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U.S. National Institutes of Health. Di- 
vision of Research Grants. 
Cumulative "bihliography. Bethesda, Md., 
National Institutes of Health, 196T- 

For administrative use only 
June 1%7 



Research Documentation Section 

Statistics and Analysis Branch 

Division of Research Grants 

National Institutes of Health 

Bethesda, Md. 


This bibliography, listed numerically by grant number, is 
the NCI portion of a six-year cumulative Ijibliography of PHS 
grantee publications. It was compiled from data cards which 
were used to prepare the bibliographic lists contained in the 
six annual issues of the Research Grants Index (1961-1966). 
Two changes in the format of the RGI during 1961-1966 account 
for the margin variations in this publication. 

The bibliographic list includes names of principal 
investigators of all NCI research grants which appeared in the 
f.y. 1961-1965 RGI editions, even though some of the grants had 
no publications; but the names of investigators who were awarded 
new grants in f.y. 1966 but had no publications are not included. 
In instances where the principal investigator changed during the 
project period, only the name of the most recent investigator is 

Two alphabetical listings of grantees are appended to the 
bibliography: (1) an NCI grantee list; and (2) a list of 
grantees for all Institutes/Divisions for the same period. 

Extra copies of this bibliography, as well as the separate 
listings for other PHS Institutes/Divisions, are available in 
limited number from the Research Documentation Section, SAB/DRG. 


Abbreviations for Institutes/Divisions and Study Sections/Committees 
In use during the period f.y. 1961-1966. 

Institute/Division Abbreviation 

National Institutes of Health 

Allergy and Infectious Diseases E, AI, AIP — 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases A, AM, AMP 

Cancer C, CA, CAP, CY, CYP 

Child Health and Human Development HD 

Dental D, DE, DEP 

General Medical Sciences G, GM, GMP 

" " " - Translation (1961 only) . . . . T 

Heart H, HE, HEP 

Mental Health M, 3M, MH, MHP, MY, MYP 

Neurological Diseases and Blindness B, NB, NBP 

Office of International Research RF, TW 

. Research Facilities and Resources FR 

Clinical Research Centers (1962 only) OG 

General Research Support (1962 only) GS 

Community Health, Bureau of State Services — ' 

Accident Prevention AC 

Chronic Diseases CD 

Communicable Disease Center CC 

Community Health Services CH 

Dental Health DH 

Hospital and Medical Facilities HM 

Hospital Research Facilities (NIH support, 1961-1962). W 

Nursing NU 

Nursing (NIH support, 1961-1962) GN 


Environmental Health, Bureau of State Services — 

Air Pollution . . AP 

Air Pollution (NIH support, 1961) S 

Environmental Engineering and Food Protection EF 

Environmental Health Sciences ES 

Occupational Health OH 

Office of Solid Wastes SW 

Radiological Health RH 

Zl Water Supply and Pollution Control WP 

Water Pollution (NIH support, 1961) K 

1/ The letter "P" after an Institute/Division abbreviation indicates a 
program grant (except AP and WP) . 

2/ Prior to the recent reorganization of the Public Health Service. 

3/ On Dec. 31, 1965 the Division of Water Supply & Pollution Control was 

made a separate Aaministration of DHEW, and on May 10, 1966, by virtue of 
the 1966 reor '.an.'.zation Plan No. 2, the Wat> - Pollution Control Administra- 
tion was transferred to the Dept. of the Interior, '''".y. 1966 awards 
administered -nr'ar '"■is activity are includ:;d in •:hiG publication even 
though these programs were not under the PHo for the entire fiscal year. 


Study Section/Committee Abbreviation 

Accident Prevention Research Ace Prev, APR. 

Allergy and Innnunology A&I, AI 

Allergy and Immunology Program-Project Committee .... AIP 

Allergy and Immunology Training Committee AITC 

Allergy and Infectious Diseases Training Committee . . . AID 

Applied Physiology AFY 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Program- Project 

Committee ...••• AMP 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Research Career 

Award Program- Project Committee AMK 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Training Committee . . AMTC, ARTH 

Bacteriology and Mycology B&M, BM 

Behavioral Sciences .. BS 

Behavioral Sciences Fellowship Panel BEH 

Biochemistry BIO 

Biological Training Committee BTC 

Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry BBC 

Cancer Chemotherapy CY 

Cancer Program-Project Committee CAP 

Cancer Training Committee CTC 

Cardiovascular ; Cardio, CV 

Cell Biology CB 

Chemotherapy CY 

Child Health and Human Development Program- Project 

Committee HDP 

Clinical Research Centers .... CLR, CRC 

Clinical Research Center Program- Project Committee, 

General ." CMC 

Communicative Disorder Research Training Committee . . . CDR 

Communicative Sciences , CMS 

Computers in Research C(M 

Construction Review Committee CRC 

Dental DEN 

Dental Program- Project Committee DEP 

Dentail Training Committee DTC, DTL 

Dermatology Review Committee DER 

Endocrinology Endo, END 

Environmental Sciences and Engineering ESE 

Environmental Sciences Review Committee ERT 

Epidemiology and Disease Control DC 

Experimental Psychology EXP Psy, EP 

General Medical Research Program-Project Committee . . . (MP 

General Medicine GM 

General Research Support GRS 

Genetics GEN 

Health Science Engineering and Biotechnology, Advisory 

Committee on SPR 

Health Services Research HSR 

Heart Program-Project Committee HEP 

Heart Training Commitct-e HTC 

Hematology Hema, HEM 


Study Section/Committee Abbreviation 

History of Life Sciences (formerly History of Medicine) . HistMed, HM 

Hospital and Medical Facilities HMF 

Hiiinan Ecology HUM Ec, HUE 

Human Embryology and Development HED 

International Centers, Committee on CIC 

International Fellowships Review Committee IFRC 

International Fellowships Review Panel IFRP 

Medical Libraries Facilities 6e Resources, Committee on . LFR 

Medicinal Chemistry MC 

Mental Health MH 

Mental Health Project Grants Review Committee MHPG, MHP, MPG, MPGA 

Mental Health Research Career Award Training Committee . MHK 

Mental Health Selection Committee MHSC 

Mental Health Small Grants MSM 

Mental Health Special Committee MHSC 

Mental Health Training Committee MTC 

Metabolism MET 

Microbiology Training Committee MIC 

Neurological Sciences Research Training Committee .... NSR 

Neurology Neuro, NEU 

Neurology and Blindness Program- Project Committee .... NBP 

Neurology Field Investigations NFI 

Nursing Research NR 

Nutrition Nutr, NTN 

Pathology PATH 

Perinatal Review Committee PNL 

Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics PET 

Pharmacology and Toxicology Review Committee PTR 

Physiological Chemistry Phys Ch, PC 

Physiology Physio, PHY 

Primate Cells, Advisory Committee on PME 

Primate Research Prim Res, PR 

Primate Research Centers, Advisory Committee on PME 

Psychopharmacology PMY 

Radiation RAD 

Research Career Award Training Committee ... RCA 

Scientific Publications ..... CSP 

Sensory Diseases SD 

Special Program- Project Committee SPP 

Special Resource Centers SPR 

Surgery SURG 

Toxicology TOX 

Translation Review Committee TRC 

Tropical Medicine and Parasitology TMP 

Virology and Rickettsiology V&R, VR 

Visual Sciences VIS 


Ad Hoc Review AHR 

No Study Section NSS 

Special Review (Institute Review) SRC 

Special Study Se-tion SSS 






CA-00281 GEN SAWIN, PAUL B., Roscoe B. JaclTs'on Mem. 
Lab., Bar Harbor, Me. Genetic 
shiriies nf the rabbit 

Am J Anat 111:239, 62. Morphoflenetlc studies 
of the rabbit. XXIX. Accessory ossification 
centers at the occlnito-vertehral articulation nf 
the dachfi (chondroclv<,troDhv) rabbit. 

Am J Anat 110:259, May 62. Morphogenetic 
studies of the rabbit. XXXI. Weights and 
linear mpa';iirpmpnl<; of hnne*;. 

Am J Anat 113:9, 63. Morpfiogenetlc studies 
of the rabbit. XXXII. Qualitative skeletal vari- 
ations induced by the ac aene. (Achondroolasja) 

Am J Physiol 204:271, 63. Maternal behavror 
in the rabbit: Endocrine factors involved In 
hair loosenino. 

Am Zool 2:523, 62. The effects of ethylene 
glycol and glycerine In the freezing of rabbit 

AnatRec 141:267, Dec 61. Worphogenetic 
studies of the rabbit. XXX. Measurements of 
the dloestive tube. 

Anat Rec 146:85, Jun 63. Morphogenetic studies 
of the rabbit. XXXV. Comparison of measure- 
mpnt<5 in nnrmat and dwarf rahhlt<: nf rar.p X^ 

Arch Neurol 6:123, 62. Hlstopathologlcal alter- 
ations In hereditary ataxia of rabbits. 

Genetics 47:519, 62. Recessive buphtalmos 
In the rabbit. 

J Hered 53:174, 62. Developmental anomalies fri 
Inbred rabbits. 

J Nerv Went DIs 136:130, Feb 63. Hereditary 
ataxis of rabbits: Identification of glycogen 
In hInd-braIn lesions. 

J Nerv Ment DIs 136:302, Mar' 63. Corticotropin 

in hprpditaru a^avla nf rahhlt 

Nature 197:161, 63. Maternal behaviour In 
the rabbit: Effects of environmental variation^ 

Proc 16th Int Congr Zool, Washington, D. C, 
Aug 63. The effect of gonadotrophic hormones 
on the Immature rabbit ovarv. 

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 108:663, 61. Fer- 
mitv fmm frnzpn rahhit semen. 

Stain Teehnol 37:124, 62. MoSffled benzyl arco- 
hol clearing of alizarin stained specimens with- 
out loss of flexibility. 

Roots of Behavior . Harper Bros, Ch. 13, 62, An 
analysis of maternal behavior In the rabbit and 
Its endocrine basis. 

Am J Anat 113, (No 2):235, Sep hi. MorpFo- 
genetlc studies of the rabbit. XXXIV . Weights 
and linear measurements of_the bones of small 
race X rabbits comnared with l amp rarp III ._ 

Am J Anat 113:365, 63. Morphogenetic studies 
of the rabbit. XXXIII. Cartilages and muscles 
of the external ear as affected by the dachs 
aene (Da). 

Anat Rec 146:85, 63. Morphogenetic studies oF 
the rabbit. XXXV. Comparison of the weights 
and linear measurements In normal and heterozy- 
gous dwarf rabbits of race X. _ 

Anim Behav 11:283, 63. Maternal behaviour In' 
the rabbit under semi-natural conditions. 

Clin Orthop 33:71, 64. Genetics of skeleul 
deformities In the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus 

Int J Neuropharmacol 2:255, 53^ Effects of pre- 
vious experience and age on sound Induced sei- 
zures in rabbits. 

J Nerv Ment DIs 136:130, iSTHeredltary ataxia 
of rabbits. Identification of glycogen In hind 
brain lesions. 

J Reprod Fertil 6:375, 63. Maternal behaviour 
in the rabbit: The quantification of nest bulld- 
ina. _ __ 

Proc 16th Int Congr Zool, Waifilngton, Bi:, Aug 
63. Development of the external ear In the 
dachs rabbit. 

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 113:8537 63. Preserva- 
tion of rabbit spermatozoa: Ethylene glycol 
vs ulvcerol for frozen semen. 

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 115:751, 64. A methoT 
for obtaining rabbit bone marrow for chromosome 

Maternal Behavior In Mammals , "John Wiley & 
Sons, New York, Ch. 3, 63. Maternal be- 
havior In rabbits. _ _ 

Anat Rec 150, (No 4) :44l, Dec '64. Development 
of the external ear in the d achs rabbit.^ 

J Nerv Ment Dis 139, tfro~2^:R0, Aug 64. 
Hereditary ataxia in the rabbit: Amino acid 
analyses of blood and brain. 


CA-00288 GM HOLLANDER, FRANKLIN, Mt.lTnai Hosp., U.V.t. 

Mucous secretions from normal and cancer- 
ous stomachs 
Ann N Y Acad Scl 99:67, Feb 62. Plasma 

nrntpln"; in na<;trir rniirii<: 

Fed Proc, v. 20, p. 249, Mar 61 
Gastroenterology, v. 40, p. 785, June 61 
Acta Un Int Cancer, v. 17, p. 307, 61 

Fed Proc 21:262, Mar-Apr 62.' Carbohydrate 

r,nmnn<:ltlnn nf na<;trlr. miirinnii*; <;prrpHnns. 

Gastroenterology 43:75, Jul 62. Serum proteins 

in na<;trir mnni*; a nd nthp r «;p r.rpHnn<;. 
Gastroenterology 43:304, Sep 62. The physlolt- 

ogy and chemistry of the secretion of gastric 

J Mount Sinal Hosp 28:505, Sep-Oct 61. Isofa- 

Unn nf a npiitral nrntpln-rarhnhvHratp rnmnlpY 

J Mount SInal Hosp 29:223, May-Jun 62. Helcf- 

pnhain and Rirkpl nniirhp^. 

Nature 195:575, Aug 62. 'iodine binding by 
proteins in canine oastric mucus. 
Proc Exp Biol Med, v.l06,p.629', 61 
J Biol Chem, V. 236,0. 770, Mai^l 

Proc 22nd Int Congr Physiol Scl, Leiden, (No 
392), Sep 62. Bicarbonate in mucinous se- 
cretions from canine oastric couches. 
Proe Soc Exp Biol Med 109:463, 62. Serum 

nrntpin? In na<trlr, QprrPtlnn^ 

Am J Physiol 205:625, 0cr63. Gastric re- 
sponse to topical histamine; subcutaneous 
dose-resoonse relation. 
Ann NY Acad Scl 106:757, 63. The electro- 
lyte patterns of gastric mucinous secretions: 

Its Imolicatlon for cvstic fibrosis. _ 

Fed Proc 23:213, Mar-Apr 44'. ElectrVphoretle 
fractionation of canine oastric mucus. 
CA-00297 MG GORDON, MYRON, New York Zoological Society, 

N.Y.C, Correlated studies of pigment and 
thvrold cell orowth 
Am J Anat 109:37, Jul 61. Situs Inversus 

In fleh 
CA-00307' PC SAMUELS, L.T., U.Utah, Salt Lake City 

Metabolism of steroids and relation to 
Arch Gynak 196:481, 62. Poiycystlsche 
ovarlen mit glelchzeltlger adenomatoser, 
atvolscher hvoerolasle. 
Endocrinology 70:109, Jan 6'J.' Radioactive 

andrnnpn^ in upntrat nrn^iM^ 

CA-00321 END STEVENS, D., Worcester Fdn., Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Mptahnllchi nf cfpi-nlHc In \ihin and In vltm 

Endocrinology 70:359, Mar 62. Estrogen 
pffprt<; nn rarfinnir anhvrir asp. 
CA-00343 END GARDNER, WILLIAM U., Seh. Mef., Yale Univ., 

New Haven, Conn. Hormone Imbalance In 
J Nat Cancer Inst 29:835, Nov 62. Transplant- 

atinn nf mammarv nlann<: inmirp- _ 

J Nat Cancer Inst 30:585, <b3. Morphogenesis 
and growth potentiality of mammary glands in 
mice. II. Quantitative transolantation of mam- 
marv otands of normal malp minp. 
Acta Un Int Cancr 20:1439, 64; Most-tumor re- 
lationships in testicular interstitial cell tumors. 
J Nat Cancer Inst 32:^3, 64. "Straln'diFference 
in normal and abnormal pregnancies In mice and 
relationship to mammary tumor incidence. 
Science 144, (No 3624) :1351, Jun 64. Develop- 
ment of mouse epos in diffusion chambers. 
Cancer Res 25:1792, 65. The Incidence of "cancer In 
qualitatively transplanted mammary glands and Its relation 
to age and milk agent of the donor and host mice. 
J Nat Cancer Inst 34:601, 65. Histochemistry and electron 
microscopy or iron-containing granules, lysosomes and 
lipofuscln in the mouse mammary glands. 
* CA-00355 PATH MILLER, J.A., Sch. Med., U. Wisconsin, Madison 

Mechanisms of chemiral rarrinnapnp<;is 
Canad Cancer Conf 4:57, 61. Biochemical 

conceots of carcinooenesis. 
Cancer Res 21 r465, Nov 61. N-hydroxy- 

latinn of 4-acetyiaminobi ohenvl ■ 
Ca.cerRes 21:815, 61. N-Hydroxy-2-acetyl- 
aminofluorene: Metabolite of 2-acetylamlno- 
fluorene with Increased carcinooenic activity. 
Cancer Res 21:1068, Sep 61. Carcinogenic- 
ity nf 31MAB and derivative";. 
Cancer Res 22:1002, Sep 62. Fluoro deriva- 
tives nf 2-ar.etvlaminoflunrene. 
Cancer Res 22:1336, Dec 62. Metabolism of 2- 

arptvlaminnfliinrpnp in ^hp mnntpv 

Cancer Res 22:1381, Dec 62. Carcinogenicity of 



See Errata, p. 755, for additional entries 




:/ CA-0036Z 

ii CA-O0372 
t CA-00392 

C CA-00407 

i CA-00429 

t CA-00484 

Cancer Res 23;229, FeL / j^ciicllles 

of fluoro derivatives of lo-m.. Myl-l,2-benzan- 

fhrarpnp. II. Siih^litiiMnn nF K miinn anH th» CA-00510 

V~ f>- anH 7-nnclfEnnc 

Ann NY Acad Scl 123:125, Mar S5. MeUbolIsm 
of druas In relation to carclnoaenlcltv. 
CB Gev, G.O. . Johns Hooklns Univ. . Baltimore. Md. 

GEN DICKIE, M.M., RoscoeB. Jackson Mem. Lab., 
Bar Harbor, Me. Investigations in 
hnrmnnal halanrp and ahnnrmal arnwth 
J Heredity 53:84, Mar-Apr 62 i New viable 

Vffllnw miitatlnn In thp hnn^e mouse. 
J Hered 40, (No 3) :97, May-Jtin 64. New 
solotch alleles in the mouse. 
CB BITTNER, J.J., (J. Minnesota, Minneapolis 

npnesif; of mammarv in mirp 
J Nat Cancer Inst 27:1273, Dec 61. Mammary 
nanrpr indiined hv nituita rv is oorafts. _ 

PC HELLERMAN, LESLIE, Sch. MeS^; Johns Hopkins 

Univ., Baltimore, Md. Chemical processes 
Intrrfprina with metabolism 
Fed Proc 20, Apr 61 . Pasteur effect reversal 

in rat hrsin miinnhnndria. 
Biochemistry 3:394, 64. Oxidation of biological 
thiols; Glutathlone-lndoohenol interactions. _ 
J Biol Chem 239:2135, 64. Pyruvate metabolism. 
V. Pyruvate utilization by mitochondria of rat 
Proc Am Chem Soc 148th M"tfl,'p. 37C, Sep fA. 
Action of organic mercurials, Ag', and a disul- 
fide on crvstallized D-amIno acid oxidase. 
Blochim Biophys Acta 100:98765. The Inter- 
action of 2,6-dichlorolndophenol and protein 

sulfhydryl groups. _ 

Fed Proc, Apr 65. Selective TnHlbltion in the 
action of sulfhydryl-characterlzing reagents on 
crystallized D-amino acid oxidase, glutamate 

dehvdroaenase. and urease. _ 

J Biol Chem 240:198, 65. L-lSlutamate dehydro- 
genase. III. Molecular size of bovine gluta- 
mate dehydrogenase and the methylmercuric CA-00524 

bromide-activated enzyme (n the concentration 
of range of enzymatic assay. 
J Biol Chem 240:290, 65. Studies on crystaninci 
D-amino acid oxidase. I. Selective Inhibition 
in the action of sulfhydryl -bindi ng reagents^ 
J Biol Chem 240:4058, 65. ^tujjes on 
crystalline Dramino acid oxidase. II. Isolation 
of a reduced 14c-labeled substrate-enzyme 
intermediate after the action of sodium 
Proc Am Chem Soc Nat Mtgj'Sep 65. Substrate 
specificity of D-amino acid oxidase: Sigma- 

Rho relationshio. 

HUE MASON, J.B., Am. Col. Surg., Chicago, III. 
Sui-vev of cancer clinical activity oroarams 
Bull Am Coll Surg, Sep-Oct 61. Cancer pro- 
grams approved by American College of Surg-, 
eons . 
Manual fnr Cancer Programs. American College 
nf ^uropnn*; . ft! . 
HED VAN WAGENEN, G., Yale Univ. Sch. Med., 
New Haven, Conn. Tumorigenesis 
in the monkev 
J Opt Soc Am 53:293, Feb 63. Evaluation of' 

cinnlp-niimhpr pvni'pg'sion g of rntnr Hlffprpnrp^ 

Proc Conf Res Primates, Tektronic Foundation 
p. 67, 63. Induction of ovulation in Macaca 
mulatta bv human nostmenooausal aonadotroohia 
BIO LUCK, J. MURRAY, Sch. Humanities, Scl., 
Stanford Univ., Stanford, California 
Proteins of cell nuclei 
Anal Biochem 3Ktl5, May 62. Preparative CA-00558 

<;farr.h apt pipr.tronhorpsis. 

Blochim Biophys Acta 59:211, 62. Apparatus : 

fni* 7nnp p)prrrnnhnrpci«: in «:vnthpltr npU 

Biochemistry 1:79, 62. Complexity of calf 
th«mu<; hittnne. 

Fed Proc 21, Mar-Apr 62. Unidentified com- 
ponent of hydrolysates of certain fractions of 
calf thvmus hi<:tone. 

Biochemistry 3:10, 64. The occurrence of 
eosilon-N-methvl Ivsine in histones. 

Canad J Biochem Physiol 4271743, 64. The " ' 
histones of chicken erythrocyte nuclei. 

Fed Proc 22:353, 63. Properties of nucleo- 

hi<;fnnp(; nf \/afipH aminn a^iH rnmnncitinn 

J Chromatogr 15:1, 64. A stream division valve 

for use in automatic column chromatoaraohv. 
J Molec Biol 8:54, 64. Physical and biological 

nrnnprtip<; nf <;nliihlp niirlpnhi^rnnp<; 
Proc 6th Int Congr Biochem, New York, 64. 

On the association of histones with deoxyri- 

honiirlpir ar.iH. 
The Nucleohistones, Holden-Day, San Francis- 

rn. (^aiit. Wt. 1 hp hptprnopnpitu of hi*:rnnP5.__ 
The Nucleohistones, Holden-Day, San Francisco, 

llal If . M Htt:tnnp rhpmi^try Thp ninnpprQ 

The Nucleohistones, Holden-Day, San Francis- 

en . Call! . M HT<;tnnp nnmpnrlatiirp. 

The Nucleohistones , Holden-Day, San Francls- 
CO, Ualit, 64. Histones from chicken erythro- CA-00592 

c.v\p niirlpi. 


The Nucleohistones , Holden-Day, San Francis- 

rn. (lalli. 64. I hp <;tatp nf hi>;tnnp rhpmistrv. 
WILSON, J. WALTER, Brown Unw:, Providence^ 
R I Nuclear ohenomena in the mouse liver 
Endocrinology 69:720, Oct 61. Initiation 

nf thvrnirt fiinr.tinn. 
Fed Proc 21:156, 62. Liver mitochondria In 

essential faltv acid-deficient mice. _ 

J Cell Biol 16:281, 63. Mitochondria in essential 

fattv arid Hpfir.ipnru 
J Nat Cancer Inst 30:85, Jan 63. Intrasplenic 

imnlantatinn nf liupr 

J Roy Micr Soc 81:119, Mar 63. Glycol metha- 

rrvlarp in iiltra^tnrrtiiral rvtnrhpiniirru 

J Ultrastruct Res 6:466, 62. Mouse liver In- 

fprfpH hv pr.trnmplla winic 

Physiologist 5:231, 62. Essential fatty acfd 

opficipnr.v in the mnu<:p. 
Proc Am Assn Cancer Res 3:337, 62. Trans- 
plantable mouse hepatomas derived from in- 
trasolenicallv-imDlanted normal liver. 
Proc European Conf Electron Microscopy, v.2,p.&W, 61 
.1 Bloohvs Biochem Cvtoloav. v. 10.0. 437, 61 

Proc 5th Int Congr Electron Mictosc 2, 62. La 
formation de mitochondries nouvelles dans les 
soemiatocvtes du rat. 
Proc Soc Exo Binlnov and Med. v. 106 .0.37. 61_ 
Sympos Int Soc Cell Biol 1:21, 62. Embedding 

media for ultrastructural cvtochemistrv. 
Ann NY Acad Sci 111:8, Dec 63. Histogene- 
sis of the liver. 
J Nat Cancer Inst 33, (No 4):721, Oct 64. 
Effect of essential fatty acid deficiency on 
uitrastructure and arowth of transolantable 
mouse heoatoma BR L. 
The Liver , Academic Press, New York, 2:637 H. 
Regeneration of the liver. 
J Cell Biol 26:137, 65. Hydroxypropyl methacrylate, 
a new water-miscible embedding medium for electron 


MC LACASSAGNE, A. Inst. Pasteur, Paris, France 

Mechanism nf r,arrinnapnp<;i'; 
826, 1711,Juillet61 
Bull Societe Chimique de Fiance, p. 1657 , 61 
J Ora Chem. V. 26 .0.2996. 61 

Bull Cancer 49 (No 3):312, 62. Homologues 

mpfhvlpc Hii 1 y hpnyanfhrarpnp 

Bull Soc Chim France p. l398, 62. IsomerisatJon 
des hydrocarbures polycycliques aromatiques 

^nil^ I'ar.rinn Hii rhlnriirp H'aliiminiiim 

C R Acad Sci , Nov 62. Formylation du dibenzo- 
1.2:3.4 pyrene et synthese du methyl-5 dibenzo- 
1.7-3.4 nvrpnp. 

J Chem Soc p. 4836, Nov 61. Carcinogenic nitro- 
gen compounds. XXXI. Benzacridines and other 
nitrnapn-hptprnnvrlir Hpriuatiupq nf m-pthvl- 

J Chem Soc p. 146, Jan 62. Carcinogenic nitro- 
gen compounds. XXXII. Synthesis of new 
hiahlv active hpn7nnvriHnnarha7nlp«: 

J Chem Soc p. 1126, Mar 62. Carcinogenic nitro- 
gen compounds. XXXIII. Alkyl-substituted 
hpn7ar.riHinp^ and hpn7nnhpnap<;a7inp*:. 

J Chem Soc p. 2630, Jul 62. Carcinogenic nitro- 
gen compounds. XXXIV. 5,7,8-Trimethyl-l- 
tptralnnp and hpn7nr.arha7nlp<; and Hihpn7n- 
rarha7nlpc HprhtpH fhprpfrnm 

J Org Chem 26:2996, 61. Some derivatives of 

1 .? -"^ -4-tptrahvHmnhpnanfhrpnp 

Nature, V. 190 ,p. 1007, June 61 
J Chem Soc, p.384, 2258, Jan, May 61 
Gemotes rendus seances Acad S ci . t. 253 . 255 .0.593 
CB SCOTT, JESSE F., Mass. GenT Hosp., 
Boston, Mass. Histochemistry of 
nncnntrnlled cell arowtii 
Blochim Biophys Acta 55:379, 62. The 

all(alinp hvHrntv«:i<; of <:nlrihlp rihnnncieic acid^ 
Blochim Biophys Acta 61:62, 62. Conserva- 
tion of RNA-nnrinpQ 
Cancer Res 23:688, Jun 53. Thyroxine and pi- 
hiilai-v tiimnp mptahnlicm 

Blochim Biophys Acta 87: 199, '64. Some nucleo- 
tide sequence from partially purified transfer 
ribonucleic acids. 
Fed Proc 23:164, 64. Studies on the nuclear 

RNA of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells^ 

Proc Biophys Soc ^tfiTnn M~tg, FeB,T57"S com^ 
parative study of the effect of ultraviolet 
liaht on transfer-RNA (6-RNA) from veast and 
from E. coli. 
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 22:459, 66. Effects of 

ultraviolet liqht on the bloloqical functions of transfer I^NA. 
Proc Nat Acad Scl 55:579, 66. Conformational differences 

amonn ourifled samples of transfer RNA from veast. 
Histology, McGraw-Hill Co, New York, 65. Liver and 

Methods In Enzymology, Academic Press, fiew York, 66. 
Ion exchange paper techniques for assay of nucleotide 

Methods In Enzymology, Academic Press, New York, 66. 

Membranp niter technioue. 
RAD CHASE, HERMAN B., Brown Univ., 

Providence, R.I. Skin cycles 

and inni7ina radiations 

I 514 

Aerospace Med 32:921, Oct 61. Heavy 

Inn ;inH milllhp;4m irrAni;itlnn^. 

Anat Rec 144:135, 62. Prenatal formation of 

hair fnlllrip tvnpc 

Ann NY Acad Scl 100:390, 63. Evidence for in- 
direct effects of radiations of heavy Ions and 

plprtrnn^ nn hair HpninmPntaUnn 
Genet Res 4:1, 63. Phenogenetlcs of hair mu- 

frantc in hnticp mniicp. nnneciim :*nr^ ran/tpH 

J Exp Zool 5:148, Dec 61. Follicle growth 

Hiirinn ratanpn. 

J Exp Zool 148, (No 3):205, Dec 61. Growtfi 
and differentiation of hair follicles between 
oerlods of activity and quiescence. 

J Exp Zool 149:161, Apr 62. X-ray effects on 

pwp nInmpntaMnn, 
J Exp Zool 150:207, 62. Possible functions of 

pvtprnal rnftt chpath Hiirlnn nrnvith nf h«lr fnJIIrl* 

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f|pr»pnHpnt artivatlnn nf trvntnnhan nvrrnlacp 
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tinn heoatoma. 
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Snmp pn7vmp'; nf aminn ar.lH mptahnllsm. 
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PvrimiHlnp mptahnlUm in mInimal-Hpuiarinn 


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nhatp HphvHrnnpnatp anH nvrimtHlnp rpHiirta5P< 

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thrpnninp anH Qprinp HphvHracp 

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tions in rat hepatomas. V. Reciprocal relation- 
<:hin hptwppn thrpnninp Hph\/Hra«;p anH nliir,n<:p- 

A-nhncnhaJo HphviHi-nnonacp 

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Al Mprhanicm nr pn7vmp inHrirfinn in liupr 

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itinn nf tlnv/miHino UinaQP rlTTP 

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nino mprr.iirv plprtrnrip iinnn nnp-p|pr.trnn rp- 

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Hiirhnn nf hpvaamminp rnhaltMlH rhInriHp 

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rpHiirtinn nf hpvaamminp rnhait fllO Inn (\). 


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Arharia niinrtiilata 

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cvnthpqU nf So-rhnlpisran-lfl-nl 




' CA-00918 




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nf ctprntH*; _ _ 

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• ■TrahsmMBvlatlo-rran-gTVIMhiorirne blpiyhthtSlj . 

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rhpmnthpranv nf Ipiikpmla in rhlldrpn 





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niupn mpthwirholanthrpnp 
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CA -01524 







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moii^p thvmiK 

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fhraiinh rlv^tpc*prnl and dprinaliwpc 

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In himor siisr.pntlblp and non-siisrpntible Guinea 
nins _ 

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See Errata, p. 755, for additional entries 




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pmbrvnnir Hpv/plonmRnt of [). melanoaaster^ 


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tlsSMP i 


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ohorus labeling. 
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phosphate loading on leukocyte labelling with 

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fhp ninhitlinc kAjlth rfplprnonf anrl allali 

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Biological Interactions In Normal and Ne 


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ampha rhan^ rhaos. 

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Field size, cone leaks, and scatter dose out- 

cidp thp iicpfnl hpam 

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ohantom materials. 
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dose for 35 mm and 16 mm camera systems 
The Reduction of Patient Dose by Diagnostic 

Radiologic Instrumentation, ut, inomas, 

CnrmnflplH III M PaflPOt dnCP film 

illilminatinn. and the radiation trancfpr fiinctinn 
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ate and ohosohate buffers . 
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oraHntinn of a2aserinp-Cl4-laheied enzvme. 
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III. Comparison of degradation products with 

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Infection of E. coll with some amber mutants 
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labile deoxycytidylate hydroxymethylases from! 
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in ';nlppn. 
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nhanP T7 

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i,iMic ni-nwn with h\,Hrnrnfti*:nnP 

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warlniic <:tproiH^ 

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Hnin rAcoarrh 

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nf pfflrlpnrw in tirioncp ann pHiiraHnn. 

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unA froafmpnt nf animate 

On Cy cer and Hornipnes ■ Univ Chicago 

Vl ^ Ay Sparrh for raiiQPC nf Hi^pa^p 


CA -02221 


CA -02224 



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vjni<; in lpaup<: nf rtipnonndium amarantjcninr. 

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vims in leaves of Nicotlana olutinosa . 
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chances in protein molecules _ 
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hpliral nnlvmpr<: anH nrntpijl^- Twn nrnnnsed 

methods and their application to data on poly- 

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and ftthpr pvnprimpntc 



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Two proposed methods and their application to 
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tnvir rnllniHc fnr ranrpr thpranu 

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pnHc nf human mptar.arnal shafts. 

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nf mitnrhnndria 

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ciAfpllinn indiirpd h\, nintathinnp 

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matinn nf "linid nprnvidp" durlnn cwpjtinn 

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inditrpd luct^ nf icnlatpd mitnrhnndria. 

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phorylation intennediates and uncoupling to 
<:wpriina of mitnchondtia. 

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ciwpHinn nf Icnlatpd li\,Pr mitnrhnndria 

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minp<; nn mitnrlinndrtal •;tA;pninn 

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and lysis of mitochondria with a Coulter elec- 
trnnir nartirlp rnuntpr. 


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oliitaJhinnp inniirpH <;wpllinn and liniH n*»mxi- 
Hafinn In mltnrhnniHrla 

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of rat liver mitociiondria induced by ferrous 


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ohosohate and arsenate on oeroxidation of 
iin<;afMrafpH faftv ariHs _ 

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63. The effect of phosphate on glutathione 
induced iioid oeroxidation and swellina In rat 
liupr mitorhnnHria _ _ 

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duced swellina and iioid oeroxidation In liver 

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riramione on swellina of isolated liver mlto- 
phnnHria _ 

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aonets. GSSG + GSH. ascorbate. and Fe+ + . 

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tfnn with Fp++ 

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Ivsis of isolated liver mitochondria. 

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on swellina and Hold oeroxide formation when 
mitochondria are treated with oxidized and 
rpriurpH oliitathlonp. 

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the swelling-Inducing agents" Fe**, glutathione, 
a^cnrhatp. nr nhnsnhate _ 

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mitochondria to electron transport and high 
f^nttrnv ln^prmpHIatpt ^__^ 

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of thyroxine Induced swellina by generation of 
hiah enerav intermediates at one of three sites 

In mItnrhrtnHrIa 

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HiliiHnn _ 

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Inhomogeneity of the chymotrypsins with re- 
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* CA-02302 

A Hpuplnnmpntal Immiinnnpnptir analv<;i<; of 






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pthulpnp nIvrnI . 


See Errata, p. 755 , for additional entries 


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;?^^s*i«w* KK^,t;*-r f , 






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prth/atinn pn7vmp*: 

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cpncitivltv nf vpa*:t nn rplliil;)r watpr rrinfpnt , 


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miitanpnp^ic in Hrncnnhila 

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Tumor growth In relation to protein 


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inhihiHnn nf tpcrncfprnnp-cMmiilatpH nrnuufh 

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hpn7nr A 1 nvrpnp 
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carcinoaenic action of the hvdrncarhnn 9.10- 
Himpthvl-1 . ?-hpn7anthranpnp. 
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nurtpntirfp mptafinlicm in niarpnta 

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der Sklerotisierungssubstanz, N-Acetyl- ', 


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mone activities of various oonaHntronin nrpna-_ 

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fW-ArptvlHn naminp) ak Tvrnsinmpfahnl if 

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See Errata, p. 755, for additional entries 


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nn thp orriirrpnrp nf r.hnlp<;tprnl <;iiifatp in man 
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Ultrasound diagnostic techniques In obstetrics 
and ovnecoloav. 
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status of ultrasonic medical diagnostic tech- 
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WalHpnctrnm'c marrnnlnhiil inpmia 

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rihocyliiraril hv Klgiii-ogrt^r a r ragca "^AAm 

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New aooroarhes to the nrohlem of osteooorosis. 

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loma given combined ACTH-androoen theraov; 
Comparisons of three androgens administered 
In varying dosage on exchanges of calcium, 
ohosohorus and nitrooen . 

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anri <;R85 cliiriu 

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ihetrnnv in mitUinIp muplrtma 

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(Duolnma _ . 

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Multinlp mvploma . 

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niirinp anri it*; rihnniirlpnciirip in nrinp nf normal 
anH Ipiilfpmir eiihiprtc ^ 

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serum creatinine by ion exchange chromatog- 
ranhy anri nltraviolpt <;n«>ctrnnhntnmptrv. 





* CA-02441 






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mirip fhpranv 

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chemotheraoeutic oerfusion^ 
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in citii inwaciiip ranrpr anH rliniral ranrpi" 

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mirrrtCrnnii nn pvfrtliafpH r pllg 

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nn rai.rinnma in citii 

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nn rpn;iral locinnc 

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N.Y.C. Megavolt Irradiation in operable 

hrpps.i narrinnma 

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in the treatment of primary operable carcinoma 

of thp hrpaci with nrnupH I vmn h nnrfp mptacfracpc 

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ii-rarliatrnn In nrimaru hfoact r^nretr 

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radiotherapy in cancer of the lung classified 
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parlv htiman ripuplnnmpnt _ ^_ 

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anH rnnrracHnn rpr\/iral anfl_rnrnnrpal tunpc^ 

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fiuity anri hictnnathninny nf rprviral ranrpr __ 

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Obstet Gynec 18:704, Dec 61. Human 

trnnhnhlaet in ticciiP riilfnrp 

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aspects of hydatidiform mole and choriocarcin- 
oma . 

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nptw \fnn\ij\aAno aknitf an n\rt npn^n 

Obstet Gynec 21:150, Feb 63.' transmission of 

Ipiilfpmla from mnrhpr \rt fphic 

Obstet Gynec 21:170, Feb 63. Vaginal-smear 

a^^p<;<;mpnt nf p<:frrnnpn arHwItu 
pnHnrplnp f\tnrHr>n anH fpannrpnaf Inn 

Z Krebsforch 65:201, 63. Precancerous lesions 

nf pnHnmpfrinm 

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culture studies of normal immature human pla- 

rpnfa*: with <:nprial rpfpfpnrp tn mnrnhnnpnp^I^. 
The Ovary . Williams & Wilkin's Co, Baltimore, 

Ph in A? Fctrnnpnin l ocinnc nf »ho nyiarv 

I ndian J Med R eS 52, ( No WlSi, Maf fl. Effia 
of 3-methylcholanthrene crystals and solutions | 
nn the chorio-ailantoic membrane of the develon- 
ina r.hicl^ pmhrvn. _ 

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Great Falls, Montana 

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nf cav->cnar if ir nraft roiar-tinn 

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Prnclhocic tforciic »i*ancr»lanf 

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anri narahiotir intnxiratton^ 
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oraft" rpaction and narabiosis. 
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Hicfrihiifinn nf n32-lahpllprf rpllc in fhp mniicp 

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ckin araffc 

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nrafic anri rhp Tranclnratinn Thpnrv. 

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inn _ 

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h\/Hi^7inp Hpfiwaf i\»pc fni- rannpc rhpmnfhprany 

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■rnna rlof iw^t I woe in f-^nr-ar fUomrtthaifirwi 

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hitman ranroc tMr-iicoc 

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Dolesis") in tissue culture of Ivmoh nodes from 
naripnic with malinnanf Ivmnhoma 

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aiitnxiriation inhihitnrc In rpll<;_anri tkqiips _ 

Bact Rev 26:336, Sep 62. Probfem of Immunity 

anainct tiimni-c 

CA-02472 HEM WALL, R. L., Ohio State U., (foTumbus 

Plasma proteins In leukemia, lymphoma and 

related diseases 

CA-02476 PATH SCHREK, R., Sch. Med., Northwestern Univ., 

, Chicago, III. Reactions of normal and 

Ipiikpmir human rpllc to cpra 
Blond. v.lR.n.5f>1 . Nov M 

J Lab Clin Med 61:34, Jan b3. Motility of nor- 

mal anri loiiLomir Itimnhnrxr^oc 

CA-0247& CY SELIGMAN, ARNOLD M., Sinai Hosp. Baltimore, 

Baltimore, Md. Chemotherapy of cancer— 
Fvnprlmpnral anri nlinical 
Am J Ophthal 56, (No 2):2787 63. Correlated" 
ultrafine structural changes of the anian pecten 
oculi and ciliary body of Gallu s domesticus. I. 
Effects of decreased intraocular pressure In- 
riiirpri by intravpnniic inipntinnnf acetazotanide. 
Am J Path 42:379, Apr 63. Early myocardial ' 


Am J Path 42:507, May 63. mstochemical alter- 
ations in ischemic heart muscle and early myo- 

rarriial infarrlinn 

Anal Chim Acta 28:150, 63. Colorimetric deter- 

minafinn nf linanric 

Arch Biochem 97:223, May 62. Chromogenic 


Arch Biochem 98:229, Aug 62. Estimation of a- 


Arch Biochem 102, (No 1), JuTM. Human 
nanrrpadr llnacp cfnriy with hilp calf arti- 
nf nan^hvl all/annatpc 

■Cancer 15:1041, Sep-Oct 62. Enzyme-alterable 
alkylating agents. I. Synthesis of mustards 

rnnfaininn pn7ump-ciicrpnfihlp amlHp hnnric_ 

Cancer 15:1056, Sep-Oct 62.' Enzyme-alterable 
alkylating agents. II. Clinical evaluation of 

N ,N'-hicT(7-rhinrnPthyllhinlarptyll-l 7. 
plhwIpnoHlamlnp f<;.dA^ 

Cancer 15:1062, Sep-Oct 62. Enzyme-alterable 
alkylating agents. III. Synthesis of mustards 

rnnfaininn Pn7ump-cncrpnl|htp pclpr hnnric 

Cancer 16:727, Jun 63. Enzyme-alterable alky- 
lating agents. IV. Treatment of cancer in 

rhilriKPn with rpnplifiup ma^clup rlncpc nf tJ-dA 

Cancer Chemother Rep 16:515, Feb 62. 

Npw chnrt half-lifp alkvlatino aopntl. 


See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 




* CA-02489 

Cancer Chemother Rep 16:527, Feb 62. 
Repetitive massive chemotherapy with sulfur 

miicfarH an;ilnnc 

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and electron microscope study on the pecten 
oniiil nf thp rinmpitin fowl (Rallu? Hnmestlrus). 

J Cell Biol 15:395, 62. Stability of the Iodine- 
carbon bond of radioactive lodoalbumin In the 

Sn KV plprtrnn hpam 

J Cell Biol 16:455, 63. Use of formalin fixation 
in cytochemical demonstration of succinic and 
riPN-anH TPN-HpnpnHpnt HphuHi'nnpna<;pc in 

J Histochem Cytochem 10:315, May 62. 

I oiirlne aminnnpnf iHacA 

J Lab Clin Med 62, (No l):i48, Jul 63. 

Coiorlmetric method for the measurement of 
Isncltrlr Hphvrtrnopna^p artlvltv. 

J Med Pharm Chem 5:852, 62. Chromogenle sub- 

ctratpc fftp amlnnnpntlHacp 

J Nat Cancer Inst 31:273, Aug 63. Enzyme alter- 
able all<ylatlng agents. V. Short biological 

hajf-llfp anpnt<: 

J Nat Cancer Inst 31:297, Aug 63. Enzyme alter- 
able alkylating agents. VI. Haloacetates and 

Proc 1st Int Congr Histochem Cytochem p. 203, 
63. Developmental histochemistry: Introduction 

nf npuu mp»hnHc fnr llnht anA olprti-nn mlrt-ncrrtnw 

SInal Hosp J 10:91, 61. Effective use of a 

nouf 9lt,ul9flnn :>n»M 

Snro Fnriim. V.I? .n.1 ?0. ft! _ 

J Histochem Cytochem 12, (No 5) ;364, May 64. 
The histochemlcal demonstration of pincreatlc- 
like lioase and comoarlson with the distribution 


J Surs Res 4, (No 1):23, Jan 6i4. Development 
of a clinically useful coiorlmetric method for 
^pnim lln^^p 

J Surg Res 4, (No 3):124, Mar 64. Acute 
reaction to arterial adhesive in healing skin 
wounds . _ 

AreflBT5Ef|-6ffi-lfl8, (N6 2):2tt, NftW 64. RAl8 
of some structural features of substrates on 
trvnsin activity. 

i:mtf 18, (N6 3 ) ;30 7 , Mgl- tS. U ll hlCgl M- |" 
perlence with N-hexamethylene N'N" -dlethy- 
lene Ihionhnsnhoramide (Kr-33) . a new aoent . 
fnr hrpmt nnH m/sri«n cnrclnnmn. 

CgHet i 'K«24, ( N6 9 );6i , O 'e[64. I htaufillM 
of the myelotoxic effects of circulatino alkylatl|ig 
aoents . , 

Frankfort, p. 9, Aug 64. Some recent trends 
and advances in enzvme hist ochemistry. 
ScTence 146, (No 3647):lU3Si, Nov 64. Osmlo- 
phliic reagents: New cytochemical principle for' 
iiaht and plprtrnn mirrnsrftnv 

MIckelson, M.N., Midwest Res. Inst., Kanjas City, 
END FARNSWORTH, WELLS E., State Univ. of New 
York, Buffalo, N.Y. Estrosen-androoen 

••^laHAnchlnc In »hp ncnct«fp 

Endocrinology 68:978, Jun 61. Androgen on 

nrnctatp Klrtc\in*hpfl(* rAHrHnn* 

Endocrinology 71:949, 62. Steroid structure 

and anrirnopnlcitv. 
JAMA 183:436, 63. Metabolism of testosterone 

h\/ thp human ni-ncfatp 

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biochemical site of action of testosterone on 
nrnlpin svnthpsis in thp rat seminal vesicle. 

J Urol 88:273, 62 . The effect of hormonal 
modification on nrostatic moroholoav . 

Endocrinology 73 , (No 4):498, Oct 63 . Per- 
fusion of thp isniatpd rat nrnstatp in situ . 

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regulation of nucleic acid and protein bio- 
svnthpsis in thp orostate . 

Nat Cancer Inst Monogr 12:275, 63 . Effects 
of castration on mitochondria of rat ventral 
orostate . 

Nat Cancer Inst Monogr 12:281, 63. Incorpora- 
tion of amino acids into protein by cell-free 
extracts of the nrostate aland- Effect of 
tpstirnlar hormones and nnlwrihnniirlpotiHps 

Nat Cancer Inst Monogr 12:323, 63 . Testo- 
sterone metabolism in the orostate. 

Steroids 1:299, 63. The enhanced local andro- 
genic activity of 19-nor steroids and stabiliza- 
tion of their striH-.turp hv 7n- and 17n methyl 
substituents to highly potent androgens by any 
route of administration. , . 

Biochim Biophys Acta 117, (No 1):247, Mar 66. Testosterone 

slimulalinn nf ritrir arid svnihpsis in thp rat nrostate. 
Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 119:373, Jun 65. Regulation of 

nrnstatp serretinn in thp rat . 
Steroids 6, (No 5):519, Nov 65. 10-Demethylation of testos- 

tprnnp hv human nrnstatP- 
CY MACDONALD, I., Sch. Med., U. So. California, 

Los Angeles Estrogen metabolism in 

human hrpast r^nrpr 

Surg Forum 13, 62. Levels of exogenous estro- 

none in ficciioc in human mammairK rarrtnn^a 

Cancer Res 24, (No 51:926, Jun 64. HadloSttiva 
estrogens in tissues of postmenopausal women 
with breast neooiasms. 
Cancer Res 25:371, 65. Excretion patterns of urinary metab- 
olites of estradioi-4-Cl4 in postmenopausal women with 
benian and maiionant disease of the breast. 
CA-02498 CY DUNNING, W.F., U. Miami, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Testing of new agents for chemotherapeutic 
Cancer Chemother Rep 14:117, Oct 61. Effect 
of mustargen mixed with urethan in the treat- 
ment of \RC. Ipiikpmia. 
CA-02501 HEM HORSIGAN, DANIEL L., Sch. Med., Western 

Reserve Univ., Cleveland, Ohio 
Mpt.-'hniism nf ervthrnnoipsis 
Blood 18:535, Nov 61. An unidentified 

prvthrnnnlptlr stiKstanrp in llupr 

CA-P2507 PATH VORWALD, ARTHUR J., Col. Med., Wayne State 

Univ., Detroit, Mich. Experimental 
niilmnnarv ranrpr in mnnkpvs 

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Chicago Enzymes of purine metabolism 

in vpasts 

Biochim Biophys Acta 61:255, 62. Purine 

Hlffiislon In Toriilnnsic ranHlHa 

Afch blpchew 106:46 , D ac 64. A il antfl i nase 
assays and their application to yeast and soy- 
bean ailantoinases. 
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Schenecudy, N.Y. Cytogenetic and 
hlnrhpmlral studies In Paramprium 
Exp Cell Res 27:382, 62. Effect of biochemical 
Inhibitors upon the killer-sensltlve system In 

Paramprium attrptta 

CA-02528 PATH RUTENBURG, ALEXANDER M., Beth Israel Ho«p., 

Boston, Mass. Serum and urinary enzymes 
in mallnnant Hispasp 

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and ^-glucuronidase activity In cancerous and 
noncancerous effusions. 

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aminopeptldase: Activity in normal infants. In 
biliary atresia and In other diseases. 

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plasmln: Observations in patients with cancer, 
obstructive laundlce. and other diseases. 

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coiorlmetric determination of y-fllutamyl 
transoentldase In human serumi enzymatic 
activity In health and dUM«A. 

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transpeptidase activity In hepatoblllary- 
oancreatlc disease. 

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an aminnopntldasp nf human tissues and SMiim. 

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evaluation of 5-methyl-3-phenyl-4-lsoxazolyl 

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tion of serum leucine aminopeptldase activity 
bv oaoer electroohoresls. 

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of serum leucine aminopeptldase In patients 
with oancreatlc disease. 

JAMA 187:281, Jan 64. Oxacillin In staphy- 

Inrnr.ral Infpnilnns. 
Acta Cytol 7:320, 63. A cytochemical study 
of DPNH diaphorase activity In exfoliated can- 
cerous and noncancerous cells In man. 
Ann Intern Med 61:50, 64. A comparison of serum 
aminopeptldase and alkaline phosphatase in the 
detection of henatobiiiarv disease in anicteric 
Cancer 17, (No 6):781, Jun 64. A study of 
serum peptidases in anicteric patients with 
J Biol Chem 240:1718, 65. The partial puriTica- 
tion of an amino acid naphthylamidase from 
human liver. _ _ 

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chemicai method for the demonstration of leuko-* 
cvte alkaline ohosohatase activity. 
Proc 6th Int Congr Biochem 4, (No 161):335, 64. 
The isolation and purification of an aminoacyl 
nanhthviamidase from human liver. 
Surg Forum 15:391, 64. Serum aminopeptldase 
in pregnancy, hydatiform mole, and choriocar- 
Brit J Haemat, Sep 65. HIstochemical method for the demon- 
stration of leukocyte amino acid napthyiamide (amlnooeoti- 
dase) using 2 substrates: Alanyi- and methionyi-4-methoxv- 
Bril J Haemat 12:172, 66. HIstochemical demonstration of 

leukocyte acid ohosohatase in health and In disease. 
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ant penicillins in the treatment of surgical staphylococcal 
Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 118:620, 65. On the nature of 

tolerance of endotoxin. 
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On the nature ot tolerance to endotoxin. 
CA-02530 MC TSOU, K.C., Borden Chemical Co., Philadelphia 

Anti-cancer agents and chromogenic enzyme 

* See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 



Arch Blochem 98:229, 62. i tn. .oiorlmetric 
estimation of a-D-galactosldase activity and 
' <;omp rfvmnapUnn with R-n-nalartnelHacp 

J Cell Biol, Mar 63. Cytochemlcal demonstra- 
J Histochem Cytocheni6:689, 62. Chemical 

Annmalv nf ftfttraTnlhifn cal»c 

J Histochem Cytochem 10:506, 62. Tetranltro- 

blue tetrazollum and the electron histochem- 

i<;tru nf <;ilrrinfr HphvHrnnpna<:p 

J Med Chem 6:47, 63. Synthesis of hexahydro- 
azeplnyldiazlrldlnyl phosphine oxides, sulfox- 

irfps anH cpIatpH rnmnnnnH« fni- nanrp? rhomn- 

J M8d Chem 6:435, 63. Synthesis of chemo- 
therapeutfc compounds based on enzyme ap- 

mn?»r:h- IV. A»*fiHtn<» rfpi-lujitlup* 
J Ort) Chwn 26r4987, 61. Possible cancer 

chemotherapeutic compounds. I. Hemisulfur 

miistsrri and its esters. 
J Org Chem 26:4987, 61. Possible cancer 

chemotherapeutic compounds. II. Mercapto- 

•tnifiir mustard and it^ p*:tpr<;. 
J Org Chem 26:4990, 61. Synthesis of possible 

cancer chemotherapeutic compounds based on 

pnTwmP annrnarh II Mpcran^ncidfiii. miic^ard 
and Itc pctprc 

J Org Chem 26:4993, 61. Possible cancer 
chemotherapeutic compounds. III. 1,2,3- 
nxariithintanp ?-oxirip. 

Nature 192:990, Dec 61. Use of tetrazollum 

rnmnniindft in nyidafivp pn7\/mp hr«fft- and 
rvtn- r-hpmlctfv 

Proc Am Assn Cancer Res 3:229, 61. Palliation 
of breast cancer with N-hexamethylene-N'N- 

dtptliulpnp thinnhncnhnfamidp 

Proc 5th int Congr Electron Microscopy, Sep 62. 
Intramembranous localization of succinic de- 

hudrnnpnacp iKinn tpji-anitm-hliip fptraTntiiim 

Proc 142nd Mtg Am Chem Soc, Sep 62. Syn- 
thesis of hexamethylene-diethylene phos- 

nhnramidp Jhinnhncniinramidp and rptatpd 
nnmnnnnri*: fni- rannpr rhpmnfhpranv 
* CA-0254& PATH HARTROFT, W. STANLEY, Sch. Med., 

Washington Uniu., St. Louis, Missouri 
ExDprimpntal orodiirtion nf henatomas 
Cancer Res 22:842, Aug 62. Cell renewal in 

rpnpnpfajinn rat In'pr 

Gastroenterology 44:159, Feb 63. Metabolism 

nf pthanni in rate \uitii rit-i-imcic 

J Nutr 76:247, Mar 62. Amlnonucleoside- 
indiirpd nmtpinriria and chnllne. 
CA-02551 MC TAYLOR, EDWARD C, Princeton Univ., 

Princeton, N.J. Studies in hetero- 
rvrlir rhpmi«:trv 

J Am Chem Soc 83:1261, 61. Rearrangement 

nf nurlmidlnpd tn <:-ti'1aTlnpc 

J Am Chem Soc 83:2967, 61. Photochemlcally- 
J Am Chem Soc 83:4484, 61. Photolysis of i- 

aminnnurlHinpc aniH P-nwrrHnnPc 

J Am Chem Soc 84:3744, 62. 5-Nitroso-6- 

aminnnvrimlHlnp<; fn <;-frla7lnP5 

J Am Chem Soc 85:770, 63. Alder adducts from 

? '^-Himothvlniiinnval inp 

J Org Chem 26:3001,' 61. Pyridine 1-oxldes. 

VIM Hwdfnlucic nf ^-nltm-Vnlnnllnp 

J Org Chem 26:3511, 61. A new Intermolecular 

hudrnnpn-trancfoi" i-pantinn 

J Org Chem 26:3796, 61. Pyridine 1-oxldes. 

IX. Further oxidative dimerizations of 4- 


J Org Chem 26:4957, 61. Reaction of nitriles 

with n-aminnnit'fi Ipc 

J Org Chem 26:4961, 61. Purine Chemistry. 

y ^nmp Hprtv/sfiimc nf O-amtnnnnrlnpc 

J Org Chem 26;4967, 61. Fused 4-aminopyrtml- 


J Org Chem 26:5224, 61. Reaction of 2,4- 

Hlrhlnrn-^-nUi'nnut'irpiHinP uulth aminoc 

J Org Chem 26:5230, 61. Pyridine 1-oxldes. 

X. pKa values for some 4-substituted nicotinic 

arid l-nvidp<; 

J Org Chem 27:2622, 62. Anthranllonltrlle with 

nhpnwl icnrvanatp 

J Org Chem 27J734, 62. Structure of alleged 

Diplc-Aldpf addiirt 

J Org Chem 28:1108, 63. Convenient synthesis of 

W W-f4iciihcfi|pitprl fncmamirlinpc ^^rptsmirltnpc 

Angewandte Chem 76, (No 8):342, 64. Die 

Synthcse von Pyrimido[4.5-e]as.-triazinen 

{6-AzaDteridinen) FlT 
Chem Industry p. 1559, 63. New route to 

J Am Chem Soc 86:951, 64. Synthesis of 

4-amino-5-cyanonyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine, the 

aolvcone of tovocamvcin, 
J Am Chem Soc 86:1830, 64. Synthesis and 

nrnnprtip"; nf nvrrntnll -P-alniiinnxalinp^ _ _ 

J Am Chem Soc 86:951, 64, Synthesis of 4-amino- 
5-cyanopyrrolo(2,3-d)pyrimidine, the aglycone 
of tovocamvcin 

J Am Chem Soc 86:4720, 64. A new purine syn- 



JAm Cheni S6t 88:4721,~i 
substituted theophyllines. Isolation of a 7-N- 
oxide intermediate and an unusual leul<art 
rpdiicUnn with dlmfllhvKnrmamidp. 
J Am Chem Soc 87:1400, 65. Photochemical 
interactions in ortho,ortho'-disubsitituted 
J Am Chem Soc 87:1976, 65. A synthesis of 

Dvrimido(4.5-e) -as-triazines(6-azaDteridines). 
J Am Chem Soc 87:1980, 65, Studfes in purine 
chemistry. XIII. Synthesis of the 5-aza 
analoas of adenine and hvooxanthine. 
Jt)fg'ailiTr29;m6",-64. ThrSyrtthesiS of 4- 

aminoisnxazolol 5.4-dlovrlmidines, 
J Org Chem 29:2121, 64, Synthesis of some 
(l,2,3)thiadiazolo(5,4-d)oyrlmldines and 
J Org Chem 29:2440, 64. Long-range deshielJina 

hv chlorine. 
J Org Chem 30:655, 65. New syntheses of pyrrole 

12.3-dl- and nvrrnlnl 3.2-dl nvrimidines 
Tetrahedron 20:2059, 64. The mechanism of the 
conversion of*-nitrebenzoyldiazomethane to 
Angew Chem 77:859, 65. Formation of a 2-thiocyanatooyrimi- 
dine from a l-amino-2-thioxo-l,2-dihydropyrimidine and 
Angew Chem 78:333, 66. A one-step synthesis of fused 

Angew Chem Int Ed 4:868, 65. Formation of a 2-thlocyanato- 
pyrimidine from a l-amino-2-thioxo-l,2-dihydropyrlmldine 
and dlmethvlformamlde/P0C13. 
Angew Chem Int Ed 5:308, 66. One-sten syntheses of fused 

Angew Chem Int Ed 5:309, 66. A one-step synthesis of fused 

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and Dvrrolo (3.2-d)Dvrlmidines. 
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oyrimidine. An azaloa of the aolvcone of tovocamvcin. 
J Org Chem 31:1303, 66. Application of the halpalkoxy 

reaction to 6-nlt>^oanthroxanIfc acid. 
RAD GOLDFEDER, ANNA, Grad. Sch., New York 
Univ., New York, N.Y. Radiosensitivity 
and hioloaical nrnoerties of tumors 
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<:hin. Primarv far.fnr in a nrimarv cfandarH 

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uptake in vivo by mouse tumors and liver on hilar IpvpI. 

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tivity and metabolic properties of mouse mam- 
mam fiimnur*:, 

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cycle and its response to x-imidistion of tvro 
fMmnr-fvnp<; indiapnnii<; tn Kam* hn^f 

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tative aspects of radiation effects on mammal- 
ian r.pik nnrmal and malionant. 

Int J Radiat Biol 6, (No 6):575, Jun 63. 
Radiosensitivity and biological properties of 
two tumour-tvnes indiapnniis to the samp host. 
VI. The effects of x-irradiation on sub- 
cpiliitar imitK 

Laval Med 34:12, Jan 63 . RadloseiKltlvity 
at the subcellular level . 

Proc Am Soc Cell Biol, (No 60), 63. Intracell- 
ular catalase activitv followino x-irradiation. 

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cellular distribution of catalase and effects of 
several aaents on its activitv. 

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63 . New asoects in cellular radiosensitivitv . 

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cellular level of two tumor types indigenous to 
the same host . 

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Cell structure and radiosensitivitv. 

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ultrastructures to ionizino Irradiation. 

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zation of intracellular catalase of mouse liver. 

J Nat Cancer inSl 33, I'NS 1):27, Jtil 64. WSdJo- 
sensitivity and biological properties of two 
tumor tvoes indigenous to the same host. VIII. 
Catalase activity within three intracellular 
fractions and its response to various chemical 

Proc 3rd Europ Reg Cont Electron Microscopy, 
64. The response of cytoplasmic ultra- 
*;trurtnrps tn inni7inn radiatinn. 

ProrSoc hxp bioTMed 115:2?, 64. StudlfeS on 
activation of intracellular catalase of mouse 

Radiat Res 22, (No 67), 64. Studies on cyto- 

nlacmlr itUracfriirfnrp*; Fnllnu/inn iriMHiaHrin 

Trans NV Acad Sci 26, (No 2) :2l5, Dec 63. 
Cell structure and radiosensitivitv. 
HEM REISNER, EDWARD H., Jr., St. Luke's Hosp., 
N.Y.C. In vitro culture of hematopoietic 


Blood 20:109, 62. Effect of humoral and 
hnrmnnal fartnr*; nn h^mnnnip*;!*; in uif»v» 



See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 



* CA-02573 


Proc Soc Hemat 10th Int Congr, Stockholm, 
Sweden, A:56, Aug-Sep 65. Myelostimulatory 
effects of sera from oatients with mveloorolifera- 
riup Hi<;ftrf^pr^ in marrnw riilhirp*:. 
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Duarte, Cal. Free amino acids in 
nnrm;^! anfi npnnla<;tir ti*;*;!)?*; 
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nnraHnn infn iiraril 

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mniicp Krain I -nhitamir Horai-hrvvul acp 

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nn Fhrlirh a<:ritp<: rplU 

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nprUnn in Fhrlirh acrifrpc tiimnr rpll«: 

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action of 5-(2'-bromoacetamido)-uracll on the 
Ehrtirh a<;r.itp«; tiimnr. 

Amino Acid Pools, Elsevier Pub Co, Amsterdam, 

^S - hy Frpp amino ariHc in nianf Hcciipe 

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of mouse brain ^,-aminobutyric-a-ketoglutaric acid 

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lymphoma and C1498 leukemia in susceptible (C57BL) 

and resistant (R10.D2) mice. 
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ascites tumors, C1498 and E.L.4, in susceptible 

(r.57RI ) anri rp«i<;fant (Rin.n?^ mirp. 
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mouse ascites tumor, E.L.4 and C1498, in susceptible 

(r.^lRl 1 and rpsistant (Bin D?! mirp 

Cancer Res 25:1753, 65. Influence of H-2 isoantibody 

ftn plftr^rnkinptir hpha\/(fM- nf P I d l\»mnhnma rpMc 

CY GUTMANN, HELMUT R., Univ. Minnesota, 

Minneapolis, Minn. Mechanism of 
artinn nf rarrinnnpnir arnmatir aminpc; 

Arch Biochem 95:1, Oct 61. Protein binding 

hw rat llwpr 

Blochlm Blophys Acta 56:394, 62. Protein 

lahpltinn hv, ?-lmlnn-l . 9-fliinrpnnnnlnnnp 

J Biol Chem 238:2206, Jun 63. Oxidation of o- 
amlnophenols by cytochrome c and cytochrome 

nviHa*:p V InarH\*atlnn nf ratala<:p anrt arnl- 
nacp h\i 9-Imlnn-l 9-flitnrpnpnniilnnnp 

J Or? Chem 26:1859, 61. Protein bindlna of 
model qulnone Imldes. III. Preparation of 
N-M -hvrirnxv-?-arptamidn-4-fluorenvl)- 

ni -Ivclnp 

J Org Chem 27:2248, 62. DL- and L-threo- 

nlnp n-tnlMpnp«iilfnnfltp hpn7vi potpr 
Cancer Res 23, (No 11):1782, Dec 63. 
Evaluation of the carcinogenicity of amlno- 
fluorenols bv imolantatlon Into the bladder of 
Jhp mnn^p 

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2-imino-l,2-fluorenoqulnone and of 2-litilno- 
1.2-fluorenoouinone with hovlne serum 

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of o-amlnophenols by cytochrome c and cyto- 
chrome oxidase. 

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catalase and arginase by 2-lmlno-l,2- 

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tion of the carcinogenicity of aminofluorenols 
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I \,mnhnmac IpiiUptniac and cpriim fhpranv 

Cancer Res 21:1170, Oct 61. Does the 

hnct rparr anainct.hi*; nwn ranrpr rplK ' 

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inrliicinnc in rpllc nf lumnhncarrnma ^n^HFn 

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inclusions in cells of lymphosarcoma 6C3HED . 
II. Electron microscoDic observations. 
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the L-asparaginase activity of guinea pig 
spriim i"; rpsnnnsihp for antilvmohoma effects. 
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RInnd npnclr. ir. n-p^i.-cn-.- «< -^.■»-;- --.- — - 

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Development of an improved prolactin 
hinassav mpthnd 
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larfin in nnrmal human mpnctnial rwrlo 

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nf nrnlar.rin activitv in human hinnd 
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lactin activity in blood during the normal human 
menstrual cycle. 
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Pa. Induced rat breast cancel — 
Mprhanism. nrpupntinn. thpranv 

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nmhpr pupc rinarpf adc 

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effect of intracardiac blood on the electro- 

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lymphatic leukemia in oriental populations of 

thw llnilpd <;talp<; 
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rhanninn rnnrcni^ 

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of cancer in the colon and rectum among polyp- 

frpp naHpntc 

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mammary adenocarcinoma of rats; Some con- 
siderations of methvlcholanthrene dosaae and 

hnrmnnal ^roafmpnf 

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radical mastectomy for breast cancer: A re- 

analvci<: nf Smith and ^Avpr'^: rf*rirtrt fi*nm 
Pnr^^fnri^ lllinnic 

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quantitative observations on testicular changes 
In RAI R/r and mH mirp Imnlantpd vulrh dipthvl- 

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tlnn and 1-Mr.A-inriirpri hrpacr ranrpr 

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Pneumonectomy and lobectomy In broncho- 
opnir. r.arrlnniim* A rnmnarlsnn nf pnd-rp<iiilt< 
nf thp Oupphnit and ftrhanpp rllnlr« 

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rnnrprninn ranrpr 

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ranrpr and qmnUnn 

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Mnrphnlngiral Prpwirtnr-! nf UnlV of 

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anthrpnp indiirpd hrpac* ranrpr in »hp rat 

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mammary cancer In rats by a dlthiocarbamoyl- 

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effect of norethynodrel (Enovld) on methylcho- 
lanthrene-lnduced mammary carrlnnopnpslis |n 
fpmalp rate 

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Studies of c-carcinogens and cancer promoting 
aoents in rats. I. A breast cancer te';t sv-item 
and pffprr nf rhrnnir insulin indiirpd Qtrpcc 

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Some considerations of methvlcholanthrene 
dn";aap and hnrmnnal rrpatmpnt 

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Lower body x-irraoiation and 3-methylcholanttv- 
rene administration in breast-tumor induction 
in rhp Wi«:tar rat 

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nf hnnp marrnw hindvnamirc 

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P.hannpc in rhmmncnmp romnlpmpnt nf himnr 
ctom rpllc 

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in arirtp Ipiikpmia 

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7nnp dihydpnrhlnridp 

See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 






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Hodakin's disease and acute mvelohlastic leu-_ 

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newer chpmnthpranpiitir aapnt<:. 
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Inaic sectlnn^. 

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mpfhnH fnr immiinnfl unfpcrpnrp 

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in lymph nodes associated with malignant 


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specificity in growth and tumor relative to 
pn7vmp-siih*;rratP stprpnrnnfiniiratinn. 

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immunity to malignant neoplastic tissue by 

mparm nf rniinlinn malinn;)nt M^ctip fn antinpntr 
nrntpln rarripr. 
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ral rhannpc nmtrvinn in hnmAnraftoH hoar* 

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lated glycosldase. Histochemistry of cellular 
iniiirv anH rpnair in rlrrhntlr liuprQ 

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hu irifprfprprirp miri-nQmnx* _ 

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in mammalian ticcup 

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ties of tissue p-galactosidase demonstrated 
hv new indnlvl ';uh<;rrarp*;. 

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nlantpH hpart 

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demonstration of leucyl amlnopeptldase in tls- 
<;iip hv rhp IKP nf OI-N-fR-hrnmninHnl-Vvh 
IpiirinamlHp hl»r^l'nhl'nmir^p 

J Hlstochem Cytochem 11, 63. the use of 5- 

rnnurann<;iHp fnc Hpmnn<;traHnn nf rhannpc in 
cnlpnir (•ptiriilnpnHnthpJial rplk 

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dogs produced by plasma from patients with 

<:v<;tpmir liiniK prvthpmatnciic 

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of leuclnaminopeptldase and -glucosidase by 

Mt;p nf npw ciihctrafpc: 

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series of new Indolyl compounds to localize 
B-oalartn<;!Ha«;p In tl<;<;np<; 

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onstration of leucine amlnopeptldase by means 
nf a npw Indnlvl rnmnniinH. 

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glomerular lesions in canine kidney by In- 

iprtinn nf niacma frnm natipnK wirh ^u^tpmin 
tiiniK: pfvthpmafnctic 

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of fluorescent-tagged p-globulln to muscle In 
Mva<;thpnia Rraui<; 


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nneiHa<;p hl<!tnr.hpmistrv with inrioxvl substrate. { 
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humoral factors in homograph rejection of the 
rran'^nlantpH hparr. 
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isoloaous and autoloaous Ivmohocvtes coupled I 
to hKrila7nhpn7idinp human aamma alnhiilln. 1 

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lection of isooroovl-6-D-thloaalactoDvranoslde. 
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Some substituted indole-3-vl-8-D-alvcoovrano- I 
cIHpc I 

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Immunofluorescence, with the use of tagged 
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of bovine Ivmoh nodes. ; 

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irradiarpd rino<: 
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*,.:« ;nfAl»nn,^i9^o fnf hprnnnlnhio fnrmatinn. 

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antihnHu nrndiirrinn 

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<;t3tiis of hnnp marrnw tranc:nlantatinn 

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storage of marrow and Its use in treatment of 
radiatinn iniurv. 


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lethally Irradiated dogs given infusions of 
autologous ieul<ocvtes oreserves at -80 C. 
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Ptiotorecovprv anri nltr;ivinlpt narrinnapnp<;i<; 

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artiu;)Mnn in rhp ti:inA Hnllar 

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pntrv intn prvthmrvtp*: at hian lpvpl« 
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of 1-aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid in man 

and the rat. 
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the amino group as a factor in the transport of 

amino acids. . 

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hinriina aopnt 
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with <:nprlal rpfprpnr.p tn amlnn ariri<: 
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on mediated tran<;nnrt^ intn red hinnri rplk 
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ohnsohatp bv Ehrlich a<initp<; fiimnr rpfk 
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of pyrldoxal 5'-phasphate to bovine plasma 

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ariri«; arrn*:*: the intPQtinp 
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intensification of hepatic accumulation of 

amino acids. 
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of mediation of neutral amino acid transport in 

Ehrlich cells. 
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ta\ trane:nnrt nf mnHpl aminn arinc 
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for metabolic attack on tris{hydroxymethyl) 

aminomethane in the rat. 

New York. Nov 62. . _ 

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cltpc nf h*/ frpp chntHInn rarclai-e ? 

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cantnnurinp. rnmhinatlnn A-mprrant'nnpirlnp Ani\_ 

DON and high-loading 6-mercaptopurlne ther- 
apies in treatment of acute leukemia In chil- 
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various morphologic types of childhood leuke- 
mia and thpir fpeinnncp tn r^i-taln rhpmnthpra- 
npiitir anpntc 

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Dho<;nhorns npnta<;iilfidp. 
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nvriHayinpc I 11 

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tetrazolofl .S-hl-nvrida7inp^. 

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Dotential ourine antaoonists. 

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IV. Synthesis of 4,7-disubstituted derivatives and 1- 
benzyl-2-substituted thio derivatives. 

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resistance and blood-gas diffusion in the 


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The viral etiology of human leukemia and 

UftHnHn'c HIcpacp 

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blast omwth. 

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Mammary tumors, mammary gland development, 
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^t...!..^ r'au roA -.nrtthoirPt hvhrlH";, 

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teratomas, including evidence indicating their 
origin from orimodiai aerm cell<;- 

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environmental influences on teratocarcinogen- 
esis in mice. 

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oraanes de I'embrvon de ooulet. 

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mental teratocarcinnoenpclc in mirp 

TN3t raneerm5i-33rrNnrT6S,-3ni "64 . 

Karyotype and sex of primary testicular 
teratomas in mice. 
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perlmental production of thesticular teratomas 
in mice. 

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_^_^_^ : (juelques Groupes dHnver- 

tehtes, Hermann Pub Co.. Paris, 62. 

* CA-02663 


Vertebres et Chez Quelques Groupesi 

des teratome<: chp? ip<: mammifprp*: 
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the moil';?. 

SSS GAVAN, J.A., U. Florida, Gainesville 
Formerly U. South Carolina, Charleston 

kUnfnhnlnnu nf thp rhpCIK mOnkpV 

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tnitmh siirklnn In ciip<;ii5 mnnkpu*; 

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Hlhiilar mnlaK in chpciic mnnl/pvjc 
Hum Biol 35iJ04, Feb 63. Tooth size in African 


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terrir;er.".tfirp «;tijHv nf ceH"; 

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• A nrntpMc 

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durina aoolication of hiah hvdrostatic pressure. 

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on Amoeba proteus. Changes in shape, volume and surface 
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62. Relationship of components of papilloma 

viriK tn nantllnma and rarrinnma rpltc 

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62. Antiviral and antitumor immunologic mecha- 

_;_„- ......v-it i..a in QUono nan i 1 1 nm a-r arr 1 Hnma 


J Nat Cancer Inst 29:277, Aug 62. Antitumor 
immunity in the Shope papilloma-carcinoma 

r.nmnlpv nf rahhiK I Panillnma rpni-pccinn 

induced by homologous and autologous tissue 

\,arr inoc 

J Nat Cancer Inst 29:287, Aug 62. Antitumor 
immunity in ths Shope papilloma-carcinoma 
!„., „( ,Tkk;jc 11 Qitnnrpt;cinn nf a tran*;- 

planted carcinoma, Vx7, by homologous papil- 

Nature 195:301, Jul 62. Immunization of the 
A/Jax mouse with irradiated cells of its indige- 

nnii"; ^arrnma I 

See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 





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cent studies on Shope papillomas of cottontail 
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iaation nt trimnr immiinnlnnv anri wirat nnrnlnnu 
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rahhit a^ a nntPntiallu ilQpflll lahnratni-u animal 

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rabbits Induced by the virus of Shope: Histo- 

lofiir tpatiirpc rplatpH tn amnunt nf wicitc in ftio 
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amount ot virus and m microscopic structure 
nt Shonp nanillnnia<; of r.nttnnrail rahhir<;. 
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Daoillomas induced bv the virus nf <;hnnp (SPV1 

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domestic rabbit following papilloma induced with nucleic 
acid extracts from malionant tis'^iip*; nf thp "^hnnp Qu^frpm 

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associated with nucleic acid-induced tumors of cottontail 

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l/'niv., Boston, Mass. Enzymes in the 
aast.'ointpstinal Miirn'.a 

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in pffii^inrT^ 

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Ipiirinp aminnnpntldasp. 
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anH nthpr dicpasps 
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colorimetric determination of gamma-glutamyl 

tran<;npntiHasp in human Qpnim 
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an aminnnpnrirta^p nf human ticctipc anri cpi-rim 

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tion of serum leucine aminopeptidase activity 
hu nanpr pjprtrnnhnrpcic 

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Invifiratinn nf pnHnfnvin \\m cnUni/. ovf.-antc 

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of serum leucine aminopeptidase in patients 
with nanrrpatir. and hpnatnhiliar" Hispacp 

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ity in exfoliated cancerous and noncancerous 
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parison of serum aminopeptidase and alkaline 
ohosDhatase in the detection of heoatobiliarv 
disease in anicteric natipnts. 

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improved histochemical method for the demon- 
stration of leukocyte alkaline ohosohatase 
activity Clinical aoolication. 

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scyl nanhthylamidase from human liver. 
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Stiidipe: with fl-a7aniianinp 

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ino a.^nwih nf carr.innma nf thp r.frviy 

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Reversibility and genesis of chemically induced 
rprvirat ranrpr 

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electron microscopic study of 20-methylcho- 
lanthrene-induceri dysolasia of the uterine 








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erythrocytes in cancer oatients 
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mustard anslnns. 
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aminolpvulinir arid. 
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rpnrp nf nulmnnary mpta<:ta«;is 

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and malinnanf niilmnnaru nnHii!p<: Ku nrniwfh cafp 

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Ja:ksonville, Florida 

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4-aminnntprn\/lnliiramir arid nn midnpcfafinn 

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nf rprwirpl in fprm and nnnnra\/iH iifpri 
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nhnsnhnrylasp and nviHafiup pn7ump^ 

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in nnrmal anH ahnnfmal cnitamnitc miirntia 

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nf nnrmal ifOfciic fa^^\/ li\/Pt' 

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<;kin rarrinnma 

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matiiratinns in uarinii*; rprviv lp';inns, 

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dpi riipHn iitprinn 

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svnthpsi7inn pn7vmP5 in iifpi-inp ctie\iiv 
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glycogen-synthesizing enzymes in the uterine 


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ficcitp ptpmpnic 

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prvthmnoiptin durinn in uitrn inrnhatinn with 

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I. Enzvmp induntlnn and rhp mpt;ihnll^m nf 
I arptvlf^hnlinp 

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rhararrpricrirQ rif Whinnip'c rilcpacp 

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Use of actlnomycin D to unmask RNA synthesis 

indiirpri hv Npwra«:rlp Hicpa<;p wini*: _ 

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In Infprtlntic mnnnniirlpncU 

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ckplpfal miKirIp flhpr 

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formed in Ehrlich ascites tiimnr cplk Infprtpri __ 
with Npwra<;tlp Hi<;pa<;p »/irfi«: 

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hlnlnairal <;tiidip'; nn rpniirarinn rplk 

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tivltv nf svnrhrnnnii«;lv rlluirllnn F rrtit 

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sensltlzed photolnactlvation of yeast In re- 
lation to x-rav oxvaen effect. 

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for paling of ultraviolet-irradiated chromosome 


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B, B/r and Bs-1. 
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dves aaainst the effects of ultraviolet liaht. 
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uatlnn nf l-aminnrvrlnnpntanorarhnvulir arlH 

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.< ...i..».^.i ..miHA ^fiA anainnc on aminn arid metaboiism. 

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*klnf iilfinatec 

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..U»l..r.»arnl ,4alta 7-l«HlirtaCP 

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cholesta-4,7-dien-3-one and cholesta-4,6- 
dien-3-onp hv mouse liupr mirrnsnmp'; 

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cholesta-4, 7-dlen-3-one and cholesta-4, 
^-Hion-'^.nnp hv mnti^p iivpr homooenates . 

biocnim BlopFiys Acfa"84:4/i, 64. occurrence 
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oalactoliolds In the photosvnthetic aooaratus of 
Anahfipna u»rlahill«. 

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MIcroccus Ivsodeckticus. 

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!..........»:».. -inA rpll annfpnatinn 

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Nov 61. Immediate response of cells to 
rhanop of inn ronrentration in thp mpriium. 

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Pathogenesis <Jf virus-induced Rous sarcoma. 

I niftrlhiuinn nf t/iriic and tumor foci in chicks 

.^n.^ »>ii.l'puc ■ 

"■ ■ J Nat Cancer Inst 29, (No 3):421, Sep 62. 

Pathogenesis of virus-induced Rous sarcoma. 

II ni#f»ami(-c nf tumnr Hpuplnnmpnt and viral 
arowth nattprn*; in rhirk"; 

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Role of humoral antibody and infecting dose in 
tuo rar-f^uar^ nf Pniic Qarrnma virus from turkey 
tumor rplls in ti<;<;iip rulturp 
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Cr., Martinsburg, W.Va. Studies on the 

uotake of radiosulfate bv neoolasms 
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ahcnrntinn nf nrprinifatpQ 

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<;illnhur <:ttiHip<: and rpuipw nf litpratnrp 

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tion of administered radiosulfur in patients with 

rarrinnmac nf ctnmarh rninn nr rorttim 


See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


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62. Localization of radioactive sulphur In 

hnman n;)c^i'ninfpctin;>t rarrinnmae 

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Effect of somatotrophin on tissue concentra- 
tinn<: anH pvrrpfrinn ratp ofj-artlrtciilfafp 

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llHIiyinn rpfultrlmp^hulammnninm Krnmirip anH 

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stinoipmentpH ri lpt<;. ^ 

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the acid-soluble nucleotide composition of 
rat liver. 
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levels in livers of rats fed diets deficient in 
choline or containina ethionine. 
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Ihioninp hv p^hinninp-trpatpH rafq 
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inYn thp aHpninp ntirlpnHHp*; nf pfhirtninp-iniprfprt fate 

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ition of Saimonplla tvnhimiiriiim hv pfhinninp. _ 

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ripnvvrihnnrirlpir ar.irt. anrt nrnfpin nf F<;r.hprir.hia rnii 
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Univ., Sloomington, Ind. Biochemical 
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T? hartprinnhaop , 
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internal orotein from colinhaop T?h. 

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rp<;nl\/pH h3^^pl•innhanp-hnQt cv/Qfpm? 

Natiirp 1R0-04R. A1 "Sfninhii'al miifatinnc 

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of T4 rll replication In Eschenchla coil K 12 

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; TwMain fi-nm rnlinhanp T7. 

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thp human nv/aru 
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p<:Ji'nnp hu marmncpf nlarpnta 

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nf fxiiirnne^nti hu fhp human nu:*rv 

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hinnpnp^i"; nf p<:ti'nnpn<: 
FprHlitv and "itprnitv 1?'1?1 Mar Al 
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nf nviilaf Inn 

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rinminhpnp nn fhp human nwaru 

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estrogens by human ovary. 1. Conversion of 
Ar.pfatp-l-r.l4 tn p<:frnnp and p<;ti'aHinl. 

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gens by the human ovary. III. Conversion of 
rholpstprnl-4-r.l4 tn p<:trnnp 

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gens by the human ovary. IV. Formation of 
npMtrai <itPrniH Intprmpniatp*: frnm arptatp-l -0.14, 
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on aromatizatlon of steroids by the human 
placenta In vitro. 
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Collagen content of the nonpregnant rat uterus 
as related to the functional resoonses to 
pstroopn and nrnap«itprnnp , 
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tion of methods with Imoroved recoverv. 
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In normal human pregnancy. 
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tants nf ^almnnplla tunhimiiritim 

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Inosinic-guanylic pyrophosphorylase of 
Salmnnplia tunhimitriiim 

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abnormalities in 2,6-dlaminopurlne resistant 
mutant*; nf Salmnnplia tvnhlmiiriiim 

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inhibition of purine biosynthesis in an adenlne- 
pxr.rptina mutant nf *%almnnplla tvnhlmirriiim ^ 

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mutagen-induced revertants of our-A mutants 
of Salmonella tvohimurium. 




* CA-02798 



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cinase from Salmonella typhimurium as a re- I 

suit of a structural oene mutation. 
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adenylic ovroohosohorvlase In Salmonella. i 

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tation affectina adenvlosuccinase. I 

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purlne-requirlng mutants of Salmonella typhi- 
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analysis of adenine specific auxotrophs of 

Salmonella tvohimurium. 
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Salmonella tvohimurium. 
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of resitance to 2,6-diamlnopurine resistant 

mutants of Salmonella tvohimurium. 
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rhamhpr nf thp rat'c hparf 

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( lananpcp^ 



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a fnrpinn hndv within trancnlantahlp tiimnrc 


See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


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dprlvativp^ nf ovrlmiHinp*; and ntirlnpQ 
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r.ftmnaratlup ctiiHv with thrpp all,\,iaftnn anonfe 

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V human aHrpnal Mcqmp 

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. I MpH r.hpm ft-Afl? A'^ ^-illvliinHino 

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Infpr.tpH wirh mvrnnla<:ma 

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nn rpnrnHiirtiup rvrlpc in thp mnncp 



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TTrigin of the plant 




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II. Sulfonium mustard precursors and 1- 
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Cnonprativp <;tiiHv nf riipmnthpranv nf Iptikpmia 
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Itnid rnmnlpvp*;. 


See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


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hpternrvrllr :iikvl;itlna aopnt<;, 

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chioroeth vl sulf ide wit h antitumor activitv. .„__ 

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Sttidip-; on hactprial tnxln<; 

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rnma "il anri Krph<; ? rarr.lnnma rplU. __ 

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transplantable tumors sarcoma 37 and Krebs-2 


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mature and premature infants and Infants with 

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Therapeutic trial with human oiasmln. 

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1 ■?? in trpatmpnt nt npdiatrip. mallananrlss. _ 

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nl<:m nf thromhniv«il« hv nla^min. 

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Parpntpral <;niramvrin. 
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;»nH Hi<;^nliiHnn 

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^nfi raHiaMnn in hfnnrhnnoni/" ruirinrtm:* 

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nfliioresrpnt stalnlno tpnhnlarip<:. ^ 

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fihrin r.lots. ^ 

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fibrinoiysin systems bv the isolated oerfused 

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teraction of streptokinase with plasminogen. I. 
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tides and fppd hark Inhlhllinn nf dp nnvn niirlnp 

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iiraril nn Rarillit^ rprpti^ 

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Unnt; nf ar<;pnifp in mirrnnrnani^m*; 

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method for transferring volatile radioactive 








CA -02993 



* CA-0M03 



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induction of microsomal S-,N- and 0-demethy- 

lases. CA-03009 

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between lipid solubility and microsomal metabop 

lism of drugs. 
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Failure to restore DNA synthesis while re- CA-03010 

lievinq S-fluorouracil-induced inhibition. 
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nf <;PMA rnnt;)rnino R-;47^Qii;ininp. 

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ariH-dirprfprI I -fl4C1 nhpnvlalaninp incnrnnrarlnn. 
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nf RWA frnm R-a nnaninp rrpatpri Rarillii^ cprpt(9 

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See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 

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of hemicholinium No 3. 




I CA-03052 






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Free cells of peritoneal 




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rarrinnma nf thp hi-oact 

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I'atome d'hvdroqene des liaisons hydrogene 

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C-3D7& .-- 


J C6II CM|> myiil6l M, (Ni 2, ijlllbpl i):91( BEl 

64. Electronic aspects of the Interactions be- 
tween the carcinogens and oosslble cellular sites 
of their activity. 

TTi8»'ChimAeta(Berl) i^Zifi' U. Sur Iti 
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^tiiriip^. _ 

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I CA-03092 



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alvcoorotelns. _ 

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Nphraclfa . I Inrnln . Nph Araniilnnllnpc 

Grossnlr.kle . T.T. . Bridoewater CoT.". Brldoewater. 






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Thp rhpmUrrv nf prhv|pnlmlnp< ; 
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nf Iprikpmla*; and Ivmnhomas _ 
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<tiiHlpH hv rpll-lahpltnn nrnrp";cp<i. 

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Dcpt Med, US Army TrIpler General Hospital 
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nf fiindajnpntal nstiirp nf Ipiilfpmiac lumnhnmac 
%r\4 ran^pf* 

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nitrogen, and water content of human leukemic 

lpilknrvtp«- Rplatinn tn np^l^jnahirifw 

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the treatment of multiole mveloma. Ml. Ethyl 
N-(Bis(Ethylenimido)phosphbrb) carbamate 
(AB-100)(NSC 37096)._ 

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Amlnocyclopentane-l-carboxyllc acid (NSC- 
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arittp teukpmla. 







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evaluation of disease and treatment in chronic 


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HvrirnYuiirpa fN^r-'^?n^'il a<; a tpratnnpn 

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inHiirpH hv HvHrnxviirpa (N<;r.-1?nA^ 
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Doip<;i<; inriurpH hv HvHrnyvurpa (N'^H-'^JnA'il 
Cancer Chemother Rep 40:19, Aug 64. Studies on a metabolic 

Hpfprt inHiirpH hv HvHrnyvnrpa fM^r-?9n/t^ 

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and folate in oatient'; trpatpri with HvHrnxviirpa (N<;r.-1?nA^ 
Cancer Chemother Rep 40:27, Aug 64. Erythroklnetic abnor- 

malitie<; with aHmini<!tratinn nf Hvrirnxviirpa fN'^fl-IPIWi'^ 
Cancer Chemother Rep 40 Jl, Aug 64. Erythema In areas of 

previous irradiation in patients treated with Hydroxyurea 

Cancer Chemother Rep 40 J3, Aug 64. Hydroxyurea (NSC- 

32065V Rp'Siilt nf a nha';p I <;tiiriv. 
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triak with HvHrnxvMrpa (N<;r.-'??n6'n 
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Hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Miscellaneous 

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of Hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Cancer of the 

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of Hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) In adults: Carcinoma of the 

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Hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Urologic and 

ovnecoloaic neoolasms. 
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HvHrnxviirpa (N<;r-1?nARl in arliilK- I Piil<pmia 

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Hydroxyurea (NSC32065) in adults: Multiple meyloma 

and Ivmohoma. 
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Hvdroxviirpa (NSr:-3206'i1 in aHultf r.liniral pvaliiaHnn. 
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of HvHroxvurpa (NSr:-3206'i) and other urpa dprivativp*. 
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A7S74^ in nnrnmmnn malinnant Hicpacp In rhilHi-pn 

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secrptinn nf oituitarv intprmpdin 
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nhnrp hnrmnnp 

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orooerties of ananvlalvcine dioeotidase. _ 
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«tprnlH-17-«;nlrnlar»nnp«; nn ^irintiifirrin*- in m;*n_ 
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';na<;tirltv in mirp. 
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nxvarptlr arid and <;na<;tiritv in mirp. 
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in thyroid gland during life-span of mice. 
Thyroid I retention and turnover rate. 
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mpntc nf Pntprlnrhmmnnac «tlnltat» 

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rhmmnnac; cfinltafa tn iirptnan 

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than-indnrert ornwth Inhihitinn of P. stinltata. 
J Protozool 10:411, 63. Chlofamphenlcol-lndJced 
Increase and tetracycllne-medlited Inhibition of 
cell vields of Poterlochromonas stloltata: Inef- 
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"cnnntanpnirc;" rpli altpratinn*;. 

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tn inditrp rpll alfpratlnns 

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<:pn<;Ifivitv nf ranrpr. 

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<;lnapd Inriis in D. meiannoaster. 
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for rapid collection of cells from radioactive 
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Hioh-resolution NMR soectrum of chrvsene. 
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Detroit, fulichigan An approach to the 

rhpmnthpranv of himnrs thrnimh <;nprifir pn7vmp 
inhihi^nr"; p|3hnc3»pH hv mirrnnrn3ni^m< 
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State U., East Lansing, Mich. Studies on 
thp inifiafinn nf ripavaop 
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tion of haemoalobin in the froa. 
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ences in froa oviduct in relation tn fprtili7at_inn 
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of eaas and ovaries in the froa. 
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of froa eao-ieiiv antiaens. 
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biolooical studies of fertilization in the froo. 
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of frog eggs from different levels of the female 
reproductive tract. 
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and fhpir allfyl-«;iih<;fihitpd jtprluaHuPS. 

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* See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 



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Y-irr;(HiatpH mirp with rpJU nf whnip pmhi-vn 

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hvDoxia -i 

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wirh f.-mprr.anfnniirinp anH r\/rlnnhn^nh;*miHp 
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an antiriimnr antihinrir. 







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r.hnntiria (chnnririnqnmps) . . . 

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^tpi-nlHc on Iv^rtcomal pn7vmpc ^ _ 

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nir.otinamiHp adpninp HiniirlpntiHp nviHorpHiir- 

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and oermeabllity of cells, mitochondria, and 
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^nuthwpstprn rancpr rhpmnlhpranv 

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agent for intracranial tumors. 


* CA-03165 

* CA-03174 

See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 








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nf nny^. 
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nation of N- anH fl-arpfvl ni-niins 
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catalysing conjugations with glutathione. II. i 

Reniarpmpnt of nitro arntins. | 

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Histones of Crocker sarcoma and spontaneous 

mammarv tumours of mice. 
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nroiins in histonps 

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Riosunthpsis of histonps anri otiipr nrotpins 
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selected vitamin Bl2 antagonists and other j 

romnoiinrls nn T.T^oo moiisp rumor ' 

Blochem Pharmacol 11:847, 62. Aryl-2-halo- 
genoalkylamines. XX. Preparation and proper- 
tips of somp Hi-?-rhloropthvlamtnoarvl suhsti- 
tirtpH hvHantninc anH rpjatprl amino ariHc , 

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and tumour-inhibitory effects of peptide deriva- I 

tives of Melohalan. 
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toxicity of "radiomimetic" alkylating agents in 

rats bv thiol orpfrparmpnf . 
Biochim Biophys Acta 61:506, 62. Countercur- I 

vetn^ Hisfrihiirion of Rihonurlpir aciHc III 

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sis in normal anH rpopnpratinn ral I i\/pr I 

Biochim Biophys Acta 61:978, 62. Countercurrent 

HistriiiiiMon of riimnMrlpir ariHs IV 

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stration of rhloramhucil. 

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inHnrpH liu IpaH. 

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arrion of Tranaranth rtrvN^f^r. 

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fions anH nttrinps 

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ariH pvrrplion in rats 

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himniir iniHalinn 

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hnns anH nnrlpir ariHs ] 

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cinogen. I. Sarcoma induction by cholesterol 
in a spnsitivp strain of mirp Ii Croton oil a 
romnlpip rarrinonpn 


Brit J Cancer 16:731, 62. The Induction of mam- 
mflrv ranrpr in rats 

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therapy complicated by a viroid associate of 
thp tumour. 

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with thp NK/iymnhnma in mirp 

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nanhthvlhvHrnyvlaminp anH ?-nantittiuiaminp 

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<;nnnnp imnlant*; 
Rrit UpH Riiii lft.1«7. A? Thp rxnrcr cpM 

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nf mplanrt^wtoc 

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stpiHu nf thp rnrfptt nf thp *;pa iirrhin pnn 

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splenomegaly syndrome in chick embryos in- 

iprtpfi with aHult snippn r.pll'; nr hlnnn, 

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pmhrvn anH its radial nntaritu 

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pffiripnrv nf mpsvlnxv p<:tpr*; on thp soerm. 

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Hpiavpn hvnpr";pn';itivitv. 

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mndpl '^vi^tpm fnr r.vitpinp dpsijlnhvrira<;p. 
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3'-mpthvi-4'-nitrohiDnenvlcarboxvlic acids. 
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Hiirinn nrpnaratinn nf hpnTvlnvvrarhnnvicprinp. 

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acids and peptides. IX. Further studies of N- 

arvl-HinpntiHp<; frnm mpinhalan. 

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aclds and peptides. X. A pentapeptlde and a 
ha«;ir- HinpntiHp frnm mpinhalan. 

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rutntnvir mpthulnitrncaminp*: 

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Further studies and syntheses with a omega- 

riiniirin-9-vIalt(anps anri rplatpH rnmnntinH*;. 
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Ill Rpartinns with alHphyHp^ 
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aminn-arid antannnistc and rplatpd rnmnniinH<: 

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artiup alkylatinn anpntc 

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II. Phenylhydroxyiamine-N-and -0-sulphonic 

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all<vlatinn aopnt*; nn DNA. 
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vprsius host reaction in chicltens. 
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meaalv in the deveiooina chicle embrvo. 

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tiacps a<; nns<:ihlp pvnlanatinn nf miitaapnp';i<; 

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to 2600-cm vapor spectrum of N-methyl- 

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nf nrntpinc laKolloH u/itti fliinrocrpnt Hx,ec 

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Qprtinn ctaininn in plprtrnn mirrncrnnv, 

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nf tinman tirmntir hinnsips 
I anrpt n 4*^ Ian A*^ Immimitw and ttio thv/miic 

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alkvlatinn anpntc nn niirlpir arlHc 

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atinn nf 7.9-Hiall<vlaiianinp«; . 

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damanp in a niirlpnnrntpjn hv rvstpamlnp. 
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frartlnn from Rarilllis mpnattlpriiim 

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iv/ctpmc ac rariiatinn nrntprtiv/p aopnt"; 

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recognition of genetic transformation in haemo- 
Doletic cells. 

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tn nrntpin fnilnwinn iiltra-winlpt irradiatinn 

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<;v/nthp<;i<; nf iirldlnp-'i'-mnnnnhnsnhatp 
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ranrp nf thp thumnc nf thp adult mniisp 

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splenomegalym runting and tolerance to skin 
hnmnnraft*; in rhirkpn. 

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cellular macromolecules in Drosophila melano- 

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gations of clone of hamster fibroblasts and 
nnlvnma-transfnrmpd rplU frnm ';amp nnniilatinn 

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hydrogenations involving pyridinedinucleotides 
r.atalvsed hv hnuinp milk xanthinp nYida<;p. 

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nf irradiatpd raK 

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r^NA with mii<:tardQ 

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dni^pc nf irradiatinn 

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n S9 . Mar A? ^prial trant^ntantatinn nf 
hapmatnnniptir ti<;ciip 

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n 9*^. Mar fi7 Vini'S-tndiirpd miirinp Ipiikapmiac 

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shnrtpninn in mirp 

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aridQ and ranrpr 

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i7inn radtatinn nn nvdrnnpn hnnris in wool. 

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and ainha rau? nn nrntpin*: and aminn arid<; 

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nnlvpthulpnp :*nt^ nnlumpthul mptnarrvlatp 

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nprmpahiliti, and irradiatinn 

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on inactivation of enzymes. I. Dilute soiu- 
tinns nf trvn^^in and Hpnxvribnniir-lpa<;p . 

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«nlid pn7umpc 

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nf radiatinn nrntortinn h*, rwctpaminp 

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nf inni7inn radiatinn? and all,\,latinn anpntc 

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radiatinn cpncitix/itv nf ppIIq 

Rinlngiral Fffprtg nf Inni7ing Radiatinn at thp 

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rhomiral Ipcinn 

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nnrt and mpmhrane exoanston-contraction 

rx,r Ipc 

Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Nervous 

62. Increased response froo ner/e- 

iicrlp nrpnaratinn 




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nhrnmatid and rhmmn<;nmp atipiratinn frflnuen- 
rtpQ flftpr «-rauc 

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ItnnwIpHop nf thp rarrlnnnpnlr rwftrptsc 

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II. Fractionation of deoxyribonucleoproteins 
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snintionc of denyvrihonuclpin arid. 

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5'-monophosphate deaminase confined to bile- 
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Preparative methods for histone fractions from 

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model hydroxylating system and by rat -liver 

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alkvlatina aoents. IV. In-vitro reactions of 
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mustard meroohan . 

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aaents to exololt differences in cellular 
nxidation-rpdnrtinn nntpnriaU 

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D-chloromerciirichenzenesiilphnnic acid- 
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ablation procedures on the transolanted 
oestrogen-induced renal tumour of the Syrian 

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effect of chemical agents on tumour invasion 
usina chick embrvos. 

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Landschutz ascites tumour cells after Traoa- 
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gliomata against chemotherapeutic agents In 


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cmbrvo' Influence nf the vasculnrltv of the hn«l 
spleen and of homograft rejection by the 
embryo on soienomeoaiv. 

JExoMedll9,(Nol);177,Jan64. The 
lymphoiiJ tissues and immune responses of 
neoiiataliv thvmectomlzeri mice bearing thvmus 
ti>;<inp In millinnrp dlffuslnn rhamhpr^ 

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Thp rhrnmn<;nmp<; pnH thp Hl«pa<p 

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Actively acguired transplantation Immunity 
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Histones and oene function. 

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Thalidomide and neoolasia._ 

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Establishment and stability of chimerism be- 
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* See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


■-'■'" "' ''-^^'ffiqj 


f'-r t *r- ' yV'"^ *^'>^i- 






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acinar cells diirino nrntpin deorivatinn. 
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Ahcncnhinn HpfpH-*; frtllnu/inn nacl-rprfnmv 

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chemotheraov in the chicken 
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fftc InHiirrinn nf miifafinn 

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vprtphratp hpad 
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trfU Pa^h 7^.4nd Mav, A? Intran,*iilar himnr 

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* See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 



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r.anrpr. ___^^ 

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<;pnim plprtrnlutp^. 

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hrpa<;t [ 

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thp trpatmpnt nf trarhpopQonhanpat fistula diip to ranrpr J 

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mine hydrochloride therapy tor malignant 
nleural etfusion. 


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beta- riihvHrovv-17-fnpthvl-. 
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of women for metastatic breast carcinoma. VI. 17-Beta- 
, (N«;r. -670681. 

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cer of the breast. XIX, Effect of oral adminis- 
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and hnrmnnfli pxrrptlnn. 
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du la A-'-testololactone avec le propionate de testosterone. 
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ovarian tissue transplanted to the spleen of male rats for 
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ranrpr with Al-tpstnlnlartnnp 

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linnnrotpin liniHe; in iintrpatpH and rnn^rnllpH hvnpriinpmia. 
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^pminatpri hrpat;r ranrpr 

Glomerular filtration In dls- 

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stprniHs and liupr fiinrtinn, _ 

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Dreoared and freP7e-nrpsprvpH human himnrs. 

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rarrinnma IV 1 7R-Aminn-^-andrnsfan-l 1 ft-nl . 

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acetoxy-21-deoxyprednisolone with fluoxymesterone and 
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serum electrolytes. 

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mammarv carcinoma. 


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monp thpranv In artvancpd hrpast ranrpr. 

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di-and androst-4-en-3-one. 9-chioro-116.176-dihvdroxv- 

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breast cancer. 
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nlantahilitv nf antolnaniis human ranrpr. 
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nn far-aHvanrpH npnnlasia. 

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thpranv nf wnmpn with aduanrpH hrpast ranrpr 

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dosaop and rpsnnnsp in arivanrpri hrpast 

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In the manaopmpnt nf mptastatir pndnmplrial rarrlnnma. 
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Ihpranv A nhasp 1 shtdv nf hpvpsfrrni. 

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pnHnmptrial ranrpr 
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friinrlnthvrnninp hinHinn rnpfflripnt and rpll maruratinn 

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lioids: Influence of structure and rnutp nf administrarinn 
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eolandrosterone (38-hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-ondand com- 

narisnn with analnoiips rnntainino sulfur nr nvvopn 
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hormonallv treated hrpast cancpr. 
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nf hrpast cancer hormone theraov 





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h^^^pcinnh;l^p-infpptpH Fcrhprir.his rnli 

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.^pnv\/l•ih^ln1lrlpae;p hv h]\fa\pnt ratinn'5- 

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r,^^^irpl hnnp 

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ral-l h/pr-rpM c;in 

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rhnnritipl nartirlpt; 
Rril MpH RhII !«■•?. f,7 npnvurihnniirlpir arid 
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anri rhlnfamhiiril in oatlpnts with chronic lym- 
nhnrvtir (piikpmia. 
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the treatment of multiole myeloma. I. Plan of 
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I -nhpnvlalaninp mustard. 
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*;arrnlvsin. _ _ 

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atinn nn nitiiitarv-ariKpnat avi*: nf thp rat 

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of new chemotherapeutic agents in treatment of i 

mnltinlp mvplntna. VII.MftR93R. 

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trials with Cyclophosphamide in children with , 

•jnft tic«;MP <;arnnma- 

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m^yin P7 in mal innannip*: in nhilHrPn 

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I ctnHi' nf hwHrnviMirpa | 

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duced bv hvdroxvurea (NSC-32065) . j 
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prs'thrnnnip^ic inHnrpH hu hvrirnv\Mirpa fM^N^ -"^^nA^^ 

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ripfprt inriiicpri hv hvHrnvvitrpa fNSr.-'^?n6'n^. '■ 

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fnlatp in natipnt<; trpatpH with hvrirnvuirrpa fW<;r-'^?nAM | 

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normalities with arimtnistratinn nf hvrirnvviirpa fM^C-3?fl6'il.| 

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of previous irradiation in patients treated with hydroxyurea ' 

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■?7n6S)- Rpsiilt nf a nhasp I stiiHv. 

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hvHrnvviirpa (WNT-^^OftS) in aHnlf;' Mi';rpllanpniis tnmnrs 


See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


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nf hvrirnKuiirpa (N^C-VflAS) in ariulu- of the hrea?*. 
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hvdrnxvurpa fWSr.-3?n6'i) in ariults: r.arcinnma of the luna. 
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hydroxyurea {NSC-32065) In adults: Urologic and gynecolo- 
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nf hvHrnxviirpa (NSC-IJOASl in aHiiit^r i piikemia. 
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anri Ivmohoma. 
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nhpmntheraov studv 
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nf mnltiolp mveloma. I. Plan of studv. 
Cancer Chemother Rep 21, Aug 62. Evaluation 
of new chemotherapeutic agents In the treatment 
nf miiltiolp mveloma. II. Mitomycin C (NSC- 

Cancer Chemother Rep 21, Aug 62. Evaluation 
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nf Mtiiltlnip mvpioma . V. l-amino-cvclooentane- 
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tfmraiHc in ln/npmara(hurniHi^m 

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r.imnliratina f^.aapnt's disease. 

Ovarian luteini- 
Cancer in 



Cancer 14:788, Jul-Aug 61, 

cpminnma nf thp tp(:ti«; 

Cancer 14:827, Jul-Aug 61 
7ariAn hv mptactatlr ranrpr 

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HprmnlH rvct« nf thp nvaru 

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pnT\,inpc In antorinr nitiittarv 

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nlc for studying oxidative enzyme systems of 
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Dues for localization of verv water-soluble acid 
mirrnnnlv^arrharidp^ . 

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altpratinnQ Hup tn ifrq^'IatiAn 

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nf m-mmarv canrer 
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Verdere onderzoekingen over de inductie van 

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Uterustumoren in muizen opgewekt doortestos- 

tprnn . 
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nf pnHnrrinp rran«nlanf<;. 





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<;tprili7pH fpmalp rat^. 

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lactin release. 

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hpf I<anl<prnnripr7np|<- 
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onr.nloaischp beorio^uormina. 
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nn milk nrnrliirfinn nf iinHprfpH rafc 

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sprrptlnn In rat* hu InrnntaTJft 

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matiiclal In mltnUr pcufhcnhlactc 

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iiiatlnn and rlhn<;nmp hnHip<; In prvthrohiasts. 

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Mnrmal nraniilnnnlpc ic nf fhp mpnal,ap>fnr(,fp 

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mUnMr pi'\jfhfnhla«fo 

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pinocytosis accompanying maturation of 
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nontinunus iiltrauinlpt radiation at different 
fpmnpi-ahirp? . 

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isma iinriiilan<; 

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fraompnls nf Rlpnhari^ma 

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Retardation of division of three ciiiates by 
intprmittpnl anH ronMnitniis iitfrauiolpl raHia- 
Hnn*; at Hiffprpnl tpmnpratiirp'; 

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<;iq nf olvrprairiphvdp-'^-Dhn^Dhatp dehvdrooen- 

ncp I 

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Requirement for multiple factors for the ATP- 
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A mitochondrial factor conferring oligomycln 
sensitivity on soluble mitochondrial ATPase. 

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olvrnopn svnthpsis and olucose utilization In 
skplptal miisrip. 

Intracellular Respiration; Phosohorvl; 
Non-Phosphorylatlnn Oxidation Re; 

Ppraamnn Prp";"! . n»fnrH n 303 

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Isolation of a glycolaldehyde-phosphoketolase 
Intprmpriiafp . 

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lation. 111. A new couoling factor reouired by 

submitochondrial particles extracted with 

niincnhaf iHpc 
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nf farfnrs invniupri in nxiHaflup nhnsnhnrvlatinn. 
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far^rnr^ In nvlHarlvp nhnsnhnrvtaUnn 

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mltnrhnnHrial ATPacp hv inHino 

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enerav-ilnked reduction of ubiouinone in heef- 
hparl mltnrhnnHrla 

phorylatlnn and 
" cactions . 
' hi A 

reconstructed system of oxidative phosphoryla- 
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64. Coupling factors at the three sites of oxi- 
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Hpnnp nf human cpfnm fnvl,*!^. fnr molanoi>i.a CQl ..ollr 

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transplanted and spontaneous isologous tumors 
in Inbred strains of mice. 
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cfriHipc In witm luifh Rniic carrnma wlftic 

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protein and glycoprotein changes in chickens 

nparinn thp Rnnc carrnma 

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tumor In rats with ethvleneimines 
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arriv/lfu nf Hipfhvlpnpnhnsnhni-amiHpc 

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Cooperative evaluation of adjuvant agents 

in ranrpr* 
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nf niirlpin i^rid^; frnm human rissiips 
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nf Hpnvwrihnnrirlpacp II fcnm ralf cnlppn 

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surfactants on membranes of tumor cells. I. 

Mnmhnlnoiral nh'^prvation . 
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Tttratinn pxnprimpntc _ 

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naniltnma anH fipr\\iF'<i rarrinnmac 

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Shnop oaDillnma ^nri V-rarrinnmas in rahhits. 

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mir diopst nf niirlpir arid 
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oathic effect by Shope papilloma virus in a 
cell line derived from normal cotloiitnil rabhil 
skin pnithpliiim 
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parison of methods for preparation of Shope 
papilloma virus. 
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fnr Shnnp nanillnma uinis 
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analnn^ anainst Fhrlirh acritpc fiimnr 



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oraanf; of <;iihlpthallv irraHiatpH mirp 
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rnmnari^nn nf <;p\/prp! mpflindc fni- nnrifiratirm ^f ^hD »«iriic 

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indiiceri lenkpmiaf; In thp mnii'^p 
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Observations on enzymatic reduction of pyrim- 

iHinp rihnniirlpntiHp'; tn rfpnyurif>nniirlpnMHp<: 

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related increase in hexokinase activity in kid- 
nev cells cultured Hirprtiv from thp animal 

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metabolism preceding DNA synthesis in mamma- 
lian cells ciiltiirpc; frnm rhp animal 

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mammalian rplls niilhirp"; frnm thp animal 

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Oeoxycytidylate formation from cytidylate with- 
out givcosidic cleavaae in Lactobacillus leich- 
mannii extracts containing vitamin Bj2 co- 

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Lactobacillus leichmannli 
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from aminomirinp*;. 
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thiols. Purine thiolcarbonates and related 
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oxooyrimidines. II. 
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Hnrmnnpc and tiimnr nrnwth 

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nf thr liver in .laoan 
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ranrpr rati<;pd hv <itrp':i^ 
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to certain standard anticancer aaents. 
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creased resistance to tumor cells after stress, 
followed by increased resistance. 
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HndnHn'c di«pa<:p 

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thpranv. pstronpns and andmnpnc 
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CV-3525 CY 



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tnr<t nf ^tpmlH hvrimyvl;ifinn hv arirpnrtrnrtl- 

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Hydrogen transfer In photosynthetic 

harfffi-la . . CA-03656 CB 

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.1 Rinino rhpm. v.?^ft,o.47. ft! 

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in pnzvmp *;oprifirrtv. 
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anH nH>pr <;tih<;tanrp<; hv inr.iihaHnn nf hnuinp 


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"tr3n<:fnrfn3tinn" nf ficciip ritlfMrp mil tinpc 

and during development of Induced neoplastic 
nrnrpq*: in animal hn«» 

■■AetaTrn"TnrCaricf"207"(Nb 6'-7r:14I97 647"Ror- 
mones as oromotina aaents in carcinooenes'S. 
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<:pai'rh fnr human fiimnc wirii^pc ' 

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See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 


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ic :CA-03680 


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cpnim hu rharnnal aH<;nrntinn 

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intp<;tinal ranrpr*; 

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nf icnantihnHlpc 

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IwmnhnlH rpllc 

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npnnlastir mniisp rplls in thp rulntnvir artinn 
nf icnanHhnHipc 

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studies on the modification of the homograft 

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nlantatinn nf rplinnhanp films in isnlnnniis 
fsv/nnpnpir^ rppinipntc 

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tumnrs in mir.p. 

See Errata, p. 756, for additional entries 









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harri^rc nf Hiffaronf cfronnth 

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in mnil'ip himnrQ I Rphawinp nf H-7 anHnone 

D and K: quantitative absorption tests on 

mnilQp ^arrnmac 

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in Hiffprpnt ^nhlinps nf Jhp <;amp carrnma 

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H-2 antigens D and K when located in the 

^fans nn<;itinn 

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rvi/>^ in histnlnrnmnatihlp rprinipntc 

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npnpniis rpll nnnirlatinnc 

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specific histocompatibility antigens in the 

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after oretreatrnpnt with r.plls and hnmoopnatps 
frnm malps 

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of allogeneic (homologous) normal tissues in 

an^ispnlm-^l'pa^pr^ rprinipnfs 

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aHnlf mirp 

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rhnlanthrpnp trpaJpH skin nf mirp 

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Iritu dafa fnr AR-10n 

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mustard as a treatment for metastatic osteo- 
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i' II ruforhrnmp-r 

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A4. H*»m*»npntiHp nf mvplnnprnviHa<:p 
Thesis, 64. Implications of tfie structure of 
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ferrous Ion. 
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cnmcoLinds for cancer chemotheraov studv 
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4-(4-dlmethvlamlnostvrvl) oulnollne. 
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1 .4-oxathianiiim hmmirip. 
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Androstane derivatives of Interest In therapy of 
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canhv nf ?omp r.nO\-Qtpi'filHc 

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ohase bv siinnlemenjal g liicns e. 
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artivitv nf I -M mniKP rplk and uarianr";. 
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h^. 'inwp <;tiiHip« nn H-? anlinpn<; nf mniKiP rplk in riiltiir* 

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fliinrp<:rpnt =;tainino 
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Ipiiltpmir. leukncvles 
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nf hnmntransolantatinn 
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Effect of skin arafts In normal animals. 
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Effect of vitamin B* deficiency on ohaaocvtic 
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Irantolantation in the rat. 
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llvpr nrnwth 

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a^npp.t^ nf rut llvpr omwth._ 
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of acute leukemia 
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remission of acute leukemia: A model for 
pvaliiatinn nf nthpr nntpnriallv ii^pful thprany. 
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yil Frartinnatinn nf hnn frnvrnlH pvlrarf 

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nf thp hrpa<:t 

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nf hrpa<:t ranrpr 

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85 In the evaluation of bone metastases. Pre- 
liminary reoort. 








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A hrnart snpcrriim stiirtv of clinical rartlotheraov 
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npnp<;i<; ;tr thp rliniral l^upl 

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for the radiological examination of the larynx and hypo- 

nharvny in r;)QPC nf ciicnprtpH rarrinnma 

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Columbus, Ohio Cooperative study of 
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orocnic comoounds 
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<:;4lirvl;irp anrt nhncnhnni*; npn^arhlnridp . 

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cyclic system involving charge separation and 
hexacovalent ohosohorus. 
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rhprnnrtipranv qriiriv 

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tivity spectrum" protocol for evaluating multiple 
aaents aoainst solid tumors. 

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tive evaluation of ACTH and fpydrocortisone 
used alone and in seauence with 6-mercao- 
topurine in the treatment of acute leukemia 
in children - Preliminary report of a cooperative 
study. _ 

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the treatment of multiole mveloma. I. Plan of 

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the treatment of multiole mveloma. II. Mitomv- 
rin r (NSr ?f,9Rni. 

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evaluation of new chemotherapeutic agents in 
the treatment of multiole mveloma. III. Ethvl 
N-(Bis(Ethylenimido)phosphoro) carbamate 
(AB-innxNsr ■?7n9f.i. 

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evaluation of new chemotherapeutic agents in 
the treatment of multiole mveloma. IV. L- 
ohenvlalaninp mii<;tarrf fN^IC-RROfil. 

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uation of new chemotherapeutic agents in the 
treatment of multiple mveloma. V. 1-Amino- 
rvrloDpntanp-l-rarboxvlir_ariH (N^C-in?fi). 

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evaluation of new chemotherapeutic agents in 
thp trpafmpnj nf midtiolp mvploma. VI. Mpta 
<;arrnlv;in (N<;r P7-?f!11. 

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soft tissue sarcoma. 

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mvcin P? in m;?liananrip<; in rhilrirpn. 

CYP-3761 CY 

Hydroxyurea (NSC- 

Pediatric clinical 

Phase II studies of 
■ Miscpllanpnns fiimnrs. 
Phase II studies 
Cancer of the 

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phase I evaluation of hydroxyurea in 143 
patients. A ohase I studv of hvdroxvurea. 

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(Cytoxan) for the treatment of children with 
ariirp lpiikpmi;i . 

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in mpta*;falir Wilm'"; tumnr. 
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rnmmnn rhilHhonH malionant Hicpacp 
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InvHrriYviirpa (N^sP.-'^^nA^l sq 3 fpratnnpn 
Cancer Chemother Rep 40:9, Aug 64. Renal abnormalities in 

riiir.pri hv hvHrnxuurpa (N'^r-VflAM. 
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ervthroooiesis induced bv hvdroxvurea (NSC-32065). 
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bolic defect induced bv hvdroxvurea {NSC-32065) 
Cancer ithemotner Kep W:£i, Aug M. btudy of serum 

Bi2 aid folate in patients treated with hydroxyurea 

t;ancer unemotner Kep wui, Aug lA. trythroKinetic 

abnornalities with administration of hydroxyurea 


Oancer uhemother Kep miiSl, Aug Ot. trythema m areas 

of preiious irradiation in patients treated with hydroxyurea 

(NSC -32065). 
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32065) . Result of a nhase I studv. 
Cancer Chemother Rep 40 J7, Aug 64. 

triak with hvHrnyviirpa (Win-VnAII 
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hvdroxvurea (NSC-32065) in adults 
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of hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults 

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of hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Carcinoma of 

the (una. 
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hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Urologic and 

QvnecoloQic neoolasms. 
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of hvHrnxviirpa (NSP.-'^^OA'^ in aHiilf*;- I piikpmia. 

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of hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Multiple 

mvpioma and Ivmnhoma. 
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of hydroxyurea (NSC-32065) in adults: Clinical 

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564) in uncommon malionant diseasp in rhilHrpn. 
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(NSC-8R0W in iinrnmmnn malinnant Hi<:pa<:p in rhilHrpn 

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Ipukpmia in an initial and a <:prnnri rniir'^p nf PrpHni^nnp 
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thpranu in rhiMhnnH npiirnhla«tnma 

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mlvnma \Hral antinpn 

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fnrmatinn in inrnmolptp vinj<; reoiication. 
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nf ammnniiim inn nn parlv viral infpr.finn, 

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pffprf nn viral rpnliratinn. _ 

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of ammonium ion on an early phase of viral 

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fliinrp<;rpnrp nf SV4n-infprrpH rpll<: 

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influenza virus in ascites tumor cells. 

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munity and antibody formation induced by intra-j 
oeritoneal or subcutaneous injection of l<rebs-Z 
ascites tumor cells treated with influenza 
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metabolism of Mvronlasma nnpumoniap. 


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I acids. 

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6-dehydro-17a-methyl testosterone and tes- 
I tosterone oronionate in human hrpa<;t ranrpr. 

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theraov In breast cancer. 
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testosterone (T.P.) and methotrexate (MTX) In the treat- 
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animal rells 
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J Biol Chpm. v.23fi. Mav ftl 

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Ma";*; Nnrmal and ahnnrmal Hiffprpntlatinn 

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licallv oromisina antibiotics for cancer 
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threo and erythro amicetose 2, 4-dinitrophenyl- 
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.1 AmChprn Cnr ft5-30Al. 63. 
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Research in the chemotherapy of 
cancer in children 
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and pigmentation of skin 

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vance Sci, Washington, D C, Ch 3, p. 45, 
62. Cultivation of skin, oure eoidermal 
sheets, and tooth oerms in vltrn. 
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Perfusion of Isolated organs with 
carcinolvtic aaents 
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Madison Normal and pathological metabolism 
In olants 

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valent and polyvalent phages of crown gall 
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fungus associated with ootato tissue. 
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of single cell manipulation as applied to plant 
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and Immatiirp rarrnt pmhrvn*; 

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th patterns of single cell clones of normal and 
araoe ohvlloxera oall callus in vitro. 

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nviriatinn . 

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ture on growth and tuberization in potato plants 
in vitro. 

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dase and tyrosinase acttuitie*;. 

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th in vitro of sinale cell clones. 

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and phylloxera gall grape callus tissues in 
vitro to concentrations of sugar. _ 

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cell clones of Phylioxera-gali and grape-stem 
tissues with napthaleneacetic acid, I'inositol 
and nuclpir acid*;. 

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diehiorophenoxyacetic acid on growth and 
enzvmatic activity of normal and crown pall 
ti<;<;iip rtiltiirp<; . 

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virus in liquid and agar single cell clone 
cultures of tobacco tissue. 

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concentration and enzymatic oxidation In rela- 
tlnn tn ornwth . wound iniurv and crown-aall 
dpuplnnmpnt . 

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versatile oxvaen electrode. 
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f ihfinntyt ir fhpranv 



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<:tnranp and Infiicinn 

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nf ranrpr rhpmnthpranv in man 




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;^ilfnlnnniic ;lnH icnlnnniic: hnnp maffnuu in man 

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nf <;train diffprpnrpt; in tfiriKpc: _ 

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cancro . 

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i^firhp dpi tiimn(¥» a<;rltp ATPC+. 

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rrnmnnnmlrn dpi RAI R/rf P dpi ATP(^+. 

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alia conoscenza del noduli di iperplasia alve- 
nlare. _ 

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«;nnn';ivp npi tnni fnrrp hren Rill. 

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«:nf^nrll^anpi Ha pctrnnpni 

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7innp nplM ATPrJ- 

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qnnraw\/iv/pn7a npIP ATPr.4-. 
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mammaria da meticnlantrene^ 
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a leukaemogenic agent in BALB/c mice foster- 

niirwd hu Rill 
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iperplasia alveolare e tumori mammari In topi 

fpmminp vproini (RAI R/rf/r.h/'^p «nh«;train) 

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del "fn<;ter-niirRina" -^iil rnmnnrtampntn hin- 
logico e morfologico dei tumori mammari del 


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nrprpHinn tiimniil- nip»ac:taclc 

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rhannp<; nf thp iifpni*: 

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chdnges in breast of BALB/c/Cb/Se mice in- 
HnnpH hv fniir rhpmiral rairinnnpn*;. 

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'. paren- 

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rplK _ 

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chemical changes in chorioallantoic membranes 
and ailantnir fJuiH*; nf pmhrvonatp pnaf^ infprtpd 
lAjirh Infliipma xihiic 

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New Haven, Conn. Sulfur and selenium 

analogs of theraoeutic interest 

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tion as a method for preparing Se75-labelled 
selenium comooiind*;. 
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r.omoQiinds related to orenursors of f:oenzvmp A 




See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 




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nf Jhinarvl anH €;p|pnn;4r\(l analnnc 

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rtpir arlH rrncclinUnn anpntc ft ft'-Kicniirinpc 

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agents p-thloethyiamino derivatives of nucleic 

arlH ron<:Hfiipnf<: 

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tive effects of amethopterln and Its dimethyl 

e<;Jpr on <;iihriiMnpniK anH infrarprphral fiimnr*: 

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parasympathetic neuroeffectors. II. Comparative 
pharmacoloBica! studies of acetylcholine; Its 
thio and seleno analogs and their hydrolysis 
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Idthione and 2-pyrldselenone. Hydrogen-bondlflo 
ability as determined by dipole moment and 
mftlpciilar wplnht Hflfprmlnatlnnc 
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pathetic neuroeffectors. I. Acetylselenochollnti, 
selenochollne and related compounds. 
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ment reactions of 2-amlno-4-all<vlthioDterldines. 
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IV. Activity in the electroolax oreoaratlon. 
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coenzvme A. 
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2-selenolane derivatives. 

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r.vctinp hu nptifrnn artUrafInn 

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neuroeffectors. III. Synthesis and study of chollne- 
selenol and related compounds. 
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v. Neighboring group effects In the reactions of esters, 
thiolesters. and selenolesters. The hvdrolvsis and 
aminolysis of benzoylcholine, benzoylthixhollne, 
benzoviselenolcholine and of their dlmethvlamlno anaioas. 
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reagent for the reduction of diselenldes and the selenol- 
catalyzed reduction of disulfides. 
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oxygen, sulfur and selenium Isologs on the acetylcholine 
receptor In excitable membranes of Junctions and axons. 
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Mass. Chemical and physical studies 
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add in the cellular membranes of Ehrllch 
a<;ritp<;-rarrinnma r.ells. 
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triphosphatase In Ehrllch ascites carcinoma 
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ha'il'! nf nhaancvtnsls. 
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ciation of cell surface antigens with microsomal 
membrane fractions derived from Ehrllch Ascites 
carcinoma cells. _ 

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membrane fractions derived from Ehrllch ascites 
carcinoma cells. 
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dependency of testicular tumors in mice _ 

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lite of medroxvoropesterone acetate in human 
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r.nmnnimds fnr diaanosi*; of oanr.reatir 
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Effects of some minor elements on animals and 


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studies for scintillation scanning of the 

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hair, bone and vascular tissues. 













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Tiipranv nf artuanr.pH tirpact rarrinnma fCrniin R^ 
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nf Ihipnn ('i.?-h) nvrrnip 
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thlpnnf'^.?-hlnyrrnl-'^-nnp IV Rpnyulatinn 

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thleno 13,2-bl pyrrol-3-one. V. Reaction of 

2,3-disubstituted thleno(3,2-bl oyrroles with 

oxalvl chloride. 
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reaction in additions of active methylene com- 

ppunds to tetracyanoethyiene. 
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benzylt hieno !2.3-b)_Dvrrole. 
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thio ethers in the reaction of thiocyanates with 

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thienol 3, 2-bl pyrrole. I. Metalation and an 

electroohllic substitution. 

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actlons of 5-carbethoxythleno I 3, 2-bl pyrrole 

and some of Its derivatives. 

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tlve cycllzation of some carbon-alkylated de- 
' rivatives of ethyl 3-nltro-2-thienylpyru vate , 
J Offl UH6m 29:2725, 64. The ClrernlSlfy 6f 4- 
benzyl-2H,3H-thlenol3,2-blpyrrol-3-one. I. 
Reactions with N-bromosucclnimlde and with 
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Univ., Tallahassee, Fla. Thermal synthesis 
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mirrnsnhprp'; frnm thprmal nnlyamlnn arlrtc 

PBlvamIno Add Symposium 

Unlv Wisconsin 

e thermal copolymerlza- 





tinn nf n-ami nn adds 

molecular evolution and criteria of extraterres- 
trial life. 
VR BROWN, RUSSELL W., Tuskegee institute, 

Tuskegee, Alabama Maintenance and 
distrihiitinn nf mammalian cell cultures 
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and fine structure 
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of the rectal salt-aland nf Uroloohus. 
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r.allpd r.hlnrloe ceils nf aills nf the auoDv. 
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thp nimnv nill. 

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Rectal salt-qland of elasmobranchs. 
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inarti\fp Hpfiwatii/pc 

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of mammo-snmatnlroDir tumors in rats and mice. 
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Hprlvatiupc vwirll spmirarhaTiHp 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 





CA -03981 







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aaents for deoxyribonucleic acid. 

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iirt* nn cnnnfanoniic hunrnlvcic 

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orotein denaturation. 

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spmirarhaTOnp fnrmatiftn 

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nf 1 -arptvl-3-mpthvlimiriaznliiim chloride. 
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catalysis of reactions of acyl phosphates. 

I. Nnr.Ipnnhiiin rpar.Mnns. 
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l-arprvlimiHa7nlp in arid*: and salK. 

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fnrmatinn fif anilinp<;. 
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fnrmaMnn and hvdrnlu<ii<; . 
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anion*: with n-nitrnnhpnvl arptatp 

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the reaction of imido esters with amines- 

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sis in reactions of the serine hydroxyl group 

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nf thp rifpa-niianiHiniiim riac« 

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arpfyl-l -fyrncinp huHrnvamir arid 

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fnl- hinlipf fatfu ariWc 

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' Dhenvl acetates, acetyl imidazole, 0-acyl- '_ 
iivrirnvamir. arids. and fhlnl pstprs. 
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plprtrnn rcansonft _ 

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and svsrpms. 
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I rpcnnanrp 



* CA-03989 





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spin resonance analysis of mechanism of suc- 

rinir dpiivHrnnpnasp arriwiru 

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rajs in ciiKwi\,inn ficciips 

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electron spin resonance signals in photosynthetic 
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sinnals nf rar liwpr Hiirinn riipmiral rai-rinnnnnpcis 

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Garden City, N.Y. Structure of solid 
nolvmprs nf bioloairal intprpsr 
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sratfprinn nf miirin 
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rhrnism nf snHiitm hivaliirnnafp 

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frvnsin in Himpthvl siilniinyiHp-wa*pi' sv^clpms 

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n-nifrnnhpnvfi arptatp in (^imo^^l^/l ciilnhnvirlp 

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Enzymes which facilitate aldol-type 

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Structural and catalytic differentiation of fruc- 
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versible alteration of tertiary structure of 

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nf alrinlasp frnm rahhit liupr 

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boxypeptidase on catalytic activity. 
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Mass Corticosteroids of regenerated 

adrenocortical tissue 
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hInnH \,nlnmpin intart t-af aHrpnals 

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Manhasset, N.Y. Control of human 
uric 2cid metabolism with urinase 

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K^lllfinlp nnni analwcic nf infi'ma r^t^^-3t\nl;r->*^ 

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Iowa City, Iowa Comparative 
ohysiolooy of qonadotroohins 
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ncptinn K\/ tsnfal ffnnc 

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with niarpntal nnnarintrnninc 

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in ,4pi,plnnmpnt 

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asnpcts nf mnnnnlism 
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^PY rpv/prsal in animals anH in man 

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tranSDort ohenomena 
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filtratinn in thp rat aftpr iirptpral liaatinn. 
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acute hvdroneohrosis in the rat. 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 

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RtprnlHoafnpsi*; and sl7e 

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tUoip mptahniir r;ift^ 

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Jung microtome knives on a Fanz automatic 
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Factors Influencing aldosterone 
serretinn in vitro 
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alHn^tpmnp <!pr.r¥»tinn tn hf^mnrrhaae. 
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nf annintpn<;in-ll on adrenal cortex. 

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tpm in rpniilafinn nf alHnQtprnnp <;prrptlnn. 
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nr'aftc anH wniinH^ 

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rinn nf DPNH Hphvrirnapna<;p. 
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tn nhick embrvo. 
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The behavior of massive skin homografts in 
adoDtivelv and actively immunized rats. 
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the vascularization of white grafts and typical 
second-set skin homoarafts in the rat. 
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cal diaanosis of homoaraft reiection. 
Tfan fptantafTdn "3 , (No 1):1, jan 65." Vasculafi - 
zation of second-set homografts in the rat, 
with oarticular reference to the white graft: A 
hictnrhpmiral <;rtlHv. 
Tr4n4planiation 3, (No IJ :22, 65. VaSCUlanza-' 
tion of split-thickness skin autografts in the ; 
CA-04004 END SAVARD, KENNETH, Sch. Med., Univ. Miami, 

Miami, Florida Action of gonadotropins 

nn annadal ti<;<;rip<; 
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ni-nnp<:rpi'nnp hin^vnthp<:i<; in rnmnra lutpa. 

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liitpal nhncnhnrvlacp 

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NADPH and tropic hormones (LH and ACTH) 
on steroidogenesis. 

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n-*naHntrnnin In v/itrn 

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ri\i:ir\an nrannlnc;! rpM htmnr 



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The role of luteal phosphorylase in the action 
of gonadotropin. 

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itary hormones and NADPH on acetate utili- 
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steroids formed In vitro from acetate-l-Cl4 |n 
Hip corous luteum. 
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oonadotroolns In vitro In the corous luteum. 
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tropins on testosterone synthesis by normal 
nuarlan tfrnmal H««np. 
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verslon of cholesterol to progesterone by corpu^ 
leteum slices. 
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aonadotrooin <;timulation of stproidoaenpsis In the corous 
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353), Oct 65. Testicular function in vivo and in vitro 
In malp nspiidnhprmanhrnditism. 
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I Am rhom «;nr RA.17i;7 Ail 
I Molornrurlir rhom 1 .^l M 

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VII. Direct bromination of adenosine, deoxy- 
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tion by luteinized ovaries of hypophysectomlzed 

See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 






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to cvcllc ethers. 
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lated natural products. 

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F rnll Infppfprl with hartprlnnhaop T4 

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I replication of DNA In cell-free 




* CA-04097 



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♦ iimnKC 

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HpnvuiiriHinp in man 

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trnnln inhiihitnr 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 





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3nH niirlpftMpc 

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ranaH 1 rhpm ^-I^TT M 

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ha<;Iriinrarns . 

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irioin. 1 
mone- ' 

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Hpfiripnt Hipts I 

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;illipii Hicp;tcp<; 

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lasp nf hppf prvthrnrvtps. 

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hematopoietic tissue. 





* CA-04150 . 




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titmor tran«;nlant«L 

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7nllinapr-Flil«:on svndromp. 

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nrnwth nf mammalian rplls in wifrn 

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nl3nf:^tinn nf rnmnra allata 

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aftpr trpatmpnt with Pfl? 

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:ivf MsnrHprs nf thp whitp cpIIs 
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nhronio aranulocvtic leukpmia. 

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adrenal cortical insufficiency associated with 
lono temi busulfan (mvleran) theraov. 

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I Wastino riispasp. 

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sis rpll A rvtor.hpmiral stiiHv 

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ips nf thp immnnp rpsnnnsp in thvmpr,tomi7pH 
anH snlpnprtnmi7pH animals 

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ino thvmprtnmv in thp hamstpr. 

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tpm. I 

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sunthpsis in thalasspmia I 

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patient with acute granulocytic leukemia associated with , 

Rrnwn's svnrirnmp anH twinninn. ^tiiHv nf a family with a I 

nnccihip tpndpnru tn nnndiciimrttnn i 

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rpartinn and thp nathnnpnpsis nf TTP ' 

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anpmia ^tiiH\» nf thrpp rasps hpfnrp and aftpr thpranM 

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oraniilnrvtir Ipiikpmia, 

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enzvmes of olucose-b-ohosohate oxidation. 

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ical screening of chemicals for potential anti- I 
tumor antivitv. ^ j 

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nvMnpn titiii7at!nn hw ciisnpncinn nf p rnii 

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survival and nprmpahilitv of E. coli 

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and some soeculations on the relationshio be- 
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Fsrhprirhia rnii. 

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nrpspnt in thp iirinp 
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riiltiirpd mammalian rplls 

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stitiitlnn and ampthnntprin i-pcictanrp in niritt 
mniicp rplls 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 




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Change in pyrimidine deoxyribonucleoside me- 
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' fPPI 01 rnn^amina^inn 

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CA -04200 


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In nrr^tnnhlla 

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frnm \/;irtpri hvnprannadntrnnir natipnts. _ . 

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Cooperative study In chemotherapy of prostatic 


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npnatlnn nf Hlhpn7fa .hlanthrarpnp . 
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hvHrnnpnatpH Hprlvatiup^ nf Hihpn7fa.h)-anthrar.pnp. 
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(a. hi anthrarpnp mnHiflpH hu Itc hyrtrnnpnatpH Hprluatlup* 
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nf cancer 
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Fhrlirh a<;rirp<; rplk. 

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dase and alkaline ohosohatase. 
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a«;ritp^ rpiU. ^ 

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nucleotide analogues and on substrate anaioguqs 
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and oxamate. 
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acetic transaminase In human tissues to the oatterns In 
serum of oatients with neoolastic disease. 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 







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tn tmnnnniri <;v<;tpm<; 

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R— litmirnlrhtr ino 

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.^-lMmif»nlrhir inp 

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TaUnn n»v%rpcc 

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nf hprvllifim nn hnnp 

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In wical nnrnlvcic 

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* CA-0427C 





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in mirp 

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cohol extract of eaa volk and oowdered eaa free 
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fsl in ll>o liiKornalnc 

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nPHrnhlimnral rnnlrni 

CA-04272-5 CB 

■it CA-04275 








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An alrprpH ctpaHu ctafp 

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cvclic cvclnnrnnvlcarhinnU 
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8a-R-nnr<;tproid ripri\'atiup<; f 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 



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mn'iair \/irii<: 

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npw Inral Ipcinn tin<;f _ 

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Changes during aging of RNA nucleotides in tissue culture 

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nf mammalian rpll<; in rnlfiirp 

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• CA-04305 

nf r-jlcnla 

lir «lnirtiirA<; 

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in witr'i CpMi.lar anH ciiKrpl liilar rhannpc 

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<;calina of inten^irip^ hv Kartha'^ mprhod 
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electron microscopic correlation of jejunal mucosal 
histoiOQV with antibiotic treatment and nliniral status. _ 
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rp^tinal hinniiip*; tal^pn Hnfinn artiwp Whinnlp'c rlicpaco_ 

Gasteroenteroiogy 48:753, 65. Epithelial hyperplasia following 

mas<;i\/p <;niail hnwpi rp<;prtinn in man _ C-4342 

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small intestine: A review. 
Gastroenterology 49:676, 65. Peroral biopsy of the small 

intestine: A review of its diaanostic usefulness. 
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of trialvceride absorption in man. 


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intestinal mucosa in congential beta-lipoprotein deficiency 
with particular emohasis upon the intestinal absorptive cell. 

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malabsorption: A clinico-pathologic study of nine cases 
in Israel and a review of the literature. 

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of cpliac snnip u'^inn -^mall intpQtlnal hinn^u 

New Eng J Med 272:990, 65. The diagnosis and exclusion of 

Hirschnnina's Hispasp pyr.lnHpH hu rprtal ciirtinn hinncv 

PATH HIGGINSON,JOHN, Univ. Kansas Med. Cr., 
Kansas City, Kansas Effect of dietary 
f:hanjps on aastric cancpr 
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chanoes in rats on a necrooenic diet. 
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of nonsaponiflable extracts from livers of South 
Ah-ican Bantu and white sublects. 
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diets on Iron absnrntinn. 
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geographical oathoionv of primary liver cancer ._ 
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nrotein and reUtRd rilfloienrips In Ihp rnt Ih/pr, 
Exp Molec Path 3:297, 64, The carcinogenicity of non- 
saponiflable extracts from livers of South African Bantu 
and white sublects. 
Lab Invest 12:1260, 63. The effects of different diets 

nn Icnn aheni-nUnn 

Lab Invest 14:191, 65. Effect of dietary change on Iron 

ahsnrntinn in nnlvrvthpmlr. mirp. 
SRC MclNTYRE, 0. ROSS, Dartmouth Med. Sch., 
Hanover, N.H. Cooperative study 
In chemntheraov of acute leukemia 
Blood 21:699, 63. The effect of 6-mercapto- 
purlne on the duration of steroid-Induced remis- 
sions In acute leukemia: A model for evaluation 

nf nthpr nntpntlaliv inpfnl thsranv. 
MC CASTLE, RAYMOND N., Grad. Sch., Univ. 
New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Cinnnlinp*: as antitumor aapnfs 

J Heterocyclic Chem 1:98, 64. Cinnoline chem- 
istry. IX. 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-Halogen substi- 
tuted 4-mfircantnninnnlinps and rpiatpH rnm- 
J Heterocyclic Chem 1:221, 64. Cinnoline chem- 
istry. X. The infrared spectra of halogen sub- 
stituted 4-hvdroxv- and S-mercaotocinnolines^ 
J'Het5r6eyell6 Cheira;63, 65.' Clhriollne cheSlS- 
try. XI. The ultraviolet spectra of halogen sub- 
stituted 4-hvdroxv- and 4-mercaotoclnnollnes. 
J Heterocyclic Chem 2:459, 65. Cinnoline chemistry. XII. 
Synthesis of 6-fluoro-4-methyl-clnnoline and other cln- 
nollnes as potential antitumor aapnts. 
J Heterocyclic Chem 3:79, 66. Reaction of phosphorus penta- 

sulfide with halooen-suhstitutpd nitroopn hptprncvcips. 
SRC PANOS, THEODORE C, Univ. Arkansas Med. 
Cr., Little Rock, Ark. Southwestern 

ranrpr rhpmnthpranv ctiiHv 
Cancer Chemother Rep 28:39, Apr 63. Clinical 
trials with cyclophosphamide in children with 
soft tissue sarcoma. 
Cancer Chemother Rep 28:43, Apr 63. 
Antinomvcin P? in malianancies in children. 
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in mptastatir Wilms' tiimnr. 
Cancer Chemother Rep 48:45, Oct 65. L-Sarcolysin therapy 

for aciitp Ipukpmia in rhilHrpn. 
J Pediat 66:18, Jan 65. The response of acute childhood 

Ipukpmia tn an initial anH (;prnnH rniircp nf nrprlni^nnp 

SRC SCOTT, W.W., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md. 
Cooperative study in therapy of prostatic 
CY GRAIG, FRANICA., Monteftore Hosp., N. Y. C. 

Uptake of Zn°5 by the prostate in advanced 
prostatic carcinoma 
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6SZn in nrnstate of man. 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Thymic 
ribonucleases and x-rav induced thymoma 
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pnzvmp*; from whpat ^ppHlina*: 
Al STURGIS, S.H., Sch. Med., Harvard Univ., 

Boston, Mass. Tumor inhibition by sensitized 
Ivmnh nnHp nraft<; 

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homoorafts in oraanic filter chambers. 
VR STANSLY, PHILIP G., Detroit Inst. Cancer Res., 

Detroit, Mich. Cytopathogenic agents in tissue 

PXtrart*; nf nnrmal and Ipiil/pmir mirp anH thpir 
rplatinn tn tnmnr inHtrrtinn nr arrplppatinn 

J Nat Cancer Inst 29:1083, Dec 62. Reticu- 

ium-rpli sarrnma in RALR/n mif:p- 
AS.I Cook . E .S . . Institutum Divi Thomae , Cincinnati , Ohio 

BIO TRAUB, ABRAHAM, Israel Inst. Biological Res., 

Ness-Ziona, Israel Effect of carcinogenic 
aaG::t' on oxidative metabolism 
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ribosomes. I. Association of DPN-pyrophos- 
phorylase with nuclear ribosomes in normal 

and neoolastic tissues. 
Exp Cell Res 34:384, 64. Studies on nuclear 
ribosomes. II. Transfer of ribosomes from 
nucleus to cytoplasm in the early stages of 
viral infection. 




WHlTMORE,W.F„Sloan-Ketterin9 lnst.,N.Y.C. 
Cooperative study in therapy of advanced 
ornstatir cancer 

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Columbia Univ., Nev; York, N.Y. Combined 
x-rav and chemical theranv nf retinoblastoma 
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arterial and perfusion chemotherapy, an evalu- 
ation in patients with retinoblastoma. 
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of differential tumor uptake in retinoblastoma 
usina Cl4 cvclophosohamide. 
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Results of combination therapy of retlno- 
blastoma--a 9-vear studv— 250 cases. 
Arch Ophthal 69:311, Mar 63 . Chromosome 

studies in retinoblastoma. 
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bination therapy of retinoblastoma. A nine 
year studv of 250 cases. 

cinoid with osteoblastic metastases. Cases 




Arch Intern Med 114:541, Oct 64. BronthiSI c"ar 
cinoid with osteobia 
carcinoid syndrome. 
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toma: Intracarotid arterial infusion and isolation 
head and neck oerfusion—Tracer studies. 
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63. The evaluation and current concept of re- 
tinoblastoma therapy. 
Current Therapy . W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 
Pa., p. 210. 65. Hodokin's disease. 
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Role of thyroid gland in growth of 
IvmnhniH ri«;^rip 

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lis Hormone-induced breast cancer and the 
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rinir arid in urinp 
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in mammatian »icciioc 

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aftpr niliiifarv i<;nnraftinn, 

Experientia 18:340, 62. Interactions of chemical 

rarrinnnpn with npnrn-pnHnrrlnp fartnrq 

Fed Proc 21:194, 62. Sex difference in func- 
tion nf mnli<;p nitnitarv i^ooraft*:. 

Fed Proc 21:347, 62. Reserpine effect upon 
variance ■sDertrnm nf human rpctal temoeratiire ._ 

J Biol Chem 237:2574, Aug 62. Control of kidney 


Minnesota Med 625, Jun 62. Effects of deceler- 

atinn nn nla«:ma 1 7-hvrirnyvr,nrtirn";tPrnifl<;. 

Proc Am Assn Cancer Res 3:327, 62. Mouse 
breast cancer following ectopic pituitary iso- 

Man's Dependence on the Earthlv AtrTiosphere , 


* CA-04361 






MacMilian Co, New York, 4B, b2. Physio- 

Inoic 24-hour rhythms. 
SCHERER, W.F., U. Minnesota, Minneapolis 

CpIIc ann nnnrip«:tnirti\?p yini<;p<: 

TSOU, K.C, Borden Chemical Co., Philadelphia 
^vnthp^i<; nf npw indoxyl dpriuatives 
Anal Chem 34:1175, Aug 62. Liquid scintil- 

latinn rnuntinn nf in^nilthlp <:amnlp^. 

J Cell Biol 16:445, 63. Tetranitro-blue tetrazo- 

liiim in Inrali7atinn nf t;iirrinir HphuHrnnpnacp 

J HIstochem Cytochem 10:506, Jul 62. Tetra- 
nitro-blue tetrazolium and electron histochem- 
i<;trv nf <;nrrinir. dphvdroaenase . 
GRIFFEN, ALLEN B., Jackson Mem. Lab., 
Bar Harbor, Me. Cytogenetics of 
oerminai and tumor cells in the mouse 
Canad J Genet Cytol 3:355, Dec 61. SUinlng' 

rhrnmn<:nmp<; nf thp mnii«;p. 
Proc Int Sympos Effects Ionizing Radiat Repro- 
duc Syst, Colorado, 1962, p. 175, 63. 
The occurrence of chromosomal aberrations in 
pre-spermatocytic cells of irradiated male mice. 
II. Cytological studies of sterile and semi- 
sterile Fi individuals. 
Proc Nat Acad Sci 52, (No 5):1194, Nov 64. 
Three cases of trisomy in the mouse. 
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from ';nliH tiimnr*; nf thp mnii<;p' A Hirprt mpthnH. 
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Columbia Univ., N. Y. C. Experimental 

studies of leukemia LiC in guinea oios 
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ral "stuHip"; M Ipiikpmia LDf! in Guinea oias. _ 
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I "PC. in niiinpa nine __ 

Arch Virusforsch 12:552, 62. Interference be- 
tween lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus and 
Ipiitfpmia-tran^mittinn anpnt nf Ipiikpmia I JC. ^_ 

PATH MELLORS, R.C., P.O. Wilson Fdn., N.Y.C. 

Etiolooic and oathooenic mechanisms in cancer _ 
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.Innin uinK. 

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chronic nonspecific thyroiditis (autoimmune 

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fnr hinlnoiral rnntrni nf 

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nuclear factors from lupus erythematosus sera 
In tissue culture. 
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The viroloaist's aoproach to the cancer oroblcni. 
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deoxyribonucleic acid and nucleoproteins with 
antinuclear serum. 
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mice. I. Pathology and pathogenesis of a model system 
of snontanpnii*; alompriilnnpohritis. 
CYP-4375 SRC McDonald. D .F. . Univ. Rochester. Rochester, N .Y 
«Y-4?78 CY Gllck, A.H.. Monteflore Hoso. . N.Y.C. 

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In vitro cultivation of human thyroid 
pntthplial rpll<; 
CA-04382 CY URRY, G.W., Purdue U., Lafayette, Ind. 

Organo-boron compounds for cancer 
|C-4383 V&R Shaver, D.N. , Univ. Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y. 


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nnlv^arrhariHp pffprt nn nrpnnant rat": 
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Med., Boston, Mass. Synthesis of 

oresumed steroid metabolites 

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p^timatinn nf p<;trnapn<; in nrponanrv urines. 

J Biol Chem 236:1312, May 61. Studies 

in <;tprniH mptahnlt<;m 

CA-04391 RAO KLIGERMAN, M.M., Yale U., New Haven, Conn. 

Radiotherapy and drug increased tissue 

nxyopn tPn<;inn 





* CA-04397 

for Treatment Thoracic Diseases, 


rY-44 03 

■c.-Aa^ n 


Strieder, J.W. , Fdn 
Brookiine . Mass. 
Newman . M . S . . Ohio State Univ . 
,1 Oro Chem. v. 26. 0.3208. 61 
CB AMY, R.L., Southwestern C, Memphis, Tenn. 

Effects of U.V. light on morphogenesis in 
Am Zool 2:386, 62. Photoreactivation in the 

Hahrnhrarnn pmhrvn 
J Morph 109:199, 61. The embryology of Habro- 

hrarnn tiinlanHi<: 

SRC GOODWIN, W.E., U. California, Los Angeles 
Cooperative study in chemotherapy of prostatic 

SRC RILEY, HARRIS 0., Jr., Sch. Med,, Univ. 

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Okla. Southwestern 
cancer chemotheraoy studv 

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mustard therapy in acute leukemia in children. 

Cancer Chemother Rep 16:157, Feb 62. Com- 
parative evaluation of ACTH and hydrocorti- 
<:nmp iispH ainnp and in *;pnnpnr.p with 6-mpr- 
captopurine in the treatment of acute lukemia 
in children - preliminary report of a cooperative 

Cancer Chemother Rep 16:173, Feb 62. 
Clinical trials with cyclophosphamide in the 
treatment of acute leukemia in children. 

Cancer Chemother Rep 16:431, Feb 62. 
Clinical screening of new agents in children 
with malignant disease. 

Cancer Chemother Rep 23:55, Oct 62. Cyclo- 
phosphamide (Cytoxan) chemotherapy in 
children with Ewino's sarcoma. 

Cancer Chemother Rep 25:81, Dec 62. Clinical 
trials with cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) in 
rhilHrpn with Wilms' tumnr. (nrpliminarv rpnnrt) 

Cancer Chemother Rep 25:97, Dec 62. Aclino- 
mvrin P? thpranv fnr ariitp Ipiikpmia 

Cancer Chemother Rep 28:39, Apr 63. Clinical 
trials with cyclophosphamide in children with 
<;nft ti<;<;iip <;arrnma 

Cancer Chemother Rep 28:43, Apr 63. Actino- 

mvrin P? in mat innanrip*; in rhilHrpn 

Cancer Chemother Rep 30:109, Jul 63. Bone 

marrnw mnrnhnlnov ^tiiHv 

JAMA 182:30, Oct 63. Clinical evaluation of 
a new agent (cyclophosphamide) (cytoxan) for 
the treatment nf rhilHrpn with ariitp Ipiikpmia. 

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hydrocortisone, and 6-mercaptopurine in the 
treatment nf children with acute leukemia. 

J Pediat 63:227, Aug 63. L-phenylalanine mus- 
tard as a treatment for metastatic osteogenic 
^arrnma in rhilHrpn 

South Med J 55:1335, Dec 62. The effect of 
pulmonary edema upon the static pressure 
vnliime relatinn«;hin in excispri niinnv Innas. 
J Lancet 85:465, Nov 65. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic 

nnrnnra in rhilHrpn- An analvii^ nf 25 ra-^p*;. 
Proc Southern Soc Pediat Res, Nov 65. An unusual manifes- 
tation nf rnnoPnital Fartnr Vll Hpfiripnrv in a ^pnrr\ family 
Bovd. M. J. . Hahnemann Medical Col . PhilaHplnhia. P» 
Mateyko. CM. . New York Univ. . N.Y.C. 

See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 



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Polytechnic Inst., Blacksburg,Va. New 
cnmoounds havlna oosslble antitumor activity 
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svnthesis of 2-t)romonaohthalene. 
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naphtho(2,l--a|perylene and dibenzo[ae| 
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zation of 2-<l-naphthylmethyl)-2'- 
carhoxvbenzoohenone . 
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benzlal anthracenes. 
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Minneapolis, Minn. Ionic fluxes in 
hpn^rnm;! and nnrm;ll \i\ipr 

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livpr nprmpahilitv tn sucrose and insulin. 
Cancer Res 21:1566, Dec 61. Potassium 

fliiy In hpnatoma"; . 
Cancer Res 21:1573, 61. A comparison of the 

permeability of normal liver and of hepatoma 

to ';nrrn<;p and intiltn 
Fed Proc 21, 62. The effect of Inhibitors on 

nntac^iiiim fliiv in hpnatomac and normal liupr 

Fed Proc 23:153, 64. Potassium flux in regenerating rat 
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San Francisco Effect of hormones 
nn mammarv nianri in nroan rnltnrp 

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mammary duct end-buds to insulin In organ 
Biological Interactions In Normal and Neoplastic 
growth . Little, Brown Co, Boston, ?55, 62. 
Normal . nreneoola^tic. and neonlastic mouse 
mammai'v tiftciip^ in nrnan riilriirp 
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Atlanta, Ga. Study of premalignant 
rertal lesinns 
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Sci., Los Angeles, Cal. Hypophysectomy 
in metastatic mammary carcinoma 
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vttrlum-9n hvnonhvsectomv . 
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Mar 64. Stereotactic transsphenoidal cryohy- 
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tion test for the differential diagnosis of poly- 
uria . 
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autooxidation of tetrahvdroxvbiindolvis 
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thp<;i<; nf S .6-riihvdrnxv-2.3'-hiindolvl hvdro- 
J Org Chem 28:418, 63. Biindolyls. II. 2-(3- 
lndolyl)-3H-pseudo-indol-3-ones from the con- 
densation of isatin a-rhlnridp<; with indoles. 
CA-04431 PATH HERSHEY, F.B., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. 

Histochemistry of normal and malignant 
J Histochem Cytochem 11:218, Mar 63. Glucose- 

^-nhn^nhatp f4ph\*Hfnnpna5o nf mniicp mammarv 

J Histochem Cytochem 11:224, Mar 63. Phos- 
phopyridine nucleotide linked dehydrogenases, 
aidnla<;p and fiimarasp in mnii<;p hrpa<:t, 
VR COVER, M.S., U. Delaware, Newark 

The etiology of avian skin and muscle 
PATH BRAUNSTEIN, H., C. Med., U. Cincinnati, Ohio 
Histochemical study of enzymatic activity 
of hitnors 
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ornstate aland. 
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anH rhrnnir illnpss. 
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sarr.nma in doQ<; 
CA-0'»436 SURG MILLER, B.J., Germantown Disp., Phila., Pa. 

Pprfii^ion nf riimnr"; witti rvtntnyir anpnK 
J Germantown Hosp 4, (No 2):61, Aug 63. A method of 
continuous intra-vascular infusion of Methotrexate in 
nalliativp trpaimpni nf malianant riispa<;p in natipnt*;. 
Suig Gynec Obstet 118:555, Mar 64. An improved method of 
intra-arterial infusion in the treatment of solid tumors by 
metabolile-antimetabolite theraov. 
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Nashville, Tenn, Genetic aspects of 
bactprial virus multiolication 
Acta Biotheor 16:69, 62. Numerical testing of 
evolution theories. I. Theoretical introduction 

anH ha<;ir tPQtt: 

J Cell Comp Physiol 58:79, Dec 61. Cross re- 

artiwatinn in nartprinnhaop. 

Virology 13:460, 61. Analytical approach to 
problems of phage recombination and reproduc- 
tion. III. Cross reactivation. 
Z Vererbunaslehre , v. 92,0.183, 61 

* CA-04434 



CA -04445 






Z Vererbungsl 93:280, 62. The effect of 
multiplicity of infection on recombination 
values in bacterionhaae T4D. ^^ 

J MoleC Biol 10:212, 6^;~ArrexpeiTtfiSntal analy-i 
sis of bacteriophage T4 heterozygotes. II. Ois-j 
tribution in a density gradient. 
Rpnptics Today . Pergamon preif, New YorV, p. , 
69, 64. Recombination in bacteriophage T4 ant| 
the problem of high negative interference. 
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Harbor, N.Y. Structural and 

functional <;tiidips nf a rnmnlpx Inru*; 
Am Natur 96, (No 890):281, Sep-Oct 62. The 
resolving power of genetic fine structure analy- 
sis in higher organisms as exemplified by Droso- 
Genetics 46:493, 61. The garnet locus in 

Dro<;nDhila mplannaastpf . I. Pseudnallelism. 
Genetics 46:858, 61. Recombination at the 
rn<;v Innim in Drne;nDhila mplanoaa^tpr. 
GARDNER, E.J. , State Univ., Logan, UUh 
A possible chemical Iv directed mutation 
J Org Chem 27:4385, 62. Ortho substltutlon- 
Ellel, L.P., Oklahoma Med. Res. Inst., 
Oklahoma Citv, Okla. 
HAUSER, CHARLES R., Duke Univ., Durham, N.C. 
Synthesis of potential anti-cancer 
J Org Chem 26:4740, 61. Alkylations of 
and hvdrolvsis to desoxvbenzoins. 
J Org Chem 26:4741, 61. Some alpha- 
dlalkylaminophenylacetonitriles and 
cnrresnondino amino acids and aminoamides. 
J Org Chem 27:465, 62. Reactions of alpha- 

J Org Chem 27:806, 62. Ortho substitution 

J Org Chem 27:3572, 62. Rearrangement of 1,1- 

J Am Chem Soc 85:3273, 63. Alkylations at 
the -y-position of acetoacetaldehyde and a- 
benzvlacetoacetaldehvde through their dicar- 
hanions . 
J Am Chem Soc 85:3884, 63. Aroylation at 
the terminal methyl group of a 1,3, 5 -tri ketone 
to form a 
J Am Chem Soc 86:872, 64. Condensations at 
the methyl groups of N-acetylbenzamide and 
diacetvlimide bv means of ootassium amide in 
liouirl ammonia. 
J Am Chem Soc 86:1108, 64. Influence of 
basicity of benzylic carbanion on the ortho- 
substitution rearrangement of certain n-carbonvl 
henzvttrimethvlammoniiim rnmnoiinris 
J Org Chem 28:2266, 63. Acylation vs. con- 
Jugate addition of dipotassio p-diketones with 
cinnamic esters. Svnthesis of unsaturated 
1,3,5-triketones and t-butyl 5,7-dioxoalk- 
anoates . 
J Org Chem 28:3461, 63 . o-Metalation of 
benzyldimethylamine and related amines with 
n-butvllithium. Condensations with carbonvl 
compounds to form ortho derivatives . 
J Org Chem 28:3465, 63 . Synthesis of func- 
tional o-derivatives of benzyldimethylamine 
through metalation with ohenvlsodium and con- 
densations with carhonvl comnniinds . 
J Org Chem 29:722, 64. Condensations at the 
a-carbon of phenylacetanilide, phenylacetamide, 
and ohenvlacetic acid through their dialkali 
salts in liouiri ammonia 
J Org Chem 29:853, 64. Metalation of 
N-methylbenzamide with excess n-butyllithium. 
Condensations with electrophilic compounds to 
form ortho derivatives. Cvclizations 
J Am Chem Soc 87:82, 65. Alkylations at the 
a'-methylene or methinyl group of o-formyl 
cyclic ketones through their dicarbanlons. 
J Org Chem 29:2329, 64. Temiinal benzoylation 
of certain 3"keto sulfones to form diketo sul- 
fones by means of sodium hydride. Dibenzoyla- 
lation of dimethyl sulfone. 
J Org Chem 30:55, 65. C- and N-acetylation of 
phenylacetamide with acetic anhydride by boron 
trifluoride. Conversion of phenylacetonitrile 
to diacetvl derivative of ohenvlacetamide. 
Chem Ind p. 1789, 65. Condensations at the methyl group of 
acetanilide and 6-methyl-2(l)-oyridonc by means of n- 
butvl lithium. 
J Am Chem Soc 87:3186, 65. Condensations of carbonyl 
compounds at the y-Position of p-ketoaldehydes by means 
of ootassium amide or sodium hydride. 
J Am Chem Soc 87:5198, 65. Condensations of carbonyl 
compounds at the methyl or a-methylene group of 6-or 4- 
alkyl-3-cyano-2(l)-ovridones through dianions. 
J Org Chem 30:2937, 65. Alkylations of phcnylacetic, a- 
alkylohenyl-acetic, and deohenylacetic esters by means 
of sodamide and sodium hydride. 
J Org Chem 30:3321, 65. Synthesis of ketones of the type 
CH3COCH2R from acetyiacetone and halides with ethanolic 
potassium carbonate. An alkylation-cleavage process. 


See Errata, p, 757, for additional entries 


J Org Chem 30:3593, 65. Aj . ai the methyl or o- 

methylene group of 6- or 4- alkyl-3-cyano-2(l)-Dyrldones 
through dianions. 
A-M456 RAD KUHL, DAVID E., Hospital, Univ. 

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 
I Immaae seoaration Isotooe scanning 

In ranr,»r detectinn 
J Nuclear Med 3:199, May 62. Body section 

radinl'sntnoe <!r:annina. 
Progr Med Radioisotope Scanning, Oak Ridge 
Inst Nuclear Stud p. 171, 62. Section 
scanning for image separation. 
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See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 






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F factor to specific chromosomal region in a 
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nf lartncp nnnf^rrry^nUnn mntafitc nf F rnli 1^-1? 

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nplla ahnnv 
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«iihtili<: tran<;fnrmatinn 

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See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 




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rpsi«:tanrp tn vims infprtinn- 
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mi<;>:inn nf rhirkpn prvthrnhla-;ln<;ic 
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I ' 

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pnrincnprm mitn":i<; 




Birefringence In 
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See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 



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Oncolytic potentials of nonhuman viruses for 
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ohenicol. . ._ 

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tion du vrai substrat de la polynucleotide phos- 
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* CA-04586 




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' dp upntn f^P <;prnpnl 

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Fripnd virus 

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mnusp Ipiikpmta 

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(/irtis in murinp hncK 

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nf lin<:l' in tiimnr i*irii<; infprtinnc 


Immiirto luclc nf human r 

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mMir rpll riiltiico 

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Stockholm, Sweden 

61. Auto- 


See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 


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* See Errata, p. 757. for additional entries 

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<;\/iin "hvhriH" 

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* CA-04615- 

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hpaithv and tnharrn mn^air wlntc InfprtoH rnKarrn Ipawoc 

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npnnla^tir ticciipc 

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Hriin-rp':i<:tant himnr linp^ 

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See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 




CA-(M626 I 




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inrinrpri hrpa«;t ranrpr in ^hp rat 
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nijrlp;)r hvHrnrarhon IpwpI in rat mammarv nl;tnH« 

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snH mammarv ntnrpr JnHnrHnn 

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Dhic effect of a oituitarv hnmnaraft in ran. 

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genesis by 3-methylcholanthrene. III. Induction 

nf m;lnimaru rarrinnma and m'lWc cprrptinn in 
matp rat*: hfi:trinn n\/arian nrafu 

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carcinogenesis by 3-methylcholanthrene. IV. 
Effect of oituitarv homoaraft on mammarv oland 
Growth and tumnriopnp^i*: 

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effect of 3-methylcholanthrene on Induction of 
massive necrosis of adrenal cortex hv 7.12- _ 

Cancer Res 23:1148, Sep 63. Inhibitory 
effect of polynuclear hydrocarbons and amphe- 
none analoniips on induct inn of acrilp aHrpnal 
necrosis hv 7.1?-Himpthvlhpn7fa1anfhrarpn~p ~ 

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ben2oCa)pyrene in mouse fat after oral adminis- 

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on molecular structures of polynuclear hydro- 
carbons and inhibition of adrenal necro-jis in rat. 

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in transnlanted mammarv aland in rats, 

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cyclic hydiocarbons on mammary homografl sur- 
vival and tumorioenesis in rats. 

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age of transplanted mammary gland on develop- 

mpnt nf tum(V« in i-atc 

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rene hydroxylase activity in rats. 
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Localization of antibodies In autochthonous 
rat tiimnr<; | 

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antlKndipc in aiitnrhthnnnit^ tiimnr ctiiHIp^: 
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Effect of lobar infarction and atrophy on liver 
tumors I 





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rp Iphprinfarl/t 

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TtP'iiid hormones in abnormal tissues ' 

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artinn nf ^nmp miinnnnid rnmnnitnHc 

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of pstrnnpn<; 
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a-hydroxy-delta4-pregnen-3-one and delta4- 

andrn';tpn-3. 1 7-flinnp in mHpnt nwaripQ 

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cvnthpQic in tpctiniiar (nmnr 

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mammaru tiimnr a<:cau 

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62. Biosintesis y sulfoconjugacion "in vitro" 

dp 5-nrRanPnnlnna v HphirirnpnianHrn^tprnna 
nnr tpiidn tilmnra! cnnrarrpnal 

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tnnranh\» nf ciinarc 

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lation of 3-methyluridine and 3-methylcytidine 
frnm ^nliihlp RWA 

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lation of 2'-0-methylribonucleosides from the 
RNA nf mammalian ti';';iip'; anri frnm F rnli 

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?'-0-mptilylrihrtniirlpnciHpc fi-nm RMA 

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ritTcniirlpncidp-; frnm RMA 

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matnnraniiv nf nnnlpir anIH nrnHnrhc 

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(aminoacyl)adenosine from yeast ribonucleic 

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63. Isolation of l-methylinosine and inosine 
from veast soluble ribonucleic acid. 
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nucleoside c ontent of ribonucleic acids. 
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terization of the nucleic acids of a mycoplasma 
(PPLO-880) isolated from extracts of human 
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of minor nuclposirips from RNA hydrnlvsatps 
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a-aminoacyl)-adenosines in an enzymatic hydrolysate of 
veasts S-RNA. 
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partition cnromatography of nucleic acid components (iso- 
lation of the minor nucleosidps) 
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Regulation of glycolysis in normal and 
tnmnr ti^^iip 

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P55PS and ripnxvrihnniirlpir arid ';vnfhpsis. 

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layed hvnprspncitivitv, in HnHnl,in'5 Hicpacp 

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fhumprt'nmi7Prl rat<i. 

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nf hpnalnma Nn Sl?'^ 
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rnrmatinn in HortnL-in'«; Hicp^co 

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reactions as measured by a spectrofluorometric 

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ciated with neoolasia. 
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myeloma and chronic osleomvelitis 
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with rare morDholoaicallv distinct histiocyte. 
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leukemia: Report of two cases and review of 

the literature. 

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sociated with neoplasia. 

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See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 




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" radiations, IAEA, Vienna, i:ii'i, o4. Car- 
c i nogenes is by fast neutrons relative to x-ravs 
in niir^p. 

_ Chromosome 
. Myeloprolifer- 



CA -04661 




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1 d-rtipn-'^-.nnp<: 

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1 .4-dipn-3-nnps 

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nnps . 

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Pans Differentiation 

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* See Errata, p. 757, for additional entries 





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rnmp^ hiimalnc til 1 piirpmlpc a rpliiilpc. 

souches, eryttiremles, retlculo-lympho-sar- 

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