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The Cumulative Book Index 


JANUARY, 1915 

No. 6 


White Plains, N. Y 39 Mamaroneck Ave. 

New York City 501 Fifth Ave. 

Entered as second class matter February 

27, 1014, at the Post Office at White 

Plains, N. Y., under the Act of 

Congress of March 3, 1879. 

Terms of Subscription. 

Ono Year $6.00 

yinfilc numbers, save January, $4.00, each.. $1.00 
Tho Cumulative Book Index will "be sent to 
subHcribor-H until an order to discontinue is re- 
c'oivod with remittance for amount due. 

Terms of Advertising. 

Combined rate for the Cumulative Book In- 
flux, The UoadurH 1 Giiido to Periodical Litora- 
turo, and Tho Rook Uovlow nicest: One page, 
$iift; om l -hulf pHgo, $1250; one inch, J2. Special 
ruti'H on yearly contracts for a full imgo or 



The result of a questionnaire recently sent 
out to a number of libraries with a view to 
determining opinion on the policies of the 
Cumulative Hook Indc.v has proved of con- 
siderable interest to us. We reprint the ques- 
tions with an analysis of fourteen replies, 
Any others who would like to express their 
opinions are asked to write to us, 

t. A great many of the publishers have 
recently made changes in theiri price lists. 
Many of the hooks were recorded in the 
United States Catalog and some in the an- 
nuals of the CuuMlatwe Book Index. Is it 
better to rccnter these books with an author 
entry only in the next annual of the Cwwiw- 
latwe Hook fiidcx, or is it better to print a 
separate author list for such books? 

In answer to the above question one stated 
a preference for a separate, monthly list; one 
asked for a separate author list that might be 
pasted in the front of the volume; Ten pre- 
ferred the present method of reentering. 

Si. Might the United States government and 
state publications and miscellaneous pamphlets 
of minor importance he omitted without im- 
pairing the 4 usefulness of the Index? 

To this question six gave an unqualified 
Yen; live an unqualified No; while three said 
yes to the omission of government and state 
publications, no to the omission of pamphlets. 

8, Do you use the library of Congress card 
number* ? 

Answers: Yes, 11; N r o, ft, 

4. [ft the including of announced works a 
useful feature? 

Answers; Ye8, 7; No, 7. One of the latter 
WUH an emphatic NO I ! 

fl* tu regard to tin* problem of placing the 
information regarding books under the ml 

name or pseudonym, it is our custom to use 
the pseudonym if it is better known than the 
real name, unless the author writes under 
both the real name and the pseudonym in 
which case it is our custom to enter all books 
under the real name. Since the use of the 
pseudonym is very likely to be temporary 
and the tendency is to change eventually to 
the real name, we sometimes anticipate this 
change, and use the real name Jbefore it has 
come into equal popularity with the pseu- 
donym. We shall be glad if those who have 
used the catalog will inform us whether they 
approve this practice and if not, in what re- 
spect we should change. 

Five answered Yes, .giving their approval 
to present practice; two were indifferent; six 
stated a preference for the real name; one 
voted for the pseudonym, but added that her 
head cataloger preferred the real name, 

6 The Cumulative Book Index, which was 
the first publication of a bibliographical char- 
acter undertaken by this company, has always 
proved to be the most exacting and expensive 
one, and this expense has never been ade- 
quately covered by revenue. With the ever- 
increasing number of books published in this 
country, the problem of how to make the 
income meet the ever-increasing cost has been 
,one of the most serious matters before us. 
'Jt seems that before long we shall be obliged' 
either to curtail the service or increase the 
subscription price. The last annual number 
contains more than 800 pages set in nonpareil' 
type, nearly twice as much typesetting as is 
required for a volume of an ordinary ency- 
clopedia. Most of this matter has been re- 
printed and delivered several times. We now 
wish to inquire of subscribers whether they 
would prefer some curtailment of service or 
an advance in the subscription price. 

Eleven reported in favor of an advance in 
price; two preferred curtailment; one would 
dispense with announcements rather than meet 
an increase in price. 

The answers in the last case ^re particu- 
larly gratifying in their expression of good 1 
will. We cannot forbear quoting one or two. 
One says ; "We must have it, no matter what 
it costs, and do not wish any curtailment of 
service." Another says : "The ( foregoing an- 
swers may be taken as expressing the opinion 
of this library. We appreciate so fully the 
work you are doing for libraries and the 
fairness and reasonableness of your handling 
of the business relations of your publications 
from the point of view of libraries that we 
are willing to agree to anything that you may 
find necessary and that meets the need of li- 
braries generally/' Another writes; "Could 
not do with less information, so advance in 
price seems the only thing," and adds the 
touching postscript, Too bad libraries ate sov 




Je. June. 

$$ (before title) an- 

Jl. July. 


Jt joint. 

abr abridged. 

lang. language 

add. additional,-ions. 

lea. leather. 

adv advanced. 

lev. levant. 

annot. annotated, 

lib. library. 


lit. literary.-htera- 

Ap, April. 


app. appendix. 

mor. morocco. 

arr. arranged. 

Mr. March. 

auth. author; author- 

My. May. 


no. number. 

av. average. 

0. octavo (20-25cm. 

bibl. bibliography. 


bds. boards. 

(0.) October. 

bk. book. 

obi oblong. 

bks. books. 

p. pages. 

bxd. boxed, 
cf. calf. 

pa. paper, 
phot. photographs, - 

cl. cloth. 


col. colored. 

pi. plates. 

coll. collected, -ion,-s. 

pop. ed. popular edi- 

comp. compiler. 


cont. containing. 

por. portrait, -s. 

corr. corrected. 

pref. preface. 

D. duodecimo (17%- 

pseud, pseudonym. 

20cm. high). 

pt. part. 

(D.) December. 

pts parts 

ea. each. 

pub. published, -er. 

ed. edited, -ion,-or. 

Q. quarto (25-Ot'cm. 

enl. enlarged. 


engr. engraver,- ing, -s 

rep report, -er, -a 

expl. explaineoVplan- 

rev. revised,. 


rus. Russia. 

F. folio (30cm. high). 

H. 16mo. (15 to 17% 

(F.) February. 

cm. high). 

fac-sim. fac-simile,-s. 
Fe 48mo. (7y a -10cm. 

(S.) September, 
sel. selected,-ion,-s. 


aer. series. 

flex, flexible. 

Sf 61mo. (up to 7% 

Fr French. 

cm high). 

g gilt edge. 

sh. sheep. 

g. t. gilt top. 

sq. square. 

Germ, German. 

subs, subscription. 

hf half. 

T. 21mo. (1D-15 cm. 

hist. history,-IcaL 


11. Illustrated, -Ion,-or,- 

tr. translated, -ion,-or. 


Tt 32iuo. (10-12i em. 

imp imported. 


incl. Including. 

unp. unpaged. 

introd. introduction,- 

v. volume, -s: 


vel. vollum. 

Ja. January. 

Colon Abbreviations 

for Forenames. 

A: Augustus. 

L: Louis. 

B: Benjamin. 

M; Matthew. 

C: Charles. 

N. Nicholas. 

D: David. 

O: Otto. 

B: Edward. 

P: Toter. 

F: Frederick. 

R: III chard. 

G: George. 

S: Samuel. 

H: Henry. 

Ti Thomas, 

I: Isaac. 

V: Victor. 

J: John. 

W: William. 

K: Karl. 

Abbreviations of Publishers' Names. 

Abbreviations of publishers' names will bo 
found in the Publishers' Directory at the end of 
the Index. This directory Is revised with each 
number of the Index and the latest issue 
should bo consulted for addresses. 

Names Used as Headings. 

Entiies are made preferably under the au- 
thor's real name, but under the pseudonym, 
when the real name is not Known or rarely 
used, under names of editois ol compilations; 
under names of countries, states or cities which 
are tiealed as authois ut their publications and 
of law repoits, under names of societies or 
conventions, as authors of their transactions, 
lournals, leports, and collections, under names 
oi churches as authois ol liturgies, hymn-books, 
catechisms, etc. (local churches, under name <H* 
place); under Bible when the book is a text or 
a paraphrase ot any part of the Bible. Entries 
are made under the lirst word of the title, not 
an article, of anonvmous works, compilations 
published under collective titles, periodicals, and 
year-books. Translations, abridgments, and 
indexes, are put under the original work. 

Parts of Names Used as Headings. 

English compound names arc put wider the 
first part. English .surnames beginning with 
a prchx are put under the prolix; in French 
names, under the prellx excepting tho propo- 
sition de and d'; in all oilier languages and 
in French names beginning with do or d', under 
the name lolUavhiK tho prefix. British noble- 
men are put under their titles; bishops under 
their* family names; members of royal families 
canonized persons, and members of religious 
orders under their llrst names. 


and teehnieal books, and othor 
hooks sold at a hmlled dlseoiiut and commonly 
known as net hooks have an asterisk (*) be* 
fore the price. 

When a prico is changed, tho book In roaal- 
aloguod and designated (eorr. prleo) In the 
current number of tho Index whatever may 
be the date of Its publication. 

Library of Congress Cards. 

Numbers to bo used in ordering the 
ealalotf eards of the Uhrary of ("outfniHH are 
tfivon at the end of the main (author) entry 
of each hook. In many government nuhllea- 
ttons, however, for \vhleh only wubjet't eulrles 
a,re Riven, theso numbers are attached to the 
subject entries. 

When a book Is entered before tho Library 
of ronwress card number can lie procured, It 
Is rconterod In a sueceeMntf issue- of Ihe I n- 
(1 o x with the order number attached. It Will 
bo necessary, for example, to look In (he wir- 
rent Issues of the I n d e x f<r th<^ nuinberw of 
somo books that were puhllrihed lu the pre- 
ceding year and catalogued in the I n d o x for 
that year, 

In ordering cards by theno mimberH, tbc 
nutnborH should be arranged lu eohiuum In 
ine-rcaning ordor of tluj numbers, Tho mun- 
her of copies wanted nhcwld bo Indicated after 
tho card numbers with a wlantlntf line between, 
o. K-, 5-2850/1 Tho price of cardH ordered by 
number is 2o. for the first copy and 7/10a. for 
each additional eopy. For further Information 
apply to tho Card Section of tho Library of 
Congress, Washington, D. C, 

Author, Title, and Subject Catalog 

Of books published January 1, 1914 to January 1, 1915. 

A,, M. 
From court to cloister, sketch of the per- 

sonality and of the times of Madame Sainte 

Beuve (1562-1629). D *75c '14 Benziger 
ABC code 5th ed *$10; Spanish *$10; Portu- 

guese '$15 Am. code co. 
A B C of fruit growing. Dixon, S. H. Texas. 

Dept. of agriculture, Austin 

A B C of Indian art. Blacker, J. F. *$2 Jacobs 
A B C of piano music. Hudson, Mrs. H. B. 50 c 


A B C of salesmanship. Rust, T: D. $1 Fenno 
A B C of the land question. White, J. D. lOc 

Public bk. dept. 
A B C of woodworking. Wheeler, C: G. *?1.50 


A was an apple pie. Wight, Mrs. P. L. 50c Saal- 


Aaron, Eugene Murray-. See Murray- Aaron, E. 
Abandoned farms. Soe Farms, Abandoned 
Abattoirs. Sec Slaughtering and slaughterhouses 
Abbatt, William, 1851- 

(ed.) Patriots of North America: a sketch, 
1775. (Magazine of history, extra no. 27) Q 
'1l5l> i>a $2.75 'H Abbatt 

(cd.) Hare JJncolnlana no 3. (Magazine of his- 
tory, extra no.25) Q 87p pa $3.75 '13 Ab- 

Abbey, Myron Jay 

Outlines of nature study and elementary ag- 
riculture. 2d ed D 102p 75c (S) '13 Univ. of 
Abbey of Saint-liortin and its neighbourhood 

900-1350. Sou Coopland, G. W. 
Abbot, George Maurice 

Short history of the Library company of Phila- 
delphia; comp. from the minutes, together 
with some personal reminiscences. O 26p il 
pa KratiH '13 Library company of Philadel- 
phia, LOCUHI & Juniper sts., Phila. 13-19676 
Abbot, Prentice I. t>. Frank Prentice, 18S9- 
Jjlttlo HUM Human across the road, D 9-UOOp *$1 
'14 Uadgor, It: (J. H-10281 

Abbot, Willis John, 1863- 

NatioiiH at war; a current history. Q il per 
pt I5c Syndicate jmb. 

in iwrta wry two woolen, l*ts 1-G havo boon 

Panama and tlio canal in picture and prose; 
water- colon* by M. J. Head and Gordon 
J, Abbot. Q 41-ip $4; od do luxe $0 '13 Syn- 
dieato pub, 14-15499 

Panama and the canal; the story of its 
achievement, its problems and its prospects; 
with numerous il. D x,468p *$2 (Ap) '14 
7,)o<ld 14-7003 

Story of our army for young: Americans, from 
colonial days to the present tlmo. O xii,687p 
11 *$2 (S) '14 JDodd 14-17274 

Abbott, Anattce 

Stolon bridegroom, and other East Indian 
idylls, J) 13-167p por *75c (Mr) '12 Revell 

Abbott Rev. Edwin Abbott, 1838- 

FourJfold KOMtwl: Hoction ii, Beginning. *$1 
'14 Putnam 

Miscellanea evangolica (1), xii, lOOp *65c 

14 Putnam 
Abbott, Edwlna Eunice, 3887- 

JBfCocjt of adaptation on the temperature dif- 
foromsu limon. (PHyohological monographs v. 
16, ntx 2: whole no. 68) Q 36p 60c '14 Py 
chologlcal review 14-0372 

Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell (Mrs. Fordyce Co- 

burn) 1872- 

Little Eve Edgarton; with 11. by R. M. Crosby. 
D 210p *$l (S) '14 Century 14-15565 

Abbott, George Knapp, 1S80- 
Principles and practice of hydrotherapy for 
students and practitioners of medicine; em- 
bodying a consideration of the scientific 
basis, technique and therapeutics of hydro- 
therapy and some allied branches of physi- 
ologic therapy. 2d ed rev and enl O 521p il 
charts diags $4; limp lea $4.75 '14 College 
press, Loma Linda, Cal. 14-9376 

Abbott, Herbert Vaughan, 1865- 

(ed.) See Addison, J. Addison and Steele 
selections from the Tatler and the Spectator 
Abbott, James Francis, 1876- 
Elementary principles of general biology. D 
xvi,329p il *$1.50 (Ja) '14 Macmillan 14-2216 
Abbott, Nathan 

(ed.) Brief making. See Cooley, R. W., and 

Ames, C: K, eds. Brief making 
Abbott, Wallace Calvin, 1857- 

Alkaloidal digest. 50c Abbott press 
and Waugh, WiJIiam Francis, 1849- 

(eds.) American alkalometry. 4v ea *$2 Abbott 


Rogers, W. T. Dictionary of abbreviations. *$2 
'14 Macmillan 

Sec also Shorthand 
Abderhalden, Emil, 1877- 

Defonsive ferments of the animal organism 
against substances out of harmony with the 
body, the blood-plasma and the cells. 3d enl 
ert English tr by J. O. "Gavronsky and W. F. 
Manchester. D xx,242p il *$2.75 '14 Wood 

Moynihan, B. G: A. Abdominal operations. 3d 

ed 2v *$10; hf mor *$13 '14 Saunders 
Rovsing, N. T. Abdominal surgery. *$5 '14 

Abdominal operations. 3d ed Moynihan, B. G: A. 

2v *$1Q; hf mor *$13 Saunders 
Abdominal surgery. Rovsing, N. T. *$5 Lippin- 


Abdur Rahman, Mahomed 
Eine kritische prufung der quellen des Islamit- 
ischen rechts. Q xix,216p hf mor *$6.75 '14 

Abellan equations of the tenth degree irreduci- 
ble in a given domain of rationality. 
Kuschke, C: G. P. pa 50c Univ. of Cal. 
Abelson, Rev, J. 

Jewish mysticism. (Quest ser.) D ix, 184p *$1 
(Mr) '14 Macmillan A14-1406 

Abercromble, Lascelles 

Deborah; a play in three acts. D 6 Op *75c '13 

Lane 14-2407 

Epic. (Art and craft of letters) S *40c '14 


Speculative dialogues. D 11-20'Sp *$1.50 '13 

Kennorley A14-897 

Abernethy. Julian Willis, 1853-. See Gaston, C: 

R., Jt ed. 

See also Efficiency, Industrial 

Pyle! W: 8 H: Examination of school children, 

*50c 13 Maqmillan 
Abnormal psychology. Coriat, I. H. *$2 MofCat 

Nota: Numton at wid of Unw art for une In owlwrlnjt Liltwry of CJongreai cards, * indicates net. 


Abolition of poverty. Hollander, J. H. *75o 


Aboriginal evidences in northwest Wisconsin, 
pa 50c "Wisconsin archaeological soc., Madi- 
son, TVis. 

Williams, W, L. Granular venereal disease and 
abortion in cattle, pa '14 Q. S. Agric.; lOc 
Supt. of doc 

Abraham, George Dlxon 

Motor ways in Lakeland; with 24 11. and a 
map. O xi,307p *$2.50 (D) '13 imp Scribner 

Abraham, Isidore 

I. Abraham trapper's guide; this booklet con- 
tains all of the latest methods for trapping 
every kind of fur bearing animal caugiu on 
the North American continent, and was writ- 
ten by trappers of noted skill in thoir par- 
ticular line [ed. by F. H. Eynatten]. T 96p 
il gratis '13 I. Abraham, 213 N. Main st., 
St. Louis, Mo. 13-26234 

Abraham, James Johnston, 1876- 
Night nurse. D x, 310p *$1.35 '13 Dutton 

Surgeon's log; impressions of the Far East. 

7th ed O xiv,302p il *$2 (F) '14 Dutton 
(tr.) See Oliveira Martins, J. P. de. Golden 

age of Prince Henry, the navigator 
Abrahams, A. See Herschell, G:, jt. auth, 
Abrams, Duff Andrew, 1880- 
Test of a reinforced concrete highway hridg'e. 
O 38p il pa '13 Am. soc. for testing ma- 

Tests of bond between concrete and steel. (En- 
gineering exper. sta. Bui. no. 71) O 23 Sp 
diags pa $1 '14 TJniv. of 111. A14-2023 

Abroad at home. Street, J. L. *$2.50 Century 
Absolute vs. the relative vision. Jacobs, F. W. 

50c; pa 25c Shakespeare press 
Abt, Isaac Arthur, 1867- 
(ed.) Pediatrics; ed. by I: A. Abt. Orthopedic 
surgery; ed, by J: Ridlon, with the collabo- 
ration of C: A. Parker. (Practical medicine 
ser., v. 5. Scries 1914) 240p $1.35 '14 Year 
book pub. 
Abu al-'Ala 

Abul Ala, the Syrian, by H: Baerlein. (Wis- 
dom of the East) S 99p *70c (Ja) '34 But- 
ton 14-5541] 
Abutilon moth 
Chiltenaon, F. U. Abutilon moth. '33 U. S. 

Agric.; r>c Supt. of doc. 


Odell, R. M. Cotton goods in the Rod Sea mar- 
kets, pa '13 U. S, For. & dom. comm.; lOo 
Supt. oi doc. 

Abaci as 

Shinn, C: H. Economic study of acacias, pa 

'13 U. S. Agric.; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Academy of political science, New York 

Banking and currency in the United States. 
(Proceedings v. 4, no. 1) O 239p $2; pa 
$1.50 '13 Acad. of political science 14-3163 

Bryce meeting, February 24, 1913. (Proceed- 
ings, v 3, no 3) O 9p 50c '13 Acad. of poli- 
tical science 14-3180 

Good roads and convict labor. O iv,92p $2- pa 
$1.50 '14 Acad. of political science 14-13467 
Acceleration of development in fossil cephalop- 
oda. Smith, J. P. 75c Loland Stanford 
Accident taw 

Peck, M. Doctrine of proximate cause and last 
clear chance, $2 '14 H. O. Peck, Richmond, 


Wisconsin. Industrial commission. Elevator 
accidents, and their prevention, pa '14 

See alsn First aid in illness and injury; 
Mine accidents; RailroadsAccidents: Hur- 
gery; Wounds 

Accidents, Industrial 

New Jersey. Employers' liability comm., Tren- 
ton. Tabulation, of causes of accidents oomji>. ' 
from reports of the Department of labor of 

New Jersey for the year ending Oct. 31st, 

Schwedtman, F. C: Employers' liability, work- 

men's compensation, and prevention of work 

accidents, gratis Nat. assn. oi manufacturers 
U. S. Congress Senate. Creation of Bureau 

of labor safety in Department of labor. 5c 

'14 Supt. of doc. 
U S. Labor, Bu. of. Report on conditions of 

employment in the iron and stool industry 

in the United States. 4v v 4 pa 40c '13 Supt. 

9f doc. 
Wisconsin. Industrial commission. Accidents 

caused by objects striking workmen and 

their prevention, pa '33 
Wisconsin. Industrial commission. Falls of 

workmen and their prevention, pa '13 
Wisconsin. Industrial commission. Gear acci- 

dents and their prevention, pa '14 
See <ilno Employers' liability; Mine acci- 

dents; Safely devices and measures; Work- 

men's compensation 

Accountancy of investment. 6th ed Spraguc, C: 

B. hf lea $5 Ronald 
Accountants, Public 

Am. assn. of public accountants. 1913 year 

book $1.70 *13 Uonald (corr price) 
Am. a sun of public accountants. 11)1 1 year- 

book. Spl.GO '14 Konnld 
1914 Certified public accoimlmits problems 

and solutions 12 pis pts !-<> Hubs per sol $5; 

ea iJOc '14 Uonald 
Barnett, S: Life insurance accounting. $8 In- 

surance field 
Bennett, R: J., and Morton, F: W. C. P. A. 

questions and answers, lit* nior $5 'H Inter- 

national accountants' soc., 1IJ5 Kort St., J^o- 

troit, Mich. 
Dickscc, L. H. Bookkeeping for accountant 

students. 7th cd $1.75 '14 Ronald 
Elbournc, 10. T. factory administration and 

accounts. ""$7^0 ('Uns) 'M Lonmnnns 
EsfiuorKs P ,J, Applied theory of accounts. $,'{; 

hi lea $; M-l Uonald 
Oeilsbeek, .J: U. Ancient double-entry book- 

kccpuitf. buck $5 '14 Ronald 
Hertz, J. 10, Secrets of accounting. $1 '13 J. 

TO. Herts, 1'orUiintl. Me. 
Hooper, W: E. Railroad accounts and no- 

counting. *$2 *H Apploton 
Jackson, H, A. Betlor store syatom and, de- 

partment accounting. $2.50 '14 JI. A. Jack- 

son, Grinnoll, la. 
Jones, A. JB\ Dumber manufacturing ac- 

counts. hf lea $2 '14 Ronald 
Leake, P. D. Depreciation and wasting assols 

and their treatment in assessing- animal 

profit and loss. $3,50 "18 Ronald 
19 L4 C. P. A. problems and solutions, 12 pts 

pis Mi subs per set $5; ea 5(>c 'M Ronald 
Racine, S: K 1 : C5radod corporation problems. 

$1.25 '14 Western insU of account nney, com- 

merce and finance, 2d <fe Madison, Seal lie, 

Small, F: U TresMlse on coni)>rebensiv< M- 

coiinUn^? methods adapted to shoe nianu- 

laclnrinjf and other industries, *$1() 'U 

Ij. tV: H. pttf. eo., BoHlon 
Spra^ue, c: 10. A< k conntancy of InvoHltnont, 

<J(h e,d hf l<a $fi M<! Ronald 
Stone, M: \ t . Accounting for proptrly ntid 

expenses of iiHcrHluto <!art'I< k rs undtn* th<* 

dedHions -of tho Muprmtt wourl of Uio 

United Blatos In (he Minnesota rate* enso 

and olhor rocent rato cnHt^H. pa 'l.'l j>rlv 

pld Loutwvlllo & NashvJllt^ rullroitil c<y,, 

Louisvillo, Ky. 
Wildman, J: R. lOleinontary awounlhiff prob- 

lems. $.'$ 'UN Y. University book store 
Wildman, ,7: H. PrhwiploH of accounthiK 1 . $SS.f>0 

'14 N. V. Iftilverslty book store 
Mr rt/M Accountants, Public; AHlhmdIc, 

Commercial; Auditing; "Banks and hankiriK 

Accounting; IJookkcjoplnK; unlmw; (JoMt 

accounting; Mnnlclpnl accounts; Hcbool 

TclophonoAtjcou nllng 


Portory, R j 

3 Pitman 

dictionary of book- 


Accounting students' series. Western inst. of 
accountancy, commerce and finance, 2d & 
Madison, Seattle, Wash. 
Racine, S : F Graded corporation problems $1 25 
Racine, S. F- Guide to the study of auditing. $] 
Accounts. See Municipal accounts 
Acevedo Lozano, Julio C6sar 
Directorio hispano-amencano y guia de com- 
pradores en Estados Unidos. D 736p il $2 '14 
J. C. Acevedo Lozano, 320 Broadway, N. Y. 


Acharnians. See Aristophanes 
Achievement. Thurston, B. T. *$1.35 Appleton 
Achsah. Jones, M. C. 50c Standard pub. 
Jones, W. Nucleic acids. *$1.10 (*3s 6d) '14 

Price, T: S. Per-acids and their salts. *$1 

(Ms) '12 Longmans 
Ackermann, Jessie 

Australia from a woman's point of view. D 
xiv,3l7p 64 pis *$1.50 (F) '14 Funk 14-13937 
Ackley, Clarence Emerson, 1887- 
Analytlcal outline of physiology and hygiene, 
designed to simplify the study of these im- 
portant sciences. D ix,126p pis 50c '14 Flana- 
gan 14-2159 

Acoustics. Sec Sound 

Acoustics, Architectural. Soe Architectural 


Hoobolmi, H 1 : Customary acres and their his- 

torical importance. *ijk 'H Longmans 
Somes, M. P. Acridildac of Minnesota, pa '14 

tfuiv. of Mtiin. Agrie. oxpor. sta. 
Acrldolden. Hoc Locusts 
Across Siberia alone. Lee, H, *$1.35 Lane 
Across tho range. Lvalw, J. O. COc Harper 
AlatthmvH, 11 On acting. *7f>c 'J4 Scribnor 

Mr a tun A mat our theatricals; Drama; Pa- 
KCHM(H; PiUilomlmo; Theater 
Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 

1st baron, 1K;$4-1002 

Lotion* of Lord Aelon to Mary, daufthtcr of 

tim Ulght Hon. "W. M. r.ladsLontt; with an 

intend. moinoir by Herbert Paul. |2d odl 

<) IxIx.SISp por pi *$3 f l!t Muomilltm 13-10875 

Actors and actresses 

<innd\\ln. N, <!. Na,l Onndwln'it book, *$;i 'id 

llmlwr, It: (J, 

JllcriiciiH, JL, < k d. American actors ami uclroHHCH 

of (ndny, purl iuula rly IhoHe Favorilo to Cleve- 

land. *!((? '18 (!l(welan<l plain dealer, Ulovo- 

Innd, o. 

Ixard, l<\ itarolnen of the modern stage. 

*$l.r.O M4 JMattm-tvoH-HturtfiM-Walton 
Pltun, A: MiiHimi of Uio Hltow *IH nmi in ro- 
tt'onpccllon by nil*' wiio ban boon aNHtxMated 
with I he American Htatfo Tor nearly fifty 
yomu *$^ 'M Neale 

Wlw'H who In imiHle and drama. $5 '14 Hana- 

Actual Koverwuent In IlHnolH. Childs, M. L. 60c 

Acturtt tilti. (lnyford S. C, pa *20c ("-Gd) 

Adnlr, Robin, 187H- 

Pra<*tleal oral hytflone, prophylaxis and py- 
oprlu-a i;lve.oluriH, () xlii,:t27p 11 $4 (10 '14 
Uohlu Adalr, iUO Urant hld., Atlanta, (la. 


Adam, H. M,, and Evane, J, H. 
Motiil-woric. *$l,40 (*5) (c '1 

Adam, Jnmi 
AHtlmm; lt radical troatrnont. D 184p *$1.50 

Adam, John Doitfllat 

Paul In wryday lift*. H 25p Ilex ol *r>(ta '12 

Aiwn, prow* 14-2351) 

AdamU John George, 18G2-, and McCrae, John, 


Txt"hilc of puiholn^y for Htud<mtn of mftdi- 
*IntN ad iul rv find onl () vUi, 17-878p il *$5 

Adams, Alice Dana, 1864-. See Peloubet. F N 
jt auth. 

Adams, Charles Clyde, 1882- 

Switchboards, switching, protective appara- 
tus; an up-to-date discussion of switchboard 
equipment, wiring methods and safety de- 
vices to meet the requirements of the com- 
mon users of direct and alternating cur- 
rent. O 119p il $1 '14 Am. school of corre- 
spondence 14-1391 

See Griffin, C: L., jt. auth. 
Adams, Charles Francis, jr., 1835- 

Monroe doctrine and Mommsen's law. D 42p 
*50c (My) '14 Hough ton 14-10325 

Trans -Atlantic historical solidarity; lectures 
delivered before the University of Oxford 
in Easter and Trinity terms, 1913. O 184p 
*$1.75 (*6s) '13 Oxford 14-1764 

Lectures on the American civil war 

Trent affair: an historical retrospect. O 44p 
pa 50c (Ja) '12 Mass, hist soc. A14-1278 
Adams, Charlotte H. 

Mind of the Messiah. D 204p *60c; pa *40c '14 

Adams, Claude Devall, 1869- 
Candlestick, Zechariah 4:2. D 268p $1 (Mr) '14 
C. D. Adams, 85 Kenedy St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Adams, Edward 
Treatment of chronic leg ulcers. O 122p $1 '14 

International journal of surgery 
Adams, Frank Manning, 186G- 
Drygoodsman's handy dictionary. O 7Sp $1 '12 
Drygoodsman, 1C27 Washington av., St. Louis 1 , 
Mo. (corr price) 12-9622 

Adams, Franklin Pierce, 1881- 
By and large [verse], D 147p *$1 '14 Double- 
day 14-16927 
Adams, Frederick Upham, 1859- 
Coiuiuest of the tropics: the story of the cre- 
ative enterprises conducted by the United 
fruit company. (Romance of big business) O 
xn,368p il *$2 (Ap) '14 Doubleday 14-10441 
Adams, George Moulton, 1S24-1U06. See Gray, 

J. C., jt, auth. 
Adams, H. Packwood 
French revolution. D viii,250p map *$1 (S) '14 


Adams, Harrison, pseud. 

Pioneer boys of the Missouri; or, In the 

country of the Sioux; il. by Walter S. Rogers. 

(Toung pioneer ser.) D viii,358p $1.25 '14 

A l>Jio 14-6566 

Adams, Henry 

Practical surveying and elementary geodesy. 

D xii,27Cp il *$1.25 (D) '13 Macmillan 
Adams, Henry, 1838- 

Mont-Samt-Michel and Chartres: with an in- 

trod. by Italph Adams Cram. Q 14p,401p 

il *$6 (N) '13 HouKhton 14-30080 

Adams, Mrs. Hugh, and Browne, Edith A. 

(cds.) Hocial Kifldo, 1914. D xxxix,264p *$1 (Je) 

'14 JVIacmillan 
Adams, James Truslow 

Speculation and the reform of the New York 
stock exchange. O 27p pa gratis (N) '13 
J. T, Adams, Summit, N. J. 13-26613 

Adams, Rev. John 

(oil.) Woo ftenos, A. C. Son on man 
Adams, John, 1857- 
KLudonl'H KuUlo: making the most of your 

mind. D *$1 '14 Doran 
Adams, John Duncan, 1870- 
ArtH-tTafU lampH, how to mako thorn. 96p 50c 
'II Popular niochanics (corr price) 11-1741 
JMolal work and otchlng. i)6p 5Uc '11 Popular 
mtuilmntau (eorr prioo) 11-8161 

Adama, John Qulncy, 1767-1848 
Writings of John Quincy Adams; ed. by 
Worthlntfton C. Kord, v a-4 1801-1810, 1811- 
1KU <) 555; 54 lp oa *$3.G(> '14 Macmillan 


Adams, L, M. 

How to write a lottor: a modern treatise, giv- 
ing Btylesy and forma for all kinds of let- 
tern: 129 letters on all subjects. D 114p 
COc; pa 25o '13 Dllllnghani (oorr price) 



Adams, M. B. 

Task of the Christian college: inaugural ad- 
dress, delivered November 14th, 1913. O 13p 
'13 Kentucky. Dept. of educ , FianKtoil 


Adams, Rayne. See Goodnow, R. R., Jt. auth. 
Adams, Samuel Hopkins, 1871- 
CUxrion; with il. by W. D. Stevens. D vii,417p 
*$1.35 (O) '14 Houghton 14-17921 

Adams, Warren Austin, 1861- 
(ed.) See Rogge, B. F. "W. Der grosse 

Adams, Wellington 

Lyncs of an humble birth. S 4Sp 50c (My) '14 

Wellington Adams, 12th & U sts., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 14-6607 

Adams, William James, 1878- 

Selected regents' questions in geography. 

70p pa 25c (Ja) '14 Bardeen 13-20802 

Up-to-date regents questions in elementary 

United States history and civics, giving a, 

selection of regents questions to June, 11)13, 

classified, and all the questions since 1914, 

by examinations. I> 94p 25 c '14 Bardeen 

14 18935 

Adamson, E. W. 
School, the child and the teacher. *$1.25 (*4s 

6d) '14 Longmans 
Adamson, William Charles, 1854- 
Panama. canal tolls. (G3d Cong-. 2d sess House. 
Rept. 343) O Up 5o '14 Bupt. of doc. l-i-302li3 
Adaptation (biology) 

Chandler, A. C. Modifications and adaptations 
to function in the feathers of Circus hud- 
sonius. 50c '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Taylor, W. P. Problem of aquatic adaptation 
in the Carnivora. pa 25 c '14 Umv. of Cal. 
Adcock, Arthur St. John, 18G1- 
Booklover's London; with 20 il. by P: Adcock. 
D xui,324p *$L75 (N) '13 Macmillan 14-3007!> 
In the firing line. (Pocket Woks) I> *50c '14 


See Nicoll, W: K. f 3t. ed. 
Adcock, Marion St. John 

Littlest one. *$1 '14= Stokes 
Ad dams, Jane, 1860- 

New conscience and an ancient evil. ( 
lan standard lib.) D xi,21flp *50c '14 Ma- 
nxillan A14-8079 

Plea for more play, more pay and more edu- 
cation for our factory girls and boys. D 24p 
'14 priv ptd Chicago assn. of commerce, 10 
S. La Salle St., Chicago 14-13G38 

Adderley, Rev. James (Granviile) 18G1- 
Making up your mincl. *60c '13 imp Young 


Adding machines. See Calculating machines 
Adding years to your life. Williams, H: S, *$1 

Hearst's int. lib, 
Addington, Keene Harwood, 3874-. See Jones, 

W. C., jt. od. 
Addlson, Joseph, 1672-1719 
Addison and Steele selections from the Tatler 
and the Spectator; ed. for school use, by 
Herbert Vane-nan Abbott. (Lake English 
classics) S 3GOp *35c (Ag) '14 Scott 14-14897 
Sir Roger de Coverley papers from the Specta- 
tor, ed. by Nathaniel E- Griffin (Jflngllsli 
readings lor schools.) S 3acrvii,204p il *30f 
'14 Holt 14-3 8413 

Same. 40c; pa 30c '14 Palmer co. 
Sir Boger de Coverley papers; selected from 
the Spectator, in the amanuensis style of 
phonography by Jerome B. Howard. (Ameri- 
can system of shorthand) S 57p pa 30c '18 
Phonographic inst. 14-4485 

Additional official documents bearing upon the 
European war. See Association for inter- 
national conciliation. American branch 
Addresses to boys and boy scouts. De Carteret, 

G, F. *80c Young ch. 
Ade, George, 1866- 

Ade's fables; 11. by J: T. McCutcheon. D vi, 
297p U *$1 <Ap) '14 Doubleday 14-7488 
Adder, Max, pseud. See Clartc, C; H. 
Adeney, Walter Frederic, 1849- 
Christian conception of God, (Christian faith 
and doctrine ser.) D 273p *$1 (Ag) '12 Ro- 
vell A13-2406 


Metropolitan life insurance co Teeth, tonsils 
and adenoids, pa gratis '14 Metropolitan lile 
insurance co. 

Ade's fables. Ade, G: v $l Doubleday 

Adirondack mountains 

Delaware & Hudson co. Summer paradise. '14 
Passenger dept., Delaware & Hudson co., 
Albany, N, Y. 

Adler, Frederick Henry, 1885- 
Herder and Klopstock: a comparative study. 
O 232p $150, pa *$1 '14 Stechert 14-15063 

Administration of education in a democracy, 
Holhsler, H. A. '$1.25 Scribner 

Administration of justice. See Justice, Admin- 
istration of 

Administration of local taxation in Ohio. Cokcr, 
F. W: 15c Am. acad. 

Administration of the American revolutionary 
army. Hatch, L: C. *$1,50 Harvard Univ. 

Administrators and executors 
Kingsfovd, It. E. Law relating to oxo< mtors 
and administrators in the provlnqo of On- 
tario. 2d ed hf cJC $7.50 'H Carswell co. 
Sec also Probate law and practice 

Admirable Cnchton. Barne, J. M: *$5; od de 

luxo *$25 Doran 

Alexander, J: L. Toons and the rural Sun- 
day school. *50c '14 Aasn. PIOSH 
Forbush, W: B. Government oC adolos'ccnl 

young people, pa 20c '13 Am. last, of child 

Forbush, W: 1*. lleligious nuiliiro of adoloH* 

oGiitw. pa J5c 'L'l Am. niHt. of clnUl life 
Km, 1. High-school ji< 1 . *$J 'H HoWw 
Adolf Frledrlch Albrecht HelnHch, duke of 

Mecklenburg. Schwerln, 1873- 
From the Conffo to the Niger and thft Nilo: 

an account of the German Central African 

expedition of li)10-li)ll. 2v O 526p 514 11 

*$i) '14 Winston AU-2,'i2( 

Adolphe. Constant do Rcbccuuo, II: B: *S5c 

Adonis, At Us, Owirlfl. 3U cd Frtiznr, J. G; 2v *$( 


Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspenr) 1154-1150 
Maim, H. K. Nicholaw IJivulHi>tur fTIa<lvIau 

IV.), A. D. 1154-115D, tlu^ only 10iiKUU popo. 

*U '14 IIoriKsr 
Adrift on an ico-jtan. (}ivnf<ll, W, T. *UKo 

Adult JMWti olaKH. Rollers, IS. O. pa *25(! 

iiiHt. Col. tiHn. 

Mr dim) Food adultiTalltni and 
Advanced American history. Ponnan, B: 20. 

*$1.50 Century 
Advanced English grammar. Harris, W: T. *80o 

World blc, co. 
Advanced Heidelberg teacher training course. 

v t tfeo llauHcr. C. A. 
Advancing proletariat. Woodruff", A, 30, pn 

lOc 1. W. W. imb. burotut, UJi Hamilton av. f 

Cleveland, O. 

Advent. See Strindberg; A. 
Advent antlplionn. Hull, A. 0. A. pa *16o Toiing 


Advent sermons 
Gou$h, B: J: Religion of the Son of Man, *60o 

'34 Doran 

Soe aUo Frontier and pioneer llfo; IIcrooB; 

Hunting; Sports 


Cleveland. Public library. Hovonly-flvo "booki 
of advonturo for boyH ana glrt. 3o '13 Pub- 
lic library, Clovoland, O. 

Adventures amonff wild ilow<jr, Tr^v^na, J; 
*$2 (*7a 6d) ^ongman 

Adventures beyond the Kombofll. TVtatarin, 30, 
*^D,76 Brontano' 

Adventures of a happy dolly, T)omtlioy, M. D. 
75c Barso & 


Adventures of a younger son. Trelawny, E: J: 

2v ea 35c Macmillan 
Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Raspe, R. E. 

+ $1 Brentano's 
Adventures of Henry Dubb: cartoons. Walker, 

R. pa 25c Ryan Walker, 107 W. 4oth St., 

N. Y. 
Adventures of Jerry Muskrat. Burgess, T. W. 

'50c Little 
Adventures ot Kathlyn. MacGrath, H. 50c; pa 

75c Bobbs 
Adventures of missionary explorers. Ibbotson, 

R. A M ' $1 50 Lippincott 
Adventures of Mr. Mocker. Burgess, T. W. *50c 

Adventures of Peter Cottontail. Burgess, T. 

W. -5Uc Little 
Adventures of Roderick Random. Smollett, T. G: 

2v ea *35c Macmillan 
Adventures of the infallible Godahl. Anderson, 

F: I. *?1 Crowell 
Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum. Burgess, T. 

W. -50c Little 
Adventures while preaching the gospel of 

beauty. Lindsay, N. V. *$i Kennerley 
Adventures with a sketch book. Maxwell, D. 

"$3 Lime 
Adventurings in tho psychical. Bruce, H: A. B. 

*?1.35 Little 
Appcl, J. H. My own story. *50c '13 Platt & 

Breniser, R. D. Schemes back of the ads. pa 

50c '14 Ross D. Breniser & co., 90S Chest- 

nut St., Phila. 
Bunting, H: S. Elementary laws of advertis- 

ing and how to use them. $1; lea $2 '14 

Noveltv no\vs 
Hunting, H: S. Specialty advertising. 2d ed $1; 

IOJL $2 '11 Novelty ne\\w 
Clifford, W: G: Building your business by mail. 

$1! '14 Business research pub co., Conti- 

nental and commercial bank bldg., Chicago 
jHK'lwll, T: K. Law of mental domination. *$1 

'M. Commercial pub, 

, K. Making a drug store pay. $2 

'14 Ronald proKH 
Hawkins, (S: H: E: Newspaper advertising. 

$4 '14 Advertisers pub. 
How to advwtlso a bank, with subs to Sys- 

tem $2 '14 Shaw, A. W. 
Lytlo, ,): U. Magazine nrtvt'i limns. $1 '14 "Hotter 

roads jmb. co., 21 W. 4th st., Dayton, O. 
MiK'Donald, J: A. Successful retail adver- 

tising?. iM ocl $li *1!J PrygoodR reporter 
Mfu^Srcffor, T. D. Hank advertising plans. 

$2. BO '13 Bankers' pub. 
Martin, M. Planning an advertising campaign 

for u manufacturer. 8v im '14 Univ. of Minn. 
Mualaml, A. J: Elective Htoro-advortising. 

X5c '14 A. J. Moaland, 1111 Dewalt av., N. 

"W,, Canton, O. 
Oixiycke, ,1: U. News, ads, and sales. *$1.25 

'14 Macmillan 
ratfo, W: K. 'Preparation and caro of mailing 

listw, '14 A<l<liVHM)ffrapli co., flOl W. Vanlmrun 

H(., Chicago 
Rubin, M. J. Making advertising pay* $1 '13 

HunnlH Jordan co. 
Hoh<irnwrliorn, J. AclvorHwing-tho light that 

servos and Haves, not for sale '14 Pub. for 

tlw lOducational comtnlttoe A. A. C. of A., 

l>y Poubloday 
Smith, H. T. Psychological principle outlined 

In Hlmplo English. '14 Dando 
Taylor, IT: C. What an advertiser should 

know. *75c '14 Browno ft Howell 
'IT. H. Foreign and domestic commerce, Bxi. 

of. Foreign pulrtlratloiiH for advertising 

American goods, pa '13 U. S. For. & dom. 
-He Hupt. of doc. 

. . 

Wartaworth, G. B. Principles and practice of 
aUvertisinfif, $2 '13 G. B. Wadsworth, X 
Madison av M N. Y. 

tfcrt also BllliioHllng; Business; Mail order 
IniMlnenn; SaltJHUion and salesmanship; 
Hhow cardB 

Ad vert (il no cards. S^o Hhow cards 
Advertising nitulla atid copy, Sco Lytlo, J; IT. 

Advice to my frlcndM, (Thumb-o-graph ser,) 
*50o '14 Btokca 

Advice to singers. 10th ed Crowest, F: J. *50c 


Ady, Julia (Cartwright) (Mrs. Henry Ady) 
Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan and 
Lorraine, 1522-1590. O xii,562p il +$6 (Ja) 
'14 Dutton (corr price) [A14-623] 

Isabella d'Elhte. new ed il 2v S6 '14 Dutton 
Italian gardens of the renaissance, and other 

studies. O 12p,298p il pors $3 '14 Scribner 
Aegean days. Manatt, J. I. buck *$3 Houghton 
Aeolic lyrics. Seitz, H. B. $1 Cosmopolitan press 
Aequanimitas. 2d ed 3d impression Osier, W: 

*$2.25 Blakiston 

Aerial navigation. See Aeronautics 
Aerial warfare. See Aeronautics, Military 

Hamel, G , and Turner, C : C. Flying. -*S3.50 

(*12s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Hubbard, T: O., and Turner, C: C. Boys' booK 

of aeroplanes. *$1.75 '13 Stokes 
Johnson, V. E: Theory and practice of model 

aeroplamng. '$1.25 Spon (corr Drice) 
Pierce, R. M. Dictionary of aviation. $1.44; pa 

96c '14 Languages pub. 
Walkden, S. L. Aeroplanes in gusts. 2d ed 

$5 '14 Spon 

Zahm, A. F. Report on European aeronauti- 
cal laboratories, pa 15c '14 Smithsonian inst. 
Mr also Aeroplanes; Balloons and airships; 

Laws and regulations 

Richards, H: E. Sovereignty over the air. *50c 

'12 Oxford 
Aeronautics, Military 

Bruce, S. E. Aircraft in war. *50c '14 Doran 
Jane, F. T. All the world's aircraft. *$8.40 '14 

Van Nostrand 

Spaight, J. M. Aircraft in war. *$2 '14 Mac- 


Corbm, T: W. Aircraft; aeroplanes, airships. 
75c '14 McKay 

Duchgne, E. A. Flight without formulae. *$2.25 
(*7s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Le Maitre, W. Natural stability and the para- 
chute principles in aeroplanes. *50c Spon 
(corr price) 

Walkden, S. L. Aeroplanes m gusts. 2d ed $5 
'14 Spon 

SCG also Aeronautics 
Aeroplanes, Model 

Miller, C: M. Kitecraft and kite tournaments. 

$1 '14 Manual arts press 

Stephenson, R. T. Some aspects of the dra- 
matic art of Aeschylus, pa 50c '13 R. T. 
Stephenson, Greencastle, Ind. 

Aesop, 619-564 B. C. 

Afsop's fables; an anthology of the fabulists 
of all countries. (Everyman's lib.) S xxiv, 
231p *35c; lea *70c Dutton A14-1165 

-/Esthetic dancing. Rath, E. *$1.50 Barnes 

Aesthetics. See Esthetics 

Affinity. Hathaway, M. *75c; velvet of *$1.50 
Barse & Hopkins 

Afghan wars 


Diver, K. H. M. Judgment of the sword. *$1.50 

'14 Putnam 

Aflalo. Frederick George, 1870- 
(ed.) Book of flshing stories. O xvl,244p 11 

*$30 (Ja) '14 Dutton 
Harris. N. D. Intervention and colonization 

In Africa. *$2 '14 Houston t 

Powell, 32. A. Last frontier. *$1.50 '14 Scribner 


Odell, H. M. Cotton goods in British Bast 
Africa, Uganda, Zanzibar, and German East 
Africa, pa '14 XT. S. For. & dom. comm.; loc 
Supt of doc. 


Africa Continued. 

Description and travel 

Chamberlain, J. F. and A. H: Africa. *55c '14 

Strong, B. N. Pupils' outlines in geography. 

loose leaf 20c '14 Palmer co. 

Social life and customs 

Ellis, G: W. Negro culture in West Africa. "$2 

'14 Neale 
Africa, Central 
Adolf Friedrich. From the Congo to the Niger 

and the Nile. 2v *$9 '14 Winston 
Matunn, E. Adventures beyond the Zambesi. 

*$3.75 '13 Brentano's 
Africa, East 

Bennet, E. Shots and snapshots in British East 

Africa. *$4 r*12s 6d> '14 Longmans 
Dracopoh, I. N. Through Jubaland to the Lo- 

nan swamp. *$3.50 '14 Lippmcott 
Africa, North 
Woodberry, G: E. North Africa and the desert. 

*$2 '14 Scnbner 

Africa, South. See South Africa 
Africa, West 

Lucas, C: P. Historical geography of the Brit- 
ish colonies. 3d ed v o "$2.10 '14 Oxford 
African adventure stories. Lormg, J: A. *$1.50 


African game animals, Life-histories of. Roose- 
velt, T., and Heller, E. 2v *$1D Scnbner 
African languages 
Foot, E. C., comp. Galla-English English- 

Galla dictionary. *$2. '14 Putnam 
Afro- American folksongs. Krehbiel, H: E: *$2 

After-dmneV speeches 
After dinner stories by famous men. *50c '14 

Hearst's mt. lib. 
Fowler, N: C. Stories and toasts for after 

dinner. *50c '14 Sully & Kleintelch 
Wood, W: A., eel. After-dinner speeches and 
how to make them. *$2 '14 Flood, T. H. 

Sec also Anecdotes; Toasts 
After dinner stones by famous men as told by 
King George of England, President Wilson, 
Prime Minister Asquith, and others. S 12Sp 
*r>0c (O) '14 Hearst'H int. lib 34-17480 

After house. Rinehart, M. *$1.25 Houghton 
Afterwards. Allen, E. S. *$1.25 Clodc, E. J. 
Agasoma-like gastropods of the California 
tertiary. English, W. A. pa 15c Univ. of Cal. 
Agate, Leonard D. 
Luther and the reformation. (People's books) 

"20c '14 Dodge 

Sea (ilso Growth; Old age 
Age of Elizabeth, 1547-1 COS. Esdaile, A. J: K., 

comp. *35c Macmillan 
Age of Erasmus. Allen, P. S. *$2 Oxford 
Age of fable. See Bulfinch, T: 
Age of mother-power. Gallichan, C. G. *$1 DO 

Agee, Alva, 1858- 
Essentials of soil fertility. 4th ed O 43p il pa 

25c '13 Stockman-farmer pub. co., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 13-22683 
Agee, J. H., and others 
Soil survey of Robertson county, Tennessee. 

2Gp map pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 15c Supt of 

Goddard, E. C: Cases on principal and agent. 

*$4.50 '14 West 
Mechem, F. R. Treatise on the law of agency. 

2d ed 2v buck $15 '14 Callaghan 
Ogden, C: G. Law relating to real estate 

agents' rights to commission, hf cf $7.50 '14 

Cromarty law bk. 
Wambaugh, E. Cases on agency (including 

master and servant), *$5 '12 Harvard univ. 

press (corr price) 
See also Bailments; Brokers; Contracts; 

Employment agencies 

Agency. Kremer, J. B. pa gratis Insurance soc. 

of New York 
Ager, John Curtis, 1835-1913 

(comp.) See Swedenborg, E. Path of life 
Agg, T. R., and Nichols, Charles Sabin, 1S83- 
Usc of Iowa gravel for concrete, (Engineer- 
ing experiment station, bul. 34) O 31 p il 
'13 Iowa state college of agric. GS14-470 

Agnew, Paul Gough, 18S1-, and Sllsbee, Fran- 
cis B. 

Accuracy of the formulas for the ratio, regu- 
lation, and phase angle oi transformers. 
(Scientific papers, 211) O Hp pa '14 U. S. 
Stand.; 5c Supt. of doc. 14-30141 

Agnew, W. N. 

Industrial traffic department. O 30p pa '14 La 

Salle extension univ. 14-31)38 

Agrarian revolution in Georgia, 1865-1912. 

Brooks, R. P. pa 40c Univ. of \Vis. 
Agrlcola, Georg, 1494-1555 

Georgius Auricula De re nictallica, tr. from 
the 1st Latin cd. of 1556, with biographical 
introduction, annotations and appendices up- 
on the development oi mining methods, met- 
allurgical processes, geology, mineralogy & 
mining law, trom the earliest times to the 
10th century, by Herbert Clark Hoover and 
Lou Henry Hoover. F xxxi,lMO]> il $8 M2 
Mining & scientific press U3-1010&1 

Agricultural analysis, Principles and practice of. 

2d od Wiley, H. W. v 3 $0 Chemical 
Agricultural bookkeeping instructor. Mann, J. 

D. keratol $1.75 J. D. Mann, Galena, O. 
Agricultural chemistry 

Assn. of oflicial agricultural eliomtstH. Proceed- 
ings of U!ih annual convention, liilli. pa '111 

U. S. Agnc.; 2f>e Supt. of doe. 
Ingle, LI. Manual of agricultural chemistry. 

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cultural analysis. 2d ed v 3 $0 '14 Chemical 
#cc (tlttt) I-PortilbsevH and nwinuren; HoIlM 

Agricultural clubs 
Hart, W: R., and Morton, O. A. IJoyn' and 

Kins' clubs. MUSH. State 1x1, of atft'U;., HoMl'on 
Knapp, B. Results of demount ration work in 

boyw* and girls' cluhH In l!)tU. 'U U. H. Ar,rlc'.; 

Be Supt. of doc, 
Lainon, II. M. Ortfa mention of )>oy,s* and tfh'lK' 

poultry claim. 'UJ IT. S. Arlc.; rc Mupi. of 

Oregon agricultural college, Corvalllti. lOxttJti- 

sion wervlec. Industrial eluh:i and <:ont<Htu 

for Oregon boys and ffirlH. (> HJp 'M (>r* k r,on 

aKricultural collcgo, < 1 orvalll!t fOM*M2 

IMirdno univ. Industrial clu))H and c<nl<;itM. M;t 

Purtlue univ., Ijafuyetto, hid. 
Ward, VV: F. lioyn' pl^f cluhH, with M|eelal 

rofort'noe to tlieir or^nnlssatitMi in th<* Houtli. 

MI! U. K. Attrie.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
AciriCLiltural colleges 
Galloway, M. T: IMntum of (ho United MtnleM 

Department of jiwrlcidturc to the nKfleiil- 

tural eollo^css and <txperJm<>nt HltiUoiw. M3 

U. H. AKrie, 
Orton, K: StatUH of tlm military department 

in the land-grant collctfOH. B<*. M-t Hupt, of 


&Vr tilno AflfrieuKtiro -Hludy tintl leuehiiiK 
Agricultural colonies 


UuaHell flatftj foimdutlori, Library, I'ttunl furm.M 
and i'artu colonlen, pa M4 

Agricultural co-operation in (tanmuiy and In 
Ireland. Thackftton, T. Ji. 2Go, T, ti, Thuitk- 
wton, Cedar Hprliiff, S. C, 

Agricultural cooperative credit associations 
Indiana. Lawn of Indiana nrtatlrw to rural 
loan and HavlngH aHHoe.latlonti, liHJt. Mil hull- 
ana. BulUUttg <Sr, loan anvsn. dept,, Indiana- 


Agricultural cooperative credit assns Cont. 
Metcalf, R. Rural credits in Germany. 5c '14 

Supt of doc. 
Agricultural credit 
Am. commission to investigate and study agri- 

cultural credit and cooperation New York 

state delegates Special report on the Amer- 

ican commission for the study of agricultural 

cooperation in Europe. '14 N. Y. (state). 

Dept. of agric , Albany 
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IT S Agric., 5c Supt. of doc. 
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rural credits and co-operation, pa gratis '14 

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cooperation. Cc '13 Supt. of doc. 
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of doc. 
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<$2 '14 Appleton 

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Metcnlf, U. Ruuil credits in Germany. 5c '14 

Supt ot doc 
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( 1 iu\a<lu 'U Queen's univ., Kingston, Ontario 
Stewart, C' JL. Analysis oi rural banking 

conditions in Illinois. '14 Illinois bankers' 

aan , Champaign, 111. 
IT s, Cumin, to in\ estimate and study rural 

<TO< ills and agricultural cooperative organi- 

sations in European countncw. Agricultural 

credit. 13 ])l ua fie '14 Supt. of <loc 
U. S Comm to investigate iincl study rural 

credits find npfriculluml cooperative oran- 

ixations In lOuropean oounlricH. National 

1 firm-land ]>anks. 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 
Agricultural education 
UriokcT, (J. A, Agricultural education for 

toadierH. *80c '14 Am. 1)k 
Da veri port*, Ifl. Education for efficiency. *$1 

'14 J loath 
Lane, C. II. Progress in agricultural educa- 

tion, JiHl pa '1,'J IT. B. Auric.; lOc Supt. of 

<lo< t 
Ontario. lOtlwation cli-iit. Information, regula- 

tions, Hint ructions and courses oC study re- 

lat mis' to attriculluro and horticulture in con- 

tinuation acliools, hitfli .schools, and collogiiitp 

instil ulo-rt. '1I> Ontario hopl of eUuc., 

Smith, II. Providing lor eoopcuiUve nfirii'iil- 

tural extension \vorU. rc 'j:i Wupt of doc. 
U, S. Agriculture, Dcpt, of UocketviliT foun- 

dation. 'M IT. S, Arie,; fir Supt. of doc, 
IT, H. Commission on national aid to voca- 

tional odueutlon. Vocational education: re- 

port. Uv ca ITu 1 . '14 Supt, of doc. 
IT. H, Cotitft'OHH. UOUHC. Ooopenitive agricul- 

tural extension work, He, 'HI Supt. of doc, 
Ntr aim Agricultural colleges; Aricxil- 

tnre -Study and teaching 
Agricultural exhibitions * 
NolHon, W: U Kairs for farmers not fakovw, 

'14 MlHHotiri. State 1x1. of atfrlc,, Columbia 
Agricultural experiment stations 
Uallowuy, H. T: Uolalion oC tli Unilod Slatoa 
nnL of aKrlc\ilturo to the agricultural 
and oxpoi'iniont HtaUoum '10 U. fc3, 
MinncHota. TJtitvorslty, Affrictiltural oxpori- 

nicnt, station. Annual report, pa 
Spcuccr, J. H. Hovlow of tho work of the 

experimental faruiH, Ml} Canada. I>ept. of 


l r . K. Hupt. of doc, AtfrlenUural oxjutrluiont 
ulatlonw; puhllcatloim for HaUi l>y thu Hiipor- 

intondont of doounu^its. 'Jo Supt. ot doc. 
Afldcultural labor 

Wn^olkon, K. J. IF. von. Gorman farmer and 

cooporutlon. Cc '13 Supt. of doc. 
LuuuaftU U. V. IGconomlc ntitea on lOn 
agricultural waKow, ^I.-IO 'H Mitcnilllan 
Agricultural laws 
TCooH, T^. Y, Iftirmonj* law. Minnesota ed. 

60 o '18 WcM> pub, 

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i. State bd. of asrrlc,, C Columbia 

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to agriculture '10 Missouri. State bd. of 
agric , Columbia 

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Department o agriculture pa 33c; Sup- 
plement, pa lOc '13 Supt of doc. 

Washington. Statutes governing the work of 
the Department of agriculture of the state 
of Washington. '13 "Washington (state). 
Dept. of agric , Olympia 
Agricultural pests 

See also Fungi; Insects, Injurious and 
beneficial; Trees Diseases and pests: 

Agricultural physics 

Hosier, J. G: f and Gustafson, A. P. Soil 
physics laboratory manual. '60c '12 Gmn 

Sre also Soils 
Agricultural products 

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lished New York apple orchard. '14 U. S. 
Agric., He Supt. of doc. 

Sec also Cotton; Fibers; Fruit; Sugar; 
Agricultural schools 

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'14 Macmillan 

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$1.25 '14 Flanagan 

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record and useful information for the farm. 
$1 '13 Rock Island plow co., Rock Island, 111 

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I jipmncott 

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t nvy 

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men. 6th ed *$JL60 '14 Wiley 

Mr <t<tM Bees; Birds, Useful and injuri- 
ous; Clearing of land; Corn; Cotton; Dairy- 
Ing 1 ; l>numHtratUm work in agriculture; 
DomoHtU 1 animate; Drainage; Dry farming; 
Farm build tnff; Farm life; Farm manage- 
ment; Fcodlng and footling stuffs; FertiHz- 
orH and msuvuros; Floriculture; Forage 
plnnta; Forests and forestry; Fruit cul- 
turo; OurclonlnK; Horticulture; Insects, In- 



Agriculture Continued. 

jurious and beneficial. Irrigation; Land; 
Land tenure; Live stock; Plant breeding, 
Plants; Reclamation of land; Rotation of 
crops, Soils; Sugar, Trees; Vegetable gar- 


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Supt. of doc. 


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Economic aspects 

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schools. '13 
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Nebraska. 13 
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plans for teachors iu nature-study agricul- 

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13 Supt. of doc. 
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/SVc aliuu Agricultural college* 


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*$l 'M Ileilly & H, 
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'14 Holt 
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Agriculture Continued. 


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Great Britain 

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'13 I-.yon 
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Agric. oxper. station 


Oregon. State bd. of Immigration. Oregon 

album, '13 Oregon. State b<l. of Immigration, 

Oregon. State board of immigration. Oregon 

fanner. '13 Oregon, State board of Immigra- 

tion, 1'ortland 

South Africa 

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South Dakota 

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and barloy in Houlh Dakota, pa '14 U. H. 
Atfrla.; I0<j tfujit. of doc. 

Southern states 

Alfonl, O: II, IMvorHltel farming In the eot- 

tou holt. 'U International harvester co. 
A 1 ford, U: II. Southern I II clomonlralion 
H. '14 International harvowter co. 


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United States 

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Agriculture, Cooperative 

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8co aUo Aeronautics; Compressed air; 
Humidity; LIq.uid air; Meteorology; Venti- 



Air, Liquid. See Liquid air 
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D 321p il lea $2 '13 Air brake assn. 
Air brakes 

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Air washers 

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bds *$1.25 (Ag) '12 Kennerley 
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son co. 

Alabama county schools and the relation to 
country life. Baker, N. R. pa Alabama. 
Dept. of educ,, Montgomery 

Alabama river 

U. S Engineer dept Reports on examinations 
and survey of Btowah, Coosa, Tallapooaa and 
Alabama rivers, pa 75c '14 Supt. of doc. 

Alacoque, Margaret Mary. 1647-1690 
Demimuid, . Blessed Margaret Mary, *$l 'J4 

Alamo series, ea 60c Winston 

AIarc6n, Pedro Antonio de, 1833-1891 
El capitan Veneno: Captain Venom or Poison; 
tr. by Gray Casement. O 103p *$1.25 'U 
Gardner ptg. co., Cleveland, O. H-4535 

Aiarcon y Mendoza, Juan Ruiz de. See Ruiz- de 

Alarcon y Mendoza, J. 

Gilman, I. A. Alaskaland. '$1 '14 Harriman 
Greely, A. W. Handbook ot Alaska. "$2 '14 

Tuttle, C: R: Alaska, its meaning 1 to the 

world, its resources, its opportunities Jf2,no 

'li F. Shuey & co., 56JJ Empire bldg., Seattle, 

U. S. Census, Bu. of. Occupation statistics: 

1910. '14 U S. Census; 5c Supt. of doc.- 


Judson, K. B Subject index to the history of 
the Pacific northwest and of Alaska. $2 '13 
State library, Olympia, Wash. 

U. S Supt. of doc. United States of America. 
Alaska temtoiy, list oi public documents 
for sale by the superintendent oi documents, 
pa '14 Supt. of doc. 

Description and travel 

Scull, R M. Hunting in the Arctic and Alas- 
ka. '$2 50 '14 Winston 

Stuck, H. Ten thousand miles with a dog sled. 
*$3.50 '14 Scribner 


Dunn, R. Youngest \vorld. '$1.40 '14 Dodd 
Industries and resources 

Chubbuck, L, Possible ,i&neulhira.l dovolop- 
mont m Alaska, pa '14, IT S. Agru;.; JOc 
Supt. of doc. 


Baldwin, A. C., romp. Map of the headwater 
regions of Copper, Tanana and Whilo 
nvors, Alaska, l!MI. ,151 '14 A. 0. Ualdwln, 
3603 Durko av , Seattle, Wash. 

Sanitary affairs 

KruliKh, TO. Kiimliiry conditions ninonK lliu 

.Eskimos, pa lOc 'J'l Supt. of doc, 
Alaskaiand. Gilman, T. A. 1 $1 Harriman 
Alaskan glacier studies of the National geo- 
graphic society in the YakuLat bay, Princo 
William sound and lower Copper rlv<T ro- 
gions. Tarr, 11. S., and Martin, L. $5 Na- 
tional geographic soc. 


Peacock, W. Albania. *? 'H Apploton 
Albert, prince consort of Queen Victoria, J81!)- 

Jerrold, C. Married life of Queen Victoria. 

13.75 '13 Putnam 
Albert, Virginia 
Kids and kiddies [children of (ho nations In 

their coHlumoHl If ICp il $1 '14 Sanltiold 
Aibertson, Charles Carroll, 1SG5- 
Dislmclivo idenM of .JOHUH. 1> !-llSp *7Pc fA} 
'14 3>roHl)ytorian Ixl. ll-i:Jfa<) 

Albrecht, Adalbert 

(tr.) Hoc Kohler, J. PhilOj-'oiiiiy of l;ivv 
Albrecht, Charles H., and Henry, Frank Ander- 

Development of the Dominican repuhlin. 
(Kpeclsil con.suK'ir reports, no. 05) () JMp If, H. 
"Hu, oi foreign fe domestic oonuunrue; fi<! 
Supt. of doc. 

Alcestis. "KUu'lpidoH. ]>a *50e Oxford 
Itcdgrovo, 7T. B. Alchoiny: nnolent nnil tnod- 

orn. *?l.r0 'M McICay 

Rcc (lino Alcoholism; Temperance 
Alcohol, Denatured 

Cramp ton, 0* A. Production find iwn of clumi- 
tured (ik'Ohol in. prineipal countries, pa He 
'14 Supt. oi' doc* 
Alcohol, Physiological effect of 
Williams, 30: IL Question of alcohol, 7fic 'M 

Goodlmo oo. 
Alcoholic fermontfilion. 2d cd Hanicn, A, *$J.?JB 



Gill, S: E. Alcohol and alcoholism. lOc '13 

Pennsylvania state Sabbath school assn., 

Gordon, E. B. Anti-alcohol movement in Eu- 

rope. J $l 50 '13 Rcvell 
Pheliis, 13. P> Moitalitv fiom alcohol m the 

Un tod States. $1 'It Thrift pub 
Stoddard, O F Alcohol's ledger in industry 

pa lOc 'l-l Am is VHP pub 
Stoddard, C K 1 . Handbook of modern facts 

about alcohol. 75c, pa J>0c '14 Am. issue pub. 
IT. S. Delegates to KJtli international congress 

on alcoholism. The Ilamio, J.SH3. International 

I'onfiioss on alcoholism, tie '1I> Stint. oi doc. 
tfrr <77-s> Liiquor problem; Temperance 

Alcohol's ledger in industry. Sloddard, C R 
pa JOc Am. issue pub. 

Alcott family 

lioiiHtclle, .f , and De Forest, M., comps. Little 
women letters irom the house ot Alcott. 
'$1.25 '11 Little 
Alcum club collodions. I'oung ch. 

Huium mlhhtil 2v *$l) 

Schreinor, (). Harmful e(ToelH of aldehydes in 

w>llH. pa 'It IT. 8. A/;ric.; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Alden, Carroll Storrs, 1870- 
Georfie Hamilton Perkins, commodore U. S. N., 
his life and letters; with portraits and other' 
illustrations. D xii.BOUp *$t.50 (Mr) '14 
Tloiitthion 14-5372 

Alden, George Ira, 1SIJJ- 

3 'la n for the hotter CM! urn! ion of hovs and 
tfirln \vho leave the waimuar .school to week 
employment in the unskilled industries. O 
lOp pa, KrallM MI! \Voivej;ter puhhe cduo. 
awn., Worcester, MIIHH. lOll-fifM 

Alden, Isabella (Macdonnld) (Mrs. Gustavus R. 

Alden) (Pansy, pseud.) 1841- 
Judj',0 nurnham H (laugh ton*. H fiOo (Ap) 'J4 

Tony Kontliitf'H MirprlzioH. D 205p fl 7f>o '14 
Honolulu 14-42G2 

WING and oilier wise. S BO ft (Ap) '14 Lothrop 
Alrfcn, Wllllnm Clinton, 1M7I- 
Olaelern of (Jlaclcr national park. O 4Xp 11 
mnpH 1 pn UK- '1-1 Wnpt of tloe, I4-S049S) 

Aldenfouro, Prlncecs of. See, Charlotte AmGlie 
Aldln, Cecil Charles Windsor, 1S70- 

ISoblsill puppy hook. <) il lids 7. r >o 'M Pomn 
(11.) Oei'll AMln'ti merry party; told by May 
llyron. <iv CM *!<)< M!) Doran 
Cmilcntii: Ii'tinp'tT'ii itiMtt. lu'ctiKt'iiht ; K:U;'H Kimlcn iiartv; 
Miuitor (luucU'H wutt'i* iltnl<if Tiiltlihn'M lea pnrly; IVIcr'H 
(IJfuu'p inuly; Hinnply nud IMuiiply r.Ivo a funoy drotw 

Mnc; 11, by th< k aulhor. Q hds *$2 '14 Oonui 
Aldlne seooiul l.uu',* 1 book for w<'i<Itw fivo and 
(t. T., nucl Hptiuldin^ I'\ M. *M>c 

Aldlne Mtippl<'HH ( iiMry remlern, Ne\v, i ;oti 

Whiy, A. VV. Lilt In itl,i.vml<".. ";i,>! lon'lu'tn' nl Mllo 

Aldrlch, Morton Arnold. tH7-i-, and others 

KutfenlcH: t\V(>lv<^ uiilvtTMity leolureH; with a 
I'ornvvord hy Lmvellyw K Uarktir. () xlH.JMRi) 
11 '"$2 Me) M Doilii U-1127U 

Aldrlch, Nol<ion Wlltnarth, 1841- 
NetMl for currency reform. ,'J2p 50c, '!! Am. 

Aldrlch, Rlchnrd, 1S7- 

(tr.) Sc*o I^hnmnn, Ii. How to Injr 
Aldrlch, IhoniaH Dnlloy, IWW UHIV 
Slory (f u had IM.V: with il. I'nun iiholo.^r.ijihM 
y <': H. Olcolt. VlJjJtorr. 1 H( n xvli.UVNp *$l.!!r 
(,!') '14 lloti^hlou M-iao7-l 

Alexander the Cr^nt, JIM-nan II (?. 
Klrkninn, M. M. Aluxitwlriim library. 4v do 

luxn $25 '18 rhlllipM, Oroploy; Taylor 
UiWMcM!, A, Ali'xatuti-t 1 <he (Jrnt, *7flfl '14 HtoliCH 
Hrtilth, V. A. Kiirly liis.lnry of India fr 000 
H. <'. Id tho Miiluimmmlmi <'ou<niwt Ittl *tl 
*$4,7B (*HiO Ml OKford 
Alexnnder, AlnxAtidfii* 8* , 

dj, () rt4p U U5 

Alexander, Archibald Browning Drysdale, 1855- 
Christianity and ethics; a handbook of Chris- 
tian ethics. D xli,257p +75c '14 Scribner 

Alexander, Charles, 1868- 

Battles and -victories of AUen Allensworth, 
lieutenant-colonel, letued, U. S. army. O 
ll)l>,429p il i$150 '14 Sherman, Ficnch & co. 


Alexander, Charles McCallon, 18G7-; Scholfield, J. 

Fre,d; and Stebbms, George Coles, 1846- 
Immanuel's praise D "30c; lea'tte *25c (Jl) 
'14 llevell 

Alexander, Eleanor Jane 

Primate Alexander, archbishop of Armagh: a 
memoir. O i xvi,324p il "$350 (+12s 6d) '14 

Alexander, Fred B. 

How .to play lawn tennis. CSpalding's athletic 
lib Group 4. no. 157) S 49p il pa lOc '14 Am. 
sports pub. 14-12077 

Alexander, Georgia, 3SCS- 

Alexander-Dewev arithmetic: elementary 
book; ed. by J: Dewey. O xx,300p *45c (S) 
'14 Longmans 

Alexander, Gross, 1852- 

(ed ) Doctrines and discipline of tho Methodist 
MplMcopal clruii'h. South, 11)14. S xv.422p 
* lOc '14 I'ub. house M. K ch. So. 

Alexander, Henry Aaron, 1874- 
Mcchamcs' and matcrialmen's lien laws of 
the state of Florida; comp. and annotated 
with abstracts of all decisions of tho state 
and federal courts; taken from Alexander's 
Lien la\vs of the southeastern states, and 
amended to date, with all legislation and de- 
cisions rendered since publication. O 93- 
151p pa $1.50 (O) '13 Harrison co. 14-1G74 
Mechanics' and matorlalmen's lien laws of the 
state of Kentucky, comp. and annotated 
with abstracts of all decisions of the state 
and federal courts; taken from Alexander's 
Lien laws of the southeastern states and 
amended to date, with all legislation and 
declHtons since publication. O xiv,291-392p 
pa $1.50 (D) '13 Harrison co. 14-1675 

Alexander, John L., 1875- 
TcenH and the rural Sunday school; being tho 
.second volume, of tho report of the CoinmiH- 
sion on adolcHoeiiCQ, authorized by tho San 
Francisco convention of tho International 
Sunday .school association. D viii,151p *50c 
'14 Attan. press 34-Ufi87 

Alexander, Rev. Richard W., pseud. See Gal- 
lagher, A. JM. 

Alexander, Samuel, 18. r >0- 

UnslH or re.iliHin. O 3Gp pa *35c '34 Oxford 

Alexander, Rt. Rev. William, 1824-11)11 

Verbum cruclH. UI- & B. lib.) D *50c '14 


Aloxander, W, .f. l^imate Alexander, arch- 
blHhop of Armagh: a memoir. *$3.50 (*12s 
(!d) 'M LmiKmnriH 
Alexander family 
ClenHMifl, VV: M. Alexander family records. 

p:i $1 '14 01< k icuH 
Alexandrian library. Kirkmnn, M. M. 4v de luxe 

$25 PhilHpH, (-ropley; Taylor 
Alexinsky, Gregor 

M ( JUiHHla; Ir. by Bernard Mlall. O 361p 
*$Ji,75 (N) ? J3 imp fctarlbner 13-359C4 

Aley, Max, 1KSO- 

HaruwtoruHrs; un jnvount of tho barnHtorm- 

hiK of iMirtiHlormoi'H of tho Harnvllle; ed. 

I'roni the record kept by "Hob." T) vlll,291p 

11 *$1,LT> (My) '14 Hcirllmer 14-7874 


QttHliilaiK'o, A, 1;., and Hakcr. A. <!. ClaflHl- 
ilcalluii of the AfcyrodUltQ. pt 2 pa '14 U. B 

Uiiney, h <Js Kor inoro nncl lumllor alfalfa 
tn the Northvvewt. 2<^ '14 International liar- 

Nnrf*ra,'(*l; A, Alfalfa ami hop*. '1^ Nova<la. 
Iju, of tndtjnlry, awrlculturo and irrigation, 



Alfalfa Continued. 

Piper C: V., and others. Alfalfa seed produc- 
tion. '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt of doc. 

Smith, G. M. Lecture notes for alfalfa charts. 
'14 International harvester co. 

Smith, G. M. Studies in alfalfa. 4c '14 Inter- 
national harvester co. 

Alfalfa caterpillar 
Wildermuth, V. L. Alfalfa caterpillar, pa '14 

U. S. Agric ; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Alfalfa weevil . 

Kalmbach, E. R: Birds in relation to the al- 
falfa weevil, pa '14 U S. Agric.; I5c Supt of 

Alford, Bradley Hurt 

Jewish history and literature under the Mac- 
cabees and Herod. D xvi,113p *$1 (N) '13 
Longmans A14-815 

Alford, George Howard 

Diversified farming in the cotton belt. O 47p 

il por '14 International harvester co. 14- 1 555 

How to prosper in boll weevil territory. O 32p 

il pors *14 International harvester co. 14-7558 

Southern I H C demonstration farms. O 32p 

il pors '14 International harvester co. 14-7556 

Alfred the Great, king of England, 849-901 

$$Lees, B. Alfred of England. *$1 50 '14 Putnam 

McKilliam, A. E. Alfred the Great. *75c '14 


Chambers, C: 0. Relation of algse to dissolved 
oxygen and carbon-dioxide. '12 Washington 
univ., St. Louis 


Brooks, E: Algebra, pt 1 *83c '14 Sower 

Brooks, E: Standard algebra. $1.22; Key, $1.22 

Davidson, J: Arithmetic and algebra. *75c '13 

Davison, C: Problem papers, pa *25c '14 Put- 

Dickson, L. E. Algebraic invariants. *$1.25 '14 

Durell, F. Algebra, bk 1 *$1 '14 Merrill, C: E. 

Elliott, E. B Introduction to algebra of quan- 
tics. 2d ed *$5 (*15s) '13 Oxford 

Fite, W: B: Second course in algebra. *90c '14 

Godfrey, C:, and Siddons, A. W. Elementary 
algebra, *$1.25; with answers, *$1.45 '14 

Marsh, H. W. Technical algebra, pt 1 *$2 '13 

Mime, W: J. Standard algebra, revised. *$1 
'14 Am. bk. 

Nunn, T. P. Exercises in algebra, pt 1 with 
answers *$1 10 (*4s) '14 Longmans 

Nunn, T. P. Teaching of algebra. *$2 (*7s 6d) 
'14 Longmans 

Rivenburg, R. H: Review of algebra. *36c '14 
Am. bk. 

Wentworth, G:, and Smith, D: E. School alge- 
bra, bk 2 *90c 'H Ginn 

Wheeler, A. H. Examples in algebra. *90c 'H 

Sec also Equations; Functions; Logar- 
ithms; Mathematics 
Algebra of logic 

Bernstein, B: A. Complete set of postulates 

for the logic of classes expressed in terms 

of the operation exception, pa lOc '14 Univ. 

of Cal. 

Algebraic invariants. Dickson, L. E. *$1.25 

Alger, Arthur Martlneau, 1854- 

(ed.) See Fuller, W: E. Probate laws of Mass- 


Description and travel 

Gordon, H C. Woman in the Sahara. *$1.{>0 
'14 Stokes 

and the Wonderland people. Thayer, B. 
R. L. bds $2 Bungalow book & toy co. 
Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Soo Carroll, 



Brown, P. M. Foreigners in Turkey. *1.2R 
'14 Princeton univ. press 

Taft, W: H. United States and peace. *$1 '14 


U. S. Labor, Dept. of Regulation of immigra- 
tion of aliens. '14 U. S. Labor; 5c Supt. of 

See also Citizenship; Immigrants; Natu- 

Aliens. McFee, W: -$135 ("6s) Longmans 
Alimentary toxaemia: its sources, consequences 
and treatment; a discussion opened by W. 
Hale White, and others. Q 3SOp,45p diags 
charts '$1 50 '13 Longmans 
Alimentary tract. See Digestive organs 
Alfngton, Cyril Argentine, 1872- 
Schoolmaster's apology. *$1.20 (*3s Gd) (Ag) 
'14 Longmans 

Allotta, Antonio 
Idealistic reaction against science; tr. by 

Agnes McCaskill. O xxn,4S3p *$3 (O) '14 

Alkali lands 
Hanson, D. TQvperimonls in the production of 

crops on alkali land on the Huntlcy reclama- 

tion project, Montana. M4 U. H. Atfric., TXJ 

Supt. of doc. 
Salt Lake commercial club. Alkali and water 

logged lands. '14 Salt Lake commercial club, 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Alkaloldal digest. Abbott, W. C. 50o Abbott 

Alkaloidal (dosimetric) medication, Therapeutic 

guide to. Shaller, J: M, 50c Abbott PI-OHM 

(corr price; 
Abbott, W. C. Alkaloidal diflcst. 50c Abbott 

Abbott, W. C., and Wnuh, W: R, o(Z. Amer- 

ican alkalomelry. *lv ea *$2 Abbott PPOHH 
All about electricity. Knox, G. D. *?1.50 lAmk 
All about postage stamps. Melville, K ,1. *$l.r>0 


All-over codex. lea, $1; pa 50c Am. code ro. 
All Shakespeare's tales. Lamb, C:, and Hlokos. 

W. *$1.50 Stokes 
All sorts of stories book. Luntf, L. H. *$I Long- 

All Spanish method. Hal!, a li bkw ea $1 World 

All the Bussias. Norman, II: *$2 Scrllmor 
All the way. Truesdell, A. W. $1*25 Robertson 
All the world's aircraft. Jano, F. T. *$8.<t() Van 


Allard, Harry Ardell 

Mosaic disease of tobacco. (U. H, Dcpt of 

agric. bul. 40) O 33p il pa lOc '14 Hur>t. of 

doc. AgrH-19 

Allbutt, Thomas Clifford, 1R3G- 

Palissy, Bacon, and tlio revival of natural 

science. O 36p pa *35c 'M Oxford 
Allegheny county law library, PIttsburflh 
Catalosno of the Allegheny county law library, 
Pittsburgh, Pn., circulating doparliuonl ; >>y 
J. Ocar Kinrlcb. v,M4p pa M2 AllcK-lu^nv 
county lii\v library, PiLtHlnu-Kli H-^liO-ri-O 

Cumulative Miipplcmcnt nuniber two (o the* 
Catalogue. O TOp pa 'M AlloKltony county 
law library, I'lttMburfifh 
Saint, lj. 1). Kniffht of the ** 'i'l 


Mackenzie, W: ft. English mow HI log from 
the point of view of alloRory. *$2 M4 (Una 
Alleman, Herbert Christian, IKfiS- 
Bible: a ffonwul introduction. <I<utb<.i'an 
tcacher-traiiiinff H<U. bk. 1) I) lxt.*t-l(!In II 
*50c; pa *;J5(i 'M I 4 uthnriiu pub. HOC. 1 1-20JJ7H 
Allen, Abel Lefghton 

ossaKo of now thoufifUt. J) vll,26l)n front 
**1.25 (Mr) '14 Crowoll 14.M81 

Allen, Alfred Henry, 1847-3004 
Allen'w commorciru organic analywln; a InuiiUw 
on tho properties, inodow of aHayItiK, atid 
proximate analytical examination of tlm 
various organic chomilcalH ana prmluclw <MJ- 


Allen, A. H: Commercial organic analysis Qont. 
ployed in the arts, manufactures, medicine, 
etc. with concise methods- for the detection 
and estimation of their impurities, adulter- 
ations, and products of decomposition; ed. 
bv Henry Leffmann and W. A. Davis. 4th ed 
entirely rewritten. Sv O il ea ^$5 '09-'13 Blak- 
iston 9-29872 

V ,!-8, otl J>v W. A Da us and KainiU'l S Sarttler 
Allen, Alice E. 

Stories of the liliine country. D H2p il *40c 
'14 Educational 14-13590 

Allen, Anne Story 
Peter's Christmas present, ooze lea 75c '14 

Tirowno & Howell 
Allen, Arthur William 

Dram of armaments. Tost ot peace under 
arms rev crt (Pamphlet Her. v. 3, no. 0) 
l!)p gratis '10 World peace foundation 


Allen, C. Frank I. e. Calvin Francis, 1851- 
Railroad curves and earthwork. 5th ed S xi, 
217p *$2 (*Ss -Id) (Mr) '14 McGraw 14-4964 
flame ; bound with Field and office tables. 
S 51 6p flex lea *$3 (*12s 6d) (Mr) '14 

Allen, Caroline Stetson 
Bird friends of a country doll. O C4p il bds 

*50c (O) '14 Pilgrim press 
Wnll-brpd dolls; or, Happy play in grassy 
places. O 7p, 3-1-1 Ip il *$1 '13 Pilgrim. proas 

Allen, Carroll Woolscy, 187-1- 

Local and regional anesthesia, wilh chapters 
on spinal, cpidural, paravertehral, and para- 
sacral tmfiltfcHia, and on oilier applications 
of local ami regional anesthesia to the 
surgery of the eye, ear, now* and throat, and 
to dental practice; with an introd. by 
Rudolph MutiiH. (I tfiifip il *$<>; hf nior *$7.r0 
'M Sainulers 11-18530 

Allen, Charles Morse, 1859- 

MxcrclHcH In ttenoral chemistry. (Wiley tech- 
nical stir.) Q 02 1 Jl pa *$L '32 Wiley 13-25060 
Allen, Edward 

Wayside; I ho waiting dream of a soul boforo 
' an open wood lire. () lfJ)p *$l '14 Mhnrman, 

Krendl <Vi CO. 

Allen, Emma S, 

Afterwardn. 1> -M7p 'Ifl/JR (\&\ M-l CHode, K J. 


AwaUcnlnj; of the flarlw< k lls; a tale of tho 

San Francisco carthqnake. I) ,'MOp pis *$1 

'13 Am. tract. 14-153 

Allen, Emory Adnms, I8B3- 

Our cnna.l In Panama; the greatest achlovc- 

inent In tho world's history; profusely 11, 

with numerous half-tones from photographs 

I'uriliHhcd |>y (lie l;;i linii;in ciuinl comml,".- 

Hlou. O 432p II mnpM $1.fiO '13 United States 

pub. ro., (JlnelnnaU 

Allon, Fnwcett 

(coinp.) Atlas of commercial geography; 
an Introd. by I), A. Jones. Q 48 maps *$l.i() 
'1-1 Putnam 

Allen, Frnncea Newton (Symmea) 1SCB- 
Her wlntfM, l> Ix.aiHp *$l.aC (H) '14 JToughton 


Allen, Trnnklyn W, 

Pi'oeoedinfrM <tf the arbitration between eastern 
vailro.'idM and the nt'othcrhood of locomotive 
Ilrtnen itnd enjvlncmen; (etdiniouy, March 
1,0- Nov. HI, UH!{; award; supplementary 
award, I'd ed fv o iiVlOp, I!{p, IJUp 1^50 (Ap) 
"14 Law reporting e>, 

IM'occu'dlnKH of tho National nr.j.oi'Iallon of rail- 
way coHitniMMlone.1% urlh nnniial convention, 
Kton, I). <!., (mtober J!HI, (013 (in- 
nil connnltteo ruporttu, 1) C12p $1 
M4 f<aw report IMC eo, 
Allen, Frederick Jnmoa, 18<14 
J^nw M a vocation, (Vocation** for boys and 
yon UK iwu l> loop $l; pa 7&c (I>) r n Vo- 
lition bureau, f ttcncon st,, HoNtcm 14-1454 
Allan, Frederick Madlnon, IX7!i 
Httidles t'ont'ot'ttltitf Klycouiirlit and <UntH'tt*H. <) 
xvlll,117iir> 11 *$y MU Harvard unlv, 
(vorr pub) tI 


Alien, Rev. G. C. 

Song of Pnthiof retold in modern verse; with 
many il. and pis. in col. by T. H. Robin- 
son. O bds '$1 '14 Doran o p 
Allen, H. M. 

(ed ) See Erasmus, D. Opus epistolarum 
Allen, Hamilton Ford 

Two mummy labels in the Carnegie museum 
(Annals, v. 8, no. 120) 5p 2 pis lOc '13 
Carnegie museum 
Allen, Herbert Stanley 

Photo-electricity; the liberation of electrons 
by light, with chapters on fluorescence & 
phosphorescence, and photo-chemical ac- 
tions & photography. (Monographs on phys- 
ics) O ix,221p pi diags -$2.10 ("7s 6d) (Ja) 
'H Longmans A14-500 

Allen, Irving C. 

Pioblema of the petroleum industry; results 
of conferences at Pittsburgh, Pa , August 
1 and September 10, 1J>13. lid cd (Technical 
paper 72. 1'otroloum technology 17) O 2Up 'H 
IT. . Mines; Sc Supt. of doc. 14-a0542 

and others 

Physical and chemical properties of the petro- 
leums oi California. (Technical paper 74. 
Petroleum technology IS) O 3Sp il '1 1 IT. S. 
Minos; He Supt of doc. 14-303UO 

Allen, James, 1864- 
Men and systems. D 9-1 top *$1 '14 Dodge 

Allen, James Lane, 1S49- 

Last OhrlKtmas tree; an idyl of immortality. D 

IJJSp por *$1 'It Kosher 11-20801 

Allen, James Sherman, 1875- 

Allen's shorthand lessons in Pitmanic short- 

hand. O 2 1 Op *$I (Jl) 'J3 J. S. Allen, Jack- 

son, Mich. 13-16626 

Allen, John Robins, 18G9-, and Bursley, Joseph 


Heat engines: stoam > gas, steam turbines and 

their auxiliaries. 2d ed, thoroughly rev and 

reset O xiiI,3L'Op il *$3 (*12s Od) (Ag) '34 

MeUniw 14-14782 

Allen, L. A. 

Dairy farm inaungement in the Ozarks. 
(Monthly bill., v. <), no. (I) () 20p il '11 Mis- 
souri. Stale bd. of ngrio., Columbia 


Allen, Nellie Burnham, 1864- 
Industrial studios: Kurope. D xlv,409p il maps 
*() '13 CJInu 14-1354 

Allen, Mrs. P. S, 

(eel.) Seo Mrnsmus, 3). 1'raiso of folly 
Allen, Percy Stafford 

A^e of lorasmns: lectures delivered in tho 

universities of Oxford and London. 304p 

*$2 'M Oxford 14-17238 

Allen, Philip Schuyler, 1871- 

(ed.) (Jcnnan lile: a (Cultural reader for tho 

ilrst year. I> viil f ai2p 70c 'M llolt 14-14804 

and Phllllpson, Paul Hermann 

JOiiMy (Jcrnian coiivorsatlon. J) HH,220r) il *00c 
'14 Tlolt 14-10703 

Allen, Phoebe 

Peeps at arcMtocluro; cont. 8 full-page 11. In 
col. suid r>!J lino drawings. I) vli,87p *fi5c (O) 
'! IVIacmlllan A14-R03 

Teeps at heraldry. I) viU,R7p il *RR (O) '13 
Maenilllan AH-OH3 

Allen, Rlsden T, r nnd Bu'shnell, T. M. 
Hull survey of Christian county, Kentucky. () 
;$lp ra, '1-1 U. H. AK'U',; Jrn k , Supt. of doc. 

nnd Grimes, E, J. 

Soil urv',v of Miller county, (Joorgla. O flip 

map PU '11 H. H. Aiyrlt 1 ,; lfnj Hupt. of doe. 
Allen, Rev. Roland, 180D- 
lOnNentlal udnsionary principles. D 36flp II *$l 

(D) '13 Uovoll 
Allen, Rollnnd Craten, 1KHI- 
Mlnoiiil resources of Michigan with statistical 
tahlt'M of production nnd value of mineral 
prodnetH for liUi} and prior years, (Puh. 13. 
(ioolotfleal Her. 10) () u:5p II M3 Mich. <}eol. 
and Idol, H., UumliiK (iSH-r31 

Allen, Walter a 

Notable dovHloi)rnent in ornamental wtroet 
tlylitluir. pa JOc '14 Uiviu PHJMW 


Allen, William* 1S74- ^ M 

<comp. Xtv urleans, old and new. O 31p u 

'U New Oriels assn. of commerce, New 

Orleans'. La. U-13uu9 

Allen, William, cardinal, 1522-15&4 

Defence of EngLsli Catholics; printed from 

ihe ordinal t-u. of 15 S4, the spelling alone 

beiiig modernized; -with a preface by the 

Cardinal of Westminster. (Catholic lib.) 2v 

D 1I<; I52p ea -3wc '14 Herder 

Haile, M. Elizabethan cardinal. William Allen. 

<$0 '14 Herder 

Allen. William Harvey, 1S74- 
Health r.eeds and civic Action. O 12p pa 2^c 

11 Am. auad. 

Training men ard women for pu.dic service. 
O X pa l"-c "1- Am. acad 

Money- nrTring 1 ideas, eighty practical ideas 
for "making money, for the man or vornjui 
with smal: capital. D 56p 2oc fJa) '14 S. W, 
Allender, 5S13a Westminster pi., St. Lome. 
MO. 14-1941 

Allensworth, Allen, 1542- . . 

Alexander, C. Battles and victories of Allen 
Allensuorth. *$150 '14 Sherman, French & 


a S of technical analysis. Q 30 
numb 1 bds 60c <O) '13 Colorado school of 
mines alumni assn., Golden 13-2o<6i 

Allerlel 'elite Roser, E. <$1 West. Meth. bk. 

Ailing, Newton Duelle, 1S69- ... 

Reserve and currency problems; a substitute 
for a central tank. Q 47p pa 25c '13 N. D. 
Ailing, 11 Beekman St., N. Y, 13-25046 

Allinson, Alfred Richard 

(tr.) See Keischmann, H. Unknown son or 

Alliot, Hector, 1SG2- 

Bibliography of Arizona; being the record of 
literature collected by Joseph Amasa Munk, 
and donated by him to the Southwest mu- 
seum of Los Angeles, California. O 12-431p il 
$3 50 '14 Southwest museum, Los Angeles, 

Alliteration . ^_ ... 

Classen E On votvel alliteration in the old 
Germanic languages. 'S1.20 (*3s 6d> '13 Long- 

Allot, Robert, fl. 1600 

(comp.) En glands Parnassus; ed. from the 
original text in the Bodleian library, and 
compared with the two copies m the British 
museum by C: Crawford; with introd., 
notes, tables, and indexes. O xliii,559p *$2.50; 
Oxford Ipdia pa *$3.50 '13 Oxford 14-9976 
Bibliographv P 545- 55C 

Alloy steels. Lake, E. F. pa 25c Industrial press 

Grondahl, L. O-, and Karrer, S. Thermoelectric 

behavior of Heusler alloys in a magnetic 

field. '14 TJmv. of Washington 
Johnson, C: M. Kapid methods for the chemi- 

cal analysis of special steels, steel-making- 

alloys and graphite. 2d ed *$3 14 Wiley . 
Lake, R F. Alloy steels, pa 25c '14 Industrial 


See also Brass; Metallurgy 
All's love yet all's law. Gordon, J. L. *$1.25 


Allsop, Frederick Charles 
Electric bell construction. D xii,131p il *75c '14 

Span AU-3017 

Induction coils and coil making. 2d ed rev and 

enl D x,172p il *75c '14 Spon 

Practical electric bell fitting, llth ed D aclv, 

170p ii *75c '14 Spon (corr price) 
Telephones, their construction and fitting. 8th. 

ed D vii,222p il *75c '14 Spon (corr price) 
Allsop, Robert Owen 
Turkish bath; its design and construction. O 

152p il *$1.SO Spon (corr price) 

See also Illustrations, Homiletic 


American Whitaker almanac and encyclo- 
pedia, *$1 '14 Doubleday 

BrooWjTi daily eagle almanac, 1914. 50c '14 

Brooklyn daily eagle 
Garden and faim almanac for 1914. pa *25c 

'14 Doubleday 
Hutchms, J: N. Almanack for 1753. '12 pnv 

ptd E W. Whitfield, 220 Broadway, N. Y. 
International Whitaker. GOc '14 International 

ne\vs co. 
Langland, J. Chicago daily news almanac and 

year-book for 1914. *25e '14 Chicago daily 

Living church annual and Whittaker's 

churchman's almanac: a church cyclopedia 

and almanac, 1914. *75c; pa *50c '14 

Young ch, 
Tribune almanac and political register, 1914. 

pa 25c '14 Tribune assn, 
TVhitalrer's almanack, 1913 pa 50c; with 

Supplement $1 'H International news co. 
World almanac and encyclopedia, 1914. pa 25c 

'14 Press pub. 

See also Calendars; Nautical almanacs 
Alma's junior year. Breitenbach, L. M. $1.50 

Almayer's folly. Conrad, J. flex lea *$1.50 Double- 

Alms for oblivion. Dargan, P. prlv ptd Graham 

Almsgiving. See Charity 

Almshouses and workhouses 

U. S. Census, Bu. of. Paupers in almshouses 

1910. pa '13 IT. S. Census; 20c Supt. of doc. 

Along Mediterranean shores. Willard. M. P. 50c 


Along the Hudson with Washington Irving. 
Bruce, W. 5<Jc W. Bruce, 2G7 Stuyvesant av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Along the Mohawk trail. Fitzhugh, P. K. *50c 

Alpers, William Charles, 1S51- 

(edj See Era formulary 
Alpha and omega. Burdette, R. J. 50c Clara 

vista press 

Alpha phi. Boston alumnse chapter 
Eta cook book, D 17-173p 50c (My) '14 Mrs. 
P. G Volpe, 123 Forest at, Maiden, Mass. 


Johnston, H. H. Phonetic spelling. *$1.10 '13 

See also Inscriptions; Writing 
Alphabet books 
Toy land alphabet book. $1 '14 Ideal bk. 

Bergling, J: M. Art alphabets and lettering. 

vel ?2 '14 Bergllng 

Faust, C: A. Faust's 75 new alphabets for 
brush, air brush, etc. pa 75c '12 Dry goods 
reporter (corr pub) 
Sec also Lettering 

Lunn, A. H: M. Exploration of the Alps. *50c 
'14 Holt 

Description and travel 

Butler, S: Alps and sanctuaries of Piedmont 

and the canton Ticino. *$2 '13 Dutton 
Flemwell, G: Flower- fields of Alpine Switzer- 

land. *$2.50 '12 Dodd 

Alster case. Gillmore, R. H. *$1.35 Appleton 
Altar and priest. Yorke, P: C. *$1.25 For sale 

by Benziger 
Altar fires relighted. Hasbrouck, S. *$J.25 Davis 

& Bond 
Altar flowers and how to grow them. Jones, H. 

*90c Benziger 
Alter, Dr. David 
Holland, W: J. Dr. David Alter, a nearly for- 

gotten Pennsylvanian, who was the first 

discoverer of spectrum analysis, pa lOc 

'13 Carnegie museum 
Alternate exercises for introductory French 

prose coziiposition. Francois, V: E. *25c Am. 

Alternating-current electricity. Timbie, W- II:. 
and Higbie, H. H. 1st course *?2 Wiley 


Alternating current machinery. See Electric 


Alternating currents. See Electric currents, Al- 

Alternating electric currents. See Electric cur- 
rents, Alternating- 
Alternative English exercises. Fraser, "W: H', 

and, Squair, J: *15c Heath 
Altes und neues. Seeligmann, K. ' 35c Gmn 
Altgeld, John Peter, 1847-1902 
Bro^n, E: O. Biographical sketch of Hon. 
John Peter Altgeld. pa *25c '05 Chicago 
hist. soc. (corr price) 

Altham, Edward A., 1856- 
Principles of war historically illustrated; 
with an introd. by General Sir Horace L. 
Smith -Dorrien. v 1 with maps bound sep- 
arately. O xv,435p *$3.50 (Ap) '14 Macmillan 

Marshall, R. B. Results of spirit leveling. See 

author entry 

U. S Coast and geodetic survey. Hypsometry. 
Fourth general adjustment of the precise 
level net in the United States and the re- 
sulting standard elevations pa '14 U. S 
Coast & geod. S. ; 40c Supt. of doc. 
Altmaier, Carl Lewis 

Model typewriting instructor (touch method); 

new and rev. ed. Q 147p il $1.25 *13 Park 

pub. co. 13-20852 

Altogether Jane, by herself. D 345p il "$135 

'14 Kennerley 14-18800 

Altogether new loohsh dictionary. Towne, C: W. 

*75c Luce, J: W 

S!attery, M lie took it upon Himself. ! 60c 

'14 Pilgrim press 

Altsheler, Joseph Alexander, 1862- 

Guns of Bull Run: a story of the civil war's 

eve. D 347p il *$1.30 '14 Appleton 14-4303 

Guns of Shiloh; a story of the great western 

campaign. D 335p il *$1.30 (Ja) '14 Appleton 


Scouts of Stonewall: the story of the great 

valley campaign; il. by C: L. Wrenn (Civil 

wm- ser.) D 351p $! 30 '14 Appleton 14-16480 

Sword of Antictam: a story of the nation's 

cusis; il. bv C: L Wrenn (Civil war ser) 

D 338p *$1.30 '14 Appleton 14-16179 


U. S. Agriculture, Dopt. of. Alum in foods. '14 

U. S- Agric.; Cc Supt. of doc. 
Alverstone, Sir Richard Everard Webster, 1842- 
Pvecollcctions of bar and bench; with portraits, 
and sketches by the late Kir Frank Lock- 
wood O xii.SIJlp 4 $350 '14 "Longmans 
Alyord, Clarence Walworth, 1808- 
Old Kaskaskia records, pa *2FJc '06 Chicago 
lust. soc. (corr price) 7-G873 

Alvord, John Watson, 1861-, and Burdlck, Charles 


Preliminary copy of summary and estimates 
from the report on- flood protection for the 
city of Columbus, Ohio, September 15, 1913. 
O 37p pa gratis (S) '14 J: W. Alvord, 
Dept. of public improvement, Columbus, O. 


Amarlllo, Tex, Charters 

Charter of Ih-e city of Amarillo, adopted Nov- 
ember 18, 3914, embodying commission form 
of government under city manager plan. 
25p '14 14-13100 

Amateur garden. Cable, G: W. "$150 Scribner 
Amateur mechanics, no. 5. D 128p pa 2Dc '14 

Popular mechanics 
Amateur theatricals 
Browne, V. Swsrots of aeono paint Ins mid 

stage tiffcclH. *$1,25 '33 Dulton 
Easy entertainments for young people, bda 
40c; pa 25c '13 Penn 

#00 also Charades; Dialogs; Dramas- 
Plays for ama tours; Pantomime 
Amateur's wireless handy book. 8d..ed,, Jan., 
1014. Oolo, A, B., and Morgan, A. P., comps, 
25c Colo & Morgan 

Amazing adventures of Sophie Lyons. Lyons, S. 

$1; pa 25c Og'lvie 

Amazing Argentine. Fraser, J: F. *$1 50 Funk 
Amazmg Grace Sharber, K. T. *$1 Bobbs 
Amazon river 
Fountain, P. River Amazon from its sources 

to the sea -$250 '14 Dodd 

Lange, A. Lower Amazon. "3250 '14 Putnam 
Woodioffe, J F. Upper reaches of the Amazon. 

*$3 '14 IVIacmillan 

Bennett, F. M. Religious cults associated with, 
the Amazons. *$1.25; pa *$l '12 Columbia 
umv. press 

Amberg, William A., 3847- 
New finance, interest- earning bank reserves 
vs. idle money j U. S. bonds and bond cer- 
tificates. O 10p pa gratis (Ag) '13 Am- 
berg 13-23535 
Outline of a plan for funding the national 
debt and for maintaining an elastic re- 
serve currency. O 19p '13 priv. ptd. Amberg 

Macnaughton- Jones, H: Ambidexterity and 

mental culture. *75c '14 Rebman 
Ambler, Louis 

Old halls and manor houses of Yorkshire; 
with some examples of other houses built 
before the year 1700; il. by 91 pis. from 
photographs specially taken by Horace Dan, 
architect, and others, \\ith 20 pis. of meas- 
ured diawings and numerous il. in the text. 
O 15p,i)7p *$14 '14 imp Scribner [14-100551 
Amelia. Fielding, H: 2v ea *35c Macmillan 
Amentia. See Tredgold, A. F. Mental deficiency 


Griffin, G. G., comp. Writings on American 
history, 1911. $1 50 '13 Am. hist. assn. 

Griffin, G. G, comp. Writings on American 
history, 1912. *$2 '14 Tale univ. press 


Ferrero, C. Ancient Rome and modern Amer- 
ica. *$250 '14 Putnam 

Discovery and exploration 

Burpee, L, J. Pathfinders of the Great Plains, 
hi cf OUc; lea $1.50 '14 Glasgow, Brook & 
co., 15 Wilton av., Toronto, Can. 

Clay, O. Treasure finders. *$1.25 '14 Duf- 

Hovgaard, W: Vojages of the Norsemen to 
Ameiica. '$4 '14 Am. -Scandinavian founda- 

Hutchinson, F: W. Men who found America. 
$1.25 '14 Barso & Hopkins 

KcAllan, A. Ancient Chinese account of the 
Grand Canyon, or course of the Colorado, pa 
15c '13 For sale at Central agency 

JVTcKee, J. V., and Roemer, L. S. Period of 
discovery. 50c '14 Century 

Read, B: M. Chronological digest of the Docu- 
mentos ineditos del Archive de las Indias. 
75c '14 B: M. Read, Santa F, N. M. 
America. Dawson, W: J. *?1.25 Lane 
America and the Philippines. Crow, C. *$2 


Am6rfca del Sud. Bryce, J. *$2.50 Macmillan 
America, through the spectacles of an Oriental 

diplomat. Wu Ting Fang. *$1.60 Stokes 
American academy of medicine 

Medical problems of immigration, being the 
papers and their discussion presented at the 
37th annual meeting held at Atlantic City, 
June 1, 1912. 153p tables ?4 '13 Am. acad. 
of medicine 14-18133 

Physical bases of crime: a symposium; the 
papers and discussion contributed to the 
88th nnmial mating of the American arad- 
c v my of medicine, Minneapolis, Juno 14, 1913. 
O 188p diagts $4. '14 Am. acad. of medicine 


American academy of political and socFal sci- 

Commerce with South America, 16p pa 25c 
'11 Am. acad. 



^VftZrS* ademy f POl ' tiCal an " S CiaI SC ' enCe A T!</3"e a r a Toi atl 4OOp P ^'SSSSwi'ccorp 


Commission government and the city-manager 
plan; revised eel. of Commission government 
in*ca.n cities. O vi,279p pa n '14 
Am. acad. 14-5 <oS 

Government regulation of water transporta- 
tion. i Annals, v. 55, whole no. 144) O v,206p 
$1.",'.', pa $1 Sj "14 Am. acad. 14-1S321 

Housing and town planning-. ( Annals, v 51; 
whole no. 140) O vi,296p $1 50, pa $1 '14 
Am. a"ad. 14-1942 

International relations of the United States. 
(Annals, v. 54; whole no. 112) O 3"7p $1.50, 
pa $1 '14 An. acad. 14-141H5 

Reform in administration of justice. (Annals, 
v 52, whole no. 141) O vi,27Sp pa $1 '14 Am. 
acad. 14-C032 

State regulation of public utilities,' collected 
and ed, by Clyde Lyndon Kins. (Annals, 
v. 53; whole no. 142) O vii,357p 1-50; pa 
$1 '14 Am. acad. 14-10472 

Women in public life; et3. by J P. Lichten- 
berger. Annals, v. 5G, who e no. H5) O v, 
SI '14 Am. acad. 14-21424 

American actors and actresses of today Hichens, 

H., ed. 2oc Cleveland plain dealer, Cleve- 

land, O. 
American advocacy, Treatise on. 2d ed Robblns, 

A. H: $3.50 Central law journal 
American alkalometry. Abbott, W. C. f and 

Waugh, TT: P., eds. 4v ea ! |2 Abbott press 
American annotated cases, containing the cases 

of general value and authority subsequent to 

those contained m American decisions, 

Amencan reports and American state re- 

ports, (Ann. Cas. 1913 C, D and 1914 A, B) 

4v O buck ea $5 '14 Bancroft 
American annual of photographs", 1914. v 28; 

ed. by Percy T. Howe. O 32 Sp II $1.25; pa 

75c '14 Murphy, G: 
American annual of photography, 1915 v 29; ed. 

by Percy T. Howe. O 22Sp il $1.25; pa 75c 

'14 Hurphy, G. 

American antiquarian society 
Proceedings at the annual meeting held in 
Worcester, Oct. 15, 1913. (New ser. v. 23, pt. 
2) Q 171-413, ix-xsvip pa 'IS Am. antiquarian 

American art. Dana, J: C. *$1 Elm tree press 
American aspirations. Fleischer, C: bds *50c 


American association for labor legislation 
Administration of labor laws. (Am labor 
legislation review, v 3, no 4) O 473-510p 
pa $1 '13 Am. assn. for labor legislation 
American labor legislation review: quarterly. 
O pa subs $3; ea $1 Am. assn. for labor 

Unemployment: a problem of industry. (Axn. 
labor legislation review, v. 4, no. 2) 210p 
$1 } 14 Am. assn. for labor legislation 
American association for the study and preven- 

tion of infant mortality 

Care of the baby. 3d ed (IT. S. Public health 

service. Sup. no. 10) O 14p pa 5c '14 Supt 

of doc. 14-30503 

American association of farmers' institute work- 


Proceedings of 17th annual meeting held at 
Atlanta, Ga,, November 11-13, 1912; ed. by 
W. H. Beal and John Hamilton. (U. S. 
Agrlc. Exper. sta bul. 256) O 1 89p pa lOc 
'13 Supt of doc. (Agr 6-593) 

American association of genitourinary surgeons 
Transactions, v 8, 1913. O 313p il pa *$3 (F) 
'14 Hitchcock 

American association of medical milk commis- 

Methods and standards for the production and 
distribution of "certified milk." (Reprint no. 
85 from Public health reports, v. 27, no 24) 
O 16p 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 14-30565 

American association of park superintendents 
Insects injurious to shade and ornamental 
trees. (Bui. 11) 21p il 25c '14 Am. assn. of 
park superintendents, J. J. Levison, sec., 
Dept. of parks, Brooklyn, N. T. 


1914 year book. O $1 Gu (D> '14 Ronald 
Keport of Educational committee, giving in- 
formation on the department of commerce, 
accounts and finance of one hundred of 
the leading universities in the United States. 
D 43p pa '12 Am assn. of public accountants 


American automobile association 
Overland tiail, Chicago- Omaha-Cheyenne-Salt 
Lake City-Reno- Sacramento-Oakland -San 
Francisco, including 1 a lound tiip from Chey- 
enne to Denver, with optional route, Omaha- 
Lmeoln-Dcnver Q 112p il maps $2 'li Am. 
automobile assn 14-12297 

American bankers' association 
American bankers' association code, for pri- 
vate and confidential use among- members. 
D viii,256p '14 pnv ptd Am. bankers' assn, 


Forms for savings hanks and savings depart- 
ments in commercial banks and trust com- 
panies; comp. by B. G. Me William. F 1 118 
numb 1 $4 J 14 Am. bankers assn. 14-18681 
Rand-McNally bankers* association, Chicago* 
Key to numerical system of the American 
bankers' association, a numerical and al- 
phabetical list of banks of the United States. 
2d ed *$1.50 '13 Rand 

American bankruptcy reports, annotated; ed. 
by Melvin Bender and Harold J. Hinman. 
v 30 O sh $5 '13 Bender 
American bar association 
Bill drafting and legislative reference bu- 
reaus. (U. S. 63d Cong. 2d seas. S. Doc. 
262) O S6p 5c '13 Supt. of doc. 14-30022 

Report of the 37th annual meeting. O $2 '13 

Am. bar assn. 
American Bibie society 

Story of the American Bible society, 1013. D 
llSp il bds gratis '13 Am. Bible 14-6841 

American biack flies. See Buffalo-gnats 
American board of commissioners for foreign 


Higher educational work of the American 
board; a statement of its basis, scope, op- 
portunity and need, by James L. Barton. Q 
3lp il '12 priv ptd Am. bd EJ13-180S 

American boiier manufacturers association 
Directory of boiler, tank and stack manufac- 
tureis of the United States and Canada. O 
25p pa $3 '14 T3ng. mag. 
American book prices current. Livingston, L. S., 

comp. *$10 Dodd & Livingston 
American bookkeeping series. Goodyear-Marshtill 


Goodyeur, L. E. Principles of accountancy. $1 
American botanists. See Botanists, American 
American boy's handy book. Beard, D. C. *|1.BO 

American boys' workshop. Kelland. C. B. *$1.25 


American bureau of shipping, New York 
Bules for building and classing vessels, includ- 
ing rules for the construction, survey and 
classification of machinery and boilers, re- 
frigerating apparatus, and electrical installa- 
tion. O 342p il lea, *$5 (Ja) '14 Am. bureau 
of shipping . 14-2003 

American business manual, including organiza- 
tion, manufacturing, advertising, buying, 
selling, granting of credit, and auditing, 
thoroughly rev and rewritten under the 
general editorial supervision of Francis J, 
Reynolds. 3v D il $2.25 '14 Collier 14-15409 
American buyers' directory, bds $1 Am. carpol 

& upholstery journal, 102 S. 12th at., Phil. 
American carpet & upholstery journal 
American buyers' directory. O 150p bcls $1 '14 
Am, carpet & upholstery journal, 102 H. 12lh 
St., Phil. 
American casebook series. West 

Goddaid, E C: Cases on principnl nml ngonl *$ 
Vance, W R. Cases on the law of inauranoa buck "M 50 
American Catholic hymnal. Manst brothers. *2fic 


American ceramic society 

Transactions, v 15-1 G, 1913-1014. 2v O 747; 
71lp ea $6.25, pa $550 '13-'14 Am. ceramic 

American chemical journal 
General index of volumes 11-20; comp. by J. E. 
Gilpln. O 86p $1 '99 Johns Hopkins 14-6052 
General index of volumes 21-50; comp. by 
C. A. Rouiller. O 22Sp $1.30 '14 Johns Hop- 
kins 14-60.32 
American citizenship. Beard, C: A. and M. R. 

" $1 JMacmiUan 
American city bureau 

Selected list of municipal and civic books. O 
56p pa '13 American city bureau, 93 Nas- 
sau St., N. Y. 

American college. Thwing 1 , C: F. *$2 Platt & 

American college and private school directory. 

8th ed Myers, H. J. $2 Educational aid soc. 

American college and university series. *$1.50 


Collins, V. L Piinceton 
Gaidiner, J n. Haivaid 
Kei>pel, F. P. Columbia 

American commercial law library. Bays, A. W: 

9v $12 Callaghan 
American commission to investigate and study 

agricultural credit and cooperation. New 

York state delegates 
Special report of New York state delegates on 

the American commission for the study of 

agricultural cooperation in Europe, comp. 

by Frederick H. Allen and Charles C. Mit- 
chell. (Bui. 5G) O 749-104Sp map '14 N. Y. 

(state). Dept. of agric., Albany Agrl4-457 
American competitions, v 2-3 portfolio ea *$13.50, 

buck *$16; hf mor *$17.50 '08-'13 Helburn 

American composers. Hughes, R. *$2.50; % mor 

*$5 Page 
American constitutions. Pan American union. 2v 

pa ea 50c Pan American union 
American country houses of today. Cram, R. A. 

*$12.50 Architectural bk. 
American country houses of today, 1914, Howe, 

S: *$5 Architectural bk. 
American crisis biographies. '$125 Jacobs 
Giiwt, U S , bv F. H Kilmoutlh 
Webster, D , by If. A OUR 

American Crusoe. Vernll, A. H. *$1.25 Dodd 
American digest annotated. (American digest 
system. Key-number ser.) O v 14-1 S ea K $6 
'13-'14 West 

American directory of the knitting trade, 1914. 

Textile world record. $1.50 JLord & Nagle 

American doctoral dissertations printed in 1912. 

Flagg, C: A., comp. 30c Supt. of doc. 
American doctrine of judicial supremacy. 

Haines, C: G. *$2 Macmillan 
American dramatists series, bcls *$1 Badger, 

R : O. 

Kuspor, 11. A. Man you IOIG 
Kaspor, 11. A. Some people marry 
O'Neill, K a. Thirst 
Lav el lo, A. Jfl Puppet H of fate 
Jtiiynoldfl, B. lOvor^cluId 
Shaw, A. W. Girl in tliv picture 

American economic association 

Papers and proceedings of the 26th annual 

meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dec. 1913. 

O 211p $1.25 '14 Am 1 , economic assn. 
American educational directory. Patterson, 

H. L,, comp, v 11 $5 Am. educational co. 
American educational list, 1914. lea'tte *50c '14 

Pub. weekly 

American electric railway accountants' associa- 

Proceedings at Atlantic City, October, 1918. O 

313p il $2 (Ja) '34 Am. electric railway 

assn. 13-22589 

American electric railway engineering association 

Engineering manual; covering its standards, 
recommendations and miscellaneous methods 
and practices. O II $4; pa $3 '14 Am. electric 
railway assn. 

Proceedings of convention, Oct. 13-17, 1913. 
O 675p il $3.50 (F) '14 Am. electric railway 

American electrochemical society 
Transactions at annual meeting in Denver 
Sept. 9-11, 1913. O 306p $3 '14 Am. electro- 
chemical soc. 

American essays, Oxford book of. Matthews. B. 
$1.25 Oxford 

American examination and review book. 2d ed 
$125 '14 X. Y. educ. co., Albany, N. Y. 

American exporter 

Export trade directory for 1915: a complete 
list of the export commission houses, for- 
eign buyers, etc.; comp. under the supervis- 
ion of, and with explanatory notes to the 
various sections, by B. Olney Hough. O 369p 
$3 '14 Johnston export pub. 

American federation for sex hygiene 
Publications of the constituent societies of 
the American federation for sex hygiene. 
S 15p '13 Am. federation for sex hygiene 

American federation of arts 

Francis Davis Millet memorial meeting, the 

American federation of arts, held in the 

National museum, Washington, D. C., 1912. 

O 62p il '12 priv ptd Am. federation of arts 

American fertilizer hand book, 1913. Q 351p il 

$1 '13 Ware bros. 
Same, for 1914. 7th annual ed Q 456p U ?1 14 

Ware bros. 
American fiction 
Underwood, J. C Literature and insurgency. 

*$2 >14 Kennerley 
American fights and fighters series. Brady, C. T. 

ea 50c Claflin 
American flag, its origin and history. 2d ed pa 

lOc Jersey City, N. J. Free public library 
American folk-lore society. Memoirs. Am. folk- 
lore soc. 

Chatelam, H, comp. Folk-talcs of Angola *$3.50 (1) 
Edwards, C. L, ed Bahama songs and stories. *$3 50 (3) 
Fortier, A , comp. Louisiana folk-tales *$3 50 (2) 
Matthews, W. Navaho legends. *$6 (5) 

American friend of Southey. Granniss, R. S. 

priv ptd De Vinne press 
American garment cutter. 3d ed Regal, S: $15 

Am. fashion co. 
American gas Institute 
Proceedings, eighth annual meeting, October 

15-17, 1913, Richmond, Va. 2 pts O xl,884; 

xvm,855p $7.50 '14 Am. gas inst. 
Report of Committee on a uniform system of 

accounts for gas companies, September, 

1914. O !2Sr> $2.50 '14 Am. gas inst. 14-18082 
Standard specifications for cast iron pipe and 

special castings, adopted October 1911 and 

October 1913. O 55p il pa 25c '14 Am. gas 

inst. 14-18272 

American government, Cyclopedia of McLaugh- 

lin, A. C., and Hart, A. B. 3v *$22.50; % mor 

*$30 Appleton 
American government and politics. Beard, C: 

A. *$2.10 Macmillan 

American guide book for the Hungarian immi- 
grants. $1 Pallas pub. co., box 271, N. Y. 
American gynecological society 
Transactions for the year 1913. v 38 O 630p $6 

'13 Am. gynecological soc. 
American handbook for electrical engineers. 

Pender, H., ed. mor *$5 Wiley 
American handbook of printing. 3d ed Gress, 

ID. G. $2 Oswald pub. 
American hardware jobbers' directory of the 

United States and Canada, v 1 Q 120p pa *$1 

'13 E: G. Baltz, 11 Warren st. N. T. 14-4805 
American historical association 
Annual report, 1911. 2v O 842; 759p v 1 

75c; pa 60c; v 2 65c '13 Supt. of doc. 

American historical readers. Century 

HeKeo, J. V., and Boomer, L. S. leriod of discovery *50o 
American history. See United StatesHistory 
American history. Ashley, R. L: *$1.40 Mac- 
American history. 3d ed McLraury, H. H. pa 25o 




American history. See Perry, A. C., and Price, 

G. A. 
American history for grammar grades. Barnes, 

E. ?l Heath 
American home cook book. Denison, G. E., 

ed. 1.50 Barse & Hopkins 
American home economics association 
Bulletin of the American home economics as- 
sociation Home institution school CSer. 2, 
no. 3> O 29-37p pa '14 Am. home econ. 
List of members. (Series 2, no. 1) O 22p pa 

(Mr) '14 Am. home econ. 

American illustrated pronouncing pocket diction- 
ary of the English language. Hurst, T: D. 
25c Hurst 
American in Holland. (American abroad ser.) 

D 50c '14 McKay 
American in Norway. (American abroad ser.) 

3> SOc '14 McKay 
American Indian on the new trail Moffett, T: C. 

60c; pa 40c ^Missionary educ. movement 
American Institute of chemical engineers 
Transactions, vol. 6, 1913. O 272p il *$6 (N) '14 

Van Nostrand 

American Institute of child life 
Dramatic instinct in children, prepared by the 
Literary staff. (Monograph 352) O 15p pa 5c 
J 14 Am. inst. of child life 14-5789 

Dramatics in the home, prepared by the Lit- 
erary staff. (Monograph 44) O 22p pa lOc '13 
Am. inst. of child life 14-5788 

Education of the child from one to three, 
prepared by the Literary staff. (Monograph) 
O 28p pa loc '14 Am. inst. of child life 


Picture-hour in the home; prepared by the 
Literary staff. 2d ed (Monograph, 461) O 
16p pa lOc '14 Am. inst. of child life 14-19752 
Problems of fighting; prepared by the Edxi- 
cational staff. O 12p pa 5c '14 Am. inst. of 
child life 14-10004 

Problems of temper; prepared by the Educa- 
tional staff. O I2p pa 5c '14 Am. inst. of 
child life 14-9032 

Second and third years, prepared by the Lit- 
erary staff, in consultation with many au- 
thorities upon this subject. (Monograph) O 
20p pa lOc '14 Am. inst. of child life 14-5319 
Sunday in the home; prepared by the Educa- 
tional staff. O 16p il pa lOc '14 Am. inst of 
child life 14-10005 

Table talk in the home. (Monograph, .6212) O 
16p pa lOc '13 Am. inst. of child life 14-1388 
Year ot good Sundays; by the Educational 
staff. O 18p pa lOc '14 Am. inst. of child 
life 14-9933 

American Institute of criminal law and crimln- 

American Institute of criminal law and crim- 
inology: addresses of President O. N. Carter 
and Moorfield Storey, and an abstract of 
the proceedings of the 5th annual meeting 
of the Institute at Montreal, Canada, Sept. 
3 and 4, 1913. O 64p pa '14 Am. inst. of crimi- 
nal law and criminology 

Collection of state statutes relating to insan- 
ity in criminal cases: third report of Com- 
mittee B. (Bui. no 13) Q 35p pa (Je) '13 Am. 
inst. of criminal law and criminology, H: 
W. Ballantine, sec., Madison, Wis. 13-21958 

Criminal procedure in England; report of the 
Committee on reform in legal procedure 
appointed to investigate and make a study 
of criminal procedure in England. (U. S. 63d 
Cong., 2d sess. S. Doc. 495) O 36p 5c '14 Supt. 
of doc. 14-30492 

General information concerning the institute, 
its history, purpose, work, committees, and 
membership and the Journal of criminal 
law and criminology. (Bui. 14) O 26p pa '13 
Am. inst. of criminal law and criminology 

Eeport of committee on Indeterminate sen- 
tence and release on parole. (Bui. 7) Q 12p 
pa (F) '12 Am. inst. of criminal law and 

Second report of Committee A; further de- 
velopments of a system for recording data 
concerning criminals. (Bui. 12) O 15p pa 
(Ap) '13 Am. inst. of criminal law and 

American Institute of electrical engineers 
Index to Transactions of the American insti- 
tute of electrical engineers, 1SS4-1SOO; 1901- 
1910 2v O 177; 367p ea $1 '13 Am. inst. of 
electrical engineers 
American Institute of homoeopathy. Committee 

on pharmacopoeia 

Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United 

States. 2d ed, rev O GSOp $3 25; hf mor $4 

l My) '14 Otis Clapp & son, 439 Boylston St., 

Boston 14-9961 

American Institute of metals 

Transactions, v. 6-7, 1912-1913; ed. by W. M. 

Corse. 2v O 250; 3SSp il ea $3 '13-'14 Am. 

inst. of metals, W. M. Corse, sec., Depew, 

N Y. (14-17139) 

American iron and steel association 

Statistics of the American and foreign iron 

trades: annual statistical report of the 

American iron and steel association, 1868, 

1871-1911. 27v O '6S-'ll Am. iron & steel 

assn. 0-5641 

Reports for 1S6S and 1871 are by H McAllister, jr.: 

the 40 repoits fiom 1872-1 Dll are by James M Swank 

(except that for 1SS1 which is by G W. Cope) In 1012, 

upon the resignation of Mr Swank, the work was taken 

over by the American iron and steel institute, and the 

repoits were continued under title Statistics of the Amei- 

icau and foreicn iron trades; annual statistical leport of 

the Bureau of statistics of the American Iron and steel 


American iron and steel institute, New York 
Proceedings, 1012 and 1913. 2v 271; 485p v 1 
$2.50; v 2 $3.50 '13-'14 Am. iron & steel ins-t. 


Statistics of the American and foreign iron 

trades; annual statistical report of the 

Bureau of statistics, 1912-. O '13- Am. iron 

& steel institute 14-3046 

American Japanese problem. Gulick, S. L. 

*$1.75 Scribner 
American jeweler 

Watch makers tables, a collection of useful 
information concerning the teeth of wheels 
and pinions; the trains of watches and 
clocks; lengths of pendulums; quick methods 
of regulation ; methods of finding the number 
of teeth in missing wheels, etc. D 71p ii '14 
Hazlitt & Walker 14-18356 

American Jewish historical society 
Correspondence of Jews with President Mar- 
tin Van Buren (Prom Pub. no. 22) O 39p pa 
50c '14 Am. Jewish hist. soc. 
Index to publications, numbers 1 to 20. O 600p 

$3.50 '14 Am. Jewish hist. soc. 
Lyons collection, v. 1. (Publications, no. 21) 

O 336p il *$3 '13 Am. Jewish hist. soc. 
Publication no. 22. O 325p $2.50 '14 Am. Jew- 
ish hist. soc. 

American Jewish yearbook, 5674, October 2, 
1913, to September 20, 1914; ed. by Herbert 
Fried eiiwald and H. G. Friedman. B 7p,625p 
$1 '13 Jewish pub. 

American labor unions. Marot, H. *$1.25 Holt 
American ladies cook book. Leonard, C. canvas 
$1.50 R. Cony & co., 10711 Garfield av., 
Cleveland, O. 

American law relating to mines and mineral 
lands, Treatise on. 3d ed Lindley, C. H. 3v 
.buck *$25 Bancroft 

American legislation restricting the hours of la- 
bor for women. Goldmark, J. C. pa *50c 
National consumers' league 
American library annual, 1913-1914. Q 484p *$5 

'14 Bowker 

American library association 
A. L. A. index to general literature, supple- 
ment, 1900-1910: a cumulation of the Index 
to general literature sections of the Annual 
literary (library) index, 1900 to 1910 inclu- 
sive, to which has been added analytical 
entries to 125 books heretofore unanalyzed 
in print. Q 223p $4 '14 A. L. A. (1-21913) 
Material consists of a cumulation, under ono alphabet, 
of the analytics of composite books and publications of 
societies and bureaus, indexed in the Annual library index, 
1900 to 1910, inclusive, and of 125 books novor before ana- 
lyzed in print 

Descriptive catalog of the American library 
association exhibit of labor-saving devices 


American library assn. Descriptive catalog -Co nt. 
and library equipment, held at the Public 
library of the District of Columbia, Wash- 
ington, D. C., May 25-29, 191-1. O 43p '14 
A. L, A. 14-10210 

Papers and proceedings of the 36th annual 
meeting, held at Washington, D, C., May 
25-29, 1914 O 70-407p $1 '14 A. L. A. 

Report of the Committee on the relations of 
the public library to the municipality. Re- 
printed in pamphlet form and will be sup- 
plied free in reasonable numbers to any 
librarian or library board. A, L. A. 
American literature 

Cairns, W: B. American literature for second- 
ary schools *$1 '14 Macmillan 

Conway, A. M Essay in American literature. 
$1 '14 Faculty of Graduate school New York 
university, N. T. 

Eagleton, D. F. "Writers and writings of Tex- 
as. $1 50 '13 Broadway pub. 

Motcalf, J: C. American literature. $1.25 '14 

Johnson, B. F. 

^JSimons, S. E. View of American literature 
through illustrative readings. Scribner 

Wright, H. C. Children's stories in American 
literature, 1660-1S60; 1861-1896. 2v ea 50c 
'14 Claflin 

See also American poetry; English litera- 


Ontario library assn. Standard sets and series 
of American publishers, pa '13 Ontario. Dept. 
of education, Toronto 

Roorbach, O. A. Bibliotheca Americana, a cat- 
alogue of American publications, from 
March, 1858, to Jan., 1861. v 4 *$7.50 Stechert 


Ashmun, M. E., ed. Modern prose and poetry 
for secondary schools. *85c '14 Houghton 

Matthews, B. Oxford book of American essays. 
*$1 25 '14 Oxford 

Study and teaching 

Ashmun, M. E., ed. Modern prose and poetry 

for secondary schools. *85c '14 Houghton 
Blount, A. Intensive studies in American lit- 
erature. *$1.10 '14 Macmillan 
American loyalists 

Siebert, W. II: Exodus of the loyalists from 
Penobscot to Passamaquoddy. pa '14 Ohio 
state univ. 

American lumberman 

Register of sawmill commissaries, or company 
stores. 6th ed D 56p '14 Am. lumberman 


American machinists' handbook, 2d ed Colvin, 
F H., and Stanley, F. A. flex lea *$3 (*12s 
Gd) Mf^Graw 
American mathematical series. Holt 

Unyder, V., and Slsam, C: n Analytic geometry of space. 

American mathematical society, New York 

Madison colloquium 1913: I. On invariants and 
the theory of numbers, by Leonard Eugene 
Dickson. II. Topics m the theory of func- 
tions of several complex variables, by Wil- 
liam Fogg Osgood. (Colloquium lectures, v, 
4) 230p $2 '14 Am. mathematical soc. 


Princeton colloquium; Lectures on mathemat- 
ics, delivered Sept. 15 to 17, 1U09, by Gilbert 
Ames Bliss and E: Kasner. (Colloquium 
lectures, v. 3) O 107p, 117p diags $1.50 '13 Am. 
mathematical soc. 14-3157 

Contents: Fundamental existence tliec-roms. bv G A 

Bliss; Differential-geometric aspects of dynamics, by 

E. Kasner 
American medical association 

Choice of a medical school; containing the 
third classification of the medical colleges 
of the United States (rev. to Aug. 22, 1914) 
and other information regarding medical ed- 
ucation. O 26p '14 Am. medical assn. 


Laws (abstract) and board rulings regulating 
the practice of medicine in the United States 
and elsewhere; rev. to Oct. 15, 1914. 22d 
ed D 202p pa 30c (O) '14 Am, medical assn. 


Papers to be presented before the Secuon en 
ophthalmology of the American medical 
association, Atlantic City, June 23-20, 1914, 
O 012p il >14 piiv ptd Am. medical assn. 


Principles of medical ethics of the American 
medical association, adopted by tr- e House of 
delegates, at Atlantic Citj , X. J , June 4, 
IblJ. T 2Sp 3e '11 Am. medical assn. 14-S407 
American medical association. Council on 
pharmacy and chemistry 

Handbook of useful drugs; a selected list 
of important drugs suggested for the use 
of teachers of materia medica and thera- 
peutics and to serve as a basis for the 
examination in therapeutics by state med- 
ical examining and licensing boards. D 
167p *50c '13 Am. medical assn. 13-25757 
American medicinal flowers, fruits, and seeds. 

Henkel, A. U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
American men of action. Stevenson, B. E. 50 c 

American men of mind. Stevenson, B. E. 50c 

American metal market and daily Iron and steel 

report, New York 

Metal statistics. 7th annual ed.; ed. by B. B. 
V. Luty and C. S. J. Trench. S 287p 50c '14 
Am. metal market and daily iron and steel 
report, 81 Fulton st, N. Y. 

American method of rapid, practical, progressive 
business writing. 5th ed. Jones, C: W., ed. 
pa $1 C. W. Jones, Brockton, Mass. 

American museum of natural history, New York 
Bulletins, v 31 and 32 O 424; 642p il '13-M4 Am. 
museum of natural hist. 

American museum of natural history, New 

York, Dept. of anthropology 
Preliminary report of the archaeological sur- 
vey of New Jersey; comp. by Alanson Skin- 
ner and Max; Schrabisch. (Bui. 9) O 94p 
map '13 N. J. Geol. S., Trenton GS13-447 

American national fire prevention convention 
Official record of the first American national 
fire prevention convention, held at Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Oct. 13-18, 1913; including all 
papers and discussions; ed. by Powell 
Evans. O 541p il $1; pa 85c '14 Merchant & 
Evans co., 517 Arch st, Phil. 14-8783 

American natural history. Hornaday, W: T, 4v 
*$7.50 Scribner 

American nautical almanac. 50c '13 Penton put. 

American negligence cases, from the earliest 
times to the year 1897. 17v $68; ea $6.50 Cal- 

Common sense digest of American negli- 
gence cases, I7v O 1234p $10 (S) '14 Cal'as?- 
han 14-18391 

American office. 2d ed Schulze, J. W: $3 Ronald 

American patriotism, Poems of. Matthews, B., 
comp. 50c Claflin 

American peace congress. 2d, Chicago, 1909 
Proceedings of ihe second National peace con- 
gress, Chicago, May 2 to 5, 1909; ed. by 
C: B. Beals. Q 524p por 75c '09 Am. peace 
soc. 10-12578 

American peace congress. 4th, St. Louis, 1913 

Book of the fourth American peace congress, 

St. Louis, May 1, 2, 3, 1913; ed. by Walter 

B. Stevens. O 640p pa $1 J 13 Woodward & 

T. E13-1548 

American peace party and its present aims and 
duties. Mead, E. D. pa World peace founda- 

American peace society 

Annual report of the directors for 1913-1914. 
pa 15c '14 Am. peace soc. 

American pedlatrlc society 
Transactions of the 25th session held at the 
New Willard hotel, Washington, D. O, May 
5, 6, and 7, 1913; ed, by Linnaeus Edford 

La Fetra, v 25 325p il '14 Am. pediatric 

American photography exposure tables. Ff 17p 
pa 25c '14 American photography, 221 Co- 
lumbus av., Boston, Mass. 



American physicians association 
Transactions for 1013. O TSTp ii $4; pa 3 50 

<X) '13 Am. physicians as^n. 
American poetry 

Barbe, W. Great poems interpreted. $1.25 *14 
Sec alsv American literature 


Braithwaite, W: S., comp. Anthology of mag- 
azine ver>e for lt13 and li)14. 2\ brlts ea SI 
T T3-'14 W: S. Bx aitirn aite, 27 Ellsworth av , 
Cambridge, Mass 

Gaston, C: R., and Abernethy, J. W., eds. 
Selections from American poetry. *40e '13 
Merrill, C: E. 

Matthews, B., comp. Poems of American pa- 
triotism 5<>c '14 Claflin 

American policy. Bigelow, J:, jr. *$1 Scribner 
American poultry association 
American standard of perfection, 1910-12 ed. 
D 331p il $2; lea $2.50 '12 Am. poultry assn., 
ilansfield, O. 
American progress. Children's stories in. Wright, 

H. C. 50c Claflin 

American protective tariff league 
Protective tariff cyclopedia. O 160p $1 '14 Am. 

protective tariff league 
American public opinion. Whelpley, J. D. *$2 50 


American pulpit: sermons by ministers of many 
denominations, delivered during 1913. (Eagle 
lib.) O 4Sp pa lOc '13 Brooklyn daily eagle 


American railway association 
Code of storage rules. O Sp 5c '14 Supt. of 
doc. 14-13S7S 

National code of rules governing the weigh- 
ing and reweighing of carload freight. O Sp 
5c '14 Supt. of doc. 14-30636 

American railway bridge and buiidlng association 
Proceedings of the 23d annual convention, 
1913. O 416p il $1.25; pa $1 (Mr) '14 Am. rail- 
way bridge & building assn. 

American railway engineering association 

Conventional signs for use on railway profiles, 
right-of-way and track maps and structural 
plans. O 27p il 25c *14 Am. railway eng. 


Proceedings of the 15th annual convention. O 
1563p il $6.50; hf mor $7; pa $6 '14 Am. 
railway eng. 

American railway master mechanics' association 
Proceedings of ths 1913 convention. O 856p 
$5 '14 Am. railway master mechanics' assn. 
American railway tool foremen's association 
Proceedings of the 5th annual convention. 
O 133p il pa 50 c '13 Am. railway tool fore- 
men's assn., A. R. Davis, sec., Macon, Ga, 
American Red cross abridged text-book on first 

aid. See Lynch, C:, and Shields, M: J. 
American republics 

Bard, H. E. Intellectual and cultural relations 
between the United States and the other 
republics of America. '14 Carnegie endow- 
ment for international peace 
Barrett, J: Pan American union peace, 
friendship, commerce. 50c '14 Pan American 
union (coir price) 
Bigelow, J:, jr. American policy. *$1 '14 


American revolution. See United States His- 
tory Revolution 

American revolution. Blackburn, M. S. buck 
50c Mary S. Blackburn, 3313 17th st. N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

American road builders' association 
Proceedings of the 10th annual convention 
held at Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 9-12, 1913; 
together with the reports of the executive 
committee, secretary and treasurer, pre- 
sented at the annual meeting, Feb. 6, 1914; 
list of members, etc. O 320p pa $2 '14 Am. 
road builders' assn 

American ruling cases as determined by the 
courts, Including the fundamental cases of 
England and Canada, also all reviewing and 
illustrating cases of material value from the 

latest official reports, completely annotated. 
v 1-2 Q buck ea $5 '12-' 14 National law bk. 
co. 12-156S2 

V 1, c>a bj B Jones, v 2, by the eumpanj's stutf 
American scenic and historic preservation 

18th annual report, 1913. O S32p 77 il $1.15 (O) 
'13 Am scenic and historic preservation soc. 
154 Nassau St., N. Y. 
American school of correspondence 

Business English and correspondence, by C: 
Raymond Barrett. O 90p, 103p il $1 '14 Am. 
school of correspondence 14-1361 

Cyclopedia of applied electricity; prepared by 
a corps of electrical experts, engineers, and 
designers of the highest professional stand- 
ing. 7v Q il $19.80 '14 Am. school of cor- 
respondence 14-12254 

Fireproof construction: an authoritative pre- 
sentation of the fire prevention problem, 
giving the historical development of the art 
of safe building and the best modern 
practice in fireproof and fire-resisting con- 
struction, by F. W. Fitzpatrick and Theo- 
dore L. Condron. O 94p, 205p il $2 '14 Am. 
school of correspondence 14-1514 

Negotiable instruments law for the state of 
New York; full text of law, corrections of 
189S incorporated. (Case book ser., no. 25) 
O 45p '14 pnv ptd Am. school of correspond- 
ence 14-10013 

Practical lessons in electricity, by Robert A. 
Milhkan, and others; rev, and enl. ed. O 
C05p il 1.50 '13 Am. school of correspond- 

Strength of materials: a comprehensive pre- 
sentation of scientific methods of locating 
and determining 1 stresses and calculating the 
required strength and dimensions of build- 
ing materials, by E: R. Maurer. O I28p il $1 
'14 Am. school of correspondence 14-8210 

Switchboards, switching, protective apparatus; 
an up-to-date discussion of switchboard 
equipment, wiring methods and safety de- 
vices to meet the requirements of the com- 
mon users of direct and alternating cur- 
rent, by C: C. Adams. O 119p il $1 '14 Am. 
school of correspondence 14-1391 

American school peace league 
Year book, 1914 ; 6th year book. O lOOp pa 
gratis (N) '14 Am. school peace league, 405 
Marlborough st., Boston E14-21S5 

American science series. Holt 
Bessey, C E. and E. A. Essentials of college botany. 


Chamberlin, T C , and Salisbury, E. D. Introductory geol- 
ogy. *$2 

American seamen's friend society, New York 
McMurtrie, D. C. Seamen's institute of the 
American seamen's friend society, pa 2f)C '34 

American secondary school fraternities. Brown, 
J. W. $1.25 J. W. Brown, 1410 8th av., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

American shipping. Keller, H. *$2.40 Stechert 

American social progress series. Macinillan 
Eliot, T. D. Ju\emle couit and the community *$! 23 

American society for judicial settlement of 
international disputes 

Proceedings of 3d national conference, Decem- 
ber 20-21, 1912, Washington, D. C.; ed. by 
James Brown Scott. O xxvn,32l)p $1 '13 
Williams & Wilkins co. 14-3954 

Proceedings of the 4:th national conference, 
Washington, D. C., 1913. O 432p buck $1 50 
'14 Williams & Wilkins 

Scott, J. B. American society for judicial set- 
tlement of international disputes its scope 
and work. '10 Arn. soc. for judicial settle- 
ment of international disputes 
American society for testing materials 

Proceedings, 1913. O 1141p il $5.50; hf lea $6; 
pa $5 '14 Am. soc. for testing materials 

Report of the investigations on drain tile of 
Committee C-6 on standard tests and speci- 
fications for drain tile. (Engineering exper. 
sta. Bui. 36) O 112p il '14 Iowa state college 
of agric. 14-31205 

Standard specifications, ea 25c Am. soc. for 
testing materials 



American society for the control of cancer 
Cancer as a public health problem. (Bui. no. 
2) D 19p pa gratis '14 Am. soc. for the 
control of cancer, T: H. Debevoise. sec., 62 
Cedar at., N. Y. 

American society of civil engineers, New York 
Constitution and list of members, February 
10th, 1914. O 318p pa '14 Am. soc. of civil 

Index to Transactions, v 1-74 (1867-1911) 
prepared under nut^oyit" of the Board of 
direction by C: \\ JL:->.\ M !i.,rH. O 412p $4.50; 
hf mor $5; pa $4 '12 Am. soc. of civil engi- 
neers 6-9452-5 
American society of civil engineers, New York. 


Bibliography on valuation of public utilities. 
O 213C-2193p '13 Am. soc. of civil engineers 

American society of International law 

Proceedings at its seventh annual meeting 
held at Washington, D. C., April 24-26, 1913. 
Q x,377p pa $1.25 (S) '13 Am. soc. of inter- 
national law 

American sociological society 

Papers and proceedings, eighth annual meeting 

held at Minneapolis, Minn , Dec. 27, 29, 3u, 

1913. v S, Proburns of social assimilation. O 

190p pa *$1.50 (Jl) '14 Univ. of Chicago press 

American standard of perfection. 1910-12 ed. $2; 

lea $2.50 Am poultry assn., Mansfield, O. 
American state trials. Lawson, J: D., ed. v 1 
linen $5; hf mor $G; mor $7 Thomas law bk. 
(corr pub) 

American surgical association 
Transactions, ed. by Archibald McLaren, v 

31 O 623p 159 il $5 '13 Am surgical assn. 
American teachers series; ed. by J. B. Russell. 

Llojd, JT. E , and Bigelow, M. A Teaching of biology in 
the secondary school 

American telephone and telegraph company 

Annual report of the directors of American 
telephone and telegraph company to the 
stockholders for the year ending December 
31, 1913; New York, 1914. O 68p pa '14 Am. 
telephone & te'egraph co. 

Brief of arguments against public ownership. 
3v Q '14 Am. telephone & telegraph co. 


Commission telephone cases. 4v O il '11-'14 
Lyon 11-32891 

Comparative summary of laws renting to the 
regulation of telephone and telegraph com- 
panies by commission in force November 1, 
1913. 3d ed Q 710p '14 Am. telephone & tele- 
graph co. 14-13114 

Governmental and private telegraph and tele- 
phone utilities: an analysis. (Commercial bul. 
no. 7) O v,95p tables '14 Am. telephone & tel- 
egraph co. 14-8542 

Handbook of telegraph circuits and apparatus. 
2d ed, rev D il '14 Am. telephone & telegraph 
co. 14-12161 

Telephone and telegraph statistics of the 
world. (Bul. no. 2) pa gratis '14 Am. tele- 
phone & telegraph co. 

Telephone memoranda: a few facts and opin- 
ions foreign and domestic. Q 102p *14 Am. 
telephone & telegraph co. 14-9510 

American trotting register association 

Year book for 1913. v 29 llOOp *$5 (Ja) '14 
Am. trotting register assn., 137 South Ash- 
land blvd., Chicago 
American unclaimed money index, 1890 to Jan. 

1, 1914. Clemens, W: M. pa $1 Clemens 
American Unitarian association 

Hymn and tune book for the church and the 
home, rev ed mor *$1; with Services for 
congregational worship, lea *$1.20 Am. Uni- 

New hymn and tune book. *85c: lea *$1; 
with new Services for congregational wor- 
ship. *$1; lea *$1.20 Am. Unitar. 

New services for congregational' worship. 
O 81p *35c; lea *60c '14 Am. Unitur. 14-14931 

Same. (In New hymn and tune book) *$1; 
lea *$1,20 '14 Am. Unitar. 

Psalter; or, Book of psalms, arr. for congre- 
gational use, with anthems for special oc- 
casions. *40c Am, Unitar, 

Services for congregational worship, rev ed 

*4<Jc Am. Unitar. 
American veterinary medical association 

Proceedings, 1U13. O luS4p il $3 (Ja) '14 Dor- 

American water works association 
Proceedings of the S2d annual convention, 
held at Minneapolis, June 23 to 27, 1913. o 
749p $5 'J4 Am. water works assn. 
American Whitaker almanac and encyclopedia. 

1915 ed *$l (D) '14 Doubleday 
American wood preservers' association 
Proceedings of the 10th annual meeting at 
New Orleans, La., Jan., 1914. O 522p il $3.50; 
pa $2 50 '14 Am. wood preservers' assn., 
F. J. Angier, sec., Baltimore, Md. 14-14455 
American wool and cotton reporter 
Co-operative hand-book of the textile in- 
dustry. O SOOp $5 (D) '13 Bennett, F. P. 


American year book; a record of events and 
progress, 1913; ed. by Francis G. Wickware. 
O xx,892p *$3 (Ja) f !4 Appleton 
American year book-directory of Scottish so- 
cieties and British assocfations in the United 
States, Canada and British possessions, 1914- 
15. O il tables *$1 '14 Caledonian pub. 



St. Louis. Public library. Books containing 
American local dialects. '14 

Americans. Munsterberg, H. *$1 Doubleday 
Americans. Underwood, J: C. *$l J: C. Under- 
wood, 1048 Lexington av., N. Y. (corr pub) 
Americans and the Britons. Sumichrast, F: C. 

de. *$1.75 Appleton 
Americans in the Philippines. Le Roy, J. A. 2v 

*$10 Houghton 
America's cup races. Stone, H. L. *$2 Outing 

America's leading manufacturers. 2d ed $5 New 

York commercial, 20 Vesey St., N. Y. 
America's place in mythology. McAlIan, A. pa 

15c For sale at Central agency 
America's triumph at Panama. Avery, R. B. 

$2 Regan ptg. house 

Amerikal kalauz s utmutato" magyar bevandor- 

16k rSszere; American guide book for the 

Hungarian immigrants. O 305p il $1 (0) '13 

Pallas pub. co., box 271, N. Y. 14-1494 

Ames, Fisher, jr., 1838- 

Boys of Eastmarsh; il. by C: Copeland. O 
285p *$1.25 (S) '14 Crowell 14-16760 

Ames, James Barr, 1846-1910 
Cases on pleading at common law; with notes 
and citations. 2d ed pts 1-4 O 349p *$2 '14 
Harvard univ. press 
and Smith, Jeremiah 

Selection of cases on the law of torts. 2v O 
xiy,910; x,731p *$6 Harvard univ. press (corr 

V 1, 3d etl James Barr Ames; v 2, 2d ed by Jeremiah 

Amesbury, Mass. 

Vital records of Amesbury, Massachusetts to 
the end of the year 1849. (Vital records of 
the towns of Massachusetts) O 600p *$6 '13 
Topsfield hist. soc. 13-21492 

Amethyst ring. France, A. *$1.75 Lanett 

Amherst college 

Loomis, F: B. Deseado formation of Pata- 
gonia. $2.50 '14 F: B. Loomis, 8 Orchard st, 
Amherst, Mass. 

Amlel, Henri Frde>Ic, 1821-1881 
Inner life: selections from the Journal of 
Henri-Fre'de'ric Ami el; tr., with an introd. 
by Oscar Kuhns. (Devotional classics) S 
116p *25c '14 West. Meth. bk. 14-6177 

Dellinger, J: H. High-frequency ammeters, pa 

'14 U. S. Stand.; lOc Supt. of doc. 

Edwards, J. D. Determination of ammonia in 
illuminating gas. pa '14 U. S. Stand.; 10c 
Supt. of doc. 



Ammomflcstion in soft* by pure cultures. Studies 

on. LiiJiriun, C: B., anl Burgess, I*. ^ pa 

23c Univ. of Cal. 

Ammyeetis, pseud. See Seofield, A. 
Among student-friends. Lilby f M. E. 1 J. W. 

Gittham oc c--.. S. k.,..t , Wa&h. 
Among the C^naJi^fi Alps. Burpee, L. J. *$3 

Among the primitive Bakongo. Weeks, J: H. 

- $3 50 Lii-pincott 
Amoureux de Catherine. See Erckmnnn, E , and 

Chatnan, A. Les fiances de Grindeiwald 

Amsterdam. Rijks museum 

Van Djke, J: C: Amsterdam, The Hague, 
Haarlem; crit cal notes on the Rijks mu- 
seum. The Hague museum, Hals museum. 
*75c '14 Scnbner 

Bromley, H: W. Popular amusements. 7th ed 
pa lOc '14 Pentecostal pub. 

Confidences. *50c '14 Stokes 

Curtis, H: S. Play and recreation for the 
open country. $lic '14 Girn 

Davis, M. M. t jr. E:-:T:!r>:tat:cvi -f pleasure, pa 
lOc '14 RuSbell Hsui- ::>.i -"ain r 

Weir, L. H., anu L.i.i' ;i r*:n, ?- W. Practical 
recreation manual for schools. '14 Oregon. 
Dept. of educ , Salem 

Sic also Acting; Amateur theatricals, 
.\t!i!i tir?: C.iTr.pir.3; Cards, Chamdes, Chil- 
il. !'.-' ji:u;ij".:ii-rt:j and T^irr't *>*-!=: Circus, 
Coaches and coaching, iJ-.-ivviis. Conjur- 
ing; Dancing; Drills; Entertainments; 
Games: Mathematical recreations, Moving 
pictures; Opera; Pageants; Pantomime; 
Play;*: Puzzles, Sports; Tab- 
leaux;, Toys 


Hanmer. L. F., and Knight, H. R. Sources of 
nfor.r.iuioii on recreation, pa lOc '14 Russell 
Sage foundation 

Anabasis. See Xenophon 

Anaesthesia. See Anesthetics 

Anaesthesia and analgesia. Mortimer, J. D. *$2 

Analysis (mathematics). See Algebra; Calculus; 

Analysis, Metallurgical. See Metallurgical an- 

Analysis, Spectrum. See Spectrum analysis 

Analysis and interpretation of the federal in- 
come tax law. Foote, H; 3V1., and Tracewell, 
R. J. $1.50; pa $1 Roberts, W. F. 

Analysis of a three-legge^ p+ f fm*rc>, stressed 
by a horizontal load. S.i <;:: i, X. .V.. pa 25c 
N. M. Stineman, 4923 \\-TI; > v cn j.,., Chicago 

Analysis of complex sound waves. Hewlett, C. 
W. pa 25c Johns Hopkins 

Analysis of New York's new Workmen's com- 
pensation law for employers and employees. 
Hotchkiss, W: H. Merchants' assn. of New 

Analysis of ?er.-r;Vo^ r.^1 Vie relation of the 
physical TO IMS :-.->i <!!. Mach, E. *$1 50 
Open ct. 

Analysis of the sexual impulse, love and pain. 
2d ed Ellis, H. *$2.50 Davis 

Analysis of woven fabrics. Barker, A. F., and 
Midgely, E. *$3 Van Nostrand 

Analytic chemistry. See Chemistry, Analytic 

Analytic geometry. See Geometry, Analytic 

Analytical outline of physiology and hygiene. 
Ackley, C. E. 50c Flanagan 

Analytical outlines of the Acts, Epistles and 
the Revelation. Haig, M, M., comp. 50c 
M. M. Haig, 995 N. 5th St., Phil. 

Analytics notes. Crockett, C: W. *50c Allen bk. 

Analyzed New York decisions and citations, 
1911-1914. Greene, J. H. $7.50 Williamson 

Anatomist's note book. Paterson, A. M. *$2 Ox- 


Daniel, J: F. Anatomy of Heterodontus fran- 
cisci. pt 1 pa 20 c '14 Univ. of Cal. 

HunUnston, G S. Anatomy and development 
of ihe f-jstemic lymphatic vessels in the 

Domestic ctit. pa 4 '11 Wistar inst. 
Wilder, I Laboratory studies in mammalian 

anatomy . $1 23 '14 Blakiston 

Anatomy, Artistic 

Perlebergr, H. C. Practical - -r- Y-- x '-r prac- 
tical artist $15 '12 H '! : V- :,..:.. 376 
Central av , Jersey City, N. J. 

See als'J Figure drawing 
Anatomy, Comparative 

See ulsj Zoology 

Anatomy, Dental. See Dental anatomy 
Anatomy, Human 

Bandy, E. R. Text-book of anatomy and 
physiology for training schools and other 
educational institutions. 3d ed *$1.75 '14 Blak- 

Cunningham, D. J: Manual of practical anat- 
omy. 5th ed 2v ea *&2.75 '12 Wood (corr 

Etching, A. Pathological anatomy of the eje. 
2v $15 '14 Imperial pub 

Frazer, J. Ef. S. Anatomy of the human skele- 
ton. ^$6.50 '14 Blakiston 

Hill, C: Manual of normal histology and or- 
ganography. 3d ed "$225 '14 Saunders 

Jamieson, F.. "R. r,. r -' i^-'or to Manual of 
practical i. 1 :'.,"". '^-! :,-- price *$2 '13 

Kimber, D. C., comp. Text-book of anatomy 
and physiology for nurses. 4th ed *$2.50 '14 

Little, J: F. Anatomy. 3d od *$1 '13 Lea 

Little, J: F. Anatomy and physiology. *$1.75 
'14 Lea 

Morris. H:. p<l. Human anatomy. 5th ed 4 $6 
'. '. i^.i . .-: 

Paterson, A. M. Anatomist's note book. *$2 
'14 Oxford 

Quain, J. and R- Quam's elements of amit- 
omy. llth od 4v* v 2 pt 2 -i$3.25 ("10s 6d) 

'^4 T.r-~c" v ^' rkl ~" 

Robin- -.. A. I 1 ,-.- :.;.' of practical anatomy. 
2v :""'.: \\ . -: 

Sec also A-Tt-^-.-r: Tnres; Eye; Histology; 
Histology, M: . ^'.^:.;:i; Physiology; Sur- 
gery; Vascular system 

Anatomy and embalming. Nunnamaker, A. J., 

and Dhonau, C: O: $4 Embalming bk. co., 

701 W. 6th st. ( Cincinnati, O. 
Anatomy of the domestic animals. 2d ed S.sson, 

S. ^$7 Saunders 

Anatomy of truth. Capron, F: H. *$2 Doran 
Anceau, M. See Magee, E , jt. auth. 
Ancestors and descendants of David Paine and 

Abigail Shepard. Ohler, C. JVI , comp. Clara 

P. Ohler, 559 W. Market St., Lima, O. 
Ancestral voices. Hutton, J: A. *$1.25 Doran 
Ancestry of Theodore Roosevelt Clemens, W: 

M. pa $1 Clemens 
Ancey, Georges 
The dupe. (In Clark, B. H., tr. Four plays) 

$1.50 '14 Stewart & Kidd 
Ancient and medieval art, Short history of, 

Bulley, M H. *$1.75 Macmillan 
Ancient Chinese account of the Grancl Canyon, 

McAHan, A. pa 15c For sale at Central 

Ancient Chinese accounts of our forts and 

mounds. McAllan, A. pa 5c For sale at 

Central agency 

Ancient civilization. Ashley, R. L; Macmillan:! $ 
Ancient double-entry bookkeeping. Geijsbeek, 

J: B. buck $5 Ronald press 
Ancient Egypt, Journal of: quarterly. Potrie, 

W: M: F., ed. pa *60c Macmillan 
Ancient eugenics. Roper, A. G. *$1 (*2s 6d) 


Ancient history. Soe History, Ancient 
Ancient India. Rapson, E: J. *75c Putnam 
Ancient memorial brasses. Beaumont, JS. T. 

*$1.40 (*3s 6d) Oxford 
Ancient order of united workmen 
Sackett, M. W. Early history of fraternal 

beneficiary sorlPtiea in America, origin and 

tfiwih, l8GS-'l.SSii. $1.50 'H M. W. Sackelt, 

Meadville, Pa. 


Ancient painted glass in England. Nelson, -P. 
*3 Doian 

Ancient Roman empire. Bryce, J. B. *$1M Ox- 

Ancient town-planning. Haverfield, P. J: *$2 Ox- 

Anccna, Paolo d' 

La miniatura Fiorentina (llth to ICth cen- 
tury*. 2\ O OOOp 110 pi $44 (Je) '14 Stechert, 
"Ft 1 O * 

And Pippa dances See Hauptmann, G. J. K. 
And so they were married. Williams, J. L. 

*1.25 Scribner 
And that reminds me. Coxon, S. -53.50 Lane$$ 

And then came spring. Hansen, J. G. bds *$1 
Badger, R: G. 

Anders, James Meschter, 1S54-, and Boston. 
Leonard Napoleon, 1S71- 

Text-book of medical diagnosis. 2d ed, rev 

O 124Sp il *$6 '14 Saunders 14-13610 

Andersen, Arthur E., and Bays, Alfred* William 

li'14 C P. A. rrol >!"". and solutions, pts S-4, 

Illinois. O Hi 1 --) i,:: .-1 (Jl) '14 Ronald 
Andersen, Hans Christian, 1S05-1S75 

Fairy tales and other stories; rev. and in part 
newly tr. by W. A. and J. K Craigie. D 
vni.lHOp 95 il Oxford India pa *$2 (+5s) '14 
Oxford W14-6 

Same, il. by Dugald Stewart Walker. O xi, 
267p *$1 50 (O) '14 DoubleJay 14-19707 

Hume. (Oxford editions ot standard authors) 
*50c '14 Oxford 

Same, and wonder stories; %\lth over one- 
hundred il. and decorations by L: J: Rhead; 
and an introd. by W. D. Howells. O xn,442p 
'$1.50 (O) '14 Harper 14-1S123 

Mermaid and other fairy tales; tr. by Mrs. 
Edgar Lucas. (Tales from many lands ser.) 
D 12Sp il *50c (O) '14 Button 

Nightingale, and other stories; il. by Edmund 

Dulac. Q *$2 '14 Doran 
Anderson, Capt. 

Deviation tallies (for Detroit, St. Glair and 

St. Marys rivers). 75c '13 Pen ton pub. 
Anderson, Anne 

Funny bunny A. B C.: a book of bunnies and 
bairnies with pictures for painting-. (Big 
books for little people) Q il $1; bds 50c 'II 
Sully & Klemteich 
Anderson, Arthur James, 18G3- 

Betty Standiah; a romance. D vin,335p il *$1.25 
(Ja) '14 Dodd 13-4988 

Romance of Leonardo da Vinci. O il <$4 '14 
imp Brentano's 

Romance of Sandro Botticelli woven with his 
paintings. O 323p il *$3 '12 Dodd A14-1290 
Anderson, Carl Bernard 

Profitable nor.Hry keeping on a city lot, 

$297.00 a from twenty-four hens. D 63p 

il pa 50c '14 C. B. Anderson, box 736, Kansas 

City, Mo. 14-6169 

Anderson, Charles Loftus Grant, 1863- 

Old Panama and Cast ilia del Oro. *$3.GO; % 

mor <$7 '14 Page 
Anderson, Frederick Irving 

Adventures of the infallible Godahl. D 241p 
8 il *$1 (Mr) '14 Crowell 14-5165 

Anderson, Frederick Lincoln, 1862- 

Man of Nazareth. D xi,226p *$l (O) '14 Mac- 
millan 14-18410 

Anderson, Isabel Weld (Perkins) (Mrs. Larz 

Bvoryboy and other plays for children. D 155p 
il $] (O) '14 Shakosponro press 14-20541 

Spell of Japan. (Spell ser.) O xviii,396p il map 
*$2 5CT '14 Page - 14-14483 

Anderson, J. G. 

(ed.) See Maupassant, H. R. A. G. de. Contes 

de guerre 
Anderson, Mrs. J. Scott 

Montessori method of teaching hearing chil- 
dren. Q 95-102p il pa gratis '12 Mrs. J. S. 
Anderson, Torresdale house, Torresdale, 
Phil. B13-1849 

Anderson, James Drummond 

Peoples of India, (Cambridge manuals of sci- 
ence and literature) D x,118p il maps *40c; 
lambskin *$1 '13 Putnam 14-61 

Anderson, John Alexander, 1829- 
Navigation of the upper Delaware; read be- 

Anderson, John F., 1873- 
Infectious diseases; recent additions to our 
Irr.ov-V-d!^ of their etiolog}-. (Reprint no. 
J.: j-o:n the Public healtn reports, v. 29, 
no. 14) O S17-827p 5c '14 Supt of doc. 


Anderson, Joseph Jocelyn, 1790-1877 
Recollections of a Peninsular veteran. O xvi 
399p por -?3 <>10s GdJ (0) '13 Longmans 

Anderson, Margaret Steele 

Study of modern pn*:i*frc-: wit 11 ii^Ftrf^o*^ 
of the work of I^I'-OML-JMI ? <, .* .-.. 
artists. O 7p,369p >:! (U) '14 (.:- .*;; -y 


Anderson, Mary Gooch 

Stones of the golden age. (Everychild's ser.) 
D vin,231p il -iOc '14 MacmiUan 14-18125 
Anderson, NephI 

Story of Chester Lawrence; being the com- 
pleted account of one who played an im- 
portant part in "Piney Ridge cottage." D 
237p 75c (O) '13 Deseret news 14-502 

Anderson, Paul Johnson, 1884- 
Morphology and life history of the chestnut 
blight fungus. O 44p 17 pis '13 Pennsylvania 
chestnut blight commission, Harrisburg 


Anderson, Richard Clough 
Animals in social captivity; il. by Lilian Noble 
Herschede. O 05p il *?1.25 (My) '14 Stewart 
& Kidd 14-10290 

Anderson, Robert, 1805-1871 
Law ton, E. A., ed. History of the Soldiers' 
home, Washington, D. C. *$2.50 '14 Put- 

Anderson, W. A. 

Plantation rubber in Hawaii. (Press bul. 44) 
O 12p '13 Hawaii. Agric. exper. station 


Anderson, William, 1888- 

Work of public service commissions, with 
special reference to the New Tork commis- 
sions. (Current problems, no. 1) O 44p pa 
15c '13 Univ. of Minn. A14-585 

Anderson, William Ballantyne 
Physics for technical students; mechanics and 
heat. O xi,349p 150 il *$2 (*8s 4d) (Mr) '14 
McGraw 14-6588 

Andersor. \Vi!i:am Dandridge Alexander, 1881-. 

See v' !.'.*, . : F., jt. auth, 
Anderson, William Gilbert, I860-, and Anderson, 

William Laurence, 1882- 
Manual of physical training, for boys and 
girls, for use by public-school teachers, par- 
ents, and the superintendents of Junior so- 
cieties in churches. D viii,145p il $1 '14 
Christian endeavor 14-1748 

Anderson, William Laurence, 1882-. See Ander- 
son, W: G., jt. auth. 
Andersonville, Ga. Military prison 
Elarton, J: W. Andersonville. 50c '13 J: W. 

Elarton, 1109 M st., Aurora, Neb. 
Andover, Mass. 


Moorehead, W. K. Certain peculiar earthworks 

near Andover. pa 40c '12 W. K. Moorehead, 

Andover, Mass. 
Andre, George G. 
Practical treatise on rock blasting. O 202p 

il *$1.50 Spon (corr price) 
Andreleff, Leonid Nikolaevlch, 1871- 
Love of one's neighbors; auth. tr. by Thomas 

Seltzer, bds *40c '14 Boni 
Plays; tr. from the Russian, with an introd., 

by F. N. Scott and C. L. Meader. *$1.50 (Ap) 

f !4 Scribner 
Savva; The life of man: two plays; tr. from 

the Russian with, an introd. by T: Seltzer. 

<Modern drama ser.) D xv,236p *$1 '14 Ken- 

nerley , 14-11725 


Andrews, A. H,, company, Chicago 
Principles of lumber-drying and practical ad- 
vice to dry kiln operators; comp. by the 
Drier department Engineering division. O 
33p '14 A. H. Andrews co., Chicago 14-3057 
Andrews, Albert Henry, 1861-. See Wood, C. A. 

jt. ed. 

Andrews, Charles McLean, 1863- 
Guide to the materials for American history, 
to 1783, in the Public record office of Great 
Britain. <Tub. no. 90 A) 2v Q xi,346; viii,427p 
pa v 1 $250; v 2 ?3 '12-'14 Carnegie inst. 


Narratives of insurrection, 1673-1691. 
(Original narratives of early American his- 
tory ser.) *$3 '14 Scribner 
Andrews, E. R. See Coste, J. H., Jt. auth. 
Andrews, Ewart Sfgrrmnd 
Further problems in the theory and design 
of structures: an advanced textbook for the 
use of students, draughtsmen, and engineers 
engaged in constructional work. O 242p 99 
il *?2.50 (Mr) '14 Van Xostrand 
Theory and design of structures: a textbook 
for the use of students, draughtsmen, and 
engineers engaged in constructional work. 
3d ed rev and enl O 630p 2S9 pi *?3.50 (Mr) 
'14 Van Nostrand 
and Heywood, H. Bryon 
Calculus for engineers: (Broadway ser. of engi- 
neering handbooks, v. 13) D 2S4p 102 il *$1.25 
(O) '14 Van Nostrand 
Andrews, Mrs. Fannie Fern (Phillips) 1867-. See 

Cabot, E., jt. auth. 
Andrews, Frank 

(comp.) Statistics of sugar in the United 

States and its insular possessions, 1881- 

1912. (Bui. 66; O 25p pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c 

Supt. of doc. Agrl4-309 

Andrews, James ParkhfH, 1S54- 

(ed.) See Connecticut. Supreme ct. of errors. 


Andrews, Matthew Page, 1879- 
History of the United States. D xix,382,24p il 
maps *$1.10 '14 Lippincott 14-8723 

Andrews, Thomas Stora 

(comp.) Ring battles of centuries; only and 
most complete record of the roped arena 
from Figg, 1719, to the present day. O 253p 
il pa $1 (F) '14 T: S. Andrews, Milwaukee, 
TTis. 14-5764 

Andria. Terence. *72c Am. bk. 
Andromache, See Murray, G. 
Andromaque. Racine, J. B. *40c Gmn 
Andros, Stephen Osgood, 1876- 
Coal mining practice in Illinois. (Coal mining 
investigations. Cooperative agreement) O il 
pa bul. 2 and 4 gratis; bul. 5-7 ea lOc '14 
111. coal mining investigations, 126 Natural 
hist, bids., Urbana, 111. 

Contents- Bulletin 2, Coal mining practice in District 
VIII (Danville) 47p (A14-139G) , bul 4, Cutil mining prac- 
tice in District VII 53p (0814-470); bul 5, Mining prac- 
tice in District I (Longwall). 42p (GS14-638) ; bul 6, Coal 
mining practice in District V. S4p (A14-1499); bul 7, 
Coal mining In District IL 22p 

Manatt, J. I. Aegean days, buck *$3 J 14 

Andy at Tale. Stokes, R. E. *$1 Sully & Klein- 


Anecdota Oxomensia. Semitic series. Oxford 
Crum, W. E., ed. Theological texts from Coptic papyri. 

*$7.75 (12) 
Anecdotes of the hour. *50c '14 Hearst's int. 

Murphy, R: J. Told on the way. 75c '13 Drift 

White, F. T., comp. Little stories of big men. 

*$1.25 '13 Putnam 
Anecdotes from Pliny's letters. Lowe, W. D. 

*40c Oxford 

Anecdotes of the hour, by famous men as told 
by Winston Churchill, Joseph H. Choate, 
Jack London and other notable men. D 128p 
il *50c (Ap>) '14 Hearst's int. lib. 14-7907 

Crile, G: "W. Anemia and resuscitation, subs 

*$5 '14 Appleton 
Anesthesia. See Anesthetics 

Allen, C "W. Local and regional anesthesia. 

"$6; hf mor *$7.50 '14 Saunders 
Braun, H. Local anesthesia; its scientific 

basis and practical use. $4.25 '14 Lea 
Buxton, D W. Anesthetics, their uses and ad- 
ministration. 5th ed -$3 '11 Blakiston 
Fischer, G. Local anesthesia in dentistry. 2d 

ed x $4 '14 Lea 

Gwathmey, J. T., and Baskerville, C: Anes- 
thesia. *$6 '14 Appleton 
Hirschel, G. Text-book of local anaesthesia. 

*$275 '14 Wood 
Mortimer, J. D. Anrosthesia and analgesia. *$2 

'14 "Wood 
Schlesinger, A. Local anesthesia. *?1.50 '14 

Silk, J: F: W: Modern anaesthetics. *$1 (*3s 

6d) '14 Longmans 

Thoma, K. H. Oral anaesthesia. *$3 '14 Hitter 
& Flebbe, 120 Boylston st, Boston 

See also Scopolamme 

Angel in the sun. Shaw, J: B. *$1 Revell 
Angel Island. Gillmore, I. *$1.35 Holt 
Angel of the downs, by the author of The mas- 
ter touch; with 4 il. by Lillian J. Pocock. 
D viii,71p *60c '13 Young ch. 
Angelica, Fra (Giovanni da Fiesole) 1387-1455 
Fra Angelico. (Classics in art) *$3.50 '13 Bren- 


Angell, Norman, pseud. See Lane, R. N. A. 
Am. inst. of child life. Problems of temper. 

pa 5c '14 Am. inst. of child life 
Anglican episcopate and the American colonies. 
Cross, A. L. *$2.50 Harvard univ. press 

Anglican orders 

Gasquet, F. A. Lord Halifax and Anglican 
orders. 5c '12 America press 

Anglo-American agreement of 1817 for disarm- 
ament on the Great lakes. Levermore, C: H. 
World peace foundation 

Anglo-American code. *$2.50 Am. code co. 

Anglo-American reunion. Baker, D. R. lOc D. R. 
Baker, 204 N. 22d st., Columbus, O. 

Anglo-Catholicism. Foster, A. E. M. *20c Dodge 

Anglo-French entente in the seventeenth cen- 
tury. Bastide, C: *$3 Lane (corr price) 

Anglo-French reminiscences. See Barclay, T: 
Thirty years 

Anglo -German problem. Saroloa, C: *$1 Nel- 

Anglo-Irish verse, Modern. Gregory, P., comp. 
*$2.40 Scribner 

Anglo-Mexican petroleum products company 
Mexican fuel oil. D 156p il $1 (F) '14 Anglo- 
Mexican petroleum products co., 32 Broad- 
way, N. Y. 

Anglo-Norman institutions, Studies in. Haskins, 

U C: H. Harvard univ, press 

Anglo- Roman relations, 1558-1565. Bayne, C. G. 
*$290 Oxford 

Anglo-Saxon literature. See Old English litera- 

Anglo Saxons 
Kennedy, S. Pan-Angles. *$1.75 (*7s 6(1) '14 


Leeds, EX T. Archaeology of the Anglo-Saxon 
settlements. *$1.75 (*5s) '13 Oxford 

Angora goat 

Heller, L. L. Angora goat. '14 U. S. Agric.; 

5c Supt. of doc. 
Angus, Robert W. 

Theory of machines including the principles 
of mechanism and elementary mechanics of 
machinery. O 238p $2.25 (Ag) '12 Univ. of 
Toronto Engineering society, Toronto, Can. 

Animal and plant lore. Bergen, F. D., ed. *$3.50 

Stechert (corr pub) 

Animal behavior, See Animals, Habits and be- 
havior of 


Animal book. Butler, W: A. bds *50c Stokes 

Animal experimentation. See Animals, Experi- 
ments on 

An i ma I experimentation and medical progress. 
Keen, W: W. *?1.75 Houghton 

Animal heroes. Seton, E. T. ^SOc Grosset 

Animal industry 


U. S. Supt. of doc Animal industry; IT. S. 
public documents for sale bv supt. of doc. 
5th ed '14 Supt. of doc. 
Animal kingdom. Zwanziger,-. *$4 Saalfield 
Animal life by the sea-s-hore. Boulenger, G: A. 

and C. L. $1.75 imp Scribner 
Animal parasites and parasitic diseases. 3d ed 

Kaupp, B: F. *$2.25 Eger 
Animal school and other stories. Danielson, F. * 

W bds *50c Pilgrim press 
Animal stones. See Animals, Legends and 

stories of 
Aitken, E. H Concerning animals and other 

matters. *$2 '14 Dutton 
Brehm, A. E. Life of animals. $5 50 Marquis 

(corr price) 
Comstock, A. Handbook of nature-study. 2v v 

1 $2 Comstock pub. 
Gask, L, Hundred best animals. *S2 '14 Cro- 

Serl, E. In the animal world. *42c; *50c '13 


Smith, L. R. Circus book. 30c '14 Flanagan 
Weimer, T., and Jones, R G. Chats in the 

zoo. 40c 5 14 Rand 

Zwanziger,-. Animal kingdom. *$4 '14 Saal- 

Sec aUo Birds; Domestic animals- Hunt- 
ing; Insects; Natural history; Nature study; 


Sec also Veterinary medicine 
Animals, Cruelty to. See Animals, Treatment of 
Animals, Domestic. See Domestic animals 
Animals, Experiments on 
Keen, "W. W. Animal experimentation and 

medical progress. *$l 75 '14 Houghton 
Animals, Extinct 

Sec also Paleontology 
Animals, Habits and behavior of 
Dugmore, A. R. Romance of the beaver. *$2.50 

'14 Lippmcott 
Haviland, M. D. Wood people and others. *$1.40 

(,*5s) '14 Longmans 
Hulbert, W: D. Forest neighbors. *50c '14 


Johnson, H. M. Audition and habit formation 
in the dog. pa $1 '13 Animal behavior mono- 
Montgomery, F. T. Animal books for children. 

6v ea 35c '14 Barse & Hopkins 
Palmer, C. A. Wild life in the woods and 

streams. *$1 25 '14 Macmillan 
Pycraft, W: P. Courtship of animals. *$1.75 

'14 Holt 

Roosevelt, T., and Heller, E. Life-histories of 

African game animals. 2v *$10 '14 Scribner 

Seton, E. T. Animal heroes. *50c '14 Grosset 

Sharp, D. L. Beyond the pasture bam *50c 

'14 Century 
Thompson, J. M. Wild kindred of fur, feather, 

and fin. *$1.25 '14 Wilde 

Tregarthen, J: C. Life story of a fox. *$1.25 
'13 Macmillan 

Sec also Animals, Legends and stories of; 
Nature study 

Animals, Legends and stories of 
Bergen, F. D., ed. Animal and plant lore. 

*$3.50 '99 Stechert (corr pub) 
Burgess, T. W. Adventures of Jerry Muskrat. 

*50c '14 Little 
Burgess, T. W. Adventures of Mr. Mocker. 

*50c '14 Little 

Burgess, T. W. Adventures of Unc' Billy Pos- 
sum. *50c '14 Little 

Burgess, T. W. little animal stories for 
little children, bds 50c '13 John Martin's 

T. W. Old Mother West Wind. *$1.60 

14 Little 
Butler, W: A. Animal book. bds. *50c '14 

Claudy, C. H. Tell-me-why stories about 

animals. *$1.25 '14 McBride, Nast & co 
Coloma, L. de. Perez the mouse, bds *35c '14 

Danielson, F. W. Animal school and other 

stories. *30c '14 Pilgrim press 
Garis H. R. Charlie and Arabella Chick. 75c 

'14 Fenno 
Garis, H. R. Uncle Wiggily's automobile 75c 

'14 Fenno 
Grinnell, M. Neighbors of field, wood and 

stream. *60c '14 Stokes 
Kilbourne, C: E. Baby monkey and the wily 

wolf, bds *50c '14 Perm 
Kilbourne, C: E. Baby polar bear and the 

walrus, bds *50c '14 Penn 
Montgomery, F. T. Animal books for children 

6v ea 35c '14 Barse & Hopkins 
Roberts, C: G: D. Hoof and claw. *$1.35 '14 


Seton, E. T. Animal heroes. *50c '14 Grosset 
Wilkinson, A. Plantation stories of old Louisi- 
ana. *$2 '14 Page 

Sec also Dogs, Legends and stories of; 

Foxes, Stories of 
Animals, Pictures of 
Aldin, C. C: W. Bobtail puppy book, bds 75c 

'14 Doran 

Aris, E. Wee bits o' things, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Aris, E. Wee Jenny Mouse, bds- 30c '14 McKay 
Aris, E. Wee Peter Pug. bds 30c '14 McKay 
Beard, A. B. Beard animals, life size, stand- 
ing alone. *$l '14 Stokes 
Billie Rabbit, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Detmold, E: J., il. Book of baby beasts. *$1.50 

First animal book for children, bds *$1 '14 

Gordon, E. Four footed folk. *$1 '14 Abingdon 


Little Miss Duck, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Willie Mouse, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Animals, Training of 
Carnngton, H. Side-show and animal tricks. 

pa *50c '13 Dr. A. M. Wilson, 708 Waldheim 

bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
See also Horse training 
Animals, Treatment of 
Coville, M. E. Appeal against slaughter. $1 '14 

Rowley, F. H. Slaughter-house reform in the 

United States and the opposing forces, pa 

lOc '13 Mass. soc. for the prevention of 

cruelty to animals, Boston 
Smith, A. Two boy scouts, pa 2c J 13 Animal 

rescue league 

Animals at play. Clayton, J. *$1 Sully & Klein- 

Animals in social captivity. Anderson, R: C. 

*$1.25 Stewart & Kidd 

Animals' touring club. Braine, S. E. *$1.50 

Annals and antiquities of Rajast'han. Tod, J. 2v 

*$4 Dutton 
Annals and memoirs of the court of Peking. 

Backhouse, E., and Bland, J: 0. P. *$4.60 

Annals of babyhood. S., E., L., comp. vel *$2.50 

Annals of botany; ed. by D. H. Scott, and others. 

v 1-27 vM-2, ea *$17; v 3-27 ea *$14 Oxford 

Sulsciiption price for each 4 pts, *$12 
Annals of the war. Harper, J: M. $1.50 Musson 


Anne Feversham. Snaith, J. C. *$1,35 Appleton 
Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery, L. M. 75c 

Anne of the Blossom shop. Mullins, I. M. *?1 



Troadwell, A. L. Polychaetous annelids of the 
Pacific coast in the collections of the zoolog- 
ical museum of the University of California, 
pa 65c '14 Univ. of Cal. 



Anne's Bridge and Between friends. Chambers, 
R. W: 2v $2 Appleton 


See flZsv Holidays 

Annotated Public service commission law of 
Maryland. Hill, J: P., and Padgett, A. R. $3 

Annotated rules of practice in the United States 
courts. 2d ed Dewhurst, TT: W., ed. buck 
$6 50 Banks 

Annuaire de 1'industrie textile Rousset, C. $7 50 
For sale by Lord & Kagie 

Annuaire des bibhoihe'ques et des archives. Vi- 
dier, A. $1 Stechert 

Annual register; a review of public events at 
home and abroad for the year 1913; new ser. 
O xii,650p *$6 (fc?) "14 Longmans 

Annual tables of constants and numerical data. 
International congress of applied chemistry, 
v 3 *$7.20; pa *6.40 Univ. of Chicago press 


Sec also Almanacs; Yearbooks (statisti- 
cal, etc.) 

Anocl-assoclatfon. Crile, G: W., and Lower, W: 
E. *$3 Saunders 

Safford, TV: B. Annona sericea and its allies. 

pa lOc '13 Supt. of doc. 

Safford, W: E Classification of the genus An- 
nona with descriptions of new ami imper- 
fectly known species, pa 45c '14 Supt. of 

Ansbach, margravine of. See Craven, E. 

Anshutz, Edward Pollock. 1S46-. See Boericke, 

P. A., jt. auth. 
Anspach, margravine of. See Craven, E. 

Anspach, E. V. See Kelly, C., jt. auth. 

Anstey, F., pseud. (Thomas Anstey Guthrfe) 


Voces populi [reprinted from Punch]; with 25 
II. by J. Bernard Partridge. 2d series (Long- 
mans' pocket lib.) S viii,232p pis ea *75c 
(*2s); lea *$1 (*3s) '12 Longmans 13-22476 

Antarctic adventure. Priestley, R. E. *$5 Dut- 

Antarctic penguins. Levick, G. M. *$1.50 Mc- 

Bride, Nast & co. 
Antarctic regions 
Maclean, J. K. Heroes of the farthest North 

and farthest South. *50c '14 Crowell 
Priestley, R. E. Antarctic adventure: Scott's 

northern party. *$5 '14 Dutton 
Shackleton, E. H: Heart of the Antarctic. 

*$1.5Q '14 Lippincott 

Bach, J. S. Three chorales. *15c (*4d) 14 Oxford 
Em?rson, L. O. Praise offering. 60c '14 Chicago 
music co. 

See also Hymns 
Anthologia graeca 

Ancient gems in modern settings; being ver- 
sions of the Greek anthology in English 
rhyme, by various writers; ed. by G. B. 
Grundy. S lxxli,392p *$2; Oxford India pa 
limp lea *$3 '13 Oxford 14-2055 

Anthology of English prose. Edwards, S. L., ed. 

*35c; lea *70o Dutton 
Anthology of German piano music. Moszkowski, 

M., ed. 2v ea $2.50; pa $1.50 Ditson 
Anthology of magazine verse. See Braithwatte. 

W: S. 

Anthony, Edwyn (Cut Cavendish, pseud.) 
How to win at auction bridge "royal spades" 
with "nullos." D *75c; limp lea *$1.50 '14 

Anthony, Ernest Lee, 1888- 
Dalry laboratory manual and note book. O 72p 
il limp cl "60c '14 Lippincott 14-8585 

Anthony, Katharine Susan, 1877- 
Mothers who must earn; and The middle 
west side, by Otho G. Cartwright. (West 
side studies) D 232, 74p il $2 (D) '14 Survey 

Anthony the absolute. Merwin, S: *$1.35 Cen- 


Hargitt, C: W. Anthozoa of the Woods Hole 
region, pa '14 U. S. Fisheries; 20c Supt. of 

Anthracite coal 

Enzian, C: Hydraulic mine filling; its use in 
the Pennsylvania anthracite fields, pa '13 
U. S. Mines, 15c Supt. of doc. 


McMurran, S. M Anthracnose of the mango 
in Florida, pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 10c Supt. of 


Mitzmain, M. B. Collected studies on the in- 
sect transmission of trypanosoma evansi. 
pa 15c '14 Supt. of doc. 
Anthropological work In Peru in 1913. Hrdllcka, 

A. pa 45c Smithsonian inst. 

Hrdlicka, A. Anthropological work in Peru 
in 1913 pa 45c '14 Smithsonian inst. 

Quiggm, E C , ed. E.seavs and studies pre- 
sented to William Ridgeway on his sixtieth 
birthday, 6 August, 1913 v $9 '14 Putnam 

Rivers, W: H. R., and others. Reports upon 
the present condition and future needs of 
the science of anthropology, pa $2 '33 Car- 
negie inst. 

See also Archeology; Civilization; Crime 
and criminals; Environment; Ethnology, 
Eugenics; Evolution; Language; Man; Man, 
Prehistoric, Sociology; Woman 
Anthropology, Criminal. See Criminal anthro- 

Baldwin, B. T: Physical growth and school 
progress-, pa '14 U. S. Educ ; 25c Supt of 

Taylor, C: K. Physical examination and train- 
ing of children. $! '14 Winston 

Anti -aunts. Burrows, E. M 35c Fischer, J. 
Antigonus Gonatss, king of Macedonia, 310-2H9 

B. C. 

Tarn, W: W Antigonos Gonatas *$4.7o '33 


Antin, Mary (Mrs. Graban) 1S81- 
They who knock at our gates: a complete gos- 
pel of immigration; with il. by Joseph Stella. 
D xi,143p il *?1 (My) '14 Houghton 14-9103 
Anti -prohibition cartoons: a series of copy- 
right caricatures for use in local publicity 
campaigns. Q 6 pis '14 J. C. Kelly, 1503 
Merchants bank bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Antiquarian society, American. See American 
antiquarian society 

Antiquary's books, ed. by J. C. Cox. Doran 

Nelson, P. Ancient stained glass m England '^.i 


Moore, Mrs. N. H. Collectors' manual. *$3 20 

'14 Stokes 
Shackleton, R. and E. Charm of the antique. 

*$2.50 '14 Hearst's int. lib. 
Antiquities. See Archeology 

Antiquities of India. Barnett, L. D. *$4 Putnam 
Antiquity of man in Europe. Geikie, J. *$3 Van 


Anti-saloon league of America 
Chemngton, E. H. Anti-saloon league year- 
book, 1914. *50c; pa *25c '14 Am. issue pub. 
Chemngton, E H. History of the Anti-saloon 

league. 50c '13 Am. issue pub. 

See also Disinfection and disinfectants 
Anti -trust act and the Supremo court. Taft, 

W: H. *$1.25 Harper 

Antitrust legislation. See Trusts, Industrial 
Antologfa portorriquena. Fern&ndez Juncos, M., 

ed. $1.10 Hinds 
Antoninus, St., 13S9-1459 

Jarrett, B. St. Antonino and mediaeval eco- 
nomics. *30c '14 Herder 

Antony, C. M,, pseud. See Woodcock, C. M. A. 
Antonyms. See Synonyms 


Antrim, Ernest Irving. See Antrim, S. B , jt 

Antrim, Mrs. Salda Brumback, and Antrim, 

Ernest Irving 

County library: the pioneer county library 
(the ErumLack iiLrarr of Van Wert county, 
Ohio) and the county library movement in 
the United States; with 42 il. frcm photo- 
graphs and a map. O xiv,30Gp $2 (My) '34 
Pioneer press, Van TVert, O. 14.-10625 

Duncan, F. M. and L. T. Bees, wasps, and 

ants. *40c (*ls; '14 Oxford 
Antwerp. Royal mi/seum 

Van Dyke, J: f: p ^-:-?r 1 . Antwerp; criticaJ 
notes on the 11- >. ;,' .:- < at Brussels and 
Antwerp. *75c '14 Scribner 

Wnght, A. H. North American anura: hfe- 
histones of the anura of Ithaca, New York, 
pa $2 '14 Carnegie inst. 


Cooke, A. B., and others, eds. Treatise on dis- 
eases of the rectum and anus. '$5.50 '14 

Anybody but Anne. Wells, C. *$1.25 Lippin- 


Watson, T: L , and Taber, S. Geology of the 
titanaim and apatite deposits of Virginia. 
'13 Univ. of Va. 

Sampson, E: P. A. Great scientific discov- 
ery; origin of apes. $1.50 '13 Mrs. Teresa 
Sampson, Marysville, Kan. 
Ape's-face. Fox, M. $1.25 Lane 
Aphidic'ae. See Plant-lice 

O'Malley, A. Keystones of thought. $! '14 

>S'ce also Epigrams 
Apiaries. See Bees 

Aplodontia chryseola 

Kellogg, L. Aplodontia chryseola, a new moun- 
tain beaver from the Trinitv region of 
northern California pa 5c '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Apocalyptic angel. Godbey, W: B. $1.50 Revival- 
ist office 

Apocalyptic literature 
Burkitt, F. C. Jewish and British apocalypses. 

*$1 '14 Oxford 

Apocrypha. See Bible Old Testament Apocry- 

ApoIIomus Rhodius, 2957-215? B. C. 
Argonautica: ed. with introd. and commen- 
tary by G: W. Mooney. (Dublin univ. press 
ser.) O v,454p *$i.50 (*12s Gd; (Mr) '13 
Longmans A14-682 


Jones, J: D. Glorious company of the apostles. 

*50c '14 Doran 

Schreiber, O: L: Lives of the twelve apostles 
of Jesus the Christ. 75c '12 General council 
pub. house 

8ce also Bible New Testament; Church 
history; Saints 
Apostles' creed 
Ross, G: A. J. God we trust *$1.2B '13 Re- 


Apostleshlp of prayer 

League devotions especially adapted for 
members of the Apostleship of prayer in 
league with the sacred heart, with choral 
service for the first Friday of the month. 
Tt 152p lea'tte 35c '14 Apostleship of prayer 


Apostolic optimism. Jowett, J. H. *50c Doran 
Appalachian tours in the Virginias. McAllister, 

J. T. 50c McAllister pub. 
Appeal of medical missions. Moorshead, JL F. 

*$1 Revell 

Appeal to all the world for a chapel in every 
home. Wilson, J. R. pa gratis J. R. Wilson, 
Commonwealth bldg., 1201 Chestnut St., 

Appearances. Dickinson, G. L. J ,$l Doableday 
Appearances of the Blessei Vii-~r. !Marv at the 

Grotto of Lourdes. Kst._ule, J. B. v G3c Ben- 


Appel, Joseph Herbert, 1S73- 
My own story, illustrating the spirit and 
service of big business. D 9-14Cp por *50c 
(D) '13 Platt & Peck 14-346 

Appellate procedure 

Bradbury, H. B., ed. Pleading and practice 

reports. 3v ea $4 '12-'14 Banks 

Owen, E. Appendicitis. *31.50 '14 Wood 
Apple. See Apples 
Apple Tree Villa. Goldmg, H. bds oOc Platt & 

Applebee, Constance M. K. 

(comp.) Field hockey; official p-:Mi?nt!^r r,f 
the A. F. H. A. (Red cover s- -. .1' t ;.'.- : 
handbooks no. 38R) D 49p j. 2~ " .: :\ 
sports pub. 13-23844 

Appleby, William Remsen, 1S65-, and Newton, 

Preliminary concentration tests on Mesabi 
ores (Minnesota school of mines exper. sta. 
bul. 2) O 126p il '13 Univ. of Minn 14-31040 
Applegate, Kenneth P. 

Effect of titanium on the magnetic properties 
of iron. (Eng. and science ser., bul. 5) O 
19p pa '14 Dept. of electric engineering, 
Russell Sage laboratory, Rensselaer poly- 
technic mst., Troy, N. Y. 

Ballard, W. S., and Volck, \V. H. ApUe pow- 
dery mildew and its control in the Pajaro 
valley, pa '14 U. S. Agric.; lOc Supt. of doc. 

Hartman, J: P. Western apples: article on 
western apples: how and when to use them, 
oc '14 Supt. of doc. 

Lawrence, W: H. Apple growing, pa 50c '13 
Pacific horticultural correspondence school 

Massachusetts. State board of agriculture, 
Boston. Apple growing. '13 

Melander, A. L. Practical control of apple dis- 
eases and pests, pa 50c '12 Pacific hort.cul- 
tural correspondence school 

O'Gara, P. J. Studies on the water core of 
apple, pa gratis '13 P. J. O'Gara, Medford, 

Sears, F. C. Productive orcharding. *$1.50 '14 

V.'i.l", \V. '! Planning the apple orchard pa 
'14 New 'ppniTieiiii.p college and experiment 
station, :^r -,:', N. H. 

Apples of gold. Trevelyan, W: B., comp *$1.25 

Appleton, R. B., and Jones, William Henry 

Puer Romanus. (Lingua Latina) O HOp il *60c 

(*2s 6d) '13 Oxford 
See Jones, W: H: S:, jt. auth, 
Appleton, Victor, pseud. 

Motion picture chums' new idea; or, The first 

educational photo playhouse. 40c '14 Grosset 

Motion picture chums on Broadway; or, The 

mystery of the missing cash box. 40c '14 


Motion picture chums' outdoor exhibition; or, 
The ftlm that solved a mystery. 40c '14 

Moving picture boys and the flood; or, Peri- 
lous days on the Mississippi. 40 c (S) '14 

Tom Swift and his photo telephone; or, The 
picture that saved a fortune. D 216p front 
40c '14 Grosset 14-6989 

Application of the physico-chemical theory to 
technical processes and manufacturing meth- 
ods. Kremann, R. *$2.50 Van Nostrand 
Applications of electricity for non-technical 

readers. Ogilvle, A. *20c Dodge 
Applied business correspondence and punctua- 
tion. Hagar, H. A., and So Relle, R. P. bds 
60c Gregg pub. 

Applied business English and correspondence. 
, Hagar, H. A., and So Relle, R. P. bds $1 
Gregg- pub. 


Applied city government James, H. G. *75c 

Applied electricity, Cyclopedia of. Am. school 

of correspondence. 7v $19,80 Am. school of 

Applied electrochemistry and welding. Burgess, 

C: F:, and Cravens, G: W. ?l.pO Am. 

technical soc. 
Applied mathematics for electricians. Raeth, 

F: C. $2.25 Electroforce pub. 
Applied mechanical arithmetic as practised on 

the comptometer, priv ptd Felt & Tarrant 

mfg. co., 1717 N. Paulina st., Chicago 
Applied mechanics. See Mechanics, Applied 
Applied psychology. Carver, TV. *$1.50 AY. Car- 
ver, 521 W. 9th St., Oklahoma, Okla. 
Applied theory of accounts. Esquerre, P J. $3, 

hf lea $3.50 Ronald 
Appreciation of music. Gehring, A. *80c Central 

pub. house 
Mustek, S: H. Apprentice instruction in the 

Manila Bureau of printing. '13 Bu. of ptg., 

Approach to business problems. Shaw, A. W. 

*$2 Harvard univ. press 
Apron. Higgins, F. C. pa 50c F. C. Higgms, 47 

W. 34th St., N. Y. 
Apsley cookery bock. Webster, Mrs J: J., and 

Llewellyn, Mrs. H. *$1.40 Blakiston 
Osburn, R. C. Care of home aquaria. '14 N. Y. 

zoological soc. 
Aquatic sports 

Corsan, G: H. At home in the water. *$1 '14 

Assn. press 

Arabian nights entertainments 
Arabian nights; II. by G: Soper. O *$1.50 '14 

Arabian nights; Lane's standard tr.; introd. 

by William Allan Neilson. 4v *$2.50; flex lea 

*$5 '14 Hearst's int. lib. 
Arabian nights' entertainments, based on a 

translation from the Arabic by E: W: Lane; 

selected, ed., and arranged for young people 

by Frances Jenkins Olcott; with 15 full- 
page il. by Monro S. Orr. O xi,294p il *$1.50 

(O) '13 Holt 13-22206 

Arabian nights' entertainments; tr. by E: W: 

Lane; ed. by Stanley Lane-Poole. (Bonn's 

popular lib.) 2v S xiv,413; vii,386p ea *35c 

(Mr) '14 Macmillan 
Arabian nights entertainments; with il. by 

Milo Winter. (Windermere ser.) O 293p 

$1.35; reinforced binding *$1.50 '14 Rand 

Sindbad the sailor: a tale from the Arabian 

nights; 11. with 25 plates in col. by Edmund 

Dulac. O bxd *$5; ed de luxe *$25 '14 Doran 
Tales from the Arabian nights 1 ; ed. by F. C. 

Tilney. (Tales from many lands) D 128p *il 

*50c (O) '14 Button 


Miron, E. L. Queens of Aragon, their lives 
and times. *$3.75 '13 Brentano's 

Aragon ese dialect. Umphrey, G: W. pa Univ. 
of Wash. 

Aramaic language 

Marti, K. Kurzgefasste grammatik der bib- 
llsch-aramalschen sprache, literatur, Jpara- 
digmen, texte und glossar. 2d ed *$1.35 '11 

Arbiter in council: a compendium of argument 
and information on the peace movement. 
567p $2.25 Am. peace soc. (corr price) 
Arbitration, Industrial 

Allen, F. W. Proceedings of the arbitration be- 
tween eastern railroads and the Brotherhood 
of locomotive firemen and enginemen. 3d ed 
5v $50 '14 Law reporting co. 
Board of arbitration in the controversy be- 
tween the eastern railroads and the Brother- 
hood of locomotive engineers. Report. '12 
Bd. of arbitration 

Board of arbitration in the controversy be- 
tween the eastern railroads and the Brother- 

hood of locomotive engineers, 1912. Arbitra- 
tion; testimony, July 15-27, 1912; exhibits; 
award. 2v $20 '12 Law reporting co. 

Board of arbitration in the controversy be- 
tween the eastern railroads and the Brother- 
hood of locomotive firemen and enginemen, 
1913. Proceedings; under the Erdman act, by 
agreement dated Feb. 18, 1913. 4v $40 '13 
Law reporting co. 

Board of arbitration In the controversy be- 
tween the eastern railroads and the Order 
of railway conductors and the Brotherhood 
of railroad trainmen, 1913. Arbitration; 
testimony, Sept. 11-Oct. 10, 1913; briefs; 
award. 3v $30 '13 Law reporting co. 

Brotherhood of locomotive engineers. Present 
rates of pay, eastern territory, and award 
given by the Board of arbitrators, pa '12 Bd. 
of arbitration 

Canada. Registrar of boards of conciliation and 
investigation. Sixth report of proceedings 
under the industrial disputes investigation 
act, 1?07. '13 Canada. Dept. of labour, Ot- 

Indianapolis traction and terminal co , Indi- 
anapolis, Jnd. Arbitration proceedings. '14 

Mabie, E: C:, and White, L. D. Compulsory 
arbitration of labor disputes on interstate 
railroads, pa *$1 '14 Wilson. H. W. 

Railway business assn. National menace of 
railway strikes. '13 Railway business assn. 
flSuffern, A. Eu Conciliation and arbitration in 
the coal Industry of America. "$2 '14 Hough- 

Warne, F. J Exhibits submitted before the 
Board of arbitration in the concerted wage 
movement, eastern territory, 1913. $50; $55 
'13 Frank J. Warne, 420 Southern bldg., 
Washington, D. C. 

Winslow, C: H: Conciliation, arbitration, and 
sanitation in the dress and waist industry 
of New York city pa '14 U. S. Labor, 25c 
Supt. of doc. 

Winslow, C: H: Industrial court of the cloak, 
suit, and skirt industry of New York city, 
pa '14 U. S. Labor; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Arbitration, International 

Am. soc. for judicial settlement of internation- 
al disputes Proceedings, Washington, D. C., 
1912 and 1913. 2v ea $1 '13-'14 Williams & 
Wilkins co. 

Arbuckle, J. Historical essay, the Napoleonic 
era and its lessons. $1 '13 J. Arbuckle, 314 
N. 4th St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Balch, T: International courts of arbitra- 
tion. 5th ed $2 50 '14 Allen, Lane and Scott 

Broido, L: National honor and peace. '14 
World peace foundation 

Butler, N. M. International mind. 5c '12 Am. 
peace soc. 

Carnegie endowment for international peace. 
Arbitrations and diplomatic settlements of 
the United States. '14 Carnegie endowment 
for international peace 

Darby, W: E. International tribunals. $4 For 
sale by Am. peace soc. 

Hershey, O. F. Non justiciable disputes and 
the peace treaties. '12 Am. soc. for judicial 
settlement of international disputes 

Hull, W: I: International grand jury. '12 Am. 
soc. for judicial settlement of international 

Macfarland, H: B. F. Supreme court of the 
world, pa '13 Am soc. for judicial settlement 
of international disputes 

Nys. E. Necessity of a permanent tribunal. 
'10 Am. soc. for judicial settlement of inter- 
national disputes 

Ralston, J. H. Should any national dispute be 
reserved from arbitration? 2d ed per 100, 
$1 Am. peace soc. 

Reely, M. K., comp. Selected articles on world 
peace including 1 international arbitration and 
disarmament. *$1 '14 Wilson, H. W. 

Root, E. Fisheries arbitration argument. $3.50 
Am. peace soc. 

Root, E. Importance of judicial settlement. 
'11 Am. soc. for judicial settlement of inter- 
national disputes 

Schurz, C. American leadership for peace and 
arbitration. '14 World peace foundation 


Arbitration, International Continued. 

Scott, J. B. Court of arbitral justice. '12 Am. 
soc. for judicial settlement of international 

s?coit, ,7. B. Status of the International court 
of justice. '14 Am. soc. for judicial settle- 
ment of i-*. r **rr-. - .-7'c-.- i7 t.-s 

Taft, W: H. .'. : >r,.j, .; ; "I li-i-i'-j:' treaties with 
Great Bri ,>!-. j : ;";:<<. '". Am. soc. for 
judicial settlement of international disputes 

Taft, W: H. United States and peace. *$1 '14 

U. S. Treaties, etc. Agreement between the 
United States and uiin. O '> '14 Gov. ptg. 


U. S. Treaties, etc. Agreement between the 
United States and Sweden. O 4p '14 Gov. 
ptgr. 14-64S2 

U. S. Treaties, etc. Convention between the 
United States and other powers for the 
arbitration of pecuniary claims. *14 U. S. 
State dept. 

See also International law; Peace 
Arbitration and award 

New York. Chamber of commerce. Earliest 
arbitration records. '13 priv ptd Chamber 
of commerce, 65 Liberty st , N. Y. 
Arbor day 

California. Public instruction, Dept. of, Sac- 
ramento. Arbor day in California. '14 

Iowa. Public instruction, Dept. of, Des Moines. 
Iowa arbor and bird day book, pa '13" 

Pennsylvania. Public instruction, Dept. of, 
Harr.sburg. Pennsylvania arbor day manual, 
pa gratis '13 

Arbors and work-holding devices. (Machinery's 
reference ser., no. 120; O 4Sp il pa 25c '14 
Industrial press 14-57S5 

Contents: Holding devices for first-operation vurk, by 

A. A Dotfd; Arbors for second-operation work, by A. A. 

Dowd; Work-holding arbors and methods for turning opera- 
Arbuckle, James the Graeme, 1840- 

Historical essay, the Napoleonic era and its 
lessons, read at the International historical 
congress held at Zaragoza, Spain, Oct. 14, 
190S, to celebrate the centenary of Spanish 
independence from Napoleon I. Q 7-35p pors 
$1 '13 J. Arbuckle, 314 N. 4th st, St. Louis, 
Mo. 14-2845 

Arcadian adventures with the idle rich. Leacock, 

S. B. *?1.25 Lane 
Arcambeau, Edme 

Cathedrals of France; 180 photographs; with 
short notes. T *$1; (Parchment ser.) 3v 
pa ea *25c '13 Stokes A13-2305 

Contents- v 1, Cathedrals of northern France, 2, 

Oathedials of cential France; 3, Cathedrals of southern 

Archaean geology of Rainy Lake re-studied. 

Lawson, A. C. pa Canada. Dept. of mines 
Archaeology. See Archeology 
Arched bridges. See Bridges, Arched 

Am. museum of natural history. Dept. of 
anthropology. Preliminary report of the 
archaeological survey of New Jersey. '13 
N. J. Geol. S., Trenton 

Avebury, J: L. Prehistoric times. 7th ed *$3.50 
'14 Holt 

British school at Athens. Annual, no. 18-19, 
1911-1912 and 1912-1913 sessions, bds ea 
*$7.50 '13-'14 Macmillan 

Leeds, E. T. Archaeology of the Anglo-Sax- 
on settlements. *$1.75 (*5s) '13 Oxford 

Maspero, G. C. C: Manual of Egyptian ar- 
chaeology. 6th ed *$2.25 '14 Putnam 

Quiggm, E. C., ed. Essays and studies pre- 
sented to William Ridgeway on his sixtieth 
birthday, 6 August, 1913. *$9 '14 Putnam 

See also Anthropology; Arms and armor; 
Christian art and symbolism: Earthworks 
(archeology); Ethnology; Folk-lore; Her- 
aldry; History; History, Ancient; Indians 
Antiquities-; Inscriptions; Middle ages; 
Mounds and mound builders; Mummies; 
Mythology; Pottery; Sculpture; Tombs 
Archaeology of the Old Testament. Naville, E. 
*$1.50 Revell 

Archer, William, 1S5G- 

<ed, & tr t See Ibsen, H Works 

Howe, M. A. Symmetrical masonry arches. 
2d ed *$2.50 '14 Wiley 

See aUo Bridges 

Archibald, Raymond Clare, 1S7S- 
Mathematical instruction and the professors 
of mathematics in the French lycees for 
boys. O 43-117p pa 30c (F) '13 R. C. Archi- 
bald, Brown univ., Providence, R. I. 


Archimedes, 287-212 B C. 
Archimedes' method of geometrical solutions 
derived from mechanics; tr. by J. L. Hei- 
berg; with introd. by D: E. Smith. 30p re- 
duced price pa *30c Open ct. 
Method of Archimedes, recently discovered 
"hy TT.-*v-:r: a supplement to the Works of 
\ :!":":-. 1897, ed. by Sir Thomas L. 
li- ii; !i . u ~.p diags *75c '12 Putnam A14-1160 
Archftec-tonlcs, the tales of Tom Thumtack, 

architect. D 175p il *$1 50 '14 Comstock 


Architec-tonics. *$1,50 '14 Comstock 
Architectural acoustics 
Watson, F. R. Acoustics of auditoriums, pa 

20c '14 Univ. of 111. 

Architectural and building construction plates. 
Jaggard, W. R. portfolio *$2; in 6 pts ea 
"Sue Putnam 
Architectural and rJcooTt'v* dTTv'rffw. Goodhue, 

B. G. *$7.50 A -f- '.*<;;'{'.: 1-k. 
Architectural details. See Architecture Details 
Architectural drawing 
Architectural rt*r.w*-cc. pa 25c Prang 
Goodhue, B. fi. A-i 'u--r.: ii a! and decorative 

drawings. *$7.50 '14 Architectural bk. 
Hallatt, G: W. T. Hints on architectural 

draushtmanship. *0c Spon (corr price) 
Howe, C: K Loose leaf drafting manual, to 
accompany Agricultural drafting: 48 exer- 
cises, ea *2c '13 Wiley 

Teale, O. S. How to do architectural drawing, 
lea $1.65 '14 Adams press, 62 William st., 
N Y. 

See also Mechanical drawing 
Architectural drawing. (Topic books of art edu- 
cation) pa 25c Prang 
Architectural metal work 
Dahlstrom metallic door co. Hollow metal con- 
struction, pa $5 '13 Dahlstrom metallic door 
co., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Architectural styles for country houses. Saylor, 
H: H., ed. *$2.50 McBride, Nast & co. (corr 

Architectural terra cotta, standard construction. 
National terra cotta society. $5 National 
terra cotta soc., 1 Madison av., N. Y. 


Bell, N. R. E. Architecture. *20c '14 Dodge 
Briggs, M. S. Baroque architecture. *$5 '14 

McBride, Nast & co. 

New York society of architects. Year book for 
1914. flex lea $5 '14 New York soc. of archi- 
tects, W: T. Towner, sec , 320 5th av , N. Y. 
Phillipps, L. M. Art and environment. *$2.25 '14 


Vitruvius Pollio, M. Vitruvius: the ten books 
on architecture, buck *$3 50 '14 Harvard 
univ, press 
Ward, J. Colour decoration of architecture. 

See author entry 

Wynne, G. Architecture shown to children. 
*90c '14 Platt & Peck 

See also Archeology; Arches; Architectural 
acoustics, Architectural drawing; Art; Brick 
construction; Bridges; Building; Building 
materials; Carpentry; Castles; Cathedrals; 
Church architecture; College architecture; 
Concrete construction; Court houses; Dec- 
oration and ornament; Farm buildings; 
Fences; Fireproof construction; Floors; 
Foundations 1 , Heating; High buildings; 
House painting; Library architecture; Ma- 
sonry; Mosques; Mural painting and decora- 


Architecture Continued. 

tion; Plum! 'ing; Roofs; SchoolhuasG^, Ste^l 
construction; Strums and etrefcbes; Strength 
oi materials; Structures, Theoiy ci, Tombs, 
Towers; Trusses; Walls 


Boston Public library Catalogue of books re- 
lating to architecture, construction and deco- 
ration in the library. 2d ed pa $1 '14 Boston 
public lib. 

Designs and plans 

American competitions v 2-3 portfolio ea 
"$13.50; buck *$16, hf mor '$17.50 '08-'13 
Helbui n 

Jaggard, "W. R. Architectural and building 
construction plates, portfolio -"$2; in 6 pts ea 
*50c '14 Putnam 

tiee also Architectural drawing 

Hiddleton, G: A. T: Evolution of architectural 
oinament *$3 '14 Lippmcott 

Radford, W: A., ed. Portfolio of details of 
building construction. ?1 50 Radford (corr 

Sims, J. P., and Willing, C: Old Philadelphia 
colonial details, portfolio, ^lO '14 Architec- 
tural bk. 


Blomfield, R. T. Architectural drawing and 
draughtsmen. *$3.50 '13 Punk 

Brooks, A. M Architecture and the allied arts. 
*$3.30 '14 Bobbs 

Frothmgham, A. L,, jr. History of architec- 
ture, v 3 "$5; lea *$7.50 '14 Doubleday 

Study and teaching 

Kuehne, H. F. Academic training in archi- 
tecture. '11 Univ. of Texas 


Ambler, L: Old halls and manor houses of 

Yorkshire. *?14 '14 Scnhner 
Evans, H. A. Castles of England and Wales. 

*$4 '12 Doran 
Gotch, J. A. Early renaissance architecture in 

England, 1500-1625. *$6 '14 imp Scribner 


Newhall, L: C. Minor French chateaux and 
manor houses. *$3.60 '14 Architectural bk. 

Great Britain 

Richardson, A. E. Monumental classic archi- 
tecture in Great Britain and Ireland during 
the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 
*$33.50 '14 Imp Scribner 


Strack, H: Brick and terra cotta work during 
the middle ages and the renaissance in Italy. 
*$20 '14 Rogers & Manson 


Prentice, A. N Renaissance architecture and 
ornament in Spain, portfolio *$18 '14 Rogers 
& Manson 

Street, G: E. Gothic architecture in Spam. 

2v *$2 '14 Button 
Architecture, Colonial 

Kingman, K. C. New England Georgian archi- 
tecture, portfolio *$9 '13 Architectural bk. 

Northend, M. H. Historic homes of New Eng- 
land. *$5 '14 Little 

Polley, G: H: Architecture, interiors and 
furniture of the American colonies during 
the 18th century. 2v in portfolio $40 '14 

Sims, J. P., and Willing, C: Old Philadelphia 
colonial details, portfolio, *$10 '14 Archi- 
tectural bk. 
Architecture, Domestic 

Ambler, L: Old halls and manor houses of 
Yorkshire. *$14 '14 Scribner 

Cram, R. A. American country houses- of to- 
day. *$12.50 '14 Architectural bk. 

Goodnow, R. R., and Adams, R Honest house. 
*?3 14 Centuiy 

Hering, O C. Concrete and stucco houses 
$2.51) '12 McBride, Nast & co. (corr price) 

Howes, B. A. Building by a builder. *$1.20 '14 

Humphreys, P. W, Practical book of garden 
architecture. *$5 '14 Lippincott 

Hydraulic- press brick co. Hy-tex house of 
moderate cost '14 Hydraulic-press bnck co. 

Jackson, A. W. Half- timber house, bds *$2 50 
'12 ilcBnde, Nast & co. (corr price) 

Lutj'ons. E L Houses and gardens. *$S '14 
imp Scribner 

Polley, G* H: Architecture, interiors and furni- 
ture of the American colonies during the 
18th century. 2v in porttolio $40 '14 Polley 

Rogers lumber co, Q. G. plan book of pleas- 
ant homes, practical barns and other build- 
ings. *14 Rogers lumber co., Minneapolis 

Sauyer, J, D. How to make a country place. 
$1 '14 Judd 

Saylor, H: H., ed Architectural styles for 
country houses *$2.50 '12 McBride, Nast & 
co. (corr price) 

Squiies, F. Hollow- tile house. *$2 50 '13 Corn- 

Thompson, R. E History of the dwelling-house 
and its future. *$1 '1-i Lippincott 

United home builders. Homes of Oakland 50c 
'14 United home builders, 1762 Broadway, 
Oakland, Cai 

Weaver, L. Small country houses; their repair 
and enlargement. *$5 '14 Scribner 

Wiight, R, ed Homes that architects have 
built for themselves -"$2.50 '14 McBride, 
Nast & co 

#? &/> Bungalows; Country houses; Farm 
buildings, Heating; House decoration; House 
painting, Houses; Housing problem 

Designs and plans 

Bankers realty investment co. Homes of qual- 
ity pa $1 '14 Bankers realty investment co., 
17th & Farnum sts., Omaha, Neb. 

Book of little houses. *50c '14 Macmillan 

De Luxe building co. Draughtsman, 3d ed pa 
25c '12 De Luxe building co. 

De Luxe bldg. co., Los Angeles. Home-kraft- 
homes. pa 25c *14 De Luxe bldg. co. 

De Luxe bldg. co. Kosy homes, pa 25c '14 
De Luxe bldg co. 

De Luxe bldg. co. Plan-kraft. 25c '14 De Luxe 
building co. 

Dikeman, , and Ortman, . Homes, pa *50c 
'14 Stewart & Kidd 

Gowing, F* H: Building plans for modern 
homes. $1 '14 F: H. Gowing, IS Tremont St., 

Hewitt-Lea-Funck co. Prize plan book, pa lOc 
'14 Hewitt-Lea-Funck co., 5th & Union, 
Seattle, Wash. 

National fire proofing co. Natco double house, 
semi-detached. '14 National fire proofing co., 

Radford architectural co. Radford home build- 
er 20c '14 Radford 

Sax ton, G. L. Plan book of American dwell- 
ings, pa $1 '14 G. L. Sax ton, 628 Plymouth 
bldg, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Saylor, H: H., ed. Inexpensive homes of in- 
dividuality. *75c '14 McBride, Nast & co. 
Architecture, Ecclesiastical. See Church archi- 
Architecture, Gothic 

Bumpus, T: F. Guide to Gothic architecture. 
*$3 '14 Dodd 

Pugin, A. and A: W. N. Specimens and exam- 
ples of Gothic architecture. 5v $15 '14 J. II. 
Jansen, 324 Caxton bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Street, G: E Gothic architecture in Spain. 2v 
*$2 '14 Dutton 

See also Cathedrals', Church architecture 
Architecture, Military. See Military architec- 
Architecture, Mohammedan 

Bell, G. L. Palace and mosque at Ukhaidir. 

*$12.75 '14 Oxford 
Architecture, Renaissance 

Gotch, J. A. Early renaissance architecture 
in England, 1500-1625, *$6 '14 imp Scribner 


Architecture, Renaissance Continual. 
Prentice, A. N Renaissance architecture and 
ornament in Spam, portfolio **$!$ '14 Rogers 
& Manson 

Renaissance architecture in Italy from the 
thirteenth to the sixteenth century. 2v 
portfoho ea '$16 '14 Architectural bk. 
Architecture, Rural. See Bunga:o T ,r^; Countiv 
houses, Farm baildmgs 

Architecture and the allied arts. Brooks. A. M. 
*$3.50 Bobbs 

Architecture of humanism. Scott, G. *$2 Hough- 

Architecture shown to children. Wynne, G. "90c 

Platt & Peck 

Great Britain 

Andrews, C: M. Guide to the mateiials for 
American history, to 1783, in the Public 
record office of Great Britain. 2v pa. v 1 
?2.50; v 2 $3 '12-'14 Carnegie inst 

Paullin, C: p., and Paxson, F: L. Guide to 
the materials in London archives for the 
history of the United States since 1783. pa 
$4 '14 Carnegie inst. 


Alvord, C. W. Old Kaskaskia records, pa ! 25c 
'06 Chicago hist. soc. (corr price) 

New Jersey 

New Jersey. Dept. of state, Trenton. Index of 
wills, inventories, etc. in office of secretary 
of state piior to 3901. 3v f !2-'13 

New Mexico 

Twitchell, R. B , comp. Spanish archives of 

New Mexico. 2v *$12 '14 Torch press 
Archives of psychology; ed. by R. S. Woodworth. 

Science press 
Ash, I: E Faticue and Its effect upon control 85c; pa 

eoc (31) 
Castle, (' Statistical study of eminent uomen $1 05, pa 

SOc (27) 
Majo, M J Mental capacity of the American negio SDc, 

pa COc (28) 

Arctic regions 
Maclean, J. K. Heroes of the farthest North 

and farthest South "50c '14 Crowell 
Scull, E. M- Hunting- in the Arctic and Alaska. 
*$2.50 '14 Winston 

8cc altio Antarctic regions, Icebergs 
Arden, Joan 
Childhood; with a preface by Gilbert Murray. 

D viii,99p *$1 (F) '14 Macmillan 
Ardennes, Forest of 
Edwards, G: W. Forest of Arden. *$4.50 '14 


Are American railroads overcapitalized? John- 
son, A. B. Baldwin locomotive works, Phil. 
Are our municipalities to become business cor- 
porations? 7p 5c '13 Municipal ownership 
Are the birds singing? Higley, A. E. pa 25c 

Davis & Bond 

Are the wages we pay the railroads high enough? 

D 15p il 5c '13 Presbrey A13-2331 

Are there classes in America? Korngold, R. lOc 

Socialist party 
Arendt, Morton, 1S77-. See Crocker, F. B., jt. 

Arensberg, Walter Conrad 

Poems. D ix,120p *$1 '14 Houghton 14-7258 
Aretas, pseud. See Thomas, A. W. 
Argentina. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Argentine tariff law; English tr. 25c '11 Pan 

American union 
Fraser, J: F. Amazing Argentine. *$1.50 '14 

Hammerton, J: A. Real Argentine. *$2.50 '14 


Koebel, "W. H. Argentina, past and present. 2d 
ed *$5 '14 Macmillan 


Pan American pinion. Commerce of the Argen- 
tine Republic for 1911 and ll12. 2v gratis s !2- 
'13 Pan American union 

Arguejlo, Maria de Ja Concepcion Marcela, 1791- 

Davis, J: F. California, romantic and re- 
sourceful, brts $1.25 '14 Robertson 

Xotc:::.rr., V: A. Theory and -"pct'-'e of e-:r:- 
mentation and debate. '$1.1.1 ':4 ..:..?!. :.':.. n 

Macpherson, W: How to argue successfully. 
6lc '14 Button 

Kcc also Debating, Logic 
Ariadne of Allan Water. Fenollosa, M. *$1.35 

Ariosto, Lodovico. 1474-1533 

Tales from Ariosto, by J. S. Nicholson. D 
xxvi, 2. 7p il $1.73 (D) '13 Macmillan 

Nicholson, J S. Life and genius of Ariosto. 

J yOc '14 Macmillan 
Ans, Ernest 

Wee bits o' things. T ll-49p il bds SOc '14 

Wee Jenny Mouse T ll-4r.p il bds 30e '14 Mc- 

Wee Peter Pug. T 11-4'jp il bds SOc '14 McKay 
Aristocrats. Atherton, G. F. *50c Lane 
Aristophanes, 450-385 B. C. 

Acharnians; ed. from the mss. and other 
original sources, by R. T, Elliott. O 2S6p 
*$4.75 '14 Oxford 

Same; tr. by R. Y. Tyrrell, with the Greek 

text. O 84p pa *40c '14 Oxford 
Aristotle, 3S4-322 B. G. 

Complete works, tr. into English, v 6, Opus- 
cula; tr. by T. Loveday, and others. O 292p 
*$2 50; pa *$1.75 '13 Oxford 

Charlton, H. B. Castelvetro's theory of poetry. 

'$1.60 (-5s) '14 Longmans 

Alexander, G. Alexander-Dewey arithmetic: 
elementary book. *45c '14 Longmans 

Brooks, E: Graded exercises in arithmetic, 
bk 1, *33c; bk 2, *60c; bk 2 pts 1-2, *33c; 
pts 3-4, *33c 14 Sower 

Buker, E. F., and Felter, W: L. Arithmetics. 
3 bks bk 1-2 ea *40c '13 Silver 

Cajori, F. School arithmetics; primary book. 
*35o '14 Macmillan 

Chadsey, C: E., and Skinner, H. M. Advanced 
arithmetic. *55c '14 Atkinson, Mentzer & co. 

Chadsey, C: E, and Skinner, H. M. Elemen- 
tary arithmetic. *35c } 14 Atkinson, Mentzer 
& co. 

Chadsey, C: E., and Skinner, H. M. Intermedi- 
ate arithmetic. *45c '14 Atkinson, Mentzer & 

Chignell, N J., and Paterson, W. E. Arith- 
metic. TL.IO; in 2 pts ea *60c; Examples 
only, *00c, in 2 pts ea *50c '14 Oxford 

Cox, H: C., and others. Modern arithmetic, 
advanced. *60c '13 Lyons & Carnahan 

Cox, H. C., and others. Modern arithmetic, 
elementary. *35c '13 Lyons & Carnahan 

Davidson, J: Arithmetic and algebra. *75c '13 

Frizell, A B. Foundations of arithmetic. '12 
Univ. of Kansas 

Gifford, J: B. Everyday arithmetic. 2d ed *35c 

Harvey, L. D. Essentials of arithmetic. 2 bks 

bk 1 *35c; bk 2 *50c '14 Am. bk 
Horrick, F. M \rfhnript'rnl and geometrical 

calculations by anMlviio,il statement and 
$1 '14 Hernck & 
Ti. Tl 7 . 

.., .. . ar:U"i-.-tit:. 60c 

'1 1 \Vo-M I. 1 : 
Mfix-so"" W: S., comp. Practical self-keyed 

:I,P .:!: oi-i;'. 1 . number work, pa 5c '13 Ham- 

Mercer, G: EL, and Bonsall, M. Intermediate 

arithmetic. 2v v 1 45c; v 2 75c '14 World bk. 
Milne, W: J. New York State arithmetic; first 

book. *40c '14 Am. bk. 

Milne, W: J. New York state arithmetic: sec- 
ond book. *60c '14 Am. bk. 


Arithmetic Continued, 

$$Morey, C: W. Little folks' number book. "Soc 

'14 Scribner 
Morison, P. S. Practical arithmetic. $1.50 '14 

P. S. Morison, Richmond, Va. 
Nichols, W. F. New arithmetical problems. 

*40c '14 Dutton 
Oberg, E. V. Arithmetic simplified, pa 25c '14 

Industrial press 
Payne, E. L. Elementary arithmetic. 36c '05 

Hall & McCreary 
Payne, E. L. Practical arithmetic. COc '05 Hall 

& McCreary 
Punnett, M. Groundwork of arithmetic. *$1 

(*3s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Stone, J: C:, and Millis. J. F Stone-Millis 

arithmetics, complete. 2d ed *60c '14 San- 
Thorndike, E: L. Exercises in arithmetic 

nos 1-5 pupil's ed, ea lOc; teacher's ed, ea 

15c Beattys (corr pub) 
Walsh, J. H:, and Suzzallo, H: Walsh- Suz- 

zallo arithmetics. 2 bks bk 1, *35c; bk 2, 

*65c '14 Heath 

See also Calculating machines; Mathe- 
matics; Mensuration, Ready-reckoners 

Study and teaching 

Britton's answers to arithmetic problems, 
from 4th to 8th grades. 15c '14 Bntton ptg. 


Britton 1 s supplementary leaflets for class use: 
2d-Sth grade arithmetic, ea 10c '14 Britton 
ptg. co. 

Brown, J. C., and Coffman, L. D. How to 
teach arithmetic. $1.25 '14 Row, Peterson 
& co. 

Chriswell, W: B. Principles and methods of 
arithmetic teaching. 75c; pa 40c '14 W: B. 
ChriswelU Potsdam, N. Y. 

District of Columbia. Board of education, 
Washington, D. C. Course of study in arith- 
metic, elementary schools, Washington, 
D. C., '14 

Durell, F., and Hall, E. Course of study in 
arithmetic. '13 priv ptd Merrill, C: E. 

Guhin, M. M. Practical method of teaching 
the primary number combinations, pa 15c 
'14 M. M. Guhin, Aberdeen, S. D. 

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visor of arithmetic to the students teaching 
arithmetic in the Training department of 
the State normal school at San Jose, Cal. 
'13 priv ptd Mrs. Adelia R. Hornbrook, San 
Jose, Cal. 

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gogy of arithmetic. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan 

N. Y. (city). Education, Dept. of. Material 
for arithmetical problems. '14 

Pupil's outlines for home study in connection 
with school work: arithmetic, pa 15c '14 
Jennings pub. co. 

Walter, S. J. Number steps for beginners, pa 

15c '13 Hampton normal & agric. inst. 
Arithmetic, Commercial 

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Am. bk. 

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'14 Reilly & B. 

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85c *13 Lyons & Carnahan 

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ness arithmetic. *25c '14 Am. bk. 

Vincent, H. D. Vocational arithmetic. *55c '14 

See also Accounting; Bookkeeping, Calcu- 
lating machines; Multiplication; Ready-reck- 
Arithmetic, Mental 

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Beall, 39 Gerald av., Detroit, Mich. 

Gifford, J: B. Progressive mental arithmetic. 

2v ea *36c '14 Dutton 
Arithmetic of the steam boiler. Mason. C: J. 

*$1 (*4s 2d) McGraw 

Arithmetical and geometrical calculations by an- 
alytical statement and comparative cancel- 
lation. Herrick, F. M. $1 Herrick & Horton, 
Harley bldg., Princeton, 111. 

Arizona. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Revenue laws of the state of Arizona, from 
Revised statutes of Arizona, 1913, and cita- 
tions from decisions of the Supreme court 
of state affecting revenue laws; prepared 
for the use of assessors, tax collectors, and 
state and county officers, by State tax com- 
mission of Arizona. D 146p '13 Arizona. 
State tax commission, Phoenix 13-33351 

Revised statutes of Arizona, 1913. Civil code, 
comp. and annot. by S: L Pattee. Q 2134p 
facsims $5 '13 McNeil co., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Revised statutes of Arizona, 1913. Penal code, 
comp. by S: L. Pattee. Q 39Sp $1 '13 McNeil 
co., Phoenix, Ariz. 14-11379 

School laws of Arizona, 1913. O 147,xiip '13 
Arizona Bd. of educ., Phoenix E14-94 

Workmen's compensation law of the state of 
Arizona. O 24p 25c '14 Chronicle co. 14-6464 

Workmen's compensation law of the state of 
Arizona, by F. Robertson Jones. 15c '14 
Workmen's compensation publicity bureau 
Arizona. State tax commission 

Report of the Conference of the Tax com- 
mission, boards of supervisors and county 
assessors of Arizona, July 28 to August 2, 
1913. O 255p '13 Arizona. State tax com- 
mission, Phoenix 14-31154 

Special reports of the State tax commission 
of Arizona, on mining taxation. O 19p '13 
Arizona. State tax commission, Phoenix 

Arizona. Supreme court 

Report of cases argued and determined in 
The Supreme court of the state of Arizona 
from May 6, 1911, to September 23, 1913; 
Paul C. Thorne, rep. v 14 O 701p sh $4>,25 
'14 Bancroft 



Alliot, H. Bibliography of Arizona. $3.50 '14 
Southwest museum, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arizona. Univ Library. Bibliographical list 
of books, pamphlets and articles on Arizona. 
'13 Univ. of Arizona library, Tucson 

Description and travel 

Locke, H. Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix 
route map. 75c '14 Harry Locke, 652 S. Olive 
St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Arizona state business directory, 1912-1913. 
5th ed hf lea *$7 '13 Gazetteer pub. co,, box 
1434, Denver, Col. 

Arizona. Brady, C. T. *$1.25 Dodd 

Arizona copper company 

Jones, E. H. Unit construction costs from the 
new smelter of the Arizona copper co. *$2 
'14 Am. inst. of mining engineers 

Arizona good roads association 
Announcement of meeting of the Arizona good 
roads association, Arizona division of the 
National highways association, Prescott, 
Arizona, July 3, 1914, with an address on 
national highways, by C: H: Davis. Q 16p 
2 maps '14 National highways assn. 14-12596 

Arizona state business directory including El 
Paso, Texas, with Los Angeles and foreign 
classifications, 1912-1913. 5th ed O 783p hf 
lea *$7 '13 Gazetteer pub. co., box 1434, Den- 
ver, Col. 13-19545 

Arizona. University. Library 
Bibliographical list of books, pamphlets and 
articles on Arizona in the University of 
Arizona library; prepared by Estelle Lutrell. 
(Univ. of Arizona record, ser. 6, no. 10) O 
60p '13 Univ. of Arizona library, Tucson 


Arkansas. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Compiled labor laws of the state of Arkansas 
including acts of 1913. O 61p gratis '13 
Arkansas. Bureau of labor and statistics, 
Little Rock 13-33172 

Digest of laws relating to free schools in the 
state of Arkansas. O 188p '14 Sentinel rec- 
ord, Hot Springs, Ark. E14-1442 



Arkansas. Laws, statutes, etc. Continued. 
Insurance laws of the state of Arkansas, a 
compilation of the statutes which bear 
upon the subject of insurance within the 
state; comp. by H. C. McCain, deputy in- 
surance commissioner. O 90p '13 Arkansas. 
Insurance bureau, Little Rock 13-33327 

Arkansas. Public instruction, Dept. of 
Address to the school directors and friends 
of our educational interests. 15p plans 
Dept. of education, Little Rock, Ark. 


Manual for county institutes, June, 1912. O 
lOSp '12 Arkansas. Dept. of public instruc- 
tion, Little Rock E14-29S 
Arkansas. Supreme court 

Citations to the Supreme court reports of 
Arkansas, v. 1 to 100 inclusive, by S: L. 
White and H: C. Locklar. O 153p $6.50 '13 
Democrat ptg. & litho. co., Little Rock, Ark. 



Moore, C. B. Some aboriginal sites in Lou siana 
and in Arkansas, pa $3.75 '13 Acad. of nat- 
ural sciences 
Arkansas valley, Colo. 


Hickman, W. E. Echo from the past, pa 50c 

'14 W. E. Hickman, Wiley, Colo. 
Arkwright, Francis 

(tr.) See Saint-Simon, L, de R. Memoirs 
Arkwright, William, 1857- 
Knowledge and life. D 215p *$1.25 '13 Lane 


The trend. D x.302p *$1.25 (My) '14 Lane 


Arlen, Charles Rufus 

Arlen's chart of Irish history. F in folder, $3 
'13 Arlen & co., Boston 13-20555 


"Wilson, C. W. Development and histology of 
the integument of the nine -banded arma- 
dillo. *14 Univ. of Texas 

Armament rings, End of the. Wells, H. G. 
World peace foundation 


Syndicates for war; the influence of the 
makers of war material and of capital in- 
vested in war supplies. '11 World peace 

Armbruster, Eugene L., 1865- 
Long Island, its early days and development. 
(Eagle lib., v. 29, no. 7, serial no. 182) Q 
9Gp il 25c '14 Brooklyn daily eagle 14-12554 


Buxton, N. B: and H. Travel and politics in 
Armenia. *$1.50 '14 Macmillan 

Armenian language 

Torossian, B. R. Self-instructor in the English 
language, 2d ed $3 '13 B. R. Torossian, 114 E. 
28th St., N. Y. 
Armenian princess. Banks, E. J. *$1.25 Badger, 

R: G. 
Armeno-American letter writer. Chakmakjian, 

H. H. $1 Yeran 

See also Army life; Military art and sci- 
ence; Soldiers, War 
Arminen, Karl Vilhelm, 1874- 
Englantilais-suomalainen sanakirja; toimit- 
tanut. 3d rev ed S xviii,363p $2"; with index 
$2.25 *14 Finnish Lutheran book concern, 
Hancock, Mich. 

Armington, John H. See Cox, H: J., jt auth. 
Armington, M. A. 
(ed.) See Telford, E. Good housekeeper's cook 

book; Evening telegram cook book 
Armitage, Taylor 

Bob Spencer the life saver; or, Guarding: the 
coast for Uncle Sam. (Uncle Sam's service 
ser.) D viii,308p il *$1 '14 Sully & Kleinteich 


Armor. See Arms and armor 

Armour, George Derholm. 1S04- 
Pastime \\ith fiO'-rl ^uiiiv.anv; pictured bv G D 
Armour, \\itn mtrod by Horace G Hutch- 
mson Q bds -$3 '14 imp Scnbner 
Armourer and his craft Ffoulkes, C: J: buck 

*$lo Small 

Arms, Coat of. See Heraldry 
Arms and armor 

Ffoulkes, C: J: Armourer and his craft, buck 
*$15 '13 Small 

Sec also Artillery; Pistols, Rifles 
Arms and industry. Lane, R. N. A. *$1.25 Put- 

Armsby cede. "$5 Am. code co. 
Armstrong, Donald B. 
Public laundries in America, pa lOc '14 Civic 


Armstrong, Douglas B. 
Boys' book of stamp collecting. O il *$1.75 '14 


Armstrong, Edward Cooke, 1871- 
(ed ) See Elliott monographs in the Romance 

languages and literatures 
Armstrong, H. G., and Fortescue-Brickdale, 

John Matthew 
Manual of infectious diseases occurring in 

schools. D 150p il $1.25 '13 Chicago med. 
Armstrong, W. E. M. 

L K. therapy; with special reference to tuber- 
culosis. 83p *$1.50 '14 Hoeber 

Army boy in Mexico. Kilbourne, C: E. *$1.25 

Army life 

Kilpatnck, J. A. Tommy Atkins at war. *50c 
'14 McBnde, Nast & co. 

Longard de Longgarde, D. Austrian officer at 
work and at play. *$2.75 '14 Scribner 

McCrackin, J. C. Woman who lost him, and 
tales of the army frontier, bds $1.50 '13 
G: W. James, 1098 N. Raymond av., Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 

Army orders, 1914. Moss, J. A., ed. $3 Banta pub. 

Arndt, Kurt 

Popular treatise on the colloids in the indus- 
trial arts; tr. from the 2d enl. German ed. 
by Nahum E. Katz. D vi,73p 75c '14 
Chemical 14-17873 

Arneill, James Rae, 1869- 
Clinical diagnosis and urinalysis: a manual 
for students and practitioners. 2d ed., rev. 
and enl.; il. with 83 engravings and a col- 
ored plate. (Medical epitome ser.) D 17-270p 
il *$1 '14 Lea 14-1471 

Arnim, Mary Annette (Beauchamp), grafin von, 

Pastor's wi'r: *:. V-- Arthur Li tie. D 471p *$1.35 
(N) 14 iVjVn.,1" 14-18806 

Arnold, A. J. 
(ed.) See Hughes, T: Tom Brown's school 


Arnold, Adelaide, 1868- 

Gift of heaJing and spiritual science as taught 
by Christ. D 169p por $1 (Ja) '14 A. Ar- 
nold, 88 St. Botolph St., Boston 14-2528 
Arnold, Alexander Streeter, 1829- 
Poems; written in plain, simple, unpretentious 
American English, that the average reader 
may easily comprehend the author's senti- 
ments. O 177p il $1 '13 Williams book stores, 
Boston 13-17978 

Arnold, Blon Joseph; 1861- 
Report on the traction improvement and de- 
velopment within the Providence district to 
the Joint committee on railroad franchises. 
Providence city council. O 243p il pa gratis 
(Je) '11 T. F: Chase, City sergeant, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 13-25527 
Arnold, Clyde Nelson 

How to write scenarios for photo-plays, com- 
plete instructions. S 20p 25c '14 C. N. Arnold, 
3056 6th St., S. W., Canton, O. 14-10949 

Arnold, Sir Edwin, 1832-1904 
Light of Asia; or, The great renunciation, 
(Mahabhinishkramana) ; being the life and 
teaching of Gautama, prince of India and 
founder of Buddhism, as told in verse by an 
Indian Buddhist; il. by Lady Eardley Wil- 
mot. S xli,158p lea *$1 (Ja) '14 Dutton 



Arnold, Hans, pseud. See Bulow, B. ^on 

Arnold, Hugh 

Stained glass of the middle ages in England 
and France; painted by Lawrence B. Saint 
(Color looks, miscellaneous) Q xiv,269p "87 
(O) '13 Macmillan 14-30350 

Arnold, Joseph Alfred 

(ed.) Arnold's ;-ui<le for New York business 
corporations 5th ed, rev and enl, with 
note? and forms. O xxx.40Gp $-.50 (O> 'It 
Baker, Voorhis 14-1U622 

Arnold, Marguerite 1. 
(ed.) See Bunyan, J: Pi 7 grim's progress 

Arnold, Matthew, 1S22-1SSS 

Essays in criticism, 1&65; On translating 
Homer (with P. \V. Newman's reply r, and 
five other essays now for the first time 
collected. (Oxford editions of standard au- 
thors) O 47Sp *50c '14 Oxford 

Arnold, Mme. Paula. See Kellner, L., jt. auth. 

Arnold, Ralph, 1875-, and Garfias, Valentine 

Richard, 1SS2- 

Methods of oil recovery in California. (Tech- 
nical paper 70. Petroleum technology 16) O 
57p il pa '14 U. S. Mines; lOc Supt. of doc. 


Arnold, Sarah Louise; Bonney, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Catherine (White) 1S66-; and Southworth, 
Edward Franklin, 1872- 

See and say series, bk 2, A word-book, teach- 
ing the sounds of letters and giving prac- 
tice in word- getting, word-building, and 
word-writing. D HOp il K 33c (F) '14 Ginn 

Arnold, William Thomas, lSr-2-1904 
Roman system of provincial administration; 
to the accession of Constantine the Great. 
3d ed rev by E. S. Bouchier. D x,2SSp map 
*$1.50 '14 Stechert 

Arnold, Winifred i. e. Hannah Winifred, 1874- 
Little Merry Christmas. D Dip il *60c (Ag) '14 
Revell 14-16201 

Arnold's practical Sabbath school commentary 
on the International lessons, 1913, ed. by 
D: S. Warner. D 233p il *50c (O) '14 Revell 

Arny, Albert C. 

Farm crops: laboratory manual, rev and enl 
(Bui. 43) O 15p il pa '14 Univ. of Minn. 
Agric. exper. station 

Minnesota wheat investigations, series 2. Mar- 
quis wheat. I, History and culture by A. C. 
Arny. II, Milling quality by Clyde H. Baily. 
(Bui. 137) O 14p il pa '14 Univ. of Minn. 
Agric. exper station 

Aronovici, Carol 

Housing conditions in New Haven. (Docu- 
ments of civic federation) O 48p il pa '13 
Civic federation, New Haven, Conn. 

Around the world in the sloop Spray. Slocum, J. 
50c Claflin 

Around the world with Burton Holmes. Rud- 
dick, L. S , comp. $1 Travelogue bureau, 
Orchestra hall, Chicago 

Around town boys. Oeland, P: J. *$1 Walker 

Arrhenius, Svante August, 1859- 
Theones of solutions. 2d ed (Silliman memorial 
lectures) O 247p *$2 25 (My) '13 Tale univ. 

Arrival of Kitty. Swartout, N. L. pa 50c Baker, 
W. H. 

Arrows in the gale. Giovanni ttl, A. bds <$1 Hill- 
acre bookhouse, Riverside, Conn. 

Arrowsmith, Robert, I860-. See Stern, M., jt 

Arsenical dipping fluids, Laboratory and field as- 
say of. Chapin, R. M. U. S. Agric.; 5c S*upt. 
of doc. 
Arsenlus, Father 

Devas,-. Modern Franciscan. *90c '14 Benziger 
Baker, C. H. C., ed. Great art treasures, pt 1 

pa *50c '14 Button 

Barrington, B. L Essays on the purpose of 
art. reduced price *$2.75 (*7s 6d) '11 Long- 

Bell, C. Art. *$1.25 '14 Stokes 
Carr, J. W. C. Coasting Bohemia. *$2.50 '14 

Cook, T. A. Curves of life. " $5 '14 Holt 

Cox, K. Artist and public. -^$1.50 '14 Scribner 

Cram, R. A. Ministry of art. *"$1.50 '14 Hough- 

Ciawfuid, H. Plague and pestilence in litera- 
ture and ait $4.15 '14 Oxford 

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other cs&ays 50c '13 Ardsley house, 104 Co- 
lambia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fcnseka, L. de. On the truth of decorative 
art. *$1 25 '14 Holt 

Gaultier, P. Meaning of art. *$1.50 '14 Lippin- 

Head, R How to enjoy pictures. *$1.50 '14 

Phillipps, L. M. Art and environment. *$2.25 
'14 Holt 

Phillips, D C., jr. Enchantment of art. *$2.50 
'14 Lane 

Shaftesbury, A A. C. Second characters. 
-*2.50 '14 Putnam 

Waldstein, C: Greek sculpture and modern art. 
-$250 '14 Putnam 

tfev aho Arr-heolosy, Architecture; Art ob- 
jects, Artists; Arts and crafts; Caricature 
and cartoons, Chi i stum art and symbolism; 
Decoration and ornament; Design, Decor- 
ative. Drawing; Engraving; Esthetics, Etch- 
ins; House decoration; Impressionism (art); 
Industrial arts; Landscape gardening, Lith- 
ography; Miniature painting; Mural painting 
and decoration; Music; Painting; Photog- 
raphy, Pictures; Sculpture; Stained glass 

Galleries and museums 

Van Dyke, J: C: New guides to old masters. 
See author entry 
Sec uJso Paintings 


Bulley, M. H. Short history of ancient and 

medieval art. 'Il.TS '14 Macmillan 
Lees, F Art ot the great masters, buck *$12 50 

'13 Hough ton 
Parry, B. L. Two great art epochs. *$2 '14 

Seta, A. della. Religion and art. "$5.25 '14 imp 

iiStrong, E. Art in Rome. *$1 50 '14 Scribner 

Study and teaching 

Am. inst of child life. Picture-hour in the 

home. 2d ed pa lOc '14 Am. inst of child 


Bailey, H: T. Art education. *60c '14 Houghton 
Caffin, C- H: Guid^e to pictures. See author 

Davies, H: H. Art in education and life. *$1.50 

'14 Adams, R. G. 
Farnum, R. B. Present status of drawing and 

art in the elementary and secondary schools 

of the United States, pa '14 U. S. Educ.; 85c 

Supt. of doc. 

Hurll, E. M. How to show pictures to chil- 
dren. *$1 '14 Houghton 

Prang co. Prang elementary course in art 
instruction. See author entry 


Tear book of Canadian art, 1913. $1 '14 Arts 
and letters club, Toronto 


Male, 6. Religious art in France, xm century. 

*$6 '13 Dutton 
Richter, L. M. Chantilly in history and art. *$6 

'14 imp Scribner 

Great Britain 

Greenwood, T: Libraries, museums, and art 
g-alleries year book 3914 *$2.50 '14 Bowker 


Pier, G. C. Temple treasures of Japan. $2:50 
li Sherman, F. F. 


Home, A. M. Devotees and their shrines. 
$1.25 '14 Deserot 



Art Continued. 

Washington, D. C. 

Fairman, C: E. Works of art in the United 
States Capitol building, pa lOc '10 Supt. of 

Art, American 
Dana, J: G. Ameiican art. $! '14 Elm tree 


Art, Belgian 
Valentmer, W. R. Art of the Low Countries. 

bds "Sl>.50 '14 Doubleday 

Art, Christian. See Christian art and symbolism 
Art, Decorative. See Decoration and ornament; 

Design, Decorative 
Art, Dutch 
Valentlner, W. R Art cf the Lov Countries 

*$2.50 '14 Doubleday 
Art, Flemish 
Rooses, M. Art in Flanders. *$1.50 '14 Scrib- 

Valentmer, W. R. Art of the Low Countries. 

bds *$2.50 '14 Doubleday 
Art, French 
French art of the 18th century. "$6 '14 Bren- 

Wickenden, R. J. Men of 1830. pa r 2f)c '14 

Art, Greek 
Gardner, P. Principles of Greek art. "'$2 25 

'14 Macmillan 
Minns, E. H. Scythians and Greeks. *$20 '14 

Smith, S. C. K. Greek art and national life. 

*$2.50 '14 imp Scnbner 
Art, Italian 

Hogrefe, P. Browning and Italian art and 

artists, pa 50c '14 I'mv. of Kansas, Lawrence 

Stearns, F. P. Midsummer of Italian art. *$2 

'14 Badger, R: G. 
Art, Municipal 

Brown, G. Development of Washington with 
special reference to the Lincoln memorial, 
pa '11 Chamber of commerce, Washington, 
D. C. 

Brie, Pa. City planning committee. Greater 
Erie, pa *$1 '14 Erie, Pa. Board of commerce 
Goodrich, E. P., and Ford, G: B. Report of 
suggested plan of procedure for City plan 
commission, Jersey City, N. J. '13 City plan 
commission. Jorsev City, N J. 
Newark, N. J. City plan comm. City planning 
for Newark. '13 

flrr a/.s'o City planning; Municipal improve- 
Art, Renaicsance 

Sec also Renaissance 
Art, Spanish 

Stokes, H. Francisco Gova. *$3.75 '14 Putnam 
Art alphabets and lettering. Bergling, J: M. 
vel $2 Bergling 

Art and craft of letters. Doran 
Palmer, J Comedy. *40c 

Art and environment. Phillipps, L. M. *$2.25 

Art and etchings of Jean-Francois Millet. Wick- 

cnden, R. J. pa *20c Houghton 
Art and the business of story writing. Pitkin, 

W. B. *$1.25 Macmillan 
Art commissions 
New York (city). Art comm. Art commissions, 

city and state, pa gratis '13 Art comm. of 

city of N. Y. 

Art education. Bailey, H: T. *60c Houghton 
Art galleries. See ArtGalleries and museums 
Art in education and life. Davies, H: H. *$1.50 

Adams, R. G. 

Art in Flanders. Rooses, M. *$1.50 Scribner 
Art in needlework. 4th ed Day, L: F., and 

Buckle, M. *$2 Scribner 

Art Industries and trade. See Arts and crafts 
Arti metalwork with inexpensive equipment. 

Payne, A. F. $1.50 Manual arts press 
Art monograms and lettering. 7th ed Bergling, 

.T: M. vel $4.25 Bergling 

Art objects 
Muic-an, J: I*. Metropo itr*n m'ipeiim of art* 

guide to tl-e lr,an e::h Litinn of the J. 
pont Muigaii colloei.oL. 3'Jj '11 X. Y. Met- 

ror.ulitan irMsean: i_i a. t 

Tallows, G. M Antiques and curios in our 
home.* ?! 50 'U t'tolies 

*Src also Antique** 

Art of accounts. 2J erl Hall. M P. S >e Silver 
Art of being alive. Wilcox, E. ^1 Harper 
Art of carpentrv simplified. Smvth, T oOc T. 

SmrfS Sir. -I---,- ?t., Chicago 
Art of i,rvi -.:;:! : r r. "it j ed Scoville, W. L. *$3 

Art of enam^' or. metal. 2d ed Brown, W. X. 

'$1 Van XOriL. ';:?; a 
Art of life series; ed. by E. II. GiiggB. ^Oc 


riiv-s, E H Self rjltute thinLgU Hie \ucatimi 
Art of lithography. Rhodes, H: J. *C 50 Van 

Art of making harness successfully. Jordan, J: 

C: 3v $2.90 Tuskegee normal and industrial 

inst, Tuskegee, Ala. 
Art of massage. Kellogg, J: H $2.50 Good health 

pub. fcorr price) 
Art of medicine. Dyer, I. ?2 J. A. Majors co., 

New Orleans, La. 
Art of Nijinsky. Whitworth, G. *$1.10 McBride, 

Nast & co. 
Art of photoplay writing Carr, $1.25 Hannis 

Joraan co. 
Art of spiritual harmony. Kandmsky, W. bds 

*$1 75 Houghton 

Art of story -telling. Cowles, J. D. *$1 McClurg 
Art of Ptnry-writfng. Esenwein, J. B., and 

Chambers, 2UL. D. $1.25 Home correspondence 

Art of the book. Holme, C:, ed "?3; pa "$250 

Art ci the Low Countries Valentmer, W. R. 

*$2 50 Doubleday 

Art of the photoplay. Ball, E. H. *$1 Dillingham 
Art of the short story. Grabo, C. H: *$1.25 Scrib- 
Art of versification. Jordan, M. H. 50c Hannis 

Jordan co. 
Art of writing photoplays. Kleinhans, L. $1 

I. T-ci^^ir^, 6610 Ridge blvd., Bay Ilidge, 

:: -..-IN : , N. Y. 

Arteaga y Pereira, Fernando de 

(ed.) See Gurrin, T E. Hossf eld's new practi- 
cal method for loarnlncj the Spanish lan- 
gupge. Key to X -.-,- M ';"!! method for 
luainlnjj the Spa\!^ :.-'-.-!'.ii; 

Bishop, L: F. Arteriosclerosis. *$3.50 '14 Oxford 

Wt'C ulso Blood; Blood vessels 

Bishop, L: F. Arteriosclerosis. *$3.50 '14 Ox- 

Artesian wells 
McCoy, A. W. Artesian water in Missouri. '13 

Univ. of Mo. 
Arthur, King 
Chrestien de Troyes. Eric and Enid. *35c; lib 

binding *50c; lea *70c '13 Dutton 
$|Clark, J. M. Legends of King Arthur and 

his knights. $2.5 n " \ n-::toi 
Hopkins, A. B. ! 'u' T -f Wace on the 
Arthurian romances of Crestien de Troies. 
pa $1 '13 Banta 
Arthur, Ella Bentiey 

Sonny Boy's day at the zoo; il. with photo- 
graphs by Stanley Clisby Arthur. O xiii,64p 
*J)Oc (S) '13 Century A14-372 

Arthur, Frederick 
Mysterious Monsieur Dumont D *$1.35 '14 De*- 


Arthur, Stanley Clisby 

Butterny farming. O 15p il pa 25c (My) '14 
S C. Arthur, 1109 Henry Clay av., New 
Orleans, La. 14-8863 

Arthur, William Reed, 1876- 
Manual of the law of roads and highways in 
Kansas, with forms and record entries. 13th 
ed O 126p pa 50c (N) '13 Crane & co. 



Arthur, William Reed Continued. 

Township officers' guide: a manual of the 

laws concerning townships and township 

officers in Kansas. 15th ed, rev O xvi,155p 

pa $1 '13 Crane & co. 13-24402 

Arthur Sonten. Dunbar, R. E. pa 50c Stage soc., 

South Bend, Ind. 
Articles of religion. Harrison, W. S. $1 Pub. 

house M. E. ch. So. 
Artificial flowers 

Tohey, E. C Hand made flowers pa 50c '14 
E. C. Tobey, Teachers college, Columbia 
umv., X. Y. 
Artificial limbs 

Marks, G: E. Manual of artificial limbs 6th 
ed gratis '14 A. A. Marks, 701 Broadway, 
N. Y. 

Artificial teeth. See Teeth, Artificial 
Artificial waterways of the world. Hepburn, 

A. B. *$1.25 Macmillan 

Balck, W: Tactics, v 2, Cavalry field and 
heavy artillery in field warfare. $3 '14 U. S. 
cavalry assn. 

Bishop, H. G. Elements of modern field artil- 
lery. $1.50 '14 Banta pub. 

See also Gunnery; Military art and science 
Artist and public. Cox, K. *$1.50 Scribner 
Artist in Spain. Michael, A. C. *$5, ed de luxe 

*$25 Doran 
Artist in the Riviera. Tyndale, W. *$3 Hearst's 

int. lib. 

Artistic anatomy of trees. Cole, R. V. *$1.75 
ft Lippincott 

Williams, O. Vie de Boheme. *?3.50 '13 Bad- 
ger, R: G. (corr price) 

See also Bohemianism; Engravers; Musi- 
cians; Painters 
Artists, American 

Fainnan, C: E. Works of art in the United 
States Capitol building, pa lOc '13 Supt. of 

Horne, A. M. Devotees and their shrines. $1.25 
*14 Deseret 

Artists' sketch books. *50c Macmillan 
Home, G. C. Winchester 
Home, G C Stratford-on-Avon 
Richards, F T. Floience 
Hicbards, F: T. Home 
Hicliards, F T. Venice 
Arts, Fine. See Art 
Arts, Useful. See Industrial arts 
Arts and crafts 
Hicks, A. M. Craft of hand-made rugs. *$2 

'14 McBride, Nast & co. 

.Sykes, P: H: Schools of the art industries, pa 
5c '12 Teachers college 

See also Art; Basketwork; Bookbinding, 
Decoration and ornament, Design, Decora- 
tive, Embroidery; Furniture; Goldsmithing, 
Handicraft; Industrial arts-; Ironwork, Jew- 
elry; Manual training; Metal work; Needle- 
work; Pottery; Rugs; Silversmithmg; Stencil 
work; Tapestry; Weaving; Wood carving 
Arts and crafts of India and Ceylon. Coomaras- 
wamy, A. K. *$1.75 Phillips, LeRoy 

Arts- crafts lamps Adams, J: D. 50c Popular 

mechanics (corr price) 
Artz als fuhrer der neuzeit r Lingenf elder, J. $1 

J. Lmgenfelder, Grand Island, Neb. 

Arundel, Louis 

Motor boat boys' river chase; or, Six chums 
afloat and ashore. D 257p front 50c '14 Don- 
ohue 14-10731 

Arup, Paul S. 

Industrial organic analysis, for the use of 
technical and analytical chemists and stu- 
dents; with a foreword, by J. C. Irvine. D 
xii,340p il *$2.25 (D) '13 Blakiston A14-601 

Aryan languages. See Germanic languages; 
Greek language; Indo-European languages 


Veblen, T. B. Blond race and the Aryan cul- 
ture, pa 25c '13 Univ. of Mo. 
Bee also Hindus; Teutonic race 

As I remember them. Goodwin, C: C. $1.40, hf 

lea $3 50 J. T. Goodwin, Commercial club, 

Sa't Lake City, Utah 
As if. Williams, C. L. $1 Elder 
As it is m England. Osborne, A. B. *$! 25 Mc- 

Bnde, Nast & co. 
As the Hague ordains. Scidmore, E. R. *$1.50 

Hopkins, O B. Report on the asbestos, talc 

and soapstone deposits of Georgia. '14 Geor- 
gia. Geol. S , Atlanta 
Asbjdrnsen, Peter Christen, 1812-1885 
Norse fairy tales; tr. by Sir G: Webbe Dasent; 

U. by Reginald D. and Horace J. Knowles. 

D i educed price *$l.i > 5 Lippincott 
Round the yule log: Norwegian folk and fairy 

tales; tr by H. L. Braekstad. O il *$1.25 '13 

Ascendant tables. Spenceley, F: lea $2; pa $1 

Spenceley pub. 

Ascent of Denali (Mount McKinley). Stuck, H. 
*$1.75 Scribner 

Ascetic ideal, Indispensability of the. Forster, 
F. W. pa lOc America press 

Asch, D. See Asch, W., jt. auth. 

Asch, W., and Asch, D. 

Silicates in chemistry and commerce, includ- 
ing the exposition of a hexite and pentite 
theory, and of a stereo -chemical theory of 
general application; tr. with critical notes 
and some additions by Alfred B. Searle. O 
476p il *$6 (Mr) '14 Van Nostrand 

Ascham, John Bayne 

Syrian pilgrimage. D 5-203p il *$1.25 '14 Abing- 
don press 14-15571 


Huntsman, A. G. Ascidians from the coasts of 
Canada, pa 25c '13 Univ. of Toronto 

Asepsis and how to secure it. Carson, H. W. 40c 
Chicago med, 

Asgard and the Norse heroes. Boult, K. F. *35c* 

lea *70c Dutton 
Ash, Edwin Lancelot 
Nursing of nervous patients. D 116p $1 '13 

Chicago med. 
Ash, Isaac Emery 

Fatigue and its effect upon control. (Ar- 
chives of psychology, no. 31) O v.Slp il 
85c; pa 60c '14 Science press 
Ash, Mark 

(ed.) See New York (city). Charters. Amend- 
ments of 1914 

Ashby, Thomas Almond, 1848- 
Life of Turner Ashby. 275p *$1.50 '14 Neule 


Valley campaigns, being the reminiscences of 

a non-corabatant while between the lines in 

the Shenandoah valley during the war of the 

states. O 327p "$2 (My) '14 Neale 14-8755 

Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862 

Ashby, T: A. Life of Turner Ashby. *$1.50 '14 


Ashe, William WHIard, 1872- 
Yellow poplar in Tennessee. (Bui. 10-C) O 
56p il '13 Tenn. Geol. S., Nashville GS14-451 
Asher, Philip, 1867- 

Chemistry and toxicology for nurses. D 190p 
*$1.25 '14 Saunders 14-19050 

Ashes of vengeance. Somerville, H. B. *$1.25 Mc- 
Bride, Nast & co. 

Ashhurst, Astley Paston Cooper, 1876- 
Surgery: its principles and practice, for stud- 
ents and practitioners. O ix,1141p il *$6 '14 
Lea 14-8082 

Ashley, H. Percy, 1868- 

How to build an ice yacht Q 29p il 75c '14 
Rudder pub. 14-3145 

Ashley, Harrison Everett, 1876- 
Technical control of the colloidal matter of 
clays. (U. S. Bu. of stand. Technologic pa- 
pers no. 23) Q 118p il pa '13 U. S. Stand.; 15c 
Supt of doc. 13-35769 



Ashley, Roscoe Lewis, 1872- 
American history, for use in secondary schools; 
rev. ed. D xxxv,580,li p il 1.40 (Je) '14 
Macmillan 14-10SS6 

i$Ancient civilization: a textbook for second- 
ary schools. '14 Macmillan 

Ashley, Willfam James, 1860- 
Economic organization of England, an outline 
history; lectures delivered at Hamburg. D 
viii,213p '9Dc <J1) '14 Longmans 14-J0268 

Ashmun, Margaret Eliza 

(ed. > Modern prose and poetry for secondary 
schools; ed. with notes, study helps, and 
reading lists. D ix,327p *S5c (My) '14 Hough- 
ton 14-101S5 
(ed.) Modern short- stories; ed. with an introd. 
and with biographies and bibliographies. D 
xxx,437p *$1.25 '14 Macmillan 34-2242 

Ashore at Maiden's Walk. Bingham, F. F. $1.25 
Broadway pub. 

Ashton-Kirk, special detective. Mclntyre, J: T: 
*$1.25 Penn 

Ashworth, Margaret 

Child's garland; being a series of illustrated 
nature stories, lessons, recitations, and 
songs; music by "W. Irwin Hunt. O vii, 222p 
il $1.25 '13 Pitman E14-435 


Jacobs, B. V. Asia in topical outline. 22c '14 

See also Levant 

Description and travel 

Standley, E. What I saw in foreign lands of 
interest and beauty. $2 50 '13 E. Standley, 
Galesburg, 111. 
Strong-, B. N. Pupils' outlines in geography. 

loose leaf 20c '14 Palmer co. 
Vambery, A. Life and adventures of Arminius 

Vambery. *$1.50 '14 Stokes 
Asia, Light of. See Arnold, E. 
Asia at the door. Kawakaml, K. K. *$1.50 ReveU 
Asia Minor 

Clark, F. E: Holy Land of Asia Minor. *$1 '14 

Sec also Levant 

Asiatic Dionysos. Davis, G. M. N. *$3.25 Mac- 

Asiatics, pa 50c Reliable poultry journal pub. 
Aske, Robert, d. 1537 


Rowe, J: G. Pilgrims of grace. *$1.25 '14 Ben- 

Askilng, Carl Vilhelm, 1878-, and Roesler, 


Internal combustion engines and gas-produc- 
ers; with 178 il., including a folding plate. O 
x,303p *$4.50 '12 Lippincott [14-3227] 

Aspects of Christ. Selbie, W: B. *50c Doran 
Aspects of modern drama. Chandler, F. W. *$2 


Bird, R. M., and Calcott, W: S. Association 
of vanadium with petroleum and asphalt, pa 
25c '14 Univ. of Va. 
Boorman, T: H. Asphalts; their sources and 

utilizations. $2 '14 Comstock 
Pailler, E. C. Differentiation of natural and oil 
asphalts pa '14 Barber asphalt paving co., 


Gurdon, P. U: T. Khasis. 2d ed *$2.60 '14 Mac- 

Brown, W. L. Manual of assaying gold, silver, 
lead and copper. 13th ed $2.50 '14 Sargent 
Smith, E. A. Sampling and assay of the pre- 
cious noetals. bds *$4.50 '14 Lippincott 
Wraight, E. A. Assaying; in theory and 
practice. *$3 (*10s 6d) '34 Longmans 

Sec also Blowpipe; Metallurgy 

Cowles, H. V., and Leenhouts, J: H, How to 
assess property in cities and rural towns. 
'14 Wis. Tax commission 

Leake, P. D. Depreciation and wasting as- 
sets and their treatment in assessing an- 
nual profit and loss. $3.50 '13 Ronald 

Maryland. State tax commission. Reassess- 
ment in Maryland. '13 Maryland. State tax 
commission, Baltimore 

Associated banks, trust companies and bankers 

of Boston 

Harvard book, prepared for the thirty-ninth 
annual convention of the American bankers 
association, Boston, October 6 to 10, 1913 o 
36p il '13 pnv ptd Old Colony press, Boston 


Associated charities. See Charity organization 

Associated factory mutual fire insurance com- 

Dry rot in factory timbers 1913. D 34p il '13 
Associated factory mutual fire insurance 
companies, 31 Milk st., Boston 14-2313 

Association for international conciliation. Amer- 
ican branch 

Additional official documents bearing upon the 
European war: I. Speech of the imperial 
chanceUor to Reichstag, August 4, 1914; 
II Speech of the prime minister to House 
of commons, August 6, 1914; in. The Rus- 
sian orange book, IV. The original texts 
of the Austrian note of July 23, 1914, and 
the Servian reply of July 25, 1914, with an- 
notations. D 59p pa '14 Am. assn. for inter- 
national conciliation 14-21762 
Official documents bearing upon the European 
war: 1, The Austro- Hungarian note to Ser- 
via; 2, The Servian reply; 3, The British 
white paper; 4, The German white book. D 
123p pa gratis '14 Am. assn. for international 

Association fop the study and prevention of In- 
fant mortality 

Transactions, 1913. O 447p pa '14 Assn. for the 
study and prevention of infant mortality, 
1211 Cathedral st., Baltimore, Md. 
Association of American medical colleges 

Proceedings of the 23d annual meeting, Chi- 
cago, Feb. 23, 1913. D lOOp pa gratis (Ag) 
'13 Assn. of Am. medical colleges 

Transactions of the 24th annual meeting, Chi- 
cago, Feb. 25, 1914. D 175p pa gratis (My) 
'14 Assn. of Am. medical colleges 
Association of American Portland cement man- 
ufacturers, Philadelphia 

Concrete highways. 3d ed O 112p il pa gratis 
'14 Am. Portland cement manufacturers 


Association of colleges and secondary schools of 
the Southern states 

Commission on accredited schools of the 
Southern states. (Bui. no. 1) O 15p pa 50c 
'14 J. S. Stewart, Univ. of Georgia, Athens 


Association of life insurance medical directors 
of America 

Medico-actuarial mortality investigation. 5v 
$42.50 '12-'15 Actuarial soc. (12-23684) 

Association of life insurance presidents 

Bequeathing our debts; what it means for 
policyholders to borrow on their life insur- 
ance policies reduction of protection to 
widows and orphans some possible reme- 
dies. O 24p pa gratis '14 Assn. of life in- 
surance presidents 

Betterment of life insurance service: pro- 
ceedings of the 7th annual meeting, held in 
the Hotel Astor, New York, Dec. 11 and 12, 
1913. O 202p diag pa Assn. of life insurance 

Birth and death bookkeeping. O 12p map pa 
gratis '14 Assn. of life insurance presidents 

Board contracts, stock, selling and promotion 
schemes; a synopsis of the laws and rulings 
of departments relating thereto. O 27p pa 
(S) '14 Assn. of life insurance presidents 

Lengthening life through legislation; progress 
made in vital statistics registration laws 
In 1913; report of Health committee, sub- 
mitted at seventh annual meeting of the 
Association, at New York, Dec. 12, 1913. 
O llo pa gratis '14 Assn. of life insurance 


Association of official agricultural chemists 

Proceedings of the 20th annual convention, 

held at Washington, D. C., Sept 16-18, 1012. 

(Bu. of chemistry. Bui. 162.) O 24op pa '13 

U. S. Agnc. 23c Supt. of doc. AgrB-1303 

Associationa! study of Illinois sand prairie. Ves- 
tal, A. G pa 50c 111. state laboratory of nat- 
ural hist. 

Associations, Law of. Smith, H. A. *$2 Oxford 

Adam, J. Asthma: its radical treatment ''$1.50 

'13 Hoeber 
Aston, Sir George Grey, 1S31- 

Sea, land and air strategy, a comparison; 
with maps and diagrams. O xi,30Sp *$3.50 
(O) '14 Little 
Astor, Vincent i. e. William Vincent, 1801- 

Sinelair-Astor letters. See Sinclair, U 

Higbee, R. B. Independent's survey of Vincent 
Astor's fling at socialism, pa lOc '14 Uranian 
pub. co., box 703, Chicago 

Leo, A Symbolism and astrology. 40c '14 
Spenceley pub. 

Mercier, C: A. Astrology in medicine. *SOc '14 

Moore, E: E., ed. Guiding stars. 50c '13 E: E. 
Moore, Connersville, Ind. 

Mj'les, M. A. Social science in the light of 
the solar system. $1.50 '13 Mrs. M. A. Myles, 
70 S. 9th St., San Jose, Cal. 

Pearce, A. J. Text-book of astrology. 2d ed 
$7.50 '11 Spenceley pub. 

Raphael, pseud. Key to astrology. 50c; pa 25c 
'14 McKay 

Sepharial, pseud. Manual of occultism. t ?1.50 
'14 McKay 

Seward, A. P. Humanity and the zodiac, pa 
50c '14 Alfred P. Seward, 1566 Bryden road, 
Columbus, O. 

Spenceley, F: Ascendant tables, lea $2; pa $1 
'13 Spenceley pub. 

Sec also Occult sciences 

Byrd, M. E. First observations in astronomy. 
$1 '14 Mary E. Byrd, route 9, box 77, Law- 
rence, Kan. 

Downey, J: P. New revelation through the 
spectroscope and the telescope. "75C '14 
Abingdon presn 

Eddmgton, A S. Stellar movements and the 
structure of the universe. *$1.CO '14 Macmil- 

Plammarion, C. Astronomy. *50c '14 Double- 

Hatsks, E. Boys' book of astronomy. *$1.75 
'14 Stokes 

Kippax, J: R Call of the stars. *?2.50 '14 Put- 

Maunder, E: W. Sir "William Hugstfns and 
spectroscopic astronomy. *20c '14 Dodge 

Mitton, G. E. Book of stars for young people. 
*$125 '13 Macmillan 

Putnam, E. W. Essence of astronomy. *$1 '14 

Tancock, E. O. Elements of descriptive astron- 
omy. *85c (*2s 6d) '13 Oxford 

TJ. S. Naval observatorv. Astronomical papers. 
3d ed pa gratis '14 Supt. of doc. 

Sec also Almanacs; Astrology; Constella- 
tions; Geodesy; Harmonic analysis; Nauti- 
cal almanacs; Nautical astronomy; Paral- 
lax; Stars; Sun 
Asylums. See Insane hospitals 
Asymptotic development for a certain integral 
function of zero order. Cobb, C: W. pa priv 
ptd C: W. Cobb, in care of Norwood press 
At bay. Philips, P. *$1.25 Macaulay co. 
At home in the water. Corsan, G: H. *$1 Assn. 

At the back of the north wind. Macdonald, G: 

*50c Lippincott 
At the Casa Napoleon. Janvier, T: A. *$1.25 


At the circus. (Moving picture books for chil- 
dren) bds *35c '14 Sully & Kleinteich 
At the fireside. Long, J: D. bds *$1.25 Albert H. 
Hall, 390 Boylston st, Boston 

At the shiine. Clarke, G: H. *$1.25 Stewart & 

At the Sign of the van Monahan, M. ^$2 Ken- 

At the tuin of the year Sharp, AV: : $150 

Phillirs, Le Roy 

At the Villa Rose Mason, A. E: W. 75c Grosset 
At the woild's heart. Rice, G. Y. bds *$1 25 


Atack, F. W. 

dr ) See Wah 1 , A Manufactui e of organic 

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway 


Carr, C. E. History of bringing the Atchison, 
Topeka & Santa Fe railway to Galesburg. 
$1 '13 Clark E. Carr, Galesburg, HI. 
Athanase de MSzi&res and the Louisiana-Texas 
frontier. Bolton, II. E, ed. 2v ^lO Clark, 
A. H. 
Athearn, Waiter Scott 

Church school. D xv,309p il *$1 '14 Pilgrim 
press 14-13408 

Intermediate department of the church school. 
(Outline studies of the departments of the 
church school, 4) D 24p il 35c '13 Drake univ. 
Dept. of religious educ , Des Momes, la. 



Sec also Deism 
Athenian clubs in politics and litigation. Cal- 

houn, G: M. Univ. of Texas 

Athenian lekythoi with outline drawing in matt 
color on a white ground. Fairbanks, A. -?o.50 
Athens, Greece 

Whibley, L. Political parties in Athens during 
the Peloponnesian war. 2(3. ed *$1.10 '14 


Bosanquet, E Days in Attica. s: $2 'It Mac- 

Poiitics and government 

Calhoun, G: M Athenian clubs in politics and 
litigation. '14 Univ. of Texas 

Social life and customs 

Davis, W: S. Day in old Athens. $1.25 '14 


Atherton, Gertrude Franklin (Horn) (Frank Lin, 
pseud.) 1857- 

Aristocrats. (Lane's fireside fiction) D *50c '14 

California: an intimate history. O ix,329p il 
maps *$2 (O) '14 Harper 14-18821 

Perch of the devil. D 373p '$135 (Ag) '14 
Stokes 14-14806 

Senator North. (Lane's fireside fiction) D *50c 

'14 Lane 
Atherton, Katherine Harrub 

One right way. D 9-55p lea $1 (D) '13 Kather- 
ine H. Atherton, Carson City, Nev. 14-441 
Athletes of the Bible. Brink, B. D., and Smith, 

P. *40c Assn. press 

Athletic training. Murphy, M. C. *$1 Scribner 

Group athletics for boys, pa 2c '14 Russell Sage 

Group athletics for girls: pa 2c '14 Russell Sage 

Hanmer, L. F. Athletics in the public schools, 
pa 5c '10 Russell Sage foundation 

Hjertberg, E. W. Athletics in theory and prac- 
tice. *$1.25 '14 Putnam 

Murphy, M. C. Athletic training. *$1 '14 Scrib- 

Playground and recreation association of 
America. Athletics for boys, pa 5c '09 Russell 
Sage foundation 

Robinson, A. J. Physical training and ath- 
letics, pa gratis '14 Univ. of Texas 

Sullivan, J. E: How to become an athlete, 
pa lOc '14 Am. sports pub. 



Athletics Continued. 

\Yitliington, P, ed. Book of athletics -$1.50 
'14 Lothrop 

tice also Boxing, Games, Gymnastics, 
Physical education; School athletics; Skat- 
ing; Sports; Swimming, "Walking 
Athletics for high schools, with Rules and regu- 
lations of the Inter-high school athletic and 
oratorical association of South Carolina. '14 
Univ. of S. C. 
Atkin, Frank Newell 

Jew, and other poems, O 56p il $1 '13 Broad- 
way pub. 14-369 
Atkins, Gaius Glenn, 1SG8- 

Pilgrims of the lonely road. O 339p *?1.50 (Ja) 
'14 Revell 14-1991 

Atkinson, Charles M. 

(tr. and ed.) See Bentham, J. Theory of leg- 

Atkinson, F. M. 
(ed.) Dog: an anthology. D il *$1 '14 Sturgis- 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Politics and government 

Bureau of municipal research, New York. 
Organization and administration of the city 
government of Atlanta, Ga. '13 Atlanta. 
Chamber of commerce. Com on municipal 

Sanitary affairs 

Schneider, F. Survey of the public health 
situation, Atlanta, Georgia, pa 25c '14 Rus- 
sell Sage foundation 
Atlanta university 

Child welfare exhibit; Christmas celebration; 
Dr. Crogman's address. (Bui., ser, 2, no 14) 
O 24p '14 Atlanta univ., Atlanta, Ga. E14-337 

Atlantic coast 
Plummer, H: M Boy, me and the cat. $1 '14 

H: M. Plummer, Sharon, Mass. 
Atlantic reporter, v. 85-87. Permanent ed. (Na- 
tional reporter system, state ser.) O sh ea 

1 $4 '13 West 

Atlas hierarchies Streit, P. C. *$10 Herder 
Atlas illustrating the Acts of the apostles and 

epistles. Stirling, J: F. *40c Revell 
Atlas of commercial geography. Allen, F. $1.10 

Atlas of modern geography, Stieler's. hf nior 

$15 Schoenhof bk. co , 128 Tremont St., 

Atlas of the Mexican conflict, pa 25c Rand 

Atlas powder company 

Better farming with Atlas farm powder, the 
safest explosive. O 64p il '14 Atlas powder 
co, Wilmington, Del. Agrl4-402 

Cram, G: F. Descriptive review of the com- 
mercial, industrial, agricultural, historical 
development of the state of New York, hf 
mor $3.90 '13-'14 Cram 

Hammond, C S., & co. Comprehensive atlas 
of the world, 1914. $4; lea $5 '14 Hammond 

Poates,' L. L., & co. Handy atlas of the world. 

50c; flex lea $1 Poates 

Stieler's atlas of modern geography, hf mor 
$15 '14 Schoenhof bk. co., 128 Tremont st, 

Sec also Bible Geography; Geography; 
Historical atlases; Maps 


Phillips, P. L., comp List of geographical 
atlases in the Library of Congress, v 3 $1.25 
'14 Supt. of doc. 

A Ridg?ey, r D. C. General circulation of the at- 
mosphere, pa 15c McKnight 
See also Meteorology 

Atmospheric air in relation to tuberculosis. 
Hinsdale, G. pa 80c Smithsonian inst. 

A Thomson e . 0r if. J: Atomic theory, pa 60c 'U 

See also Chemistry, Physical 


A^r i/ Atomic theorv, Chemistry, Fiij*!- 
cal , Ions 
Simpson, J. G What is the Gospel? *COc (*2s 

Gd) '14 Longmans 
Tobie, W. N Studies in the atonement. *75c 

'14 Meth. bk. 
Weidner, R. F. Soteriology. *7oc '14 Wartburg 


Atta Troll. Heine, H. bds *$1.25 Huebsch 

Mitchell, D: Influence of distractions on the 
formation of judgments in lifted weight 
experiments. oOc '11 Psychological re\iew 
Atteridge, Andrew Milliard 
Famous land fights: a popular sketch of the 
history of land warfare. D x,329p il maps 
*$2 (O) '14 Little 

. Missions of China. 5o '13 America press 
Attic comedy, Origin of. Cornford, F. M. *$2.40 

(*8s 6d) Longmans 
Attorneys. See Lawyers 
Attwater, Henry Philemon, 1854- 

(comp ) Use and value of wild birds to Texas 

farmers and stockmen and fruit and truck 

growers. (Bui. no. 37) O 61p H '14 Texas. 

Dept. of agric , Austin Agrl4-1236 

Attwood, Edward Lewis, and Cooper, I. C. G. 

Text-book of laying off; or, The geometry of 

shipbuilding O viii,120p il *$1.75 (*6s) (F) 

'14 Longmans A14-2S72 

Atwell, H. C. 

Planting fruit trees 22p 25c Pacific horti- 
cultural correspondence school 
Atwood, George Gray, 1847- 

Emergency bulletin on the blister rust of pines 
and the European currant rust. (Horticul- 
tural bul 2) O 15p il pa '09 N. T. (state). 
Dept. of agric., Albany 

Peach yellows and little peach. (Bul. 61) O 
1719-1742p il '14 N. T. (state). Dept. of 
agric., Albany Agrl4-1340 

Atwood family 
Hall, G F. Atwood genealogy, pa 50c '14 

Aubry, Pierre i e. Louis Francois Pierre, 1874- 

Trouveres and troubadours, a popular treatise; 

tr. from the 2d French ed. by C. Aveling. O 

vi,174p $1.50 '14 Schirmer 14-18080 

Auburn and freckles. Maish, M. L. *"50c Browne 

& Howell 
Aucassin and Nicolette Bourdtton, F. W: *75c 


Auchlncloss, William Stuart, 1842- 
Standard chronology of the Holy Bible, introd. 

bv A. H. Sayce. O 7-125p il $1.50 '14 Van 

Nostrand 14-2800 

Auction block. Beach, R. E. "$1.30 Harper 

Auction bridge 

Anthony, E, How to win at auction bridge. 
*75c; limp lea *$1.50 '14 Jacobs 

Badsworth, pseud. Royal auction bridge. 
*$1 25 '14 Putnam a . , aj 

Camp, W. C. Auction up-to-date, including 
nullos. *50c '14 Platt & Peck 

Clark, H. P. Royal auction bridge, up to date, 
including nullos. *60c '13 Dodd 

Foster, R. F: Royal auction bridge with nul- 
los *$1.20 '14 Stokes , 

Hess, M. S. Bridge, auction, royals. 25c '13 

Hingiev, S. H. Hints on royal auction bridge. 

lea "75c '14 Macmillan ,,. 

Irwm, F. Nullo auction. *$1.25 '14 Putnam 
Johnson, M. A Suggestions for auction bridge 

players and 97 laws of the game, pa 50c '13 

Mary A. Johnson, 164 Lafayette St., Salem, 

Lilies, W. G Auction bridge, simplified and 

condensed. *50c '14 Barse & Hopkins 
Metcalfe, A. R. Complete auction bridge. *$1.50 

'14 Browne & Howell 
Montgomery, G. G. C. Auction in ten lessons. 

+?1 '14 Scribner 



Auction bridge Continued. 
Whist club, N. T. Laws of auction as adopted 
by the Whist club. 25c 13 Whist club, 13 W. 
36th St., N. Y. 
Whitehead, "W". C. Conventions of auction 

bridge. *$1.25 '14 Stokes 
Auction up-to-date, including nullos. Camp, W. 

C. *50c Platt & Peck 
Audels answers on refrigeration and ice making. 

Booth, C: E. H lea $2 Audel 
Bentley, H. C. C. P. A. auditing questions. 

$2 '14 Ronald 
Evans, H. E. Student's auditing. *1.30 ( A 5sj 

'14 Longmans 
Hertz, J. B. Secrets of accounting. $1 '13 

J. B. Hertz, Portland, Me. 
Racine, S: F: Guide to the study of auditing. 
$1 '14 Western inst. of accountancy, com- 
merce and finance, 2d & Madison, Seattle, 

See also Accounting; Bookkeeping 
Audition and habit formation in the dog. John- 
son, H. M. pa $1 Animal behavior mono- 

Audoux, Marguerite 

Marie- Claire a Villevielle: episode tire" de 
Marie-Claire; ed. by A. J. Philip. (Oxford 
junior French ser.) S HOp *40c '13 Oxford 
Audrey's offering. Tyack, L. *30c Am. tract 
Auerbach, Joseph Smith, 1875- 
Bible and modern life; and Bible words and 
phrases; reprinted from Essays and miscel- 
lanies. D ix,139p *75c (N) '14 Harper 


Club; an assembly of good fellows, by one of 
the members. D 132p '14 priv ptd Harper 


Essays and miscellanies. 2v O xv,312; 326p *-$3 
(My) '14 Harper 14-9943 

Contents: I, The Bible and modern life, Bible \\ords 
and phrases; Future in America; English style; One 
phase of journalism. Responsibility of the community to 
the hospital; The search of Belisarius; Liteiature and 
the practical world; II, A club; The. lesson of Bishop Put- 
ter's life; Protest of the Democratic party, The university 
journal, President Roosevelt and the trusts, Matthew 

Augsburg confession 
Neve, J. L. Augsburg confession. *75c '14 

Lutheran pub. soc. 
Auguries. Binyon, L. bds *?1 Lane 

Augustine, St., 354-430 

Bertrand, L. Saint Augustin. *$3 '14 Apple- 
Montgomery, W: St. Augustine: aspects of his 

life and thought. *$1.50 14 Doran 
Augustus, emperor of Rome, B. C. 63-A. D. 14 
Francis, R. Augustus, his life and his work. 

*75c 14 Stokes 
Pittier, H: On the relationship of the genus 

Aulacocarpus. pa 5c '14 Smithsonian inst. 
Aulnoy, Marie Catherine Jumelle de Berneville, 

comtesse d', 1650-1705 

Memoirs of the court of England in 1675; tr. 
from the original French by Mrs. W: H: 
Arthur; ed., rev. and with annot, including 
an account of Lucy Walter, evidence for a 
brief for the defense, by G: D: Gilbert. O 
xxx,450p II *$4.50 '13 Lane 14-14628 

Aumerle, Richard 
Between friends. 50c '14 Benziger 
Brownie and I. 50c 14 Benziger 
Aune, Beyer 

Work of the Belle Fourche reclamation pro- 
ject experiment farm in 1913. O 19p pa '14 
U, S. Agric. ; 5c Supt. of doc. Agrl4-1458 

Aunt Jane's nieces on tour. Van Dyne, B. 60c 

Reilly & B. 
Aunt Jane's nieces 1 out West Van Dyne, E. 60c 

Reilly & B. 

Auntie's little rhyme book; il. by H. Willebeek 
Le Mair. (Old nursery rhymes, no. 3) Tt 
28p 35c McKay A14-1388 

Aurangzib, emperor of Hindustan, 1619-1707 
Manucci, N. Pepys of Mogul India, 1653-1708. 
*$3.50 '14 Dutton 

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus, 121-180 

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus; tr. by G: Long, 

with an essay by Matthew Arnold. (Bohn's 

popular lib.) S 254p -35c (D) '13 Macmillan 

Meditations. (Handy volume classics) limp 

lea $1.25 Crowell 
Auriac, Jules Eugene d', 1834- See Turquan, 

J., jt. auth. 

Auricular flutter. Ritchie, W. T. $3 5U Hoeber 
Aurner, Clarence Ray 

History of education in Iowa. 3v v 1-2 O xiv, 
43G, ix,469p ea Jf>2 '14 Iowa. State hist. soc. 
History of township government in Iowa O 
266p $2 '14 Iowa. State hi&t. soc. 14-31302 
Aurora Polaris expedition, 1902-1903 
Birkeland, K. Norwegian Aurora Polaris ex- 
pedition, 1802-1903. v 1 2d section pa *$10 
(*30s) '14 Longmans 

See also Magnetism, Terrestrial 

Aus dem staat Fnedrichs des Grossen. Freytag, 

G. *30c Heath 

Aus deutschen dbifern. Stern, M., and Arrow- 
smith, R. *3Gc Am bk. 
Ausgewahite lieder. Heine, H. pa *25c Phillips, 


Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 

Works. (II. standard novels) 5v ea *$1.25 Mac- 

Austin, Leonard Strong, 1846- 
Metallurgy of the common metals: gold, silver, 
iron, copper, lead and zinc. 4th ed., rev. 
and enl. O 531p il $4 '13 Mining & scientific 
press 13-24850 

Austin, Mary (Hunter) (Mrs. Stafford W. Aus- 
tin) 1868- 
California; painted by Button Palmer. O viii, 

177p il map *$4 (S) '14 Macmillan 
Isidro. il 75c 14 Grosset 

Love and the soul maker. D 2S6p "$1.50 (My) 
14 Appleton 14-10326 

Austin, Samuel C. 

(comp.) Police gazette sporting annual, 1914; 
records, statistics and best performances; 
pugilism, athletics, swimming, rowing, base 
ball, trotting, racing. T 221p pors pa lOc 
14 Fox, R: K. 
Sporting annual. (Fox athletic lib ) S 160p il 

pa 10c (Ja) 15 Fox, R: K. 
Austin, Texas 
Hamilton, W: B. Social survey of Austin, 

Texas, pa $1.25 13 Univ. of Texas 1 
Ackermann, J. Australia from a woman's point 

of view. *$1.50 14 Funk 

Spencer, B. Native tribes of the northern ter- 
ritory of Australia, "$5.25 14 Macmillan 


Fitch ett, W: H: New world of the South. 2v 

ea *$1 75 13-14 imp Scribner 
Australian sermons. Green, A. V. *$1.25 Macmil- 


Kellner, L., and others. Austria of the Aus- 
trians and Hungary of the Hungarians. 
*$1.50 14 imp Scribner 


Longard de Longgarde, D. Austrian officer 
at work and at play. *$2.75 14 Scribner 

Foreign relations 

Austro- Servian dispute, pa *20c 14 Macmillan 

Gribble, F. H: Life of the emperor Francis 

Joseph. *$3 75 14 Putnam 
Austrian officer at work and at play. Longard 

de Longgarde, D. *$2.75 Scribner 
Austro-Servlan dispute; reprinted from the 
special war number of The round table of 
Sept., 1914. O 24p pa *20c (N) 14 Macmillan 
Authority (in religion) 

Sec also Belief; Bible Evidences; Faith 


Moncrieff, A. R. H. Book about authors. % ?3 

'14 Macmillan 
Xlcoll, W: R. Bookman's letters. *$1.75 '14 

Doi an 

>r<? clw Authoi'aliip: Bil/.ngrji; hy, Co^y- 
rigiit; Dramatists Historian^; Lit-ia.;.- lantl- 
:n_rl:s: Literature, Xove'ists; Poets; Sci- 

Authors, American 
Eagleton, D. F. Writers and writings of 

Texas. Pl.SO TJ Broad way pub. 
Authors, English 

Roscoe, E: S. Perm's country. *COc ("2s 6dj 
'14 Longmans 

Sec also English literature 

Author's craft. Bennett, E. A bJs *"Zc Doian 
Author's desk book. Orcutt, W: D. 'Cue Stolies 

Bennett, A. Author's craft ids 73c '14 

Bennett, A. Truth about an author. 3Cc '14 


Eremser, R. D. Ways for writers to make 

money, pa $1 '13 R. D. Bi-eniser & co., Phil. 

Davies, I>. S: are time litterateur. 4 5Gc '14 

Fianklin Davies, 100 E. G3d St., N. Y. 
Goldsmith, A. M. Copying and correcting man- 
uscript. 2 pts pa [with the course] '13 Presi- 
dent mst., 232 E. 61'th St., N. Y. 
Harper, H. H. Story ot a manuscript. '11 pnv 

ptd H. TI. Ilari.L'i, Bo.stuii 
Marden, O S Hiiits iur young writers. "Too 

'14 Crow ell 

Michigan. Histoiical commission, Lansing. 
Suggestions lor local historical societies 
and writeis in Michigan. 'J3 
Monciieff, A. R. H. Book about authors. '3 

'14 Macmillan 
101 ways to make money by wilting 50c '14 

Hannis Jordan co 
Orcutt, W: D. Author's desk book. *60c '14 

tiQuiller- Couch, A. T: On the art of writing 

**2 '14 Putnam 

Where to sell. 15c '14 Hannis Jordan co. 
Wilclman, E. Writing to sell. 50c '14 Wildman 

*v<e nlsr) Authors, Oopynght, Journalism; 
Short stories 1 
Burr, A. R Religious confessions and con- 

fessants. *$2.50 '14 Huughton 
Autobiography of a bound boy. Prince, H: S. 
35c H: S. Prince, 73 Wilmington St., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 
Autobiography of a failure. Turner, H. S. bds $1 

Mangan ptg co. 

Autobiography ot a happy woman. D xiii,373p 

*$1.5U '14 Moffat 14-12294 

Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson, 

T: "$1.50 Putnam 
Autocrat of the breakfast- table. See Holmes, O. 


Autogenous welding. (Machinery's reference ser., 
no. 125) O 40p il pa 25c '14 Industrial press 


Contents: Introduction: Oxy-acetylene and cxy-hydroseii 
process of metal cutting and autogenous welding, Tre- 
iieatmff metals to be welded by the oxy- acetylene proc- 
ess, by ,T. IT Sprmier, Oxy- acetylene welding of tanks and 
retorts, by J. F. Springer, Autogenous welding as a means 
of leiminug cylinders, by H (.Vivo; Manufacture of tub- 
ing by autogenous weldin-j, by J. F. Springer 
Autology as engineered by the Chicago medical 
society and the American medical associ- 
ation, Boycott of. Moras, A, S. pa 20c 

Automatic letter writer; more and better letters 
at less cost how to organize your corres- 
pondence tested standard paragraphs and 
form letters ready for continuous use by 
correspondents in making sales, handling 
orders, adjusting complaints and collecting 
accounts by mail. Q 192p charts forms $3 
'14 Shaw, A. W. 14-15037 

Automatic sprinkler protection. Dana, G. ?3 


Automatic telephony. Smith, A. B., and Camp- 
bell, W. L. *$4 McGraw 

Automobile blue book publishing corrpany 
Official automobile blue books. 1014 e-1 5v f!ex 
lea ea $2 50 '14 Automobile b.ue booh pub. 

AutomobiJe catecl'ism and repair manual. 
Swingle, C. F., and Tarantous, H. A. $1.25 
Drake, F: J. 

Automobile coiresponelence Howard, J. B. pa 

12c Phonographic inst. 
Automobile dri\mg self-tanght. Russell, T: H. 

SI T.-ionips'on, C: C- 
Ai-tomcbile laws and regs/Iations 

McClellan 1, J O , and Powers, B. J , e'lr Iowa 
automobile law $1 '11 Ebersole pub. co , Des 
Monies, la. 

Minnesota Motor vehicle law of Minnesota, be- 
ing chapters 3G5 ^nrl SoS of the laws of 1911 
as amended. '13 Minnesota. Sec. of state, 
St. Paul 

Xtw Jeisey. Comm. on uniform automobile 
legislation, Trenton. Comparison of the 
motor vehicle laws of the states of Connec- 
ticut, Delaware, Maine, Mars land, Massa- 
chusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New 
York, Pennsylvania, Pdiode Island and Ver- 
mont, arranged by subjects. '14 

New York (state). Secretary of state, Albany. 
Local ordirances relating to speed and traf- 
fic i egulati&ns '14 

Ohio. Automobile laws of Ohio, pa 25 c '13 W: 
E. Peters, Athens, O. 

Automobile operation. Brennan, A. L, jr. *70c 
Outing pub. 

Aitcrrobile tcuring 
Abraham, G: D. Motor ways in Lakeland. 

*$2 50 '18 imp Scribner 
Hale, W. Ideal motor tour in France. *$1.50; 

limp lea *$2.50 '14 Dodd 
Judd, A. C. Ideal tour, pa gratis '14 Almon C. 

Judd, The Elton, Waterbury, Conn. 
Mann, J. J, 'Round the world in a motor car. 

J $3 '14 Macmillan 
Mansfield, M. F. Ideal tour of France. *$2 '14 

Sturgis & Walton 
Murphy, T: D. On old world highways. *$3 '14 


My motor log book 75c; lea $1.23 '14 McKav 
Richardson, R. Europe from a motor car. *$1.50 

'14 Rand 
Wilby, T: W: Motor tour through Canada. 

*$1.50 '13 Lane 
Williams, A., ed. Motoring *30c '14 Sully & 


Road guides 

Am automobile assn. Overland trail, Chicago- 
Omaha-Cheyenne-Salt Lake City-Reno- Sac- 
ramento-Oakland-San Francisco. $2 '14 Am. 
automobile assn. 

Automobile blue book pub co. Official automo- 
bile blue books. 1914 ed 5v flex lea ea $2.50 
'14 Automobile blue book pub. 

Chicago to Milwaukee and runs thereabout, pa 
25c '14 For sale by McClurg 

Fireman's fund insurance co. Automobile tour 
book of California, gratis '14 Fireman's 
fund insurance co., San Francisco 

Fisk, H. S. Fisk road book, pa 75c '14 H. S. 
Fisk, Carnttfian press, 332 C St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Goodrich, B. F., co. Goodrich route book. See 
author entry 

Hecht, H: J. Motor routes of Germany. *$1.75; 
lea *$2.50 '14 Macmillan 

Huebinger, M, Pocket automobfe guide for 
Iowa. 2d ed lea $2; pa $1 '14 Iowa pub. co., 
Des Momes, la. 

Locke, H. Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix 
route map. 75c '14 Harry Locke, 652 S. 
Olive st., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Montana state automobile assn. Official tour 
book, pa $1.50 '13 Standard pub. co., Ana- 
conda, Mont. 

Motorists handbook of Detroit. 25c '14 Motor- 
ists handbook co., Detroit, Mich. 

Motorist's manual. 25c '13 Brooklyn daily 

Packard motor car co. Lincoln highway, pa 
25c '13 Packard motor car co., Detroit, 


Automobile touring Road guides Continued. 

Red road book for all Xew England and 
eastern Xew York. *$2 '14 Bullard co., 

Automobile trade directory: quarterly. $5 *14 
Automobile trade directory, 243 "W. 39th st., 
N. Y, 
Automobile troubles and how to remedy them 

Root, C: P. $1 Thompson, C: C. 

Automobile trade directory: quarterly. $5 '14 
Automobile trade directory, 243 W. 39th st., 
N. Y. 

Brennan, A. L., jr. Automobile operation. *70c 
'14 Outing pub. 

Dommett, W. E. Motor car mechanism. *$1.25 
'13 Van Nostrand 

Dyke, A. L. Course of automobile engineering. 
4th ed 12 pts $15 '13 Dyke 

Dyke, A. L. Dyke's automobile and gasoline 
engine instructor. $8.50 '14 Dyke 

Engelman, R. A. Autocraft. *$1 '14 Am. chauf- 
feur pub. co., Cincinnati, O. 

Fay, T: J. How to buy an automobile. $1 '14 
Motor press syndicate, Cleveland, O. 

Hall, M. A. What every owner should know 
about his automobile. $2 '14 Auto-mercury 
pub. co., N. Y. 

Hayter, G. W. Motor car mechanics for begin- 
ners. 4th ed 50c *14 Spon 

Howard, J. B. Business letters no. 8, Auto- 
mobile correspondence, pa 12c *14 Phono- 
graphic inst. 

Light cars and cyclecars of 1914. bds 25c '14 

Manly, H. P. Modern motor car. $2.50 '14 Laird 

Page", V: W. Modern gasoline automobile. 
*$2.50 '14 Henley 

Page", V: W. Questions and answers relating 
to modern automobile design, construction, 
driving and repair. 1914 ed $1.50 '14 Henley 

Root, C: P. Automobile troubles and how to 
remedy them. $1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 

Russell, T: H. Automobile driving self-taught. 
$1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 

Russell, T: H. Questions and answers for auto- 
mobile students and mechanics. $1 '14 
Thompson, C: C. 

Stevenson, J. H:, and Brookes, L. E. Standard 
American gas and oil engine, automobile 
and farm engine guide. $4.50 '13 Sears, Roe- 
buck & co., Chicago 

Swingle, C. F., and Tarantous, H. A. Auto- 
mobile catechism and repair manual. $1.25 
'14 Drake, F: J. 

Whitman, R. B. Motor-cycle principles and the 
light car. *$1.50 '14 Appleton 

Wimperis, H. E. Principles of the application 
of power to road transport *$1.50 '14 Van 

See also Automobile touring; Cyclecars; 
Motor cycles; Tires 


National automobile chamber of commerce. 
Hand book of automobiles. " gratis '14 
National automobile chamber of commerce, 
7 E. 42d St., N. Y. 


Colorado automobile directory, 1914. $5 '14 
List pub. co., 615 Denham bldg., Denver, Col. 

Who's who in the automobile, 1914. pa $2 '14 
J. R. Burton & co., 1 Madison av., N. Y. 


Root, C: P. Automobile troubles and how to 

remedy them. $1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 
Automobiles, Electric. See Electric trucks; Elec- 
tric vehicles 
Automobiles and roads 

Davis, C: H:, and Bates, S. E. How national 
highways are necessary to the automobile, 
pa '14 National highways assn. 
Davis, C: H:, and others. What the automo- 
bile has done for good roads everywhere, 
pa '13 National highways assn. 
Automobiling. See Automobile touring 

Gibson, A. G Handbook for the post-mortem 

room. *$1.50 '14 Oxford 

Gruner, O C. Code system for the' hospital 
pathological laboratory pt 1 C5c '14 O. C 
Gruner, Royal Victoria hospital, Montreal 
Miller, J. Practical pathology, including mor- 
bid anatomy and post-mortem technique. 
*$2.50 '14 Macmillan 

Levy, P. E. Rational education of the will. 

$1.25 '14 Occult & modern thought bk. centre 

Autojr d'une tiare Gebhart, N. E. *25c Button 

Autumn. Martens, F: H. bds SOc McKav 

Auxilia of the Roman imperial aimy Cheesman, 

G. L. ^175 (*5s) Oxtord 
Auzas, Augusts 

Les potes frangais du XIX 6 siecle 1800-1SS5; 
etude prosodique et litteraire. CCours de 
frangais et d'allemand (methode directe). 
O 316p *90c '14 Oxford 
Avalon, California 

Wilson, H. W. Guide to Avalon the beauti- 
ful, and the Island of Santa Catalina. pa 
25c '13 Wilson map and guide co., Avalon, 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron, 1834-1913 
Prehistoric times as illustrated by ancient re- 
mains and the manners and customs of 
modern savages. 7th ed., thoroughly rev. and 
entirely reset. O 623p il map *$3.50 (Ja) '14 
Holt 14-30272 

AveMng, Claude, 1869- 

(ed.) See Aubrey, P. Trouveres and trouba- 
Aveilaneda y Arteaga, Gertrudis Gomez de. See 

G6mez de Aveilaneda y Arteaga, G. 
Avenll family (William Averell, 1612V-1651?) 
Avery, C. A , comp. Averell- Averill-Avery 
family. 2v buck $15; lea $20 '14 C. A. Avery, 
1903 Woodland av., S. E., Cleveland, O. 
Avery, Alfred H, 

Electric lighting; a practical guide to the 
wiring of houses and the installing of elec- 
tric-light plants; fully il. by line-drawings. D 
154p *$1 '13 Funk W14-16 

Avery, Clara Arlette, 1S50- 

(comp.) Averell-Avenll-Averv family a record 
of the descendants of William and Abigail 
Averell of Ipswich, Mass. 2v O 1006p il buck 
$15, lea $20 (F) '14 C. A. Avery, 1903 Wood- 
land av., S. E., Cleveland, O. 14-7713 
Avery, Ralph Emmett 

America's triumph at Panama; panorama and 
story of the construction and operation of 
the world's giant "waterway from ocean to 
ocean, ed. by W: C. Haskins. Q 3S4p il map 
$2 '13 Regan ptg. house 14-5 

Avery-Stuttle, Mrs. Lilla Dale 

Shiloh, the Man of Sorrows. O 17-S77p il *$1 T>0 
'14 Badger, R: G. 14-10613 


Sec ateo Zoroastrianism 

Hamel, G., and Turner, C: C. Flying. *$3.50 
(*12s 6d) '14 Longmans 

See also Aeronautics 
Awakening. Bordeaux, H: *$1.35 Dutton 
Awakening of the Hartwells. Allen, E. S. *$1 

Am. tract 
Awakening of women. Covington, S. E. GOc 

Mrs. P. D Covington, Belief ontaine, O. 
Axeirad, Philip, 1881- 

English-Roumanian and Roumanian-English 
translator, self-pronouncer and dictionary, 
1914. D 222p <50c '14 P. Axeirad, 65 St. 
Marks pi., N. T.; for sale by Caspar 
(ed.) How to learn the English language; 
grammar, translator and dictionary, English- 
Roumanian and Roumanian-English. S 472p 
*$1 '14 P. Axeirad, 65 St. Marks pi., N. Y.; 
for sale by Caspar 14-2500 

Aydelotte, Frank, 1880- 

Elizabethan rogues and vagabonds and their 
representation in contemporary literature. 
(Oxford historical and literary studios, v 1) 
O xii,187p il *$2.50 (D) '13 Oxford 14-7468 



Aydelotte, Frank ' '<*>t tu n< <7 

ed Material for the study of English lit- 
erature and composition: selections from 
Xe\vman, Arnold, Huxley, Ruskin and Car- 
7 ylf iOxioi-1 English *- ) D ix,446p -*7oc '14 
(xioru 14-20&6" 

Ayers. S. Henry, and Johnson, W. T., jr. 

Removal of garlic flavor from milk and cream. 
( Farmers' bul. >S) O 4p '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c 
Supt. of doc, Agrl4-lSS3 

Ayers, Warren 

<comp.) Punctuation made easy. D 2Sp pa 
10c '14 W. Ayers, Kansas City, Mo. 14-10761 
Ayling, R. Stephen 

Public abattoirs, their planning, design and 
equipment. Q SSp pis '$2 50 Spon (corr price) 
Ayres, Leonard Porter, 1S79- 

Laggards in our schools: a study of retarda- 
tion and elimination in city school systems. 
4th ed $1.50 '14 Survey associates 

Public schools of Springfield, Illinois. (Russell 
Sa^e foundation. Pamphlet, E137) O viii, 
Io2p il 2oc '14 L. P. Ayres, 130 E. 22d st , 
N. Y. E14-776 

Some conditions affecting problems of indus- 
trial education in 78 American school sys- 
tems. O 22p pa lOc '14 Russell Sage founda- 

See Guhck, L. H., jt. auth. 
Ayscough, H. G. C. Perry-. See Perry-Ayscough, 

H. G. C. 

Ayscough, John, pseud. (Rt. Rev. Francis Bick- 
erstaffe-Drew) 1S5S- 

Monksbridge. D 345p *$1.35 (Mr) '14 Long- 
mans 14-5426 

Prodigals and sons. D 320p *$1.25 (S) '14 Ken- 

Wit and wisdom of John Avscough; chosen 
and eil. by Scannell O'Xeill. D 151p *50c 
'14 Benziger 
Azalea at Sunset Gap. Peattie, E. *75c Reilly 

& B. 
Azblll, W. K. 

Science and faith the spiritual law in the 
physical world. D il $] 25 '14 Standard pub. 


B., A. v. 

Prince Arumugam, the steadfast Indian con- 
vert, tr. from the German by Helena Long. 
4th erl (Tales of foreign lands, v. 2) D 115p 
45c (Je) '14 Herder 
Babasaheb, Me her ban Narayanrao 
Impressions of British life and character, with 
an introd. by the Rt. Hon. Lord George 
Hamilton, on the occasion of a European 
tour, 1913. O xxiii,243p *$2.25 (Jl) '14 Mac- 

Babasinian, Vahan Simon 
(tr.) See Gattermann, L. Practical methods of 

organic chemistry 
Babb, Cyrus Gates, 1S67- 

Bibliography of Maine geology; reprint from 

third annual report, Maine state water 

storage commission. O 68p pa '13 Sentinel 

pub. co., Waterville, Me. GS13-723 

and others 

Surface water supply of the United States, 
1912. pt 1, North Atlantic coast basins. (Wa- 
ter-supply pa. 321) O 240p pi pa '14 TJ. S. 
Geol. S.; 30c Supt. of doc. GS14-706 

Babbage, Charles, 1792-1871 
Tables of the seven figure logarithms. O 224p 

*$1.50 Spon (corr price) 
Babbitt, Byron Fenner, 1874- 
(ed ) See Thayer, A. M. Jurisdiction of the 

federal courts 
Babbitt, Edwin Dwlght, 1828- 

Colvilte, W: W. J. .Light find colors. $1, bcls 

75c '14 Macoy pub. 

Babbitt family (Edward Bobet, d. 1675) 
Browne, W: B., comp. Babbitt family history, 
1643-1900. $10 '13 Francis S. Babbitt, Taun- 
ton, Mass. 

Babbott, William M. 

Solution of the economic or social problem; 

realm of conservation; the high cost of 

living. O 16S,29p il $3 '13 Hack & son, Taun- 

tun, Mass. 14-1112 
Part 2. Pmately printed. But few copies issued: 2Gp 
at end 

Babcock, Ernest Brown, 1S77- 
Studies in Juglans. 1. Study of a new form 
of Juglans californica Watson. (Publica- 
tions in agricultural sciences, v. 2, no. 1) 
Q 46p il pa 60c (D) '13 Univ. of Cal. 


Studies in Juglans. II. Further observations on 
a new variety of Juglans californica Watson 
and on certain supposed walnut-oak hybrids. 
(Publications in agricultural sciences, v. 2, 
no. 2) Q 47-70p il pa 35c '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Babcock, George H. 

Tuskawanta: a legend of Lake Ronkonkoma 
done into verse. O 24p birch wood 50c (Jlj 
'14 G: H. Babcock, IS Arlington place, 
Brooklyn, N. T. 

Babcock, Maltbie Davenport, 185S-1901 
Thoughts for every-day living. (Religious ser.) 

*50c '14 Scribner 

Babcock, William H., & son, Washington, D. C. 
Babcock's book for inventors: an explanatory 
statement and guide for clients and others 
interested in United States and foreign pat- 
ents, trade marks, copyrights and similar 
exclusive privileges. D viii,9-84p 75c '14 W: 
H. Babcock & son, 810 F st., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 14-6436 
Babcock, Mrs. Winnifred Eaton. See Watanna, 

O., pseud. 

Babcock & Wilcox company 
Chain grate stoker. Q 63p il '14 Babcock & 

Wilcox co. 

Marine steam: forged steel water-tube marine 
boilers. 2d ed O 220p il '14 Babcock & Wil- 
cox co. 
Steam superheaters. O 80p il '14 Babcock & 

Wilcox co. 
Babies. See Infants 
Bab's Christmas at Stanhope. Jacobs, C. E. 50c 


Babson, Herman 
(ed.) See Frenssen, G. Peter Moors fahrt 

nach siidwest 
Babson, Roger Ward, 1875- 
Bonds and stocks: the elements of successful 
'investing. D 426p diags lea $2 '13 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-6821 

Future method of investing money. $1 Bab- 
son's statistical organization 
Future of nations: prosperity, how it 
must come; economic facts for business 
men; based on certain lectures delivered 
by the author. D ll-123p bds $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 

Future of the churches, historic and economic 
facts. American ed D 103p $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-12217 

Future of the railroads, historic and economic 
facts for railroad men, shippers, and inves- 
tors. American ed D 129p $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-15596 

Future of the working classes: economic 
facts for employers and wage earners. D 
76p diag $1 '13 Babson's statistical organ- 
ization B14-305 
Prosperity and how it must come: economic 
facts for workers and preachers. 3> 12 Op 
diag 50c '14 Babson's statistical organiza- 
tion 14-7275 
Baby bears. Drayton, G. bds *?1 Century 

Baby books 

Butler, B. Baby's record. $1 '14 Donohue 
Raymond, F. W., ed. Baby illustrated record 

book. $1; silk $1.50 '14 Reilly & B. 
S., E. L., comp. Annals of babyhood, vel *$2.50 

'14 Button 
Strang, Mrs. H., ed. Baby book series. 4v bds 

bxd *$1.50; ea *25c '14 Doran 
Baby clothing. Hitching, W. f and Lutes, D. T. 

*$1 Stokes 


Automobile touring Road guides Continued. 

Red road book for all Xew England and 
eastern New York. *$2 '14 Bullard co., 

Automobile trade directory: quarterly. $5 '14 
Automobile trade directory, 243 W. 39th St., 
N. Y. 
Automobile troubles and how to remedy them. 

Root, C: P. $1 Thompson, C: C. 

Automobile trade directory: quarterly. $5 '14 
Automobile trade directory, 243 W. 39th st, 
N. Y. 

Brennan, A. L , jr. Automobile operation. *70c 
'14 Outing pub. 

Dommett, W. E. Motor car mechanism. *J1.25 
'13 Van Nostrand 

Dyke, A. L. Course of automobile engineering. 
4th ed 12 pts $15 '13 Dyke 

Dyke, A. L. Dyke's automobile and gasoline 
engine instructor. $8.50 '14 Dyke 

Engelman, R. A. Autocraft. *$1 '14 Am. chauf- 
feur pub. co., Cincinnati, O. 

Fay, T: J. How to buy an automobile. $1 '14 
Motor press syndicate, Cleveland, O. 

Hall, M. A, What every owner should know 
about his automobile. $2 '14 Auto- mercury 
pub. co., N. Y. 

Hayter, G. W. Motor car mechanics for begin- 
ners. 4th ed 50c '14 Spon 

Howard, J. B. Business letters, no. 8, Auto- 
mobile correspondence, pa 12c '14 Phono- 
graphic inst. 

Light cars and cyclecars of 1914. bds 25 c '14 

Manly, H. P. Modern motor car. $2.50 '14 Laird 

Page, V: W. Modern gasoline automobile. 
*$2.50 i4 Henley 

Page", V: W. Questions an<J answers relating 
to modern automobile design, construction, 
driving and repair. 1914 ed $1.50 '14 Henley 

Root, C: P. Automobile troubles and how to 
remedy them. $1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 

Russell, T: H t Automobile driving self-taught. 
$1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 

Russell, T: H. Questions and answers for auto- 
mobile students and mechanics. $1 '14 
Thompson, C: C, 

Stevenson, J. H:, and Brookes, L. E. Standard 
American gas and oil engine, automobile 
and farm engine guide. $4.50 '13 Sears, Roe- 
buck & co., Chicago 

Swingle, C. F., and Tarantous, H. A. Auto- 
mobile catechism and repair manual. $1.25 
'14 Drake, F: J. 

Whitman, R. B. Motor-cycle principles and the 
light car. *$L50 '14 Appleton 

Wimperis, H. E. Principles of the application 
of power to road transport *$1.50 '14 Van 

Bee also Automobile touring; Cyclecars; 
Motor cycles; Tires 


National automobile chamber of commerce. 
Hand book of automobiles, gratis J 14 
National automobile chamber of commerce, 
7 E. 42d st, N. Y. * 


Colorado automobile directory, 1914. $5 '14 
List pub. co., 615 Denham bldg., Denver, Col. 

Who's who in the automobile, 1914. pa $2 '14 
J. R. Burton & co., 1 M&dison av., N. Y. 


Root, C: P. Automobile troubles and how to 

remedy them. $1 '14 Thompson, C: C. 
Automobiles, Electric. See Electric trucks; Elec- 
tric vehicles 
Automobiles and roads 

Davis, C: Ht, and Bates, S. E. How national 
highways are necessary to the automobile, 
pa '14 National highways assn. 
Davis, C: H:*, and others. What the automo- 
bile has done for good roads everywhere, 
pa '13 National highways assn. 
AutomobHIng. See Automobile touring 

Gibson, A. G. Handbook for the post-mortem 

room. *?1.50 '14 Oxford 

Gruner, O C. Code system for the' hospital 
pathological laboratory pt 1 Cue '14 O. C 
Gruner, Royal Victoria hospital, Montreal 
Miller, J. Practical pathology, including mor- 
bid anatomy and post-mortem technique. 
*?2.50 '14 Macmillan 

Levy, P. E. Rational education of the will. 

?1.25 '14 Occult & modern thought bk. centre 

Autour d'une tiare. Gebhart, N. JE. *35c Button 

Autumn. Martens, F H. bds 20c McKay 

Auxilia of the Roman imperial army. Cheesman, 

G L. *$1.75 (*5s; Oxford 
Auzas, Auguste 

Les poetes frangais du XIX 6 siScle 1800-1885; 
6tude prosodique et littSraire. (Cours de 
frangais et d'allemand (methode directe). 
O 316p *DOc '14 Oxford 

Avalon, California 

Wilson, H. W: Guide to Avalon the beauti- 
ful, and the Island of Santa Catalina. pa 
25c '13 Wilson map and guide co., Avalon, 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron, 1834-1913 
Prehistoric times as illustrated by ancient re- 
mains and the manners and customs of 
modern savages. 7th ed., thoroughly rev. and 
entirely reset. 623p il map *$3.50 CJa) '14 
Holt 14-30272 

Aveling, Claude, 1869- 

(ed.) See Aubrey, P, Trouveres and trouba- 
Avellaneda y Arteaga, Gertrudis G<5mez de. See 

Go"mez de Avellaneda y Arteaga, G. 
Avenll family (William Averell, 16127-1651?) 
Avery, C. A, comp. Averell- Averill-Avery 
family. 2v buck $15; lea $20 '14 C. A. Avery, 
1903 Woodland av., S. E., Cleveland, O. 
Avery, Alfred H. 

Electric lighting; a practical guide to the 
wiring of houses and the installing of elec- 
tric-light plants; fully il. by line-drawings. D 
154p *$1 '13 Funk W14-16 

Avery, Clara Arlette, 1850- 

(comp ) Averell-Averill-Averv family: a record 
of the descendants of William and Abigail 
Averell of Ipswich, Mass. 2v O 109 6p il buck 
$15; lea $20 (F) '14 C. A. Avery, 1903 Wood- 
land av., S. E., Cleveland, O. 14-7713 
Avery, Ralph Emmett 

America's triumph at Panama; panorama and 
story of the construction and operation of 
the world's giant waterway from ocean to 
ocean, ed. by W: C. Haskins. Q 3S4p il map 
$2 '13 Regan ptg. house 14-H 

Avery-Stuttle, Mrs. Lllla Dale 
Shiloh, the Man of Sorrows. O 17-C77p il *$1 HO 
'14 Badger, R: G. 14-10013 


Sec ateo Zoroastrianism 

Hamel, G., and Turner, C: C. Flying. *$3.50 
(*12s 6d) '14 Longmans 

See also Aeronautics 
Awakening. Bordeaux, H: *$1.35 Dutton 
Awakening of the Hartwells. Allen, E. S. *J1 

Am. tract 
Awakening of women. Covington, S. E. 50c 

Mrs P. D. Covmgton, Belief ontaine, O. 
Axelrad, Philip, 1881- 

English-Roumanlan and Roumanian-English 
translator, self-pronouncer and dictionary, 
1914. D 222p *50c '14 P. Axelrad, 65 St. 
Marks pi., N. Y.; for sale by Caspar 
(ed.) How to learn the English languag-e; 
grammar, translator and dictionary, English- 
Roumanian and Roumanian-English. S 472p 
*$1 '14 P. Axelrad, 65 St. Marks pi., N. Y.; 
for sale by Caspar 14-2503 

Aydelotte, Frank, 1880- 

Ehzabethan rogues and vagabonds and their 
representation in contemporary literature. 
(Oxford historical and literary studies, v 1) 
xii s 187p il *?2.50 (D) '13 Oxford 14-7468 



Aydelotte, Frank Continued. 

fed.) Materials for the study of English lit- 
erature and composition: selections from 
Xewman, Arnold, Huxley, Ruskin and Car- 
die (Oxtord English ser.) D ix,446p *75c '14 
Oxford 14-20860 

Ayers, S. Henry, and Johnson, W. T., jr. 

Removal of garlic flavor from milk and cream. 
(Farmers' bul 60S) O 4p '14 U. S. Agnc.; oc 
Supt. of doc. Agrl4-13S3 

Ayers, Warren 

(comp ) Punctuation made easy. D 28p pa 
lOc '14 W. Ayers, Kansas City, Mo. 14-10761 
Ay I ing, R. Stephen 

Public abattoirs, their planning, design and 
equipment. Q SSp pis ' $2 50 Spon ( corr price) 
Ayres, Leonard Porter, 1S79- 

Laggards in our schools: a study of retarda- 
tion and elimination in city school systems. 
4th ed $1.50 '14 Survey associates 

Public schools of Springfield, Illinois. (Russell 
Sase foundation. Pamphlet, E137) O vhi, 
152p il 25c '14 L. P. Ay res, 130 E. 22d St., 
N. Y. E14-776 

Some conditions affecting problems of indus- 
trial education in 78 American school sys- 
tems. O 22p pa lOc '14 Russell Sage founda- 

See Gulick, L. H., jt. auth. 

Ayscough, H. G. C. Perry-. See Perry-Ayscough, 

Ayscough, John, pseud. (Rt. Rev. Francis Bick- 

erstaffe-Drew) 1S58- 

Monksbridge. D 345p *$1.35 (Mr) '14 Long- 
mans 14-5426 
Prodigals and sons. D 320p *$1.25 (S) '14 Ken- 


Wit and wisdom of John Ayscough; chosen 
and ed. by Scannell O'Neill. D 151p *50c 
'14 Benziger 
Azalea at Sunset Gap Peattie, E. *75c Reilly 

& B. 

Azbill, W. K. 

Science and faith the spiritual law in the 
physical world. D il $3.25 '14 Standard pub. 


B., A. v. 

Prince Arumugam, the steadfast Indian con- 
vert, tr. from the German by Helena Long. 
4th ed (Tales of foreign lands, v. 2) D 115p 
45c (Je) '14 Herder 
Babasaheb, Meherban Narayanrao 
Impressions of British life and character; with 
an introd. by the Rt. Hon. Lord George 
Hamilton, on the occasion of a European 
tour, 11)13. O xxiii,243p *$2.25 (Jl) '14 Mac- 

Babasinian, Vahan Simon 
(tr.) See Gattermann, L. Practical methods of 

organic chemistry 
Babb, Cyrus Gates, 1867- 
Bibliography of Maine geology; reprint from 
third annual report, Maine state water 
storage commission. O 68p pa '13 Sentinel 
pub. co., Watenrille, Me. GS13-723 

and others 

Surface water supply of the United States, 
1012. pt 3, North Atlantic coast basins. (Wa- 
ter-supply pa. 321) O 240p pi pa '14 TJ. S. 
Geol. S.; 30c Supt. of doc. GS14-706 

Babbage, Charles, 1792-1871 
Tables of the seven figure logarithms. 224p 

*$1.50 Spon (corr price) 
Babbitt, Byron Fenner, 1874- 
(ed.) See Thayer, A. M. Jurisdiction of the 

federal courts 
Babbitt, Edwin Dwight, 1828- 

Colville, W: W. J Light and colors. $1; bds 

75c '14 Macoy pub. 

Babbitt family (Edward Bobet, d. 1675) 
Browne, W: B., comp. Babbitt family history, 
1643-1900. $10 '13 Francis S. Babbitt, Taun- 
ton, Mass. 

Babbott, William M. 

Solution of the economic or social problem; 

realm of conservation: the high cost of 

living. O 168, 29p il $3 '13 Hack & son, Taun- 

ton, Mass. 14-1112 
Part 2. Privately printed. But few copies Issued: 29p 
at end 

Babcock, Ernest Brown, 1877- 

Studies in Juglans. 1. Study of a new form 
of Juglans californica Watson. (Publica- 
tions in agricultural sciences, v. 2, no. 1) 
Q 46p il pa 60c (D) '13 Univ. of Cal. 


Studies in Juglans. II. Further observations on 
a new variety of Juglans californica Watson 
and on certain supposed walnut- oak hybrids. 
(Publications in agricultural sciences, v. 2, 
no. 2) Q 47-70p il pa 35c '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Babcock, George H. 

Tuskawanta: a legend of Lake Ronkonkoma 
done into verse. O 24p birch wood 50c (Jl) 
'14 G: H. Babcock, 18 Arlington place, 
Brooklyn, N. T. 
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport, 1858-1901 

Thoughts for every- day living. (Religious ser.) 

*50c '14 Scribner 
Babcock, William H. f & son, Washington, D. C. 

Babcock's book for inventors: an explanatory 
statement and guide for clients and others 
interested in United States and foreign pat- 
ents, trade marks, copyrights and similar 
exclusive privileges. D viii,9-84p 75c '14 W: 
H. Babcock & son, 810 F St., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 14-6436 
Babcock, Mrs. Winnifred Eaton. See Watanna, 

O., pseud. 
Babcock & Wilcox company 

Chain grate stoker. Q 63p il '14 Babcock & 
Wilcox co. 

Marine steam: forged steel water- tube marine 
boilers. 2d ed O 220p il '14 Babcock & Wil- 
cox co. 

Steam superheaters. O 80p il '14 Babcock & 

Wilcox co. 
Babies. See Infants 
Bab's Christmas at Stanhope. Jacobs, C. E. 50c 

Babson, Herman 

(ed.) See Frenssen, G. Peter Moors fahrt 

nach siidwest 
Babson, Roger Ward, 1875- 

Bonds and stocks: the elements of successful 
'investing. D 426p diags lea $2 '13 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-6821 

Future method of investing money. $1 Bab- 
son's statistical organization 

Future of nations: prosperity, how it 
must come; economic facts for business 
men; based on certain lectures delivered 
by the author. D ll-123p bds $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 

Future of the churches, historic and economic 
facts. American ed D 103p $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-12217 

Future of the railroads; historic and economic 
facts for railroad men, shippers, and inves- 
tors. American ed D 129p ?1 '14 Babson's 
statistical organization 14-15596 

Future of the working classes: economic 
facts for employers and wage earners. D 
76p diag $1 '13 Babson's statistical organ- 
ization E14-305 

Prosperity and how it must come: economic 
facts for workers and preachers. D 12 Op 
dlag 50c '14 Babson's statistical organiza- 
tioif 14-7275 

Baby bears. Drayton, G. bds *$1 Century- 
Baby books 

Butler, B. Baby's record. $1 '14 Donohue 

Raymond, F. W., ed. Baby illustrated record 
book. $1; silk $1.50 '14 Reilly & B. 

S., E, L., comp. Annals of babyhood, vel *$2.50 
'14 Button 

Strang, Mrs. H., e4. Baby book series. 4v bds 

bxd *$1,50; ea *25c '14 Dorau 
Baby clothing. Hitching W., and Lutes, D. T* 
*|l Stokes , , <'*. 



Baby illustrated record book. Raymond, F. W., 

eel. $1; silk $1.50 Reilly & B. 
Baby monkey and the wily wolf. lOlbourne, 

C: E. bds *5f-c Penn 
Baby polar bear and the walrus. Kill'ourne, C: E. 

bds ^&HC Penn 
Babykins bedtime book. Havs, M. P. bds 2^c 


Babylon of Egypt. Butler, A. J pa *$1.50 Oxfcrcl 


Fisher, C. S. Excavations at Xippur. 2 pts pa 
ea *$3 '05-'06 Stechert 


Jastrow, M., jr. Hebrew and Babylonian tiadi- 

tions. *$2.CO '14 Scribner 
Langdon, S. Tammuz and Ishtar. *$3.40 '14 

Babylonian-Assyrian birth-omens. Jastrow, M., 

jr. $1.50 Stechert 
Babylonian dates for California. Popenoe, P. B. 

pa 25c Pomona college, Claremont, Cal. 
Baby's record. Butler, B. $1 Donohue 
Baccalaureate sermons and addresses. Terry, 

M. S. $1 Meth. bk. 
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 
Complete organ works; a critico-practical edi- 
tion in 8 volumes; provided with a preface 
containing general observations on the 
manner of performing the preludes and 
fugues and suggestions for the interpretation 
of the compositions contained in each vol- 
ume by Charles-Marie Widor and Dr. Alb. 
Schweitzer. Sv v 1-5 ea *$3; pa *$2 '12-'13 
Three chorales. O 8p *15c (*4d) f !4 Oxford 

Contents: While yet the mrrn is breaking; O rejoice, ye 
Christians, loudly; My soul, now praise thy Maher 

Bacheller, Irving Addlson, 1859- 
Marryers, a history gathered from a brief 

of the Honorable Socrates Potter. D 217p 

il *$1 (Ap) '14 Harper 14-75G8 

Bachman, John, 1790-1874 
Von Humboldt. (In Tributes and memories) 

*$1.25 '14 Sanctuary pub. 
Bacilli and bullets. Osier, W: pa *3c Oxford 
Back home. 5th ed Phillips, C: J. M. 60c Kenedy 
Back to Holy Church. Ruville, A. von. reduced 

price *60c (*ls 6d) Longmans 
Back to the farm. Shumway, M. H. pa Univ. 

of Minn. 

Back to the soil series. *$1 Sully & Kleinteich 
Twld, B. L. Hiram in the middle West 
Totld, B. L. Hiram the young fanner 

Back yard farmer. Bolte, J. W. *$1 Forbes 
Backhouse, Edmund, and Bland, John Otway 

Percy, 1863- 

Annals and memoirs of the court of Peking 

(from the 16th to the 20th century). O 

x,531p il *$4.50 (P) '14 Houghton 14-30273 

Backus, Emma Henrietta (Schermeyer) (Mrs. 

H. W. Backus) 

Rose of roses. D viii,356p front *$1.25 (My) '14 
Page 14-9878 

Backus, Mary Walworth 
Food stuff: a digest. O 32p pa 50c '14 Perley 

H. Buck, Schenectady, N. T. 
Backus, William Vernon 

Talosophy, the science of harmony; the art of 
making happiness epidemic. O 89p por $1 
(N) '13 Appreciation pub. 13*24165 

Backward baby. Sheffield, H. B. $2 Rebman co. 
Backward child. Morgan, B. S. *$1.25 Putnam 
Backward children 

Morgan, B. S. Backward child. *$1.25 '14 Put- 

New York (city). Board of education. Over- 
age pupils in public schools. '12 
New York (city). Board of education. Un- 
graded classes: report. '14 
Pennsylvania. University. Psychological labo- 
ratory and clinic. Training courses in experi- 
mental, educational, and social psychology. 
'U Univ. of pa. 

Philadelphia. Board of public education. Com- 
mittee on backward children investigation. 
Report, Dec. 31, 1910 '11 Board of public 
education, Phil. 
Wallin, J: E: W. Mental health of the school 

child. -$2 '14 Yale univ. press 
Wallin, J. E: W. Schema for the clinical study 
of mentally and educationally unusual chil- 
dren. -33e '14 Yale univ press 

*S'cc Q?S'J Feeble-minded 
Backward glances. Floyd- Jones, T: $4 priv ptd 

Unionist gazette assn., Somerville, N. J. 
Backwoods sketches. Sprague, J: F. $1 J: F. 

Sprague, Dover, Me. 
Backwoodsmen. Roberts, C: G: D *50c Macmillan 

Bacon, Albion Fellows, 18G5- 
Beauty for ashes. D 360p il ?1.50 (O) '14 Dodrt 


Bacon, Benjamin Wisner, 1860- 
Chnstianity, old and new; lectures given at 
Berkeley, Cal , on the E. T. Earl foundation. 
D xiv,lG9p *$! (F) '11 Yale univ. press 


.Bacon, Charles Sumner 

Synopsis of lectures on obstetrics. O 196p *$1 

'13 Chicago med. 13-22535 

Bacon, Clara Latimer, 1S66- 

Cartesian oval and the elliptic functions p 

and <r. F 261-280p pa 25c '13 Johns Hopkins 

Bacon, Corinne 

(comp.) Best books on the war: an annotated 

list, including: some books useful in the 

understanding of the present situation, pa 

lOc (D) '14 Wilson, H. W. 

Bibliography, See Sheip, S. S , ed. Handbook 

of the European \var 
(comp.) Books for Christmas for the children. 

S 40p pa lOc '14 Wilson, H. W. 
What makes a novel immoral, rev ed D 23p pa 

lOc '14 Wilson, H. W. 
Bacon, Edwin Munroe, 1844- 
Rambles around old Boston; with drawings 
bv Lester G. Hornby. O viii,2U5p il bxrt *$3.r>0 
(N) '14 Little 34-20365 

Bacon, Francis, viscount St. Albans, 1561-1626 
Wisdom of the ancients. 86p *15c Open ct. 
Dawbarn, C. Y. C: Uncrowned, reduced price 

*$1.50 (*5s) '13 Longmans 
Bacon, Frederick Hampden, 1849- 
Everyday law; or, A plain statement of the 
elemental principles of law governing ordi- 
nary business transactions, prepared for 
popular use. D vii,190p $2 '13 Efficiency book 
co., Detroit, Mich. 13-24333 

Bacon, George Morgan 

Seven sonnets. T Op pa gratis (jJ) '13 priv ptd 

G: M. Bacon, Salt Lake City, Utah 14-721 

Bacon, Josephine Dodge (Daskam) (Mrs. Selden 

Bacon) (Ingraham Lovell, pseud.) 1876- 
To-day's daughter; il. by C. D. Williams. 
D 348p *$1.35 (S) '14 Appleton 14-30721 

Bacon, Paul Valentine, 1876- 
Elements of German. D xxi,262,70p *$1 (Ap) 
'14 Allyn 14-7518 

Teacher's handbook for Bacon's German com- 
position. D 6Sp gratis '13 Allyn 13-21470 

Bacon, Roger, 12147-1294 

Allbutt, T: C. Palissy, Bacon, and tho revival 
of natural science, pa *35c '14 Oxford 

Erskine, : Pageant of the thirteenth century. 
*$2; pa *50c '14 Columbia univ. press 

Little, A. G., comp. & ed. Roger Bacon essays; 
contributed by various writers on tho occa- 
sion of the commemoration of the seventh 
centenary of his birth. *$5.25 '14 Oxford 

Sandys, J: E. Roger Bacon, pa *35c '14 Ox- 

Bacon, William Plumb, 1837- 
(comp.) Ancestry of Daniel James Seely, St. 
George, N. B., 1826, and of Charlotte Louisa 
Vail, Sussex, N. B., 1837-St. John, N. B., 
1912; with a list of their descendants. O 
185p *$5 '14 Wright, T. A. 14-12258 




Nelson, TV: L., and Hall, L: D. Country hams 
and bacon and market classifications of pork 
products. '13 Missouri. State bd. of agric., 

Bacon's rebellion, 1676 

ilcElroy, R. M. Great Virginia rebellion of 
1676. pa '12 Soc. of colonial wars in the state 
of N. Y. 

Bacteria, Pathogenic 
JMaeXeal, TV. J. Pathogenic micro-organisms. 

*$2.25 '14 Blakiston 
Bacteriological examination of food and water. 

Savage, W: G: *$2.25 Putnam 
Ball, M. V., and Weston, P. G. Essentials of 

bacteriology. 7th ed *$1 *13 Saunders 
Caird, J. M. Bacteria count on gelatin and 
agar media and its value in controlling the 
operation cf water purification plants, pa '13 
J. 2J. Caird, Troy, N. Y. 
Deason, J. Practical bacteiiology. 4th ed $1 

'13 Journal ptg. 

Diclison, W: B. C. Bacteriology. *20c '14 Dodge 
Hale, W. Cause of death from subdural injec- 
tions of serum, pa lOc '14 Supt. of doc 
Hiss, P. H., and Zinsser, H. Text-book of 
bacteriology. 2d ed subs lea *$3.75 '14 

Jo.-ilnr, i:. O. Text-book of general bacteri- 
ology. 4th ed *$3 '14 Saunders 
Mclsaac, I. Bacteriology for nurses. 2d ed 

*$1.25 '14 Macmillan 
4$Mack, E A. Bacteriology for nurses. *$1.50 '14 

afncXonl, W. J. Pathogenic micro-organisms. 

*$2.25 '14 Blakiston 
Park, W: H , and Williams, A. W. Pathogenic 

mloroorprnntems. 5th ed *$4 '14 Lea 
RccJ, H. S. Manual of bacteriology for agri- 
cultural and general science students. *$1.25 
'14 Ginn 

Savage, W: G: Bacteriological examination of 
food and water. "$2.25 '14 Putnam 

Sec also Dairy bacteriology; Tmm unity; 
Microscope and microscopy; Soil "haoUTioto.nry 
Bacteriology, Agricultural 

Sec also Dairy bacteriology; Soil bacteri- 

Bacteriology, Dairy. See Dairy bacteriology 
Bacteriology, Veterinary 

Moore, V. A,, and Pitch, C. P. Exercises in 
bacteriology and diagnosis for veterinary 
students and practitioners. *$1 '14 Ginn 
Scott, W: Clinical bacteriology and vaccine 
therapy for veterinary surgeons, hf lea $2.50 
'13 Eger 

Bacteriology of diphtheria. Nuttall, G: H: F., 
and Graham-Smith, G: S., eds. *$5 Putnam 
Bacuez, Rev. Nicolas Louis, abbe, 1820- 
Major orders. S vii,484p *$1.50 '13 Herder- 


Bad. times. Hannay, J. O. *$1.20 Doran 
Baden-Powell, Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth, 


Quick training for war: a few practical sugges- 
tions. Tx,102p diags *50c '14 Duraeld 


Badsworth, pseud. (A. Lindsay Lister) 

Royal auction bridge. *$1.25 '14 Putnam 
Baedeker, Karl 

(comp.) Manual ol the Russian language, with 
vocabulary and list of phrases. S 117p bds 
*45c (Je) '14 imp Scribner 
Baedeker, Karl, firm, publishers, Leipzig 

Egypt and the Sudan; handbook for travellers; 
with 22 maps, 85 plans, and 55 vignettes. 7th 
remodelled ed S cxc,458p *$4.50 '14 Scribner 


Russia; with Teheran, Port Arthur, and 
Peking: handbook for travelers; with 40 
maps and 78 plans. S lxiv,500p *$5.40 (Je) 
'14 imp Scribner 14-14633 

Southern Prance, in eluding Corsica; handbook 
for travellers. 6th rev ed, with 42 maps, 63 
plans, and a panorama. S 3txvi,648p *$2.40 '14 
Scribner 14-14634 

Southern Germany C^V-rt^-iV- ::=: ind Bav- 
aria). handbook for : :.,*::_ >. Jj-. rev ed S 
xxx,SS8p U maps *$l.SQ '14 Scribner 

Baekeland, Leo Hendrik, 1S63- 14-14760 

Some aspects of industrial chemistry. O 5-43p 
pa 25c (Jl) '14 Lemcke 14-13530 

Baer, Clara Gregory 

Newcomb, a game for the g^mrRFi^^ and 

playground. ''PpfiVinc: Itr.^ " c-.vf-r ss.r of 

athletic l-nnfiiiookp, n.41t, D 37p il 25c '14 

Am. sports pub. 14-3733 

Baeriein, Henry 

Abu'l Ala, the Syrian. (Wisdom of the East) 
S 99p *70c (Ja) '14 Dutton [14-5541] 

Contents: pt 1, The life of Abu'l Ala; pt 2, The poems 
of Abu'l Ala and others 

Mexico, the land of unrest, being chiefly an 

account of what nrMno**''! the outbreak in 

1910, together \/:i ! : i- ,- ^.>ry of the revolu- 

tions down to i 1 '!* <!,i,-. L'-i ed l,461p il *$2 

'14 Lippincott [14-10280] 

Bagehot, Walter, 1826-1S77 

Barrington, E. I. Life of Walter Bagehot. 

"$4 (*12s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Bagiey, Clarence B. 
Winthrop and the Northwest See Williams, J; 

H. Winthrop and Curtis 
Bagiey, William Chandler, 1874- 
School discipline. D xiv,259p *$1.25 CD) '14 
Macmillan 14-21127 


O'Neill, P. Irish minstrels and musicians. $2.50 
'13 F. O'Neill, 5448 Drexel av., Chicago; For 
sale by Lyon & Healy 
Holley, H. Bahaism: the modern social re- 

ligion. buck *$2 '14 Kennerley 
Bahama songs and stories. Edwards, C: L., 

comp. *$3.50 Am. folk-lore soc. 
Bahlmann, A. C. 

(tr.) See Keller, G. Village Romeo and Juliet 
Balkie, Rev. James 
Lands and peoples of the Bible. D xi,2S8p 

*$1 50 (O) '14 Macmillan 

Peeps at the royal navy; with 12 full-page il. 
in col. from dT-aw*"!*-* by Norman L. Wilkin- 

. . 

son. D vii,87i> -"j ^O) '13 Macmillan 


Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, 1877- 
For the story teller; story telling and stories 
to tell. D viii,261p $1.50 (Jl) '13 Bradley, M. 


Bailey, Charles William 

Steps towards educational reform; some prac- 
tical suggestions for improving our national 
system. D vi,lllp pa bds *30c '13 Putnam 

Bailey, Clyde H. 

Composition and quality of spring and win- 
ter wheats, crops of 1912 and 1913. (Bui. 
143) O 5-58p pa (S) '14 Univ. of Minn. Agrrfc. 
exper. sta. 

See Arny, A. C, jt. auth. 
Bailey, Edgar Henry Summerfleld, 1848- 
Source, chemistry and use of food products. 
D xiv,517p 75 il *$1.GO (Jl) '14 Blakiston 


Text-book of sanitary and applied chemistry; 
or, The chemistry of water, air, and food. 
3d ed rev D xx,345p *$1.40 (D) 13 Macmillan 


and Cady, Hamilton Perkins, 1874- 
Laboratory guide to the study of qualitative 
analysis, based upon the application of the 
theory of electrolytic dissociation and the 
law of mass action. 7th ed O x,280p il *?1.25 
'14 Blakiston 14-1477 

Bailey, Edward Homer 
How to get rich without working. 5c '14 Pub- 

lic bk. dept. 
Bailey, Eliza Randall Simmons. See Manly, 

J: M., Jt auth. 
Bailey, George Mllroy 

Book of the Century society, organized to 
study the art of living long; containing 
Cofnaro's own story: how he lived to 103 
years, though given up to die at 40; his 


Bailey, G: M. IJook <f the Century society Coat, 
rules of In ing long, which anyone can fol- 
low. S H<"P i-Ji l'3c f JJ G" M. Bailey, care 
or Xortlave^t towns! te c-j., 3'.S Chestnut st.,. 

Bailey, Gilbert Ellis . 

Introduction to the soils of California. D 
ITlp il $1.50 "IS Western empire pub. co., 
Los Anst-les, Cal. 13-23Sa9 

Bailey, Henry Christopher, 1S7S- 
Fortv years after: tic Franco-Prussian war 
\\Ith an introrl. by "W. L. Courtney. (Pocket 
bks.) D r>Gc '14 Doran 
Bailey, Henry Turner, ISGo- . 

Art education. (Riverside educational mono- 
graphs) D v-xi,102p diags *&0c '14 Hough- 
ton 14-341d 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde, 1858- 
Standard cyclopedia of horticulture; a dis- 
cussion for the amateur, and the profes- 
sional an.l commercial grower, of the kinds, 
characteristics and methods of cultivation 
of the species of p'ants grown in the re- 
gions of the L'nited States and Canada, 
for ornament, for fancy, for fruit and vege- 
tables; with keys to the natural families 
and genera, etc.; il. with colored plates, 
4000 engravings in the text, and 96 full- 
page cuts. 6v v 1-2 Q xx,fi02; 603-l200p subs 
ea ?>, lea $10 '14 Macmillan 14-6168 

York 'state rural problems. O 273p $1 '13 Lyon 


Bailey, Margaret Lewis, 1SSO- 
Milton and Jakob Boehme: a study of German 
mysticism in seventeenth- century England. 
(Germanic literature and culture; D vii,200p 
*50c '14 Oxford 14-13415 

Bailey, Mathilde Alpuente 
Right or wrong. O 143p il vellum $1.2o (D) '33 

Graham co. 

Bailey, Pearl La Verne, 1SS4- 
Bomestic science; principles and application. 
D xvi,343p il $1 CAp) '14 Webb -pub. 

Bailey, Temple 

Contrary Mary, il *$1.25 '14 Penn 
Bailey, Thomas Pearce, 1867- 
Race orthodoxy m the South, and other aspects 
of the negro question. O vi,7-386p *$2 '14 
Neale 14-8724 

Bailey twins. Chamberlain, A. C. *$1 Lothrop 
Baillie- Reynolds, Mrs. Louis. See Reynolds, 
G. M. 

Dobie, A. M. Bailments and carriers, 1914. 

buck *$3.75 '14 West 
Dobie, A. M. Cases on bailments and carriers, 

1914. buck *|2.50 '14 West 

--Elliott, W: F. Treatise on the law of bail- 
ments, buck *$2.50 '14 Bobbs 
McClain, E. Selection of cases on the law of 
bailments and carriers. 3d ed *$5 '14 Little 

Sec also Warehouses 
Bain, Francis William, 1863- 
Syrup of the bees; tr. from the original manu- 
script. O xix,144p *$1.25 '14 Putnam 14-17987 
Bain, Mfldred 

Horace Traubel. D 67p por bds *50c '13 Al- 
bert Boni, 96 5th av., N. T. 14-953 
Balnbrldge, Francis Arthur, 1874- and Menzies, 

J. Ackworth 

Essentials of physiology. *$3 (*10s 6d) (O) '14 

Bainbrldge, William Seaman, 1870- 
Cancer problem. O xuc,534p il *$4 (O) '14 Mac- 
naiflan 14-18277 

Balnes, Arthur E. 

Electro-pathology and therapeutics, an ac- 
count of many years' research work; the 
discovery of the electro-pathology of local 
pyrexia, and of an effective means of stay- 
ing inflammation; together with a prefatory 
1 treatise upon the Nervous system in its re- 
lation to neuro- electricity, by F. H. Bow- 
man. O 120p il $2 '14 Chicago med. 


Baines, W. P. 
(tr.) See Loti, P. Egypt; Morocco; Siam 

Baines- Griffiths, David, 1SCS- 
Our Brother of joy; the Christian enrichment 
of life. D 72p *50c '14 Meth. bk. 14-17112 

Three-move problems and how to solve them. 

S vni,100p *60c (Mr ) '14 Dutton 
BaFrd, George M. P. 
'Prentice songs. O 58p '13 priv ptd Aldme 


Baird, Thomas 

Conscience. D 9Sp chart 50c (F) '14 Cook, C: 
C. 14-3983 

Balrnsfather, P. R. 

Sport and nature in the Himalayas; ed. by 
F. G. Aflalo. O xv,137p il *$2 '14 imp Scrib- 
Bakenhus, Reuben E.; Knapp, Harry S.; and 

Johnson, Emory Richard, 1S64- 
Tanama canal; its history and construction, 
and its relation to the navy, international 
law and commerce. O ix,257p il *$2.50 (D) '14 

Baker, Arthur E. 

Concordance to the poetical and dramatic 
works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. O xvi, 
1212p *$6 50 (S) '14 Macmillan 14-20124 

Baker, Bernard Nadal, 1854- 
Closer commercial relations with Latin- Amer- 
ica. O 8p pa 15c '11 Am. acad. 
Baker, C. H. Collins 

(ed ) Great art treasures, pt. 1. O 28p pa *50c 
(Ja) '14 Dutton 

Contents: pt 1, Adoration of the kings, by Malmse; 
Self portrait, by Rembrandt; Hon. Mrs Graham, by 
Gainsborough; Old Battersea bridge, by Whistler; Parth- 
enon frieze; Enamel triptych (coZor), by Nardon. Penl- 
caud; French ivory Madonna and child 
Lely and the Stuart portrait painters: a study 
of English portraiture before and after Van 
Dyck; with 240 reproductions after the orig- 
inal pictures. 2v Q ltd ed *$60 '13 Small 


Baker, Delos Richard 

Anglo-American reunion, from an American 
viewpoint. D 42p lOc '13 D. R. Baker, 204 N. 
22nd St., Columbus, O. 14-469 

Baker, Emille Kip 

Stories from northern myths. D ix,276p il 

*|l.25 CO) '14 Macmillan 14-16569 

Stories of old Greece and Rome. School ed. 

D xiii,384p il *$1 '13 Macmillan 
Baker, Ernest Albert, 1869- 
Guide to historical fiction. O xv,566p *$6 '14 
Macmillan 14-5413 

To some extent, a new edition of the author's His- 
tory in fiction (2v). Pref. 

Baker, Etta Iva (Anthony) 
Pairmount's quartette; with 11. "by C: M. Rel- 
yea. (Fairmount girls ser.) D viii,358p *$1.30 
(S) '14 Little 14-17096 

Baker, Franklin Thomas, 1S64- 
(ed ) See Tennyson, A. T. Selected Idylls of 

the king 
Carpenter, George Rice, 18G3-1909; and Dunn, 

Fannie Wyche, 1879- 
Language readers; primer D 11 8p il *30c '14 

Baker, George Kline, 1884- 

Haliefa. D 94p il *$1 '13 Neale 14-499 

Baker, George Merrick 
(ed.) See Kleist, H. von. Prinz Friedrich von 


Baker, George Philip, 1879- 
Magic tale of Harvanger and Tolande. D 11- 
359p *$1.35 '14 Doran 14-12482 

Baker, George Pierce, 1866- 
$$Technique of the drama. '14 Houghton 
Baker, Harriet Franc, 1875- 
(tr.) See Guyot, T. Where and why public 

ownership has failed 
Baker, James Hutch Ins, 1848- 
Colorado. University. Appreciation of the ser- 
vice of James Hutchins Baker, president of 
the University, January 1, 1892 to January 
1, 1914. '14 TTniv. of Colo. 



Baker, Jesse M. 

(comp.) Voter's guide: a digest of the election 
laws of Pennsylvania, defining the duties of 
assessors, county commissioners, sheriff, 
constable, overseers, watchers and the elec- 
tion officers. Rev. 1914. O 101,24,16,22p 25c '14 
W. G. Johnston & co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Baker, John E. 

Pneu-ho-mology, a discourse on the spiritual 

and physical nature of man D 2bOp por 

$1 '12 J. B. Baker, 101 N. Davis St., Ot- 

tumwa, la. 12-25625 

Baker, Lorln Lynn 

Broken law, a novel; the story of the love- 
makers; il. by Albert T. Reid. O 226p $1 50 
(Mr) '14 Roxburgh pub. 14-5509 

Baker, N. R. 

Alabama county schools and the relation to 
country life. D 112p il maps pa (Je) '13 
Alabama. Dept. of education, Montgomery 
(comp.) Review of work among the rural 
schools for the two years ending June 30, 
1913, A glance at the schools of the state 
as they are at present; A iccognition of 
Alabama's educational needs and plans for 
supplying them. (Bui. 33) O 112p il pa '13 
Alabama. Dept of educ , Montgomery 
Baker, Ray Stannard, 1870- 
Boys' book of inventions: stories of the won- 
ders of modern science. O xv,354p il *$1.60 
'13 Doubleday E14-75? 

Baker, Sir Sherston 

First steps in international law; prepared for 
the use of students. O x,428p <$4.25 (N) '14 

Baker, Theodore, 1851- 
Dictionary of musical terms. 15th ed O 257p $1 

'13 Schirmer 
Baker, Walter M. 

(comp.) Historical sketch First light infantry 

regiment, Providence, R. L O S8p il pa $1.50 

'12 F. H. Townsend, 95 Pine St., Providence, 

R. I. 14-5614 

Baker university 

Constructive and rebuttal speeches, both af- 
firmative and negative ot Baker university 
[Minimum wage]. O 36p pa $1 '14 Baker 
univ., Baldwin, Kan. 
Bakers and bakeries 
See also Baking 

Baker's computed ounce system for figuring 
dough. Nuelle, E. A. $10 E. A. Nuelle co., 
3004 Compton av., St. Louis, Mo. 
Baketel, Oliver Sherman, 1849- 
Methodist year book, 1914. D 201p pors maps 

pa *20c '13 Meth. bk. 

Rosswaag, L: A. Allgomeines rezept-buch ftlr 
backer und conditoren, 5th ed 50c '13 L: A. 
Rosswaag, 57 2d av., N. Y. 
Wihlfahrt, J. E. Treatise on Hour, yeast, fer- 
mentation and baking, together with recipes 
for bread and cakes. 3d ccl '14 Fleischmann 
co., 419 Plum St., Cincinnati, O. 

Sec also Bread; Cookery 
Bakke, N. J. 
Our colored mission. O 94p il pa 50c '14 Con- 

(Germ.) Unsere negermission in wort und 

bild. O 92p il pa 50c '14 Concordia 

Weeks, J: H. Among the primitive Bakongo, 
*$3.50 '14 Lippmcott 

Birnbaum, M. Leon Bakst. 50c '33 Berlin photo. 

co., 305 Madison av., N. Y. 
Balboa. Vasco Nufiez de, 1475-1517? 
Quintana, M. J. La vida de Vasco Nufiez de 

Balboa. *65c '14 Ginn 
Batch, Edwin Swift, 1856- 
Mount McKinley and mountain climbers' 
proofs, Q 142p *$1.25 '14. Campion & co* 


Balch, Herbert E. 

Wookey Hole; its caves and cave dwellers. 
Q 282p il *$7.75 'U Oxford 16-168 

Balch, Lei a id Relia 

Investigation of hydraulic curve resistance ex- 
periments with three inch p-pe. ''Engineer- 
ing sci , v. 7, no. 3) O 52p pa 25c '13 Univ. 
of "Wis. - 

Test of a jet pump. ^Engineering ser , v 7, no. 
4) O 15p pa 2."c '13 Univ. of Wis. 

Test of an eight foot flash wheel 'Engineering 
ser., v 7, no. 5) O 3p pa 25c *13 Univ. 

Of Wl3. 

See Davis, G: J., Jt. auth! 
Balch, Thomas, 1S21-1S77 

International courts of aiMtration. 5th ed, 

edited with an introd. and additional notes 

by T: "Willing* Balch. Q xni,69p por lacsims 

$2.50 '14 Allen, Lane & Scott 14-lOOuO 

Balch, Thomas Willing 

Legal status of Hudson's bay. 12p 15c '13 

Am. acad. 

(ed ) See Balch, T' International courts of 

Balck, William 

Tactics v 2, Cavalry field and heavy artillery 
in field warfare; tr. by Walter Krueger. O 
535p pis $0 (Jl) '14 U. S. cavalry assn. 
Balcony stories. King, G. B. $1 Graham co. 
Balde.r the Beautiful. Frazer, J. G: 2v *$5 


Balderston, Lydia Ray 

Laundering. D 214p il $1.25 '14 L R. Balder- 
ston, 1224 Cherry St., Phil. 14-22647 
Baldt, Laura I. 
$$Text book of clothing and textiles for high 

schools. *$1.25 '14 Lippmcott 
Baldwin, Asa C. 

(comp.) Map of the headwater regions of Cop- 
per, Tanana and White rivers, Alaska, 1914. 
$1 (Ap) '14 A. C. Baldwin, 3603 Burke av., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Baldwin, Bird Thomas, 1875- 
Physical growth and school progress: a study 
in experimental education (Bui. 1914, no. 10; 
whole no. 5S1) O 215p diags pa '14 U. S. 
Educ.; 25c Supt.. of doc. E14-699 

and Mohr, Walter H. 

Bibliography of teachers' salaries 440-461p 
5c '14 Supt. of doc. E14-1087 

Baldwin, Charles Sears, 1867- 
Introduction to English medieval literature. 
D xii,261p *$1.25 (Jl) '14 Longmans 14-12982 
Baldwin, Elbert Francis, 1857- 
"\Vorld war; how it looks to the nations 
involved and what it means to us. D vii,267p 
map *$1 25 (D) '14 Macmillan 14-21771 

Baldwin, Emma Virginia, 1876- 
Library service.: preprint; ed by Frank P. 
Hill. (Manual ot library economy, chap. 14) 
D 23p pa lOc '14 A. L. A. 14-7300 

Baldwin, H. 
(tr.) See Gaultier, P. Meaning of art 

Baldwin, James, 1841- 

Hero tales. (Young folks lib. of history and 
literature) 50c 14 Claflm 

Baldwin, James Fosdick 
King's council in Efngland during the middle 
ages. O xv,559p 4 pis *$5.75 (*18s) '13 Ox- 
ford 14-5110 
Baldwin, May 
Hilda's experiences. D il *$1.25 '13 Lippin- 

Moll Meredyth, madcap. D il *$1.25 '14 Llp- 


Baldwin, Ralph Lyman, 1872-, and Newton, Eld- 
ridge Ward, 1864- 
(comps.) Familiar operatic classics (Musical 

art ser.) Q 32p pa lOc '13 Ginn 
(comps.) Standard folk songs. (Musical art 

ser.) Q 32p pa lOc '14 Ginn 
(comps.) Standard patriotic songs. (Musical 

ait ser.) Q 38p pa lOc '13 Ginn 
Baldwin, Roger N, See Flexner, B., jt. auth, 
Baldwin, William Wright, 1845- 
Railroad taxes in Illinois; remarks before ^he 
Illinois State board of equalization, at 
Springfield, October 14, 1913. O 24p '13 


Baldwin, W: W. Railroad taxes Contln ued. 
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R, R., A. 
E. Patten, tax agent, 547 W. Jackson blvd , 
Chicago A13-2243 

Baldwin locomotive works 
History of the Baldwin locomotive works, 1S31- 
1913. O 14Gp il '13 Baldwin locomotive works, 
Phil. A14-1308 

Bale, Edwin 
<ed.) See East, A. Brush and pencil notes in 


Balfour, Arthur James, 1S48- 
Id ea of Go<l. (Gifford lectures) O 2.50 '14 


Nationality and home rule. O 24p pa 20o 
(*6d) (Ja) '14 Longmans 14-13598 

Balkan states 
Sloane, W: M. Balkans. *?1.50 '14 Meth. bk. 


Tsanoff, C. S. and R. A. Pawns of liberty. 

*$1.35 '14 Outing pub. 
Balkan war, 1912-1913 

Cassavetti, T>. J. Hellas and the Balkan wars. 
*$3 '14 Dodd 

Durham, M. E. Struggle for Scutari. *$4 
(*14s) '14 Longmans 

Fried, A. H. Few lessons taught by the Bal- 
kan war. pa gratis *14 Am. assn, for inter- 
national conciliation 

International commission to inquire into the 
causes and conduct of the Balkan wars. 
Report. '14 Carnegie endowment for inter- 
national peace 

Monroe, W. S. Bulgaria and her people. *$3; 
% mor *$6 '14 Page 

Rankin, R. Inner history of the Balkan war. 
*?5 '14 Button 

Schurman, J. G. Balkan wars, 1912-1913. 2d ed 
*$1 '14 Princeton umv. press 

Stobart, M. A. War and women. *$1.60 '14 

"Wright, H. C. S. Two years under the Cres- 
cent *$2 '13 Small (corr price) 

Balkans. Sloane, W: M. *$1.50 Meth. bk. 
Ball, C. J. 
Chinese and Sumerian. Q 23p,151p,10p fac- 

sims *?12.75 '14 Oxford 
Ball, Carleton Roy, 1873- 

Grain sorghums: immigrant crops that have 
made good. O 221-238p pis pa '14 XL S. 
Agric.; lOc Supt of doc. 
Ball, Eustace Hale 

Art of the photoplay. D 121p *$1 '13 DUlingr- 

ham 14-30794 

Bubbles from Gotham's Pierian spring. S 93p 

il bds 50e '12 Veritas pub. 13-21472 

Traffic in souls: a novel of crime and its cure; 

il. from scenes in the photo-play. D 6p,ll- 

289p *$1.25; popular ed 50c '14 Dillingham 

Ball, F. Elrlngton 

(ed.) See Swift, J. Correspondence 
Ball, J. D. W. 

Reinforced concrete railway structures. (Glas- 
gow text books) O xiv,208p il *$2.50 '14 Van 
Nostrand A14-1830 

Ball, Michael Valentine, 1868-, and Weston, Paul 

Garfield, 1881- 

Essentials of bacteriology; being: a. concise 

and systematic introduction to the study 

of bacteria and allied microorganisms. 7th 

ed., thoroughly rev.; with 118 il., some in 

colors. (Saunders' auestion-compends, no-. 

20) D 9-321p il *$1 '13 Saunders 13-26747 

Ball, Walter William Rouse, 1850- 

Matheraatical recreations and essays. 6th ' ed 

D acv,506p *$2.75 (D) '14 Macmillan 
Ball bros. mfg. co. 

Ball preserving book. O 55p il '13 Ball bros. 
mfg. co. Muncle, Ind. Agrl3-1903 

Ball. See Baseball 

Ball of fire. Chester, G: R. and L. *$1 35 
Hearst's int. lib. 

Balla, and other Virginia stories. Nelson, J. P. 

$1 Bell bk. 

British ballads. *20c '14 Dutton 
Colum, P., comp. Broad-sheet ballads. *75c '14 

Norman, Remington co. 

S teens tr up, J. C. H. R. Medieval popular 
ballad. "$1.75 '14 Ginn 

See also English poetry; Folk songs; Songs 
Ballads of childhood. Earls, M. *$1 Benziger 
Ballagh, James Curtis 

(ed.) See Lee, R: H. Letters 
Ballantyne, J. W. 

Expectant motherhood; its supervision and hy- 
giene. O xv,28Sp *$1.50 (P) '14 Funk 
Ballantyne, Robert Michael, 1825-1894 
Coral island; with mtrod. and notes by A. S. 
Tetley; abridged ed. (Longmans' class-books 
of English literature) D viii,183p *30c (*ls) 
(My) '14 Longmans 

Ballard, Anna Woods. See Walter, M., jt. auth. 
Ballard, W. S., and Volck, W. H. 
Apple powdery mildew and its control m the 
Pajaro valley. (Bui. 120) O 26p pa '14 U. S. 
Agric.; lOc Supt. of doc. Agrl4-1458 


Railway educational bureau. Ballast. $1 '14 
Railway educational bureau, Omaha, Neb. 

Balleine, Rev. George Reginald, 1873- 
Layman's history of the Church of England. 
2d ed D x,214p "50c (*ls Gd) (My) '14 Long- 

Balleine, Rev. R. W. 

(ed.) Schemes of religious instruction for in- 
fant day-schools; with a foreword by the 
Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Manchester. O 
x,136p pa *50c (*ls 6d) (N) '13 Longmans 

Ballenger, Edgar Garrison, 1877-, and Elder, 

Omar Franklin 

Genito-urinary diseases and syphilis; The 
Wassermann reaction, by J. Edgar Faullin. 
2d ed rev., with 109 IL O xxiv,529p *$5 '13 
E. W. Allen & co., Atlanta, Ga. 14-122 

Ballenger, William Lincoln, 1861- 
Diseases of the nose, throat and ear, medical 
and surgical. 4th ed, rev. and enl O xi,17- 
1080p pis *?5.50 (Ag) '14 Lea 14-13466 


Livingstone, B. Metropolitan opera house, De- 
cember 19, 1913; souvenir of the Pavlowa 
carnival. 25c '13 Theatre magazine co., 8 W. 
38th St., N. T. 

Balloons and airships 

Corbin, T: W. Aircraft; aeroplanes, airships. 
75c '14 McKay 

See also Aeronautics 

Connecticut. Laws concerning the preparation, 
form, and use of ballots. '12 Connecticut. 
Sec. of state, Hartford 

Sec also Elections; Preferential ballot; 
Short ballot 

Ballou, Adin 

Christian non-resistance. 278p 50c Am. peace 

Ballou, Frank Washington 
High school organization: a constructive study 
applied to New York city. (School efficiency 
ser.) O xiv,178p $1.50 '14 World bk. co. 


Ball's bluff, Battle of, 1861 
Peirson, C: L. Ball's Bluff. '13 priv ptd 



Balneo-gymnastlc treatment of chronic diseases 
of the heart. Schott, T. *$2.50 Blakiston 

Balsam fir 

Zon, R. Balsam fir. pa '14 U. S. Agric.; lOo 
Supt. of doc. 

Baltimore. Ordinances, etc, 
Laws relating to Baltimore harbor, October, 
1913. S 63p il '13 Dept of public improve- 
ments, Baltimore 14-1566 



Baltimore, Md. 

Baltimore book; a resume' of the commercial, 
industrial and financial resources, municipal 
activities and general development of the 
city of Baltimore '14 W. F. Coyle, City li- 
brary, City hall, Baltimore 

Alooney, 11. S. Financial interests of Balti- 
more. $3 '14 Williams & Wilkins 


Baltimore. Ordinances, etc. Laws relating to 
Baltimore harbor, October, 1913. '13 Dept. 
of public improvements, Baltimore 

Sanitary affairs 

Fox, C. Public health administration in Bal- 
timore, pa lOc '14 Supt. of doc. 
Baltimore book; a r&sume" of the commercial, in- 
dustrial and financial resources, municipal 
activities and general development of the 
city of Baltimore. O 165p il maps '14 W. 
F. Coyle, City library, City hall, Baltimore 


Baly, Edward Charles Cyril, 1871- 
Inorgamc chemistry. (People's books) S v,7- 
fc'Gp diags *20c '12 Dodge [A14-881] 

Balzac, Honore" de, 1799-1850 
Works. New national ed., with Saintsbury 
unexpurgated translation. ISv D *$13.50; 
flex lea *$22.50 '14 Hearst's int lib. 
Contes philosophiques ; introd. de Paul Bour- 
get. (Collection Gallia) S por *35c (Mr) '14 

Le cure de village; ed r with introd. and notes, 
by Stanley L. Galpin. (Oxford French ser. 
by Am. scholars) D xviii,365p por *75c 
'14 Oxford 14-2241 

(Eng.) Country parson; with an introd. by G: 
Saintsbury. (Everyman's lib.) *35c; lea 
*70c '14 Dutton 

Eugenie Grandet; abr. and ed. with introd., 

notes and vocabulary by A. G. H. Spiers. 

(Heath's modern language ser.) S xv,236p 

front *55c '14 Heath 14-6179 

Love in a mask; tr. by Alice M. Ivimy, ed de 

luxe vel bds *$5 '14 Rand 

P6re Goriot; introd. by Emile Faguet. (Col- 
lection Gallia) S xv,342p por *35c (Mr) '14 

La recherche de Tabsolu; ed. with introd. and 

notes by C: E. Young (Oxford French ser.) 

D xvi,304p *60c '14 Oxford 14-15437 

Tragedy ot a genius. (Lotus lib,) *$1 '14 


Faguet, E. Balzac. *$2 '14 Hough ton 
Kelm, A., and Lumet, L: Honors de Balzac. 

*75c '14 Stokes 
Sandars, M. F. Honore" de Balzac; his life 

and writings. *$1.50 '14 Lane 
Bamberg, Rev. A. Hubert 
Popular sermons on the catechism, from the 
German, e4. by Herbert Thurston, 3v v 1, 
Faith. O 451p *$1.50 (O) '14 Benziger 14-18579 
Bambi. Cooke, M. B. bds *$1.25 Doubleday 
Bamboo. Sharman, L. *$1 Elder 
Bampton, Rev. Joseph M., 1854- 
Modernism and modern thought. O 118p *60o 

(D) '13 Herder 
Bampton lectures, 1886. See 'Bigg. C: Christian 

Platonists of Alexandria 
Adams, F: U. Conquest of the tropics. *$2 

'14 Doubleday 
Bancroft, George, 1800-1891 
History of the United States.' 6v *$21 '14 

Appleton (corr price) 
Bancroft, Howland, 1883- 

Ore deposits of northeastern Washington; in- 
cluding a section on the Republic mining 
district, by Waldemar Lindgren and How- 
land Bancroft. (Bui. 550) O viii,215p tt pa '14 
U. S. Geol. S.; 20c Supt. of doc. GS14-617 
Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832- 
History of Mexico, being a popular history of 
the Mexican people from the earliest primi- 
tive civilization to the present time. vii, 
581p il *$2 '14 Bancroft co. 14-18571 

Bancroft, Hugh, 1879 -. Stee Blakemore, A. W.. 
Jt. autlu 

Bancroft, J. Austen, 1SS2- 
Geology of the coast and islands between the 
Strait of Georgia and Queen Charlotte 
Sound, B C. (Geol. S. Memoir no. 23) O 
viii,146p il pa '13 Canada Dept. of mines, 
^ Geol. S., Ottawa GS14-250 

Band of mirth. Smith, E. T. *1.25 Lippincott 
Bandages and bandaging 
Eliason, E. L. Practical bandaging. *$1.50 '14 

Hosking, M. R. Bandaging made easy, bfts 

40c '14 Chicago med 

Rankin, W: Elements of bandaging and the 
treatment of fractures and dislocations. 
*$1.50 '14 Oxford 

See also First aid in illness and injury 
Bandler, Samuel Wyllis, 18G9- 
Medical gynecology. 3d ed, thoroughly rev O 
9-790p il *$5 '14 Saunders 14-40S2 

Bands (music) 
Miller, G: J: Military band, bds $1.25, pa $1 

'12 Gray, H. W. 

Bangor historical society, Bangor, Me. 
Fiftieth anniversary of the Bangor historical 
society; proceedings. O 88p il '14 Bangor 
historical society, Bangor, 3Me. 14-18739 

Bangorian controversy, List of pamphlets re- 
lating to. Trinity college, Hartford 
Bangs, John Kendrlck, 1862- 
Foothills of Parnassus. O xi,200p *$l-25 (F) 
'14 Macmillan 14-2548 

Poems, serious and humorous 
Santa Glaus and little Billie. ooze lea 75c 

'14 Browne & Howell 
Bank, W. Dane, pseud. 

James. D 315p *$1.25 '14 Doran [14-11144] 
Bank advertising plans. MacGregor, T. D. $2.50 

Bankers' pub. 

Bank of the Manhattan company, New York 
Historic buildings now standing in New York, 
which were erected prior to eighteen hun- 
dred. O 45p pa '14 Bank of the Manhattan 
co., 40 Wall St., N. Y. 14-8251 

Bank officers. Rosenberger, J. L. pa 75c J. L. 
Rosenberger, 58 W. Washington St., Chicago 
Banker, Howard James, 1866- 
(ed.) See Underwood, L. M. Underwood fam- 
ilies of America 
Rand, McNally & co. Bankers-' directory and 

list of attorneys. 78th ed *$6 '14 Rand 
Bankers and investors handbook for Massachu- 
setts. Rollins, M. lea $3 Financial pub. 
Bankers encyclopedia (purple book). 39th ed Q 
$8 '14 Bankers encyclopedia co., 20 Nassau 
St., N. Y. 

Bankers realty Investment company, Omaha 
Homes of quality: a book of plans for pro- 
spective home builders. F 72p il pa $1 (Mr) 
'14 Bankers realty investment co., 17th & 
Farnum sts., Omaha, Neb. 14-7040 

Banking. See Banks and banking 
Banking and negotiable instruments. 4th ed 

Tillyard, F. *$1.75 Macmillan 
Banking law 

California. Bank act of California, pa gratis 
'13 California bankers assn., 1064 Mills bldg., 
San Francisco 

Connecticut. Laws relating to banks, savings 
banks, and trust companies, 1913. '13 Pub. 
by the state of Conn., Hartford 
Conway, T:, Jr., and' Patterson, 33. M. Oper- 
ation of the New bank act. *$2 '14 Lippin- 

Falconbridge, J: D. Canadian law of banks 

and banking. 2d ed $8.50 '13 Canada law bk. 

Guaranty trust co. Concise digest of the new 

banking and currency bill, gratis Guaranty 

trust co. of New York 

Wen, V. G, Federal reserve act of 1918. $1 

'14 National bank news, PhiL 
Illinois. Auditor's office. Pointers, suggestions 
and model by-laws relating to the organiza- 
tion of a state bank unfler the laws of Illi- 
nois. 2d ed '13 HI* Auditor's office, Spring- 


Banking law Continued. 

Indiana. Bank laws, mortgage guarantee 
company law, public depository law, forms, 
etc. '13 Burford 

Kaye, B: M. Chart of the Federal reserve 
act. pa '14 B: M. Kaye, 14'J Broadway, N. 

Maclaren, J: J. Banks and banking [Canada]. 
4th ed hf cf $5 *14 Carswell co, 

IMagee, H. "ft*. Treatise on the law of national 
an<l state banks. 2-1 ed ^T.oQ '14 Bender 

Martin, W: M. Ten more talks on banking 
law. '1* Mississippi valley trust co., St. 
Louis, INIo 

Michie, T: J.. eel. Treatise on the law of 
hanks and banking. 3v ea $6.50 '13 Michie 

Michigan. Laws relating to hanking. '13 
Michigan. Dept. of state, Lansing 

Morgan, G: W., and Parker, A. J., eds. Bank- 
ing law of New York. $3.50 '14 Banks 

New York state banking law. '14 Brooklyn 
daily eagle 

Park, M. C. H. Plan for a rational feasible 
banking and currency bill, pa gratis '13 
M. C. H. Park, Waco, Texas 

Praetz, J. H:, comp. Digest of savings bank 
laws, fl '14 J. H: Praetz, 51 Chambers St., 
N. Y. 

Reeves, P. T: Digest of the Federal reserve 
act. '14 priv ptd F. T: Reeves, 710 Lilley 
bldg., Waterbury, Conn. 

Rosenberger, J. L. Bank officers-, pa 75c '14 
J. L Rosenberger, 58 "W. "Washington, st., 

Shibley, G: H: How the new currency law 
affects me. pa lOc *14 Ogilvie 

U. S. Comptroller of the currency. Digest of 
decisions relating to national banks with ap- 
pendix. 65c '14 Supt. of doc. 

U. S. Congress. Conference committees. Re- 
port on the bill H. R. 7837, to provide for 
the establishment of federal reserve banks, 
pa lOc '13 Supt. of doc. 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Banking and currency 
'13 Gov. ptg. 

U. S. National-bank act, as amended, and 
other laws relating to national banks, pa 
15c '13- Supt. of doc. 

Wisconsin. Banking laws of Wisconsin. Re- 
vision of 1913. '13 Democrat ptg. co. 
Bankrupt. See Bj0roson, B. Three dramas 

American bankruptcy reports, annotated, v 30 
sh $5 '13 Bender 

Black, H: C. Treatise on the law and practice 
of bankruptcy, buck $9 '14 Vernon law bk. 

Brandenburg, B. C: Law of bankruptcy. 4th 
ed 2v $15 '14 Callaghan 

Collier, W: M. Law and practice in bank- 
ruptcy under the National bankruptcy act 
of 1898. 10th ed buck $9; flex lea $10 '14 
Banks, Edgar James, 1S66- 

Annenian princess: a tale of Anatolian peas- 
ant life. D 252p *$1.25 '14 Badger, R: G. 

Banks, Helen Ward 

Boys' Motley; or, The rise of the Dutch re- 
public; with 12 H. in col. by A. D. McCor- 
mick. O 277p *$2 '14 Stokes 14-14625 

Banks and banking 

Acad. of political science. Banking and cur- 
rency in the United States. $2; pa $1.50 '13 
Acad. of political science 

Ailing, N. D. Reserve and currency problems, 
pa 25c '13 N. D. Ailing, 11 Beekman st., 

Bankers- encyclopedia. 39th ed $8 '14 Bankers 
encyclopedia co., 20 Nassau st, N. T. 

Boehmer, J. Our currency problem. $1 *13 
Peoples' currency league, Bloomington, HI. 

Boston. Statistics dept. Banks and banking, 
industries, wealth, etc., in New England 
and Boston. '14 

Brandeis, L: D. Other people's money and 
how the bankers use it *$1 '14 Stokes 

Desjardins, A. Cooperative people's bank la 
caisse populaire. 15c '14 Russell Sage foun- 

Dowrie, G: W: Development of banking in 
Illinois, 1S17-1S63. pa 90c '14 Univ. of 111. 

Eckardt, H. M. P. Branch banking among 
the state banks, pa 25c '10 Am. acad. 

Esarey, L. State banking in Indiana, 1814-1873. 
pa 50c '12 L. Esarey, Bloomington, Ind. 

Fisher, E. D. Relation between fixed and fluid 
credit, a price problem. "13 priv ptd E. D. 
Fisher, 280 Broadway, N. Y. 

Frame, A. J. Address entitled, Facts vs. fal- 
lacies in banking reform, pa '13 A. J. Frame, 
Waukesha, Wis. 

Greenlees, J: R. Sound banking, pa '12 J: R. 
Greenlees, Lawrence, Kan. 

Hancock, J. D. Banking and currency, pa 
gratis '13 J. D. Hancock, Franklin, Pa. 

Holdsworth, J: T. Money and banking. *$2 '14 

How to advertise a bank, with subs to Sys- 
tem $2 '14 Shaw, A. W. 

Hurley, E: N. Banking and credit in Argen- 
tina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, pa '14 U. S, 
For. & dom. comm.; lOc Supt. of doc. 

International school of banking. Practical 
course of instruction in banking. 5v '13 In- 
ternational account soc., Detroit Mich. 

MacGregor, T. D. Bank advertising plans. $2.50 
'13 Bankers' pub. 

Maclaren, J: J. Banks and banking [Canada]. 
4th ed hf cf $5 '14 Carswell co. 

Martin, W: M. Ten more talks on banking law. 
'13 Mississippi valley trust co., St Louis, 

Mills, A. L. Financial conditions in the United 
States. 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 

Montgomery cypher code for banks, stock- 
brokers and investment bankers. 5th ed flex 
lea $5 '14 Financial pub. 

Practical school of .banking. 5v pa $5 '14 
A. Stoll, jr., box 98, Detroit, Mich. 

Scott, W: A. Banking. *50c '14 McClurg 

Shibley, G: H: History of guaranty of bank 
deposits in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, 
Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, 1908- 
1914. 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 

Stewart, C: L. Analysis of rural banking con- 
ditions in Illinois. '14 Illinois bankers' assn., 
Champaign, 111. 

Tillyard, F. Banking and negotiable instru- 
ments. 4th ed *$1.75 '14 Macmillan 

U. S. Banking and currency bill, pa lOc '13 
Supt of doc. 

U. S. Comptroller of the currency. Digest of 
decisions relating to national banks with 
appendix. 65c '14 Supt of doc. 

U, S Congress. Conference committees. Re- 
port on the bill H. R. 7837 to provide for 
the establishment of federal reserve banks, 
pa lOc '13 Supt of doc. 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Banking and cur- 
rency. '13 Gov. ptg. 

U. S. National- bank act, as amended, and 
other laws relating to national banks, pa 
15c '13 Supt of doc. 

Vanderlip, F. A. Plea for intellectual freedom 
In currency legislation, pa '13 F. A. Van- 
derlip, 55 Wall st., N. Y. 

Warburg, P. M. Essays 1 on banking reform in 
the United States. $2; pa $1.50 '14 Acad. of 
political science 

White, H. Money and banking. 5th ed *$1.50 

'14 Gmn 
Williams, J: S. Democracy in banking, pa '14 

N. C. bankers' assn., Raleigh, N. C. 
Withers, H. Meaning of money. *$1.50 '14 


See also Agricultural credit; Banking law; 
Checks: Credit; Discount; Finance; Inter- 
est; Money; Mortgage banks; Stock ex- 
change; Trust companies 


Am. bankers' assn. Forms for savings banks 
and savings departments in commercial 
banks and trust companies. $4 '14 Am. bank- 
ers assn. 

Bordwell, G: O. Modern banking methods as 
applied to the tellers and bookkeepers. $2 
'13 Hicks-Judd co. 

Lewis. A. Error-proof method of keeping a 
bank account pa 25c '13 Lewis systems co. 


Banks and banking Accounting- Continunl, 
Smith, J. S. Practical bank calculator. $2.50 
'13 J. S. Smith, Zearing, la. 


Rand-IMcNally "bankers* directory, Chicago. 
Key to numerical system of the American 
bankers' association. 23. ed *$1.50 '13 Rand 

Buschlen, J: P. Behind the wicket. $1 '14 

Buschlen, J: P. Canadian bank clerk, bds 

$1.25 '13 Briggs 
Banks and banking, Cooperative 
Ham, A. H., and Robinson, L. G: Credit union 
primer, pa 25c 3 14 Russell Sage foundation 
Bankston, Marie Louise Benton 
Camp-fire stories of the Mississippi Valley 
campaign. D 171p il $1 '14 Graham co, 

Banning, Kendall, 1879- 

Bypaths in Arcady; with il. from photographs 
by Lejaren A. Hiller; with an introd. by J: 
W: Alexander, vel $35; bds $15 '14 Brothers 
of the book 
Bannister, L. Ward 

Federal disposition of state waters, address. 
(U. S. C3d Cong., 2d sess. S. Doc. 57:i) O 2Up 
pa 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 14-30739 

Spencer, E; Cakes and ale. 4th ed *?1 '14 


Banta, Nathaniel Moore 

(ed.) Nature neighbors, embracing birds, 
plants, animals, minerals, in natural colors 

by color photography. 5v O 2250p il buck 
$07.20 (My) '14 Am. Audubon assn., Rand- 
McNally bldg., Chicago 14-10195 

Bantam fowl. 2d ed pa 50c Reliable poultry jour- 
nal pub. 
Bantock, Granville, 1868- 

(ed.) One hundred songs of England; for high 
voice. (Musicians lib.) F xlv,204p pa $1.50 '14 
Ditson 14-22630 

Songs of the seraglio; a cycle of four songs 
for high, voices, lyrics by Helen F. Bantock. 
Q 24p pa $1.25 '14 Ditson 
Bantock, Helen F. 

Songs of the seraglio; a cycle of four songs 
for high voices; by Granville Bantock; 
lyrics by Helen F. Bantock. Q 24p pa $1.25 
'14 Ditson 

Miller, J. M. Catechism on the mode of bap- 
tism, pa 20c '14 Joseph M. Miller, Pittsville, 

Morrison, C: C. Meaning of baptism. $1.25 

'14 Disciples pub. soc. 
Reger, A. How Johnny was baptised, pa Oc 

'14 Soc. of the divine word 
Thompson, T. Offices of baptism and confir- 
mation. *$1.25 '14 Putnam 

Sec also Baptists 

Baptist annals of Oregon, 1844 to 1900. Mattoon, 
C: H. 2v ea $1.50 Rev. C: H, Mattoon, Mc- 
Minnville, Ore. 

Baptist authors, Mclntyre, W. E. $8; per num- 
ber 60c W. E. Mclntyre, box 229, St. John, 
N. B., Canada 

Baptist home missions. Masters, V: I. pa 30c 
Publicity dept., Home mission bd. of the 
Southern Baptist convention, Atlanta, Ga. 


Mclntyre, W. "B. Baptist authors. $8; per num- 
ber 60c '14-'15 W. H. Mclntyre, box 229, St. 
John, N. B., Canada 

Mason. C. A. Jesus Christ's men. *50c; pa *35c 

Mattoon?' C^H. Baptist annals of Oregon, 

1844 lo 1900. 2v ea $1.50 '05-'13 Kev. C: H. 

Mattoon, McMinnville, Ore. 
Porter, J: W: World's debt to the Baptists. 

$1 '14 Baptist bk. concern 
Sandefur, T. S. Sandefur's digest, pa 25c 

'12 Herald ptg. co., Camdon, Ark. 
Wallace, 0. C: S. What Baptists believe. 50c 

'13 Bapt. S. S. bd. 


Bar examinations. See La\v Examinations 
Barbara. GooGm^n, K. S. i-a 'Joe Viijsluui & 

Barbara Wemstock lecture.:- on the moiuls of Iloughton 

CLrk, J IS Sumiil justice \kitluj *t soiuili-iu T.i c li 
Barbarous Mexico. 4th ed Turner, J: K. $1.50 


Barbe, Waitman, 1864- 

Great poems interpreted, with biographical 
notes of the authors represented. D 368p 
125 '14 Hinds H-52G1 

Barbee, Lindsey, 1S7G- 

In the college days: a group of monologues. D 
120p -*$! '14 Denison 14-G007 

Barber, Amherst Willot/ghby 

(ed.) Benevolent raid of General Lew Wallace; 
how Mexico was saved in 1SC4; the ilonroe 
doctrine in action; testimony of a survivor, 
private Justus Brooks. O 20p pa 25c (F) '14 
A W. Barber, 703 E. Capitol st , "Washing- 
ton, D. C. 14-3167 
Barber, Edward 

Sacred scripture in song and story. D 15Sp 
$1.25 (D) '14 Williams & Wilkins 

Twilight thoughts. D 114p il $1 25 (D) '14 Will- 
iams & Wilkms 
Barber, Eunice Miena, 1860- 

Wright-Chamberlin genealogy from emigrant 
ancestors to present generations. O 462p il 
$3.25 '14 K M. Barber, 4 Church st , Mont- 
rose, Pa. 14-14751 

Barber, Frederick Delos 

Physical sciences in our public schools. (Nor- 
mal school quarterly, ser. 12, no. 49) O 32p 
)a gratis (O) '13 Illinois state normal univ,, 
sTonnal, 111. E14-26 

Barber, Samuel 
Matrimonial experiment: a local novel. D 6- 

184p pa 25c (Ja) '14 Ogilvie 
Barber, Thomas Walter 

Engineer's sketchbook of mechanical move- 
ments 1 , devices, appliances, contrivances, and 
details. 5th ed O xii,355p il *$3 Spon (corr 
price) . 3-7840 

Repair and maintenance of machinery. O x, 
46Gp il *$3 Spon (corr price) 3-16554 

Barber, W. H. w 

(ed.) See Kmgsley, C: Hereward the Wake 
Barbier, Jules i. e. Paul Jules, 1825-1901, and 

Carre", Michel, 1819-1872 

Faust, a lyric drama in five acts; music by 
C: Gounod, vocal score by Lo Delibes, 
Elng. version by H. F. Choi-ley, rev. and 
extended by C: Fonteyn Manney; with an 
mtrod. essay by Philip Hale. Q xiii,32Sp pa 
$1.50 '14 Ditson 
Barbier do Seville. See Beaumarchais, P. A. C. 


Barbour, Sir David Miller, 1841- 
Influence of the gold supply on prices and 
profits. O xii,104p *$1.25 (F) '14 Macrnillan 


Barbour. Henry M. 
English at a glance for Spaniards (Ingles en 

una ojeada para los Espafioles). D 96p pa 

25c (Mr) '14 Excelsior 
Barbour, Ralph Henry, 1870- 
Benton's venture. D 5p,312p U *$1.30 '14 Ap- 

pleton 14-4305 

Brother of a hero; il. by C: M. Relyea. D 

301p *$1.35 (0) } 14 Appleton 14-16197 

For the honor of the school. (Every boy's lib.) 

*50c '14 Grosset 
Left end E'dwards: with il. by C: M. Itelyea. 

365p *$1.25 (O) '14 Dodd 14-18423 

Story my doggie told to me; with il. by J: Rae. 

D 182p *$1 (O) at Dodd 14-18905 

Barbour. W "!" 
History of contract in early English eouity; 

and The abbey of Saint-Bertju. and its 

neighbourhood 900-1360, by a. W. Coopland. 

(Oxford studies in social M*1 legal history, 

V. 4) C 411P *$115 '14 Oxford 
Barchester towers, Trolk>pe> A. *35e MaciaaiHaji 


Barclay, Edith Noel (Danlell) (Mrs. Hubert 

Barclay) 1S72- 

East of the shadows. D 305p *$1.25 (F) '14 
Doran 13-12870 

Barclay, Florence Louisa (Charlesworth) 1S62- 
Golden censer, p vii,ll-61p bds *50c '14 Doran 


!My heart's right there. D *75c '14 Putnam 
Through the postein gate; a romance in seven 
days. D viii,269p il *$1 35 (Ap) '12 Putnam 


Wall of partition. D 421p *$1.35 (O) '14 Put- 
nam 14-15178 
Barclay, Shepard, 1S47- 

Address to tlie graduating class of the Ben- 
ton college of law, May 29, 1913. O 16p por pa 
gratis '13 Benton college of law, Grand & 
Franklin aves., St. Louis, Mo. 13-20561 

Barclay, Sir Thomas, 1853- 
Law and utage of war. *?1.50 '14 Houghton 
Thirty years: Anglo-French reminiscences 
(1876-rj06). O 3S9p il *$3.50 (Ag) '14 Hough- 
ton 14-15028 
Barclay, Wade Crawford, 1874- 
First standard manual of teacher training. D 
xxxix,353p maps *60c; 2 pts ea *35c '14 
Meth. bk. 14-14586 
Barcroft, Frederick T. 

Report and appraisal of the Detroit united 
railway (.city lines) Detroit, Michigan, Octo- 
ber 1, 1U09; ed. by Norman Flowers and 
Edward C. Dunbar. F 237p il maps '10 F: T. 
Barcroft, Detroit, Mich. 13-33809 

Barcroft, Joseph 

Respiratory function of the blood. *$5.75 '14 

Bard, Andreas, 1873- 

Scattered leaves: a collection of poems. O 62p 

por pa *35c '14 German lit. bd. 14-11834 

(tr.) See Bettex, F: Glory of the triune God; 

Word of truth 
Bard, Harry Erwin 

Intellectual and cultural relations between the 
United States and the other republics of 
America. English ed Q 35p '14 Carnegie en- 
dowment for international peace 
Bardeen, Charles William, 1847- 
Girl from Girton, and other stories about 
schools. D 235p $1 '14 Bardeen 14-22588 

Trial balance, and other stories about schools. 
D 229p $1; mor $2 (D) '13 Bardeen 14-2134 
Barden, Julius Corblt, 1878- 
Explosive hazards in manufacturing plants. 
D 27 numb 1 50c '14 Aetna life insurance co., 
Haxtford, Conn. 14-5145 

Bardswell, Noel Dean, 1871- 
Preliminary report on the treatment of pul- 
monary tuberculosis with tuberculin. O 141p 
$2.40 '14 Chicago med. 
Bare-foot days. Maxwell, G: M. pa 50c G. M. 

Maxwell, Roanoke, Va. 
Bargar, Byron Lakin, 1867- 
Law and customs of Hot duty. 323p ?3 Miller 
(corr pub) 

Barger, George 

Simpler natural bases. (Monographs on bio- 
chemistry) O viii,2!5p *$1.80 (*6s) (My) '14 
Longmans Agrl4-1341 

U. S. Engineer dept. Experimental towboats. 

pa 50c '14 Supt of doc. 
Barham, George R. 

Masonry: an elementary text-book for stu- 
dents in trade schools and apprentices. 
(Longmans' technical handicraft ser.) D 
184p il *SOc (*2s 6d) (Ap) '14 Longmans 
Barham, Richard Harris- (Thomas Ingoldsby, 

pseud.) 1788-1845 

Jackdaw of Rheims. *$3 '14 Winston 
Baring, Maurice, 1874- 

Lost diaries. D viii,214p *$1.25 (c. '13) (Mr) 

'14 Houghton A14-1081 

Mainsprings of Russia. D *$1 (Je) '14 Nelson 

Round the world in any number of days; il. 

by B. T. B., Vincent Lynch and Walter J. 

Enright. D 199p *$1.25 (0) '14 Houghton 


Baring-Gould, Sabine, 3S34- 
Church revival; thoughts thereon and remi- 
niscences O xx,415p il -$450 OJy) '14 Dutton 
Barker, A. H< 

Theory and practice of heating and ventila- 
tion. O 656p 11 *$8 '13 Van Nostrand 
Barker, Aldred Farrer, 1S6S-, and Mldgeiy, Eber 
Analysis of woven fabrics. D 31Up il *$3 (Je) 
'14 Van Nostrand A14-1587 

Barker, Bruce, pseud. See Lincoln, J: W. 
Barker, Elsa 

Letters from a living dead man, written down 
by Elsa Barker; with an introd. D 291p 
*$1,25 (Ap) '14 Kennerley [14-7285] 

Barker, Ernest 

Dominican order and convocation: a study of 
the growth of representation in the church 
during the thirteenth century. O 83p *$1 '13 
Oxford 14-5985 

Nietzsche and Treitschke; the worship of 
power in modern Germany. D 2Sp pa *5o '14 

Barker, GranviIIe i. e. Harley Granville, 1877-. 
See Housman, L., jt. auth. 

Barker, Percy Bousfield 

Suggestions for agricultural high schools. O 
l:ip '14 Dept. of public instruction, Lincoln, 
Neb. E14-832 

Barkley, Archibald Henry, 1872- 
Kentucky's pioneer lithotomists. O 159p il '13 
priv ptd Dr A. H. Earkley, Lexington, Ky. 

Barlaam and Joasaph 

St. John Damascene: Barlaam and Joasaph, 
with an English tr. by G. R. Woodward and 
H. Mattmgly. (Loeb classical lib.) S xx, 
640p *$1.50; lea *$2 (Ap) '14 Macmillan 


Barley, Joseph Wayne, 1873- 
(ed.) See Trevelyan, G: O: Selections from 

Life and letters of Lord Macaulay 

Harlan, H. V. Some distinctions in our cul- 
tivated barleys with reference to their use 
in plant breeding, pa *14 U. S. Agnc.; 5c 
Supt. of doc. 
Barlow, Peter, 1776-1862 

Barlow's tables of squares, cubes, square 
roots, cube roots, reciprocals of all integer 
numbers up to 10,000. D 199p *$3.25 '12 Spon 


Barnabetta. Martin, H. R. *$1.30 Century 
Barnaby, Sydney Walker 
Marine propellers. 5th ed O ix,185p il *$3 Spon 

(corr price) 

Barnaby Rudge. See Dickens, C: 
Barnard, Alicia 

Story of the Constitution of the United States. 
D 160p 50c '14 Educational 14-18933 

Barnard, Charles, 1838- 

Forest ring. See De Mille, W: C. 
Barnard, Charles Inman, 1850- 
Paris war days: diary of an American. O x, 
226p il *$2 (D) '14 Little 14-20G60 

Barnard, Howard Clive 

Pictures of famous traveL O 64p il *75c (F) 
'14 Macmillan 

Barnard, John 

Every man his own mechanic: a complete 
guide for the amateur to all constructive and 
decorative work including carpentry, join- 
ery, turning, painting, etc. O xv,17-504p il 
*$150 (Ag) '14 Stokes A14-2877 

Barnard, Walter Green, 1881- 
Regulation. D 124p *?1 '13 Stewart & Kidd 
(corr pub) 13-19149 

Barnardo, Thomas John, 1845-1905 
Neuman, A. R. Dr. Barnardo as I knew him. 
*75c '14 Houghton 

Barnell, David O. 
(ed.) See Cook, J. L. Railway shorthand 

Barnes, A. S., & co. 

Seventy-five years of book publishing. 1838- 
1913. O Sip il pa gratis '13 Barnes 14-17919 



Barnes, Rev. Arthur Stapylton, 1SC1- 
Kaiiy church in the light ot the monuments. 
a study in Christian archaeology . ( \\est- 
minster lib.; D xx,23p -$1.50 </'ob) ubi U 
.Longmans Al4-lL'yl 

Barnes, Charles Merntt 

\ isi tor's guide and history of San Antonio, 
'lexas, noai the toundatiori Ubbi); to the 
piebeni time, \uth the stuiy ot the Alamo. 
4th ed, lev and enl D 11-iJSp il pa 25e '1J 
NIC. Tengg, JJj \V Commerce St., San An- 
tonio, Texas KJ-ly509 

Barnes, Charles Randall 

(ed ) People s Bible encyclopedia, biographi- 
cal, geogiapmcal, hibtoricai, and doctrinal, 
with a supplement by Melun G. Kiyie; il. by 
neaiii 4UO engxavmys, maps, uiaits, etc. O 
xu,12T7, vmp subs *y.50 '13 People's publi- 
cation fcoc., Chicago lo-J1785 

Barnes, Earl, 1S61- 
Psychoiogy ot childhood and youth, *50c (Oj 

'14 Huejbsch 
Barnes, Earnest W. 

lle\ised edition ot the methods of protecting 
and propagating the lobster, with a briet 
outline ol its natural histoiy. o W-lLTp pis 
'11 Comm. ot inland nsneiied, Proviutsnee 
R I- P14-3U 

Barnes, Everett 

American history for grammar grades. D xv, 
30b,xxxp il maps U (Ji) 'Id Heath U-lSiiuii 
Barnes, George Owen, 1827- 
Liost people and A \anished sceptic. D 62p 
por 75c Tl Mrs. Mary U. Ciaig. box 10J, 
totantord, Ky 13-2520J 

Barnes, Harold Edgar, and Milner, Byron Albert 
(coraps.) Selected cases in constitutional law. 
6th ed O 33 7p $2.50 '14 Lyon & Armor, Phila- 
delphia i-i-r^u 

Barnes, Harry A., 18SO- 

Tonsils, taucial, lingual, and pharyngeal, \vith 
some account ol tne posterior and lateral 
phaiyngeal nodules. O IbSp il *$3 'li Mosby 

Barnes, Will C. 

WtocK-watering places on western grazing 
lands, (.termers' bul. 592; O U7p il pa '14 
U. fc3. Agnc.; 5c Supt. ol doc. AgrU-114S 
Barnes, William, 186<>- 

fcjpint ol' Kepublicanism, speech at the Itepub- 
licuii, club, ol the city ol i\ew Yoik, 'ihuitiuay 
evening, March 2t>, lull. U Ijp '14 Tunny 


Barnett, Rev. Samuel Augustus, 1844-1913 

Barnes, Willis, 1843- 

8 seciels ol happiness. D GOp 5t)c '13 \V. A. 
Barnes te co., N. l r . 14-2424 

Barnes-Grundy, Mrs, Mabel Sarah 
Patricia plays a part. D vni,417p *$1.35 (F) 
'14 Dodd 14-4^00 

Barnett, Carrie Lane, 1857- 
Olarke family tree, chart '14 C. L, Barnett, 
1014 Vermont av., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Barnett, Harry Villlers, 1808- 
Hyeros and the Isles of gold. (Lane's conti- 

nental green books) fc3 U *$1 '14 .Lane 
ij Monte Carlo and Monaco. (Lane's continental 
green books) t$ il *$1 '14 Lane 

Barnett, Mrs. Henrietta Octavla (Rowland) 1831- 
(coinp.) See Barnett, fc5: A: Worship ana work 

Barnett, Lionel David, 1S71- 

Antiquities of India: an account of the his- 
tory and culture ol ancient timdustan, 
(Handbooks to ancient civilizations ser.) U 
xvi,30bp il mupw *$4 '14 Putnam LA14-1010J 

Catalogue of the Burmese book in the British 
museum. Q 3D4p T/.7G '14 Oxiord 

Barnett, Mary G. 

Young delinquents; a study of reformatory 
and industrial schools; in trod, by J: Gorst. 
D xiv,222p *$1.25 (Ja) '14 Dutton LJBJ.4-131J 

Barnett, Samuel 
Life insurance accounting. ?8 Insurance field 

Statements of a life Insurance company, in- 
cluding the gain ana loss exhibit. Q 57p 
$3.50 (N) '13 Insurance field 13-25658 

Barnett, T. Ratcliffe 
litmm ifecencea ol old Scots folkb, TMth la il. 
in coi b t , IL Gtmmel Hutcnibon. *.>1.5u J 1J 
Phillips, Le Hoy 

Barnhill, John Basil 

Barnhill-Tichenur debate on socialism, as it 
appealed in the National rip-saw. (Pap-saw 
lib., no. 101) O <>3p il 25c '14 National rip- 
saw pub. 14-lOtJyO 

Barnstormers. Aley, M. *$1.25 Scribner 

Barnum, Eben Lewis, 1S39-, and Barnum, 

Francis, 1849- 

(comps.) Genealogical lecord of the Barnum 
family, presenting a conspectus of the maie 
descendants of Thomas Barnum 1625- 16B5. 
F US 1 pors $5; lea .>lo '14 E. L Barnum, 
Dodge, Mass. H-l 021& 

Barnum, Madalene D. 

Spmt ot 1,1 ogress, a pageant play. O 2Sp priv 
ltd Biooki>n naming school lor teachers, 
Ji oofc iyii, i\ T y. E14-77I 

Barnum family (Thomas Barnum, 1625-1695) 
Barnum, E. JL. and i\, comps. Genealogical 
record ol the Barnum family, presenting a 
conspectus of the male descendants of 
Thunias Barnum lt>25-lbUJ. ^5, lea |10 '14 
E L. Barnum, Dodge, Mass. 

JStillman, M. H. Note on the setting of a 
mercuiy suriace to a recjuued height, pa 
'14 CJ. fc3. Stand., lOc Supt. 01 aoc. 
U. 8. iStandaids, Bu. of Testing of barometers. 
2d ed '14 LJ. S. btand.; DC bupt. of doc. 
Baronage. See Peerage 

Baroque architecture. Briggs, M. S. $5 McBride, 

Mast & co. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia Edith (Huddleston) 1831- 
Fiaynig with lire; il. by Howard Heath. D 
4JUP " (Ap) '14 Appleion 14-72JJO 
Trinity bells; with 8 il. by C. M. Kelyea. 75c 

(tf) '14 Grosset 

U. fc>. \Var dept. Construction of barracks and 
quarters in the island ol Ualm and in the 
Manama Canal Zone, pa r <0c '14 tiupt ol doc. 
Barratt, N orris Stanley, 1802- 
l>ook-lieepei a and commercial law: address, 
Monday, May 12, 1913. O J^4p por '13 pnv ptd 
M. JS. .barratt, room 461, City hall, Phil. 

Barre cattle shows. See Worcester county west 

agricultural society 
Barrel making simplified. Miller, L , ed. pa $1 

.Leon Miller, IDo^ Gonnuntown av., Jt^hii. 

Miller, L.., ed. Barrel making simplified, pa $1 

'14 JLeon Miller, 1952 Germantown av., *nu. 

Newlin, J: A. Tests of wooden barrels. '14 

U. fc>. Agnc., be Supt. of doc. 
Barres, Maurice, 1862- 
JL'ennemi des lois. (Collection Gallia) S 

viii,iii4p por *35c (Mr) '14 Dutton 
Barrett, Alfred Wilson, 1871- 
bilver King, lounded on the famous play by 
1-1. Aithur Jones and H: Herman. D 7-308p 
tront *$1.25 (Jl) '14 Diliingham 12-40106 

Barrett, Charles Raymond, 1874- 
Busmess English ana correspondence: a 
practical treatise on the methods by which 
expert correspondents produce clear and 
lorceful letters to meet modern business re- 
quirements. O DOp, lUJip il ?1 '14 Am. school 
of correspondence 14-1361 

Barrett, John, 1866- 

l j an American union peace, friendship, com- 
merce 253p il 50c '14 Pan American union 
(corr price) 

Pan American possibilities; an address. 3 Op 
gratis '14 Pan American union 

Panama canal; what it is; what it means. 3d 
ed D 180p il $1 '14 Pan American union 



Barrett, John Pressley, 1852- 
Camping along the Master's trail; or, Living 
in the light of His truth. D 26Sp il 50c 
(Mr) '14 Christian pub. assn., Dayton, O. 


Barrett, Rev. Michael, 1848- 
Footprints of the ancient Scottish church. 

*$1.80 '14 Herder 

Rambles m Catholic ]ands. O 264p il bxd *$2 

'14 Benziger 14-19976 

Barrett, Otis Warren, 1872- 

Philippine coconut industry. (P. I. Bu. of 

agric bul. 25) O 67p il pa '13 Bu. of ptg., 

Manila Agrl3-1314 

Barricades. How, L: bds *$1 Sherman, French 

& co. 

Barrie, James Matthew, 1860- 
AdmirabJe Crichton; il. by Hugh Thomson. Q 

bxd *$5; ed. de luxe *$25 '14 Doran 

Half hours: Pantaloon The twelve pound 

look Rosalind The will. D 207p *$1 !i5 (O) 

'14 Scribner 14-18746 

Der tag; or, The tragic man. D 20p bds *25c 

(D) '14 Scribner 
Window in Thrums; il in col. by A. C. Michael. 

new ed O 211p *$1.50 '14 Scribner 
Howe, P. P. Dramatic portraits, p. 115-132. 

*$1.50 '13 Kennerley 

Barriers burned away. Roe, E: P. 75c Grosset 
Harrington, EmIIIe Isabel (Wilson) (Mrs. Russell 


Essays on the purpose of art: past and present 
creeds of English painters. O xx,421p reduced 
price *$2.75 (*7s 6d) '11 Longmans All-1872 
Life of Walter BagehoL O viil,478p *$4 (*12s 
6d) (My) '14 Longmans 14-30792 

Barrlngton, Mrs. Russell. See Barrington, E. I. 
Barrow, George 
Selections. (English literature for schools) 

*20c >14 Button 
Barrow, John, 1764-1848 

Mutiny and piratical seizure of H. M. S. 

Bounty; with an introd. by Sir Cyprian 

Bridge. (World's classics) S 376p *35c; lea 

*65c, lambskin *80c '14 Oxford A14-2S20 

Barrows, Anna 

Farm kitchen as a workshop. (Farmers' bul. 
607) O 20p il pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of 
doc. AgrH-1502 

Barrows, David Prescott, 1873- 
Decade of American government in the Phil- 
ippines, 1903-1913. D xiv,66p il 60c (D) '14 
World bk. 15-111 

Barrows, Frank Wilson, 1853- 
Practical pattern making. 2d ed rev & enl 
I> 9-347p II $2 '13 Henley 13-25603 

Barrus, Dr. Clara 

Our friend John Burroughs; including autobio- 
graphical sketches by Mr. Burroughs. O 287p 
il *$2 (Mr) '14 Houghton 14-5340 

Barry, John Arthur, 1850- 

South sea shipmates. *$1.50 '14 Outing pub. 
Barry, John D, 

Outlines: a collection of brief imaginative 
studies related to many phases of thought 
and feeling, and representing an effort to 
give an Interpretation to familiar human 
experiences. O v-x,179p Ms *$1.50 *13 Elder 


Barry, R. B. Otter-. See Otter-Barry, R. B. 
Bars between. Dean, M. M. *$1,20 Four seas co. 
Barse, Mrs. Mary Emma (Salisbury) (Mary E. 

Blaln, pseud) 1872- 
Games for aH occasions. 60c Barse & Hopkins 

(corr price) 

Bartenders' association of America 
Bartenders* manual; mixed drinks; comp. by 
W: : Bishop. O 58,4p $1 '14 Bartenders' 
assfc* of Am., Chicago 14-9242 

Barth, Charles Henry 
(tr,) See Grfepenkerl, O: F. W. T. Letters 

on applied tactics 

Barthe"lemy Saint- Hilaire, Jules, 1805-1895 
Buddha and his religion. D 384p *$1.25 (Ap) 
'14 Button 

Bartholomew, John George, 1860- 
Literary and historical atlas of Africa and 
Australasia. (E\eryman's lib.) S xii,220p 
il maps *3oc; Ic-a *70c '13 Dutton A14-861 

Bartholomew, Robert O. 

Report of censorship of motion pictures and 
of investigation of motion picture theatres 
of Cleveland, 1913. O 32p '13 City council, 
Cleveland 14-2648 

Bartholomew county, Indiana 
Nydegger, J A Rural schools: sanitary survey 
of schools' in Bartholomew county, Ind. 5c 
'14 Supt of doc. 
Barthou, Louis, 1862- 

Mirabeau; from the French. O 352p il *$3 
(O) '13 Dodd 14-30192 

Bartlett, Henrietta C. 
Hand-list of early English books. See TVhite, 

W: A: 

Bartlett, John, 1820-1905 

Familiar quotations: a collection of passages, 
phrases and proverbs, traced to their 
sources in ancient and modern literature. 
10th ed, rev. and enl. by Nathan Haskell 
Dole. O xix,1454p *$3, hf lea '$3.50, hf mor 
*$6; mor *$12, pocket ed de luxe ltd mor 
*$7.50 ,(N) '14 Little 14-20753 

Bartlett, Mrs. Laura Belle (Downey) 1853- 

(comp. and tr.) Chinook-English songs O 39p 
pa 50c (Je) '14 L B. D. Bartlett, 350% Mor- 
rison St., Portland, Ore. 14-14237 
Bartlett family (Robert Bartlett, 10037-1676) 
Longfellow, M. A., comp. History of the Soci- 
ety of descendants of Robert Bartlet of 
Plymouth, Mass. $1; pa 75c '14 Mrs. E. B. 
Suhanek, 81 Pearl st., Holyoke, Mass. 
Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1727-1815 
Bartolozzi and other stipple engravers work- 
ing in England at the end of the eighteenth 
century. (Great engravers) O 15p,65pls bds 
*80c '12 Stokes A13-495 
Bartolus of Sassoferrato, 1314-1357 
Conflict of laws; tr into English by Joseph 
Henry Beale. O 87p *$1 (D) '14 Harvard 
univ. press 
Woolf, C. N. S. Bartolus of Sassoferrato. 

*$2.50 '14 Putnam 
Barton, Bruce, 1886- 

Toung- man's Jesus. O xviii,233p front *$1 (Je) 

f !4 Pilgrim press 14-12218 

Barton, Mrs. Catherine Josephine (Wfgglnton) 


Healing- thoughts. 3d ed D 7-G3p $1; pa 50c 
'13 Mrs. C. Josephine Barton, 3332 Troost 
av., Kansas City, Mo. 13-22811 

Barton, Dunbar Plunket, 1853- 
Bernadotte, the first phase, 1763-1799. O xv, 
532p il *$3.75 '14 Scribner 14-18954 

Barton, Frank Town end 
Dogs; their selection, breeding and keeping 

D x,279p il *$1.35 '14 Stokes 
My book of little dogs; drawings by G. Vernon 
Stokes. Q xii,106p il *$1.25 '12 Stokes 

Some sporting dogs. Q 125p il *$1.25 (Ag) '14 


Barton, Frederick M. 

(comp.) One hundred great texts and their 
treatment; texts, illuminative comment by 
noted preachers, and illustrative thoughts 
and incidents Including sermon suggestions 
for general and special occasions Thanks- 
giving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter, 
memorial day, mother's day, children's day, 
baccalaureate, etc.; introd. chapter by C: H. 
Parkhurst. O xviii,502p $2.50 (Ap) '14 Bar- 
ton, F. M. 14-7409 
Barton, George, 1866- 

Bell Haven eight; il. by C: Paxson Gray. D 
318p 60c (S) '14 Winston 14-17165 

Bell Haven nine; il. by C: Paxson Gray. D 
328p 60c (S) '14 Winston 14-15179 

In quest of the golden chest. 50c '14 Benzi- 

Mystery of Cleverly. 50c '14 Benziger 
Barton, James Levl, 1855- 
Ettucational missions. D 271p pis 75c '33 S. 
V. M. 14-4750 



Barton, James Levi Continued. 

Higher educational work of the American 
board. O 31p il '12 priv ptd Am. bd. E13-1808 
Barton, John Kennedy 

Naval reciprocating engines and auxiliary 
machinery; text-book for the instruction of 
midshipmen at the U. S. Naval academy. 
3d ed, rev. and re-written by H. O. Stickney. 
O 647p il, with atlas of 48 plates. $4.90 '14 
U S. naval inst. 14-2792-3 

Barton, Samuel Marx, 1859- 

Elements of plane surveying (including level- 
ing) ; rev ed O viii,255p il front $1.50 '13 
Heath 14-171 

Bartow, Edward, 1S70- 

Chemical and biological suivey of the waters 

of Illinois, report for year ending Dec. 31, 

3 !tl 3. (Water survey ser. no. 11) O 478p il 

$1.25; pa $1 '14 Umv of 111. 

Barty Crusoe and his man Saturday. Burnett, F. 

75c Donohue 
Barus, Carl, 1856- 

Production of elliptic interferences in relation 
to interferometry. pt 3 O vi,169-273p il pa $1 
'14 Carnegie inst. 
Bascom, Elva Lucile 

(comp.) Kuropean war Cm "Wisconsin library 
bulletin foi October, 1914). 7p pa DC '14 Wis. 
Free lib. 
Bascom, Louise Rand 

Bugaboo men. O unp il *$1 '14 Sully & Klein- 

Bascom Clarke. Whelan, C: E. $1 American 

thresherman, Madison, Wis. 

Cobb, T. Busting 'em and other big league 
stories. *$1 } 14 Clode, E. J. 

Connor, P* J., comp. Play ball! pa lOc '14 Print 
shop, Madison, Wis. 

Diamond fame co. Secrets of pitching. 50c 
'14 L. B. Johnson, 128 W. 14th St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Foster, J: B., ed. How to pitch, pa lOc '14 
Am. sports pub. 

Foster, J: B., ed. Spaulding's official base-ball 
guide. 38th year pa lOc '14 Am. sports pub. 

Howe, I M , ed. Pitching course. $1 '14 Base- 
ball correspondence league of Am., 210 W. 
Van Buren St., Chicago 

McGraw, J: J. How to play baseball. *60e 
'14 Harper 

Moreland, G. L. Balldom, the Britannica of 
baseball. $1 '14 M. B. Brown ptg. & bdg. 
co., 41 Chambers St., N. T. 

Richter, F. C. History and records of base- 
ball. $2 '14 F. C. Richter, Phil. 

Sherwood, R. K. Slang slycopaedia of base- 
ball, pa 25c '14 Hamming pub. 



iopper, J. M. Coming back with the spltball. 

*60c '14 Harper 
Mathowson, C. Pitcher Pollock. *$1.25 '14 

Baseball Joe in the central league. Chadwick, 

L. 60c Cupples & L. 
Bashford, Henry Howarth, 1880- 
Vagabonds in Perigord. D 234p *$1.25 (S) '14 

Houghton A14-2776 

Basic principles of oral English. Noyes, B. C., 

comp. v 1 $1.25 Edith C. Noyes symphony 

cha,mbers, Boston 
Basil the Great, St., 3307-379 
Clarke, W. K, L. St. Basil the Great. *$2.50 

'14 Putnam 
Basis of Anglican f fellowship. Gore, C: pa *20c 

Young ch. 

Basis of realism. Alexander, S: pa *35c Oxford 
Baskervllle, Charles, 1870-. See Gwathxney, J. T. f 

jt. auth. 

Baskervllle, John, 1706-1775 
Benton, J. H: John Haskerville, type-founder 

and printer, 1700-1775. '14 priv ptd Updike 
Basket ball 
Tulane university. Newcomb college basket 

ball guide for women. lOc '14 Tulane unlv., 

New Orleans 

Basket of plums. Wood, L. -5c Dutton 
Basket work 

Blanchard, M. M. Basketry book. *$2 '14 

Fitzgerald, S. G. Prise-ilia juniors' basketry 

book 50c '14 Priscilla pub. 
James, G: W. Piactical basket making. 51.25 

'14 Hammett 

Baskln, Robert Newton, 1S35- 
Remimscenes of early Utah. O 252p il $2 '14 
Shepard bk. 14-11334 

Bassett, Arthur Tilney 

Life of the Ut. Hon. John Edward Ellis, 
M. P.; with a preface by Viscount Bryce. O 
xv.SOOp pors *$2.50 (My) '14 Macmillan 
Bassett, Gardner Cheney, 1873- 
Habit formation in a strain of albino rats of 
less than normal brain weight. (Behavior 
monographs, v. 2, no. 4, 1914. Serial no. 9) O 
iv,46p il pa 65c '14 Animal behavior mono- 
graphs 14-11090 
Same. O iv,46p pa 50c '14 Johns Hopkins 


Bassoe, Peter, 1874-. See Patrick, H. T., jt. ed. 
Bastedo, Walter Arthur 

Materia medica; pharmacology; therapeutics, 
prescription writing, for students and prac- 
titioners. O 13-602p il *$3.50 '13 Saunders 


Bastide, Charles 

Anglo-French entente in the seventeenth cen- 
tury. O xiii,23Sp il *$3 '13 Lane (corr price) 


Contents: Inti eduction; From Paris to London undei 
the Meiry monarch; Did Frenchmen learn English in 
the seventeenth century' Specimens of English written 
by Frenchmen; Gallomania In England (1600-1685^; 
Huguenot thought in England; Sliakespeare and Christophe 
Mongcye; French gazettes In London (1650-1700); A 
quarrel in Soho (1682) ; The courtship of Pierre Coste, 
and other letters; The strange adventures of th& trans- 
lator of Robiiiscn Crusoe, the chevalier de Themlseul; 

Bastlen- Lepage, Jules, 1848-1884 
Crastre, P. Bastien Lepage. *65c; limp lea 

*$1.50 '14 Stokes 
Bastm, Edson Sunderland, 1878-, and Williams, 

Henry S. 

Bastport folio, Maine. (Geologic atlas of the 
United States no. 192) F 15p il maps diags 
pa '14 U. S Geol, S.; 25c Supt. of doc. 


Bastm, S. Leonard 

Flowerless plants; how and where they grow. 
O xi,152p il *|1.75 '14 Funk 14-13235 

Basu, B. D. 

(tr.) See Sarkar, B. K. Science of education 
Basu, Bhupendranath 

Why India is heart and soul with Great Bri- 
tain. O 8p pa *10c (N) '14 Macmillan 
Bat Wing Bowles. Coolidge, D. *$1.25 Stokes 
Batavia system of individual instruction. Ken- 
nedy, J: $2 Bardeen 
Batchellor, Albert Still man, 185-0- 
(ed.) Laws of New Hampshire, including pub- 
lic and private acts and resolves; and the 
Royal commissions and instructions; with 
historical and descriptive notes, and an ap- 
pendix. 2v v 1, 1679-1702; v 2, 1702-1745. O 
914; 832p buck ea $5 '04-'13 New Hampshire 
hist, soc., Concord, N. H. 
Batchelor, Gerald 
Golf stories; with 45 il. "by B. W. Mitchell. 

D viii,131p *$1.25 (S) '14 Macmillan 
Batdorf, John W. 
Geometric tax, the abolition of poverty, how 

to finance politics without graft. D 112p 
25c (S) '13 J: W. Batdorf, 117 W. 132d st, 
N. Y. 13-26736 

Bate, Oscar M. S>ee Currier, R: D., jt. auth. 

B Bnglish rC table l glass". (Collector's lib.) O adii, 
129p 11 *$2,25 '13 Scribner A14-411 

Bateham, A. P. 

Grading and packing fruits for the market, 
lep il 25c '14 Pacific Horticultural corres- 
pondence school 


Bateman, Lee La Trobe- 

Floiida trucking for beginners. D 205p $1 
'13 L,. La T: / .--"nit'" ir.. 3d av. & Bay- 
shore fclvd , I:-.':-. /.-. 13-26S4S 
Bates, Albert Carlos, 1S65- 
(ed.) See Connecticut V." = ":r'.'r1 Fcc!:-ty L'st 

of Congregational -.-.-. "..-.= "..'d:' -: s--i t- 1..;- = 
Bates, AHo, 1S30-. See Bates, H. L., jt. auth. 
Bates, Edward L., and Charlesworth, Frederick 
Mechanics for builders. <T.oncrmar.s* technical 
handicraft ser.) pt 2 *$3 'Js -1.:^ '14 Long- 
mans Al4-li]35 
Bates, Frank Amasa (Matasiss) 1^53- 
Camping and cam;. c"-"-'-::nc: :IO T " and rev. ed. 

S 12Sp 75c '14 BfcH PJ'-: 
Bates, Frank Greene 

Civics of Kansas; rev. by L V: lies. D 93p 

30c (Je) '14 Ginn 14-12291 

Bates, Frederick John, 1877-, .and, Phelps, 

Francis P. 

Influence of atmospheric conditions in the 
testing of sugars. (Scientific -infers no. 221) 
Q 537-555p diags pa '14 I T . cs. Sui:vJ.; lOo 
Supt. of doc. 14-30454 

Bates, Mrs. , Harriet Leonora (Vose) (Eleanor 
Putnam, pseud.) 1856-1886, and Bates, Arlo, 

Princo Vane'; ihastrita de Frank Myrick; el la 
angla llngrrc, ln~Z esperantigis Her- 
bert Kar: i>. S !".. " r.'-c- "14 Am, esperantist 
co , "West Ne\.-;on ? Aiass. 14-10762 

Bates, Herbert, 1868- 
(ed.) See Coleridge, S: T. Rime of the ancient 


Bates, Herbert Roswell, 1870-1913 
Harlow, S. R. Life of H. Rosvell Bates *$1 

'14 Re veil 

Bates, John M., 1S88- 

BushtaSled workers, minor poems, and other 
writings. O 41 p pa 75c (Mr) '14 J: M, Bates, 
linVa Broadway, Quincy, 111. 14-5161 

Bates, Katharine Lee, 1859- 
Chaucer'5 Canterbury pilgrims, retold; il. by 
Angus r^rDo 1 fiT, tt'ith color plates by Milo 
Winter. O 312p *$1.75; *?2 '14 Rand 14-6221 
Bates, Mrs. Louise (Prosser) 1857- 

(ed,) See Brown university. Historical catalog-. 


Bates, Orlc, 1883- 

Eastein Libyans: an essay. Q xxii,29Sp il 
*$14 (Ap) '14 Macmillan 14-14226 

Bates, Stanley Edwards, 1889- 
Good roads everywhere. Q 23p il map pa (S) 
'13 Stanley E Bates, National highways 
assn., Washington, IX C. 
See Da\is, C: H:, jt. auth. 
Bates, Will H. See Cowan, G: J;, jt. auth. 
Batey, John 

Science of works ^T-a^o'^ont (Broadway ser. 
of engineering 1 *:!<..!*, v 12) D 232p 
*?150 (O) '14 V,::: 
Baths, Public 

Gerhard, W: P. Progress of the public bath 
movement in the United States, pa 25c '13 
W: P. Gerhard, 30 E. 42 d St., N. Y. 
Gerhard, W: P. Public bath houses, pa 25c 
'14 W: P. Gerhard, 30 E. 42d s-t, N. Y. 
Baths, Turkish 
Cosgrove, J: J. Design of the Turkish bath. 

$3 Standard sanitary mfg. co. 
Baths and bathing 

Allsop, R. O. Turkish bath. *$1.80 Spon (corr 

See also Baths, Public; Baths, Turkish: 
Hydrotherapy; Swimming 
Batltfol, Louis, 1865- 

Duchesse de Chevreuse: a life of intrigue 
and adventure in the days of Louis XIII. O 
xi,353p il *$3 (S) '14 Dodd 

Wright, A. H. North American anura: life- 
histories of the anura of Ithaca, New York, 
pa $2 '14 Carnegie inst. 
Batstone, S. C. 

Electric-light fitting. D xvi,317p il *$1.50 (N) 
'14 Macmillan 

Batten, Samuel Zane, 1859- 
Industrial menace to the home. (Social ser- 
vice ser.) D 32p pa lOc '14 Am. Bapt. 


Battenfield, John Adam, 1S76-, and Pendleton, 
Philip Y. 

Great demonstration; a harmony of all the pro- T-OT>P of the Holy Bible, 1, Daniel 

:;--.; ".v. in lion. O 462p il $2 '14 Standard 

pub. 14-15810 

Battersby, Harry Francis Prevost (Francis Pre- 

vost, pseud.) 1862- 
Eichard Coi field, of Somaliland. O xx,250p *$3 

(Ap; '14 Longmans 
Uncertain glory. D 0-300p r $1.30 (Ag) '14 

Lane .14-14922 

Battle, Herbert Bemerton, 1862-, and Gascoyne, 

William John, 185G- 
Chemical conversion tables, lea ?2 Warwick 

& York 
BattJe between the Merrimac and the Monitor. 

Flake, B. "\\ r . pa -'3c K. \\'. Flake, Polkton, 

N. C. 

Battle cry. Buck, C: N. $1.25 Watt 
Battle of Gettysburg. See Gettysburg, Battle of 
Battle of Spring Hill, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1864. 

Shellenberger, J: K. pa *$1 Clark, A. H. 
Battle of the seven arts. Henri d'Andeli. pa 75c 

Univ. of Cal. 

Battle royal. De Veer, W. *$1 25 Lane 
Battle -ships. See "Warships 

Atteridge, A. H. Famous land fights. *$2 '14 


Boys' book of battles. *$2 '14 Hough ton 
Shepperson, I. Battles of destiny, bcls 75c '14 
Sister 3Iarv Fides Shepperson, Mount Mercy 
convent, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

See also Military history, Naval battles 
Battles of destiny. Shepperson, I. bds 75c 
Sister Mary Fides Sliepperson, Mount Mercy 
convent, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Battles of peace, Hodges, G: *fl.25 Macmillan 
Battleship as an educational Institution. Nees- 
er, B. W. pa gratis Navy icamiu of the U. 
S., Washington, B. C. 

Batts, Robert Lynn 

Law of corporations In Texas, as contained 
in the latest statutes and session laws, and 
as interpreted by the highest courts. 2fl ed 
O xxxvin,1301p buck $7.50 (D) '13 Vernon 
law bk. 14-1916 

Baudoin, Louis Marie 

Michaud, P. Life of the Ven. Louis Marie 
Baudoin. $3.25 '14 Benzigcr 

Baughman, Abraham J., 1838- 

(ed.) Past and present of Wyandot county, 

Ohio; a record of settlement, organization, 

progress and achievement. 2v Q il hf lea 

$18 '13 Clarke, S. J. 13-31515 

Baughman, Herschel Ray Austin, 1854- 
Bauehman's buyer and seller cost tables. 2d 
eri D 127n *1.50, $JJ '14 H. R. A. Baughman, 
lur'Tirjili')-!!.-. Ind. 14-2175 

Baum, Lyman Frahk, 1856- 
Little wizard stories of Oz; il. by J: R. Neill. 
D 198p 60c '14 Reilly & B. 14-14258 

Tik-Tok of Oz. il $1.25 '14 Reilly & B. 

Baum. William L., 1867-, and Moyer, Harold 

Nicholas, 1858- 

(eds.) Skin and venereal diseases and miscel- 
laneous topics. (Practical medicine ser., v. 9, 
series 1914) $1.35 '14 Year bk. pub. 

BaumS and specific gravity tables for 

lighter than water. Freeman, N H. limp cl 
*75c Spon 

Baumer, Lewis 

Deutsche liebeslieder. pa *25c '14 Phillips, 

Bauskett, J. S, 

Story of Florida. (Instructor literature ser.. 
no 508) D 32p 11 5c '13 Owen, F. A. 14-468 




Description and travel 

Baedeker, K. Southern Germany. 12th ed *$1.SO 

'14 Sciibner 
Bax, Ernest Beifort, 1S54- 

(ed.) See Schopenhauer, A Essays 
Bay Psalm book. D "2 '14 Dodd 

Facsimile KPIJII cf tlie 2rst edition printed by Stephen 
Daye at Cambridge, England, in 1G40 
. Bayard, Edwin Stanton, 18(37- 

Beef production, O 250p il pa gratis '13 Penn- 
sylvania. Dept. of agric, Harrisburg 

Bayeux tapestry 

Belloc, H. Book of the Bayeux tapestry. *S3 50 
'14 Putnam 

Bayfield, Matthew Albert, 1852- 
(ed.) See Verrall, A, W. Collected literary es- 
says Collected studies in Greek and Latin 
scholai ship 

Bayless, Bell 
Georgianna's wedding gown; a farce in two 

acts. S 2Gp pa 25c (Ja) '14 Dick 
Bayley, Harold 

Lost language of symbolism: an inquiry into 

1 the origin of certain letters, words, names, 

fairy tales, folk-lore and mythologies. 2v O 

il *$6 '13 Lippmcott 14-2336 

Bayley, J. Ernest 

Drapery business organisation, management 
and accounts. O x,291p il $2 '12 Pitman 


Bayley, R. Child 

How to make lanternslides. (Am. photog- 
raphy handbook no 9) T 37p pa lOc '14 Am. 
photographic pub. 
Bayley, Thomas, 1854- 

Pocket-book for chemists, chemical manufac- 
turers, metallurgists, avers, distillers, etc. 7th 
ed *$1.50 Spon (corr price) 
Baytey, William Shirley, 1861-, and others 
Itantan tolio, New Jersey. (Geologic atlas of 
the United States no. 191) P 32p il maps 
diags pa '14 U. S. Gool. S.; 25c Supt. of doc. 

Baylies, Edwin, 1840- G 1 " 4u 

(ed) Bender's justices' manual of civil and 
ciiminal law and practice for justices of 
the peace and police justices In the state 
of New York, with complete forms, under 
the consolidated laws, penal law, code of 
civil procedure and code of criminal pro- 
cedure as amended to Sept. 1, 1913. 3d rev 
Q viii,751; xvii,540p buck $7.50 '13 Bender 


Baylis, Frederic James, 1850- 
From the bread line to the pulpit: the story of 
how I came back; with an introd. by J": H. 
Wyburn. D 43p pis *35c (Jl) '14 Revell 


Bayllss, R. Wyke 
First school calculus. D xii,2SSp il *$1.20 (*4s 

6d) (N) '14 Longmans 
Bayllss, William Maddock, 1860- 
Nature of enzyme action. (Monographs on 
biochemistry) 3d ed rev & enl O viii,180p 
il *$1.50 (>5s) '14 Longmans Agrl4-1015 
Bayne, Charles Gerwlen, 1860- 
Anglo -Roman relations, 1558-1565. (Oxford 
historical and literary studies, v.2) O 336p 
*$2.90 '13 Oxford 14-7467 

Bayne, Marie 
Bow-wow. (Big books for little pooplo) Q 47p 

il $1 14 Sully & Kleniteich 
Old Mother Grunt or, and other tales. (Nelson's 
fireside lib.) D 6-06p il 60c '14 Sully & 

Bays, Alfred William 

American commercial law library for bank- 
ers, business men, students and business 
schools. 9v $12 '13 Callaghan 

See Andersen, A. 39., jt. auth. 
Bazin, Rene" i, o. Frangols Nicholas Made Rene", 

Le bifi qul ISve; ed. with inlrod., notes, and 
vocabulary by T f I/, Neff. S xxv,300p il *4So 
'14 Holt 14-21065 

Those of Lis own household (Madame Coren- 
tine), tr fiom ihe French by L. IM. LegJ-'att 
D i:y>p *;?12Z '11 De\m-Adair 14-lSu7Ci 

Beach, Edward Latimer, 1SG7- 
Rog^r Pauiding, ensign. D SGOp il *$1.25 '14 
Penn 14-6282 

Beach, Rex EMmgwood, 1877- 
Auction block, a novel of New York life, il. 
by C: Dana Gibson. D 440p il *$1.35 fS) '14 
Haiper 14-17991 

Ne'er-do-well. 50c '13 Burt 
Beach, William M., 1839-. See Cooke, A. B., jt 

Beacon for the blind. Holt, W. *?2.50 Hough ton 
Beacon lights of prophecy. Knudson, A. C 

"$1.25 Meth. bk. 

Beacon second reader. Fassett, J. H. *40c Ginn 
Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of, 


Whigs and Whiggism: political writings; ed 

with in trod, by W: Hutcheon. O 476p il *$3 

(F) '14 Macmillan [A14-1244] 

Buckle, G: B. Life of Benjamin Disraeli, v 3 

"?3 '14 Macmillan 

Froude, J. A. Life of Benjamin Disraeli, 
Lord Ceaconsfield. *35c, lea *70c '14 Dutton 
Beadle, William Henry Harrison, 1838- 
Coursey, O. W: Complete biographical sketch. 
75c '13 Educator supply co., Mitchell, S. D. 
BeaJ, F. E. L. 

American thrushes valuable bird neighbors. 
(Bui. 020) O 135-142p il pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 
luc Supt. ot doc. Agrl4-1063 

Beale, Alfred. See Bottone, S. R., jt. auth. 
Beale, Joseph Henry, 1861- 
Cases on legal liability. 4 pts pts 1-2 O 336; 
2S7p pa pt l, *$1.50, pt 2, *$1.25 '14 Harvard 
umv press 14-17824 

(tr ) See Bartolus. Conflict of laws 
Beaii, Dorothy Landers 

Bridge, and other poems. D 218p *?1.50 '13 
Kennerley 14-148 

Beall, F. P. 
Boall's mental arithmetic. $1 '14 F, P. Beall, 

30 Gerald av., Detroit, Mich. 
Beals, Charles Edward, 1869- 
(ed.) See American peace congress. 2d, Chica- 
go, liiOO. Proceedings 
Seals, Charles Elmer 

Religious studies for laymen: studies in the- 
ology. 1st series; rev ed D *60c; pa *35c '13 
C: E. Beals, Brandon, Vt. 13-17154 

Beaman, Ardern 

Travels without Baedeker. D 9p,259p *$2 '13 
Lane (corr price) 14-7465 

From Bombay to Venice 

Beaman family (Gamaliel Beaman, d. 1678) 
Beaman memorial library, West Boylston, 
Mass. Dedication of the Beaman memorial 
public library, Sept. 6, 1912. pa 30c '13 
Beaman memorial public library, West 
Boylston, Mass. 

Beaman memorial library, West Boylston, Mass. 
Dedication of the Beaman memorial public 
library, Sept. 6, 1912. O 52p il pa 30c '13 
Beaman memorial public library, West Boyl- 
ston, Mass. 13-22113 
Bean,-, and Scarisbrick,- 
Chemistry and practice of sizing. O 650p il $10 

'14 Textile world record 
Bean, E. F. See Martin, L., jt. auth. 
Bean, Florence Ordway, and Brodhead, John C. 
Bookbinding for beginners. O S2p il $1 25 
(My) '14 School arts pub. 14-10626 


Fluharty, L. W. Bean growing in eastern 
Washington and Oregon, and northern Idaho. 
'13 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Piper, C: V., and Morse, W. J. Five oriental 
species of beans, pa '14 U. S. Agric., 3,0c 
Supt. of doc. 
Beard, Adelia Belle 

Beard animals, life size, standing alone; inven- 
ted and drawn by A. B. Beart^, with descrip- 
tions toy the inventor, Q 1,5 I 13 pi *R > 14 
Stokes 14-14434 


Beard, Adella Belle Con tlnunl. 
Children's kraft shop. (Know how books) Q 

64p il bds 75c '14 Donohue 
riee Beard, L , jt. auth. 
Beard, Charles Austin, 1874- 
American government and politics; new and 

rev ed O x,78Sp *$2.10 (F) '14 Maemillan 

City manager plan of municipal government. 

2d ed 33p 25c '14 National short ballot or- 
ganization, CSS 4th av . X. Y. 
Contemporary American history, 1877-1913. 

D vii,397p *$1.50 (F) '14 Macmillan 14-3118 
Readings in American crove^nment and poli- 
tics; new and rev ed O xxiii,638p *$1.90 (Ja) 

'14 Macmillan 

and Beard, Mrs. Mary RItter 
American citizenship. D xiii,330p il *$1 (Ap) 

'14 Macmillan 14-7061 

Beard, Charles Heady, 1855- 
Ophthalmic surgery. 2d ed rev and enl O 

xi,745p il *$5 (Mr) '14 Blakiston 14-6204 
Beard, Daniel Carter, 1850- 
American boy's handy book, new ed il *$1.50 

'14 Scribner 
Boat-building and boating. (Every boy's lib.) 

*30c '14 Grosset 

Boy pioneers, new ed il *$1.50 '14 Scribner 
Field and forest handy book, new ed il *$1.50 

'14 Scribner 

Jack of all trades, new ed il *$1.50 '14 Scribner 
Outdoor handy book, new ed il *$1.50 '14 


Shelters, shacks, and shanties. D xiv,243p 
*$1.25 (Ag) '14 Scribner 14-15383 

Beard, Una, and Beard, Adelia Belle 
National organization, Girl pioneers of Amer- 
ica (incorporated). Peace pioneering for 
girls. D 150p il *35c '14 National girl pioneer 
organization, 63 Jamaica av., Flushing, 
N. T. 14-11280 

Beard, Mrs. Mary RItter. See Beard, C: A., jt. 


Beard, Patten 

Jolly book of boxcraft; with 68 photographic il. 
by G. S. North from models made and 
arranged by the author and with 23 dia- 
grams bv E. D. Pattee. O xvii,18Sp *$1 35 
(O) '14 Stokes 14-18480 

Beardslee, Rev. Clark Smith, 1850-1914 
Abraham Lincoln's cardinal traits: a study in 
ethics with an epilogue addressed to the- 
ologians. (Human personality ser.) D 244p 
*$1,25 '14 Badger, R: G. 14-14756 

Beardsley, Alice 

Turn around book. O il *$1.25 '14 Bobbs 
Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent, 1872-1898 
Later work of Aubrey Beardsley; new ed Q 
.174p pis *$5 '12 Lane 13-23856 

Beardsley, Mabel Baldwin 
Her word and her bond: a story of Glenwood 
springs. D 29p pa 25c (Je) '14 M. B. Beards- 
ley, 92 Ridgewood av., Newark, N. J. 14-12210 
Beare, Cornelia 
Development of English poetry. (English ser., 

no. 7) O 14p pa $1 (N) '10 McEvoy 
Development of English prose. 19p pa $1 

(Ag) '10 McEvoy 
Development of the essay. (English ser., no. 

6) O 9p pa $1 (N) '10 McEvoy 
Essentials of English prose composition. 
(English ser., no. 10) O 38p bds 50c (My) '10 

Bearing of recent discovery on the trustworthi- 
ness of the New Testament. Ramsay, 
W: M. *$3 Doran 
Bearings (machinery) 

See also Lubrication and lubricants 
Bearne, Mrs. Catherine Mary (Charlton) 
Court painter and his circle: Francois Boucher 
(1703-1770); with col. front and 32 other 
illustrations. O 388p *$4 J 14 McBride, Nast 
& co. 

Bears, Stones of 

Gans, H. R. Neddie and Beckie Stubtall. 75c 
'14 Fenno 

Beasley, Thomas Dykes 

Tramp through the Bret Harte country; with 
a foreword by C: A. Murdock. Overland 
ed D (ip il map *$1 :!5 (Ap) '14 Elder 

Beasts and super-beasts. Munro, H. H. *$1.25 


Beating back Jennings, A. J., and Irwin, W: 
H: *$1 GO Appleton 


Hayes, H. TV. Ninety-first Psalm: The ten 
commandments; The beatitudes *50c Davis 
& Bond 

Swayne, TV. S. Beatitudes (S. Matthew, v 1- 
12). lea *40c '13 Young ch. 

#fc nlw Bible New Testament St. Mat- 

Beatitudes of the Psalter, Notes for meditation 
on. Jenks, A. W. *7r>c R. W. Crothers, lUth 
st, at Irving pi., N. Y. 
Beattie, G. M. 

First lessons in geography. Q 64p il 70 c '13 

Smith-Brooks ptg. co. 13-17062 

Beattie, James Martin, 186S-. See Choycc, C: C , 

jt. ed. 

Beattie, Rolla Kent. See Piper, C: V., jt. auth. 
Beatty, Bessie 
Political primer. 3d ed D 76p 75c; bds 50c (S) 

'14 Whitaker & R. 
Beau, B. 

Defense of cannibalism; tr. from La revue of 
February 15, 1909, by Preston "\V: Slosson. 
D 13p pa giatis '14 Am. assn. for interna- 
tional conciliation 14-1JB7S 

Beauchamp, Richard de. See "Warwick, Earl of 

Beauchamp, William Martin, 1830- 
(comp.) Re\ olutionary soldiers resident or 
dying m Onondaga county, N. Y.; with sup- 
plementary list of possible veterans, based 
on a pension list of Franklin H. Chase, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. O 307p $1.50; pa $1 '13 Onondagn 
hist. assn. 13-1726!) 

Beaufort house, Chelsea, Eng. 
Davies, R. Greatest house at Chelsey. *$3 
'14 Lane 

Beauharnais, Eugene de, 1781-1824 
Montagu, V. M. Napoleon and his adopted 
son: Eugene de Beauharnais and his rela- 
tions with the emperor. *$3.50 '14 McBride, 
Nast & co. 

Beaumarchals, Pierre Augustln Caron de, 1732- 

Barbier de' Seville; with notes by I. H, B. 

Spiers. *35c '14 Heath 
Beaumont, E. T. 
Ancient memorial brasses. O 214p il *$1.40 

(*3s 6d) '13 Oxford 
Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616 
Gayley, C: M. Beaumont, the dramatist. *$2 
'14 Century 

Beaumont, Joseph, 161C-1699 
Minor poems; ed. from the autograph manu- 
script, with introd. and notes by Eloise Rob- 
inson. O xliii,463p front *$5 (F) '14 Hough- 
ton A14-843 
Beautiful, The. See Esthetics 
Beautiful. Lee, V. *40c; lea *$1 Putnam 
Beautiful Bermuda. 5th ed Bell, E. Y. 25c Ber- 
muda tourist & advertising feu.. 1180 Broad- 
way, N. Y. 

Beautiful Britain series. *7 ( 5c Macmillan 
Duckworth, F It G. Colswolds 
Morris, J B. Peak county 
Morris, J E, Westminster abbey 
Varley, T Winchester 

Beautiful Europe. Macmillan 
Cooper, A. H Norwegian fjords. *75c 

Beautiful Lady Craven. Craven, E. 2v *$7.50 

Beautiful Luray caverns, Luray, Virginia. D 28p 

il pa 30c (My) '14 D. L. Kauffman, Luray, 

Va, 14-OR02 

Beautiful stories about Jesus. Farrar, F: W: 

$2; hf mor $2.76; mor $3.75 Ziegler 
Beautiful story of Doris and Julie. Smith, G. *$1 




Beauty, Personal 
Cocroit, S. Aids to beauty. 3d ed 75c '14 

Headington pub. 
Paulette school. Beauty culture at home. $1 '14 

Paulette school, Washington, D. C. 
Whitted, L. E. Lessons In the attainment of 
health and beauty, pa $2 '1C Lydia E. Whit- 
ted, 446 Fullerton parkway, Chicago 

AVt* a1*o Cosmetics 
Beauty and Nick. Gibbs, P. H. $1 35 Devin- 

Beauty culture at home. $1 Paulette school, 

Washington, D C. 

Beauty for ashes. Bacon, A. P. *$1.50 Dodd 
Beauty, liistoiy, romance and mystery of the 
Canadian lake region. Camp Dell, W. $1.50 
Musson bk. 

Beaux stratagem. See Farquhar, G: Discourse 
upon comedy 

Beaver, James Daniel. 1875- 
Beaver's railway (tenth mile-ten mile) dis- 
tance and speed table. O 20 1 $1 '13 Baker, 
Jones & co., 220 Washington st, Buffalo, 
N. Y. 13-20217 

Beaver club, Montreal, 1785 
Reed, C: B. Masters of the wilderness. *$1 '14 

Univ. oi Chicago press 
Dugmore, A. R. Romance of the beaver. *$2.50 

'14 Lippmcott 

Kellogg, L. Aplodoiitia chryaeola, a new moun- 
tain beaver from the Trinity i egion of north- 
em Cahiuuiia. pa DC '14 Univ. ot Cal. 
Because of Jane. Buckrose, Mrs. J. E. *50c 


Beck, Christopher 

Crimson aeroplane. D il *$1 '14 Lippincott 
Sons ot the sea. D il *$1 (O) '14 .Lippincott 
Beck, James Montgomery, 1861- 
Evidence in the case: an analysis of the dip- 
lomatic leL'urds submitted by England, Ger- 
many, Russia and Belgium, in the supreme 
couit of civilization, and the conclusions de- 
ducible as to the moial responsibility for 
the war. D xxiv,200p *$1 (D) '14 Putnam 


Beck, Raymond 
(cd.) See Goodrich, B. F., co. Goodrich route 


Beck, Ruth Everett 

Litt'e buffalo robe; il. by Angel DeCora ami 
Lone Star. D 223p *$1 35 (O) '14 Holt 

14-2050 t 

Beckman, J. W, 

Touchstone. O 10 Ip pis $1 '14 J. W. Beckman, 
714 Jefferson st., Waterloo, la. 14-14889 
Beckman, 'Nellie Sims (.Mrs. William Beckman) 
Memory's potla tones, il by Mary Crete 
Crouch. D 107p $1 (D) '13 Joseph M. An- 
derson, 416 J st , Sacramento, Cal. 14-295 

Beckoning land. Powell, 13. A. 50c Caldwell-SItes 
co., Koanoke, Va. 

Beckwlth, Clarence Augustine 
Analysis and summary. See Scott, B., and 
Gilmorc, G: W:, eds. Church 

Bedesman 4. Skrine, M. J. H. *$1 Century 

Bedford, Herbert 

Heroines of George Meredith. Q il bxd *$5; ed 
de luxe *$25 '14 Doran 

Bedford, R. M. 

Rosy cheeks and golden head. Q 63p il *$1 
(Ag) '14 Stokes 

Bedford-Jones, Henry, 1887- 

4:$Golden ghost, il *$i (0) '14 Browne & Howell 

B6dler, Joseph 1. e. Charles Marie Joseph, 1864- 
Romance of Tristan and Iseult: drawn from 
the best French sources and re- told; rend- 
ered into English by H. Belloc. D v,18Sp *?1 
(S) '14 DoUd AU-2448 

Bedside hematology. Ward, G. It. *$3.50 Saun- 

Bedspreads. See Coverlets 

Bed -time Bible stories few little children. Smith, 
G. 50c Altemus 

Bedtime rhymes. 75 c Fenno 
Itciwo, IL N. Orandma's gmna for little folks 

Bedtime seues for little folks bds 4ftc Fenno 
(JuiS II 11 !MiM> t,ilvet> a- skatm-i 

Bedtime stones. Wetmore, C. H. '$1 Macaulay 

Bedtime stories. 75c Fenno 

Utiis H R >t td< lie and IJu kie Stubt.ii: 

duns, II It 1jii< le \\ ig/ilj '& automobile 

Ht,i-tull. M 1'uiij lutclikej 
Bedtime stoiy-books ea : 5Uc Little 
Beecher, Franklin A. 

Michigan law and procedure in probate courts. 
2v v 1 O 904p buck $7.50 (F) '14 F. S. Drake, 
139 Hague av., Detroit, Mich. 14-5092 

Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887 

Bible studies in the Old Testament: read- 
ings in the early books of the Old Testa- 
ment with familiar comment. (Internation- 
al leaders' library) D *50c '14 Revell 

Book of public prayer. D *75c '14 Revell 

Lectures and orations collected by Newell 
Dwight Hillis. D 330p *$1.20 (O) '14 Revell 

Overture of angels. (Christmas in song and 
story, no. 1) O 39p U pa -'5c '13 J. P. Mc- 
Caskey, Lancaster, Pa. 14-2448 

At Lead cf title. Old Christinas chimes 
Beede, Aaron McGaffey 

Large Indian cornfields in North Dakota long 
ago and An Indian drama petite for school 
children O 24p il lOc '14 A. M. Beede, Bis- 
marck, N. D. 14-2225 

Terrible rat, The lost calf, and A North Da- 
kota congressman. O 30p pa 13c '14 A. M. 
Beede, Bismarck, N. D. 14-10705 


Bayard, E. S. Beef production, pa gratis '13 
Pennsylvania Dept. ot agric., Harnsburg 

Gray, D. T: Raising and fattening beef calves 
in Alabama. '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc 

Mumford, H. W., and Hall, L: D. Review of 
beef production in the United States, pa 
gratis '13 Univ. of 111. 

Ward, W: F., and Gray, D. T: Beef produc- 
tion in the South. '14 U. S. Agric.: 5c Supt. 
of doc. 

Beer, Margrieta 

Schopenhauer. (People's bks.) *20c '14 Dodge 
Henius, M. Danish beer and continental beer 

gardens, pa gratis '14 U. S. brewers' assn. 
Beerbohm, Max, 1872- 

Fifty caricatures. O vlip 50 pis *$2 (N) '13 

Dutton [14-8408] 

UHappy hypocrite. Q il *$3.50; ltd ed handmade 

pa *$10 '14 Lane 
Beers, Eli 

Mind as a cause and cure of disease presented 

from a medical, scientific and religious point 

of view. D 21Sp il pa 50c '14 B. Beers, 2256 

N. Clarke st., Chicago 14-9964 

Beers, Ethel Ella 

Euripides and later Greek thought. D 112p pa 
50c (Ag) 14 Banta pub. 14-18555 

Beery, Jesse 

Beery system of horsemanship. D 380p il $15 
'14 J. Beery, Pleasant Hill, O. 14-13457 


Dadant, C. P. Bee primer for the prospective 
beekeeper, 'pa 15c '14 G. B, Lewis co., Water- 
town, Wis. 
Duncan, F. M. and L. T. Bees, wasps, and 

ants. *40c (*ls) '14 Oxford 
Fabre, J. H. C. Mason-bees. *$1.50 '14 Dodd 
Gates, B. N. Temperature of the bee colony. 

'14 Q. S. Agric., 5c Supt. of doc 
Phillips, B. F. Porto Rican beekeeping. '14 

U. S. Agrie.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Phillips, E. F. Temperature of the honeybee 
cluster in winter. '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. 
of doc. 

White, G. F. Destruction of germs of infec- 
tious bee diseases by heating. '14 U. S. 
Agric.; 5c Supt. Of doc. 
Beeson, Emma Burbank. See Slusser, E. Y., jt 


Beeson, Harvey ChMds 

Marine directory of the northwestern lakea. O 
270p il $5 '14 Beeson 



Duncan, F. M. and L. T. Beetles and flies. 

*40c (*ls) '14 oxford 
Hall, C. A. Common British beetles. *55e '14 


Beets and beet sugar 
Moeller-Krause, W. Practical handbook for 

beet-sugar chemists. &1.-5 '14 Chemical 
Palmer, T. G. Beet sugar industry of the 
United States, pa $1.^0 '13 Truman G. 
Palmer, Union trust bldg., Washington, D. 

Palmer, T. G. Cost of producing sugar in the 
United States, Germany, Austria-Hungary, 
Russia and Cuba, pa '13 Truman G. Palm- 
er, 910 Union trust bldg., Washington, D. 

Shaw, H. B. Thrips as pollinators of beet 

flowers. '14 U. S. Agric ; 5e Supt of doc. 

Townsend, C O. Sugar-beet growing under 

humid conditions. '14 U. S. Agric.; 5e Supt. 

of doc. 

Tuwnsend, C: O. Sugar-beet growing under 

irrigation. '14 U. S, Asnc.; 5c Supt. of doc. 

Before I wed. Clouston, T: S. *$1 Funk 

Before the baby comes. Wheeler, M. *$1 Harper 

Before the Interstate commerce commission, I. & 

S. docket no. 333, in the matter ot rate 

increases, Warne, F. J., cornp. 50 Frank J. 

Warne, 421 Southern bldg , Washington, D. C. 

Before Vassar opened. Taylor, J. M. v $1.30 


Begble, Harold, 1871- 

Crisis of morals: an analysis and a pro- 
gramme. D 15yp *75c (Ja> '14 Revel! 14-2409 
Published In Great Butain under title: Tlie weakest 
lint (14-217) 

Day that changed the world. D 2S9p *$1.25 (Je) 

'14 Doran A14-1811 

Happy Irish. D 330p il *$1.25 (Ag) '14 Doran 


This book appeared in England under the title ot The 
lady next door 
Proof of God. D 159p *75c (Ag) '14 Revell 


Souls in action. (Hodder & Stoughton lib. of 

standard religious authors) D *60c '14 Doran 

Beginners' French. Walter, M., and Ballard, 

A. W. *$1 Scribner 
Beginner's garden book. French, A. *$1 Mac- 


Beginners' Latin by the direct method. Chicker- 
ing, E: C., and Hoadley, H. *75c; teachers' 
ed *$1 Scribner 

Beginning of Spanish settlement in the El Paso 

district. Hughes, A. E. pa 75c Unrv. ot Cal. 

Beginnings of colonial Maine, 1602-1658. Burrage, 

H: S. priv ptd State library, Portland, Me. 

Beginnings of libraries. Richardson, E. C. bds *$1 

Princeton univ. press 

Beginnings of the church. Scott, E. F. *$1.25 

Begnl, Ernesto; Grey, James C.; and Kennedy, 

Thomas J. 
(eds.) Vatican its history its treasures. Q 

600p 700 il $10; % vel $15 '14 Letters & arts 

pub. co., 1 W. 34th St., N. Y. 
Behan, Richard Joseph, 1879- 
Pain; its origin, conduction, perception and 

diagnostic significance; with m il. in the 

text and many diagnostic charts. xxviii, 

920p *?6 '14 Appleton 14-5484 

Behavior. Watson, J: B. $1.75 Holt 

Behavior monographs. Animal behavior mono- 
Bassett, G. C. Habit formation in a strain of albino rats 

of less than normal brain weight, pa 65c (2, 4) 
Johnson, H. M. Audition and habit formation in the dog. 
pa $1 (2, 3} 

Behind the big glass window. Robinson, L. *50c 

Behind the big guns. Stowell, C. W. Pub. in the 
interests of the First artillery district, 
Rhode Island National guard, by 1st Lieut. 
Clarence W. Stowell, Providence, R. I. 

Behind the scenes in the reign of terror. 
Fleischmann, H. *$4 Brentano's 

Behind the scenes in the schoolroom. Montgom- 
ery, F. *$1 35 Maemillan 

Behind the veil at the Russian court. Vassili, 
P. ,>4 30 Lane 

Behind the wicket. Buschlen, J: P. $1 Briggs 

Being. See Ontology 

Beith, John Hay (Ian Hay, pseud.) 
Knight on wheels. D vni,412p *$1.35 (S) '14 
Houghton 14-15566 

Belasco, David, 1S59- 
Retuin ot Peter Grimm. 75c '14 Grosset 

Belated Plantagenet. Cheney, C: E: priv ptd 
Chicago liteiary club 

Belden, A. W. 

Metallurgical coke. (Bu. of mines. Technical 
pa. 50) O 4Sp il pa '13 U. S. Mines; 25c 
Supt. of doc. 13-35871 

Belgian hares 

Conover, U. G. Text book on Belgian hares. 
3d ed pa 25c '14 U. G. Conover, Cozaddale, O. 


Facts about Belgium, pa '14 Columbian ptg. 
co., Washington, D. C. 

Macdonell, J: de C. Belgium, her kings, king- 
dom and people. "$3.50 '14 Little 

Description and travel 

Edwards, G: W. Forest of Arden. *$4.50 '14 

Rice, W: G. Carillons of Belgium and Holland. 

*U-50; *$3 '14 Lane 
Xemer, T. R. Motor tour in Belgium and 

Germany. *|3 '13 Pott 


Hacking through Belgium. *50c '14 Doran 

Case of Belgium in the present war. pa *25c 

'14 Maemillan 

Holland, H: S Threefold strand of belief. 
*20e (*6d) '14 Longmans 

Sec also Creeds; Faith; Sects; Truth 
Belinda. Edgeworth. M. *$1.25 Maemillan (corr 

Belltz, Arthur F. 

(edj See Wisconsin. Wisconsin statutes, 1913 
Bell, Bab i. e. Mary Macrina Bab, 1888- 
Development of home economics work in Mis- 
souri. (Bui. v. 11, no. 11) O 23p il '13 Mis- 
souri. State bd. of agriculture, Columbia 


Home makers' clubs of Missouri. (Bui. v. 12, 
no. 1) O 46p U '14 Missouri. State bd. ot 
agric., Columbia Agrl4-1077 

Bell, Charles F. 

Drawings by the old masters in the library 
of Chnst church, Oxtord, an alphabetical 
list of the artists represented in the collec- 
tion (mounted series). S U4p 125 pi *85c '14 
Bell, Clive 

Art. D xv,292p U *$1.25 '14 Stokes [14-10203] 
Bell, E. G. 

Introductions to the prose romances, plays and 

comedies of Edward Bulwer lord Lytton. O 

401p *$1.50 '14 W. M. Hill, 831 Marshall Field 

bldg., Chicago 14-15820 

Bell, Edward I. 

Political shame of Mexico. O 422p il *$2 (Je) 
'14 McBnde, Nast & co. 14-12544 

Bell, Mrs. Euphemia Young 
Beautiful Bermuda: the standard guide to 
Bermuda. 5th ed rev and enl D xxxii,234p 
il 25c '13 Bermuda tourist & advertising bu., 
1180 Broadway, N. Y. 13-25033 

Bell, Gertrude Lowthlan 

Palace and mosque at Ukhaidir; a study in 
early Mohammedan architecture. F xix,180p 
il maps *$12.75 '14 Oxford 14-12422 

Bell, H. T. Montague 

(ed.) See China year book for 1914 
Bell, James Mackintosh, 1877- 
Wilds of Maoriland. O xiil,253p il *$4 (Je) '14 
Maemillan 14-12106 



Bell, John Joy, 1S71- 

Bobby. D vn.ll-luOp -31 <Je; '14 Derail 14-07GS 
Courtin' Chiistma. (Pocket bookb) D l)-17Zp 

"50c '14 Doran 

Misadventures of Joseph. D lD2p *1 (Ag> '14 

Revell 14-15745 

Bell, John Keble (Keble Howard, pseud.) 1S75- 

L,ord London: a tale of achievement. D 351p 

'$1.25 <F) '14 McBiide, Nast & co. 13-25717 

Bell, Lettlce 

Boiling cauldron. (Never old stories ser.) 

*1.>5 '13 Doian 
Go to bed stories. (Never old stories ser.) 

*$1 '13 Doran 
Bell, Malcolm 

Old pewter. (Collector's lib.) O xxi,186p il 

x ?2.25 '13 Scrlbner A14-412 

Bell, Nancy R. E. (Meugens) (Mrs. Arthur Bell) 

Architecture. (People's books) il *20c '14 


Bell, Pearl Doles 

Gloria Gray, love pirate; il by J: A. Hag- 
strom, fiont. by the author. D 333p *$1.25 '14 
Roberts & co., Ogden bldg., Clark & Lake 
sts , Chicago 14-620 

Bell, Ralcey H listed, 1869- 
Art-talks with Hanger. O xii,180p *$1.50 '14 
Putnam 14-184CU 

Bell, Robert, 1S45- 

Cancer: its cause and treatment without 
operation. 2d ed rev D xi,324p "$1.75 (D) 
'13 jVlacmillan 14-19697 

Bell, Robert J. T. 

Elementary treatise on coordinate geometry 
of three dimensions. O xvii,389p $2.75 (F) 
'14 Macmillan 

Bell, Robert Stanley Warren, 1S71- 
Doimiiory eight. O vii,2t>6p il "$1.50 (N) '14 


Bell, Roscoe Rutherford, 185S- 
Vetermanan's call book (perpetual), rev ed S 

lea $1.25 '14 Jenkins 
Bell family 
Weeks, L. H. Bell family in America, pa $1.50 

'13 Clemens (corr price) 
Bell Haven eight. Barton, G: 60s Winston 
Bell Haven nine. Barton, G: 60c Winston 
Bell telephone company of Pennsylvania 
Underground cable construction: general spec- 
ifications no. 4100. D lU3p il diags '14 Wil- 
liams & Marcus, Philadelphia 14-18482 
Bell towers ami bell hanging. Heywood, A. P. 

*75c (*2s) Longmans 
Bellamy. Moi daunt, E. *?1.35 Lane 
Bellasis, Edward Skelton 
Irrigation works. O IMp il *$2,75 Spon (corr 


Punjab rivers and works: a description of the 
shifting- rivers of the Punjab plains and of 
works on them. 2d ed rev and enl F C4p il 
*$2.75 '12 Spon (corr price) ES13-2 

Rivor and canal engineering, the character- 
istics of open flowing streams, and the 
principles and methods to be followed in 
dealing with them. O x,215p il *$2.75 '13 Spon 
<corr price) 13-17037 

Belles-lettres series. Section III, The English 

drama. Heath 

Farqulmt, G. Discourse upon comecly. *60o 
Belles of the garden. Thompson, L: O. pa 20c 

Standard pub. 

Belloc, Hilalre i. e. Joseph Hilaire Pierre, 1870- 
Book of the Bayeux tapc k stry, presenting the 
complete work in a series of colour fac- 
similes. Q xix,76p pis *$8.50 (S) '14 Putnam 


River of London. O 144p il *$1 50 '12 Phillips, 
LeRoy 13-6367 

Servile state, new ed O 188p *$l '14 Phillips, 
Le Boy [W13-36] 

(ed.) See JSrgensen, J. Lourdos 

(tr.) See Bedier, J. Romance of Tristan and 

Heywood, A. P. Bell towers and bell hanging. 
*75c (*2s) '14 Longmans 
Sec also Chimes and chiming 

Bells, Electric. ?ee Electric Lei's 

Bells .MCI OPS the snow Havergal, P. R *50c 

Bells and echoes from the "ft'hite temple. Hinson, 

\V. B bds 5oc W. B. Hmson, White temple, 

Poitland, Ore. 
Bell's cathedial SL-iies '50c ^Jacmillajn 

ie tnc, A P Slinit acct uiit of Great llaheru pimry 


Belshazzar. G6mez de Avellaneda y Arteaga, 

G. pa 50c Robertson 

Belshazzar court Strunsky, S *$1.25 Holt 
Belt book Cling-Surface co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Belt driving. Halladay, G. *$1.25 *Spon (corr 

Belting manual. 90p '11 Graton & Knight mfg. 

co., Worcester, Mass. 
Cling-Surface co. Belt book. 5th ed '14 Cling- 

Surface co., Buftalo, N". Y. 
Halladay, G. Belt driving. A $1.2o Span (corr 


Bement, Alburto, 1862- 

Suppie^sion of industrial smoke, etc also the 
testing of coal. lOOp pa 25c '14 Western soc. 
of engineers 

Bemister, Margaret, 1S77- 

Indian legends: stories of America before 
Columbus. (Everychild's ser.) D viii,lS7p il 
^400 J 14 Macmillan 14-18671 

Bender, Andrew 

Preparation and properties of some new de- 
nvathes of pseudocumidme. O 44p pa (S) 
'13 Rumford press 14-2059 

Bender, Melvln Thomas 
(ed.) See American bankruptcy reports 

Bender's justices' manual of civil and criminal 
law and practice for Justices of the peace 
and police justices in New York. 3d rev 
Baylies, E., ed. buck $7.50 Bender 

Bender's lawyers' diary and directory for 1915. 
4th ed 1200p $3 '14 Bender 

Bender's 1914 law book catalogue. 9th ed, re* 
116p pa 50c '14 Bender 

Bender's penal law. See New York (state). 

Bender's supervisors', county and town officers' 
manual. 7th ed Gilbert, F. B. $7.50 Bender 

Bender's village laws of the state of New York. 
3d ed Grattan, R., ed. buck $5 Bender 

Bender's war revenue law, 1914; an act to in- 
crease the internal revenue, and for other 
purposes, approved Oct. 22, 1914; annotated 
with reference to earlier acts. 2&p,181p $2 
'14 Bender 14-20525 

Benedict, Francis Gano, 1870-, and Cathcart, 

Edward Provan, 1877- 

Muscular work: a metabolic study with spe- 
cial reference to the efficiency of the hu- 
man body as a machine. O 176p il pa ?2.50 
'13 Carnegie inst. 14-5034 

and Talbot, Fritz Bradley, 1878- 

Gaseous metabolism of infants, with special 

reference to its relation to pulse-rate and 

muscular activity. (Pub. no. 201) Q 168p il 

tables pa $1.50 '14 Carnegie inst. 14-13231 

Benedict, Wallace ' , .. f 

New stage in compensation; how the free 

play of economic forces has brought the 

stock insurance companies into alignment 

with the public. Q 8p il pa '14 Workmen's 

compensation service bureau 
Benedict. Roche, Mrs. Adelaide. See Roche, A. 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. T 28p 

*60c '14 Herder 
Benet, William Rose 
Falconer of God f and other poems O xi,121p 

*$1; limp lea *$1,50 '14 Yale univ. 

B Re e i t igion V and free will: a contribution to the 
philosophy of values. 345p *?3 '13 Oxford 


Beneveritan script. Loew, H.. A.- *|8.7fi; nf mor 
*$7.7d Oxford , 



Benevolent raid of General Lew Wallace. Bar- 
ber, A. W., ed. pa 25c A. W. Barber, 703 
E. Capitol St., "Washington, D. C. 

Description and travel 
Gouldsbury, C: E. Tigerland. *$2.50 '13 Dut- 


Benham, Edith Wallace, and Hall, Anne Martin 

(comps.) Ships of the United States .navy 

and their sponsors, 1797-1913. O xxvn22,p 

II $5 '13 Plimpton press 13-24160 

Prepared primarily for the society of Sponsrrs of the 

United States navy 

Benham, W. Gurney ... 

$|Book of quotations; proverbs and household 

words, new ed, rev O *$3; hf mor *$3 50 '14 

Benjamin, Lewis S. (Lewis Melville, pseud.) 

Life i4 and writings of Philip, duke of WJiar- 

tun; with 17 :1. O vii, vii-xx,336p *$4 50 -13 

Lane 14-318.4 

(ed.) See Berry, M. and A. Berry papers; 

Craven, E. Beautiful Lady Craven 
Benjamin the Jew. Gratacap, L. P. *$1.25 Bren- 


Benn, Alfred William, 1S43- 
Greek philosophers. 2d ed, corrected and partly 

rewritten O 619p *$6 (N) '14 Button 
Benner, Raymond Calvin, 1877- 
(ed.) Papers on the effect of smoke on build- 
ing materials. (Mellon inst. of industrial re- 
search and school of specific industries. 
Smoke investigation, buL 6) D 58p il pa 25o 
'13 Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Shots' and snapshots in British East Africa; 
with 57 il. and 2 maps. Q xii,312p *$4 (*12s 
Cd) (X) Longmans 
Bennet, Robert Ames, 1870- 
Quarterbreed; il. by the Kinneys. D vi,347p 
*$1.25 (Ap) '14 Browne & Howell 14-9278 
Bennett, A. H. 

Through an Anglican sisterhood to Rome; 
with a preface by Sr. Scholastica M. Ewart. 
D xi,203p il *$1.35 (*4s 6d) (Je) '14 Long- 
mans A14-1725 
Bennett, Alan Marlon, 1875- 
Electric arc welding. (In Electric welding) pa 

25c '14 Industrial press 
Bennett, Arnold I. e. Enoch Arnold, 1867- 
Author's craft. D 9-124p bds *75c '14 Doran 


From the log of the Yelsa; pictures by E. A. 

Rickards, and a front by the author. O 

307p bxcl *$3 '14 Century . 14-19193 

Leonora; a novel. (Pocket books) D 349p *50c 

'14 Doran 

Liberty! a statement of the British case. D 

48p *25c '14 Doran 14-19008 

Old wives' tales: new ed; with preface. O 

612p *|1.50 '14 Doran 

Price of love, il. by C. E 1 . Chambers. D 42Sp 
*$1.35; ltd ed buck *$2 (My) '14 Harper 

Truth about an author, new ed (Pocket books) 

D vi,5-154p *50c '14 Doran 
Bennett, Charles Edwin, 1858- 
Syntax of early Latin, v 2, The cases. O 419p 

*$4 (My) '14 AJlyn 
(tr.) See Horace. Odes and epodes 
Bennett, Charles L. 
Food value of the date. See Popenoe, P. B. 

Date growing 
Bennett, Cornelius Morris, and Cooper, Morton 


Cost of raising a dairy cow. (Bui. 49) O 23p 

pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. AgrH-21 

Bennett, Ernest Nathaniel, 1866- 

Problems of village life. (Home university lib. 

of modern knowledge) S 256p *50c '14 Holt 


Bennett, Florence Mary 

Religious cults associated with the Amazons. 
(Columbia univ. studies in classical phil- 
ology) O 79p *$1.25; pa *$1 '12 Columbia 
umv. press 12-18948 

Bennett, Frank P., & company 
Co-operative hand-book of the textile indus- 
try. O SOOp $5 (D) '13 Bennett, F. P. 


Cotton fabrics glossary. 2d ed 73 8p il $5 '14 
Bennett, F. B. 14-9381 

Woolen and worsted fabrics glossary; contain- 
ing instructions for the manufacture of 
every known grade and variety of woolen 
and worsted fabrics. O 34Sp il $3 '14 Bennett, 
F. P. 14-6585 

Bennett, Mrs. Jennie (Freeman) 1855- 
Light in the window: a story of the wander- 
ings and sufferings of a wayward boy. D 
143p $1 25 '13 Conkey 13-24830 

Bennett, John, 1805- 

ilaster Skylark: a dramatization of the book 
by J. Bennett, prepared for the use of ele- 
mentary schools in New York city, by Anna 
M. Lutkenhaus. D 31p pa 10c '14 Century 


Songs which my youth sung. S 12p pa '14 priv 
ptd Daggett ptg. co., Charleston, S. C. 


Bennett, Lee Fent, 1872- 

Rocks and minerals. 3d ed O 112p 60c (Mr) 
'14 Bogarte 14-5047 

Bennett, Norman G. 

(ed.) Science and practice of dental surgery; 
with an appendix on dental jurisprudence, 
by P. B. Henderson. O 816p il *$if; hf mor 
*?10 (Jl) '14 Wood 
Bennett, R. Allan 
Plain rules for the use of tuberculin. O tables 

*$1 (My) '14 Wood 

Bennett, Robert Joseph, 1871-, and Morton, Fred- 
erick, W. 

C. P. A. questions and answers. Q 310p hf 
mor $5 (Ap) '14 International accountants' 
soc., 135 Fort st., Detroit, Mich. 14-7060 
Bennett, Robinson Potter Dunn, 1869- 

Pew and the pupil. *75c '14 Presbyterian bd. 
Bensley, Benjamin Arthur, 1875- 
Cervalces antler from the Toronto intergla- 
cial. (University of Toronto studies. Geol. 
ser. no. 8) Q" 3p il 25c '13 Univ. of Toronto 


Benson, Adolph Burnett 

Old Norse element in Swedish romanticism. 

(Columbia univ. Germanic studies) O xii,192p 

pa *$1 '14 Columbia univ. press 14-20859 

Benson, Allan Louis, 1871- 

Our dishonest Constitution. D 18 2p *$1 (Ap) 

'14 Huebsch 14-13030 

Benson, Arthur Christopher (Christopher Carr, 

pseud.) 1862- 

Orchard pavilion. D 136p *$1 (O) '14 Putnam 


Where no fear was. D 256p *$1.50 '14 Putnam 


Benson, Edward Frederic, 1867- 
Dodo's daughter: a sequel to Dodo. O 389p 
*$1.35 (Mr) '14 Century 13-17336 

Benson, Robert Hugh, 1871-1914 
Christ in the church: a volume of religious 

essays. 3d ed O 6p,231p *$1 (D) '14 Herder 
Initiation [story]. D 447p *$L35 (F) '14 Dodd 

Lourdes. (Catholic lib,, no. 12) D 8p,83p *30c 
(Jl) '14 Herder 

Oddsfish! D 467p *$1.35 '14 Dodd 14-18880 

Old Testament rhymes; il. by Gabriel Pippet. 
Q 25p il *75c (*2s); pa *40c (*ls) '13 Long- 
mans A14-2586 

Upper room, a drama of Christ's passion, S 
4p pa 20c (*6d) (N) '14 Longmans 

Same; illustrated ed. *80c (*2s 6d) (D) '14 

Vexilla regis; a book of devotions and inter- 
cession's on behalf of all our authorities, our 
soldiers and sailors, our allies, the mourners 
and destitute, and all affected by the war. 
S 96p *50c (*ls 6d) (N) '14 Longmans 

(ed.)See L' Imitation de Jesus-Christ 
Bensusan, Samuel Levy, 1872- 

Coleridge. (People's books) S 1 *20c '14 Dodge 

See Symon, J. D:, jt. auth. 


Bent, Horatio C. 

Elysia, a prophecy; the freedom, nationalism, 
Christianity of a better state. S 114p pa 
25c (X) '13 H. C. Bent, Bloomington, 111. 


Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832 
Theory of legislation, being 1 Principes de 
legislation and Traites <le legislation, civile 
et pfenale; tr. and ed. Irom the French of 
tienne Dumont, by C: M Atkinson. 2v O 
32G, 36Sp *$2.GO; v 1 *$1.30, v 2 $1.45 '14 
Oxford 14-1923S 

UtUitarianism. 32p *10c '14 Open ct. 
Bentley, Harry Clark, 1877- 
(comp. ) C P. A. auditing- questions to January 
1, 1914, comprising all the available exami- 
nation questions in Auditing that have been 
set by C. P. A. examining boards up to and 
including December 31, 11*13. O x,ll-247p $2 
(O) '14 Ronald 14-19376 

Bentley, William, 1759-1S19 
Diarv of William Bentley 4v v 4, 1811-1819. 
O il *$3.50 '14 Essex inst. 6-10941 

Index at end nt each l, (lahslned subject index to the 
set at end of v 4 

Bentley code. *$20 '14 Am. code co. 
Benton, Joslah Henry, 1843- 
John Baskerville, type-founder and printer, 
1706-1775. O 7Sp il '14 priv ptd Updike 


Working of the Boston public library; rev ed. 
O GOp '14 Rockwell & Churchill press, Bos- 
ton 14-7302 

Benton, P. Askell 

(tr.) See Schultze, A. Sultanate of Bornu 
Benton's venture. Barbour, R. H: *$1.30 Apple- 
Bentwlch, Norman De Mattos, 1S83- 

Josephus. D 266p il $1 '14 Jewish pub. 

Benzlger, Karl Josef, 1877- 
Geschichte des buchgewerbes ira Ftirstlichen 
Benediktinerstifte U. Iv. F. v. Einsiedeln; 
nebst oiner bibliographischen darstellung der 
schriftstellerischen tatigkeit seiner konven- 
tualen und einer zuEammenstellung des ge- 
samten buchverlages bis zum jahre 1798. 
Q xiv, 303p il bds *$7.50 '12 Benziger 


Benziger brothers 

Teaching geography, with a text-book D 87p 
5c '14 Benziger 14-10233 

To noGnxnpnny lienziwcr's advanced geography 


Beowulf; ed., with introd., bibliography, notes, 
glossary, and appendices, by W. J. Sedge- 
field. 2d ed, rev. and partly re-written. 
(Manchester univ. pub. English ser.. no.ll) 
O hii,272p reduced price *$2.50 (*9s) (D 
'13 Longmans 14-8274 

Story of Beowulf; tr. by Ernest J B. Kirtlan 
from the Anglo-Saxon into modern English 
prose. O 211p il *$1.50 '14 Crowell 
Beresford, Charles William de la Poer, 1846- 
Memoirs; ed. with notes by L. C. Cornford. 

2v O 577p il *$7.50 (O) '14 Little 
Beresford, John Davys, 1873- 
House in Demetrius road. D 334p *$1.30 (S) '14 
Doran 14-16198 

Bergen, Fanny Dlckerson (Mrs. Joseph Y. Ber- 
gen) 184G- 

(ed.)' Animal and plant lore. (Memoirs of the 
Am. folk-lore soc., v. 7) D 180p *$3.50 '90 
Stechort (corr pub) 

(ed.) Current superstitions. (Memoirs of the 
Am. folk-lore soc.. v. 4) D vi,161p *$3.50 '96 
Stechert (corr pub; 
Bergen, Joseph Young, 1851-, and Cal dwell, Otis 

William, 1869- 

Introduction to botany. O vii,368p il *$1.15 
'14 Ginn 14-1973 

~^Same: with key and flora, Northern and Cen- 
tral states. O 368,267p il *$1.40 '14 Ginn 
Bergen, Thomas D. 

Italian reader of nineteenth century literature; 
rev. and completed by-G: B. Western. D 236p 
*$1 '14 Ginn 14-17932 

Sergey, David Hendricks, 1860- 

Prmciples of hygiene. 5th ed, thoroughly rev 
O 7-531p il *$3 '14 Saunders 14-15462 

Bergh, J. A. 

Norsk Luthei'bke kirkes historic a Ameiika. 

,jS5p ,>2 <N; '14 Augsburg pub 
Bergling, John Mauritz, 1866- 

Art alphabets and lettering, an inexhaustive 
collection of the most useful and artistic let- 
teilng for the use of painters, designers, en- 
gravers, commercial artists, show card wri- 
ters, schools and colleges. Q 04 numb 1 il vel 
$2 '14 Bergling 14-7543 

Art monograms and lettering, for the use of 
engravers, artists, designers, and art work- 
men 7th ed Q 104 numb 1 il vel $4 25 '14 
Bergling 14-74S6 

Heraldic designs and engravings for the work- 
shop, studio and library: a practical hand- 
book of 2000 illustrations with sufficient text 
essential to the most important features in 
heraldry. O 72 1 il $3 '13 Berg'mg 13-19923 

Ornamental designs and illustrations: studies 
of the human figure, plant and animal life. 
Q 6S pis $2.50 '13 Bergling (corr price) 

Bergson, Henri Louis, 1859- 

Dreams; tr. with an mtrod. by Edwin E. Slos- 
son. D 57p bds *60c '14 Huebsch 14-12215 

Carr, H. W. Philosophy of change. *$1.75 '14 

Gerrard, T: J. Bergson; an exposition and 
criticism. *90c '13 Herder 

Kallen, H. M. William James and Henri Berg- 
son, *$1.50 '14 Univ. of Chicago press 

Kitchin, D. B. Bergson for beginners. *$1.40 
'14 Macmillan 

Mitchell, A. Studies in Bergson's philosophy, 
pa *75c '14 Univ. of Kansas 

Rune, A., and Paul, N. M. Henri Bergson: an 
account of his life and philosophy. *$1.50 '14 

Sait, U. B. Ethical implications of Bergson's 
philosophy. ""ILEB '14 Science press 

Slosson, E. E. Major prophets of to-day. *$1.50 
'14 Little 

\Yilm, E. C. Henri Bergson. *$1.25 '14 Sturgis 

& Walton 
Berkeley, H. R., and Walker, W. M. 

Practical receipts for the manufacturer, the 
mechanic and home use. O 250p *$1.50 Spon 
(corr price) 
Berkeley, Sir William, 16087-1677 

Discourse and view of Virginia. O Sp, 12p ltd 
ed *$5 '14 W: H. Smith, jr., Coleburn bldg., 
Norwalk, Conn. 14-9906 

llt'ptint of London edition, 1C33 
Berkowltz, Rev. Henry, 1857- 

Open Bible. 2d ed 2v D 57; 125p pa $1 '14 Jew- 
ish Chautauqua soc. 
Berle, Adolph Augustus, 1866- 

Chnstianity and the social rage. D 389p *$1.50 
(O) '14 McBride, Nast & co. 14-18385 



Farmers' loan and trust companv. Berlin. 2d 

ed gratis '14 Farmers' loan and trust co. 
Berlin. Kalser-Friedrlch museum 

Van Dyke, J: C: Berlin, Dresden; critical notes 
on the Kaiser-Friedrich museum. *$1 '14 
Berlin photographic company, New York 

Catalogue of an exhibition of contemporary 
graphic art in Hungary, Bohemia, and Aus- 
tria; with introd. essays by Martin Birn- 
baum. O 50p pa 50c '13 Berlin photographic 
co., 305 Madison av., N. Y. 14-10 

Berlioz, Hector, 1803-1869 

Critical study of Beethoven's nine symphonies; 
with a few words on his trios and sonatas; 
a criticism of Fidelio; and an introd. essay 
on music; tr. from the French by Edwin 
Evans. D xli,165p por *?1.50 (O) '13 imp 
Scribner , 14-30191 

Berlitz, Maximilian Delphlnus 

German with, or without a master, forming 
with Methode Berlitz a thorough and easy 


Berlitz, Maximilian Delphinus. German Cont 
course for self -instruction or schools. O 2v 
ea $1.25; key to exercises of the above, ea 
25c Berlitz 13-11505 

Bermuda Islands 

Bell, E. T. Beautiful Bermuda: the standard 
guide to Bermuda. 5th ed 25c '13 Bermuda 
tourist & advertising- bu., 1180 Broadway, 
N. Y. 

Redman, J. L. Isles in summer seas beautiful 
Bermuda. <$1.50 '14 Dillingham 

Bernadotte. See Charles XIV 

Bernard, Alfred Duncan 

Some principles and problems of real estate 
valuation; data compiled and cost prices 
fixed as of April 1, 1913. D 150p il '13 priv 
ptd U. S fidelity and guaranty co, Balti- 
more 13-16830 

Bernard, John Henry, 1SGO- 

(tr.) See Kant, I. Critique of judgement 

Bernard ino, St. 

Ward, M. St. Bernardino, the people's 
preacher. *30c '14 Herder 

Bernbaum, Ernest 

Mary Carleton narratives, 1663-1673: a missing 
chapter in the history of the English novel. 
I06p *$1 (O) '14 Harvard univ. press 

1 l-19ilo 
Contents: The singular life and curious biographies of 

llary Carleton; The Carleton publications of 1U6J; The 

minor publications of 1673; "The counterfeit ladj" a 

fiction; The narrative technique of "The counteifeit lad\", 

The historical bimufieanee of "The counteifeit lidv"; The 

current doctrine of the rise cf the English novel, Bib- 
liographical difficulties 
Bernhard, Ludwig, 1875- 

Undesirable results of German social legisla- 
tion; tr. by Harold G. Villard. O 93p pa 25c 
'14 Workmen's compensation publicity 
Bernhardi, FHedrfch Adam Julius von, 1849- 

Britam as Germany's vassal; together with 
Kriegsbrauch the customs of Avar, anil 
extracts from regulations adopted by the 
Hague conference, 1907, and subscribed to by 
Germany; tr. by J, Ellis Barker. D 255p *fcl 
(D) '14 Doran 

Cavalry; a popular edition of Cavalry in war 
and peace; with a preface by Sir J. D. P. 
French; ed. by A. Hilliard AtteriJge from 
the tr. by Major G. T. M. Bridges. D 20 Sp 
*$1 '14 Doran 14-20241 

Germany and the next war; tr. by Allen H. 
Powles. popular ed D viii,288p *$1 '14 Long- 
mans 14-17819 

Same; authorized American ed D viii,288p 
*75c; pa *25c (O) '14 Longmans 14-17818 

Same. D 287p pa *50c *14 C: A. Eron, 30 
Canal St., N. T. 

How Germany makes war. D 15p,263p *$1.25 
'14 Doran 14-1850G 

On war to-day; auth, tr. by Karl von Donat. 
2v *$5 '14 Dodd 

Doyle, A. C. Great Britain and the next war. 

bds *25c '14 Small 

Bernhelmer, Charles Seligman, 1868-, and Cohen, 
Jacob Morris, 1881- 

Boys clubs. D I36p *$1 '14 Baker 14-18676 
Bernice Pauahl Bishop museum of Polynesian 
ethnology and natural history 

Director's annual report, 1909-1912. 4v 1909, 
85c; 1910, 25c; 1911, 50c; 1912, 25c 'll-'lS 
Bishop museum 
Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo, 1598-1680 

Norton, R: Bernini, and other studies in the 

history of art. *$5 ;14 Macmillan 
Bernstein, Benjamin Abram, 1881- 

Complete set of postulates for the logic of 
classes expressed in terms of the operation 
exception, and a proof of the independence of 
a sot of postulates due to Del Re". (Pub. in 
mathematics, v. 1, no. 4) Q 87-90p pa lOc 
'U Univ. of Cal, A14-1302 

Bernstein, Julius M. 

Applied pathology; being a guide to the appli- 
cation of modern pathological methods to 
diagnosis and treatment. O *$3,25 '14 Wood 
Bernstein, Ralph 

Solidified carbon-dioxide. 95p il *$1.50 Frank 
S. Betz co., Hammond, Ind. 

Bernstorff, Frank Adolph 

Use of the word Deiselbe from the classic pe- 
riod of Geiman literature to the present day. 
O 7Sp pa oOc (Je) '14 Banta pub. 14-13345 
Berol, Felix 

Berol system of memory training and mental 
efficiency 5v S $5 '13 Funk (corr pub) 


Letters of a self-made philosopher, for the 

exclusive use of mail course students of the 

Beiol memory training system. S 167p '14 

priv ptd Funk 14-10611 

Bernman, Algernon E. 

Aviation: an introduction to the elements of 
flight. O xui,360p il ^$4 '13 Doran Warl4-41 
Bernman, Charles Shults, 1851- 
(comp.) Soap brand register. O 241p $5 (Mr) 
'14 C: S. Berriman, 108 Fulton at., N. Y. 


Berry, Agnes, 1764-1852. See Berry, M., jt. auth. 
Berry, Rev. E. S. 
Commentary on the Psalms. O *$2 (N) '14 


Berry, Edward Wilber, 1S75- 
Upper Cretaceous and Eocene floras of South 
Carolina and Georgia. (Professional pa. 84) O 
20Up il pa '14 U. 8. Geol. S., 40c Supt. of 
doc. GS14-454 

Berry, Mrs. Elizabeth (Robbms) 
Our flag and its use, genesis history eti- 
quette. O 16p il 15c '14 3fl. R. Berry, 8 Forest 
at, N. Cambridge, Mass. 14-17169 

Berry, George Leonard 

Labor conditions abroad: a review of the so- 
cial, economic, and political conditions of 
the workers of France, Germany, England, 
Switzerland, Italy and Spam. O 125p il $1.50 
(Je) '13 G. L. Berry, ilogersville, Tenn. 


Berry, H. M. See Piatt, J. H., jt. comp. 
Berry, Mary, 1762-1852, and Berry, Agnes, 1764- 


Berry papers; being the correspondence hith- 
erto unpublished of Mary and Agnes Berry 
(1763-1S52); comp. and ed. by Lewis Mel- 
ville. O xvni,448p il pors *$6 '14 Lane 14-17637 
Berry, Otto Carter 

Tar forming temperatures of American coals. 
(Engineering ser., v. 7, no. 7) O 74p pa 25c 
'14 Univ. of Wis. 
Berry, Thomas Franklin, 1832- 
Four years with Morgan and Forrest. O xv, 
47Gp il $3.25 '14 Harlow-Ratliff co. 14-14217 
Bert Wilson at Panama. Duffield, J. W. 60c 

Sully & Kleinteich 
Bert Wilson in the Rockies. Duffleld, J. W. 60c 

Sully & Kleinteich 

Bert Wilson on the gridiron. Duffield, J. W. 60c 
Sully & Kleinteich 

Bert Wilson's twin cylinder racer. Duffield, J. 

W. 60c Sully Kleinteich 
Bertenshaw, T. H. 

Longmans' modern French course, pt. 2. con- 
taining reading lessons, grammar, passages 
for repetition, exercises and vocabularies; 
with il. by D. M. Payne and Irom photo- 
graphs. D vi,208p *50c (*ls 6d) (Je) '14 

-Same. Teachers' ed, containing notes on 
reading lessons, grammar, and passages for 
repetition, translation of exercises,, etc. D 
vi,272p *65c (*2s) (Je) '14 Longmans 
Berthe, Augustine, 1830-1907 
Jesus Christ, his life, his passion, his triumph; 
from the French by Ferreol Girardey. O xi, 
514p map *$1.75 '14 Herder 14-2141 

Berthold, Victor M. 

Chief cause of the failure of municipal tel- 
ephony in Glasgow. 20c Municipal ownership 

Bertrand, Lee 

Their Christmas, ooze lea 75c '14 Browne & 

Bertrand, Louis 

Saint Augustin; tr. from the French by Vin- 
cent 0' Sullivan. D 396p *$3 (Ap) '14 Apple- 
ton A14-1680 


Beshgeturian, Azniv 

Foreigners' guide to English. D xi,2CSp il 60c 
(S) '14 World bk. co. 

Beside Lake Beautiful. Quayle, W: A. *S1.50 

Abmgdon press 
Beside the Blackwater. O'Conor, N. J. bds 4 31 

Beside the bonnie bner bush. Watson, J: vel 

GOc Baise & Hopkins 
Beside the bowery- Denison, J: H. *1 25 Dodd 

Besley, Harold Joslyn, and Baston, George 


Acidity at; a factor in determining the degree 
ot soundness ot corn (Bui no. 102) O 45p il 
cliag pa '14 U S. Agric , lOc Supt. of doc 


Besse, Henry True, 1S23- 

Sabbath: a memorial of different events, with 
the corresponding changes of the day, and 
the manner of its observance. O 82p pa 35c 
'14 Besse 14-9775 

Bessey, Charles Edwin, 1S45-, and Bessey, Ernst 

Athearn, 1S77- 

Essentials of college botanj, ; with 206 diagram- 
matic il. t Sth ed of The essentials of botany 
entirely rewritten. (Am science ser.) D xiv, 
409p "$1.50 '14 Holt 14-1S65S 

Bessey, Ernst Athearn, 1S77-. See Bessey, C: B , 
jt. auth. 

Besson, Albert, 1868- 

Practical bacteriology, microbiology and serum 
therapy (medical and veterinary); tr. and 
adapted from, the 5th French ed. by 
H. J. Hutchens. O xxx,S92p il *$10.50 (*36s) 
(Je) '13 Longmans A14-1594 

Best, Alfred M. 

Insurance reports (casualty and miscella- 
neous) upon American and foreign joint- 
stock companies, American mutual com- 
panies, inter-insurance organizations, and 
assessment associations: annual. Q SOOp $15 
per year '14 Best 14-14 J 03 

Best, Harry, 1SSO- 

Deaf their position in society and the pro- 
visjon for their education in the United 
States D xviu,34Up "$2 (F) '14 Crowell 


Best, Rev. Kenelm DIgby, 1835- 
Mystery of faith. D 16p,lS3p *75c (D) '14 

Best books. Soe Bibliography Best hooks 

Best Christmas book. Sindelar, J. O, ed. pa 30c 
Beckley-Cardy co. 

Best man Lutz, G. H. *$1 25 Lippincott 

Best stories in the world. Masson, T: L., ed, 
lea *?1.25 Doubleclay 

Best stories of the 19 Id European war, comp. 
from all sources. D 122p pa 2r>c '14 Ogilvie 


Bestool system. Long, A. B. $2 A. B. Long, 
Westerleigh, S. I., N. T. 

Betham- Edwards, Matilda Barbara. See Ed- 
wards, M. B. Betham- 

Bethlehem, N. H. 

Haskell, R. I: What I know about Mount 
Agasslz, Bethlehem and the White mount- 
ains, pa 25c '14 R. I: Haskell, Bethlehem, 
N. H. 

Beth's wonder-winter. Taggart, M. A. *$1,25 

Bethune-Baker, James Franklin, 1861- 
Miracle of Christianity; a plea for the critical 
school in regard to the use of creeds: a let- 
ter to the Right Rev. C: Gore, Lord Bishop 
of Oxford, O 18p pa 20c (*6d) '14 Longmans 

Betrothed. Manzoni, A. 2v ea *35c Macmillan 

Betrothment and marriage. Smet, P. J. de. v 2 
*$2.25 Herder 

Better babies, and their care. Richardson, A. 
S. *76c Stokes 

Better rural schools. Betts, G: H., and Hall, 
O. E. *$1.25 Bobbs 

Better store system and department account- 
ing. Jackson, H. A. $2.50 H. A. Jackson, 
Grlnnell, la. 

Better than Divorce. Duvall, T: J. $1.50 Pen- 
tecostal pub. 

Bettex, Frederic, 1S37- 

Glory of the triune God, English tr. by An- 
dreas Bard. D 78p pa Soc '14 German lit. bd 

^d f truth; English tr. by Andreas 4 Bard 8 
D 113iJ oOc '14 German lit. bd. 14-14SS3 
Bett.jak book Williams, C. A. bds $1.25 Stokes 
Betts, Frederick William, 1S5S- 

^ OS o? hy and faith of Unlversalism. D 62p 
bds 30c '13 Umversalist 13-18725 

Herfaert ' 1S6S -' and H a", Otis 

Better rural schools; il by photographs and 

charts, O 13p,512p -$1.25 (Ja) '14 Bobbs 

Betts, Norman De Witt "-1734 

Birds of Boulder county, Colorado. (Studies 
V.10, no.4) pa 50c (D) '13 Univ. of Colo 

Rocky mountain mine timbers. (Bui 77) O 34p 

'iP' S * ^u 10 " 6c Supt of doc - Agrl4-561 
and Heim, Arthur Lloyd 
Tests of Rocky mountain woods for telephone 

poles (Cul U7) O 2Sp pa '14 U S. Agric.; 5c 

Supt. of doc Agrl4-315 

Betty, William Henry West, 1791-1S74 
araham, H. J. C. Splendid failures. *$3 (*10s 

6d) '13 Longmans 
Betty Blue; il. by Blanche Fisher Wright. (Bye- 

lo ser.) S 60p bds *25c 14 Rand W 

Betty btandish. Anderson, A. J. *$1 25 Dodd 

Bett / 5 'f ( rn V l rsinia Chr istmas. Seawell, M. E. 
*$1.50 Lippincott 

Between friends. Aumerle, R: 50c Benziger 
Between friends See Chambers, R. W. Anne's 

Bet n 66 "^^ 6 T?l d world and ^ Ne ^- Ferrero, 
G. *$2.50 Putnam 

Between two thieves. Graves, C. I. M. 75c 

Beuoy, George, 1878- 

What's a capon and why. 3d ed O 60p il 50c 
'14 G: Beuoy, Cedar Vale, Kan. 14-13227 
Sevan, Edward John. See Cross, C; F;, jt auth. 
Sevan, Edwyn Robert 

Stoics and sceptics, four lectures delivered in 

Oxford during Hilary term 1913 for the 

common university fund. O 152p * S3 50 

(*4s 6d) '13 Oxford (corr price) A14-6 

Bevan, G. M. 

Unto the perfect day: a collection of prayers 
for the use of students of sacred theol- 
ogy. T xix,146p *60c '13 Young eh. 
Sevan, Wilson Lloyd 

Church history, mediaeval and modern. (Se- 
wanee theological lib.) D xiii,341p $1.50 '14 
University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 


Spencer, E: Flowing- bowl. *$1 '14 Duffield 
Strfiub, J. Drinks. $1 '14 Hotel monthly 
Wiley, H W. 1001 tests of foods, beverages 
and toilet accessories. *$1.25 '34 Hearst's int. 

Sec also Carbonated waters; Food; Milk; 
Temperance; Water 

Beverages de luxe. Was-hburne, G. R,, and Bron- 
n er, S., eds. pa $2 Bulletin pub. co., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 
Beverley, Clara 

Oral Jflnglish 2v D 156;154p il ea *35c '14 At- 
kinson, Mentzcr & co. E14-436 

Bfc 1, for teacher's use; bfe. 2, for pupils' use 
Beverly, James M., 1843- 

History of the Ninety-first regiment, Illinois 
volunteer infantry, 1862-1865, 59p il $1 
(F) '13 J M. feeverly, Roodhouse, 111. 


"Roster of Groone county companies, Olst Illinois": 
p 51-50 

Beverly, Maes. 

Galloup*, A: A. Early records of Beverly, 
Mass, v 1, Births, marriages, and deaths 
pa $2 Putnam, Eben 
Bevler, Isabel, 1860- 

Plannihg ot meals. (BuL vol. 11, no. 30* Dept 
of household science) O 27p gratis *14 Univ. 
of IU. ^ * e 



Bexell, John Andrew, and Nichols, Frederick 

George, 1878- 

Principles of bookkeeping and farm accounts; 
script II. by E. C. Mills. O 184p *65c '13 
Am. bk. 13-13559 

Also blanks to accompany the above, no 1, Journal, 
no 2, Special books, no 3. LetUer 
Teacher's reference book to accompany Prin- 
ciples of bookkeeping and farm accounts; 
script il. by E. C. Mills, D 104p *50c (Ap) 
'14 Am. bk. 14-9256 

Beyerlein, Franz Adam, 1S71- 
Jena or Sedan? a novel; transferred into Eng- 
lish and somewhat abbreviated, by W: 
Thomson. O x,3S7p *$1.25 '14 Doran 1C-J594 

B-eyle, Marie Henri (De Stendhal, pseud.) 1783- 


Red and the black: a chronicle of 1830; tr. 
by Horace B. Samuel. D xvi,527p *$1.75 
(Mr) '14 Button 

Beyond human might. See Bjdrnson, B. Plays; 
2d series 

Beyond the breakers. Sterling, G: *$1.25 Robert- 

Beyond the dragon temple. Hudson, R. *$1.25 
Sully & Kleinteich 

Beyond the pasture bars. Sharp, D. L. *50c 

Beyond the road to Rome. Curtis, G. P. *$1.75 

Beyond the shadow. Waggoner, P. 75c; lea 
$1.25; pa 45c Pearl Waggoner, Hinsdale, III. 

Beyond the valley of shadows. Timmons, T: H. 
$1 Pentecostal pub. 

Beyschlag, Franz Heinrlch August, 1S56-; Vogt, 
Johan Herman Lie, 1858- ; and Krusch, Paul 
i. e. Johann Paul, 1869- 

Deposits of the useful minerals and rocks; 
their origin, form, and content; tr. by S J. 
Truscott. 3v v 1 O xxviii,514p il *$5 (S) '14 
Macmillan 14-20298 

Bhagavadglta. See Mahabharata 

Bianchi, Martha Gilbert Dickinson (Mrs. A. E. 

(ed.) See Dickinson, E. Single hound 

Bibb, Lewis Bradley, 1S82-. See Hartman, C., 
jt. auth. 

Bible. Whole 


Holy Bible; tr. from the Latin Vulgate and 
diligently compared with the Hebrew, Greek 
and other editions in divers languages. O 
1086, 306,viiip il $5 '14 Murphy, J: 14-19023 

Holy Bible; tr. from the Latin Vulgate and 
diligently compared with other editions in 
divers languages (Douay A.D. 1609, Rheims, 
A.D. 1582) published as rev. and annot. by 
authority; with a preface by the Cardinal 
Archbishop of Westminster; this ed. con- 
tains Bishop Challoner's- notes, newly com- 
piled indices, tables, and verified references; 
also Pope Leo XIII's encyclical on the study 
of the Holy Scriptures, and a new series of 
maps D $l-$5 '14 Benziger 

New illuminated Bible; with maps and helps. 
O 1200p il $5 Qttenheimer 

Topical helps Bible; American standard ver- 
sion, specially prepared for all who are in- 
terested in explaining or studying the 
Scriptures and for Bible readings and Bible 
courses. S 1200p 90c-$7.20 '11 Nelson 

Westminster version of the sacred Scriptures; 
ed. by Cuthbert Lattey and Joseph Katlng. ' 
New Testament, v. 3, St. Paul's- Epistles to 
the churches; pt. 2, The first Epistle to the 
Corinthians. O xvii,72p bds *50c (*ls 6d); 
pa *30c (*ls) (My) '14 Longmans 


Bible readings, by Isaac Errett, arr. with an 
introd* by 2. T. Sweeney. O 341p 51,50 '13 
Standard pub. 14-2221 

Bible readings ior the home circle; a topical 
study of the Bible, systematically arranged 
for home and private study, containing two 
hundred readings, in which are answered 

nearly four thousand questions on impor* 
tant religious subjects, contributed by a 
large number of Bible students, new, rev., 
and enl. ed. O 7y4p il $3; hf mor $4; mor $5 
'14 Review & H. 14-10748 

Graded Bible stories, by W: James Mutch. 
D 5S2p $1.50 '14 Christian nurture 14-1692 

Inheritance incorruptible, by J. E. Fletcher, 
flex lea 75c '14 Davis & Bond 

Invitation committee; Bible texts; arranged 
topically and ior efficiency in recruiting 
for Christ, and enlisting in service, by J: T. 
Stone. T 112p bds *25c '14 Presbj'terian bd. 

Responsive readings, sel. from the Bible and 
arr. under subjects by H: Van Dyke. S 202p 
lea "-750 Harvard univ. press (corr pub) 

Runner's Bible; comp. and annot. for the 
reading of him who runs, by N. S. Holm. S 
134p flex Alaska seal *$1.75; pa *75c '13 J: 
Howell, 107 Grant av., San Francisco 14-681 

Scripture birthday book. (> 75c; lea *$1.50 '14 

Scripture readings topically arranged for pub- 
lic worship and personal devotions, by How- 
ard Agnew Johnston. O 93p 50c (Ag) '14 Gil- 
lespie brothers, Stamford, Conn. 14-14379 

Truth for sower and seeker, by H. F. Sayles. 
25c; mor 35c; pa 15c '06 Evangelical pub. 
(corr pub) 

About the Bible 

Auerbach, J. S. Bible and modern life. *75c '14 

Barber, E: Sacred scripture in song and story. 

$1.25 '14 Williams & Wilkins 
Canton, W: Bible and the Anglo-Saxon people. 

*$2 '14 Dutton 
Cheyne, T: K. Fresh voyages on unfrequented 

waters. *$1.60 '14 Macmillan 
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Bible on civilization. *$1 25 '14 Scribner 
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'14 Funk 
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pa lOc '14 Pub house M. E. ch. So. 
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Bible. *35c '13 Macmillan 
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Him. *$1.25 '14 Badger, R: G. 
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60c '13 Rowe, F. L. 
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'14 Princeton univ. press 
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typical theologians of protestant orthodoxy 

in Great Britain and America, pa 50 c '14 

Banta pub. 
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Gospel trumpet co. 
Temple, E: L. Twentieth century outlook 

upon Holy Scripture. $2.50 '13 Johnson, B. F. 
Wood, I. F., and Grant, E. Bible as literature. 

*$1.50 '14 Abingdon press 

See also Apostles; Beatitudes; Christian- 
ity; Church history; God, Lord's prayer; 

Miracles; Parables; Religion and science; 

Saints; Theology 


Littlefield, M. S. Complete Sunday school atlas, 
pa 25c '10 Young ch. 


Jewish theological seminary of Am. Library. 
Biblical manuscripts and books in the library 
exhibited at the annual meeting of the Soci- 
ety of Biblical literature and exegesis held 
at the seminary, Dec. 29-30, 1913. pa '14 
Jewish theological seminary of Am. 


Carson, N. B. Boys of the Bible. *75c '14 

Steward, M. A. Bible child life. 75 c Review 

& H. 


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the Holy Bible. $1.50 '14 Van Nostrand 


Bible. Whole About the Bible Continued. 
Commentat ies 

Jamieson, R. Bible oorr^-tn'y: critical and 
explanatoiy on II - ;.. , : New Testa- 
ments. 2v *$3 '13 Revell 

Meyer, F: B. Through the Bible day by day. 
6v v 1 *50c '14 Am S. S. union 

Criticism and interpretation 

n.-iki.Mon. A. Bible of to-day. *$1 '14 Putnam 
liny, </: \\". Fallacies ana vagaries of misin- 
terpretation. *$1 '14 Am. Bapt. 
See alstj Modernism 

Dictionaries and encyclopedias 

Barnes, C' R., ec 1 . r-r**V? "Hible encyclopedia, 
-al, ay oar :,.;!. ,!.'. historical and 
siuba $y.ou '1U People's publica- 
tion soc., Chicago 

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*$150 '14 Revell 

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*$6 '14 Scribner 

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flex fr mor *$3 '14 Winston 

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(corr price) 


Whitham, A. R: Is the Bible trustworthy? pa 
*20c ("-ed) '14 Longmans 


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background. *$1 (*3s 6d) *14 Longmans 

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the apostles and epistles. *40c '14 Revell 


Sec a 75.o Bible Chronology; Bible Stories 
History; Literary 

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'14 Oxford 
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pa *13c '14 Scribner 
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of the Bible in ISnghsh. pa ?1 '14 M TV. 

Stryker, Clinton, N. Y. 


Sec also Bible Pictorial illustrations 

Marti, K. Kurzgefasste grammatik der bib- 
lisch-aramaischen sprache, literatur, para- 
digmen, texte und glossar. 2d ed *$1.35 '11 

Natural Jiistory 

Saundcrs, E. K. Little folks' Bible nature. 50c; 
bds 25c Review & H. 

Pictorial illustrations 

McConauerhy, J., ed. Union Bible pictures. 2 
ser $2.50; ea $1.50 '14 Am. a S. union 


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*50c '14 Heveil 
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Never old Bible tales 2v bdd ea *COc, 4\ ea 

*25c '14 Revel! 

Smith G. Bed-time Bible stone.- foi little 
childien. 5uc '14 Altemus 
8cr alw Bible Old Testament Stories 
Study and teaching 

Alleman. H C. Bible: a general intro.luction. 

aOc; pa J 35c '14 Lutheran pub. soc. 

*v?f' , ^ands and Peoples of the Bible. 

*$1.50 '14 Macmillan 

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struction for infant day-schools, pa *50c 

("Is 6d) *13 Longmans 
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Clifford, P. H: Bible studies on Jesus, the 

King. 50c '14 Cook, C: C. 
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bk 1 *$1 '14 Knickerbocker press 
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Bible. See author entry 
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pa *13c '14 Scribner 
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lOc Standard pub. 
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Christian nurture 
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pa 2^c '13 Riddell pub. co., 7522 Garrison 

av., Chicago 
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Bible. *50c (^-Js 1 ) "1- Longmans 
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Evangelical pub. (corr pub) 
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ait exchange, SI Madison st., Chicago 
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'14 G: Dallas Smith, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
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'14 Assn. press 

Wood, N. P., ed. Scripture teaching in sec- 
ondary schools, bds *45c '12 Putnam 
See als? Bible Old Testament Study and 

teaching; Bible New Testament Study 

and teaching; Bible classes; Sunday 

schools, Sunday schools Lessons 


Charles, R. H: Religious development between 
the Old and the New Testaments. *50c '14 


Tennant, A M. Earthen vessels, pa *40c '14 imp 

Young ch. 

Thompson, H: A. Women of the Bible. $2 
'14 Lincoln press co., 1618 W. 1st St., Dayton, 
Bible. Old Testament 


Layman's Old Testament, comprising the ma- 
jor part of the Old Testament, with selec- 
tions from the Apocrypha, arranged from 
the revisers' version, and ed with brief 
notes by Michael G: Glazebrook. 2v O 472; 
452p maps ea *75c; thin pa in Iv *$1.25 '13 


Divine twilight, Old Testament stories in 
Scripture language, separated out, set in 
connected order, and ed with notes, for 
Catholic children, by Cornelius Joseph Hol- 
land, with a preface by T: J. Shanan. O 
xvi,296p il *$1 '13 Catholic Scripture texts 
soc., Providence, R. I. 13-26467 

Old Testament phrase book: similes and met- 
aphors-, phrases and short descriptive pas- 
sages; classified in a sequence for conveni- 
ent studv and reference, bv Louise Emery 
Tucker. D 148p *$l (N) '13 Sturgis & Walton 

Readings from the Old Testament: selections 
from the English Bible for reading In home 
and school aJid for supplementary work in 
the class roojqa & reading- aa<J English; arr. 



Bible. 0. T. Selections. Readings Continued. 
and ed. by Louise Emery Tucker. D 260p 
*$1.25 (X)* '13 Sturgis & Walton 
Same, and Phiase book; arr. and ed. by 
Louise Emery Tucker. D *32 (N) '13 Stur- 
gis & Walton 14-2323 

Songs, hvmns, and prayers of tne Old Testa- 
ment, by C: P. Kent. < Student's Old Testa- 
ment) *$2.75 '14 Scribner 

About the Old Testament 

Berkowitz, H: Open Bible. 2d ed 2v pa $1 '14 

Jewish Chautauqua soc. 
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*$175 '14 Revell 
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in the Hebrew scriptures. *4Qc '14 Young 

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'14 Open ct. 
Frost, H: W. F. Men who prayed. *$1 '14 

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Testament. *$1.50 '13 Revell 
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Te^timent. *35c '14 Macmillan 
Naville, E Archaeology of the Old Testament. 

*$1.50 '14 Revell 
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erature. *S2 25 '14 Doran 
Wehle, T. Origin and meaning of the Old 

Testament. $1 '14 Fenno 


Jastrow, M., jr. Hebrew and Babylonian- tradi- 
tions. *$2.50 '14 Scribner 


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of the Bible, v 1-2 ea *$3 '13-'14 Scnlmei 

Tennant, A. M. Earthen vessels; or, "Women 
of the Old Testament, pa *40c '14 imp 
Young ch. 


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Old Testament. 30c '14 G: Stibitz, 33 Sem- 
inary av , Dayton, O. 


Piopheiical books 

?;Simpson, D C. Pentateuchal criticism. *$l '14 

Robinson, F. Self- limitation of the word of 
God. *$1.20 (*3s Gd) '14 Longmans 


Bible stories Old Testament. *20c '14 Dutton 
Mark, H. T. Young people's Bible, v 1 *50c 

'14 Revell 
Martlndale. C. C. Old Testament stones for 

children. *$1 '14. Herder 
Never old Bible tales, v 1-2 bds *50c; ea *25o 

'14 Revell 
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SI '13 Murphy, J: 

Study and teaching 

Beecher, H: W. Bible studies in the Old 

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history in junior and senior grades. 2v v 1 

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Testament. 40c; pa 25c '14 Reformed ch. 

pub bd. 
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pts 1 & 2 ea $1-25 '14 Jewish Chautauqua 


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Winchester, B: S. Youth of a people Gen- 

esis to Kings, bds *75c '14 Pilgrim press 


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(*2s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Parts of the Old Testament 
Historical fcoofca 

Pownall, A. du T. Elementary Bible studies. 
*35c (*ls) '14 Longmans 

Buttenv.ieser, M Prophets of I&rael, from the 
eiyLth to the filth century. $2 '14 Macmillan 

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*il 25 '14 Meth. bk. 


Book of Genesis: in the revised version; with 
mtiod, and notes by Herbert E. Ryle. 
(Cambridge Bible for schools and colleges) 
S lxvm,4T7p il ^110 '14 Putnam 34-22334 

Palmer, F. N. Mastery of Genesis. 50c '14 
Palmer, F. N. 

Skinner, J: Divine names in Genesis. *$1.50 
'14 Doran 

Smith, S. Tree of knowledge. <$1.25 '13 Ox- 


Holmes, S: Joshua: the Hebrew and Greek 
texts. *$2.50 '14 Putnam 


Poem of Job, tr. in the metre of the original 
by E G. Kins?. Q < $1.50 '14 Putnam 

Bode, W: Book of Job and the solution of 
the problem of suffering it offers. 2d ed 
$1.25 '14 W: Bode, Grundy Center, Iowa 

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Jasper A. Huffman, BlufCton, O. 

Hawley, J: S. Job, his old friends and his 
new friend. 3d ed $1; pa 75c Frye & Smith, 
850 3d st, San Diego, Cal. 


Am. Unitarian assn Psalter. *40c Am. Unitar. 

Baj Psalm book. *$2 '14 Dodd 

Berry, E, S. Commentary on the Psalms. *$2 

'14 Benziger 

Fisher, J: Commentary on the seven peni- 
tential psalms, v 1 *30c '14 Herder 
Hall. A. C. A. Notes on the proper Psalms for 

holy days. *75c '14 Longmans 
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v 15 and 18 ea *$3 '14 Scribner 
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beatitudes of the Psalter. -*75c '14 R. W. 

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Palmer, F. N. 
Ilotherham, J. B. Studies in the Psalms. ?2 

Standard pub. 
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Song of Solomon 

Song of songs; ed. as a dramatic poem, with 
mtiod., revised tr., and excursuses, by W: 
Walter Cannon. O vlii,15Sp *$2.50 '14 Put- 

Hastings, X, ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 18 
*?3 '14 Scribner 


Book of the prophet Jeremiah; a revised tr. 
with introds. and short explanations by S. 
R. Driver. D 56p,382p *$1.50 Doran 

Book of the prophet Jeremiah, together with 
The Lamentations; rev. version; ed., with 
introd. and notes, by A. W. Streane. (Cam- 
bridge Bible for schools ser.) O liv,382p 
maps *$1 '14 Putnam 

Commentary on the books of Amos, Hosea 
and Micah, by J: M. P. Smith. (Bible for 
home and school) S vii,216p *75c (F) '14 Mac- 
millan 14-3270 

Commentary on the books of Amos, Hosea 

and Micah, by J: M. P. Smith. (Bible for 

home and school) S" vii,216p *75c (F) '14 

Macmillan 14-3270 


Commentary on the books of Amos, Hosea and 
Micah, by J: M. P. Smith. (Bible for home 
and school) S vii,216p *75c (F) '14 Maomil- 
lan 14-3270 



Bible. Old Testament Paris Continued. 

Apocrypha and pseudepigrapha of the Old 
Testament in English, with introd. and 
critical and explanatory notes, by R. H: 
Charles. 2v Q 696; SSGp *$19.25 '13 Oxford 
(corr price) A14-1167 

Charles, R. H: Religious development between 
the Old and the New Testaments. *50c '14 

Apocryphal books 

Charles, R. H: Religious development between 
the Old and the New Testaments. *50c '14 
Bible. New Testament 


Black face type Testament; with notes. 4oc; 
flex fr mor $1; $1 25 '14 Winston 

Modern speech New Testament, by R: F. 
\Veymouth Pocket ed *65c; India pa *S5e, 
with notes bds *$i; lea *$1.75; India pa ed 
bds *$1; lea *?2; indexed bds *$150, lea *$2 
'14 Pilgrim press 

New Testament 50c '14 Benziger 

New Testament* a ne^ translation, bv James 
MofCatt. O x,327p *$1.50; limp lea '$2.50 '14 
Doran 14-21651 

New Testament from the Greek text as es- 
tablished bv Bible numerics; ed by Ivan 
Panm. S xx,665p $1.85; lea $2.10 '14 Bible 
numerics co., New Haven, Conn. 14-1V92 

Precious promise Testament, with complete 
index; being the auth version of the New 
Testament, with all the promises printed in 
red, and a complete index to every subject 
and important word in the New Testament, 
ed. by J. Gilchnst Lawson D 313p,82p 70c; 
limp lea $1; flex Fr. mor $1.25 '13 Winston 



Jesus said: questions of life answered by the 
one who alone speaks with authority; se- 
lected and arr. by Prances E. Lord. D 82p 
*73c '13 Sherman, French & co. 14-GS3 

About the New Testament 

Burton, E D , and Merrifield, F. Origin and 

teaching of the New Testament books, pa 

*50c '14 Univ. of Chicago press 
Eclersheim, A. In the days of Christ. *50c 

'14 Re veil 
Horlon, R. F. Growth of the New Testament. 

*$1 '13 Pilgrim press 
Jones, M. New Testament in the twentieth 

renturv. *?3 '14 Macmillan 
Miller, J. R. Devotional hours with the Bible. 

8v v S *$1.25 '13 Doran 
Stoddart, J. T. New Testament in life and 

literature. *$2.25 '14 Doran 
Strong 1 , A: H. Popular lectures on the books 

of the New Testament. *$1 '14 Am. Bapt. 
Sec also Apostles; Jesus Christ 
Criticism, interpretation, etc. 

Chase, F. H: Gospels in the light of his- 
torical criticism. *50c '14 Macmillan 

Clark, A. C. Recent developments in textual 
criticism, pa *35c '11 Oxford 

McClymont, J. A. New Testament criticism; 
its 'history and results. *$1.50 '14 Doran 


Ramsay, W: M. Bearing of recent discovery 
on the trustworthiness of the New Testa- 
ment. *$3 '14 Doran 

Glossaries, vocabularies, cto. 

Bradley, C: F:, and Horswell, C: New Testa- 
ment word lists. 35c '13 C: Horswell, Kenil- 
worth, 111. 


Rail, H. F. New Testament history, *$1.60 
'14 Ablngdon press 

Nunn. H, P. V Elements of New Testament 
Greek - 1 14 Putnam 

Nunn, H. P. V Selection of illustrative pas- 
sages to the svntax of New Testament 
Greek, pa "15c '14 Putnam 

Nunn, H P. V. Short sjntax of New Testa- 
ment Greek. 2d ed *SOc '14 Putnam 

Robertson, A. T: Grammar of the Greek New 
Testament in the light of historical re- 
search. -$5 '14 Doran 

Zlanusct ipts 

Good;-peed, E J. Freer gospels, pa *50c '14 
Univ. of Chicago press 

Mark, H. T. Young people's Bible, v 2 *50c '14 

Never old Bible tales, v 3-4 bds *50c; ea *23c 
'14 Re\ell 

Study and teacliinq 

Haig, M. M. Analytical outlines of the Acts, 
Epistles and the Revelation. 50c '14 JI. M. 
Haig, 995 N. 5th st , Phil. 

Longridge, F. Lessons on the New Testa- 
ment. *60c '13 Young ch. 

Schaeffer, W: C. Outline studies on the New 
Testament. 40c; pa 25c '13 Reformed ch. 
pub. bd. 

Parts of the New Testament 

Four Gospels (authorized version) with dic- 
tionaiy and index and other helps. S 270p 
il 15c '13 Bible inst Col. assn. 13-24496 

Holy gospel; a comparison of the gospel text 
as it is given in the protestant and Roman 
Catholic Bible versions in the English lan- 
guage in use in America, with a brief ac- 
count of the origin of the several versions, 
bv Frank J Firth, 2d ed O 491p *$1 '11 
Revell 14-14973 

Abbott, E A. Fourfold gospel, section 2, Be- 
ginning. *$4 '14 Putnam 

Abbott, E, A. Miscellanea evangelica (1). *65c 
*14 Putnam 

Chase, F. H: Gospels in the light of his- 
torical criticism. *50c '14 Macmillan 

Clark, A. C. Primitive text of the gospels and 
acts. *$1.35 '14 Oxford 

Goodspeed, E. J. Freer gospels, pa *50c '14 
Univ. of Chicago press 

Korr, J: H. Best harmony of the gospels *50c 
'14 Am tract 

Parks, M. Gospels explained to children. $1.50 
'14 "Wagner, J. F. 

Ryle, J: C: Expository thoughts- on the gos- 
pels for family and private use. 7v *$4.50 
'13 Revell 

Schell. H New ideals in the gospel. *$3.50 '14 

Whitman, P. S. Early life o>f Jesus and new 
light on passion week. *$1 '14 Arn. Bapt 

Sec als-) Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ- 
Teaching; Parables 

Gospels Harmonics 

Fourfold Gospel; or, A harmony of the four 
Gospels; resulting in a complete chronological 
life of Christ, diuded into titled sections and 
subdivisions, with comments mterjected in 
the text, especially designed icr the use of 
Sunday-school teachers and advanced pupua, 
by J: W: McGarvey and P. T. Pendleton. 
(Standard Bible commentary) D viii,769p 
$1.50 '14 Standard pub. 14-3186 

Gospels Selections 

Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus C^M?' 
being all of His words as Corded In the 
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and Jofcn, 
arranged according to subjects for reaOy ref- 
erence and Practical us^ comp. by A. 
Foffal Jr. D 162p *50o; lea foxd *$1 '2$ Cnrig; 
^ress/150 Nassau 


Bible. New Testament Parts Con tinned. 

Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians, Ephes- 
lans and Philippians; ed. by M F. Sad'er. 
reduced price 'SOc TT.irT.riar 

Epistles to the, V :': ! and 
Thessalonians, by Joseph Parker. (Lib. ot 
standard religious authors) D Sp,304p *50c 
'14 Doran 

St. Paul's Epistles to the churches, pt. 5, 
The Epistles of the captiv:t^: "EpV-^T.r.? nn-1 
Colosaians, ed. by Joseph il:< kr.-iv. : p i V::KM> 
and Philippians, ed. by Alban Goodier. 
(Westminster version of the sacred scrip- 
tures* v 3) O 18p,42p Ms *4oc (-Is 3d); pa 
*25c ('Od) <D) '14 T,onsrp.ons 

Godet, F: Studies on il.<- !:;: --il.-s of St Paul. 
*50c '34 Doran 

Watkinson, W: L. Moral paradoxes of St. 
Paul. *$1 '14 Revell 

St. Mattlicio 

Ccppo! recording to St. Matthew; ed. by M. 

I-\ Ssiiilf"'. reduced price *80c MnoTrnllnr 
:ia-5t : ntis. .!., ed. Great texts of the LiV,K\ v 17 

'f'.l 'I \ ^r-ribner 

Moninger, H. H. Matthew's Gospel at the 
point of a question. 2v ea 60c; pa 35c Stan- 
dard pub. 
See als 1 ) Beatitudes; Lord's prayer 

8t. Marti 

Gospel according to St. Mark; ed by G. F. 
Maclear. (Cambridge Greek Testament for 
schools and colleges) D 404p maps *$1.10 '14 

Gospel according to St. Mark: ed. by M. P. 
Sadler, reduced price *80c Macmillan 

Zenos, A. C. Son of man: studies in the Gos- 
pel of Mark. *60c '14 Scribner 

St. LuTce 

Gospel according to St. Luke; ed. by M. F. 

Sadler, reduced price *80c Macmillan 
Hastings, J , ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 

14 *$3 '14 Scribner 
Parsons, E. W: Historical examination of 

some non-Markan elements in Luke, pa *50o 

'14 Univ. of Chicago press 

St. John 

Gospel according to St. John; ed. by M. F 

Sadler, reduced price *80c Macmillan 
Burrell, D: J. In the upper room. *60c '13 

Candler, W. A. Practical studies in the fourth 

Gospel. 2v v 2 $1 '13 Pub. house M. E. ch. 

Fouikes, W: H. Living bread from the fourth 

Gospel. *$1.25 '14 Presbyterian bd. 
MacRory, J. Gospel of St. John. 4th ed *$2.25 

'14 Herder 
Swete, H: B. Last discourse and prayer of 

Our Lord. *$1 '14 Macmillan 


Acts of the Apostles; ed. by M. F. Sadler, 

reduced price *80c Macmillan 
Clark, A. C. Primitive text of the gospels and 

acts. *$1.35 '14 Oxford 
McGarvey, J: W: New commentary on the 

Acts of the apostles. $1.50 '14 Standard pub. 
Recllich, E. B. S. Paul and his companions. 

*$1.50 *13 Macmillan 


Later version of the Wycliffite Epistle to the 
Romans, compared with the Latin original; 
a study of Wycliffite T2nglish, by Emma 
Curtiss Tucker. (Tale studies in English) 
O xxxvi,177p $1.50 '14 Holt 14-8972 

Grubbs, I. B. Bxegetical and analytical com- 
mentary on Paul's epistle to the Romans. 
$1 *13 Rowe, F. L. 

Hauro, P. God's gift and God's response. *50c 
'14 Revell 

Mauro, p. God's gospel and God's righteous- 
ness. *50c '14 Revell 

Mauro, P. God's love and God's children. *50c 
'14 Reveli 


First and secon 1 epistles to the Corinthians;. 

ed. by M. F. Sadler, reduced price *SOc 

Westminster version of the sacred Scriptures; 

ed by Cuthbert Lattey and Jr^-i 1 - T Cr.t-r:"-. 

Xew Testament, v. 3, St. Pai. 1 '- ;;>'^. : - . 

the churches; pt. 2, The first !:.:.;, ! i 1 c- 

Corinthians. O xvii,72p bds ' v C * i-:,i; 

pa "SOc (*ls) (My) '14 Longmans 
Durrant, H: B. Mind of a master builder. 

*75c '14 Doran 
Hastings, J., ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 

13 *$3 '14 Scribner 
7-Plumnier, A. Commentary on II Corinthians. 

*$3 '14 Scribner 


Hastings, J., ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 

13 $3 '14 Scribner 
Watkins, C. H Paul's fight for Galatia bds 

*$1 '14 Pilgrim press 

Epistle to t^ rt l BM^oe*n. hv Joseph Parker. 

(Lib of -nr -'M' 1 -! v" i u-o - authors) D Sp, 

272p *50c '14 Doran 
Dale, R. W: Epistle to the Ephesians. *50c 

'14 Doran 
Mullins, E. Y. Studies in Ephesians and Col- 

ossians. 75c '13 Sunday school bd., Southern 

Baptist convention, Nashville, Tenn. 


Mullins, H Y. Studies in "Rnhrn'pns and Col- 
ossians. 75c '33 Sunday senool lnl. f Southern 
Baptist convention, Nashville, Tenn. 

"Westcott, F: B. Letter to Asia; being a par- 
aphrase and brief exr>oit'on of the epistle 
of Paul to the believers at Colossae. *$1 
14 Macmillan 


Hastings, J., ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 
16 A $3 '14 Scribner 


Hastings, J., ed. Great texts of the Bible, v 

16 *$3 '14 Scribner 
MaeNeill, H. L. Christology of the Epistle 

to the Hebrews, pa *75c '14 Univ. of Chi- 

cago press 
Rotherham, J. B. Studies in the Epistle to 

the Hebrews. 75c Standard pub. 


Geissinger, J. A. Heart problems and world 

issues. *$1 '14 Abingdon press 
Gordon, S. D. Quiet talks about the crowned 

Christ *75c '14 Revell 
Ramsay, W: M. Letters to the seven churches 

of Asia. *$1.50 '14 Doran 
Scott, C: A. Revelation. *DOc '14 Doran 

Bible and Christian science. D bds *75c '14 Davis 
& Bond 

Bible and modern life. Auerbach, J. S. *75c 

Bible and the Anglo-Saxon people. Canton, W: 

*$2 Dutton 
Bible and universal peace. Gilbert, G: H. *$1 

Bible as literature. Wood, I. F., and Grant, E. 

*$1.50 Abingdon press 

Bible child life. Steward, M. A. 75c Review & H. 
Bible classes 
Bomberger, J: H. Why and how of the or- 

ganized adult Bible class. 2d ed bds 25c 

'13 Ref. ch. pub. bd. 
Moninger, H. H. 101 things for adult Bible 

classes to do. 50c; pa 25c Standard pub. 
See, E. F. Teaching of Bible classes. *75c '14 

Assn. press 

Sellers, E. O. Adult Bible claas. pa "25c '34 
Bible inst. Col. assn. 

See also Bible Study and teaching 
Bible Commentaries. See Bible Commentaries 


Bible conference. 19th, Winona Lake, Ind., 1913 
Wmona echoes; a book of sermons and ad- 
dresses de'ivered at the 19th annual Bible 
conference, Winona Lake, Indiana, August, 
lUlS O 313p lea'tte 60u <N) '13 TTmona as- 
sembly and summer school assn., V. M. 
Hatfield, Warsaw, Ind. 14-1988 

Bible for children. Mark, H. T. *50c Revell 

Bible games 

Green, J. X Profitable pleasures, pa lOc '14 
Standard pub. 

Bible in a year. Coffman, C. J. pa 50c C. J. 
Coffman, \T. 3dth & Depew sts., Edgewater, 

Bible in English, Outline study of the history of. 
Striker, M. W. pa $1 M/W. Stryker, Clin- 
ton, N. Y. 

Bible in India. Jacolliot, L: $2 Indo-Am. bk. 

Bible in the making in the light of modern re- 
search. Smyth, J: P. *7oc Pott 

Bible In the schools 

Cradock- Watson, H: J. J., ed. Scripture 
teaching in secondary schools. *45c '14 

Bible in type and antitype O'Neal, J. A. COc 
Rowe, F. L. 

Bible of to-day. Blakiston, A. *$1 Putnam 

Bible readings. Errett, I: $1.50 Standard pub. 

Bible readings from Christian teaching on so- 
cial and economic questions, Daily. Robin- 
son, C. C. pa lUc Assn press 

Bible sidelights from Shakspeare. Burgess, W: 
bds 60c W: Burgess, 1632 McCormick bldg., 

Bible societies 

See also New Hampshire Bible society 

Bible stories. See Bible Stories 

Bible stories for primary classes. Christiansen, 
Mis. C. M 2v ea 25c Augsburg pub. 

Bible stories Old Testament. (English litera- 
ture for schools) S 123p *20c (Jl) '14 Dutton 

Bible studies on Jesus, the King. Clifford, P. H: 
50c Cook, C. C. 

Bible study. See Bible Study and teaching 

Bible study in the work of hie. Cooper, C. S. 
bk 1 *$1 Knickerbocker press 

Bible study textbook series. Abingdon press 

Wood, I F, ami Grunt, E IJible as liteinture *$1 50 

Biblical encyclopedia. Gray, J. C., and Adams, 
G: M. 5v $15 Barton, F. M. fcorr price) 

Biblical libraries. Richardson, E, C. bds t $1.35 
Princeton univ. press 

Biblical psychology. Chambers, O. $1 Revivalist 

Bibliographers' handbooks. Macmillan 
Btf\erison, It. L., by J. II. Slater. *75c (1) 

Bibliographical catalogue of the printed works 
illustrated by G: Cruikshank. Cohn, A. M. 
*$5 (*15s) Longmans 

Bibliographical contributions from the Lloyd 

library. Lloyd lib. 

Llojd library Catalogue of tlie books and pamphlets of 
tlio Lloyd library. Botany authors (10) 

Bibliographical society of America 
Papers, v 7, nos. 3-4, and v 8, nos. 1-2; ed. by 
Adolt C von Noe 1 . 2v O 62; 102p pa ea *$2 
*14 Univ. of Chicago press 

Bibliographical studies in Scottish church his- 
tory. Mitchell, A. *$1.50 Young ch. 


A. L. A. index to general literature, supple- 
ment, 1900-1910. $4 '14 A. L. A. 
American library annual, 1913-1014. *$5 '14 

Uibliogmphk'al P.OC of Am. Papers, v. 7. nos. 

3-4, and v. 8, nos. 1-2. 2v pa ea *$2 '14 Univ. 

of Chicago press 
Clegg, J. International directory of booksellers 

and bibliophile's manual. 9th ed $2 '13 

Dortd & Livingston 
Bng-lis'h catalogue of books for 1913* 77th year 

of issue *$2 (*7s 60) '14 Pub. weekly 

Josephson, A G. S. Efficiency and bib'io- 
graphical research. PLeprmted from the 
Papers of the Bibliographical soc. of Amer- 
ica, \. ?, no.1-2, 1912-13 

Mrlntvre. AV E Baptist authors SS, per num- UUc '14-'lj W. E. Mclntjre, box 2J<, St. 
John, N. B, Canada 

Peddie, R. A , and War! ding ton, Q. English 
catalogue of books, 1SU1-183G. lif lea *$iio.50 
'14 Bowker 

Rooibach, O. A. Bibhotheca Ameiicana, a 
catalogue of American publications, from 
March, 185S, to Jan., 1S61. v 4 "$7.30 Steeh- 

Van Ren&selaer, M , tr. Efasays on bibliog- 
raphy and on the attainments of a librar- 
ian. $2 Elm tree press 

Wright, J. Check list of bibliographies relating 
to municipal government, pa gratis '14 J. 
Wright, Harvard univ., Cambridge, Mass. 

Sec also Archives; Blind, Books, for 
the Bibliography; Book rarities, Bookbind- 
ing; Bookplates; Books and reading. 
Cataloging, Catalogs, Library; Children's 
literature Bibliography; Incunabula; In- 
dexes; Libraries; Literature; Manuscripts; 
Reference books 

Best books 

Boston. Public lib. List of books for boys 
and girls, in the Public library of Boston. 
2d ed pa 5c '13 Boston. Public lib. 
King, C: M. Selected home readings for boys. 

pa 25c J 14 University school, Cleveland, O. 
Kudlicka, J., comp. Selected list of Polish 

books, pa 25c '13 A. L. A. 
New York. State library. Besf books of 1913. 

pa '14 Univ. of the state of N. Y., Albany 
Pittsburgh. Carnegie library. Classified cata- 
logue, 1907-1911. 3d series pt 9 pa 5c '14 Car- 
negie lib., Pittsburgh 

Wyer, J. I. U. S government documents in 

small libraries. 4th ed pa 15c '14 A L. A. 

Bibliography of British municipal history. 

Gross, C: *$2.50 Harvard univ. press 
Bibliography of the education and care of 
crippled children. McMurtne, D. C. $2 Mc- 
Bibllotheca Americana. Roorbach, O. A. v 4 

*$7.50 Stechert 
Bicameral system 
Kansas State library, Topeka. Legislative 

systems pa '14 
Selborne, "W: W. P. State and the citizen. 

*50c '13 Warne 
BIckerstaffe-Drew, Rt. Rev. Francis, 1S58-, See 

Ayscough, J:, pseud. 
Bickley, Francis Lawrance, 1885- 
Cavendish family. (Great families ser.) O 324p 
il *$2 50 (Je) '14 Houghton [11-29745] 

Life of Matthew Prior. O vii,295p por $2.50 
'14 Pitman AU-1333 

Blckmore, A. 

Industries for the feeble-minded and imbecile: 
a handbook for teachers. D 66p il 80c '14 
Chicago med. E14-1755 

BIcknell, Thomas Williams, 1834- 
History and genealogy of the Bicknell family 
and some collateral lines, of Normandy, 
Great Britain and America; comprising 
some ancestors and many descendants of 
Zachary Bicknell from Barrington, Somer- 
setshire, England, 1635. O xxxvi,684p il $10 
(D) '13 T: W. Bicknell, 207 Boyle av., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 14-921 
Bicknell family (Zachary Bicknell, 15907-1636) 
Bicknell, T: W. History and genealogy pf the 
Bicknell family and some collateral lines, 
of Normandy, Great Britain and America. 
$10 '13 T: W. Bicknell, 207 Doyle av., Prov- 
idence, R. I. 
Bicycles and tricycles 

See aUo Motor cycles 
Biddle, El vert us Franklin 
Fifty practical lessons in reading and pufclto 
speaking. O 186p diags $1 (S) '18 O. F. jfifc 
die, California, Fa 1 . l~8&8& 


Bfddulph, G. See Schofteld, A. T , jt. auth. 
BIdwell, Leonard Arthur, 1S65- 

Minor surgery 2d ed O *$3 '14 Wood 
Big books for little people Bully & Kleinleich 

Nealut. 2 A K On t'e sceut Inls .' 'c 

Nt*Ut, Z A It. Out of town. $1; bds 50c 
Big game. See Hunting 

ne fields of America. Singer, D. J. *$2.25 

Big Tremame. Van Vorst, M. *$1.35 Little 
Big Wallace. Williams, I. *50e Apple ton 

Big war series. 60c Barse & Hopkins 
Kay, It Air scuut 
Kay, It. Seaich tor tlie spy 
Bigelow, Henry Bryant, 1S79- 
Note on the medusan genus Stomolophus, from 
San Diego. (Pub v. 13, no. luj Q 239- 
241p 5c '14 Univ. of Cal. A14-2S9C 

Bigelow, John, 1817-1911 

William Cullen Biyant. (Great American au- 
thors) *75c '14 Houghton 
Bigelow, John, jr., 1S54- 

American policy: the Western hemisphere in 
its relation to the Eastern. D vi,184p map 
*$1 (Ap) '14 Scribner 14-S23o 

Blg&low, Maurice Alpheus, 1872- 
Sex-instruetion as a phase of social educa- 
tion, D 16p pa lOc '12 Am. f ederat on for 
sex hygiene 14-8548 

See Lloyd, F. B., jt. auth. 
Bigelow, Melville Madison, 1S46- 
Lile, W: M. Notes on Bigelow' s bills, notes 

and cheques. 2d ed 1 '14 Miehie co. 
Bigg, Charles, 1S40-190S 

Christian Platonists of Alexandria: being the 

Bampton lectures of the year 18SG; ed by 

F. E. Brightman. 2d ed O 3S6p *$3.40 (*10s 

6d) '13 Oxford 14-1994 

Biggers, Earl Derr, 1884- 

Love insurance; with il. by Frank Snapp. D 
402p *$I 25 '14 Bobbs 14-16206 

Seven keys to Baldpate. il 75c '14 Grosset 

Biggie, Jacob 

Biggie cow book: old time and modern cow- 
lore rectified, concentrated and recorded for 
the benefit of man. (Biggie farm lib.) 5th ed 
T 142p il 50c '13 Atkinson 13-25719 

Biggs, Charles Richard Davey 
How the Bible grew. pt. 1, The law. O 112p 

*35c '14 Oxford 
Biggs, George Nixon, 1881- 
Diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. O *$3 25 

'14 Wood 
Bilder aus der geschichte des arztlichen standes. 

Herdegen, R. pa 25c Caspar 
Bilgram, Hugo, 1847-, and Levy, Louis Edward, 


Cause of business depressions as disclosed by 
analysis of the basic principles of econom- 
ics. O xvii,531p *$2 '14 Lippincott 14-8537 
List of authors Quoted: p 510 

Bill: a bushman. Matthews, C: H: S., ed. *$1 
(*3s 6d) Longmans 

Bill drafting 

Am. bar assn. Special comm. on legislative 
drafting. Bill drafting and legislative ref- 
erence bureaus. 5c '13 Supt of doc. 
Sutherland, G: Necessity of greater care in 
making laws. 5c '14 Supt of doc. 

Bill Jones of Paradise Valley, Oklahoma. Calli- 
son, J: J. $1.50 Donohue 

Bill posting-. See Billposting 

Billboards. See Billposting 


Stoddard, J: T. Science of billiards. *$1.50 '13 

Bfllfe Rabbit. T ll-48p il bds 30c '14 McKay 

Billings, Frank, 1854- 
(ed.) See Forchheimer, F:, ed. Therapeusis of 

internal diseases 
and Salisbury, Jerome Henry, 1854- 

(eds.) General medicine. (Practical medicine 
ser., v. 1 & 6. Series 1914) D 400; 350p ea 
$1.50 '14 Year bk. pub. 

Billings, John Shaw, jr. 

Handbook of information regarding the rout- 
in^ pioceduie ot the buieau oi infectious 
disease?, ll'14 T xni,2i.5p pa gratis '14 Dept. 
ot health of the city of New York 
Billings. Maris Hernngton 
Egyptian love spell. D C4p il 50c; pa 25c J 14 
Central ru'). co , Central bldg , 25 W. 45th 
st, N. Y. 14-14257 

Biliington, Mary Frances 
Red Cross in war. woman's part in the great 

struggle. (Pocket books) D *50c '14 Doran 

New York (city). Commissioners of accounts 
Report on an investigation of billboard 
advertising in the city of New York. '12 
New York city. Commissioners of ac- 

New York (city). Mayor's billboard advertis- 
ing comm. Report, Aug. 1, 1913. pa lOc '14 
A. S. Bard, sec., 25 Broad St., N. Y. 
Bills and nctes. 4th ed Norton, C: P. *$3.75 


Bills of exchange 

U. S. Delegate to International conference on 
bills of exchange. Bills o exchange, pa 35c 
'13 Supt. of doc. 

Bill's school and mine. Franklin, W: S. 50c 
Franklin, Macnutt & Charles, South Beth- 
lehem, Pa. 
Billy and Bumps. Kavanaugh, K. bds *35c Abing- 

don press 

Billy and Hans. Stillman, W: J. *75c Mosher 
Billy Whiskers in Panama. Montgomery, F. T. 

bds $1 Saalfield 
Biise, Oswald Fritz, 1S78- 

Life in a garrison town: the military novel 
suppressed by the German government. 10th 
ed D xxvi,301p *$1 '14 Lane 
Bimbi. De La Ramee, L. *50c; il ed *$1.25 Lip- 

Binary forms. See Forms, Binary 
BIndloss, Harold, 1866- 

For the Allmson honor; with front, in color 
by Cyrus Cuneo. D 350p *?1.30 (O) '14 
Stokes 13-20340 

Intriguers; with front, in col. by D. C. Hut- 
chison. D 305p *$1.30 (F) '14 Stokes 14-3902 
League of the leopard; with a front, in color 
by Carlton Glidden. D 328p <$1.30 (Je) '14 
Stokes 14-11243 

Vane of the timberlands. 50c (F) '14 Burt 
Binet, Alfred, 1857-1911, and Simon, Th. 
Mentally defective children. *$l (*2s 6d) (O) 

'14 Longmans 

Method ot measuring the development of the 
intelligence of young children; auth. tr. with 
preface and an appendix, cont. an arrange- 
ment of the tests in age and diagnostic 
groups for convenience in conducting ex- 
aminations, by Clara Harrison Town. 2<1 
ed 82p pis pa $1 '13 Chicago med. 


Binford, Raymond, 1876- 

Germ-cells and the process of fertilization in 
the crab, Menippe mercenaria. O 48p il pa 
50c '13 Johns Hopkins 13-17223 

Bingham, Frasier Franklin 
Ashore at Maiden's Walk. D 192p il $1.25 '13 
Broadway pub. 14-230 

Bingham, Hiram, 1875- 

Should we abandon the Monroe doctrine? O 

334-358p pa 50c (Ja) *14 H. Bingham, drawer 

A, Yale sta., New Haven, Conn. 14-6279 

Binnle, Sir Alexander Richardson, 1839- 

Ramfall reservoirs and water supply; founded 

upon the Chadwick trust lectures delivered 

by him at the Institution of civil engineers 

in February, 1912. O xi,157p il *$3 (Je) '13 

Van Nostrand 14-5017 

Binns, Harold 

Outlines of the world's literature. O 12p,482p 

80 pors *$2.25 (Jl) '14 Herder 
Binns, Henry Bryan, 1873- 
Free spirit; realizations of middle age, with a 
note on personal expression. *$1.50 '14 



Binyon, Laurence i e. Robert Laurence, 1S69- 
Augurles [poems]. D 97p bds *$1 '14 Lane 


Biochemic drug assay methods. Pittenger, P. 
S. *$1.50 Blakiston 

Biochemical laboratory notes. Stantcn, F: ^VI 

$1.50 Adams, II. G. 

Biochemistry. See Physiological chemistry 
Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale 

college. Dexter, F. B. v 6 *$5 Tale univ. 


Baldwin, J. Hero tales. 50c '14 Claflin 
Gardiner, A. G Pillars of society. *$2.50 '14 

Gilbert, A. More than conquerors. "?1.25 '14 

Hutchinson, F: W. IMen wlo f'und America. 

$125 "It Barse & Hoi , kins 
Letts, W !M and X F S. Helmet and coul 

bds *$2 '14 Stokes 
Macdonell, J:, and Manson, E-, eds. Great 

jurists of the wor 1 *!. *"S5 'It Little 
O'Connor, E. I myself. -$L'50 '14 Putnam 
Orr, L Famous affinities of history. ^$2 '14 


Parry, D. H. Yictona cross *$1.75 '14 Funk 
Samuel, H. B. Model nities. "$2.50 '14 Dutton 
Stanhope, A. On the track of the great *$ 2.50 

'14 Lane 
Stirling, A. M D W Painter of dreams. 

"$3 r0 '14 Lane 
Tauper, T: Score of famous men. 33c '13 

Platt & Peck 

Wade, M H. Light-bringers *$i '14 Little 
Sec also Anecdotes-; Artists; Authors; 

Autobiography, Chustian biography, Came 

and cummals; Enj?ra\ers 1 Genealogy; 

Heioes, Historians, History; Inventors, 

Kings and rulers; Military biography; 

Musicians; Naval biography, Peerage; 

Physicians; Scientists; United States Bi- 
ography, War correspondents, Woman 



New York (tily). Public hbrarv Heroism, a 
reading list lor boss and girls, pa 5c '14 

Pittsburgh Carnegie library. Classified cata- 
logue, 11'07-lDll. tid faeries pt S pa 30c '14 

Pittsburgh. Carnegie library. Patriots, pa 5c 


Lee, S. L., ed. Dictionary of national biogra- 
phy. 2d supp. Index and epitome. *$1.26 '14 

Marquis, A. N. Book of Detroiters. 2d ed 
$12.50 '14 Marquis 

Wer ist's? 7. ausgabe *$3.50 '14 Stechert 

Who's who in America, v S, 1U14-1U15. *?5 '14 

Who's Tftho in Now York (city and state). 
6th ed lea $10 '14 Who's who in New York 
city and state, inc., 17 Battery Place, N. Y. 

Who's who in science; international 1914 ed 
*$3.25 '14 Macmillan 

Who's who in the theatre. 1914 ed *$3 '14 

Who's who, 1914. *$S.75 'H Macmillan 
Biological chemistry. See Physiological chemistry 
Biological physics 

Macallum, A. B. Surface tension and vital 
phenomena. $1 '12 Univ. of Toronto 

Starkweather, Jfi. V. On the volume changes 
of the arm during muscular exercise, pa 15c 
'13 Univ. of Cal. 


Abbott, J. F. Elementary principles of general 
biology. *$1.50 '14 Macmillan 

Calkins, G. N. Biology. $1.75 '14 Holt 

Davenport, C: 13. Statistical methods with 
special reference to biological variation. 
Ud cd mor $1.50 '13 Wiley 

Drleach, H. A. 10. History and theory of 
vitalism. *$1.40 '34 Macmillan 

Gruner, O. C. Biology of the blood-cells. *$6 
'14 Wood 

Haldane, J: S. Mechanism, life and person- 
ality. *$1 '11 Dutton 

Henderson, W: D. Biology. *20c '14 Dodge 
hunter, G: W: Civic biology. *ji.25 '14 Am. 

John stone, J. Philosophy of biologv *$"> 73 '14 

Putnam ' 

IMcFarland, J. Biology, general and medical. 

3d ed *$1.75 '13 Saunders 
^MacIVIunn, C. A. Spectrum analysis applied to 

biology and medicine. 2d ed *$1.75 (*5s) '14 

Parker, G: H. Biology and social problems. 

x $l 10 '14 H< -ughton 
R ^A e - in ? r ' D H - Evolution by co-operation. 

Thornton, J: A. Wonder of life. '$3 '14 Holt 
Vnhei, S S Preliminary report on the biol- 
<>S,v of H'-inlini* r-ounty, northwestern South 
Dakota. s ]4 fcfoutn Dakota. Geol. S, Pierre 
8ee (i1*o Anatomy; Bacteriology, Botany; 
CoILs, Elect- ophy^ology, Embryology, En- 
Lymts; Evolution, Ferti'issation; Growth, 
Ilereditj; Hygieae;, Microscope 
and micioscopy, Xacuial history; Physi- 
ology; Reproductn n, Sex, Variation ibio- 
logy), Vitjilism, Zoology 


Biorte, II S Books on bio'ogy for boys and 
girls pa gratis '14 Whitman college/ Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Study and teaching 

Lloyd, F. E., and Bigelow, M. A. Teaching of 
biology in the secondary school. M $1.5Q '14 

Biology, physiology and sociology of leproduc- 
tion. 15th ed Hall, W S. bds 90c Wynne- 
wood pub. 
Bion of Smyrna, 3d century B. C. 

Theocritus, Bion and Moschus; tr. into Eng- 
lish verse by Arthur S. Way. *$1.50 '14 
Bird, Richard 

Gav adventure: a romance; with front, by F. 

V. Wilson. D 399p *$1.25 (F) '14 Bobbs 
Bird, Robert Montgomery, 1867-, and Caicott, 
William Stansfieid 

Association of vanadium with petroleum and 

asphalt. (Bui. of the Philosophical soc. 

Scientific ser., v. 1, no. IS) Q 365-371p m 

25c '14 Umv. of Va. 14-31180 

Bird friends of a country doll. Allen, C. S bds 

50c Pilgrim press 
Bird houses and how to build them Dearborn, 

N. U. S Agnc , 5c Supt. of doc. 

Paine, J: H. New genus of Mallophaga from 

African guinea fowl in the United States 

national museum, pa 5c '14 Smithsonian 


Bird notebook. Comstock, A. nos 1 and 2 pa ea 

30c Comstock pub 

Bird Paradise. Wicks-, J: B. bds *?1.50 Jacobs 
Bird-store man. Duncan, N. *75c Revell 

Comstock, A. Bird notebook, nos 1 and 2 pa 
ea 30c '14 Comstock pub 

Doarboin, N. Bird houses and how to build 
thorn. '14 U. S. Agric., 5c Supt. of doc. 

Delaware valley ornithological club. CassinJa, 
a bird annual, pa 50c Delaware valley or- 
nithological club, care of Academy of na- 
tural sciences, Logan square, Phil, 

Dodson, J. H. How to win birds, pa '14 Joseph 
H. Dodson, 701 Security bldg., Chicago 

Dugdale, F E. Book of baby birds. *$1.50 '14 

Greaves, C. Half -hours with the birds, pa lOc 
Mennonite pub. 

Keeley, G. Story of the birds for young peo- 
ple. $1 '14 Hurst 

Martin, E. W., comp. Birds of the Latin poets. 
$1 '14 Leland Stanford junior univ. 

Pike, 0. G. Scout's book of birds. 80c '14 

Porter, G. What I have done with birds, *$3 
Doubleday (corr pub) 

*-* A 



Birds " 

Toild, W. E. C. Descriptions of 17 nexv neo- 
tropical birds, pa 25c '13 Carnegie museum 
Fee nlso Game birds; Poultry; also names 
of birds, e. g. Pigeons 


Kalmbach, E. R: Birds in relation to the al- 
falfa weevil, pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 15c Supt. 
of doc. 


Wilbur, H., ed. Year with the poets and birds. 
60c '13 Crowell 


Mearns, E. A. Descriptions of eight new 
African bulbuls. pa 5c '14 Smithsonian inst. 


Grinnell, J. Account of the mammals and birds 
of the lower Colorado Valley, pa $2 40 '1 i 
Univ. of CaL 


Bryant, H. C. Determination of the economic 
status of the western meadow-lark (Stur- 
nella neglecta) in California, pa $1.25 '14 
Univ. of CaL 

Grinnell, J. Account of the mammals and 
birds of the lower Colorado Valley, pa $2.40 
'14 Univ. of CaL 


Betts, N. D. Birds of Boulder County, Colora- 
do. pa 50c *13 Univ. of Colo. 


Sag-e, J: H, ana others Birds of Connecti- 
cut pa 48c '13 Conn. State geological & 
natural history survey, Hartford 

Great Britain 

Cuming, E: W: D. Bodley Head natural his- 
tory. 6v v 2 *75c, lea *$1 '14 Lane 

, D. Birds of the Indian hills. *$2.50 '14 


New York (state) 

Eaton, E. H. Birds of New York. 2v v 2 $4 '14 

N, T. State museum 
Wicks, J: B. Bird Paradise, bds *$1.50 '14 



Gordon, S. P. Charm of the hills, subs *$3.75 

J 12 Cassell 
Birds, Fossil 

Miller, Iu H. Bird remains from the Pleisto- 
cene of San Pedro, California- pa lOc '14 
Univ. of CaL 
Birds, Migration of 

Cooke, W. A. Distribution and migration of 
North American rails and their allies, pa 
'14 U. S. Agnc.; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Birds, Photographs and photography of 
Gordon, S. p. Charm of the hills. *$3.75 '12 

Birds, Protection of 

Attwater, H: P. Use and value of wild birds 
to Texas farmers and stockmen and fruit 
and truck growers. '14 Texas. Dept. of 
agric., Austin 

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theory and practice, [bibl., p. 223-9] *$1.50 
*14 Yale univ. press 

^wS* Biological survey, Bu. of. Directory of 
ptncials and organizations concerned with 
the protection of birds and game, 1914 '14 
U. b. Agric. j oc Supt. of doc. 
Birds, Stories of 

A K5 n '*?A S v B SS fri snds of a country doll, 
bds *50c '14 Pilgrim press 

Birds, Useful and injurious 

Attw&ter, H: P Use and value of wild birds 
to Texas farmeis and stockmen and fruit 
and tiuck giovrers '14 Texas. Dept of 
agric., Austin 

Beal, F E. L Amaucan thiusslies valuable bird 
ru .ffMjors. pa '14 C. S. Aync , Hie Supt. of 

Hemlersor, J. Practical value of birds, pa '13 

Umv. of Colorado' extension division, Moulder 

Biras and agriculture. S^e BncK Useful and m- 


Birds* Christmas earn' a dramatic ~\ erpjon Wig- 
gin, K D . ana Ingeic-ull, H bds 60c; pa 
* Z~>c Hough ton 
Birds ot the Li:nl.e*lo^t Poitor, G priv ptd 


BIrdseye, Clarence Frank, 3S54-; Gumming, 
Robert Cushmg; and Gilbert, Frank Bixby, 

(eds.) Supplement to Annotated consolidated 

LITVS of New York. 2v Q canvas *?15 '13 

Banks & co. 14-3200 

BIrge, Edward Asahel, 1S51-, and Juday, Chancey 

Inland lakes ot Wisconsin; and The hydros - 
iaphy untl nioiphometrv of the lakes, by 
Chancey Juclay. (Bui 27, Scientific seiies, 
no. 91 Q xv,137p ii maps *14 \Vis Geol & 
natural hist, a , 3\Udiaon GS14-7r.9 

Limnological study of the Finger lakes (Doc. 
no. 7.01) Q 525-GO,9p maps 'li U. S Bu- 
reau oi fisheries F14-107 
Birkeland, Kristfan 

Noi \\egian Aurora Polaris expedition, 1902- 
1903. v. 1, On the cause of magnetic storms 
and the origin of terrestrial magnetism. 2d 
section. Q x,319-S01p il pa *$10 ('SOs) (F) 
'14 Longmans 
Birkhead, Alice 

Gabrielle. D *?1 25 '14 Lane 
Birmingham, George A., pseud. See Hannay. J O 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Survey la special issue of the Survey pre- 
senting the findings], 25c '14 Russell Sage 
Bimbaum, Martin, 1878- 

Catalogue of an exhibition of contemporary 
graphic art in Hungary, Bohemia and Aus- 
tria, introd. essays by M. Birnbaum. O BOp 
pa 50c '13 Berlin photo, eo. 14-10 

Leon Bakst. D 24p 50c '13 Berlin photo co. 

Oscar Wilde, fragments and memories Q 3- 
2Sp por $5 '14 J. F. Drake, 4 W 40th st , 
N, Y. 14-16573 

Tlua edition d naists of 5ft copies on impeiitit vellum, 

numbered fiom 1 to 50, anrl signed, and 250 c< pics on 

Grolier laid impel, ninuberccl frtim 51 to J v tH) 

(ed ) See Buffalo fine aits academy. Catalogue 

of an exhibition of Muhammadan painting 
Birth rate 
Drysdale, C V Small family svstom, is it 

injurious or immoral 7 *$1 '14 Hucbsch 
Birthday books 
Browning, R. Birthday book. *75c; lea *$1 50 

'14 Winston 
Longfellow, H: W. Birthday book. See author 

MacGregor, E' B , comp MuMcal bu thday 

book 75c, nersian ooze $1.25, lea $1.50 '14 

Barse & Hopkins 
Salisbury, M. E, comp. Girls' birthday book. 

76c '14 Barse & Hopkins 
Scripture birthday book. *75c; lea *$1.50 '14 

Shakespeare, "W- Birthday book. *7Gc, lea 

*$l.r>0 '14 Winston 
Tennyson, A. T. Birthday book. See author 


Zodiac birthday book. -*50c; lea *$1 '14 Stokes 
Bischoff, Josef Eduard Konrad (Conrad von Bo- 

landen) 1828- 

Landesgtttter und herren. 60c '14 Pus let 
Bl-sexual man. Buzzacott, F. H., and Wymore 

M. I. $1- Buzzacott (corr pub) 
Bishop, Edward Charles; 'Farrar, R. K.j and 

Hoffman, Milton Henry 
Teaching agriculture in rural and graded 

schools. (Bui. v 12, no 8) 164p il pa gratis 

'13 Iowa state college of agric. B13-1C87 


Bishop, Edwin S'-.erwood. See ^lilllkan, R. A , 

jt. auth. 

Bishop, Harry G., 1S74- 

Elements cf modern fj-M artillery, TT S 
?e.-v:ce O ix ISSp il mai*s $1.5 J tAg) '14 
Eanta pub 11-15454 

Bishop, John Rerrsen, ISOfl- 
Stoiy of the Gallic war; Caesar's text, with 
paraphrases in English. *l Lyons & Carna- 

Bishop, Jcs;sli Good-na-, 151C- 

Clm.-tiarH a:il the gieat coir/mis^ion- a brief 

history of H:e crd foreign missirnaiy 

vmk cf tre Cni^tirn church, Vv'itli bio- 

gianMcal sketche of foreicrn missionaries 

D oi2p il .* j. <Ap) '14 Christian pub ast*n.. 

Da j ton. O 14-S761 

Bishop, Louis Bennett, 1SG5-. See Sage, J: H., 

jt. auth 

Bishop, Louis Fatigeres, 164- 
Arteriosclerosls' a consideration of the pro- 
longation of life and efficiency after forty. 
O 3S3p *$3.50 '14 Oxford 

Heart disease, blood-pressure and the Nau- 
heim treatment. 5th rev ed O 317p '$3 (Je) 
'14 Funk 14-10236 

Bishop, William Warner 

Library of Congress. 2J ed D lOp plans '14 U. 
S Lib. of Congress 14-30004 

Practical handbook of modern library cata- 
loging. D 150p $1 '14 Williams & TTilkins 


Bishop among his flock. Talbot, E *$1 Harper 
Bishop museum. See Bernice Pauahi Bishop 


8(e also Episcopacy 
Bismarck-Schonhausen, Otto Eduard Leopold, 

prince von, 1815-189S 

Powicke, F: 3M. Bismarck and the origin of 
the German empire. *20c '14 Dodge 

Bithell, Jethro 
(tr.) See Zweig, S. Emile Verhaeren 

Bitmead, Richard 

Cabinet-maker's guide, il *80c '14 Appleton 
French polishing and enameling. *60c '14 


Bituminous roads and pavements and their ma- 
terials of ccnsirurtion. Huhhard, P. Inst of 
industrial research, Washington, D. C, 
Bizet, Aiexandre C6sar Leopold called Georges, 


Carmen: an opera in four acts; adapted from 
the novel by Prosper Merimee, by H. Meilhac 
and L. Halevy; mu^ic by Georges Bizet. Q 
xvi,3S9p il pa $2 '14 Ditson 
Bizzell, William Bennett 

Judicial interpretation of political theory: a 
study in the relation of the courts to the 
Ameiican paity system. O v,273y J $l CO (My; 
'14 Putnam 14-D7i>0 

Bjerregaard, Carl Henrik Andreas, 1S45- 
Great mother: a gospel of the eternally fem- 
inine; occult and scientific studies and ex- 
periences in the sacred and secret life, with 
chapters by Eugenie R. Eliscu, and others. 
O 330p $2.50 (N) '13 Inner life pub. 
Bjorkman, Edwin, 18G6- 

(tr.j See Bjornson, B Plays, Schnitzler, A. 

Lonely way 

Bjorkman, Mrs. Frances (Maule) 
(ed ) Woman suffrage; history, arguments 
and results; a collection of seven popular 
booklets, covering- together practically the 
entire field of suffrage claims and evidence; 
designed especially for the convenience of 
suffrage speakers and writers and for the 
use of debaters and libraries. S 238p 25c 
'13 National Am. woman suffrage assn. 


Bjorling, Philip R. 
Practical handbook of pump construction. 2d 

ed D vii,86p pi *$1 Spon feorr price) 
Bjornson. Bjdrnstjerne, 1832-1910 
Plays; second series: Love and geography 
(Geografl og kjaerligrliea) ;, Beyond human 
ftt (Over eynej axmet stykke); Labore- 

mus ("LaT-oremus); tr. from the Norwegian 
xvith an introd. by E: BjOrkman. D 2 Sip 
"1.50 (Fj '14 Scribner 14-4129 

Three dramas; tr. by R. p Sharp. (Every- 
man's lib S xv,291p *35c; lib. binding 
5f'c; lea *70c '14 Button A14-1618 

Center-is T^e editor; The uuiiLrt'iit: fio kins 

Black, Adam and Charles, publishers 

BhicL's medical dictionaiy. rev. ami enl ed , 
by J: D Conine. O vn,S5Sp -$250 <Je) '14 
^racniiilan [A13-2030] 

Black, Ebenezer Charlton, 1S61- 

(ed.) See Shakespeare, TV: !M"uch arlo about 


Biack, Henry Campbell, 1860- 
Treatise on the law and practice of bank- 
ruptcy, under the act of Congress of 1898. 
O xxv,lS52p buck ?9 (Mr) '14 Vernon law 
bk. 14-5334 

Biack, Rev. Hugh, 1S6S- 
Friendship. pocket ed D *$1 '14 Revell 
Open door. D 224p * 1 '14 Revell 14-19718 
Black, James M. 

(ed.) New junior songs for use in junior 
societies and on special occasions. D *20c 
'14 Meth. bk. 

Black, James William, 1866- 
Maine's experience with the initiative and 

referendum. O 20p pa 25c '12 Am. acad. 
Black, John Sutherland, 1S4G-. See Cheyne, 

T: K, jt. ed 
Biack, Margaret Bell, 1875-. See Black, M. R., 

jt. auth. 
Black, Mary Reston, 1870-, and Black, Margaret 

Bell, 18T5- 

Elementary theory of music; a reference book 
for children. D 43p 50c (D) '13 C. W. Ho- 
meyer & co. f 302 Eoylston st., Boston 


Black, Samuel T., 1846- 

(ed.) San Diego and Imperial counties, Cali- 
fornia: a record of settlement, organization, 
progress and achievement. 2v Q hf lea $21 
'13 Clarke, S. J. 13-24514 

Black Beauty, See Sewell, A. 
Black body 

Coblentz, "W: W. Constants of spectral radia- 
tion of a uniformly heated inclosure, or so- 
called black body, 1. pa '13 U. S. Stand.; lOc 
Supt. of doc. 
Black cardinal Smith, J. T. *$1.25 Champlain 

press, N. Y. 
Black glaze pottery from Rhitsona in Boeotia. 

Ure, P. N. *$3 Oxford (corr price) 
Black Hawk war, 1S32 


McNeil, E. Totem of Black Hawk. *$1.20 '14 

Black Hills, S. D. 
O'Harra, C. C. Handbook of the Black Hills. 

pa 75c '13 Black Hills handbook co , Rapid 

City, S. D. 

Black is white. McCutcheon, G: B. *$1.30 Dodd 
Black leading paradox. Dunton, G: E: pa 25c 

Dunton, G f K 
Black shadow and the red death. Munday, B. 

*$1 Broadway pub. 
Black tales for white children. Stigand, C. H. 

and N. Y., comps. and trs. *$1.50 Houghton 

Blackall, Christopher Rubey, 1830- 
Son of Timeus; decorations and 11. by Herbert 
Dixon Senat. D 10-52p bds *50q (O) '14 Ja- 
cobs 14-19030 
Blackall, Robert Henry, 1868- 
Up-to-date air-brake catechism. 26th ed, en- 
tirely rev. to date. D 17-411p 31 ?2 '^Henley 

Black board catechism. Brewer, C. H. *?5c 
Young ch. 

Blackburn, E. Vernon 

Duchess lisa; a page from the secret memoirs 
of the court of Hoh 
*$1 '14 Benziger 


Blackburn. Mary St. Clair ... 

American revolution: outline history, wita a 
compendium of parliamentary law, by Har- 
ley V. Speelman. S 60p Duck 5c '14 Mary S. 
Blackburn, 3313 17th st., N. TV., Washington, 
r>. C. 1-t-OloS 

r b of collecting old continental pottery. 
O 315p 47 Pi <$2 '13 Jacobs [14-14433] 

A B C of Indian art. il *$2 '14 Jacobs 
B!ackford r Katherlre M. (Huntsinger) 1S73-, and 

Newcomb, Arthur, IbTS- 

Job, the man, the boss; Tom photographs, 
D xvii,266p **1.50; lea *?2 (Ap) '14 3><rotte : 
clay 14-Jboo 

B N3iaard, V: A. Blackleg: its nature, .cause 
and prevention. 5th ed '14 U. S. Agnc.; 5c 
Supt. of doc. 
Blackley, William Lewery, 1830-1902 

(tr ) See Tegner. E. Poenis 
Blackmore, Richard Doddrldge, 1825-1900 
Lorna Doone, il. by Gordon Browne, O b34p 
il $2 '14 Winston A v r> 

Same; ed. with introd. and notes by R O. 

Morris. O xi,677p *6Cc '14 Oxford 
Blackmore, Simon Augustine, 1848- 
Great soul in conflict: a critical study of 
Shakespeare's master-work. D 390p $1 50 14 
Scott 14- -0858 

Black's medical dictionary 5th ed Black, A. and 

C. *$2.50 Macmillan 
Black's school history. Macmillan. 

Icely, H; E M , comp. Euslisli history *GHc 

S?in! | W. S. Steel^workin^and tool dress- 

Inte?na\lonal ^raiSroaa" 1 master blacksmiths' 
assn. Proceedings, 1913 convention. $1 '13 In- 
ternational railroad master blacksmiths 
assn., A. L, Woodworth, sec., Lima, O. 
8te also Welding 

Bl wSS5l l elides. (Papers from the chemi- 
cal laboratories, no. 97) Q 10SO-1QS2P 25c 
'12 Univ. of Toronto 13-184.U 

Blackstone, Sir William, 1723-1780 
Commentaries on the laws; of England aln. 
by G: Chase. 4th ed O 1200p buck ^G.aO 11 

Blackwell, Antoinette .Louisa Brown, 1825- 
flaking of the universe; evolution of the 
coSfnucus process which derives the finite 
from the infinite (Human personality ser ) 
D 198p *$1 '14 Badger, R: G. 14-20149 

Blackwell, Elizabeth, 1821-lttO 
Counsel to parents on the moral education of 
their children in relation to sex. 8th ed D 
vii I33p *3Gc (Ja) '14 Macmillan [E14-3061 
Pioneer work for women; with an introd by 
Mrs. Fawcett. (Everyman's lib.) S xix,236p 
*35c; lea *70c *14 Dutton A14-161J 

Blackwood. Alexander Leslie, 1862- 
Diseases of the kidneys and nervous system. 
O viii,346p *$L50 '13 Boericke 14-124 

Blackwood, Algernon, 1869- 
Incredible adventures. D 36Sp *$1.35 (Jv> '14 
Macmillan as 14-19167 

John Silence; physician extraordinary. D 

L . 

D viii,271p il *$1.3B (Je) 
'14 Dutton 
Blackwood, William 

Calico engraving; a practical text-book for 
students, designers, and all -engaged in the 
textile industry. O 272p 278 il *$S '14 Lip- 
pmcott LAi4-i-yj 

Bladder- ,.. 


Kelly, H. A., smd 'BSw^wq, C- P. Diseases of 
the kidneys, ureter g ' scad . r "Wa4der. 2v ^12, 
'K Appleton 

Blam, Herbert E. tfee Dickeee, L Pw., jt auth. 
Blain, Randolph H. See Hobson, J: P., jt. auth. 
Blajne, James GiMespie, lS:Ju-JSU] 
Stetson, F. L, and Tiire, AV' G Was New 
Toi-K s vote stolen 'lo North American re- 
view 7}ub. 

Blaine, Robert Gordon 

Calculus and its application: a practical 
treatise for beginners, especially engineer- 
ing students. 1M ed D 9p,321p il *$1.50 (Ag) 
'14 Van Nostrand 

H\draulic machinery; ^\ith an Introduction to 
hydiaulic.s. 3d ed O xn,470p il ^$3 Spon (corr 

Quick and easy methods of c;ilculating -with 
the slide lule. 4th ed S xii,152p il *75c Spon 
<corr pi ice) 

Blair, A. W., and Jennings, Henry 
Mechanical and chemical composition of the 
soils of the Sussex area, New Jersey; chemi- 
cal analyses, by E. B. Gage and H. C. 
McLean; analysis of soils methods used, 
by E. B. Gage. (Bui. 10) O HOp il pa '13 
New Jersey. Geol. S., Trenton GS13-S69 

Blair, Ed., 1863- 

Simflower sittings [poems], D 13-202p il '$1.25 
'14 Badger, E: G. 14-21447 

Blair, Margaret J. 
Industrial tablets for sewing. 7 bks ea 50c 

Webb pub. (corr pub) 
Blair, VUray Papin, 1871- 
Surgery and diseases of the mouth and jaws. 

2d ed $5.50 '13 Mosby 
Blalsdell, Mary Frances, 1874- 
Pretty Polly Flinders; il by Eugenie Wire- 
man. D x.lSSp *50c (S) '14 Little 
For bojs and Rills fn m j to 7 

Twilight town; il. by Henrietta S. Adams. D 
x,173p 'ode, school ed *4Qc (S) '13 Little 
(corr price) A14-14 

Blake, John Percy, 1874- 

Tudor to Stuart (Little books about old fur- 
niture- English furniture, v. 1) D xi,121p 32 
pis $1 '11 Stokes 14-8406 

Blake, Margaret, pseud. See Schem, L. C. 
Blake, Rodney, pseud. See Clemens, W: M. 
Blake, Walter Herbert, 1843- 
Hand grips; the story of the great Gettys- 
burg reunion, July, 1913; comp. by Frank 
B. Channon. O 7-214p il ?1; $1.25 CD) '13 
Walter H. Blake, 825 Grape St., Vmeland, 
N. J. 14-919 

Blake, William, 1757-1827 

Poems; ed. by W: Michael Rossetti, with a 
memoir. (Bohn's popular lib.) D cxxxii,233p 
*35c (Ap) '14 Macmillan 

Poetical works; ed by J: Sampson. D (Oxford 

poets) *$1.25; India pa *$1.75, (Oxford ed. ol 

standard authors) *50c '13 Oxford 

Blakelock, Ralph Albert, 1S47- A<A 

Daingerfield, E Ealph Albert Blakelock. $10 

'14 priv ptd Sherman, P: F. 
Blakemore, Arthur Walker, 1875- 
Inheritance taxes in 1912 and 1913; supplement 
to The inheritance tax, by Arthur W. Blake- 
more and Hugh Bancroft, O 115p *$1 '14 Bos- 
ton bk 12-16S57 
and Bancroft, Hugh, 1879-. . 
Inheritance tax law containing all American 
decisions and existing statutes-, with supple- 
ment, Inheritance taxes in 1912 and 1913. O 
vi,1376, 115p lea $9 '14 Boston bk. 14-7068 

Blakemore, Trevor 
(tr) See Hofmannsthal, H. H. Prologue to 


Blakeslee, George Hubbard, 1871 : 
Our relations with South America and how to 

improve them. D 12p pa gratis '14 Am. assn. 

for international conciliation 14-11071 

fed ) Recent developments in China: Claris 

university addresses, Nov., 1912. O llp,413p 

*$2.50 '13 Stechert 14-9915 

Blaklstpn, Alban 

Bible of to-day. xvi,240p *$i '14 Putnam 




Blanchard, Amy Ella, 1S56- 
Elizabeth, Betsy, and Bess schoolmates; il. 
by Frank T. Merrill. (Girls* dollar book- 
shelf) D 10-SOSp *$1 '14 TOlde 
Little Florida lady D 50c 14 Hurst 
Maid cf the mountains. D 50c f H Hurst 
Picture screen D 50c '14 Hurst 
Mrs. Pinner's little girl. D 50c '14 Hurst 
Sunny little lass D 50c '14 Hurst 
What two children did. D 50c '14 Hurst 
Blanchard, Arthur Alphonzo, 1876-, and Wade, 

Frank Bertram, 1875- 

Foundations of chemistry. D 446p il *$1 25 (S) 

'14 Am. bk. 14-14S74 

Blanchard, Arthur Horace, 1S77-, and Hubbard, 

PreVost, 1SS1- 

Specifications for types of roads and pave- 
ments and materials of construction used 
therein to be used by the New York State 
highway department. O 39p '13 New York 
(state). Dept. of highways, Albany 14-5019 
Blanchard, Frederic Thomas. See Kurtz, B: P., 

jt. ed. 

Blanchard, Mary Miles, 1867- 
Basketry book: twelve lessons in reed weav- 
ing 6 xin.lllp il $2 (Nt '14 Scribner 


(comp.) Normans in England (106C-1154). D 

vii,HSp *35c (Je) *14 Macmillan 

Bland, Edith (Nesbit) (Mrs. Hubert Bland) 1S3S- 

Magic world; with il. by H. R. Millar and 

Spencer Pryse. D x,2SOp *$1.50 (D) '12 Mac- 

millan A13-2204 

Wings and the child; or, The building of magic 

cities; with pictures by G: Barraud and 

from photographs. D' xvi,197p *$1.50 '13 Doran 


Bland, Henry Meade 

Prose and poetry for children. 4th ed Q 102p 

il pa 50c '14 Pacific short story club, in care 

of State normal school, San Jose, CaJ. 14-3777 

Bland, John Otway Percy, ISO;}-, and Backhouse, 


China under the Empress Dowager; being the 
history of the life and times of Tzu Hsi 
compiled from state papeis and the private 
diary of the comptroller of her household, 
new and rev ed O 322p il *$1 50 (N) '14 

See Backhouse, "E , jt. auth. 
Blandford, F. G. See Welton, J., jt. auth. 

James, G' TV Indian blankets and their 

makers. *$5 '14 McClurg 
Blascoer, Frances 

Industrial condition otf women and girls in 
Honolulu: a social study. (Honolulu social 
survey, 1st study) O 99p pa '12 Kaiulani 
home for girls, Honolulu, H. I. 13-25274 

Blasdale, Walter Charles, 1871- 
Principles of quantitative analysis: an in- 
troductory course. D x,394p il *$2.50 (S) 
'14 Van Nostrand 14-15391 

Blast furnaces 

Wagner, F: H: Cleaning of blast-furnace 
gases. *$2 '14 McGraw 


Andre, G: G. Practical treatise on rock blast- 
ing *$] 50 Snon (corr price") 
Cosgrove, J: J. Rock excavating and blast- 
ing. $2.50 '14 J: J. Cosgrove, 215 W. Po- 
mona st, Germantown, Phila. 
Daw, A. W. and Z. W. Blasting of rock in 
mines, quarries, tunnels, etc. 2d ed *$5 Spon 
(corr price) 

jRtoe also Explosives; Mines, Military 
Blatchford, Ellphalet WIckes, 1826- 
Blographical sketch of Hon. Joseph Duncan, 
pa *26c '05 Chicago hist. soc. (corr price) 


Blatchford memorial II; a genealogical record 
of the family of Rev. Samuel Blatchford, 
witjh some mention of allied families; also 
autobiographical sketch of Rev. Dr. Blatch- 
ford. from the Blatchford memorial. Q 123p 

?ls pors '12 priv ptd, B. W. Blatchford, 
105 La Salle av., Chicago 13-12772 

Blatchford, Robert, 1S51- 

Germanv and England, the war that was fore- 
told new and rev e<l D 12"ip >60c '14 Clode, 
E. J. 14-21'i4'! 

Not guilty: a defense of the bottom dog. D 

lC7p T>Uc '13 Bom 
Blatchford family 

Blatchford, E. TV. Blatchford memorial II '12 
priv ptd E. W. Blatchford, 1105 La Salle av., 

Blatchley, Raymond S. 

Oil fields of Crawford and Lawrence counties. 
(Bui. no. 22; O 442p il maps '14 111 State 
Geol. S., Urbana 

Plymouth oil field, by R. S. Blatchlev, Oil and 

gas in Colchester and Macomb quadrangles, 

by H: Hinds. O 13p map '14 111. State Geol. 

S., Urbana GS14-474 

"Waste of oil and gas in the mid-continent 

fields. (Technical pa. 45) O 57p il pa '14 

U S. Mines, lOc Supt of doc. 14-30662 

Blatt, William M. 

Husbands on approval: a comedy in three acts. 

D 7-197p pa 50c '14 Baker, W. H. 
Blatter, Rev. George John (Fiscal MaHson, 

pseud.) 1861- 

(tr.) See Maria Coronel de Jesus. City of God 
BI6 qui leve Bazm, R. *45c Holt 
Bleackley, Horace William (Tivoli, pseud.) 1868- 
$$Life of John Wilkes. O *?5 '14 Lane 
Bledspe, Samuel Thomas, 1868- 
Indian land laws: being a treatise on Indian 
land titles in Oklahoma and under the gen- 
eral allotment act, amendments and legis- 
lation supplemental thereto, including a full 
consideration of conveyances of lands of 
minors, descent, dower, curtesy, taxation, 
easements in and actions affecting title to 
allotted Indian lands; also a compilation of 
treaties, agreements and statutes applicable 
thereto, fully annotated. 2d ed O xlv,967p buck 
$7 50 (D) '13 Vernon law bk. 14-2289 

Bleichmann, Rudolf 

(tr ) See Hartleben, O: E. Love's carnival 
Blemmger, Albert Victor, 1S73-, and Teetor, Paul 
Viscosity of porcelain bodies. (Technologic pa- 
pers, 30) O lip pa '13 U. S. Stand.; 5c Supt. 
of doc. 14-302S5 

and Brown, George Herbert, 1884- 
Veritas firing rings ( Technologic papers, no 
40) Q 10p il pa '14 U. S. Stand.; 5c Supt of 
doc. 14-30768 

Blennerhassett, Charlotte Julia (von Leyden) 

lady, 1843- 

Side-lights; auth. tr. by Edith Gulcher. 
v,245p *$2.25 (O) '13 imp Scribner 13-35886 
Blessed are ye. Doncoeur, P. 60c Herder 
Blessed be drudgery. Gannett, W: 50c Review 

& H, 
Blessed Margaret Mary. Demimuid, .*$! Ben- 


BHchfeldt, Hans Frederik, 1873- 
Theory of collineation groups. S *$1 '14 Univ. 

of Chicago press 
Bligh, Harris H. 

(comp.) Statutory annotations to the revised 
statutes of Canada, 1906 and other Canadian 
statutes. 2d ed plain or gummed ed pa $2 50 
'14 Carswell co. 
Bligh, Stanley M. 

Social therapeutics; a lecture discussed by 
the Social-psychology group of the Sociolog- 
ical society m November, 1912. T 76p *20c 
'13 Oxford A14-659 

Blight of apples, pears, and quinces, Pickett, 
B. S. pa gratis Univ. of 111. 

Buskett, N. Fingers that see. bds $1 '14 Stuff 
ptg. concern, 416 Union St., Seattle, Wash. 

Hamilton, J. P. Necessity for public provision 
for employment of the blind. 7c '07 Rational 
conf. of charities 

Harry, G. Man's miracle. *$1.35 '13 Double- 

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ftonr^ Fawcett. *$2.50 '14 Houffhtoji , 

U. S. Census, Bu. of. Benevolent institution^, 
1910. 2d ed '14 U. S. Census J, $1 Supt oC $oa 


Blind Continued. 

Van Blarcom, C. C, Midwife in England pa 
*14 Committee for the prevention of blind- 
ness, 130 E. 22d st, N. Y. 
Blind, Books for 


Pittsburgh. Carte * libiary. Classified cata- 
logue, V f.'T-l; 1 : 1. ;i.I series pt 9 pa 5c '14 Car- 
negie lib,, Pittsburgh 

U. S. Library of Congress. List of books in 
embossed type in the Reading room for the 
Wind. '14 U. S Library of Congress 
BIfnd eyes. Peterson, M *$1 30 Browne & How- 

Blind spot. Forman, J. M. *?1.35 Harper 
Blindness of virtue. Hamilton, C. *$1.25 Doran; 

75c Grosset 

Blinds down. Vachell, H. A. *50c Doran 
Bllnn, Edwin Nelson, 1S69- 
(comp.) Manual of liquor laws rev ed March, 
1912, D 104p $1 '12 J. H. Baggett co., Fall 
River, Mass. 12-7782 

Blinn, Phflo Kneeland, 1869- 
Facts about cantaloupes; a treatise on canta- 
loupe growing, giving the best cultural prac- 
tice and experience of growers in the special 
cantaloupe growing districts of the United 
States. 4th ed O 36p il pa '13 Rocky Ford 
cantaloupe seed breeders' assn., Rocky Ford, 

BUss, Andrew Richard, jr. 
Laboiatory manual of qualitative chemical 
analysis, for students of medicine, dentistry 
and pharmacy; with -working tables. O 244p 
$2 (Ja) '14 Dr. A. R. Bliss, jr., 824 S. 20th 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 14-2160 

Bliss, Gilbert Ames, 1876- 
Fundamental existence theorems. (In Am. 
mathematical soc. Princeton colloquium lec- 
tures on mathematics) $1.50 '13 Am. mathe- 
matical sc-c. 

Bliss, Walter Parks. See Sagre, J: H., jt auth. 
Blister rust. See Pine 

Block, Rudolph Edgar. See Leasing, B., pseud. 
Blodgett, Stephen Haskell. 1863- 
Urmary diseases. D v,127p il *$1 '14 Whit- 
comb & B. 14-1472 
BJoem, Walter, 1868- 

Iron year; auth. tr. from the German by Stella 
Bloch. D 400p *$1.25 (Mr) '14 Lane A14-1068 
Bk>k, Arthur 

Elementary principles of illumination and artl- 
f cinl ifn^tlrp. (Broadway ser. of engineering 
l;ur.(loo..'i^.) D 248p il *&L25 (Ap) '14 Van 
X os i rani I 

Blomffeld, Reginald Theodore, 1856- 
Architectural drawing and draughtsmen. Q 
xii,96p il *|3.50 '13 Funk 14-10908 

Blond race and the Aryan culture. Veblen, T. 

B. pa, 25c Univ. of Mo. 
Blondhelm, David Simon, 1884- 
(comp.) Books of Jewish interest in the libra- 
ry of the University of Illinois. (Bui. v. 11, 
no.3) O 20p pa gratis '13 Univ. of HI. 

Bar croft, J. Respiratory function of the blood. 

*$5.75 '14 Putnam 

Burnham, P: W. B. Hemocytes and heimc in- 
fections. $6 '13 Treat 
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'14 Wood 
Pappenheim, A. Clinical examination of the 

blood and its technique. *L26 '14 Wood 
Ward, G. R. Bedside haematology. *$3.50 '14 

Ste also Arteries, Blood vessels; Heart; 
Physiological chemistry 


See also Anemia; Blood poisoning 

Bishop, L: F. Heart disease, blood-pressure 
and the Nauheim treatment. 5th ed *$3 '14 


Faiis-ht, F. A. Blood pressure primer. 25c 
If I'::;-ntf 

Oii'lm:. 1 !., ;:: H. Blood-pressure in medicine 
and surgery *1,50 '14 Lea 

Mercer, R: B: Blood pressure readings in 
practice. 75c '13 A Kuhlman & co., 203 
Jefferson av., Detroit, Mich. 

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practice. 2d ed *$1.50 '14 Lippincott 

Norns, G TT: Blood- pressure; its clinical ap- 
plications. *$3 '14 Lea 

Sherman, R S BJood-pressure effects of the 
application of creatm to the cerebral cor- 
tex, pa 5c '14 Univ. of Cal 
Blood poisoning 

Alimentary toxaemia; its sources, consequen- 
ces and treatment *$1.50 '13 Longmans 
Blood pressure. See Blood Pressure 
Blood vessels 

Hopkins, G. S. Directions for the dissection 
and study. of the cranial nerves and blood 
vessels of the horse, pa $1 '13 G. S. Hopkins, 
Ithaca, N. T. 

See also Aiteiies, Blood; Heart; Vascular 
Bloom, Solomon, 1867- 

Supplement to Bloom's mechanics* liens and 
building contracts, with an appendix con- 
taining the California mechanics' lien law 
as amended in 1911; fully annotated by cross- 
references. O 431p $4 '12 Bender-Moss 


Bl cornfield, Leonard 
Introduction to the study of language. D 331p 

$1.75 '14 Holt 
Bloomfield, Meyer 

School and the start in life; a study of the 
relation between school and employment in 
England, Scotland, and Germany. (Bui. 1914, 
no. 4, whole no. 575) O 143p pa '14 U. S. 
Educ.; 15c Supt. of doc. E14-341 

Bibliography, p 133-142 
Bloormngdale family (Ma as Cornelissen Van- 

Buren-Bloomingdale, ca. 1645-1704) 
Peckham, H. C W. History of Cornells Maes- 
sen Van Buren, $7.50; hf mor $12.50 '13 
Wright, T. A. 
Bfose, J. M. 
Eclectic course of graded studies m piano 

playing. $1 '14 Presser 
Elementary piano technics, op. 19. 60c '14 

Blossom, F. A. 

La composition de Salammbo" d'aprSs la cor- 
respondance de Flaubert. (Elliott mono- 
graphs in the Romance languages and lit- 
eratures) O ix,104p $1.25 '14 Johns Hopkins 
Blossom babies. Chadwicl^ M. L. Pratt-. *75o 
Meth. bk. 

Blossoming rod. Cutting, M. S. bds *50c Double- 

Blount, Alma, 1866- 

Intensive studies in American literature. D 
xxi,331p il *$1.10 (F) '14 Macmillan 14-2240 

and Northup, Clark Sutherland, 1872- 
English grammar, for use in high and normal 
schools and in colleges. (Progressive studies 
m English) D xii,S75p *80c '14 Holt 14-17935 

Blount, Mrs. Godfrey 

Story of a homespun web: a simple guide to 
spinning and weaving. O 30p il *60c (Ja) 
'14 Dutton 

Blount, Ralph Earl, 1865- 

Physiology and hygiene; a text-book and 
manual for high schools. D 266p il 80c '14 
Row, Peterson & co. 14-18089 


Knight, N: Notes on blowpipe analysis. 5th ed 
pa lOc '14 Cornell college, Mt Vernon, la, 

Blue Beard. See Crane, W. Sleeping beauty 

Blue bird. Craik, D. M. 50c Sully & Kleinteich 

Blue bird. See Maeterlinck, M. 

Blue Birds of happy times nest. Roy. L. El. 60c 
Platt & Peck 

Bfue Bonnet in Boston. Jacobs, C. B., and 
Ricfcards, L. H. $1,50 ' 



Blue book of American shipping: marine and 
naval directory of the united States: an- 
nual. $5 Penton pub. (1-19463) 
Blue book of favorite songs, rev and enl erl 
(Instructor literature ser. no 240 \ O C3p pa 
5c '14 Owen, F A.; HcJl & McCreary 
Blue books of travel. *$l.-5 McBride, Xast & co 
F< rnun, H- J London 
Leary, L: G Syria 

Blue buckle. Osborne, W: H. *$1.25 McBride, 
Nast & co. 

Blue cashmere gown. Pratt, S. S. pa *25c Young 

Blue lady's knight. 3d ed Roulet, M P. 50c Her- 

Blue sky law. See Securities 
Blue wall. Child, R: W. 75c Grosset 
Bluebeard. Wiggin, K. D. *50c Harper 

Nelson. W: L. Bluegrass in Missouri. '13 Mis- 
souri. State bd. of agric., Columbia 
Blum, Victor 

Renal diagnosis in medicine and surgery, being 
a hand-book of the theory and practice of 
functional testing of the kidney; Eng. tr. by 
"Wilfred B. Christopherson O *$2 (My) '14 

Blumgarten, Aaron Samuel, 1884- 
Materia medica for nurses. O xiii,644p il *$2 50 
(My; '34 Macmillan 14-10238 

Bliimner, Hugo, 1844- 

Home life of the ancient Greeks: tr. from the 
German by Alice Zimmern. D 571p il *$2 
(Je) '14 Funk 
Blundell, Adrian Weld 

Revision of the vulgate. 5c '13 America press 
Blundell, Mary E. (Sweetman) (Mrs. Francis 

Blundell) (M. E. Francis, pseud.) 
Molly's fortunes. O xiv,270p *$1 '14 Herder 
Blundell, Peter 

Oh, Mr. Bidgood; a nautical comedy. D 340p 
^$125 '14 Lane 14-76.3 

Blunt, Rev. Hugh Francis, 1877- 
Fred Carmody; pitcher. D 190p *85c (My) '14 
Devin-Adair co. 

Blunt, Reginald 

In Cheyne Walk and thereabout, containing 
short accounts of some ingenious people and 
fumous places that were by the riverside at 
Chelsea. O 322p il *$3 (My) '14 Lippincott 


Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, 1840- 
Foetical works. 2v D xvi,456, vi.471p <$5 (N) 
'14 Macmillan 14-22324 

Blythe, Samuel George, 1868- 

Fakers. D 3?Sp *$1 35 (S) '14 Doran 14-18459 

Old game; a retrospect after three and a half 

years on the water-wagon. D 68p feds *50c 

'14 Doran 14-11573 

BIythe, Vernon, 1876- 

History of the civil war in the United States. 
O 411p il *$2 '14 Neale 14-16969 

Boalich, E. S. 

Mineral production of California for 1912. 
(Bui. 65) O 64p pa '14 Cal. State mining 

Boanerges. Harris, J. R. *$5 Putnam 

Board of arbitration In the controversy between 
the eastern railroads and the Brotherhood of 
locomotive engineers, 1912 

Arbitration; testimony, July 15-27, 1912; ex- 
hibits; a,ward. 2v 1020; 263; 123p $20 '12 !Law 
reporting co. 13-16100 

Report of the Board, appointed in conformity 
with an agreement of the parties made at 
New York city under date of April 30th, 
1912. Q 123p diags (N) '12 Bd. of arbitra- 
tion . 13-8241 
Board of arbitration In the controversy between 
the eastern railroads and the Brotherhood 
of locomotive firemen and englnemen, 1913 

Proceeding; under the Erdman act, by agree- 
ment darted Feb. 18, 1913. 4v Q $40 '13 Law 
reporting co. 13-16103 

Board of arbitration in the controversy between 
the eastern railroads and the Order of rail- 
way conductors and the Brotherhood of rail- 
road trainmen, 1913 

Arbitration; testimony, Sept. 11-Oct. 10, 1913: 
briefs, award. 3v 2066p, 93p, 75p $30 '13 
La\v reporting co. 14-38GJ 

Boards of health. See Health boaids 
Boas, Franz, 185S- 

Kwakiutl tales. (Anthropological ser.) O viii, 
414p il *$4.75 '14 Oxiord 14-19650 

Boas, Frederick Samuel, 1S62- 
Umversity drama in the Tudor age. O lOp, 
414p il "$4.75 '14 Oxford 14-19630 

Boat building 
Beard, D. C. Boat-building and boating. *50c 

'14 Grosset 

U. S. Census, Bu. of. Thirteenth census of the 
U. S,: 1910. Bui. Manufactures: 1909. Sta- 
tistics for shipbuilding, including boat 
building. '13 U. S. Census; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Boats end boating 

Kce also Canoes and canoeing; Ice boats; 
Yachts and yachting 

Bob Hunt at Camp Pontiac. Orton, G: W. *$1 
Jacc bs 

Bob Ryalls, clubman. Sheridan, J: A. *$1.20 
"Western pub. co., Toledo, O. 

Bob, son of Battle. Ollivant, A. lea *$1.50 Double- 

Bob Spencer the life saver. Armitage. T. *$1 

Sully & Klemteich 

Bob Steele's last flight. Grayson, D. 50c McKay 
Bob Steele's new aeroplane. Grayson, D. 50c Mc- 

Bob Steele's winning race. Grayson, D. 50c Mc- 

Bobart, Jacob, 1599-1680 

Vines, S. H., and Druce, G: C. Account of the 
Morisonian herbarium in the possession of 
the University of Oxford, together with bio- 
graphical and critical sketches of Morison 
and the two Bobarts and their works. *$5 '14 

Bobby. Bell, J: J. *$1 Doran 

Bobby Bun and Bunty. Golding, H. bds 50c Platt 
& Peck 

Bobtail puppy book. Aldin, C. C: W. bds 75c 

Bocher, Maxlme, 1SG7-, and Gayiord, Harry 

Davis, 1874- 

Trigonometry with the theory and use of 
logarithms. D ix,142p *|l '14 Holt 14-17860 
Bode, William, 1875- 

Book of Job and the solution of the problem 
of suftering it offers. 2d ed O 237p $1.25 '14 
W: Bode, Grundy Center, Iowa 14-11750 
Bodlne, William Lester, 1862- 
Bodine's reference book on juvenile welfare: 
a review of the Chicago social service sys- 
tem. Illustrated ed. O 221p $2 '13 W: L. 
Bodine, Chicago 13-26583 

Bod ley Head natural history. Cuming, E: W: 

D. 6v v 2 *75c; lea *$1 Lane 
Body manikin. 3d ed Cocroft, S. $1 Headington 


Boehme, Jakob, 1575-1624 
Bailey, M. L. Milton and Jakob Boehme. *50c 

'14 Oxford 

Boehmer, Joseph, 1851- 

Our currency problem; cartoons by Ralph 
Wilder. D 43p $1 '13 Peoples' currency 
league, Bloomington, 111. 14-942 

Boericke. Felix Aerial, 1857-, and Anshutz, Ed- 
ward Pollock, 1846- 

Elements of homoeopathic theory, practice, 
materia medica, dosage and pharmacy; 
comp. and arranged from homoeopathio teatf 
books for the information of all enquirers 
into homoeopathy. 3d rev ed T> ,22ap, *$1 
'14 Boericke . 14-4213 


4#Inues, I/. M. Our little Boer ooiisin, 60c ^14 



Boezinger, Bruno, 1859- 


Bogart, Ernest Ludlow, 1S70-, and Thompson, 

of the 


Exercise book in economic history of the 
United States. Q 64p pa *50c (N) '14 Long- 

Bogart, William Henry, 1810-1888 
Border boy: life of Daniel Boone; new popular 
ed- (Heroes of history ser.) D 464p il 60c '14 
Bogen des Odysseus. Hauptmann, G. J. R. $1 


Boggess. Arthur Clinton- 
Settlement of Illinois. (Collections, v. 5) O 268p 

*$2 Chicago hist. soc. (corr price) 
Boggis, R. J. Edmund . , 

Praying for the dead: an historical review of 
the practice. D 14p,272p *$1.25 <D) '13 Long- 

Boggs, William Robertson, 1829-1911 
Military reminiscences of Gen. Wm. R. Boggs, 
C. S. A.; introd and notes by W: K Boyd. 
(John Lawson monographs of the Trinity 
college hist. soc. v. 3) xxiii,115p front $1.10" 
'13 Trinity college hist soc., Durham, N. C. 


S S adt of Lad? Daventry. D *$1.35 (P) '14 Bren- 

Bogue, Benjamin N. 

Bogue institute for stammerers, Indianapolis, 
bid 10th ed Q 70p il '14 Proctor & Collier 
co., Cincinnati, O. 14-1/148 

Bohannan, Charles D. * 

Community improvement clubs for the rural 
and village communities of Kentucky. (Dept. 
of agricultural extension. Circular no. 19) O 
Sip '14 Kentucky agric. experiment station, 
Lexington, Ky. E14-1475 



Lutzow, F. H. H. V. Hussite wars. *$4.50 '14 

Bohemian San Francisco. Edwords, C. E. *$1 25 


Price, J. M My Bohemian days in Paris. *$2.50 

'14 McKay 

Bohemians. Chase, E. F. pa *25c Revell 
Bohn, Frank, 1878-, and McGrady, Rev. Thomas, 

Catholic church and socialism. D 31p por pa 

lOc '13 Kerr 
Bohnstengel, Walter. See Walker, P. F-, jt. 


Boiler inspection 
Ohio. Boiler inspection law and rules formu- 

lated by the Industrial commission of Ohio 

for the division of boiler inspection, pa '13 

Ohio industrial comm., Columbus 
Boilermakers and iron shipbuilders companion. 

5th ed Foder, J. *$1.50 Spon (corr price) 


Am. boiler manufacturers assn. Directory of 

boiler, tank and stack manufacturers of the 

United States and Canada, pa $3 '14 Eng. 

Haddon* I. J. and H. Practical treatise for 

boiler makers. *$2.50 '13 Spon (corr price) 
t^Haven, G: B., and Swett, G: "W. Design of 

boilers and pressure vessels. Wiley 
Mason, C: J. Arithmetic of the steam, boiler. 

*$1 (*4s 2d) '14 McGraw 
.Master bo^lermakeare' , , assn. Proceedings of 

the 7th annual convention. $1 '13 Master 

fttaujer, A. R., and Bromley, C: H. Fuel econ- 
omy and CO S recorders. *L50 (*6s 3d) '14 

Pearce, B. L. Model boiler making. 9th ed pa 
25c '14 Spon 

U. S. Steam engineering, Dept. of. Instruc- 
tions for the care, preservation, and opera- 
tion of boilers '14 U. S. Navy dept. 

8rc rilxo Feed water; Fuel; Steam, Steam 

Boilers, Marine 
Babcock & Wilcox co. Marine steam 2d ed '14 

Babcock & TTilcox co. 

Foder, J. Boilermakers and iron shipbuilders 

companion. 5th ed *$1 50 Spon (corr price) 

Stromeyer, C: E. Marine boiler management 

and construction. 4th ed *?4 (*12s 6d) '14 


See also Marine engineering 
Boiling cauldron. Bell, L. *$1.25 Doran 

Bois, Marie J. 
Grand bazar Parisien; comedy in one act, 

for girJs D 25c (S; 3 U Jenkins 
Bolanden, Conrad von. See Bischoff, J. R K. 

Bolen, George Lewis, 1861- 
Whole truth about the tariff: a study. D 307p 
pa 50c (Mr) '14 Phoenix pub. 14-51C5 

Bolenlus, Emma Miller 

Teaching of oral English, D xii,214p *$1 '14 
Lippmcott 14-12830 

Bolivia. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Tariff schedule, appraisements and duties; tr. 
corrected to Febiuary, 1912. 25c Pan Ameri- 
can union 

Walle, P. Bolivia, *$3 '14 Scnbner 
Boll weevil 
Alford, G: H. How to prosper in boll weevil 

territory. '14 International harvester co. 
Moss, B: L. Boll weevil problem. 75c '14 Pro- 
gressive farmer, Birmingham, Ala. 
U. S. Agriculture, Dept. of, Study and inves- 
tigation of boll weevil and hog cholera 
plagues. 5c '13 Supt. of doc. 
Vogler, J- W. Death-knell to the boll- weevil, 
pa 50c '14 J: W: Vogler, 1513 Jd st., Alex- 
andria, La. 
Hunter, W. D: Pink boUworm. '14 U. S. Agric; 

5c Supt of doc. 
Boiling, Raynal C' 
United States steel corporation and labor 

conditions. O lOp pa 15c '12 Am. acad. 
Bolte, J. Willard 
Back yard farmer. D 238p *$1 '14 Forbes 

Bolton, Ethel (Stanwoocf) (Mrs. Charles Knowles 

Bolton) 1873- 
Shirley uplands and intervales. O 396p il *$3.50 

(N) '14 Littlefield 

Wax portraits and silhouettes. D 88p pors bds 
$1,25 (Jl) '14 Mass. soc. of the colonial 
dames of America, 9 Ashburton pi., Boston 
Bolton, Florence 

Exercises for women, containing helpful sug- 
gestions on matters directly and indirectly 
related to exercise and development, and an 
appendix with a wider range of work, brief- 
ly tabulated, for the use of teachers. D 
xiii,15-141p n *$i (Ja) '14 Funk 14-2037 

Bolton, Herbert Eugene, 1870- 

(ed.) Athanase de MSzieres and the Louisi- 
ana-Texas frontier, 1768-1780; documents 
pub. for the first time, from the original 
Spanish and French manuscripts, chiefly in 
the archives of Mexico and S>pain; tr. into 
English; ed. and annotated, by Herbert 
Eugene Bolton. (Spain in the West) 2v O 
il *$10 '14 Clark, A. H. 14-549 

Spanish activities on the lower Trinity river, 
1746-1771; reprint from the Southwestern 
historical quarterly, v 16, no 4. O 339-377p 
SOc '13 Texas state hist, assn., Austin 


Spanish occupation of Texas, 1519-1690; re- 
print from the Southwestern historical 
quarterly, v 16, no 1. O 26p SOc '12 Texas 
state hist, assn., Austin 13-24523 

Bolton, Joseph Shaw 

Brain in health and disease. O xiv,479p *$5 
(N) '14 Longmans 



Bolts and nuts 

Hamilton, D. T: Bolt, nut and rivet forg- 
ing, pa 25c '14 Industrial press 

Boltwood of Yale. Patten, G. *$1 Barse Hop- 

Bolyai, John 

Science absolute of space independent of the 
truth or falsity of Euclid's axiom XI; tr. 
from the Latin by G. Bruce Halsted. 70p *?1 
'14 Open ct. 

Bomberger, John Huston, 1858- 
TVhy and how of the organized adult Bible 
class. 2d ed D 12Sp bds 25c (N) '13 Ref. ch. 
pub. 'bd. 

Bond, Alexander Russell, 1876- 
Pick, shovel and pluck, further experiences 
"with the men who do things.' 1 (Scientific 
American boy ser.) O xv,25Cp il *$1.5U (O) 
'14 Munn 14-20247 

Bond, Beverly Waugh, 1843- 
Love universal, the heart of the Christian 
revelation. D vii,214p *$1 '13 Pub. house of 
the M. E. ch. So. 14-11053 

Bond, Francis 

Introduction to English church architecture 
from the eleventh to the sixteenth century. 
l>v Q 1028p il *$14 '14 Oxford [A14-1276] 

Bond, Paul Stanley, 1S79-, and McDonough, 

Michael J. 

Technique of modern tactics: a study of troop 
leading methods in the operations of de- 
tachments of all arms. O 344p diags $2.65 
(D) '13 Banta pub. 14-2008 


Amberg, TV: A. New finance, interest -earn- 
ing bank reserves vs. idle money, pa gratis 
'13 Amberg 

Fitch, J: K. Fitch bond book, 1914. flex lea 
$15 '14 Francis E. Fitch, 47 Broad st. f N. 

Guaranty trust co. of N. Y. Index of bonds 
indicating those containing tax free clause. 
'14 Guaranty trust co. of New York 

L\on, T. B. How to sell bonds. $1 '14 T. B. 
Lyon, 55 Wall st. f N Y. 

May berry, J. L., comp. Rules governing the 
delivery, registration and transfer of stocks 
and bonds, pa loc '13 J. L. Mayberry, 71 
Broadway, N. Y. 

Standard statistics co. Status of bonds under 
the federal Income tax. $3 '14 Standard 
statistics co. 

Rcc also Finance; Investments, Securities 
Bonds and stocks. Babson, R. W. lea $2 Bab- 
son's statistical organization 
Bonds' egg record and poultry account book; 
new rev. and enl. ed. pa 25c '14 Bonds press, 
Middletown, N. Y. 


Holland, W: J., and Peterson, O. A. Osteology 
of the Chalicotherioidea. $6 '13 Carnegie inst. 
$cr also Fractures; Spine 

Ely, L. W. Diseases of bones and joints. $2 '14 
Surgery pub. 

Tubby, A. H. Deformities, Including dis- 
eases of the bones and joints. 2d ed 2v re- 
duced price *$13 '12 Macmillan 
Bonnar, William 

Mathematical laws of psychic phenomena dis- 
covered, formulated and elucidated with 
practical diagrams. Q xx,193p il $5 '12 J: 
Bonnar, 144 Jewett av., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Bonner, Raleigh 

Love poems of a polyglot schoolmaster. D 6- 
32p bds $1 '14 Badger, R: G. 14-11831 

Bonner, Richard 

Boy inventors' electric hydroaeroplane; with 
il. by C: L. Wrenn. D 292p 50c '14 Hurst 


Bonner, Shearon 

Common law of husban4 and wife and parent 
and child* D 47p pa $1 ,(S) '13 S. Bonner, 
-- - -~* bldg., Dallas, Texas 


706 Coxnnaofcwealtn 

Bonnet, Theodore F. 

Friend of the people: a play in four acts, with 
a prefatoiy epistle to Ash ton Stevens O 
xxviii,115p $1 50 '14 Pacific publication co , 
San Francisco 14-7431 

Bonney, Mrs Elizabeth Catherine (White) 1S66-. 

See Arnold, S. L., jt. auth. 
Bonney, Thomas George, 1833- 
Present relations of science and religion (Li- 
brary of historic theology) O xi,212p ' $1 50 
(D) ''13 Revell A14-1S6 

Bonnie color bearers. Fuller, A. C. pa 15c El- 

driclge entertainment house, Franklin, O. 
Bonsall, Mabel. See Mercer, G: E., jt. auth. 
Bonstelle, Jessie, and De Forest, Marian 
(comps ) Little women letters from the house 
of Alcott. D ix,197p il *$1.25 (S) '14 Little 

Bonus, J. 
Thoughts in verse; for mv friends. O 10,84p il 

bds *$1.25 (*3s 6d) (N) *'14 Longmans 
Bonus calculating tables. Q 103 1 '13 Atchison, 
Topeka & Santa F6 railway company, 
Topeka, Kan. 14-13184 

Boobs, as seen by John Henry. Hobart, G: V. 

*75c Dillingham 
Book about authors. Moncrieff, A. R. H. *$3 

Book auctions 

Livingston, L. S., comp American book prices 
current, from Sept. 1, 1912 to Sept. 1, 1913. 
*$10 '14 Dodd & Livingston 

Fitzgerald, P. Book fancier. *$1.25 '14 Lippin- 

Sec also Book rarities; Bookplates 
Book fancier. Fitzgerald, P. *$1.25 Lippincott 
Book industries and trade 
Benziger, K. J. Geschlchte des buchgewerbes 
Im Ftirstlichen Benediktinerstifte U. L. F. 
v. Emsiedeln. bds *$7.50 '12 Benziger 
Book- making for children. Cory, D: complete 

outfit in box *50c Platt & Peck 
Book of answered prayer. Faris, J: T. *$1 Doran 
Book of art for young people. Conway, A. E. 

and W: M. *$1.50 Macmillan 
Book of athletics. Withington, P., ed. *$1.50 

Book of baby beasts. Dugdale, F. E. *$1.50 


Book of baby birds Dugdale, F. E. *$1.50 Doran 
Book of Betty Barber. Browne, M. *$1.50 Badger, 

R: G. 

Book of bridges. Brangwyn, F *$6; large pa ed 
$$ *$25 Lane 
Book of Celtic stories. Grierson, B. W. *$1.25 


Book of common prayer 

Gailor, T: F. Episcopal church; its history, its 
prayer book, its ministry. *75c '14 Young ch. 
Hall, A. C. A. Exposition of the litany, bds 

*50c '14 Young ch. 
Haughton, J. Holy Spirit and the prayer book. 

2d ed *$1.25 '14 Dutton 
Knox, E. A. Sacrifice or sacrament? *$1.40 

(*4s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Muss-Amolt, W: Book of common prayer 
among the nations of the world. $3 '14 Gor- 


See, . Protestant Episcopal church Cate- 


Book of days. Chambers, R. 2v *$5 LippIncottJJ 
Book of destiny. Orient, G. *$1 McKay 
Book of Detroiters. 2d ed Marquis, A. N. ecL 

$12 50 MarQUis 
Book of d'oyleys. King, H. 25c King's needlecraft 

and lace studio, Springfield, HI. 
Book of English essays. Winchester, C. Ti, ed, 

*45c Holt 

Book of entertainments and frolics for an, oc- 
C., and Tellord, ;IL F. 75c 



Bpok of 




Book of fairy tales; il. by H. M. Brock. Q *$2; 
2v ea *$1: 4v ea *40c Warne 

Contents: Puss in boots; Jacs and the beanstalk; Hop 
o* my thumb; Beaut* and the beast The 2v edition is pub- 
lished with title, Old fairs tales 
Book of fishing stones. Aflalo, F: G:, ed. *$10 

Book of friendly giants. Fuller, E. *2 Century 

Book of gardens. Hyatt, A. H,, ed, bds *$1; vel- 
vet persian lea *$1.50 Phillips, Leroy 
Book ot God's Providence. Fans, J. T. *$1 

Presbyterian bd. 
Book of good dinners for my friend. Farmer, 

F. M. pa 60c Dodge t ^ _ 

Book of hand-T\ oven coverlets. Obenchain, E, C. 

*$2 Little 
Book of inscriptions. Matson, B. *$1.10 Mc- 

Bride, Nast & co. 
Book of Irish poetry. (Lib. of Irish literature) 

*$1 (O) '14 Stokes 
Book of Job. 2d ed Bode, W: $1.25 W: Bode, 

Grundy Center, Iowa 
Book of life. Macdonald, G: *20c (*6d), lea *50c 

(*ls 6d) Oxford 
Book of little houses. (Countryside manuals) S 

vi,107p il *50c (O) '14 Macmillan 14-18438 
Book of London. 2d ed Mitton, G. E. *$1.25 

Book of modern Palestine for boys and girls. 

Salmon, P. R. *$2 Sully & Kleinteich 
Book of monsters. Fairchild, D: G. and M. H. B. 

$2, lea $3 National geographic soc. 

Book of Mormon 

Shook, C: A: True origin of the Book of Mor- 
mon. $1.25 '14 Standard pub. 

Book of my life. Rompapas, J: *$1 Rabelais 

Book of myths. Lang, J. *$2.50 Putnam 

Book of nonsense. Lear, E: *$2 Warne 

Book of old New -York. Brown, H: C. $100 priv 
ptd Lent & Graff co., 139 E. 25th st, N. Y. 

Book of parties and pastimes. Dawson, M., and 
Telford, E. P. 75c McKay 

Book of perennials. Vollmer, W: A. *$1 McBride, 
Nast & co. 

Book of poems. Fuller, A. F. $1.50 Anchor 

Book of poems. Tubbs, I. P. lea $1.25 I. P. 
Tubbs, 406 Bridge st, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Book of poetry and thought. Coontz, J: L, 
*$1 Badger, R: G. 

Book of prose narratives. "Wells, C. W., ed, 
*$1.25 Ginn 

Book of public prayer, Beecher, H: W. *75c Re- 

Book of quotations. Benham, W. G, *$3; hf mor 
*$3.60 Lippincott 

Book of St. Louisans: a biographical dictionary 
of leading living men of St Louis and vicin- 
ity. 2d ed O 6Blp $12.50 '12 Marquis (corr 
pub) 12-23118 

Book of short stories. Sherman, S. P., comp. 
35c Holt 

Book of stars for young people. Mitton, G. E. 
*$1.25 Macmman 

Book of the Bayeux tapestry. Belloc, H. *$3.50 

Book of the blue sea, Newbolt, H: J: *$1.50 (*5s) 

Book of the bride; iL in coL by Meta Morris 
GrimbaJI. Q 64p $1.25; ooze bxd $2.50 '14 

Book of the Camp fire girls. 4th ed Camp fire 
girls. 25c National headquarters, New York 

Book of the Century society. Bailey, G: M. pa 
25c G: M. Bailey, in care of Northwest town- 
site co., 308 Chestnut st, Phila. 

Book of the dead 

$Book of the dead: the papyrus of Ani: a re- 
production in facsimile; ed. with hierogly- 
phic transcript, tr. and Introd. by E. A, 
, Wallis Budge. $v O il bxd *$ia.50 '13 Putnam 

Book of the fourth American peace congress, St. 
Louis, May 1, 2, 3, 1913. Da $1 Woodward 
& T. 

Book of the lion. Pease, A. E?: *$3 imp Scribner 

Book of words. Langdon, W: C. pa 25c. Kimball 
union academy, Meriden, N. H. 

Book plates. See Bookplates 
Book prices 

Livingston, L. S , comp. American book prices 
current, from Sept 1, 1912 to Sept. 1, 1913. 
*$10 '14 Dodd & Livingston 

ce oho Booksellers and bookselling 
Book rarities 

Bay Psalm book *$2 '14 Dodd 

Benziger, K. J. Geschichte des buchgewerbes 
im Fiirstlichen Benediktinerstifte U. L. F. 
v. Einsiedeln. bds *$7.50 '12 Benziger 

Smith. H. B., comp Sentimental library. $10 
'14 piiv ptd De Vmne press 

Sir also Book collecting; Incunabula 
Book trade. See Booksellers and bookselling 

Bean, F. O, and Brodhead, J: C. Bookbinding 
for beginneis. $125 '14 School arts pub. 

Holme, C-, ed Art of the book. *$3, pa '$2.50 
'li Lane 

New York (city). Public library. Spencer col- 
lection of modern book bindings. '14 

Vaughn, S' J. Printing and bookbinding for 
schools. *$1, 2 pts ea *35c '14 Public school 

Barratt, N. S. Book-keepers and commercial 
law. '13 priv ptd N. S. Barratt, room 461, 
City hall, Phil. 

Bexell, J: A., and Nichols, F: G: Principles 
of bookkeeping and farm accounts: blanks, 
no 1, Journal; no 2, Special books, no 3, 
Ledger. '13 Am. bk. 

Bexell, J: A., and Nichols, F: G: Teacher's 
reference book to accompany Principles of 
bookkeeping and farm accounts. *50c '14 
Ajn. bk. 

Bonds' egg record and poultry account book, 
pa 25c '14 Bonds press, Middle town, N. Y. 

Cosgrove, J: J. Bookkeeping for the plumber. 
25c Standard sanitary mfg. co. 

Dicksee, L. R. Bookkeeping for accountant 
students. 7th ed $1.75 '14 Ronald 

Geijsbeek, J: B Ancient double-entry book- 
keeping, buck $5 '14 Ronald press 

Goodyear, I* E. Principles of accountancy. 
$1 '13 Goody ear-Marshall pub. 

Hall, M. P. Art of accounts. 2d ed 80c '13 Sil- 

Mann, J. D. Agricultural bookkeeping instruc- 
tor, keratol $1.75 '14 J. D. Mann, Galena, O. 

Miner, G: W. Bookkeeping; commission and 
general merchandise. 25c '14 Ginn 

Rohrbaugh, E. S. Keystone up-to-date method 
of detecting and locating errors in book- 
keeping and trial balance. $5 '14 E. S. Rohr- 
baugh, York, Pa. 

Spicer, E. E., and Pegler, E. C. Elementary 
bookkeeping. *60c '14 Oxford 

Sweet, J. S Business practice bookkeeping. 
$1.50 '13 J. S. Sweet pub. co., Santa Rosa, 

Whigam, W. H , and Frederick, O. D. House- 
hold accounting, buck $1 '13 A. N. Palmer 
co,, 30 Irving place, N. Y. 

floe also Accounting; Auditing; Cost 
accounting; Municipal accounts 
Bookman. Clarence Monroe, 1882- 

Business arithmetic. D 250p *65c (Je) '14 
Am. bk. 14-12163 

Bookman's letters Nicoll, W: R *$1 75 Doran 

Pope, A. W. Theatrical bookplates. *$1 '14 H. 
A. Fowler, 17 Bd. of trade bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Wyer, M. G. Bookplates in Iowa, bds $1.10 '14 

M. G. Wyer, Lincoln, Neb. 

Chipraan, C: P. Books and libraries, their 
makers and their use. $1 '14 Colby alumnus 
press, Waterville, Me. 

See also Bibliography; Bookbinding; Book- 
plates; Books and reading; Booksellers and 
bookselling; Cataloging; Catalogs, Library; 
Copyright; Illustrated books; Libraries; Lit- 
erature; Manuscripts; Printing; Publishing; 
Reference books; Title-pages; Writing 
Books, Illustrated. See Illustrated books 


6ooks and libraries, their makers and their 
use. Chipman, C: P. $1 Colby alumnus press, 
Waterville, Me. 
Books and reading 

Friendship of books, limp seal, $1.50; limp 

grain, 1.75; limp velvet ooze, $2 '13 Crowell 

GIsMng, G: R. Books and tae quiet lite, bdb 

*T5c, vel *$j '14 Mohei 

Jenkins, M. Reading puolic *75c '14 Houghton 
IVIurse'l, TT. A. Bj ways in bookland. T ds * 81 25 

'14 Houghton 

Ward, G. u. Piactical use of books and libra- 
ries. 2d ed *$1 '14 Boston Ik. 

f?ie fits') Bibliography, Children's litera- 
ture, Libraries; Literature 

Books and the qaiet life. Gissin?, G R. bdd *75c- 
vel *?2 Mosher 

Books for business men. pa Public library De- 
troit, Mich. 

Books for home reading 1 . Utica, N. Y. Public 
lib. pa gratis Library and the schools, 
Utica, N. Y. 

Books that girls like, pa gratis Brooklyn public 

Books to read: a reference list of inexpensive 
literature for students of Christianity; Tvith 
a prefatory note, by the Archbishop of York. 
2d ed S 48p pa 20c (*6d) (F) '14 Longmans 


Booksellers and bookselling 
American library annual, 1913-1914. *$5 '14 

Clegg, J. International directory of booksellers 
and bibliophile's manual. 9th ed $2 '13 Dodd 
& Livingston 

International congress of publishers. Inter- 
national directory of the book trade, 1913, 
French, German or English $3.50 '14 Inter- 
national congress of publishers; for sale by 
Pub. weekly 

Leacock, S. B. Methods of Mr. Sellyer. '14 

See also Book prices; Catalogs, Booksel- 
lers'; Copyright 

Bookseller's blue book, gratis Doubleday 
Bookstaver, Mrs. Mary Andrews Leonard, 1843- 
(trO See Schreckenbach, P. King of Rothen- 


Boomer, Paul C. 1868- 

Moods and fancies. D lOlp '14 priv ptd P. C. 
Boomer, 3130 Indiana av., Chicago 14-15061 
Boomers. Norton, R. *$1.25 Watt 
Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820 
Bogart, W: H: Border boy: life of Daniel 

Boone. 60 c '14 Lothrop 

Morton, O. F: Story of Daniel Boone. pa 25c '13 
McAllister pub. 


Tomlinson, B. T. Scouting with Daniel Boone. 

*$1.20 '14 Doubleday 
Boorman. Thomas Hugh, 1851- 
Asphalts; their sources and utilizations. O 
192p 55 pi $2 '14 Comstock 
Addendum; being the five chapters en modern road con- 
struction. 169-191P il 25o 
Booth, Charles, 1840- 

Industrial unrest and trade union policy. D 

32p pa *10c (D) '13 Macmillan 14-9363 

Booth. Charles Edwin (Gideon Harris, pseud.) 


Audels answers on refrigeration and ice mak- 
ing; a practical treatise with illustrations. 
D 13-689p Vt lea $2 (Ja) '14 Audel 14-1687 
Booth, John Wllkes, 1838-1865 
Johnson, B, B. Abraham Lincoln and Bos- 
ton Oorbett; John Wilkes Booth and Jeffer- 
son Davis. $1 '14 B. B. Johnson, 45 Pond st. f 
Waltham, Mass. 
Booth. Margaret Hutcheson 

(@<1.) See Tennyson, A. Idylls of the king 
Booth. Mary Josephine 

(comp.) Material on geography which may be 
obtained free or at mail cost, O 23p pa 10 c 
'14 A. L. A. 14-1348S 

Booth, Meyrick, 1SS3- 

Rudolf Eucken, his philosophy and influence. 

D xxviil,207p *?1.25 (X) '13 Scnhner H-3'J-,'b2 

fed.) See Eucken, H. C Collected essays 

Booth-Chbborn, Mrs. Catherine, 1SCO- 

Hymns by the ilarechale Lijseud.] and others. 

D 31p 5c '13 Bible mst. Col. assn. 13-24466 

Strahan, J. Mar6chale. A $1.25 '14 Doran 

Booze devil and how to kill him. Pickett, L. L. 

w5c Pentecostal pub. 
Bo-peep f 1914; a picture book annual for little 

iolks. il *1.25; bds *?1 '14 Funk 
Borchard, Edwin Montefiore, 1SS4- 
Contractual claims in international law; re- 
printed from the Columbia law re\ie\v. Q 
43p (Je) '13 Banks 13-17508 

International contractual claims and their 
settlement. {Pub. no. 13) Q tiUp '13 Am. soc. 
for judicial settlement of international dis- 
putes 14-13841 
Bordeaux, Henry, 1870- 

A wakening; tr by Ruth Helen Davis. D 438o 
"$L3j CO) '14 Dutton 14-19165 

House; tr. by Louise Sejmour Houghton D 
409p *$1.35 (Ag) '14 Duffield 14-14800 

Borden, Eli Monroe, 1874- 
Jacob's ladder, a book ot sermons, ed. by T. B. 
Clark. D 35i>p $1.25 <Je) '14 E. M. Borden, 
Box C6, Little Rock, Ark, 14-13193 

Borden, William Whiting, 1S87-1913 
Gospel addresses. O 47p 25c 14 Bible inst. Col. 
assn. 14-9927 

Border boy. Bogart, W: H: 60c Lothrop 
Border boys along the St. Lawrence. Deering, 
F. B. 50c Hurst 

Border fights and fighters. Brady. C. T. 50c Claf- 

Borderlands and thoroughfares. Gibson, W, W. 
*$1.25 MacmiUan 

Bordwell, George Otis, 1882- 

Modern banking methods as applied to the 

tellers and bookkeepers. O xvi,122p pis $2 

'13 Hicks-Judd co. 13-25050 

Borger, Preston D. See Stoudt, J: B. f jt. auth. 

Borghese, Maria Paolina (Bonaparte) prln- 

cipessa, 1780-1825 
Fleischmann, H. Pauline Bonaparte and her 

lovers. *$3.50 '14 Lane 
Borgia, Cesare, 14767-1507 
Gobineau, J. A. Renaissance. *$2.75 '13 Put- 
Sabatmi, 11. Life of Cesare Borgia. *$1.5Q '14 

Woodward, W: H. Cesare Borgia; a biography. 

*$3.50 '14 Dutton 

Borglum, John Gutzon de la Mothe, 1867- 
Columbia university. Library. Avery architec- 
tural library. Exhibition of sculpture by 
Gutzon Borglum, February 28, 1914. 25c '14 
De Vmne press 


Pollard, J: A., and Heggem, A. G-: Kud-laden 
fluid applied to well drilling. '14 U. S. Mines; 
5c Supt. of doc. 

Udden, J. A. Deep boring at Spur. '14 Univ. of 

Sec also Artesian wells; Drilling and bor- 
ing machinery; Turning 

Boring machinery. See Drilling and boring ma- 

Borman, Thomas Allen, 1872- 
Sorghums, sure money crops. D 310p II maps 
S1.35 '14 Kansas farmer co., Topeka, Kan. 



Schultze, A. Sultanate of Bornu, *$3 '14 Ox- 

Borough of the Bronx, 1639-1913. Cook, EC* T. 
50c; lea $1 H. T. Oook, 1660*, Boone av., 
Bronx, N. Y,. - 

.Boroughs , aj 

Hemnaeoii, M. D. Burgage tenure in mediaeval 
England. *$2 '14 

8 4 


Boroughs Continued. 

Ptnnsj l\ ama. Preliminary draft of a bill codi- 
fying the existing general laws relating to 
boroughs. '14 Pennsylvania. Legislative ref- 
erence bureau, Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania. Preliminaiy draft of a bill con- 
solidating the existing general laws relating 
to boroughs. '11 Pennsylvania. Legislative 
reference bureau, Harrisburg 

>SVe also Cities and towns t Local govern- 

Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 
Selections. (English literature for schools) S 

124p *20c (Jl) '14 Dutton 

Lavengro, the scholar, the gipsy, the priest, 

ed. with mtrod. and notes, by B. Maxwell. 

S 720p *60c <*2s 6d) '14 Oxford 

Romantic ballads, tr. from the Danish, and 

Miscellaneous pieces. xi,187p *$3.50; de 

luxe ed *?5 '13 Putnam [A14-1351] 

Zmcali: an account of the gypsies of Spam 

(Everyman's lib.) S I4p,251p *35c; library 

binding *50c; lea *70c '14 Dutton 

Shorter, C. K, George Borrow and his circle. 

*$3 '14 Houghton 

Borton's pocket manual of Cleveland securities; 

a booklet briefly describing corporations, 

the securities of which are bought and sold 

in the Cleveland market. S 9-185p bds gratis 

'14 Borton & Borton, Cleveland, O. 14-13473 

Bosanquet. Bernard, 1848- 

Distinction between mind and its objects: 

the Adamson lecture for 1913, with an 

appendix. (Manchester univ. lectures, no. 

16) D 73p *50c (*ls 6d) pa *36c (*ls) '13 

Longmans 13-17992 

Bosanquet, Ellen (Hodgkln) (Mrs. Robert Carr- 


Days in Attica, O xiv,348p il *$2 (Ap) '14 
MacmiUan A14-1356 

Bosanquet, Helen (Dendy) (Mrs, Bernard Bosan- 

Social work in London, 1869-1912; a history 
of the Chanty organisation society. O 420p 
*?3 (O) '14 Dutton 14-16903 

Bose, Jagadis Ch under, 1858- 
Researches on the irritability of plants, O 
xxiv,376p *$2.50 (*7s 6d) (Je) '13 Long- 
mans AgrlS-2211 
Bosher, Mrs. Kate Lee Langley (Kate Cairns, 

pseud.) 1865- 

How it happened. D 163p H *$1 (S) '14 Harper 

Bosler (J. Herman) memorial library, Carlisle, 


Catalogue of the J. Herman Bosler memorial 
library; classed author list. O 77p pa 50c '13 
3 Herman Bosler memorial lib.. Carlisle, Pa. 

Boss, Andrew 

Farm management. D 237p il 90c (Mr) '14 
Lyons & Carnahan 14-5780 

and Peck, F. W. 

Farm records and accounts. F 116p *$2 (Ja) 
'14 Webb pub. 

Boss. McConaughy, J. W., and Sheldon, E: 75c 

Boss Bradgate. Brasted, F. *$1.20 Neale 
Bosse> Sara, and Watanna, Onoto, pseud. (Mrs, 

Wtnnlfred Eaton Babcock) 1879- 
Chinese-Japanese cook book. S 12Dp *50c '14 

Rand 14-19225 

Boston, Leonard Napoleon, 1871-. See Anders, 

J. k., jt, auth. 

Boston. Statistics dept. 

Banks and banking, industries, wealth, etc., 
in New England and Boston. F 12p '14 Sta- 
tistics dept., Boston 14-10136 



Bacon. B. M, Rambles around old Boston. 
*$3.& '14 Little 

, Harbor 

IT: ,$, Bbgineer dlept Boston harbor, Mass, pa 
lOc 'l^Sttpt. of doc. 


Bacon, E M Rambler around old Boston. Lxl 
*}3 50 '14 Little 

Social conditions 

Daniels, J: In freedom's birthplace: a study 
of the Boston negroes. *$1 50 '14 Houghton 

Social research council of Boston Additional 
list of social investigations in greater 
Boston to September 1913. pa '13 Social 
research council 

Boston. Committee on Instruction by means of 

Report. (School document no. G, 1913.) O 116p 

'13 Boston. School committee E14-31 

Boston cooking-school cook book. Farmer, F. M. 

$1.80 Little 
Boston female society for missionary purposes 

Vail, A. L, Mary Webb and the mother society, 

*50c '14 Am. Bapt. 
Boston. First national bank 

Ancestry of the American dollar and the ori- 
gin of the dollar sign; compliments of First 
national bank of Boston. T 27p il '13 First 
national bank, Boston 14-631 

Boston. General theological library 

Catalogue; a dictionary catalogue of religion, 
theology, sociology and allied literature. Q 
313p $1.50; pa $1 '13 Fort Hill press 14-319 
Boston, Public library 

Catalogue of books relating to architecture, 
construction and decoration m the Public 
library. 2d ed, with an additional section on 
city planning. Q x,535p pa $1 '14 Boston pub- 
lic lib. 14-13491 

Guide to aid pupils in the selection of books 
m the Boston public library. (School docu- 
ment no. 5, 1913) O 135p pa gratis '13 Bos- 
ton. School committee 13-24264 

List of books for boys and girls, in the Pub- 
lic library of the city of Boston. 2d ed rev 
O 11 Op pa 5c '13 Boston public lib. 13-25388 

Ben ton, J. H: Working of the Boston public 
library. '14 Rockwell & Churchill press, Bos- 
Boston symphony orchestra 

Howe. M. A. D. Boston symphony orchestra: 
an historical sketch. *$2, ltd ed *$10 '14 
Ho ugh ton 
Boston university 

Warren, W: F. American university education 
in* the birth-year of Boston university. '13 
Boston univ., Boston, Mass. 
Bostwick, Arthur Elmore, 1860- 

Barmarks of literature, the things that make 
good books good. D 144p *90c (Ja) '14 Mc- 
Clurg 14-2052 

(ed.) Frederick Morgan Crunden, a memorial 
bibliography. O 9-67p por pa '14 St Louis 
public lib., St. Louis, Mo 14-17914 

(co-mp.) Relationship between the library and 
the public schools: reprints of papers and 
addresses, with notes by Arthur B. Bost- 
wick. (Classics of American hbrarianship) 
D 331p *$1.35 '14 Wilson, H. W. 14-20304 
Botanical survey of the Sugar Grove region. 

Griggs, R. F. Ohio state university 
Botanists, American 

Kelly, H. A. Some American medical botanists 
commemorated in our botanical nomencla- 
ture. *$3 '14 Southworth co. 

Annals of botany, v 1-27, v 1-2, ea *$17; v 3-27 
ea *|14 Oxford 

Bergen, J. Y., and Caldwell, O. W: Introduc- 
tion to botany. *$1.15; with key and flora, 
*$140 '14 Ginn 

Bessey, C: E7. and B. A. Essentials of college 
botany. *$1.50 M4 Holt 

Brucker, E. Botany. *50c '14 Doubleday 
t$Cook, M. T. Experimental and agricultural 
botany. *$1.4D '14 Lippincott 

Coulter, J: G. Plant life and plant uses; with 
Frye and Rlgg's Elementary flora of the 
northwest. *$1.60 '14 Am. bk, 

Curtis, C. C. Nature and development of 
plants. 3d ed $2.50 '14 Holt 


Botany C'int ft it IK tl. 
Dixon, H: H Tntn-sjiiration ;tnd the ;t?cont 

of sttp in plants S$1.4't '14 Macmi'Ian 
Frye, T. C , and Rigg, G: B Elementary flor:i 

of the Northwest *7Jc '14 Am. bk. 
Healey, E. First book of botany. 'Sue '14 Mac- 

Index Kewensis plantarum rhanerogamarum; 

supp. 4. *$11 '13 Oxford 
Lewis. C. D. Waterboys, and other stones. 

pa 25c '13 C: D. Le^is, Berea, Ky. 
Sargent, F: L. Students' handbook to accom- 
pany Plants and their uses. 25c '14 Holt 
Skene. M. Wild flowers. *20c '14 Dodge 
Tre\ena, .T Adventures among wild flowers 

*$2 ( 7s Gd "14 Longmans 
Youngken, H. W. Pharmaceutical botany, flex 

cl *$1 *U Biakiston 

Fie aim Bacteriology, Biology; Bulbs, 

Cryptogams, Desert \tgetation; Evolution, 

Flori<ulture. Fore&ts and forestry; Fruit; 

Gardening: Mendel's law. Natural history, 

Nature study, Pa't-ontology, Botanical; 

Plants, Plants, Sex in; Trees; Weeds 


Haberlandt, G. Physiological plant anatomy. 
*$6.50 '14 Macmillan 


Lloyd library. Catalogue of the books and 
pamphlets of the Lloyd library. Botany- 
Authors. '14 Lloyd lib. 


Shreve, F. Montane rain- forest, pa $1 50 '14 

Carnegie inst 
Vestal, A. G. Associational study of Illinois 

sand prairie, pa 50c '13 111. state laboratory 

of natural hist. 


Green, J. R. History of botany in the United 
Kingdom $3.7,1 '14 Dutton 


.Jost, L. Plant physiology, pa *83c '13 Oxford 
Study and teaching 

Comstock, A. Handbook of nature-study. 2v 

v 2 $2 Comstock pub. 
Praeger, R. L. "Weeds. *45c '14 Putnam 
Pupils' outlines tor home study in connection 
with school work: botany, pa 15c '14 Jen- 
nings pub. co. 


Lloyd library. Bibliography relating to the 
flora of Africa. '14 Lloyd lib. 


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of manufacturers 
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'14 Grosset 
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Applet on 

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*50o '14 Grosset , w 

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i 14-12293 

Official handbook for bojs. lUu ed lev and enl 

I .a ~5c '14 DouUeday 
Soy so- >uts o;' Pioneer camp. JShaler, H 35c 


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lei, H. L 6Jc Reilly & B. 
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33c Hurst 
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25c Hurst 
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35c Hurst 
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50c Hurst 
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60c Burt 
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W: $1.50 Lothrop 
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Doc. 333) O 6p pa '13 Gov. ptg. 13-35992 


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*14 Boyd shorthand school, 64 W. Rand st, 
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and Hamilton, Joseph Grfigolre de Roulhac, 


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ham, N. C. 14-12353 

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of scholarship and letters) O xn,264p *$2 
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White king In Bast Africa; the remarkable 
adventures of John Boyes, trader and sol- 
dier of fortune, who became king of the 
savage Wa-Kikuyu, written toy himself; ed. 
bv C. W. L. Bulpett. O xv,320p il *$3 '12 
McBrlde, Nast & co. 14-192 

Boyhood and lawlessness; with The neglected 
girl, by Buth S. True. (West side studies) 
O xix,215; ill,143p il $2 (N) '14 Survey asso- 
ciates 14-21614; 14-21616 

Boykm, James Chambers, 1866-, and King, 


(comps.) Tangible rewards of teaching: a de- 
tailed statement of salaries paid to- the 
several classes of teachers and 8011061 
officers. (Bui. 1914, no. 16; whole no. 580) 
O 465p pa '14 U. S, Elduc,; 50c Supt. 

and Hood, William Ross, 1874- 
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education, October 1. 1909, to October 1. 19: 1 9 
(Bui. I9li, 'no. 55. whole no. 586) O 304^ 
'13 tJ. S. Edua; S6c Supt of 


Boylan, Mrs. Grace (Duffle) 1S61- 
Young folks' Uncle Tom's cabin; adapted for 

children from Harriet E. B Stowe; 
original il. by Ike Morgan. O lt>6p 75c '14 

Boylan, Peter Richard 

Great is America. D ix,104p II 50c (Je) '14 
Barnard & Miller 14-11385 

Boyle, Andrew 

(ed ) Everyman er,.->v ]-* c-.l->. ( Everyman's 

lib.) I2v ea *S5c; l-.i ~- 1- '"V14 Button 14-74 

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Hoosier volunteer; il. by Tioy and Margaret 

"West Kinney. O 3S9p *$1.35 (Mr) '14 Mc- 

Clurg 14-5816 

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(ed.) See Child, O. B Efficient kitchen 
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California Industrial accident commission, 
Boyhood and lawlessness. $2 '14 Survey asso- 

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De Carteret, G. F. Addresses to boys and 

boy scouts. *80c '12 Youns ch. 
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'14 McBride, Nast co. 
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M4 Pilgrim press 
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Jaunty, D. E: Making of a man. $1 '14 Lord 

Baltimore press 
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Un.v. of Chicago press 
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boy. *50c '14 Macmillan 
Pelham, H. S. Training of a working boy. 

*$1.25 '14 Macmillan 
Raffety W: E. Brothering the boy. *75c '13 

Am. Bapt. 
Rainsford, J: What to tell your boy *50c '14 

Sehofield, A. T., and Vaughan- Jackson, P. 

What a boy should know. *$1 '14 Funk 
Steinhardt, I. D: Ten sex talks to boys. *$1 

'14 Lipplncott 
Stevenson, F. H. Which way? pa *10c '14 

Presbyterian bd. 

Tapper, T: Boy as a citizen. 35c '13 Platt & 

Sice irtsQ Boy scouts; Children; Education, 
Juvenile delinquency, School children; 
Young men 
Boys' and girls' clubs. Hart, W: R., and Morton, 

O. A. Mass. State bd. of agric., Boston 
Boys and girls from Dickens. Dickens, C: *$1 

Macaulay co. 
Boys and girls of Garden City. Dawson, J. 75c 

Boys' and girls' republic. Gill, W. L. 50c Am. 

patriotic league 

Boys* big game series. See Sayler, H. L. 
Boys' book of astronomy. Hawks, E. *$1.75 


Boys' book, of battles; with il. from famous 

paintings; [ed. by Robert N. Ldnscottl. O 

410p il *$2 (O) '14 Houghton 14-19371 

Boy's book of famous regiments. Ogden, H. A. t 

and Hitchcock, H. A. *$1.50 McBride, 

Nast & co. 

Boys' book of inventions. Baker, R. S. *$1.60 

Boy's book of new inventions. Maule, H.> E: 

*$1.60 Doubleday 

Boys' book of stamp collecting. Armstrong, D. B. 
*|1.75 Stokes 

Boy's book on logic. Call, W: T. 50c Call, W: T. 
Boys 1 Browning. Browning, R. 50c Page 
Boy's caanp book. Clave, B: *50c Doubleday 

Boys* clubs 
JJeinheimer. C* rf , and Cohen, J. M. Boys 

clul.i? *.<! '14 Baker 
t<cc nhj Boy scouts 
Boy's * ' y:-Tf- ? around the world by the boy 

. ::.- -if I IM ",. A G. 1 oO Missionary press 

co , Wichita, Kiin 

Bo>s J }Iotley Banks, H! W. '$2 Stokes * 
Boys of Eastmarsh. Ames, F., jr. *$1.25 Crowell 
Boys of the Bible. Carson, N. B. 'Toe Revell 
Boys * f the old sen bed. McConnell, C. A. 50c 

Pub. house ut the Pentecostal church oi the 

Boy's ttory of the aimy seiies Page 

Itussel, F K Frt.m chevrons tu shoulder &tiaps $1 30 

Boys' work in the local church. Men and re- 
ligion forward movement. *50c Assn. press 

Bracebrldge Hall. See Irving, W. 

Bracher, Vasa Kerby f 1882- 

(comp.) Decennial record of the class of 1903, 

Sheffield scientific school, Yale university. 

O liJSp il $5 (O) '13 Vasa K. Bracher, sec , 

2010 Broadway, N. Y, 13-23902 


Weller, S. Mississippian brachiopoda of the 
Mississippi valley basin. 2v $1.50 '14 111. State 
geol. S., Urbana 

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$$Caie of the teeth. (Harvard- health talks, v. 4) 
S *50c '14 Harvard univ. press 

Bradbury, Harry Bower, 1863- 
(ed. 1 ) Br}^ 1 "*"!".- 1 ? rlftr 1 *T i sr and practice re- 
ports, i ni;. --"m -\ ill-.: cases with forms 
ot complaints, flrPw^F. ^< i " ii "ees, orders, 

affidavits, and ;' * ;.i documents. 

3v O ea $4 '12-']: ;., \. (12-3G34) 

Bradbury's workmen's compensation and state 
insurance Ia\v. 2d ed 2v O lxxxn,2476p buck 
$13 (My) '14 Banks , 14-8850 

CecL) References; a complete codification of 
the law of New York relating to reterences 
and proceedings betore referees, embodied in 
all the New York decisions. O 10 y numb 1 
gratis with N. Y. annotated digest (Mr) '14 
Am. law bk 14-5331 

Braddock, Gordon 

Rex Kingdon in the north woods. O 13-302p il 
60c '14 Hurst 14-14259 

Rex Kingdon of Riagewood high. (Twentieth 

century boys' ser.) D il 60c '14 Hurst 
Braden, Jenness Mae (Betsey Ross, pseud.) 

Little book of well-known toys. D 107p il 45c 
(Mr) '14 Rand 

Uncle Sam's star route; a romance of a rural 
mail route and the new parcel post, of 
Michigan's "iron country" and its south- 
ern sand hills, of the glorious farm lands 
to the south and the west of Lake Michigan 
and of love, politics and personal efficiency 
everywhere; il. by H. O. Bodine O vin,228p 
*$1 45 '13 Twentieth century pub. co , Home- 
croft hall, room 214, 2008 Calumet av. 
Chicago 14-1766 

Bradford, Gamaliel, 1831-1911 

Confederate portraits. O xviii,291p il *$2.50 
(Ap) '14 Hor.ghton 14-7092 

Contents Ja.oph A Johns'. ID; J 33. B Stuart; James 

Longstreet; P. G. T Beauregnrd; Judah P. ^Benjamin, 

Alexander H Stephens, Robert Toombs; Raphael Semmes, 

The battle of Gettysburg; Notes 

' Bradley, Arthur GranvIIle, 1850- 

Clear waters, trouting days and trouting ways 
in Wales, the West country, and the Scot- 
tish borderland. O 380p il *$2 (O) '14 Hough- 

Herefordshire; with maps, diagrams and il- 
lustrations (Cambridge county geographies) 
D xi,H9p *4Bc 'IS Putnam A13-2410 

Bradley, Catherine. See Field, M., pseud. 
Bradley, Charles Frederick, and Horswell. 

Charles, 1857- 

New Testament word lists; Greek-Etaglish, 
containing all words occurring ten times 
or more. 4th ed T" 42p 35c '13 Charles Hors- 
well, Kenilworth, 111. 13-26197 



Bradley, Rev. Ernest 

on of the masri, a t-torv of the finding of 
Chri&t iLittle books) T 11-SCp 1-ds J 5?'c '14 
Bad?er. R: G 

Bradley, Francis Herbert, 1S46- 
Essays on truth and reality O x\i,4SOp *$4.15 
'14 Oxtoid 14-l<j7uG 

Bradley, Fred A. 

Pumping and water power; a guide to the 
hydraulic laws and conditions influencing 
pumping operations to the efficient use of 
pumping and water power apparatus with 
rules and tables bearing thereupon, 51 11. 
and 10 tables. O xi.lllip *$2 '12 Spon 14-5016 
Bradley, Henry, 1&45- 

On the relations between spoken ana written 
language, with special reierence to English. 
D 22p pa *40c '14 Oxford 
Bradley, Mrs. Mary (Hastings) 
Palace of darkened windows; il. by Edmund 
Frederick. D 3J7p *$1.30 (My) '14 Appleton 


Bradley, Mary Linda 

From the foothills O i\*,S6p bds $130 <Ag) '14 
M. L. Bradley, Ridgefield, Conn. 14-14550 
Bradley, William Aspenwall, 1S7S- 
Maxime Lalanne. (Print collectors' booklets) D 

IGp il pa *20c '14 Houghton 
Bradshaw, John Williams, 1849-1911 
With open mind [sermons]. D xvi,155p *$1.25 
(S) '14 Pilgrim press 14-15150 

Bradshaw, Leslie Havergal 
Right sort; 8 full-page il. by Tom Peddle. D 
vn,21)6p -"$1.50 (N) '12 Macmillan [A13-2205] 
Bradt, Acken Gordon 

Boy's experiences around the world by the boy 

himself, il. with pictures taken enroute. O 

2^lp $1 50 (Je) '14 Missionary press co., 

Wichita, Kan. 14-131)73 

Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1S61- 

Arizona: a romance ot the great Southwest. 

by A: Thomas, made into a book from the 

plav of the same name, by C. T. Brady; 

with il. by J. N. Marchand. D 326p *$1.25 '14 

Dodd 14-16922 

Border fights and fighters. (American fights 

and fighters ser.) Rue '14 Cltiflin 

Brition of the Seventh: a romance of Custer 

and the great Northwest, ii. by the Kinneys. 

O ix f 391p *$1.33 (O) '14 McClurg 14-18114 

Chalice of courage: a romance ot Coloiado. il 

75c '14 Grosset 
Colunial tights and fighters. (American fights 

and fighters ser.) Cue '14 Claflm 
Indian fights and fighters. (American fights 

anl fighters aer.) 50c '11 Claflm 
Little angel of Canyon Creek. D 292p il *$1.25 
(Ag) '14 Revell 14-15746 

Northwestern fights and fishters. (American 

fights and fighters ser.) 50c '14 Claflin 
South American flshts and fighters (American 

fights and fighters ser.) 5()e 'H Claflm 
Sword hand of Napoleon; a romance of Rus- 
sia and the great retreat; il by the Rees- 
es. D xii,357p *$1.35 (Ap) '14 Dodd 14-6800 
Two captains. (Macmillan juvenile lib.) D xv, 
413p *50c (S) '14 Macmillan 

Brady, George Moore 

(comp ) Maryland corporation law. xliv,675p 
buck $5 (Je) '14 G: W. King ptg. co. f 31 S. 
Howard st, Baltimore, Md. 14-14372 


&Ye also Hinduism 
Braid, James, and Vardon, Harry 
How to play golf. (Spalding's athletic lib., 
group 5) D 123p il pa 25c '14 Am. sports pub. 


Brallsford, Henry Noel 

SUelley, Godwin, and their circle. (Home univ. 

lib. of modern knowledge) S 7-256p *50c f !3 

Holt H-3789 

"War of steel and gold; a study of the armed 

peace, D vii,320p *$J.60 (N) '14 Macmillan 

r Al 4 *" 2i9 I 9 J 

Brain, Belle Marvel, 1859- 
Ix>ve stories of great mteslo&anes. D e.ll-76p 
il *50c '13 Bevell ' l4-20lS 


EctPfcet, G C. Habit foimatitn in a f-train of 

albinn rutf of 'ess than normal brain weight. 

pa t>oo '14 Animal behavior monographs; pa 

oUc Jolnis Hopkins 

Teuton, J. S rziam in health anl disease. -$," 

'1! 1 orymitns 

Malone, E F. Nuclei tuberis lateiales and 
the to-called ganghun opticum basule. 3 
'14 Johns Hopkins 
1'oMitt/r, C: W* M. Sturly of cerebral anthio- 

pology. pa 75c '12 Univ. of Xeb. 
Weed, L* H. Reconstruction of the nuclear 
masses 111 the lower purtion of the human 
brain-stern pa 2 50 '14 Carnegie mat 

,Vr <il*'j Di earns; Insanity, Memoiv, Mind 
and 1'odv, Xei \oiih. >>tftem, Ps>cliology 
Braine, Sheila E. 

Animals' touring club. *$1 50 '14 Button 

Merchant ships and uhat they bring us: a 

book for boys and girls, il. by C: J de Lacy. 

() 4ni> bds ^1.23 (O) '13 Dutton A14-925 

Princess of hearts; il. by Alice B. "Woodward. 

O Sp,172p 75c '14 Hurst 
Brains and how to get them. Larson, C. D. $1.25 

Crowell (corr pub) 

Braithwaite, William Stanley Beaumont, 1878- 

(comp.) Anthology of magazine verse for 1913; 

including the magazines and the poets: a 

review. O xii,87p bds '$1 (D) '13 W: S. 

Braithwaite, 27 Ellsworth av , Cambridge, 

Mass A14-1727 

(romp.) Anthology of magazine verse for 1914, 

and year book of American poetry O xxiv, 

2(i5p bds '14 priv ptd \V: S. Braithwaite, 27 

Ellsworth av , Cambridge, Mass. 


Xrc 7so Air biakes 
Brame, John Samuel Stafford 
Fuel: solid, liquid and gaseous. O xvi,372p 
fc $;j 50 ( 12s Gd) (Mr) '14 Longmans 


Branch, Elizabeth Carrabrant 
Illustrated exercises in design. Q 70 numb 1 
$1 50 'U Prang 13-7083 

Branch, Joseph Gerald, 1866- 
Electrio winng. 2d ed 304p 102 il $2 '14 Branch 
Questions and answers on practical electricity. 
O xli,282p il $2 14 Branch 14-8709 

Published in 1SHI8 under title, Coiuersntions on elec- 
Branch banking among the state banks. Eckardt, 

H M. P. t ya t!5c Am. acad. 
Brand, Royden Earl, 1882-. See Fraser, W. J:, 

jt auth. 

Brandegee, Frank Bosworth, 1864- 
"William McKinley, an address on the life, 
charaotei, and public services of William 
McKinlev. (U. S. 63d Cong, 1st sess. Senate. 
Doc. 231) O 17p 5c '13 Supt. of doc. 13-35875 
Brandegee, Mrs. Katharine (Layne) 1844- 
Variation in oenothera ovata. (Pub. in botany, 
v. (>, no. 3) Q 41-50p pis pa lOc '14 Univ. of 
Cal. A14-1427 

Brandegee, Townshend Stith 
Plantae Mexicanae Purpusianae, VI (Publica- 
tions in botany, v. 6, no. 4) Q 51-77p pa 25c 
'14 Univ. of Cal. 
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1856- 
Brief on prohibition of night work in factories; 
a summary of facts of knowledge. 529p pa 
$1 50 (Je) '14 National consumers' league 
Business a profession: with a foreword by 
Ernest Poole. D lvi,327p *$2 (My) '14 Small 


Other people's money, and how the bankers 
use it. D xv,223p *$1 '14 Stokes 14-6184 

and Goldmark, Josephine Clara 
Frank C. Stettler, plaintiff and appellant, vs. 
Edwin V. O'Hara, Bertha Moores, Amedee 
M. Smith, constituting the Industrial welfare 
commission of the state of Oregon, defend- 
ants and respondents; appendix to the .fortefs 
filed on behalf of respondents. O 207p &a *J1 
(Ja) '14 National consumers league 14-31116 
Peopli of th6 state of New York, against 
Charles S#iweinle.r press,, a corporation, de- 
tj a ,sunm^ary of facts, of Jc 
' o beiuOJC of the. people, I 


Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, and Goldmark, Jose- 

Brandenburg, Edwin Charles, 2S05- 

Law of bankruptcy. 4th ed 2v $15 *14 Callaglian 
Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen r 1812- 
Frierlrich Xiutzsche: tr. from the Danish by 
A. G Cluiter O 117p *'?3 23 <Jei '34 }r"C- 
millan AH-2352 

Brandon, Vt. 

War.<h, E. S, ed. Stephen A. Douglas, a mf- 
morial: a description of the dedication of 
the monument erected to his memory at 
Brandon, Vt 'li pnv ptd E: S. Alarsh, 
Brandon, Vt. 
Brandt, Ralph V. K. V. 

Itadical vieus-punted fcr the conservative. D 
T5c (O) '14 Ralph V. 1C V. Brandt, Trenton, 
N. J. 

Branford, Victor 

Interpretations and f9recasts: a study of sur- 
vivals and tendencies in contemporary so- 
ciety. O 524p *$2.50 (My) '14 Kennerley 


Brangwyn, Frank, 1SG7- 

ttBrolc of bridges; text by Walter Shaw Spar- 
row. Q il *?<]; ltd large pa ed *$ii5 '14 Lane 

Brann, William Cowper, b. 1855 
Biann, the iconoclast, ed de luxe 2v lif mor 
$6 Herz bros., Waco, Texas 

Brannmg, William Christopher Columbus, 1848- 

Andrew Branning's family, pioneers to the ter- 

rttoiy of F'oridn A. D. 181." -16. 35 v O il 

pa ea l^c '14 W- C C. Brannmg. West 

Palm Beach, Fla. 14-8252 

Brannlng family 

Brannmg, W: C. C. Andrew Branning's family, 
pioneers to the territory of Florida, A. D* 
1815-16. 33v pa ea lOc '14 W: C. C. Bran- 
nine:, Wet Palm Beach, Fla 

Bransford in Arcadia. Rhodes, E. M. *$1.20 


Branson, Edward Regnier, 1875- 
Illlnois forms. 2v O 2500p buck *$15 (F) '14 


Law of instructions to* juries; civil and 
crimiral, in the form of rules with com- 
ments and illustrations and a complete 
coUection of judicially approved and anno- 
tated forms. O xxxvi,1191p buck or mor 
*$6.50 (O) '14 Bobbs 14-18388 

Brant, John Ira, 1872- 
New regime, A. D. 2202. D 128p *$1 Blue star 

pub. co., 261 Broadway, N. Y. (corr pub) 
Shorttyping: a system of shorthand for the 
typewriter. D vi,94p diags &0c; pa 75c '14 
Blue star pub. co., 261 Broadway, N. Y. 

Buchanan, J: F Brassfounders' alloys. *$1.25 

Spon (corr price) 

Gillett, H. W. Brass-furnace practice in the 
United States, pa '14 U. S Mines; 45c Supt. 
of doc. 

Beaumont, E. T. Ancient memorial brasses. 

*$1.40 (*3s 6d) '13 Oxford 
Burgess, F. W. Chats on old copper and brass. 

*$2 '14 Stokes 

Brassfounders' alloys. Buchanan, J: F. *$1.25 
Spon (corr price) 

Brasted. Fred 

Boss Bradgate. D *$1.20 '13 Neale 
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond, 1834-1912 
Work of the preacher: a study of horniletic 
principles and methods. O x,434p *$2 (S) 
'14 Pilgrim press 14-19981 

Braun r Helnrlch, 1862- 

Lrocal anesthesia; its scientific basis and prac- 
tical use; tr. and ed. by Percy Shields from 
the 3d rev. German ed. Q viii,17-399p il *$4.25 
'14 Lea- 14-14283 

Braut von Messina. Schiller, J. C. F. von. *$1.25 

Brautigan, Ida M.; Harper, Charles; and KIdd, 

Cecil A. 

Progressive composition lessons. 3 bks D 170; 
223; 223p il bk 1, *40c; bks 2-3, ea *45c '14 

Brave deeds of Union soldiers. Scoville, S:, jr. 
JJ ^1.50 Jacobs 
Brsy, Henry Trtro 

Lning unneise 2d and rev ed O 42Sp $350 
(Mr) '14 H: T. Bray, 1216 Carmen av , Chi- 
cago 14-4270 
Bray, S. E. 
School organisation. D 406p $1 Warwick & 


Brayley, Arthur Wellington, 1863- 
History of the granite industry of New Eng-- 
land. 2v O $2 '13 A. M. Hunt co., 176 Fed- 
eral st, Boston 13-19304 
Brazil. Laws, statutes, etc. 
Decree, regulating the service of immigration 
and colonization. 23p gratis '13 Pan Ameri- 
can union 

Buley, E. C: North Brazil. *$1.50 '14 Appleton 
Buley, E. C: South Brazil. "-$1.50 '14 Appleton 
Oliveira Lima, M. de. Evolution of Brazil com- 
pared with that of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon 
America pa $1 '14 Leland Stanford junior 
See also Para. 

Description and travel 

Bruce, G. J. Brazil and the Brazilians. *$3 '14 


Morrison, W: J. Charley Circus hunting and 
trapping in Brazil. *50c '14 Pub. house M. E. 
ch. So. 

Morrison, W: J. Charley Circus in the wilds 

of Brazil. *50e '14 Pub. house M. E. ch. So. 

Oakenfull, J C. Brazil in 1912. gratis '13 Pan 

American union . 

Roosevelt, T. Through the Brazilian wilder- 
ness. *$3.50 '14 Scribner 

Nuelle, E. A. Baker's computed ounce system 
for figuring dough. $10 '13 E. A. Nuelle co., 
3004 Compton av., St, Louis, Mo. 

See also Baking; Cookery 
Bread from stones. Hopkins, C. G: pa gratis 

Univ. of 111. 
Breaking with the past. Gasquet, F. A. *60c 


Breakspear, Nicholas. See Adrian IV 
Breakstone, Benjamin H. 

Every-day surgery, il $2.50 '14 Abbott press 
Breasted, James Henry, 1S65-, and Robinson, 

James Harvey, 1863- 

Outlmes of European history. D xiii,730p il 
$1.50 '14 Gtnn 14-19090 

Breath of the Karroo. Brinkman, L. H. *$1.35 


Muller, J. P: My breathing system, bds $1 '14 
Chicago med. 

Sec also Singing and voice culture 
Brebner, Percy James (Christian Lys, pseud.) 


Christopher Quarles, college professor and 
master detective. D 299p *$1.35 CO) '14 
Button 14-16921 

Breck, Edward, 1861- 
(tr.) See Wolzogen, E. L. Florian Mayr 

Breck, Joseph, 1885- 

Catalogue of Romanesque, Gothic and renais- 
sance sculpture. O xix,272p il $1.50 '13 Metro- 
politan museum of art 14-11600 

Breed, Reuben Leonard, 1874- 
Immigrant gateway: a missionary demonstra- 
tion, being the representation of the en- 
trance of Immigrants into the United States, 
and of the examination conducted by officials 
of the Immigration service to determine 
their fitness to enter. O 40p il 25c '13 Mis- 
sionary educ. movement 13-24885 


Breed, W. C. 

Practical questions and answers covering the 
income tax law. ISp Sue '14 Irving national 
bank, Wool worth bldg., X. Y. 

Crittenden, O. Tears of successful bleeding: 
care and management of the stallion, lrool 
mare and colt. '14 O. Cnttenden, Ashland, O. 
Pnnciples of bleeding. $2 5 1 

Davenport, E 
'13 Gmn 

Harper, M. TV. Bleeding of farm animals. 
*$ir,u 'U Judd 

Redfield. C. L. Dynamic evolution. *$1 50 


#ee (lino Heredity, Horse breeding; Plant 

Breezes from the Orient. Harris, I. F. Ira F. 
Harris, Indian Head nat'l bank, Nashua, 
N. H. 

Brehm, Alfred Edmund, 1S20-18S4 
Life ot animals; tr from the Od German ed as 
edited by Dr. Pechuel-Loesche and Wilhelm 
Haacke. Q C24p il $3.50 Marquis (corr price; 
Brehm, Francis 

Conspectus pro officio divino juxta novissimas 
mutationes rite persolvendo. 23c '14 Pustet 
Breitenbach, Louise Marks 
Alma's junior year; il by J: Goss. (Hadley 
hall ser.) O 376p $1 50 (F) '14 Page 14-3105 
Breitmann, Hans, pseud. See Loland, C: G. 
Breitwieser, Joseph Valentine, 1884- 
Psychological experiments. D 187p il 90c (Ja) 
'14 Apex bk. co., Colorado Springs, Colo. 


Bremen, Germany 
King, W. Chronicles of three free cities *34 '14 


Bremiker, Karl, 1804-1877 
Logarithmic tables of numbers and trigono- 

metrical functions. See Vega, G. 
Brenckman, Fred 

History of Carbon county, Pennsylvania; also 
containing a separate account of the several 
boroughs and townships in the county, with 
biographical sketches. O ix,626p il hf mor $5 
(Je) '13 F. Brenckman, Wcatherly, Pa. 


Brenlser, Ross Dalbey, 1880- 
Schemes back of the ads; light on the real 
methods of advertisers. D 36p pa 50c (Ja) 
'14 Ross D. Bremser & co., 908 Chestnut 
St., Phila. 14-2174 

Ways for writers to make money. O 16p pa $1 
(S) '13 II. D. Breniser & co., 908 Chestnut 
St., Phil. 13-19443 

Brenkmann, C. 

Hossf eld's new practical method for learning 
the German language; rev. and enl. by L. 
A. Happe, with a vocabulary. D 453p *$1 
'14 Reilly, P. 
Brennan, A. L., jr. 

Automobile operation. (Outing handbooks, no. 
37) D 142p *70c '14 Outing pub. 14-19221 

Brennan, C. J. See Nicholson, G. G., jt. comp. 
Brennan, J. K. 
(ed.) See World's progress 

Brent, Charles Henry, bp., 1862- 
Presence. D viii,53p *50c (My) '14 Longmans 


Brentano, Clemens 

Gockel Hinkel and Gackeleia: tr. by Mrs. N. 
H. Dole. D 200p il *40c '14 Silver 

Brereton, Cloudesley Shovell Henry, 1863- 
Who as responsible? Armageddon and after' 
S ix,104p bds *50c '14 Putnam 14-19684 

Breslln, William M. 

History of Lebanon county prior to 1876. (His- 
torical papers and addresses, v. 6, no. 6) 
121-140p pa (O) '13 Lebanon co. historical 
soc., Lebanon, Pa. 14-10279 

Brett, Allen, 1884- 

Reinforced concrete field handbook. S 125p 
limp lea 75c '14 Concrete-Cement age pub. 
co., Detroit, Mich. 

Brett, George Sidney 

Government ot man. an introduction to ethits 

nr..l roLtics. D xiv,31Sp '$1 Jo D> '11 Mac- 

miLan AI4-1JUO 

Brett, Rev. Jesse, 18"^- 

Life's po\ ei : a ward of help for the days D 

\i,214p *?1 ("Ss Cd'i (Ja; '14 Longinans 
Bretz, J. Harlen, 1SS2- 

Glaciation of the Puget Sound legion. (Bui. 8) 
O 24 ip il maps tiuc; pa Soc '13 \Yaslnngton 
Geol. S. GS13-93U 

Breul, Karl Hermann, 1S60- 

(ed.) See Goethe, J. W. von. Faust; Schiller, 

J. C. F. von. Die braut von Messina 
Brevarium romanum ex decreto sacrosancti con- 
cilu tridentmi restituturn, S. Pii V. 4v $11.25 
} 14 Pustet 

Brevity. Davis, J: P. 50c Broadway pub. 
Brevier, Rev. Clifton Hartwell, 1S76- 
Blackboard catechism; being the church cate- 
chism explained by means of free-hand 
drav.ings. D 76p il *-75c '14 Young eh. 


Brewer, David Josiah, 1837-1910 
Mission of the United States in the cause of 
peace. (Pamphlet ser., v. 1, no. 3, pt. 5) O 24p 
'11 World peace foundation 14-4i3l) 

Same. O 2'Jp 3c '09 Am. peace soc. 14-17738 
Brewer, G. W. S. 

Educational school gardening and handwork, 
with an mtrod by H: Hobhouse. D xi,192p 
il *75c '13 Putnam [B14-309] 

Brewer, Isaac Williams, 1867- 
Rural hygiene; a hand-book of sanitation de- 
signed for the use of students in the agri- 
cultural schools and colleges, and for the 
residents of the rural districts of the United 
States. 2d ed D x, ll-233p il *$1.25 '13 
Lippincott 13-26156 

Brewer, Robert Wellesley Antony 
Carburation in theory and practice; including 
a criticism of carburettor de\elopment; a 
manual of reference for automobile engi- 
neers and owners. O v-viii,253p il *?L50 '13 
Appleton Agrl4-llS5 

Brewerton, Elmore W., 1867- 
(tr.) See Landolt, E and M. Defective ocular 


Brewster, Edward Tenney, 1866- 
Guide to living things. (Guide ser.) 50c '14 



Brhad-Devata, attributed to Caunaka: a sum- 
mary of the deities and myths of the Rig- 
Veda; critically ed. in the original Sanskrit 
with an introd. and 7 appendices, and tr, into 
English with critical and illustrative notes 
by Arthur A. Macdonell. (Harvard oriental 
ser , v. 5-6) 2v O ea *$1.50 '14 Harvard uniV. 
press; for sale by Ginn 
Crew, A. Law relating to secret commissions 

and bribes. $2 '13 Pitman 
Brick building. See Brick construction 

Brick construction 

Ehrsam. F. Standard face brick tables, port- 
folio $1.10 '14 Architectural bk. 
Hydraulic -press brick co. Bonds and mortars 
in the wall of brick. '14 Hydraulic-press 
brick co. 
- - - - - - Brick-scale tables. 


, cotta work during 

the middle ages and the renaissance in Italy. 
*$20 '14 Rogers & Manson 
Brick house books. Lothrop 

Jlhnadoa, C. H Making Mary Lizzie happy. $1 
Brick King, backstop-. Patten, G. 60c Barse & 


Brick pavements. See Pavements, Brick 
Brick-scale tables. Hydraulic-press brick co, 
Brlcker, Garland Armor 

Agricultural education for teachers. D 172p i] 
*$0c (N) '14 Am. bk. J4-20684 

A. Practical bricWaying. *50c '14 
Bee also Masonry > 



Searle, A. B. Cement, concrete and bricks. *$3 
'14 van Nostrand 

See also Bricklaying; Building mateiials, 
Clay, Clay industries 
Bride: a wedding book. Neill, J: R., ed. $3; bds 

60c, lea $2 50 Reilly & B. 
Bride's books 

Book of the bride. $1.25, ooze $2.50 '14 Donohue 
Neill, J: R., ed. Bride: a wedding book. $1; 

bds 60c, lea $250 '14 Reilly & B 
Bridge (game). See Auction bridge, Bridge 


Bridge, and other poems Beall, D. L *$1.50 

Bridge v^hist 
Hess, M. S. Bridge, auction, royals. 25c '13 


Jones, J: Bridge and whist. 2d ed pa lOc '14 
Fox. R: K. 

Sec also Auction bridge 

Bridgeman, Cunningham. See Cellier, P., jt. 

Bridgeport brass company, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Hand book for architects, engineers and su- 
perintendents, with conveniently arranged 
tables and prices for seamless brass and cop- 
per tubing. D lOOp il '13 Bridgeport brass 
co., Bridgeport, Conn. 13-25604 

Bridgeport, Conn. Public library 

Europe and the war (1914-). D 9p '14 Public 
library, Bridgeport, Conn. 14-19035 

Selected list of books on social fcionoe. I) 7p 
pa '14 Public library, Bndg'epoit, Conn. 

Bridger, Ado-Iphus Edward 

Minds in distress: a psychological study of 
the masculine and feminine mind in health 
and in disorder. D xi,181p *$1.25 '13 Luce, 
J- W. 
Bridges, James Winfred 

Experimental study of decision types and their 
mental correlates. (Psychological mono- 
graphs, vol. 17, no. 1; whole no. 72) O 72p 
75c '14 Psychological review 14-18007 

Bridges, Robert Seymour, 1844- 

Tract on the present state of English pro- 
nunciation. O 7Gp facsims *$1.15 '13 Ox- 
ford 14-4181 

Warren, T: H. Robert Bridges, poet laureate; 
readings from his poems, pa *35c '13 Oxford 

JJBrangwyn, F. Book of bridges. *$C; large pa 
ed *$25 '14 Lane 

Fowler, C: E. Practical treatise on sub-aque- 
ous foundations. 3d ed *$7.50 '14 Wiley 

Hiroi, I. Plate-girder construction. 5th ed bds 
50c '14 Van Nostrand 

Jacoby, H: S., and Davis, R. P. Foundations 
of bridges and buildings. *$5 (*2ls) '14 Mc- 

Pennsylvania. Highway dcpl., Harrtaburg. 
Short span bridges and culverts, pa '14 

Tyrrell, H: G. Esthetic treatment of city 
bridges, pa 15c '14 Civic press 

Tyrrell, H; G, History of bridge engineering. 
$5 '14 H: G. Tyrrell, 817 Hinman av., Evans- 
ton, -111. 

U. S. Public roads, Office of. Object-lesson and 
experimental roads, and bridge construction, 
1912-13. '13 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. 

Sec also Girders; Trusses 
Bridges, Arched 

Nichols, C: S. f and McCullough, C. B, Deter- 
mination of internal temperature range in 
concrete arch bridges, pa '13 Iowa state col- 
lege of agric. 
Bridges, Concrete 

Abrams, D. A, Test of a reinforced concrete 
highway bridge, pa '18 Am. soc. for test- 
ing materials 

Illinois concrete machinery co. Hand book con- 
taining information and tables relating to 
the: construction of concrete arches for 
; , Wdges and culverts. 7Gc '14 Illinois con- 
cirete machinery oo., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Nichols, C: S., and McCullough, C. B. De- 
termination of internal temperature range 
in concrete arch bridges pa '13 Iowa state 
college of agric. 

Universal Portland cement en Small con- 
crete brul&os and ciilvoits 2d ed pa 25c '14 
Universal Poitland cement co. 
Bridges, Iron and steel 

Ketchum, M. S Structural engineer's hand- 
book. *$5 '14 McGraw 

Bridges, Railroad 
Fitzmaunce, M Plato girder railway bridge?. 

*$! SO Spon (corr price) 

Bridget Considmo. Crosbie, M. *$2 Macmillan 
Bridgman, Laura Dewey, 1829-1889 

Harry, G Man's miracle. *$l 35 '13 Doubleday 
Bridgman, Lewis Jesse, 1857- 

Cottontail twins, il *50c (S) '14 Jacobs 
Bridgman family 
Cross, R. T. My children's ancestors. $4 '13 

Rev. H. T. Cross, Twinsburg, O. 
Brief abstract of a new English prosody, hidden, 
M. H. pa 7Gc M. H. Liddell, Purdue univ., 
Lafayette, Ind. 

Brief making and the use of law books. 3d ed 
Cooley, R. W: and Ames, C: L. 2v buck *$3.GO 

Brief on prohibition of night work in factories. 
Brandeis, L: D,, and Gold mark, ,1. pa $1.50 
National consumers' league 
Brief review of criminal cases in the Supremo 
court for the past year. Green, F: pa gratis 
Univ. of 111. 
Brief summary of German grammar. Greenfield, 

K. V. *30c Heath 

Brief survey of the jurisdiction and practice of 
the courts of the United States. Uunn, C: W. 
*$2 Wont 

Brierley, Jonathan* (J. B., pseud) IH-IIJ- 
Faith's certainties. *$1.25 'M Pilgrim pmsH 
Ilelifiion and to-day. I.) 287p *$1.2B 'JJI I'llgrim 
press AM- 1788 

Briggs, Rev. Charles Augustus, 1811-1913 
Theological symbolics. (International theologi- 
cal hb.) O x,42!)p *$2.50 '14 Scribnor 14-3985 
Briggs, John E. 

Social legislation in Iowa. (Iowa applied his- 
tory ser., v. 2, no. 0) () 65p pa 5(>c, '11 Iowa. 
State hist. soc. 

Briggs, Le Baron Russell, 1855- 
To college girls and other (WHHVH. D *35c, 'H 

Briggs, Lyman James, 1874-, and Shantz, Homer 

Le Roy 

Water requirements of plants, (Bu. of plant 
industry. Bui no 284, 285) 2v O 49; <JCp il '33 
U. S. Agric.; v 1, 15c; v 2, LOc Supt. of doc. 

Briggs, Martin Shaw 

Baroque architecture. 238p 30!) 11 *?B (F) 'M 

McBride, Nast & co. H-2UW! 

Briggs, Thomas Henry, 1877- 

Formal English grammar as a discipline* 

(Teachers college record, v 14, no 4) O 93p 

il pa 30c '13 TonchorH oolloK< W13-1TO 

Laboratory manual of IcttwH. H vlli.Uin *JiBo 

'14 (Hnn li-L7034 

Briggs, Thomas Roland, 1887- 

ijlectrochomical production of colloidal cop- 

per. Q 2Sl-319p pa 'i3 T: R. Hrlgga, JUiaca, 

Bright side of life. Dixon, A. C. *$1.25 Doran 
Brlghtman f Frank Edward, 1856- 

(ed.) Seo Bigff, C: CliristUin I>laloniti 
Brlghtmore. Arthur William, J804- 
Structural engineering; now ana onl od, O xlv, 
21J6p dlags *$3.75 '13 JETunk 12-301)52 

Brlgltta. Stiftor, A, *COo Oxford 
Brilloth, Borje 

Grammar of the dialect of Lortou (Ournbor- 
land); historical and doscrlptivo; with an 
appendix on the Soantlinavian olom<mt 
dialect specimens, and a tflotmary. (philo- 
logical society pub., no. 1) 21 Op bd 
<*10s 6d) '13 Oxford 



Brill, Abraham Arden, 1S74- 

Psychanalysis, its theories and practical ap- 
plication. 2cl e<l, thoroughly rev O vn,3tUp 
1 $3 (Mvr '14 Saunders * 14-8713 

The nun! obiert of tin-, book is to pHent the practical 

application of Fieul's thfoiit-s in one \olume 

Brindley, John Edwin 

State supervision of county assessment and 

taxation. 16p pa 15c '13 Am. acad. 
Brine and salt deposits of Michigan Cook, C. W 

Michigan. Geol. & biol. S , Lansing 1 
Brinmstool, Earl Alonzo, 1S70- 
Trail dnst of a maverick [cowboy poems]; 
with an mtrod. by Robert J. Burdette. D 
5-24!p il *$125 (Mr) '14 Dodd 14-7J.03 

Brink, Benjamin Deane, 181!!-, and Smith, Rev. 


Athletes of the Bible, unfamiliar aspects of 
familiar men: a study course for boys and 
young men. D vni,102p *40c '14 Assn press 


Brmkman, L. H, 
Breath of the Karroo. D *$1.35 <O) '14 Bren- 


Brlnkmeyer, Henry 
Short conferences on the sacred heart. 50c '14 


Brinton, John HIM, d. 3007 
Memoirs; with an introcl. by S. W. Mitchell. 

*3'.J '11 Noale 
Brlnton, WUIard Cope 

Graphic methods for pre.sontuig facts. (Works 
management lib.) Q xii,JJ71i> il $1 'It lOnpj. 
mag. 14-1871 a 

Briquets (fuel) 

Wright, O: L. Fuol-hriq netting investigations, 
July, is;0i, to July, 1912. 'lit IT. s. Mines, 
4flo Hupt of doc. 

Brisbane, Arthur, 1864- 
(ed.) See ttmerson, R, W. Essays 

Brfsco, Norris Arthur 

JWcononiH'H of elllcicncy. D xv,383p *$1.RQ (N) 
'14 Macinlllan H-lOMl 

Brlssaud, Jean 

lilliHlory of French public law. *$4.50 (N) '14 

Bristol, Frank Milton, bp., 1KH1- 
Iloroincs of hlnlory, typirnl h< i n>ineH of my- 
thology, of HhnKi'HpC'ims of the Iliblo. I> 
2Mp *$1 '14 AbiimUon pivss M-2258K 

Bristol, George Walter. I8H8- 
K"odonil employers' liability law; liability oC 
common carvlcrs by railroads lo their <>m- 
plo.vooH. 1> 42p pa 2fio 'M U: VV. UrlHtol, 20 
nroml Hi., N. Y. M-Wiil 

Bristol, John Isaac Devoe, 18-15- 
Wliat know about llfo aswurunco; 
written at HtraU'ord-ou-Avon, June, 1895, 
rev., wUb ndditloius, Now York city, Sep- 
tciinlxu', 11H3; fall tiuolnllomi fire Shako- 
HpKirtatO. O Mp ffrntiH MH J: I: I), lirtalol. 
1 MadlHon av., N. V. 1 1-2;KW 

Britain and Turkey, Took, K: T. pa *10c Mae- 

Britain as (Jermuny'H vaHttal. HemhanU, J<\ v. 
*$1 Dorau 

Britain's eano fitfaliiHt CU'rmany. Mulr, 11, *$l 

British balladH, (lOnKliKh lllowitufo for 
M 124p *20c (Jl) '1-1 Dulton 

British budKOts 1887-88 to 1JH2-13. Mallot, B 
*$3,2G Macmlllan 

British Columbia. Laws, statutes, etc* 

tatut^H of uritlHh Columbia, 11)11: 
a consolidation nncl revision of tlio 
^ applloablo to UrltlHh Columt)ta, ancl 
wlthtn.tho power of lUo legislature to tmacst; 
rev. and ccmotlflattid undor and pursiwint 
to iho act 10(), chap. 41. 8v Q 'Jll It Wolfen- 
don, Victoria, H. 0, 14-5449 

British Columbia 

l, M, (), H,. and Mowny, K: W; UHUwU 
ia fn*m tho arH<*Ht tlmft jo th<i 
4v hf lita WO 14 Olavko, H, J, 

Description and travel 

Towe] 1, E. *\, End of the trail, the far West 
fiom New Mexico to British Columbia. *$3 
'34 Sciibner 

British Columbia. Women's institutes. Advisory 


Handbook of Women's institutes with report 
of advisory board (British Columbia Dept 
of agriculture Bui. no 52, 54) Q '13- W H 
Cullen, Victoria, B. C. Agr23-1523 

British empire and the United States. Dunning, 
W: A. *$2 Scribner 

British industry and the war. Peddie, J. T. pa 

MOc (*ls) Longmans 
British journal photographic almanac. Brown, 

G: E', ed. $1; pa 50c Murphy, G: 
British painters. Staley, J: .E. *$1.75 Stokes 
British railway system Lewin, H: G. *$1 Mac- 

British railways. Lawson, W. R. *$2 Van Nos- 


British revolution. Hill, II. A P. J 50c Putnam 
British rust fungi. Grove, W: B. *34.50 Putnam 
British school at Athens 
Annual, no. 18, 1U11-1912 session. O viii,362p 

pis bds *$7.50 (D) '13 Macmillan 
Annual, no. It), 1012-1913 session. O vin,313p 

il btls *?7,60 ID) '14 Macmillan 
British school at Rome 
Catalogue of the ancient sculptures preserved 

in the municipal collections of Rome; the 

.sculptures of the Museo Capitnlmo; ed. by 

II: S. Jones. 2v *$19.2, r > ("MIS 3s); v. 1, Text. 

() 4'2Si) *$r>.75 (*ls); v. 2, 94 plates *$35 

(*2 10s) '12 Oxford 14-4918 

British shipping. Kirkaldy, A. W. *$2* Dutton 
British sport series. See Cuming, E: W: D. 

Description and travel 

White-lock, W: M. TC. Brittany with Berg^re. 
bdft *$1.5f) '14 Badger, R: G. 

Brittany with Ber^ro. Whitclock, W: M. E. 
bds *$Lr>0 Badpror, R: G. 

Britton of the Seventh. Brady, C. T. *$1.35 Mc- 

Britton's tinKWors to arithmetic problems from 
4th to 8th grades. IBc 'H Hntton ptg, co. 

Britton's manual of physical education for toach- 
<TH. (Up anc '14 ISritton ptff. co. 

Britton's manual of pliyHical training, plays ancl 
games. 5(1]) JOc '14 Rritlon ptg. co. 

Britton's supplementary Icnflota for class use. 
Mh and <Uh rado language, on lOc '1-1 Brit- 
ton pig, co. 

Britton's Hirpplt'im'ntary loalleta for class use. 
(Jranuuar exerclsos, 2r>c '14 Britton ptg. co. 

Britton's HUpplmmmtary loa/lets for claps use. 
Ucl-81 h gradt arithmolic. ea lOc '14 Britton 
ptg, co. 

Broaching, (Machinery's rfrnco sor,, no. 122) 

O 4()p il pa 25c '14 Industrial proas 14-9858 

CouloMtH- Tlio broiu'liln r>r<c8 briuichhiit macliikiM, 

by l<\ I>, JotioH.' UroacUoH nntl broacli miikhiR, by V. 1). 

JOIWN; Kxunmlcw of broachlnn praotloo, by I). T. Jlamlltou 

and C, U LUCJIH 

Broad, Charlie Dunbar n * A .^ 

I^roeption, phynlcs, and reality. O 388p *?3 '14 

Broad -sheet ballads. Colum, P., oomp. *70o Nor- 
nmn, Komlngtori co. 

Broadbent, Hartley 

rnu'Llcal management of pheasants, part* 
ridgos and quail, penned for laying; also the 
hntc-hlng and roaring on the European plan, 
which I huvo proved a success in America; 
how to dfttoct and cure diseases, etc. 24p 
il f>0c >H jr. Broadbent, 156 Merrick av., 
Detroit, Mich. li-UWt 

Broadhoue, John * . ' 

Organ vlowotl from within: a practical Imnd- 
boofc on IHtt uiMthittiliua of tUeor^mwtth a 
chapter on tuwttu^ D 8p,12*P U,*fl'a 



Broadhurst, George H., 1S66- 
The price: a story of to-day, founded on the 
play of G: Broadhurst by Arthur Hornblow, 
il by E A. Furman. D 7-336p Y $l 25 '14 
Dillmgham 14-5352 

and Schomer, Abraham Shaikewltz, 1876- 
To-day; a novel by R: Parker. D S04p il $! 25 
(Mr) '14 Macaulay co. 14-9285 

Broadley, Alexander Meynck, 1S47- 

Ced.) See Craven, E. Beautiful Lady Craven 
Broadway Jones. Marshall, E. 50c Dillmgham 
Broadway series of engineering handbooks Van 


Audi en B, E S, ana Heyuood, II B Calculi's fur engi- 
neers $1 25 

But ej, J. Science of works management '$1 ."') 
Blok, A Elementary principles of illumination ami aitifi- 

eial liKhtmu *$1 25 

Dnmnictt, W E Motor car mechanism x $l 25 
Brock, Kenry Matthew, 187r>- 

(il ) See Book of fairy tales, Old fairy tales 
Brockbank, James LIndow 
JSast riding of Yorkshire. (Oxford county his- 
tories) 236p il *50c '13 Oxford AH-2428 
Brockelmann, Carl, 1868- 

Grundriss der veigleichenden grammatik der 

semitiPchen sprachen. 2v O 15p,G55p; 20p, 

708p hf lea $18 f 07-'12 Lemcke 13-6175 

Syrische gramm-atik, mit paradigmen, htera- 

tur, chrestomathie un<d glossar. 3d ed (Por- 

ta linguarum orientalium, 5) D xvi,148p,199p 

$2.25 '12 Lemcke (corr price) 13-10337 

Brockhaus klemes konversations-lexikon. 1914 

ed 2v il maps hf lea $6 '14 Lemcke 
Brode, Howard Stldham 

Books on biology for boys and girls. (Whitman 
college quarterly, v. 17, no. 2) O ISp pa gratis 
'14 Whitman college, Walla Walla, Wash 


Brodhead, John C. See Bean, R O., jt. auth. 
Broido, Louis 

National honor and peace, by L: Broidn. Na- 
tional honor and vital interests, by Russell 
Weisman. (Pamphlet series, v. 4, no. 6) O 
12p '14 World peace foundation 14-19715 

Broken law. Baker, L. L. $1.50 Roxburgh pub. 
Broken music. Bottome, P. *$l 35 Hough! on 
Broken rosary. Finn, M. A. *$1.15 Ecnzlger 
Campbell, D. Law of stockbrokers, buck $1.50 

'14 Baker, Voorhis 

Goldman, S: P. Handbook of stock exchange 
laws. *$1.50 '14 Doubleday 

M?e also Stock exchange 
Bromberg, Frederick George. 1837- 
Heconstruction period in Alabama. (Papers of 
Iberville hist, soc., no. 3-4) 2v D 18; 20p pa 
25c '05-'14 F: G: Brombcrg, Mobile, Ala. 

Bromley, Charles Hiram, 1888-, and Cobleigh, 

Henry Rice, JS80- 

Mathematics for the practical engineer, Engi- 
neers' study course from Power. O x,220p 11 
*$2 (*8s 4d) (Jl) '14 McGraw 14-11816 

See Maujer, A. R., jt. auth. 

Bromley, George Washington, and Bromley, 

Walter Scott 

(comps.) Owners of real estate, borough of 
Manhattan, city of New York, arranged al- 
Dhabotically by streets, also containing a 
list of owners alphabetically arranged, giving 
the property owned by each. F 740p $75 '14 
Bromley 14-6098 

Bromley, Henry Walter, 1879- 
Sermon on popular amusements. 7th ed D 36p 
pa lOc '14 Pentecostal pub. 14-10034 

Bromley, Walter Scott. See Bromley. Q: W,, jt. 

Bronner, Stanley. See Washburne, G: R,, jt. ed. 

Bronson. Edgar Beecher 
Red blooded. D il *$1.25 '14 Doran 
Reminiscences of a ranchman. D *$1.25 '14 

The vanguard. D 9-316p *$1.25 (Mr) '14 Do- 
ran 14.6191 

Bronson, Walter Cochrane, 1S62- 
History of Brown university 1761-1914. O 
547p $2 '14 L'rown umv., Providence, H. I. 


Bronte, Anne (Acton Bell, pseud.) 1820-1849 
Tenant of Wildfell hall. (Everyman's lib.) 
S i.n,o31p 'SGc, lea ! 70c '11 J Button All-10i 
Bronte family 
Chad wick, P3. A. In the footsteps of the 

Brontes. '$3.75 J 14 Brontano's 
Bronx (borough) 


Cook, H. T. Borough of tho Bronx, 1639-1913. 
50c; lea $1 '13 H. T. Cook, 1660 Boone av., 
Bronx, N. Y. 

Bronxville, N. Y. Massee country school 

500 questions on English A. 40c '14 Masaeo 

country school, Bronxville, N. Y. 
500 questions on English B. 40c 14 Massee 

country school, Bronxville, N. V. 

Curtis, H. G. Catalogue of bronssu reproduc- 
tions of Italian and French medals of the 
ronaibsance. pa *15c '14 Harvard unlv. press 
Brook by the way. Kilgorton, J. $1 J. Eilgerton, 

Damascus, o. 
Brooke, C. W. A. 
Modern methods of parochial organization. D 

xv,238p *$1.40 '14 Young ch. 
Brooke, Charles Frederick Tucker 

(eil.) See Shakespeare, W: Trincipal plays 
Brooke, Emma Frances 

House of Robershaye; a novel. D 370p *$1.20 
(Ap) '12 Dufflold Al 3-2207 

Brooke, Leonard Leslie 

Tailor and the crow, an old rhyme with new 
drawings. Jj 4'U> "?1 '12 Warne A 13- 1303 

Brooke, Richard, 17SH-186] 
Treatise on the ollice and practice of a no- 
tary of lOngland with a collection of prece- 
dents. 7th c<l, by James Cranstoun. O xvlll, 
547p $6.50; hf cf $7.75 'IS Oarawoll co. M-2202 
Brookes, Leonard Elliott, 18,^0-. Woo Stovonson, 
J. H:, jt. auth. ' 

Brookland, D. C. Mt. St, Sepulchre (Franciscan 


Guide to the Franciscan monastery, Mt Saint 
Sepulchre; together with a few facts about 
the Order of St. Francis and its work in tho 
Uoly Land and in America.; now oil. S 191 p 
il pa lOc (Ja) '14 Francincan I'litliora, Mount 
St. Sepulchre, Washington, D. C. 14-2;)(l() 

Brooklyn. Cathedral of the Immaculate concep- 
tion r 
Locke decorative co., Brooklyn. Makers of 
windows, Cathedral chapol, quocm of all 
saints. 7&c '13 Locke dccoratlvo co., Brook- 

Brooklyn. People's Institute 
.Jlow tlio people pay their way; HOVOH oxwrl- 
uumlfl in social oonlern In tho public, Hdiool 
builtliiiffH. o iflp U pa '14 JN-ople'H InsUltU^, 
Seymour Banmrd, wee., 17fi NaKHau Hi. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brooklyn. Public library 

Books that irlH like. H 32p pa gratis '14 
Brooklyn public library 14-2" A 

for tho guidance of tho staff, rov <ul 
lfll. O G2p '1IJ J>ublic library, Brooklyn, N. 7. 


Brooklyn dally eagle 

lirooklyn daily ea^lo almanac, 1014: a book of 
information, general ojf tho world, nnd fipo- 
ial of Now York city and Twong inland. O 
xxxix,6C4p COc '14 Brooklyn dally cattle 
Brooks, Alfred Hulse, and others 
Mineral resoumw of Alaska; ropot't on prot?- 
rosH of invHtlfaHon in 3912, (Hul, H42) () 
31 Hp pa '13 U. B. Oool. B.; SHo Supt of cloo. 


Brooks. Alfred Mansfield, 1870- 
Archltecture and the allied arts, Groek, to- 
man, Byaiantlne, Roman^Hque and Oothlo 
U, from photographa. Op, 267p U *$1{JO * 
Bobbs 14-55 



Brooks, Amy 

Dorothy Dainty's vacation, with II. by the 

author. D 24Up $1 (S) '13 Lothrop 13-23416 
Dorothy Dainty's visit; -with il. by the author. 

D 245p $1 (S) '14 Lothrop 14-14575 

Princess Polly's gay winter. O 244p il $1 '14 

Flatt & Peck 
Brooks, Edward, 1831-1912 
Algebra, pt 1 *80c '14 Sower 
Graded exercises in arithmetic, bk 1. *33c; bk 

2, *60c; bk 2 pts 1-2, *33c; pts 3-4, *33c '14 


Stand ar a algebra, with or without answers, 

-$1.22 Sower 

Key to Standard algebra. *$1.22 Sower 
Brooks, Ernest Edward, and Peyser, Arthur 


Magnetism and electricity; a manual for stu- 
dents in advanced classes. D vin,C33p il *$2 
(*7s Gd) (Jl) '12 Longmans 14-2044 

Brooks, Eugene Clyde, 1871- 
Agriculture and rural life day, material for 
its observance. (Bu. of educ. bul. 1013, no 
43; whole no 553) O 77p pa lOc '13 Supt. of 
doc. E13-1772 

Brooks, Fred Emerson, 1850- 
Mo and the dog. O 11 1 il 50c '11 Jo Anderson, 
416 J St., Sacramento, Gal. 14-11828 

Brooks, Herbert Barton, 1867- 
Tostnift potential transformers. (Scientific 
papers, 217) O 419-JlMp pa '11 U. S. Stand; 
IHc Supt. of doc. 14-B0310 

Brooks, Herbert Thomas, 1882- 
Duignostic methods, a guide for history tak- 
ing, making of routines physical cxaiuinntions 
and tls usual laboratory tosts necessary for 
students in clinical pathology, hospital in- 
ternes and practicing physicians. 2rl ed., rev. 
and rewritten. O 82p il $3 f J4 Moshy 14-2764 
Brooks, Mrs. Maria (Gowen) 1705-18-15 
GrniiniHH, H. S. Anioi-ican friend of Southey. 

'L3 priv ptd Ho Vlnno press 
Brooks, Noah, 1830-1903 

Hoy ciniftruntH; with 11. by TT. T. Dunn, new 
od O vilUNlp *$2 'H Scribnor 14-17487 
Brooks, Rt. Rev. Phillips, 1835-181)3 
Christmas within. (Buckeye sor.) T lea 25c; 

swodo 50o '13 Hnalflold 
Brooks, Robert Preston 

Agrarian revolution In Oeorffln, 3Rf)f>-1912. 
(IliHtory HOI',, v. 3, no. 3) O 130p pa 40c '14 
XTnlv. of WlH. M-31271 

IIlHlory of dpnrftlu. I) xvll,n-44'tp U man $! MB 
Atkinson, Mwitzor & co. 13-22840 

Brooks, Thomas Joseph, 1S70- 

and rural oconoinlos; soiviK'O of com- 
and distribution; an InvoHlltfJition of 
Uunil production and tho oronomH'H 
of dlHtrlliutlon; cooperation In marketing; 
rural cmtltti; ntfenelos of tmncmltiitf elumtfc; 
jitt'Hcnt c'oncJlllonM and tondonclew; fulurit 
poHHlbllWoH and opiiortimltiOH. I) 3!)7p *$l.fiO 
(My) 'H HliukflHiwiro proM ll-j:$(4r> 

Brooks, Van Wyck, 1SXG- 

John AddUiKton HyuioudH: a blomuphioal wtiidy, 
I) xv,234p IKH- *fl,50 (Jo) '14 Konnorlwy 

of IT, O. Wolls. I) *$1 '14 Konnorloy 
Brooka, Virginia, 3886- 

Littlo lost winter; il, by Frank J. TToban, D 
3G3p *$1,35 '14 CJazzolo & Hicvkwon, Chicago; 
for sale by Hamming pub. 14-0230 

Brooksbankr F, H. 

StorloH of lOgyptlan K<^H and heroes. O il *$1.CO 
'14 Crowoll 

Broome, Qeorge Wiley 

Jtoeh*fltw and the Mayo c^llnlct; a fait* find 
imbian^d story calculated to aid physicians 
to greater curew and lu-rg-er Incomoa. D 1f>2p 
il *H '14 Hhake*p<%aro prcss 14-5208 

Brooma and bruthti 

MfiPWichuwottH. MInhinmt waK< 

jAtatettiftut ftttd (i*^ oonwrnlAg th 
of iv^wKm ttt tho brunh Jncitintry tn tv. 
' '14 MMWohwittta Minimum 

Llassachusetts. Minimum wage commission. 
Wages of women in the brush factories in 
Massachusetts '14 Massachusetts Minimum 
wage commission, Boston 
Brors, Rev. F. X. 

God wills it! a modern crusade for an old 
cause: the mission work among the hea- 
then; auth tr. from the German by Eliza- 
beth Uuf D G3p na 15c '14. Soc. of the 
divine \\ord 

Broster, D. K,, and Taylor, G. W, 

Vision splendid. D *$1.35 '14 Brentano's 

Brother of a hero Barbour, R. H: 


Brother of the third degree. 12th ed Garver, W: 

L. $1.25 Purdy pub. 
Brotherhood of locomotive engineers 
Present rates of pay, eastern territory, and 
award given by the Board of arbitrators. Q 
2C numb 1 pa '12 Board of arbitration 

Brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine- 


Board of arbitration in the controversy be- 
tween the eastern railroads and the Brother- 
hood of locomotive firemen and enginemen, 
lt>13. Proceedings; under the Erdman act, 
by agreement dated Feb. 18, 1913. 4v $40 '13 
Law reporting co. 
Brothers, Elmer De Witt 

Dental jurisprudence, an epitome of the law 
ot dentistry and dental surgery. O 220p *$^ 
'14 Mosby 

Medical jutisprudonce; a statement of the law 
lor iori'nsic medicine. O 17-301p A $3 '34 
Mosby 14-18279 

Brothers of the Christian schools 
DC La Kalle hymnal for Catholic schools and 
choirs. 4< 75c; bds "GOc; words only, *25c '14 
La Sallti bureau 

First loHHons m English grammar, new and 
rov ed D lUflp 21c '1 1 La SalLo bureau 14-143,10 
Principles of lOnglish pframnmr. new and. rov 
tul U vaii,217i) GHo 'H La Sallo bureau 


Hofloctions on tho great truths of religion for 
each school day of the month. T 60p,157p 
3()o '14 La Su!l< bureau 14-12621 

Broughton, Leonard Gaston, 1864- 
CliriHLlanUy and the commonplace. D 201p *$1 
(Jo) 'J4 Doran 

Old wine in new bottles. T>0c Itarton, P. M. 

(corr pt'Ico) 
Iro(ligul and others. D 234p *$1 (JMEr) 'H Ro- 


Wlioro arc tho dead? with testimony by Her. 
K H. Moyor, and others. O 394p il $1.50 '14 
Phillips-ltoyd pub. co., Atlanta, Cfc. 14-1 COS 
Broulllet, Georges Antolne 
ScioiKJO of tone production; rov ed. S 7-141 p 
il $1 '14 G A. BrouillQl, 429 JJoylston st , 
Itowton 14-4102 

Brown, Abble Farwell 

Ln^ky ntono; with 11, by Reginald Birch. D 

2lOn *$1,25 '14 CJontury 14-16943 

Songs of sixpence; with II. by Emma Troth. 

I) xvlii,214p 11 *$1.25 <S) *14 Houghtom 


Brown, Alice (Nlartln Redfield, pseud.) 1857- 
My lovo and T. I> 377p *$1.3H (.11) 'J4 MaomJllan 

Brown, Altce Van Vechten, 1862-, and Rankln, 


Hhort hlHlory of Italian painting, O 3ot t 414p il 
*$2.2B (My) M4 Button 14-11604 

Brown, Benjamin Francis, 3845- 
Potnnw oC life in tli country and by the 0a, 
4th fd, r<iv J) 88p II GOc '14 I)t F, Brown, 
MuaUogon, Mich, 14-1270a 

Brown, C, K 

On tliQ distribution of potassium In renal 
, (rhyffloioflrtoal eor no 0) Q $80-40^p 
o '12 Univ. of Toronto Ubrai-y, t$-194$5 
n^ Calvin rttlth, We- 
) UUn mmfftii; (tbi,iNticfU modtevai awd 
Um; witlt muta v^SBp *|l 'W Wr* 
nam ' _ ' ' ' ' , U-S483 

9 6 


Brown, Carleton Fairchild, 1869- 

(ed.) See Salusfcury, J: Poems 
Brown, Charlotte Ambrose, 1862- 

Junior nurse. D x,17-208p il *$1.50 '14 Lea 


Brown, Colin Campbell 

Chinese St. Francis; or, The life of Brother 

Mao. D xv,264p il *$1 '11 Doran A13-2313 

Brown, Demetra (Vaka) (Mrs. Kenneth Brown) 


Child of the Orient. D 298p *$1.25 (Ap} "U 
Houghton 11-0080 

Brown, Edna Adelaide, 1875- ^ net 

When Max came; il by J: Goss D ll-423p 
*?1.20 (Mr) '14 Lothrop 14-02S5 

Brown, Edward Osgood, 1847- 
Biograplncal sketch of Hon John Peter Alt- 
geld pa >25c '05 Chicago hist. soc. (corr 
price) 6-34977 

De senectute D 68p (Je) '14 priv ptd Chicago 
literary club 14-10375 

Brown, Elijah P. ("Rani's Horn" Brown, pseud.) 


Real Billy Sunday, the life and work of Rev. 
W: Ashley Sunday, the baseball evangelist. 
D 285p il poi^ *$1 tO) '14 Revell 14-5825 
Brown, Ernest, and Hunter, H. H. 
Planting in Uganda: coffee Para rubber- 
cocoa; with contributions by W. R. Dunstan, 
and G: Massee. xvi,176p il *$3.50 (]0s 6cO 
(Ja '14) '13 Longmans 14-] 463 

Brown, Frank Chouteau 
(ed ) See Hauptmann, O. J. U. Sunken boll 

Brown, Frank P. 

South Kensington and its art training. xv, 
66p il *n.25 (*3s 6d) (F) '13 Longmans 


Brown, George A., and Osterhout, F. W. 

Constructive and rebuttal speec'heM, both 
affirmative and negative of Bakor university 
[Minimum wage]. O 36p pu $1 'It Halter 
univ , Baldwin, Kan 

Brown, George Edward, 1872- 
(ed ) British journal photographic almanac 
and Photographer's daily companion, 1914. D 
1495p il $1; pa 50c '13 Murphy, G: 

Brown, Glenn, 1SG4- 

Development of Washington with special ref- 
erence to the Lincoln memorial; address 
before the Washington Chamber of com- 
merce, December 13, 1910. D 33p il pa '11 
Chamber of commerce, Washington, D. C. 

(ed.) See Bryce, J. Nation's capital 

Brown, Goold, 1791-1857 

Brown's elementary grammar; com p. by J: 
W. Davis. Q vii,184p *40c; special ed *80c '14 
Wood EH-783 

Brown's Institutes of English grammar, rov. 
and rearranged by J: W. Davis. Special Now 
Tork ed D viii,343p *80c '14 Wood 14-6640 

Brown, Harry Gunnison 

International traclfc and exchange; a study 
of the mechanism and advantages of com- 
merce. xviii,153,197p diags *$UO (N) '1-1 

Macmillan 14-2013!) 

Brown, Hazel Louise 

Extemporary speech in antiquity. D 184p pa 
50c (Je) r !4 Banta pub. H-13170 

Brown, Helen Dawes, 1857- 
Talks to freshman girls, D 9 Op *75c (S) '14 
Houghton 14-17213 

Brown, Henry Collins 

Book of old New -York: the rare old prints 
are from the private collections of Mr. 
Robert Goelet, and others, F xix,392p il $100 
'13 priv ptd Lent & Graff co., 139 R 25th St., 
N. Y. 14-470 

Brown, Hypkln 

Farmer Bibbins, 0-31flp *$1*25 '14 Badgor, 
R: G. U-15865 

Brown, J. MacmHIan 

Dutch East: sketches and pictures; with 78 il. 
from photographs. xvi,322p *$3.50 '14 
Button [14-18097] 

Brown, J. Ward 

American secondaiy school fraternities: a 
manual. D 203p por $1.25 '13 J. W. Bi'own, 
Iil9 8th av, Brooklyn, N. Y. 13-19170 

Brown, Jennie ComrFe 

Seventy times seven. D 7-343p $1,50 '14 Broad- 
way pub. 14-1658 
Brown, John 

Outdoor athletic lest for boys, apeciallv de- 
signed lor ruial schools, S 4 Op pa UOc '13 
Assn. press 1514-1106 

Brown, John, 1810-1882 

Rab and his friends. O 35c '13 McLoushlin 
Brown, John Benjamin 

Causes of business depressions; or, Specula- 
tions' sequence. D 12p 25c '13 J: B. Brown, 
Commercial bids., East St. Louis, III. 13-18055 
Brown, Joseph Clifton, and Coffman, Lotus Del- 
ta, 1875- 

How to teach arithmetic; a manual for teach- 
ers and a text-book for normal schools. 
(New education ser.) D v-vi,373p $125 '34 
Bow, Peterson <& co. 14-4086 

Brown, Mrs. Kenneth. See Brown, D. 
Brown, P, F. See Sanforcl, S. Y., jt, auth. 

Brown, Peter Hume, 1850- 
Lcgislative union of Knglfind and Scotland; 
Ford lectures delivered in Hilary term, 101*1, 
O xii,208p *$2.50 '14 Oxford 
Brown. Phflip Marshall, 1875- 
Foreigners in Turkey; their Juridical status. 
O 157p *$125 (S) '14 Punccton univ. press 


Brown, Robert Carlton 
What happened to Mary. 75c '14 Grosot 

Brown. Robert Perkins 

Rhode Island signers c,f the Dooln ration of 
independence, Stephen Hopkins, by R. P. 
Brown, W: Kllery, by II: Hoblnaon Palmer. 
O 20p pors '13 Rhode Island goo. of the 
Sons of the American revolution, Provi- 
dence 13-24826 
Brown, Rome G., 1802- 

Jmpiovcment of navigable rivers: nn fuldrown. 
<n. H tJ3d Conjr, lid MOHS W< k nato. l>oo, 332 1 ) 
O alp '13 Oov. ptff. 14-30040 

Minimum wpre, with ptiriicular rof<. k rorn v to 
the legislative minimum wn#o undor llm 
Minnesota statute of 1913. rev r<l O xv.DHp 
pa $1 '14 Rovioiv jiul). eo., 22H H 3<l Hi., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. ^'h 138 !? 
Recall of constitutional safeguarcls, O 24p '14 
It. O. Brown, 1006 Metropolitan lifri ]>Id., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 34-0421 
Brown, Ruth Alberta 

Lilac i'cly: the second of tho Poaeo Oroen(U)l<l 
botJkK; il. by Oliver Wlllard WmltlJ. U 312p il 
$1.25 '14 Saulfleld 34-8473 

Brown, Samuel Edward 

Experimental science. D *$1.BO; in 2 pta 

pt 1, Physios. *?1.IO; in 4 flootlon oa *3flc: 

pt 2, Chemistry *60c '13 Putnam A14-3501 

Brown, Vincent 

Wonder worker. D *$1.35 (0) '14 Krcntano's 

Brown, Walter Langdon, 1870- 
PhyniolnAloal priiiclpleH in U'ttiitmcnl. 3d od T) 

A Kip *?2.2fi '14 Wood 
Brown, Walter Lee, ISfiS-IOfld 
Manual of aHHayinit gold, silver, loud and cop- 
per. 13th ed D 500p il $2,50 '14 Horgont 
Brown, Warner, 1882- 

HaMt ititorforonce in sorting car<lM. (Pub, in 

psychology, v< 1, no. 4) 200 -32 Ip Uifolnn 1> 

50c M4 Univ. of Cal. A14-3145 

Judgment of very weak sensory stimuli, with 

special reference to the absolute threshold 

of sensation for common salt. ( Publications 

in psychology, v. I, no.3) O lUO-SOSp 11 pa 

60c (TO '14 Univ. of Cal. AU-683 

Brown, William Adams, 1865- 

Modern theology and tha preaching of th 

gospol. I) vfli,274p *$1.2B (S) '14 Sorlbnnr 


Brown, William Dunbar Henderson. 1*M- 
Good health and ions lif^; rnwirw <f lndrao 
in$r health, provonting dlsoao iintl protons*** 
Ing llfo r by the aid of Lhorarouticw and 



Brown, W: D. H. Good health Conlinuttt 

l^giene D x\,lT-23ijp vel $2 '14 Dr \V D 
H Bio\\n, 1US North State st , Chicago 


Brown, William Garrott, 1S6S-1913 
New politics, ana other papers. O 235p front 
bds *$175 (My) J U Houston 14-9398 

Brown, William Norman 
Art of enamelling on metal. 3d ed, rev D COp 

il *$1 (Ap) '14 Van Nostrand 
Brown, Willis 
Boy and the law. g-iatis '14 Am assn of manu- 


Brown, Wnsley, 18SH- 

Tmpt'c'irhnjtiiit a monoftiaph on the impeach- 
ment ot the iudwiil judioian. ( IT. fc5 ti.'ld 
Cun. 2d sews. Senate. Dnc. 3fiS) U 18p ."c 
'It Supt. oL doc 14-ttOrj3 

Brown, Zaidee 

(comp ) Yearbook of the League ot hbran f 
commiasions, 1912. U 4 Op pa Itfc '13 A. ]^ A 
(corr pub) 8-8563 

Brown & Sharpe manufacturing co., Providence, 

R I 

Practicnl troatise on milling and milling 
machines O 332p il $1.50; bds $1 '14 JBrown 
& Sharpo 14-13456 

Brown-tail moths 

IJuiRUHH, A. K. (hpHy ninth and the hrowntail 

moth, pa 'H V. S. Auric.; R Supt. of doc, 
Brown university 

ITiptoiical naUilosuc of Brown university, 
37lM-li)14. O 7Si)p $1.25 '14 Blown university, 
Providence, K. I. 14-15206 

Fnnwu 1 *! sljiiii'd' ljoiiwt Vni^.cr ItoU'h. kfcpi-J- 1 KMtl- 

iiulo i''rila 

iii'oiusnii, W O TIlHtory of llroxvn univorsitv. 
$ii '14 JJrowu unlv., Trovidence, 11, J. 


Winwhip, O: P Brown university brouclHides. 

Mil Jtrowu univ., I'roviclonc'f, H. I. 
Browne, Anna Cecilia, 1H7-1- 
Jrni)lict'a wife. D 7-2-lSp il $1.25 '14 Benziger 


Browne, C. Leslie 
Kitting and erecting of engines. 
\vorla wt v r.) O Uittp il *$l - r >0 < 

Browne, E. Gordon ti , ,. 

SOTIKH and wlorh'H for tin' HUlo OIII'M; inrlodu-H 
clioMcn and n\ by 10 va llrnwno. P 143p 
*SO M4 UouKhlou 1014-171 


Browne, Edpnr 
I'liijs utul l>tcK( k ns UH they npiK>nrr<l to Hdwir 

Itrowiui; wllli original 11. l>v Iliililot K F . 

Hrowii. Q \lv,a|i *$1 f l-l DocUl I Al 1-1(117] 
Browne, Edgar Athelstane. Woo JIopo, 10: W:, jt. 

tin t h. 

Browne, Edith A. Son AchunH, Mr. 1 1., jl. nuth. 
Browne, Edward Qranvlllf*, IJW2- 
IM''Hw un<l pcjoii-y of niodoni IVi'Ui; partly 

lmH( k d on llu nmuuwnrit work of M/rzft, 

Mulwimmul 'All kliftn r nu')>lyiU of Tahrta. 

o xl,li57i) I! porn "W 'H IMilnam Al4-arHr 

Br ^onSw l omf Htot-luH for tho little onofl, hy W. 

(Jordon Urowno; melodies choftn and arr. 

by Kvu Hrowno 1) H3p *H()c 'H Houston 

J K14-171 

Browne, Francis Fluher r 1843-1918 
Cod.) (i<>UU'H twin** iJ.V HritlHii and Amorlcati 
ntith(r. now nncl onl cd I> 520]) *$a,7r; mor 
*$4 '14 MeOiurK 
Browne, Qeorge Henry, 18R7- 
Wl^niMitn of il^ruro akntlnK I on wiumitf* curclI, 

per (>t 7Go '14 Ttaruey <fc Ttorry 
New katli\K, T 50p GOc 'J4 Barney & Herry 

^ of tluAion, N. II. 

B ' *fi?Uy Harbor: with 11. by Arthur 

i o isop *| wu ttociop,U:<K 

Browne, William Bradford, 1875- 
( comp ) Babbitt family history, 1643-1900. O 
7-7Gup il $10 (Jl) '13 Francis S. Babbitt, 
Taunton, Mass. 14-45 

Brownell, Atherton 

Unseen empire; a peace play in four acts O 
iv,17(5p '$1.25 CS) '14 Harper 11-16926 

Brownell, William Crary, 1851- 

Ontici&m. D 85p 75c (S) 'U Scribner 14-16938 
Brownie and I. Aumeile, R 50c Benziger 
Brownies' birthday Goldmg, H. bds GOc Platt 

& Peck 

Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth (Barrett) 1806-1S61 
Poems. (Cambiidge poets; Student's ed *$1 50 

'14 Houghton 

Hitherto unpul)]ished poems and stories, with 
an inetlited autobiography. U '14 Printed ex- 
clusively ior members of the Bibliophile soc , 
Boston 14-19871 

Poets' enchiridion, a hitherto unpublished 
poem, with an medited address to Uvedale 
Price on his eightieth birthday, an early in- 
vocation to sleep, and a preliminary draft of 
the renowned poem, Catanna to Camoens. 
53p '14 pnv ptd Bibliophile soc., Boston 


bonnets from the Poitnguese GOc; oozo $1,25; 
rf $1 50 '14 Barse & Hopkins 

Same (Nothorland ser ) vel bxd 40c; (Ra- 
le ih ser.) $1 'J3 Barse & Hopkins 

Browning, Robert, 1812-3889 
Complete works University ed Gv $9, % lea 
$15 '13 Sully & Klemteich 

Ha-me. < Cambridge poets) Student's ed *$2 25 
'14 Houghton 

Siime. (Riverside pocket ed.) S il flex lea 

"?1U (O) '14 Houghton, 
Dn-tlulay book, *7Gc; lea *fl 00 '14 Winston 
Boys' Browning. (Cosy corner ser.) 11 GOc '14 

Hc'liicltom (Hillmore sor ) vel 50c '13 Barse 

<fe I lopkirus 

Stories from Rrowning, by Harvey Carson 

Ch'umbine. D xiv,338p por *$1.50 (Je) '14 

llouffhton 14-10409 

Stono.s fi'om Browning by V. C. Turnbull. O 

il *$1.50 '14 Crowell 

Tied piper, a one act play adapted from The 
pled piper of ITamelln by E. Elliot Stock 
with incidental music composed by Ernest 
llrumlpn. O Glp il lids *!)0c (N) '13 Dutton 
Plpiui piiHHOH. $iJ Ml UnrHii & I Topic mn 
-Sumo. (Ni'lhorland K<T.) v< v l bxd 40c '33 

Jtai-Hi* $r IlupklriH 

Iln^ri'fc, I 1 , lirowning und Italian art and 
artiHtH. iia, 50 M4 ITniv, of Kansas, Lawrence 
Maying K. C3. Urowning's heroines. *$2 '14 Pott 
Browning's hc'roiiii'H. Miiynr, 15, C. *$2 Pott 
Brownlee. Raymond Bedell, 1877-, and others 
I'luMtilMtty of common thinga 3-) 624p il $150 
ID) '14 Allyu 15-9'1 

Brownlle, John 

(tr.) Tfymns of tho early church, translated 

from cjrork and Latin sources; together with 

iranHliitionR from a later period, centoa and 

Mu^ffnstloTiH from tlio Greek; and several 

original places, D 202p *$1 *n Oxford 14-964 

Browns, Parker, It. lids *5flr Wlokcs 

Brnbacher, Abraham Royer, and Snyder, Dor- 

othy Ermlna, J$81- 

Jfligllh, oral and written, for high schools. D 
3Mp il |U2 '34 Merrill, C: JB3. 14-2243 

Bruce, Charles Granvllle, 1866- 
Kulii and Lalioul. xiM07p il maps *$3.50 

(*12a Cd) (Mr) '14 Longmans 
Bruce, Eugene S* nft 

wnrt lluirxinfif. (Bui no. 87) 8p il 
'U U. 




the Brazilians, O'll *$3 
Henry Addlngton Bayly, 1874- 
turinffs In the payohfcaC D vi,81^j? . *|tJB 
'H Wttl* , 14-ft75 

, o Wltt, 3EC,, to JMtt'ofttitatt of Karl 


Bruce. Mary Stone .-_. 

(ed.) RScit et contes de la guerre de 1870, 
abrggS de La guerre de 1870 par le GSngral 
Niox et DIx contes des Contes du lundi par 
Alphonse Daudet; ed. with questions and vo- 
cabulary. D vi,174p fl map *60c '14 Holt 


Bruce, OHiver 

Lectures on tul-crculosls to nurses D lutp 

*$1 '13 Hoeber 
Bruce, S. Eric 

Aircraft in war. 'SOc '14 Doian 
Bruce, Wallace, 1844-1914 

Along the Hudson with Washington Irving D 

164p GOc '13 W. Bruce, 267 Stuyvesanl av., 

Brooklyn, N, Y. 14-9U87 

Bruce, William Conrad, 1882- ,.,. 

(comp.) Grade school buildings. Q 255p il $3.50 

<Ap) '14 Bruce pub. co , Milwaukee, Wis^ 

Brucker, mlle, 1873- 

Botanv. (Thresholds of science ser.) D xv.lSCp 

il *60c (F) '14 Doubleday 14-11237 

Zoology. (Thresholds of science ser.) D xlii, 

219p il "GOc (F) '14 Doubleday H-13785 

Bruere, Henry, 1882- 

KfRcioncy m city government O 20p pa 25c 
'12 Am. acad. 


Stratton, M. Bruges *$2 '14 Scvibner 
Brumback library. See Antrim, W. B. and E. I. 

County library 
Brumleu, Ernest 
Musical plays See Stock, E E. Jim Crow; 

Magic chest, Pied piper 
Brundage, William Milton 
Religion as a personal experience. S DGp *50c 

'14 Am. Unitar. 
Bruner, Laurence, 1856- 

South American locusts (acridoidea) I & II. 
(Annals, v 8, no 112, 128) 2v 144, 84p v 1 
pa ?1; v 2 pa 7Cc '13 Carnegie museum 

Brunnquell, Paul 

Dialoge in poetischcr uncl prosaischer form aus 

den besten dramatischcn stUcken der dent- 

schen literatur, nut anmerkungen vursehen. 

D 2S2p pa 7Hc '14 Caspar 

BrunnUm, Mrs. Marie Cordelia (Le Vien) 1872-. 

See De Vero, A. K., .It. auth. 
Bruno, Giordano, 1548-1000 * 

Chaniborlum, IT. S. Immanuel Kant. 2v v 1 

per set *$7.50 '14 Lane 
Brunowe, Marlon J., pseud, (Marion Josephine 


New scholar at St. Anne's. 50c '14 Bwizigor 
Brunswick, Frank Robert, 18C6-. flee Carroll, J,, 

jt auth. 
Brunton, David William, 1849-, and Davis, John 

Allen, 1S84- 

Morlorn tunneling; with special reference to 

mine nnd water-supply tunnels. O vl,450p 

il *$3.60 (Ag) 'H Wiloy U "itf 1 1 * 

Safety and efficiency in mmo tunneling. (Bui. 

57, a O o mpil P a-HU. H. Minos; ;.. 

Son#s of the Susquehanna. D 45p *$1.25 'H 
Mosher 14-5006 

Brush and pencil notes in landscape. Jflawt, A. 
*$3.50 Funk 

Brushes. See Brooms and brushes 

Brussels. Royal museum 
Van Dyke, J: C: Brussels, Antwerp; critical 

notes on the tloyal museums at Brussels and 

Antwerp. *75c '14 Scribner * 

Bryan, Albert Hughes 
Sorghum sirup manufacture, (Farmers' bul. 

477) 40p il '13 U. S. Agile.; 5c Supt. of 

doc Atfiia-288 

Bryan, Bailey Tyler 
Stenotypists' practice book. 128p pa HOc CN) 

'14 Stenotype co. 
Supplementary stenotypo roador. O 64p pa fiOc 

(S) '14 Stenotype co. 14-18511 

Ten lesson$ in stenotypy. 32p il pa lOc (Ja) 

'14 Stenotype co., Indianapolis 14*1421 

Bryan, George Sands, 1879- 
(ed.) Campei's own oook. D il *$1 (Ap) '14 

Sully & Klemteich 
Bryan, James Wallace, 1884- 
l j ioi>er bounds- of the use of the injunction 
in labor disputes. O l<5p pa 25c '10 Am. acad. 
Bryan, Wilhelmus Bogart 

Hibloiy ot the national capital frum its foun- 

dation through the period of the adoption 

oi the organic act. v 1, 1790-1814. O xv,G69p 

il $5 (Ap) '14 JUacmilian 14-70l3 

Bryan, William Frank, and Denton, George Blon 

(comps ) Manual lor theme levision. O 58p pa 

3 DC (S) '13 W. F. Bryan, 624 Clark St., 

JKvanston, 111. 13-21 G93 

Bryan, William Jennings, 1S60- 
iorceb that make ior peace, addreBacs at the 
Mohonk conitiienceH on international ail)i- 
tration. 1010 and li)il. (Pamphlet ser., v. 2, 
no. 7, pt. 2) O lUp '12 World peace iounda- 
tion 14-4131 

Making of a man, D 4Sp bds *35c '14 Ucvell 4 

14-1 1331 

Man. D 5-5 ip bds *30c '14 Funk 14-li!040 

People's law. D 64p bda *30c '14 Funk 
Same. (U. a. 3d Cong. 2d aeys. S. doc. 523) 
16p 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 14-305H3 

Price of a soul. D 5-72p bds *30c '14 Funk 
Prmco of 1'eacc. D 45p bda *35c M4 Ucvell 
Same J^ 4Si> o5c '14 Barsc <& Hopkms 
Same. D G3p bds *30c '14 Funk 
Uoyal art. D 4Sp bds *3r>c '14 Ucvell H-1124I) 
Value of an ideal. D 5-57p bds *UOc '14 Funk 


Bryan, William Lowe, 3860- 
lle knew what was in man, V>y W; L. Bryan, 
to the class of 190G, Indiana university. D 
36 1 50c '13 Bonbs 13-^5301 

Bryan, Worcester Allen, 1873- 
I'rinoipies of surgery. O ll-G77i> il *$-t '13 
Saunders JK-iMW 

Bryant, E. H. r and Lake, E. D. 0. 
Jfllemwntftry Latin griimmur. C) 11 Op ^400 '14 

Bryant, Edward A. 

(ed.) George Eliot day by day, (Kvory day 

ser.) 60c '13 Crowcll 
Bryant, Frank Augustus, 1851- 

Bome speech disorders and their treat rnont; 
together with an outline of the methods 
used in tho Bryant school for stammorrntf. 
P C4p il pa $1 (D) '13 Dr. F. A: Hryaut, GU 
W. 40th St., N. Y. 13-24817 

Bryant, Harold Child j ^ ^ 

Uotormination of tho economic statim of tho 
western meadow-lurk (Sttirnollii noglouta) in 
Gnhfornm. (L'uljhcations in #oolo#y, v 11 no 
14) Q 377-5lOp il pa $1.20 (H 1 ) '14 UiilV. of 
Cal. At4-C>84 

Nocturnal wnnderings of tho California pocknt 
gopher, (rubllcutlons in sinology, v 12, no 2) 
Q 2G-2flp il pa 5c '13 Untv. of Cal. 

Tooth of a costraclont slmrlc from tho upper 

tnnssic of northern California. (Dopt. of 

geology. \\\\\. v. 8, no. 3) Q 27-J!Op pa r> '14 

Unlv, of Cal. A14-894 

Bryant, Mrs. Lorlnda (Munspn) 3855- 

What sculpture to HOC In Europe; with ov<;r 
1DO il. D 2lCp *$1.35 (My) '14 JUltt.0 34-10540 
Bryant, Nanna Matthews 

PhaiitaHlffl |pooml. H 0-04p limp loa *$l M4 
Uaflger, B; (J. 14-1I8W 

Bryant, William Cullen, 1704-1878 

rooms, (Oxford ed. of standard authors) D 
371p *50c '14 Oxford ^ t t 

Bigolnw, J: WUHam Oallnn Bryant. *75( '14 

2: a 

sorconaro, - 
published on tho 200th aunlvomiry of tho 
fti corporation of tho town of rmnlm>Ko, 
MUHH!, Aug., 1912. F 44p II pa BOo <Aff) ft f l8O: 
K: Lcwlfl, Bryan tv,llo y Ma^H. 13-14780 

Bryce, Catherine Turner, 1871-, and Spauldlnfl, 

Frank Ellsworth, 1866- 

Aldino aacoml lun:imgo book for arradftji ftve 
and six; with 11, Uy Ada BiuJoiL 
language ser.) D xxlv,830p *5Cc 'H 




Bryce, Mrs. Charles 

Mrs. Vanderstem's jewels. D G44p -"$1.25 (Je) 
'14 Lane 11-11300 

Bryce, Rev. George, 1S44- 

Short history of the Canadian people, new 
and rev ed O xui,62lp il -$3 (.O) '11 imp 
Scribner [14-203USJ 

Bryce, James Bryce, viscount, 1838- 

Ancient Roman empire and the British empire 
m India, The diffusion of Roman and English 
law throughout the world; two historical 
studies O 13Sp 'Jpl 1M) '14 Oxford 14-37^7 

Nation's capital; ed. by Glenn Brown O 79p 
il $1 '13 Adams, B. 8. 13-26227 

Neutral nations and the ttar D ICp pa *20c 
(O) '11 Macnullun 

South America, observations and impressions; 
new ed, cor. and rev. O xxiv,611p maps 
^$2 GO (F) '14 Macmillan 14-3120 

(Span.) "La America del Sud: obsorvacioncs 

e imprcsiones; tr. into Spanish l>v Guillermo 

. Rivera. O 475p maps *$>2.50 (F) '14 Macmil- 

lan 14-4605 

Acfld. of political science. Bryce meeting, Feb. 

24, '13. GOc '13 Acad. of political science 
Bryn Mawr collofto monographs. Monograph 
serifs Rryn Mawi college 

S.ilusburv, ,1. Poems. pa $1 fin 

Brynmor-Jones, David. See Jones, D: B. 
Bryson, Rev. Thomas 

Juniors of St. Bcde'H. T>0c '14 lionssmor 
Bubble. Liowe, F. M. HOc priv ptd Frank M. 

Lowe, 133 W. Washington, Chicago 
Bubble ballads. Chator, M. *$1.BO Century 
Bubbles from Gotham's Pierian spring. TJall, E. 

II. bds GOc Voritas pub. 
Kx(|iicmtlin f A. 0. Buccaneers of America, 

*$2 '14 Stokes 
Buccaneers of America. ICxqnemelin, A. 0. *$2 


Buchan, John, 1875- 

Mnrtiuta of Montrose. 333p il *$3 (O) '13 
imp Scribner M-30083 

Buchanan, Alexander Mac0regor 
(tr.) Hoc Pomimuid, . HlosRort Margaret 


Buchanan, Alfred 
Modern JlolnlHf*. GOc '14 l>lllingliam 

Buchanan, D. W. 

Horticulture In llio North: n tfiililn to fruit 
growing In tiio pralrlo province of c'miHila. 
o 72j> il 40<>,; im 3rf '07 n. \V lluc-luuuui, tr>7 
Maryland t., Winnipeg, (Ian. 
Buchanan, John Flndlay, W>(i- .,,,. < 

JUrnHHrouwlovH' alloy*. D vllUiWp " "$!- ^i>in 

(corr price) 
Buchanan, Merlel Aw 

witch, n won *?u. 'M 

I A 14-1 1M 8 1 

Buchanan family 
Cl<incnH, W: M, Hndianan family records, pa 

$1 '14 CJlom<mH 

Buchholz, Helnrlch Ewald, 1870- 
(iovo-riiorn of Maryland, O xil.ttOOp II $1.50 

Warwick & York 

Bucllla croohot book; Florentine crochet, a 
modern fulaplfillon of modiaoval lacio, al^o 
illttt orochot with Atcxl(uw oponwork. Q II 




. T> Uto . 

'14 Watt 14-1248C 

Call of thft (JumborlantlH. 7Gc (J) *U <U-oj<a 
Buck. Jlrah Dewey, TfirtS- 
0nlu of frtxmiaacmry. $1; nior $2 'in Indo- 

Mod6t : n world ttiovmpt; thoowophy nnd tbo 
chooi of natural l"o ^Jio vynciraWo 
brotherhood of India." I) 1MP II U 
Am. bfe. 

f; of TM1HH. D 7-fl$p M* It IIPM 
(ttalro Mario , 14-1W9D 

puck, Solon Juatut, t$S4*. ' 

Travd an<l Anorl|ftlon. 
with a Hiit; erf taumty 

biographical ccllcction.s and a hat of terri- 
torial ai'd scate ]&vs (Collections, v y; Bib- 
hogiapfjical per., \ ^) u xi,314p por tao- 
sima '11 priv ptd Illinois fatato hist, lib., 
Spiingfiold 14-'iuy 

Bucke, W. Fowler 

School and its pioblems: a sjllabus and bibli- 

ography. O lUp pa 25c '14 W. F. Bucke, Gen- 

eseo, N. Y. E14-437 

Buckeye way cook book, a cook book with an 

ideal: a collection of recipes and suggestions 

gathered by and from a group of \\omen. D 

lOSp il 50c (N) '13 Powell & White, Cincin- 

nati, O. 13-25306 

Buckingham, Burdette Ross, 1876- 

Srelling ability; its measurement and distrib- 

ution. (Columbia univ Teachers college. 

Contributions to education no. 5!J) O vm, 

llGp il $1 25, pa i-5c '13 Teachers college 


Buckingham, Edgar, 1SG7- 
Wmdago lesintancu of steam-turbine wheels. 
(Renrint 208) Q 43p pa '13 U. S. Stand., lOc 
Hupt. ol doc. 14-30146 

Buckland, Rev. Augustus Robert, 1857- 
Universal Bible dictionary. U Blip *$i.50 (N) 

'14 Revcll 

Buckland, Ralph Kent 

Worry. D 96p *$1 '14 Sherman, French & co. 


Buckle, George Earle, 1854- 
lat'e ot IJenjainin Disraeli, earl of Uoocons- 
iii'lil v 3, IS 16-1855 O x,591p i! pors *$3 (D) 
'14 Mi'cimllnn 
V 1 nml 2 li\ W' F Monvpcmiv 
Buckle, Henry Thomas, 1821-1862 
History of civilization in England; with an 
in trod, bv Arthur Brisbane, from the 2<1 
Ixnulon ed, to which is added an alphabeti- 
cal index. 4v O *$1 '13 Hearst's int. lib. 


Buckle, Mary. See Day, L: F., jt. auth. 
Buckley, Robert Burton, 1817- 
(conip,) Irrigation pocket book; or, Pacts, 
figures and formulae for irrigation en< 
g-ineers, being a series of notes on miscel- 
laneous subjects connected with irrigation. 
Ud od I) 'I8'li> II linip lea *?4.50 (ri) '13 Spon 

li-riKnlinn works of India. 2d cd Q 36fip il 

*$1> Spon (oorr prico) 
Btickman, Williamson 

Umlor tiio HoutliLTii tirosn in South Amorirn. 
O xvli,182p il SfU.r>0 '14 Book pub press, N. Y 


DucUnlll, J. A. Strachey, and Utldjlan, Haigh 

Aplsoghom S. 

rtupcrlnl oltoiiMin penal codo: a translation 
n-oni tlm Turkish text with latest additions 
mid JimomlmentH twtlior with annotatlonw 
and (\|)latmtory commentaries upon tiio text 
and poulalnlntf an appendix donling with the 
Hiiocial atnciulninnlH in forco in (typnia and 
the JiKlk'ifil dnclHloiifi of tho Cyprus <'{mrl. 
O 264p *$5 (*J2 6d); pa *$4.20 (*JO CU) '14 

Buckrose, Mrs. J. E. 
JU'oaiifm of Jane, (rocket books) D 7-317p *COo 

'13 Doran 

(lay mwnlntf. D 3tOi> *$1.2B (Jo) '14. Doran 


Budapest, Museum 

Van Uyko, J: i': Vienna, HutlapoHt; critical 
not^H on tho Impwlal Kallc.ry and Buclapowt 
inupemn, *$1 'M Hcvlbnnr 

Buddha nncl hl rollffltm BarthWemy Palnt-TTil- 
Jilrrs J. *$1.2G Dution 

Sahit-TrilairA, J. Buddha ana his 
K'on. $L25 M4 Dut-ton 
hlfit nrlpturH: a wloction tr, from the 
I'alK *70 '14 Dutton 1 , ^ M , %f 

JUiflfAl, 10 1 P layman Utwalo. h(1 $2 '14 H<i- 

MurtrUv: for sale by Htohrt 
Davl(l, (1 A. It, tr. PfliUma 
wilrfhi*it. av v 1 *&'. v S, 





Buddh fsm Con tinned. 

Noble, M E., and Coomaraswamy, A. K. 
Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists. *$4 50 
'14 Holt 

See also Hinduism; Theosophy 
Buddhist China. Johnston, R, F. '$5 Button 
Buddhist scriptures: a selection tr from the 
Pah; with mtrod. by E. J. Thomas. (Wis- 
dom of the East ser.) S 124p "70c (Ja) 'U 
Button [14-938] 

Buddhist stories Dahlke, P, *$1.25 Dutton 
Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, 1S57- 
Cook's handbook for Egypt and the Egyptian 
Sudan. 3d ed S xx,950p il $3 50 '11 T. Cook & 
son, 245 Broadway, N. Y Agrl 3-1814 

Literature of the ancient Egyptians D xi,273p 

il *$1 (Je) '14 Dutton 

Short history of the Egyptian people, with 

chapters on their leligion, daily life, etc. D 

ix,280p il *$1 (Je) '14 Dutton 34-222113 


Mallet, B. British budgets 1887-88 to 1912-13. 

*$3.25 '14 Macmillan 

Nebraska legislative reference bureau. "Reform 
of legifl'ative procedure and budget in Ne- 
braska pa '14 Nebraska legislative reference 
bureau, Lincoln 

New York (state). Efficiency and economy, 
Dept. of, Albany. State budget report '14 
See also Finance 

Budget of paradoxes. De Morgan, A: 2v *$5 

Open ct 

Buechner, Ludwig 
Force and matter. O xiv,400p por *$l (D) '13 

Truth seeker 

Buehler, Huber Gray, 1864- 
Modern English grammar revised, with prac- 
tical exercises. D vi,352p il *G8c (F) '14 New- 
son 14-5163 
Buehrle, Marie C. 

(tr.) See Weber, F: W: Goliath 
Buell, Carl J., 1853- 

Minnesota Legislature of 1913 O 11 2p il $1; pa 
50c '14 C. J. Buell, 1540 Laurel av., St. 
Paul, Minn. 14-133011 

Buell, Colin Sherman, 1861- 
Literary tour through England. O 57p pa GOc 
(S) '13 C. S. Buell, New London, I'onn 


Buettner, T., & co. 

Instructions and designs for crocheting edges, 

insertions, medallions, alphabets, etc. 2d ed 

Q 32p il 2f5c '14 T. Buettner & co , 317 W. 

Adams st, Chicago H-HfiGO 


Greater Buffalo & Niagara frontier, Niagara. 
Falls, the Tonawandas, LockporL nnd Do- 
pew, commercial and industrial. Q 76p il *M 
Buffalo chamber of commerce 14-M97 

Economic conditions 

Charity organization society of Buffalo. Tov- 
erty in Buffalo when work was plentiful, 
pa '14 Charity organization soc., 181 Frank- 
lin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Buffalo Bill and the overland trail. Sabin, E. L. 
*?1.25 Lipplncott 

Buffalo fine arts academy 

Catalogue of an exhibition of Muhammndan 
miniature painting, with mtrofl. notes Iiy U. 
Meyer-Hiefstahl nncl Martin lUrnlmum, 
Buffalo, New York, March lOth-Aprll 10th, 
1914. O 31p '14 Buffalo fine arts academy, 
Buffalo 14-13840 


Malloch, J: R. American black Hios or buffalo 
gnats, pa '14' U. S. Agrio.; 15c Supt. of doc. 
Buffet, Edward P., 1873- 

I.ayman lievato; a story of a refill o mind 
in Buddhist India at the*, tirrm of Oracle in- 
fluence. F 7i,106p maps bds $2 (Jl) '14 Mc- 
Kurtrie, for sale by Steoliert 34-12974 

Buffum, Katharine Gough, 1881- 

SHhouetles to cut in school. O 80 numb 1 il bds 
7fic 14 Bradley, M, 14-13340 

Buford, Edward Powhatan 

io- on of a girl. D 7-314p 

*?1.2o (My) '14 Badger, R: G. 14-9276 

Bug book. Cady, PI. *$1.50 McDride, Nast & co. 
Bugaboo men. Bascom, L. R. *$1 Sully & Klein- 


Bugbee, Willis Newton, 1870- 
Jolly dialogues: a new collection of entertain- 
ments for all occasions. D 14 ip 40c; pa 25c 
'14 Perih 34-8773 

What to say for closing day. D 74p il pa 30c 
(S) '13 Eldridge entertainment house, Frank- 
lin, O, 14-613 

Bihlig, Rose, 1SS3- 

BusmpHs English: a practice book D iv.SSlp 
; $1.10 ^34 Heath 14-6370 

Builder and blunderer. Saunrlcrs, G: *$1 Dut- 

Builders. Newton, J. F. *$1 25 Torch press 
Buifders quantities. Lewis, If. M. *50c Snon 

Ccorr price) 
Builders' reliable estimator and contractors' 

guido Hodgson, F: T: $4 Soars, Roebuck & 

co., Chicago 
Andrews, E. S. Further problems in the the- 

ory and design of structures. *$3.BO '14 Van 

Andrews, E. S. Theory and design of struc- 

tures. 3d ea *$3.r>0 '34 Van Nostrand 
Bates, E: L., and Charlesworth, F: Mechanics 

for builders, pt 2 *$l (*3a) '14 Longmans 
Diiim, it. T. lljuulbnok of conHl ruction iilant 

its c'ONt nnd efllcioncy $f> 'It (Mark, ]\[. C. 
Hopkins, W J Doors. *$1 '11 TIoiiKlitnn 
Howes, B: A. Building by a build or. "SI. 20 '34 

Hurst, J: T: Handbook of formulas and mem- 

oranda for architectural surveyors. 35th od 

limp lea *$1.50 '14 Hpon 
luckier, F. K. BuIIclinflr conal ruction and Biipor- 

inlondoiK'o. j>l 2 !)th od $fi M3 ComHtodU 
Lewis, rr. M. Guilders ((uantitios. *&()< Hpon 

<oorr price) 
National trrra cotta society, Archltoi'turnl 

terra cotta, standard conHt ruction. $5 n 

National torra cotta aor. 1 Madison av., 

N. Y 
New York (city). Heights of building com- 

mission Report to the (Umimlttoo on tlu 

lioiffht. .siizo and nrraiiffcnuMit of huil<lfnH 

of the Knnrd of OHtlmato iind apportioninont 

of the city of Now York. '!;} M. n, Hrowii 

l>ttf. co. f Sfl nimmlx'i'M wt , New York 
Hailford, W: A., ed. Portfolio of details of 

building construction. $l.fiO Hartford (corr 

Thayor, TT ft. Structural ilt'Hiffn. v 2 "$4 'M 

Van Nowtmnd 
/sVr <rfof> Arches; Architt'tnrn1 ucotiHticH; 

An-lntectitre, P.ont building; lirlck cotislnic- 

tlon, nncMiiyiiiK; Ituii iln^ nintorlnlH; HuIId- 

tlon; lOMffincerintf; J^i reproof 
Kloors; Foundntion.s; (JinlorH; (}raplilc ta- 
lu'fl; Heating; U>UHO painttn^; HOIIHCH: 
Masonry; PhiiuJ)ln; HetainlnK wriHw; Itoofw 
^Shipbuilding; Htuel construct Jon; HtrultiH 
and Kineses; Mtrength of matftrlnlH; Htruc- 
Luves, Theory of; TruHc; WallH 


Boston. Public library. Catalofifuo of bookw re- 
lating to architecture, construction and doc- 
oration in the library. 2d od pa $t '14 Uoaton 
public Hb. 

Eetl mates 

Hiclca, I: P. Estimators' price book and pockot 
^.^companion. 4th o<l $1 '14 Wllllamn 


Hodwson, F: T: l^ulldorfl' reliable oMtlmtitor 
and contractors' guide. $4 '14 HourH, Hoc*- 
buck fe co., Chicago 

hcantriK, J. Quantity pturvoylnpf for Urn tiwo of 
Burv^yor, archttoolB, ftngimwH and bulkU 
^orH. Bth ed Hpon (corr r^Hco) 
ftadford, W; A M ocl. Estimating ana contract- 
ing. $2 '13 Had ford 

r, W: B. Slnor'fl guide and estimator for 
eral contractors of building. ?0 *]8 W: H* 
r, 2417 IClliott av., St Loul, MO/ 



Building C 

Tables, calculations, etc. 

Cambria ateel c-o Cambria steel, llth ed $1 -i."> 

'11 Cambria steel co., Johnstown, Pa. 
Kmdl, F: H: Pocket companion. 16th ed flex 

lea *$2 '13 Caspar 

Lackawanna steel co Hand book containing 

general information for the use of engineers, 

architects, and builders Ed of 1915 flex lea 

$2 '14 Lackawanna steel co., Buffalo, N. T. 

Building, Brick. See Brick construction 

Building, Fireproof. See Fireproof construction 

Building, Iron and steel. See Steel construction 

Building a circulation. Powell, J. B. pa Univ. of 


Building and loan associations 
Desjardins, A Cooperative people's bank, la 
CMISSO populaire. 15c '14 Russell Sage found- 

Dye G* W. Dye's lightning interest tables, 
prepared especially for the use of building and 
loan associations, pa $2 '14 G: "W. Dye, 
Newport, Ky. 

Indiana I.IIWK of Indiana relating to rural loan 
jin<1 HiivmKH HHWK'lalionH, HtH '!',* Imlitmti 
Building & loan aswn. dcpt., Indianapolis 

North Carolina Insurance laws ot North Car- 
olina, 1SM1; with Amendments and additions 
to insurance laws enartiMl by the General 
u.wmbly, 3iU3. 'H-'KJ North Carolina. In- 
surance dopt, UtUetfth 
Building construe! ion and superintendence. pt 2 

9th eel Killer, F. K. $G ComstocK 
Building contracts . , , 

Bloom, S. Supplement to Bloom's mechanics 
lions and building contracts. $4 '12 Bendcr- 

Uav T: IT. Treatise on the luw of mechanics' 
lions and gonerul contracting, oC tho state 
of New York, buck $5 '14 Bonder 
Bulldlnq economics correspondence school, Far 
Rockaway, N. Y. ,-.,* ^, M 

KonnomU'H of homo building. 4v Q 14 Build - 
hiff economics oormspomlonco school, Far 
Ucu'kaway, N Y. 14-5487 

n, and compulsory education. 'J,J OHIO 
Industrial eomm,, Columbus 

B OIwrl?v ortfunljBHlIctii HOC. now-Intf reform in 

Now' Vorlc city. KHillH '11 Charily ortfanlx.'*- 

ilon HOC. 
Ihilulh. (Jhartur and UoiiHlnff code. 'J8 (avor 

printing co., Puluth 
Kanw\n City, Mo. Board of public wol faro, Ho- 

nor t on housing: conditions In Kansas City, 

Mo. '12 

Ohio. Ohio fttalo building- coflft. pa '14 
Volllor, U Model hounln law. $2 '14 Survey 

WoolHon I. IT, tniUcUntf ordinance for 

town!! 'and villa**, 'ft National bd. of fire 

Worowtor, Maes. Ordinances, otj. Oflloial WOT- 

ooBtor building ordlnaaoes. '18 City of Wor- 

cotor, Haas, 
flff<? tttoo Bullrtlnflr InHPOotion; Klroproof 

rotiHrucon; o 

iulldlha Mt, Evolution of a. TnivolMvt Inwir- 
iituo CO M tftrWorcl, Conn. 

t V Papers on the effect of 

moko on building materyils, pa 25o '13 Univ. 

of !>l?teburgli, pRtsburgh, Pa. 
jNfco tfftr* Briokn; (Jmnont; foncroto; CjOii- 

croto I^'Iiiforccil; Kir^proor construction r 

Omvol; Iron; HUol; Htorio; Htrtnth of ma- 

tcrtalH; Ttjrra cot (a; TIrnbor 
Building of muffle oltloM. Hoc Bland, 'M. WlnffH 

utKl tht^ child 
Bulldlna of tho Brltinh empire. Blchardeon, B. 

M. *40o Macmlllan 
Bulldlna plan* for mortem homon. Oowlng, , K; XI: 

|l F; II; Oowin^, 18 Tromont t,, Itoaton 

Building stones 
Canada. Mines, Dept of. Report on the build- 

ing and ornamental stones of Canada, v 2 

pa '14 Canada Dept. of mines 

8ic also Building materials; Geology, Eco- 

nomic, Granite 
Building the kingdom Chappell, E. B. $1 Pub. 

house M. E ch. So. 
Building trades 
Whitney, N. R. Jurisdiction in American build- 

ing-trades unions. $1.25; pa $1 f H Johns 

Building up of the Old Testament. Girdlestone. 

R. B. *$1.50 Re\ell 
Building your business hy mail. Clifford, W: G: 

$2 Business research pub. co,, Continental 

and commercial bank bldg, Chicago 

Buildings . . t , 

Evers, C C Commercial problem in build- 

ings "$150 '14 Record & guide 
Built-in furniture, Making. McClure, A. *50c 

McBnde, Nast & co. 

Buker, Eva F., and Felter, William Landon, 1862- 

Buker-Felter arithmetics. 3 bks bk 1-2 D 308, 

312p ea UOc '13 Silver E13-968 

Doraelt, P. H. "Experiments* in bulb growing 

at tho IT. g bulb garden at Bellmgham. '13 

IT H. ARIIC. , 5c Supt. of doc. 
Fuld, ]\r. Twentieth century method; growing 

bulbs for winter and spring blooming. $1 '14 

Knight & Struck co., 1 Madison av., N. T. 

Mearns, 13. A. Descriptions of eight new Afri- 

can bulbuls. pa 5c '14 Smithsonian inst 
Buley, Ernest Charles, 1SG9- 

North ISrnssil physical features, natural re- 
sonre< k ,M, nu'iins of communication, manu- 
raclmvH and inrtuHlnal development. ("South 
Amoriran harul])ookH) () vn,2I6p il *n.50 
M4 Applcton [14-20574] 

South Ilrassi!: physical loaturos, natural re- 
Houri-oH, moaiiH of connnumcation, manu- 
larlums and iiidustrial development. (South 
Amoiic-an handbooks) () vli,21J)p il *JL{>0 
'M Apploton [14-20575] 

Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-186T 

Ago of fablo; or, Beauties of m ^ Ql ZV'>7L 
0(1., rov. and enl. 4v D il $3; 34 lea $4,50 'J| 
Review of reviews co. 18-48B78 

HulIlnch'H mythology; The ago of fable, The 
av. of fhivalry, J^fientls of Clmrlemasno; 
conii)lct<- In ont) volume, rov. and onl. O xv, 
Dliip II *$l.r>0; limp loa *$2.50 '13 Crowell 

oo, W. S. Bulgaria and her people, *$3; 
mor *$fi M4 Tago 

iHnon old and now; written at the re- 
quHt of (nwo F. Schult. O 86p il pors pa 
'18 G: K. Sclvutt, New HbWlt, Washington, 
D. 0. 13-17874 

l with an introa 
note by U. II. Teiwney. P xvi,278p *$1.2o <Je) 
'14 Marmlllan 10U-7b5 

* '14 

Bull, Sleeter, 1887-, and Emrnett, Arthur Donald- 

irtn "1W7H 

tlovlcw of Attiorlcan liivoHUffatlons on falton- 
jXff fembH. (Agricultural oxirlinjiit , jtii ion, 
Bui. no. 100) O 4RP cliags pa gratis '14 ITnlv 
of III. A 14-1701 

Bull Run, 1t battle of, 1801 

Altsh*jlor, X A. Ouns of Bull Hun. |l,80 '1* 


Bulltrd, Arthur (Albert Edwards, pseud.) 1879- 
a; tho omul, the oountry and tho 
w, ^ct. with.^amonal chaptera. D 
, II ^$2 ($ 'W HacmiUan 14-15752 

n, * , 




Sullen, Henry Lewis 

Keeping the printing plant young; a discus- 
sion of the success of permanency and prof- 
it-making conditions; reprinted from the 
Printing art for November, 1909. D 21, 20Sp 
bds $1 '10 Printing art, Cambridge, Mass. 

105 title-pases entered In title-page competition 

Buller, N. R. 

What an acre of water will do; fish raising 
by the farmer. (Bui. no. 10) O 9p '14 Penn- 
sylvania. Dept. of fisheries, Harrisburg 


Bulley, Margaret H. 
Shoit history of ancient and medieval art. O 

xxx,32Sp il *$1.75 (Je) '14 Macmillan 
Bullock, Calvin 

Salt Creek oil field, Natrona county, Wyoming, 

U. S. A. F 24p il maps pa '13 C. Bullock, 

Denver, Col. 13-17G4U 

Bullock, Edna Dean. See Morgan, J. R, jt. 


Bullock, Henry Washington, 1866- 
Workmen's compensation; delivered before the 
Indiana bar association, July 10, 1913. 
16p 5c (Jl) '13 Union ptg. co., Indianapolis, 
Ind. 13-21522 

Bullock, J. E. 

(tr.) See Cornet, G. Scrofulosis 
Bull's eye. (Thumb-o-graph ser.) *50c '14 


Bully Boy. Golding, H. bds 50c Platt & Pock 
Bulow, Babette (Eberty) von (Hans Arnold, 

pseud.) 1850- 

Fntz auf fen en; ed. with introcl., exercises 
for composition and conversation, and vo- 
cabulary by Clarence Willis Efastman. (In- 
ternational modern language ser.) S v,1l2p 
*30c 'Id Ginn 14-17938 

BUIow, Bernhard Heinrlch Martin Karl, fUrst 

von, 184')- 

Imperial Germany; tr. by Marie A. Lewenz; 
with frontispiece. 342p *$3 (Mr) '14 Dodd 


Same. Popular cci *$1.50 (N) '14 Dodd 
Buipett, C. W. L. 

(ed.) See Boyes, J: White king in East Africa 
Bumgarner, Simeon Columbus, 18SU- 
(od.) BumgnriKv'p annotated pockot code of 
Illinois for magistrates; a compilation of 
the ci\il law of Illinois, of a general and 
permanent nature, applicable in their courts, 
with th criminal code cornp'eto; together 
with thoir forma and procedure; with a 
compilation of technical words and Latin 
phrases, together with a guide to notanoa, 
forms for the uso of sheriffs, conatablos nml 
attorneys. 1> 649p loa $5 (O) '14 S. O. Bum- 
garner, 711 JRS. 37th at., Chicago 14-18731. 
(ed. comp.) Bumgarner's pocket code of 
Virginia, for nmgLst rates; a compilation of 
the Virginia law, of a general and perma- 
nent nature, applicable in his court. 1) liojip 
loa $2.50 '14 S. C. J5umgarner, 711 E. 37th 
sU, Chicago 14-4 178 

Bumpus, Thomas Francis 
Guide to Gothic architecture. xU,3G8p 143 
il *fS (O) '14 Dodd 14-21634 

Bunau-Varilla, Philippe, 1859- 
Panania; the creation, destruction, and resur- 
rection. Q xx,568p il *?3.50 (F) 'H McHrldo. 
Nast & co 14-6244 

Bunce, Louise W., and 'Owen, E, S. D. 

Nature's aid to design. $2 '14 Prang 
Bundy, Elizabeth Roxana, 18fiO- 
Text-book of anatomy and physiology for 
training- schools and other educational in- 
stitutions. 3d ed, cul ancl rev O xv,408p il 
*$1.75 CJe) '14 Blakiston 14-10963 

Bungalow boys north of fifty-three. Goldfrap, 

J: H: 50c Hurst 
Bung alow craft company 
Bungalowcraft 5th ea F 128p il *$i '14 Bung- 
alowcraft <io. 

Model bungalow places: thirty-eight ideal 
small bungalow louses, exteriors and in- 
teriors. O 64p 11 *25o '13 Bun^alowcraft co. 


Bungalow craft co Bungalowcraft 5th ed "$1 
'14 Bungalo \vcraft co 

Bungalowcraft co. Model bungalow places. 
*25c '13 Bungalowcraft co. 

Crattsman bungalows. $1 '14 J Yoho, Seattle, 

De Luxe building co. Draughtsman 3d ed pa 
25c '12 De Luxe building co. 

De Luxe building co Kozy homes; inexpensive 
bungalows, pa 25c '14 De Luxe bldg. co. 

De Luxe building co Plan-kraft. 2uc '14 De 
Luxe building co. 

Dikcman, , and Ortman, . Homes, pa 'SOc 
'14 Stewart & Kidd 

National fire proofing co. Natco bungalow for 
four thousand dollars, pa 50c '13 National 
fire proofing co., Fulton bldg , Pittsburgh 

Saxton, O. L. Plan book of American dwell- 
ings pa $1 '14 G. L. Saxton, 628 Plymouth 
bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Bunker, John Wymond Miller of the microscope. (In Whipple, 0: 0. 
Microscopy of dunking water) *$1 '11 "Wiley 
Bunn, Charles Wilson, 1855- 

Bnef survey of the jurisdiction and practice 

of the courts of the United States. D vi,12flp 

*$2 '14 West 14-5452 

Bunn, Clinton Orrin, 1877-, and Tucker, Fred E. 

Digest of the school laws of Oklahoma, in- 
cluding the school code which goes into 
effect Jan. 1, 1914. O 72p 25c '13 Ilarlow- 
Ratliff ptg. co. 14-501 

See Evans, C:, jt. aulh. 
Bunner, Henry Cuyler, 1855-1896 

Poems, new ed D xv,253p por *$1.75 '12 Scrib- 
ner 14-14512 

Bunting, Henry Stanhope, 1869- 

Elementary laws of advertising and how to 
use thorn. D vm,188i> fhuriH $1; lea $2 (,Ja> 
'14 Novelty noww M -Hill 8 

Premium system of forcing sales; its princi- 
ples, InwH ami uses. D vil.lGOp $1; lea $2 
(Aur) '13 Novell y no\VH 13-!M8W> 

Specialty advertising: the now way to build 
business. 2<1 ed 1) lT>4p $1; loa $2 (N) '14 
Novelty nows 
Bunting, W. L,, and Collen, H. L. 

Geography of the British empire, il maps 

*$1.10 '14 Putnam 
Btinyan, John, 1628-1688 

Pilgrim's progress. D 320p il *50c (D) '13 Ro- 

Samo; ed. by Grace Latimcr Jonas nnfl 
MarguoriU L Arnold. (Eclectic EngllHh 
classics) S 208p *20c (F?) '14 Am. life. 


Same. Q 11 $1; bds 7&c '14 Lothrop 

Hamc. D 319p il $1 "H Sully & Kloinloloh 

ffamo, lit 1, Grar-e nboiiiuhnw, inn! A rela- 
tion of his imprisonment; od. with tuowariliy, 
intred. and notes by 10. Vena Wen; lid ed., rev. 
by M. Peacock O 228p *(5()e '11 Oxford 

Young people's Pilgrim's progrnHR, with ex- 
position, by S, J. Held; with introd. by (1: W. 
Trtictt. D 19Jp *$i '14 UtiVoll 1 4-11 741) 

Macaulay, T: 11. M. Life of John I'Uniyan. *nri(S 

(*1s) '11 Oxford 

Buonarroti, Michel Angelo, He<^ Miohelangelo 
Burbage, James, d. 1597 

Wallace, C: W: First London theatre, pa $1,50 

'13 Univorwity lib., Lincoln, Nob. 
Burbage, Richard, 15077-1C19 

Wallace, C: W: First London theatre, pa fl.BO 

'13 University lib., Lincoln, Neb. 
Burbank, Luther, 1810- 

Culluro of flowers, fruits and vKotal)Iw. ?^2p 
'14 Burbank co., SOI Burbank bldff., Han 

Slusser, B. Y. t and others. Stories of Luther 
Burbank's plant school* $1 '13 Eaton & co., 
San 3 OSQ, Cal. 

Burbank, William Freeman 
(tr.) Soe G6mcz do Avollancda y Artoaga, 0. 

Burbrldge, M. Clay 

Twonuoth contury mtiHiugs; bolnc- 
thought out. O 534p por limp loa $ (XI 
Roycroft0r$ J?- 



Burbury Stoke. Hopkins, "W: J: *$1.25 Hough- 

Burch, D. S. 

White whirlpool; an allegory dealing with the 
milk business. D ll-93p bds 5Uc 'U D. S. 
Burch, Springfield, Ohio 
Burch, George James, 1852- 
Practical exercises in physiological optics. D 
164p diags *$1.35 (*4s) '12 Oxford 14-2045 
Burchard, Ernest Francis 

Preliminary report on the red iron ores of 
East Tennessee, Northeast Alabama, and 
Northwest Georgia. (Bui. 540-G) 50p pa '14 
U. S. Geol. S. 

Production of iron ore, pig iron, and steel in 

1012. O 58p '13 IT. S Geol. S.; 5c Supt. of doc. 

Red iron ores of east Tennessee. (Geol. S. 

1909. bul 16) O 173p il '13 Tenn. Geol. S. 

Nashville GS13-1041 

Burchenal, Elizabeth, 1877- 

May day celebrations. (Recreation ser., no. 

53) I4p pa 5c '14 Russell Sage foundation 

Burchill, Georgme, 1868-; Ettmger, William 

Louis, 1862-; and Shimer, Edgar Dubs, 1853- 

Plan of work for the Progressive road to 

reading. 3d ed D x,9Sp il *25c '14 Silver 

Progressive road to reading; introductory 

book IV. D 240p il *48c 'H Silver 
Burden of the nations. Green, T: E: pa 15c Am. 

peace soc. 

Burdett, Sir Henry, 1847- 

Hospitals and charities, 1914; being the year 
book of nV.ln-trronv and the hospital an- 
nual. 25th yi-av ;) !-sr.n *10s 6d '14 Scientific 
press, London 

Burdett" Rowntree manufacturing company 
Electric dunib-waitor service; saves miles of 
stops for busy loot. O 5-121p il '34 Burdott- 
Howntree manufacturing co., 515 Laflin St., 
Chicago 14-8780 

Burdette, Robert Jones, 1841- 
.^' -. .-! i" omega [a little cluster of Easter 
>l< IP ,. : O 7-23p 50c '34 Clara vista press 

Drums of the 47th. J) 2Up *$1 'H Uobhs 


Little philosophy of life O 9-2l!p ROe '13 Clara 
vlnta press 14-0984 

Burdge, Dwlght 

Homo-mado verso; foreword by Merle St. 
Croix Wright. D 01 p por $1 '13 Dwlght 
Burdg-0, BuUlo Creek, Mich. 14-3080 

Burdlck, Charles K. 

K!wtat<\s by Iho marital rlht and by Iho onr- 
Uuay in MlHrtourl; note** on rownt MiHwourl 
<iHH<'8 by Iho. .- ii'l- ML ''.illoi'H. (Law HW. no. 
2) O 43p pa 1 1"; '.I I" :: . of Mo. 
Burdlck, William Ltvesey, 1860- 

Ihinclhoolc of Iho law of roal property. (Horn- 
book r.) O xvi,907p buck *$3,75 '14 Wowl 


JlliiHtratlvo oaHOH of the law of roal property, 
(iroruboolc ea^o-sor.) O xii,602i> il *$a.r0 '14 
Wont 14-10011 

Bureau of municipal research, Dayton, O. 

Organisation and mlminiHtraihm of the De- 
partment of hcuiltli of Dayton, Ohio. O 97p 
'13 Bureau of municipal research, Dayton, 
0. 13-33528 

Ovor-ngo and progress In tlio public schools of 
Dayton. O 46p dlagn '14 Bureau of municipal 
roHOarcli, Dayton, O. 10H-7G9 

jl:m l. :.1;nv ili- walor workw upon a aolf 
:".i:. iMini'ii", li; O 28p pa '1.3 Bureau of 
MLi:nici'-.jl n-.rjiroh, Dayton, O. J3-2DM4 

Report of Ihft city of Dayton, .TnmiMry 1-.Tmi^ 
30, 1J)H, pa 'H IHiwiu of nii'n'niinl n-n'iin-li, 
Dayton, O 

Shall wo ohansfo our city governmont? a 

utatament of three typos of municipal ad- 

iniiiiwiralion. O 10p '13 Bureau of munlclpnl 

rcsi'Mruli, Dayton, 0. 14-3007 

Bureau of municipal retearch, Milwaukee, Wit. 

Mfaiul:mli/;i(tou of wtlarUtN of iUn city of Mil- 
\\ank.M': n-piiH, NiH^tnbe* 4, 1M3.9 6p 
f i:i 1 mi-can f municipal rOrtWirch, MUwftU; 
koo, Witt, , t4-B>01 

Bureau of municipal research, New York 

Organization and administration of the city 

crr.vorr.mcrt -* .AtiT-'n. f!r. (-:\^ isive of 

Jfi-a'ti. rjid i" : :.: i !.: n-. lu"::.-): report 

of a general survey, bv Herbert R. Sands. 

O 64p '13 Atlanta. Chamber of commerce. 

Com. on municipal research 14-13081 

Report on the police pension iund of the city 

of Now Yoik. Q 212p tables gratis '14 

Bureau of municipal research 14-10105 

Bureau of mushroom industry, Chicago 

Ci-ltivntru mushroom. O 104p il $1 '13 Bureau 

of inn<!nv,(;m industry, 1342 N. Clark st, 

Chicago 13-15295 

Bureau of public service economics, New York 

Municipal ovr^TT^:-) of street railways in the 

District of (:>' i :':,:; D 72p 50c '14 Bu. of 

public service economics, N. Y. 

Bureau of railway economics, Washington, D. C. 

Li^f rf iv,i'i-*'or~ r?"taining to .lovcrnnrnt 

" .)s 's : -ir) ' - ">;!...-. rev and en- i-.i (l)i.l. 

'_' ' :;. 'i 1 I 1 . ' railway economics 


Selected special studies, 1910-1914. O 377p '14 

Bu. of railway economics Al 4-3018 

Statistics of railways, 1DOO-1912, United States. 

(Bul. no. GG) O 75p il pa '14 Bu. of railway 

economics A14-2314 

Bureau of state and municipal research, Balti- 

more, Md. 

Purchase of cool by institutions. (Report no. 
10) D CCp prratis '"14 Bu. of state & municipal 
research, r.,i!m:nir., Md. 
Burgage tenure in mediaeval England. Hom- 

meon, M. D. *$2 Harvard umv. press 
Surge, Warren 

Historic cabin. O 31p il pors '14 W. Burge, 
Crothersville, Ind. 14-3071 

Burgersteln, Leo, 1853- 

School hygiene. D *$1 '14 Stokes 
Burgess, Albert Franklin 
Gipsy moth and the ir-ov/rlr" r^otK with sug- 
gestions for their MT-I-I I ';i :!. *.' bul. 5B4) 
O ti4p il '11 U, S. .\KI-IC.; ," S-r.t. of doc. 

Burgess, Charles Frederick, 1873-, and Cravens, 

George W. 

Applied t'luctrochcmlFtr 11 * ".r-'l T-o'.rl'nfr; n i-r"- 
tical treatiHe on r(."." K <! i . :-.i:-\-, L ' o 
clocti'ic furnact 1 , tli- ::,>'i.. '.i (i :u:. u." oyi:ro 
aiul uitroKon by "ii ii'i-ii 1 : !': ' .'.'u, --, 
and the ,'i"p^^it5oi -. o. 1 1.1* i-l .c. L:; .., ,.nl 
clicntU'al \- ^ . i - 10 *r.' | p'i'rfMu"iM' rn'i 
ivpalr work, pt 1, ApphV-. '' i- I i !i'.-ir. f 
liy <\ K. Uuiftow; 7>L 2, \,'.- -.- .',. I... *:. \\ . 
( 1 ravon. O vUl,8Hp f 133,vlUp il $1.50 .'14 Am. 
technionl woo. ,. 14-3786C 

Burgess, Fred W, . * 

OluitH on lioiiHcUoM ciirloR. il *$2 '14 Stokos 
( H hM'4 on old ooiNH; wilh 258 11. ( Hooks for 
'14 HI ok OH I l--:i- 


M on old copper and brass. -li'Op il "f2 
14 HlokoH 14-30807 

Burgess, Gelett i. o, Frank Gelett. 1866- 

lUir<H nii.iliriilLjcd: a now dictionary of words 

you lm\<- ;:'.\v:i>,s .i(dod; with cover designs 

and il. by Hurl, Hoth, D xxil,120p bdw *80c 

(H) 'J4 atokt'H 14-35447 

Burgess, George Klmball, 1S74-, and Crowe, John 

Crlllcnl rauffflH AS and A3 of puro iron. (Soi- 
ontillo lap.'r::, H1.3) O JUC-370p pa '14 U, S. 
Htand,; ^<- HI-P'. of doc. 14-30207 

and Toote, Paul Darwin, 1.888- 

KnilwHtvitv of motiilM and oxidoa. 1. Nickel 

oxldo (NIO) in tho rnnffo 000** to 1800 

(1. (KcJlontlflo T'fipcu-H, no, 224) Q 4,t-04n m 

'U U. H. Htund,; l(Jo Supl- of doc. H-30780 

and others 

oI"iTv;ili."i!.s on fluiiihinff It-inporattzroM and 
priip<>i i il".s of rnilw. (Tochnnldiyic pa. no. 88") 
o .;:Jp i: pa 'M ir. S, siana.; a&c 8upt, of 

Burgee*, John William, 1844- 
f!:iuj*t':i nf MH Kuropoaw confUc.L ICppa fra 

Ml c!i.rnianl,"ll(! HOC, of CUiiciatfO 1^-17034 
Bwrtfe, Paul $t^er^ 1880- ^ % ; ... . 

Bon ?rficti*Holo^y lauoraiory manual, 1) 

JV |1 U4 ah*tntc*l , 

^Biie, &WNMtik 0: ^ Jt auth. , 



Burgess, Thornton Waldo, 1874- 

Adventures of Jerry Muskrat; with II. by 
Harrison Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S vi, 
120p *5l)c '14 Little A14-2455 

Adventures of Johnny Chuck; with il. by 
Harrison Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S 
vi,120p *50c (S) '13 Little A14-373 

Adventures of Mr. Mocker; with il. by Harri- 
son Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S vi,120p 
*50c '14 Little A14-245G 

Adventures of Peter Cottontail; il. by Harri- 
son Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S vi,120p 
*50c (F) '14 Little Al 4 -12457 

Adventures of Reddy Fox; with il. by Har- 
rison Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S vi, 
120p *50c (S) '13 Little A14-374 

Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum; with il. 
by Harrison Cady. (Bedtime story-books) S 
vi,117p *50c (F) '14 Little A 1 4-24 "i 8 

Boy scouts on Lost trail; il. by C. S. Corson. 
D 362p *$1 '14 Penn . 14-12630 

Little animal stories for little children; il by 
Leon Wolf Q 32p bds 50c (D) '13 John 
Martin's house 

Old Mother West Wind; with il. in color by 
G: F. Kerr. O 147p *$1.60 (S) '14 Little 

Burgess, William 

Bible sidelights from Shakspeare; twenty lay 
homilies from parallel texts of the Bible 
and of Shakspeare' s works. D 72p il bds 
60c (O) '13 W: Burgess, 1632 McCormick 
bldg., Chicago 13-23636 

Burgess family 

Otis, A. Burgess, pa 50c 'H Swift 
Burgess unabridged. Burgess, G. bds *SOc Stokes 
Burghard, Frederic Francis, 1864-. See Cheyne, 

W: W., jt. auth. 
Burglar and the blizzard. Miller, A. *50c 

Hearst's int. lib. 
Burglehaus, F. H. 

Small fruits. O 16p pa 25c '14 Pacific horti- 
cultural correspondence school 
Burgunder, B* B. 

Declaration and yield of stockholder's rights. 

O 28p pa 25c '10 Am. acad. 
Burgwln family (John Burgwln, 1731-1803) 

Jones, W. B. John Burgwin, Carolinian. $2.50; 
pa $2 '13 W. B. Jones, P. O. box 75G, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Burled ideal. Lawson, C: *$1.25 Sherman, French 

& co. 

Burk, Frederic Lister, 1862- 
Lock-step schooling and a remedy: the funda- 
mental evils and handicaps of class Instruc- 
tion; and a report of progress in the con- 
struction of an individual system. (State 
normal school, San Francisco. Monograph 
ser. A) Q 25p '13 F. W. Richardson, supt. 
of state ptg., Sacramento E14-310 

Burk, W. Herbert. See Oaley, L. N , jt. auth, 
Burke, Ashworth Peter, 1864- 
(ed.) See Burke, J: B. Genealogical and her- 
aldic history 

Burke, Edmund, 17297-1797 
Speech on conciliation with America; ed. by 

W: Naill Otto. 30c '13 Lyons & Carnahan 
Thoughts on the cause of the present discon- 
tents: ed. by W. Murison. (Pitt press ser.) 
xxxviii,164p *80o '14 Putnam 
Burke, Elllce 
Easy road to reading primer. (Nature and life 

ser.) D 112p 30c '13 Lyons & Carnahan 
Burke, Sir John Bernard, 1814-1892 
Genealogical and heraldic history of the peer- 
age and baronetage, the Privy council, 
knightage and companionage, ed, by Awh- 
worth P. Burke. 76th ed Q cxcv, 2770n il 
*$12 '14 Putnam LU-2189] 

Burke, Nicholas Charles 

(ed.) See McSherry, J. Reported opinions 
Burke, Thomas 

(ed.) Children in verse: fifty songs of plnyful 

childhood; with II. In colour and In black 

and white by Honor C. Appleton. O 136p 

*$1.60 '14 Littlo [1314-2551 

Contented mlntl. 1) ICOp *$1 (Ag) 'H HlokoH 

Burkett, Charles William, 1S73-, Stevens, Frank 

Lincoln, 1S71-, and Hill, Daniel Harvey, 1850- 

How to teach agriculture, rev ed D 22p lOc 

'14 Gmn 14-187)16 

See Hunt, T: F , jt. auth. 

Burkhardt, Heinnch Fnednch Karl Ludwig, 

Theory of functions of a complex variable; 
auth. tr. from the 4th German ed. ; with 
the addition of figures and exercises, by S. 
E. Rasor. O xui,432p diags $4 '13 Heath 


Burkitt, Francis Crawford, 18G4- 
Jewish and British apocalypses (Schweich lec- 
tures, 11H3) O 90p *$1 '14 Oxford 
Burks, Jesse Dismukes 
Clean milk and public health. O I Up pa 25c 

'11 Am. acad. 

Outlook for municipal efficiency in Philadel- 
phia. O 20p pa -5c '12 Am. ticad. 
Burlelgh, Cecil 

Twelve short poems for violin and piano. (Dit- 
son ed. no. 194) Q 16, 32p pa $1.25 '14 Drtaon 
Burlington co., N. J. 
Farm journal farm directory of Burlington 

county, New Jersey, bds $4 '13 Atkinson 
Burmese literature 
Barnett, D. D. Catalogue of the "Burmoso books 

in the British museum. ""$7.75 '14 Oxford 
Burnam, Curtis Field, 1877-, Sec Kelly, El. A., 

jt. auth. 
Burnet, James 
Handbook of medical treatment. D v,108p 

*$1.25 (F) '14 Macmillan 
Pocket clinical guide. Tt vii,141p *50c (F) 'H 


Pocket prescnber. Tt *35c '14 Macmillan 
Burnet, John, 18(53- 
Groek philosophy, pt 1, Thales to Plato. O 

x,3GOp *$2.50 CJ1) '14 Macmillan 
Burnett, Charles, 1877- 

(tr.) Sea Training in night inovomonts 
Burnett, Mrs. Frances (Hodgson) (Mrs. Stephen 

Townsend) 184')- 
Barty Crusoe and his man Saturday. D 23 Ip 

il 75c '14 Donohue 

Good wolf. D 125p il 75c '14 Donohue 
Secret garden. Q OTp il *$1.r.O (Atf) 'M Stokes 
Burnett, Peter Haudeman, 18l)7-1,8R 
Path which led a Protestant lawyer lo Uio 
Gritliollc church; ed. and abr, by JanieH 
Sullivan, iid ed O 22p,4:!5n *r>()e (N) 'U 
Her dor 

Burney, Frances (Mme, D'Arblay) 1752-1840 
Early diary of Krnnncs Burney; od. by Atinlo 
Raine Ellis. (Holm's popular lib.) 2v S xeil, 
338; 381 p ea *3c (D) '13 Macmillan 
Burnham, Mrs. Clara Louise Root, ISH'l- 
Innor flamo. 75c ''14 Oronsot 
Right track; with front, by Mary Orocno 
lUumonschoIn. 1) 421p *$1.25 (S) *L4 Ilouh- 
ton . 14-15181 

Burnham, Frederick W. E. 
Homocytcs and homics InfoctionH: a hand-book 
for students and pracll Honors, () 40i!t) 11 $0 
'33 Trent 

Burnham, William Henry, 1855- 
Bibliographios on educational psychology. 
(Clark univ. library pub.) 44n pa *60c (H) 
'13 Htochert , H-920 

Burning bush. Carpontor, W: B. *BOo Bomn 
Burning Iruthn from JMlly'H l)at'. Sunday, W: A, 
r0c Diamond pub, eo., 2tiiB N, ( 1 arnao Ht,, 

Burns, E. V. 

(tr.) See Siegfried, A. Democracy in New Zea- 

Burns, Harrison 

Huma' annotated Indiana Htuiutcw, Hliowin^ 
tho gen oral Uitul<^H In forcw January I, 
1 914; ombrac.infif tlio rftvlnlon of 18SI an 
amcmdod, and all poruumcrit, K^iun-al and 
public actH of tho (tonaral am^nibly piiHMcul 
Htncu tlio adoption of Unit rcviMlon; con- 
taining also tUo linitod ntat^n mid Indiana 
all <,omt)lotoly atmolutod, o fiv 



Burns, James 
Laws of life and destiny. D 184p *$1 (D) '1H 


Minister's manual. 75c '14 Pilgrim press 
Itevivals, their laws and leaders D 12p,312p 

*$1 '14 Doran 
Burns, Robert, 1759-1796 
Pooms. (Cambridge poets) Student's ed. *$1.50 

'14 Houghton 
ttPoems 1786; fac-simile of the Kilmarnock 

ed. bxd vel $4 '14 Lippincott 
Burns day by day, ed. by A. E. Sims. 60c; 

ooze lea $1 '13 Crowell 

Burns club of St. Louis. St. Louis nights wi' 
Burns. 'KJ priv ptd Burns club of St. Louis 
Burns club of St. Louis 

St. Loms niphts wi' Burns; Burns and religion, 
Rev. Dr. W. C. Bitting; Burns, the world 
jioet, William Marion Heedy; Burns and 
English poetry, Professor J. L. Lowes, Burns 
and the prophet Isaiah, Judge M. N. Sale; 
Burns nnd the auld clay biggin, Frederick 
W. Lehmann; The club, the room, the Burn- 
sinnu, the nights, Walter B. Stevens. O 95p 
pis }>or '13 priv ptd Burns club of St. Louis 


Burpee, Lawrence Johnstone, 1873- 
Among the Canadian Alps, o 239p il maps bxd 
*$3 (N) '34 Lane 14-19626 

Pathfinders of the Groat Plains; a chronicle 
of La Vr<?ndryc and his sons. 116p iJ hf cf 
OOc; lea $1.50 (Je) 'LI Glasgow, Brook & co., 
15 Wilton av., Toronto, (Jan. 
Scouts of empire: the story of the discovery 
of the great Northwest. T 10 lp 50c; lea $1 
'12 Musson bk. A3 4-2520 

Burr, Aaron, 175(*-1SCG 
Burse, W. Historic cabin. '14 W. Burge, Cro- 

thersville, Ind. 

Burr, Amelia Josephine, 1878- 
In deep placos: a book of verse. O xi,132p bds 
*$1 'H Doran 14-18372 

Burr, Mrs. Anna Robcson (Brown) 1873- 
Ki'hgiouw conitiHiuoiiH ami con Tenants; with n 
chapU-r on the- hl.story of introspection O 
vm,fiG'Jp '' (My) '14 Honshton 14-104C7 
Burr, Colonel Bell, lSn<>- . 
J handbook of pKyeholouy and mental disease, 
for use in training-schools f<jr attendants 
ami nurses and in mt'difnl c.laKHrp, and aa a 
r'cty reference for tlu prJurLitioncr. 'Jth ccl, 
rov and enl 1) viii,2o5p il $l.r>Q 'M Davin 


Burr, George Lincoln, 1857- 
(!.) NnmitivoM of t'hu wit client I'i CJIMCH, K5IS- 
J70(J; svitli Him* facHiinllcH. (Original nar- 
rallvoH of fnrly ATticriciin history) O xviii, 
4(i7p *$3 (My) 'lit Hcribncr J-l-i)77:! 

Burrage, Champlln 
Nazareth and llio ijc'fflntiluKB of dhrlHtlanlty, 

(i8p pa >'$!, 40 'M Oxford 

Burrage, Henny Sweetser, 1837- 
IJotfhmlntfH of colonial Maine, IC02- 1C58. (> xv, 
U2p il '14 priv ptd HlHte library, Portland, 
MP. 14-8527 

Burrell, Arthur 
(oil.)- Wngllah literature for schools, por v *20c 

1 >utton 

Old chrnnlflps of the Kngllh people. (IOnf?Uwh 
HLcnitui-c for schools) I) 32iip *20c (O) f !4 

* (id.) Sco Ilakluyt, Jt: lOarly voyagos 
Durrell, David James, ]M'l- 
In, i\\(\ npijtu 1 room: a prnctioal oxponltlon of 
John MII -XV 1 1 (with rotated pawwaffos), 
(Short, oomw HIT.) I> vll,145i) *60c M3 Hcrlh- 
tior A14-T011 

W<< would H<n .loHUM. I) (Mp *50< M4 Am. tract 

Burrell, Edward J, 

ICU'ttioulary building contruction and draw- 
ing, Ktnffft 1. (IjonKmuiiH' (loniontnry KoUmco 
I) vlH,2fi2p il aiaijs *80c '11 Long- 

Burrell, George A. 

(Tfl of mic-o and blrrt'i for doUr,ttnflf carbon 
numoxUltt aftor inino lli'OM and oxulontonM. 3d 
<^l (Thnltal paper it) Q 10p '14 (T, a 
Del HitDt. of <loc>. H-30595 

and Selbert, Frank M. 

Errors in gas analysis due to assuming that 

the molecular volumes of all gases are alike. 

(Technical pa. 54) 16p il '13 U. S. Mines; 

5c Supt. of doc. 13-35853 

Gases tound in coal mines. 2d ed (Miners' 

circular 14) O 23p '14 U. S. Mines; 5c Supt. 

of doc. 14-30635 

Sampling and examination of mine gases and 

natural gas. (Bui. 42) O 11 6p il '13 U. S. 

Mines; 20c Supt. of doc. 14-30216 

Seibert, Frank M., and Robertson, I. W. 

Relative effects of carbon monoxide on small 

animals. (Technical pa. 62) O 23p '14 U. S. 

Mines, 5c Supt. of doc. 14-30098 

Burrill, Ellen Mudge 

Essex trust company, Lynn, Massachusetts, 
1814, 1914, an historical sketch of the bank, 
for its centennial year. Q Ixxp pis '13 Essex 
trust co., Lynn, Mass. 14-6828 

Burrill 1 , Thomas Jonathan, 1S39- 
1 Alumm Gregory memorial, University of Illi- 
nois; memorial building and art collection. 
(Bui. v. 11, no. 40) Q Sp pis pa gratis '14 
Univ. of 111. A14-1348 

Burris, William Paxton, 1865- 
Public school system of Gary, Ind. (Bui. 1914, 
no. 18, whole no. 591) 49p il pa '14 TL S. 
Educ., 15c Supt of doc. E14-842 

Burrltt, Maurice Chase, and Barren, John H. 
Example of successful farm management in 
.southern New York. (Bui. 32) O 24p il '13 
U. S. Agric. ; 5c Supt. of doc. Agrl3-1887 
Burroughs, Bryson, 1869- 

Catalogue of paintings. O xi,3l7p il 25c '14 Met- 
ropolitan museum of art 14-4198 
Burroughs, Edg-ar Rice 

Tarzan of the apes. D 400p *$1.30 (Je) '14 Mc- 
Clurg 14-11094 

Burroughs, John, 1837- 
ted.) Songs of nature. D 3C9p *?1.36 lea *$1.50 

Barrus, C. Our friend John Burroughs. *$2 

'14 Houghton 
Burroughs adding machine company, Detroit, 


Efficient cost keeping: a study of the most 
effective applications of cost keeping prin- 
ciples to certain types of management, by 
K. St. Elmo Lewis. 3d ed D 256p il '14 Bur- 
roughs adding machine co , Detroit, Mich 


Instructions for operating Burroughs adding 
and listing machines, class one hundred. 6tli 
ed D i5i> il '14 Burroughs adding machine 
co., Detroit, Mich. 14-4524 

Burroughs businesH practice hand book. Walker, 
J. (1. pa 5Uc ISurroiifchs adding machine co., 

Burrows, Charles William, 1874- 

Wxp.ori mental study of tho Kocpscl pormoa- 

motor, (Scientific papers, no. 228) O 101- 

KJOp il pa 14 IT. a. Stand-.; lOc tfupl. of 

doc. 14-30880 

Burrows, Edith M. . , 

Antl-aunUs; throo-act comedy. 3Dc '14 Fischer, 

Dear Cyril; a Ihrtsc-act comedy, (Plays for 

yountf pooplo) 35c 'H Fischer, J. 
In a llower garden; cantata for juvenile voices; 
music by W. Uhyg- Herbert 7Cc '14 JB^ischor, J. 
Their lordships; a two-act comedy. 35o '14 

Fischer, J". 
Bursar la 
lAinO. B. J". Holatlonfl of Bursjaria to food, 

pa 50c '14 Johns Hopkins 
Buraley, Joseph Aldrlch, ffeo Allon, J: B., jt 

Buratall, F, W. 1. e. Henry Frederick WlllUm, 

Energy-diagram for gas. O 20p diaga *$X^O; 
Ulagram, goiMirat*, *|l '12 Vnn Nostrand 

Buratall, Henry Frederick William, Sea Bur- 

atati; P. W. 

&urt, Alfred teroy A IM 

Imperial a^ohiteete; being an aocowat of Pjo- 
posaig m the fljAotton of a oioser limdia 
union, ma,de prevjotw to tfee oswito|F of me 



Burt, Alfred Leroy. Imperial architects C'ont 
first Colonial conference of 1887; with an 
introd. by H. E. Egerton. D vii,228p *?1.40 
'13 Oxford 14-5111 

Burt, Henry Jackson 

Steel construction; a text and reference book 
covering the design of steel framework for 
buildings. D 372,9p 236 il lea $2.75 '14 Am. 
technical soc. 14-18477 

Burt, Mary Elizabeth 

(ed.) See Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. Don 
Quixote de la JMancha; Field, B. Eugene 
Field book; Lanier, S. Lamer book 

Burt, Maxwell Struthers 

In the high hills [twenty-four short poems]. 
D v, 75p *$1 (Mr) '14 Houghton 14-5158 

Burton, Rev. Edwin Hubert, 1S70-, and Pollen, 

Rev. John Hungerford, 1S5S- 
(eds.) Lives of the English martyrs, 1563-1588. 
2d ser. v 1 *$2.50 (*7s 6d) (Ja) '14 Long- 

Burton, Eli Franklin, 1879- 
On the relation between the adiahatic and iso- 
thermal Young's moduli of metals. (Papers 
from the physical laboratories, no. 42) O 17- 
22p diags pa 25c '12 Univ. of Toronto 13-19480 
Burton, Ernest De Witt, 1856-, and Merrifield, 


Origin and teaching of the New Testament 
books. (Outline Bible-study ser. of the 
American inst. of sacred literature) D 102p 
pa *50c (S) '14 Univ. of Chicago press 
Burton, Q. 

(comp.) Choir manual, for cathedral and 
parish church juvenile or adult choirs. S 
445p 80 c '14 Fischer, J. 
Burton, M. Agnes 

(ed.) See Journal of Pontiac's conspiracy 
Burton, Margaret Ernestine, 1885- 
Educution of women in Japan. D 2GSp II -$1.25 
'14 Revell 14-1128.) 

Burton, Marion Leroy, 1874- 
Life which is life indeed: a baccalaureate ail- 
dress. D 47p *50c '14 Pilgrim press 14-20380 
Burton, Reginald George, 1864- 
Napoleon's invasion of Russia. (Special cam- 
paign ser.) D xiv,231p maps *$1.60 (Je) '14 
Macmillan 14-11204 

Burton, Richard Eugene, 1859- 
How to see a play. D ix,217p *$1.25 (N) '14 
Macmillan 14-10872 

Little essays in literature and life. D 356p 
*$1.25 (Mr) '14 Century 14-5997 

Burtt-Davy, Joseph, 1870- 
Maize; its history, cultivation, handling, and 
uses; with special reference to South Afri- 
ca: a text-book for farmers, students of 
agriculture, and teachers of nature study. 
D xl,831p il tables *$7.50 (*25s) (F) '14 
Longmans 14-4973 

Bury, John Bagnell, 1861- 
History of Greece to the death of Alexander 
the Great. D xxv,909p 11 maps *$2 (Ja) '14 
Macmillan 14-6G14 

(ed.) See Gibbon, E: History of the decline and 

fall of the Roman empire 
Bury, Judson Sykes 

Diseases of the nervous system. (Manchester 
univ. pub Medical scr., no. 14) xx,778p 
11 *$5 (*15s) '32 Longmans 14-6577 

Busch, Francis Xavier, 1879- 
Outllnes and principles of common law plead- 
ing, with leading Illinois cases. 322p buck 
$2 (D) '13 Callaghan 
Busch -Sulzer bros.-Dlesel engine co. 
Diesel engine. D 6-lllp il pa '13 Busch-Sulzer 

bros. -Diesel engine co., St. Louis 
Buschek, Hermann August, 1873-, Seo Gohdes, 

W. H., Jt. auth. 
Buschlen, John P. 
Beh'ncl the wicket: short stories of bonk Hfe. 

D 170p $1 (Mr) 'H Briggs 
Canadian bank clerk: a novel based on actual 
incidents in Canadian bank Hfe. D 366p front 
bds $1.25 (D) '13 Briggs 

Sec aUo Motor omnibuses 

Bush, Beatrice, 1887- 

Genealogy of the descendants of John M. 

Bush and Jane Osterhoudt of Kingston, 

Ulster county, N Y., 1791-1914 O 63p $5 '14 

Gaddis bros., Jersey City, N. J. 14-14750 

Bush, Bertha Evangeline, 1SGG- 

Four gieat musicians (Instructor literature 
ser no. 73) D 32p pors 5c '13 Owen, P A.; 
Hall McCreary 14-931 

Contents Johann Sebastian Bacli, Wolf sane Amadous 

Mozart, Ludwig van Ileethiven, Felix Memlclwsoliii-Burth- 


Four little discoverers in Panama (Instructor 
literature sor., no. 265) D 32p pa 5c (Aft) 
'11 Owen, F. A , Ha'l & McCrearv 

Four more great musicians. Handel, Haydn, 
Schubert, Schumann. (Instructor literature 
ser no. 74) D 32p por 5c '13 Owen, F. A , 
Hall & McCreary 1 1-1126 

Story of Don Quixote (Instructor literature 
ser, no. 2H4) D 2Dp pa 5c (AtO '14 Owen, 
F. A.; Hall & McCreary 
Bush family (John M. Bush, 1791-1S6G) 

Bush, B Genealogy of the descendants of 
John M Bush and Jano Osterhourlt of 
Kingston, Ulster county, N. Y., 1791-1914. 
$5 '14 Gaddis bros., Jersey City, N, J. 
Bushnell, A. J. de Havilland 

Storied windows O xi,338i> il *$4 (Je) 'M ^lac- 
A trntcller's Infrnrlncllnn to tlio stiuh (f f.ltl church 

Slasa, from the tuolltli ci'iitiuv to llu 1 rvn.'ilss.inrc 1 , ohixrlullv 

in Franco 
Bushnell, Edward Rogers, 1S7G- 

(etl ) Peo Murphy, M. C Athletic training 

Bushnell, Oliver Jackson, 1S71-, and Turnbull, 

Albert Gilpln, J8SO- 
Electrical measurements; a practlcnl hand- 

book covering the design and construction 

of measuring instruments and llujlr uses 

in measurement of current, resistance, and 

commercial power; with special reference 

to Watt -hour and maximum demand meters. 

O 171]> il $1 'M Am. technical HOC. 14-1HW5D 
Bushtailed workers. Kates, ,1: M. pa 75o ,1: M. 

.Bates, 1223% Broadway, Qutnoy, 111. 

American business manual. 3v $2,25 'H Collier 
Appel, J. H. My own story. *50c '13 Platt & 

BrandoLs, ly. I), nusinosa -a profession. *$2 'M 

Picknee, TJ. II., and lllain, H. 10. OfJlce or- 

ganisation an<l management Iiu'Iudlnir see- 

rotarlal work 3il e<l $2 '11 Pilinan 
Emerson, II. Jraillcionoy as a basis for operation 

and waffcs. 4th e<l *$2 '11 lOn??. ina^. 
Jones, E: D: Business administration. $2 '14 

King. mag. 
Lamm, <?. n. Ihisiness psychology. $1 'J2 

Crowoll (corr pub) 
1-cwis, 10. S. Getting tho most out of business. 

$2 '11 Ronald 
Library of business practice. lOv $17 '14 

8 haw, A. W. 
Mills. E: O,, and others. '!0th century manual 

of business, $I.2!> '14 Winston 
Patorson, II. O. Style manual for stwiotfriinh- 

rs, reporters and corrosponclents. $1.2*") '13 

H. G. I'atorson, J1L> H. La vSallo at., (Jiiicag-o 
PuTiIs' outlines for home* study in connection 

with school work: busluens fonn. pa ilio 

'14 JonniiiRs pub. co. 
JJHussell, <^: K: IlusinesH: tho honrt of the na- 

tion, pa *25(! '14 Lane 
Shaw, A. W. Approach to bualnowst problomn. 

*$2 '14 ITarvard unlv. press 
Whltohoad, H. SaloHmnnshlp and business of- 

floiency, Cv $10 'M Am. school of imwInoKH 
&cc (ilxo Accountlnic; AdvorllHlnK; Audit- 

ing; Bookkeeping; nusitiess doprnHHlon; 

Business education; Business etlitcs; (Van- 

morco; (lommorcial law; (^ompclitlon; (tor- 

porations; (Credit: KcotiomlcH: Finance; 
Forms (In law); Mall order IniMlwwi; Man- 
ufaoturoH; Markets; Morciiants; Mon^y; 
OccupatlonH; Ofltco suppllcM; I^uiicw; I>rof(tM*> 
slon, Choice, of; Profit; JitHl oMlutu bUMltu^Mi 
flUHmen and HuleMumnwhip; Sci<^ntinc tuitn* 
affttmont; Stock oxchangts BUCCCHH; Trunt 
companies; Wealth 



Business Contimcfl. 


Detroit Public library. Books for business 

men pa '14 

Business a profession Biandei&, L* D. *?2 Small 
Business administration. Jones, E: D: ?2 Eng. 

Business arithmetic. See Arithmetic, Commer- 

Business arithmetic, rookman, C M. *~>c, Am. 

Business correspondence. See Commercial cor- 

Business depression 
Bilgram, H, and Levy, L: E. Cause of busi- 

ness depression *?2 '14 Lippincott 
Brown, J: B: Causes of business depressions 
25c '13 J: B: Brown, Commercial bldg., East 
St. Louis, 111. 
Business education 

Am. assn. ot public accountants. Report of 
Educational committee, pa '12 Am. assn. of 
ljublic accountants 
Pfirringlon, P: E Commercial education in 

acrmany $1 Id 'H MaemilUn 
Illinois. University Conlereiice on commercial 
education and business progress pa gratis 
'13 Univ. of Til. 

Kixlm, J., and Klein, J. J PrinnplPB and inotli- 
o<Ls In commercial education. '$1.40 '11 JMac- 
millan _ 

Richter, K. K. Commercial colleges in Ger- 
many. 7r>c '13 K. E. Richter, 2730 Creston 
av,, N. Y. 
M Thompson, F. V. Commercial education World 

bk. co t 

Vincent, H. D. Vocational arithmetic, with 
lesaonw m spelling writing and Imninoaa 
forma. "55c '14 Houston 

tfrc altta Accounting, Bookkeeping, Com- 
mercial correspondence, Penmanship; Short- 
hand, Tvpoxvrilintf 

Business KntfliHh Onhlig, R. *$1 10 Heath 
Business English, Essentials of, MacClintock, P. 

L. $1 La Sallp extension univ 
Business Enftlish, Handbook of llolehklss, 
(!: H., and Kilduff, 10: J. $1 N. V. University 
book n1oie, 152 \VMvrrly placv, N Y. 
Business IGngltah and cori',siiondoin'p lM\i.s, H., 

and LniKhmn, (\ LI. $1 (Jinn 
Business ethics 
FiKko, A. K. Honowl buwmoss. *$1.2G '14 Put- 

Putfe, E: I). Tradn niornlH; their origin, growth 

and province. *$1.F>0 'M Vulc univ. pross 

/SVo (tltw (Competition 
Business law. S<to rommoivial law 
Business leltm', Dwyor, I. 10. *$1.2C; school ed 

*J|!1 lloiiBhtou 
Business main's rapid calculation. Nlc % holn, J: M. 

II. pa $1 BtiHtneas educ'tition pub. co., St. 

Paul, TNI Inn. 
Business of a gentleman. Dickinson, IT. N. *$1.23 

Business organisation and combination. Haney, 

I,: Tl: *$2 Macmlllan 
Business practice bookkeeping. Sweet, J. S. $1.50 

.7. H. Swcsot pub. co., Bnnta Uofla, Cal. 
Business pHydioioffy. Larson, C. D, $1 Orowoll 

ff()lT pltb) 

Buskett, Nancy (Cynthia Grey) 
Fingw-K I hat H<HS fa Hlory or the blind!. !> 
138p b<lH $1 (Mr) '14 Stuff iittf. concorn, 410 
Union t, Hoattlo, Wash H-7076 

Busse, Adolf, 1873- 

(cd.) Hoo Hlorw, T. Polo lojjpcnptHor 
Buster and TI|< hcr a:alu, ()uttault, II: K, OOu 

Buster Uwwn'H funny trldkw, Outcault, H: K. 
OOc Oupplo & I/. 

Busting 'om, Oobli, T. *$l Cloclo, 10. J. 

Busy Ho-ici>. (Jraytlon, <K *$l.l ) 5 McKay 

Busy-bunny wUo wa futiml in our ffiirdon eat- 
ing cabbJL|?4, wna ciwuwd by our trappy ( 
wa oauflfht by mo, and kept for pur ssoo 
bcoau0 lio had luoh funny waye. (Nur*ory 
oo or.) O tmp il 0o 'H Bully 5fc Klolni6leh 

Busy work. See Education, Elementary Occu- 
pations and busy work 
Busy work for nimble fingers Gawthorpe, A 

$1 Pitman 

But she meant well Caine, W: *$1 30 Lane 
Butchers', packers' and sausage makers' red 
book Sayer, G: J, $5 Wolf, Sayer & Heller, 
S4 Pearl st. f N. Y. 
Butler, Alfred Joshua, 1830- 
Babylon of Esypt: a study in the history of 
Old Cairo. O 64p pa *$1.50 '14 Oxford 


(ed ) Forerunners of Dante: a selection from 
Italian poetry before 1300. D xxxv,262p *$2 
'10 Oxford (corr title) 14-7342 

Butler, Alfred Munson, 1879- 
Household physics D viii,382p il "$1.30 '14 
Whitcomb & B. 14-14185 

Butler, Bonnibel 

Baby's record. Q 64p il bxd $1 '14 Donohue 
Butler, D. B. 

Portland cement, its manufacture, testing and 
use 3d ed O 45Sp il *$4.50 Spon (corr price) 
Butler, Edward 

Oil fuel, its supply, composition and applica- 
tion. 8 a ed il *$:i.2r> '14 Lippinrotl 
Butler, Elizabeth Bearcteley 
Saleswomen in mercantile stores. 2d ed il 

$1 '14 Survey associates 
Butler, George Frank, 1S57- 
Ifivery girl'H book: sex facts for young girls. 

$1 14 Abbott press 
Treasures ot truth, bds $1; de luxe lea $1.50 '14 

Backbone pub. co., Havens wood, Chicago 
Butler, James Ramsay Montagu 
Passing of the great Beioim bill. O xni,454p 
*$3.75 (*i2s Cd) (My) '14 Longmans 11-13U5L 
Butler, Rev, Joseph 

Fifteen sermons: with introd., analyses and 
notes by VV. K. Mathows. D xxvn,257p *$1 
(My) '14 Macmillan 
Butler, Leo Thomas, 1878- 
Student's gradus; an aid to Latin versifica- 
tion. xxv,516p $1 (Ja) '14 Woodstock col- 
loftf press, Woodstock, MG. 34-1519 

Butler, Maude Mary 
Soldier's son. O 227p *$1 '12 Davis & Bond 


Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1S62- 
Garnegie endowment for international peace; 
reprinted from tho Independent, Nov. 27, 
1913. D 14p gratis '14 Am, assn. for interna- 
tional conciliation 14-10U07 
( war and its IOHMOUH. 1) 8p pa gratis 
'14 Am. UHHII. for international conciliation 
International mind. O 32p DC '12 Am. peace 
aoc. 14-37740 
Butler, Samuel, 1835-1902 
Alps and sanctuaries of Piedmont and the 
canton Ticino; now and enl ed, with au- 
thor'H revisions, and index and an introd. 
by It, A. StroatfoUd, D 33Cp ii *$2 (D) '33 
Dutton 14-30084 
Involution, old and now: or, The theories of 
Buffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and Liimarcfc, 
as compared with that of Charles Darwin. D 
xvi,<i30p *$l.r>0 (Jo) 'H Dutton 
Fair haven; a work in defence of the mirac- 
ulous clement In Our Lord's ministry upon 
ourlh, both a titftiiafll rationalistic impugn- 
orH and ('(U'tatn orthodox defondorn, by thft 
late John Hckarfl Owon, with a memoir of 
tho author by William Bickersteth Owen; 
now re-set; and ed,, with an Introd., by E. 
A, Stroatfoild. P xx,285p *$1.50 13 Kenner- 
ley [14*1303] 
Humour of TTomer, and other essays; ed. by 
R. A. Streatfeild, with a biographical sketch 
of the author by Henry Festing Jonew, P 
x,13-3l3p por *fU50 '13 Kennerley [14*8^3] 

Way of all Hosh. D 490p *|l.BO 'U Dut 


Sutler, WIMtam Alien, im-im ' . . , 
Animal boofej with S ooL il. and 8 in fekcfc-a 
white by Kiflto i>o<lKO I^ittoe, EMS 



Butler county, Iowa 

Hart, I. H. Butler county, Iowa, a record of 
settlement, organization, progress and 
achievement. 2v hf lea. $18 '14 Clarke, S. J. 
Buttenwieser, Moses 

Prophets of Israel, from, the eighth to the 
fifth century; their faith and their message. 
D xxii,350p *$2 (Ja) '14 Macmillan 14-'2222 

See also Dairying 

Buttered side down. Ferber, E. 75c Grosset 
Butterfat tables. Heller, L: U. buck $10 L: U. 

Heller, Clinton & Sebor sts., Chicago 
Butter-field, Kenyon Leech, 1868- 
Rural sociology as a college discipline. O 8p 

pa 15c '12 Am. acad. 
Butterfield, William Harold, 1881- 
Making fences, walls and hedges. (House and 
garden making books) S 7-66p il ""SOc 
(My) '14 McBride, Nast & co. 14-9844 


Arthur, S. C. Butterfly farming, pa 25c '14 S. 
C. Arthur, 1109 Henry Clay av., New Orleans, 
Clinton, A. L. Story of a butterfly. 25c '14 

Duncan, F. M. and L. T. Butterflies and 

moths. *40c (*ls) '14 Oxford 
Lutz, F. B. Our common butterflies. '14 Am. 

museum of natural hist. 
Butterflies and moths in romance and reality. 

Kirby, W: F. *$2 Gorham 
Butterfly. Webster, H: K. *$1.25 Appleton 
Butterfly babies' book. Gordon, E. bds *$1 


Butterfly farming. Arthur, S. C. pa 25c S. C. 
Arthur, 1109 Henry Clay av., New Orleans, 

Butters, Frederic King, 1878- 
Some peculiar cases of plant distribution in 
the Selkirk mountains, B. C. See Pool, R. J. 
Study of the vegetation of the sandhills of 
See Clements, F: E:, jt. auth. 

Butterworth, Annie 

Manual of household work and management. 
3d ed, rev and enl D xvi,235p il *90c (*2s 
6d) (D) '14 Longmans 

Butterworth, Mrs. Mary Lynch Stuart, 1869- 
New-old thought; helpful, practical scripture. 
D 139p $1 '13 M. L. S. Butterworth, 338 
W. Horter st, Germantown, Phil, 14-11197 
Butts, Charles, 1863- 

Coal resources nnd general geology of the 
Pound quadrangle in Virginia. (Bui. no. 9) 
Q 3p 01 pis 'U Va. Geol. S., Charlottes villo 


Buwalda, John Peter 

Pleistocene beds at Manix In the eastern 

Mohave desert region. (Bui. of the Dept. 

of geology, v. 7, no. 24) Q 443-464p pis pa 

25c '14 Univ. of Cal. A14-467 

Buxton. Dudley Wilmot 

Anesthetics; their uses and administration. 
5th ed O xiv,477p il *$3 (My) '34 Blaklwton 

Buxton, Harold Jocelyn, 1880-. See Buxton, 

N. E:, Jt. auth. 
Buxton, Noel Edward. 1869-, and Buxton, Rev. 

Harold Jocelyn, 1880- 

Travel and politics in Armenia; with an in- 
trod. by Viscount Bryce and a contribution 
on Armenian history and culture, by Aram 
Raffl. D xx,274p il *$1.50 (Jl) '14 Macmillan 


Buzzacott, Francis Henry, 1861- 

Buzzacott's masterpiece; or, The complete 

hunters', trappers' and campers' library of 

valuable information. D 544p il $1.76 '13 

Buzizacott H-1963 

Complete sportsman's guide. 7th ed D 544p 

il $1 '12 Buzzacott 
Encyclopedia of hunters and trappers art. 2d 

ed D 550p 500 il $1.75 '13 Busszacott 
Mystery of the sexes. 2d ed D 285p il $1 '14 
Advanced thought pub, 

and Wymore, Mary Isabel 

Bi -sexual man; or, Evolution of the sexes.' 

Scientific ed 1) S4p il pors $1 '13 Buzza- 
cott (COIT pub) 13-519 
By and large. Adams, F. P. *$1 Doubleday 
By earthquake and fire. Whaloy, M, L. $1.25 

Brunt's, San Francisco, Cal. 
By Nippon's lotus ponds. Klein, M. *$1 Revell 
By-products o the rural Sunday school. Som- 

erndike, J: M. '60c Presbyterian bcl. 
By the bend of the river. Clark, C: H. *$1.20 

By the waters oC Germany. Lorimor, N. O. '.iJG 


Bye-ways. Hichens, 11. S. -"$1.83 Dodd 
Byers, , and Warren, 
Junior hymns. D 160p 30c; bds 20c (Ag) '14 

Gospel trumpet co. 
Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall, 1S3S- 

Poems. D 216, 14i)p $1.5U '14 .Neale 11-1CJI3C 

Byers, W. C., and others 
Soil survey of Bradiord county, Florida. O 3Gp 

map pa '14 U. S. Ague.; 15c fcJupt. ol doc. 
Soil survey of Greenwood county, Kansas. O 

3Jp mip pa 'li U. S. Agno.; ITio fcJunt. o 


Byington, Margaret Frances, 1877- 
Conhdential exchange, u form of social co- 
operation. (Pub. no. 2s; O 3Jp 5o '18 Uiussell 

Sage foundation 1-1-18710 

What social workers should know about their 

own communities, an outline. 2cl eel rev and 

enl (Pub no. 7) O 42p 5e '12 Uuwsrll Hao 

loundation 14-20530 

Byles, Mather, 1706-1788 
Eaton, A. W. H. Famous Mather Bylos. *$2 

'14 Butterfleld 
Bynner, Witter, 1881- 

liitllo king LdramaJ. D 7Cp *GOo 'H Knurlt'y 

Bypaths in Arcady. Banning, K. vcl $35; bds $15 

Brothers of the book 
Byrd, Mary Emma, 1849- 
Firat observations in astronomy. O 12Cp 11 $1 

'14 Mary K Byrd, route 9. box 77, Lawrenoo, 

Kan. H-ii07(iG 

Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th baron, 


Childe Harold's pilgrimage; ocl. by A. Hamil- 
ton Thompson. (i j itt press sor.) H 2Ui>, 2Hip 

front *75c '13 I'utnam 
Same; cantos III and JV, Tho prisoner of 

Chillon, and otlier poems; etl. by Ilardln 

Craig. (Wnglish rcaclings for scboohs) S xxK. 

232p front *8r>c '13 Holt i:)-2(Jl7a 

-Same; canto IV; o<l. willi Inlrod. nnd tiotou 

by H: F. Tozer. O J Hp *40o 'ID Oxford 
Byron, May 
Communion of saints: thoughts for every day 

throughout the Christian your; noWtcd 

from authors old und now. H xxlv,480p 

*$1.25 '14 Doran 
Foragers hunt breakfast; il. by Cecil Aldln. 

(Cecil Aldin's merry party) 1)' unp *40c '14 

(comp ) Coition garden of tho pootH: lyrics 

of lovo and frlondHhtp. Q II *$1.50 '14 Doran 
Humpty and Dumpty give a fancy dress ball; 

11. by Cocil Aldfn. (Cecil Aldin's morry 

party) D unp *40c '14 Doran 
Master Quack gives a water picnic; 11. by Cecil 

Aldin. (Cecil Aldin's merry party) D unp 

*40c '14 Doran 
J'ocik-a-booa in town- drawn in col. by (IhloO 

I'roeilon. O bds *$2,fiO 'M Doran 
Peter's dinner party; 11. by Cecil Aldin. (Cdl 

Aldin's merry party) D unp *40o '14 Doran 
Bags' garden party; 11. by Cecil Aldln. (Cocll 

Aldhrs merry party) D unp *40o '14 Doran 
Tabltha's tea party: il. by Cecil AUllu. (Cecil 

Aldin's merry party) D unp *40o *14 Doran 
Byrum, Isabel Coston, 1870- 
Ifappy hours at homo. O 06p 11 2f>c (O) '14 

Qonpol trumpet co. 
Twilight talks with the children, <) 06p il 

2%o (P) '33 Qospol trumpet oo. 



Bythell, William James Storey, and Barclay, 
A. E. 

X-ray diagnosis and treatment: a text book 

for general practitioners and students. O 

xn,147p il '$550 '12 Oxford A14-1648 

Byways m bookland. Mursell, W A. bds *$1.25 


C., C. H. 

Ornamental lathe work for amateurs. D 121p 

25 pis $1.50 '14 Spoil 
C. P. A. auditing: questions. Bentley, H. C. $2 


C. P. A, problems. See Certified public account- 
ants problems 

C. P. A. questions and answers Bennett, R. J., 

and Morton, P: W. hf mor $5 International 

accountants' soc., 135 Fort St., Detroit, Mich. 


Alietaon, J Jewish mysticism. '$1 '11 IVLicmil- 


Cabaton, Antoine, 1SC3- 

Java, Sumatra, and the other islands of the 
Dutch Bast Indies; tr. and with a preface 
by Bernard Miall, with a map and 47 il.; 
new and cheaper ed (Modern world ser.) 
O xvi,376p *$150 (S) '14 Scribner 
Cabell, Elvira Daniel, and Freeman, Virginia 


English taught inductively, bks 1 & 2 D 206; 
308p il bk 1 42c; bk 2 60c '11 Hall & Mc- 

Suggestions for teachers using the Cabell- 
Frecman series in English. D 83p 30o '12 
Hall & McCreary 

Cabin boy. Schubert, V. R $1 Roxburgh pub. 
Cabinet-maker's guide. Bitmead, R: *80c Apple- 
Cabinet officers 

NiohoLs, 10 II, ed. Cabinet oillc'Ms In C!on- 
tfivss. (In InU'K'OlU'firiato debutes, v. 1) $1.50 
'11 Hindu 
Cabinet work 
Bitrnead, R: Cabinet-maker's guide. *80c '14 

Crawshaw, F. D. Furniture design for schools 

and shops. *$1 '14 Manual arts press 
Jludd, ,1. JI. Cablnot making $l.f>0 '1'\ Grand 
Haplels lurnlturo record co., Oraiul Kupid.s, 
Mich, (corr price) 
AVr also Turning 

Cable, George Washington, 13*14- 
Amatcur garden. D liWp il ""ILSO CO) '14 Scrib- 
nor 14-17878 

GUI con's band: a talo of tho Mississippi; il. 
by F. C. Yuan. D ix,500p *$l.8S (S) '14 
Scribner 14-16204 

Cable, Lucy Leffingwell 
(eel.) Son Corvantos Saavedra, M. do, Don 

Quixote tie la Mancha 
Cable, Mary B. 

(ed.) Heo Field, M. Kugone Fiold book 
Cables, Electric. Soo JCIoctrta cables 
Cabot, Mrs. Ella Lyman, 18GC- 
Courflc in citbsonwhtp, by Klla Lynwn Cabot, 
Dannie Fern Andrews, Fanny 10, Coo, Mabol 
Hill, Mavy McSkhnmon. O xxiv,386p *$1.25 
'14 iloxiffhlon 14-15705 

Vohmtaor help to tho nohools. (Rivorsido edu- 
cational monographs) D xii,141p *60c '14 
Ilouffhton 14-7888 

Cabot, Richard Clarke, 1868- 
I)iffor<*nlUil dUignoMlfl; prctftonlAfl through nn 
analy*i of 3L7 caw*, v 2 O 700p 254 11 
"$&,50; uf mor *$7 '14 HauiulorH 
What mm Hvo by: work, play, lovo, worship, 
xxl,3'lli) *$1.60 (Ja) *H Houyhtoat 14-3268 
Cadby, Will, and Cadby, Carlne 

SwftiioplAiid Jn winter, Q 11 *f2,50 'H J?ott 
Cadhay manor*, SnflUnd 

Ottory Ht may^ manor. Manor t)ook. * 
(*7a 6d) ' 

Cadfeux, Louis Edouard, 1879- 
Practical talks with the Christian child: a brief 
manual of manners and morals, S 59p *20c 
fc CN) '1J. Am. bk. 14-19666 

Cadogan, Adelaide 

Lady Cadogan's illufatraLed games of solitaire 
or patience, new rev ed, including Ameri- 
can games. D 121p il 50c 'H McKay A14-2534 
Cady, Frank William 

Freshman course m English. (Middlebury col- 
Iff e tul vol 9, no. 1) O 37p pa 25o (Ag) 
'1-1 Middlebury college, Middlebury, Vt 


Cady, Hamilton Perkins, 1874-. See Bailey p 
i S., jt. auth. 
Harrison I. e. Walter Harrison. 1S77- 


"** *<* j. w. Yvctibvi iiaijiouii) J.O I i 

Bug book; il by author. Q *$l.50 '13 McBride, 

Nast & co. 
"Cady, Le Roy 

(ed.) See Green, S: B. Vegetable gardening 
Caesar, Caius Julius, 100-44 B. C. 
Commentam rerura in Galha gestarum VII* 

A. Hirti commentarius VIII: ed, by T Rice 

Holmes. O 528p 20 il *$2.90 '14 Oxford ' 
Gallic war. bk. i; ed. with introd., notes and 

vocabulary, by E. S. Shuckburgh. D xxxii. 

152p il plans map *40c '14 Putnam 
Same. a bks. 1-7, ed. by T. JRice Holmes. 

(Classical authors ed. for schools) O ea *50c 

14 Oxford 
Same, bks 1-2; ed. with notes, summary of 

forms and syntax, prose composition, and 

vocabulary, by Ernst RICKS and Aithur JU 

Janes. D 30G,56p il *85c (Jl) '14 Am. bk. 

Same; with Janes's Sight reading. D 305: 
238,56p il *$J.20 (Jl) '14 Am. bk. 
Second titlo DUUO: Socoud year Latin for Bight retttUng: 
seJeutlons from Caesar and Ncpns, by Artliur L Junes 
Key to the Latin prose composition exorcises 
m Caear; (Jallic war, bks. 1-2, by Ernst 
HI ens and Arthur iU Janes. I> Ifcp pa *25c 
(Jl) '14 Am. bk. " 

Story of the Gallic war: Caesar's text, with 
paraphrases in English by J. Remsen Bi- 
shop, ifl Lyons & Carnahan 
Cafferata,, Rev. Henry Taylor, 1849- 

(trj tiee Schnntt,*J. Priest's daily manna 
Caffin, Mrs. Caroline (Scurfield) 

Vaudeville, iiifiiiroH by Marina do Zayas. O 

23 Ip *$)J *U Konncrlcy 
Caffin, Charles Henry, 1864- 
Amptiean maotors of painting; being brief ap- 
preciations of some American painters. 
(UBPfui book lib.) O x,iyr>p pis *$l '13 Doubio- 
rtay A14-8G4 

Giiido to pictures for beginners and students. 
D 253p il *$1.25 '12 Doubleday E14-08 

Hanio, (CJuido scr.) COc '14 Clallin 
Cahalane, Cornelius Francis, 1875- 
Pollco praotico and procedure. D 241,xiip Jl '14 
rolleo dopt. f Bureau of ptg., N. Y. 14-18384 
Cahusac, Francis H. A. 

What think you of Christ? Is the Christ of 
Iho Catholic church tho Christ o the Gos- 
pels? D KMp *35c '14 Bonzigor 
Calco. Louise 

(tr.) Soo Cervesato, A. Homan campagna 
Cain, John Canned, 1871-, and Thorpe, Jooelyn 

Field. 1872- 

Synthotic dyestuffs and tho intermediate prod- 
ucts from which they aro derived. 2d ed, rev 
O xvlUiJSp U *$5 '13 Lippincott LAU-708] 
Cain, John R. 

Dutormlnalion of carbon in a tool and Iron by 
the barium carbonate titration method. 
(Technologic pti. 33) O X2p pa '14 U. B* 
Stand,; fie Supt of doc. 14-30431 

and Tucker, Frederick H. 
Imtar mi nation of phosphorus In stoftls contain- 
ing vanadium, (Technologic pa 24) HP 
'J8 U. S. Hland., Bo Bupi. of doo, l*~$m& 
CaFn, William, 1847- . 

I^raotlCfU dosignlnK of retaining walls, with 

7th ed^ thoroughly rev (Van wSiteaiWl'* flot^ 
' * - 9 " *" > Atat* baa loo (8) 14 
, , U4f39,5 



Caine, William 

But she meant well. D EOOp *$1 30 '14 Lane 


Irresistible intruder. D 324p *$1.23 (Ja) '14 
Lane 14-2276 

Calrd, James M. 

Bacteria count on gelatin and agar media and 
its value in controlling the operation ot wa- 
ter purification plants. O 29p pa '13 J M. 
Caird, Troy, N. Y. 
Cairnes, D. D. 

Portions of Atlin district, British Columbia; 
with special reference to lode mining. (Geol. 
S. memoir 37) O ix,129p il map pa '13 Can- 
ada. Dept. of mines 

Wheaton district, Yukon territory. (Geol. S. 

memoir 31) O x,153p pis map '12 Canada, 

Dept. of mines GS14-71 

Cairns, Rev. David S., 1862- 

Christianity in the modern world. *50c '14 

^Reasonableness of the Christian faith. D *$l 

'14 "Doran 

Cairns, William B., 1S67- 

Amencan literature for secondary schools D 
xiii,341p il *$1 (S) '14 Macmillan 14-10776 
Cairo, Egypt. See Old Cairo, Egypt 
Cajori, Florian, 1859- 

School arithmetics; primary hook. D vii,28op 
*35c (Je) '14 Macmillan 

Rosswaag, L: A. Allgemeines rezept-buch 
fiir backer und conditoren. 5th ed 50c '13 L: 
A. Rosswaag, 57 2d av., N. Y. 

Sec also Baking 

Cakes and ale. 4th ed Spencer, B: *$1 Duffield 
Calcium carbide 

Cooper-Key, A. Primer on the storage of 

petroleum spirit and carbide of calcium for 

the use of local inspectors and motorists. 

*$1 '14 Lippincott 

Calcott, William Stansfield. See Bird, K. M., jt. 


Calculating machines 

Burroughs adding machine co., Detroit, Mich. 
Instructions for operating Burroughs add- 
ing and listing machines, class one hundred. 
6th ed '14 Burroughs adding machine co., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Felt & Tarrant mfg. co. Applied mechanical 
arithmetic as practised on the comptometer. 
'14 priv ptrl Felt & Tarrant mfg. co., 1717 
N. Paulina st, Chicago 

Walker, J. C. Burroughs business practice 
hand book, pa 50c '13 Burroughs adding ma- 
chine co , Detroit, Mich. 

Sec also Slide rule 
Calculating scale. Knowlos, W. *40c Spon (corr 

Andrews', E. S, and TIeywood, H. B Calculus 

for engineers. *$1.25 '14 Van Nostrand 
Bayliss, R. W. First school calculus. *$1.20 

(*4s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Blalne, R. Q. Calculus and its application. 2d 

ed *$1.50 '14 Van Nostrand 
Caunt, G. W. Introduction to the infinitesi- 
mal calculus. *$3 '14 Oxford 
Crockett, C: W. Calculus notes, differential 

and integral* *$1.50 Allen bk, 
Davis, E. W. Answers to exercises: the cal- 
culus, pa *25c '14 Macmillan 
Godfrey, C:, and Rlddons, A. W. First steps 

in calculus. *45c '14 Putnam 
Graham, J: Elementary treatise on the cal- 
culus for engineering students. 4th ed $1.50 
'14 Spon 

8ce also Algebra; Curves; Differential 
equations; Equations; Functions 
Caldecott, Rev. W. Shaw 
Herod's temple; its New Testament associa- 
tions and its actual structure. D 395p il *$1.75 
(Je) '14 Am. S. S. union 
Calderon, George 
(tr.) Sec Tolstoi, I. Reminiscences of Tolstoy 

Calderon de la Barca, Frances Erskine Inglis, 


Life in Mexico during a residence of two years 
in that country. (Everyman's lib ) S xxxvin, 
542p *35c; lea *70c '13 Dutton A14-11G8 

Caldwell, Francis Cary, 1868- 
Electncal engineering* problems: pt 1, Direct 
current circuits and apparatus; pt 2, Al- 
ternating current circuits and apparatus O 
v,105p fl (Ja) '14 McGraw 14-2315 

Caldwell, Frederick Perry, 1875-. See Hobson, 

J: P , jt. auth. 
Caldwell, Myra E. 
Once upon a time. O 52p il bds *50c (O) '14 

Pilgrim press 
Caldwell, Otis William, 1869-, and Eikenberry, 

William Lewis 

Elements of general science. D xiv,308p il *$l 
'14 Ginn 14-15048 

See Bergen, J. Y.. jt. auth. 
Caldwell, Robert 

Comparative grammar of the Dravidian or 
South-Indian family of languages, 3d ed 
rev and ed by the Rev. J. L. Wyatt, and T. 
Ramakrishna Filial. O xl,C40p *$4 (N) '13 
Dutton [14-19SJ5] 

Caldwell, William, 1863- 

Pragmatism and idealism. O ix,2GSp *?2 (D) 

'13 Macmillan [14-1356] 

Calendar. Dix, L S. pa lOc Irving' S. Dix, 

Shehawken, Pa. 
Calendar of childhood and youth, Forbush, 

W: B. pa 50c Am. inst. of child life 
Calendar of the court minutes etc. of the East 
India company, 1650-1654. Sainsbury, E. B. 
*$4.15 Oxiord 

Impressions calendar, 1015 *50o 'M Kldcr 
Mason, W: E. John the unafraid calendar, bxd 

$1 '13 McClurg 
Philip, A. Reform of the calendar. *$l.fiO '14 

Porter, K, comp. Pollyanna calendar. *$1 '14 


Rogers, C. B., comp. Hourly reminder, loa'tto 
$1.50; mor $3 '13 W. N. Sharpo co., 114 W. 
ICth St., N. Y. 

floe <iUo Almanacs 

Caley, Llewellyn N., and Burk, W. Herbert 
Church handbook for teacher training 1 clnM 

D C12p il *$1 '14 Jacobs 1-1-19083 

Calgary, Alberta, Protestant public school board 

Koport of a Special committee on industrial 

and technical education. O GiJi) 'M l>roU\s- 

tant public school board, Galtfarv* -Alberta. 


Calhoun, George Miller 

Athenian clubs in politias and litigation. (Kul. 
no. 262. Humanistic sor. no. J 1; Q 172|) '13 
Univ. of Texas 14-1(1600 

Calico engraving. Blackwood, W: *$3 Lippin- 

Calico printing 
Blackwood, W: Calico engraving, *$3 'H 


California. Civil service commission 

Kulos and regulations arid c)aHMlfU;atlou of 

poHitlons. S x,n3p *H C'al. (Uvll worvioo com- 

niisHlon, Sacra men I o M-311H2 

California. Commission of immigration and 


Advisory pamphlet on camp sanitation and 
hounluff. O 54p il '14 CommiHHlon of Immi- 
gration find housing of California, Han 
Francisco OjHU-710 

California. District court of appeals 
Reports of cases; C. I*. Pomeroy ami Tl L< 
Gear, torw. v 20-24 O nh on $3 'IM-'U Han- 

California. Industrial accident commission 
Hcimdulo for rating permanent 
under the workincn'H cot-tiponHattoti, 
anco and safety act, chaptoi 1 170 of tlu 
of 1JH3; ffootlvo January I, 1JU. I* Of) I 1,4 
Oal. TndUBtrlal accidont cotnmlHMlott, 



California. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Bank act of the state of California (with com- 
plete index), rev ed O 119p pa gratis '13 
California bankers assn , 11)64 Mills bldg., 
San Francisco 14-38&J 

Boynton workmen's compensation, insurance 
and safety act, chapter 176 of the laws of 
1913; effective January 1, 1914. O 46p '13 
California. Industrial accident commission, 
Sacramento 13-33347 

California county free librarv law and circu- 
lar of information for applicants for certifi- 
cates of qualification to hold the office of 
county librarian in California 3d ed T 26p 
'14 Cal. State library, Sacramento 14-31123 

California laws relating to orphans and their 
support. T 25p '14 Cal. State board of con- 
trol, Saciamento 14-31067 

Calif 01 ma red book; Hillyer's legal manual, 
1SI14, by Curtis Hillycr. O ix,1587p il maps 
buck $6.50 '14 Bancioft 14-7510 

California session laws. 1852. 1S53. ea *$15 

California statutes 1913. $525 '13 Bancroft 

Combined 11)13 supplement to Kerr's Califor- 
nia cyclopedic codes, sh or buck $12.50 '14 

Combined 1913 .supplement to- Kerr's Califor- 
nia pocket codes, sh, buck or lea $6 '14 

Consolidated supplement to the codes and 
genoial laws of 1909, showing the changes 
aUecting the codes and the general laws 
for the years 1911 and 1913, together with 
the citations contained in volumes 154 to 
Ifi4 of the California Supreme court re- 
ports and In volumes S to 19 of the Cali- 
fornia Appellate reports, by James H. Deer- 
ing. D 2612p sh or buck $6 '13 Bancroft 


Direct piimary law with the official forms 
prepared by the secretary of state and the 
attorney general. O 104p tables '14 Califor- 
nia. Sec. of state, Sacramento 14-31158 

General election lawn, with official forms tor 
direct primaries, prepared by the secretary 
of state and the attorney geneial. O 274p 
forma '14 California. Sec. of state, Sacra- 
mento 14-31149 

General health laws. T 96p '14 California. 
Stato bd. of health, Sacramento 14-31228 

Gcrienil laws of California, a amended and 
In force at the close of the fortieth session 
of the Loffislature, 1913; annotated by W. 
F. Honninff. 2(1 cd, by James H. Deering, 
Q xxIv,2H7Bp *$12.50 'l-l Hondo r- Moss 


Insurance lawn of California; comp. by E. C. 
Cooper. O 2G7p '14 California. Insurance 
<l<jpt M - Sacramento 14-31200 

Labor laww of California; comp. by J: P. 
Melfaughlin, commissioner . D 2Jli> '13 Cal. 
Bureau of labor statistics, Sacramento 


Mbrary laws of tlio state of California. TM 
lUia'T 122p '13 Oal. State library, Sacra- 
mento M-IUiaa 

Lunacy law of tho Hlato of California, 101 a. () 
47n '13 Tf. W. llicliardpon, supt of stoic \iig., 
Sacramento 34-7176 

Mining laws, United States and California. 
(Bui. GO) O 8i)p pa '11 Oal. Stato mining 1m. 

14 -In 051) 

rovsns of tlio political coflft 
pilots and t)llot roKiilaliona for tho ports of 
Han Fraxiftlsoo, Marc Inland, Vallejo, IVirL 
CoHta, and 1 ionic-la, together with tho by- 
UiWfl of the Pilot oommlsMlonerB, T 3 IP 'J2 
Cal. Bd. of pilot eommiwiumorfl, Sacramento 

Public utilities act of tho state o California 
and acta of legislation of 1013, affecting 
public utilities, O vi,76p 13 F. W. Rlchard- 
Bon, aiipt. of stato ptg,, Sacramento, .Oal. 

Owl 3 -8 12 

School law of California; extract from tho 
cofwtttution relating to education; extracts 
fro&n th* political and penal codes; acts of 
tho J^glwlature relating to aohoolw: laws 
relating to the atata noraal and polytechnic 
ohoolti; llt of educational oftfeersj pub. 

for the use of public schools. O 312p '13 
California Dept. of public instruction, 
Sacramento E13-1337 

Workmen's compensation laws of the state of 
California. O 7Dp pa 15 c '14 Workmen's com- 
pensation publicity bureau 14-8612 
California. Public instruction, Dept. of 
Arbor day in California O '14 California. Dept 
of public instruction, Sacramento 14-31131 
Conservation of natural resources. 2d ed O 
Hip il '13 California. Dept. of public in- 
struction, Sacramento 14-31157 
Public playground, an interesting development 
in education. O 16p il '12 Cal Dept of pub- 
lic instruction, Sacramento 13-33007 
School architecture in California. O 64p il '14 
California. Dept. of public instruction, Sac- 
ramento E14-760 
California. Railroad commission 
Report Irom June 30, 1912 to June 30, 1913. O 
2005p '13 California. Railroad commission, 

Rules of procedure governing formal proceed- 
ings before the Railroad commission of Cali- 
fornia, rev. October 1, 1913. O 23p '13 Cal. 
Railroad commission, Sacramento 14-1835 
Uniform classification of accounts for tele- 
phone companies prescribed by the Railroad 
commission of the state of California; 
adopted October 2, 1913; effective January 
1, 1914. O 75p '13 California, Railroad com- 
mission, Saciamento 14-31002 
California. State board of forestry 
Handbook of forest protection; forest laws; 
protection of ornamental and shade trees; 
Angeles forest, synopsis oi game laws; list 
of firewardens, 1913; instructions to fire light- 
ers. S 54p il '13 Cal. State bd. of forestry, 
Sacramento 14-31003 
California. State commission of horticulture 
Calilorma citrus culture, by A. J. Cook. O 
121 p il '13 Cal. State commission of horti- 
culture, Sacramento Agrl4-229 
California, State compensation Insurance fund 
Manual of compensation insurance, rules and 
rates for California;, effective January, 1914. 
T) xix.ll^p '13 Cal. State compensation in- 
surance tund, Sacramento 14-31021 
California. State normal school, San Francisco 
Outlines of general knowledge and current in- 
telligences representing tho dcsirud prepara- 
tion of students in high schools who intend to 
enter tho State normal school at San Fran- 
cisco to bo trained aw teachers for service 
in the public school system. (Monograph 
jsor. li) O 82p 'J4 Stato normal school 


California. Supreme court 
Reports, C. P. Pomoroy, rep. V 1G5-1C7 O sh 

ea $3 '14 Bancroft 
Sanchez, N V. Spanish and Indian place 

naniOH of California. *$2 '14 Robertson 
Saumlors, 0: JW. With th flowers and trees In 
California. *$2.BO 'J4 MeBrldo, Nast & eo. 


Goodwin, C: C. As I remember them. $1.40; 

hf lea $3.50 '13 J. T. Goodwin, Commercial 

club, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Suns of tlio American revolution. California 

soo. AddrPHHea. 2v oa pa fiOc '09-' J 3 T. A. 

1'orkins, JMllla bltlff., Hun Frnnolsco 

Description and travel 

Austin, M, California. *$4 '14 Macmillan 
Beasley, T: D. Tramp through tho Rrot Hajrte 

country. *$1.25 '14 Elder 
Dumbcll, K, Id, M. California and the far 

West *75c '14 Pott 
FIromnn'8 fund insurance co. Automobile tour 

book of California, gratia '14 Fireman'* fund 

Insurance co., San Franciaco 
Goodrich, B, P., co, Goodrich routo book. 

California tours, bda ffratls '14 O-oodricft 
Hltf#ln, C: A. To California ov<tr th Santa 

tfS trail. '14 Atflhiaon, Topeka and Santa 2fi 

railway tw*; Ohlwtgo 



California Description and travel Continued. 
James, G: W. California, romantic and beauti- 
ful. *$3.50; % mor *$7 '14 Page 
Locke, H. Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix 

route map. Too J 14 Harry Locke, 652 S. Olive 

st., Los Angeles, Gal. 
Markham, E. California, the wonderful. 

*$2.50; % mor *$6 '14 Hearst's int. lib. 
Peixotto, B-. C. Romantic California. *$2.50 

'14 Scribner 
Southern Pacific co. California and Pacific 

coast for the tourist. '14 Southern Pacific 

co., San Francisco, Cal. 
Wood, R. K. Tourist's California. >r $1.25 '14 


Economic conditions 

California. Public instruction,, Dept. of, Sacra- 
mento. Conservation of natural resources. 
2d ed '13 


Atherton, G. P. California : an intimate history. 
*$2 '14 Harper 

Davis, J: F. California, romantic and re- 
sourceful, bds $1.25 '14 Eobertson 

Dellenbaugh, F: S: FrSmont and '49. *$4.50 '14 

Palou, F. Francisco Palou's life and apostol- 
ic labors of the Venerable Father Junlpero 
Serra. *$10 '13 G: W. James, 1098 N. Ray- 
mond av., Pasadena, Cal. 


Field, M. A. Chimes of mission bells; an his- 
torical sketch of California and her mis- 
sions, pa $1.25 '14 Philopoiis press 

Politics and government 

Goodwin, C. Establishment of state govern- 
ment in California, 1846-1850. *$2 '14 Mac- 

Hichborn, F. Story of the session of the 

California, Legislature of 1913. $1.50 '13 Bar- 
ry, J. H. 
Party platforms as adopted by the political 

parties of California, Sept. 15, 1914. pa lOc 

'14 Inlet subscription agency, 2615 J st., 

Sacramento, Cal. 
Sutton, J: R: Civil government in California. 

*$1 '14 Am. bk. 
California for the settlor. Wells, A. J. Southern 

Pacific co., San Francisco 
California gardens. Murmann, B. O. W. ?2 E. O, 

Hurmann, 644 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 

California, nature's paradise. Clcmans, B, J. pa 

35c Bertha J. Clemans, 135 S. Sichol St., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
California poems, Souvenir of. Meohan. M. J, pa 

25c Mrs. M. J. Meehan, 4535 California st., 

San Francisco 

California red book. Hillyer, C. buck $0,50 Ban- 
California, romantic and rosiourcoful. Davis, 

J: F. bds $L25 Robertson 
California. University 
Control of poverty. (Syllabus ser.) 75c (S) 

'13 Univ. of Cal. 
Hydraulic tables. (Syllabus ser.) 25c '13 

Univ. of Cal. 
Labor organizations in Groat Britain and 

the United States. (Syllabus ser.) 60c (F) 

'14 Univ. of Cal. 
Laboratory directions in physiology. (Syllabus 

ser.) $1 (Ja) '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Problems in commercial law, August, 1013. 

(Syllabus ser. no, 40) 50c '13 Univ. of Cal. 
Problems in commercial law, January, 1914. 

(Syllabus ser. no. 44) 25 c (Ja) 14 Univ. of 

Studies in the cost of living. (Syllabus ser.) 

85c (Ja) '14 Univ. of Cal. 
Callsch, Edward Nathaniel, 1865- 
Methods of teaching biblical history in Junior 

and senior grades. 2v v 1 D 247p *$1,25 

(My) '14 Jewish Chautauaua soc. 
Calisthenics. See Gymnastics 
Calkins, Gary Nathan, 1869- 
Biology. O vili,241p il *$1.76 '14 Holt 14-18059 

Calkins, Harvey Reeves 

Man and his money. D 367p f $l '14 Meth. bk. 


Calkins, Mary Whiton, 1863- 
First book in psychology. 4th rev ed D xxi, 
428p il diags *$1.60 (S) '14 Macmillan 


Calkins, Raymond, 1869- 
Let not your heart be troubled. (Envelope 

ser.) D 31p pa *25c '14 Pilgrim press 
Call, Annie Payson, 1853- 
Every day living. D 214p *$1.25 '11 Little 


How to live quietly. D vii,16Sp *$1 (S) '14 
Little 14-16791 

Man of the world. S 61p *50c '05 Little 


Call, Arthur Deerln, 1869- 
Doom of -war. O 24p 5c '14 Am. peace soc. 


Some recent developments of the organized 
peace movement in America. Sp per 100, $1 
Am. peace soc. 
Call, William Timothy 

Boy's book on logic: a, talk, not a treatise. 

S 97p 50c '14 Call, W: T. 14-2361 

Plea for Shakespeare and Whitman; some 

findings for persons who like to do their 

own thinking. S 62p bds 50c '14 Call, W: T. 


Call of China and the Islands. United brethren 
in Christ, 25c; pa 15c United Brethren, For- 
eign missionary soc., Dayton, O. 
Call of the Cumberlands. Buck, C: N. 75c Grosset 
Call of the East. Fraser, T. *$1.25 Hevoll 
Call of the Lord. Drake, F. W. *SOc (*2s 6d) 


Call of the North. White, S. P3: 75c GrosHot 
Call of the stars. Kippax, J: 11. *$2.GO Putnam 
Call to arms, Englishman's, pa *10c Mncmillan 
Caliaghan & co.'s editorial staff 
Cumulative quarterly supplement to Michigan 
digest. F subs pa $5 per your 'H Gallaghan 
Michigan digest; 2d permanent compilation, 
supplementing Ualla&han'H 3912 dig-owl. May, 
1912 to June, 1SU4. Q 4Mp $1 '14 ("ullaghan 


Callahan, James Morton, 386-1- 
Semi-centennial history of West Virginia; with 
special articles on development and re- 
sources. ix,594p il $1.75 'H Stuart F. Rood, 
sec. of state, Charleston, W. Va. 14-4006 
Callender, Romaine 

Teacher's manual: a work UoHlffnod to mipplo- 

ment and explain the use of the musical ox- 

amplow found In Tim lirnt Um w<'<'kH at th<i 

piano. D 6Jp il GOe '13 Finchcr, C, M-24fiS8 

Callison, John James, 1855- 

Bill Jones of Paradise Valley, Oklahoma? his 

life and adventures for over forty years in 

the groat Southwest. D 328p il front $1.50 

(O; '14 Donohue 14-15754 

Calorimeters and calorlmetry 
Dickinson, IT. 0. Combustion onlorlmotry and 
the heals of combustion of cnrio miuar, 
benzoi c acid, and iiaphlhalcmo. pa '14 IT. H. 
Stand.; 15c Supt. of doc. 
Waidnor, C: W:, and JVluollor, Jfl, If. InUustrlal 
gas calorlmotry. pa '14 IT. H, HtanU.; 40o, 
Wupt. of doc. 

Calthrop, Dion Clayton, 1875- 
Olay mid rainbows; a novel; with a front. b A 
Alfred James Dowoy. D viil,312p *$1,25 cs' 
'24 Stokos 14-1636! 

Calthrop, M. M. C* 

Crusades. (People's books) S *20c 'U 
Cal vert, Bruce T. 
Story of a silk mill. O 28r> il '14 
y, N, Y. 



& co., 902 Broadway, 
Calvert, William R. 

Preliminary report on tho utilization of po- 
troleum una natural gas in Wyoming; with a 
discussion of the suitability of natural #a 
for making gasoline, by George A. Burroll, 
(Technlc&i pa. 57; petroleum technology 
13) 23p '13 U, S. 3siinow; 60 Supt. of floe, 



Calvert, William R., and others 

Geology of the Standing 1 Rock and Cheyenne 
River Indian reservations, North and South 
Dakota. (Bui. 6751 O 49p il pa '14 U. S. Geol. 
S., 15c Supt. of doc. GS14-427 

Calves. See Cows 
Calvet, Arthur 
Man after God's own heart, the life of Father 

Paul Ginhac. $2.50 '14 Benziger 

Ortmann, A E: New species of Cambarus 
from the Isle of pines. 15c Carnegie museum 
Cambria steel company 

Cambria steel; a handbook of information re- 
lating to structural steel manufactured by 
the Cambria steel co; -prepared and comp. 
by G: B. Thackray. llth ed S 10p,513p il 
$1.25 '14 Cambria steel co., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cambrian geology and paleontology See Wal- 

cott, C: I). 
'Cambridge, England 

Keesey, W. M. Cambridge: 24 sketches. *50c 
'13 Macmillan 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Eliot, S: A. History of Cambridge, Massachu- 
setts (1630-1913). $6; hf lea ?8; $10 '13 J. 
W. Denehy & co., 6 Beacon St., Boston 
Cambridge Bible for schools series. Putnam 
Bible () T .Icri'iiilnh Bi.ok of the Pioplict Jeremiah to- 

HPlluT \\i\l\ Lnnicnlutloiis *$1 

Cambridge British flora. Moss, C. E. lOv v 2 
*$12.50 Macmillan 

Cambridge county geographies, *-10c Putnam 
Tlasellmrfit, 8 11. Northumberland 
M< rrlfl, A. MorlonethHlilro 
fljnuwon, M M. Llncolnslilro 

Cambridge elementary classics. Putnam 

Snlnmla *4f!c 

Cambridge handbooks of liturgical study, Put- 


SiMulcY, J. IT. ICarlv history of the lilnrjnr *$2 
Thompson, T. Offices of liaptiRm and confirmation. *$1.25 

Cambridge history of English literature, cd. by 
A. W. Wan! an<l A. U. Wall or. 14 v and 2 
upp v v 10-11 C) xiii.Glfl, x,572p mi *$2 50 
'13-' 14 Putnam 

V II), The UKO of jdlniHon; v Jl, The iiorlocl of llio 
French involution 

Cambridge manuals of science and literature. 
MOc, lambHkin *ifL L'utnam 

AlKlvWOII, J. J). i'eOplCfl Of IlttUlL 

('imlrlll, T. C. ( 1 oal milling 

niiUn, W: ,7- rwirlH 

Koilwuo, J: W: MUItnry litoltiry 

llono, W: II: N, Grammar or KiitfllHli Uoraltlrv 

Lo.vlancl, J ; Itoynl navy 

1 'rector, U: Jt, Making of loulltor. 

HiiHHdl, M: J. BYrllltly of tlio anil 

UtiHtwll, H, J: H. IHcn 

Hnmpflon, K. A, Sun 

Thuraflclcl, J. U: Nuval warfare 

Cambridge modern Gorman scries. Putnam 
Hllmte, J. IHo fninlllo JJuoUtioK *7Ho 

Cambridge naturo study sorioti; cd. by Uuffh 

Ulcharclnon. Putnam 
lrowor, H. L, Woods, *4Ro 

Cambridge physical florios. Putnam 

('innuIic'Ll, N. H. Modern olowtric-al theory. *$2.7fl 
rarwtlrte, J. W, Smind. *?1.<0 

Cambridge primorw of pronunciation, Ptttnam 
(Ittuil, W; J'ronunolatlon of WiilJU In Hflotliuxcl. H $l,10 

Cambridge public health orios. Vutnain 
Cmhaiu-smlih, 0: H. KlUw In rcMallon to dluofltw. ^$.1,CO 
I'ai'HcuiH, U, F. JholuLlou liONPlLlUtf. .7fi 

Cambridge university 

liana, F: H: University drama in the Tudor 
ago. *$4.75 14 Oxford 

Cambridge, University. St. John's college. 


Descriptive catalogue of tho manuscripts in the 

library of St, John'e college, Cambridge, by 

Montague Rhodes Jaraoa. Q xviii f S89t> *S4 

IS Bitnam , lf-a9?e 

Camden, N. J. Board of trade 

fleport on the municipal olexjtrio lltfhttor plant 

for the otty 01 Oamaen by the Municipal 

lighting committee. 4p pa lOc '14 Municipal 
ownership pub. 

Report, opposing 1 construction of municipal 
light plant for Camden, N. J. 4p lOc f !3 
Municipal ownership pub. 
Camden county, Georgia 
Vocelle, J T: Histoiy of Camden county, 
Georgia pa $1 '14 J. T. Vocelle, Saint 
Marys, Ga. 
Camden co., N, J. 
Farm journal farm directory of Camden 

county, New Jersey, bds $4 '13 Atkinson 
Cameos. Wilcox, E. flex sh 75c; pa 50c Conkey 
Camera actress in the wilds of Togoland. 

Gehrts, M. *$3 Lippincott 
Camera fiend. Hornung, E. W: 75c Grosset 
Cameron, Alexander Thomas 
Radium and radioactivity. (Romance of sci- 
ence) D 7-184p il $1 '12 Gorham 14-2798 
Camm, Bede, 1864- 

(ed.) Lives of the English martyrs, declared 
blessed by Pope Leo XIII in 188 G and 1895. 
1st ser 2v D lxi,548; xli,693p ea *$2.50 (*7s 
Gd) (Ap) '14 Longmans 

Contents, v 1, Martyrs under Henry VIII, 1535-1545: 
v 2, Mnrtyrs under Queen Elizabeth, 1570-1583 
Cam mack, Mrs. Key 
Spartan primer; il. by Grace G. Drayton. 

Q il 75c '13 Duffield 
Cammidge, Percy John 

Peaces of children and adults; their examina- 
tion and diagnostic significance; with indica- 
tions for treatment. O 524p il *$5 (Je) '14 

Camp, Walter Chauncey, 1859- 
Auction up-to-date, including nullos; systems 
for the practical player. S 89p *50c '14 
Platt & Peck 

Captain Danny. D 302p il *$1,35 (S) 'H Apple- 
ton 14-16209 
Camp fire girls 

Book of tlie Camp firo girls. 4th rev ed D 82p 

il plates 25c '14 National headquarters, New 

York 14-12136 

Vacation book of the Camp fire girls. D 64p 

U 25c '14 Camp fire girls of Am 14-12137 

Camp fire girls across the soa. Vandercook, M. 

O. 35c Winston 

Camp fiio Rirls at Pine-tree camp. Sanderson, 
M. J,. *75c RoiUy & B, 

Camp lire girls in the outside world, Vander- 
cook, M. O. 35c Winston 

Cam pf I re girls series, SLowart, J. L. 6v ea 25c; 
il od 50c Saaliiold 

Camp-flre stories of the Mississippi Valley cam- 
paign. Bnnkston, M. L. B. $1 Graham co. 

Camp-meeting sermons; sermons preached at 
the general annual camp -meeting of the 
Church of God, held at Anderson, Indiana, 
Juno 6-16, 1013, D 404p $1 '13 Gospel trum- 
pet co. 13-19691 

Campaign around Lingo. Courtney, W: L., and 

$t Kennedy, J. M. *GOc Doran 

Campaign funds 
Philadelphia. Public works, Dept, of. Political 

assessment of olflco holders. '13 
U. S. Congress. House. Committee on election 
of President, vicse-pi'Qsldent, and representa- 
tives in Congress, Contributions for political 
purpose*. 5c '14 Supt. of doc. 

Campaign literature, 1914 
Democratic congressional committee, 1913- 
1918. Democratic text-book, 1914* '14 Na- 
tional com., J, 111 Da via, sec,, Madison, Wls. 

Campaign of Sedan. See Hooper, G: 

Campaigning with Braddook. Grayflon, W: M. 

Campan, Jeanne Louise Henrietta Gen eat, 1762- 
1822 ' 

u, V. M. Celebrated Madame 

U4 l-ippjjieott 
Campbell, C. Maofle 

Fooal *ympt(^mi^fcn ar*n6yia a*aJ[yl X) 
pa *fl$f 'ii SUChert , 


Campbell, Daisy Rhodes 

Fiddling girl, the story of Virginia Hammond; 
11. by J: Goss. D 304p *$1.25 '14 Page 14-6193 

Campbell, Delwin Morton, 1880- 
(ed.) Colics and their treatment (Veterinary 
medicine ser., no. 3) D ll-137p $1.25 (My) '14 
Am. journal of veterinary medicine 14-10302 

Campbell, Douglas, 1873- 

Law of stockbrokers, with reference to trans- 
actions for customers on the New York 
stock exchange. O xvi,114p buck $1.50 (F) '14 
Baker, Voorhis 14-3124 

Campbell, Douglas Houghton, 1859-, and Wil- 
liams, Florence 

Morphological study of some members of the 
genus pallavicinia, (Univ. ser.) Q 44p il pa 
50c '14 Leland Stanford junior univ. 14-14291 

Campbell, Gabnelle Margaret Vere. See Bowen, 
M., pseud. 

Campbell, George Johnston, 1872- 
(comp ) Rules for practice and procedure in 
all the federal courts for the Western dis- 
trict of Pennsylvania. O 7S7p pors buck or 
sh $6 (Je) '14 Smith bros 1 . CO., 407 Grant 
st, Pittsburgh, Pa. 14-13014 

Campbell, H. W., & co., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Puzzle solver's guide and handbook, for the 
use of persons taking part in booklovers', 
proverb, street, play, song, and similar 
puzzle picture contests, or in counting and 
adding contests. O 82p pa $1 (Ja) '14 H. W. 
Campbell & co., box 110, Mount Vernon, N. 
Y, 14-2038 

Campbell, L. G. 

(ed.) See Livy 

Campbell, Marius Robison, 1858- 

Origin of the scenic features of the Glacier 

national park. 42p il map diags pa 15c 

'14 Supt. of doc. 14-30652 

Clapp, Frederick Gardner, 1879- ; and Butts, 

Charles, 1863- 

Barnesboro-Patton folio, Pennsylvania. (Goo- 
logic atlas of the United States no. ISO) P 
13p maps diags pa 25c '13 U. S. Geol. S 


Campbell, Norman Robert 
Modern electrical theory. (Cambridge physi- 
cal ser.) 2d ed O xii,400p *$2.75 '14 Putnam 
Campbell, Oscar James, Jr. 
Comedies of Holberg. (Harvard studies in 
comparative literature, v. 3) O ix,363p *$2.50 
'14 Harvard univ press 14-4130 

XflbUoBrapliy p 323-333 

(tr.) See Holborg, L, Comedies 
Campbell, Roy L. 

Turtle mountain forest reserve. (Forestry 
branch, bul. 32) O 20p il map '32 1 Canada. 
Dept. of the interior, Ottawa Agrrl3-1904 
Campbell, Rev. Thomas Joseph, 1848- 
Isaac Jogues, discoverer of Lake George. 
55p 9 il 40c; lea 75c; lea'tte 25c America 
Only true American school system. O 24p pa 

5c '34 America press 
Campbell, W. B. 

Hand-book of modern treatment and medical 
formulary; a condensed and comprehensive 
manual of practical formulas and general 
remedial measures. 4th rev ed xi,483p $2.50 
'14 Davis 14-H207 

Campbell, W. Hume 

Lessons on the Christian's responsibilities and 
means of grace. *50c (""Is 6d) (Ag) '14 

Campbell, Wilfred, 1861- 
Beauly, history, romance and mystery of tho 
Canadian lake region; new and enl. ed. O 
2l5p il $1.50 (My) '14 Musson bk. 
(comp.) Oxford pook of Canadian verse. O 
xii,344p *$2; mor *$3.50 '14 Oxford 14-30423 
Campbell, Wilson .Lee. Soo Smith, A, B,, Jt. auth. 
Camper's own book. Bryan, G: S., ed. *?1 

Sully & Kleinteich 
Camplgllo, Madonna dl. "Lawrence, F. R. priv 

ptil Do Vinne press 

Cam pine history. Oatoa, R A. pa 75c Campine 
herald, Franklinvlllo, N. Y. 

Cam pines silver and golden, pa 75c Reliable 

poultry journal pub. 
Bates, F. A. Camping and camp cooking. *75c 

'14 Ball pub. 
Beard, D C Shelters, shacks, and shanties. 

"$1.25 '14 Scnbner 
Bryan, G: S., ed Camper's own book. *$1 

'14 Sully & Kleinteich 

Buzzacott, F. H: Buzzacott' s masterpiece; or, 
The complete hunters', trappers' and camp- 
ers' library of valuable information. $1.75 
'13 F. H. Buzzacott, 501 Oakwood blvd., 

California. Commission of immigration and 
housing, San Francisco. Advisory pamphlet 
on camp sanitation and housing. '14 
Carpenter, W. S. Winter camping. *70c '13 

Outing pub. 
Ca-ve, B: Boy's camp book. *50c 'H Double- 

Hmckley, G: W. Roughing it with boys. *75c 

'13 Assn. press 
Knowles, J. Alone in the wilderness. *$1.20 

'13 Small 

Stone, J: H. Caravanning and camping-out. 
*$3.75 '14 McBride, Nast & co. 

See also Outdoor lifo 
Camping along the Master's trail. Barrett, J: 

P. 50c Christian pub. assn., Daytun, O. 
Camping in Crete. Trevor- Bat tye, A. B. R. *$4 

imp Scribner 

Campion, Rev. Edmund, 1540-1581 
Ten reasons proposed to his adversaries for 
disputation in the name of the faith, and 
presented to the illustrious members of our 
universities. (Catholic lib.) D 8p, 145p *30c 
'14 Herder 
Campsle's vest-pocket estimate book, 4th ed 

S 27p, 106p $1 '14 Inland ptr. 
Camsell, Charles, 187G- 

Geology, and mineral deposits of Uio Tulamoon 

district, B. C. (Memoir 2) O vlll.lSRp 2.'} 

pis 4 maps '13 Canada. Oool. S. OW1IMOI2 

Can we still be Christians? Kucken, R. C. *$1.25 

Canada. Colonization, mines and fisheries, Dept. 

of. Mines branch 

Report on mining operations in tho province 
of Quebec during the year 1913. O 163p M4 
Canada. Dept. of colonization, mines and 
fisheries, Ottawa 

Canada. Commission of conservation 
- Canadian oyster, its development, environ- 
ment and culture. O 1BI!p 7 plrt map '115 ( 1 au- 
nda. Commission of conservation, Ottawa 

Conservation of .coal in Canada, with notes 
on tho principal coal minofl, by W. J. Dick. 
Q xJi,212p il maps $1 '14 Canada. OommlH- 
sion of conservation, Toronto OH 1 4-553 

Long Rault rapids, St. Lawrence River, an 
enauiry into the constitutional and other 
aspects of the project to develop powor 
therefrom. 384p il '13 Canada. Commis- 
sion of conservation, Ottawa GS13-801 

Report of the fourth annual moating 1 , January, 
1013. Q 238p il '13 Canada. Commission of 
conservation, Ottawa 
Canada. Interior, Dept. of 

Handbook for the Information of intending 
settlors, 2d ed 26p '13 Dept. of tho in- 
terior, Ottawa, Can, 14-17808 

Canada. Labour, Dept, of 

Report on labour organization in Canada, 1013. 
O 191p pa '14 Canada. Dept. of labour, 

Eeport on strikes and lockouts In Canada 
from 1901 to 1912. O 279p il pa '13 Canada. 
Dept of labour, Ottawa 14-3094 

Canada. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Canadian law of banks and banking, the clear- 
ing house, currency and Dominion no ten, 
bills, notes, cheques and other nearotlablo 
Instrument*), by J: Dolatre Palconbrldtfd, M 
od; Branch managers and tho change* In 
the Bank act, by H. M. P. ftokardt O 
lxviii,857p $8.50 '13 Canada law bk. 18*24367 


Canada. Laws, statutes, etc. Continued. 
Commentary on the Canadian law of simple 
contracts, with additional chapters on the 
rules governing Canadian appeals to the ju- 
dicial committee of the privy council and the 
Supieme court of Canada, by TV. Wyatt 
Paine. O 50Sp hf cf $8 (Mr) '14 Carswell 


Bligh, H. H., comp. Statutory annotations to 
the revised statutes of Canada, 1906 and 
other Canadian statutes, 2d ed pa $2.50 '14 
Carswell co. 

Gorman, M. J. County court manual (Can- 
ada;. 3d ed hf cf $5 '14 Carswell co. 
Canada. Mines, Dept. of. Geological survey 

Exclusions in eastern Quebec and the Mari- 
time provinces, pts 1 & 2. (Geol. S. guide 
book no. 1) O 11-207; 215-407p il maps pa 
'13-'14 Canada. Dept. of mines 

Excursions in northern British Columbia and 
Yukon territory and along the North Pacific 
coast (Geol. S. guide book no. 10) O 6-179p 
il map pa '13 Canada. Dept. of mines 

Excursions in southwestern Ontario. (Geol. 
S. guide book no. 4) O 8-142p II maps pa '13 
Canada. Dept. of mines 

Excursions in. the eastern townships of Que- 
bec and the eastern part of Ontario. (Geol. 
S. guide book no. 2 ) O 5-142p il maps pa 
'13 Canada. Dept. of mines 

Excursions in the neighborhood of Montreal 
and Ottawa. (Geol. S. guide book no. 3) O 
6-162p il map pa '13 Canada. Dept. of mines 

Excursions in the western peninsula of On- 
tario and Manltoulm island. (Geol. S. guide 
book no. 5) O 6-108p il maps pa '13 Canada. 
Dept. of mines 

Srmmnry report of the Geological survey, 
Do'KiririKMiL of mines, for the calendar year 
Li'll'. (S Cicortit; V. Sessional pa. no. 26) O ix, 
rrip il 'M c'jnuulsi. Dept. of mines 

Toronto to Victoria and return via Canadian 
Pacific and Canadian northern railways. 
(Geol. H. Vor/k no. 8) 3 pts O 13-101; 
111-274; _vi-:;-;p -.1 maps pa '13 Canada. 
Dept. of mines 

Toronto to Victoria and return via Canadian 
Pacific, Grand Trunk pacific ancl National 
Transcontinental railways. (Geol. S. guide 
book no. 9) O 11-1 G4p il maps pa '13 Canada. 
Dept. of mines 

Victoria memorial mupfMim; bulletin no. 1. O 
200p il pa (O) 'HI t':iii:i(l:i. Dept. of mines, 
Canada. Mines, Dept. of. Mines branch 

Annual rororl of the mineral production of 
:,!!, <i;., |;I!-:IILA 1911 and 1912. 2v O 316; 
:saiij> j>!L '1 u-'ii Canada. Dept, of mines 

Woonomic minerals and mining: Industries of 
Canada. O 77p il pa '13 Canada. Dept. of 

Production, of coal ana coUo in Canada, 1912. 
O 40p pa '14 Canada. Dept. of mines 

Production of Iron and steel In Canada, 1912. 
O 39p pa '14 Canada* Dept of mines 

Report on the building and ornamental stones 
of Canada, v 2, Maritime provinces. O 2G4p 
il pa '14 Canada. Dept. of mines 
Canada. Minister of public works 

Hoport on tho worUs under his control for 
tho fiscal year enclod March 81, 1913; sub- 
mit tod in accordance with tho provtakniH of 
chapter 30, section 34, of the revised stat- 
iilo of Canada.. (IV George V, Sessional 
pa. no. 10 A) O maps pa 50c '13 Minister of 
public works, Ottawa, Can. 
Canada, National transcontinental railway In- 
vestigating commission 

Export, (Parliament. Sessional paper no. 123 
A,) 2v O 11 '14 Canada. Commissioners of 
tho iraiiHrontliiontiil railway, Ottawa 


Canada. Registrar of boards of conciliation and 
Investigation * 

. Hixlh report; of tho prooociin.g under ihs in- 
duHl.nal cliHputM investigation act, 1907; be- 
ing for Urn ilHcal year ending March 31, 1913. 
(Sessional pa. no. 86a) 20tp '13 Canada, 
Dopt of labour, Ottawa 

Canada. Royal commission on industrial train- 

ing and technical education 

Report. (3 George V. Sessional paper no 191d) 

4 pts O xiv, 437, XX1U43-1101, xxiv.lOll-IGM; 

xxv,1839-235ip '13- f 14 Canada. Dept. of la- 

bour, Ottawa 14-12(129 

Canada. Royal commission on the Farmer's 

bank of Canada 

Proceedings. (Parliament. Sessional pa no. 

153a) O 717p '13 Canada. Royal commis- 

sion on the Farmers' bank of Canada 

Ottawa 14-3093 

Canada. Secretary of state, Department of 

Company capitalization control: report upon 

existing legislation in Canada and elsewhere 

Q cvi,518p '13 Canada. Sec. of state, Ottawa 

Fairford, F. Canada. *20c '14 Dodge 


Ontario. T**'lpt*ve library. Toronto Cata- 
logue ;' o >KS in the !.i-ii:-. ,r!.-o : : -;i-\ on 
Nov. 1, 1912. '13 


Canada-West Indies conference, Ottawa 

1912. Proceedings. '13 Canada. Dept. of 

trade and commerce, Ottawa 
Hicks, D. Progress of Canada in dingram. 

50c '13 pnv ptd Coggeshall & Ilicks, 128 

Broadway, N. T. 
Robinson, A. G. Commerce and industries of 

Canada and Newfoundland, pa '13 U. S. For. 

& dom. comm., 10c Supt of doc. 

Constitutional history 

Ross, G: W: Senate of Canada. $1.50 '14 Copp, 
Clark co. 

Description and travel 

Burpee, L. J. Among the Canadian Alps. *$3 

'14 Lane 
Campbell, W. Bea"t", M^to^y, romance and 

mystery of the C,.:i,..iin l.i.v..- region. $1.50 

'14 Musson bk. 
Canadian Pacific railway co. Eastern provinces 

of Canada. '13 Canadian Tsuife r.-n \vi; co., 

Dept of natural rcsour < . VOMI-UI 
Dunravon, W. T: W. Q. ("..'.riiM'.'! iiiu us. *$2 

'14 Scribncr 
Goodrich, B. F., co. Goodrich route book. Can- 

adian tours, bds gratis '13 Goodrich 
Sclous, if: C. Uocent hunting trips in British 

North America. Popular ed *$2 '14 imp 


Economic conditions 

Mycrrf, G. History of Canadian wealth. 2v 

v 1 $1,50 '14 Kerr 
HobinHon, A. G. Commerce and industries of 

Canada and Newfoundland, pa lOc '13 Supt. 

of doc. 


Rw Public schools Canada 
Emigration and Immigration 

ii, S. C. History of emigration from the 
M Kingdom to North America, 1763- 
1H12. : $2 '14 Dutton 


Bryco, O: Short hlfltory of tho Canadian poo- 

plo. *$3 '14 imp Bcrlunor 
Chapais, T: Lo marquis de Montcalm, pa $1.50 

'12 J. P. Garneau, Quebec 
WronKr : M, Ffill of Canada, *$2.90 'U Ox- 


Wrong O: M., ana Waliaco, W. S., eds. He- 
view of hlHtorlaal publications rolatlx^; to 
Canada* $1.60 '13 Univ. oC Toronto 


Canadian roporte appeal casea, ISli. v 
*& $7,50 National law bk, 

, cf 


Canada Continued. 

Politics and government 

Lefroy, A: H: F. Canada's federal system. 

hf cf $10 '13 Carswell co. 
Tupper, C: Recollections of sixty years. *$5 

'14 Funk 

Public lands 

Canada. Interior, Dept. of, Ottawa. Handbook 
for the information of intending- settlers. 
2d ed '13 

Public works 

Canada Minister of public works. Report on 
the works under his control for the fiscal 
year ended March 31, 1913. pa 50c '13 Min- 
ister of public works, Ottawa, Can. 


Imperial year book for Dominion of Canada, 
1914-1915. $1.50; pa $1 '14 A. E. Southall, 
402 Coristme bldg., Montreal, Can. 


Heaton's annual: the commercial handbook of 
Canada and boards of trade register. 10th 
year *$1 '14 National law bk. 
Imperial year book for Dominion of Canada, 
1914-1915. $1.50; pa $1 '14 A. E. Southall, 
402 Coristme bldpr , Montreal, Can. 
Yeigh, P., comp. 5,000 facts about Canada. 1914 

ed pa 25c '14 Canadian facts pub. 
Canada Alpine club 

Mammals of the Mt. Robson region; Birds 
of Jasper Park, Yellowhead Pass and Mt. 
Robson region; Plants of the Mt. Robson 
region. D 97p 26 il map pa *$1 '12 Alpine 
club of Canada, Sidney, Vancouver Island, 

Canada-West Indies conference, Ottawa, 1912 
Canada- West Indies conference; [proceed- 
ings] (Parliament Sessional pa. no. 55) O 
lllp '13 Canada. Dept, of trade and com- 
merce, Ottawa 14-3095 
Canadian bank clerk. Buschlen, J: P. bds $1.25 


Canadian criminal law digest; being a consol- 
idated digest of the cases under the crim- 
inal code reported in volumes I. to XX. 
inclusive, of the Canadian criminal cases, 
1893-1913, together with the important crim- 
inal law decisions prior to the enactment 
of the criminal code, and, decisions under 
the liquor laws and other quasi-criminal 
statutes both federal and provincial. O xxix, 
1074 numb columns hf cf $10 '13 Cromarty 
law bk. 14-2206 

Canadian institute, Toronto 
Natural history of the Toronto region, On- 
tario, Canada; cd. by J. II. Faull. D 41 Op il 
$2 '13 Canadian inst., Toronto, Can. 14-6053 
Transactions. O 79p $3 '14. Canadian inst., To- 

Year book and annual report of the Canadian 

institute. Q $2 '13- Canadian inst., Toronto, 

Can. 14-7427 

Canadian Iron and steel industry. Donald, "VV. 

tt J. A. Houghton 

Canadian law of banks and banking. 2d ed 

Falconbridgo, J: D. $8.50 Canada law bk. 

Canadian law of simple contracts, Commentary 

on. I'aine, W. W. hf cf $8 Carswell co. 
Canadian nights. Dunravcn, W. T: W. Q. *$2 


Canadian nights. Hickman, A. *$1.30 Century 
Canadian Pacific railway company. Dept. of 

natural resources 

Eastern province** of Canada; a handbook of 
information regarding the agricultural op- 
portunities of the provinces of Ontario, 
Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and 
Prince Edward Island, with descriptions and 
prices of improved farms available for 
settlement in those provinces. D 123p 11 '13 
Canadian Pacific railway co., Dept. of nat- 
ural resources, Montreal 14-7500 
Canadian patent law and practice. Fisher, H.* 
and Smart, R. S. $8 Cromarty law bfc. 

Canadian poetry 

Campbell, W., comp. Oxford book of Cana- 
dian verse. *$2; mor *$3 50 '14 Oxford 
Canadian railway digest, covering vols. 1-15 
of the Canadian lailway cases. O lOOOp hf 
cf $12.50 (F) '14 Cromarty law bk. 14-13497 
Canadian reports appeal cases, being a collection 
and full verbatim report ot all cases carried 
on appeal to the judicial committee of the 
privy council in England, irom every pro- 
vince of Canada, 1911; annot. and ed. by 
Walter Edwin Lear, v 1-2 O hf cf ca $7.50 
National law bk. 
Canal rays 

Thomson, J. J. Rays of positive electricity 
and their application to chemical analyses. 
'$1.40 ( ! 5s) '14 Longmans 
Canal tolls and American shipping. Nixon, L: 

"$1.25 JMcBride, Nast & co. 
Canal zone. See Panama canal 
Bellasis, E: S. Punjab rivers and works. 2cl 

ed *$2.75 '12 Spon (corr price) 
Bellasis, E: S River and canal engineering. 

*$2 75 '13 Bpon (corr price) 
Hepburn, A. B. Artificial waterways of tho 
world. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan 

Mr also Hydraulic engineering; Irrigation 
canals; Waterways, also nmues of eanalH, 
e. Q Panama, canal 
Cance, Alexander E. 

Farmers' cooperative exchange. (Extension 
service) O 34p '14 Massachusetts agricul- 
tural college, Amhorst A 14- 1409 
Immigrant rural communities. 12p pa iifxi '12 

Am. acad. 

Am. soc. for the control of cancer. Cancer as 

a public health problem, pa gratis '14 Am. 

soc. for the control of cancer, T: M. L)e- 

bevoiso, sec., C2 Cedar Mt., JNf. Y. 

Bambriilgc, W: S. Cancer problem. *$4 '14 


Bell, II. Cancer: its cause and treatment with- 
out operation. 2d ed *$1.75 'J3 Macmillan 
Gaylorcl, H. JR., and Marsh, M. C. Carcinoma 
of the thyroid in tlie salmonoid fishes, pa 
'14 U. S. Fisheries; er>c Hupt of doc. 
Green, C; E: Cancer problem. 3d ed $2 '14 

Chicago med. 

"Ross, 11. C., and others. Further researches 
into induced cell-reproduction and cancer, 
v 3-4 ea *$1.50 '13-'14 Blakiston 
Candle flame. Howard, K. bds *$t Sherman, 

French & co. 

Candler, George Henry, 1867- 
Evory-day diseases of children and tliolr ra- 
tional treatment. 2d ed O xii,432p $1 '14 Ab- 
bott prona 14-14609 
Candler, Warren Akin, bp., 18H7- 
1'raclical studies in the fourth gospel. 2v v 
2 D vli,,Wp $1 '33 Pub. house M. W. ch. So. 

Carpenter, W: T,*. Manufacture of soap and 
eanillea, lubricants and glycerine. 6th ocl 
*$Ii.50 Spon (corr price) 

Candlestick, SSocharlah 4:2. Adams. C. P. $1 
C. D. Adams, 85 Konedy St., Atlanta, Qa, 
Hcrrlck, C. Candy making in the home. *50o 

'14 Hand 

Massachusetts, Minimum wage eomm., Bos- 
ton. Wages of women in the candy factories 
in Mansaohusottfl* pa '14 

Rlgby, W. O. RiRby 7 s reliable candy toucher, 
jLUh ed pa $2 'H Itlgby pub. co., Topoka. 

Cane sugar and heart disease. Goulwton, A. $2 

Cane sugar sphitlons at 80, SB* and 40*, Study 
of tho osmotic pressure of. Cash, G. pa 25c 
Johns Hopkins 

Canfield, George Folger, 1854- 
(comp.) Cases and statutes on trusts and powx 
ers, perpetuities, accumulations and chari- 
table uses in New York. xx.SftHp buck ?0 
(Ja) '14 Baker, Voorhis 14-8l!& 



Canfteld, George Folger Continued. 

Competition: the safeguaid and promoter of 
geneial welfare. O 12p pa 15c '12 Am. acacl 
Cannan, Gilbert, 1SS4- 

Love. (Fellowship books) S 56p *50c (Ag) '14 
Dutton 14-14516 

Old Mo'e- being the surprising adventures in 
England of Herbert Jocelyn Beenham, M. 
A., sometime sixth-form master at Thri^s- 
by grammar school in the county of Lan- 
caster. D 5p, 360p "$1.35 (Ja) '14 Appleton 

Satire (Art and craft of letters) *40c '14 

Canney, Maurice Arthur, 1872- 

(ed ) Materials for Hebrew composition. (Man- 
chester univ. pub.) D 32p -SGc ("Is) (N) '13 
Longmans 14-8427 

Canning and preserving 

Ball bros. mfg. co. Ball preserving book '13 
JJall bros. mfg co , Muncio, Ind. 

Canning trade. Souvenir of the 7th annual 
convention of the National canners* and al- 
lied associations, Baltimore. Feb'y 2 to 7, 
11)14. pa $1 '14 Trade co 

Complete course in canning. 3d ed $5 '14 
Trade co. 

Neil, M. 11 Canning, preserving- and pickling. 
* $1 '14 MoKay 

New York (state). Factory investigating 
comm. Second report. 2v '13 Lyon, printers 

UiOHonbeig, K. Preserving and canning. *DOc 
'14 Rand 

Stanley, L M and McDonald, M C. Preserva- 
tion of focid in the home, pa '14 Univ. of 

Thayer, 10. A. South American trade in canned 
goods. '34 U. S. Fur. & dom. comm.; 5c Supt. 
of doc. 

Sec alv) Cookery; Food preservatives 
Canning trade 

Souvenir of tho 7th annual convention of the 
National dinners' and allied associations. 
Baltimore, Feb'y 2 to 7, 1914; ed. by A. I. 
Judge. P lG2p U pa $1 (Ja) '14 Trade co 

Cannon, Lucius Hanchett. See McMullin, J. W, 

Jt. comi>. 

Cannon, Walter Bradford, 1R71- 
Labomtory couivso lu physiology. 3d cd Q IGOn 
ami 15()p for notes. 11 *? '14 Harvard 
univ. prows 
and others 

Report of tho committoo on resuscitation from 
mlno guaos. (Technical pa. 77) O Ufip 51 '14 
U. H. Minos; He Hupt. of doc, 14-30(300 

Cannon, William Walter 
Song of songs; ed. as a dramatic poom, with 
hilrod., r<iV, tr., and cxcnriUiiu'M. () vUi,lfi8i> 
*$2.r><) 'tt Putnam 
Cannot and can fall from graou. roubles 1 , J: "L. 

DOc Tub. house M. 10. ch. tio. 
Canoe. J'lnKorton, R. IQ. *70u Outing pub. 
Canoes and canoeing 
Pinlcerton, it. 70. Canon; Us selection, care and 

use*. *70c '14 Outing pub, 
Canrlght, Rev. Dudley M. 
8ovtnui-driy Atlvonftam rcnouncQcL 7Cc; pa 50c 

Standard pub. 

Bllrm, 1*. K. Knots about cantaloupes, pa '13 
Rocky Vord ountaloniie sood brooders' aflHn., 
Kooky Ford, dol. 
Bxirroww, JM. M. la a flower Rardon; cantata 

for juvunilo volooH. 75e '14 Fischer, J. 
Canteli. M. T. 

Roinrorood conro(c> consLruoilon: advanced 
coiirHO. Q xvi,24()p 230 11 *$$M '13 Spon (corr 
lloinforood oonctroto construction; olemontary 

oourrto. 1> 136p U *$1,35 Hpon (corr prloo) 
Canterbury pilgrims, Wee Chaucor, O. 
Canterbury talon. Boo Ohaucor, O. 
Canticle o; tho un. Franol* of Asuial. St. pa 
$U5 Harry Aifro^ ^owlor* Kansa* City, Mo, 

Canticles of the Christian church. Mearns, J. 

Canton, William, 1845- 
Bible and the Anglo- Saxon people. D 285p il 

^$2 (L>> '14 Button 

Cantrell, L ; 'Winston, R. A.; and Kolb, F. W 
Soil survey of Conecuh county, Alabama. O 

4Sp pa '14 U. S Agile., 15c Supt of doc. 
Cantnll, Thomas Crosbee, 1867- 
Coal mmmgr. (Cambridge manuals of science 
and literature) S 159p il *40c; lambskin *$1 
'14 Putnam 14-13244 

Canuck, Janey, pseud. See Ferguson, E. 
Cape Cod 
Langdon, W: C. Pageant of Cape Cod pa 35c 

'14 Blanchard pig co., Boston 
Thoieau, H. D. Cape Cod. See author entry 
Cape Cod ship canal 

Miller, J. W: Cape Cod and its canal, pa 25c 
'14 For sale by Scribner; J. W. Balton, 
Sandwich, Mass. 

Cape May county, N. J. 

Tonilm, C: Cape May spray. $1 60; pa $1 '13 
C: Tomlm, Cape May Court House, N. J. 
Cape of Good Hope 
Tas, A. Diary of Adam Tas (1705-1706). *$3 75 

("12s) '14 Longmans 
Capen, Edward Warren, 1870- 
Sociological progress m mission lands . introd. 
by James Aw Kelso. O 2D3p *$1.50 (Je) '14 
Revell 14-11199 

Capen, Samuel Billings, 1842-1914 
Hawkins, C. J. Samuel Billings Capen. *S1.25 

'14 Pilgrim press 
Capen, Samuel Paul, 1878- 

(ed ) See Lessing, G. E. Nathan dor Weise 
Capers. Herford, O. *$1.50 Devm-Adair 
Capes, Sister M, R. 

Itichard of Wyche. *$1.50 '14 Herder 
Capes, William P. 
Duty of municipal food inspection. (Bui. 104) 

pa lOc Civic press 

Ken rick, F. B. Some lecture experiments on 
surface tension, pa 25c '12 Univ. of Toron- 
Macallum, A. B. Surface tension and vital 

phenomena. $1 '12 Univ, of Toronto 
McKirahan, W. W. Surface tension of aqueous 
solutions of some organic salts as deter- 
mined by the drop weight method, pa '13 
pnv ptd Uumford press 
Haller, F: Why tho capitalist? $1.60 '14 F: Hal- 

Icr, 210 I'oarl at., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Hobson, C: K. Export of capital. *$2 '14 Mac- 


Van Meter, B: F. Dead issue and the live one. 
$1.25 '14 B: F. Van Motor, 225 Ashland av., 
.Lexington, Ky. 

#ce (ilsa Economics; Investments ; Money; 
Trusts, Industrial; Wealth 
Capital punishment 

Ford, J: J. Capital punishment. So '13 Amer- 
ica press 

Yeisor, J- 0. Death, a penalty, pa 25c '14 
National magazine assn., 419 Bee bldg,, 
Omaha, Nob. 

Capltan Veneno. Alarc6n, P. A. de. *$1.25 Gard- 
ner ptg. co., Cleveland, 0. 
Cap'n Dan'H daughter. Lincoln, J. C. *$1,35 

Bouoy, O; What 1 a a capon and why, 3d ed 50c 

'H G: Bouoy, Oodar Vale, Kan, 
Capri, Italy 

Jerome, T; & Roman memories, in the lanfl- 
ecape soon from Capri. $2,60 '14 JT. V. Shee- 
han, 17$ Woodward av*, Detroit, Mich, 
Capron, Frederick Hugh. 1857- 

Anatomy of truth. *$z '34 Doran 
Capstlck, J. W. 

Hound: an otonientary ttjxt-book for sclxoola 
and cx>l!e$wH, (Oamtoricliro 
^9p U *$1^ r U I'utttam 


Captain Billie. Gates, J. *60c Dodd 

Captain Dan Richards. Tomlinson, E. T. *$1.25 

Am. Bapt. 

Captain Danny. Camp, W. C. "$1.35 Appleton 
Captain Desmond, V. C. Diver, K., H. M. 1 $135 

Captain of his soul. Forman, H: J. *$1.35 Mc- 

Bride, Nast & co. 
Captain of the Cat's-paw. Stoddard, W: O. *$1 


Captain of the king. Saxby, C. L. bds "*$! Sher- 
man, French & co. 
Captivating Mary Carstairs. Harrison, H: S. 

*$1.35 Small 
Capture and pursuit. Finlay, R. T. 60c N. T. 

bk. co. 

Capture at sea 
Choate J. H. Immunity of private property 

at sea. pa '14 World peace touncUxtion 
Car, See Cars 
Car interchange manual. MacAlpine, J. D. 50c 

J. D. MacAlpine, Cleveland, O. 

Car sanitation 

Foster, A. D, Car sanitation. 5c '14 Supt. of 

Caravanning and camping-out. Stone, J: H. 

*$3.75 McBride, Nast & co. 
Caravel of dreams. Tainter, L. 11. bds "$1 Sher- 
man, French co. 
Carb, David 

Voice of the people; a play in three acts. D 
129p bds *$1 '12 Four seas co. 14-12355 


Cuno, C: W. Chart of the carbon compounds, 
pa 30c '14 Dept. of efficiency, Univ. of Den- 
ver, University Park, Col. 

Sec also Chemistry, Organic; Coke; Graph- 

Carbon county, Pa. 

Brenchman, F. History of Carbon county, hf 
mor $5 '13 F. Brenckman, Weatherly, Pa. 

Carbon dioxide 

Bernstein, R. Solidified carbon- dioxide. *$1.50 
Frank S, Betz co., Hammond, Ind. 

Hall-JWdwards, J: F. Carbon-dioxide snow. 

$1.40 '13 Chicago med. 
Carbon dioxide recorders 

Maujer, A, R., and Bromley, C: H. Fuel 
economy and CO 3 recorders. *$1.50 (*6s 3d) 
'14 McGraw 
Carbon monoxide 

Burr ell, O: A. Uso of mice and birds for de- 
tecting carbon monoxide after mine fires 
and explosions. 3d cd '14 U. &. Minos; Bu 
Supt. of doc. 

Burrell, G: A., and others. "Relative offoctH or 
carbon monoxide on small animate. '14 U, N. 
Mines; 5c Supt. of doc, 

Carbonated waters 

Mitchell, C: A. Mineral and aerated waters, 

*$3 '13 Van Nostrand 
Carbonic acid gas cylinders in service. Scurcko. 

H. L., and Minor, J. C., jr. pa Compressed 

gas mfrs.' assn., Inc., 25 Madinon av., N. Y. 
Carburation in theory and practice, Broxver, R. 

W. A. *$1.50 ^Appleton 


Brewer, R, W. A. Carburation in theory and 

practice. *$1.50 '13 Appletun 
Card catalogs. See Catalogs, Card 
Card-reading. Mmetta. 50c McKay 

Cardboard work 

Rich, G. B3. When mother lets us make paper- 
box furniture. *7Cc '14 Moffat 
Cardinal virtues. Newbolt, W; C: 15. *50c Poran 
Garden, Philip Vincent 
Cereal investigations at the Nephi substation. 
(Bui. 30) 50p il '13 U, S. Agrlc.; pa lOc 
Supt of doc. Agrl3-1897 


Fowl IT, R. F: Complete Iloylo. *$3 '14 Stokes 
Hovlc, l<3. Ilnylc'H standard games, 50c; li- 
brary binding $1 '14 Laird 

Standard Hoyle. 75c; pa 50c '13 Excelsior 
U. S. plaj'ing card co. Official rules ot card 
games; IToyle up-to-clatc, 1911-15. Publish- 
ers' 19th ed pa 15c '14 U S playing card co. 
8cc trZs) Auction bridge; Bridge whist; 
Cooncan, Games, Patience (game) 
Carducci, Glosue, 1S36-1S07 
Carducci: a selection of his poems; with verse 
translations, notes, and three introductory 
essays by G. L. Bickersteth. O xvi,346p 
por *$3 50 (*10s 6d) (O) '13 Longmans 

Williams, O GiosuO Carducci. ! 75c '14 Hough- 

Care, Alfred K. See Kallman, M. M., jt. auth. 
Care and cultivation of the orchard. Newell, W. 
K. pa 25c Pacihc horticultural corresponcl- 
ence school 

Care and education of crippled children in the 
United States. llee\ us, 10 G. $2 Survey 
Care and feeding of children. 7th ed Holt, L. 

E. *7Gc Appleton 
Care and i'eedmg oi children. Morse, J: L. *50c 

Harvard univ. press 

Care and management of iftnilion accumula- 
tors. Cross, H. II. IT. >50o Spoil (corr price) 
Care and repair of inns anil oil cnifntcH. (Ma- 
chinery's ivforence HOP, no. llill) O -l^p pa 
25c- '14 Industrial press 14-^lllil(; 

Care and training ol trotters. Horseman and 
spirit of the timeH. $L (Miica^o horHoinan 
nowspapcr co., 5U$ S. Uourborn Ht , Chicago 
Care of consumptivon. Daw, W, H. *50o JonkinH 
Care of the sick room. Cutler, ID. G, *50c lltir- 

vard univ. prosa 
Care of the skin. White, C: J. *50o Harvard 

uni\ r . i>ross 

Care of the teeth. Bracfcctt, C: A. *50o Ilar- 
U vard univ, press 
Careers for our sons. 4th ed WilllaniH, (3: II., od. 

4 $2 Macnullan 

Careful investor. Mead, 10: S. *$1,50 LippinooU 
Carey, Arthur Astor 

New nerves Jor old; "Behold, I make all 
things now." D 270p *$1 CS) '14 Little 

J. 4*17888 

Carey, Rev. Walter J. 

Life in grace; with introd, by the Bishop of 
London. O xiv,176p *S)Oc (*2s 6d) (F) '14 

Caricatures and cartoons 
Anti-prohibition cartoons '14 J. C. lOlly, IfiOl! 

Morchants bank bldg., IndlaiuipollH, InU. 
Beerbohm, M. Fifty caricatures. *$ii 'J3 Uut- 

CuriiHO, 10. C3nrlcjiturofl. $5; pa $3 'M f^i KolHa 

clL New Vork, 22(5 Jjufayetto Ml., N. Y. 
Chicago oarloonlHlH 1 club, (lallory of pen 
sketches of our (lucago frlcuulH. '!! pi'lv ptd 
]>y U'Donnoll-HronUcy co., 47rll Ua,vcnHWtK)d 
av., CJhlcago 
Fisher, FI. c:. Mutt and Jcit carlouna. bk 3 

bcls *COc '14 Ball pub. 
Flagg, J. M. Woll-kuownH. *iF!i.r)0; Hpoelul lliu- 

itod cd *$^n '14 Doran 

Orollcr club. C'aLaloguo of an <>xlilWlhm of 
works by John Lcocli licit! aL th (Jrollor 
club from January Si2 until March X, 1014. 
?C 'K (U-olior dub 

Jjlfc. \V"ar aw viewed by LIfo. 25c '14 t^tfo pub, 
Walker. R. Adventurer of Tloury tHibb: car- 
toons, pa SiGc '14, Ryan Walker, 107 W. 4fitli 
St., N. V, 
Carillons of liolglum and Jlollnnrt. Itkic, W; (J, 

*$1.50; *?3 Uino 
Carl Hall of Talk Tomlinnon, W, T *$l.25 Am, 

Carless, Albert 

Cod,) HCM* KOMO, W: Manual of Hurprory 
Carleton r Mary, 10<2?-lff73 
Itortibaum. 1J3, Mary (larloton ruirrallvew, 
l(56!M07:K n tnlHHlmic ohnplor in Ow hlntory 
<jf thn MuKllnh novl. *$t 'H Harvard univ, 

Carleton, William, pseud. 
WMy son. *$UQ M4 Small 



Carlfle, John C. 

Christian union in social seivice, with fore- 
\void by the lit. Rev. the Bishop of Croy- 
don. D 231p ; 75c '13 Pilgrim press [E14-b9] 
Cariton, Frank Tracy, 1873- 
Industrial situation: its effect upon the home, 
the school, the wage earner and the em- 
ployer. D 159p *75c '14 Revell 14-6182 
Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 

French revolution; ed. by J. Holland Rose. 
(Bonn's pi.pu'ar lib.) 3v D xxxi,348p, vi, 
369p; vi,435p ea *35c (D) '13 Macmillan 
Contents, v 1, The bastille, v 2, The ct nstitution , 
v 3, The guillotine 

Hero -worship; eel. by H. S Murch, with notes 

and bibliography. *75c '14 Heath 
Representative selections from the works of 

Thomas Carlyle, ed. by A. W. Evans. D Ini, 

37Sp *$1 (F) '14 Macmillan 
Carman, Bliss i. e. William Bliss, 18G1-, and 

King, Mary Perry 
Earth doilies, nnd other rhythmic masques. D 

S5p il *$1.50 '14 Kennerley 14-208110 

Carmen. Meilhac, IT., and Halfivy, L. pa $2 Dit- 


Carme.n. MCrimo, 1*. *$fi Hearst's int. lib. 
Carmen and Mr. Dryasdust. Jordan, H. *$1.35 


Carmlchael, Amy Wilson 
Lotus buds; new and cheaper ed. O 16p,339p 

il *$2 '13 Doran 

Carmichael, Robert Daniel, 1879- 
Thcory of numbers. (Mathematical mono- 
graphs) O l)4p $! (Ai>) '14 Wiley 34-7015 
Carnegie, Andrew, 1835- 

How to win fortune with subs, to Parcel 
post journal $1 '14 VV. Clement Mooro, New 
Kgypt, N. J. 
League of pence. S 47p pa lOc World peace 

foundation (corr pub,) 
Carnegie, Rev. William Hartley, 1S60- 
Di'imK'iaey and CHuiHtinn doctiine: an ewMiiy 
in ri'intorpivtiilion. I) xix,171p *$1.2B (D) 
'14 Mficmi'lun 

Carnegie endowment for international peace 
Arbitrations and diplrmiiiMc settlements of the 
United Htali'H. i r.-miphlt I no, J) O vii,24p 
'14 Oarnfglo endowment for international 
peace 1 1-JJ895 

Report 0:1 :!. (--i-l 1 !!: 1 -if : (ernalionnl law 
in tho :!: . i .. in- i:i :i.ii - of tho United 
HtatcH, AI- i :.\ ::::. .,> LSp tables pa 
grntls 'Hi Curncttla endowment for inter- 
national peace* 13-25922 
Voar book for 1013-1914, O 20 Ip '14 Carnogio 
endowment for international peace 


Jtullor, N: M. CurnctfUt endowment for inter- 
national pt'.'irc. tfrallrt '14 Am. ansn. for 
hilmiallunnl concilia lion 
Carnegie foundation for the advancement of 


Study of education in Vermont; prepared at 
tho request of the Vermont educational 
commission. (Bui. no. 7) Q 241 p mnp pa 
gratis '14 Carnogio foundation for tho afl- 
vaneetnont of teaching- J 4-6836 

Carnegie Institution of Washington 
hand inaffnollf! obaervationH, 1905-10. (Re- 
KoarelH-P 'f the J^opt. of torrostrial mag- 
netism) (I'ub, no. 175) Q 185p 11 $3 '13 
Carnegie iiwt 13-9493 

Paper*? from tho TortutftiH lalmmlory. v. ft-G 
(Pub. no. isii-isi!) 2v o ^::^; :^;!ii il ia v 
fi $li; v 6 ?3.76 'M. Carnegie iiust. 

upon tho lU'cwonL condition and future 
of the Heletieo of anthropology, pre- 
liv W. II* Ilivorn, A. 10. .hjnUs, and 
s. <;. Mo'riiy. (Pub. no. aoo.) u yip pis maps 
la s;> 1 ' 'i:j curnci'.ir Innt. 14-7^49 

Vear book, no. 12, 1013. Q xvl,88Cp 18 pi pa 

$1 'M OurncKlo lust. 

Carnegie steel company , tj _ . 

j(Kikot companion for cmfflnoera, architects 
tmUdwK 10th e<Jl D 400p il fl '13 Oar- 

Carnochan, Janet, 1S3U- 

Historv of Niagara: detailed history of the 

to-\\n of Niagara-on-the-Lako, Ontario at 

one time the capital of Upper Canada D 

xiv,333p il *$2 25 (Ja) '14 Bnggfc 14-20608 


Curian, T: F. V. Carnotite, the principal 
source of radium. 50c '13 Radium products 
co , 160 5th av. f N. Y 
Shaw, M., ed. English carol book, bds *60c '13 

Young ch 

Carpenter, Edward, 1844- 

Towards democracy. D xix,507p por *$2* 
India pa ed *$2.50 '12 Kennerley A14-1513 
Carpenter, Edward Chiids, 1872- 
Intermediate types among primitive folk: a 
study in social evolution. O 185p *$2 '14 Ken- 
nerley [14-13507] 
Carpenter, Everett 

Ground water in Boxelder and Tooele coun- 
ties, Utah. (Water-supply pa. 333) O 90p 
pa '13 U. S. Geol. S.; lOc Supt. of doc. 


Carpenter, Fred Warner, 1873- 
Verses from many seas. D xi,27p *75c '14 
Elder 14-22317 

Carpenter, George Herbert, 1865- 
Life-story of insects. (Cambridge manuals of 
science and literature) D 134p il *40e: lea 
*$1 '13 Putnam 14-483 

Carpenter, George Rice, 1863-1909 
John Greenleaf Whit tier. (Great American 

authors) *75c '14 Houghton 
See Baker, P. T:, jt. auth. 
Carpenter, Rhys, 1889- 

Sun-thief, and other poems. D 152p *$1.75 '14 

Tragedy of Etarre. D 144p *$1.25 (*5s) '14 Ox- 

Carpenter, Theodocia Eighmle 
Dnpt^ppo O f nf Ct as revealed by the inner 
.>.<-, j-u-i.-.; to and heard by Theodocia 
K: (M-M riK.r. v 1 O 404p *$1.88 '14 Chris- 
topher press 14-3760 
Carpenter, Warwick Stevens 
Summer paradise in history: a compilation of 
fact and tradition covering Lake George, 
lake Champlain, the Adirondack mountains, 
and other sections reached by the rail and 
steamer lines of the Delaware and Hudson 
company. P 128p il '14 Delaware & Hudson 
co., General passenger dopt, Albany, N. Y. 


Winter camping. (Outing handbooks, no 40) 

D lG4p il *70c '13 Outing pub. 14-167 

Carpenter, Rt, Rev. William Boyd, bp. of RIpon, 

1841 - 

Burning bush. (H. & S. lib.) D *50c '14 Doran 

Spiritual message of Dante. (William Belden 

Noble lectures in Harvard university for 

1912-13) O 250p il *$1.GO (My) '14 Harvard 

univ. IH-GHH [ 14-115 HJ 

Carpenter, William Lant 

Manufacture of soap and candles, lubricants 
nnd tflycmno. fith ed D xi,446p il *$3.60 
t^pon (corr j)rioti) 

Carpenter and the rich man. White, B. *$1,25 

Carpenter's cyclopedia. Hodgson, F: T: $7 Sears, 
Boebuck & co., Chicago 

CnisHotL K. H. Jobbing work for the carpen- 
ter. *il.50 M4 Williams 
Klotohor, JJ. K. and H. I*. Carpentry and 

Joinery. 4th od *?1,80 '14 Macmillan 
Hodgson, If: T: Carpenter's cyclopedia* $7 

'13 Soars, Hoelwok & co., Chicago 
K!lior f F. E!. Building construction and su- 
donco. pt 2, Carpftntora' work. 9th ed 

, J, S, Carpontry for boy*. 6<to 'U K, T, 
bk. co* 

Rn atoo Bulimng; 
Tools; Tunilntf 




Am. carpet & upholstery journal, American 
"buyers' directory. $1 '14 Am. carpet & up- 
holstery journal, 102 S. 12th St., Phil. 
U. S. Census, Bu. of. Thirteenth census of the 
TL S.: 1910. Bui. Manufactures: 1909. Statis- 
tics for the manufacture of woolen, worsted, 
and felt gt>ods, wool hats, carpets and rugs, 
and shoddy. '13 U. S. Census; lOc Supt. of 

See also Rugs 
Cam, Albert, 1856- 

True democracy. S lOOp 50c '14 Harney Peak 
mining news, Hill City, S. D. 14-9797 

Carr, Arthur Strettell Comyns; Garnett, Wil- 
liam Hubert Stuart; and Taylor, James 
Henry, 18CO- 

(eds.) National insurance; with a preface by 

D. Lloyd George 4th ed O xlui,1284p *$3 75 

(Je) '14 Macmillan 14-12450 

Carr, Catherine 

Art of photoplay writing. $1.25 '14 Hannis 

Jordan co. 

Carr, Clark Ezra, 1836- 

History of bringing the Atchison, Topeka & 
Santa Fe railway to Galesburg. O 85p pors 
$1 '13 Clark E. Carr, Galesburg, 111. 13-25665 
Carr, H. Wildon 

Philosophy of change; a study of the funda- 
mental principle of the philosophy of Berg- 
son. xii,213p *$1.75 (Nj '14 Macmillan 
Carr, John Foster, 1869- 

Immigrant and library: Italian helps, with lists 

of selected books. D 93p pa 35c '14 Immigrant 

education soc. 14-J1591 

Carr, Joseph William Comyns. 1849- 

Coasting Bohemia, O viii,281p *$2.50 (O) '14 

Carr, Warner 
(il.) Frog he would a- wooing go. (Merrymind 

ser.) D 29p *25c '14 Hand 
Carr, William Kearney, 1860- 
Matter and some of its dimensions. (Harper's 
lib. of living thought) S 120p *75c (O) '13 
Harper 14-961 

Carraway, Leake 

Charlotte, North Carolina. Q 64p il pors pa 
gratis (N) '13 Greater Charlotte club, Char- 
lotte, N. C. 13-18766 
Carre", Henry Beach, 1871- 
Paul's doctrine of redemption. D xi.175p 
*$1.25 (N) '14 Macmillan 14-20862 
Carre", Michel, 1819-1872. See Barbier, J., jt, 


Sec aUo Automobiles; Coaches and conch- 
Carrier, Willis H. 

(ed.) Fan engineering: engineers hand-book 
of tables, charts and data on the application 
of centrifugal fans and fan system appa- 
ratus, including engines and motors, air 
washers, hot blast heaters and systems of 
air distribution. S 581p il flex lea $3 '14 Buf- 
falo forge co., Buffalo, N. Y. 14-13238 
Carrier air washers and humidifiers for public 
offices and industrial buildings. 128p il 
'14 Carrier air conditioning co., 39 C'ort- 
landt St., N. Y. 

Dobie, A. M. Bailments and carriers, 1914. 
buck *$3.75 '14 West 

Dobie, A. M. Cases on bailments and carriers, 
1914. buck *?2-50 '14 West 

Elliott, W: F: Treatise on the law of bail- 
ments and carriers, buck *$2.GO '14 liobbs 

McClain, B. Selection of cased on the law of 
bailments and carriers. 3d ed *$5 '14 Little 

Moore, D. C. Treatise on the law of carriers, 
2<a eel $y buc,k $19.50 '14 Bender 

#04 0Zeo Commercial law; Freight; Inter- 
state commerce; Negligence: Postal service; 
Railroad law; Haitooadsj Shipping j Trans- 
Carrtngton, Fltzroy, I860- 

(ed.) See Print- collectors' booklets 

Carrlngton, Hereward (Hubert Lavlngton, 
pseud.) 18SU- 

Handculf tricks. S 61p il pa *5Dc (O) '13 Dr. 
A. M. Wilson, 708 Waldheim bldg , Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Hindu magic; an expose of the tricks of the 
yogis and fakirs of India. S 51 p pa il *50c '13 
Dr. A. M. Wilson, 708 Waldheim bldg., 
Kansas City, Alo. 

Natural food of man; being an attempt to 
prove from comparative anatomy, physiol- 
ogy, chemistry and hygiene, that the origi- 
nal, best and natural diet of man is fruit 
and nuts. O 2SCp por *$2.50 '12 Carrington 


Personal experiences in spiritualism (includ- 
ing the official account and record of the 
American Palladino stances). xvi,274p il 
*$2.50 '13 Carrington [14-4593] 

Problems of psychical research; experiments 
and theories in the realm of the supernor- 
mal. D xi,412p il *$2 (My) '14 Rickey 


Side-show and animal tricks. S G(5p il pa *50c 
'13 Dr. A. M. Wilson, 708 Waldheim bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 
and Meader, John Richard, 1870- 

Death: its causes and phenomena; with spe- 
cial reference to immortality. O xi,552p pi 
*$3 '12 Funk A13-2115 

Carris, Lewis H. 

Manual training. 14p pa '14 N. J. Dopt. of. 

public instruction, Trenton 
Carrltt, E, F. 

Theory of beauty. D v,304p *$2 (S) '14 Mac- 
Carroll, Rev., Benajah Harvey, 1843- 

Book of Genesis; ed. by J. B. Cranflll. (In- 
terpretation of the English Bible) O vii, 
451p *$2,25 '13 Revell 14-19S!) 

Books of Numbers to Ruth; ed. by ,T. B. Cran- 
flll. (Interpretation of the KngliHh Hlhlc.) 
O 7-320p *$1.75 (Mr) '14 Revell 14-6186 
Carroll, Dana H. 

Fifty-eight paintings by Homor D. Martin. O 
155p il bds *$15 (D) '13 Sherman, F: K 

Carroll, Rev. John Smyth 
Expositions of Danto, 2(1 ed 3v O xvl,564; 
xxviii.512; lxiv,510p *$7.50 '14 Doran 
V 1, In patrlu- nn otpimltlcn cif PunullHo; v ii, I'l'lmm 
ors of hope: nn exposition of I'urgalorio; v II, KxllcH nf 
otornlty. un, oxDosltlon of lufarno 

Carroll, Joseph, 1879- 

God's two witnesses nnd Ihoir Hourch for a 
Christ, told by Joseph Carroll unil si^t down 
by Frank R. Brunswick. V S I32p pura 5o 'i;t 
F. R. Brunswick, CL VV. Morcnry H!., Hutto, 
Mont. i:j-25ii8D 

Carroll, Lewis, pseud. (Charles Lutwldge Dodg- 
son) 1832-181)8 

Alice's adventures In Wonderland. (Aunt Vir- 
ginia ser.) O SOp 15c Hursf 

Samo; il. in col. by A. M, Jacskson. bxd *$2 
'H Uoran 

Same; new od. (Longmans' clana-bookH of 
English literature) D 128p *20c '13 IxiiiffinanH 

Same; il. by Alioo IJ. Woodward, (Quocn'H 
trensures sr.) D vlii,lCii) *$1 (N) '14 Ma<s- 

Same, and Through tho looklng-fflrtflH; 11, l>y 
Hir J: Tenniel. 75c 'IS Graham & MfttUick 

PSamc, and Through the looking glas. (Mo- 
Kay's colored classics) *$l (H) ^t4 McICay 

Same, and Through tho looking-gluHH; with 
02 illuHtrations by John Tanniel. (Macrnll- 
lan's juvenile lib.) D 224p *COe '13 MaomllUm 


Hunting of tho snark, (Macmlllan' Juvoullo 

lib.) D 53p *50c (H) '14 Macmillun 
Carroll, Patrick Joseph. 1S76- 

Hound about home, Irish sconoa and moino- 
rlofl. I") 2,^4p ?1 '1-t Av^ Maria 14-102^ 

Carruthers, Alexander Douglas Mitchell. Sect 
Carrutnera, D. 

Carruthers. Douglas I. o. Alexander Douttlaa 

Mitchell, 1881- 

tTnknown Mongolia; a record of travel nnfl 
exploration In north-west Mongolia and 
Dzungaria; with throe chapter^ on port by 



Carruthers, Douglas. Unknown Mongolia Conk 
J. H. Miller, and a foreword by the Right 
Hon. Earl Cur2on of Kedleston; with 168 
iL, -v^io"flTTF and diagrams, and 6 maps. 
2v u ;--, .-7 '14 Lippmcott [14-2C65] 

Carrying out the city plan. Shurlleff, P., and 

Olmsted, F: L. $2 Survey associates 
Dunn, H. H. Ti active resistance of a 28 -ton 

electric car. pa 25c '14 Univ. of 111. 
Master car builders' assn. Proceedings of the 
3913 convention, v 47 2 pts $10 '14 Master 
car builders' assn. 

Sec also Air brakes; Automobiles 
Carson, Christopher (Kit Carson) 1S09-1868 
Sabm, E. I,. Kit Carson days. *$3 '14 McClurg 

(corr price) 

Carson, George Edward St. Lawrence 
Essays on mathematical education; with an 
introd. by David Eugene Smith. D v,139p 
75c '13 Ginn 13-17103 

Carson, H. W. 
Asepsis and how to secure it. S 58p il 40e '14 

Chicago nied. 

Carson. Rev. John Fleming, 18GO- 
VVord or authority, "$1.25 (My) '14 Presby- 
terian bd. 

Carson, Mrs. Norma Bright, 1883- 
Boys of the Bible. D lU5p il *7uc (N) 'H Revell 


Rosemary for remembrance, D 124p *75c '14 
Doran 14-18304 

Carson, William English, 1870- 
Mexico, the wonderland of the South; rev. ed. 
with new chapters. O xhi,449p il *?2.50 (F) 
'14 Macmillan 14-4204 

Carstens, C. C. 

Public pensions to widows with children: a 

study of their administration in several 

Am"pi",'m cities. (I 'lib. no. 31) O 3Cp pa lOc 

'13 Itus-vi; Sago foundation E13-1070 

Carter, Ada 

SonmloHs robe; popular od. D 369p $1 (Mr) 

'14 J'latl & Peck 

Carter, Daniel D. f pseud. See Cohen, D: D. 
Carter, H. 

(ed.) Petit rocuoil do chants francjais, a 1'uHoge 
do rOcole ot do la fumille. D 87p *fiOc 'H Ox- 

Samp, with music. Dfip *$l.r>0 'J4 Oxford 
Carter, Henry R. 

Malaria In North Carolina. (Reprint 150 from 

Uio Public lionlth roi'OrtH vol. 28, no. 51) O 

21p rc '14 Kupl. oC doc. 14-3017G 

Quinine prophylaxis for malaria. (Ucprint 17H 

from tho public health report H, v. 29, no. 13) 

O Sp Re 'H Supt or doc. H-303r>7 

Screen Inpr as an anilmalnrinl measure. (Tlo- 

prini no. 183 from Uio .Public, health report , 

v. 29, no. 10) Q 32p Cc 'H Hupt. of doc. 


Carter, Herbert 

Boy scouts down in Dixie; or, Tho strange 
Hccret of Alligator -Swamp. D 248p 60c '14 
Burl 14-12633 

Boy Hcouts on Sturgeon Island; or, Maroonod 
funong tho game-fish poachers. D 250p COc 
'14 Hurt 14-12634 

Carter, Huntly 

Now f-pirlL In rtraum and art. x,270p il 
*$5 '13 Kcur.rrh-y [U-3137J 

Thatro of Max Rolnlmrdt. O 332p il *$2,50 
(Apr) 'M Konmu-loy A14-2852 

Carter, Robert Qoldthwalte, 1845- 

Four brothers in blue: or, tfunshino and sha- 
dows of tho war of tho rebellion; a story 
of the groat civil war from Bull Run to 
AppomuFlox. Q xlil,B09p porw $2.50 (I>) '13 
CJsipt. U. <!. Oartor, Army & navy club, 
Washington, P. C. 14-3065 

Carter, Thomaa Thelluwon, lHQ8-lf)01 

Slmlvt'MiK'.-uv 1 !! HtorlcM of th- F.nj?;u,h king*; 
with hi full-paffo 11. by (Sisririnir D, Ham- 
mond, U 280p *?t,80 'i Crowell A14-M81 

Undorcurronta of church Hfo, Ixinffrnwos o p 

Carter, William T., jr., and Kerr, J, A. 
Soil survey of Lehigh county, Pennsylvania 
(Bu. of soils) O 53p pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 15c 
Supt. of doc! 
and others 

Soil survey of Barnwell count v, South Caro- 
lina. (Bu of soils) O 49p pa '14 U. S. Agric.; 
luc Supt. of doc. 
Cartesian oval and the elliptic functions p and 

<r. Bacon, . L. pa 25c Johns Hopkins 
Cartesian philosophy, Studies In. Smith, N. *$1.40 


Carthage college, Carthage, III. 
In memoriam, Professor L.. P. M. Easterday. 
(Bui. v. 2, no. 4) O 31p il '13 Carthage col- 
leo, Carthage, HI. B14-761 

Cartmell, Thomas Kemp, 1838- 
Historic sketch of the two Fairfax families 
in Virginia. D 47p '13 Knickerbocker press 


Carton, Hugh, pseud. 

Grand assize; as reported by a humble clerk. 
D 270p "-$1.36 '14 Doubleday 14-21754 

Cartoons. See Caricature and cartoons 
Cartwnght, Julia. Soe Ady, J. 
Cartwright, Otho G. 

Middle west side, with Mothers who must 
earn, by K. S. Anthony. (West side studies) 
D 74;232i> il $2 (D) '14 Survey associates 
Carus, Paul, 1852- 

Nietzsche and other exponents of individual- 
ism. D 150p il *$1.25 '13 Open ct. 14-1736 
Truth, and other poems O 10-61 p *$1 '14 Open 
ct. 14-18205 

Carus-Wilson, Mary Louisa Georgina (Petrle) 

(Mrs. Charles Ashley Carus-WMson) 
Expansion of nhrpforrinr.*: a study in religious 

history. D r' ! I : I-O-M'-I 
Caruso, Enrico, 1873- 

Caricatures; new ed, issued with the approval 
of the artist. P 184p il $5; pa $3 (Mr) '14 
T,a Pollia di New York, 226 Lafayette st., 
N. Y. 14-5514 

Carver, Thomas Nixon 

How to use farm credit. (Farmers' bul, 593) 
O 14p '34 U. S. Agrio.; 5c Supt. of doc. 


Carver, Walter Buckingham, 1879- 
Matliematical sections. See Peirco, C. A., comp. 
Handbook of tables and formulas for engi- 

Carver, Wlllard, 1886- 

.Applied, psychology; a scries of lectures pre- 
senting an analysis of psychology in ,a 
slniplifiod terminology, -with special atten- 
tion to the biologic phrases of physiology 
and demonstrating the soparateness of the 
entities mint! and soul. O 243p *$1.50 (Ap) '14 
W. Carver, 521 W. Oth st, Oklahoma, Okla. 


Carver, Mass. 

Grimth, H: S. History of the town of Car- 
vor, Mass $2 25 '33 Town of Carver, Mass. 
Gary, Charles Preston, 1856- 
Sugrgestivo outline for the study of agricul- 
tural or rural economics and rural sociolo- 
gy; prepared especially for the use of clas- 
ses in which teachers aro being trained for 
country school work. O 31p '13 Democrat 
ptg. Agrl4-231 

Gary, Earnest 

(tr.) Soo Dio Coccoiamis, C. Roman history 
Casa, Giovanni della, 3503-1850 
Ilcnnlw.'iMcit fourtesy-book. Galateo of man- 
TU'i-K iind holiaviourH; done into English by 
Kobort. Pp.ipr.son; with an introd. by J. W. 
tfplngarn. (Uumaiilst's library, v. 8) Q 
xxvi,l22p *$ '14 apelike 14-12387 

Case, Carl Delos, 1808- 

Mcm and tho church. (Social service aer.) 

20p pa 10c 14 Am. Bapt U-18648 

Cae, EtheK Sec SJarlo, M, T., jt, 

Case, James T. 



Case, Shirley Jackson, 1872- 

Evolution of early Christianity, a genetic 

study of first-century Christianity in re- 

lation to its religious environment. D lx, 

385p *$2 25 (S) '14 Univ. of Chicago press 


Case against Kikuyu, Weston, F. pa *36c (*ls) 

Case book series. American school of corre- 

Am bdu ol of c ( ireFpomlence Negutuilrte instruments lw 

f 01, the state of New Toift 
Case histories in obstetrics. De Normandie, 

B. L, $4 Leonard 
Case histories in pediatrics. 2d ed Morse, J: L. 

*$5.50 Leonard 
Case history series Leonard 

Morse, J: L Case histories m pediatrics *$SJ ,10 
Case of Belgium in the present war; an. account 

of the violation of the neutrality of Belgium 

and of the laws of war on Belgian territory. 

xvii,120p pa *25c '14 Macmillan 34-16719 
Case of Mexico. Zayas Ennquez, R. de. *$1.35 


Casement, Gray, 1870'- 

(tr.) See Alarcon, P. A. de, Capltan Veneno 
Cases and statutes on trusts and powers, per- 

petuities, accumulations and charitable uses 

in New York Canfield, G: F., comp. buck $6 

Baker, Voorhis 
Cases on agency Wambaugh, E. *$5 Harvard 

univ press (corr price) 
Cases on civil procedure. Scott, A. W. 4 pts 

pt 1 pa *50c Harvard univ. press 
Cases on criminal law. Derby, A , ed. buck "$4 

Cases on equity pleading and practice, state 

and federal. Rush, G: F: buck $2,00 Cal- 

laghan (corr pi ice) 
Cases on. legal liability Healc, J. IT: 4 jits pin 

1-2 pa pt 1 *$] 50; pt 2 *$1 25 "Harvard univ. 

Cases on pleading at common law 2d ed Ames, 

J. B. pts 1-4 *$2 Harvard univ. press 
Cases on procedure, annotated. Sunderlund, E R 

buck $4 50 Callaghan 
Cases on the law of contracts. Keener, W. A. 

2d ed limp lea $6.50 Baker, Voorhis 
Cases on the law of insurance, Vance, W: II. 

buck *$4.50 West 
Cases on torts Currier, R D., and Bate, 0. M. 

buck $4 25 New Jersey law school. Newark, 

N. J. 

Cash, Gentry, 1886- 
Study of the osmotic pressure of cane sugar 

solutions at 30, 35 and 40*. O 3Gp 11 pa 

25c '13 Johns Hopkins 13-26244 

Caspar, C. N., co. 
Caspar's supplement to Official quarter sec- 

tional atlas of Milwaukee, 1906 to 1914. F 128p 

hf mor mounted on pa *$20; mounted on 

cloth *?25 '14 Caspar 
Caspar, Car! NIcofaus Joseph Matthias 
(comp.) Caspar's technical dictionary: Eng- 

lish-German, and German-English; compris- 
- ing the most important words and terms 

employed in technology, engineering, ma- 

chinery, chemistry, etc. S 7-272p *$1 '14 

Caspar 14-3418 

Caaparl, W. A. 
India-rubber laboratory practice. D viii,196p 

il *$1,SO (Mr) '14 Macmillan 
CaesavettI, Demetrius John 
Hellas and the Balkan wars; with an in trod. 

by W. Pomber Reeves, O xv,368p il mnpa 

*$3 (Ap) '14 Dodd [14-30420] 

Cassel. Royal gallery 
Van Dyke, J: C: Munich. Frankfort Cassel; 

critical notes on. the Old pinacothek, the 

Staedel institute, the Cassel Royal gallery. 
' ' 

for boys and girls, 1914. 200 
'14 Wk 

Cassllly, Rev. Francis Bernard, 1860- 
What shall I be* a chat with young people 
D vm,70p front 30c; pa I5c '14 America 
press 14-12216 

Cassima, a bird annual pa 50c Delaware valley 
ornithological club, care of Academy of na- 
tural sciences, Logan square, Phil. 
Cast iron 

Marion malleable iron works. Malleable iron 
shoes for continuous stavo pipo. '1 1 Marion 
malleable iron works, Marion, Ind. 
Sec also Foundry practice 

Castarede, J. 
Complete treatise on the conjugation of 

French verbs T) 147p GOc '14 Jenkins 
Castaways, Fmlay, R. T. GOc N. Y. bk. co. 
Anderson, J. D. Peoples of India. *40c; lamb- 

skin *?1 '13 Putnam 

Castellam, Aldo, 1847-, and Chalmers, Albert J. 

Manual of tropical medicine. (University ser.) 

2d cd O x*xn,1747p il *$9 (Jo) '13 Wood 


Castello, Mrs. Almeda Merchant, 385G- 
Wild animal versos made at the New York 
Zoological park; with 9 il. from tho Zoolog- 
ical park animal collections. D 68p $1 '13 
Broadway pub 13-24998 

Castelvetro, Ludovlco, 1505-1571 
Charlton, H. B. Castelvetro' s theory of .po- 

etry. *$1.60 (-"Bs) '14 Longmans 
Casterlln, Warren S. 

Steel working- and tool dressing; a manual of 
practical information for blacksmiths and 
all other workers in steol and iron, <) 207p 
il $2 '14 Richardson, M. T, 14-185-11 


8cc alw Siocl castings 
Castle, Agnes (Sweetman) (Mrs. Egerton Castle) 

and Castle, Egerton, 1S58- 
Our sentimental prnrdcn; il. in color by C: 

Robinson. O *$1.75 '34 Lippmcott 
Castle, Mrs. Cora (Sutton) 
Statistical study of eminent women, (Archives 
of psychology, no. 27) O vil,90p il $1.0G; 
pa 80c '13 Science prosa 13-2 1 6HK 

Castle, Vernon, and Castle, Irene (Mrs. Vernon 


Modern dancing 1 ; with many II. from photo- 
graphs and moving pictures of tho newowt 
dances} for which the authors poacd; fntrod. 
by Elisabeth Marbury. B 19-17Gp *$1.2r> CAlO 
'14 Harper 14-0107 

Castle, William Ernest, 3867- 

(ed.) See MacDowoll, E. C ^I2!0 inhoriliinc In 
rabbit H 

and Phillips, John Charles 

Piebnlcl rats and selection; an experiment nl 
test of tho offcclivenoss of sol<*,otion and of 
tho theory of grametic purity in Mondolian 
crosses. (Pub. 19fi) O Gflp il pa 7r>c *14 
Carnegie Inst. 14-4274 

Castle, William Richards, Jr., 187R- 
Plllar of sand. D 403p *$3-30 (F) '14 Dmld 


Castle In tho loiiffh. Soo, MoU'Hworth, M. h, 

Castle Racltront. Kdgeworth, M. *$1,25 Macmll- 
Ian (corr price) 


Gedclie, J: Royal palaces [Great ttdtainl. 
*$J.RO '13 Brontanfrs 

Newhall, TJ. C. Minor T^r^nch chateau* and 
manor houses. *$3.GO '14 Architectural bk, 

Casualty Insurance. Soe Insurance, Casualty 

Casualty inter- insurance exchanges do not pro- 
tect either employer or omT>loye. 2d od Hub- 
bnrfl, H: V. $1.10 Ti; V. llulilwirtl, (Uly UnU 

Caaaell's, annu 

i col fi -fl; bds ni,25 '1 
Caaseres, R. de 

Shadow efcter [poems]. D 64p bds *$1 (Jl) 14 

Casua conacientiao ad unrn 

compoiti el noiull. 4th ed LohmkuW, A. 
2v mor *$5*40 Herder 

Cat. See Cats 



Catalogue of books relating lo architecture, con- 

struction and decoration in the library. 2d 

ed Boston. Public library, pa $1 Boston pub- 

lic lib. 
Catalogue of bronze reproductions of Italian 

and French medalb of the renaissance. 

Curtis, H G pa 15c Harvard univ. press 
Catalogue of golden opportunities Chandler, W 

B $3 W. B. Chandler, Providence, R. I. 
Catalogue oi opera librettos printed before 1SUO. 

Sonneck, O. G: T. 2v $2 U. S Library of 

Congress, Supt. of doc. 
Catalogue of scientific papers. 4th series (1SS4- 

3900). Royal society of London, comp. v 13 

<$12i>5; hf mor -*$14.75 Univ. of Chicago 

pi oss 
Catalogue of the Bmmese books in the British 

museum Barnett, L. D: *$7.75 Oxford 
Catalogue of the collection of Persian manu- 

scripts. Jackson, A. V. "W., and Yohannan, 

A , eds. *$1 50 Columbia umv. press 
Bishop, \V: W. Practical handbook of modern 

library cataloging. *$l '14 Williams & Wil- 

U. H. Lib. of Congress. Catalog division. 

Handbook of card distribution. 3d ed i>a 15o 

'H tfupt. of doc. 
IT. H. Library of Congress. Catalog division. 

JL. C. printed curds, how Lo ordur and use 

thorn. 2d od 'H Lib. of Congress 
U tf. Lib. ol Cnngmw. Notos on the c-are, 

cataloguing, cnltMidnnng nntl arranging of 

manuscripts. '13 "Lib. of Congress 
Mr aZ.vr> Subject headings 

English catalogue of books for 1913. 77th year 

of issue. *?2 (*7s Od) '14 Pub. weekly 
IlmrK'hs' halb.lahrs-katalog cler iin doutsoheii 

Michlwnflel tsrsclncnonon bticher, zoitschnf- 

t.-i In P:n-t -n us-- 'n-l-ftlK'!"^ 1913 I. 

,n ! :i. I J.I ii! <!i 'i li.~ :i\ '14 J. C. 

II ! : , ..... i I ' llh'.jLr I i ipssiff 
IliiirU'h's \:. .s' ...... I - :'!-. :' Mm 60pf '33 

J. C. H nn I,:- 1 *'-: 1 !-!! buchhandlung, Leip- 

Poddio, It. A., and \vjnltl1rffton, Q, English 
<'jil:ilntriu> of booKw, .v-l-i^ 11 ;:;. lif lea *$25,DO 
'I I l!ii\-KT 

Mr tilw nniliogi'iipliy, Cataloging; Indexes 
Catalogs, Booksellers' 
JMuiiii & co. ( 1 alalotf of nciontillc and lo 
books. li)U ed pa gnitis '13 Munu 

. . s 

..-. r.-ilalng divlsicm. 
M!: .:u IUI od psi IHc 

Catalogs, Card 
IT. H, Lib. or "..! 

Handbook of oa--; i. 

'M Wupt. fr doc. 
IT. S. Lil)rary of (JonKroHH. (Catalog diviwion. 

L. U. printed oardH, lu>w to ordur and us 

tliom. a<l od 'J4 Lib, of (UugreH 
Catalogs, Dictionary 
(immilatlvo, book Index. 10th annual cumu- 

lation. buck *$fi 'H WilHou, H. W. 

IllliiolH,' Hluto reformatory, Pontlno, Catalog of 
tho JlllnoiH Htatc reformatory library, '12 

I'JttHburgh. Carnoglo lib. Cltxsalfied catalogue. 
Ho MUthor cuitry 
Hcc <ilw> I 

t annual, 1014, 42d year 
*$2,50 "U Pub. woeskly 
Catalooulng, Hco (lutaloKiiig, 

IfllllH, <X Jfyclroffonation of oils, catalyzers ana 

outfUyHlB. *?4 'H Van Nowtnind 
Frankfortor, 0: H., and Kritchevsky, W. New 

phftB* o? cfttalyl. Pt 1 pa 60c '14 Univ. of 

ITniTirton, .T. V. On the f 

df alri.lmlM to nltrllOH i-nlsilyx.Ml by 

oili>lnt% U. pa 250 '10 Johns JJopUliiH 
Catchlnat, Thomas CItndlnen, 1$47" 
ConHtruotlon %f Uvogj for fljfd T iwvantlon. 

(U, B. Wft OOW, U W WTO.. H. Doc. JSW O 

lip So '13 Hupt Of 000., 13*35998 

Catechism on the mode of baptism Miller, 
J. JM. pa 20c Joseph M Miller, Pittsville, Mo. 


Sec (tlxj Heidelberg catechism, Roman 
Catholic church Catechisms 


Yale univ. Library. Catalogue of an exhibition 
illustrating 1 some phases of popular religious 
education before 1800. '14 Yale univ. lib. 
Catharine Furze. White, W: H. *40c Oxford 
Cathcart, Edward Provan, 1S77-. See Benedict, 

P. G., jt. auth. 
Cathedral church of Glasgow. Chalmers, P. M. 

*50c Macmillan 

Bond, F. In ti eduction to English chmch archi- 
tecture from the eleventh to the sixteenth 
centuiy. 2v ^$14 '14 Oxtorcl 
Bushnell, A. J. Storied windows. *$4 '14 Mac- 

Gallichan, G. O. Cathedrals of southern Spain. 

*$2 '13 Pott 
Rose, B W Cathedrals and cloisters of north- 

ern France 2v "$5 '14 Putnam 
Some French cathedrals, articles from the 

London times *fi(>c '14 Button 
fcS'pom'o-, lones, H- D M Secret ot a great 
cathcdial *$1.25 '14 Dutton 

#cr ?j Aix hitecturc, Gothic; Church 
Cathedrals and cloisters of northern France. 

Rose, E. W. 2v *$5 Putnam 
Catherine, St., of Siena, 1347-1380 
Forbes, F. A. Catherine of Siena. *30c '14 Her- 


Catherine II, czarina of Russia, 1729-1796 
Horlsolt.s, 13. A. B. Life and character of 
Cathonne the Great of Russia *$4 '14 Bren- 

Catholic church. See Roman Catholic church 
Catholic church and socialism. Bonn, F,, and 

McGrady, T: pa lOc Kcrr 
Catholic conception of the church. Simpson, \V: 

J: S3, *?t.50 Rovell 
Catholic democracy. Day, H: C. *$1.80 Long- 

Catholic education series. Catholic education 

Ward, ,1. It , nnd Perhhw, M. W. MuMi', drat jour. lmol 


Catholic encyclopedia: an International work 
of reference on the constitution, doctrine, 
discipline, and history of the Catholic 
church; ed. by C: G: Herbermann, and 
others- Jftv Q il oa $0, % mor $8, moi $lf> '07- 
'J4 Kiifyclii]..-di{; press 7-llfJO(5 

Index. Q :.".:p d $(>; % mor $S; mor $15 '14 

Wixjyc'loiiodhi press 

Catholic foreign mission society of America 
Storifs from th Held afar. D lf>(Jp il 60c '13 
Catholic forolfiii mission soa. 14-0268 

Catholic homo annual for 1915, Q i! afic (H) '14 

Catholic library. Herder 

\MynlA, I. UtUH and InMlriulIotiH. *IH)<: 

Catholic mlHHion feast. Froytag, A. COc Society 

o( tho divine word 
Catholic nurHcs, Notes for. Fletcher, J: *45c 

Catholic roliglon. 2d etl Martin, C: A. *76c Her- 

Catholic Htudtos In social reform. I [order 

Wrlwlil, T 1 CUriHtiau I'lUfleunliltf. pa *'Mv (U) 
Catholic thtjoloy. 2d ed Umnlotfl, D. F. *$1.76 


Catholic univoiflity soriow, Civtholic ofluc. 
Hohuoltlwr, J. BYeueli o<junio for blgh MigoU AUd 

1.S6 (1) 

Catholicity. Laeoy, T: A. **l Young ch> 
Oathollcs and patriotism. Hxnith, W. 0; pa B<J 

, Ct 0-, 5o 


uootel action, 



Catlm, George, 1796-1872 

North American Indians; manners, customs, 

languages, history and conditions; new ed. 

2v O 312; 316p il bxd *$7.50 '14 Leary, Stuart 

& co. 14-30805 


Huntmgton, G. S. Anatomy and development 
of the systemic lymphatic vessels in the 
domestic cat. pa $4 '11 Wistar inst. 
Montgomery, F. T. Cats and kitts. 35c '14 

Barse & Hopkins 
Schaifner, C. L, Sam; or, Our cat tales 35c 

'13 Atkinson, Mentzer & co. 
Cats, Stones of 
Southivortli, M E. Great small cat, and others. 

bds *$1.25 '14 Elder 
Catskill aqueduct 

New York (city). Board of water supply. 
Catskill water supply, pa '34 

Cattell, Henry Ware, 1862- 

Lippincott's new medical dictionary: a vo- 
cabulary of the terms used in medicine, 
dentistry, xetennary medicine, and the al- 
lied sciences, with their pronunciation, ety- 
mology, and signification, including much 
collateral information of a descriptive and 
encyclopedic character. 3d ed O xvi,1108p 
il *$5 '13 Lippmcott 13-21541 

Cattell, James McKeen, 1860- 

Psychological researches of James McKeen 
Cattell: a review by some of his pupils. 
$1.25; pa $1 '14 Science press 

Bayard, E. S. Beef production. '13 Ta. Dept. 
of agric , Harrisburg 

Praser, W. J:, and Brand, R. E. Milk required 
to raise a dairy calf, pa gratis '13 Univ. of 

Gray, D. T:, and Ward, W: F Fattening 
cattle in Alabama. '14 U. S. Ague.; 5c gupt. 
of doc. 

Hayden, C. C. Feeding dairy cows, pa '12 
Univ. of 111. 

Maine Agncultuie, Dept. of, Augusta, Dairy 
feeds and records 'H 

Mumford, H. W, and ITall L: D. Cattle feed- 
ing conditions in the corn belt, pa gratis 
'14 Univ. of III. 

Ward, W: F., and Downing, J. E. Shrinkage 
in weight of beef cattle in transit, pa '13 
U. S. Agric.; lOc Supt. of doc. 

Ward, W: P., and Gray, D T: Beef production 
in the South. '14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of 

Willoughby, T: F, Golden stream, pa 5c '32 
I. H. C. service bureau, Harvard bldg., Chi- 

Sen aUo Beef; Breeding; Cows; Dairying; 
Feeding and footling stuffs; rave stock 


See also Veterinary medicine 
Cattle dips 

Chapin, E. M. Arsenical cattle dips: methods 
of preparation and directions for use. '14 
U. S- Agrio.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Cattle ticks 

U. S. Animal industry, Bu. of. Progress and 
results of cattle lick eradication. '14 U. H. 
Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Ward, W: F. Effects of cattle tick eradication 
on the cattle industry of the South. 14 U. 
S. Agric.; 5c Supt of doo. 

Caucaslanal creed. Swearingen, TI: H. pa 20c 
H. H. Swearingen, 622 Louisiana av,, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Cauchy'a theorem, See Watson, Q: N. Complex 


See flteo Nominations; Primaries 
CaulfeMd, Vivian 

How to ski and how not to; photographs by 
K. Deiap. set and rev ed o 286p *$l5o '14 
Sorlbner 14-15463 

Caunaka. See BrJiad-Devata 

Caunt, G. W. 

Introduction to the infinitesimal calculus: 
with applications to mechanics and physics. 
O xx,5CSp *$3 '14 Oxford 

Cause and cure of crime. Henderson, C: R. "'BOc 

Cause of business depression Bilgram, H., and 

Levy, L: E: ^$2 Lippmcott 

Cause of the high cot,t oi % hung and the solu- 
tion Senn, M. pa 25c '14 M. Senn, Lasita, 
Cause of the war. Jefferson, C: E: bds *50c 


Causenes en Franco. Pattou, E 3D. *70c Heath 
Causes and consequences of the war of 1914. 
Okie, H P 50c Washington pub. co , Wash- 
ington, D. O. 

Causes oi business depressions. Brown, J: B: 
2Flc J: B: Brown, Commercial bldg., East 
St Louis, 111. 
Causes of the European conflict. Bui SPSS, J: \V: 

pa r>c Germamstic soc. of Chicago 
CavalcaseJIe, Giovanni Battista, 1S20-1S97. See 

Crowe, J. A., jt. auth. 

Balck, TV: Tactics, v 2, Cavalry field and 
heavy artillery in field warfare. $3 '14 U. S. 
cavalry assn 

Bernharfli, P. A. J. von. Cavalry. *$1 '14 

Sec also Military art and science 
Cave, Edward, 1878- 

Boy's camp book, a guidebook ba^ed upon 
the annual encampment of a boy scout 
troop; tin* second of a sorit's of handy vol- 
umes of information and inspiiation. D xiv, 
194p il *(50c (My) '14 Doubloday 14-0845 
Cave, Henry 

Autogenous welding as a means of repairing 
cylinders. (In Autogenous welding) pa 2-">o 
'14 Industrial prc^s 

Cave of the winds, Legend of. Williams*, J, H: 
Da fiOo J. U: Williams, 5J4 East Bijou, Col- 
orado Springs, Colo. 
Cavenagh, F. A. 

(eel,) Sec Lanrtor, W. S. Imaginary conversa- 

Cavendish family 
Bicklev, F. I.. Cavendish family. *$2.BO 'H 

Iloughton , 

Caverly, . See Raymond, , Jt. auth. 
Caverno, Charles, 1832- 

Reminiscences of tlie eulogy of IlufuH Cljoatn 

on Daniel Wclistor, delivoiotl at Partmoutli 

college, July 26, 18D3. O 51p *50c 'H Hhrnnan, 

French & co. 14-10702 


Balch, H TQ Wookey ITolo; its cnve and <*nvo 

awollcrs. *$7.7fi '14 Oxford 
Gavins, Elmer Warren, 18(54- 
Orthography and word analysis, including a 
courao in spelling, ph onion and pronunci- 
ation, rev ami on! ed I) 183p COc (S> f l*i Jftnll 
<fc McCreary 

Spoiler and manual of pronunciation for 
seventh and eighth grades. 2d od O G4p 25<j 
(S; '14 Parker, O. M. 
Cavour, Camlllo Benso dl, count, 18KMXOI 
Thayer, W: 11. Life and llmoB oH Cavour. 2v 

*$3 'J4 liouKhton 
Cawthra, Thomas Alfred. 1873- 
(comp.) Drapory flketoh book: a coIlmjUon of 
useful and Interesting drapory nkAtohnH of 
lasting value to buyers and sellorB find 
practical workmen. F DOp il $2 '14 Caw t bra 

1 4-4275 

Caxton, William, ca. 1422*1401 
(tr.) Mirrour of the world, ofl. by OUvnr U. 
Prior. (Early English text oocloty. Wxlm 
ser., J10) xr?,ltt2p *|8 '14 Oxford 14-7722 
Crook pilgrim's progreww, Hco cuitUrio, K, B,, 

ed. Short atari os for yoxmg foW 
Cecil. Edgar Algernon Robert, lord, 1864-, and 

Clayton, Rev. H, J. 

Our national church, (Imperial lib,) 8 U42p 
*BOo (0) '13 Warno 



Cecil, Emma Talbott 

Songs in the night and other poems, empha- 
sizing essential elements of high Christian 
character through living examples O 8p, 
19-110 numb 1 $1.50 '13 Broadway pub. 

Cecil Aldm's merry party. Byron, M, 6v ea *40c 

Cecil family 

Dennis, G. R. Cecil family. $250 'U Hough- 

Cecilia, Madame 
More shcnl spiritual readings. 50c '14 Ben- 

Training of children and of girls m their teens 

D HSp pa ^5c '14 Bcnziscr 
(tr.) ace Lelong, T. A. A. Nun 

Celebrated Madame Campan. Montagu, V. M. 
*$3.75 Lippmcott 

Celebration of the 250th anniversary of the 
Royal society of .London. Royal society of 
London. *$2 t*5s) Oxford 

Celebrity's daughter. Hunt, V, *$1.35 Brentano's 

Celestial mechanics. See Mechanics, Celestial 

Cellier, Frangols Arsene, d 1914, and Bridgeman, 


Gilbert and Sullivan and their operas: with 
recollections and anecdotes of D'Oyly Carte 
and other liimous Savoyards; with 63 por- 
traits mid other il. and G facsimile letters. 
O x\m,44;!i) il *$3 50 (S) '14 Little 14-308G9 

Hoffnor, K. W: Germ-cell cycle in animals. 

*?1 75 '14 MacmJllan 

Holmes, H: J Movements and reactions of the 
isolated molanophores of tho frog, pa lOc '14 
Univ. of Cal 

Mr ditto Biology; Elmbryology, Histology; 
Osmosis; Physiological ehemistiy 
Celtic memories. O'Conor, N. J. *$1 Lane 

Celtic stories, Book of. Griorson, IS. W. *$1.2fi 


Bullet, J>. B. Portland ccmont, Its manufac- 
ture, tostms and uso. 3d od *$4.CO Spon 
(corr price,) 

Directory or cement, gypsum and lime manu- 
facturers. 7th oil $1 '13 Ccmont era 

Hodgson, K 1 : T:, oomp. Mortars, plasters, 
HtucuoR, arUIlcial marJrtofl, concretes, Port- 
land <'<.'! nonts and compositions. $1.50 '14 
JDmUo, J^; J. 

Nebraska comonl UHors' asn. Proceedings of 
tho ninth convention, i>a '14 Frnnk Whip- 
pormau, sec., 28th u,v. <& Sablor st,, Omaha, 
No I). 

Searlo, A. B. (lonumt, concrete and bricks, *$3 
'14 Van N OH I rand 

Hhftrtd, S. Cement nwlwlalH niul industry in 
tho HtaLo of WiiHliingloii. 7fic; i>a 40c '13 
WaHliInglcm (Hlulo). (Jool. tf. 

tflnwn, Huhlor & naummm. JhiHt in cement 
workM. 'M HlHion, liulilcr & Ilaimmim, Inc., 
2 U or tor Hi,, N. y. 

Wig, U. J. f and Penman, J. C. Variations In 
results of siovlnff with fltaudani comont 
Hlovca '13 U. H. Stand,; Ho Hupt. of doo. 

WUUatnH, A. W. Iiivontlgntlon on iron ore ce- 
montH. pa gratis '14 Univ. of 111. 
MM (tint) liulldUiff maLorlalHi Ooncrolo 

Cement era 

Directory of cotncmt. gypHum and llmo manu- 
facturers. 7th od $1 '13 Cemont era 

Censorship of motion pictures aiul of Invostl^a- 
tln of motion piuturo thoatrc of Cleveland, 
1913. Bartholomew, U. O. City council, Clovo- 


#<) (tlM Vlttll BtatiHtiCH 

Centr-hots at Xtomo, Uutlodgc, 0: l\ $1 Wtan- 

dard pub. 
Centenary of tho eo of Bow ton. Konnoy, W; F, 

llM J. K. Waters, &8 Intervale $t, Ro^bury, 

Centennial colouration of tho foundation of tho 
tJntvni'ttlty of Maryland, Hommetw, J: 

a. $1,60 

Central America 

Sve 7v) Latin America 

Central Congregational church cook book Top- 
eka, Kan. Central Congregational church. $1 
Central Congregational church, Topeka, 

Central debating league 

Federal graduated income tax: a debate. O 
5-46p pa *$1 '11 Delta sigma rho, Univ. 
of Chicago; for sale by Wilson, H. W. 
Federal Incorporation, two debates. O 76p *$1 
'11 Delta sigma rho, Univ. of Chicago, for 
sale by Wilson, H, W. (corr price) 12-35415 
Minimum wage, a debate, the constructive and 
rebuttal speeches of the representatives of 
the University of Chicago in the sixteenth 
annual contests of the Central debating 
league against Michigan and Northwestern, 
January 17, 1914, question* Resolved, that 
the atates should establish a schedule of 
minimum wages for unskilled labor, con- 
stitutionality conceded. O 51p *$1 '14 Delta, 
sigma rho, Univ of Chicago; for sale by 
Wilson, H W. 14-11576 

Recall (excluding judges): a debate. O 38p 
pa *$1 '12 Delta sigma rho, Univ. of Chi- 
cago; for sale by Wilson, H, W. 12-35356 

Century of Columbus Walsh, J. J $3 50 Catholic 
summer school press 

Century of English essays. Rhys, B , and 
Vaughan, L., coinps. *o3c; lea +70c Dutton 

Century of sail and steam on the Niagara river. 
Cumberland, B. buck *$1 50 Musson bk. 

Century 10-flgurc code. *$5 Am. code co. 

Century's change in religion. Harris, G: *$1.25 


Smith, J. P. Acceleration of development in 
fossil cephalopoda. 75c '14 Leland Stanford 

Ceramic society, American. Sec American cer- 
amic society 

Ceramics. See Pottery 


Gilmore, C: W. New ceratopsian dinosaur from 
the mnier cretaceous of Montana, pa 5c '14 
Smithsonian inst. 

Cereal niHta, Study in. Stakman, K C. pa Univ. 
of Minn. Agric. exper, station 

Cereals, Sec Gram 

Cerebral anthropology, Study of. Poyntor, C: 
W: M. pn. 70c Univ of Neb. 

Cerebrosplnal meningitis. See Meningitis, Cerc- 

Ceremonies of tho guidon sacerdotal Jubilee of 
Ihy Grace John Lancaster Spaldmg. Miller, 
D. D. lea $1.50 JX D. Miller, Huntley, 111. 

Cerf, Barry, 1881- 

(od.) Sou JDaudel, A. Tartarm do Tarascon 
Certain peculiar earthworks near Andover, 
MaHfcj. Moorchead, W. K. pa 40c W. K. 
Moorehead, Andover, Mass. 
Certified puMic accountants problems and solu- 
tions, tl)14. 1U i>ts pta 1-6 aubs per set $5; 
ea GOc '14 Itonald 

Cervalces , , .. 

Bonslcy. IJ: A. Cervalces autler from the 
Toronto inter-glacial. 25c '13 Univ. of To- 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 
Don Qulxoto do la Manclia; from the tr. of 
Oufllold and Shelton by Mary H. Burt and 
Lucy L, Cablo. (^oung folks lib. of history 
and literature) 50c '14 Olaflin 
Wiory oC Don Quixote, retold by Bertha M. 
jlUHh, (Instructor Htoruturo ser., no. 264) 
1> 21U> pa 5c (Ag) '14 Owen, JK\ A.; HaU & 
intamaurlco-Kelly, J. Migruol de Cervantes 

Baavodra, *?2,8B '14 Oxford 
Hmith, n. Life of Cervantoa, $1 14 
Cervesato, ArnaldQ, 1872- ' , 

nomHn oawpa; tr, by LoxOg 
Mary Dovo; with 407 II Q 895p 



Cesaresco, Evelyn Lilian Hazeldme Martinengo, 

countess, 1852- 

Essays in the study of folk-songs. (Every- 
man's lib ) *35c; lea *70c '14 Button 

Cescinsky, Herbert, and Webster, Malcolm R. 

English domestic clocks, il from drawings and 

^r-^tnsr-npbr by the authors. F 353p hf lea 

- - (,r,i) . ' Button FA13-2506] 


L-i Rue, G: K. Revision of the Cestocle family, 

Proteocephahdae. pa $2 '14 Umv of 111. 

C l ooT""*'n et v T ,'r r , \. K. Arts and crafts of ::: Ci'yU*. *$1.75 '14 Phillips, LeRoy 

Chace, Elizabeth (Buffum) 1806-1890 
Wyman, L U and A. C Elissnbeth Buffum 
Chace, 3806-1809; her life and its environ- 
ment 4 $5 'U Clarke 

Chace, Henry Richmond, 1838- 
(comp.) Owners and occupants of the lots, 
houses and shops in the town of Provi- 
dence, Rhode Island, in 1798, located on 
maps of the highways of that date; also 
owners or occupants of houses in the com- 
pact part of Providence in 1759, showing 
tho location and in whose names they are 
to be found on the map of 1798. P 28p 19 
plans $5 (Je) '14 H: R. Chace, 133 Brown 
St., I'nn ulcnce, tt. I. 14-10S85 

Chaddock, Robert Emmet 

Sources of information upon the public health 

movement. Hip pa 25c '11 Am. aoiul 
Chadsey, Charles Ernest, 1S70-, and Skinner, 
Hubert Marshall, 1855- 

Advanced arithmetic. *55c '14 Atkinson, Ment- 
is er & co. 

Elementary arithmetic. D xiv,220p il *35c '14 
Atkinson, Menlzer & co. K14-441 

Intermediate arithmetic. *45c '14 Atkinson, 
Mentzer & co. 

Chadwlck, Mrs. Ellis H. See Chadwlck, K A. 

Chadwick, Esther Alice (Mrs. Ellis H. Chadwlck) 

In tho footsteps of the Brontes. O xvi,502p 

Dors *$3.75 (Jl) '14 Brentano's [AH- 13521 

Chadwlck, Lester 

Baseball Joe in the central league; or, Making 
good as a professional pitcher. D il 60c '14 
Cupples & L. 

Chadwlck, Mrs. Mara Louise Pratt- (Francesca 

Marshall, pseud.) 

Blossom babies: how to tell the life story to 
little children. O 169p il *75c '13 Melh. bk. 


Chadwlck, Raymond Dean 
Brief history of the United States and a short 
r!nrri"-t 4 nn o" :ts government, for use in 
ir.-_ co 1 f i>i;".;iu:i schools of Gary, Indiana, 
'i <! i \: 7-"i,-: ; a GOc (O) '13 R D. CUad- 
\li ;, V.i: "-un continuation school, Gary, 
Ind. 13-23051 

Chadwlck, Stlllman Percy Roberts, 1870- 
Outline of Greek and Roman history; the re- 
sult of class room work, 3d ed O 53p '13 priv 
pta, S. P. R. Chadwick, Phillips Exeter acad., 
Exeter, N. H. 14-4182 


Todd. W, E, C. Revision of the genus Chaome- 
pelia. 85c '13 Carnegie museum 

Chaffee, Emory Leon 

Physical laboratory manual. l2Sp il *$1.25 
(O) '14 Harvard imlv. press 14-17204 

Chaffers, William, 1811-1892 
New collector's hand-book of marks and mon- 
ograms on pottery and porcelain of the 
renaissance and modern periods; with up- 
wards of 5000 marks; new ed. (1914), rev. 
and considerably augmented by F: Lltch- 
fteld, D x,863p U *$2.40 '14 fcorlbner 

Chafing dish 
, HUI, J. M. Salads, sandwiches and chafing- 

toh <Jaintt, *$iw '14 Little 
. Southwotth, M. E3. Midnight faastfl. *$l 'H 
1 Elder 

Chain grate stoker. Babcock & Wilcox co. 

Cham-making Industry 

Tawney, R: H. Establishment of minimum 
rates in the chain-making industry under 
the Trade boards act of 1009. <50c '14 Mac- 

Chambreakers. Talbot, R J. $1 50 Roxburgh pub. 
Chakmakjian, Haroutioun Hovanes, 1878- 
Armeno- American letter writer, containing a 
large vanety oi model letters adapted to 
all npo'-") i n"-'. vtters nf! f^or'l.^'n. l^t^ers 
of "'.',::,!:.,: and u.-.c.oU n.-i- f K-. .:- of 
love, business letters. D 440p $1 '14 Ycran 

Chalice of courage. Brady, C. T. 75c Grosset 

Holland, W: J., and Peterson, 0. A. Osteology 

of the Chalicothenoidea. $6 '13 Carnegie inst. 
Chalif, Louis Harvy, 1S77- 
Chulif text book of dancing, v 1 S 171 p diags 

])<)is buck $250 (Jl) '11 ]j: H. Chalif, 7 W. 

42<l at , N. V. U- 14700 

Chalkley, Alfred Philip 
Diosel engines fur land and marine work; 

with an mtrod. chapter by Rudolf IMowel. 

3d ed, rev and enl O xiv,284p il *$3 MS Van 

Nostnuijl KS14-37 

Challenge. Untermeyer, TJ: *$1 Century 
Challenge of facts and other esHJiys. Sumnor, 

VV: 0. *$2.i23 Yale univ. pix'bH 

Challenge to the time spirit. Cerrarcl, T: J. 
*$1.25 Benziprer 

Chalmers, Rev, James, 1841-1JI01 
Nairne, W. P. Greatheart of rapua. *7Cc 'J4 


Chalmers, P. Macgregor 

Cathedral church ot Glasgow: a description of 
its fabric and a brief history of the arclu- 
episcopal see. (Hell's cathedral wcr.) I) xii.DHp 
il *fiOo (Ap) '14 MacmillJin Ll4-7finiJ 

Chalmers, Patrick R, 

Green days and blnn dnys I poetry], S x,173p 
*?1 M4 Norman, llrmni^toji co. 

Chamber of coirmcrco handbook for Wan Fran- 
cisco, historical and cluHcriptivo. Todd, F. M. 
50i' Chamber of cummerce, 1304 Merchants 
exchange bldff., Sun Fraiclcp 

Chamber of commerce of the United States of 

Speeches on antitrust lo#ilation, dt'livwivd at 
2d annual T^^M^jr. WaHliInln f I). C., K\J>. 
12, 1914. O sx .- ".''. Chamber of commerce 
of U. ., li.;-.'^ '.I. 1 :-.. Washington, I). (2. 


Speeches on maintenanc'c of resal(^ prioow, do- 
liveretl beforo tho second annual mooting of 
tho Chamber ot commerce of tho IJuiUul 
StaU'S, Wnshinfftoj', Kob. 11-1,'!, 1!)H. O 
22p 'H C'iiMiniM-r of commcrcu of tho UnHod 
States, Washington, 1>, C. 14-7750 

Chamberlain, Alexander Francl*, 18(55-11)1*1 

Child, a study in the ovoluUon of man. (Ooii- 

teniiurary science twr., v 3U) 2<1 od 1) 

xIM8p il *$1.50 '11 Hcrlbnor J01 3-1 78-1 

Ak^andtr Francis (Uiamborlaln, Jim. 12, 18(}f>- 

Apr. 8, 1!>H: In momorlnrn. (PiiblicaUoriH, v. 

4, no. 2) O C5p por '14 (Uark univ. IIIXWH 


Chamber-ialn, Mrs- Anna Content (Chase) 1H61- 

JJailey I wins and th rct of tho jfamlly; il. 

by Klianbolh Otis Dunn. D 241,p *$1 (W) 'H 

JUthrop 14-11799 

Chamberlain, Arthur Bensley 

Hans Ilolboln tho youn^or; with 2H2 Jl, in- 
cluding 24 in colour. 2v F *$16 '13 Wodd 


Chamberlain, Arthur Henry, 1870- 
TdoalH and domooracy: an esfiay In modern- 
ism, D x,173p $1 'IS Rand 13-15074 
Seo Chnmboriain, J. K., jt. auth. 
Murphy, Nelbert; and Qulllou, Alfred 
I)asit;n and etiiiHtruoUon. Q fi4j) il pa Jtfc. *lft 
Whitakor <& U, A14-698 
Chamberlain, Qeoroe Aflnew, 1870- 
Homa: a uovol; il by Hoglnnld It. J3lroU. t) 
337p *$1,30 (Ja) '14 Century H-2135 



Chamberlain, Houston Stewart, 1S55- 
Immanuel Kant: a study and a comparison 
with Goethe, Leonardo da Vmci, Bruno, 
Plato and Descartes; auth. tr. from the 
German by Lord Redesdale, with an introd 
by the translator 2v O il *$7 50 '14 Lane 


Chamberlain, Jacob Chester 

Bibliography of the first editions in book 

foim of the writings of James Russell Low- 

ell, comp. largely from the collection formed 

by the late Jacob Chester Chamberlain, with 

assistance from his notes and memoranda, 

fey Luther S. Livingston. (Chamberlain bib- 

liographies) O xvii,136p por '14 priv ptd De 

Vmne press 14-2201 

Chamberlain, James Franklin, 1SG9-, and Cham- 

foerlain, Arthur Henry, 1S70- 
Afrtca (Continents and their people) D vn, 

210p il *55c (Jc) 'H Macnnllan 
South America, a supplementary geography. 
(Continents and their people) D ix,18!p il 
*5Bc (D) '13 Macmillan 14-238 

Chamberlain "bibliographies De Vlinne press 
U\IimHton. L H- lUhlli fcrnphy of tho Ilrst editions In took 
forni of tho writings of Jiiiuc'M UuBhi'll Loud I 

Chamberlain family (Richard Chamberline, d. 


Bnrber, K M. Wright- Chamborlin genealogy 
from emigrant ancestors to present genera- 
tions. $f>.25 '14 E. M. Barber, 4 Church St., 
Montrose, Pa. 

Chamberlayne, William, 1B19-10SO 
Love's victory, a tragicomedy; a line-for-line 
reprint of tho original quarto, 1BBR, ed with 
introcl. and notes, by C: 1C. Mesclvtor. O xxni, 
3()7p $1 (Je) '14 C: K. Mescliter, Bethlehem, 
Pa* li-mai: 

Chamberlln, Ralph Vary, 3879- 
Ethno-botany of tho Gosiute Indians of Utah. 
(Memoirs, v. 2, pi. 5) Q 320-405p pa (My) 
'il Am. anthropological assn. 14-11549 

Chamberlln. Thomas Chrowder. 1843- 

Oritfin of the earth. S *$1 '14 Univ. of Chi- 
cago PIVHH 

and Salisbury, Rollln D., 1S5D- 
IntrodiK'iory geology: a text -booh for collogos. 
(American HolM'< str.) O xl,7UKp il *$2 'li 
Holt 31-12868 

Chamberlin, William Everett, 1856- 
Hixty-flvu charades. S 7-4Sp *$1 '13 Clarke 
(corr pub) U 2-1)1 OJ 

Chambers, Charles Haddon, JSGO- 
JnMHors by. (Modern KntfllNh dramatic Is) S 

bds *COo '14 Bronluno's 
Chambers, Charles Oscar 

1 tola! Ion of Nlpfto to dlHHolvwl oxygon and car- 

bon-dloxldo, with special roforwii'o lo car- 

bonates. O 171-207p dlutfN '12 Washington 

xmlv., Ht. Louis 14-11234' 

Chambers, George Frederick, 18-11- 

Afltronomy, S xl 11,35 Bp 3K8 11 *$1,GO (My) '13 

Van NoBtwnfl A14-1080 

Chambers, Mary Davoren. Hue Ifltfcnwoln, J. 

B., Jt. auth. 
Chambers, Oswald 

Biblical psychology, a series of preliminary 
Htudh-'H. 1> 27Cp 1 1, (Jii) 'H Hovlvallst ofllco 


Chambers. Robert, 1802-1871 
3lool< of <layH. now wl 2v O *$5 '14 Llrpln- 


Chambers, Robert, 1880- 

Mgg 1 iinittiriLilou, c.hrornoHomcift, JITKI Bporrnalo- 
gonoHla in cyclopa. (Ulological sor. no, 14) 
Q 87p 11 pa C)0c '13 XTnlv. of Toronto 

Chambers, Robert WHIUm, 1805- 
Anti'H hr[(lg and Botwe^n M^ndw, Jiv 1> I CO, 
l^p U l>x<l *$a 'il Applflton Il-Ji0779; 14-8070 
Illddmi ahlldrtiti; with U. by A. I. Koller. D 
xv,6BOri **IM ($H 'U Apploton 14-14920 

Ori **I 
tto. P 

n. , ^ 

Quick ac^tlom 11. by Ktlmund Froaerjck. p 
31Bp U *$lJo () '14 Apploton 14-B42S 

Ford, G: B * Chambers of commerce and city 
planning- pa' lOc 'li Civic press 

Chambers of commerce for arbitration (Pam- 
phlet ser , v 1, no. 3, pt. 4) O 15p '11 World 
peace foundation 14-4440 

Chambers's concise gazetteer of the world, 
topographical, statistical, historical; ed. by 
D* Patuck. new ed O 768p hf mor *$3 '14 

Chambers's English dictionary, pronouncing, 
explanatory, etymological; ed by T: David- 
son; enlarged ed., with supplement. Q 1294p 
*$3.50 '14 Lippincott 

Chaminade album, for the pianoforte 75c '14 

Chamisso. Adelbert von (Louis Charles Adelaide 

de Chamisso) 1781-1838 

Peter Schlemihl. D 164p n 35c Heath (corr 

Chamot, Emile Monnln, 1867- 
tlMicro-chemical methods. '14 Wiley 
Champagne, Mildred 
Lovo. D 274p *$1.25 '14 Badger, R: G. (corr 


ChampJair tercentenary celebrations 
New York (state). Lake Champlam tercen- 
tenary comm Champlain tercentenary; 
fmul report. '13 Lyon 
Champlain valley 

Carpenter, W. S. Summer paradise in history. 
'14 Delaware & Hudson co.. General passen- 
ger dept., Albany, N. Y. 
Champlm, Man ley 

lijxpenments with wheat, oats, tmd barley in 

South Dakota. (Bui, 39) O 37p il pa '14 U. S, 

Agnc.; 10c Supt. of doc. Agrlt-18 

Champney, Elizabeth (Williams) (Mrs. James 

Wells Champney) 1850- 
:f {Romance of Italian villas; new ed. O il *?3 

'14 Putnam 
^Romance of Roman villas; new ed. O il *$3 *14 

Chance, Maria Scott (Deale) (Mrs. Burton 

Chance) 1878- 

Self- training for mothers. D 277p *$1,25 (43) 
'14 Lltvpincott 14-21^003 

Chance, Reuben Robinson, 1801- 
(cd.) MmpIoyorH* liability act of Kew Jersey; 
together with kindred legislation and 
Iorm. O xviii,115p $2.50 'li Soney & Sago 


Chance. Conrad, J. *$1.35; limp lea *$1,50 

Chance in chains. Gull, C. A. B: R. *$1 Eaton- 

I\ t'S-Htur^lw- Walton 
Jaequoa, E. T. Charles Dickens in Chancery. 

pa *40c '14 Longmans 
Chandler, Asa Crawford, 1891- 
Modiiications and adaptations to function in 
the feathers of Circus huflsonius, (Pub. In 
Koolopry, v 11, no 13) Q 829-37Cp pis pa 50c 
(Mr) '14 Univ. of Cal. A14-858 

Chandler, Frank Wadlelgh, 1873- 
AHpwtH of modoni drama. D vili,491p *$2 (D) 
'J-I JMacnifllau 14-22316 

Chandler, W. H. 

JOxnroHH worvioe and rates. C) 310p $3 '14 JUi 

Hallo oKtcuifllon univ. 14-6460 

Merchants' parcel post and oxpress g-ulde; par- 

cel post and express charges from New York 

city to all express stations In the United 

HUiten. Q 810p $3.50 '14 W, H. Chandler, 233 

Broadway, K. 042, N. Y. 14-4295 

Chandler, Walter Bradford, 1873- 

OaUilog-uo of golden opportunities; with illus- 

tration** and instructions how to operate 

Chanfllor, TrovWonoe> 

rnac'-hlnon. Q 47p $3 
B, 1. 


Chandler, William Eaton, 1888- , A , > 
Daniol Webster birth place ceUbwition ft 


of commarce 


tHttow, pa '14 XT. 
Bupt r*f aoo; 


Franklin, Now Hampshire, on 
1&1JJ; oponltt<sr addrewt axta the 
MitttltA written by SEMna Doon Proo 
tap, ep gratis 'U ^umfo 
0. *75d 



Changing drama. Henderson, A. *$1.50 Holt 
Changing order. Wickersham, G: W. "$1.25 Put- 

Channels of English literature series. Button 

Sclielkng, F E English drama. *$1 50 
Channing, Edward, 1S56-. See Higginson, T. TV., 

Jt auth. 
Channon, Frank Ernest, 1870- 

(comp.) See Blake, W. H. Hand grips 
Chanson de Roland 

Song of Roland; tr. into English verse by 
A. S. Way. Q xvi,144p "$1.25 '14 Putnam 
Richter, L. M. Chantilly in history and art. 

*$6 '14 imp Scribner 

SCG also Choral music; Hymns 
Chants communal. Traubel, H. bds *$1; pa *25o 


Chapals, Thomas, 1858- 

Le marquis de Montcalm (1712-1759). O xii, 
695p por pa $1.50 '12 J. P. Garneau, Quebec 

Chapel in every home. See Wilson, J. JR. Appeal 

to all the world 
Chapin, Anna Alice, 18SO- 
Eagle's mate; il. by Douglas Duer. D 300p 
*$1.25 (F) '14 Watt 14-1106 

Topsy-turvy fairy; with il. by Anne Merri- 
man Peck. O 225p *$2 (0) '14 Dodd 14-18523 
Chapin, George M. 

Florida, 1513-1913, past, present and future; 

four hundred years of wars and peace and 

industrial development. 2v F G28,742p il hf 

lea $25 '14 Clarke, S. J" 14-18672 

Chapin, Howard Millar, 1887- 

Bihliograpliy of Ehode Island bibliography. O 

lip pa 50c '14 Preston & Hounds 14-21^8 

Printing press of the French fleet 1778-1781. 

il '14 priv ptd Preston & Rounds 
Seal, the arms and the flag of Khode Island. 
O 16p il 50c '13 Ithode Island hist. soc. 


Chapin, Robert Macfarlane 
Arsenical cattle dips: methods of preparation 
and directions for use. (Farmers' bul. 603) 
O 16p '14 TJ. S. Agnc.; 5c S.upt. of doc. 


Laboratory and field assay of arsenical clipping 
fluids. (Bul. no. 76) O 17p il '14 TJ. S. Agnc.; 
5c Supt of doc. Agrl4-550 

Chaplin, Alethea 

(comp.) Rose book of romance: a tupostry of 
old talcs, (for reading to the little ones) ; 
with 8 il. in col. by M. M. Johnson. O 261]> 
*$L50 '14 Crowcll 
Chapman, George, 1 559-1 G34 
Plays and poems; comedies; ed. with an in- 
trod, by T: Marc Parrolt. D xi,9Up il *$2 
(Mr) '14 Dutton 

Chapman, Herman Haupt, 1874- 
Forest valuation. xvi,310p il *$2 (D '14) 
'15 Wiley 14-22653 

Chapman, J. Wilbur, 1859- 
Personal worker's guide. S flex lea *25c '14 


Chapman, John Jay, 1862- 
(comp.) Deutschland uber alles; or, Germany 
speaks; a collection of tho utterances of rep- 
resentative Germansstatesmen, military 
leaders, scholars, and poots -in defence of 
the war policies of the Fatherland. I> 102p 
*75c (D) '14 Putnam 14-22G59 

^Memories and milestones, *$1.50 '14 Mofltat 
Chapman, Sydney John, 1871- 
Work and wages; in continuation of Karl 
Brassey's Work and wages and Itoreign work 
and Bngliah wages* pt. $, Social betterment. 
0,viil,382p *$3 (*9s) (0) '14 J.ongmam 
Chappeil, Edwin B., 1853- 

Buildiog the kingdom: the educational ideal of 
1 , , tlte 'diurcb. t> 882p $1 '14 Fub. house M. M. 
oh. So, ' 14-10042 

Chappell, Joseph Harris, 1849- 
Miscellanies of Georgia. $8 Harrison co. 

ChappeH, Marion 

Gardening don'ts; with col. front, by Alswen 
Montgomerie and 17 photographs from a 
Hampshire garden. T 55p *75c '14 imp Scrib- 

More gardening don'ts; with col. front, by 
Alswen Montgomerie, and 20 photographs 
from a Hampshire home. T 50p *75c J 14 
imp Scribner 

Chappie, Joe Mitchell, 1867- 

(ert.) Heart throbs new ed 75c '14 Grossct 
Chapter of accidents. Cory, I R. pa *20c Oxford 

Eigenmann, C. H. New characins in the col- 
lection of the Carnegie museum. 30c '13 Car- 
negie museum 


Beardslee, C. S. Abraham Lincoln's cardinal 
traits. *$l-25 '14 Badger, R: G. 

Carton, IT. Grand assize. *$3.35 '14 Doubleclay 

Cocroft, S. Character: as expressed in the 
body. 3d ed 50c '14 Headington pub. 

Fitch, A. P. College* course and tho preparation 
for lifo. *$1.?5 '14 Houghtoil 

Gillet, M. S. Education of character. *80c '14 


ttJastrow, J. Character and temperament. *?2 
'14 Appleton 

Lyttelton, E: 1 Character and religion. *$1.50 
'13 Revell 

Morse, H. C. To lovers and others. $1 '14 Uoy- 

Shantl, A. F. Foundations of character. *$3 '14 

Taylor. C: K. Character development. *?1 '13 

Vincent, E. TJ. Without sound of hammer. *25c 
'14 Meth. bk. 

Watson, A. D. Sovereignty of character los- 
sons in tho life of Jesus. *$1.50 'H Macmlllan 

Williams, R. T Perfect num. flOu 'M Pub. 
honse of the I'untec'OHtal clnirc'h of tho 

Verkes, R. M., and ^a riuo, D. W. Materials 
for a study of the self. 2d ed *$1 '24 Hunwrtl 
univ. press 

jRfro also Christian lifo; Conduct of lifo; 
Ethics; Individuality; Personality; Physiog- 
nomy; Temperament 
Character builder. Shaner, J: J. $2 J: J. Shanor, 

163 W. Santa Clara st., San Jose, Cal, 
Character Christ. Lhamon, W: J. *$1 Rcvoll 
Character development. Taylor, C: K. *$1 Win- 

Character reading through analysis of the fea- 
tures. Fosbroko, G. E. *$2.BO Putnam 

Chamberlin, W: E. Sixty-five charades. *$1 

'13 Clarke (corr pub) 
Charakterblld von Deutschland. Evnns, M. B,, 

and Morlinut, K!., crts. *$1 ITonth 
Chardenal, C. A. 

First French H 2SOp COc '14 JcnklnH 
Chariots of optimism. Vungolly, .1: It. I^Inlod 
for St. Paul's church by Wollcr & Auwtin, 
Flint, Mich. 

Burdett, TI: Hospitals and charities, 1914. 
25th year *10s 6d '14 Scientific press, Lon- 

Foas, W:, and West, J, Social worker and 
modern charity. *$L '14 Macmillan 

Miller, L. I)., comp. Now York oharlUoH di- 
rectory. 23d ed $1 '14 Charity organisation 

National oonferenco of Ofitholic oharliU^: 
Proceeding's, Hept. 2U-25, 1912. $a '13 National 
conforouco of Catholic charities, (JathuHo 
university, Washington, D. C, 

tr. S. Census, Bu, of. Itonovolcmt inHtiiiiUoiiH, 
1010. 2fl ed 'H XT. S. Consul; $1 Hupt. of doe,. 

White, W: J. Supervision of private lntltu- 
tions, lOc '07 National conf. of olmrttloM 

#rr totno Charity orgfinlasatlon; (Hilltiron ' 
(lharilleH, protoollon, etc.; J^rlntlly vlwll* 1 
log; noi)ltal; Inwano hoHpltaln; NurmM nnd 
nurBhig; Orphanw and orphan awylnmw; Poor; 
Hooial flCittloiuentej Social work 




Dunahoe, J. Scope of charity *a ed $1; pa 
4oc '14 Rev. James Donahoe, St Paul, Minn 

Sec also Charities, Love 
Charity laws and legislation 
Canheld, G F., comp. Cases and statutes 
on trusts and powers, perpetuities, accu- 
mulations and charitaHe uses in New York. 
buck $6 '14 Baker, Voorhis 

Chanty organization 
By ing ton, M. F. Confidential exchange 5c '13 

nussell Sage foundation 

Dying ton, M. F. What social workers should 
know about their own communities. 2d ed 
5c '12 Russell Sage foundation 

jSVr rt?,s'0 Charities 

Charity organization society, Buffalo 
Poverty in Buffalo when work was plentiful, 
36th annual report. O 79p il pa '14 Charity 
organization soc , 181 Franklin St., Buftalo, 

N. y. 

Charity organisation society, London 

HosancLiiel, H". Social work in London, 18G9- 

1!U2. *$J5 '14 Dutton 
Charity organization society, N. Y. 
Housing reiorm in Now York city; report of 
the Tenement house committee, Jan., 1914. 
47p il gratis '14 Charity organization soc 


Improving social conditions in New York city; 
annual report, October 1, 1912-October 1, 
1913. 3-lp lOc '13 Charity organization soc. 
Charlemagne's hostage. See Hauptmann, G J. R. 
Charles II, king of Great Britain, lG30-16Sr> 


Benson, B. H. Oddsfish! *$1.35 *U Dodd 
Charles XIV, king of Sweden and Norway, 1764- 

Jlarton, D. P. Bernadottc, the first phase, 

1768-1709. *$3.75 '14 Scribner 
Charles Edward, the Young Pretender, 1720- 

Tower, W: Prince Charlie. *$J.75 '13 Stokes 

Charles, Mrs. Christina Howell, 18G4- 
(iid.) See JtLuailin, O. J. Life and works 

Charles, Robert Henry, 1855- 

Apocryplui and psoudepigrapha of the Old 
Testament In JWnglish, with introd. and 
critlctil and ex pinna tory noUn to UK* wvwal 
book**; od. In Conjunction wiili many wchol- 
ar. 2v Q 60G;K8Gn *?U),20 '33 Oxford (oorr 
liilt'o) A 11-31 (57 

Charlotte, N. C. 


H dovolopiwiit between tho Old and 
tho Now Toslamonls. (Homo univ. lib, ojf 
modern knowledge, no. 88) 3 7-25Cp *50c 
H I loll 14-18100 

KtiulluH In tho ApocalypHo; bolng Iwturort de- 
livered before tho University of .London, () 
vlUUOp *$1.75 '13 imp Borlbnor H-14G1W 

Charlesworth, Frederick. See Balos, 12: L., Jt. 

Charley Circus among the Indians of Brazil. 

Morrison, \V: J, *COo rub. IIOUMO M, 10. ch. 

Charley Oirwis hunting and trapping fn -Brazil. 

Morrison, \V: ,f. *00c Pub. houHO M. K ch. 


Charley (Jlmin in tho wIlrtH of Hrnxll, Morriaon, 
W; J. *T)Oc, Tub, IIOUMO M. 10, ch, So, 

Charlie and Arabella Chick. Qaris, H. R.- 7Gc 

Charlleu, Hector de, 1K38- 

Jrfittlo Klorcntluo, it. and adapted from tho 

Fi'cmch by ti. Twllciholl; II. by J: (U)fl. 1> 

ISttp $1.25 (Ag) P U I'agft W-1848B 

Charlotte Am^IIe. prlnoets de La Tremtfllle; 

princess of Aldenbyrg, 1052-1732 
Autobiography of Oharlotto Amelia, princess 
of AUUmburgh, nt n o prlncoHH de la TroinlHlle, 
1052-17n2; tr from the French of the o 
inal manuscript and ftfl* by hrr doDic 
^, Airtaw I* .Blond; O 7-367p il 
ft, Nat & CD. 

Carraway, L. Charlotte, North Carolina, pa 

gratis '13 Greater Charlotte club, Charlotte, 

N. C. 


Life of Major General James Jackson. $5 Har- 
rison CO. 

Charlton, Emanuel Carlson, 1849- 
Ragged Hill; a rural church record. S 115p il 

pa $1 (D) '13 E. G. Charlton, Brookfield, 

Mass. 14-3308 

Charlton, H. B. 
Castelvetro's theory of poetry. D xv,221p 

*$1.GO (*5s) (Ja) '14 Longmans [14-7493] 
Charm of Ireland. Stevenson, B E. *$2.50 Dodd 
Charm of Scandinavia. Clark, F. E: and S. A. 

*$2.50 Little 
Charm of the antique. Shackleton, E. and E. 

*$2.50 Hearst's int lib. 
Charmed life of Miss Austin. Merwin, S: *$1 35 

Chart atlas of complex hyperbolic and circular 

functions. Kennelly, A. K *$4 Harvard univ. 

Chart of feet and teeth of fossil horses Clarke, 

W. H. *25c Jenkins 
Chart of the carbon compounds. Cuno, C: W. 

pa 30c Dept. of efficiency, Univ. of Denver, 

University Park, Col, 
Chart of the Federal reserve act. Kaye, B: M. 

pa B: M. Kaye, 140 Broadway, N. Y. 

Charter of Christ 

Spalding, M. C., ed. Middle English Charters 
of Christ, pa $1 '14 Mary C. Spalding, Wilson 
college, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Charteris, Evan 

William Augustus, duke of Cumberland, his 
early life and times (1721-1748). O xi,376p il 
porw *$350 (*12s 6d) (N) '13 Longmans 


Portland, Ore Charters. Charter of the oily 
of Portland as amended. 'J3 Portland, Ore. 


*U. S. JTydrographic office. General catalogue 
of mariners' charts and books pub. and sold 
by tho Hydrographic ofllco. pa GOc '14 U, S. 
liydrographic office 

Chase. Arthur Horace, 3SC4- 
(od.) Soo New Hampshire. Supplement to The 
public statutes 

Chase, Edith Fowler 

Bohemians: a study of the "Land of tho cup 
and tho book". (Immigrants in tho making) 
D CUp il pa *25c (O) '14 ttovoll 14-20556 

Chase, F. J, 

llouBO of Rothschild: a power behind thrones. 
S 27p ii '14 Penn national bank, Phil. 


Chase, Frederick. 1840-1890 
History of Dartmouth college. See Lord, J: K. 

Chase, Frederic Henry, bp,, 18R3- 
Oospelfl In the lisrht of historical criticism; with 
a preface on the obligations of the clergy, 
and the resurrection of our Lord. D xxxlv, 
80p *ROo (My) '14 Macrnlllan 

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Mason Foote 

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mainly of largo proper motion, (Transac- 
tions, v 2, pt 8) F 331-883P '12 Astronomical 
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Chase, George, 1849- 

(Ml,5 Cha<vs poctkot aodo; tho code o^.otvil 
procedure of Now York, as amended tg th 
otoM of the icuflilfttlv* a^wtoii 
xxtelOTp, *W/M nanlw , , 

(od.) $eo lbkofaifcottfl> W: 



Chase, Robert Howland, 1845- 
Mental medicine and nursing for use in train- 
ing-schools for nurses and in medical 
classes and a ready reference tor the general 
practitioner. D xv 244p il *$1.50 '14 Lippm- 
cott 14-20701 

Chase, William Martin, 1837- 
(ed.) See New Hampshire. Supplement to The 

public statutes 
Chassevant method of musical education, Guide 

to. Gibb, M. P. *$1 Stokes 
Chastity. See Purity 
Chateaux. See Cafctles> 
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(comp. & ed.) Polk- tales of Angola, fifty 
tales with Ki-mbundu text, literal English 
transition, introd., and notes (Memoirs of 
the American folk-lore soc , v. 1) O xii,31. r p 
2 maps *$3.50 '94 Am. folk-lore soc. 9-097 
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(tr.) See Brandes, G. M C. Friedrich Nietz- 

sche, Key, E. K. S. Younger generation 
Chater, Melville 

Bubble ballads; drawings by Gertrude A. 
Kay. O 148p *$1.50 'H Century 14-17312 
Chatham, Mass. 

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pa ea $1 '09-13 W: C. Smith, Chatham, 

Chatrian, Alexandra, i. e. Louis Gratien Charles 
Alexandre, 1820-3890. See Eivkmann, E., jt. 
Chats in the zoo. Weimer, T., and Jones, U. 

G. 40c Rand 
Chats on household curios. Burgess, F. W. *$2 


Chats on old coins. Burgess, P. W. *$2 Stokes 
Chats on old copper and brass. Burgess, F. W. 

*$2 Stokes 

Chattel mortgages. See Mortgages 
Chatterbox for 1914; founded by John Erskino 

Clarke. O 412p $1.75; bds $1.25 '14 Pago 
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tlFamouH old East Indiamen. O il *$3 '14 


Romance of piracy. O il *$i,GO '14 LippincotL 
Chaucer, Geoffrey, 13407-1400 
Complete works; ed. by W. W. Skcat (Ox- 
. ford standard authors) D 90(ip *60c '12 Ox- 


Complete poetical works, now first put into 
modern English by John S. P. Tatlock and 
Percy Mackaye. new and cheaper ocl (Mod- 
ern reader's Chaucer) D xii,C07p *$2; lea 
*$5 (S) '14 Macmillan 

Canterbury pilgrims, retold by Katharine Loo 

Bates; il. by Angus Macl>onall, with color 

plates by Milo Winter. O 7-312p *$1.75, *$2 

'14 Rand 14-6221 

Canterbury tnlos. (English literature ser. for 

schools) S 124p *20c (Jl) '14 Button 
Story of the Canterbury pilgrims; retold from 
Chaucer and others by F. J. Harvey Dar- 
ton; il. by M. L. Kirk. SlOp *$2 '14 Stokos 

Fansler, D. S. Chnucer and the Roman de la 

Rose. *$1.50 '14 Columbia univ. press 
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'14 Holt 

e, G: L. Essays on Chaucer. Harvard 
univ. press 
Chavannes, gdouard Emmanuel, 1865- 
Les documents chinois dcouverts par Aurel 
Stein dans los sables du Turkestan orien- 
tal, publics et traduits par fodouard E. Cha- 
vannes. F 277p il *$19,26 (*3 3s) '13 Ox- 


Pomeroy, M. E. Checkers; Pomoroy- Jordan 
world's championship matoh games, $1 '13 
H. HI. Ponaoroy, 610 Security bldgr., Bing- 
; hamton, M*. T. 

I^ewis, A, Error- proof method of keeping a 
bank account, pa 25c '13 Lewia systems 

U. S. Delegate to International conference on 
bills of exchange. JBills of exchange, pa G3c 
'13 Supt. of doc. 
Cheerful chestnut children. Thurston, C. B. bds 

$1.50 Doran 

ASVc albo Hapinness, Optimism 

Sec als't Dairying 

Cheesman, G. L. 

Auxilia of the Roman imperial army. O 192p 

I)ds -^J.TS ('3s; '14 Oxford 
Cheiro, pseud. (Louis Hamon) 

Coniessions of a modern seer. +$3.50 (S) '14 

McBride, Nast & co. 
Cheley, Frank Hobart, 1880- 
Three Rivers kids; il. by the author. D 255p *$1 

'14 West Mcth. bk. 14-8698 

Told by the camp fire. D xi,212p il *73c (My) 

'14 Assn. press H-D2S3 

Chelmsford, Mass. 
Vital records of Chelmsford, to the end of the 

year 1840. O 460p *$4 75 '11 KHHCX inst. 

1-1-1 17(i(5 
Chemical abstracts for 1913, Index to. pa $1 C: 

Jj. Tarsons, box 505, Washington, D. C, 
Chemical analysis. Sec Chemistry, Analytic 
Chemical analyses of some Kansas soils, frjwan- 

son, C. U. Kansas. Agric. oxpor. station, 

Chemical and biological survey of tho waters of 

Illinois. Sco Hartow, M: 
Chemical annual 1913, Van Nostrand's, Olsen, 

J: C:, and Mclhado, A., eds. lea *$2.50 Van 

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N: pa lOc Cornell college, ML Veruon, la. 
Chemical conversion tables. Battlo, II. U., aiul 

OuHcoync, \V: J: $2 Warwick & York 
Chemical elements 
HiJOisht-JblumberHlon, <!. 10. Origin of tho 

chemical elements and of cell life. $3 'M 

C. 10 KiM'ight-IIumbtirHlon, Newton Brook, 

Ontario, Can. 
Mr atoo Chemistry; Motaln; also names 

of elements, e, g. Carbon, Nitrogen, Utulium 
Chemical engineers. Sue American institute of 

chemical engineers 

Chemical Industries. See Chemtatry, Technical 
Chemical monographs. Van Nostrand 

Kuox, J. JWxatiou of titiuoHphcrio nltronou. *7no (4) 
Chemical national bank, N. Y. 
History of the Chemical bank, 182,3-3 013. O 
xiv,l(J7i> il nriv ptd '13 Chemical national 
bank, 270 Broadway, N. Y. 13-23613 

Chemical imt'holugy. lid od Wolln, II. (J. *$3.25 


Chemical physiology, Essentials of. 8th od Halli- 
burton, W: D. *$1.00 (*r>s) Longmans 
Chemical reaction, Velocity of 
Harrison, J. 1'. On t lie rcvcrHiblo addition of 
alcohols to njtriles catalyzed by Hodlum 
cthylate, II. pa line '13 Johns Hopkins 
Chemical reagents, Soo Chemical towtH and re- 

Chemical rubber company, Cleveland 
Handbook of c-hemiHtry and phyHk'Hf a rtuuly- 
r(forcrico pocket book of chemical nd phyH- 
ical dataj.oomp. from tho moat rmuuit an* 
thorltative ourc<M. I) 322p il $SJ 'M Clunnlwil 
Kubbor cio., Oloveland, (). 14-1001 

Tho nmtorial licro Inc-luclwl LUIK boon carefully Hclonlml 
liy W. Jt. Vonxoy and (Jhnrlcw J). ilotliuan, Trcf. 
Chemical society 

Annual reports on tho program of diomlHtry 
for IDia. v 10 O 312p *$2 (Ap) 'U Van 

Chemical teohnoJogy- Sec Chmnlulry, Toohuloal 
Chemical technology and nnalywiH of ollw, fatrt 
and waxofl, 5th ed LowUowltHoh, J. I, 5v v 2 
*$6.50 Macmillan 
Chemical tests and reagents 
Morck, W. Oheniioal roagontft. (boir purity 
and tests. 2d cd *$l 'H Van NoHtrand 



U. S. Census, Bu of. Thirteenth census of the 

U. S : 1910. Bui. Manufactures 190!. Statis- 

tics for the manutactuie of chemicals '13 

U. S. Census; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Battle, H. B , and Gascoyne, W: J: Chemical 

conversion tables, lea $2 Warwick & Yoik 
Blanchard, A. A., and Wade, F. B Founda- 

tions of chemistry. *$1.25 '14 Am bk 
Brownloe, R. B , and others. Chemistry of 

common things. $l.r>u '14 Allyn 
Chemical rubber co Handbook of chemistry 

and physics $2 '14 Chemical rubber co , 

Cleveland, O 
Cook, C* G Practical chemistry for high school 

students. *,$1.25 '14 App'eton 
Darzens, G. Chemistry. *50c 'It Doubleday 
Hesse, B C. Problem of international con- 

gresses of applied chemistry gratis '13 B. 
. Hesse, 90 William st , N. Y. 
Loeb, M. Scientific work. *$2 '13 Harvard 

univ. press 
Martin, F. W. Collegiate chemistry $1.30 '14 


Meidola, R Chemistry. *50c '14 Holt 
Newell, L C General chemistry. 2 pts *$1.20, 

pt 1, $1, pi 2, -(iOc '14 Floath 
North, II. B. Laboratory experiments m gen- 

eral chemistry, 2<1 ed ",$1 '14 Van Nostrand 
Olsen, J: C , and Melhado, A. Van Nostrand's 

chemical annual 1913. 3d ed *$2.50 '14 Van 

OtlonbeiR, R. Chemistry for nurses. *$1 '11 

Itnelh, F: P Practn-al COIU-HP in chemistry 

and electro-chemistry. $1 '13 Eleetroforce 

Roscoe, IT: HI., and Schorlemmcr, C. Treatise 

on chemistry. 5th ed v 2 *$7.50 '13 Macmil- 

Smith, A. Text book of elementary chemistry. 

*$1.2B '14 Century 
Snt'll. .I 1 K HSlt'iiicnliiry household chemistry 

*$1.2n 'H Mui'mlllnn 
Stewart, A W. Chemistry and its borderland, 

*?1.50 (Ts) '14 Longmans 
"\VaiUiiiM, (1. A Olu'iniHtry for the oiiRliwr, 

olec'tru'Iaii and llio pructU'iil man $1.50 '18 

Wron, II: OrtfiMinmctallir compounds of xinc 

mid nmtftiosium. H 7r< ( MI Van Ncstraud 

Mr tiltt't Achls; Agricultural ohoinislry, Al- 

C'liomy, Assaying; Atomic theory, (latalysis, 

Color; (VyHtullogruphy; Dissociation, Uloc- 

troc'homlHtrv; lOvaponilion; (Jason; Inns; 

Metallurgy; Mineralogy; Pharmacy; Plmto- 

ciluiniiHtry; LMiysic.'H; PhyHlolugicnl clu'iii- 

istry; Poisons; Radioactivity; Receipts, 

Sanitary olicmlniry; Solution (choi 

Spoctnim analysis; Stcreociioniislry 


Gary, Ind. Public library. List of books on 
electricity, civil engineering, inoclmniral 
engineering, chemical technology and chem- 
istry. gratis '12 

Index to chemical. abstract s for 1913. pa $1 
'13 C: U Paraons, box 505, Washington, D. 


Davis, P. A., and others. "Progressive chem- 

istry. 35o 'M [>. A, Davis, North high school, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Kouvlc.k, K, U, Uinlom experiments on re- 

actions In non-hoinoKcmooUH Hystoma. im 

25c '12 tTniv. of Toronto 


(2homl<*al society. Annual roportfl on Urn pro- 

growH of cheinlMtry for UH3. v 10 *$2 '14 Van 

- Hmith, K. K. Ohotnltry In America. *$2,60 '14 

Applet on 
TUden, W: A: ProtfrosH of Hclt^nUfln ehomlHtry 

In our own time*. U<1 tl *$ii.2C (*7 GU) '13 

istry m Holy Cross college r>i!c 'It J: P 

Gallagher, Holv Cross college, \Yorcester, 

jMattill, II I. Laboiatoiy directions for ele- 

mentarv chemistiy. 'oOc '14 Ho't 
Smith, A. Laboratory outline of elementary 

chemistry. -'i.'Oc '11 Centuiy 


American chemical journal. General index of 
v. 11-20 and v. 21-50. 2v v 1 $1; v 2 $1 50 '99, 
'14 Johns Hopkins 

Study and teaching 

Edelman, P. E. Experiments. $l.f>0, lea $*> 

'14 Philip E. Kdelman, Minneapolis, Minn 

Chemistry, Agricultural. See Agricultuial chem- 


Chemistry, Analytic 
Gardiner, G: G. Chemical anaUsia: ((ualitative 

and quantitative -"$2 50 'H Macmillan 
Knight, N: Notes on blowpipe analysis 5th 
ed pa lOc '14 Coincll college, Mt Vernon, 

>S'c<' Zs'> Assaying , Electrochemical an- 
alysis; Gases Analysis; Metallurgical an- 


Bailey, E. H: S., and Cady, H. P. Laboratory 

guide to the study of qualitative analysis. 

7th ed *$1.25 '14 Blakiston 
Bliss, A. R., jr. Laboratory manual of quali- 

tative chemical analysis. $2 '14 Dr. A. R. 

Bliss, jr., 824 S. 20th st., Birmingham, Ala. 
Martin, F W Qualitative analysis. $1 '14 BeJl 
Noycs, A A. Course of instruction in the qual- 

itative chemical analysis of inorganic sub- 

stances. 5th ed *$1.CO '14 Macmillan 
Vorisek, A. Qualitative chemical analysis, *$2 

'11 Blakiston 


Blasdale, W C: Principles of quantitative 

analysis. "$2.50 '14 Van Nostrand 
dimming, A. C , and Kay, S. A. Text book of 

quantitative chemical analysis, *$2 '14 

Frank, J. O., and OlemanH, TO. A. Manual of 

quantitative chomlcal analysis for the aeo- 

cnd year ol college work. 70c 'it Castlc- 

Piorco co., Oshkosh, "\A r itf. 
Kiiitfsx-ott, P. C H. ( and Knight, R S G. 

Methods of quantitative analysis. *$2 (*Cs 

(Id) M4 Longmans 
Mnliin, K: G Quantitative analysis. *$3 (*12s 

Gd) '14 IVIcGraw 
IMollor, J. W: Treatise on quantitative Inor- 

ganic analysis. *$8.50 '13 Lippmcott 
Chemistry, Industrial. Sue CliomlHtry, Technical 
Chemistry, tnorcjanlc 
Dennis, L: M. Problems in inorganic olionus- 

try. ijr>c Ml b: M. Dennis, Ithaca, N. Y, 
IVlellor, J. W: Introduction to modern inor- 

ganic chemistry. *$1.30 (Ms Cd) '14 Longmans 
Ontwuld, VV. P. Pritu-iples of inorganic (ihom- 

intry. /Ith td *$4.fiO '14 Macmillan 

/Kfcfi <il*t) MctalH; Mineralogy 
Chemistry, Mathematical. Sec Chemistry, Phy- 

Chemistry, Medical and pharmaceutical 

Antler, V. Chemistry and toxicology for 

nurse* *$Uif> '14 Haundors 
Rillcr, H: 0, ClouKftrvntlon in its relation to 

pharmaceutical chemistry, pa gratis '14 Inat. 

of indUHtrlal research 
l>rtluo, TO. M, Manual of laboratory methods. 

2d od $1.50 '13 JJurten pub. 
Me rtZ#o I>harmacy; I'HyHiologioal 

Laboratory manuals 

Clarke, II. T. Introduction to the study of 

organto chemistiy, *$2 '14 T>ongmana 
Gat&rmann, ]fe Practicai Wtjjpds of organic 
ohemistry 8d od *$176 14 MaomiUan 

AV J; flynthftto um of metnl m brganic 
1. *U llakiwtoa 

.1: P. 

, . . 

private UHO of tlto utud<nit In 

nuinua) for the 


-of or* 




Chemistry, Organic Continued. 

Holleman, A. P. Text-took of organic chem- 
istry. 4th ed $250 '14 Wiley 

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Methods of quantitative analysis *$2 ('Us 
Cd) '14 Longmans 

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ed *$1.50 '14 Wiley 

Stoddard, J: T. Introduction to organic chem- 
istry. *$1.50 '14 Blakiston 

Walker, J. Organic chemistry for students of 
medicine. *$2 50 '13 Van Nostrand 

8cc also Carbon; Fermentation, Physio- 
logical chemistry; Sugars 


Scudder, IT. Electrical conductivity and loni- 
zation constants of organic compounds. "$3 
'14 Van Nostrand 
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical 

Barger, G: Simpler natural bases. *$1 80 (*6s) 
'14 Longmans 

Gray, F. W. Manual of practical physical 
chemistry. *$1 25 '14 Macmillan 

Jones, H C. Introduction to physical chem- 
istry. *$1.60 '14 Macmillan 

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2d ed pa lOc '14 Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, 

Kremann, R. K. Application of the physico- 
chemical -theory to technical processes and 
manufacturing methods. *$3 '14 Van Nos- 

Landolt, H., and others. Phvsikallsche-chem- 
ische tabellen. 4th ed *$14 '12 Stechcrt 

Letts, J3. A. Some fundamental problems in 
chemistry, old and new. *$2 '14 Van Nos- 

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univ. press 

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istry, 5th ed *$3 '14 Wiley 

Nernst, W. Experimental and theoretical ap- 
plications of thermrdynamies to chemistry. 
*$1.25 '33 Yale univ. proas 

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(*7s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Smith, E. F. TI 

Theories of chemistry. $1 '13 

Soddy, F: Chemistry of the radio-elements. 2 
pts *$1.25 (*4s); pt 2 *60c (*2s) '14 Long- 

Sec afao Atomic theory; Catalysis; Chemi- 
cal reaction; Crystallography; Dissociation; 
Electrochemistry; Electrolysis; Ions; Liquid 
air; Osmosis; Photochemistry; Physics; 
Radioactivity; Solution (chemistry); Stereo- 
chemistry J Thermodynamics 
Chemistry, Physiological, See Physiological 


Chemistry, Sanitary. Seo Sanitary chemistry 
Chemistry, Technical 

Am. inst. of chemical engineers. Transac- 
tions, vol. 6, 1913. *$G '34 Van Nostrand 

Arndt, K. Popular treatise on the colloids in 
the industrial arts. 75c '14 Chemical 

Baekeland, L. H. Some aspects of industrial 
chemistry, pa 25c '14 Lcmcke 

Bailey, TO. IT: S. Sourco, chemistry nnd UHO 
of food products. *$1.GO '34 Blaldston 

Bayley, T: Pocket-book for chemists, chem* 
ical manufacturers, metallurgists, dyers, 
distillers, etc. 7th ed *$1.50 Spon (corr price) 

Brownlee. R. B. Chemistry of common things. 
$1.50 '14 Allyn 

Hesse, B. C. Problem of international con- 
gresses of applied chemistry, gratis. '13 B. 
C. Hesse, 90 William at, N. T, 

International congress of applied chemistry. 
Annual tables of constants and numerical 
data, v 3 *$7.20; pa *$6.40 'H Univ. of 
Chicago press 

Kromann, R. Application of the physico-chem- 
ical theory to technical processes and man- 
ufacturing methods. *$2.50 '14 Van Nostrand 

Lcwkowitsch, J, I. Chemical technology and 
analysis of oils, fats and waxes. 5Lh ed 3v 
V 2 *$C.50 '14 Macmillan 

Olsen, J: C:, and Melhado, A., eds. Van 
Nostrand's chemical annual 1913. lea *$2.50 
'14 Van Nostrand 

Fee f/?9'j Alcohol, Denatured; Cement; Clav 
industries, Coal-tar colors; Corrosion and 
anti-cuirosives, Dyes and dyeing; Electro- 
chemistry; Explosives; Fuel, Industrial 
artw; Metallurgy, Oils and fats; Paint, Pe- 
troleum, Receipts, Soap, Sugars; Tar; Tex- 
tile industry and fabrics; Wood distillation 

Thorpe, E*, and others. Dictionary of applied 
chemistry. fiv ea '$13 CO t'45s) '12-'13 Long- 

Chemistry and its borderland. Stewart, A. W. 
"$1.50 (*5s) Longmans 

Chemistry and practice of sizing:. Bean,-, and 
Scarisbrick,-. $10 Textile world record 

Chemistry in America. Smith, B. F. *$2.50 Ap- 

Chemistry of cattle feeding and dairying. Mur- 
ray, J. A. *$1 75 (*6s) Longmans 

Chemistry of common things. Hrownlce, R. D., 
and others. .$1.50 Allyn 

Chemistry of dyeing Wood, J: K. *75c Van 

Chemistry of gns manufacture. Roylc, H. M. 
$4.50 Am. sa light journal, 42 Pino at., 
N. T. 

Chemistry oi rubber. Porritt, B. D, *75c Van 

Chemistry of the radio-elements. Soddy, F: 2 
pts *|1.25 (*4s); pt 2 *60c (*2s) Longmans 

Chemistry, properties and tests of precious 
stones. Mastin, J: limp lea *80c Spon (oorr 


Smith, K. F. Chemistry in America. *$2.50 
'14 Appleton 

Chen, Shao-Kwan. 38SC- 

Systcm of taxation m China in tho Tsing dy- 
nasty, 3644-1913. (Columbia univ. studios in 
history, economics and public law, v. 50, 
no. 2; whole no. 143) O 11 8p pa *$1 '34 
Longmans 14-32141 

Cheney, Charles Edward, bp,, 1836- 
Belated Hantagenet. (Club papers, Chicago 
literary club) D 7-53p '14 prlv ptd Chicago 
literary club- 14-10-118 

Cheney, Mrs. Elizabeth 

House of love. D ll-334p pi *$1.25 '14 Ablnff- 
don press 14-30210 

Cheney, Sheldon 

Now movement in tho theatre. O Wp il *S:3 
(D) '14 KemuTloy 

Cheney, Walter Lee. Hoo Oolvln, K. TI., Jt. 

Cheng Mao, 1851-1894? 

Brown, C. C. Chinese St. Francis. *$1 '11 

Chenoweth, Fannie E. 1802- 
Montana pioneers, (Uionowoth IvorwcO. Q Iflp 
il JMI 50c (A#) M4 T: Clicnowoth, KullHpoll, 
Montana M-lfiOBl 

Cheraw Indians 

(Jrfjf?^, A. History of tho old Ohorawa, $5 'Ofi 
State co. (CCJIT price) 


Hiopiml, J. U. Cherry srrowinjc. Ta 10c '12 Pa- 
cific horticultural correspondence school 

Cherrington, Ernest Hurst, 3877- 
Anti-Haloon league yoarbook, 19 H. J) 244)) il 

maps *fJOc; pa *25c '34 Am. IMSWO pub, 
lliotory of tho Anti-saloon league, o mop fiOo 
(N) '33 Am. Issue pub. 3J{-2fi00 

Cherry. Henry Hardln, 1864- 
Oroator Kentucky. D lOp '18 Kentucky. Dcpt. 
of educ., Frankfort IOH-35 

Cherry, Jeremiah Taylor, 18H2- 

Titho law; Its oriwrin, trm'ful from tmradiwo; it 

taiivornaUty, founded upon tlio (ituturlnK f 

latlonH (^iHiinflf bcdwoon God and man. I) 

128p pa 25c '14 Pentecostal pub. 14-B177 

Cherry, T. C, 

Kentucky suppl^mnnt. (Tarr and McMurry'n 
now g<?ograt)lles) 32p 11 pa *20c '14 Mac,- 



Chesebroi'gh family 

Wilder, A. C. Chesebrough family $10 TV'right, 
T. .A.. 

Chesley, Albert Meader, 1875- 

Indoor and outdoor gymnastic games. (Spald- 
mg Red cover ser. of athletic handbooks, 
no 40R) D 7i)p il pa 25c '13 Am. sports pub. 


Social activities for men and boys. 4th ed D 

319p il *$1 '14 Assn. press 

Balpd, P. Three-move problems and how to 
solve them. *60c '14 Dutton 

Cook, W: Chess players' compendium. 5th ed 
$2 '14 McKay 

Turnbnll, W. P. Chessman in action >=60c '14 

Chesser, Elizabeth Sloan 

From girlhood to womanhood. (Questions of 
sex) D xvi,141p *$1 (F) '14 Funk 14-1.><)54 

Perfect health for women and children. D lip. 
276p *$1.35 (O) '13 McBride, Nast & co. 

w A14-1061 

^ oman, marriage and motherhood; with an 
introd. by Mrs Frederic Schoff. D xv,287p 
"$1.50 (O) '13 Funk A14-6G2 

Chessman in action. Turnbull, W. P. *GOc Dut- 

Chester, George Randolph, 1869- 
Cordelia Blossom; il by H: Raleigh. D 11- 
384p *$1.S5 (Ap) '14 Hearst's int. lib. 

Tale of red roses. D 2!Gp *30c '11 Bobbs 

and Chester, Lillian 

ISall ol firo. O 370p il *$1.35 (S) '14 Hearst's 
int. lib. H-l G91C 

Chester, Lillian. See Chester, G: R., jt. auth. 
Chester, Robert, fl. 1COO 

rooms by Sir J: Saluaburv and Robert Ches- 
ter, with an introd. by Cai'leton Brown. 
(Monograph ser. v. 14) O lxxiv,86p pa $1.50 
'13 Ilryn Mawr college 14-1439 

Chester, Pa. 

Himlh, H. V., comj). Chester and vicinity. $t; 
$1.50; $2 'M II: V. Smith, l.nw bldg , Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

Chester Lawrence, Story of. Anderson, N. 7Gc 
Doserot news 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, 1874- 
Flylng inn. D 320p *$1.30 (Ja) '14 Lane 


ItWIUl knight fpoclryl. *$1.25 44 Dutton 
Wisdom of FallH'r Brown; with a col front. 
by Hulnoy Hoyniour LUC'UH. I) 31 Lp *$1.IIO (! 
'U Lano 1 1-20507 


Lou*?, W: IT: T)cnlh of cliOjitmilfl mul oaks duo 
to armlllnrla molloa. 'H U. S. Agrlc.; fiu 
Hupt. of rtoc, 

NclIlH, J. C!: Use for chowtnut timber klili-a 
by the bark dtecafcjo. '14 IT. s. AgrK.; fit*. 
Supl. of doc, 

AmlorHon, P. J, Morphology and life history 
of the chestnut blight fim#UH. '18 PowiHyl- 
vanla chestnut blight commission, JlarrlH- 

Chet at Harvard. Stokes, It JO, *$t Sully & 

Chevalier, August, 1871- 
Ohovalior llluat rated map guldo of San Fran- 
clHc-o, tho oxpositjon city. D G-9Cp plan 2Hc 
'13 A, Chevalier, San ^Vancisco, Cal. 14-017 

Chevreuse, Marie de Rohan, duchesse de, 1600- 

1 G7i) 

IlatKTol, L: DuchotiMo do OUovrouso. *$3 '14 
I )odc! 

Chevrlllon, Andr6 Loult, 1S64- 

riillOHophy of Kuskln. O *$1.50 '14 Dutton 
Cf. H. Quartcrinantor aorjw. lllitfltratlonw of 

clmvroxiM. pa SOo '14 Hwpt. of doc* 
Chow, Tobias 0, 

<<,'<> in fi.) l^at-tlc'ttl hltrU fldiool HpoUor. I) lOOp 
*40c (Ap) '14 AUyn 

Cheyne, Elizabeth Gibson 

Man with the mirror. D 159p $1 CN) '14 Mac- 

Che>ne, Rev. Thomas Kelly, 1841- 
Fresh \oj\-iges on unfrequented waters O 
xxm,17tlp 4 $160 (Ap) '14 Macmillan 14-10078 
Contents. Old Testament, Including Apocrypha, New 
and Black, John Sutherland, 1S46- 

(eds) Encyclopaedia Biblica, dictionary of the 
Bible new ed O xxxn,2722p *$$ (O) '14 Mac- 

Cheyne, Sir William Watson, 1852-, and Burg- 
hard, Frederic Francis, 1S64- 

Manual of surgical treatment; new ed rev 
and largely rewritten with the assistance 
of T: Percy Legg, and Arthur Edmunds. 
5v v 4-5 ea *$6 '13-'14 Lea 
Cheyne Walk 

Blunt, Jl. In Cheyne "Walk and thereabout. +$3 

'14 Lippmcott 

Cheyney, Edward G., 187S-, and Wentllng, 
John P. 

Farm woodlot: a handbook of forestry for the 

farmer and the student in agriculture. (Ru- 

ral science ser ) D xn,343p il r $1.50 (Je) '14 

Macmillan 14-11515 

Cheyney, Edward Potts, 1861- 

History of England, from the defeat of the 
Armada to the death of Elizabeth; with 
an account ot English institutions dur- 
ing the later sixteenth and early seven- 
teenth centuries. 2v v 1 O 10p,560p *$3.50 
(F) '14 Longmans 14-2959 

Chez nous. David, H: C: E: *80c Holt 
Chicago. Civil service commission 

Report on the investigation of engineer and 
janitor service, Board of education, city of 
Chicago. Q 71p '13 Civil service comm., Chi- 
cago 14-14098 

Report on tho investigation of prison labor 
and management, House of correction, city 
of Chu-aRO. Q 60p il '14 Civil service comm, 
Chicago 14-10365 

Reports on thn Bureau of streets, Department 
of public \\orka, oily of Chicago Q 113p 11 
'13 Chicago. Civil service commission 14-2686 
Chicago. Gas and electricity, Dept. of 

lie vised electrical rules. 244p lOc 'It Chicago 

City clerk 
Chicago. Health, Dept. of 

Hand-book ot general orders, instructions and 

rules for field employes in the Bureau 

of motlU-al mnimcllon. S vii,10()p '13 Chirugo. 

Dcj.t of hpaUh 14-14123 

Chicago. Mayor's commission on unemployment 

Report. 17, r i) pa gratis (Mr) '14 City of Chica- 
go. Municipal reference lib, 14-18204 

Chicago. Waste commission 

llepcrl to the Chicntfo city council on the sub- 
ject of I he eollection, delivery and disposal 
of ftarl>nK< k d waste. 1) 69p maps dlags pa 
'14 City of Chicago, Municipal reference lib. 


Chicago and surrounding country: new road 
map, 91; diHSCctod $2.50 '14 For sale by Mc- 

Cox, IT: .1., and Armington, J: H. Weather and 
(slittmto of Chicago. *$3 '34 Univ. of Chicago 

McClulloiiKh, t): TOarly days of Peoria and Chi- 
cago. pa *25o (Chicago htHt. soc. 

Bathing beaches 

ChicnKo, Lnko t^horo reclamation commission. 
Uoport to tho mayor and tho City council of 
tho city of Chicago. '12 


TJ, S. ttnglnoor dopt. Chicago harbor and ad- 
jacent waterway*. T>a $1 'W Supt. of doc* 


XT. P. Engineer dcpt, Chicago harbor an<J ad- 
jiicoiii waterways, pa $1 '13 &upt* ojf <loo. 




Chicago History Continued. 
Mann, C: W. Chicago common council and 
the fugitive slave law of 1850. pa *23c Chi- 
cago hist, soc (corr price) 
Mason, E: G., ed. Early Chicago and Illinois. 
*$3 Chicago hist. soc. 

Politics and government 

Chicago bureau of public efficiency. Nineteen 
local governments in Chicago, a multiplicity 
of overlapping taxing bodies with many 
elective officials, pa '13 Chicago bureau of 
public efficiency 

Public schools 

Chicago. Civil service commission. Report on 
the investigation of engineer and janitor 
service, Board of education, city of Chicago. 

Social conditions 

Kennedy, J: C., and others. Wages and family 
budgets in the Chicago stockyards district, 
pa *25c '14 Univ. of Chicago press 
Chicago and surrounding country: new road 
map. $1; dissected $2 50 '14 For sale by Mc- 

Chicago. Art institute 

Catalogue of two exhibitions of paintings by 
Alexander and Birge Harrison from October 
10 to October 30, 1913. D 22p il pa 20c '13 
Art mst. of Chicago 14-7251 

Chicago bureau of public efficiency 
Nineteen local governments in Chicago, a mul- 
tiplicity of overlapping taxing bodies with 
many elective officials; Chicago's greatest 
needs arc the unification of its local govern- 
ments and a short ballot. (Publications, 23) 
O 28p il maps pa CD) '13 Chicago bureau of 
public efliciency 14-G7U6 

Office of the county treasurer of Cook county, 
Illinois: an inquiry into the administration 
of its finances with special reference to 
the question of interest on the public funds. 
O 67p pa (N) '13 Chicago bureau of public 
efliciency 14-f>872 

Second plea for publicity in the office of county 
treasurer, a statement to the voters of Cook 
county. I) lOp pa '14 Chicago bureau of pub- 
lic efficiency 

Chicago cartoonists' club 

Gallery of pen skc-tches of our Chicago friends. 
F 17-432p '14 pnv ptd by O'Donnell-Bromley 
co., 4753 Ravenswood av. f Chicago 14-6165 
Chicago daily journal 

NotaMe men of Illinois and their state. Q 7- 

'12ii) il '34 Chicago daily journal, Chicago. 

111. 14-137(18 

Chicago daily news almanac and year-book for 

1914. Langland, J. *25c Chicago daily news 

Chicago. First Presbyterian church 

Otis, P. A. First Presbyterian church, 1833- 

1913. $1.50 '13 Revell 
Chicago high school teachers' club 
Studies m secondary education, salaries and 
teaching conditions. O 23p '14 Chicago high 
school teachers' club E14-7012 

Chicago historical society 
Chicago historical society: 1857-1907; addres- 
ses by Ezra B. McCagg and Franklin II. 
Head, pa *25c '07 Chicago hist, soc, (corr 
price) 0-3571 

Exhibition of objects illustrating the history 
and condition of the republic of Liberia, 
March 23 -April 4, 1914. D 42p 14 Chicago 
hist. sue. 14-12934 

Chicago. Lake shore reclamation commission 
Ileport to the mayor and the Oily council of 
the city of Chicago. O 383p rtiags '12 Lake 
shore reclamation comm., Chicago 13-14030 
Chicago. Municipal markets commission 
Chicago municipal markets commission, ap- 
pointed by Mayor Harrison to make a com- 
prehensive wludy and report on tlio subject 
of municipal markets and other agencies 
tending to bring tho producer and the con- 
sumer into closer contact [preliminary re- 
port"! . O 54p pa gratis '14 Chicago. Municipal 
reference lib., 1005 OHy hall. Chicago 

' ' ' f 14-12367 

Chicago. Municipal reference library 

Municipal dance halls. (Bui. 2) lOp pa gratis 
(Mr; '14 City of Chicago Municipal refer- 
ence lib. 

Payment of fines in installments by offend- 
ers (Bnl no 4) O 16p pj. '11 City ol Chi- 
cago Municipal reierence lib. 

Rates of fare of public motor vehicles in 
Iilteen laige cities. (Bui. no. ]) o pa '14 
City of Chicago. Municipal reference lib. 

Study of rapid transit in seven cities (Bui. no. 
3) O i'Gp pn '14 City ot Chicago. Munici- 
pal reference lib. 14-17729 
Chicago. Public library 

Scandinavian books, Danish-Norwegian and 
Swedish, added to the Chicago public li- 
brary since 1909. O 16p '33 Chicago public 
lib. 14-5395 

Social sciences; finding list, Chicago public 
library. O 371p '14 Chicago public library 


Chicago society of etchers 

Two etchings of a bridge, with a note by 

T: Eddy Tallmadge. F lOp 2 pis '33 pnv 

ptd Chicago ROC. oi etchers 14-9G6 

Chicago to Milwaukee and runs thereabout, pa 

2f)C '14 For sale by McClurg 
Chicago. University 

Federal graduated income tax: a debate; 
the constructive and rebuttal speeches of 
the representatives of the University of 
Chicago in the thirteenth annual contests 
of the Central debating league against 
Northwestern and Michigan. O 46p pa *$1 
'11 Delta slgma rho, Univ. of Chicago; for 
sale by Wilson, H. w. 

Recall (excluflms judges): a debate. O 38p 
pa *$1 '12 Delta sigma rho, Univ. of Chi- 
cago; for sale by Wilson, H. W. 12-35356 
Chicago. University. Alumni council 
Alumni directory, Ihe University of Chicago, 
11)13. xiv,-l06p pa *$1 (O) '13 Univ. of Chi- 
cago press K14-34IJ 
Chicago. University. School of education. Uni- 
versity high school 

List of books suited to a high-school library. 
(Bui. 1913, no. 35; whole no 545) O 104p 
'13 U. S. Educ.; 15c Supt. of doc. E14-3G 
Chichen-ltza, Mexico 


Rivers, W: IT. R., and others, ttcporln upon 
the present condition and future munis of 
the science of anthropology, pa $2 'J3 Car- 
negie inst. 

Chickens. See Poultry 
Chickens and chicks. Montgomery, R T, .Tic 1 

Hurse & Hopkins 
Chickerlng, Edward Conner, 1875-, and Hoadley, 


Beginners' Latin by the direct method. I) cvlll, 
14()p pi *7oc; touchers' etl *$i 'J4 Hct'Umer 


Chldley, Rev. Howard James, 1K7S- 
Fifty-lwo story talks to boys nnd girls. O 
xxii,12lip *7Bo 'J-l Doran 14-11004 

Chief contemporary dramatists. Dickinson, T: 
M. II., ocl, Hoiitfhton 
Chief cornur-stono. Havison, W; T. *$l.RO Mitli. 

Chief Middle English poots. Woaton, J. L., od. 

*$2 Iloughton 
Chief publishing co. ( N. Y. 
Customs service; complete course of Instruc- 
tions, with questions and answers. W 333p 
$1 (H) '14 Chief pub. 14 -1,9183 

Postal florvico: how to ontor it, 6th ed H 809p 
$1 (My) 'M Chief pub. 14-0102 

Chignell, N. J,, and Pateraon, W. E. 
Arithmetic; with or without answers, o 32Bp, 
45p; 32<l-593p,27p *$UG; in 2 pts oa *0Qo; 
Kxamplos only, "90c; In 2 pts oa *B()c '14 Ox- 

Child, Georole Boynton 
Efficient kitchen, definite <HrocUou& for tho 
planning, arranging and equipping of tho 



Child, Georgie Boynton. Efficient kitchen Gout. 
modern labor-saving kitchen; ed. and arr. 
by Louise Boynton. D xiii,242p il *$1.25 (Mr) 
'14 McBride, Nast co. H-54SG 

Child, Maurice 

Small power wireless installation. D 123p 39 

il bds 50c '14 Spon 
Child, Richard Washburn, 1881- 

Blue wall. D il 75c '14 Grosset 
Child, William Henry, 1832- 

History of the town of Cornish, New Hamp- 
shire, with genealogical record, 1763-1910 2v 
O 79 2p il $3 50 '11 Paul Davidson, Cornish, 
N. H. 14-13592 

Child and his spelling. Cook, "\V: A , and O'Shea, 

M. V. *$1 Bobbs 
Child conservation league of America 

Chi'd conseivation league oi America, its 

plan and purpose; getting started right O 

20p il '14 Howard- Severance co. 14-4240 

Child culture and motherhood Walker, M. E. 

$1 50 Mis. M. El. Walker, in caio of Two 

color PI-OHM, 2925 Irving park blvd., Chicago 

Child m the midst. Labarec, M. *50c; pa *3<Jc 

Central com. on the United study ot ioreign 

missions, West Medford, Mass. 

Child labor 

Aadums, J. Plea for more play, more pay and 
more education for our factory girls and 
boys. '34 priv ptd Chicago assn. of com- 
merce, 10 a. .La Salle St., Chicago 

Ulascoer, F. Industrial condition of women 
and girls in Honolulu, pa '12 Kaiulani home 
for girls, Honolulu, H. 1. 

Hloomneld, M. School and the start in life, 
[bibliography.] pa '14 U. S. ICduc.; 15c Supt. 
of doc. 

Freeman, A. Boy life and labour. $1 '14. For 
ale by Survey associates 

Guild, O. Address: The eight hour day for 
child ren under sixteen, pa gratis '13 Mass, 
child labor committee, Beacon st., Boston 

Hartford vocational guidance committee. He- 
port, January, 1914, '14 

Ilnyne.s, K. FJ Child labor legislation in Iowa. 
]ia !>()< "M Iowa. State hist soc. 

liocM'eldor, J. Attendance ullicor, examination 
in. struct ion, truant oilicer, 450 questions and 
MiiMwerH, $2 M4 ( 1 ivil service chronicle 

Ijeavitt, K 1 . M. Oo-operation of the schools in 
reducing child labor. 'M National child la- 
bor committee 

Lovojoy, O. It. More protection for working 
children, pa 2r>c '13 National ehild labor 

Mangold, O: B: Problems of child welfare, p. 
271-341. *$2 '14 JMucmillan 

Marklwm, M , nnd others. Children in bond- 
ago. *$l.fiO '14 Jfearst'H int. lib. 

National child labor comniittoo. (Iliild labor 
stories for children, pa 2, r >c '1JJ National child 
labor com. 

New York (state) , Factory Investigating 
comm. Second report. 2v '13 Lyon, printers. 

Ohio. Child labor law na found in tho general 
codo of Ohio, pa '13 Ohio. Indus txial coin- 
mlHHion, Columbus 

Itochestor, N. Y". Hchool censufl board. Child 
In Industry. 'L3 

Wisconsin. Child labor law. MS Win. Indus- 
trial comm, 

Wisconsin. IntlurtlHal commlrtsion, Madison. 
Women and children In industry. '14 

/S'w din i Hours of labor 

Child mind. Dumvillcs B: 85o Warwick & York 
Child of Mary's own manual. Coolonbier, L: C., 

oomp, *30c Benzigor 

Child of the Orient, Brown, D. *$1.25 Houghlon 
Child saving, Woo Children Charities, protec- 
tion, etc. 
Child study 

Am. Inst. of child Ufa. Dramatic Instinct in 
children, pa Be Am. Inst. of child life 

Am. lnt. of cUlld Hfo, Dramatics in tho home, 
pa* too 'in Am. lnt. of child lite 

Am. In Hi of e.hild Hfo. Socond and third years, 
pa lOo 'H Am. iiwt. of wUIU life 

UarnoH, TO. PycjUolory of childhood and youth, 
BOo 't 

Chamberlain, A. F. Child, a study in the evo- 

lution of man. 2d ed -$1.50 '11 Scribner 
Dumville, B: Child mind Soc '13 Warwick & 

Forbush, W: B. Calendar of childhood and 

3'outh. pa oOc '13 Am. inst of child lite 
Gershel, M. A Investigation into the growth 

in height and weight of dependent children 

'11 Russell S'ige lounclation 
Gibson, A E. Psychology of child life 25c '14 

Dr. Axel E Gibson, 518 Chamber of com- 

merce, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Hardt, H. G , and Town, C. H Guide or the 

clinical examination of children, pa 50c '12 

"Lincoln state school & colony, Lincoln, 111. 
Hill, D: S. Notes on the problems of extreme 

individual differences in children of the 

public schools. '13 Dept. of educational re- 

search, New Orleans 
Huey, E. B. Syllabus for the clinical examina- 

tion of children. 35c '12 Warwick & York 
Jacoby, G. W. Child training as an exact sci- 

ence. *$1.50 '14 Funk 
Morgan, B. S. Backward child. *?1 25 '14 Put- 

Sylvester, R. H. Form board test. 75c '13 

Psychological review 
Wallin, J: B: W. Mental health of the school 

child. '$2 '14 Yale univ. press 
Winch, W: 3-1 Children's perceptions. $150 

Warwick & York 

jfifcfl also Barkward children, Children; 

Kindergarten; Play; Psychology, Educa- 



Wilson, L. N., comp. Representative books 
in child study, pa gratis '14 Clark univ. 


Child training 1 as an exact science. Jacoby, G: W. 

*$1 50 Funk 
Child welfare exhibit. Atlanta univ., Atlanta, 


Child went forth. Pawlowska, Y. *$1.50 Hough- 

Childe Harold's pilgrimage. See Byron, G: G, 

N. B. 

Childhood. Arden, J *$1 Macmillan 
Childhood and youth series; ed. by M. V. O'Shoa 

*$1 "Robfos 

rook, W* A, <iml O'HlitM, M. V. Clilld and his HOPlllntf 
Hlowi', W. S Natural oihifntiou 
S\\Ilt, K J Lcnrnlnfi and dciJiiK 
Childhood of the world. Clodd, E: *$1.25 Mac- 


Albert, V. Kids and ld<ldlfl. $1 'U Raalficld 
"PJmovy, M. H. Ttoal ohildron in many lands. 

$1.10 '14 Underwood 
Laburop, M. Child In the midst. *fiOc: pa *30c 

'14 Central com. on tho United study of for- 

eign missions. Went Modford, Mnas. 
T.ovojoy, H. Solf-training for motherhood. *$1 

'14 Am. unltar. 
Pondlcton, P3. R. Saving- tho children, pa *10c 

M4 Arn. Itupt. 
Scott, J: M. Tnio thought of the child. 15c 

'14 Nunc lioet presa 
Williams, M\ Nofflet-lod childhood, pa *tOc '14 

Am. Ilapt. 
flee afro Backward children; Birth rato; 

Boya; Child labor; Child study; "Education, 

TOlemonlary; Education of children; Family; 

Father; GIrl; Tlorodity; Homo; Infant 

mortality; TnfiLtits; Juvenile dellnctuoncy; 

Kindor^iirton; Tjlbraries, Children's; Moth- 

era; Orphans and orphan aaylurns; IMay; 

I'MayKrounds; School chlMran; Sunday 

HfhoolB; also headings beginning Chilctron; 



M'<! cuildrou'M amiiHomotilR and 


Marwhall, TI. K. Boy- kings and Klrl queens. 
*$t.76 'U S * 





Children Continued. 

Care and hygiene 

Holt, L. E. Care and feeding of children. 7th 

ed *75c '14 Appleton 
Metropolitan life insurance co. Chi'd. pa 

gratis '12 Metropolitan life insurance co. 
Morse, J: L. Care and feeding of children. 

*50c '14 Harvard univ. press 
Sanger, M. H. What every mother should 

know. Ms *35c '14 Rabelais press 
Spitzy, H. Die korperliche erziehung des 

kindes. $4.50 '13 Rebman 
Terman, L: M. Hygiene of the school child. 

*$1,65 '14 Houghton 
Weeks, M. Parents and their problems. Sv 

subs $15; hf lea $25 '14 National congress 

of mothers, 905 Washington loan & trust 

bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Wheeler, M. Young mother's handbook. *$1 

'14 Harper 

Woman citizen and the home. (Woman citi- 
zen's lib., v. 12) per ser. of 12v $1450; lea 

$1<* 50, pa $10 50 'li Civics soc. 
Sec also Children Diseases; Children 

Management, Infants Care and hvglcnc; 

Nurses and nursing, School hygiene; Schools 

Medical inspection 

Charities, protection, etc. 

Bodine, W: L. Bodine's reference book on 
juvenile welfare. $3 '13 W: L. Bodine, Chi- 

Bowen, L. H. Safeguards for city youth at 
work and at play. *$1 50 '14 Macmillan 

Carstens, C. C. Public pensions to widows 
with children, pa lOc '13 Russell Sage foun- 

Gershel, M. A. Investigation into the growth 
in height and weight of dependent children. 
'11 Russell Sage foundation 

Indiana. Laws concerning children. '34 In- 
diana. Board of state charities, Indianapolis 

Mangold, G: B' Problems of child wollare. 
*$U '14 Maomillan 

North Dakota. Public library comm. Widows' 
pension laws. '14 N. D, Public library coinni., 

St. Louis, Mo., Juvenile court, lleview of the 
work of the St. Louis Juvenile court for the 
five year period April 30, 1908- April 30, 1913. 

TJ. S. Census, Bu. of. Benevolent institutions, 
1910. 2d ed '14 IT. S. Census; $1 Supt. of doc. 

U. S. Children's bu. Annual report, '14 U. S. 

U. S. Children's bu. Laws relating to 
"Mothers' pensions" in the United States, 
Denmark and New Zealand, pa lOc '14 Supt. 
of doc. 

Mo ttl8t> Child labor; Juvenile courts; 
Mothers' pensions; Orphans and orphan asy- 
lums; Playgrounds 


Abt, I: A., ed. Pediatrics. $1.35 '14 Year book 

Am. pediatric soc. Transactions of the 25th 

session held at the New Willard hotel, 

Washington, D. C., May 5, 6, and 7, 1913. 

v 25 '14 Am. podiatric soc. 
Candler, Q: II: Bvery-clay diseasos of chil- 
dren and their rational treatment. 2d ed $1 

'14 Abbott press 
Fischer, L: Diseases of infancy and childhood. 

5th ed *$G.50 '14 Davis 
Frazer, J: Tuberculosis of the bones and joints 

in children. *$4,50 'U Macmillan 
Freyborger, L. Pocket formulary In diseases 

of children, lea $2 '14 Rebmnn 
Kelley, S: W. Surgical diseases of children. 

2d ed $5 '14 Treat 
Kerley, C: G. Practice of pediatrics 8d ed 

*$6 '14 Saunders 
McCaw, J: Diseases of children. $150 U4 

MeKee, J. II., ana Wells, II: W. X'ractlcal 

pediatrics. 2v *$12 '14 Blokiston 
Morno, J: L. Case histories in pediatrics, lid 

cd *$5.50 '13 Leonard 

Sutherland, G: A. Heart in early life. *$2 '14 

Oxf 01 d 

Tuley, H. E Pediatrics 2d od '$1 14 Lea 
Whipham. T: H C Medical diseases of chil- 
dren '$3 '14 Wood 

Rte also Children Care and hygiene; Diph- 


flre Education, Elementary; Education of 
children; Kindergarten 


Sec Child labor 


Eowen, L. H, Safeguards for city youth at 

work and at play. *$l.r0 '14 Macmillan 
California. California laws relating to orphans 
and their support. '14 Cal. State board of 
control, Sacramento 

Indiana. Laws concerning children. '14 In- 
diana. Board of state charities, Indianapolis 
#tc' (ilfto Child labor; Juvenile courts 

Am. inst. of child life. Problems of fighting, 
pa 5c '14 Am. insst. of child life 

Am. inst. of child life. Problems of temper, pa 
5c '14 Am. inst. of child lifo 

Am. nisi, of child life. Sunday in tho homo, 
pa lOc '14 Am. inst. of child life 

Cecilia, Mine. Training of children and of 
girls in their teens, psi *2re '14 Benzigor 

Fiwhor, D. F. Mothers and children. *$1.25 '14 

Forbush, W: B. Calendar of childhood and 
youth, pa 50c '13 Am. inst. of child lifo 

Forlmsh, W: 13. Government of adolescent 
young people, pa 20c '13 Am. Inst of child 

Forlmsh, W: B. Government of children be- 
tween six and twelve, pa 25c 'J3 Am. inst. 
of child lifo 

Forbush, W: B. Government of young chil- 
dren, pa 20c '13 Am. inst. of child life 

Forbush, W: B. On truth tolling, and the prob- 
lem of children's lies, pa ICc '14 Am. Inst. of 
child life 

Larson, C. D. Scientific training of children. 
50c '12 Crowell (corr pub) 

Lyncih, E. F. Educating the child at homo. 
*$1 '14 Harper 

M., Mrs. B. O. How one real mother lives 
with her children, pa lOc 'J!5 Am. innt. of 
child lifo 

Marvin, D. TC. Oommon-aonso paivnt.s. lOc 'H 
Bookory pub. 

Walkor, M. TO. Child on Hiiro and motherhood. 
$l.r>0 '14 Mrs. M. 10. Walker, in euro of Two 
color prow, 29^5 Irving park blvd., dhlniifto 

Wocks, M. Parents nnd tliolr probloma 8v 
pubs $l r ; hf lea $un 'H National congrosH of 
molliors, SiOG Washington loan & trunt bldtf,, 
Washington, D. C. 

tfr*j <//,s") Moral education 

Holt, L. 10. Care and feeding of children, 7th 

cd *75o '14 Appleton 
Morae, J: L. Care and feeding of children. 

*50c '14 .Harvard univ. proas 


Forbuah. W: T*. Religion of u little child, pa 
16o '1-f Am. Inut of child lifo 

Forbuah, W: B. Hollglous nurture of a little 
child, pa 35c '14 Am. Inst. of child life 

Huso, R. H. Soul of a child. *7Co '14 Meth. 

MM tiUn Prayers, Child ron'w; UellgiouH edu- 
cation; Hormona for children; Himtlay turhooln 


#e0 Children- -Mftwwuumt 
Children, Backward. See Backward children 
Children, Defective, J3oe nofoclivo dillclrou 
Children in bondage. Markham, 10., and others. 
*$X.60 Hearst's i int, lib. 



Children in Palestine 

Kaleel, M. J. When I was a boy in Palestine. 

*60c '14 Lothrop 
Children In Sparta 
Cowles, J. D. Our little Spartan cousin of long 

ago. 60c '14 Page 
Children in the United States 
U. S. Children's bu. Annual report. '14 U. S. 

Children in verse. Burke, T:, ed. *$1.60 Little 
Children of banishment. Sullivan, F W: *$1.35 

Children of other lands. Lothrop 

Kaleel, M J. When I was a boy in Palestine *60c 
Children of the dead end. MacGill, P. *$1 35 


Children of the Labrador. Dwight, M. L. *60c Re- 
Children of the sea. See Conrad, J. Nigger of the 

Narcissus - 
Children of the sea. Stacpoole, H: D. *$1.25 

Children's amusements and occupations 

Beard, P. Jolly book of boxcraft. *$1.35 '14 


Bland, E. Wings and the child. *$1.50 '13 Doran 
Crawford, C. Dramatic games and dances for 

little children. *$1.50 '14 Barnes 
Deseret Sunday school union. Parents' dept. 
Recreation and play, pa lOc '14 Deseret 
Sunday school union, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Eden, B. Toy-making for infants. $1 '13 Pit- 
Forbush, W: B. Manual of play. *$1.50 '14 

Fryer, J. Mary Frances housekeeper. *$1 50 '14 

Fun faces tha game book, bxd $1 '14 Ideal bk. 

Grubb, M. B. When mother lets us make gifts. 

*75c '14 Moffat 

Rich, G. E. When mother lets us make paper- 
box furniture. *75c '14 Moffat 
Rich, G. E. When mother lets us make toys. 

*75c '14 Moffal 
Wells, C. Pleasant day diversions. *75c '14 


Wells, C. Rainy day diversions. *75c '14 Dono- 

Rcc also Children's 1 parties; Children's 
plays; Games; Play 

Children's books. See Children's literature 
Children's books for Christmas purchase. Hum- 
ble, M., comp. pa gratis Wis. free lib. 
Children's courts. See Juvenile courts 
Children's diseases. See Children Diseases 
Children's hour. McNabb, V. J., comp, *45c 

Children's kraft shop. Beard, A. B. bds 75 c Don- 


Children's libraries. See Libraries, Children's 
Children's literature 

Bland, H: M. Prose and poetry for children. 

4th ed pa 50c '14 Pacific short story club, in 

care of State normal school, San Jose, Cal. 

Lowe, (). Literature for children. *90c '14 


8ce also Children's poetry; Children's 
stories; Fairy tales; Libraries, Children's; 
School libraries; Sunday school libraries 


Alabama. Educ., Dopt. of. Alabama library 
list; an annotated list of books suitable 
for rural schools, other elementary and 
grammar schools, high schools, and small 
public libraries. '13 Alabama. Dept. of educ., 

Bacon, C., comp. Books for Christmas for the 
children, pa lOc '14 Wilson, H. W. 

Boston. Public library. Guide to aid pupils 
in the selection of books in the Boston pub- 
lic library, pa gratis '18 Boston. School 

Bfcston. Public library. List of books for boys 

, and girls, In the puDUo library of Boston. 
2d ed pa 5o 13 Boston public lib. 

Brooklyn. Public library. Books that girls 
like, pa gratis '14 

Chicago. University. School of education. 
University high school. List of books suit- 
ed to a high-school library. '13 U. S. Educ.; 
15c Supt. of doc. 

Cleveland. Public library Seventy-five books 
of adventure for boys and girls. 3c '13 Pub- 
lic library, Cleveland, O. 

Herzberg, M. J:, comp World of books, pa 
lOc '13 The Pivot, Central high school, 
Newark, N. J. 

Humble, M., comp. Children's books for Christ- 
mas purchase, pa gratis '14 Wis. free lib. 

Idaho. State normal school, Lewiston. Rural 
school book list. '12 

Kelley, P. W., comp. Tennessee school library 
list, books for high schools, pa '14 Dept. of 
education, Nashville, Tenn. 

King, C: M. Selected home readings for boys, 
pa 25c '14 University school, Cleveland, O. 

Manitoba. Education, Dept. of, Winnipeg. 
School libraries: books authorized by the 
Advisory board. '14 

Miller, F. W: Library and apparatus for high 
schools, pa '13 Heer 

Missouri. Education, Dept. of, Jefferson City. 
State course of study for the rural and 
graded schools in Missouri, 1913 

National council of teachers of English. Re- 
port of the Committee upon home reading, 
Nov., 1913. lOc '13 National council o-f 
teachers of English, 68th st, & Stewart av. f 

New York (state) Education dept., Albany. 
Suggested list of books for school libraries. 

Newark, N. J. Free public library. Reading for 
pleasure and profit. 3d ed pa lOc '13 Free 
public library, Newark, N. J.; for sale by 
Wilson, H. W. 

Oregon. State library, Salem. List of books for 
school libraries of the state of Oregon, 1914. 
pt 1 pa '14 

Tennessee. Public instruction, Dept. of, Nash- 
ville. Suggestive lists of books for rural 
school libraries. '13 

Utica, N'. Y. Public lib. Books for home read- 
ing pa gratis '13 Library and the schools, 
Utica, N. Y. 

Washington, D. C. Public library. Graded and 
annotated catalog of books in the Public 
library of the District of Columbia for use 
in the schools of the city. '14 

Washington (state). Education, Dept. of, 
Olympia. List of books for elementary and 
rural school libraries '14 

Washington (state). Normal school, Cheney. 
Library dept. First aid list of chlldren r s 
books. '13 

Wilson, M., comp. Books for high schools, pa 
50c '14 A. L. A. 

Wilson, M., comp. Minnesota school library 
list: books for elementary and rural schools, 
pa '13 Minn. Dept. of education, St. Paul 

Wilson, M., comp. Minnesota school library 
list: books for high schools, pa '13-'14 Minn. 
Dept. of education, St. Paul 

Children's occupations. See Children's amuse- 
ments and occupations 

Children's parties 
Crozier, G. B, Children's parties, *50c '14 

Perkins, R. Dansant for little, folks. *50c '14 

Hearst's int. lib. 

Children's perceptions. Winch, W: H: $1.50 
Warwick & York 

Children's plays 

Anderson, I. Everyboy and other plays for 

children. $1 '14 Shakespoare press 
Cory, I. R. Chapter of accidents: a play for 

boy scouts, pa *20o 12 Oxford 
De MUle, W: C. Christmas spirit; !Vote& 

fairies, bds 50c 14 John iMartin'isr bo 
Glaoaie, A. B. Meadowgold. pe 25o,l4 

of Wie. , ' 

Latham, H. S. Few boya. *>a 2So '18 

S: , , ; ' 



Children's plays Continued. 
Luques, Jfl. A. Snow image and other plays 

for children suitable for stage or school- 
room, pa 25c '14 Baker, W. H. 
Matheson, E3. P. Robin Hood and his merry- 
men, a play in two acts, pa *20c l^Gd) 14 

Reynolds, B. Everychild. bds *$1 '14 Badger, 

R: G 
Sidgwick, E. Four plays for children. *75c '14 


Walker, A. J. Little plays from American his- 
tory. *$l '14 Holt 
Children's poetry and rimes 
Brown, A. F. Songs of sixpence. *$1 25 '14 


Burke, T , ed. Children in verse *$1.GO '14 Lit- 
Cammack, Mrs. K. Spartan primer. *75c '13 


Chater, M. Bubble ballads. *$1.50 '14 Century 
Cory, D: Which book. *50c '14 Platt & Peck 
Dowd, B. C. Owl and the bobolink. *?1.10 '14 


I >:.> i. n. -.:-. Baby bears, bds *$1 '14 Century 
IMjL. r. \ . }-. Treasury of verse for little chil- 

j . '' '14 Crowell 
Fisher, A. L. Little verses for little people. 

25c '14 Davis & Bond 
Gordon, E. Four footed folk. *$1 '14 Abingdon 

Gordon, Ef. Granddad coco nut's party, bds *65c 

'14 Rand 

Harrison, F. Elfin song. *$1.75 '13 Gal dwell 
Hunter, C. W. Little strawman. *75c '14 Band 
Johnson, B. Rhymes of little tolk. ^L '14 Cro- 

Kavanaugh, K. Billy and Bumps bds *35e 

'14 Abmgdon press 
Keary, A. B. and M. Enchanted tulips. *?1.50 

'14 Macmillan 
Keeler, C: A' Elfin songs of sunland. 3d ed 

*?1.DO '14 Putnam 
Knipe, A. A. and E. Remember rhymes. *$1.25 

'14 Hearst's int. lib. 

Martens, F: H. Autumn, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Martens, F. H. spring, bcls :JOe '14 McKav 
Martens, F: H. Summer, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Martens, F: H. Winter, bds 30c '14 McKay 
Martin, J: Jolly big alphabet, bds 50c '13 

John Martin's house 
Robinson, L. Behind tho big glass window. 

*50c '14 Little 
Rose, H. N. Grandma's gems for little folks. 

75o '14 Fenno 
Stevens, D: K; Ballads of the Be-Ba-Boes. 

*$1,50 '13 Honffhton 
Wilcox, TC. If.-: ru.'ii \luii * r Goose, bds *$1.25 

'14 Schirmer 
ASVr <t?xn Children's literature; Children's 

songs; Nursery rimes 

Children's prayers. See Prayers, Children's 
Children's songs 
Browne, K. G. Rontf nnfl stories for the 

little ones. *80c 'M Iloushion 
Creighton, K. Nature songs and stories, bfls 

$1.50 '14 Comtitock pub. co. 
Dann, H. IS. First year music. *GOc '14 Am. 

Hornby, J. Joyous book of singing games. *$1 

'14 Macmillan 
PerkmH, K. Dnnaant for lllllo folks. *GOc '14 

Ifeurs't's int. lib. 
Perkins, R. Mother Gooso rhymes and tunes. 

*r0c '14 1 ten rat's inl. lib. 
Perkins, R. riayiimo songs, old and new. *50o 

'14 llonrst's p i. liU 
$$St. Louis. I'niiiif! lib. Index to , kindergarten 

songs. $1.50 F J4 A. L. A. 
Spauldlng-, G: L, Tales of dolls from many 

climes. 50c '14 Hatch music co. 
Stophwuion, T. W. Songs for little children. 

bds *$1.50 5 H Boran 

M'c ditto Nurwery rlmea 
Children's stories 
Bailey, C. s. For tho story toller. $1.50 '13 

Bradley, M. 
CouHHcma, l\ W, Diamond story book. *$1.50 '14 


Cowlos, JT. D. Art of story-telling. *$X '14 

Creighton, K. Nature songs and stories, bds 

$1.50 '14 Comstock pub. co. 
Hopkins, W. J Doers. *$1 '14 Iloughton 
Norman, A. R. My own stories. *$1.50 '14 Mac- 
Olcott, F. J Good stories for great holidays. 

"$2 '14 Houghton 
Sly, W: J. World stories retold. *$1 '14 Am. 

Stocking, J. T: Golden goblet. *$1 '14 Pilgrim 


Wetmore, C H. Bedtime stories. *$1 '14 
Macaulay co. 


piHQhiivoVi Pavnoo ie jiiirarv. Stones from the 
\o-.. - tales, myths, and sagas, 
pa 5c '14 
Children's stories m American history. Wright, 

H. C. 50c Claflin 

Children's stories in American literature, 1660- 
3860; 3861-1896. Wright, H., C. Jiv ea. 50c 
Children's stories in American progress. "Wright, 

H. C. 50c ClaHin 
Chllds, Frank Hall, 1S39- 

Prmciples oi tho Inw of nf*^rvi property, 
chattels and cho- -, :. -I :,.'.: -ales of 
goods, sales on ^^c- ,:in . -ii . mort- 
gages, gifts, lost property, insurance, pat- 
ents, copyrights, i-'jiih-iiisirUs, limitations 
of actions, ot<j. O xv,(507p $1 (As) 'H Tnl- 
laghan 14-14928 

Chllds, Mary Louise 

Actual government in Illinois. D 8p,224p II 

50c (F) '14 Century 14-2017 

Child's first ^nwifrvn'^r 'n.tcchiMin. 3<1 cd Gcior- 

mann, P. . : i !!.! 

Child's garden of verso.s. K i r StovcnHon, H. 1^: H. 
Child's garl.'ind. Ashwortli, M. $l.tir> Pitman 
Child's guiclo to London. Methlcy, A, A. *$1.25 

Child's own spelling book. Jones, W. F. 25o 

Capital supply co., Pierre, H, I), 
Child's prayers to Jenuw. Hoclic, \V": U woric'H 

*30c (*ls) pa ea *lc (*lcl) lx)iiRnians 
Child's story of the making of Louisville. Dun- 
can, P. C. *$1 Morton 


Opportunities for foreign trade in CHiilc. 'H 

I*an American union 
Chiles, James Alburn, 1X77- 
Gorman T S V OO po"pf^Ml^. exorcises in cjor- 
miui '' >" :!' . i 1 ! 'JtivorHatlou \vith n 
review ".' i :- 4 ".( I:M :: of (lorman jrnun- 
m.'ir. M V. '.:,:> " -Jinn 14-MH!>3 

Chllula Indians 

Goddard, P. B. Notes on the Chllula Indians 
of northwestern California, pa 30c '14 XTnlv. 
of Gal. 

Chimes and chiming 
Rico, W: O. Carillon*! of Boltflum and Holland. 

*$1.50; *$3 'H Lano 
Chimes of mission holla. Fluid, M. A. pa $1.25 

J'hilopoIiH in'css 

/Nee ateo II eating 

Chin hHing (forward march) lu China. ITart, 
JD., (ind Sturgis, L. (1 50c lid. of mIMion 
LI 1 . JO.J 

Blakoalee, G: II., od. Recent (lc.vclopnu>tiLH in 
China: Clark univor.sity iiildroNHos. Nov., 
unL 1 . *?2 k 50 13 wtechert 

liljind, J: 0. p., and BackhouHo, B3. China un- 
der tho Empress Dowugor. *$),50 '1,4 Ilouirh- 
China year book for 1914. 3d annual issue. 

nS.GO 'H Button 
Christie, D. Thirty years In tho Manchu oapi- 

tal. *$2.76 '14 McHriUu, Naflt & 00, 
EJliot, C: W: Some roads towards peaca. 
gratis '14 Carnogle endowment for interna- 
tional peace 
&ce atio Far 



China Continued. 

Court and courtiers 

Backhouse, E , and Bland, J: O. P. Annals 
and memoirs of the court of Peking. *$4.50 
'14 Houghton 

Description and travel 

Crawford, M L. Seven weeks in the Orient 
*?1.30 '14 Howard D. Berrett, 31S Wright- 
wood av., Chicago 

Gaunt, AI. Woman in China. *$3.75 '14 Lip- ' 

Wilson, E. H: Naturalist in western China. 
with vasculum, camera, and gun, 2v *$7.50 
'14 Doubleday 

Economic conditions 

Gibson, R R. Forces mining and undermin- 
ing China. *$2 '14 Century 

Wei, W. P. Currency problem in China, pa 
*$1.25 '14 Longmans 


Backhouse, E., and Bland, J: O. P. Annals 
and memoirs of the court of Peking. *$4.50 
'14 Houghton 

Iteiohctwn, 1911-1912 

Mullowney, J: J. Revelation of the Chinese 
revolution. *75c '14 Revell 

Industries and resources 

Gibson, R. R. Forces mining and undermin- 
ing China. *$2 '14 Century 

Politics and government 

Backhouse, E., and Bland, J: O. P. Annals 
and memoirs of the court of Peking (trom 
the 16th to the 20th century). *$4.5C '14 

Chen, s. System of taxation in China in the 
Tsing dynasty, 1644-1911. pa *?1 '14 Long- 


Johnston, R F. Buddhist China. *$5 '14 Dut- 

tfcc alM) Buddhism 

Social life and customs 

Cooper, C. S. Modernizing of the Orient. *$2 

'14 McBride, Nnst & co. 
Cooper, E. My lady of the Chinese courtyard. 

*$1,50 '14 Stokes 
Headland, T: T. Home life in China. *$2 '14 


China collector. Lewer, II. W: *$l.fiO McKay 
China painting 

Hco aUo Pottery 

.China year book, 1014; cd. by 11. G. "W. Woort- 
hewl and H. T. M. Boll. 3d annual issue 
D 481p il maps *$3.50 (My) '14 Button 
Chinese and Sumerian. Ball, C. J. *$12.75 Ox- 
Chinese Christmas tree. Pitman, N. H. *50c 


Chinese, Coronn and Japanese potteries. Japan 
society of New York, pa 25c; il bds $5 Japan 
KOPloty, JOO Broadway, N, Y. 

Chinese In the United States 
U. H, OotiHUfl, Bureau of, Chinese and Jap- 

anoHo In the United States, 1010. pa '14 

IT. S. CcmHua; 15o flupt. of doc. 
Chinese Inscriptions- Hoo Inscriptions, Clilnwao 
Chinese-Japanese coot hook. BOH so, S., and 

Watanna, 0. *50c Rand 

Chinese language 
Ball, C. X Chi; 

;nese and Sumorian. *$12.7S '3.4 

Chinese poetry 
Wadclo.ll, n. T,yrlof from the Chinese, bda |1 

'14 Hough ton 
Chlnete pottery and porcelain, Hobucm, ll, I* 

2v *$iG Funk ' 
Chinese St Francis. Brown, 0. C. +fl E>oran 

Chinook language 

Bartlett, Lr. B D , comp and tr Chinook- 
r~zr,^~ Ffr.sf. pa. uOc '14 L B D. Bartlett, 

" .; A 1 - -i st. f Portland, Ore 
Chlpman, Charles Phillips, 1878. 
Books and libianes, their makers and their 
use, an outline course for the use of stu- 
dents. D 140p $1 '14 Colby alumnus press, 
"Waterville, Me. 14-15575 

Formative period in Colby's history. (Bui 3) 
O 29p facsim pa 25c (My) '12 Colby col- 
lege library, Waterville, Me. 13-17895 

Chippewa county, Wisconsin 
K-ershaw, W. L. Chippewa county, past and 

present. 2v hf lea $18 '14 Clarke, S. J. 
Chirol, Sir Valentine, 1852- 
Germany and the fear of Russia. *5c '14 Ox- 

Serbia and the Serbs. D 18p pa *5c '14 Ox- 



Firth, J. N. Text-book on chiropractic sympto- 
matology. $5 '14 J. N Firth, 828 Brady st., 
Davenport, la. 

McNamara, R. E. Chiropractic, other drugless 
healing methods, mor $4 '14 R. E. McNam- 
ara, 530 Brady st., Davenport, la. 
Chisholm. Adam Stuart Muir, 1855- 
Recreations of a physician. O vii,328p *$2 (S) 
'14 Putnam 14-15199 

Chisholm. Catherine 

Medical inspection of girls in secondary 

schools. D xii,208p il *$1.10 (*3s 6d) (Ja) 

'14 Longmans 1514-843 

Chisholm, George Goudie, 1850- 

Smaller commercial geography; new ed. *$1 

(*3s 6d) (Mr) '14 Longmans 
Chisholm, Louey 

In fairyland; tales told again; with pictures 
by Katharine Cameron. O xv,211p *$1.50 '14 

Chitra. Tagore, R. *$1 Macmillan 
Chittenden, Frank Hurlbut, 1858- 
Abutilon moth. (Bu. of entomology. Bui. 326) 
O lOp il '13 U. S. Agric., 5c Bupt. of doc. 


Florida fern caterpillar. (Bu. of entomology. 

Bui, 125) O lip il '13 U. S. Agne.; Cc Supt 

of doc. Agrl3-lS77 

Roso-slug caterpillar. (Bu. of entomology. Bui. 

124) O Ur> il '13 U. S. Agric. ; 5c Supt. of doc 


Chittenden, William Lawrence, 1802- 
Ranch vernoH. 14th ed rev und cnl JD ix,ty ( Jp 
il *$1.50 '14 Putnam 1C-9S 

Chlttlck, James, 1801- 

Silk inaiiufiu'tuririK 1 and its problems: being 1 

a soru-.s of papers on Important questions 

of interest to all those engaged in the man- 

ufacture and r:istrilmil'>n or silks and other 

textiles. O xvi,4:^ii il -42.."0 '13 J. Chittick, 

122 E. 25th sL, JN. Y. 13-15934 

Choate, Isaac Baasett, 3833- 

Through realms of song. D *$1 '14 Chapplo 


Choate, Joseph Hodges, 1832- 
Jmrnunity of private property at aca. (Pam- 
phlet sor., v. 4 no. 2) O 2Ep pa '34 World 
peace foundation 14-10685 

Choate, Rufus, ]79t)-18r>0 

Cuverno, C; Reminiscences of the eulogy of 
Rufus Choato on T>nnil Webstor, delivered 
at Dartmouth c.oll <#-, .Inly 20, 18G3, ''BOc '14 
Sherman, French ifc co. 
Ooldthwatte, N. 10. rooking of carp; chocolate 

and cocoa, pa gratis 'H tTniv. or 111. 
Choice, Daniol, M, W: *7Bo Ilwdor 
Choice of a calling. Oregon. tTnlwstty. 5?a 
XTniv- of Ore. 

Choice of life, Maoterlltxck, 0. *$t2ff 

Choice of municipal experts 1 tlmnitf 

oxnitiitialiotus in riiil.'idolphla. Van 
L: II. pa National civil Mut-vlcc, roforcn. 

Choir ma.nual. Burton, a, eomp, 80c FJch<fcr , JT 4 



Cholrtramer's art. Richardson, A. M. $2 Schir- 


Choral music 

Coward, H: Choral technique and interpreta- 
tion. $2.50 '14 Gray, H. W. 
Choral technique and interpretation. Coward, H: 

$2.50 Gray, H. W. 

Monograph of the genus Chordeiles Swainson, 
type of a new family of goatsuckers, pa 25c 
'14 Supt. of doc. 

Chow-chow. Dunbar, Lady. *80c Macmillan 
Choyce, Charles Coley, 1875-, and Seattle, James 

Martin, 1868- 
(eds.) System of surgery. 3v O 979; 1117; 917p 

il ea *$7 (Je) '14 Funk 
Chrestlen de Troyes, 12th cent. 
Eric and Enid (Everyman's lib.) S xxi,377p 
*35c; lib binding *50c; lea *70c '13 Button 


Translated with an Introd by William Wistar Comfort 
Hopkins, A. B. Influence of Wace on the 
Arthurian romances of Crestien de Troies. 
pa $1 '13 Banta 

Chretien de Troyes. See Chrestien de Troyes 
Christ. See Jesus Christ 
Christ and the future life. Dale, K. W: *25c 


Christ church. See Oxford. Christ church 
Christ hospital cook book. 2d ed Deaver, M. 
50c Marguerite Deaver, Christ hospital, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 
Christ in song; 1000 hymns. 50c, hf lea $1; mor 

$2.50; levant $3 '14 Review & H. 
Christ in -the church. 3d ed Benson, K. H, *$1 


Christ is all. Moule, H. C. G. *50c Doran 
Christ of the Andes. Sp il $1 per 100 '14 Am. 

peace soc. 
Christ the messenger. Vivek&nanda, S. I5c Ve- 

Christian antiquities 

Sec also Architecture, Gothic; Lord's sup- 

Christian art and symbolism 
Drake, M. and W. Saints and their emblems. 

*$12.50 '14 McBnde, Nast & co. 
McConaughy, J., eel. Union Bible pictures. 

2 ser $2,50; ea $1,50 '14 Am. H. S union 
Morey, C: H. East Christian paintings in the 

Freer collection. *$2'.60 '14 Macmillan 
Wirz, P. D. C. Holy eucharist in art. *$1 J 14 

fire ako Art; Cathedrals; Church archi- 
Christian belief, Essentials of. Fyffe, D: *$1.25 


Christian biography 

Foster, W. D., ed. Heroines of modern reli- 
gion. *$].RO '13 Sturgis & Walton 
Letts, W. M. Mighty army, bds *$2 '13 Stokes 
Peake, A. S: Heroes and martyrs- of faith. 

*50c '34 Doran 
Russell, G: W: E. Household of faith. *40c 

'13 Young ch. 

Whyte, A. Thirteen appreciations. *$1.50 '14 

ftcc also Apostles; Missionaries; Monas- 
ticism; Puritans; Saints 
Christian certainty and the modern perplexity. 

Garvie, A. EX *$1 Doran 

Christian character. Illingworth, J: It *35c Mac- 

Christian citizenship. Wright, T: pa *20c Herder 
Christian citizen hip for girls. Thoburn, H. 

pa 25c Y. W. C. A. 
Christian doctrine. Soc Theology 
Christian ecclesia. Hort, F. J: A. *35c Macmillan 
Christian endeavor, Young people's society of 
Shaw, W:, comp. Programme suggestions for 
. union meetings and conventions, pa 15o '14 

Christian endeavor 
Christian ethics. See Bthlcs, Christian 

Christian eucharist and the pagan cults. Groton, 

W: M. *$1.20 Longmans 
Christian faith. Clark, W. C. *$1.50 Sherman, 

French & co. 
Christian faith. Haering, T. 2v *$6 Doran 

Christian freedom. MacGregor, W. M. *$1.50 


Christian fundamentals. Palmer, A. W. *$1.25 
$ Pilgrim press 
Christian housewife. 3d ed Wetzel, F. X. 40c 


Christian life 

Barrett, J: P. Camping along the Master's 
trail. 50c '14 Christian pub. assn., Dayton, 

Begbie, H. Day that changed the world. *$1.25 
'14 Doran 

Brett, J. Life's power. *$1 ("3s 6d) '14 Long- 

Broughton, L. G. Christianity and the common- 
place *$1 '14 Doran 

Brundage, W: M. Religion as a personal ex- 
perience. *50c '14 Am. Unitar. 

Burrell, D: J. We would see Jesus. *50c '14 
Am. tract. 

Carey, W. J. Life in grace. *00c (*2s 6d) '14 

Carroll, J. God's two witnesses and their 
search for a Christ. 50c '13 F. R. Brunswick, 
61 W. Mercury st, Butte, Mont. 

Church, R: W: Discipline of the Christian 
character. *35c '13 Macmillan 

Dale, R. W: Fellowship with Christ. *50c 'H 

Geiermann, P. Constitution of the Friends of 
Jesus and Mary. 15c; lea 35c '14 Benziger 

Geiermann, P: Narrow way. COc '14 Henzigcr 

Hodges, G: Christianity between Sundays. 
*$1.25 -14 Macmillan 

Humphrey, J. M. Spiritual lessons from overy- 
day life. $1 '14 True gospel grain pub. co., 
1118 W. Spring st, Lima, O. 

Illinsworth, J: R. Christian character. *3r>c 
'14 Macmillan 

McConnell, F. J: Personal Christianity. *$1.25 
'14 Re veil 

Murray, A. Inner chamber and the Inner 
life. *50c '14 Revell 

Murray, A. Prayer life. *50c '14 Doran 

Oer, a. v Our failings. *$1.10 '14 Herri r 

Orr, C: K How to live a holy Wo. F50c M3 
Gospel trumpet co. 

Peabody, F. G. Christian life in iho modern 
world. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan 

Potts, J. IT. Rvery life a delUUit. *$l.r>0 '14 
Abingdon press 

Practice of Christianity. *$1.25 'M Macmil- 

Smoot, T: A. Standard of pitch In religion* *$1 
'14 Funk 

Whalen, W. W. Twilight talks to tired hearts. 
60c '14 Roc. of the divine word 

Wilberforce, A. B. O. Following on to know 
tho Lord. *50c '14 Doran 

Worcester, E. Religion and life. *$1.25 '14 

Rcc aJfif) Character; fonduot of life; (Jon- 
version; Devotional oxorclsos; Paith; !Mon- 
asticiHin; Prayer; Rolitfloua education; Haw- 
tiflcaUoii; Spirit ual life 
Christian literature 

Orr, J, History and literature of tho early 
church. *$1 '14 Doran 

Ncc also Bible 
Christian mind healing. lUx, H. H. $1 Master 

mind pub. 

Christian ministry. Rothorham, J. B. 75c Stand- 
ard pub. 
Christian morals. Oltley, R. I* 20c Longmans 

Christian non-resistance, Ballou, A. 50o Am, 
peace soc. 

Christian Platonists of Alexandria. 2tl cd JJlg#. 

C: *?3.40 (*10s Od) Oxford 
Christian science 
Bible and Christian science, bds *70c '14 t)avl 

& Bond 

Cole, W. V. Poems. 2d ed |1: loa $2 13 Man- 
ger, Hughes & Manger, 209 W. 38th at,, 
N. Y. 



Christian science Cotitinued. 

Coppage, L. J. Christian science in the light 

of reason. 75c '14 Standard pub. 
Eddy, M. M. G First church of Christ, scien- 
tist, and miscellany. $4 '14 Stewart 
Haldeman, I: M Christian science in the 

liffht of Holy Scripture *$1 '14 Re veil 
Hasbrouck, S Altar fires relighted. *$1.25 

Davis & Bond 
Hegeman, J W. Must Protestantism adopt 

Christian science? *75c '14 Harper 
Hering, H. S. Christian science healing. 5c '14 

Christian science pub. 
Kratzer, G. A. Christian science church. 2d ed 

pa lOc '14 G. A. Kratzer, 5521 Cornell av., 

Kratzer, G. A. Dominion within. 6th ed $1.25; 

lea $2.50 '13 G. A. Kratzer, 5521 Cornell av., 

Lane, C. M. Heresy of yesterday, bds *50c '13 

Davis & Bond 
Lieake, W. R. What I know about the alcohol 

Question. 50c *14 Ten Bosch co , San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 
Lucas, F. C. Spiritual interpretations, pa 50c 

'14 York pub co., 38 Park row, N. Y. 
New York city Christian science institute. 

Vital issues in Christian science. *$2 50 '14 



Walter, W: W. Healing of Pierpont Whitney. 

*$1 25 '13 W: W. Walter, Aurora, 111. 
Christian social order, a series of Bible read- 
ings. *10c '14 Assn. press 
Christian social union handbooks; ed. "by 

H: Scott Holland. Young ch. 
Jackson, r Oullmcs rf eilumtlon in Enfflnnd. Ixls *COc 
IttiRRoII, C M B. Social problems of the North lids *00c 
Christian sociology. See Sociology, Christian 
Christian teaching on social and economic ques- 
tions. Robinson, C. C. *50c Assn. press 
Christian truth, Handbook of. Garvic, H. C. 35c 

Gorman lit. bd. 

Christian union. See Church unity 
Christian year 
JReilman, P. A. Our home altar. *$1.50 '34 

Lutheran pub. soc. 

HodgeH, C!: Year of grace. 2v ea *$1.25 '14 

#<<! (lino Christmas; Holidays; IToly week 
Christian year. See Keblc, J: 
Albortson, C: C. Distinctive ideas of Jesus. 

*7F>c '34 Proabvterin .bcl. 
Bacon, TV: W. Christianity, old and new. *$1 

'14 Yale univ. press 

Burrage, C. Nazareth and beginnings of Chris- 
tianity, pa *$1.40 '34 Oxford 
Cairns, D: S. Christianity in the modern 

world. *50c '14 IX>ratt 
Case, S. "J, Evolution of early Christianity. 

*S2.25 'H Univ. of Chicago press 
Church, R: W: Christianity and civilization, 

*50c '14 Macmillan 

Clemen, C. C. primitive Christianity and Us 
non-Jewish sources. *$3,25 '13 Scribner (corr 

Crawford, D. Not lawful to utter. *$l '34 JDoran 
Cunningham, W: Christianity and economic 

science. *i)0c (*2s Gd) '14 Longmans 
Drawbridge, C. L. Common objections to 

Christianity *$1.50 '14 Rovoll 
EJucken, R. C. Can we still be Christians? 

*n.2B '14 Macmillan 
Franklin, J. 13. Relation of Christianity and 

socialism, pa lOo '14 Am. Bapt. 
Fyffe, 1); Essentials of Christian belief. *?1.35 

'14 Doran 
Hill, A. C. Shall we do without Jesus? *$1.50 

Hutton, J: A. Weapons of our warfare. *75c 
'14 Doran 

Mains, G: P. Christianity and the new age. 
*$1.00 '14 Math. bk. 

Mulr, P. M. Modern substitutes for Chris- 
tianity, "5Qo '14 Doran 

Peters, J: P. Josus Cfcrtst and the old com- 
mandments. *50o '14 Oorham (corr price) 

Practice of Christianity. *tt*25 '14 Kactxiil- 

Shav/, J M. Christianity as religion and life. 

*SOc '14 imp Scnbner 
Sterner, R. Christianity as mystical fact. $1.25 

'14 Putnam 
Temple, W: Studies in the spirit and truth 

of Christianity. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan 
Weinel, H., and Widgery, A. G. Jesus in the 

nineteenth century and after. *$3.75 '14 


flee also Apostles; Bible, Christian life; 

Church, Church history, and other headings 

beginning Church, God; Jesus Christ; Mir- 

acles; Missions, Reformation; Religion; 

Sects; Theology 


Bryan, W: J. Prince of peace. See author 

Cairns, D: S Reasonableness of the Christian 

faith. *$1 '14 Doran 
Garvie, A. E. Christian certainty and the mod- 

ern perplexity. *$1 '14 Doran 

See also Bible Evidences and authority 
Christianity and civilization. Church, R: W: 

*50c Macmillan 
Christianity and economic science. Cunningham, 

W: *9Uc (*2s Gd) Longmans 
Christianity and ethics. Alexander, A. B. D. 

*75c Scribner 
Christianity and other faiths. Tisdall, W: S. 

*$1.50 Re' veil 

Christianity and other religions 
Johnston, J: L. Some alternatives to Jesus 

Christ. *i)0c (*2s 6d) '14 Longmans 
Tisdall, W: S. Christianity and other faiths. 

*$1.50 '13 Revell 
Christianity and sin. Mackintosh, R. *75c Scrib- 

Christianity and the commonplace. Broughton, 

L. G. *$1 Doran 
Christianity and the new age. Mains, G: P. 

*$1.50 Meth. bk. 
Christianity and the social rage. Berle, A. A: 

S1.50 McBnde, Nast & co. 
Christianity as mystical fact. Steiner, R. $1.25 

Christianity as religion and life. Shaw, J. M 

*SOc imp tfcnhncr 
Christianity between Sundays. Hodges, G: *$1.25 

Christianity versus socialism. Murdoch, J: G. pa 

lOc Alien bk. & ptg. co. 
Christians and the great commission. Bishop, 

J. G. $1 Christian pub. assn., Dayton, O. 
Christian's responsibilities and moans of grace, 

Wessons on. Campbell, W. H. *GOc (*ls Gd) 


Christiansen, Mrs. C. M. 
Bible storios for primary classes, 2v D 116; 

HCp il ca 25c '13-'14 Augsburg pub. 14-2808 

Contents: v 1. Now Testament; v 2, Old ToBlnmont 

Christie, Alice J. Sco Coe, L. Jt. auth. 

Christie, Arthur Carlisle, 187 ( J- 
Manual o X-ray teohnlo; with 42 illustra- 
tions. vili,104p *$2 '13 Uppincott 13-26755 

Christie, Dugald f 1855- 

Thirty years in the Manchu capital in ana 
around Moukdon in peace and war: being 
the recollections of Dugald Christie; e<3. by 
his wife. xiv,303p il *$2.75 '14 McBride, 
Nast & co. SD14-1 

Christie; George Allan, 1869- 
(comp.) Tried and true cook book; pub. in 
connection with tlie fair in aid of the bulW ta 
ing fund of tlio Free Congregational church, 
Andovor, Massachufietts, 1903. 2d ed I> 94p 
pa 35o (D) '13 G: A, Christie, AadOjW 
Maa. 14-2914 

OKi^Ift'tlft L_ R 

(tr.) fcWColson, C. I^xilway rates and traffic 
Christina, queen of Sweden, ,1626-1689 
Qribblo! F. H: Court of Christina, of Bweden 
and ihe lator adventures of the qtueen in 
exile. *$3.7B '14 Kennerley 

rincess of Denmark, 

Christina, princess of 
Ady TcSrjfttliia of 




Christina, S. M. 

Lord Clandonnell. *60c '14 Benziger 
Christmas, Walter, 1861- 

King George of Greece; 11. from photographs 
taken "by H. M. Queen Alexandra and 
others. O 427p *$4 '14 McBride, Nast & co. 

Jowett, J. H. Spirit of Christmas. *50c '14 


Sindelar, J. C:, ed. Best Christmas book, pa 
30c '13 Beckley-Cardy co. 
See also Holidays 


Connecticut. Public library committee. Christ- 
mas references. '13 Connecticut. Public li- 
brary committee, Hartford 
Riverside, Cal. Public library. Home festivals: 

a reference list, pa 15c '13 
Christmas bells. Longfellow, H: W. 35c; persian 

ooze 75c Barse & Hopkins 
Christmas books. See Dickens, C: 
Christmas carol. See Dickens, C: 
Christmas city. Leary, L: G. *$1.25 McBride, 

Nast & co. 
Christmas eve in the city. Gilbert, J: M. bds *$1 

Badger, R: G. 
Christmas gift. Hall, T. W. ooze lea 75c Browne 

& Howell 
Christmas hymns 
Beecher, H: W; Overture of angels, pa 25c '14 

J. P. McCaskey. Lancaster, Pa. 
Dickens, C: Christmas tree, pa 25c '13 J. P. 

McCaskey, Lancaster, Pa. 
Christmas plays 
Wells, C. Jolly plays for holidays. 60c '14 

Baker, W. H. 

Wiggin, K. D., and Tngersoll, H. Birds' Christ- 
mas carol, bds *60c; pa *35c '14 Houghton 
Christmas poetry 

Dunbar, P. L. Speakm' o' Christmas, and 
other Christmas and special poems, bds 1 *$1 
'14 Dodd 

Sec also Carols 

Christmas porringer. Stem, K. $1.25 Page 
Christmas roses. O'Hagan, A. ooze lea 75c 

Browne & Howell 
Christmas spirit. De Mille, W: C. bds BOc John 

Martin's house 
Christmas stories 
Chambers, R. W: Anne's Bridge and Between 

friends. 2v *$2 '14 Appleton 
Cutting, M. S. Blossoming rod. bds *50c '14 

Dalrymple, L. Uncle Noah's Christmas party. 

*$1 '14 McBride, Nast & co.- 
Miller, A. Burglar and the blizzard. *50c '14 

Hearst's int. lib. 

Christmas stories. Trivess, C: N: pa 50c W: H. 
Pool ptg. & binding co., 626 S. Clark st, 

Christmas surprise party. Jacobs, C. JS. 50c Page 
Christmas tree. Dickens, C: pa 25c J. P. Mc- 
Caskey, Lancaster, Pa. 
Christmas within. Brooks, P. lea 25c; suede 

50c Saalfteld 

Chrlstobel. Richards, R. A. pa 40c 3. A. Rich- 
ards, Portland, Mich. 
Chrlstology of St. Paul. Rostron, S. N. *$1.50 


Chrlstology of the Epistle to the Hebrews. 
MacNeill, H. L. pa *75c Univ. of Chicago 

Christopher Quarles, college prof essor and mas- 
ter detective. Brebner, P. J. *$1.35 Dutton 
Chrlstopherson, Wilfred B, 
(tr.) Se Blum, V: Renal diagnosis in medicine 

and surgery ' 

Christ's vision of the kingdom of heaven. Stirl- 
ing, J. *$2 Pilgrim press 
Christy, Mrs. Archibald 
Early history. See Wilde, E. E3, Ingatestone 

Christy, Bayard H. 

(ed and comp.) History of the Presbyterian 

church of Sewickley, Pennsylvania. O 20Sp 

il $1.50, $2 '14 W. W. Titus, Backbone Rd., 

Sewickley, Pa. 14-143'S2 

Christy, Howard Chandler, 1873- 

Portfolio of American belles. Q $2.50 '13 Bobbs 
Chriswell, William Butler 
Principles and methods of arithmetic teach- 

ing. O 92p 75c; pa 40c '14 W: B. Chriswell, 

Potsdam, N. Y. 14-10241 

Chronic colitis. Herschell, G:, and Abrahams, A. 

*$2 (*6s) Longmans 
Chromca Johannis de Reading; et Anonymi Can- 

tuariensis, 1346-1367; ed., with introd. and 

notes by James Tait. (Manchester univ. 

pub., historical ser.) O xi,394p il *$3 (*10s 6d) 

(My) '14 Longmans 
Chronicles of Calvary Baptist church in the city 

of Washington. Wilbur, W: A. $2 Judd & D. 
Chronicles of Canada. Wrong, G: M., and Lang- 

ton, H. H., eds. 32v v 1-12 subs Glasgow, 

Brook & co., 15 Wilton av., Toronto, Canada 
Chronicles of Erthig on the Dyke. Cust, A. L. 

2v *$7.50 Lane 
Chronicles of Quincy Adams Sawyer; detective. 

Pidgin, C: F. f and Taylor, J: M. 75c Grosset 
Chronicles of the Marvilou company "just girls." 

Evans, M. *$1.50 Halsey, H. N. 
Chronicles of three free cities. King, W. *$4 Dut* 

Chronological digest of the Documentos ineditos 

del Archivo de las Tndias. Read, B: M. 75c 

B: M. Read, Santa F6, N, M. 

Sec also Almanacs 

Chronology, Biblical. See Bible Chronology 
Chrystle, Thomas Ludlow, 1872- 
Law and practice of inheritance taxation in 

the state of New York, O xxix,890p $6.50 '14 

Banks; Baker, Voorhis 14-1672 

Chubb, Edwin Watts, 1865- 
Mastors of English literature. D 44Gp *$1.50 

'14 McClurg 14-20269 

Chubbuck, Lev! 

agricultural development iu Alaska. 

(Bui. 50) O 31p il pa '14 U. S. Agric.; l()c 
Sujpt. of doc. AgrJ'i-!i2 


Arbors and work-holding- devices, pa 25 c '14 
Industrial press 

Chumayel, Yucatan 

Hoil, J. J., comi). Book of Chllam Ualam of 
* Chumayel. pa $10 '13 Univ. of I'u. muwoum 

Chummy book for 1915. $1.50; bds $1 Sully & 

Church, Alexander Hamilton, 1866- 
Scienco and practice of management. (Works 
management lib.) D xviii,635j> diugs $2 '14 
Bng. mag. 14- J 6585 

Church, Rev, Alfred John, 1829- 
Holniot and spear: stovics from tho warn of 
the Creeks and Romans new od O vlll,880p 
il *$1.75 (D) '34 Macmillan 
Church, Archibald, 1S61-, and Peterson, Fred- 

erick, 1859- 

Norvous and mental dlseasoM; with 350 illu- 

tratlons. 8th od, roy Q ll-940p *$& '14 aun- 

dors 14-18018 

Church, Charles Washburn, 1839- 

(comp.) Himoon Church of Chester, CouiKU'tl- 

cut, 1708-1792, and hl descondants. O liOOp, 

82p 11 $8 (Je) '14 C, W. Church, 03 Bank t. 

AVaterbury, Conn. 14-14161 

Church, John Adams, 1843- 

Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, 

Mass. 864p ?6 '18 Tuttlo co. (corr prloo) 


Church, Very Rev, Richard William, 1815*1890 
Christianity and clvUlaatton, (MnomlUan tan- 

dard lib.) D v,148p *00o (S) 14 Maomtllan 
Discipline of the Christian character. (Mao* 
miUan^ theological library) D 189p *o (0) 
'18 Maomillan 



Church, Very Rev. Richard William Gont. 

Sixteen village sermons. (Macmillan's theo- 
logical library) D ix,161p *35c (D) '13 Mac- 
Church, William S. 

Probate law and practice, with annotations 
and forms for use in the Western states- 
1914 supplement $6.30 '14 Bender- Moss co. 

Babson, R, W. Future of the churches, his- 
toric and economic facts. $1 '14 Babson's 
statistical or.crmizatior 

D'Arcy, C: F: \\'hai is the church? pa *4c '14 

Elliott, E E. Problem of lay leadership. *50c 
'14 Revell 

Hankey, D. Lord of all good life. *90c '14 Long- 

Hort, F. J: A. Christian ecclesia. *35c '14 

King, H: M. T^'^c'-r Cod's thoughts after 
Him | $1.25 1 :', r,J!-iv. !-. R: G. 

Lacey, T- A. '... n -i.;. *$1 '14 Young ch. 

Marson, C: L. God's co-operative society. *80c 
(*2s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Rose, TP R. Outside ot the cup. $1 '14 H: R 
Hose, 5!) Avon av., Newark, N J. 

Salmon, 0: Infallibility of the church. *$1 25 
'14 Button 

Scott, R., and Gilmore, G: W:, eds Church, 
the people and the age. *$3 '14 Funk 

Simpson, W- J: S. Catholic conception of the 
church. MU.50 '14 Llevtill 

Stray or, P. M. Church and the city, pa gratis 
M4 Am. TTnitar. 

Talbot, E. Bishop among his flock. *$1 '14 

Thomas, J. B Church and the kingdom, bds 
$1.25 '14 Baptist bk. concern 

Tippy, W. M. Church, a community force. 50c 
'14 Missionary educ. movement 

Tyler, J: M. Place *of the church in evolution. 
*$1.10 '14 Houffhton 

Wilson, W. H. Church at the center. COc '14 
Missionary educ movement 

NM nlM Christianity; also headings begin- 
ning Church, find names of churches and 
Church a field of service. Rust, C: H. *55c Am, 

Church and education 

Am. bcl. of commissioners for foreign mis- 
sions. Higher educational work of the Amer- 
ican board. '12 pilv ptd Am. bd. 

Clarke, J. M. IMaco and function of the Chris- 
tian college pa ffrntip '14 College bd. of the 
Presbyterian church, 1,'G 5th av., N. T. 

tiee (tteo Church schools 
Church and healing 

Rhodes, G. Whole man. *$1 '13 Young ch. 

Wilson, H: B. Revival of the gift of healing. 

*(JOc; pa *35c '14 Young ch. 
Church and labor. McKenna, L. *40c Kencdy 
Church and moclern problems in the light of the 
teaching of Paul In First Corinthians. Fitz- 
-wator, I, B. 60c; pa 2Gc Bible inst. Col. assn. 
Church and secular learning. Finlay, P: Go Amer- 
ica press 
Church and social problems 

Marson, C: T^ God's co-operative society. 
*80c (*2s 6d) '14 Longmans 

flee a fan Church and the worfcingman; 
Church work 
Church and social work 

rial or, O: D. Priest and social work. *$1.2Q 
(*3 Od) '14 Longmans 

Protowtant Episcopal church In the U. S. 
Joint commiHflion on social service. Social 
service and the Episcopal church, pa 15o 
'14 Church misHions house, 281 4th av., 
N. Y. 

Irotestant Bpiacopal church in the XT. S. Joint 
commission on ooial service. Social service 
at the Gonaral convention of 1913. 76o 'IS 
Church missions houso, 281 4th av., N. Y. 

JProtetmt KpUwopjil chmv-h In the XT. $, Joint 
(.ommlMKinii on sot-inl Hf.'rvicc. Social service 
Cor (HoccHim commtaHlonH. 2d ed pfc $0c '14 
Church mlswlOMH IIOUHU, 281 4th av,, NJ Y. 

Ward, H. F: Year book of the church and so- 
cial service in the United States. t oQc, pa 
*30c '14 Revell 

Williams, L Church in the city, pa *10c '14 
Am. Bapt. 

See also Church and the workmgman 
Church and state 
Crosse, G. Church and state, in theory and 

practice. *40c '14 Young ch. 
Forsvth, P: T. Theology in church and state. 

*$1.25 '14 Doran 

Trinity college, Hartford. Library List of 
pamphlets in the Trinity college library re- 
lating to the Bangorian controversy. '13 
Trinity college, Hartford 

See also Church history; Roman Catholic 
Church and the kingdom. Thomas, J. B. bds 

$1.25 Baptist bk. concern 
Church and the money-lender. Irwin, H: 15c 

America press 

Church and the workingman 
McKenna, .. Church and labor, *40c '14 Ken- 

Thorns, C. S, Working man's Christ. *$1.25 

'14 Dodd 

Church architecture 

Bond, F Introduction to English church archi- 
tecture. 2v *$14 '14 Oxford 
Cram, R. A. Church building. *$3 '14 Small 
Emburv, A. Early American churches. *$2.80 

'14 Douoleday 

Kramer, G: W. Common sense in church build- 
ing. '14 priv ptd G: W. Kramer, 1 Madison 
av., N.-Y. 

tfrc <ilso Architecture, Gothic, Catheduila, 
Mosques; Towers 

Church at the center. Wilson, W. H. 50c Mis- 
sionary educ. movement 

Church attendance 
Colchester, IT. B, ed. Lay views. *$1.20 C*3s 

Gd) '14 Longmans 
Putnam, N. W. Orthodoxy [dramatic satire], 

*60c '14 Konnerley 

Church biography. See Christian biography 
Church building. Cram, R. A. *$3 Small 
Church decoration 
Jones, Tl. Altar flowers and how to grow them. 

*JIOc '14 Benziger 

Church efficiency. Tremaine, D. C. *50c Revell 
Church embroidery. See Church needlework 
Church entertainments 

Thompson, L: O. T am a Bible man; and I 
am a Bible woman. 35c; 2v pa ea 20c Stand- 
ard pub. 

Church extension. See Missions 
Church extension in the diocese of Milwaukee. 
Hood, W: F: pa 25c Pub. for Church ex- 
tension bd. by Young ch. 
Church family (Richard Church. 1008-1668) 
Church, J: A. Descendants of Richard Church 
of Plymouth, Mass. $6 '13 Tuttle co. (corr 

Church family (Richard Church, 3610-1GG7) 
Church, C: W., comp. Simoon CliurcU oj? Ches- 
ter, Connecticut, 1708-1792, and his de- 
scendants, $H '14 C, W. Church, 63 Bank st, 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Church family (Simeon Church, 1708-3792) 
Church, C: W. t comp. Simoon Church of Ches- 
tor, Connecticut 1708-1792, and his de- 
scendants. $3 '14 C. W. Church, C3 Bank st, 
Watorbury, Conn. 
Church finance 

Wollcr, C: IT: Principles of church syatora. pa 
50c '13 C: II: Wollor, Williainsport, I>a, 

Kco also Tithes 
Church handbook for toachor training classes, 

Caley, I* N., and Burk, "W. H, *$iTfcwo!)f 
Church history 

Barrott M. Footprints of the anoint geottteh 
Church. *|UO '14 lieraw 

. X<. Ghuroh hlritory* 
$1,60 ii Tlniv^rHlty Of 



Church history Continued. 

Cooper-Marsdin, A. C. History of the islands 
of the Lerins. *$3.50 '14 Putnam 

Dosker, H: E. Outline studies in church his- 
tory. $2 13 Franklin ptg. co., 416 W. Main 
st, Louisville, Ky. 

Lagarde, A. Latin church in the middle ages. 
*$2.50 '14 Scribner 

Loofs, P. Nestorius and his place in the his- 
tory of Christian doctrine. *$1.10 '14 Putnam 

McGlothlin, W: J. Guide to the study of 
church history. *$1.50 '14 Doran 

Newton, J. F. What have the saints to teach 
us? *50c '14 Revell 

Nichols, R. H. Growth of the Christian church. 
2v ea *$1 '14 Presbyterian bd. 

See also Bible; Cathedrals; Christianity; 
Church and state; Covenanters-; Creeds- 
Jesuits; Monasticism; Reformation; "Reli- 
gious liberty; Religious orders; Theology 

Primitive and early 

Bertrand, L. Saint Augustin. *?3 '14 Appleton 
Case, S. J. Evolution of early Christianity. 

*J$2.25 '14 TJniv. of Chicago press 
Clemen, C. C. Primitive Christianity and Its 

non- Jewish sources. *$3.25 '13 Scribner (corr 

Graeb-ner, T. Victory of the cross, bds 25c 

'13 K-aufmann 
Kirch, C. Enchiridion fontium historiae ec- 

clesiasticae antiquae quod in usum schola- 

rum collegit. 2d ed *$2.45 '14 Herder 
Martin, A. W. Dawn of Christianity. *$1.25 '14 

Muntz, W. S. Rome, St. Paul and the early 

church. *$1.40 '14 Young ch. 
Orr, J. History and literature of the early 

church. *$1 '14 Doran 
Ramsay, W: M. Luke the physician, and other 

studies in the history of religion. *$1.50 '14 

Scott, E. F. Beginnings of the church. *$1.25 

'14 Scribner 

See also Apostles; Bible New Testament 
Church in the city. Williams, L. pa *10c Am. 


Church in the mission field. Stock, E. pa *4c 

(*ld) Longmans 
Church in Uganda. Willis, J: J. pa *20c (*Gd) 

Church law 

See also Marriage; Tithes 

Church library association, Cambridge, Mass, 
List of books recommended for Sunday-school 
and parish libraries. S 24p pa gratis '14 
Church lib. assn., Cambridge, Mass. 
Church membership 

Neligan, M. R: Churchman as priest, pa *20c 
(*6d) '34 Young ch. 

See also Baptism; Lord's supper 
Church music 

Burton, G., comp. Choir manual, for cathedral 
and parish church juvenile or adult choirs. 
80c '14 Fischer, J, 
Drinkwelder, O: Qesetz und praxis in der 

kirchenmusik. 30c '34 Pustet 
Elizabethan church music, pa *10c '14 Oxford 
Lorenar, E, S. Practical church music. *$1 '14 


Mearns, J. Canticles of the Christian church 
eastern and western in early and medieval 
times. *$2 '14 Putnam 
Pratt, W. S. Musical ministries in the church. 

*$1.25 '14 Schirmer 

Young, W. E., ed. Thirty organ pieces for use 
in Christian science churches. $2 '14 Ditson 
Sec ditto Carols; Choral music; Hymns: 
Masses (music); Organ music 
Church needlework 
Hall, M. R. English church needlework. 2d 

ed *$4 '13 Button 
Church of Christ. Sommer, D. A. $1 Apostolic 

review, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Church of "England 

BaUelne, G: R. Layman's history of the 
Church of England. 2d od *50c (*ls 6d) 14 

Campion, E. Ten reasons proposed to his ad- 
versaries for disputation in the name of the 
faith. *30c '14 Herder 

Cecil, E. A. R., and Clayton, H. J, Our na- 
tional church. *50c '13 Warne 

Clayton, H. J. Studies m the Roman contro- 
versy. *$1 '14 Young ch. 

Crosse, G. Church and state, in theory and 
practice. *40c '14 Young ch. 

Gailor, T: E. Episcopal church; its history, its 
prayer book, its ministry. *75c '14 Young ch. 

Gore, C : Basis of Anglican fellowship, pa *20c 
'14 Young ch. 

Kidd, B. J. How can I be sure that I am a 
Catholic? pa *20c (*6d) '14 Longmans 

Legg, J: W. English church life, from the 
Restoration to the Tractarian movement. 
*$3,75 (*12s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Longman, S., and Kirshbaum, S. Lessons on 
the parish church. *SOc (*ls 6d) '14 Long- 

Longridge, P. Forty two lessons for senior 
scholars. *60c '13 Young ch. 

Mar son, C: L. God's co-operative society. 
*80c (*2s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Mason, A. J. Church of England and epis- 
copacy. *$2.50 '14 Putnam 

Neligan, M. R* Churchman as priest, pa *20c 
(*6d) '14 Young ch. 

Russell, G: W: E. Household of fedth. *40c 
'13 Young ch. 

Sanday, W: Bishop Gore's challenge to criti- 
cism: a reply to the Bishop of Oxford's open 
letter on the basis of Anglican fellowship, pa 
*20c (*6d) '14 Longmans 

Simpson, W: J: S. Relation of the English 
church to the non-Episcopal communions, pa 
*20c (*6d) '14 Longmans 

Tait, A. J. What is our deposit? *4c (*ld) '14 

Rco also Book of common prayer; Cathe- 
drals; Christian year;. Church and state; 
Confirmation, Episcopacy; Protestant Epis- 
copal church; Puritans 


Sec Protestant Episcopal church Cate- 


Kendall, J: F. Short history of the church of 

England. *$1 '14 Macrnillan 
Tatham, G. B. Puritans in power. *$2.50 '13 


Liturgy and ritual 

Smith, P. V. Limits of ritual and ceremonial 
in the Anglican communion, pa *4c (*ld) 
'14 Longmans 
Church of England In Africa 

Willis, J: J. Church in Uganda, pa *20c (*Ca) 
'14 Longmans 

Church of England In the United States 
Cross, A. L. Anglican episcopate and the 
American colonies. *$2.50 Harvard univ. 

Church of Scotland 
Dickson, N: Kirk and its 'worthies, buck 

*$1.50 '14 Phillips, Le Roy 
Church plate 

Jones, E. A. Old silver of American churches. 
'13 priv ptd National soc. of colonial dames 
of America 

Church polity 

Long-man, S., and Kirshbaum, S. Losaonn on 
tho parish church. *50c (*ls 6d) '14 Long- 

Pierce, M. L. How to set the church in order. 
$1; pa 50c '14 Standard pub. 

See aUo Churcto and state; Church history; 
Conflrmation; Congregational tern; Klplrteo 
paoy; Itinerant system; Lord' a supper; Meth- 
odism; Penance; Religious order** 
Church revival. Baring-Gould, S. *$4.GO Button 
Church school. Atheam, W. S. *$1 Pllffrlm press 
Church schools 

Adams, M. B. Task of the Christian college. 
'13 Kentucky. Dept of educ., Frankfort 
8cc aUo Church and od a cation 



Church services 

See also Church music, Liturgies; Wor- 

Church system, Principles of. Weller, C: H: pa 

50c C: H: Weller, -Williamsport, Pa. 
Church unity 
Gore, C: Basis of Anglican fellowship, pa 

'20c '14 Young ch. 
Grey, H. G Comity in the mission field, pa *4c 

'14 Longmans 
Kershner, F: D How to promote Christian 

union $1; pa 50c '14 Standard pub, 
Moule, H. C. G. That they all may be one. 

pa *4c '14 Longmans 
Peel, W: G:, and "Willis, J: J. Steps towards 

le- union. pa *3Cc (*ls) '14 Longmans 
Sampson, G. Catholic truth and unity. *60c 

'14 Young ch. 
Sanday, W: Primitive church and reunion. 

*$1.50 (*4s 6d) '13 Oxford 
Selhie, W. B., ed. Evangelical Christianity, its 

history and witness. $1 '11 Doran 
Streeter, B. H. Restatement and reunion. *$1 

'14 Macmillan 
Warman. F: S. G. Ministry and unity. *4c (*ld) 

'14 Longmans 
Weitbrecht, H. U. Co-operation at the home 

base, pa *4c (*ld) '14 Longmans 
Weston, P. Case against Kikuyu pa *36c 

(*ls) '14 Longmans 
Weston, F, Proposals for a central mission- 

ary council of episcopal and non-episcopal 

churches in Bast Africa, pa *10c (*3d) '14 

Willis, J: J. Kikuyu conference, pa *20c (*6d) 

*13 Longmans 
Church vestments 
Weston, L. B. N. Vestments and how to make 

them. *$2 '14 Young ch. 

Church work 
Brooke, C. W, A. Modern methods of parochial 

organization. *$1,40 '14 Young ch. 
Egerton, H. Institutional religion, pa *20c (*6d) 

'14 Longmans 
Elliott, B. E. Making good in the local church. 

*35c '13 Revell 
Men and religion forward movement. Boys' 

work in the local church. *50c '14 Assn. 

Rust, C: H. Church a field of service. *55c '14 

Am, Bapt. 

Tremaine, D. C. Church efficiency. *50c '14 

Sec a,Uo Church and social problems; 
Church and social work; Church and the 
worklngman; Country churches; Evangelistic 
work, Missions; Revivals; Social settle- 

Church year. See Christian year 
Arnold, H, Stained glass of the middle ages in 

England and France. *$7 '13 Macmillan 
Embury, A. Early American churches. *$2.80 

'14 Doubleday 

Longmans' pictures of the parish church. 6 
pictures in envelope *$5 (*15s); ea *90c 
(*2s Gd) '14 Longmans 

See also Church architecture; Country 

Churches, Rural. See Country churches 
Churches in Britain. Plummer, A. 2v ea *$1.50 


Churches of Christ in America an4 international 
peace. Macfarland, C: S. Ffcdflral council of 
The churches of Christ in Am. 

Churches of God _ _ 

Forney, C, H: History of the Churches of God 
in the United States of North America. 
*$2.65 '14 Central ptg. 
Churchill. George Thomas, 1867- 
Churchlll Simplis shorthand; a system of light- 
line writing designed to meet the reauire- 
ments of office stenographers and reporters. 
U2p *$1.00 '14 Churchill pub, co., Grand 
Mich. 14-10209 

Churchill river, Canada 

and Churowu 

Churchman, Philip Hudson, 1S74- 
Exercises on Piench sounds. D 47p tables 35c 
pa 2oe '14 Jenkins 14-18266 

Chu !2i??? a as P riest - Neligan, M. R. pa <20c 
(*6d) Young ch. 

Gibber, CoIIey, 1671-1757 
Colley Gibber: an apology for his life; with an 


Tr '-t^ B ?J L ? n i? log5 ''' Bu - of - Periodical cicada in 

1914. 14 U. S, Agnc.; 5c iSupt. of doc. 
Cicero, Marcus TuIIIus, 106-43 B. C 

Correspondence; ed. by R. Y. Tyrrell and L: 
C. Purser, v 3 2d ed *$3.80 (*12s) (Mr) '14 

De Smbus bonorum et malorum; with an Eng 

b ) S 

Churchill, Winston, 1871- , 
Richard Carvel new edi with a preface, D atfU, 
B36p il *$1*50 (S) '14 Macmillan 14-16757 


tr. by H, Rackham. (Loeb classical lib ) 
xxvii,511p *$1.50; lea *$2 (Jl) '14 Macmiuan 
De officiis, with an English translation by 
Walter Miller. (Loeb classical library) D 
xvi,423p *$1.50; lea *$2 '14 Macmillan 

Sihler, E. G. Cicero of Arpinum; a political 
and literary biography. *$2 50 '14 Yale univ. 

True, R. H. Molds of cigars and their pre- 
vention. pa '14 U. S. Agnc.; 5c Supt of 

U. S. Labor statistics, Bureau of. Wages and 
hours of labor in the cigar and clothing in- 
dustries 1911 and 1912. pa '13 U. S. Labor: 
lOc Supt. of doc. 

Vallens, E. Facts on cigars for up to date 
smokers. 25c '14 Gene Wall cigar co., 164 
E. 86th st., N. Y. 
Cincinnati. Charters 

Charter for the city of Cincinnati, prepared 
and proposed by the Charter commission. 
O 84p '14 Cincinnati. Charter commission 


Cincinnati. Police dept. 

Rules and regulations of street traffic. T 30p 
'14 Cincinnati. Police dept. 14-13098 


Politics and government 

Whitlock, B. Forty years of it. *$1.50 '14 


Cincinnati. University 

Commencement exercises, June 14, 1913. (Rec- 
ord, ser. 1, v. 9, no. 9) O 68p '13 Univ. of 
Cincinnati E13-1732 

Cover-title: Knowledge in the guidance of communities; 
address by Albert Shaw at tho commencement, June 14, 
1013 and the other commencement exercises 
Condition and history of the University in 
1912 including a sociological study of the 
student body. (Univ. of Cincinnati record. 
ser. 1. v. 9, no. 10) O 68p pis pa gratis '13 
Univ. of Cincinnati B13-1369 

Cincinnati, University of. Studies. Univ. of 


Harry, J. E: Greek tragic poots. pa $2 
llartmann, H: O. Now conception of relativity and Locke. 

pa $1 

Cinderella, Sowerby, K. G. bds $2.50> Doran 
Cinderella, or, The little glass slipper; tr. by 
Alice Corbin Henderson; with pictures by 
Blanche Fisher Wright. (Bye-lo ser.) S 9- 
59p il bds *25c '14 Rand 

Cinders. Weir, H. C. *$1 Wilde 

Ualbot, F: A. Practical cinematography and 
its applications. *$1 '14 Lippincott 

See also Moving pictures 
her and telegraph codes 
B C code. 5th ed *|10; Spanish *$10; Portu- 

guese *$15 Am. code oo. 
All-over codex, lea $1; pa 60c Am. co4e co. 
Am. bankers' assn. American bankers' asso- 
ciation code, for private and confidential use 
among members. '14 priv ptd Am. bankers' 



Cipher and telegraph codes Continued. 
Anglo- American code. *$3.50 Am, code co. 
Armsby code. *$5 Am. code co. 
Bentley code ^SO '14 Am. code co. 
Century 10-figure code. *$5 Am. code co. 
Commerce code *$1.50 Am. code co. 
Hume, T M. Hume produce code, 1914, $5 '14 

T- M. Hume, Odd fellows bldg., Burlington, 

Kendall, O. S Kendall's 10-steIliger aahlen- 

code. *$5 '13 Lieber code co. 
Lawience code, for lawyeis especially. *$5 

Am code co. 
McAlpine, J., & co. Cable code for packeis, 

commission, flour and gram merchants, 

exporters or importers in general. 3d ed hf 

mor *$8 '14 Caspar 

Montgomery cypher code for "banks, stock- 
brokers and investment bankers. 5 In ed flex 

lea $5 '14 Financial pub. 
New business code. *$5 Am code co. 
Reiss, E: W: Clave telegrafica simplex. $10 '13 

Simplex code pub. 
Stark c, H. C: Cipher code, per set of 2 copies 

$10 '13 Putnam 

Voller's 12-figure code. *$11 Am. code co. 
Whitelaw's phrases for code telegraphy, hf lea 

*$4S '14 Longmans 
Whitelaw's telegraph cyphers, pa *?48 '14 

Circle squaring 
Hohson, E W: Squaring the circle. *$1 '13 

Circulation heart and lungs. 3d ed Cocroft, S. 

60c Headmgton pub 
Smith, Li. R. Circus book. 30c '13 Flanagan 

Cities and towns 

Georgia. University. Peabody school of edu- 
cation. Practical community studies. '14 

Univ. of Georgia, Athens 
Singleton, R. Gieat citicK of Europe. 2 series 

ea fiOc '14 CLiflm 
Thornton, W: W. Law governing- cities and 

towns in the state of Indiana. 6th cd buck 

*$7 50 '14 Anderson 
U. S. Census, Bu. of. Financial statistics of 

cities having a population of over 30,000: 

1012 and 1913: bulletins 2v pa ea '13-'14 U. S. 

Census; 15c Supt. of doc. 
U. S. Census, Bu. of. Financial statistics of 

cities having- a population of over 30,000: 

1912; report. '13 U. S. Centura; 75c Supt. of 

U. S. Census, Bu. of. General statistics of 

cities: 1!X)9, '13 XT. S. Census; 45c Supt. of 

Krr r/?flo Horouffhs; City planning;; Housing 

problem, Municipal government; Parks 
Cities and towns, Ancient 
Reid, J. S. Municipalities of the Roman em- 
pire. *$3.75 '14 Putnam 

Cities of St. Paul. Ramsay, W: M. *$1.50 Doran 
Citizens' handbook of safety. 32p 11 pa gratis '14 

Akron troops of the boy scouts of America, 

Citizen's part in government Root, E, $1,15 

Yale univ. press 
Bran ford. V, Interpretations and forecasts. 

*$2.-60 '14 Kexmerley 
Cabot, E , and others. Course in citizenship, 

*$U5 '14 Houghton 
Dunn, A W: Community and the citizen. 90c 

14 Heath 
Gill, w L. Civic practices for boys and girls. 

BOc '14 Am. patriotic league 
GUI, W. L. Gill system of moral and civic 

training. $1 '01 Am. patriotic league 
Gill, W. L. New citizenship. ?JL '18 Am. patri- 
otic league 
Griffith, ED. C. , Bractico oC citizenship, pa lOc 

'34 Am. Bapt 
Hall, N. M. Civic righteousness and civic pride. 

*$1.25 *14 Sherman, French & co. 
, BCooges, L. Training for citizenship ; an article 

on tfeto Winston-Salem plan of .training for 
, ! oitlfsn*hip. 60 13 Supt, of doc. 
Jennliig, ,T* G., comp. Select passages on duty 

to the state and kindred subjects, *900; 1st 

ser *45c; 2d sor *60c '18 Oxford 

Root, E Citizen's part in government. *$1.15 
'31 Yale univ, press 

Taft, W. II. Four aspects of civic duty. *$1.15 
'11 Yale univ. pres.s 

Wilson, C., comp. Wilson's naturalization laws 
of the United States 4th ed pa 2r>c '14 
Baumgai dt 

Wngtit, T. Christian citizenship pa l| 20c '14 

Nte <t1so Aliens, Naturalization; Political 
Citron, Julius Bernhard 

Immunity, methods of diagnosis and therapy 
and their practical application, tr from the 
German and ed by A. JL. Garbat. 2d ed rev 
and enl O xvii,267p il *$3.50 '14 Biakiston 

Citrus fruits 

California. State commission of horticulture, 
Sacramento. California citrus culture, 13 

San Dimas citrus nui scries, San Dimus, Cal. 
Principles and practices of citnus culture 
in California 5th cd 25c 'M San Dimas cit- 
rus nurseries, San Dimas, Cal. 


San Bei iHiK-lmo, Cal Free pubhc library. Cit- 
rus fruits and their culture, pa 25c '13 

City. Howe, F: C. *?1 Scnbner 
City and country life movement pa gratis J May- 
ground & recreation astn 
City boosting, Meaning of. Wilson, L. E. 25c 

L. E. Wilson, 93 Nassau at., N. Y. 
City club of New York. Committee on public 

employment exchanges in New York 
Public employment exchanges: report of the 
committee appointed by the trust oca of 
the Citv club ol Now York on Ducomfow L7, 
1JJ13, to inquire into the nood of public 
employment exchanges in New York. O 35i> 
il '14 City club of Now York Ut-ll) 

City fathers by the city builders. Huston, U: 
C. lea $2 R. C, Huston, Exchange bldg. f 
Memphis, Tenn. 

City government. See Municipal government 
City history club of New York 
Historical guide to the city of New Yorlc; 
comp. by Frank Bergen Kelley irom orig- 
inal observations and contributions made 
by members and friends of the City history 
club of New York; rev ed S xix,42lp 11 *$1.B(> 
'13 atokes ia-8r>73g 

City manager plan o municipal government 

Q 35p pa 25c '14 Ainorican city 
City of Crod. See Marfa Coronol do Jtisrts 
City of numbered days. Lyndc, R *$l.ltB Hcrll)- 


City planning 

Am. acad, of political and nodal science, 
Housing and town planning. $1.50; i>a $1 '14 
Am. acud. 

Comey, A. C. Houston, bds *$1; pa *7Hc l '1IJ 
A. C Comey, Harvard q. f Cambridge, MaH, 
Crawford, A. W, C<*rtain aHpcicts of muni 
ciiial financing and city planning, lOc Kor 
sale by American city 
Davies, J- V. Provision i'or fnturo rapid transit, 

pa 10c '14 For sale by American olty 
Ford, O: IJ. Chn inborn t\l commerce, and city 

planning pa lOc '14 Civic prufw 
Goodrich, M. P., and Ford, (3; I*. Report of 
suggested plan of proooduvn for 01 fy plan 
commission, Jersey City, N. J. '13 City plan 
fiommlBHlon, Jerney City, N, J, 
Haverfleld, P. J; Ancient town-planning. *$2 

'13 Oxford 
Rooster, F. Modern otty planningr and maln- 

tenancot *?6 '14 MoHrtde, Nast ^ oo. 
National conference on city planning-, Bth, 
Chicago, 1913, proceedInR. $2 '13 National 
ronforonce on city planning, 19 Con#r<ft 
St., Boston 

Newark, N". J. City plan comm, City plan- 
ning for Newark, '13 

Olmflted, F: TJ, How to orjjfanl^o a city plan- 
ning campaign. IBc '14 Civic pre 
IHirdom* C: B: Oardto city. *S8.50 'U 



City planning Continued. 

Shurtleff, l"" 1 , and Olmsted, F: L. Carrying out 
the city plan. $2 '14 Survey associates 

Kcc flZi-fj Housing problem; Municipal im- 


Boston. Public library. Catalogue of books 
relating to ai chiteeture, construction and 
decoration in the Public library. 2d ed pa $1 
'14 Boston public lib 

New York (city). Public library. Select list 
of woiks relating to city planning and allied 
topics. '13 

"Walker, B. K., comp. Citv Tii Prn ^ : Bibliog- 
raphy. pa lOc '14 J. T. I ' i',i"!.i.*. LI" Berke- 
ley National bank bldg 1 ., j) rki ( ;, (.V;!. 
City problems. Gill, W. L. 50c Am parti lotic 

City school supervision. Elliott, E: C. *$1.50 

World bk. co. 
City, state, and nation. Nlda, W: L: *75c Mac- 

City's need, the university's opportunity. James, 

H. J. lOc Civic press 

Civic biology. Hunter, G: W: *$1.25 Am. bk. 
Civic federation of New Haven 

Report on mosquito control. (Documents no. 

10) O 37p il map '13 Civic federation, New 

Haven, Conn. Agrl3-1562 

Civic improvement in little towns. Gale, Z. 25c 

Am. civic assn 
Civic league, llth yearbook, pa Civic league, 911 

Locust st, St. Liouis, Mo, 
Civic league of St. Louis 
Civic league; the story of the year's work for 

St. Louis, 1912. llth yearbook O 63p il pa 

'13 Civic league, Oil Locust St., St. Louis, 

Homo rule legislation. O 14p '13 Civic league, 

911 Locust St., St. Louis 13-22400 

Civic practices for boys and girls. Gill, W. L. 

50c Am. patriotic league 
Civic righteousness and civic pride. Hall, N. M. 

*$1.25 Sherman, French & co. 
Civics. See Citizenship; Political science 
Civics of Kansas. Bates, F. G. 30c Ginn 
Civics of Ohio. Fess, S. D. pa 50c Ginn 
Civics: Texas and federal. 4th ed Triplott, 

H: F., and Hauslein, F. A. 75c Rein & sons 
Civil and criminal forms used in courts of Col- 

orado. Richards, G, S., comp. $3 G. S, Rich- 

ards, 1752 Franklin St., Denver, Colo. 
Civil and Mexican wars. 3801, 3846, Military hist. 

soc, of Mass. $2.5tt Military hist soc. of 

Mass,, Boston 
Civil engineering 
Am. soc. of civil engineers. Index to Trans- 

actions, v 1-74. $4.50; hf mor $5; pa $4 '12 

Am. soc. of civil engineers 
Cunningham, B. Dock and harbour engineer's 

reference book. *$3 '14 Lippincott 
Trautwine, J: C. Civil engineer's pocket-book. 

1913 issue, $5 '14 Trautwine co. 

M tit no Arches; Blasting; Boring; Bridges; 
ltliiif?; Drainage: Earthwork; Kiiginuer- 
; Knmiilr:i.iOMi-; Hyilraiilh 1 . origin uorlnK; Ir- 

rigation; Masonry: Aflcfhnnlcal engineering; 

Mensuration, Mining engineering: Railroad 

ongin wring; Reclamation of land; Retain- 

ing walls; Rivers; Roads; Steel construc- 

tion; Htronwth of materials; Subways, Sur- 
; "\V:illH; Water supply; Water supply 

Civil engineers cost book. Coleman, T: E, *$1.CO 

Civil engineer's pocket-book. 1913 issue Traut- 

wine, J: C. $o Trautwine co. 
Civil government. See Political science; United 

StatesPolitics and government 
Civil government in California, Button, J; B: 

*|l Am. "bk. 
Civil sovornmont lp th* United States, Mc- 

Carthy, C: IL $1.25 Catholic education preas 

Civil government of the United States and South 

Dakota. Ross, J: A. 75c Educator school 

supply co., Mitchell, S. D 
Civil jurisdiction ol justices of the peace in the 

titate of Texas, Treatise un 5th ed Sayles, 

J. buck $7.50 Vernuii law bk. 
Civil law 

See also Law, and references under that 


Civil procedure 
Dassler, C: F: W: Treatise on the civil code of 

Kansas, flex lea $7.50 '14 Vernon law bk. 
Deemer, H. El. Iowa pleading and practice, law 

-.-n-l i '::<:-. 3v buck $22.r>0 '14 Callaghan 
s'j.-A'tri:, !:: H., and Moorhead, W: S. Notes 

on common pleas practice, limp lea $3 '14 

Mrs. Lydia Wolff, St. Nicholas bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Hughes, R. M. Handbook of jurisdiction and 

procedure in United States courts. 2d ed 

buck *$3.75 '13 West 
Kittle, W. B. Law of rule days in Virginia 

and West Virginia. *$2.50 '14 Anderson 
New Yoik (state). Chase's pocket code. *$4 

'14 Banks 

New York (state). Parsons' code of civil pro- 
cedure, 1914. 39th ed $4 '14 Bender 
Scott, A. W. Cases on civil procedure. 4 pts 

pt 1 pa ""BOc '14 Harvard univ. press 
IT. S. Congress. House. Pleading, procedure, 

and practice in federal courts. 5c '14 Supt. 

of doc. 
Wait, W: Practice at law, in equity and in 

special proceedings in the courts of record 

in the state of New York. 2d ed 7v ea $7 

'12 -'14 Baker, Voorhis 
Civil service 
Fish, C. R. Civil service and the patronage. 

*$2 Harvard univ. press (corr pub) 
Sec also Civil service reform; Nominations 


Civil service chronicle. Postal clerk and let- 
ter carrier examination instruction. 75c '13 
Civil service chronicle 

Sec aUo Civil service New York (city) 
Examinations; Civil service New York 
(state) Examinations 


California. Civil sen-ice commirreicn. Rules 
and regulations ainl <'!'-*' <::'. :>! *!" posi- 
tions. '14 Cal. Civil Mvrii-i. <>"::;. .-^ji, Sac- 

Cook county, III. 

Cook county, 111 Civil service commission. 
Cook county civil service laws and rules. '14 

Great Britain 

Moses, R. Civil service of Great Britain. 
*$2.50; pa *$2 '14 Longmans 


Van der Zee, J. Merit system Jn Iowa, pa SOc 
'14 Iowa. State hist. soc. 

New Jersey 

New Jersey. Economy and efficiency -comm., 
Trenton. Messages of the governor transmit- 
ting report of the commission to consider 
best means to consolidate state agencies. '13 

New York (city) 


Civil service chronicle. Fireman civil service 
examination instruction. 2d ed $1 '14 Civil 
service chronicle 

Civil service chronicle. Police dept promotion 
exam. Instruction for civil woryico candidates 
for HtirKcant, lieutenant, captain, 
ana detective. $1 '14 Civil service . 

Hochfelder, J. Attendance officer, 
tion instruction, truant officer. ?2 U 
service chronicle 

^ JT. J: H): Ftr* prtteaotoana* |t$0 
pub. . - 



Civil service Continued. 

New York (state) 


Perlman, M. Rodman instruction for civil 
service examinations. $1.25 '14 Civil service 


Ohio. State civil service commission, Colum- 
bus. Rules and regulations, as adopted Feb- 
ruary 7, 1914, and the civil service law of 
Ohio. '14 


Van Dusen, L: H. Choice of municipal experts 
through competitive examinations in Phila- 
delphia, pa '14 National civil service reform 

United States 

Chief pub. co. Customs service. $1 '14 Chief 

Eliot, C: W: Merit system and the new Demo- 
cratic party. '14 National civil service re- 
form league" 

National assembly of civil service commis- 
sioners. Model civil service law embodying 
the essential principles of a practical merit 
system of public employment. '14 

See also Civil service reform 
Civil service and commercial "200 words ai min- 
ute" shorthand phrase book. Lusk, F. $1.50 
F. Lusk, 2255 Broadway, N. Y. 
Civil service chronicle, New York 

Fireman civil service examination instruction; 
containing 500 questions and answers on 
duties, rules, fire-fighting, etc., and answers 
to previous examination questions, 2d ed O 
103p $1 '14 Civil service chronicle 14-6435 

Police dept. promotion exam, instruction for 
civil service candidates for sergeant, lieu- 
tenant, captain, inspector and detective, 
containing 1000 questions and answers, in- 
cluding answers to questions asked at all 
past examinations in New York city, with 
specimen questions for New Jersey and Chi- 
cago. Q 215p $1 '14 Civil service chronicle 


Postal clerk and letter carrier examination 
instruction, Including fourth class post- 
master and inspector and instruction for 
middle grade clerical examinations gener- 
ally; copying from plain copy letter writing 
arithmetic spelling, etc. O 68p 75c '13 
Civil service chronicle 13-24486 

Civil service reform 

Eliot, C: W. Civil service reform and popular 
government. '12 National civil service re- 
form league 

Eliot, C: W. Civil service reform and the 
first nine months of Democratic control in 
both congress and the administration, 
March-December. 1913. pa '14 National civil 
service reform league 

National assembly of civil service commission- 
ers. Model civil service law embodying the 
essential principles of a practical merit sys- 
tem of public employment. '14 

National civil service reform league. Remov- 
als in the civil service, pa '14 National civil 
service reform league 

Civil war. See United States HistoryCivil 


Buckle, H: T: History of civilization in Eng- 
land. 4v *$1 '13 Hearst's int. lib. 
Church, R* W: Christianity and civilization. 

*50c '14 Macmillan 
Cowan, A. R. Master- clues In world-history. 

*$1.75 '14 Longmans 
Douglas, S. 0. G. Theory of civilisation. *U-50 

'14 Macmillan 

Eggleston, E: Transit of civilization. *$1.50 '14 

: F. S. Prehistoric man and his story. 
14 Lippincott 

o, ft. Between the Old world and the 
New. ni'50 '14 Putnam 
Frazer, .T. O: Psycho's task. 2d ed *$1.50 '13 

Gorton, A. T. Foundations of American civili- 
zation 50c '14 Merrill, C: E. 

Kepner, T: E. Our heritage. $1.50 '14 Rox- 
burgh pub. 

Marvin, F. S. Living past. *$1.15 '13 Ox- 

See also Anthropology; Archeology, Art; 
Education; Ethics, Ethnology; History; In- 
dustry; Man; Progress; Religions; Renais- 
sance; Social problems; Sociology 

' Civilization, Medieval 

Adams, H: Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. 

*$6 '13 Houshton 

Phillpotts, B. S. Kindred and clan in the mid- 
dle ages and after. *$3 50 '13 Putnam 
Salzmann, L: F. Mediaeval byways. *$1.75 '13 


Taylor, H: O. Mediaeval mind. 2v *$5 '14 Mac- 

Civilization, Oriental 
Cooper, C. S. Modernizing of the Orient. *$2 

'14 McBride, Nast & co. 

Civilization and health. Hutchinson, W. *$1.50 


Kohl, C. C: Claims as a cause of the Mexican 
war. pa $1 '14 N. T. university book store, 
32 Waverly place, N. T. 

Sec also United States Claims 
Clairaudlence. Peebles, J. M. pa lOc Peebles 
Clan McNary of the U. S. A. McNary, J. R. 
$1.25; pa $1 J. R. McNary, Burgettstown, Pa. 
Clapp, Charles Horace, 1883- 
Geology of the Victoria and Siianloh mnp- 
areas, Vancouver Island, B. O. (Memoir 
36; no. 33, Geological ser.) O viii.l-lSp il '13 
Canada. Geol. S. GS14-467 

Clara Hopgood. White, W: H. *40c Oxford 
Clarahan, Mamie Margaret 
Experimental study of methods of teaching 
high school German. (Educational ser. v, 1, 
no. 6) O 32p pa gratis '13 Univ. of Mo. 


Clarion. Adams, S: H. *$1.35 Houghton 
Clark, Albert Curtis, 1860- 
Primitive text of the Gospels and Acts. O 
vii,112p *$1.35 '14 Oxford 14-17132 

Recent developments in textual criticism. O 

28p pa *35c '14 Oxford 
Clark, Albert Wlllistine, 18G2- 
Graded writing textbooks. 8 bks bk 1-2 O 48; 
31p il pa per doz bk 1 *$1.60; bk 2 *$1.25 '14 

Clark, Allen Culling, 1858- 
Life and letters of Dolly Madison. 7-517?) II 
?4; lea $10 '14 Roberts, W. F. 14-14620 

Clark, Andrew C. 

Dicshunary of reformed and simplified spell- 
ing. O 198p gratis '14 Tuttlo ' 14-12480 
Clark, Austin Hobart, 1880- 
Notes on some specimens of a species of ony- 
chophore (Oroporipatus comxclol) new to 
the fauna of Panama. (Miscellaneous col- 
lections, v 63, no 2) O 2p pa 5c (F) '14 
Smithsonian inst 14-30206 
Notes on the recent crlnoids in tho British 
museum. (Miscellaneous collor lions, v. 61, 
no. 15) O 89p pa 20c (D) '13 Smithsonian, inst. 


Clark, Barrett Harper, 1890- 
Continental drama of to-day; 'outlines for its 
study, RHprgAstioiiA. questions, biographies, 
and MM io^raphk-.s for use In connection with 
1ho study of tho morn important plays. T> 
vlll.2r.2p *$1.35 (Mv) '14 TTolt 14-11003 

(tr ) Four plays or the Free theater: Tlw 
fos.siis, by ii'mnqotH de Cxirel; The serenade, 
by Jo.'in .Million; Franchise' luck, by Ooorgow 
do 1'nrto-IUcliu; The dupo, by GttortfOH 
Arico.y; produced at the Th&ltro llbro; tr, 
with an In trod, by B. II. Clark; prufaca by 
J!ri<niK. I) xl,2r>7p *$LBO '11 Stewart & Klcld 

(tr. & ed.) See Three modern plays from the 


Clark, Byron N. , 

List of pensioners of the war of 1812, etc. 
(with account of the battle of Pl&ttsburgh), 
O 171p $8 '14 Putnam, Uben 



Clark, Charles Eugene 

Co-operation: its necessity; address. O 8p pa 
gratis *14 priv ptd C: E. Clark, Covington, 

Tribute to the life and memory of that 
princely American the late Henry M. Flag- 
ler. O 8p pa '13 priv ptd C: E. Clark, Cov- 
ington, Ky. 14-5300 

Clark, Charles Heber (Max Adeler, pseud) 1841- 
By the bend of the river: tales of Connock 
old and new. D 307p *$1.20 (S) '14 Wins- 
ton 14-17807 
Clark, Charles S. 

Plans of grain elevators. 3d ed Q 378p il art 
vel $5 '13 Grain dealers journal, Chicago, 111. 


Clark, Dan Elbert, 1883- 

(comp.) One hundred topics in Iowa history. 

(Bui. of information ser.) Q 44p pa '14 Iowa 

state hist. soc. 14-17067 

Clark, Daniel Kinnear 

Mechanical engineer's pocket book. *$1.50 Ap- 


Clark, Edwin Charles, 1835- 
History of Roman private law. pt. 2, Jurispru- 
dence. 2v O xiv,802p *$6.75 '14 Putnam 
Clark, Francis Edward, 1851- 
Holy Land of Asia Minor; the seven cities 
of the book of Revelation; their present ap- 
pearance, their history, their significance, 
and their message to the church of to- 
day. D xx,154p il *$1 '14 Scribner 14-18887 
and Clark, Sydney Aylmer, 1890- 
Charm of Scandinavia. O xiv,326p il *$2.50 
(0) '14 Little 14-18589 

Clark, Frank Wigglesworth, 1847- 
Water analyses from the Laboratory of the 
United States geological survey (Water- 
supply paper 364) O 40p pa '14 U. S. Geol. 
S.; 5c Supt. of doc. GS14-806 

Clark, George H., and Malte, M. Oscar 
Fodder and pasture plants. Q 143p il 50c '13 
Dept. of agnc., Ottawa Agrl4-348 

Clark, George L. 

Real party in interest statute in Missouri, by 
G: L. Clark; Limitations of personal prop- 
erty, by Manley 0. Hudson; Notes on recent 
Missouri cases, Iby the student editors. (Law 
ser. 4, v. 15, no. 17) O 60p pa '14 Univ. of 
Clark, George Larkin, 1849- 

History of Connecticut; its people and in- 
stitutions; with 100 il. and maps. O xx,609p 
*$3.50 '14 Putnam 14-10888 

Clark, George Rogers, 1752-1818 
George Rogers Clark papers, 1771-1781. (Col- 
lections of the HI. state hist, lib., v, 8, Vir- 
ginia ser., v. 3) 715p il buck '12 priv ptd 
111. state hist, lib., Spring II1U 
Clark, deorge Whltefield, 1831- 
Struggles and triumphs of a long life: personal 
life sketches and autobiography. D 200p il 
*50c '14 Am. Bapt. 
Clark, Harold Hayward, 1876- 
Electric lights for use about oil and gas- wells. 
(Technical paper 79. Petroleum technology 
19) O 8p '14 u. S. Mines; 5c Supt of doc. 


Permissible electric lamps for miners. (Tech- 
nical pa. 75) O 21p U '14 U. S. Mines; 5c 
Supt. of doc. 14-30231 

and Crocker, Ralph W. 
Electric switches for use in gaseous mines. 
(Bui. 68) O 38P U '13 U. S. Mines; pa lOc 
Supt of doc. 14-30122 

and llsley, L. C, ..,,, 

Action of acid mine water on the insulation 
of electric conductors: a preliminary re- 
port (Technical pa. 58) O 26p '13 U. S. 
Mines; 5o Supt of doc. 18-36909 

Clark, Harriet Plckert, 1870- 
Royal auction bridge, up to date, Including 
nullos. T 146p *60c '14 Dodd 14-4606 

Clark. Harry WWard, 1863- 
, FomHzJlUfc value of aawatfo and aewagg sludge; 
a sanitary and economic problem. 17p pa 
14 Maw. State M. of health, Boston 

and Gage, Stephen De M." 

Study of the efficiency of certain methods for 
the sanitary control of swimming pools; 
reprinted from the Annual report lor 1912. 
O 24p pa '14 Mass. State bd. of health, Bos- 

Clark, Henry William, 1869- 
Liberal orthodoxy; a historical survey. (Great 
Christian theologies) O xi,313p *$2 (N) '14 

Clark, J. Macdonald 
IILegends of King Arthur and his knights. 

$2.50 '14 Button 
Clark, John Bates, 1847- 

Social justice without socialism (Barbara 
Weinstock lectures on the morals of trade, 
no. 4) D 49p *50c (Ap) '14 Houghton 14-9126 
Clark, John Dustln, 1882- 

Chemical study of the enrichment of copper 

sulfide ores. (Bui. whole no. 75; Chemistry 

ser., v. 1, no. 2) O 79-150p pi '14 XTmv. of 

New Mexico 14-14534 

Clark, Keith 

Spell of Spain. (Spell ser.) x,439p il *$2.50 
(O) '14 Page 14-20659 

Clark, Latimer, 1822-1898 
Dictionary of metric and other useful meas- 
ures. D 113p *$2 Spon (corr price) 
Clark, Sydney A. See Clark, F. K, jt. auth. 
Clark, T. B. 

(ed.) See Borden, B. M. Jacob's ladder 
Clark, Tahaferro 

Trachoma: a survey of its prevalence in the 
mountain sections of Virginia and West Vir- 
ginia (Reprint no. 198 from the Public 
health reports, v. 29, no. 23) O 31p map 5c 
'14 Supt. of doc. 14-30596 

and Pierce, Claude C. 

Endemic goiter: its possible relationship to 

water supply. (Reprint no. 184 from the 

Public health reports, v. 29, no. 16) O 12p 

5c '14 Supt. of doc, 14-30444 

Clark, W. C. 

Christian faith; a handbook of Christian 
teaching. D 347p *$1.50 '14 Sherman, French 
& co. 

Clark, William Alexander Graham, 1879- 

Cotton goods in Japan and their competition 

on the Manchurian market. (Special agents 

ser., no.' 86) O 282p il diag pa '14 U. S. For. 

& dom. cornm.; 30c Supt. of doc. 14-30682 

Linen, jute, and hemp industries In the United 

Kingdom; with notes on the growing and 

manufacture of jute in India. (U. S. Bu. ot 

domestic and foreign commerce. Special 

agents ser., no. 74) O 172p pa 25c '13 Supt. 

of doc. 14-30032" 

Clark, William George 

(ed.) See Shakespeare, W: Complete works. 
Clark, William Lawrence, 1863- 
Handbook of the law of contracts. 3d ed. by 
A. H. Throckmorton. (Hornbook ser.) O' 
xii,768p buck *$3.75 'U West 14-15758. 
and Marshall, William L. 
Treatise on the law of private corporations. 2<3i 

ed 7v $45 '14 Callaghan 
Clark family 

Barnett, C. L. Clarke family tree. '14 C. I<* 
Barnett, 1014 Vermont av., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Clark family (Thomas Clarke, 15997-1697) 
Otis, A. Thomas Clarko, the Pilgrim, and his 

descendants, pa 50c '14 Swift 
Clark university, Worcester, Mass. 
Twenty- flfth anniversary of Clark university, 
Worcester, Mass., 1889-1914. (Pub., v, 3, no. 
7) 77p '14 Clark univ. press 14-13898 

Clark university addresses, 1912. See Biakeslee, 
G: H., ed. Recent developments In China, 

Clarke, Charles, 1848- 

Japan; a child of the world's old a*$. D 11- 
135p il vel $1 '13 C: Clarke, 085 12th fftv P- 
troft, Mich. , , U-&& ; 

Clarke, Charles, and Gilbert. Mottpam 
Common-aenso golf. D 15-182$ U *76o (My) -''It , 
KoBride, Nast & 04. 


Clarke, Frank Cuthbert, 1886- 
Forensic value of the precipitin test in the 
enforcement ot game laws in Caliiorma. 
(Publications in pathology, v. 2, no. 15) Q 
131-lSSp iic '14 Univ. of Cal. A14-1073 

Clarke, Frank WIgglesworth, 1847- 
Gonstitution of the natuial silicates. (Bui. 
588; O 12Sp pa '14 U S. Geol. S., 15c Supt. 
of doc. GS14-782 

Clarke, George Herbert, 1873- 
At the shrine, and other poems. 14Sp *$1.25 
(JlJ '14 Stewart & Kidd 14-12434 

Clarke, Hans Thacher 

Introduction to the study of organic chem- 
istry. D viii,4S4p diags *$2 '14 Longmans 


Clarke, Helen Archibald 

Guide to mythology. (Guide ser.) 50c '14 Claflin 
tiee Porter, C , jt. auth. 
Clarke, Ida Clyde 

Suffrage in the southern states. *75c '14 Wil- 
liams ptg. co., Nashville, Tenn. 
Clarke, Isabel Constance 

Fine clay; a novel. D 446p il *$1.35, (S) '14 

Benziger 14-16758 

Secret citadel. O 416p *$1.35 (Mr) '14 Benziger 


Clarke, J. Wright, and Scott, Walter 
Plumbing practice, v 1, Practical lead work- 
ing and plumbers' materials. O 2i)7p 282 II 
*$4 (O) '14 Van Nostrand 
Clarke, James E., 18C8- 

Place and function of the Christian college. O 
lap pa gratis '14 College bd. of the Presby- 
terian church, 156 5th av., N. Y. E14-407 
Clarke, Jennie Thornley 

(ed.) Songs of the South: choice selections 

Irom southern poets from colonial times to 

the present day; with an appendix of brief 

biographical notes and an introd. by Joel 

Chandler Harris. 3d ed D xix,333p *$1.50 

(O) '13 Doubleday 13-35893 

Clarke, W. K, Lowther 

St. Basil the Great: a study in monasticism. O 

*$2.50 '14 Putnam 
Clarke, Walter E. 

Guinea pigs; a practical treatise on their 
breeding, feeding and management. S 47p il 
25c (D) '13 Dunlap-Clarke co., Chatham, N. 
T. . 14-363 

Clarke, William H. 

Chart of feet and teeth of fossil horses. *25c 


Clarke, William Newton, 1841-1012 
Sixty years with the Bible; a record of ex- 
perience. (Fifty-cent religious ser.) D 259p 
*50c '12 Scribner A14-407 

Study ot Christian missions. (Religious ser.) 

*50c '14 Scribner 
Clark's directory of Southern cotton mills. 6th 

ed $1 '14 Clark pub. co., Charlotte, N. C. 
Clark's field. Herrick, R. *$1.40 Houghton 
Clarksburg, W- Va. Waterworks and sewerage 

Sanitary plumbing code. O 86p il pa gratis '14 

S. G. Highland, sec , Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Clary, J. C., and McMahon, M. J. 
Compiled labor laws of the state of Arkansas 
including acts of 3913. O 62p pa gratis '13 
Arkansas. Bu, of labor <& statistics, Little 

Class, F. Morris 
.Five vignettes for the piano; op. 7. F 6~22p pa 

$1 '14 Ditson 
Class legislation. LitUofield, C: ID. gratis Nat. 

, asfln. of manufacturers 
Class secretaries and their duties. De Forest, 
H: P. $2 Cornell asan. of class secretaries, 
Ithaca, N. T. 
Classen, Ernest, 188U 
Grammar of the German language. *$1 (*3s 

6d) '14 Longmans 

On vowel alliteration in the old Germanic lan- 
guages* (Manchester untv. pub, Germanic 
setT no. 1) xi,91p *| (*3s 6d) '18 Long- 
mans 14-7522' 
Classical antiquities 

SGQ also Archeology 

Classical dictionaries. 

JeiL'cott, W. T: Dictionary of classical names 

for English readers. '40c '14 Macmillan 
Classical education 

Sabm, F. K, and "Woodruff, L. B. Relation of 
Latin to practical hie. $i, manual alone 
$1.40 '13 F. E. Sabm, 419 Sterling pi., Madi- 
son, Wis 

Classical literature 

Hall, F. W. Companion to classical texts 
*$3 15 (*Us 6d) '13 Oxford 

Sec also Greek literature, Latin literature 
Classical mythology. See Mythology, Classical 

Classical philology 

Quiffgin, K, C , ed. Essays and studies pre- 
sented to William Llidge\\ay on his sixtieth 
birth dny, 6 August, 11)13 $u '14 Putnam 

Verrall, A. W. Collected literary essays. 
*$3.50 '13 Putnam 

Verrall, A. W. Collected studies in Greek and 
Latin scholarship. *$3'.50 '13 Putnam 

Sec also Greek language; i^tin language 
Classical texts, Companion to Hall, JF. W. *$3 15 
(*9s 6d) Oxiord 

Classics m art. Brentano's 
Corioiigio. *$2 50 
Fra Anffcllci). *$3 50 

Sec also Cataloging- 


U. S. Lib. of Congress, Catalog division. Clas- 
sification; outline scheme of classes, pa lOc 
'14 Supt. of doc. 
Classified Bible studies. Cole, G. G. $1; pa 50c 

G. G. Cole, liolmcsville, O. 
Clattenburg, Albert Edwin 

Man: a study. (Human personality ser.) I> 
1 102p *75c (N) '14 Badger, U: U. J4-JJ0375 
Claudel, Paul, 18G8- 

Eawt I know, tr. from tho French by Terona 
Frances and "William Itose Ben6t O 3clil,U)9p 
bds *$1 r>U '14 Yale univ. press M-JWtJUl 

Claudy, Car/ Harry, 1870- 
Tell-me-why stories about animals; il. by T: 
Wrenn. O 208p *$IM '14 MoBrido, Nast & 
co. H-176tU 

Clausewltz, Karl von, 1780-1831 
On war; now nnd rov. od. with introd. and 
notes by F, N. Maude, tr. by ,J. J. Gra- 
ham. 3v D 314, 4J5; 338p $7.50 (N) 'U Dut- 

Clave telegrafica simplex. Beiss, E; W: $10 Sim- 
plex codo pub. 
Clay, Albert Tobias. 1866- 
Personal names from cuneiform inscriptions 
of the Cassite period. (Yale oriental ser, v 
1) O 208p *$2 '12 Yale iiniv. pross 13-13080 
Clay, Beatrice 

Stories from King Arthur and his Round table; 
with col. II. by Dora Curtis. (Tales for chil- 
dren from many lands) D 12 7p *DOc (N) J3 
Dutton W14-2 

Clay, Henry, 1777-1852 
Frost, J: Mill boy of the slashes; life of Honry 

Clay. 60c '14 Lothrop 
Clay, Mrs. Laurence 

(eel.) Dickens reciter: consisting- of recita- 
tions, character sketches, impersonations 
and dialogues. D x,448p *?1,25 (N) '13 Dut- 

Clay, Oliver 

Treasure finders; or, I low tho advonturora 
of four ooun trios sought a new land. I) 
26Cp il *$L25 '14 Duftleld 14-1 873G 


Ashley. H. ft). Technical control of the col- 
loidal matter of clays, pa '33 CJ. & Stand.; 
15c Supt. of doc. 

Grout, F. F., and Sopor, H. K. "Preliminary 
report on tho clays and halo of Minnesota, 
pa '14 TJnlv. of Minn. 
JCeele, J. Clay and snalo deposits of New 

Brunswick. '14 Canada. Geol. H., Ottawa 
Mellor, J, W: Treatise on guantitatriro inor- 
ganic analysis, with special reference to the 
analysis of clays, etc. *$8.60 18 Llpplncott 


Clay Continued. 

Ries, H , and Keele, J. Report on the clay 
and shale iV-rio.=ft? of the western provinces. 
3v pa '12- i C'ip;i.!a. Geol S , Ottawa 
West Virgir 1 ^. Geol. S. Clays, limestones and 
cum i i.-,. ,<.] 30 '06 W Va Geol S. 
Sec alftv Bricks, Clay industiies 
Clay and fire. Crippen, L TV. *$1 25 Holt 
Clay and pottety industiies. Mellor, J. W: 

*$4.50 Lippmcott 

Clay and rainbows. Calthrop, D. C. *$1.25 Stokes 
Clay industries 

Directory of clay products manufacturers in 
the United States, pa $3 '13 L. L. Longdon, 
Oxford, O. 
Mellor, J. TV: Clay and pottery industries. 

*$4.50 '14 Lippmcott 

Middloton, J. Statistics of the clay-working 
industiies in the United States in 1912. pa 
U. S. Geol. S. ; lOc Supt. of doc. 
U. S. Census, Eu. of. Thirteenth census of the 
U. S : 1910 Bui. man'iiYictures: 1909. Statis- 
tics for the clay r-ir-dm is industries. '13 
U. S. Census: 5c i-'i pt. v,L' doc. 

Sec <ilno Pottery 
Clayton, Rev. H. J. 
Studies in the Roman controversy. D vii,146p 

*$1 '14 Young ch. 
See Cecil, E. A. R., jt auth. 
Clayton, Herbert V. 

Index to the Kansas bar association proceed- 
ings, 1S8G-1914. pa '14 Kansas state library, 

Clayton, Jacqueline 

Animals at play, il *$1 '14 Sully & Kleinteich 
Master Mouse, the madcap; il. by Margaret 
Clayton. (Nelson's fireside lib.) D C-96p il 
Gdc '14 Sully & Kleinteich 
Clayton, William Brasher, 1888-, and Craig, 

James Watt, 18S5- 

Craig's "Q & A" book: questions and answers 
about elcctrica.1 r.-vT.'Tt"?, illustrating gen- 
eral points and - n-i"; r concerning test- 
ing, operation, troubles and clofcc-ls of elec- 
trical apparatus; rewritten and rov. by J. W. 
Craig and W: P. Woodward. 3d ed rev and 
enl S li(54p il diags $l,r>0 (Ap) '14 Berkshire 
technical pub. oo,, Pittslield, Mass. 14-8785 
Sec Craltf, J. W , jt. auth. 
Clayton -Bulwer treaty, 1850 

IT. S. State, Dept. of. T >^ 1 imr>tV story of 

the Panama canal, pa s-i: ' ! .* .1. of doc. 

TJ. S. TrcjitioH, etc. Canal treaties, pa lOc '14 

Bupl. of doc. 

Clean honrt. Hutchinson, A. S. M. *$1 35 Little 
Clean milk and public health. Burks, J. D. pa 

25o Am. ncad. 

Clean wntor nnd how to get it. 2d eel Hazen, A. 
Kl.r.O Wiloy 

?TQlm?H, II. W. M., comp. Texas garment 
cleaners, spotters, prefers, bleachers, 
lanndrymen and dyers guide or manual. $5 
*U Jt. \V. M. Holmes, Temple, Tex, 
J'rtitf. 10: Practical courne in spotting. $3 '13 
Cleaning* & dyeing pub. co., 230 W. 34th st, 
N. Y. 

tfco ttUo Byes and dyeing* Laundry 
Cleaning of blast-furnace gasos. Wagner, F: H: 

*$2 MoGmw 

Clear, Claudius, pseud. Soe Nicoll, "W: H. 
Clear grit. Collyor, U. *$1.50 Am. unitar, 
Clear waters. Bradloy, A. G, *$2 Ifoughton 

Clearing houses 

Maffoo, U. W. Treatise on the law of national 
arid atutci liankN, Including tho clearing 
houtft) and trust companies. 2d od $7.50 '34 

Clearing of land 

Thompson, IL Outflt for boring taprooted 
ctumpn for blaHtlng-. pa '14 U. ti. AKric.; 5c 
Supt of doc* 

Thompson, H (| and Strait, EX D. Cost and 
method* ot oUarJng jUiM in the r^iko atates, 
'U U, S. Ag^fid.} 5o Bupt, of doo. 

Cleek of Scotland Yard. Hanshew, T: W. *$1.25 

Clegg, James, 1843- 

International directory of booksellers and bib- 
liophile's manual, including lists of the pub- 
lic libraries of the world, publishers, book 
collectors, literary and scientific societies, 
universities and colleges; also a select bib- 
liography of bibliographies 9th ed D xiv,644p 
52 (N) '13 Dodd & Livingston 13-26412 

Clem, Harry M. 

Story of Indiana. (Instructor literature ser no 
512) D 32p il 5c '13 Owen, F. A., Hall & Mc- 
Creary 14-467 

Clemans, Bertha Johnanna, 1875- 
Cahfoima, natuie's paradi&e [poems]. Q 14p pa 
bxd 35c (Ag) '14 Bertha J. Clemans, 135 S. 
Sichel St., Los Angeles, Cal. 11-12432 

Clemans, E. A. See Frank, J. O., jt. auth. 
Clemen, Carl Christian, 1865- 
Pnmitive Christianity and its non- Jewish 
sources; tr. by Robert G. Nisbet. O xn, 
403p /$3.25 (Ja) '13 Scribner (corr price) 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (Mark Twain, 

pseud.) 1835-1010 
Loyally of friendship. (Gems of thought ser.) 

Fe vel 40c; ooze 7i5c '13 Barse & lit-: 'nut 
Mark Twain and Fairhavon O Sp il 'j.'J Ahlli- 
cent library, Fairhaven, Mass 14-7335 

Clemens, William Montgomery, 1860- 
Alexandcr family records. O 20p pa ?1 (Je) '14 


American unclnrr^d r^n^ry inrlox, 1890 to Jan. 
1, 1914: an j:.-- .,.' ' c: I index to advertise- 
ments in natvspaijors ot the United States 
and Canada for tle twenty-four years end- 
ing Jan. 1, 1914, .k iM r? ^o 1 o\*t of kin, heirs 
at law, legatees j.: .. nr:.-. ; . M money and 
estates. Q 77p pa $1 '14 Clemens 14-9153 

Ancestry of Theodore Roosevelt, a genealogi- 
cal record from 1(J4S), with notes on the fam- 
ilies o Baillee, Bulloch, Douglas, Elliott, 
Irvine, Stewart, Van Schaack, \vith com- 
plete name index. O 20p pa $1 '14 Clemens 

Buchanan family records. O 14p pa $1 '14 


Clemens family chronology, 1610-1912. O G5p 

pa $'2 '14 Ol^m^ns 14-3117 

Cmwlord family rc-corcls. 30p pa $1 14 

Hunter family records. O 17p pa $1 (Je) '14 

McClure family records. O 14p pa $1 (Je) '14 

Clemens family 
Clemens, W: M Clemens family chronology, 

1610-1912. pa $2 '14 Clemens 
Clement, John Kay; Frazer, John Christie Whit- 

ney, 18 75-; and Augustine, C. E. 

Facfoii governing the combustion of coal in 

boiler furnaces; a preliminary report "(Tech- 

im'ttl pa. fift* () -Kip il diags pa '14 U S. 

Mines; tOc Supt of doc 14-30471 

Clements, Edith Gertrude Schwartz. See Clem- 

ents, F: E:, jt. auth. 
Clements, Frederic Edward, 1874-, and Clements,. 

Mrs. Edith Gertrude Schwartz 
Rocky Mountain flowers: aji illustrated guide 
for pfant-lovorp and plant-usurs; with 1'5 
plates in color and 22 pint"* *n blm-k anil 
whito. Q xxxi,392p *$3 'U \Vil,n. II W. 

Rosendahl, Carl Otto, 1875, and Butters^, 

Frederic King, 1878- 

Guide to the autumn flowers of Minnesota, 
field and garden, (Minnesota plant studies, fr}- 
Q xvfii,77p il pa 15o '13 Univ. of Minn. 

Guide to the spring flowers of Minnesota: neid, 
and garden. 3d ed (Minnesota plant aty*t 
1) Q tx59p il pa 15c '18 XJntv. ot Minn, 

Clements, Ouy Roger , ' ,_ 

Implicit functions doflnod by wmatlimH witb 
vanishing Jac-(iiian. Q S3fi-:M3p pn 'lit a E, 
Clements, Univ. of Win., Mmllxnn \47M 
r point IrftrisronnatkiiiH In (wo rofnpwfc 

bia, Q ISP ?-a -in o. ii. nMtattU 

. ot WMi., MacllBOn \4~Wti 



Clements-Henry, B. 

Gramophones and phonographs: their con- 
struction, management and repair. (Work 
handbooks) O viii,152p il bds *50c 'IS Funk 


Clendenen, Frank Leslie, 1864- 
Dance mad; or, The dances of the day. O 72p 
il $2.50 '14 F, L. Clendenen, 5530 Vernon, 
St. Louis, Mo. 14-2945 

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, d. B. C. 30 
Weigall, A. E: P. B. Lite and times of Cleo- 
patra, queen of Egypt. *$3.50 '14 Putnam 
Clergy. See Ministers of the gospel 
Clerical and medical committee of inquiry Into 

spiritual, faith, and mental healing 
Spiritual healing; report. O 56p *30c '14 Mac- 
millan 14-12377 

Ciermont county, Ohio 

Vogt, P. L. Rural life survey of Greene and 
Ciermont counties, Ohio, pa '14 Miami umv., 
Oxford, O. 
Cleveland, Catherine Lucy Wllhelmina, duchess 


Life and letters of Lady Hester Stanhope, by 
her niece the Duchess of Cleveland; with a 
prefatorj'- note by the Earl of Eoseberry. O 
ix,468p il *$6 (Ap) '14 imp Scribner 
Cleveland, Frederick Albert, 1865- 
Need for co-ordinating municipal, state and 
national activities. O 20p pa 25c '12 Am. 

Cleveland, Grover i. e. Stephen Grover, 1837-1908 
Stetson, F. L., and Rice, W: G. Was New 
York's vote stolen? '13 North American re- 
view pub. 

Cleveland, Ohio. Charters 
Proposed charter for the city of Cleveland, 
prepared and proposed by the Charter com- 
mission. O 80p '13 Cleveland. Charter com- 
mission 13-24191 
Cleveland, Ohio. Office of city street railroad 


Essentials of street railway regulation in 
Cleveland; a digest of the provisions 1 of Or- 
dinance no. 16238-A, amended by Ordinance 
no. 20890-B. O 18p '12 Office of city street 
railroad commissioner, Cleveland 14-4457 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Official record of the 1st quadrennial assess- 
ment of real property for the city of Cleve- 
land, with assessed values of property in 
its suburbs. lOOOp maps $5 '14 Britton ptg. 


Orth, S: P: Cleveland. 3v hf lea $25 '10 Clarke, 

S. J. 

Ferrin, J: W: History of the Cleveland sink- 
ing fund of 1862. pa '13 J: W: Perrin, Case 
library, Cleveland, O, 

Cleveland, Ohio. Epworth memorial church 
Tippy, w. M. Church, a community force. 50o 

'14 Missionary educ. movement 
Cleveland federation for charity and philan- 

Social year book, 1913. O 238p il 25c 14 Cleve- 
land federation for charity and philanthropy, 
Cleveland, O, 

Cleveland. Public library. Children's department 
Seventy-five books of adventure for boys and 
girls. O 12p 3c (N) '13 Public library, Cleve- 
land, O. 14-30081 
Cleveland railway company 
Cleveland street railway franchise. Text of 
Ordinance no. 16238 A, granting a renewal 
of the street railway grants of the Cleveland 
railway company. Q 6-96p '11 City street 
railroad commissioner, Cleveland, 0. 14-17039 
Cleveland securities manual. 2d ed D 96p 7 
maps pa 25c (Mr) '14 Local securities manual 
co., Citizens bldg., Cleveland, O. 13-26209 
Clevenger, Joseph Franklin, 1874- 
Bffect of the soot in smoke on vegetation. 
(Mellon Inst. of industrial research and 
school of specific industries. Smoke investi- 
gation, bul. no. 7) 26p 11 pa 25c '13 tTnlv. 
of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 14-12382 
Clewed, Clarence Edward 
Laboratory manual; direct and alternating 
current, 2d ed rev 0' x,112p diags *$1 (0) '14 
Wiley 14-18540 

Clif Stirling, sophomore. Patten, G. V $X McKay 

Clifford, John Herbert, 184S- 

(ed.) Musiclover's handbook: a pronouncing 
dictionary of musical terms. D 194p pa '11 
University soc. 

Clifford, Lucy (Lane) (Mrs. William Kingdon 


Likeness of the night. (Modern English dram- 
atists) *60c '14 Brentano's 

Clifford, Philip Henry, 1878- 
Bible studies on Jesus, the King. D vi,9-96p pi 
50c '14 Cook, C: C. 14-6262 

Clifford, William George 

Building your business by mail: a compilation 
of successful direct advertising campaigns 
drawn from the experience records of three 
hundred and sixty-one firms, representing 
every line of business. O 448p il $2 '14 Busi- 
ness research pub co., Continental and com- 
mercial bank bldg., Chicago 14-4755 

Cox, C H: J., and Armington, J: H. Weather 
and climate of Chicago. *$3 '14 Univ. of Chi- 
cago press 

Huntmgton, E., and others. Climatic factor 
as illustrated in and America, pa $5.50 '14 
Carnegie inst. 

See also Meteorology; Rain 

Climatic factor as illustiated in awl America. 
Huntmgton, E., and others, pa $5.50 Carnegie 
Climber. Wetmore, A, D. 75 c Norman, Uemlng- 

ton co. 
Climber in New Zealand. Ross, M. *$4 (*l5s) 

Inter-high school athletics. lOp 5c '14 Russell 

ISago foundation 

Cline, Justus Henry. See Watson, T: "L., jt. 

Cllne, Leonard Lanson 

Poems. D 87p bds *$1 '14 Badger, R: G. 


Cllng-Surface company 

Belt book: a treatise on the scientific care of 
transmission belts and ropes for service and 
profit. 5th ed, completely rewritten by A. 
Eugene Michel. O 93p il '14 CUng-Surface 
co., Buffalo, N. Y. 14-i)098 

Clinical bacteriology. Scott, W: hf lea $2.50 Iflgor 

Clinical diagnosis. See Diagnosis 

Clinical diagnosis. 4th ed Emerson, C: P. *$5 

Clinical diagnosis and urinalysis, 2d ed Arneill, 
J. R. *$1 Lea 

Clinical examination of the blood and its tech- 
nique. Pappenheim. A. *$3.25 Wood 

Clinical history in outline. Woolley, P. G. $1 

Clinical medicine. See Medicine, Clinical 

Clinical study of the serous and purulent dis- 
eases of the labyrinth. Ruttin, HI, $2 Reb- 
man co. 
Clinton, A. L. 

Story of a butterfly. (Nature ser,) 26c 14 

Story of a frog. (Nature ser.) O 25c '14 Saal- 

Story of a hen, (Nature ser.) O 25o '14 Saal- 

Story of a pearl-oyster. (Nature eer.) O 25c 

'14 Saalfleld 

Clio enthroned. Lamb, W. R, M. *$3 Putnam 
Clocks and watches 

American Jeweler. Watch makers tables. '14 
Hazlitt & Walker 

Cescinsky, H., and Webster, M. R. English 
domestic clocks, hf lea *|10 '14 Dutton 

Garrard, F. J. Clock repairing and making. 
*$1.50 '14 Appieton 

Garrard, F. J. Watch repairing, cleaning and 

adjusting. *$1.50 14 Appleton 
Clodd, Edward, 1840- 

Childhood of the world: a simple account of 
man' 8 origin and early history: new ed, 
rewritten and enl. D xili,240p 11 *|1.85 (Mr} 

14 Macmillan 




Cloister and the hearth. Reade, C: *$2 Harper 
Closed shop. See Open and closed shop 
Closer commercial relations with Latin-Amer- 
ica. Baker, B. N. pa 15c Am. acad. 
Closing net. Rowland, H: C. 75c Grosset 
Cloth. See Textile industry and fabrics 

Clotning and dress 

StBaldt, L. I. Text book of clothing and tex- 
tiles for high schools *$1.25 '14 Lippmcott 
Osborne, L. Food and clothing. GOc '14 Row, 

Peterson & co. 

Wmterburn, P. M. Principles of correct dress. 
*$1 '14 Harper 

Xre also Costume, Dressmaking; Garment 
cutting, Hosiery, Tailoring', Textile industry 
and fabrics 
Clothing trade 

U. S. Labor statistics, Bu. of. Wages and 
hours of labor in the cigar and clothing 
industries 1911 and 1912. pa '13 U. S. Labor; 
lOc Supt. of doc. 

Winslow, C: H: Conciliation, arbitration and 
sanitation in the dress and waist industry 
of New York city, pa '14 U. S. Labor; 25c 
Supt. of doc. 

Wmalow, C: H: Industrial court of the cloak, 
suit, and skirt industry of New York city, 
pa '14 U. S. Labor; lOc Supt. of doc. 
Cloudesley Tempest. Watson, L. E. H: *$1.35 


Clough, Arthur Hugh, 1819-1861 
Poems; with an in trod, by Charles Whibley. 
D xxxvii,459p front *$2 (Ja) '14 Macmillan 


Clough, John Everett, 1836-1910 
Social Christianity m the Orient: the story of 
a man, a mission, and a movement, by John 
E. Clough; written down for him by his 
wife, Emma Rauschenbusch dough. D 'xiii, 
409p il *$1.50 CO) '14 Macmillan 14-17889 
Clouston, J. Storer, 1870- 
Mystery of no. 47. (Crown novels) *50c '14 

Macaulay co. 

Clouston, Sir Thomas Smith, 1840- 
Before I wed; or, Young men and marriage. 
(Questions of sex) D 148p *$1 (F) '14 Funk 


International harvester co. Sweet clover, pa 

gratis '14 International harvester co. 
Pyre, W. H. Clover, the great cash money 

crop and all about it. 35c '13 Galloway bros.- 

Bowman co., Waterloo, la. 
Westgate, J: M. Crimson clover: utilization. 

'14 U. S. Agric.; 5c Supt. of doc. 
Clover bloom. Currier, A. L. lea $1 Mrs. Adella 

L. Currier, St. Edward, Neb. 
Clover leaves. McKane, A. W. pa 25c A. W. Mc- 

Kane, 3 Marble st, Boston 

Practical up-to-date plumbing. D 7-340p 180 il 

$1.60 '14 Drake, F: J. 14-7054 

Clow, Rev. William Maccallum 
Hem of His garment. (Silent hour booklets) 

*25c Doran 

Club. Auerbach, J. S. priv ptd Harper 
Club-makers and club-members. Escott, T: H. 

S. *$3 Eaton-Ives-Sturgls-Walton 
Club swinging. See Indian clubs 
Club woman's handybook of programs and club 

management. Roberts, K. L., comp. *75c 


Bscott, T: H. S. Club-makers and club- 
members, *$3 '14 Baton-Ives-Sturgis-Wal- 

PJbSoy, F. W: Clubs and their management. 
$2.50 '14 Pitman 

floe ateo Agricultural clubs; Boys' clubs; 
Women's clubs 

Clutch of circumstance. Osmun, L*. G. *$1.25 
Sully & Kletntelch 

Cl rract?cai e iessons in tropical agriculture, bk 1 
D *2Sp il 90c (0) a* World 

Clute, Wlllard Nelson, 1869- 
Laboratory manual and notebook m botany. 
Q viii,65p and blank pages pa *50c '1C Ginn 


Clutsam, George H., 1867- 
Schubert (Masterpieces of music) Q 63p por 
bds *75c '12 Stokes A14-903 

Glutton- Brock, Arthur, 1868- 
William Morris, his work and influence. (Home 
univ. lib. of modern knowledge) S vm,256p 
*50c '14 Holt 14-13556 

Clymer, Reuben Sw/nburne, 1878- 
Hluminated faith: mystical interpretation of the 
Gospel of St. John, in harmony with higher 
soul culture and in accordance with the new 
revelation. O 191p $1.25 '13 Philosophical 
pub. 14-253 

Son of God: the mystical teachings of the mas- 
ters, or the Christie interpretation, giving 
a short sketch of the early life of Jesus- and 
of His training bv the Essenean order. 
94p, 53p pi 50c '13 Philosophical pub. 13-24171 
Way to life and immortality: a text-book on 
the new life that shall lead man from weak- 
ness, disease, and death, to freedom from 
these things. O 7-204p $1.25 '14 Philosophical 
pub. 14-9870 

Coaches and coaching 
Cuming, E: W: D. Coaching days and ways. 

*$1 '14 Doran 
Coaching days and ways. Cuming, E: W: D. *$1 


Coakley, Cornelius Godfrey, 1862- 
Manual of diseases of the nose and throat. 
5th ed, rev and enl O 17-615p al *?2.75 '14 Lea 

Berry, 0: C. Tar forming temperatures of 

American coals, pa 25c '14 Univ. of Wis. 
Bureau of state and municipal research, Bal- 
timore, Md. Purchase of coal by institu- 
tions, gratis '14 

International geological congress, 12th, To- 
ronto, 1913. Coal resources of the world. 
3v $25 '13 Morang: & co. 
McDonald, T: P. Coal lands. 5c '14 Supt. of 


Porter, HL C., and Ealston, 0. C. Study of 
the oxidation of coal. '14 U. S, Mines; 5c 
Supt. of doc. 

Powelson, W. V. Conservation of natural re- 
sources. 5c '13 Supt. of doc. 
White, D:, and Thiessen, R Origin of coal, pa 
'13 U. S. Mines-; 80c Supt. of doc. 

Sec also Coal mines and mining; Coal-tar 
products; Coke 


Fieldner, A. C. Notes on the sampling and 
analysis of coal, pa '14 TJ. S. Mines; lOc 
Supt. of doc. 

Fieldner, A. C., and others. Analyses of mine 
and car samples of coal collected in the 
fiscal years 1911 to 1913. pa '14 U. S. Mines; 
45c Supt. of doc. 


TJ. S. Interstate commerce comm. Report of 
investigation in the matter of the relation 
of common carriers subject to the act to reg- 
ulate commerce to coal and oil and the 
transportation thereof. 5c '14 Supt. of doo. 


IT. S. Congress. House. leasing of coal land* 

in Alaska,. 5o '14 Supt. of doc. 
TJ. S. Navy dept. Report on coal in Alaska 

for use in United States navy, pa 25c '14 

Supt. of doc. 


Canada. Mines, Dept. of. Production of coal 
and coke in Canada, 1912. pa '14 Canada. 
Dept of mines * , ~ * 

Dick, W. J. Conservation of coal in Canada. 
$1 '14 Canada. Comm. of conservation^ Tor- 


Illinois, State 
annual coal report of 



Coal Continued. 


Walker, P. P., and Bohnstengel, W. Kansas 
fuels: coal, oil, gas. pa '13 Univ of Kan- 


Ray, P. A. Ohio coal supply and its exhaus- 
tion. 14 Ohio state univ. 


Gardner, J. H Broad- Top coal field of Hunt- 
ingdon, Bedford and Fulton counties. '13 Pa. 
TrropTfirMc & geol. S., TTT v -i u "rr. TI. 

Porlvr, i\. C , and Fieldner. A. *:. \V -.i- . "i 11 j 
or' the Pittsburgh coal bed at the experi- 
mental mine near Bruceton, Pa. '14 U. S. 
Mines; 5c Supt. of doc. 

United States 

Manning, V. H. United States coals available 
for export trade, '14 U. S. Mines, DC Supt. of 


Butts, C: Coal resources and general geology 
of the Pound quadrangle in Virginia. '14 
Va. Geol. S., Charlottesville 
Coal dust 

Hills, R: C Investigation of roof-shale dust 
with reference to itj adaptability as a deter- 
rent in coal-dust i-xi ii-.s-on.s. due '13 Colorado 
scientific soc., Denver 

Coal gas residuals, Wagner, F: II. *$2 McGraw 
Coal hod politics Demsoru W. T. pa National 

civil service reform league 
Coal miners 

Coal mine managers. Facts concerning tho 
struggle in Colorado for industrial freedom, 
pa '14 Coal mine managers, Denver, Co 1 . 

Mathows, W- G. Maitial law in Weat Virginia. 

5c '13 Supt of doc. 

tt-Suftern, A. E. Conciliation and, arbitration in 
the ccal industry of America. *$:i '14 
Coal miners' strike, Colorado, 1933-1014 

Coal mine managers, Facts concerning tho 
struRplo in Colorado for industrial freedom. 
i,i ''! C'oul mine managers, Denver, Col. 

Colorado Adjutant-spnonil's office. Military 
oo^rpp.*i".r of the coal PI nice zone of Oolo- 
. . ". ! ' i . Colorado national guard, 1913- 
: !. T. S IL.: '-Brooks ptg. co. 

Colom do state federation of labor. Militarism in 
Colorado. '14 United mmo workers of Am,, 
Walter JJ. Fink, box 1573, Denver, Col 

Pink, W. H. Ludlow massacre, pa 25 c '14 
Walter H. Pink, box 1575, Denver, Colo. 

Junior order United American mech.anics. 
Statement of the sinko situation in Color- 
ado. 4th cd '14 Junior order United Amer- 
ican mechanics, Denver, Colo. 
Coal mines and mining 

Andros, s, o. Coal mining practice in Illinois. 
l>u bul. 2 nnd 4 gratis; bul. 6-7 oa, 30c '14 
I'l. coal mining investigations, 126 Natural 
hist. bldg., Urbona, 111. 

Cantrill, T. C. Coal mining. *4()c; lambskin 
*?! '14 Putnam 

Wnsian, C: Hydraulic mine filling, pa '13 U. S. 
Minos; 15c Supt. of doc. 

Illinois. Coal mining laws of Illinois, in force 
July 1, 1913. '13 Illinois. State mining bd., 

Illinois miners' and mechanics' InatitutcA. Out- 
line of proposed methods, pa gratis '14 Univ. 
of 111. 

Ohio. Coal mining commission. Boport to tho 
governor of Ohio. 'IS Ohio. Coal mining com- 
mission, Columbus 

Itr'dmnync, R: A. H. Modern praclioo in min- 
ing, v 3 *$2 (*6s 6d) '14 Longmans 

Wi"ifor, I>: U, Ititaclrlcity In <soul mining. 
*?I.r0 '14 McOraw 

Shurlck, A* T: Coal mine survovlnar. $1 '14 

Utah. Coal mining laws, in effect May 9th, 
1911 11 Utah. Dept. of mines, Salt Lake 

flee alsn Coal miners, Mine accidents; 
Mining engineering 


Hall, C. Permissible explosives tested prior to 
January 1, 1914. '14 U S. Mines; 5c Supt. 
of doc. 

Hall, C,, and How ell, S. P. Tests of permis- 
sible explosives, pa '13 U. a. Mines, 25c 
Supt oi doc. 

Rutledge, J: J. Use and misuse of explosives 
in coal mining '13 U. S. Mines-; 5c Supt. 
ot doc. 

Safety measures 

Higgins, B. Mine signboards. '13 U. S Mines; 

5c Supt. oi' doc. 

Hills, B: C: Investigation of roof-shale dust 
with rcieiciice to iLs adaptability as a deter- 
rent in coal-dust explosions. 50c '13 Colorado 
scientific soc., Denver 

Rice, (J: S, comp. International conference 
of mine- experiment stations, Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Sept 14-21, lyiii. '14 U. S. Mines, 5e Supt. 
of doc 

Rico, G: S. Notes on the prevention of dust 
and gas explosions in coal mines. '13 U. S. 
Mines; 5c Supt. of doc, 

Ru Hedge, J: J. Hints on ooal-mino ventila- 
tion 'It U. S. MinoH, Do Supt. oi doo. 
Williams, R. Y. Humidity of mine air with 
uupcciul reference to coal inincy in Illinois, 
pa '31 U. S. Mines, lOc Supt. oi doc. 
Coal tap 
Bern, O* C. Tar forming 'innjiciMt I.M .s of 

American coals, pa 25c '14 U'u\ )' \Vis. 
Warnes, A. R. Coal tar distillation and \vorlc- 
jnff up of lar products. *$ii,50 '14 Van Nos- 

Sec <t1w Tar 
Coal tar colors 

tfrc 7o Dyes and dyeing 
Coal tar distillation. Warnes, A. R. *$2.50 Van' 

Coal tar products 

Hlo, W. Method for determining tlio toxicity 
of coal-tar disinfectants. '13 U. S. Public 
health; He .Supt. of doc 

Wagner, F: H: Coal gas residuals. *$2 'It Mc- 

Warnes, A. R. Coal tar distillation and work- 
ing up of tar products. *$li.r>0 M4 Van Nos- 

Coal testing 

Clement, J: K., and others. Factors 
tho comhiiHtion of coal in hollur I'li 
pn, '14 IT. S. Minos; lOc Supt. of do<j. 
GouW, 0. U., and Huhliard, (1. W. rMl of 
TIOWCT, a big buwnieHS problem, loa $2 M4 
Fuol engineering co, trade 

MwOorKlo,, W: A. llolation of Woat Virginia 
c'onlw to the Panama canal. Or. 'J4 Hupt. of 
doc. . 

Coal washing 
.Lincoln, R C, Coal washing in Illinois, pa 

r,0c '13 Univ. of 111. 
Coale, Howard Dorsey 
Jlydrnulic data. I) 93p 11 $2 '13 Bushong & co., 

Portland, Ore. 

Coast pilots. Sco Pilot guldoa 
Coasting Hohomia. Oarr, J. W. 0. *$2.50 Macttill- 


Coates, J. V. H. 
First book of geometry. D x>J42p U *50c (Jo) 

'14 Macmillan 
Coates, James 

Seeing tho invIfllWo; practical studies in 
pMyt'hometry, thoii^nt trnnHfflrcnor*, tcU 
oputhy, and allied i)honommia. 2d <<!, rov 
and t*nl D xlx,315p u porH $U '09 Fowler 


Coates, Reynell, isn2-188n 
M(fliihn<'iiH<'i'. W. I*. BIOKrapliIcal ^kotch of 
Dr. Itc'ViuiM CoMtoH. Ti IOC '1H W. I>. Stttln- 



Coats, Robert Hamilton, 3S74- 
Wholesale prices, Canada., 1913: report. O 
x\n,l%Sp '14 Canada Dept of labour, 
O tta-n a 

Coats of arms. See Heraldry 

Kalmus, H. T. T and others. Preparation of 
-"otr 11 '- "n^t by reduction of the oxide. 
I*.. ' ' ' . Bepi. ot mines 
Cobb, Charles Wiggins, 1875- 
Asymptotic development for a certain integral 
function of zero order. D 13p pa '13 pnv ptd 
C: W. Cobb, care of Norwood press 13-18933 
Cobb, Irvin Shrewsbury, 1876- 
Europe re\ised; il. by J T. McCutcheon. D 
xv,ll)-467p $1.60 (O) '14 Doran 11-1S5S8 
Roughing it de luxe; il. by J: McCutcheon. 
D 210p il *$1 (Je) '14 JDoran 14-11507 

Cobb, Nathan Augustus 

Tests of the waste, tensile strength, and 
bleaching Qualities of the different grades 
of colt'"" n w p*m i '!' i "fl i ^efl by the United 
States -'<. ! ! . i : :..i. 62) O Sp pa '14 
LT. H. Ai'> l! r. . :.. S; '. .-: J.OG. Agrl4-24 

Cobb, Stanwood 

Real Turk O xv,301p por pi *$1.50 (S) '14 
Pilgrim press 14-15729 

Cobb, Ty 

Busting 'em and other big league stones; -with 

an introd. by J: N. Wheeler. D vi,282p il "$1 

(Ap) '14 Clode, E. J. 14-9251 

Cobb, William Frederick, 1857- 

Mysticism and the creed. O xxxi,539p *$3 '14 

Macmillan 14-22010 

Spiritual healing. D xii,332p *$1.60 (N) '14 

Cobleigh, Henry Rice, 1880-. See Bromley, C: 

H., jt. auth. 
Coblentz, William Weber, 1873- 

Constanls of spectral radiation of a uniformly 
heated molosure, or so-called black body, 1. 
(Reprint no. 204 from Bui. of the Bu. of 
standards, v. 10) Q 77p diags pa '13 U. S. 
Stand., lOc Supt. oi doc. 13-35923 

Measurements on standards of radiation in 
jLb.solule value. (Scientific papers, no. 227) O 
87-100p pa '14 U. S. Stand. ; 5c Supt. of doc. 


Various modifications of bismuth-silver thor- 

.,i'i-- \'iv j, Continuous nhsorh'np: sur- 

': or. I'Si-ic 1 :. .ir- ,:.pors, no. ii':> O I:Jl-187p 

; .1. I : I . .-. .-1:1 i<;.; 20c Supt. ot doc. 11-30843 

Coburn, Mrs, Fordyce. See Abbott, E. H. 


Lloyd brothers. Treatise on coca (Brythroxy- 
lon coca), gratis to physicians '13 Lloyd 
bros., Cincinnati, O. 
Cochran, Alexander Smith 
Catalogue of tho collection of Persian manu- 
scripts. See Jackson, A. V. W., and Yohan- 
nan, A., eds. 

Cochrane at cam-stack and cut-out valve heater 
nnd rodoivor. Harrison safety boiler works, 

Cock robin, Death and burial of poor. 25c Rand 
JJrown, E., and Hunter, H. H. Planting in 

Uganda. *$3.50 C*10s fid) 'IS Longmans 
Ooldlhwaito, N. TO. (looking of carp; chocolate 

and cocoa, pa gratis '14 TTniv. of III. 
Van Hall, C, J. J. Cocoa. *$3.50 '14 Macmillan 
Barrett, 0. W. Philippine coconut industry. 

pa '13 Bu. of ptg., Manila 
Copoland, 1C. B. Coco-nut. *$2.6Q '14 Macmillan 
Coco. nut. Copoland, TO. B. *$2.60 Macmillan 
Cocroft, Susanna, 1862- 
Airtfl to benuly. 3d ed (Know thyself ser.) 

1) lC7p H il 75c '14 Headtnglon pub. 
Body manikin, 3d ed (Know thyself ser.) 3D 

65p 18 il $1 '14 Hoadington pub. 
Character : as expressed in the body. 3d ed 
(Know thyself ser.) ( D 77p 20 11 50o '14 
Hoadinffton pub. 

Circulation heart and lunfrs. 8d ed (Know 
thyself ser.) D 102p 7 il 60o '14 Headlngton 

Foods: nutrition and digestion 3d ed (Know 
thyself ser ) D i>OSp $1 25 '14 Headmgton 

Growth in silence. 3d ed (Know thyself ser.) 

D ll-61p 50c '14 Headingrton pub. 14-10260 

Habits their effect upon life. 3d ed (Know 

thyself ser.) D 156p 15 il 75c '14 Headington 


Motherhood. 3d ed (Know thyself ser.) D 156p 

8 il 90c '14 Headmgton pub 

Poise and symmetry of figure 3d ed (Know 

thyself ser.) D ll-95p il -*75c '14 Headington 

pub. 14-10314 

Self fiiffieieTiey. 3d ed (Know thyself ser.) D 

118i> !l 7Cc. " t Headington pub. 
Vital organs, their use and abuse. 3d ed 
(Know thyself ser.) D 119p *60c '14 Head- 
ington pub. 14-10391 
Woman worth while 3d ed (Know thyself 

ser.) D 193p 75c '14 Headington pub 
Coddington, Hester 

(tr.) See Prydz, A. Sanpriel 
Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca prophet 

Parker, A. C., ed. pa *25c N. Y. univ. 
Code of nature. Diderot, D. lOc Open ct 
Code pleading. See Pleading and practice 
Code system for the hospital pathological labor- 
atory. Gruner, O. C. pt 1 65c O. C. Gruner, 
Royal Victoria hospital, Montreal 
Codling moths 

Quamtance, A. L. Control of the codling moth 
in the Pecos valley in New Mexico. '14 U. S. 
Agric.; Cc Supt. of doc. 
Cody, Sherwin i. e. Alpheus Sherwln, 1868- 
How to be a private secretary, or, Business 
practice up to date. D 253, 140-142p 57 il 
map $2 '13 School of English 14-4564 

Cody, William Frederick, 1845- 
Sabin, E. L,. Buffalo Bill and the overland 

trail. *$1.25 '14 Lippincott 
Coe. Fanny E. 

Makers of the nation. D 384p il *56c (Je) '14 
Am. bk. 14-11502 

(comp.) fc?ee Scott, W. Tales and verse 
See Cabot, J2,, jt auth 
Coe. Ida, and Christie, Alice J. 
Story hour readers: manual; the story method. 

D 220p il *60c (D) '14 Am. bk. 
Story hour readers: second year first and 
second half and third y--nr--firpt hnlf and 
book 3; II. by Muginel U'-i^'i. i:i->!-iM. 4v 
D 15G; 204; 172; 236p \ l-:\ ";\ ! :?:<:; v 4 
*40c '14 Am. bk. 

Coefficients of digestibility of some common ra- 
tions for swine. Dietrich, W:, and Grindley, 
H. H. pa gratis Univ. of 111. 
Coelenbler, Rev. Louis C., 1839- 
(comp.) Child of Mary's own manual. S *30c 

'14 Benzigor 
Coester, Alfred Lester 

B!Mioffrr.phy of Spanish- American literature. 
Q CS-lOlfi pa 50c '12 A. L. Coester, 1081 
Park pi., Brooklyn, N. Y. 14-8686 

Cofer, Leland E. 

Quarantine procedure to aid masters of ves- 
sels in fomplviiipr with tho United States 
quarantine rpffnlaUona. (U. S. Public health 
service. rul)lic: hojdth bul. 64) 27p tables 
map pa 3 So '11 SUI>L. of doc. 14-30439 

Br e o e wn, R, and Hunter, H. TT. Planting in 
Uganda. *$3.f>0 (*10s 6d) '13 Longmans 

Coffey, DJarmld 

O'Neill & Qrmond, a chapter In Irish history. 
xtv,24Gp map *$2 '14 Norman, Kemlngton 


Coffey f Rev. Peter, 1876- 
Ontology; or, The theory of boln^: an itro- 

duction to tfenorai incitapliy.sIcH. 3cli,439p 

*$3 (*10s 6^) (Jl) '14 Longmans 
Coffey, Walter Coateilla, 1877- 
Growing and marketing wool. (Ajffria expen 

sta. Sro. no. 161) O 16p il gratis 12 XIniv. 

of JU A18-8185 

ttrroduotlve slieep husbandry, il ,*$1.SQ *14 



Coffey, Walter Costella Continued. 

Proportions of shelled corn and alfalfa hay 

for fattening western lambs. (Agric. exper. 

sta. bul. 167) 53-82p tables pa gratis (Mr) 

'14 Univ. of 111. A14-2352 

Coffin, Henry Sloane 

University sermons. D 256p *$1.50 (Ap) '14 
Yale univ. press 14-7288 

Coffin, Joseph Herschel 

Socialized conscience. D viii,247p $1.25 '13 
Warwick & York 14-2285 

Coffman, Casper James, 1885- 
Bible in a year: a system of Bible study by 
which the principal persons, places and sub- 
jects of the entire Bible may be memorized 
in one year of spare time study. D 105p pa 
50c '14 C. J. Coffman, W. 35th & Depew sts., 
Edgewater, Colo. 14-6018 

Coffman, Lotus Delta, 1875-. See Brown, J. C., 
Jt auth. 

Cohen, David Daniel (Daniel D. Carter, pseud.) 


Master mind, by Marvin Dana, from the play by 
Daniel D. Carter; II. by Frank T. Johnson, 
D 320p il *$1.25 '13 Fly 14-117 

Cohen, Israel 

Jewish life in modern times. O xiii,374p 12 il 
map *$3 (O) '14 Dodd 

Cohen, Jacob Morris, 1881-. See Bernheimer, 
C: S, jt. auth. 

Cohen, Jacob Xenab, 1889- 
Notes on mechanical drawing; prepared ex- 
pressly for the first year students, mechan- 
ical drawing course, the Cooper union; ed. 
by Ernst Farndon. O llOp II bds $1 (S) '13 
Cooper Union supply store, Cooper Union, 


. 4.. 

Conn, Albert Mayer 

Bibliographical catalogue of the printed 
works; il. by G: Cruikshank. O 226p *$5 
("15s) (Mr) '14 Longmans 14-5076 

Cohn, Paul Victor 

(tr.) See Gobineau, J. A, Renaissance 
Cohnhelm, Paul. 1867- 

Diseases of the digestive canal (oesophagus, 

stomach, Intestines); from the 2d German 

ed., ed. and tr. by Dudley Fulton. 3d ed O 

I2p, 389p il *$4 '14 Lippincott 14-4079 

Cohu, Rev. J. R. 

Vital problems of religion; with an in trod, by 
the Lord Bishop of S. Asaph. D 14p,289p 
*$2 '14 Scrlbner 

Coin-operating machines. See Slot machines 

Boston. First national bank. Ancestry of the 
American dollar and the origin of the dollar 
sign. '13 First national bank, Boston 
Burgess, F. "W. Chats on old coins. *$2 '14 

Essex Inst. Oriental numismatics. *$3 '13 J: 

Robinson, 18 Summer st, Salem, Mass. 
Nagy, S. K. Standard coin book, pa 15c '13 

S. &. Nagy, 21 S. 17th St., Phil. 
Numismatic bank of Texas, Fort Worth. Star 

coin encyclopedia, llth ed pa $1 '14 
Von Bergen, W: Encyclopedia of rare coins, 
stamps, old books and paper money, pa $1 
'13 W. Von Bergen, 196 Chestnut av., Bos- 

Whitehead, R. B. Catalogue of coins in tho 
Panjab museum, Lahore, 2v v 1 *$6.5Q, v 2 
*$15 '14 Oxford 

8c6 alfio Coinage 
Colt, Stanton, 1867- 

(comp.) Social worship: for use in families, 
schools and churches. 2v bcxv, 653; xxxv, 
299p front *$12.50 (F) '14 Macmillan 
Soul of America: a constructive essay in the 
sociology of religion. O xi,405p *$2 (Je) '14 
Macmillan 14-0875 

Coke. Desmond, 1879- 

Helena Brett's career. D viii,320p *$1.35 (My) 
'13 Dutton [14-13025] 


Belden, A. W. Metallurgical coke, pa '13 XT, S. 
Mines; 25c Supt of doc. 

Canada. Mines, Dept. of. Production of coal 

and coke in Canada, 1912. pa '14 Canada. 

Dept. of mines 

Coker, Francis William, 1878- 
Admlnistration of local taxation in Ohio. 20p 

15c '13 Am. acad. 
Reading in political philosophy. O xv,573p 

*$2 25 (D) '14 Macmillan 15-181 

Coker, Robert Ervln, 187C- 
Water-power development in relation to fishes 

and mussels of the Mississippi. (Doc no. 

805) O 28p il pa '14 U. S. Fisheries; lOc Supt. 

of doc F14-130 

Colborne, Elizabeth 
Stunt book: a record of my favorite good 

times. Q 160p il bxd $2 '14 Reilly & B. 

Colbron, Grace Isabel 
(tr ) See Wolzogen und Neuhaus, JE. L. von. 

Third sex 

Colburn, Mrs, Frona Eunice Wait (Smith) 1859- 
Yermah the Dorado: the story of a lost race. 
O 433p *$1.35 '13 Harriman [14-1103] 

Colby, Frank Moore, 18G5- 

(ed.) See New international encyclopaedia 
Churchill, Allen Leon; and Krans, Horatio S. 
(eds.) New international year book: a com- 
pendium of the world's progress for the year 
1913. Q 776p il $5; buck $6; hf rus $7 '14 Dodd 
Colby college, Waterville, Me. 
Chipman, C: P. Formative period in Colby's 
history, pa 25 c '12 Colby college library , Wa- 
terville, Me. 
Colchester, Rev. H. B. 

(ed ) Lay views, by six clergy: W. R. Inge, 
and others D xx,215p *$1.20 (*3s 6d) (Je) 
'14 Longmans 

Colcord, Lincoln (Ross) 18S3- 
Game of life and death: stories of the sea. 
D 289p *$1.25 (S) '14 Macmillan 14-16217 
Cold (disease) 

SGG also Influenza 

Cold-heading. Lucas, C. L. pa 25c Industrial 

Cold storage 

See also Refrigeration and refrigerating 

Cole, Arthur B., and Morgan, Alfred Powell 
(comps.) Amateur's wireless handy book. 3d 
ed., Jan., 1914. (Arts and sciences, no.l) D 
71p il 25c '14 Cole & Morgan 14-2440 

Cole, Arthur Charles 

Whig party in the South. D xii,392p maps 
$1.50 (My) '14 Am. hist assn. 14-0894 

Cole, Emma L. Taylor 

Guide to the mushrooms. *$1.50 Reed, C: 1C 
Cole, Fay Cooper, 1881- 

Wild tribes of Davao district, Mindanao. (Pub. 

170. Anthropological cr., v.12. no*2) C) 4D~ 

2.03, viip il pa $2.50 (O) '13 Field museum of 

natural hist. 13-24658 

Cole, George Douglas Howard 

World of labour: a discussion of the present 

and future of trade unionism; with a front. 

by Will Dyson. D vii,443p *$1.CO (D) '13 

Macmillan [14-1114] 

Cole, Glenn Gates 

Classified Bible studies: being a classified ltt 
of Biblical references arranged by topics. 
D 170p $1; pa BOc (S) '13 G. G. Cole, Holmes- 
ville, 0. 13-13060 

Definition of education. O 47p pa 2{5c (Ag) M4 
G. O. Cole, Holmosvillo, O. 14-14471 

Cole, Grenvllle Arthur James, 1859- 
Growth of Europe. (Home university lib. of 
modern knowledge) S viii,9-2D6p il *50c M4 
Holt 14-14271 

Cole, Gussle. See Gardner, B. H!., jt. auth. 
Cole, James Reid, 1889- 

Scven decades of my life. D 9~2l2p por $l,fiO 
(D) '13 J: P. Worley, Dallas, Texas 14-432 
Cole, M, R. (Mrs. Otto B, Cole) 
(tr.) Loa paatores: a Mexican miracle play; 
with U. and music. (Memoirs of tho Am. 
folk-loro woo., v, 9) xxxiv,234p *?4 '07 
Stechert (corr pub) 



Cole, Mrs. May (Webber) 1877- 
Lyrics of love and laughter. D x,130p por 85c 
'14 LaPorte lyric league, lock box 25, La- 
Porte, Ind. 14-10475 

Cole, Percival Richard, 1879- 
Indu&trial education in the elementary school. 

(Riverside educational monographs) D xiii, 

63p *35c '14 Houghton 14-11293 

Cole, R. H. 
Mental diseases; a textbook of psychiatry for 

medical students and practitioners. (Univ. 

of London pub.) O 343p il *$3 '14 Wood 
Cole, Rex Vicat, 1870- 
JJArtistic anatomy of trees. O il *$1.75 '14 


Cole, Rev, Samuel Valentine, 1851- 
Great grey king, and other poems old and 

new. D 144p bds *?1 '14 Sherman, French & 

co. 14-19313 

Cole, William Henry 

Notes on permanent way material 6th ed D 

xih,202p il *$2.50 Spon (corr price) 
Cole, Willis Vernon 

Poems. 2d ed Q 69p il $1; lea $2 (N) '13 Man- 

r, Hughes & Manger, 209 W. 38th St., 
T. 14-1370 

Cole lectures for 1913. See Ross, G: A. J. God 

we trust 
Cole lectures for 1914. See McConnell, F. J: 

Personal Christianity 
Coleman, A. 

Flaubert's literary development in the light 
of his Me*moires d'un fou, Novembie, and 
Education sentimentale. (Elliott mono- 
graphs m the Romance languages and 
literatures) O xv,154p $1.50 '14 Johns Hop- 

See Fay, P. B., jt. auth. 
Coleman, Christopher Bush, 1875- 

Constantine the Great and Christianity; three 
phases- the historical, the legendary, and 
the spurious. (Columbia univ. studies in 
history, economics, and public law, v. 60, 
no. 1) O 258p *$2.50; pa *$2 (O) '14 Longmans 


Coleman, F. 

Extraction of teeth. 2d ed D 174p il $1.40 '14 

Chicago mod. 
Coleman, George William, 1867- 

People's prayers; voiced by a layman. S 93p 

*50c (D) '14 Am. Bapt 
Coleman, Thomas Everlt 

Civil engineers cost book. S 289p *$1.GO Spon 

Sanitary house drainage. D xv,186p 97 il 
*$1 25 Spon (corr price) 

Stable sanitation and construction. D xvi, 

210p 183 il *$1 Spon (corr price) 
Coleman, William Macon, 1838- 

Jesus a revolutionary socialist; a public ad- 
dress. 2d ed (Red spectre ser.) O 17p pa 15c 
'12 W: M. Coleman, 9 4th St., N. E., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 13-16737 

Snare of the Men and religion forward move- 
ment. (Red spectre ser.) 23p pa 25 c '12 
W: M. Coleman, 9 4th St., N. E., Washing- 
ton, D, C, 13-16760 

Vest-pocket summary of Bouck White's "Call 

of the Carpenter." (Red spectre ser.) 8 20p 

pa 6it 'la W: M. CoLeman, 4th st, N. HI.. 

Washington, D. C. 13-20434 

Coleoptera. Mcc Beetles 

Coler, Bird Sim, 1867- 

Two and two muko four. xUi,248p bds *$1 
'12 Beattys (corr price) 13-166 

Coleridge. Hartley. 1796-1849 
Graham, II. J. C. Splendid failures. *?3 (*10a 
Od) '13 Longmans 

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834 
Lecturos and notes on Shakespeare and other 
Mngltah poota. (Bohn popular lib.) 8 xi,E52p 
*36c (N) '34 Macmillan 
rrift of the ancient mariner; ed. with In trod., 
notos, outline study and examination aue- 
UottB, by Maud Mima. Kinffaley and F. H. 
Falmer. 30c '10 I*aimer co. (corr price) 

, 1 1 0-16145 

Same, Chnstabel and Kubla Khan, ed with 
notes and introd by Herbert Bates. (Long- 
mans' English classics) D xl,S8p *25c (S) '14 
Longmans 14-16450 

Bensusan, S: L Coleridge. *20c '14 Dodge 

Knight, W: A. Coleridge and Wordsworth In 

the West country. *$2.25 '14 imp Scribner 
Coles, Stephen Leldy, 1868- 

(ed.) See Lancaster, M. Electric cooking 

Colet, John, 14677-1519 

Seebohm, F: Oxford reformers. *35c; lea *70c 
'14 Dutton 


Campbell, D. H., ed. Colics and their treat- 
ment $1.25 '14 Am. journal of veterinary 

Colin, J. 

France and the next war: a French view of 
modern war; tr. bv J. H. R. Pope-Hennesey* 
D xi,306p "$1 '14 Doran 


Herschell, G: f and Abrahams, A. Chronic coli- 
tis. *$2 (*6s) '14 Longmans 

Collected literary essays. Verrall, A. W. *$3.50 

Collected papers bv staff of St. Mary's hospital. 
Rochester, Minn. St Mary's hospital. *$5.50 

Collected studies In Greek and Latin scholar- 
ship. Verrall, A. W. *$3.50 Putnam 

Collecting. See Collectors and collecting 

Collection Gallia, ed. by Charles Sarolea. ea 
*35c Dutton 

Collectlvfst state in the making. Davies, R 
*$1.60 Macmillan 

Collectors and collecting 

Conway, M. Sport of collecting. *$2 '14 Stokes 
Moore, N. H. Collectors' manual. *$3.20 '14 

Sro also Antiques; Book collecting, Postage 

Collectors' manual. Moore, N. H. *$3.20 Stokes 

Collects. Traubel, H. $1 Boni 

College and high school series of Swedish 

authors. Augustana bk. 
Teener, E Fritlofs uiiia. 7Sc 

College and the city. Fitzpatrick, B: A: 25c E: A, 
Fitzpatrick, Am. political science assn., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

College annual guide. Ward, H. P. *$5 Champlin 
ptg. co., Columbus, O. 

College architecture 
Cram, R. A, Ministry of art, p. 169-211. *$1.50 

'14 Houghton 
Vallance, A. Old colleges of Oxford. *$35 '12 

Imp Scribncr 
College contests 

Texas. Univ. Interscholastic league. Consti- 
tution and rules for county, district, and 1 
state contests in debate, declamation, and 
athletics, pa gratis '14 Division of public- 
discussion, Univ. of Texas, Austin 
College course and the preparation for life. 
Fitch, A. F. *$1.25 Houghton 

College drama ^ 

Boas, F: S: University drama In the Tudor 

age. *$4.75 '14 Oxford 
College entrance requirements. See Colleges ana 

universities Entrance requirements 
College girls series. Altemus 
Flower, J. 0. (Jraoe Harlowo's fourth year at Ovorton 

college. COc 

College Journalism 
Ward, IT. P. College annual guide. *$5 '13 

Champlin ptg. co., Columbus, 0. 
College laboratory manual of physios 2d ed 
Hall, E. H. *80c Harvard univ. press (corr 

College life. Fulton, M. G., ed. *$1.26 Macmillan 

College men without money. Riddle, C. B-, e& 
*$1 Crowell 

College physiography. Tarr, R. S. *$3.50 Mac- 

College plays 

Merz, C: A., and Tut tie, F. W. Quentin 
ward, bds *$1 14 Yale univ. 
New Haven, Conn. 



College readings in English prose. Scott, F. W:, 

and Zeitlm, J., eds. *$1.25 Macmillan 
College rebel. Patten, G. *$1 Barse & Hopkins 
College songs 

Stewart, H. B., and Thrasher, C: A., eds. 
AVorcester tech songs. $1 '14 H. B. Stewart, 
12 Berkshire st., Worcester, Mass. 
College stories 
Patten, G. Clif Stirling, sophomore. *$1 '14 

Scott, G. F. Jean Cabot in cap and gown. '$1 

'14 Lothrop 
Struly, E My three years at Andover. 2d ed 

Williams, *H. Johnson of Lansing. *?1.25 '14 

Williams, I. Big Wallace. *50c '14 Appleton 

College students 
Brown, H. D Talks to freshman girls. *75c 

'14 Houghton 

Elliott, H. S.. and Cutler, E. Student stand- 
ards of action. ^SOc '14 Assn. press 
Fitch, A. P. College course and the prepara- 
tion for life. *$1.25 '14 Houghton 
Fulton, M. G., ed. College life, its conditions 

and problems. *$1 25 '14 MacmiPan 
Paddle, C. B., ed. College men without money. 

*$1 '14 Crowell 
Wilson. C. P. My college record. $1.50 '14 

Reilly & B. 
College verse 
Edwards, M. F., and Crowson, B: F., eds. 

V. M. I. muse. $1; lea $2; pa 75c '14 Post 

exchange, Lexington, Va. 
Manchester university magazine. Selection of 

verses from the Manchester university 

magazine, 1868-1912. *$1.50 (*4s 6d) '14 

Price, C. F., and others 1 , eds Wesleyun verse. 

2d ed $1.25 '14 Wesleyan store, Middletown, 


College voluntary study courses. Assn. press 
Elliott, If. S , and Cutler, K. Student sliuiUaras of action. 

*0flc (1st year pt. 1) 
Colleges and universities 
Fitzpatrick, E: A. College and the city. 25c '14 

E: A. Fitzpatrick, Am. political science 

assn., Madison, Wis. 

portumly. lOc '14 Civic press 

Kolbe, P. E., comp. History of the establish- 
ment of the Municipal university of Akron, 
pa gratis '14 Municipal univ., Akron, O. 

MacMechan, A. ty. Lite of a little college and 
other papers. *$1 35 '14 Houghton 

Koscngarten, J. G: Counsel of perfection a 
plan for an automatic collection and distri- 
bution of a state tax for higher education, 
pa '13 J. G: Rosengarten, 1318 Real estate 
trust bldg., Phil. 

Social needs and the colleges, pa 15c '14 Assn. 

Wilson, W. Address delivered at Swarthmore 
college. 5c '13 Supt. of doc. 

Wilson, W. President Wilson to college stu- 
dents 1 , pa '13 World peace foundation 

Sec also Agricultural colleges; Education; 
Education, Higher; Education of women; 
Medical colleges; also headings beginning 


Macfarlane, C: W: Place of philosophy and 
economics in the curriculum of a modern 
university. '13 priv ptd Lippincott 

Entrance requirements 

Minimum college requirements in English for 
study lor the years 1914-1919. *75c '13 

Wisconsin. University. Requirements for ad- 
mission to the freshman English course, pa 
lOc 14 Univ. of Wis. 


Richter, K B. Commercial colleges in Ger- 
many. 75c '13 K. E. Richter, 2730 Creston 
av., N. T. 

Southern states 

Colton, E. A. Standards of southern colleges 
for women. '12 priv ptd Elizabeth A. Colton, 
Meredith college, Raleigh, N. C. 

United States 

Carnegie endowment for international peace. 
Report on the teaching ot international law 
in the educational institutions ot the United 
States, April IS, 1913. pa gratis 'lo 
Myers, H. J. American college rind private 
school directory. 8th ed $2 '14 .Educational 
aid soc. 
Thwing, C: F. American college. *$2 '14 Platt 


U S. Education, PJu. of Statistics of state 
universities and other institutions of higher 
education partially supported V>y the state, 
for the year ended June 30, 1913. '14 U. S. 
Educ., 5c fcsupt. of doc. 

Warren, W: P. American university education 
in the birth-year of Boston university. '13 
Boston univ., Boston, Mass. 
Collegiate chemistry. Martin, F. "W. $1.30 Bell 
Collen, H. L. See Bunting, W. L., jt. auth. 
CoMer, Estus Hammond, 18G7- 
Industrial justice absolutely essential to per- 
petuity of popular government. O 10p pa 5c 
'14 E. H. Coller, Battle Creek, Mich. 14-9107 
CoIIes, Henry Cope 

Growth of music, pt. 2, Age of the sonata 
from C. P. E. Bach to Beethoven. O 17Cn 
*90c (*3s 6d) '13 Oxford 
Collett, H. 
Water softening and purification. O vll,107p il 

*$1.50 Spon (corr price) 
Collier, Edward Augustus, 3835- 
History of old Kmdorhook from aboriginal 
da\s to the present time, including the story 
of the early settlors, their homostoadH, tlH'ir 
traditions, and their descendants; with an 
account of their civic, social, political, educa- 
tional, and religious life. O xiv,572p 11 maps 
*$5 14 Putnam 14-22007 

Collier, John, 18S3- 

Harp of the human. O 34p 50c '13 J: C. Col- 
lier, Sparkill, N, Y. 13-20174 
Collier, Price, 1860-1913 

Germany and the Germans from an Ameri- 
can point of view, now and cheaper ed D 
xii,408p *75o '14 Scribner AM-2H7R 

Collier, William Miller, 1867- 
Law and practice in bankruptcy under tho Na- 
tional bankruptcy act of 1898. 4th ed. by 
W: H. Hotchkiss. 10th ed, with amendments 
of statutes and rules, and all deciskmn to 
April 3, 1914, by F. B. Gilbert. O Ixxx.lHKIp 
buck $9; thin pa ed flex loa $10 '14 Bond or 


Colliery engineer 

Examination questions for certificates of com- 
petency as mine inspector, mine foreman, 
mine manager, lire- boss, hoisting* engineer, 
etc., as given by the stale examining boards; 
together with answers. 2'd cd C) xx,fir>f>, xxl~ 
xxxvip U *$1.50 '14 International textbook c,o. 

14- 12642 
Blichfeldt, IT. F: Theory of eolllneation #roup0. 

*$1 '14 ITuiv. of Ohiango press 
Pond, H. H. Collineations in wpaco of four di- 
mensions. '13 LJnlv. of Kansas 
Colllngs, Harry Thomas, 1880- 
(ed.) See Keller, G, Die drci gercchten kam- 


Colllngwood, George Elmer, 18C5- 
Standard train rulo examination, nth od D 
11-lOBp il vel de luxe $2 (Ap) '14 G. J<3, Col- 
Hngwood, 4.07 Crittenden av, Toledo, O. 


Collingwood, Robin George 
(tr.) Hoe Croce, B, Philosophy of Giamfoattiata 


Collins, Anthony 

Philosophical inquiry concerning human liber- 
ty; with preface and annot. by G. W. Foote, 
and biographical introd, by J, M. "Wheeler. 
75p *50o; pa *25c '14 Open ot. 


Collins, Arthur, 1690^-1760 
Extract from Collin's Peerage of England 
(edition of 17G2) written by then head of 
the family, Edward Seymour, ninth duke 
of Somerset. O 13U-182p pa $2 '13 D. Sey- 
mour, 80 Broadway, N. Y. 13-8478 

Collins, Edgar Francis, 1873- 
Commercial electrical testing. 2d ed D 5-240p 
il '14 General electric co. 14-5052 

Collins, Harry Shobbrook 

Spray from the ocean of thought. D 7-63p 50c 
'13 Bookery pub. 14-181 

Collins, J. Franklin 

Practical tree surgery. (Bui C22) O 163-190p il 
pa '14 U. S. Agric., lOc Supt. of doc. 


Collins, James H. 

Youns man and the electrical industry. D 24p 
gratis '14 "Wcstinghouse dept of publicity, 
East Pittsburg, Pa. 
Coilms, V. H. 

(comp.) Poems of action, with notes. S 200p 
'die; text only, *40c, notes only *35c Oxford 
Collins, Varnum Lansing, 1870- 
Early Princeton printing. D 47p il pa gratis 
(O) '11 Princeton umv. press 13-18981 

Princeton. (Am. college and university ser,) 
D vii,41Gp il *$1.5U '14 Oxford 14-10895 

Coll ins- Baker, C. H. See Baker. C. H. C. 

Collis, A. G. 
High and low tension switch -gear design. O 

i!H3p il *$3.00 (Mr) '14 Van Nostrand 
S wit dig ear and the control of electric light 
and power circuits. (Electrical installation 
manuals) D 86p il *50c (F) '14 Van No- 
strand W14-19 

Collltz, Frau Klara (Hechtenberg) 18G3- 
(ed ) Selections from classical German liter- 
ature, from the reformation to the begin- 
ning of tho nineteenth century. (Oxford 
German ser.) D xv,CG6p pors *$1.50 '14 Ox- 
ford 14-3437 

Collodl, Charles, pseud, Seo Lorenzini, C. 

Colloids , . 

Arn dt K. P'^vitar treatise on tho colloids in 

tho !!:,, .;< ;'' - 75c '34 Chemical 
Awhlov H. J^. Technical control of tlie colloidal 

matter of clays, pa '13 U. H. Stand ; 15c 

Supt. of doc. 
Younpr S. W, ColloiilH and colloidal reactions. 

(In Zinssor, II. Infection and resistance) 

*$ '14 Macmillan 

tfj (lino Catalysis; ChomiRtry, Physical 
Collyer, Robert, 1823-1912 
Cloar grit: a collection of lectures, addresses 

and poems; ed. by J: llavnos Holmes, D 3i!8p 

front (i>or) *$l.fiO '13 Am. unitar. 34-336 

TurludcB cmmya cm Goonie WaBhlnKton, Luther. Clmn- 
nlnff, Martluoau, Burns, Lnmb, Hawthorne, Wliittlor, and 

Coloma, Rev. Luis de, 18R1- 

the inouwo; adapted- from tlio Spanish 

by Lady Morel on; with 11. by G: Howard 

Vytfo, T 39p btls *35c (N) '14 Lane 14-20741 
(Oder, I\ J, Colombia; cnmpilntitm and trans- 

lation of mining laws. $-! l':ui American 


Lovino, V. Colombia. *$1.50 '14 Appleton 
Panama canal and our relations? with Colonv 

bin. 5c '14 Supl. of doc. 


Lynfli J M. DIMCMJHPR of the reotum and colon 
and their surgical treatment. *$5 '14 Lea 

tfi (tluo CoUttfl 
Colonel Carter's Christmas. Smith, F. IT. 75c 

Colonial mansions of Maryland and Delaware. 

Hammond, J: M. *$5 Lippmcott 
Colonial trade of Maryland, 1689-17 15 Momss. 

M. S $125, pa $1 Johns Hopkins 

Cromer, E. B Political and literary essays, 

1908-1913 *$325 '13 Macmillan 
Greene, E B. Provincial governor in the 
p^p.iic.1, Conies of North America. *?1.50 
:,"' J::. ;.. univ. press (corr pub) 
Hearnsha\v. F. J C., ed King s college lec- 
tures on colonial problems. "$1.40 '13 Mac- 

Wakefield, E' G. View of the art of coloniza- 
tion. $1 75 '14 Oxford 

Sec also Immigration; Imperialism; Penal 
Colonising activities of the English Puritans. 

Newton, A. P. * $2 50 Yale univ. press 
Colonization. See Colonies 
Colville, W: W. jr. Light and colors. $1; bds 

75c '14 Macoy pub. 

Laurie, A. P. Pigments and mediums of the 
old masters '$2.75 '11 Maomillan 

Sec also Dyes and dyeing 
Color books for