 

3 vols. 12° ; portrait, brown calf, gilt bach, marbled edges. 


What it is, with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics and several 
cures of it. In Three Partitions. ... By Democritus Junior. . . A 
New Edition. Corrected and enriched by Translations of the Numerous 
Classical Extracts. Cambridge : Printed at the Hiverside Press, 1861. 

Hvols.Z°; half brawnmorocco, gilt tops, VKCVT. Large Paper. Only 7$ cop"^ P"^*^- One 
ofi$copies only with duplicate titleineaeh volume, having the Coat of Arms of 'BuKtOH finished 
in GOLD and COLORS. , 


48 Catalogue of 2£»oofesf anti a^anusfcnptjef. 

130 BURY (RICHARD de) Philobiblon | RICHARDI | DVNEL- 

MENSIS I sive \ de amore librorum, et insti- | tvtione bibliotheca, | 
tractatus pukherrimus. \ Ex collatione cum varijs manuscriptis edi- | tio 
jam secunda j \ cui | accessit appendix de manuscriptis Oxoniensibus. \ Omnia 
hasc, I opera &' studio T. I. Novi Coll. in alma Academia | Oxoniensi Socij. \ 
B. P. N. I Non quaero quod mihi vtile est, sed quod multis. | [Ornamental de- 
vice.] Oxonice, \ Excudebat losephus Bamesius. 1599. 

Sm. 4°; taundby Coverley in vellum without any tooling, edges UNCUT. 

This edition is the re-issue of the first Edition, to which it is similar, but with a fresh title 
page and the addition of " Epistola Dedicatoria " in Latin [four pages] addressed by Thomas 
James to Thomas Bodley. The only copy of the Edition of 1598 known to-day is the one of 
the Bodleian Library. Thomas James was its first librarian. 

131 BURY (R. de).— PHILOBIBLON, A Treatise on the Love of Books, 
. BY RICHARD DE BURY, Bishop of Durham, and Lord Chancellor of 

England. First American Edition, with the [original Latin Text,] and 
the Literal English Translation of John B. Englis. Collated and corrected, 
with Notes. By Samuel Hand. Albany : Joel Munsell, mdccclxi. 

8° ; half purple morocco, gilt back and top, uncut. Large Paper. 30 copies only printed. 
No. 1. Very Rare. 


New- York: 1864. 

2 vols. 8° ; portraits and engravings, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Autograph Note 
inserted. 50 SETS ONLY Privately Printed. 

Contents : i. An Historical Account of the First .Three Business Tokens issued in the 
City of New York. 2. Memoirs of Samuel Smith, a soldier of the Revolution, 1776-1786. 3. 
Journal of Solomon Nash, a soldier of the Revolution, 1776-1777. 4. Memoirs of Tarleton 
Brown, a Captain in the Revolutionary Army. S- A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of 
Levi Hanford, a soldier of the Revolution. 6. Journal of the Expedition against Quebec, 
under Col. Benedict Arnold, in the year 1775, by Major Return J. Meigs. 


London : W. Mckering, 1835. 

2 vols. 12° ; portrait, brown calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


By Stephen Collet \i. e. Thomas Scott Byerley\ London: Thomas 
Boys, 1823. 

8° ; olive morouo super-extra, gilt back and top, paneled and filleted sides, comer ornaments inlaid 
with red morocco, uncut. With folding plate of facsimiles of the autographs of celebrated per- 
sons, and extra illustrated by the insertion of 26 fine Portraits. 

" Stephen Collet " was a nom deplume of Thomas Scott Byerley, who was also one of the 
compilers of the " Percy Anecdotes," under the pseudonym oi Seuben Percy. 

Catalogue of g^oofejs anb a^anusftci^tjef. 49 

13s BYFIELD (NATHANAEL).— An ACCOUNT | of the | Late Revo- 
lution I in NEW-ENGLAND. | Together with the | DECLARATION | 
of the I Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of BOSTON, \ and the 
Country adjacent. April i8, 1689. | Written by Mr NATHANAEL BY- 
FIELD, I a Merchant oi'BrisioIin New-England, to his Friends | in Lon- 
don. I Licensed, June 27, 1689. J. Frafer. \ London: | Printed for 
Ric. Chifwell, at the Rofe and Crown in | St. Paul's Church- Yard. 
MDCLXXXIX. I [1689.] 

Sm. 4° ; pp. 20. Straight grained olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. First 
London Edition. Very Rare. 

136 BYRON — The WORKS of LORD BYRON: with his Letters and 

Journals, and his Life, by THOMAS MOORE, ESQ. London: 
John Murray, 1832-34. 

17 vols.fcap. 8° ; portrait and the series of beautiful illustratums ty Turner and STANpiELD. 
Elegantly bound in citron calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, filleted sides, rough edges, by 
Zaehnsdorf. An exguisitccopy of the FIRST ISSUE of this edition. 


Notes. London : John Murray, MDCCCXLI. 

8° ; portrait, and 6z exquisite Vignette engravings by FiNDEN, from pictures by Creswick, 
Warren, and other eminent Artists. Proofs on India Paper, bound in grosgr. crimson levant 
morocco super-extra, finely tooled gilt back, double paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside mo- 
rocco borders, top gilt, uncut front edges. A splendid copy of the first issue of this beautiful 


138 ^^K^ABEQA DE VACA.— The Narrative oi Alvar Nunez Cabe(a 
de Vaca. Translated by Buckingham Smith. Washington: 

4° ; cloth. Eight maps. 

Privately printed for Mr. G. W. Riggs. Presentation copy from him to Brantz Meyer, with 
Autograph Letter of Mr. Riggs inserted. 

139 CiESAR'S COMMENTARIES. — C^saris Commentarii, cum Johan- 
nis Andrea Episcopi Alleriensis Epistola. RomjE, in Domo Petri de Maximis 
{Sweynheym b" Pannariz, 1469). 

Folio. Bound in russia, leather joints, gilt edges, by Mrs. Weir. 

First Edition. A clean and tall copy, with unusually wide margins, and quite perfect, 
excepting that the margins of the first and last leaves are inlaid. The rarest of all the Editions 
of Csesar. The Pinelli copy sold for ^^53 lis, and this cost Mr. WodhuU £/[2 in 1802. 

50 Catalogue of 25oofe^ anb ^am^ttipw. 




Or, The Wonders of the 

Display'd in Five Parts. 

Part I. An Account of the Sufferings oi Margaret Rule, written by | the 

Reverend Mr. C. M. \ 
P. II. Several Letters to the Author, &c. And his Reply relating | to 

Witchcraft | 
P. III. The Differences between the Inhabitants of Salem Village, and | 

Mr. Parris their Minifler, in New-England. | 
P. IV. Letters of a Gentleman uninterefted. Endeavouring to prove | the 
received Opinions about Witchcraft to be Orthodox. With fliort | 
Effays to their Anfwers. | 
P. V. A fliort Hiflorical Accout \sic\ of Matters of Fact in that Affair. | 
To which is added, A Poftfcript relating to a Book intitled, TTie | 
Life of Sir^WAAKM. PHIPS. | 
Collected by Robert Calef, Merchant, of Bojlon in New-England \ 
Licenfed and Entred according to Order. | 
Printed for Nath. Hillar, at the Frinces-Arms, in Leaden- if all- Street, \ over 
againft St. Mary-Ax, and Jofeph Collyer, at the Golden-Bible, \ on London- 
Bridge. 1700. I 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (12) 156. Grosgrained crimson levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by W. Pratt. VERY RARE. 

141 CALEF (R.)— The WONDERS of the INVISIBLE WORLD displayed. 

In Five Parts . . . Collected by Robert Calef, Merchant, of Boston, 
in New- England. A New Edition. Boston: T. Bedlington, 1828. 

24° ; pp. xvi, 333. Frontispiece, marbled roan, gilt. 

142 CALLENDER(JOHN).— AN | Hiftorical Difcourfe \ on the | CivilwA 

Religious Affairs | of the Colony of | RHODE-ISLAND | and Providence 
Plantations \ in | NE W-ENGLAND \ in America. From the firfl Settlement 
1638, to the End of [the] | firil CENTURY. By JOHN CALLENDER, 
• A. M. I \Texts of Scripture 5 linesi\ Boston: | Printed and Sold by S. 
Kneeland and T. Green | in Queen-Street. MDCCXXXIX. | 

8° ; pp. (14), 120 (i). Red levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedfokd. A Splendid Copy of the FIRST EDITION. Rare. 

Catalogue of ^ooN anb ^^amtjSicct^tiEe. 5^ 


PROGRESS of BRITAIN : or an Impartial History of Abuses in the 
Government of the British Empire, in Europe, Asia, and America, from the 
Revolution, in 1688, to the Present Time : . , , Part First. Third Edition. 
Philadelphia: Richard Folwell, 1795. 
8° ; pp. I20, haifrussia, uncut. 

144 CAMBRIDGE PLATFORM.—^ | Platform of 1 CHURCH 


agreed upon by the Elders : | and Messengers of the Churches | assembled 
in the Synod at Cambridge | in New England. | To be prefented to the 
Churches and Generall Court | for their confideration and acceptance, | in 
the Lord. | The Eight Moneth Anno 1649 | \Texts from Pfal: 84. i., 
Pfal: 26. 8., Pfal: 27. 4, forming 7 lines\ Printed by S\amuel\ G\reen\ at 
Cambridge in New England \ and are to be fold at Cambridge and Boston \ 
Anno Dom : 1649. 

Sm. 4° ; eleguntly bound in grosgrained green levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
paneled, ornamented sides, inside giU borders, ~by W. Pratt. A beautiful copy of the First 
Edition, with wide margins and of the highest degree of Rarity. 

Collation: — " Title," within an ornamental border, verso, blank; " The Preface" [by 
John Cotton],/^. 10. ; \;' The Plaiform"^ pp. 2S); iblankpage; "A Table of the Contents of 
the Chapters," and " Brrnta," ip. and i blank page. 


A I CONFESSION | of | FAITH | Owned and confented 
unto by the | Elders & Meffengers | of the Churches | Affembled at Bo/ton 
in JVew England, \ May 12. 1680. | Being the Second Seffion of that | 

SYNOD. I \Texts of Scripture, 3 lhus.\ BOSTON | Re-printed by 
Bartholomew Green, ajid \ Johan Allen. 1699. | Wunnamptamoe | SAMPO- 
OAONK I Wuffampoowontamun | Naflipe moeuwehko- | munganafli 
ut I New-England. \ Quflikenumun en Indiane \ Unnontowaonganit. | 
Naflipe I Grindal Rawfon, b^c. \ {Texts of Scripture in Indian, 3 Bies. \ 
MUSHAUWOMUK [Boston.] | Printeuun naflipe Bartholomew Green, 
kah I John Allen. 1699. | 

Sm. 8° ; 8 pret. leaves, pp. 161 (4). Elegantly bound in brown levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
back and edges, filleted and paneUd sides with comer and center ornaments, by F. Bedford. 

English and Indian printed on opposite pages. EXCESSIVELY Rare. 

146 CAMPBELL (T.) — The POETICAL WORKS of Thomas Campbell. 

London : Moxon, mdcccxxxvii. 

Cnmm 8° ; polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt back and top, uncut edges. Original impression 
before woodcuts were added, brilliant impressions of the engravings. 

52 Catdogue of ^oftjES anti ^S^axai^taptfi. 

147 CAMPION (THOMAS).— A | RELATION | of the Late Roy- | aU 

Entertainment | Given by the Right Hono- | rable the LORD Knovvles, 
AT I Caw/ome-Konie, neere Redding: to our moft | Gracious Queene, Queene 
Anne, in her | Progreffe toward the BcUhe, vpon | the feuen and eight and 
twentie | dayes of Aprill. | 1613. | Whereunto is annexed the Defcription, | 
Speeches, and Songs of the Lords Maske, prefented in the | Banquetting- 
houfe on the Mariage night of the High | and Mightie Covnt Palatine, 
and the \ Royally defcended the Ladie \ Elizabeth. Written by Thomas 
Campion. | London, printed for John Budge, and are to be fold at his Shop \ 
at the South-doore of S. Pauls, and at Bri- \ taines Burffe. 1613. 

Sm. 4° ; 16 leaves, sign. A-D in fours. Crimson levant morocco super-extra, giit back and 
edges, filleted sides, inside gilt iorders, by F. Bedford. Exceedingly Rare. 

148 CANDIDUS.— PLAIN TRUTH, Addressed to the Inhabitants of Amer- 

ica. Containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet, intided Common Sense: 
wherein are shewn, that the scheme of Independence is ruinous, delusive, 
and impracticable; that were the Author's Asservations, respecting the 
Power of America, as real as nugatory, Reconciliation on hberal Principles 
with Great Britain would be exalted PoUcy; and that circumstanced as we 
are, permanent Liberty and true Happiness can only be obtained by Recon- 
ciliation with that Kingdom. Written by CANDIDUS. Second Edition. 
Philadelphia, Printed: London, Reprinted for J. Almon, m.dcc.lxxvi. 

8° ; tt- (4). 47i (!)• Half red morocco, top gilt, UNCUT. 

149 CARTIER (JACQUES).—^ A SHORTE AND | briefe narration of the 

two I Nauigations and Discoueries | to the Northweast partes called | 
Newe-Fraunce : | First translated out of French into Italian, by that 
famous I learned man Gio: Bapt: Ratnutius, and now turned | into Eng- 
lish by John Florio : Worthy the rea- | ding of all Venturers, Trauellers, | 
and Discouerers. | [Device] Imprinted at Lon- | don, by H. Bynneman, 
dwelling | in Thames Streate neere vnto | Baynardes Castell. | Anno 
Domini, 1580. 

Sm. 4°. Bound by Pratt in crimson crushed morocco, without tooling on the outside tut with 
' ' doubU" in dark blue morocco, studded with single ornaments. Title surrounded by a border. 

Jacques Cartier was the discoverer of the mainland of Canada. He made his first 
voyage up the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the summer of 1534, and in the following year ascended 
the river as far as the present site of Montreal. A third voyage was made in 1540. Few histories 
of early voyages are as rare as those of Cartier's. The original account of the first voyage is 
lost, and the earliest version of it is preserved only in the Collection of Ramusio. From this, 
the present translation was made, which in turn was translated into French and printed at 
Rouen in 1598. Of the account of the second voyage but one copy is known, and that is in the 
British Museum. Of the third voyage no copy of the original French edition is known, but 
it appears in fragmentary form in the collections of Hakluyt and Purchas. This English 
translation of the second voyage is so rare that it was unknown to Herbert, and is not men- 
tioned by Brunet or Graesse. In addition to its rarity it has great intrinsic worth and must 
therefore always be regarded as one of the gems in a collection of Americana. The present 
copy is the only one which has been offered at public sale in this country, and but two others 
are knowm here. This is perfect and in excellent condition. 

Catalogue of 25oofisr attb a^u^cojptief, 53 


THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary of State, Vice-President, and President 

of the United States of America; containing a Concise History of those 

States, from the Acknowledgement of their Independence ; with a View of 

the Rise and Progress of French Influence and French Principles in that 

Country, Printed for the Purchasers, 1809. 

2 vols. 8° ; pp. iv. , 404 (2) , 434. Half brown morocco, gilt tops, by Bradstreet, uncut. Very 


A Brief Description 


The Province 



On the Coasts of FLOREDA. 


More perticularly of a New-Plantation 

begun by the ENGLISH at Cape-Feare, 

on that River now by them called Charks-River, 

the 29th. oi May, 1664. 

Wherein is fet forth 

The Healthfulnefs of the Air; the Fertility of 

the Earth, and Waters ; and the great Pleafure and 

Profit will accrue to thofe that fliall go thither to enjoy 

■' the same. 


Directions and advice to fuch as fliall go thither whether 

on their own accompts, or to ferve under another. 

Together with 

A moft accurate MAP of the whole PROVINCE. 

London, Printed for Robert Home in the firft Court of Grefham- \ 

Colledge n&ex Bijhopgate-ftreet, 1666. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (2), 10. Map. Polished crimson levant super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted 
sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 

A SPLENDID COPY of this EXCEEDINGLY RARE volume, with the Map, " Carolina 



54 €atalo0ue of ^mh^ anb !3r^u|fci:q^t$r. 

RUM PER I Hifpanos olim devaftarum | accuratiffima defcriptio, infertis 
Fi- I guris aeneis ad vivum fabrefactis. | Authore | BARTHOLOM^O de 
las CASAS I Epifcopo Hifpano. | Editio nova Priori long^ cor- | rectior. | 
Heidelbergae. I 2yj>is Gvilielmi VValtheri \ Acad. Typogr.A. S. MDCLXIV. 
4° ; pp. (2), 112. Title and 17 Plates engraved by De Bry, half vellum. Rare. 

153 CASAS, BARTOLOME de las. 

[Large engraving on wood, 
representing arms.] 

C Breutssima tela | cfon &e la Destmsdon 5e las IFn* | 5ia8 : 
coleaiba por el ©Mspo &o | fras 3Bartolome 5e las Casas I o I 
Casaus 6e la or&cn be sacto 2)o | mfngo. | Sno. 1552. 

[This title page is surrounded by four engravings on wood, 
forming border. Rubricated title.] 

4° ; bound by Bedford in crimson morocco extra gilt, gilt edges. 





[Aldine Anchor.'] 

Haffi nel priuilegio, & neUa gratia ottenuta dalla lUuftriffima 

Signoria che in quefta, ne in niun'altra Citta del fuo 

dominio fi poffa imprimere, ne altroue 

impreffo uendere queilo Ubro 

del Cortegiano per. X. anni 

fotto le pene in effo 


[Pol. 121 verso.]. 

In Venetia nellecafed'Aldo Romano, b'd' Andrea d'Afolafuo 

Stwcero, nelVanno M.D.XXVIII. 

del mefe d^Apfile. 

Polio; 122 unnumbered leaves. Old Venetian morocco, Grolier tooling, gilt edges. 

FIRST EDITION of this " Golden Book" as it is emphatically styled by the Italians. 
GROLIER'S COPY, vrith his name " lo. GROLIERII ET AMICORVM " on the cover, with his 
motto "PORTio MEA DOMINE SIT IN TERRA VIVENTIVM," and the Title oi the book printed 
in gold on the sides. The large anchor on the title, and the large Initials, are illuminated. 
The autograph of S. Ballesdens is on the title. 

This beautiful volume is one of the best of the " Grolier bindings." An engraving of it 
appeared in The Century of November, 1889. 

Catalogue of ^Soolfejef anb ai^nusfcir^ief, 55 

iSS CATALOGUE OF ANTIQUITIES, Works of Art and Historical 
Scottish Relics exhibited in the Museum of the Archssological Institute 
of Great Britain and Ireland during their Annual Meeting, held in Edinburgh, 
July, 1856. . . . Comprising Notice's of the Portraits of Mary Queen of 
Scots, collected on that Occasion, etc., etc. [Edited by Albert Way.] 
Edinburgh : Thomas Constable fir" Co. MDCCCLIX. 

8° ; pp. xxxiv, 233. Half orange morocco, gilt back and top, uncut. Contains 32 beautiful 
fuU page PLATES, including/)aryf«« Portraits o/Mary Queen of Scots, besides 112 engrav- 
ings printed in the text. Tlie fine and interesting plate of Daenley Jewells, illuminated 
in Gold and Colors, inserted at page 163, was published separately at half a guinea. 

156 CATLIN (GEORGE).— ILLUSTRATIONS of the Manners, Cus- 
toms, and Condition of the NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, with 
Letters and Notes written during Eight Years of Travel and Adven- 
ture among the wildest and most remarkable Tribes now existing. With 
Three Hundred and Sixty Engravings, from the Author's Original 
Paintings. Tenth Edition. London : Henry G. Bohn, 1866. 

2 vols. roy. 8°; pp. viii., 264; viii., 266. With map, 360 colored plates, half red mo- 
rvcco, gilt backs and edges. 

157 CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de).— LTngi^nieux Hi- 
dalgo DON QUICHOTTE de la Manche. Traduit et Annot6 par 
Louis Viardot. Paris : J. J. Dubochet et Cie. 1836-1837. 

2 vols. roy. 8°. ORIGINAL Edition o/Viardot's elegant translation into French. With 800 
fine Woodcuts from design? by Tony Johannot, and EXTRA ILLUSTRATED by the inser- 
tion of nearly 200 beautiful Copperplate Engravings, many of which are rare proof impres- 
sions on India paper. Bound in gmsgrain crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and tops, 
filleted sides, broad inside gilt borders, by Chambolle-Duru. Uncut. 


TURE. A History, Critical and Biographical, of British Authors 
from the Earliest to the Present Times. Edited by ROBERT CHAMBERS. 
Edinburgh : W. and R. Chambers, n. d. 

2 vols. roy. 8° ; numercnis Woodcut Illustrations, half red morocco. 


the German of A. Von Chamisso : Translated by Sir John Bowring, ll.d. 
With Plates by George Cruikshank. Third Edition. New York {London) : 

12° ; cloth, uncut. 

56 Catalogue of ^mh^ anH Sl^u^a:q?tsf, 






Champlain, DE Brovage, 

falci en la France nouuelle, Van 
mil fix cens irois. 


Les moeurs, fa9on de viure, mariages, guerres, & habi- 
tations des Sauuages de Canadas. 
De la defcouuerture de plus de quatre cens cinquante 
lieues dans le pays des Sauuages, Quels peuples y ha- 
bitant, des animaux qui s'y trouuent, des riuieres, lacs, 
ifles, & terres, & quels arbres & fruicts elles produi- 
De la cofte d'Arcadie, des terres que I'on y a defcouuer- 
tes, & de plufieurs mines qui y font, felon le rapport 
des Sauuages. 

Chez Clavde de Monstr'oeil, tenant fit bou- 
tique en la Cour du Palais, au nom de lefus. 1604. 
Auec IHuilege du Roy. 

Sm. 8°. Title, verso, " Extraict du Priuilege," dated, " Paris le 15. de Nouem- | bre, 1603," 
I lea/; dedication, " A Tres-Noble, Havt | et pvissant Seignevr, | Meffire Charles de Montmo- 
I rency," etc. signed, " S. Champlain," i tea/; " Le Sievr de la Fran- | chise av Discovrs 
dv I Sieur de Champlain." | [in verse) and " Table," 2 leaves; Text, " Des Savvages," etc., 36 
/olioed leaves. 





ordinaire pour le Roy, 

en la marine. 

•Catalogue of 25ooft$f an& a^anujscrijrtjef, 57 




tions faites is defcouuertures de la Nouuelle France.- tant en la defcri- 

ptio des terres, coftes, riuieres, ports. Mures, leurs hauteurs, Ss' plujters 

DECLINAISONS de la guide-aymant ; qu'en la creace despeuples, leur super- 

ftition, fofon de viure &" de guerroyer.- enrichi de qtmniite' de figures. 

Enfemble deux cartes geografiques: la premiere feruant k la na- 

uigation, dreffee felon les compas qui nordeftent, sur lefquels 

les mariniers nauigent : I'autre en fon vray Meridien, auec fes 

longitudes & latitudes: k laquelle eft adiouft6 le voyage du 

deftroict qu'ont trouu6 les Anglois, au deffus de Labrador, 

depuis le 53'. degr6 de latitude, iufques au 63=. en I'an 161 2. 

cerchans vn chemin par le Nord, pour aller h. la Chine. 


Chez lean Berjon, rue S. lean de Beauuais, au Cheual 

volant, & en fa boutique au Palais, ci la gallerie 

des prifonniers. 



4° ; laprel. leecves, ^StP- (S)- 



Sr. de Champlain 

Capitaine Ordinaire povr 

Le Roy en la Marine, et 

Lieutenant de Monseigneur le Prince 

de Cond6 en la Nouuelle France, 

fait en I'ann^e 1613. 

Pp. I-S2 ; 8 Maps and 4 plates, several plates in the Text. The large Map to this edition, in 
two parts, which in most copies is frequently wanting or in very defective condition, is in perfect 
preservation in this copy. 

58 Catalogue of Jz^oofeiS anli a^anuiefcci^sf. 




France, depuis I'anii^e 1615. iufques 
k la fin de I'ann^e 1618. 
Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine 
ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant. 
Oil font defcrits les moeurs, couftumes, habits, 
fa9ons de guerroyer, chaffes, dances, feftins, & 
enterrements de diuers peuples Sauuages, & de 
plufieurs chofes remarquables qui luy font arri- 
u^es audit pais, auec vne defcription de la beau- 
ts, fertility, & temperature d'iceluy. 


Chez Clavde Collet, au Palais, en la 

Galkrie des Prifonniers. 

Auec Priuilege du Roy. 

Sm. 8° ; %prel. leaves, including an engraved and frinted Title ; Text, 138 folioed leaves. 
6 plates, viz. : 2 folded plates, and 4 printed in the Text. 

" Premifere Edition de cette relation ; elle est rare et fort recherchde." — Beunet. 



[Engraved Title, in Italic.'] 

LES I VOYAGES \ du S'' de Cha- \ mplain Capita- | ine ordinaire \pour 
k ROY\ en la nouuelle \ France es an- \ nees, 1615, \ et 161 8. \ dedies au \ 
ROY. \ chez C. Collet, au \ Pallais a Paris. | Auec preuilege du Roy. 

[Printed Title.'] 

VELLE I France, depuis Tannic 1615. iufques | k la fin de I'ann^e 1618. | 
Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine | ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du 
Ponant. \ Ou sont defcrits les moeurs, couftumes, habits, | fagons de guerroyer, 
chaffes, dances, feftins, & | enterrements de diuers peuples Sauuages, & de | 
plufieurs chofes remarquables qui luy font arri- | u6es audit pais, auec vne 
defcription de la beau- | t^, fertility, & temperature d'iceluy. | a Paris | 
Chez Clavde Collet, au Palais, en la \ galkrie des Prifonniers. \ M.D.C.XX. j 

Sm.&°; Z prel. leaves : Text, xtfi folioed leaves. 6 plates. 

<(EataIogue of ^uok^ anb £(^nuie^ci:t]itjOS» 59 









Xainctongeois, Capitaine pour le Roy en la Marine du 
Ponant, & toutes les Defcouuertes qu'il a faites en 
ce pais depuis Pan 1603. iufques en I'an 1629. 
Oiije voii comme ce pays a eft premierement defcouueri par les Franfois, 
fous I'autkoriie de nos Roys ires-ChresHens, iufques au regne 
de fa Majeste h prefent regnante LOVIS XIII. 
Roy de France fir* de Nauarre. 
Auec vn traitt6 des qualitez & conditions requifes k vn bon & parfaict Nauigateur 
pour cognoiflre la diuerfit6 des Eftimes qui fe font en la Nauigation ; Les 
Marques & enfeignements que la prouidence de Dieu \ mifes dans les Mers 
pour redreffer les Mariners en leur routte, fans lefquelles ils tomberoient en 
de grands dangers, Et la maniere de bien dreffer Cartes marines auec leurs 
Ports, Rad^s, Ifles, Sondes, & autare chofe neceflaire \ la Nauigation. 
Enfemble vne Carte generalle de la defcription duditpaysfaicte enfon Meridien felon 
la declinaifon de la guide Aymant ,&" vn Catechifme ou Inflruction traduicte 
du Francois au langage des peuples Sauuages de quelqite contree, auec 
ce qui s'efl pafse en ladite Nouuelle France en I'annee 1631. 



Chez pierre Le-Mvr, dans la grand Salle 

du Palais. 


Auec Priuilege du Roy. 

4° ; ^. 16, 308 ; " Seconde Partie des Voyages dv Sievr de Champlain, " pp. 310 ; i leaf 

blank; "Carte de la nouuelle france . . . Faicte I'an 1632 par le sieur de Champlain," 

6o Catalogue of S^ooM anti SJ^anuiScajtjef. 

2 sheets joined in one ; "Table povr cognoistre les lievx remarqvables en ceste CARTE, "^. 8 ; 
"TRAiTTfe de la Marine" . . . ^. 54; i leaf blank; Doctrine Chrestienne dv R. P. 
Lesdeme . . . and " L'Oraison Dominicale, tradvite en langage des Montagnars de 
Canada, par le R. P. Mass^," ^. 20. 

The best Edition. 

Together, S vols. Elegantly and uniformly bound in bright crimson levant morocco, highly 
polished, blind tooled backs and sides, gilt edges, broad inside dentelle borders, most delicately gilt 
and finely worked after a very beautiful fattem, by LORTIC. 

No feature of the American portion of this collection is more remarkable and rare than this 
series of Champlain's voyages. A similar set has not been offered at public or private sale in 
this country or in Europe in the present generation. The collector is fortunate if he secures 
any one of these volumes in good condition, and the possession of all together may well reward 
the search of a lifetime. 


DELiVRiE. I Poeme Heroique | par | M. \Jean\ Chapelain. | Dernier Edi- 
tion. I Suiuani la Copie imprimee \ a paris. | mdc.lvi. 

Sm. 12° ; engraved frontispiece (inlaid) and 12 fine copper-plate engravings. Exquisitely bound 
in brown morocco, paneled sides surrounded by borders of gold most elaborately and delicately tooled, 
broad inside gold borders with comer ornaments containing fleurs-de-lis, richly gilt back and gilt 
edges, by Roger Payne. 

This is a beautiful specimen of this famous binder's most artistic style. It was selected 
as an illustration of Payne's work in Mr. Matthews' volume on Bookbinding, published by the 
Grolier Club. 

166 CHARLEVOIX (P. F. X. de).— JOURNAL of a VOYAGE to 

NORTH-AMERICA. Undertaken by Order of the French King. Con- 
taining the Geographical Description and Natural History of that Country, 
particularly CANADA. Together with an Account of the Customs, Char- 
acters, Religion, Manners, and Traditions of the Original Inhabitants. Trans- 
lated from the French of P. F. X. de CHARLEVOIX. London : R. and 
J. Dodsley, MDCCLXI. 

2 vols. 8° ; maps, calf, gilt. 

167 'CHATEAUBRIAND ATALA, RENfi, le Dernier des Abence- 

RAGES, les QuATRE SxuARTS, VoYAGES, etc. Par M. Le Vicomte de Cha- 
teaubriand. Paris : 1849. 

8° ; portraits and plates on Indiapaper, half morocco. 


CHAUCER. London: W. Fickering, ■iS$2. 

6 vols. 12° ; red calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

169 CHEETHAM (J.) — The Life of THOMAS PAINE, by James 

Cheetham. Km^KiCK printed: London: Reprinted for A. Maxwell, i^i-j. 

8° ; pp. xxvii, 187 ; half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

<<ratal05ue of S^oofejef anb a^ujerct^ief. 6i 


Crjcp&ftomusf (^. Sloljannc^) ^i^ ^feimo quttjuacefimo Witt 

(/) SfrtorciS tmitantur arte natura 1 ttAott^ 

cdorib' ^iftetc^ bfifiiJcisr cocfim ht^in 

snt itmastneisr et foctunt ijsat^ t aSia 

T arfiorejET t cegesf a mfticojS 1 BarBaroiS 

1 jpugnajer ct nras? et tonrenteisr fengnn et laceajs 

1 (inita et (ebe regale et tmi^atore (ebete et {larBai? 

efc. etc. etc. 
In Fine: 

SDeo et tietfinre refero 0f aisr tniinttajs^ iie fine 
^rhni Wa joptri^ crtfoflimt (anctt bocto 
xx$ 1 ^tfco]^ fti£ pfaimo qjutqtiapTimo, 
{ler me QJIrtm $d be fianau dertcu bioce(iiGr 
Sl^asnttnm. ^nno but mifieTimo quabri 
seteftmo fejcageftmo fejrto. [1466.] 

Sm. 4°. Gothic Letter, io leagues, 33 lines on a full page ; without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. Bound in brown morocco super-extra, filleted sides with comer ornaments, 
broad inside gold borders, gUt edges, by C. LEWIS. 

This is one of the most valuable books, from a bibliographical point of view, in the present 
collection. It is of the highest degree of rarity. Lord Spencer's copy and this are sup- 
posed to be the only copies in existence. It is also the FIRST WORK issued by Ulric 
Zel with a date, and settles with complete certainty the fact that he exercised the art of 
printing at Cologne as early as the year 1466. The type appears to be new ; the ink jet 
black ; and the whole has a freshness and perfection of press-work about it which Dibdin 
says " he does not remember to have seen in any other production of the press of Ulric Zel." 
See Panzer, "Annates Typogruphici," Vol. IV., /. 271. Hain, " Repertorium Bibliographicum," 
Vol.I.,ParsII.,^. no. Santander, "Dict.Bibliogr.Choisi,"Tomel.,p.ic,S-^; Tome 11.,/. 303. 
'&Y,\x>v.,"AnecdatesofLiterature,"Vo\. III.,/. 253; Vol. IV., /. 181. Dibdin,"5«*/. Spenceriana," 
Vol.1.,/. 191. GyJiESS^,"TrisordeLivres," Tome!.,>te. BRUNET,"iI/a»ae/,"TomeI., 
/. S38. This copy is from the Syston Park Library, and is in perfect condition. 


CHURCHILL. With Copious Notes and a Life of the Author, by 
W. TooKE, F. R. S. London : W. Pickering, 1844. 
3 vols. 12° ; portrait, brown calf, marbled edges. 


62 Catalogue of 25ooft36f anti Sl^anujsfcciptjS, 

172 C.[HURCH] (T.[HOMAS]). 

Entertaining Paflages 
Relating to 

mws WAR 


Began in the Month of 3[Un0> 1675. 



More lately made 

Againft the Common Enemy, and ^tlbiatt Rebels, 

in the Eaftem Parts of jPetD^€nsi(atlb : 


Some Account of the Divine Providence 


Benj. Church Efqr; 

By T. C. 
BOSTON: Printed by B. Green, in the Year, 17 16. 

Sm. 4°; fp. (4), 120. Portrait of Col. Benj. Church inserted. Interleaved, and contains 
several long, interesting MS. Notes by Samuel G. Drake. Bound in halfrussia. EXCES- 

From the Library of George Brinlev, Esq. It formerly belonged to Samuel G. 
Drake, the well-known antiquarian, who interleaved it and gave it a plain binding. " It can- 
not be called a very fine copy, but it is the to? which Mr. Brinley could %eX'v!i forty years' 
trying." See Brinley, Catalogue, Part I., No. 383. 

173 CICERO (M. T.) — M. TvLLii | CICERONIS | OPERA. | Cum 

optimis I exemplaribus | accurate col- | lata. | Lvgd. Batavorvm, | Ex 
Officina Eheviriana. \ hP 1642. 

10 vols, in 9 vols. sm. 12°. Engraved title and portrait oyCiCERO. Bound in plain calf, gilt 
backs, filleted sides, gilt edges. An ELEGANT COPY of this RARE and beautiful edition of the 
complete works of CiCERO, from the famous Elzevir Press. 

<CataIo0ue of ^oolt$r anti isaanujefcn^^tier^ 63 

174 CICERO.— De Officiis, etc. 

/iDarcf Uttlf j Cfceronts arpfnatfs. dsuUs® 

romanf. ac oratoru majimt H5 /ID. truHu 

Ciceronem filiu suu. ©fHclo^ liber inctpit. 

Ipref atlo generalis in libros omnes. 

Colophon : 

presens /iDarci tuHj clatif simu opus. So* 
bannes fust /Biaafttinus civis, no atrame 
to. plumali cana ne(B aetea. Se^ arte qua« 
&am perpulcra. ipetrf manu pueri mei f eli= 
citer etfeci ttnitum. Hnno. /iD.ccccljv. [1465] 

Sm. folio. Bound in red morocco, with elatorately gilt sides, and printed on vellum. 

First Edition, and of very great rarity. It is in Gothic Letter, without marks, hav- 
ing 28 lines to a fiiU page. It contains 88 leaves and 4 blank leaves ruled. It is, as is well 
known, the FIRST CLASSIC PRINTED, and one of the first two printed books in which 
printed Greek characters appear. The present copy is one of those which have not the shields 
beneath the lines of Horace ; but It answers in every other respect to the description given by 
DiBDiN in "Bib. ^enc." The large initials are ornamented, and the capitals are painted in blue 
and red ; and there are running titles written in red at the top of each page. The size of this 
copy is lojf X 6% in. There are no other known copies of this edition printed on vellum in 
this country. 

175 CICERO. — De Oratore et de Claris Oratoribus. 

Colophon : 

.M. T. Ciceronis in Brutum explicit liber. Anno 
xpi. M. CCCC. box. die vero. xu mensis lanuaru. 
Rome m domo magnifici vin Petn de Maximo. 

Quarto, printed hy Sweynheym and Pannartz. Bound in red morocco, gilt edges. 

The first page is surrounded with a border illuminated by hand and containing a large 
initial letter and the coat of arms of a former, and probably the original, owner. The text is 
ruled throughout with red lines. This copy is from the WodhuU Library. It contains a 
memorandum stating that he paid £,zz for it in 1803. There is also a letter to Mr. WodhuU 
firom " de Bure, pfere et fils," assuring him that this copy conforms in every respect with that in 
the Biblioth6que Nationale at Paris. 


Venetiis, Johannes de Spira, 1469. 

Folio; 125 unnumbered leaves, besides 2 blank leaves; 40 and /^i lines on ajullpage. The first 
page and the large Initials throughout the volume are richly painted and illuminated. The 
small initials are in red and blue. The headings of the Epistles are written in red. A few leaves 
are slightly stained, and the front margins of the first five and the last three leaves have been neatly 


64 Catalogue of ^aoW anti a^nuiefcrijtief. 

This copy is beautifully PRINTED UPON FINE VELLUM, of w&ieA, Brunet 
says. "NO MORE THAN SIX COPIES ARE EXTANT." PANZER has prmed beyond all ques- 
tion thai it is THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED AT VENICE, and the FIRST WORK bearing 
the name of John de Spira as printer. The Colophon, which is on the verso of the last leaf, 
is as follows: 

Primus in Adriaca formis impreffit aenis 
Vrbe Libros Spira genitus de ftirpe lohannes 
In reliquis fit quanta uides fpes lector habenda 
Quom Labor hie primus calami fuperauerit artem 


Bound in old crimson morocco, gilt bad, with broad gold borders on the sides. 

Venetiis, lohannes de Spira, 1469. 

Folio ,-134 unnumbered leaves, 41 lines on a full page, The first page is surrounded by a broad, 
interlaced, painted border, heightened with gold, and all the large Initials are richly \l.\.Viia- 
^Kl^\:i in gold and variegated colors. The small Initials are in red and blue. The work begins 
on the recto of the first leaf as follows : 

[^]Go omni officio ac potius pietate erga te caeteris 
fadlTacio oibus : mihi ipfe nunq iatiffacio. Tanta 
enim magnitudo eil tuorum erga me meritorum : 
ut quoniam tu nifi perfecta re de me no congefti : 

This first pagejcontains 38 lines. The Colophon, which appears on the recto 
of the iz^th and last leaf, reads thus : 

Hefperi^ quondam Germanus quofqg libellos 

AbstuUt : En plures ipfe daturus adeft. 
Nanq3 uir ingenio mirandus & arte loannes 

Exfcribi docuit clarius ^re libros. 
Spira fauet Venetis : quarto nam menfe peregit 

Hoc tercentenum bis Ciceronis opus. 


Bound in fine old crimson morocco, gilt back and edges, paneled sides with comer ornaments. 

A large, clean, and truly sumptuous copy of the Second Edition of the Familiar 
Epistles of Cicero printed by John de Spira ; the third and last work ever executed 
by him. It appears from the Colophon that he printed only three hundred copies of each edition 
of the Epistles ; and this second edition is considered to be of equal rarity, if not rarer even 
than the first. 

^Catalogue of 25oolwf anb a^u^ctijpt^af. 65 

178 CICERO — M. TULLII CICERONIS De Finibus Bonorum et 
Malorum Libri V. 

Venetiis. M.CCCC.LXXI. Chriftophoro Mauro 
Duce. loanne ex Colonia Agrippinenfi fumptu mini- 
flrante Impreffum. 

First Edition with a Date. 4°; Ztjleaves; z'i lines ma full page; without signatures , 
numerals, and catchwords. Bound in red morocco, gilt hack, filleted sides, gilt edges, by BoYET ; 
with Arms o/Psi}fCE EuGENE in gold on the sides, and Autograph of the Duke of Grafton 
on the first leaf. 

Collation: The volume begins on the recto of fhe first leaf with the dedica- 
tory epistle of Georgius Alexandrinus to Ludovicus Fuscarenus, 
which occupies 3 pages ; the work begins on the recto of the id leaf, top of 
the pag^, as follows : 

M, T. Ciceronis de finibus 
bono^ & maloz. L. primus. 


Brute cli que iumis ingeniis: exq- 
fitaqj doctrina philofophi graeco fer 
mone tractauiffent : ea latinis litteris 
madaremus : fore ut hie nofter labor 
in uarias reprehenfiones incurrer & : 
&c. &c. &c. 

The work terminates on the recto of the Z^th and last leaf as follows : 

.M. Tulii Ciceronis De finibus bonorum & maloru 
liber quintus definit. 

Venetiis. M.CCCC.LXXI. Chriftophoro Mauro 
Duce. loanne ex Colonia Agrippinenfi fumptu mini 
ftrante Impreffum. 

See Panzer, "Annales Typographici,"\<A. III.,/. 80. Clement, " BiHietheque Curieuse," 
Tome VII., /^. 130-1. Santander, "Diet. Biiliogruphigue choisi du Quineiime Siicle," Tome 
11.,/. 331. DiBDiN, " Bibl. Spenceriana." Hain, " Repertorium Bibliographicum," Vol. I., Pars 
11.,/. ISO. Brunet, "Manuel," Tome 11.,/. 27. 

This copy belonged to the Duke of Grafton in 1796 and passed at the sale of his books toj 
the Syston Park Library. It is in every way a beautiful volume. The binding is in excellent 
preservation, and the condition of the book itself is all that could be desired. The first page 
has been illuminated by the hand of an Italian artist. It is surrotmded by a brilliant border of 
arabesque pattern, in which is a medallion containing a wonderfully executed head of Cicero. 
The large initial letter "N " is in red and blue and gold. The paper, with wide tpargins, the 
ink, and the general typographical excellence of the work justify the care which has been 
bestowed on the binding and ornamentation by its former illustrious owners. 

66 Catalogue of S^oofej^ anb a^amiiefcrijtief. 

179 CICERO OPUSCULA VARIA \Colonia, Olric. Zel de Hanau, Anno 


( I.) Marci Tulij Ciceronis I PARADOXA Incipit. | 

Sm. 4° ; 13 leaves, 25 lines on a full page, s. I. et a. 

( II.) Liber ciceronis de amicicia. | 

Sm. 4° ; 27 leaves, 25 lines on a full page, s. I. et a. 

( III.) " Versus, xij. fapietu fcz." | 

3 leaves, s. I. et a. 

( IV.) Sfntijpit ttattatujgf nofiiiiief te pfli^j | 
me. tjenerafiiiiief ma^iftn 3(o|l« gerfon. | 

On the recto of the last leaf : 

€]C]^lictt trattatu^ notatitttiGr lie ^afltot^ 
&u$f ate. €tittui9f a rngf o iopne gecfo 
caceHario {tatifienfi necno ^tofeitore 
(atce tfjeologie. 

Sm. 4° ; 26 leaves, 27 /j'bsj ok a full page, s. I. et a. 

( V.) [Gerson.] Incipit tractatulus bon^ eiufde 
de modo viuendi omniu fideliu 

On the verso of last leaf : 

Expliciunt regule pulchre eiufdem de 
modo viuendi omniu fidelium. 

Sm. 4° ; 4 leaves, 27 lines on a full page, i. I. et a. 

(VI.) [AuGUSTiNus (S.)] Incipit fermo beati Auguftini 

epi fuper of onem dnicam. 

Sm. 4° ; 9 leaves, 27 lines on a full page, s. I. et a. 

(VII.) [AUGUSTINUS.] ^roioffujf fieati auguftini in lifim tie 
toita criftiana felidtec ivS^msx* 

On the verso of the last leaf: 

oEjr^licit W fieati auguftini He Uita ctiftiana, 

Sm. 4°; \^ leaves (some wormedin the front margin), 2.T lines on a fall page, s. l.eta. 

Catalosue of ^ooH^^ anb Ei^nu^cc^tj^. 6; 

(VIII.) ^duguCtmi autd^ €gi Jiber 
tie fit^sidantate detcotum« 

On the recto of the last leaf: 

(gjri^itit %iSm. fieati augufttni ^i. be ftngula 
ritate dentorum. ^er me <i^incu 3d be ^ 
nau dencn bioce^. 9[^guntitim. ^tmo 'it 
(er^ierinioG^mo- [1467] 

Sm. 4° ; 33 leaves, 27 /m« on a full page. 

8 Tracts hound in 1 »»/. «». 4° ; old yellow morocco. 

Gothic Letter. These Rare Tracts are evidently all from one press, and that the 
Press of Ulric Zel at Cologne. Until the discovery of the Opuscula of Chrysostom, 
the last tract in the volume was thought to be Zel's first dated book. This copy is described 
by Meerman in his "Origines Typog." (Vol. I.,/. 58, note i.,) to whom it was shown in 17S9, and 
who also gives a facsimile of the type. These Tracts exhibit probably some of the earliest 
efforts of Ulric Zel in Cologne. Most of them are described in Dibdin's "Bibl, Spenceriana," 
Vol. I.,/. ■vfi,etseq. 

tiua C. Sallustii in Ciceronem, M. T. C. Refponfio contra Salluftium. 
Ciceronis IV. libri Invectiuarum in Catilinam. 

Venetiis. Christoforus Valdarfer, M.CCCC.LXXI. [1471.] 

Folio t 27s leaves ; 40 lines on a full page; without numerals, signatures, and catchwords. The 
leaf of Table, which is generally deficient, supplied by a wonderful facsimile, which almost bids 
defiance to detection. Bound in red morocco extra, richly gilt back, paneled sides with comer orna- 
ments, and gilt edges. 

Collation : fol. la, Table, which occupies two pages and comprises references 
to the Orations J fol. 2a begins the first Oration for " Fompey the Great," 
thus : 

uefter multo iucudiffimus: hie autem locus 
ad agendum apliflimus : ad dicendum oma- 
tiffimus eft uiftis Quirites: tamen hoc aditu 
laudis : 5 femg optimo cuitg maxime patuit : 
non mea me uolutas : fed mese uifae rationes 
ab ineunte aetate fufceptse phibuerunt. Nam 
cum antea per aetatem nondum huius auctoritatem loci contingere 
auderem : ftatueremcp nihil hue nifi perfectum ingenio : elaboratum 

68 Catalogue of ^ooftis? anii iai^anujsrcc^tjer. 

On the verso offol. 275 and last, the following curious verses are found: 
Germani ingenii quis non miretur acumen ? 

Quod uult germanus protinus efficiet: 
Afpice quam mira libros imprefferit arte : 

Quam fubito ueterum tot monumenta dedit 
Nomine Criftoporus : Valdarfer gentis alumnus : 

Ratifponenfis gloria magna foil : 
Nunc ingens Ciceronis opus : caufafcj forenfes 

Quas inter patres dixit & in populo. 
Cemis quam recto : quam emendato ordine ftruxit 

Nulla figura oculis gratior effe poteft : 
Hoc autem illuftri Venetum perfecit in urbe 

Praeftanti Mauro fub Duce Chriftophoro : 
Acdpite hunc librum quibus eft facundia cordi 

Qui te Marce col & fponte difertus erit. 

The Philippics, the Orations against Verres, and those in favor of Fonteius and Soscius, are 
omitted in this edition. According to DiBDlN, " a nobler or a lovelier volume never issued from 
the press of an early printer. I am well nigh disposed to call it the chef d' ceuvre of the Val- 
darfer press." The last words, "LODO CARBO," are supposed by Panzer, Tira- 
BOSCHi, and Santander to signify the name of LODOVICUS Carbo, vel KoHL, the editor, 
or corrector of the press, in Valdarfer's office. 

See Panzer, "Anrudes Typographici," Vol. III., /. 78. Santander, "Did. Biiliographique 
Choisi," Tomell.,/. 311. Hain, " ReperUyrium BiiKagraphiaim," Vol. I., Pars 11.,/. 122. Van 
Praet, " Catalogue des Limres Imp. sur Vilin," Tome IV., /. 35. DiBDiN, " Bibl. Sfenceriana," 
Vol. I., pp. 3SS-6- Graesse, " Trisor de Livres Rares et Pricieux," Tome 11.,/. 162. Beloe, 
"Anecdoies of Literature," Vol. IV., /. 206. Brunet, "Manuel," Tome il.,pp. 34-$. 

TVR. I Rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium, lib. iiii. | M. T. Ciceronis de 
inuentione, lib. 11. | Eiufdem de oratore ad Quintum fratrem. lib. in. | Eiuf- 
dem de claris oratoribus, a dicitur Brutus: lib. 1. \ Eiufdem Orator ad 
Brutum lib. i. | Eiufdem Topica ad Trebatium lib. 1. | Eiufdem oratoriae 
partitiones lib. i. | Eiufdem de optimo genere oratorum prsefatio quaedam. | 
Index rerum notabilium, quae toto opere continentur, | per ordinem alpha- 
beti. I 
In Fine: 





Sm. 4° ; 6 prel. leaves; 245 paged leaves ; and 3 unpaged leaves at the end, containing the ' ' Er- 
rata" and Anchor; bound in purple morocco extra, Aldine Anchor on the sides, inside gilt borders, 
gauffered (dges, vellum fly-leaves. A splendid copy, clean and fresh as when first 


This edition contains the famous "Notice" which Aldus placed over the door of his office, 
as a warning to Literary Bores and other idlers who wasted his time. See Pkef., ist leaf. 

<C^taIO0ue of ^ool^ anti J3i^mi$r(t^^« 69 

182 CICERO (M. T.) 







With Explanatory NOTES. 

Printed and Sold by B. FRANKLIN, 

4°; Title «» ilaci and red, verso blank; "The Printer to the Reader," "Corrigenda," and 
"Index to the Notes,"^. iii. to via. ; Text ix/) pp. Sumptuoiisly iound in dark blue best grosgr. 
levant morocco super-extra, back and sides richly ornamented and most elaborately and delicately 
tooled, insides lined with bright crimson levant morocco, highly polished, broad dentelle borders, richly 
gilt, and worked in the very finest manner, morocco joints, gilt top, double fly-leaves, by David of 
Paris, in his very best style. UNCUT. A TRULY magnificent copy in all respects. 
The margins measure 8H [fitU) by 6 inches. From the Brinley Library. 

The book is so very rare in this form that the statement is made in the Menzies Catalogue 
that but ytor copies are known. 

183 CLAP (THOMAS).— The | ANNALS | or | H I STO R Y | of | 
CUT, I FROM I The firft Founding thereof, in the Year 1700, | to the Year 
1766: I With An APPENDIX, | Containing the Prefent State of the Col- 
lege, the I Method of Inftruction and Government, with the | Officers, 
Benefactors and Graduates. | By THOMAS CLAP, A. M. | Presi- 
dent of the said College. | New-Haven : | Printed for John Hotch- 
kiss and B. Mecom. | M. DCC. LXVI. | 

8° ; Title and preface 2 leaves, pp. 124. Light polished calf extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. Very fine copy. RARE. 

70 (Catalogue of 2&ooft^ anb a^ujefcript^. 

184 CLARK (JOHN).— ILL | NEWES | from | NEW-ENGLAND: | or | 

A Narative [su] of New-Englands \ PERSECUTION. | Wherin is De- 
clared I That while old ^«^/i?«i/ is becoming new, | iV^K/-^«j'^!«(/ is become 
Old. I Alfo four Propofals to the Honoured Parliament and Councel of 
State, I touching the way to />-(?/a^«/^/'>%fG^<?j^(?/(2/"C4^ (with finall | charge 
and great fafety) both in Old England and New. | Alfo four conclufions 
touching the faith and order of the Gofpel of | Chrift out of his laft Will and 
Teftament, confirmed and justified | 

By John Clark Phyfician of Rode Ifland in America. | 
\Texts of Scripture, 3 lines\ 
London, | Printed by Henry Hills living in Fleet-Yard next door to the 
Rofe and Crown, in the year 1652. | 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (20), 76. Elegantly botind in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back 
and top, paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside lined viith polished green levant morocco, richly 
tooled after a tasteful design, Tnorocco joints, by F. BEDFORD. UNCUT. A SPLENDID COPT 

185 CLAY (H.) — The LIFE and SPEECHES of the HON. HENRY 

CLAY. Compiled and Edited by Daniel Mallory. New York : Robert 
P. Bixby, 1843. 

2 vols. 8® ; half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

186 COBBET (THOMAS).— The | Civil Magistrates | POWER | In 

Matters of ReUgion Modestly | Debated, Impartially Stated according to 
the I Bounds and Grounds of Scripture, And Answer | returned to those 
Objections against the same | which seem to have any weight in them. | 
Together With | A Brief Answer to a certain Slanderous | Pamphlet 
called I /// News from New England; or, A Narrative | ^New England's 
Persecution. \ By John Clark of Road-Hand, Physician. | 
By Thomas Cobbet, Teacher of the Church at Lynne | in New England. | 

Take us the foxes, the little foxes which spoil the vines, etc. Cant. •^. 15, 
Rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evill, etc. Rom. 13. 3. 

This Treatise concerning the Christian Magistrates Power, and the exerting 
thereof | in, and about matters of ReUgion, written with much zeal and 
judgement by Mr. | Cobbet of New England, I doe allow to be printed, as 
being very profitable to these | times. | 

Feb. "jth, 1652. Obadiah Sedgwick. 

London, Printed by W. Wilson for Philemon Stephens at the Gilded Lion | 
in Paul's Churchyard, 1653. 

.Sot. 4° ; bound in calf, gold fillets, gilt edges. 

There are two distinct books in this volume. The second is exceedingly rare and corre- 
spondingly interesting as throwing light on the early religious history of New England. 
Clark's narrative, to which it is a reply, created much feeUng at the time of its publication by 
its reports of intolerance and persecution. See Clark, John, No. 184. 

Catalogue of ^ooH^r anti Si^nujefm^tjEt. 71 


TRUE LOVE I UNTO | You the Rulers of the Colony of the Maffachufets 
[sic] IN I NEW-ENGLAND; | 


To you that are now in Authority the unjuft 

Paths that your Predeceffors walked in, and of the 

Lord's Dealings with them in his fevere Judgments, for 

perfecuting his Saints and Children. 

Which may be a Warning unto you, that you walk not in 

the fame Steps, left you come under the fame condemnation. 

Written by one who was 07ice in Authority with them ; but al- 
ways teflified againfl their perfecuting Spirit, who am calVd 
William Coddington of Road-Ifland \sic\. 
[London :] Printed in the Year 1674. 
Sm. tfo. tp. 20. Half brmim morocco extra, by Bradstreet. Very Rare. 





Five INDIAN Nations 
Depending on the Province 



In America. 

Printed and Sold by William Bradford in 
New-York, 1727. 

Sm. 8° ; sumptuously bound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
richly gilt sides with tasUful corner ornaments, inside gUt borders, by F. Bedford. A beautiful 
example of Mr. Bedford's best style. 

Collation : Portrait of Golden, inserted facing title ; Title as above, i /., verso blank ; 
dedication "To His Excellency William Burnet, Bfq.;" signed " Cadwallader Golden,"/?*, 
vi • "The Prefece,"signed"C. G.,"4/Ai ".-^yito* VOCABULARY," etc., ^ pp.; "A 
Short VIEW of the Form of Government of the FIVE NATIONS," ^pp. ; " Errata" and 
'■ Advertisement," ip.; " MAP " from the London edition of 1747, inserted ; " TEXT " w^pp.; 
•• The End of the Firft Pari." [All that was published in this country— reprinted with Second 
Part, Additions and alterations, London: 1747, 8°.] 

This book is made valuable by its exceeding rarity (not more than a half dozen copies 
being known), by its historical interest, and by the imprint of New York's first printer. 



72 Catalogue of ^ooftie^ anb ^ai^anuieecnjptje^. 

189 GOLDEN (CADWALLADER).— History of the Five Indian Nations 

depending on the Province of New York. Reprinted exactly from Brad- 
ford's New York edition (1727). With an Introduction and Notes by 
John G. Shea. 

Imperial 8° ; cloth, uncut edges. Portrait on India paper. Large Paper Copy, of which 
size only 30 copies were printed; the entire edition consisting o/iSS copies, 


RIDGE. London : IV. Pickering, 1835. 

3 vols. 12° ; scarlet calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


TICUTENSIUM, | STATUTA, I A | PRESIDE | et | Sociis | san- 
cita. I In Ufum JuventuHs Acadetnicce. \ Novo-PoRTtr : | Excudebat 
Jacobus Parker, M dcclv. \Liber primus '^oyo-'poxtM impreffus^ 

8° ; light polished calf extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. Fine, 
clean copy. Very Scarce. 

"James Parker of New York established the second printing-house in Connecticut, at 
New Haven, in 1754, and this edition of the Laws of the College was, as the imprint shows, the 
first work from that press and the FIRST BOOK PRINTED IN NEW HAVEN." 


BOBBIN, ESQ., containing his View of the Lancashire Dialect, with 
large Additions and Improvements : also his Poem of the Flying Dragon, 
and the Man of Heaton ; together with other whimsical Amusements in 
Prose and Verse. To which is added a Life of the Author, by Richard 
TowNLEY, Esq. Embellished with Ten Copper-plates. London: H. D. 
Symonds, 1806. 

12° ; portrait, sprinkled calf, gilt back, carmine edges. 

193 [COLLIER (JOHN)].— TIM BOBBIN'S Book of Heads, Entitled 

Human Passions Delineated. London: 1810. 

Oblong \°; \'i plates, with explanatiims inverse. Wants title, and some of the plates torn. Half 
calf. Scarce. 


LINS. London : W. Rckering, 1853. 

12° ; portrait, brown calf, marbled edges. 

19s CLINTON (DE WITT) — DISCOURSE Delivered before the New- 
York Historical Society, at their Anniversary Meeting, 6th December, 
181 1. iiEV/ York: James £ast6ur7t, 1812. 

8° ; pp. 81. Half roan. 

Catalogue of 25oofeitf anti flr^nusfccijit^. jt, 



gEttor por que te que aure is plaser 5c la granb | victoria 
*^ que nf tenor me ba 5a5o en miv^aic | pos ef criuo ctta por 
la ql f abreps como e jjjiij | 5ias pafe alas jnbias cola arma5a 
que losiu | luftriffimos IRes 1 reuna nf os lenores meroi | &on5e 
S falle mus mucbas Hflas poblaDes congere fsn | numero. » 
5elas to5as be toma5o pofetns por fus altesa | con pregon b 
va5era real eaeW5a s no me fue contraWco. | . . . . 

Translation : 

Sir, As I know you will be rejoiced at the glorious success that our Lord 
has given me in my voyage, I write this to tell you how in thirty-three days 
I sailed to the Indies with the fleet that the Illustrious King and Queen, 
our Sovereigns, gave me, where I discovered a great many islands inhabited 
by innumerable people; and of all I have taken possession for their High- 
nesses by proclamation and display of the Royal Standard, without opposition. 

4° ; bound in old silk, four unnumbered leaves, 32 lines to a full page, printed throughout in 
Gothic Letter. 

Although this letter contains much the same matter as that addressed to Sanchez, they are 
really two entirely distinct documents, of which the present appears to have been written first. 
Sant Angel was the personal friend of Columbus through whose influence the Queen was induced 
to promote his expedition, after she had declined to grant any assistance. It was not unnatural, 
therefore, that Columbus should have sent this personal letter to his friend before making his 
official report to the Royal Treasurer. This letter, in connection with the following addressed to 
Sanchez, is of the greatest interest and importance as giving the earliest surviving description 
of the New World. These three little volumes, containing the first accounts written by the great 
navigator himself, form, when considered together, a collection of bibliographical treasures 
which no library in the world can rival. Until about twenty-five years ago it was supposed 
that no copy of Columbus's Letter in Spanish was to be found. Then, however, a copy was dis- 
covered in the Ambrosian Library at Milan. The present volume was found in the possession 
of an Italian family only two years ago. It is very much like the Ambrosian copy, but the 
typographical differences are such as to prove that they are separate and different editions. 
Several eminent authorities in England and America have expressed the opinion, based upon 
the correction of errors and other internal evidence, that this is the Editio Princeps, and that 
the Ambrosian was copied from it. About the time of the discovery of this copy, another, in 
Spanish, in folio form, was offered for sale by a dealer in Paris for about $13,000. Such an 
eminent authority as Mr. Harrisse did not hesitate to assert that it was not a genuine early 
edition ; but a London bookseller has recently obtained possession of this latter copy, and 
advertises it at about two-thirds of the former owner's price, or $8000, as being the only and 
original edition. He seems to be quite confident both as to the time and place when and where 
it was printed. Inasmuch as it bears no mark of date or place or printer's name, it is unneces- 
sary to say that positive assertions as to these points cannot be sustained by proof. It is claimed 
that the folio form was the original, as being the usual form of the " broadsides " of the time. 
But it is indisputable that all of the editions of the earliest voyages hitherto known are in quarto 
form. This is true not only of all the Latin and Spanish editions of Columbus's Letter, but of 
Vespucius's Voyages, of Pomponius Mela, of The Cosmographise Introductio, of Varthema, and 
others. Now as the " broadside " or folio form is more easily published, being folded but once, 

74 Catalogue of 2S>oofejS anb jar^amuefct^jS. 

it is natural to suppose that, if this were the original form, those printers who wished to repro- 
duce the Letter in a popular edition would have repeated it. Furthermore, it is almost certain 
that so^ie one of the eight Latin and Spanish early editions already known would have imitated 
the folio had that been the original form. But as a matter of fact they are all quartos. On the 
other hand, it would be quite natiu-al for a printer who wished to reproduce a popular tract to take 
the easiest and cheapest style, and so he would print the four small leaves on two larger ones, 
folded once. These considerations seem to be natural and logical, but it is not claimed that 
they are conclusive. From the very nature of things the facts must always remain matters of 
conjecture, and dogmatic statements are unjustifiable. Both the folio and the quarto were 
offered to the owner of the latter at about the same price, and the present copy was bought, 
after a careful investigation of the merits of both, in the beUef that it was the earlier edition and 
more desirable in every respect. Nothing has since come to light to change that beUef. The 
weight of evidence indicates that it is a unique and genuine copy of the absolutely 


The volume is perfect, and its condition is all that could be demanded. 



C JEpiftola Cbriftof ori Colom : cut etas noftra multa bebet : 
&e I IFnfuUs irn&le Tupra Oangem nuper Inuetis. a& quas 
peraren= | Das octauo antea menfe aufpiciis 1 ere inuictilTe* 
mo^ 3f erna&i 1 \ ibelifabet ibifpania^ IRegu miff us f uerat : 
a6 magnificum &nm | ©abrfelem Sancbis eorunbe serenftTi* 
mo? IRegum Uefaurariu | miff a: qua nobilis ac litteratus 
viv aLean5er be Cofco ab ibifpa | no ibfomate in latfnum 
cofiertit tertio ftal's /iDaii. /iDxcccjcUi I pontificatus Hlejan* 
bri Sejti Hnno prfmo. 

Translation : 

Letter from Christopher Colom : to whom our age oweth much : con- 
cerning the Islands of India beyond the Ganges recently discovered. In 
the search of which he was sent under the auspices and at the expense of 
the most invincible Sovereigns of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella : addressed 
to the most noble lord Gabriel Sanchis, Treasurer of the same most serene 
monarchs : which the noble and learned man Leander de Cosco translated 
from the Spanish idiom into Latin, the third day of the calends of May, 1493. 
The year One of the Pontificate of Alexander VI. 

4° ; bound in vellum. Pour unnumbered leaves, 33 lines to a full fage, printed throughout in 
Gothic Letter. 

Without place, date, or printer's name, but according to Major printed by Stephen Plannci 
at Rome, in 1493. No two authorities agree as to the priority of date of the early editions of 
Columbus's Letter in Latin. Mr. R. H. Major, of the British Museum, is the most recent 
bibliographer who has tried to solve the mystery, and his arguments are so logical and weighty 
that it seems impossible to controvert them. Mr. John Russell Bartlett, himself a high 
authority, agrees with Mr. Major, and places this edition first in his catalogue of the John 
Carter Brown Library. The reasons which influenced his action have caused the compiler 
of this catalogue to follow his example. 

The present is a most beautiful copy in every respect. It is from the Barlow Library. 

Cataiosue of ^atik^ attii :9i|anujeecnptj3e. 75 


C Bplftola Cbriftof orf Colom : cut §tas noftra tnultft 5ebet : 
be I Ifnfulis Unbi? fupra ©auQem nuper fnuentis. m> quas 
perqufs | renbas octauo antea menfe aufpicijs 1 ?re inufctilTi* 
mi jf ernaits | bf Ibif paniarum IRegis miff us f uerat : ab noag* 
nificum bftm IRa* | pbaelem Sanjis: eiufbem serenifllmi 
IReQis Uefaurarifl miffa: | quam nobilis ac litteratus viv 
Hlianber be CoTco ab Ibifpano | ibiomate fn latinum conuertit 
tertio ftal's /IDaij. /lD.cccc.jciij. | pontificatus Hlejanbri Sejti 
anno iprimo. 

4° ; iound in crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, sides tooled, by Matthews. Four leaves, 
printed in gothic type, without pagination or catchwords, 34 li/ies to full page. Inclosed in pulUoff 

Harrisse, who, previous to Major, had written the most fully concerning the Letters of 
Columbus, places this edition first. (" Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima," New York, 1866.) It 
was placed first, also, in the catalogue of the Barlow Library, at the sale of which it fetched 
$2900. It is exceedingly rare. Mr. Bartlett states that but four other copies of this edition 
are known. The present copy is perfect and in brilliant condition, excepting that a name has 
been written in ink on the margin of the first page. 


je^n fcbbn btibfcb lefen von etlicben infjlen X>iz bo in 
fturtsen 3i?ten funben fsnb burcb be IRUnig von bifpania. 
unb Tagt v6 grofjen wunberlicben bingen bie in be Telbe 
infjlen fsnb. 

[ Woodcut of the Xing receiving Columbus beneath the title, and same cut 
repeated on last lea/.] 

Colophon : 

©etrucftt 3u ftrafjburg uff grunecft vo /iDeitter asartlomef? 
idiftler 13m iar ; flb.ccccjcvij utE fant 5erom?mus tag. (1497) 

Translation : 

" A fine, beautiful reading concerning several islands lately discovered by 
the King of Spain; giving an account of great and wonderful things found in 
said Islands. Printed at Strasburg by Bartholomew Kustler." 

Sm. 4° ; iound in dark bnmin polished calf, sides covered with blind tooling. 

This is the First German Edition of Columbus's first Letter. The present copy has, 
unfortunately, three leaves in facsiinile, but the volume is so exceedingly rare that the owner has 
never had an opportunity to buy another copy, either at public or private sale, and thought him- 
self very fortunate to obtain this. 

76 Catalogue of ^oW dnti Sf^sxm^ttipt^, 

200 COLUMBUS. — De Insulis inuentis | Epiftola Criftoferi Colom (cui 
etas noftra | multu debet : de Infulis in mari Indico nug | inuetis. Ad quas 
perquirendas octauo antea | menfe: aufpicijs et ere Inuictiffimi Fer- 
nandi | Hifpaniarum Regis miffus fuerat) ad Mag- | nificum dfim Raphael^ 
Sanxis: eiufde fere- | niffimi Regis Thefaurariu miffa. quam nobi- | lis 
ac litterat' vir Aliander de Cofco : ab Hif- | pano ydeomate in latinu con- 
uertit : tercio kl's | Maij. M. cccc. xciij. Pontificatus Alexandri | Sexti Anno 
Primo. I 

Black Letter. Sm.iP; lo leaves of zj Imes to a fullpage, and /[woodcuts. Half dark blue 
morocco, top gilt, uncut, by Thivet. 

One of TWENTY COPIES ONLY, reproduced in Paris by Pilinski's process, about 1858. 
Shortly after it was issued it was discovered that the facsimile had been made from an imperfect 
* copy, and wanted the first and last leaves. In this copy they are reproduced from the only 
\aio\ra petfect copy of the original edition, now in the Lenox Library, New- York. 

201 COLUMBUS. — Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, 1493. 
[New York: 1864.] 

Title, facsimile, i p.,pp- 12, Svo, half morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, 

A facsimile of the Spanish letter of Columbus, published in 1493, from the only known 
copy in the Ambrosian Library, Milan, with a literary and bibliographical description by Mr. 
James Lenox. A few copies only printed for presentation. 

202 COLUM BUS. — Lettera in Lingua Spagnuola diretta da Christoforo 
Colombo a Luis de Sant Angel (15 Febbrajo 14 Marzo 1493). Riprodotta 
a Fac-simile ed illustrata per cura di Gerolamo D'Adda daU'unico esem- 
plare a stampa sinora conosciuto che si conserva nella Biblioteca Ambro- 
siana. Milano: Teodoro Laengner, M.DCCC.LXVI. 

4*)/ cloth. 

This facsimile, by the Marquis D'Adda, of the famous Letter in Spanish which belongs to 
the Ambrosian Library of Milan, and which was long supposed to be the only existing edition 
in Spanish, is especially interesting in connection with the original Letter in Spanish above 

203 COLUMBUS — The Letter in Spanish of Christopher Columbus 
written on his Return from his First Voyage, and addressed to Luis de 
Sant Angel, 15 Feb.- 14 March, 1493, announcing the Discovery of the 
New World. Reproduced in Fac-simile from a Unique Copy in the posses- 
sion of Mr. Brayton Ives of New York, with Introductory and Critical 
Remarks, accompanied by a Revised Spanish Version, and a literal trans- 
lation into EngUsh. London : Ellis & Elvey, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

i^o ; cloth. 

«(totaiogue of 2B»oofe|t anb a^anuismpt^, ^^ 

204 COLUMBUS. — La Lettre de Christophe Colomb annon^ant la 

DficouvERTE DU NouvEAU MoNDE, 1 5 Fcvrier — 14 Mars, 1493. Texte 
Original Espagnol fidition Princeps In-folio, Differente des Deux Editions 
In 40 connues jusq'a ce jour. Reproduction en facsimile d'apres I'exem- 
plaire r^cemment d^couvert en Espagne actuellement en la possession de 

Paris: J. Maisgnneuve, Libraire-Editeur, 25 quai Voltaire, 1889. 

Folio ; cloth. 

This is the facsimile of the folio letter referred to in No. 196. 


Search of the Picturesque. A Poem. London : Nattali b' Bond, n. d. 

3 vols. roy. 8°; half red calf, gilt tacks and tops, UNCUT. Illustrated with 80 colored plates 

206 COMBS (Gen. L.) — Narrative of the Life of General Leslie 

Combs; Embracing Incidents in the History of the War of 181 2. [New- 
York:] American Whig Review Office, 1852. 

8° ; pp. 20, toards. 


MINES, Lord of Argenton : Containing the Histories of Louis XI. and 
Charles VIII., Kings of France, and of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. 
To which is added The Scandalous Chronicle, or Secret History of 
Louis XL By Jean De Troyes. Edited with Life and Notes, by 
Andrew R. Scoble. London: Bohn, 1855. 

2 vols, post 8° ; portrait, half red calf, gilt tacks, marbled edges. 

208 CONNECTICUT.— Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Organizations 

in the Service of the United States, 1861-1865, with Additional Enlistments, 
Casualties, etc., etc. Published by order of the Legislature; C. M. IngersoU, 
Adjutant General. Hartford : 1869. 

Thick imperial %°; cloth. 


de Canada | pour apprendre h Paul de Gimont, Vvn des \ donneurs d'aduis 
pour ks Iesvites contre le \ Recteur fir* VniuerfiU de Paris, 6f afes \ 
femblables, pourquoy les Iesvites | font depuis peu arriuez en \ Canada. | 

M.DC.XIII. Seconde fidition. [Lyon : Imprimerie Louis Perrin, 1867.] 

8° ; pp. 12, toards, UNCUT. PRINTED ON VELLUM. 

One copy only of the Original Edition is known to exist. The present is a. facsimile reprint 
for E. Tkoss of Paris, of which 12 copies only were printed, all on Vellum. No. 6. 

78 Catalogue of 25ooftj3f an& a^anuj^cnytiS, 


World. An Account of the Voyages undertaken for making Discoveries 
in the Southern Hemisphere, and successfully performed by Commodore 
Byron, Captain Wallis, Capt. Carteret, and Capt. COOK. Land. 1773. 4°; 
3 vols, with Maps, Charts, and Cuts. SECOND VOYAGE ... A 
Voyage towards the South Pole, and round the World, in 1772, 3, 4, and j 
S, written by Capt. James Cook, Commander of the Resolution. In ' 
which is Included, Capt. Fumeamx's Narrative of the Proceedings in the 
Adventure during the Separation of the Ships. Land. 1777. 2 vols. 4°; with 
Maps and Charts. THIRD VOYAGE. A Voyage to the Pacific 
Ocean in the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. Vols. I. & II. 
written by Capt. JAMES COOK; Vol. III. by Capt. JAMES KING. 
Lortd. 1785. 4°; 3 vols. Accompanied with a folio volume of &•] Maps, 
Charts, Portraits, Views, &'c. London: i 773-1 785. 

8 Tiols. 4° and i vol. fol. ; half purple morocco, gilt tacks, marbled edges. 

Now that the " Dark Continent " has been opened to the civiHzed world there seems to be 
but little work remaining for discoverers. But so long as the love of adventure exists, the 
narratives of the bold explorers who crossed unknown seas and penetrated strange countries 
will never fail to command attention. As a record of the thrilling experiences of Capt. Cook, 
the first navigator to make a complete circuit of the world, these volumes must occupy an 
honorable and important place in every library. The present set is exceptionally fine. 

211 COOKE (SAMUEL) Neceffarius. \ The Continuance of an able and 

Godly I Minifter very needful to a People. | A | SERMON | Preached at 
the Funeral of the Reve- | rend Mr. JOHN DAVENPORT, | late Paflor 
of the Church in Stam- \ ford ; who died Fryday, Febr. 5, 1 730-1, in the 
62 Year of his Age, | and 36 of his Miniflry : And was, | decently interred 
on Munday folow- | ing. | By the Rev. SAMUEL COOKE, Paflor of the | 
Church of Chrifl in Stratfield. \ [Text of Scripture, 2 lines.] Printed by J. P. 
Zenger in New - York, 1731. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. 62. Straight grained blue morocco extra, gilt back and top, fore edge UNCUT, ty 
F. Bedford. A beautiful copy of this rare sermon. 

212 COOPER (THOMAS).— The | MYSTERY | of | witch-craft. | 

Difcouering, \ The Truth, Nature, Occafions, | Growth and Power thereof. \ 
Together | With the Detection and Punifli- | m^nt of the fame. | As Also, j 
The feuerall Stratagems of Sathan, | enfnaring the poore Souk by this 
de- I fperate practize of annoying the bodie : | with the feuerall Vfes thereof to 
the I Church of Chrifl. | Very necefjfary for the redeeming of thefe Atheisticall 
and fecure times. \ By Thomas Cooper. | London: Printed by Nicholas Okes, 

12°; t6 prel. leaves, pp. 368, in the original vellum wrapper. Excessively RARE and 


This singular work is frequently referred to by Increase and Cotton Mather. According to 
this "learned and painfull" author, one of the pleasant amusements of Witches "is kissing 
Satans backe-parts." 

^atalocue of ^^ooftjef mtti flr^anujsfcri^tiS. 79 

213 COOPER (J. FENIMORE).— NOVELS and TALES, with Illmtra- 
-tions from Designs by F. O. C. Darley, /«(f^ engraved on Steel. New 

York: W. A. Townsend &= Co. 1859-1861. 

32 vols, crown 8° ; chtA. ORIGINAL Edition, beautiful impressions of the plates. Very 

214 COOPER (Wm. M.) — Flagellation and the Flagellants. A 

HISTORY of the ROD in all Countries, from the Earliest Period to the 
Present Time. By the Rev. Wm. M. Cooper, B. A. [ i. e. James G. Bertram.] 
With Numerous Illustrations. New Edition, Revised and Corrected. 
London: J. C. Hotten. [1869.] 

Crown 8° ; half calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 

215 CORDINER (J.) — A DESCRIPTION of CEYLON, containing an 

Account of the Country, Inhabitants and Natural Productions, etc. etc. 
By the Rev. JAMES CORDINER, A. M. Illustrated by 25 Hnted En- 
gravings from Original Drawings. London: Longman, 1807. 

2 vols. 4° ; mottled calf, gilt backs, yellow edges. 

2i6 <<totona miftica Beate itiarie bit; | girasf gioriofc. | 

In Fine [fbl. 66 a]: 

Cjcpiicit corona miftica Bcatiflime \m^ 
niief marie, i^ouitec htij^rclfe 5llnttojcq^ic. fi 
mc gecarbum 3tecto. 5llnno nrc faiutiief a?. 
€€<C<fl:.jrcij. bic bj. mcnftjS octoBrijer. [1492.] 

Sm. 8°. Black Letter. 66 unpaged leaves, 24 lines to a full page, with 27 curious old 
Woodcuts; on the reverse of the last leaf is the singular device of the printer, Gerard Leew; 
bound in black grosgr. levant moftcco, blind tooled, inside gilt borders, gilt edges. A very fine, 
clean copy of a rare and interesting book. 


Mr. Ticknor, in speaking of the adventurers who after Columbus wrote narratives of 
their discoveries, says: "In the foreground of this picturesque group stands, as the most 
brilliantof its figures, Fernando Cortes. . . . Of his works, the most remarkable were, no 
doubt, five long and detailed reports to the Emperor on the affairs of Mexico, the first of 
which, and probably the most curious, dated in 1519, seems to be lost, and the last, belonging 
probably to 1527, exists only in manuscript." 

The First Editions of the three known printed editions are hereinafter described. Their 
rarity is such that there has been but one opportunity to buy them at public sale in a generation. 
With the exception of the last leaf in the First Edition of the Third Letter, which is one of 
Pilinski's facsimiles, so wonderfully executed that it escaped the notice of the author of Mr. 
Barlow's Catalogue until after the completion of his work, the volumes are perfect and in 
exceptionally fine condition. 

They are from the Barlow Collection. 

8o Catalogue of ^ok^ anli a^anu^cciptjgf. 

217 CORTES. ' 

Carta t>c relaclo ^biaba a fu. S. majeftab &ei gpaj>or 
nf Teftoc por el capita general &cla nueua fpafla : llama&o 
ferna&o cortes. lEnla Al base relacid b'las tterras s prouTctas 
fin cueto q ba 5eTcubierto nueuamete enel ijucata Del afto be. 
jij. a efta pte : s ba f ometibo ala corona real be f u. S. m. 
En ef pecial base relacio be vna grabifltma prouicia mxv8 rica 
llamaba Culua : « be grabes ciubabes v be marauillof os eb 
ficios : s be grabes tratos » riqsas. lEntre las Hies ay. vna 
mas marauillofa s rica q tobas Uimljtita : a efta por maravf* 
llofa arte ebiflcabafo brevna grSbe laguna. bela ql ciubab » 
prouicia es rei? un grabiflimo fettor llamabo /iDuteecuma: 
bobe le acaeciero al capita » alos ef pafloles efpSto fas cofas 
be oi^r. Cuenta largamete bel grabifllmo fettorio bel bicbo 
^uteecuma ^ be f us ritos s cerimonias. v be como f e f true. 


Xa pref ente carta be relacion fue impreffa enla mus noble 
1 mui5 leal ciubab be Seuilla : por Jacobo croberger aleman. 
a. viiji bias be mouiebre. Hno be. /ID. b. 1 jjij. [1522] 

Translation : 

" Letter of relation sent to His Sacred Majesty, the Emperor, our Lord, 
by the Captain General of New Spain, called Fernando Cortes, in which 
is an account of the lands and provinces without number which have been 
newly discovered in Yucatan, from the year XIX to the present; and 
which he subjected to the Royal Crown of His Sacred Majesty. In par- 
ticular is an account of a very great province, very rich, called Culua; and 
of grand cities and marvelous edifices; and of great trade and riches, 
among which is one more wonderful and rich than the rest, called Timixtitan, 
which with wonderful skill is built upon a great lake, of which city and 
province a great lord, called Montezuma, is king ; where there happened 
to the Captain and Spaniards things wonderful to hear. With a full account 
of the great estate of the said Montezuma, of his rites and ceremonies, and 
how he is waited upon. 

" The present letter was printed in the very noble and very loyal city of 
Seville by Jacob Cromberger, a German, on the 8th day of November, 1522." 

Folio; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt tack and edges, hy Hardy. Large portrait 
of Charles V. on title. 

B. A. v., No. 118. First Edition of the Second (and earliest existing) Letter. 

<Cataiosue of ^ooftier anti Si^nujeicrijptjes. 8i 

218 CORTES. 

Carta tercera be rcladd: embiaba por rema 1 &o 
cortes capitan 1 juftlcfa mai?or Del igucatan llamabo la nueua 
eTpana | Del mar oceano : al mus alto y potentifftmo cefar 1 
Tutctifllmo Teftor &o | Carlos empera5or Temper augufto s 
res &e ef pafla nueftro f eflor : Delas | cof as fuceWDas n mu» 
Dignas 5e abmlracton enla conquifta ^ recupe* I racfon bela 
mus grange 1 marautllof a ctubab be Uemtjtftan : s belas I 
otras protttnctas a ella f ubjetas que f e rebelaron. . . . 

Colophon : 

%SL ipfente carta b' relacio f ue Impreffa gla mus noble n mus 
leal ctubab b' f euilla por | Sacobo crobergcr alema : acabo fe 
a. jjj. Was be mar§o : afto b' mill 1 quintgtos t. jjitj. [1523] 

Folio; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, by HARDY. Large portrait 
of Charles V. on title, 

B. A. v., No. 121. First Edition of the Tliird Letter. 

219 CORTES. 

OLa quarta relaclon^ jfernabo cortes gouer 
nabory capitan general porfu majeftab enla 
nueua Efpafla b'l mar oceano embio al xwxq 
alto 1 mus potentitTimo Inutctfflimo feflor 
bon Carlos emperabor Temper augufto s 
res be 36f pafla nueftro f eftor : enla qual eftan 
otras cartas t relaciones que los capitanes 
pebro be aluarabo 1 2>iego gobos embta 
ron al bicbo capitan jfernarbo cortes. 

Colophon : 

iTue ImprclTa la prcfente carta be reladon 

enla imperial ciubab be Uolebo por ©afpar be avila, 

Hcabo fe a vesnte bias bel mes be ©ctubre, 

Hno bel nafcimiento be nueftro falua* 

bor 3efu cbrlfto be mill quinien 

tos 1 vesnte s cinco 

aftos . . . 


Folio; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, by Hardy. Woodcut of coat- 
of-arms on title. 

B. A. v., No. 135. First Edition of the Fourth Letter. 

82 €ataJo0ut of 25oofei6t anb a^amusccij^tjsf. 

220 CORTES. 

^ertia jJ'erMnabi Cor*» I tesii sac. Caesar, et catb. 
/iDaiesta. | in nova maris oceani bsspania aene* | ralis praj* 
f ecti pclara IRarratio, Hn qua Celebris Ciutatis Uemij | titan 
ejpuQnatio, aliaruqg prouintiaru, quf 5efecerant recupe* | 
ratio continetur, ifn guaru ejpugnatione, recuperationeis 
priefe | ctus, una cum Ibsspanis Victorias oeterna memoria 
Dianas con | seguutus est, pr^terea. .... per Doctore 

petrum Sauorgnanu jporoiuliensem | IReueft bfti ITo. 

be iReuelles .... | ... Bj fjuspano ijbiomate In 
Xatinum IDersa. 

In Fine: 

Umpressum Un ITmperiali | Ciuitate IRorimberga, | per Dis* 
cretum, 61 proui | bumlDirumjFoebericii | artbemesium Ciuem | 
ibibem, Hnno lDir» | genei partus mil | lesimo quingente | simo 
vigesimo | quarto. 

Folio ; bound in red levant morocco extra, gilt hack and edges, by Matthews. Portrait of 
Charles V. on title, and the imperial arms on verso of title. 

B. A. v., No. 126. First edition of Savorganils's version of the Second and Third Letters 
of Cortes. 

221 CORTES. 

praeclara iferblnaM 

Cortesii be IRoua maris ©ceani "8)5 | spania marratio Sacra* 
tissimo. ac llnuictissi* | mo Carolo IRomanoru Umperatori 
semper Hugusto, Ibsspa' | niarfl, 8. c IRegi anno 2)ominf. 
/lD.2).f f . transmissa : | Un qua Continentur plurima scitu, 
8i abmiratione | bigna Circa egregias earu puintiarfl "Dlrbes, 
Un* I colarft mores, pueroru sacrificia, 8>, IReligiosas | per* 
sonas, potissimfl(B be Celebri Ciuitate | "Jremijtitan IDariisqj 
illi^ mirabilib^, que legate mirafice belectabflt, p Doctore I 
petru saguorgnanii . 

ANNO Dni. M.D.XXIIII. KL. Martii : 
\Ad folio XLIX :] Explicit secunda Ferdinandi Cortesii Narratio per Doc | 
torem Petrum Sauorgnanum Foro luliensem ex Hy- | spano Idiomate in 
latinum Conuersa. Im- | pressa in Celebri Ciuitate Norimberga | . . . . 
Anno Dfii M. D. XXIIII : Quar. No. Mar. | Per Fridericum Peypus. 

Polio; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, hy Riviere. Large plan of Mexico, 
Portrait of Clement XII. and coat-of-arms on verso of title. 
B. A. v., No. 125. 

«CataIo0ue of 2&oofesf an& a^ujsfcrijptsf* 83 

222 CORTES.— xa preclara IRarratione 6i iferbinanbo Cortese 

della Nuova Hispagna del Mare Oceano, al Sacratissimo, & Inuictissimo 
Carlo di Romani Imperatore sempre Augusto Re Dhispagna, & do che 
siegue, nellano del Signore, M.D.XX. trasmessa: Nella quale si cotegono 
molto cose degne di scienza, & ammiratione, circa le cittadi egregie di quelle 
Provincie costumi dhabitatori, sacrifici di Fanciulli, & Religiose persone, 
et massimamente della celebre citta Temixtitan, & varie cose marauigliose 
di quella, e quali diletteranno mirabilmete il lettore per il Dottore Pietro 
Savorgnano . . . dal iddioma Hispagniuolo in lingua latina . . . dalla 
Facodia latina al spledore della lingua volgare p Messer Nicolo Libumio c6 
fidelta & diligeza tradotta . . . Venetia: Bernardino de Viano, 1524. 

4° ; gr'^'n morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by Bauzonnet-Trautz. 
B. A. v., No. 129. 

The plan of the City of Mexico here inserted is not that which should accompany this 
edition, but Nicholas Nelli's plan. 


And made white in the bloud of the | Lambe : being difculTed and difcharged 
of I bloud-guiltineffe by juft Defence. | WHEREIN | The great Queftions 
of this prefent time are | handled, viz., How farre Liberty of Confcience | 
ought to be given to thofe that truly feare God ? And how farre | reftrained 
to turbulent and peflilent perfons, that not one- | ly raze the foundation of 
Godlineffe, but difturb the Civill | Peace where they live ? Alfo how farre 
the Magillrate may pro- | ceed in the duties of the firfl. Table ? And that 
all Magiftrates | ought to ftudy the word and wUl of God, that they may 
frame | their Government according to it. | DISCUSSED. | As they are 
alledged from divers Scriptures, out of | the Old and New Teftament. 
Wherein alfo the practife of | Princes is debated, together with the Judge- 
ment of An- I cient and late Writers of moll precious efteeme. | Whereunto 
is added a Reply to Mr. [Roger] Williams \ Anfwer, to Mr. Cottons 
Letter. | By John Cotton Batchelor in Divinity, and | Teacher of the 
Church of Chriil at Bojlon in New- England . \ London, | IHnied by 
Matthew Symmonsfor Hannah Allen, at t}ie Crowne in \ Popes-Head- Alley, 

4° ; title, pp. 19S, 144 ; dark blue morocco, gilt edges. Fine copy. Rare. 

224 COULTER (J.) — ADVENTURES on the WESTERN Coast of South 

America, and the Interior of California. ... By John Coulter, m. d. 
London: Longman, i^^t . 

2 vols, post 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


London : W. Pickering, 1830. 

3 vols. 12° ; portrait, blue calf extra, gilt hacks and tops, rough edges. 

84 <Cataio0uc of ^ooW anti a^anujGfmjitjef. 

226 COXE (PETER).— The SOCIAL DAY: A Poem, In Four Cantos. 

Illustrated with 32 beautiful Engravings, chiefly by Scott. London : 1823. 

8°. Large Paper. Polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt hack, filleted sides, marbled edges. 

This beautiful volume contains brilliant India-proof impressions of the engravings after 
Stothard, Wilkie, Smirke, Cooper, Hill, etc., including the exquisite plate by Wilkie 
of " The Broken jfar," "the first plate executed on steel, of which single copies in a similar 
state have been sold as high as six guineas." 


a Description of the Country and its Inhabitants : Translated from the High- 
Dutch, and Illustrated with Maps and other Copper-plates. London: 1767. 

2 vols. 8° ; calf. 

228 CREUXIUS (FRANCISCUS, h Societate Jesu).— H I ST O RI^ | 

CANADENSIS, | sev | N0V^-FRANCI-«. | libri decem, | Ad 
Annum vsque Christi MDCLVI. | Auctore P. Francisco Crevxio, 6 
Societate lesv. 

Paribus, | Apud Sebastianum Cramoisy, Et Sebast. | Mabre- 
Cramoisy, Typographos Regis, | via Jacoboei, sub ciconijs. 


Thick 4° ; bound by Pratt in crimson morocco extra, gilt back and edges. 

A beautiful copy of a rare and interesting book, with map and thirteen plates engraved on 
copper, including the large one representing the Martyrdom of Fathers Brfl)euf, Jogues, and 
others. It gives a vivid account of the sufferings and fortitude of the Jesuit priests, which 
have been so graphically described at a later date by Parkman. 


from its commencement in 1835 to 1853, inclusive. Edited by H. Mayhew. 
With numerous highly comic Illustrations on wood by George Cruikshank. 
London: 1835-1853. 

zg years in $ vols. 12° ; half green morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, by F. Bedford. Uncut. 
Fine, clean copy. 

230 CRUIKSHANK (G.) — The BEE and the WASP. A Fable in Verse. 

With Illustrations Designed and Etched by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. 
London: B. M. Pickering, i86i. 

Sq. 12° ; chth, uncut. Scarce. 

231 GUMMING (Lt. Col. G.) — WILD MEN and WILD BEASTS, 

Scenes in Camp and Jungle. By LT. COL. GORDON GUMMING. 
Illustrated by Col. R. Baigrie, and others. Edinburgh : Edmonston &" 
Douglas, 1 87 1. 

Sg. 8° ; 14 tinted plates, and 4 uncolored; green cloth, uncut. 


the Syings of Charles the Second. Illustrated with Woodcuts. London : 
Bradbury b" Evans, mdccclii. 

Crown 8° ; cloth, uncut. Pine, clean copy. Very rare. 

CataiosiK of 5&ooft3af anb a^nusfaiptief. 85 

^33 tg'^ABNEY (Prof. R. L.) — LIFE and CAMPAIGNS of Lieut.- 

Gen. THOMAS J. JACKSON (Stonewall Jackson), niustrated 
with Steel Portrait and Eleven Diagrams. New York ; Bklock &' 
Co. 1866. 

8°: cloti. 

234 DALZEL (A.)— The HISTORY of DAHOMY, an Inland Kingdom 

of Africa; compiled from Authentic Memoirs; with an Introduction 
and Notes. By ARCHIBALD DALZEL, Es^., Governor at Cape-Coast 
Castle. London : Printed for the Author, m.dccxciii. 

4° ; with map and 6 plates, half calf. Scarce. 

235 DANCE OF DEATH — The English Dance of Death, from De- 

signs of THOMAS ROWLANDSON, with Metrical lUustrations, by the 
Author of "Doctor Syntax" [ff7//«a»« Combe]. Imnvon : H. Aciermann, 

2 vols. 8° ; with 72 colored engravings, irmvn calf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges. Fine, clean 
copy. Scarce. 

236 DANIEL (SAMUEL). — A | PANEGYRIKE | congratvlato- | rie 

DELIVERED | TO THE KiNGS MosT | Excellent Maiestie at | Bvrleigh 
Harrington | in Rvtlandshire. | By Samvel Daniel. | ALSO CERTAINE | 
Epistles, with a Defence | of Ryme heretofore | written, and now | pvblished 
by the | Avthor. | [Motto.] At London : | Imprinted for Edward Blount, \ 

Sm.iP; bound by CLkviis in morocco, gilt back and edges. The First Edition. 

237 DANIEL (SAMUEL),— THE CIVILE WARES |betweene theHowfes 

of Lancafter | and Yorke corrected and continued | by Samuel Daniel one 
of the Groomes | of hir Maiesties most honorable | Priuie Chamber. | 
" yEtas prima canat veneres \ postrema tumultus." \ Printed | at London | 
by Simon Waterfonne, \ 1609. 

4°. Title, Deditation " To The Right Noble Lady, the Lady Marie, Counteffe Dowager of 
Pemlrooke," 2 leaves ; Text [Eight Books, in verse"], pp. 231. With title containing within an 
oval frame a fine portrait of Daniel, engraved by F. COCKSON. In the original vellum wrapper. A 


Hoe. Sundry times Acted by the Children of Paules. (Woodcut device.) 
Imprinted at London by G. Eld, 1607. 

4° ; A - A4 in fours, Title Ai. . First Edition. Bound in full crushed levant morocco by 
F. Bedford. 


86 Catalogue of ^oolM anb a(^am^ttijft^* 


HOMMES et des FEMMES ; Hiftori^e & renouvell6e de vieux Gaulois, 
en langage le plus poli de notre tems. 

'Le d^bat du Corps & de I'Ame. 
La Complainte de I'Aine damn^e. 
Avec < L'Exhortation de bien vivre & de bien mourir. 
La Vie du mauvais Ante-Christ. 
Les quinze fignes du Jugement. 
A Troyes, CAez Jean Gamier, Imprimeur-Lihraire, rue du Temple \sans 
date, mais le privilege parte 1728]. 

4° ; PP- 76- 61 Woodcuts. Half brown calf. 

240 DARWIN (CHARLES).— The ORIGIN of SPECIES by means of 

Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for 
Life. Fifth Edition, with Additions and Corrections. London : John 
Murray, 1869. 

Cnrwn Z"^; green cloth, UNCUT. 

241 DARWIN (CHARLES).— The DESCENT of MAN, and Selection 

in Relation to Sex. By CHARLES DARWIN, M.A., F.R.S., etc. With 
Illustrations. London: John Murray, li"]!. 

2 vols, crown 8° ; green cloth, UNCUT. 


in MAN and Animals. With Photographic and other Illustrations. 
London : John Murray, 1872. 

Cmwn 8° ; green cloth, UNCUT. 


Edition. With Additions and Corrections. London : John Murray, 1873. 

Crown 8° ; green cloth. 


PLANTS under DOMESTICATION. Second Edition, Revised. 
With ^^ Illustrations. London: John Murray, 1875. 

2 vols, crown 8° ; green cloth, UNCUT. 

245 DAVIS (W.) — A JOURNEY Round the LIBRARY of a BIBLIO- 

MANIAC : or Cento of Notes and Reminiscences concerning Rare, 
Curious, and Valuable Books. By William Davis. London: 1821-25. 

2 vols. sm. 8° ; half crimson levant morocco, tops gilt, UNCUT. 

Catalogue of SSoofejS anti a^anujSco^tjet. 87 



Theodor De Bry commenced in IS90 the most costly and extensive series of Voyages 
ever undertaken. His plan contemplated originally the publication of them in English, French, 
German, and Latin. But after the first volume had been issued the plan was modified, and the 
subsequent volumes were published only in Latin and German. After his death the work was 
continued by his widow, his sons, and others. Seventeen years intervened between the publi- 
cation of Parts IX and X of the Great Voyages, and the work was not completed until 1634. In 
this period of forty-four years it was inevitable that with the changes of partners and variations 
of plans there should be more or less confusion of editions. And as a matter of fact a collector 
cannot set for himself a greater task than to gather a complete set of De Bry. Probably that 
goal has never yet been reached, although a few have nearly attained it. The present set is 
the best that the owner has been able to buy in twenty years of collecting. A most careful 
collation justifies the statement that all the Parts are the First Editions in Latin, and that 
they are perfect. But the impropriety of speaking too positively on this point may be reaUzed 
when such a high authority as SOBOLEWSKI says (Brunet.VoI. II. at the end) he is "convinced 
that the two impressions of the first edition are always found mingled, and that it is impossible to 
decide the question of priority." The set includes many additions and variations as hereinafter 
described ; also the General Title and the rare Elenchtts. Its condition is excellent, and it forms 
a fitting supplement to the Voyages of Columbus, Vespucius, Cortes, and Champlain, described 
elsewhere in this Catalogue. 


[General Title.] — Historia | AMERIC^E | sive | NOVI 
ORBIS, I Comprsehendens in XIII Se- | ctionibus | exactissimam 
Descriptio- I nem vatissimarvm et mvltis | abhinc seculis incognitarum 
Ter- I rarum, quae nunc | passim | Indise Occidentalis nomine | vulg6 vsur- 
pantur. | Cvm elegantissimis tabvlis et figv- | ris aeri incisis, nee non elencho 
Se-| ctionum, & Indice Capitum ac rerum prae- | cipuarum. | Francofvrti : | 
Sumptibus I Matth Meriani, \ 1634. 


[Part I.] — Admiranda Narratio fida tamen, de commodis et in- 
colarvm ritibvs Virginiae, nvper admodvm ab Anglis, qvi \ Dn. Richardo 
Greinvile eqvestris ordinis viro e6 in coloniam anno M. D. LXXXV. 
deducti svnt inventae, svmtvs faciente Dn. VValtero Raleigh eqvestris 
ordinis viro fodinarv stanni prsefecto ex avctoritate serenissimae Reginae 
Angliae. Anglico scripta sennone k Thoma Hariot, eivsdem Walteri 
domesti- co, in earn coloniam misso vt regionis si- tvm diligenter obser- 
varet. Nvnc avtem primvm latio donata Jl C. C. A. Francofortii ad 
Moenvm typis /oa««w Wecheli, svmtibvsvero Theodorde Bry axmo M.DXC. 
Venales reperivntvr in officina Sigismvndi Feirabendi. 

Plates IV., VII., VIII., X., XI., XII., XV., and XXII. are in duplicate impressions of the 
first and second editions. 

88 Catalogue of 2S>ooftsf anb a^UiSfccq^tjS, 

[Part II.] — Brevis Narratio eorvm qvse in Florida Americae Provicia 
Gallis acciderunt, secunda in illam Nauigatione, duce Renato de Laudoniere 
classis Prsefecto: Anno MDLxiiii. Qvse est secvnda pars Americae. 
Additse figurse & Incolarum eicones ibidem ad vivu expressse : brevis item 
Declaratio Religionis, rituum, vivendi^ue ratione ipsorum. Auctore lacobo 
le Moyne, cui cognomen de Morgues, Laudonierum in ea Navigatione 
sequuto. Nunc primum Gallico sermone h. Theodoro de Bry Leodiense in 

lucem edita : latio ver6 donata a C. C. A Francoforti ad Moenvm 

Typis loanis Weckeli, Sumtibus vero Theodori de Bry Anno MDXCI. Venales 
reperiutur in officina Sigismundi FeirabSdii. 

[Part III.] — Americae Tertia Pars Memorabile provincise Brasiliae 
Historiam contines, germanico primum sermone scriptam k loane Stadio 
Homburgensi Hesso, nunc autem latinitate donatam &, Teucrio Annseo 
Priuato Col chanthe Po : Sz: Med : Addita est Narratio profectionis loannis 
Lerij in eamdem Provinciam, qua ille initio gallic^ conscripsit, postea ver6 
Latinam fecit. His accessit Descriptio Morum & Ferocitatis incolarum illius 
Regionis, atque Colloquium ipsorum idiomate conscriptum. ' Omnia recens 
evulgata, & eiconibus in aes incisis ac ad vivum expressis illustrata, ad 
normam exam plaris praedictorum Autorum : studio Sz: diligentia Theodori 
de Bry Leodiensis, atque civis Francofurtensis anno MDXCII. Venales 
reperiutur in officina Sigismundi Feirabendii. 

Has both title-pages, the first with the name of Feyrabend as above, and the second with 
that of Theodor de Bry. The seven coats-of-arms (on one page) of the first edition are in 
duplicate, one of them neatly emblazoned by hand. The map, AmerUci pan magna cognita, is 
placed after Argvmentvm totivs narrationis. 

[Part IV.] — Americae Pars Qvarta. Sive, Insignis & Admiranda 
Historia de reperta primtim Occidentali India &, Christophoro Columbo 
Anno M. CCCCXCII. Scripta ab Hieronymo Bezono Mediolanense, qui 
istic anis XIII. versatus, diligeter omnia observavit. Addita ad singula 
fer& capita, non contemnenda scholia, in quibus agitur de earum etiam 
gentium idolotraria. Accessit praeterea Alarum Regionum Tabula choro- 
graphica. Omnia elegantibus figiuis in aes incisis expressa k Theodoro de 
Bry Leodiense, cive Francofurtensi Anno do lo xciiii. Ad Invistis. 
Rudolphi II. Rom. Imperator. Cum privilegio S. C. Maiestat. 

With the plates in duplicate, one set being the earliest impressions before the numbers were 

[Part V.] — Americae Pars Qvinta Nobilis & admiratione plena 
Hieronymi Bezoni Mediolanensis secundae sectionis Hispanorum, tiim in 
Nigrittas seruos suos, tiim in Indos crudelitatem, Gallorumq? pirataru de 
Hispanis toties reportata spolia ; Aduentu item Hispanoru in Nouam Indiae 
continentis Hispaniam, eorumqj contra incolas eius jegionis saeuitiam 

Catalogue of ^ooh^ anb a^ujScnptjS. 89 

explicans. Addita ad singula fere Capita scholia, in quibus res Indis lucu- 
lenter exponuntur. Accessit prseterea Tabula Chorographica Noua Hispanise 
in India Occidentalj. Ad Invistis Rvdolph. II. Rom. Imp. Avg. Omnis 
elegantibus figuris in aes incisis expressa k Theodoro de Biy Leod. cive 
Franc. Ao do Id xcv. 

With the letterpress to the second edition also, and title-pages to both editions ; the first 
as above, and the second with the alterations and insertions. The letterpress to the second 
edition is bound before that of the first. 

[Part VI.] — Americae Pars Sexta. Sive Historiae ab Hieronymo 
Bezono Mediolanese scriptse, sectio tertia, res no minus nobiles & admiratione 
plenas continens, qu^m praecedentes duae. In hac enim reperies, qua 
ratione Hispani opuletissimas illas Peruani regni provincias occuparint, 
capto Rege Atabaliba : deide orta inter ipsos Hispanos in eo regno civilia 
bella. Additus est brevis de Fortunatis insulis Comentariolus in duo capita 
distinctus. Item ad ditiones ad singula Capita Historiam illustrantes. 
Accessit Pervani regni chorographica Tabula. Ad Invictis : Rvdolph : H : 
Rom : Im : Avg : Omnia elegantibus figuris in aes incisis expressa \ Theo- 
doro de Bry Leod : cive autem Fracofurtese Ao M D XCVI .... 

[Part VII.] — Americae Pars VII. Verissima et incvndissima descriptio 
praecipvarvm qvarvndam Indiae regionum & Insularum, quae quidem nuUis 
ante haec tempora visae cognitaeque, iam primum ab Vlrico Fabro Straubin- 
gensi, multo cum periculo inuentae & ab eodem summa diligentia consignatae 
fuerunt, ex germanico in latinum sermonem conuersa autore M. Gotardo 
Artvs Dantiscano. Illustrata ver6 pulcherrimis imaginibus, & in lucem 
emissa, studio & opera Theodorici de Bry piae memoriae, relictae viduae & 
fiUorum. Anno Christi, M. D. XCIX. Venales reperiutur in officina Theo- 
dori. de Bry. 

[Part VIII.] — Americae Pars VIII. Continens primo, Descriptionem 
trivm Itinervm nobilissimi et fortissimi Eqvitis Francisci Draken, qvi 
peragrato primvm vniverso terrarvm orbe, postea cum nobilissimo Equite 
lohanne Havckeris, ad expugnandum ciuitatem Panama, in Indiam 
nauigauit, vbi vitam suam ambo finierunt. Secvndo, iter nobilissimi Equitis 
Thomae Candisch, qui duorum fer^ annorum spacio, 13000. Anglicana 
miliaria in man confecit, vbi describuntur quoque omnia quae in hoc itinere 
ipsi acciderunt & visa sunt. Tertio, duo itinera, nobilissimi & fortissimi 
Domini Gvaltheri Ralegh Equitis & designati gubematoris Regij in Angha 
praesidij, nee non fortissimi Capitanei Lavrentii Keyms. . . . Iam ver6 in 
vnum Corpus redact^ & in Latinum Sermonem conuersa, auctore M. 
Gotardo Artvs Dantiscano. Figuris & imaginibus artificios^ illustrata & in 
lucem emissa, opera & sumptibus Theodorici de Bry P. M. relictae Viduae & 
filiorum. Anno M. D. XCIX. 

90 Catalogue of 2£»ooft36t anb ia^anuisicri^tsf. 

[Part IX.] — Americse Nona & postrema Pars. Qva de ratione elemen- 
torvm : de Novi Orbis natvra : de hvivs incolarvm svperstitiosis cultibus : 
de(i; forma Politise ac Reipubl. ipsorum copios^ pertractatur : Catalogo 
Regum Mexicanorum omnium, h. primo vsq; ad vltimum Mote9umam II. 
addito : cui etiam ritus eorum coronationis, ac sepulturae annectitur, cum 
enumeratione bellorum, quae mutu6 Indi gesserunt. . . . Omnia h Ger- 
manico Latinitate donata, & insuper elegantissimis figuris aeneis coomata 
editaq; sumptibus Theodori de Bry p. m. ViduEe & binorum filiorum. 
Francof.: Apud Matth. Beckervm, 1602. 

[Part X.] — Americae Pars Decima : Qua continentur, I. Duae Naviga- 
tiones Dn. Americi Vesputii, sub auspiciis Castellani Regis, Ferdinandi 
susceptae. II. Solida narratio de modemo provinciae Virginiae statu, qua 
ratione tandem pax cum Indianis coaluerit, ac castella aliquot ad regionis 
praesidium ab Anglis extructa fuerint: additi historic lectu jucundissimd, 
quomodo Pokahuntas, Regis Virginiae Powhatani filia, primori cuidam Anglo 
nupserit ; Authore Raphe Hamor Virginia Secretario. . . . Omnia nunc 
primiim in lucem edita, atque eleganter in aes incisis iconibus illustrata, 
Sumptibus ac studio Johann-Theodori de Bry. Oppenheimii : Typis Hiero- 
nymi Galkri. Anno MDCXIX. 

[Part XI.] — Americae Pars Vndecima : Seu Descriptio admirandi 
Itineris a Guillielmo Schouten HoUando peracti : qua ratione in meridio- 
nali plaga freti Magellanici novum hactenusque incognitum in mareAustrale 
transitum patefecerit : Quas item terras, insulas, gentes, rescjue mirabiles in 
dicto Australi Oceano obvias habuerit. Omnia elegantibus mappis, atque 
iconibus in aes incisis jam primiim illustrata, Operi & Sumptibus Johann- 
Theodori de Bry Argentinensis. Oppenheimii : Typis Hieronymi Galleri. 
Anno M. DC. XIX. 

[Part XII.] — Novi Orbis Pars Dvodecima. Sive Descriptio Indiae 
Occidentalis, Auctore Antonio de Herrera, Supremo Castellae & Indiarum 
authoritate Philippi III. Hispaniarum Regis Historigrapho. Accesservnt et 
aliorvm Indiae Occidentalis Descriptiones, vti & nauigationum omnium per 
Fretum Magellanicum succincta narratio. Qvibus cohaerent Paralipomena 
Americae, in qvibus res plurima memoria & obseruatione dignissima, imprimis 
regionum natura, aeris constitutio, temperamenta elementorum, incolarum 
ingenia quae in magno opere historico aut omittuntur, aut leuiter attinguntur, 
iucunda non minus quam erudita descriptione pertractantur. Francofvrti, 
Sumptibus Haeredum lohan. Theodori de Bry. Anno Salutis M.DC.XXIV. 

[Part XIII.] — Decima Tertia Pars Historiae Americanae, qvae continet 
exactam et accvratam descriptionem I. Novae Angliae, Virginiae, Brasiliae, 
Guianae, & insulae Bermudae, quarum hactenus exigua & imperfecta notitia 
habita fuit. II. Terrae Australis incognitae, cuius chorographia antehac in 

Catalogue of «ffi»ooft3S anti St^anu^ccijtief* 91 

nullo Itinerario aut Navigatione litteris tradita. III. Expugnationis 
vrbis S. Salvatoris & Sinus Omnium Sanctorum ab HoUandis factse, & 
quomodo Hispani vrbe & Sinu illo rursus potiti sint. IV. Novi Mexici, 
Cibolse, Cinaloae, Quivirse, rerumc^j memorabilium, quae in lucatan, Guati- 
mala, Fonduris & Panama observatse sunt, nee non aliquot Anglicarum iis 
lods coloniaram. V. Navigationis Hollandorum per vniversum orbem, dace 
lacobo Eremita. VI. Classis Hispanicse prsedivitis ab Hollandis, duce 
Petro Heinio, in portu insulae, qui Matanza dicitur, interceptse. VII. Vrbis 
Olindae de Femambucco in Brasilia ab Hollandis, duce Henrico Comelio 
Lonckio, occupatse. Additis passim tabvlis asri incisis, qvibus jam memoratse 
descriptiones illustrantur. Francofvrti ad Moenvm, Sumptibus Matthcei 
Meriani ciuis & Chalcographi Francofurtensis, M DC XXXIV. 
The 13 Parts of the Grands Voyages bound in s volumes. 


[Part I.] — Regnvm Congo hoc est Vera Descriptio Regni Africani, 
qvod tam ab incolis qvam Lvsitanis Congus appellatur. Per Philippvm 
Pigafettam, olim ex Edoardi Lopez acroamatis lingua Italica excerpta ; nunc 
Latio sermone donata ab Avgvst. Cassiod. Reinio. Iconibus & imagini- 
bus rerum memorabUium quasi viuis, opera & industria loan. Theodori & 
loan, Israelis de Bry fratrum, &c. exomata. Francofvrti Excudebat 
VVolffgangus Rkhter, impensis lo. Theo. & lo. Israel, de Bry, frat. 

[Part II.] — II. Pars Indise Orientalis, in qva lohan. Hvgonis Lintscotani 
Nauigatio in Orientem, item regna, littora, portus, flumina, apparentise, 
habitus morescjue Indorum & Lusitanorum pariter in Oriente degentium: 
prseterea merces, monetae, mensurae', & pondera, quae quibus in locis, qu6ve 
compendio prostent, accurate proponuntur. Addita sunt passim D. Paludani 
Annotationes : item Icones artificiose in aere factae per loh. Theodorum, & 
loh. Israelem de Bry, fratres, quorum sumptibus opus ipsum recens iterum 
foras datum. Francfordii, Ex-Officina Wolffgan^ Rkhteri, M. D. XCIX. 

[Part III.] — Tertia Pars Indiae OrientaUs : Qua continentur I. Secunda 
pars nauigationum S, loarme Hvgone Lintschotano HoUando in Orientem 
susceptarum ; & maxim^ situs illarum regionum, & in his insularum, fluminum, 
liparum, portuum, &c. tum in transitu, tum ipsa India sitorum. II. Naui- 
gatio Hollandorum in insulas Orientales, lavan & Svmatram. III. Tres 
nauigationes Hollandorum in mod6 dictam Indiam per Septentrionalem seu 
glacialem Oceanum, vbi mira quaedam & stupenda denarrantur. Adiectae 
svnt mappae chorographicse, cum iconibus in aes incisae per loan. Theodor. & 
loan. Israel, de Bry fratares : quorum sumptibus quoque hoc opus editum est. 
Francofvrti excudebat Matthceus Beckerus, Anno M. DCI. 

92 Catalogue of ^ook^ a»ti a^anujStrijptiS. 

[Part IV.] — Pars Qvarta Indise Orientalis : qva Primvm varij generis 
Animalia, Fructus, Arbores : accurate describuntur. Per loannem Hvgonem 
Lintschotanum, & nonnuUos alios. Secvndo: Nouissima HoUandorum in 
Indiam Orientalem nauigatio, ad veris Anni 1598. introitum suscepta, & qua- 
tuor exinde reducibus nauibus mense lulio An. 1599. confecta, exponitur. 
Omnia ex Germanico Latinitate donata, studio & opera Bilibaldi Strobaei 
Silesii. Et insuper Viuis & artificiosissimis in ses incisis Iconib. illustxata & 
edita k lo. Theod. & lo. Israele de Bry, fratribus. Francofurti, apud 
Matthcevm Becker, M. DCI. 

[Part V.] — Qvinta Pars Indiae Orientalis: Qui continetur Vera & 
accurata descriptio vniuersa nauigationis illius, quam HoUandi cum octonis 
nauibus in terras Orientales, praecipu^ ver6 in lauanas & Moluccanas Insulas, 
Bantam, Bandam & Tematem, &c. susceperunt. Adiectae sunt tabulae seu 
Icones subtili opera in ses incisae & editse &. lo. Theod. & lo. Israele de Bry, 
fratibus. FRAiJCOFURTi, apud MatthcBvm Becker, M. DCI. 

[Part VI.] — Indiae Orientalis Pars VI. Veram et historicam Descrip- 
tionem avriferi Regni Gvineae, ad Africam pertinentis, qvod alias Littus de 
Mina vocant, continens, Qua situs loci, ratio vrbium & domorum, portus 
item & flumina varia, cum variis incolarum superstitionibus, educatione, 
forma, commerciis. Unguis & moribus, succincta breuitate explicantur & per- 
censentur. Latinitate ex Germanico donata studio & opera M. Gotardi Arthvs 
Dantiscani. lUustrata vero viuis, & artificio&sime in aes incisis inconibus, 
inque lucem edita k lohanne Theodoro & lohanne Israel de Bry fratribus. 
Francofurti ad Mcenum ex Officina Wolfgangi Richteri, sumptibus lohan. 
Theodori (s' lohan. Israel de Bry fratribus. Anno M. DCIV. 

[Part VII.] — Indiae Orientalis Pars Septima; Nauigationes duas, 
Primam, trium Annorum, &, Georgio Spilbergio, trium nauium praefecto, Ann. 
1 60 1, ex Selandia in Indiam Orientalem susceptam: Alteram, nouem 
Annorum, &, Casparo Balby, Gemmario Veneto, Anno iS79' ex Alepo 
Babyloniam versus, & inde porro ad regnum Pegu vsque continuatam, 
continens. Omnia elegantissimis in aes incisis iconibus iUustrata & in lucem 
emissa ^ loanne Theodoro et loanne Israele de Bry, fratribus germanis. 
Francofurti typis VVolffgangi Richteri. Anno 1606. 

[Part VIII.] — Indiae Orientalis Pars Octava: Navigationes qvinqve, 
Primam, k lacobo Neccio, ab Anno 1600. vsque ad Annum 1603. Secun- 
dam, k lohanne Hermanno de Bree, ab Anno 1602. vscj ad Annum 1604. 
Tertiam, h. Comelio Nicolai, Annis quatuor. Quartam, a Comelio de Vena, 
duobus Annis. Quintam, sub Stephano de Hagen tribus Annis, in Indiam 
Orientalem susceptas & peractas continens Auctore M. 

Cataiogiie of 2fi»ooft3S anb a^w^cc^tiS. 93 

Gotardo Arthvs Dantiscano. Omnia elegantissimis in ses incisis iconibus 
illustrata & in lucem emissa per loannem Theodorvm & loannem Israelem 
de Bry, fratres Germanos. Francoforti, Anno M. DC. VII. 

[Part IX.] — Indiae Orientalis Pars IX. Historicam Descriptionem 
Nauigationis ab HoUandis & Selandis in Indiam Orientalem, sub imperio 
Petri-Guilielmi Verhuffii, cum nouem maiorum & quatuor minorum nauium 
classe, Annis 1607. 1608. & 1609. susceptse & peractse, &c. con- 

tinens: Elegantissimis in ass incisis Iconibus illustrata & in 

lucem emissa per loann. Theodorum de Bry, &c. Francofvrti, Ex officina 
Typographica Wolffgangi Richteri, M. DC. XII. 

[Part X.] — Indiae Orientalis Pars X. Qua continetur, Historica 
Relatio sive Descriptio novi ad aqvilonem transitvs, svpra terras Americanas 
in Chinam at(5 ; laponem ducturi, quemadmodum is ab Hemico Hudsono 
Anglo nuper inuentus est, addita breui Insularum & locorum aliorum, in 
itinere isto occurrentium, ex lohannis-Hugonis Lintschottani itineratio 
desumpta commemoratione. Item Discvrsvs ad Sereniss. Hispanise Regem. 
Tabulas in ass artificios^ incisas addente lohanne-Theodoro de Bry. Franco- 
fvrti, Typis viduae Matthia JBeckeri, M. DC. XIII. 

[Part XI.] — Indise Orientalis Pars Vndecima, qua continentur I. 
Duarum navigationum, quas jussu EmanueUs Portugalliae Regis in Indiam 
Orientalem Ann. 1501. Dn Americus Vesputius instituit, historia. II. Vera 
atque hactenus inaudita Angli cujusdam relatio III. De- 
scriptio regionis Spitzbergae: addit^ simul relatione injuriarum, quas Ann. 

16 13. alii piscatores ab Anglis perpessi sunt: Nunc 

primum latio donata, atque ; elegantissim^ in aes incisis imaginibus illustrata. 
Sumptibus atque; operIL Johannis Theodori de Bry civis ac Bibliopolae 
Oppenhemensis. Oppenhemii, Typis Hieronymi Galleri, Anno M. DC. 

[Part XII.] — Historiarvm Orientalis Indiae Tomus XII. In tres Libros 
sine Tractatus destributus. Qvorvm Primvs continet descriptiones Choro- 

graphicas & Topographicas Regnorum Secvndvs habet 

Narrationes exquisitas aliquot Nauigationum & Expeditionum Marinarum. 
Tertivs tribuitur descriptioni quarundam Septentrionalium Regionum atque 

Insularum I. Lvdovicvs Gotofiidvs ex Anglico et 

Belgico sermone in Latinum transtulit, nouis accessionibus locupletauit, 

Francofvrti Apud Wilhelmvm Fizzervm Anglum, 

Bibliopolam, Anno M. DC. XXVIII. 

The 12 Parts of the ^etits Voyages bound in 4 vols. 

In all, 25 Parts in 9 vols, folio, uniformly bound ty Clarke and Bedford in olive morocco 
extra, gUt tacks and edges. Very numerous engravings and maps on copper. 


94 CamKogue of iBook^ anti m^uj^mj^tiSi. 

247 DE BRY. 



Hariot (Thomas) Merveillevx et estrange rapport, tovtesfois fidele, des 
commoditez qvi se trovvent en Virginia, des facons des natvrels, habi : tans 
d'iceUe, laqvelle a est6 novvellement descovverte par les Anglois qve me- 
ssire Richard Greinvile chevaher y naena en colonie Ian . 1585 . k la charge 
principale de messire Walter Raleigh chevaher svrintendant des mines 
d'Estain, favoris6 par la Royne d'Angleterre, et avtoris6 par ses lettres 
patentes. Par Thomas Hariot servitevr dv svsdit messire Walter I'vn de 
cevx de ladite colonie, et qvi y a est6 employ6 a descovvrir. Tradvit 

novvellement d'Anglois e Fracois Francfordi ad Moenvm. 

Typis loannis Wecheli, svmtibvs vero Theodori de Bry anno CI^ Iq XC . 
Venales reperivntvr in officina Sigismvndi Feirabendii. 

Folio; hound by Chambolle-Duru in green crushed levant morocco extra, gilt tack and edges. 
Many engravings on copper. 

This French version of the first part of the GrANds Voyages of De Bry is the only part 
which was published in French and English. It is of the greatest possible rarity in both 
languages. But one copy of the original English Edition has been sold publicly in this 
country for a score of years, and there has been no public sale of a perfect copy of this French 
translation in that time. This copy is not only perfect, but it is in the most brilliant condition 

248 DE BRY (THEODORE) Admiranda Narratio | fida tamen, de com- 

modis et ( incolarvm ritibvs Virginise, nvper | admodvm ab anglis, qvi Jl 
Dn. Richardo | Greinvile eqvuestris ordinis viro eo in | coloniam anno 
M.DLXXXV. dedvcti svnt ( inventae, svmtvs faciente Dn. VValtero | 
Raleigh eqvestris ordinis viro Fodinarv | stanni prsefecto ex avctoritate | 
serenissimse Reginse Angliae. | Anglico scripta sermone | k Thoma Hariot, 
eivsdem Walteri domesti- | co, in earn coloniam misso vt regionis si- | turn 
diligenter observaret | nvnc avtem primvm latio donata ^ | C. C. A | 
Cvm gratia et privilegio Cses. Ma''^ Spec" | ad quadriennivm. | Fran- 
COFORTI AD McENVM | typis loantiis Wecheli, svmtibvs vero Theodori \ 
De Bry anno CI3 I3 XC. | Venales reperivntvr in officina Sigismvndi 
Feirabendii. \ 

Folio; boundincalf, with gilt edges. ORIGINAL Edition. 

This copy contains all the plates, explanations, titles, and indexes of the original edition, 
including the map ; all in fine condition. The only changes to be noticed are that, while the 
plate of Adam and Eve with the words Theodore de Bry fe at the bottom of it is usually to be 
found after the Index Omnium Capitum, in the present copy it fronts the title-page. The 
BeneuoU) Lectori!', which generally follows the Adam and Eve engraving, is found here after the 
XXIII. illustration. The other parts are all in the regular order, and the map and plates are 
fine impressions. 

<Cata{o0ue of ^oofe$r aitb £r^anuj6rmpti6^. 95 

249 DEFOE (DANIEL).— The HISTORY of the DEVIL, Ancient 

and Modern. In Two Parts. Part First, containing a State of the 
Devil's Circumstances, from his Expulsion out of Heaven to the Creation ; . . . 
Part Second, containing his more Private Conduct down to the Present 
Times. With a Description of the Devil's Dwelling. Durham : G. Walker, 

8°; boards. 


WORKS of DANIEL DE FOE. With a Biographical Memoir of the 
Author, Literary Prefaces to the various Pieces, Illustrative Notes, etc. 
Including all contained in the Edition attributed to the late Sir Walter 
ScoTT, with considerable Additions. {Edited by C. Lewis.] Oxford : 
D. A. Talboys, 1840-41. 

20 vols. fcp. 8° ; fortrait, polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted sides, 
double labels, contents lettered, by RiviERE. Scarce. 


ICUT from the Earliest known Periods to 1850. By JOHN W. DE 
FOREST. Hartford : IVm. Jas. Hammersley, 1853. 

8° ; pp. XXVI. 509. Map and woodcut engravings from designs by Darley, green cloth. 

252 DELAFIELD (J.) — An INQUIRY into the ORIGIN of the ANTI- 

Appendix, containing Notes and " A View of the Causes of the Superiority 
of the Men of the Northern over those of the Southern Hemisphere." By 
JAMES LAKEY, M. D. New- York: Published for Subscribers, 1839. 
4°; xo plates, some colored, and 1 long folding plate ; brown cloth. Very Scarce. 


TION OF I the Right Honourable the Lord | De-La- Warre, Lord Gouer- 
nour I and Captaine Generall of the \ Colonie, planted in \ Virginea. \sic\ \ 
London | *\ Printed by William Hall, for | William Welbie, dwelling in 
Pauls Church- | yeard at the Signe of the Swan. | 161 1. | 

Sm. 4° ; Title, andiz unnumbered pages. Elegantly boundin bright crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides, gUt, with comer ornaments, inside gilt dentelle borders, by 
F. Bedford. Exceedingly Rake. 

254 DEMOSTHENES. — Demosthenis Orationes Du^ & Sexaginta. 

Libanii sophistae in eas ipsas orationes argumenta. Vita Demosthenis per 
Libanium Eiusdem uita per Plutarchum. [Graece.] Venetiis in adib. Aldi. 
mense Novem. 1504. 

Both parts in 1 vol. folio, fine old green smooth morocco, gilt edges. 

A fine copy of this very scarce volume. Two editions — the Editiones Principes of 
Demosthenes — were printed by Aldus under the same(the above) date, and with same number 
of pages. The above is the edition which has the Aldine anchor on title-page between the 
word Al dus, and which offers the better text and is the more correctly printed. This copy 
has the blank leaf at end. 


96 (Catalogue of ^ooftiee anb iO^axmtxJpt^' 


sur ) LA MYTHOLOGIE | par | C. A. Demoustier. | {Renouard's 
device.] \ A Paris, | Chez Ant. Aug. Renouard, \ M. DCCCIX. 

Two vols. 8° / bound iy CuziN in full crimson crushed morocco, fillets on sides, and rich 
dentelle harder inside, gilt edges. 

A rare edition. These volumes are remarkable for their excellent condition and for having 
full sets of the plates by MOREAU LE jeune, both before and after the letter. The impressions 
of the plates are uniformly brilliant. The Pajou portrait of Demoustier faces the title. 


OGIE. Paris: Chez Ant. Aug. Renouard, 181 2. 

6 vols, in 2 vols. 18° / portrait and fine plates from designs by MOREAU LE JEUNE and C. 
MONNET, half morocco, gilt backs, carmine edges. 


and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the years 1822, 
1823, and 1824. By Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and the 
late Dr. Oudney. . . With an Appendix. London : Murray, 1826. 

4° ; halflmnun morocco, maps, and ^fine steel plates engraved by FiNDEN. 

258 DENTON (D.)— A | Brief Description | of | New- York: | Formerly 

Called I New-Netherlands. | With the Places thereunto Adjoyning. | 
Together with the | Manner of its Scituation, Fertility of the Soyle, | Health- 
fulness of the Climate, and the | Commodities thence produced. | Also | 
Some Directions and Advice to such as shall go | thither: an Account of 
what Commodities they shall | take with them ; The Profit and Pleasure 
that I may accrew to them thereby. | Likewise | A Brief Relation of the 
Customs of the | Indians there. | By Daniel Denton. 

London: | Printed for John Hancock, at the first Shop in Popes-Head- 
Alley in I Comhil at the three Bibles, and William Bradley at the three 
Bibles I in the Minories, 1670. 

Sm. 4° ; hound in vellum, without tooling. 

This volume will always command a place in the very front rank of Americana as the First 
Account op New York printed in English. It contains much interesting information 
told in quaint fashion. In giving an account of the fruits natural to the Island the author men- 
tions "Mulberries, Posimons, Grapes great and small, Huckelberries, Cramberries, Plums of 
several sorts, Rosberries and Strawberries, of which last is such abundance in June that the 
Fields and Woods are died red : Which the Countrey-People perceiving, instantly arm them- 
selves with botUes of Wine, Cream and Sugar, and instead of a Coat of Male, every one takes 
a Female upon his Horse behind him, and so rushing violently into the fields, never leave till 
they have disrob'd them of their red colours, and turned them into the old habit." 

As a bibliographical rarity this copy is, in one respect, almost unique : It is believed to be 
the only one in this country which has the printed date. The title-page was printed on such a 
large scale that the date at the bottom of it was uniformly cut off by the binder. The date was 
so rare that GoWANS, the veteran collector and dealer, had not seen a copy with it, and omitted 
it in his reprint of the book. The present copy is perfect and all that could be desired in every 
respect. It has very wide margins and is unusually clean throughout. 

Catalogue of ^tik^ anti lai^u^cn^t^. 9; 


Including all his Contributions to Periodical Literature. Third Edition. 
Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black. 

16 vols, crown 8° ; portmit, half maroon morocco, gilt backs and lops, rough edges. 

260 DIABLE (Le) A PARIS. — Paris et les Parisiens — Moeurs et 

Coutumes, Caracteres et Portraits des Habitants de Paris, Tableau Complet 
de leur Vie Priv6e, PubUque, Politique, Artistique, Litt6raire, Industrielle, 
etc. etc. TEXTE par MM. George Sand— P. J. Stahl — L6on Gozlan — 
Charles Nodier — De Balzac — Taxile Delord — Alphonse Karr — Ars^ne 
Houssaye — Th6ophile Gautier — Alfred de Musset, etc. Prdcedd d'une 
HISTOIRE de PARIS pat Theophile Lavall^e. Illustrations les 
Gens de Paris — Series de Gravures avec Legendes par GAVARNI; 
Paris Comique — Vignettes par Bertall; Vues, Monuments, Edifices 
particuliers, Lieux cel^bres et principaux Aspects de Paris, par Cham- 
pin, Bertrand, d'Aubigny, FRAN9AIS. Paris : Puhlie par J. Hetzel, 

2 vols. imp. 8° ; elegantly bound in bright crimson levant super-extra, gilt backs and edges, 
paneled and fiUeted sides with comer ornaments, inside richly gilt dentelle borders, by Cham- 
BOLLE-DuRV. One of two copies beautifully printed on China paper, on one side of the 


QUITIES; or the History of Printing in England, Scotland and Ireland: 
Containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books 
Printed by them. Begun by the late JOSEPH AMES, Considerably 
augmented by WILLIAM HERBERT, and now greatly enlarged, with 
Copious Notes, and Illustrated with appropriate Engravings; Compre- 
hending the History of English Literature, and a View of the Progress 
of the Art of Engraving in Great Britain. By the Rev. THOMAS 
FROGNALL DIBDIN. London: Printed for William Miller, 1810- 

4 vols. 4°/ portraits, plates, and facsimiles, bound in polished tree-calf super-extra, gUt backs, 
filleted sides, inside gilt borders, marbled edges, by RivrsRE. 


DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of the Books printed in '^|)e 
jftftCCntf) CentUtP) and of many valuable First Editions, in the 
Library of GEORGE JOHN EARL SPENCER, K. G., &c. &c. 
By the Reverend THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN. London: 
Printed for the Author, 1814-15. 

4 vols. imp. i°. 

98 Catalogue of ^tuth^ anD a^anujScri^tjS, 


GRAPHICAL DECAMERON; oR,i€mWaj?^^tA0antWi^ttnvc^e 

GRAPHY. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. London : Printed for the 
Author, 18 1 7. 

3 vols. imp. 8° ; elegantly bound in. crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt hacks and edges, 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside dentellegilt borders, by Wm. MATTHEWS. 

264 DIBDIN (T. F.) — A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL 5lntiquarian and 

Rev. THO. FROGNALL DIBDIN, F.R.S.S.A. London: Binted 
for the Author, 1821. 

3 vols. imp. 8° ; elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside dentellegilt borders, byVfa. Matthews. 

265 DIBDIN (T. F.)— SCctiejsf %W$siC^mxm; or an account of 

the mansion, books, and PICTURES at ALTHORP, the 
which is added a SUPPLEMENT to the BIBLIOTHECA 
London : Payne &* Foss, 1822. 

2 vols. imp. 8°. 


5&oofejf j^teti in tfje f ifteenttj Centurp, Lately forming pan of 

the Library of THE DUKE DI CASSANO SERRA, and now the 

Property of GEORGE JOHN EARL SPENCER, K. G. With a 


the present volume, and in THE BIBLIOTHECA SPENCERIANA 


DIBDIN. London: Printed for the Author, 1823. 

Together 7 vols. imp. 8° ; uniformly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
backs and edges, filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside dentelle gilt borders, by Wm. 

267 DIBDIN (T. F.)— €i)g WiSaxw^ Comj^aitton ; or, the young 

Second Edition. LoNDpN: MDCCCXXV. 

2 vols. 8° ; elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-exira, gilt backs and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside dentelle ^It borders, by Wm. Matthews. 

Catalogue of ^aoh^ anb St^nu^tcijpt^. 99 


Translated from the Latin Original Ascribed to THOMAS A 
KEMPIS; with an Introduction and Notes. By the Reverend 
THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN, D. D. London : I^nua for the 

8°. Fine Portrait. Elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and 
edges, filleted sides with comer (nrnaments, inside dentelle gilt borders , by Wm. Matthews. 


By the Reverend THOS. FROGNALL DIBDIN, D. D. London: 
John Major, MDCCCXXXVI. 

2 vols. 8° ; elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside dentelle gilt borders, by Wm. Matthews. Portraits, 
Plates, and Facsimiles ; and the RARE INDEX, which is wanting in most copies. 

270 DIBDIN (T, F.) — A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ^UnttqUatiait ailb 

l^tCtUte^ClUe tour m the NORTHERN COUNTIES of ENG- 
DIBDIN, D. D. London: Printed for the Author, MDCCCXXXVIII. 

2 vols. imp. 8° ; elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside dentelle gilt borders, by Wm. Matthews. 

271 DIBDIN (T. F.) — BIBLIOMANIA; or 5500fe?9J?atinej6fi6f ; A 

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ROMANCE. Illustrated with Cuts. By 
THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN, D. D. New and improved Edition, 
to which are now added Preliminary Observations, and a Supple- 
ment including a Key to the Assumed Characters in the Drama. 
London : Henry G. Bohn, MDCCCXLII. 

Imp. 8° ; elegantly bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside dentelle gUt borders, byVfu. Matthews. 

272 DICKENS (CHARLES) WORKS. London: Chapman b' Hall. 

30 vols, crown 8° ; half blue merocco, gilt backs and tops, uncut, numerous illustrations. 


Of the greateft difficulty and mofl. Imminent danger; | Evidenced in the | 

jSetmtl^&Ie SDditetanCe I Of divers Perfons, | From the devouring 
Waves of the Sea, amongft which | they Suffered Shipwrack. | And alfo | 
From the more cruelly devouring jawes of the inhumane | CANIBALS of 
FLORIDA. I Faithfully related dy one of the perfons concerned therein ; \ 
JONATHAN DICKENSON. | {Mottos^, (Psal. 93 : 4. Psal. 74 : 20.) 
Printed in Philadelphia by Reinier Janfen, 1699. | 

Sm. 4° ; 6prel. leaves including the Title, and gSpp. of Text. The margin of the title neatly re- 
paired, in other respects a large clean copy, olive morocco, paneled sides gilt, inside gilt borders, gilt edges. 
The first BOOK printed in Philadelphia. EXCESSIVELY RARE. 

loo <iratalo0iie of 25oofesf anb ili^anuiefctiptsf. 

274 DICKENSON (JONATHAN).— GOD'S | Protecting B-ovidence, \ 
MAN'S I Surefl Help and Defence, | in | Times of Greateft Difficulty, | and 
mod Eminent Danger: | Evidenced | In the Remarkable Deliverance of 
Robert | Barrow, with divers other Perfons, from | the Devouring Waves ' 
of the Sea J amongft | which they Suffere'd | SHIPWRACK: | And alfo, ] 
From the cruel Devouring Jaws of the Inhuman | Canibals of Florida. 
Faithfully Related by one of the Perfons concem'd therein, | Jonathan 
Dickenson. | The Third Edition. | Printed in Philadelphia : Re-printed in 
London, and Sold \ by the Affigns of J. Sowle,at the Bible in George- \ Yard, 
Lombard- Street, 1720. 

jz°; sprel. leaves, gipp.,ongmal calf. Fine, clean cofy- Rare. 

27s DILLON (J. B.) — A HISTORY OF INDIANA, from its Earliest 
Exploration by Europeans to the close of the Territorial Govern- 
ment in 181 6; comprehending a History of the Discovery, Settlement, and 
Civil and MiUtary Affairs of the Territory of the U. S. Northwest of the 
River Ohio, and a general View of the Progress of Public Affairs in Indiana, 
from 1816 to 1856. By JOHN B. DILLON. Indianapolis: Bingham 
is" Doughty, 1859. 

8° ; fp. xiirSyj. Maps, plate containing S medallion portraits, and woodcuts ; cloth, UNCUT. 

276 DIOGENES LAERTius.— SDiogenijef iaertii ijiftorigra^ | pw de 

philofophorum vita decern per 5 | fecundi libri ad bene beateq) | viuendu 
comotiui. | [Device of lehati Petit.'] Venundantur parifius in vico diui 
lacobi I apud Leonem Argenteum. | 
In Fine [fol. cxxxvii a] : 

C Laertii Diogenis vitaru & fententiaru eorum qui in phUofo- 
phia probati fuerunt non antea Parifiis Impreffaru Pro 
loanne Paruo In vico diui lacobi Sub Leone argenteo 
commorante. TsXorf tu &ii^ X'*P"''- [■^' '^- (i'>'ca 1502.] 

Sfn. 4° ; Zprel. leaves, and 137 numbered leaves, 41 lines to a full page. On the reverse of the 
title is a large woodcut representing a scholar in his study, in deep meditation, surrounded with boohs. 
Bound in boards, rough edges. 

277 D'ISRAELI (L) — AMENITIES of LITERATURE, consisting of 

Sketches and Characters of English Literature. By Isaac 
D'Israeli. a New Edition. Edited by His Son The Right Hon. B. 
Disraeli. Cambridge: Privately Printed, Riverside I^ess,\Z(>^. 
2 vols. 8° ; half blue morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Lakge Paper, 100 copies printed. 


D'Israeli. With a View of the Life and Writings of the Author by His 
Son. Cambridge : Privately Printed, Riverside Pi-ess, 1864. 

4 vols. 8° ; portrait, half brown morocco, gUt tops, UNCUT. Large Paper, 100 copies printed. 

Cataioffue of ^otlh^ anii flt^nuisfcttptiEf. loi 


Equestrian People of Paraguay. From the Latin of Martin Dobriz- 
HOFFER. [By Miss Sarah Coleridge^ London: John Murray, 1822. 

3 vols. 8° ; boards, UNCUT. 
"A singularly interesting and curious work, containing the most complete and extraordinary 
description of savage life that has ever been published." — Lowndes. 


Translated from an Indian Manuscript, written by an Ancient Bramin, 
[By Robert Dodsley, the well-known bookseller.] London: 5. and E. 
Harding, 1795. 

8°. Large Paper, of which 25 copies only were printed; beautiful impressions of the plates. 
Mottled calf, gilt back, yellow edges, paneled sides, with broad gold borders, comer ornaments. 


PLAYS, with Additional Notes and Corrections by Isaac Reed, Octavius 
Gilchrist, and the Editor \John Payne Collier]. Complete with Supple- 
ment; 13 vols. The OLD ENGLISH DRAMA. A Selection of Plays 
from the Old English Dramatists, including Plays by Chapman, Shirley, 
Heywood, Marlowe, etc. 2 vols. London: 1825-27. 

IS vols, crown 8° ; half brown morocco, gUt edges, contents lettered, by Wm. Matthews. 
" Old Plays will always be read by the curious, if it were only to discover the manners 
and behaviour of several ages and how they altered. For plays are exactly like portraits, 
drawn in the garb and fashion of the time when painted. You see one habit in the time of 
Charles I. ; another quite different from that, both for men and women, in Queen Elizabeth's 
time ; another imder Henry the Eighth different from both, and so backward all various. And 
in the several fashions of behaviour and conversation there is as much mutability as in that 
of clothes."— [Wright's] Historia Histrionica, Lond., 1699. 

282 [DORAT (CL.-J.)] — Les'bAISERS, precedes du MOIS DE MAI, 

POEME. A LA Haye, et se trouve a Paris, chez Lambert, etc. M. DCC. 
LXX. [1770.] 

8° ; pp. 119. Title in red and black; brilliant impressions of the charming vignettes and " culs- 
de-lampe," by Ch. Eisen ; sumptuously bound in highly polished blue levant morocco super-extra, 
elatorately gUt back, and sides richly ornamented with broad dentelle borders, a Voiseau, Pompadour 
style, inside delicately gilt borders, gilt edges, by Thibaron-Joly. A large and beautiful 
COPY, in the very finest condiHon. 

283 DORAT (CL.-J.) — FABLES NOUVELLES. A la Haye, et se 

trouve h Paris, Chez Delalain, rue de la ComSdie Frangoise. M. DCC. 

Two vols, in one, 8°. Large Paper, with two most brilliant frontispieces, and numerous exqui- 
sitely beautiful vignettes and tail-pieces by C. P. Marillier ; most sumptuotisly bound in 
bright crimson highly polished levant morocco, elabonttely gilt back, sides covered with broad dentelle 
gold borders, <J Voiseau, Pompadour style, inside gilt borders, delicately tooled after an elegant 
pattern, gilt edges, by LORTIC, in his very best and most artistic style. A matchless copy of 
this exceedingly beautiful volume, "le chef-d'oiuvre de Marillier." 


I02 Catalogue of ^mk^ anti ax^ammipt^^ 

284 DOUCE (FRANCIS).— The DANCE of DEATH, Exhibited in Ekgant 
Engravings on Wood, with a DISSERTATION on the several Represen- 
tations of that Subject, but more particularly on those ascribed to Macaber 
and Hans Holbein. London : William IHckering, 1833. 

8° ; fp. xi-262. 49 plates, fine, clean impressions, half morocco, UNCUT. 

LXXXV. ( Qua vrbes, Fanum D. lacobi, D. Dominici, D. | Auguftini & 
Carthagena, captse fu^re. | Additis pafsim regionum locorumque omnium \ 
iabulis Geographicis quhm accuratifsimis. \ Leyd^ : | Apud Fr. Raphelen- 
gium, I 1588. 

4° ; pp. 21. 4 large folded maps, lined with linen, elegantly bound in bright crimson levant 
morocco super-extra, richly gilt back and edges, paneled sides, filleted, with comer ornaments, inside 
gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A beautiful copy of the original Latin edition of 
DRAKE'S Second Voyage, with the Maps complete. EXCESSIVELY RARE. 

There has been but one pubUc sale of this volume in fifty years. Such a copy as this, in per- 
fect and brilliant condition, constitutes an inestimable treasure in a collection of Americana. 

286 DRAKE (Sir FRANCIS).— The LIFE and Dangerous Voyages of 

Sir Francis Drake, With the Surprifing of Nombre de Bios, and the 
manner of his gaining large Quantities of Gold and Silver. And a large 
Account of that Voyage, wherein he encompaffed the whole WORLD. 
And the Voyage which he made with Francis Knolls and others, with 
their taking the Towns of St. Jago, Sancto Domingo, Carthagena and St, 
Augujlin, With the lafl. Voyage in which he Died. London : Printed for 
H. Dean, Pojlern Row, Tower-Hill. [1700.] 

18°;^. 164. sprinkled calf , gilt back, red edges. Woodcut portrait of Drake. Rare. 


Poems. New- York: Van Norden b" King, \?>\'j. 
8° ; new half calf, gilt back, marbled edges. Fine Portrait. 

288 DRAKE (S. G.) — A Particular History of the Five Years French 

and Indian War in New England and Parts Adjacent, from its Declaration 
by the King of France, March 15, 1774, to the Treaty with the Eastern 
Indians, Oct. 16, 1749, sometimes called Governor Shirley's War. With 
a Memoir of Major-General Shirley, accompanied by his Portrait and 
other Engravings. By Samuel G. Drake. Albany : Joel Munsell, 1870. 

Sm. 4°; pp. 312. Portrait and cuts, cloth, uncut. 


London: W. Pickering, 1852. 

S vols. 12° ; portrait, brown calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

€at^o0ue of ^ooft^e anb £i^u$fct^je^. 103 

290 DRYDEN (JOHIH).— Secrei- \ Love, | or the | Maiden-Queen: | As it 

is Acted | By His Majesties Servants, | at the | Theater-Royal. | Written 
by I John Dryden, Esq; | [Mbito.] London, Printed for Henry Herring- 
man, . r . . 1669. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in half blue crushed levant morocco, gilt back and top. 


its EarUest Period to the Augustan Age. London : Longman, 1824. 
2 vols. 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Very Scarce. 

292 D'URFEY (THOMAS).— SONGS COMPLEAT, Pleasant and Diver- 

tive; set to MUSICK by Dr. John Blow, Mr. Henry Purcell, and 
other Excellent Masters of the Town. Ending with some Orations, made 
and spoken by me several times upon the Publick Stage in the Theatre. 
Together with some Copies of Verses, Prologues and Epilogues, as well for 
my own Plays as those of other Poets, being all Humorous and Comical. 
London : Printed by W. Pearson, for J. Tonson, at Shakesjiear's Head, against 
Catherine Street in the Strand, 1719-20. 

6 vols. 12° ; portrait of D'Urfey by G. Vertue after E. Gouge ; bound ingrosgr. crimson 
levant, gilt backs and edges, filleted sides, inside gUt borders, by '&. W. Smith. Very Scarce. 
Original Edition. 


Fabrication, D6cors et Marques de la Porcelaine de Chine en Europe. 
Classement Chronologique Imitations, Contrefa^ons. Par O. DU SAR- 
TEL. Paris : V A. Morel <Sr» C* M. DCCC. LXXXI. 

Roy. 4°; pp. mniarj. 120 WooDCUT Illustrations in the text, and 31 fiellpage Helio- 
GRAPHic Plates on Japan paper, both plain and colored. Elegantly printed on Whatman 
paper by JOUAUST, of which only 50 copies were printed. Half crimson levant morocco, top gilt. 

LITERATURE; Embracing Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, 
and Selections from their Writings, from the Earliest Period to the Present 
Day. With Portraits, Autographs, and other Ulusirations. By EVERT A. 
Charles Scribner, MDCCCLXVI. 

S vols. 4° ; including Supplement. Large Paper, half calf, gilt backs and tops, uncut. 

with a Review of the Policy of the United States Government which led 
to the War of 1812. By Theodore Dwight, Secretary of the Convention. 
New York: JV. &> J. White, 1833. 
8°; half calf, ^t back. 

I04 Cataiogue of ^ook$ anti ^anu^ttipt^. 

296 ^->y» ASTON (J.)— A NARRATIVE of the Causes which led to 
■ J PHILIP'S INDIAN WAR of 1675 and 1676. By John Easton, 
^^*^ of Rhode Island. With other Documents concerning this Event in 
the Office of the Secretary of State of New York. Prepared from the Orig- 
inals, with an Introduction and Notes, by FRANKLIN B. HOUGH. 
Albany, N. Y. : J. Munsell, 1^58. 

Sm. 4° ; folding map, half brown morocco, red edges. 

297 EDEN (RICHARD).— Cfje | i^ijStotp of €rauaple | in tfje | 
Bum anb ^m Sfn&ieieE, anb otjjer | Counttep^er Iping eptijer 
toap, I totoarbeief tJje ftuitftiH anb tptlje | a^oiuccae^, | W I 
a^OjScouia, f^et^ia, SUtaftia, ^pria, 5Kgp}Jtc | <eti[)iopia, 
<(Buinca, <d[)tna in €ati)apo anb | ^iaj>an : OCIitij a bij^cour^e 
of I t|)e i^ortftioesft paiS^ | jsagc. | %n tlje ijanbe of our Horbe 
fie all tije cornec^s of | tJje carttj. l^^aL 94. | (i5atl)a:eb in 
parte, anb bone into ^nglpsffje 6p I l!iif|)atbe <!Eben. | l^etolp 
$ret in otbet, au$menteb, anb finiisr]^^ | bp lUictiarbe aaiHejE^ | 
C 31m)?nnt^ at Hor^on | Bp iSicl^cbe §fii|^. | i577- 

€um 3^nuiicffio.- 

0»< f 0/. sm. 4° ; bound in brown morocco, gilt back and edges. 

298 EDWARDS (E.) — MEMOIRS of LIBRARIES: Including a Hand- 
book of Library Economy. By EDWARD EDWARDS. London: 
Triibner <Sr° Co. 1859. 

2 vols, roy, 8°; with numerous facsimiles from early MSS., Types, Bookbinding, etc., cloth, 


299 ELIOT (JOHN) AND MAYHEW (THOMAS).— Tears of Repen- 
tence : | Or, A further | Narrative of the Progreis of the Gofpel | Amongft 
the I INDIANS | in | NEW-ENGLAND : | Setting forth, not only 
their prefent Hate | and condition, but fundry ConfeiTions of fin | by diverfe 
of the faid Indians, wrought upon | by the laving Power of the Gofpel ; 
Together | with the manifellation of their Faith and Hope \ in Jefus Chrijl, 
and the Work of Grace upon | their Hearts. | Related by Mr. Eliot and 
Mr. May hew, two Faithful Laborers | in that Work of the Lord. | Publijhed 
by the Corporation for propagating the Gofpel there, for the \ Satisfaction 
and Comfort of fuch as wifh well thereunto. \ [Text of Scripture, 2 lines\ 
London: Printed by Peter Cole in Leaden-Hall, and are to Sold {sic] 

Catalogite of ^coh^ anb £i^Ui6fmjptioe. 105 

ai I Ais Shop, at the Sign of the Printing-Prefs in Comhil, \ near the Royal 
Exchange, 1653. 


Collation : Title, verso blank, i leaf; " To His Excellency, the Lord General Cromwel," 
signed, " William Steel, Prefident," zfif.; "To the much Honored Corporation in London," 
signed, " Thomas Mayhem," 13 pp. and i p. blank; " To His Excellency, the Lord General 
Cromwel," signed, "John Eliot," 2 pp.; "To the Readek," hy John Eliot, ^pp.; "To the 
Chriftian Reader," signed "Rich. Mather," xi pp. and i blank; "A for*/ Relation of the 
Proceedings of | the Lords Work among the Indians," | pp. 47. 


Family of the Grouse. By DANIEL GIRAUD ELLIOT. New- 
York : Published by the Author, 1865. 

Folio; 27 Colored Plates. Half green morocco, gilt edges. 


of Ant. Thrushes. By DANIEL GIRAUD ELLIOT. New York ; 

D. Appleton &* Co. 1867. 

i?oSo/ 32 Colored Plates. Half maroon Imant morocco, gUt back and edges, aoo COPIES 
ONLY PRINTED. Presentation Copy from the Author. 

302 ELLIOT (D. G.) — The NEW and Heretofore UNFIGURED 

GIRAUD ELLIOT. . . . New York: Published by the Author, x?,e^. 

2 vols. imp. folio; with 72 plates and 18 woodcuts cm India paper, engraved by W. J. 
Li'nton. Half green levant morocco, gUt backs and edges. 200 COPIES ONLY PRINTED, 
most of which were sold to subscribers. 

This magnificent work describes the Birds which are not included in the works of Audu- 
bon or Wilson. 


or Family of the Pheasants. New- York: Published by the Author, 

2 vols. imp. folio; with 58 COLORED Plates. Half crimson levant morocco, gilt backs and 

304 ELLIOT (D. G.) — A MONOGRAPH of the PARADISEID^, or, 

Birds of Paradise. By DANIEL GIRAUD ELLIOT, s. I. I^nted 
for the Subscribers by the Author, 1873. 

Imp. folio; with ■^ COLORED Plates. Half brown morocco, gilt back and edges. 

The foregoing seven volumes form a set of Elliot's works which is as rare as it is beautiful 
and instructive. In connection with Audubon they present an account of American birds so 
complete as almost to render superfluous further works of a similar character. The drawing 
and coloring of the birds is exquisitely true to life, and the letterpress shows a wide and accu- 
rate knowledge of the subject. 

io6 Catalogue of ^ook^ aitb ^tmu^ttijgt^. 

30s ELZEVIR — TACITUS (CAIUS CORNELIUS).— C. Cem. | Tacitvs | 
ex I I. LiPSii I editione | cum \ Not. et Emend ( H. Grotii \ \At bottom 
of f age] LvGDVNi Batavorvm, | ex officina Elzeviriana, Anno 1640. 

{Engraved title.'] 

One vol. 12° ; bound in vellum, tastefully tooled in gold, gilt edges. 

This edition is often found bound in two volumes. The notes by H. Grotius at the end 
add much to its importance. Both the table, " Stemma Augusta domus" (facing page 400), 
and the printed list of the consuls are perfect. The two are seldom found, and add to the 
interest and value of the volume. 

306 ELZEVIR— CHARRON (PIERRE). — de la | SAGESSE, | trois 

Livres | par \ Pierre Charron. | A Leide, chez Iean Elsevier, 1656. 

[Engraved title.'] 

Sm. 12° ; bound by D^rome in red morocco, fillets and small flower in each comer of the 
sides ; light blue watered silk inside. 

307 EMBLEMS OF MORTALITY; Representing DEATH seizing all 

Ranks and Degrees of People. Imitated in a Series of Woodcuts, from a 
Painting in the Cemetiy of the Dominican Church at Basil, in Switzerland : 
With appropriate Texts of Scripture, and a Poetical Apostrophe to each. 
Freely translated from the Latin and French. London : Whittingham fir" 
Arliss, n. d. 

18° ; bromn morocco, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by Zaehnsdorf. 


James Child. Boston : Little, Brown df Company, M.DCCC.LX. 

8 vols, crcfum 8° ; light polished calf super-extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, marbled edges, by 

" These volumes have been compiled from the numerous collections of Ballads printed since 
the beginning of the last century. They contain all but two or three of the ancient ballads of 
England and Scotland, and nearly all those ballads which, in either country, have been gathered 
from oral tradition, whether ancient or not." — Preface. 

309 ERASMUS. — FAMILIA- | rivm colloqviorvm des. | erasmi Rotero- 

dami opus, ab | autore pollremum diligeter | recognitu, emenda- | turn & 
locuple- I tatum. | Cum Indice. — Basileae M. D. XXXVII | mense 


8° ; calf, sides inlaid with red and green morocco, finely tooled, gilt edges, inside lined with vellum, 
and vellum fiy-leaves. GROLIER'S COPY, with his name " lo. Geolierii et Amicorvm" 
on the cover, with his motto "PORTio MEA domine sit in terra viventivm," and the 
Title of the work impressed in gold on the sides. An elegant example of GROLIER 


This copy formerly belonged to the celebrated Hadrianus Beverland, and contains 
his Book-plate, and his Autograph in three places. 

Cat^ogue of ^ooftisf anb ^t^nuje^mptjef. 107 


a True | ACCOUNT | of the | Moft. Remarkable Affaults | Committed of 
late Years upon the Coafts of | The Weft-Indies, | By the BUCANIERS 
of Jamaica and Tortuga, \ Both ENGLISH and FRENCH. | Wherein 
are contained more efpecially, | The unparallel'd Exploits of Sir Henry 
Morgan, our Englifti | Jamaican Hero, who fack'd Ihierto Veto, burnt 
Panama, &c. | Written originally in Dutch, by John Efquemeling, one of the 
Bucaniers, \ who was prefent at thofe Tragedies, and Tranflated into Spanijh 
by I Alonfo de Bonne-maifon, M. D. &c. | The Second EDITION, Corrected, 
and Inlarged with two | Additional Relations, viz. the one of Captain Cook, 
and the other of | Captain Sharp. \ Now faithfully rendred into Englifli. | 
London : Printed for William Crooke, at the Green Dra- | gon without 
Temple-bar, 1684. | 

2 vols. 4° hound in one ; elegantly bound in wrinkled red morocco super-extra, richly gilt tack, 
sides and edges. A large and remarkably fne copy of all FOUR PARTS, ■with the MAPS and Plates 
complete. Very Rare in this splendid condition. 

311 EUCLID. — EucLiDis Elementa GEOMEXRiiE. E. Ratdolt. Venice: 


Colophon : 

©pus elementoru eucltftis megarensis in geometria arte iTn 

tD auoqg Campa« I 
nf pspicacissimi Comentatfones flniflt, Erbar&us rat&olt 

Hugustensfs Impressor | 
solertfssimus. venetiis impressft Hnno salutis /ID.cccc.Ij£jii» 

©ctavfs Caleft. I 
5un. Xector. lDale» 

Folio; hound in red morocco, gilt edges, by DfeROME. 

The First Edition of this world-renowned book, and in a form befitting its value and 
reputation. To those who have struggled over the cheap and bleared copies which modern 
presses turn out for the use of schools and colleges, this work, with its broad margins, brilliant 
black ink, exquisitely engraved initials, and clearly cut diagrams, must come as a revelation of 
beauty. And even from bibliographers few books have won more enthusiastic praise than 
Ratdolt's Euclid. It is the first book in which mathematical diagrams appeared. This copy 
belonged to the Dufc de la Valifere, and was bought in 1784 by M. WodhuU, who states in a 
note that the mending of the first two leaves was done by Roger Payne. 


Sm. ifo ; hound in old English red morocco, with borders of gold, gilt edges. 

First Edition. Printed in Greek capital letters. It contains the Medea, Hippolytus, 
Alcestis, and Andromache. The text stands high in the estimation of scholars. This is a 
beautiful copy. It has the signatures of two former owners — Dr. Askew and M. Wodhull. 
The latter bought it in 1775 and paid for it then ;^ii SJ. Renouard's copy sold for £jft itfi. 
Neither the date nor place of printing is given, but it is universally admitted to have been 
printed by L. de Alopa, at Florence, about 1496. It is excessively rare. 

io8 Catalogue of ^ooh^ atUi iSt^anuisfcnptiE^* 

313 EURIPIDES. — EXPiniAOT rfo.yuSia.i, etc., Evripidis tragadice septen- 

decim, ex \ quit, quadam habent commentaria. \ ^ sunt ha. 

[ Titles both in Greek and in Latin.'] 

2 vols. 8°; hmmd in crimped red morocco, gilt, by Roger Payne. 

First Edition of eighteen tragedies. The preface by Aldus to Demetrius Chaloondylas, 
printed on the back of the title-page, gives the best information concerning the number of 
copies usually printed for an edition, and on this account is of rare interest. ' ' MUle et amplius 
honi alicujus auioris volumina singula quoq ; mense emittemtes ex Academid nostrd." From 
the Beckford collection in the Hamilton Palace sale. It is in perfect condition, and is an excep- 
tionally beautiful specimen of the Aldine Press. 



of the fower 

tranflated in the olde Saxons tyme 

out of Latin into the vulgare toung 

of the Saxons, newly collected out 

■of Auncient Monumentes of 

the fayd Saxons, and now 

publiflied for teftimonie 

of the fame. 



Printed by John Daye dwel- 
ling ouer Alderfgate. 

H Cum Priuilegio Regice Maiestatis 
Per Decennium. 
4°. Title printed within an ornamental woodcut border; on the reverse, • • The Saxon Carac- 
ters [sic] or letters, that be moft ftraunge," etc. ; dedication, " To the Most Ver- | tuous, and 
noble Princeffe, Queene | Elizabeth," etc. signed, " Your Maiesties moft | humble fubject, 
lOHN FOXE," 6 leaves; TEXT, 408 pp., bound in best grosgr. olive levant morocco super-extra, 
gilt back and edges, paneled sides filleted, with comer ornaments, and large gilt center-pieces, by 
F. Bedford, in his best style. Avery large and beautiful copy of this EXCEED- 
INGLY RARE volume, in absolutely perfect preservation. 

315 EVANGILES (LES) des Dimanches et F^tes de I'Ann^e: suivis de 

Pri^res \ la Sainte Vierge et aux Saints. Avec Appendice, Descriptions, 
Notices, etc. Paris: Z. Curmer, 1864. 

The 3 parts in 2 vols, thick imperial 8° ; bound by David in brown levant morocco extra, 
backs and sides covered with blind tooling, broad inside gilt border, watered-sUk linings, gUt edges. 
In pull^off cases. 

Parts I. and II. of this most sumptuous hao\icorv\.axD.Les EvangUes deVEglise-^toiie&m 
gold or m colors on colored background, every page of text surrounded by ornamental borders 

Catfdiogue of ^oo6$r anti sr^niusemptier^ 109 

and with numerous full-page and smaller illustrations, all most beautifully executed in gold and 
colors, in facsimile of miniatures and ornaments in ancient manuscripts. The third part, 
forming the second volume, contains reprints of La Vie de la Sainte Vierge, etc., descriptions, 
historical notices, etc., with very numerous engravings on wood and by photographic process, 
after early engravings by the brothers Wierx, etc., etc. 

316 EVELYN (J.) — Diary and Correspondence of JOHN EVELYN, 

F. R. S. . . Edited from the Original MSS. at Wotton, by William 
Bray, Esq., F. A. S. A New Edition, corrected, revised, and enlarged. 
London: Bohn, 1862. 

4 voh. post 8°,- portraits and plates, half calf, gUt backs, marbled edges. 

317 EVERY NIGHT BOOK; or. Life after Dark. By the Author of 

"The Cigar." London: T. Richardson,MDCCCX.:SNll. 

12° ; half calf, gilt back, Toarbled edges. Rake. ' 

A curious description of famous public resorts in London. 


LIAM FALCONER. London: W. Hckering, 1836. 
ia° ; portrait, brown calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 


(A Tory in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain) : giving an Account 
of his Adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 1783, As Written by 
Himself. With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes. New York : 
Reprinted for Joseph Sabin, 1865. 

4° ; pp. xix-%6. Half brown calf, uncut. Large Paper, 50 copies printed. 


Henry Fawcett, M. A. Third Edition. London and Cambridge : 1869. 

Crown 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

321 FELT (J. B.) — An HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of Massachusetts 

Currency. By Joseph B. Felt. Boston: Printed by Perkins &" 
Marvin, 1839. 

8° ; pp. asg. Half dark blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. Four pieces of Rhode Island Con- 
tinental Currency inserted. 


I lo €atallosue of ^ok^ sx6x ^f^nmttiift^, 

322 FENfiLON Les AVANTURES de TfiLfiMAQUE, Fils d'Ulysse, 

par feu Messire FRAN901S De Salignac, De La Mothe Fenelon. 
Nouvelle Edition, Conforme au Manuscrit Original, ei enrichie de Figures 
en iaille-douce. Amsterdam: chez^ J. Wetstein &= G. Smith, M. DCC. 

4°. Portrait of Fenelon by Drevet, and brilliant impressions of the Engravings by 
Picart, Folkema, Van Gunst, Bernards, etc. Bound in fine old olive morocco, gilt back 
and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, yellow brocade linings, by Bradel I'Aini. 

323 FfeNfeLON.— Les AVENTURES de T£l£MAQUE, Fils d'Ulysse. 

Par M. de F£n£LON. Avec Figures en Taille-Douce, dessin^es par 
MM. Cochin et Moreau le Jeune. A Paris, de Vlmprimerie de Monsieur 
(P. Fr. Didot Jeune), M.DCC.XC. 

2 vols, large 8°. Illustrated with upwards of ONE HUNDRED beautiful Plates by 
Marillier, Cochin, Moreau le Jeune, QufevERDO, LEFfevRE, and others, many of which 
are brilliant proof impressions , inclttding 6 fine proof 'Po^T^M.TS (>/^FfeNfeLON, all different, and 
severed very rare ; elegantly bound in polished citron levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, 
paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt dentelle borders, by Chambolle-Duru. 

324 FfeN^LON.— Les AVENTURES de T£l£MAQUE, Fils d'Ulysse. 

Par M. de F£n£LON. Avec Figures en Taille-Douce, dessinees par 
MM. Cochin et Moreau le Jeune. A Paris, de Vlmprimerie de Monsieur 
(P. Fr. Didot Jeune), M.DCC.XC. 

2 vols. 8°. Large Paper. Sprinkled calf, extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted sides, splendid 
impressions of the plates. 

325 FERGUSON (A.) — The HISTORY of the PROGRESS and Termi- 

Illustrated with Maps. 1 2 Portraits of Emperors inserted. London : W. 

^ vols. 4,°; calf, marbled edges. First Edition. 


tries ; their Age and Uses. By JAMES FERGUSSON, D. C. L. With 
2^^ Illustrations. London: 1872. 

8°; cloth, UNCUT. 


Countries, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Second Edition. 
2 vols. HISTORY of INDIAN and Eastern Architecture, i vol. 
HISTORY of the MODERN Styles of Architecture, i vol. Lon- 
don: Murray, i8'j2~l^- 

4 vols. 8° ; half morocco, tops gilt, UNCUT. Illustrated with upwards of 1500 engravings on 

4tataIoeiK of 25oolt3af anb a^amuscnptjef. 


prising (1) Primitive Man. (2) The Human Race. (3) The World Before 
the Deluge. (4) The Ocean World. (5) The Insect World. (6) The 
Vegetable World. (7) Mammalia. (8) Reptiles and Birds. London: 

8 vols. 8° ; 2mtA numerous illusiratUms, uniformly bound in dark green morocco extra, gilt 
backs and tops, uncut. 

329 iFisutejat (Hejet) bu aiaJ | €eftanicnt rt bu nouuei | 

In Fine [fol. 99, verso'\ : 

C <<^p fintft ceftu{i prefent ituce 
Sjntttuie be$e beujc teftamettjES 
%t ce^acb) qui monlbre que btuce 
SDeuott tefujer^ ^$ jpat tomiensr 
€md5, j^omblejer et W^ax\txf$ 
^nbucant comme bng aipcau 
O^outtott en crou; ^at fectemetnEr 
3[ni]^nme ^sx. gtllet couteau. 

[Device of Francovs Segmwlt.'] 

C 3!l3 (i^ benbent a ^an^ en Ifa me 
(ainct iaquei^e a lenfeigne (ainct daube« 

\s. a. sed circa 1520.] 

Folio; 99 leaves, 39 lines on a fall page; with 4p pages of exceedingly curious WoODCUTS, eacA 
page cotitaining three different scenes from the Old and New Testaments in compartments. The 
Title remargined, and the comers of one or two leaves repaired; otherwise a fine, large, clean copy. 
Bound in wrinkled olive morocco super-extra, gUt back and edges, paneled sides with gold borders and 
comer ornaments, inside gUt borders, Jy Charles LEWIS. 

' "An extremely curious and interesting volume, andofthe HIGHEST DEGREE 
OF RARITY. It was an attempt to reproduce, for the commonalty in France, the 'Poor 
Man's Bible,' which formerly had, under the title of the Biblia Pauperum, such great popularity 
in Germany as a Block-book. There is reason to believe that no Block-book edition was ever 
printed in France, but the Woodcuts are here carefully copied and accompanied by an 
explanatory text in French. No copy of this rare volume was in the Didot Collection, and 
Brunet does not quote the sale of any copy of this edition." 

LORD BYRON. With Original and Selected Information on the Subjects 
of the Engravings, by W. BROCKEDON. London: John Murray, 


3 vols. roy. 4°. LARGE Paper. With upwards of 150 highly finished engravings from 
draviings by Stanfield, Roberts, Turner, Cattermole, Calcott, Westall, and 
others— fine, early impressions. Boundin blue polished calf super-extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted 
sides. An elegant copy of this beautiful work. 


1 1 2 (Catalogue of ^oolM anti jat^amtje^ctq^tjee. 


prefent State of | KENTUCKE : \ And An Essay towards the Topo- 
graphy and Natural History of that important Country : To which 
is added, An Appendix, containing, I. The Adventures of Col. Daniel 
Boon, one the firft, Settlers, comprehending every important Occurrence in 
political Hiftory of that Province. II. The Minutes of the Hankajhaiu 
council, held at Pojl St. Vincents, April 15, 1784. III. An Account of the 
Indian Nations inhabiting wdthin the Limits of the Thirteen United States, 
their Manners and Customs, and Reflections on their Origin. IV. The 
Stages and Distances h&y/e&n Philadelphia and the Falls of the Ohio; 
from Fittfburg to Penfacola and feveral other places. — The whole illuftrated 
by a new and accurate MAP of Kentucke and the Country adjoining, 
drawn from actual Surveys. By JOHN FILSON. Wilmington, Printed 
by James Adams, 1784. 

8° ; fp. 118. Brown morocco extra, gilt edges, filleted sides, broad inside borders inlaid with 
green morocco, gilt. Portrait of Daniel Boone inserted. Fine Copy. Rare. 

The map mentioned in ttie title seems never to have been published with the book ; when 
found it is supplied from the French version of the work. 



The End of the Perfect and Upright, 

Demonfl.rated and ufefully Improved in a 


Preached upon the Occafion of the Death and Decafe of that 
Pioufly Affected, and truly Religious Matron, 


Sotnetime Wife to Major Ma/on, who not long 

after finijhed his Courfe and is now at rejl. 

By Mr. James Fitch Pallor of the Church of Chrifl. at 

Norwich. [Conn.] 

^Scripture texts of 6 lines.] 

Printed by Samuel Green. 1672. 

4°. " Title " as above, i leaf, verso, note to the " Chrijtian Reader," signed " J. S." ip. ; 
then follow 13 pages of the sermon, which ends on the recto ol p. 13. Bound in dark crimson 
levant morocco extra, gilt back and top, filleted sides, inside gilt dentelle borders, by F. Bedford. 

An exceedingly fine copy of this extremely rare Sermon. Only one other copy is 
known, which is in the Library of the American Antiquarian Society. " Major Mason," it will 
be remembered, was the celebrated Major yoA« Mason, "Chief Captain and Commander of 
Connecticut Forces " in the Pequot War. Mr. Fitch married the Major's daughter PrisciUa. 

<t^{ogue of ^t&0 anb !3i9anujeim{it^. 113 


the Four Western Counties of PENNSYLVANIA: In the Year 
M.DCc.xciv. With a Recital of the Circumstances specially connected 
therewith: and an Historical Review of the previous Situation of the 
Country. Philadelphia : Samuel If. Smith, M.DCC.XCVI. 

8° ; fp. xv-328. Half dark green morocco, UNCUT. Rake. 

334 FCEDERALIST (THE).— A Collection of Essays, Written in Favor 

of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by the Fcederal Convention, 

September 17, 1787. Reprinted from the Original Text, with an Historical 

Introduction and Notes. By HENRY B. DAWSON. Morrisania, 

N. Y.: 1864. 

Imp. 8°. Large Paper, 250 copies printed ; fine portrait of Hamilton on India Paper. 
HaXf brown, calf gilt back and top, UNCUT. 

335 FORD (T.) — A HISTORY of ILLINOIS, from its Commencement as 

a State in 1818 to 1847. Containing a full Account of^the Black Hawk 
War, the Rise, Progress, and Fall of Mormonism, the Alton and Lovejoy 
Riots, and other important and interesting Events. By the late GOV. 
THOMAS FORD. Chicago : S. C. Griggs fir* Co. i8§4. 

12° : pp. jryw-447. Cloth, 

336 FOSTER (JOHN). — WORKS. Comprising, I. Critical Essays, 2 vols. 

II. Lectures, 2 vols. III. Life and Correspondence, 2 vols. London : 
Bohn, 1852-58. 

6 vols, post 8°. Half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

337 FOXE (LVKE).— NORTH-WEST FOX, | or, I Fox><7»i the 

North-wejl paffage. \ BEGINNING | With King Arthvr, Malga, 
Octhvr, I the two Zeni's oi Ifeland, EJlotiland, and Dorgiaj \ Following 
with briefe Abftracts of the Voyages of Cabot, | Frobijher, Davis, Waymouth, 
Knight, Hud/on, Button, Gib- | bons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge : Together 
with the I Courfes, Diftance, Latitudes, Longitudes, Variations, | Depths of 
Seas, Sets of Tydes, Currents, Races, | and over-Falls ; with other Obferva- 
tions. Accidents | and remarkable things, as our Miferies and | Sufferings. | 
M'. Iames Hall's three Voyages to Groynland, with a | Topographicall 
defcription of the Countries, the Salvages | lives and Treacheries, how our 
Men have been flayne | by them there, with the Commodities of all thofe | 
parts ; whereby the Merchant may have Trade, and | Mariner Imployment. | 
Demonflrated in a Polar Card, wherein are all the Maines, Seas, \ and Hands, 
herein mentioned. \ With the Author his owne Voyage, being the XVI* | 
with the opinions and Collections of the moft famous Ma- | thematicians. 

114 (Catalogue of ^otriM anti Si^nuiefcnjptiE^. 

and Cofmographersj with a Probabilitie to | prove the fame by Marine 
Remonftrations, [sic] compa- | red by the Ebbing and Flowing of the Sea, 
experimented | with places of our owne Coaft. | By Captaine Lvke Foxe 
^Kingftone vpon Hull, Capt. | and Pylot for the Voyage, in his Majefties 
Pmnace | the Charles. | Printed by his Majefties Command. | London : | 
Printed by B. Alsop and Tho. Faweet, dwelling in Grubjlreet, ( 1635. | 

4° ; flate of a sphere, i leaf, S leaves, pp. 272 (169-172 repeated), large folding map, very fine 
impression, with the Pox and Goose in one comer. The margins of a few leaves slightly worm- 
eaten. A LAROE, CLEAN, AND PERFECT COPY, in the Original vellum wrapper. In a 

338 FRANCIS (J.) — CHRONICLES and CHARACTERS of the Stock 

Exchange. By John Francis. First American Edition. To which are 
added Stock Tables from 1732 to 1846; Dividends on Bank of England 
Stock from 1694 to 1847. Boston: Crosby b' Nichols, 1850. 

8°; cloth. 

339 FRANCIS (J. W.) — OLD NEW YORK: or, Reminiscences of the 

Past Sixty Years. By JOHN W. FRANCIS, M. D. With a MEMOIR 
of the Author by Henry T. Tuckerman. New-York : M DCCC LXVI. 
Crown 8° ; portrait, cloth, uncut. 

340 FRANCKLIN (T.) — A SERMON preached before the Honourable 

Trustees for Establishing the COLONY of GEORGIA in AMERICA . . . 
at their Anniversary Meeting, March 16, 1749-50 ... By THOMAS 
FRANCKLIN, M. A. London: R. Francklin, MDCCL. 

4° ; pp. 20. Half morocco, UNCUT. RARE. 


Family and Friends. i75r-i790. {Edited \>y V^illiau Duane.] New 
York: C. B. Richardson, 1859. 

8°; 1 portraits on India paper, half brown calf . 25° COPIES printed. 


LIN. Edited from his Manuscript, with Notes and an Introduction, 
by John Bigelow. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott &" Co. 1868. 

imp. 8° ; pp. 409. JPine portrait on India paper, proof before letter, half blue levant morocco, 
gilt top, UNCOT. Large Paper. 100 copies printed. 


auec les Effigies des | Roys, depuis Pharamond | lufques au Roy Hemy 
iiij. I tirees des plus rares & | excellentz Cabinetz | de la France. | Par 
H. C. I Edition troifiefme reueue &" augment^e de nouueau. | A Paris, | 

<(rataio0ue of ^oofi$e anti ist^u^^cctjptief. 115 

Far lean Le Clerc, rue S. lean de Latran, | h la Salemandre. \ M. D. 
LXXXXVI. [1596.] AvEC Privilege dv Roy. 

Polio; fp. 72, mcludinff the title; each page is surrmmied ty an ornamental woodcut border of 
tasteful design, and the work contains 65 WoODCUT PORTRAITS, except that of HENRY IV., the 
last in the series, which is a copper-plate of brilliant execution. The engravings were executed by 
Jean Le Clerc the printer, who is described in the Privilege as " Marchant et Tailleur 
d'histoires." Some leaves are slightly wormed in lower margin; otherwise a very fine, clean 
copy of this RARE WORK. Bound in vellum. 

344 FRENEAU (P.) — POEMS | Written between the Years 1768 & 1794, | 

By I PHILIP FRENEAU, | of | New Jersey : | A New Edition, Revifed 
and Corrected by the | Author ; Including a confiderable number of | 
Pieces never before Published. | MONMOUTH [N. J.] | Printed \ At 
the R-efs of the Author, at Mount-Pleasant, near \ MIDDLETOWN- 
POINT; M DCC, XCV: and,of\ —American Independence— | XIX. 

8° ; pp. xv-^%^. Bound in grosgr. grem levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by 'W.VtiA.Tl. Large AND FINE COPY. VERY 


f[ €t)ti$ tceatjife contentpttse t[)e fiai^tful 
{apnge^ of SDautb t|)e fejinse ^ i^ro^tiete in 
tl^ {euen jpenptencpaQ jifaimejsr. SDeupOeb 
in (men femion^ toa^e mabe anb com^ppleti 
dp tl)e tpslit cmecente fsSsec va. gc^ 3(ot|an 
flg^tt tioctoure of bpupn^te ^ ftpffl^oji of 
]!ioc|)eftec at tt)e ejcoitatpo anb Ctetpnse of 
tl)e mooft txt^S^ 9nnce{& Si^atgarete cou 
t^ of i[|{iti[)emout anb SDecBp^ % mobec to 
out foueraime locbe ftjinse K^enirp ti)e. tit. 

In Fine [fol. 146, recto'\ : 

C ^ttt enbetl) t|)e tt^t&^tgm of tl^ tit. j^falnujer. <lEn^ 
jtpnteb at Uonbon in tlje fletefttetc at t^ fpgne of t||e 
(bnne, &|i Wpik^xi be IBotbe {irpntei; tnto t{)e mooft tt^ 
criient ^rpncefle mp Itebp tiie fepngejef graubame. 3[n tl)e 
pere of our Jorbe gob. a?. €€€€€. anb i]C. tlje yii bape 
of tf)e monett) of S[upn. 

Sw. 4° ; 146 unnumbered leaves, with the large device »/Wynkyn de Worde on the verso 
of the last leaf ; curious, large Initial letter ofKino David watching Bathsheba bathing. Bound 
in dark blue morouo, back and sides blind tooled, gilt edges. A LARGE AND EXCEEDINGLY FINE 

ii6 (tr^taiosue of ^ooitie^ anb Si^nujefcn^tj^. 

346 ^^5fALE (G.) — UPPER MISSISSIPPI: or, Historical Sketches of 
■ ^^^^ the Mound-Builders, the Indian Tribes, and the Progress of Civ- 
^^^ilization in the North-West; from A. D. 1600 to the Present Time. 
By GEORGE GALE. Chicago: Clarke b' Co. 1867. 

12° ; fp. viir-/\6o. With map and engravings on wood. Cloth. 

347 GALLONIUS.— DE SS. MARTYRVM | crvciatibvs | antonii gal- 


potissimum instrumenta, & modi, quibus ijdem christi | martyres olim 
torquebantur, accuratissime | tabeUis expressa describuntur. | 

[^Engraved device of the Virgin and Child.l 

RoMAE I Ex Typographia Congregationis Oratorij apud S. Mariam | in 
ValliceUa. M.D.XCIV. | Superiorum Permissu. 

One vol. sm. 4° ; hound in calf, with arms of DE Thou stamped on the sides. Numerous and 
curious woodcuts illustrating the horrible tortures inflicted on Christian martyrs. 

This volume comes from the collection of the celebrated bibliophile JACQUES AuGUSTE DE 
Thou, the friend of Grolier and one of the most remarkable book collectors of the XVIth Cen- 
tmy. His arms are on the sides, flanked by those of Marie de BRSBANfON-CANY, whom he 
married in 1587. The monogram under the arms is J. A. and M, (Jacques Auguste, Marie), 
and is repeated seven times on the back. Books from this collection are rare. Begun about 
the middle of the XVIth Century, this library was kept by his son, after de Thou's death, and 
passed into the hands of appreciative heirs. In 1789 the Princes de Rohan were compelled 
through heavy losses to dispose of it. The sale of the books began January 12, and lasted 
until May 22, 1789. 

Soto, Gouemador y capi- | tan general del Reyno de la Florida, y de | otros 
heroicos caualleros Efpanoles h \ Indios ; efcrita por el Ynca Garcilaffo | de 
la Vega, capitan de fu Mageftad, | natural de la gran ciudad del Coz- | co, 
cabe9a de los Reynos y | prouincias del Peru. | 

Dirigida al fsrenifsimo Principe, Duque 

de Bragan(a, &"£. 

Con licencia de la fanta Inquificion. 

En Lisbona. | Impreffo por Pedro Crafbeeck. | And 1605. | Con 
priuilegio Real. | 

Sm.4°; TO prel. leaves, unnumbered; " Text," $$2 leaves ; "Tabla," 6 leaves. Elegantly bound 
in grosgndned red levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides, viith middle and 
comer ornaments, tyY. Bedford. 

The First Edition of Garcilasso's narrative of the Cor^uest of Florida, and account of the 
Indians. VERY RARE. 

<(rat£dogtu of ^tjoh^ anti !ai^u$fa:q[it$e« n; 


Statues, Bas-Reliefs et Cam^es de la Galerie de Florence, et du 

Palais Pitti, Dessin^s par Wicar, et grav6s sous la direction de Lacombe, 

avec les Explications, par Mongez I'ain^ &c. Imprimis sur Papier-v61in 

superfin de Johannot d'ANNONAY. Paris: Chez Lacombe, I'jSig-i&o']. 

5 voh. imp. folio; including the rare Supplement. With 200 beautiful Engravings, all 
brilliant Proof Impressions before Letters. Bound in red morocco super-extra, gilt backs 
andedges, broad gold borders on the sides, by Bradel I'Alni. 

350 GALTON (F.) — HEREDITARY GENIUS: An Inquiry into its Laws 

and Consequences. By FRANCIS GALTON, F. R. S. New York: 
D. Appleton &' Co. 1870. 

&°; cloth, UNCUT. 

351 GELL AND GANDY.— POMPEIANA: The Topography, Edifices, 

and Ornaments of Pompeii. By SIR WILLIAM GELL, F. R. S., and 
JOHN P. GANDY, Architect. New Edition. London : 1824. 

Imp, 8°; 81 plates. Bound in light polished calf super-extra, gilt boiks and tops, red and blue 
labels, filleted sides with comer ornaments, fore edges uncut, by Tout. 

352 GELL (SIR WILLIAM).— POMPEIANA : The Topography, Edi- 

fices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, the Result of Excavations since 1819. 
London: 1832. 

2 vols. imp. 8°. Portrait, 88 Plates, and 30 beautiful Vignettes Bound in light polished 
caif super-extra, gilt backs and tops, red and blue labels, filleted sides with comer ornaments, fore 
edges uncut, by Tout. 

353 GEORGIA.— An | IMPARTIAL ENQUIRY | into the | STATE and 

UTILITY I of the | PROVINCE of Georgia. \ London: | Printed for ^. 
Meadows, at the Angel in Cornhill. \ MDCCXLI. 
8°;>y. 104. Halfmorocco, gilt back and top, VUCVST:. Rare. 

354 GESSNER (SOLOMON).— NEW IDYLS, with a Letter to M. Fuslin, 

on Landscape Painting ; and, The Two Friends of Bourbon, a Moral Tale, 
by M. Diderot. Translated by W. Hooper, M. D. London : ^. Hooper, 

4°; marbled calf. Pine impressions of the 'P'lkyy.z a»<? Vignettes. 


en Francois, par Huber, Meister et V Abbd 'Stsxit de Loirelle]. Paris: 
Chez Barrois I'Aind. [1786-1793.] 

3 vols. 4° ; with splendid impressions of the Plates by Le Barbier. French calf, gilt backs, 
marbled edges. 


ii8 Cat^ogue of ^ooM attb ^tmtti^^* 


FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE. With Notes by Dean Milman and 
M. GuizoT. A New Edition, with Additional Notes, by William Smith, 
D. C. L. With Portrait and Maps. London: John Murray, 1872. 

8 vob. 8° ; polished tree-calf sufer-extra, gUt backs, marbled edges, inside gilt borders, by W. 
Mansell. Best Edition. 

" That Gibbon should ever be displaced seems impossible. That wonderful man monopol- 
ized, so to speak, the historical genius and the historical learning of a whole generation, and 
left little, indeed, of either for his contemporaries. He remains the one historian of the eigh- 
teenth century whom modern research has neither set aside nor threatened to set aside. We 
may correct and improve from the stores which have been opened since Gibbon's time ; we 
may write again large parts of his story from other and often truer and more wholesome points 
of view ; but the work of Gibbon as a whole, as the encyclopaedic history of 1300 years, as the 
grandest of historical designs, carried out alike with wonderful power and with wonderful 
accuracy, must ever keep its place. Whatever else is read. Gibbon mttst be read too." — E. A. 

357 GIBBONS (J. S.) — The BANKS of NEW-YORK, their Dealers, the 

Clearing House, and the Panic of 1857. With a Financial Chart. Thirty 
Illustrations by Herrick. New- York: D. Appleton 6^ Co. 1858. 

12°; cloth. 


ING. By the Late James W. Gilbart, F. R. S. New Edition thoroughly 
Revised and Adapted to the Practice of the Present Day. London : Bell 
&= Daldy, 1871. 

8° ; portrait, cloth, UNCUT. 

359 GILLISS (J. M.) — The U. S. Naval Astronomical Expedition to the 

Southern Hemisphere, during the Years i849-'so-'5i-'52. Lieut. J. M. 
GiLLiss, Superintendent. CHILE : Its Geography, Climate, Earthquakes, 
Government, Social Condition, Mineral and Agricultural Resources, Com- 
merce, etc., etc. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott b' Co. 1856. 

2 vols. 4° ; maps and plates, cloth. 

360 GLANVILL (JOSEPH) — Scepfis Scientifica: | or, | Confeft/^«^r- 

ance, the way to Science; \ In an Effay of | The Vanity of DOGMATIZ- 
ING, I and I CONFIDENT Opinion. | With | A REPLY to the EXCEP- 
TIONS I Of the Learned | THOMAS' ALBIUS \i. <?., Thomas White]. | 
By JOSEPH GLANVILL, M. A. | London: | Printed by E. Cotes, for 
Henry Eversden at the \ Gray-Hound in St. Paul's Church-yard. 
M. DC. LXV. 

4°; IS pf'^t- leaves, 184 pp., (8), 92 pp. in the original calf binding. Very fine, clean 
having been destroyed by fire in London. 

•• A remarkable work, but one so scarce as to be hardly known at all, except by name, was pub- 
lished by Glanvil in 1661, with the title, ' The Vanity of Dogmatizing.' A second edition, in 

<Catdiigue of ^oolti9f anb £l^UjGfctq^tjef. 1 19 

1665, considerably altered, is entided ' Scepsis ScienH^a.' This edition has a dedication to 
the Royal Society. The style is eminently spirited and eloquent ; a little too figurative, like 
that of Locke, but less blameably, because Glanvil is rather destroying than building up. No 
one thinks more intrepidly for himself; and it is probable that, even in what seems mere super- 
stition, he had been rather misled by some paradoxical hypothesis of his own ardent genius 
than by slavishly treading in the steps of others. Few books, I think, are more deserving of 
being reprinted than the ' Scepsis Scientifica ' of Glanvil." — Hallam. 

Glanvill's curious prediction of the Electro-Magnetic Telegraph will be found on page 134 : 
"To conferr at the distance of the Indies by Sympathetick conveyances, may be as usual to 
future times, as to us in a /iA<n»7> correspondence." His description of the instrument, and 
the manner of working it, will be found on^. 149-150. 

361 GLANVILL (JOSEPH) Saducifmus Triutnphatus .- or, Full and Plain 

Evidence Concerning WITCHES and APPARITIONS. In Two Parts. 
The First treating of their POSSIBILITY. The Second of their Real 
Existence. The Second Edition. The Advantages whereof above the 
former, the Reader may understand out of Dr. H. Morels Account pre- 
fixed thereunto. With two Authentick, but wonderful Stories of certain 
Swedish Witches ; done into English by Ant. Homeck, D. D. [London :] 
Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for S. Lownds at his Shop by the Savoy Gate, 

8^; sprinkled calf extra, gilt back, yellow edges, with rare PLATES engraved by W. Fai- 
THORNE. Fine, clean copy. SCARCE. 

362 [GOADBY (R.)]— An APOLOGY for the LIFE oi Mr. Bampfylde- 
Moore Carew, commonly called The KING ,of the BEGGARS : Being an 
impartial Account of his Life, from his leaving Tiverton School, at the Age 
of Fifteen, and entering the Society of Gypsies, to the present Time ; wherein 
the Motives of his Conduct will be explained, and the great Number of 
Characters and Shapes he has appeared in through Great Britain, Ireland, 
and several other Places of Europe, be related j with his Travels twice 
through great Part of America. A particular Account of the Origin, 
Government, Language, Laws, and Customs of the Gypsies; their 
Method of electing their King, &c. . . The Ninth Edition. London : 
R. Goadby, 1775. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. xxiv. , iv. , 347. Portrait, red morocco, gilt back and edges, filleted sides with comer 
ornaments, inside gilt borders. Contains a brilliant impression of the rare Portrait, 
the largest and best of this singular character published, and seldom found with the book. 
Fine Copy of the Best Edition, now very scarce. 

" Carew was bom at Devon in 1693, was tried at Exeter about 1739 or 174D, and banished 
to Maryland, where he went at the cost of the public. He gives an amusing account of the 
country, and his adventures in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, 
till he embarked at New London for England. His accounts how he bamboozled and bled 
Whitefield, Thos. Penn, Gov. Thomas, and many others of good repute, are amusing, true or 
not." — H. Stevens. 

I20 Catalogue of ^ooj^je^ anti lar^Uje^mjj^tjae. 

363 GOETHE'S W^ORKS, comprising, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, 
I vol. Novels and Tales, i vol. Dramatic Works, i vol. The Auto- ' 
BIOGRAPHY of GoETHE, Truth and Poetry : From my own Life. Translated 
from the German by John Oxenford, Esq. 2 vols. London: Bohn, 

S vols, post 8° ; portrait, half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

364 GOLDSMITH (OLIVER).— The Good Natur'd Man: a Comedy. 
As Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. By Mr. Gold- 
smith. London: Printed for W. Griffin, 1768. 

8° ; calf. First Edition. Rare. 

Bound with above are : Zenobia, a Tragedy. By the Author of the Orphan of China. 
London : 1768. [And] False Delicacy : a Comedy. By Hugh Kelly. London : 1768. 


Oliver Goldsmith. With 32 beautiful Illustrations by William Mul- 

ready, R. A. Engraved by J. Thompson. London: John Van Voorst, 


Sq. 8°; polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt back and top, filleted sides, uncut, by R. Cal- 


GOLDSMITH. London: IV. lackering, 1853. 

12° ; portrait, blue calf extra, gilt back and top, uncut. 


Edited by PETER CUNNINGHAM, F. S. A. London : John Murray, 

4 vols. 8° ; elegantly bound in polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, uncut. Best 

368 [GOMARA (FRANCISCO LOPEZ de)].— The | Pleafant Hiftorie 

of the I Conquefl. of the Weft India, now called | new Spaine. \ Atchieued 

by the moft woorthie Prince | Hernando Cortes, Marques of the Valley of | 

Huaxacac, moft delectable to reade. | Translated out of the Spanijh tongue, 

by I T. N. \Thomas Nicholas] Anno, 1578. | London | Printed by Thomas 

Creede, | 1596. | 

Sm. 4° ; Black Letter, dark green levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, 
inside gilt borders. The Second English Edition. Rare. 

€amlo0ue of ^ooft$s anb £i^u^m)ttjei» 121 


Par Louis Gonse, Directeur de la Gazette des Beaux-Arts. 
Paris : A Quantin Imprimeur-fiditeur, 1883. 

4° ; found in yafanese silk, variously and orHsHcally ornamented. 

Exemplaire sur papier vflin, No. 320. 

This is in many respects the most beautiful and valuable work which has been written on 
Japanese art. M. Gonse is not only thoroughly acquainted with the subject, but he has been 
an ardent collector. The book is profusely illustrated by engravings and etchings of objects be- 
longing to the author and other well known collectors of Paris. 


SHOES; OTHERWISE CALLED Mrs. Margery Twoshoes. With the Means 
by which she acquired her Learning and Wisdom, and in Consequence 
thereof her Estate. Set forth at large for the Benefit of those, 

Who from a State of Rags and Care, 
And having Shoes but half a Pair, 
Their Fortune and their Fame would fix, 
And gallop in their Coach and Six. 

See the original Manuscript in the Vatican at Rome, and the cuts by 
Michael Angelo; illustrated with the Comments of our great modem 


Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts, By ISAIAH THOMAS, And 
Sold, Wholesale and Retail, at his Book Store. MDCCLXXXVII. 

12° ; bound in crimson crushed morocco, top edges gilt, by MATTHEWS. 

This is a unique copy of this rare and entertaining little book. It is absolutely uncut, 
and is as fresh as if just issued from the press. The woodcuts are crude but amusing, and the 
Introduction by Thomas is quaint and clever. 


in NEW ENGLAND, of their several Nations, Numbers, Customs, 
Manners, Rehgion and Government, before the English planted there. 
Also a true and faithful Account of the present state and condition of the 
Praying Indians. By Daniel Gookin, Gentleman. Now first printed 
from the Original Manuscript, at the Apollo Press, Boston, MDCCXCIII. 

8°; chth, UNCUT. 

372 GORDON (Mrs.) — "CHRISTOPHER NORTH," A Memoir of John 

Wilson. Compiled by His Daughter. With an Introduction by R. Shel- 
ton Mackenzie. New York : 1863. 
Crmm 8° ; cloth, portmit, uncut. 

122 €at£do0ue of ^otik^ anti ^i^uie^ctq^tisr. 



Painted to the Life. 


The Spaniards Proceedings in the Conquefts of the 
INDIANS, and of their Civil Wars among them- 
felves, from Columbus his firft Difcovery 
to thefe later Times. 
Of the Original Undertakings of the Advancement of 
Plantations into thofe parts; 
With a perfect Relation of our Englifti Difcoveries, fhewing 
their Beginning, Progrefs and Continuance, from the Year 
1628. to 1658. Declaring the Forms of their Govern- 
ment, Policies, Religions, Maners, Cuftoms, Military Difci- 
pline, wars with the Indians, the Commodities of their 
Countries, a Defcription of their Towns and Havens, 
the increafe of their Trading, with the Names of 
their Governors and Magiftrates. 
More efpecially, an abfolute Narrative of the North 
parts of America, and of the Difcoveries and 
Plantations of our Englifti in 
Virginia, New-England, and Berbadoes. 


A Work now at laft. expofed for the publick good, to ftir up the Heroick and 
Active Spirits of thefe times, to benefit their Countrey, and Eternize 

their Names by fuch Honorable Attempts. 

For the Readers clearer underftanding of the Countreys, they are lively 

defcribed in a compleat and exquifite Map. 

Ovid. Aurifaera fames quid mm — 

London, printed for Nath. Brook at the Angel in Comhil. 1659. 

The Four Parts Complete. 

Sm. 4° ; sumptuously tound in olive levant morocco of the very best quality, finely polished, gilt 
bach and edges, paneled sides, filleted, with tasteful comer ornaments and large center ornaments, 
broad inside dentelle borders, richly gilt, by Wm. Matthews, in his best style. A magnificent 
copy of this extremely RARE work, in the very finest possible condition. 

<C^talosue of ^ooft^ anb Si^anuiEectq^je^. 123 


ANIMAUX. Vignettes par GRANDVILLE. fitudes de Moeurs Con- 
temporaines. Publi6es sous la Direction de M. P. -J. STAHL. Paris: 
Hetzel, 1844. 

2 vols. roy. 8° : half calf, gilt tacks, rough edges. 


with Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as they existed previous 
to the Revolution. Third Edition. London: A, K. Newman, 1817. 
2 vols. 12° ; cloth. 

Z1(> GRAY (T.) — SIX POEMS, with DESIGNS by Mr. R. Bentley. Lon- 
don: Printed for R. Dodsley in Pall-mall, MDCCLIII. 

Imp. 4°; printed on one side only, 43 leaves including the Plates, ffalfmoncco, fine copy. 

377 GRAY (T.) — The WORKS of THOMAS GRAY. Edited by the Rev. 

John Mitford. London : W. Pickering, 1836-43. 

S vols. 12° ; Portraits. Crimson morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, uncut edges. Scarce. 


To which are added his Poems. With some Account of the Author, and 
Notes, by the Rev. ALEXANDER DYCE, B. A. London: W. Hckering, 

2 vols, crown 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

379 GREVILLE (C. C. F.) — The GREVILLE MEMOIRS. A Journal 

of the Reigns of King George IV. and King William IV. By the late 
Third Edition. London: Longmans, 1875. 

3 vols. 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

380 GREY (SIR G.) — POLYNESIAN MYTHOLOGY, and Ancient Tra- 

ditional History of the New Zealand Race, as furnished by their Priests 
and Chiefs. By SIR GEORGE GREY. London : John Murray, 1855. 
Cmvm 8° ; Illustrated with 14 engravings on wood. Cloth, UNCUT. 

381 GROTE (GEORGE) A HISTORY of GREECE ; From the Earliest 

Period to the Close of the Generation Contemporary with Alexander the 
Great. A New Edition. With Portrait and Plans. London: John 
Murray, 1869. 

12 vols. post 8° ; polished tree-calf extra, gilt tacks, marbled edges, colored labels, by Mansell. 

124 Catalogue of ^ooh$^ atiti !3li^itj6rm)>t$e- 

with the Author's sanction by Fanny Elizabeth BuNNfexx. Boston: 
Little, Brown, 6^ Company, 1865. 

2 vols, crown 8° ; portrait, cloth. 

TORUM. Paris: MicHiELis de Columbaria, Udabricus Gering et 
Martinus Chrantz, 1473. 

Sm. folio; bound in red morocco, ^It edges, by D£:rome. 

The first printers of France, like those of Italy, were Germans. Two of those named above, 
Gering and Chrantz, printed the first book issued in Paris. Their types were slightly Roman- 
ized, but were much more Gothic in character than those used at the same time in Italy. 

This volume is in very fine condition and is a beautiful specimen of the work of the first 
Parisian printers. It is from the WodhuU Library. 

384 GUILLEMIN (AMfiDfiE).— The HEAVENS. An Illustrated Hand- 

book of Popular Astronomy. Edited by J. Norman Lockyer. Fourth 
Edition, Revised by Richard A. Proctor. London: Bentley, 187 1. 

8° ; half green morocco, gilt back and top, UNCUT. 


Popular Introduction to the Study of Physical Phenomena. Translated from 
the French by Mrs. Norman Lockyer ; and Edited, with Notes, by J. 
NORMAN LOCKYER, F. R. S. Illustrated by 11 colored Plates and 
455 Woodcuts. Second Edition. New-York [London] : 1873. 

Roy. 8° ; halfrussia, gilt back and top. 


PHYSIQUE aux SCIENCES, S, I'Industrie et aux Arts. Ouvrage con- 
tqnant 427 Figures dessinees par's,. Bonnafoux et A. Jahandier, ^/ Gravees 
par Ch. Laplante, 22 Grandes Planches dont 6 imprim^es en couleur, et 
3 Cartes. Paris: Hachette et C^. 1874. 

Roy. 8° ; half red morocco, gilt back and edges. 

387 GUTCH (J. M.) — A LYTELL GESTE of ROBIN HODE. With other 

Ancient and Modem Ballads and Songs relating to this celebrated Yeo- 
man. To which is prefixed his History and Character, grounded upon other 
Documents than those made use of by his former Biographer, " Mister Rit- 
son." Edited by JOHN MATHEW GUTCH, F. S. A., and Adorned with 
Cuts by F. W. Fairholt, F. S. A. London : Longman, MDCCCXLVIL 

2 vols. 8° : half maroon calf, gilt backs and tops, rough edges. 


<E^Io0ue of ^mh^ anb Si^nuiermpt^r. 125 

ries of the Englijh Nation, made by Sea or ouer- | land, to the 
remote and fartheft diflant quarters of the | Earth, at any time within the 
compaffe of thefe 1600 yeres : | Diuided into three feuerall Volumes, accord- 
ing to the I pofitions of the Regions, whereunto they | were directed. 

The firft VOLUME containeth the worthy Difcoueries, | &c. of the 
Englijh toward the North and Northeaft. by Sea, as of | Lapland. . . . 

Whereunto is annexed a briefe Commentary of the irueftate of Ifland, | and of 
the Northern Seas and lands fituate that way : As alfo the | memorable 
defeat of the Spanijh huge Armada, Anno 1588. 

C The _/^f(7«</ VOLUME comprehendeth the principal! 

Nauigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and difcoueries of the Englijh 

Nation made by Sea or ouer- land, to the South and South-eall 

parts of the World, as well within as without the Streight of 

Gibralier, at any time within the compaffe of thefe 1600. 

yeres : Diuided into two feueral parts, &c. 

NAVIGATIONS, TRAF- | fiques, and Difcoueries of the Engli/h Nation, 
and in | fomefewplaces, where they haue not been, of ftrangers, per- | formed 
within and before the time of thefe hundred yeeres, to all | parts of the New- 
found world of America, or the Wejt Indies, from 73. | degrees of Northerly 
to 57. of Southerly latitude : | etc., etc. 

C By Richard Haklvyt Preacher, and fometime Stu- 
dent of Chrifl-Church in Oxford. 

j^^ Imprinted at London by George Bijhop, | Ralph Newberie, and Robert 
Barker. | Anno 1 599-1600. 

3 vols, 'in 2 vols, folio ; sumfUumsly bound in best grogr. green levant morocco super-extra, elabo- 
rately and richly gilt backs, filleted sides with elegant comer ornaments, inside lined with vellum, 
and vellum fiy-leaves, broad dentelle gold borders, finely tooled, gilt edges, by Riviere. Best 

forming pages (xyj-V) of the FIRST volume, which is wanting in many copies, having been sup- 
pressed by order of Queen Elizabeth, after the disgrace of the Earl of Essex. 

The Third Volume of this copy contains a Map of the World, " A true hydrographical def- 
cription of fo much of the world as hath beene hitherto difcouered and is comme to our know- 
ledge," etc., neatly mounted on linen. This map is the same as that of the edition of 1589, but 
with the addition of Sir Francis Drake's voyage traced upon it. Hallam describes this as 
" the best map of the sixteenth century, and one of uncommon rarity, which is found in a very few 
copies of the^«* edition of HaWuyt's Voyages." ("Literature of Europe," Vol. W.p. 355.) 

Oldys devotes twenty pages of his " British Librarian " to a minute and excellent analysis 
of this edition,^. 137-138. 


126 Cataiogiie of ^mW attb Si^Ujetctrijj^ie^. 



richly valued, 

£y the defcription of the maine land of 

Florida, her next neighbour : 

Out of the foure yeeres continuall trauell and difcouerie, 

for aboue one thoufand miles Eaft and Weft, of 

Don Ferdinando de Soto, and fixe hundred 

able men in his companie. 

Wherin are truly obferued the riches andfertilite of thofe parts, 

abounding with things neceffarie, pleafant, and profitable 

for the life of man : with the natures and difpo- 

fitions of the Inhabitants. 

Written by a Portugall gentleman of Eluas \F. de Soto] emploied in 

all the action, and tranflated out of Portuguefe 

by Richard Haklvyt. 


Printed by Felix Kyngston for Matthew Lownes, 

and are to be fold at the figne of the Bifhops 

head in Pauls Churchyard. 


Sm. 4° ; fp. (8) 180. Bound in bright crimson polished levant morocco super-extra, gilt back 
and edges, filleted sides, broad inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A beautiful Copy. 

390 HALE (JOHN).— A Modeft Enquiry | Into the Nature of Witchcraft, | 

and I How Perfons Guilty of that Crime | may be Convicted : And the 
means | ufed for their Difcovery Difcuifed, | both Negatively and Affirma- 
tively I according to SCRIPTURE and | EXPERIENCE. | By John 
Hale, I Paflor of the Church of Chrift in Beverley, \ Anno Domini, 1697. | 
[Mottos.] (Ifaiah VIII. 19, 20; Job 34, 32.) BOSTON in NE. | Printed 
by P. Green and J. Allen, for | Benjamin Eliot under the Town Houfe. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. 176. A fine COPY in the original binding. The late J. Wingate Thorn- 
ton's copy, with his autograph on the lower margin of the title-page, also variotis Notes and MS. 
Index of Places and Names of Authors cited in the work. 

391 HALL (Mr. & Mrs. S. C.)— IRELAND; its SCENERY, CHAR- 

ACTER, &c. London: 1841-43. 

3 vols. roy. 8° ; ORIGINAL EDITION. Illustrated with 500 engravings on steel and wood, 
after drawings by Creswick, Harvey, Hill, Maclise, Willes, etc., etc. Elegantly bound 
in polished calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, redandgreen labels, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, 
fore edges uncut. Very Scarce. 

Catalogue of ^ooW anb Si^anujsfcnjptjef. 127 


EUROPE, in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries. By 
HENRY HALLAM, LL. D. Eighth Edition. London : JoAn Murray, 

4 voh. post 8° ; portrait. Polished tree-calf, gUt backs, marbled edges, by Riviere. 


London : Macmillan ^f Co. 1868. 

Imp. 8° ; pp. xxvi-3S4. Illustrated with 35 Plates. Half blue morocco, edges gilt over carmine. 
The first Edition. Extremely Rare. This is one of the few books which can never 
be republished, inasmuch as some of the plates which were among its chief attractions have 
been lost. 


Third Edition. London : Macmillan df Co. 1880. 

Columbier 8° ; morocco back, cloth sides, UNCUT. With 48 new Plates. 
" The present edition is limited to a thousand copies, and will never again be reproduced in 
this form or with these illustrations." — Preface. 


Documents Contained in No. V & VI of " The History of the United 
States for the Year 1796." [By James Thomson Callender.] In which 
the Charge of Speculation against ALEXANDER HAMILTON, Late 
Secretary of the Treasury, is fully refuted. WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. 
Philadelphia: Printed for John Fenno, by John Bioren, lygj. 

8° ; pp. 37. Appendix, pp. Iviii. FIRST EDITION of this astounding pamphlet, absolutely 
UNCUT, clean and fresh as when first issued. VERY RARE in this remarkably fine condition. 

This extraordinary pamphlet contains Hamilton's full and frank confession of his guilty 
amour with Mrs. Reynolds, " the wife of one James Reynolds, with his privity and connivance." 
Nearly the whole of this edition was suppressed by the friends of Hamilton. 

396 HAMILTON (A.) — OBSERVATIONS on Certain Documents Con- 

tained in No. V & VI of " The History of the United States for the Year 
1796," in which the Charge of Speculation against Alexander Hamil- 
ton, Late Secretary of the Treasury, is fully refuted. Written by Him- 
self. Philadelphia: Printed Pro Bono Publico, \?>oo. 

8° ; /?■ 37 (l™i). Half morocco, uncut. Very fine copy of this scarce edition, 
issued by Hamilton's enemies. 


A New Edition. To which are Prefixed, a Biographical Sketch of Count 
Hamilton, and a Translation of the Epistle to Count Grammont. Illus- 
trated with 64 Portraits engraved by Edward Scriven, &c." London : 

2 vols. 4°. Large Paper. With brilliant Proof Impressions of the Plates. Half 
morocco, tops gilt, rough edges. 

"This edition has nearly 100 pages of valuable Notes and Illustrations from the pen of 
Sir Walter Scott." 

128 Catalogue of ^oohi$ anb Et^nu^fcn^tie^. 


Sir William Hamilton, Bart. Edited by the Rev. Henry L. Mansel, 
B. D., and John Veitch, M. A. Boston: Gould &• Lincoln, 1859. 

8°; cloth. 


late Governor of the State of New York. Syracuse: Hall &" Dickson, 

8° ; portrait, sheep. 




ginia, and the fucceffe of the affaires 
there till the 18 of lune. 1614. 



feuerall EngHfli Townes and forts, the affu- 

red hopes of that countrie and the peace 

concluded with the Indians. 
The Chriftening of Powhatans daughter 
and her mariage with an Englijh-man. 
Written by Raphe Hamor the yon- 
ger, late Secretarie in that Colony. 
Alget, qui non ardet. 
Printed at London by Iohn Beale for Wil- 
liam Welby dwelling at thefigne of the 
Swanne in Pauls Church-yard. 161 5. 

Sm. 4°; pp. (8), 6g. Errata i p. Beautifully bound in bright crimson Iruant morocco, finely 
polished, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, broad inside dentelle borders, richly gilt, byF. Bedford. 
of this valuable work, in the FINEST possible condition. 

This contemporaneous account of Pocahontas has increased rapidly in the estimation of 
collectors. Barney's copy sold for $150 ; Bnice's for $175; Menzies's for $220; Barlow's for 
$300, and a London dealer recently priced it at ;f 120 in his catalogue. 

of COL. GEORGE HANGER. Written by Himself. To which is 
added, Advice to the Prelates and Legislators, how to correct the Immoral- 

Catalosue of ^wW anb 9[^anui£fmpt^. 129 

ity and Jacobinism of the present Age. . . Advice to the Lovely Cyprians, 
and to the Fair Sex in general. . . On Slatrimony, Compulsive Wedlock, 
and on Polygamy, eic. etc. London: J. Debrett, 1801. 

2 vols. 8° ; half calf, gilt backs, martUd edges, 

" A very curious and entertaining work. COL. Hanger (afterward Lord Coleraine) served 
with distinction in the American War. In Vol. II., p. 427, will be found a curious prediction 
relative to the late Rebellion : ' One of these days, the Northern and Southern powers will fight 
as vigorously against each other as they both have united to do against the British.' " 

of Elizabeth Hanson, Late of Kachecky in New England: who, with 
Four of her Children, and Servant-Maid, were taken Captive by the Indians, 
and carried into Canada. ... A New Edition. Taken in Substance 
from her own Mouth, by Samuel Bownas. London : James Phillips, 

8° ; red morocco, filleted sides, gilt top, inside gilUborders, by Bradstreet. uncut. Fine, 
clean copy. Scarce. 

Nothing is calculated to give one a more vivid idea of the rapid and wonderful growth of this 
country than the perusal of these simple accounts of the sufferings of white prisoners at the 
hands of the Indians. It seems incredible that within such a comparatively short time those 
parts of the country which had been settled longest should have been at the mercy of savages. 
But these brief histories tell their tales with a directness which leaves no room for doubt as to 
their trustworthiness. 

TO GVIANA. I Describing the Climat, \sic\ \ Scituation, fertilitie, proui- 
fions and commodities | of that Country, containing feuen Prouinces, and | 
other Signiories within that Territory : Together, | with the manners, cuf- 
tomes, behauiors, and | difpofitions of the people. | Performed by Robert 
Harcovrt, of I Stanton Harcourt Esquire. \ The Pattent for the Plantation 
of which Country, | his Maiestie hath granted to the faid Robert | Har- 
covrt vnder the Great Seale. | [Motto.] (Nome. 14. 7. 8.) At London | 
Printed by lohn Beak, for W. Welby, tnd | are to be fold at his fliop in 
Pauls Church-yard at the | figne of the Swan, 16 13. | 

Sm. 4° ; 8 prel. leaves, text 71 pp., bright crimson levant super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt border, by F. Bedford. FIRST EDITION. 
Very Rare. 

Being the Narrative of a Hunting Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope, 
through the Territories of the Chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of Capricorn. 
By Capt. William Cornwallis Harris. Fifth Edition. London : H. 
G. Bohn, 1852. 

Roy. 8° ; with map and 26 colored plates, red cloth, gilt edges. 

I30 €atal[i»9ue of 25oofe]6f anti a^attuj^mpt^. 

A Cloacinean Satire: With the ANATOMY AND APOLOGY. 
By Sir John Harington. To which is added, ULYSSES UPON AJAX. 
[Edited by Samuel Weller Singer\ Chiswick: From the Press of C. 
Whittingham, MDCCXIV. 

Sm. 8°; light folished calf super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gUt borders, by 
F. Bedford. Woodcuts and Portrait of Harington, atatis sua 30. One hundred 

COPIES ONLY reprinted. RARE. 

' ' One of the earliest of our Facetia, the production of an author who may be termed, in allu- 
sion to thisy«a d' esprit, the Rabelais of England. The conceit, or pun, upon the word Ajax, 
or a Jakes, appears to have been a familiar joke of the time, and had been previously introduced 
by Shakespeare in his Love's Labor Lost, Act v. sc. s." — Drake's " Shakespeare a?id his 
Times," 8° edit., p. 251. 

" Sir J. Harington is to be considered the inventor of that cleanly comfort the water- 
closet : which gave rise to his witty tract, the Metamorphosis of Ajax, wherein he humorously 
recommends the same to Q. Elizabeth." — Dr. Nott. 

USTISSIMA. A Description of Works Relating to AMERICA Pub- 
lished between the Years 1492 and 1551. New- York: Geo. P. Philes, 

4°. IjARGePapejl; ggccpies only were printed. Bound in brown grosgr. levant Tnorocco extra, 
back and sides blind-tooled, top gilt, UNCUT. 

Notwithstanding the fact that a great number of errors are to be found in this work, it is an 
extremely valuable and interesting compendium of information concerning early Americana. 
Mr. Harrisse is entitled to much credit for the energy and zeal displayed in his pursuit of 
knowledge in this direction, and was remarkably successfill in securing many rare and valuable 
books, quite a number of which are in this collection. 

407 HARTLIB (SAMUEL).— The Reformed | VIRGINIAN | SILK- 
WORM, I Or, a Rare and New | DISCOVERY | of | A fpeedy way, 
and eafie means, found out | by a young Lady in England ^e having made | 
full proof thereof in May, \ Anno 1652. | For the feeding of Silk-worms in 
the Woods, on the | Mulberry-Tree-leaves in Virginia: Who after fourty 
dayes ( time, prefent their moft rich golden-coloured filken | Fleece to the in- 
ftant wonderful enriching of | all the Planters there, requiring from | them 
neither coil, labour, or hindrance | in any of their other emplo-, | memts \sic\ 
whatfoever. | And alfo to the good hopes, that the Indians, fee- | ing and 
finding that there is neither Art, Skill, or Pains | in the thing : they will 
readily fet upon it, being | by the benefit thereof inabled to buy of the | 
En^lijk (in way of Truck for their | Silk-bottoms) all thofe things | that they 
moft defire. | London: Printed by John Streater,for Giles Calvert at the \ 
Black-Spread- Eagle at the Weft end \ of Pauls, 1655. | 

Sm. 4° ; dark green crushed levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt borders, 
by David. 

€ataio0ue of ^ooh$r anb £(^nu$(cn]^$?. 131 

408 HASWELL (A.) — MEMOIRS and ADVENTURES of Captain 

Matthew Phelps ; Formerly of Harwington in Connecticut, now Resident 
in New Haven in Vermont. Particularly in two Voyages, from Connecti- 
cut to the River Mississippi from December, 1773, to October, 1780. Com- 
piled from the Original Journal and Minutes kept by Mr. Phelps . . . and 
revised and corrected according to his present recollection. By Anthony 
Haswell. From the press of Anthony Haswell, of Bennington, in Ver- 
mont, 1802. 

12° ; sheep. 


and Illustrations. By FRANCIS L. HAWKS, D. D. Vol. I. Embracing 
the Period between the First Voyage to the Colony in 1 584, and the 
last in 159^- Vo^- I^- Embracing the Period of the Proprietary Gov- 
ernment, from 1663 to 1729. Third Edition. Fayetteville, N. C. : 
Published by E. J. Hale fir" Son, 1859. 

2 vols. 8° ; portrail and s maps, half calf, marbled edges. 


THORNE. Boston : James R. Osgood fir" Co. 1873. 

21 vols. i6° ; half green calf, gilt backs, marbled edges, contents lettered. 


PARSONS LATHROP, and Illustrated with Etchings by Blum, 
Church, Dielman, Gifford, Shirlaw, and Turner. Cambridge: Printed at 
the Riverside I¥ess, 1883. 

izvols. 8°; boards, uncut. LARGE PAPER: 250 Copies Printed. No. hi. 


TORY I of the I STATE OF TENNESSEE, | from its | Earliest Settle- 
ment I up to I the Year 1796; | Including the | BOUNDARIES OF THE 
STATE. I By JOHN HAYWOOD. | Printed for the Author | By Heiskell 
(St* Brown, | Knoxville, Tenn. | 1823. 

Z°;pp. (4), S04; mottled calf polished, gilt back, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, yellow edges 
by F. Bedford. A splendid copy of this EXTREMELY RARE WORK. 

413 HEAD (F. B.) — ROUGH NOTES taken during some Rapid Journeys 

across the Pampas and among the Andes, by Captain F. B. Head. Bos- 
ton: Wells b" Lilly, 1^2-]. 
12°; halfrussia. 

414 HEARNE (S.) — A JOURNEY from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hud- 

son's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. Undertaken by Order of the 
Hudson's Bay Company, for the Discovery of Copper Mines, a North 
West Passage, &c. In the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, & 1772. BySAMUEL 
HEARNE. London: A. Strahan, 1795. 

4° ; large folding map and t plates, half red morocco, rough edges. A large ayid clean copy. 

415 HEINECKEN (BARON C. H. DE).— ID£E G£n£RALE d'une 

COLLECTION complette D'ESTAMPES. Avec une Dissertation sur 
VOrigine de la Gravure bf sur les premiers Livres d' Images. Leipsic et 
Vienne, chez Jean Paul Kraus, 177 1. 

8°; mottled calf , gilt back, with ^plates of curious Facsimiles. Very Scarce. 

" The value and fidelity of this work have long been known and duly appreciated by bibli- 
ographers and amateurs of fine arts. A circumstance that greatly enhances the merit of 
Heinecken's accounts of the Books of Images is, that he actually saw every book which he has 
described with equal accuracy and fidelity." — HoRNE. 

416 HEMANS (F.)— The WORKS of Mrs. (Felicia) HEMANS: With a 

Memoir of Her Life, by Her Sister. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 

7 vols. fcap. 8° ; portraits and vignettes, green calf extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, marbled edges. 

417 HENNEPIN (LOUIS).— A | New Difcovery | of a | Vajl Country 

in America, | Extending above Four Thoufand Miles, | between | New 
France and New Mexico. | With a | Defcription of the Great Lakes, Cata- \ 
racts, Rivers, Plants, and Animals ; \ Alfo, The Manners, Cujloms, and Lan- 
guages of the I feveral Native Indians/ And the Advantage of | Commerce 
with thofe different Nations. | 



Giving an ACCOUNT of the | Attempts of the Sieur De la SALLE upon 
the Mines of St. Barbe, &c. The Taking of | Quebec by the Englijh y with 
the Advantages | of a Shorter Cut to China and Japan. \ Both parts lUu- 
ftrated with Maps and Figures, \ and Dedicated to His Majefty K. William. \ 
By L. Hennepin, now Refident in Holland. \ To which is added. Several 
New Difcoveries in North- \ America, not publifli'd in the French Edition. | 
London: Yrmt^^iox M. Bentley,J. Tonfon, H. Bon- ( wick, T. Goodwin, 2xA 
S. Man/hip, 1698. | 

2 parts in i vol. 8°; maps and plates, elegantly bound in bright crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt tack andedges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A fine, tall COPY, 
IN PERFECT condition. 

Catalogue of ^wW anb sn^nujsfccij^tjss. ^32 

418 HENRY (J.) — A MEMORIAL of JOSEPH HENRY. PubUshed by 
Order of Congress. Washington: Government IHnting Office, i%?>o. 
Roy. 8° ; fine portrait. Gray cloth. 

419 HENRY (PRINCE).— THREE ELEGIES on the most lamented 

The First ^ C Cyril Toumeur. 

The Second > written by 2 John Webster. 
The Third ) ( Tho. Heywood. 

London: Printed for William Welbie, 1613. 

4°. First Edition. Half nwrocco. Fine copy, with all the mourning leaves. 

Collation : A-C4, A-C4, A-C4, in fours. Title in black Ai, a briefe on the death, 1613, 
by Cyril Toumeur A2, to the Reader A3, dedication to Leo Carie A4, Elegie Bi, leaf in black 
Ai, Monumental Coltmme by John Webster, 1613, As, dedication to Robert Carre A3, Elegie 
A4, two leaves in black C3-4, A Funerall Elegie by Thos. Heywood, 1613, Ai, dedication to 
Worcester A2, to the Reader A3, Elegie A4. 

420 HERBERT (GEORGE).— the | TEMPLE | sacred poems | and | 
PRIVATE EjA- I culations. | By Mr. George Herbert. | Psal. 29. | In his 
Temple doth every \ man speak of his honour. \ Cambridge : | Printed by 
Thom. Buck, \ and Jioger Daniel, -pimters | to the Universitie | 1633. 

16° ; ioand in dark Hue morocco extra, gUt edges, by F. BEDFORD. 

"An excessive rarity. This is actually the first published edition. A few copies were 
privately issued for presents in the previous year without date, of which only one copy is now 
known — in the collection of H. HuTH, Esq." 

The condition of this copy is absolutely faultless. It is unusually tall, and the edges are gilt 
but not trimmed. 


and HORSEMANSHIP of the United States and British Provinces 
of North America. With steel-engraved Ori^nal Portraits of Celebrated 
Horses. New- York: Stringer &" Townsend, 1857. 

2 vols. imp. 8°. Vol. I. pp. SS2. Vol. II. pp. (1) S76- ' of celebrated Horses on fine 
India paper, and numerous engravings on wood. Half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. Fine, clean 
copy. Scarce. 

VALLEY of the AMAZON. Part I. by Lieut. Wm. Lewis Herndon; 
Part II. by Lieut. Lardner Gibbon. Washington : 1854. 
2 vols. 8° ; vnth maps and plates, cloth. 

134 Cat^ogue of 25oofeiEf antj ai^anuiefmjptief. 

423 HERRERA (ANTOINE DE).— Description | des | INDES OCCI- 

DENTALES | Qu'on appelle aujourdhuy | le | NOVVEAV MONDE : | 
PAR I ANTOINE DE HERRERA, | Grand Chroniqueur des Jndes, &• 
Chroniqueur de Castille : \ Translatee d'Espagnol en Fran9ois. | A la quelle 
sont adjoustees \ Quelques autres Descriptions desmesmes pays, | Avec | La 
Navigation du vaillant Capitaine de Mer yaques le Maire, | fir* de plu- 
sieurs autres. \ Le contenu de cest oeuvre seveoit en la page suyvante. | 
A Amsterdam, | Chez Michel Colin Libraire, demeurant au Livre | 
Domestique. Anno M.D.CXXII. 

Avec Privilege. 

Folio; hound in dark green morocco, tooled in Grolier pattern in gold on sides, gilt edges. En- 
graved title, with grotesque figures, seventeen maps, and jive woodcuts. 

The History of Herrera has retained its importance and popularity to a remarkable degree. 
It was translated into both French and English, and has been justly valued for the original 
information it contains. AU modern historians have made free use of it, and it fills a place 
which no one else has attempted to occupy. 


Continent and Islands of AMERICA, commonly call'd The WEST- 
INDIES, from the First Discovery thereof: With the best Accounts the 
People could give of their ANTIQUITIES, Collected from the Original 
Relations sent to the Kings of Spain. By Antonio de Herrera. Trans- 
lated into English by Capt. John Stevens. Illustrated with Cuts and Maps, 
The Second Edition. London : Wood &" Woodward, MDCCXL. 

6 vols. 8° ; old calf, gilt. 

425 HERRICK (R.) — HESPERIDES, or the Works both Humane and 

Divine of ROBERT HERRICK, ESQ. London: Wm. Pickering, 

2 vols. 12° ; Portrait. Elegantly bound in grosgr. crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
iacks and edges, filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by Wm. Matthews. 

426 HESIOD — HESIODI OPERA OMNIA. Venice: Aldus, 149.15. 

Folio. The First Edition. 

This work was pubhshed with those of Theocritus, which vide post. 

427 HESSELS (J. H.) — GUTENBERG: Was he the Inventor of Binting ? 

An Historical Investigation, Embodying a Criticism on Dr. Van der 
Linde's " Gutenberg." By J. H. Hessels. London : Bernard Quaritch, 

8° ; pp. xxvii-20i, half morocco, top gilt, UNCUT. Only 200 copies printed for sale. 

<(ratalt»^e of ^ooftief anb !^anuje(crtjptior. 135 

428 HEYWOOD (THOMAS) The Silver Age, including The loue of 

lupiTER to Alcmena, The birth of Hercules, and The Rape of Proser- 
pine, conclvding with the Arraignement of the Moone. Written by Thomas 
Heywood. Aut prodesse Solent aut delectare. London: VtaAt^^ij Nicholas 
Okes, and are to be sold by Beniamin Lightfoote at his Shop at the vpper 
end of tiraies Inne-lane in Holbome. 1613. 

4°. First Edition. Pull red morocco, by Murton. 

A 2 leaves, B-Li in fours, Tide Ai, Address to the Reader A2. 

429 HEYWOOD (THOMAS) Philocothonista, or The Drunkard, 

Opened, Dissected, and Anatomized. (Fine woodcut of animals in various 
stages of drunkenness.) London : Printed by Robert Roworth, and are to 
be sold at his house neere the White-Hart Taveme in Smithfield, 1635. 

4°. First Edition. Full red morocco, iylUVRTOTfi. 

A 2 leaves, IF 4 leaves, A-M2 in fours, A recto blank, on verso of A are lines " Upon the 
Frontispece," Title Aa, The author to the Booke H, The Booke to the sober and discreet 
Reader Ifa, Philocothonista A. 

430 HEYW^OOD (THOMAS) A Preparative to Studie: or, the virtue 

of Sack. (Woodcut device.) London: VnvAtA Anno Dom. 1641. 

4°. First Edition. Full red morocco, iyMnViTOi^ . A-A4, pp. 5, Title Ai. 

431 HICKCOX (J. H.)— History of the BILLSofCREDIT or Paper Money 

issued by New York, from 1709 to 1789: With a Description of the Bills, 
and Catalogue of the Various Issues. By John H. Hickcox. Albany, N. Y. : 

4° ; green cloth, UNCUT. Large PAPER, 5° copies only printed. 


COMMODITIES of that Countrey. 

Written by a reuerend Diuine now | there resident. 

London, | Printed by T. C. and R. C. for Michael Sparke, \ dwelling at 
the Signe of the Blew Bible in | Greene Arbor in the little Old Bailey. \ 

Sm. 4° ; hound in dark green crushed morocco, gilt edges, with sides and tack cohered with single- 
fiower tooling ty Pratt. 

The First Edition, and so excessively rare that it has not been offered at auction 
either here or abroad for a score of years. Neither Field, Menzies, Brinley, nor Barlow had a 
copy. This copy has the inside margins of a few leaves mended, but it has unusually wide 
margins throughout and is generally in excellent condition. 


136 Catalogue of 2£>oofesf anJj fit^nujefrnjit^. 

TION. I OR, I A Short and Trve | Description of the Commodities and | 
Discommodities | of that Countrey. ( Written by M'. Higgefon, \sic\ a reu- 
erend Diuine | now there refident. | Whereunto is added a Letter, fent by 
M' Graues \ an Enginere, out of New-England. | The third Edition, en- 
larged. I London, | Printed by T. and R. Cotes, for Michael Sparke, dwell- 
ing I at the Signe of the Slue Bible in Greene- | Arbor. 1630. 

Sm. 4° ; Title, and 12 leaves unpaged. Crimson levant Tnorocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
inside gilt borders, by F. BEDFORD. 


AMERICA, from the Discovery of the Continent to the Organization 
of Government under the Federal Constitution. By RICHARD HIL- 
DRETH. New York: Harper &' Brothers, 1849. 

3 vols. 8° ; half calf, 

435 HIND (H, y.) — Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring 

Expedition of 1857, and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Explor- 
ing Expedition of 1858. By HENRY YOULE HIND, M. A. London: 
Longman, i860. 

2 vols. 8° ; maps and plans ; illustrated with 20 chromo-lithographic plates and 76W0ODCUTS. 

436 HINMAN (R. R.) — LETTERS from the ENGLISH KINGS and 

Queens Charles II, James II, WilliaiA and Mary, Anne, George II, 
&c. To the Governors of the Colony of Connecticut, together with the 
Answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749; and other Original, Ancient, Literary 
and Curious Documents, compiled from the Files and Records in the Office 
of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. By R. R. HINMAN. Hart- 
ford : 1836. 

12° ; portrait and facsimiles, cloth. With AUTOGRAPH of the compiler. 

437 HINMAN (R. R.) — The BLUE LAWS of NEW HAVEN Colony, 
usually called Blue Laws of Connecticut ; Quaker Laws of Plymouth 
and Massachusetts; Blue Laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and 
South Carolina. First Record of Connecticut; Interesting Extracts from 
Connecticut Records; Cases of Salem Witchcraft; Charges and Banish- 
ment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other interesting and instructive 
Antiquities. Compiled by AN ANTIQUARIAN [Royal R. Hinman]. 
Hartford: Printed by Case, Tiffany dr" Co. 1838. 

12° ; pp. 336, cloth. 

<Catalogue of 25oofe^ anb a^nuiefmjitjBf. 137 

438 HOGARTH (W.)— The WORKS of WILLIAM HOGARTH (includ- 
ing the " Analysis of Beauty " and the plates "Before and After"). Eluci- 
dated by Descriptions, Critical, Moral, and Historical ; founded on the 
most Approved Authorities. To which is prefixed some Account of his 
Life. By THOMAS CLERK. London: H. Scholey, 182 1. 
2 voU. roy. 8° ; portrait and Sg plates, half calf, gilt backs. 

439 HOLBEIN ( HANS ).— Les fimulachres & | HISTORIEES 

FACES I DE LA MORT, AVTANT ELE | gammctpourtraictes, que artifi- | cielle- 
ment imagin^es. | [Printer's Device, with Motios: rNn©I ZEAXTON; Ifus 
me Genuit] A LYON, | Soubz I'efcu de COLOIGNE. | M. D. XXXVIII. 

Sm. 4° ; 52 unnumbered leaves, and^i exquisite woodcuts; on the verso offol. $zisan ornamental 
tablet containing the following inscription: excvdebant lvgdv- | ni melchior et | gaspar 
TRECHSEL | FRATRES. 1S38. | Bound in dark crimson levant morocco extra, paneled and filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, by F. Bedford. An exceedingly fine copy of the FIRST 



TESTAMENTI, | * Ad viuum expreffse, extremique diligentia emendatiores | 
factae, Gallicis in expofitione homoeoteleutis, | ac verfuum ordinibus (qui 
prius I turbati, ac impares) fuo | numero reftitutis. | * Lvgdvni, | Apud 
loannem Frelhnium, | 1547. 

Sm. 4°; S^ unnumbered leaves, (^plates, not including the portraits of the four Evangelists on 
the verso of the Sist leaf. In the original vellum wrappers. A LARGE, FINE, CLEAN COPY, with 
splendid impressions of the plates. 

441 HOLBEIN.— The DANCES OF DEATH. In forty-six copperplates ; 

done firom the Original Designs by John Holbein ; etched by D. Deuchar. 
London, 1803. 

SmcUl 4° ; fine old blue smooth morocco, gilt back, side and edges. 

Fine copy, from the Libraries of George III., with his arms in gilt on side ; of Prince William 
Henry (afterwards William IV.), and of his son. Col. Fitz-Clarence, Earl of Munster, with their 

442 HOLBEIN.— La | DANSE DES MORTS | Dessin^e | par Hans Hol- 

bein, I Grav6e sur Pierre | par Joseph Schlotthauer, | professeur I, I'Aca- 
d6mie de Munich; | Expliqu^e | par Hippolyte Fortoul, | professeur 
li la Faculty des Lettres de Toulouse. | Paris: Jules Lahitte, n. d. [1842.] 

Sq. 12° ; pp. 252. S3 beautiful plates on India paper, dark blue morocco, gilt back and edges, 
paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments. Fine, CLEAN COPY. Scarce. 

This edition has 12 more plates than that of 1538, and 11 more than that of 1545 ; being, 
the Soldier, the Gamblers, the Drunkards, the Fool, the Robber, the Blind Man, the Wine 
Carrier, and four Boys. 

13S <(r^taIosue of ^ooftjer anb ^ami^ctvj^^, 

443 HOLBEIN.— The Celebrated HANS HOLBEIN'S Alphabet of 

Death. Illustrated with Old Borders engraved on wood, with Latin Sen- 
tences, and English Quatrains, selected by Anatole de Montaiglon. 
Paris: Edwin Tross, 1856. 

8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

444 HOLBEIN'S (HANS) Dance of Death Exhibited in Elegant En- 

gravings on Wood, With a DISSERTATION on the several Representations 
of that Subject, by Francis Douce, Esq. ; Also, HOLBEIN'S BIBLE 
CUTS, consisting of Ninety Illustrations on Wood, with Introduction by 
Thos. Frognall Dibdin. London: Bohn, 1858. 

Post 8° ; sprinkled calf, marbled edges. 

445 HOMER. — The Entire Works of Homer. Printed in Greek, by Deme- 

trius Cretensis. Two vols, folio. Florence : 1488. 

First Edition. Bound in old red morocco, gilt backs. A very large copy, measuring 13% by 
<ji% inches, quite perfect, with beautifully illuminated capitals throughout (several of which contain 
the arms of a former owner), the margins and fly-leaves enriched with the valuable MS. notes of the 
ABBfe BiGNON, to whom the book was presented by Vincent Francois Jeune, of Marseilles. 

The work commences with two prefaces, one in Latin by Bernardus Nerlius, on the 
recto of the first leaf; the other by Chalcondyles the Editor, in Greek, commencing on the 
verso of the same leaf. The Latin preface ends with these words : 

" Vale. FLORENTIAB Idibus lanuariis. M.CCCC.LXXXVIIi:' 
Then follows the biography of Homer firom Herodotus, succeeded by the preface to Plutarch's 
biography of the poet. The forty-second leaf is blank, and the Iliad begins on the recto of the 
forty-third leaf: IAIAA02 A OMHPOT PATnMAS. 

ending on the verso of the two hundred and sixth leaf as follows: 

TEA02 TH2 O 





The second volume begins with the Odyssey, without preface : 

The Odyssey occupies one hundred and sixty-one leaves, and is followed by the Batracho- 
MTOMACHIA, occupying four leaves. The Hymns begin on the recto of the one hundred and 
sixty-sixth leaf and end with the volume on the verso of the one huudred and eighty-ninth : 



the whole concluding with a colophon of nine lines. 

The foregoing volumes are thus minutely described because they are, as Dibdin justly says, 
" the boast of every classical collection." Bibliographers and scholars have written enthusiasti- 
cally of them for centuries. They charm alike the student and the lover of beautiful typo- 
graphical work. The paper, ink, workmanship, and ornamentation form a fitting shrine for 
the verses of the great poet of antiquity. And the annotations of the Abb^ Bignon have a 
special interest from his wonderful learning and high position. Bom in 1589, he won a great 

. i n i |MI' 


yi>i.l(i<i.Tr«w.ic'w-»vflri*fc,<i,_y'iic»(.paLTpO|r-7r^ royT-tt ■ 
|^i|i<fo>$-v |«-,'r-iT«.|r**<^ot(ow aJSpnt-o^yotr > 

a.AAov2bl u. c cL-o-tAiiYc ilvm^ q'pa.-roc^a-MCiri it-a.?C\o^ 

'<J»«.H 0.-0-0 vXv#i-^o-ov (io-r'ot^^ovc (Aiiur* K-poyiay ■ 
Ocpa.7oT-*porf'al;^oi<rtl»'yovc ^i'ivc (-o-(#«--r ey • 
hA9oy3it^o*4>y«c ((JIa.x.*>-o|>tc o-rx-vAoV'*^'*' 
Ao|o0a.i ou. ei-p«ftAo' -f-aJ\i3i.OTO>^oi oirpa-ico i p*<.oi 
i;i-od>v^C'TrAarr«*<M'T-oi o.'wo(TiA&oifT(Ct(f mft^ic 
0A«uaro' ^i^po-riiioiTTfc tt.-wo e^'ipyvf (o-opoifT-tc 
0»cTa.-P"0^tC 3lLH(.O.piV®' a->;<ip<»c^ui^f JCO^il-vTa* 
l^<B_pf(.t|'°' ■ op**- K-vwv ovpo-C croita-T-iwiv (X-OTrToff 
MS^i-s-o-2'-a-c»tcH.>;^pci.c ■«^»iYV**-TrTot^oi^( AorX""* 
owe K-ali V-B-t^o^<i<ra^r 3S.«iAoi #<-v(c ow2ivTJ-€**.<i(ia-l» • 
(cS^fiPvV'**'t'T"pO.'C"0(*To -t^v&o^L hAioc h^h • 

^<u -B-oAiM-ow TtAQT" *«-ovo»t»t^oc tier (Aio^Ti • 






The Homer of Demetrius Cretensis, Florence, 1488. 

Catalogue of 25oofesf aitb a^anusfccijptsf. 139 

reputation by the publication of a book entitled " Chorographie " when he was only eleven 
years of age. He was highly esteemed by Henry IV., became a Counselor of State, and was 
appointed by Richelieu to the charge of the royal library. 

446 HOMER.— The ILIAD and ODYSSEY of HOMER: Translated by 

Alexander Pope. With Observations on Homer and his Works, with brief 
Notes by the Rev. J. S. WATSON, M. A. Illustrated with the entire Series 
tf/' Flaxman's Designs. London: £ohn, 1859-61. 

2 vols, post 8° ; half green morocco, gilt backs and tops, uncut. 

447 HOMER.— The ILIAD and ODYSSEY of HOMER. Translated into 

EngUsh Blank Verse by WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT. Boston: 
James Ji. Osgood fir" Co. 1871. 

4 vols. roy. 8° ; green cloth, gilt tops, uncut. 


the First Settlement of the Colony. By G. H. Hollister. Hart- 
ford: Case, Tiffany &" Co. 1857. 

2 vols. 8° ; pp. xvi.-6i3 ; pp. xvi.-7i'&. 14 portraits, trown cloth, UNCUT. 

449 HOOD (T.)— The WORKS of THOMAS HOOD. Comic and Seri- 

ous, in Prose and Verse. Edited, with Notes, by His Son. London: 
Moxon, 1862-63. 

7 vols, crown 8° ; photographic portrait, bound in bltie calf extra, gilt backs and edges, by Wm. 
Matthews. " 

450 HOOD'S OWN ; or Laughter from Year to Year. London : Moxon, 


2 vols. 8° ; fine portrait and numerous illustrations, bound in blue calf extra, gilt backs and 
edges, ty Wm. Matthews. 

451 HOOKE (WILLIAM).— New | ENGLANDS | Teares | For Old | 

Englands I Feares. I Preached in a Sermon on July 23, 1640 | being a day 
of Publike Himiihation, ap | pointed by the Churches inbehalfe of | our native 
Countrey in time \ of feared dangers. \ By William Hooke, Minister | of 
God's Word ; | Sometime of Axmouth \ in Devonshire, now of Taunton \ 
in New England. | London, | Printed by /. D. for John Rothwell and 
Henry Overton, \ and are to be sould at the Sunne inPauVs Church- | yard, 
and in 7^«-head- Alley. 1641. | 

Sm. 4°; bound in full polished calf , fillets on sides, gUt edges, by Bedford. 

The author removed from Taunton to New Haven, where he was the colleague of John 
Davenport, and thence returned to England, in 1656, to become one of the domestic chaplains 
of Oliver Cromwell, with whom he was in high favor. 

This is almost an uncut copy. 

I40 Cat^ogm of ^otk^ anti ^mi^ttiii^t^, 

452 HORACE. — Q. HoRATii Flacci Opera Omnia. [Circa 1470.] 

4°; '57 leaves, 26 lines on a full f age; the second leaf from the end in excellent facsimile. 
Bound in red morocco extra, gilt back and edges, borders of gold. 


O & prsefidium & dulce decus meum : 
Sunt quos curriculo puluere olympicu, 
eU., etc., etc. 
Then follow the Epistles and Satires, and the volume ends with the Art OF POETRY, which is 
placed at the end in this copy, occupies 10 leaves, and begins on the recto of the first leaf with this 
title : 


The first two verses are printed in capital letters as follows : 


This treatise terminates on the recto of the 10th and last leaf with the word 

The First Edition of the works of Horace. This copy is from the Syston Park Collec- 
tion and contains the following note by the former owner : " One of the most valuable books 
printed in the fifteenth century. See Gesner's remarks in his Preludia on this edition. They 
prove, in his opinion, that the edition was formed only from one manuscript, which the printers 
implicitly followed, and from this singular circumstance he judiciously infers that the good 
readings which occur in it may be depended upon as proceeding ab antiguo codice non at ingenio 
correctoris. ... It is the only ancient edition which contains the celebrated reading of pretium 
mentis for per vim mentis, in verse 140, Epist. 2, Liber 2. The present copy, with the excep- 
tion of Lord Spencer's, is the finest in the country and far superior to Mr. Grenvllle's and to the 
copies in the Bodleian and Melzi collection, which were both in our possession. Mr. Hibbert 
purchased this copy of Constantine Jennings, who valued it at Two Hundred Pounds." 

453 HORACE.— 

(l^uintt otattt dacci lee 
monu litietjpnm^atime 

.^atpra jirhna. 

[Absque ulla anni, loci, vel typographi 
indicatione, sed drca 1470.] 
Folio, ffiotjit %tttSX, 48 leaves with signatures A to ¥ 10 (first blank). 23 lines on a full 
page, terminating on the recto of the last leaf thus : 

(i£xp\imnt fmnrnt^ ocatit.% 

Bound in red morocco extra, gilt back, filleted sides with comer ornaments, gilt edges, many 
rough leaves, by C. Lewis. 

This is beheved to be the First Edition of the two Books of Satires. It is so rare that 
DiBDiN doubted its existence. It has a peculiar typographical interest, as it is the first book in 
which signatures occur. 

Catalogue of ^tnik$ anti 0^u$imptjer* hi 

454 HORACE. 


Colophon . 




8° ; itnmd in dark blue morocco, with the Aldine Anchor stamped in gold on the sides, gilt 

The First Aldine Edition, and excessively rare ; as much so, according to Brunei and 
Renouard, as the Virgil of the same date. This copy is perfect in every respect. It has the 
blank leaf at the end and capital letters throughout skillfully painted by hand. It is said to 
have been the Blarzi copy, and to have brought, unbound, one thousand francs at the sale of 
that collection. Subsequently it became a part of the Syston Park Library. 

455 HORACE — QviNCTi | HORATII | Flacci | Opera omnia; | Cum nouis 

Argumentis. [Small ornamental device.] | Sedani : | Ex Typographia & typis 
nouissi | mis Ioannis Iannoni. | M.DC.XXVII. 

64°; hound in red morocco, fillets on sides, ^y DfcROME. The title and pages are all ruled. 
This volume is in perfect condition, and is remarkable for its small size. It is from the Syston 
Park Library. 

456 HORACE.— QviNTi I HORATII | Flacci | Poemata, | Scholiis sive 

Annota- | tionibus instar. | Commentarii | illustrata, \ \ lOANNE BOND. | 
Editio Nova. | 

Amstelodami: | Apud Danielem Ehevirium, 1676. 

12° ; iotmd in dark blue crimped morocco, with borders of overlapping circles inclosed in fillets, 
gilt edges, ty BozERlAN. 

This is an excellent example of the Elzevir Press, in perfect condition. 


/««dS!/ loHANNES Pine. Londini: MDCCXXXIII— XXXVII. 

2 vols. roy. 8° ; richly bound in crimson grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, elaborately gilt backs, 
broad gilt borders on the sides, gilt edges, inside dentelle borders, richly gilt, by Jenkins & Cecil. 
medal of Casar (Vol. W.p. 108), which are corrected to " POTEST " in the second edition. 


Illustrated chiefly from the Remains of Ancient Art. With a LIFE by 

the REV. HART MILMAN, Canon of St. Peter's, Rector of St. Margaret's, 

Westminster. London: John Murray, MDCCCKLIX. 

8° ; 3 prel. leaves. Life, etc., pp. 194 (2), List of Illustrations,^, xiv., Text 490^. Elegantly 
printed within ornamental borders of various colors, with upwards ofyyo exquisite woodcut Illustra- 
tions from the antique, the drawings by George Scharf, Jun., and Z full-page Illuminaiions, 
and other ornaments, by Owen Jones. Sumptuously bound in dark green polished levant morocco 
super-extra, gilt back a?id edges, paneled sides with broad, ornamental borders and comer ornaments, 
richly gUt and elaborately tooled, inside gilt borders, by Zaehnsdorf. A splendid specimen 
of Zaehnsdorf'S most artistic work, and one of the most beautiful editions of the WORKS 
of Horace ever published. FIRST EDITION. Very Scarce. 


142 Catalogue of 25oofe^ anD a^ujSmpt^. 

459 HORACE,— Q. HORATII FLACCI OPERA. Illustrated from An- 

tique Gems. By C. W. KING, M. A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. The text REVISED, with an INTRODUCTION, by H. A. 
J. MUNRO, M. A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. London : 
Bell &' Daldy, 1869. 

I vol. extended to 2 vols. 8° by the insertum of upwards of 140 beautiful plates ; being a very 
choice selection from W ORLIDGE' S" Antigue Gems," and a series of fine views, scenes, etc., of famous 
places mentioned in the text. Bound in best grosgr. maroon morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, 

460 HORACE.— The WORKS of HORACE rendered into English Prose, 

with Introductions, running Analysis, Notes, and an Index, by JAMES 
LONSDALE, M. A., and SAMUEL LEE, M. A. London : Macmillan 
<&" Co. 1873. 

Crown 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


HORN, and her two Children, with MRS. HARRIS, by the Camanche 
Indians, after they had murdered their Husbands and travelling companions : 
with a brief Account of the Manners and Customs of that Nation of Savages, 
of whom so little is generally known. [Written by E. HOUSE.] St. Louis : 
C. Keemk, Printer, 22 Oliver St. 1839. 

8° ; half red levant morocco, top gilt, rough edges, by BrADSTREET. Fine, clean copy. 


OGRAPHY. To which is prefixed a Memoir on the Public Libraries 
of the Antients. By THOMAS HARTWELL HORNE. Illustrated 
with Engravings. London: T. Cadell b" W.Davies, 1814. 

2vols.roy.'&°, Large Paper, 'cp copies only printed. AnAmoGJiAPH'NoTEof the Author 
inserted. Half m/iroon morocco, gilt backs and tops, front edges v^ViX. Very Scarce. 


PROCEEDINGS ] in | The Detection of the Confpiracy | FORMED 
BY I Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves, \ 
FOR I Burning the City of NEW-YORK in America, | And Murdering 
the Inhabitants. | Which Confpiracy was partly put in Execution, by Burn- 
ing His Majefty's Houfe in | Fort George, within the faid City, on Wed- 
nesday the Eighteenth of March, 1741. and | fetting Fire to feveral Dwell- 
ing and other Houfes there, within a few Days fucceeding. | And by another 
Attempt made in Profecution of the fame infernal Scheme, by putting | Fire 
between two other Dwelling-Houfes within the faid City, on the Fifteenth 

I® nauit aurcm fua mic^i: et ii) 8tc5n6 mete inuo 
Ki^'cxOo imin^cZcvunt mc Sofoiee moideicf pc 
^^,1 ticufa infeini inufnemnf mc ti5u(atiomtf) 

1H5 c a 
miPtui ; 
liudici ' 

The Hor/e of Philippe Pigouchet, Paris, 1488. 

Catalogue of 25ooM ani> a^mnBEtti^^tjef, 143 

Day of I February, 1 742 ; which was accidentally and timely difcovered and 
extinguifhed. | 

I. A Narrative of the Trials, Condemnations, Executions, and Beha- 
viour of the I feveral Criminals, at the Gallows and Stake, with their 
Speeches and Confeffions ,■ with | Notes, Obfervations and Reflections 
occafionally interfperfed throughout the Whole. | 

II. An Appendix, wherein is fet forth fome additional Evidence concern- 
ing the faid | Confpiracy and Confpirators, which has come to Light 
fince their Trials and Executions. | 

III. Lists of the feveral Perfons (Whites and Blacks) committed on Account 
of the I Confpiracy ; and of the feveral Criminals executed ; and of 
thofe tranfported, with | the Places whereto. | 

By the Recorder of the City of NEW- YORK. 
Quid facient Domini, audent cum talia Fures ? — Virg. Eel. 


Printed by James Parker, at the New Printing- Office, 1744. 

4°; Title; >y. ^.-205; Errata, i/. / Appendix, j>^. 16; a facsimile 0/ J. Lyne's 
" Plan of the City of New-York, 1728," neatly mounted on linen, inserted. Sumftuously bouttd in 
iestgrosgr. crimson levant morocco, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, iroad inside borders, richly 
gilt, by F. Bedford. A large and beautiful copy of this EXCESSIVELY RARE 


464 !^or« ab (Hfum momane Curie.— [Paris: Phmppe Pigovchet, 1488.] 

Sm.^. Black Letter, x^large and numerous small Woodcuts, and every f age surrounded 
by an ornamental woodcut border, extremely tasteful in design ; bound in brown levant morocco 
super-extra, filleted sides with comer ornaments and large center-pieces, gilt edges, by De Coverly. 
A very fine, clean copy. 

465 J^Ore fteate marie tirsinilSf. M. E. Jehannot. Printed on Vellum, in 
(2B>0t|)tC tjl^e, initials illuminated, 90 leaves. Device, astronomical cut, 15 
large engravings and many smaller cuts, all handsomely colored and 
heightened with gold ; woodcut borders to every page, the borders un- 
colored, except on those pages which contain a large engraving. 

acheuees c. xxi. iour de aoust | Lan M. CCCC. iiii. xx. et xvii. 
Almanac for 21 years, from 1488 to 1508. 

8° ; bound in oak boards covered with stamped leather, gilt edges. With the E-libris of 
d'Agi'ncourt ff»</o/ Ambrose Firmin Didot. 

144 Catalogue of ^ooH^ anb £l^amtjeecttj^ie(» 

466 ^eme^ a iuisfatge be llome . . . Pnnted on veiium in dStit^ tpjpe. 

Device and name of the Printer, Philippe Pigouchet, on first page, ana- 
tomical figure and four small figures on second page, the Saint-Greal on 
fourth page, and 20 three-quarters-page and one half-page very fine engrav- 
ings on wood; every page surrounded by elaborate and beautifully executed 
borders on wood ; initial letters and blank spaces in text illuminated in gold 
and colors. The engravings uncolored. 

Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Rdme fure\n\t acheuez le xvi. iour de Sep- 
temhre. Lan Mil LLLL.iiii.xx. et xviii [1498]. Pour Simon a vostre. libraire 
demourant a Paris. . . . 

Sm. 4° ; in. is, bound hy MATTHEWS in blue crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back and top. In 
chamois-lined pull-off case. 

Almanac for 21 years, 1498 to 1518 ; 88 leaves ; a-1 in 8s ; 27 lines to page, height 204 mill. 
Brunet gives the collation as a-1 in 8s and A in 8, but the above ends with the Prayer to the 
Sisters of the Virgin Mary, with blank space at foot of page. One small worm-hole in four 
leaves. Top margin of first leaf and bottom margins of 14 leaves neatly repaired with vellum ; 
borders on two leaves clipped but similarly repaired. 

Among the numerous very fine and curious designs in the borders are figures of the theolog- 
ical and cardinal virtues, the Life of Christ, the Prodigal Son, &c., and a Dance of Death, 
which extends fi"om the recto of g. 8 to the verso of i. i. The designs of the Prodigal Son are 
given from this edition in Dibdin's " Bibliog. Decameron," Vol. I., p. 61. 

"fidition fort rare." — DiDOT. 

467 ^^axtx^ a lujefatge be mdme | . ■ ■ Printed in <f3ot^ tp)}e on 

Vellum. 116 leaves. Initial letters illuminated. Device, astronomical 
cut, and 16 large engravings, which, as well as the smaller woodcuts, are 
very handsomely illuminated in colors and in gold. Very finely executed 
(uncolored) woodcut borders (depicting hunting scenes, &c.) to every page. 

^act^, ^ar <]3u^ume ana&at S|m]^ | meuc » . . jpouc 
<&&^ I let Ijatboupn Ettttatre . . . €t j^our <i3ei:niain I|ar^ 
boupn Htdmtre . . . 

Almanac for 21 years, fi-om 1500 to 1520. 

8° ; oak boards, covered with leather, back and sides covered with blind tooling, gilt edges. 

468 ipoce tntemecate btue ttcgtntjet mane | jG^ecunbum tjEeum eccleieiie 

COtnane. Printed in <t30t{)tC tpj>e on Vellum, 90 leaves. Initial letters 
and blank spaces illuminated in gold and colors. Device of Philippe 
Pigouchet, astronomical figure, 14 large engravings, which, as well as 
the smaller cuts, are very handsomely colored and heightened in gold. 
Fine woodcut borders (uncolored) to every page, including a very interest- 
ing Dance of Death. 

Almanac for 17 years, firom 1503 to 1520. 

Large 8° ; bound in green velvet, gilt edges. 

Catalogue of ^ooftjS^ anti Si^ujerccq^jsi. 145 

469 C HORE diue virginis Marie fcS'm verum vfum Roma- 

num cum aliis multis folio fequenti notatis : characteri- 
bus fuis diligentius impreffe per Thielmanu Keruer. 

In Fine [verso fol. 104] : 

C Finit officiu beate marie vginis fca'm vfuj 
Romanu cu mifla eiufde : & fepte pfalmis pe- 
nitetialibi': cu officio mortuoru, fete crucis 
& fcti fpus: vna cu horis conceptionis beate 
marie virgis : atqg fete barbare : necno oratioi- 
bus fcti Gregorii, & alioru fctoru fuffragiis. 
Impflu Parifiis Anno dni Millefimo quin- 
getefimoquinto. xi. kalendas Mail. Opera 
Thidm^ni Keruer. Venalecj eft fupra ponte 
fcti Michaelis in interfignio. Vnicomis. 

8° ; elegantly printed in red and black within ornamental woodcut borders, on 103 leaves of pure 
vellum, with 19 fallpage woodcuts, and 34 of miniature siise, all the capitals rubricated and gilt , 
vellum wrapper, in wrinkled brown morocco case. 

This is an unusually beautiful and interesting specimen of the Parisian Horse, being in con- 
temporaneous binding and with all the engravings free from color. To find a copy in such 
perfect condition is a great rarity, inasmuch as the majority of the books of this class were 
colored by hand so as to make them resemble, as closely as possible, the manuscript missals of 
the time. Where this work was performed by skillfiil artists it added to the brilliant appearance 
of the volume. But as a rule the colorists were inferior, at this period, to the engravers, and 
the strong, spirited woodcuts, in their original state, will always present superior attractions 
to book-lovers. 

470 ^tmt^ h lufaige be l^anjsf. C ^t^ prefentejS Ijeuwiss a lufeige | 
be ^arijef font tout au long fianjS m | cequcrir. 

In Fine \yersofol. cxxviii] : 

C Ceies jpceftntes^ ^o^xx^ a lufa^ be 
l^atMe font tout au long jeran^^ tien^ 
mpieni; \ fucet acfieueeies le ^^remtee 
tour bauni ian mil ctmi cem^ \ cinq 
beuant i^afqueiS. I^ar la teftie feu 
%iS^sxi bu ]pre bemoutant aubit ^ 
cije^ en la grat me Cunt %tss!sim a (en^ 
(eigne beie beujc ctgne^ ^te^r (^int 

8° ; printed in red and black on 128 learves of vellum, with iz fiillpage illuminated plates in gold 
and colors. All the initial letters are rubricated and gilt. Bound in green silk velvet with silver 

146 (Catalogue of ^o(^ anti ^O^sim^vcift^. 


Ee$r ptmiitt^ '^emt^ a iujEratge tie ^ati^ ^S au long ^<m^ 
m^ requent : atiec W miracle^ be m^tte, bame 1 k0 figaxe^ 
tie ia)^ocdt^iafe 1 tie lanttgue 1 tte^ txmwjf'^t^ be €t^at. 

Large 8° ; hound in old crimson morocco, sides filleted, gilt edges, silver clasps. 

This is not only the finest Book of Hours, printed on vellum, in the present collection, but 
it would be difficult to equal it anywhere. Only two other copies are recorded : one in the 
Didot collection, the other in the hbrary of St. G^nevi^ve in Paris. Both of these, however, lack 
the last fourteen leaves, which are to be found in this copy. The vellum is especially good, the 
printing unusual in its excellence, and the coloring is worthy of a miniaturist of the first class;; 
The Dance of Death, hunting scenes, and quaint conventional figures compose the borders. The^ 
whole volume, in short, shows the greatest care and skill on the part both of the printer and 
the artist. 

It has the Calendar from 1508 to 1528. 

472 HORE diue virginisMariesecudum vsumRo- I manum .... Printed in 

Roman type, in red and black, on Paper. 108 leaves ; every page surrounded 
with elaborately executed woodcut border; 16 large wood-engravings, 33 
small engravings of the Saints, &c., all uncolored. Parisius . . Opera 
Egidii hardouyn . . . et Germani Hardouyn . . . 
Almanac for 20 years, from 151 1 to 1530. 

8° ; hound in red morocco extra, gilt back, gilt borders and center ornament on sides, gilt edges, 

473 HORE deipare virginis Marie secundu vsum Roma | num . . . 1519. 

Printed in Roman type in red and black, on Vellum, 132 leaves. Printer's 
device, astronomical plate, 46 very finely executed large wood-engravings 
and a number of small woodcuts ; every page surrounded with elaborate 
woodcut borders, which include a Dance of Death; all the engravings 
and borders uncolored. Initial letters illuminated in gold and colors. 
Paribus, industria . . . Thiel- \ manni Keruer . . . | Anno dfii | Mil. 
cccccix. die. v. mensis Decembris. 
Almanac from 1519 to 1538. 

8° ; hound in fine old russia, with inscription in gilt on sides, gilt edges. 

The subjects of the engravings of this volume are of an unusual character, and are beauti- 
fully executed. The book is in perfect condition and a charming specimen of the work of 
Kerver's press. 

474 Jpeuteisf a iUjETatge tie ilome . . . Printed on paper, in <j3otI)ic 

tpj^e ; the initial letters inserted by hand in colors. 104 leaves. Device of 
Jehan de Brie, astronomical cut, 18 large engravings (mostly full-page) 
and many woodcuts ; fine woodcut borders to every page, all uncolored. 
Paris, p Nicolas hig \ man, pour Loys royer, libraire . . . 
Almanac for 11 years, from 1523 to 1533. 

4° : signatures a-k and a, 5, t, 0, all in 8j except c, which is in 4, and k and 0, which are in 6s. 
Boundin crushed levant morocco, blind tooling on hack and sides, edges gUt and marbled, by JOLT. 

<CataIoffuc of 95oolfesf anb flr^imsfcnjptjsf, 147 

475 i^w fieate macie tofeshii^ jafoubii bjSum | iSomanuni » . . . 

Printed in <t30ti^ic tp^C^ on Vellum, 1 1 2 leaves. Initial letters Uluminated. 
Device, astronomical cut, 16 large engravings, which, as' well as the smaller 
woodcuts, are handsomely colored and heightened in gold ; woodcut bor- 
ders (uncolored) to every page. Paris, par Germain har \ douyn . . . 
Almanac for 12 years, 1526 to 1537. 

8° ; ioartls covered with elaborately stamped leather, gilt edges. 

476 HORE. 

^I Hore beate Marie virginis fecundu vfum 
Romanum totaliter ad longum fine require 
Cum multis fuflSragiis & orationib? de nouo 
additis, Nouiter impreffis, Parifius Opera 
Germani Hardouyn Comorantis inter duas 
portas Palatii, ad iter figniu diue Margarete. 
Almanac firom 1528 to 1545. 96 leaves, 16 large woodcuts. 

8° ; iound in green silk velvet, gilt edges. 

/^Jj HCRJE. — In Laudem beatissimae virginis Marias, ad usum Romanum. 
Parisiis: Ex officina Reginaldi Calderij df Claudij eiusfilij, 1549. 

4° ; bound in old calf, the sides and back stamped and inlaid with leathers of various colors, 
forming an elaborate and brilliant pattern, edges gilt and gauffered. 

This is in many respects the most beautiful printed Book of Hours in the collection. The 
designs are by Geofroy Tory, and are in his best style. Every page is surrounded by a 
border, and there are thirteen full-page engravings. All of the capitals are printed in red. In 
addition to this, the binding is an exceptionally fine and perfect example of contemporaneous 
workmanship. The book as a vrhole makes a bibliographical treasure such as any collector 
counts himself happy to possess. 

The whole inclosed in a morocco case, lined with velvet. 

478 LE LIVRE D' HEURES de la Reine 


Traduit du Latin et accompagn6 de notices inedites par M. L'ABBfi 
DELAUNAY, chanoine de Meaux et Cur6 du Diocese de Paris. Paris : 
Z. Curmer, £diteur, MDCCCXLI. 

4° ; bound in crimson levant morocco with gilt clasps, gilt edges. 

This is a brilliant and faithfiil reproduction of an exquisite book. No manuscript in the world 
surpasses the famous Hours of Anne of Brittany in brilliancy of coloring, accuracy of drawing, 
or beauty of design. The borders represent flowers taken from the garden of the Queen, and 
the Scriptural scenes are depicted with marvelous dexterity. Although this book was published 
nearly fifty years ago it cannot be excelled to-day as an example of skillful chromo-lithographic 

There is also a volume of descriptive text. Both volumes are inclosed in a case lined with 
quilted silk. 

148 (Catdo0ue of ^aok^ anti St^atiu^mji^^, 


CRis ^GYPTiORVM | notis, ^gyptiac^ exprefsis | libri dvo, ICONIBVS | 
illuftrati, & aucti. | JVunc frimiim in Latinum ac Galli- \ cum sermonem 
conuerfc. \ Parisiis, | Apud Galeotutn h Prato, 6r° loannem \ Ruellium : Via 
lacobcea. \ 1574. 

Sm. 8° ; Zprel. leaves ; TEXT 107 leaves, paged on the recto of each leaf; with 194 exceedingly 
curious woodcut Emblems within ornamental borders, which are attributed, by Papillon, to Jean 
Cousin. Exquisitely bound in bright, highly polished ctimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
back and edges, paneled and filleted sides, with comer ornaments and elegant center-pieces, inside 
broad dentelle borders, richly gilt and delicately tooled, by LORTIC, in his vety finest and most 
artistic style. In a sliding case. A beautiful copy of this extremely rare volume. 


prising, viz. I. Visits to Remarkable Places : Old Halls, Battle Fields, 
and Scenes Illustrative of Striking Passages in English History and Poetry. 
With Illustrations designed and executed by Samuel Williams. Second 
Edition. Lond. 1840-42. 2 vols. II. Student-Life of Germany. Illus- 
trated with Engravings by Sargeant Woods and other eminent Artists. 
LoND. 1841. I vol. III. Rural and Domestic Life of Germany. With 
above K,o Illustrations by G.V.Sa.'R.g^a.^t:. Lond. 1842. ivol. IV. Rural 
Life of England. Third Edition. With Illustrations on wood by Bewick 
and S. Williams. Lond. 1844. i vol. V. Homes and Haunts of the 
most eminent British Poets. With Illustrations by W. and G. Measom. 
Lond. 1849. 2 vols. 

Together, 7 vols. 8° ; uniformly bound in half red morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. Scarce 
in this fine' condition. 


ROMANCE of Northern Europe : Constituting a complete History of 
the Literature of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, with copious 
Specimens of the most celebrated Histories, Romances, Popular Legends and 
Tales, Old Chivalrous Ballads, Tragic and Comic Dramas, National and 
favourite Songs, Novels, and Scenes from the Life of the present Day. By 
WILLIAM AND MARY HOWITT. London : Colbum &> Co. 1852. 
2 vols, crown 8° ; cloth, uncut. Very Scarce. 


TORY of the INDIAN WARS in the Country Bordering Connecticut 
River and Parts adjacent, and other interesting Events, From the First Land- 
ing of the Pilgrims, to the Conquest of Canada by the English, in 1760: 
With Notices of Indian Depredations in the Neighboring Country : and the 
First Planting and Progress of Settlements in New England, New York and 
Canada. By E. HOYT, Esq. Greenfield, Mass. : Binted by Ansel 
Phelps, Dec. 1824. 

S'' ;;)/.«■«.- 312. Half red morocco, top gilt, v^CMl. Fine, clean copy. Scarce. 

<E^talo0ue of 52&00M attti !ai^ui9fmjptiai« 149 

483 HUBBARD (WILLIAM).— A | NARRATIVE 1 of the troubles 

planting tliereof in the | year 1607. to this prefent year 1677. But chiefly of 
the late | Troubles in the two lad years, 1675. and 1676. | To which is 
added a Difcourfe about the Warre with the | PEQUODS | In the year 
1637. I By W. Hubbard, Minifter of Ipfwich. | Pnblijhed \sic\ by Authority. \ 
Boston ; | Printed by John Fofter, in the year 1677. 

Pp. (14), 132, (8), 7-12. Narrative, 88. Map. 

[Also :] 7^ Happinefs of a People \ In the Wifdome of their Rulers | DI- 
RECTING I And in the Obedience of their Brethren | ATTENDING | 
Unto what Ifrael ougho to do: RECOMMENDED IN A | SERMON | 
Before the Honourable GOVERNOUR and COUNCIL, and | the Re- 
fpected DEPUTIES of the Mattachufets Colony | in New-England. \ 
Preached at Boflon, May 3d. 1676. being the day of | ELECTION there. | 
By WILLIAM HUBBARD Minifter of Ipfwich. j Boston, Printed by 
John Fqfter, 1676. 

Sm. 4°; pp. (8), 63. Dark blue grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, gilt tcKk and edges, sides 
filleted, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. Autograph o/"Thomas Shute, 1686, on the verso 
of p. 63. 

This was supposed until recently to be the first book printed in Boston. The map which it 
contains is the first one engraved in New England. The present copy is perfect and has the 
genuine map in fine condition. It is so rare in this state that while Mr. Brinley had several 
copies not one of them was perfect. 

The author was especially qualified to act as the historian of the thrilling experiences he 
describes. His account of them is graphic and comparatively free from the mannerisms and 
prejudices which mar the writings of some of his contemporaries. Such volumes are the foun- 
dation of our knowledge of these stirring times, and their value both to the student and the 
amateur must continually increase. 

484 HUBBARD (REV. W.) — The HISTORY of the INDIAN Wars in 

NEW ENGLAND, iirom the First Settlement to the Termination of the 
War with King Philip, in 1677. From the Original Work, by the Rev. 
WILLIAM HUBBARD. Carefully Revised, and Accompanied with an 
Historical Preface, Life and Pedigree of the Author, and Extensive Notes, 
by SAMUEL G. DRAKE. Printed for W. Elliot Woodward, Roxbury, 
Mass. 1865. 

2 vols. sm. 4° ; with facsimile " map of New-England, Being the first that everwas here cut." 
Half brown morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

485 HUBLEY (B.)— The | HISTORY | of the | AMERICAN REVOLU- 

TION, I Including | The most Important Events and Resolutions | of the | 
Honourable Continental Congress during that Period | and also, | the most 
Interesting Letters and Orders | of | His Excellency | General George 
Washington, (Commander in Chief] of the | AMERICAN FORCES. | 
By BENRARD [misprint of Bernard] HUBLEY. | Volume i. [All that 

I50 Catalogue of ^oolfe^ aiUi $(^vi^tti^t^, 

was published.] \ Northumberland, Pennsylvania : | Printed for the 
Author, by Andrew Kennedy. \ 1805. 

8°; fp. iv.-6o6, (i). Boards, UNCUT. A FINE, LARGE, clean COPY. EXTREMELY 
RARE. With a curious portrait o/"Washington, a plate of the Battle of Lexington, portrait of 
John Hancock, and the following autograph note ofJoHVi Hancock, addressed to Washing- 
ton, inserted: 

" Feb. I2th, 1776. Colonell Bull the Bearer of this Takes Charge of Two hundred & fifty 
Thousand Dollars for the use of your Army; I beg leave to Recommend him to your notice. 
I have the honour to be with the utmost Esteem, Sir 

" Your most obed' Servant 

" John Hancock, Presid'. 
" To His Excellcy Gen. Washington." 

486 HUDSON (H'ENRY).—Z>escriptio ac delineatio Geographica | DETEC- 

TIO- I Nis Freti, I sive, Transitus ad occasum | suprk terras Ameri- 

canas in Chinam | atq ; laponem ducturi | Recens investigati ab M. Henrico 

Hudsono Anglo, \ dt'e. Amsterodami | Ex officina Hesselij Gerardi. Anno 


Sm. 4° ; bound in plain vellum, by Pratt. 

This copy has the two woodcuts and three maps which belong to it, and is in unusually 
briUiant condition, having wide margins and untrimmed edges. 

487 HUMBERT (AIME).— LE JAPON ILLUSTRE. Ouvrage conte- 
nant 176 Vues, Scenes, Types, Monuments et Pay sages ; Dessifiees par E. 
Bayard, H. Catenaci, Eug. Ciceri, L. Cr]£pon, H. Clerget, A. Db Neu- 
viLLE, M. Rapine, E. TniROND, etc. Une Carte et Cinq Plans. Paris : 
Hachette et C". 1870. 

2 vols. imp. 4° ; half red morocco, gilt backs and edges. 

488 HUME, SMOLLETT, AND HUGHES.— I. History of England, 
from the Invasion of Julius CjEsar to the Revolution in 1688. By 
DAVID HUME. A New Edition, with the Author's last Corrections and 
Improvements. 5 vols. II. History of England, from the Revolution 
' to the Death of George the Second. Designed as a continuation of Mr. 
Hume's History. By T. SMOLLETT, M. D. New Edition, with the 
Author's last Corrections and Improvements, ^vols. III. History of Eng- 
land, from the Accession of George III., 1760, to the Accession of Queen 
Victoria, 1837. By the Rev. T. S. HUGHES, B. D. Being the compU- 
tion of the History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the 
Present Reign. New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author, Copious 
Notes, Corrections, and Enlargement. •] vols. London: 1855-1864. 

Together, 15 vols. 8°; portraits, light polished calf extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, marbled edges. 

<CataIo0ue of ^ooM anb lai^nuiercctstti^* 15^ 


ING, from its Invention to its Wide-spread Development in the Middle of 
the Sixteenth Century. Preceded by a Short Account of the Origin of the 
Alphabet, and the Successive Methods of Recording Events and Multiply- 
ing MS. BOOKS before the Invention of Printing. With loo Illustra- 
tions produced in Photo-Lithography, under the direction of the Author. Lon- 
don: Bernard Quaritch, 1867. 

Imp.iP; clotA, gijt, VKCVT. First Impression, of which only 300 numbered copies were 
issued. No. 15. 


Select. By An American [Freeman Hunt]. Boston: Putnam b" 

3 vols. 12° ; pp. 300 ; 300. Light half calf, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. Very fine, clean copy. 

Contains four hundred and eighty-seven' anecdotes, chiefly relating to the American Revo- 

491 HUSKISSON (W.)— The SPEECHES of the Right Honourable Wil- 

liam HusKissoN, with a Biographical Memoir, supplied to the Editor 
from Authentic Sources. London : John Murray, MDCCCXXXI. 

3 vols. 8° ; fine proof portrait, half brown morocco. Scarce. 


TION of the Western Territory of North America: ... To 
which are added. The Discovery, Settlement, and Present State 

of KENTUCKY. . . By John Filson. To which is added. The Adven- 
tures of CoL. Daniel Boon . . . Illustrated with correct Maps of the 
Western Territory of North America ; of the State of Kentucky, as divided 
into Counties, and a Plan of the Rapids of Ohio. The Second Edition, 
with considerable Additions. London: ^ Z^if^r^//, 1793. 

8°; haifcalf. 

493 INDIAN WARS IN NEW-ENGLAND, 1676- 1677.— (I.) THE | 

PRESENT STATE | OF NEW-ENGLAND, | with Refpect to the | 
INDIAN WAR. I Wherein is an Account of the true Reafon thereof, | 
(as far as can be Judged by Men.) Together with moft of the Remarkable 
Paffages that have hap- | pened from the loth oi June, till the 10th oi Novem- 
ber, 1675. I Faithfully Compofed by a Merchant of Bofton, and Communi- 
cated I to his Friend in LONDON. \ Licenfed Decemb. 13, 1675. Roger 
UEJlrange. \ London :, | Printed for Dorman Newman, at the Kings-Arms 

152 Catalogue of ^odh^ anb £i^Uj6(m]^ief. 

in the Poultry, and at the \ Ship and Anchor at the Bridg-foot on Southwark 
fide. 1676. //. 19. (II.) A CONTINUATION | of the STATE of | 
NEW-ENGLAND ; | Being a Farther ACCOUNT of the | Indian 
Warr, \ And of the Engagement betwixt the Joynt Forces | of the United 
English Collonies and the Indians, on the 19th. of December, 1675. With 
the true Number of the | Slain and Wounded, and the Tranfactions of the 
English I Army fmce the faid Fight. With all other paffages that | have 
there Hapned from the loth. of November, 1675. to the | 8th. of February 
i67|. I Together with an Account of the intended Rebellion | of the Ne- 
groes in the Barbadoes. \ Licenfed March 27, 1676. Henry Oldenburg. 
London : Printed by T. M. for Dorman Newman, at the Kings Armes in \ 
the Poultry, 1676. //. 20. ( III.) A | NEW and Further NARRATIVE j 
of the STATE of I NEW-ENGLAND, | Being | A Continued ACCOUNT 
of the Bloudy | Indian- War, \ From March till Augujl, 1676. | Giving a 
Perfect Relation of the Several Devafta- | tions, Engagements, and Tranf- 
actions there J As alfo the | Great Succeffes Lately obtained againft the 
Barbarous In- \ dians. The Reducing of King Philip, and the Killing of | 
one of the Queens, b'c. \ Together with a Catalogue of the Loffes in the 
whole, fuflain- | ed on either Side, fmce the faid War began, as near as can 
be be \sic\ collected. | Licenfed October 13. Roger L'EJlrange. \ London : 
Pointed by J. B. for Dorman Newman at the Kings Arms \ in the Poultry, 
1676. I Title I leaf pp. 14. ( IV.) A | TRUE ACCOUNT | of the Moft j 
CONSIDERABLE OCCURRENCES | That have hapned in the | 
WARRE I Between the | ENGLISH and the INDIANS | in | New-Eng- 
Jand, I From the Fifth of May, 1676, to the Fourth | oi Augufl\2&.; as alfo 
of the Succeffes it hath | pleafed God to give the Englifh againft them : | As 
it hath been communicated by Letters to a Friend in London. \ The moft 
Exact Account yet Printed. | [Texts of Scripture, 5 lines ?^ Licenfed, October 
II, 1676. I Roger DEflrange. \ London: | Printed for Benjamin Billingf- 
ley at the Printing-Prefs in Comhill, 1676. | Title i leaf, pp. 6. (V.) THE | 
WARR I IN I NEW-ENGLAND | Visibly Ended. | King PHILIP that 
barbarous Indian now Beheaded, and moft of his Bloudy Adherents fubmitted 
to I Mercy, the Reft fled far up into the Countrey, which | hath given the 
Inhabitants Encouragement to prepare for their | Settlement. | Being a True 
and Perfect Account brought in by Caleb More \ Mafter of a veffel newly 
Arrived from Rhode-Ifland. \ And publiftied for general Satiffaction. | Li- 
cenfed November 4. Roger DEflrange. \ London : | Printed by J. B. for 
Dorman Newman at the Kings-arms \ in the Poultry, 1677. | Title i leaf, and 
2 pages. 

Together, 5 pieces in i vol. folio; sumptuously bound in grosgr. crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt back and edges, paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, broad inside dentelle 

catalogue of ^ooltjes atib S(^anuj$cn]^ie(» 153 


TIAN SYMBOLISM. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged, with an 
Essay on Baal Worship, on the Assyrian Sacred " Grove," and other allied 
Symbols. By John Newton. With Numerous Illustraiiom. New York: 
J. W. Bouton, 1875. 
8°; dark green cloth, uncut. 


sertation upon Worships, Legends, and Divinities in Central and Western 
Asia, Europe, and Elsewhere, before the Christian Era. By THOMAS 
INMAN, M. D. (London.) New- York: J. IV. Bouton, 1876. 
8° ; brown cloth, uncut. 


Life and Letters. New York: 1860-64. 

27 vols. sq. 8° ; with illustrations by Darley, Leslie, etc., half green morocco, gilt tops. 

497 [IRVING( WASHINGTON).]— SKETCH BOOK of Geoffrey Crayon 

Gent. Artist's Edition. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty En- 
gravings gn Wood, from Original Designs. New York : G. P. Putnam fir* 

Sq. roy. 8° ; elegantly hound in brown polished levant morocco super-extra, gUt beak and edges, 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by MATTHEWS. 

498 IVES (Lieut. JOSEPH C.) — Report upon the Colorado River of 

the West, explored in 1857 and 1858. Washington: 1861. 

4° ; cloth, numerous engravings. 

ING, Historical and Practical. With upwards of y>o Illus- 


trations engraved on Wood, by John Jackson. London : Charles 
Knight, 1839. 

Roy. 8° ; haif morocco, top gilt, uNCUT. Original Edition, with brilliant impressions of 
the illustrations. 

ING, Historical and Practical. With upwards of ^oo Illustrations engraved 
on Wood, by John Jackson. The Historical Portion by W. A. CHATTO. 
Second Edition, with a New Chapter on the Artists of the Present Day, 
by Henry G. Bohn, and 145 additional Wood Engravings. London : 
Henry G. Bohn, 1866. 

Roy. 8° ; half green morocco, gilt back and top, UNCUT. 

154 Catalogue of ^ooft^r anli ^i^uie^ctiptiEr. 


DusTRiELLE ct CoMMERCiALE dc la PORCELAINE, Accompagn^e de re- 
cherches fur les fujets & emblemes qui la d^corent, les Marques & infcriptions 
qui font reconnaitre les fabriques d'ou elle fort, les variations de prix qu'ont 
obtenus les principaux objets connus & les collections oil ils font conferves 
enrichie de Vingt-Jix Planches gravies h Peau-forte far Jules Jacquemart. 
Paris: J. Techener, 1862. 

Folio ; pp. 690. 28 full-page plates, containing 92 choice examples of ceramic art ; vellum, 

502 JAMES (THOMAS).— The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Cap- 

taine Thomas James, in his intended Discovery of the Northwest Passage 
into the South Sea, &c. Engraved map with medallion portrait. London, 

Sm, 4°; bound in dark brown morocco, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. 
An unusually large and clean copy of the very rare FIRST EDITION. 

503 JAMES (W. D.) — A SKETCH of the LIFE of BRIG. GEN. FRAN- 

CIS MARION, and A History of his Brigade, from its Rise in June, 
1780, until Disbanded in December, 1782; with Descriptions of Char- 
acters and Scenes, not heretofore published. Containing also, AN AP- 
PENDIX, with Copies of Letters which passed between Several of the 
Leading Characters of that day ; principally from Gen. Greene to Gen. 
Marion. By WILLIAM DOBEIN JAMES, A. M., during that Period 
one of Marion's Militia. At present one of the Associate Judges in Equity, 
South-Carolina. Charleston, S. C. : Printed by Gould ^ Riley, 41 Broad- 
Street, 1 82 1. 

8° ; pp. 182, 39 ; bound in grass-green polished levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
paneled sides, filleted, with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by Y. Bedford. Fine Portrait 
of Marion, and his Autograph Rkckivt for supplies, inserted. An elegant copy of this 
Extremely Rare Biography. 

504 JAMESON (Mrs.) 


By MRS. JAMESON. | Containing | Legends of the Angels and Arch- 
angels, the Evangelists, | the Apostles, the Doctors of the Church, | 
and Mary Magdalene. | London : | Printed for \ Longman, Brown, Green, 
and Longmans, \ Paternoster-row, \ 1848. 

2vols.i°; Original Edition. Profusely illustrated withwoodcuts and engravings. Bound 
in dark blue crushed morocco, fillets on sides, gilt tops, by W. Pratt. 

^Catalogue of f25ooftj9i anb St^nu^rcrq^isr* 155 



as Represented in the FINE ARTS. | Forming | the Second Series 

of Sacred and Legendary Art. | By MRS. JAMESON. | London: | 

Printed for \ Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, Paternoster-row, \ 


8°; Original Edition. ProfustlyillustruttdvAth woodcuts and engravings. Boundindark 
blue crushed morocco, fillets on sides, gilt tops, by W. PRATT. 

506 JAMESON (Mrs.) 


as Represented in the FINE ARTS. | Forming | the Third Series of 
Sacred and Legendary Art. | By MRS. JAMESON. | Illustrated by 
Drawings and Woodcuts. | London : | Longman, Brown, Green, and Long- 
mans, I 1852. 

8°; Original Edition. Bound in dark blue crushed morocco, fillets on sides, gilt tops, by 
W. Pratt. 

507 JAMESON (Mrs.) 


I^STORY (^ (^R §[pRD, 

as Exemplified in WORKS of ART: | with that of | His Types; St. 
John the Baptist; and other persons | of the Old and New Testament. \ 
Commenced by the late MRS. JAMESON. | Continued and completed 
by I Lady Eastlake. | London : | Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, &' 
Green, \ 1864. 

2 vols. 8° ; Original Edition. Profusely illustrated with woodcuts and engravings. Bound 
in dark Hue crushed morocco, fillets on sides, gilt tops, by W. Pratt. 


en Bois et en Taille-Douce, et sur la Connoissance des Estampes des 
XV°. et XVI'. SiMes ; o^ il est parl6 aussi de I'origine des Cartes \ Jouer 
et des Cartes g6ographiques ; Suivi de Recherches sur I'origine du Papier 
de Coton et de Lin ; sur la CalUgraphie, depuis les plus anciens temps jus- 
qu'^ nos jours ; sur les Miniatures des anciens Manuscrits ; sur les FiUgranes 
des Papiers des XIV=., XV'., et XVI'. SiMes ; ainsi que sur I'origine et le 
premier usage des Signatures et des Chiffres dans I'Art de la Typo- 
graphie, Paris: Chez F. Schoell, \Zo&. 

2 vols. 8° ; mottled calf, with FACSIMILES, large folding PLATES and Engravings, some of 
which are colored. Fine Copy. Scarce. 

156 Catalogue of 25ooltsf anti ^t^u^ttvpt^, 

509 JEANNE (F. JACQUES) THRESOR SACRfi | des perogatives \ 

ET GRANDEVRS DE LA | glorieufe fir* tres-Sainctc Vierge \ Marie Mere de 
Dieu, I diuif6 en trente deux Chapitres, | fur fon Antienne, | Alma Redemp- 
TORis Mater | ovest Traict6 des Rares | vertus de la Royne du Ciel, & ) 
de I'vtilit^ que recoiuent tous | 9eux qui la feruent, & | inuoquent; auec 
les moyens | qu'ils peuuent practiquer | pour s'entretenir toujours | en fa 
deuotion | par F. Jacques Jeanne, | Docteur en Theologie Religieux | et 
Prieur du Couuent des | Auguflins de Paris. | A Paris, ( chez Denis 
Moreau \ rue St. Jacques h la | Salamandre. \ 1620. 

8°; i-i prel. leaves ; TEXT, 676/^. (30). Enffravedtitlein compartments, portraitof St. Augus- 
tine, and 6 fine copperplate engravings, all brilliant impressions. Bound in rich red morocco, back 
and sides covered with delicate gold tooling ("A petits fers" ), gilt edges, by LE GASCON. Beauti- 
ful copy of an exceedingly curious work. 

510 [JEFFERSON (THOMAS).] — NOTES on the ftate of VIRGINIA; | 

written in the year 1781, fomewhat cor- j rected and enlarged in the winter 
of 1782, I for the ufe of a Foreigner of diftinction, in | anfwer to certain 
queries propofed by him | refpecting i. Its boundaries. 2. Rivers. 3. Sea- 
ports. 4. Mountains, etc., etc. .f. /. [Paris.] MDCCLXXXII. 

8°; //. (2), 391; "An Eye-draught of Madifon's Cave" (p. 35), and folded Table of Indian 
Tribes (p. 168). Mottled French calf, gilt 

A Fine Copy of the FIRST EDITION, privately printed, and EXTREMELY RARE. 

On the first guard-leaf is the following Note in the handwriting of the Author : 

' ' Th : Jefferson having had a few copies of these notes printed to offer to some of his friends 
& to some other estimable characters beyond that line, takes the liberty of presenting a copy to 
Mr. Rittenhouse. Unwilling to expose them to the public eye, he asks the favour of Mr. Ritten- 
house to put them into the hands of no person on whose care & fidelity he cannot rely to guard 
them against publication." 

On the back of the title is the autograph of Wm. Sergeant, and at the top of page i that 
of Jona. D. Sergeant. 

The proof-sheets of this work, with corrections in the handwriting of the Author, are in the 
New York State Library at Albany. 


French Dominions in North and South America. Giving a particular 
Account of the Climate, Soil, Minerals, Animals, Vegetables, Manufactures, 
Trade, Commerce, and Languages, together with the Religion, Government, 
Genius, Character, Manners, and Cuftoms of the Indians and other Inhabi- 
tants. Illustrated by Maps and Plans of the Principal Places, Collected from 
the beft Authorities, and engraved by T. JEFFERYS, Geographer to his 
Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales. PART I. Containing A Defcription 
of Canada and Louifiana. PART II. Containing Part of the Jflands of 
St. Domingo and St. Martin, the Jflands of St. Bartholomew, Guadaloupe, 
Martinico, La Grenade, and the Jfland and Colony of Cayenne. London, 
Printed for Thomas Jefferys at Charing- Crofs. MDCCLX. 

a parts in I vol. folio. Pt. I. i,prel. leaves, and \(&pp, , 8 maps, Pt. II. aprel. leaves, and 246 
pp., T.O maps. Plain calf , yellow edges. 

\ (iftidjiiiductrinitanurloiiunc imiocaio. 
•(SfaliiTii o;do lunj ninni qucm nunc 
i oinaru fcnui cccldia inapir. 
a ooinuuca piiiiu port ociju J cpipb j 
(lie uJcB ad fcptuagcfimjs: t a kiiUnditi 
oaobiio uftp 3d aduitum fubfcripta in 
uitaioaj finguU fmgulm oomuunn Pic 
bua diairuur : lu wmcn if fi opoaucni 
ulninum rcprtjmr. 

3iuiiufo!Lum piimum . ^Ictuic nulion' 
^mmo:tubtIcnt'o<o falutan iiu>. po. Ifbtc 
^jy oaupcmue. ^imwoiiu fccundiim.'lia: 
J^ oaiifxmu0t3dcmoommi:7ipralnueiubitc 
^irawd. po- ^flauic. 'SmiiiatoimriucmiL 
.tibioma DCU8 ma^n^ Dominufi: 7 rev magn" 
fepcromncc woo. pti. '53cmic3/nuiutoa 
umquamim.Jtimamitua Domincromncs 
tncecmcips.^lcniic. JInuitjiotiu qnms. 
%knuc adoioirae Domt'num : qui feat no0. 

8-^ ps. 'Hoitie. 3nuitalomu fcniim domi 
jlramqiu fcdl KO0:uatc ado:nn". po. 'ycmic 

'^fffabocuiMcpipbamc iifqjad Domini 

'cam pjiinatn quadragirfimc : i a kalcn 

dis oaobiij ufq5 ad aducm Poinini fc 

lUB dicinir "Jld nofnjmu5. 

•ftJI^^duTZ ommu;: 

quomundus matcondi 

laismclquo rdurgcttcon 

ditonioemozK uicta libc 

-^ ^^^^^rctH ulfe piocul fo:po 

^ JUCTamuo piu: ficuc pjopbcta aoiiim". 
J^ ■oAras pxcee u( audiat: fiiaq; dene 
^#^1 ramponigarticipiaioo fo:dibiiii: red 
<latpoloat5fedil)uoflltqiuq5 facranf 
rimorbuiue bid tcmpoic: bojio iiuurns 
pbllimuanxJiuB bcatia mumrctllam 
iiucpatcma daritaertc poftulainuo alfa 
lim: abfit libjdp foKjidana : ommfqj ac 
tuflnormafHefcdafu ucl lubaca: c6 
pajo "oftn coipoHB: p qua auemi igni 
buK ipfi crancmur acriuaHib hoc re 
dcmpto! qucfimue : ui pjobra nia dilii 
aatuite pacniua commodainobio bcni 
gw confcraaBEuo camia actii crulee: 

efftcti ipfi cclibw : ui prdlojatnur ctr 
nui tnclofl canamuu gloiutajrcftapa 
lapiilTinic: pamip compar iinicc: cum 
rpincu paraclrto;rcgnaa pcroiuf,^ fccu 
liun.3lmii'iib ocuua pciccollco hIm' 
adkalcndao oaobnompominicincic 
bus fubfcqucno br. cum muitato;io k 
qucntc diGiui" Sd noct.3nuitJio:iunL 
3dojOTi"on5; qui fear noe. ptt .t^atejbf. 
TSn>^M furgctcn ui«lanua6ca:fcm' 
IBi per i pfalmui incdKcmunaicp uun^ 
bustona ono canamuu pulcitcr bjTit' 
nonfltlt pio rcgi panlcTcancntcn.cum 
fuio fanctki mcrcanmr aula; inarjrdi cc 
lifuiiultbcatambucac uiraUJrcfta 
boc nobio beitan bcata : pama ac nan: 
panierqs fancn fpinninrcuiuo rcboai in 
omni glotia muiido. 3mcn . 3)n p;imo 
noa-Pciducnnuni/Moucicccc mcrcd 
fuapti 35f4f uir.po. (Qujrc frcmumit^o, 
(Domtnc quid mulnplicati. po. E'omiiic nc i 
(iiroa;. &pfjlMiiltj. annpbo.i. Semite. 
Domino.'-r'iib oicia .nit. dicunftir tidcm 
pfalmi.Xcpoic pafcbali aiit fillcliiu. 
Xapu} rcuolutud dt. ft Tub dicta ant. di 
ninnir pf jlini tonuo pjiini noct. t Uc ui 
ali|ii iioct.liniatiir idcni oido. 


I fiUo unpionjm.'i 
in uu pcccaioru 
! non ftcnr 1 m ca 
j tbcdra ^hLiic 
no fcditj^cd m 
I lcgcc>ominiiiolu 
1 tail amvii lege c 
iua mediiabimr die ac noacISt cni la 
(B Iignu5 quod plantatii eft feciui decur 
fuo aquaru: auod fhicniin fuum babii i 
tempore fuo^St foliii nup no dcfluct: 
iOiaquecunqj faaet profpcrabunmr. 
PEjo n Tie unpii non ficfed tancnpuluia 
que psoiicu ucnma a faoc tcrrc^Jdco 
nonrcfurgum impu in ludiaomcq? pec 
earoKB in cofilio iuftojum^fi uoniam 
nomt Domimia uiam iufto:u:'Z acr unpi 
oium penbit. pfalinuii oamd. 





The Breviarium of Jenson, Venice. 1478. 

«Catdogue of 25oolt3S anb a^nuiscrijptsf. 157 


and Mysteries; with Chapters on the Ancient Fire and Serpent -Worshipers, 
and Explanations of the Mystic Symbols represented in the Monuments and 
TaUsmans of the Primeval Philosophers, Illustrated by nearly 300 Engrav- 
ings. London: J. C. Jlotten, j^-jo. 

Crown 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

513 JENSON (NICOLAS).— BREVIARIUM juxta Ritum Romane 

Curie (cum Calendario). 

Hut' opis corrector extiiit Georgf d' spatharijs . . . ipssor ueraNicolaus ienson 
gallicus: hoc nfa tepestate impssor. priceps ; Qd' qdeop' ipressu in floretissima 
urbe uenetiar. est. 1478. 

2 vols, in I, folio; PRINTED ON VELLUM, with exquisite borders, historiated initials, and 
numerous capital letters all beautifully illuminated in gold and colors, with the arms of a Cardinal in 
the lower margin; from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace. Old French red morocco extra, leather 
joints, silk linings, gUt edges, lettered " Manuscri." 

This, as an artistic monument, is equal to a fine illuminated MS. The borders and figures 
and painted ornaments are extremely elegant, and include some work in fine camaieu-rouge. 
Among the animal figures there is one of an elephant, and another of a bear walking off with a 
man and his spear over his shoulder. There are MS. additions, evidently made for the Cardinal, 
on the blank leaves of the book to supply certain offices not included in the original impression. 

This Breviary on vellum is not excelled by any of the magnificent productions of Jenson's 
press. The iUiuninations give it the appearance of one of the grand old Manuscript Breviaries. 
The binder was evidendy deceived by the resemblance when he stamped " Manuscri " on the 
back of the volume. 

514 JOHNSON (EDWARD).— A I HISTORY | of | New-England. | 

From the English planting in the Yeere | 1628 untill the Yeere 1652. | De- 
claring the form of their Govenmient, | Civill, Military, and Ecclesiastique. 
Their Wars with | the Indians, their Troubles with the Gortonists, | and other 
Heretiques. Their manner of gathering | of Churches, the Commodities 
of the Country, | and description of the principall Towns | and Havens, 
with the great encou- | ragements to increase Trade | betwixt them and Old | 
England. | With the names of all their Govemours, Magistrates, | and 
eminent Ministers. 

Psal. 107. 24. 
TTie righteous shall see it and rejoice, and all iniquity shall stop her \ mouth. 

Psal. III. 2. 
The works of the Lord are great, and ought to be sought out of all that \ 
have pleasure in them. 

London: | Printed for Nath : Brooke at the ^«^^/ | va. Corn-hill. 1654. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crushed green morocco, gilt, with gilt edges, by Stikeman & Co. 

The running title is "Wonder Working Providence of Siion's Saviorin New England." This 
copy is in brilliant condition, and has the four pages of Advertisements addressed to the 
" Courteous Reader." 

158 Catalogue of 25ooft^ anb a^anuigfrn^tsf. 

515 JOHNSON (J.) — TYPOGRAPHIA,or the Printers' Instructor: inclu- 

ding an Account of the ORIGIN of' PRINTING, with Biographical 
Notices of the Printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the 
Sixteenth Century : A Series of ANCIENT and MODERN ALPHA- 
BETS, and Domesday Characters: Together with an Elucidation of 
every Subject connected with the Art. By J. JOHNSON, Printer. Lon- 
don : Longmans, 1824. 

zvols,Z°. Large Paper. Frontispieces, and Portrait of Ca.xt on and the Author on India 
paper. Halfchth, boards, UNCUT. The Roxburghe Edition. Rare. 

516 JOHNSON <Mrs.)— A NARRATIVE of the CAPTIVITY of Mrs. 

\Susannah\ JOHNSON. Containing An Account of her Sufferings, 
during Four Years with the Indians and French. PubUflied according to 
Act of Congress. Printed at WALPOLE, Newhampshire, by David 
Carlisle, jun. 1796. 

12° ; pp. 144; green morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, by F. Bedford. Fine, 
clean copy. First Edition. Rare. 


of the Yamacraws. By CHARLES C. JONES, Jr. Albany, N. Y.: 
Joel Munsell, 1868. 

8° ; pp. 133 ; boards, uncut. 

518 JONSON (BEN).— The | FOVNTAINE | of Selfe-Love. | or | Cyn- 

THiAS I Revels. | As it hath beene sundry times | priuately acted in the 
Black- I Friers by the ChUdren of her Maiesties CMppell. \ Written by Ben: 

Imprinted at London for Walter Burre ; and are to be | solde at his shop 
in Paules Church-yard, at the Signe \ of the Flower de Luce and Crowne, 

Sm. 4° ; bound in green crushed morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford. The First Edition. 

519 JONSON (BEN). — Poetaster, or the Arraignment: As it hath beene 

sundry times priuately acted in the Blacke Friers, by the Children of her 

Maiesties Chappell. Composed by Ben. Jonson. London. ^ Printed 

for M. L. and are to be sould in Saint Dunstans Church-yarde. 1602. 

^■, full calf. Mitford's c(5>)/. The First Edition. 

A-Ni in fours ; Title Ai ; Poem entitled Livor As ; Prologvs A3 ; To the Reader in 
apology for Epilogue, Ni verso. 

520 JONSON (BEN).— SEIANVS | His Fall. | Written by | Ben. Ionson. | 

Mart. Non hic Centauros, non Gorgonas, Harpyas^\ Inuenies Hominem 

pagina nostra sapit. | 

At London | Printed by G. Elide, for Thomas \ Thorpe. 1605. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in green crushed morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

The First Edition, without a dedication, but accompanied by several copies of commen- 
datory verses. There is some authority for saying that Shakespeare acted in this play. 

4tetaio0iK of 25oofeiS anti jar^usfccijtjef* 159 

521 JONSON (BEN) — BEN: lONSON | his | VOLPONE | or | THE 

FOXE. I Simul Ss' iucunda, &' idonea dicere vita. \ Printed for Thomas 
Thorppe. I 1607. I 


To The Most Noble | And Most Squall | Sisters | The Two Famous Uni- 
versities, I For Their Love | And | Acceptance | Shewn To His Poeme | In 
The Presentation : | Ben Jonson j The Gratefull Acknowledger | Dedicates | 
Both It And Himselfe. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson crushed morocco, gilt edges, by BEDFORD. The First Edition. 

522 JONSON (BEN) — A PLEASANT COMEDY, called: | The Case is 

Altered. | As it hath beene sundry times acted by the | children of the 
Black-friers. Written by BEN lONSON. London, Printed for Barthol- 
omew Sutton, and William Barrenger, and are to be sold at the great 
North-doore of Saint Paules Church. 1609. 
4° ; full calf. The First Edition. 

523 JONSON (BEN). — Cataline his Conspiracy. Written by Ben: Jonson. 

His non Pkbecula gaudet. Verum EquiUs quoq. iam migrauit ab aure 
voluptas, Omnis, ad incertos oculos, &" gaudia vana. London, Printed 
for Walter Burre. 161 1. 

iP ; full calf . The First Edition. 

A-O3 in fours ; Title Ai ; Dedication to William Earle of Pembrooke A2 ; Address To 
the Reader in Ordinarie, and to the Reader Extraordinary, commendatoiy verses by Franc : 
Beaumont, John Fletcher, and Nat Field, A3-4. 

524 JONSON (BEN). — The Alchemist. Written by Ben. Jonson. Neqtie, 

me vt miretur turba, laboro : Contentus patuis ledoribus. London, Printed 

by Thomas Snodham, for Walter Burre, and are to be sold by John 

Stepneth, at the West-end of Paules. 1612. 

4° ; fuU calf. The First Edition. 

A-M in fours; Title Ai; Dedication to Mary La: Worth As; Address to the Reader 
and Verses by George Lucy A3 ; Persons of the Comedy, The Argument, and the Prologue A4. 

525 JOSEPHUS (FLAVIUS). — The History of the Jewish War. 

Paris: A. Verard, 1492. 

Colophon: f^p finijgft I ^S^^VSOZ tit 3fOiBfCl?|)U3et 

tie la gatatlle Slubatgue tcaierlatee 
tie latht en francoti^ en \ {)onneuc 
tie bieu et tie ia bter^e macie t tie 
toute {a court ceHej^tiene. <tt fiit 


i6o ^Tataiogue of ^ooM anti iSK^nujEfcnjitier^ 

acomjplie It ^qftic^im put tie be^ 
ttmhtt mil %%%% guatre ti05 
€t bou^e : i tmjinmee a ]^atti6r ]^out 
^ntl^opne dXetarti liliraice bemeit^ 
rant ^m ie pmt m^tte bame ...» 

i?«&». Bound in blue morocco, gilt edges, by BOYET. 

Printed on vellum, ruled throughout in red, and ornamented with borders, ONE HUNDRED 
AND FOKTY-THREE miniatiu-es, and numerous capital letters, richly illuminated in gold, silver, 
and colors. 

Only one other copy is known on vellum, namely, that in the National Library in Paris, and 
this, which equals it in condition and beauty, is mentioned by Van Praet as formerly in the 
library of the Mar^chal de Richelieu. It can be called properly a grand work, measuring 
sixteen by eleven inches, and is unexcelled in importance as-a specimen of early Parisian print- 
ing. The blank comers of some of the leaves are mended ; otherwise the volume is in perfect 
condition. From the Syston Park Library. 


/iMg^ € grant alma^ 1 gcae ^" ^refnoWe I et 

'^KEkI ^^ I ^^^ %^i I ^t Si^^nt ^t\&tmt be la lop 
'^^^^ a^ofeicque | ti be grate contenant \t^ SUmtdeief et 
anttquite$ | tubatcgueia? comencant b^iui^f la cceatton bu mo | 
be tufqttejss a la bemtet; ^eftmction be i^temfa^ | lem faitte ^at: 
Uatjjafien et €ptuiS fon fii^ €m^ | peceucisf iSommain^ : 3lan 
be noftce feigneiu: %t^ \ fucl^ft. im. oBt be la oreacton bu 
mottiic cirai mtt | ie cent feptante. l^ouucilement tmjpnme a 
l^atiiei. I 

€ a^ii cinq cenjei. xxx> 
C <^n \t$ toenb a ^att^ a ia tue (ainct 3(^que^ | a lenfeigne 
tsxi cop SDauib. I 

In Fine [recto fol. cclxxxiii] : 

^ C^ Miit iLi)^ftoire tie fofe 1 nv^ be 

la 0atiUe Sutiaicq ttaCIatee be iatin en &ancopjsr en ii)6neiu: be 
bieu :^ I be ia (Uierge Sr^atie | et fut acfjeue bimpcimec le qua^: 
ttiefme iouc be <©ctoBtre | a^b.]C]CV*. a ^ierre ieBer bemoucat au 
coit^ bupaue pce^ {a place mau&ert. | 

Folio; Title in red and black, printed within an ornamental woodcut border; on the verso is the 
Prologue of 25 lines, followed iy the Table, comprising 6 unnumbered leaves. Text, cclxxxiii 

(Catalogue of ^ooftit anti ^^nuieectt^tjES. i6i 

numbered leaves, paged on the recto of each leaf. On the verso of the last leaf is the Device of 
Ambroise Girault. This copy, unfortunately, lacks one leaf (fol. cclxxix^ / otherwise a fine, 
clean copy in admirable preservation, with numerous curious Woodcuts, one of which 
represents " JOSEPHE, due des yuifj,"^ seated in a large chair, writing his History. Bound in 
oak hoards, covered with calf skin, blind tooled in the style of the sixteenth century, with brass 

527 JOSSKLYN (JOHN) New-Englands | RARITIES | Difcovered: ) 

in I Birds, Beajls, Fijhes, Serpents, \ and Plants of that Country. | Together 
with I The Phyfical and Chyrurgical Remedies [ wherewith the Natives con- 
ftantly ufe to | Cure their Distempers, Wounds, | and Sores. | ALSO | A 
perfect Defcription of an Indian SQ UA, \ in all her Bravery ; with a POEM 
not I improperly conferr'd upon her. | LASTLY | A CHRONOLOGICAL 
TABLE I of the mofl. remarkable Paffages in that | Country amongll the 
English. | Illustrated with CUTS. \ By JOHN JOSSELYN, Gent. | 
London, Printed for G. Widdowes at the \ Green Dragon in St. Pauls 
Church-yard, 1672. 

16° ; pp. (4), 114, (2). Winged dragon, and plates. Polished crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, iyF. Bedford. 
Beautiful Copy. Very rare. This copy has the folded and unpaged plate at page S4i 
which is sometimes wanting. 

" The earliest work on the Natural History of New-England. " — Rich. 

528 JOSSELYN (JOHN).— AN | ACCOUNT | of two | VOYAGES | 

TO I NEW-ENGLAND. | Wherein you have the fatting out of a Ship, | 
with the charges ; The prices of all the neceffaries for | fumifliing a Planter 
and his Family at his firft com- | ing; A Defcription of the Countrey, Natives 
and I Creatures, with their Merchantil \sic\ and Phyfical ufe ; | The Govern- 
ment of the Countrey as it is now pof- | feffed by the Englijh, &c. A large 
Chronological Ta- | ble of the moft remarkable paffages, from the firft dif- | 
covering of the Continent oi America, to the year | 1673. | By John Joffelyn, 
Gent. I 

Memner. diftich rendred Englifti by Dr. Heylin. 

Heart, take thine eafe, 
Men hard to pleafe 

Thou haply might'fl offend. 
Though onefpeak ill 
Of thee, fome will 

Say better; there's an end. 

London : Printed for Giles Widdows, at the Green-Dragon \ in St. Paul's- 
Church-yard, 1674. 

16° 'ipp. (8) , 279, (3) ; maroon morocco, filleted sides, gilt edges, inside gilt borders. A REMARK- 

1 62 (Catalogue of ^ooft^ anb 0^nu$rct^$e. 


529 'j^^ANE (E. K.) — Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell 
Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55. By 
ELISHA KENT KANE, M. D., U. S. N. Elustrated by up- 
wards of jfio Engravings. Philadelphia: 1857. 

2 vols. 8° ; portrait, half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

530 KEATS (J.)— POEMS, | By | JOHN KEATS. | 

" What more felicity can fall to creature, 
" Than to enjoy delight with liberty." 

Fate of the Butterfly.— Spbnser. 

\Vignette portrait of Shakespeare.] London : | IHnted for \ C. Of J. Oilier, 

3, Welbeck Street, \ Cavendish Square. | 181 7. 

Sm. 8° ;//. (2), 121 ; boards, uncut, in a wrinkled brown morocco case. A VERY FINE, CLEAN 
COPY OF THE EXCESSIVELY RARE First Edition op Keats's Poems. Presentation 
copy, " From the author to his Friend Thos- Richards." 


Edition. London: Moxon, 1851. 

16° ; portrait, brown calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 

532 [KEITH.] — THE | TRYALS | QiB PeUr Bofs, George Keith, \ 

Thomas Budd, B-xiA William Bradford, | QUAKERS, | For feveral 
Great Mifdemeanours | (As was pretended by their Adverfaries) before | 
A Court of Quakers: | At the Seffions held at Philadelphia in | Pen- 
fylvania, the Ninth, Tenth, and | Twelfth Days of December, 1692. | Giving 
alfo an Account of the moft Arbitrary Pro- | cedure of that Court. | Printed 
firft. Beyond- Sea, and now Reprinted in London, for | Richard Baldwin in 
Warwick-lane. 1693. | 

Sm. 1^; pp.y^; light calf, blind tooled, gilt edges. Very fine copy. EXCEEDINGLY 


From NEW- HAMPSHIRE | To | CARATUCK, | On the Continent of | 
Miffionary from the Society for the Pro- \ pagation of the Gqfpel in Foreign 
Parts ; and | now Rector of Edburton in Suffex. \ London : | Printed by 
Jofeph Downing, for Brab. Aylmer at the Three-Pigeons | over-againft the 
Royal-Exchange in Comhill, 1706. | 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (4) 92 ; polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and top, filleted sides, 
inside gilt borders, by F. BEDFORD. UNCUT. A Large and VERY FINE, CLEAN COPY of 
this SCARCE and extremely curious book. 

Cataitnsue of ^ooftior anb £i^anu$fa:tpti6^« 163 

534 KIDGELL (J.)— A Genuine and Succinct NARRATIVE of a scan- 
dalous, obscene, and exceedingly profane LIBEL, entitled, An ESSAY on 
WOMAN, as also, of other Poetical Pieces, containing the most atrocious 
Blasphemies. Submitted to the Candor of the Public. By the Rev. Mr. J. 
KIDGELL, A. M., Rector of Home in Surry. . . . London: Printed for 
James Robson, Bookseller to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, in 
New Bond- Street s and J. Wilkie, in St.Paul's Church Yard. [1763.] (Also:) 
A LETTER to J. KIDGELL, containing a full Answer to his Narra- 
tive. Second Edition. [By John Almon.] London : Printed for J. Wil- 
liams, next the Mitre Tavern, Fleetflreet. MDCCLXIII. [1763.] 

2 pieces in i vol. 4° ; ff. 16 and pp. 21 ; half morocco. 

535 KING (C. W.) — The NATURAL HISTORY, Ancient and Modem, of 
PRECIOUS STONES and GEMS, and of the Precious Metals. With 
Illustrations. London : Bell b" Daldy, 1865. 
8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

536 KING (CLARENCE). — Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. . . . 
Fourth Edition. With map (2) and additions. Boston : 1874. 

8° ; calf extra, gilt top. 

Presentation copy, with autograph letterof the author inserted. From the Barlow Collection. 

537 KINGSLEY (C.) — CHARLES KINGSLEY, His Letters and Memo- 
ries of His Life. Edited by His Wife. Abridged from the London 
Edition [by Edward Seymour]. New York : Scribner, Armstrong &' Co. 

Crown 8° ; portrait and plates ; cloth, UNCUT. 

plete. London: Macmillan fif Co. 1877-1880. 

21 vols, crown 8° ; portrait and engravings; half blue morocco, gilt backs and tops, rough edges. 
Contents lettered. 


Sketch of its History. With Notices of its several Departments, In- 
structors, and Benefactors ; together with some Account of Student Life and 
Amusements. By various Authors. New York : Henry Holt df Co. 1879. 

2 vols, thick royal 4° ; cloth. Illmtrated with numerous views and portraits. 

1 64 Catalogue of ^ooftiGf anti lai^anuj^tnpt^r. 


SONS MiSES EN MusiQUE par M. De La BORDE, Premier 
Valet-de-Chambre ordinaire du Roi, Gouvemeur du Louvre. 

Ornees D'Estampes par J. M. Moreau, etc. D6di6es k Madame La Dau- 

phine. A Paris, chez de Lormel, M. DCC. LXXIII. 

4 vols, in 2 vols. roy. 8° ; Portrait, and 100 beautiful plates from designs by Moreau, 
Denon, Lebouteaux, Lbbarbier, Saint-Quentin, etc., all most brilliant impressions, 
including a splendid impression ofthe'V^KY RARS portrait, "d la lyre," of LA BORDE, usually 
wanting in most copies, as it was not engraved until a year after the publication of the book; sumptu- 
ously bound in highly polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and tops, broad dentelle 
gold borders on the sides, and inside gilt borders, by Hardy-Mennil. UNCUT. Autograph 
letter of La Borde inserted. 

541 LA CHAU ET LE BLOND.— DESCRIPTION des Principales 

DUC D'ORLfiANS. [Par M. PAbbe De La Chau et M. I 'Abbe Le 
Blond.] Paris: 1780-84. 

2 vols. sm. fol. ; calf, marbled edges, covers broken. 


Histoire et Description des Moeurs et Usages, du Commerce et de I'lndus- 
trie, des Sciences, des Arts, des Litt6ratures et des Beaux- Arts en Europe. 
Direction Litt^raire de M. PAUL LACROIX. Direction Artistique de 
M. FERDINAND SERfi. Dessins Fac-Simile par M. A. Rivaud. 
Paris: 1848-1851. 

S vols. 4° ; illustrated with upwards of 2FX> beautiful plates of Middle-Age art, illustrative of 
Cosiunie, Designs in Fresco, Paintings, Missal and other Illuminations, Furniture, Armor, yewelry, 
etc., many of which are in vivid Colors, and richly Illuminated in Gold and 
Silver. Elegantly bound in bright crimson grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and 
tops, paneled and filleted sides with diamond comer ornaments, inside dentelle gilt borders, by 
Chambolle-Duru. uncut. 

This is one of the few copies which contain the paper on " Prostitution," and in which most 
of the woodcuts are on India paper. 


SuBiACo: 1465. 

Folio ; bound in red morocco extra, sides and back richly gilt, gilt edges. From the Beckford 

This volume commands attention as the First Edition of the first known book 
PRINTED in Italy. It marks the beginning, therefore, of an era in the history of typography 
second in importance only to that begun by the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. Taken all in 
all, the work of the Italian printers stands unequaled, and is likely to remain so. 

Two of Fust's workmen, Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz, settled at the Mon- 
astery of Subiaco, thirteen miles from Rome, and published this Lactantius in 1465. It is 
printed with characters not before used in the printing press, and much like those found in the 
Italian manuscripts of the period. Unlike the angular Gothic types, they were rounded in form, 
and were the remote parents of those modem types which are to this day known among 

Catdosuc of ^taik^ anb lat^nuje^mjpt^. 165 

printers as Roman. Here are found also the first passages of Greek printed with movable 
types. It is an extremely regular and fine piece of printing, especially remarkable as a first 
attempt in a new and foreign locality. It is illuminated throughout by hand, and has many 
capital letters heightened by gold leaf laid on after the manner of ancient manuscripts. It con- 
tains the Table and Errata, and is perfect in every respect. 

This is a marked instance of the pains taken by the early printers to select notable books 
for reproduction. Lactantius wrote in the early part of the fourth century, and ft'om the relig- 
ious character of his works and the finished elegance of his style he has been called the 
" Christian Cicero." 

544 LACTANTIUS. — L. Coelii Lactantii Firmiani diuina- | rum inftitu- 

tionum Libri feptem. | De ira Dei, Litter I. | De opificio Dei, Liber 1. 1 

Epitome in libros fuos liber acephalos. | Phoenix. | Carmen de Dominica 

Refurrectione. | Venetxis, in adibvs Aldi, et \ Andreae Soceri. Mense \ 

Aprili. M.D.XV. 

^Followed by] Q. Septimii Florentis Ter- | tvlliani Apologe- | ticvs 

Adversvs I Gentes. I Venetiis in cedibvs Aldi, et \ Andreae Soceri. Mense \ 

Aprili. M.D.XV. 

8° ; First Aldine Edition of Lactantius. Contains i6 pret. leaves ; 348 numbered 
leaves; Interpretaiio Dictionvm, etc., 12 unnumbered leaves ; Tertullian, 4 prel. leaves and 48 
numbered leaves. Ruled throughout in red limes. The headings of the varims hooks, and the large 
Initials, are in gold. Bound in dark blue morocco, richly gilt back, paneled sides, tooled after a 
Groiabs. pattern, inside gilt borders, crimson watered-silk linings, gilt edges, by BOZERIAN. A 


Z)e Monfier [Jean] de la Fontaine. | Nouvelle £dition enrichie de Tailles- 
Douces. A Amsterdam, | chez Henry Desbordes dans le | Kalver-Straat, pres 
le Dam. \ M.DC.LXXXV. 

2 vols, in I vol. 12° ; brown calf extra, back and sides blind tooled, gilt edges. With brilliant 
impressions of the PLATES by ROMAIN DE HOOGE. A genuine copy OF THE FIRST of three 
editions published under this date, corresponding exactly with Brunet's minute description. 

546 LA FONTAINE.— CONTES | et | NOUVELLES | en vers, | Par 

M. De La Fontaine. | [Edition executie aux frais des Fermiers Generaux; 
avec line Notice par Denis Diderot.] A Amsterdam : | [Paris,: Bar- 
bou.] M.DCC.LXII. 

2 vols. 8°; portraits of La FONTAINE and ElSEN, engraved by FiCQUET; " culs-de-lampe" 
by Choffaed, and 80 exquisite plates by ElSEN, all most dazzlingly brilliant impressions. Bound 
in fine red morocco, gUt backs and edges, broad dentelle gold borders on the sides, most elaborately and 
delicately tooled, by PADELOUP, in his very finest and most artistic style. A LARGE and truly 
sumptuous COPY OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK, in all respects in absolutely perfect condition. 

547 LA FONTAINE.— CONTES et NOUVELLES en vers, Par M. De 

La FONTAINE. Amsterdam : M.DCC.LXIV. 

2 vols. 8°; russia, gilt edges, paneled sides with broad gold borders. Beautiful impressions of the 
Plates copied from the "Fermiers Giniraux" edition. 

1 66 Catalogue of Ji^ooftsf anU a^anusfcrijpt^. 


LA FONTAINE. [Avec la Vie de /'Avtkv% Jiar M. de Montenault.j 
Paris, c^ez Desaint b" Saillant, 1755-59. 

Hvols.imf. folio. LARGE PAPER. With brilliant impressions of the 7'L\T^s, from Designs 
iy ]. B. OuDRY. Bound in grosgr. crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt hacks and edges, paneled 
and filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gUt borders, by A. Bertrand. A magnificent 

The Fables of La Fontaine, in the Edition of i7SS-i7S9i folio, 4 vols., are as attractive a 
book in this form as are the Tales in the edition of 1762." — DiBDiN. 


avec le PofeME d'Adonis. £dition omee de Figures dessinees par Moreau 

LE Jeune, ei gravies sous sa direction. Paris : chez Saugrain, de I'ltn- 

primerie de Didot le Jeune. UAn Troisi^me. [1795.] 

Roy.ip. Large Paper. Fine portrait of 'Lh Vontw^t,, and splendid impressions of the 
Plates; marbledcalf extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, ■vellum paper copy . RARE. 

550 LA FONTAINE'S TALES. — Imitated in English Verse. London: 

Pnntedfor C. Chappie, 66, Fall-Mall, 18 14. 

2 vols. sm. 8° ; iound in citron morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside 
gilt borders, by Hammond. Illustrated with VlaKTKS from the "Fermiers Gdniravx" edition. 
Splendid copy of the only complete translation into English of these famous Tales. Rare. 

551 LA FONTAINE.— CONTES de LA FONTAINE, Ome's de son Far- 

trait, d'apres un tableau inedit de Lebrun, et de 75 gravures, d'apr^s les 
Dessins de Dessene, Dugourg, etc. Paris: Chez A. Nepveu, 1820. 

4 vols, in 2 vols. 18° ; brown calf, gilt edges. 

552 LA FONTAINE. —FABLES de LA FONTAINE. Illustrees par 


2 vols. roy. 8° ; half red morocco, gUt backs and tops, UNCUT. 


America, I An Account of the feveral Nations of that vaft Continent ; 
their Culloms, Commerce, and Way of Navigation upon the Lakes and 
Rivers; the feveral Attempts of the Englijh and French to difpoffefs one 
another, with the Reafons of the Mifcarriage of the former; and the various 
Adventures between the French, and the Iroquefe Confederates of England, 
from 1683 to 1694. 

A Geographical Defcription of Canada, and a Natural Hillory of the 
Country, with Remarks upon their Government, and the Intereft of the 
Englijh and French in their Commerce. 

Alfo a Dialogue between the Author and a General of the Savages, 
giving a full View of the Religion and ftrange Opinions of thofe People : 

Catalogue of S^ooftief anti a^anujsrtcq^jaf, 167 

With an Account of the Author's Retreat to Portugal and Denmark, 
and his Remarks on thofe Courts. 

To which is added, A Dictionary of the Algonkine Language, which is 
generally fpoke in North America. Illuftrated with Twenty Three Mapps and 
Cutts. Written in French by the Baron Lahontan, Lord Lievtenant of the 
French Colony at Placentia in New-foundland, now in England. Done into 
Englijh. In Two Volumes. A great part of which never Printed in the 
Original. London : Printed for H. Bonwicke in St. Paul's Church-yard, 
etc., 1703. 

2 vols. 8° ; Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves; 13 plates and maps. Vol. II. pp. 302 (7), 10 plates. 
Elegtmtly bound in light polished calf super-extra, gilt tacks and edges, filleted sides, by W. Phatt. 


554 LAMB (C.)— The WORKS of CHARLES LAMB, including ELIANA, 

Boston: I^nted at the Riverside Press, 1865. 

S vols. 8° ; portrait. Half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Large Paper, only 100 copies 


before and after the Union with Connecticut. Containing a Particular 
Description of the Towns which composed that Government, viz.. New 
Haven, Milford, Guilford, Branford, Stamford, and Southhold, 
L. I. With a Notice of the Towns which have been set off from " The 
Original Six." Illustrated by 50 Engravings and a Map. By Edward 
R. Lambert. New Haven : Hitchcock &• Stafford, 1838. 

12° ; pp. 216. Cloth. 


Account of her Marriage with H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, afterwards 
King George the Fourth. By the Hon. CHARLES LANGDALE. Lon- 
don: Bentky, 1856. 

8° ; portrait. Cloth, uncut. 

557 LANGLOIS (E. H.)— ESSAI sur La CALLIGRAPHIE des Manu- 

SCRITS du Moyen-Age, et sur les Ornaments des Premiers Livres 
d'Heures Imprimis. Rouen: MDCCCXLI. 

8° ; ;!^. 180. Illustrated with XT plates of facsimiles. Half calf, marbled edges. SCARCE. 

558 LANMAN (JAMES H.)— History of Michigan, Civil and Topo- 

graphical, in a compendious form ; with a View of the Surrounding Lakes. 
With a Map. New- York: E. French, 1839. 

8° ; pp. xvi.- 398 ; map, brown coif, gilt back, red edges, by Pawson & Nicholson. Large 

AND fine copy. 


1 68 <(rataio0ue of ^ooftiss attti St^UjO^mjptjet. 

559 LAPHAM (I. A.) — The Antiquities of Wisconsin, as Surveyed and 

Described by I. A. LAPHAM, Civil Engineer, on Behalf of the Ameri- 
can Antiquarian Society. [Washington :] 1855. 

4°; map, $$ plates, and 6i woodcuts. Half morocco, UNCUT. 


icut. By ELLEN D. LARNED. Vol. I. 1600-1760. Vol. II. 1760- 
1880. Published by the Author. Worcester, Mass. : 1874-1880. 

2 vols. 8° ; maps and zo portraits. Cloth, rough edges. 

561 LAS CASAS (BARTHOLOMEO DE).— €|)e | ^'!^m\$^ €oI^ 

onte, I oc I ^ttefe €|)i:onttIe of t^ %tx,^ atib | ss^$\t$ of t^ 

.^paniarbClS in tJje IBe^tt 3(n^ I &K^> called the newe WorW, for the I 
space of xl. yeeres : written in the Ca- | stilian tongue by the reverend Bi- | 
shop Bartholomew de las Casas | or Casaus, a Friar of the order of 
S. Dominicke. | And nowe first translated into | engUsh, by M. M. S. | 
Imprinted at 'LoviDon for \ William. Brome. \ 1583. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson levant morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

This book is most valuable for the particulars it contains of the cruelties committed by the 
Spaniards in Peru, Mexico, and adjacent kingdoms of South America, from the year 1493, 
when the Spaniards &st commenced to inhabit the continent, almost to the date of the present 
volume — cruelties carried on for such a length of time and with a pertinacity so remarkable as 
to call forth even in those times a remonstrance against such inhuman barbarity. It is exces- 
sively RARE. 


TABLE DE LA FLO- I RIDE SiTVEE ES Indes I Occidentals, contenant 
les trois voya- | ges faits en icelle par certains Capitaines | & Pilotes Fran- 
9ois [sous le Capit. J. Ribaut, en 1562, 1564, et 1565], defcrits par le Capi- | 
taine Laudonniere, qui y a command^ | I'efpace d'vn an trois moys: 
k laquelle a | efle adiouft6 vn quatriefme voyage fait | par le Capitaine 
Gourgues [en 1567]. | Mife en lumiere par M.[artin] Basanier, | gentil- 
homme Frangois Mathematicien. \ A Paris, Chez Guillaume Auuray, rue 
fainct lean de JBeautcais, au Bellerophon couronne. M.D.LXXXVL [1586.] 
AvEC Privilege dv Roy. 

Sm. 8° ; red morocco, gilt edges. A beautiful, clean copy, extremely rare. From Hamilton 
Palace Library. 

563 LAW (J.) — MONEY and TRADE Considered: With a Proposal for 

Supplying the Nation with Money. First published at Edinburgh mdccv. 
By the Celebrated JOHN LAW, Esq. ; Afterward Comptroller-General of 
the Finances of France. Glasgow : 'Printed and sold by R. and A. Foulis, 

12°; pp. 226; calf. Very Rare. 

(Catalogue of ^oohjse anb 0^uiErcni^ti9r» 169 

GiLfficfe, ex recognitione Demetrii Cretensis.] 

Mediolani Impreffum per Magiflrum Dionyfium 

Parauifinum. MCCCCLXXVI. 

Die XXX lanuarii. 

EDITIO PRINCEPS. 4° ; 72 leaves; 25 lities on a full page, witiout signatures, numerals 
and catckwords. A large and very fine copy, with initial letters, border, and arms o/Barbaro 
richly illuminated in gold and colors. Bound in red morocco extra, gilt back and edges (with 
many rough leaves, and numerous MS. notes), filleted sides, and comer ornaments, by C. Lewis. 

Collation : The first 2 leaves contain a preface in Greek, and the Latin 
translation by Demetrius of Crete, which is deficient in some copies. The 
Grammar begins on the recto of the yi leaf, top of the page, as follows : 


Bi'jSXiov *puTov. 

The work terminates on the verso of the >] 2d leaf with the following subscrip- 

TgXog rfuv tfsu ayi'u tou *spi 

Mediolani Impreffum per Magiflrum Dionyfium 

Parauifinum. MCCCCLXXVI. 

Die XXX lanuarii. 

All bibliographers agree in the opinion that this is one of the Rarest Books in existence. 
In the preface to the Aldine edition of 1494-9 C^^ first book printed at the celebrated Aldine 
press) it is stated that, even at that time, " NO COPIES of this edition could be pro- 
cured, AFTER THE MOST DILIGENT SEARCH." The famous Greek scholar. Dr. Charles 
Bumey, considered it " the most rare and valuable book in his collection." After the Doctor's 
death it was estimated at ;^6oo, and purchased at this sum by the authorities of the British 
Museum. Before the printing of this book, vacant spaces were usually left in books for the 
insertion of the Greek passages with a pen. Demetrius Cretensis, so called from being a 
native of Crete, was of very important service in the editing of the first Greek books. Besides this 
First Edition of Lascaeis, he assisted Demetrius Chalcondylas in the Editio Princeps 
of Homer, published at Florence, 1488. He was afterwards employed by Cardinal Ximines 
on the Complutensian Polyglot. The preface of Demetrius to this First Greek book is exceed- 
ingly curious, and is addressed " Jngenuis fiuditffifimis adole/cetibus." The type is of a medium 
size, resembling the manuscripts of those days, and has been followed in the first .lEsoP, the 
6x&t Lexicon of Johannes Crastonus, and the Florentine Homer of 1488. 

See Panzer, "Annates Typographici," Vol. II., p. 25. Hain, " Repertorium Bitliographi- 
cum," Vol. II., Pars I., p. 241. Santander, "Diet. Bibliographique Choisi," Tome III., ^.96. 
Baillet, " yugetiUns des Savans," Tome '[l.,pp.3;i7-8. Dibdin, "Bibl. Spenceriana," WoX. III., 
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Rares et Pr&ieux," Tome IV., /. 112. Brunet, "Manuel," Tome III.,/. 855. 


Catalogue of ^ooftjE^ aitb !at^amti^a:q[tt$r« 


signed to Promote the Knowledge and the Love of Mankind. Illus- 
trated by more than 800 Engravings accurately copied, and some Duplicates 
added from Originals. Executed by, or under the inspection of, Thomas 
HoLLOWAY. Translated from the French by HENRY HUNTER, D. D. 
London: John Murray, etc. 1789-98. 

S ■vols. roy. 4° ; rassia, paneled sides, with broad gilt borders, gilt edges. Splendid Impres- 
sions OP THE Plates. 

"A SUMPTUOUS EDITION. The translation and engravings were under the superintendence 
of the celebrated Henry Fuseli, R. A., at whose solicitation Lavater furnished an entire 
fresh set of drawings in quarto, to suit the prevailing taste of the public, it having been 
originally intended for folio size. The engravings were executed by Thos. Holloway, 
Baktolozzi, William Blake, and other eminent artists." — Lowndes. 








As they are now eltabliflied. 


Printed for F. Coules, and W. Ley at Paules Chain, 

Sm. 4° ; fp, 16. Bound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
filleted sides, inside broad dentelle borders, by F. Bedford. A beautiful copy, in perfect 
condition, some leaves uncut, excessively RARE. 


Containing the | Exact Defcription and Natural Hiftory | of that | 


Of a Thoufand Miles, Travel'd thro' feveral | Nations of INDIANS, | Giv- 
ing a particular Account of their Cuftoms, | Manners, &c. | By John Law- 
son, Gent. Surveyor- | General oi North- Carolina. \ London: | Printed in 
the Year 1709. | 

4° ; pp. (6), 258, (3); map and plate of animals. Half bound in dark green levant morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by B^^KosTtYCE^i. A very fine, tall copy. First Edition. Rare. 

Catalogue of 25ooft^ anti Jift^anujSctijptief. i?^ 


Another Copy. London : Printed for W. Taylor at the Ship, and J. 
Baker at the Black- | Boy, in Pater-Nojler-Row, 17 14. 

4 ; PP- (6), 258, (i) ; map, and plate of aniTnals. Elegantly bound in wrinkled crimson 
morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, sides with comer ornaments after a tasteful design, by 
F. Bedford. A beautiful copy. 

from I New-England, j (Vivat Rex Anglia Carolus, Vivat Anglia, Vivantjj 
eorum Amici omnes.) \ A ftiort view of New-Englands | prefent Govern- 
ment, both Ecclefiafticall and Civil, | compared with the anciently-received 
and efta- | bliflied Government of England, in | fome materiall points ; fit 
for the graved | confideration in thefe times. | By Thomas Lechford of 
Clements Inne, \ in the County of Middle/ex, Gent. 

Levis eft dolor, qui capere confilium potejl, 

Et cleperefefe ; Magna non latitant mala. Sen. 

London : | PrinUd by W. E. and /. G. for Nath: Butter, at the figne | of 
the pyde Bull neere S. Aujlins gate. 1642. | 

Sm. 4"' ; crushed crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt borders, by 
F. Bedford. A beautiful copy of the First Edition of this extremely rare volume. 

570 LECKY (W. E. H.) — HISTORY of the Rise and Influence of the 

Spirit of RATIONALISM in Europe. Revised Edition. New York: 
n. Appletott df Co. 1868. 


Augustus to Charlemagne. By William Edward Hartpole Lecky, 
M. A. New York: D. Appleton &' Co. 1869. 

2 vols. 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 


L'HISTOIRE I des Colonies Fran5oifes, & des D6cou- | vertes, qui s'y 
font faites jufques ^ pre- | fent. | AVEC UNE RELATION EXACTE | 
des Expeditions & Voyages entrepris pour la | D6couverte du Fleuve MilTif- 
fipi jufques | au Golphe de Mexique. ( PAR ORDRE DV ROY. \ Sous la 
conduite du Sieur de la Salle, & de | fes diverfes avantures jufques ^ fa mort. | 
ENSEMBLE LES VICTOIRES | remport^es en Canada fur les Anglois & 
Iro- I quois en 1690, par les Armes de Si Majest6 | fousle Commandement 
de Monfieur le Comte | de Frontenac Gouvemeur & Lieutenant Ge- | neral 
de la Nouvelle France. | Par le P.(ere) C.(hresiien) 'L.(e) C.(lercq) | 

172 (Catalogue of ^ooM anb !tir^u$rctQ»tje?. 

A Paris, | Chez Amable Auroy, rue Saint Jacques, \ attenant la Fontaine 
Saint Severin, | h r Image Saint Jerdme. M. DC. LXXXXI. | Avec Privilege 
du Roy. I 

2 voh. 12°; Vol. I. Title, 13 prel. haves, andSSitP- 1 large folding " Carte Generalle de la 
NouvELLE FRfLtiCE," etc. engraved iy L.. BouDAii. Vol.11. 7V/&, 458//. / "Catalogue des 
Livres," etc., 10 leaves. Elegantly hound in trilliant crimson levant morocco, highly polished blind- 
tooled backs and sides, gilt edges, hroad inside dentelle borders, delicately gilt and finely worked after 
a very beautiful pattern, by LORTIC, IN HIS VERY BEST STYLE. A TRULY SUMPTUOUS 
COPY OF THIS EXCESSIVELY RARE work, absolutely perfect in EVERY 

573 LEDERER (JOHN). — The | discoveries | of | John Lederer, | in 
three several Marches from | VIRGINIA, | To the West of | CARO- 
LINA, I and other parts of the Continent : j Begun in March, 1669, and 
ended in September, 1670. ( Together with | A General Map of the whole 
Territory | which he traversed. | 

Collected and Translated out of Latine from his Discourse | and Writings, | 
By Sir William Talbot, Baronet. | 

Sed nos immensum spatiis confedmus cequor, 
Etjam tempus equum fumantia solvere colla. 
ViRG. Georg. 

London : Printed by J. C. for Samuel Heyrick, at Grays- | Inne-Gate in 
Holbom. 1672. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in dark blue morocco extra, by Matthews. 

Sir Waiiam Talbot thinks " it is clear from this book, that the long-looked-for discovery of 
the Indian Sea does nearly approach ; and that Carolina presumes that the accomplishment 
of this glorious designe is reserved for her." Lederer, who was a German, traveled far into the 
interior of Virginia, and imagined that he had nearly reached the shores of the great South 
Sea. He made himself obnoxious to the people of Virginia, and sought refiige in Maryland, 
where he was well received by Sir William Talbot, who, " finding him a modest and ingeni- 
ous person and a pretty scholar," says, "I thought it common Justice to give him an occasion 
of vindicating himself from what I had heard of him ; which truly he did with so convincing 
reason and circumstance, as quite abolished those former impressions in me, and made me 
desire this account of his travels, which here you have faithfully rendered out of Latine from 
his owne writings, with an entire map of the Territory he traversed." — Preface. 

A copy at the Griswold sale in New York a few years since brought $315. 

This is an uncut copy of this very rare book. The map is in exceptionally good con- 

574 LE GRAND (J. B.) — FABLIAUX, or TALES, Abridged from 
FRENCH MANUSCRIPTS of the Xllth and Xlllth Centuries by 
M. J. B. LE GRAND. Selected and Translated into English Verse 

^Catalogue of *ffi>oofesf an& )3t^nu^ccijrtiS. 173 

by Gregory Lewis Way, Esq. With a Preface, Notes, and Appendix, by 
G. Ellis, Esq. London : printed by W. Bulmer &> Co. Shakspeare-JPress, 

zvols. imp. 8°; light polished calf super-extra, gilt hacks and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, iy Riviere, with fine woodcuts by Bewick; a colored plate inserted. Large and 


575 LE GRAND (J. B.)— PARTENOPEX DE BLOIS, a Romance in Four 

Cantos. Freely translated from the French of M. [J. B.] LE GRAND, 
with Notes, by WILLIAM STEWART ROSE. London: Longman, 

4°; wUh engravings from designs by Smirke, which are strictly according to the costumes of 
the lath and xjfh centuries; half green morocco, gilt edges. 


TRATED : or the Novels and Histories, on which the Plays of Shakespear 
are Founded, Collected and Translated from the Original Authors, with 
Critical Remarks, by the Author of " The Female Quixote " [Mrs. Char- 
lotte Lennox]. London : MDCCLIII. 

2 vols. 12° ; old calf, one cover loose. 

The DedicaMon to John, Earl of Orrery, was written by Dr. Sam. Johnson, and Malone was 
of opinion that many of the observations throughout the work were written by him. 

577 LE POIS (ANTOINE). — DISCOVRS SVR | Les Medalles et | 

Gravevres Anti- I ques, principalement | Romaines. | Plus vne Expo- 
fition particuliere de quelques planches ou tables | eftans fiii la fin de ce 
liure, efquelles font monftrees | diuerfes Medalles & graueres anti- | ques, 
rares & exquifes. | Par M. Antoine Le Pois, Confeiller & Medecin | de 
Monfeigneur le Due de Lorraine. | A Paris, par Mamert Patiffon Imprimeur 
du Roy, I au logis de Robert EJlienne. \ M.D.LXXIX. 

4° ; 8 prel. leaves ; Text 147 leaves ; Table 3 leaves ; 20 copperplates of medals, and 4 woodcut 
figures printed in the text, including a Priapus on the verso of p. 146, which in most copies is 
defaced or torn out. In this copy it is unmutilated. Bound in fine old red morocco, gilt back and 
edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by DfeROME. A duplicate copy from the Library of 
Cardinal Mazarin. 

' ' Le Pois' Essay on the Coins and Seals of the Ancients is illustrated by the most exquisite 
plates which perhaps ever attended a medaUic work. The rarity of the work when complete 
(with the rare print on the verso of p. 146) is well known."— Pinkerton's Essay on Medals, 
Preface. On the verso of p. i will be found a curious notice of Roman coins found in the 
West Indies, " defcouuertes depuis 80. ans en c^, par Chriftophle Colom." 

578 LE SAGE ASMODEUS; or. The Devil on Two Sticks. By Alain 

Ren]6 Le Sage. With a Biographical Notice of the Author, by Jules 
Janin. Translated by Joseph Thomas. Illustrated with numerous engrav- 
ings from designs by Tony Johannot. London: Joseph Thomas, 1841. 
Roy. 8° ; cloth, uncut. 

1 74 €ataIosue of ^nok^ anb 9[^nu^m{>tj9?« 




Contenant les navigations, d6couvertes, & habi- 
tations faites par les Fran9ois 6s Indes Occiden- 
tales & Nouvelle-France fouz I'avoeu & autho- 
rite de noz Rois Tres-Chr6tiens, & les diverfes 
fortunes d'iceux en I'execution de ces chofes, 
depuis cent ans jufques h. hui. 
£n quay eft comprife rHiftoire Morale, Naturele, &" Geo- 
graphique de ladite province : Avec les Tables &" 
Figures d'icelle. 
Par Marc Lescarbot Advocat en Parlement, 
Temoin oculaire d'vne partie des chofes ici recitees. 
Multa renafcentur quae iam cecidere, cad^ntque. 
Chez Iean Milot, tenant fa boutique fur les degrez 
de la grand' falle du Palais. 

[^^^''••i LES MVSES 


A via Pieridum per agro loco nullius ante 
Tritafolo — 

[Par Marc Lescarbot.] 


Chez Iean Millot, fur les degrez de 

la grand' falle du Palais. 

Avec privilege du Roy. 

Sm. 8°; 2\ prel. leaves, pp. 888; three folded maps ; Les Mvses, 3 prel. leaves, pp. 66. 
Bound in bright crimson grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, 
broad inside dentelle borders, richly gilt, by F. Bedford. A truly splendid copy of the 
FIRST EDITION of this valuable work, in absolutely perfect preservation. EXCESSIVELY 

(Catalogue of fl&ooh^ anb St^u$ecn|pt$r. 175 


DESCRIPTION — OF THAT PART OF | Nkvv France, | which is 
one continent with \ Virginia. | Defcribed in the three late Voyages and 
Plantation made by | Monfieur de Monts, Monfieur du Foni-Graue, and | 
Monfieur de Poutrincourt, into the countries | called by the French men La 
Cadie, \ lying to Southwell of | Cape Breton. \ Together with an excellent 
feuerall Treatie of all the commodities | of the faid countries, and maners 
of the naturall | inhabitants of the fame. | Tranflated out of French into 
Englijh by \ P. E. [Pierre Erondelle.] Londini, | Impenfis Georgii 
Bishop. | 1609. J 

Sm. 4° ; elegantly iouTid in dark blue levant morocco super-extra, gilt hack and edges, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. A large, clean, and very fine copy. 

Collation: " Title " as above, verso blank ; "The Epistle Dedicamorie " \_sic\, ■' To the 
Bright I Starre of the North, | Henry Prince of Great | Britaine," | signed " P. Erondelle," 2^./ 
"To the Reader," zpp.; "The Table of the Contents," etc., 12 unnumbered pages ; "Text" 
yyj pp. including "The Errata." 

581 LESLIE (CHARLES).— A Short and Eafie | METHOD | with the | 

DEISTS. I Wherein the | Certainty | of the | Chriftian Religion | Is dem- 
onftrated, by infallible Proof from | Four Rules, | which are | Incompati- 
ble to any Impojlure that ever yet | has been, or that can poffibly be. | In a 
Letter to a Friend. | The Eighth Edition. \ London: | Printed by J. Apple- 
bee, and Sold by John Checkley, \ at the Sign of the Crown and Blue-Gate, 
over- I againjl the Wejl-End of the Town-Houfe in Boflon. 1723. [Pp. 132.] 
[Followed by:] The I SPEECH | of | Mr. John Checkley \ upon his | 
TRYAL, I At Bojlon in New-England, | For Publifhing | " The Short 
and Eafy Method with the | Deijls " .■ To which was added, A Difcourfe | 
concerning Epifcopacy; In Defence of | Chriftianity, and the Church of 
England, | againft the Deifts and the Diffenters. j To which is added : | The 
Jury's Verdict; His Plea in Arreft of | Judgment; and the Sentence of 
the Court. | \And\ A | Specimen | of a True | Diffenting Catechism, | 
upon Right True-Blue | Diffenting Principles, | With | Learned Notes, j 
By Way of Explication. | London: | Pinted for J. Wilford, behind the 
Chapter- \ Houfein St. Paul's Church-Yard. 1730. 

8° ; pp. 40, 16, (4) ; elegantly bound in dark blue best grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
back and edges, paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, broad inside borders, richly gilt, by 
F. Bedford. 

582 L'ESTRANGE (SIR HAMON). — Americans No Iewes, or Improb- 

abilities that the Americans are of that race. London, Printed by W. W. 
for Henry Seile, 1652. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in dark blue crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back, sides richly tooled in RoGER 
Payne style, by Pratt. 

This is a reply to Thorowgood's first treatise: "Iewes in America, or probabilities that 
Americans are of that race." See " Thorowgood." 


1 76 Catalogue of ^ooltjee at^ o^anu^cnj^t^. 

583 LE VAILLANT (FR.) — Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, 

by the Way of the Cape of Good Hope, in the Years 1780-5. 2 vols. 
New Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, by the Way of the 
Cape of Good Hope, in the Years 1783-5. 3 vols. London: G. &" J. 
Robinson, 1790-1796. 

5 vols. 8° ; half calf, gilt tacks. Maps and 3s copperplates, including the rare one of the ' ' Hottentot 
Venus," ustially wanting. Scarce. 

584 LEWIS AND CLARKE.— TRAVELS to the Source of the Missouri 

River and across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean. Per- 
formed by Order of the Government of the United States, in the Years 1804, 
1805, and 1806. By CAPTAINS LEWIS and CLARKE. Published from 
the Official Report, and Illustrated by a Map of the Route, and other Maps. 
A New Edition. [i?i/«V(?^/ ^ Thomas Rees.] London: Zongman, 181^. 

3 vols. 8° ; sprinkled calf extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, mariled edges. Very fine, clean copy. 

585 LIEBER (F.) — On CIVIL LIBERTY and Self-Government. By 

FRANCIS LIEBER, LL.D. Philadelphia : J. B. Lipfincott &• Co. 1859. 

8°; cloth. 

586 LILLY (JOHN).— SixE | COVRT | Comedies. | Often Presented and 

Acted I before Queene Elizabeth, | by the Children of her Ma- | iesties Chap- 
pell, and the | Children of Panics. | Written \ By the onely Rare Poet of 
that I Time, The Wittie, Comicall, | Facetiously -Qukke and | vnparalleld | 
Iohn Lilly, Master | of Arts. 

Decies repetita placehunt. 

London: Printed by William Stansby for Edward Blount, 16^2. 

12° ; bound in fine russia, gilt back and edges. 

587 [LiNSCHOTEN.]— 3[o|)n I^uisfieti aJan EttijE^cl^en i^iiS Wi$f 
coutjS of JaopagciS into pc k^tt \ IBejaft 3[nbie^. Devidedinto 

foure Bookes. With 4 title-pages, frontispiece, 12 large and 7 small maps. 
London: John Wolfe, 1598. 

Folio; orange levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

" This inestimable book, a treasure of all the learning respecting the East and West Indies 
and the navigation thither at the end of the sixteenth century, has been in the highest esteem 
for nearly a century, and was given to- each ship sailing to India, as a log-book. Hence the 
many editions (6 in Dutch, 3 in French, and i in Latin), which is also the cause yihyfine copies, 
especially with all the plates and maps, are so very rare. The description of America occupies 
pages 16 to 82 of the third part." — F. MuLLER. 

From the Barlow Collection. It is a singularly beautiful copy of a book which is rare in any 
condition, and which is almost never found with all the maps in good ordej. The entire title- 
page is engraved, and is especially interesting as the work of William Rogers, the first English 
engraver. The present is a perfect and brilliant impression of the plate. 

Catalogue of 52^ooft$e anb lat^uirnrq^t^r. 177 


not in the Collections. {Edited by William J. Linton.] Appkdore Pri- 
vate I^ess, U. S. A. 1882. ■ 

8° ; with beautiful woodcut illmtraiitms, 225 COPIES ONLY printed. No. 89, signed 
"W. J. Linton." 

" For anything unusual or unsatisfactory in the production of the book I ask consideration : 
the whole of it — drawing, engraving, composition, and printing (the printing my first attempt) — 
being the work of my own hands, at odd times, with long intervals and many hindrances." — 

589 LITCHFIELD COUNTY Centennial Celebration, Held at Litch- 

field, Conn. , 1 3th and i 4th of August, 1 8 5 1 . Hartford : Edwin Hunt, 1851. 

8° ; half roan. 

590 LITHGOW {WllAAPLM).— A moft delectable \ KiiTi TRVE DIS- | 

COVRSE OF AN AD- | mired and painefuU Peregrina- | tion from Scot- 
land, to the moft | Famous Kingdomes in Europe, | Afia and Affrica. | . . . 
Newly Imprinted, and exactly inlarged, by the Author | William Lith- 
Gow; with certaine rare \ Relations of his fecond, and third Trauels. | 
London: | Printed by Nicholas Okes, dwelling in Foster-Lane. \ 1623. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (8), 205. Bound in tussia, gUt back arid edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, 
by F. Bedford. Portrait inserted. 


DES MANUSCRITS classes dans I'Ordre Chronologique et selon les 
Styles divers qui se sont succ6d6 depuis le Huiti^me Si^cle jusqu'au Seizi^me. 
Reproduit en Couleurs et Publi^^s par B. Charles Mathieu. Tome 
II. NOTICE HISTORIQUE et Texte Explicatif par Ferdinand 
Denis et B. Ch. Mathieu. Paris : Chez PAuieur, 1857-62. 

2 vols. sq. 12° ; fp. 158, 250. With 23 FULL-PAGE ILLUMINATIONS a?ul each page orna- 
mented with elaborate illuminated borders in gold and colors. Bound in blue levant morocco super- 
extra, inside lined with bright crimson levant morocco, highly polished, with broad gold borders, 
elaborately tooled, blue watered-sUk fly-leaves, morocco joints, gilt edges, by ChAMBOLLE-Duru. 
In a sliding case lined with chamois skin. 

592 LIVY. — Titi Livii | HISTORIARUM | quod extat | ex recensione I. F. 

Gronovii \ Amstelodami, | apud Danielem Elzevirium. A°. 1678. 

[Engraved Titled 
12° ; bound in plain red morocco, with elaborate inside borders, gilt edges, by ROGER PAYNE. 
From the Beckford Collection, Hamilton Palace. > 


GREAT BRITAIN. Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the Galleries 
of the Nobility and thjfe Public Collections of the Country. With Biographi- 
cal and Historical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions, by EDMUND 
LODGE, Esq., F. S. A. London : Harding &' Lepard, 1835. 

12 vols, in 6 vols. roy. 4°. LARGE PAPER. With 240 Portraits, fine India Proof 
Impressions. Bound in half citron levant morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, fore edges uncut. 

594 LONG (J.) — VOYAGES and TRAVELS of an Indian Interpreter 
and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the North Ameri- 
can Indians ; with an Account of the Posts situated on the River Saint 
Laurence, Lake Ontario, &c. To which is added, A VOCABULARY of 
the Chippeway Language. Names of Furs and Skins, in English and 
French. A List of Words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Es- 
quimeaux Tongues, and a Table, shewing the Analogy between the Algon- 
kin and Chippeway Languages. By J. LONG. London : Printed for the 
Author, M,DCC,XCI. 

4° ; pp. «».-29S ; map. Half morocco, gilt back and top, rough edges. Very fine, clean copy. 



le Rommant 
de la Roze. 

Ou tout lart Damour eft enclofe 

Hyftoires et auctoritez 

Et maintz beaulx propos vfitez 

Qui a efte nouuellement 

Corrige fufHfantement 

Et cotte bien a lauantaige 

Com on voit en chafcune page. 

C On les vend a Paris en la grant falle du palais 
au premier piUier en la bouticque De Galiot du pr6 
libraire iure de Luniueriite. 

Mil. V.C.XXXI. 


Polio. Black Letter. Title in red and black, printed within a broad ornamental wood- 
cut border, containing 4 medallion PORTRAITS; 4 prel. leaves, comprising the Title, Pro- 
logue, and Table ; Text, 131 numbered leaves, double columns, 45 lines on a full page, 
followed by a separate leaf containing the Device of Galiot du Pr6. With numerous curious 

Bound in crimson levant morocco, sides tooled ingiltaftera Grolieti. pattern, doubUwith blue 
morocco studded with scores of roses inlaid, by LORTIC, atui a beautiful specimen of his handiwork. 
Inclosed in a Solander case. 

596 [LONGUS].— Les AMOURS PASTORALES de Daphnis et Chlo6. 


Sm. 8°. LARGE PAPER. Plates by Philippe d'Orl6ans, engraved by B. Audran, 
including " les Petits Pieds." Fine old red morocco, gilt back and edges, broad gold borders on the 
sides, by DfeROME. 

Cat^osue of ^oolt^ m^ £i^ujstcn]^ti6f. 1 79 

597 LONGUS.— LES AMOURS Pastorales de DAPHNIS et CHLOfi, 

Traduites du Grec de Longus, par AMYOT. Paris, De VImprimerie 
de P. Didot I'Aine, An VIII. M.DCCC. 

Soy. 4°; elegantly printed in large type on "papier vilin," and illustrated with 9 large and 
beautiful engravings, after designs by Prudhon and GfesARD, all of which are most dazzlingly 
trilliant Proofs before Letters. Bound in highly polished crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt edges, back and sides covered with a shower of gold most delicately worked " au poinMli, 
ferparfer," after a beautiful pattern, and in the style ofLs, Gascon, by CAPfi. A TRULY 


M. D., the First Engraver on Wood in America. Read before the 
New York Historical Society, Oct. 5, 1870. By BENSON J. LOSSING. 
New York: Printed for the Subscribers, 1872. 

Imp. 8°; pp. (6), 107; 38 engravings. Half green levant morocco, gilt back and top, UNCUT, 
by Wm. Matthews. Limited Edition. Thirty-two Illustrations inserted; includ- 
ing seventeen India Proofs, some before Letters ; several Private Plates, and a 
brilliant impression of the very rare large engraving-oi a Hunting Scene by Anderson, 
after RiDlNGER. 


ENGLISH LITERATURE, Containing an Account of Rare, Curious, 
and Useful Books, published in or relating to Great Britain and Ireland, from 
the Invention of Printing ; with Bibliographical and Critical Notices, Colla- 
tions of the Rarer Articles, and the Prices at which they have been Sold. 
By WILLIAM THOMAS LOWNDES. New Edition, Revised, Cor- 
rected and Enlarged ; with an Appendix relating to the Books of Lit- 
erary and Scientific Societies, by Henry G. Bohn. London : Bell 
df Daldy, 1869. 

6 vols, crown 8° ; half olive morocco, tops gilt, edges uncut. Large Paper: " One Hundred 
Copies for Subscribers only." No. 16. 

600 LUBBOCK (Sir JO — PRE-HISTORIC TIMES, as Illustrated by 

Ancient Remains, and the Manners and Customs of Modem Savages. By 
SIR JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart., F. R. S. Second Edition. London : 1869. 

8° ; s plates and 228 engravings on wood. Half green calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 

601 LUBBOCK (Sir J.) — The ORIGIN of CIVILISATION and the 
~- Primitive Condition of Man. Mental and Social Condition of Savages. 

By SIR JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart, London: Longmans, 1870. 

8° ; s plates and 20 engravings on wood. Half green morocco, gilt back and top, uncut. 


the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Translated by F. E. BUNN£TT. 
London: Smith, Elder &" Co. 1872, 

2 vols. ray. 8° ; beveled cloth extra, gilt tops, with nearly 400 illustrations. 

i8o Catalogue of 2&oofe36f anb a^anujefto^tiaf. 

603 LUTHERI I Catechifinus | Ofweifatt | pi | American- Virginifke | Sprll- 

ket. I STOCKHOLM | Tryckt vthi thet af Kongl. May"- privileg. | BuR- 
CHARDi Tryckeri, af J. J. GenathJ. \ Anno M DC XCVI. | 

Sm. 8° ; dark red levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt borders, by W. Pratt. 

604 LYON (Capt. G. F.) — a narrative of TRAVELS in NORTH- 

ERN AFRICA, in the Years 1818, 19, and 20; Accompanied by Geo- 
graphical Notices of Soudan, and the Course of the Niger. By Captain 
GEORGE FRANCIS LYON, R. N. London: John Murray, 1821. 

4° ; folding map and 17 colored plates. Plain calf. 

60s LYON (Capt. G. F.) — The PRIVATE JOURNAL of Captain 
George F. Lyon, of H. M. S. Hecla, during the recent Voyage of Dis- 
covery under Captain Parry. With Map and Plates. London : Murray, 

8° ; half brawn calf, gilt top, UNCUT. SCARCE. 

606 LYON (Capt. G. F.) — A BRIEF NARRATIVE of an Unsuccessful 
Attempt to Reach Repulse Bay, through Sir Thomas Rowe's " Wel- 
come," in His Majesty's Ship Griper, in the Year MDCCXXIV. With a 
Chart and Engravings ^jFinden. London : John Murray, MDCCCXXV. 

8° ; calf 


SAYS Contributed to the Edinburgh Review. New Edition. 
London: Longmans, 1866. 

4 vols, post 8° ; polished tree-calf, gilt backs, marbled edges, by Riviere. 


cession of James the Second. Edited by his Sister, Lady Trevelyan. 
With a Memoir of Lord Macaulay, by the Very Rev. The Dean of St. 
Paul's \H. H. Milman\ London : 1867. 

8 vols, post 8° ; portrait. Polished tree-calf, gilt backs, marbled edges, by RiviERE. 

609 MACAULAY (LORD).— LAYS of ANCIENT ROME. Wtth illus- 

trations original and from the antique, by George Scharf Jun. London : 
I^ngmans, 1867. 

Sq. le'' I beautifully printed on plate-paper, and sumptuously bound in bright crimson morocco 
super-extra, paneled sides, surrounded by a delicately tooled gilt border, gilt edges, by Riviere. 

Catalogue of ^ooft^e anti ^i^ujaftn^tj^* i8i 

6io MACHIAVEL (N,) — The WORKS of the Famous NICHOLAS 
MACHIAVEL, Citizen and Secretary of Florence. Written Originally 
in Italian, and from thence newly and faithfully Translated into English. 
The Third Edition, carefully corrected. London : MDCCXX. 

Folio ; plain calf. 

6ii MACLISE PORTRAIT GALLERY.— A Gallery of Illustri- 
ous Literary Characters (1830-1838). Drawn by the late DANIEL 
MACLISE, R. A., and accompanied by Notices chiefly by the late 
WILLIAM MAGINN, LL. D. {Republished from " Fraser's Magazine.") 
Edited by WILLIAM BATES, B. A., with a Preface and Copious Notes, 
Biographical, Critical, Bibliographical, and generally Illustrative. London : 
Chaiio &■ Windus. [1873.] 

4° ; crimson cloth, gilt edges, with 83 Portraits. 


INSTITUTIONS. By Sir Henry Sumner Maine. New York: H. 
Holt &" Company, 1875. 

8° ; hrauin cloth, UNCUT. 

613 MAJERUS (MICH.) — ATALANTA | FVGIENS, | hoc est,— 

EMBLEMATA | nova | de secretis natur.^ | chymica, I Accomo- 
data partim oculis & inteUectui, figuris | cupro indfis, adjectifque fententiis. 
Epigram- | matis & notis, partim auribus & recreationi | animi plus minus 
50 Fugis Muficalibus trium | vocum, quarum duse ad unum fimplicem 
melo- I diam diftichis canendis peraptam, correfpon- | deant, non abfq; 
fmgulari jucunditate videnda, | legenda, meditanda, intelligenda, dijudi- 
canda, | canenda & audienda: | Authore \ Michaele Majero Imperial. 
Con- I fiftori Comite, Med. D. ex. &c. | Oppenheimii | Ex typographia 
Hieronymi Galleri, | Sumptibus Joh. Theodori de Bry, \ M DC XVII. 

Sm. 4°; pp. 211, (2). Engraved Title; 50 exceedingly curious emblematical plates by J. T. 
DE Bry, brilliant impressions ; and 50 Fugues with music. Dark blue morocco, gilt back and edges, 
filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by BisiAUX. A BEAUTIFUL COPY OF THIS EXCESSIVELY 

614 MALTHUS (T, R.)— An Essay on the PRINCIPLE of POPULA- 

TION, or a View of its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness, 
with an Inquiry into our Prospects respecting the Future Removal or Miti- 
gation of the Evils which it Occasions. By the Rev. T. R. MALTHUS, 
A. M. Seventh Edition. London: Reeves b" Turner, 1872. 
8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

1 82 Catalogue of ^ooit$t anb SDi^u^fct^jai. 

6is MANTE (THOMAS).— The | HISTORY \ of the | Late War | in | 
NORTH-AMERICA, | and the | Islands of the West-Indies, | Includ- 
ing I The campaigns of MDCCLXIII and MDCCLXIV | against 
His Majesty's Indian Enemies. | By Thomas Mante, | Assistant Engineer 
during the Siege of the Havanna, | and Major of a Brigade in the Cam- 
paign of 1764. I London: | Printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell in the 
Strand. \ MDCCLXXII. 

4° ; tP- {4)1 '"iii-i S42 (i). 18 maps. Elegantly bound in redgrosgr. levant morocco super-extra, 
gilt back and edges, filleted sides, broad inside gilt borders, by Wm. Matthews. A TRULY 


616 BASELER TODTEN-TANTZ,— A series of 44 capitally executed 
INDIA-INK DRAWINGS of this Celebrated Danse Macabre, with title-page (the 
center of which is left blank), signed by " Emmanuel Bichel, 1721." 

Sm. 4° ; bound by Matthews, in brawn crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges. 

With manuscript verses above and below every print. The next to the last leaf contains a 
very curiously executed reversible head, which, viewed from beneath, represents a bearded man 
with hat and plume ; on reversing the book the same drawing represents an animated skull. 
The last leaf, entitled Memento Mori, represents a skull resting on a Bible and surmounted 
by an hour-glass, etc. The volume is Unique. 

617 55tebianum (©tbhtijS fmtmm ^c^etikatotum ^. SDominici. 

MANUSCRIPT on fine Vellum, of the thirteenth century, of English 
execution. Written in (!BOt|)tC letter, with the musical notation, in black 
and red inks, in double columns, on 430 leaves. 28 illuminated initial 
letters, of which 13 contain miniatures. The other initial letters in blue 
and red, with connecting ornaments in same colors running along the 
margins, etc. 

Thick 8° ; bound in crushed levant moncco, watered-silk linings, gilt edges. With silver clasps. 
At end of volume are six pages of prayers, etc., in old hands. Small upper blank comer of 
many of the leaves worn ; blank lower margin of first leaf repaired. 

618 2£>iBiia iSatCa,— manuscript of the thirteenth century, written in a 
minute but remarkably clear and beautiful ^OtJE)tC hand on 568 leaves of 
very fine Vellum. Many neatly executed small illuminated letters and 
illuminated or colored ornaments at side or between the columns of the text. 

Thick small 8° ; calf, gilt back and edges. 

A library stamp erased from first page. The manuscript contains the entire Bible, is 
apparently of EngUsh execution, and about six hundred years old. 

((tat^o0ue of ^ool^ anb Si^nuj6^cn{»t$(. 183 

619 ^tftlia ^asx&t cum ^^rologo ^, i^teronpmt. manuscript on the 

finest Vellum, of the thirteenth century, of English execution. Beautifully 
written in a minute but very clear ^Otf)tC hand, in double columns, on 639 
leaves. 139 illuminated initial letters, 88 of which contain delicately executed 
miniatures. The other initial letters in red and blue, with very numerous 
narrow ornaments in same colors running down the outer margin of text 
or between the colunms. On the eighth page is an illuminated ornament 
containing eight miniatures, filling the entire space between the columns 
and part of tlie upper and lower margins. 

Thick 12° ; calf, gilt tack, sides inlaid, with gilt tooling, gilt edges. 

This volvime, like the preceding, contains the whole Bible, and is a wonderful specimen of 
the patience and skill shown by the mediaeval monks. The fineness of the vellum would seem 
to make impossible such diminutive chirography. But the letters are formed with the greatest 
precision and, in spite of the lapse of centuries, are still in perfect preservation. 

620 CHANSONS ET MOTETS. Consisting of three hundred and nine- 
ty-six pages, of which the larger portion have the words and score written 
out in French and Latin j table of contents at beginning, with the composers' 
names written at the head in various colors, full-page letter ** 25 executed 
in blue and olive interlaced scroll-work, also eleven large capitals of the 
same character in black, red, blue, olive, and yellow inks, with one hundred 
and four initials somewhat smaller, and many other initials yet smaller. 

Oblong minimo, measuring $% by 7^ inches, in the original French binding, richly tooled, gauf- 
fered edges. SjEC. XVI. 

Unique, original, and royal MANUSCRIPT in sumptuous binding. This num- 
ber consists of a volume of a collection of " Chansons et Motets" which was arranged for five, 
six, and eight voices in Latin, French, Italian, and Dutch, with the music. It is written on 
paper, and was executed for Henry II. of France and Diana of Poitiers. 

The date, 1552, is inserted in a large ornamental capital at folio 145. 

This volume, from the fineness of the design of its binding and the interest of its original 
ownership, is one of the most important examples of its kind that has ever been offered for 
sale. It brought at the sale of M. L&pold Double in 1863 five thousand two hundred and 
fifty francs. In addition to its acquired historical interest, the book is of considerable importance 
in itself in regard to the history of music, on account of its table of contents, which gives the 
names of various French composers of the sixteenth century, among whom will be found: 
Phil, de Wildre, Cresquillon, Ch. Chastelain, Ciprian de Rose, and Anthoine Gaily. 

The heraldic ".ex libris" of the celebrated bibliophile, M. Double, will be found on the 
front inside cover, where are the following MS. notes in his handwriting: " Voirla date de 1552, 
page 145, p. 97, hymne par Charles VIII., p. 75, 77, 82, 186 Clement Marot. p. 172, Diane d. 
Henri II., p. 187, Franfois I." 

The marvelously beautiful and original French binding, of a semi-Maioli, semi-Grolier 
style, was doubtless designed for King Henry II. by " Le Petit Bernard." The sides and back 
are painted and inlaid in colored enamels and leathers. Both sides are covered with green 
floriated, conventional Gothic ornaments and an intersecting design in black and white, the 
parallel lines of which are pointilU in the centers. The middle of the fore side has a large 
heraldic and allegorical design of circular shape, in the center of which is a shield of the royal 
arms of France, above which is a regal crown. Depending from the upper portion of the shield 
are a collar of "SS" and cockle-shells, fi-om which also hangs the jewel of the Order of St. 
Louis. Amid si\\er pointillS ornamentations are the monogram "H. D." interlaced, three 
silver half-moons, a large crescent silver moon, allusive to the chaste goddess Diana, and the 

1 84 Catalogue of ^tioW anb !S)[^ujera:^ti$. 

king's initial " H " twice repeated. On the other side, in the middle of a circle and upon a 
square scroll, is the word " Bassvs." The back is enameled in black and white, and tooled in 
gilt. The design is lozenge-shaped, chequered. The edges are as fine a specimen of gauffered 
work as can be found. It is a floriated and interlaced design, pointilU throughout. 

This binding is reproduced in Joseph Cundall's " BookHtidings, Ancient and Modem." It 
is there styled "Recueils de Chansons et Motetts, with the Arms and Monograms of Henry II. 
and Diana of Poitiers. Binding of the Middle of the XVI. Century," and is presented in 
that authority as a representative example of a "Diane de Poitiers reliure." The eminent 
bibliopegist writes: "Diank of Poitiers, the mistress of Henry II. of France, devoted much 
attention to the binding of her books ; perhaps those executed for her are the finest speci- 
mens ever produced ; probably they were designed by ' Le Petit Bernard ' (Bemhard Salomon 
of Lyons), who also made drawings for her jewels. They were usually engraved with a 
bow and crescent, sometimes with an arrow rising from a tomb with the motto ' Sola mint 
in. illo.' On the love offerings from the king an 'H' is worked in with a crown and fleur- 
de-lis. The practice of inscribing mottos on books was very usual. There is a beautiful book 
mentioned in Dibdin's 'Decameron,' which was published by Aldus. It is bound in fine Italian 
olive binding, with the device of a serpent entwining a ring and a motto, ' Scilicet es superis labor 
■ est.' On many of Henry's own books are stamped and interwoven the initials ' H ' and ' D ' of 
. his own and mistress's names, with crescents, bows, quivers, and other symbols of the chase 
appropriate to a lady besiring the name of Diana. (Many of the ornaments on the pottery 
of Oiron known as Faience de Henri II. were evidently stamped with bookbinder's tools.) On 
some of his books the ' H ' is interwoven with a ' C," and in this case the latter initial is that of 
his vrife, Catherine de Medicis." 


Mass, etc., on Vellum, illuminated in gold and colors, rubricated, and with 
the score of the music. The tide-page with border in gold and colors, 
eighteen illuminated large initial letters, and numerous smaller capitals. 
The work is attributed to the fourteenth century. 

Thick small 4° ; original leather binding, on wooden boards, with eight triform brass ornaments 
with bosses on the sides, also brass comers. 

Examples of chant books of this size WITH THE MUSICAL SCORE are excessively rare. 

The above consists of 265 leaves, or 530 pages, of which a few are stained and one or two 
slightly mended. It is a splendid example both of early binding and of paleography. 

622 CICERO. 


Sene-^tYte M. T. C. Paradoxa. 

MANUSCRIPT on Vellum, of the fifteenth century, of Italian execution. 
Beautifully written in Roman letters on 128 leaves, with illuminated initials. 
The first page of each of the three treatises is surrounded by a border, con- 
taining floriated ornaments in colors, medallion portraits, etc., on a gold 
background. The tide of each treatise is written in gold on a piurple back- 
ground, beneath which is an illuminated initial and the first word of the text 
in gold on red or green background. 

12° ; oak boards covered with stamped leather, gilt edges. A fine specimen with ample margins, 
from the A. Firmin-Didot Collection, with his ex-libris. 

(Catalogue of ^ooftjee anti )3r^ujofci:q^$e. 185 

623 CICERO. 

£1^. Cullij Ciceconiis be fmibn^ htmt tt msAm ab 25mtu. 

Beautiful MANUSCRIPT on Vellum, executed in Italy in the fifteenth 
century. 95 leaves, text in Roman letters', with small illuminated capitals. 
The first page surrounded by a very delicately executed ornamental border, 
formed of interlaced ornaments with designs of children and birds. The 
initial letter on first page represents the bust of a scholar with a book in 
his hand. 

Folio,- bound by LORTIC in green crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges. 


TATIS. MANUSCRIPT on fine Vellum, executed in the second half of 
the fifteenth century. 117 leaves, of which the title-page is very chaste, 
with miniature in gold and colors, borders with cherubs, etc., etc., also 54 
fine gold and colored capitals with arabesque ornaments. S^c. XV. 

4° (10 J^ X 8|i inches) ; limp vellum binding. 

This UNIQUE MANUSCRIPT was formerly in the collection of Cardinal Salviati. It 
is a most interesting example of fifteenth century Italian work, and is in fine condition except 
that the inner border of the title is mended and the first two leaves are slightly stained. 

St. Jerome, known also in biography as " Eusebius Hieronymus Sophronius," was born on 
the confines of Dalmatia, circa 331-345. He retired to the desert of Chalcis in 374, and 
became a priest at Antioch four years later. For three years afterward he lived at Constantinople 
in close intimacy with Gregory Nazianzus. In 382 St. Jerome came to Rome and acted as the 
secretary of Pope Damasius, engaging in his great work of biblical revision. He was celebrated 
chiefly for his Pelagian controversies, and died on September 30 in the year 420. Erasmus 
edited his works. St. Jerome is ' ■ universally regarded as the most learned and eloquent of 
the Latin Fathers." 

625 i^ora ^eat^ Sl^ariae Cticgmtje^^ manuscript on vellum, of the 

fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in 4E>0t|)tt letters on 
188 leaves. 21 miniatures, many large illuminated initials, and numerous 
smaller initials illuminated, five emblazoned coats-of-arms. Those pages 
which contain miniatiures are surrounded by elaborate floriated borders; 
very delicately designed and brilliantly illuminated borders at the sides of 
the text on the other pages. 

4° ; bound in oak boards covered with red velvet, with silver clasps and comer ornaments. ' ' Die- 
werke Rinjes, I. L." engraved on inside of the clasps. 

626 jj^ora 25eata a^cwe Clirghtijef, manuscript on vellum, of 

the fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in ^Ot|)iC letters 
on 106 leaves, with illuminated initials, illuminated borders at side of every 
page (those pages which contain miniatures being surrounded by a full bor- 
der), 13 large and 22 small miniatures. The borders to the Calendar embody 
small miniatures of the occupation of each month and its zodiacal sign. 

8° ; bound in oak boards cmiered with red velvet, gilt edges, with the book-plate of De Mari- 
DORT. Manuscript writing in an old hand on two fly-leaves and inside cover at end of volume. 

1 86 Cat^ogm of 52&ooh^ anti si^ujErcn^tief. 

627 ^otx ^tatx SK^iae dirgmijaf. manuscript on vellum, of the 

fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in (230t|)tC letters on 
167 leaves, with the initials and blank spaces illuminated. 12 large miniatures 
exquisitely executed in colors and brilliantly heightened with gold. 14 large 
initial letters, some of them containing small miniatures ; 2 small miniatures 
in the ornamented border of one leaf. The pages containing the large minia- 
tures surrounded with broad and elaborately illuminated borders ; very deli- 
cately executed illuminated floriated borders at the side of the text on the 
other leaves — in a great many cases with the borders on both sides of the 
text ; a few leaves without the borders. 

4° ; old red smooth morocco, gilt back, gilt edges gauffered, with manmcript inscription : ' 'Monas- 
tery of Cellf Ahhatis Sept"," at foot of first leaf of text. In pull-off case. 

628 i^or«e 25^ata Sl^a (HinptiijE^* manuscript on vellum, of the 

sixteenth century, of French execution. Written in ^Ott)tC letters on 60 
leaves. 7 large and 5 small, finely executed miniatures ; numerous illuminated 
initial letters, ornamental borders, and half borders to many pages. 

4° ; bound by MATTHEWS in blue velvet, vellum linings, gilt edges. 

629 K^ocaE 26»eat£e lai^na slirginijf. manuscript on vellum, of the 

fifteenth century, of English execution. Written in ^Ott)it letters on 
167 leaves. 26 highly finished miniatures, a full-page emblazoned coat-of- 
arms, many illuminated initial letters and broad floriated borders in gold 
and colors. 

Sm. folio ; oak boards covered with pale green velvet, gilt edges. Stitched on a fly-leaf is a me- 
diiBval scapula, or charm, being a head of Christ painted on a small piece of vellum. 

The miniature at the beginning of the "Office for the Dead" is an exceptionally beautiful 
and artistic example of skill in painting. 

630 J^ora 5&cata a^am (ahrginijef. manuscript on fine vellum, 

of the early part of the sixteenth century, of French execution. Beauti- 
fully written in 430tt)tC letters on 245 leaves. The first page of each of 
the 12 leaves of the Calendar depicts, in colors heightened with gold, the 
appropriate occupations of the month, in the center of which scenes the first 
part of the Calendar of each month is inserted. 1 1 large miniatures, 7 small 
miniatures, and 14 large initial letters, all beautifully executed in colors and 
gold. All the pages containing the miniatures and the large initial letters are 
surrounded with broad borders, on most of which are depicted, on gold back- 
grounds, exquisitely finished figures of flowers, insects, etc. Very numerous 
delicately illuminated small initial letters. 

Sm. 12° ; fine old smooth morocco, gilt back and edges. In Solander case. 

The workmanship of this volume is of the same style as that in the ' ' Hours of Anne of Brit- 
tany." It is the daintiest object in the whole collectioil, and may successfully challenge com- 
parison with any similar manuscript in existence. 

<(tataio0ue of ^ooft^ anb £r^Ujorm]ptiei« 187 

631 J^ttt« 25eata a^ia dJirgtm^* manuscript on vellum, of the 

fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in ((B>Ott)tC letters on 
173 leaves. The Calendar (12 leaves) has illuminations at sides and foot of 
each of its first pages, each containing two miniatures — one depicting the 
occupation of the month, the other the sign of the Zodiac. The body of 
the volume contains 16 large and very finely executed miniatures, besides 31 
small miniatures of the Saints. 

4° ; bound iafine old red smooth morocco, gilt edges. 

632 l^ora ^eats JK^aria Cltirgtni^r. manuscript on vellum, of the 

fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in ^Ot|)tC letters on 
223 leaves. 20 curious miniatures in gray tint, touched up with white and 
heightened with gold ; those pages containing the miniatures surrounded with 
broad illuminated borders made up of grotesque figures, etc. 20 large 
illuminated initial letters ; many smaller illuminated initial letters, with 
marginal decorations in colors and gold. Blank spaces in text illuminated. 

12° ; bound ty LORTIC in. crimson crushed levant morocco extra, back and sides inlaid with green 
morocco, gilt back, richly tooled, gilt borders and center ornaments on sides, vellum linings, gilt 
over marbled edges. In crushed levant morocco Solander case. 

633 j|ora 2£>eat«e a^am ditgirajef. manuscript on vellum, of 

the fifteenth century, of French execution. Written in ^Ot|)tC letters on 
216 leaves. 18 large miniatures, 13 smaller miniatures, besides 24 miniatures 
(depicting the zodiacal signs and the various occupations of the months) in 
the illuminated borders to the Calendar. Those pages containing miniatures 
are surrounded by illuminated borders, in each of which the initials V I are 
introduced; in these borders are also various animals, and a coat-of-arms 
(repeated several times). Delicately drawn illuminated side ornaments to 
nearly all the pages, depicting, in colors and gold, flowers and finiit. Very 
numerous illuminated initial letters. Blank spaces of text illuminated. 

Sm. 12° ; fine old smooth morocco, gilt back, smooth morocco linings, gilt, gilt edges, 

634 HORiE PEMBROCHIANiE.— An Illuminated MANUSCRIPT of the 
Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Written for William Herbert, 
First Earl of Pembroke, about 1440, and eraiched with 267 miniatures, besides 
hundreds of capital letters in gold and colors, the whole written on 195 
leaves of Vellum. 

Folio; bound in boards covered with red velvet, silver clasps and bosses engraved with scriptural 
scenes after the manner of the Italian niello work. 

The volume really consists of three parts. At the beginning are inserted twenty leaves of 
vellum, on the first of which is emblazoned the coat-of-arms of William Herbert, Earl of 
Pembroke. On the following leaf is a full-length portrait of the Earl, clad in silver armor. 

1 88 Catalogue of ^oo{i$e anti 0^amiisecn^$(« 

kneeling at a frie-dieu before an altar. The fifteen additional leaves bound up at the end of the 
volume contain prayers in English, written in a bold Gothic character of the sixteenth century. 
These prayers were written by Queen Catherine Parr, whose sister was the first wife of 
William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and who may have written them specially for the use 
of her brother-in-law, the Earl. The margins of the Calendar contain many interesting entries, 
from which it is evident that the owner was a stout adherent of the Yorkists, as all the battles 
chronicled there are Lancastrian defeats. This would agree well with the ownership of the Earl 
of Pembroke, who was a devoted adherent of the cause of the Duke of York, and who was 
beheaded by the Lancastrians on the day following his defeat at Banbury in 1469. The Rose 
of York is prominent in the decoration. 

It is impossible to do justice to the merits of this volume by a verbal description. In the 
opinion of the most competent living authorities on such matters the whole work was executed 
in England. This adds greatly to its importance and value, owing to the rarity of English 
manuscripts of this period. The chirography is most exact, the ink is lustrous, the drawing of 
the miniatures is unusually correct, and the colors are of exceptional brilliancy. Its condition, 
moreover, is faultless. The binding alone has artistic merit sufficient to give the volume a 
high standing. Taken all in all, it is unquestionably the most beautiful and important manu- 
script of English execution outside oi the British Museum, It ranks in the same class with the 
Bedford and Grimani Missals and the Hours op Anne of Brittany. In beauty of work- 
manship, and in fact in everything except historical associations, it far excels the Missal of 
Charles VI. which sold for 76,000 francs ^t the sale of the Didot Collection. 

It is remarkable both for breadth of design and minuteness of finish. The large full-page 
painting on fol. 131 is of most admirable execution. It gives a conventional view of the city 
of Jerusalem, and portrays three great events in the Passion of our Lord. In the center we see, 
in a sort of open alcove, with steps leading up to it, Christ blindfolded and buffetted, the 
figures of his eight tormentors being drawn with great skill. On the right, in another chamber 
open to the street, is seen Pilate washing his hands ; six attendants stand around, and in the 
street are four other spectators, who look into the hall with an anxious expression that is 
depicted with marvelous skill. At the top of the page, on the greensward of a hill above the 
buildings, we see the Crucifixion ; a group of six figures stand around the cross, two of them 
being on horseback, and on the left St. John supports the Blessed Virgin, who is fainting. 
A soldier pierces our Lord in the left side vrith a spear. In the distance is indicated a com- 
pany of armed men. The whole is surrounded by a border composed of flowers and conven- 
tional figures. 

63s HYMN AND LITANIES.— Hymne Nouvelle i I'honneur de 
Saint Louis, avec ses Maximes. Dedides et Presentees Au Roy. MAN- 
USCRIPT on Vellum, 32 pages, exquisitely written and illuminated. The 
manner in which the gold letters are formed is worthy of the best illuminators 
of the fifteenth century. They stand distinctly above the page, and are re- 
markably brilliant. The volume possesses great interest from the fact that 
it was made specially for, and was dedicated to, Louis XIV., and belonged 
to his library. It is perfect and in beautiful condition. 

4° ; bouTid in old red morocco, with the arms of Louis XIV. in gold on the sides. 

636 JUVENAL.— IvNii IvvenalisAqvinatis Satyrarvm. MANUSCRIPT 
on Vellum, of the latter part of the fifteenth century, of Italian execution. 
Beautifully written in Roman letters, on 65 leaves. Five illuminated initial 

Catalogue of ^ooh$f anti £t^u$^ctqptiEr. 189 

letters j very delicately executed illumination at foot of first page, containing, 
on a blue ground, an elaborate scroll ornament in gold, with pearls, and 
escutcheon in center. 

Sm. folio; bound by HAGU1& in brown crushed levant morocco, blind tooling on sides in the Vene- 
tian style, gilt edges. From the Library ofK Firmin-Didot, vnth his ex-libris. 

637 LACTANTIUS FIRMIANUS.— DiviNiE Institutiones. MANU- 

SCRIPT on Vellum, of the fifteenth century. Beautifully executed in 
Roman letters, on 313 pages. Six fine large initial letters illuminated in gold 
and colors (about x^ or i^ inches square), connected with side ornaments, 
executed in blue, red, green, and white. Illuminated ornamental border 
surrounding three-quarters of first page. Some marginal manuscript notes. 
A few slight tears in the margins skillfully repaired with vellum. 

Sm. folio (size liji by S inches) ; elegantly bound by Matthews in brawn crushed levant 
morocco extra, gilt back, the sides beautifully and chastely tooled in gilt, inside borders, gilt edges. 
Enclosed in chamois-lined limp wrapper, with morocco back, lettered, and flaps; with pull-off case. 

638 PETRARCH. — Francisci. Petrarce. Poetae. Clarissimi. Sonec- 

TORVM .... Beautifully executed Italian MANUSCRIPT on Vel- 
lum, of the fifteenth century, in Roman letters; comprising: 7 leaves of 
Table; 3 blank leaves; the Sonnets, leaves 1-141; De Amore Trivmphvs, 
leaves 142-178; 3 blank leaves; Vita Francisci Fe. Foe. Clar. edita per 
Leonardum Aretinvm, 7 leaves; i blank leaf. The title to the Sonnets 
written in gold on blue background ; the first page of text surrounded by 
ornamental border, containing bust-portraits ; several finely executed initial 
letters containing illuminated miniatures, and fine arabesque borders at one 
side of several pages; with very numerous initial letters in gold and colors. 

Sm. folio; bound in calf, gilt back and edges. 


639 §^tttej6^. — MANUSCRIPT on fine Vellum, of the sixteenth century, 

of French execution. Written in (t30tt)iC letters on 22 leaves. The first 
leaf contains a miniature of a scribe writing at his desk, surrounded by a 
border on which, on a gold background, are depicted flowers, fruit, and in- 
sects; the second page is surrounded by a border of similar nature, within 
which the text commences by a name, " Fran. Peipsal," painted on a red and 
gold background ; on the margins of each of the other pages are representa- 
tions in colors of insects, flowers, etc.; numerous illuminated initial letters — 
the entire illuminations and illustrations being executed with the utmost 

Sq. 12° ; bound by LEWIS in smooth morocco extra, gilt lack, gilt borders on sides, gilt edges; 
inside smooth morocco lining, richly tooled in gilt, to first cover; a side of the original old stamped 
leather binding inserted inside back caver. In crimson morocco Solander case. 

Accompanying the book is an interesting S-page Autograph Letter of T. F. DiBDiN, dated 
July 9, 1828, which says of the book: "The insects and the birds are beyond all imitation! 
... I will challenge the minutest examination," etc. 


iQo Catalogue of ^ottk^ anti !9i^u$emptie^. 

640 SUETON lUS. — Caii Suetonii Tranqvilli de Vita duodecim Cesarvm. 
MANUSCRIPT on Vellum, of the fifteenth century. Beautifully and 
clearly written on 224 pages, in Roman letter. Three-quarters of the first page 
surrounded by an ornamental border in colors and gold, with illuminated 
initial. Twelve other small initial letters, illuminated in gold and colors, 
scattered through the volume. A small portion of the blank margin of three 
leaves has been torn, but is very skillfully repaired. 

Folio (size io>^ by 71% inches); bound by Matthews in brown crushed levant morocco extra, 
gilt back and top. In chamois-lined pull-off case. 


de rOci^AN Pacifique a I'OciAN Atlantique. Par PAUL MARCOY. 
niustre de 626 Vues, Types., et Paysages par E. Riou, et accompagne de 20 
Cartes Gravies sur les Dessins de l'Auteur. Paris : Z. Hachette et C". 

2 vols. imp. 4° ; half morocco. 

642 MARCY (R. B.) — Exploration of the RED RIVER of LOUISIANA, 

in the Year 1852, by Randolph B. Marcy, assisted by George B. 
McClellan. With Numerous Illustrations. Washington : 1854. 
8° ; cloth, rough edges. 


Marguerite de Valois, Reine de Navarre ; Mis en beau langage accom- 

mod6 au goiit de ce temps, b" enrichis de Figures en Taille-Douce [attribue 

h Romain de Hooge]. Amsterdam, chez George Gallet. M.DCC. 

2 vols. sm. 8°. Vol. I. i6 prel. leaves; Text, ■SJ\pp.; Table, ■^leaves. Vol. II. Text, 
318 j>^. / Table, 4 leaves. Elegantly bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
backs and edges, filleted sides, inside gUt dentelle borders, by Chambolle-Duru. An elegant 
COPY, with brilliant impressions of the plates. 


[L'Heptameron] de Marguerite, Eeine de Navarre. Berne, chez la Nou- 
velle Societi Typographique. 1780-1781. 

^vols. 8°; thick paper c<^, with splendid impressions ofthe beautiful engravings by 'LOKGVlEn,, 
etc. , after Freudenberg, and by DuNKER. Bound in grosgr. crimson levant morocco super-extra, 
gilt backs and tops, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by Cap6. Uncut. 

' ' Jolie Edition, publife sous la direction de J.-Rudolphe de Sinner, qui a retouch^ assez 
maladroitement la prose de ces contes : Les estampes, fleurons et vignettes (ces derniferes grav. 
par Dunker) sont d'une belle ex&ution." — Brunet. 

<Catalo0ue of ^ool^ anb 9[^Uj$ci:tjptj6r» 191 

with Notes and some Account of his Life and Writings, by the Rev. 
ALEXANDER DYCE. London: W. I^kering, iSi,o. 

3 vols, crmm 8° ; chth, UNCUT. 

This is a more complete and better edition than the one of 1826, which was not edited by 
Mr. Dyce. 


LAIN, Mediaeval and Modem. Third Edition, Revised and Augmented, 
with Coloured Plates, and upwards of 300 Woodcut Illustrations. London : 
John Murray, 1868. 

V'; pp. xik.-S49. Bound in polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides with 
comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, ty Mansell, successor to Hatday. 

647 MARSH (GEORGE P.) — Lectures on the English Language. 

Third Edition. New York: Chas. Scribner, M.DCCC.LX. 

8°; half russia, gilt top, UNCUT. 


CAROLINA,' From the EarUest Period. By FRAN901S-XAVIER Martin. 
New-Orleans : Printed by A. T. Penniman &" Co., 1829. 

2W0&. 8°. xti.-32S (civ.J. Vol,. II. p^. iv.-^ii. Light polished calf super-extra, 
gilt tacks and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by W. Pratt. An exceedingly fine, 


649 MARTIN (HENRI) HISTOIRE de FRANCE, depuis les Temps 

LES PLUS RECUL^s jusqu'en 1 789. Quatii^mc fidition. Paris: Fume, 

17 vols. 8° ; portrait. Half crimson levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by A. Bertrand. 

650 [MARTYN (BENJAMIN).]— REASONS | For Establishing the | 

COLONY 0/ GEORGIA, | With Regard to the | TRADE of GREAT 
BRITAIN, I The | Increafe of our People, and the Employment and | 
Support it will aflford to great Numbers of our Poor, | as well as foreign 
peifecuted Protestants. | With fome Account of the COUNTRY, and the 
Defign of I the TRUSTEES. | [Motto.] Ifoc Natura prcefcribit, ut homo 
homini, quicunque fit, ob earn ipfiim \ Caufam tamen, quod is homo fit, cottful- 
tum velit. \ Cicero De Officiis, Lib. III. | London : | Printed for W. Mead- 
ows, at the Angel va. Cornhill. Mdccxxxiii. | 

4° ! tP- 39- Frontispiece and map, both engraved on copper, and a beautiful vignette on p. 39, 
engraved by I. Pine. Half dark blue morocco, top gilt, rough edges, by Bradstreet. FIRST 
EDITION. A large, fine, clean copy. Rare. 

192 Catalogue of St^aok^ anb !2i^Ujeici:i]^j9(. 

RIUS, of Milan. Seville: James Corumberger, 151 1. 

Title : 

3^. iUflartgrfe 9lttgli 
ii$leliiolanett0i0 opera 
Eesatio babBlonica 
®ttmi l>eca0 
Cum prebilegto. 

Colophon : 

Slmj^wjefjeium J^iiSpali cu lefumma biligettcia jpct 3(atoBu €o^ 
rumtierga: fdemanii. %vm a^esr^shtio quingcnteief3«nio. jci 
mt^t tjero 3tprfli 

i?o/w ,• iound in brown morocco extra, with elaborate tooling in Grolier style, inside panel 
of maroon morocco, gilt edges, by Hardy. 

The First Edition. The estimation in which Peter Martyr was held as an historian is 
shown by the fact that in a period of a hundred years his works were published in Spain, Italy, 
France, and England. An Italian by birth, he went in 1487 to the Court of Ferdinand and 
Isabella. He served in their armies during two campaigns, was ordained a priest afterward, 
and became tutor to their children. He was at one time an Ambassador, and later on a Privy 
Counsellor. Few men have had a wider range of occupation and experience. Soldier, school- 
master, ambassador, statesman, priest, historian, and a gossiping man of letters, he touched 
htunanity at nearly every point. He delighted in the society of great men and was on the most 
frank and intimate terms with them. To use an expression of his own, he fed with his learning 
the studious youth of Spain. He was the contemporary of Columbus and Vespucius, and was 
the first to publish a popular account of the results of their voyages and of the peculiarities 
of the natives of the New World. This, the first of his historical writings, contains only the 
first decade, which was republished, together with the second and third, at Alcala, in 1516. 
Its importance is equaled by its rarity. Harrisse cites but one copy in this country. This copy 
is from the Barlow Collection, and is the only one which has been offered at public sale in a 
generation. It is deserving, in every respect, of the regard of scholars and bibliophiles. As 
the colophon states, it was printed "with the greatest care." It contains the chart which is 
usually wanting, and which is remarkably correct for the period. Nothing equal to it appeared 
for a long time after. The volume is bound in a manner worthy of its contents, and it heads 
fittingly a list of Martyr's works which is equaled only by one other private collection in this 
country — that of John Carter Brown of Providence. 

Catalogue of ^ooftjer anb ^i^anujerm^r^. 193 

652 MARTYR (PETER).— Joannes ruffus foroliuiensis Archiepus Cosenti | 

nP; legati' apo. ad lectore. de orbe nouo. 

SDe orbe nouo SDecatieies. 

Colophon : 

Cura & diligentia uiri Celebris Magistri Antonii Nes 

brissensis historiciregii fuerunt hae tresprotono 

tarii Petri martyris decades Injpressse in 

contubemio Amaldi Guillelmi in 

lUustri oppido carpetanse pui 

ciae cQpluto quod uulgari 

ter dicitur Alcalapse 

ctu est nonis No 

uebris An. 


Sm. fiiUo; tound by Nieds6e in crimson crushed morocco, sides Hind tooled, gilt edges. The 
timer margin of the title-page has ieen mended. 

" This edition of the first three Decades of Peter Martyr is little known even to the most 
diligent bibliographers. Brunei mentions an edition of Madrid, 1516, as being noticed in the 
catalogue of the College of Clermont, which is probably the same book as this, the dedication 
of Charles V. being dated from Madrid, October, isi6."— BUliotheca GremiilliaTta. 

This copy is complete, although it does not contain the sixteen folios of the " Legationis 
Babylonicae " mentioned by Brunet as being bound with the Grenville copy. That they are 
not an essential part of the book as originally published is shown by the " Finis " at the end of 
the Third Decade and by the " Errata." The volume is exceedingly rare. Harrisse knew of 
but two copies in this country. 3 




tis Insulis, simulcj incolarum 

moribus, R. Petri Marty 

ris, Enchiridion, Domi 

nae Margaritse, Diui 

Max Cses. filise 


M.D. XXI. 

(Four woodcuts form a border to the title-page.) 

Sm. 4° ; iound by Bedford in crimson morocco extra, gilt, gilt edges. 
The First Edition of the Fourth Decade. 

194 <Cata{o0ue of ^ooftj^ anb a^UjEfttq^tj^e. 


uo ^etri JHart^ris a!) 

^ngletia Jletniolanen 

S10 ^rotottotarij 

Cesari!5 sena 


^! b €guia ^nno 

[The title is surrounded by an engraved border representing the labors of Hercules.] 

Sm. folio; bound in irown morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

The First Edition of the Eight Decades. This volume ranks next in interest, value, 
and rarity to the edition of 1511. It is admirably printed in Roman type, with engraved capi- 
tals. Sometimes a map has been found at the end, but there is no reason to believe that it 
appeared in the work as originally issued. Brunei makes no mention of it. The map referred 
to is the same as that in the Solinus Camers of 1520, with the date changed to 1530. It has 
some words in Dutch which indicate that it was not intended for publication with this book. The 
present copy is perfect and in unexceptionable condition. It is excessively rare. Neither Field, 
Menzies, Brinley, nor Barlow had a copy, and that in the Murphy Collection was not perfect. 

6ss MARTYR (PETER).— PETRI MARTYRIS | ab Angleria- Medio- 
LANEN. Oratoris | clariffimi, Femandi & Helisabeth Hispaniarum quondam 
regum | k Consilijs, de rebus Oceanicis & Orbe nouo decades Ares: quibus | 
quicquid de inuentis nuper terris traditum, nouarum rerum cupi- | dum lec- 
torem retinere possit, copiose, fideliter, erudit^qj docetur, | Eivsdem prae- 
TEREA I LEGATIONIS BABYLONICAE LI | bri tres : vbi praeter 
oratorii mvneris I pulcherrimum exemplum, etiam quicquid in uariarum 
gentium mori- | bus & institutis insigniter pr^clarum uidit, qu6(^ terra mari(^ 
acciderunt, | omnia lectu mir^ iucunda, genere dicendi politissimo traduntur. 
Colophon : 

Basileae, per lo. Bebelium, An. i Christo nato M. D. | XXXIII. pridie 
calend. Septemb. 

Folio; bound by Niedr£e in crimson morocco extra. 

The "Legationis Babylonicae" occupies fols. 76-92. This^is a. tall, perfect, and beautiful 
copy of a rare book. 

€atelo0itt of ^aoW anti St^ujsfmptjf. 195 



of t|)e mlse toocUie or 

tocft 3(nt>ia, 

Contepnpng t^e nautgattonies anb con(iue(ite$( 

of rtje d&jpaitpacliejBr, tDtttj tije patticuiar be^ 

(mption of ^t mofte rpcJie anb large lanbejes 

anb Sflanbcia? latdp founbe in t^e tneft «Scean 

jpmepnpng to tlje nUjaitaunce of tftt ftingeiS 

of ^papn. 3[n tJje iijljic|> tije biligem reaber 

map not onlp confpbei; toliat commobitie map 

l^eBp rfjauntc to tlje I)ole cljriftian toorib in 

tpme to come, but aUb leante manp fetce&te0 

touclipnge tl^ lanbe, tlje fea» anb ^ Haxtt^, 

tecp neteflatie to he {tnoUoe to al fut|) aj^ Cl^ 

axttmpte anp nauisationjae, or otI)er)Di(e 

liaue belite to ]&e|)oIbe tlie ftrange 

anb tnoonberfull tnoorfte^ of 

(Sob anb nature. 

Sl^rptten in t()e Hatine tounge ibp l^eter 

sr^artpr of ^ngleria, anb tranC^ 

lateb into aEnsIpftlie lip 

]t{pc{|arbe €ben> 


In aedibus Guilhelmi Powell, 

ANNO. 1555. 

^ ; 34 ^el. leaves ; Text, 361 /««»«,• "Contentes of the decades," " Thinterpretours excufe " 
in verse, and " Fautes efcaped in the pryntynge," 13 leaves. Elegantly hound in h-owfi levant 
morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides with comer ornaments, by F. Bedford. 

657 MARTYR (PETER).— De Rebus | OCEANICIS | et novo orbe, 

De I CADES TRES, Petri Mar | tyris ab Angleria | Mediolanensis. I 
Colonic: M.D.LXXIIII. 

Sm. 8° ; bound in old stamped hogskin, with clasps. An unusually good example of contempo- 
raneous binding. 

This edition, like that of 1516, has only three Decades, but it contains also the books " De 
Babylonica Legatione," " De Rebus jSthiopicis," &c. 

196 €ataio0ue of ^ooh^ anb a^anuiefctij^tier. 


TYRIS" AN- I GLERii Mediolanensis, Pro- | tonotarij, & Caroli quinti 
Senatoris | Decades octo, diligenti temporum ob- | feniatione, & vtiliffimis 
annotationibus | illuflratae, fu6que nitori rellitutae, | Lahore &" indujlria. 
RiCHARDi Haklvyti | Oxofiienfis Angli. | Additus eft in vfum lectoris accu- 
ratus I totius operis index. | Paribus, | Apvd Gvillelmvm Awray, 
via D. I loannis Bellouacenfis, fub infigni | Bellerophontis coronati. | 
M. D. LXXXVII. I Cum friuilegio Eegis. | 

8°; Z prel. leaves ; "Text," 60S ^. / "Rervm Memorabilivm," 12 /cajxtj. Bound in crimson 
levant morocco super-extra, gilt hack and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 


1)e 3\[ouo Orbe, 



the weft Indies, Contayning the actes 

and aduentures of the Spanyardes, which haue 

conquered and peopled thofe Countries, 

inriched with varietie of pleafant-re- 

laiion of the Manners, Ceremonies, 

Lawes, Gouernments, and 

Warres of the Indians. 
Comprifed in eight Decades. 
Written by Peter Martyr a Millanoife of Angkria, Cheife 
Secretary to the Emperour Charles the fift, 
and of his Priuie Councell. 
Whereof three, haue beene formerly tranflated in- 
to Englifh, by R. Eden, whereunto the other 
fiue, are newly added by the Induftrie, and 
painefull Trauaile of M. Lok Gent. 

In the handes of the Lord are all the comers of 
the earth. Pfal. 95. 


Printed for Thomas Adams. 


4° ; s prel leaves ; text, 318 leaves. Polished crimson levant morocco safer-extra, gilt back and 
edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 

660 [MARTYR AND OVIEDO.] — LiBRO Primo della Historia de 

l'Indie Occidentali . . . scritti dal Signor Don Pietro Martyre, &c. 
[79 leaves.] Libro Secondo delle Indie Occidentah . . . composta da 

Catalogue of 95oofei9r anii a^ujEfccijptjer. 197 

Gonzalo Ferdinando del Oviedo, &c. [64 numbered and 2 unnumbered 
leaves.] Libro Ultimo del Summario delle Indie Occidentali. [15 un- 
numbered leaves.] Woodcuts and large map. Vinegia: 1534. 

4° ; bnmm levant morocco, gilt leaves, by Gruel. 

A beautiful copy of an exceedingly rare book. From the Barlow Collection. 

661 MASON (Major JOHN) — A | Brief Hijhry \ of the | ^CqUOt 

I3at \ I Efpecially | Of the memorable Taking of their Fort at | Mistick 
in Connecticut | In [ 1637 : | Written by | Major John Ma/on, \ A prin- 
cipal Actor therein, as then chief Captain and Com- | mander of Connecticut 
Forces. \ With an Introduction and iome Explanatory Notes \ By the 
Reverend | Mr. THOMAS PRINCE. | [Texts of Scripture,^ lines.] Boston: 
Printed & Sold by S. Kneeland fir" T. Green \ in Queen-ilreet, 1736. 

8° ; ^. (i), vi., X., 22. Crimson levant morocco sufer-extra, gilt back, paneled sides with comer 
ornaments, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 3 flates inserted. A beautiful copy and 
Excessively Rare in this fine, uncut condition. 

662 MASSACHUSETTS.— The General LAWS \And\ Liberties | Of 

the I Massachusets ( Colony : | Revised fir" Re-printed, \ By Order of the 
General Court Holden at .ff(7j/«»« | May 15*%. 1672 | Edward Rawson, Seer. \ 
Cambridge | Printed ky Samuel Green, for John Vsher of Boston. | 1672. 

Folio ; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, by Bedford. 

The above copy has 6 pp. additional to the number described in the Brinley catalogue, 
No. 814. After page 6 of the " Several Laws," etc., at the end should occur a blank page, 
followed by pp. 7-12 ; another blank leaf, then pp. 11 (sic), 14 and 15. On page 8 of this latter 
portion is the " Order to prevent Baudery," and on the last page (15) the Order, " that hence- 
forth it shall not be lawful for any single Woman or Wife in the absence of her Husband, to 
entertain or lodge any In-mate or Sojourner." 


The I F ATALL I Dowry : 

Tragedy. | As it hath beene often Acted at the Hi | uate House in 
Blackefryers, by his \ Maiesties Seruants. \ 

Written by P. M. and N. F. 

London | Printed by John Norton, for Francis | Constable, and are to 
be sold at his | shop at the Crane in PauVs Church- \ Yard. 1632. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in plain morocco, with arms on sides. 

First Edition of this play, the joint work of P. M.(assinger) and N.(ath.) F.(ield.) Per- 
fect and in fine condition. 

198 Catalogue of 2£»ooftief anb a^anuiefm^ief. 

664 MASSINGER (PHILIP).— The | EMPEROVR | of | the East. | 
A Tragse-Comoedie. | The Scoene Constantinople. \ As it hath bene diuers 
times acted, at the Black- \ friers, and Globe Play-houses, by the | Kings 
Maiesties Seruants. \ Written by Philip Massinger. London, Printed by 
Thomas Harper, for | lohn Waterson, Anno 1632. 

Sm. 4° ; lound in morocco, gilt edges. 


Relating to j WITCHCRAFTS I And POSSES- 
SIONS. I A Faithful Account of many Wonderful and Sur- | prifmg 
Things, that have befallen feveral Be- \ witched and PoffeffedYe.xkix& in New- 
England. I Particulariy, A NARRATIVE of the marvellous | Trouble and 
Releef Experienced by a pious Fa- | mily in Bo/ton, very lately and fadly 
molefted | with EVIL SPIRITS. | Whereunto is added, \ A Difcourfe de- 
Uvered unto a Congregation in | Bofton, on the Occafion of that Illuftrious 
Pro- I vidence. - As alfo | A Difcourfe delivered unto 

the fame Congrega- | tion ; on the occafion of an horrible Self-Mur- \ der 
Committed in the Town. | With an Appendix, in vindication of a Chapter | 
in a late Book of Remarkable Providences, from | the Calumnies of a 
Quaker at Pen-fdvania. \ Written by Cotton Mather, Minifter of the Gofpel \ 
And Recommended by the Minifters | of Bofton and Charlefton. \ Printed at 
Bofton in N. England by R. P.[ierce], 1689. | Sold by Jofeph Brunning, at 
his Shop at the Cor- | ner of the Prifon-Lane next the Exchange. 

Sm. 8° ; dark blue morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by 

"Title" as above, w«rjo blank; the epistle dedicatory, " 7V> tts /?o»ana^/« Wait. Wintrhrop 
\sic\ Esq.," signed "C. Mather," 2 pp.; "To the Reader," 4 pp.; "The Introduction," 2 pp.; 
"Witchcrafts and Poffeffions," 75 pp.; "A Difcourfe on the Power and Malice of the 
DEVILS," 21pp.; "A Difcourfe on Witchcraft," 40pp.; "Notandutn," i /., i»e«» blank; 
"Appendix," 14^. 

666 MATHER (COTTON).— €f)e i^oiitierful l©orfeiS of <!5ob I 

Commemorate* 1 praises | Befpoke for the God of Heaven, | In a 
Thankfgiving | SERMON: | 'De&vexeA on Decemb. 19, 1689. | Con- 
taining I Juft. Reflections upon the Excel- | lent Things done by the Great 
God, I more Generally in Creation and Re- | demption, and in the Govern- 1 
ment of the World; But more Par- | ticularly in the Remarkable Revolu- | 
tions of Providence which are every | where the matter of prefent Obferva- 
tion. I With a POSTSCRIPT giving an Account of fome very | ftupendous 
Accidents, which have lately happened | in France. \ By COTTON 
MATHER. I To which is Added a SERMON Preached unto the | CON- 
VENTION of the Maffachufet-Colony in | NEW-ENGLAND. \ With a 

CataJoeuc of S^oofejef anti a^anusSttij^tief. 199 

fliort Nairative of feveral B-odigies, which New- \ England hath of late had 
ihQ Alarms of Heaven in. | Printed at Bofton by S. Green, &'iSold by Jofeph \ 
Browning at the comer of the Prifon Lane, and \ Benj. Harris at the London 
Coffee-Houfe. 1690. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. (8), 62, 7, 36 \last leaf misprinted 2.6\, 5, 7. Elegantly bound in straighp-grained 
olive morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 


The second Sermon has a separate title, imprint, and paging: vie. " The Way to Profperity. | 
A I SERMON I Preached to the HONOURABLE \ CONVENTION | of the | GOVER- 
NOUR, Council, and Repre/entatives | of the Maffachu/et-ColoTiy in New-England; | on May 23, 
1689. I By Cotton Mather. | [Text of Scripture.] | Boston. | Printed by Richard Pierce for 
Benjamin | Harris. Anno Domini MDCXC. 

667 MATHER (COTTON) The Wonders of the Inviftble World: \ Being 

an Account of the | TRYALS | of | Several Witches; | Lately 
Executed in | NEW-ENGLAND: I And of feveral remarkable Curiofi- 
ties therein Occurring. | 

Together with, 

I. Obfervations upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the 

II. A fhort Narrative of a late outrage committed by a knot of Witches in | 
Swede-Land, very much refembling, and fo far explaining, that under 
which I New-England has laboured. 

III. Some Councels directing a due Improvement of the Terrible things 

lately | done by the unufual and amazing Range of Evil-Spirits in 

IV, A brief Difcourfe upon thofe Temptations which are the more ordinary 

Devi- I ces of Satan. 


PubUflied by the Special Command of his EXCELLENCY the Govenour 
of I the Province of the Maffachufetts-Bay in New-England. Printed firft, 
at Bofion in New-England ; and Reprinted at Lon- | don, for John Dun- 
ton, at the Raven in the Poultry. 1693. 
4°; light polished calf, gilt back, Xi'UCW. An Exceedingly Fine Copy. VERY RARE 

IN SUCH condition. 

"This is the first, and only complete, London edition. The last page is numbered 98, 
but the pagination is irregular, the number of pages being, in fact, 106, exclusive of the 4 pre- 
liminary leaves not numbered. A leaf preceding the Title, has the Half-Title : "The 
Tryals of Several Witches, Lately Executed in New-England: Publiflied by the Special 
Command-of the Govemour," and, on the verso, is the "Imprimatur, Decemb. 23, 1692," 
signed "Edmund Bohun." 

200 €atdo0ue of ^ooh^ anti ^sx^u^tti^^, 

668 MATHER {COTTON).— Magna/taC/in^i Americana: | Or, the | Eccle- 
fiaftical Hiftory | of | NEW-ENGLAND, | From | its Firft Planting in the 
Year 1620. unto the Year | of our LORD, 1698. | In Seven BOOKS. | . . . 
By the Reverend and Learned COTTON MATHER, M. A. ( And Pailor 
of the North Church in Bofton, New-England. \ London : | Printed for 
Thomas Parkhurft, at the Bible and Three \ Crowns in Cheapfide. MDCCII. 

Folio; LARGE PAPER. Purple levant morocco, blank and gilt tooled back and sides, inside 
lined with polished russia, elegantly tooled and gilt in the Geolier style, russia fly-leaves, morocco 
joints, gUfedges. The large mezzotint Portrait, reduced to an oval, and a CHARACTERISTIC 
Autograph Letter of the Author, both inlaid by Mr. Trent, precede the title. 

This MAGNIFICENT LARGE PAPER COPY, measuring 14M inches by 9}^ inches on 
the leaf, is absolutely perfect in. every particular, including the MAP, two leaves of 
" Books Printed for Tho. Parkhurft," and a Facsimile reproduction of the.two excessively 
rare leaves of Errata, of which a few copies only were privately printed for Mr. Charles 
Deane of Boston. This copy is considered to stand unsurpassed in beauty of condition 
and probably in point of SIZE. 

669 MATHER (COTTON).— The Terror of the Lord. Some Account of 

the Earthquake That shook New-England, In the Night, Between the 
29 and the 30 of October, 1727. With a Speech Made unto the Inhabitants 
of Boston, the Next Morning. Boston: 1727. 

Sm. 8° ; bound in red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. 
A fine copy of the First Edition, with Appendix, 6 pp. 

670 MATHER (INCREASE).— A -I Brief History | of the | WARR | 

With the Indians in | New England. | (From June 24, 1675. when the 
first English-man was mur- | dered by the Indians, to August 12, 1676. 
when Philip, alias | Metacomet the principal Author and Beginner | of the 
Warr, was slain.) | Wherein the Grounds, Beginning, and Progress of the 
Warr | is summarily expressed. | Together with a Serious | Exhorta- 
tion I to the Inhabitants of that Land, By Increase Mather, Teacher 
of a Church of | Christ, in Boston in JVew England. \ [Quotations, 8 lines.] 
Boston : Printed and Sold by John Poster over | against the Sign of the 
Dove. 1676. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in half russia. 

This copy agrees vrith that described in the Brinley Catalogue (No. 948) excepting the 
transposition of the two parts and the absence of the title to " A Brief History." Concerning 
the rarity of the volume, Mr. J. H. Trumbull writes in that catalog^ue as follows : " No epithet 
can be too strong to characterize the scarcity of the one introuvable which so long escaped the 
search of American collectors ; so rare, that Prince did not secure it for his New England 
Library, though he could pick up half a dozen Bay Psalm Books ; so rare that S. G. Drake, 
the most indefatigable and successful of collectors, could not find it for his reprint, in 1862, 
and was obliged t6 copy even his title-page from the Ijmdon edition ; and so rare that MfT 
Sabin himself, when noting the fact (in the Menzies Catalogue) that ' the New England edi- • 
tion is not mentioned by Lowndes, nor elsewhere, so far as we have been able to ascertain,' 
makes the reluctant admission that ' perhaps no copy of it exists." " 

«CataJo0ue of 25oofei6f anb ja^anujsfctijjtsf. 201 

671 MATHER (INCREASE).— A | Brief History | of The | WARR | 

With the Indians in New England, &c. Boston : 1676. 

Sm. 4° ; iound in green levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

This copy has the title-page which is lacking in the preceding number. A portion of the 
page is in facsimUe, but if it were in that number it would make a copy as nearly perfect as one 
could expect to Bnd of such a rare book. As this volume is handsomely bound by Bedford 
it has not seemed wise to mutilate it by extracting the title-page. It does not contain 
the " Exhortation." 










From June 24. 1675. (when the firft Englifhman was Murder- 
ed by the Indians) to August 12. 1676. when Philip, 
alias Metacomet, the principal Author and 
Beginner of the War, was flain. 
Wherein the Grounds, Beginning, and progress of the War, is fummarily 
expreffed. Together with a ferious EXHORTATION to the 
Inhabitants of that Land. 
By INCREASE MATHER, Teacher of a Church of 
Chrift, in Bqfion in New-England. 
[Texts of Scripture, 5 lines ?^ 

Segnius irritant animos demiffa per aures, 

Qukm quae funt occulis commiffa fidelibus. Horat. 

Lege Hiftoriam ne fias Hiftoria. Cic. 

London : Printed for Richard Chifwell, at the Rose and Crown, in St. Pauls 

Church- Yard, according to the Original Copy Printed 

in New-England. 1676. 

Sm. 4° ; fp. (6), SI. 8. Polished dark blue levant morocco super-extra, paneled sides, comer 
ornaments, inside gilt dentelle borders, gilt back, and edges gilt on carmine, by F. BEDFORD. 
Large and Beautiful Copy. EXCEEDINGLY RARE. 


TRYALS I of the |^eht:€nglatti> l©itcljeief» | with the 

OBSERVATIONS | of a Perfon who was upon the place feveral | 
Days when the fufpected Witches were | firft taken into examination. | To 

202 Catalogue of ^trn^^ anti £(^eamttiiift^* 

which is added, | €aft^ Of Coitfciente I Concerning Witchcrafts and 
Evil Spirits Per- | fonating Men. | Written at the Requeft of the Minifters of 
New-England. \ By Increafe Mather, prefident of Harvard CoUedge. | Li- 
cenfed and entred according to Order, | London : Printed for J. Dunton, at 
the Haven in the PoUltrey, \ 1693. 

Sm. 4°; pp. 10, (4), 39, (S). BooJis, -i II. Bound in brilliant crimson levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside broad borders, richly gilt, by F. BEDFORD . A 
BEAUTIFUL COPY, with the Second Title, frequently wanting, and in the very finest 



Being ah Anfwer to a Book lately fet 

forth by the Reverend Mr. Increafe Mather, Preiident 

of Harvard CoUedge, &c. 


The Order of the Gofpel, &c. 

Dedicated to the Churches of Chrift in New-England. 

Byfundry Minifters of the Gofpel in New-England. 

[Texts of Scripture, 4 lines. \ 

Printed in the Year 1 700. 

4°; 6prel. leaves, pp. 40. Half dark blue grosgr. levant morocco extra, top gilt, by F. BED- 

675 MATHER (INCREASE).— Early History of NEW ENGLAND; 

Being a Relation of Hostile Passages between the Indians and European 
Voyagers and First Settlers; and a full Narrative of Hostilities, to the close 
of the War with the Pequots, in the Year 1637 ; also a detailed Account of 
the Origin of the War with King Philip. By INCREASE MATHER. 
With an Introduction and Notes by SAMUEL G. DRAKE. Boston ; 
JPrintedfor the Editor. 1864. 
Sm. 4° ; pp. 319; cloth, UNCUT. 

676 MAYER (B.) — Observations on Mexican History and Archeology, 

with a Special Notice of Zapotec Remains, as delineated in Mr. J. G. Saw- 
KiNs's Drawings of Mitla, etc. By BRANTZ MAYER. [Washington :] 

4° ; plates, half morocco, UNCUT. 

(Catalogue of ^ooh^ anb 0^nu$^mpti6^. 203 

677 MAYHEW (MATTHEW) — The | Conquefts and Triumphs \ of ] 
GRACE: | BEING | A Brief Narrative of the ^UCCef^ which the | 
^OQ^ei hadi had among the INDIANS of | Martha's Vineyard (and the 
Places adjacent) | in New-England. 

Some Remarkable CuriofiHes, concerning the | Numbers, the Cuftoms, and 
the prefent Cir- | cumftances of the INDIANS on that Ifland. | Further Ex- 
plaining and Confirming the Account I givenofthofeMatters,by Mr. Cotton 
a^ati^, I in the Life of the Renowned Mr. 3l0|)n <SiiOt | 


Attefted by the Reverend Mr. Nath. Mather, and others. | 

Whereto is Added, 
An Account concerning the Prefent State of Chriilianity | among the Indians, 
in other parts of New-England : \ ExprefTed in the Letters of feveral Worthy 
Perfons, | beft acquainted therewithal. | London, J^nted for Nath. Hiller-, 
at the Princes Arms \ in Leaden-hall-ftreet, over againfS St. Mary Axe. 1695. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. 68, (i). Dark blue levant morocco super-extra, paneled and gilt sides, comer 
ornaments, inside lined with highly polished blue morocco, wide dentelle borders, morocco joints, 

ACCOUNT 1 of the Lives and Dying Speeches of a | confiderable 
Number of the Chriftianized | INDIANS oi Martha's Vineyard, in | New- 
England. I Viz. I I. Of Godly Minifters. | II. Of other Good Men. | III. 
Of Religious Women. | IV. Of Pious young Perfons. | By Experience May- 
hew, M. A. Preacher of | the Gofpel to the Indians of that Ifland. | To 
which is added, | Some Account of thofe ENGLISH MINISTERS \ who 
have fucceifively prefided over the Indian Work | in that and the adjacent 
Iflands. By Mr. Prince. \ [Texts of Scripture, 6 /?««.] London, | Printed 
for Samuel Gerrijh, Bookfeller in Bofton in New-England; \ and sold by 
J. Osborn and T. Longman in Pater-nofUr-Row, \ M.DCC.XXVII. | 

8° ; pp. -xxiv-jio. Light polished calf extra, gilt back, yellow edges, inside gilt borders, by 
F. Bedford. ^ 

679 M'CALL (HUGH).— The HISTORY OF GEORGIA Containing 
Brief Sketches of the most Remarkable Events, up to the Present 
Day. By CAPT. HUGH M'CALL. Savannah : Pinted and Published 
by Seymour &" Williams, 1811-16. 

2 vols. 8° ; Vol. I. pp. viii., 376; Vol. II. pp. vii., 424. Bound in bright crimson levant 
morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, by BrADSTREET. UncuT. LARGE AND VERY FINE, 

204 Catalogue of 95ooftiS anb a^anu^cnptjs. 

680 MCCLELLAN (Gen. GEORGE B.) — Report of the Secretary of 

War Communicating the Report of Captain George B. McClellan, 
one of the Officers sent to the Seat of War in Europe, in 1855 and 1856. 
Washington: 1857. 

4° ; chth ; map, etc. 

681 M'CLINTOCK (Capt. F. 'L..)—The Voyage of the '' Fox" in the Arctic 

Seas. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Frank- 
lin and His Companions. London: Murray, 1859. 

8° ; mafs and illustrations. Half green morocco, gilt back and top, uncut. 


containing an Account of the most interesting Incidents connected with the 
Settlement or the West, from 1755 to 1794: Together with an Appen- 
dix. By John A. M'Clung. Philadelphia : Grigg dr" Elliot, 1832. 

12° ; pp. xii.-2,6o. Half brown morocco, top gilt, UNCUT. 


ECONOMY: With Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science. 
By J. R. M'Culloch. ESSAY on Interest and Value of Money. By 
John Locke. London : Alex. Murray, 1872. 

Crown 8° ; clotk, UNCUT. 


TRIBES of NORTH AMERICA, with Biographical Sketches and Anec- 
dotes of the Principal Chiefs. Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty 
Portraits from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington. 
By THOMAS L. M'KENNEY, late of the Indian Department, Washing- 
^ ton, and JAMES HALL, Esq., of Cincinnati. Philadelphia : Published 
by Edward C. Biddle, 1837-1844. 

3 vols. imp. folio ; half red morocco, gilt tops, UNCUT. ORIGINAL EDITION. 

68s [MELA.] 

€oiefmtn^apI)ia jpom | jponii cum fx^unjEf. 

Colophon : 

Opus Preclarissimu Poponij Mellse cosmogra | phi cu itroductioibus & alijs 
tatopere necessa | rijs. Per Fraciscu nunis delayerua . . . | . . . elabo- 
ratis. Explicit fceliciter. Impressu | uero Salmatice . . . . | Anno dfii. 
M.cccc.xcviij. Sole tauii punctum gradiente primu. 

4° ; crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back, edges gilt over marbled, by Hardy. Two 

B. A. v., Add., No. 8. See on back of title, i6th line : " extra istas duas extremas plurima 
lueniiitur. nam uersus occidens serenissimus hispaniarum rex Ferdinadus & helisabeth terra 
habitats distate ab occideti p. xlv. gradus luenerut." 

<Catalo0uc of 95ooft^ anb a^anujefmptsf. 205 


The Hisftorie of the 

great and mightie kingdome 

of China, and the fituation 

thereof: ' 

Togither with the great riches, huge 

Citties, pohtike gouemement, and 

rare initentions in the fame. 

[By Juan G0N9ALES de MEND09A.] 

Tranflated out of Spanifli by R. Parke. 


Printed by / Wolfe for Edward White, 

and are to be fold at the little North 

doore of Paules, at thefigne 

of the Gun. 


Sm. 4° ; ^prtl. leaves, and 410 ^. Black Letter. BeauHfuUy bound in bright crimson 
levant morocco, finely polished, blind tooled, with large center ornaments, richly gilt, broad inside 
dentelle borders, finely worked and delicately gilt after a vetytastefiil pattern, gilt edges, by Riviere. 


lated from the German, with Notes by Thomas Gordon. Oxford : Z>. 
A. Talboys, MDCCCXL. 

4 vols, post 8° ; half gray calf, gilt tops, uncut. 

688 [MENZIES (W,)] — CATALOGUE of Books, Manuscripts and En- 

gravings Belonging to WILLIAM MENZIES, of New- York. New 
York: 1875. 

8° ; half blue morocco, gilt top, UNCUT. 


est d6peinte dans la louable et c61^bre VILLE DE BASLE, pour servir de 
Miroir de la Nature Humaine, Dessinie et Gravee sur I' Original de feu 
Mr. Matthieu Merian. On y a ajout6 une Description de la Ville de 
Basle, & des vers k chaque Figure. A BASLE, chez Jean Rod. Im-Hof 
&" Fils, 1789. 

4° ; pp. 190 ; engraved frontispiece in German, with broad border containing various figures of 
death ; 43 plates engraved by Chovin. Half dark blue morocco, gilt back and top. Fine, clean 
COPT. Scarce. 

2o6 Catalogue of ^otih^ attb ^anv^txvi^^. 

690 MfeRIMEE (P.)— LETTRES A UNE INCONNUE par Prosper 
M£rimi6e. Pr6c6d6es d'une fitude sur M6rim£e par H. TAINE. 
Quatri^me fidition enti^rement revue. Paris : Michel Livyfrkres, 1874. 

2 vols. 8° : half hvwn morocco, gilt hacks and tops, UNCUT. 


et Industrielle depuis I'lnvention de I'Imprimerie jusqu'a nos jours. Par 
MM. MARIUS-MICHEL Relieurs-Doreurs. Paris: Morgand et Fatout, 

. 4° ; beautifully printed on yap^n paper, with 23 plates. In a portfolio. 


OMY, with some of their Applications to Social Philosophy. By JOHN 
STUART MILL. Fourth Edition. London: J. W. Fhrker &' Son. 

2 vols. 8° ; half calf, gilt lacks, marbled edges. 

693 MILL (JOHN STUART).— WORKS. Comprising i. Autobiography, 

I vol. 2. Dissertations and Discussions, 4 vols. 3. Considerations on 
Representative Government, i vol. 4. Examination of Sir WiUiam Hamil- 
ton's Philosophy, 2 w/j. 5. On Liberty. The Subjection of Women, i w/. 
Comte's Positive Philosophy, i vol New York: Ilenty Holt &' Com- 
pany, 1873. 

10 vols. 8° ; half blue nwrocco, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


York: Henry Holt &f Company, 1874. 

8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

James Mill, Esq. Fifth Edition, with NOTES and CONTINUATION 
by Horace Hayman Wilson, M. A. London : 1858. 

10 vols, in s, crown 8° ; green calf extra, gilt back, marbled edges. 

696 MILLER'S (JOE) JESTS: or, the WITS VADE-MECUM. Being a 
Collection of the most Brilliant Jests j the Politest Repartees; the most 
Elegant Bons Mots, and most pleasant short Stories in the English Language. 
London : Printed and Sold by T. Read, MDCCXXXIX. 

8° ; half morocco, top gUt, uncut. Facsimile reprint of the Original " Joe Miller's Jests. • 

Catalogue of J^ooftiS anb a^amijScriptjS. 207 

697 MILMAN (H. H.) — History of Latin Christianity; including that 

of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicolas V. By HENRY HART 
MILMAN, D. D., Dean of Si. Biul's. New York : 1870. 

8 vols, crown 8° ; half blue calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

698 MILMAN (H. H.) — The History of the Jews, from the Earliest 

Period down to Modern Times. Reprinted from the newly revised and 
corrected London edition. New York: 1874. 

3 vols, crown 8° ; cloth. 

699 MILTON (JOHN) COMUS. A MASKE | presented | at Ludlow 

Castle, | 1634: | On Michaelmasse night, before the \ Right HonorjEBLE, | 
lOHN Earle of Bridge-water, Viscount Brackly, \ Lord Prasident of Wales, 
And one of | His Maiesties most honorable | Privie Counsell. 

Eheu quid volui misero mihi ! floribus austrum \ Perditus. 

London: Printed for Hvmphrey Robinson, | at the signe of the Three 
Fidgeons in | Pauls Church-yard, 1637. 

Sm. 4°; bound m dark bltie morocco, richly gilt on sides atid back, gilt edges, by Matthews. 

The First Edition. 

This is the FIRST WORK BY Milton which appeared in print. It is exceedingly rare, 
especially when, like this copy, it is in perfect condition. It has never been offered at public 
sale in this country, and last sold publicly in England in 1881 for £6S. 


naufrago, | ab | Amicis moerentibus, | amoris \ & | (Jivsias x"^'"- I 

Si recti calculum ponas, ubique naufragium est. 
Pet. Arb. 

CantabrigijE : | Apud Thomam Buck &* Rogerum Daniel, celeberrimae | 
Academise typographos, 1638. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in dark blue morouo extra, delicately gilt on sides and tack, gilt edges, by BED- 
FORD. The First Edition. 

This volume is divided into two parts. The first contains an account of King in Latin 
printed in capitals, supposed by some to have been written by Milton, and Latin and Greek 
• tributes. The second part contains the English tributes, and is separated from the first by a 
distinct title surrounded by heavy black borders: "Obsequies to | the memorie | of | Mr. 
Edward | King, | Anno Dom. | 1638. | Printed by Th. Buck and R. Daniel, | printers to the 
Universitie of | Cambridge. 1638. 

"Lyddas" comes last in order, and fittingly crowns this remarkable collection of elegies. 
It is not signed in fiill, but bears the initials of Milton. It is the first edition of this celebrated 
composition, and is extremely rare. A copy brought at Sotheby's, in 1881, ;^68. It is believed 
that no copy has since been offered at public sale. 

This copy is complete in every way, and is in absolutely perfect condition. 


2o8 Catalogue of 25ooM anb a^anuiefmptis. 

701 MILTON (JOHN).- Paradise lost. I A I POEM I 

Written in | TEN BOOKS | By John Milton. | Licensed and Entered 
according | to Order, j London | Printed, and are to be sold by Peter 
Parker, \ under Creed Church, near Aldgate ; And by | Robert Boulter 2i\. the 
Turks Head in Bishopsgate-street ; | And Matthias Walker, under St. Dun- 
stons Church | in Fleet Street, 1667. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in dark blue morocco, with border of five fillets on sides, gilt edges. First 
Edition, and with the First Title-page. 

The arguments of the ten books, a note on " The Verse," and a list of " Errata," all of the 
edition of 1668, have been added. Two portraits of Milton, one by Faithome, the other by 
Vertue, have been inserted before the title-page. This copy is from the library of the late R. S. 
Turner, and has his " E-LlBRis." 


To which is added Samson Agonistes. The Author John Milton. London : 
Printed by J. M. for John Starkey at the Mitre in Fleet Street near Temple- 

Sm. 8° ; full blue morocco extra, gilt back and sides. First Edition. Very fine copy. 
Collation : Two leaves ; B-P4, in eights ; Imprimatur, i leaf; Title, i leaf; Paradise 
Regained, Bi ; Title to Samson Agonistes, Ii ; Errata, P4. 


London : W. Pickering, 1851. 

3 vols. 12°; portrait; brown calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


704 MOHAWK. — The | Morning and Evening Prayer. | The Litany, and 

Church Catechifm. | = | NE | Orhoengene neoni Yogaraskhagh | Yon- 
dereanayendaghkwa, | Ne Ene Niyoh Raodeweyena, neoni | Onoghfado- 
geaghtige Yondadderigh- | wanondoentha. | Boston, New-England: | 
IHnted by Richard &" Samuel Draper, 1763. 

Sm. 4°; Title, i leaf, verso blank; The Order for Morning Prayer daily | throughout the 
Year, | fp. 1-16 ; The Litany, pp. 17-24 ; The Church Catechifm, pp. 1-9 ; [Various] Prayers, 
pp. 10-18. Half brown morocco, rough edges. EXTREMELY RARE. 

70s MOHAWK.— A I PRIMER, | for the USE of the | MOHAWK 
CHILDREN, I To acquire the Spelling and Reading of their | own, as 
well as to get acquainted with the | English, Tongue ; which for that Pur- 
pofe is put I on the oppofite Page. | WAERIGHWAGHSAWE | IKSAON- 
GOENWA I Tfiwaondad derighhonny Kaghyadoghfera ; | . . . London, | 
Printed by C. Buckton, Great Pultney- Street, 1786. 

x6°;pp. 98. Curious frontispiece representing an Indian school, engravedby^. Peachey, andon 
p. 19 a woodcut of "an angel, holding the Holy Bible." A VERY FINE, CLEAN COPY, in the 
original binding, with the bookplate of WiLl.iAlil Penn. EXCEEDINGLY RARE. 

Catalogue of 95oofe^ anb a^ujsfcrijtiS. 209 

706 MOHAWK — The BOOK of | COMMON PRAYER, | And AD- 
and CEREMONIES | of the | CHURCH, | according to the use of 
TH? I CHURCH OF ENGLAND: | Together with |*A Collection of 
Occasional Prayers, and | divers Sentences of | HOLY SCRIPTURE, | 
Neceffary for Knowledge and Practice. | Formerly collected, and tranflated into 
the Mohawk Language | under the direction of the Miffionaries of the So- 
ciety for the I Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign Parts, to the Mohawk 
Indians. | A NEW EDITION: \ To which is added | The Gospel ac- 
cording to St. Mark, | Tranflated into the Mohawk Language, | By Capf- 
JOSEPH BRANT, | An Indian of the Mohawk Nation. \ London: 
IHnted by C. Bucton, Great Pultney Street, \ Golden Square, 1787. 

[Indian Title on opposite page.'\ 

DONT, I oya ONI I ADEREANAYENT, | Ne Teas Nikariwake | 
Akoyendarake neoni Ahhondatterihhonny . \ etc. . . KEAGAYE ASE 
YONDEREANAYENDAGHKWA. | oni tahoghsonderoh | St. Mark 
Raorighwadogeaghty, I Tekaweanadennyoh Kanyenkeh^ga Rakowknea ( 
T'HAYENDANEGEA, | Roewayats. \ London : | Karistodarho C. Buck- 
ton, Great Puitney Street, \ Golden Square, 1787. 

8°; English and Indian Titles, pp. Hi, 505, (i). Frontispiece and 18 copperplates ("James 
Peachey, Sculp' 1786 ") . Richly bound in fine old English red morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
sides bordered in gold with large ornaments in the center, and inlaid blue morocco label, with the 
name of " TYiE, Right Hon'ble Lord Lovaine, 1787." A large, clean copy, in per- 
fect preservation. 

707 MOHAWK.— The BOOK of | COMMON PRAYER, | &c. 

Another Copy, absolutely uncut, fresh and clean as when first issued from the press, 
neatly bound in white vellum by W. PRATT. LONDON : 1787. 8°. EXCESSIVELY RARE 
in this splendid condition. 

708 MOMACHO (ROBERT).— BELLVM CHRISTI- |anorvm principvm, 


pro terra sancta gestum : autore | Roberto Momacho. 

Carolvs Verardus de expugnatione regni Granatse: quae con | tigit 
ab hinc quadragesimo secundo anno, per Catholicu regem | Ferdinandum 

2IO Catalogue of ^ook^ ai^ ^anv^ttta^t^, 

Hispaniarum. Cristophorus Colom de prima insularam, in mari Indico 
sitarum, | lustratione, quae sub rege Ferdinando Hispaniarum facta est. . . 




Folio; bound by NiEDRfeE in darkgrem morocco plain, gilt edges. 
The first letter of Columbus is to be found on pp. 73-74. 

709 MONARDES (NICOLO).— lOYFVLL NEWES | Out of the New- 
found VVorlde. \ Wherein are declared, the rare and | fmguler vertues of 
diuers Herbs, Trees, | Plantes, Oyles & Stones, with their ap- | plications, of 
welUo the vfe of Phificke, as of\ Chirurgery : which being well applyed, bring \ 
fuch prefent remedie for all difeafes, as may \feeme altogether incredible : not- 
with- \ /landing by practice found out \ to be true. \ Alfo the portrature of the 
faid Hearbs, | verie aptly defcribed: Enghflied by John Frampton Mar- 

l^eMiicotretteti a^ Bp conGoroice tott|) | ^e ofiie cqftte^r ma^i 
a^^peare. W^u^ \ unto are alib^ tfjcee otJjec Boolteiei | treats 
tng of tl)e %ty&sx. ftone, t|)e t)eti> | <iEfcueixoneca» ^ jprojiet:^ 
tie^ of S(ron | anb ^tede in a^itine, anti tfje 6e^ | nefit of 

d&notD< I London, | Printed by E. Allde, by the afsigne of | Bonham 
Norton. \ 1596. | 

Sm. 4° ; Title, pp. 4, 374. Red levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. With Woodcuts of plants, animals, etc., including the " Tobaco 
Plant." Black Letter. 

710 MONEY, CURRENCY, BANKS: (i.) Senior (N. W.) Three Lec- 
tures on the Cost of Obtaining Money, and on some effects of Private and 
Government Paper. Lond. 1830. pp. 103. (2.) Norman (G. W.) Letter 
to Charles Wood, M. P., on Money, and the Means of Economising the 
Use of it. Lond. 1841. //. 106. (3.) Ricardo (S.) A National Bank, the 
Remedy for the Evils attendant upon our Present System of Paper Currency. 
Lond. 1838. //. 65. (4.) TooKE (T.) Letter to Lord Grenville on the 
Effects ascribed to the Resumption of Cash Payments on the Value of the 
Currency. Lond. 1829. //. 132. (5.) Letters to the Rt. Hon. Robert 
Peel, on the Pernicious Effects of a Variable Standard of Value (by Cople- 
ston). Oxford, 1819. //. I04&//. 112. London: 1819-1841. 

6 pieces in i vol. 8° ; half morocco. 

Catalogue of ^ooft^r anb sr^u^s^cnptiGr. 211 


Title : 


( Then vignette representing the King receiving Vespucitis.) 
In Fine : 

C Stampato in Milano con la impensa de lo. lacobo & fratelli da | 

Lignano : & diligente cura & industria de loanne Angelo fcinzen | zeler : 

nel. Mcccccxix. a di. v. de Mazo. | 

Sm. 4° ; bound in red crushed morocco, gilt edges, ty Pkatt. 

A valuable, interesting, and exceedingly rare work, extensively quoted by early authors. 
B. A. V. No. 94. From the Barlow Collection. 


712 MONTALBODDO (FR. de). 

Title : 

^ae^t nouamente citrouati ^ec 

la Nauigatione di Spagna in Calicut. Et da alber 
tutio Vesputio Fiorentino intitulato Mon 
do Nouo. Nouamente Impresso. 

(Then vignette representing Venice, filling the rest of the page.) 
In Fine: 

C Stampata in Venetia per Zorzo de Rusconi Milla | nese. Nel. M.D.XXI. 
adi. xy. de Febraro. 

Sm. 8° ; hound in crimson crushed morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. 
This edition is as rare as that of 1S19, and has about the same intrinsic value. 
B. A. V. No. 109. From the Barlow Collection. 

713 MONTAIGNE (M. de) WORKS of Michael de Montaigne, Com- 

prising his ESSAYS, Journey into Italy, and Letters, with Notes from 
all the Commentators, Biographical and BibUographical Notices, etc. By 
W. HAZLITT. A new and carefully revised edition. Edited by O. W. 
WIGHT. Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press, \%^\. 

4 vols. 8° ; portrait. Half olive morocco, gilt tops, UNCUT. Large Paper. Only 75 copies 

714 MONTANUS (BENED. ARIAS) Hvmanae salvtis monvmenta. | 


proto typographia I REGiA. | Christoph. | Plantinvs I D.S.P.F.C. I 1 57 1. 

[Engraved title.J 
Sm. 4° ; bound i>i green morocco, somewhat faded, marbled edges. 
' A book remarkable both for its beautifully engraved plates and its rarity. The set of plates 
is complete, and the impressions are excellent. They were engraved, probably, by Peter 
Breughel, J. Wierx, Crispin de Pas, and others. 
From the WodhuU Library. 

212 (Cataio0ue of ^ooJftiaf anb <Sii^arm^mpt^, 

715 [MONTESQUIEU.]— Le Temple de Gnide. Nouvelle Edition, 
Avec Figures Gravees par N. Le Mire, d'apres les Defsins de Ch. Eisen. 
Le Texte Grav6 par Droxjet. A Paris, chez le Mire Graveur, 1772. 

Roy. 8° ; most sumptuotisly hound in highly polished crimson levant morocco, gilt hack and 
edges, sides covered with troad dentelle gold borders elegantly tooled, insides lined with polished 
citron levant morocco, emtellished with rich gold borders, corner ornaments most delicately tooled, 
morocco joints, double fly-leaves, by Tkautz-Bauzonnet, in their very finest and most arHstic 
brilliancy. The frontispiece is in duplicate, the first showing the principal figure " uncovered," and 
being a proof before letters. 


or Iroquois. Rochester: Sage &" Brother, 1851. 

8° ; maps, plates, and plans. Cloth, rough edges. Very fine, clean copy. SCARCE. 





Containing an Abftract of New-England, 

Compofed in three Bookes. 

The firft Booke fetting forth the original! of the Natives, their 

Manners and Cuilomes, together with their tractable Nature and 

Love towards the Englifli. 

The fecond Booke fetting forth the naturall Indowments of the 

Country, and what ftaple Commodities it 


The third Booke fetting forth, what people are planted there, 

their profperity, what remarkable accidents have happened fmce the firft 

planting of it, together with their Tenents and practife 

of their Church. 

Written by Thomas Morton of Cliffords Inne gent, upon tenne 

yeares knowledge and experiment of the 


Printed at AMSTERDAM, 


In the Yeare 1637. 

Sm. 4°; fp, 188, (3). Boundin light green levant morocco super-extra, paneled and filleted sides 
with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A splendid copy of this EX- 
CEEDINGLY RARE AND highly facetious work. 

€ataio0uc of 9&oofesf and a^ujStnjJtjBf* 213 

718 MOORE (THOMAS).— IRISH MELODIES. Illustrated by D. 
MACLISE, R. A. London : Longman &' Co. 1846. 

Rv). 8° ; elegantly printed within ornamental borders, on fine, thick paper; with i6l beautiful 
DESIGNS iy D. Maclise, all Proofs ; the letterpress engraved on steel by Chas. G. Lewis 
& F. ,P. BbCKES. Bound in light polished eal/ super-extra, gilt iach aitd edges, filleted sides, by 
W. Pratt. 

Boston: [Zomion:] MDCCCLXVIIL 
Crown 8° ; cloth, gilt top, uncut. 

720 MORTON (NATHANIEL).— New-Englands | MEMORIALL: | 
or, I A brief Relation of the most Memorable and Remarkable | Passages of 
the Providence of God, manifested to the | PLANTERS | of | New-Eng- 
land m America ; | With special Reference to the first Colony thereof, called | 
New-Plimouth. I As also a Nomination of divers of the most Eminent 
Instruments deceased, both of Church and Common-wealth, improved in 
the I first beginning and after-progress of sundry of the respective | Jurisdic- 
tions in those Parts : in reference unto sundry | Exemplary Passages of their 
Lives, and | the time of their Death. 

Published for the Use and Benefit of present and future Generations, | by 
Nathaniel Morton, | Secretary of the Court for the Jurisdiction of New- 
Plimouth. , < 

Deut. 32 : 10. He found him in a desert Land, and in the waste howling 
wilderness ; he led him \ about, he instructed him, he kept him as the Apple of 
his Eye. 

Jerem. 2 : 2, 3. I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of 
thine Espousals, \ when thou wentest after me in the wilderness, in a Land 
that was not sown, (s'e. 

Deut. 8 : 2, 16. And thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy 
God led thee \ these forty years in the wilderness, b'c. 

Cambridge : Printed by S. G. and M. J. for John Vsher of Boston, 1669. 

Sm. 4° ; bound by Bedford in crimson morocco extra gUt and gilt edges. 

This book is one of those commonly referred to as " the comer-stone " of the early history 
of New England, and its accurate and fiill account of transactions there from 1620 to 1668 
justify its claim to that title. It is excessively rare. The present volume is perfect and in 
remarkably brilliant condition. 

214 Catalogue of ^ooft^e^ onti SX^ugttvift^. 

721 MORTON (NATHANIEL).— New-England's | a^CItlOtial; | or, | A 

brief Relation of the moft Memorable and | Remarkable Paffages of the 
Providence of | God manifefted to the | PLANTERS | of | Neiv-Eng- 
land in America \ With fpecial Reference to the firft. Colony | thereof, 
Called I New-Plimouth I As alfo a Nomination of divers of the moll 
Eminent | Inftruments deceafed, both of Church & Common | Wealth, im- 
proved in the firft beginning and after | progrefs of fundry of the refpective 
Jurifdictions in | thofe Parts ; in reference unto fundry Exemplary | PaiTages 
of their Lives, & the time of their Death. | Publiflied for the Ufe and 
Benefit of | prefent and future Generations. | By NATHANIEL MOR- 
TON, Secretary to the Court for the Jurif- | diction of New-Plimouth. \ 
[Texts of Scripture, 6 lines.\ Boston: Reprinted for Daniel Henchman, at 
the Comer | Shop over-againft the Brick-Meeting-Houfe, 1721. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. (10), 248. Red levant morocco extra, paneled sides with comer ornaments, gilt back 
andedges,i?isidegilt borders, by 'W. Pratt. Fine Copy. Very Scarce. 

722 MOURT (G.) — A Relation or Iournall of the beginning and pro- 
ceedings of the English Plantation setled at Plimoth in New England, 
by certaine EngUsh Aduenturers both Merchants and others. With their 
difficult passage, their safe arriuall, their ioyfull building of, and comfortable 
planting themselues in the now well defended Towne of New Plimoth. As 
also a Relation of Fovre seuerall discoueries since made by some of the same 
English Planters there resident. I. In a ioumey to Pvckanokick the habita- 
tion of the Indians greatest King Massasoyt: as also their message, the 
answer and entertainment they had of him. II. In a voyage made by ten 
of them to the Kingdome of Nawset, to seeke a boy that had lost himselfe 
in the woods : with such accidents as befell them in that voyage. III. In 
their ioumey to the Kingdome of Namaschet, in defence of their greatest 
King Massasoyt, against the Narrohiggonsets, and to reuenge the supposed 
death of their Interpreter Tisquantum. IIII. Their voyage to the Massa- 
chusets, and their entertainment there. With an answer to all such objec- 
tions as are any way made against the lawfulnesse of English plantations in 
those parts. 4to, calf. 

London : Printed for lohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shop at the 
two Greyhounds in Comhill neere the Royall Exchange, 1622. 

Sm. 4° ; bouttd in green crushed morocco extra, gilt edges, by PRATT. 

Mourt's "Relation" is another of those books usually catalogued as "the chief corner- 
stone " of a library of Americana, and as it is one of the earliest accounts of New England 
history it is not easy to overestimate its importance. But its value is not greater than the 
difficulty of procuring the book in good condition. It was evidently very popular at the time 
of its publication, and received careless usage. Not one thoroughly good copy has been 
offered for sale here, either at auction or by dealers, for twenty years. The present is an 
unusually clean copy, but the top of the title-page has been cut so close as to eliminate the 
initial "A." 

^ataiosue of 2&oofeief anb )3J?anusfcrq?tjef, 215 

723 MURNER (TH.) . 

iLogica I memorattua 
Cftarttlutiiu logice, fiue totim 

dialectice memoria : & nouus Petri hyfpani tex 

tus emendatus: Cum iucundo pictafmatis 

exercitio: Eruditi viri. f. Thome 

Murner Argetini; ordi- 

nis minoB: theolo 

gie doctoris 


In Fine: 

Argetine, induftrius vir loanes gruninger 
impreflit. Anno a criili faluatoris natiuitate. M.D.IX. 
Ipfa die diui Thome Cantuarienfis. 

Sm. 4° ; 79 Uaves, sign. A-N, witA 54 exceedingly curums woodcuts. Oak boards, covered 
with sheepskin, and tooled in the style of the sixteenth century. 

"Thomas Murner, a learned Minorite friar of the order of St. Francis who flourished at 
the commencement of the sixteenth century, and being engaged in teaching philosophy, first 
at Cracovia, and afterwards at Friburg, perceived that his young pupils were disgusted with 
the formalities of a treatise of Logic which was placed in their hands to teach them the terms 
of dialectic science. He imagined a new method of exciting their attention by composing one 
himself, in the manner of a Game at Cards, which, in the form of a pleasing recreation, engaged 
them to pursue the subject, and insensibly surmount the difficulties of this dry and repulsive 
study. So successful were his endeavours, that the extraordinary and rapid progress of his 
scholars caused him at first to be suspected as a magician ; and, to justify himself, he was 
obliged to produce his new invented game, and demonstrate to the rectors of the University 
the means by which such wonders were effected, who not only highly approved, but applauded 
his invention, and admired it, as something more than human. This game, according to Menes- 
trier, was composed of 52 cards on which were depicted Bells, Crabs, Fish, Acorns, Scorpions, 
Turbans, Hearts, Swallows, Suns, Stars, Pigeons, Crescents, Cats, Shields, Crowns, and Ser- 
pents ; but in what manner these objects were applied to the inculcation of logical rules and 
dialectic terms, we shall not attempt to describe. The success and popularity of this book 
gave rise at a future period to numerous applications of Cards for purposes of instruction ; that 
Mumer's attempt was the model upon which all subsequent ones were founded, cannot be 
doubted, and the number of games which were published in the commencement of the seven- 
teenth century is astonishing. We have seen the attempt renewed in our own times, and there 
is scarcely a branch of juvenile education which has not been thus treated." — Marchand, 
"Diet, ffistorigue," art. Murner. Singer, "Researches into the History of Playing Cards," 
pp. 216-17. 

2i6 Catalogue of 25oofe3S an& a^uiefctqitjs. 

724 t^^^ARRAGANSETT CLUB Publications of the Narragan- 

■ W SETT Club, f First Series.) Volume I. Providence, R. I. : 



Contents, (i) Biographical Introduction. By Reuben A. Guild, A. M. {2) Williams's 
(Roger) Key into the Language of America. Edited by James Hammond TrumbuU, A. M. 
(3) Letter of Mr. John Cotton to Mr. R. WilHams. (4) Mr. Cotton's Letter Examined and 
Answered by Roger Williams. Edited by Reuben A. Guild, A. M. 


ex ordine Evangeliorum, quae toto anno in Missse sacrificio recitantur. 
Engraved title and 153 plates exquisitely engraved on copper by Hier., Ant., 
and loan. Wierx, Adr. Collaert, and C. de Mattery. Antuerpi^ : 1593. 

Folio ; bound by Matthews in blue crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges. 

Original and very fine Impressions of this beautiful series of engravings illustrating the 
Gospel narratives. One plate neatly colored ; 14 plates neatly inlaid ; corner of some margins 
somewhat finger-soiled. 

726 NEPOS (CORNELIUS) The Lives of Distinguished Men. Ven- 

ice: N. Jensen, 1471. 

Colophon : 


Sm. folio; bound in green morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by ROGER Patne. 

This is the First Edition of this book, which has held for centuries a prominent place in 
classical hterature. Aside from its hterary merit, the present copy has an especial charm for the 
lover of excellent typography. The paper is an imusuaUy good specimen of the work of the 
fifteenth century, and is as fresh and free from stain as if it had been made within a few years. 
The ink is lustrous, the registry perfect, and the margins wide. The capital letters are, as 
usual, painted by hand. But the most attractive feature of the book is, perhaps, the first page. 
This has been illuminated most beautifiilly in water-color, by an Italian artist. At the bottom 
of the page is a spirited picture of a battle between ancient galleys propelled by oars. This, 
like the remainder of the book, is in perfect preservation. 

From the Ubraries of Sir M. Sykes and M. WodhuU. 

727 NEW-ENGLAND PRIMER.— The | New-England \ PRIMER | 

Improved. | For the more eafy attaining the true | Reading of EngUfli. | To 
which is added, | The AiTembly of Divines, | and Mr. Cotton's | Catechifm. \ 
Boston : Printed and Sold \ by S. Adams, in Queen-ftreet, 1762. 

32° ; 40 unnumbered leaves. On the recto of the first leaf is a large woodcut portrait of ' ' King 
George the Third, Crown'd September saA, 1761." The 24 ztioiiffeafa illustrative of the alphabet, 
and the familiar rhymed couplets, are remarkably fresh and clean. The impressive cut repre- 
senting Mr. John Rogers burning at the stake, in the presence of his pious and prolific wife. 

Catalogue of ^ooh^ anb £(^nu$ectq^$e« 2 1 ; 

" with time small children and one at her breast," will be found on the verso of the fifteenth leaf. 
This copy contains Mr. John Cotton's " Spiritttal Milk \ for | American Babes. | Drawn out 
of the Breafts of both Tejlaments, \ for their Souls Nouriftiment" ; " A Dialogue [in verse} 
between CHRIST, Youth, and the Devil" ; and ends with, " The late Reverend &Venerable 
Mr. Nathanael Clap, of Newport on Rhod-IHand; his Advice to Children." A very fine, 
CLEAN COPY OF AN EXTREMELY RARE edition, in the original split boards and sheef 

" The Little Bible of New-England." The late Mr. George Livermore, a diligent 
and successful collector of early Catechisms and Primers, remarks, in one of a series of articles 
on "The Origin and History of the New England Primer," published in the "Cambridge 
Chroniele " in 1849 : " I have not been able to find a copy of the work bearing an earlier date 
than the year 1775. . . Nor have I seen a person who has seen a copy of an earlier date." 
The Lenox Library contains a copy bearing the date of the year 1727. See Brinley Catalogue, 
Part III., /. 159. 

728 NEW-ENGLAND PRIMER (The) Improved. To which is added, 

The Assembly's Catechism. Philadelphia: M. Carey, 1810. j>J>. 36. 
The YOUTH'S PRIMER. . . Adorned with Cuts, by the Compiler, 
Jonathan Fisher, A. M., Minister of the Gospel at Bluehill, Maine. Bos- 
ton: Samuel Armstrong, \Z\i. pp. 108. The AMERICAN PRIMER. 
Fourth Improved Edition, Curious Woodcuts. Phila. : M. Carey, 181 3. > 
pp. 36. The EVANGELICAL PRIMER. By Joseph Emerson, Pas- 
tor of a Church in Beverly. With 72 Cuts. Boston : 1820. pp. 72. The 
NEW-ENGLAND PRIMER. . . Philadelphia : Freeman Scott, n. d. 
pp. 36, in the original covers. The FRANKLIN FAMILY PRIMER. . . 
Adorned with a Variety of Cuts, Improved Edition. Boston : Manning Of 
Loring. [1811.] //. 72. 

6 pieces in one vol. i8° ; half blue morocco. A VERY CURIOUS COLLECTION. 


^ Conversion of some ^ 
First of the < Conviction of divers > of the Indians. 

(^ Preparation of sundry ) 
2. Of the progresse of Learning in the CoUedge at Cambridge in Massacu- 
sets Bay. With Divers other speciall Matters concerning that Countrey, &c. 
London: 1643. 

Sm. 4°; bound in brvwn crushed morocco extra, comers elaborately tooled, gilt edges, by 

The first of a series of reports relative to the conversion of the aborigmes in New 



Vol. I, New Haven: Frinted for the Society, 1865. 

8°; cloth. 

Contains a valuable and extremely interesting "Historical Account of Connecticut Cur- 
rency, Continental Money, and the Finances of the Revolution," by Henry Bronson, M. D. 

2i8 Catalogue of ^ooftiET aid lOi^anu^^cc^tiEr. 

731 [NEW NETHERLAND.]— SSeiefctjriibttiglje tjan Clirffinia, Nieuw 

Nederlandt, Nieuw-Engelandt, en d'Eylanden Bermudes, Berbados, en S. 
Christoifel. Dienstelijck voor elck een derwaerts handelende, en alle voort- 
planters van nieuw Colonien. Amsterdam: Foosi Harigers, i6e^i. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in Hue morocco extra, gilt edges, by MATTHEWS. 

This volume contains much valuable information, but on account of its language it will 
interest the majority chiefly by its map and copperplate cuts, among which is included THE 
FIRST ENGRAVED VIEW OF THE CiTY OF NEW YORK, On page 21. Fred. Muller mentions 
it as " one of the most interesting, scarcest, and first books on New Netherland." It is in 
beautiful condition. 

732 NE^V TESTAMENT of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With 

Engravings on Wood from Designs of Era Angelico, Pietro Perugino, 
Francesco Francia, Lorenzo Di Credi, Fra Bartolommeo, Titian, Raphael, 
Gaudenzio Ferrari, Daniel Di Volterra, and others. London : Longman 
&• Co. 1865. 

4° ; brown grosgr. levant morocco, back and sides blind tooled, brass guards and clasp, inside 
broad gilt borders, brown watered-silk linings, morocco joints. 

733 NEW TESTAMENT (The) for ENGLISH READERS: contain- 

ing the Authorized Version, with Marginal Corrections of Readings and 
Renderings; Marginal References; and a Critical and Explanatory 
Commentary. By Henry Alford, D. D. Boston : Lee &' Shepard, 

2 vols, in 4 parts 8° ; half morocco, gilt tops, UNCUT. 








Printed by Order of the Mayor, Recor- 
der, Aldermen and Commonalty of 
the City aforefaid. 
The Act of the General Affembly confirming the 
fame. NEW- YORK,' 

Printed by John Peter Zenger, 1735. 

Folia; pp. 52. Sumptuously bound in grosgr. red levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A Magnificent Copy in fine, fresh 

(Catalogue of ^noh^ mtti St^u^cti^^e. 219 


ING : Containing full Instructions in the different Branches of Forwarding, 
Gilding, and Finishing. . . . The whole designed for the Practical Work- 
man, the Amateur, and the Book-Collector. By JAMES B. NICHOL- 
SON. Philadelphia: Ifenty Carey Baird, 1856. 

12° ; fp. 318. With cuts, specimens of paper, and plates; half crimson moncco, gilt top, uncut 
EDGES. Very Scarce. 

736 NOCRION (CONTE Allobroge).— .f. /. 1747. 

12° ; engraved frontispiece ; beautifully tound in polished citron levant morocco super-extra, gilt 
back, with brovm and green labels, sides richly ornamented with broad gold borders, gilt edges, inside 
gUt borders, by Hardy. An exquisite copy of this rare little volume of old French facetiae. 


SV MAG°. I y acverdo del Real Confejo | de Indias. Hizieron los Capi- 
tanes | Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, y GonQalo | de Nodal hermanos, natu- 
rales de Ponte | Vedra, al defcubrimiento del Eftrecho | nuebo de S. Vicente 
y reconofmy". | del de Magallanes. | A DON FERNANDO CARRI- 
LLO I cauallero del abito de Santiago, Prefidente | en el mifino Con- 
fejo. I Con Privilegio | En Madrid. For Fernando Correa- | de Monte- 
negro. Ano. 1 62 1. I N. S. de Atocha N. S. del buen Sucejfo. \ 

Sm. 4° ; Jlne old red morocco, yellow edges. Engraved title with medallion portraits of the two 
brothers Nodal, etc., /. de Courbes SculpfU. At fol. 35 is a copperplate map entitled " Reconoci- 
miento de los Estrechos de Magallanes y San Vicente," etc. ; " Echa por don Pedro teixeira, 
Ealbemas, CoCnographo de Su Mgd." ; " I. de Courbes fculpfit." 13 }i by iS}i inches. 

Very Rare ; on the blank leaf at the beginning of the volume it is stated that only three 
copies are known in England. 

738 NORMAN (B. M.) — Rambles in Yucatan; or Notes of Travel 

through the Peninsula, including a Visit to the remarkable Ruins of Chi- 
Chen, Kabah, Zayi, and Uxmal. WiiA Numerous Illustrations. Third 
Edition. New York: J. b' H. G. Langley, MDCCCXLIII. 
8° ; pp. 304. 23 lithographic plates, cloth, uncut. 

739 NORTON (JOHN).— THE | Heart of New-England \ Rent at the 

BLASPHEMIES] of the prefent Generation. | Or a brief | TRAC- 
TATE, I Concerning the | Doctrine of the" Quakers, | Demonftrating 
the deftructive nature | thereof, to Religion, the Churches, and | the State ; 
with confideration of the Re- | medy againft it. | Occafional Satisfaction to 
Objections, and Con- | firmation of the contrary Truth. | By JOHN NOR- 
TON, Teacher of the Church of | Chrift at Bofton. \ Who was appointed 
thereunto, by the Order of the | GENERAL COURT. | \Motto\ (Rev. 2. 2.) 
London, Printed hy J. H. for John Allen at the Rifing- | Sunne in St. Pauls 
Church-yard, 1660. | 

16° ; 80 ^. Maroon levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, comer ornaments on the sides, 
by F. Bedford. 

2 20 Catalogue of ^ooftier anti 0i^anuieem^^« 

740 NOVA BRITANNIA. | OFFRING MOST | ExceUent fruites by 
Planting in | Virginia. | Exciting all fuch as be well affected | to further 
the fame. | London | Frinted for Samvel Macham, and are to be fold at \ 
his Shop in Pauls Church-yard, at the \ Signe of the Bul-head. 1609. | 

Sm. 4°. Black Letter. Crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. Exceedingly Rare. 

Collation : The Dedication " To the Right VVorfliipfull, Sir Thomas Smith, of London, 
Knight, one of his Maiefties Councell for Virginia," etc., signed R. I. Sig. A-E in fours, 
Ai and E4 blank. 

741 NOYES (JAMES).— A SHORT | CATECHISM | Compofed | By 
Mr. James Noyes. \ Late Teacher of the €I|UrCl) of | CHRIST in | 
NEWBURY, I in New-England. \ For the ufe of the Children there. | 
Boston, | Printed by Bartholomew Green, 17 14. | 

Sm. 8°; ff. 15. Straight grained olive morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, 
by F. Bedford. A beautiful copy of this Extremely Rake Catechism. 

742 l^un^ Calie^ be ciaca (^iuat). 

C Xa cdacton p comentanoisi bel goumta^ 

tioc ^iuat miiie^ ca0e^ tie taca, be io ataefc&o en \s4 

bo$r tocimbajer que I)^o a {aiee Sntnaier* 

€on jprtu£[^o« 



9a de vaca, adelantado y gouemador de la pro 

uincia del Rio de la Plata. 

Scriptos por Pero hemandez fcriuano y fecre 

tario de la prouincia. Y dirigidos al ferenifs. 

muy alto y muy poderofo fenor 

el Infante don Carlos, N. S. 
In Fine: 

^ Impreffo en Valladolid, por Francifco fer- Jlf^ 
nandez de Cordoua. Ano de mil y quinien- 
nientos \sic\ y cinquenta y cinco afios. 
Sm. 4°; original limp vellum. A fine copy of the EXTREMELY RARE First Edi- 
tion of the ' ' Commentarios " (with the second edition of the ' ' Relacion ") of Nunez Cabefa de 
Vaca. It is divided into Two Parts : the First, supposed to have been written by himself, 

Catalogue of ^ottk^ anb a^nujs^ccq^tisf. 221 

is a recital of his shipwreclis and disasters (•• Naufragics de Aluar nunez caiefa de vaca " ) ; the 
Second ('• Commeiitarios," etc.) was written by his secretary, Pero Hernandez, while Nunez was 
in prison. 

Collation : Title, with large woodcut of Anns (fol. i) ; verso, " El Rey," signed " Francifco 
Ledefma."; fol. ij, " Prohemio" ("2 />^J/ " Naufragios," fol. iij-liiij ^»«ra»^- "Tabla," fol. Iv, 
Iv}. (verso 0/ Ivj blank); " Commentarios," "Title," and " Prohemio," 2 11. n. n. and fol. 
Ivij; " Text," fol. lviij-cxlij,j;«ra(7/ "Tabla," fol. cxliij, cxliv. Colophon, o« i/fwo 0/" fol. cxliv. 

See Stevens, "Nuggetts," Vol. II., p. 561. Harrisse, "Bibl. Am. Vet.," pp. 381-384. 
Field, •■ Indian Bib.," 'Ho. 230. Brinlet, Cat., Part. III., No. 4360. Bolton Corney's sale 
June, 1871, ;f39 lor. H. C. Murphy's sale, 1884, $180. 


les DfiCOUVERTES et les autres EvenJinements arrives en 
CANADA, et au Nord et a 1'Ouest des fixAts-UNis (1611-1672). 
Par Le Dr. E. B. O'CALLAGHAN. Traduit de 1'Anglais avec quelques 
Notes, Corrections et Additions. [Par R. PfeRE Martin.] Mon- 
treal : Bureau des Melanges Religieux, Rue St. Denis, pris de I'jSvhhe, 

Sm. Z°\ pp. vi.,-!o. Dark blue morocco, red edges. Very Rare. 
This French translation contains much valuable additional matter. 

744 OCKLEY (SIMON) The HISTORY of the SARACENS; Compris- 

ing the Lives of Mohommed and his Successors. . . . With an Account 
of their most Remarkable Battles, Sieges, Revolts, &c. Fourth Edition, 
revised, improved, and enlarged. London : Bohn, 1847. 
Post 8° ; half morocco, gilt top. 

745 ODELL (A. }.)—Bibliotheca Curiosa. Catall^e Of tfje %iSyt^X^ 

OF ANDREW J. ODELL, or New York. Prepared by GEORGE P. 
PHILES. New York: Sears df Cole, 1878-1879. 

2 vols. roy. 8°; sumptuously printed on Uad linen paper, with Ornamental Initial Let- 
ters, Head-pieces,. «Krf Titles o/Rare Books, elegantly printed in Colors. Bound in 
heavy vellum paper, with Illuminated Titles, Uncut. A very limited number of copies 

only, PRINTED exclusively FOR PRIVATE USE. 

746 ORIGIN (The) and ANTIQUITY of ENGRAVING: With Some 

Remarks on the Utility and Pleasures of Prints. Philadelphia : George 
Gebbie, 1872. 

8° ; brcnxm cloth, UNCUT. 


Catalogue of ^ooft^ anti iS^nvi^ttift^, 


TWENTY-NINE Fac-similes of Scarce and Curious Prints, by the 
Early Masters of the Italian, German, and Flemish Schools ; Illustrative 
of the History of Engraving, from the Invention of the Art, by Maso- 
FiNiGUERRA, in the Middle of the Fifteenth Century ; With Introductory 
Remarks, and a Catalogue of Plates, by William Young Ottley, F. S. A. 
London: 1828. 

Imp. 4° ; half vellum, with 12 duplicate plates of til^hhOS finished in silver. Fine, clean copy. 

748 OTTLEY (W. Y.) — An INQUIRY concerning the INVENTION of 

PRINTING : In which the Systems of Meerman, Heinecken, Santander, 
and KoNiNG are Reviewed; Including also Notices of the Early Use of 
Wood-Engraving m Europe, the Block-Books, &c. By the Late William 
Young Ottley, Esq., F. S. A. With an Introduction by J. Ph. Ber- 
jEAU. Illustrated with z'jVhAT^s and numerous Wood-Engravings. London: 
Joseph Lilly, 1863. 

4° ; half morocco, UNCUT. 2Cra copies only printed. 


D'OVIDE, en Latin, Traduites en Francois, avec des Remarques, et des 
Explications Historiques. Par M'-L'ABB£ BANIER. Ouvrage enrichi 
de Figures en taille-douce, Gravies par B. PI CART, b" autres habiles Maitres. 
Amsterdam, chez R. b' J. Wetstein &• G. Smith, M.DCC.XXXII. 

2 vols, folio. LARGE PAPER. With 150 beautiful copperplate engravings by B. PiCART, 
Phil. A Gunst, Folkema, and others, brilliant proof impressions. Bound infineold red morocco, 
gilt backs and edges, paneled sides, gilt borders, and large diamond center ornaments, by DErome. 

750 OVIDE Les METAMORPHOSES D'OVIDE, en Latin et en Fran- 

901S, de la Traduction de M. I' Abbe BANIER, de I'Acad^mie Royale des 

Infcriptions & Belles-Lettres ; Avec des Explications Historiques. A 

Paris : chez Leclerc, Quai des Augustins, a la Toison d'or. M.DCC.LXVII. 


4 vols. 4° ; with 140 Plates from designs by EiSEN, MOREAU, Monnet, Choffard, 
Gravelot, Boucher, Le Prince, etc., all most brilliant impressions. Sumptuously bound in 
highly polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, elaborately tooled gilt backs, broad floriated 
borders on the sides, rithly gilt and finely tooled, inside gold borders, topsgilt, iSy Chambolle-Duru. 

751 OVIDE.— Les METAMORPHOSES D'OVIDE, Traduction Nouvelle 

avec le Texte Latin, suivie d'une Analyse de I'Explication des Fables, 
de Notes Gf;oGRAPHiQUES, Historiques, Mythologiques, et Critiques, 
par M. G. T. VILLENAVE ; Omee de Gravures d'apres les Dessins de 
MM. Le Barbier, Monsiau, et Moreau. Paris : F. Gay, 1806-1822. 

4 vols. roy. 4° ; half crimson calf. Beautiful impressions of the plates. Proofs before 

<ltataIoeue of S&oofejS anb a^anujfmjptief, 223 

752 OVIEDO (G. F. De). 

5.a ftistom general 
tre te f ntims* 

^Con priuilcgio imptrial^ 

In Fine: 

Xa qtud jere acabo 1 tmpnmio enia mup noble 

1 mup leal abeiii tie d&euiHa, enia empre 

ta tie 3[uam ^romfietgei;, ei po^t^ 

CO bia tid meja? tie </&ettein&ce. 

^iio be mil p qutmentoie^ 

P tcepnta p ctnco 

%no^ , ♦ . 

FoHo; bound in green levant morocco extra, borders elaborately tooled, by Pratt. ^ 

The First Edition of Oviedo's " General and Natural History of the Indies," printed at 
Seville in IS3S- Oviedo lived on this continent upwards of thirty-four years, and crossed the 
Atlantic not less than twelve times, chiefly on missions to lay the grievances of the colonies, or 
his own, before the Spanish Court. He was Governor of the Province of C^rthagena, and 
filled other high positions. His intimate personal knowledge of men and events makes his 
history interesting and of the greatest importance. This volume is complete in itself, although 
it comprises only the first part of the history, which was continued subsequently. The present 
copy is perfect, and is in fine condition, excepting that a few leaves have been mended. The 
work is, however, excessively rare in any state. 


Compiled from the best Authorities. Oxford: D. A. Talboys, 1835. 

Folio; half morocco. 


754 •^'^AGAN (BLAISE FRANCIS, COUNT DE).— AN | Hiftori- 
cal & Geographical | DESCRIPTION | of the | Great Country 
& River | of the | AMAZONES | in AMERICA. | Drawn out 
of divers Authors, and reduced | into a better forme; with a Mapp of | the 
River, and its Provinces, being | that place which S' Walter Rawleigh in- 
tended I to conquer and plant, when he made his Voy- | age to Guiana. \ 

224 Catalogue of 2£>oofti6f aitb a^anu^cnptjf. 

Written in French by the Count of Pagan, and | dedicated to Cardinall 
Mazarine, in order | to a Conqueft. by the Cardinals moti- | on to be under- 
taken. I And now tranilated into EngUfli by William \ Hamilton, and hum- 
bly offered to his Majefty, | as worthy his Confideration. | London : | Printed 
for John Starkey at the Miter in Fleet- \ftreet near Temple-Barre, 1661. 

Sm.Z°\ z$frel. leaves; Text. fp. iSi'< " A Table oi the Chapters,' 3 leaves; /oldmg-" Mafi 
of the River Amazon, and of its Provinces." Neatly bound in vellum. A fine, clean copy, 
with the Autograph of "'K. SOUTHEY, Bristol, 1803." Extremely Rake. 

755 PAINE (NATHANIEL).— Remarks on the EARLY PAPER 

CURRENCY of Massachusetts. Cambridge: Press of John Wilson &" 
Sons, 1866. 

Imp.%°; 1$ fine portraits and plates inserted; with facsimiles of early paper currency. Large 
Paper, only 50 copies printed. Half crimson levant morocco, gilt hack and top, UNCUT, by 


taining, r. Rights of Man. 2. Common Sense. 3. The Crisis. 4. Pub- 
lic Good. 5. Letter to Abb^ Raynal. 6. Letter to the Earl of Shelburne. 
7. Letter to Sir Guy Carlton. 8. Letter to the Authors of the Republican. 
9. Letter to Abb6 Seyeyes \sic\. Albany, State of New- York : Printed 
by Charles R. &" George Webster, [i 791-2.} 

8° ; calf. _ 

757 PAINE (T.) — The AGE OF REASON. Being an Investigation of 

True and Fabulous Theology. {In Three Parts.] By THOMAS PAINE. 
London v Pointed for and sold by Daniel Isaac Eaton, Printer and Book- 
seller to the Supreme Majesty of the People, at the Cock and Swine, No. 74, 
Newgate- Street, 1796-1811. 

8° ; half red morocco, top gilt, rough edges. 

758 PAINE (T.) — AGRARIAN JUSTICE, opposed to Agrarian Law, and 

to Agrarian Monopoly, being a Plan for meliorating the condition of Man, 
etc. The DECLINE and FALL of the English System of Finance. By 
Thomas Paine. Paris and London: 1796. 

2 pieces in one vol. 8° \ pp.'^, and pp. 44. Half red morocco, top gUt, UNCUT. 

759 PALAIS DE SAN DONATO.— Catalogue des Objets d'Art, et 

d'AMEUBLEMENT, TABLEAUX dont la Vente aux ench^res publiques aura 
Heu \ Florence, au Palais de San Donato /,? 15 Mars 1880 etles jours 
suivant. Bruxelles ^^ Paris : 1880. 

■2, parts roy. 4° ; brochi, uncut, with numerous facsimile illustrations. 

760 PALGRAVE (FRANCIS) — History of the Anglo-Saxons. A New 

Edition. Profusely Illustrated, London : 1867. 

Crown 8° ; polished tree-calf, gilt back and edges. 

<irataio5ue of S^ooftjer anb a^nuiBftriptjef* 225 

761 PALGRAVE (F. T.) — The GOLDEN TREASURY of the Best Songs 

and Lyrical Poems in the English Language. Selected and Arranged, with 
Notes, by FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE. London : Macmillan &• 
Co. 1877. 

i6° ; green cloth, gilt top, UNCUT. 

762 PALGRAVE (W. G.) — NARRATIVE of a Year's Journey through 

GIFFORD PALGRAVE. London and Cambridge : Macmillan &' Co. 

2 vols. 8° ; fortrait and maps; green cloth, UNCUT. 

763 PALLISER (F. B.)— A HISTORY of LACE. By Mrs. Fanny Bury 

Palliser. Second Edition. With \'^t. Illustrations. London: 1869. 

8° ; beveled cloth, gilt edges. 

764 "PAPESS JOANNA."— Iesvitas, | Singvlares S. S. | PoNxiFiciiE 

Maie- I statis hoc tempore vin- | dices, Falso et Frvstra | Negare, 
PAPAM lOANNEM | VIII fiiiffe MVLIEREM. | Editio altera non fine 
auctario. | \s. /.] Anno m.d.xcvii. 

Sm. 4° ; half red morocco, top gilt. With a very curious woodcut of the Papess in parturition. 

The authorshijr of this exceedingly rare Dissertation is attributed to Hermannus 
WiTTEKiND, a professor at Heidelberg, who died in 1603. See Gerdes' " Florilegium Libro- 
rum Rariorum," pp. 369-71. Schelhorn, " Amcenitates LiterariiB," ■pi.\.p. 146. 

765 PARDOE (JULIA) WORKS. Comprising, (i.) Louis the Four- 

teenth, and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century. 3 vols. 
(II.) The Court and Reign of Francis the First. 2 vols, (in.) Life of 
Marie de Medicis, Queen of France, Consort of Henry IV, and Regent 
of the Kingdom under Louis XIII. 3 w/f. London: 1847-1852. 

Together, 8 vols. 8° ; elegantly bound in light polished calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, filleted 
sides, colored labels, rough edges, by Tout. With numerous fine Portraits and engravings on 

766 PARKMAN (FRANCIS).— WORKS; France and England in 

North America. A Series of Historical Narratives, viz: Part i. Pio- 
neers of France in the New Worid. Part ii. Jesuits in North America 
in the Seventeenth Century. Part hi. Discovery of the Great West. 
Part iv. The Old Regime in Canada. Part v. Count Frontenac and 
New France under Louis XIV. 5 vols. The Conspiracy of Pontiac and 
the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada. 2 vols. The Oregon 
Trail, Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life, i vol Boston: 
Little, Brown &* Company, 1877-79. 

8 vols. 8° ; portraits and maps. Half maroon morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

2 26 €ataiO0m of ^ooftier anb Si^nujsfcn^tiEf, 

NELL. London : W. Hckering, 1833. 

12° ; portraits. Blue morocco, gilt edges. 

768 PASTON LETTERS Original Letters, written during the Reigns 

of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various Persons of Rank 
or Consequence. . . with Notes Historical and Explanatory by John 
Fenn, Esq. A New Edition, by A. Ramsay. London : Charks Knight 
b" Co. 1840. 

2 vols. sq. 8° bound in one; olive morocco, embossed sides, gauffered and gilt edges, by J. 

769 PATER (W. H.) — STUDIES in the HISTORY of the RENAIS- 
SANCE. [Comprising i. Essays on Aucassin and Nicolette. 2. Pico della 
Mirandula. 3. Sandro BotticelU. 4. Luca della Robbia. 5. The Poetry 
of Michel Angelo. 6. Leonardo da Vinci. 7. Joachim du Bellay. 
8. Winckelmann, etc.] By WALTER H. PATER. London : Macmil- 
lan &" Co. 1873. 

Crown 8° : cloth, uncut. 

770 PEELE (GEORGE).— The Battell of Alcazar, fovght in Barbarie, 
betweene Sebastian king of Portugall, and Abdelmelec king of Maroc- 
co. As it was sundrie times plaied by the Lord high Admirall his seruants. 
Imprinted at London by Edward Allde for Richard Bankworth, and are to 
be solde at his shoppe in Paul's churchyard at the signe of the Sunne. 1594. 

4° ; red morocco extra, by W. Pratt. First and only Edition. 

A-Gi in fours ; title, Ai. This play, published anonymously, was alluded to by Shake- 
speare in "Henry IV." Act II., scene 4. 

771 PEELE (G.) — The WORKS of GEORGE PEELE: Collected and 

Edited, with some Account of his Life and Writings, by the REV. 
ALEXANDER DYCE. Second Edition, with Additions and Supplement- 
ary Volume. London : W. Pickering, 1829-1839. 

3 vols, crovm 8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

772 PEIGNOT (GABRIEL) — Recherches Historiques sur tes DANSES 

DES MORTS et sur l'Origine des Cartes a Jouer. Ouvrage ornide cinq 
Lithographies et de Vignettes. Par Gabriel Peignot. Dijon: Victor 
Lagier, M.DCCC.XXVI. 

V ; half calf, marbled edges. Very SCARCE. 

<jtetalo0uc of S^ooftjer miti a^nujefccipt^. 227 


LOGIQUE sur la Reliure des Livres et sur TEtat de la Libraire chez 
les Anciens. fAvec Planches.) Dijon : chez Victor Lagier, 1834. 

"8° ; half yellow morocco, gilt dock, UNCUT. One of Two COPIES only, printed on LARGE 

774 PEN HALLOW (SAMUEL).— THE 1 HISTORY | of the | 

Wars of New-England, \ with the Eaftem Indians. | or, a | NARRA- 
TIVE I Of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty, | from the loth of Au- 
guft, 1703. I To the Peace renewed 13th of July, 17 13. | And from the 
2Sth oi July, 1722. I To their Submiffion 15th of December, 1725. | Which 
was Ratified .(4«,gi!^ 5th, 1726. | By Samuel Fenhallow, Efqr. 

Nefcio tu quibus es, Lector, lectums Ocellis, 
Hoc /do, quodficciStfcribererumfotui. 

Boston : | IHnted by T. Fleet, for S. Gerrijh at the lower \ end of Corn- 
hill, and D. Henchman over-againft \ the Brick Meeting-Houfe in Cornhill, 

Sm. 8° ; 4 prel. leaves and z^pp. " Advertifement, ' ' i page. Bound in crimson levant morocco 
super-extra, gilt hack and edges, filleted sides, wide inside gilt borders, hy F. Bedford. A TALL, 
FINE COPY OF THIS EXTREMELY RARE WORK, so rare indeed that neither Field, Menzies, 
Brinley, nor Barlow had a good copy. 

775 FENHALLOW (S.)— The HISTORY of the WARS of NEW-ENG- 

LAND with the Eastern Indians, or a NARRATIVE of their continued 
Perfidy and Cruelty, from the loth of August, 1703, to the Peace renewed 
13th of July, 1713, And from the 2Sth of July, 1722, To their Submission 
iSth December, 1725, Which was ratified August 5th, 1726. By Samuel 
Penhallow, Esqr. Cincinnati : Reprinted from the Boston Edition of 
1726, with a Memoir and Notes, for W. Dodge, 1859. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. V2ii ; half calf. 


o^ Ton trouve le detail | de ce qui s'y eft pafl"^ depuis la d^faite du | Gene- 
ral Braddock jufqu'k la prife d'Ofwego, | avec une Carte particuUere de 
cette Colonie. | s. I. [Paris :] M. DCC. LVI. 

12° ; pp. 128 ; folding map. Old French mottled calf marbled edges. 

This work is translated from " A Brief View of the Province of Pennsylvania for the year 
I7SS" [London: 1756]. 

777 PEPYS (S.) — Diary and Correspondence of SAMUEL PEPYS, F. R.S. 

Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. and James II. ... 
With a Life and Notes by Richard Lord Braybrooke. The Sixth 
Edition. London: Bohn, 1858. 

4 vols, post 8° ; portraits and facsimiles. Half green morocco, gilt hacks, marbled edges. 

228 Catalogue of 25oofess anb a^anujftn^ti^. 

and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages, Edited from Original 
Manuscripts and Scarce Publications. London : Pnnted for the Percy 
Society, 1840-52. 

31 vols, fast 8° ; elegantly bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and 
tops, inside gilt borders, by Matthews, front edges uncut.- . Contents lettered. An exceed- 
ingly FINE SET, with the VERY RARE VOLUME SUPPRESSED by the Percy Society and of which 

Romances. Edited by John W. Hales and Frederick J. Furnivall, 
assisted by Prof. Child of Harvard Univ., U. S., and W, Capappell, Esq. 
London: iVi Triibner df Co. 1867. 

3 vols, demy 8° ; light polished calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, front edges UNCiT. 

ARTHUR LATHAM PERRY. Eleventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 
New York : 1874. 

12° : cloth. 

781 PERRYS JAPAN EXPEDITION.— Narrative of the Expedition 
of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, in 1852, 1853, 
and 1854, under the command of Com. M. C. Perry, U. S. N. Com- 
piled by F. L. Hawks, D. D. Washington : 1856. 

4 vols. 4° ; including volume of maps, numerous fine tinted engravings, etc. 

CONNECTICUT, | From its | Firil Settlement under George Fen- 
wick, Efq. I to its I Latefl Period of Amity with Great Britain ; | Includ- 
ing I A DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY, | And many curious 
and interefting Anecdotes. | To which is added, | An Appendix, wherein 
new and the true Sources of the prefent | Rebellion in America are pointed 
out ; together with the particu- | lar Part taken by the People of Connecti- 
cut in its promotion. | By a Gentleman of the Province. | Plus apud me 
ratio valebit, quam vulgi opinio. Cic. Parad. I. | London : | Pnnted for the 
Author; \ And fold by J. Bew, No. 28, Pater-Nofler-Row, \ MDCCLXXXI. 

8° ; pp. x., 436. Elegantly bound in dark blue grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, gilt back 
and edges, filleted sides with comer ornaments, morocco joints, broad inside borders, richly gilt, by 
W. Pratt. A large, beautiful copy of the First Edition of this VERY RARE 
and extremely amusing work. 

Catalogue of ^ooHjet anb £i9anu$fm^is(. 229 

783 PETRARCH'S SONNETS.— Sonetti e Trionfi. 

Venice : Vindelin de Spira, 1470. 
Colophon : 


Qu? fuerat multis quodam confusa tenebris 

Petrarc^ laur? metra sacrata su^ 
Christophori et feruens pariter cyllenia cura 

Transcripsit nitido lucidiora die. 
Vtq ; superueniens nequeat corrumpere tepus 

En Vindelinus enea plura dedit. 

4° ; bound m vellum, with Wodhull arms in gold on the side. 

This is the First Edition of Petrarch's Sonnets and Triumphs. Its extraordinary rarity 
has been noticed by all bibliographers. De Bure states that not a single copy of it could be 
found in Paris. Dibdin describes it as "this exceedingly precious volume : among the most 
beautifiil, as well as the rarest, of those executed by Vindelin de Spira." This copy is com- 
plete and perfect, with the exception that the Table and four leaves have been inlaid. The 
initial letters are illuminated in gold and colors, and the first page has the Arms of Veniero, 
with two boys sitting beneath trees. 

784 [PEZAY.] — ZfiLIS AU BAIN. Poeme en quatre chants, [/fer/^ Mar- 

quis DE Pezay.] Geneve. [1763?] 

8°; fp. 43; witk Plates a«rf Vignettes, hy Ch. Eisen, most brilliant pnof impressions, 
signedhyihe artist D. P. [de Pezay]. Beautifully boundin highly polished crimson levant morocco 
super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, and corners ornamented with enamored doves ; broad 
inside dentelle borders, richly gUt, by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 


RENCY of the American Colonies ... By HENRY PHILLIPS, JR., 
A. M. RoxBURY, Mass.: Jointed for W. Elliot Woodward, 1865-66. 

2 vols. sm. 4° ; brarwn cloth, UNCUT. 250 copies printed. 

786 PHILOBIBLION (THE). — A Monthly Bibliographical Journal, 

Containing Critical Notices of, and Extracts from, Rare, Curious, and Valu- 
able Old Books. New York : Geo. P. Philes &> Co. 1862-63. 

2 vols. sm. 4° ; half blue morocco, tops gilt. Printed on India Paper. Nearly all the 
surplus copies were accidentally destroyed by water. Rare . 


Ragiona I Bella Bella | creanza delle | Donne. | In Venetia, | 1574. 
5S leaves, including the title. (2) STANZE | AMOROSE, | sopra gli 
HORTi I delle donne Ss'in lode | della menta. \ ha, Caccia d'amore del Bemia. | 
Quarantadui Stanze in materia d'amo- | re nuouamente ritrouate, & con di- 1 
ligentia corrette, & di vaghe | historie adomate & | date in luce. | in vene- 


230 (ttatalogue of ^ooftjsr anti 9^nu$rcrt^i^. 

TiA, I 1574. 46 kaves ; -l^ curious woodcuts. (3) SONETTI | Del Signor 
Francesco Redi | Aretino. | In Firenze, Nella Stamperia di Giufeppe 
Manni. \ MDCCIII. ^. 70(1). Engraved frontispiece j printed within 
woodcut borders. 

3 pieces in one vol. 12° ; exquisitely hound in dark blue morocco, gilt tack and edges, the sides 
covered with broad gold borders, most elaborately and delicately tooled and decorated with stars, birds 
etc. ; inside gilt dentelle borders, with crimson watered-silk linings, by PADELOUP. A BEAUTI- 

An excessively RARE VOLUME of Italian facetia. 

Ilias et Odyssea. 2 vols. Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius. i vol. 
M. T. CiCERONis De Officiis, De Senectute et De Amicitia. i vol. Pub- 
lius Terentius Afer. I vol. QuiNTUS HoRATius Flaccus. 1 vol. PUB- 
Lius ViRGiLius Maro. I vol. Dante, La Divina Commedia. 2 vols. Tasso, 
La Gerusalemme Liberata. 2 vols. Petrarca, Le Rime, i vol. Novum 
Testamentum Gr^cum. I vol. Milton, Paradise Lost, i vol. Walton 
and Cotton, The Complete Angler, i vol. Walton, The Lives of Donne, 
Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and Sanderson, i vol, London : Wm. Hckering, 

16 vols. 48° ; elegantly bound in blue morocco super-extra, gilt backs and edges, inside gilt borders. 

789 PICUS MIRANDUL.ffi (JOANNES).— Epiftolee | Auree Epiftole 
loannis Pici Mirandulse viri omni- | um mortaJium doctifTimi eloquentiffi- 
In Fine : 

[Parisiis :J Impreffum g Michaele le noir. Anno D. Mcccclxxxxix. 

Sm. 4° ; 29 unnumbered leaves ; a large woodcut on the recto and verso of the title. Bound in 
purple calf, red edges. 

79a PIDGEON(W.)— TRADITIONS of DE-COO-DAH, and Antiquarian 
Researches: Comprising Extensive Explorations, Surveys, and Excava- 
tions of the wonderful and mysterious Earthen Remains of the Mound- 
Builders in America ; the Traditions of the Last Prophet of the Elk Nation 
relative to their Origin and Use ; and the Evidences of an Ancient Popu- 
lation more numerous than the Present Aborigines. By William Pidgeon. 
Embellished with Seventy Engravings descriptive of 120 vajying relative 
arrangements, forms of earthen ware, effigies, antique sculpture, &c. 
New York: Horace Thayer, 1858. 
8° ; cloth, rough edges. 

««EataIosue of S^ooM anb a^aituiefm^tjef. 231 

791 PIKE (JOSEPH) — An | EPISTLE | to the | National Meeting | of | 

FRIENDS I in I DUBLIN, | Concerning good Order and Discipline | in 
the Church. | Written by JOSEPH PIKE. | Philadelphia : | Re-printed, 
and Sold by B. Franklin, and \ D. Hall, 1757. 
8° ; fp. 23. Brown paneled calf. 

792 PINDAR.— The WORKS of PINDAR. Venice: 1513. 

Colophon : 

Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, et Andrese Asulani Soceri, Mense Januario 

Sm. 8° ; tttund at old calf, sprinkled edges. 

The First Edition. It is the first book in which numbers instead of letters were used to 
designate signatures. Another variation from custom is found in the numbering of the pages. 
All of the figures are printed on the right of the page, making the even numbers come close to 
tlie inside margin while the odd numbers are on the outside. This copy is perfect and in 
excellent condition. 

793 PLATO.— The COMPLETE WORKS of PLATO, in Greek. Venice: 

Colophon : 


Folio ; bound in Hue morocco extra, gilt gauffered edges, anchor stamped in gold on sides. 

The First Edition of Plato's works, and one of the most beautiful and important pro- 
ductions of the Aldine press. It was dedicated by Aldus and Musurus to Leo X., who was so 
much pleased with the work that he renewed the privileges already granted to Aldus by Alex- 
ander VI. and Julius II. This copy is ruled throughout in red, and is perfect and in irre- 
proachable condition. It is from the Syston Park Library. 

794 PLATO.— The DIALOGUES of PLATO, Translated into English, with 

Analyses and Introductions, by B. JOWETT, M. A. New York: 
Scribner, Armstrong &° Co. 1873. 

4 vols. 8° ; brown cloth. 


per Georgium Alexandrinxjm. Venice: Hinted by John de Colonia 
and Vindelin de Spira, 1472. 
Colophon : 

VENETIIS. M.CCCC.LXXII. Nicolao Throno Principe iucundissimo 
& Duce foelicissimo. 

Folio; bound in olive crimped morocco, with wide borders blind tooled, leather joints, gilt edges, by 
C. Lewis, with Arms of Sir. M. Sykes in gold on sides. 

The First Edition of the Comedies of Plautus. Dibdin speaks of it as " this rare and 
magnificent impression," and De Bure states that the greater number of copies of this first 
edition in Paris were imperfect. This copy is perfect, and in beautifiil condition. It is from 
the Syston Park Library. 

232 (Cataiogue of 9S»oofe3S anii a^anuiefmptiBf. 

796 PLINY.— HISTORIA NATURALIS. Venetiis: Joannes de Spira, 


Colophon : 

Quem modo tam rarum cupiens uix lector haber & : 
Quiq ; etiam fractus pene legendus eram : 
Restituit Venetiis me nuper Spira loannes : 
Exscripsitq ; libros §re notante meos. 
Fessa manus quondam moneo : Calamusq ; quiescat. 
Nanq ; labor studio cessit : & ingenio. 


Polio ; bound in old French citron morocco, borders of gold, gilt edges. 

Of this, tlie First Edition of Pliny's Natural History, Dibdin writes : " There are few 
productions of ancient printing more interesting than the present one ; whether we consider 
the magnificence of its execution, the importance of the publication, or the interest excited by 
the printer of it." JOHNDE Spira published but three works, of which this is the second. It is 
a noble volume of about 700 pages, and according to the testimony of the printer's brother it 
was executed within the almost incredibly short time of three months. The same authority 
states that only one hundred copies were struck off. 

Blank spaces are left for the passages in Greek to be written in by hand, but in some 
places the Greek is printed in Roman letter, as in the following curious example, which will 
be found on the verso of the 79th leaf, BOOK Vlth, fifth line from the bottom : 

" Xaxilipcui carnece comai coe kpturae trata una ciezica." 

The present copy Is perfect and in unexceptionable condition. The capital letters throughout 
are put in by hand. The initial letters of the several books are beautifully lUimiinated in gold 
and colors, that on the first page being 3H inches by 3 inches in dimension. It is from the 
Syston Park Library. 

797 PLUTARCH'S LIVES The Translation called Dryden's. Cor- 

rected from the Greek and Revised by A. H. CLOUGH. Boston: Little, 
Brown &" Company, 1878. 

5 vols. 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

798 PLUTARCH'S MORALS Translated from the Greek by Sev- 

eral Hands. Corrected and Revised by WILLIAM W. GOODWIN, 
PH. D. With an Introduction by RALPH WALDO EMERSON. 
Boston: Little, Brown &" Company, 1874. 

799 POEMS on AFFAIRS of STATE ; From the Time of Oliver Crom- 

well to the Abdication of K. JAMES the Second. Written by the greatest 
Wits of the Age. . . With some Miscellany Poems by the same : Most 
whereof never before Printed. Now carefully examined with the Originals, 
and Published without Castration. The Fifth Edition, Corrected and much 
Enlarged. London; 1703-7. 

4 vols. 8° ; paneled calf, gilt backs. With the satirical PLATES, clean and perfect. BEST 
Edition. Scarce. 

Catalogue of 9&oofeief anb a^ujeforq^tsf. 233 

800 POE (E. A.) — The WORKS of EDGAR ALLAN POE. Edited by 
John H. Ingram. Edinburgh : Adam 6^ Charles Black, 1874. 
4 vok. crown 8° ; portrait. Polished tree-adf extra, gUt backs and tops, rough edges. 








* « * 

* * 






In Fine {fol. 234, rect6\ :. 

Veneiiis -Menfe decembri. M.ID. [1499] in cedibus 
Aldi Manutii, occur atiffime. 

Folio ; 234 unnumbered leaves, with iss beautiful engravings on wood, all in perfect and clean 
condition-, including the plate representing the worship of Vjlwpvs. A TRULY sumptuous copy of 
this splendid and EXCEEDINGLY Rare volume. Bound in fine old blue morocco super-extra, 
gilt back, broad gold borders on the sides, and citron edges. Large Paper. 

Bought from Morgand of Paris, and said by him to be unique. 

802 POLIPHILO.— HYPNEROTOMACHIE ov Discours du Songe de 
PoLiPHiLE, dedxiisant conime Amour le combat k I'occasion de Polia. 
Soubz la fiction de quoy I'aucteur monstrant que toutes choses terrestres 
ne sont que vamt6, traicte de plusieurs matieres profitables & dignes de 
memoire. Nouuellement traduict de langage Italien en Frangois. Numer- 
ous vety fine engravings on wood. The plate of Priapus in perfect state. 
Paris: pour laques Keruer, 1561. 

Folio ; bound by AlTKEN in smooth morocco extra, gilt edges. 

The fine engravings are attributed to either J. Goujon or to J. Cousin, and are, according 
to Brunet, " d'aprfes des dessins plus corrects que les anciens." Side of the engraved title-page 
clipped close ; margin of the next leaf and of the last leaf repaired. 

234 <Cat^o0ue of ^oofi^ anb 0^nuie(m]^t^. 

803 POLIPHILO. — Le Tableav des Riches Inventions couuertes du voile des 

feintes Amoureuses, qui sont representees dans le Songe de Poliphile. Des- 
voilees des ombres du Songe & subtilement exposees par Beroalde. Curious 
engraved title on copper and numerous woodcuts in the text copied from those 
in the Aldine edition of 1499. The plate of Priapus in perfect state. Paris : 
chez Matthiev Gvillemot, 1600. 

Sm. folio; calf. , 

804 POLO (MARCO). 

[fol. la :] 

3|n nomine tint vn t|)n jept filt) bd tiut et \stxx amen. 
S[nct]^tt slo0Uier t It&to bnt mam {tauit be benettjisr be co^ 
fueti^ini&Uier et cobictoni&uier otientaiin cegtonn. 

In Fine [fol. 74, recto] : 

€)i:j^tt Mtc bm macci be tenecijjET. SDeo gtaciaie^. 

\s. I. a. et typ. «.] 

Sm. 4° ; 74 leaves, 33 /»« fe a full page: Bound in polished crimson morocco super-extra, filleted 
sides mith comer ornaments, gilt edges, rubricated initial letters. An exceedingly fine, CLEAN 
COPY, in pekfect condition, extremely RARE. 

' ' Edition fort e are, et la plus ancienne que Ton ait de cette version Latine de Marco 
Polo, faite par Pipino, vers 1320. EUe est imprimde avec les mSmes caractferes que I'ltinera- 
rium de Joan, de Mandeville, c'est-Ji-dire, par GERARD de Leeu, A Anvers, vers 1485, et non 
pas b. Rome et k Venise, comme oh I'avait suppose." — Brunet. 

A New Edition. [Also:] Pope's Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Lon- 
don: 1804-5. 

18 vols. imp. 8°. Largest Paper. Bound in 9 vols, half blue morocco extra, gilt backs ami 
tops, rough edges, Du Roveray's beautiful edition, with plates after designs by T. Stothard. 


London: W. Pickering, 1831. 

3 vols. 12° ; portrait. Purple calf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges, blue labels. 

807 PORSON (RICHARD) — The DEVIL'S WALK. A Poem. Edited 

with a Biographical Memoir and Notes by H. W. Montagu. Illustrated 
with beautiful Engravings on Wood by Bonnar and Slader, after the designs 
ofR. Cruikshank. London: Marsh &' Miller, 1830. 

12° ; paper covers. 


D'ILLUSTRATIONS au Dix-huiti^me Single. Paris: Damascene 
Morgand et Charles Fatout, iS'j'j. 

zparts 8°; etched firnitispieceafterdesignby^A.CQXlE^A.'R.T, brochi, UNCUT. Holland paper copy. 

Catalogue of gJooft^s anii a^nu^efmi^tj^. 235 


more particularly to the North- West Coast of America : performed in 
1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, in the King George and Queen Charlotte, 
Captains Portlock and Dixon. Embellished with Twenty Copperplates. 
By Captain Nathaniel Portlock. London: J. Stockdale, M.DCC- 

4° ; half calf. Portrait, maps, and plans. 

810 [POTTER (W.)] — The WAR in FLORIDA : Being an Exposition of 

its Causes, and an Accurate History of the Campaigns of Generals 
CLINCH, GAINES, and SCOTT. By a late Staff Officer [Woodburn 
Potter]. Baltimore : Lewis fir Coleman, 1836. 

ia°; pp. viii. -184; folding map, cloth. 

811 PRENTISS (S. S,)— A MEMOIR of Seargent Smith Prentiss. 

Edited by His Brother. New York : Charles Scribner, i860. 

2 vols. 12° ; cloth. 

812 PRESCOTT(W. H.) — WORKS. Comprising, I. History of the Reign 

of Ferdinand and Isabella. 3 vols. II. History of the Conquest of 
Mexico. 3 vols. III. History of the Conquest of Peru. 2 vols. IV. 
History of the Reign of Philip the Second. 3 vols. History of the 
Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth, by Wm. Robertson. With an 
Account of the Emperor's Life after his Abdication, by W. H. Prescott. 
3 vols. V. Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, i vol. Phila- 
delphia : V. d. 

Together, i^vols. crown 8°; with portraits and facsimiles. Half maroon morocco, gilt backs, 
martled edges. 

813 PREVOST (ANTOINE FR.) — HISTOIRE | du Chevalier DES 

sterdam, Aux dfepens de La Compagnie. M.DCC.LIII. 

2 vols. sm. 8° ; bound in crimson crushed morocco, fillets on the sides and elaborate tooling on back, 
with rich border on blue morocco in the " doublure," gUt edges, by CAPfe. 

A perfect copy, on Large Paper, with all the plates by Pasquier and Gravelot in excep- 
tionally fine condition. • This is the First Edition of this charming romance in a form 
by itself. It appeared originally as part of the " Memoires d'un homme de quality" by the same 

814 PRfiVOST (ABBfi).— MANON LESCAUT. From the French of the 

Abbe Provost. [By D. C. Moylan.] Illustrated with engravings on India 
Paper, from designs ^j/ Tony Johannot. London: Joseph Thomas, 1841. 

8° ; half green calf, gilt back. 

236 €atal[o0ue of f^C^oofejer atib isr^uiemptier. 

815 PRICHARD (J. C.)— The NATURAL HISTORY of MAN; Compris- 

ing Inquiries into the modifying influence of Physical and Moral Agencies 
on the different Tribes of the Human Family. By JAMES COWLES 
PRICHARD, M. D., F. R. S. Fourth Edition, Edited and Enlarged 
by Edwin Norris. Illustrated with 62 colored Plates engraved on Steel, 
and 100 Engravings on Wood. London : H. Bailliire, 1855. 

2 vols. 8° ; chth, UNCUT. 


ERIES in the WEST : Being an Exhibition of the Evidence that an 
Ancient Population of partially Civilized Nations, difiering entirely from those 
of the present Indians, peopled America many Centuries before its Discovery 
by Columbus, and Inquiries into their Origin, with a copious Description of 
many of their stupendous Works now in Ruins, with conjectures concerning 
what may have become of them. Albany: 1838. 

8° ; ff. 400 ; map and folding plate ; sheep. 

817 PRIMER (INDIAN).— Indiane | PRIMER | Afuh | NEGON- 

NEYEUUK. I Ne naflipe Mukkiefog | Woh | tauog wunnamuhkuttee | 
ogketamunnate Indiane | Unnontoowaonk. | Kah | Meninnunk wutch | 
Mukkiefog. | Mushauwomuk: | Printeuun | naflipe^. Green, \ 1720. 

\Title in English.'\ 

The Indian | PRIMER | OR 1 The FIRST Book. | By which 
Children | may | know truely | to read the Indian | Language. | And | Milk 
for I Babes. | Boston: | Printed | by B. Green. \ 1720. 

12° ; hound in original old calf. Enclosed in pull-off case. 
This is the most rare of all the Indian books in the collection. 

818 PRINCE (THOMAS) A | Chronological Hiftory | of | NEW-ENG- 

LAND I In the Form of ANNALS: | Being | A fummary and exact Ac- 
count of the moll ( material Tranfactions and Occurrences relating to This | 
Country, in the Order of Time wherein they hap- | pened, from the Dif- 
covery by Capt. Gosnold in 1602, | to the Arrival oi Governor Belcher, 
in 1730. I With an | INTRODUCTION, | Containing | K\m!ti Epitome oi 
the moft remarkable Tranfactions and | Events Abroad, from the Crea- 
tion : Including the | connected Line of Time, the Succeflion of Patriarchs, 
and I Sovereigns of the moft famous Kingdoms & Empires, the | gradual 
Difcoveries of America, and th&progrefs of the | Reformation to the Dif- 
covery of New-England. | By THOMAS PRINCE, M. A. | VOL. I. | 
[Mbttos] (Deut. xxxii. 7. Job viii. 8.) Boston, N. E. | Printed by Kneehnd 
b' Green for S. Gerrish, | M DCC XXXVI. | [1736.] 

Sm. 8° ; crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt border, by F. 

CataJoffue of SSoofejef anb a^nu^criptjef, 237 

London : W. Hckering, 1835. 

2 vok. 12° ; portmit. Brown calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


NORTH AMERICA, from the Original Institution and Settlement of that 

Province, under the first Proprietor and Governor WILLIAM PENN, in 

1681, till after the Year 1742; With an INTRODUCTION, APPENDIX, 

etc., etc. By ROBERT PROUD. Philadelphia : Printed and sold by 

Zachariah Paulson, Junior, ^']^'j. 

2 vols. 8° ; fp. 508, 373, 146. Portmit of Penn, and map. Half brown morocco, tops gilt, 
UNCUT. Fine, clean copy. SCARCE. 

821 PSALMS — Les I PSEAUMES ( de | DAVID | Traduits ENFRANgois | 
selon I'Hebreu. | Avec les Cantiques, les | Hymnes & les Oraisons de 
I'Eglise. I Seconde Edition. | [Engraved Device.] A Paris. | chez Elie 
Josset rue Saint Jaques, | k la Fleur de Lys d'or. | M DC XCV. | avec 

privilege DU ROY. ( 

16° ; rubricated title. 

The most interesting feature of this volume is its beautiful binding. The design on the 
sides represents the arms of the Palatinate of Bavaria in a graceful round cartouche in 
the center. A wide border surrounds the four sides of the cover. The royal ball, the lion, 
and the " fiisel " (arms of Bavaria) are found successively in the small cartouches of the border. 
The back is elaborately tooled, and bears the interlaced letters "B. M." with royal crown 
gracefiilly worked into monograms. 

The elaborate and yet delicate dentelle border on the doublure fittingly completes a binding 
worthy of any master. Unfortunately, the name of the binder is not to be found on the book. 
The volume was bound for Marie HoUandine, princess of the Palatinate of Bavaria, who died 
in 1709, abbess of Maubuisson. 


C01.OPHON : 

En tibi lector Cosmographia Ptolemsei ab Hermano lenilapide Coloniensi. [ accuratissime impressa. Benedicto Triuisano: b" Angela Micha- \ 
ele prsesidibus. | M. CCCC. LXXV. IDI. SEPT. 

Folio ; bound in calf, gilt edges, with Ditcal arms (six fleurs-de-lis) in gold on sides. 

The First Edition of Ptolemy's Cosmography, a book which was so popular that more 
than a score of editions were published in the hundred years following its first appear- 
ance. The maps, which are an important feature of the subsequent editions, did not appear 
in this. 

The present copy is perfect, and is in fine condition. The capitals are all put in by hand, 
and the initial letters are illimiinated in gold and colors, "tbe first page has, in addition, a 
border and the arms of Bandini. 


238 Catalogue of ^oolt$i anb ^Si^n^miftfi* 


d^tatotm avti^ <tpitmmta: Jbim <3uae ati conCunia^ 
tu f^ectant <2^ratotem: tjc atittguo iSIjeto? gpmna(io 
tnmitit : (mlienbt^ tireue^ tattoneje( : jpec nQ $^ o^tujet 
ojptiitio cuiff brco titiriujef : Snfufi *- Sff fetilisf mcmorie 
artije^ moti^ ^attbi ^uliltct; f locenttm iuculicatione 
in Iiuem etjitu^ : fodict nuinim 3[nd[)oat 

In Fine: 

<au( ab confumatn ^ectant otatoce: ex antiguo t^etam 
gpmna^ | fto : bttentit : (cntiet^i^ rattoneier : necnon ^ aftv^ 
ojpthtio cui^tJi? I to tituW : memori? (juo^ mobUiEf gutiliiS: 
3[acoBJ ^uJjiitij f locen^ | tmi lucuJiratione in iucem ^ttmss 
fbdici numme ejcjrticita funt. | €t|)ar&U3ef ca^oit auguftenftjes. 
1482. ptJSiit calen. bcccmfiri^ | impcelfit CJenetijiS, 

4° ; 67 unpaged leaves, 31 /m«f ^0 a full page ; with a series of extremely grotesque letters, 42 in 
numter, of which DiBDiN (" Bibl. Spenceriana," Vol. \l\.,p. 475, et seg.) and Leber (Catalogue, 
Tome I. p. 192) have given some facsimiles. On fol. 63A is a full-page woodcut, containing 25 
figures of Animals, Birds, and Fish; and on fol. 67B is a chess-board with all the pieces in position. 
The large woodcut on the verso of fol. 63 has the revolving fish^shaped pointer, which is made to turn 
round by means of a thread in the middle. In most copies this unique figure is wanting. Elegantly 
hound in pure white vellum, gilt back and edges. A LARGE AND EXCEEDINGLY BEAUTIFUL 

' ' The manner in which it is executed by the printer is equal to the singularity of its contents ; 
and it is rarely that we see a more elegant specimen of the roman type of Ratdolt. Indeed, 
no type of any printer, whether gothicor roman, can exceed, in neatness of form, or skillfulness 
of execution, that which the printer of this volume may fairly boast to have produced." — DiB- 
DIN, "Bibl. Spenceriana," Vol. III.,/. 486. 

824 PUMPELLY (R.) — Across America and Asia. Notes of a Five Years' 

Journey around the World, and of Residence in Arizona, Japan, and China 
By Raphael Pumpelly. Third Edition, Revised. New York : Leypoldt 
b' Holt, 1870. 

8° ; 4 maps and 23 illustrations, some colored. Brown cloth. 


CHAS HIS PiLGRiMES. | Contayning a History of the | World, in Sea voyages, 
& lande- | Trauells, by Engliflimen & | others * | Wherein | Gods Wonders 
in Nature & Pro- | uidence, The Actes, Arts, Varieties, | & Vanities of 
Men, w"" a world of | the Worlds-Rarities, are by a world | of Eywitnefee- 
Authors, Re- | rlated to the World * | Some left written by M'. Hakluyt at 

Catalogue of ^mW anb 0^u$empt$f« 239 

Ais \ deat^. More fince added. His alfo perufed,\ b' perfected. All examined, 
abreuiated, \ Illujlrated a;'* Notes, Enlarged w'" Dif- \ courfes, Adorned w"' 
pictures, and Exprefefsed in Mapps. In fower \ Parts, Each containing fiue \ 
Bookes * I By Samvel Pvrchas B. D. Imprinted at London for Hen- | ry 
Fetherstone aty signe of \ the rofe in Pauls Churchyard, 1625-26. 

S vols.fblw; nissia, gilt backs and edges, Jilleted sides; with brilliant imfressions of the En- 
graved Title, containing- a Portrait of Purchas; the Map of Virginia, by Capt. John 
Smith, engraved by W. Hole, and the Map of Nova Scotia. A magnificent copy, tall, and 
perfectly clean and fresh throughout, and absolutely perfect in every respect. The collation 
agrees with Lowndes except in the position of the Map of Virginia, which in this copy is 
placed between pages 1692-3, instead of pages 1836-7. 

Mr. Quaritch says that only three copies are known which have the correct (or double) map 
on page 65 of Vol. I. In this copy the map is placed as in the three referred to by him. 



€I)tj9S 9cei9fent ^ohe nam^ t|)e dS>i)pj^ of UAi^^ of ti^t toodtie 
tDa$e tran<rlat^ t t|)c College of ie^apnt mat|9 #tet{i in ti)e counte 
of SDeuomsrt^pte : out of Haten, f rencl^, anb SPocl^e into oEng^ 
{p^rjsriie tonge bp ^ierantiet ^tdap ^ttm : anb at tf)at tpme 
C^Ien in t|)e lorajibe College. ttanjE^Iateb ti)e pete of out Horbe 

gob. a^.ccccccif sf* 

Sfnprentpb in tlje Cpte of Honbon in f letejeftce at tije isigne 
of ^pnt (6eocge iip 0pc{|acbe |^tmj6(on to l^pjer €o$(te anb ct)arge : 
<!Enbeb tJje pere of oia ^auiout a9.b.ij:. €![)e. )ciiii. bap of 

Colophon : 

<©uc ^|)pj? liere leuptf) tfje jefeejsf Iirobe 
^p l^t of <{3ob dmpg|)t anb qupetlp 
%t 5llnfeec toe Ipe toitfjin tlje tobe 
2&ut toljo tljat Ip36ftet|j of tfjem to iipe 
3fn flete istcete iSljaK tljem fpnbe ttulp 
%t t^e <i5eotge : in lUicliabe '^n^tm^ place 
Idtpntec bnto tlie i&png^ nofile grace, 
2Deo (t3tratia$^. 

Sm. folio; bound in brown crushed morocco, filleted sides, gUt edges, byF. Bedford. 

The First Edition in English of this famous book. It is perfect and in unexceptionable 
condition. It is scarcely excelled in point of rarity by any English book in the collection. 
This is believed to be the only copy in this country. 


240 <Cdtai[osuc of ^ooh^ anti ^sim^mpt^, 
827 ^pnjGSon 3!»wp«nt. 



enir per cerVitce ttt cj)itialer: 

(Sine nota, sed Richard Pynson, circa 1495.) 

Sm. folio ; bound in antique calf, gilt edges, by Pratt. 

Six leaves under Signature A, ending on verso of last leaf with "JFini#." 

" First Edition, of which the only other copies known are in the British Museum and 
Lambeth Palace. A later one in the Grenville Collection has Pynson's device. It is evi- 
dently one of the most ancient productions of his press." 

The inner margin of the first leaf has been inlaid. 

828 ^|in$ron 3(wpwnt. 

Colophon : 

I^ete etibett) tl^e iiolte of l^atura 
Jicctmm. €mj?cpnteb ftp Hi^ 
cliacbe ^njefon. 

{s. a., sed circa 1500.) 

Sm. folio ; bound in antique calf, gilt edges, by Pratt. 

" This exactly corresponds with the Grenville copy in the British Museum. It is a volume 
of excessive scarcity. Pynson's device is on the last page." 

It has wide margins, is in excellent condition, and is an exceptionally good example of the 
work of the third great English printer. 


829 ^'^VARLES (FRA.) — (i.) A | FEAST FOR | WORMES. | Set 
Forth in a Poeme ( of the HISTORY OF lONAH. | By Fra. 
QvARLES. I Curious Woodcut in the Title. (2.) The GENERALL 
VSE of this Hiftory. | (3.) ELEUEN PIOUS MEDITATIONS, Printed 
within woodcut borders. (4.) PENTELOGIA: | Or \ The Qvintessence | 
of Meditation. | At London : | Imprinted by Felix Kyngflon for Richard 
Moore, and are to be fold at his \ fkop in Saint Dunflans Church-yard, in 
Fleetflreet, 1620. 

4 PIECES, all in verse. Sm. 4° ; signs. A to in fours. Dark blue morocco extra, gilt back and 
edges, broad gilt borders on the sides, by J. Mackenzie. FIRST EDITIONS. Fine, clean 
COPIES. Rare. 

•Cattdoguc of 25oofe36f anii a^anujefccijptief. 241 

830 QVARLES {FRA.)-(i.) lOB | MILITANT: | With Medita- 
tions I Divine and [ Morall. | By Fra. Qvarles. | London: Printed by 
Felix Kyngston for George Winder, &c., 1624. Portrait. (2.) SIONS I 
SONETS I Sung \ By Solomon the King, | And | Perifhras'd | By \ Fra. 
Qvarles. | London : | Printed by, W. Stansby for Thomas \ Dewe, and 
are to bee fold at his \ fhoppe in Saint Dunflanes \ Church-yard, 1625. 
(3-) SIONS I ELEGIES. I Wept \ By lEREMIE the Prophet, | And | 
Periphras'd | By \ Fra. Qvarles. | London: | Printed by W. Stansby for 
Thomas Dewe, &c. | 1625. 

3 pieces sm. 4° ; elegantly bound in dark green morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, 
inside gilt borders, with rare portrait ()/"QnARLES, " ^tatis suce 52," engraved by CROSS. FIRST' 
'EDYTlOT^Si, all in beautiful, clean condition. Veky Rare. 

SON: I Written \ by \ Fra: Qvarles. | London: | Printed by M. F. 
for John Marriott, in | S. Dunflans Church-yard in Fleetflreet, \ 1631. 

Sm. 4° ; ^prel. leaves; pp. 149. Dark green wrinkled morocco extra, gilt back and edges, inside 
gilt borders, by C. MvRTOii. FIRST EDITION. Very fine, clean copy. Rare. 


LAIS. Translated from the French. With EXPLANATORY 
NOTES by Du Chat, Motteux, Ozell, and others. London : 

^vols.SP. LARGE PAPER. Boundinmarbledcalf super-extra, elaborately gilt backs, paneled 
sides with comer ornaments, gilt edges, inside gilt borders, by R. Calvert. A beautiful copy 
OF the Rare English Edition, with fine portrait of Rabelais, and the numerous curious 
plates from the French edition inserted. 

" It is to Rabelais that satiric fiction is most deeply indebted. Bom at the close of the 
fifteenth century, when the antagonizing elements of barbarism and civilization were most 
prominently brought forward to struggle for mastery, Rabelais early embraced the course of 
modem improvement against the hereditary nonsense which then and now was dignified with 
the title of ' Wisdom of our Ancestors." The state, the church, the various professions, were 
filled vrith solemn blockheads or designing knaves, who looked like owls, chattered like parrots, 
and plundered like ravens. Rabelais was just the man to flutter this precious system of omi- 
thology; he had been himself the inmate of the rookeries. An analysis of this immortal work 
would be of inconvenient length, and after all would displease those acquainted with the great 
original, and convey no adequate notion of its merits to those enviable persons by whom 
it is yet unread. There are many pleasures which can be enjoyed only once in this world : 
the first reading of Rabelais is one of them."— Dr. W. C. Taylor, Essay on Satirical Fiction, 

242 Catalogue of S^ooftsr anti a^anujefmptjaf. 

833 RACINE (J.) — OEUVRES Completes de J. RACINE avec les Notes de 

divers Commentateurs. Ornies de Vignettes gravies sur Acier d'aprls les 
Compositions de Gerard, Girodet, Desenne. Paris: Gamier Frlres. 

Roy. 8° ; half morocco, gUt hack and edges. 

834 RALEIGH (Sir WALTER).— Brevis&admirandadescriptio | REGNI 


LiNEA, iEQViNOCTXLiA |.siti: Quod nupcr admodum, Annis nimirum | 1564, 
159s & 1596. I Per Generosum Dominum. | Dn Gvalthervm Ralegh 
EQVi- I tern Anglum detectvm est: pauU post jussu ejus \ dudbus libellis com- 
prekensa: \ Ex quibus | Iodocvs Hondivs Tabulam Geo- | graphicam 
adornavit, addita explicatione \ Belgico Sermone scripta : \ Nunc ver6 in 
Latinum Sermonem translata, & ex variis authoribus hinc inde declarata. | 
[Curious engraving on copper.] Noriberg^e, | Impensis Levini Hulsii, 

4° ; hound in red crimped m/yrocco, 

A perfect and exceptionally fine copy of one of the rarest of the Hulsius volumes. It has 
brilliant impressions of the map and six descriptive plates. 

83s RANKE (LEOPOLD).— The HISTORY of the POPES, their Church 
and State, and especially their Conflicts with Protestantism in the i6th and 
17th Centuries. Translated by E. Foster. London: Bohn, 1847. 

3 vols, post 8° ; portraits. Half green calf, gilt hacks, marbled edges. 

836 RAWLINSON (GEORGE).— WORKS. Comprising, I. The Five 

Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World; or, the History, 
Geography, and Antiquities of Chald^a, Assyria, Babylon, Media, and 
Persia, Collected and -Illustrated from Ancient and Modem Sources. 
Second Edition, with Maps, and 657 Illustrations. 3 vols. II. The 
Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy; or, the Geography, History, and 
Antiquities of Parthia, Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Mod- 
em Sources, with Maps, and 29 Illustrations, i vol. III. The Seventh 
Great Oriental Monarchy ; or, the Geography, History, and Antiquities 
of the Sassanian or New Persian Empire, Collected and Illustrated 
from Ancient and Modern Sources, with Map, and id Illustrations, i vol. 
London: Longmans, 1871-76. 

5 vols. 8° ; half green morocco, gilt hacks and tops, UNCUT. 

837 READ (J. M., Jr.)— A HISTORICAL INQUIRY concerning HENRY 

HUDSON, his Friends, Relatives and Early Life, his Connection with the 
Muscovy Company and Discovery of Delaware Bay. By JOHN MERI- 
DETH READ, Jr. Albany : Joel Munsell, 1866. 

8° ; //. 209. Brown cloth, UNCUT. 

(Catalogue of ^ooM anti ^nujEtcci^tiei. 243 

838 REMY AND BRENCHLEY.— A JOURNEY to Great-Salt-Lake 

City. By Jules Remy and Julius Brenchley, M. A. With a Sketch 
of the History, Religion, and Customs of the Mormons, with an Intro- 
duction on the Religious Movement in the United States, by Jules Remy. 
London : IV. Jeffs, MDCCCLXI. 

2 vols. my. 8° ; map, lo engravings on steel, including portraits of Brigham Young, Joseph and 
Hyrum Smith. Cloth, UNCUT. 


ALDE, ou HiSTOiRE des Trois Manuce et de leurs Editions. Troisihme 
Edition. A Paris : chez Jules Renouard, Libraire, M.DCCC.XXXIV. 

4°. Large Paper, of which only 32 copies were printed. Bound in bright crimson levant mo- 
rocco super-extra, gilt back and top, paneled sides with broad gold borders and large comer ornaments, 
eUborately and delicately tooled, inside gilt borders. UNCUT. Best Edition o/'/Ais arfmiraife 


ESTIENNE ou Histoire de la Famille des Estienne etde ses fioiTioNS. 

Deuxiime Edition. Paris : chez Jules Renouard et C", Libraires, M.DCCC. 


4°. Large Paper, one of id copies only, printed on "papier vilin," with the dedication to 
King Louis-Philippe. Bound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and top, 
paneled sides with broad gold borders and large comer ornaments, elaborately and delicately tooled, 
inside gilt borders. UNCUT. Best Edition. Very Rare. 

841 REVEIL.— MUSfiE de PEINTURE et de SCULPTURE, ou Recueil 

des Principaux Tableaux, Statues et Bas-Reliefs des Collections 
PuBLiQUES et Particuli^res de I'Europe. Dessine et grave h I'eau forte, 
par RfiVEIL; avec des Notices Descriptives, Critiques et Histo- 
RiQUES, par DUCHESNE AtNE. Paris : Audot, 1829-33. 

17 vols. sm. 8° ; Text in French and English. Half calf, uncut. 

842 REYNARD THE FOX The Moft Delectable | HISTORY | of | 

Reynard the Fox. | Newly Corrected and Purged, from all grofsnefe | in 
Phrafe and Matter. | Augftiented and Enlarged with fundry Excellent | 
Morals and Expofitions upon every feveral Chapter. | London, Jointed by 
The. James, for Edward Brewjler, at the \ Sign of the Crane in St. Palus 
\sic\ Church -Yard, 1694. 

4°. Black Letter. 84 unpaged leaves, illustrated with 6a very curious rude woodcuts; 
diamond russia, entirely uncut. Rare. 

"The ' History of Reynard the Pox' is one of the earliest and best specimens of satirical 
romance in the literature of modem Europe. It is admired in youth, and relished in age. The 
characters are drawn with great discrimination, and sustained with equal spirit; the satires on 
tyranny, roguery, superstition, and hypocrisy are powerful and pointed. Antiquarians have not 
settled the precise age or country to which the work belongs, but there is an individuality in 
the portraits which forces us to believe that they must be resemblances, though we are not 
acquainted with the originals."— Dr. W. C. Taylor, Essay on Satirical Fiction, p. S4- 

244 Catalogue of ^oofti^r anb il^eam^txvpt^* 

843 REYNARD THE FOX, after the German Version of GOETHE, by 

Thomas James Arnold, Esq. WM Illustrations by Wilhelm von Kaul- 
BACH. New York : Theo. Stroejer, 1870. 

Roy. 4° ; crimson cloth extra, gilt sides and edges, with 36 teautiful engravings from designs 
by Kaulbach, engraved by SCHLEICH and Rahn. 

844 RICARDO (D.)— The WORKS of DAVID RICARDO. With a No- 

tice of the Life and Writings of the Author. By J. R. McCULLOCH. 
New Edition. With a Portrait. hoNBON: John Murray, iS-ji. 

8°; cloth, UNCUT. 

845 RIEDESEL. — MEMOIRS, and Letters and Journals, of MAJOR- 

GENERAL RIEDESEL, during his Residence in America. Trans- 
lated from the Original German of Max von Eelking by WILLIAM 
L. stone. Albany : J. Munsell, 1868. 

2.V0IS. iP;pp.viii.-yA; 284(1). Half crimson morocco, gilt backs and tops, xs'HC^'l. -Portrait 
and plate. One of only 20 copies printed this size. 

846 RIEDESEL (Madame DE) LETTERS and JOURNALS Relating 

to the War of the American Revolution, and the Capture of the German 
Troops at Saratoga. By Mrs. General Riedesel. Translated from the 
Original German, by WILLIAM L. STONE. Albany: Joel Munsell, 

Roy. 8° ; pp. 235 ; portrait and 3 engravings on wood. Half brown morocco, top gilt. Large 


A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical Works Pub- 
lished in England during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under 
the Titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, etc., etc. London : John 
Russell Smith, MDCCCXLVII. 

8° ; half crimson levant morocco extra, gilt back and top, by F. Bedford. Uncut. 


By Mariano Edward Rivero, and John James Von Tschudi. Trans- 
lated into Enghsh from the Original Spanish, by Francis L. Hawks, D. D. 
New York: G. P. Pitnam, 1853. 

8° ; pp. 306 ; numerous engravings on wood. Cloth, rough edges. 


the Second Dragoons (Second United States Cavalry). An Authentic 
Account of Service in Florida, Mexico, Virginia, and the Indian Coun- 
try, including the Personal Recollections of Prominent Officers. With an 

Catalogue of 95ooM anb a^ujetcci^tjef. 245 

Appendix. . . 1836-1875. Compiled by Theo. F. Rodenbough. Illustrated 
with 8 Portraits, 5 Chromo-Lithographs, 1 1 Wood Engravings, 6 Pen-and-Inks, 
and 2 Maps. New- York: D. Van Nostrand, 1875. 
Roy. 8°; red cloth. 


DENCE. With a Preliminary Essay on the LOVE of BOOKS. 
Providence: Sydney S. Rider, 1878. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. 2SS ; frontispiece, and views of the interiors of the various libraries described. Half 
brown morocco, gilt top, edges UNCUT. An elegant and entertaining worli. The Edition was 
limited to 250 copies. Several of the libraries have since been dispersed by auction. 

851 ROGERS (SAMUEL). — POEMS [including "ITALY"]. London: 


2 vols. 8°. Illustrated with upwards of loo most exquisite engravings by ¥lSD^^, GOODALL, 
etc., from pictures *)< Turner and Stothard, all brilliant proof impressions (the Proofs 
of the" Italy " before lettering). The Author's own copies, for which he had special titles 
printed. The illustrations to the " 'Po^ws" were neruer issued. VtiOOVS before letters. Elegantly 
bound in dark green morocco, blind tooled, gilt edges, by Hayday. A matchless set of these 
marvelously beautiful volumes. 


4[ %t UvAia I S>e$e "^^tsnxt^ | l!!omniamej6r : etc. 

[ Title-page engraved and rubricated.} 
Colophon : 

[C <^P fit^t ^ ttoQiet beier ^^taice^ Hommat | nt^ S(^^ 
caii^e^ nouueilement trameflate tie latin | en f can^ief ; et ^m^ 
pmnt psoc 3^i&ilil?l?e le l^oir | lung be^ Itlelieurief iure3 en Eu^ 
niueeisrite be ^attset | bemourant en la Mm d&atnct 'f^atqm^ 
a im^a^m \ be ia lHo^e fiiancl)^ couronnee €t fut ac|)eue 
ie I btngtteierme toiu; be ^jSe^temBee. %m S^ tmq tm^ et 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson crushed morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru. 

An exceptionally interesting example of the work of one of the celebrated early Parisian 
presses. It has the printer's device of Philippe Le Noir, with many curious woodcuts, and is 
in every respect in perfect condition. 

853 ROMANS (BERNARD).— A Concise | NATURAL HISTORY | of | 

Eaft and Weft FLORIDA ; | containing | An Account of the natural 
Produce of all the Southern | Part of BRITISH AMERICA, in the three | 
Kingdoms of Nature, particularly the Animal and | Vegetable. | likewise, | 
The artificial Produce now raifed, or poffible to be railed, | and manufac- 

246 Cataiosue of ^ooftjes anb iH^n^txvi^t^, 

tured there, with fome commercial and po- | litical Obfervations in that part 
of the world ; and a cho- | rographical Account of the fame. | To which is 
added, by Way of Appendix, | Plain and eafy Directions to Navigators over 
the Bank of | Bahama, the Coafl of the two Floridas, the North of | Cuba, 
and the dangerous Gulph Paffage. Noting alfo, | the hitherto unknown 
watering Places in that part of | America, intended principally for the Ufe of 
fuch Vef- I fels as may be fo unfortunate as to be diftreffed by | Weather in 
that difficult Part of the World. | By Captain BERNARD ROMANS. | 
lUuflrated with twelve COPPER PLATES, | And Two whole Sheet 
MAPS. I Vol. I. | New- York: | Binted for the Author, M,DCC,- 

8° ; pp. 4, viii., 342 (2). Appendix, Ixxxix. i folded Table. 11 copperplate engravings, «»- 
eluding frontispiece, dedication, and three full-page maps in the Appendix. Two large folded maps. 
In the original calf binding. A LARGE AND remarkably fine copy of this EXCEED- 

The Copperplates were designed and engraved by the author. In this copy they are 
placed in the following order: (i) Frontispiece, Vol. I. (2) Dedication, " To John Ellis Esq', 
. . . Agent for the Province of Weft-Florida." {3) Avena aquatica Sylveflris [Wild Oats], 
/. 31. (^) Chamcterisiick Chicasaw head, p. sg. {5) Characteristick Choctaw busts, p. S2. (6) Treat- 
ment of the dead, by the Chactaws, p. 89. (7) Characteristici head of a Creek War Chief, 
p. 93. (8) Chactaw and Creek Hieroglyphics, 2, plates on one sheet, p. 102. Maps in the Appen- 
dix : (9) Enirances of Tampa Bay, p. Ixxviiii. (10) Pensacold Bar, p. Ixxxiv. (11) Mobile 
Bar, p. Ixxxv. At the end of the volume are two large folded maps, viz., (i) " Map of East 
and West Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana," etc., dated "London, May 31st, 1781. Jn. 
l^odige, sciilp." {2) "Map of Part of West Florida," «&. J.'Loige, sculp. 

The Brinley copy sold for $265. 

854 ROSCOE (WILLIAM). — Life of Lorenzo De' Medici, Called the 

Magnificent. Tenth Edition, revised by his Son, Thomas Roscoe. Lon- 
don: Bohn, 1851. 

Post 8° ; portrait. Half green calf, marbled edges. 

855 ROSS (A.) — The RED RIVER SETTLEMENT: its Rise, Progress, 

and Present State. With some Account of the Native Races, and its General 
History to the Present Day. By Alexander Ross. London: Smith, 
Elder &' Co. 1856. 

Crown 8° ; pp. xvi.-i,i&, frontispiece ; blue cloth, UNCUT. 


other Poems. With 2 Designs by D. G. Rossetti. London : Macmilkm 
&' Co. 1866. 

16° ; green cloth, gilt, UNCUT. First Edition. 


ROUSSEAU, Translated from the French. With Thirty-two Plates. Lon- 
don : W. Glaisher, n. d. 

Post 8° ; cloth. 

€^taiosue of 25oofe^ anb flr^iuBfmjitjBf. 247 

858 ROUSSELET (LOUIS).- L'INDE des Rajahs. VOYAGE dans 

L'Inde Centrale et dans les Pr^sidences de Bombay et du Bengale. 
Par LOUIS ROUSSELOT. Ouvrage Contenant 317 Gravures sur Bois, 
dessin^es par nos plus ciUbres Artistes, et Six Cartes. Paris : Hachette et C" 

Imp. 4° ; half red morocco, gUt tack, sides and edges. 





Wherein isfet downe, 
The Arte of Humouring. 
The Arte of carrying Stones. 
Wm. St. Lift. 
la. Foil. Law. 
Ned Bro. Catch, and 
Blacke Robins Kindneffe. 
With the conceits of Doctor JPinch-backe a 
notable Makefhift. 
Ten times more pleasant then \sic\ any thing yet 
publijhed of this matter. 

Nott ad imitandum, fed ad euitandum. 


I^ntedfor R. lackfon, and I. North, 

and are to be fold in Fleetftreete, 

a little aboue the Conduit, 


Sm. 4°. Black Letter. KtoG m fours. Olive morocco super-extra, paneled sides with comer 
ornaments, gilt edges, iy W. Pratt. A BEAUTIFUL copy. Very Rare. 

"A most curious and rare tract illustrating the manners and ways of low life in the time of 

860 ROWLANDSON (MARY) A | NARRATIVE | of the | Captivity, 

Sufferings and Removes, | of | Mrs. MARY ROWLANDSON, | who was 
taken Prifoner by the Indians, with | feveral others ; and treated in the moil | 
barbarous and cruel manner by thofe vile | Savages: — With many other 
remarkable | Events during her Travels. | Written by her own Hand, for her 
private Ufe, and afterwards made | public at the eameft defire of fome 
Friends, and for the bene- | fit of the Afflicted. | Printed and Sold by 
S. HALL, in Comhill, Boston. | M. DCC. XCIV. 

8° ; PP' 57- Maroon morocco, gilt tack and top, UNCUT, iy F. Bedford. A very fine copy. 

248 Catalogue of ^ooft$e anb ^i^anujerm^jes. 


LUXEMBOURG peinte par [Herre-Ihu/l RUBENS. Dessinee par les 
Sieurs Nattier, et gravee par les plus Illustres Graveurs du Temps. Paris : 
chez Duchange, 17 10. 

Roy. folio; inflates, most brilliant imfressions ; old calf. 


By John Ruskin, Author of " Modern Painters^ With Illustrations drawn 
and etched by the Author. London: Smith, Elder &' Co. 65 Comhill, 

The First Edition. 

Large 8° ; bound in light blue crushed morocco snper-extra, with broad dentelle borders, by 
Zaehnsdosf. Uncut. 

863 RUSKIN (JOHN).— The STONES of VENICE. €1)0 jfOUltiJa^ 

tiOttjCi* By John Ruskin, Author of " The Seven Lamps of Architec- 
ture," " Modern Painters," etc., etc. With Illustrations drawn by the Author. 
London: Smith, Elder b' Co. 65 Cornhill, 1851. 

The First Edition. . „ , , 

3 vols, large 8° ; bound in light blue crushed morocco super-extra, with broad dentelle borders, 

by Zaehnsdorf. Uncut. 

864 RUSKIN (JOHN) MODERN PAINTERS. Containing Parts L and 

II. of General Principles and of Truth. By John Ruskin, Author of 
" The Stones of Venice^' " The Seven Lamps of Architecture" etc., etc. 
London: Smith, Elder 6^ Co. 65 Comhill, 1851. 

5 vols, large 8° ; bound in light blue crushed morocco super-extra, with broad dentelle borders, 
by Zaehnsdorf. Uncut. 

The foregoing nine volumes are all, with the exception of Vols. I. and II. of "Modem 
Painters," FIRST EDITIONS. As those volumes have no illustrations, the later editions of them, 
containing the author's revisions, are generally regarded as the more desirable. They were 
selected carefully many years ago, and are in the finest possible condition. The impressions 
of the beautiful drawings of Ruskin and Turner are delicate and brilliant, and, that they 
may be seen to better advantage, the plates are mounted on guards. Notwithstanding the 
vagaries of Ruskin's later days, these volumes, written in his prime, will remain as a lasting 
proof of his wonderful genius. No other author of the century has written of nature and 
art with so much enthusiasm and intelligence, and at the same time illustrated his work 
with such exquisite drawings by his own hand. The binding is an excellent example of 
Zaehnsdorf s work in his best days, and the volumes are throughout in the finest possible 

865 RUTTENBER (E. M.) — History of the Indian Tribes of Hudson's 
River; their Origin, Manners and Customs ; Tribal and Sub-Tribal Organ- 
izations ; Wars, Treaties, etc., etc. By E. M. Ruttenber. Albany, N. Y. : 
Joel Munsell, 1872. 

8°; ^. 415, 5/&to. C/ott, UNCUT. 

Catalogue of ^oohiai anb ^i^ujeettt^tiEf^ 249 

866 ^-y ABIN (JOSEPH) — A DICTIONARY of BOOKS relating to 
^^HT AMERICA, from its Discovery to the Present Time. New- 
tNfcii^ York: Joseph Sabin, 1867-1881. 

Parts I to LXXX. A to PARKINSON. 
Wanting Parts 53 and 54. 


DEPTIO CHRISTI, nos dvcit ad svmmi tecta patema poli. \s. I. et a.\ 

4°; 14 Icarge aval plates, representing the "Passion of our Lord," by John Sadler, neatly 
mounted on thick paper, bound in grvsgr. brown levant morocco extra, paneled sides, comer orna- 
ments, gilt edges, by Riviere. Splendid impressions of the plates. 



fitu6 en I'Amerique vers la Mer 
douce, ^s demiers confins 
de la nouuelle France 
dite Canada. 
Ou il eft amplement traits de tout ce qui eft du pays, des 
moeurs & du naturel des Sauuages, de leur gouuemement 
& fagons de faire, tant dedans leurs pays, qu'allans en voya- 
ges : De leur foy & croyance ; De'leurs confeils Sr guerres, & 
de quel genre de tourmens ils font mourir leurs prifonniers. 
Comme ils fe marient, & efleuent leurs enfans : De leurs Me- 
dedns, & des remedes dont ils vfent k leurs maladies: De 
leurs dances & chanfons : De la chaffe, de la pefche, & des 
oyfeaux & animaux terreftres & aquatiques qu'ils ont. Des 
richeffes du pays : Comme ils cultiuent les terres, & accom- 
modent leur Meneftre. De leur deiiil, pleurs & lamenta- 
tions, & comme Os enfeueliflent & enterrent leurs morts. 
Auec vn Dictionaire de la langue Huronne, pour la commodi- 
te de ceux qui ont ^ voyager dans le pays, & n'ont 
I'intelligence d'icelle langue. 
Bzr F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat, Recollei de 
S. Frangois, de la Prouince de S. Denys en France. 
Chez Denys Moreav, rue S. Jacques, h 
la Salamandre d' Argent. 
Auec priuilege du Roy. 
8°; engraved TA\e and T.\prel. leaves, unnumbered; Text, ^io pp., 2 blank leaves; "Diction- 
aire de Langve Hvronne," 72 leaves unnumbered. Sign, a-i, including the title; "Table," 7 leaves. 
Sign. k. Bound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted rides, 
broad inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. An exceedingly fine copy. 

250 €ataio0ue of 25ooftj8i anb flt^anuiefcriptjBf. 

869 SAINTINE (X.-B,)— PICCIOLA. Trente-Neuvi^me Edition. Paris: 

J. Hetzel, n. d. 

8° ; illustrated with a series of beautiful etchings by LfeOPOLD Flameng ; half calf. 

870 SALLUST.— Bellum Catalinarium et Jugurthinum; Vita Sal- 

LUSTii; Invectiva in Ciceronem et Ciceronis in illum; Oratio 
Catalinae in Ciceronem responsiva. Valentia: 1475. 

[Ob reverse of folio 91 :] 

Hec Crifpi Saluftii opera qoptime emendata 

Valentie ipreffaAnno. M.cccc.lxxv. die 

xiii. lulii. Finiunt feliciter. 

8° ; bound in vellum. 

This book contains 108 leaves in Roman letters, without marks, having 27 lines to a full 
page. It is believed to be the third book printed in Spain, and THE FIRST BOOK ISSUED 
IN OCTAVO FORM FROM ANY PRESS. Its rarity is such that Brunet could cite but two copies. 
It is not in Lord Spencer's library. It measures 8 J^ x 5 Ji in. As a specimen of typographical 
skill it is not remarkable, and does not compare favorably with the work of the early Italian 
printers. It came from the Sunderland Library, Blenheim Palace, and is perfect and in good 


CATLINAE. I Eiufdem de bello lugurthino. | Orationes quaedam ex libris 
hiftoriaram C. Crifpi | Salluftij. | Eiufdem oratio contra M. T. Ciceronem. | 
M. T. Ciceronis oratio contra C. Crifpu Salluftium. | Eiufdem orationes 
quatuor contta Lucium Catlina. | Porcij Latronis dedamatio contra Lucium 
Catlina. | Quse omnia folerti nuper cura repurgata funt, | ac fuo quaeq? 
ordine optime digefta. 


8°; %prel. leaves; x^ numbered leaves, a blank leaf, and one with Anchor. Elegantly bound 
in dark blue morocco super-extra, filleted sides, and blind tooled borders, insides lined with polished 
citron morocco, an^ ornamented with broad borders, richly gilt, morocco joints, vellum fly-leaves. 
Medallion Portrait of Sallust inserted. A beautiful copy of the second Aldine 
edition of SALLUST, ABSOLUTELY UNCUT, and believed to be unique in this very remark- 
able condition. 

872 SALLUST.— C. Crispi | SALLUSTII | Belli | Catlinarii | et 

JuGURTHiNi I HISTORItE. I EDINBURGI, | Gulielmus Ged, Auri- 
faber Edinenfis, non Typis | mobilibus, ut vulgo fieri folet fed Tabellis feu | 
Laminis fufis, excudebat. MDCCXLIV. 

8° ; pf. 150; dark blue wrinkled morocco extra, gilt edges, A BEAUTIFUL COPY OF the 

873 SALM-SALM (FELIX) MY DIARY in MEXICO in 1867, in- 

cluding the Last Days of the Emperor Maximilian ; with Leaves from the 
Diary of the Princess Salm-Salm. London : Bentley, 1868. 
2 vols. 8° ; portraits. Brown morocco extra, gilt backs, sides, and edges. 

€^taioguc of S^ooftjaf anb a^nu^cciptjef. 251 

874 SARATE (AUGUSTINE).— See /^j/, Zarate, No. 1109. 

Spanifli Lies : 


Sacke of Cales, difcourfing the fight in 
the Weft Indies, twixt the EngUfli Nauie 
being fourteene Ships and Pinaffes, and 
a fleete of twentie faaile of the King 
of Spaines, and of the death 
of Sir Francis Drake. 
With an anfwere briefely confuting the 
Spanifli Ues, and a fliort Relation of the fight accor- 
ding to truth, written by Henrie Sauile Efquire, 
employed Captaine in one of her Maie- 
fties Shippes, in the fame feruice a- 
gainft the Spaniard. 
And alfo an Approbation of this difcourfe, by Sir 
Thomas Baskeruik, then GeneraJl of the Englifli fleete in that fer- 
uice : Auowing the maintenance thereof, perfonally in 
Armes againft Don Bernaldino, if hee fliall take 
exceptions to that which is heere 
fet downe, 
Touching the fight twixt both Nauies, or 
iuftifie that which he hath moft falfely re- 
ported in his vaine Printed letter. 
\Motto.'\ Prouerb I. 9. ver. 9. 
Printed by lohn Windet, dwelling by Pauls Wharfe 
at the figne of the Crofle Keyes, and 
are there to be folde. 1596. 

Sm. 4° ; ^prel. leaves, \T pp. of text. Elegantly hound in olive colored morocco, gilt edges, inside 
gat deaUlU borders, iyZhRYOiSDO^. Superb copy of the FIRST EDITION. Very Rare. 

876 [SAMPSON (DEBORAH).]— The | FEMALE REVIEW: | or, | 
Memoirs | of an | AMERICAN YOUNG LADY; | Whose Life and 
Character are Peculiarly | Distinguished — being a Continental Soldier, | for 
nearly Three Years, in the late Ameri- | can War. | During which Time, | 
she performed the Duties of every Depart- | ment, into which she was called, 
with punc- I tual Exactness, Fidelity and Honor, and pre- | served her Chas- 

252 €at^o0m of ^ooi^isf atd ^Sn^saax^txvjft^, 

tity inviolate, by the most | artful concealment of her Sex. | With an | AP- 
PENDIX, I Containing | Characteristic Traits, by different Hands ; | her 
Taste for Economy, Principles of Domes- | tic Education, &c. | By a CIT- 
IZEN of MASSACHUSETTS. | Dedham : | Printed by \ Nathaniel and 
Benjamin Heaton, | For the Author. \ M,DCC,XCVII. 

12° ; pp. 258, (6). Curious portrait. Green morocco, filleted sides, red edges. Fine and PER- 
FECT COPY of the Extremely Rare Original Edition ; with a splendid impression 
of the Portrait, and List of Subscribers complete. Autograph Note of B. J. Lossing 

FESSION I OF j FAITH I Owened and Confented to by the \ Elders and 
Meflfengers | Of the CHURCHES | In the Colony of CONNECTICUT 
in NEW-ENGLAND, | Affembled by Delegation at Say-Brook \ September 
^fh. 1708. I [Texts of Scripture, 4 lines.'] New-London in N. E. | Printed 
by Thomas Short, \ 17 10. | Together with: THE | Heads of Agreement, | 
AiTented to by the United Minifters, | formerly called PRESBYTERIAN] 
and CONGREGATIONAL. \ And alfo | Articles | For the Adminiftra- 
tion I of CHURCH DISCIPLINE | Unanimoufly | Agreed upon and 
confented to by the | ELDERS and MESSENGERS of | the Churches 
in the Colony of | CONNECTICUT in New-England, | Affembled by 
Delegation at Say-Brook \ September ^th. 1708. | [Texts of Scripture, 6 lines.] 
New London: Printed by Thomas Short, 17 10. ( 

Sm. 8° ; pp. (2), 1x6. Elegantly hound in bright crimson levant super-extra, gilt back and edges, 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gUt borders, by F. Bedford. 

A beautiful copy of the First Edition of the " Saybrook Platform," and the FIRST 


" In 1709, this town was honoured by a convention of contending independent divines, who 
were pleased with no constitution in church or state. This multitude of sectarians, after long 
debates, published a book, called, ' The Saybrook Platform,' containing the doctrines and rules 
of the churches in Connecticut. The only novelty in this system is, that Christ has delegated 
his ministerial, kingly, and prophetical power, one half to the people and the other half to the 
ministers. This proposition may be thought in Europe a very strange one ; but if it be 
recollected that the people in the province claimed all power in heaven and on earth, and 
that the ministers had no other ordination than what came from the people, it will appear that 
the ministers hereby gained from the people one half of their power. From this article origi- 
nated the practice of the right hand of fellowship at the ordination of a minister. No one can be 
a minister till he receives the right hand of the messenger who represents six deacons from six 
congregations. The conclusion of this reverend and venerable body is, ' The Bible is our 
rule.' " — See Peters's " General Hist, of Connecticut," Lond. 1781, 8°; pp. 142-3. 

" Previous to 1708, the ' Cambridge Platform' ha-d been the general plan of church fellowship 
and discipline in New England. Divers opinions had long existed as to the policy and efficacy 
of some of its provisions and omissions. In obedience to repeated requests and memorials, 
the Legislature, at their May session, 1708, passed an act requiring the ministers and churches 
of Connecticut to meet and form an ecclesiastical constitution. They accordingly assembled 

€iitalogue of 25oolisf anb a^u^criptsf. 253 

at SaybTook, on the 9th day of September, 1708, and after due deliberation adopted the cele- 
brated ' Sayirook Platform,' together with a confession of faith. A uniform standard of faith 
and action being thus agreed upon, a period of harmony and good feeling followed, such as 
had not been before experienced for many years."— Hollister, "Hist, of Conn.," Vol. I 


buius ope* 
cu flguris et ^magi= 
bus ab inicio mu6i: 

Colophon, on verso of the map which follows leaf ccxcix : 

gl D eft nunc ftu^iofe lector finis Ubri Cronicarum per 
^^ vfam epitbomatis i breufarf j comptlati opus qOem 
preclarum. % a Ooctifllmo quoq? comparan5um. Continet 
em QeTta. quecucB ftigniora funt notatu ab initio mu&i a& 
banc vf(B teporis noftri calamitatem. CaTtigatuq? a viris 
boctifllmis vt magis elaboratum in lucem pro&iret. H& in 
tuitu autem i preces proui&oru ciuiu Sebal&i Scbreger 
1 Sebaftiani Fiamermaifter bunc librum bominus antbo 
nius ftoberger Muremberge impreflit Hbbibitis tame vi 
ris matbematicis pingenbiq? arte peritiffimis. /iDicbaele 
wolQemut et wilbelmo plesbenwurtE. quaru folerti acu* 
ratiflima(B animabuerfionc turn ciuitatum turn iUuTtrium 
virorum figure inferte funt. ConTfummatu autem Duobeci* 
ma menfis 5ulij. Hnno falutis nfe. 1493- 

Large folio; bound in nissia, gilt edges. Register with title, 20 unnumbered leaves ; Text, 
300 leaves numbered on the recto ; fols. cCLVim, CCLX, and CCLXI are blank on both sides, left so 
purfosely for MS. annotations and additions, as it is expressly stated on the verso offol. CCLVIII. 
The S unnumbered leaves containing " De Sarmacia regione Europe," which are usually found 
between fob. CCLXVI and CCLXVII, are plated at the end of the work in this copy. The blank leaf 
is missing. The cut representing " Papess Joanna " holding her infant child in her arms 
(on the verso offol. CLXIX), and the surprising account of her life in the text, which are defaced in 
many copies, are unsoiled and untouched in this. 


254 (C^dtqpie of ^oofi^ atiti ^^uiErm^tjas. 


LEDGE. Containing all the Original Papers laid before Congress respecting 
the History, Antiquities, Language, Ethnology, Pictography, Rites, 
Superstitions, and Mythology of the Indian Tribes of the United 
States. By HENRY R. SCHOOLCRAFT, LL. D. Illustrated by Capt. 
S. Eastman, U. S. A., and other Eminent Artists. Published by Authority 
of Congress. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott fir" Co. i860. 

6 vols. roy. 4° ; half crimson levant morocco, gilt hacks and tops, UNCUT, by R. Calvert. 

880 SCHUYLER (EUGENE) TURKISTAN. Notes of a Journey m 

Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara, and Kuldja. By EUGENE 
SCHUYLER, Phil. Dr. With three Maps and Numerous Illustrations. 
New- York: Scribner, Armstrong b" Co. 1876. 

2 vols. 8° ; green cloth, UNCUT. 


TER SCOTT, Bart. With the Author's Introductions and Notes, and 24 
beautiful plates after Turner's designs. Edinburgh : Cadell, 1833-34. 

12 vols. fcap. 8° ; light polished calf extra, gilt hacks and edges, double labels, by Wm. 


Edition.] Edinburgh : Robert Cadell. London : Houlston 6* Stoneman, 

12 vols. imp. 8° ; with 120 highly finished engravings on steel, and 2000 Jlne woodcuts. Elegantly 
bound in grosgr. green levant morocco super-extra, gilt hacks and tops, double paneled sides with 
comer ornaments, insidegilt borders, front edges vncvt:. A splendid copy of the original issue 
of this sumptuous edition, with brilliant impressions of the plates. 

883 SELDEN (J.)— THE TABLE-TALK of John Selden, Esq. With a 

Biographical Preface and Notes by S. W. SINGER, ESQ. London: 
William lackering, 1847. 

12° ; calf antique, blind tooled, carmine edges, by Hayday. Fine portrait o/Selden. Scarce. 

884 SENECA.— OPERA MORALIA et EPISTOLAE. Naples : J/^rawf, 


\Onfol. 144 :] 

Sub domino Blasio Romero monacho Populeti philosopho ac theologo 
celebri est im- | pressum hoc opus ciuitate Neapolis Anno domini M.lxxiiiii. 
[«V]. Diuo Ferdinando re- | gnante. 

Folio; bound in green morocco extra, leather joints, tooled with fillets and ornaments, gilt edges. 
The arms of a former owner are stamped in gold on the sides. The two parts complete in one volume 
ofz$z leaves. 

The First Edition of Seneca's works, and, with the exception of the Horace of 1474, of which 
but one copy is known, the most important production of the early press at Naples. Dibdin 
says of it, " This edition exhibits the grandest specimen of the Roman type of MoRAVUS 
wjth which I am acquainted." This copy is perfect and in exceptionally beautiful condition. 
The margins are very wide, the paper is unusually good, and all the capitals are painted by hand. 

Catalogue of 2&oofejef anb isa^amuEfcc^tjS, 255 

885 "SERMONS ON THE EARTHQUAKE of ^^2^:'—Viz..■ (i.) Col- 
man (Benj.), Four Sermons in Boston. {2.) Prince (Thomas), Two 
Sermons at the Particular Fajl in Bofton, Nov. 2, and the General Thanks- 
giving, Nov. 9. Occafioned by the late dreadful Earthquake . . . With a 
Relation of fome late terrible Ones in other Parts of the World, as well as 
thofe that have been perceived in New-England fmce it's Settlement by 
^«^/j/% Inhabitants. Presentation copy from Prince. (3.) Foxcroft (Tho.), 
Sermon Preach'd on the Thurfday-Lecture in Boston, in the Audience of 
the General Court, at the opening of the Seffions, Nov. 23, 1727, Three 
Weeks after the Earthquake. (4.) Smith (Josiah), Sermon Delivered in 
Charkstown, in the Province of South-Carolina, February 4th, 1727, 8. 
Then Occafioned by the Terrible Earthquake in New-England. Now 
Publijhed at the requejl and charge of a Private Gentleman. Boston : 
Printed in the Year, 1730. Vety Rare. (5.) Wigglesworth (Samuel), 
Sermon Preached at Ipfwich, Nov. i, 1727. Being a Day of Humilia- 
tion on account of the terrible Earthquake, October 29, 1727. (6.) Fox 
(John), Two Sermons, preached foon after the Earthquake, at Wobourn. 
And now printed at the eameft Requeft of many of the Auditors, for 
their own particular Ufe. Boston: N. Belknap, 1728. Very Rare. 
(7.) Morrill (Nathanael), Sermon preach'd in the Parifli of Rye, 
in New-Cajlle, in New Hampjhire, in New-England, Novemb. 16, 1727. 
Being a Day of Publick Fafting thro'out the Province, occafioned by 
the late awful and terrible Earthquake. Now Publifti'd at the eameft 
Requeft & Defire of many in the Audience. Boston in New-England: 
Printed for Richard Jennefs and Jofeph Lock, in the Parijh of Rye, 1728. 
8O; pp. iv.-32. 

Rare and very curious; withnoit concerning MiossiLL and Ais Sermon, extracted from 
a letter of John Farmer, Esq., to a former owner of this volume. 7 pieces in i vol. 8°. 
Boston : 1727-30. 

The Earthquake is thus described by Prince in the Prefaee to his Sermons : " On the 
night after the Lord's Day, Octob. 29, about 40 Minutes paft X, in a calm & serene Hour, 
the Town of Boston was on a sudden extreamely surpriz'd with the most violent Shock of an 
Earthquake that has been known among us. It came on with a loud hollow Noise like the 
Roaring of a Great fired Chimney, but incomparably more fierce & terrible. In about half 
a minute the Earth began to heave and tremble. The Shock increasing, rose to the Hight in 
about a minute more, when the Moveables, Doors, Windows, Walls, especially in the upper 
Chambers, made a very fearful Clattering, and the Houses rock'd & crackl'd, as if they were 
all dissolving and falling to pieces. The people asleep were awakened with the greatest aston- 
ishment: many others affrighted run into the Streets for Safety. But the Shaking quickly 
abated, and in another half Minute intirely ceased. 

"The Noise & Shakes seem'd to come from the Northwestward, and to go off South- 
easterly ; and so the Houses seemed to reel. Some Damage was done to the more brittle sort 
of Moveables, and some Bricks on the Tops of some Chimneys fell ; but not an House was 
broken, nor a Creature hurt. At several times till Day-light, were heard some distant Rum- 
blings, and some fainter Shocks were felt: But since, the Earth has been quiet in Town, tho' 
the minds of many continue very greatly & justly affected." 

256 Catalogue of ^tk^ anb iir^ui6«cnjptj6^. 

886 SEYMOUR (R.) — SEYMOUR'S SKETCHES. The Book of Cock- 
ney Sports, Whims, and Oddities. A compkte Collection of One Hundred 
and Eighty Designs. With some Account of the Artist and his Works. 
London : Hotten, n. d. 

Oblong 4° ; half morocco. 


887 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM).— A | Midsommer nights | dreame. | 

As it hath beene sundry times pub- | likely acted, by the Right Honoura- ( able, 
the Lord Chamberlaine his | seruants. \ Written by William Shakespeare. \ 
[Device.] IHnted by James Roberts, 1600. 

Sm. 4° ; hound in red morocco, elaborately tooled, gilt edges, by Hayday. 

This, according to Lowndes and Brunet, is the First Edition. Formerly, another edi- 
tion, also printed in 1600, was regarded by commentators as the first. Mr. Halhwell, however, 
has proved, according to Brunet, that the present edition is not only the first but is more 
correct than the other. 

This copy is perfect and in fine condition. Its rarity requires no comment. 

888 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM).— M. VVilUam Shake-speare, | his | 

True Chronicle History of the life | and death of King Lear, and his | three 
daughters. | With the unfortunate life of Edgar, | Sonne and heire to the 
Earl of Glocester, and | his sullen and assumed humour of TOM | of Bed- 
lam. I As it was plaid before the Kings Maiesty at White-Hall, up- \ pon S. 
Stephen's night, in Christmas Hollidaies. \ By his Maiesties Seruants, playing 
vsually at the | Globe on the Banck-side. [Device.] Printed for Nathaniel 
Butter. I 1608. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in maroon morocco, with arms on sides. 

This is the Second Edition of this Play. It presents the usual variety of readings. An 
instance occurs on the recto of H2, where we read : " My foote usurpes my head." In some 
copies of the First Edition this line is found as here. But in others it is : "A foole usurps my 
bed." And the first folio has it thus : " My foole usurpes my body." 

889 SHAKESPEARE (W^ILLIAM).— THE MOST | excellent | And 

Lamentable Tragedie, | of Romeo and | Ivliet. | As it has beene sundrie 
times publikely Acted, | by the Kings Maiesties Seruants | at the Globe. | 
Written by W. Shake-speare. \ Newly corrected, augmented, and amended. 
[Device^ London, | Printed for lohn Smethwicke, and are to bee sold at 
his shop in | Saint Dunstanes Church-yard, in Fleetestreete | vnder the Dyall. 

Sm. 4° ; in half binding. 

This edition has no date. It seems probable, however, that it preceded or followed by a 
short time the edition of 1609. The title-pages have the same words. The fact that this ends 
on L4, and that of 1609 on M2, would seem to indicate that this is the earlier edition, as the ten- 
dency was to "augment" the volumes. The present was Utterson's copy, which is mentioned 
by Lowndes. Mr. Dyce says this edition contains some important various readings. 

<Cataio0ue of ^naW anti £(^anujefmptiBi. 257 

890 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) THE | Famous Historie of | 

Troylus a«^CRESSEiD. I Excellently expressing the beginning \ of their loues, 
with the conceited wooing | of Ihndarus, Prince of Licia. \ Written by 
William Shakespeare. | {Small device.] London, | Imprinted by G. Eld 
for R. Bonianr and H. Walley and | are to be Sold at the Spred Eagle in 
Paules I Church-yeard, ouer against the | great North doore. | 1609. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson moncco extra, fillets on sides, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

The First Edition. 

The preface contains the words, " for so much as will make you thinke your testerne well 
bestowd," which Lowndes regards as proof that these quartos were issued originally at the 
price of a " tester," or sixpence. Like all of the First Editions, it is exceedingly rare. 

891 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) A | Most pleasant and ex | cellent 

Conceited Comedy, | of Sir John Falstaffe, and the merry VViues of Wind- 
sor. I 

With the swaggering vaine of An- | cient Hstoll, and Corporall JVym. \ 

Written by W. Shakespeare. 


Printed for Arthur Johnson, 1619. 

Sm. 4°. In the original paper covers. 

The Second Edition. This volume is not unlikely to be to the admirers of Shakespeare 
the most interesting of all the quartos. It presents the play in a form which differs greatly 
from that of succeeding editions. As it now stands it appeared first in the folio in 1623. The 
copy in the folio contains nearly twice the number of lines that are to be found in the quarto. 

The condition of the volume is most rare and attractive. It is just as originally published, 
and is large, clean, and perfect. 

Richard The | Third. | Contayning his treacherous Plots against | his 
brother Clarence : The pittifull murder of his innocent \ Nephewes : his 
tyrannicall Vsurpation : with the whole | course of his detested life, and 
most I deserved death. | As it hath been lately Acted by the Kings Maiesties | 
Seruants. \ Newly augmented | by William Shakespeare. \ [Device.] Lon- 
don, I Printed by Thomas Purfoot, and are to be sold by Mathew Law, 
dwelling | in Pauls Church-yard, at the Signe of the Foxe, neere | S. Austines 
gate, 1622. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in f lain red morocco, with anns on sides. 

This, like all the quartos which appeared before the first folio, is interesting as showing the 
various readings. These are more numerous than is generally supposed. The first line of the 
play in this edition reads, " Now is the winter of discontent," instead of " Now is the winter of 
our discontent," as in the folio. So on the next page " good fathers ' appears for " God- 
fathers." Similar variations occur frequently. 

258 <rataio0ue of ^otk^ anb ^f^am^mj^t^, 

Comedies, | Histories, & | Tragedies. | Published according to the Trae 
Originall Copies. 

[Large Portrait of Shakespeare. Martin Droeshout, sculpsit, London.'] 

London | Printed by Isaac laggard anA Ed. Blount, 1623. 

Folio; bound in crimson morocco extra, by Bedford. 

The First Edition, containing thirty-six plays, seventeen of which appeared here for the 
first time. The increasing estimation in which this volume is held by the public is shown by 
its steady and rapid advance in price. It was published at one pound sterling, but several copies 
have brought within a few years from $4xxx5 to $6000, and the demand seems to be always in 
excess of the supply The portrait by Droeshout and the verses by Ben. Jonson appeared 
first in this edition and subsequently in those published in 1632, 1664, and 1685. To find both 
of them in as good state as they are here is rare, even in the most expensive copies. The verses 
are as follows : 

To THE Reader. 

This Figure, that thou here seest put. 

It was for gentle Shakespeare cut ; 

Wherein the Grauer had a strife 

With Nature, to out-doo the life : 

O, could he but have drawne his wit 

As well in brasse, as he hath hit 

His face ; the Print would then surpasse 

All, that was euer writ in brasse. 

But, since he cannot. Reader, looke 

Not on his Picture, but his Booke. B. I. 
The present copy measures 12^ by 7^^ inches. It is perfect and in excellent condition. 
The collation conforms in every respect to that given in Lowndes' Manual, except that the 
prehminary leaves are differently arranged. 

894 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM). — Mr. William | SHAKE- 
SPEARES I Comedies, | Histories, and | Tragedies. | Published accor- 
ding to the true Originall Copies. | The Second Impression. [Large Portrait 
of Shakespeare. Martin Droeshout, sculpsit, London^ London, Printed by 
Tho. Cotes, for Robert Allot, and are to be Sold at the Signe | of the Blacke 
Beare in Pauls Church-iYard, 1632. 

Folia; bound in crimson morocco extra, by Bedford. 

There are at least six variations of the title-page of this the Second Edition. One copy 
is known in which the word is spelt Coppies. There were several proprietors of this edition, and 
each seems to have had a tide printed with his own name. The text is regarded as valuable 
on account of its various readings, the editorial care bestowed on it, and the correction of some 
of the more palpable typographical errors of the first folio. 

This copy is perfect and in fine condition, with the exceptions that the verses are inlaid and 
the margins of the tide and last leaf are mended. The collation conforms in every respect to 
that given by Lowndes. The volume measures 12 Ji by 8J^ inches. 

Catalogue of ^ooft^et anb ^nujefm^tiB!. 259 




Printed at London by T/io. Cotes, and are | to be sold by John Benson, 
dwelling in | S! Dunstans Church-yard, 1640. 

12° ; bound in crimson morocco extra, with arms on sides, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

Aportraitof Shakespeare, signed "W. M. sculpsit" (W. Marshall), faces the first title-page. 
A second title-page forms the fifth leaf. The omission of the date on the second title is the 
only difference between the two. On La commences a head title: "An addition of some 
Excellent Poems, to those precedent, of Renowned Shakespeare, By other Gentlemen." 

The impression of the portrait is brilUant, and the condition of the volume generally is such 
as to please the most fastidious taste. Its rarity in this form is excessive. 


Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. | Published according to the true 
Original Copies. | The third Impression. \ And unto this Impression is added 
seven Playes, never | before Printed in Folio. | viz. \ 

Pericles Prince of Tyre. 

The London Prodigall. 

The History of Thomas \^- Cromwell. 

Sir John Oldcastle Lord Cobham. 

The Ihiritan Widow. 

A York-shire Tragedy. 

The Tragedy of Locrine. 
London : Printed for P. C. 1664. 

Folio ; bound in crimson morocco extra, by Bedford. 

Of the seven additional plays which appeared for the first time in this the Third Edition, 
only one, " Pericles," has been retained, all the others being regarded as spurious. 

On the fly-leaf is the following note : " This copy of the third (and very rare) edition of our 
great dramatic Poet, formerly belonged to John Kemble, Esq., and was purchased by me at 
the sale of his books in 1820-21, for the sum of eight guineas, it then wanting the portrait, 
which Ihave since suppUed."— E. V. U(tterson). But this portrait, according to Lowndes, 
belongs to the Fourth instead of the Third Edition. The principal difference is that Shake- 
speare is speUed with the final e in the latter and without it in the former. With this exception, 
and that of the skillful mending of the title-page, the present volume is perfect, and in fine, 
clean condition. It measures 12K by 8M inches. It is from the Ubraries of John Philip Kem- 
ble, E. V. Utterson, and Sir Wm. Tite. In point of rarity it ranks next to the First Edition. 

897 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) — M'- William Shakespear's | Com- 

edies, I Histories, | and | Tragedies. | Published according to the true 

26o Catalogue of f2^ooh$r anti Ht^ujerm^ptjee^ 

Original Copies. | Unto which is added, Seven | PLAYS, | Never before 
Printed in Folio : | vie. \ 

Fences Prince of Tyre. \ / Sir John Oldcastk Lord Cobham. 

The London Prodigal. f 1 The Puritan Widow. 

The History of Thomas Lord I i A Yorkshire Tragedy. 

Cromwel. ) \ The Tragedy of Locrine. 

The Fourth Edition. 

[Small Device.] 

London : | Printed for If. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bentley, at 
the Anchor in the | New Exchange, the Crane in St. Pauls Church- Yard, 
and in | ^««if/-Street Covent- Garden, 1685. 

Folio ; bound in crimson morocco extra, by Bedford. 

In this, the Foiirth Edition, the original portrait was used, after having been retouched. 
In this state the shading on the left of the forehead is expressed by crossed lines which bend 
outwards, while in the original plate the lines curve inwards and are not crossed. Moreover, 
in the repaired state the hair is crossed instead of being, as in the original, in single lines. 

This copy is perfect, and is exceptionally clean and tall, measuring 13^ by Sjf inches. 

The four folios above described possess an unusual attraction in their binding. They are 
bound uniformly in full crimson crushed levant morocco, the sides and backs richly decorated 
with small tools, with inside panels of green morocco, tooled in a dentelle pattern of excep- 
tional beauty, double fly-leaves, gilt edges. Each volume has a case of olive morocco, 
lettered. The volumes were given to Mr. Bedford virith instructions to spare neither time, 
trouble, nor money in putting them into the best possible condition. The amount of his bill 
was such as to justify the belief that he had taken full advantage of the liberty thus conferred. 
Certainly it would be difficult to find examples of his binding which would excel these in beauty 
of design or perfection of finish. 


London: W. Pickering, 1832. 

12° ; portrait. Brown calf, gilt back and top, uncut. 

SHAKSPEARE [from Malone's text of 1821], with a Life, Glossarial 
Notes, etc. Edited by A. J. Valpy, M. A. London : Printed and Published 
by A. J. Valpy, 1832-34. 

15 vols. fcap. 8° ; with 171 plates in outline, engraved on steel after those in Boydell's edition. 
Bound in citron calf super-extra, gilt backs and tops, filleted sides, uncut edges, contents lettered, by 

<(rataiogue of ^ttok^ anb 9[^nuj0^cnj^t$r« 261 

900 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) — The Pictorial Edition of the 

Works of SHAKSPERE. Edited by Charles Knight, 7 vols. [A/so.-] 
WILLIAM SHAKSPERE ; a Biography. By Charles Knight. Lon- 
don: Charles Knight 6r* Co. 1 838-1 843. 

8 vols. roy. 8°; extended to 9 vols, by the division of the Biography into Two Parts as pub- 
lished. Elegantly bound in highly polished half crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt backs and 
tops, edges UNCUT, by Wm. Matthews. 

This SPLENDID SET, bound from parts as originally issued, without admixture of any kind, 
and with brilliant and perfect impressions of the Twelve Hundred Engravings 
on wood, contains 53° inserted Portraits, Subjects, and Views of the finest description ; 
nearly all of which are Proofs, India Proofs, and India Proofs before Letters. 
The plates from the HARDING Series are a selection from a complete Large Paper Proof 
set, the best of which only were taken. Those of the " Heroines of Shakspere " are also 
GENUINE proofs. RUBRICATED Title-Pages Were printed specially for the Biography, 
with a finely ENGRAVED INDIA Proof Vignette mounted in each. 


DANCE TO SHAKSPERE : Being a Verbal Index to all the Passages 
in the Dramatic Works of the Poet. By Mrs. COWDEN CLARKE. 
London : CharUs Knight &= Co. M.DCCC.XLV. 

Roy. 8° ; bound in highly polished half crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and top, 
«^j UNCUT, Jy W. Matthews. Uniform in size and binding with the " Pictorial Edition 
of Shakspere." 


Illustrated and Described, by F. W. Fairholt, F. S. A. Thirty-three 
Engravings. London: Chapman 6^= ZTrt//, MDCCCXLVII. 

Roy. 8° ; inlaid from a 12°, in Mr. Trent's best manner, to match with the " Pictorial Edi- 
tion of Shakspere" and Mrs. Clarke's "Concordance." Four pine portraits of Shake- 
SPERE inserted. Bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt top, edges uncut, 
by W. Matthews. 


SHAKESPEARE. The Plays edited from the Folio of MDCXXIII, with 
various Readings from all the Editions and all the Commentators, Notes, 
Introductory Remarks, a Historical Sketch of Text, an Account of the Rise 
and Progress of the English Drama, a Memoir of the Poet, and an Essay 
upon his Genius, by Richard Grant White. Boston : Little, Brown 
&" Company, 1866. 

12 vols. 8° ; half olive morocco, gilt tops, brown paper sides, fore edges uncut. LARGE 
PAPER : only 50 copies printed. Very Scarce. 

904 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM).— MEMOIRS of the Life of William 

Shakespeare, with an Essay towards the Expression of his Genius, and 
an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Enghsh Drama. By Richard 
Grant White. Boston : Little, Brown b' Company, 1866. 

8° ; fine portrait. Half olive morocco, brown paper sides, gilt top, fore edges uncut. LARGE 
PAPER : only 100 copies printed. 

262 (Cat^ogue of ^ooft^ anti sr^Uje^ctijj^tjai. 

90s SHAKESPEARE GEMS. — The Book of Shakespeare Gems: in a 
Series of Landscape Illustrations of the most interesting Localities of 
Shakespeare's Dramas. With 45 beautiful steel engravings by Woods, Var- 
rall, Winkles, Radcliffe, &c., after Drawings chiejly by G. F. Sargent. Lon- 
don: 1846. 

8° ; bound in wrinkled crimson morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, by W. Pratt. 


906 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM).— The first part | of the true & hono ( 

rable history, of the Life of Sir John Old- Castle, the good \ Lord Cobham. 
As it hath bene lately acted by the Right | honorable the Earle of Noting- 
ham I Lord High Admirall of England, his Seruants. Written by William 
Shakespeare. London : printed for T. P. | 1600. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson grained morocco, gilt edges. 

907 SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM).— A Pleasant | COMEDIE | Of | 

Faire E M, I The Millers Daughter of | Manchester. \ With the loue of 
William the Conqueror. | As it was sundty times publiquely acted in the | 
Honourable Citie of London, by the right Ho | nourable the Lord Strange 
his Seruants. \pevice.\ London, | Printed for John Wright, and are to 
be sold at his shop at the | signe of the Bible in Guilt-spur street without | 
New- gate, 1631. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in dark olive morocco extra, elaborately gilt, with border inside, gilt edges, by 

908 SHARPE (S.)— The HISTORY of EGYPT. From the Earliest Times 

till the Conquest by the Arabs A. D. 640. By SAMUEL SHARPE. The 
Fifth Edition. London : Bell &• Daldy, 1870. 

2 vols. 8° ; with maps, and illustrated by nearly 700 WOODCOTS. Polished tree-calf extra, gilt 
backs, filleted sides, marbled edges. 


Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the Sixth to the Seven- 
teenth Centuries. Drawn and Engraved by HENRY SHAW, F. S. A. 
With Descriptions by SIR FREDERIC MADDEN, F. R. S. London : 
William Pickering, 1833. 

Imp. 4° ; 59 Plates beautifully painted by hand, and richly illuminated with gold. Half olive 
morocco, brown paper sides, edges uncut. Large Paper, of which only 50 copies were printed. 

The Large Paper copies only of Mr. Shaw's works were colored and gilded hy artists. The 
plates of the small paper copies were simply printed in colors. 

Catalogue of 2S>ooftsr anb a^ujefcci^Jtsf. 263 


Drawn from Existing Authorities by HENRY SHAW, F. S. A. With 
Descriptions by Sir SAMUEL RUSH MEYRICK, K. H. London : 
William Pickering, 1836. 

Imp. 4° ; 75 beauHfully colored plates. Half olive morocco, brown paper sides, edges UNCUT. 
Lakge Paper. 


HENRY SHAW, F. S. A. London: William Pickering, 1842. 

Imp. 4°; %<j plates, alHeautifully colored or tinted. Half olive morocco, brown paper sides, edges 
UNCUT. Large Paper. 


London : Printed by P. B. Shelley, 23 Chapel Street, Grosvenor Square, 1813. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. 240. 

First Edition. Privately printed and given by Shelley to but few of his friends. He 
afterwards tore out the title and cut the imprint from the last leaf. 


Reeves &" Turner, iSiS-jy. 

4 vols. 8° ; portrait, etchings, and facsimiles. Bound in polished maroon levant morocco, gilt 
edges, inside gUt borders, by Hammond. 





The Sun-Rifmg 


With the 

INDIANS in New-England. 

[Texts of Scripture, 3 lines.] 


Hinted by Rich. Cotes, for Fulk Clifton, and are to bee 

fold at hisjhop under Saint Margarets Church on 

New-fjh-flreet Hill, \(i^'j. 

Sm. 4°; pp. (2) 2S; light polished calf red edges, by F. Bedford. A very fine, large, 

CLEAN COPY of this EXTREMELY Rare tract. 



264 Catalogut of ^oh^ anb i3i^amiisfcn)^tie(. 



Clear Sun-fliine of the Gofpel 






An Hiftoricall Narration of Gods 
Wonderful! Workings upon fundry of the 

Indians, both chief Governors and Common-people, 

in bringing them to a willing and defired fubmiflion to 

the Ordinances of the Gofpel; and framing their 

hearts to an eameft inquirie after the knowledge 

of God the Father, and of Jeius Chrill 

the Saviour of the World. 

By Mr. Thomas Shepard Miniller of the Gofpel of 
Jefus Chrill at Cambridge in New-England. 

[Texts of Scripture, 6 lines ^ 

London, Printed by R. Cotes for John Bellamy at the three golden 

Lions in Cornhill near the Roy all Exchange, 1648. 

Sm. 4°; pp. (14), 38. Dark blue polished levant morocco super-extra, gilt back a?id top, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, bjyW. Pratt. UNCUT. A LARGE and FINE COPY. 
The title and the margins of a few leaves have been slightly r^aired. EXTREMELY RARE. 

916 SHEPARD (THOMAS).— Theses Sabbaticce. \ or, | THE DOCTRINE | 

OF THE I Sabbath : | wherein I The Sabbaths I. Morality. \ II. Change. \ 
III. Beginning. ( IV. Sanctification. | are clearly difcuffed. | Which were 
firft. handled more largely | in fundry Sermons in Cambridg \sic\ in New- 
England I in opening the fourth Commandment. | ... By Thomas Shepard, 
Pallor of the Church of | Chrill at Cambridge in New-England. \ [Texts of 
Scripture, 6 lines\ London, Printed by T. R. and E. M. for John Rothwell 

Catalogitt of 25oofejet anb a^anujsmptjef. 265 

ai\ Sun and Fountain in Fauls Church-yard, 1650. | Also Certain | SELECT 
CASES I Resolved ... By Thomas Shephard [sic] \ Sometimes of 
Emanuel-Colledge \ in Cambridge, Now Preacher of | Gods Word in New- \ 
England. \ London, IHntedfor John Rothwell, 1650. 

3 vols, in I vol. 8° ; light polished calf, beveled boards, carmine edges. 

917 SHERIDAN (R. B.)— The WORKS of the Right Honourable RICH- 

ARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN, with a Memoir by James P. Browne, 
M. D. Containing Extracts from the Life by Thomas Moore. London : 
Bickers &" Son, 1873. 

z vols. !P; portrait. Bluepolishedcalf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges, filleted sides. Fine large- 
type edition. 


sented by her Majesties Servants, at the private house in Drury Lane. 
Written by James Shirley. London : Printed by Tho. Cotes, for Andrew 
Crooke, and William Cooke, 1637. 

/i°; redmoroccoextm, by F.BEBFOitD. First Edition. Fine copy, viiCVT. 
Collation : A1-2, B-Ki, in fours ; Title, Ai ; dedication to Henry Earle of Holland, Aa ; 
Hide Parke, Bi. 

919 SHIRLEY (JAMES).— THE EXAMPLE. As it was presented by her 

Majesties Servants at the private House in Drury-Lane. Written by Iames 
Shirly. London: Printed by lohn Norton, for Andrew Crooke, and 
William Cooke, 1637. 

4° ; red morocco extra, by F. Bedford. First Edition. Fine copy, uncut. 

Collation : A1-I4, in fours ; Title, Ai ; The Example, Aa ; Prologue, I4. 

920 SHIRLEY (JAMES) The DVKES MISTRIS, As it was presented 

by her Majesties Servants, at the private House in Drury Lane. Written by 
Iames Shirley. London: Printed by John Norton, for William Cooke, 


/C; red morocco extra, by'?. '&ET)-e<yBi-a. First Edition. Fine copy, vacxs-i. 
Collation: A1-2, B-k4, in fours; Title, Ai; Prologue, A2; The Duke's Mistris, Bi. 


As it hath beene Acted with good Applause at the private house in Drury 
Lane by her Majesties Servants. Written by Iames Shirley Gent. Lon- 
don : Printed by T. C. for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop at 
Furnivalls Inne Gate in Holboume, 1639. 

4° ; red morocco extra, by F. Bedford. First Edition. Fine copy, uncut. 

Collation: A1-2, B-I4, in fours ; Title, Ai; dedication to Henry Osborne, A2; Maides 
Revenge, Bi. 

266 (Catalogue of ^wh^ anti lat^anuierctq^is?. 


Acted by her Majesties Servants at the Phcmix in Drury Lane. Written by 
Iames Shirly Gent. London : Printed by /. D. for lohn Williams, and 
F. Eglesfeild, and are to be sould at the signe of the Crane in Pauls Church- 
yard, 1640. 

4° ; red morocco extra, by F. Bedford. First Edition. Fine copy, uncut. 

Collation : A, i leaf; B-I4, in fours ; Title, Ai ; The Arcadia, Bi. 

923 SHIRLEY (JAMES).— The Constant MAID. A Comedy. Written 

by James Shirley. London : Printed by J. Raworth, for R. Whitaker, 


4°; red morocco extra, hy F. Bedford. First Edition. Fine copy, uncut. 
Collation : A1-I3, in fours ; Title, Ai ; The Constant Maid, Aa. 


Years Since. [By Mrs. Lydia Huntley Sigourney.] Hartford: 
Oliver D. Cooke b" Sons, 1824. 

12° ; //. 278. Boards, UNCUT. 

Contains an account of the Narragansett Indians, and sketch of Samson Occam, the 
Indian Preacher. 

925 SIMCOE (J. G.) — A I JOURNAL | of the | Operations | of | The 

QUEEN'S RANGERS, | From the End of the Year 1777, | to the | 
Conclusion of the Late American War. | By Lieutenant-Colonel Sim- 
COE, I Commander of that Corps. | Exeter: Printed for the Author. [1787.] 

4° ; pp. (8), 184, (48) ; 10 maps. Dark morocco, filleted sides, giltedges, broad inside gUt borders. 
fresh as when first printed, and the LARGEST copy yet heard of, measuring %y^ by loj^ inches 
on the leaf. 

' ' First Printed soon after the termination of the War of Independence, but apparently 
not published, and was almost unknown to exist, until a few years ago, when a copy turned up 
in a sale (I believe of Mr. Chalmers's Library), and from that copy the New York edition of 1844 
was printed." — Rich. 


History of PLAYING CARDS ; with Illustrations of the Origin of 

Printing and Engraving on Wood. London : Printed by T. Bensley fir* 

Son , for R. Trip hook, 1 8 1 6 . 

4° ; pp. JWJ.-373, (i). Plates, and facsimiles of rare old playing cards. Bound in crimson grosgr. 
levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and sides, inlaid with green morocco, with comer ornaments, 
inside gilt borders, giltedges, lyT). L. Vanantwerp. Two Hundred and Fifty copies 

ONLY printed. VeRY ScARCE. 

" It is seldom that the public have seen a more beautifully planned and executed work than 
the present. The facsimile engravings upon wood cannot be surpassed. The entire impression 
is limited to 250 copies ; so that, when its intrinsic worth and extrinsic beauty be considered, 
the curious will not fail to secure copies whenever they make their appearance." — DiBDiN, 
" Bibl. Decameron," Vol. II., p. 399. 

(Catalogue of ^oofe^ aiiti iat^nuiermptie^. 267 


ON OF The Countrey, The | Commodoties, People, Govern | ment and 
Religion. Written by Captain Smith, sometimes Go \ vernour of the Countrey. \ 
Whereunto is Annexed the | proceedings of those Colonies, since their 
first I departure fi:om England, with the discourses, | orations, and relations 
of the Salvages, | and the Accidents that befell | them in all their loumies | 
and discoveries. | Taken faithfully as they | were written out of the writ- 
ings of I Doctor Russell, Richard Wiefin, Tho. Studley, Will. Phetti- 
PLACE, Anas Todrill, Nathaniel Powell, Jeffria Abot, Richard 
Pots, | And the relations of divers other diligent observers there \ present 
then, and now many of them in England. '| By W. S[imons]. At Oxford, 
Printed by Joseph Barnes, 1612. 

Sm. 4° ; iound in calf, gold fillets, gilt edges. 

This copy has no map. It has both title-pages, the first soiled and mended. In other 
respects it is in fine condition, being unusually large and clean. 

928 SMITH (Capt. JOHN). 



of N'ew England : 



difcoueries, of Captain lohn Smith (Admirall 

of that Country) in the North oi America, in the year 

of our Lord 161^: with the fucceffe of fixe Ships, 

that went the next yeare 1615 ; and the 

accidents befell him among the 

French men of warre : 

With the proofe of the prefent benefit this 

Countrey affbords : whither this prefent yeare, 

16 16, eight voluntary Ships are gone 

to make further tryalL 


Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Robert Clerke ; and 

are to be fould at his houfe called the Lodge, 

in Chancery lane, ouer againfl. Lin- 

colnes Inne. 16 16. 

Sm.^°; red morocco, gilt edges. A fine, clean cofy. A very great rarity. 
Collation: Title as above, verso blank; epistle dedicatory "To the High | Hopefvl 
Charles, | Prince of Great Britaine," signed " lohn Smith ; " " To the Right Ho- 1 nourable 

268 Cataiosue of ^ooftj^ anb !ar^anu^a:^ier. 

and worthy Lords, | Knights, & Gentlemen, of his Ma- | iefties Councell, for all Plantations," 
etc.; " To the right VVorihipfuU Ad- 1 uenturers for the Coimtrey of New Eng- | land," etc. ; 
and complimentary verses, together 8 leaves; the "Description," etc., pp. 6i; after which 
are complimentary verses by John Davies, of Hereford, Geo. Wither, Ed. Robinson, and The. 
Carlton, zpages. At page i is a folding Map of New England, Simon PAS.ff;us sculpjlt, at the 
comer of which is & portrait of Capt. John Smith. 

929 SMITH (Capt. JOHN). 



Virginia, New-England, and the Summer 

Ifles : with the names of the Adventurers, 

Planters, and Govemours from their 

firft beginning An°: 1584. to this 

prefent 1626. 

With the Procedings of those Several Colonies 

and the Accidents that befell them in all their 

Journyes and Difcoveries. 

Alfo the Maps and Defcriptions of all thofe 

Countryes, their Commodities, People, 

Government, Cuftomes, and ReUgion 

yet knowne. 

Divided into sixe Bookes. 

By Captaine lOHN SMITH fometymes Governour 

in thofe Countryes b' Admirall 

of Hew England. 


Printed by / D. and 

/. If. for Michael 



Folio; brilliant impression of the title, engraved by lohn Barra; pp. (12), 96, 105-248, and 
errata, ^maps, ■i portraits. Elegantly hound in bright crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back 
and edges, paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, broad inside gilt borders, by F. Bed- 
ford. A splendid copy, with brilliant impressions of all the Original Maps and 
Plates, and the Errata which is wanting in many copies. Thejirst edition, in which the 
portrait of Prince Charles was changed to Charles Rex. 

(Catalosue of ^ooftjsr anb len^anuje^m^ptja?* 269 

930 SMITH (Capt. JOHN). 






Captaine Iohn Smith, 

In Europe, A/la, Affrica, and America from Anno 

Domini 1593. to 1629. 

His Accidents and Sea-fights in the Straightsj his Service 

and Stratagems of warre in Hungaria, Tranfdvania, Wallachia, and 

Moldavia, againft the Turks, and Tartars ; his three fingle combats 

tetwixt the Chrijlian Annie and the Turkes. 

After how he was taken prifoner by the Turks, fold for a Slave, fent into 

Tartaria ; his defcription of the Tartars, their ftrange manners and cuftomes of 

Religions, Diets, Buildings, Warres, Feafts, Ceremonies, and 

Living ; how hee flew the Bafliaw of Nalbrits in Gambia, 

and efcaped from the Turkes and Tartars. 

Together with a continuation of his generall Hiftory of Virginia, 

Summer-lies, New England, and their proceedings, fmce 1624. to this 

prefent 1629; as alfo of the new Plantations of the great 

River of the Amazons, the lies of S' Chriftopher, Mevis, 

and Barbados in the Weft Indies. 

All written by actuall Authours, whofe names 

you fliall finde along the Hiftory. 


Printed by J. H. for Thomas Slater, and are to bee 

fold at the Blew Bible in Greene Arbour, 1630. 

Polio; pp. (12), 60; mmpuously hound in polished crimson levant moncco, gilt hack and edges, 
paneled and filleted sides with comer ornaments, broad inside dentelle borders, richly gilt, by F. Bed- 
ford. A SPLENDID COPY. The several compartments in the large ioiisA plate, generally 
placed at the beginning of the work, have been separated in this copy, skillfully split and 
mounted upon matched paper like India Proofs, by Mr. Bedford, and placed where they 
respectively belong in the Text. 


931 SMITH (Capt. JOHN). — a Sea Grammar; | With | THE PLAINE 

Exposition | ofSMiTHS Accidence for young | Sea-men, enlarged. | Diuided 
into iifteene Chapters : what they are you j may partly conceiue by the 
Contents. | Written by Captaine lOHN SMITH, fometimes | Gouemour 
of Virginia, and Admirall of | New England. | London, ( Printed by 
loHN Haviland, 1627. I 

Sm. 4° ; iright green levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, inside gilt borders, hy 
F. Bedford. 


and Observations of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africke, and 
America: Beginning about the Yeere 1593, and Continued to this present 
1629. From the London edition of 1629. 'Rxchmo^Y): Republished at the 
Franklin Press, 18 19. 

2 vols. 8°. Vol. I. T prel. leaves and pp. Z47; portrait of Smith, large folding plates at pages 
14, 113, and map at p. 149. Vol. II. ^. xi.-2Sz; coat of arms. Half red morocco, top gilt, 
UNCUT. Fine, clean copy. 

933 SMITH (A.)— The WORKS of ADAM SMITH, LL, D. With an 

Account of his Life and Writings by DUGALD STEWART. Lon- 
don: T. Cadell, 1811-12. 

t, vols. f!>° ; fine portrait, engravedhy C. PiCART. Polished calf , gilt backs. 

934 SMITH (SAMUEL) The | HISTORY | of | The Colony | of | 

NOVA-C^SARIA, or NEW-JERSEY: | Containing, | An Account of 
its First Settlement, | Progressive Improvements, | The Original and Present 
Constitution, | and other Events, | to the Year 1721. | With | Some Par- 
ticulars since J | And | A Short View ofjts Present State. | By SAMUEL 
SMITH, j Burlington, in New-Jersey: | Printed and Sold by James 
Parker : Sold alfo by | David Hall, in Philadelphia : M,DCC,LXV. | 

Roy. 8° ; pp. x. -574. Elegantly hound in green levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and top, 
paneled sides with comer ornaments, broad inside gilt borders, UNCUT, by F. Bedford. A 
Magnificent Copy, and probably unique, in this marvelous condition. 

Inserted is an AUTOGRAPH LETTER written and signed by the Earl of Bath, 
dated April i6th, 1681, and addressed to Lord Norreys, containing a Proposal For The 
Sale of East New-Jersey "With all Royalltys,Priviledges& Advantages thereto belong- 
ing as Sole Proprietor ; and a Country almost as big as England planted already w"" several 
Towns and many inhabitants and likely very much to increase, being a very healthy place with 
good rivers and harbours and the price will be betwixt 5 and 6ooO;^." 

This copy sold for $200, at the Rice sale, before it was bound by BEDFORD, and previous 
to the insertion of the interesting autograph letter. 

935 SMITH (W.)— The HISTORY of the Province of NEW-YORK, 

from the Firil Difcovery to the Year M.DCC.XXXII. To which is an- 
nexed, A Defcription of the Country, with a Short Account of the Inhabi- 

€^it£d[o0ue of ^ooN miti !ai^u$fcn))t$r. 271 

tants, their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Conftitution of the 
Courts of Jultice in that Colony. By WILLIAM SMITH, A. M. Lon- 
don : Printed for Thomas Wilcox, Bookseller at Virgil's Head, opposite the 
New Church in the Strand, M.DCC.LVII. 

4° ; pp. xji. -2SS ; large folded plate. Sprinkled calf extra, paneled sides, Hind tooled, carmine 


ICUT CLAIM to Lands in Pennsylvania. With an Appendix, contain- 
ing Extracts and Copies taken from Original Papers. Philadelphia : 
Joseph Crukshank, 1774. 

8° ; PP- 94. Appendix, pp. 32 ; map. Light polished calf extra, gilt back, filleted sides, ty 
W. Pratt. Uncut. Rake. 


QUET'S EXPEDITION against the Ohio Indians, in 1764. With Preface 
by Francis Parkman, and a Translation of Dumas' Biographical Sketch 
of General Bouquet. Cincinnati, O. : Robert Clarke &" Co. 1868. 

Imp. 8° ; facsimUe maps and plate. Cloth, UNCUT. 



Additus eiufdem Camertis Index, | turn literarum ordine, turn re- | rum 
notabiliu copia, per- | comodus Studiofis. | Cum Gratia, & Priuile- | gio 

Colophon : 


anum cu Enarrationibus egregij facr? The- 
ologis Doctoris lOANNIS CA- 
MERTIS Minoritani, Anno ha- 
tiuitatis domini. M.D.XX. 
Viennae Auftriae, per lo- 
anne Singreniu, im- 
penfis honefti 
LVCAE ALANTSE, ciuis, & Bibli- 
opolae Viennenfis. 
Folio; Title (within an ornamental border) and 7 prel. leaves; Text, 336 pp.; 2 unnum- 
hered leaves, with the above colophon on the recto of the second leaf; Index, 15 unnumiered leaves, 
on the verso of the last the Device of Singrenius. The large folding Map is placed facing the 
title. Bound in grosgr. olive levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges,paneled and filleted 
sides with comer ornaments and large center-pieces, by De Coverly. A magnificent copy 
op this rare volume, with a large and beauUful copy of the Excessively Rare Map, the 
earliest yet known bearing the name of AMERICA. 


272 Catalogue of ^ooh^ anti iSf^n^mpt^. 


CISCO ; containing a Summary of the History of the First Discovery, 
Settlement, Progress, and Present Condition of California. . . By Frank 
SouLi, John H. Gihon, M. D., and James Nisbet. Elusirated with 150 
fine Engravings. New York : D. Appleton &" Co. 1855. 

8°; cloth, folding map. 

940 SPENCER (H.) — ESSAYS: Scientific, Political, Speculative. (Second 

Series.) By HERBERT SPENCER. Reprinted chiefly from the Quarterly 
Reviews. New York: D. Appleton b" Co. 1864. 
8°; cloth, UNCUT. 


London: W. lackering, 18^2. 

5 vols. 12° ; portrait. Light calf extra, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


NEW-YORK. Comprising the Results of Original Surveys and Explora- 
tions; with an Illustrative Appendix. By E. G. SQUIER, A. M. [Wash- 
ington, 1850.] 

4°; z^ plates and jz woodcuts. Half morocco, VNCVT. 

943 SQUIER (E. G.)— The SERPENT SYMBOL, and the Worship of the 

Reciprocal Principles of Nature in America. By E. G. SQUIER, A. M. 
New York: G. P. Putnam, MDCCCLI. 

8°; i>^.*»j.-2S4. Illustrated with (& wood engravings. Half morocco, gUtia^k and top, V^CVi. 
Very Scarce. 

944 SQUIER (E. G.) — NICARAGUA; its People, Scenery, Monuments, 

and the Proposed Interoceanic Canal. With Numerous Original Maps and 
Illustrations. By E. G. SQUIER. New Edition. New York : D. Ap- 
pleton &■ Co. 1856. 

2 vols. 8° ; cloth. 

945 STEDMAN (C.)— The | HISTORY | of the | Origin, Progress, and 

Termination | of the | AMERICAN WAR. | By C. STEDMAN, \ who 
served under Sir W. Howe, Sir H. Clinton, and | The Marquis Corn- 
WALLis. I London: Printed for the Author, \ 1794. 

2 vols. 4°; pp. xv.-%o/g; xv.-44g, (13) ; z<,plans. Half blue morocco, tops gilt, UNCUT. AN 
ELEGANT COPY, FRESH and CLEAN as when issued. 


JAMES FITZJAMES STEPHEN, Q. C. New York: Holt fir- WiUiams, 

Crown 8° ; cloth. 

<(tataiogue of SlS^mh^ anb 0^u$rcnj^t^. 273 

947 STEPHENS (J. L.) — Incidents of Travel in YUCATAN. By 

John L. Stephens. Illustrated by 120 Engravings. London: John 

2 vols. 8° ; polished tree-ealf extra, gilt tacks, filleted sides, citron edges. 

948 STEPHENS (J. L.)— Incidents of Travel in CENTRAL AMERICA, 

CHIPAS, and YUCATAN. By John L. Stephens. Illustrated by Numer- 
ous Engravings. London : John Murray, 1844. 

2 vols. 8° ; map andjt engravings. Polished tree-calf extra, gilt backs, filleted sides, citrmt edges. 


to Life, I AND I Out of the Dark wayes and Worfliips of the World 
where | the Seed is held in Bondage under the Merchants of | Babylon. 
Written by Marmaduke Stephenfon ; | Who (together with another dear 
Servant of the Lord called | William Robinfon) hath (fince the Writing 
hereof) fuffer- | ed Death, for bearing Witneffe to the fame Truth, | amongil 
the Profeffors of Bojions Jurifdiction | in New England. \ With a True Copy 
of Two Letters, which they Writ to the Lords | People a little before their 
Death. | And alfo the True Copy of a Letter as it came to our hands, from | 
a Friend in New England, which gives a brief Relation of the | manner of 
their Martyrdom, with fome of the Words which they | expreft at the time 
of their fufifering. | \Text, John 16. 2, 3.] London, Printed for Thomas 
Simmons, at the Sign of the | Bull and Mouth near Alderfgate. 1660. | 
Sm. 4° ; pp. 32. Half morocco, rough edges. Fine copy. VERY RARE. 

950 STEVENS (H.) — HISTORICAL NUGGETS, Bibliotheca Ameri- 

cana, or a Descriptive Account of my Collection of Rare Books Relating 
to America. By Henry Stevens, G. M. B., F. S. A. London : Printed by 
Whittingham fir" Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, MDCCCLXII. 

zvols.fcap. 8°; half red morocco, top gilt, UNCUT. 

"These two volumes contain about 3000 Titles alphabetically arranged according to the 
Names of the Authors, or generally the first words of the Titles, not articles, with the collation 
and price of each work. " — Preface. 

951 STILES (EZRA) A | HISTORY | of Three of the | JUDGES | of | 

King Charles I.^I Major-General WHALLEY, Major-Gene- | ral 
GOFFE, and Colonel DIXWELL: | Who, at the Reftoration, 1660, 
Fled to America; | and were fecreted and concealed, in | Maflachufetts 
and Connecticut, | for near Thirty Years. | WITH AN ACCOUNT OF | 
Mr. Theophilus Whale, of Narraganfett, | Suppofed to have been alfo 
one of the Judges. | By PRESIDENT STILES. | Hartford: Printed by 
Elifha Babcock, \ 1794. | 

12° ; pp. 357 ; portrait of Stiles, and 8 plates, numbered I. to IX. Light polished calf gilt back, 
yellow edges, by F. Bedford. 

2 74 €sMogm of ^oo{t$r anb a^anujefccipt^* 


London: JoAn Ol/ivter,sp, Pall Mall, MDCCCXLVIII. 

3 vols. 8° ; colored frontispieces, and numerous fine Portraits andplates. Elegantly bound in 
polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt backs and edges, filleted sides, by RiVlERE. A splendid copy of 
this VERY RARE work. 

953 STITH (WILLIAM).— The | HISTORY | of the | Firil DIS- 

ESSAY towards a General | History of this COLONY. | By William 
Stith, A.m. I Rector of Henrico Parifli, and one of the Governors 
of I William and Mary College. | Tanta molis erat . . . condere gentem. 
Virg. I Williamsburg: {Va\ \ Printed by William Parks, M,BCC,XLYII. \ 

8°; pp. viii.-33i. " An appendix to the Firfl Part of the Hi/lory of Virginia," etc., pp. V.-34. 
Sprinkledcalf, polished, gilt back, filleted sides, edges gilt over carmine. An ELEaANT COPY OF 
THE Original Edition. 

954 STONE (W. L.) — MATTHIAS and his Impostures; or, the Progress 

of Fanaticism. Illustrated in the extraordinary case of Robert Matthias, 
and some of his Forerunners and Disciples. Third Edition. New- York, 

18° ; cloth. 

955 STONE (W. L.) — UNCAS and MIANTONOMOH; A Historical 

Discourse, delivered at Norwich (Conn.) on the Fourth Day of July, 
1842, on the occasion of the erection of a Monument to the Memory of 
Uncas. By William L. Stone. New York: Dayton b" Newman, 1842. 

18° ; cloth. 


containing Campbell's " Gertrude," and the History of Wyoming from its 
Discovery to the beginning of the Present Century. Third Edition, with 
an Index. Albany : J. Munsell, 1864. 

12° ; pp. xxiii.-4o6 ; cloth. 

957 STONE (W. L.) — LIFE of JOSEPH BRANT (Thayendanega), 

including the Border Wars of the American Revolution, and Sketches of the 
Indian Campaigns of Generals Harmar, St. Clair, and Wayne, and 
other Matters Connected with the Indian Relations of the United States and 
Great Britain, from the Peace of 1783 to the Indian Peace of 1795. By 
WILLIAM L. STONE. Albany, N. Y. : Joel Munsell, 1864. 

zvols. roy. Z° ; pp. xxxi.-5oo; XV.-630; 2 portraits. Half brown morocco, giU tops, UNCUT. 
Large Paper; yi copies only printed. 

Catalogue of 2B»oofe3S anii a^nujScciptjS, 275 

958 STONE (W. L.) — The LIFE and TIMES of Sir WILLIAM JOHN- 

SON, Bart. By WILLIAM L. STONE. Albany: J. Munsell, 1865. 

2 vols. wy. i°\pp. xxxi.-sss; XV.-S44; portrait. Half irown morocco, gilt tops, uncut. 
Large Paper ; 5° copies only printed. 

959 STONE (W. L.)— The LIFE and TIMES of SA-GO-YE-WAT-HA, 

or Red Jacket. By the late WILLIAM L. STONE. With a Memoir of 

the Author, by his Son. Albany, N. Y. : J. Munsell, 1866. 

Roy. 8° ; pp. viii.-$og ; ^portraits. Half brown morocco, top gilt, uncut. LARGE Paper ; 
50 copies only printed. 

960 SUCKLING (J.)— SELECTIONS from the Works of Sir JOHN SUCK- 

LING. To which is prefixed a Life of the Author, with Critical Remarks 
on his Writings and Genius. By the Rev. ALFRED SUCKLING, LL. B. 
London: Longman, 1836. 

Koy. 8°; brilliant portrait 0/ Suckling, oZfo an unlettered proof , a proof , and etching of the 
plate. The Editor's Private Copy. Unique. Bouttd in russia, gilt back and edges, paneled 
sides, blind tooled, with gilt comer ornaments. 250 copies only printed. Rare. 

961 SUE (EUGENE) The WANDERING JEW. London: Chapman 

Ss" Hall, 1844-45. 

3 vols. 8°. The Original English Edition, published concurrently with the appearance 
of the work in Paris, bound from numbers with the covers at the end. With Numerous Illus- 
trations drawn by the first artists in Paris, and executed on wood by the most eminent English 
engravers. Half green morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

962 SUETONIUS. — The Lives of the Twelve CiESARS. DeXII Csesarum 

Vitis et Moribus (ex recog. Ant. Campani). FoUo, printed in Roman let- 
ters, with the Greek passages in Greek characters, without marks (126 II), 
initials painted. Rom.*; in Pinea regione via pape Anno a Christi natali. 

Bound in old English red morocco, with gilt back, gilt tooled ornamental borders and center-pieces, 
gilt edges (Harleian). 

"We have here another (if not the first) magnificent specimen of the press of Philip de 
Lignamine, although his name be not subjoined to the impression. ... It is of very great 
rarity, and was sold at the sale of the Crevenna library for 50° florins ; having brought 1340 
livres at the sale of the Valliere library." — Dibdin. 

The Sunderland copy sold for £36. This copy is in excellent condition. 

963 SUETONIUS.— The HISTORIE of Twelve Caesars, Emperovrs of 

Rome: Written in Latine by C. Suetonius Tranquillus, and newly 
translated into Englifti. [By Philemon Holland.] London: Printed for 
Matthew Zownes, 1606. 

Polio; plain ccUf, 2 leaves repaired. Rare. 

2 76 €&tal[o0m of 25oofe]3f anti a^anuiefmjpt^, 


The Lives of the Twelve First Roman Emperors, Writ by C. Suetonius 
Tranquillus. With a Free Translation, wherein due Regard has been had 
to the Propriety of the Enghsh Tongue. By John Clarke. London: 


8° ; plain calf. The ORIGINAL Latin Text and the English Translation are printed 
in parallel columns. Very fine, clean copy, with the 'QooY.rV'v.Kl'B. of the Right H(mP^' John Dt 
De la Warr. 

965 " SUJETS DE DEVOTION."— An Exceedingly Choice COLLEC- 

by Theod. and C. Galle ; Hieron. Wiercx ; C. de Passe ; S. Bolswert, 
and other celebrated engravers, all most brilliant impressions; neatly mounted 
on drawing paper. 

8°; elegantly bound in brown levant morocco, highly polished, gilt back and edges, filleted sides; 
comer ornaments. 


moires des Sages et Royalles CEconomies d'Estat Domestiqves, Politiqves et 
Militaires de Henry le Grand . . . et des Servitvdes vtiles, Obeissances con- 
venables & Administrations loyales de Maximilien de Bethvne I'vn des plus 
confidens, familiers & vtiles soldats & Seruiteurs du grand Mars des Frangois.^ 
. . . The three VVV of the House of Sully painted in green on title. 2 vols. 
A Amstelredam, chez Aletitiosgraphe de Clearetimelee, &" Grapheocechon de 
Pistariste, n. d. \i. e. Au Chateau de Sully, 1638.] 

Memoires. . . . [Suite 1610-1628.] Printer's device on copper on titles. 
2 vols. Paris: chez Augustin Covrbe, 1662. 

Together, 4 vols, in 2, folio; bound by Bedford in levant morocco extra, gilt backs, edges gilt 
over red. 

Fine copy of the rare first edition of the Mdmmres de Sully complete, in their original form, 
with all their charming naivete, garrulity, and egotism, which are lost in the subsequent editions, 
in which the Memoirs are entirely recast and changed. 

967 SULLY.— MEMOIRS of the DUKE of SULLY, Prime Minister to 

Henry the Great. Translated from the French. [By Mrs. Charlotte 
Lennox.] A New Edition, revised and corrected, with Additional Notes, 
and an Historical Introduction attributed to Sir Walter Scott. London : 
H. G. Bohn, 1856. 

4 vols, post 8° ; portrait. Half red calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 

968 SUMNER lyv. G.) — A History of AMERICAN CURRENCY, with 

Chapters on the English Bank Restriction and Austrian Paper 
Money. By WILLIAM G. SUMNER. To which is Appended " THE 
BULLION REPORT." New-York: Henry Holt df Company, 1874. 

Crown 8° : cloth. 

(CTatfdbisue of ^ooftiee anb 9[^u$eccq^tj9r. 277 

London: W. Ptckering, i%^i. 

12° ; portrait. Brown calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 

970 [SURTEES (R. S.)] — SPORTING NOVELS. Comprising, Mr. 
Sponge's Sporting Tour. Handley Cross. Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds. 
" Ask Mamma." " Plain or Ringlets ? " Jlltistrated with spirited colored 
Hates, and humorous woodcuts, by John Leech. London: Bradbury b' 
Evans, 1858-65. 

5 vols. 8° ; uniformly bound in half crimson morocco, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

971 SWAN (JAMES G.) — The NORTHWEST COAST; or, Three 
Years' Residence in Washington Territory. With Map and Numerous Illus- 
trations. New- York: Harper b" Brothers, 1857. 
12° ; pp. xiv.-43S ; half bnrum morocco, gilt top, uncut. Scarce. 

THAN SWIFT. London: W. Pukering, ■l2,z2>. 

3 vols. 12° ; portrait. Green calf extra, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. 

973 SWIFT (JONATHAN) TRAVELS into Several Remote Nations 

of the World. By LEMUEL GULLIVER, First a Surgeon, and then a 
Captain of several Ships. In Four Parts. Illustrated with upwards of \oo 
Wood Engravings from Designs by Grandville. With Copious Notes, 
A Life of the Author, and an Essay on Satirical Fiction, by W. C. 
TAYLOR, LL.D. 'Lo^iyovi: Hayward &' Moore. [1840.] 

Roy. 8° ; elegantly bound in yellow polished calf super-extra, gilt back and top, filleted sides, 
by ZAEHNSDORF, uncut. Fine portrait of SwiFT inserted. 

974 SYMMES (THOMAS).— Hiftorical Memoirs \ of the Late Fight at | 
Piggwacket, \ with a | SERMON | Occafion'd by the Fall of the 
Brave | Capt John Lovewell | And Several of his Valiant Company, | in 
THE late I Heroic Action there. | Pronounc'd at Bradford, May, 16, 1725 | 
By Thomas Symmes, V.n.M. \ The Second Edition Corrected. | [Text.] 
(Ifa. 3. 25.) Boston in New England.- \ Printed by B. Green Jun. for 
S. Gerrijh, near the | Brick Meeting-Houfe in Comhill, 1725. | 

Sm. 8°; halftitU, tUle, pp. xii.-32. Dark crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt both and 
edges, inside gilt dentelle borders, by F. Bedford. Exceedingly Rare. 

2 78 Catalogue of ^oohiEf anti Si^UjOSccq^t^. 



de Situ, Moribus et Populis Germaniae; etc, {Vindelin de\ 
Spira. [Venice : 1469.] 

Colophon ; 

Finis Deo laus 

Cesareos mores scribit Cornelius, esto 

Iste tibi codex : historic pater est. 
Insigni quem laude feret gens postera : pressit 

Spira premens : artis gloria prima su^. 

Folio ; hound in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by LORTIC. 

The First Edition. Although the date and place of printing are not stated it is generally 
believed that this is the first work of VindeUn de Spira, and that it must therefore have been 
issued in 1469. It is interesting, among other things, as being the first book printed with 
catchwords. There are numerous marginal notes, written evidently by a scholar. The book 
is perfect, including even the blank leaves, and is in brilliant condition. All of the initial letters 
are illuminated by hand. It has the ex libris of Ambrose Firmin-Didot. 

976 TAILFER (PAT.) and others. — A True and Historical | NARRA- 
TIVE I of the I Colony of GEORGIA | in AMERICA, | From the 
Firil Settlement thereof, ^jntil | this prefent Period; | Containing, | The 
moft authentick Facts, Matters, and | Transactions therein. | To- 
gether with I His Majesty's Charter, Representations of | the People, Let- 
ters, &c. and a Dedication to | his Excellency General OGLETHORPE. | 
By Pat. Tailfer, M. D. Hugh Anderson, M. A. \ Da. Douglas, and 
others. Landholders in Georgia, at | prefent at Charles- Town in South- 
Carolina. I \Motto.\ Printed for P. Timothy, in Charles-Town, South-Caro- 
lina ; I and fold by J. Crokatt, in Fleet-ftreet, London. | [1741.] 

8° ; pp. xvi. -112 ; half calf. 

This RARE pamphlet contains some very unpleasant particulars of the scandalous conduct 
of the Rev. John Wesley during his apostolic mission in Savannah. According to these 
gentlemen, " He was indicted before a Grand Jury of Forty-Four Free-holders, and Thirteen 
Indictments were found against him ; one concerned Mr. Williamson and his Spouse." Mr. 
Wesley, it appears, undertook to "pour the leperous distilment" into the ear of this vir- 
tuous lady, to the effect that "her husband had no right to regulate her behaviour as to 
conversing -mahhim." However, as soon as the distinguished apostle heard that these 
indictments had been found against him, he did not tarry to discuss the question fiirther, 
but bolted out of the town in the night, fled to Charles-Town, and thence to England. See 
pages 41, 2, 3, and 48. 

977 TAINE (H. a.) — history of ENGLISH LITERATURE. Trans- 
lated from the French by H. Van Laun. Edinburgh: Edmonston b' 
Douglas, 1873-4. 

4 vols. 8° ; sprinkled polished calf super-extra, double paneled sides, gilt borders with comer 
ornaments , gilt backs and tops, inside gilt borders, UNCUT. Best Edition. 

Catalogue of 2&oofe|f anb a^u^ctijjjtsf. 279 

978 TAINE (H. A.) — A TOUR through the PYRENEES by Hippolyte 
Adolphe Taine. Translated by J. Safford Fiske. With Numerous Illus- 
trations by GusTAVE DoRi;. New York: Henry Holt b' Company, 1874. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in highly polished. Hue levant morocco super-extra, gilt tack and edges, filleted 
sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by R. W. Smith. 

979 TARLETON (B.) — HISTORY of the CAMPAIGNS of 1780 and 1781, 
in the Southern Provinces of NORTH AMERICA. By Major-Gen- 
ERAL Tarleton, Commandant of the Late British Legion. The Second 
Edition. London : Printed for T. Cadell, Jun. &' W. Davies. M. DCC. 

4° ; tP- 17. (i). MV.-518. Map andsplans. Half green morocco, gilt top, UNCUT. Fine full- 
length Portrait of the Author inserted. 

Second and Best Edition, which contains much matter not included in the first, together 
with an exposition of the motives which prompted the production of the work. 

lated into English Spenserian Verse with a Life of the Author. By J. H. 
WIFFIN. Fifth Edition. With 24 engravings on wood by Thurston, 
and 8 engravings on steel. London : 1857. 

Post 8° ; half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 

981 TAYLOR (JEREMY).— The Jiule and Exercises of Holy Living and 
Dying. The Tenth Edition. IjOtshoih, Printed by Roger Norton for Rich- 
ard Royston, Bookseller to His most Sacred Majesty., at the Angel in Amen- 
Comer, 1674. 

2 vols, in I vol. 8° ; engnrved frontispiece, and z folded plates. Sumptuously bound in fine old 
black morocco, gilt edges, back and sides covered with delicate ornamental gold tooling, in the style 
ofLs Gascon. 

LOR I the WATER-POET. | Beeing Sixty and three in Number. \ Col- 
lected into one Volume by | the Avthor: With fundry new Additions, 
corrected, | reuifed, and newly Imrinted, 1630. | At London, | Printed by 
J. B. for '^AU^s Boler; at the figne of the \ Marigold in Pauls Churchyard, 

Folio; with frontispiece engraved by T. COCKSON, containing in the lower margin an aval 
Portrait o/Taylor. Numerous curious Woodcuts and Portraits oftheKings and Queens 
of England. Bound in crimson levant morocco super-extra, richly gilt back, double paneled sides, 
surrounded by a floriated gold border, gauffered edges, ty C. Murton. 

" This volume contains many pieces of which no separate editions are known to be extant."- 



28o Catalogue of ^ooftier anti ^S^na^mf^t^, 


with Anecdotes of their use in Conjuring, Fortune-Telling, and Card-Sharping. 
Edited by the late Rev. Ed. S. Taylor [i. e. John Camden Hotten\. Lon- 
don : 1865. 

*i6°; with n% plates. Cloth, uncut. 

984 TEMPSKY (G. F. VON). — MITLA. A Narrative of Incidents and 
Personal Adventures on a Journey in Mexico, Guatemala, and Salvador 
in the Years 1853 to 1855. With Observations on the Modes of Life in 
those Countries. Edited by J. S. Bell. London : Longman, 1858. 

Z°\ map, t, colored plates, and i\ woodcuts. Cnmson cloth, VT^CVT. Scarce. 

Laureate. London : Henry S. King &" Co. 1874-5. 

6 vols, crown 8° ; elegantly printed at the Chiswick Press, fine portrait, ornamental head-pieces 
and initial letters. Beautifully bound in highly polished crimson morocco super-extra, richly gilt 
backs, filleted sides with delicately tooled comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, and gilt edges, in the 
j/c'e o/RoGER Payne. 

986 TERENCE.— Pvb: | TERENTII | CoMCEDiiE | sex | Ex recensione | 
Heinsiana. | LVGD. BATAVORVM, | Ex Officina Elzeviriana, AO. 1635. 

[Engraved title.'] 

Sm. isP'u bound in red crushed morocco, the sides covered with elataraie tooling after the style 
of Le Gascon, gilt edges. 

A perfect and beautiful example of the first and best of the five editions of the Comedies of 
Terence issued by Elzevir under the date of 1635. 

Regiis aliisque optimis editionibus | cum cura expressum. 

\Small device.] 

Sedani, Ex Typographia & typis nouissimis | Ioannis Iannoni. | 1628. 

64° ; bound in red morocco, elaborately tooled, gilt edges. 

This is an interesting example of the Sedan Edition of the New Testament in Greek. It is 
perfect and in beautiful condition. 
From the Syston Park Library. 

988 THACKERAY'S (W. M.) WORKS. London : Smith, Elder fir- Co. 

27 vols, crown 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt backs and marbled edges, numerous illustratimu. 

Cataiosm of ^nok^ anb ^nuja^ci:^^. 281 

ODI THEOGONIA. Venice : Ai^ius, 1495. 

iOn first fia^e:] Haec insunt in hoc libro. 

Theocriti Eclogae triginta. 

* * # * 
Aurea Cannina Pythagprae. 

* * * * 

Hesiodi Theogonia. etc. 
In Fine : 

Impreffum Venetiis characteribus ac studio Aldi Manucii Ro 

mani cum gratia &c. M.CCCC.XCV. Mense februario. 

Sm. Jblio ; hound in citron morocco, gilt edges, apparently by DfeROME. 

This is the First Edition of the greater part of the works contained in it. Although the 
book is really divided into two parts, the second of which contains the works of Hesiod, it was 
published as one volume and is perfect only when in that condition. A portion of the works 
both of Theocritus and Hesiod appeared in a volume which is generally believed to have been 
printed at Milan in 1493. It contained but eighteen of the eclogues, whereas this edition has 
thirty. This also has the entire works of Hesiod. There were two issues of this edition, of 
which the present copy belongs to the first. Dibdin gives a minute account of the variations. 
This copj is a beautiful specimen of printing, having large outline headbands and capitals, and 
extra wide margins. It is perfect and in excellent condition. 

990 THEVET (F. ANDR^). 





trement nomm^e Amerique : & de 

plufieurs Terres & Ifles de- 

couuetes de noftre 


Par F. Andre Theuet, natif d' Angoukfme. 


Chez les heritiers de Maurice de la Povte, au Clos 

Bruimeau, k I'enieigne S. Claude. 

4° ; 8 prel. leaves, text 166 leaves, table 2 leaves, andip curious engravings on wood. Sump- 
tuously bound in polished brown levant morocco, gUt back and edges, paneled sides with comer and 
center ornaments, wide inside dentelk borders, exquisitely gUt, by LORTIC. A MATCHLESS COPY 
of the FIRST EDITION of this Extremely Rare Work. From the Library of Akbsosr 


282 Catalogue of ^oohier anb a^anu^cn^tiGr. 


Translated, with Notes and Illustrations from the most authentic 
Sources, by Frederick Shoberl. New Edition. London : Bentley. [1853.] 

S vols, post 8° ; fine steel fortraits andflates. Polished tree-calf extra, gilt hacks, marbled edges, 


An Hillorical and Geographical Account 




Wejl - New - Jer/ey 


The Richnefs of the Soil, the Sweetnefs of the Situation, 
the Wholefomnefe of the Air, the Navigable Rivers, and 
others, the prodigious Encreafe of Com, the flourifliing 
Condition of the City of Philadelphia, with the ftately 
Buildings, and other Improvements there. The (Irange 
Creatures, as Birds, Beajls, Fijhes, and Fowls, with the 
feveral forts of Minerals, Purging Waters, and Stones, 
lately difcovered. The Natives, Aborogmes \sic\ their Lan- 
guage, Religion, Laws, and Cufloms s The firfl Planters, 
the Dutch, Sweeds, and Englijh, with the number of 
its Inhabitants j As alfo a Touch upon George Keith's 
New Religion, in his fecond Change fmce he left the 
QUAKERS I With a Map of Both Countries. 
who refided there about Fifteen Years. 
London, Printed for, and Sold by A. Baldwin, at 
the Oxon Arms in Warwick-Lane, 1698. 

[Followed by :'\ 

An Hiftorical Defcription | of the | PROVINCE and COUNTRY | of | 
Weft-New -Jerfey \ in | AMERICA. | etc.\ Never made PubUck 
till now I By GABRIEL THOMAS. | London : | Printed in the Year 1698. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. (8), 55 ; (12), 34, Green levant morocco, paneled sides, gilt edges. 

<Cataio9iie of ^ool^ anb £i^itjrcr^tj$. 283 


London: W. Mckering, 1847. 

2 vols. 12° ; portrait. Brown calf, marbled edges. 

994 THOROWGOOD (THO.) — Ievves in America, | OR, | PROBA- 

BILITIES I That the Americans are of | that Race, | Avith the re- 
movall of fome | contrary reafonings, and eameft. de- | fires for effectuall 
endeavours to | make them Chriftian. | Propofed by Tho : Thorowgood, 
B. D. one of the | Affembly of Divines. ( . . . London, Printed by W. H. 
for Tho. Slater, and are to be fold \ at his fhop at the ftgne of the Angel in 
Duck-lane, 1650. 

Sm. 4°; pp. (40), 139. Olive morocco, filleted sides, gilt edges. Very fine, clean copt. 


Probabilities, that thofe Indians are | Judaical, made more probable by 
fome Ad- | ditionals to former Conjectm-es. | An Accurate DISCOURSE is 
premifed of | Mr. John Elliot (who firft preached the Gofpel | to the Na- 
tives in their own Language), touching | their Origination, and his Vindica- 
tion of the I PLANTERS. ( [Mottos, from the Scriptures and the Fathers, 
& lines.] THO. THOROWGOOD S. T. B. Noffokiencis. \ London, | 
Printed for Henry Brome at the Gun in Ivie-lane, 1660. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (10), 33, (4), 22, 67. Olive morocco, filleted sides, gilt edges. Large and fine 

"This is a SECOND PART of the preceding work. The First Part was licensed by 
J. Downame, Nov. 22, 1648, with a Preface and Dedication to King Charles I., but the trouble- 
some state of the times prevented its immediate issue. At the restoration of Charles II., both 
Parts appeared in one volume, with an altered Dedication, dated 27 June, 1660: 'To the 
Noble Knights, Ladies, and Gentlemen of Norfolk,' 34 pages (31, 32, 33 not marked), 34 


By George Ticknor. Boston : Ticknor &" Fields, 1864. 

4° ; pp. x.-iffl ; Portrait, and iZfine wood engravings. Cloth, uncut. Large Paper ; 
a small number of copies only printed. 


George Ticknor. Third American Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. 
Boston : Ticknor &* Fields, 1866. 

3 vob. 8° ; half green calf extra, gilt backs and tops, uncut. Large Paper ; 100 copUs 
printed. No. 58. 


TICKNOR. Fifth Edition. Boston: James R. Osgood &• Company, 


zvols.V; 2 portraits, and interim- view of Mr. Ticknor' s Library. Cloth. 

284 €ataio0ue of ^oclk^ anti iS^mn^mpt^. 


Translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. Edited, with Notes, the Translation 
Revised and in great part Rewritten, and the Additions made to the recent 
Paris Editions now first translated, by Francis Bowen. Cambridge: 
Sever &" Francis, 1864. 

2vols.S°; half crimson lev(mtmorocco,giU backs and tops, VKCVT. Large Paper ; 100 copies 

1000 TOOKE (THOMAS) (i.) Considerations on the State of the Cur- 
rency. Second Edition. Lond. 1826. fj>. 196. (2.) An Inquiry into the 
Currency Principle, etc., by Thomas Tooke. Lond. 1844. ^. 147. 
(3.) The Causes and Consequences of the Pressure upon the Money- 
Market . . . by J. H. Palmer. Lond. i&^i.fp. 6e,. (4.) Reply to the 
Reflections, etc. etc., of Mr. Samuel Jones Loyd, [/. e. Lord Overstotie] on 
the Pamphlet Entitled " Causes and Consequences of the Pressure upon the 
Money-Market," by J. Horsley Palmer. Lond. 1837.^. 24. (5.) The 
Principles and Practical Operation of Sir Robert Peel's Bill of 
1844 Explained, and Defended against the Objections of Tooke, FuUarton, 
and Wilson, by R. Torrens, Esq. Lond. 1848.^. 177. 

$ pieces in i vol. 8° ; half morocco. Very Rare. 

The first pamphlet in this volume formerly belonged to Lord Palmerston ; the under- 
scoring and marginal notes are in his handwriting. 

and of the State of the Circulation from 1793 to 1856. Preceded by a 
Brief Sketch of the State of the Com Trade in the Last Two Centuries. By 
With an Index to the Six Volumes. London: Longman, 1838-57. 

6 vols. 8° ; light half calf extra, gilt backs and tops, UNCUT. A very fine, clean copy, 
extremely rare, Vols. V. and VI. having been destroyed in the fire at Longman's. 


the UNITED STATES: With Reflections on the Practicability of Restor- 
ing the Moral Rights of the Slave, without impairing the Legal Privileges 
of the Possessor; and a Project of a Colonial Asylum for Free Persons of 
Colour : . . . Illustrated with 6 copperpMe engravings by Alex. Lawson. 
By JESSE TORREY, JuN., Physician. Philadelphia: Published by the 
Author, 1817. 

8° ; pp. 94 ; boards, UNCUT. Fine, clean copy. Very Rare. 


Au quel est contenu Lart & Science | de la deue & vraye Proportio des 
Let I tres Attiques, quo dit autremet Let- | tres Antiques, & vulgairement 
Let- I tres Romaines proportionnees selon | le Corps & Visage humain. | etc. 

In Fine : 

€at^09ue of ^cah^ anb fli^anuiGfcct^tier. 285 


.... Qui fut acheue | dimprimer Le mercredy. xxviij. lour du Mois 
Dapuril. Lan Mil Cincq Cens. | xxix. Pour Maistre Geofroy Tory de 
Bourges, Autheur dudict Liure, & | Libraire demorat a Paris, qui le vent sus 
Petit Pont a Lenseigne du Pot cas | se. Et pour Giles Gourmont aussi 
Libraire demorant au diet Paris, qui le vent | pareillement en La Rue Sainct 
laques k lenseigne des Trois Couronnes. 

Sm. folio; hound by LORTIC in crimson crushed morocco extra, elaborately tooled in gold on 
the sides, rich dentelle border inside. 

An interesting and rare specimen of Tory's press, containing numerous woodcuts espec- 
ially useful for the student of typography. 

This copy is from the collection of Ambroise Firmin-Didot, and is in perfect condition. 

MACAULAY. By His Nephew, G. Otto Trevelyan. New York: 
Harper 6* Brothers, 1876. 

2 vols. 8° ; portrait; cloth, UNCUT. 

X005 TRISTAN. %xiitm c|)\)r tie la tatile 
rontje tiouuellenient, 

$[mprim^ a ^m^, [s- « ] 

C <^t> finift i^ istaxix et betnier to^^ 
lumc feit %^ compile a iltomteui: ^ me^ 
moire bii tcef baiflant, noWe et ejrcei^ 
lent cl^euaJiec €nfta filj bu noWe 
top meJiabujS be leonoiiS %wiiimat 
a pariier pour antljoine terarb itiar^ 
cl^ant libraire bemourant en iabicte 
bifie be pari^ beuant ia rue neufue 
noftre bame a lenftigne feinct iefjan 
ieuangelifte SDu au paiaijS au pre^ 
mier piier SDeuant la cDappefle ou 
len cljante ia mefTe be mefleigneurjS 
iesf prefibeniS. folio. Vol. I. ^prel. leaves. ■Ve.y.T, iSa numbered leaves, the last of whuh 
is numbered c.vy.:s.yu. Vol. II. Text, 152 nun^ered leaves; the final leaf ts numbered 
C XLIIII. With WOODCUTS. Sumptuously bound in fine purple morocco super-extra, ruhly gilt 
back, doubU paneled sideswith broad dentelle gold borders flnd large comer ornaments, tm^hned 
with maroon morocco surrounded by elegant gold borders delicately tooled, morocco JO^^ts.and 
double silk headbands, gilt edges, by Thouven.n. In a sliding case. A magnificent COPV 


la^ inches high by 7-^ inches in width. 

286 Catalogue of ^ooh^ anti iSi^gxmttijfft^, 


By Mrs. [jFrances] Trollope. Fourth Edition. Complete in one volume. 
London and New York: 1832. 

8° ; witA 8 lithographic plates. Cloth, rough edges. 

1007 TRUMBULL (B.) — A PLEA, in Vindication of the CONNECT- 

ICUT TITLE to the Contested Lands, Lying West of the Province 
of NEW YORK, Addressed to the Public, By Benjamin Trumbull, 
A. M. New-Haven: Thomas &' Samuel Green. M.DCC.LXXIV. 

^°\pp. 160, (i). Half roan, uncut. 


SYLVANIA and NEW-JERSEY. Glasgow: Pnnted for Bivate 
Circulation, 1869. 

Roy. 8° ; pp. 62 ; wrinkled green morocco, sides filleted, gilt edges, by Henderson and Bisset. 
Privately Printed, and one of TWO COPIES ONLY on thirty-four leaves of pure 
VELLUM. Illustrated with Twenty beautifully executed figures, in the manner of pencil 
drawings, of the birds referred to in the work, including several from drawings by Alex- 
ander Wilson, the celebrated ornithologist, whose grave forms the Vignette to the Memorial 
Dedication. A BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING VOLUME. The other copy printed on vellum 
was in the library of Mr. J. Casson Brevoort, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1009 TYLOR (E. B.) — ANAHUAC: or, Mexico and the Mexicans, 

Ancient and Modem. By Edward B. Tylor. London: Longman, 1861. 

8° ; maps, colored plates, and 27 woodcuts. Cloth, uncut. An interleaved copy, with some 
MS. notes. 

loio TYLOR (E. B.) — PRIMITIVE CULTURE. Researches into the 
Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Language, Art and 
Custom. By Edward B. Tylor, LL.D. First American, from the Second 
English, Edition. New York: 1874. 

2 vols. 8° : cloth, UNCUT. 

i°" S-w'NGER (W.) — WORKS of WILLIAM UNGER. A Series 
m. i '^ ^^^^^ Et<:hings after the Old Masters. With Descriptive 
^■"^ Text, by C. VOSMER. New York: J. W. Bouton. Leiden: 
A. W. Sijthofff 1876. 

Impi folio; half crimson levant morocco, gilt top, UNCUT. 

Account of Salem Village, and a History of Opinions on Witch- 
craft and Kindred Subjects. Boston: Wiggin &= Lunt, idiS^. 

4 vols. sm. 4° ; map, plates, and facsimiles. Half Hue grosgr. levant morocco super-extra, 
gilt backs andtops, uncut, by W. Matthews. 100 copies only printed on this paper. 

Ciitaiogue of ^ool^ atiH a^ujeecn^jGf. 287 

1013 W-^ALENTINE (DAVID T.)— HISTORY of the City of 

^^ New York. New York: G. P. Putnam, 1853. 

8° ; X^. v«>.-404 ; maps and plates. Cloth, rough edges. First Edition. 

1014 VAN DER LINDE (Dr. A.) — The HAARLEM LEGEND of the 

Invention of Printing by Lourens Janszoon Coster, Critically Ex- 
amined. From the Dutch by J. H. Hessels, with an Introduction, and a 
Classified List of the Costerian Incunabula. London : Blades, East 
b" Blades, 187 1. 

8° ; ^. xxvi.-l70 ; paper wrappers. 

1015 VARNUM (J. M.)— The Case of TREVETT against WEEDEN; 

On Information and Complaint, for refusing Paper Bills in Payment for 
Butcher's Meat in Market, at Par with Specie. Tried before the Honorable 
Superior Court, in the County of Newport, September Term, 1786. Also, 
The Case of the Judges of said Court, before the Honorable General 
Assembly at Providence, October Session, 1786, on Citation for dismissing 
said Complaint. Wherein the Rights of the People to Trial by Jury, etc., 
are stated and maintained, and the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive 
Powers of Government examined and defined. By James M. Varnum, 
Esq., Major-General of the State of Rhode Island, etc., Counsellor at 
Law, and Member of Congress for said State. Providence : John Carter, 

Sm. 4° ; pp. iv.-do ; half red roan. Very Scarce. 

" This was a case of very great importance at the time it took place. The plaintiff bought 
meat of the defendant, a butcher, and tendered to him certain paper money issued by act 
of the General Assembly of Rhode Island, which was refused. The defendant pleaded, ' that 
it appears that the act had expired and hath no force ' ; ' that the matters of complaint 
are made triable before special courts uncontrollable by the supreme judicial court of the 
State,' &c." 

1016 VECELLIO (CESARE) Habiti | Antichi | EtModerni | ditutto 

il Mondo. | Di nuouo accresciuti di molte figure. \ Vestitvs | Antiquonmi, 
recentiorumque | totius Orbis. | Per Svlstativm | Gratilianum Sena- 
polensis | Latin^ declarati. 
In Fine : 
In Venetia, I M.D.XCVIII. | Appresso Gio. Bernardo Sessa. 

Thick 8° ; bound in dark blue morocco extra, with fillets and denttlle border. 

This is the First Edition in this form of a book which has been held in high esteem for 
three hundred years. It contains 507 full-length figures engraved on wood, representing the 
costumes of men and women from all parts of the world. It has been mentioned usually as 
"Titian's book," owing, probably, to the fact that the author was a nephew of Titian, to 
whom were attributed the designs of the engravings. The costumes of the aborigines of 
America are given on pp. 488-507. 

This copy is perfect and in excellent condition. 


288 Catalogue of ^ooftiEf anti fSS^axmtxipt^* 

1017 VEGA (GARCILASSO DE la).— Primera parte de los | COM- 

MENTARIOS | reales, | Escritos for el Ynca Garcilasso de la Vega, 
natural del Cozco, \y Capitan de su Magestad. | En Lisboa: | En la ofR- 
cina de Pedro Crasbeeck. | Ano de M.DCIX. 

Sm. folio ; bound by Arnaud in crimson morocco extra, richly ornamented, with wide border, 
delicately tooled on sides, gilt back and edges. The title-page has been repaired. 

This is the original edition, and is perfect and complete by itself, although the history was 
continued in a subsequent work in 1616. 

1018 [VERARDUS— COLUMBUS.]— 3[n laubem iSerenijSfjefimi Ferdi- 

nand! Hispaniar[um] regis Bethicse & regni Granatae obsidio victoria & 
triuphus. Et de Insulis in mari Indico nuper inuentis. (On the recto of the 
second leaf:) Caroli Verardi Csesenatis Cubicularii Pontificii in historium 
Baeticam ad R. P. Raphaelem Riarium S, Georgii Diaconum Cardinalem. 
(Colophon on the recto of the 2^ih leaf:) Acta Ludis Romanis Innocetio 
octauo in solio Petri sedente Anno a Natali Saluatoris mcccc.xcii. Vndeci- 
mo Kalendis Maii . . . i. 4. 9. 4. Nihil sine causa .1 B. (Basle: Berg- 
man de Olpe.) (On the verso of the 2^th leaf :) De Insulas nuper in mari 
Indico repertis. (On the recto of the 2,0th leaf:) 2De %n^vk^ nUJIO: 
inuniti^^ Epistola Christopheri Colom (cui etas nostra multum debet : de 
Insulis in mari Indico nuper inuentis : ad quas perquirendas octauo antea 
mense : auspiciis & ere inuictissimi Femandi Hispaniaru Regis missus fuerat) 
ad Magnificu dominu Raphaelem Sanxis : eiusdem serenissimi Regis The- 
saurarium missa : quam nobilis ac litteratus vir Aliander de Cosco : ab His- 
pano ideomate : in latinum conuertit : tercio Kalendis Maii m.cccc.xciii. 
Pontificatus Alexandri Sexti Anno Primo. 

8° ; 6 woodcuts; 36 unnumbered leaves, the Letter of Columbus filling only the last seven and a 
half. Crimson morocco, paneled sides, gilt edges, by Pratt. 

A volume of EXTREME RARITY. 

Of the seven early editions known of the Cosco translation of this celebrated Letter of 
Columbus, only two bear a date. The first part of the work is simply a drama on the capture 
of Granada from the Moors by Ferdinand. 


Four voyages are ascribed to Vespucius. The first two were made in 1497 and 1499, in 
behalf of the King of Spain. The third and fourth were undertaken in 1501 and 1503 for the 
King of Portugal. He was not the author of the accounts of his voyages which have been 
transmitted to us ; a fact which, probably, explains the existence of the many conflicting state- 
ments made in and concerning them. The preponderance of evidence seems to indicate that 
he landed on the shores of this continent a short time before the Cabots, and a year or more 
before Columbus. There is no proof that he is directly responsible for the giving of his name 
to the continent. The second and third voyages alone have been printed separately in the 
form of plaguettes, all vrithin the first eight years of the sixteenth century. Four of these are 
described in the numbers immediately foUovring. They are all of the greatest rarity. These 
copies are perfect and in beautiful condition. 

They came from the Barlow Collection. 

€^talo5ue of S^oofeief anb a^muaicrijptjef, 289 


miexkH^ Ue0p)iiti\i^ aatoentio 

Sine loco aut anno, sed 150I. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in crimson crushed nunvcco. gilt center ornament, gilt edges, by Haedy- 
Mennil. o < j 

Four leaves; forty-two Unes in a fuU page ; text in black letter; no signatures. 
See Harrisse, B. A. V., No. 23. 


a^unbUjBE nouiwf be natura %. mo 
rifiussr 1 ceteris ib generijef gentiiS ijue in nouo mn 
bo (^erai imj^emsiiS jsereniiaf^imi gaomisailie JHe 

giSf isfujpa; ibifiujef annti^ inumto. 

Sine loco aut anno, sed 150I. 

Sm. 8° ; hound in dark Hue crushed morocco extra, gilt edges, hy Matthews. 
Eight leaves; thirty lines in a full page ; text in black letter ; very large ornamental initials ; 
only one signature, which is on the second leaf, viz.: Aij. 
B. A. v., No. 25. 



WSaiesxca$ to^r^puciuisr laucentto l^etrt be me 
Xxxti^ jef^utem ^iucimam btcit. 

Sine loco aut anno, sed isof. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in brown crushed morocco, gilt ornament in center, gilt edges, by Hasdy- 

Four leaves ; forty-five lines in a fuU page ; text in black letter ; no signature. 

Harrisse says, in a note accompanying the volume, that he found it in the library of 
S. Marco, in Venice, in 1867 ; that he had never seen a copy before ; that he bought it after 
much negotiation ; that the only other copies were in the Trivulzio Library in Milan and the 
Imperial Library of Vienna ; that it was not in the British Museum, and that it was not 
described in the B. A. V. But there is no doubt that it is described, nevertheless, in the 
B. A. v., No. 30. The description there given is copied by Harrisse from the " Serapeum " 
for January, 1861, and is exceedingly minute. It corresponds exactly with the collation of this 
volume, excepting that the title is printed in one line instead of two. A glance at the B. A. V. 
will be enough to convince any one that no attempt was made to copy the description line for 
line. It is, perhaps, more rare and valuable than any other of the series. 

290 Catalogue of ^oofij^ anb ^^anu^em^tier* 


%\iimm^ Me^putm^ aiaurentio. 

'* Pttri nt tatVici^ aaluttm pindmam Sicit. 

[Verso of fourth leaf c^ 

^[^gt^tei; jopne$r otmac : btn&dice hti^ceje^jerit ^uguiECte 
31nno miJleieEimo qumsetttejsfjsfimo quarto. 

Sm. 4° ; hound in vellum, ty W. Pratt. 

Four leaves ; forty lines in a full page ; a triangle at the top of the fourth page ; neither 
signature nor water-marks. 
B. A. v., No. 31. 


Mondo da Aberico Vesputio Florentino intitulato. 

Sm. 4° ; crushed levant morocco, gilt tack and edges, by De Coverly. 

Colophon : 
Stampato in Vicentia cu la impensa de M. Henrico Vicentini, 1507. 

EXCESSIVELY RARE. The title and last leaf of table in facsimUe. The volume con- 
tains an origineil account of the first three voyages of Columbus and of Vespucius's third voy- 
ages written by himself and first published in Latin in the year 1504, the only voyage made 
by him of which there is any account coming from his hands, unless that of the four voyages in 
the COSMOGRAPHI.S; INTRODUCTIO, also published in 1507, be considered, as it claims to be, 
his work. Vasco da Gama's first voyage, the voyage of Cabral, and Pasqualigi's account of 
Caspar Cortereal's first voyage are also found in this the first collection of voyages extant. 

The workwas republished in 1519 and 1521. The latter edition is said to have some additions. 

A copy at the sale of the Bolton Corney Library, in 1871, brought £,v,T- The Beckford copy 
sold for ;f 270. 


Insuper quatuor Americi Ve- 
spucij nauigationes. 
Vniuersalis Cbosmographiae \sic\ descriptio | tam in solido Q) piano, eis 
etiam | insertis que Ptholom^o | ignota a nuperis | reperta | sunt. 


Cum deus astra regat, & terrae climata Caesar 
Nee tellus nee eis sydera maius habent. 

4Iatalo0iie of g^oofejBf anli a^anujScjr^tjef. 291 




n 33 

3 -^ 

^ 9P 


f» — 


3 S 


C « 

^ &3 




n KT 

rt -1 

p !-:• 



s 3 


'tj 2. 

S 3 

§ S." 

ft ^ 




Finitu. vij. kl'. Maij 
Anno supra sesqui 
millesimum. vij. 







































5m. 4° ; iound in maroon crushed morocco, gilt center ornaments, gilt edges, 6y Gkuel. 

The First Edition. The author of this volume was Waldsee-Muller, or as he chose to 
call himself, putting his name into Greek form, Hylacomylus. With him originated the idea 
of calling this continent America. The suggestion appears on the verso of the fifteenth leaf. 
As his book was very popular, his proposition soon became widely known and was favorably 
received. The book is as rare as it is important. This copy is perfect in every respect 
and is in beautifiil condition. B. A. V., No. 45. 


TRODUCTIO I cum quibus | dam Geome | triae | ac | Astrono | miae 
principiis ad | earn rem necessariis. | Insuper quattuor Americi | Ves- 
PUCij Nauigationes, Sac. [St. Di:^:] Septetnbris, 1507. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in red crushed morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

The Second Edition. The printer's mark and surrounding words are the same as in 
the May edition, except that ■' September " is substituted for " May." The subject matter is 
the same in both editions. They are of equal rarity. The title-page of this copy has been 
sUghtly torn and mended. Otherwise it is an even finer copy than the First Edition. The 
margins are wider, and many of the initial letters are colored by hand. B. A. V., No. 46. 


DUCTio: cum quibusdam Geome- | triseac Astronomise.princi | piisadeam 
rem | necessariis. | Insuper quattuor Americi Ve | spucii Nauigationes. | 
Uniuersalis Cosmographise descriptio | tarn in solido quam piano, eis 
etiam | insertis quae Ptholomaeo | ignota, a nuperis | reperta sunt. | Argen- 
TORA, Joannes Gruniger. [1509.] 

Sm. 4°; hound in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Matthews. B. A. V., No. 60. 

292 Catalogue of ^ooftjsr anb 0^Ujeecct^« 


(^^^ ^ nouueau monUe et nautsattomse %sa. 
^S|H ct^ $ dEmenc be ae(^ute flotettn. "W^^ 
^H^W {tapisr et iffeisr nouueltemft tniuue3, au 
'^^^ j^arauat a nousf incongheuj, €at en le* 

t|)iope q araJiie Calitftut t auittejef ^lu 
(ieurjer regionsf eftrange^, Ccanffate be italien en Hague 
frantopfe i?ar a^atl^unn bu cebouet licencie t$ ioijc. 

\Device of Galliot dv JW.] 

€vm ^rtuSegio tm0 : 
C Sfm^prime a ^acijS pour <i5afliot bu ptt, imtcliant li^ 
bcatte bemoutant fuier le pont noftce bame, a ienTetgne be 
la gdiee, apant Ca^l^outique en ia grai^ fdie bu !NQ^^ 
au feconb ^ttiiec. 

[0» tte w«ra» o/tAe last lea/:] 

C Cp fintCt ie tiute tntHule le nouueau monbe et nauiga:? 
cion^f be ^Mment be Oet^ [j?V] bejef nautgacionior fiaictejr par 
{e top be ^ottugaleies papier be$f moteisr et aidttejer r^on$r 
1 biuec^ paiiS, Slwi^^ttme a pariif j^our <J5aHiot bu jwe, mat 
diant \ihtmt bemoiurant iu^ it punt noCtte SDame a len^ 
(e^ be ia (!3anee, apant fa boutique en grant (aOe bu 
][»^apjES au fetonb pMtt. 

C ^uec ie ^utii^ bu jSop noftre Tire. 

comme ii a^j^ert j>ar (esf lettrejcr ]^atenteief* 

[j-. a., sed circa 15 16.] 

Sm. 4° ; 6 />-«/. leaves, and cxxxii /«az/«j 0/ Text. Elegantly hound in dark green polished 
levant morocco super-extra, gilt edges, inside gilt borders, iy DuRU. A splendid copy, in the 

1028 VIRGIL VIRGILII OPERA — Bucolica, Georgica, et ^neis. 

Venice : Vindelin de Spira, 1470. 
Colophon : 

Progenitus spira formis monumenta maronis 

H^c uindelinus scripsit apud uenetos. 
Laudent ergo alii polycletos parrhasiosue 
Et quosuis alios id genus artifices. 

P ■il^'ii \'u-(Jilii ir, uomv l.LM luvruni L ; 
>ir \ i-\xici,Ki yntii.^Tlrvi '. ,-; iiicliir-' 


rccuKins Tub tcgminc fagi 
^ Stiucflrcm tcnui murim 
mcdTQris aucna. 
i patrip fines: &C dulcia liquimus arua. 
N OS patriam fugimus.tu titvrc Icntus i umbn 
F ormofam rcfonarc doccs Jtnarvlli J i fiKiis 

mcliboce dcus nobis hpcocia Hcit. 

N mcfcTit illc mibi fcmpcrdcusnllius irim 
S ppc tcner noftris ab ouilibus ?mbuct aenus. 

1 nemcaserrarcboucs-.utccrnis:ctiprum 

L adcrcquf uellcmcaUmo pcrmifit agrcfti. 
N on cquidc inuideo: mirot magisuindicj; totis 

V fcjucadco turbatur agnsrcn ipt'c capcllas 

P rotmus Fgcrago:banccliam uix tityrcduco. 

H ic inter dcnfascorvlos modo nanqigcmcllos 

S pcm grcgisab filiccin nudacoanixa rclicjuit. 

S fpc malum boc nobis fi mens no Icua iixtQiH 

D ccplo tac^s mcmini prfdiccrcqucrcus. 

S cd camcn ifledcusqui fit da titvrc nobis- 

V rbcmc^uam dicuntromam mclibocc putaut 
S tultuscgo buic nrac fimilcquo ffpc folcmui 
P aftorcsouium tcncrosdcpdlcrc foetus. 

S iccanibuscatulos fimilcs^fic mstnbus bjidos 
N oram-ficparuiscomponcrc magna folcbam. 

V erum bfc tantii alias mter caput cxtulit urbcs 
Q uantum Icnta folcnt inter uiburna cuprclTi. 
E tqup tanta foit romam tibicaufa uidcnd-.:" 
L ibcrtas.quf fcra umcn rcfpexit incrrcm 

C andidior:poflq tondcnti barba cadcbat. 
R cfpcxit tamcn &C longopoft tempore ucnit. 
P oftq nos amaryllis bab& galatca rcliquit. 
N ancji:fatcborcnim:dum mcgalatca tcncbat 
N ec fpcs Iibcrtatis cratncccura pcculi. 
Q^uis mulu mciscxirflC ui(fttma fcptis 
P inguisrfiC ingratf premcrctur caleus urbi 
N on uncjgrauisfrcdomu mibidextrarcdibat 
M irabar quid mocftadcosamarylli uocarcs: 
C ui pcndcrc fua patcrcris in arborc poma. 




The Virgil of Vindelin de Spira, Venice, 1470. 

Catalogue of ^ooftjsr anb ^^u^efcc^t^. 293 

Ingenuas quisquis musarum diligit artes 

In primis ipsum laudibus aflSciet. 
Nee uero tantum quia multa uolumina : quantu 

Q perpulchra simul optimacp exhibeat. 

Folio ; bound in old red morocco, vnth ornamental ^It borders, gilt edges. 
The First Edition with a date, and, according to De Bure and Crevenna, absolutely 
the first edition of the works of Virgil. 

It begins with the well known lines of the Eclogues : 


recubans sub tegmine fagi 
Silueftrem tenui mufam 
meditaris auena. 

Then follow the Georgics and the .iEneid, the whole occupying i6i leaves, with 41 lines to 
a fun page. There are, in addition, 4 blank leaves. It is printed on vellum of fine quality, 
and has all the marks of care which the early Italian printers bestowed on notable books. 
The first page is decorated with a border of uncommon beauty, in which figures and ara- 
besque ornament are combined. The lower part of this page shows the effect of careless hand- 
ling. The introductory lines of the several poems are laid on in gold, and the initial letters 
are illuminated in gold and colors — all being perfectly fi-esh and brilliant. The pages measiu-e 
13 X 954 inches, and the side margins are 3^ inches wide. 

Taking all things into consideration, this book should rank next in importance in this col- 
lection to the Gutenberg Bible. It is even more rare than that, there being only about 
seventeen copies known, including those on vellum and paper. It is not strange that Vindelin 
felt the pride shown in the colophon above quoted. To have printed the first edition of 
THE FIRST printed EPIC was no small honor. It preceded the first edition of Homer by 
eighteen years. These three books — the Gutenberg Bible, the Virgil of 1470, and the Homer 
of 1488 — will command forever the admiration and respect of educated people as the worthy 
objects of the highest form of skillfiil and conscientious typographical work. 

1029 VIRGIL. — ViRGiLii Opera. Venice: Aldtis, 1501. 

In Fine : 




8° ; bound in dark green morocco, fillets on sides, gilt edges, by C. Kalthoeber. 

This volume is remarkable as being the first printed with that Italic type which Aldus and 
his successors used so generally, and which is still knovm by that name. It was engraved 
by Frangois de Bologne, as Is shown by these verses at the foot of the Preface : 

Qui graiis dedit Aldus, en Latinis 
Dat nunc grammata scalpta daedaleis 
Francisci manibus Bononiensis. 

This volume is Excessively Rare. It is conspicuous by its absence fi-om Lord 
Spencer's Library, and neither Mr. Beckford nor the Duke of Hamilton could obtain a copy 
even in tolerable condition. The present copy is perfect and complete. 


294 <iratalo0ue of S^ooftjef anb a^anuisfcciptjef. 

1030 VIRGIL. 

1^ Les Oeuures de 


Tranflatees de latin en francoys, et nouuellement 

imprimees, veues et corrigees oultre les 

precedentes impreffions. 

CAuec les hilloires mifes et pofees chafcune en fon 

lieu ainfi que Ion pourra veoir dedans le liure, 

lefquelles font moult recreatiues. 

Si vous oyej en Premier lieu chantans 
Nouueaulx pafteurs, leurs parc3 vont frequentans. 
Au Second, champs fi prennent leurs femences 
Des arateurs, gardant leurs ordonnances. 
Et au Tiers renc, fi trompes vous effayent, 
Ce font les roys, qui aux combat} feffayent. 
M. D. xl. 
On les vend a Paris en la grand rue fainct Jacqe 
a lenfeigne de la fleur de li^ par Dudin petit 
libraire iure de Luniuerfite. 

Folio; bound in crimson crushed morocco super-extra, the sides teautifully tooled and orna- 
mented with inlaid leather of various colors, douhU with Hue morocco tooled after a similar pattern, 
gilt edges, by LORTic. 

While this is an ancient and excellent edition of the works of Virgil, it is not unlikely that 
the volume will be chiefly attractive to amateurs on account of its binding. It is the most 
elaborate specimen of modern binding in the collection, and can hardly be excelled in bril- 
liant beauty. The work was done some years ago by the elder Lortic when in his prime, 
and was regarded by him as one of his chefs d'oeuvres. 


LIANORVM, I Thm oculis quam auribus omnium expofUum. \ .^ERE AC 
STVDIO CHRISPIA- | ni Pass^i Chalcographi. | MIROER | Des 
muures de le excellent Poete Virgile, \ taillez en rmne. \ [Lat. et Frang.] 
Vltraiecta Batavorvm, I Ex Officina typographica Hermanni Borculoi \ et | 
Proftant apud loannem lanfonium Biblio- \ polam Arnhemice. | Anno 161 2. 

4° ; 36 leaves, most brilliant impressions of the plates. The collation agrees with that given 
by Brunet. Bound in grosgr. crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, paneled^ 
and filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 

1032 VIRGIL.— P. VIRGILII MARONIS OPERA: nunc emendatiora. 

LvGD. Batavor., Sx officina Elzeviriana, 1636. 

18° ; vellum, engraved title and map. 

€ataiosi« of g^ooftjef anii a^uiefcnjptsf. 295 


GIGA Tabulis ^neis olim a Johanne Pine sculptore Regio defuncto 
Illustrata Opus Patemum in lucem profert Robertus Edge Pine 

2 vols, in I ; eUganUy bound in bright crimson wrinkled morocco super-extra, paneled and 
filleted sides, gilt edges. 

The First Impression, with the " Post-Est" plate. 

1034 VIRGIL.— PuBLius VIRGILIUS Maro : Bucolica, Georgica, et 

Aeneis. Paribus, Excudebam Petrus Didot, Natu Major, Anno Reip. 
vi. [1799.] 

18° ; pp. xxviii.-^cfo. FronHspiece hy MOEEAU ; portrait of Virgil, engraved by St. Aubin ; 
a series of charming vigruttes after the antique, and map ; dark green wrinkled morocco extra, gilt 
back and edges, filleted sides with comer onuanents, inside broad morocco borders with ornaments. 
Large Papek. Rare. 

" La premiere et la plus belle de toutes les Editions st^r&types de P. TlmOT."— Brunei. 

103s VIRGIL.— The WORKS of VIRGIL, Translated into English Verse 
by Mr. [John] DRYDEN. A New Edition, Revised and Corrected by 
JOHN CAREY, LL.D. London : Printed by James Swan, 1803. 

Bound in marbled calf super-extra, elaborately tooled gUt backs, paneled atid filleted sides with 
conur ornaments, inside gilt borders. Profusely Illustrated by the insertim. of 131 plates, 
many of which are by Bartolozzi, Sharpe, and Fittler. A beautiful copy of this 


1036 VIRGINIA.— A I GOOD SPEED | to Virginia. | London | Printed 
by Felix Kyngston for William \ Welbie, and are to be fold at his fhop 
at the figne \ of the Greyhound in Pauls Church- \yard, 1609. 

Sm. 4° : IS unnumbered leaves; " The Epiftle Dedicatorie," signed R. G. ; Text in Black 
Letter. Elegantly bound in dark green finely polished levant morocco super-extra, gilt back 
and edges, filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt borders, by Riviere. A splendid 
copy of this EXCESSIVELY RARE tract, with the "AUTOGRAPH OF Sir WALTER 
RALEIGH " on the title. 

1037 [VIRGINIA.] — A I True Decla- | ration of the | estate of the 
Colonie in | VIRGINIA, | With a confutation of such scan- | dalous re- 
ports as have tended to the dis- | grace of so worthy an Enterprise. | Pub- 
lished by aduise and direction of the | Councell of VIRGINIA. | Lon- 
don: I Printed for William Barret, and are to be sold | at the blacke 
Beare in Pauls Church-yard. | 1610. | 

Sm. 4° ; bound in calf, goldfillits, edges gilt averred, by Riviere. 

This is a very early and important account of Virginia, and of exceedingly great rarity. 
Neither Menzies, nor Brinley, nor Murphy had a copy. Quaritch prices it at ;£'izo. 

This copy is perfect and in admirable condition, with the exception that the top margins 
have been cut too close. 


296 Catalogue of flS^otik^ attti ^(^sam^txiift^* 

1038 VIRGINIA.— THE | NEW LIFE | ofVirginea: | DECLAR- 

ING THE I FORMER SVCCESSE AND PRE- | fent eftate of that 
plantation, being the fecond | part of M>ua Britannia. \ Publiflied by au- 
thoritie of his Maieilies | Counfell of Virginea. \ London : | Imprinted by 
Felix Kyngston for William Welby, dwelling at the | figne of the Swan in 
Pauls Churchyard. 1612., 

Sm. 4° ; A-G in fours, Ai blank', 27 unnumbered leaves. Cuts of Great Seal of James I. and 
of the Seal of the Council for Virginia, on the Title. Elegantly tound in bright crimson polished 
levant moroao super-extra, gilt back and edges, sides filleted, insides lined with dark blue levant 
morocco, richly gilt, and tooled after a very tasteful design, by W. Peatt. A truly sumptu- 

1039 VIRGINIA. — A I DECLARATION | of the State of | the Colonie 

and Affaires | in VIRGINIA : | with | The Names of the Aduenturors, | 
and Summes aduentured in | that Action. | By his Maiefties Counfeil for j 
Virginia. 22 lunij. 1620. | Cut of the Great Seal of James I. on Title, and, 
on verso of last leaf , cut of the Seal of the Council for Virginia, \sic\pp. 11. 
A I NOTE OF THE | Shipping, Men, and Prouifions | Sent to VIRGINIA, 
by the | Treasurer and Company | in the yeere, 161 9. \pp. 8. The Names 
of the Aduenturers, | with their feuerall fums aduentured, | paid to Sir 
Thomas Smith, Knight, | late Treafurer of the Company | for Virginia. \ pp. 
30. Names of the Aduenturers, | with the Sums paid by order to Sir | 
Baptift Hicks, Knight. | //. 4. ORDERS | and | CONSTITVTIONS, | 
Partly collected out of his Maiefties | Letters Patents, and partly ordained 
vpon I mature dehberation, by the Treasvror, \sic\ Covnseil and Com- 
panie of I VIRGINIA, for the better gouer- | ning of the Actions and 
affaires of | the faid Companie here in | England refiding. Anno | 1619. 
and 1620. \pp. 39. LONDON: \ Printed by T. S. {Thomas Snodham] 

Together in i vol. sm. 4° j elegantly bound in bright crimson polished levant morocco super- 
extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, broad inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. The ORIGI- 
NAL editions of these interesting tracts, collected in one volume, before November, 1620. 
All IN the finest possible condition. EXTREMELY RARE. 

1040 [VIRGINIA.] — A Perfect Description of Virginia: being a full and 

true Relation of the present State of the Plantation, their Health, Peace, 
and Plenty . . . also A Narration of the Countrey, within a few dayes 
journey of Virginia, West and by South . . . With the manner how the 
Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir William Berckley, attended with five 
petty Kings, to doe Homage, and bring Tribute to King Charles, &c. 
[Royal Arms facing title.] London: Prind [sic] for Richard Wodenoth, 
at the Star under Peters Church in Comhill, 1649. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in blue crushed morocco extra, comers elaborately tooled, gilt edges, ty 

((Catalosue of ^aoh^ atib sr^nu^^ctri^tie^. 29; 

1041 VOLTAIRE.— La HENRIADE, Nouvelle Edition. A Paris: 

chez la Veuve Duchesne, etc. (de VImprimerie de Barbou), 1770. 

2 vok. 8° ; Holland Paper copy, with teautiful imfressions of the plates and vignettes, 
after ElSEN, engraved by Longueil; to which is added a duplicate set of the vignettes, fine 
proofs, neatly mounted on thickpaper. Bound in polished crimson levant morocco super-extra, ^It 
backs and edges, broad dentelle gold borders on the sides, inside gilt borders, by M ARius Michel. 



A Bouillon, aux d6pens de la Soci^t6 de Typographique. M.DCC. 

8° ; 3 vols, bound in light blue crushed morocco extra, inside borders, leather joints, by R. W. 

A portrait of Voltaire, painted by de la Tour and engraved by Cathelin, fronts the title- 
page. There are many other plates, engraved by Monnet. 

104.3 VRIES (DAVID PIETERS de).— Korte Historiael | ende | 
Joumaels aenteyckeninge 1 | Van verscheyden Voyagiens in derier | deelen 
des Wereldts-Ronde, als Europa, | Africa, Asia, ende Amerika gedaen | 
Door D. I DAVID PIETERSZ. | de Vries, Artillerij-Meester vande Ed : 
M : I Heeren Gecommitteerde Raden van Staten van West- | Vrieslandt 
ende't Noorder-quartier. | 

i©aec in ijarljadt toetli toat 25atattje^ |)p te Heater 1 gctiaen 
Ijajsft: ftiec HanbtjScliajpjiin ^ebictte, (©aogdt, | toat 
i^ootte tan SDi^is^en, enbe tDat totibe Sl^jS^cfim naer^t ietocn | 
geconterfeept, en&e ban Xxt 25o3Sfiefc|)cn cnbe llatierm met ()ac]C 

Voor David Hetersz de Vries, Artillerij-Meester van 't Noorder-| quartier. 
Tot Alckmaer, by Symon Comelisz-Brekegeest, Anno 1655. 

Sm 4° ; bound in dark blue crushed morocco, sides paneled with dentelle tooling, gilt edges, by 

It contains a portrait of De Vries by Vischer, fronting the title-page, a coat-of-arms on the 
verso of the tide, and many copperplates, all in perfect condition. It is a complete and unusu- 
ally fine copy of a work which is valued highly for its original information. Besides Hudson, no 
navigator except De Vries published a narrative of his voyages to New Netheriand during the 
Dutch possession. The Hon. Henry C. Murphy translated that portion of the work which re- 
lates to America, and in his introduction says of De Vries: 

" His narratives, where he speaks from personal knowledge, areentitled to the highest credit, 
for not only do they bear internal evidence of truth, but they have been corroborated in many 
instances by other evidence, and by the records which we have; and being his daily observa- 
tions, taken down at the time, they have from this circumstance a value which no narrative 
formed from memory could possess. . . . His relation of the disgraceful and disastrous Indian 
war, in which he was an actor and friend of the Indians, is the only authentic one extant, of 
any completeness, except that of the government, and is, therefore, of great interest and 

298 Catalogue of ^ooft^e^ anb iSK^anUjercc^i^, 


1044 ^y^ ALKER (ALEXANDER).— BEAUTY; Illustrated chiefly 
by an Analysis and Classification of BEAUTY in WOMEN. 
Preceded by a Critical View of the general Hypotheses respecting 

Beauty, by Hume, Hogarth, Burke, Knight, Alison, etc., and followed by a 
similar View of the Hypotheses of Beauty in Sculpture and Painting, 
by Leonardo Da Vinci, Winckelmann, Mengs, Bossi, etc. Illustrated by 22 
Drawings from Life by Henry Howard, Drawn on Stone by M. Gauci 
and R.J. Lane. London: Effingham Wilson, 1836. 

Roy. 8° ; polished tree-calf super-extra, gilt back and top, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, 

1045 WALKER (ALEXANDER).— WOMAN PhysiologicaUy Considered 

as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity 
and Divorce. Second Edition. London : A. H. Baily df Co. 1840. 

Crown 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt back and top. 


ural Laws by which Beauty, Health and Intellect result from 
certain unions, and Deformity, Disease and Insanity, from others. Illus- 
trated by Drawings of Parents and Progeny. Second Edition. London : 
J. Churchill, 1841. 

Crown 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt back and top. 

1047 WALKER (Mrs. A.)— FEMALE BEAUTY, as Preserved and Im- 

proved by Regimen, Cleanliness and Dress : . . Revised by Sir An- 
thony Carlisle, F. R. S. Illustrated by colored Drawings of Heads by 
J. W. Wright, and of Figures by E. T. Parris. London : Thomas Hurst, 

Crown 8° ; half brown morocco, gilt hack and top. 

1048 WALKER (A.) — The SCIENCE of WEALTH: A Manual of PoUt- 

ical Economy, Embracing the Laws of Trade, Currency and Finance. . . . 
By AMASA walker, LL. D. Second Edition. Philadelphia : 

12° ; cloth. 


UNITED STATES, Based on the Results of the Ninth Census, 1870, 
With Contributions from many Eminent Men of Science, and Several 
Departments of the Government. Compiled under the Authority of 
Congress. With t,\ Colored Plates and Charts. [Washington:] 1874. 

Imp. folio; half russia, red edges. 

Catalogue of 25oofe^ anli a^nujefmjjtjef. 299 

1050 WALKER (F. A.)— The WAGES QUESTION. A Treatise on Wages 

and the Wages Class. By FRANCIS A. WALKER, M. A. New York : 
Henry Holt b" Company, 1876. 
8° ; cloth, UNCUT. 

1051 WALLER (EDMOND).— POEMS, &c. Written upon feveral Oc- 

casions, and to feveral Perfons. The fourth Edition, with feveral Additions, 
Never before Printed. London: Henry Herringman, 162,2. 

8° ; 2 fine portraits of Waller, engraved by P. Vanderbanc. Elegantly bound in fine old 
black morocco, gilt edges, back and sides covered with elaborate ornamental gold tooling, in the style 
of Le Gascon. 

1052 WALTON (IZAAK) — The COMPLETE ANGLER of Izaak Wal- 

ton AND Charles Cotton : Extensively Embellished with Engravings on 
Copper and Wood, from Original Paintings and Drawings, by First-Rate 
Artists. To which are added. An INTRODUCTORY ESSAY; the 
Linnaean Arrangement of the Various River-Fish delineated in the Work ; 
and Illustrative Notes. [By John Major.] London : John Major, 

Cronim 8° ; Large Paper. Beautiful proof impressions of the plates on India paper. Ele- 
gantly bound in dark green bestgrosgr. levant morocco super-extra, elaborately tooled and gilt back, 
filleted sides, inside gilt borders, top gilt, rough edges, by Zaehnsdorf. 

1053 WALTON (IZAAK).— The LIVES of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry 

Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, and Dr. Robert Sanderson : To which 
are added, The Autographs of those Eminent Men, Now First Col- 
lected; An Index and Illustrative Notes. London: John Major, 

Crown 8°; Large Paper. Embellished ivith 52 beautiful woodcuts and 11 fine copper- 
plates, proofs on India paper. Elegantly bound in dark green bestgrosgr. levant morocco super- 
extra, elaborately tooled and gilt back, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, top gilt, rough edges, 
by Zaehnsdorf. 


Rivers, Fish-Ponds, Fish, and Fishing, written by IZAAK WALTON, and 
Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or Grayhng in a clear Stream, 
by CHARLES COTTON. With Original Memoirs and Notes by SIR 
HARRIS NICOLAS, K. C. M. G. London : William lackering, 1836. 

2 vols. imp. 8° ; portraits, views, and engravings offish, rubricated titles. Maroon morocco 
extra, filleted sides, tops f^t, inside giltiorders, UNCUT edges. 

This copy contains a duplicate set of the plates, printed upon plate paper separate 
from the text, Artist's proofs upon India paper. 

300 Catalogue of ^wh^ anti a^anuiefcnjrtjef. 


POLE, Earl of Orford. JSditea by PETER CUNNINGHAM. Now 

First Chronologically Arranged. London : Henry G. Bohn, mdccclxi. 

9 vols. 8° ; forimits and plates. Half calf, gilt backs, mariled edges. Best Edition, with 
Notes and general Index. 

The leading features of this edition may be briefly stated : 
I. The publication for the/ro< time of the Entire Correspondence of Walpole (2665 Letters), 

in a chronological and uniform order. 
II. The reprinting greatly within the compass of nine volumes, the fourteen, far from uniform, 
volumes hitherto commonly known as the only edition of Walpole's Letters. 

III. The publication for the first time of 117 Letters written by Horace Walpole, many in his 

best mood, all illustrative of Walpole's period ; while others reveal matter of moment 
connected with the man himself. 

IV. The introduction, for ^e first time into any collection of Walpole's Letters, of 35 letters 

hitherto scattered over many printed books and papers. 





Aggavvam in America. 


To help 'mend his Native Country, la- 
mentably tattered, both in the upper- Leather 
and fole, with all the honeft Hitches he can take. 
And as willing never to bee paid for his work, 

by Old Englifli wonted pay. 
// is his Trade to patch all the year long, gratis. 
Therefore I pray Gentlemen keep your purfes. 

By Theodore de la Guard. 

In rebus arduis ac tenuifpe, fortijima quceque confilia tutijimafunt. Cic. 
In Englifli, 
When bootes and flioes are tome up to the lefts, 
Coblers muft thruft their awles up to the hefts. 

This is no time to feare Appelles gramm : 
Ne Sutor quidem ultra crefidam. 


Printed by John Dever b' Robert Ibbitf on, for Stephen Bowtell, at the 

figne of the Bible in Popes Head- Alky, 1647. 

Sm. i,°;tp. (4), So. Polishedgrass-greenlevantmoroccosuper-extm,giltbackandedges, paneled 
sides, filleted, with comer ornaments, broad inside gilt borders, by F. Bedford. A LARGE and 
pine copy of the RARE FIRST EDITION, ending with a stanza entitled " The Clench "; 
some copies have this stanza before the Errata, and the heading " Sutor ultra crepidam." 

Catalogue of ^ooftjsf and St^nu$fmptj9?« 301 

1057 WATERHOUSE (EDWARD) — A Declaration of the State of 

the Colony and Affaires in Virginia. With a Relation of the Barbarous 

Massacre in the time of peace, and League, treacherously executed by the 

Native Infidels upon the English, the 22 of March last, . . . and a 

Treatise ... by that learned Mathematician Mr. Henry Briggs, of 

the Northwest passage, &c. Plate of seal. London: 1622. 

4° ; calf antique, gilt over red edges, by Riviere . 

A fine copy of a very rare and interesting account of Virginia. It is in beautiful con- 


DVTCHESSE | of Malfy. | As it was Prefented priuatly, at the Black- \ 
Friers ; and publiqtiely at the Globe, By the \ Kings Maiefties Seruants. | The 
perfect and exact Coppy, with diuerfe | things Printed, that the length of the 
Play would \ not beare in the Prefentment. | Written by John Webfter. \ 
London : | Printed by Nicholas Okes, for John \ Waterson, and are to be fold 
at the \figne of the Crowne, in Paules \ Church-yard, 1623. 

4°; First Edition. Half red morocco. Avtogtlaph and Mantiscript Notes of J. Mjt- 


1059 WEBSTER (J.) — The WORKS of JOHN WEBSTER: Now First 

Collected, with some Account of the Author, and Notes, by the Rev. 
ALEXANDER DYCE. London : W. Pickering, 1830. 
4 vols, crown. 8° ; cloth. Uncut. 


his Private Correspondence and Family Papers, etc. With An Introduc- 
tory Sketch of the Art of Pottery in England, by Eliza Meteyard. Lon- 
don: 1865. 

2 vols. 8° ; Portraits and nearly 300 woodcut illustratimis. Cloth, gilt, uncut. 


Servant to Mr. John Wheatley, | of Boston, in New England. Lon- 
don: I Printed for A. Bell, Bookfeller, Aldgate; and fold by | Meflrs. Cox 
and Berry, King-Street, Boston. | MDCCLXXIII. | 

12° ; crushed crimson levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides wUh comer orna- 
ments, inside gilt borders, by R. W. Smith. A fine impression of the portrait. First 

1062 WHEATON (HENRY).— HISTORY of the NORTHMEN, or Danes 

and Normans, from the Earliest Times to the Conquest of England by 
William of Normandy. London: Murray, 1831. 

8° ; pp. xUi.-3&7. Halfbrmim morocco, gilt back and top, uncut. Fine, clean c<^y. Scarce. 


302 (JTataiogue of 9&ooftsf anli a^amuesctiptjer. 

1063 WHIPPLE (E, P.)— ESSAYS and REVIEWS. By Edwin P. Whipple. 
Third Edition. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1&61. 

2 vols. ; half calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


Company of Virginia, refident | in England. \ FROM Alexander 
Whitaker THE | Minifter of Henrico in | Virginia. \ WHEREIN 
ALSO IS A NARRATION | of the prefent State of that Countrey, and | 
our Colonies there. \ Perufed and publiflied by direction | from that Counfell. | 
And a Preface prefixed of fome matters | touching that Plantation, very req- 
uiftte I to be made knowne. \ AT LONDON, \ Imprinted by Felix Kyngs- 
ton for William | Welby, and are to be fold at his Shop in | Pauls Church- 
yard at the fi^ of the I Swanne, 16 13. | 

&». 4°; Title as above, z/««o blank ; the Epistle Dedicatorie, " To the Right Honourable 
Raph LosD Vre, Lord Prefident of Wales," signed " W. Crashawe," 12 leaves; " To the 
Right WorshipfvU Sir Thomas Smith, Knight, Treasiirer of the Englifii Colonie in Virginia," 
signed, "Alexander Whitaker," i leaf; " Good Nevves," etc. ^.44. Bound in calf an- 
tique, edges gilt over red, by Riviere. A large, clean, and unwashed copy of this 
EXTREMELY RARE work. It was priced by Quaritch in a recent catalogue at ;f 105. 

COVERY I OF Nevv-fovnd-land, WITH | many reafons to prooue how 
worthy and be- | neficialla Plantation may there be made, | after a far better 
manner than | now it is. | TOGETHER WITH THE LAY- | ING 
OPEN OF CERTAINE ENOR- | mities and abufes committed by fome 
that trade | to that Countrey, and the meanes laide \ downe for reformation | 
thereof. | Written by Captaine Richard Whitboume of | Exmouth, in the 
County of Deuon, a7td pub- | lijhed by Authority. \ Imprinted at London by 
Felix Kyngston, for | William Barret. 1620. 

Sm. 4° ; crimson levant morocco super-extra, gilt back and edges, comer ornaments, inside gilt 
borders, by W. Pratt. 
First Edition. 

COVERY I OF Nevv-fovnd-land, WITH | many reafons to prooue how 
worthy and bene- | ficiall a Plantation may there be made, after afar \ better 
manner than now it is. | TOGETHER WITH THE LAYING \ OPEN 
OF CERTAINE ENORMITIES | and abufes committed by fome that 
trade to that | Countrey, and the meanes laid downe for \ reformation thereof. \ 
Written by Captaine Richard Whitboume of | Exmouth, in the County of 

Catalogue of 2&oofe|f anb a^ujBftcijptjS, 303 

DeMon, and pud- | li/kedby Authority. \ As alfo, an Inuitation: and likewife 
certaine Letters fent | from that Countrey ; which are printed in the | latter 
part of this Booke. \ Imprinted at London by Felix Kingston. 1622. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (18), 107, (s), 15. Gray calf, pantUd sides, carmine edges. A fine copy. 
Very Rare. 

This edition comprises Capt. Whitboume's Discorurse as first published in 1620, with alter- 
ations and IS pages of Letters from Newfoundland, dated in 1622, giving remarkable accounts 
of its productions, Mermaids, Mermen, &c. It also contains the only account cAAvcUon, the 
colony founded by Sir George Calvert, and abandoned in favor of Maryland. 





Or a Glorious 


of the further Progreffe of 

the Gofpel among the Indians 

in New-England. 

Held forth in Sundry Letters 

from divers Minifters and others to the 
Corporation eftabUflied by Parliament for 

promoting the Gofpel among the Hea- 
then in New-England ; and to particular 
Members thereof fmce the lafl Trea- 
tife to that effect, Puliflied \sic\ by 
Mr. Henry Whitfield late Paftor 
of Gilford in New-England. 

Cant. 8. 8. 
Wee have a little Sifter, andjhe hath no ireajls : whatjhall we doe for our Sifter, in the day 
fhatJheJhaU tefpoken for f 


Printed by M. Simmons for John Blague and 

Samuel Howes, and are to be fold at their 

Shop in Popes-Head- Alley. 1652. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (16), 40. Red morocco, filleted sides, gilt edges. 

FIRST EDITION OF this VERY RARE tract, of which three editions were published 
in 1652. 

304 Catalogue of 25oofejef anb a^nuiefttq^tjsf. 


PLEA. I OR I THE GROVNDS OF PLAN- | tations ex- 
amined, I And vfuall Objections anfwered. | Together with a manifejla- 
tion of the caufes mooving \ fuch as have lately vndertaken a Plantation in \ 
New-England : | For the fatiffaction of thofe that queflion | the lawful- 
neffe of the Action. ( \Text of Scripture, i line?\ London, | Printed by 
William Iones. | 1630. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. (4), 84. Richly bound in polished citron levant morocco super-extra, gilt hack and 
edges, paneled sides with comer and center ornaments, inside dentelle gilt borders, by F. Bedford. 


WHITE. London: 1853. 

12° ; portrait. Brown calf, gilt back, marbled edges. 


GENEALOGY : Being a Catalogue of Family Histories and Pubhcations 

containing Genealogical Information, Chronologically Arranged. Albany : 

Joel Munsell, 1862. 

Sm. 4° ; pp. 272. Half purple morocco, gilt top, UNCUT. Presentation copy from the publisher. 

107 1 WHITNEY (ASA).— A PROJECT for a RAILROAD to the 

PACIFIC. By ASA WHITNEY, of New York. With Reports of 

Committees of Congress, Resolutions of State Legislatures, etc., with other 

Facts relating thereto. New York: Printed by George Wood, No. 15 

Spruce Street, 1849. 

8°; pp. viii.-zi2. Folding map, light polished calf super-extra,giltbcu:k and edges, fUleted sides, 
by W. Pratt. 

1072 WHYMPER (EDWARD) SCRAMBLES amongst the ALPS in 

the years 1860-69. With Maps and Illustrations. London : John Mur- 
ray, 1871. 

8° ; with 21 full-page illustrations ; 90 Woodcuts «« the Text, and 5 Maps. Half 
orange morocco, gilt back, marbled edges. The First Edition.' Rare. 

1073 WHYMPER (F.)— Travel and Adventure in the Territory of 

Alaska, formerly Russian America — now ceded to the United States — 
and in various other parts of the North Pacific. By FREDERICK 
WHYMPER. Map and 37 Woodcut Illustrations. London: Murray, 

8°; brown cloth, UNCUT. SCARCE. 

<iI^taIogiic of 9e>ooft3er anb sr^amijfcnpt^. 305 

1074 WILKINSON (Sir J. G.) — MANNERS and CUSTOMS of the 
ANCIENT EGYPTIANS, including their Private Life, Government, 
Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion, and Early History ; Derived from a 
Comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures, and Monuments still existing, 
with thfe Accounts of Ancient Authors. Illustrated by Drawings of those 
Subjects. 3 w/j. 80. Vlat^s, some colored, and ^ooj^cvis. A SECOND 
SERIES of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, 
including their Religion, Agriculture, &c. 3 vols. 8O; one of which con- 
sists 0/ Index and Plates. London: John Murray, 1837-1841. 

6 TO/f . 8° ; bound in maroon levant morocco, hacks and tops gUt, filleted sides with comer oraa- 
<B«jfa, Jy R. W. Smith. .Original ediHons. Uncut. 

1075 WILLIAMS (EDWARD).— FJ:V^(7 Trivmphans: \ Or, | VIRGINIA | 
richly and truly valued; more efpeci- | ally the South part thereof: viz. \ 
The fertile Carolana, and no leffe excel- | lent Ifle of Roanoak, of Lati- 
tude from I 31 to 37 Degr. relating the meanes of | raifmg infinite profits 
to the Adventu- | rers an Planters : | Humbly prefented as the Aufpice of a 
beginning Yeare, | To the Parliament of England, | And Councell of 
State. I By Edward Williams, Gent. | 

[ Woodcut of two deer.'\ 
London : Printed by Thomas Harper, for John Siephenfon, \ and are to be 
fold at his Shjp on Ludgate-Hill, at the Signe \ of the Sunne, 1650. 
Sm. 4° ; -vellum. Fine, large copy of the First Edition. Extremely Rare. 

1076 WILLIAMS (JOHN) The Redeemed Captive returning to ZlOYi. A 

Captivity and Deliverence of MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, Minister of 
the Gospel in Deerfield, who, in the Desolation which befel that Plantation, 
by an incursion of the French and Indians, was by them carried away, 
with his Family, and his Neighbourhood, unto Canada. Drawn up by Him- 
self. Whereto is annexed a SERMON preached by him, upon his Return, 
at the Lecture in Boston, Dec. 5. 1706. The Fifth Edition. As also an 
Appendix, containing an Account of those taken Captive at Deerfield, 
Feb. 29, 1703-4. . . . With a Conclusion to the Whole, by the Rev. Mr. 
Williams of Springfield, and the Rev. Mr. Prince of Boston. Boston : 
Jointed and Sold by John Boyle next Door to the Three Doves in Marl- 
borough- Street, 1774. 

8°; light polished calf extra, gilt back, rough edges, by F. Bedford. Very fine, clean copy. 

3o6 Cataiogue of ^nok^ anii ^i^sam^tn^t^, 

1077 WILLIAMS (J. L.) — The TERRITORY of FLORIDA: or Sketches 

of the Topography, Civil and Natural History, of the Country, the Climate, 
and the Indian Tribes, from the First Discovery to the Present Time. With 
a Portrait of Oseola, Map, Views, &c. By John Lee Williams. New- 
York: A. T. Goodrich, 1837. 
8° ; ;>^. M.-300. Half nan. Scarce. 

1078 WILLIAMS (ROGER).— A Key into the | LANGUAGE | OF 

AMERICA : | OR, An help to the La?iguage of the Natives \ in that 
part of America, called | NEW-ENGLAND. \ Together, with briefe Ob- 
fervations of the Cu- | ilomes. Manners and Worlhips, b'c, of the | afore- 
faid Natives, in Peace and Warre, | in Life and Death. | On all which are 
added Spirituall Obfervations, | Generall and Particular by the Authour, of | 
chiefe and fpeciall ufe (upon all occafions) to | all the Englijh Inhabiting 
thofe parts ; | yet pleafant and profitable to | the view of all men : 
of Providence in New-England. 
London, | Printed by Gregory Dexter, 1643. 

Sm. 8° ; fp. (16), 197, (3). Dark brown levant extra, sides double panel-gUt, outside and inside 
gilt borders, gilt edges. 




of Persecution, for caufe of 

Conscience, difculTed, in 

A Conference betweene 



In all tender Affection, prefent to the High 

Court of Parliament, (as the Refult of 

their Difcourfe) thefe, (amongft other 

Paffages) of highejl confideration. 

[LONDON] Printed in the Year 1644. 
4° ; izprel. leaves, vii. "Title," verso blank; " Firft, That the blood of fomanyhun- | dred 
thoufand fouls of Proteftants and | Papifts," etc. 4 pp. ; " To the Right Honourable, | both 
Houfes of the High Court of | PARLIAMENT." i, pp. ; "To every Courteous Reader," 
^pp.: "A Table of the principal! Contents | of the Booke," sa pp.; "Text" 2\7 pp. Ele- 
gantly bound in olive levant morocco extra, gilt back and edges, paneled sides, gilt, with tasteful 
comer ornaments, inside gilt borders. A large and fine copy. 

Catalogue of ^oott^er anb iSi^ujEfcn^tjer, 307 


Mr. Cottons 


Lately Printed, 



By Roger Williams of Providence 

Imprinted in the yeere 1644. 

Sm. 4° ; dark Hue Uruant morocco super-extra, ffilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt 
borders, by F. Bedford. 

More Bloody : | BY | Mr. Cottons endevour to wafti it white in the j 
Blood of the LAM BE ; | Of whofe precious Blood, fpilt in the | Blood of 
his Servants ; and | Of the blood of MilUons fpilt in former and | later 
Wars for Confcience fake, | That | Moft Bloody Tenent of Perfecution 
for canfe of | Conscience, upon fecond Tryal, is found now more | appar- 
ently and more notorioufly guilty. 

In this Rejoynder to Mr. Cotton, are principally 

I. The Nature of Perfecution, ) 
II. The Power of the Civill Sword \ Examined ; 
in Spirituals j 

^ III. The Parliaments permiffion of ) t ft|gpj 

Diffenting Confciences ^ 

Alfo (as a Teftimony to Mr. Clarks Narrative) is added | a Letter to Mr. 
Endicot Governor of the Maffachufets in N. E. \ By R. Williams of 
Providerue in New-England. \ London, Pinted for Giles Calvert, and are 
to be fold at \ the black-fpread- Eagle at the Weft-end of Pauls, 1652. 

4°; 2ap-el. leaves; "The Contents," Heaves; "Text," zytfp. Dark Hue polished levant 
morocco super-extra, paneled and filleted sides, gilt back and edges, inside gUt borders, by F. BED- 
FORD. Fine copy. ^- 

The foregoing volumes by Roger Williams are not only of very great rarity, but of the 
greatest interest and importance as throwing light on the history of the stirring times in 
which they were written. 

3o8 Catalogue of 2B>oofesf anti a^anu^criptief. 

1082 WILSON (D.) — PREHISTORIC MAN: Researches into the Ori- 
gin of Civilisation in the Old and the New World. By DANIEL 
WILSON, LL. D. London: Macmillan &» Co. 1865. 

8° ; 2 colored plates, and (^woodcut illustrations. 

1083 WILSON (JOHN).— WORKS. {Edited by his Son-in-Law, Prof. J. 
F. Ferrier.] Comprising, I. Noctes AinBROSiANiE, 4 vols. II. Essays 
Critical and Imaginative, 4 vols. Recreations of Christopher North, 
2 vols. Tales and Poems, 2 vols. Edinburgh : Blackwood b" Sons, 

12 vols, crown 8° ; portraits. Half brown morocco, gUt tops. Uncut. 

among the Greeks. Translated from the German of John Winckelmann, 
by G. HENRY LODGE. London : John Chapman, 1850. 

8° ; light polished calf, gilt bach, filleted sides, marbled edges. Illustrated with 17 Plates. 


Edward Maria Wingfield, the First President of the Colony. Now 

first printed from the Original Manuscript in the Lambeth Library. Edited, 

with Notes and an Introduction, bv CHARLES DEANE, Member 

of the American Antiquarian Society, and of the Massachusetts Historical 

Society. Boston: Privately Printed, Y^do. 

Imp. 8° ; pp. 45. Half morocco, carmine edges. 100 COPIES privately printed. Vert 

1086 WITCHCRAFT.— A | Magical Vifion | Or a Perfect | DISCOVERY | 

of the I Fallacies | of | WITCHCRAFT | As it was lately reprefented 
in a pleafant | fweet Dream to a Holy fweet Sifter, a faithful | and pretious 
Affertor of the family of the | Stand-hups, for prefervation of the Saints, 
from I being tainted with the Herefies of the Congre- | gations of the Doe- 
Littles. I London : | Printed for Thomas Palmer, at the Crown \ in Wefl- 
minfler-Hall, 1673. 

12°; pp. (6), 22, (3). Half green morocco, UNCUT. 

Rare and very curious. " The pretended powers of Necromancers and Witches are 
facetiously described. The book can hardly be recommended for family reading, but its 
enumeration of popular superstitions will interest students of folk-lore." 

•C^tfliosiK of 95oolft3Bf anb a^usfctiptief, 309 

1087 WITHER {G'EOKQ'E.).— Epithalamia : \ or | NVPTIALL POEMS | 

VPON THE MOST Blessed | AND Happy Marriage | bctwecne the High 
and Mighty Prince | Frederick the Fifth, Count Palatine \ of the Rhine, 
Duke of I Bauier, &c. | AND THE MOST VERTVOVS, | Gracious, 
and thrice Excellent Princeffe, Elizabeth, \ Sole Daughter to our dread 
Soueraigne, lames, by \ the grace of God King of Great Britaine, \ France 
and Ireland, Defender of | the Faith, &c. | Celebrated at White-Hall the 
fourteenth | oi February. 1612. | Written by George Wither. | London: | 
Printed by T. S. for John Budge, dwelling in Pauls- \ Church-yard, at the 
figne of the Greene \ Dragon, 1622. 

Sm.V\ IT unnumbered leaves. Maroon morocco, gilt edges. At the end of the " Epitha- 
lamia" will be found " Certaine Epigrams Concerning Marriage," of which the following is a 
fair sample : 

" God was the firft that Marriage did ordaine, 
By maMng One, Two ; and Two, One againe." 


Ancient and | MODERNE : | Quickened | With Metricall Illvstra- 
tions, both I Morall and Divine : And difpofed into | Lotteries, | That 
Inflruction, and Good Counfell, may bee furthered | by an Honefl. and 
Pleafant Recreation. \ By George Wither. | The Firft Booke. \ London : | 
Printed by A. M. [Augustine Matthewe,] for Robert Allot, and \ are to be 
fold at the Blacke Beare in Pauls Church- \ yard. MDCXXXV. 

Folio; Frontispiece, Portrait, and 200 EMBLEMS. Engraved title by W. Mar- 
shall witkout imprint or date. The Second, Third, and Fourth Books of the Emblems have 
each a separate Title, and are dated mdcxxxiv. This copy has the leaf at the end con- 
taining the Woodcut of a Dial, but lacks the movable index. Bound in grass green 
morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, by C. MURTON. Fine, tall 
copy. Very Rare. 

1089 WITHER (GEORGE). — Campo-Mufse, | or the | FIELD-MUS- 

INGS I Of Captain | GEORGE WITHER, | Touching | His MiUtarie 
Ingagement for the | King and Parliament, the | Juftneffe of the fame, 
and the prefent ( Dillractions of thefe Iflands. | Dedicated to his Excellencie, 
the I EARL of ESSEX, | L. Generall for the King and Parliament. | 
London : | Printed by Robert Auflin, in the Old-Baily. \ M.DC.XLIIII. 

Sm. 8° ; pp. {2), 74 ; engraved frontispiece. Dark green morocco extra, gilt back and edges, 
filleted sides, inside gUt borders, by C. MuRTON. Fine, clean copy. Rare. 

1090 WITHER (GEORGE).— MEDITATIONS | upon | The Lords 

Prayer : | with a | Preparatory Preamble, | To the Right Under- 
ftanding, and True | Ufe ot this Pattern. | Contemplated by the Author, 
during the time, | wherein his Houfe was vifited by the Pefli- \ knee, 1665. 
and is dedicated to them, by | whofe Charity, God preferved him and his | 

3IO Catalogue of ^ooh^ anti Si^u^txiftg, 

Family, from perifliing in their late troubles. | . ■ . Many particulars, per- 
tinent to thefe laft times, are hereby offered | to confideration, by the faid 
Authour, Geo. Wither. \ Legite, & perlegite. | London : Printed in the 
Year 1665. 

go . T^^prel. leaves, pp. 190. Dark green wrinkled morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted 
sides, inside gilt borders, by C. MuRTON. Fine copy of this very curious AND rare 


" Most of the copies were destroyed in the great fire of London." — Lowndes. 

1091 WITHER (GEORGE).— Divine Poems | (by way of Paraphrafe) | ON 

THE TEN I CommattiiniOttjS. I niuftrated with Twelve Copper Plates, 
(hewing | how Perfonal Punifliments has been inflicted on | the Tranf- 
greffors of thefe Commandments, as | is Recorded in the Holy Scripture. | 
Never before printed. \ Also a Metrical Paraphrafe upon the Creed and | 
Lords Prayer. | Written by George Wither, Esq. ; Author of Britains | Re- 
membrancer. I London: Printed by T. S. And are to be fold by R. Jane- \ 
way in Queens Head Ally in Pater Nofter Row, 1688. 

8°; iprel. leaves, pp. wZ. 12 curioiis copperplates ; the ft,\TK illustrating the vitiation o/tke 
" Seventh Commandment," which is usually defaced or mutilated, is clean andperfect in thiscopy. 
Bound in dark green wrinkled morocco extra, gilt back and edges, filleted sides, inside gilt borders, 
by C. MuRTON. VERY RARE in this fine condition. 


WARFARE, I or I A HISTORY | of the | Settlement by the Whites | 
of NORTH-WESTERN VIRGINIA : | and | of the Indian Wars and 
Massacres, \ In that Section of the State ; | with | Reflections, Anecdotes, 
&c. I Clarksburg, Va. | Published by Joseph Israel, \ 1831. 

12° ; pp. iv.-^ig, (i). Half gray calf antique, red edges. This copy has the " Table o/'Co«- 
<e»it ' subsequently printed, and nearly always wanting. Fine Copy. Rare. 

PECT. I A true, Uvely, and experimen- | tall defcription of that part of 
America, \ commonly called New England : | difcovering the ftate of 
that Coun- | trie, both as it Hands to our new-come | Englifh Planters ; 
and to the old | Native Inhabitants. | Laying downe that which may both 
enrich the | knowledge of the mind-travelUng Reader, | or benefit the future 
Voyager. | By WillIam Wood. ( Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, for 
lohn Bellamie, and are to be fold | at his fhop, at the three Golden Lyons 
in Corne-hill, neere the | Roy all Exchange. 1635. 

Sm. 4° ; ^prel. leaves; text, pp. 83; " Nomenclator of the Natives Language," etc., pp. 5. 
With Map of "The South part of New-England, as it is Planted this yeare, 1635." Bright 
green levant morocco super-extra, gilt back atid edges, paneled sides with comer ornaments, inside ' 
gilt borders, by F. Bedford, A splendid copy of this EXTREMELY RARE Book; 
the Earliest Printed Account of Massachusetts. 

Catalogue of ^ooh$r anti Si^ujEfar^tjef. 311 


A true, lively, and experimen- | tall defcription of that part of America, \ 

commonly called New England, | difcovering the ftate of that Coun- 1 trie, 

both as it flands to our new-come | EngliJTi Planters; and to the old | 

Native Inhabitants. | Laying downe that which may both enrich the | 

knowledge of the mind-travelHng Reader, | or benefit the future Voyager. | 

By William Wood. | Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, for John Bella- 

mie, and are to be fold | at his fhop, at the three Golden Lyons in Come- 

hill, neere the | Roy all Exchange. 1635. 

Sm. 4° ; vellum wrapper, with map, •• The South part of New-England, as it is Planted this 
yeare, 1633." Autograph of Sir John Sawdon.p. 9. 

1095 WOOLSEY (T. D.)— INTRODUCTION to the Study of INTER- 

NATIONAL LAW, Designed as an Aid in Teaching, and in Historical 
Studies. By THEODORE D. WOOLSEY, President of Yale College. 
Boston and Cambridge : James Munroe &" Co. i860. 
12°; cbih. 


Descriptive, and Historical, wilA upwards 0/ 3^0 Engravings on Wood 

arid 28 on Steel, illustrative of the Scenery, Architecture, and Costume of 

that Country. By Copley Fielding, Creswick, D. Cox, Jun., Harvey, 

Meissonier, Sargent, and other Artists. London : 1840. 

R<^. 8° ; Large Paper. Impressions of the Plates and Woodcuts on India paper. 
Proofs before Letters. Brown morocco super-extra, gilt tack and edges, paneled and 
filleted sides with comer ornaments, inside gilt morocco borders . 


WORDSWORTH, D. C. L. A New Edition. London: Moxon, 

6 vols. 18° ; blue calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


firom Curious Antique Gems ; most of them in the Possession of the 
Nobihty and Gentry of this Kingdom; Etched after the manner of Rem- 
brandt. By T. WORLIDGE, Painter. London: PrinUd by Dryden 

3 vols. 8° ; 180 PLATES, all choice and brilliant impressions. Fine old red morocco, gilt backs 
and edges, gold borders on the sides. A very fine subscription copy of this splendid work. 

1099 WRIGHT AND ALLOM CHINA, in a Series of Views, displaying 

the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits of that Empire. Drawn, 
firom Original and Authentic Sketches, by THOMAS ALLOM, ESQ. 
With Historical and Descriptive Notices by the Rev. G. N. WRIGHT, 
M. A. London : Peter Jackson, n. d. 

4 vols, in 2 vols. 4° ; illustrated with imfine stee^late engravings; brown morocco, gilt backs, 
sides and edges. 


312 €atal[o0ue of ^ool^ anb ^am^m^fftfi. 





Con Gratia per Anni. XIIII. 

M D X X X VI. 

4° ; 4 prel. leaves, viz. : Title, verso Hank; "A'l Lettore," 4 fp. and a half; Text, 47 un- 
numbered leaves; " Capitolo VI," i page, containing " Alcune parole che vfano le genti ne la 
terra del Brefil," verso blank, [s. I. et a.] 









4° ; Title i page, verso blank ; Text, 14 unnumbered leaves ; signatured A toD in/ours. On 
the recto of the lafh leaf is the following imprint: 

^I In Vinegia, Del mefe d'Ottobre. 

Bound in vellum. M D XXXIIII 

TESQUE in Literature and Art. With Illustrations from various 
sources, drawn and engraved by F. W. Fairholt. London: Virtue 
Brothers. [1864.] 

Square 8° ; cloth, red edges. 


GEORGES, or. Annals of the House of Hanover, compiled from the 
Squibs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures 
of the Time. London : J. C. Hotten. [1867.] 

Crown 8° ; with nearly 400 illustrations <m steel and wood. Polished tree-calf extra, gill 
back andedges, by Jenkins & Cecil. 


from the Earliest Times to the Seventeenth Century. London : Groom- 
bridge b" Sons, 1869. 

Square 8° ; toith numerous illustrations on wood and colored plates . Cloth, gilt edges. 

Catdogue of ^oh^ anb lai^nuiectq^. 313 


WYATT. London: W. Hckering, i^^i. 

13° \ portrait. Broion calf, gilt hack, marbled edges. 



DES INDIENS. | Diuis^c en trois Parties, par Cor | nille VVytfliet, & Anthoine | 
Mazin, & autres | Historiens. 

Premiere Partie. 
A Dovay, chez Frangois Fabri, I'an 1611. 

Folio; bound by NiEDRfeE, in mottled calf, gUt edges. 

The volume contains three elaborately engraved title-pages and twenty-three maps, all in 
beautiiiil condition. 

1106 "«^^^ERES (FRANCISCO DE). 

*^V Conquista tiel ^erti- 
IfWertiatrera relacion 

be la conciutjEeta bd |^mt % )^outncta bd €u3co Ha 
maba la nueua Caieftflla, Comjuisftaba por f ram 
ci^to J^ifacro : cayitan bela. d&.U. %. a?, bd €itije^ 
rabor nuesftto jefcnor. €mfiiaba a jSu itiage^tab jpot 
francijsfco be ferej . . ^enretario \id ^oBrebittjo capi? 
tan en tobaiS iajS ^jcouimiaier i conqui^ta be ia nue? 
tia €a$(t^; p bno be W i^nero^ tonquijeit^o^ 
rejET bdia. 

Colophon : 

m. a gloria tie BioiS p Uela "gTirgen m 

a^ana jsfe acafio d ^reiSente tcactabo Ham^o Ea con^ 

qui^ta tid ^em. f ue S[in?«^o ^ ^^manca 

^oc 3[uan be ^[unta : acafiojefe a cmco btaiS 

tid mejgi be 3(uIio ano bd najsfdmien? 

to be nueiStro ^enot %t^\x ^nm 

be a?H 1 <©uinient036f i 

quarenta i ^k 

te ^ojei . : • 


i7<7&7 ,• gr^en crushed levant morocco extra, gUt edges, by Gruel. Woodcut on HtU. 
B. A. v., No. 277. 

314 (Catalogue of S^oolM anb iSf^ammtlft^' 


1107 * ^ - / ^ALE COLLEGE. — Triennial Record of the Class of 1861 
of Yale College. Prepared by the Class Secretary [Win- 
THROP D. Sheldon]. Printed for Members of the Class. New 

Haven : 1864. 

8° ; Aal/ calf, gUt tack, marbled edges. 


London: W. Pickering, 1852. 

2 vols. 12° ; portrait. Brown calf, gilt backs, marbled edges. 


1109 v^ARATE— CDe SDi3S?coutttt anb Congmieft of t^ ^to^ 

UinCt^ of ^etlt^ and the Nauigation in the South Sea, along 
that Coast. And also of the ritche Mines of Potosi [woodcut, 
" The Riche Mines of Potossi "]. [Second title : ] The strange and delec- 
table HISTORY of the DISCOUERIE and CONQUEST of the 
PROUINCES of PERU . . . Written in foure bookes, by Augustine 
Sarate. Translated out of the Spanish tongue, by T. Nicholas. Imprinted 
at London, by Richard Johnes, 1581. 

The second title is within a woodcut border. 

Sm. 4° ; bound in green crushed morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

The correct collation of this volume is given by Mr. H. Stevens in his " Nuggets " as fol- 
lows: the two titles as above ; then 6//., m^«?" Thomas Nicholas," 2» ^»»«3» type; "To 
the Reader," 6 pp. in black letter; Text, black letter, in 89 leaves, i to 12, a?id 89, notfolioed; 
folios 16, 17, 28 and 19, for 17, 18, 19 and 20 ; with woodcuts on the reverse of folios 16, 20, 46, 
58, 85. " The discovery of the ritche Mynes | of Potosi & how Captaine Carauojell toke 
into his power," woodcut the same as on the first title, 3 pp. " The Table of the Chapters," 
3 pp. The woodcuts on folios 58 and 85 extend beyond the text and are usually cut by the 
binder. In this copy they are intact, and the volume generally is not only perfect but in 
exceptionally good condition. 


^tinerarm S^ortugalksiu e ilusitania 
in Xntiia *« in | tiem occitientent i tuemum 
at) aquilonem. 

(Large map of Africa engraved on wood.) 
Colophon : 

Operi suprema manus imposita est kalendis quintilibus. Ludouico gal | 
lias rege huius urbis ichte sceptra regete. lulio secudo potifice maxi- | ma 
orthodoxa fide feliciter moderate : anno nrae salutis. M.D.VIII. 

Folio; bound in brown morocco. 

Map of Mediterranean Sea and Africa on title-page. This copy is perfect, but the index 
is placed after the seven preliminary leaves, instead of before them, as in the copies described 
by Harrisse. 

This is a Latin translation of the collection of voyages ascribed to Zorzi by a Milanese 
moiik called Madrignano. It contains, among others, the navigations of Columbus and 


[The volumes described below, are not recent purchases. They have been in 
the Collection for several years, but were unaccountably overlooked in the prepa- 
ration of the Catalogue.] 

nil HIGDEN. 

(pofgC^toniCOn 3nto5ic^e QSoofe Q5en €om|>riBeb (gUng 

Wonberfuf ^ietorgees after H^t cotrnwegnge dnb 

gdbetfgnge of *i)<in Q^nuf^)^ tnonUe of C^eetre ^tste due; 
tour of t^i0 Boofe dnb df^erwarb (Bngfies^eb 6jj one ttfOiBA 

(ggcdrge of QSarfefeg (Bnn)rgnteb <xnb sette in 

forme 6g me TJ^iffidm Carton ftnb a fgtef emBefgca^eb fro 
t^ofbe maftgng, anb'dfao ^ftt>e abbeb Bue^e storgee dej coube 
fCnbe fro i^tnhc t^Ai t^e Bdib (j^nuf^)^ ^gBs^eb ^{b Boofe 
w^c^ t»d6 t^e gere of our £orb 1357 unto t^e gedr of t^e 
Bdme 1460. . ♦ . 

Brib^ t^e aeconb bdg of Jufge t^e 0^0^33. gere of t^e regne 
of q^gnge (BbtPdrb t^e fourth, dnb of t^e 3ncdrnde{on of 
oure &orb, d i^UBAni four ^m^xilb four Bcore dnb ttwegne 
(1482) ;ggngB6^eb pet Cdrton. 

Polio ; bound m morocco extra, leather joints, gUt edges, ^j/ LEWIS. 

Dibdin says that perfect copies of this impression are of extreme rarity. This copy is from 
the Dent and Perkins libraries, and is said to be the best of the six perfect copies known. 
The estimation in which it is held may be inferred from the fact that Lord Charlemonfs copy, 
wanting two leaves, fetched in 1865 ;^477 iS-f- 

3i6 3lltitientia» 


In Fine: 

({^jpthm insiuit bic S[acotiu$r mbet nattone gdltcujsf J^utujEr o^m^ 
i I istitutioitum biligcntisf^imuigf artifejc eictitit cui etttam^ 
imptt^^iom \ manum tatetitjES. tttj noR. q[utntiiej6e. Slti:: 
d|ito bute ^ntiirea uentim | ttitno Mtci^ie^e tm]^o$eutt 

Polio ; bound in old grained morocco, gilt edges. 

This copy of the Institutes of Justinian, printed on vellum by Jacob Rubeis, is said to be 
UNIQUE. It is the Pinelli copy, which fetched £j,6 in 1789. It is a beautiful example of typo- 
graphical work and is in irreproachable condition. The first page of the text is illuminated 
with a brilliant miniature, and the capital letters are of the highest order of merit. 



RoM^, Udalricus Gallus. S. A. sed circa 1470. 

Two vols, folio ; bound in russia by Roger Payne. 

The First Edition of Plutarch's Lives. The appearance of the volumes would indicate 
that the printer appreciated the value of the material intrusted to him, and that he strove to put 
it into an appropriate form. Ulric Han was one of the first to establish a press at Rome, and 
he issued many notable works ; but the Lives of Plutarch are not excelled by any of them in 
beauty and grandeur. In the case of the present volimies the labor of the printer was fittingly 
supplemented by that of the illuminator. The first page of each volume is ornamented with a 
beautiful border and initial letter in gold and colors. Taken all in all they are superb books 
and worthy of admiration in every respect. ' 

miretur vulgus, mihi flaunus Apollo Pocula Castalia plena ministret aqua. 
, London : Printed by I. H. and are to be sold by Francis CotUes in the Old 
Baily without Newgate, 1636. 

18° ; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

One of tv^o perfect copies known, the other being in the British Museum. The 
latter copy, although described by Lowndes as a fine one, is declared by Mr. Justin Winsor 
in his Bibliography to be badly stained and soiled and to have a few leaves mended. The 
present copy, with the exception of a slight mend on the title-page, MAY BE described as 
absolutely perfect. There are, from the date of the first edition in 1593 to 1636 inclusive, 
of all the editions combined, but thirty perfect examples. Most of these are in libraries from 
which they can never be sold, so that the collector can have little hope of ever procuring a copy. 

Aside from its rarity, this book has an additional interest from the fact that it is supposed 
to be the first printed publication from Shakespeare's pen, as is indicated in the dedication which 
is as follows : 

"To the Right Honourable, Henry Wriothesly Earle of Sovthampton and Baron of Tich- 

Right Honourable, I know not how I shall offend in dedicating my unpolishd lines to your 
Lordship, nor how the world will censure me for chusing so strong a prop to support so weake 
a burthen ; onely if your Honour seeme but pleased, I account my selfe highly praised, and 

ClMi'ttta pars 

^£cf)Otitbpl( tape a pfalmcttril Oeuoti 
tc\y-M>aye f> (aiite p bcgj^tinrtlj-Beati 
tnmaculati K.iltiOUiljaij p ri)alf IjauE 
eftuOpco allc ti)v l;fe to DtiDciaonOc ^ 
fame pfalmc . 3 bi'Icuc mtafutlp p f 
ft)olDctt not ttiociflatiDe «.|02 w if is 
not a MiCe/buat conftf nctb of tlje la<> 
Kbc of goO/o2 fome tomafiatmcnt of f 
[amt/02 ttojow tnc;'tpng to fctuent Dc 
uocoo-flno tljEtfoiE it 16 not neccffacve 
to oemaiioc ne ctiqujie fo tnanp bohcn 
:foi -^baU ptioiigb of tijc pCaiiltct all 
ti))> Iffc • 30 Vbbicbc ft (jjalt fptiOe fo: 
otif pattvc tl)t gofpcllj's g pjopljf cpcs/ 
g otbrc hohes Dj>ucrfE . Sno gtiiei allp 
(i)OU fbalt fptiOe pf j5 bcbolOc lojcil all 
fj)C opnatoHBtDoitijp to be rcwembzro 
of oiir (aupoiit g itotrast Jtttlu trpGf / 
86 it t)aci) be fapo ijcte tofozcS^lje pia 
ce g fjabptatoij of out faupowr g teoe^ 
met IS ai) !)rrtc3ii(Ie g tigbffiiilCIje 
fonotmcnt of e!)e bous ib tijc faptb/f be 
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Oe ■^■££££lmp'0- ano tbetentjj 
pcrc of our foueidpne io20( bpng l^tm 

The Vitas Patrum of Wynkyn de Worde, Westminster, 1495. 


^tttinttia. 317 

vow to take aduantage of all idle houres, till I have honoured you with some grauer labour. 
But if the first heire of my inuention proue deformed, I shall be sorry it had so noble a God- 
Father, and neuer after eare so barren a land, for feare it yeeld me still so bad a haruest. I 
leaue it to your honourable Suruey, and your Honour to your hearts content ; which I wish 
may alwaies answer your owne wish, and the Worlds hopeful expectation. 

" Your Honours in all dutie, 

" William Shakespeare." 




On second leaf; 

enlial&Ie ipff of t|)e oUie ^uncpent |)oIp islaa^ ^rngiz^* 

At end.' 

€i|Ujse entiptf) t|)e mooieit bemiou^ W^txsv^t • > . . tranjes- 
iateti out of fxtxm^^ in to <^xt^i^^0f^t h^ H^illtam Cajcton of 
Wt^txtvgxt^txt, late tieeti, anb Qin^jGei$I)eti it at tl)e Wtt bape of 

<zEnjptpnt^ in tS^ jEfapti tolsne of Wt^xxtvgitx^ttt iip me It^pn^ 
ftpn lie i®orlie ^jmmmmm^ (1495) 

Folio; bound in morocco extra, blind tooled; doubliwith morocco, leather fly-leaves. 

This volume contains numerous curious woodcuts by an English artist, which add much to 
the interest it naturally excites as the work of England's second great printer. It has many 
leaves with rough edges, and is complete with the title and last leaf containing Caxton's device 
and large cut on reverse. It is one of Wynkyn de Worde's most magnificent typographical 
productions, and has been considered the finest copy in existence. 

^ot» ^Jure f 0e fog, t»5«n fitat mg ^nbB unfofb 
^3e Btmft, rare oofume, fifocft fljif 9 icimtBgeb gofb. 




■^-^■*# ssrv . \vT^P-"-i