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U.S. National Institutes of Health, 
vision of Research Grants. 
Cumulative "bibliography. Bethesda, Md., 
National Institutes of Health, I967- 

/;'- /''■*': 

> \ 

For administrative use only 
June 1967 



Research Documentation Section 

Statistics and Analysis Branch 

Division of Research Grants 

National Institutes of Health 

Bethesda, Md . 

For administrative use only 
June 1967 



Research Documentation Section 

Statistics and Analysis Branch 

Division of Research Grants 

National Institutes of Health 

Bethesda, Md . 


This bibliography, listed numerically by grant number, is 
the NINDB portion of a six-year cumulative bibliography of PHS 
grantee publications. It was compiled from data cards which 
were used to prepare the bibliographic lists contained in the 
six annual issues of the Research Grants Index (1961-1966). 
Two changes in the format of the RGI during 1961-1966 account 
for the margin variations in this publication. 

The bibliographic list includes names of principal 
investigators of all NINDB research grants which appeared in 
the f.y. 1961-1965 RGI editions, even though some of the grants 
had no publications; but the names of investigators who were 
awarded new grants in f.y. 1966 but had no publications are 
not included. In instances where the principal investigator 
changed during the project period, only the name of the most 
recent investigator is shown. 

An alphabetical listing of the NINDB grantees is appended 
to the bibliography, and a list of grantees for all Institutes/ 
Divisions for the same period is attached. 

Extra copies of this bibliography, as well as the separate 
listings for other PHS Institutes/Divisions, are available in 
limited number from the Research Documentation Section, SAB/DRG. 


Abbreviations for Institutes/Divisions and Study Sections/Committees 
in use during the period f.y. 1961-1966. 


National Institutes of Health 

Allergy and Infectious Diseases . . . 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases . . 

Cancer ......... . 

Child Health and Human Development 

Dental ...... . . 

General Medical Sciences ...... 

" " " - Translation (1961 only) 

Heart ......'...t. ..*«•« 

Mental Health .. ^ ......... . 

Neurological Diseases and Blindness . , 

Office of International Research . , . 

Research Facilities and Resources . . . 
Clinical Research Centers (1962 only) 
General Research Support (1962 only) 


E, AI, AIP -^ 





M, 3M, MH, MHP, MY, MYP 





Conmunity Health, Bureau of State Services — ' 

Accident Prevention .AC 

Chronic Diseases .....„., CD 

Communicable Disease Center CC 

Community Health Services . CH 

Dental Health ............... . DH 

Hospital and Medical Facilities ....... HM 

Hospital Research Facilities (NIH support, 1961-1962), W 
Nursing ........ NU 

Nursing (NIH support, 1961-19'62) GN 

Environmental Health, Bureau of State Services — ' 

Air Pollution . . AP 

Air Pollution (NIH support, 1961), S 

Environmental Engineering and Food Protection EF 


Environmental Health Sciences .... 

Occupational Health 

Office of Solid Wastes ....... 

Radiological Health ......... 

3/ V7ater Supply and Pollution Control 

" Water Pollution (NIH support, 1961) 


1/ The letter "P" after an Institute/Division abbreviation indicates a 
program grant (except AP and WP) . 

2f Prior to the recent reorganization of the Public Health Service. 

_3/ On Dec. 31, 1965 the Division of Water Supply & Pollution Control was 

made a separate Administration of DREW, and on May 10, 1966, by virtue of 
the 1966 reor.'^.an.-isation Plan No. 2, the Watfr Pollution Control Administra- 
tion was transferred to the Dept. of the Interior. F.y. 1966 awards 
administered .'ne'er this activity are includ:;d in this publication even 
though these programs were not under the PH3 for the entire fiscal year. 


Study Section/Commit tee Abbreviation 

Accident Prevention Research Ace Prev, APR 

Allergy and Immunology A&I, AI 

Allergy and Immunology Program-Project Committee .... AIP 

Allergy and Immunology Training Committee AITC 

Allergy and Infectious Diseases Training Committee . . . AID 

Applied Physiology AFY 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Program-Project 

Committee AMP 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Research Career 

Award Program-Project CoiTimittee AMK 

Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Training Committee . . AMTC, ARTH 

Bacteriology and Mycology B6<Mj BM 

Behavioral Sciences BS 

Behavioral Sciences Fellov7ship Panel BEH 

Biochemistry BIO 

Biological Training Committee BTC 

Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry BBC 

Cancer Chemotherapy ... CY 

Cancer Program-Project Committee CAP 

Cancer Training Committee • • • CTC 

Cardiovascular ...... ; Cardio, CV 

Cell Biology CB 

Chemotherapy CY 

Child Health and Human Development Program-Project 

Committee HDP 

Clinical Research Centers .... ..... CLR, CRC 

Clinical Research Center Program- Project Committee, 

General .• CMC 

Communicative Disorder Research- Training Committee . . . CDR 

Communicative Sciences , CMS 

Computers in Research COM 

Construction Review Committee CRC 

Dental DEN 

Dental Program-Project Committee DEP 

Dentail Training Committee DTC, DTL 

Dermatology Review Committee DER 

Endocrinology Endo, END 

Environmental Sciences and Engineering ESE 

Environmental Sciences Review Committee ERT 

Epidemiology and Disease Control DC 

Experimental Psychology EXP Psy, EP 

General Medical Research Program-Project Committee . . . QIP 

General Medicine GM 

General Research Support GRS 

Genetics GEN 

Health Science Engineering and Biotechnology, Advisory 

Committee on SPR 

Health Services Resparch HSR 

Heart Program-Project Committee ^ . . . HEP 

Heart Training Committee HTC 

Hematology Hema, HE>I 


Study Section/Committee Abbreviation 

History of Life Sciences (formerly History of Medicine) . HistMed, HM 

Hospital and Medical Facilities HMF 

Human Ecology HUM Ec, HUE 

Human Embryology and Development HED 

International Centers, Committee on CIC 

International Fellowships Review Committee IFRC 

International Fellowships Review Panel IFRP 

Medical Libraries F^icilities & Resources, Committee on . LFR 

Medicinal Chemistry MC 

Mental Health MH 

Mental Health Project Grants Review Committee MHPG, MHP, MPG, MPGA 

Mental Health Research Career Av;ard Training Committee . MHK 

Mental Health Selection Comjnittee MHSC 

Mental Health Small Grants MSM 

Mental Health Special Comjnittee MIISG 

Mental Health Training Committee MTC 

Metabolism MET 

Microbiology Training Committee MIC 

Neurological Sciences P^esearch Training Committee .... NSR 

Neurology Neuro, NEU 

Neurology and Blindness Program-Project Committee .... NBP 

Neurology Field Investigations NFI 

Nursing Research NR 

Nutrition Nutr, NTN 

Pathology PATH 

Perinatal Review Committee . . PNL 

Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics PET 

Pharmacology and Toxicology Revievj Committee PTR 

Physiological Chemistry Phys Ch, PC 

Physiology " Physio, PHY 

Primate Cells, Advisory Committee on PME 

Primate Research Prim Res, PR 

Primate Research Centers, Advisory Committee on PME 

Psychopharmacology PMY 

Radiation RAD 

Research Career Award Training Committee . . . . . . . . RCA 

Scientific Publications ..... CSP 

Sensory Diseases SD 

Special Program-Project Committee SPP 

Special Resource Centers SPR 

Surgery ; . SURG 

Toxicology TOX 

Translation Review Committee TRC 

Tropical Medicine and Parasitology TMP 

Virology and Rickettsiology V&R, VR 

Visual Sciences VIS 


Ad Hoc Review AHR 

No Study Section NSS 

Special Review (InsLitute Review) SRC 

Special Study Section , SSS 













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. NB-01993 


> NB-02002 




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V NB-02233 



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I fre:02266 






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I. Regulation of 


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— NB-02453 












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ies of adrenergic nerve terminals in sympatheti^ 

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iB=2B75 SD 

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B=305B SO 



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[ NB-03210 




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Murder or 

High frequency 
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