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71TTBB L.urB, Fleet BruEirrr E.G. 






kd ii L-J 1 ' 

Vti^a ^»^u 




FOTTKK LUIK, PLtrt Stbebt, E,C, 


FrinicJ by llucll, W«ift<tp, A Viney. Ld-> Loik^vh »r>J AjrJckb4iy. 




On lately retuiDg, after half a contury> prao- 
tiue of the Law, wvj com^mubuB, UJ QrituJ Div»ii 
assembled, bound oie ov&r U> oamplete far tbvir 
u&d a Bepertoiy of Groucl Things reUtii^g to our 
oummon profoBBioii, which I Lad long bsen 
preparing, and of vrhich thej hod rend and beard 
snatcbea. "These presents" contain tbis fond 
memorial of departed joys. There are mftity 
&vourite fiftyings, staudapi-d illustrations, golden 
f«3teiices, exploits of legal heio«B, jests, ex- 
pUnations of oaiious and memorable doctrtDeK 
and incidents, which make Dp the "natural 
history" of the Lawyer Tribe, I have with 
great care BulocUid iiud aiABortod tliitbo, uad truut 
they will bo found to rLiuiiRo, if not odify, 
Lawyers, as well aa their nnracrous Clientfi. 

0, J. 



About Lxwrtu GKnaiLLT ], AOt> 

About JuDOii .... , , . . IS, SH 


About thb Law, Lkgal Adtbovb, amd Coi'rts . 72, Hfi 

About AdvocatkBj PLEAi>KiB, COW^tavcekb, axd At- 

Touim lOS, GM 



AKD Ikhb of COUBT ..,,.,. l&B, AM 

About turn Chubcb, Bishopo, ajtd Clbbqt * >' . SSf, 6(U 

ABorT GovEa«UKHt, thi SoTsasiav, Pabuahemt, amd 

PUBMC BlOHTa . . . - ^ . . - S41, filB 



About Pnvt«nHK:cTB, Pbisoxbbk, ahd JuericEa or thb 

P^CB 3M, 636 



ANirt CourOLLOU AXD thk aBJUT Skal . , . 37fl, GK 


About Nice roiim or Law, aitd THivofl kot QenehalihT 

Kirowir . , . • 41fi, 790 

AvoDT WiTViHEs AED Jdethee 447, 746 

About tbe Dbao aku Thbib Welle ..... 4fl], 762 






Tliot^ U ft |>]uttMDt»tovyvrft)ftwyi'r. who.bviBff raftiwrd 
«intnmc« ioto hcaren by St P^ter, cdntrivtcl (■> throv hui 
hot iu^iJa iliu duur; iirid then, bd'g [lOrraUtcd by the 
k.iij<l *LAint to go in mid fctcJi it, touK ftJvanlni^e of liif 
being fixod Co hb po»t as doorkfioper to refuaa to come 


__,>bu*, ibe ortmiEiJil UwytT, saya that iho juflgiia in 

Ettw wurv Tiiucli ]JJt;Ji\<BJftiil wUb tliv foUi^v/nt^ Lmblv 
oTdflgrMa. Tbe ibreo degreo«of comTionnon iikaUwyor^ 
progTjii ij^: g^ttiog oii ; getUDg oii'Sr (honour) ^ L'ttttin^ 
«av-«iit (hoiiMt). Tho jn^gM^ hn m^a, ju:knowlidgi>3 tbor« 
vru imuch ud tnjth ;ii tbw jinglo, 


8C EvonA, or Ivao, of Brittany* a fauLOiu Iftwyur f □ 1300, 
WA« lamAoting tbflit hipi prnfpjhinn htkA not ApAtrnn >tiiint tnO 
look up to. Thfl phyftipiiinfi hud St* Luko ; tho cbftTopionfl 
tful St, Gcnr^.; tV nrl.isls cii^h hjui on'^j hiJlp Ui»' Ijiwv^th 
bftd titRiG. Tbinkin;^ ihru tUcr Popn ini^ht to bi\-tL~>w a 
Mftiot, hr W'^nt to llfirac, and rc^UMtod hi* llolmtvia to 

f[ire tho IftwycTV of Bnttnny n p&Lrnn. The Pope, ratbor 
ptuxlchj, prupCQod to St. EvotiA that bu >bouid go rouii4 


0CB10S111ES OK LAW An» LlWYBitt, 

Che eburtli of St. John <lo lAt«rui bUndfoM, 4ud kIW l!« 
htti M&d w OMay Avo Maiik*. die first Mini he UU bold 
bt tkoi^ld 1m htt Miniu; Mill ibU toJutUai uf the dilfi* 
eullv tiM ^ood OH lawyer wlllia^ly uiulertaoli. Wl^eri 
lio hA<l fiiiuho^i h']s Avtt Uviu, Jio atoppwl >»ijort. Mid 
Uid bb Ik&nd* i>tt 1I16 linA iiikAg« bn cunn to, uid cHc*i 
oat vith joy. "Tlik u our hudI — Uiiji be our pj^troti," 
Bat wheo ih« bttndftge wmak Ukftt fmm bii i?yM, whftt 
wu hu aitaoUiiDoat to fincL Uist, ll^mzh he had stopped 
ftt St SkdiMri alUr, he bad all the whila laid hoUf, oot 
of SL MkhaoL but of tb« figan radftT St MicW^l a re-:*-- 
Uio ikvit T 

nU St, Cvona or Brittaay. it b «^ in Oftj/n aooouul 
uf tbe NuUittriawK H^t. *ra* m> dvjEirlcJ at Uie tbuioo 
of a pAiron taJotv ibat ui a few moathA h« dii?d, and 
OiWPuig to huavWi» ^;atM kuucko'l limrd. Wht^rtiuiHui 
Bi. Pet«raak«jd who it wa;i thai knockiul k> boldly. Ha 
nplitd tliat ba wa« St> Kvuaa Uiv advocate, " Avay, 
away 1 * mid Rl» P«i«r ; ** h«nt ii but odo Ai}«vicaU in 
haavoD; h«ro k no room for yoo lawyvrx*' "Ob, but.* 
Mill iyV Kvona, '1 am that honut Uwy«r wlio ucvcr took 
Jecfl cm bulb sidca, n^^ pJvftdod in a uwi oaiuc; nor did 
I ov0r «* my tioif£fabouti tof[rthcT by the tftm, nor lived 
by tbo idiki of iho pa>|>)a" " Well. tbcn. ' vud St. Pel«r, 
** TOtuo in ! * Ho Iv^mc Ui<; [•ati\7n lamt bimmelt 

nw vtory puta otus iii tiilnd of Bvn Juniou {^^Uig 
(limuffli a obutrb in Snrrvy, and toeing |>oor |>flOplft 
vrv«pisi^ iwtir a (fiai'v. vrlj«rv»|r- ti ho BMked one of iba 
woiTDMi why tbey »fpL "Oti. Kiiil *^p,"«'« bavn loat 
our pn^triotiA lau^yur. Jostjoe RaiMiull llv kctpl ua all £11 
f^acvi abil aluayK wm «o cood aji ti) k*ori 11* ff0m golntf] 
to law— tho boat loan that ovitt lived. " WeU." aMJ 
Deu Jiiiihi'iij " i wiU nend yi/u an epitaph to writo BpoO' 
Ui tomV wbkb WM-- 

Und flrrrF^K irataJnTk iinv uul ihrn : 
Deft Lc4 * Uirjmr— *n honart maa. 


Ono of \ho tuuHl fiui^L'Ua French advocaltf. Lancklfla' 
van wdtod by the X^rvftidetit of the PkrliiuiioDt uf hrU 



vfUy he took upon hint to pluul bad couiv*. U« utf 
Awcrcd, with * aniili^, tLiat )i<^ did it bumuaii he had ]<Ki 
agroRt iiuu^y ^ooii Linvt. 

It V&8 BniO by A1oxan<Iur ab Al<i?E&iii'lt'o> a f&inoiu 
NwpoliUri Uwyi/r about l^DU, Ih&t wIkmi Ijv ttw it wim 
impofisibl'* for advocatoa to iiu|>pLjrt tbt^ir cllouu o^iii«t 

to take so much pftion in Htiid^Jn^ tho Saw. fi^r tno iuiia 
of »uit« Ovpeo^od. not vu th« juvtiot' of the c&um, Uut on 
lh« lAvmit' And aHci:Uoii f-f a ]as.y anil m^rrnipt jtnlge, 
wboTD tlio Uwo HUppodtj to b^ n p>od uid uprigbt uuul— 

Land rd«it«6 in hi* diary, that when he wtm nUnding 
r>ni3 duy, duriiij* <linuer. nu^r liu uafurti^ruto iiuuiLcr. tlieu 
IVitiOL' Cl][irl<?s, the prinor, who was in cheerful MJinU, 
Ulkiii^ of UiFLuy things aa ucconicn uffurtMl, ratid that if 
u^^cuily compullt^d him to lIioov* &ny ptLtiiculai' pro^ 
r«iiH]<m uf tifei Lc wouMdoi bu al^wy^ri^Utr," ho a^J, "£ 
uwi uulthur dc-r«Dii a l:ia<l tmuhl', iivr yit^d iu a gvod ouu." 


By th4« Bullion UwB tivsry Advuo&to wftjn required to 
aweur tliAt he would not undcrUkf.^ n cAun& which ho 
kiiuw lo bu unjuifl, nud that h« wtjuld ttb&ndi^u a dvfi^iivu 
which hf* hhoiiM di^^ovor to Lv HUpported by fSiljiahciod 
vr iiiiiiutty. [Oi'-jivH Eji-tiLlun yru Milone ui a slrikiiiif 
inMa(n^(> '^ tho Htriot obsc tvaiiojj of tbiH rulol] 'Hub w 
ootlnuvd m tiolUnd nt thi>' day; and if an adi'ocal^) 
hnnjjjA f.-^rwAni a caiiac thrro which Aj>pfiArH to live O'lnrl 
doorly Iniiiaitouf^ ho if condcinood in iho costs of tbo 
HUJt; the bXAmplH wUI, of ccuno, b« V9ty nn>: niom 
than <ino faavy howuvcr, occurred within tho momory of 
1>vrhf[ii who ans uuw liviDtf, Thi; poHiiUo inconvitniiin':« 
that a aman jiut in itouff might not bo n.blc to tlndit 
df^fcndcr. iM obvial-^i in tlml couatry by on *w*y provUion: 
a |wiTty who ran find no (nlvftfatci, and i-i ni^vcrthclcM 
p*?r»uatit.'d uf tb« vHlidity of hib caiut*, umy apply to tho 
Coutt^ wluch haa in such caaaa a diflcrctioiiar>- povar of 


4 andocTTUs or law a3cj> LAwictfl. 

ftothotiKro^ or iijtj>o«iiiing on«. — Quaitcrly 11«\'t«w. Jnn. 

And tK«f a%iM cOttiM to ihU k«t DJcnUoi»«<l u «ftid to 
havo bMti alvA^ Momd In Scoilaaii 


Ttity ated to Bay ot Wiat, & Uwjrer of fiocioitnA Inn, 
ft irwy vuUle uid •itu(« imui In aU boilttCM bo undcttook* 

pee wbcre be tuovoft «iid rum. bat on nun knows where 
to hit iMBi,— OumIm 8oc (No. 5). 33. 


!■ tbo Ttonaiih procedarr reUutti; to tbn fftmxu^^itm 
of MoiUv (Hkc promintBt official wbo tftkct put in tbo 
buMnWi u Cftllv4 Ilia ikvU's ftdvooite. When the cftsoni* 
ttUtiom y ^pounl. it Iks im the put of tbu Ct^unrK to 
iwt furth all tbu virtuw uf the laii^t, ibts luir&i:]^ hu 
bonc9 b&va wrou;(bl« 4nd &U the Dicriu tb&i cad be 
asevihed tu tb« deoroAed. And, ou the ■.rlljcr huid, Uiv 
ftnutton of tbo dovils ftdlviiiAt^ b lo fiml fU«^ in all lU* 
orMeDce. t'> tdt^'ht ibv gtH>d deeiU, to dooU tlie ujinula^ 
nckd to ntk^ op oil th« evil tbjtl con b^ luiid or thc^vt^l 
aglUiMt Iha dooMtod. no v to idiow that then? is net gocd 
ground for th« cononiuitii>o. Ilnk» o dovil'ii ndvih-Ato U 
ofUn on o|>t ikocription of any cno who moke* nnicrTipu- 
ioufl oci;a>otion* ond ftbovM wortkj ohnrvctorx 

hi: iiiii> tK JiiH uwy lavyki is a ruOL. 

yr CImti|^ wb«n irird WfiTA l^ird Lyttdbant in iLu 
Court of fivch«qti«r, octod v hin own coQiuol. mad bogui 
hit ■poecli by mn^fking ibAt tirforo bo tmt d<»wn ho 
fbftred ho nboald givo on Awkinknl iliiuumtion of ibp 
trath of tho old *dnffo, nomcJy, tkot h« «ho mcU o» hi« 
ovn cviimspl hA* o foi^ fo«- hi* olwnL Tbo jcii)go •& onoft 
mn*rk<-Hl. " Uh. Hr, Llt«Tv, don't you mind ibat id^fof 
it WAS Cminod by tho Umyan^ 


LAvnriKa o%stjlxlly. 


Tire p^ficiEKT or atrcc&w nt lawAunn, 

A vctcrikn AUomcjr, Mr, ^Ikvin, who odop atood aa 
tAndiilatc Ibr CbiimberlaiEi of L^ndon^ jJl^r rtiiirijig &ota 
buKini^t, on bcins aakvJ by hii ui4!i;:e whai w«r« tli« 
rttqi]iiiit<^ for naciviv in ivtwUJon, rofilii?i1 bm followii: 
*'Wtjy, it Jcj-pikJh od a Quiabor of drciuiwtancc*: flr«b 
vixi inikil havo a gixid cjtic; vccondly. u gooil Attomt^jr; 
ibirdly, a good wuhhuI ; fourthly, ifowi wiluuvoii ; llllhly» 
ft good jury; aiithly, ajcixhI jiidj(«; And. toALly.jfood luck.** 

MAcklin. tiic nci^T. toJd a comjyany theU hn &t fln^t' 

lUai^iUid liU itMii ftiT- UiO Uvr, lifijl h%i- iIuh piir|Hiw« ifrittrn^if 

kun in tb« Toinj»U. whcru he procurod chamboK uiil a 
bliivy abov^ wli&t liu i.'i^iLjId fttr^nJ, cgflBidoiini- tlto un* 
cauunLy rtf his incoino. " Ard whitt hook, air, BAttl Um 

Why, MT. ni tflll yon— Uin Bihl**— thn Holv Kbl*," 
''Tii« Bilio, Mftcklin. for n Iftw^-cr I " o^cclainivd tib fncnd. 
" Vn*, sir, the profioii-.vt nnd mrut t*i»''iif.ttli^ Ijimk for lui 
boco»t Uwyur, im ihoro yoti wUl find ihc foundnlioji of 
all Iftitf *» woll » all morality/' 

AX IftlJNK.AL bItflTCmOM Or A tAWVftlt. 

Lcint BrgugLiiLni h laid in &ii ironic&l way to Iiavo 
your citato &om yoar cnemiiid, fliuI keop< it to liiniaclf. " 

BUT y^yt uuM;sr LAWv^ZLfi 

Lonl Ctarondcui (llio ocroDd) iu luet diary (Jad. 1C89), 
■ayi, " 1 was at th« IVuiplu ^'JtL Mr Ho;^r Norlli ami 
fiir C^barlca Porlor, who arc Ujc only two hoiw^t lawyora 
1 «vor luvl wjt)i/' 


An opuInU fojmcr applied to an attorn^ ahoQl 
oouimendti^ a laWHLiit, but wah told that tlie Ta£t«r 



t^AtU ifeol DAH«irtek4> % being drM^jr vi^iMd on the 
otbar »iiifiL At the tuof time h« nid bo tro^ civo tbo 
cli«at a ]«1(«r of rMi^iiin^itdfttJon ti> fr.pniAMnonMl friend, 
which he dul. Thft fArt[i«r b md out or carioal^ to 
hAv« opened th« letUr« and raod iw IdIIowi : 

lUn u« Iw lit irfUnn Idkii nul li^UWr ; 
If jhU lUe« AOtV, 111 flMM !&• OthffT, 

Aivi mit« 'ccn igrvo lik« farothc* u4 brothct. 

prniMl of thiJi Icttor, it lit Mid, opcni^ tho oycn of 
the climU, eod cured them at once. 


Ilia lolloping WM ooiiAidercd gMveIr hnaioroaa In 
17-Kl, » * Didnia,* fn the 6«tiC£fTHan'« JfiiyaMw of thai 
«kt», wrH«c lo tlkttt joani«l: 'I van m domptn; wiiU 
tvo or thiM Imndt aoma tuua afp^ wliirn Uia mcooiva 

wen mkI of that bodv of nan. a&d th« ilf pmdi<xji tbcf 
ara often ituilty «if. ntt a ^e^t« gonUeniaii rrplird thjU 
H «Aa br from an oquilAUa proooediD^ Co coodcmn t^ 
whola fbr Um bolu cf MN]ie,nccQ ha pctaonaJly knnv 
ptvonl wonhy nion of th« profcanoB who eonntontly cn- 
dMVQurcd to coupOH diRcrcrict*. ii:itLari of pronkotilig 
atHfit; and rcprated to ^x^ "The l^ouinn of a JtM 
Lavyvr." ai fbllun : " WUiUt hv Wvvi, ho im the delight 
flf th« mutt, the omanwnt of th« tiar, a pattern nf iinio- 
cowy. the fflnry of hie profcaeaon* a torrur to decut, tbo 
Ofack of h\% country ; am) when deatli calb him to tba 
liar <^ UfMVtOk by il^e i^ hnh^di^ corpus €^m cair^, ha 
llntK tha ^m^ hit^ advocate, nonmi/< tba daviJ, and 
cootijiu«a ona of the long robe in gt^*^" 

cucrrs vfio Locut asib CLie3iT!i wiio ¥nx 

*1 Tw mightilv d«1ightfd viLh Iho whim 1 wai ■faovn 
fm a lign at a rilla^n not fjir I'mm thiK r-apifal ; thotagh it 

-it too »^rntn a uuth to cjidte on^'t nMbiUty, On one 
aide ia painted a man claHc nakrd, vilh thin nolto : ' I 

.•B Uio nmn who wonl to Jaw and hut tay canav.' On 
the ravttae ii * loJlo« all in tattera, locking moatdiHEnaUf 


wUh Ma motto; ' t &rn cJil^ iiim wTin iv«nt (o Uv and 

"Thu bnn{-H to uy rnliiil a i>aM-K-igfi n<port^ of tiM 
8collbli Vin^;. Jniniut I^ who WHirL u(l<** bi« MV^on Ui 

iho English throne would nocda be pre^nt in court 
while 4 m^jIaUm it«ii&i> wi)^ pli^fuiin^. ThoM^ on the 
pl^niiflTi* i*'iAc hnvSng fmiftlicl what tVy hn/l U> nay, it 
jiroTw.1 «i> miH'h to Xhv W'n^'v i-ntUfActii^n, tliat h<* priixt 
out; 'It m A plflin cw^c." tmA wiw going:, vrhon nomcbody 
wd to luQii ' rl(ta>4 t" nU^y. liir, and b<tar tlu^ ot,h(ir dido.' 
Hft did »a, (inil tUr' drfrnilinlH pn-rLy mivln thfiir f^ftsn nft 
l&w ]>kin lo IE» MAJo«iy'8 concnpLionN ^ whereupon tho 
monarch dr'paTttd in n pAJiuan cryiug. 'Ilo^fne^ all I 
roKUCBAllV Thr latd? renowned Cenr, Fotf r thi^ Grittt, 
}jning in Eji^^UjkI iii Unn-limc, and Hvin^ [imlULudr^ 
of Ticoplc nwarming about th<? Groat HjJi wherein am 
held Ui© tbrv*^ kUpmor Cburti of Jadioature, U rcporUni 
to hnvc! (ukcd iOin<i ftbtnit him who nil thoae hxiity peopfo 
wure, ftud wliiit they wcro ubout. Bl-ihj; ui[iwui>?iJ, 
' Th*y iwro lawycm^ *ir.' ■ Lawyers ! rflume^l hf>, witli 
(-TCAt niguH of &s(um^ljmDiit, ' wliy, ! lutvo but tvru m uiy 
wtiolfl doiJi ill loll, nud £ dnti^n t'J hiir>^ onr* of thvcti ttit* 
iiwmoallgot hwueT"— Fo^s JoumaU 1737- 


Hudlbraa with mmitcrly Bkiii and huuiour hUIiju tbo 
old *tory of liti;;&uta atui lawy^ira: 

llr Ibftt irilh mjiiry » {rhDTDd. 
Ami ^'dc* tr» hw to tni r«li(rtvd( 
\t Biliior than i aotUnh choUJic 

T'l help him W lilt j^'O^a Bjihin; 

!■ but li» k4Einiiili]r ih'JTd in ruin- 
Fur hmjvTt, IaaI the bnir iJrrf«<iac|jknri 
Anil pluatlff <ia^ thnuH rnjtkfl nn rmi <ifi\ 
I>o nno And Uu with wtu ol ^m^r, 
RtfTOttki of JuJi^iitti^t. Aiid i1c4i]iirni^ 

Cry K-lion^^ Kill) H'. thom ou ^spiia : 
At EuL vitli t'Mil <LXflf««l><he&1d 
Tlwi^ faufilit ill LjKi1(«d Inw, lilid nvUi^ 

6 couceiTOs OF tAW jun> ULWVETfi. 

Id wlutk, «fani vno* lh«T Afo ««febnnfUd, 
IW MSW Ub*7 aUr, tU ft<ir* tkos^ tMfMl 
And «Uk llwv puHH <iB dbpa<«h 
TlHffv'a OD ««d M th' immtjnalmaL 


Mr Dunning ubrn &t the b^T b«ing in ri^ry ffr»t 
bUMlMM, WW AAiked bow h« iKJDtrircd Ut jfet Uimugn ftll 
bb work, lie r«pli«d : "I do one third ot it; wioUter 
third doctf lUvlf ; nod I don't do ihb i^uiamin^' third." 

Lord Thorlow wu oooe t^ktd hnvr ln_* Ihrou;:^ 

juii 4a a |i>rkporkcl g«<td through a hoT^rjHjnd : he maiM 

ouMi'AHATivt: LKiUEixo OT Uhwrcns. 

ScfJMnt HtUt opinion vw wkod kijr Nicbob, wb«tli«r 
Danniti^ «*& <u kftiiMid m S«ij#«it Oyn. " No,' w«k 
the ajiflwcr; "crtijthmz which DnnBin^ knf>u». Jk 
know* Mxunttcly; hot Ulyti knuwi « ffTMit d<ml mun^" 

Gljn wMtt reputed tho bfM-nod uvjr«r in yy^X- 
minvtct lUU, ukI took ft kodin^ port ou Fox'* libvl 

LiwreftA AS TRiiDiPJra. 

air Jmuo UAckintufJi, when wpoftking of " thn rrnfttik 
poUtkauMi wbo bftd tho urt uA fortimo to idido anhttrt 
ihroiigb th tha ^boclu of foi '^j jfun of a revolutumafj 
my\ *tJus M&rqticm of Wtnctvc«t«r, Cho Lord 
rptcr, who h«d venred Uonry VII,, «cid raUiiMd Mon 
atKlcr cTtiij int^rmfdifttc goTttnuncni till he died in bxa 
Mincty'veventb fc*r. with the tftaiT of Lord Trrauurvr ia 
hia hki^da, u pcThaftf ibe mOAt mn&rkabl« Hpediom of 
thi« BpfrOMB pmwired Id hiatory," But more eondal 
waa exdt«d in bin own tini9 t^jr WtllUm Hrrb^rt, 
whom Hcflty VIU. «twtod Earl of P^i^bn^ke. fiaviw 
Mow^d^ th« tot«*1«« of th»i tecirinn^i, and obulnod' 
-tkom him tho dbaolrcd monteurj of Wilton, ho wm 
« kMB Pro4«tui vBdtr £dvm Vl^ io>d one of' 


thn a-nt to aclCTtowledse juiJ to d<?fh?Tt Quoon Jnn^. 
Uary baviuj- r««u>rwt WUton to tlie nunv, Le is H^id 
la have reci^iv«d thorn "i^^p in hftn<i;" btit wlieri ihi^y 
wera supprt«60d by EliziboCh, Jw drove tboQi out of t(i0 
Doonutery wiih hiH hurwwhip, UMtowing u|)a» th^^m aji 
ftppL'llAtion which implicrl iKcir <a^nhtAnt hiTAch of tho 
vow thvy hi^il taken- — 3 MackitiU)BV« HUtv of Eui;lAii<], 

rOTinaR rUKJtTDtCK AOAimrr lawtciul 

In IVjQ Jack C*Ue^>» r<>balLioTj hrokv out, which wm 
ap^iAlly Mnod ^aitrnt the Chftnc^Uor an4 dl conc^mod 
with the prof^BuoQ of the U,w, The locaeure)? ht fli»t 
Uikfln to riijpprCM it were most iDoffii^irnt> an*! thi^ Kinp 
ami hifl court wqtv oblig^ Ui amk proUctioik In Kaiiil- 
worth f^t!r*, Tendon ftpr-nin^ itA gftt«i trt thr inmiTiirnLs. 
Tha Otiaaeollor took tlti^ chief iiuukjkgemont of (LfTaim, 
and fchfl rebtiU haviHR refwivcd a rvpiiJjio.ho MjcftM>»3fld 
in dUpcmin^ them hy odnrin^ a gcncru plLt^lon anil 
■oilinij a pnce on Otde's hi^eJ, which wan «amod by 
Idea of Kt^t. Many tupfKiH*d that Cade hud Iwen iiet 
coi to try the dinpotitioo oi the pco[>lt lob-af>in the riylit 
ti«r Ti> the i^iviwn. HtT preton*i4M.I to lie a ft(iii o( 
Mortbucr. wh^ biul inarrii-ii thc^ dauijEiU-r -.if Ibe Dake 
of CLar^DCi^. oldor brottii^r nf J<khn i»f (innnf . And in thin 

boliuf tliousmtdd ltucki.'il to liin btandard TJiu Duko ol 
yoi'k«tli« real heir thrvuj^h a lijiti^ltt^ir of Mortiuk«r, at 
laet openly tH up hU olaitu^ for wbiob Ihcro woa now 
a very ravourabfi* upiKiitmiity, froNi U10 iuUtI IvoIuk] 

weakness of tin* K\t\<^, — frotu tho i^xtifcinw unp'>pulariiy 
of the QuiJ^ii. wh-wwr piivttte rharJU't^r ««* oinsii W (;r«tl 
H08ptcioD, ivnd wlirt wiw cf"«i^idertiil a iI<.'Vowii j^^rr-iM/ia ol 
yrooce,— frL>m ihi» I^hsh of chu foi\ii;:n pc^ui^HioiiH wljicU 

had ao ninr.h flMifrwl thn pridi^ of the Kn;;h*h naMoD,^ 

frt)ra tbp death ai^d discwnlttunj of the ablest nupjjonera 
of the reignint;dyniwty,^-fnjm tlie cnori^and popularity 
of tJji: pTvtcoidcf hitnnnlf, — and frum Um coiirji^^ the 
talooU, and the rcAourcbn of hifi numcroxw wihorftnt*. 
Tho cdaLmj of tlio nval bouaErs boiiig dcbat^KL in thn 
Templo Oardeom, the f^ am£ whiie nijran tberv plucked 
bi?civin(^ thn r>ppe<ertg emWrm*; and men took nilfcrcnt 


crr:ir'SiTiEs OF la. 

■•[' LAWITEBtl, 

uil?^ ^L. L'Lij^ Ui C]i«ar judgiumtf their |M«judiM^ ftnd 

Tfie CtiuH«IU>r, Simoci d« Bud Uiry, Wing tlic Author 
of tlio &Uiom>J npiuttui tux m IS-^O, in Uie rabtllioa 
«li^ it etritfd vik« tho firU riptiin. Jolin PaII, th« 

oftra-wMd linw wem iud« vhM, Hone hja " in spaU 
^ pranilKov *<v <*nno4 but rogiuti with com* dvgn* of' 

WbMi AdMB dalMd, kftd frv* mo, 
VlMn *M tkM tliet<nllMiiMi f 

Tt»« Arm)-, or TAther moh, 100,(K)0 Btn>n^, timl«r Tyl^r ftAd 
Stnw, hmvioif t«ktn pfBi at Bhdthvftiu. and thrvat«iiiiie 
gffier&t fleAtrudJ'^n — inorv «np«ciA]lj to UwmtB^ ani «Il 
vbo «or« eu]>MMcd to bavo b«Mi i&atruioooUTjQ icapoiiEDf 
tlio 14X, or who rFM*C«d the 4)t4ivhnd« for Ha r«^c«J, tba 
Clunc^llor took r«fuga m iJmi Tovcr of L^ndoiL Th^f 
pana^ htm |]ib(h«r. AtucLint lu« Tortnnf^ ravl it belnf; 
Mhljr i!d«ci!fid, Ihejr sonn «tonD«d )L Tlify hi«t4kndy 
VMMd h3m, fti>d <Jr»^g<H) him v> Towvr Hill, with tb« 
declared intention o4 rxccuUiw him thcr* m a tr«it4>r. 
In thJA ejitraulty b* dwpl^«u i^^ couraco and ooo- 
rtancj^, aiul, addrMsiing the iikii1ticuA«, rrmin^^d thnaa ef 
bia aacf^ cltaf»ct«r. and triod to rvuao tbviu to aon* 
•attfo of jiivlic*^ And huiDftnitjr, All thrm apprak weT» 
InoiMual; niter tnany Uowi^ hiK hoad wa* itnick off, 
and h» doAd hgd_v wn* tra&lc<J with hArbATiMi* iniiijfnity^ 
In ihf. tiota of )T60 a umilar spirit vaa iliflplayed. and 
■10^ WAi laid to thv Idiu of Court with tbo int^iiion oT 
fExtctmnNUin^ thn -whole mne of lawjera, thftt * ih« ikkm 
of Ml iniK<a&t lam^ " ai^t d<i loiigi^T bo iwaTtrt«d i&tu 
AD indictiDcnL — I Caiiip.Xirc9 of CbaDn, S6X 


0>wel, aiillii>r of the Inatitfliiioiifi and ilte lnt«TprtUr» 
waa an anuneBt civiliiA la bia day, anl during tba oott* 
ioA bHwacn llw wiliAoa and th« omsmon lawyen b« 
WFaa tba diampioQ of tbo ctvUiaup« and coantaBUMtd by 




Jnraoc 1. A jp'tiAt onicl* uf the ouumion biw (Coko) ir»s 
ptrAsai in <lcii*ion to oall Tiim Doct-r^r Cow-Wl And 
Fuller ia his " WmUnon" woimrkH of (Iiia JiickH:imo: "a 
coiW-hvel, 1 BfViUi*^ you. well iJrtvw^J, ia guoJ jjicftl, Ihftt « 

cook, whca liungry, ujay Ik'k hi* fiflL-ortt afli'r :t-" FuITtr 

obvCTVtV tllftl "iDftiiJ' eJi^^htt'd Cgmtfltt Look wlio llw^J il^ 

ib b«fig quubioiiftblf> wheUifr it gave moro mfoniiiitjon 
or oJlbiiC49. But n Iriglicr uUcuW wuh cliar*^-d U]jcin btm, 
that he mailc the king to liav« a ilnubK^ |>reri^tLTe> i}w 
one limlUiJ by law, tbo utJiei- nnlimitLMl; wlricL beW 
comuUiueJ uf lu Parliiiinoi^t, bU book wah cxIIaI in wi3 

TBE OUi sriDSB or TilH LAW, 

The Kftrl of lUrdwiokc (Urd Ohftneellor) uid Lgird 
Hollatvl, tboii(;:h frvqui^ntlj in o(Ho« U^<thi!r, nc^Mom 
agrevtl in any mi-'afltirc, »in.l not ini&T<|Ut'nUy onpoMjd 
oiuJi other's bills frotn mirre pique. Lord Hanfwiclcc had 
uppoHvd a bill of Lord Uultiuid'i, wbtfii Mr. Fox, in tho 
Upper House vrith some iiCT'imony. Mr, Fox, in eom- 
mcDtiiiif ou lb frrivutc bill cif Sir K Dvlavoi to cooblo him 
to Aell an eALAt^ for the paym<.'n4r of hia dcbta. Uirew out 
thefoUowiusiuu-c^afim oo Oiu CbaQCvllor: "Butvrhertiun 
T tfoir^i; r PorltA^ft 1 hIia)] be tuld. iu another plaee, that 
thla 18 ft uioQoy bdl. and ehall bo contravened upon Ihifl 

Kmiid. UoiV it can be ■■>, I know nol. ItuC thia I 
O'w, thfttj touch hot A cohw4>h nf \Wi*uninitj.'r [{all, 
and the old spidtr of the la'i^ \n ouL u{>oii yoM inith alt 
hia yonngftr vermin at hi» heel*" 


Wh«n Ijord ILudvickca Marrlajco Bill wju in tho 
HouM of OoTDmona, Fax, aflurwardd Lord HollaitJ, 
uying tfaat ono olaove chw tjuheiu^-or jH>wcr to pai-pnta 
on thu iSArriaf^e of minora, pmeot'dcd U. Iny open tho 
cUioaucry and jnrgoa i,>r ihe lauy^'rw. and thy priJo ot 
their mufti, miJ drew a maai f^vavv picture of thf-. Chan- 
cellor uiidei- tho appIioiLUiJiL of the Htory of a ^iiUo- 
woman at SaliHbnry, mlio Imvint; a aore leg sent for a 
ooimtiy aatpMW, who iiranounCQiTtluit it miuit bft out oti 


ccBKHunu or law isd l&wisbs. 

Tht nntfewoffiMlA, nnwillins in itiibfnTt U> tlie oppntiion, 
MBl Mr WKttlier r»ore m«mfQl, wbo Hftid he «o«Id lavc 
bw In witliOQi the lca*i opcmuon. llw «ar]jooai eon*, 
IbvtttL TliA ignarani mm i»d : " i know it nt|Elil fca 
■ftwl, but I b«vp ipvrii my opiiuun : niy riiu»el«r <l«^ 
pfffub apOD it, Aii<l wt< mopA «fcny it ihrcHij^^fa," The 
WM cul offt 

Qnnlby, ttno bavip^ ukmt p«rt in a JiiwwoB ia 
floaift of |jordK,ott k hill to <li>JiuuhUQ CrickUd*' 
for bribc!n\ Lnrd t^ortotcuc btoko forth oiiij tx^wuled tlm 
^TffTwlnd dtgiiity of tlic Hoivo, JirwcnsJ mad UrvUbeJ by 
A profi>«kiii (>f lhwjtn% Jt wan i>o Uftifger & Houm ijf 
r«ar% lis «jil, but a ts<*rv court of Ibw, when: aU tha 
M^ boHHimbla prii»d|>lM of tnith mij jnttiew 
•bttBvfuUj Acrifiood to tbo Ivw petti fogj^n;; dika««iy 
And qnibb1«« of WcBtiniixitfr UaIL Hm oimv wikftwe 
and ugo*! Matin U7 now n»«atblcil a mcvtuij^ 
atUmitfj* bi a Qomifch Coitrt acting &■ barrintoiv; 
iMnied Lonl on tbo iro^Amtk •coined (aU of nulbin; but 
rontfadiclioBft and Uw iiubtletici anil distinctiriim and 
aJl thaU* Tbe CbaiVttUor vas aot dct^^n^d fnin bb 
obiiitQcCive oourm by tlivse ubHrvaiiumi : yvt aotwitb- 
kUnding all bin ^dSartu, tbo bill Ta* carr7«d. 



Tlw vpHf^hlly UowL'll vrulp ia ltiS5: ' Liw \a not 
only a inckt'urH-, 1)ul a jwrs^ioiy. You know tJio Bay" 
i&u tb«v havi5 in FmtHM. lraiuut«d it itivauH ; Tb' |KnJt 
dknth'are the binfa, WttlnniiLHUr Hall Uie Arid, tha] 
JQd;-a tha net* tbo lawt'-nt tl>e rate, tbe alU»ni«ya tb«j 
nuco of tb* Comtti'Kiwrftlth. f >irli^v» tbfr faying 
ffpokan by aa angry oUenL For my part* 1 Yikf h\n rrao- 
lattofi wbo MLiil ne would npivi uu- iawyi»:T nr>r |khyi>cia>i 
but upon orgont neoosuty. J will condado with tbb 
rbf mo 1 

J'ai gna' piLi^ 4« la if AtlvlirT 




" GmGifWii Hofltfcn t '* exdatmad WillUm Oblwtl, wbn 
vrefDrrcd cnli-iiin^ an a oommon HoMiar to legal cmscu- 
mticiii*; "if Jftmaooinodtobowretebed, bury mobcaofttl] 
mUnd MjuiTi, nod lut mo fetvl on bltibbcr.^trcUh mo 
uiKtL^r tlio buiutii^ lino, juid Jc-uy til? th<? |>ropilioua <]eun, 

— nity, if it be thy will.mifftxyvu- luo wltli Uiu iiifvcUKl luid 

jitaUWitml *ir uf « dL-inociatH i^lub-rwom; but Kft*w 
me. tv^Ate^'Or yon do, Ubvo rno l'['i>in Lhd Juftk of nn 


Lf'rr! ChftQcelTur Sir Tboitiwi M*jro in bift yi^aih wml« 
ft balUul on thi« following' story, then curront : A aoTJcant 
WAH «uiiiloy«d -Cij ivoo%'ttr ii wtm or lunntiy Tvom tt h\i'?nil~ 
thrift who had ioktn wjirrf-imrym a friend's hnunr, wh^ro 
he CDnticiod biuift^tf mt clorii^Iy thai tho luLilJET founJ il 
impoftmhlA to jvn'int hit prinonnr, and thn mviitor to obtain 
hU tnomoy. At bn^tti it u^nrrod to thn ■orjooiit to 
divf^tiiw himsc^lf n.\ a fiiat, and by this Biisaa* to gain 
aoawp to the objnctof hiN nijorch, HodidHO,aiiilwajt iqc- 
ffisdbl He di»miifl»fc'i the maid who nshefed bim to the 
inoni whcra the intended pri-icncr roiuaiiti,'iL The ocrjuant 
thtpu diftoloooU hia tnai^p aud clalm«h.l biq pnH.tncr. v/h<^ 
rosoQlcd tho baae advantfi^ takcii. c^Ioil hba IhiL^, imd 
bulabuunad biut ; hu vUut Ibuy fiju^^ht juid lorti vack 
other'a hair and oU^bbr^, ^id tniitbted and y^lk^J. Th« 
luUtivu aud ruaid bad to rvlurii, vfho Cook tlji> part of 
thd debtor anil kiok<?d tbo HfirjecLnt out. The bikllod }iaH 
this Htanzft : 

Vfinv man kIwoj M.fSiitii eldlI ny 
Tl^A Iwat IB Firr«<dj uivi 

Siiob hij»nQi> u hr ttxi. 
Ami in huviHi t^ cntvriinAa 
Ancrthvr faniltin. 

A mwi t'f litw (hat Titfvwr ■■* 

Tb^ noyf 1o buy uid uU. 
W*«iuu|f to riu l^ iiLurvhiutJiMv 

J pnj (jkHl *|wd him wvlL 

cDaiosiTiEs or i^w a»i> ulwieks. 

This bttUftd Sii- TbtHuui U»n} uumI tc nioif Bt tbu UMv 
of Anchhiihop &l<fftcn willi f^rnt i^pitfWe,— VV4>3d'*i 

Dctui Swill jjrwhnl lui attuM Brttnufi iti IrvlatiJ. &iid 

tt^crwuda iim«U wilh ibe jadj[««L, He hod in Iub ocnnoii 
mn?tiiJcr^ Ui« 0n and aLuw of U» Ia«, And previod 
rMlt«r U&nl on lhoft« cutinfidlon who plooJ cftOAm whidi 
thej LiKfW in Uiirir OLtijM.'i«UL>H to In wruii|«. Wliun 
ttiBDor wtti over uid tlio wioo ciroDl&le4, ft youns ooun- 
mUot rvtortiHl upon tha D«»& ^ lod Mthur mv^nT wvai 
raal«nlion% ili« coanitllor rawlMd, ' If t)t« tUv^l wm 
to die. I'm sum « ptfMa oi>ijld bo found wiio for a LiUle 
mnMy wonld |>n«cK bk frin^rd j^miritj.*' "V«h," wd 
8vift« ' I would glftdly bQ tbo oi&n, mnd [ would thtfi 

!^tf« til* (frnf tiu diK, jiAU u 1 haw tbU tJAjF don« with 


In 176U it wu aftid tliat & m<*«t«ji(; of lawj<«r«. at LonI 
Haitfflald'A, waa ealkd to tako into c«^d«rAtiruL ilto 
alankiiug growth of p«rjur>^, wluuh had become "«> rary 
nh in our conrta of jnMikcft m Ia thrMton tha moat 
dangunxM cOMotiuaDoca. H won d«t«nuli]«d &t thU 
UMMin^ that nothi&g iihort of capital piinithinant waa 
•affidouC to dotor pcnionii fnaa the commJRUon of thin 
€ri>n«, aiid it vaa aifraed thai a bill abould bo ptopared 
la aakn pnnury iu any court of justice, etc, a ea|»tal 
oOoiKO puiuihablo with death." — 17 Lttdy^t Hm^'aiinc, 

T1t£ LAWVLIt'» K^TJtUJ Of CllASIOt. 

Bmst North ^vca an invtaxtoo of the lawyvi't abaiml 
aUacnmoai to nara tannsi. In hii lUya thr- (^urt of 
Common Plaaa usod to mi in WutnjiiBU-r HaJJ. irkmv to 
tiia BJT^ iloi^r, in ordi^r that auiton and their train nuf^ht 
rcaculjr paioiiiaudouL Whcolha wind van ia the noith, 
th>* attttatiDn vaa found vrry cohl. and fit wna propoaod to 
mora |ha court Auther back, to a wannar |>Uoe. " But 





tfonj Chi^f Junior Uriil^in&r}" tAytt NorLh, "woulil 
hspua to it, &B ii waa ag&inBL Mo^iui CbarU, wbliili 
nayn that the Cuuirtiua Pleu ftball be held in O«rlo ioco, 
or ia A L-vrtoizi pLatA). w;eJi vhlcli iho dielanw of an Jnob 
frum tliiil i>ltti;u w ii;u(>iJHi>ilv»t, fmil hJI (-bu \^\v»a wouJiI 
bft o^funt mm jiuitce. ThftiC formal T^«M>n hindcrd ft 
ua«ful refciriu; wbieh iiiAkeM ttiv tliink of Erwinii«> wbo^ 
luvin^ te&d eomowhat of Bii^HIaIi law, «ud thnt tho 
Uwyara v/%n doctUt/imwin ^<?nuj i-ndlooTMf^'nortiiH 

On* of Lhn RKAt bxtrooi^inaiy n^Aioni which any 
Iftwjcrhzu jillo^iyl o^fLiii^t ctfcCtJng law rcfbimn in thn^ 

au[;:rjod by l1^« Chiuic?Uor d'A^U(;to«aij, lie wu ouco 
a0]£<Hi by tfic Dtikc dc <>Lii[Qinc>nt wlictb^^r ho had ovo:- 
thuu;;ht of miiy rvmiiixiion by which tln> Itu-^th of njjta 
uad tho chicELrK-rv pructiocil in tlitr courts oould bi: Urmi- 
iiatfjcL "I had ifuiitf au fur,' Buiil tliu l^'hauouIlHji', 'w 
to commit a |i[flji for ^uch a ri'giiTatTim kfj writing ; hat, 
alW 1 h^ muJu 90me pro^'tvub, I roiluct^ii on Uiu giva; 
nuriiber of luivocat^M, AtU>ni(Ty«, «iiil ofE»rs of iiiHioo 
whom it would niin: comptu^on for tlitso mooo th« 

Cn fall friiiii my handn. Tho Inn^h mi(\ nurnlirTr of 
wsdiu confor oti ^ntlflni'i] <<r tliii Lon^ ri/bi^ tHoir 
wcnith and Authority, oni jhh L tonttmio, thi*™fi5rc, to 
pormit thu'ir infant growth and cvci'I/i^n^ tindiimnoc" — ■ 
U butler A Olvio. 


lA omuoerri^fi or ljiw a2id ijiKiuvt 

ABOUT jaDoi-:& 


It wt» tmd <tt one Chuwidkir, (Efr>^rian, I think,} of a 

irittvCm; Jo(l|[tiwDt uid quick tlcepfttdi, that hi? t^ndttd 

CMii«»i9 mthOQt bttrirg; but of Mwllur, yho w» Jull, 

fthw, a&d dilatory, tliai hu bo&rd than liitliout end.— 


It waft Mu<] of Lurd Elduu Lliat be D«v«r wrmged ft 
•uitor or p«rvTrt«nl & principle, " I ht^c^a to tliink, add 
'Sir 8«mu0l Rumillj', af\er tlio (jrediou of tbe Vi«' 
[Cti4noDllor'» Coart, " thftt Uua Caidv J(l»tii:« of th« C1i»d- 
■C»lka- b IwUw tbu the fwlft iiuiiaUca <if bu dspuly 

ttjOVKBtt or JL'JK)I3L 

IVLca Sir ThomAH Pliimt? tsa iiLAiki tKo fine Vioi>- 
Ouucelkir, Sir William Ut&dI wu Halter of tbc Jtolla. 
on wbd«A rHirtiii«nt tWre ntooil &r« bandn^ uiva 
Mit«r»cl on the KoUm Lint Pc<i|ilu unouatvd for tbis. 
lOlwiUuitAndin^ tJrAnt'n dnpfttch, by i^Jng tllM (ftusn 
bid been tot dowu «t Uio Roll* fur two rwLwoP* on» 
baUkg. t^At Onnt migbt bou- tbcm ; And tfhnotbcr b«&Dff, 
ilbfti Plainer mi^'bt nut b«^r ibvis. FlwMr wu ao 
|)rolix uxl t«OiouA, th«t Uo juid EJden together WM* Ul 
Uf m tbo foJIowing ^i^nun : 

To «AiB» ^iBjr m Umo^'t Jib, 
T» aiScnnl Method tOMi : 

Tioo-CbuiccUor Str John Ltach w&t m modi diMni- 

AJDotnr juDOta. 

Suiibtj lUiil thvif iikrnU WOn> Cirk-bftttf?'! SA follows: 
In CqaitT*B bl;|b wort ihero w 

TwL} Htl vxltutiiuA, '^l^ tlgai : 

£ioi:<ui*r »JQii'Liii,-w* hen. 
^i-ir ftjiuw I4UI i^w-mI Likd »i) bciogB 

Ttio brtl froai i^Viivr^j TirtUD ftpnu^ 


Sir Thotnftfl Phitnnr wjt* the firet VJc(?-Clinr»rrllor 
AppO^Dto-l un-lcr ibc Al-I ol' ISl^ All hib urbjujily uam 
uxutblfii to ovcrcorno tlio dislikn Ibo ^iMi Wd*r« of the 
iw hwl nhown to tlie project of croaUog liia couic 1U« 
jafigmontx %rero pmlix to An iiv^^i tTwrnhli^ do^r**, di<» 
pUyUig groiil Icurnin^, und (wluit is ovon mory raro] 
AiteJiUan Ui t^he foctA ol the a»t 1i« hiud ta di^^ido. Th<^ir 
4iSuiicnuAB doixu^tful luuch friain Ihoir rfTnet; yot hia 
judgment wi^re vxcL-clin^ly Ibrcitlc. tljurij;;h CrtiiiilUr ui 
AtylL In 11^6 wuIl'ltnowTi tffliki tif Oholnu^rM-y v. 
dilkioli. be i»t aaid tu bavt ^1(4^**1^^ h]]iMn?lf nfW thi» 
wiJK : " TcE^tftlor aajhti to himB-.'lf, * Hi hnvc ilio ri-lil litlr 
of Suauvl HuUv, ttnd bv Iju mtdv vr he Uv iViuuJ*;, itr-'n ihfi 
man iVir my ttionfjy ! ' " 

U(j irott uu&blo to euuituoud tbv rvgulor aLtoiiJaucc of 

running aboutv ovvn &mong th<t JLiiiioro. Aekin^ for em^ 
plo^iriMiit: " ]*cAy, wr, hjiv/n _v<m uiLylhiii^ U> ir»*>vr ' C^i 
you brinj^' on luiythto^ bofbro ms Honutirl"— 2 Law 


Sir Johu LeA^b. tlii^ufh by no tucans deficitMtt ru 4 
kw^'fri-. hjifj A r«ck](<4(i, bWhin^ wny uf j^vltin^' tbn>o|fh 
boaionMt, whicb ofWi wrought gtml In^amn^i, lu t£bi 
fvmci liio Ch.-iricury C'omt, prvviil^'iJ ovwr by Lord 
Elgoo, formnd a j^tmn^ contrw^t with tho Rolh Court 
under thii liir^iotiMri ul Ij^^ba^Ii. 'V\u> tint^ the lawyers 


■ ^ _■-' i 

£ :-i7^ N T.vr r. ^--l". ji :a-sl 

:«.-:c :'.i w.nLir. Li i fitu ;r.i»z :^ Ti_n ^> get 

r;:"-!" :'.!i bcr 'he w:fc> ^:: a; l^isunt lo b<ar 
-N.'" >i* *?t."a:::::^i. -:>:3 v.i ir* no* At 

\j :v 4::; i^-.7^ v.:- ir.?'»*r Th ::, :.? rx^-ri «i her 
>^i w\z:l h-rr »-i-^7. H- ^ V:f7 *:vr ^n-i ^-r ;: A ml© 

rr^'j F="_:T*".vv;.\»sf ^ o:\?v,-r ■;> tee fit^v-il 

A^> rii^ ;c RiVliii Jj,:^ K^lilv^vp* >^prv*^l to 
^^:4^ 4 Fr^i^:". ^„vl'.s r a.:v/,,::^: »iec^ tAxed vith 
An .*i:njy*..i.s_'ui_::-^iii:. thj: sir^-v he ^ii S^.v^e old be 
.^■ili ::»:^ ?*: eji^.lv .i;s;ir^"i;>h :'"? ;v:^,:^ .c de d:« aa 
hpi ust*i to i.v Aiit *::^?i : r,>.'^'i :o eifli-n how he 
.-4=-: V rt*:rt lo :,*:\ t^ *i;A he x^v%ys. l:ie :b*ir other 
»,r?h:™. dtv;i-; ht* o^jts :v ih^ ib.f.w ,.':" ih* dice, 

4^'£ ::-^>;*<irA :o y-! i ^t,-:' t*' ,Aw>^:tA. When 
rr:!Sj^i V ^'xyt*:^ ^hy. \{ h^ uioi v,,'v, he T>^>t[ved mo 
F^j-j" r'TAi:rL> IT : yA;vr> iV.iu the iA:^:e*. be dsid be 
"■^i t.> '--Ap th'.-^ : -Avy y^tvrs s: oy:>.v;-^ ec:d3 of the 
•LLi'.: IT." wh-T. ih^'V » l TV yre::y ev^t:"y [AUQ^*«d he 
-sc-i. hj K'j^L vl:o?: Iv.: wh:-:: thtf va vrs . :" -r.e p*rt]r 
■fTr- Itr-^r !'. i!i '.:'v' ^ ::'.'r n '..-^ ■,.^"*: : > -atv* dio^ 
Iv:z^ 4,rii3 yn>«\> t^ v^y ^"y r. k.;" :hi; jA:*r» so 
*ji^ *«;l^ th*: ho iL.\tr KA-i :L.;l'. :;: d'.^::ied hu 




M y^y tliti diet), bu if^vi» liirei? ksudti^ Fint, b«cauw) 
it VAA Ueooraiia fkci'3 at«mlv u.t ki>i>}i tlii>m ; a^oondTy, h^ 
oMd to turn thciu owr &ud[ baii^ &u<) tuM lLitui about aa 
a Ucftltby bodily exv^rcistt i tuu), tbtn^ty, he kupt tLoiu ao 
loo^ iu OT^^ thai Uie lasoe niighl ripen, and the partlet 
Eui^l b« mure rvuvQcLleil to bu&r their cikfarUiiiv tvbmi 
it cnmo to them. 

Th«iW luiriij rvUiHuun coavLoctf*! hlv ci^riq^jv thni he wut 
ftbout M «fficioiit iLii Me neTjbboura in hia <iay aad gtjne- 
ntioiv which was about the year 1545> 


A tflr\atit of Ixtrd Ralkf^rMtOTi, a j^nlgo <tt tlie Scotch 
Coiii't uf H«i*iio[i, oTiue waitvd ou hliu with a wovful 
coil hlr?[ii[;ri^» and aaid - '*My l<nvl, I am com^ tr> infiirm 
yoinr IaniiiLi[) of a sad mibfortimi^ My cow bos ^rvd 
une of youf lt>ivl»hijr* cow\ ^nd [ fvar it canuot live." 
" Well, ihflu, of oour*o, you muat pay for \i" ** hinted, 
Diy loiii. ic wa« noL my fat^lt, amJ you know 1 am but a 
very poor man," " J cari't hrip that The Uw tiays you 
mu^i pjiy fi^r it. I nm not to Jom* Eoy cov, ata J!*' 
*■ W<i|I, my l^]^^ if it Tniinl be fin* I cantiot ntty TJQOIA But 
I fur,^oL what 1 wEki uHviii^- It wan my mliiuik^ t^iLlin-^ly. 
1 jJioulri hnvp nFiid Ihftt it wiw* ymir lorrljJiip* r^iw tlmt 
^orod minu." '* Oh, U thikl it ? Tliat'n ijuilo a (ItfR-roni: 
RJXxiT. (}[] aloiijf, &nd iloit't trouble lao ju-it dow. I oia 
very bu»y. Bo off, J say I " 


Tiiwm'iwa wTvixrw jit iiE:r>aKa. 

JiK^art Rir:haniy.n in goin^ tbw Wi**l<»m Citvuit, bad a 
ffn>at flint bt^no thrown a^ bw hoad by a malofaal^r thvn 
condaoinoij (who thcri^j^hl it in«ritonouu and tlje way to 
bo a bencfkbRtor to tb? Commonwealth to Uke avray the 
tifo of a Hum m> oilioui), but Iv&nin^ low on hie ^Ibow iu 
a lacy vocklM* maaoi^r tbc buJtnt tfr.w tuo high, anfl only 
loolt off bin Iijit, Sxri) AR^i, Home frioi^u con^^tulaliiig 
hii iblivi^rano-t?. b^i nipUrd (o-i bin fa,><hinn wui ti:^ make & 
jcati>f uverytbiij|cK " Vuu boo now, 11' I hnd bo<rd] an up- 
rij^t judffa (intiniabing hia rr'trlintn^ paitizrvj^ 1 hod hi^n 
Jnin.' --CiLmd. Soc (Ha S), t^tk 

20 CtTRlOSITrEa op tAW AND LlWT^ItS. 


- WWrt I wvi CtHtnoclkir," »>■ Lord IWon, " ! UAd 
QooiJoiAu; the }^pUkUb ftfnbawador, that I vrouM willip^iy 
forbcm^ thv boiuiur to get nd of Uiv buKbvii ; thi^t 1 haid 
dvrftyH A dcftirc to kftd a private life," Ck^duuvar &n- 
4weiH|. Ujai Iw vould ttil luc- * t*!*:-; "My lorj, there 
w once *n old mt iluU wluIiL occda Icavu tlic wurld ; 
b« BCi^ututiUO Ibo jroiiii^ t«U dial Utt ^oukl tutiru into 
hiM Ibolv*, Uid spemi his ^yn in tfoliludi?, nn^l ooTiiti^anilpd 
iben W nat|i4«t liu [>hUo9vpbjoftl vocIuiodiil. Tlivy f^r- 
Kve t»ci or tJjny: ilftyi; at lv*t, one li&nlier Uian hiH 
ftUowi tynionNl la lo «c« bow bo did ; ho enUfwl, msiA 
fintnd him><UJmjiitbe«ii(Ialof ancfaponDeMBchc>ca«]' 
^Baoon'a A|ioplitlL 


Sir Juhn LcAch vriiii Dot only a devor lawyer, but d*o 
■ fiiiQ gcfiU«]iMbQ, ll« wkJi by no mMm ttakocfwu in tho 
Wuat £n<i. ami vt&h always ineemtA a dootioble aDqaiai- 
tton at ilw cArd-tvtiip* ^f venonUilc fluwa^^criL U« w&h 
(if 1^ bhrsH be oDoved) alvays courtly in cii'Tirt; and 
altbou^ vvry fond of layiDg nl/aq^ aud bilUr tbiupi, 
nhravM did to in a^AABta iDoat MiAte and bland. No kuU- 
iui«^oji ojulii mdjovaM Irio leiopcf, do (Pppo«liiMiatp«n4« 
bU v<4cfw H« was very f<mA of firoDOUDdni; jud|;iHnt 
witb^iut aMi^iio^ a ainglo noMii. Ho woola prooouDoo 
Uw fatal dcvr«« in & tone of 8i>l«miiity, betraying, bow- 
ovor, iho opmion bo cDtorlolncd of tbo A|>iiUoaCiun. In 
bJa day*, a» ih wrll knovn. t^ Rolk C-ju>t n^t ouly in 
iho evening. Tlie luiprAranci; tb« omirt then pivjictitcil, 
to a itnuifivr jM«m^ it for Uiv Gmt tiiifo, mutt bare boon 
vniy vtrturd; fnr wbon Kia llr«inur bad Ukm hU Jbf&t^ 
two lar^u fan idtadoa w«n plac«<d in jiucb a puntiuD a4 
not only t.'idud«l the ligbt from tbe MaitcrB eyca, but 
nndcrvd bim iavuibia U> tbo courl Aftor tbo ovuiimI, 
who vfu addrexifm thn eoutt had bniihcd, and rcaotDod 
bii MM, Uiure would be a peu&ful jjai^AO for a minatv ur 
tvo, Wlitn at leujfllf, uut o| Ihc datkncan wbich »ur- 

rounded Uic chair uf jtiAtioo, urookl cunc & voice, iliMinct, 


ABOUT nJttGZtL 21 

AvCtii H^Trtnn, biib vnlh Che fiDlemnitr of BUppraMed 
ftiigar,*'Thij bill UdiKiuiflMHl with tfMto..*' i\o «xplui«itioiu. 

• no I'Mig >^6t of i^rf^iinmld Aflvn.n'^efl to fiiipj^ort thipi 
oouduflion — the diwbiion was givi^u wit!i tho air of a man 
wlin kdowi li« is ri^Ui. Jtriil ttiHb unly folly vi'l viiTaor 

^e>tnll1l dmibl the pruprimv of hia judgment,— S Iaw uuI 



Curnin wits trfLon a^l|lpt?^l by LorJ Avonntore tn liv^ 
STKiUucui by tbo r^-nuirk. " ilr Uurmn, 1 know your 
dormeiQ^ but ii'A quit« in vftin for yau Ci> ;ri> on : 1 tttr« 
iba drift of it all, and you ara only giviuf; yourwtf and 
no lULoeoeaaftry ir^ubL\" Coo day^ Cnrruri boin;- tD<j 
iftUiti aloftjwd ui ttjis way, tbitq addrexsi^d llm jud^: 
' Perba|>«, my lord, I &iu ntmyin^-, but yuii muHt impute 
H toUw^zireiiioaf-iUtioDof Luy uiind. 1 bzivu ju^i vrit 
i w mwi ai> dnw^fnl A cin^iiiqiauiM<, tbat iny iiiia^iriAlLMU 
hiL» not yet rooovGrwl from iho shock." Tho judgo waa 
iblj att«iitii>ri: "Uo on, Mr. Curran." "On my way U> 
ooDTtt my lord, &a I pa»8od by one of the m&rkutB. [ 
<»tit«rvMt a biil^^bur pToi^rpdini^ to rtlai^^hUrr a vaM. Jumt 
ftahifihAnd wam raiar^d, aTovr-ly little; child apfimorhi^d htm 
unpvrci^ivfvLl, and, ivnibl^ to rclaCo — 1 mk: Um lifc-Uiftiid 
giihhin££ nut .-itiU — ^tho jtor.r rhild'* bowm wwi uniii'-r iht^. 

Ultohcr'H hand, when hn pliiri;^vl tho kiiifo into — into '" 

** Into th« hoAom of th? child ! " cried nut the jni^o tHth 

grcdkt oniotion. " Votir Icn^thip riotnottnicH ontioipattii — ^H 

111 urcot ri^ht into the tK-.c.k of the cti]f [ " ^H 

Lord C'hantvilnr Ifarvlwif^k^ Mtttal iu dtxilar^ that 
"ho did not Ui,ki* hi» plane ttpi>n lU>^ l>cnch to vrrita 
IgctPts to bu corTe(i|M>ndunU, (.>r to wofl tbe ui^WripOpor." 
Lord Cam pbri) obeKO-riw that thift la^l pmotioe baa 
oocaaioiially tn^ou carri^il w an Inikcoj'ouv and inovii- 
Tonicnt IniLgth. A ^lanrv at a niw^j^aper may he 
pvnaittod to a judgu duiljig a tedious tvply, Qi^ a hint 
to tJio courviel againit prolixity ; and luch wav tlu- Uabtt 

Si crraiOBiTiES or taw jued uv. ,;-j- 

ai Lord llAtwfidd, wli» mm aver oomplotfilj iiujiUt of 
dl Uh) facUv ui<l all tl^o Iaw, of VTcry «a»e UiAt <wiwi 
faidbn liiDa. But Lord Cunpli«lt h^L seen » j^^E* 
Jadolf* hitf «uri««itjr by iuiEUDg mvr tlit tiD«>«uQr 
|iigM fit tkfl finw* wtiile ft eounnl hu b««i 0|>«Bing n 
ft «0<kdei»c<L QMiuMr ft VM7 InpoTtui^ ftad complkfttod 
:«ftw, n^iuiring ihe «)o«Mi fttU-ntinn fif * juHgr, hrm^- 
«T«r quick, iMnwdtftttd dbcriainfttme — 5 Cftmc^ Clutta, 

On OD* oorauoD, wiMti Dunning vaa vpung » eu* 

b«fere Lotd llMuMdt whn VAA ritdtiw ihti oow«pip«r« 

'lif Moppid. wh4«<Mpott tK<* jiiJ^ MM, 'Tmy go </a, 

Mr, Punning" Th4t OAiniirJ pftuwci, mnd Hi^T.ihi^ktilly 

kmibltip'aiaor* imfMirunt fioctipainni. I will giodlj v&it 
vfttil jroQr ionUiip &i4s kiMiv to ftttond to injr <lticiit 

jtmoD wBinvo irrrEKs ok tus Bcxca 

After Hh- &sidu«) RomiJIy uiil Ur. Lmch bftil gon« 
OTcr tbo ftTgnnieaU Jn oftMe Won Lev4 Ekkn. biji 
fttCCDUott cfft*ed to be «Dfiag«(J, ftUhoneb b« sMfneJ I0 
Uftco, In itftUty, bo wia wrltbig ft fi^pinf JoUtr t> 
Lftdy Fmioo^ hia dMigbi«r, or Mra. Kjdl«y. bu mUmh- 
Uw. H» fonail tUa occupftlion r«7 agmftfaKftttd bo 
vru jloiwd to bavt ■■dlflUxrivad l«iior« for it.-— laj^ 
dM mttorlM tmcUon to bu ftool tlttt wbUd bo wu 
iitti^ on tSo btt&efa, and ooomvl wim vp«i](itig in lui 
btariftft ho oouM not be aocumvI «/ tut^j^oetiiig bu dotp,— 
TCuap^CboncL. C^l 

^ LOU) cnAKcnxoR wiu^iim iiu Lnriats r>x thk 

1>otd Rraughun't katit whidi cauwd Uoi tlis grafttrvt 
Mil Wfti writing \v%U:n vLiIe be was sitting «ai tbt 
Mftcb,Mid m>|im«mI to t>« tihi«nipg ti> ftr^iiintnlft frcuu 
th« bftt. Ho did bot rvort to t]ie kK of lb4> vily £|jJon, 
wbo, w livR M riling brttvn in ci>art to hit pdvftto friondfl 
foMtd the jApor M if bo hftd bna tftktBg note* d iLii 


ABCrr jdhoes. 23 


givw\ muiv ticiiuH m lliv counm of ft moniiu^ uuuM 
op«t)^jr tewiva li^tu-r* fjii Uk^ tvi>ncli.r4>iiji thorn, and writ*, 
iteal, and «Ji»{i&tc1] lUHWiTd, munnwliilo liHU'iiin^ to tbo 

counsel an^ Mkiiij- tlirnii on^tinrtu. Thin hahit WM 

porlicalaily dlaUaUiVil to uit^l vory petulant Ibough 
vet-y Ivanivi] And abU* rouiiHi'l 8ir i^'^lwai^i HugiJen [after- 
wai^ Lotxl 8t. LfroitavilM), wlio crie^l lo corroot n, hat 
vf^H unlucky uTi thi< ixri'^fin whicli Jiu took and i1u3 
TikctJiod ho f^initli^voi] for tliat |ti]rj>i^o. Ah the moAt 
marked and ufluciual iritiiuAii ^ti oi \m diajdea^fura, K< 
huddonly *W']i|io<i in tli-' iiiiild]«f of i^ wittonrT^i wh\U 
Iho Chaucollor ssaa wiiiin;.'. After & conndoniile paijsi, 
thv Cliarict'llijj', walioiit tiuxiiig hift o^M frtnn tho pafwi-, 
eaid, ■'Oo on, ^^ir l-Mward; I am Uatdoin^ to you/' 
iS*ur/(^ said, "i oWrvo thrit ^'our JoinJUiip ia «ii)fag«d 
in writing, and m»t favouring mc with your Attonii<^h/' 
Chaw^^j\ "I ARi hi^^iiLM!^ |kA|iviE^ »f [iiijini f'jnij. Yuu 
iwiy an woll »fly lliit 1 am not lo hh^w my m"«fl or tJtlen 
wiUlT wliilo you ftpoak," Sir EilwaM wkt down in a 

liiiA; liiit oil tlitft occmtion hi> wa-s 1nJi;^Ii<<<^l nti, nud tlio 

ChAJiculloi- Wft* Rpplntidcd.^ Coiup- Chonc, 38G. 

k jri>at NOT LlST£»tJIO ATTOmVCTX 

Sir W. Pringlc, a 8o>ltL udvotjito, wai apt lo Ire reiy 

I>ajbluDfLl(.' wiiL-n hi.* thought utif of thu Jud^i.^^ did not 

Dpobul a uue, lUkd thp m'|xmr*rit. amr-ng othor objrrtioriH, 
inlatvd ou one — uzuiiely. Ibat Jiuiia* Lud nol twvii 
r*>g«IaHy po><trd on thi^ wall, which wan tho mod© of 
givbj- duu notice at Uiut tiiuu, Sir W^lur rt^pUt'd to all 
octjcrtin wiU» acciinii.-y arnj spinU hnt look no 
of the Iridiii^' point of fonu about tho n;'>tioo. 
fxinj Fiiij-Jt'TL "aid,. "Sir Waltor, >uu havu nryuvd jgiir 
caso very wr^il, hnt whftt do wiy to the walH" 
" Indwid, ' Hald he, '^ my Untl, I hava Iwvo vpcaking to it 
thia half-hoar/' aJid olt he went in a ^i^al poi^iua. 

Mr Andrew F^alfonr iincrl to wy nf TitiM Kam^ M 
a jvjdgo; "ifn hn;i Lhc» obatloatTy of a mulo and UiO 
levity of a haricqnin." ^ 



M cDKtwtTtca or lavt anb iawtbbs. 


On* ^Bf v1j«n Currao ws* ftrguifij' in U^9 Iruli Co«trt 
of Chuuvry, Hit-. I^oril CbmaoetTor, T^itil CUri\ k dctcr- 
min«d oct<*tDy of that counMl, brongbt a Uivd Ncu'rouutJ- 
land dog uixm 1Z;^ lo^nrh vitJt Itiin, Mm durinf^ Uic 
pnvraw of the Ai^umcnt ho I^rnt Iiia cnr ofton to tho ilvs- 
nUJuc thftb Ujo cljuiwI^ nhicli «.tnirk th« w1io1« W an 
being very indeoouL At one importjuit poAngo tbo 
judge lunit4 jui^lo ftnd brgui to fondlo tbc AnuniJ, 
Oumn Ktopped ht ococl "Uo on, ^ an, Hr CurraC 
«ud Loni Ukn. " Oh, I b;g a tlioiMond |riudouj^ mj 
lord; I milly UnjIc for urantnl tb(U ycn^r lonlihip wm 
ttinplo>'ctl in coiiBuiiatioia/'— PhiiUpn' Curran, l-(3s 

A Cltl3tCKl.L/iK TKARrKO 0P PArraf* WiTir WT*TJt 

WbAb oompl«i«d Uir rupUirv b«twe«n Lnril ClinnoellfiT 
Bwngham aa'I th« TVims newspcper bi l^i, and mado 
U brvfrnnbiv, vi^i lii» carvlettuHna in aJIowui^ to cvaio 
to Hhb kDowIddgo of ihc TxrnM Uio foUoviiy -*AOCTDt 
ud conAdeutkl ' ]eUvr Uo rot^vtd on« ai^cuig wfaon 
^ttlag on th« b^ock in the court of Oionc^tj id 
Usooue Xiiu Hall: — 

I>«v BroDjEltun, -IVbal 1 wtut Lo mo j^a iksut ii tL# 
TDnMi — «b0tlior «d arc to hm^c rru^n il. or tfooiD to l^nna. 

yoizn tTttr, 


Tliii Lord Urougbam triwl ilnrini; %he lu^nvui uf a 
<m«e ill l^io Uoovt of Cliamry, aokwervd mi mediate ly, 
nod toi'e it Dp, UirowiB^ avay tho Irmt^m^i^tii. TImmu 

ffligllientA irvn? {>icLed up hy a iljortliaiKJ wtiti^r, put 
t«^4faor, and fArritnl larxt day to tliu oHicc of th« T^nUa 
It so IiapptntMl tliat this very day aouto uiibru«Uoa 
whicb UiH edzUir asked from tlio Qovcnunefil was 
abniptly rcifuaod. Tbo infrraDco dravru wad, thai by 
the QuuimUor'a adrjoe a «letortuiiiation hml beoit TotimmI 
by tba (lov«rwiiw>i to mako war on the Tifn^fl, and 
tl»o 7\iit«« dHrrmined to luakv wiir «|iu» Bruy^iaiu, 

AVOUt JUDtt£». 


Rpuin^ for a wUUe nt l«u2(t tho uiaio budy of hia 

^von to L^rd Mdboutno'a Govomiumii, ix nt^riLvt of biturr 
MiUclu U-gvi upom thv devote) UEiatJocliur. — b C-aui|x, 


A JUIH»C ffllO WBLf* nlr^^fK TllK CUAmOX OK TIIC 

North, Tn hU T.ifo of Ijiiiifbrd, tlitrn rlmcribttt Sir 
whim Cliit^f JuBtico of tli^j Cijinuon Picv ^ " Hq 
mo Urn cnshiou MCfffdingly vvlL Hit luamier of 
hOftTiD^ patli'Ut. hiA direotiooa peitinout, and \m Jin- 
vounm cupiuufl, ami, ailLuu^h \m litwit&Uid utXeu. tliwui. 
Hift aLop tor & ^v^rJ, by iha ]>roduGV, alwayH fiaid for Uto 
doUy ; iruJ uu nuiutr ucuaajuub tm Wuuld ullor HuitviK'vt 
lieroic He wab ftllowod on nil liAnJ« to be llio mo«t 
]>roround lawyer of hia Ubdo ; aud h*> knew iu Bui that' 

did not hnrvo hini ; )i(^ nsiitld Via aIko a im^fiHin^l |i(ii1imt>- 

pbcr. naturalbt* poet, and divioo, Wh^i^ lio wji^ ofl' Iho 
Miat of juifUcc, hih r^unwrtatinQ nju with iM>no liut 
lUttorcn, Thifl groAt mao was moat iiaft»'tiiriato in hiA 
Jaiutty; for hu iiiArtiixl hiA own wrvanv-tnaid, unl iH^ti 
for cxcuM) stilrX thorf? WRA no wnfldnm liclow tho girdle 
All hiH HWi^ dM in ilic Nink of loudni->JM And doVaiKhory, 
Althtnigh hi' wa* *'*iiy gTAVn in hii* own pmsi ^n, he lovnd 
tho tiL^JAt lixELi'ra and u-roguUr wiu In tlu^ pntt'tivn of th« 
l«u- before him, nxoil- citrnvfl^^jmLly. And. i^tidcji, ho votn 
tho mont flutfcrabJo aIef^lli^^ thai ovor wiw ki>own; fur 
there woh a mothotl i>r r^hi[{imtiun W him, and Irviitin^ 
him with tittle nkoai^H m^d private, wit}L hia pipu at ui4i<, 
which certainly ca|jtivattfd hnn. So Sir Uooiuu JctlVit** 
,^iii^d Bfl ;^r'-itt im tL^ciiiibnt in practice over hiui lu ovur 
■OuuHvl iiik'J -jvvi n jud^i.'. 1(1 ^hoE in U> jfivo uvuiy outi hia^ 
diie^ th«r« WA4 in him thu mci<it of ItArmnj; and wih^Ijih, 
JolljjeiJ \vitJ] ignonin<.<v rkiid fully, thai <3vur wua knuwti u* 

1 coincide m thr^i cbaE^c(«i' of any onr^ uinu m thu world," 


Wliofi Sir Johj^ Kiljufauie^i ^v«m inado I/j;-d Oiivt 
JqhUoo b^ llirnry VIU, Chancellor Audiy van ioixUa 



to Ouvw upca UiiLi Jiid^o part of die TovponnbUU; of 
MadtBining Sir Thnmu Mote for refuHinff the cMt of 
nprctiu^. Aooordinj^ly, ihe CtancfUor&^cI ihfi Cliiof 
JuMicT ia <ip«n oourt wtivtbur t7« iu^licliuijul uC ^ir 
T, More wen «affld^l or no. To whnm our jiwlj^o 
irarily ntUini«d. "Ilr U-nla all. hj 5L (HDian" (vliich 
WM «T«r hill oAtb). * 1 miut ncf^n onQr««» Ihat^ if th^ Aoi 
of Pulumont b« mA unlAwfal, tli«ai tb« indictmwt la DOi 
iti iftf ixmscicQW itoufflci^nC^Fulltr* WorthieiL 

A CArnUAKrs judqs who was ricKK rson tripjUCs, 

Rogw Nwtli aa>d lik brotbti-, - the Lord Chiuf JuUo», 
wtifverj fr«fifri)rDtf«ipui«,aAb«JDg known to bn Mgnriotit 
and caiiKloufl, mittt not ftpt to |Jt« opporUiniUM ; for 1m 
•fiUnd not i&Ui |>roioi>cuooa onu|MJDiiM uur <lonlt iti th« 
bolUe ; but hnil hU fHefids oft«ii, &Dd bb Mn^A&u alwi^A 
•iboat Tiii/L Omw altvr <iio&oT k MvTiknt UAd liliu a 
gcntltoksn w&t(«d in tiio next room (wlik-Ji ht iMod u 
a doMl) ki «pMk wKh biia; uiJ bU JordHbiji, ftt be 

pMMid b^, unr A iHMkpIo of f«Ui>W]i nUfkrl in tbo pMMg«t 

tthieh mn-Jo biin tbink of «A¥«droppip|;H Ana bmo^ 
Bftt«r?>i, ttm i^MitlMnui (AIM up to biui, And uid, " My 
kird» my name i» Cbypolc." Ui§ loviMp invUnHy kn«w 
bim to b» (m bo waihj A dovGondvil <a tbn onoe liord 
CI«ypo1o. ono of (.>omweU> sonH-m-law : «&d than 
twww rouwl upon hb bwl, tmiJ jAHUiig bw tvu mvw- 
dmjif^ivni, wbn wnri' como n<*f«r ibit door, Wf^it to bin 
ooiEipBDy And mrmty told tiwtn vbofr a viiion bo h»d 
aectt, U'iifit ki« ooiinl«rfi|it lonUbip'ii buftincaa wa» conld 
Miliar bo knovn <ir guomod %L But In xucb oom boing 
Aka« irilh any |tfnbOtt, tbftt porvai U ehaaUt, uid tamj 
vwcftf hi» pIcAMin^" 


matRY nroccii rent a jnxift. 

Wb«o Sir John ^VflJt«^, in Kkw timo of CI'vIm I, «» 
* J«d^, i^ waA H&id of him iKat ho bocuoe vbCB M 
pl«iiil«r, vnunvnl; wbou a ju>i^, nrvTviiuii«ot; wbvn no 
Jodgo, flUvf enbiMit Tbb lA«t alluuoa wm (0 bU boin^ 
oiMivd of htt plAca ■« Cb»f liATon of £jLcbeqa«r About 
tho ill«gAlity of -the Ioaq. Wbvn ho left ih« bAT, liii 

^mp^rwiui gr^ftUy flinn^tHl for llie ItoltoP; ftbd FulUc 
tt>~fl, in hill " WorthieK," ilmt li« wha luuet ])ftHhk)li&le U 

I Sir John, mnil patient «a Ju*!;^ WftHeT, lUld ffnsftt his 
^vity U Ihtkt p1iL(!t\ W]]f]o Jud^'o Di>nhain, hiu movt 
upriijht ami worthy B.'^^ucuitri-.i m tho Wi'^trii Cirrnit, 
DDM nud to Uimn "My lorJ, you &ro not mcrr^l* bo 
n^jilivtl, " Alci'ry «iilhjj,'1i fijr a ju*Jj^l* 



di«d in lii:£H, i«u Called tho akiepin^ F^dge^ Foller 
iaya ui 1mm "WorUii^^"; "Hu wa4 comiauuly cttlltfd 
th« blfW|>iTtg Jii^S^ b^cAum ha wonld Fill on tli» bunch 
wiUi bi« vy«H nhut, vbich w&n only a pc8Uir» of ittUn- 
UoD Iv My^iE'^fLl^r hiA jti;fht from dUtrftrtincf i>hjr>cCiH, 
iho better to list^in to vihai vas n^lljgod tad provod." 
FulUr furlht^r wtyt, Uiat it wak Imiii to i»y whotb«r 
ibia jadgo wila bnttor artiAt, divine, civil or common 
Iswyur, U)DU^h bo tixmt on tho lut for a proi«Nsioiv 
Ufi b^oAmc nat<?d for (^claiming ngainAt tho rrrnftl 
niitl <!oi¥Tupt prAcLiiMtf (if bU <iay; lu^d hu uunl tliiit 
fAmc*ii» rsprpMion : "ThAt in nlii ami infirm aj ho ww. 
hn would L** t" 'i'ybuin un fuot tu ito *ucli i\ luiiu liaiiiiud 
that iihi:iiif<l projl^r monry for a. pia*^ of that iia'uUrp." 

SirJnhu WHS i>bviuusly tm iidvauvud ihiukur lorble own 
day and gcnoratbii. 


A very |>rD«y jutlgo ^'a-i Inying down IIiq Uw nt in- 
ordiimi^ Jeng:th tu n jury on circuit, and rcmarkinff on 
th« «vLd«no« of a wituiMi who IlhU ajiukvu to nw'm^ lb« 
priMiD«v Ftf^l Jiorno copper Th^ jn<lp-\ who woa can-' 
»toiitIy ca]1lii^- Uio metfi] "k^." and uq i^ac^b oiKiuion 
WM corrccUicl by rouns'^l, nani, " I bfij- your ]>anloii, 
ff«ntltfm«(i~vopp«ir ; but 1 c&n't is^l tbtf liAad out of uiy 
BrJid!" T\m wbolo ontU't Uutjh'.-d At thi* "incniMdooH 
ttJly* und kopt up tho JiiQgbttfr nilhar loo lon^, wlilcli 
ralhur jiur]>niod tlio judge 

fiS OCftlOatTrBS Of tkW AXD LAVT^nS. 

^j^C Lewis PoITafIh « Juntiff* of tho Kiog^ Bench In Uia 
ImiW Ift^iiry VIII,. mftdi' litft TUUTI4T mitBiomtiU for bSi 
m^rliUblo fkatilv^ He liUfl rlcvcn Afunq, cf whom fotir 
«ttAini-it kniglilAMhl, Hn Vkftit *lm> dt^Ton ilau^KWrv, 
miuTJrd u> iho inmt potent fjuniKcA in Dcvon^htro, " sr> 
that I'vliflt id Mid or Cork in Ircknd, th&t oil the ia^ 
IjjihiUQU ttirrrin ftm kin) by Uiia m^toh oJmoht aJI lh«i 
■ncirnt ^NTRiry in thnt county m aUi<d" Fulkr iq hia 
" M'onljii-« ' uym: "Them wain trwlition m thin fjumly, 
thjit the Indy ^BMni|; the nHrvloir ai Nim^it Biiibon ja 
her iiUHlmfid ■ Mencv (it tbi* Lr-rm in liondoo, CAiuwf on* 
cbiM tnorv than Hhn th«n hftd to be act np, pr«aiuilng 
(hiviDj; hnrl onc-aTKJ-tWf-nty itirtady. and Qmally eoa- 
cviviii;; At h^r hnsbandV i^oniin^ home} nhe nhould havn 
nnoiher diiUI: which, miwrted in rx^wunw, camo to iM 
[>AM ft«i^oi<IiiifflT. TJui nitmombLa km^l dicii in ^M 

A PlUft03:£R WHO UCCAUi: cniEP jihtici, 

Chl<-f Juj-ticc I'nnbcrlon in hiti youth nuina^ftd hy 
camUiti^' ^niJ dritik u> gvt rid of all hu niUBCU, viU ww 
iiijz>riHfii«d in the t^tt. lie profmvil tlicrc U> bsvc n 
viniitn arifl lo reform, nnd took to Mtudyin^ tho Urn', ^m 
ot)»tr ipn-Kincrs tHf-an to look oa hiui fti &n Auihunty, 
nod<nlk^) him"CuutjiKUikr/ «knd"nji[}rcLUoecrthchiw. 
Jta Uniglft U^.^krt vilh thc< r«i'« they tl'i^i^ hitu Tot Adrio& 
He ca&io out of priitcuL a ehaqvr ut the law, ha 
finvtilvd 0tt lin cjuliton lu hucJi nn vxKvnl Xlmt 
thvaght h0 wttild tHionf^r |>ny Iheir <\vhiA ly l(TltM>^ 
Mt Ilo WBH oolJcd to th« b&r in dtuj tijn«, &iid Lvcuim 
aa «niain4niof lh« bench. After being raiade & pmuto 
Ind^ ka vna dUplnood; ho ra^iiTned to Ut^ bar, nod 
iMo^erad hb ptncttof^ atmd nfbervnrdn waa nude Chief 
Jtttiw, on tha dinminMl of Soogga. Uo tllenrank 
a^ftiii Mumod to tb« bar on hting di«|Jaoad, nnd wm 
Mi able: and Maiooa oomaal for th« aovtcn boahe^ 




Aobrcy relates of CJhicf .Tufltvc!n Pophivm ih\itt- ^F*iT 
eovG^mll yi:woa youii^* Popluim uddiotod himiulfu but 
liUtc U> the dtudi<? of t^iQ ]aw(», kept profh^tc r>»TiL[ijuiy, 
I4ird wna wunt to Uico a puTHc with tb<?m- Hi» wlfo 
coiuiidcred her uid hi* rx>nJiUon, wid &t laAt prevailaj 
ifith him to IvnA another lifu, oiiid to atlclc to th<j ^ludiv 
of thx lawe, wtiioli, upun htr imptirUrdly, lio did, Ix^iii;; 
then 4tHJUt thbtiu ytftra old. H« aimko to hia wiffj lo 
proviiu a vuty jfcwd unwrUimnout ft>r LU vuiuviuJcit to 
tAke hi4 Ir^ve o( thtin. Mid itftrr that 'Iny ft^ll ^.'Xtnnnely 
hard Vj htb Hludiv, uiid prufJtud exE^ucdiiiglyn Ho W^a a 
ftttuu^, ntoiil tiioit, &tiil could i-]^diiri:< tu ait At it day njul 
Di|;ht ; buciuiitj ciuiciuit in Iuh c^itliuj;, l;a4 gvud prwsUvv. 

WAS calkni to hf! a BvrjvtuiL aud tt jud^i.^" 

ThU wo cvrUi.iu\y kuow, sayo Lurd Campb&II, tbut 

ho bt'CALi]« & cuflflUtiimAtv lnwyor^ ttiid wais alluwml to lio 
BO b}' Cokb, who ili-pnyriAttiJ aJt ccfnt^nipuraritui, and v^oa 
occudtoui^^J to a(i«ut at thu '^ IkjuIv Wnii[:Lg" vt' FrAucjJi 
Kjioji). ILr^ w&f ni>ti>riLm)i iia n ~ tjAii^iik^ J'^*^^" Not 

only wa^ bo keen to convict in cuea proeoouied 1^ th« 
Ofivormhfint, but in orilinji.ry larrpnieh; And ibbov^ aII in 
hu'hwa^ robboi'ica, Ihero wm littlo cUftaco oftiu oor^uitud 

Monrc wiyA that KIwyn iiientii:mRil Ia iiim Jtn luiocrloto 

of Lonl Byron hftvi[i^ oncu iakon a challcn^: from 

Ui Ohifif Justice litAt, on B^cDUUi of the Utti>r liflviutf 

«U(l t)iftt wto tk gTPUt raaeal, " I rnnfcsfl, roy lord, 

1 <Ud BAy that -^^ WLu ii uic^iit rosiialt and I nuw rojjc&t 

I the ftHWsrtifin to your hu'dnhip. Hut ara you Jiwnjrp, Lord 
Uyroii. (h<; ndded, bwu^hiiig,) of tho cvtuuqucuQW yqit 
«xpoM yourself to by brjnging & «:h&ltvit;(D to & Chief 
JuBtic«?*^ Lord Byron wan agon mnJo to ttsai tbo 
ridicule of thb atep^ oiitl ttiey p&rtc<] v^ry good frtODd^ 
UftviEty 'a hofiouF U) sliitX tur it^df. 

Uooi-e ttftya ho alUiE'Hvinlf lueutiont-'il thiti «tory to th« 
Alt/jruoy-GuDiwal of ISS'J, who doabU>d it, htii odvboil 



htm to writ« to B«fftv wbo wodil be very good*bufnouTr(t, 
Aiid wooU give an «ctfwer.^Uoor«'t Uciq. 

BA3CatSQ JCDOSa AVE) TUI^tll HfiAtiO>& 

JuaUcc Bullcr w&h ^Aid alw^y% tj huiif for iliocp- 
[Q^, ftvowing M • tvowtL U»t be Utbd mvciAl ihcvp 
I'rom hU ovn ttocki Juiiicc Hdith^ ftciing xnam 
oti pnt)d[i!?, lined to lumg in all f:AriitiJ casca, becau« trn 
ka^ <if DO fi^tfid ■ta>ii'lary pmuMimcctK S&iil he, " II 
ytn idpruuu «t lioiuc, Uiu cnmbial u wxiD Uitowd upoo 
yo*l AgiurH hartltjiftl in K^ilL If you transport, vou 
comipl iii£&ut ih4!ii-tke% and now tliir e«eilB of utrvcione 
<^nrTie« over ib» IjAbiubfe globo- 1'here !« no regvn^ 
rvktin; of felow iD thb lif«,aad t<frlbdr ownaftk^u v^ 
M for tJitf Mike of aon^ty, I Uiink \l in bettor lo liAng," 
Wken htLling b tW Otowd Court at Otouo«ol«r, Bnlbr 
uk<<d a Ivlng wilQvaa from ubat ^lart of Uia oountr be 
canfl^ tfl-l being uwwttnd, ' Froai BUton, iny lord/* be 
OXcUinml. " You do teem Ui be of the KtU>o breed, but 
I tbo«f;ht I bfttl bnngifd tbf* whote i^f that pArinb long 

UOBR DA3iai?ca JtDoca 

Jnatiob rn^o wui wtll knovn by Iho nain» of the 
buiguig ^ufl^^ Ono day Crowju. tbf-' puuninif barrister, 
wart on circuit, and bviutf aaked by A mtuul if tbe judge 
wMnoijit9t 6Minc£ tbem,atODoenpUNL'*IdOiii'i£jK>vr, 
but 1 aiu nurv be u«v«r vaajurf htfiu^' 

WHi-u Ihm old judgo WB< decrepit, ba perpu-tral^l aji 
eic«il4rnt jtike iipiin himeelf As he wim cumia^ out ot 
cuurt sbutHii)-* alone, a frlwid atotifred Kaa and inquired 
aiW bn h<<altlv ' My dfar ii>r/' w jndgo feplied, " yna 
eM I keep Jtut hangm/f ^n—Kan^ng em." 

OMaaenor Grady, of iho Irieb Eftr, «ud ho bc«n] of 4 
relvBtlMS ji>d|^ wLi> wan known by tbe Mmi<f of tlie 
hinging Jnilg^. and who wna never known to have iihed 
a (ear but oneOi and that waa at a nrptwentatMit of the 
Bpfgnn' Opura. «brn MerhcAth ifot a rrpritre/ 

ABtVT JVt>Qt», 31 

h criminal jixlgfi, Lf^rd Kllcuborou;;^ '^w rtputcd 

During une Otty M tLU tu»iiti Uinii«r, wttie utio 

oAi'Tvil to bolp him to ftOiDA fowl- "No, 1 tliank \-o\i" 

«ftid hh loriinhip, "I moftn to try that bttef." "I otox 
man you'll like ilt my lord," H»d J«kyU, "it u wcU*- 
Awajj beef." 

LoM Kfrnyon wbt not swfh »'* hanging jarl^" Aj wmc 
of htH collctnguo«s A barrufUr onco rvUtod tiic fuUowui^ 
ancfjloio, in a dcSfttn in the Uoqka of Commona :— 

''On the iloini; (Tiri^uit a youn^ woiimn vna tried for 
■tcotiiig to ih<i amuunt of finty •niliii^pi m « dwulliiijf. 
hmiM, it wrw her tirit olT«noe,Anid (H'M att-^ndtii with 
auny ciicutuiiUkncvi of exbviiuiitiou. Thv prutsecutor 
oftme farwnjij, m he dftid, from ft bchho of duty; the 
vituc«as very rcluk^taoily jptve Iht-ir ovidt-uco; ttu<l thu 
JUIT itiSI more rcliR'lAntly thi^ir ViTilict of ^Utlty. The 
juugo pEuuvd Hijuteilov of (lujtL Tilt.' luibnppy pris'^iicc 
lUsUiaUy fell hf'^^icf^ m f-Ut- bar. [»ri| K«uyc>ii^ whOM 
BMiaibiiity woA uot luipnirt'd hy^ iha eful duti«« of hia 
officii}, Ori0<) <jut ill gtviiti tt^iUiUuJi fcvim llit* bt-u<;h, *^ 1 
di>n't tDMUi to haii^' yi>u, goorl wi>niAn. — ^I don't [n(?«.n to 
liuif- YOIL Will uobuJy IvU h^i- I dou'l in«Aa to b&ug 

Whtfk Hino had b«OD ecqnilted on hh first Lnftl for 
biMphwny, ATkd thin vhn rdiOod to tho onfuebloJ Chief 
Juhticv Kli^Dboniu^b, tho jaLi^'n onoT^ wm rovivttd, 
and bo aworc thnt ftt whjitovor co*t ho wotild pro«i<ie 
ia court ucKt day himMilf, m Uiftt ounvictlon uu^t 
bo ^^rtftin, und tlio inAuUid \nvt mfght brr vindioAt^d. 
Acuotxlin^ly ho upiwarod in oourt pftlo nnil hollow- 
visi;ift(L hut with a r^nint unhmkon, And mope htem 
tiicui when hia ^ii'cii^h woj ummpoirod, Aa ho look 
bii plate rm Uie htDfh, '' I nm ^'Jad to n^ yan, my 
Lord Elk'Obor>ui;h/" abouttd Hone; "I know whAt 
yti« ai-o coTiic; hi-rw for; 1 know what you wont." "1 
am coino lo do joatioe/' n^tort«d thtj nnhle And Irarnwi 
Jurd ; "uiy only wish ib Lj^ mw ju^uw done/" " !■ it not 
nktber. niy lord," tAul Rotw, " to H«nd a poor boobwllf-r 


cQuosmss or ulw akd lawtf-bs. 

t4) rot )o a ihmjztfvri) ? " Hio Chinf Ji»>tji» htui tho inotU- 
Jieation to hoar tho wnhla "Not gulltv" pmnnuncod, 
loUowdd by a ImuotukKU bunt of ftppfjtuhc, whicli bo 
DMldnDtnTfrn (Ulcmpt to^adl BUhopTunmr, «ho waa 
pfVMmt ftt ibo tm], uiil Acci^iiipftDicU ilw Chief Jtuiiic^ 
liOllif^ in hih farhaK«, rcUt«d thtkl All tho «Ajr he Uuffhad 
ni ihc tUQitiltutiUj mob wba fallowed him, rc»ikrkuv 
iljAt " bo wju afraid of tLcir Wnvj. not <if thctr tat« , 
mill tit&t|iBHinif0^aTiii^CrcH*ho pulled tho ohcck-vtriDS, 
and awd, " It juat orcuj» to lac Uini Uiey bpU Ihc b«»t red* 
banllip al llut nhop of any iii London ; bay MX." Tbu 
pofvulmr ouJKuuL bowevvr. woa, tliAt ly^rd KUuabuiQUuli 
vaa kiUea by Hone's t^aJ, nnd be <?i^HAinly n«irur hdd 
ip bb litad in public' a/tor -3 Caiitj>. C.Jji. ^5, 

ADother vennoD in UiAt iht- article wnji noL " tierriAj^* 
Int " black fiud>tirt£-." wlikdi waa ubrioualy a mudi moro 
natural diijt iVir a banging JimI^'o- 

niKXA OF A riAXiiryrt jirnoA 

i^ thai 8ir U&Im Pl^tvoo.], ^ho wam lU* 
LoodoD wbc4i Janae I. caiiw u* Kn^Iaiid, oEioa 
liantDgucd the City in«n4iaiiU t^ Ihu oUbrt: " Whoa I 
^amiudlv 3oar w(>altb I do aiJuirv yuur wiisdoQi^and wImii 
Oanwder yimr wi>«]oin 1 do Jblaiirn yrnir wealth* Sir 
ilat vu olao Dotod f<ir boing a mtvto hiiigvt d* bigb- 
rayman, ao tbat (h^t frmtomity reMolvrd U> ninkft An 
'•vaiapl* of bU womhip, Sa they lay in unit for bina ana 
day not far from 'Fyburn. mm bo w&« on bin way intnt hb 
houw in hml:itighain>bin!. Tiicy had a liAltcr in n?Adi* 
314IM, bfuu^^ii hiin uiid«r (ho |{al!*>w». twd hii Kan>l* bu- 
hibd hU kiafk, and tben Inft him to th« merev of hii honi«, 
wbk-h hccaJlad UoJ). But ibo c-mJ hon» 6aiJ tfU>od itill 
in*^44d of runtiiik^ away. So l^^ir Uilnt u-aa lAved, f>r 
j^BtMncbody aoon caow alciii* tbe road aiMl nik*ioil lihn, 
tmtofgrmUtudo t^' UuL) h« kq>t that bona aa)oa^aa 

A JVtJat VnrKlHT aT SE^tlOiCUfO A raitoXKR. 

Jaati<« Willea about 17^ aobtoDoad a hoy at L«iucail«r 
to ba hanged, with tho bupQ af Taforaisg biin by frigbten- 




ta^ bini, anfl ho onlfirod him for ciiN^utiou sn^it marciiiK. 
XliQ ju<l^' &w^kc in the middle of the ni;;>iF.. And vw ho 
AfTuotwl bv t|j« notion 11ml lio might biiu^i^if dio m tUo 
coiiTMuf tbt iii{^lil, uiJ i\w hoy ho liAn^d, tboD^h he did 
lu&aa th&L Iif< bhuuld bufftr» tij4l lie ^t oub nf hm bvd 
And wrnt t<> th« [od^^iii^-H <->( tl^<^ Hi^'h Slicrjtf, And IcJt « 
rvpdovo for Iha boy. oi what wtta m» ho oritiBidered uqai- 
VA>nt to it^juul then. j->:tLniiiug U> hia b«<l, t»|>ont th« mt 
uf llio night vvry couifoiUihly, 

'Whon Lord OunpbcU woji Attorney 'Gen vraJ, Chitif 
TititicQ Tintia), IL nio^t AmtftLIfi ru well ju witty friend, 
u»ud to tt'U the fifliowiii;; atyry of him: — "I bivi a 
rtiimhliug horao tbat had ooidq down wtth mc pc^veml 
ttmvif, Vj ill© givat (>eril uf uiy lif**, mid miuiy -jf my 
frieridft Btivjngly ftdvbed mc to get rid <if liim; but no 
wan tety ((ultftp and a grtmt favuurito,ao ihat I coutitiii«d 
to ride hirn. till ono d^y 1 mi^i OAntph^EI jw T wnvt di«- 
mounting at We^tntluniOT, who said, * That ifi a nloe hono' 
yoti have z<A, Chief JuHlico.' I «mweivd, ' Yu*, but li^ 
W oomc down with mo wvi^il] timc^* anc? I am advi«c^ 
to pB-rt with biiii," ■ l>in\ my dow Chi*f JukLicV criod 
Mr. Altomcv; "III warmnt you ho iji Tory nurt-footcd 
fi^r all U^aL i walked hoiao, and wld tho aminal next 
morning." — 6 Ounp. Chant, I3t). 

Tho la*t day Lord T^ntenlrtn »vpr uat ia courT- (whinh 
vaaoQ the uiaJ of thomagietraUMof briqtol)— to labulco 
a coOfiAftl who wftH wanting tjno by irrelovant <|UutioDJi 
rMjHxrting a joum<>y tiffrformnd by tho mayor in a poat- 
cbai^c and four — hv ol3■o^v^^d with much soleiimity, "Sir, 
yoa have for/ot to L4k him th«i i^oloiir of Lh'^ jat]kt.'ta of 
tho pottiliuuat." Ho won takuii dEUigutvusly iit iho Haiuij 
tiiffht; and having in his drlirmm t»till drvamoil of the 
tnal, bo j^xpircd with thoic wurd> uu Iua ij|W ; "Gi-iitli»* 
roen of the jniy, yoii will nov conaidar of your vanlict" — 
:* Camp. CJhIk 5^0. 

Jtutioo Maulo wafl trying a c^m, and was much par* 



pliBid lijr tht cMifvMxt wty in irhich lh« potnvwl nd 

Pf«l>f It. Tl»« juilijt at liut iiiUrtrupW liitu: " 1 viUh 

lofkd or4ar U oo» way, uid j>«rliapH the bcM ; but I mm- 
nSt ptrtiMibr : uiy or^or you tik»— ci/^oJ!Wiciai carder^ 
ifjrov pnfaritl* 

OYSoniiflU had to dafend m priMner for a cuiAta] criiMv; 
mmJ tho dWbttOf wu Mid by tho aticpnwy to be bepclen.' 
Baijfftt L«AojTiii]i|>nn'>1 1'^ l>t fti-iin^ rarUi* judge, who 
hMbemMMldflfily mdiHiHLfML a&d bfittg: thn yoQiig 4&4 
hi* cWfti^tvr kaovn to OX^noU, tho htUr^ patfhMitv 
|Mit MV«rml inadmlMibU <|U«»tioin0 to tbo wiuaoui whioL 
td Qijvr«« w«r« otjtfoUil to by the OMkoaUo c^oiimL IWj 
tfUiJoAiU at !a*l ralW poramtonly etcitiKid ftuthaf' 
ymtinfta ijI IIiv «niuo kind. Ol^biui«U thon witli _ 
waniith lAi*!, " Aa you rafuaa m« prnnision tA dalead 
my diarit, 1 lt«vi< hkjt Cttc in your IibhiU.— bU blood b« 
flttyaur hfwd if Im l>o ftiiwli-iiinnl.' He kJi the mart 
ai lam wUh i[iigtfktic Und«, in a hviff, and paced up and 
«l»wri ouUldft IJm nwri far Ii^lf an hMir At the end of 
lliat liiii* LU alUimoy nmtvnl out M oourt^ «xdai&itD|^ 
" IJb'h atifkitltnl : lira ao|iiilt<»l ' " This atralagiaii waa 
mimtmti^l and OX^cooail with oooaplasoM^ told hb- 
IHimlii t^nt U Ud btondad lo throw tha reapouaiUUty, 
of tjw auiivUlloii oil tha jwlgtb 

A Jirncia RnnsD Fo> itta maivntK 

l>i*4 ICII«nUinA»^L mvuiM a« a trW of tha pablkhvi 
for a »ii«*|«|Hr ^1*4, Mr. BraifhaH baii« thaireaoonl, 
«)m. mmh a IWrvld aikbrwaMi thair ht fca tf tha ' 
|ji*LiMVM»injf MphMiiarkvd tha* th> Jtftadaa^'a 
JKiUli-' k I fttf uiaU>w Bi^^nt of his dwa t , aad 
Uliul hiitihiir KtiOi atl tlH> poiwaawlatnMaf tha B 
Ml' hrt'^iibaiu. v\^tn bti «bMl w^ bm^riil ap 
|>^il|[Kim»t, \U\t% i%A\i\'U\Mwd x-i thtfo a»iwad¥«iiMlM : " 

IhiJ, why Mill 1*-^'- ' fipd wrththa if m i of , 

iiiHA 4 I «|«i«4M 1 ^n Eacthh ^veoal^ with tho 

ph^l^t'^MiJ mf«iv>ii<<utMaaf wMiiAce; aiaj bp Bkaa 


ABOTT nmoKfl. S5 



sntll oiU IB quwlioD loy pnncjplw in tho fAithrul ukd 
twAMt diM^Mii^ of ray duly, tt U ni>t BfUKnrMlljr Xo th<iHT 
ooiy w^Q ekmour out Ujoit faith from bi^h puwoi, that 
tnnii vin b« ^T«n for th<T unoentf nf ibcur pppfeaadojia." 
no JQd^ diaerT«tly nmuined dim. 

JcnoK ruTTtsw ixxTBrrui. QL'ixriOstA. 

Ur« Jererni&h hl&v:in. th« ^raineol American Uvjir, 
vuittAcwt^ vrlido UlejudseputaqaeHlion to«wi(oaw 
whidi wti4 of do<ibtful &no>tMtb«lity, ^K¥tn «t onos 
LtunU^ interfored with this ruoaark: "If your Uoaour 

or the oiljPT *id«, (boa 1 otjoct, that it U aot •vidoooo L " 


"Lwd UiLUflfiAtil," onrNs a&id \mt<\ Thitrlow, "was a 
harpmirig moo ^ ntnoty-DiiU) timoti out of a hundrvi bo 
v-afi ri^bt it] hi* vpinionft or dwuioiu Acid wbdi onoo 
in a bnndrcd timoB h« was irrong, iilnuty-uinc ii»An oub 
of ft buwUwl oouid nut duBicov«r iU liv wava HouiWful 
mui ! " ^uic>t w oulogy aa thla i« woirth all the ^narlin^ 
erilMnsm *A JuhmOQ and Parr ; Cha Gnt 'jf «bciiu hal«4 
him hocauAo hn waft not a Tory, asrl tho aaooad bocaoaa 
he «ia Dot a Wbi^." 


WhMi Lord liaiiUioId oiic« excbiiuvd to Ur. Duiiikin|[, 
u ba Tas kjuig dowo a l«fil poiat, " Oh, if that bo lav, 
Mr. Duuuinj, 1 mtkf burn my jaw bouka I " " BtfU*r rcoii 
rttfim 1^ low," waj the rcft'iy retort. 

In a Bimtlar ttrnjirutr. an Iri&h }iid»t Hhook bin hi>ftii a« 
Hr^ Curran wu ^bonUb;; one of hU potnta to a jvry. 
" [ >r«." Mid Ur. Oiirniri, " I ■ve. f[nntl«niea, tha Uboliun 
of lu* hirddiip'ii hood ; ixKCuifin obaerron might i[uaf:ino 
that tt implitti a diUpraioo of npinLoa, but they would bo 
■niitekflo. It i» munyly iLouidentaL Btiliovo me, ^ntto- 
natk, if JIMS mnaia bf^re maor day% rou will ynutW*ica 
pvocAvo chat when his lordship ekakm hU h^i. tJter^fi 
HOlBtyo IX rr!"— rbiUipft'Cijriajn, 57. 

CUftUtfrmU Of LAW MSD LjkWVi:nA, 


Wb4tt fiwi^Dtni iA<UTidod in ft court botTocn two^r^U 

adoainiMMv^ dthouffb not Alwnj^t tc th>o nOisf^tion of 
thQ loMB|; pviy, who «xpocLi» Li« couokI to uuLki* tbu 
l^c bf> c«n in r«tuni for LU fee. The law Chief 
rmUov UibU tolil Lord CAropbvll, when ho I«d th« 
^xttfw Oinisit o^^uiutt Scrjcftnt l^vm, theylupt a wotk 
idgo right. "Tbun," md ho, " I ontr. knowmi; I h«l 
caM; o|W3i«l A tiMiititt bcfar« ray brother UnJk4Uii. 
' warn for dtfcidtn; in my f&voor ; cnrt I iii>iBt«H u|>cai 
ioff noiUuiU*), and navod my cii«Dt (Lti «:ipcciio «f 
tviiig A Tcrdki in bin Ikvow Mt aoide." 


LvariOQ wAn Lunl IfArvIwkko'H pmdomiuuit pftMOO. 
Jt wA^t itx ihb way that he ff:>t the niLTii<^ of 'Judge 
ipUA.* fiowoA qitflofAGooiBuuiou whicb* Id tU^ y«ar 
[740, rvpoitvd to favuur of tome vwry ipxtTUBivc tvlonns 
111 tbe C^rt of Cliuicory ; but «Jtho4igh h/t woouiTed in 
M$ report, &i]J pnnwf^l ibo abitjty of cvtying ih« 
kDieEiilAlioiiH vkleli h «iabodiod ;nU> cffoct. h« nude 
vllbtt Ujwanl* •ucih an end, j irvf^trin^ tjb« i-oiiUouuio* 
fef 4bu«M to My chai^ wkldi would reiinco hb income or 
diminwh h'u fatruoa^^ " My lord," G«Qrp IL. ooe day 
«ud to him. ~ I ohvrv<> that tiiore nnvtr m a plaoa Vfteant 
yoQ bairv i^iiic friismi oa whom you with it io b« 
rod," — 1 Iaw and Luiryon, fl5fi. 


I^wd dkgroTo^ a Seoloh jndKo. hcfore whom Lord 
tarn pra«ti«*d at iba Scvtrh bar iu hia «j)y daji, 
vho waft manojtA by tliA tnU-nnlnablA rt^mm i moo 
raikd |wrii oacily of Uiai advocate, fiaiiJ ii<i<- lUy, "I doclare 
liiat man Broom, or Bvon^kam, ia tho toruMmt of my 
life f *' ^Tbo judgv'H rvvoogo, at uaita^ ccoMiaUd io tiiver- 
ing at Brongbam'B aloaofoic* by calling il^ or btm, " Iftd 
i/a/vn^uf," aihl bt uMd to addn» Uio |my in tbii way : 



Wh^, ti Aftid thin" (mL«-fttntin^ it); "but hcr», gontLv* 
vaoi^ %ho Harnn^iiQ «a« most pt&inly wrong, and not iu* 

A juiwc linaiso CDUjjsEi Witt) TVUureD the table. 

Sir. Jamea Fm^uouiu, aSL-ottisli advotaU', wiutui v\o- 
4|iient flp«ak^r, iind tiHfvl to l» v^nry tntrp*lic in ]ii* 

unJer WcUiidi tin ttf;;LiTn«nli^ Ority day \iv w^li iii;jaiug n. 
taaa bftforc L<:»ril Pi*lkciiiimct with grcflit vigl^||r, vtht^n Ihfi 
judge coolly mt«mipU^iJ liim villi thja cttllokJH i^uiafk: 
'* tTHiftlor Jnmmy, dinnt diint: yc thkv l.hink y/w 
tluriltQ^ it intl^f ?7t^, Ijut ye'r^ jai«t dunuo^ it oof ^ ittf, 

A Sootd) courisel nArjioil B&ird wah ir & Oiill, l^bmoil 
way oib:i> AUt'uj^ u dry ujuhj to Lonl Mt.'tulL>wUuik. &ii 
nnitn, Tigrtmun, n,rnl ieAmoil jinlfje, who wfc^ ntuing 
aJona Ixiia di<l no^ i^l^^a^tf Ujw juJ^'W, ^l;v tliui»;:l)C ihai 
hia difjnily rr^i^iiirfl a gr*iiili*T Uini\ Sft ha ifip*niayM 
poof linlrLl, Lliao whom no man coliM hrxvo ]fE» tum foL' 
Iiuitiin^ in tlio forum, hy thmwing himself back in 
hia oiiair, and Hayings " Ueclftim, air J— why don't you 
dijclLirTi i Hpcak to u]« a4 11' i wc-iv a p^ipular iLtf.i:itublyH'' 
— CcM^k^«m^1 Mftm,, 144. 

juttan cAu.tNa to coxntstL—" ^tok" 

Sir C Cn*Hw*jlL ulioii joJ^i\ iiBud rtomvtiiin'* a vury 
haughty and Wfntcmptuous tt>Tn* towavilw t'uimHL-l.a^'l nno 
day* wfiiW taltii^^' down notes of tlitj wiUi^n eviUunco. 
bn/i o<vaMi>Tk to caII (^nt fn^qnrntty, aa jud^A olVn do, 
to th« co»nK0) to " Stop " — » Ihat ho might linvo timo to 
bring np hii nx>tc% of -vrliat iritneAtf-j My. Tlo callal ont 
"Stojj flo often Ln<l no oflbnsivoly» and, m wm gyrnomUy 
ihoiij^jht, DfincrvAfiMrily, thftt at laf-t poun^l wmit on trith- 
out atUndin^ to it, Thci judgxi thm aiWroiwd chti FnunMl 
byname, and vciinplftinod that he wtnt on too faai, nod 

88 OUmOStTfltH OF liJlW &xd la«-tbiu. 

^ not glTo tini« to UJw U» rndmco down in vTltiu 
Aod Mkod if he did not h^mt Uw nU to wCcp^ To whM 
tfao eovtixrl blAndlj retcotod, "Oli, mjr loni, I thought 
jDur lordiljip 1^^ bosu gaJUq^ to tho lulior of th« ooorth** 

Jcto Trevor, lfaiBt«r oT Uio RoUe, an^ a boon roin- 
of Lord Chutc^llot J«fl)r^, wu bttJu^Nt up m ui 
f.rnukd-h>^ in A rcUtivc'N oAe<^ oxpruftlj' to letni tho 
kitt^iHh juut of ihc Uw, mM bo aqttiotad abocninably. Yot 
hi*. Iji^fAiTiii SpiMikrr (if Ihfi HoiiAA rjf Q>rnnunnB and a H^At^r 
of tbo RoUa ; but wai undonUjod t') tmRic in bH b<v ; oiul 
Its gftmblod ftnd bctt«d hcAvilr. When Spnikrr, hn hft^l 
to ait fnr tax hoon hnftrin^ bimitctf afmt«d, nnd then \o 

CL the motion U> thi* ItouH " vhrUiM' he (himwIFj h**! 
3n euiltj ol high mined and mitdoaownotinL" He wu 
etpelkd the Hoaat fgr biibcty.vhen a wit ranarkcd tli&t 
" JuAticfr w«» blind, but Bribery only wiamted." 

Ouai mtvttijy Biabvp TilioUuu, he muttorvd. "I bftt« n 
fftTtAtic in l&vii H[»Tm," Th'.' HidTKfp rHortod^ " And I 
hiLtc o knave id lUiy ii]im.'v»." 

Hii ATiLrici^ WAX ft foible. One daj a Welih reUtive 
u'zki mtruduLvd tu faia moiu a^ be wiu uttin;- lU hu vin«; 
uLTtpupLiu bv bfxikv uut U}.mii bii wo'Uit thus: " VoQ 
rm3CA], you hftVL' bri>u;-bt my couain,Roderii^k Lloyd. Enq., 
PrvtbuDuUiy i>f Nuttlj Wale*, Uarklial lu Bumd Prii^ 
et£., «l&, up my buck AtAirH. 1kk« Iiim dovn again 
il]y, and bring hioa up my front fttaln.'' Durio^ 

oLK^rat^ciA Sir ^dm Mowed &war all hia wijm. so 10 

to avoid b«itifr obli^d to Jitip«iiB« alJttJe to bin nilatLw 
during tho vj?jt 


liiid Dan waa a StMtch mdga in 1704, and rttj &• 
tkiguiditd for hii piHy. TlKiuiaa CoulU^ th» biMfr, 
njtrd to reUtr nf hnn that ^hun a diiHcuit caso caino 
befuro bU IpnUbip aa Lurd Oniiuaiy, hu uwd to «ay, 
"^Eb, Lord, what am 1 to do? Rh. Mrv^ J with joa 
wiwldmakeitupl"— 3 Clrai»l«i« IXnu. Mm. Scot, 

AllOCT Jin>0B8. 



Wlii»n t1i« giwt VMe of nhip inc>n«^ and lUm^Hlen 
VA» (trgiin^, in l^^o, "Judt^t^ Crokit (oT whT^m ' 1 HpA^k 
knowingly' sa^a Whitoloi;ki>) wka rosolvcid to dulivcr 
hLi opini-^n for the king, j*nd to Ihat cntl had prepared hii 
BTguuieni Yet a few ^^ya befotx; ho wru tu ar^D> upon 
dbcoimie triih t.amc nf hii nonnut relAUr>nA i.nd niiMt 
«tirij>uft thoii^tii of thb l-iisiDC^, And bi!Uig hcartonod t>y 
hi» liLily, whu unit a \-cry gtiod imd piou» wonuiii, nud 
VjU htr himbniid upon this <K!Ciwi:in tli^t ' -iho hoped he 
iruuld du uobhing A(f4Uu(t bis ui3iiHcI?iic<> fur tit^v uf ftDy 
dftnirer or p^?judll^o to him or hintiktnily; and thiH.t hIio 
uyniid hti coDtviLU^d to ttuin^r wuit or rtuy luiwry with 
him rather Ihui bf ati orovtioQ for him to do i^ ^ay ATiy* 
Uiin^' t^TOinsl hia judnuR-ut niiJ conBciciwo." Upuu Ibt^tHj 
and many (hr 1il<'< i^nt'oitnt^^Tiir.'ad}, but djiHly nport htn 
better thuu^-liCd, ho audduniy ftltorad Kin purpoea aod 
argujiK-iLttt ; ?iijd wh^u it utMUH Ui It'w trjm. coulrary to 

IoxpectMioii, Hei AT^it'jd and declared hU opinion ngain^ 
tlivlun^'. All ili«Jkidg«««KCQptOrQkoftaul Hutton wors 
for the king.' 


Mr. litaDiuotit llgtlmm wom appoinU^d b judfc, hein^ 
H>\i}lhl by ill* ronfcmporarirs not very lit far thnt oHit^ci, 

yut bo on;iUnuuda judge for thirty jtjotb. Hf hrui 

htd llttl(^ cxp(*rieni.<(^ at thi? bar, but hnd luuoli good ev«iaij 

OiicliikQBtvouiUuuAJind obliging lUAniLtfrA Uitt ttnowli^dj^ 
of ]&v wan fHi wuiity that urLeu aiiy dilticuky aiUBc bo 
wa& \n the habit of ri!uoiuiur:iL(ling thu cturn tQ ve rafcrrod 
to ajbiLiMtiiiu, ihiiH acqinriui; amou^ thu wu^ uf Wi»t- 
niLD»t«r Halt the nkktiatiiti uf " thti comnLon fnend.'* 

Ur. Jufltino lAwrr^c<: wn.4 famed for Win c^urtcay And 
C0ii>cLCAtiou4£i«viH By a ci-^difitl to hU will, )i» diroctad 
Uio coBita of an artiini Ut he panl Uk a twrtain litigant trhii 
bud been defeated m on actioa tried bvfora hJm, and ou 


cumoamxa op lav ahd lauteeBp 

rhkk ocoMion tbo ju^g^ coiwic[«rod thai ho had docidod 
ingl^t Uiortbjr ouutng tb« Umi. 

A JUD0£ vmo tU]im:i> lae 3dATTi:a ovta i£ Bia kinik 

8ir ThoiOM Sowdl, &U«l«r of tlio Rolls when in 
rlimnwat h«d occnOQ to ink** {Nirt in tKo Kruat 
dImI* on tho UlegtSly of yrr]f7%i^ livtrotT^, aoil 
>Cgly lUf^ Lho uJjoanUDcnt ut' thu dclaU. Wi^uno 
U uouSd i^opi him An ApjinrtLinily ia examine Itiii 
bwici and authentic*, no tbftt he lulg^ht thcu l« prw 

red to ^ive & tiiuil opioLon on tha mlijcct, but which 
WON nut then firepkM to do. At tho Ofljouninvoni 
bo Appe&roJ in tLa JJuu>» In bii i^rcnt v^ik'n ah I'^b custom 
woB, «nil thun gnvdy told tho Hvud;> oi Conunoufi Uioi 
** hu hjul tun>«4 tho matttrr over *« ho lajr oa hia bed apob 
Kb pillow, And AiW ruftiinAtin - and cy^nHi-ii^ini; upon it 
A giVAt dcAl, ho oould not help d?ciiinnc[ UiaI hv vtws of 
llio «aiii4 opinion a* Ar/i>r«. On thiA roAult^ ChArlfio 
Toinuhend r»«^. And j^iI " bo waa v«ry mny tliAl vhAt 
ibo 1eAni4d ^ nt^-'i&AQ hftd found in Wa night-^np ho bod 
iMt In hifl ptriwig.* 

A jnxis TunNtKa n ovek nr vh^t uc tii PLEAasD to 

Wb«n Lord WotiUufy «a» aI Uw Iat, 1m liAd oecAnoa 
(o *pp««l BgAinflt A dtmo of a Moo*Clianc«lkir« aihI waa 
ootamontuitf vn thmi docreo with gmt acorn. And imibug 
it to tottitn hcfovo tho CSourt oC AppoAl. After hAving 
fbrciblj- doairoyod tho docroo. And nil tho ground* on 
vhkh it natcd, Mr, BMhdl oddtvl thio : "ADd y^t thiA 
■>M to bo A docTfo nwie by hi* Uooioor aIW tbo 
mAlOTo reflodion, And aHot tununft it over and orer 
In wliAt he U plfti^fd to caU hu mindl^ 

A JDDot'a CntstkiB orixiov or im Bitioiixcr, 

Batoa ThonuOT), of tho Goort of KKchoqoor^ woh Anknl 
bo pit on in hiA OMirt vith the bu*in<4ji, when ho 
bot<ir«en CKiof IfiATon ^acdoiiAld And Btirou UnhAin. 



ADOljr J0DOE3- 

p rvpli-ri, "Wlmt. bHir^^fn utiitf-hox on ftnr? sidOj and 
chatUrboK on tLo oohur, wo got on prcUy well ! " 

Jad^ St^ry Jifty» ihftt Ohicf JoRticfl Mftrahall wm in 
cuiDptiny wicb tho Minintrnt AnLoncAR ndrM^iM D«xUr 
will Pi4hi*i Arnu, TUn rhip:f f^ommriTiMd A onnwnAtioiit, 
or mlbor &n opinion, for ho wiw oJoir^ht Buitts In tlid 
f1iAtii;pi4>r^ wliLi^h lnAli(>>^ AfiiiiiT thrAA hoiin^ On brAH)cm|r 
ilf . tbo twi> liittor ci>min«myjti on thrir wjiy homowaril 
U) pi-aiho tho dt'pUi and ^t^nru'iTix "'' ^^'^ chirrr. SaM 
Avir-ii> oAcr It nhort Udk. " To U^ll the truth, IVxUr, I 
hnvo noi undurulood n Wi^r*] of hui v^utncnt foe hftif an 
boar." " And I " rcjoinfttl Di-xtcr, *' liftvo b<^n out of my 
dc4>th for au hour nnd a htLlf." 

Tho tlhii^f Jurtici^'s i^rrftt phrasa iriw * It in AdnutUvL"- 
A>' fau wju a puMfrrl'ui rucuoiicr, it waji ofUn niaiLrkod. 
"Uiif^r^ urtmit hiii pcvmi'vea; and you ato foroed to bin 

tiud iJLiTiicI VV <.-totcr to inu oitcr, " SVlicii Ju J;[v' Mnr- 

ahull Mays, " It \a admitud, nit, *io and ao,' 1 am pucpwinj* 
fwr Ik bomb I'j burst over niy bead, auU d«xinjU»li ali loy 
poinli" — JuJge8lory» hita. 


Rt^r North my* of Im brother, I-ord Chief Juiticu 
North: "Jmlpjn Atkim mwb nn opm opprvntioii to hut 
Jort]Hhi|> nbout thv disposal of & PivUiuiioUry's phc<\ 
tfbich iH known to belong to tho L7hi<<f Juiticc. Hul lio 

Uti>uj;ht tit to Hlir up bid brcthivu to put iu for a, «baE'o> 
lUid tbcTC wcTv Doioft wordn And Attrroitmn pA-.f'.'d in 
court about it. His loirbdiip told bia LratLcr Alkia* 
that " b« ftbouJd kiirjw livre wiu no rrpulilic; " Hud tbo 
othier AHflwurcd. ' No, iiur mun^mihy.' But ibe now oflicer 
wan at la»t bwoni/' 

A hnncirod ^raorn ago it waa doomed a xmy unununl 
thlii]jf foi a puisno jud^i to didbr from tbo Cliivf du><ticu. 
And in Ijord MAnjiHi^Jd'A timti ir« nroiirrrd nnly tvro or 
thrao tiin<w. During Lord KonyonV timt; it hapfwiioU 



oolj ftbout ux ticMB in fuuri««ii jrvtiu Lord Kocyon 
A pninw jutl|(o'N opinir^n UHitdky vith gnuht 
cvotcmpt Ud aji« oocMioit bo Inkl down tbtk( oorUui 
eircutnntiinon in n om bcfom the court Amoontod to 
hgfti ftmucl. But the thiiMi piiian« jndgM all diflcredtand 
Mid itKffv uu b^ froud. whcA tbcy iiitishod, tJie old 
fihl«f ftx claimed la a bolt "Uooi) GckI I wi^at injiMtioe 
lutTd I liitlierto liccn doing I " 


jDfttico BuUfrr WAJi AppoinU^ ft i*^^ ^ tho rftHy i^ 
of Uun.y4wo, bavins; in,<i-n nuiLb a Khi^'h Couhm'I oAvr 
flvo ytmn' MftnilJnj: At tlm bur- Ho waji a Hpf^kl 
ikvouriU of Lfjr\X Man«tkl<J, who WLAbvd Bultcr to b« 
liU M[«v* Thfl jik!^ pmnrtimcM tbi* cmlo^inm on 
bit pouon •oon oflcr tbt Jnttcr retired : — 

' Wiilim tb«v thirty yi-ari the tommcvciol Uw of tbiB 
^MOtiTj brLi token a very dilfcrc-iit turn fmm what it did 
Tor*. U>rd UnT<iwickc hiiuiclf uju proccodtng witb 
matflouliofi, not AAtAMi-ihiiig any gencnl principle; but 
dfCTMrin^ oD ol) Ibb cir(.^iiTitiUJio«* pnl togiAbux. Befon 
thai period we find Uiot in cnuriA of Uw atl the endenee 
in nmcnntJLa enuB wo* ibrown UitfrtbtT : tbcy wen Jofi 
icnJlv to a jury. iltkI Ihrr produirrd no ^nfral pniK 
Front ifiot IJiuv wc all knov ibfj ^'^vot Mudy ban 
br<n to tind *oo]« (wibun ((pjiri&l pniKipIo vlii^h tdmll 
be known to oU maukiiiil, ncL unly t« rule the F^nieulof 
cAAu lti<.'n under coiuidtustiou. but lo ■kt>v mi a [^iJv 
for tli« future. Mo«£ uf UPt have btar^l ih«M nHitciplM 
[aUitvU, r«Lwtiud upui^ vularg^^ *'^^*^ ^xploiow, tiJl w« 
lift becb lest in adinira^u at thtt otMoffth and atntcli 
tof Uio btiniou ttiid«T»laaidb^'. And I AoM b« rmy 
b> find tDyft»lf asder a neccwiy ':d' dilFrnn^ from 
any oHe upon tUa snbject which bu boon docidod by 
Lm Uanid&vM, who may bo truly Miid to be UkO foand^ 
~ the ooQimcrciol law of thi« oountty " 



Loffd Oundcn Aaid* " Lord Mansfield lion a way of soy* 
irtga'ti b a rulu witb uw — on umulaldc rulv, uevtr to 




& ijjrlliblft nud out nf rmivt A.K<iit Any aMjm ilijhl 
or ssvorwin UiomuLlluMt Jtj^i-iit! likoly to oom« before 
Ttif a.% jn*lKr.' Now I, for my JAurt," jAJd Lord (Jibm4t?ii, 
"coold lictir nn tnany people cu. thoono to talk to ni*^* 
nbout thdr cvcb, it would nccr ai»lw auy ihv alif^liUnt 
impivittion on me/" 

Tbtf pnictJou ofLurd MaiwliclJ him bcyii bincu ivxwJwl 
dA mnn flunnUd tJiftii tliAt of Lonl Ouniltji in this 


tdird LoughlMTMU^ti xvah filicitoun in mimirkbg tlio 
Mlf-lftuJ&tory jiiyU of Er^kiuu- "TJio vgot^r^m of that 
plMkdfT," fiayn Mi«* Burrxfiy. "is Hrovtrbial, imd»ohftppily 
wv biii muiuvr Iiil, rutlior lLjui ciiniratuivd, by tliu 
Cb&nc«1[->r Ln]if*1jbrjrfit:^h, thAt thi? nudienoa dfrcatf^d hin 
iiivijntivi) fiieuliy ti nuiru yaeruiya uf ciomory^ Giviu^; 
an AciwaDt of a bupiio^iul puMir ni'.^etm^, Lmkine^ ht 
said, opQUed to thia enect : ' A» to nt*?. ^^EitloruLEi. I trunl 
I hav« voiuo H^lit to j^ive my i^ipiuiou fivvlv Wuuld 
yoti knew wh^^nco my tiilc la doriv^l f T chall^n^ ar^y 
coau auiong yon to mqiiiro I If he a«k luy btrtL, — Itn 
^enoaJogy may dUpuu ^th ktngal [f my wixaltK— it 
u all for which I Lava time to hold out my band J If 
my tATnntA, — Nol of t]io«i\ gcntTftinen, I loavo you to 

In tN!otljind, [*ord Ihillcn wbilo atth* Imr wiuno p^^rfiot 
a mimic U^iat ikc< cmiUI pcni^^nfito all thu ]<^ivting counsfl 
jmd Gvvry jud;^' on tlig Ix'TJch, nml hit off tho pccult- 
orittCTt of rorJi no tlint civoryVioily rof^tC'i with kuglitcr at 
the purfoniLajico. 

Bhitl toEd Uooro of a fptod Lhin^ iwid by iw«iller, an 
Innb bcurl-ttcr, Kdicr meeting »omn jiii3go» an old frlt^nd 
uf hixi A fttoady KDlomn ft^Iiow wild likvti hiK'^VwI^iJ ^ jxiuch 

in hiu proftA^ion on Kctlor had fiulcd, nnid to him : " In 
Oppoiiitiau to all ttic liiwi uf nibtural phihu^phy you bavu 
riMnhy yoMT ip-acUy^vihilt: I Uav*: a it n^ by nxy IfVtt^/" 
— Moon; a Mciu. 


ci;iiiosiTiKtt or law ind lawtkuk. 

Loril Uuuwn, Lord ChaiiooIlOT of Intkn^. 8top):>od 
•ctxhkI oftbit toMny connwl in « C1j4LCic«ry «utt by »yiiig 
bo hfld RLoJo up h[n miiMi Ho. in Cact, Jwit hiA tL^tupor 
Ai cmch in lucconicin rot^, and ho declinuJ lltoni id lonL 
At IfrAt O'Connrll, <^tu> ot' tho unhrArd roiiau^I, bflg&D ta 
bk dccpat and >uoRt«inphAlic iuni^ : " WeU Uwn* luy loi4, 
fiTWfr ytfliT lonSfthip rdnam to hrar mj Iriuii^ friAncI, ^i 
wU) bo plcofwcl to hour UK;" and then bt? p1iin;;tid into 
thft OHO, wilhout wftitinf; for any exprcwrion, lisentor 
dkamt, or nUowtDg mty iutcmtptJoD. On be went, diR- 
cun^mg ftad dintii]^uiabii}jf artd «»uuuctititui uid qtUfting, 
tUl he Afcurcd tbu AU«jktlon. JUid ev>dcAt^ v«« m^in^ 
an uDpRffBiun gn tbo ooviliuii; judj^c^ Ever^- Hvn 
iiuowto CCobdell would ujr:''KDW, juy Jord, nj 
Jt^mvd jrouii^' (iivitd Uaidu w, bftd vcjiir luMiihi^ hvtad 
bitii, wc'Uld tuk«« LafbrtDMl yuut lordnhip, in a laorc iiu* 
jv<m£t« v)d Jueid numer tban I cut iii^pv to do^ otc, 
el4^," nitlil bo flui^bod a tn^U-rly addnrw. Xbo Loitl 
Cli&ncrllor nc^^l luorsiiu; guvo JadgiDQUt ia Jkvour of 
U'CucimEJ'* cr»riiL— !2 O'tlttnagbKC a Irish CbuR., SGO. 


JplcyU i»M to Miy «f lUron GrrLhAmV HialfblrBK j^oaiI- 
Umpfrr atA (lo)jtcocw, that ''no one but bu HDmpaUtM 
could rufie hiut," 

BrmijiflLHra cnmiwand Uit fnllowinf! iiumptkift for 
lUUKiit uf jQttii» Uolroyd in Wjir^-mvo Cbiirchr 


tbo IDOAU 

«r«rt4td in 1^31 :— 

SmtmI to tbo monory of Sir OoorjED Sowloy Uolroyd, 
Knigbtt c&o of tbo JiM^otaof tba Couit of King'* 
Be neb, A 1awT«]- to bo mnVf^l antxi^ ibo ^mtoiA 
of any sm^ £ndo«fd vjtb ati onsinol ;;utiitu to 
fnlargt tba bonndf^ of any rtnf-of^. but peculiarly 
adtptad to tbat which bo |>ununl^ a counwUor 
Mirr, fait hntln And tagncaoua: an ndvufa(a kam^, 
patient, bnnuuic : of a ^ntlc iialurv. M^rcue ti^mpvr, 
rrady, skilful, oo*r«ct: » judflo npriphtv finu; at 
dmplc and kindly mamivr?, but of prm^ifdoA pQrr, 



hSiy. iutlviiblr. llo wju not more honoureil in hin 
putilie ohpnAity Uiuq beloved in nil tho pi-ivAtc 
nUtiuuH fjt Ufa." 

Bciniri Hulbc^k dii.J on circuit, «ni a brother Bari>n 
iU(?nlionF;it thr: lovi tikun KLiitAiTic^d by the profMUfiil wh<rn 
]i<» &J<iri--Mi'd a irmJidjurjr noxt day. oayliig; of hia dnccoood 
brrjtlit'r jn'l(p-\ "lie drcuunci'ibod Uiv t-oewi of tb« law 
with Unu and umlcviaiinii; AtopH," 


J^^« aIho vPTOto HU «fiiLft[fb on & kwyvr, Mr NatUuiJoL 
>ttt ^lUtinui Calbolic fnend whom lie cdtati VLbitQil, 
«ba»4 coacLmiui hIky^ upMit tiiu |>>X't in cr<jiS*injj n 
ford of tho Thamoe. Tlic pot.t iJt^rod tbU opitAph tlincc, 
and it Htoihi tl^uH in tho tliirvi (hlttlon ; " Ti> tiie nj«mory 
of NjUhAnifi] ri;;ott, b^rrint/'-rHii^Uw. PoumainI of thn 
liighoHt character hy h[i< learning, judj^mt^nt, oxporloncc, 
intqpity. DcpriTpd of the hislunL 5.tfl.tic-n* only by hi* 
ODDtcioeico ftnd religion. U&n/ ho oji^ttod in Ibu law, 
moTO Ue prta^rved from it A fhrnd to|mA£i?. n ^lArdian 
of tho jn»iT. t, lovur of hi* couulry. Hi* diud July 5, 
1737, ajjixt 76 Vf^iV 

In tlku two rormur oditii^nB tlio poet tnaertod after tho 
wovds " bu'tUtvr-iU^Iaw " tlicw word4 : " wliu i<4ive ruora 
honour Ui hia profiwuion than h^ dorivoij fr(>ni it" Atari, 
bood«a ''^ardi&n of tho po^r" Im was at firat said Co bo 
sIao " ffuaraiaa of property, uid a servant of Ood/' 

Tt) a Ungthy npitApb r>n Juden DAniV)n, who dind in 

176A, it wiLu AAtd, " iin flhowdd by hln pnictioo that ft 

Ithcrcmgb know!«dffn of lo^jal art and fovm 1* not liti^ou*, 
or an inntnttnont of cbicanc. but tho plainoaCt oai^iost. and 
shcrbost way to thu uud gf MtriTc" 

An Adictn on an r^itrtrn^y'm h\]] wfu triod b«fora the 
Cfalof Jtistico Kii' Jamdji AlannPlijld, and on ft refi9ranOa 
<*f wvaral lull* <rf coita lioinK prvMod, tho (ilaintiff', ait 

46 dmocrrm of law akd uvtbhs. 

BUofftty, r^td to rtfcr tfio <«>o to ftrbfirftti<tD dnl«M 
liiji divg* oi 3ir. W. for 4 MUr wbh pmvioualy agTMd to 
b* Allovfd, but which tUn ftf'ffiniiAnt jvriiniu^iixiAly n^- 
faicd. Upon tlm tJio juJj:* fflc^itiouHly doi^larc-i thAt 
imUiar tlion the ^tUM ihoutd mrt U- E^foTT'^J h>- yti-\i]ti 
lunucJr my the 3& 4JL uid which he. innUnUy <)id. Tho 
pftrtioB Uivn, bnrigftjibuaedofUicir iEI-juJk^L^J p^^rtinai^ty, 
iDimeduUdjr rofcnvd thoniiiMguncrAlIy to tho ikHutnktor. 


At the Old Bdilt^y it va8 cDAtomory to »ent«iDC« 4h« 
whole of tJL« prinoDom found ffnilty tit th« tmonotm Bt oae 
time. It fdl to Baion Gr&hKtn s lot to iicrfonn this duty. 
And b# kcconlluj^ly wiant over tint lift with duo«oloiaiutv, 
hot otnittfd otio per»o& bma^ht np for ncnUrncc — Ufr. 
John Jcowik I'bo jodgD wiu ud tlio point of fiiushing 
Uio nmtHioeA whrn thn oi^ccT rvmimlcd bin loriUhip of 
this omiiaica. Whcrcniiori the juiJ^^n hajU j^vcly, "Oh I 
I tan MiTD J }»g John JofiPA'd paiilon,'«nil Uktq vntcoct^ 
him to traw^wiatian/oT lifo I 

X /DDQK nicAomnrsLT muwiko ATTEynoN TO irm 

LoixJ Kcjiyou. wbo was poBiuIoua^ and van! to hav« 
his «boc» vrry frvqutfitJy soM ud pAtcb^, wftft trying 
n Mwe, nnd aktlng on the BenA no tlut his ihotf aS 
Ih^lr (^>od ()U4liUen were vi^Te to nil in court. As 

eoundly nude wna tried h«for« him, mad much tamed m 
the qii&lit^ of tho iiho« wpplicd. Thn judg<T. hy wav of 
dSncMi^ tho witnovt vaddcnly ukcd* " Wora thu itbov 
•ojUung lik^ thAM ? * pointiiifi ti> hu own. Tho wimcnn 
■A onoe rvpliod, "No, my lord; th«y vtvn n good denL 
hrtt«T, uid more geiitrdcr." (UrcAl Uugliter, in which 
the judga joaacd.) 

u» mjTAj, Jiiiiuxiasn ctjiu'umektino a judok. 

When Lord Bute wu eiktcrtnitdaf^ die Duke of 
GlouoMter ml CArditT ruAtJ^ li^ invit4vr Mr Nokn, tho 
duof Joatico of tho Ifrocon CLrcujty to dinner \ ftad on 



ling mcriUopod to the Dak-^n ih-^ Utt(*r aik<?'l Lord 
Butfi to givn him nomo infonn^tion abtmt tht* Juil^, so 
that ho iikitrlit kiiuw what Ui miy to liim, Lr*[\l Hul« 
wiid he knew nothing about Chi«t Ju^ticA Nolan i>xc«pt 
thftt he waa tiao autMor of & look ga "tliv Poor l/bwu," 
AccordinflJy, vrhto ihtMiidge wft* prvMflnlfld lo Tfin Rojitl 
Hijcbnciw, iti« latter affably said, " Oh, my lord, Althcmgh 
I bAvc nov^r oiftiiJft yoQT acquftintAnif*, T Icnnw yon wi>ll 
by yuur valuable boot oD 1^0 poor — uieI a vory iucarj?ii»^ 
iH^ it in I " 


B&con, during lii* qtUirruU vritL Ciike, tbui: loi:tiiivd Lho 
]§iitM in A iHirr to him. when ha hibd been jiuflpnndod tu 
C1ii«f JuAtJcu of Ktn-ljuiJ ; — 

" Finrt, therefore. It-jholfl your rarc^rm. In <li*^ounio 
you delight lo sptjak too mvich. not lo hvt\}: nthor mon; 

thi# AOme any Iwcofiih k pl<.-iu|i:^r, not a jU^icu, Whilo 
you Apeak in your aun i-k'ri](?nt, tin* Uw. no tnati 
ttrdin&filv vquaU ,vuu ; but when yuu wjuiUur, a« yuii 
often dblichi to do, you wander imtr^ed, And ;;iva nevur 
KUch itkiiFifjictiou 114 Ihv uutioiiH tiTUfl tvi^uifve, 

" 8«oijdly, you clogj your audif^ry whori you would 
\i« obiWViAii^ Speech mu«i be vitlieT «wvut or uhort 

■■■n>inily, yon conv^iw* wirh bo<-kA, no^ mun, and 
books oflpccinlly humiLu ; nud hnvo no cxoollont cboloo 
tvii.h uifin. who ftiu the bnut hook* ; f^fi' a toau uf (totioQ 
flnfl omploymimt you At^ldom convorn^i with, ^d th(>Q 
but witb your iiiiduriiu)^; uut fre^-Oy^ but oa a sehool- 
niwiJ^r witb hb Acbolam, «vcr t7 to^^h. novr^r to Icftm, 
but if soDiebituw you would m y<mr IkmJllar dincourMe 
\tfta olherHf and muk^ olwition of nuch n* knnw whnt 
they Bf^L-nk, you abuuld know mauy of tbusiT tak-u you 
t«ll to b« but oMiiiAry, &ni) many other tbin^ which 
TOu dbli^'^jt to repoat and aervu out for novdtica tj bo 
but HtAli>. An ui your pliwiirii^ weiv wont to innult 

over mtury. and to inveigh bitterly at the p4>t>sonH. which 
brnd you many #npmir*, whow poiacin yet xnioUoth, w 
(LTO you Htill wont to bo a littk cwolou ou tim point, to 
prarift and din^fnii^o upon ili^bb i^rDiinijU, aitd thul goinu- 
lituM untruly ; no that your n:pi\>ci& ooid commondations 



are for the moot ^mwt ncgUctod uid cDntcmftod ; wiMfo 
Ibo ccauurv oT a Jud^ eomitiK alow but mra, tthould b# 
R bnund to Uio gtuKjr and a finivn u> the viHumli. You 
will ji^^t at Buy mvu io publiv, without rwpoct of tbo 
f«rs.:4]'i iJE;^ity Or jour own; tliift diJmoetb yonr 
giftvity mort than it geui advvico the opaaiNi of ytmr 

irit ; ftiid »u [to &II acliouB wliicll we wc« y^.41 dfj diructty 
iriUi a iouoli of v«m K^ory, liaving Lu nui{wot to the tn» 
*ad. You make the Iaw to lr?An too mitch to ymar 
<»f>lnioEi. wfaorelty ytta eliew yoonMll to be & logiil tymiU, 
tUikin^ with LliAt weapon wber^ you pliMuvv, vinoe you 
an abU to turn tho odgo any way. Yoar too uxnth bve 
of tJie worTil u too much •««», whoro, hitving tbo llvinjf 
of ii thoniwnd, vi-in Tr-iinvc frw or nnnr, T>>n haB<l tliat 
Jiath Ukkcn »o nmch, oui it givr vo Ilttlo f HdiriQ yoii 
ahov no bc»wrl* of c^mpfiMiinn, a^ if yon thou^t all too 
IRiUo for younulf Vou cannot but have much of your 
c«tat« (|Wrdon my pUinneu) ill ^^t. Thjok how >nadi 
of tliat you ne^'er »pakc for, how much by apeakiag 
niijuntly or in unjust caujM:a,"-'iiAOoii'a Life 


Loid Jaflny. whL-u appointeri a Jutltfe of the ^oidi 
,Oovrl of ScBflion, was (iuitu]guiBh«ri ^ liu loquacity, 
land It waa diil^eult to vay whether the jwi^ or the 
oounael aicUMl the caaa. On one rccaaiOQ an «mtikMt 
eounaul had a Jud^cnt of Lord JcflVay'a to advioe vpoo 
an to it« }K-uri'lii<^««.itni] whi>tlier th«ro waa a fOod gnwnd 
r/anpf«l- Tt>c judgmoni bcgtm in tho uhuoI forto, "^ba 
Lord Qriinary having htard c-^'imswl," etc Tlia opaaieo 
oif cctuuci VM to thii aStd : '^ The judgment i^ i|UJta 
righii except tlmt it ahould have ccirmna«nced, ' Ceiflieal 
harmg hmrd the Li^ Ordinary,' i*ti^, eta" 

A jriwR A PBYftiooyoMifft. 

" Lord Brougham told ua ttoriGe of JuctJeo Allan Fvk, 
vrhhth axe cxtraoniioarily ridiculoia. He b a i>bysof^' 
mbt, and b captiral^t by pl«aMnt Iw^ka ia a c^-ttaiti 
<au» ill which a boy brought an aoiJovi tor daAaatieo 
agaaut liis icbovhua'^.CuupbeU. h>> counaal. added Uw 




SoQaU«r If tlo hoy wu gocxl-Utokiiig, "V^ty' "0\ 
thMH hftvo hirii in L-ourt; w««hMiU hftvo a verdioL" Ami 

w&tching Aii'l ni^itlcint; everything nod oveirybo<ly. Ond 
4lAy iJ^«>iv WO;* a dn({ in ^^uH making & dUttirlMnoe, on 
wMch hn ooiiJ, " Take that doj: t,va.y.'* The (^ffinmii w<fit 
to ivmovo njiothor dojf, when iJio jutlgi? intftrpowi] ; " No, 
not thnt <ifig- I hnvo hoU tnv (lyo on that A<i^ tho wfaftl-i 
<i»y, and 1 will mj' tliftt a litlt-.'r'ImhiLvud 'Uig 1 novor 
MW in ft fiourt of jimtif^" — Greviile'a Mr m. 


Lord ChftncclloT MrkccIcAti^ld wo^ dndnc Lhnt ]imi 
of Jii« careu' wh«n be wjli a ct>Lniiioii law JuU^, abv^ 
M»pect««l of any itort of comiptkm, nti^l the only ehftf^a 

liroiighl Rgaiuhi hiui wna of hnvuj^ l>o«n mkuHiuiah 
mthrir diin^Durtoon.i to the W, ThU, ftccording to Lord 
Otimpbdll, "is not uiouffh Ijj J^^wcr ikini in our ostllD»- 
tion. r^TiI ('kinpLclI Jkldn; *' Although I cAn 0OOC«iv9 

no mom ntrilciog prouf uf u uicnn spirit than for fti 
barrBUr, nhuo put upon llio hcnch. n^ally to bkjh&Vi 
with iEuotenoo or ill tumi^ur to hU fomcr coinpctit<>ra 
nt the b^r, it u mtlivr dillicult fijt a, jwlflo nitogoth^r 
io iVrCApo the imputAtloii of diH05urlQ*y jl ho pti:>pnrly 
voluw tbv public tiiuv i fur uuq uf liii dutios ia tu rundor 
it dingivwAblo U^ c»}unaol to talk Don.vrkHu !" — I Cknip. 

Ctduf Justice Paraun^ tlio Arnorican juJ^, wu con- 
ndorcd very «tix>n^ and Aomwhat ovcrlKAriiu; <^ti the 
bench towaidfi [^"uiuwJ. Ouo d^y hi stopjjwf Dexter, 
(ho ctDinent fl'lvoc&to. in tho middlt? of hi^ A<lrlrr-ju to 
t]i« jury o» the ground that li^f vw$ urviii^ & jtoint an- 
supporM by Any evidence- DAtt«r h^^tily obwrwed, 
"Yoifr HoDoar aid not u-gu« voltt own caam in the 
way Vftu rwpiirff na t-i *lo " rVrUinly not/' retorted 
Ih^judgo; "out that wna tho Jutlp>'d f«ult, not mini^." 


Bwer Nwttj Miyv uf hij» Invt^or, Lord Vldct Ju«tioo 
KovtS, "Ho was cAwful to ktep down rppctition, to 


cPMO M Tas or UW JJtP lawtkhs. 

wMeh the roiimeJ, one aA«r uiOlh«T, u« v«ry propenM; 
anil bi iftooctiing io die jury 009 ftiid tlie baiut' matter 

|>TMt, thit, if the judge f^vo way to il, (Lcro woulJ 
MUOe ba U «iid. for imyd. of Utv telle weji not » much 
' Ibr tfco G*iiiH4h M for thrrir nwn iieken. to get eredit in tbe 
cvuntry for notable tAlkom. And his lot^nhip often toJd 
them ibftt tlicir ranfiuod haraD^oe dieUrhod the order 
of hU thoughtj^ end ftfior the tnaJ wee over it wee ver^ 
held for him to rfdnimt; hU mcthnd, und dirrrt thAJitry 
to eoiDpTUv ell tho malarial [tEvrta of tho cvidetioc- Ttiero- 
Ibre ho VAA pontJTe not to permit morrr thin onn ro«nM| 
of A bi{Ja to frpe&oh it to the jury by ytty of KTimmin^; up 
the evidence: &nd hr ptnuiltvil Tltat in lorK « wav ei 
lOftde them uvcer^/ of lU Thuji tho abuw by fuiuiiou* 
tslk woreawey." 

IW iRme biogrephor addit la another pft*i\j:e of a Uko 
kind : " 'Flkcre werv some occesioiui of hu JHiiiofr, whcns- 
apou lie thouffhi U n«cv9r«ry to rvprehond bhvyily^ Aa 
when OOUfievI pretvnded tulctiinly U» ireipciw noni^tiv 
upon him, an^ vb«n hb bad iMlt pUimy with them, 
And yrt ih«y pL^rHiaUHl, Ihin t«m uliait ti« <.t:iu]d not Ijoir; 
And if he uHprI tbi^ni fl), U wad whikt bocAmi^ liim, and 
what llivy dtfwnvd. And \iivu hit* <«ordit wade dMu 
Kraiehi«; Uil e^ll with nalvo to hUown digolty, which 
be never ex|>OM>d by iiuputont ohiLling." 



Etakino wan def«4idinf( a client a^^atfiAt a prosactition 
fwtsoditiouttlibd.and ia course of hbiepoMdi i|uoted eome 
extOkCU from a b»ok^ H«i wm hai^tdy inr^rmpted by 
'jwtto BvUer, the proeidjnf* juil^. who wid )t wm no 
detect or oao libel to iiuote Anotlmr and a worn^ tibel 
In mippoTt of It Ervdno immodioMly tumod to ih^ 
jury, aod satd : " You hear, gentJeuen. the ohiirvaiion od 
lb lordship, and froin thet obwrration I iniatain that 
,yoQ niUat acquit my diortl. Him lordabip Kay> tliat the 
vorir aader pruiw«ntJov» U not no bbdioiu aa tho qii«4a* 




_ hivv^ jn^t. vrnA. Naw^ ;^*Titlflmrn, fcli*t qn^tntion fsi 
A work iinivd-MEilly ullow^vl tn lio dAincai autburity 
nn the i>lia.rAr(-^ oi" th^ Briti^b HnTfinamrnt It U fmm 
Um p«n of Uio itnmortnl Li>cka Shntl wo omdomii a 
Art^tlv who in dpdarcd not to go Uic length of thnt ^n^t 
uid gvMi} man ? " 

Ctaet iTuHti(?[f Par^iiut, the Amorioan jii()L*t% ti-i\t ftomj- 
netiTiuglowArUicukmBvl. UiiTOLiJ tlmlandd lawyer wlio 
pnurli9«l bf-rore liim. fnllin^ iW. haiultd ovor hU cwutn to 
a youn;; Uwyer. Mr ElijaJi Milb. adviniiij; tlio latter lo 
vri;;n;^B'?niCir''f7iiii»ieE,itri>l iili<o^irinu him a Ji?tt«ruf intro* 
OtKtiOQ to tliti Clkitif JunUm Tik- judgQ boiiv tutked by 
Mr Mills >ki lo the iiiL^ntA <if tH^ rlitfi^rmt siMiion^ witb A 
view U> rutALn r-n^, ^Id : " I think, upon th« trhole, thftt 
yuu hail better not cmpluy nny one. You ami 1 uhh 
do the luisine*rt abont ra woH an Any i>f thom." This 
liint Wn^ acLcd on, Mr. MtllA turucul oii( to be very 
Rucooiwfi]], And At tho cl-uft of tbi^ ALttirj^K <-aII«I un the 
jud^ to pfty his r^jpoct*, A sonif/r lAwyor then loftvlug 
Ihajudj^^, on t^'rrij^nisin;^ thn n*^vf ^ytllcr, and SRAMcfcintf 
tho nonri of union botvtuon him and iho jiiiIg^dallvoM 
thin rrtitliiAn nhnii on reMrinjf : " Vu^ not nuro. Jndg*, 
Attnnriing otjurt at all next U^rnu I think of Bonding myi 
oHiou boy with my pmit™. You and ho Vi^^thor wiH do.i 
thQ bu^ncwt full Ofl wdl nj I can." 


Ix*nl Caiu|)bell xAid that a moilom d«c<MM»d Lord 

CbftnwUor wajj saM ti> havn cnlW[i*d a vory fomplet** 
law library by buiTowini* bo»l(ri fomx tho bar whicli h» 
forgot lo r*^tnrn, — I Oamp, Chanc,, 220. 

r.onn iTiiAricrfxnn'H nrDi^rii?i to <v>i7>:hkI^ 

Lord CSianoftllnr Jeffreys' owwionAl rudon<»B to cniiiunl 
«ip[MAni inorediblvt, Mr, WhAtlup, a gi^ntlouiau nf omi« 

n«ncentthi^^iAr. wh<:ideifcnd'^d thn famoLiM EUchaM Baxter, 
ftT^ing i^ainst Iho opinion oxprot«ud by tlio Court upou 

eS cvmosmits «f raw avd x^vroMk 

UM^ofutruetinnof ft WTitin]^.J«A^jr»iiftid, "Mr- Whftttoii, 
] pljftCJYB jrou ftre m mil Uicqp dlrl^ ciiMaft ; uut w«T9 U 
iioi f!dr TOtt ff«RU«iB«n od" ilie km|[ roUv «Uo tbould Im«« 
moro wit ind hoottty ihma 16 mifif»rt sttd hold up tliM* 
fa4llMB lumvtt br Uw cbin. w» ahmild bd% b* at tk« 
pM w« 4ra au" Jifr. mUi/Iop- " H/ Innt I bonUf oob- 

VMT* that " Jf^rty^^ ''Ton huiably coneuivw! axid 

1 hnmbly ronc«lir«! SwearbimT sw«arhiin'" 

Uf. Undbarj, a Jantor eovawl, having vMiturud to 
make an nhvrvidion whidi «M r»c«iv«d vith cnmUftf, 
a* it ■^rwhl with toy kitd'a vi«w of tho ci«o» was ti^ 
Ihia enaMin^cd to loUow faia Uadar in Mipportifi^ a tMW 
^olij«<tMHi thooetit hj hia lovtkhip not to bo Uinablo. 
JfjfftyM. ", jou tniutbooidkJiii;;. too, W«toU 
you yo«r objection van very tni^oinun ; that mimt noi 
make yitm IroubJotiwio: 500 ea&not lay aii q(£ but jou 
niut bo Adding orer \tr 

The Imh jtul^ tln^tcbarotwo i«l«crDpU*d Tola Odd 
in an ai^ennbrnt br vaa rTiU^rinff upon abfiut the jury 
doeidinff thv fact, vtc, «lc-, wbcB UoH voxvd at bocnc 
Mopped in hiv nuwr, mM, "Uj IfWtl. Lord Maimfiftld 
VM nmarkabtn fbr the paUeniw with which ho board tho 
eouDMl thai addrvwHl bim." " lU nevvr brard ytM, Mr. 
Oold." retnrtid the jtid^n vith a Mrcaitic b(Y>^<t. 

jDctffff F1«tdMir. vho wiu Horly in hU manner, 000 
Mid to tho cDuiuaoL "Sir. I^ aot ail ben to bo baited 
111m a li«ar li«.i ta th« BtaJeo.* * No, mj lord," ivtotied 
tbo oouokU " »vf liof to tho biaker 


Tbo CbNooclkiT of Edward I., Robert Bumvl. an bea^l 
of the law, cxrrdW a TigilaAi •aporfartenhftoe overibo 
■Aolalstfaticni of justka, tod b tbo Porikaaoat Md at 
I WMtBuwi«T in the bt^^oniiig of tho rear IS90i hmaHil 
'ibrvard ira«y wnum charsMwalnal ittojodgea ^lal&g 
bribttoand altvnng the rocem; upcfi which tbej won 
«U eoavktod exoopt two, whoae aanM ovght to ta hold 



tbo Conunoa Pu>m, beirj* found tho ^^rMtovt <kUii^tuoaL 

Iliul ikll liui |;ri>o(]K luid cjiUitc CL>ntucAt«d to thi^ Kic^, and 
WAA lADl^hod for life out of ihc kingdoBi. !^ir A. do, 
KtmUoD. C^hicf BuToR of the Kxchcquor, wu fined 34,000 
nitfkrkH, Sir R. de llrti^hntu, <?hitf Justice nf the Kinff't 
Ajtchr WAji k-t i>ii' witU4i liii<;of 7,0l-*0 mjukv) for alltiou^h 
So hiui impropcily nJu>ivil n Tc:f.z.Td. it w** not diipp^^tMi 
to haVQ born lf\>m cuixupl muuvc^ Tbu taint imd Apivad 
into tktc IJouit erf IThnncorj-, niid It. Litlicbury, Mtuittr of 

the Ko1]m, wai lincil l,OUci uuirka- Tht«<j sHmtcuwrt pn>- 
DoutKJ.'U in i^juUiuikiiuV hy tiie Cbojicvlior* hwi U|)ou tlio 
vholc A very ^AlutA^y v&Kci. but uo flupf>0Hec1. for wtdoJ 
NfiCB, to luhvc indui'pd Ibe .jiidfiTii to &dlicrc Un iigorojUjr 
tA^ffToiuu] the k-tt^ ui tliu tiiw.--l CuiniK ChftQCi, 17L 

J0ix]e ASD BIB AhBrnunr powca. 

A jnJ^ on ACu^ruly bolji liAving a lar^ dlvcitttion, and 
tiMnHtinum thiA <juality hju he-en sevrrely critWincrl, aa if 
itW«TO tL 9ourco 4>f danger, "Tlie di^ivticn of n jndgQ i» 
«^d to Ix? thr law of tyrants : it i-i olwnyii unknown ; it 
lA difivrunt in fliffcroia men : it is tnLsual, lutd diipciida 
npoti dmitatulion, Ictnjici , nofi jinMion. Iti the, it tM 
oRontiaott caprice ; in tlic: wcn^t. it h every vioc, folly. 
And pMion to wbicii iiuuiou tioturv la Uablc." — t'cr Umi 


There WAJi in England, in Anciont timftA, it <7!jloi 
Juatieinr, And iikewi:^ frotn \cxy remote timcA n Gmni 
JiJbtit^iiir til ScotloT^d, with vx^ry arbitimry power. In timb! 
fovmtry, when Uii? judges going the circuit Appnftftch a 
t\'ytd buqiKtliQ L^^rd Trovott uiuvnwdlly (Winci out to 
tntxt th^rn, ttitli tha ^x^ption of Abr^rdtH^o, of whicb] 
tliere is by tnMlitiou Cbui vxplAimUuiL Some ucntuHca 
Ago. tlie Lord Proroit, At tho liead of tho rnngistmtes, 

K'm^ out to iiJ!H*t Ibo Gnuid Jurticiar At tlw Bndgo of" 
•», thi^ (jmnd Ju^UiiAr, for nome itnB^irEoxy otlcncOa. 
hfta^d bia &>rd&bipat Iheond of tl^o bridge —ainco which 

64 co»ioHiri£s OF law asd lawyeks. 

th» Lord Prov««t <jf AlierUMO haa nairvr tnutod hlnMvlf 
io tliA pfTJViMvi of A jiiilge bcyood t^>f wftlU nif ihfi city. 
Such WM tbo Bfleoiint nvcn to Lord Gsmpb«U by tbo 


Tb*T» had bwn A keen rontrovbrn^' rr«p«tiiiff Oi>k«'n 
nffbt Ui call binuwlf ** Chicr Ju«tico of Eii^Und^ ' Lord 
Ch&iiovUot Eltntni're wm cfuiU wruuj[ in mppLiiiii^ IliftA 
thJa wjvi « title <nx]y during' lU^ Hvofu' whra, u lh« 

lOB vf Clti«f Ju«LicL< ^.^^ Krh^U&d. tl]« kt^bwt bpLb in 
Uv and m iho S(At^, cciteitily Mi1wi«i«d from C}m 
ONH|u«ttt till thfi n:if,-n c'f E<iw&nl L From tba tlnw 
wbflD that iDOiun^h i4.'Eui.>drllt^'J thtt juilici&l iyBl««n. th* 
bo«J of tbe Kir)i-V Bench wita {^iMiurftUv <»lwJ "CbM 
JuAltc« Lu lioH jrlen Lvfure thu Kw^ biinM-lf/' and ho 
l»eun« MiLurdiDoto to tho Chaikodior — S C^mR CImiic^ 

JUDoes AXD THFfn ?esRrf>?ra 

l^rd I/ni^Kbi-iTnngh wm tLo fint LiH ChArkAnllnr 
wbg hod B TMliriD^ bIIowbaco br Act of rAriiamonC 
Kach U>rd l>cfbro tlud titac mada a bor^KUi «rttli the 
Primo Uiniator, and ofti^n tiuulo a very ba^i onc^ atljia- 
tatiug^ for a pruvnt >ow and ■oinetiiuca for a wtinag 
allowance aUo, or n^rcrvoiki of cdticca to biiul 

ThajMPcaant aiTaiigaiD«nt of the retiiin;; allowanoe 
uf £5,WM> a T<v WW uado by Lord fkvuflliatu. — i and 3 


TUE jvuuiJf a:£x> MW orncoiir salabiw i:( IdlCL 

k'Tbo fotbwiDg wera the lalanw of tbo law officon od 
thaCrowD in tbe >w lGtG:— 
- £ * dL 
AiUira«gr-G«iMnl , , , . 81 C 6 
Solicitor-OviwrAl , . . , TO O 
' Kingi Sograot , , . , 41 G 111 
' — ■■■■■■' 


i&our JCDGsa. 




" Th« fldfttw of tlifl Jnd^w flti^tt that tTti>y murt h&v« 
depended t good d«d on fooe :— 

Sir E. Coko, Lonl Ciiivr JuHttos oT 

England S^-l J!) 9 

Cirvutu 33 A 

PuIflDO Ju<I^ of KingB Bench 
Be«ir^i« CircvtiL* . . . 

3^ ff 


. 33 f; 


S2l 13 


Cbiof JuoUot^ of Common Plct4 
Chief IlitT-oii , , . • 
PuibiLe Barooa . . • 
Jud-^e ou N<»i r^lk Circuit 

. 194 I[» 
, IKK n 

. VI G 


"T>iu U0TI&I HiiiiMinb of hoQOi'&rl^^a to ci.HmAa1 in Uii^ 
Tcign 1 have not betifi ahlti to a«ciJEtft1u. From on ^niry 
in tho jKiripJi hookn of SL WArynrpr*. WtntTJiLitit^r, it 
appeare tbalin tbo rcl^ of Edward IV. thoy pud *'Koger 
Fvlpotl, leftme-J in tln> Uw. for lii» counwl, 3s, 8'f^, witb 
4iii for hU dinnor; "—2 Camp. Lives of Chanc. 343. 

JV]>oin' opiNioarn obtaikkd bt the cHA^fco^LOB. 

At a gnad CJiup d'&al, LorJ ChrLnoallor JcfTrcyn 
undertook to obUun v, iglumu ducisiou ut' tb« judges in 
&vour dt the dispt^xwing power ; and tbr this purfioeo n 
ficLitiouA action uaj brijught a^lust Sir Ed^vuAl HeotoK, 
tho LieuUinant of the T<Jwcir, an avowed Komiui Cn-tholic, 
in Lbo name ol'tiis cua<;lmiiiu. i'or holding on (jHk^o in tUo 
anny wiblii^ut having titken the Oi^bh cf SuprcmfU^, or 
ructiivod thu uacraiu^ut occoriing to i\vo ntcia of tha 
Churoh of Kn^liujii. or ni^iiTd thu dei'hLiiitioti ngaioiii 
tnu:Ujttbatu.rit,iaiioTi. JoEtVvvii hod put thci <7:\^Jit Sc'ul to 
l^tU'r? pa[<.'til. ttalhurii^iu^ liiiu to lluld the ot]]L'i< uilhout 
tli«tMi t(»td. " iio/ioh&ta,nte " the Act of PorliADient. 
Thu dLfLwuHaUuti wiut pkoded iu Uar uf thv iLotion, and 
Upon a aeinurrer to thfr pltia, after a sham ailment hj 
counwi. oU tha jadgo«i tixcept ouu (Baron Siruut} L«ld 


Uko plc« to be nuffidcai, And pranouncfHl jodgiocnt for 
U» u^Ddvii. U ITU iiovr pr^olaimie*! at court ttut iho 
Uw WAS not any icni^^'vr aa olnLadn tu anj- ftcbenio thmt 
iai;fhl b« Uiou)-ht ftdvmtile- — 3 Camp, CliAnc, A^l 

TWO JVtXttB OP 0>iE COUttr aR»TJfC|l& 

In Uni rviicn oT BiitrftH [|J- two hrothem^ of thp 
nuBo of Stnlfbrd, mcocMdvoljr hiold ib« officv of Loff^l 
CImloccUov ; and in rvoent timu Ifau Iwu brotbcrii ScotI 
roafr in tha l&v u> eqad ecD!a«tKO. TJio two Omwcsi 
B0oH Mioilwr lortADOV uf HuutUr KUCOEM- Tbujr wen 
•i the Am<^ irhcol. tho tAm« oolt^^, Uid tha i4inc inn 
of court; ftlwayb e<(u&11jr reuivlcftvle for ft^wJy Applt' 
Ofttioti, HfumI jiHlgmect, ftmi bonoufAblt) oondiict Tney 
both foUo^^ud exactly tbo e«nic c^ume till tliey wrr« 
Seij«W)b»-at-tAw, verc knlgbteil, nnd wvre ftuououivfly 
Spe^keraof tho UoudO of Com moiu,-- when fftt« rftrkd 
ibvtr destin3^ 

Id l^iiJ Cli&nr«lIoT (^OH j--_-r« di&nr ihura u & ounom 
doeuiifi*nt« wbicb to laivj^n will Ui fuund vunr intowl- 
iiig. H'j Mif^^^^tncO ^Hiit* rhaiigtrt in tbe judical fttAfll^ 
ftiid raftdu tboHO rtfiuurlu: — 

liorl Ooif JortiM P«rt««. 
Oir lilUeton Pi»ww. 
Ifr. JdiiIm £y». 
Bir Huaw* F^wia, 

"ThU Ciwri liOM yc grvfll intlii«fkov ou Corpor&liviH. 
Tito S Brotbnm genmliy mc%. in tlio«r< niat«n^ tn oppo- 
■ilivii ti» j« Cli. JuftUof AiiU II' J. Kyraift: lh<nror» it 
W04il(i be of groat un jf oim of thnr praoM wa» AU]ipljd 
by miMifaur fli niui. 

"iS* UuJotoo,y« «ld«r Bm; h a mm of Iom ftbatiiyt 
vifl coowqo«iio«i but bknwion. S* TIml of btltor 
■Jxtitj^ft. but iiJOT«oul|«bl« ; luiwiiig bofn Attijmy 0«oorai 
lo yo Jmo K. Junta to hi* sbScitioi^ &nd callously 
imUanientAl in uxtMt <ii yp Urfw m^'* iuiii«ij tbil Pnn» 
and br^^ht Uiom ^aoi danfcrni on tiac Kingtloui. fi<i- 
nd» hwuoi- fiO Mi Uinn |<r»cliM| th« Lait v* ietwI 

moor juiiaes. 


^jaity ^tiij tAiflJ, lai'i iluwu his practiflv of iiuat £*0OiJ 
1^: t" be a jLt<]^\ mit vmrLh :Cl^lH) sD: fijr no viEtibte 
Rdurj^i, but if yo Ft>MODdor had aucccodod, ha wuulj 
li^iuu iimdv, tuid ihttt v«iy junlly, a mwit cif Uib nUp. 
If i^itLer rtf ihoae be removed, I burnljl/ recornin»}d 
Svije^ul Prat. w1i6 the Cli. Justice. Mi: J, Eyiv*^, and 1 
bL'liMit' cnury ono ihfti knowa hitik. will ApproutN." — L, Ci 

In [rol&nd th^^ro wot^ iveo flona of an apothocary at 
Ili« Uhr, zi&uiud JoliTj^f^m. liiid bt^Lh Umuuivj judf;t«^^riv 
in t)io (Jomraon plon>i wlio wa^ atlorwarth inixt^d up with 
Cobt>etla«liW]liii<{ Lur>.l Rt^dt^daleauJ Lord Hard wlckt^ 
the Irinh OhancolLor and Loni LiouMnant 


A li:adiku cou^taia. with two otiiut- uakox^, uis so^a, 


Sir Kdward Atkin\ win of on cmim-nt Kwycr of tho 
t^tuc tmrnc, waj% miuh a Hiimn ^r KxdLcirmrr in I tiflO, rui4 
diod inlfiij'J. One of bi« Mtui^ Sir Hubert Alki"*, ww 
mode a Ju'^ti^m of the Oboimon TImui in 1672- Ho 
roiiAed in IiIT^J, and in IdSU waa mada Chief Bofuu of 
Etcfeoquftr by William 111. A yoiinr:^- bmlber of thn 
UtU-r, iminttly, ^ir Kdwmxl Atkins, Wd Uicd alw ap- 

Eosntfxl Chirrf Baron, and WU niicfrwcifsl in tt^nt oHiicrr by 
is tldor brotbur, Sir Kobort. 8ir Rolwrt puWWied hoidu 
VAlu&bii? law tiAOU un oonstitutional hw : and Ut4 dun, 
Sir Robert AtkiiiH. publifthtHi a vtdunUc Hiolory uf 

Ulou<:4?iTt47rstiir?j wIncU bi.H:UjriL< Harcu and cuxtly owiii^ 
to a lar^^u jxvH of U^e.^ trJilii^n U.'iii^' burnt bv tirti iLt tb^ 
priuttitA uirii;^. Tbi^rv is it niunumtsnt lu WmLuiLndtvr 
Abbty to llieaw Uii^l* graiul law>t>ra. 

It wM a1»n observed that the Lord Advocnto of i>-:oi* 
land. Sir Thomas Hopo, oaily in ibu ^ovanttifintb i-'untury, 
had two Hona *rhi> were k>bli Juiij^ui of ibe Uuurt uf 
fimfcOB^, and one of tbo puinta of etii|UGtte rained ia bJ4 
MM waa »helh«r ha itbould Uku i>ir bia bat bo tliuui; 
and iha AfbiWra of tbo timu tbon^hb he ou^t to b^ 
«x€Wad, in tbe circit]i)«i^iu.'», Ir mt li^iji^ ao. 


cvmomTUCs uf xuw asu i^wvuirt. 

jQ»tiov WUk^ Ui« wti of Chitf Jonioe WiJIam, h4<l 
ui uHvouve hftbit of iolemiEitiiig counsbol- On aav 
ix^aMtm on gU pracUtiencr woa miulcd b}' UiU pninljco 
to rttoit Bhftrply, ukJ cridul bj •ayitig thAt " Vour lord- 
»hii> UoiubUrma ftkov* |;rc&t€T >imUno« ^vcn thAii rour 
fjLlbfi^, Ihc Chief JukLice, for lie i»cd to uiuIoniUikd iii# 
mfifT I had <Wf, liiit y<mr lordaJiip midotvUfuk mn even 

mxAurtm "luso" axd "uxjewisk" 

Ur. Jofao Clark, an foninunt Sootcti wlvoesU^ wu 
hr^iii^ Ulora Lord Hcftd&wlAi^k (the Knmd), vho wu 
the Km of LonI MpiuJuvbank Uho fim), Uw fjithor buDif 
A nurepriWfrrfa] ju<l;:r. Th<r1r<Ani«l coiUMlttM pn ■wing 
on the CWit liin tMnitniction of mibq wurdt m a oon- 
v«jnw«,4tMl «t:ntT&»tint( the uie of the word "a!«o" with 
tliouMollhoworJ ^'UkcwM." Hic judfcc aiuct, 'Stirdy, 
Ur. Clcrk> jou cuioot BcrwuaJj' vrnue that ' oW ' iur«ua 
ftDjtbbg difftrvnt from 'liktwUe'! Tbcy laonn pre- 
«iMlj tlje nuio thiDK ; ahO it aimtt«ni not wbidi of tbooi 
is jiraemd" "Not at all, injr lord; there b oil the 
iUlmviica ui tke world beiwcvo Uicib? tvu wonja. Xxrl 
UH (Ak« UD itvbeticie: vour wcrthy fatkrr waa Lord 
UomJowIahIc; jour ]ord«Liu u 'ftbo* Lord UeadovUbUk; 
botyou w DvL'/kX« itWLordM<«do«b«ikt" 


Lord Aliai Jvj (Mr. Pepper Atdea) ww «iUut- at NU 
I'nuA. oiid tJj<.'it< CUD* <m a borae cmimw It wjit kp^ 
and b^liuiuv end tim (TVjdc5» vae Teiy ooatticui^' Tba 
Cluef JiMtice gut uj' utd walkml Ijackvtrd* and forwaida 
on Ibe bench, b«ki&d the de»kB. A witiwea came wbo 
gavo tbo diTMil liv to oiw of tbu oppcaito wIi»o)«m. 
Lcml Airaclejr atopped, looked at thowitM«\vtc) wnlkod 
biltfolly OL At lut tha witiMaa went bayotkl aU buun<i> ; 
ilioi jij-lff^fergeUing himfltlf, mvdunlanlj gavo a Joad 
vr little r-ih^ court wae alaciriflad t 



It Vk-a» tbu ]>raoticu fur tUu M SculcU juJ^^ to rolw 
themAclvoi in their own Hotism, tUil yitlk in full t:i>atimo 
to tbo court, uUi>-*h in ih*/ao da>-« Vp-jlk quite ae4r tliuir 
bouMCA or Uata^ fkini wlicn Jtuw.-'J tlip jml^ja utLeo Lxilced 
uut of hi» viuOow lu u?u wl^^t o'dotik it waa l^i^uru 
stATtin^ UiR* iiAy LumI (.'ouJ^t^jn woji lijukiii-; uut, wh«[i 
HU(Mj?|j[y I1114 ^^ig ruHu olY \m lui&J, and zL'^OLtultid without 
tiSiy vuiUif t'utiet- tu tii.iLVuu witbout Uim^uiid Um WiUmiah' 
iiiMit WUM prmligiuLiJt, It tiirrteil ont thftt two ^-jt-b on 
tJi6 U|r|>tft lluor of tbu Louflu LaJ b^en playing with a 
kitteii, &TLI.T Tvtfjn^' it th'wu witJ> & httin^, when jiihi at 
tlko mciuQDt ika ihts juJ<:Q i^o^^j-ud lits liuo'i oul» tlio 

kitl^ii, in itA I lope rat Ff 111 t<> L''*tri ft luotiiij?, diiU'liO'l 

w]»ftt ii CAmo in ooiLtAct with JiulJ it in ft aonth-^lpa. 
nacj tp^cujjJitd ill ttJtiuiL>]j. U/ ttiv ii^tfiihe tMt^ntflJiuiurtb uf 
Ukc ii:v«ronc] owner bolow, who caliM not «oo tho moving 
cau»i«,AiKl ttiegtL'ifjlintfaM'l tt*rnll«J^rl*iAbovft Th« tbrt« 
phrlrir* ronf^rimra, i-ip^riftllv tbo kittoo, vtftr. unvi^r nioi'O 
horriSod in their Ijvi:'^, Jtt lii'is un'xliiin^ caifiAtntpfut ! 


A cnANcct-LOie giving awat a jriwi'sini'. 

Sir XIluiuhh Duvrjiuu^itj H i^fvxi Nisi iViua Il/aiIt^t. hwl 
btfon 1ntiin&li> with Li^rtl ClLanci.'I]or TKurlnw. And long 
ilattered hliui^lf with tim hopi-s of ftut^tiiliug to eoiofl 
VftliiAbfn uppnintniftht ^n ih^i Uw, hut Hfivym] gnoif thin^ 
parsing by. he loH his pAtioiioe an<l temper alon^ ^^~ith 
tht^m. At ]iiht hir ftjiilt'i's.riil thi^ liij^kni^r Apftlinttkin to 
Uw patron ; * The i'lmt' Jiiytiw^lilp of Chvator U %-«cant; 
am I t>j havo it V " and rou«jvwd tb« foILowing lacoaic 

iwct; '■N<>t by 0— dJ KcayoD ahaU havo it." 

1 juutJii KKv^K tJiviNQ nu fcsAiioxa. 

LonI Manj<f!uld, wltrin u fjiimfl ofhii'^ own was anpointod 

Oovo-rncr <rf a WV^t Imlm UI^ujI, Ami CL^miilainnil thftl ho 

'would hAvc nlnn to mt an a JLidg* and docddo 0000% which 

%fr dn^juted, n^viicil hini U> dcddo acoofding to hiitnoiionit 

<of comEUon ncnrw, h^t never to give liU nsa^ont; for, aaiil 



jlw, *jro«f jmlgiucBt will proUtMy be ri^bi. W rour 
ftWttB* wA ttttainly be wrnD;;." IfnTiy yi-un n'ftrr* 
Wttj^Iji, LorO tfAiwUi^ttJ, wliile tittia^ on Fnvy U^kuiidl 
ihri]i^ii}fl. L>d A judgnmit f^f this Ucivfmor f>rr>u^ht tHbr« 
(b« Court, bhirii ocoiMd vo «bnur^ in im nvsonn thtl 
ihtr^ iru ft n^Oiut cUmour for m ri^t.'ftll of lb« Uuv«mor» 
•0 EiKCciipoUatv It WM found. iK^wcvcr, tb«t Uic d««{fii<iii 

Gorrrm'r ftfted on Lord M4ittfi«l(l'<i ft«lvko by dfxddlnff 
willimiL giving nttiwiiu; ubd lindtDc tbat Lr tcpitnivl 
,gn«l r^fKiUitmi tiy tbMO ikcisjona^ &su> t^ think hin*- 
,#«lf ikgTv*! Uwyf-r. ftnd Llii-n ^\*i hb rcaMnM at length, 
wliich hul iho loautt &l)ovo iiicntinned.— S Ckmp. CJj^ 

A nmaK attoistcd to tbk goi^kics. 

Sir GtonzB Roo bftd & bifoid «bo h94 b«*n appomtvd 
U> Ajntlffcofiip in nne of tbe «ilackMA,u)d who Ifvti; fcA«T- 
«wu waA dcncribui^ the agonic* Iw endiiTud ic tbo h» 
|tfi04|[c wb«ii be Snt wvnt <ioi. SirOvorffv liBtconiwitli 
iprat coDimbemtJon to llur T«atd of t&M woe^ ttod 
•aid. "Il'« a STcat meroy yc\i did not tXaow up yoor 

CVili-riil^i^r thfi pcri'l^ on a v»)iig* to MAi|pvt4^, liciiw with 
a adkoolnuutcr and UivaA oi fain own, and tnnch diJM 
tAHKd at aoouiff thia fritnd mt wumUf vngnj^^I Icuntitg 
OTf-T the iddo oruic voHvJ, naid la hitn, " U ny» Itoluaaon, 
I dkln't exjioct tluv of you ; I thought you b]x>u|;ht up 
DothitiK but young gentlfmvn!" 

Al-J^>J^7>lK^r or judgh ht uaixut, 

lu 15D5 th« Si'imlijn of tbi> Colk^u of JufltLci» in EdiD- 
buf^h tmoUt-J that, td onlor to ntop Ih^ iinpoHunata 
aotidlatiouft of couitii-re. no judgQ wa8 to bo admitt**! 
univii tbtw nainra wera lini aabiniUAj, and thT miLrgv 
Uwti to wivct 0110^ uidllilttli^y wore to do by talbL 

k MTOTfti ApntzTcncK jviyni 

In S« 

>lUaJ, wben a Jndff« bi appOinlaJ, bs la niado 
4 banjl for a iky in daiddiiif aoMo caora arctr 



the ;tr^itiUE.-iit<, 9u an Vj iltovj iKu-L ]\<^ i^ (it f<>\r 

t He i^caII-hI fluriu^thU-Uy Ijonl rrobalioner. 

opiuirMi la bometiiuM ovvmi]^, &» wiu tho caisu wliun 

Lord J*ftr*v. in IS!U, fI<>CL>liv] }i\% fu-t,t fA^. Tti f'>rm« 

timoa ft Mr. Patrick FlalOonrj waa 7toinmat'?d by Ooorgo I-, 

but &ft«ir iHfkl ll»< (.^>iJit ivji-cti-il Eiiiii »(h uiLllI, ThU tM 

asbatute t'oing fftswil under which the pi^wonl mock 

J^i/itn ttXHlt^ wliioli re8«uil>]i*« l-lin «lk»<:tii>n by <nn()i 

nBi^ of A hiolinp, Uifi jitclgr'^ having n^ lon^iT n power 

r^Bct the nuoiMnvo of tho Cr^vtt 

K vscaacy oci-uri'i^rj Among thti Jui]g«)t of tK« GouH of 
Eitdioauor. a:h1 tho MmiBtoni »>ulfl n<>t a^reo araooi^- 

ttlj»?iriwlvv" whi^iu t*' ap|ioint Thfl nifttt»*r wax ditciiahea^ 
in CfluncS], and Cloorgo TT. wo* prcwnt, Tho clUpulo 
grow v^ry warm, whon IJiii Maj^uity at laxt put an ond 
lo ilifl diffioolty by Idling <mt in his henki^n Kof^ltiih, *' I 
will ha^ n^no of dtwo; givo m? iIp man m£^ lib d^^tg 
MWFrli^'^ hy whiL^h bo nioant Ad4nl^ who wa* thrai 
KcconUTT of Finnclod, and whonn biuunota It wu to make 
A mpcitt to HU Maj^ui^y of the fooivictA under iQntonoo of 





StEjL'fltjt U!yn, tbc cbampion of Jumun, aui) 'if Foa' 
Uhol Bill. auH of WiFkei, -woa a fionnidrnvbln fAVnnritrt in 
tho City of Liuudoit, \»hit!i Mood stuuiichly hy hint Tho 
dtinnv wtn? ot'ctwsiDually intcrcjtod in tho olPcrHion of 
Ihtidr Bococd^^r; and (lie Ald<?nut'ii, in whcwii hiutdi; ihg 
AnpoiutrriT^iit r«ntn, wo^tJiL ixol \t [IficUy rlocit an ui^popuUr 
ndvoL'att^ foi thcu' jitJ^^, Jii tho noloy period whcQ 
Wilkiw* p)LUn»tiHrii WHA in foil triumph, upou thu pro- 
tuotlou ol B&ron Eyrv. who had prooidud fur ninis y^ara 
tttuonptt Iham, th« City ca«t thi^ir tp^oe upou UJyu, Hti 
WW tbo (^ty oouneoL often the chief cfi^p lo tho higher 
olRon. Byro, tho iWconier, who hold thifi post, (pivo 
mutt di^ciaiisfartion, m that, ftfi^ir a watm otHQuadon, 
Be vaa div[>oiuod with buforo hv beoacuo a judgo by a 
TOto of t(Mi to fi8, and John Glyn, Tbi|,, S«^eanc^t-]aw, 


Iho [ftvyer to he "mAvuoA viUi, nUiiKd, luiil 

Nor«inW. 177S- K^rtry Alit^riunn ww nwuL Tbo 

Ooi^l»d,u»0 afUininiHxCbicrJuKUoi; of CWt^r, Lw«lve; 
mttA Bcyil^. aenior City couiwc), oniv — !£ Woolryc1i*» 


At)lL»v l^Ti* tlui rt^n" of Chief JoUiiw Poplium: 
"Sir IttthJtnJ DajrrTl.of I^Ul«rot,in thvrnuntr of WilE«. 
l^Ting got hii lady't W4itinj;-WHjiik&n irjih cfiild, wb«n 
ImT tAvail v4niH, >vDi a ^r^anl ullti m liurd* for s 

iiiUvifL\ vliota lu) w«fl to bHnj* boodwjDked Sfao wii>i 
Woai-lit, juiiJ bjNt Ura uromAn ; btit aa aooii wi lliv i-bil>l 
Wbi bomt, fiho «ftw l-ho Kni'^ht fft1c« cJie diiltl utit cturtlkcr 
ii.4iid bum it in the fire in Ui« obfttnW* Sba having 
«l(>n« hrr l>uttn<*v, vtim (^Ktrftoniiiiftnly rnw^nW for her 
pwnot, usd wflnt bllndfoJil Aw^y, ThU hoiriil ftcUcnt dkl 
imicli nin m har mmit, Mul Hhu lij»il a <ltAir« to Uiiacovpr 
it, btvt bscw n«t wbm it vr**. She «OEM(lercd viUi 
harvolf tho time iho waa riilirr^, unit hnir mtny milo* 
(•be ini^ht bAvn n>dr lit that nvto in tfiAt linxi, ukd tbftt 
it muit b« Main^ grrftt twri'^'* h<iu«p> lor tli<f rooms wai 
ImU'e foot bi^i, ftnd «Dn nhoiild knnwi? iKn i^luunber if 
tbo Niwt iL Slio went to n Juriiev of (wacv, aoJ iiArefa 
WM mftda. Hio %-i?ry cbambnr found. Thi* Koi^fht waa 
bfonght to bb tr^'iill ; and to bo abort, tbU Judffo bad 
bia noUo borne, p&rkc, and trjonnr, ^nd (] tbinlrA] more, 
Ibr (i bribe to avd but lifo. S<r Juba Popharn ^«-e 
Mslenoe aoeontin;; to Uno, but bom^' & (fn^t puriKii) 
util a favourite. Uo pTOi?uT«l ft iwtt« f^roM^ui" 

ncpcaNQ A ceiiF Jcwnoc to a pnsxK jumv. 

Queoii K!ufrb«4b, vbo w«b abi^vv aJl thiiMp adxioiib to 

btve tbo jud^ont-McAt pn>for]j' 6)1k1, iM mt d^ 

jJtor hftr ecc«vion tc tlie ihroiip n!n«wi.<d Jri^Ufie DjpoKe 

IfiommbKinn ju * PuUz^ Jmiiee* bii»;^r^ biu hmtk to di« 

'CoBmon PU«M ; oud abtiftlj BiWwAra Abft usdv liin 

jiBotrr Jtmiiic^. 


:« of thftt oaiirb. \a ttie ir^om of Sir AntKony 
Luui, from boSog Chief Jutttio^ iibe desnd^ to 

hfi ft PiimiiO. itTMi w!vi WUH o»nti*Eltei3 to *ervf< wrulw a 

Chiof fbUiJWD J by himself, fts irell aa iho rost of Iho world, 
to bti i^reaitly Ijih >iU|iM(ior. — L Ca*njK QJjt, l^i. 


Lor.D 1J.ILC9 DESTimora DCAUKft with nninEa 

A grntlpTnnn in tfm wwit of En^tAn^K wlm liivl ft deer 
pftrk, wim ill tliu liabit of Bi^iuliii^ rb buck an & priisonl to 
tbc Jurly™ of An*)ro, >iml <h'.L tli*? Name vrh^ri I.t^r-i OliiDf 
B&Tun Hale 0A.TiLt! t)io clrouit. ftitl^ou^'ti a oauao In wbioh 
be w&a pbiuiUtr whMoo[iLiu<r on fijr InnL Tb« i.'aiHO bttui^ 
calte^i. tiii^ fuLlowiiig exiEU^irL.^inary ilial>^gup took filftco ui 
op«u court i — 

tord C. Rnron. "I4 Ibin p^ftintltT tbo g«rnblcmftn of 
tbo fftcue niiui4 who hftH jwiiC ma vftiiiaon f" Jud^it 
9trvo^nL " A\*»*, pl«ftw yi'U, my IrtnJ " /.oivi Oh R. 
*' Stop a bhr Lhon. Do not yot «wear tho jury. I cftonol 
ftllow tbe trinl to ^0 (Ui till 1 tiavo pan) hlin fnr hin 
Vrtick." Piiuni-ifi. "\ wouLl bavo your loHi^hip tn 
know tbrtt iiu'ktkitir [nydblf lit^r uiy firnrfatbD^ 1iav« ovpt 
Kold vonison»A.nd t hnvn dononnUiin^ to ynnr loHnhip 
which wo hnvo iLot iJiiQo to ovciy juJ)^ (hat hiu com^: 
tbia dn^iiit tft ct^Un'xPn byK^me^" Mfi\iiAf.raU i>f th^ 
county. " My lord. 1 oan vonlirm what Uiu eiintlcumn 
aaya for truth, fiir twenty yram hafk-" Uthrr Mtiais^ 
traiM. "And wi^ my lord, kriuw tbo iiaino." Lr}rd 6. if. 
"That i» notbmif to lutv Tho iloly yi^nplurm ii»y, 'A 
pft porvortutli th^j \vB.y-i of ju Jijmoul ; ' I wiU iinl auffor 
thu trini t'j ^ on till the vcui^ijEi in paid for. Li;?t my 
bulli?r (M>uijt down tbu full valuo tharQr>f/' I'l/ilntiJ'. 
" i ^il] not ilii?}<ruci3 iHy>^i*lf and my AiiKc^ii>n by bocoiniii^ 
m vOTiifioii biitLbi^r. rrom tha DccJlftK drMvl i>f fti^lhnL' 
juatlcOp your lordaliip dei&}"« iL 1 withdraw my rvoonl. 
—I Camp. CJx, r.:a 

On nnotbor liUk> occnalon Lord Halo uq cii'cuit Mid to 
tliw u«hMr, " U 8ir JaNa Crokv g<:me y t Jcial<*in#r>. I inti«l 
not forgot to acquaint foxt, for 1 thnugbt tb&t Sir Joha'' 
Cix»ki]i bad l>Ma iif^tn ntill^ thai t)iiH ^Jr Jobu Urokv wnt 
BO thia mnrning two nLij^ar-hiavriii for a pivaoni. I did 
not th«D k[|t>w, to wull ft4 now, what b« uiuaut by tlitfui ; 

64 a:Bio&rn££ op law ivd LAirmts. 

but to wn bit ctrdit T ivnt bhsuffftr-^OAToi Iwek fligun.'' 
Ckdb </ ^Fa»T»-. '"Y^*. m^ lard, they were sent btck 
M^$hC Itml C i7(in>Tk " I M&not think thai Sir John 
belio^rc* U)4i th« Kiii;;'s Ju»tfr«4 come into tlic ixmnUy 
to Ukv bdbei, I rather tbink thai 8ome othf^r pcrunn, 
liAvdi^ a dasign to put & trick uj)»ii hmi, aeut tbom in 
liiB iiftuie^ G«Dtl««neD, ilo ymt know thin hftodT" 
(Jh>wji% lo tb« Mitltiir«tt of tli« ^pwid jury ihv lettvr 
vkldi accompmiMl ihe nugM^. /Wmaik " I fmr me it 
b Sir Ji^nV for I Yav^ ottva Mon him wTit«, doiiijj 
JBiliov bottQw aJcng with him ; And yoar l«rdftbi|» way 
n* thfti it if) the mme wiUi thi# ivuCnMue wHtt^ im^i 
«lCtMd by him." iAnd d It. (putting the letter b^L 
int/> hiA bonoiD). " I bitmd to fttrry itwith mm lo Lonlon, 
iml I vill v*Uu> tha fouliuwi of th^ tnuiiHHi, is I dud 
DccftjimM."— 1 C«wp. OJjs SU. 

In I€IO Sir Itobnt Berkeley, oiiq of the j^dm of the 
th« Kinj^* Bench who £«ve hk oplcion lbrii|ii|>-mot>fy. 
WAS imp«««h«d by the Hoqw of CommoM of high 
tiT«aon tn the LopI'a Houm; And by their commADd 
MaxwcIL the u«her of th« BIftck RoJ, <«nie to tho Kin^ii 
Bent^h Vpben the jiAdgie»w«re «ittin;> tivik Jmlgfi Berk^Ar 
fbem off the bi^ noli. 4iid earHed htm aita^ to pruoo, which 
Mtwk u grvnl Ivj-rur on the r*at of hi« brvtlinci, llt«n 
dtKdif in W««tniiurt«r Hailt tnd nn nil hin porofindon. 
Thlt jndei VMS TOtylottnivd nijui in uur Uwmaod « 
fiood orAtnr. jwd jodM tDcvI^rvtA in hin WAy\ Axc^pt hifl 
d«nr«a of the Qrart fttrour. Ho rvdooned fiiiiiii«lf AfUr- 
WAT^ by itupplying tha FAiliAmMitV ac«ftjn<)nji with 
XIO^DOO. and ood«d Eia days in a privmto iDtirpntont, ^ 
cot without coti]nd««Ab!e g^m by hi* duubor pimcbr<^ 
Afid left A plentiful foriuno to hit fuaily. 


At the AuiirtA in CiiriUf^uiehin*, in IH'M, the der«cidAnl 
in an Action aeni a fiUtommt of hi* «ti«p, with a t«ti* 
pumvd notfl emckned, Artd/vuftwl to Mr Jtistttre AM«non, 
iib hb lodglnpi. Wb«n tho iMnwd jod^ nnt 'by took 




cm the Txrodi, f jc tnnntionnil whftt 1 in hnA i-prr'^t voil 

Inffboforo, ^nd iJoclArtn) hie inifntlon of placing 

le let Ut 111 Uift handK of tlu- ALtrnnoy-Ni^rMj*U fm tlio 

trurp<>so of A pinflf^cutioti AgAinit tlio i^tTt^ndrr. It witn, 
i(>np«vitir, intiti-iAtoil to luiii tbaL tbu otiuuco hod boon 
tb« trJiiilt FAthcr of i;FB£>rikn(» than nf minn, luii) tho 
judgo, ha-vitig rrtturuvd thL< muiiey. ilbiI wa^iurvii tho 
det^tk^lckrt^ ii^rpnil to nllnw tbft mottc]' to dn^p.^2 L*w 

The violenOD of Lord Elkuburoui^irs lu^uaij^, in 
iu the Hoiue of Lomia tJio pmcUco of ca oArno 
in%c&Ued forth coiuiderAblu animaJvcroiuQ Irom 
MT«nl Qoble lordn. Lord Stttnltopo ilvckreU Ui^t ho 
WW sfndrl of t^nf-fring into wiy uwitrovcrsy u-itli Uio 
" vituperfltivQ Cbiof Jiislioe" — justifying bimaolfby tUo 
ux&ifjplu uf H |te«r c«lcbrAl«i(l fur his u>.»rjtHiieHt ^t ^huia 
ho iAi] thh fbiLGCiiotO' Lord Chc^erlir^ld, when walking" 
in the ati«ct, bclu^ jiuiihod off i\m llapt by aiJ iii4>ii- 
dont fnUciw, wh<i nftiil tn him, '' I navcr givo Uii> vnU U^ a 
(i^undroU " thu (ftvut mwibar of courtwy iDua«di»tahrj 
tijok otr hiji hftt, And, making him ft low bow, i«|ilii^ 
"Sir, I itlwAyKdoi." 


Lord Konjv^n had a ^roat wcalcncM fi>r quotlnf^ scTApa, 
l^tin. &nd misApnl^ \as Ibom, tbinkin^ ILke lun^ Iialf* 
LciUod pcopio, (hnt tli«M ar« ftlmoat as brilbAnt na^ 
native wit. Of>lorid|^t» In bJH 'Ttibii^i Tnlk/jwys thit ju'l;;e 
tohl ajiiry in rrforon'M* U> a hlA*phrmv (vx**«^ ; " Ahovi^ ail, 
QOOd I luuno to you th« Kmporvr /ulijin. wIi'Ti woa «o 
ofikhnUAd fi^r every Christian viitno Chnt he wm caHoi 
' Jidian the ApoiiU.' "* 

Oil AiiuLhor occfthion Im cunclud«d hm Address to t^v 
gmnd jury thus : " iUving thwi diaoharK^d yoor con- 
wci^ncut, gontU'iiktn, you nuty latiro to yuur noDnes in 
jTTAf^ft, with the dolightful PonjiciixianrA* of havin;^ pAr- 
foruiod your duliu« wi.<Il,iLud may Ifty your huodii ud your 
pillowd, uying to youn^rnti—Aut Uvu;^ auC iiu/Jua" 


cvAiosmBS OP txvr ihd LAVXEna. 

Lsnl Kenytoi, ftlibouffb li« h*4 he<n UM tiiAl Horn* 
Tooke, whcp «i«(J fof Mr. Fujt d cooU mmic^ out of an 
olMiooi |>«titi<jii iui|uiry. wm to Attend aj Li* own 
'fiOUOiel alhI to tuftk« ^ ** l«rntile iiUMh/' aamI in a bWp, 
O0Ot«m(>lu4Jiui tc4i«. " Ja ther«uiy liifcnoe^" 

HoffiBO Tooko fbikinf: a pbch r>f tavaft, uul looking 
iDutid ibe covrt Rv a tuiiiuUi ov tw<->), " Tbunj m IIum 
tffictrat (AriiftA «rt£<rMl in tfaidi trial — you, ^CLtl«TD«n of 
ilfae jurv, Ur. Fox, «ikI uywdf, aoil f muke uv doubt thai 
v« thul faring il lo a niUida(t<>ry Ci.>iic]u«) Aa for tho 
, jo4^ ftfkJ tbo crior, tbry bjh} two lo praBCrtv cvdcr ; W9 
pay Ui«in hanii«oni«Jy for (li«ir MUmiMim, attc^ in th/^ir 

troptr aftboTD, thoy an of pone uao; but Ihvy an 
1m an aud»Ubta ; th«f ar« not. and lu^ver w«n, 
iotCBdcO lo bo tho cttfitrtillcrii of our cunducL G«titk- 
HMO, I toll you tbptv in a dcfvtto^ and a very Kowl 
dc&n«c, to thU afiiroi, aiut it wiU be your duty to ^ivc 


Lord Kcnyon carriod oo a fnHoan war againat tl)«» 
dflatnctiw vico of eaniti^ whhdi b« d«cland to bw 
MJachiayoiMly j^h^vakni in lioth mx«ii. Ifn rrcAao' 
nfdcd tbai iaaluHialile gaming oilabliahmtnl* should 
bo mdkted •» ODCnniDii aauanoca^ adibag thiA thneal, 
vbicb ia Mid to bav« cuiaed derji dJauhay : * If any mwIi 
pro>eruiiocu an> £urly In^D^tbt badore nM^ ami tlin (pjilty 
|iarUco m ooovictvd, wlalorer may be tkdr rank ur 
•talioB in Ike cvunttv, ihou|ih tlicy mty bu llic Gtwl 
Udlaa Id the land, i^ abail cvrtairdy esblUt then- 
aalvw la ilia pillcayr 

TbU nngaUani attack upon tk« inir a«i rouied a 
duvalrous dafenc* from ttia Earl of OartlBJa; wbo d«- 
aerlbid tho mA eonac<|iieaoM aiiaLng from the t?ibQ&ah 
of jutloa balsf occupied by "Ugal nwinki^ utt4r)y 
Miovant tit hiunan naliin* artd of tlui wavx of nwfip 
mo frcn p>\oniod by their own paltry pr«iu<licT«, aud 




loiT^it tliuy tti'ini lie virtuoua in fir<^rLfua s-s lii 

nothing' fur any of i1k<^ iuvcctivcti, o;ccoi>t Uio jni|>iitfr-j 
lirm of Ik'iei;; h " U'^aI iitMiilc," Thii siCiUCK U> him 
Hint, an*! bo frc^tii^ncly coiupkmnd of iL \Micri malcin)^ 
*ay obtprvfttlon U> t^o ji^ry which he ttougtit very 
knowing lk well fw iMnphatic, ho wtnild say; — 

*' JJut, jjontlnmuiiH yQn will cmuidcr how far thin i^ 
entitled ifl any weight, mmin'r from a t^^nl m.>Tii : for" 
atnroftt U]AL\ivcry hxn biii?u hui'Ic, thui thojuil^s uf tba 
land, who uro con-^tinUy ronvemant with businevi, who' 
itoo much mure of oc.Luat life on tboir circuit*, nud in 
WcAtuiiiuUr tlnll, than if they wviv iihut up in gaining 
bouac4 nod brikthi^U, nro only h^-jrzvl ntonlcH." 

Oa (uiothcr ocwuoii he : " 8oiuobody UtU xia thnt 
the judpoa are h^\ inunTcs — iha.i thty know nolliiiii* of 
the wvna> Wh<il is iluworl'I? It in tt-'-T.-HttTy t^ dulino 
tprnm^ m oi^h.-r to know wliat the wmM i«, /irnl wliat in 
uiu^ut by this Luc^wluUgo of th« wuHrj^ If it is to be got 
by loHTi'p^in^H hfc* youiii^ iDon of fii^ihion, abijut liontl 
ScruDi, or nt ^Ainiog-tubltiti, or at Nu wiuarkot, or in fjrivato 
ItoitJ^^ of ^t>^Mt niiMt. i7r III biirthvUk 1 ili^vow bein^ ao 
qu^ntod with il^ But burvly aoiuothlng of what may 
be cs1)«k1 a k^iuwlt-d^ij of thu wuuIJ ^idci^aUl o^uiil 
AoTrtiiw*, may lie conlainful in courW of jiJ*dcc" It ifli 
»aifj that lje wuni on a>l:ljefe4in^ ^rand jurioa on tho 
r:trcnit in thifi ntmm, till FiOTtl HitrhHln thivatAnM to 
1 Ijrin^ him boforo (ho Ho^j^o of hordt fur a brotu:h of 


JIIIK;I» LiKlTfU TUlilll WlMtK. 

It is i^aid tifc&t Lord MaTi«fiold wa4 a^ much [>lca8cd 
with tjyini; cftuii?* nt NUi Pniui aji othcra atv \% JUi »i|n:iit- 
ing or an^lin^, When Monn, Cottu, the French adv<f«atr:Li 
iflvut the Northcm (Jiir^^uit, and wilnituwU the uud an<l] 

IdoJight wit)i which Mr. Juiitico BuyJcy fl;ot through hiii 
work, he cxckiuiod, " il ^'ftiutiscA jttjfw. Judi^lluUvr 
vned to any, namcwhat JTTcrcrcntTy, that "hir» iiloa of 
UeiLVPii wii> t'j lit lit Niii l*nu* *ll dtiy. and play at 


OnuodlTPffl Q¥ LAW AXD LAW^KIlS. 


bnfc LorJ CiMUocllor H«^wick« b«in^ Bujiponod to bo 
jodoiui of uiy Uvrcr but biniAtir Lauu: ii^adr n pMT. 
no poengc vtm ctmScntA or o^cr&i. AfUr two yc^n' 
dekj, U bv<D>r fuutt'l cipiHtlont fiM- (iftriy fiuq>omii to 
have ft ncvr |;^r. Sir Dudley wm odT^rcd the honour, 
ftnd hft-i lixcd uo U^v titk of Lord Ryder. On ttiu :£4Ui 
of M«y» 175C, tlio King dgncd the lunal «&rtftnt tA the 
AtUimv^-tiuuenJ to mkm out tlw patviit ut pwraco, 
ftiid U WB« ftgr««d thftt the new peer should go to 8t, 
Jamea'a uhI kL« Luida on ib« ulevatioD* Hiat evcnbi^, 
however, he waa Hiid<1f<iily atnick witli a mortal malAdy 
uid dM in ft few boun Tb« ehlett aun wah uibd 
withia A montb of hi» majority, and m could nut vo4« 
JamwIiMely; and the inadent, nnd any d&Im arism^ 
thcnouwvre »oi>n forgotten^ but at \m*U twoulv yv^tv 
Utcr. Mr. Ryder van twcd t« tbo i^eeragc by llio liUe 
of Lord llazTOTby, 

Qtronxo ornfti^m or /CDon wncic at tvc iitii. 

Loo^l MAn>ii>:<ld'a fuaa vai wul h> be «baLen by whai 
took pUoi: '>(i the &mou)i oonveyannag caw of Frrrin t^ 
Blakth Wh^n Ibai ra^o wu clrdded in the Kiiign Bcucb, 
the Cliicf JufttTce fti)d tbo Court helil, that on ibe ccm- 
itmction of the will iob» Blake took un|y an cetate fur 
life. F«anic, th« (souityenocr, pnblidip-) a letter pro- 
ducing a copy of ail opLuioEj of Lord Maiultdd vbcD at 
the her 111 AL BUici^lkAdanoetateUiL JueticL-Itu[lirraft«r- 
wardi^ u «i)] aa Lurd Manatfetd lilmMir dobivJ la> l^a'l 
Qvtsr iptcii aiiy >uch opiiuum, and aaid L« had oupie* of 
hk opinions^ and thfrj wm tn the eenEmry. Fearne re- 
jvined that the ^Ttat eonvoyauc^r Bond liaed to tell ku 

CnpiU fJiAt lie ^lad *r«en the oHginal caM for opanJon, and 
[r. iltimy'a opinion vhich b<r ontetwl in bi« boolu, to 
the eHectf tbat Bbtkf. bad an ^laUr tall. Fcantir «aid it 
wM impgMbb Bond could Lavo bevn miataketi in incb 
a matter It waj< tbovixht by many people of thai time 
{il^tj that ibe oan%-oyanorT trimnphed, and tlial Lotd 




beUVUNUbftiftftt po^LUl^\ in ihi* hnrry of boffnen^ Mr. 

I Murra^v had gtvw opiitioh» both w/v^a, and forgot aXl 

Kabvut it. Thedcctii'tii uf thn Kinjj^^fi ItHHch vm rAV^tnod 

■tgr tho Bxclieiiiier Chnmlor, but it Ion? Aftcr^nrdn ro- 

^llis1a«d wHli jjULny a EL^^>t qticsition whidi of tbo two 

OOiUtnictionA of Uiat will wjut <x>nv^t An appcjJ wat 

lirou(jht t> tW [{iKi^rfi '>f ly>M», wlutro it Wft> Uiuwfal 

Ijani niftTJHti^lii'fl opinir»n wotilil l>ft nMAtabUAht^d. fiat 

tb^ DftTticfi, fearing tijo rc-sTilt, uoriiprombod the inattcn— ^ 

a Camp, J,*, *a*. 


During t-hi^ unpftrftlli^lrd oxdtomoiit CAUWd by Wilkin'* 
oullawry in 170^, L<itd Munafloltl, on pronooDclii^ tlitt 
JQjdgni«fit of thft King'Ti Bmrh mvcninff CJia OHl.lAwiy, 
(UsootarMd <;d thA> ti^rrvm hvld oul agauDit ju^jge^, and 
t1ko ulUninptd at intimidatmjf tbnn, Ho md : ** I hi>riour 
tbc kin^ nnd roapuct tbo poopb, but manv things 
acc|uinHl by ihi,^ lavuur of catbor arc m my ncoount 
nbj*ctA not worth ambition, I wi»h popiilarily ; hat it m 
tlmt pijpuUiity wb]i.-h fulluwB not tUat whicU i» run aA«v;. 
il is t]aot ijopulority which aooii«r or later never fniU to] 
du JmUcti U» tbi^ [tunuit of tiublv euiid by iiijblu niouu,'^ 
I will not do tJiat which my cunHCiMiro t^llrt tn« tt wmnj^ 
yrjou tbie oocaaion Ut gain Ui« Luiuaa uf tbuucande, ur 
th^ daily prAiup c^f aTI rJic pn.]>er» wTiirih er^nw from tbo 
|>rea. 1 will not avoid 'loaxg what I think \s right 
tb'ju^b it Ahouiil ilmw on mn tbi4 whiiln HrULIery of 
Ubolft— ftll that faUohood and maiico can invuntk or the 
uiWiility Ljf A doluJcd popuUccr can nwAiiow,'' 

JUENict ciiAuni!ff(i A suiLLraa roE AK AFflDAVrr. 

Lord Chfumvl. lu Iriih judco wbo never thought 
of demandiii); morn than n Hbilbni;r for an AtHdAvit^ 
UA«d to Lv wqII iiutijij]Lvl, jin)vii.1od it wba a good coin. 
In hia time tlio Biriiiini:;b,im fthiltiiij^'^ v^viv fMn^nt^ 

I and be iisbd tlio ful^uwinj^ procnuiioii tii nvM i>oing 
imprhHnd on by lakit»i{ jl h«i'l ouo; '' V^i wliftU Inw Ant-wri" 
Utako to euoh ([U«tiona nn sh.xll ha drmAodod of you 


ccBtoamBft o9 uw akd lawtbbs. 

touditDg Uitt Alfidftrit, fto hrj]k yott God. Ta UiJs ft good 
Nbilliogr An tbo coulctiU or tiiU at&UvU tru«? Ia 
tluB yoar nanM mid liAitilwHdng r " 


Tktra iHhd been a rolncttitcc to rx^^rcMc the prcttffiftiivo 
tif i!Juthi<*riiif iu^c« wKiHi \\-\d ht*n dormuit durinr 
xhm torg mgn of PJimt>ntb, adi) the Abw« of whieh hii3 
MMwtiJ tucb ccftncUl iti thv tvigaa of Jm&oa I, md 
Cliarlei I- But tlwflr atmyAnn bcuijf «Me ovi^rtcifiiA wrrv 
wliolly dtsregardod. From tho time uf !>jrU Chief 
JoptioQ R&jmbrd Mttg mxpev^t^i in onl^r to mftkc 
roocD for <.1ii*f Josticu SL'ti^gf^ the hy«tct]i ivcommvncvd 
of c|p>rit)f{ Uif? bfAch Jbf pfiliticAl l^.-aztuiu» And it kha 

'BotiUnucxl till tlic tilatl wrvtch (h« prr^lvMivn of th^ jaw 
ciJuM fumiili, l>nii£f Oiitif JuAtKia of KnylHO'l, Sir JL 
Wright* Ihe la«t Chief Jwiice of Junes IJ^ lj>:cima in 
9tmiV d«grM uiil«p«a>dvQU 

In c<HiMqQ«ao« of tiia iniriMM of poiwie J"^|9V 
drtimim of kvcoionic Chiefs in bbe reign of Cbvlet JL 
wl J&inee Tl,, the ml* wju Uiil 6<>yrn at tlie HavoIiiIIoii, 
t^ & pvboe judge le coitjr to ftttvrif! one leveo on lite 
»f>poinUo«nt. uul U never egftin to Appear u Coml — 
S OnkifK C J A ^ 

Av iNcntKT ivnaz cishiiciied for mot kommttoki i 


PbofinH, in Bis KbtiotHbqnc, ilw^lla with frnset 
fecUoii vn m deckion of tlie AUieaiarif a* lu the comhtici 
of ono r»f thtir jud-^TA altUng iu the AreopAfpa*. llei 
court vat iijiun a }ii1l m tlw opvu tiir, ukd ooe lUy a 
enarrow. puntUfd 1p' & hewk. iurt«d into the midM of 
Uienk $or mfbge. It took eheltcr iu tfao beeom of oue 
ef Ibe jodgee who wee of • harnli end |tM»loiiet« ttfoper^ 
•ad lUElag hold of the liuU tr«tnVI«e threw it olT with 
eiMli vifiknoe e« to kill it <in tho >p>ii Th" y/hnU 
w*mhW «rote tilhrd viUi ifidi^Ation at tkia oneltjr. 
Tlie Jo^ge we* imiantly Ajmi^v-l for it. eii4 hy the 
unuineooe euirmge of hie o>tleif>uf« bo wm deeded 
tmd «jed«(J from hi* Mat oti the Ucich. 




A hMtY JfllOK OP ASSl^IE TRYiSn RUTrrna 

Doriit^ thc> r*ign tA Herirv Vin,.wli*ni family ^uarrola 
Aiu^Mt^ t1ii> Berki*li>ye Ttt'^n. and n riolour^ tympany of 

j\nno Ikrkcli^ nX Vato, nmil kilEM tlio door and fired UiV 
hft^rirlcA. t-hi^ tv^tnxtwi to f^nrt »iiil nindo CDn^plftini, 
Thc< Kin^ iit. rinco itAiiod n npi^ciii] ci^-niiiiisuoti iindor tbi> 
gn^nt M^M jtui.hnriiunjf hct nikd r>thcr« to inquire into 
nnd cfr trrminc thd riobi, and tnndc hor one of %ha qunruEi). 
i^hi^ rvLumod to UkiutiQ^toT, L^poni^ii Uio ci^mmidiou, ut 
on ihd hcnfh, imiwncltiHl a jury- '^'I hcArd thi^ diAr]*t>, 
Mi'l f^n n vcrdicL *jf RuUty i^rcruouutivd KonUnco ncix>iU- 

li cctuofltiiEa or law and Lftwnifts, 


~ABour TnE lAW^ ns Amrons, reforms. 



Uomts T<fkt. IB uwwer to tb« coawon Mjritig.litsdvcl 
down by lh« town clciHc of K|>>t«itiH. iliiii 'Tb* ODOTtn 
of Uw an open to aU," nwlt tliU retort ; ' Sq U th« 
iXfondon Tftv«ni." 


Moor«. til 1?**4, nAj-s; "In lyjrvi Dcnmu?! hlfl memo- 
rabU •jit^'ch vn tha Iriab SlAte Tri&Jft, thr foUowin^' 
Mutaoe^ WDQwd ■» not • lluk 'Th«r« wu it gtvat 
dofti,' bft Bftii), 'of law tak«B for granted, which when K 
nme lo b« «aamiiifid w found to b« no Uw al «IL' 
I Ibv Miue ia, I fiiar, the cat* with plfttoaopbr< and 
other icravo and ff*ind Uii^gi of Uik wond." — 
Eooni*s Diary. 

Tine DuriTfirio^ or tav. 

Ifaov di^linitinAii havo bftrn atUinpVd of iKa Uw, Odo 
of Iho uitort in OA foUowp : " Iaw la tbo itaa) of (bo rariod 
railricuoru on tbo actioDH of rmch individiuJ, which the 
Mpruno power of the Stato enforce, in ontor thai aU 
iU oumbcn may follow their oocupjiUotv with graatct 
•Mniritir/' Tlii-i tlofiaitkia, tnvtcad of npfttH^tinft tho 
body li law na f-mmatkiig of a couna of eoodiKi, coofinai 
iht abUdUoo to the mon limited |iofpoae of oontroDinji 
•oma ouly of Ihu actiooA of tatm, dthcr dimctly by re- 
U/niahag tboa?, or indiroctly by dofiniiiff fonna for pving 

l&tt: its ^trraofss, ru^omth, akd cooats 73 

greater effort to tluMn, luiil thnt rot entirrly by way <.»! 

GraitivG (jomraftncl, Wt miLmty by way of m'x'^tivo prohi - 
tion. it&Ui^poiutji to tho {[cnenil purpo«o kq>t in vi«w 
by tho supremo IfrpUUlivo pi^wcr. It dow uot inieoil 
uocc«*rily imply, ibut Lbut jJurpiMH* is sevurvd bv tho 
Tight fn^koiL It niorcl_y Ma,U^^ th» ol.iject whioh ia Mways 
profavod, or is that wLirh aljtiij caq W Iv^ttimfttoLy prV 
fuMd. The (ibj«ct mfty not be in fi^ol atUblnoctor k DMy 
bo attAiuod or Hi>ugbt to Ijo alUiueiJ by tito wrong rovans. 
Tho okMiiA, 1ioxv<>Yer, wb]c)i lu^ iiiw^'^ and tbi> Huhjcc.^ 
nmlter oa to which ro^lrlcuonB aie inipoHod, cannot ht 
SUCtly hlttt4iil or (iv^n icniioiiitA-i, for th« jumplo rauoiQ 
tbat no hmnnn uigAciiy fit ^nient^an htL% yet drflnt^iL how 
i&r th*sm rofltricUoiiii mny or ought t-J iir^ in tho TuTtbur 
dovolcmiiicrLb of modem civiHzTLUon. It^ ibiti tniiln btidi- 
DbM 01 pi^Ulitai Ln ilim^^uu u-fLtl Imd a luIutiuD foroHch par- 
tirnlar «xig«ncy. It in cnon^^h thw tbi? law propiiioi 
woll> arid dooA it« bi^^t for tliL' timv bcuifl to duuidu what 
wiUmititi^lfix^tivT^ly wf^nrethp^fencral goMl.— L r&tcrBun'a 
Lib. of Subject, 2i\ 


A leatnQd correepondont oC "Notos and Queries.'' AtK 
, vol. x:, [>. 1U(>, nay# tbitt «uou afL«r Xjuc^ MiiuvQl'IiJ, 
in L7A6» hod ovcrnilod Rovcral bngHMtablLahoil docivion^ 
juid iutnjduocd miioTttUoiui into lb* prAotioe of tb« Uourtj 
Mr, WilVirnluvm^ ni a dinner of the jiidoiiv h.tu\ coiinniil in 
Sorjv^iuitii' Inn Hull, gnvu lh<f toiutn " Tho elr>noLi» unoor- 
Ijunty of tho law." In \f^y2. whnn thn Prlnflo Hogitnt 
r«liiu|uiflbtid liii: uklrn to tbw tovpnuoii of tho Diiohy of 
Ouniwall, Sbcridftn *sp]nHinpd in 1'nrlift.rannt that H, U IL 
bad hwn LuduuoJ to Jo no by " bhu gluriouA uncnrbainty 
of U*(- law." 


Cbiiir JuKtioo Kolyng, a^ to trouon, tbua laid down tho 
lav to a jnr^' : " Ity Wvyin^ wai- n not only luifauL whon 
a body is ^jathored lo^ihrr njian army, hnl if a nompany 
of p^ple wdi so abuut luxy pubUir rvfonimtiun. this k 
h!j;il tMAAOli. Thtvii- poopin iUt prntend thrir dpHign won 


74 conioann:!* op law aeid LjivnrEBa, 

a^ftiiwi IjrotlbtiU ; now t^t tatti tu a^ vlxnit Ui pull dowa 
broibclM. with & oiptAin Ami An ^iwj^u, AivJ weft{>uiH^-^[f 

U00f> UWa, ASD l>irFlClJLTr OF l-AFonaNO TBOt 

B(>1inf;l>rc*lc(? «aiil: ' It U n vrty <«jty tiling to ddViM 
g(HxJ Uwji ; iiio liifficulty is to latkto tlicm ciUjotiv«, Tb« 
gnAt mhUIw U thftfc of tookintf opm men aj vjrtaouj, or 
thLnking tlul tboj cui bo mule wi hy bw^ ; and ootu»- 
4|iiontJy tbc jjn^tflsi art of a |-oliticiftu in ti> rr[j'iflr vkvm 


An ombwnt ochiow-I iim^I U> nay thiti lie Iiul rmd it 
liiory of a niAn wfio wa;i tnol Cbr itUtttin^ & cow, but wm 
[:aa|iiiticd,it aot Mnfcsut forth mtlM inJictinsiU wh«th«r 

jUw IkJd from iThtioo bn ntolo kt:r wu on oblong flr a 

■iwm.— Gtfit, Mps^, 1731. 


AMUhanii^ tho lnc«lli^nt foroigixr of bit d^y, on 

vtiiUni; Atboa*. and hoariog of tb« bwi of Dnioo anil 

|8(ilof»,i«]d : "All Ali« Uvu roa cab anAlcAAro but tpiilMv* 

^wU. whicU tl>o euon^ will hrtmk thtvugb, and only th« 

poor dy will bo cAi^i." 


Thctv WM oj) itiLcrval of npooo for donrottic inprov^- 
mcflt in ln4iL^ wbt^ii ibr Ctuuecllor I)e ICdii^fton ourM 
PftdiAtiiieuL tbf! &1IIOUI pt«t«t9 wb«r^ it w»i 
'AgiarlH Uiat aU pt^Arhn^ flnii jad|^ii«>ntA in tbvCbnrti of 
WcBimjudlvr libould Cur tliv fouin be in Ktiglbb. whenM 
Iboy liad b««n ta Kn:nch ov«r iium tho UoCK|Ue«t ;^-Anc1 
thai All BdiOo)aiAttt4Tnt AhMiU\ tfAch tbcir aebolAn tofon* 
MtniA in ftighA, aad not m tri^rhJi. ru* [h'^y had luUivftj 
b«m aeoaiiniied. Aldioi^^h Uio Fivocb ]aiijriiA|[ii no 
Mijc^'vd AAy loyal »uic4iuti. ti bad vucb a bold uf 
|ivAcUlioaet% tbat 11 oanAlaaod to bo volunUrily 


W turr. 



uaoil hy ih^m (lown to tbfi middle of the ofjjhltfLmth t^n- 
Utjy. TLi.-ir rvpurlx. aiid trvAlW^ luiiJ abrldj^iiitqiU are 

Comjn'd Di^OftH. fonapoved In tbo ro^^Q of Gcor)^ JJ^ 
dboul " Hii»l" »'*>'»," iir "TitlivV w " Uui^Witi^ aiuI Wife/" 
w^ mu^t look to the title* " Clwmin/' "Di*mca," &ud 
"BvonanU Kemo" 

The tftw, iia™^ ftj>nl((*n French in hor fnfjincy, bul 
gr«At di^KcuIty in dtair^iiJi; K^r <li&l«cL It ia curloua 
lliAt Ar.tpA rif VArlJAinnit I'^in^ cvintinnoEl to In* fram^l in 
Frctioh.and liiat Kronch U sull cmpioyod by tho different 
brftno^ofi of iha If^Ulaturo in tboir inLt'icounm wilh wtvli 
other. Not only i* ihn roj-n.! osAcnt ^von lt> Viih by 
thtt «(ird« ** Ia tlb't^i'D lo vot^t," but ift£it;a Qitliisr Jloust 
psAca ft tiLl tticTT i» nn t^ndoracmrnt wrir.Uiii iipon iCv 
"Solt ^ttlM aux Soi]^iit-iins ' *^ "nux Coiuiduiloh ; ** uad at 
th#i h'^ginning t»f pvriy Pn,rlinnirm thr' I^qtUs mjvkr a» 
entry iTi tbedr journals, in t'l'L'ncb. of the apppintinont of 
thfi remivf^ii iLnd Uiers of petitioi^t, not only for Kn^iAnJ, 
Init for GitHCony. — I Catnp. Live* of Clianc, 256. 

WATin-KJ* HOT AT yih-rr js K>r(ji,t!tiL 

Cok«uva in tfi« fiTy^nc^ to h'n Tbinl H«port: "It wm 
not thougnt couvDnL^-nt to publiali tboee or &ay of tb« 
CUtutw WAvtvil IK tliose days hi Ibo vul^r loirgue, lo«l 
IIm uidoftmod bjr bart^ reading with<^\it right nndf>r* 
stAndia^: might sock out (?rrorM, and truJttJii^' to th-^Jr 
rtwn romv>ii m^^ht nnHjuig'^r tltorrificlvcJS wtt\ jiontetitne*i 
i&ll into destruction.'^ 

rrtur it>7v>rErm to uk is nMir.iHiT. 

Ordinances wotV" ^uiasod, by the enlightened I-aw 

K(*roruibr« under tlio Common wealth, "fur havin^t aU 

T^j^ai rersoriiii m fh« languaffo of thn ooiintr^/' na that A 

knowledge of tho laws mignt he commnnicntoil to thow 

who w^M* t-1 obpy tbwiu TUin ]iri-|u>AiLirin tuv condiii^t- 

ing all law proooedfng^ in Kn^li^Ji wim mcJAt AtreniioiiHly 

K opji^A^. Mill vir^tut^d in ninny a iiioit> dan^nroui intto- 

B vation than tho abolition of t^a IIoura of Lnrdiiortho 

^■ORgal office. Whiklock. in intiO'hKinie it^ wai obtigod In 

76 cvBonnes op uv and LAwrBOS. 

brUfj biinadf with tbo «x&i»p1o of Uosm. and ft hoA of 
oUiet IcffiHlBloniL. vho hail ex|>ouDfl(:<il their )awH in Uie 
TtnactiiAf U>n^G. Th« r«fK>rlcre. who dclijjhted in iJie 
Noni^ui tWiioh, «vn* jurEioil&rlv <jl<itrv|>«n>uK. '* 1 Ijavv 
mftdA thue rt<|yrrts mvaIc K»i;[r4h,'' mv4 8<11«ii 1b bia 
pnAusv^ '"not thftt I Mliifvu i\ny will V* tburebj noro 
gowmlly Qwfitl. f^r I hArr» Uyn ftlwBj» aoH jot urn cd 
opinion* thftt ibat |)Ari of Uw cotntnuti Uw wbich it 
in Rnf-IUh hhih only rtt^tj^tmt^l tbo niftkinj* of unquiet 

ariu ooDUntioufly kiiow]i>£. and mora apt to omnd 
en ib»a to dofHid tb^mMFvot; but I h%vv i^one it in 
obcdieiiefl U> uthority, «biI to stop clio moiilhs of mdi of 
tliii Engliflb M wbo, iboDgh (b«y b» coofiwtdly diOWvot 
in Ili#^r mindii ftod jud^nmU, fui ihn bislldcru 4if Btbel 
«m in tbctr Language, y^rt <lo think it vain, if not 
kD|iioui, Ut Kp*»k tr UDdrmAftDd mnro than their own 
wodior ton^uo." So Bulnttodo. in tho i>t«fiu:« to th« 
M«<Mkr) pari or hiA lUporta, &«>« that "ha had many 
yoan aiucn pcrfMiUd tho work in Frcncti, in vhiui 
lui|gaa^ Ii9 Vad dciirtd it might have roth tbo U^fht* 
bfring BOat pmfieT fur it, aucI mwt f^nvcuiont for the 
pro&aofB of the Uw" ISut tbo K«felot«ii(in broii^bt back 
raoiman t'n:firhtf> ibr rrpriitii, &nd batbanvTiH Ijiiin to the 
WW Rcordu, whitli OTtitiniirtl till CLo rdgn of Uwrgo U^ 
— SOunp- fjTttiofChanr., ^. 

LAW pftoctsDfSoa IV i^ou&ii AT riBffT orfCHca 

Lord Raynaod in 1731 (then Chief JuMiea) oppo*«d 

in Ihfl HouM of Lonii the biU vhkh propfjvd to mvi 

that all ]<yal procoadiogB >boutd bo condnctod in tbo 

B^jl^'**' kiifpiaf£<^- He Ihpnftbt bait«rou> t^iin in 

KnclineBta much better, tbouijh qoito vnintelliiciblo to 

Hho party accuaed^ llo ridictuod the bill, and UioQfrht 

'ha atBxnp«<l it with folly by nyinj; thin: "Upon thU 

phuci).iJr. ill ui uctiuD to be trivd at futnbivke or Caer* 

aurrou, the dMrtanii<»n and p\ra ougbc to be in Vr'ftbK" 

TbaDokeef Ars:>ll o^uiu^owily ai»woi«d,'bo was glad 

Jmpmvtkt^ thai Hit noble and learned lovd, perha|»H aa 

prba atul learaod m any Uiai cvvr ittt in Uiat Uoune, had 

moUiii*^ Wtier to bfing forw&nl t^aiaat the UU iMt a 



LiW: m lUTHOftfl, BWOBIU, 13EI> COUBTB. 77 

tjmo lament tho chan^-u tht^o jutradu<.-^vl on the ground' 
lliftt, jLlLliuM^tj tt iui;;Ul l>^ iiii»t«rial Tor Uiu |iBit'lL>n l^Dlh 
in civi[ i^nd criTiiihfil jir'x.^oc'.lL til's to liAvesomo notion of 
whut iH gom^ on, tht^ u^^u of thi* Law Latiik pravwitvd 

fdnoe bocome. 1 mAy hkewiso lucntion tbo ruling <7r a 
WuUh jiiilgifr i>.K)iiti thirtvyvAr* n^^u on a trijil for m^jrdi^r, 
tliAt tbs jodlotmcnt luid tho cvi;ionci} niiii^t uot bo jiitor- 
[iivU>d iato W«l«b for tho infoirnAti-rrn of th* priaotkfr, 
AM tbAt woald Tkj <Mntmry to tho "Utiitc of Qoor^c 11., 
which tvquitL^ nil procifod 111^4 to \nj carried on ta tbo 
Knglinh lAn^iui^."— 3 OuQpL CJ.h, SLO. 



fa Llw Spv^ttitor, No. 35), A wriWr aayH : " Aflkii* ol 

oonBequence having brought mo to to^A*n, T W! thA 
ctiiioHlty thi> otbpr day to vlwt WMtiuJiuUr HaIL and 
liAvirig plAiyd myhftlf in nnn of tho cvmrLv, fixjipi^t^l to !:>« 
moat a^rooably onUjrtainod. Aflor iho Court Aiid counsel 
wcfe witb due cdriTuiony nt-AU^l, 0]> ^tAodn a I^afji^ 

SQtlomAn. and bc^u : ' Whork this matter wab lAst ^firiyii 
fwQ your kjnlnhipA / Ihii n^it liUTtihLy roi;fvaLt to fUfuA 

Ml indii^niAnt; Another complAincd thni hh tidvcmay 
bad m^afpcd u jud^uitnit ; Uik? n^^xi iitformcd thij (Jiiirrt 
thai hin dinnt WAX Mi^ipjjrd of hU poMianiont; ftnothor 
bigged !i»vu to AC^uuinl tboir lordihips Umt UtL^y hjul 
hfcnaaddUd with avifM. At [A^t. up ^t a (^ikV? urjcAttt, 

And toJd UM tis cliout bod bu«u huntf up a whole ti»rin by 
A writ of frTTor. At tbii I could AlAiid ii no brngi^r, but 
aun^ bitbur uiid rvaolvcd t<j apply niyaelf to jour Honour 
to itit^rqKHi.- lA'Jtlj tlivw ^iiUnaovti, tliAt Ui^-y wuuld Ehlvq 

offeuchlow AuduQtiAtuLiLl diproteiotia: for eu rely, tht^Uf-b 
Ube lawyerv nubm^nbtJ to bideoua Fruucb and fafw LatLii, 
yei thor hbould lot tb^ir clients havo a Liitlo di>ccnt and 
proper Knglijfh f^r ibiyir monoy." 

TiiE pn»^iTMmns that y.\rn KNon^ tiik i,aw. 

If it Wftrft oncfl Allowed in AiVH>*er to any complftint ol 
violation of tho law to aot up tho defence o^ Ignomiioo, 


CV1U0IIIT1£« 0¥ UW AKP I^aWtlUUl. 

lli*o Ui«n m»*t be ffmUtiorm tjf i^onttioe amJ ^mdt- 
IImui of d«fnu]l« anH n pivlimirury ini]ij|ry In tt^t 
owit fts to whotbvr audi t^nunBce warn nial or iMtaiDod, 
cul|iftli)« nr nmocnnL 0»n wcnld Tw ffiUHnl to urgo 
Hint ho Ikvl DQVor rv^ivcl any nlucntiqii at mW ; ^aatbtr, 
lliM he WW about to Htuilr Uio Uw. but h&j not yet 
ndvuiccd »tiflioimt]jF ; & Utint, Uutt bu hvl idikIc an 
oflbrl to 1f4km, but <«uld find no niHkicnt tcofhrm; a 
foQitlu tli&t he hftd to ^"ct bia Uvin;;. or hiwl no KuindQnt 
nUMH^ Olid •(> bod nu irimiirv , « lIRIi, tfi&t h« had afipLied 
lo tbo wliMl peraon wiUuQ hia ita^ b, and bad b«vn mmvA 
hy tfatf iufonasUvii bu rcvrivud; uiil Ji iLxtL, tijst bo bftil 
made canful l&i^iiirv, &iid foutad tb« bi^be^b AatLorltlM 
mpmSlf wii« uhI Wrubty on botb Me*, ukd wm uaikblo 
to decide whk)i »li<niM Im^ bi» gvido. It migUt b« uk«d, 
if aucli in<[uiriv« v^rv |><Kuailtvii, whiU materialM «i3U«t to 
aoablo Any onrirt i«tuilartiirily lo liJupoao of U>rib, Tho 
IttUrior ot a nuui'ii nlnd k twyond tho mftch of ioqiiir^. 
To oatWvoar to dittrovcr Ibo aocrvt fLifringn ot thoii^bl — 
tiio ^bgreo of nfloetioo given to any cia« »ubj«?ct' -tbc 
cJoDDcnta of Bdf-Qiiucntioii, or tbo impulic giv«ti to tbo 
mind by the common knowludfcn pmvided by Lbir «chooU 
— wilb wliut [KMbiblo ctrtAiiity c^n any ihird \MXly «t< 
Uiu]ib to wlvc no isdfratablc a problpui f Hciko tbo 
courU wineJy aboncloii tlio iiap«uUo U*k, vid trtnt all 
alilc? as incvinpFt^ut to t»t up any ouch drt«nfe, IcAvh^ 
uacb to liiid out fijr htioftdC Atid in nU otrn way. wbat<r>r 
he wartUv aD<i U* Uke tbo ri»k of his want of lci)oirl«dgo 
ii it maf turn cue 

Thi« thoory, bo«^T4r, vt» dtr[iart«^ from ia « cuo 
wbMva man, ina vhip on tkt coaat of Africa, did an aot, 
on June :£7> for vhicli h* couM not harv bwti puniflhid 
cxoopi ttodci- on Act of PatliainMt which had fm-md 
oa tbo provioui )lay lU, but Ui« knowJvdga of whidi 
atatuto oonid not b&re rcAchcd him at that rfoaoto plaoeu 
no jw|p» oonourvd^ tbai it vrEniM b« ttD|ii«l Co p«iniifa 
him. Ihongli tocrhnioally be wa« gtuliVf an<l roeoninkaided 
a pardon to bo obtained. Am oxccftkm to tfae nilo, that 
ignoianoe of tba kw >a no oxoaw. oxivU in tbo caa« of n 
Jailga wlio; Vkbtalciiiff tbe law. b^la injwAioo on anodmr. 
-^1 Patenou'a IiiU Sobjeot, l&X 


L&W; ITS AUTBOKR, iU:»glUI«, AKU COCitTlJ. 70 


Siifnptuary Inws, that im **> 8aj, JftU'* which jir^rMi to 
rogulaUp lulnut^Ty wli&i (mopli^ bhall e&t dud drink, what 
gup«tA thfiy AhAlt (inUrtAin, trliAt clr^t^f^ they shnlt w^or 
whflt Armoiir Ihey «hall poMOfts wbut limll le to bi* pit 
in Mipir proprty, wWt fni]n'iw-'< f.hi*y Ahoiilil inciir in 

rir ftmnnvU. wVro conaidorod by the caily and mijdle 
DA ivtiti>lut^l3' n*>rcn*.Ary foi' th** projHir ^'o>'i'niuiu»t 
ni mankind. Thn lL^;^Mfiituvn of nil r^^a. iiittil iho lAht 
two ctotiiricd, took lor i^iunUii, thnt ih'.y cohIH Tii>t citowo 
but Iny down nil^yi of thin mimit-! pirmfrnal oiid liar^Mtin^] 
dmcHptiun, Of all r^u^^b drEuih-v tti'tlonEi m to tho proper^ 

buFcini^» of ^orcrnmcnT, Alontnij^iic Aptty dlspMc* in & 
w.vniviLcM? : "To L'D*i:t that iitiiK- but priiioisft vhnfJ «it 
lurbolj h1i&L1 Vp-p-ir v*lvi*t 'JT jfuUI law-n iiitrcly «et« nvtry 
luiin uioiv Li'^ot: t^ cat u,u<1 T^oar tliviii." 

Some fiuui[]tiMry Inwn went irxttav^^nut leniEtlu, but 
tAch probably had some evil of tJio tim* in view. 
'HWriuv ivi(l4^d &u c^djct jtj^Hiiii^it pvopU kliudiijE istuih 
''llier wbcfi tht*y mot^ ftml agnin^t lAvttm-kw-p^r* s^llinj;; 
yojiUy, JjvourpM «v«n prohibitvd finely d^^qoraHtvd 
cijiliogs ftntl dooM.— 1 Pfll*r»on"* Lih Siibj/t^*. 

QUtt r001> ONce LIMIIED »V STATOTi:. 

Our own l<i;;ie«Uluro bad Ibi' otrutunidtt v«ry decld&d 
lions OS lu ihQ Pjoil that nu^ht to be mtlowed. An 
nerdiimiici* of Edwurd HI., iu 1331^, ]>robibitod anr Eaan 
havinjf 1U01V lluin two t-oiiT^ff'A nt uiy ihpaI, KaiiFi ui«44 
vrftB to hdvo rjn]y two 8ortu of vlctiinls and U was |»>- 
i«tib«d hi>w fur c^i^i? L'iuM mJx t^aucit with Imm |)ot4>^ 
frxcept on c^ttnin fcB»t dftyi?, whpn tlinxr crniTsca nt rao«t 
wore dllownbli-H I1i« i^iAtuto erf J>it;l uf l:4(i:( c«njoJti«d 
tlifvt Ar^n'AntA of IoMh »]ictu1i] luivr once ud^y tlcsb or foh^ 
and rviunAnu of milk, butlur. nnd ch^ne : nud ftbova all^ 
ploufcliiiii^ii wnrn to obt motkmtely. And tlie procludft* 
lioDA of Kdwiud IV, nnd licury VIII. ujvd to nriitnuci 
;«xeeHN in uitinj^ nitd diiTikiDtf. All prt^viouH tit&tutoa as 
atiAUiininz ftxtm meat and fantiii^ w«ro ivpuoltxl in 
timir '<i ivdiaul VI ; )i"l by r»i»*v rrMttctMicTir^, fttnl in 
F^irdvr tlmt lirtln-TJiion iimy livv-. all pomuib woro Kmud 

80 cuAKmrutt ov iaw ^v tAytr&m. 

un>]«r ft ]i«i»ftlly iioL to oai IMi on KridityK or S^unJ»v»^ 
or ift Ltni, tli« old 4B(1 ih« alck cKd^fiCod. The |ieiuiqr< 
in QuMD KlinWtti'a tiioe wm no [ow tlsui tlirw pouBib, 
or UiTo» moRlW ki»pnfkonak«itt ; but it wa« At ttt« «vn« 
tiiM ftddod, that, whoerer proachod or laaghl tltat oaCJuJ 
of fi*li wu of nccouity for ch« ttvios of tli« njiil i7' 
i&Ai^ or wan the wrvtco of Ood, won tnlin jiubLiImkI «■ « 
■Ekr««d«r of fjdiM ntw>. Add ou% wMt*kontoaoiiotinco, 
llkfet the tAtlag of fiib wu «Aforc«d, not ciot of mpctni* 
tiou, but aoJcly out of rntpoct to i1)<r incr*«Mr of fUUtntttii 
■nd nuiiicnc Tha irxfmpiion of tbr nic-lc from tJi«M 
peBkltM wu aboliibiMl bj Juum 1.; mauX jiudicaA wa 
Mrthon&ed to enter victuAilms hon«(B uid BfiaTC^ for and. 
forfeit tbo mut found tbcrc^ All tlio«c mpovteious | 
efuctuicnr^ have htMa iwrpt awajr in tftc rvign of] 
Victoria— 1 P«tcrMo*ji LIU Subject. 435^ 

out DItaS ones aRUCUTED BT ffTATCTV. 

TU Btfttutie of !>ici Aiid Ap|iftrel in irEtiS. mnd Iftt^r 
■totntc^ loi&utcly lUcd ll^c proper droH for ftlE cUuvMh 

ftOOOnluiff lolhcir cvtatr, &Jid the phm they wvn.* to Pftjr: 

hathlicniJUnMin ntrt not to wear dotbcn vjdu«<i ab^vo 
furtjr itiUliiifpt uid ibcir fjuiiities not to ■'eAr nik. fur, 
or bUIc vdvtti; and mj vriUi gentlenun and ivquiraw 
monrbuiti^ kniifhta, and d«qp-, aooonliug to gradations 
Plotjffkman wer« to w«ar a blank«t ancTa Unan ^fdl«^ 
No ftvnalo MoDt^ln;; to iha family of a Mrrant in 
hiubandrjr wa* Uj W'.'jur a rardlo gamUhnl with nlvcr, 
£r«ry pomm boomtb m lord wiu to w^v ■ jackol rMub- 
ing bin knara, and noMr but & lord weia tA wfiar pakaa to 
bk ibooa «uoDding two iochML £4abody b«i §, nMmbar 
of tbo rc^ral bmUj wui to wear oio4h nf (coLd or purpla 
■Ik, and none under a knirbt to wvftr rclvot^ <Uintek, or 
■atin, or fardfEn wool, or fur of ^Uo. It in tnicb imU 
vitliatandintf all ihcM roatHctUaia, tliai ft licence of tha 

kiag coaUed tli« litviiB^ to vvnr iLiiythiif^. Fur on*' 

wbota income vu tindfr IwirnLj- pjui^<U to mrav ailk in 
buniglitaitr «>» to incur tbrvti uiotiib« unpraooaiaiak 
or ft fine of t^n pouttdn a dajr. A&d ail abore ilie afa of 
als, except ladiei and (*efttlan««i« wsn bound u> waar on 
the Sabbath day ft cap of knitted wouL 


UL-w: ITS AUTeo&s, SEFoa^ia, asd odubts. £1 
Tlioa^ ftCatutoa of ftpparel vera not ropoaletl Ull the 


Syr1n<>y Smith x^yn : " Tt in itikpomiblf^ to innkfl «ji iin- 
wjucatod man xmdisnUind in who.! mojuLor a binl hatcliC'l, 
nobrHly kaowA vh^m^to-dAy living in my lirlil^ (i>« 
morrow in yotim— ehoiiid bo qa slrlctly ^jrojxirty as ihS' 
gpOA*v whos* whole hi&tory can b*^ trjic^ in tlio naoal 
ftatfaonUc and anUsTArtorr mAOnnr fmin tho cjtS l^ ^^ ■^piC^ 
Tbo arguiueiitd on wliii^h tliiM di^pond^ Ar« #j contrary to 
tho tjotiftns of the poor, so inriiL;Tnftnt tA thnir pn-wioa'^, njid 
pcrhapa bo much a1>ove th^^ir compn>bRrulQtii(, thnt ibny 
ftTo toinlly unavailing- ThesAmn m&nwho wftold rrjipftct 
on OJ'diatU, a giirJeii. ur a licu-nMwt, eeur4?cly tbiulti he in 
ooroitiiUinz Any lAult At all in mvAding thr an-xti^ f*avfn 
of bin ridii:r neighbour; and as soon an Tio bi^cumoij 
n^Arif^^t 'A' ]iotii"4l ui-luatTy hU Ur^t i^^'^i-Ula is in plundcF* 
iiig tbti ri<;h uiiL^a^^iiic o^ J^OTce, pbt-'aauiM, and partiiclj 
— tbu tij[j Aii'J buHrrtn dinhi-s which on evtry siJe of 
vlllft^'u are runrtiti;; ^r»d flying ff('f>>nT Wis «VLta. A^ lb«Bft 
tbiu^ cbritiot Ia' d<riji^ witti Haff^ty lu thv uuy, thvy uiimt 
bo doD«t in tho ni^hl; And ia this inAnnor a UwteaA 
iaaniijd<ir w ofUrn fonuvil who I'roceedK froiuohH mfring^ 
Biont of Iftw And pr"kpnrty U» Anf»thpr, t.tLl h'^ brc'-Tn*H k 
thoroij^'hly bftil iini corrupted inonibor ^^f BomLy."— Edio. 
lUv. 1H19. 


That wamu kiad u£ ptovliion tau4t bo xaado by tho 
prMipi?roort for thfl puor, in order to luivii t!io Ijiltcr from 
pL'rlihJui; by aUrvflHtitjn, is alnioot wir-^viduut. Thu diili- 
GuJty hAd b(?en in diii^ovt^rint; tha IcAnt objf7C^ionA)^lt^ iT^odo 
of acbioviiij^ thia ruuiUt. Tbo fubiuEU of Uli> v*irih luuut 
JQ ttoinft w&y bo mAiJu to supply Uu^ budi]>' wnotti of aU ; 
andyetnomeroufi other UndoQcloa&Dd inHintU of human 
n«tiim iiitiqt Iw cifU^idered in tho DiAchiut^ry. T<t allow 
evon a fhtftrvlng luan to beJp htraadf out of tho first BJid 
rtmdit^t pixiptiiiy which ooniev iu hit vi-uy -wonhl IcHil Ilj 
JM oorifitAnt WAT, blood^h^d. And initatLon; And tljiUTCforo a 




fnrODHouii irimlc of i«taifjing i1i« neo<1>' atJil (Impfliliof; 
tbo ric^i mutt bo invcntgd, br whicti ti>^ii)iiii tu«jr to 
*«t to ihc T»^ of tinD;*cr, and ^nhn lifi pv>(irwl into the 
woundnoftHmo wh<ne property, u^icb u Ui«rir lifd^blood, 

U bjift UtA imhi Lhftt ftB |)Oor lawa &r« grtae^y uqjusu 
bMftaae th«r Uk th« iiii3u»lncjtj> to ftfed tbo idh «ful 
|Bofligftte, "Bfit it hiu t^^ti ai)tly unHur^tYd, UiAt> If tliere 
won no HUi^ u>;iiM niv^.lj' ^Kifi vliat ou^lit Vt bo 
ilie omnmon burden of til to Chi> »<lkuiiM«rt of tl>« f«v 
who wn always ooiwO^rtU Bod buu^unv. — 2 pH£«no&*# 

TMK rooa law-i — luiw par LPPKiEar. 

By ill* BOW «ii'Min^ mAT^inrn-, wbich, boirevct <aita- 
bmu, ftcu vlth ccrtAinLy. aii<1 cftn bv broiicht to b<^ on 
Mcb miJiviOual ca^k-T ut it ariw^ it cftn wdofn happeo, 
ftXCCpt by totDO mmituil dtlinqursnry or tf^^firculy ^CM 
crimtiwl a|«tliy of the glliciaU. UiAt may onir itadirtduftl 
nw'iiihftr of the oommunity, boircvcr nbanin^ cwi be left 
Ui ili« of HtftTVALion. whiLt«v«c be hn minfortunufl or wlial' 
ever bU dcm^ld»c:(c-tipt indtM it Ik, UuU wme false 
vhamu oti ibe |iftrt of th« iumwIooia. ^>r wjioo iccitlunt 
for which none can be blunftble, pr&T«iitA ihHrQttM bebi^ 
ktidwn &nd •» bniugbt within the roAob of U>« mLchiiiory 
pruvidt?<i. Anil (lie whot« a & nvah which rvfl^cU tlift 
ai^«at i^lcit?- on iho t^giaktur* of my &»intry--thAl !t 
baa pTOvvlv'i a invAiM wliich «imble4 vvrry hiupt&n b«tnig 
to bi auppliod iribh 4t loaai ndidtnt n^ri for llA^ 
tluwgh it m to be ^I'cn i&«ucTi sw&yftn nt^itbT to iijvi 
til* nclpiont ror ihoco vbo are the invoIontAjy donofi. 
Tho cumbvtiua and far-fotdiwl mothod of doin; tliif toay 
adroit fit many imfimv^tniantii in d^tAU: but it niiMt 
nIvayK npr>nu- a monumcat of human wivoom, for wb;ch 
wc arv ioiicbtcd, not to the Greek* or tbe Ttamaiu, nor 

even to our eommcn hiw, but to tJiat fortunate jcyrt^m of 
gOTentBkcni whicb allowi iho luvdnhipa and vaota of 
every chca to rcub tbo t^n of thoao who mm not too for 
removed in irympotby and aelf-int^rert, and who an? both 
•bio Old wiuiDf to alkvlftte Uun.— t Pfttcraoa'a Llb^ 
Svbjoci, 1)9, 



law: lift AOTHOKS, lLRr&ll)&, &»D CODIETS. 63 


From ihf monlh of thftt t^iiW l>UcV-t^l(i>r Uwypr, S*r- 
jctant Md^'nari, oamo cvro of tho most felidtous snyli 
in tbn Kri^tJHli Eiin;^A^ J^fTi^yt Imviii^ onco ndcl 
tAutLt<^d him wUh having grown m <*\d an to forgot liu 

Uw, ■■ Tri|p\ Sir I.Ji>rtr;;o, r^plivxl Iw ; '' I hft¥« foi]|(OttO] 

Wli^n thn Princfi rrf OrAii;^i firat tnolt up !iU qnftrtftm 
.tt ffhitohnll, on Jamon'ii flight, ^LrTornrit public badi^w 
'WCtaltnl iii:idri?««r-« tn tiim, an<l Mwnard c-aiho nt th& 

dead of tho men of the ^awti- Tlio Priniw lonk noUco of 
liiM great n^, aiid oboiervvd ho m^ml havi^ outlived nil Uie 
Uwyuts of hiFE time. * U yaur Itighneu," siuworod ho, 
" ha/\ not GoiEie over to our o-iJ^ 1 abould h^ve outlived 
the law itself" 

WeoQght tovahosHtill morn highly Serjeant Mnynard'a 
(ncamiiuuontho gi<eat palladitim of our frix^dam, "TnoJ 
hyjuiy/ uud bo, "b the subfi.'ct's bii-thriaht and mhotit- 
anoa, AAhid Undnarc; and witLout wbicit he is not aura 

^to k*6p thom or ftnythiug tbo. Thin w^ty of trj»J i« hid 
Rmoe aiiid protocLion Af^mit ol) frauds And aurprbc^ and 
i^^n^t &]i «Uirui« of jiuwur." 



AQtrritonwhohAVolottcbod upon our jnrMlo&l ht^t^ry 
hAvv highly oxtollod iUrt 1#^1 impri^v^mftntA whk'h dih- 
tin^ui^hcd tho n>i^ri of Kdward J,, without giving tho 
ktigijt«L4t fiiuiit for th«m to any ont* r^xo^pl thn iCing W\m* 
mM; hut if hoU tobodcnoniini^d tho RiL^liAh JuaUninn, 
it vhould hi: uiftdc known who Wi^m tho TribouiaTiii who 
wnro fiinpioyril hy him; and tho KnrjU^h tiation owon 
tt dnbt of ^I'ltituilt! to tlio ChnritHillor*. who mu*t havo 
(i-fttnrd and rcvLwil thr stftttjl*'.'* which arr the foundatHif-n 
of our judicial tyiitiTni, — who niufit. by c-xplanatiou and 
ftrjjftiTniMkt, htivt* obtainrd for them the unction of Par- 
lituuL'n^- and who luuAt h«vi* watcht^d ovf-r thoir cuu- 
stniHiou tiTiri iipi^rAtion vrhL'ii thi^y fint paiai^ into \aw. 

I/>Td Ciui>phi>U r«joiood In thing t&rayjuatico to th1^ 


iiwuiwy of Robott buniel.claddiedlj' Uw fioEt in thin cWa, 
ftnd in mttfacUniE notioft io hm tnntfmm*, wlia uAJkfvl in 
hii foUAt«p^ Bo Md that to tlraiQ. too. wq ftti> probikbly 
iniMitcd uir Uio UtAtuci i-ntittcd Flflu And /fnVton, 
whkli tat Mid to bavc bcicfi wriitca at thu rcjuo^t of tho 
King.ttbdtrbich, thovjih inferiur iu vtylv AndarmAj^GOuMit 
to BnKt<m^ ATO woiulcrful p^rfurmuicoi for such An o^ 
And mike Uio |t«AfliLioQvfii of tlM pnsMtkt <Uj, who uo 
b«wililen7<i in tat mi^nt of an [tntacttae If^ libtuT}', envy 
ibo ewd fviWoo of Uiu^r jiredoonBonf, «'ho. in n. few 
nMiLutvCTipt voluEpM, (yipiLvl hy Lh«ir ovn h&nJ» unl rc^i- 
dtiunUy AccotopAajiiig iLmn. ODuld apMidily wad dcwty 
diicor^r aU thAt WA4 kiKiwn on or«ry poiuL thai mighi 
AriM.— I CAzap, LIvoa of ChancL, l&D, 


Lont CAbpbclL m 1^<% olacrvod tbAt it maat lio 
Admitted UiaI JuiidicAl vtiUuij U a dopArtnwat of btor»- 
tttr&in whieh tlio EnglUh Iiavo h^vn very ddoctivo, A^d 
in wlnoli UiQ>' am f[TQAUy cjccvllod by tbo Frvodi, Uk<t 
OeraiAibt. AiuE even by UiO Sc&lch. Th« preset lUto of 
ttw ounuoou Iaw may now jirobAbly bo but loAravd fnwi 
tbo Not«A of PatUtton and WiltiAiBs, or SenDAotWiltiAiw' 
KuCce t« S«MBd«n's Beportit <if Gmob deroded m tho 
rain c( CWlea II.. And wriU«a In KormAn-Freiicb^— 
1 CwiiK liTCHofOiftnc., 160. 


CIiaHm Yorko told l>r. WarburiMU Umi tf Blackidono'd 
ConBaentAriiM liad beoa ptiblUfced wban he bogAn Um 
■ludy of Iaw, it would Lavo «Av«d biia tli« raAdiBg of 
IwaIvo hcitin in th-^ lUy, T)i« wAtk, w>ik4i pror^d of 
to niQcb AdTAnUm to tlio Iav itudont* vaa od it» Ap|MAr- 
AnooEpx«U<l i«illi Uiv mwvn and whi^fkarvd ooniutM of 
wany of our MAck-kttcr lawytjr^L It bvcAOo tfao biliioik 
Aaioo^t A c^Uin rikJd lo dncry iL A |^tJoiBA« trM told 
by one who prided hinuvolf on btiiv of tbo old Achocl, 
(aaI tkvr» WM sou^y ofto p^go Id IBAekvtoaio in which 
lii«r* WTM notobo faint principto Aod two doubiliil pdiw 



ciplcA bUiU-i] ju iimloLEtiti-il Iaw, Hnrnc Took'-, who wn* 
olwAya iLinbiliniia of n li-^d ivnotiitLon, duclomd tlmt "it 
wftM iL good ^ciitleEnikn K Jaw book, tlt-ur L>ui not deep.'* 
It Wft\ in t^hort, obnoiidUA to c^na chargi?, %'i2,H thnt it wwi 
mtclligilltL Mr. Hutginvo (*<w a cpoctoiofi of ihut ^i:ut]«- 
nioni eloqiicni:^* urulcv the hoad of " Convey»necra'^ 
in rvpiirtcd lo lifix'c ^aid, thut ''any lau'yor wlia write* 
Jio clearly aa to be int^Jlij^blo wan flli eiittny to hi» pto- 
fcnaioih" This accMDuntcd for Ibu unfcivoiinLblL' rxjcoption 
which BUfkitone'e Cutnin«niari« met willi frcmi aornc 
quArtv3a.^2 Law an J Lawyers, i3. 

UAm.-JUvi: AS a i-uual autiiuic. 

Hu^mve, (Jiti ETitiinviit cOTnitiJ.-riLnt/^r ori Cok■^ di«d 
__lo€tcd. He woji, to be euro, with all Lia le&roiDg;. 
r^nily prvducibitt in ariy jiidkinl L^jTtct<: a»d }&tttfrly 
Ills Diind wikA dE«if7k>kv], in^tomiich that whca Ik w&q 
brij();-ht to Lincolo's Imt to voU* ha % Bencb«ir in ttn; 
cbc>u* of ft Prf:*r:b'r, aiid hi* vol* yttm o1^pi:t4^d t/i, J^ltyl 
said that. " in&toad of boin^ deprived of his votfl, hd 
utighl to be allow^t'd twu Tutv\ for Jjd waji ow. IfniiU 

It waH owiiijf U> iu\ iuilriiiily of Hnrirr4vo (ono of the 
Mmioi' oouiiwt in tbu Ulir^]fl«i HospitAl oA.irj. whtcli 

■ittttiQd biui tu l«HV^ tbe court tw^ or thz^O tiuitia 114 the 
middlo of liin ai^m^nt, aud wbich ft i>rulrtu:ti^d tb« 
hauutfi: chat it Lad to Lu adjuamud till mni maroiii^, 
that EivLijii.', ihv next jtihi<^[' couiihdI, haul ati uppoc^ 
tuEiity of prvpanii^' hia firet kuinioi'tai Hpoeoh rit^Kt lut^ni' 
ian, &nd wbicn wa» %ht» taakiit^ of Jib fortune. 


hard llcilt wasi iiaid tro baTO givivn hin un^nAricd 
doTciion to tho laur und to Jiin bminoaii owin^ to thu dii^ 
taaie ho hfid for I#ady Holt* si^fildina: proprftnitir* Judge 
JKtbcrt, who wi'ole lo ^lany cswiloot Jaw booka, ihat 
Itmudf up in hui pbamhrm in Knjr/int'* Inn for Ihfi 
aaino fignijn, Tlit' mm^? chnnwlurif^tii,' v-'oa noticed in 
Lord Cuk<* And Lord Chftnc^Ilor I'ACk^n, and to some 
ifXContio Lord Halo ikrid Lord UancLiold. 




fticrovnctti of law cAiti:iL 

LofO Cb&Dccllor Hucoiurt bmios to liftvo given mortal 
fot^f^f to Vvraop, Ih* roport«r, wlro prtc4i>«(rB« » rciuiiMl 
^'uUtlj- bolbro tiim. but tttaUfuUy ■uppT«noB lii» bc-^l 
d«cUioi». «xl gtfw doubtfuT oocH. <3«» 2 Veruoo, 064^ 
OCfk) Iford QuDpbtll aQq^cUil tliat tbft rapoftf?r taky 
havo b«m « Wbi^ and copied >Jie ToTY blftckmnitli, ttbo 
in rfiDuiikfr ihtt bnneof It "'^i^' RlwAjniLinittl him. 

Lord CampMI mta tat Ia hi« own worlr m h rtpoft^r : 
*W1i«tt I wu A Niii riiuH npoTUr, I hft^l ft drnvor 
Rurlud *ikd Tjiv.* into whtclk I threw nJl Iho c&mbi 
which Mcnwd itnixxipcriy rulvJ. I wui flotptcnxl to hcftr 
Sir JaniM UukilicJO, CJ-, wy; ' Whocwr rt«dfi Cuno- 
bcU'« lUporU Burt be a^rtoDuhod bo find how nmfbmJy 
Lord KlEt^aboroujfh'a dociKioout vcrv rigbL' Uy rrjt^tcd 
CMDft, which I kqilod a eunMity— notroalidouBly — wcro 
aII burnt in Iho m*t firv in thp* Tcinpb when X wu* 
Attonuy UtficnL^i Cunp. Cbftoc^ 4.&S, 

A LAW fttroBTTX AS A PtlPKTn-JtlAX. 

Titfr auLhur or R«ble'» Rfipori»> wlioh an t«ry poor 
praduaionti, wm no4 &»r|Mini KMf, &« Lord Canpbdl 
MBUnMd, Ijui ODO Joa«pS Kettti, wlio wv one of the 
ooCBuUkiiiea of IlMiipil«ad. He had » niiaU nUto at 
HofUMOd, wlun be ]iv«<l dirloff tbe neatioa H« 
uavftlly vtlbvil to H«op4t««l; attd n Mr. KvUv, » bouk> 
ailJAr in VU-^t Sin^Tt. a rokUw, idhvI to r^latv Utai JoAeph 
generaJiy MtfccowtL the walk in Ihv uiom number of 
bI4[^ wUtfi wtfif grttvcly counted by hiio. 


Kr OeOTge Bovr. vbrn at tlio bar, huviiw tbo note- 
book of Iho regular rvf-urttr gf Lutd ll|dut?ii decisioiu 
pat bio bis ba&d, witb m reqiUBi Ibftt Im wi>«kl ukr a 

noif for him of anv litoiauo wbidi Bboutd hv givi-n, 

catered b U the foltowiBg Unoe as a full tt<^.-T^ of alt 
tbAI waa nattdal. which had occurrvd duriuji ihv day >— 

" Mr, Leacb 
MaJt! a Bpwoh* 

Mr. Hftrt. 

Ou the olhur part. 
Was l«avi', 'lull, wnl iongj 

Mr Parker 

Mario 111*" cwi3 fUrW'>rH 
Wliiuh woa dark «ni:^ugh without: 

Mr. Cyjk*i 

CiWM.1 his book, 
Alt'! tho ClianwHor a*ij — T (loubt* 

I^UjVn d't-Aprit, flyiJifr about Wootminjitcr HaU, rcachccl 
the i-'hunccUurr whtj wni very tiiuoh amant^d with it, 
nntwiihstfindm^ trUa ftUusion to hb doubting propensity. 
Soqu itiUr, Mr, itose liaviDg to arguo before him t vtry 
ofitcnftble propoHition. he gave hU opinj^^n vtvy gravely, 
and with iiitiuilc g^i'auju und feLiL'ity Lbua coQutud«i] : 
" For thf»e r^OAotw tlie JLidgiueTit Tnnsi h<* ag&inal your 
dienUi; &ud hvru, Mr. Ro«o, the OhaucuUor does not 


A dockmAtory sipp-iilcor [Randlo -Ttifiknon, counnffl tot 
tho KoMt India Comnaity]* who dmjn.wd nU twhnltuiUUus, 
and tiiod to iitt^mn uic I 'ourb by the for^o of c1ai:|ucnc^< on 
one occasion, when ultoriTig Ihc^ao word.-i, " In tlii.^ hook of 
nalurv, my Ici'd*, it is written — — " wu.i ^Itjrmpiil Ly this 

((jucAiion i'rom tho ('liicf Justice, Lord ElluiiburoUirhf 
" Will yuu liavv thv guodm-a^ to rnvntion tlio [>ngf>, sir, 
if yon pkmuj I " 

o^tiL r}cw«i»('tt pgVDi^ B^miR tuah otuua pbople's 


r>3pd*ellrir lUnlwicko saiil of a Scof^h Uw boolc 
called " IXrkton's DoublB"--'bein^ adlacita&ioD of «oT6r^ 
moot p4»[itM in thut Invr : "HivlutonV doiiblH aj-v bL'tt^r 
than moat pooplc'ac«rUiaUc«." 


cnuosrnEs or law akp lawv£j:3. 

LAW ftUHMfll. 

In c!mic ftn(iqaity Uw^vcn wtn hoDoutod not ]nm 
thtm cGfiijutror*, nrd aII tijc irioat rrk-liTfttcd Uwn of Eotno 
boTT tbu muntB uf t^vir outbuiv ; Uul tu uur uwn luvtory 
Morrwo n>/>rffu) obUrion «e«nu to Awavt aH thfw wbo 
dovoU tb«iD*vlv«B io I«c«l reform. Wc do Dot know 
witli ftnjr Mrtftinty wtio rram^il th« StAtuifk of Wp«i< 
iiiiBrt«r hx tbe tlmo of Edwitrd L, th« Sututo of 
Ffa«t,tbo BUlnto crf Um. Ih^/ Sulnl^ of Wills, or th« 
ijStetatt of Fmudu^ aldioogh tlivy ou^^bt tv^ b[kv« bocn 
'OonuounontiHl for coofWrio^ liUtijij; l^Dcfit t^ Uidr 
ct>u»(r_v. The Gmivillo Act Ir-r tbo IniJ «f c-mlr^^vertwl 
«locUofi« WM Oi<» flnit vliicb cuitfirtr^ uiy ^<i< ou tU« 
B&mo of its Aiithor, ftnd Fox's Libel Act U «liDo«t IIm 
only oth«r down to our own limt^ — 1 C«4up. Livn of 


TIjo (NanfitH&J ftoil cbaolio iUit of tb« Iftwi of En^l&nd 

liAa Ifin^ l4M:n thr ridj^uke of foTfigUMV, th« laiiiviLUUon 

of our own Iatdll£«nt tcgislftt^in and citU^tin, & al&ndJDj; 

ouKfcwioo of wv«kB«H to mauy • gott^miu«ikl^ uhicti 

bi> ttnutittlJ; noatfroiwd to ft more convenient x^stv^n 

|jdilnariii|[ it««lr lo wlol Bacuo uid «vtti in bU timo 

«0«M bo ft borote wr^rV — th& malitn;? of « dlgi^t of tbn 

Uw. It 18 imo that tba apAtb^ on thi« mibjoct hw ntror 

rob b^n trmn^ to ftny poverty in tbn mAl<Ti«J, And it 

bMR tbftr^d by tbo cuuMi whom « cod* wottld moMt 

dblj bonellt, Aiid who cvvcn only dimly conNdon* of & 

from novcr bjiTin^ ci^ycd the fyvKcaioin. A petty 

■tAtOr IiAvio? littlo to booiit of, may vt-Il koop \U laws, or 

rhat ATA cjiilr>d Uvi, hiddoo \tx obtcurity ; but a fcmt 

lOOVutry loif^ bnlf iU diffnUy luid rinDgih when it cooopt 

f^in an firdrrJj- nod ii:^boct]rAl wny giro Aome AcoDurit to 

Alt wliocn it may tottocru of tbc tatim ibaiuo* why ita 

own hooaI pTOfCTHM And tb« contcntmont of Ha cttiffriu 

ItAve bocn no well Atmirod. — 1 Patcns^Ji'tf LiK Suly^ct* 




Sir Nkliolflj &won. In 1537. proHOiiUj to King Honry 
VJII. a Hpltfudiil jilttii fur t)ii5 tiiiiJi^uuiiml iWuj t»<^ ii]joil>t 
of Ui^ monaflterid^ of a ^T^^^vt s-^mihiry in Lon Joti, afUr a 
tUod«l uf u univtfi^^Ity. lor lliv ^tijily of lliv Juu'. Aud fvc 
t1i« ^minint^ <>f Atiibah^a'iort Ami qUtU^^m'^n. It in inudi 
Uj be i>»t^iti>d UiAt, owin;- to tiki* rApauity of tlju C(>urti»re, 
1bi«i ir«ffj>rt VTHM Hbnirtirfi, AA liriwn f^^ niir own timp LnnHcti 
rom^dned the only metropolis iri EuropG fexcort Oon- 

HrAidiiK^pli.-) wll'liout H itnivnVily ; Ami En|^lii4)i JA«'yi*ii, 
thnitgh vi>ry Aoiitci pmrtitirmoiTs have boon niitlccd to bo 
riLtb^i' iii>lici<riil til All ^iT^nrifiirl kiiowlvJ^ cpf jariBpi udvnuvc 
Bo^iOr-A iht* fltndy of tltr^ i^ommon «iid ciirik biw, tho 
<Aijocbt of tbi^ pro)«ct<>i] iiiiiLitiiLioii woiv to cultivAto thv 
knowMgn of ijj^tin Kn<A Frrnrh, And in thr^v longun^ 
to wntff and d^^tfAlQ on nil ijuoAtions of public policy; 
to form hiitoni^Kl coUF^tionii, ami publuh new LraatiA«« 
ivkting to donicsitic inatiuitiona and fomign diplomacy; 
anil tho stuiionU tt-L-re finally to furrfett their knowicdgio 
of politirjil ncirn^^i^ A-i <i(^W^ ti'avnlljrig in Uic nuitM of 
Kiiitt'ii umUisittduri on tbu 0<jatinent. — S Cnrii]>. Ltvv^ 
ofCbAnc., 82. 


woiJ(ky'h n'jtios or a law uKivsiwrrir. 

If CanlinAl WnWy vtaa «noorod At iW bih i<;ntirAnr^o <if 
thodoctrincM and pi-octiccof the Court wb-in hr. wfisLocd 
CliAuctjUoi', Ii0 b&il hJJt ivvoDgu by i>[it^nly iv[n|>k|nin^ 
tbat tlio Inwyora who practiai^ bcfom him wcro gron^ly 
ignorant cjf tb« civil Jaw Antl thi^ |>i'Irioiplaa of gan^ixu 
jurijiprudi'nw ; ft.nd bo lut* ii<^r:n lifttcribtsil nji oftca intcr- 
ruptmi; th'^ir plijadiug^. nnd bittxirly an iimid verting on 
thoir narrow notion* and limited Avxnm'-ntji, Toromcdy 
ftn o%'il which trouhEcd tho «trcam of juutino at tbo 
fouDUindicad, be, with bu umiuI inn^niticc-iKu of con- 
iKptioQ, projpotcd an inKlJtution Ui ho foun<3ofl in London, 
for the ay^tQiHAtic study of all brancbci, of tbt liiw, H© 
eren TurDlabed an arcTntci-lural model for th« btjildin;^ 
wbk'h WAH comddcrud a muAtcrpk^ce, mid rtmuinud long 
aft^r liiN dL'Atli on a curiosity in ibo paliuv nt Orf^r^nwmb. 
Such AH In^titulioQ ia atill & di^dmutum in En^lAiid, 



for, witlk spleDdid ^ncef-lloiUL It mnA bo tdmiU«i3 Uut 
Knglkh fawrbUra* Uiuvgla v«ry duvur i>nu.'titmQGni, mn 
ntA iMCh nlil^ jftiwi^Ot 10 v» tO be fi>imd in othrr coiui- 
tri<« wh«r« law la 8y8l«D4Uc4lly Audiod n* a fwiooco.— 
I CuupL Livua of Ckuic^ Mff< 


inU triboEn] fur thtr who^« rvulm, which nhouJiJ not only h% 
vftcnurt of a|.^pircit, but 10 whtcih ftJJ caniseB of iiu]K>iiju)C>e 
~" luM orif;mjkt« &u<l b« finftUy dfidd<»d< Tbb wm afWr- 
Wiinia eaJ]«J C^nna £«|^, ftivl ioiturtiiu«i ^Wii /f^r^, 
Ucuuo it MMOkbtcd bi Uso ball «f ibo klng'« pauoe. 
T)i« erut «Ao«n of SUW— Ibe Coiuuble, U14 llAncvdial, 
tiio 8«ii«schal, tbo ChftuberUui, uid lli« TreaMitr— v«n 
Uid jujg(«, u)<i ovur tJiftu firwdvd Uie OrMi<] Jiuticur. 
Noit to tUr Kin^ litnwJf, he «m <-^ii<f m power and 
vitboiity, ai^^) wh«ci tbo King wtw boyond mai (whic^ 
fn^odiUy h«|ip«neil) b» ^^ovwDad iIe« ntdui liktt a 
vhtroj. He WM «i iJl tiuMff tlw eaoriiinn of tbo public 
p«w DH Coroner- Gc EL n a), aDil Lo uk^wiM Imd m ooblrol 
over (ha Isnancfji nf ihf* kin^datn. In nuik ho had tha 
pnoodrDOv of all tbo nobilj^« tnij bU povor n-ai grcatar 
than that of dl other majpnUalfH. The a/iminutnitloii 
of jttviioQ ooniinQod iwftHy on tbu vaino focrting for oigbt 
nrifcnn, oitendinj; over rathf^r more than two centarics. 
AUlMu^h, daring tbcr whole of thia period, the Auk 
Kcgia vaa prcsrmd, j-et, fur cvavanwnoa, ciiwea, accord- 
bif to tbclr ditTertnt Datunu, we» ffndttaUy Mdsned 
t<» lUflbnoi eonnuUvcN of iir--io wliicb iiuy bo Irwod 
tba Conit af KiDS^e Bendi, tlio Oourt of Coumoo Plcai^ 
tb* Covrtof llxciwiucr, ftud ib« CouK of Cbancbiy.^ 
I Oamp. Cb. JjL, 90a 

Thar* vai Sntrod«o«J tirid4»r iC-lwavd III. a j^rvftt Jin- 
|irov4tnaiit tn t]»o a^lminUtration of jn>lio<i, liy irttdering 
* Iba Court of C^jancvry t^lAUooary at VkV-^tinENhlor. Tbo 
andaot kicgs of En^laAd woro cowurjtjy mi^nting. — 
oua principal tvaaon for whicb wa, U^at ibo mma pait uf 
tbo coiiiiUy« vvoti witb (I«r aid of |iitrvi^aflco and |irc- 



^H^ytl roUiinc^^, iiiid^tlii> rauiLr in klud duo Ut lUo Kiitff 
could bo b«'>t cod^uiqihI on the %i'0U Therefore, if ho 
kept ChmtmoN at Wcatnunoter, hn would kcup Eiabor 
at WluchtTKlvr, a[;>i Pvatcooil At Ukucv^lor, vi^itititi hin 
tnftny palorjs and mnuoin in ruLatiun, TEio Aiila Hr!gi». 
ADd uflurnjirdtt tliQ C«utl4 iulo vrbiuli it wim parUUpucd, 
wrrp ftin^ulnlory nXoatf vrUli him — to thfl gri^At vi'iation 
of tli« .tuiloriic. TliU ip'ievttijt'i" wua pni-Lly curivcted by 
Ma^i:x ChnrU,, wliii^h rno^'led tlmt the Ooiirb i>f Coiittnun 
l*lu6H kIiohIU bo held in a "curtflin platen*' u curner of 
\VcfttMiiii>t«T Hall hvin^ lixed ujKiii (i>r t^at pMi'prjHp. In 

ikoiDt of law, the Ci>url ot King a Bunch Aixd tho Cciurfc of 
7htt[LCvry uinv f^tilt lij beld iq any cuullIv of l')ii^liiuJ, 
''wheresoever in England tho Kin^ or tli« CLAni;ellt>r 
iniiy in\" Duwi) tu ihu cuuLmencotiicut of thu^i^i^ii of 

*B<twiiril III., tlio Kirij^B Bi-ncti and t!io Chanccrv actuaRy 
had i!uTtliriuad to fullow iliu Rln^^'a pf^rauu, tltd CliunveUor 
and his v>f!)<"'.'r» In. iti^ trntille-l Ut [irtrt rif t\w piilv«iyAnca 

iLiadu for i\m roy&l lLOij8ijho1d. By '2^ Ed^arl L,c. \ iho 

tLotxl Cb&Qc«Llor ajid t]»-i Juhiicv* of Ihv Kin^'t Bonch 
w«roordoi%d to follow th^i Kin^, «o tW ho might havo 
&t»]i tUiLWt n«4ir hiui hft^vA (if tho l«w ahio to urJdr oU 

I mature whtdi *Vi*>«U oomp to the Court Rut the two 
(JourtH wi^m now by th« JCiu^V commjijid tljL«d lu tho 
plaprn whm*', nn'r^.^ an a few o\ir*ordinmy orciwion*, 
they conl.iniKd U> bo held ^lonn !*> out own timun. at tliO 
appnr flud of UViiiijinntrr INilI, th" Kini^'s Iknch on th*> 
■ lefi bai](i, ami the Lbftj^c^ory on the ri^jht, both rcimainrng' 
B open to the HaII, uciU a Ukr bcin^C crt^otcd t^ kc'op olfthu 
W mulUtudo horn prciain^ on tlio judi^. The Cliancellor, 
on account of Iju superior dijpiity^ Lad pEaevd fi^r him a 

■ great marble tabk', to wliicli thf^rt^ wm an aacent hy (ivo 
or bix sti'pfi, with a iiiat\jlc chwic by thu side v£ it, Tbo 
niarb!*^ labh' AtiJ choir aro n&id to havt< Xmt'ii ili-ipTaL^i^d 
wlivn tliu Court wftrt oavorvd In from th« Hud. —I Camp. 
Lives of Cliamv, :?!«. 

■'Tu lil-10. ono SatunUy night, a womau harlnff 
nuj{)i|fuuUy h^ft a pan of ooaU uudvr ono of iUv aiaMn or 


92 OCAtOSlTlEit or law AXI> LAVrVlLfiS, 

ibopA in ViV^ininMM- H&iJ wliU^ da pajH Along from 

«XCT|rt Uirn wcr« burnt up. And the Home mountf^ mi 
Mgb on ibc vo*t niOo of tbt- H&ll cls not i^y soroo of the 
Mgvb' vtingB w«fv aiiigvd, but tlie liru ioOB hoid on tbo 
roof; ftnO bod not Mr. Squib, od« of tb« t«Uen of tl»e 
KxdMqtier, pvMod by ebuira tbnjui.'li tbtf Hall betioM* 
on8QMtircnotBbc.aaiilhilnHl IwoiutiloiHtodimbup and 
%o opm i\w \v9d ill Ibrve or four |ilftcc« and puur duwn 
water, tli&i fr'^Hlly Hall bad b««n burned dovrn. So dow 
Bb MajMly Cbarl«t I. wilJ suffer do uior« tiiopa Co ctand 

csA»iisia TUB BtTBfl OP corsLTg. 

Thai h"r>\ Koepvr Bmlgnuui, in ib« Uiuc of Oiorln IT, 
not a juJk« *>f very ftn!afnr<l vi«wa. one niay C(*i- 
jcctort from bi^ odcbrat«d construction of tbu ckusv 
of Haiina Cbarla providinK for tbe du? admin iBitat ion gf 
juai&cv. Tbo Court of Cuiitinon PIfaa, in tbe r^gn ol 
CbaHm IL, wat hM in Wwtmiintvt Uall, near Ui« 
jfTPat bcrrtbrni f^l«^at»l cb« judm, oc>i)np««1. aMoraeya, 
M&tori, mud byvtandcra bcin^ luucb anuoyi?>i by tliu (olij 
ftbd the noia^ thero waa a general w^h that th« Court 
dbouhl be muoT«d to an ar^olBEiig notm, front «vbicb tbe 
Toic« of (be *«rj«aittJi, vrlii>n «lnqu«ftt, inigbt «iill bavv 
.|««b beard in Uio hatl; but Uio Cb)of JoBtlco would 
bv iKi meaua a|;rtw Xo ibiJt mtiui-atjofi- *' l-^or tho Orvftt 
(""hartJ^r ffiacta tb^t lli« Otirt of Common Vle^ butond 
of loUowbg tin King Ln bi» pro g ranaia, ibaU bt liald in 
ttlt^vo tfrCo Imo ; so th4i, mtr tKs riTOi|KM^d raaaovnl, 
all tlio procvvdiiin of th« Court would bt ft <]OraM wm 
fiMfiAf, aikd »o*<L — Bofior North. 

conifc«w«ALTV MiGU cx>tTRT Or JCfnci. 

Wk«fi the orUinanc^ lo oon«titi;ti} IUa ^l^fl^b Cntirt ot 
Jiutioe waa fint lntTodn«od into lb« Uou»o of Couimona, 
Sojq ml Bndihaw was naiD«d in it aa an aasbtani only, 
bnt Id n flmber aUgn of lift prO|g;nH fao wna promoted to 
Ibv rank of ConimiHioiMr. Ilo waft cbOMO PirKtitcnt of 
ttia Court to try Chartoa I. Vor tho oocuion ha had « 

thick flTJwntd birQvcr Iwit, liiiO'l witt plated hIooI, U> waJfi^ 

olTblowK io tbo uvwit ■>riujy publio tumdl, 

A IllOll COUUT or JUBflUB, 

Tlie LoH Prt't«:tor Ooirtwcll wad obllpnJ, on thu 
dlBOiTvory of A njy»lUt plut, tu ivKc-rt to a v<?iy arbitrary 
moaMiiv^ by cstabli^ihin^ o, High Oi>urb of Juniiou. wUich 
wAftto d«culeoTi life ur deal ii withuut n jury, tuid withoutl 
tlio c.iniml ftf any kntjwa taw. The Li>r\ia Commia- 
monoin of tlio Ur^jftl Snni vf^-rv {ilac«J tit ilia lii/ad of it, 
Uid Lord Liab Of-trrl u I^iosidrnt 

Tbfr rmmc nf th? lii^h Court of JutttC« (vbjI reviverl in 
tho r<:i^ of VicLorlan wlieo aomo of Ibo old ootirU woro 
roarrUK^d. inii il new I'ulace of Juntu^ (coll^ tli9 Rvy&l 
OcmiU) w&» built at Tonj^lo Bar 

cfHTRTB or jrsTicB opK>i TO THE pmua 

A court of juHtloo in open to the j>ublio ; ftnd Any 
pci^ou whatever, whether iiiton^iilcd or not by rojuion of 
inbabiuinc^y or otbetwian, i.i tntitUfJ t^i Mit^r, if thnrc in 
room for liioi to bu ibcn^ Ail tbo AUpi^rior oourU oru 
therefore ftct' to tbn vmitttioti of iiDy oiii? who chootM to 
attf^mL Tiiiti riglit libfl uuwr bc<oa t|U(?tiJ4>QV(L Nvver- 
thi?lc,« it iH nut BJi nbHoluto right for any n«rfton t<> ff^ 
and uuiUt on ^lioutiing h\s ovrii LK>:diliuii, fijr tuu ru^uJtttiun 
p1tti>n niu*t tiK'L-K'un'ily r<?fti«li> Jii il>i* jtx1j*i', otbvrwiwi 


!0own 6cat tni^lit bo ukcn poeHiisalon of by tliu ^t 
cucnur. Tbii4 it foUoWH^ l\inl Om {irt-tidnia ofljcur, 
vhotbcr be bo judgo, ooronor^ iuaUae, or ahi^ritt; ha/t tkiu 
control of tbo [M'ih;>^vibiL;L;>i, viii lhi> poivur i.-r aiiniisbioii 
or csdiimon According ^^ bin own Hiacreti<>D. In ftll 
courU of Juiiticu Lhum v« occeui^ns whan lUfttten ftru 
nr ought Ui ha cf/nducXt^A in privacy tirnl to fivoiH ^ftinclAT; 
And It lo^tic with tbu jud^ of UtQ ooun^ nxdu^ivdy and 
without npptA], to d^tisrimnc^ wbi^n Ktida An occiwon bfu* 
Afutcn. Tlio prupnoty of bin duiiiftion cannot bo qneAtioned 
in liny action ; for thiii bftin^f ti matt^ir within bJR jnria* 
dtclionn uutl no jnd^*i.^ bi;mj{ amoiukblo to nn action for 
anvtljiiig doiiO in Uia fiBciiUou uf hi* oiUoc, it follow^ 
tb^l no ono Laa a rocuody by wny of damr^ii:^?! for any 

94 cDBMunKi or tAW ji>ci> LiwrEiw, 

['miatAkc- And thb U tlio niU Applicable Ut bU courts 
ignwt uiiJ itu^lL— I^tcrs^ik'n Lib, Prt«i^ lt\ 

TQf OLl> lUimtAL's COCTRT. 

H/d«^ sfWrvftrdft U>fxl ChftncuUor CUrmdon. wken In 
;|}w Flfituw of OtRimonii. IiaH thn hoooor of Mriking tfa» 
finl blow in Umt Uou*« ^t a ApoclBc grm-wic4. T)iU wM 
bf ft Mlottooi for pAiwni n^pix^ing thik Cburt cif Hrniotir, 
or EiJH UftnW'jt Coart, which* under protcoro or piwd- 
iDg hoimtdic diiUni^tiaii^ h*d b»«omo * povf^rful ovji-ftA ol 
opprcMoa, U» ncntioncii KVfinl iiutiincci with grc4t 
■ilmii A citbara wu ruinou&ly fined by tlitii i^mt, 
becAUM, in ad A]t«rr«lion with ad iii»lr_nt walrmuui 
wbo wiftbcd to imDuw upuu l^lm. he d«ridii];^[y called 
Um ftWKn on hit bmige " a Coom.'' The Uk-nfr wu bmu^t 
wjtlim tb« jmadwtion of Um Court by Hbowin^ ihit the 
wmtertnAH WM An E^L'b atrvAnt, Aod that the KWAn wa« 
tlie Eul'o crwt. The cilisefi wa-i *o •frvcrcly p«inubwl 
for " dinhoQounDff " tbirn cre«t- jlgAin. a tAilor who hftd 
oftu vciy mifatni«dvely uked pAjment of bii bit! rnm 
a cartouKt of g^ftiU bUftni. wh^^-w p«li{frQfl wam duly 
^tt^tered mb lli« H^^rAli's C^jJlr^i^. on a thncAl of p^rMUMd 
vMadov Ibf bbi iuipi^Ttuiiity. wu provoked into nyinu 
IhAi'be WAA AS good A mAA Art liti cnrdit'ir" For ibu 
fi0«Doc^ wbM VA" AJI«god to bo A ]«vvUij)f£ AitAck upon 
th« Ari»lo<TAry, h« waa AiiHiMnM >i^fori? tho EaH 
JIttnbAl'a CoartvABd inereiftillj dl>«nilned TJtU a rvpri^ 
EPAud^-oa nWANing tbo dvbt. Uliib the ni>oiw wa4 
tboA AfffUAid And fttc'iU^, Hydo mic«OMfliUy ««iiiclud«d 
bk iDAJdMi ipTMb by i»1Ein]^ tWio liiAi aot only wa« tb« 
iOmK OpprWHVO to tbr btmihW cIamta, bat IbAt ilA 
SXAOCioiu wotA oneroiiit ti> th* nubiUIr tb«Bua1r««, Attd to 
Uw» wbolft boiiy nf iHiv ^-nlry of Kngljind. 

Thin oboioKiQUK MAmhalft Coart hAd not rrlAioH in itA 
iDitcbicvoaii Activity i4nc« itA r«c#nt vipoHrnt; AJi<i llydc^ 
wbo nov " tpokc HUAitij And inraiaooidyr HAid tbnt for 
wotiIb of lappoicd ddAoiAlion, of wbkh tbu biw took no 
notice, tatav ti^tnt'^c^ hAd V^n j^vcn by tb« cola j«d{^' 
nmt «f tbtf Kjitl Mar-iEtnl in twu dAy^ IhAu by jnnca in 
All llvt vftiiMiB tried lA aU Om CbortA In W^niminid^r 
IIaII during n wboto tflm. Hd fiutbn provod IbAt 


ign, lh<s crirlicnL pn;cotliMit of its luTing cuter- 
tunfld n Kuit of w^rxix bujiig in tha yuu 109^ Tbo, 
rimtnittre mpnrtfiJ, "tKut Sie non.iUblf^'a and Earl' 
Mnn<ljalE Court h&Ji iu> jtiriwlictiou to tiuM pW of wij^ijid, 
thjit the tln,r1 Mnt^liAl nkti niAki^ H'> Conri wit^fvut tha 
(Vnntablo. and that tliu Eui-I Mn^Lirv Cjurt in a ^'eiov- 
an<M^." Thc^ ri^jHii-t w&h &<lf>]ilvd by the Hrnuo; fuid aO'J 

IMiljmMv wm^ tliu lUELirpauuii wliJch. ij)>i?lii>vkeiit mi^iljb 

bf^cJ panlon for what ho hoa done, tliniwiiig lh« blamo 
upiiu his iLilvrnTd, viil. withijiili auy bill to Ab^lJah ii 
" the Go\iti Dftwr prcftntnccJ to wt ^ilt-^/wftnlfl." — 3 Camp, 


Hyde wii a memhur of tho Ciimmittee for inquirii 
[too the illi^^al touJutt of tho juH^h r**poctln;? Ji 

\'^y, tiud iuniHttKl LurJ F&tkliLud id prtrpaiiu^ tUa 
ehftr]^ Againnt LoH Kf>eper- Finirh. Re pr«««nt«d ftj 
report fWim the Conituitti^e, u'bioh >)0 deeply implioatod' 
Mr Jii^tUco Pork plcy, that th'^ loarncdjiikigii, while aittini; 
in th& Court uf Kin<r'4 BencL in liU ro)'^, woa arr«KttiX 
And hrviTight away pnatMier thra'iffh WflStminAtw KaII, 
tbcj] fuli of pooplo. Soo thu incidoot noticed nJ^o anU^ 
]\ G7. 

fiOn) EAc>i>ik Bod Lord Coka |>artiouIttrly pijiUwl tUu 
of S Henry VIT. c. 1, coQtHvod to cxt^^ud the 
liction of th« SEAr Cliftiniior, whivh th«<y c&Ibd "41 
7ouriof CriOLmnt K^^tiity/* und whif;h, not botn.ggovcrni>d 
by taiy certain ruit^. they coa«idDr«d Mipani;rr to any 
othor Oi^nrt to he fownd in thin <ir iti uny othnr luvtion. 
U wha caruiittly r>uad a very uwrful irutruni'^Dt of 
arhitTAry ff>vpmmont during the vrholr continaftTii^ii ol 
Ihu Tudoi dyiLOdty ; but ita aut}^orjly bdng ntill ntrotchtid 
in op[>oAtbkon to a ^rowtiitf tovo of freinlain, it mainly l«d 
to thv uripopuUrity of the 3tu&rt0 OJid tiiotr expuiaioii 
frOTii the? ihrniio, 

Lord OuupboU sold ho wiBh^id Uiat thdm had been 

96 ctmiosmca or law axu LAvrr£B& ^ 

pTQictvchI Ut n* ibti f|eb«te3i on Ibe &boJilion of tlic SUr 
Qiunbcr Hit nioJo no doubt thu ilit mdvoaUa bJicribod 
to it ftli the ptuftperity uid ([roaUiaM of Uw ctmjiU)', mdA 
prophcji«l frr'in iu abolition tbo Apenly anil jicnn^uitftkt 
lirevuleucv of (no*}, aa^nUy, ftad bWl«ueU ia Ko^IoikL 

covTitim or <*»vbt- 

Ttio powfT to eommit vxiiQinanly for AonUmpt aJl 
I Mnonn wlio tntra-lo Into the judicial fiUK-tioct, uid pro- 
' Mi tc bavo boitur and ■ap«rior mentis of kjiowledgo, or 
wtkO mp^l ifATtml or corrupt cooduot, b df«m«id in- 
hoTCDL m all ouurU of n»?ord, thoQgU tbo occuion and 
extent of tbiH Bummary jtiriwiictjon tiave given riaa to 
DJoe dmtiuctioriEL It is twd to be a DNCMBiy uundccit 
to «v«iT cniirt of ](M|i<r?, vb^rthrr of reconl or not, to 
fiuc ami Uu|>risoin w a coctoiupt avlod ia tho bco of it. 
Tbia uercik^ of powor i« as aucipot na aojr otlicr pari of 
iW cumuion law. If tho courw of juaUca b ob«lritel«d, 
that obatmciiuri uiu^t b« vidviiUy remotftJ, Wbau 
mett'a atlfgtanco to tho lam ia fundamentolljr ahaJc«n, 
tbii u a iUng«ro(w utwtrcetion. 

Cbiof Joviica ViUu<»t» wlio pot thia d^-ctrln^ aa high 
aa ti could tw put, and i-xaiitin;^ tbo aulhoHticv^ «ided 
by aariiig that tiio object of cciirU having iW power of 
l^iiniAhin^ by at1*eJinn«nt for contrmpt waK 'to k«f p a 
Maxo of glory round iKo jnd£|«ib and to dctfr poofiI<T froia 
alttJiopUn^ to rvodcr tli«ai cootcmptJI^Io in the eyoa of 
tK« public "^rattraon 'a lih. Preaa^ 122. 

dno" jwTjae gamxhgvn committucq tbk pstvci «p 

[ VALCn. 

Sir Tbonuui Kly-vt. in hia work " Tho Gowtnar" rdnteb 
this iikdiJcnt aa io C'hi'f Jnitke fra»ol|fno. ** Tha novt* 

■renonnod prtnen kiu; Uenry tho fy^, lato kyn^ of 
J^Atllandv, duryiksu th« lyfo of lii father, wan noted to 
ha lim and of wanton «o«ng»: It hap^ned thai ofie of 

ihia acrrantei, mbom be l«Tour«d wJl, wu. fo« ffJony by 

tkaa coinniilt«d. annulled al thakyn^ bmcbe: whereof 
the pfiiKv being advvrtuvd aad inoenaed by lyghtv 

kparaoaa aboiHa hti^ In fiohova nga came haatAj to lh« 



law: its Arraons, rspotius, aki> covbts. 97 




bftrrc vheitT liipt ver^'Anto hI^vI^ a4 a priftoTirr^ an<) com- 
mftTnluJ Mm U> bo im^vcd acd act at libertio; whcr^t 
ull moil wti^? al^Aihedl rv^ieive^l tlw tliiuft! Juslio^, wlio 
huTubly l^H]llJ^t/>•l the princo to bo coDt«ntc<i, if)M bia 
8vrvEiiH mou^lil 1>o onlrad accortlyuc^ to ibu auucbutft 
1atf«i4i of tbi*i n^ftlniA: nr if htt w-jlofi bsTo liym kavi 
from the n^ur of thu tn^OH^ tl^At )u* tbulJ^ obt^yno, il 
h^ mougbLf, of t\ui kyrign Iki* f/ithi^r, liin grAtioitx jhAiilon, 
whereby no lawo or juAtyco bLuLJo bo doro^to. With 
w^ich hniiwcro the prirt^'-f^ noth^i^jjn Afi^icahnil. hnl ^ntJkcr 
mr^rv^ inllnmot], ^'jidcvorcd bynoEinLEc to taka awAV hU 
»^ft^vulL£lt^ Thi= jif^e coQkidcE'iii^ the otnllaciA oxamgilo, 
And inconvfinirnr.r that mought thcmify enmin with it^ 
vnJyant uplriu.^ uiiii cuurdge, comoiuidcd t1i« prince upon 
lai di'i^iini*!!, Ui Irnvn the pi-iBoncr. and d^pfl-rt bU wajr- 
Witb wbit:b ixnumniiUuvnt the priiic« bvJii^ vet ull iu u 
ruiy, a|] cbafpd anil hi a teirible iiutnr<r. ram? up to tlie 
pWx} ^f JD^umout, lEiou Ihyiikiri;- Ibttt bo wM Ijavv 
vlAynri ihti jugi? or hnvt* donvi t» liym muiud cfftiiiBf^o ; but 
tbu Ju^'J) Hittyo^v Aty^l without luovb^. liucUriii'^ thu 
lunjtfitii^ i^r tliu k^F Ji^^H ^jlmsd of JuL^^tK^Lttt uid will) «ul 

iwfiur>:(l ftod iioblo coui^LcQAnco, AByao to tlw princo thoto 

■"Syr, rcrnomr»ro ^iinolfe, I koop hero ihu place ofl 
iha kyn^ yi>ur hi>vwauii? lonW and lAthar, tt^ whom yaj 
i>wvi)uubl4^ c^hodirnivr; wbfirnfoi^ 4ifiJu>n)iM in liiH nnmo^ 
I chtLff^ yoM clod»y«to of yotir wylfulno^ ahiL unlawfull 
iTfitcrpriie, und fri>m bcnsfciTth Rivn good cxaiiipJrr t-i 
thwo, whycho bvivaflut ahaU Iw your prapre iubji 
And DOW, for your cont<in|>to nnd dir^obc^ditfnce, go you' 
to thti pryaonu of tht kyn^-'^i bonnho, whcrcunto 1 
co£iiiiiyt« you, anJ rcmayii* yo tlioru pryvjoor untyll tb^ 
pl«wuro uf tlus kyiigu your ftttbi^r bo furihf^ knowon,* 
" With wbicho vtLtiii^ U-iu^ abiuiln-d, and n\vt won* 
ygn ftt the VDerr&yliMia gr&v:t4« of that worahyi^fulla 
']iat^i:«, the noble pnnoo Iftyln^f^ hk woil|h>u a|>Hrtej. 
djaying n>vcrfMJC<^, drpiutod, arid w«ut t-j T.h^.^ liynge'sl 
TH>ui;h'\ ft* l^e W&8 cotuiiiAivIctl. Wltcr^^ai hia «i.'i'vitmiti»4 
ili,'4iUynin^p^ mmo and nKcwcd ta the kynp^ all lb>* hrite 
flifiuiv. Whpnuit ho nwhylfvi Ftudytrnj^-e, ATler n« n Miftu 
rtvysbc*! wilh jjliulnft*, holdyngft hin iulti luul hundf.'* op 
towards hoYcn. ftbrnid^d, naylng with A londa voice: — 



*'OiiMnnfiiU OorUli'>^>^ raoelic fta I, aboro a1! otiwr 
men, buundc U> yoat ialibito pjoddcn. AjM!<riAily for tb»l 

J'o bftvo gjTm mn njtig«, who fan^t-li not to iniaL<l«r 
uaijcMv ■o^ aIxQ ft nonci, wlio ua vufTro vriutikbJy, aud 

Tli« ChflncclW Kir T. More did not dor^uo a pnctioftL 
}6k«. White ho bol j Kiii City odDoe » Beoonler, be uaod 
rogululy to ottcud Ut^* Old UaU«j SMrioiw, where Ui<r0 
VH ft tfrwome old justice, " who w&e wool to «blil6 the 
poor iD«a Uiftl had Ui«ir punaa i:ut, fi^r u'H keeping ihma 
more w&nJj', ^yln^' thiit thoir ncgltgirni^ wim tli^ cadM 
thai there wiv bo luuty rtjipgrM^ brought ihitber." 
To sb>p Ilk pK8ifi|f, More At iMt wetil to a cp)ebr&t«d 
vaUrurav then in prieoo, who wa« to h% tried nest d«y, 
iLfld pTOtnU«d ti> ^liDd hU fn<«kd if he would <nt thi8 
jftitiaeB pome while ho eM on tfao benoh tmn^ bim, 
like tkief li«in^ ajwgnod mt the uUinff of tli* Oamt next 
laomUig. iftid he ooold «xcnee hiauelf suffidctntly if ho 
were hut pcmiitted to tjteak. in private to oqo «f tlie 
bgnch. Ho woj bid to cfaooaw whom ho would, aod ho 
diOBc thkt (fravc old jiutico, who then had his pouch at 
hill girdk- Tbn thief etoppod up to him^ond while he 
KMudcd him in the or. 4-uniiiRgly tiot up hli yvn^ and, 
taking hia Uavc-, ^letunl}' wtnt back to bid pUco. From 
the apred ingnal, Moru. knowing that the doed wae done, 
pTopn^ a nniell eobvL-nption for m poor iH«dy ftDow 
who liud boc^ti ftrqiiitled* Wgtaning by bimeetf eetlinp ft 
ljh«t&l vxaniple. The old juiitW, oft^ eonie hf«itaUon, 
aiproned hU witUo$n«a t^ eivo a trifle, but findlTtg hb 
Mine cnt away, eJtpi^ated Uie gnMOMt aatobiakmuDt, «« 
bo said hr> wiu mm ho bad U when Iw took hb seat fn 
Oxiit Ibfii momin^ Mor^ replied, ip a pWjtant manner. 
" WfiAt ' vill yea cnrge jom- brotbrrn nt thn h«noh wHh 
felony r " To* jwttoebtcoBbi^ uifp/ ftod akhwofd, 8cr 
ThoittAAcallod tlie tbiefandikflired itienta ddirernp the 
pane, cooaaollbig Uu wortliy joMico bonaflcr not to Iw 
MO batt«r a cenwirrr of innocent nan'e nof;li]£Fncc, unc*^ bo 
hiisvvir could not keep hia pmM eefo wb«n prtEddhia; m a 
jujgv at thv trial oi culpuince. 

lw: ith AUT^omi, bsfohm^, ahd oouBrrs. 00 

Lord Camptxrll ivlaUw ihltt nLory of Sir Jolifi Sylv^^t rr, 
RecO^c^r of LoU'loii, " Ho w»w in my Umo rolihinl DHiia 
yrtkXch by ft thiof whom h^j tried at tho Old Bfiiloy. 

DlAniig U)« UihI \io b:xp^»<^ni'ii tri my ftlouil UiAt bu ]iA>J 

for^t tA bring hin vratch with Kim. The thiof boin^ 

ftC'^OJited for wont itf iiviilE^Ttcf.', went witli llu; lliicnrdurrt 

lore to TyKM^y Sylvpst^ii; /tn^l mquo.tlril that (ihc would 
InudiaWly fQnd his wntcb lo him byaiKiiuUiblo h« had 
Msmd fa foE/'h it" 

"Soon ftflcr I WAA caIIl-^ ui tho linr^ And IiaI puUinhcd 
th«t first numbor of my 'Nhn Priun Jlc[K)rt3,' whiLo ■!<}- 
f^ading a prisoner in tho Crown Cuurt^ I b&d occasion 
to <!OTij,i:It my cYient. iind I wnnt to thci dock, whcm I 
coNvurvud wliii him far a minute or two. I got htm otT, 
And hn WA-i imin*^i^l lately dischnr^i^d, lint my joy wa* 
«oon diiitiirbod : putiini,' my hiLod into my pockot to 
pay the 'junior * nf the circuit my qu<)tA for j'^e»trrfT:»y*» 
dinnor, I found that my pur&e wa^ ^mc, containing 
fcviiiBl bank-noU-s the currently of t!iat day, Tho inci- 
dftnt cftUMU^ tnvicL inurrimont, it wiv*. commuDicated to 
Lord Chivf -StLrofi MikuJi^iiald, the prt^ldlug jud^, wbo 
anid, 'What! dui^i Mr OatupWU ihink thut no ono U 
vntitU'dioiakviiutfu in court except hiuwwUr" — 1 Ud,mp. 

Lives uf Lljant-., hUlS. 



The XoiHitfrt Piwi of Ut Jum, I70(J. nsiurttd thia ad- 
vttuttire. "Two days «{^. Ur- Simon llun^ouil (ufWrwaida 
liOrd Cb&Dr-^TIor), ft lawyer of the Templf.couiui^ to town 

In bis coftEjhr wa4 robbed by two hi^hw&yiueu on Qoim- 
slow HriftCh of X>'[)^ hiH wAi^h, And wh>it/>V44r Mii^y oonld 
And vahi&blo ftbout him; which Wiag pcrod^ by ft 
countr^nmn on hornebftck, hit i]o>^'<:ni thiriii to a diHtAiioiT ; 
frnd thoy tnkinz notice thcrnoft turnod And rid up (.onnrdn 
him ^ upon whiHi hi^, counterfeiting tlio dmnUanl, lid 
forwATd. making iLTitirgcHiircui; And bciDi- come M\t with 
tbum, ftpokc ■> if hv olippod tUc Kiii^r^ Kng!]>h with 
biLvir^ff dnmk too mnrh, and aiikrd thcrn w drink a rnt, 
odmug to treat thum, if they would but drink with him; 



whcrovpoo, Uiuy Miewlng bim lo bt rmJly drrtDk, loft 
bitt, MM viwi nrwunl s^in; muI ho *tiU ^1)|ow^•l ihfrm 
till a9 cttmo to K«w ferry, and «)i«i thty ww in ibo 
boat diacoiYnnl ibvio, vc> tbat tbcy w«n lioLb vizrd utd 

.ComniUcd ; by whJcb mouu the gcnUcunui g<i^t ogun nil 

illwy bad takon frUD bin>.'* 

lliCifiRb llotl cr>mplAified ODa^ of ttio aiAclienOA hMnn^ 
onr ooarta fo^^}^ftt«1y forbid tfaiH rlf^motuifftLlve btia- 
~iy. Tlio advoi^atiNi of auui^t Kuiuv, ia il« PMUiy 
lay*. n^'TUid Ia triclu to >ecura an audianoe ; and tbry 
bim afld bought a rabble lo folloir tbaa ab&m and eU^ 
theiD : aa Tliny iho younmr, bimself a loadinj^' Advocate, 
lotcribad tlic practicv wlui <iojit«T(ipU H« >a>a iWe fint 
m who iolnidai^tfd tbe prartit^ wajt Tdioininii.lhnii^h ail 
dH at fint wu to InvitJ) pcc^filo to com? and bear LIrl 
QuintiUan t'>Id Pliny that it hnfjpnnM in Uu* uay. Uric 
<lAy DoFiiiEiiLi Afor wan pKiulin;^ brirorotbc c^antninviri in 
bia hIuw jtnrl imprunro way, wbira on a auddon a j-bouc- 
ing and cUpping wnji heard in a ncijrhbciuriD^ court Ha 
' m airtoniabinciit, and rwumud Afl47rn hHUVo look of 
Itj^nation, Again aonthcr nhoutiiig. and another nauan, 
A tbutl timu it occurrird. and tiko adro«at« aakod wut it 
waa lie wu then bold U vfoM LtdnitiB addrraainff tho 
eotirt. DoiniliuH Alortbcroun tlin^w duwa bb mcf, 
iroing, '' Thin, my lunlt, in intolvmble ; mti prqfcwion 
Dg to the dogs : I njit it foi' ertr.'* Pliny aayi that 
wgoQ ai>d woravb and uoba* wrv more liLu 
ftnd tfrana, ftwl tba yalUag whI iJioutiiiv beoaotc 
iHH^ than whatooctu-rediuatfaaaUvk Hv waaifi«BUBl4Hl. 
loathed tb« wholo bunnowc nod would hava loft It at 
If H liad not boon tbat hi* frionda thought bo might 
mf> wrrl] mftW* a \lilU monf non«»y Ikit. 

■ ■ ■ 


TUB JCOOES UKrrJUiiNQ rnft cjsb to a Ull.LRnEB. 

In PttHa an action wa« broucbt to raoovar tbo prki of 
JMg&iBoMt dr«M from Mra. Gfaham.wbo bad oHaf«d a 
liody to b« Oiado to oorrofpijckd wiUi a -iroa* of •fubroidorod 
Ittlaflc lacr. Tbb body wa* t^ ^onaapond with tho *k\r\ ns Atn-iions, Rirovira, asd ooijifnt. 101 

luiil no Crtlier dolAiU irtro pnter<}d mtJ>. Tim milllnor 
fullou'vl tlie unttvra of tlio boni^t nnd fiot lif tUtr >ikii'^ 
M>d tl^^ l-'ngliHli Iftrly rrfiiAftd tO nrr^fit tliA ilrpfSL Hffr 

couiiBuL produced tbo drew in court, ajid U^o judged b«i&g 

SuK^ltfdt r0f(»iT«id tl^d rnaltfi' to a or U^ljtaU^ii Ijuly^ ft Uca 
GAli^r, who returned her hidd opinion on AUimpcd papery 
bifd duly HtftltuJ. ftA follows ; " If it be tnio in f>riiii:ti>Zc 
th&t tbe custom wwi to intUcc the body ^^orrc^pond with 
tbe ^AurL, y^t in ftot ^i7rj<i a-ti^c uid j^i^ fairfe concur in 
ftutifyi'ng th^ priwi^otlmg!* of Mftdwnr Ttoj-r*. wlio^cmftn- 
cip&tiiig honcolf frum th/i trainvitia ofroutijifi^ hod boldly 
dAi»il Lc> Huhstitiitr for iho happy ftccompliihmfint of ber 
ot^oct the rich nnd to^t^ruL dcaign of the border inatoftd 
of th« moan luid luilti^- oaa of the idcift E " 


Whr.n DnlftSflk urnn prorrmftiil in Aria, A woiTifUi of 
Smjrtuk wiu nccLi^ni] \h^fiti\i hinx of poinonin^ hcT hmbiuid 

And Hoik. She ailmtittcrl thf^ fact, but ttnid that lli(?>' bjuf 
by pbt killed fmothor son of hen, who woa a most 
excellent und bUmoleui youth- DokbcllA referred the 
caco to hifi coundl, and thoy iHH^mod to think it wtm net 
A tit CKM^ for puuiihumiit. Tb« c*io w^s lUec tcftrrcd 
to th<! ArPiJpagitCB at AtUcim tui tbs moat skilful judgca 
Tbftt Quart wa» to porpluxod thui it ikdjuuniuU tboheiidn^; 
to thftt dny on& liuiidnHi ycnrB tlirnoo. 

Arintfjtlv bjUl a Biniilai' tilvry of a w^uiAii wbo wju 
vioiclitly in love with a youUi who wm not luuoli m lovt 
uritll hi^r, And !»bo ^itve fiioi n ruafflcJil putiou to ri^nton? 

hia lovo; but ho, uafoitunalely, tiioU iu iho upoiiLtlou. 
Wben diAi'yvd U*fon> Qw Areo^ijijjlU'H with luuttJiT. they 
WVn'HtistKd xhc never mcAnt to kill hirn; bo tbcy 
W^aaiDid tho foitb^r biNU-iug »in9 die. 

oocirrs jl-dodjo von thkichlvkii ju to i^ allxoxd 

Tlio jcalvua Toledo clurgy wi«hod to put dowo tho 

Bolcto (a. favourite Sptiniiih dftnepj, on tli* pr\tcnec of 

iiiiiu<>niljty. Tbu duuuoni m'i^tk ftllowcd in thcif dofenoa 


OimOlRIKfl or L4W UCD LAVTZflS. 

to asthifHt ft mcnBTH to tbe Cuurt. Whrri lk(7 hr^vt, 
tfaff b«t>cU AM tbo bftr Rhownl Hjiijjili'iiiiL of rMU«MttieMi, 
»t)'] ftt tutv QMtisg ai^ tlMur pmii «ad briofe, they 
juined, Aft if nndtf »OMi aftooiktniltftUo hnraW. in tW 
amaKoieDL Vcnljct for Ihe ddcvcUoU, viui eosUu 

mronEpt^o A i>Pct:Mi;¥T IH com*. 

bi cue owo, Bftron Uullock. hImii at tb« bftr, wmm yv- 
LmUHjr ifuirvct^il not to prfvliKi^ & --irtajii (l«ed uuloM 
Jl waa lUiioluMly iK«Drauv- NcitvithfrlacLliDf Uiii, Iw 
|in>}iiuJ it in onlfT U> iko«l« tbe biiitinv«« at oocfc On 
vxamifiatJon U prorod to hav« beon forged by hia dint'a 
attonkvy. who waji waUd InhitHl bim, and who bad 
warmly n^nkonftnt^d. Ur Jttstioa BayLMr« vba triad 
tfao uauw, ordered ib« d««d to ho iiiipum»<i«d, ao tbatft 
prnvnitit-tn might ho itiAtttotod. Bnbrv thin ronUl htt 
doiw. Mr. Hullodc rvqMitad Imto to tMppct i^ <uid on ita 
bviiw handed to him immcdiattfly rvhimed it to hia hatf. 
Thft jiM^ ramofliatnUoJ, but tn vntn. Mr. HuUodc aaaX 
" No powttT oo citrtii hhould iiidura kiia to ftunctKlor iL 
Ho had UKanliounlv put thr lifo of a f^tkiw «rraluF« in 
poriJ; and tlioujjh h« hik^J oclc^J to tbo bcit QfUadacf^i'ioa, 
M aJionld never he bappv ogjun. wc^o a faUl rault to 
anMa," Mr. Jmtjco £«yley — not adrry. |.>f.-rl]af», fur an 
aicnao omTirmi i| to insist on tba delivery of the ilcisl, 
iMti dotlIn«d itk'wa dodnro iMMorca uaiil h« had ixM- 
<>ti1to<l with tbooUkcr judge. Tho oonmltatfon eauK* t"> 
Jat^, for Uio deed wa* dciCrojod without dolay^a&d Hvo 
':Ucva«y carapcd. 

A l^ntisl aeijoant kcfit lli« Conri waiting oni? ncrrfiinr 
for a f«« t[iinul<x Tho bnHin««tollboCoaK commonoad 
at oiniv '* BruUirr," tAtd l);o jnd^, "yon aro Virhind 
your time Ibis morning. Tho Couft him bvon weeing 
fur yniti.'' " I Iw-^ y^jur lordiihin'a pardock/' mplkd 
tl^o urjv«Dt; "I aia nfrmid I yrv \ofaget than u&uid in 
di«»iiiK," "Oti/* rHiimnl Iho juHf^p, '* i can dtov in 
iro aamiit«A at any Uiii«.' * Indeed !" aaid thr Icamod 
liroth^, a litUo miTfirJHd for 4hc moment ; " but in thai 

law: its utthoks, asFOfiBis, axd coi;&ts. 103 

my dog 8hoRk brntii your lotOfthlp boUow, for lio beui 
n<<lhiiL^- U} J^ lul lo shako hi» ccmt, »iid tliiiik<i himAolf 
ii for any *?onipftfty." 

"DV AI-L UUAJ^S FnOTLEV A>i; ou." 

Henry Qiiiit ouc« took ijp the dinse of » boy who w«j4 
niguatly imr-rieoDod. IH oddre^Bod tho ju<1^: *"! ant 
li«r«t uiy !oiii, ^^ t^Ht p^it of the Itoy llnt^ochi,' prnci^radmi 
the llTinftuntj:^d volunteer luivixAtCv HIa lordsthip Qnfll n 
laoidvntV j^laiieo i»i thtt prinlcl lUt, and {[uU'tly i-iiid, 
" Mr, llnni. T jwr nrj njim'* t.f nny Imy Dngimd iti tl>o 
paper of couiici;." and turiivd towardii thu doov uf hU 
room. " My lord" vocifemtrfl tVii* oiutor, "wn 1 t-:* huve 
no rudrc'iu tor an mifi^rtuimto youth i I thou^^ht your 
lordahip was Mttiug for tht r»lT4^?t5 of injariu in ^ court 
of jaatice." "0 no, Mr. Hunt," utill calmly reflpondcd 
tbe judge ; " I ftui tiiilii];^ nt Niki Pritia ; bud I bav? tto 
nglit to r^drt?^ ivny iikjurtir4< i>xc4j|>t tboai]) vhiclj may bo 
brought befuiv tht^ jury m;d iiitr, in Lh>.' L-auHL'S u^^pL-iikti^ 
for iriftl." — " My lord, tht^n said Mr, Hunt *Jiiifiwliat 
Bubdtif^d by tht> unexpected uuenitvof tlki< juilftf, "I only 
doaire to prct^wl" "Oh. U that all? * Mid Lord Rllen- 
Wrou^li; "by all tucaus prot4f«t, and g^i about your 
liOHiiiOK*i ■■ Ho Mr. Hunt prot^^lwl, nnd vf.nt klawit liift 
baeUiQfia ; and niy lord wont unruffiod to hU dinoor, and 
botti p«rtiu« w-jr>j contviiL 


Whan Justice Wilniot wtui. trying a caijvo at Worc^ittjr 
aviKcA in I7ti7, a itn^^k of chimtifiyn wia blown over on 
tho roof, and Uxai it duwn over tbu court. Thu judffo 
vittin^ up cl*»c to thv wall tiCD.p«d without hurt; but 
the attorauy in thfl caune and another man wtro kilted^ 
U( H>fll at« tH'O of ttjtf juryuiun . uud iiiany ueru wijijiidtKl* 
M'>^t of ih*.' ciiiriKol }\ii'\ h:ft th(* conrt, ajid tlio judge waa 
uumuni)^ ui^^^thcrwinvruoru dL-iitlm uiubt ha^'u beuu cau>iJjd. 

jriias KTorinst* a kowr w couiit. 

Lord ITcrnmnd, tho Scnf?h judgp, whilo prnFidlnp in 
Court, hoard m nolno ncju* thg di>or «hic3i iLnnoyvd lum. 




a nwn. sij kini* " WW do<« bo wmut T " " lio traitb 

in, my Icffd." "R«til> him out:" The man. it hoaim, 

Ud get ill. Mill toon utcrwanb m like m>itn wb4 rootvad. 

ii-ret' *'It'H tlieaun« tnaii* tny IdH,** " Uliot cIom be 
Vaol now*"* *H« icanila onl, mjr toni" "Tbcn ftrfp 
Aim fit— Itty.JwpAffltitt/'* 


WbfEfi Lord llrrmaiid, ih« Rcoub jiidgi^, wim Uyi 

riiBinal «im on cirauit, comn wa;^ put a mujiical «itufr< 

lit in one of ibo mMm^ wbich plojcd ''Jack'ii aiiva^" 

*ha viuio itiniek tha atidioooo with oonateniation, aad 

k9J«d|[« Jitmd in the air, looking unntUnbl* tbinp^ 

kd fitmtiiAUjT called on£ t<f th« oaner or Buctr, " JIacer, 

rbat, in tho luucio of Ood, ii tbat t " Tbo maiwr Joukod 

omui in vain, wb^ ibo wag caIW mit^ " ll'« 'Jaek'n 

•live,' my lurd." "Doad or alirc, |>Qt bun out tfaiN 

moment, callM out tbft jndf^e. "W« ouinot j^p hiia, 

\y lord." " If b« hafl thu ut cf b<^» let orery roan 

SMut to ttiT&igu hita belbr« im\ UiAi I nuif commit him 

for tliiB miUago and ooDt^mpt/ Kverybody tiM to 

iliftcovor tli« ouendor, and foTluiia1«ly the tnxnk craioil. 

But it Wvan af-oin baJf an hcror al\enrardr^ and th^ 

\^ ox^imvJ, "I» bo Uiar« again f Bjr all tliat's 

Td. bo eball not cacapa ma thb tlBie — hncr, bolt, Iajt 

he iloore of the court, and at roiir peril lot a man living 

■or d«ad o"caf<(." All wan oukIU and «i:eifu«ion, th^ 

ofloen loolcing out and v^jit, uid up in tJi4 Air, and 

dnirn to tlio lloor ; but tbo jKarrh wa<i VAin. Tim jiidpn 

at laM bf^an V> minpcct witrhcmft, nnd 4>xc^1jumod, * Tbu 

b a dftf^ttio All rU.— it ii filnoluto df^lo4i"n , i>p«romAncjj 

phanta^mof^nria.'* And to tbo daj of bu d*-iilU tbo jud^ 

QQdmtood tbo prvdao origin of thiA onwoniod 


TSi c&nKk or tmc ootmi. 

Ona of tbo uab^n of tbo Court of Sm^wii wUo wm 
mtliCT nolod for tUuiLkcimeu waa carrying in a oooplo 
uf canditu aa 11m Cuuit woa utting lato ono aftcnuwa. 


tiV; ITS AttnORS, RKPCftUS, kUli OOUBTS. 10& 

r. Willijkin CdiiuJuliarl, iLiJvoc^te, wW ivui Jviuiirkabty 
tpbacltoc], and greallj iuveJ a Itltlo irLU<-hJi>f» ntretcb«4t 
out III* kgs &« Uio usiier puMod. which m&'Je tliut 
fimHioriAry coTn« tiown vita gn>«it noiA^ T^« Lord 
Proaidont ^crw into ft great j>iu»ikq)» calling i>iit> " Vou 
druak«n b«<ut, tVith ia inHntrvrablc" Tin* uiibvr, ifalljunug 
hinuolf np with dimity, addramod hin lordship lilily; 
" An't plcajt^T your L:>rdKhjp, 1 <im not drank ; Efut the 
b'uth lA, Jis I won bringing in the nuidlen, J i-A\ over 
iHr. William Cm^iichattl'H bnck." ThiB ully jmt th» 
rlK»]e Cotirt in gon^ hnmoiai-n 


O'Crmn**!! told A fit-my of j^ii nsJjor in ui friah oourb 
one day botng nnxioua to thLn tbo coort, aiiiS who callud 
out: *' Ml y« black^aiirrU that isn't lawyers, quit lL« 
coort J " 

"The Cliattcpry" say* a o<.»ritk>mporary pftiopljlet in 
the time of tho Cornmnnw^ifllth, "ia n ^rent gri<;vanp©, 
one of th« groato^ in thv nation U in confidently 
aH^Tmnd by kiioWTn^ gmtli^n^nn of wovinh^ that thoTA tin*. 
d^pondirg in that court t!-3HOO0 ranH^-iv ; thai tiomo of 
tli(;m lijivn bncn dopcndintr fivf, snmr' ton, nomn twenty, 
mtaa thirty yoar« and mi^iv- th^rc haro been «pcct in 
cauves many hundreds* iiity tbomniidi of pvundi. iu the 
DDdoing of many fftiniUi^rt ; wlmt ii ttrdr^T^id oti*^ day U 
contradjctad tlio next, k lu in vouto cauMs then: havo 
boan 500 onlera." 

0>S OIiltiJH OF CUANiaat PE1&T8- 

Kmpoi- Bniiffman had Icon a o^kbratf^d lawyer, 

ftat with hi^U i^nCcE^m in tho |>laob of Lurd Ohiof 

Juatifc of thu Coinuioii i'hixs. T1il» n*ijiovinj( Lim from 

LCi; to the (;han(^''ry did nut at aJI coiiiHhatc uuy 

to JiU funjo. liub rivlhcr Uie conlrury. for ht waa 

timoinu* to an iiii{ioL4)nfrc, and tlmt iiot mt<ndvd by his 

Igrsal n^v. H* labuui-vd very luucti U> (jivaae vv«tylwdy, 
&nd thai is n tcTnjierof ill oonw^qucnf^t^ in a Judge. It waa 

206 amioftnnitf op law axd lawtbbs. 

obwrvM of Mm. lliai EfAoitti AilmitM ofdiri^ni <IouUiL 

wijich the Uwyrni rail |>ouit«, \i9 vuuld uevur ^>-i> all 

oa Mi» ikl'\ lilt '-itltw PAiijr ^Tiotilil have ttmiewhat to 

go m^ny wilL AdJ In hU tnii9 Iho C\Mun of C^iincetv 

nn out of c*<fer into ddftyii An^ ^ndlM* vnolipiu in 

niiM^ to thftl it ITU nk« A il?1d ovMgToirn with briw. 

And wlial WA» tli* wur»t ot ull, hb fjunilj w«n vvry ill 

Jifted fof tliftt place; the ladjr boiag a mo^t violent 

rigiMrVii in tiu&in^u, Mid bi« «ni« t^-j^t no jfwjd 

leoaran wliiirt ili^^y pmcti»cd luidcr him; afid bo had 

[not a vigour of iulhJ and vtrivagth to c««reo tho ewut 

Edf AO iBu<b iliAordnr in bU fiLmiljr. — Norths Lifo of Ijon) 

l|Kovp«r, ««L 

ititair'fl ciuyctaT Donmt, and keckvo ttiii eivo*s 

Iionl Brou;>bam kaiJ of Eldon : " EJe who uoutd adjonm 

a private estate bill fir vrcck^ unablti to iiULke op hifi 

uiuO on ooo of lU cIauhmi, or WT>uld talco a tnontli to 

Iccida An what t«rm« utuo anictidmirnt nhauld he allowed 

In a rait, ouuJd wlihcmt omu tnooivai'a licdiation rf«olvo 

lAjprtrtlie kmg'aconMnt to the tanking of burn, w ben 

Uu Majoatj waa la suvb a nUte vf luruital Uii<3^o that 

!tho kw[>er of hia p^rmu fotild nr>t ht HUlft-M-d to quit ihf 

ral dotct for an iit-^lant. wbilu bii (jali^iLl vai with i\» 

'koCf>«rof llii CvtkH:i(?iii:« perfotwiilii- itie biglmt fnDctio" 



To ch^k abuts* in timv to Coiu<^ Lord King, vhtun 
nOwqccIIit. vitli ihn ooncurtoncft of tlio iilnjnar at the 
Ib^ riTiuLKi^^llt'd Lord Haodeifield*i order, fbrbiddius 
VjMlAm in tlianccry nnv Ifintrr-T to makr a^^ at ■uitorn' 
money for tbcir own OilvanUifc. aud cojuiiuinding thtnu 
iwith Ut pay all narnji ivctiv«L bj thmi into tbft 
Bank of Eii)fland. ^iia for tbc fuiun) Bvcun-d tb^ prio* 
d|ial of tbo mocej, but would not linv« done juAtio^ to 
tbo aoilorB, wbcov fortune* might be locked up in&iiy 
yean in tl>v tuum- of admin ittralion. or ii«ndir»^ a tvAit- 
plkfttt^l litijj^tlon. A pbio wwi ihemforo deTiBfrd wberoby 


ttioiKry bcin^ vivtcd in pubtio jwi^iiriti^^ in Uiq tttime of a 
n^w offiMr, nctina imdor the control of the l^ni {'h%n- 
^qWot. to bo called thn Acr^ountant-OciiC'ml- Tbui woa 
Lanfriwl into viYecl by two Actn of IWiiumtint, 12 Ueo. J, 
::c. 52. 33, the ono entitled. "An A<it tbr better accurtnff 
tbo M>.'iucji (tiiJ Etr^^cts of Iht Suitom of the Court d" 
ChQTu^cry ; " anJ the oUier, '^ An Act for thf^ Retiefof tho 
Hiijli Otiurt uf ChuiiLrry " " Ha|*py hud it bL^jn," nayi 
Oldiiiixr>n, " if the A<rt>i \irn\ furtlirT rvliered the HuitAni 

in tbai court* by n-^'ulatin^ thu htigioud, t<KliciuH, CLiid 
exnerjaive frUiF«.and On* ennrmuun extorljoiuof hurifft^ 
solid iora, &nd the viixatioua And diar^uablo atteudanced 
upon MjwI*:'!*, whidi rti^der^vcn a Court of Equity ju 
too many In^tanci^s uqually i-ulnoua and torrlhliA" Biit 
Ih*!" »blTl\. iilti»«i i[» Ihu ujiy uf fuithvv iiiijimvflnu-jil. were 
pLvl'Ahly tLoniLi-iiirmi>uiiralde. — 1 Cftuiji* Chonc, 039. 






■I ttftk«d I>r. JuhBMB," myu BoiwalL 'vbctJber. u 
« BMOUiU b« did QOi tkbk that tLo prMtic* of lb* 
kv, itt ftODM iJ«gn«, hnrt Um ni<y fMliuj; of Imam^* 
^ofctf^fk ■■ WLjr, DO. fcir, ir y«i act profwriy. You art 
Bdl to d«c#ivo your dJ^nM witli fAl«e r^pMniUiUiVM of 
fMT opABboft: jou arv not to uM Mm to * jo^g*^'* 
Sofum "Bui vihAi do you tbink of aupportjttg a <mim 

Cknow to b« fattdr* JoKvtm. "Sir, yom do Doi 
V it Uh do g^xkd or liBit tUl tb« JDiJ^ dHOTminm tL 
I hikTc mid Uut you an to KAtis liiictt ckftriy ; m tbat 
yoav tliiukiii^ or irbBt yo« call kneiwh^ a canx* to 
Dft bvl, Btuu be frooi rtiMnin^ muat be front ytmt 
■ttppowDg yovr argUBODta to bo v«Ak and loocticIucivQ. 
But, BT.tbia M not «nMi([K An argutiiprit wliidi doM 
not ocoviDce youiw^l/. nuy oonviDc« Uh jad^ie to wb<au 
jroM urg« it; ukd if it ik»« oonviocr bim. vhy, tJbm, 
lir.yoQ are vrmg, and ba i» rigbL It i« hia buiineai 
,lo jDdga: and yon are iM to bo eoofidmt ia your 
^«wii opdnion that a <^&u<qe la bad, but to My all yuu 
can for your dwot, and tbua b«ar tba judgvii ouiniiiu." 
Jio&totU. ** But, air, doM not aAMting; ft wunaui wbrn 
j^ou bava BO waralb, asd appearing to b« cbariy of ouu 
tmaioB, wbaA you an^ m nulity, of inotb«r opiutou,^ 
fwNa Doi Budk dwimaAatkn iin|iair oix'a boB«rty I I* 
tfcara not aonMi daugar thai a n«^ niay put on Uw 
MUM lua&k in ooohnni Ufa, in tbo intortDo??^ viUi ha 
£rMfidaf~ Jitknaon. 'Why, no^ air. Ercrrbody kuova 

ABAUT Anvry?A7B9, plhadbha, eto 


you Am pwd fi>r ftfft^^' wnrmth r^r ynnr dicnt ; ftrni 
iC jft. tboripforv, pnrri<irly no <]ihHLi»uljiU(>nL lIui moinouL 
Vfin (Wfn* frrim tfin bftr you rvsiimo ymir iiAiinl h-vhAvioiir 
Sir, a tnaa will no moro carry thct ftrtidcw gf tho bnr 
mto thit <H>mmon intcrcmiTAP of floottty, than % rnnn who 
in ptid for tumbling upon hia tmndn viU cionLinun L(i 
tumble uitoEi lui hjuiiU when bo Kbould Wjilk umn hU 



"Sir/" aaid Dr, JoUnwrn to Sir William Forbw. "ft 
Uwyer tSB no buiiii«H with Ulc juitttrc or iujiutice of 
tht» cttiuo whioli he uu^Qtiakcs. uulcv bid dk-ut aaka hhi 

opmioii« aiid tli^u h(.< in boiiod Uj tf^t-e it hmfipilly; f'ht 

tjoatloOt or ixjuBtlcc. of t!ie obtioo ia lo bt' de<?L(kd by Lhfi 
iudu». OujiHidvr, Hir. ^K'bnl la Iha puqjuw ul' e;ouiI« oC 
yamca — It i» that evory iimti may h&w htu <au»o fAir]y 
tri«d l>y men &ppointtKl to try uatuiea. A Ui^yvr Ja uot 
to tftll whftt he Icnijw* to b« a ho— h* is not to [imduce 
what he knows to bo a faUm doodl ; but ho U not to ueorp 
t!ir. pi^i-tvinfii^ of th*i jury and of tbft judg«^ and dfttAmunih 
what jshall bo tho c^tTcct of «vidf^noo. wbat itbull bo tho 

msult of Ir-^al niyiiiiKint, lf» by & hiifM^nui'ttv nf AtbttlW 
tlon, of knowWiijYr, nf akWl. and a. hott^-r method of 
COTQiuunicaUoTj. a lawyv^r hitUi Ui^i juivuELUi.;^^ of hxi 
ftdvnmary, it in nn adiantAgn Ut whioh lie in entitled, 
Then? tniut alway hv romu advantci^ on uno nidu of 
the other, and it m better that that adTitnt^xc nhoidd bo 
by t&touta Chan by chaiiciL*' — Boiwoll* JohDNoii. 

THK n;j;oTjo» or tjik bau, 

])^AgiiOe»«in<ip thn i-ti!tpln'at«d IVnnch ailvooftU, tud of 
Afr Iritr : " It tfl an oi-drr ju anc^ii^nt tm thn tnftj!i«tnify^ an 
noblo art virt»o>a» nnncsAary il^k juHtico; it U difttingninhod 
by a whiclk is |M-(?iilifhr to ilMiir, and it alnnn 
nlwayt muintairm the huppy and iwactTiiI poH<!J«iiaii of 
indcpondcnco; Thcadvodatft iiif*r«withoiU boir];^ anfdtan 
to bin country; ho dovol^ hiniSL^tf to tbo publii.^ without 
boin^ '^ B^*^ to it," 


Ct't;^'.',Ei(L^ ijf LAW AND LAWYSIU^. 

BcrmVi at a }at«r Ofttf* miM Uii«? ''Tbe iml«paiid«iioe 
of thio uu in ft bulw&rk tot r^kch rSitnn iigftin*L tho rAg« 
(Uid the vIolcDoe of ftutbonty* fl^inht Uw vioklior; of 
Uw, 8g&iriht uiijqst pr>Aveutit>nit- Wo h^va «voiTthiag 
to drud if it b« wotluaod : wo hAve no tvtmn to do«fiur 
vhlk it i> loftiotMiMd «id rtvpcctod Th^rt wUI triutopb^ 
1 tnu^th«parMi«rin2<ifiort«<^ light rrft-Kin. fifths (ipirit 
uf jufrUctf, of pnUio Uktvi^tj'. Tlierc, Kt IckaI, in iW 
wotifi of D^AgiicAVAii, will rcAOuni] the l&rt cij of fixpdring 

Severul cf ErmkiiccV IViemla camciUy penEUftdod lum to 
refusn the retdiDt^rof Tom Paiat to dcffiod biiDA^ut 
tbo froMCutioo fur beditioUB libel ; anil aiaotig Uich wr* 
Lonl Louf^boitMixli. who [rii;*ht to bavo known hcUtr. 
but who ihou^la lliftt 4t Wt ho httil the On«t Softl 
within hi4 ^ni^f^ Er»km« himpRlf, iranjr yMn &A«t, 
^ro the ruLTowtug iLmufiin;; account uf Llii'ir iulorvivw t 
"Is Wftlkin;;; boiu^ '-nt* il&ik Novirml^r eveuin]^, ftcnwi 
HiBipiie&l Httfitb. 1 tiict Luu^'h borough coming ia &n 
OppoHtt«< dirfvlKiif. AtipLrvntty with tb« iMtHuttoo uf ine«4- 
liff me. Ho wu olao od foot. ' EnHdoit,' bo uid, ' I wh» 
owririjl. >ou, fur I have HOtn^tbiiig inputUijI Ui oow 
mafiicAto to yoo/ Then wm mi udimiu] BoJeiuBity in 
bu BBODor, Mid a doop bollownou in bia vv^oa. We 
WM» ftlaoo; tho pUo# wm ni^litAry; tho diitk WM 
grtbtnng ftPDuad i»; uid not » vi^co, Dot « footstep. 
WBft wt^xn hoBtiD^ 1 folt >A llubnt fi4t wh«n Jobji 

bolf opMiod, half coppvoMod tho piirf'o&e of hk cool, in 

itnoginod, Afl^ir n port^mtoiiA puAe.lic bo^nn: 

Ihftt ftwfij] oimfvicrCi^ which 81 

Mjit^ar* lift* HO iin#]^ 
you tniut not t«ke I'aioD'ft bri^' *But I hftfo boon 
ictftined, and 1 will takn it, by — d/ wm tnr rfrply." 
Miaiay to thewinc cUbct wcr« brvugbt to EtukiuQ nvn 
the Prinoc of W(U» j but he wa* inexorable. Uy mftny 
WL'U-tai<ftniii2 poopio, i^ionot of jiroAefldonal trtiqiKiltv, 
ftnd oJ wb&t JA RQuirOu hf n 'lut? rr^ard ft^r tho ptuippr 
ftdmiuiBtrfttico of «rifaJDftI junticir, hu ubdliuacy v«i 
Miioh oondemiMd, uid aouTriloushttft^a v«i« mido upon 
bim In tb« OoremmcBt nowap^pcn^ If ibe tttlrocfttA 




Tflf^ea to <M<.-nA from Kme opinion ho mny 1iav(i of thi- 
cbftrgQ or of the defence, li» mhuihoh Uio cljinioUr of tho 
jndce ; nay, hr» (uwiiTmt* it hf foTv thn hour of JHiiginent j 
ejaojin proportion to hi* mnk nn<l rcipuUiUon, puu Uiu 
bvavy inflii^nco of pi;rtiApt a mtUnkcn opinion into the 
jWAh A^iriAb tha iir^o\iw6, in whoat^ favour thi^ honuvolcnL 
pnTid|»io of KngJUU Uw iiiaki^ aU prpiumptioni*, fttid 
which oomfnundii the very ju*J^ to be hi* oounnt'I, la 
bu ipwch Kihkinv piuctr^dii Ui Lhc dcrciic<.% mid Uyn 
down, with admirahlR dUcri mi nation, thn limitt of f roo 
duciiKiion OIL polibiijal &ubjout& KnikiiiQ art«rwiit>]rt wd, 
*' I owe it bo hid Hoyftl Hij^hnr^ to expnwi my opinion 
that, ciromiiBUincoi) ntt ho vsa/i, ho hod no othor uourdu to 
t4ik« in thgrw iJii^jiTictfal a,ad distr^iting tim>^«, and that 
my rcUinor for Fmiu^ watt iiiado a pretext Vy Oic Kief's 
Mjiu&tcn ibr loy rumoial/' — 6 CUiup, UbanCf IjT* 

Enkine bt*in^ juiiit^r, in hiti linth ca^c threw oul iniinii* 
Aliojoa f4;aiubpt Lord Sandwich for hU inlcrfvrenco wltti 
Greenwich HoHp^.-ti lj>rd Manofiold, oWrviuL* thu 
«oinwe] beati>d wiih ln^^ -^ubjui^t, anJ tfrowmg pcrai^ual 
<>n ih** Firflt Lor.l nf th<* Aiiniiiallj. t-jld him tliat L-jnl 
^andwjcli wu not buforo the CWrt. Ersfclju. "I know 

tWt htfi iH nifi ft.ii\nti]\y lii'i'iriv tl^o UuiirL, L^ikt fur tljat 

vory reason I will bring hiin hf^ioro the Court. He 
&W pkG«[] t\i«m inon k^ th^ fjvnt of tho batUe in 
bwoa to pscApG under their tthc?lter. bnt T will not join 
.SB tettio with thorn; iJioir vices, though Acu<w>jd up to 
tho hififhe-it pitch of human *lepravity, nra not of dignity 
enough to \'inr1iciit^ the coml^at with mo, 1 will dni^ 
him to hght, who i* the dark niiov*-r behind thin uxtt<i 
of iniquity. I n^ort that tho KikH of Sundwicli htut 
one luad to e^ocipe out of tliis husint'u without pollii- 
tJou and diaj^iu.'i.\ and that ia hy pitblic'ly di^vowing 
the aoU uf the pi-usuuutom, and nutorJng Captain B^iilicf 
to hfs coiDinruid ! If he dote thi\ tfioii his ^Ifcrioc will 
hk4 fui uiorv than thu U>o uummoii vug of having tiutlVrod 

hhh own poraonal int*^h'.»it to prevail ovtif hi^ publir duty 
in placing ha \vi*>n m thu hospital But if, on tliv con- 
fary, hft eontinnoA to proC«ct tho proa6cutor«, in sjiit^ of 


113 o^iuofiinicft or law axu LAwnuis. 

Ibo ovitUooe of tticir (^ilt. wlikh liin vxciUkd ti»« wXhor- 
Miee of the nuTn^rom Aodiocm vbo crowd thU cooft,— 
if hit keepci Uw tojtircJ nan vnapendcfl, or dftm tn tiini 
Uitl iiapetwon ioLo ft removal,*—] ibkll Uico iiol •cnipli; 
lo innfam him ui imdooipHm iq lh«^f £iiiH, a aluvobBn 
Ofipravfur, a rlU^r3«<; to 1ii« rank, ana a tmilcr to hu 
iruit. But an I ahouM be y*iy aorrr that tli« fortime of 
«iy braro aod iHimourabJe trimd nLouM iWp«od uitbcr 
QpOD the «z«r«X90 of Lord San^lvicb's virtiMA or ili« 
fakflncooe <if hi« femt I do moot cttraoAly ctttnat Ibv 
Cottfilo narV the nalignant eibjc*at of the prote>.citinn» 
and to 4«fiiftt it I boa^rch vou. mj iv^% to oooaider 
tbai oi«u by di»obai^-iD|; tlit- ralr, anil ttiih cMb, tlie 
(Mnulaiit b ndlher pncerted aor rMtored. I tnait. 
ibeRlbre, yoor lonUiipM will not rat tatlatUil with ful- 
filltng VixarJodteEal tJutj ; batman tba i&Tt>ng««t ft vJdoftoe 
of foul abuaaa baa bj aociJeat o^iue oollatoraJlj b«lbM 
yoD, that you will pvoU«i a hnv«» and pub1ic-«pmt«d 
officer fr^'intbopvoocution thie irrititighfeabfoiigbt vpon 
hiiD, aikd UiA HUfTor aa drejilful ajt tTxaupJe to ^ abivafl 
iato iba world, m the niiii nf an ■mieht man for baruig 
faithfially dnchatiged tii> dutj^. My Jonln, tlu» matter ia 
of tbc lajtt impottance. ! nprak aot WMaa udvooaie al<m^ 
1 jfHsak Ur j'ou aa a man, a^ a raember of m »Ute whoee 
very oxiiitfikoa dopcmii npon bnr nav^I nlrvngtb. If our 
lleela are lo be crippled by the Uineful induonm of 
electiona, tix an lod ind^fA It the anaman, wbUe ha 
aspoNS bia body to falij^^tm and daiwora, loduoff forwird 
to Of««awicb wm ail aavIuis for infirmily antTold i^;*^ 
■ce» the natoa of ii M<:<rk«d op by oomptioo, and Mm 
the riot and niirtb uf tiuariooa lanpdamaa drownioc (^* 
groana aiid eoukpUintd of ihu woondod^ hetploea ooo- 
nnioo^ of hn \^^* ^ v^U tempi the aea* uo mora, 
1^ Admiralty mav pmshiabody.Endeed^at thftaspcase 
of bonaaily and tha conBtltolMM, bot tbay cuauM praaa 
Am miH^,— 4htry cannot |WMa the b^roio af«1oar of a Britidi 
■ailor; and inatead of a fleet to <mnr terror ail romd 
the ^oImv the Admiralty may not \m alilv mur-h lonfptr to 
amuao ua oven «^itli tho rw«L««abt«v «nsoln4nntial pagtnnt 
of a nrvicw. Fine and tmiiriaoiinMnt ? The man devrvee 
a palace inatcad of a pnacm wbe prar^nt* the palace 
bmlt by the piibtjc bounty of h^ country fram being 




tcirtifcl mUt A (lung4K-ri, ojiJ wh{> mcriflcui hU own 

wcurity tf^ the intcrnta of hiimnnity and virtue. Aad, 
now, my bnls, I Imvc doms; Lui n*jt withuiil thnnlcing 
your lontahiiis for tho vory iii^iilgvut nttvution I Imvo 
nctivi.'d, though m flo Itite li ttFA[^u of tliin pr^t^cdmf^, utd 
nut*«itlidtaiidijig my great iucH[ittCLly Ji[id iutft^r-ricnco. 
1 rvffi^n tnv cfieril int'^ your niuda, ftnd I reatgn him 
tvitb A uoU-foumK'd coufidmrctf tuid hope; Iwcmusv ihttt 
torrcot of Cf3m)|>tion vrhidi Iiok nnli&imily overwhelmed 
every otb«r p&ri of llm uotiKtituUcn iSi oy ibu blocain; of 
Pn>vid*ini^, itl^topCMl h"r* by the ftwr^d inifet>endencd of 
ih^jud^, I Know that your lorduhipe vul determino 
jiccoHing to Inw ; athI lUiitvroT^, if nn infonnatlou btiould 
hn miffet^ to be tllod, I will bow Ut Uu ftcnt^nco, and 
tJimll eonnder this morlt^iriouii |>ublicMtion to be uxdveil 
uvoffbriM) ngainat the laws of t^U oountt^; hat then I 
■hjU) Tiot acTiipto Lo (isy, that it ia bi^h time for nirory 
h^moAt nmn to removi? himwlf fmm a cnimiry in which 
hv caji Ti'j longor do lits <luty to tlie public with nftfoty, 
when* cmrhy and inhumanity nre tiuflLTcd to impeach 
virtui-, and whtrrvj vi(!o piissts tljmu^h a court of juatico 
unpiitibihcd and uiuvprovod-" — E^^ki□f^'■ Sp«cclica. 

couNs^ coLi.EcrrrK<t ins Tnouanro. 

Jufitico Otimoy, when at tbo bar. wa^ conaldurvd an 
&vb.'pl ill <-rtUiiii«I Uv^', Am] At tbv Old Bulu^ h? luatr 
tnaiolv by hi* grftvily, /ind thii skilful iwo of two ph^ut^Fl, 
" Huab I ■ vid " Sliut that dwr I " WIkthovwi Jjh wiwbed for 
a roomcrit's ptttiw to collect his tht*ijghts or to give hi* 
witJiQAa tiniiv, bo Riveted to hoar n pin tall^ mud coiiapl^n^d 
of the noUn. "My lord, it is impojwihln for the jury to 
hsar what I huva to xny in this uouruftion.** By KtMdtly 

ndhCEni^ to thin cournn the u.ihom And door-kcnpfri 

were foriHid to ivttcud to their duty ; aiid Hioac who 
WL-rc not fuukitiur with the t'ourt- iiilVrt^d that ns silt?TK-Q 
wafl luoro ot>m|]1uti.' whil(* Mr. Ciuriiuy waa Hpoakiijg, ho 
utUAt be bi.^t,kr worth liqli?nio^ to Omn Any uthvr iiuu). 
They liatcnod : what thoy hiJ&rii \Faa good, though not 
wondvH'ut. Hia iv^uUtii>Ji incremavd tdl ho rotio to Uio 


injmoimc0 ut law aicd la 

O^OuojmU Mid of Jn4c« IV?: 'No nna wvold Ukc 
Bm to mm ft Imod. «U •» a j > d(p liicj «naU 
Marahr Wt* pkoAd a k« >IM«n warn vpm Um NacIu 

ontfi Ml albv jTiM to n«k« ft «pMcli. Ilwlktklftn 
ftlwwit cT ofiinMM vHli tin UiA Mi^lcvr. uid IhiirfiM I 
will Bui UipM ay OM WUVil' 'Hf lo^l,* Midi, 'tbtt 

b pnctelj tbt nftMCk why 111 Wt aobodj Im* Uw hat 
w<ml bvi ujiwlf. if T cui '^Ip bL' 1 ^d t^ Uj« wonl. 

A wuwitcm ramsit AinfocitK iKaDttHsmik 

le ihn Vmti^ lUtttisbol aImqI hit h^xtA iu mtA & nwiAtfr 
■» to abov off A QmptUkvDi ditoMoJ rinf . B» wm# 
jwMlgLpHMl-Wkiffg^ «jftd |>l««ilwg liir « Uif tif ifiMltty 
w1h> deaAAdfid « ■«f«ntk)o frctt bcr koibud. Tb* 
lHi*t«jid, «iK> lufi|i«a*i lo W pn«ntK inti«mi|4«tl kuo iu 
tbo laUdl* «# ft psmd, iJkd tmnngbo ifaa jttdffM exdunud 
tbMtritalW. -My to^T«i will ftiiptitiftliw &ft—lwfckfc 

H«M.^M. tt AviljiB^ ft|9U^ 

rfhift ■H ft —n t, w t «» ycwiftw Jiifpnwud Ikat tW&nmil 
nag ba wmtv h tLt- vrrr na^ «hieh I phurf <n Mf 
«»^flMnr«nUk^dftr o/'tUi qam WMft»ft^OMlo 
«MDl«^ TW Cbvn; miA H hr«T?w, win idM» tW 
ilwy, wfta Mrofk, ftMl Kme ittMadiMdy. TW cftan m> 
lofti^ «ji<l tlic ftdmttto M«w b«d ftM^lwr. 

Til «M «0 Om pftl g BftPCT flT Ik* VMlMtMfhl^ iIm buA- 
iMLftir* fa jiti ftMJoafcftd BO IbBftdHioft Ift bi& 

wMvi tm 

the "S*»Jft wil 
ftlii lad 

&D ft life fmftA, «kii4i ftAHfJ ftns 

■fs btokoi, CMldA* lluu with 
MT' BcwMt'T, ft nM<*(tal4( 

fTftnlv boA; 
</f X^v^tptM, ftBd 



wi6h Two N^kii,' iu Lad L&utf, — o tii;,ni emUcni^ic*!* _, 
Httpi>o£i>, of i\w Dumber of meks |>coi>le intgbt to poasott 


iThcr« woji witrrnuQ^ in 17^1 tli« Amglo inftt«noa> 
irdrd in our juiIiclaI onnaln of nn AdvocftCo in u coiirl 
' jiuliuti intiodudutf ui oalh Lit the uL^^n^l iianju of th»~ 
Divinity ; rami it wan introdcc^id nni only without \mI\ 
tion or oIFc^oc tu ploua cJim, but v/iiU ilw ihriliiDj 
■a^nnationa uf r^ligioun rnpbirc. cmi^-lit fnna tho lifu 
tfiu iiiMi wbu, &d if hy tii^|^iiiLt.iuii, utterud Uil- droiidfu] 
aouml. Arj^iiTi^ tipoii tW iNmr^truc-tiuH of ct-rtdzii woida' 
fltUibuti-d to LutNl GLvr^c l>>rdou, Enkini^, luscouiuiulp 
o:cr]jtiiJiii4], " Tint thm I ujll uy, tbai li« iiktiut bi> a mfliuir 
and not a lawyer who woald Jaro to tell an EnglisUj 
jury tiiJkt «iLv]i ftiiiliiguoiis ivtrnK UtiiiiniiiHicloMi^ly betwai 
otlicra not only innownt, but incritv»rif>iw, at« to 
mdopUKl to GoiiAiilutij guilt by i^jijmjn^ lK>tlt intri^Iiictii;!! 
Mul •iftqiicl,'" Thm, (vfifr noticdng th"* offi'.r miv\n to 
the Oovc-ramtnt by {he priiimor liluwalf to qii*jU tho 
diiitntbiLn^c, Ki>kinc v^ntiiri^d upon tbi^ follnwin^r bolil 
uid cxtraordimiry mntuuvo : " 1 «ny, by UuU. tbnt tuAD 
ii a ruffian who bhall, ufbcr thn, pruLimc bo build upon 
*uuU boiK'Ht. artloBM conduct* ild an ©viiluno^ of guilt*'* 
Thtt MOiftatiOTi pTiKliici?d by thi!» danu^ AMivd) io thts 
r«elln0B of the Ju'/. and by lliti lu&'^tc of uiq vo'iw, tho 
«yt*, loo fiiww, tliv a^'tioTi ^^'ilb ^vLicti it wan uttvLijil, \a 
h^lat«d by ihoAO prc4<?iit on thifi mutuovabb occasioji to 
hav* b««n «l«cirlcAl. k^i^utu ba^o hiij>|ii.Mied that Uk- oatb 
wa^ premeditated i bnt U b&8 bcon wol) obaorvod that 
iutuitivo Dud morzjDiitary ijiijjuW could nlono bftTe 
promptod a Hi^bt whi^^h it n}ar\a could MintAm; and lui 
Jtii laduro wuul-i indu<Ad have hat:-n falid, *^o itn cminci?it 
.niiSMai mu^ ho a[loiircd to mnk it among tlic mcdC 
■fiOdni £i;ata of omtory.— ti Camp, Cb&nc, 41 1. 

tntan cocsssf- usiso the sjuile of the eacim 

A yo4in^ IrUb liarvint<v iu cout^m; of hia apoouU be,gafi 
to IID0 a Bimila of "tha ua^lif nuarui^ bi;;b nbovu tho 


cmosmss or law akd lavtbu. 

|Bkiat& of thft 4HU, Vituufig tta dttCng fligbl a^aiou 4 
Mhy Buii Ull Ui« couUnipUtloa bMODMi Um danLic^ 

[ibr limuikity, ah'I inort&l v^'m f-av« after il in vain. 
Hen tlie onlor wu nuiiccrl u> fdivr, ami ]«m tke 
UirMd of Ilia >ip«tcb, and nt cIliwa afVi- «om9 rain 
ftUMDpta to r^^tn il The judge uiJ, " Tbo next tinw, 
air, you liTtn^ an wai;lu into ooiutr 1 ahi^uld rocommiuid 
yOQ to dtp iU viiigs." 

knasixe ov rnit isnniy miEr. 

Enldoo in ooc of bb funooa ipeai be a qm^I tliU figar* : 

*'QeaUMn««i, I Uiink 1 «in ob«enw Uiat ywi ara toucbod' 

whli tliU Way of coiHidoHog tho •utjact; awl I cao 

mt for il 1 !«¥• net bMo cooaiaarug it throogh 

^(b« eold nadhiiii of bookit but hav« btia apoaklag of 

roan aiid lib DatBl«b KOd of humaa donunioft* from what 

I hare nccD of tbm mjAalf. amongii rtliict*nt natioBn 

fvblDtUJtig (o oar autboHt^, I knov what diov fool. 

'Wd boviucJi fediof^ can alone be nprcuod, I bare 

icard tlMm in n^ y oulb trvm a naked aavaga, in t]i« 

ir>(Ii;fiivit chankrtfr of a prinoa ■nrmundied bjr bia >ub> 

\jccU, addnanng tbo gOTomor of a Britivh Mlony, boldiag 

hA bondlo of ktkoki adlbatlOt«aof tii* unletirml «lM|ac«ioe. 

■Who ia IC Aid iho J««1o«is ruler ovi-r tbo dttCrt 

ivd upuii b_v tliL* Ft*4t]v^a r^KiL uf tbu Kngliah 

'ftdTaDtatvr4, — ■ vho b it that cantM this tiver to riao 

in Um bigb novBtaiuM, and to onpty itMlf Into Uio 

<m«i 7 Who ta ii tbai cauwa to blow th« loud wbda 

of wintor, and ilial calaaa tb?ia anin mto anunwrf 

WIm in il that rean np tbo abadc of thoaft Lofij forniU, 

[aiidblMti tbomwitbthaqQick lightiuo^at EliaplMiar*} 

•ama Baa^ wbo oare to yoo a iHruntry on tltc other 

•kle of liio watani, aaa cave omn ia tu^ and by tbi* titk 

«F« will defend it/ aaid Uw waxrior, throwing ilown boa 

tMuabavk upon tho groand, and vaiiinj- tbe war-nwnd 

of bla nation, 'l^btue afi» Ibe r«^'bu]p nf Mubjo^'alcd neo 

all ro«ad llio gWbe; aiML d(r|>«nd upon it, iii>iJiijig but 

will coutnl wluinf it h vain to look for alfodioo." — 

[iiio'a Sp«octMa 



At ft ItihL uf iL (;ttibiur t>r a txitik. Tvi' vuibcz^cLomontv 
lE^ul'it^ Chi>at^, the Ainir^Hcdii Mvocdl^, ftjjpi-Ared for tho 
drfL'inI&hl. and fttpi^d wiUi ^rL<at fot-tM ihat hU o1i«nb 
h&il Uvn compolk-J lo do wliut )io iljit by tbtf otdur of 
thf< ilirt^ct'TV. arid ihvy alouL^ were reBpoUttibltf, and ought 

one ot th'^in boin^ prwunt, roBo Ilk coart in great an^r 
W iti^Tiy 4II th^^i- ihMrkiiiLtion^ Chi>*1'j, wilhuut uluj-jpiu^, 
blandly rmid, "i beg thft dirrt^tnr !*> Imj R«atctl, im lie 
wiiilict to bo trcBtui witli nucrdcjatioa in a court of 
jij»tit(\" Thon injitotitly iivakin^ out inUk a ^r«ftt 
fycrcniiit urhich he ftltrnn could ii^ako with dnEnAttc HlVcil^ 
■' t t*ll Toll. j{«ittJnmf:iL of the jtir^-, my rJimt wm «« 
bolpltdn m ih<^ liELEidi uf thcMu diivct<n^ aa an infant 
mrroundoil Ly te^ tMoti«,niJ iJ^n^al ti^rr*i 1" Kvorybody 
in court v/aa iipijalluj at Ibc vcbomcncc of tho omtor, 
ami Dot b. «>ui divi>;d to mntlE-. 



Curi-&u» In d«fundiiig Rowaa. Iho Se;:r«twy of Ibo 
traiU>d Iri^hfiion, for ^itioiu llbei b^H thin npUndid 
bunt: " 1 speak in tho K^iirit of British kw. wbich 
fiUtlrOiJi libftrLy roinmrnMiirat*^ with B,Ti<i insfi|iiiniln!o (Wim 
llritish noiij which piorlniniB. fivi'n lo thti suuni;ct wid 
*< joutTJCr, the moment he not* bli foot upon HritLxb earth, 
that the ^imd on which ho tri^juk in holy. mA ocjd* 
Apcmtfd fry thfr fcnniai of antvcnnAl tmindpTLUoii. Ko 
matter in n-hat lnii^ua|:;<i hla d^nm muy liavc bt^uu pro- 
nouiiotd — uo m:ittt-r w[int complt'Xion iiicutLi]i&tible wilh 
Irotdum an Indian or tux AlVkdn riun nuiy hnvt? butnt 
uuoii biuL — uo iimtlcr in whut dlaaatiVUH baLllw ]»!« 
Ilbfrrtie^i ULny havt he^n chiv^a down, nf>r witft whftt 
solenuiiliett Ij« may huw bL-eii dl^vot4^d ujion tlj« olUr 
of nUvsrv — the very lii>!, iui«r»^nt he ioni;iiC8 the hocrvxl 
fioil L<f l!HtaitL tliti altar and thu ;*(rd eink to^<>t>;»^r in 
IbA dHi4t» hJH wiul wftttii^ abroad in ht^r nwu mAji'^ty, bin 
body swells beyond the mouura of tho cUainH wbicli 
bunit from ai'uitud him, anal ho ^tandx rcdc^imcd, r<^ 

gonontod, tnd diKatlimlled by tlie imwliblo j^niUB 


Lord ikuuglam, vrlivn itcTcndbiff the Quvcn, twDcludod 
tliuH: "Such, my lar>Ja»iii ll;c com nowtefuroyon. Such 
If Ui« erLiJ«iKe iq Mipport of thu Mouare^ evideoov ta- 
uK^luftte 10 |>rove » dubu |[up>:*tukl to -Joprive or « civil 
ri|jliL| riJicvluui U> cunviol nf lliu JumesL oUVuco, ixmii* 
iluouji if l>rciag}it foTwaril u* Hiijifort a diarg» of (ho 
highait D&Uin wIik^ tlur iaw kiiow», i&on8ti«tt« io niln 
Ui^ hononir. U> bliM Urn nAmtt of ah EoriUh otieenl 
Wb«t >JiiL[l I ARv, then, if OiU M Uio pioof % whlcb an 
■ct of jittltcljhl Irgiidatkiti, a pKtliftuirrntiHy «MiUtice, ah CD 
pod fo^Q lav, U soucUt Ui bv pMWiJ agun^t a <l«fanM]«M 
woioan f My lordi. I pray yoii to pauto ; t ilo ramMlly 
beatech you u> tako bcral! Vou are f£ani^irL£ iip^n tha 
brink of a procipKo — Uiod bowaiv! U will go fortli 

Eiir JQcl^ant, if acnUficA iihall go against the Que44L 
it it ifiiU bo tbu coly juil^ont you over pronounced 
whKh, t&st'Md of FMchinij iU object, wUl rettim and 
bound back ujion iboae who cave iL Sa%'C the counlty, 
HIT lordi. ff ocn die Iiottota i>f Uiit ^ataaltorpL^ ; narA your* 
Mivea from thia pvril ; toftciM that country of wludi vmx 
are tlw oniamcnt*, bot in «hicU vou o&n Hourlvb no 
JOQgcf, wbcu aerercfl from tlve poopV tban tlif bbHtom 
wfiQQ eut olT frxiiu (Lo nxitif anil the at«iu ^t \\vt trc«. 
Sar« that country, t^'flt 3'ou may oontinu<^ to n^lorn it; 
HaT« tbe «rown wliich i» in jeopardy, the arivlocracy 
wIimIi is «liak«n ; aave tbe attar, which muat iiliocT 
^tth the blew Unit fenda itj» kiudrod tlkrttne ! You ^ve 
*^i'\, tny lonb, you haT« willj^l^lhf* Chtirrh and the 
Ktn^ haw wlUca— 'that the Qiuan eboold bo doprivad 
uf it« wUmn afTTice. She haa^ toataail of that at^nuiJty, 
Ihc hcartr«k pAy««a of iho pctffkla^ Sfaa wants no praycta 
of mine. I4nt 1 do her^ jtonr lorth my homblo Hipplica* 
tionii At thn Thtv>nA of Uf-n^y, tLiu that mrr«y may ho 
|H>ur\<] ilirvu u|Kiii tbo people in a larwt moasiirv tfaba 
lite mcHtit of it* rulfitamay dtwrrrc^ and that yMir beartd 
uiay bo tomad to j^mtico." — Brvugluuu'i ijptwchoa 
Lord Broughan, ac«ordinx b> Lord Gavpbdl, aaid that 





hail ivwritt<>n iha al.iovp pc'iDratton Bovi.mlcc:n luu(s# 

lETi lt>- vriH ttztlulitMl wilb it. 


lb VM ftaid cf John A<Taiikn, tho Prttiddcnt r^f tlio TIfilt«d, 
SLatOflt tlint fio fii^ \nvnk&i\ tha god of ^Toifiionce m ft' 
oelobmted fipe**oh on Tn-lcfni^tiTKy!. II** drnii'd lhij*j and 
l^ftve the roilu^wictg oh ihn cL>rrect varaum of Ittn oxonlium: 
■■ThU ]■ thn lirat, fiiHo nf mv lifr whrn I wnntinly w-i»lir4 
for tho i^Dntus- niid iiIimud[^c(; of the c(^Icbrat«d onU4>i:v 
Alhen.4 and Home, oAlfod in tliU tmi^xpedrd mid Diipr^^ 
pojvd manner tu exhibit ftU tlio aipimc ntA In ftirotir of a 
inciuiULT. the inoit imporUuit* in luy judHim-titv thiit ijvcr 
bos been difiouutcd in civil ur iioltticat nicif^ty. ] liarc no^ 

wit or omtory to vxhibil, niiJ mu (trmlutv ricit1iinf( bub' 
nimplc r«Mi>n and pl&ln ccmniiixi -n?nis«, I fi<i'l myself 
opprvaiL'd by Hk wvi^lit ut tliu Hulijoult liud I bt-liirvu if 
U^mmUifTiits or Cicero hjid erer hetta called la dt^iitjerttt^ 
on AO gn^t a tjufMliun, neither wouJd Uttve relied on hm 
uwn tftl^ntA vp'ithnitt « suiiijlicAtloii to Minerva And ft 
aaorifioe 10 Maroury or ibo gad of oloquencc" 


The Ameiican advoc&to> G«oi^e Kv^^iih, tliua conclude 
A fftiiiixift uppfjcb t'> th« uiry in di»r^ii. i.i hr. (^Vi^ilidg^^ 
char^eij with inord«r: "Wuaroa^^^i^^l'li.d in do ordinary 
plane of jiiHlw Wv xttt aIamlIiii^ tit a tH^ni])]!:! diybcAtt^l 
to tho ecmco of iho mwit hij^'li Oixlj wl^rre pn^r u wont, 
to be nuuic and bk'.\Mn;,^i< inv^rki-d. uhitiv for^irviHtafi and' 
ehrmty urc ontncnCnd tin wo tiii^u thorn nut to othom, 
n'hiMi; all CcadiinffB mittcd to our condiliim aru cun&tiiTitly 
adminiHcred, J invoke the ?4olfiinnity of thci nlacx\ nnd 
thu ucouiuM), to inipmiB you wlihtliv unapbukubUi]ii|)i^rt- 
AUAA af BO considering and docidin;^, that th« jurlx^i^f^nb 
you aiv to pioui^uuoe nhuW be that of juntict mid truth, 
lEliii^Ird with iin.'Tvy ahd cumiifwioii. Whcjn your rer- 
iliut 'AmW hivij bi^-u nudi'ruui thiTt vast a<ateiii[ilu'^< will 
iu*fMkiiHt4t li> iiK'tt ni> ixiom*— no HKir>.' on cuth, Jlut or»L'o 
— ODCO mohj all will ftsfloiabb, not to Jadgo, Ijut to U> 



Judged^to b« ju<tf;t>it foi tbu dcodi dotio thiA day. ' For 
[1 mw/ M]d thfi cii!(> ftt PfttJn<«, ' I uiw the dfXd, jitiuiLI 
mnd gTVftt^ »U£h1 Lvfare Ood, and llio bugkn wciv opmnd, 
And Lh0 dead, both miaJl uid frrrat, wf^re judged out of 
tb« tiling* wnttMi in lh» boutta.' God gnnl ttiot on 
^tl*t oecusoo th«» blood of no man b^ found tipon tout 

On Qocoit O&rolines trial, whm Ur. Di?tiinui liftd ti> 

>ddr«Hi Uw Uooso of IfQtidA. tl>ai iitu«pid counnol for tlio 

Queen ftUnded to the mmonm that " Lhrre jknt pmcn*. 

.nidthivonol uf Uiu lowt oondUbn, uid not cxfli6n«d 

■to uidinduAh niiinMt4?d witK thft miblic prnM — not «vtn 

•idudiNl from your uuj^t uMnnuy, who vi indttrtn- 

owdjr ciTAibLting the moxt odioui And jttiodait* colamnMn 

biratt H«r HAJoty. C»n ihu &ct bof Then After 

'•om« wnl«no«i more, £xtiU bin cyo on tJie f^a-Unj, uid 

looki&f; M^dily Attfae DdIco of CtAnmctt (WilJiam IV,;, 

wbo uU theiv, ]i* pTOCVedMl lbu>: "To >tij' man who 

coaldevGnbammMttdaf AobaM ApTvtic^fw whivftpnn^ 

inie* to JuogWi distilliDi; lopruu< venom into tiic 

of Juronif Um Qaeon might iroll exclaim — 'Como 

ibrtK tnou sbuidvrar, and M iu« toe thy face t If thoa 

wontdilt «^i;a1 Um iwfirrf Ability of an ItdUn wKncAiv 

[some Ibiib And d«poiw in op«n court J A« thou atU thou 

Art worv thftR an lUlian iLWAftALn, b«cui«^, whiln 1 ai& 

boldly And manfully meeting my AOCURoni, thoil Art 

^^ilAntiog A dogmt uniio«n in iixy bc«oin, and oonTorlinc 

khy poumial Atilctto into the vmbbincn of tho Aword m 


Lofd D«nniAn*ii biof^bHfrr layii. thAt ''At tlu^ pAAMtfo 
*ecDio furth.' «te. lh« AiirovAto mivd bin roico to tho 
ftill mf^iuie of its mitrnifi^nt «>mpA», till Iho old roof 
mnfi o^-ain, And a ihnUof btipTnttiblooQicilioD pwvAded 
every bout in tbe dcn«iy crovded A>iei«Ldy." 

A cnier jvi^ncE KKVYCia av advocatb. 

When Cliief J«rtI«o OIir«r. an AinericAn jndg^v, nftda 
A ohAi!s« to Ih* grand jun\ it wu iMUiUy • rawisent 

i£0:;T ACVOCLTBft, rLtADBU* ETC 121 

»ndd on th« profuiind wUdoin And Itroelatlbf^ 

oEoqu^niv i>f liin 'piHirli, ati^l upon th» gnt.i jnprtMicin 
bnt to ^a iipati the griM^n lunring thn pcopJrr. ana My it 

it haii iftftic on the pi>oplc> ho *»i^, "Ah[ notwiih- 
fttaikdiii^ aLI tli&t, Mr. Jolm AdatiiH h»s nothing io do 


is nil equivocal tad ovjuivo, Ki destroy tho whob odoct 
Df it." 
This John Adanui umhI tii bv pointed out by hU ogo- 

thftt would yet bo tbi: grtsntcht ouin in North Atncnco, 
Hi; ticcaiiitt PmidoDb m duo courio. 


A good oxftirip1i> of bi^vity oontirrcd in t, ca^n wbara a 

Srnll"nian BuiHi n lady for ten goioens, money bcnYowod. 
rjikinft fur the plamtilT, after obacrvitiL! tlxnt when !ovo 
TTfta ovoFt or out oi' Hio questionH tho lacouii? style of 
npintolnry writinj; wftfl the beat, niiid bo should riimply 
rcftd bur letter : "" Sir. — Wheu ixnivcniiintj you sbali havu 
your ton f^uinoAN. 1 dw|ii50 you.— C&Lherine Kpolin^." 
" Thftt iM my V4UV, " Buid Endciiic^ " I wUl prove tho liatid- 
WTitiog." " Is that all ? " aaid B^ajorofl. Lho roiinwl for 
ddoDduTit, " Ytta." •' Thou ! iiMpUe yoit." And JubUc-^ 
ituU«r vxvlatmfd, "C&lt Ui9 pbuntifT" vvhich meftiil that 
thoro nau au deroncc. 

cormflWL TroR i>Kf.inir« TnmfiiKtfB. 

Mr. UiniU;,'ii ChaJi^btTfl wm counaol for a widow who 
bftd b«vr; put m A lunatic: tM^rloni, juid nued tha two 
in^dioji] lotin w)ui *ignc.d thn (vrtiflivitp^ nf htr infa*.niCy, 
Tho pJiuntitTd coaij woa to provo thutf^ho woh not aildictod 
to drmkin^:, and tlmt Ibr^rft wn.* no prntonpft fax tri-A-tJnjf 
horn lui a, cono of 'iellrlu-m tTmnen^. Dr Tiuuital, tho 
liut of pl&iiitiiri wiUn:i»t's» dtyicribt?d one •^n^stt in which 
ho bad curodci putii^nt of dciiriwm Irtnnt^nji in axin^^ 
mghi, had ha bddod, " it wu & ciut^ of ^odiml drinking, 
tfijDpfngr oi^ (^3/ frODi morning till night" ThcoD words 
vrure urarculy utt«:wl wti«a Mr* Chivuibum rvona iii 
triiiitipti, and Baid, '*My lord, that is m^ co^m." 


UVUOJ|inB» or LAW A2tD I^VTlTKItft. 

coi-sTHL IS A rAtusr c&rm. 

Knkbie «M eooDnl tor » pUitnUe wiko mod for 
inlringctueat of % ptl«nl fi;ir bwltlMy uhJ with bis wnal 
Hoqufmee «xp&UatMt cm Uw gr««l iiBpn>v«aMnl iim4« «■ 
liiit vtJcks Tkktng fial Ikib <rvM bucklu and •JchlbiUug 
It t/> tlir Court, 1i« mccIaimioJ, " VHifti wotild mjanoealon 
Mv iii«av tlivy b) nx uut uf tlivir i^vu* wl sm pm 
«n(li nith ftji onttiMni u UiAa ? ** Uingvy, Uio oppo^U 
ownwil. at M)c« inttrpowd ^b rMn^rk : ** Tboj wovU Iw 
■ttniriMd, 1 cUtb ny, to «a rai viUi titber tko^ vr 


Hw tiinv wikli tl]« R'joiiai ftdnxftti; ini^it oontpjr 
tonnttly UDliinit«d ; bu{ l\>iMip«jr, in bi^ thiM oooniU 
»1iip, iiiUvdiicv<t ihti dfwdn^ or w»tcr-cUH. by wbkSi 
Uio pleadeiv were obli|[oa to in«w»ure llio durktJdfi of 
llie&r 0pc«d>a. It Mrciu Uiat the praildliv la^itme 
iletftrvnuMiJ bvl<ir?band 11m Wngth tjf Uiim or ^oaniity of 
wftler wbieli tmth Mile might cobhuda at a IruJ, aii3 
dcm'ilnw of vuioua liwm w«i9 iHod aoconling w mill 
or nUla Unto vu dt^med alifvwblo. 

uorani or cocmiLi AMrmnm. 

A v«fy licavy caw of 8miiJl r. Altwood l<n|^ rwmpM 

oouTtfi, beioga 6aU in^ilituUxl bj tb« pl&tnU^ wlu> 

'm<*n dirttttjn o? th* lliitub Ircn C'oeipuij, to wcl »Md» 

ft cootTMi (i3ff the ptmhiMtt «f & umml aMatc in 

SlaflonlithirfL Tho argmnvH. la»t«d twcot; dajiL Ur 

Knigbt Broeo >pok« for aa^vn daya, and Sir E, Sogdcn, 

rhoW on thv oppQHta M^^ for ten cUy«, After a jevr'a 

nWalkn, I^ird Lyndhimt. by « mrpiMui;^ cflbrt of 

r, Mivarvi th« }udinDt.-iit, wbicb vxtcoubovir fiAj 

of the nport^ without nierriD^ Ui bia notCA 

tinuova ntsn-T or ay aptocati^s naoflt ariBamt 

Sir Samuel Trimr wu iv^ircvntMl an a ^eaod^mimr»d 

It rathrrr doll Btoti.— ai an advocate, vt«iwiDO bcyonU 

toai|«riMitt. U« had iv argQc an rjf:rtXD«Qi OM uq the 




Circuit. Thfl pn« cxciWd ijrcit iitUrcU. The eouct w*4 
(ii]\, ftml the fiiiy rrry hot; uevt^nhulo.-a h«* 3i|H>kci for 
tlinw h^>ms, K»r]y iii thu L-auw, a br»y tuADA^fcd ti> 
chinilvr to i\\f rooj of t}jf> ci>urt» and n<vU«yl liimtrelf on a 
Uftnjvpnt* bc^m over tlio heudd of tliu 3|>ffUU>ns. Ovtsr- 
comv by Ukv lii^at^ ari<i tH<? «i*rji.'ftiit^ nnuiiutuiiou* Lonva;, 
he ^1 fodt osl^p, and. IuaIii^ hk ktUnco, c^iiuti tumblinc 
dowu up.«ii tht' jwr?|>k- lielunv. Hi- y^c«|»ttl witfi a few 
bruiaui : but Huv«ial pLr^nna in court uror^ 8r>voi»Iy hurt^ 

Fur Uiii vtlvuicti UiQ HtirjiMtil yfiif ini^d uL Uir* Ciruuil 
uUe. &rber dinner^ fotmd g"ili'^, and 'Wi\1rncud V) f-av 
llirM dr>xun of wine towards tho ro«Jtt. wliich li« did wita 
til© grrAt^l; poMiibl« good liiimnitr, XJj^nn the occftftlon 
of aoolhor lon^thy oration, tho oounwt oq iho oUior sido 
roAO lo ndrlivAK tho dmwty jury. *' GoniUmfm, ikftwr the 

loDg upccch of tho karnptl sorjnflnl " "Sir, I bflg 

your pin Ion " intj^rnipled Mr ,liuti*-n Nnrm, * you iiit^hL 
■ftjF — yo« might wty — afti^r thp Uing Kililoqu^, for luy 
Lrothor |Vmi« hu been talking an hour tq hiwAutT,***^ 
2 Wooltyi^'ji Serjp»ttU, 5-50, 


A Fivndi advuctittf wbcoo pL^fldin;: vouincd frir too 
Jong m proportion to thn >(tibj«ct-inAtti?r he itm diliitin;^ 
, rocdvod a hmt frvui tlio }}rv4idunt of Uii^ court Co 
idge his oba«rvatton>!. Ifut thd ftfivocalv, without 
iltFHdg^n^ anything, ^f<pli<^d with llnnuoaa that what h^ 
wav liuyjn^ wa4 vmeriUivl ('> Ijit ou-n.'. Thu pivitijvnt. 
hoping' at Ifi^t to «t[L'no4> liim^ iMiid, "The (<oui-t diris*ld 
you Uj C'"jii'lU'K- Ht ou«tf with ytiur prujioHitiou-"' " Very , 

wdli," «flipl tho iruj><Tr(Hiii'lKihlti ft^lvoc&f^'. "' tlwn I c-oriclitdo ^M 

wiih th« pivpoaition that thii Court MbaU Ik'^u' iu;>1" ^| 


Mm rovrcJ], tho oi^tiv^v ^^ fttLcndlng a trJ^Al lit Uio 
MsiJE«» whcii a youiifl harriHt<u- vnut mnkmg hu fi»«b 
■poech io h j'lry, an^T hn miidrnly utijuw^i Ahorl^ unU 
ratliof tou lontc- ^ho fi.dt for hU nituaticin, and Wn^ 
lATiiiiiar wilU Urn i>roL]iptiM''is opp'tiiuuv ^civioi:, caIJcu 
out, tfOiHOwhat luudly auU ptu'ciiupiorily. " atinxcrljody givu 
hifu th« word — domubuJy yiK4 A«»t thv wvrdt" 


cn&tosrrm or i^v- a»i> uwrm. 


HAtrick H«tiry, the grad advoctto cf Vii)fi»U. ua* 
calJeil " tho oimUr of natiiro/' and l>y kia apirit-iiUTriD^ 
•{Macbea vaa «^il to givo tbo firtt ioiikjIm Co IW mvo- 
Itttioci aod indopcftdeiK* of Dio UmUaI SUteiL J^ffenon 
Mill Uaary waa tlia m«t«it oimtor thai aw livatL In 
a gr^ot d«bato In tSn Hiim of fiurvcatfia of VirgKaia^ 
vbao doscanUi^ on Uio lynuiiiy of tb« Btamp Act, b» 
ttuwdudada graikl parcraiion witii Olrtnpqan mien thwa: 
"Onv liad bk Bruui^ Cbnrio« tbo Vim hiii Oumwall, 
and Georjca tha Third — " (* Trcaaan : " cH«ii the SfK^dter ; 
''TVfiOQj Inaaoo!" echoed frcan&ll parU of tto Uoant. 
Ileoiy l«l(«r«d sot a iii«uuo4,b«i, fixing biacy^^ <if tireon 
the f^pcoJccr. ho added in ucaKind ionm) "^maj profit 
lif tbvii cxuqplr. If thii be tn^HBEi. mikc tbo naaid of 
iL* AfUr tlub be Taa atainficd aa tie pHuo onlor of 

<Ai aooUi«rgTvat ot^nnion h« naid : 'Our petitkoifl hsr* 
Ima illtfhtad, our «u}>plit<at*uai have been dbtward^ 
and va nave be«u Kponied «iUi conl^mpt From Im Iboi 
of Uw IhrooiA In wn ftft«r thcae ihbtp may va indolga 
U)« foad hopa of pme* atui rvccDciliation. There la no 
loAgvr may ttxmi Ibr hopo. If wo wbh lo be f)n*— If 
wa nwui to prr^vrvo invkiUto thow irwHUmaUe priTi- 
]cg«a for vbidi wo bavo bMn fto Ion? coDMndii)^— tf wo 
laaan not baaUj to abandon Um noblo vtru^lo m wliidi 
wo bant hn/Ti) *<> Irmg ^mgacad. Anil which we have 
pJadgad ootMlvo* novcr to abandon iintU tbo gCorioua 
objoct cif our contrit BhaU he obtaJn^'l, — we munt fif^t I 
Ab ftfpvnl to artiiK and to tbo God of hotU U oU that la 
left to OIL .... If we were baitr mougb to denire it^ it 
ia now too hUe to rvtirv itvm iho ooDtcaL Tborv la no 
rutnai but m MiboaiMion and slavery! Ouretiatna ara 
forged Their clanking may be hmni on tho pUIna of 
BmM. Tlio war it) ibvvit&bEcaad Ivt It c^juie. I rup«aL 
ii^SU^Iet H oemet It ia in vain tf^exttnaalothenuular 
QoitMMii may cry ' Foaoi9t jwaue I ' bnt than u do poeoa^ 
The war ra acUmUjT begna. Tb« next rale that ewaapflj 
from dm Dorth wHI Dringloouraara thtclatbof naound* 
ing amial Onr hrHhrvn am nlrcaily in Uia field. Why 
tUnd wa here idio f Vih^l U U that ganihsMH wiaU I 



vouhl ihvy hiivo 7 la life jia dcnr, or piMu^ n> 
awMly aa to bo ptjrvhoM-rl at the prico of chaixu B&d 
0iggfy f Forbid it, Aliui^lity {.iodi 1 know not what 
dMnm nthf i-A may takn ; but n.* lor mn, ^vc mc 1ibcrt7, 
or gkvo mo death 1 " — WJrt'« Life of Hviuy. 


OOrXftKL TDO MUCH liltflftYflTt. 

LoH Bioughnm eiiya it Wft* once laid by Boororof^, 
wiii'ii miji?h employed in Unuiin of Oommcina Oommitteotj 
rind rvm WAlki&g about in tltc Court of Hoqnesta, nn- 
i£tov»d by th^ r^iany ixlU of liia Tiamo iu aU tjutirters, that 
hfi wtm tlicro to avoid giving undue preference to any of 
bin diunU. 

1 -A^'. 


laUrdatc,Cbii.rk9 Austin, tliu ^'rout ^'urliumeutAry 

,, wad !icpii riding in Rotten Row ono day, vhif<n 

«ominitt<.*w woi>? aittiu^*. in uocb of which ho held 

a brivC Liia vipljiiifLtrou was t^al ho iJjd nut wish tc 

offbud any of bin cliunU by g^vuig hirt bi-rviuoa lo <ate 
only I 

■miB DKbTBoviNQ sBciTnmiis or rrrui. 

Lord Brou^'littin ^-reatly ndmtivd tho ceh-bratod itlua- 
tTatioa <;ivi!it hy Iii-nl I'iunkvl, wbi^h «mbuiiii?J ti;>t uiUy 
a pnncifrlo, but iho very arffutnont iu liand— uamoly, u 
tjj |ieir*ciij*tiv*r litlfliM, " irTjiiti? dmliMVa tb« tividuuo*) 'jt 
title, tbo ItLwa have wiacly n-nd liumwurly maiin l■^U}^tll of 

!io«A«uf>ioii u lulMtitutif foi' thai whJclj Utv^ boen diMtroyvdn 
Ic ooinc* with hift rwylh<T in one liand to ino* down the 
nkuniiucnU of our ri;;hCH , but hi \ut^ othvr hand the biw- 
pvrr lin/i pht.«id an hour-;jrlA,'H, hy which hA inHrjOA out 
intwaotontJy thovu purUj>Mi of clumtign whioh Teotlor 
Decdlos tlio er^dcnoc he hu «wcpt away." 

IiOid Bronghaiu adomvd tbo S*^cq of Loi^i i'hmkvi'H 
ddkBr oBldlmtod dayin^ aa ta liitt botsimiu^ a ^vfomll^^ ■ 
''OSrviiiiutanci^ mv wbuLly cliauH^^: fyrmcriy Rcfi^fnii 
cune to our door like a fuW— a roblmr to bn rvjiiAUd. 

He uow H|i)>ruAchvH likv a cieditor: yuu OjituiL tha juEticu 
oJ* bi« don^and, and only di^putu iha mntalnir-nta by which 
]|» 8hatl bo paid;' 


(rnijoemxft or law asd hkvmatB. 

Li>n! Kcnyxin'H ulylo of nnLt<:>iy iHiiiLDflcd p«oflo of n 
vogue IrULiuuiV jwcoiml of ll;«drsc bor-flpeooh bo ever 
bMUtE " Voiir lonbihip* porcAivtt Uiai w« tUttti \wn> Mt 
,0or grnkdAkoUicTu' OiliDiautrMon^ (£v bonie non; uid 
Ally, my lunlt, it doc4 airiko nw th^t it would Iw a 
mooJtlrDUji Uimf; to uy tbftt a PAfIv ciui nnw <^^m^ in, 
Ib the vrry l^tiJi of ui Act of ('urlijuuviit, bijiI ftcluAlIy 
turn II& Dund, i»vl«i' cokiur of hioipnic m* ti\\ an th'^ 
foot of « vcntnicl umdt beluDd <nir W*:^-'^! Law ukI 
IjiwyCT*. ]Q. 

PatHck Hoary, th» grant American a^lr^'Cftto, wba 

iefvndiii^ ftri ktmy oonkmiM^ry, who, diiriDg Uw dia- 

btmos o? tlin ABioricui onay in 17^1, hod ii^a«d two 

Ltillockii of Jolin Hook. B woalthr ^fi^otch iKlUer. T|i« 

frtjmrA w>ji not (jiiitft l*j;nl. li"t Itctity, far Ih* dcfmc«, 

[i|«inW vith fm|4iiti fon^c the lianUhiiK of tbo pfttrioiic 

wmy, utiked and fruKen, toiliriii over tlie f^und willi 

'bloedinif ftxL * Wlit-rv wiki ihv mtat" he »ai J. *" wbo liNnJ 

an AmcHAn hcurt in hi* boaom who wotiM not Iiavp 

Uirown t>}Hn hu fields liia Imuiuu fcW Delias, tlio doom of 

fail hotiHfr. the }Kirl4TM of lua brMAt, to }mv9 received «rit>i 

open wma ilw metnoal aoldlcr In that UtUa bui^l i>f 

' ~ ~ luttriutk 7 Wh«rv bi tfao innnr TlUtv b« ttand*; 

It wlwtlier tko hfArt of ui Amaric&n bMlH in hU boaom, 

you i;«*ntt«'i»«ti vo io judg<L" Ht tben pAiniKl the 

Mnt-ntUr of the RHtinh trm^, thrrir faumluiloo «a4 

tlrjvCTlii.41, Uie triuiTijiU of tli<: |i»Uiot baud, tlio shcniU of 

victory, 1J)0 cry of " Wwihai|;tAti and Utvrrtyr ft« it mng 

[ud whood throng the Ajncriron nak^ tkud wm rovcf 

tW*ti^' Ticei vale to hilL, njid tfii^n to h«ftvcii. "Hut, 

wlikt notcH of dj»ord orv thc«(, which dihiurb Lhc 

^ joy uid fcil<ncr, the Acctftmaiiou of victory — thoy 

\wir% tlie notot of Jot^n ilutik hotrvdy UkwIEof tlirough tb« 

[Aiwrnnni-Aitiii— 'Bc^T bwf! h^t\'" 

The Court waa wnvnbcd with lAu^t«c at thh Ally. 
Th« Clcvk of CvQTt, uii&bl« to coiiiuia]nd hh tMit>\^ awI 
unwilling Io rooofl^t « hrpflch of (!f«onilit wlthtu tho 

4QODT A1>V0G1TE&, l-LEADfiBiS, J!TC. 


pr^ii^t^lH, rijibfid out of %\ia couil-liouhr, anJ mlUil htin- 
icLf oD tLjc gtofia in n. of bugklcr, Thn nnrn-iy 
plKUiLiir mxiu ftl'tvi- alvj sought toiUA rulicf in thu <i^>cti ati 
fiw Afiothnr rciLHJO, ami rHi-'in^ thu clerk titmbliiij; abrrut 
fmnLifallyn miid, '^Jviutuy Sttpu^g, wl^at Uit Jovil oiU y«, 
man r^ Air. Sto|rtop, aIIc-i n pMiN^ euid he could not H 
help it "Ntjvar iniiid y©." Hwd Hrj«k: " witil till BUly 
Covraii ji^ftM ii|i : ho'll altovr bim ihf? l.iwt " Billy Cowan, 
hawavLT, uiaJu 114^ Jitipii'«ic>u mi ihv jirry. I'ht.^y. aLuiuHl 
by Avi^lfuu'itiui, gnvd ttii^it vt^rdk't fui th'? livlcri-laut, ftnd 
tho mob 60 cDtljvIy approved thio. ttiat tbuy wcM lUiziouA 
U'»ld Utrftjid frfttWin tg IhuptHiutiiriu fuj'lhvr tnliuiouy 
*if their ftcntimcfilft — Wirt's Lifo of Henry. 


Mr, S|)uri-itr» &ri auctJ^nt^ei'j au«ii Mr. IStani, m 17^9; 
for a Buui uf iSUO, bi-^ (^tuniiuttiitm of 1 por emit, for 
•v)]iiitj mi vatstt<. Ml. CliriHliti, ikui^tii^uvtir ^ witui^u 
for the plAintitr ^jui) fhr r;hn.i'gr4 won^ usiiilI. and tli&t 
" thd buHlDOflH of oji ftucLJijij««L' rv<[imx«d a kiLi>u']«d^ 

Siviiindf^ii An <>Tj'Mirirnf^^ iL pi^^pcr AiijiiaiiitAnce with lul 
iv clrvuinsUiict-i^of thv«^t4l<.\it^'J theiii4j<k'jrpr«|iftiiiki: 

Kr^l^ino, t^uuriflrl for thii »3i'[oiii](uits iiindo fun of this 
iiccuunt i»j tti-^ jmy Ifn ui'\'i ho found Lho profcwoii of 
nn Aiictif^ncrr wius infinitely pt'ofurAblo in paint of picibnim 
aiLd profit bo thbt uf n hnnistcr. fur tbo (htloronco bctwcim 
thn dmi^ of tho prtdtnt pUintitT oiui hin owe mm a;i 
foilona : — 

Auetioiifc/sclntrtff — To Aplcniuint jfinrniiy inm RiiMox, 
where i Wtts hofcjntahly ©ntcrtiimcd lout two dnyfl), £23tl, 

B'.irri'^ier'ii i^Aftrv^f^^To pl^'flding frnni nilkfi in this 
iDorumg till lour in ttju urturnuou. by wlitch I vrtvi nicltcil 
duwn by fati^f* lo the ^ixq of a hiIvlt ppiLn.y, XlO lOtf, 

EtfjkfEic tiaid that if auctloiiL^i^ wutc paid Uic dcmiJiil 
m qULVitiULL un t.'vvj-y udvtintnra, tlit-^y would bv Uiv nolicut 
Mihji^ctfl in lho kin^^uniK Br eiilarf^ing Ihti idduA of tho 
puMk'i u bicb hv f'-juml wm uiu buHiiiL^HS of tbc gvulleuicii 
of ib«? haminci'. bn anppoj«vd wah mt-ant ropTCH^nting an 
•«Uiti> U bu tVL^Elb £2irjU0(i wbM^ WU4 .jiily ugrtb XlaWLl, 
The pUintiff ^a% ncdifiiiitt'cL 


tAV AXft L11 


AlWftT* lA be 

Om ikjr tt e&Mt of Ui bftil A Biad to Mi 
«mU ae^ii IJMMJf vitlwvt it, lod *tele it 
I. TW ogaMMC* n% l^t tbtt wilv 

te tU nUit oT b Unara^ «Bd Um diMl 




JefcYll, Ui« vit of hb d«T, vn3<^ an improoKitv on a 
wIm> m Ulfiiv the Cmt of ~ 
witk Ui giitUraig ejo: 

Afaoai A bnkdfvd jcath a^ Mr Sl^rp, Um tfiwOar, 
had nriaiiiai to vUikaa Um extfaordinarj miiiiir of Uta 
TiBtlMD idvoeAta. 'Krery adioLaUi aosnti into a 
mmQ pttlptt A BtUa elo^A^l Abcjve Uui anjknnn, vlma 
l» OMMA iHA borapgiM wUh voaie gvoilecian, bat doa« 
BMnf OMtaialiiBitf vkUa llioAe Snita. Uu vaa 
iOAD ndki^ aad. wbat i« v^ry ivtaarkable. iba bagiiBHa|FJ 
of BAiA AABMAon, vLUa Im» b under any ^lAtion AW 
Mi»ii» «iUia«iAm In pleaidiiig. ia at a pitdi abara fab 
aAUfaT TOMo, ao AA to otcAMoo a w«iKterfkJ JtownlL. 
TImd if ba DAAAA 10 faa vAtjr wipliAtlcAl l» ■bOm Hm' 
|ial|>it vidililifaADdiflvaor AU Uiaaa togAthar aa ifafak 
AA ibaocbu AfAin|ihc Ai tlkA aka iAsoK ao a« to aiAka 
Ilia mat twtm iMound with tfaiA ApacMA of fitatoij. At 
Ldif^ ia iba Ibrr cf bb mtgam^ait, he ttcaetftdi mmt tha 
l>idii<t, rQOi abcMt plcaduig upoo tba floor, rolunui in a 
vktkcit pAMkm Wk Bi^Aiii to the polpit thwadcA it with 



Il/liiiU TTfjrc tliAn At finit, ai^iI i^i^kTitiniii^i ui tbui nee, 
noiJi^ up aii<l Llu^vu thu fml]>it cwvorul Umw, until no- 
iwa finjahoJ biti burdat^u^-. TIr- rbudii-iics BtnLk uuw and 
tiiOtt at this oxtrava^^TVTit behflvi'mr- Th^^voc^kE'te soom 
to be ill cuuIiuuil] diLii^r of ilruppliJg thtiir wijfi from 
tiktftr lh*vuK ATif) UikH MOiueUmiM hapftt^nA. Tliero mfty be 
BCimv :u]v'ucftt'-'3 tfhu ttpvak with iuor« (lij^uity, but thutw 
f aavr wvre aU id(<ii of ortimeutN? in thpiir {irotDfuion * 

Tbo iDofit meinomtJu attorney, cjf wliom the onltr mfty 
ho proud, wviuii to liavu bu^ju one More, »r Morv Hnll. 
who WHS iinmortalin^^il initio bnll&tl of "The DrAf^on of 
Wtatlcv." Tb« loAtity of Wlmrncliilo wood, vulgiirly 
called Wnntilsy, Lh th^ pr&jiorfy t>r llifl Worllt^y tninily, 
DfiftT KutborLum, In Ti:trkHliiru^ Mvro >vu4 atud to hava 
bffen tlie t'oaiiwllor *ir Att*>rru'y who o.induulod *omo 
h«avy auit ag&fcoat Wc-rtley, tho ImproprlAlor of tlthoe. 
ttod wLo, ari HHc:h, thruAt«ii40 In di?vour the propirrtv of 
all t^o ^ooit people round. Mrirv^ ll^d At Hon) 1)(lII. 
noftf th^DottoTii or a, vfi*od, Atid t)m la alluded to m thg 
ball4d As"cn>npmgoiiLor a woU" The imprDpmtor,it« 
a uomUir dra^n, ilI^: up tv^'un nnd forcAbi aiid hoimcii 
and «hiirchfvi like gwjip onrl Mirkej-n. Hut Mnrr, Aft^t 
ordflTtntf i- ^^t of inuil fram Shi^lficld* nil rvund wilU 
ApikfrA, mi]j{ht the dr^Ton twn day* and a Tiiji^hL, and all 
too pcKiplc Hy^ npou tbo troiw and hon»(M to watch th*i 
combat. This Liuii^ rtitit \s ftaid to have U-^cn catri^d on 
m tho timo of EiiKubuth^ 

la the inidpt of tho procoodingx of natiotiil inttfP.*Mt 
about thti Roforin EliU, Bn>u^haui drew tho uotioia of LIiq 
public to A fiomViinAtion againHt himftclf of th'* Atrj^m^yH 
«nd soJicitora, in conKoqnonco. tut h^ sAJd. of a bill ho hfifl 
intr<idni>p4 for thf MTAhlinhnirint of WaI jwUiiirtion, 
whidi they thought would Ic^swn thoir prqtltA. The 
Icanued |£r.nUf<mn.n r^A^I a lntt«ir iuIdniHii[Hl to htm nan- 
toining tbin lhr(!ikt, which hi? oompiainod of tit a brcneh 
of privilcgo, Uo cxcXurnvd : " Lut tbom not Uy the 


flftUvrioi; uRcUi>n to ih<'ir soilU thhl I can tw |>rvvo[iti^ 
'hf % conihitia^lnm of lUJ tbn fttCamnyji in (liricLniiUaTn. or 
ftjuy tpfirclKnMi.'iw ^if injury- to myvelf.froiaMidaftvuurititf 
to iQ4k** justice pure Rad cHe«fL Thu« mr)U«nir-iB aro 
Mioch nufrUken if thoy think I will dioirithaiit ddcndiDg 
piy»Lr. Thv (|U(»Uc>D tnny be, whether bArriiiteri or 
AUortteytt ahftli prevail; aoiJ I ■(« o;> re«.wu why 
bttmatont shouliJ MOtDiwa tbeir doon U> divnu wiUioul 
^tiw IntttTTcatioD of fttloraey^ anil their l^jn^ bilLiuf oMta 
If I dL»r(rvi.T Uial Iben In & cotnliliialimi k^fniniiL tiie, 1 
vrill dcciilvUv throw mya^ir u|iuty my clit-'ntn— upon tlM< 
e<ruiilry cwiUmimd, Uiu tnerrliaiitt uti lu&nufiiclUTvrv— 
ajiil ir E do not, with tho 1i«4p of iliU n»ua«v ]w«l Uii^«e 
iM^od ogtinat mo. J ^^hal\ he more ^^urprisftd ftt it tlkvi 
«i any iitiiM^lvenUire of my tife.'' — H CttAitp. Oimic 37(K 

A yoiuiff barrijiior bn^l <^mmoQoed hu focenvic c&rc«r 
in A tior'3 «Jid mtber d«ntferJUB laumer by kii^kuif* ah 
Attonuiy who w«i oj>podod to him on mi arliitr&tioo. 
Tile fttUiniey iiiBulted Dim, w\, wrcvWiaa a kick *ja the 
brvedi. brcpURbt Uia ftrtion of *ps>ftult •nJ b&ltcry, which 
yima tried nt U^v LAne&*t«r vbijmv. ll wu Uio ftportin^ 
«AUrte of thir Mvi^r* John WilliAoiA (a/WvArda a jQ^g*}. 

whij wan ^r tlie doCmott, esclnotod by m doxiroiu ctom- 
vtAimnfilttm Ihe oaitts of oflqnee o n irwulUng »p«»ch<— 
«ad o3iidud«d a vMy effective adiirDw for bu diont witli 
tbeM vonU — "An iivtolt, a ktck, a tftrtliioj;, ftIZ tho 
worid over." The plftinlilT ol>tamcd hifl fArtbmg. The 
couiMol for th« iilMntifl', ^tliuriuu op liU pApf^r^ |[T>vdy 
rxrluAfvl, 110 he left the ooart, " ny client hoA got nwro 
luck* tlfon hAlfjM.inco-" 

A stTBarnipnos td btsv av attdbsiit. 

O^Connoll «ud Iheiv was in bia ycMintfrr Jays an Iruli 
harrioler of the n&me of fanons. who had a cuod dt^ of 
bntnour and who \aiM tbo whole tribe of attomevBh 
Perhaps iJiey bad [i-^l tnfat«<Ll biw vi»ry well, but hia 
prgudioe ftEiinat tbtriti waa voty oon»t4Df Mid cdR' 
■picwKUk Oao day, in the IIaII 6s tb« Ifour Oourti^ bj^ 

rr, ^ 



itty tumti up Ui him Ut ha^ n uTibai^ripf.ion towftHii 
buiTint; A brother attorney who bhd dM in dintrviv^Ci:! 
tircunistjuicd Pat**™* tank ottt % cmi pmind nut"' An* I 
t4)iulcrc<l it. "Oh, Mr. Pur^uinK" miirl t1i<T applicant, " T 
do not wnQt hj atvch — 1 only uk 4 ihilJliii; fnnu oat^h 
contnl>ii^>r. t hftvi? limil<M| rnvsclf to that, nnii T cannot 
rcmlly take more." '' U]>, Inke it^ l^iUv it,'* «tiJ rtus^lm; 

'^ (br fl.ij'e Mftkc:, my gnod wir, Uikr- thft pound, B,n(I whtlo 
you wc ut it bury twenty ol" tbotu." 

A gi-iill*;riiau in tlaft coUHliy, who h&tl jmt buried a 
rvLalj^ii, au alton^«y, riiiojiJaiiic-.l to h'ooU; of tho j^rvat 
uxpiMiBOH {'f n ui^uutry fuiiLnivl " Why, Oo yoii fcttry 
ittunieys lii*n* ^ '* ^iv.v.'ly impiirvjj Fuottfn " W-*, to be 
sure : how olwo * " '■ Ah ! wo novor Ji> tbiit in LoTidou/' 
"No!" I'^dniiiiwii U(M Millar, irjiirh sujpnsi-d, " wity, Iiow 
Jo you niixnagnj, then*" ""Why, wlicn the jiatioiit 
1iJLjip(«nii to <liiJ, ua Iny liinL uit in a txwui ovumij^dit hy 
liimi^df, lork thn door, thrw (men th^ wuli. anrJ in thr* 
lomin^ha is untiroly otT!" "Indeed I" biiid thogentlo' 
lAn. ainj)7.m) . " ami |>ray whAt iHtcomcAorhim X'* " Why. 
ist w^ iwciEkot <jxacily ihtllp not boing iic(ianinti?d with 
*ilpnmatiirnl caint'ii. All thnt wo kno^v of lliu iTiottftr ih 
that thcro li a strong ntncU of brimstone in tho room 
next inoiiLtu|[ I " 

attoukkt"* mrr. fir ncmi's. 

Currau ^vob couuwl fur tiu altorntjy who HUud fur a bill 
of C£«tA. I-iXil Chir*, tb^ J"*Js^- sitiil, " HpcI', now, Mr, 
Curran, la n lla<j:kioua iinpobitiou f How con yciu dofund 

thi» kU'iij — ' l-j wiitJii;; innounL'nU^lc letlvj-v. £100' T' 
"Why. my \ai\\" twA Gori-an, '*nitfliing can bo moro 
nwiuiinbUi, It'x (tot n pimny a h^Llm." 

The fnwyom tm?h a pr^llt laaki), 

An oldi'H atorift* t<"il, 
'TiH uud tbjit thoy dio pyjrtffr tak«, 

And oiicnlA ^t thrr thetl ; 

cciLiosmKa or law A^t> ljiwycm. 

8iri^ abouU a pf*ri !>« fmindL cmmI lack I 

As |>MrU Ujorub mi>j dwdC 
WtniJ4 tli«iiitA u^y — " &ii>i*\ givo uk- l«ivlc 

Tho o^^ for tU at<^ " f 

Sir JoliQ fUfniltoo, n^ho hjwl tatR-rvJ uiuch from the 

like m bodtHxift: it wa> imjriJAjUu to Uiuclt bim wjUioui 
pricking oue'a Sngere, 

Jk OrnilAV UVTTIA^ BILL Mt Cfttfn, 

Tn G^rmatijXL Koliritor ncnihinbll] of ix>3Gt«forljttUDMA 
dosic. In the bill rvlBtin)[to a ftDit for divoito, b# chftmd 
the Ittdy oiiw item thus- 'Fnrthf^r. 30 miM, for b&^ 
awnko in Ibo uiglit, mnJ Iiaving Lbun^il I'wr jo«r 


LOUD Tn^'BUrw « coKTBMFT or ATTourvta. 

Lcird ChAncclloT TburloDr oft*n trriU*^ the Imr whfc 
gRftt njilcnviH, M]<) bjji iluriicojimir to tho ot^tr hnuich 
of ihn |irofc»ion ■omotinu'ji jtwAkcnr-l rtooUtctioris of 
JcOrvyik A volicitor *mc^ Imd to prov<i & doalb bdbra ^H 
him, uid briajf trt]d itpan ev^ry ^tAtf^rnrnt. ho mwlc^ " 8ir. ^H 
thftt U no pnipf" flkt lacil cidniuiofH i»uoh vexed, *'Ur 
IjonI, it is vcr^^ Iju'I that j'uu wili n^A b«lifrvn tn^ ; i 
knew Mm well to liia IbaI liuur ; f ?aw )iiru d«&d uid in 
hid ojJ&ii, ttiy luitl. Uy LunJ, h*j u-ui luj dWut f '* * Oli, 
why dU yoa not tell rpc tli&l before f I sbouM not hftTo 
ikiubt«d th« fact* ft)r unv iiiomuBl ; for I think notbiiiK 
AnhBmor*iliki^1yl4>kin th«fn«ii tbAn lohftvovoulivlui 
uttonicy*'* Thi8 brutal j«nt, vbici) v*a pfobnbly Ibnagiii 
iimnruont hy tLft rtttihur nf it, in aavi bk hftv^ ruinr^ tkn 
rq>utAtton tnil tho bitinncw of the unfjnuTintc viqiim, 


Lonl CHoELfwlloa- Jcffrvyik vm t^itnmlly nide to oomjootI, 
brit Bltorn-'Vii ^Mn-d mt]<-h wonc. When tboy flid tttiym 
thin>; t^r diajiIcniK: him, bt ^w them uhut ha «ll«d ■ 
l*ck wi4h tb« rough lide of his ton^io : and be ttniftnl 



vrlth bia fdce &nd voice " on if the tliuni-kr of the dA)^ 
odipiietit broke ovtr Iteir httwia." Ho hjul Lo dwi<io 
a|>aa a p«b)tioii t^^aiiiAt a, grual oit]r ftbtomcy wiUi whom 
ho ot«d tu gvt (U'uuk, aiid who hftd £iv«n him h ^ruit 
many hnerd at Guildhall when >ililL ohncuru; mid on« of 
tke arfid&vita Bwort;, that whuu th<> utUtrruiy wiui tbreat^ 
fined vith bfriHtf brouji^ht Wore my Imni (.'haiieeUor, ho 
cxeltumvd, " My LurUChuucL'Uor- I imulc liiin!" — 1111.^11111^ 

Ifmt he l^d latd th<^ t'uTjiiidatioTi -jf tjLi furtutici hy bringing 

him owJy into city buotficwL. Jt-jfnyH, " WuU ! xlmn will 

Liny ^^jy luakor by th^d btn^lv' i)ijt hi? WLiutd drmk 

be iaetry, bo ^miUfti' wttli tliCAo hooQ ooriipaiuuiitf 

vvitii^ht, &(iJ U'C tivxtf d^y tjLiL upuii th«Lii ttmtiu^ »id 

aculdih;,' vi'iLb insuff(>rA,bld violunoa 

Vctt di^crent from Lord Mansfield « vongoanoc on Dr, 
I^i^H-kWby, thn fftmrttiA phys-irift^j wh»^ luivinx met him 
in society overnight, ftnd brinf psftminrd Imfore him in 
Court uoxt Illuming di^Ntf U> bu offaoiiivMy fAniiliAr. 
].nnl MiuutfiAliL (jtitiLimint; up tpTi thf^ jury^^ wrnt on In 
uy, "Ot]iDtl«MLft», lh& n>fxt ^ritiivdiH ih un<r ti(»cklvby, or 
Bodclnhy, rir Brtickh-Jiby, niid^ flrAt, he ^weal's he in A 
pliynotoii, etc" 

ATTOEy«y onmsia with CLmrr. 

Th<; ^iK^^n C'hnn^ide. 17^1. auiy* that on tttUimoy in 
Dublin havintc dined by invitation with bi^eTie^t MveiAl 
dakya. ticiidio^' a ^uit, eharged alx ond-ej^littivnce lur uooh 
ftttendnncc, which («~ba nllawod by iho ntndtor nri tAxiii^ 
Wfit4. lu rutuni for thiuH tlm olitjiit furuiflhud th^ mtuitvr 
ttfth & bill tiir th« ii,tlf>rtiov'<« L-Alittft Ktid ilririkiMft, winoh 

I the t^Liornvy rof^l^i^ to puy, tl](} eheilt bruu^-la hn^adioti 
hud Li-c »v«i'4>d the uuimjEiL of Lu clitiT^ft?. Out btf duL iiol 
long exutt Sn hia vietory* fur in a f^w daytt Aflervrarda ibo 
Attorovy loJ^ud aji iiil'^niiHlioii H^arimt him tivforv thti 
iho OommiNiLijiiorh of RKi^'lae for n?tailin^ wine wUhoul a 
licwiiQ*^ and iu)t beiii^ mbU to contr^iv^vt the fAct.lo Avoid 
an iriervAjtn of eoMA I1/1 "iihrnitti'-d, bv lulviAn of 4V>tinjif^], to 
[lay IhopviiAlly^Ai^^nmt [mrtf^f w1jl>.-1i v/vnb tothtfAtioufvy 
f^ inlonnnr^lO Noti-j^ And tjurr. ^4^, 



ShmiUn vroH lnivi:]lLr^> to London b ft tta^ ooacli In 
order to C4uvaa WtAUaiafetor in i^ppcwtioa U> Mr, I^aM. 

the oU>tr wImhd bo W0H goA&g to vf^t^for, e&ld. "Oh ,foT Paufl, 

<«rUii]ij', for tlKmgb 1 tbink him Xmi a shAl.-b^- f^llov, I 

irould vtAt for any one nit1i<*r ihnn tlint ntflc«l l>h«ri Jaa E' 

■ Do Tou knoit S^H-riiPhn '" xajI ibr i^[,li»r. "Not I. «ir, 

ifiMiM I wi^h Ut kijovr him/ The ooDTen&lioD ifaeo 

liangod ; and whvii Uk f^AiuiVTij^r* »topp«d at tb« next 

[■Uf>o far brMkre»t> Sh^riiLnn tM to tho IHcnd, oonfi<Ji>n- 

1y, " Pray, vbci i« U^al vory asrMabU ^uotkonMi y<m 

fWtn tiOkin^ to t H«t ia on* in iIm plflManlfett fAll<-iwft I 

iflvtr But with : I fthi>u|d ]ilt^ tc* know hU name!" ''OK 

' »atd the genll^Bian. " in iho rminptit Uwyar &[t. T, 

rbo n^rea in liccolti'a Inn Fioldf^'* After tho pUMgm 

'iwiiinod tboir arala Sberidaii Uimeil IIm oonwrvation to 

thv hitt, and Koid, '' It b a fim |nt>fc4aion Men may iw 

ill it to the hi^hcftt emiocnoo in Uio btalv. It fcivt* vaMt 

■copo to the dkflpUy of talnnt. Many of the moit Tii-tiwu^ 

AIM noblv ^ankclom ID biatoryhavo bevn Uwyen^ I am 

Mcry, however, to add ibat t/otott of the grtiimt fMcab 

bav««]]io been hiwyvr?(. But ufaU the rMoal« gf bimw 

1 iiTrr h««rd of« the ^r^tui U one T^ who Utm in Lin* 

^eoln'a Inn IVlda' The atnnm flrcd up at tbu> and 

ud. T«fr aD4^y, " I am Ur. T.. tir.** " And I am Ur. 

\Att\dtmr «M ike rHort Itic JMt w^ ihm in^Untly 

•MM ; ih&f dkook b^ndiv ■nd the raacally T, w»i one of 

iIm alMnidMal iUpfMrton of the r««^lj i^endan. 


Au aLtomey of a very ba-) chnrscler. having a dUouto 
vitU&UtiUfr. Uif latter brou^t an artioc a^iiuit ni*a, 
iirbitffc FooUj TVcooimended to be o>inj>r(>n3Ucd. The 
partwt at kmcUi at*To*d n|x>n arbatratofa, boc mfUHiol 
thai in case ol m dilfecena) of the arbitraton^ thoy nigbt 

nonnit them to call upon him (Foote) aa nratdn^ lo 
decwick * Oh, no" wd Footer * I maT be partial to one 
er oUier of yon ; hi;i [11 do beH^r^llInK^mnitfid a thief 
M the ocadanDn firicnd of both." 



A jG'aTtg Attorney wim Ahkf<\ hy ft frifltd br>ur he likci] 
Lift neu' proft^Mimri, Thv aD»wur ■»&». " Wv)I> T find my 


A ntlnnS-Kti Wllft WA< AX ATTOUKST- 

A taun waa triijil bufure Lord M&iiHliefiJ, on lliu H^rtuo 
Ciiniit. for ^t^lJIn;^ n. B]lv<?r l&'JIe. In tho ciojmo of tho 
tml tho pi'OHiM:ulor'tf guuiiml^I uiilarj^ed on tbo eiii>nuLty 
of t^iv otrL^tnL-p, ftii'J Hnid it wAi iill Mm* ^nrnr, HH^inj^ tli^ 

tht? priflc*in.'r wu^ bt^liivcd to In* aq atl4>moy. Tbu judge 

ntkid hi iL hair uliiapcr to tlit* Ffturi)«l : " C^imi*, coine, 

dou't cxjitggc^ratc inallora ; If the follow had been an 
«tt'jrntry yuu may dq>L-nd ujicm it. ti^ wtniLd hAvtr hWIml 
tlio hauit nA w«l] Aa the UtdU! " 

Twn Btl'im^'yA fiinf-lit n. iImH, nnrl nno of thnm shot 
ttMVHV till* «ktrt mF (h^^ tiLhtit'V ci^at. Thi: Mvond iJ' tTio 
pood Kliot, obAWvin^ the trtith of the ftim. deelarcii that 

^lf the o|>po«it4^ niaiL heiJ boon a client, ho would ra^rst 
probably dav^ hit hinprvM/ 
door I 



|irtit«rtB Borvor in Tri.Ojind otjoq made an aftiJavit to 
afonunt for bin luit hnv^inf^ p^^onaliy fK^rvcJ a writ. 
AtW rccilxrj^ that he hod kiiocktil fluvpral tinit?« at ihv 
door of tlio< di^btor, tlii* iJi^p^jiiuiit iijii<i, " Whon;u[>un iUn 

deponent ^^'tm pnic^'i^diii^ to kufi(!k a fourtli time, wheQ 
man. to Ihiit 4.tvj>uiieDt aiikuoun* holdiii^f lu hU laiidH m' 
inwket or blundorbuM. load-.n] with balU or t\MffH. a^ thia 
d«p<mvnt liftM bjno^ Ltiurd and vmly htiLivv<jg, ap;>eareJ 
At "ni* of thi^ np|ic«)- wiri^lotfM ot tht.' ^unl hoiiHe, and pr«< 
aenting ^ald inu^koL or blundmbtiftH at this dvpouentr 
ttirpjil'^nfil that if faaid ^l^poiii'iiL \\i\i not lUfttATitly rolira 
ho would ee&d hie (this deponont'a) aoul to MJ. which 
thia dfi|>aiicikt MnWy believiw hu would hav» done, had 
iKt this deponent pocipiiatply cflOipod." 


CUKltimUKS or L\V.- Xau LAWTEBH, 

A cLionb obftcrvcii to l>i« atlomoy Uut Iio wom vrrtlln^ 
hu bill in equity on vrr^ rough pii1>tt- "0\ nttvrr 
niiml"iiairl tfEcntuinKy* "itmuist bn^/fM btfbro itcomu 

Mr CfilUy rt^Ul^l an ftit^otf- of a y<HMi(; litlAmvy 
who had been canringci} a o&m«pond«noo vitli a young 
Wly, in nbirli bo Y«iT alwuvH, m hv thoii^litv «xpr««Ma 
'ikotNiif vhh the ffrraUnt Vaiition, Fimfinj^ lirtwever, 
h« d'\'\ not pvHbnn whnl h^ hnJ ]«J tlje lafly t^) 
ilirre that hr v^T^I, «Im trotiKhl f^n Action Tirn- l>rvafli 
pTonbo of marviagd a^innt iiim. When hl« Mlt-n 
WDTA pttdor^ at tfa« Vn/A, it apprnrr^ Ihitt h« had 

"Alwavft withtiiit prvjudk*. 

- Ycflirt bithfally, C. D." 

Ttio jui^ fiLCt^omJy Ml U to Uie Jury Ui Jvt«naiii9 
whether iStnts canchidin^ ttord% b«in;; from an attorney, 
4iil iKit oiMn that ha did ovt iuti?n<] aay |>rrjuJioti U> iliv 
lady, and Ui9Jury with ^Tfat f;oo(t«il1 took tkwhlia ami 
found arcordi&gly for tbo jtlainti£ 

Ab ait^rtiey naateil £Z«, raiber diEubutiv1^ tn h&A 
Atatum. a&4 not paHiciUarly mpvctatlo in liu chatact«r. 
ciK« met Mr, Jrky)l " Sir," tatd bo, " 1 bi<ar ycta haT« 
fttlJcO mo a wtiilbgti^ittl >4vundroL Uav« yuu duo« >o, 
^ir?"" " Sir/ rqvbcd JekylL with a look of «onUaapl« 
*1 never b^<1 you woni a (jottirosgw oar ft »e«unilnlt 
Ittt 1 said ycu wc-nj UttU fiMf" 

A nuui ftkkcd tfttu rtawn why laMvyem' elcrka wroto 
illdt wid^ Ibeft bi all Ibdr l«]^J i>a[«n. Hr waa fold it 
-WBfl dono to Vtt\i thti prace, fur if tJw |t]aintia' ftbwiM l>o 



la one lino and the defendiLitt In tho n^^xt \mf\ tho liii«A 
boiug too uliMrt (<;^Uier, tb«y luigljt |>fji'Tm|Ki fftil to^tlivr 

nnuiiK op souciroRR. 

Tbo hUtorinii and it^portrtr of tliu Star ClitmWr, 
ninl*jr.n, of (Jiny's Inn, in the titiip of Clmrlp.H 1^. »Ayit: 
■■ ]n our age there itra iti^nped uf» a ikiw ntirt 'if pcoi)!©, 
f!alk'd8^>iwi^^J'ff, miknowu to the locunU o\' the law, wiiu, 
like thc^ grftA-^boppf'rft in E^jypt. devour tho wliolo laud; 
and thesu' I daresay wen: exptVM uiaiutuiiivn*, mid euutd 
noijU!itify Uirir mtvirit«iiaiii!e upon any JUtion btYiu^hL 
I int'iui uot ulii^ro u lard or iftuitk^maii v m |di>j"L*d hi« 
arrant to fiolicit Kir* uiu^i^. for Vie may j(i?iT.ify hta doing 
thoiiidf; but 1 mwx ihone which are owmmou Bulicitoiv 
of tuuoe*, oji'l feut U[i u new piuretftioit. mit 1:>eiii>( Allowed 
in wiy cuurl, (>r at leMl uot in tbia court, wliL-re tboy 
fotlvw 4wuvuii. Atid theav otq CIju nfUiutrti ot couhou ouil 
devoiTtvrH of nivHH C4tat«pf by coTitentioD And prolooiging 
auita to make tTujui without uid.'^ 

Though ''atU]rjn.-y" wnw llic urigin^d Aiid tiini^-lifiiioiiritd 
iiariie or tbo Iat^im half uf thu le^al prufiWuin, it. lias in 
ilft turn K'oorno h^imf-whal uJkC>o4, and }ihx tiK-n all t-nt 
aupei'^dijd .^iiic^ tho pfkHalng of thi? JitdioAturi.< AcL of 
nns ty LIji- nunitf cf Mohdt^r, wliioh ilht-lf wiim Motnt' 
irlitti in disfavour at tfrvt, aa tho abovo account sbow«> 

Mr PiT'fitnn, the con Vfyanivr, died in \^''l\ having a 
grout nipuiiition o^ n. sound lowyor, l}*t had hug the 
credit of h%vlnj£ wiilt^n mnny of I^rd Brtti^j^namK 
JudgmonLn in C^ianct:ry. Sir Ocor^ Rf>^ wiuto on 
him die following i^'pit:iph:^ 

" Ktum Dt*th hiitt ltuI Uuu ulwyaiu^u hom 

*1'ht*ij kiuhtil)r L>ii }iis Ijc&d ho Ihi-L 

Thp *iitf timt IlD ir. Ifcft ClillVAJvU. 

Jn ijrrtnm f/uth iJiil Jmpn h« tum ii^ 
Ilia soul Iiko 4 f.intiUn j'ifU 

CD7(TKVA»<Tcn'a PBacRii-nox df rABTrxa to cok- 

In iiimlrrn d^td* at U not okimJ todcacribo thop«nori*l 
;kp[HrarAAcu of ntilh^ bnd purehoMT, But itt ^'STP*^ ^** 
Cluo|>&UA't tiuiv. li^c. 107, a cQiivicyftiico dcKtiW botll 
luinuti^k. Thti^ "Th«r« wm iold bj Paiooutlici, t^ 
about forty-flv«, gf raidi)!c r>\7>?. <lju'k complexicjii mmI 
)iuid«i»0 Agaffi, linld. rotjn<l'fiL':<Nl. nnd sptmi^bL-nnvil. 
mud by SommuthcJi. n^trfL ntrout twi-iii^'two. of miildli; 
nJiVi «allov cotnploiioii, roumUficcd, ftat-nosnl, $avl 
td t[uh.t dcmrAnnur, cbildrrdi of. cic." (Tlian tbe 
xiUialioD of Kn>und b (JvAcribed,} "It ww buught bj 
Ni^i-biiUA thfi fyasi^ the tu>n ol As», ttfctil obotit forty, of 
middli* hiw, KftUow ooniiiluxUqi, clktt^ul ouiuitvtunci!, 
Inthg fnrr, i>Lr»l|;ht nmv, with k Bnu* upon the middtA of 
blft fon>b«id, for fii>l plocw of hmw. etc" 


A Hiniloocniivejruico^purpoitin^^ba be aurani of lain] 
uf v«ffy ftnritttt doU-, n^f^rtvd ta tbn mimArc^Ti wba j^nuiud 
jt Im &'\» highly cokrurvd ityl^ : " Wlivr* hii^ umtiuiarabla 
ftrmv cnarchfil. tho hn^vrn* wnrn »^ filled with the dmt 
uf tli^b- fmt ibAt thti biixU of ibo nJr could n»t apoo 
iL Hit «3«jibantJi movkid liki.- wjdbiikj; inniintAii**, and 
thn earth opnA>«>l by their weight motildcrcd into 

mmj-Mt n^niTB op t.tirfftft>L 

A story U toU <if au «iiuupnt i^nvoyaoccr who. bavlikj; 
Udi^n hi* ^rtA' rid* <,yn Ow itrtt borne U^ hiul over bjoght. 
•od hnvin^ ocCMkin to difiinouiiL« tied bi,i borsc to a ^ivtr. 
and walkod back i» bb diainberv quit*; f[>r|-glful of bin 
Dcwly aaquu«d profMiTty. 


No)- wm s dllmot hUck-loUer Uwy^ in tU tim* of 
Charfaa 1^ who i)a<l an fttbciiHl juoiuiity, as danndoo 
docrlbod it. It wa« be who^ in order Co oompmiato ib^ 



Crosvu for t\ie Iob8 of rovoQuo euetftlni:-! by the- m,\^ of 
Crown lttrii.l>(nml tli^ |*r«nt« of ii4<w [M*n>;i<jiii!i. ii>viv>«*J tbo 
oil] fofi'JHt lsw.\ wUirh wero cxorciBO'l by th* Eftrl of 
Hi>llan<l wiUi tiio g^rvAU^At rr^'^jur. aod pruJucvJ tJje moet 
;;ii«vriiiH ilixiVinU*nt' Tiy Ijtin aImo iT^ro lir'NtH [>mjiv,tA4 

and drawrj by lits own hw\A tliy rooinorablo wriu of 

epriDg ana ide^^Iqi^ ibat ^b'luM havi> ni^ bottait), and 
for an vv^ilAMtiiijj MUpf'ly nf hLI i;irc»HitifiH." Hu nUo 
DiouMcd tho Ofliriils pnttciJ^t of & mr^nopalj^ in noap^ In 
ahort, Noy thouj^liu ft*rUivuO<m njtnJirK»/'thH.t bu could 
not givfi JK cWivi' (.TAf-iiNrrkny thui bi^ knowM^i in the 
kw was giTfttei' than all othi^r mon'«, tbon by mfikiii^ 
that law, wbii'h all other turn l»*lii^vi'ci not trt bovo." The 
wiU made an ana'^jram of Win txiuaty: "William Nov— 
! moyi in \nv,\'' \lr wfiit tf> Tiiijln'iil;j;i' WHI\ aivl <h«d 
thnnc at Uto n^r^ nf l^l'ry-o-iHit^ wbcro all tbo vlntnon 
drank cjuuuaiia of jny iiuw Jii> waa gon<T, for tb«y war* 
in bopi^ to flrr« mr^nt aji^ain, Jtnil nrll Cobtom, biw. «n|^r, 
and iniSgi^tA, Tbn |ibiyrri'9t n1^'3 on tbe stDcv I'^ounjilat 
hill rfcfttn. Noy kit iin oU-l will, by whicb. after A fn^f 
Ifi^ocicfl, he gAVC All Lbo rc^idijo to bin ddivft «on KdvAr<]. 
"to be consamtfui an J icattflivrd, fur I iiovor bopal bolter," 
The only ^nod thing Noy cvnr did wa.i to dJAtiar^^r and 
advance Lord Haloj Hmu nn Dbicuro youLli. 

Cbipf Jnntir^ (iibbn on^L* told LoM Campbrll this 

onoodolc of Scrijuant Vofij^bEUi, who. Although a popular 
•dvocatOf o.nd altL-rwaH-i mj\(lo a judxc, wa* *]t,lorly 
ijpioront of tbo law ol' xiiU propiii'ty, nnci toriibly ahinncd 
toit ti« sljould ciJiDinit wiii? 3b*iurd blund^rr. " iL^< wai 
Aiding a riHil proj^crty t^a» bcforii nxn, of wliieb bo kiitw 
no inons tlan Llio ualiur; and bo kid down Fro-ctou'ii 
lnYip^i^ttion tb^t • an (^trtt*? in fi*& Htmnlo in tb*" bi^>iMt 
mthti> kiio^'i to lIiv law uf F^ii^^ud.' I, wiabiiig to 
iVi^ljt^Ti hirru |h;>f-^nd«'d to Htitrt^ and Aaifl. ' What ii your 
]jru]>0Qitt4.iiii brotlmr Vaugbau f ' Wb<?ii» thinkin^v ^^'^ ^^ 
qinU* Wfi>fii;, and wUbin^ t"» get out of Ibii ncrap**, li*a 
obHor^'od. ' My lofd, 1 moAn to contend that an citato In 
fi^ viiiijilo h oQU of tbif l)]|-bi.'^t wtat^v hnown to the 


U« of KnifUfiil— that ic^ mj tuni, ttAt It nwr bo amkr 
«cr1*io cirtrumBUncua — nad MouotuuA* la ml' — 3 CSftnip, 
Oi. JJi. 238. 

* DuHnff all till* truubW of lh« tiiooa,* u^ Hogtr 
NurLh. " Sir Orla&Jo Itriilgniui. called ' tho fuJicr of oott- 
v^yaaoer*.' llv«d s*^^ "^ ^* T«iiipl», a pndWvd and 
kikown CAvali«r ; «i&rl no IflmptAlJon of ffjir or piY)6i •vrr 
■ItDok hia princlpla Ho liveil th«n in tljc ^t*^i buvMw 
cJ 0OQT«yiLJtcii>^) anij ii*il nii r^1> ' '^ 1 nt 4uc?b a* wore 
•Ulct CsvAlifrnL On^, i kav^ h'-^L I " ' RO rijpd that he 
«>ul4] ntvw b« Ivou^ht Ui wriu Oii^vi with « ipvatO. 
Anil ilvMtfurl.lWaUnmny^l'hlinct was mode Attcrney- 
UoiwnU on tl»«< mUoratiiHi) cbciM to pufcliaM tbc nuiwr 
of nnHf^on bacftutn kin inajiUfr * name (Chaiica) louoddd 

A Di.ACK-LinTitK c*iKraTA*<^icaV Ku<QtrrycL 

Ur. llari^tavc, (Im> citiivtjraacer, Uiuti d«><orilwil Ui« Hoil 
CWtaa \oikQ, wbo diod a riving la«j«r : " Tba; aio<kni 
«oii«t«lla£ioii of EnglMh jani^niduno», that i4fganl and 
aooomptiahed onuunoDt of W«Mmtnrt^r llalL in Uio m- 
tent CVI11UT7 (179jf), tlio lIonuuntU« C'ls'lifB Vurkv, L^iq ; 
whoM ordinary at>M^«« aa ao advocate worn |>rofbund 
l4ctairM ; wbom aicroMJous from tli9 asuberaac* of ilia 
bast juridical knovladfa vera IQuBiinatiou ; vhoaa 
«iU|[L«a w«n ondaa ; wIiom «owtaocy of mind vm 
wan taUk thr plnnaclo of our Ki^iah faruca at an imum* 
1>ictou* momonl; whoac ax^uiaiMiav of aanaiUli^ at 
abiiuit Uiu najtt uoojobI frvia Ui' impnwiiona of jinpuied 
error Moraicil Clio foit *vcn of hii cultjval«d rvajun. and 
vo EDtdo r]«f atioD wl axtinction contompofauoouB ; and 
wliaaa prouatRrantfiM of ittJU-. ooiwiUMilaDding tbc irrrat 
CMicrilHltioni from tbv manly caergim of a TJorthingbofli, 
and the vaM Hplrodr^urof « i^funden, aii4 nutvilbstaiMiiitf 
aim Uia aOPwioiw froin the two rivfti '"-"-ff^T* vkicS 
luivo »ior« laUeriy adnmi^-i our l^qIlitab|ft heaittftben 
fl'burlov and WnWurinm}. caiuu mn aliaoat roiapplUblo 
iAttiUtkv ui ihc fl:i«ni.-oof tCn||liidiM|uitjr. To have ticen 



Luiurn to mi l^iiL^Iiali lAwvf*]'. ]*ivr|i L> Iw oM cnoii;r|i 
to have reojived triu imprvwicjuH of Mr, Chutlca Yorkc'n 
chuiLcW A4 tk lawyer fiviri llic frvquriicy of licarini] hi« 

ctionlc. <Ji>licato, atuI eraditd iixprosiiLOi^ji in tlic di^IiArgfl 
of |tM>r't^^iiitiH! duty, in boiiiu kuurw of nitnULt f^utifit^a^ 

Uou," — ilakgiAVu'a Piafiwjo to HHJt\ ]>. uUxiii. 

nvinxmiH nncKAEAiiv an larrtt muKf. 

'Wlieii Nui]J>jriuh» [;uv«ruor uf the NHrljoiJN<)i»i< GauI, 
vran impeached tW |>)uridc[' of his |>r^wirJCO, ha di*r<rTKl<><l 
liiiiimiir vid denk-d il^« cIl^t^^ and ^xpkinvd H asvay hi 
skilfully tlint hfi Imfflf^i) h'n mxmh^jh^ A fitmoLiii Uwyn- 
UiBTuupoii cXL-Uiiiie<1, "Off*w, wInF will yvw bo found 
UuiHyn if it in ftiiDii-iAiil fur a fnA.n to drry thr* cliArj^ i "* 
To wliicli Julian rotontd, " Hntvho will ttpiicar innocent 
if u, Lmcc HccutAtion i" mtHicii^nt t " 


Ajnon^ the oiicicnl imd bevrbftrou* natiunn. whr^thi^r a 
toftn w»* ilftin by jKcidcnt or not, the wuoit coumc tlifti 

irrod to them wan to lot the nt*roBt reJative of tlic 

fJ man liuvr^ Ijvk wit I. And ktll or aMA^iriAle thrr s!ay(?r, 

id olUn tli<> tLlayi'r'a roUtlv» also, without mcrey or 

colli l-iuiictJijn, ur Uiu ftiiiunlity vf trial, i-j ^v-n u.ii li^ijr» 
brp*thiTi^ tirTiL\ Tf. wiw at a IfttiT fiiMiod g<inei»lly 
dfivmijd Xut fair that Ch'' Ji^'iaoii man thuuM 1iav« <iiJo 
i-hATCji fnr liiH lifi* ; and hence, if by Biipi^nor spiipd or 
shtU \iv could outrun tlic ftvcn^vr for a rnrtam diitniitxs 
and rritfh a fiiy r4 rrfii^P or awictiiary, thru hr wiw not 
U> be munloivd, hut to be It^t nianc. at lutuat for a timr:, 
till hfl IflUiiihM hinaelf in due t?onn<e from the countTy. 
The prauU*!!! of a bloo.1 avongor t<ii*nifl trnfllitiunftry in 
every nnciuiit *oci(?tyv — I Patt^i^rjnB Lib. Subjoc^C, 3W0, 

KVd ahau was atiap ly lais defevob. 

JuMlioeAJ&nd Fortvscuc. u-boao nose -vrtut like the trunk 
of an clnpbniLt, w&i blaming a oounAtl for unin;* & viMy 
iotuu artuuicut wh<:^i the i&tt<;r iT|iiiod. " If vuur iLfirlshtp 
will only bav« a little more fiatirnuc, I iviii make it an 


OtnUOUTlES or LkW asp LlWYKBa. 

judge «ho u>crl tll^ ftJIoUb I iijf ilLu»lrftL<in of a fUQ<lMIMl^ 
uJ nilr c]f l»w, "The 1am» of Tit-l anil mftn V^ttli givo 
tin |>^ty *ii ofpf'oriunitv to makir 1l[h <Ier<fncv. if hn have 
jkDjr. I n^uiriuboT to bavc heard it obatrvftd K ., m ry 
Icwnet) Dum, ihat crvQ God tiunac^lf didnot pn^. .< uunco 
npon AtWm bofore )i« ivj> calUd np^i Uf liiew futiw^-— 
'Adam vrhiin: art tliou t Ha*t tbou not i^atvn of tlna 
tree vihcttytit { ^onunaodod tliw that Uiou iih'-TiLiIcAt not 
cot ' * Anl llw Mmo qufHticjn wu jmt t& Eve also." 

A rLVADnt mrrviKo ttik <H>rnr to PLRnin iiettkr. 

Ur CLKj|wrt an IriJi cuuiuvl, who coLLMdcivd himHcIf 
an aflluU* i^tuaiil^r, wlien ft inotioit waa tEuulfl in Oil< 
Cusrt of KxdwuuH lo vrt bra pluaa aviJv &r prvlixity. 
TQa« lo defend UkCtn, ''anil dt^^ tJi«tr lonLthii>a, cr any 
vuui iu court, to fratuc ithuKer |>l«aiL'' Barun PvTiDcrlAllMir 
luidflitootc to du sn^ afid Htriick uut a !ar^t' |iarL uf tJio 
ftTtraoittf, kaving what ho said aa quito sufBdaoU 
Wli«n tJi» JMlgu n-ad it out, C4>"j>«-r Aiaitvd up and 
rikUj «duR]«i< ' 1 demur to ttmt pl<-JL, and tf lb la sat 
IWD for M^tihiirnt in any ullivr ccurl tif tha ball, I'll 

nfNctixo vcLui Ayi> puitt roit ciumc 

WUco pleadJDg vn» scvoelv d«vo]o|icd, tlia eoorU uwd 
to liaar vuit* a^^nAt Lnimala Tha fi»rjdiii->A fur tisa^- 
naiy trial* in the n^iJdlA aM took a practical ahaoe. 
iJv tijc old law of France, if a >icioua animuJ kiU«u a 
p«»OQ, and it wa« prowd that ita ownn kn^v at it* 
i>m|Hfn>ity to attack |>iKiple:. aJid nulfucd itt'' go at larfrv. 
Iio warn hiui^d and thn aniiiud nl-v>. In i.*i4. a bull 
havuw kilJed a iiiati by tomiu^ lim witJb Hm liortus. van 
brou|^L btJoiv ihe jocljeea in Uw pm%'in«(* of Valoii^ and 
indkicd oa a crimioa), and afl«r suTeral witncwiei had 
givco evid<fnoi% it vaa coDdpcraned tu U? hangad. Thi» 
tcntenoe w oco^mted by tfi otdvr of Farliunfmt. and 
carried inlu *iXrcL And wu an? ti^ld tlial an unfurtiui4lO 
f\^ whtdi diancod to k&ll a child in Burpindr, vaa bi 
likv iiianiitff fatlAiunly liSod in oiairt, aud «uffcnd ihm 




Bo lute AS TG5U th<i Fifrncli Iaw Utaku UnftUd of tho 

anj eob and JoMiiWi and tbt* uiodt^ of &|>|>i>mtLng 
*l |j> dpfc.mi thrm. In Swii^wrlnnd, crimLoal i>ro!io» 
flutiODB wero oftf^n bivugbt agiuuit wormn. 


A KittSCH MWtriT AOAtK«T CMEBrlLl^a^. 

NicJiolftH rhoriptf n Kmicli hinlonan. mentioTH IhAl in 
Ifihi tbtT lifAV^' rmiin brou^'ht on n vjiat nurttbor uf nntcr- 
pilhuK. Th*i wflIK wm<loi*fi, niul cbiuiney* wcri; covered 
wiUi tbr'Hi- Tlie j^and vlrttr of Vulirnno ci(fitl tho. 
rnt<;r[)B]liuii bc^lVtru him ; lj« upp^jiutvil a ptvcLut lu dL^feiid 
them. The CAU^L* waa tmlemiify ftrgu<^l. nnd be n/^ntciiired 
jbni t^ ijuit the dlui^WL', liut Hney did ngt vbuy. 
BUTnnTi iu.^tjci^ Una n^i ojiiiin&nr! oVit tho iii^tmtinriitA ^^f 
tlia JuitioD uf tilt) Div'ity. It was diuuuitwO wbi^tliur lo 
procevd hgAitKl thexu ftrtiiJi/LlH by Anntbi-m4 jmd imiiit^' 
catinn, or^ iM it woh oxproseod, b/ uiftltidi^tion uid 
uxfloiiiuiuiiic&lLUii. l^ut two prc^t)! ftixl twu lbi*4>lo(;iarii^ 
hftvinjf been consulted, cbftng*?d ibc opinions of Ibu urand 
vioar. «o thnt ftfUnwArdu n<jtbin;; wa4 inadv ijhv o? b^tt 
•ii^umtion, j^pny-m, fln-l AprbdfUn;^ holy WftUr. TIil* lrfi> 
of tliu^ti miULiAbi 14 kliori, ftnrl tJuw« ewwuoni^e, haviDj^* 
continnr^l i^Vfiml niontlm. nvrivfid the ercdlt of hjhvin^ 
iiblTA^loii^^ly GXtorminjiUKl tbom. 

Thc«n pr<Hi(vi]Cioii» ftgnini^t onimnU were ctimmon in 
FroJiGOH Gni PapA ivhwa that about 14Ji} he itaw a ho^ 
Iiiiii^ on a i^ibbct for kiUlajf k chUd. 

tint ritK>Cll LAW«l'lT AVAlNtT TIIK lUTS* 

Tha fur i« Ktvncli )ftwy«r, CliattaLtie, lii ^L f^at^ibli^hed 

hifl fiime by di finding tho fftW Jn ft pnwttex ilmt b;ul bL^vn 
invtitut^d u^itinitL fhuiu in ihe dio^TUMoor Autun. Thi) fatt 
did not nppnnr tit the fimt dlAtion, imd tb<Tir )kdvo{;At« 
<uggocst«d thftt tboy hftd nab n.lL b«nn numTOoncd. but 
ihoMi only in ft few bc-iililii^ii ; tb^^ P^^F^^ ^*-y ^^ ^* 
lummou [dl thu mu in uvcry pfimh. This was hold ft 

good plett.&nd thereforr &I1 the nit weiv duly ftnmRUin«il, 
TJiyydid uul howuvcr«lLtJU<l but their AdvoontcsiuggCBlctt 
ttiAt itiAiiy of tliern wi?i« old nud nidk, nnd an oxt47ndion 

144 cOKoetTUu or tiiw abb lawous. 

sf tlno ihovid bt givMi. Thk wu >^uii ftOvwed. but 
lb* nbi (lid not am« bilo court »t ih» taiUMkd iitiiA 
Hw ftdvoMo tbon pl««dod m t^ nrvt cxcuaa ili«i tk» 
imla ««ff<« moat aaxMnU to eocD«, but mm iktcnt vero WMny 
CaU on itwir wny to court. Umi; wpfr cnuUnd lA j>a>- 
t«dion in g<otiig uo'l covins, othrrwUc they wccv aimid 
to vcauim tmi of Ui^ir boM, Tborefol^«^ security miivi 
bo ^*^eai tbit ih« caIji voakl not moicBt tho liug&ntM, 
n« floori ftllovrad Umt ikht wiui rmaockftblo; but tbo 
ownora woald not nndoftAkc to tn bi^und far ibo good 
Ijebftrivarof tbcir aU«, mmI bo tlw next afipuEQliDcul of 
tba tEUfaiff of Um codft fell ibroii^ ftod tbe Jicftfing WM 

4 trsaAt' pLUAPcn TAKI7CO otT nint nrriiA to walk. 
Aq ombwni wpMift] pUifl^r ([irub^blj Batoa Wood, in 

ftCUr kog ftg^ag in difttoboti with bU pupils^ uiJ sittinir 
tbrioDffb v«ty «anip1icftl«d niAUtn, tbousbt, m tb« wcfttbor 
ms Bti^, be would like ft mlk mw hu jiupilft. Bo 
Momliikgly woDt out, kqJ on ifoio^ u fkr u tbo Inner 
T«BDpla gftl0 bo fint looked cftnt, ibcn wcct. and tbca 
mrib. And bo felt p«ri>1oxcd iu vbicb of tlicoc tbreo 
dirvctinnii br Aboold j^ H« lulonced in bift mind ftli Uw 
objoctkuM, ftnd wu mo niculy puued in bii ftJI^Uuns UmL 
hw ploftdor*! mind ooald not choose betwMrn the threr 
oonnei, or mo ftuy rcav^Q fof nnGmiiv Mko libooiioa Ut 
Mtotber llw&t tb&t p«tiod oftimowhtfi I^rd Eldon 
UMtl to taV« twenly ytan to dfMude m iimiJar dtlflculty, 
mad tlio iJcl.qLity BOtMnn'lur^L by « loiij^ cw«r of 
diMnurrern ^d AuiTtbutlers wu unoijuftl to the oiikT' 

rcy. Tii« wortliy |;«utlHtit«ii itj<iu]^bl ujxiil ^i« wholo 
lud bctt«c rotunt to cb«nibfrr^ and not t^mpi Pron> 
deooe by ftoy rub d«ci«ion on to wvigbty m matter. So 
be did not go to tha ooimtry. 

TUB OLD rLft\DKn WATcnivG BIS rrpa tat bis tuKD, 

In «ncn«nt Roidu, Juilaiiun, tb« ifn?at advuoatv, took m 
ft pnpU ft youtb uf fi^irtuDO, who wanU^l to stady for thr 
bftT Tlio yvuili,aA«r a liuw, during thebolidayv. ])fVM«d 



JtiTianut and Aulm GcLlii]-<. to ^.^ 4nil hour Itiin nC Naril«:< 
|jibJi(l a eoMt Hi a court mtU try hU Mil A livrLl Atunont 
oruponod the loUomfiii *=*»<? f'J"" ■■Jution : " S«von jt^dno* 
had to Iry a p ri rumor. lunl tho majority Wfltp to dct^rraino 
Uiw iwiituucB, Two uf Lbe jtiiJifcM lit*lJ that tbc piwDor 
flwi^rvvi bAnishimiTit ; tWn oihrrs bhat lia tihovilri bo 
iiiiud; aiid llirvu ui'^iu lliat he ahould bu imt t^ di«iLt. 
Whiil wiiJt U.» \t6 til*? <;oi'rL*t!t piinirtliiTn-iit ' ' The pu|Ml 
of Juliamm at oiiuti Iw^aiu to ilmi^uH tUiB tumo, and prjiirwl 
uut ■ t.iffTii»r.f, rtf UngiiRi^ ftnd high-Hf.niiidin^ phmne'i 

wliich woro D.U gabble and nonaonaG.aiiil gavo :ii> duIuIlou 
of t^iu controvoTTij', JiilianUH ttd \>«rp\v\>fd ut Ih^f 
cihibition. and bhwhcd with cinfii*ir-n. Aft-ir Wvio*^ 
tho pUcu. JuliaiiUM WM oAkdd Mh t-ipliitOTk m Ui tho |i«i^ 

fir^nftnt^o tjf hin pupil. Find ho rcpliod ; "Didn't fUik in*; 
ai^ii/ui Obln^^'lyt'lCr>J/ thi4 yuLing [UAa u» eliH^U^ut," 

an action apiinat a vtahlr^liwpur, fur not taklog 
pniptT cnrr of a horse, — " Thn horsfej ' ^ftid M ingay, wh-j 
kd lor tbL- pinmlitr, "' wa* tumud iiiio a i^Uiblo. with 
nolhinj; to cat hut nm.ity hay. Tn Jiiii^h fwsling th<^ horto 
domurtvd." "Hv ihuuld haw ifona tj> tbi? country," 
n-turttrd Brikinp TUiq, though caviare to tho maltitudi^ 
U) a truti ii|iudai pltiaJ*sr la uf cx<HJii(itc rvLi&li, "Jomut' 
ring" and "|pn'"K t^i thi> r»uritrv" Ivin^ the tvrhnioril 
tflri[i§ for roiguiring a caueo to hu df^cidGd on a qaonUoii vt 
{[iw by llio jnd^H, Of ou a <[Utftiliun of fact Uy thu jory. 



When a cai)«i? or judgmunt ia rerucivvd froiri an infi^rlor 
court til the Ui^U Court, l)ji» |>ri>i:<^ia uaod 14 a writ of 
Li^iUurarl. bjir Uvorjj<j Ui\>kt wadiiidio taiitr cjf KUzab^th 
conlinuisd ono i>f tlic* jud^oHof tlio Quoi^u'a Bonch, and bin 
auii-in-iaw^ Sir Hart^Llla OMumli>ii, WfUtu in thn prDfacc 
of CfokoB K«|Mrt^ that tUo jnd^v m itmiainod a Uidgo of 
tIjaL uoitvi "u^ail a iTortJorati Iruiii Cbo UrcCkC Judgu of 
hi-nvrn And ^laHli Vt l^^mov~t^ liim fi'i'in a bunuui bcQoh of 
laiv ta a boakijiily tbrunu of glory/' 


ooMMnm OP uw abp iawtcrs. 

A CJonad aum»d Pukbj, wlw wa« ikilUd ia na^iKtorul 

Uv, VM noticed 10 be nrjr oftan numiiig' id tl>e Couri of 

[iluMii'v Budi for * • certiorari to bruig vp " the AJjadi- 

roftlkn* of jiiitk^« |i> Im rfuuKt^, tSi« Tvin;; llw form of 

[tfeiotjuci utntml 111 all ou«a<;f that 'IcwrriptUin. Hubotifieaii 

whirb n4«(»AMiJvraUo, ri^unittrng aIuh^ «Titir«iy of tw?b 

CAMA, A W4g otii«rT«d Uiat IWil«-y luoHt rfurtiy Ma^ up 

Dvriitg Uiu duttrja«tico«>iip 9f l>^nl Itult, ik>9 vfthnUa 
'ftliMouni oAm of fthief <-U-rk i:*r thn Ooutt of Qomrn'a 
;B«Kb fnlJ vAcnul* uid thd Clitcf Ju«tico git-o tho «p- 
poinUn^fit to Kift brotknr, KniAiid Holt Ttin Crv>wn 
obfuUd tbo appuitttLiivtitt cUiininif the purtjiuec. Tbo 
ikAltor wi« broDfihl to h UiiO &t t«r, boton? tiie thrvo 

Ci«n« jiutittft Aod ft junr. .^ chair wma iikor^-l oa Iho 
^r of (La <unTt for trio Clii?r JuitiiY, on wbidi ho 

wiba |'n.iV4«l. 8nij u1liiii&l<>U' a vvrlict uaH ({ivvci ii^BiiMt 
Uiu Crown a&il in Cavour of tbo C^iiT JuiUior. 

nut or fiiM MoicrnKJi, astk tkic iniiictiik^-t aoaiwt 


Lord Cliftncollor C1&rsniloik'« aU«nUoQ Viadwotetlto 
ll>>i tiULof UiongicifUa AJtboo|^ bio modo vo» pbo*d 
in tbu oomrnkMnn oAor thot of iboXord M^or of Loftdoa» 
hi« dkL ikol Ukr bii plooe on tbu boiMb liono^ ooy of tbo 
Lriftks bul ho wtti obtigtd to cavrciio ft Mneift] i i ip or i n- 
toDtlmtOB c>v«t Ibv praoovditigii. It «■■ without difficulty 
raatilviHl tJiftl tbe {ndJolmont ahouM ha tar *' MEOpOHdng 
Uw iIaOi of tbu kiPf,*-'— tminletinj; litai not being ft 
VttbiUailive iTfOAun, — a&d tkot th«d«co|iHatiOB«liaaldbe 
Ud ittij OB Uio ovatt MC to pnn^ tbo ooopuibf; bai 
v«ry uvniiiw qo»tio<i» oroo wbothor tbo 4ootpitoUoa 
iibottla b« ftl%o<l to kftvo boon ootnBilUod f Tbo Cboa- 
mJkir onlriirit iIhj jmli^a to b<> prvviiMudy coovuHotL 
lliay oj;r\H^ iboC oil Uuii ww iloiiv to«idiii^ tn tbo Kiec'a 
iniiMvr, until tbt* iMoaanit bofbcv bio boad wu comptetoly 
MxvNvd fnxn hi* body, woi io tb« tlmo of bia own ftofl^, 



but thai the Dmrikv wju not pui-ivctvd till bho hftunl 

ft demUo uf tiku Cniu^i bod Ukott jj^kcvj, aiid n ni-'W ^tjvo* 
teign mimt Iw coinidtnrd A^tir jitr^ on the throno. They 
itiolvod. iiLJWcir^r. timt lUu ouinprutnins should bn Utd on 

tho l^^bh of Januiiry, !!l OiLr. L. Aud iUv uiuttJer ^yc:FWnuX1 

m«fi^t« rru«£cm Janutiiii, wibhoub hunj uAmiai; any year 
of any Kiu£; tuul thst ttie iudiotmvut tiliould cciiidude, 
i:onlrapaonnnitpffrdoniin.i}ti^ffla aofoji. Hdiij nitwit. AUtw, 
tbf^Tu/n centra pr^uvrn dt/iniin itir,nc Rt^jis t^vtrn. H 
di^nitat. *»ww_— 4 Pari. Hist. 130- 

TIiC advi^cAU>a Iii ftuciimt Hon\*s ^'ftvo eOuct to thvlr 

the ctienb)^ lot^ory, nnd his claims on tho compaiaaloa of 
the Vf'orU^ Tliii*. whon Antony wah dk^fi-irtiliiiij ft;^*iojiL 
tlio chjir;co of pofiiimniy cijrmption, Aoullinn, wlu> had 
siiCi^i^-Mfully ciimluct4;d Ihc c[hm|mig(i in hicily st-^a.uint tho 
fnafuvo sIavm, UTiii wn.-* tinjvblr lo di*privo nr rflfutn th« 
^^Afgo. iu thu uiidil uf biji hJiraugUL^ uftvr appealing Im' 
imptajiionod tonai f^ t!io .lorvkia rimdcrcd to hia CLUjntry 
by tha tnLvv uvldiur wbu vbwid by blit Hide— he nudd^nly 
lUiloaicd tbo foldrf of hu cU«nt a rob^, iLnd tihovred to \n» 
ftfllow-uitJKvri* whi> d&tp upon his trial tbt* homm of tim 
wumiU whu-h had b«»n received [n Ih^'ir Ix-hi^lf. 'Vhey 
eoulJncft r&^httboodWt of «uch a ul^bt.aud Ai^uiliuA wod- 

Wh^n Phrynr ttoi pnMpftnlj^d on a f^pitjil chftrgift 
Athon>;, h^ir Advot^ta. HypcriJua, knon'irtz flho wm the^ 
TijcMt bcmitifiil of women, and ibo orisinJ oi' the V<^niw 
of Prrwiitl™. took oan» u> pl4cc hor in full view of hnr; 
Jiidfli^K, an^ Fvuti artniipvj tB« detatlq uf livr tli-cHi to thi 
Ivoitta^if. Ho iimtv UHtjJ his liLj^hunt ututuHool art 
itv tliL- pity of the i^iiurt, and no subdtied thciH 
tln^ that thi^y^oould &ot find k In tlioir hearts ta 
ld^■mu, and «hi^ waa «cquitt^. Thv rivtidl vrivs> tbat 
the poblic |)ro»ocutor, Kuthixs, «voro ho would never 



diflturl^lf CAUM of cliear ju^gmfrnts Utftt (livy mumIo 
« niK' llitt ill futura no tccuMd fi^rsuQ, luaa or womui, 
■faouM W fifrw nL in court &l tW timd of lh«i docuiiiou, 
— Aih«ntfL<Qs, li 13. 


On tlio Noillioni circuit tlid fwuouK J^ck Loe 
ilTlainril fw th^? plaintilf in An u^inn ior bmtdi of 
nprofDiw of murriAp\ Whvn tho cf>iuijlt&tioD took pltotf 
no im[uitTHl whether the lady fut whaio injury he wm to 
•eok rrNlix'Jifl wotf good- tcHiktitt;, ''Very luuidiioiuo tn- 
lU^t ur." wui the •JBura.nct of Lcr ttti>rncy^ "Tbpn, 
ijr" replied L;e, "] be;; yoo will l^<^tf(^t btr to bo in 
courts Vid in a. place wLci^ sho oui b« itc«n." Tlw 
ftU^mpy pn>iouo(t compUftuco.&ad tlic l&<ly, in neociriUooo 
u'iUi Le^t tt-itkbvH. L'TuK hvr umt iii il a/iupivuouii pbi^o, 
wherP tK» juiy oouM am hat. hf», in ftdilftmo^ IIm 
Jury, di'i nut r&il to luKtM, villi ki^ H&rmLh, on IIm 
"4noinii»M^^ rrrtfltv" which faaii E|«ii «x^rci'«l towftrdt 
* Ui« highly Auracijvo ud modMt g;irl who irwud b«r 
JiCiuno to thuir diwrnmont;" nnd i\i\\ imt ait ilown uDtil 
;lio hftd miooeodod in working upon their ^(^«lin^ wjUi 
,f nwt «k(iil, nil lio tliou^ht, AtieoMhtijl r^IToct. Thn coniuvi 
on tho nthcr nido. hoi^«ver. apoodily brokr the Afwlt with 
which Lmt hftd enchanted th« jury, by obwrvinjj tliat " hm 
loArnAl friiiiid, in dcafribinjr thu gnumftiid btAoiy of tbc 
pkintJQ', DUjfht in oonimou fAiniJjM not to havv oumviilod 
from tIjD jury ih^ f*ct llist the Tik-i v liftd n wooden Uq ' " 
The court utiu cunviilAd with luu^fit^vr ni tbia dUoov««j« 
whLk^ Lei\ who wu ignorant of tlitit rimjinifUnci^, lookod 
ftffhwit; vid thu jury, ft«bftm«d ot' cIjv tntluonco th«i man 
doqnvnoo b«ii ha<l iij>*in th^Mn, returned • Ycinlict for tbtf 
MbadsnL— Twiu't ElJon. 

THE mtKyiA or m rtuovus, 

Wbtii (^c«TO dotedmi Kont4iiu« n^iinoit tboACCUMdionft 
of ImJoeduainmi und llio otbrr UftuU who hsd ojto^ to 
Ronie to impeaeli bim of oompt coadurl during hn< 
pnotorun gonramost, bu poaatod tu the uwithct &ud 





luiil T«ifiiiit1ei) Lho ^cigoV that that alitor vm a vesUiX 
vip^D, who40chicf tie tooarth wim ho r brother's el ist^uoa, 
" Irt'l it not he. »ftid hrrftftftJ^r," hf fi*^ijumftil,AM ih« AfTAct^ 
iug HceDc ivai ncwJ before ihoir oyw, " tljal tho ctemftl 
lirtf which WAA ]}rr-.uirViHl hy thu luiiini^la CH)V nnd 
w&tchjn^ of Konccift, woj^ QXtln^iiJAhifi by tho tcftra of 
jwur (»n<*><ti>'A A vi^tAl viri;in i-'xtf^iid* l*nvfttiK juu in 
ttHjipliojit prnycr thaw hftnrb which t<hr hivi bmn used t** 
IKt ii|} t^ th« imuiQrUil ^od* In yt>t)r bohulf, HiiFwarc fit 
thfl dflnjjirr nnd the sin yon may incur >iy I^■i**^; thft 
entroftty of hor, wliuio pravon, if tho Q-nh were to 
dfjipiii«, Homo ilAcIf i^ouUI be in ruin.v ' 


\lh Hai'i Ihat Thvlwall, whtn liii^d Tor neUiiiuuK libel, 
was a vory troublG«oiu6 dmnt, and frcniuiiutly iuturfered 
indUurr^tfy iu Uitf dt<^etlCL^ At uuo liruu ho vms tu much 
diAMliflded th&t he w-ir}ti> on a piT>c? of {lap^r, whicli Iiq 
thruw to i^rekin^v hha <touuBLd. " TJI bo haagc-i if I donY 
jjIfifLd my rtwn j-ATihe;" upon whirh liid roumvL reUitneJ 
lor auaw«r, " ruu'li h« h^j^vd ifyou do«" 



A tailor Hrut his bill to & lawyer, nnd a inc^sinh'ro to 
ask for {ayinciit. Thu kwycr bid tho Ultor lo tuLl }ji« 
iikAHtPr tbiL^ lit* woH iiiuniiig Away,nfid wat very buxy 

ul thibt tiiiLu. Tho i]iivtEL'Ci!p>r iijlurnotE and flAid Iid nw^t 
bftv© th* luoniry. The Iflwytr t-'i^tily amwL'ivd, " l>ril 
you UsU your master thul i yvn-i tu>t runmn,; uwiiy /" 
" \vH, I Jj<i, Hir; but hv badu uiu tvLl you that tm Wiv^' 


A young cuunsol who had tbe u^putation of bt'in^ a 

verr impudent follow, bulwhuw uir^m'^i^' fuil^^ri liitii v/iivu 

boglAaiiif* lo rtioito a lonjj; apiMjch which he Jix.l ptupjirod, 
Imvm-; iiiUiitxl thwv wonls : ' Thu unEbrluimlu oliflrit nhg 
oppearv by im." — Ihr unfrjrtonate tlipnt who njiprAra by 
tao — my loj<J, my uafurtiuiato ulivnt " tbo Chief 


H ISO cuBiosmss or law AKD LAWIIJU]. 

^H JualloQ, Lord KUcnborough, inUrpoiMMi mrkd iJinovt whu* 
^M prmd in « icft «jid r.ncnurji^^n^ lAnn — " V>.iu mny go on, 
^1 fir ; m> for tho court i< quite with you." 

^^^iot^ly in r«Int'xL wlitn ihn ^-luut CoflTuyuuxr, Ur. 
^^^Hf roBton, a|tfK-aii^<l to nr^uo ft cam: in lli« KIdj^'h If^Tikc}! tut 
^^^to ft wljtcC trt wbich Lhat counivl wiu a master "An 
^B witU in ftw ftimpLOp my IoixJm/' Miid Ih^ oounHvl, "v tb* 
■ higlwil MlAtA known Ui the. hvr <»f nt^i^lAna." "SUjr. 
^1 »lAy.' mid tba Chief Ja)ktic4.\ with winmuiinAto gnviiy, 
^M *" M H)o tftlcfi tliAt ■town-'' He wrote and rend iilowly, 
^M oad omplmiicaliy. *An otAlc — in fee jiuaplt:— in — tbc 
^P bigbcBt caUUc — Itnowii to— the law of Kn^lajid ; " odilinir. 
^K * Sir. tlic court Ia mudi indebted to you m ihU informs 

H A uv nrnmr t^ nunnKO, 

H Tho 7af^r, I» 1710, uid, " Walking- tho otW day k 

^B ftn inn ef roiiiC, I iMWAi>ir>i> ltft|^py and riiorv |,Tftr'.-fiJl 
^H oitktot tt)an I aver Mijtg had lieeix) or read of A ^uuUt 
^B of ahi^Dt nirii'tri'u wfln. in ftu Indiftn nightgown ftnd 
H Imx^I cap, plv4(dint; a t^wnc Vj^ttfTo a ffloai. Th« y^mne 
^K frllow li«U A vi-iy )j<khJ air, and Hceti'od to Mil hi» bri^ 
^ in bin Umd mthcr k* h<*lp Kia Action thnn thftt he wantod 
any n^Ua. Wh«n 1 Jln^t b«cun to obutrv* him 1 fMred 

Ike wciiild anon bn alajrord ; hut lie wa^ tio i>-a1oiu ft^r hii 
di-tJit. ami »o faY&urably zvccivod ly tliu court, that hm 
went on wit}] ^nat flimnry to infonn the bench thai hm 
humbly hcjt>ed thej^ would not let the mont ef xha cwuft 
anffur by the youUi and JnrKpcri<Ync« nf ihe *lvccat«; 
thai in aU thin^ be aubtniUed to their candour, and ho 
uiLKlntly d»ired ibat they would not conclude, tlwt 
•Utmj^h of aq'iiini-'ntand farcpof fvawin wereinonnjiatcnt 
»ith nitii^ of action and coUK-tinciB nf prnon. 
■'To mr (who am piwple every daj- in the nudst of 
CTowda, uOkint: only lo Uicin^i'lvdi and of fheni«ctvni)> 
thia cmtor wil« not rut rxtiarj^jant ^^ man *a onothar 
would have thought him ; and I look part in bin »uodg«^ 
and was vvry gk-l ti> find he had io lui favi^ur judKiucdit 
tnd oo>ti^ wftbont any manner of oiipoiitiun. " 



Lord JotTrcy, wltnnftt tbobar, wm A v«ry rftpiiJ spaikur, 

A worthy tnrm from Giftfl20W. nn whom ho |xnlTt^a out ii 
long torrent of vitu|.ii;ratr'on m an action fur \\hv\. afV'r 
liaitfintn^ Cfimpkc^riLly titl he had flonn, sfVid, '■ Woll, hit 
liiu ijiokcii tbo whulo Ka^IUh lanj^ua^ thrioo oviir in 
two hcnim!" 


RufuB Ulioatu, Uw Atuvrioftii Uwyor. Uorc-nJod n bl^ck- 
natth whoHL* orMitor hftii wijc^ii ii>me iron tliut ri friend 
bad Iml hiui tua*aifct in tliu IfUDmvHi UhIUtja buuUrufitcy. 
Th^ Hcixiirv uf tlfi* iron wik Miid U> hnv^ t>«yn niArlR 
hiin»hly, C}ioalu thus dcBLTttHid it: "Ho pTn^t^tttd Iho 
M.TTI) of iDdii-tiv ax il fell tc>wArd« lltf* ftiivil : h^ |mt out 
the bntfiUi of hb boMowa ; he cxUogulahod the Itrv upon 
hiH livulhHlonv. Ukv pir»t^ in s L;»la &t wa, \\\a 
tnem'ten «wopt ov«ryt)iing by tho bo&rd, leaving', gvrttl^ 
oKm of the jury, not so niuoh — not 00 much an ft 
1ii>Tiw«h<ifi to TiAil upon thfl H/^or-pi^t to k^np t,ht^ witchen 
off-'* The blnckfiniith, Hitting' UihliuL, vftn t^fty^n t<> hav« 
t'am in hia fjM \t thij- dp^at^njitimi, And a friond notir^in^ 
it. Rftid, " Why, Tnm, what H the tnnltcr with you ? What 
aro jron bhihhtriliK nbout i " "I hn-I nn idon," naid Tom 

innwhinpcr/'Uiat 1 hadbDcnKoahomiimhlj'ob'ab-buaod/ 


Ad Iriflh fumur at n. Mi\ doL wiohini^ to carry £100 in 
hiA pockH, IftR it in char>re of the Ifttidlord of tho public^ 
hoUHi:, Wh«n hi- iviumcd noon Jitlcr, tho laitdWl dcMiiod 
he hiui i-'vor received miy nuch moticy, Currau wa* ctwi- 
fiultfd fu< to thu best romudy. His told the ft-nncr to Ukft 
jv I'rieiiU with hitii, uud ^u utid npt^uk. vury civilly t/j tho 
bmd]i:ii\l, and -Jty he wArt coriviiit>?Ll ht? rnunt have k*ft thu 
XICJO with Mvxim utiivr pi-riiou, and k'uvu unythcr £100 
with Ijiirik TliA fanner did no, but cmild not aoo vrhub 
u^ this ouuld bi\ On furthiiL' ^luuEiiluiiuii, Curran 
ft'K'in^l him to ^'i hy liirmt'lf to Urn Undlnivl and avk 
for tho £10U ; &nd tho fftnucr diU so, and reovLvod tho 



ocBiosmES or txft axp tAWrrjrft. 

mcAWv. Dut lio mM hn wm no bftUor ofT, for that di<] 
»ot uring b«ck tb^ flni £100, Curr&n thoa advised 
l)i* fannor to go ^g^D witli bin fiiond \r>]<> wltii««»rd 
ih* d«f)Oidt of tha iwcond XKhj, and iiaL hJm for Um 
XlOU he u)w bun loovft, TbiT wily landlord iaw h*^ wi 
takeii nIT hU guArd. ftnd ^ftvc tip tho fir&t fliK), m ihnt 
tbo nuniot joyfully v«iit uid Uiuikcd hli couawl for lh« 
■ucccsH of thift jiUatogctn^ 

OiM lUniiAn* a neb man, baving boiue liad teoanta, 
aod bwiig inri>rTnM Uijvl rniH of tlif.<ip, M'lj'tHi ow<k1 him 
looejf, ba^l furnished tiJinMilf to gvi to a fair, walkod, m 
^If bjr RCctdrnl, I» nu-dt hiru in |h« wav Uiiibor. Wb«n 
bi? uiv bU Umniit bo ik>Ji«d biiD for Ibo iVDt; tbo 

willing to diKixpti^ of bin luoDoy olberwiNo, denied li« bad 
rsmr, "Ya, 1 kno«- Lb'>u bnai rnonoyp" nud Hann&n, 
caUing bim ty liu ntiu*; "E |:>iitbco l«i dm bavc my 
rvnt," and with anudi imporlutiity thf^ man Milled oat 
Ilk muDvy. aud ;iavv all. ur tbo wMt part cf it, to bw 
landlcvd^ 'IIim ri nnrijl tn »ino piftflinali^ Icnotrlrf^fEc. 

iba fOCT iQ«n wtu jorflviacd to iiifJict bin londlonl ibr 
lobbin^E bim on tbp hif^bway, which be did. And 
HnniiM]. (oT bia w>rilid lun-b^ btitr^ ill UJovixl in ika 
country, niu found ^mlty. but n-piKvtU by tliv^ judgcVk 
And hciLriu^' tbe Lord Ti4«utr«T bad a Aerrctai}' of bb 
iiaujo, ST'i-livd hmirvif to biui, pn^uiiBio^ to givv him all 
bift fhtair, having no cbildtrti, if bU lord uould braig 
liim c^t of tbo daii],*«v bo vaa In ; wbidu hy bia powar 
wiib Kin;^ Jftnivft 1,. be did. And tho aaciwlary vlUdn 
a abort Umv aft«r, by tba olbur*t dratb^^^jo^rod ut ampla 
latat^.— WiUon'ji Ja& L 

rrrnso tbr oovvrnsB cjsm to a Liruirovs cLitjrt 

Sif Waller Sc«4t bad fironiiiMl a friend that bo wvM 

writ* a book for bit bv-nvlvL llie Jrivnd ditd b^roro iW 

imlaa w«t f(]iftI]<nL aij'J hli ckcoulon bwiAtcd that Sir 

Utar ahould ^ril«? a l>vok for tbe btiwlit of tbe widow 

ohiUrmofdiodeoMacd. Thia Sir Walter rvfaafrd to 

^dob Tho odEOcnioii abo^t Uu* ftdviov o< ?xwkit, wbo^ 




TI8 ftiippow thf! pomtion to ho rcvorWfl ■ \f Sir Walter 
Scott hiLiI liiod, uliould you Imve rnijiiir^il hi8 exscittur* 
tA wriln n l-ook for thn bnhftfit nf your HinnW T' "Oh, 
no ] " f^xclaiiiiuU the oxociitore, coiiviiic»jil at onoo by this 
Apt hypcfihciifl that thny hkd no c&Kn nj^ftinKt t^ir WaIUif 

One iiTght WAlkini^ tKnxi^Vi St^ Gilfw\ by way of ft 
•hoH cut tow&rOu Ijome, iiu Iii^li wnnum i^me up to 
Mr A'Wpliii". f-ht^ 01*1 BAil'>y ciHtn-rl " Why. MUUior 
AiiolphuJH T and whoM a' thought of seoin^ you \n tho 
Holy (irr-iin*! ^ " *' And tiow rAmo you to know vho 1 
am f " 8ali] Adolphus. " Lor^l bUt^ and aavo ye. ah ! noL 
know j*5y Why, l\\ know yw if ji? wm hnileJ up in a 
*onpl"— AdoIphiiJi' Moiik IjVi. 

A WftMtminaUr Hall RTn»t^doto i* given of Mr CUrkf, 
Wder of the Midland C^rctiit — a vory worthy lawyer of 
thfl old hHiooI. ni» client 'f^ng f*>fimina to iigrco to pefflr 
10 Arbitration a cau?« which jadp\ jury, and ocmewol 
wwhwi to got rill of, ho At last sAid to him, " Yon d— ^ 
infcrrnn.1 fool, if you do not immcdUMy follow my hvd\ 
n-Hv^niiuonfintion, I %ha\\ bo obli^d tit uiv atTon^f luu^uOifCO 
Ui ynu." 

Ontiu, in a cifuncil of tho B^ut^hmn at Lincoln"* Inn, Uu 
tama gftnUi'mnn, Mr. ^'lark-^.vnry non^rirntioiiily <>|ipo9od 
tbuir mllitig a Ji.-vf ia this bar. ^omu triod t^i [lomt out 
the hanEidiip la be; iApoir>d Upon thi^ yoanj{ ^(^ntloioan, 
who bod b^uD allowed to kwp bin tvruia, and whono 
proKpsctq iu llftj wciutd ihutt he Huddvaly blaat4>l. "Hani* 
ahlp [ " Haid the Kisalouri ch jrohman, " no bitrdnhip at all I 
Lul biin bvcoiiitf a CJirUtiau. and bu d— d to hioi J" 

A oRATKrn, CLiKvr's Liwuirr. 

Ltleaui in DoKsyi^hiro, from admiratbn ofBrAl^ino*^ 
:cliijact«r, badldrihim by wtllacon«idorabl«]and4>d 
y, but tho will wa.1 defeated by the igttovanoc of a 

IBi LXJuoaiuM OF Ukie ud Liwrens. 

ooqntnr «Ujor«ey, who reoomMHisd«ii ili&l t)ii» Uvtatof 
'•honld" Kiff«f li n^oTcnr * io coDfi r ai It, wtK^rel^^ It wu 
t^Mlntiil InvalJtL KrHKiDtt u»od to giro an &ii:uuiig 
•ocouni of th« fttt^iiM<jr wb'i cmauy lo Imvi ftftir tijif 
tCilMor'B doaib to amtounco Uio iitlolligviicd of kie boUic 
no* owner of ft ^rwl ««t«t«, ooncluaing IbuH : " And 
^our loHAhip nt^oiJ havo tto doubt 4ia to the vn1i<iity of 
t1i« will ; for, afb-r it wm mftd^, w « milVipTvd & Tocijv«rjr 
In ciMiflnn it" ThU It'^gU Al;>niTttity i* oomcud by 4 
t*ill ftRf-mvnl* intrcniuccd into rar]i4in«nt. — 6 Cainp. 

Lm<c1 MuwMd» having difd At i\nt &^ of fTi2hLy-&in«. 
|j^ hi* will fxpif-urij A wikl) to tie burinl in Wr^niitiftter 
A1fbcr> gi^fig BJ* A rcftson the atUchajcnt he fi:ll for 
tho plftco of hijt p«rlj cducAtioii, but direetinic t^ftt bin 
fnnrn^l nhnuld only itv ultcnded bj bin rclntiDim and 
l^^ivate fritfnOii. AetxfrdtOKly, hU reinainH, at(<ntltd by 
all tbf^ JL]i1^» Aiid fb« f.iar in a boily, w«rc 1l'?pu^ib<^d in 
\S'i3]tinii;slcr Abbt-y, in tho wuiic fj^ve vf\i\i hU d«ceved 
w)l«^ bttweciD th« tomUi of Lord Cbathun and Lonl 
BobcTt MvincT^ And llitre * aplendid looiiuuitfut wu 

<ercct«d to bn DWmory— tbe workln^r|)ttllp i.>r Flatinan^ 

Uio cxpMine being d^rajfd by a ^^^^ t>f £1.50ii ^t&i^- 
fttDy bcijue«thod for iLin pun>ow 1^ a vLenU for »boii», 
Lvh^n at tlie bar. by an ejilniordtnaiy dUirW of hla 
Btoqtieno«p b« hia«l rcoovewd a^Mat eitaCe. — i Cainji. Cb. 

a QSATiin'L cxifijcT coicripixo nxcacra. 

OT?orjncll »Aid be wai once coudvI for a oov-«t«ftler, 
wbo wan dearly «caiT>cted, the iK^utcDce bvuuf tfaoa- 
noirtation for foavtera ymrv. At tbc end uf tbat Uine 
lie rrtunMid, and mivtmic C>X!otin«ll, bf^^^n lu t4klk of Llie 
tri^I, OX-'onmdl nikkal biiu buw bu alwn^ii ci^iitrived to 
lUal thfi Jat tt>*i'7" ; to whicJi h< mTdy wplinj, " Why, 
tbvti, J'U ull your bonpiir the wbolo wnonrt or tjiat, i>r. 
M'Un^-^r {/inir Aon^tir ffotM Ur MmI a «w, alway* go okl 
Uu woiu nigbt you oan, for 1/ Iha wuaU»er U \'vry bac). 


^clbancefl &ro lh&^ rinl-rxly ^111 bo up to ma iwir 
BUT. Tho WAV you'll nlwavH kuow the fat ciittw in 
tht) durk lA hj tliih tok«ii — thntr ihn lAb r,»vrji alfTAyft 
fttand oub iu tho nkoro t^j^poAod pIeu:c^, but iho loftn odm 
alwAjK fco inU> the ditcli for f^hcltor." "i^'^ Mttd 
O'Cbnncu, ■' I p^t tlmt Ic^on in cow-^bonJing g-rnt^A from 
lU^ vmvihy cIihhL* 

A cw« wAJt Uid befot^ Knktutf hy hU vtitemn friund 
tV DuWo of Qii^onxlierry — l»etter kuowri nx "ol-t (J/' — 
a^ to whctlter ho coiiM sue il trftile^iiuui for ih Wuocli of 

crinlnu^t aI>e>liI Uit* (>:iiritiri^ uf lim ]iotLW> 7 aiid aU tlju 

(ivUdHCO he hatl to ftdiiuco woa dotailtMl, whi^ v&» 
wliollj' inKunififiil. WlioiwmK'ii JCi-Hkiii>* wjuU, "1 »m 
of opinion, th&b this Action wilt no£ Uf-, ihiIoa* tlm 

l-AUTlllfl STTf>WWiJ WrritltK Tlimil Pllf>rRllTV MIC»- 

When prf!«MlTi2- in tho Cijwrt of Cbmceryj Loixl 
CIiAtifelW Ilntlon (li*iann^d liU cennuri^iJi by i>3i»plohy 
and good liumour, arid lie occA^ionally vonturod on a 

joki*. At ouu titrits wlieii tb«iu w&h a i:hh« Wt^^nj ktai 
tOftpoctirig the bonn^UHoA of an ot-Uto, a jfUn being 
produced, Ike i^>JtiHvl (>E\ onu jitirt H4id, " Wv li« on thiA 
*iiili>, my Loril ; " Ami tin* coiifl'*"'! on ihn othnr pjirt sftid, 
"And wo lie on tUh aide, my Lord:" whcivunon the 
Lord 4 'hAiK^rlfor liAttoti utofHl oji And ttii<l, " If yoii lio 

toa both fiUiofl, whom will you have mo to bwUevoi" — 
lUc Apopth- 


TQs TiLLAOK aAHpne^r avd rnit Rmrrr of nmnw^r. 

Ill tho roiijn of Guorgo 11,, wUcu a footway iii Rich- 
mond i'Ark to WjintiiuiJon, EahI ShcotJ.uidKiiijpiton, via* 
ehai Qp by tbu mn^'i:]', &ud uon(iu.Uuwod to puis without 
& f ickel, John Ltwii. of idcJuuond, tuok a frlrni] wiLh 
him fljid domajidLvI i-iAty. On tvfuHaJ. ho Inid jlu iuilict- 
uival for oUitrurtioti ui thu hi}|;kwAy, wJiich ^mt^ Itivd 
ftt the Siirrty AwJB^t*, TL-foro Sir M. F^jater, wlio ovov* 
ruled tjmiiy quibl^Urtt; objectloiu of the Crown counsel 

ICO cuuocmEs or t^w aki> uvrvEBS, 

The court, fti th« ngsoiUoTi of tTiu pmsccubor, onl«rorl a 

^lttdcl<^r to br pub 4>V«r Ul» wall ; but, 111 aLrr)nmf tliin «Et, 
tbo blrps wtrn^ luadu eo lii^^ x to be iruu.'CCaaibli;. Lewu 
coBijklAini-J tfi tbfi courts and lai^i thry bad tnadc^ ib« 
vbeptt BO wido that neither eld men nor childrtfii could 
»l Qvar "Tbe jadj^ md bv maw iLst it wzm irci» aad 
h« nn1^r«d it Co be ao <«4if(tnict«d tbj^t not oTilr childrf^ 
Mui oJd mtau but gJd wruiucti t«v idivuld ht Alt tv |[vi 

SouD alWmrds the king wbthed a Inno l4> be *topp«d 

»1I]\ Af>d tb« At«wftrd gAY«ft fffitUt ibfTohi^r bohftbitAJita^ 
ftiid ftfter ftll wcro id good LDmovr propoMd that th^ 
vtioold t>b]igo the king hy coEko^ntint; to lb« &Il«nUJun; 
at thA f^anifi time be urged thiu tt mui^t bo uiianimoiM. 
Jobn LawU ngam roiw and iiud that It would be to 
1>«trav thdr ptditerit^ if iitrj wrrvi U> givo up thla i%lil« 
wbicS wa4 a ti^uat tbry wra bound to maint&iit, Ai»d 
wliirb tb^ir forrfAfiiT* had hand^ii dfiwn to thrm. TTia 
acitama waa abondonrd, but aii Art of raxliamoDi wm 
liUnwil* pawrrl 1o nhut up the Uno. 

Another cfaampion tiainnd Tir^nthy Brnnfrit, m nbrv^ 
makar, aaid bo would «pcnd bU lUtlc <ftvlj aII, whirh wjia 
£7<J0^ in fighting for tb« public rights, for ho wm qd' 
Killing Xo Ivaiu tbo woild wono llian h« found it 1 

A CL1KXT alK&IKO iLKDllKIti rOR BKnCO gVi?}\^ AT. 

A cli«iii wont to coiuult Huftii Cboatv, tb« ^rcai 
AamiAun l&njcr, *« to thu prDi>er redraw for a» intubro 
afala iittnh and urvoj bv haa jiut aufTurcd. Ue Kad 
bean in a di&puU with a waiter at tb« bote], who tn a 
paroxvBU] uf ra^fa VtU noitcmpt told tfaa client ' Co p> to 

b— ]j/' "Nuw.'Miidtlic clieot,'*] uk y^a. Mr Uk«Iv, 

aa ODO Ufifncd in tJiL- law, and aa my li-g&l advtwr^ what 
omiraa imdat tb«se dicuuMtvicm I uugbl to Uka to 
imriah Uda antfaf^voiia inAuttn' Obr^ta looked (n^T«^ 
AWl told iba rlfrtit to r^»«t donly all tiie Inoideota 
pr»ca>ding ibis outbunit, Uilbng hiin to ba careful noi lo 
vuiit aji^tliing« and whfa thia vras doiM Cfaoata 8tu'>d for 
nwbiln ftjt if in deep Ibongbt ami revolving an aintmm 
nalijrd; be tlnrn ^votjr liaid; "I havt boen running 
over in mjr b<^l all the atatiit^K of the Unitvd StatM^ 



and all tlo 8t&tutoa of tijo comi-tionwoftlUi of U&ai^ 
chuiott^ iLtiil All ihv <li-viHion}» of all tfiij jufl;^u» ui our 
ciHrU* Mn'ivin, uiil t tiijiv «ny Uint I ftiii bhoroughlv 
Hjtllhticd iiiut thcE'u U iiulliiiifj in any of i\\tfu\ UiAt wUl 
T'lt^iiirts you to gri trt the pl/icr' ycM h*Vn mnntiono.l 

Aui if you wiU Ukko my ntUioo ii^'M I my Jovidi'iTIy — 





jTons T]inKATR?ii9ca ro OOUlttr roi s >:r 

Ttt« \xvrj in. th« ]>Mn of Si AMph'B cft«e withdrew, 
And In «lKrtit lialfuiUour r9tflni«d iiito cuurl When 

WW cowcUd. C^rAt "Oontl^iiWD of Uio Jury, do fou 
And tb« dcfonJiJit gQiKy or not Builtyf*' AirrmAt. 
'■Guilty of nnbli»hmg only," ^rUtiw. "Tou find him 
guilty <ir puoUhhiDt; \>aXy f " jt Juror, ** OuUty oiiJy of 
pobUiJiing" IlvlUr ■/. *l believe Omi in n vt*vAi^l n*A 
(|uit« corrvct. Vou moat explain tbat ono wsy or iho 
otbar. Thn indir-tinrnt luw iiuili-il timl G mrjinjt * QenUo- 
tiukt]' P, ' Fannor,' Ot* Kiiw. ' llio Kuij^ of Grmt BritaJn/ 
and fA^ /'lir'^iiimfn/, 'llic rarlinmont tiT (Irc-at llritAJo.' " 
Juror, "* We biivo no doubt about ihftls" BuIUr J. * If 
jou find iiim ftuilty of publufiin;;. you inuit i^»t wy tbo 
word 'only.*- EnAiitf, "Bv tbal they hu^q to find 
ibero w«i no HdiUoiL' Junjr. " Wi> ouly lind bun 
ailty of pohUahtiag- Wq do not find Anything cbo/' 
'nnhn«. "I btifi your lontEJiip's imrdon, willi gnat 
iiubtntPAion, 1 am *ur» T m««n nothing that ia inrs^il^- 
1 undantAaJ tb*y aay. ' van only find bim gtiiliy of 
jiublishing/ " Juror '(>nAinly. that t» aJl ve do mdl" 
MiUr /. " If you only attend to what ia aaid, thccf ia 
no 4|oa«tion or doubts' Andrw, " 0«ntl«Bian, I dMira 
to Icoow «bittli«f yon m«ui the word, 'ouly/ to aUnd 
in yonr vordiot** Jurymm. ** Ortftiuly." HulUr J. 
''G^tlemcn, if yon add the word *on]v' it w31 bo 
Mfativing tb« juu^ndocM^" Ertkin4. "1 dcmtv your 
lordBhifi. silting here &m judge, to record tho verdict a* 
l^vm by tliu jnry." Butter J, " You uy lio b giuJty 


jlboct cocnsr:-, rmcuirs, itic 


publiiiliinjf tlift pamphlet, nnd thnt Ihn mnftmnjj of 
tb« inuondow \h iw «iatod in tho inJictmontv" Jiiror, 
"CerUinly/ AVutmii "I.ithr woivj 'only' to Uandpnrt 
of tho verdict ' " Jv^rar. '" OVrtninly," Eri\kinc. *' Thoii 
I iosut it (hull bo nipwded,* BittUr J. " "I'lion tho 
vnniipt munt be m»iiimd«r*t<nni, Let mo underatAJid tho 
Jttry," AV*tmt "The jury di>uri(Jcnilu,ijd tbtfii vurdict" 
fluitrr ,/", "Sir, I wili not be iutcri-uptod," Ei'Mti^. 
" I Htand h^iro oa an wXvo^Miv ibt a Iruttitir ciluun, uid 1 
donro thftt th« word 'only' may bo reiCi>rdp.-d.'' hufUr J. 
" Sit down, m\ romijinber y*>ur duty, or I bIuUI b& vbligyd 
to proceed in Aiiotbiir mariner" Ert^itir. *' Tunr lord* 
Mp inay juiMct^orl tii wbjit in&uncT you tbink flu I know 
luy duty an well m yuuc lui'dsLiip kni^wit yuun^ I hIi&II 
not iiEU-T my (Conduct/' Thii jn^)^^ ^uccuiiibod to 
Krvkitiv, wbo bwl buvu his old pajjil, an'L tli^ vvhiict 
wAd Kcoided AH givoD, &nd it lud to furihor argomoDU 
befure tliy full u^urt.— Ef>*lc. Spoijcbet^ 



Curi^n, tbci rriati counKel, oiri>ndQd Jmtioe Robinaon 
"Sir," ^-xdflirnrd i\\pt juil^ot, in a fiirious tone, "you %n 
foreoCtine tbg rospnct thM you owo to tbo dlj^lty of tho 
imficiAl chanwt^r, "Dignity, my loH "n^torteilCurrHii: 
"upoutbat point t Nbnil dto you a cn.^ Trom A book of 
MtatK n-utburity witb wbicb you ujo pcrhftp* not \in- 
iWiuaini«(L A poor Si-ott-bmnn, upon bin Airivftl in 
Lt»udou, tbiukiii^^ him^If iiiaiilt«d by a stran^r, und 
imafjiuitij' tbnt ha wns tbn sUouffer man, rp\i^lvwj Ut 
nMkiul tilt- jiQrutilfc tiiid taking ofl'liU c^mt, dolivorixl it 
to a bystariitr^r to hold ; but, bAviiig lont tbn buttlo, ha 
turnod U> ni»uTUO his g&iuivntv wiieu be diaiTovt-rcl tbrit 
bi* IxMjl uriforrHnnAtHfty foht tbat aUo — tb&t tb<; tru*too o( 
hl9!i[n^inte hjul dt^onmpod dui'lii^ tliu nfrray. Ko, 
my loid, *lii"[t tho jiftim^n wlio in iiivtBtu'J witb tbe 
dignity of th'' jud^ncnt'^ufttj lay* it ahIIo for & inom-^nt, 
to entcii into a iliK^miiifnt priMdii^tl <'uiit<*Ht» it ia vairi^ 
when be haa Ivoii wornt^d in the fTiico(mtf>r, tliAt be 
>ocki U> icnumv it — it is iJi vsiu thftt btf ondeavoui^ 
to tilibltur KtntMlf h^bind jui ituthoi-ity which b^ bikA 
abaudvutfd," Tbu judgu uiiod i>ut> "If you «ELy anocbor 


eomosmEs or Liw avt* j-avtrks. 

«roH. lir. III conuiut j'ou" **Tbcii, my lord, El will bo 
tlitfWt tliiDg you']] fjAvo <»inuiitl«(l tfaU ycv," *Th9 
indgfi did not keep hUtbrcAl; he iqtpticil, how«%^cr.ta hin 
QMUiTon to luifrvek Iho dftiujg &Jv<x«lc, tml tbv;^- rvfuwii 
to intcrCcse. ftnd mo the mfttUr cnd^d^— Philip'* Curron. 

A scitJiuyT T3ICAPA1ILIC <tr PTTrmra A vao:ra ouistiok 


In Umt court c>r Common Plc«fi, on the trial of Thlrtrll 

Mid .vkL-d Miu a iiuMioo tvaiipirtjn/ unn^ event "thibt 
Iwd bapimivU liim tJto plaiiilitt' Wi JimpjicArvd frum 
lh*t fip^bbourbood." Mr. Justice PArkc imin«diat<ly 
iit«CTv«d. "Xbftl'c & vtfry iiupimier ((uoBtioiK ui'l ought 
iiot ti> h&v« b«e«l Aaked.*' '*Tliat ia &n imput&li-m.'* 
replied U» MijoftoU " to whkh 1 will nut tmbmiL 1 4n 
iucnublo of piittittf^ Ji^n iiiL[in>|ier Ljvi^tion t^.i & witnoM^" 
"V£m ImputAtion, sirt" in^alicd Uio jod^c, luifpiljr f 
"1 doitiv tliat ynu will not cli«r|£e iii# with <iutiDg 
imputttiona. ] «ny the qooPtliMi WH not ]}rotMrly 
pot, for Ui# oiptvKtLJii '<lu*pp«ur' tnnant 'to ltAv« 
ckndcNlincly/ " " I wy," n^Hcd Sf*figruit TftJdy, ' Hut 
it mvaru no iiuch thin^" " I hopv," r«joJii»d tbo jud(^ 
"IfiAt t liftVf^ ■ntnn imclnntAudin^ hfi^ unl ba fsi m 
iIaI l;o('J% tho word uoiuiinly bone tltat intorprrtAtion. 
Hud tbcrcfom vaa irLiprcrpGr" "1 n«vcr will aubniit lo 
« rvlfuku of Uu« Windn ''Tbat u a very improjxr 
inamiM, ur, for a ci^uiuvl Ut addr%»* the orurt a" 
"And tJwt IB a vory iiDtiroper maaner Cur a judga 1^ 
addnaa a cvuuatl in." The JLidgv roae and wid with 

Kt4t waruilh, "I pf«t«9t, m» you will i>ompd ma t^ 
uhat is diM|pr«alla U> uio." "Du vli«t you lilG«^ 
tny Lord." "Well/ «aid Mr Jujttioe Park«^ rCMimio^ 
Lk aeat, "I bopg I i^iall niaiiifiM ib« wdgi^noe of ft. 
Ubrifttian joilga" 'You may «serciao your indolsOMa' 
or your powvr in any way your Wtbbip'* lUacmleii 
may aujj^i^rstt; it in a matter of ptrf«ct iodillmiwi to 
UMt " 1 have tho fm^ctiouK of a jvdco to dtfqhiggn 
and in doin^ h> I mnai not be rrp rovod in tbia aort of 
way.' '*And I." lepUcd tho nndaunted aergvAn^ ~ liavn 
a fluty U> Ui*:han^ tu couiwiL wbidi 1 «hall diwcliargv 





A4 X ibiiilc pni|iur. without nuliiliittiu^f to a ra^uk^ fioui 

ao^ quarter." Anjciou^ U» toriniiiatu thia diapuU, III 
wbiclt tliti (ii^tiiLy uf ihi* ctfurL wiix I'oui [>ix»iiiiwjil, Mr, 
8«rwuit Lena row 10 intf-pferf. " No ! Brolher Tierw." 
«xcuuiii^ Mr Sergeotji TsuUv, " I irtuat pit)b«4l ft^'aiosb 
Miy int*ri*n'nop." Swgwirit \.ft\H. Ii/tw^^»'r, tpjw not to 

thft Vrf3ii>h. hJiifl, " Af y brother Tmyy, my InrH, hiu txyji 
Ijotmyod into suiinn "vtuintJi ;'^ hciM Ha wfla ^itoppcul by 
KerffeMit IVldy hrjiiii]; bim A-nd itullinj;; bini bock mtJi> 
bin pJoco, " 1 4i«;nh,'* ho oiLclaimc^l, '' protrjtt A^inat rtny 
uiWItTctico on uiy ncuuunt,' — I am ^^uiuj pr«|>an?d U> 
lULHiflri^ for my own «>nc!iict.' "'My bmthnr Lphs, (lir." 
B*id Judiiu Purke, " liW ft riifht to Iw Uoartl" "Not on 
mV tti-Touiit : I nm fully inpjilile of wiBWprinjJ foi' myaHf," 
" ku Jio not II ti;;lit tu t>oHftiMa thu court vii luy HuljrL't 
be pl^ftffMif" "Not «hjl« 1 ftm in i>MH»»ioD of ft,*' 
ret(»'t«d tli« uudAunl^^d artvoo&t*, "&ui atu «Xftiuiaing 
ft wttnetM.* Mr. JwHtiflfl Pftrkt*, th^ii *e*ing ^vivJontly 
thftt tfao Altcro&tl<:*» could Dot bo advlflablv prolon^a, 

&nd LckVycrs, 357. 

f>iUSSKL nttLlVO Tilt COimT- 

UftDy rviii«rnWr bovr Mr. St.-ar[ett uaixl to govern tb« 
court of Ring's Bt*nolL It wam TnnrvoUous to «oo bow 

Kiidi jud^H nM Abbott, UHyt<»y, Hulroy^l^ iLiid hittkid*t«j 
Mibmittoil to th^ dirtAtii"Hi of thi^ gr^'ftt Nisi Priiw Inodcr, 
!}[) on» oco]i*J.k>n iu thti KiiL;^'h HoiuOi, wUi.>ik SoirloU acul 
Adolphu^ wcT'c on flppo^iiTv »k1wi, tho formor, ufi(*r 
Hiiutbin^ thrj ooljuhrI miJ ovirn-uiinff tht- ^xjuit* imminiil, 
" Am ycrti ftWHtro, Mr, Adolphnu, you iru not At thi? Old 
BaiUy?" "I um, sir." r(s^Jrto^I Adu]|jliiis, "for tboro 
the jit<l>^ pr«id<H4, nob the o^^una^l." 


Adoljifknit, t^fl nfiminnL Uwyrr, ^d tW an indicrtmant 
fur a tibfll van tHod boforo Jostico Maulo, aod iht luAmcil 
CAitnicJ for tSc pojAccuUnn endoil by ha^ iu^ f' the Jury : 
" Thin, gwitlomcn, ii a mhttmofiil, ni\ infftraoun, I toAy *iay 


102 cuuQBinBa op law ak) lawibbs. 

ft diaJbotU^il pnMccijUon." " G«nti«iEiai of th^ Jury * sdd 
JoMiicn MaiiIcv in ftuniECjina xip, "yon Ar» tol'i thut i1ii« i» 

Uw doTil bU due. and fiiiii tho JefvnJouL guUlyr''^witich 
harpi^rvc^d accord iogly. 

PBITT cmncciLutft «bodu» kot br practibixo 


^bcn the aaoio of Mr< N^^lo woa inMiied in ih« Ibi 
of PrivT Ooimdllon or iivUrid, in CromwvUi liiae, Uw 
Lotd LlouUD&nt roui^jnstmicd to tlie Lord Prcaideoi in 
Knglajiii. Hut Excullvficy &diuilUKl bun to Us "« vuty 
lotrocd Ani) lui ht>fiu<Ht teiaii, but he was ft pmftUi&g 
barrvtvr, uid Jt waji i;<it ut.t4ti«4l« fur hiwIi tv be of tlw 
CounciJ. It will not look wA\ that a mflii who hu tlw 
honour to bo of tb« King** Privy CuufkCiLp Hliould lit 
crowdtnc nt tliA hfir of lb« 4v>iirto of jii^ktioir kMimbfudod, 
and liiJi tft^ ui hiji harni I havQ not h«iLril it vtm war 
yi«i<icjnic but lo tiir l'i»nciii lUorm, uhi»n bo wma iittonMijr* 
pnwml. and to iaUtTy hii ambition bjr the crviiit he had 
wiUi ib« Dulc« of Buckii^ttuun ; oj- rattier b> importunity 
h« wu maiJu & |>rLvy omnoillor. but ho never ajjpoarod 
aftervarii in W titininitcr il&II. uiUqu tbv king'* tmai* 
ihcad oallwd him,'— 2 C&mpU Chanc^ S4fi. 


On «api« point of Uw wbii-h arose in ih* EJoua» of 
Comuion^, Mr AlK^hiu^ An^o Taylor bad anawcti^J tbo 
Krvbl lawyer. ikiatcroH, but nut wiUii>ut an aiiuki^y, 

" that ho bluwelf, wbo woa Uwn but a youn^' pracUtioucr, 
and, aa h« Dii^^it pliraH« it, a chicken in th« Jaw, fjioujd 
Ttfitara on a Itght with tho cc^ «f VTofltmioMcr Hall : " 
He tbenaoijulred,uid be noverloet thenaineof ** Chi«keQ, 
TajIot," Altlifiugh vny khort in atature, bo wai of 
aUiloUe ptninoirtJoni, and Lord EHoaborDUffh wtud that, 
faia fiihu; who YraM a mat arUjit, ha/1 proiTacad him ai' 
a ** pocket lletvulu*-' But he waM more a>]ebt«t4Hl u nn 
AmphTtfi<ii^ and l^ord OaupbcU could tntify that bo 
garv tliO bwt iJiTiucn of any man in Lond<^ii, One of 
tbeae voa thv ruin of a ^^rvat motion for PeHiauientarj 

AKOUT COTJ^fSKt^ cmcmTil, ICTC- 163 

.Jbc vhilc tbe 1#A<]inf« pAtriotrt were fiArUikiii^ of 

rcucxr fiftve rifM; to & very b^nrrili^att, Imt very viHy wiig 
in JnhiL BvitU wi-ilt^ by Sir ALGiandi^r BoawcU, afUr- 
warijH killt'.l in & diii*1 for H Mritilitr piixJuvtioii. 

TlIK KACtrK <iV TMK iLiH. 

Ni>iiu£iiiJ, who l>«4-aioe a Frvncli ftdvoeat« In 1707. wa8 

fnpidity of htn riHi\ Kin ooimkiTiaiiP4> wwi hnnai^omo, 
hi* f^tiirri ^fAi-i*ful, ftin^i voir** aoft ATjd cIoaf. AlJ fan* 
fi-^kwl tn hciir h»m, find h^ hiul a honnc and rqiiipapi of 
the Ilni^iit, and onUTLninod intn of Lho LijiihcJit muk. Hiu 
»rruj>t]IoaH ftci^iifticy wil* riiipli that it became a pn>vort> 
that " it MM D fnt-t bwausc Nomiaiid miid it," Uc oncuj 
wviil of hii preat rival, OocUin, that he had noTcr htard a 
fuior hpuodi ihuu onu d^rliverod by CuchiTi, whi9rvu[>ufi 
111* Iftlt^r repliivi : " It iH ^vid&rtt you arf* not one of 
tliow vrho huar iL^iuiivlvwH" 

Surjuojit Rully, of Uiv Iriuli hox^ had on Invoiemio 
Tinbit of drawing conGtnttiona i]irc<(*tly at vnrijinri* witli 
but prUTiitHije. In co(iKUf)i]0nQv of tliifl [ii^uliiLrity be wait 
ca11i?.( ' Ooi»ii'n.''lU>r Th*"rvf'rift" Cuitui md be wai a 
pcrfoct hiiuiau piM'sunilication of a iion seqiiilHt: Ono 
day, iin'^itiin^ Cinritn ii'*»ir SI, l'alrii.'k\ he itttid : " T|i*> 
ArphbUhnp gave ua an rxcrlk'nt dmc^iurao thin morning. 
U WFUJ woll wnLU'iL ami isoJl dnlivurvd- Tftni'i-'/<frK I ^hall 
makr a point of being eX the Pout* OowrtJ* to-rnornvw at 
tun." ifiN »inci?ch(UJ t^ thfi jury wcm inUTniiiunlilo, He 
would Bay , '' This in xn clear a pnint, gcntlrmnn, timt it 
IB j^ayint; yi^iir utirbrvlandin^r' hm a puor cgmpUmout 
to dwtl! on it cv'.'n Inr ainoiin^nt. Thfrfforc I iihAtl now 
I'roc'iMjJ to tfxpbiil it tn you 0.1 pvater knirth."* Wbklo 
t.hri v^'iul ttlU'iud, Ui" "'ijc-ftiit »Ji^ u'hnlly tmouiiaciyui of 

Ihcso feat& of hb own j^uj* for incoHmjcutivouiiea. 


Ju^^o RutriHoy. a Wclah jud^-tj, waa, according to Aiibrf^y, 
''ho ^xceJlantA lawyer thab he wavcaLUd' th« I*icklouk of 


tbo Ja^' Hu wu an ingvoioua inui, «nJ b&it « pliilcoo- 

Ebicftl hM'l H« WM looM conoun for groJting. iiwitti* 
iht^ txid plautiikg, uid pdDdi^ If h*> ml Any M *U^ 
pJun^tm* or ftpp1»-trM h« IK tJt«in «Un^, aii>) |Jant«d 
TioM U tbo bottom, uifl kt Uivm climb u|> «ii<l iboy 
nvould Left! v«ry w»ll. I!v wm on« of tiiy o'lmM^I in toy 
law MiiU in Itfi^connliiro, f [n had a kiiidiiaM for roo, ftnd 
iovic^i) niu to hi* lK(i]4e, ftiid lotd moAgroM mAJxy Hno 
thing* tc-lh RAtumI ftnd aAtinuArinn- IIq wu very fico- 
Uquh ADil JL t^ood mujQciui, }jlaycd on the orchil imct lute 
III; tfvald tfomjHwc^ He woji much troublE^J wJtli irlklc^^ta, 
and hdti^ » one witiUr ikl thu oiuH. at Ludlow i>'bun 
lie wft> ciTM of the coitnBclJotn;, sUinjt by the liic &}f;tttii|( 
Midtrpewluucbo tooJc a linu Uu Jcr Hprij^nztd tivd anicat 
the VDd, A»d coTJorirod ]kt^ raiglit (lul iL down hta IhnAl 
and ftUA op ib« pUu;;)n. mid bo did tto. Aftervrark bo 
idmIo tbo imtntisiTDl of wliAt«U-iiv- 1 ]i«vo oflontimcft 
■MD Itia UAO it I oould nover ni&ke H (^ dorn sdv 
tbmal, but for UioM tbnt caa it i« a UKwt UKompuubro 
Migiri«. If litHiUad wiUt tbo vtnd It miroa j'oti iiiiuifxli- 
atoty. It umkr^fvx voma Tvitliout any iiaia. It ht no 
paiQ wbfin dovTi yotir Ibroat. Ibi w^iitii tAucb tbo Kittofn 
oflij* kt<nucb witb it." 


blUoleDt Borne, b tbodnt ccntLiry.aoine nucniputoua 
advocate* badanii^vniotui wavof mjikiTi^ mnt>i^y. rjiny 
tb« yonngar tclka tlus ntovy of bin rivnl Ikgulu^ who wan 
a |>Tcp*y and fawning Umo-vsrvvr^ bqt enjoyed a Iskr^t 
pTanlicc TbU B«^u«» hearing that Vmniit, tfj(; wlf« 
of Pi«o, waa oa ber daatb*bod, went and tmllcd ui>cin Iier, 
tboutfb he IcnrvrihA bitted Kim, rutil tbol bcr bunband 
)iad uvcii badly u«:d hy Uita^ K(X^>J' |>r<ihwaod to 
be jRVatly conMni«d, aak«d ber Ibo day and hour of htr 
birtn, and with many ouatortiom and grimaco cf vpn^ 
|ta4Jiy aaid hv would <aJoiilatv li>;r MaUvit3-. J1<- tf4d liet 
idle iraa ia a crUM BtU«r bat bo «oold ooosult a bootb- 
aayer for b<i^— <ji>e Iwi oould foarjy tnihL ITo v^i r^ 
ttim>d irltb tbe bca of nova, ao tb^ Uie e-ooc lailv in W 
joy callod lor b«r tablnt> to |iut ilown i[ik« kind friowl 
for ft Inrgn Irgo'-v. Of coanw cho •ooci got voni«, and 



^Uh bar dylii;; breath vlio chArg^l him wilh |>eirJL]ryp but 
the Ir^iu^y liolii ifornJ. TUl* It^fjiiUtu kn^w Anothnr dytnf^ 
jicnion^ of oonmiinr muk, whiM«^ riifin ho proUoiJo'i tw 
intorcat Jiimu-Or in, rvn<l nEb-v fforkin^ im tlu^ tnvaUcVH 
credulity, iuid hi^cr.'ebin;: ihn (}<>[? u^rji to pmlong hin Ji£r, 
u\ai> Kot A loj^Dcy put Uowa to hiiii; imuictlint^'ly aftw< 
warcLi ho toU tlin doctorii it wju liwIc^ tD ]in>long lifo, 
jiekI an i'u.«y doiitli w» wbikt thc-y should now givu biiii, 
Pliny Miys that thi» Urpiluj* a<:iMiin[]latnH a fnrtiin« flf 
nearly hulfa inillioii by luch 4ipj)iuiu>m-«li]c ikr-titicoi. 

A COliNtfRL WtfO WA» OALLfln TDK ltH'V.%. 

'Ifcog^r N.irth t^nytk tJiAt Attorno.y-Ofin^i'ftl Pahrifp wnw k 
gi'OAt liook lAwyer, owlii^ t*^* bin grvAt und OisCinct 
memory; but y*>t notort j^rcfti m »omi*. havr hAii whohnv* 
boen 10 full of bo^kft (inil fnlioii, inhAt their ancJf rwtniulinf; 
wjw k^pl truly nniii?r< mid ihry kurw nr'tliing t-Ui*. For 
thiA rcAMin oKI Scgonnt Wnlki" wai flttiind Itidrji; and 
pcgpio wt;nt for biH opinion only to biiiLs AWjxy A liit ol^ 
quotations tA lunmtAthar (iQunid that undtnt<iud bettirr. 

CurrAu nvvtsr miiiud tht*lutnt, ipxi;«|it uaoe, ubout iwc^riLy 
milM from Oubbn, Hin bfjr^o joined vory keenly m the 
HpocUhiileh-j hiM'AinniLn s^'aa in weirdly tj^|>iiJ^All tliA wbiU 
tl].At thi5 *lo|^ would iii^t Unil In tbn Tiudhr of hincAroor, 
tlio bounJa broko into a potai^i Hold of n wi\fthJiy Imd- 

UfTVlil, wIlo linjipt-nitil t" fiitvtr Ui^c^ti hovr^rf^l^ noM-vxA- 

mlDud by Cnmuj *i>iik' dayi» bcfora Tlio f-.'llow r«no up 
paln>niHiri^]>» and sHid, "Ob, *«rv, >'im «.!■> Oininhillor 
Curron, th« gpwil Uwyiir. Now tb^n, Mr. I-awynr, caq 
you t«ll inu by wIiaL Iavt yoM ai>i tr^MpAi>3<ing on Niy 
gTDiind } " " By what Ifiw, did ymi A»k. Mr. Mftlonpy i " 
replied Curron'; " it nin»t bo Ibo ic4 T%tH^-hf> -niti, W bo 


A oounseVfl head is very much Irte ft rArATftnj«->ml U 
jti full f'lr n dAy 0[- i^a y,\' tbfl niiniiti' dttAiU of thft olm** 
in wl^ii'h ho JA mncornod on tho ojio side or tha ativvt«w> 


tbmt daHog ed trguiDont «II th^^v |«rtM:vUjii «ro in futt 
vUv, wxl >t ill" &ng«r'« ciwl. wbcovvi^r the liima of tW 
cMa require tlit^n to bo nuilo AVftilahlov But aft«r Um 
«aM ia tUddcd, m dottn weep U mftde, and boib coumvI 
Aibd joH^ nUtfrly fofl)[et w * fev tUya the wluU bmlgtt 
of fiu-u they were bo r«niiliar wiili fur t^ vluk, ft&f) 

OfM day, in upiin^ ii cap« iu tW Hdumq of Lcrdi bcdgro 
ih^ Lm Cbuioclior Cr&nwfL'Ttb, Lord Bnw^iun, ae»4 
IjirdSL l4N>fkftrdn,a omjqwI in &cttwcnn|p a duBcnlty pot 
by tlie coort «xckiiiB«id ; " TI1&4 p>>iiit waji KtUod la th« 
cSM of * Jwca V 6iiiIUl' One of voiir lorddiip* (Lord 
Brotubau^wbo il«cid»d It] will do douU very wisU racul- 
leot bow Uifti very point wm ntMd umI dofiiled Uro 
Ttm ^^"^ Lwd Br^ughun ftl ui««tf xv(4>rt<Hl : " Ood 
mbid tKftt my bead eboald be Elli^l with Mieb ruLbisb * 
I rcamber DOlbUig at dl about IL Lot u buar wboi >t 

Hr. BvUieil and Sir F. KvUy wwv fighting a CMt bilM 
ft Tbo-<!3MAo-l1or, and diitcuHuiv^ wbai wu tboiubt «t 
tbo IMMVkeiit to b^ quitv a iww iHjinl, but whtvh ha^ in 
fart boon nottJfd byUJC llou^ of I^-ftIa <>nly tb'< iirriviotn 
yetf^uid id wh'K^i ftbo boUi of th^-^fi ixil^uhvI Jia^l l<?;i 

efi|pg«d« aivl whkc^i WM «o nrfoAiLjiLli^ thAt UttL inigbt 

1>o oxp«<£ed to bavo rccoDociod it. Kut neither cotinael 
uvvr iyf»»rr«d to tbo pHw nur. After iht Afuumeni ««• 
oTor, Ut, fktbcll being rtdnindod of tho former ca*c, and 
h*rw tborongbhr it wouid have bomo out hia AT^mvot If 
ba bftd roMBiborcd it, exdaimod . * Weil, no doulit lliat 
Ctm WM jufi in point I It only nhcw wbat a nn^e thai 
Solly vaA not to aJbido to it, and wbat n fool I waji nofc 

■l BaV« JUm OWTl WOftD MOBt" 

Sir ntxroy KcUy, tho lAf^t of tlio chief Wroiu, when at 
iha bar, tboiigh ah ailvM^tc of a tnoii do&itEntiA] and 
vfaniig tddruMv waa tjficti obliged to eontlniM bin Argu- 
rttiont Ttlhoz' long«r tbAn apiq^ of tho byitAndcn wiiiird. 
'Oda ftvonrito tittle aitiflce when h« wuj» Jm^I ux[>*v-icd to 
cood^do wAe tbiA: "I bave jmt ono woM more to add 

.Luour couNSiii-, cuicun's, bio. 


R3 to Lbe iut |K>ijit" When ho uiod tUia «K|>itsdofi Uio 
DHR word ftlfnnst invaririhly ^xtendad Ut hulf an botir, 
tknd rauictimvM ImU' ol' ih:it H'^iiu 

TUo young'^r Plmy. wbo was & IciiJing odvooatt^ at 
Rqhio towai>.lif I'm ^nd uf ti^u timt caiiluty, plamod him- 
Bdf tm oncu making oil ikdroit hit on tho ttbiib« of Uio 
above pbnu«. Ui' wan dorciidin^ VarvrLiix. who was hc- 
cuwd of po<^ulatioii; and Juljua Aldi^nuo. ihi^ prDWicutin^ 
cuuiitwl, whij pjvI'tfMyd to bavu Jimiuverod frv^Ji ovidt'iwc, 
wRflitioro thftn iihimlly t<v)i<n»H. Aftor briTig t-^ld llie time 
alluwed hiui svus " up," kii;! &dd>.-d : " T V*^^ y>>iir li^itliihiu 

t'l IWllnit mil U* Kild Jilhtj Oli>> wrml." Hf tfH^ prt TiiiMml, 

And used a good tnany otiipt^ wurcU, ai)d ihcn Pliay ^raa 
wpi'OUid by an excit^vl Aiidii'Tif^^ Ui uiTik^ % J(>ri>- ii>jily. 
Ho mt^i'vly sftid: "I should hovo replied if my learned 
ftiaod WJ a^ModjuAt that 'oimi wor*!/ which no liotiU^ 
iffOLild hfivo wntatncd nil hU n^.v/ m&Uci\ but on he did 
not odd it^ I have nothing Ur aiiMwiir," I'Uiiy tayji, uM in 
«ourt thnii^ht thi.i an itlmimbln «polo;»y for holding hin 
loogtw, and it bonutltcd lii» ullont grt^nuy, 

Mr, F^iJuikL'rly, an eminent CDQiitol, won oni^ Htopped 
by a couatry jfv^ritLL-mDirtH a neighbour, who fkihod him 
about HotiJv jtLjiitt then vi-ry important to liim. heliI K^t 
to opimoii TorhiLlly. Sumo limi* al^^r llio ^nbloman 
divd on the ouuiiK'l and Hnid h« luid ignbt £aOl>U by liui 
mtviMfp AiM it wa* a viTou^' opiuic»n. Tho comtvcl aoid ho 
bud uvvt^r iftvuii )iny opini'in, and, luruirj^ up hU b[>ok«i 
BfLid he v!M c.itTifi*V>ut ot thfkt. li<iin^' ri^iiiini]t<d that U 
w&a ^-iven dtinn^; a riJo tho iwii^'hljours had aouio '^um- 
ia-r'*t day, Tiftftr I'^1^*ton, tho lawyer nipl'ipii, "Oh. I r>v- 
iiubor now, but that woaonly u^y travt^Uing opinion: 
id to tt^ll thn trnth^ neighbour, uiy optitktu tn nuvar to 
bo t«UcJ uprjii unlerv tho coiio appfforA in n^y foe book.* 


It U rotated that Lord ChatuioUor KUui&niurij Hnt gavo 
Gunf^t of hU futurn cmiucncn by intrrpc^in;; a» Jmuitut 
Ctiriittf wlalo yul a Ktudoub, wlimi a voixlivt yraa about to 



bo prcinouncf>d vbich wouM htkvc hiidmI « worthjr old 
luly whA k^it Ik hoiuv of i^ublie culcrtaibinont in Siniili- 
flvld Thtcv £Tiuki« hftd (^{."nitrJ « num of monoT vidb 
h*r, t/» bo TtiiifnN? to \htin on thtir joint Apptkniima 
l)no of lliciii. fruu^KitniLty }ir't!Ci?rk>jLii|< ttjttt Ijo hofi U^Jtho- 
rity 1o rcocLV'^ it, inJurrd lirr tii giV'; Inm thu A-holc^ of 
tho money, and abtcccdtfU witli iL 'Jlie Olbcr tiro 
bPEHifiht tti4!Jr lution agaimt Uvr ; ftod (am th« atory ffoc^) 
were about to a*4:i>v^, wli«ii y^AiU); K^urlon W^'t^^ni per- 
mUon to burriviul tho O'-uit, by p-i^nting out A fAtikl 
,pl{|ecticii vlkJch liAd eeui]>o<J hor cc-uii^^l u vol! aa luy 

JtbJg«L 8*1*1 ha- *'Jliu tiit-itny, bj tll9 oorilfftct, 

to bft rctumril Ui tbri^, but two onfr iOo. Wb^ru 

is Uie third f Ivt lum npjivar vjth Uw otti«r« : UU tbvQ 

llm innney C4iui0t tm rlnniin^iod fmtn hcff." TlkiH Utrneil 

I Ills fortuiui <if UiA liay i ibo plMntitfi wom non'iniii^, 

ftoil our f oun^ Mudj^ni wah from that lUj tuMidarcd to 

I^W of grttftt nftxk uid iikolibciod. 

Tliii " tnditioik&ry Btot}." lUlboDj;!) the Uw of it to 
uncj[«i;pUoDELbK LonI i.'anipbcU cottojilcrvd ma tnvontwA, 
Oil much tkM Uiu KdjjflWottb^B ftDcodote of Uiv Voufiff 
bAtriJittr wilt*, Iwin^j junior lu a ^rajv At 7***1' pn*iii to (it 
iUm ralidily vf » wril of jionutitti |mij«rty, when it 
CUDA to bia lura to ftddtcNi tb** juij'. tnndc LU fottunv by 
brihjfinii out ui objcctioii ubidi ln^^ hod cansJotly «im»- 
MAlod from hi« Iroilor. But ihp fnir writer Ii4d m 
nndoublcit ri^bt to divpvni'i both with tli« fcntiA of 
' prooM* Jiiid with pTQf4^niiAl cliqin^tt^i. — S C^rapL 
©f CbMc, 175. 


A touiuel inuiakinff &rrt(itiofiti)ontcr A nnlU p rnkvpt i^ 
ca the UAt dftv of trnn, prononnml vnivf ui lo^ in th« 
mlddk arlkUi). B*r>:m AklorH>n, th« jWHidin^ ji*'^^. 

IdimnJ tbu ci»in>«J: "Pray, itir, OEWtader that thu in 
Uie Udt liny «f 1«nn, nnd ilon't mak« IbingnunofHtf^Mniy 

C0CK7 oivnio rixR to tat. 

fa A QA»0 bdofv I^rd diAAoolior 9ir TboniAa Mora. 
A poor wofDAii wAfi cJaiming a Mim of oiOMj &on ft 


\.Vlii!n Ji drcrc'C! a)piiii'st him a<M-rnf><l itif^vitAbli.^ Llic dc* 
fcndoiit iui.el1j " Al Icuflt I lioptj ^oux lorOoUip wjU ^nuil 
lUQ m lirti^ day Ut pay iL" 'ilii^ diAneellpr mkii, "I wiU 

nl ynii Utl MoiiLlAy uQxt, which i» Sc« Bv7i&La>' Day. 
I tliu loik^^l ill llii* y<!Hr. If you do not pay thu 
nionL^y ti> tlie jiUiiitiir on tliat day, I will commil ytm 
to tbo Flcfl ynaou" 

Mr. PrpftWn onco nr^it'd a l^mg ond diT^ry <ynrr of 
mtd projiLfrly law. Uaviu^ tiuL yot cxljau«(vil tlio Ytiar 
Ilooksi when the tthmlLLH of oviMiing wc-n^ doaSn^ upon 
huD, ha ftp|>Ued to know wb<?u U would bo thoir loiyJ- 
nhiim' rilpjiAuro to hc^ar th^ remainder of hii argument 
L'^rd hli^'uborouijU siiJ, '^ Mr Prtiitoii, wo aru U*ut]d to 
hear you om. and I Wp*? w<? Hhall do no on rHday; 
but alan! p]on.iuru hua boen loni* out of tlir ijuoi^ticm.' 
Another tHt-futin? i"oim'jnnc:*it h^iviti;;, towai'di th*? itiid 

uf KiuUr Turm: occu]>L(jd tho court a vhoU day abnul 
" tliv mvr^ur of a Ivrui," tlio Clik^f Jrmtivv ^aid lu Mm. 
"I am iifntid, sir. tho l«riD, altliou^'li a long ouo, ^^ill 
uivr^ij iu your anjuuieiit." 

Scr'^'ont IViiiiv vta* dcucnbcd in Mis^i UawtLtiw' 
" Anofidotcs " OA faTnou!4 for hia Inn^ nnsr.. On** day h<i 
wta thrown frnm hiit ho]t;(i^ and & ^^onnLryninrk ei.>riiinu 
up. loiiW^^d fam^Htly at him as hn h<'l|«i'd him to rinp^ and 
uiqiiErcd if hu waji not Imit, Un Mu-^ annworod in tha 
uiT'^'atfve, thn fallow pnnncd, Add unid, "Then your 
pluuglinhwv hat aav«U you." 


Lon] ChJof JuHtioo North, acoordiog to Iiih hroihor 
Itoflftr, "WM rrry ^mmL at vray laying and divippointing 
ih^ crnFt of ooanMil ; f jr ho. oji thoy say, had Im^pii bi th« 
ovoo iiimsidf, and knfiW wh^re to look for iho ffmty. 
t^<fgranl Jlaynard vrai a vory aSia pmctiHi^r, and useil 


I Uy tnftt for the julI£««, mad v«ry cumuog onm \ fovv 
,__ be diMmod that u& wm olMerrwI. he Htnurftt nvo it 

would be naolv^L 8ir W. Juut-t HomeUniM caiii^ Mu«(f 
his ]ordj>lii|' at ibo nfW prtiis, and luici art piiou^^'b. iirti 
wtA vfty AiiffVy vhi-D it did not euoc««d. Ab, forr iustanoo. 
by Mioh £una» u Uiisao : ' If> tny lotd, we prore to ukd 
BO. tben 9(> aiid ho. rtc,' ami aA«r thai wait far Uie 
Jiiii^'a answer, ir thu jud^c ttaid, 'Aye. if you prove 
tbat, mdi.H<<l, then vtc/ tli« Lawyvr coacludvd, tli« jary 
^waA prepared »o fbr. And If in ihe coorae oi hn 
f«vidaaco h« cr-uM cbarui th»m t4 think \m bad prar^ 
that mattrr, altlinu^^h itf>t i^tiflicifintly^ ]i« carried l|i« 
cMiae; at loftjit in tli9 procoodJng hd «o •DtAndvd Ibe 
wdffa that hft oooIl^ iinarrrt gnt cloar. HU IcvtUhip in 
«AtwayH <)^!inn<t aiuvroriiig anylhin^. but mUI 
; 'Call the witnicmw and pr0T« what yoti oan I 

^wiQ t^I yoa wimt J tiiink wboD you Uavc clcmc ao, and 
n^jt bcfoftt." 


C^]«f JutUon SauoJvra. when on the bcucb acid at the 
haf, Lod^J al a laitor'-i hoiiae, Bogcr North ciayH that 
b« " wan a fiaid uuue. tliat ofl%ad«3 has DPi^'hbourH at 
,tbo har in lfi« Ahar^jciit dc^ro^. Yet iionv bad noro 
'Ively iiariA than U<>. Wit and rcparU.« in au aflbctM 
Tustk'ity vfvtv uaturaJ lu hiiu. Hv wai ever tvftdy aod 
tipvtr at a lorn; aii^l none camv so n«Ar as h<> to be a 
iuAt«h fur Spr^-taiit Alaynard. HU i^rwat dexterity tr<a 
in tbo art of apodal pleading, acd ho would lay utiaroa 
tlial ofUn <sao^'ht JiU au|.i4riurv^ who w«*ru not awaio of 
tia trap*- At^il b« wa» ao food of aucosn for bU tlxrnla, 
'itlmCiior tban fall bfl would Mt tlie court haM witb 
trick. Cor wbieb be wet aotQatimaa witb a rtjiriiDaud, 
rUcb ho woQid wittily ward otf^ ao ihu xw ono was 
aoob ol1«sid«d with binL Sir H lialv^ It k ini«, coold 
noi bear hk im^larittita. Qa bad * 0oodti«*A of natnro 
aad dinioeiiioD ia to g^^L ft dograa, that bo yiay bo 
j aa e rr gd ly Mylnl a |iliiIanthrope. He wai a rcfy 
to tbo boyi, ■• in Ibia piaoc 1 bay term tbo 
IcnU of the biv, to niako tboiu merry wbcoovcr Ihoj 



hh\\ A niTiii) to \t In thi>T«mp1i> ho «cMi>m movorl witb» 
uut u. parcrel of yuutl)« Fra)i<;iu<^ about him. ani-l bo aieuy 

ind joeting wilh thtm." 

AH kM1!fE>'T COtr^ftBL'a MEMAL i^SH PfHTSlCAb 

Mr. Diinninff nnd Mr. Mitq>1iy wero throat fritMit^ 
Thi> latter !4iid tlitit if thuiw wan a jiatnral lofieULu, !t 
WAS Mr. Dutiniiii;. W|i(«u }if wiu in hit [lauptiMt inood. 
t\ Fipi^^th of Ilia that li'A uuly Wf an iimir vrouU 

tXubniCTf n\{ thv jn^jiiirjc^uld I'utitttint^ii in bii o^pt>ut>iil'B 
^[x-L'cli of twc Ikiut^. But T«t JL n.'-^direJ Uie iititlti^t 
altvriliou to rolli>M' him, Hia mind laboumJ, Hb Ltd 
nil t1i« u-hil^ ft tiii^v^m'^nt of hU hfftil, ft grinding of his 
\tjw*sT Jaw, aiid A Gvrtfttn ^Itj^ular caaI t;f trcKjiiieiiftiica 

Th^ro yuiw be^ickH a |iiiHkiiiir'j« in hln thront wliirh 

con&ULDtly moved him to cQ'kavour to okar it Thiu 
\tfti» lirvt iiii>tiui;ud iiTidur a umntal vxcit^riK^iit ; but 
aftflrwAriln Vjecann- a habit, wlipucvcr liia *iibji:<;t com- 
inandkMl any oxtmordiiuz^ ex^rtjiui. Soi>ii ofLor he was 
made T^i>! AshlmrUm. nno mf^rnin^ ho do^iiroiJ bis 
borvftixt to dniw th« cuiUin» uui Ji^t m t]i« Ji^lit, which 
iiiho "Aid hhi) btvn donr; ami it was t1jm fimnd h^i hftd 
by fi (tarrLlytin >itrok<i lH.'on iloprlviid of hii: oymght 
wjt-hoKt iUtt ItTdAt ncnsntiLrin of pain. Uiice. on his way 
from tho wc^l, he met by Aj^pomtmcrit at an tun hi* 
old frii'iid Wttllai^c, Ulo •ityrxiey-ifiMivral ; botli v/fntv m 
A djnng rtftUi, and ka«w it; and thoy touk a tinil 
[>aTt,iii^' on thnt occA^iou, butli dying willun ti few 
months ftflrTi^ard-i. 


Mr. IXiddriJg**, an *initiet>t Amwiioan ttilvwvitc, had 
glvon hiinuolf to intoxication. Out: day ho waa suddenly 
wiied wjLli an apftpk'xy. (lalsy, i:atali>|jHy, or ttomu djM.iuio 
of tbat nature, and tbo [Kiwunt of life eu'cmiHl i-ntirvly 
*uii|>uiidud. Tbe (jhyaiciami dvckiuU biui dtmd, hh nilb 
BUppofiail hlin doftd, and th& peraoiid m tUa hou«e pTi>- 
c«eaod to lay out bia twrp«i^ l^urin(! all tlik time, a^ ha 
Mtd aAvrwarda, h« vaa perfectly iii Iih ^iisfw, heaid all 


CimoeiTIBS OW law ASD LAWTEat. 

tt«l WM Mid. but WW totally unablo to laoiv a cnitBili« 
or to nuke Um> uli^titMt «x«rtioD- VVliilv thciM tlilaga 

[ixrtMJQ in gno of hi« li^ tbo kiwft l«iiig cintivn up. She 
■iippfwnH it An invnlLinfr^ miihriiljir uiniinn, hut Wtrig 
hiTUck by Uw circiJtoAtiuiC", rfii> mihnl hk head hIgU on 
Ilia ptilciv, rublirt} him wiUi fjrmiiHy, nrnl toon |wiV4Tiv«r| 
tij^ of nUimiii^ lir«. IIo ciowl)- r»viT«d> mnd in a fov 
ive9k» rcvmaod Iim piBittice. — JuJgc Sloi>'« Lifr. 

utnm) A ncAt tar oovir roR av AB^Kyr cor»:«tL. 

Juhn UAnntn^hom. in hiH Btnry. lAy^ " lilr, Priilnftux, 
.gnat praieiinr in iit^ KKoboqii«r, uicl one Omi iiMuqto* 
Mk a plu^ c«>tuTiA fttn thr' haf, krft tiiA mmn onn ikr to 
t^ fail plftOB for hiiu ; liut LutcsffUr, of Omy't Ian, 
OOUUW iii tJio mMHttme. woiiM nccdii hAir« the (tlMo 
ttoogB ibe mtn hiul ki^iit it * Tor/ iiftid TjuicwHtcT. 
*ki>ow«Hl thou not thftt I bolio^-c notliinj^ but Ufo rvfll 
prMM»f« '— ifi«Miiftg thAi hA «n« a f«piiit^-aoi) ' bMidea 
iXHiM not tliinkHtobcrovptumfumoxMpt Mr rndvaax 

biuinrlf Vi?T<^ iTirjp.'" 

citw owomrr- ciTrriifo AKcmiEit 

Jvfcyll wattail:«0 why be no loojfcr Miok« tu a lnwym- 
tfhf Uio iiaiiw of r«4t JL-kyH vaid, " I diiMifu* fi ffivc up 
bla ac^uatnUnc^. I havecuuinon uf turbwy, Mci havg 
a rijflit to cut fnt I ' 

A liarrUt^r wbi> notoriously liUrv^'-trl^ lite latlir IT, 
naktog a niotk*» id Uio Court ol' KKcbequor oaM day, 
111 4|M>kc of ** iKli-bubir;' Baf^ Atdamon mil, *- 1 
vta cift^rn Heard of k buai-baill^, but ncTtft hcdml of an 
ft3-o-l4iIiir boftirv-* 

On anotbor Accanioat a lf«ilintr cowmcI, viitt\ viw 
notoriouai fur hm coeknoj dialect, bad bom mntnioff at 
l^raat lonptb, wbim hii junior row And um\. ^* My Icrda. 
conaidcrag tbn lubgth of my iMmed Icwl^a addicu, 1 
will not wtajry tbt twuri uiUi any rMoarki exoppi caily 
(oad'lth* H>|" 


Tbere wna &ri old Ir^r jok^ about Tvm Batjvw movln^- 

Wttli bu4 YtfiV^hiro ^iiOiHrli for jl ruin U* ihfir or>ir» (*i}ii>w 

CftUMoX ftnd Jujdtico I^wrenco onawerinf. " Mr. Borrow; 
we kliHjQ lior:Bv« ill Uiih cf^uiiUy, not cuwv. ' 

A r-\wvBtt TOO FftKK wnir itr* n*RnKft. 

In 1710. Hciixndhn aaUqutu^, rchtus Uiia uiicijd^t; 
" A bhrtintvr vruut to ouv M.r. Tuuaju, & lHuU?r'>, Ui tiHv« 
»onicau{rr*tl1iiour9 hiiri CAkv^ii otT.Aiid iho bikrbcr (AC«oiilin£ 
I'l tbo iihujU CUHlOtU uf thoM^ ^rOUpU) l*1it«rill^ tvtUf tliu 
ftiihjtrrl i:T th« fjrfvivnl niMn^Mm. th<5 luirrUur was wi 
iiu[?ru4tifit 04 to aay tljac th« b«»(lit«jy rj^tit witt in 
Ili«i rtiDO^ c>^' \Vj\lr^ti tor lUi^ VrtU^Aar), wliiih ptit thi^ 
t&rbor into a fiTmont. ^nd ho w&a aocoiidod ty hi» wife. 
boUi of Llt^-fii JiiAiutjtinin^ with ^rc-At xc^jlIh in o]>]HHUtion 
to ih<f lawyer, thai the Quocn'i wh» iko horcditaiy tUlis, 
uid tlmt Dot a parliatufmtuy oae. AfLor Ihv Iftvyvr id^ 
tbeiti, Tonson maJici informnt-inn og^Lmjit hloK and he won 
fot^^d tu do [leimni:^;. but wha disuiivtod til Imtl, ihuuffJi 
tt without coneidcvn-UIc dikD^agcis. wliicL mfty be a 
raruin^ to huuyst muu uut t** cutoi iiit« Ujjjica of lltijt 
nature wiUi barbei^i ! " 

TUR LAWYKIl \}i]> TKK AliriBT. 

AI(iRz>:r (Vno, R S}4LiiijJi >ivul|»t<ii\ Ifviiiff ciiijil(iy«d hy a 

lawj-j^r of Hrimn'i/L to inftko a ntatnt'. nf St. Antonio dit 

i'juliui, or^d lmviii|> i»c»tioiiod how Tuui-'h it woulij ct:i«t, 

tho l&wyrr hnf^ftn to rcfkon how tni^ny pii»loiM prr day 

tlitf tutiht Ijad voniod. " You huv<i,' miid hc^ - boon live- 

jutd-twfrniy dnj'i oirving tliii HtFLtEitr, nnd your exorbd- 

tartt duuimid iiiHjc>*a you vhor^ tho rate of fuiii- piAtolw 

jifir dny, vhilv 1 who am your ftuj.H'iior in a |irofvuia«i, 

loncjt njakoLairyLiurprafitHbyiuy tak^nlis. " " Wrotahl" 

ixdaiuif^d tl»? artiit; "lif y-^i Ulk h.» iriL' ufyijur talents T 

hftvo boDQ fivo-anrV twenty yoar^ learning to oiake thia 

[^itatuo in five-and- twenty tUy^." 8o Miyiti;;, liv tUdliml 

it on the pavrmcTiE., 



OcJequ) jonlor hajbi "My fktlior ufUu in<!t L<»rtl, then 
Mr . RiH^iEif, m thri nlrwt art'l tnvtf'itl turn to iliuDcr *m 
its ftomc day. On tbcee ocouiona Mr. E»kiii« vnui tbeai 

('oviag wX l\ip \ttjr, IIii>>IitM] uith mic<^#«« iui<1 vnUiuBiubo 
D bu profMMon. HcwotiM tWnforo ropcAt his apweli» 
in «wb particiilAr (»M>, 'HkU I Uioaght dull vaou^b. 
\3n% when my fatlKr ^hu^rvf^r] that thn nrgnrn<^nrx wcr« 

ijr : ■ hAH I b(ipn crjiinarl for A in^tfful of li., y^u i^tuJI 
t«v «hoi I wouM l»vc oJvjiiieed on tliu otbor ndo.' 
Tben tn did h«ftr, ^nd [ wUlied him &t iho fortLtn / No 
two ooimraniovw cotild bftv« boon wono oouplod thta 
Lord Krikine ami my ffttht-r. for tbe Uvytr ildi^Ud 
in tatkint! ^^ bimaelf nad the bv, and iho maaagerof 
bitnwil aji<^ tUe tfieatre, Enkmr^ wfk>i & ^IWI mwi. uid 
^HtU Ea btiUvr. ft wttd man. In thv (Arly pari of bn 
b<» u'ft* C4in«i Jmt^ ft K*^*^^ "laij, tml. nn Julm Muody 
ftm «/ Sir Prvid» Wronglictd, * b« could no' hawld it,' " 
— film's ColiB&n Fuapy. 

TtiK &AK&iJm:ii'» Hoiwit Tiur wotai> kot qo 

Lonl Alvanl«j, Chief Jq«11c«. ttben pr«v*i<^[ng &t « triftl 
of ft bono GMiM^ In I8U^, told th« following Htory to Um 

pjqpici uiil jury: " Simn jmn ^^ an Arln-rn wab 

it by ft cwUoiiLnn ikt Ui9 bar iwpcctjnf- & horao 
rliteli h« Md hongbt tj> ^ tbc citt^ult n^^m. T\u: h'*ra» 
ru UkoQ boniQ, luid bin njrvant mottotod htm to «bow 
iiii poceA- Wbcn hu vai on tbL< ftniiiiftl*A lavk, he woaM 
not nttr ft iitcp ; bo Uiod to turn bim round and roonrl, but 
bo wft»< dyit^imincd not to iCo thu circuit. Ilic Itonw 
Idf^lftr Wftji infonnod of (be ftninuLlct >^<1:«tinaiey, rnml fyikod 
bv th« purcbftH-r bow bv ctuijo to nil bmi aucb « bono^ 
* WfJI,' i^d ttie dcft]«r. ' it cfttt't be bolpod ; p^ivo mo 
bnck the bont^ ftlbir mw fi\t* pjuu^K 8T»d wv1l tPctlU? tbu 
nflUr.' Tbtt bonUtor refold, ftn-l ft'lvti^^d bim to F«nd 
tbo bofM to ba br\>k« in by « m^^h ritUr, ' JUni^i ridwl* 
nid tbf< d«ftl«r>'br hnft U»n to rough hd'^n «Aoagb 



'How c&me you lo tvell mo a li(hi'm> ihjit wouli] not gc ?' 
reioinod tj^o b&rrtFitor. Tho dciilor imawrTtd, " I sio\d jrou 
A llor&« wumtnWl aoqzkI, &nd Hound bo is ; but ai to bb 
goin^j T nov«r tbnnght hr vmild go.' '' 

ouu ovrsi OLD Roi^as CAncEniyo r>y nncutr. 

Wh«i f>ir KlSj^L Tri[>j^j^ ivli a burrrat^r. jltlJ rode ih« 
weaU^rn <^tn;uit, bein^^ iwvoud lo Dunning Ln ftune, h« 

imanelilp. Tlile nag voulcTcofoc at ttis c&tL and Tollaw 
}iliQ about Jihvii dote. Tbo iiut^o w«m jv* h^H knu^vn m 
his ridpr, And the old f)CopU all Along thn lim*. fnr half a 
iCSotury ft^rwArdi^ uvod to t^ll to Iho yot^it^l^n how 
ii&w^ci Impi^y'r* hoHiC would fbtlciiv bim into i,ho town, 
and ovan valk r^i^er liim into tho inn, where si>tuo of Uio 
gri'ftt Ifiwycra wnuU bc^ Hitting, with a v^lcjiintty which 
mado thcra all row with Imiffhter. 

Hir Klijiih u'a:^ Apjioinl^d ChicrJuMtioeat Gali^^uttii.and 
boiiif; a ficbuotfL']]ow of Wan^n HaaUnga^ and havinj; 
uocurred tltf< rikioity of Sir P. KnLucii (Junius), vtiui 
^recalled for ali^^'t.^ illc^-al coudiict, which hn aatinfai^torily 
L-x}>laiiLed : IkjL tiit dirl iMiL return U' India, Aiid lived a 
country Ufc in Sugland, and hU frivourit^} do^. Hootor, 
di«d in (jrief a daj- or two after Win uiaatTjr. 

A oouxiSKt' wao ooiTT^D ^^mTiiKn WRITR NOB xrsuc. 

The King was roporti^d to liavo inquiruJ ru to tho 
iittoaL pontuTi for jiJ(l;fe iri a ci^rLlin vjicancy muspd by 

Vice-ChanciilJur Hart beiug made Lord Chaiioullor of 
Ireland, and Hit MnjuTity waiI told that the wunUexL 
latrycr prAotlrdng io any uf t}io L'ouL'ta waa ^i |*tiiitli>nian 
who uufrtitiin*t<»iy OOoM iH'ithor write, niir walk, iior 

e[jeak. Thla wa^ mild in alJualon to Mr. John Btfll'a 
peculiar liaiulm-itin^, hit Umi^ili.'h?, Hr^J liiv oorthftm 
accents Sir r^, Shn^lwiUI was appointfHJ ■:■» that occMioiH 
on ai.'COUEit of btv ]>t>Lilio# Wiig auitable. 

A pnoniKa ciorMSNL ^alsk iH m» QrAKTirrKiL 

AChancory counAid^whohadnr-^tbccnALluuhloUriilclau 
iiiAn at Oxford, in tho fouriw cif a louj^ and dry argum^nt^ 
c^uotod tho legal maxim — ej-pnwo uniut «tf£ Micfu«io 

170 comosmRS or law xst> lavyees. 

ttUtriun^-^^^nA li«proBOUnr«d tho i in I'ni'nt M th</f% 

luKttd of looe l^b ronvcd I^vd JurticQ Knight BniM 
^IB ft tiAlf alitAbcr uUo wkkti ho IumI Lmb tullril. aii>I 

bo ftt Mice ox«lftiiiMd, ** C7ii3n" -' Mr. T Wfr ftlvavn 

ipraooubccd tlwL unf<w at »chooL" " Oh ym, my lovJ," 
rffttiMl Mr. - — ^ " but wasoit tit the poMA «m it abort for 

Uw nko oflbc nMtn^" ' Voa forgoU Ur. -," nJMiiicU 

ibo jnclgr, * tbftt we Kt prMkti^ berc" 

A ■:tftIfffXt. ALWAV* HCHULT CO3C0inTIK<]. 

At Uio t*r h»l )«aittll wIiua, and wu lAdglud At hy bU 
fOQt«in|>oAri« fov tHK^io^H|j oMit of bb owl wow villi 
"J luiinUj tfiflcaive. and MteHlArdiiig hb arguiMiiU 
wicb " Loukt (Ki y<Hi hm." FluUp V<ffk«, hj ««▼ oif 
mAkinj; a bnlt of LiUleton, told a oompuiy bn van ACioat 
ui publiftfa ft pociitml Tonion «f "Cokv ap^n Lrttkica," 
And wbtHit |)remed lo give ft *fkocitnca, be rc[Kftl«d tbo 
vunAs ■ — 

TImt HI U» ud fak Mn' B« BTM. 

Mr, JuBlku YaIca LaJ AlvAye bsd % prftL w u akoefc 
fur uw«r-divnuifi;< aim! u*«1 to t«il wUb glee that finc«, 
vii nrtuiuii^ io aU cba^bore tn full cbf^e. he mot At ^ 
dnor vt «tAGffiMj wiih a Ift^S" buoclle of lAMn^ vbri 
■Aked hi>i &r bo omld i&fbra bim vbicb werv Mr, Vales' 
cfaAnUtTi^ lie roplwdt "Theee Arc tbo cliftinbi-rv — I am 
Mr YatdL** Tlic aUoroey Uien eyed luin frooa h^ad to 
luot* |iut bie pepot« under hb an*, aiid, inisliintfr him 
good OToniB^. B-jJk«I avay. Ur. Yatc* never iftw him 
ur liu pMfieni tk^tsL Thi» |>vcuUAnty Cur fine dnw wm 
a topic oi WBf5fccir on cirvuit^ fti>d bis a»iletti|iorAiice 
mvcalod a >(9ry, thai be and aaotber judoe bad been 
traoed to an ACAdemy wh«rf* voting g«ftUaiB<Bi wam 
uugfat tu dAOoe, and ibat one « tbtfn wa> fxind under 
the hand el the maaier, [jewUuti^ the atop^ aod the 
otbir vai ailttng in the *tM«. 




A yoiins cc'unAel of ttrfrftt pret«nMi>ni uid htgfx eartnce- 
biotiA, Atid whiHO muincr wu rAth«r offcnnvc to Ida 
ntighUtun mid to tUc judgc^ wm prosccutjitg a tJiief for 
a ]-)ctly Iftrcdiy, luii^ After ntudi pomp and niAnj lordly 
ttir», ifcbiio a^ldiuMiiiH tin.- jun' and cuting hi* witnamK, 
lat clown with<-v* of dignity rather dlspropar- 
tic>D«te totbvuwoBirju. TtjujufJ^n,',ST. Justitu MilllKHlii, 
" Uavp yon no moro iritiitns»?fi to caII, airr' " No. my 

lard." "Tourc.'ujw taduBuJ, thtn?" " Certdinly, my lonl, ' 

uiAvrercii tht- coiiiiMrl, tatltcr iiictt^JUiUy, The jutlge 

b«gwi. "TTirrii, grittlem^ of tlit juiy, you hav* onhr td 
v^utt ibii prifjtRir, aa no «vid«uc« hu Ik'i-d ifiwii ortKe 
proptfty ilk tlw artido ftlt6g«d la bo atoU'Q. and, for au^lil 
th^L ttpLHAni, it wny ]t&v« bwu tbo priPjiierH (jun." 
Tho judge did not tfiink lit to ff> out of hm vmy to 
ani«t tlju |»rv»«cuiiori in »v> |K>Lty 8 ou« by otrvi-iu^' to 
hc«^ addition aI '^viti'^ncr^ And :ii] tho priRonor WM fiitiTxl 
iKit guilcy. ftnd dindkAr^d. 


Ol» <if tlie meat elTootuAl Ulerposltior* £a fiivour of 
ft junior wftA Vv th« Soot-:b advooate^ JotiD Qcik, aft«r- 
wnrds Li>rtl Elnin. A pnumuiptooLU yoiith to whriin li# 
wa-i op[io9b:d, FLnii iigiiuiRt whom tho court docidod in a 
pi^mii|jUiry inAnnrrj hjkving dcclftivd lliAt "* ho wAjt miirh 
avtoaiAhod at AUch a lioclHion," tb&ru WfM a thrcai of 
eoniTnilliiiK him to th« u>l booth for bin conLr^mpt. wboa 
CSoric cauuud a universal lau^li. in whirJi the reverend 
■AfpcB of tbi? UihW joimHl the louJwty by layinif^ *My 
lordd, if my juiiuj; friend Iiad known your lortUbi^^ aa 
)oii^ an 1 bavf? duiii-, bif would luu^ havu oeaMKl tv be 
tttoniAhed al any decuioiii of your lordiihipa I " 


Ur. Lockhaft the &wtc!t Dean of Fs<ctilty, htdvtg 
auotvui to memticn of the bar, four junior aJvocatw, 



«C wbou Wwldtfrlvni wu <im, anUcvJ into a BMtoal 
^apptgi m — > tbu «tta df tlwoi, who am had th« oppiv^ 
lUEUty, tbanUi nwtii tbt Mioguwe of ibe D«ftn, ukI 
jHihlidy muli hiu. It vm faf mtrv aicviOMt tbu U>a 
opportmity oomrrci) to Woddcrbcm, vbo ecrtaiiilj MiftdA 
»od UMi <ir iL W«dikibum b«tac i>ppoMiJ m tho Imwt 
HoiLH, ft* doun-v), t& Lxkhjut, am bcui^ 4aIM by bim ft 
* prwumptaovM boy * cxpencDdng Avcn him «v«n nior* 
Inui bk vontdd mdeiMfli Bad >np«fdlii>(uiik^4«i, Ihiu 
iMgin : " Tlw IcMiwJ Dcui li«i amfiood hiuuMlf on tliu 
vmikkn to viUip«Atkia ; I do &ot mt th»t he u ouMhU 
i>f fftiaoomg, Mit if tieftra vould mw ftnawcivj hit 
liiirtM*v, I UB «un! tMun would iiu4 li«vv been wauUntf.'* 
LoAh^rt hrre sivtMl up miJ thrt^tcned him with vtti- 
muKXL WvdiWrbum wvot oq : " I lare liUK uy lonU, 
wr wlMt DMj h« ttid or duoo bj & mm vbo Km been 
;A«pveed 10 bin l>«nMi ai>d dkbovourvd is hi« bvl" 
Loni Pr«ddent OuMst^ on b«iiig aAorwutls wkcd 
why b« bad i»t Mooor iiUcrfcnd, wmwcv^ " Bwaiuo 
WttddcrlHimmMn dl Umi Anah cr»Apcjn mybuon. ' tint 
at ka bk lordshiji dttcluwi in a ftna tone thftl "tbbi 
mm9 UngiMg* unb«o«nii)^ «ii ftdrficaU, and uubvoomiii^ 
■ ^utloBUL" Woddertiurti, now id a iMto of lOch ox- 
VJ(#Q)«Dt ft* to hftvn Wt ftll ti'diio of dooovuiu and |)ro> 
pvk^, «aclAin«d that " bid Inhithip hftd «id ft* ft judg» 
whftl h^ciTuldiiot juttify ua ^■vnUoiiMiL'' Ttic PnaidMii 
ftppmlnd lo hU hrHhrrji «« U> vhftt wl fit Uj he dtna. 
;inio tuiftBhttouftly nmlxtd tfaftt Ur. Weddcirbunk diofild 
rvtrftet hia word> aad mnlce ftn humhSe ftnolo]^, on pun 
of d«privfttioci. AU of m Badd>eil, Wcddcrmim «i>Qiuvd to 
hftv« ■iibJuHl hi* pftMioo and put oe ui ftir of d«)ibcr^|« 
cic«]Dtt>^ wbcoL tn*l<ad of tlie «ip<yt«l irtncUiion aad 
apologr. he Btrippvd <tf faiagowo, ukd bikkhng it ifi hi« 
hftitd^ATem the iudgca, be Mid, 'My l-i'nh. 1 ii«Ltber 
n?tnr( ncir a|>oUi2]ia«i b«l T ^ilt uitt* >i>u (lit* tn>obl« uf 
di?|>nvMvrrx. Then bmygoMvn.&ifed 1 wiilnt^vor weftr ii 
iiwrv; vvrfaU« mf invofrvw'' lU thffi coolly U«d hk 

Ewa U1HXI th« bftr, inftdo m low bow to tbe judgM. ftnd 
Fan thiy bftd noof«rod fcoDQ th«tr ft iP ftjft m iK n t^ ba Itit 
tbe court, wlifteh b« never ftgftin cntcrDd.*<-6 Cunp, 




LonI OimpboUtinhu AitU>bb2mphy,]u.yA: "GlbbK wat 
«1 t,hi* time (1S0S5 Att()mi>y-T3<inPTft!, ftnii tyr/inniKfid 
over WcJitniliiBtJ-i- UuU. Ha had tlio ^'TtiiLtwt roputatiuti 
of Any b/irriati-r in my time, a r<-'|mlAtion by no menn* 
etuUuQud wi tUu btTiidi, uj a puU^o judgk\ lu Chief Baroii, 
und IJbifff JufttifVi of the Common Pieiv Ho was tho 
comx^liui] UiAu of tbu Qf^tv luid ho vu nt no puiun to 
tawwi hiftO|>ifjiMn ol Iiih au'ti mipcrioHly m inU'llLnrt taxd 
nx'r\n\r*^mtiat\> pajd an ironical ^inmiiliinont tu 
Garii>w. vthu bui-I. TJiif is all vvty well tu zi EiUfM-T/ b^ 
rejoined. * I tiic/^nt it ft8 a ancer/ Carrovr. fi^-lin;( himself 
fto vuluei'iLtlu Trvim want of kw> wok afniid of liim, 
AlUn P&vk. nMl In bu4in««a, licked Kis fo^t, And no onu 
r a long tiuki; vviittiTed to rasuut biM ano^'auutf, 
til Tonpin^, ftmii^b Viii-kihir*man, wbo ho-i Taf^ly 
d EL eilk go«Ti on tbo norlhuru ciroukt, thruw a 
■Uttiu al UiiK Uohalb. &rul Inid Mm t^m^lrAU^ Tjppiu^ 
boins by afdHi^nt in a cwiho rt^in-dbiiu, and Inrpatod 
with moi-o thftn umiat hinjK<rcibuijsnOB*. wliwn i-vplyitiij, 
ran ftfc f«U tilt, iovoigh'^d ngainst tho air of »uj>orinrity 
vrbkh wa!^ ^t^mnud, tauX inl[\^luood Lhu quotation from 
Sliakftpoare i— 

"Btr doth bttBtriJii tW hiwt*iw titW 
Li&o Ik Colowm, fliid uc I'ulty iituu 
IVulk uudvT hiH hijj^u liigi n.iid giuifji itbuul 
T« fiiJ'l niji>L<Iv(iH<bjilinhiiur,'vblp- bt^tW* " 

iun WM very flivat, aud nil iu ciTurt, D'ora the 

l}f>b1a Chief JuhLjca to ibo crifr, relinhed Sir Vifvirya 
woodoti loukd aud |[budily i(mi}«H. Tbu atturuoyi^ ti> 
whom br< upic'd in W intoleriibly in»ol>-nt, ivjoLCcd in hia 
hamiliatiun, aud nliowod ihuir t'l^tiluJii by ithowsrilig 
brtefit ori T<j|>f>iii^. Tliii 'liberator ' uav introduced uiUi 
Parliamout, anii tni^ht hav^ roaohad iti'^ high bonoum of 
hiii prof**t«ioh, haul a not hcvn for hiq iDluiti[»ui'ati^ bubila." 

Ujrran, in a cann involving ^vluBiuvtioat law, ni>ticina 
bohiud ktui a very tall and slondcr ^cntltman ^^'bn hnd 



onoo tnbfiAi^M to fpt inlt IIia Church, but |>Tv-f^rriYl th# 
bw, 9M hM Dould rofor hU lordship to » vtry hi^h 
Kutborily behind hint, who wm» onco inlcmJcd lor Ibu 
Church, UkO>dgh pcrfaap bo wu litter for Uto «£«<■/'£« / 

COUl^aSL's FKB8. 

T alMkDlt Ih> Bcnr to Ha& the hoaor^rj charvrtM of fi.<«A 
,0f buratcTujuid phj^U-ituiv done au^fty u-ilh. Though it 
inAibAdoirj <li»Liiictioii, I believe it to be ben^fieuil 
Id «fi^ It mnuibQt«e u> praMTv* thu IJm of & pn>- 
ftMon U* « cJuH which betMlf* le the luihlir. in tli< 
^■■i|»(ioym«ntftndi«mun«fat1onof whU^ nouiwintsifom; 
but the viUmmi acU w btj likw trv /<in> coiumikftciL — 
Coleri'lgu'a TAblo T&Ul 

AovotOio^ to tlid «tiqo*tt« of tlie prorn^Uin, nn bftrrttter 
imjr gfr t4 plG*d « cAiue on a ilj(l<tf«ht cir«nit fhnn that 
wliio& h« tuniiUl^ aUogcU. «xoopt on ft «porift1 rvtoiser; 
4nd if h<t wrars & mlk £own, he i^unnot iMkn ft Cm hnw 
thftn 300 ^iDcms. Tbv it U> |ki<-\~cDt the qnimily 
ftcnunbU fnr hitjda<v» which miriit othrrwiM takd pluK 
Seino ifty thai ■{HXrial rvtftia«ri be^n wiUi Knkitut ; bat 
thii b donbtodL From ilSS till be left tho h%r. Knkint 
ibftd, upon so AT«Tn^, twelve vpecUl TvUtiien « y«ar, 

8eijmnt DAvy onire bad 4 v«ry Utiz« hri«^deUverod to 
him with ft fee of two f^uincaii onir maikod on tbe bacdc 
of iL Uii d&Mit ajikcd him if he IkaJ read th« brief 
'Y49,'' aakl tba nfi^evLt. pointing to tl>e vgniii on tJia 
bftck. "'Ur. S«Hmuii DftT^. 7W Oiiin«ftK' Aa T&t at 
tkftt 1 bave r«uL ftri^i for the lib of ue I cmn road no 

Mr Serjt^aiU IMl on» ha<l ft vuc for his o|Mnio«i 
d«)ivci'«vl. u|*un whicTi a foe of &ae niinea waa |^id to hu 
cUrk ill hj4 abtwaicv The nvrjeftot K*>pt tite fee aad wruto 
the Collowiiigopinici^; "I do not aitJiv-or cftjwe f&t^fmcS 
i)Vie gvilML t^gTM^d and daUd in the ordinftry wftj,) 

iftoor cciTfsKLj cificvirs^ bic 


A €Asa FOB oriyiov aticbino :y tux TimnAT. 

A dlctit wrolo a luLlvr to F&tiwDs, ibo AincHoan 
(ulvocate, stating e,, nN|«oj»tin;i h\s o^omou ij|ju» it, 
und cuclotmg twtniy doUu]^, Aftor thf' Japso of aoino 
time, rc'.'eivuh^ no aiiBWi^r, bo wiijLw ft swwod Ivtler, 
iDftinniDr l^iiii *^f his firit communiciktioa PAnona 
replied tliiit bv had rec«ivud botli Jcitfirt, hud cutAinin^d 
the aw^. and foraicd hia npiniim, b»it K.incliow or f»r.hrr 
•"it ulutk ill btH Ihru^." Tb« cliail imHotttt^ffli thin 
liinf, ftrnt liirn IlKJ ftotlara, and ri^cr-ivoil thn npinifin, 

Twooiy dollars for i\w U^tiI opinion of rjirMHii:, th4» 
gi^at«bt lawyi^r of hw liiiwl — JuOgi; SUiry* Life. 

cuusAUL TAXIS'*; iim Fjcm u< wiuvKti Aftt> Lin-rMii. 

Wlion 8i'rjrftrit Divy waa callvd tt> accuiuit aI tho 
Circuit mrwt for tnUing silver from A dJcikt, atii] w 
dii^tmciij^ tlio pruiuu^iun, liv nTplliMl, "I KHik hlLircr 
br^cQilSi'T I PtiiilH nrht irr-t jjnbl, but, I UtiA< t^Vcry Jftll-hintf 
Ibu fulJow lind ill the wnrM, ati<L I hojio you don't caU 
llin^t dispnrii*^ the prnfri^ion. ' 

Another HiTji-'aiit Wfis apc^Uhml, onco Upnii a liint;, by 
bin brethren ot' Llio tfonrt^ of hnving di'jfiadT-d Uicir order 
by takin;^ fi-om p. clii^nt. n fvc in ooppc^r. and on buiP^ 
iio|i*mri]y urrnisntd for thia t^frcncc iu their comiuoa 
bftll, it apjirum fivm the imwrittcn rcporti^ of thfl 
Cuurl if CuiLJiiiuu fknftH Uiat h« dcfciiOvd hiuiw-'lf by 
lh« ftill'>winc plrit of rnnfr"*Aifjn und avoiHiuicr ; " I fully 
iijJmH IhaL I louk u le*.' hom Lhu iimu in i-uppi^r, and 
nfit oHiy, butp HL'Vi.'nif, and not fflily t'c!« in copper, but 
fvett InKiLvur; but I plcdj^^> my honour aaiiavrjtmDt, UjaT, 
] never tofik a Kin^lf* fvo Ir^iui hiit> ti) nilvrnr until T h<i*l 
^t aH ]ih ^Id. acd that I iii.-<V(>r took a fco from him in 
ix'ppt'r until r hail gut all Vih bilv^rr, and you *.Uiu\ ■'aII 
thfti, a dpgrBA^ftlion err' cnirordtr!" — i Woolryoh St^rj., G3J. 


TtisBlDiOflt proverbml that a lavvyur ucytT doca any- 
tliiuif w<U tot wbich hi* duL-B not rtuoivw » f«u, L"id 
Manafield tued Ut t«ll th« ntory, th&t f^mg thin iTifluvnc* 


otmoscriEa op hkvr akd LAvrsnn. 

iifMO IbIdi. ¥r]i«n a,h(m\ to atlyoid to aom^ proflMUonBl 
biuuitte of lii« uwti. he lock ttoiiiu gQin««a out of m purM 
uiidpiiltii«tn in lii* wju^lcoftt pooKH» ao lu tv kv«p Ctp 
tlio mJ prAwional stimulus f 

8ir Anthcny UaIooui, ilio Iri»1i Alti^mfy-Ocn^ial, vas. 
rtry bkUful in convsyaociit^. aoil ciobody ]»d tbo loabt] 
(kiubt (>r tHli« VH^'lity of kis iitlu U> lftiid«d Mil4LteA when 
H l»d boeo Mmtied by litm i ho tb»i ]>« w^ ^nenl^ 
cotwplt«d, Tet wbeh bo botiebt AOtno properij' binuMT 
ho wAa so iiiAli«ntiTc thftt ho Tc^U in wluo worth X3JXI0 
A jH<nr. ThiA u> ftiLiiij^;r.i hmi tW he ori)«rud hia dvrk 
ill ruliira to tftko the utk-ckcdfi of 4ny pnporly ho 
bouglit^ azkd to ninko b coni^t a>i«tract« &iiJ lay tkiji 
bdbro him with « f<>r of live gninpAA ^nip<irly imlonvd, 
onil which Ujv clt^rk wojt to charge to hin •crupulomly. 
^y iliiH fnm^aUty Sir Anthony frit that ho co^ld go 
Uirough the pajH-ni with hU uW^ care, *nd he Iwt no 
niore mocfy m chii wny. 

T1IB ixjiKXiw ARamiOTa or ''Lirrui moo mohoayc* 

Cn>k«'a report* are luuatly ipottd accurUinff to lh« 

[frigna to wliichlhciy vFf«r— ElixaWtfa, Jameal^Outflaal. 

\A Utile barri«ttr qmpo^ Mor^pkti. m arsujoj^ a ca«a m 

,tlia KiBg'a Benc^, quoted » fn-^ientiy Irom Oolco 

'CW]a^ Croke Ju&«a. and Croko EIJKabelh, tUt Ukt 

«kol« har bemxio convulapd with lati^^ltl^^r, and he, tQ 

toMoqucttcc, ohtoinod tlio MbriqMH of " Frog M<Tr]^ao.' 

I'hia worUjy aiIvocat« waa raaaj^k^blo lor liit tltminutiva 

utatiin^ ThofolloviQff uttcdtM hia he«a rektc<l of him, 

MA of many othtrv. Dtfora Ivt vaa much kitcrun at tlio 

tv, lio van licginning to Dp«li a cane, whnt I^ord Man*- 

Md, in a tono of grava ivbuke, ad^vnad him. " fiir, ii 

Sa aaual for roniuol wham lh«»y addrvat tho oncrl to liand 

uPl" " f am tiMndmg. my lord*" Anuntd FrD^ Mj^'aa ; 

* t kavo been atajidiu^ these flvo miouum I " 

Loyon AVD unoim at tub ba«. 

WbNi Lord B«da«daJo irai Luid ChancvlLoc oT Inland, 
ft vacy Ull OMimid, llaballyi vaA with ft Tf}' JitUo oounad. 

A^MV COUK»RL, ClltCCrtT:S> S7C- 


Mr. CijUin, ill Mjv tttnttti aivt^. Mr. CvlJifi Lvi*&u Ui ui^u^^ 
ivJii-n tUi^ j^'l^ Hai<)^ " Mr. Collin, It U uau&l for toun^t 
to BtAnil wlieii ftdJiiwim^ the oourl" "I auj aUmding, 

my loiil, rm f.lif- Ix^nr^.'* yvAH Ui'^ aiiit^i^r. Hit lordship 
6Aid, "Oh then. Mr. Malial^, I munt a«k vou to all do^rji 

till v«»Ui' liini i-oriK-H," "1 Aril hJUJni- J*»wn. my lonJ* 

Kifi Iord4tii[> wjM contbun^ied At thiA &t£iW of ihings- 

In ScoblaTifl. an a<lvot?Jiti^ namci! Jolin Kr^kino wam of 
vt>ry iliiiiinulivt^ vixf^H ami \iso^\ to»Und on astval wliuu 

Im WAH AililiyhMin;; thr i^nxrt ; whi^li mndtr Ht^iiry Knikilii^ 

Ti^tnark, " tliftt tliat wba ccrittiiily one way of rlaing at 
tbo bur." 


^Vlieri Mr. Juntu'*) Jotm WiIlbiiiH wftfl Jhn umiiionb 
('■juriFM.'! jLt tlx: luLi\ \iv yfviil uuo ti^^dt IaIc into Uta 
cbaiubcn:^. juul on K^'^n^ to lifa ruuin^ wrL« tuii^lit by two 
Ivyv liUfi^'m^ uvcriiiNkii, wlrlch tiiru«d uut to liu tliuau cif 
biH (liM-k, ^' [io 1iA<l oxt'ciitc'] on himself, in tJte jiahmi^, t|i« 
•wtejiui' P*'*/'. ;mv lW^ On oii^ft^'irjy aufitlioi d<*rk th<i 
oroint^nv i^mimicl, wirh niuHi gmvity, ^aid, "I have fine 
mciiv Hrt|i()klk(>ik 10 niakk^ wilh you: aIk'hM yo\A lian^ 
YttiriTiiJf, whidi yiiii TAn 'lo or nt^tt a% yuu think til^ p^y 
*lo not liang yaiiraolf in my chambem 


When Tri^ttl Wpi^t^ntry wiu &t ihd bar, he wu far 
i^feiid&ut in tt CHAo at th<.* Roli^ Court, in whioh n 
lt?Aihnj^ C4junt.(fl. ntXerunnta Lord UhrtnoL-lJot, vru oix tho 
oth<?r &jd& Tho lAltur couitaol &fti>r u lun^- and 
AumiaUiit aigiiiiii^nt^ liad (.Miioludvd, hi8 i'ojlv Uvtn^ 
rnOiiir tnnnituions ftii<J cs:citoil towarils tlio rnd. Mr, 
B«tL^l thvu rvHia seriiHUt,. «lfVjl^riL» auJ vului, atiild 
brftathkfls Kilrn<v'^ nad flftrr ft Aiiitii.hlo iiaiih^, thim hr^L;JiQ ; 
"Now that alt tltln lu/iit^ /me iviiW I will oall your 
honoLir'* alU'ntiion in a very firiw worii,* tf.h tin* |Hiint in 
tL<; cju^o, anil I vEintuiX to think It R<:^t-co1y ivquirce & 
tnoijL'^nt to mnko it sioU'-tividfrnL ' lln then w«Tnl oji aiul 
tWlvii lip many moinontB in tlio luiia] vmy. 


0UlU08ltIK5 OV l^V AVt> l-LVTRIlS 

Couiunlhr Ltmh wu In & tAM a^Inxt Mr. Knkln^, 
tbcfi »t tliti bcat^it of hu rqnitmliuiL The fovinor, li«rns 
tintjii And HMTOtia, often ftr^fftfif^l hU Anrimi'-nt with 
An Apolo^, and ui allusic'ii tu his humilily, ami oooa 
uliird thAt lio frll Kiinveir Ufrtiwing morv nnil vnort 
timid ui bo grow ulJ«r, Ki-hLIim rouH not rmlst 
rvlur(m){: "KvMy <aM Iuiowh lh« oltWr a iani6 ^rowt 
th^ tnorv ^^ith ho bc«i>meft." 


CurTtta won iliw.'fibin;; Ui the jufv ft ipvi^ch TO»do by 
Str|f*nt Hpwill. liM opjkuncnt, Lnd bavI, "My IpjutmcI 
ArJtDdii ipvucli f'Ul iiuf rxacUy m mind of a &tniliftr 
nUA«l Ui doamtio uv^^o^iTmmoTily callM ah ritintciit>4h«r. 
li hofiui At ft ]H>int. And oil ib wvnt widcrimg lui*! wiilon- 
atg, uatll at bat itfurly put Uivqucsljou out AUogctbur.*' 

COITKfKl, »CllAy<itKO HAT*. 

Whf-n Chittf JuMtke PAiv:nui, this Aiucnt^Aii jm)^, wia 
]eACiiog AfLvoTJitp, hf vo-t «ri^ji^(^ in a h#Avy cawv 
rbiob ^vo rUe t<> iiioiiy iiieouiJt«r9 ImjIbocoi hfnuatf 
And tliA opiiohin^ If^jwlrr, 3fr, SunivAii. During I'lUtvOH' 
hinb£;\i«. Bullivon picked vp I'artoiu' lai^go dLacIc liAt, 
Aiftd wnjbv with a ptccc of cliAlk u|>oa it, 'Tbk In thv 

kJiAt of ft d d ta^ita]-' The Uwycn Hitting r^urnt 

lh to titter, wlildi cuflixl Atlt^ion io tijv hal, and ibo 
lACtiplJon Hwa CAUji*lit iho tyo of pArwH«\ who At dkM 

kid : " Mfty it \AvtuBo yuur honour. 1 vmvv the protoetion 
(if tlin i^mrt i*n»th«r SullivAn hru hw-n «t«i]jnj;f my 
bAt« And writing his own notno upt'ii iu" This itiuJ/ 
vii Bc^UAnd Accouutd fgr iUa tfnM. 

corKWt. wild RKi-iiK>iirwTi:i> TiiK rtmn wn»ow. 

Lord Cookhum, tlio Scotch jnd^i*, waa wtting Alone in 
tbfrOul«r HuuiL\«l>«n ArtnrlicAvyc«m WA»cot»u;«DC«<J, 
in which tbcro v«re mvmw eoutiad, ti>prrfml)ii^ umny 
|iAriic«L Outi youDfC iXfUDwt, Mr. MAL-Turk» HaJ a vory 
•qii«Aby volco^ ADd wju DOtcd for bomo i^iialitic* UkAt too 

iii^iktt}^ mA^Ic Lbc court UiiijK TIm JuiIm MAing tills 
UDT EtJLnrling OS if liik<r(]f(luj, Hald, " VVliom do you 

ft pltaainj^ smirk. "Vm for tho vidow, Mi-a, Brown, my 
loiw." Tijv judge, wbuwaaa jjrftLlniaHU-rtff tbv |intlivtic, 
lunitf*) &M[io fLTirl very ftudiMy eJAciiliile^lt "Tbo Lorrl 

Crosby, tlio 5-v>tch &Lvocat« fth© orifjinal of 0>Tin«(illor 
Pk<>iMJ,iri "ttkiy MAnniM-Jn-;/' ami w\»i r»(il V)r, Jirbxtivin 
in lh*> romp^iriy of [loj*wclljj whirn ho 'M»*'t tonk «p hm 
kle*, reUiJiftl ih iiiont o1>i^ti[ittl(ily, ev<in tdU^ tllla*^ wa^ 
convini^lnt; puifWcr. ft^'AiiMt it On oc'Mwior* of tho ^tmA 
cause of Nabob FulIurUm v, Oi-angptlvM, wlienv \w njid 
Bflftwoll Vffyu* fin itpnrudtA fkirl^K, Tiruiby pc^m^ini) in 
tliinkin^ hifi cliontH t ml^iton, was rightv whpii evwybody 
in i^*mit *AA> clmr inf-uTiut him, lli>3tff<rH ^ftiil, "('rti»by"* 
^^ntv\ }H like « iDonrry-bax with a aIii In ihc top at H. It 
Diico u thing h;i» g<il iiUo it, j'olj caiiejc^^ ^t it ugniii but 
by breaking tho box, Wc ma^t break your hud, 



A i^juun'tf'i nt Iho L'ba"t^'?ry ^mr, by way oT diTiiying 
:'^^|]<LMon *i]!*|»r'ctnd til t>.v\itt hntW(*«ft hirn and Ihn i^mm^in 

rcpi-uiwtitinp Finuthor puHy, hriving firuJ, " My loi-d, 1 

ii»." Lord ChunciOl^r Ktdon ubu^rvod, "1 ouw Iiftiinl a 
hquiTc in tlitf H^nvT of Cunimnn* soy of himsolf aucI 
BJiothor miuirc, 'Wo have nevpv, through life; had but 
cmi^Mdva bctwoon uh;' but 1 trcmblo Ibr ilioMiitom whoo 
1 nm told tbut two ci«itii>ut pruirtitionprs nt my bur bji.vr 
DO i]ii(Jui^Lu.rjJiti^ bvtwL-mi iIkhi ! " Whvn the Wt-Uh 
jnriailicLum wilh fLhuut to bu ahuli^hi^il, two jiiLi^iv Wf^n? 
hppuinUiJ, ^itb ati iindHi>tuTiditi^' thiiL if it wu^ Abuliaht'd 
tht'y vh'Xild not (je f<TiUtW to a prriflion ; hut it vri\A HAid 
that ull thij r^tiioVH Lnd poiibjonti j^ii^Tlted tu tliorn bcTAUso 
thi*y hiul bevn appoiut^J "without nny utidmxtaudiiitf " 
— iViflH s Eldon- 


160 ctmo&mia 07 tAW ksi> l\kltf,^. 

A COlf^FUATlOS WITH AV ft»IlVr<T OnitVHJtl- 

Ur^ Kapinwn ni«ntJoiu Wtn v>-'4)uij>uiyui^ & cljuiil uDe 
ffvcainf to Emkuue'v cliftiubvr>i. Jji tins rvuiti jitiu wUiuli 
~ lej were Hhairn ir^re bAtWYcn UiJrtjr and rortyjthiALs 

_ .. K lir valii, *" KFtpinAfTtr, d-» v^u know liOW AiftTiy *Kir(H 

ifccnuimmA tliero ar« * ' " Xot I, tnily»" wm Uie re|4j*. 
Ilii;rc ftt^ abovv > liqmtrviJ," iJiiil h«v And th^n, much 
to till' ikniii^i-anoe of tbo mlkitor i^rtitnt, Ia]in/:h«d otii 
iiiU> Wt \^t>'i <ln«vTtatiu[i fl|>uii ibc \Af juu^ TiiunCH of t<lHTli 
kind. At l<^ti^'th ho 4to)>poO. aiul ttai'l, " KnpiDiuno, Domr 
Mate tke lAH^. fur 1 hare no Uiao W read toy brior."' Mr, 
ibiaiiMi lUil H>, aiiil Uicr« the cririMiiltAtion ^ndMl, Tlw 
.loua BlU>iiu*yp liowoT«r, IiajI tbu |>i«aaura nvxt mom- 
pii^g uf hranii^ liiM cjw« adnnniUy Argiifd hv Enklne; 
«vei]r potiit imt vh'jUi at^uru'y. and <fiforo«d wHh oto- 

A noo Aircsfuma covsnTAnoxs- 

firakuii; would ofUm produco bin lowbwat coumltaUon, 
ttDdrr \hf iiifine of '* Uittli? o>murtFrii," aikd argiio tko 
result uf Ui« ukUK- ator-rdiut; to tW manner in nliioK ihvy 
awratn or ^awleil ; Aurl a iiTitI hkjiv Tavoant* aniuMrnapiti 
,vilU KiRi w lo mftkc Mh lam Nflvf^nadkukd dqf, Tc«is 
tlie jadg^ Uv liad Uughl tliii aniuMf to iJt 
'kh BiQck gravhj itiion a diatr, with his paws plaf«l 

foro him «i Ui« tablu. ai»<l occaMonully lia woulJ put a 
fiiU-botu>Tji urrg nti hln hfHtl ami a t^uid rouitd Inn n«ck. 
I^lac^ng a blat-k-Jtritvr futiu U^forv hun. TJiu elitaU, a* wa 
may ■appoai^, wtrv mtioh HtArtM by mttii fixtiibiti<iiV4 ; 
but tboD wu tlio li&ic wlicn bo tock ols amUMuuDiik a&d 
rilling iwit ni(jrTiii>^ at «i>ck-<«<i«, lia md M bis briuf* 
boToro tio court oioty and won all llio vcrdida^^ Caa|^ 
Chanc^ G93. 

Wbro a Lord Qtanc^Uor wai Attora^y-OeiMiral, aMd 
•ttnnd*^ a CL>ni>iittiititin ubcrv Uior« ««« ocHinidifrAbJo 
dillbrvbceorojhiniim butwom him and h» bj^itl^or a>unsdt 
ha delivered nu O|hitiion wiUt unQKitiU niid ramplacoii 
,riwr]gy,aDd cndrfl by Mrikm^ hk hand oa tho tabic, nay- 

ABOUT cDCNSKt, onctrcTS, K7a 


mg, "TliXH, goutIeuiL*u, U my omnion," Tbig MrtmpLwry 
tonoftnd BtyTeai> n<±tt1«>l Ih^AolifiUir. lA-ho hftd ftvqu«nUy 
cnntiulbod uim n'hvii ii young couhkisI, tliftt tli^^ former 
■ftiotitiottll)- (jbaprvuij : "Your upitiioii T wliy I've oft-iri 
hjui youropmioD fur livi^ HMllin^nt t " Mr Attorney, willi 

that wftD thuu itH full valu*! ! " 

winr c^nesKL PTtTKi; a rcrt op pcntraft. 

A learned couiibvI [Mr. Uronubntn, oj tumo lay), whc» 
tlic judged hrwl rtUj'ei for a few ininuti* in Uio midntof 
liEi urguiiiuiit. ill wlii«li, lV(.'m tliwir inUiTUpUoiift tinil 
ol>jt<?tu>ri^ he du\ not ncf^m likely to he HtiGCfU^ifErl. w«fit 
out of Ciiati U)L>, HTid oti bid luturn fttAlvd liu liitd b*sct\ 
diSnkiii^ a. pot iif p4irt(!r. H<Mn^ nxtc^-d whi^tlii^r he ytns 
not alVaid timl thbi bovoru^ii mif^lit dull h'ta intellect I 
"Tb&t is jmt what 1 want it to do/ iiaid b**, " lo liiiii){ me 
down, if DosalbU to th« lev^l of thoir lurd&liipEi' undcr- 

AuuUjur story to the eoaw efluct U told of Sir JoTin 
Miilitii^nt, tbpj'idgo, who, thouj^h ft olf*v<*r]ftwyor, wa* too 
Aind i^r bia L<up^ Hu u^vd to vrcplain tltai tboro vvji^ 
nottniJ>! for il but to dtiiik luinn^Jt' dowra to Ibe capacity 
of hiacotk'o^uoa. 

A tRJknBn WHO 1>ftEW THE L0?aO BOW, 

LoH CflEnpb«ll, in his Aut^btngrapb^-, tAyrt: "Ourl«tder, 
JervifE, wad a voiy i^ntlLMuanty inun in hU iwvun'^ra and 
very iiuTiuUinbly im-lin'Ml. but foinoim forflrawini^ tho 
long bow. Hits blorioA he told wvrv, and ]irob£.bIy still 
aiv by tiHdJlJon, a vO(iix-e of a'uiiHiujeiit tu the Oxford 
circiTit, An n Hp^iclnacn, ho said ' he k«tit up & llock of 
Abov« 1,000 turkeya at Ii^h place in k^iitn whij:h li« 
frt-tloi^rd iin (jraftshiipTOix* Thatn <inH tnnfiiin;^ hrt thnr« 
Mw twenty J4yv hilttiitf on a treo. &iid ^as i;nio<,' to flrv 
%t th'-m, whon onp of tnp-ni *ft,iil ' f3iM>i] morning to yon, 
Mr. JcrviK ; ^od niomirii^H T ■;» .brviV anf^l ho allowcil 
thon^ all to tly away unbuil.. I onoo nii*nt(o(i r-d that I 

hiulbccTi reading the [liarin with the help of an occasional 

cDUowirns or lav akd L&wmtfL 

fic«p at llie Ltdm trtivilaljcn ; and he taM : ' I molce it ik 
rule to rciul lliFouuh tlio uholo ut' Homi^r'a vrovL.» ODC« ft 
}'r*r' — iho fftct hr'jtif^ ihiit }iD li&d ntvcr teen «l thfl 
tKiiTVivil}^ Ajxl did not knuw a wonj of Un^k. W« 
nroftoatd tb^t Witt cphnph f^TiouM he, ' H«rt< ceikMh to lift 


finjf anl ^VUkiov. daUmdb^ a prisnncr. lAtii, * I>L'iiik hu 
ipM Kdikc *n tttvatinjr, upon oUicti n di<pm«ii]g cliccL 
tiidecd, tlrnt! in A rcj-urt. nn n-^all know, tbutim oninrnt 

JvdfU, wbtv »1 tin- bar, wa.B i.ljb';:iO lo rk«ort to tica»y 
vob in • moniiirif;. to rivJuor hiiirM.-Jf lo Uip ]cr«l of Uw 
.Jwtffi-&" Lcii) Xiuuumn, tho ju<Iff«, w1h> bftd nu luvu to 
nh'tlKiiMv hridlifii uf> JiiAtAiitlj. Ht« voice livin1J«id with 
iifttictti »a ho niU-ittl UiL' word*: "Wbt>n; U tho 
«irT WhfiiT is iir" Thvro wu & dfrmli^ltki^ 
'&IT«fiCtt. Wilkinif calmly IOTtio<l tiwnd t<t t1i« Jufl^'O Btid 
MJd : "It ubk UiJiil. my \uitl. in lliulVrut'le lim" The 
eflM of tbiM wfu» curihuiirntil^, uji) rt wa:< a lin^ (imo 
boTore mdcr coutd be ri^lvird, Uit Lord Di-riiiiiifi waa 
otto nf the finit lo ftrkDowtoilg^ thu ivit ol tho uuvror« 

sRBJSAirr mmrrs Him^o a roivr. 

Adofplius^ tbe criiDtiuU Ikwjrcr, dii<s« Mtd to Dickvn^ on 
BnbAtinK him mJL Haabtartm, *' 1 biro often longed to tell 
joti of A bit ^rjfuii BiiJtrox miMtd in Uio trul ofBtxnUU 
T. /'iVJiriVi-. [n tliR wlebroted »pcc«b of Serjeftnt 
Buxfuft bu rvodji rJekwii!k'» Itrltcr. — 

-■'CU»4»4i'*, tSv'dHk. 
*"|)«u Ur«. U., efaop* uid t4nikalo Mtteo, 

-' Orntktntii/ rtjs tbe IcAHiM »piy*nl, 'wbjtt doM 
Ihb in(ui?'cCc^ lie. Now, bure BnzfuxmUKdhU tnuin- 
ikt point, whiofa «*B Uli^ 'GmiU«ii1^, T nffd imL 
you tbr< pCfj>uTAr nun^ fur toBi&to is tbo 1ov4-«p)>k1 
I^ il mil rlvu wlial tbia t>U« dA:<dv«r mMnt f Th« ajuU 
pcmring of love uid tA&dtr f^ngn liDpliod by tomato 
tco I'UiJioi b« mbantlciKtood/ '^Ailolpbo* Ucm., fM, 



T]i« n^ik* of WuUinjjton tuud of ScArlult, lliftl wLtfn he 
WFU »[lL^n!i»iTig lb jury tht^ro W4>n> thivtoon jitrymon, 
ScArli^tt wiu aaL faiuod for vlijquuttm, but for coniutrninaUi 
tftot n-ni^ faM\ JuHtii>Q PjitUiflou tuKI n. JiUtry nf S^Jirlfttfj* 
di^xtirity m tUc conduct of ft c-iuh*, Si*(irl*ttt and rtL^C^^oh 
wrvo rin iMift tdilr', ftud UnMi^hn-iii And P.irk** on tho othrr. 
8cir1ctt tulil Patto!40iti ttiiit Iil' Wk>iild inana^o to n]Ako 
Iirtiug;Tiii]n procliiep in pridoncft a written infltrnmnntt tho 
withboUling of wbiuU, on awount of tho iunuftici'^TJcy of 

th*! &tnnip, W&4 i?-(M?utui1 fur ihv ttn^f^* of his r.ajtt^. Un 
l*Alt/«ion obscrvrnj; that, ctfOH if bu ootild throw Kmn^hftin 

HcArtott ftftid Ik* would try. Ho th'jn ciiOH-liEcrlr^] llii> ^4^10 
with vuch »iiUMU(uiuUitti dt-xit-rity, prvtv^ndiu^ to diaboljijvo 
thfT ffiJHtence of the docuiuptit roforrcd tA, that Riyiuxham 
sod F&i'ko reeolvvid to produce It; uctl boini; aw&ro that 
ISi-'wIvU htnl Any AitHptcion rif iu miviUility. f'4Lti?w>ii 
fdeaciibod iUd oxtr^iuo ftiirprl^o and nv^rtifn:a,tion of 
Lili'tt Oil iLh production by Brou^Furii, ujlli h 11';uri'4K 
of trumpet* about" tho n<in-C3cifit<iiino of wlui:h doc<nu<Mi& 
Kit lr:ii'iiAd friffud hnd rcnkonod on ho cohii'E'^iktly," Tbij 
way in wJiioh S<';irlrttt A-ikod to bok nt tho in^immnnt, 
Ana hi)i lis^unicd aitouiKbrni-'iit at thu diHugvary of ttio 
innuflfdi-ni^y of tlift ntajnp, wcm a ma^tr^rpiewi of a.i^ting. 

lAr. F^an, an Iri^h barriat^r, ii; arMrensiiif^a inry, having 
t^xliiLMHtvJ wvty ijrdiuaty «pitl)i*t <jf th>< Er]>;}i"Ji lungua^c 
aiiiiridinf^ in KbitHA, nldipp^tL f^^r ft word, And tb'^n addud^ 

"ihla 7Mtt/rnQiSoufi rtijl'tn." When aft-jrward^ aakod by 
hut frii^ndh tbi> iikciLnJni||r of tbln woiil, }i" oonl\wwd Uu did 
cot know, but said Ui'i thought H iSDv.nif'fvJ uw/^ 

Tlil'KMNd A Cl.lllVT. 

ThiJ S<y>t^b advocftt^-s Honry Enkino, wiu 'JurcQ'iing a 
di0rit« JL in<ly of th>? iijaoii* -jf TK-kolI. U-'forv a HcoU:h 
judg^, who was an intiuiati) iViond ; and Rrskino bdng a 
umuiirl^t, lio choee to commeDce hi8iuUr^Jv« to thoJuJ-;v 


]60 cvuosmss or lav aud uwtebs. 

Ill (1ic«c tenni: "Tick«l)» i&r cSunU my Ion)" Thu 
juiigft hi onrst inU^mipUd him byimying: "Tifiilc her 
jrowdf. Hwry ; you ftrt *» iib)o to do it oa J aeh ! " 

A Toun^ 1.BUTUt«r novly caIIo'3 Ut the bar, An4 not jret 
fAJHibtf vjlh fli0 contrATtioiii iiHEial in |i>|^t documenU. 
[TMoived a brie/ with tbi« ladoist^ncnt : " 2^ok«A t.\ Sykcv, 
1n«tn»ljoiui UfUit>v0 foracoijiiuou Wvubiluu wiUWvtica," 
The yoane ciian««l, with gnvtt oonfidexioe, hunihlj^ movrd 
Uwir ]ordi«lii|n fur a coiuiboo to examine witiic«fe«. "A 
'what, virl" fljiknl tho tlhicf JkuiIm. ''Ibumbly uiott 
fl -r n common to oxatninv wrtnwwM." * Fray sir/* aaid tlw 
chinf, " ATO four wJtnoAwn niim»n>u« f " " Yv^ toy loid.'* 
Thou tako SalUtmr^' rUin t ' The foath did not loiow 
'that the unnl mt<^Eiil<-Hi .«» <iinvMimi<rn to e^Kamlov wtU 
Jhann: and hence tlu Chief JuMtco modo* fjur enough 

It ts ftt» «id t^at 4 cotuael whoat vatyiUsry of Uia 

Latin Ungoage wa* doubted, ooce moved Ulu vuurt of 

j-Kilig'a Bench f^^r two m<(it(iiTii(', which gtMily aatomdiod 

tieir lorilKlii|i*, who hiul hithvrto bocb i|iute oontentad 

with one maniamas at a time. 

MKTriKO ur A rRPRKCK ftw nonawMT itr rai»Kitimoii. 

JwUee Uanwood «aid, '- Wh«n T waa acrvaBt to Sir 
Jaaee Hales, a juKUee of the Common Tleaa, one of Ma 
pen ante «M ronhnd at OuUhill, nr-tr Oravii'M^nd, Ktnl, 
and he eued the men of the Hundred upon vi ohl etatuto 
of WmtAD for tho h^id of thft gnwliL S^jrant Hami 
vaa oouiuBOl for the inhahttaribi, and |itcndiMl fnr ihcm, 
lliat lune out of mind Ivloict hud uioil |a rob ilI Uitilihill, 
and henco the liun^lrc^J w&a cxompt by J Entncmorial 
■^ ji wa ciiu timi. But thu utbabitJLuU loot tbv JudgtBCui 
' notviUiatajidiiig thU novel pica. 


A Socitdb cMinBrl iuunc4 Rae van one ilay arguing a 
With much cxtfnv4|<AQl dr\>J1vry. Mr, Swintoo Aid 
of him, " 11c Kaa bv«n to-day tM only lUt.\ hot ouinl* 



Seij^nt Patry, in ft cft^c whpipo o^tJftordiiiary cfediilily 
and k»avijry wor« npp&rent* explnm^l the «itiiatioQ to 
|U« jii^y hy thija jt|H:i1ague. An EFLAt^m vivfirftitfn w 
waiWtl on 1-y *\)nn? morclmntJ* who oxhiliit4*<l fop 8ftU 
titivflrft! finr^ iioisi^.^. Tho kin;LjnJ mired thiiru, bought Uiem^ 
and gftvv tli* niorebantft ft lac of ruprr-a to parcbam mora 
nf llii* sftmo AnH hriii)^ thorn- AfUirHftrJn, in ft Hporlivu 
biimoiTr, the Icin? ortlcrccl bin vixior to mftico Ciiit a lint of 
ftU thu foi^h ill nht dt>m(tiip[iiL He did *o^ unU (lat bi» 
Wnj^atj-'a nJimn at the hojid rtf Ihcm. Tbn king nukfJ 
vj by, wboii Ujc vulvr n'ljUuJ, " Bi:<HLUHo you uiitruiiUd a 
kc of Tiipet^ to men you diri not know, itnri who will 
DL-vcr couw ba^k iL^^n, " " Ay, but suppuui thvy «bou]d 
comn bhj?k ngain ? " " Then 1 aball oraao your Mjyoaty'i 
naiUL' piid insert thelri." 


Mr, John nir^rk, Anominftnt Smtpb cmm-wl, WA3iftr;;nin'( 
at tho bar of Uio Uouho of Lordit in a Scotob appoal. ftQil 
tHTiiinp bia poriodd in ibo broft'ifat SrtiJtcb. vind aft-'i- 
clinchiri^' u iwintt ftddvd, "Thitts ihn wWv Llun'' id 
plain Kn^i-ili, mft lormldNi." IJ|>on wliicb fioni ICIr^on 
wpliL-d: "You moaii in plain S^■ult.'b, Mr. CMt," The 
ftfivoi'nto i4fJiiJify T^t^it'*-!, " Nftp mailt^rt tii pl/tiii com- 
mon ftcuBU, nitb fi:trdH, and Uiat'a tbo Haiuo in a' buiguagcn, 
U'49 kvn wiwl (.'nvucb." 

Lord ElJou HEiid, " I wa» oncu junior to ]^lr, Dunning, 
who l»^an birt ftiynmcnt an^i ftppoirftd to nw.- to W 
rcaaijiiiti;; wry puwoiMly n.i;'ainnL our olicnt. Waiting 
tilt [ vfAH qt.uU* oiinvi^KVi.l thtil hv bud iniatjikiiii foi what 

f flirty ha woa I'ljtatDud. I tbcri touched \m arm, ftoH upon 
iiq ti^miiig biN htHj.1 trjwaiiU mu. I wlnspt^rtd to blui Umr, 
Ijo mut^t have luiu understood fur whijiu la- %vaH mnpluycd, 
AA hi? vriut ii?Hjirt)Jiin^ n;j;aiiiiit imr rbtiiL il<; ^vu mo ft 

very rough and rudo lopHnuuid for rn.»(. having 8<>outr wt 
him ri^bl, and tb«n prwvudvd U) «talu tiiat what 1li» od- 
cb'twd Ui thti cti\iTl wwi oil that coold bo ^iAU*'^ n.'-aiii»v 




192 cuwosmes or law asd lawyekb. 

bii clwnt. mil thftt ho had ytui th^ ra^e m UDfAViourmbly 
M pcuniblo fl^&H turn in ord<Yr thftt thtv tv>itrt tiii^t npo 

bt^w vflfv MUif&f:U>rUy Uio cwo b^ihaI him could bo 
Diuwcrcd wliii lie ImJ bc£iro «UUd."— Twiwl liftt of 11 

corKFRi, roBGKrmoa wirira tinK hk ia ny. 

One itey, in 17^, it) murt, Mr. Brown, a coiin»rt. ImJ 
Immtu cnlanfintf in mipporl of a tratlUon bofora the AluUr 
of the tloilii. nnd was followed by viothcr comuieJ on Ui* 
mae Aido, Hr. Bn>vn vrojt horri^t^d an dUcuvcrlng l^L 
h9 had mistaken his ijjp, &nd &<iSci<d Uii^ jmJ^e'a ^lardon, 
ajid Mid he httJ likiiruotiL>iiii to ^piKwe t\vt |ii!titi<in- Tha 
jurist.' ^HxInatumUy hp^^d Mr Brown to procood, ob- 
BfiTving that bo knew no ooun^d whci w&s bciutr ablo to 
ftlMW«r \uu owu ^TjpjwcutH llian liimiwlf. 

Tha saaw dminwUiu»< hfkfijwn^ti once to Sugd«n, and 
to Juha Cl«rle, a Scotch ^vuuul«i 

A ronrora cocTrsEL rALuvii ovua a arux. 

Andrew fiolfonr.oiMof tho ooiniiiisiAric«orE<linburgIi, 
waa a moji oT tnu<;h pompuaty of manner, appvaiano*^ 
And nxprraftion. Hairy bnkir^R mrt him on« monunf; 
ocnuint; into thri court, and oWrviti^ thftt he wan Utu<-, 
sah! to bini» " WhiLt bu ]ka]>[wn»rl. coiiuniAiary F 1 am 
Bornr to w« you limiiUis-" " 1 vtah viBitln;- my bn>t1i«T 
in ttfc." Aniwi^red the commiFnary. "and 1 fdt over hii 
.Btilt, anil hAd imrlY broken mv \^" "Twiifl lucLy, 
^ommiv*My.' rcftliaa Hany, 'Mt v^^ not vi^iir own 
My)u. for you vguld thto havo broken your ncok,'** 
" r'APortnuU 


Ur. Oftldcool A grcAt noMdona lawyer-, but knovn aa a 
dnttdful bore, waa ar({tung in the Kin^'t Umch a 
i|ti«Atlon upon the nUability of certAin Gmu <}uArTfBft 
to tba rvliof of the yt^^r, oimj cout«nd«<1, at monuoii» 
ktfigtb, that^ " Ukfi li-ad rmd copper inln««, tliev were not 
rAtU)le, bocAow the UniuMone in Xhvta could only b* 



raachi'>l by deep boring, wdicb wbm m&tU?r of Bcionci;/' 
Loi'd Eiltinborouj^lk. Q. J., atiid, " Vou will harrlly ntifOdi^il 
irj cOLiviiiciiL^ Ud, Hir, ibat cviMy «ipui;ivB uf btirlu^ Ia 
inattcT of flri'^nca," 

Tllh TKKILH GOtfdirU'lKfl O!* A (WIST ItAlltKIl BIT mi^JftBr- 

SurJvaiU \Vbilaker vfs» oaaducting au ci^ftminaUoa 
ftt Uii\ linr of riio TTrtUAo of Tjori]* in «. <livorne c«f*, And 
An objection b^jin^ ukou lo eonta ^ucbtion, counsel wero 
ordornd Ui whl^iUiiw, anil thvrw wftj* a doliburation vf 
two hoafft. ' Nothing' van rc/iAlvcd On, and when ho 
«rftfl ri>&dii^ilti^ij, ]i» wu roqu^utUd lo puL tb« qu«*tion 
RgAin, With grrjit dftvrmrwi, ho aiuiwj^tt.J, " ITpdn my 
word, my Jordfl, it ia to hrw^ mqco I put ihti flr»t quv^ 
tion, th*t I fintirely (ov^ct It, but wah yoar i(ATC^ I'll 
uow ijut axii>tbor.""' — 2 WoLhlrych Surj., SQi. 


Onco Sci-jcant Duvy «ari cuHud out by an iafuriat«d 

party ubotu be ^UndrTt-d^ riinL tbe i?ban«Ti;;er ttfltuftlly 

went on to Dorclieatiir, and knuoklDg at a voiy 4ftriy 
hour at tbi^ door of tb« b<ikj>^ ufhvt** tJie lawyer lodg^d^ 
Upon its hiAo^ op^m^d, ho wa.!kod Into tho hoiii^o, and 
walki^d Until routii to room till b^ found himjtnlt' in tho 
room wbcto the lawyor wi» in bed, Ho dmw opfn tho 
cui't&in^> nnd m'td tlmt lLo hiwycr iniiNt w«]] kiiow what 
bi» Ptran^i wm— that he camp (o dnmand *Hiti:*rfti:Lii>n — 
that ho tixi wuU kjicw tb^tH tbi; pi>»uti upon \ylu>iu tlmt 
dnmand wftt nmd<i waj< uuwillinj; to oompl}' with it; 
but that Aaii?<rac:li<jii Iw mxtsi tuid would bavv^ Tbo 
A[M^cAnfc bojfiui to apoTi>;{]!ir. Tho t^i^ntlt'jnAn sitid bo 
vfHA not to bo appvorwii by apologjw or woidn. Hie 
honour hail W'u l^iruibbod, and tJie MtiidAotton wkicdi 
ouD ^untluLiuvn oved to another gtDiloni&Q ^bom 1m 
Lftd 4;!dujiiiiiaUH.I, he cftiiio to dvtnand and to iuelet u|K>n 
" W*:ll.' ^d tho eerioant; "suroly you don't mcfvn Ci.> 
Tali upt-ik A naked man UQHrm^d and in bed V "Oh 
10. 8LrI" »Aid tho ^Dtlc^aJi; "^on i-jui't bnt know 
wLiit w.'iy tiiLi ftojt ^r buHLiius II conducted betwcon 
ntlftman and gontlfimanl" '* Vory right/" n,jn tho 
frrjuant; " ibtn if you givo mo your hoTiour that yoxt 


cmuostiiKR or liw joa> iawtk&h. 

cloa't nacmn to fbil upon u>« nftk«H And isn^miKl fn beil, 
I ^TA joii mine th&t 1 will not ^t OEit of bod till j<ng 
im EOiM out <jf towu, uid I lun in no lUiigvr of welng 


A lf*mH! uijf^nt hftd been bird An Apolb«carv And 
MVoQchmir. And ait;rwArdti bcoAnw a noted loAcIer ct 
tfao bv. Vouog Muiphy, when bcginninj; at tht bu; 
Tkftd tho <niriimty to Uke down A «pMeb of thfr Mijetnl'^ 
which cvniuu^ uP tililu vIjw tb&u «untiiLiil nuetitioaw 
of ''jpinmea of the jurr.'^ Tbin sj>Mch h« a/ter«BiidA 
itnwcd to CbU/ fiATQD BklDoer, wlio, m«t«Ad of Uuclibiflr 
' ' it with Uio n*t of tliA oompAny, very gnvely r«mArkc3 
bo thought tbe Aorjeuit vury iU trvAleil, for tliough 

■vu inie lir ofUa d«]iv«r»d c4b^ p^^de, 11 wm mw 
uDtltinlood UiAt be OMiU lUivrr hii 

Ja«lic« Willed, ibe ton of Cliwf Jutiioa Willc*. hwi 
bean acilidtoT'geticnO. aa^I wa« mAdo a JiuUoe of tbv 
Kuu^M B«tkcli, but waa aJ w ft j « Kuu(Khed to b« <f f aloodw 
iDtAlWl. WVn At th>? bAT And Arguing a caso. tb« 
fD«K MveiAl U]ii«« checked him for v'And«iring IVou the 
|Xiint, till At 1«mL bn mid tHdly, "I vnah yo'i wouM 
noembw that J ttm thoNon of a diiof juxtk^L*' UpoM 
tbia ti\d JiutioB OoQld nAlvcly ftiuvfiml, "Ob^ wo 
ninetnbfr your fAth«r, but be vaa a aennhte lOAn t " 


ttrawiM /Hond nwi Patmus, th« Irnb bArriaidr. 
lUy, And aald to Lien, " Mr. pArftone, 1jAr« you bevd 
of my «on'A robberyr" <-No* Aft»>1 PAf*ou; "good 
ymdott 1— wkoa bt» b* vobbtd t " 

A VOI<n MJnUTtK TlfH f»rRT. 

pAniowi, Uio Trkb bAninCor, itm in a atie oo cimiil 
bsfbra Lord Noebuvy ; aeuI wb«n hin \vrd^h\\t wftM ijiciik* 
ti^, ftn AM ODtfllde brayed «> loudly ibai oo odo oomld 


uoUo!" Paraona said \sith much ^^nivity, "My lorJ, 
lliore itt tt gK%i echo in tlirr ci^urt I " 


iir travt^H And collod it hl» i»^ru<fiinl iiArraCHive. Lonl 
Wcll^lcy wmt qui^Viiu^ U, arni vuiii to LuLil Plitnk<rtt 

" rentonul TiArraMvo^wliAt h a poracinaJ nftrrfttivo. Lord 
Plubkvl ? WIl&I aliuuUi you say a pergonal nsLriniive 
iiigaut f " Plunkr'l anawrtTflH : " My loril, you knoiv vrc 
UwyAi'd always uDderetiuid /ifrdorraf fte contradiNUn- 

LawYBB? AS roLVXTUBBa DC tHB "devil's owy/' 

Lord Kotper IiittMon, Id 16f5, proposed to miao a 
volunteer oorpe, which ho him-wlf was to conitnan<l. to 
codbIbL uf Uw^'tirit &ud guii(,1uuit«u uf tLio Lutia of Cvurl 
and CliAncory, offiow* of llio diJ!'f*rent t*ourto of juattce, 
and all wha w«iit wJUrn^ to draw a weapon for Cburch 
and King under Uie (UMpic^Hof iho Lord Koopw. Th*' 
ofTur wa^ a^'ct:ipt«J. aod a ooiuiuisajou wan ^rtuHi>d Ur 
liiiii. Ai'coHing to a fcUWim^ut by tho piliti>r uf liw 
•■Ruporte," tlia Loni Keepers railicary seal wa^ h\i by 
alt niQmbnn of tho profcu^ion i>f tho Iaw tli^ii at Oxfom* 
tbd jud^ mdudcd. " He Mran ccJonol of a foot rogi- 
meat, iu wbioh wore lUtud all Uio judguf. lawy^rM, and 
ofHconi Imlonnn^ to tha ^onnnU coxirU <yf jnsliec" 
ThJH roiniijdeiT Lord Ciimpln'U of tln^ Eiiilant flurpw in 
which ho himncif (lurvcd in his youth, " tho RTflA, " or 
" Blwjuubury and liuw uf Court Anwoiritttionn" ^:oniii»tiiig 
of bartiftti-i^, ftttumoyH, law fttuilcnti, and clerks, rauul 
to ropeL Uiu ui^ a«ioo UireaUsued by Napoloon ; but nono 
of th« r&veii>ikd MgM of tlra law H^wd in tliiH or tlio 
rival legal oorpe, oamod tho " Tutnplii Lik*ht Infantry," or 
"The Di»vd'>4 Own." nnrnmand-'il by Ki-^kiup, titill at thi* 
bftr. Lord ChancfiHor Eldon doahttid tljo 0Ki>t\li*inev of 

jjdug in thr> rankii, AtuJ diJ nnt Jti^piiV to 1hl« i-n itni'i^i>E' 

bw, tlio AtLonioy^fjcnc^rol, was in thoawkwiivd ni|Hnd. 

fA>]~d Kco|ior Littfoton had, tbcrirforo. iXw glory gf t>iiiii|c 



neofiled «b iht* U8t bikc«mot nf Turk<4«J, Thomuli- 
Bedcrt, and thn RafI of S^IiAbnrj, whn •rnr o»rri«d uma 
while lk«Ad of tha Uv.— -S Cun^ Uvm of Cbftiic^ 60fc 

LtWTKftdi Aft T<>Ll'KTKCrL4. 

In 1603, oxit of tlw dOO^OOn vnlunUvn cnrollod And 
diaeipUEMil, tin* lAvj'^n m Ihr in^lmpolift rjupM two 
ftglmetito^Uio ~ B.I.CA." or " bloom^Hbury And Idda of 
Cinirt AMOciatinn" t^nd iha ''T«iDp1«i (*orpii," concrdly 
CAllod ^Thft Dfivil'A 4»i*ti," The commofkfl nf thn UitrV 
wtAeoiif«t*rd upon Ki^kinc, Lord CULmpbcll iiaj», w to 
Ihifl: "HAYlng m^irlf B«n'a) in Ui« ranks c{ ih<i foimnr, 
I nm not ftblv, frum pcr»na[ obiurvntion. to rritidw hit 
military pTv»wc«; btit I w*Il ri'mrmhtr wfl Viin) manj 
tfnricH of Ui9 biundcra wliiUi he oumoiitUd, luid ve 

L^uglit oimelvCA lucky to Ih> uii<T<*r tti4* ot^kn of 
Liriai«Mknt^Ci^OlMl Cox. a wjirlikc Uafltt-r ui CliAficory. 

iW, tlirii tliQ AUonw7-G«n«F^. nrt"rwfLrO>i Uitrl Ciif'rf 
'JiBtk« ElE^iborodgk^ wu reported lo Iv a fair BpcciiDfTD 
uf Uivm ; for, «von with tbn bolp of dmlL, liv noror ooalil 
bff t«i*;;^t lb« dUI»Tmc0 boiwr««i nlJL^c^1llf; wiUi lib rifftii 
or Ml r<jot fbrMDOnt: and all tho iiiii« ho «m rn ui« 
■efrioo h» e<»UttD«d in th^AvkwArd aqOAd. Th«r« we» 
IUccwIm A good niAny dttorni'yH bv^OO^ng to ua, who 
brought df>wn n-iAtiy JMti itpnn ua ; ARtouc oUi«r«, lha>' 
opon tbft won! ^von, * propafD to cbat^* tli«y All \nt\M 
9ut fipn. ink, and pa|>ar, and bfrin^f ordered to 'rii4ij-n,' 
tbcy vT^yic down At AgL or IS« i^L Tlio n^nl ff mr 
:coqu va« the ufjuUbt. my poor friend Will JfutiB^n. 
who with ot ci^uld Ulk nt nolhinjf but 1^U<«, aod 
veoBwd b> thitik himaolf aa ffTAt a miliUty cvqiub aa 
^Jt'apoksan, bUIjuii^ b« Ulk«d miKh Uw at r^gimcnU) 
aoi^ which he wan fond of diniaj *t; bo that it waa 
Mid he waa *a £;f^n«ral amonjg hiwy^ra, and a lawyer 
unoiy |-mcraK'— tiOunp. Ckaoa, 547* 


EraktiM onog came bolbr« the ptiUie vilb m miUtaiy 
o^aioiL OtbereiviUAni^a^ wdlas(h«tawytr«.weiTW«U7 
of miHtaiy naaDivuvrM whan iba i&an|>vr of invAaioa had 


ABOUT cois'iRr., ciccurre* ira 197 

imni^t by, «»■! Juii(;afl tu rvCin tVoui the voluiitv^n; tritt 
tbo^vommout wiahcJ t<ikocpui>tho force on itH ui^^Mnt 
footing, Huil iiji^ri^lW Uivy wi^rv th^UiDrJ to iivrvv dutju;^ llie 
war. The Atti>rjif»y and Solicilor-Ocnoml having ''[v-n 
ao opmloii Ui thia street, Ersktoe waa consult)^, ruid thu-t 
«xpn>un[^ hiniAr^ir iv.4pfirt,ing tht^ nfktiim And ext^^nt of ttiis 
eogv^nkenl uf voluTtt^erv: "If thu term volucl^r \a 
aupponi^d tn he sAtia^ed by the origlna) 4por]t)in«ii>u»iii^H« 
of tbe «QrolTDant, ]«Aving bim at'lcrwarch bdcfiaitifly 
bound, than ev^ry enU:ated soldier iriL^et #i)ua]ly he vtm- 
sidored to 1>c n Tr>Iunkrr, o^nd, with diffomnocoTntceiving 
aioEivy, mid tito Uii:ni t^jct^^iit of t^ervlm cxci?pt«d. would b^ 
upon Jin et|iinl fooLitjij^, Violli a:* to merit nnd mdrjinndi-rirA 
Kunh IL dihctrine ajjfoars to mo to l>i^ et^unlly (iDJiint and 
impoiitii* irnjuht,, hrr-AUMii for t!io vol u uteri's on jifd^roi^ot 
ihoro ill no coniniiJonitinn but the iK^nee of lioncrur aud 
duty, thft reward of which in nillicd if the service doe» 
not oontinuc to bi? vnluntary. Impolitic, IwcHiUiiCf it in 
ovorlookinif a motive of aclLon iutinitcly more powerful 
than tlin fnn* of any human ruithority, to uikc no 
nco^sunt of ihat inviiitiMo itunniljility iu the mind of man 
for thn npinicm of hU fclInw-^rivntLi iT'i." Hr furthor 
(jxamiiioJ Ihu tt^tiiUm upon th« mhjuctj and aimc to tho 
olcat conoliMirtn t^iat any mt^tobrr of a vohintct-r coi-p* 
might ration at ]?U';ifiirv ; althouichn cvhilu he ountiiiuQd to 
9«rvi?. hi? was v^tUjrct tu initLtEiry law. Tho ojtntii'Hiu^ 
optoionH w^ri* pulliAbi.«'I In all tho nowt^papcr4. Mid <raiinL'd 
j*ijnvral ounfiji^ir^iij till tho '.|in«tKi<i was ir'^tuljuly l.iruujjhl 
befora thv Court of King*?* Henc-h, of wliicli Ltjnl Kl)rn» 
bui^j;^!] was JLow Oil* diAtiii^iLUhfil huad, Tho omao 
havlnj^' bf*n clalx^rattly argutd by Pijreival, the AtloniL-'V- 
Oi^noral, uu the uuu pid(<, and Enkitio uu ihv olhoi^ tho 
jitdgi'H iiiianniKjusLy d«?iteri]iin«d in favuLir of the jiower 
of resignation ; and tho chaiikpion of Lc was extoll^ aa a 
grWLtlHWi'i'raH woll ah Aflvvc^lv, if imiL iV4 a gioat military 
comoiftntfor, — U Cainp. Chanc, i*D. 

Sir flelclii-r NuiUjij, Att*jrrify-*Jt'rieni,l iu I7C4 'alln- 
wardu tho Speaker), and whoso molhdr livi^d in a nuiall 
huuKo ill Pivvtcii}, rvtoU'«<l to buy a bvttvr Iiuuim; for hvT, 




I^imI !iouifht oat. And in tbiu Ikiui4« voro two pktuTMt 
rbich thft pnipmtor VBiibod at £W Tlin AUonkAy- 
QoiMni] iti^ivitd on bftviDjf tbcm fee nothing, mjt (Utura^ 
!rh« vtii'ior would not AgrMt to Ibu, uid to Uko bftrKun 

[«ircot oif— Wftipolc'A LcttcnL 

THK 4*AiiK 1ft ALTKlrU), QrOTlt Fr^OWDVlt/' 

This profoAftioul prov«rb ftroM otit of l1i«i followinf; 

It Ono iUy wliibt rtnduig qel om of biJi «aUt«i^ 

»perw>h«(vnft l4)Sti3tairtI1owdaii, wiih nngnodiHn^ 

inf^rai hiiu thai mtm wu ftbout to bo ool«bntod in a 

evitaitt hoDu in tlm ne^ghbonrhood : h* niijichl vnli to 

at It Plowdtn biLitcnri! u> thn i-kc«, adU w mho 

to makv Uu) »jgn of Uti; ctuca 4nil u>>u liU pra^^er-boolL 

tiFor tlii» c^vQct bo wu «l>fit1]j' afUrwArd* •ommo&od. 

Ho vaH i<uii|jic]oUB of fou] play aontowhorot uid cToa^ 

rxaniinM thi^ witn4-«.«, lutd Mniiiigst otbmn iho pnaat 

.wlio bad oflicMtct). Ho demanded */t Ibiii man vhothtT 

.be would tmthf tliat bf »u a priest. To U^tii .^uoiUan 

answer waa in tbe Df^ativc^ WLcrtibr« Piuwdco 

^iuulaim«d, *'Tliv case h alUicd : w> ivicat> uq man ; oo 

no violatlcn of tlm law." It mcmda a conmun 

.jpT0vcibaft«vwanl9tvur,wbco acai« broico down oQtbc 

Acta, *'Tb«caAcUaltond,quucliPkwika"— in'oolrycb'd 

SaiJMita, 117. 


A plijstcian who bud a thorough balreil of lavj«n. 
UD vDom h* TcoW bis bUo, wna in ooispAnjr with a 
hftiriatflr, whon bo rcproacbed tho lalt#r f^ii- Wing in a 
vrofei^on wbioh qjM pbnwa tb«t van uttt^rly nnin- 
Uiligiblo, ' For txainpiv,' uiil be, " 1 jwvor could urid«r- 
fMid wbat you UwTcn mcAn W doling an entail," 
■'Tlja* i> vory Jikoly, ouvonnl tho lawyer; "bat 1 will 
explain it to you : it » doing what you doetor* navrr 
c<Jti>ont to, Miflcffiiig ti n-fovt^/* 

coiuitmyo A CAL-mt t<» a MAimiB. 

Lord BauQ W ncorOod two of Lord Cbaooallor 
Kilconctv'a jwla, wlicb, altbougb tliey app«*r tmaa^ 

ABOOT cdi;ns£l, cucurrs, bxc, 199 

many of irttinitc raluo in whut Lt^tU MAoanlfty oonsiden 
" thft b.'si jMi-boolt in tKn world," make u* mthvr rvjot^ 
that tit) tiioic of Uictn liiLVC lp<Hin firrncrvrd. They vona 
wo»t to call "'ivftirici;! to tbo Master in CUwiPury," o<>wi- 
nxiULnq. My L<jr<l K<;ojwr Kj^irrttin, win^n he ww Master 
of tlifl HuUk, wiu wont lu ii-tk. " WJiht tbs cuuku hnd di>a«^ 
tluLt it sHouIlI bf committed f " 


My Tjord (JhiLTicrllor ElIi^Amcre, vh^n he had rojid n 

iM.»Uliuu which hL* dinUkod, would tay. " Whnt, wonlj you 
iftvu my hand in this now f *" And the party anjiwcnng 
" Yrfl." (jo wuuM «iy (artlwr: "Well, you nhikll; nny^jrou 
nhftll hiivn hrtith tny handsi to it" And no wnnlrf, with 
bL;th hilt liojj^b, tear it in piwc^.^Boi:. Aj>opth. 


A Wolxh Jvidgv, famotiH boUi fijr his nogloot of 
pcTiDHA] clcanlincvi and hix inAAtiA^lo dciiiro m noma 
good piiLCi>, woHonco adrlit^icd by Mr. Jckylt : *' My dciir 
■ir, OK you have atkoj Lhe mmister for everjtbinc pI«j> 
why bavo yoa ncvur Adkcd him for a pic^c of eoap and ft 

A little f>:]low at tLi? bar, who ^3Md ecurcicly any 
hminFu, waji ono day ondcavouriTig to get tJip judge to 
ftttond to B motion he wanted U> make, but it wan no 

uici be ucvcri^uldcutdi tbvjuJ^u'acyc. Jckyll, looking 
at tba b^n«h, diiid in na imruitablo t4jnc, " I)o ttMiinti 
non ruroi fcji." 

I'HE BAB AS1> IT« KriyUlrtTB. 

Frolbaiijiml etiuufftto ha« boun carriud tv « ridivuloiis 
i«t«nfctt Iho Kngiiiih bar.^ftfl in forbidding a bfLrriAter 
on the di^uit to dino with an attomi^y^ or to dtmuo with 
an atloT-iK'y*B daURhtcr j wLcreiin tJic attorney i* irften 
a t:<''ntlem(in n,i wdl bom, ilji wtll cduoa-tud. and as w»j|| 
manu<^T^d as iho bai'mt«r. But tbo reupvotaljibty nf Um 
orikr of tbfl lnu, bjuI. oouai^Ufiiltly, iho i>ubli<i good, 
jjurcuiptorily rctjuinj tbiit all twlicitatii^uit of l.tuninpiMi by 
barrlnte^ri should be forbidden, and tbftt all indirect 


CVU'^TUU ow i^xvr ixd tairrcna. 

■iKtlii U> obUin it aliotikl be cm«ti}vT«(1 ili«ar<nubTift. 
Tli«r« ia a uncfuJ ttur^i^ilUDO* ux«rol«inl oq tb« drcuiU 
hy ataun of tbe gnui4 court, whmhy such pncticM 
IU4I roprMWftd. < Cuup, Ciiuic, 56l 


An old luthor rvliiUii Uio foUovtng iiiiocdot», to tllui*- 
trntc l!ie [«urity and gikorl liumour of Chiof JuatlOP 
Mukbftui. ** A Ea<ly wouM tnkvvr>« ji xuiL of Iaw Agwast 
Uio will <ii W huAland, uho vrnji tuntoiU^t t) t>iijr hU 
quiet bv j^ivioe h(xr hor viU tbcirin. tlit^u^li utli^rwin 

Iinvut^fvd in hu jadjcmeiit Uic cause would go j^pumt 
lUFp TbiA lady, dvdliog in th« ^lirc town. Invited th* 
j«dg« U» diuacr, uid (UtuuKb IhiLfty cnou^ bctwif) 
tfOAtcd him vUh auinptuouji cnUrUituncn^ Dinocr 
being donv, and the ^wum bcinif cuLlcd. tlic judA:o dcftriy 
j{Kv« it Atfunst brr. And wfirn. in pAuioit, im rowtd 
navvr to luvitoa judif? 4^in. ^Nii\, wif^V nid Iw, ' V9vr 
nvvcr to invito » ju*t jiidj^p aiiy nnjic."" 

jirnfiRft Dir cinrcrr orityiMJ Titx Amzsa. 

Tb« jodm nov-gk^h)-* ivoold bo nMrpHMiJ to roncive 
,«iicli uTCiibLm M wm usually m^i to iJ^i-m hy ihf Lord 
Idiuicollors, &ud DT«ii 00 Ul« u by Lord Cowmr. Lord 
iOMOOeUor in 1715, Tboy •» now Irft to tlictr own 
'lanrrtion u to tb« topaai thoy will oiIat^ upon, toA 
\tkn QO lofigw lacLured and i-ivuv^l a* to tbuir dutM^ 
\ll being contmjy to eCJ^urtU for lianUuni to !« praMtal, 
thtt " tbo Hgu of tb« law *' ttMy bkva giwAor liovkof^ 
uhd Duy, without icniplp, n^pr*t thi^ Mimo flno Mnt^iiprs 
in ^viy county on tbo dr^^uit. Lord OuopbvU mucI tbu 
bo 1ain««Tr noT«T beard any of tli«o <)iK«oarKA, \m% Ito 
bnd bc«n obligCKl in tbo Hoimc of Cummao* to cvtuurv 
sotoo of tbom. AddiCBicB tu the f^nuid jury an boai 
omployiMl in cotuiMnUng upcn Uie oavcH iii lh« nJi-ikdftr 
wbiob are nnnivii on for UiftL Olveo-alifmn an tom*- 
taintt nailfl «a Ibo gtoenU •late ^ tho country; bol 
judgei DOW utnally altu^tbur cschuw |.<uty {n:>]iti<a and 
quvttom of T«x« po1itL<vl fconfjoiy. A Iri^nd of Ixml 
GunpbclJ. wbo wa« f>jTL-nan of t1i« gruid jur^- in a 
nurttii7m o<unly, Ivbl hini tbftt bavin^ bc^rl frc^n a 

ABOGT OOUNSi:!/, imKXrVB^ ETti. 



or Aulxg A pftnflgjric on tiio com Iawh, ho liwl 

AjT^L iiiclinHLiixi to nn^wcr liim ; And a jnrymAn who 
hofti^ nolilkcal nonncnim from the l^cnoh, wni, nircaniiiig 
to Ijora Cnmpbct!, jLiiitifkd in rcfUliu^ it on ths ipoL^« 
iCnmp. Chrnic, 3liL 


&ron Gnbnni rcUtiHl to Lord ComphoII ihn foDovin^ 
nncfidott^, Ut »bc»w that ho hnd more tinnnoAft than Judifn 
Halo. ■■ There wun b barvnct of nn^icnt lainily witli 
whom thojudflt'i K'jiug the W^sUiru t'Jrcnit had always 
liccn acrufltoiriiM trf dine. When 1 went t\\ni ciTcnit, I 
hcjud Lhut A cituBu tu wbii:h hcf wan pkuiUil' was cvinjui^ 
on for trial T but tho n-iucil invitntion w«ji received, lutd. 
luat thtj pt!Oplu lEii^'ht fluj]pijB<» that jud^'m cuuLd Iw 
indtltnc^d by n dinnirr, 1 aircrptrrl it. The dr^f-^ndanU 
& noighbrjuTiiig stjuirc, htiin^ divadiuHy ttkrriic.41 by thU 
iiilelligi-Hoe, Hkid to hiin^L-K^ * Wtll^ if Sir JoHn L-nter- 
tAitiB uii^ j^^g*i hoF^piUibly, I d^> not t^-.a why I tihouid not 
do the 9Hmo by Uie jury,', 'Ho lji? irivlM to diniujr 
the whole of th« «|)<-cial iiiTy mttnrLioiifril to try thd caiuc. 
Thi^rvupuii Ihv L&rutiels courii^o fdiTud liiiu, auiI b« 
withdT*^w the record, no Ihit the cAurie waw not tried; 
anJ. Alihi'iJ<jh I liAd my dlrrkL% I vfii:ap<?d a\] HJjii(>ifii»i 
of imtiflhty/' — I Gmiip. Ch, JJft. 5S5. 


Weddtrburu hjid never gonu any cirtoit Iw-^bp© h«got 
a gilk sown i Aud tui rub rjin be better oatablishftd than 
thAt A barnbU^r is not ibr tin? Jirat timt to join a rircnit 
with a great prorcmiomiil rpputatitm uliwi»iy ot^|iiir*jd, 
whervby Uv way ut viicu step into full bub>neu<. and 
Mldilcnly disturb vml«d rights. Fur thi.i ri^naoji a 
buritfter luAy only uhangtj hi* dtcuit otioe. aiid tlii« 
tniut he> dntui (if aL all) wliilrr he Im stili "el»tbrd in 
attiRl" Tho penalty iov the trAD^greflaicn of lui^b u tdIo 
in, thiit thr ollnndt'i' i^ exelatltHt fiviii tia* bur uh.'** on tbfi 
circuity and although be cannot be prL-VL^uUd iriim 
Ap|>cftrm^ in Ojurt and jik-udit);; a uiurtu for uiiy cbeiiL 
who mny employ him, ii\^ other barnr»l«r will bold u 
brief with Itim, and he U "aent tL> Covvalry." The 




cmostncs op lav aki> lavtbbs. 

iHt> if not U>0 JeU«r of thb lav, wu now flagmtUy 

okua by Wpdd«vUaru. SirFloldwr N<in«ci. long "(lie 

«k of die v«lk;' hid JMt kft tho NoKli«m Circuii tm 

fbmog iiwlo AltMrtMV-Oeottfml. uu) ImmI {pvon up «b 

jfamMMft (]UAntJtj nf tmitinniw to b* iitmggM for. Thrro 

w«r# wioiQn ipi>cuUtioTH u to Uia louuur in vhicU it 

woiiliL hit diiitnbulcil mmotig bin jnttiorm^ who hjul Long 

bMQ impiUiejii for bin dMh or promc'tJon, trhcn tho 

incriftdibtt ropovt wm fprcAd, that Wr. VC t:\Uhrhiim, vith 

biA Dcw ulk iTitWEk, nKanl to ji>iii the Northern Circuitt 

in ihi^ ho\*: ^ *U:y\'>tn^ into tho Ic&J, Tbii vrai not 

I bdi«vcc] till ho AfiuAllj^ nudk hiA ApjvAmnri^ ut York, 

[Hie huETui' Qf tLfi hurtiaU-n ni^i then iiiuch vnhanc«d hf 

tLfi intelJif^rnfT! Ihftl ho w»a ivtIcntlfMl M dcrk by tho 

l&t« clerk of Sir Hutchci- Ne^tIod. werll oo^uunlecT with 

cvenr lUtomcy north cf Trent ffe did not boJdIy aet 

'tmKBttunal eUiiuctte unUrcly at (Idl&iiec. but in vm 

ttriod to juitifjf liinuHil' hy t:ontotidiii^ "ihhi nuvor yti 

[dwd^g pm9 My circuit, ha cciitM not be within the 

QninihUioii ^(pbiiurt cbu)|pri|£ circuiU; llwt e^ery icin 

|CiJk<) to t1i« I.Ar had a frvft right lo chootte a, circuit; 

uiJ tb&t no Attempt liad 9vcr bdbre been modo to limit 

Ibo time within which the choice miit be rTCrrciaod.'' 

An extntordtiwry meolinf; of the Northern Oiranh bttr 

wu i in lued lately calletl. when it wan tnuved, tbftt Do 

memWr of it ahouM bold a brief with tho iiiterli>pef. 

If thiH bail Iweii carried uuvumou^lj'. hv luujit haw 

Lip4(lE«d n[i hia wig anil hU tilk gown and intUallj 

fttanwdto liOdidon. But Wallaee, aflerwarda AtlonMf* 

Oi^n«ia1. dUv^nU'd, So Wcdderbum wim allowed to go 

oa~G Camp. CIauc;, 6i 

Taylor, the c<nHiit. wisi invited to dine with the barm* 
tore of the Oxford crircitilH and in eontve of the evening 

[he reprevMitcd bimself to havv podbiaiod woQitf-rs uooa 
wooden^ fto that Bearcmft, one nf thn leader^ waa tatbcr 

[out of buiDvui' with iK> uueh velf-eoDCeit At last Ikor* 
tfl«ft aaid, " Pmy, ( Ik^valier. a* ymi hare tf-ld uh of a great 
maiiy Ibin^ whicli you have dona and oui do^ wilTjuu 
ha ao good aa to try to tell ui anythint; which yo4i caniwt 

ABOUT ooLna0£Lp cifiourrs, Bfo. 203 

Jot" " Notliiug na oiwy.*' repU^ Tsvlor '" I cannot, for 
eUkinjtle. Ik< «r>iiuti^>viitj^ tr> pay my «riAr« of thin t<xr:i^llant 
^IniMr bill, ani ita.t, dr, I mutit usk you kLnUly lo do U>r 

Svriwit Wbituker vtjlh on IIk' NorMk Giuiit., A, 
rriiuia At one of the ju^inc loipn.*! oH'on^i him a boil, Thn 
noxt Eoonaing the krly of the houve uko<] how htj bad 
dent, and hop^l timt ho hod fouad himnelt' r^omfortftblc 
(ind warm, " Ycb, niddani, yen; pretty wrjll on iJio whole. 
Ab lint, bu bo Aua', I t'aii zi little tjuocr. fi^ waril of Mr»- 
WhiUikcr; but. reoojlcoling tbut my pormftuU^Ti ky in 
tlic riyjiD, I tlircw It behind my back, Mad it dlrl ovny bit 
(ui wdl.— £ Woolrydi 8wj,, 605. 


Ifonl CoiTnpl^t*!!, iu his Autobiugrnjihy. oay? : " TAriiiton, 
ft, IcaiJ'jr of cur au«lona anU ofUi-wtfrJa a joJ^'u of lhf> 
CquiL of kiii^'i iii-iicb. btiiJ ^■o.LiilhI i£tvat n.-piit»(u>a ftt 

Ohrwlohurcb undoi l>t^aa Jael^oa, H<» was & fim fichi>hur 

(La W1.-II US IK diM^p Uwyvr. ntui I tbiMk hu nroilld hft^ 

tiiadti tt ^^^Uif flj-urc in Mtc, had not tho o^oot of liis good 
i|tuLhlif!f Uw[i impiLiJvJ hy Ihir uioitt iJni.('ConnUhlo tov^ 
of having. I wart oi>co rotHrhirij,' with hiio by tho mnil 
cuaclj IWui th^ ^uabtODS, whitn }w KfthI, ' 1 Unok 1 liar's 
ilono rAlbfir a c-Wcr thing : I found tlmt mniit i* a penny 
A pound choap^r at Gh^uoestor than in Li>ndc>n. und I 
bnvft hi>>nybt cnongli Ut *ii.'rvfl my fniiiily for a wrek." 
But M wo woro IcAvin^' il^c yiioi of iho lnd<lon CVimm, 
Charing Uio» J wh'To wijtii^^bli'd, I foiinU birn injtviohnt 
altcrcAiion witli the coaebmni], who iniij^tfiii on dutaintDg; 
IjIh trunk tiU he should p:ty two|>on<]u 11 puund for bin 
pxtm In^ngo. He w** fAnjoii.i for gmmblin;^ at liih ill 
hick. Ho ^Id if ho had <rnty tu'u briofa at ttiu aa^jjcMi, 
one in thi* i^ivil and one in the cti>^cii court, tho two 
autott wujx* Burv to uwiiv on at the ju^mv motucriL. lli-Eiiiiu 
how tike valua of pTvij>i?rty near Uiifi riv«r Thainna liad 
I'ifton by tlio ooubtru^'tiou of Wdt'jrttjo bnd^\ bo ob«erv«d, 
' it wUI 1)0 lc>iij{ bet'uLi^ tlK^y budd Hudi a hrid^i> n«ar my 
huuHO in CbanoL>ry Lane ! ' "—I L. Camp. Lifo, i^8. 


ODUOeniKS O/ law AIG1> i^WTKCa. 

Lord Klknbomugli «^ ocico ftboul to ei> uQ Um cimiil, 
vbtfl I^ily lCI]<]il)aroiigh j^id i^he vouEj tiic« totCMm- 
panj bim, Uo rv|>Ii«d UiaA bo bad no oljoction, |>ii)«iiiod 
A^ did not CDcnmbcr thn ««rmf^ with bftDilbcii<A. which 
wera Li« i]U«r iJibomiDot. Durui^Uie flnt dA_v ■ jounMjr, 
'Xord Ellmfactnvt]^, bappoung to jdnUb bin Ic^, hUim 
bis foot A^in^t Komcthing b*low tho wflt. He Jiicu^'onMi 
that it wu a tiamilux. Up w«^nt th« wintli^w uiij oat 
«ccit ihc bandbox. The ooAchinui ptopp^^l. a.nd tbo 
JbolOiAli. thiiiLinjf that the hatjdtoi hftd tumbled OUt of 
itko WiDilow by m^icc estrfcor-iifttry chanoe. vah Sptl*(lf t" 
pick it tip, wticn Lurd Kilc<ibun>u^ti rutiou^y colJeO out, 
" Drive on ! ' Tbe bftndbox ftfootdingly wu left by tho 
;ditel)*Md«. Ilzivii]|[ rmdivd the counly tuno vthviv \v 

m to oH^dnte AM jadf^, Lord Kileiiboririi^i proo^-^tWd 
to «rTmjr bimitetf for hb ftppeftimnce ia tbo Omrt-botue, 
' Now," Mid lic« "where'i my wi^, when it iny wigf ' 
' Idj Lord." rtiph^sl his btUiuIant, " it waa ibnj«o onl or 
ibi ctrring* « iiiduw," 

anKf JtrrncK iij^ls amp joax mrvAXw wifil 

John biinyui'A vifu w«nt to Tiord KnVton cifcoit to 
A#k if hor hiitlwid ooulJ be di>cli>r^;«d. Tb«jo(%«fl ihiw 
trtflktfO IvT ;— Sjt MKtebi>vr llnlv : ** AIah. i)Oc>r vonifta f " 
JkJ^ r«'i«if?» ; "^ Pov*riy j^ yoi»r clotk, for I luar yotir 
bitfbtnd b botlet fi>Aiiit«Ui«d liT rtinnini; up And doiro a 
|irc«cbliw, than bylcMowlng m i^jilhn^-." Sir AfttUL/^tc 
2f«Ji; -Wknt U biA c«lliRg^' KliEiOictbt "A Imkei. 
plcttc yon. my JonI ; »m\ bccAQAc bo U n tinker, and a 
poor iDui, Iberuroro bo is dMHiod, mttd numut havo 
jiMta»L" Sir Mattkrvr ftttU .' " T ua trnij nrry «« oui 
do yon no good, Siting hirro^ wo can only A«t mt tbo kw 
lpT«!« on wjuTUitA ; ftftd we hive no power to reVPre* llw 
AcatoDoa, nJtbmjgh it niAy he crmaooun. What j^o«r 
httobuul mid w&t lAktin r<jtf o confeHiuD, and h« Mandii 
oonvieUd, Tborc t*, tburcfot^ no ooarvo for you Uit 1u 
A|iply to tbe King for a pardon, u« to mi« out a writ of 
error, aiid tbe jndictiiiefit, or uiWqu«rnt pff1X«cd1lle^ 
being tbuwo (o be coolmiy to law, Itiu Becti-iKv nldlL ua 
nnned, and your boabind ohaU bo aei al UU-ity. I 


Mii truly >rtrTy for your j>itirtN*> en**- I wUli T ft>uM 
aori-*j you, but I i\:tu- I can do von no g(J*>tl!"'^J^Uto 

Lord Brdushain ttiyn that whon Croor^« W>xk!. idlor- 
wftrdn Enron wood, ww on tho Northom Circuit, ono of 
tlifi ijrput nmuxoment* ftftcr dinin?!' *t the dri?uit tftblt^ 
wfti Ui hunr that coudtcI tell \titi favounw oondse Btoiy, 
c»r rnlhot report, of n ca^o that nctun.Uy o<x'urTOj. It wa* 
the only ntory he c^ouM t*;)!, ami lie alwuyn toM it in thn 
ownt* wordi, and witb tb« namu uuboundud ap[jlausH, 
though flVtfrybijily kn?'* it hy hF^art It wfis this; *A 
man b&viii<^ Btiileu a 3«b, orn>, moui^ him QUiry it away 
h&lf und^r hirt coat, Mkid, 'FriflnJ, wbfii n«xt vi^h st^nl. 
t4k(^ a abort*»r tiMli, or wuar a longer coat,'" T'b'w nnrrH- 
iiv<?, ciJii'-iJ^iin^ fif r.liirl,y-["knft w<-riU, v/fiA H^bnitte'* to tfivft 
a very graphic report of tbo wbolo >gItfiatlon, ftfiJ to allow 

hcriije V* ^vc\y onrt'a Tmft;;Jn*lion ti* fill iii* the oiitlirT^v 

The sftino fiminnnl jih^aJdr, ^!^- WtjnJ, uf\-*i\ %n milto 
very con c'lHJ apowboa tfl the jury- And whon Ik umimI 
to no interrupted iitid sot riijht fis to aom** pointy whether 
of fact ur Iftw^ whfttfver it ixiij^bt be, he invariably rotojtiid 
tn the ftuno (ityli, " Truf^, gnntlfmen. it w iw the learned 
coun'ol Buyii, but im mucli Uie worse fgr lii* argumouL* — 
2 L. Brou^bkn] fl Workn, ^71. 

A JL-DOE sAviSfi A PoisT f)H rmruiT* 

Whun uld Judgo Honn wsm on circuit in ]7^^0 at 
Wexford, twi^ yount; brLrrif*trr*cnnb*TndrdhfforrthiEn with 
^rtut zaa\ ttDd [wrLLUiu^ity, cfioh flatly c^mtriclietini; the 
other hft to thi" lifK of thp fiuie ^ and both ftt eoch tuni of 
Ihra arguimmt, B^iaiii atjJ again referred with estiuplary 
COlillidenoe t<> tbf< leanit^d jiid^n >» ■'> well kuowin^f Uiat 

what wji£bai-iby biiu (Uk* .Hpo&k^.T) wufiri^htn The jnilj^ 
iMid. " Wvll, ^viullifitiifii t cun I BHttlu thtH ujttttvr U^Lweuu 
you F You. air, ju^ positively tbo [a,w h on^ way : ta6 
and you, ftir, (turning to ih*^ o^^poJioiLt) aa unMUivocaUj 
wiy it ill tlip othor wny. I wu^h to Ood, Billy Harrf*, 
([enning civcruiidkjliii'eMkiDi^tliv n-gtiitrar who nat bvnaath 
him) I knew what the law reallif womI" ''My Iftrd/' 



npUod BUly ilftrrw. nting nndtanuEtgrooDd whbmst 
l^nrity tJid Twprct. " if L ^oammtd ibat kDo«l9<%9. 1 
tiscun yoat lordnhip Uiot 1 woiiH uU jrour lordsbip irll}i 

•' w^U mr* the pmnt^ Bi!Ij Hjurii r " 

wuntu oy oifta:rr at oosrsi-LTATiosr. 

StiTJowit CookleV convivmlpowon wen mot niou-k* 
fflpfrfklly on drmiL He vm onw rotvaod in % 

iiy UnporUni cue to bo triad at York, and atCandad 

conaiilta^on the oigbl imrviooAly. fo <t:^t«nniiia on Ihc 
of defaaoe^ To tha ooDatankotion of bU cliaot, iha 

Tijeant ant«rad tha rujin in ji iiUitv of intoxication, and 
'plaioly sliovod tbat ha va8 in oo condiUon to aU«a<J to 
aur biiauiiai. Ila *wirad tKc attorney, how«vcr, tliat 
"flil wmild 1>« ri^ht in tiia morain^p'' an acaurwioo which 
did not ^w him much cocniuirt. Cockle tbon tiisi « vnat 
napkin Tound bti head, and deiired hi* juninr. Mr Monde, 
to icf'^rm hiiu of th« principal point* of tbe caw, AA«f 
tlkit be tt-rni to *l^l^1> for a iew boon, and proant^d 
blnuclf in tb? ccart ncjit awrnin|E aa tnA and ready aa 
if h<^ bad p&atcd tb« nijHhi in a very diff«T«nt m&nncr. 
He crcttB'«xaniiri«d tlie vritaoftae» witb hb u«ual tact and 
judgniQCit. aiKi his addnaa to ihv o^iut w&s aa >pinte<l 
,ind fbnible «a any hi* had ever d^livutvd. Not only did 
|li« ancONd in obuiuiiic a vwdivt Ut bu cli«it> but b 
laaid to bare diatiQ^iahed hiaanlf In a gnater Ajfigr$% 
^tfcan ever ha had dona belora^ 


Lord KmiD«0> when Wiping a crimimd conri on Uk 
Terth Clmit. aft^r n witn^ftfi on a capital trial nmcluOoit 
hia avidfniMb oUd to the vrituwi, " Sir, 1 bare one quae* 
h|jo& mom to aak yen, and imeiz>ti«r vou are on yonr 
tiOaAl^ Ton aaj you are fnm BtMbint" "Vo, my 
!lo*d." *Wh«ii do ymi rvliirn iKilb**?' "Tr>.iuorTOW, 
my lofdr "Do you know Colin OUli«r" -V**, my 
lord, I know him \<^ry wM" "Than tall liim that i 
ahall bn^fn&t with him on Tncaday noniJnjf." 

ASocT cftrmBr., cmcniTs, bto. 


ThU iftluy Cpf £40 a ycM:, with an nllouaiica of ctn- 
tlonwjp wft* fiftfit.inuod to all Kui^'a <?i-ninMil dnwn ta 
ibo rol^ of WiUbm IV,, wiii;:n it wm very pmporly 
williiirftvrn, Kin^^'ii Cmm^d*hip bcpcuning n ^mJe in th« 
profoMion of tho lnw Inttv^id cf an i>t!ici!. But the 

tncvinnto Hilary of the Attoi-ni^y-Goocnil wa* Awrpt 

nwny at tho Nunc time, altlinu^h bt wtui atili compelled 
to pay ih« land t&x upoa it. — S dmip. Cijvic-, 3:£:£, 


Th© Attorney GonomUCok^nt tho tri^l ofSirWaUf»r 
Rftlei^li, !<i|>>PI>od lUtnJ^h in lii^ ilefenci>, ikitt^tinc^l hiui 
aa ui atholat. eaying thit ho haj] tin English fhco but n 
SpaiUAh ll«&^t, Cecil, orn^ of tho t^auiiiiikiiciuori, naid, 
"Eo not 3o impatient, Mr, Attorney; civo him loavoto 
speak." Cokt. " If I may not be patieuiZy heard, yoa wili 
ennnurnge traibon and dUomirn^ ma I am ihrt King'a 
iw'jm GQrvunt, ajid I aiue;t !»peak. If he bu c^ilty. ho U 
A traitor ; if nr^t, deliver him '" C^'^'^'^'^- ^^""^ Attomoy Hat 
down in b, diafc, and would apeak no more until the 

commission t.-t7i ur^^'d and mttcAtcJ hini After much 

ftdo hu wont en, and iQiid« a long rtjiotitiou of all tlio 

irvideciOB L-r Utv diipclion of tb*J«ry ; and u.1 tLo ivpt'&U 

ing of aomu tliirij^^ Sir W&ltur Kal<:i;^'b iiitcLTupt<<d him, 
aud said iw <-lid Uua wron^.) Ci'kr. " Tliuu art lb« iuu4l 
vile and «7^^cmblo tr^tor that evr^r ]iv->d." H^l^^ 
" Tou apeak indi*cryotly, barbarv>u&ly, and utusiviUy/* 
Ooiisfl "I want woHh auibc^iont (o r:tpn)8B your viperoas 
tfcaaons." Hal^t'jK " I think yi>" w*nt wurdii, iodwd, 
fbr yftii hftVrt ■p.ik^n flnn l.hin^ half a do?:i^n timM, 
Co^r "Thou art an odirjun fi^llow; thy n&mo in hntoful 
to all tho tcftlm of England for thy priilr," linlfigK ■" It 
vill go near to provo & moasurin^ coat lictwtion yon 
and mt, Mr, Attorney." Cotct. " WtU, 1 will now nmkv 
it appi^ax U> the world that tUure nortr livud a viler viper 
upon tlio iato of thu I'artb tUan tliou."— i. Btato Triala, 26. 


Loni Campbdl wiyB of Svrjoiuit ODjklt^y (Lord Lyud- 
htmt) : "He waei uniirnipuloui in hia HUbtomont of facta 

208 CDRtOStTlRS or I*AW A^T> LiWmES, 

vhcn opnung hU cbm to thejunr^ more pArtji?»tnrly vImth 
bo knavr tliM bs wui to loftvo t£o c^Dnit nt tho ci>n«ltision 
of bb addtFM «(n th« plr* of At|mfii[i;[ to public |.*ui>in<ms 
obowliort- I WHS afUn hisjunbr, and on one of llimft 
OOCftBLoDi* when he vrttJi irUtit»;i ft tnittnphAQt ileffoico, 
vhich we hftd no «»iJMioe Ui prove, I »pvft«l timtm 
ptiickv<! litm by tl^? i^wn, mid Ui<>J to o>L«ck hiiu, Hav- 
mc lold tho jury ilku,t tb«vy ir*ro bound to (ind « rmiie* 
ID nil fnvuur. tiu u'u Juftvuiff tlio coart ; but 1 itaid, ' No ! 
Ur AtU>nK'3', r<<<i must sLft^ ftnd t^x&mine the vitncMOi. 
I cuintji orf;W to buftr tbo diHvrvdit uf losing tfie wdici 
from my toAining incoDipatcrnc». If you k^, I ^a' H« 
lb«B d«xt«r<HML/ offend a r»f«ronMV to whioh tlio tvthtt 

U vu rtUt«d thAt Clarke, tbo leader of dm Midlaad 
Cittuit (undor whom CbpUj wftA rvat^l), hnviti;; iii tbi 
Bitddlt^ of liin <vponlAg vpoMli obo»rv«d » nqgotktioa 
going on for thtt imttJwvwit of th» cAiinoi atatod mn&Jootly 
■n tinprkrtAhb Act wbinh he hud imn^nMnt thn mfirDnni. 
WboD all w«* over, hi* attorney nftorwimU i^ud to bun 
pTivAttly, "Sir, don't jron think we I^ftv^ jfoi vnrygood 
terms f But you nclicr went beyond my imiTuotiofM.** 
Ycia foolT" cn«d he, *bow do you MipfHwa jou coold 
liAvc got Back tfrnn^ if I Jiad ntuck toyotir inrtraolionar* 

omnAL ccvnnia oir hail 

IttHnj^ tho roign of Mory, tbo lav^on dovot«il mticb of 
attontJon to tbo Togubtion of tboir ova drvM mad 
rnvukfil A|>iw«nuico. To chr^k the griovonoo of " long 
~ i" 4» oi^]«r WM kMuihJ by iho Intnr 'IWopU, ' tbftt 
fUlowof Ihftt hoiiu kbould wnftrhii tnftrd above three 
r growth, on pAin of forfoitinji SO*." Tim Middle 
^^^loauu7t«d» ' tiiftt mm^of that BM?i«iy ehould woor 
gvwi bnwdjcH in thtlr hoK, inwlo tflor t^o iJutcb, 3f«alab 
or Ainubu fjulii'^n, or tawn upon tbeir oape, or cnt doulN 
under a punaJty of S«. Id^ asd expuibion for tho 
td oflcuce." In 3 aiiij 4 Th. awl Unry it wju 
orduncd by all th^ four lona of Oonrtj ' that nonooaoopt 
Jcoigbifai and bri>ch«n» «bouJd wf-ar in IboiT doublota or 
any \ight colours, »avo oevkt and crimnnn, nor won> 
any upper volvot cap, or any Morf or wingi in tbrii 



wliitu jjjrklue, bu»-kin**. <ir velvnt tAiow, Jinibl© 
tbcir vliirtt. l^mthere nr ritibons in tlkctr gaji^^ &nd 
tliAt none nlnjiild woar thoir slufiy gowna in tho ciiy any 
fttrthor tbwi Fltit*L OrMlft« or Hnlbom Bri<i^ ; cor while 
in commonB, w^ar ^paniah cicak-t. sword and Imcklcr^ or 
rapivr, or ^wns And haUt or giiwna girded with a dagger 
' ou the bftck.— Dtigd. Orig. Jnr., 1*8. 

cosirme gr JuwvHua. 

Ji^bn \Mii<ld^i],ft JL;[»li<rtiuribo Kiiiif'tt ISoJick In tbo fintl 

yoar of Qjwn M*ry, wwi tho lirat of tli* jehJ^jpi wbo rode 
to WtsftUuiu^ter HiJl oq a Lori»o, for buCjre tbal tlm« Uioy 
T<tf\*i on muldH. 

Ii: tUti time of Cbjtrtas II. on^ of tb« juii^-^ f^dl t^tT bia 
horao at Ohaiing CtrrM^, <!AtiAing grent r-xciteinent 

Tho hnbitA of the judg«di In ancivnt tiuie^t beui^ very 
vuiou4i, a Hulcmii docreo woh nijulo by all the juogcs of 
the courtH at WesLm taster, in IG!?^, Mibs^iibed by tkcia 
&11, ap]>ointiiig what rob&i thr^v nhoiild t^cncribith uic 
and al what tiiuei ; whidi rult; Lath teoii siucu obturved. 
— Caind, Snt No, 5. 120, 


In the midftle of the aevcnt^^i^nth ocutury^ tko c^oiumon 
lav judgw ibdhor^ tti th<:ir coltk, or bitiok dotb uapH, 
whicn they still put on wh«n ib^y i>aw H^iitciicoof drnith; 
but tbo Lord Cbancdloi- aud llio ?>|ji;ak«r of tbo Uuuao ot 
Ouruiuon* wory njvmiWri.>wnpd In'^vwr tiat^ Tb« full* 
botLum wJL', and tliu thrau-coruoroi cooktx] hat, wcro m- 
U'odui:tKi Kv^ji Fjhiluv alUir Ui« I^Ea^^'BIjoii. UhJTtHUijV 
wigA came in at tlio Bamc tlino ; but vory ^T&diially, for 
tk«t juii^>eB at tirat lUvu^Ut thvin Jio ooxouiubivAl that thoy 
would not Hiitfor ywmg nAptnuita to ptrjui hotL~krr thrim no 
aiUred. Who would liavuvuppoiiod that tbi» givtciKiua 
OTMflMnt, fit only for an AfrirAn ehU:f. would ht? con- 
aldorod tadi^wnsably noceMiary Ibr iXm admin iiit rat iun of 
ju^li<H' la Uie middle of thoainotccnthcenUiry^—l Uump. 
Ck J Ja, i^^ 



Tli^ ftrrt inaUuDoe ooouu In the r«fi^ of Hcon- ItL 

adiutv. Duriiig founci-n yo&T», Tititn 33 lu 5S H««i. lU, 
MvTMB thirty and forty «aM» tn Uio coiut arv ncortlvd 
in vbldi LftOMeo dd Brock |»lead8 Tor Uie Kkpg. "Mjui- 
farorpmv.'* lu tlw UltM* jr««r lio vvm niiwd tu Lbo 
bMcbu Tfiat Hcliook v«(TO mUbtlsbed in Loodorn for in- 
UruuUoD in Iho law* of the kliigilona before 10 Hen. IIU 
ftppt4kr» from a nf ri<:l inAndaU th^n mu^ bv King U^nry 
u> Uio iDBjor anrl bbcntf^ of that cUy, proMbitiog their 
rondiiQUjco. Th«T(T i* nothing that worn to wartaul tb» 
tttggMtion which haa bean iwk Chat Uia Kiofi'i objoct 
ID auppivMii^ tlitfis vra* to «ficounwc th« «CaQiabm«fit 
of Inns of c^vurt in Uir aaburbt, aluoo^ It m&ght |vo- 
hablj It^ntl U> it ; but it aioc<e likely aruaa frvm a juiSui^ 
native, anil s wiiJi Uk dijiei>nr»v Uia Mudy, Thn palace, 
n^w calkvl Lincoln'* Inn, waA built In tbc eojly part ^ 
Hcniy lJ!/iirci&ii, by ti>c ChanccUur, Italpli dc N'evilt<-, 
Biiibop of Clikhtttcr, and voa approfiriatcd by }nm for 
the ivwii rcHidcocc of bin tootxwton in that ini«l Tba 
in wljii^b it ii sitiiato wna fint called Ncv Stnefl, 
aflctwanl* Cluukorllor^M Lane, now conr«tt«d into 

eras or ocnmT, 

Lord ChanoBUor Sir Tliomai Uora had been dcatinad 
bv bU bthfT to wrar tfaa long robo ; and having oom- 
]>1vt«d hU coonao at Oxford, bo wjv lnuiMf«rred to iCondon, 
that hn n^gbt apiply to tbA %iudy uf lair, Aooordintf to 
the pracUoe thrn grncnlly fotlowcd, Iho bcffuD at New 
Inn, ''An Itm uj Ci:Anccry/' wiic-tv waa acvjuiml Uio 
JearalBg of writ* and pixicoiium ; and hi- nft^rwftrls b»- 
loQgad to lioooln'a Inn, "au Inn uf O^uH," whvrv wara 
taught the mora ftrofounil and abuniM bnnchea of the 
aciaacoL With &■ a BulfiricDt knowM|p orjurnffnidanca 
in Mippoeed to \te gained by r^tinf a earlaln Minbar of 
dutnara in th) halTof one of tha JnoaofOMut, wharal^ 
n«o are often oalleil to tha har whoJlr igiuaant of tlustr 
pnfMttoci; and, b^ng poabad on hy nroor or accident. 

ABODT comrasL, cmciivts, mvr. 



or n&tlvo viffoiir of TttlnA. tbfy oro uomclimcjt plibOfKl in 
hij^b juiiicjftl xitiHitiuiM, hftviiii» no acii"iainUiiCft with 
Iftw hpiyrinil whftli thry nnv hftVi* picked ujt A* prnc- 
titioners at tbo bar^ Tl^on tho innH of I'vurt and 
ChftiLCf^ry pTMOnUd the diAeiplinc of a well -constituted 
univcnitv; and, through pmf<vqnon, nndt^r the numc of 
" rciidorHj ' ftmJ t»Kcr<:i*fln^ nniii'i' the nanin cpf " mootiojpi,' 
inv^ wn^ Hyrttcnmiii'ally tAiight, iind efficient tutt of pr>- 
Jl(;i«n<;y ^ww vnpliod, b^lgro the dogrco vf bjirmtor w*a 
oi>nfcinie44,«iTititimg the Mpiruit to pimctiffc lu^ on odviKoto. 
—1 Camp. UvoB of Oh«w>, fll4 

lim TI£U[*LB CIIURCU onoA^. 
There Win;^ it fpvat tontrovct^ which cjf tb* two 

uliflt bo »uprily a uvw ui^uh to tliu 'JVmpIo (Jhiin-h, it 
wiu ogrik'd tW anch sbouM Houd orir* on trial, Ahd lUnt 
Ibu Ltinl CliaH[ii:ell<jp, Jwtlivys, aUuuld decldv bttweou thvcD. 
Ho diSi^rbefi for ^mith; the defp ton» of whnv orjj^on 
j^tiU cliarm tm, Harna's wout to WoIvcrljiiiij]»t»ri, luid 
h wud to be of hAnlly inferior laoiit. 

HAttRow FREJimicn or xxsb of oouat. 

An RfI^irmtlGCt«d much li^mour on Lord Lou^liboroagL, 

And vi>ry little uncm thn l^Arncd body of Bvuohurv <>f 

Ijin^ln'ei Inn. i^r Jazh^^ MAckintinh, »tni<rk with tho 

defective state of legnJ odufjutioii iii IC[igljind, An>,l j^U'tw 

fuUrly with the CTo*a rgiicimncedispUyod hrhi^hrethrari 

lit the hnv of the piindploB of goneml juriMprudtMice, 

rirnpoin^d to give A conrae of lectiirca on "Tho I*n,w of 

S'Aturo arid Nutioii^." u.nd nakod thi; BenchomorT.iijcolrt's 

Inn that he might have the use of their hall aa a locturjr- 

rooni. The*5 vcnorahk' men, who hAd reneliod thnir 

prwi>nt di^iity n-ithout boiog tv^]ajred to do more than 

tat A cuj-tAJn numhi?r uf dinnora in r>iihlic:^ n.nd whftfo 

priucipiii rxvupiaioii nuw was U> otUtr fgr their own 

B table All the ehiiiw doliawiea of the dcflson, OTidnr Ihn 

B tlan luimo of" uJtow.-dinjp," wisro grt^Atly ahui'kL-d by thin 

^LfttOp^Ht^d innovAtior), and br^in^^ A[moat alt blimJIv furiou* 

W anti-Jacobins, tnimblud at the idea of the miniU cJ tho 

H rifeiiitf goLL^mtion biding puifli>ned by tho Autlior of tb<i 

213 cwoitTTiefi or law avd iawters. 

*• Vvtdicim OaUica:* At lU boiehm' Ulili^ Om b 
m|ifioc(4 to b» Uio sftibO di&aej' ai ikt the Uiiii«DU\ mod 
Uto Mmo ** iMQintnDii " «r« utuAlly put M^^rt th^mi, bul 
with, tbo a-idltion of any otbor Ubboe tliAt uiy b>^och«f 
oAy Euicy. A l«vt feluJ«fil bftviog coDplftiDM tu » r«i 
Aid boikflirr or tho itUrvod cobditJon of Uiom who dined 
in the luw^ |Mut of tlie Ml, rvon^rod Uiis umwot, " 1 
amre joa, nir, w all Un Ali1[0; v« bftvo tiie bum 
oCHDiaoBt wjiU ytHiimrlviMh'' TImi aludvot nplrois, "1 
CUi <><ity Mky, wr fdyt iiftfli by n* vrry RAvoury oiilieft on 
ihvir way w your table, of which wo enjoy nothing bill 
tlio imt^lL* "Oh!" cxcklmcd tho bvnch^r, * I nuppOM 
yon moui tho ' cxc^din^' but of thc«io the Uw tAlctA 
DO oognimicc." 'Diu »f jioal of l»r<l Loughborough wvi 
Moeenful: udtholecliiraib<!iiifc^r«fi,itwMhopMlhAt 
the nunc of Umddnlooh would bo ccoDOcted wiu m ik*v 
cT« in tko hietory of jandical «4«idy id Enghutd, And 
the}' nvn pDpnUr wX tau ttiao.-^ (^unp, Chia&, 2DQ, 

itBAi>Rfta or nrKs <»p covtrr, abd Hoots and num. 

AC oDo tjmo » Toadu- wo^ umn&Ily Appoanted by ouh 
uuipRod uhhI (vallylodtflivvt [L'tOurvn. Tb« roftdcr choM 
A pAiticvlAT aubje^rt at atalutfi ilh & text, anrl afi^r oonw 
ndnte iborooD, CAllcd vUi<jr U&imtcn tv cltt:kn ibcar 
opiniocu^ AfUr which tite Jodgce ind >«^c«nts tnii^ht 
■peak. But AAcr tho bpoe of llaw ihooe r«Adliip» dvge- 
i>finted into CArtly feA*ti», tli« oxpeoAo of which Er^Qonuy 
cxeoedod £1.000. 

Sucu<.'tjJi»M en Att«fu|>t h> rwiv^ Lhp mdiii^ faaa bven 
mvki, et^oclAlIy In I7bO And 17Q6, hut tho pncUoo coold 
itover b« revthvii Jii VMUtiuuN aIw, afl^reupper, a nooC 
WAS ofl«tk hrld. Al wbidk fttwtfote deboioa pointe of 
MiTolly Aivt difficulty UfCore tfao benotMn^ But th«ao 
.Abodieil(fU^tlirii)c;h intoiD^ nAn«<tA UwiyAronnAintAiruid 
uikder tho modern fi>nu of dohftOng Mwleuee. 

SontiHima kUo At a rvador'* fcoAt, a mu^ue or Uioa- 
tricil entfCtAiauwni wovJd bo 0^tn, o«pedAlly in Queon 
tiiuUrth'atinkr. In iail,Slttkf*|ri»r«'a"TwHrUi Ni^t" 
vA* thiM Mrfofmod on CADfUetnAii daj-, in tho Middlo 
ToiDpW UuL AikI tbo King mad <ju<xd, at Lit«r dAt«^ 
oAcn onjoyod the AmuaeiD^ nf the iniuiiucA Tho 



duioed with aom^ or tbo ma«qUQrK Befuro llio 
of tbe grand r«b*:*Ilinn, tb«i4« wi^rv aoiui> uf th'> 

lied ftrnuuriiiioiitH of tht^ town. Tt>tj GhhaMniL^t 
fiiv^ in both llt4 Innor find MiiJitl(5 Teiuplij ^wtv n^itto 
mtpyh^cetit. ajiiI Hir Chrifll<i{>bcr Halton f<rr uK'^iioy 
of CU Jancing aoii g^vrd lilluirity ^vah c>>ikBiil6tvd l>' hia 
cnntpinpOr&KMt4>lkavcfiur)v vai-ne*] liiH(al*tAUichigh^l 
poet in ih'! law, ili^it (»r L(>id lli^li Cliauuellor, who^u 

tiinrit, wtiH th^rttx i'vi^i \>y Qur^n Klij»l»»itlj. Th* ii\f\ y 

of lln^fto revcU. aftiip tlioy vanisLod from tho h<ia«] wniiija 
in thr- ii»(>Ln)|K>lis, iq injtJiiUiiiml Hi m'.Mjnn (.iiiif.\« by thi7 

^nnrl ooiiTte of Mio drciiilA. 

■UStBMft 07 TUK T&JdPLG. 
The following Jinea were found Atack i^n the Tetnplo 

A* hj the Tmniilum' hnM" yrm ^i, 

The fior* nriil hmh ii]*[iljkyeil. 
In cmbtDiuALit £]|{iiiicA »\tuif 

The. itLUi'itn <hf ihntr trhiJo. 
Tiiikt c]iOTit> niftT iftfcr Irim thrntfc, 

Hon jiut ii thciT yjrufLMior^ 
Tilt liuiiU •uU forlli ihtfir ni'xff'nci'. 

Til* fa'imi tlitrir <-,rr"'^^'''^"- 
Oil liipi^ Rritiinfi I hfi|<iiy ibJd I 

Irt^t riiTC^Igri lULlinflH IlkV, 

Whrrt >nii gnt jiiHt)i:i« witlimif- guila 
.\nd t«W wilhntlt ^t^aj I 

TliQubovo IIiioN Nnoii prodiiooi] tho following aiinwcr;—* 

T)ti1ii4i<i4 ni'in. tbo«o holdi forojio, 
N-jf irnAt luch dunnliig ^Ivca, 
Thud nrtfal Qmblc^rTiii tend t(» ithpvt 
TIjvir oliuijU, itot EhiiriLifilvvfl. 
Tu hU a inck, ihuic fira nil iLnmi, 
Jty vihivh thoy uii-Aii lu riTiuat ^uu, 
Diit IiRvu « imrit^ frjr joirF<» tTw Auirj^t 

Nrrr lob tho lhriii;^tiT« ^r no Jt^ldj, 
To thQsift thoir 4!i<uiU inm^njiJii yntt, 
'Tin vi"'"'*** iJifl "liowr //«"«■, and thpy 
The ja(ik«7B th«t «m rido ymi. 

QtiM. Mie, I7«8. 

Tbo eminont antiqujiry, Uftinofi Banuigtoo, after ox- 

214 ccvosmas or law axd lawvcas- 

ploring Ui« oHjfio of tho Winj-«d Hone mmI LAAid, aji 
Uio «i&bloiD9 of th« two Ti^mploA^ ^ondudMl tu follova, — 
Tha bdwr T«ii)|iJe origiollly Ji»d a horw vUh two 
MSA fUittg rw itt to iiKlicmte ih« |ioTrrtjr of the onl^r of 
Tctnplora, But whcti thjit order grew man proepwous 
thej lifv^inA vhuieil of th* two n<l«r9, nrid by« ftb 
lri4«lb tb* tinio of Ellnbetb, they mibetituttfl tha laoro 
PMUcd Rgnrf of Pr^MtiH, vi^I m Imliciaing Uiiit thetr 
itnd of leamlrtg advanced non to the eUr^ mtil ad 

' ThoUMdUToDDttk.lifly jv«i«]at4>r,Mlect«d tboHoJ^ 
liMMb to divUnguuili tlwr Mmty, ttie Lanb b«ui^ rajpm- 
MDUdflomtttiiM* in thAold^ scak of tbo orlgjnftl aciei«ly, 
boToru jt wa^ nubdjridcd into (ha Ibner TeiDpIo csd 
Uiddlo Trniplo- 


On SftlunUj- laat (Jan. l<iS7> tb« TevpUia ckoao osu 
yr. Patiii«r, sun lo Sir Utiy Pa]n>«T, thoir Ion] of BUBniio, 
andeff Um nanw of Ibentcoaat, who tlia suaa idgfat nlll^ 
to ^tber up Iuh rcota. noi only in B«ia AUa^ lui a]w> 
In Fleet SlrMt, frcvi B&in Alk^ to Tcnplchcf- Al 
oTery door tbe^ cmme to, ihvy wiad^d Cha Tample bom, 
and If at the u^robd Mi^t or aummoiM they wiUua 
opvii«U not Uio dow, lb«lr lieuteoaat's voice wa*. "Give 
Bra, gunner,"'— Ilia ipaBMr being a^roLn^l' lilackAioitH, and 
Ihagon or petard ilwlf bdnga bu^ overgrown flisith's 
'^aoamar. Nj LonI Jlayor. ^i"g tficoiiplainad to on -San- 
<kv Morning, nid ho would b« with ih^m about okven 
o*dock p.m. wilLiorijr, that all that uotiJJ, HhoQld Utabd 
iritii iMir balborS^ Hia lord*htp ihua MUniM, and 
advanad m high aa Kam AlUiy, forth cacie, vith their 
AWMtU, aiMi in tbeir bo«^ and donhlcU, ont of thn 
Tanplo'gata, Un Palmar and vooi^g^tlvoKm. Oii« bade 
faim come to ibo Lotfd Alajror ; be niutwcrtd, my Lord 
yajor might feme to bin ; b«t in tiiw U>ey agnod to 
nout half wav. -Mr Patnwr, being ijoarTeUed witli for 
not putting olT bin bat to my LorJ Mayor.Aiid giving mm 
aoswi^is, ibc haJbcida bcfioji to Hy abuul hu tats, and 
bo and his compat^ to braikdhb tworda. At lant, Ur, 
rainivr waa aeiaed and /uraad to iki in tha ooroptar 


UicoQ |tt4floners for ttro nights On Tii^'^iIajt 
'4btorD9y«ue<l tbu Iiuni Mayor for tli^trUbvity, 
wbicli wa4 ^mtitvil an m-ftvinu pftnlon And rrpAving 1)h-\ 
mont>y ho Cad galliorod. luiJ mftkiDg roparatione fav 

A« Prynno had nbiuod l!ie QuecnV love of th* sIa^, 

Cd mjvu]uo in honour of Charles L and the ^eon. 
Jnnh clirtw tliu bcfct dftnctrr* uid ma*qiJPJ's ftmong 
dr mcmbpTSi T>ut bcfoiw going to thobiinoii'^ting houno 
Wlotvbftll, in four rich diarioU. **p:b drnwn by six 
ira, llio gontlfinion difl^^rod ahont the order nf their 
goin^, aiid ftji to whidi of tii« Inrf of Ctmit nhoutd Lava 
th* hrftl rhftriot., ftnil t.Urn (w tn th** rr*t to th^ir ordrr, 
and liow Uio four inrvFLqiifirK Almiilrl fit tn tho rhuriot. And 
who nhoiiM kivo thn ohiof (ilin'iv Tlin committepj nfVr 
florco dchat4^> At Ioac agrr^r:d that thci £hfiriot!i nhould bo 
nude af\or tho fiuthkin of thn l^>[imn Lnuiii[.-ha] chiiriotii^ 
of an avn} form, m thni in tho wata, which *Ul fft/Mid thn 
liotNeis theiv hhoiild lii^ no difterQiice. It wm thun HitlUcd 
by bftllot ^■)xi*'h dijirifft ww Ia go firnt, Tho pmcrjotion 
juiil ricorlrlr livciio;!. tTiimtH;c«» FWoidK, hflionn* torcHfii, 
pfigcs nnd Iflcqiii™ luid hi>ili'moUW boi-**y^ Accnidmg to 
WhiUlotk, one of the chitf pmmotcin, " mtkdo tho ino»t 
gloriouA and qibudid ahuw that «vcr woa bcbuld in 
Enf^lnnd." Tbi^ro wcro anti'mn-iouprs nlso wh& followed, 
coDJiiHtuiit qI oU tlic bk^tfgun and ciipidctA of thu town, 
with Diunc of koyn and tonga, dirt rarta ntid jndcyi of 
hoTBtv tv cfury thoio. lu thu Onllot for pn^uuduut^u Cray'n 
Itin "Went first, tlit'U tho Middle Temple, rhm Innei' 
Temple and Lincoln a hm. All Whituluvll woa n bla:cu of 
ti^ht from tliv turch<w^ and Liu; Indicii^ decki^d with jcwuU 
aad Tich dotlia, wavud their honda from bolconiut. The 
Cuuil w»« Ml ei»Uid«v, and b<»(£|ied thc» iirocviwuiL to go 
ivund and rxitum omw iuore> to ^vo anotlitir viaw. Tho 
Qut)»9U diL7k04id with moiiiu of Uju nioifqtiviv, utul tbu revi-lry 
w«nt Oil Ull daylight did a]i]^0A.r Tho Quvon wcui i^o 
d^li^htud tliiil hIio bi?^ud a rtijHjt-iLioii, aud ibo Lonl 
Mftyor had to invito all iht? coin|iany ti> Mou-hant Tftylor^* 



oDKioarrnEB or ulw aho LAimBa. 

HiU, 4tiil tbi« pivo ^4t oontcnimant and iaftnlto 
Jisjijni^i^h if, t\rjyho<\y. Thn miuic alon* ooat £ljOOO. 
iPrjTDiMi'A c«t« wen <nit ofl* by th« Btor-chfunbef, »dc1 lio 


did Imst how 1115 LotU iUjror, bein^ iuvitod thii day to 
dintior at tbo i«*4ftfli ui t^n Tcmpli^, uid rncl«««x>iinng 
to c&rrv liitt ftwont u|i, Uic Btmlr-nu did pull it down. an3 
fucoei] bim %o go uiii iiUiy ntl the dny iu n private euun- 
['MUor'it chftmW, uiUiL tJic rcador bimftelf a>uld ffpt tba 
young guiUlcui«n Iv diimiT; mid tbcfi my Lord Mayor 
did rotrf«i mat df IIk* Temple hy M«ftl4b, witb bin nrord 
up. Ttiiii ilu m»ku tfivkt lii4it iimufit'llifi ^tarloniji; and 
tny l^itt\ Mflyoirilidii^iulcotbi.- Kio^Aii't als-i, [ bear, ih^t 
.Sir Bichoid Brovr^c did oiufio ib^- dnuns to beat for Um 
irmm bsodHn Uut aJI ■ over, only I b«ar tUat Uw 

lb« Ktn;- in CHOftiidl. w^rtt ibe naU«r waa found to 

4tui«i>ta do pa»o1vc to ^ tbe cbftriar of ibo city," 

1h both pvt» ^pvored b«fm 

,d«pflnd on right and pnvilv^. whicb a rourt only conld 
da4«mina. It would Ap^Hiar that the metier has iwver 
bttM d«t«nDUad till tluft day.--$ Pepya* Diary. S. 

■ow A uw Kjvnr^r an^^^nuKt> ik^kxv mjett at rLAT. 

Lord TreasaTrrr Bar;;b1i^y nivd to rvlatc that when be 
woaaatodent at Omy'n ItiD. in 15l!S| at tbo ojfu of nineteen, 
A mid eomjtamoii of bis enticed bini to plny^ Wberruit'ia, 
in A Oiort tixDC be lost all hia mouoy, beddhig, uid ImoJgei, 
to bit oomf^nion, bavinc oeTor luicd play before. And 
htknf^ nftenran^B ftTnonji; (lA other told then 
Iww lucli a on« b^d intilod biiii. tayinj; tie would pre- 
oenUy bftie & device to be evm with him. And be woa 
M good oa hiEi wcrd- For, wjlJi a lung tronk be nod* a 
bol* in ibfl w^l nrar bU pleyfelIo«*M bfd'a head, and jo 
» fevftd ToiM tpoki! tlins tbroiwb tbc tronk: *0b. 
aortal tnoii, rtpfatT repei>i ot tCy liovribic lime con- 
Mtned In pky. MweoB^^e, and sacb kwdnou »m tbou but 
oonEnilleu, or else tbou art ifAtnneil and convt ttOt bo 
mved I *' Wbj<^, bring «pok<ei at ntdtiigbt, irhtn be vu 


I'alflnc, an iiinaif^O him aa dr6vc him into a advent for 
Mokl p^iiLi^iil mid hviiyy^ thu uvxK Jay, Ilj [>rt»(J>CLi 
i^f the jr^ulh*. hn UAd wttli ti'erabtin^ vrUai, iv fiNtrful 
.voioo ttpake tu him at midmj;!il, V(>wiii^' tnjv*;r l<» play 
^■Hftitu And cttlliTyi for Mr. 'Veil, a»iki*(I iiiin^jIvMiPM 
on Uii kiiL'ca, &rid ii^atiirLv) all his m^>n«y, biHldtD^, and 
bookx S'J two jjumMtt!!-^ vtfvfid Will iT^cUimffd with 
thia merry d^ice, and wvor played more.— Pocta Dc«ld. 


In 1 BiG. Mr, A, Hny wftpd, Q.C. n, mc-mber of tlio Tnn<T 
Tpuipio, lukviu^ bufii i»;fu[*ud vL'CtuHi to the boiioh of 
tbat, iiiH, owing, a.-* wai^ iirkdt?nto(ul, to nomti quurrul 
btflivt"*!! lum ttiid Mr, Uoubuuk* Q.U, ttli-ija^Jy a bcti^^liur 
of Iho siiriti inn, Mr. Hayward jwtitioned Iag jiidc;iw to 
interfory, aud aftor long ar^-umvut on botU tiJea tb^jr 
cani^ to tbe folluivj])^ dtfciFitLtn. 

"Tbtf Judgea, who licar thiti polillon nr^u^d, 111 the ox- 
BTCJita oL Ihc^ii' ^vththI vLsKoiiiil ^lovwr, tlimk it li^lit (o 
leclarc ih-.W m^auiinourt opinion ibat tin: lK^nchi:rn oflhe 
Innvr TempL' btivu Uiv I'it^bt t>j duiviujim< : 1, Wliotlit^r 
they will add to their m»i«l>or hy any iit'vr idi>'Uon ; and, 
ii, WhIcU of thu ni<f)Liboi>i of th« bai- t'olon^in^* U> iholt 
nocifity tli*»y will t*]\^rX Ut tbt? Imiicli^ 

"Tfio jndgM, ibcitjfaro, arc all of opinicm that thw 
nrittLii^ni^r had no m^honto right tn ho c'jtlli^l to Lho 
hftHfih ; hut thfiy all Ihink tb*r mcal^ of clrL^tion hy whiirh 
ft f^lnglft \Afu:k Iftll muy r'\chid^t ist unri'JVionAhlc. And 
tihoy *lT"c*tig!y rrcfuninond the K'n<^bci"- in futiirf to 
conduct iliulr cIcotioiLh Ut the bv^itcli in HOino uimt^ s^atiit- 
fivctory mannfir, 

" (Signed) Dontnfln. l\ Pollock. J. Parko» E, H, AiJi^'wrt, 
J, PattM-m, T, tJoItrimn. It. M- lUf'.-, W- WiKhtrnftri, 
C Ch:«»wplh W. Eric, T. ,J, Piatt, ' 

The rciult wan, that tho l>i*t]chcni of Iho Inner Temple, 
in 1847( came unantmonnly to tho following ivgolutioo: 

"That in futuro no uno '^\<aM be eli?cteLl to Iho Utdoh of 

the Inner Temple nnhii'i Ejl* obtain th^ \oI<^h of tbf! 
niaioiity of (hv eiUtLni; benchi^ni, and that fuui' Ihkck 
balla shall bo Kriffii^n'nt to Axcludc.** 


amctartEs of lav >hd la vtrEits. 

- BIB Viti. 

WIieD tliQ ju'lickm* Q^Uktrr. ncftt- tho cod of KJuuboth's 
niga^ w chovn AhAplBin of Linniln'ii Inn. his [irrnrhlng 
wu macrK Admiral Mtl^ »0 Abunliuit in Icnmcd cjnot*- 
tkmk Ho |:irv«ch«d for t«n youi^ KlilntD miuius « dA^; 

•fttitlW, that whff^n Ik bandi^r did not ibUcnd, ho vu 
mi«Bticincd ah to thf reuKm of hu ftbdicaec. One Sunday. 
Uint pIvfuiKRt i^vntlmiAn, 3!t, Tbumu Hitchcock, bcipg 
mijHBtiL 4t dk«]w1, uid noiBin^ kbi into tbt hftll Ut dinner, 
«'U fthlcifd In- hii brvtlircai Whcro ho hod bovn Btivyuiff 
nlinwl. "t'havi* »>«in," Quatb he, "at I'auVi CroW* 
"Thou wcnU^t thiUtor to hear aoino newvf*' mid the 
otheni "No, trulj-,"' replied he; "I went upon another 
occMion, but I lenrned that indeed there, vrhidi I never 
h«afil of hoforv, — how the ku c^nic hy hii luns <AnL 
For tbo prenfhc^r tlt«re t^M nt n story out of tk Jcwuh 
nUibini th&t Adwn. tifler be li*d nniiied the ci-eatuTM, 
called them one dny a^in b^rora him, to iiy whether 
they remtmbervd tlio naineB that h« htid Kiven tliom. 
Add lmviDj{ bv nune died tlie lion, the liou lireur new, 
and Ibo horte likewise. But tJiMi otUin;;to the UB m 
like mumvr. tliv ntt*, hAriufi forfotUrn Hi* nai»'-. like ah 
oM^ ntrxtrl fttill. Wlicriupoii Adam, liAviDtf Ivrkuiied to 
Uitu M liU hiv hand, lo wun mm he uame vithin Lis rencti. 
caught bita nith both h&nds bv Uio eAn und plackeil 
hioi b)- them do nhmwdly, thtt m hie abort wii he gftve 
htfn aloDj; pair of Mm " Upon tlii« Alory tolrl them, one 
of llie bmchen told Mr, HiiehoMk h« waa well enough 
aerved for bin piddtiig abm^d; ho miuht have b(«rd 
bctumnd njoro u^fuL matu r haJ h« k«piMia»cirAt hovM. 

coiipn.LiHo rxBTR or coitht to idhit to tus lua 

In A ctte beCort Lord Uanafltld and oih^ jndgiM^ Mr. 
WiiliMQ Hart aakod for ■ uandaisua to on^ Ui« 

liexidMn of Onj> Inn lo caU him to the d«g*M <^^>*VTiM«^ 
bUlaw. Th* coarih liowvverf «aiii tliat no «nch rtmodjr 
WM projxrr, for thoa* IMM WffO ToJuntaiy aoeietlea, and 
Ibejvdgeii w«re oidytho vuitofi. Any comiiUlut »]jotUii 
be to ih^Jod^ in Utft Utur npaciiy ; »bo, hov^m, had 


^^H jUiotTT cocnssi/, GEBcuiTd, mc 219 

power only ovnr ftcl'iiiUy admUlud memWi^, E*inca, 
xhay cuuUI not order thu bt?nchi:raU> a'tmil nDyl>ody, any 
more than ihu w>iipt (lould orJ«r lb ooUego to bJcqII 4 


Lord Ckrcndfn, in <lcAOTibin^ the firo In tTia Tcmpl<^» 
in IQGOt Buyfl: *' The Lord Mayor, UioU]>h a vttvy honotl- 
TMUi, WAS mijch blamcil for wnnl of Hicwi^y in tho finit' 
ni^ht of tfu^ tire. buH^r? i\n> wind gu%~o it much ndviuico- 
mriit, Kt>r, though he ciwoc with (jii-at diligt'nrt^ om siicm 
AA ho liod EtQtice of it, yet never having hc»n n.x^d ti> nuch 
■pVCUclcs, liiH uoiufttirUfLLiuu wju vquni Ui Umt of gthor 
mon* Nor did hckrtowhnw to npply hiHUuthonty to tho' 
rexncdytog of Uis present di«trcu ; Bud when men wlio 
were less terridftd with thft ohject pressed him vtvy 
earncEtly that he would ^vu oi^or for tho jireeeiit pulling 
dctwu those hou'c*' which wen? ncftre-it, imti hy which th© 
liro climbed ia ^ fiirLhf^r, tlio AoiUji wheretif at that tinio 
wiight probably have pruvcatcd much of the mischief 
t)uit nuccFcdc'cl, he thought it not Mnfn,and mndf^no other 
ftiiHwer thiLii thiit ]io dumt nut do it witlioul tht' eouaoiii 
of tho owners, Hin want of skill ww the \Mst wondered 
ikt, when it wnn known arvvrword that aouM gonUuiuun uf 
tho Inner Tcmplf* would not rndeavonr to preaftrv* tho 

Kydtt which wvns in the loJ^jin^p; of ahtwiit poreoua. 
cbUbL' UiL'y sEiid it wfta Aj^iiiPit tho Uw to biv&k up any 
man'a thwohiT/" 

TUJS Anx>]:Ni:Y'UC7(eiiAL i\ tuk ii*jvhii u^ €um»o>& 

After H committna^ to aefti'ch for preotxloittM, it wwi 

tlmt '*Mr. Attorney 'Gwii?Tal Brtc^in remain iQ 

. _ uso f<;r tiiiH l*arliuineol^ tut novtr wiy ALConioy- 

fi»vnenvl to servo in thft lowrr houm* in futiirrt.'' The 

r^fat of the Attorney C^MU'ral to Kit aa a mcmbor of thd 

HouH of ComiuoBiH ItLiA not iLnotf hoon Hcrnou^ty 'juos^tioried. 

Ak h<i M Kumm^nod, occohlinff to imnioTDonii uw^ to 

odvite the llriusn of LojvEi^ nnd oitjjlil to rotum hix writ 

K ami to (Aki: hi-« place on the wool>^ck, tt ii cruiy to cnn- 

I ceivc tbat contlicLin^ iiutie« mi>;ht W ca>l n\¥>ii him; 

I but hia att(^ndii,nec on tho Ijonl« i« dinpcnsed with. 




otmo«rm« o» law avd Livrms. 

Mcvpi IB pwwiBg «taw, ftiMl it h«i lievn roiiiuj niocli mora 

lo llio Howa <ir ComtmonM^ vrbkh nigbt o4li«cwaM bt 
«MO|>«fia»a'iiL — SCftatp. Lirmnf ChAnft, sac 


Whilv! Sonwrm wm AUomev-Qrnml, in ]GD3,aitUn; 
m fH- StepKfn'ii Clmpcl, w diairmui of a cominitttft <? 
Ui« vbole l»ow, tho Lor<l« vtil Tor him lo Adnav tlxm 
in tb« CAM of Lonl Banbury, iwbo, beinji ch^r]^ irith 
■lorder, tad pk«4«ij hi* pc<irra;fi-. U« itnin««l»U]Iy Uh 
thd chair ah'I brokit Up the oomimittr^, which K^t^ itamo 
diivtttit to tfao OmiDOilft; utj'-I ih« Lnniv looiiuo thoy 
kftfl vAilr-l fv>iii« timP fnr hirn. i&iliUiiril ab Uiqiliry 
vh«tK«T ibu AttonK^y-Ocnvrml U not oUij^oU by bit pOfti 

lo ailviui U>«ir h^niie, mmi jTrranitnl an aiirltusi to t^ 

Crown, ptmyin^ ili&t he inTj*ht be din.-ct4>d l& do «x 11m 
AUcvnvy-Guiwnl m Hummuiied o» tlH«u t«oaAiom to tb« 
HoiiM of ii0*d8 by a writ, in all rMftMta tlio i&iiw a^ tbat 
of It pt«r, omitting the woitfa "tiJ etrnMniiendum.' On 
tha Ifttl of A pi'Pr h» MtH wttbouL t^ tttr, if ha be ft 
■neinb^r of the lltyims of CommoiM; Vkd whbJn th« hn 
If be ia not H b*- reUirivi bin writ; bo tn*y tit on tHo 
voolMoIr; but \hcn be la preclu'k d from pltaOiiig En aay 
privftto caow at ibe bar Flunk l<>2U to 167D no 
Atlomry-GMienl (Wittinii«'1 a tn^mbtr of Ibo Hoii«« of 
Comipon* afWr bia a{i|K>itititient Since tbm Iio hw 
aJway«b«4*nftii>frmt'fr.iinlMH<njiual1y — moc<» ibo IUf>jm 
Ad »f 183^— from tbo diffi'^iKy of finding A mtL Pr^ 
vioiikly ft i¥«l W4» found for biiii by Itio iTMAory, at Uio 
0jc»il prk« of ilMK). tits proper ofR^dal plv« in ttio 
Kiaig^a fWncb la luidvr (bo jvora* on ibo left hand < >r tho 
UaMcrof tbe Crown OfSca^ TUIpb, tbahi«tormn, WKribca 
ibo proo«odinga tftkoii on Uiih occasion ai^nJit Somon to 
Uio Kpitn of tbo Jaontaica,— i Ounp> Chaoc, 100. 


Wh«D Lord CkaiK«Uor Maii[ivr»Tvtif«J, in 18^ from 
Ibe Imh dtanc«1k>r^bip, PIuiikH tbo AUafn«y-0«iMTttk» 
tixn famona aa an orator aad kwy<r» waa Lodkod to aa 

At^ouT coincaeLp cincoiTft, eto. 

thci pmpcn" Hiicuussor, fljid all the nowsnuin^rn Lallod bim 
nn tlin utimiug uiau. But lie l-ouIJ i;ut tw ApartK] froui tb^ 
noitucnrUoiiimoiij^ nnd 8ir Antlumy Htitt, of th« Kn^lii^li 
bar,waaajip<diLtud, On tliutitAt aitUu^'of that juUgev tlid 
Iri^ bar imK?iubli:^d in ^E^ial. loiOL-,und iticlud«o Plunk^l. 
Shid xakaX O'CoQnell, " How dowi Pkiikct loolc this 
moraing. Unu f " Duji^ irillicig Lis liir^fc givy uy« at tbo 
bi^nr-h, rcplkO, " Oh, very oore at ?t^rt." 


TIju pftlicy of tliiri luodo of prmocntini;; lilicU linH hjitl 
itfi opponents o.u(\ ilef^ndom, Uiou^h it ia now in pnint of 

tiriLolico coiitiued lo seditJoUM uud ulvphoiuouM ji]>«lh> U 
iJU> been ofl«n complninf-d nf in Parliftmcnt o^ in it« 
M>CT«Hy uiul i<wiftrivui and overwbuluiin^ forLn>, too nviirly 
Akin Ut drApotinm, ttttd ^omewbAt (4it of harmaay with a 
Und of liberty, where proBccutioiis gjc luliject to flxcid 
ftDd v-'«l I -understood law*, and where a niftn ciin defend 
h imiic' If again !)t aU ant4i^L>iii3ts on cc^iiol tcrm.i. On thi? 
othcir hand it hiVi Lct-^n ui^'ixt, tlint Iho prc>i ofUn actd 
Ukfi Oft rx«ift«un, diid must hn coped witb by wpapotw 
which iuu> bo Dvarly m middunly and cnt^r^E^tJctitly usjod; 
and that tliid mnnot Ih! done except by confiding a din- 
crutioti to oiiv, wlio in bouod ovvr to pniiii-iiOD unt) 
mudtmtion by all t)te circuni*iLaneut of hn oBlv. and U 
U>Q wvlt u'atohud to bu likuly t^ abuflu it. And it b 
nddctf, tliut tb4:<usb Ui& power ba^ bct-'u u^^r^d iihl^ Lhu 
tJmft iif Edward IIL, no ffPMt al>iui(!H bavc bui^n ilinc^ovoi^cd 
m it. Likt* tbt^ bwlipI ol UoliAtli. it u iL-^vi'Vi^d fur ^^niat 
ucouioTis., Aikl what nuw makua Lcsrt mipuiltmt the 
tutiHt^^iiijo of atiy vt-!i]K.t[i 9o diKTi^t und dvu'ily ju Ihu 
bandd of Gove^rum^nt. ts the kiiowli-J^\ that while thi?n* 
U uo cwiUMjrship aad nv re^Jntry of prmUug pi\«B«s or of 
D6Wspa|rGra, wbd« iy)u<?atuiu pivpaivfi its laillionH of 
roaders and wriUrre. & cljamplon will novcr ^ to oaiae 
fortb oil any grv&t cnwi^^viioy^ Kveii in thu luidat of 
legions of aptoa atid infonQort, a hand will isgae from bbo 

orowd mid writ<r on th<^ w»dl \i\ Ivttvm of Jiiu riLjiuoiLal 

j^tandorit; a hand wirJ^oE^t a uAiuf, which CA(in<^ bo 

trac«U, bitb will Icaw inany tilings w«ll «pokwi and 

rholMouie (a bo rvmcmbcrriMl in nil fnt'iit: tirap— Patw^ 

222 ctuoatiJM or Liw avd lavtus. 

Popo lUoiruD VL, being much ojiDoycit Ly d^fuEiiA* 
tory libeU krtd fHiAquinvlGt, «m ftt bin wiLi end bow 
to iU«I with tb(TiQ, auti intcndod gnat iorvritj'. Tbe 
likcotiaui iriu uvA to futcn th«r libeU to th« iiUUi«a 
of PiM|oin &n-i Marforio, and the Pu|io hod m great 
roiod to hjkTn tboie tvirt BtAttiDa thrown into thi-- Tiber. 
A&d tlkU woold hftve boon coiriod out, if bu bod not 
h%ttm cautioned by the S[-4nuih &uilAHai];>r. the Dtike of 
SoM^ vbo wittiijr tboi advUisI him : ' What «r« fou 
ipcnff to iJo, holjr fatberf In it nut mucb bettor to 
paraon tboae two muto statooa than to opon tb» mouths 
of all tbo town ! If you throw tJiMn into tbe river the 
Ttof(n Will cri4ik all Ui? rAill^ri^h orer R^in, to tbat 
evi:ryl>odf who o^utn will h*ar tlrtm." T1k» Popo then 
auJ« '* Tiuol Ufltl. \vi tit h'lm IheiEi and redatvrtbvm lo 

^mkt$, no thai ih*^ro will \k an «d<1 of tbein for ever.* 
" Nay," aaid tbo iuti1«»aj|<>r, " if yuu li^jrti thifir patruna^ 
tboi tbp f^ioltt will T[i««t annually, and Hi^t ajiurt a whola 
tlay toorltfbmte th« aunartraaiy of tho d«atlj,aiid every* 
tk&m will l>« rvpeaAfd." Tha Pop« aaw tho wity aoJ 
rMmd not to i^ddla witb ibo maltor 

Lord WaAlUighm uked Weddoi^m onoc, wh^n he 
waa C3ii«f Juotm, bow be poauUy coutriv«d to irot on 
irith Tbnrtow, vb«n h« waa under him oa SaUdlo^ 
Qaourat, couMdering tlw uiiwontaJ quautily of publie 
woHt tlt«y had to do to{*«thcc, bot^ aa to AmMiea, 
Fnjice, and Spain, owing to tba indoleoea of Lonl N«rUi 
and tba incapacity of Mvaral of bit oolleagaas. * Hotbhis 
ao oiay,* Mid Lord Lougbborough : 'I knew Thurlow 
to be a biillv, and only a bully, with no loorai iivrvv, 
bui intoloraUa if not jiubdacH; m> I roMlvad on my 
courva The firii pap^^r 1 had to propara wa« ooe of 
mat impottaifece nnd <litllcu]ty, aixl 1 atni it to him tbat 
fie iBigbt oonaid^r and reviea. Wbvn I mw bim bo 
»wofe fcotfttllyj dcclarDd that tbora never waa anything 
HO iU dona*-it eould not be used. Uo bad no tuoa to 



Oorrtvt a, it WAV too bad to be rcirroct^J, T luuHb rio it 
orer Again, I e&\d. ' I bt^ your p&nloii. I Iifivo done my 
btfttt. J kiiuw llii^u* luu ^r^Jkl iiu|>Ht'rvi.-tioriif in tt. I %u\ 
not salwfiwl Q»y-dfH V^ut I cannot do it JicU^r; T hiivo 
beatowed my wliul^ niiiid upun It^ &ud If yoLt uaunot 
Ulc^i il, yen nnml. j»ri*jiftro the pt^tt^r yoiifnelf." Hfl 
p^iiwlad vury fcav8{^i-i^. but' he aaw I wae qulto ildter- 
niinef). nnil bo T li^rt a with hiiTin When wo n*>xt met, 
ho produced ray papar vitliout a won! of aiti^rution. 9tk\A 
ho tiftd no time t> all«i-, tliHt it uiuH jvtht do, but it wju 
A perfect ilisgmcc to thoin both, and ho *hould flay w*, 
for Jjs wu^ flMbam(^J <*f llie p&Dor. ' Ind^d, }Ar. At- 
tiirnfy, yr-ii tljoll nrit sjiy *n, ana it i* hfttt^T wp (indnr- 
i-tiind ojich othor onco for tvU, I will Msist yoo lo tho 

titmont of my pf*Wor ; if ynn rjinnot inr thn pnpnrs I 

draw, thgji of covirao I tnny bo unfit for my orticc, and 
you TOQitt fio thti wodk ^ btjt if yoit fuEojib iny pnpcr, it 
itt no li]ngi:r niinr, it iji yoTjri», and mwrX bo your^i, and 
yoiini nimio. I will ttaw notthui' nivrit nor diiii:rcdil 
from it.' I viid thi-* with tlir nimi.-at i^iJolnrM ; ho hwoto 
&uay, but haid ; ' Well, toko it away, it will di> a« wdl 
art anythin;; tlw, I Kn|»pojip/ I nrvor afti'iwnrds hod 
nixiglc dilfijrojjcu wUh him."^0 Camp, C1iau<^> 03. 

suoc{'>;wR8 IN OFricii: obligiko each otokii. 

Henry Kr^kino, (Jiu SL^>tc]l ad v^x'iitc?, succeed iri^ Dundiu 
ag Lord Advocate, thu lattf*r gooJ-huniour^J poliUdibn 
olTvEvd Lu Wd KrHluiitj liiii oiubroidvrvd uUloihi l-uwu. fu 
ho would not want it bng. " No," said he, in tJjc same 
i^tirU, "1 will not BiiHiuuo lhc» abaudonud hablLs uf my 

Tliu dtath of QuoQii Uijolino was n lioavy blow ta 
Brougham. Ho not only was lowi^red in yfolitjpjvl oi>n- 
fti^juvnoe, by loniii^ an inatrumont of nnnoyanoo which ho 
C':>old wield niUi i^Htct, but it ti^mchcd him very rlcmcly 
lU tlitj pivfcfvii^i], for. loning his office of Attonioy (kni!nLl 
to tljo Quatfu. he woa obli^'c^d to di>lf hi> vilk 0own and, 
*'" botttim vigf, and, atUnng hini*elf affain in bombaxia 
a uouimuii tlv, tu " Utk's Iuh placa iu court, wltbuul 



lli« Inr MUOpJinglv " Qcoripe IV. had Um puidllMiimity 
to ta^k^ Ap«rBODu ftJf&ir between hinuiyl/ aatl firaughun 
And Do&mtt of vlial bad paMd duriog Ui« Qiificn"* 
traJ^ Oat of vev^Dgo for b&ving brcn cumparvd V^ 
tlKfn to Ni-n>, bo cx p re w wd a detcniiiii«d r«»hHio(i Uut 
uviUivr of Lbuiii iLuuliI bo aiiuiillvd iuto Lliv uumbrr of 
lib"counM«l L*oro>vl in tlie loir." oiid th&t thry nhould 
Iw d^^jmrwd oa luik^ oml ■» much lu it wu ui bb puwor 
lo doprotf tkom. Tljia nuioluuon, b> which he lan^ 
adboniL till it wo« finolly ov«f«omo hy the jnonlr 
npfotontotiuiiH of 1K41 ])(ikn of Wellington, &l tii>i 
unno^od Broughoiji v^ry much ', but tho o&'Attontej 
ooon found that, for a ttmv «t J«<AL%t, liiit ooiMoqiioiioe »w 
mthor onhnnccii by boiiif coiuldorod Iho Ticlim of rojrU 
oninkoaily U'caumi ho hM coiu^eouoly dt>aa hit duty,— 
8 Coin[>. Cluikc^ SSK 


Ib 17K8, it itnt^taA Ut hjVTn heim cotuudcrvd th^t tlie 
only butivKw of tho Chivf BiivD w»« to to* >muci^en. 
W'bfOi StT W, Ctarrov woo Attomoy-QooonJ bo oTaimed 
Ltliif offiov. on tho dcotb of Chiof Boron Tbomaofi. b«t 
ftxird Etdon cUinud tbc potrono^rc lui belon^ingj to tho 
GrcAt Scol, ond #hovod ihot no Attomcy-Oc-uunil b^ 
br*9i toodc Chief Boron fnr butidrcd* of yi^on 8tr 
Vi<Ary fiJbb* wo» Mid to ba tbo second Attoni«y-G«D«rol 
who ci>ti»nicd tf> bccwuc & puwriQ jadjpp. — CoatpL 


Ifr.Ovioing. in I8£7, oflbrod to Brougliom tho oflUo of 
ChidrBaivuc}tbo£xoh«<]Uor,Mvin^laoittv«r, »\>oa bia 
I ilodiainK^t: "Why.thc i>f»tofChiof Boron in,you know, 

■ ibo half-way hoiiw to that of Lord CbanoolLof/' " Y«w/ 
H ntdied Brcrtjghaui; "but yon dofurivo no of tbo li 
^M which oi« to uko iDO 00." 

m LonlC^ini>bell,i&btiLIvMoftboC3ikfiBaico«,writUm 

H bcforu )x« bocai»o Cltkof iutioo bimooir, oojn; 'Tho 

tomcRT tsr ijxiit, ornncA 



lionoun of tlio profc-»ion may be coitfii<lpred a lottery i or, 
if they art flin>poHoJ to bo pluyod for, in the gamd then 
t» nvjrv of Juok llk^u of skitL At Liiiii^ n-4; tiL^e 4 «uper< 
Huity of iu<;ii i^(?lE ^uiLliliLui for lu^li It^l oHit!!??, waito 
y^wni I'uli uu wiLrhrjut u v^u^duu^, Ai tiiucM vao&nciw 
mcmportunuly flj*isfr when they cannot b? rvpntably filled 


Lord RaymuaJ, wboQ at the W, wa.^ im Attom^iy- 
Q«nvrtd, iluJ wua xttid U> bg the Hnb Att<,»rr]«y'Uuiioral 
V'lio accepted K. miiunr^ Judf^osliip. Lord (Wnpbull Kvyi 
that theru ii^vurliaJ buuu tiii iuAtancc^ ttf tbiu Iwiforo tual 
tlme,BUiil htirilly wivof Ilia toodfr^cendini^ ein^nto become 
C^^efBarou uf tin.' li^xchequor^ Thvuextv£um|)1o wufltLat 

tjf Sir VifAiy Othl^ Loid BrQDghftiD Mid thiii wh4-.11 

Porceval wfw 3hot,hi3i;orvos, formerly exMllcnt. auddooly 
andviitnvly failcil him, nod hu di?iscendw] from the station 
of Attornry^Cif^noi'fLl to that of a puianc Jud^ ia tho 


t t,}ie trial of Hnrne ToiikfT, ^'ott, wh<» ptos^cnlvd ft* 
At torn ey-O^iQ oral, dccl&rod, in imdcrtftklnflf tho prosow- 
tir>ji, ho h&il L>ei>n ^^iiiili^d by trhe dictate olrtU 00h*^«lMtj 
and cxprossod htshope that afbciOic wan childmn 
luijzht fcirl, that in V-aviu^ tUcm an «xa[ikpl^ of public 
prnbity, ho hod h^ll tliein an inhmtance far more precious 
tijan any acQuittiti^'H of propeity or lionour he could b^ 
fliieath to ihtiii. In ropeating th^e words, Sir John 
aixrtt iihud ti-'ai'fH and to luo f^rpri^ ui' th^ ouurt, Mitford, 
the Soticitor^Ot'iiei^l. woptaUo. " What on ^arth/' naid 
mna^ ono to Home Tcxjk^, " can Mitfoi-d \k oryiiiig for ? " 
" At thft thoiit;ht of th<> litrlft mh*ritan'v> that poor Scott 
> |jk«ly to leav« bii^ chUdr«ti J ' was Tookt'a wi»ly. 



OtUEu^Ullli Off I^W A3U> LlirTSJU. 



»poLUTiox or cBcmcn rnoPEarT. 

Throa jariiamrnlii of Htnrj- IV, met ii* Uenvj Bc«i- 

forl'tf t^t obuiccllunhip, At whicli nci^hiu]; vtrj nefKir- 

«tilfl wu plTMted; l>i]t nt the Wt of tbcm ah Atumpt 

VBiH made by the CcmuiKrim TprolAUy At Uio imiigAtioia 

<jt tbc KiuttJ', witicli, if U bul mccecdod, wotiM bATe 

greAlJjr Altered bolU tii« ocriftaJAaticAl And civil hbitory of 

tbe country. All wito An friendly w a ii^lt^mlowed 

Cbimli ou^t to «x«1mid, "ThAnk God, waIiava had a 

HoOM of £ordA.* Tbe CbAii««llor, In a ap«eoh from tb« 

t«xt, * Ar.r twiiu*i'i ttni&rt* UrVft" bAViufi pnAKd mcMi 

iif^Dtly for frtipt>lio4; tbo CominoiM CAitio In a bod^ And. 

rtlM Kii^lMing on Uie throiwi, propcff^}, "Tliat uiihrAii 

i.bnrtfcwning hiA people ho might ^W^f hU ocnnoiu. hj 

[Aoiaitg on Uio roTMiun* of tiio c£«wr; that tb«Gl«i]gy 

hpMM«Ad A third pAH of tliA iich«ii ^ the realm, vhSi 

rvvidtntl^ niAda iuom niftigvnt in their duly ; mMr\ tliAt 

t^ l itwenipg (S Ui«tr axccmit* ianomc^ houH b« a 

dooUa AdvAAtA^c botk to Ui« Cburch And tbo StAl«." 

Affhbiiihop AmDild, bdng tmw fr» fn->m thn tnuntnrJa 
of oftioe. iiAul tu tbc Kui^> w1k> ■«!&« to littro bvcn Ad- 
drp^nl AB UtA prendent 6r tb« A«rmbly, "HmU thouiih 
Uio «eokAbkftMB lerved hin not in ponaon. it uould not 
bo taferrtd tItAt IhAv wan uni>«^ic«Ablo ; tJiAt llic lUip- 
pcDf cIm olcrgj of tbeir «4tAUA inkXA i>ut a trtvp to thnr 
|WAyeri night aiuI day fur the wcJCw uf tbr StAte; aeuI 
thm waA Bu «xpectiM OodTb piotoeliosicd'tbe Rti^ocn 
if the f^>'*'v<>^lbe€liurcti ven^olKtle vAluud." Tli* 
SpcAkOT of tho CooirBOM^ MtAodiii; Al tb« liAT, nnilod, Ai>d 
AA«d op«n1y, tbAt h* tlMwgbt the prnyera of il>e Cliur«h a 

ABOUT JUB t;injBCti, sisiiors, asd cuutQY, 2*27 


very eleu'lor mpply. 'Ci> whicli the Ai-chUibD)> iLTiswcred* 
wiili boiii'- cjjjotion, " That il" Uie prayi^ra of tho Clmrcli 
woro HO {^lighted* it would be found diltioult to (Ttspnve 
Uwn of tb^ir ciitAt«« uitboutr uxpoALug tho Kingidonj to 
miht dATigftr ; and tu* long aa h^ vtns Ari^hliiiihop of 
Canterbury, liu would ^pftose t!i(f iujusliuu to tho utmoct 
in hi* powi^r" "Ihon. Kuddunly fnilxu;; i^tj his Icnnrs hofort 
tho Kin;*, ho t^tiva^ly piXHsud hiut in pumt of vLvUBduncrai 
hekI cndc-avourcd to make him fwn-iiblo that of oJI thft 
cnmcA A princo could oommil. nono win w heinous a,i (in 
invftflion of thv Church's imtrimony. Tiic Kii;g, wc'ing 
ihp iinprcjiMon tnn/lR upon tho paew, deditred *' That he 
hod Tnjvln n tinu rowilutivn Ur nuppoi'b tlie OJii]rv:It with 
fit I hill power, lukrl hopi^d, by (jtxi's imsintAnr^^, to Uuve her 
inftbvtlcr «tatu thun ht; l^jund her." The Ar^bUhop, 
fioimtniing thi-t Ks a p<?ramptory vi^bo on the propfual of 
the Commons, tuiiioil tu bhuiu uud nmd-; a luout in^iultm^ 
*pc4>!ch) tclhtJ4£ tht!iii tbl^Lr Ji^iimud wrii built wholly ou 
itrcligionftnd avaHco. '*Aiid vtrily/'addL-J bo, "l wilt 
■oonor have my hvnd cut ulT Lban Lliat Iho Cburoh Kbould 
bo deprived of thi* teOMt rij^ht ^leiiAining to it." Such A 
u*Kiia iH very IiiaoriFiitfti*Dt v^ith our outloiui uf parliamen- 
tary decorum. Tho Goriliuons, not cnnvim.'or.f on their 
roturil t^ tbuh' owu cli^uibtir, pftSH^d u Bill lit eAvry tbi^r 
i^cbeme into r^tl'eot ; hut fbe HoUcitatiouFiL of the Archbishop 
und Iho other pn^kCoi wero ao po^reriul wltlik thv Lordii 
that thoy throw iL.iL>ul. — 1 Cuuip. Livea vrChuiic^ 314. 

cottaA D*£LmB— TO KLEijr oBnoPti. 

The prtnjKAtivo of the Crown to appoint biahopM woji 
attukod by tho Pone- who clivimwl that thr ^'^^ '^^ ^^'^ 
rUig Aud BlAir aLuulJ c'omij Trum Una. while titi; Oawn 
should U0Mt#iil itnolf witli EJitfre ff:iidAL homoK'^ And, 
owitj^ to Jiu ovurpoweriuj- eff*Lit uf cuntfim, ovun tho 
PAThnment of ll^iiry VIU. rv»jp>rled to UiO t^Aiispuivul 
ArtiHco of appearing to give tho powor of Mjloctiuu to tlio 
diuin And Hi-^pti-r, hy ftivt JH-uing fv coi\'j/ d'^iiri^ (u was* 
juh>pti7U in ch-.- roign of John), and thou conririuin^ thuir 
nomtnAtion. And ihgu^h tho lugi«lAtu[v vi Edwur'd VI. 
docliLrcd thin to bo no elr^tion, but " only bavirji; culmir-i, 
ihAdowa, and prc^tRncun of aq iibctiun," it DUivW^ to thi» 

23tt coniosiTtEa or law anb t.4W)-KRS. 

day, not without t*xdUag aMonMinient in byiUsilen. 
The utoni^ment lio* in the ctlbrt to HtuUnUiid how • 
ohftpt^r Gftn b»MJi1 to oLwCv ^beft lh*[>onKm to b* •Ucbid 
u dkw^d to thun, And Uioy «aa bo pofuthod by pmnn- 
Eitr* or IgrfwiUtn of Unds ftod g»od* for not crooning tfa« 
|icraon so nomtnAUyl, And the MtomiAhmont M] furUiw 
liwTWiM when th« fonns obwrvvi In thU flctUioiu ^Joo- 
tloo Allow objttCiora to corns forw^nl to ot>joot, whUft 
Uwre u no ooori or ooiutiliit«d ftutLoritj in «xUleDC4 to 
tolonain or dmow nf math olijcctionv. — PiU^T»>rk'« Lib. 
Vwwm ud Wonbip. 4O0- 

TQK Finat Biaiiora nr bochx or lokdel 

OiM of Uic ftrticl«3i of the Conntilutlomt of CltLrundon, in 
O* time or Ibniy II. (IIGI;, >4hi>w9 Uiu the ri^kt of tit- 
tingin tbo UoowofLordi, nov l:>«IongiD|{ to bi»1io|M,ui4 
I^TMtJy prittvl bj tbftm, vka nriginftHy fori^r^l upon tb«fn 
*l A tJina wbon Iboy thought it «n indignity to tit in any 

finbly ^xi^Gpt by theinKpUc*^ an n vpMAt^r orJ«r, 
to Mk c&'ixi- "That tho rtrchbiiho|Up bUhop«. aod 
uUicr ■piTilu*] diffnitaricft ihould bu rogi^rlcd a> baroiu 
of the reatiD, Hhnuld ^wnna the priviff^oit andb»Hijb- 
jvctvd to the burthcEii^wlun^ot: to that niuk, aii.l kbouLiJ 
1* bound l^ attftkd ihc KiRjC in hi.i ^cat coiinciK atiil 
a>«uit at all triaU till vviitcucc titlicr i>r dvatb or hma ot 
mirmben be givoo aj{aiii«t the criminal*' — P«L Uiati 


Hyd^ feftorvArda Lord CliL^nAiDor Clarcndoo, t|<va ^^ 
an aiici-coiirtier, And ainivti^l iu drawing up the BMaonw 
m itupp<M^ of tho f nt Bill for turning tho mahopct out of 
the UouM* uf Loni* <uuuu|* otbuni), " BtfcauM 6iidiOi>p«' 
v(itM \t% Piu-lamoat are a very i^rvat hindrafirv to their 
iiuni0t«naU funMiooe; iIiav an* but for th«ir tira^ #vv^ 
tn BOttofit to bavaa IcgUUti^i* ijo«ot ov«r tho inban* 
imxtL penoDfl, and llbertk4 of otben. Beeana* «f 
fibliOf>padvp«d«icy.and «xp«otanuy of b»Lnc« tfauklcd 
to plaoM of gfM^ i>roflt. That Mvoral Bbhoppa bavo 
vS late mneb oncniaontd apou tho cofMMioM And liber- 
ti«A of th« Mibjoci. ftjCi—i tho whoU o«BiUir ^ xhtm 
b ii)t«rart«d to maintain (ba junadictkin of Kifthoppa»' 

uwirr Tim cuuiica, MbUE^i'H, anu clbbqv. '229 

whioli hiith U?vu r(mn'Iiir>|rtiovDURto tliu thrt^c kingdoms, 
thnt t^i^otpUnii hnii utterly aboli.iheL^ it. and multitndfA in 
Kn^land and Irolnnd havo pctitbncd agiuoit it. Because 
Uio EiialiQppH, bcmg L<)rdib uf pailinuitutt it HiUotli too 
gr*»l ft tfiflioncci ht'twtfnn tficm njjii thn mst of th*ir 
bruthr^u iu Ibo luLniMtry; whiuh uoooxiciiicth prido ia 
thpm< duKfintentmnnt in nthrra, juiil dir^iiiiirt (ji tha 
Cburvb/' Yvt Chirondon ullcrwAnTv t(K>k crijdit tbr tho 
muiuer in vrhicU ho mAnocuvred to defcAt tho Kcond 
Bill for tlio titutK purpoM, whiuh vroA finally uarriad. — 
a L'Anip. UUticfC. 121;. 

nrsTrtniNa rr^iiore to pjisltavsvt. 

Ttifl Ant Church Biil which Chaucnl lor Clm'^n don m- 

Iftiduped met with vc^ry littlfi opposition, being to rcstnro 
tho biHliopa to their s^ni Ju tbe Huui^i; of LorJs. TIiq ftct 
Ibir their eiclnAiou liad been pn^^ed in>^^ of gr^ni vio- 
l^noi*. and Ibt^m wAit a gLiieral f<-'o]Jng tliu-t for iKo Jignity 
q)f the aswmbly of which Uiey hud evtr Ibrined a cousti- 
tunnt p*irt, und for the honour wid protf!ction of thtt 
Chuidi. thi:y should ag&jn cx«rubQ their tiairlijuueutary 
ftinj^tion* along with th« hcroditary nobibty, — 3 Camp. 
Chuic, 205. 

A nisttor's srEKcn is itouaic or Loituft. 

^A ctfrUin bi8]i4.>p in the Houh^ of Lords tvh^ Lo speak^ 
flnnoimcnd tliat h» nhoiihJ rlivtd^^ wti^t he had Co sfty 
Into twolvo parte, when tb*> Duko of Whnrton intomipted 
htiLA, and bi^ggnd he iiit|;ht }t* indnl^d a fi'x«' uimtir^H. fu 
ho had a story to toll which ho could only niiirf luro n^ 
thftt moinvnt. A dTunkirti fi-llow wuh f>Ah>,iii^ Uy St. 
PanVK ftt Tiightf ATid hmrd tho dnr-k slowly f^himln^ 
Iwi'lvv, ll<^ coijnt«d tN htroV^xA, and» wh<in it wim tiniah^i, 
lookrd trfiwsj-d,* Iho divk ^nd «id, "H — n ynn ; why 
fould not you ^vp us nil thcit at onoo ?" 'i'hfirn wiu an 
end of th*r bijihi.p'A Mniy.— 1 (Jir-vilii''* M^m,, S.^j. 


Dr. South, i1^« I'ucUir of I^lip, nod. vim of H'xa Unjvsiy'a 
chapl&ina in ordmftry, in llim, praach&l before tbu King 


ccmoRniss or lav akd lawti!i». 



;ClMrt«R n.) on ihm wat^; -TbeMJii im& hih>UM 
bp^ Uit Um dupoMg of it U of Uw Luvd." AfWr t|i«ttk- 
Iw of the ntwxoimubb ft«caiiMils ift lif^ Ibt pmdm- 

lA: - ViliotWtlttd looked DpoaA«Ulioai«0nthuia- 
Upff iho Hftj M)^ ttiftktng fit>U under bii fAlbT Vid 
aAenrardft iumlog n>U«r. could hftT« tbo«»riii tint upon 

Acijiiiitti««klieUioQkloouieU>b«KiDgof S*dhrt AJm^ 

tint h«l aedi llMUiisUo ft fioor UittiDUi. wlih hb rad 

ttnd Ui «!^ wmkd 1ia\ « twlua«d ii poMibb to a«« 

m pitiful tlibi^ vniliin « itmIc Afb«r «Uab# fai bb 

of gold, and, Kittj ft wotO iiTft nodfftbaoiuU^ cob- 
[ioMidbK Uir v1>ok ctly of XApkn' And vim thfti 

Idnirh ft tvJikrapt bomriy fullov ftc Cronwidl fint 
chU'rin;; tbo PftrikuK-nt iHiiuw, with ft UitTfttlliftfY loni 
iloftk uvl gtvftjjjr hiu, r^ffhftpB setihor of ibora poid for, 
could htk\*t ftUifiocM (ut in the fpoo* of jo few jt%n h* 
sKoold. by tbft nnndor of on* Kitiff ind Um banidinkctit 
dI ftDoihv.ftMvndlbvlhroost** At wkkfa Um KJsi; foil 
Into ft vtaUnt fit of biigbter, aitd itiming t^i E^ird 
Bocboftltr iftid, "Odcfbh, Ixiry, ^onr rh«f luti cnwt bi ft 
bbbop; lb*rrlbro pol me tn mmd of bun ft& tbe next 
vanecy.' Soon ftfUr laMcrml oflm of m bbhotifidc. butii 
frt«n Cbftrlv« IT ftitd Queen A&i»r. wer« vtoe, but l>t, 
foQth doeliiicd tbcm for vftnoua r«ftaoikft 

LORD ntJUEcni-on TtiruLcmtt cnrcai rimoTEiot 

<)n ono oocuioo, ft txfotati^tMti Mriu^ ftil vMsai la 
Lord CIimmUot TbtiHov*« gifU wbkL wfta mlkittdbgr 
Quteo Chftrlottft, and pronuoed to ber prMj^^ Tbo 
outftt<^ wbo bftd MVTtd in ilie fwiiAi aai»e yttn, bcnring 
vbo wft* likely to wkcnif'd. viod(«tJj ftptJJM for iho 
CbnMxdko-'ft bMracvaoQ thftt^ on ftoeonni of hiii Imgo 
l&nitf.boiiLtffliibaeontinuedin likvcnracv. TWeji|ke^ 
[iftftt rector tftUtng to itrtom tbanka^ Tbnrtov introdnoed 
^tbo tmap of tbe ourftto, wbtdi be repmentod iritb cnBt 
ftnd poiboi; bnt tli^ uniiiAor nui, " T iJic^Id b* 
pbwed to oUtg* yv'Tir hnUlijp, Uii uiir<^noiifttoly 
I liAv^ proMbod il lo ft fric4)d," Tincrf^w >vplt«d. - f^r, 
I cft&bol mftke lids ^ftttlmftn jronr cnrftt«, it >& trtNi, bat 
J nti uttke biiB the ivrUtv, oM bj O-^ bo ebftlJ liftT* 
tbo livioLg, if bo cftnnot bftve ibo eumcy," Ho b»tftiitly 


caUci in bin uctvUry, and onlercd the prcuiiUUun to bo 
nndo otjt in fii-vtiur of tlio curutr, who wan iTKlnct^d, 
Mid cujoycd the living' UAtiy yt:An. Ttib outjcduli? la 
*Uo laid of Lftrd Chancellor TiUbot. 


Lc^rd I>ou<^hboroiJ^U ut«rl in ri>innrk tlint wh^rii ho wba 
nl Chftncftllor, thfi fi^f.n,t/rr livings in die Chiiirh whifrh 
had tob«tow ^avo him no truubk; thc^ir dcntiimcionA 
'w*r» either witipipnt^id or rn^ily d*'l<Tinint'd. iJiit for 
thft ffinallor livi^^ hi^ had alwAyn a multitudo of 
a|>filicAtiofLA, and upldoui ur ucvgf oho without several 
ApplicAntA who bod ci^bt or tea imftU rhiliJrm to 


ritouifiii] (IF cHuncii Lrtisoa to 

JjOExi Kldgii once ^avc 4way a ChiiTch living Ebr & 
rwuion -whkh bft atiitrfl thim: "I lod^jml at th« riau'iw 
Mr Bridgu*!*, at Woobly, Ho Imd ik dau^rbter, Ji jijiwig 
nhilfl, and h<i said t^ me, " Whn knows but yon m*y 
cotna Ut ho CbaucoUkir f An ray |(irl miiy probably n^arry 
nobody biit n clergyman, promi-io me yoii will |pvo b?r 
buEbotid a living wbon you bavo tho Seals." I eaid, 
" Mr. Bnduc, my |iromi»3 in not worth half-a-t-Towo, but 
you may havfi i!)y promltm ," When L-frd Eldon had 
bvuu Homo timo Ulumi;«llgr whilt> Hittiii)- otiv uir^miu^ m 
bin Htudy, an inti^rtiatiTlg TOtirg girl hn>ku in upon bini, 
uit[X>dua.'d botnelf a^ iho duu^hterof Iho V'juurof Wuuhly, 
mod^tly mfonncd him of an allair of the lirart which 
sho hhd witb a poor youug du^ymau, and luforuicd bim 
that a MualL Her(*ri>niqH:i'e livii^^. whicli wotild lunke 
thuui happy, had tho day hcfuro bcoomo vacant^ Th« 
Hticrutary vL' preHviLlAtion^ waa iujiuifiliattfly called ill, 
and aht? cirriud back witli lux tlio presontaUoD to tLJA 
tivin^ in InvMur uf b«r Uivcr. 

Tliu fL^lluwiug waa t^\A Eidt;a'a an&wor to an ftprilka- 
tii»n fijT a pit^cLt of prt>ft<iin^nt> fntfiu liis old fri^-ilil Ih. 
Fkher, of (bo Charter IIou§e : — 

282 cuuo^JTisft or law kku LAWYKjta. 

for wbkh jon Mk. 


" Toot tincm tmSiJt 

TImo, on Ui9 o4li«r Md^ 

Hi* dei^y kto probibil^vl by iitatul« '' from Uiyinj^ o< 
for DODoy directly or intiircctly procuring or otfOftptiiig 
Dciat Avojd&nca of. ur |>rv«ciiUUo& U\ 4oy bcnvfioe 
GUT« of »ouhi, any dignity, prt-bciid. or living 
•cdflMitkftl ;" Ki3d the odmuujoti feboil be void, ntid tbt 
CVnwn nia^ pmMmt « jmccciwir^ liut ui ingcduouA mode 
hmjt bevn dkoovcrod cf dor««tmtf UmU tfUtato^ fOd* if ■ 
jrifrt){jnii&n purch&M "an aAate for hfi< in the &di-oirMo.' 
A vftCftiK>- Li«vun doHng iMach Ul«<, iUn bo amy 
biia*eUt itfid tk» bitlKip bu du rv«>ua Tor n^iuBg 
MUnUw md M/iali kbk For \ht courui Uta Mi^ 
an«»tal«for ViUt" is not a nvit [irt^iiUUt .iji, nur • iMSt 
'itToidinoc^ ud tho ntftUite raiut bu Htricl|y oooaUud. 
— l^btoreuD'A Lib. iVvnaud Wonbip. ;fQl 



kving «DM got Iftto ft d^HiU vith * biilwp n«|>c«U 

mGvmg; ti whidi th« Qrv«t Sc«J bad the RltaniAto 

tion, tb« biakopi BoeroUry callod upon Lofd 

ttlor Thnriow uid tftid. " lly Lard Uiihotk oT 

biA complJnwatJi lo your lordjihip^ And bdJevM 

Ibat Uio n«xi tuRi to piTOiioat to bcJoo^ Ut hh icird- 

ihipt" Oh&iMr^or. "Oifo my oompliirLfnU to hia 

S, and toll bim tbat i will sm biia d d fint 
a ihAll prnMftL" ticerdanr^ *" Hiii, my lord, U 
m v«f7 impmiutii mmn^ to Uiver to a IujIbop.'' 
CknwAor. " Yoq at* ri|Ebl, it i« no; tbtirolflro tell uie 
tUftbop tbAt 7 wiU be d d tint Urore Iw Bfc«U 

AfioiTT TUB ontntciT, Bisnore, avd oLBBor, 293 

TTir <3TTAi,rrTrATrn:(» nr rniKSTa. 

Tht) office uf jiriodl luay be aMHumcd to be iina pe<?iiliar1jr 
for iLu dvlLburatii uUule'i? aC tlm ptrigii e^-ukm^ it- Vnt 
one of tli'j <nlrai"»TriinaTy dfilusions ol' AncienL times was, 
that it wflA iiut ouly j^od atTiistt but quite lnwriil for u 
curL(^<tf&tion to Atrizr? &111I force n person to be orduned^ 
and Ijo Kirco the bibbop to urduiu bim. And 3L AuxuHtiuu 
w&H liiirii4F.<tf HO tre&te'l And tliii pnuitioe cuutiimed till 
at luat tbu Empon^r Loo dcDPc*^ tCiu-tp no oiiu should bo 
Ord»iiK*d o^jHiuHt bin will And a utiU mor« <«xtrHurdIiiMy 
doctrino wm, tlitbt kiicU binbopif, vrht^Ti oncf* onl&Ln#d 
F^-aiiLF^t Ui'-ir will, cou]<l rjot ivlirjquitib Ibo vfli^.-o. Ooe 
MiDj^uIar rule in Attdurtt liiuos atnci w^ Uial uo |>erAOD 
wftM 6t to be a ^nvnt wbo van iiiutibif^d in bud}'. 

Tbi* hirigiiUr ^n>nOil of diMr|ii«.lilii:Atiori f>r A ph«%t, 

that bo muat not ba EnutUated in body, wo^ ai^ acceptod 

axiom. Tbv C<ouiJd1 of Nic^*, iriNl^vad uf wtfiii^ tlie bH.nJ. 

fB]ii|i of sdob a rolf^, showed gro^t nicotv tn drawii^ a 

|di»tiactioEi btitu'ift'ik tb« ciuwe of tboeu who bad ooe huib 

'ciii oJT in on^Ar to imvc thf^ ronh nf tb<i tK>dv, or who had 

lent part cf thi*ir bodies by the cniolty of pemcutorv; 

and tho HoLinnl ^iFLvely held that ih^Mj ciTiniriD^tAneiff 

tocl^ th«ao la?t ccl»06 out of tlio gcnoral rulo of dim^iialiBca- 

tion, But thfl 4'oiincil voa al Iho utmo timn quite 

rroffolutn in holding, that no onrr who had dvnmnmbrr^d 

hlmfatrlf while in hiudth wan on any pruUixt to Lc ordained, 

for this "hftwnil hfl WAS A Hclf-ninrderfiv luid an ojjcmy of 

tho wmkinimsbip or<rLjd, It wan titipposud that thtu lont 

ml<^ wflj made lo cmintTnrt. thr: mi>.Ukfn nntion on 

which Origin and eomi; otiicrs \mi ncicd, Ati'j a soldier 

WM deemed diRfjiinliHcd nl*t\ bccacise Kc hod eitb^r 

imbrued hia hands in innouent bbod, or at looab bound 

biniflc'lf to do no. Auothci hUU mofij inext^usable ground 

of diBnuaiiti Elation wtm, that the pi^mon wnj-. or hoii b[>cn 
a pleader at law.— Paleraun'd Lib, rnuu and Wunihip. 420^ 

A HTRAir nufiT nv AV AlirniUHJIOp, 

ibo|^ Abbot, of OanterbHry, wjw out on© d(Qf, In 
ruili[i;{ iii Lijnl ZuugLm deui' I'aik* and hav^n^ 
a crou bow, lot lly a bai-Vioil arrow, whicn mi«fiod the deer 



br iLiinnt ftt. but killed ibo iMCpoT* Tbls imfcmdeai 
ftcxridtiit thtijw (Jii5 arcLbisbup IlU* m <ieup uivUncboIr* 
Ue*«Ut«4l AD Annuity on tb«BUUk'# widow- but tbo«flUr 
iMleftgmlnuUo,«adhw«ttU|^t«il lb«i&UlWanb* 
bUiop'* jP>oil« vtm ftbsoLutely IVitfvi Ud to the 4>ovu lif 
kw. Kme J&nKfl lald ihe umo thing migbt happen to 
AD iiii;;ut; but, &s Ujcro wure four bj^0|i« tb«u ftwaJtiD|{ 
«ondrai*Uoii, fttid th« arohUHhop woftuiid to be no longer 
m InNbup, (bo KJng inued k cuuiiuiitituii io trri ^nwcji (u 
'~ pira And t«portA«to tho Uw, twoof tbtto bfiiJlg jQitgOM 
tbrcQ beUtg U«J^o])&. On iji« Qr^t i|ii«fltkn m oon- 
nlvdiMien were *4^uaII>' divided, a« to Ibe «ct of the 
,«tliUakop Mng m fotr^ritun.* of HtBoflBoe^ ihm ihnoj'aipa 
'^mwg^iBOvg tlv.mj vrbu tJiougbt tlterv wnn uo iirfgulanty, 
'be ififtjoiity of tbo coDkiniimoiun iJu>iijbl At leAst tbAt 
tlio kihmjf wrii & |;nivu waiiiJaI, Aik<l tlt«y aIIai'iv*'^! ilmt 
,if the King tnttterl thb act •« a forT^iUinv k^ coold ootjr 
KnaUvre Uw wcbbbiioip bj » pvilon And dbfenetlios, aad 
TrmititlioiiL The Km^ Acynnlingly in ib« «nd iesiMd a 
ipudcn a&d diip«neation, under tbegrcAt NoJ.AbaolTliigtbe 
^AnKbiAliofi frotn aU LmgulAnty, MAadAl. or itiforiBtUtHa. 
Tbo CAM gAT* rin to gnnt djMCnMioD, And manjr nrgu- 
muU w«r« |Ti)blnb«d on butli aidvf. And llio fuur new 
Mahop*. out of t«nd«TiieM of consdaooft, nftiMd to Im 
by tbe imfoftunAU Arcbbltbop who Uvl 
IcikM A mAU. 

no5iE's TitULs ron klupbioct. 

]n aII tbc cu-Ti the pnAocuUoua for blAA|ili«niy b^vo 
been tboAc vbota t?)c dcfcndent Adofiird mort aImm nnd 
JAcaniiit/, And ncvor n«ortoil t^j an^thiog iwMnbUBf 
imeut or HMrniing. Tb« triAk of llanti wm a unffolAT 
\\>\v of tba powtruf jurio<^Aiiil tb« Adju:ittT;cDt S^Q 
tvnotk Uw to circumttAncH. Hono waa uied tliK* 
^tlvoCA ill eucccanon for blAsnhvainaii ltbck» bmg fiAJoduA 
oil tbo (julcdibm. Lard's Vmyrr, Ton Cbaunnnd&iOMti^ 
And itic AtbnnMuu Cnod. Tbo ia<l£W told tho my, in 

|ilAiii tL-riji«. that tboy vcTv LtAipbeuwus tiboU. tUtt tbo 

(ivCnidAnl. witlioat Any ASHiHtacce of coonMrl, p«niii«Jcd 
tli« jury tbftt (be oL^orl wai iKit pctifAse but politk&l, 
iWBAly, to dalrof Uio flngimnt Abnae of Mrwdarea and 


fthp.r Ukft rnrrppfc pmctii** ; and morerhver ho r-ont«nd«d, 
IhiU «vor] if tbo pArodicd wers iromowliat proffrDc. jet 
tnftn5' illuatrioHfi and moun person* before iiini had lilou^ht 
fit to use [>nrodi<M aJfUi t[tntv as bnd. Aod carh of tW 
three juries ixi»aion, after a fw raixiutuh" rotirewent, 
ipivfl ft verdict of not goilty. — Patprson'fl LiK Ppw« And 
Wcrihij>, ti5L 


Lord Stowtlt, Iho Ecfkniiutiwil judi^c, u*td to reljiU 
that a vicur was ulim- ko wc>an4xl out wjth hu paT]«h 
oTerk con tinifif^ hunBelf lo I^l* One BiinJnjdth P^rdrn, that 
Uv rtjmuu&iintuJ, uiid uiueIlv] u\<(}n a yantty, tvhicti the 
mnn proiniM^d. Hut ciJd habit rT'oviii^ too atrori};; fcir liin, 
thu uld hordu wL*n> tin u^uaf (fivoii L>ut iivxl Sunday, 
" AJl f>pnpli* that on ^rxrih do dh-*'!!" T'|>in thm Ilia 
viow'a tijmjicr could hold out uo longor. and ]HLttiiif; hia 

Iit^ over tlie dc-^k ci'it?d. " D^n all jic-upiv ilmt on 

t*aHh do dwell ] "—a vmv compendious fonn of aiiatlii^mft. 

— S L. BrcmgbauiV Works, 72. 

Tilt niNonra of rdRi^iu belia 

In n cone licfove L<nd ^'liancvllfir MnccU^fiold lli^ 
f»kmt,iff*li%vd at Hamiiio-rsfnitb, vi;ty near thorJiorch. and 
wvw uinch dii^quiotcd by Iho rin^iiit: of a pi«1 of boUa 
at *ivr o'clock evcTj morning. Tticy WPtir about to romovo 
to a dii^ianncH when it wan a^cod botwot^n tbcm and ttjo 
jmriiiti, at n vr»tiy mo^^ting. thnt, in consideration of their 
[•reeling a new riiprJa clock and bell, tin? ^vv oViocik pc'al 
Ifehould not be rvinj; diii'inij Uii'ir live* or tbo life of tho 
mirvivor. The new cupola flock and boll were erect^d^ 
aiid for two yearH tlio a^iiftmcnt via» obtiervod by thu 
jiariab ; but at the end of that tim^^thcro being a reT<dn- 
tioD in Hammummitti. an onlcr wjis mada by thu vcalry 
that a peal ihtkuld Lq rung vxeiy tuui-tnuji at hve ocJock, 
according to uncknt u^ia-^n, and the cbuiohwanlcna 
■executed till? orii-r, tlic ^fvai btio^ jvndutcU loudi^r by Ibc 
pn^Hcnce of the [<]ainli11>- 'FUt.' l^td ('liaiiorllor j^riniled 
un injuucti'^ii a^^uiubt ti;u ringing of any buila at tliat 
hour, on the jj^round that there wm a ni^Tiioriouti con- 

336 OrftRMUTim OP UhVr AKI> LAVVKftS, 

Mdcfttlkm «u««iteiJ <m Iba plftlnUflii' itde ; itifti Iho 
cliurchwftideiJB wtn m cvrpomLioii, wid mlfltit acll ib* 

in ihn mominff <Ji<l not M»m to bo vf tkxiy uno to otltflnt 
thon;[li of vtry ill *!«nifv^ornrp Uy the iiEAinlitT ^nd hu 

btnafioitl to UiC parish, wu binding on tEio p&r:iikiou(3i» 
u)d ikeimoHMOtiL 

ctRaor RfTsanfo pabliamest. 

After Hornc TookeV election, a i^tiito vm puMyl, In 
1B01,tO|iutBii end todoubts U wnnlhun nuictcd. nndu 
atilJ bw, ihftit no fln<i nrdfiini^d jv.i 4 prir^it or d«fliu^on in 
tiMClinrclj of Knifland.or bvin^ a miaiAtcr of Uid Clisrcfa 
of Scnttjuid, Hhoutd be e^pftble of being eJeetod ft mMnhrr 
of tbe Uo«in« of Commotu; utd aoj enoh elccUon vhould 
bo void- Aivi if, while heinK * mombnr, bn iboiiUI txk* 
orden^tben hiit K%ishoiM hvviLCAtit And ifune, whilo 
Ml ili>qadiliod. kbould nit or voto in tlic llou», be fodcita 
X^UO for cverj tUno h*^ so a^u. And b« moreover u 
JMSpftble tberadlur uf boUin^ wiy U-iic(i» cir oSoo of 
profit under the Ctovol ThU enoetmf^uL. bowercr. him 
notbitit: to netnun the dinenttnff citrgy in anr rvsipcet. 
A kindled cn«£inii?n£ in I83fi rcUtcsJ to miinidpA] oriicfv 
in Kngl&nd. No penon in boly orden sud, moofovur. do 
regulRT nuDMtcr uf a duwutin^' oonsrcption con be ft 
cooMallor or AJtlerman of Any manldpftl boroiwb bi 
^Igkiid or Walw. It in, bc^urvvr, no« •nwtvd Uwi ft 
ditngytann of the Ch<irr)i of Englftod m^. by A d««fl of 
nUodui^nicuL. divini bimaolf ^ iUo oIvigbI diAractar, 
■ad wmB h« nftyftvoid tho pemitliea of thmt Ade, vrhidi 
dfadhit bin from eutfiiing Pfttliftiuuit or bocotoing 4a 
ftUemuii \ for be Cftn Ui«n do a» be ple^uw*. — pACereon^ 
lib, Pm ind Worship, 481 

Tbft ettdrntAU-oniaiMpftringin tb«irniftli|piity totrftrd* 
beftiM*. rialo wd tbftt be who wouid not ninait to 
iIm eitftblbhcd rdi^on niiMi die, or HuifiM- atnpM Mttd 
boodi, or privftlkm of ctUaenehip, or Icn of projiorty, or 

ABOOr Tfin CBUItCH, BiftftOPS, JLH]> CUtROT, 237 

rrxiln; %U'\ riaL^rH ilc^H^lnnii rulvil Ui^ wr^rliE till tliv i<ail 
«f t1i« Rcvontwnth o<inLiiTy. The Athcnmn law pmnahoil 
wiUi d«rir,lt Uxa introJuc^on of now duitioft. ^oomUH 
WM rnarlo todnnlc poi*on for thU JLllrgcH rrinw, or ht 
l«Mt for AtUckin^ th« cfiUiblLAhjjd njligion. Anctxa^^nu 
WAJ |krnAL^Lit'7(t by CUon for iitL|ticty, in Aayjn^ uoUiiii|[ 
TQoro than that tiie mn wn^ n ^ory hall of iron. Aaa- 
rhnoiU w&n fiut to Ovatkj by his It-llijvp-i^ountryraeti trt 
Sf-ythiftn I'ficflijsflH hiiving been mi intelligent travGllori 
mm retuming hi:ruie liti perfoijiied ritu^ to t'oreigo gad»; 
uul the same fate befell Scvlc* for performinfT riteji to 
J{acchuA bad wesj-W GreeK clothw. Tlie WtTrkd of 
I'rcitiigoras wevp itubhcly burnt, and him'.eilf tiani^hcd, 
bocatL^e h« declaTcd tlmt bo oould not make out whether 
thoTc were goilii r-i- not. Alcilnndcs wiu cotidcmrwd and 
hmgood:] confiacatcd for making light of the cfiremonuM 
uf Certs iind Pro>er|nne- The itoman* ai«j pnjhibiti-d 
all now gadii (ir»d new ntos of woi^hip. SuctontLt* flay,i 
Tib^riuj nualously theuked tho«« prat'tisitig foreign rit«B, 
and on t\\At j^ount Siwtoniu^ viewed him us a iniviterly 
(fovcmcT- Puilua aiud fiuch persons w^r^ bamUicd w 

put lu dt^Dtli bi:'4.-au«r? t]i<--y dUturbijd weaker uiiuda. 
Tiajiin thought that hj who njfutitHl to rawrlfiijo tu tlic 
K^ds iihoiild LiL- puni^hr.nd wilU dvatlr. The Rotnans ahio 
burnt magicians alive, and thoao oidlog thein wore 
orucitied. The Chniiliiiu>i in thvir liini w^^r^ hi tliu 
t-arly centiiriofi, puiit^hiNl aa alholHta, or iv^ iMrccrom, ttv 
uiogkUuB. oc a» ^tvmi to bUjjuLxtitioo. — Patvi'^oua Lib* 
Pr«af( ^d VVor>hIp» ol7. 


HmluriauEi jiavQ diOcnid as to wh«ii UlKsvut or noucon- 
fLsriJiity took pozu^stion of Inr^ boditn of idmi n,s a HctU^ 
filitli, Soiuu aay thoflv who ubjcctud to trauaubataiitia' 
lion iiiiJpT the blooily i«latiit« of llf-ury Vfll. wi>fV the 
llrabH Othora go boolf to itie LoIkriU or to the iimrtyn 
in thri f^ify ouutiirie* Uthem point to the PurilJLns 
undfir ElixauutbH 

MauktnU^h thuoj^ht Sir H. Yttuu bud iibtaiiiud tho 
bulittt inalzht into tbo nev light of toleration; otbc^c-^v 
Ua%"« pointed toQuovn EbKabutU;ot\wni>>i ti'«^5a'^v^^v<c^ 



to William til. Ommwcll uul Uilton Mctned to conoedo 
toki^tjon to bIL but ]kopiht«- CbilUngworth vmm the 
tfMtti wrilAT wKoHft x'jcWA were tAkrtn up MiA cirailal^d 
by UftUi; O^vor;. JoTMny Tftylor, Banwt, TUtotaco, 
lfXrk«. imd TctDplc KviMi I»fk?&ii'l Willinm II]. and 
Lord Mutuficld ««i^tni:il to except K^iman Cdtholi<>i from 
thib gvii«xal rale of tolur^Uott. 'jiricm to their tttint 
mbottt the Pkipd auprcmAoy and liko ili^otriooa. Hillftm 
Ukoughttfaor« hft<J b«n no rool tolrrstir^i) till Uiq rvitfii of 
Oeor^ I1L— I'&tcmon'fl Lib. PrtHaand Wi>nb)p^ 52t. 

xoxooxn^hviitni AND TiiriR nxpi iic i/yjiDov. 

Ho Ctty of LuiidfJdi lit UU6 lam« look a^lvuitiieQ ortho 
CoqiofMicin \et of 1li5l Li> ru*« riMiiev t>y sEipt^intin^ 
UlMiton to ilw o0ioe of thmff, anJ tbua lining Uiom 
b«o*uie ihoy could not tako the rvijuiFiitQ oatlis, &ud to 
ooald n»l avrvo clio oilD«i A tm-Law of Iho CoqiontUon, 
iDMk in 1748, Lad irnpoevd a lU« of £0OCI i>a OQy "Mm 
Aod fit witv&n *" wb'>, ofl^r being nominotoJ, ralnwd to 
■arva. TIim Witii; dupuloJ by a dE^MoUr tkoioed Evam 
aa tJn iU<^^ bj»-law in « m[jjio vhich hiul bef^n UJcmi by 
_writ of «iTor to tho HoiM» of I^^a. alW Ibroo cotonia 

'iinifnb*, WtTti Ifiuttdftl'l laid H^i^n ikte Uv, tb^t tho 

iorution Act ronder^d that vhidi befon ww iUvigil 
now J«gal. Thjit tho diMont^n' way of wnrnlup wwi 
pinnitt«d and allawod by tbat Act ; that it wu ncrt only 
03i«iniit#d frotu punubmcnl, but rondcrod innocont mvi 
InwfuV That, in Uc^t, it VFh^ t^ftUblUbrd and it wnu put 
unJor ibo protuc-tiou. and iroa uot uorvly under Ibo coa- 
nivMico af tJtn law. 

It wni ntiiJ that tboto accumalatod ftiuM, DXftct«l in 

tbo City of IfUidiin fTLjcn pononji rcfiuing to qualify for 

tbo omct^ of nhctiir. wort» ajient la buvTdio^ ttio new 

UuLidua lioiuc^ in «ix yean th« (m« ucuimtcd tu 

K,QOO; Tho houM Vfwt ihfliiM ttomdimca oilM tiM 

Incv of Intol«naG«L-*PU«n0n*a Ub^ Pkob lAd 
Wombip, aSi 

It i» a goacnd m]«, tliat wh«n tbo tmt>i fund* 1uiv« 
b*m fttUlcil on ad^uito relifEwiti body, tbr ooi^tvgntiofi 


mwt lu £1 cnnii in 18G0 tho tniMU of n chapol woro 
dwlAred tL> bv fur tho ute t^f a cort^i-^-gnLion of rftrticuW 

,)tlHl«. Tho coogr^tion bccamn dividend ai^ to tho 
ductnDO ofa «irtct ana fcvo cimiiuuiiipu, Kirji^o 17^0 tli^ 
Ci>r*^it^K'^*^^'* ^^'^'^ itclotl 01) tho dootrinc of strifit com- 
. mtioioDt but ft iiLajoi'ity. tci 18G0, rouolvcd t^j act un a fivo 
' com tn union. The ponrl hc]d, ihA^ whotlirir iikAJority 
C*>iiliJ make tbU chanfj<*, di^i't'mliTd un wlnjihcr tho dijutrino 
^114 &LL eMcmtijJ ixnd fumJAii^^'ntnl doctrini^ of that tWith. 
[According to the ovidoni^c it wnA provod not to bo so; 
.ftnd tborijforo Uie court i>rututiLciI Lbu laiyoiity lu mftkin^ 
th» cbaQ)2e desired by thcni^ 

Il^ucfi in ih& cajc of a diK^enting eoiigrogfttioR toictf 
desirous Ui chan^^ its cn^ AJid madi? of wonhip, it ia 
not a i[uc^tion i-f ft uiujority or ft minority of tlio coQ- 

;irogtttii*a no dosiring it; but it i% a cji]c*tioo whether 
their UTist is iipociiio ciiou^'li to jjjvvoHt it; ftnd if bo, 
Ihuii anv l-ho of tbi^ oonyix'^atiyti Cftu iuHiEit uQ prtriotv- 
ing ihe orirjtnal trust as it was. It i-i true that CDtiro 
uuaniuiiiy in ft uoD)£tv^'atJ0Q may aimivtlmei Bui'ctivd; 
bpeoufn! then tbt^ro would be no one having uulHuIent 
inbuEtsHt to intorlvn? und dul tbu biw in motion agaltut 
tboir ftc^ti. — Patfi'aoika Lib. Pnwi and Woralup, o3^ 


The Conventicle Act of Charfp* U. put heavy pfiimltieB 

un thoBO vbo pruaubcd in \l<\da and eonjom without a 

lic«Q6fi and a L-itnnl. but that A^'t w&a repi^altrd after IMI 

yifftfn' u^pvrivucv, ia l^lt\ luid then: hod bcon no pnuN 

ticftl TtMttrirtiou on otrpL^t pn-nchinq mjicc? the latter date. 

'It b truo that iuaamucb Aa thi^u prvu^liiu'a are olt^ in 

Um ^a of thv Ihw Ld-ijitLWi-iv uu IjllJ, tbey tuay ocvu- 

ittOa&1jyb«mibj\'c;b toaTMubii.'tiat Ia^v, wboii Oipy, without 

igrcUJBloQ. oJLtireiHO thuii' ^llVe lu pl^KVH which &r4.^ not 

d^bwayfij ftnd over wliioh the frcuhi.-tder h&», or luay 

ramune, ni«aii8 of poneoMion. And wbvii tbtry collect 

enowdfl on M^hvroyA in nnch ytnM^fltJi nnd tjine* m to 

croftt^i iiBcinftiblo oV*tnivtion to tliwo who arvj n«in^ tUo 

highway, they oro liabh to be au1^1:l^^^nft^t U'n^m ^Suv^ 



HtsbwiOr tod Tnf&plko Att^ fur lh« oliUuctlon bo ctnsed. 
m *u notictd OB aci wUc^r p*^, i« to Um hoIdiDg of 
puUic nMtiDga, Bot tliotigh they mny, wli^n »> »iito- 
moiwd, bo finM ft mdl aotn. vrt, aa o [^TkvtiU iii1% Uioy 
Cttioot bo vnvtf*] MimmAnfy bv RoniitAbW or other 
peno&fl, oa io too ofUn AUompW or thrMt^nod. anlwi 
tomo loc*l act in forco at tho plun in i)ii»tion cxprvwly 
RiitlkOTisoA thU lo bo dona And o^n? «nd mo^^ismtoi 
cttDJnctgo of ttko vor7t«Enporory<^liftmct(v of tho obotnie- 
tktt, if viy. whii^h tbcj itmolly t^uv, and can oMtifnAto 
bov oalilum it u vabaUntUI or wurlhy ijf roprvhtittion ; 
aad Ikej tiAVfi it in their dinen^oii to di^onnge friroJtioft 
IvUfffcroDooi wivh on uinploymonl whicb can loldoin do 
kum, juid oflcQ ii oif Htrikirt^f a.i^vAntO(rR la midi cuu&l 
Midioncc* n cui be oolLectcd, And thb tnAtment u 
thjtl which in mnftt b«oovut)f[ in ftoountry whose in4i* 
taUozi* an vtolilo mough to wilk^tuul ul tin rondeoi 
diodu vhioh G«a be cuiwd by Irn voice* fn;m tho 
crowd on anj mibjMft wU«Uv«r,— ratonaon'o Lib. Prt«a 





AlWraconfei'oziuu betvoun t1it» two 3q(13gs« ia 156-^, tli9 
Lorda i-Molved uiy>ti ah nd<iiwiB to h^r Mj^eity. CO bo 
preaeDt^ hv Lord Kvt^t'i.'r Bac^jii. %t\i\ thtf a^J drees b»ars 

Keofwr himsdf. It h wtid U> Imvo boon dclivcrorl by 
hitn to li«r Ihlikjk^-j^ty in l^ftrliAiJit'ntt And *Ij4 hctrnn to hftVQ 
come down to the Houni of I^rdn to rccoivo it on tho 
throno. It If very loaj;;. and alW tho Lord Keeper's 
manner ; but a few oxtrrurt* fmm it ar^ amiining. After 
n tlii!*t>m(3 prcfttfe, hu «t.y>i, " Tht* Lujda (wtition, litly, 
thiit it would pk'aie yotir Miyt^tty t'» dUpcifm yourdolf 
to niurry whi'ti it nUixh pluUL- yuu, with wb^m it Hhvtll 
plcAM yon, and fv^ noon /u* it ^bjill pl^Mno you: Snilly. 
that «Oiii« Uniitai.iou mxy bu tiiadu hon' tbi> iiup^nAl 
«rown of this wa'i" urn- rernAin if Ikkd caII* yoor 
Hifhnoss wilbout hoir of your body (which our Lord 
dnTvnd)j An lu ihiuw jon^fl uid nnblf-A^ nnl ntl^i^r voui 
8at^octA tbea livhig:, may aufficii>ntly undtrntond to 
whom thoy owo Rlltigiaiu-if , . . Wluit but wnnt of a 
iiQCCc£i!4nr known, madn an ond of no mtit an cmpiit» n^ 
AJoxandcr tho Great did Ic^vc at Iiii death ? H^td. your 
HiffhniUH knowiithj by the c&urso of Scriptural, hfith 
d«oUnd vucu^iuiou, aud having- chdUivn, to bv uutj of 
th^ principal benedicCioOH in thiH Life; fl»n(l, on tbo 
contntrA', bo }iath pronounood ixmliuiywjiK» : uid tbvi'O- 
foro Abraham ]>myed t^ Gad for utfine. frariiig that 
EU««^, hi« Hlew&rJ, hhould have bovn Win Itelr, and hnd 
promisA tlmt kin£H flhiiuUL pivurf^l of bii boily TijuttvivU, 
the mother of Samuel, pnyvd to G<iA ^trS^K \faxn ^™ 


S^2 ouBiogmBfl or lav and l^wteiib. 

ifl«uo ; and Kliu)>Hh (whoMi nftim jrour If AjMty IwArrt^), 
tDotlivr to Jolin th« lini^tiMt, wut joyooi whua Uod litid 
jIbJoiBVd h^f wiiU fmit. ftoci^nntin;^ hrnwlf tkPTrby tA bfr 
idtlnwid from rof'ruacZx" Bacon's hBnuifCUc b:iDff ftt 
Ivt broujjEht to ft closn, tLo QiMCti TdumMl ft iihort 
aiirrcr* wbich ban oJl the ajipeuniico of being ijnprv< 
tncdilAlocL tiliceiutedftlsvftiiiiMicc!^ witlitliis: "riiougb 
] cui think it but forft pnTftto woioon never to tiftdc in 
thftt kind orhfo, vet 1 do Ktrivo wUU mjvcirput to tUiiik 
itnie«C for ftprinor. ami if 1 can hcnA my tikin;; to your 
Bocd, ] wiU DuCrvBut ivichft luiad/' Aftcrafuw evaaivc 
lEenenliticft «be withrfrow, atiJ iha Lonln dedurfj thrm- 
•rfvM coiit<at«<l.— I FuL Hmt. 70S. 

coKC^A otmntso u-oqitkiick adoitt quekk elizish^, 

Ookv mnro than osoo Iftvuboa hU praiwm on du«b«Ui. 
' Of thin Qunm I may My that a* tne rno* in thn q(i««B 
of 0ow«T>, ftnd intirllvth more sweetly whoi it b pludod 
from tbo brancb, to 1 may Ay vid ju^tiTy thbt iiha by 
juit dcacrt waA Uio que^u of qtwuiu^ and uf kin^t alsa, 
for rali^on, piHy. maipianiiuity. and ttnUcyv who tiow, 
by ttDDombTaDo^ thereof, Ainoo Almighty Ood ^Atbemd 
her to biiuMlf, W ■■f gr^i^r bonoiir uid rrr^-jw& tban 
when ahe waa liirjni; In tliSa vorld. You fniinot queaUaft 
vluit roM 1 fn«a4i, for Ulw Uie rvd or tl^u whita, >fa« «■• 
not only by roy&l dancnt and Jabaraftt bdrthHgbtw bui 
by roaeal b«auty, al«o heir to both.*— Coka'a lat luaL Fhit 

IP thk fiovEttKiDx BE A ix>HrenEVT wmfm. 

Cbatl» 1. rcbakcd tb« Hmuu« of pMHiaoMiit, in 1628. 
Ibr iBpcadiiDg BmLin^hiuii and Dlb«r tbiiigi^ A cuHoia 
CdulilatiMtal fnieation fuxwe ft f«w daya after, which 
my much perpl«K«d the LopJ Ke<rp«r, and tvtuaina to 
thb d»y undat^nmkned. Thn Karl r>f Bn«toJ, in Itis 
d<ftlW, n3M upon ooramimio4t^ou vrhicb bad jtaatd 
balvno bia aAd Uia Kiaif, wtMn Fri&c*, at H«dnt>,aiM], 
to pfore tbcao, propoaed to nO the KJs^ lumaclf oa a 
witaaai; The Lord Kr«j^<r pmi it aa bk opinion, that 
tba aovaratfn cannot bo cxnnittKd in any jufiidol pn> 
oacdinu xxn&t an oath or vHlwut aii oatli, ai bo ii ibc 
loiuUain of junii^c, and nnce no wrong may be Unpuud 



in him, tb^) cvidf^noo wjiulrl ho withoui ir:mparal Anclion. 
U^ t\w otli«i' HttXtt, Lh^y jxiintoil oitt Uio iiArJHhtp of s^n 
innofH^nt iriAn Ivijng dApnvitii nf biji dnftic4f hy infi lii^ir 
to ilio crown becoming king, juiil urggd that sub«tu]Ud 
juiticA oiij{ht U> bn panhnirtLint to all technical rijlu*- 

A pro|)o.u1 wit% n^tu\ri whidi RottM not hit n»i»tcd, tliAC 
the jLitl;pcH *htiu]d liu c*inj.ulU.I, ami two atiMLinriA 
wcM propoundfid for their rotisiiimiitS.jn ; 1. Wh<ith(ir, 
m ciuv ot Uoiuoii or felony, (Ijo Kiu^'u tottimony wm ta 
bo admittft] or nob f 2, " WJn^thflr wi->nh Mjtokf-n tii J.hft 
Priiiop. who it «flvr Riug. irjiiki.<a any nitomtion in tbi« 
ca*o r " Bui whrn tho jud;p?n met on a [iubsrc|nont ilay, 
it was d<*(i]ttrud by the Lurtl Oliicf Jaiticc tbat liin Majesty, 
by hw Attorney -II vac ml, had inftirmed thsm that, "not 
bt;iii^ Ma to disiocni tlm <!OnNt^<iiivaoo which taigbt 

happi?[] to the pre*ju<tici* of hU crruwu frorn lhi-*c ijiu*- 

tioii», hill plijo.'^ura vraa tlifii tb<^y aUoLiM forbcir ic givo 
ati Hiiswi.'r ibemto " 

Lori OjinjpiwU ol>aervefl np^^fl this pry>«**flinff thftb 
"thfj floveiviifii. if tio i>lu46^, might btt oxamiiiwl aa « 
vitn-^M iu imy caiitt, civil or crimijik], but miut be Aworr}, 
Although thero would bo no Comporal eaootLoD to tho 
ofclh. Thfl Mimple(^vttfic4t^ of King Jftmesi., aa l« wliiwt 
hod pai?fiod iu his hoaring, w&a rocoivod lu orldcnco in tho 
Couit ofUhnncGryiBacwvof Abi^y w-Clitfunl, Jio^^, il3. 

Bfit WilJo^ C.Bv «tatcd (hat ja cvr^ty nthor co^o the 
King'* c^rtlflcfttQ bftd boon rafUacd. Iii tbo Burksloy 
Pdnra^ TAW, hrfon' tbn Housfi rif IioriU in ISll, thrro 
WM ah intcntiijn of callliL^ Cniorjjo IV., tbon FHnoo 
Hrgnnt, M A wltni^ut. iLiiii I bnlicvn the ^n^i'Al oriinion 
wiu that be might bavu hiyaa cxataluod, but uot witliout 
boitig iwom." — £ Unmp. ii^htinc, 5U, 

Kin^ William IV. did tt ilroll thin^ the othar day 
(Aa^st^ 1^31). Tht* cvi^uoiiial of tliu ■jui'uiutUuu wu 
takwd down to him fov Approval, Tbo bomagu ia firrt 
don* by thft fapirituAl [fvet^, with tlitf atubbislLup ivt thcrir 
hood. Tho iir*t of taoh clofla (rnh^- fticbbisiicip for the 
■pii-itual) »ayH bho words, and tb-«nUiuydl kt^'^ hl4oh««k 
in ftuccoittton. Tho King Aiid ho wc>aVl Tir>v\^V\^4*9&\^ 


S44 cuiio«iTii» or law axp liwteks. 

Uic bi«hf)pis and onioretl ihml part to bo tUnck ouL Aa 

|J ctpt^toi. tkfi pnlAtM wouUl not BtA&d it. T)i^ ttrth- 

JwbupB nfiuxwUdvd ; Ibu Kio^ kuodwd umitT, ftiul «o 

le oaiuA oikiltfBO tlwi nlut« of the tpirittfAl aa w«tl aa of 

thA UaqMCAl lordfl. — Or«Yillv'» Mem. 


Tbo ipMulAtioiu About A rc^nflfy voro A3fao«t tobm- 
culously put Ao And to in ISOl I^> a " pnw:nption" of 
1* fiftw Primft Mini#lfcr, AddingtAn, in a Ut^ral, not a 
|0gittAtivo AMttA« Boine Lho von of a mcdioil tniuii bo 
iluid hcArd from hit (Athcr tliAt mch imt«lio«u m now 
dkibubcd tho DorvoA of bb Miyofty, miyht be aIIaj od by 
tkA pAtient'* bcAd mioamij on a pillow of bopi. The 
roeipo wa* Acwirdmglj Irivd. nlcop vaa uiduc»l. ncxi 
mominit hii Majotty wna br?ttvr, am in A few day*, vriili 
proppT prrratitininH, ho oouSd bt< pro<luciv| in publia It 
MpAA UiU i-UTo whicli lixri U]Kj[i Mr. Addin^t'rn ibt nick- 
of " Uio Doctor/ And pavo ri>i^ tn CArirmi^'n j«si 
[muuC Jiim AA being one of tbo " Medici."— 6 Cwpu 
^CfiAnc.. »17. 


Th« following Anoodoto Kua bocn too widoly circulfttAd 
bn jiupprftuvd, And it nonm^ to rent an undoabl«d 
Ltburity. InUUiffuneu bda^ carried to Ocor^ III. ustiy 
[sflxl monujur of tbo aaddeoi dcAth of hm " frir-nd," l^rd 
Loogbborou^, the nonATob, with cbAnLoterirtttc drcuro- 
Apection, int«rTc|nil<?d the m«i»Fi]|;pr mt to u-hHhcr tbb 
iniglit not bo A blw roport, u lie bftd voou tbo Ktrl of 
'Konlx'u }]jm«tfir to n>c9ntlv in p»rf««t h(!Alth. and tbo 
■ncwdn^rr hAVLrig d«dAnx[ that cho EatI bAfl nrtAioty 
IdMdvintf the nigbt, of (,*out in tb« "loinacb, hiit AI^«itT 
WAA gTAciouAly ploAAid to AZdAtTD, " Thon he hAH not left 
% gTAAter kiiAvv bAbind him in ray doDiinicqw.* 


Lord C J. rAfkcr.oncohavincA^ombled AlldiAJudgu 
At biA cbam^co, in SeijeanVa Ina, nad llie Lofd Cfaaii- 


Cfi]Jor*aIutter,iutd intJmntL-i) hiit awnoplmiMiqlr6i]^ly tobe, 

<rc>nirr>l ovt^r Km ^^zi<1clitMr>?ti waa tf> he uj^wertd a1»o- 

]i3l^y in (.be ikMrtnuilvcH Hv wui ilIjIu W briiijj forwiird 

jiOthiDU ill sjppurL o\' i\m gtandlkLh^r'* right to Imvo ili« 

orhia ^'mnddiildrtizj, v:Ecu]>t tLat ttm lau' uf GuJ aud 

law of iiatunt iLtv rather tvillt the grniuiriilliviv [I^ 

pravfliilf^d upon Ainu ci the jud^*^ to ag^rve witli him: but 
two, IJttiuiL Fiiov diid Bmvji K^rv. U>t.' rjiiict) of WaltM* 
Ohoncelfoi-, differed, rutun^ng for Answer, that tlnnu^h 
tbe a|}|]EX>L-alJoQ of tho iiiarriEL^-ea of iho toyal fAatSy 

bclon^i-1^ T^ thit Kiit^H thini* UA/t ni> iniitAnrft whi^iif a 

nuuri^o hiui been treatod by tho King for any of iho 
royft] family^ uitbouL tU« fYinm^ttt of tW father, And thiU 
Ibo CA84OT Lho Princo of Walt-s wiia no exception to the 
^ftaonj tuUf, by ^^liich the fitthcr hoii a light to the 
cu«U>cly und cmi<»tion of hh children. George £. waa 
oxcccdiiigly doli^hicd with having ao laige a inujoiity of 
th^? jitdgM in hin fnvour, and he ordci^d tholr ug^iniom 
t^ 1w ruoonkd in tlw bjulct uf the Frivy Council, tm a 
^^Arrnnt for the authority which hi?WG^ r&solved to niiun- 
tain. He attributed iUm triumph over Uht eion mainly 

to the Diortikjn.i of l^n) 1.7!iiel' Juitici^ Parkier, vhit'o 

iiiay {lo&fElIy uccount for the trauaf^r uf the greiit nval 
u'hich !tu speedily folio wi,*d. 

Thinga ivtnaiuc-d oa thb footing till llio year 177S, 
whuii tlio l£uyul Matriuge Act pasbed, V2 Gvo. 3. v. 2* 
Suint^ h-giabitiuii i}U ihif iiubject vfta pn^bably noccsMZy^ 
but Uiu providioiLH of th^t Act |>roJucud «uriou8 «v3s, 
and «Mii]vd nJlenv^rda tu n-'quirt^ uioUii^catioa — 4r Camp. 
Cliano.. 521. 


ScUcn Jn hu -' Tablo Talk;' mi id. "The KingofSpuin 

w&s outUwi^d ID W?3ttuinator U11.U, 1 bi^liig of couriAcI 

Ugairiat him. A iDt^rdiivnt had rccovor«d coats agaiusi him 

in a suit, whkh, bvc;iuw he cuuld not get, we luivimd to 
hBvohiiu outUirt'd for not ttppcftHng^ ttrid ao he waa. As 
HOOu HA (.K^udt^uior lieajd Uiat, hb ptviieutiy twul 
itioniiy\ by it^aAOn if Iki^t Majti^ty haiJ hivn outtavrvd h« 
could tnji havii had tliu bvnt»tlt of tho law. whtuh wouli' 


cvBiosniBS or law hxd lavisbs. 

liBvo bAon I'Cfj prcjuclicift]. Iliefc boiuj^ Umd nunv iuits 
ilepc<iilinfc lictvjxt the Kin^ of Sjuim anil our KnglNh 


In 17SS, Ml ibfl d«tiAi« on Uie Pr«limiiiftn«« of Pmm, 
Lopl ChAiuclIor Tbiirlow followod LoH LoD^h\>oroQgh, 
vh<\ liAvii^ b«ooDDe A Foil (r. bad in a long am ekbonte 
[tpMcJi Mt«ok«d Uw UnoA of the utAiy ; «ad panicDkrly 
rvlmfflce U> Uie Artiole ^njmg Co tli9 e«uiion of the 
loridM; denied Um powor of tbo Oown, wkhf>uC on Act 
'orpArllun«bt,(o&liQmUft poriioQof tii#BritisbEmpU«, 
Mw) to cnmilpr Uio nlltgiAiM^ nf Britiftfa mib}M:l« to « 
fbff^gn KUt4. Thnrlow'fl aimwvt is npraoJ to hAre 
«»Uj«d tliAt gjtt^i coiublDtiosud qawdon ; b»t it hu bfirn 
■dd iimco to u very tioMtitbotoiy, Ibr.M tuuKl. b« dcdt 
In uirnwm ^d wMrtion^ noi in rMJtoAing or atitbonCy ; 
he dLl not define or limit the pnwcr ho oontcDdcd 
Ibr, lo Ai to cxdtid* fnn Ha oxvnjivc the ocjaion of ih% 
Ufl of Wight, or the |i;Am>cti of Purlnmouth, Ho wd ho 
htAnl (ho matter doutdal, nnd x» oiRMiMitiig it, be 
"oonctiid^d tbuft- "In loj opinion it b mfcr to atick to 
Ibv pmoc«i by «-hicK vcv vnrt At tbo cosicltixiofi thtt 
two And two ntMkc fomr, th&Q to mi0«t your unTlnvUnd- 
'~ p to ho wuptd bytfaofiuhionabfelo^ which dcAigfat* 
W4rd\ ukJ which kitriv«ii rmtber to corifmind «rhAt in 
th&Q to uamvcl whAt ia inlrinto.' Hw I^wd 
L%aocoUot, A« ii» remArkod by L-jrd Csnifibell, might 
jovt AB ««dL a'^ t^A BiAnncr of f^onl PH^, Jti oo« 
—nUiiCT Invo Afflnucd with no ostlt tliAt it wu v\ And 
MltMTDd An IntpracAlioQ on all who diflbntl from him. — 5 
Cuip. CUniK., S5I. 


Wbtn Iho first piriiMBont of Gcom III. Mienblod, In 
1 7dU. A royal ucmg* belotf tfeli v «c«l, recomiMndiiis ihal 
tbtt jud^M flhoald not b« ranoTnbto on a do«iu of tho 
Crowi^ JLonl Hnidwlcko inovvd ihe Addrvw of tliadkiL 
indlw4c1ivcrMAT<Tr7 courtly ■|M*rf'b.rno«t«»itrn¥AmUy 

ov«f-|irAuiiif,' that nM^Jiutv, Aik<l ormtui^ Uio drittion 


^'^doh Btill prev&ila Uiat tit! tlion i\ig ja^sa lidd durinf; 
pAuQiv, III Irubk t>> ih*.* Ad <Ji H^iQettwnl. Uiuir 
OODUiUAsioiia tvote ''^u^nm^'r' 'f«t />fii« (ti^^«rltit ; " ftnd 
oJlbou^lj, Ijy A iimoonatruottoii of thai Ar;t. cuulrary to 
tli/^ TnAXim iJinf, " tho Kjh;^ n^vnr dn'V th-' ^iifiointm-^int- 

WRfl hoki only during t\w natural lif>? of thi: ri.i^'utMt.' 
sfjVfiiritfn , only oh»> jiiifip> wah tvnHr>ifis| on Mn'. JimiIi uI 
Goor^ I., not oBo on iho death of Ooorgo II., and no 
mini^trr at any Ljthq coiiiinj^ woald have ventm«d to 
remove 0. coinpf^tcnt jud^ on tbo cotninenoement of a 
U4!W n?])£[i. At any mto, this b^n fii:im hia Maj-^Ly wan 
fintiroty it thn rtpftnup of hi* Mirarsisor. Nevcrtnolew, 
Li^rt] HordwickiT rnprd^mtrd tZjo m'^isam a& of inlinito 
iDi[iort&rico to the impnrtial iviminntratiou ol'JDhticv. ami 
lo thtf rrL'bta n,Ti'l libtrticH nf the pfopb- 

ftir MirhnrI Ko&ter wiv% dearly of opiiiion that after tho 
juJgca worv required hy tUc Icijjinlaturc to bts appointed 
diiciug yitod behuviour, tlu'V uoiild only be renii^ved by 
Joint ailrin'ai of IjotU Huuni^ft uf l*arliament,— S Cump, 
Chain:.. 15U, 

HOW T>onn chjlxczlIiOB xnmiAw kept the kisv/s 

Lord Kldon unod to rokte tb« following anocdot*: 
Once, whan tho mind of Ooor^ga IlL wu 3Uppo«od io b> 
not vory *«tmn^, 1 t^v^k *lown to K^v Home Bilb for hiit 
nwcBt, ivnd I plot^od oti a i>apcr the titles and tho elTerH of 
tbtfoi. Tho Kinz^. b^'iiJg iit'iTinjhH Ht])<picIoua tbat my c(>ui< 
ing down mi:;btl>o t,o jndgn of his fiorarn^tencn for public 
huHinoM^, an I wbm raarfing ovor tlio titlos of the diilVrcut 
Actn of rarliami^nt, he intt^miptrd inn and said ; " Yon 
arc not neting eoiTcctly, yoa nhonid do ono of two thingN ; 
eitlier brin^ mo diiwn the Act* for my ppru^l, or say, 
on Tburlow once naid to ina on a liko oCL^uuon, — ha^InjF 

rtad acvumi be KtopDcd and said, Tt is all d 3 

nonsEcn^w trying' to make you undetBtand tbota, and you 
}ud better cousunt to tbuu; at unuo,' " 


Lord Ch&ncolbr BrougHam visited Scntland in I83i, 
kiid wasDiado much of by all wrt« of people. Uiiodayat 


CtJdOftl'flU OF lAW AX1> JAW1LJL>. 

Invvmcw, ft* wuaI, moiinlh' BniounluiiE fur hU ^ntliQ- 
ttlutic ntovpliou frora " tbo drcuBwuiice cLjlI Lc li&d the 
bunuur of Mf virti( * tnuiitirch wito rvi^-nvJ iu Uiv h««fia 
oriu»j«ul>jocU." bo will: " ToUni) th&t ho livp4 in iho 
JacuUoT ou lvy«J subjocU UJi^iliik^ tLU &iK'ivul and 
importutt cajntAl of Um IlighUndft, aa tt hju AtTonM 
kiQ pvrn luid uomiicd HatufocUoQ, viU, I am coDflJwt, 
b« Ml ii^rfM^nd i^ bw Iklftji'jktr wbcin I U-U hkiA (lUi / wUl 
do Ity lAin nvjhi'v pod) of «udi » gis^fjruig nuLiufvU- 
Imhl" Tbeo, rcfcTTibft to Uh> oompluntji Hf^iutt Iba 
GovenmKfit for Dot "poiag aIma^," bc Miid: ■' My own 
ofMiucvi 14 UmI we lift\« lioue too much ntlti^f tWb too 
hUit, hy piaaiptf the new Pooir Law, wen the Oovcm* 
nuDt to 4I0 Doibtny inorc fur Um >em to coaic, Uwy 
wouUI havf^ ilriirmf'l wdl of the coutiUj, If wt^ did 
"Ltlv in Ihv ]a&t KnioEj, I fti«r wc hLsII do Itm iu tbv 
*xt Bet wKftt w« do wjU hp doni^ nvll, b««au« it will 



It WW ifrid that liu Mujmy WiHiaih )V, bad dr«luvd 

(how with wl>uiu bt< ajuvtfnH.<d mure ftc^^ly. Hi^l^ " B« 

Id not APoniJit for Ulikuifcllor Efroughatn I'lniiduUnoljr 

dn^Awajr wiUi theOneMSoftLbuyuud tbcJurkMUatlMi 
tbe Cuurt of OLanoo^, «x<«'])t u[iud tl)« >inppci«itltti 
^ttkftt he w«a out of I1U tiund. of which ihtn bad fur bi>iu« 
timo twn btrvii^ MjiuptouiH.^ Lur<l C&isptwlt ubwirvM, 
" I wrtAibly know tW Wil}Mm IV. hod a ttnH^ oplnkai 
no Bwisb Jodg« could Uwfnlly go bfycnuJ th« 
of ^^ud witboat tb« mpms jieriMul t>cr- 
[ttMonof iboltin^-, IboOMcsiwad I^>rd A\jiag*r,nm 
duefBuxinnf lh« Kxcth«OU«T,tAbn miiimADdrdfor doititf 
90} uid thk dociritw htd Doon w inditicnftliy f«tAbLutic3 
at Court, that wlion 1 iQTiolf bvniDc a judec, ) dtd itot 
VfDtttitt upou a tour to ftal)' tilt 1 baJ lint obCatticd tbc 
iQuacn's couvT^t, ftllbovgb 1 bold it to be qtiito dear Ibat 
.Ibctn IB no -ludi prerogative- A judge may go wbore be 
likcoi, citbcr tm or out of tfao r^tn. wiUiuut ^nj roraX 
canaent, if ho ddf« not Mif[lt-cl )iia judkiftj dutiui ; am If 
)m do«% Um ooBMot of the Urvwo would L« dv «acuw 
tar hbL— « Ounp. CbaM,, ifi4. 



ITio ci>iiHutted jiitl/« all c»:fnciirraJ in this unsw^r, 
druwii by Cukw : "T:i*t tbc Kiuij. by hU f>n>oliLmitU<iii, 
cnnimt create any oflr^nof whicli wjli not an orttnct before, 
for tli^^n li« liiny ttlu>t tbtt luw of tlic load by biw pro- 
cbUQ&lii>ih iu & bi>jh point; for if lie tnay create an 
uffeikoe wbbrv noQ9 ia, upuu tliat uotiuuit liuo und iu- 
pn^omueni. A]mo> iW Iaw ot Eti^laud U divideil into 
ihrve |i&rle; oommoD \nv^, alatuto lOiV. uud cunlojn; but 
t];b fCiug'tt i^rticUinalioii vt iiurit< uf Ihem. AttHi. mtdmn 
auf /vit malwm in »e, ttut pfxji.ibit\int ; Uiat wbidi in 
A^ftiti^t coDfiuiou law U tmUum hi mi wulwitt jirMhUum 
JM Hucli an offence as U pn^Jklltted by Act uf rurliftuiunt. 
AIho, it was iv^utved, l)iat ihfi KJn^ bath iiu prmui^LJve 
but Ihftt which tJio law of tho land aJlovh hiTTi. But ihe< 
King, for provonlion of gffenccB, may aflmoni&)i liia sub- 
JRfU by piiicUnintioii^ that they k^ep tlii^ Uwh^ atiiL do nut 
D^nd thotn^ upc^n punbhiucnt to he iTiliJclcd V-y ibo law, " 


Jamo» ]. Ia said to have ti icd hii liand aa a jud)^^, but 
1^ have boc'Ti ao much purpksud wht-n hu liad h^iipd both 

mdvn, thai he abaniiineJ tho ti-n^li: in doipair, wiyin^', " J 
could get on vory vtiU buarlnif olc Bid« unlv, but ^hun 
both %idw Lav^ biiva b^^ard, by luy holiI, I know uut 
which in right" Tfi* t<^rror of Goko; however, wits lh<^ 
trut^ ruaaou for ubaiidoiiiiig the Kcheine; for, \f U had 
not thua b<wn boldly donouncod aa illoca), by tbo alJ 
of H^cui^haiitt it would have |)roa«eded, aod inuob in< 
jtibtico wocild bava b««n porjictx^tvd. 


X qt;kes'8 wrsn to KNr.AHfir uvm hakhkn^. 

Ou^Lino, Qui^m of Ocor^ IL, bod a fjuit^y ta nbut up 
St. Jam«if a i'urk. and iiiikkt] u ^ludeu of ib fur thu pulacv, 
id a'i<k«d 8ir llobcil Walpok' what might be t!ii? (Upeiittu 
_ ' it '*Oh n iriiltA. mttdaiii," attid hu, ''A tnUtl" 
Wplioil Uio Qut^nn^ *' I know it iiiust be pi'etty tixpiru^iva; 
bat I wiah you ^tould ivll luo tui uuar u« you cuii guana.'* 
'* Why, madam," n:]jUvd the luiuiBt^r. "I beliav^ thfr wb<^e 



omostrnsfl op law asid l&wtess. 

mlM CM but Uirw crown*." Her Uig^^ly ui nnco 
pBTdiTcd ihb hidden ■QOM&m^ of hU Utr«o croww, uid 
nid ; "Gir Bob«H, I will thick aa mnrf» of It*' 

IBS Kiiru's UTI1U oy a jud<jc rg« i.o«* or tkxpul 

8ucK ws« tl)0 gfivrfti opinion rfAp«eting tK» mfirw&tjr 
of Lord Kooyon's Umtper, ^at tbo ibUewiay ftfMcdot« 
M« drmUM uiil bdwv«ii a1tl»ougli tfa» «|nmiDBBtie 
[poixii and tko radAiMH which it IntpotM to (Mom lO. 
»•«• «qD4l]y at wiuicv with tii4« rh^mctcr ^ thu 
ral ptficntgo; " I^rd K<^nyon boin^ nt tlie lown sr-on 
on cxUftonliitary ?x|>loAioii of iLl-liunuMir la Umi 
iUmrt of Kinz'jt Hrnch. hU M^jraty wid U> him, 'Uy 
Lonl Ouof JtJitico, I hear that you }iarn la>t viwir 
tf copor, and from mjr great n^ni for joii I am vary glad 
to bgar it, for I h^ps you wiirfiod a boCt<7 oot^' " 


During th« li<*t of (.hr? di«|i>jU« abr^ut the UitidlCBax 
.docUon and John WUkiw, m 1770. ihe dtTMOBof tendon 
TDt tlia 8]ierifli» and city Tomeiabiviver to pcaanl a 
rawttialivioe to the Kia^. Tlj« Klngwaaadrlaod to put 
«ff tba fin)t a|>fK>latiiiuiit. On tbt> oeorod appotoiiiMCil th« 
COflltlani k«pt tlir il<<f»utatHion waiting Ou«a boon, and 
4lw King, ahrr rcc^ivJr:^ Uia addran aolioiilDi* a furtfaar 
ajipouilinm^ Mnt won) to 111*- depaiatiua that th«y nMi 
ieat Bt4t« how the addram wu amhontMatod. Next di^ 
tha Sfaanfl^ A^^nt anJ eoi^ghi aa aikdiancv <>f t1i9 King, 
aayiw^ they hftd a right to aa aadUooe^ and dDdining to 
«tato to tbo StttratArMa of Suto tl*e fiibj«ct of the tacMV^ 
Tbo Kia^M adviatnt aft«f debating uia nailer. »t liwt 
apoad to admo tJia Klnj* to racoiw Llwrn. Tbo ro- 
MQOftraacir, which wtm K^UiUii. witt d(»]tvrmMl by th« 
Lvrd )lajor, Ald«rmeiDp Shcrilfi, ami tifiy-thrvo Cotninoii 
Oooncilmvn. ParliaiMoal aj^TMd with the King aa to the 
dknapectful tooo of the addroM, Iha cttisen^ noduog 
dautcd, wottt with a secoad remonetTaniei^ Will mora 
cneraettc, a&d upng the King to diasolTo Farliamtrnt. 
The King r«ad an annwcr to the <dect that ha omild not 
tmtsti to ilia4r addreot Tbo Lord Mayor Bed^fonl Lh<>n 
aad than delivatod to Uw King an oBpronaililalcd rvply. 


whj<2b, ttfU-T stHtiu^ Ulj* cijiicuni of Uio cilizi}iiH. i^ncluOvJ 
Uiu?( : *' r«riTik tile, ain.\ furLhor to obacrve thai wliuevt^r 
1)08 ftlrvaJy darei], or hhall ItoreatUr QnJ«avour, by fftJii^ 
-^ — 'i»ulioT)« ftnci Mip^ntiorm, lo 4lii>rtAUr yuur MttiL*HLy'« 
tUoqb from your loyal eubiecto in goQoral, und frc-m 
le City of[itiL>ii jii mi LioiilHT-, *rid U> withdraw your 
oonfidi'tico in an<l i-egrvrl for your jj^opl*?, i* an onomy 1*3 

yuur Mnjt^hty'ji prrno^i and fmiitly, a violator of thu L>ublic 
p&aco. and a lirtrn-yiirof our ljfil>pjj ninatitution oa it wm 
«6tob]liib4(l at thi;< gloiiou* revolution." 

Thft dignity anil finnnrM of this ivply ^rvrntly pTr^aite'l 
iho citizi^nu. Junius hftid of it: '"TIip noblo apjrit of tli« 
m*tro[>oliH U tho liff' btood of thn stAl^, colTi-^fj^d at tUt< 
heart: fiNMn tUat point jt drc-tiktCflH with h^altb and 
vtgoijr, through tvcry artery of tho constitutLOix." 


WiiL'ii Lord Hnlifftx, iha Soorolary of Stntu in 17fl», 
wu anxioim to dinooi'cr tfi<? author of a acditiouA libel in 
the North Briton. No. 15, ho isautd a f^oncral warrtnt 
tohu meOH&gvrH to k'nich fur the ol^'Wcr. Pti> indlvi- 
dual baEng named iii thti wurmnt* forty nino pcraontt were 
amat«<lp and, amoTin uthyr*. Uryden Leatli, printer, van 
taken frum h\a bt:0 At nif^ht. bin ]iaptr?i -willed, und hin 

i'uunii^yiiH'ii mid tii?i'vfLiita a[au af.prvbi^iid'jdH WitLbrt, 
lavin^ h\«o affvi'wanbi barn &rrppt<*J on th« same L^jound. 
obat-Tvirg that Jjim Jiaum wua not mentioned in im ivar- 
nuit, said it wa* " a ndicuW^ warraiit- a^»afii*t thi> whole 
Ko^lish nation," and ryfufli-d to obey it. He was accord- 

ingly ariv9<lt<i) aiirl i>.»Tnniif^'.>d lo lli*.i Towrr, while his 

pfl|jiirft wchT ransookwd. The prinl^-rn and Wilh-^a then 

diimn^i^j* aj^iTist tho njL'nni?n^M. Wilki'* fvfovcred 
£l,ilOl> ft^aJoMt Wood, th« Under Seoivtary. 

t^inc^ thftt timn ir^ ha^ nnver hc«n 4|[>Ti1)t^d, that t^> 
pomnn can Ixt 1^^'nTly arrcmt^ axoopt nndci & wananr 
■ignrd by jnatiir.'* or otluT I^ipil au!.h<nity, ^vpn^wly 
nnmin^^ tlio peison arrimtod; thon^b if iho noino woru 
entirc^Ty unknown Jind unnxvrtninnli]*-) tht^n ii<> nMiii« 
need 1:jo njidciHed^ if tho ni^xt W^t moans of idf^ncifioatUrnJ 
be given.— 2 Pntcrwn'n LiU Siil*j., l^D, 



Wbero thu Kin^ tlii>ujljt of nuAin^ oionoy, ho luod, in 
ttirly limrat. u> cm1\ it a lirnnroli^non. ihou^h olhon called 
it ft Mftlovol«nca. Wbca Edwanl IV. called to^hvr hi* 

WAT fur iLcir honuur uid ftAfcty. hi* dctuamlod cf each 
AccrUiu levy. Many clu'rrTuUy i;nvc. Aim^iiiA tlio rmt 
wu m tridnw of rciy ^ood vntAlo, of wbom tKe Kinj; 
nMrdy uked *b«t iilic would wiUiDgly ^i\<-- liiiii Cvr t1j« 
ktCDiBM of bin wam *' liy my fEiit)!." <]DuL1i ah«, 
for jour lovely ci^uuUiuiboe « uikc you ubiU] Imvc twcuty 
pOBlWA,** wli>cli wdB morfr tli&n tba Kin^ pxpcotrtl- Tho 

King tbaaknl bur. aiid voudnvfud to kmh^r, opoDwIurJi 

«b« j>rt««»lly hwon hv obould have twODty |">undn inoF^ 


GetTjiu HI. irjv one day irtAorliDir botvocm Lord Kldno, 
hie OboDMllor, and tbo Arebbiiibvip of CuiUrbuv^-, Dr. 
i^uUi^iiL Alter m moiavnt'ii p«UAe in the omiveiuMticfii, 
ihe King anlcl. gnvdy, " I ftiu now in h jMsition vhich, 
prolAbly, tio Kurutrcan kiu^f evor occupied bofore," 
Itjrd F^don b«g|red W Mjlj«»t>j Ui uxpl&iu liimMif. "1 
AUi bUndloff,'' ^d Ul« Kini;. m ibis name i^tav^ toM^ 
" l^twi'i'n tlie hr!>ad uf tbp Cliurrh. awi i\w hc^\ of Utt my kin^-doui — men wbu ouglt to ht Lfau |AttonkB 

morality, but wliobsve bulb b^tt ffaUtjr of ih^ tfru»ti>C 
EiamoraJUy." Tb« two loidd^ leanwd and nrcrvaAf 
looked Ahocktd and aHtoaUbod. Lord ElikiD nH|)«ctAUlj 
br^Md to kaow u> wbat hh U^nty aUnded, "Wbjr, 
i^yiottb/' «icluiiv»d tbe King, in a tone of oxqobiu 
lUr, "did you not both run away with your wh«4 f "— - 
1 L4W and Ubwyon, til. 


On the trial of a pfTttr for trvaaoD or f«looy, dthfr 
bofbrv the Houm of LunU, or b«£6ro adaotod poan vbon 
[^oHiaincnt it not jiUting, tlxr praw d antah^ of the Lord 
totUiar b suapvoda^ and a Lord High StovaH la 
ip«dally iMMkinCad pn> Imc vtca hf Ui« Crtnni. Thi^ 
iron iTm Lord Ch«&Ciilor. in faily tinoiv Mtig 
(ftlnwot alway an ocrieaiaatk^ who oould not maddJa in 


niaU*:r»<.irWinjrL Siiici^ tlitf Chancellor Iihh Ivcii uUym/inT 

but llien h« l>«comea"hie ^TM»,'' And pruoidctt in a dif- 
Ti'rcnl oapftcilv On fthi^ impniv^hmfint of (rotu iiioiu;r!i 
(whiuh can only bo for high crimeB and mEsd<3iuotuu^ura^ 
bt) prOttidOB a^ in tho ordinary buAinc^m^ nf II10 Houmo. 


DuTin«; the year ITICI, Lord ChMicelbr HaroTfiirt wm 
mid to ia^vD gut m(/j a scrape »L mart by prvJiontina 
tbci» rt hatr)! nf Scot*:b repre*tt'inla.tiv# pcot'^ to hci' 
Majcnty Qum*il AuuUi ibo rulo lii'in^, tbal a pot^r uuuld 
only be pre««nt«il by ft pe^r. Tb« Kjvrl of Ki>cnf*Htf:r, bh^ 
Queen'd uncle, the president ^f the cotmoU, poinu^d out 
(b« «nornuty nf which be hjvl been guilty; bub Ihe ev- 
Chnae^Uor, Lonl Cowper. ^ood-naturodly came to bit 
rvsL'ui^ &a<J iftbthL«d that tbiii buiii^ ft [^uwiti^^n of pi^i^-v* 
den«H itnd the lyord Keeper, though a cr»inmoner, having 
praoudenue of all |ioer«. ttiero i)ad bt^en no breach of 
^tlqiiAltA, ThA nkost nbAiinl riiln of tbln Ar>ri Hdiil ntitv- 
Biatin^ IS. that upga a dlvbdon in tlie JToiiflo of I/>rda. 
the teJinr* on oppnsitft ndw mn^t Im of t^i^nal mijlL. A 
proposal that a OAix>n ihould tc^lj a^aiTi^ a dnko, or even 
ft(jjimiit a viwoimt, wouUi bo ivcoiv^d with horror, 
although alt thcrn am Mippn-icd to bo pareo. — i Camp. 
Chanq,, 450. 

Tho courw of malcing out a pnUrtt of peerage w, that 
npon wATrant undrj" thn xiKn ii^finiiAil, And ooiintrrKi^n^d 
by a Swrotary of Slato, a Bill jk proporod on parchmont 
by tho Attomcy-Ctcncral, which in n drn.ft of tho jfiftnt. 
ThiHlvint! Mipcrvcribcdbylhoflc^voroign. padieicitundor th^ 
piivy neat, and then comes tho puitont under tJio ;;n:ab 
i^al, biifaro which the pcf^rn*^ ii^ not f.jimpK-il^d, Afcbou^h 
uu kifiiiiig huTids afltji^ the wacraiit* a meuibot of tiie 
Uoiine of Comni^iiH about tii 1>« onnoblcjl vricb,U^ii hi-i nt-at 
Anuitutly a btLi-cmy wn* ctuat^d without patisnt* by a wrJt 
of nurantorw to Parliament. Vmt wjik not iirquir«tl v> an to 
dflBoand U> heii-a tj)l thi> likron hai.L taken Fii^ oi-jil In ilm 
SQSBB of 1^e«rx Siirb a |M-ArAgi> de^i^i^iidh in hittrH E>.'IjimAa 
aa veil an male, and in naually mlied "at^T^tx^ vvvlenV 


dU otrmosmia or uv asd uwvEifl. 


Lord Chfiftt«r6etd,a mftxteT of dij-iufi^ HtJ]^ o1>*f>rvrHl 
on LonI Chaneollofv «i fudlowv: "llio n^ttinf uf our 
coiutittitioci makea cloqiM^nc* iiir>rv uipful and more 
nsoeotvy in thb cooatry tliau in ftay otbw m Eurupa 
A cvrUun dp(iri.-r of j-o^xl wiur niirl knoiwlettj^ u rraiiiaite 
for tb&l as wril HI fur rvtr)'lli][i2 ebej bui hcyomi thflt* 
Uio purilr of ilittiort. tHt* rli-p-Ancy of *tf le, the hArmoojr 
of |iGtiods, ft i-iloasin^ clo^utiua, ruiil a graceful ^tloa, 
MT9 tbv UiiDfiH wlikii » jtiiblic Mie&W«f -fauuld Attenil 
U ■ko«t ; b««ftAiM hii ftuilirnM aOM, adiI uniloraUada 
(Iwia th« Uwl. or ntbw, ind«9d, aDil9i«(«n'.l» litllo sbvL 
11i« ht* LonI ChftiKvUor Cowp«r'a ftirvnglh ju an orfttAr 
Jay by no ia«4iia In his rMsonings, for very ofUu ht 
mmrsM very «r«riOc oim«h 0«b tach wiui iKa purity 
[And «lcf:Bnoo of Ub Htyl^ Mub Uio piDpHoty «nl 
chftnn of liu •loouliotfi, tad audi tbo i£nmfiU&«if «f 
bii Mtiui. that, ho norer upoko vithoat univf^^al il|>- 
|iIftiMo. Ttift «&r« ftod tlif oyoi ^vq him up the hivU 
Mtd tbo noilAnEUndiBgii of tb* mtidUfico.*'^-ChMUrf 
UlUnt. No. 241^ 

FKKtGt MA]>Jt IIT TtiR J>0ZK2(< 

AUon Batbunt. Uic ]ua^*'tivod fatbi^r of Lord Cbu* 
«f))or ESoihunt. baring vtuJied At Trinity CoUi^ED, 
Gunbridgc under Uk4! &en UwUir, DMA Bothnrttt* &• 
ando, WIS rvtumwl to FftrlUnient, wb^ hardly of ig*, 
for tM bomrii of CLrencMter and beoaine 4 parUua of 
Ihe Totittu Aa a r«vacd for bin MTvioet, be ww imiaad 
to tbc p?ora^-f> : being one of Bbv batch of iwelT« mado 
hi 1711, ti ifii|>p>>Tt Ihe |)«aov of Utncfit WbtJia thoy 
w«TV bilr^>iJiM>M ittt^ ih* HotkM of I/srda, th«y worn 
aalcvd, la tbe Z^k^I pbnwvolo^ tddMMd to ft jury, ** it 
th«y would Hprnft by thair fommuat T " 


By 4 and 5 Vict, c 2S; paAwd alter tbe trial of 
LttM Oudigftn, il b enftCMd that whco aa indlctnumt Ia 
fm&d againat ft pear, ba abatl bftvu do privUqgu «xoe|>t to 


Iw li'j^i) by Ink Vevnt. aii<l U^nt, n]<on cuiiviction Iiv hIjaII 
ie Liallo to th(> hjxmo ]»uniahni«nt aa the rof^t i^f her 
M^ofity^8 iiuI>Jl>cU, No invidiouH 'iHtmction of tbo 

Jpinrnge riow i>xUim Axr^^pt th^ Action of Sattiihtln'in 
fa^natwrrv. Lord CampboU wtya ho intendod to Incluilti 
the aholiticn of tliftt ftclton in \\ir> Label Ttt|] ; hul iie 
foijiid tlio mannor ot iloing it voiy difficult, for tho 
ftclimi r^'-htA f*ti niaUiU-* which moroly fcirbiiJ iht^ lulJiu|* 
of lii^St and tho ^pn?nding nf TaJ^w rrporU of great inoB, 
which it would n|>|icar rMhcr aU-iird to repsol. — -fi 
OfcTnp, ChttTir-.&ie. 



The courts AMm to liavo Applitrcl thfi rol«n nf tho 

0U111U1OT1 \a,\v to the viiforceiueDt of thiei ruumdv aomoirhftl 
mon* lit)^rri.lly thnn mfiHem notional wonM aIIi'iw Lo)\1 
Dorchc«tcT. in ItiGO, ^ct a verdict a^ain^ tho Oi-fondaTa 
for Mft>'iiig of bill), " Jlk* ift jid inorii W h^ VHUniid th:ui the 
black dog which lioa thare." Lord Pcmbrok? wa* hold 
entitled to »u@ a luaa for jwyin^, ** Hv wa« a pUiful 
tj^llow, And nn ms-n wem^d Uk* his wnvd fi^r tw^pi'iicp" 
U wjD* aUi* liold m'ti>inAhli=< tu say thnt ttjvi Jjt^itl Ohtef 
B^mn waft di^Af of nn<t ear. as this wan appAn^nlly 
Ofi&umDti to ht^VG n drop Gymlxihcol moatdn^. Lord 
Towiuwn-.l, in \*uC\ broujfrit, an action ii^iii.*t Dr. Uujflipfl 
for aajin^. " Hd waii an unwortliy man. and acted agaXaui 
law and tcnsoTJ." I'lic jury gave a verdict for £4,000, 
and tho tiinrt htid thia waa no pjound for a now trial, 
ta Uit-y I'ould uot «t a valuo on iim iilainlilfs honour. 
All thciiu ciiflt'H w(iro, howcrcr, thrown irjtt" the shade n 
Cvy yi-iirt hilcr. Thi^ Duku of Vi^rk, in I6h2. uhtaiticd a 
vcniiot of £ltM),OUO a^^tnut Pilkjngt-^D, f(»r Niyin^ in 
thu Guildhall, at a uibutiiig of aldtiruii^u of tbo city of 
London, that " th^ Cak^ hiul biirin*.! thi* <;ity and wiw 
now como to cut the citixoDa' throat«." Tho defuridaiit 
oho*fl t" bavu thft tiial iti K^HforiUhiiv. and the jury, 
who wcro all ^nntlomcn of (quality, id a quarter of an 
hour fonnd thcrr verdict. A v«nlict for the aoiho auiouiit 
was (cturup^i in another antton by tho Dnlco o^inHt 
CoU ; niul cvi'Q ii^Aiukt Titus Uatim^ who, how«vor, wod^^ 
DO def«nc«p Ihoy were uqnally Hb(7Ta.V. TV?. ^*x\ ^ 


oumosmcfl or lav aito tivms. 

&il WAS a •c4iliouA aJdrcncr, And obUinoa a rerdid 
of £10.000. And the ttnie in fen ftrtion of Uuko of 
OnnutLtl 1% Hfetlicriitgton. Durisf; ttie laat two centunm 
p««ff« uid ifTcat mvn Itftvo uiuttlly oifnU'TiUit IhrinwZw 
with ordinary r^mfnlioA. and effp«riallr with t}ie mncdj 
of criuiinfel inronufttloa. — Pftt«rsou s LiK Pr^u tad 

It WW wd br ft petT wbo waji prwmt itt ft oertftin 
dtbft^. tliat I»ru Ctvy baviag cftUod Lord Eldon on ono 
<)ecft*u-n t*U " nobiA And lamed fricn^l/' Land Kldon 
InUfnpUd bim, Atid Hftid, "Uow out any com nil am 
fri«Dd wbo duuns ttk^ with anch TinAirtyt' In llift 
tnlriUt of t1i« tftdgcring from Svl Grey ftbout the Kiftg, 
t»rd Cldon thoiicht biinaeli' v«ry iU'UHNi, cuit only by 
the Qf>poaitiou. but by bb old «o]J«ft7iM«, and hy the 
royal rftuiity. Tims ]l« wro4« to hiu bruUi^r, Sir WiiUun: 
" J >tri liArily iri ray ngKcn mind opon what is puuti^ 
ftnd wli«a 1 ftu ftUAckfid <hy by Jfty, and erery man 
who Wfts vUh tno in AdraimmnUlon in 1804 U oMi- 
nMoly bd^Qg MilsOQS, ftnd ibv whoT^ riyal Uia'tly. 
wb<B« pTAteflifttitibA of rmutudn my bniM |<«m with, ftre 
uaong Riy ttooini«4, Ckhl help mc, if 1 had noz th« iv^tna 
of proving' 1 hftro nalhrng U> feftr."— 7 Oam[x (^bftiici, 2C0 


itoore )EiyK« 3pvftkrr Abonrroroby ooco tftlbod of 
Hntkiiio'f np«vch m defence of Pet«r Pindar fcr ft lib»4 
oD ix»id LuntfdftJo, in wbicb thfti wit hftd eompftrod Lord' 
lrf(jDadal0 to (lie deril. Enkine dwlt on the urandmr 
of ibo d«vil, ftA dc«cnb«d by Uilton, and inmalcd thftt it 
wfti rftth**^ b« tb«t aboaU bv diH|>laftwd ftt beinf- tuv- 
Mf«d to Lord LoDBdftle. "Th^i dfrvil." e^id Lord Lftttv 
dowft^ '* WftM ftlwaya a favourit* thvaao with Krvkina, and^ 
ho had DAce b^AT^l hitn ifty that h« )ooAE«d upon bii 
■ft ft ^nat oGlc4t;Al itfttoanian out of plaioa," 



50?ari2tGs, oorEBJfsaEXT, fakuaurnt, otc. 357 


ML-01 Pult^n«y, th« hurM« of Llie Hr&l of Sir Robert 
Wftlpoti>. I1H1I 1w(.>fi otutiUiiJ Baroooaa Baih, there LuiJie 
u Munpitf-iH of italh uf uiotJijer family oTTttinf^p Lnrl 
Radnor mwle a motLou Lq iho House of Lorda agalmt 
thin pAti?nt, coot^ndin^ tU&l i( wiu iinconAtitntiotMl Aod 
Illegal tt> crcaiB two pot^ra with tho Aanw dtlo, and that 
^ut jui.'unvviiienc;u would ftf;w3 froiu il, fuf in thoir 
lordahips" procoodings "Bath" might often anpc^ t^p- 
pomd to "Balh," Lord Lou^hborou^li Mo-id, *' My Ignlfl, 
tbtPft hnvr jLihi in r.hiA Hour^e, at the .«o,m'^ timi^, Lrrrd* 
Gt^, Lords Porcy, nnd Lr^nia Howanl, without end. 
Bdfldcm^ in thi« <viMf^, them in a aura wny of pppvcnting 
tho fiitnn? nntft^nniiiiu whic'Ti TLiiunta the imn^-iniLLbn 
of Ihfi noblr rarl, t'i>r tht heir flpparrnt of the Mnr<jiipftrt 

boing a bachelor, hv may inatry Ihc young and benuliful 
b&rocicw, and tLicu llutli will Lv mvrgdd in itfttb J ' 
Lonl H/LLlnor liar] only ou6 peer ti) divido with biin, — 
30 Part HUC, 574. 

ftCMTc'll rSKJLS MADft UlllTD^U PCtiU^ 

Tjor<1 Tjonf^KLi-krriiijrh, l)ef(>iv b« he^^Ainu Lord ChAQOeUor, 
gainoJ A victory on a qncetlon not oonfiidi>red u party ODO, 
vjK.. " Wh^lhvir SdUch ri^pr^oiitfttiv^ ^mvi bviii^ crtiatvd 
Britinh pcicTTi, they nhonld cfinttniic to «it ttA pnrt of tho 
ubitoan. or their pbu<a hliould ho >iipplL<<d hy a n«w 
" itiiifm," Vfifm a very abler Arifiimr^t of his nspiiniof, t,h« 
laneellor, the Houmv of l^rdi datcrminud, by n utjijority 
~'Iq38^ ■*Thfttthn KatI of Ab*rcora, who hmX bo4in 

Ut bu of tlic iiixtuun ptfom by the trwity of Union, 

to WpTBitfnt thy ppi>ra^* nf HoUAnd in Pai"liainf*nt, bi'injf 
croatM Vittcount iLi:niltoii, by iuttora fiatcnt under Uio 
QnnJL 8«al of Orent HntALii, ^luth tbvti-by i^voao to oot oi 
A r^w«s«atial^^ of iha pe&ro^a of Sootloud." 


Loid Elduit woH bitting o[i tbu wociInocU when intotli- 

CW of Mr, )VivLv«l. t)ie Prinu? MiniBter, b^iu^ shot won 
ugbt to Uio tloafii) of Lorda. J^>'^\vqi^\^% ^oaN- 



ther« mif-ht be « plot to MStHhiAto &LI th^ tninbl^n^ bft 
«l<], "1 bare jvttt l>«ea iofonnod of » luoat UKjlooDtiolj' 
Aiirl fttnuii-mh crentv which hoji happened in iLe lobby of 
Uu' ijthi.'i' Uoaco. In tbU AJtuftUoo, I fool it my duty to 
ftpffis* yjanr loorOihip* th*t I thaX\ Xttkm <mre lo givo Um 
iwopcr diroctkiD* to th« nfflccn that noDO go out of the 
aoon of thii lloUMi of railUiucxiC till wo hav« hven fully 
■fttkflod thftt thoy hftvc not the mcaiui of doing further 
LJiiHChier." Onlcn uoto moeordijigLy givnt bo Much a11 
ntnit^m below tho hftr for concede firr*ntui, hut it 
WM not cftrrigd into eiwijliuii ; %ad th« Uoaii?, hftvitij^ 
moTcd Oil fttUrctfft to the FU'^^-vnl, rxpmiini; ihdr horrBr 
at Uio crliDO eonuuiLUJ, ftnd pt&yiti^' xlioi he wuulJ toko 
Mioper Mepi for Ufa^lDg tlio oflBmiQr to juatice, aiijounivJ. 
BoUlDghAaa, tbo muebk bid been In Um Court orCbuiocr>- 
tlio MLiue niomiriff, tkt>'\ waa suppovil to htive iuoA;e4 
fiflTody 11 the CbukOolJor. but ^mpj Ui have intundeU do 
violoac* at that tiucb The chivf object <jf hi« raMDlnuat 
wu Lord G. Lovmou Oowot (afWrwanJ« E&rl OruviUo), 
wbo Lad boon ambawidor in Bu«8ia when lia raAivd 
mrao «appoNod griAvanoo ihMv, for whicJi he Bkado tbo 

Hv(T oVInck on Umiiliy afti-rnnon. May 11th, ih» trial look 
ptaoc on KHdar tbn Utb. end baforo nino o'clock in tba 
mpoming of tne Monday foUowi&i^ It^Uiti^lifuitV dead 
body waa lyitv in tho di^oectin^'rooiii of Surgoona* HaU. 
Ho had formorly been cooGncd in a inad hoUM. and aavMBl 
bia &inily bad been afflicted with tnadna— . BoxnUIr 
No p«non« tau have bc^fd v-l^t tba ooodact asd 
lour of t)u>4 TiLAii haa b«aii titicr ho comtniUad tha 
Of at.u ba« tf n»d hu dofanov, wUhuut U^int; !«Uidad 
bo ia laad ; 1>ut it 14 a aii<y:ie« of madni^u ahich, jTr^lAbty 
tat lh<e aaeurity uf mankuid, ought not to uxtmpl a man 
from bein^ an^werahle for hi« actioiia''-^JioiDilly'B U!a 

OSE PCKit 4:HaLl.s:xoixo AKOmcB rxEft to fioiit. 
privato afibiT of hooonr, vbollj 

Kiiiy ujicoo; 
ary pnrliamonUry proootdEiUL waa bnwght 

ujicoonecied witfi 
bofiiro Iba 
Umuhc by Lori Clianoatlor ^vrlov aa a bvvach of 
privilicga. Tbo Earl of Podoftyit. orronaonaly auppoaing 
UiaA a gantfrkftftar* wbom lia had dbclMigad, bad boon 


countenanced by blio Duke of Umfton, wrohi vonio vtay 
intcmpt^ote letters t^ bb grftC'.', ami iiiA]Ati>d on fi^fhHng 
lum oibhur with fv/ord or piEgtol Lcird Thuttow, on thn 
Tunuiiir oF what hod Iiappi^iifd, moved that thny nhoiild 
ntLuad in ibuir pl&cii^ in the Huu^t^. and bath [lorUm 
b^iTi^ hL-<ai<i. it wia Fcaotved that ihu bchuviuur of Ih^ 
Duko of Oruftrjn hoA boou highly laudubb and mori- 

tOtiouHi and i»ivi i'omfrtit, bLin^^ triajJi? to kuwl at Uiq 

bar, vpoti inforiii«il that li« bod bcun guiity uf a Ijif^h onn- 
tviuiil uf lb«! Elouw, Aftc^rwLiniif tua Jjvni CliOJic^ijllvr, 
with three^^ooked hot on beac). adminint^^nNl to hirn a 
thundering reprimand Nuw-a-duyH. thu H>:iiisu wmjM 

mfi]«ft Ut UkA iifigni«ltif:^ of such r qimj-rrl. Thr^ ^lUJipy^i^d 

bnaoch of privilege would bo tEi'^ i^amo if Uio ohalleDgor 
vetw A o'>mmonor, Altlinn^Ii thU circumAf-ani^e vnnLiI 
n*Qd(ir the intorforsncG more pr&postQrouA> — 22 Fori. 


Lord CamplM-dl myx oft Lord BrQU^hnrnf groat spcoch 
on the- Tlrfnrm Hill^ that bo wnn rartly Tospiicd by 
Jmug^itfl of mulled purt. imbibL-d by Ilim vtiry ai>pi<jiiiily 
t^^wAtdtf th** concliifiion of tbc Tour huurs during which ho 
woa on hifl lagK or ou bia kocua. Lord Brougbnin thuM 
condudf^il: "Amunu Ihf* nwrii] counidoratton! that now 
bow down my mind, tbore U one wlitoh atandtt pre- 
eminent abovv t\w nsiti. Vou nre tht* tiii^ht^qt judicature 
in tlio realm: jou ^It hon^ aa jtii^giv4. and decide &11 
COtuea, civil and c^riiULiia], uiUMut H|i|h.'al, It ja ft ju'J^h 
.flTvtdutv never to pnmcmnfif, nontoncc in the most trifiinL* 
COM, witliout A bearinjj;, Witlyi^ii niuke thi^ th« escceptioai r 
Ari* you ronlly proparpd lo dpl^-rminOf hut not tfi hear, 
tlic mighty (:ilubc upon which a imtbn'A bope« and fo&ts 
hong f You are ! Tb^n bcworfi of your dcciiion \ Room 
not, I boHMch yoM. a |hwico loving but u Tv.ioluto paoplr, 

llo not niit^nato fruin your Ijody tljc a11V.'(.'t.ions ol' n whole 

empire. A* your frioud, an thti friend of my order, an 
the fnc^d <■(' tijy country, 6M the fatthftjl Burvont of roy 
rttty'tgtx. I ooMtist] you ia aaalfit witli your uttermost 
brU ui pn.<titirviiij,^ the peace, and nph^Mini^ «,i.uV y4X- 
dHnating the con**tiLution. Therefott i '^Tft'j ^wi^tiflRrf^ 



yga not to rrji>ct tbii tMOHira. Bj aII >'im< IioIiI noti 




oonMnon eottotry , 

f)i« kocvU) I Kip|>tii!al« jou, r«gf<ci not iEii« Bill V Ho 
«ootmu«d Ibr mxa» time aa if in pn?^^ ^^ ^^ Aicod^ 
■Jiuiiii^l for biialwt be bbuuld bv Ai[i<-riuif ffviii thetffMta 
of Out muUod port, picke<! Iiim w aod filuwd Un MMy 
00 tlu» ««obik-L Liktf lturk«*« naio«a ^li^gv toioo in 
tlie Hotrn of ComiDODi^ this pnMMiko ww ft folLavv. 
So uittuited vu it to tlk« spectaUira Ufl to Uia mIcTi 
that it prodooed ft setMfttM of ridicttK and ccm/AduMj 
impmifod the «f&ct of ft f^f^ ^pltiywfg wanto&l 
&over» of momory »nd ol iDUlt^ctt fllthoufih hftfiJlj 
Momiif; tiM o|>tthot« Untovrvd nyoa it by tbft Timst, 
" ovwpowering, mft^chkM, ftnd imuortAL"— ^ Ounp. 


The doctri&o that, "■mninoni and mUioc oowtihiU ftD 
hcrp«)ilfti7 p6c^^ee^ ia now fully MiUhlMbwl, ftnd baa cAaA 
bacai a^toi upon ; but bi early timM tha Eb|; axini to 
ha%'0 eicro^dl the prRmjjfAtivfi of Katnmatnng tuny kfiij^i 
to ut in thQ Houw of Lcrii^for a ninglo rariiiLiufint^ wiih- 
oEit infurrinjf the obligntion of <U(ain miiDaiamiiff him, or 
of vummoiiiag lUs dcaaondaiita after hu doath. 

A rcica tAiir<:>oKiy<i nia Anomrcr. 

Tho KAjI of Abingdon, hairinf^ qoiUTsllnl with hi* 
fttborncy, dcJivvrad a nuwt cduraniout upocch a^ost 
him in the Jlouiur of Lorda, and then pnblihhMl it in a 
ficwppapcr The attoracj indict«d him for fohlubiiv 
Uh ub«L The ui&J comma ira boCinv Loud Kanyon, %l 
Waatnioatcr. the JtMc dafendant appaftrod in oourt ai 
biA own ooucuvL Ho modestly aWiamai] from aUiuun|[ 
to nit on th« bench with the Chie^ Juatie^ but, rcmainSng 
at the bar, hit ktreouoiMly anuated on bb ritfhi to be 
coT«rrdf because the Chief JuntJo* and h« wore both 
iwerv, and vutitlvd 10 tbe naiiiu privitvgM, Ltird Ktnjftm 
«ftid, " I do ni4 fit on tbiii vnU mi ft peer ; hnt bein^ 


Ajuii^oil hy our loivl thtK King, a* hi* Vhit^t J(jfttin»V to 
hM pleae hoforc him, out of roflppct to thn tovoreign of 
thette ypAlmSf an*! tn tht^ sovfrjiii^iiLy of the Ifiw^ tho noble 
cnr\ muflt he unofivcrcd/ 


Thoui^h th^ttt^rvanUof th<^ Poci Oflic^and third p&rtj^t* 

aiv punmhiibto fbr opoiLinir or tiuiihmng with lotl^n 
whilu in tlit^ ouMtudy uf the PubL onii^e* iin vno^t^tjon 
hru fi}wAy!4 he«Ti iiLmnT^invil Thin <.>i;r'ii|it.ii>n th, that 
uny leH^r may be (*poTitd, dctoinfld, or Jday^Kl in obo- 
^ivnixi f'O nn ex|ji(i^ wanmiL in >fiiLiTE;T umJur tho huid 
of & SocrvlAiy of Slat?. From the tlrec Iho OovoroiDwit 
hail ^ix^iT'ciA^'d ilH ih»uEi)Ut>]L in tJjii< JiiAttf^r^ nud i^talikod 
in itA hftiiiU the fovcT of opening any prhulo htlcr at 
Auy tiiii^. And it apjiviarN to Ilavo Ih^i^ u century n^q, 
thn onmmfin iv^mpkint of loading KtatrAmcn, tliat tphdr 
politioAl oppndii'ttU ntjido a pmotico of opuniiii; tboir 
MtUts w]]cn they had the power. And however nriiitrary 
thia amy sirom, ^till iin full mvc«ti£atioEi it hu bucn 
deemed safer to icftvi? ftn uncont-rollcd dis^rretaon, o-n in 
luiLny othur iimtaiLUca ia dune, confidtd i^ o. fuuctionary 
not likely to obuiu it, ralht-r tJiiui uhiuid^^ii whrd on 
nomu gr<-a.t tMnfTQuncy may provu & ^Irf^ht fl^^tAU^ in 
tbwar-ting svditi^iu'j ur ilh^f^ miLdimht^jrm,— PHttfUHjji'a 
Lib- PrWE, Gtt 

iiiiftu Hi'EAKKii Avn T/»nn rnAKfrKLLn^i in roTXiSTOX. 

Daring certain politirjil feuds^ nbout 16SI5, tho IriJi 
IfOrd OhuiiL^vlTor tiir Chiuloii Poj'tm, uLV-r bUUL'et-ilinif in 
d0^(^ndinf{ hirunvlf a^ainflt &n ]iTtppa.r:litnrMkt by Uiv l'i:4u« 
inoUfi, wttfl p[uueL<diu^ hrjuiu lutu ut iii|;ht in liid luiuburinij 
ruftch. In a Htrr«:^t t'nlk^ l^vwx Htieet. near Uie Four 
Courta, the ChaoeoUctr'ti ouuohmati had to pA^ anuthor 
<Arria^ iniTn«drat«)y itl fruiit. wiiit-li waM tli^ cojii^h of 
th6 Spo^ker, & violont oui^tny of Iho Lord Chfhnoellor. 
A fction^ |)l&Jv *'^ yi'^\\l liylpyd iLu Spwtkvr to diiii;ovvr 
who^o uiiLioli it wjia thai ■^■a^ a\t^^<v^t v\ coliiidou w^^^ 
town, whwi bo pfii-oniptorily taV\*^ ou^w ^Vvawy^'^iVrf* 


CUBtOMTl£8 Of LSVr AXU l^Vi\ti^», 


oowrbi&ui to k^ep hmck. TliU vumIaIc Wtug unhc^iJMJr 
lb« &pMlc«r, in bU robce^ darted &om Iiia <^o&<-b and, 
dimgarding dutucr uxl dirt, anxd tka rvuw uT tlie 
CliuiOvUor'B }jonci, and brMiclil Uie bones en tlwir 
hanBchcB. He Uica orden^J liU i&ao« to b« brai^l 
oat oT bb i>wD «o«cb, aad tlvuvt K before the CliaaceUmi 
eoaf kmaq, deolarinj; tbat lie would bo ran dovn bjr no 
man. and vould juBlify trbat ba <)icL Hie Cbanoellor 
on luviiig the aUlc of Umi^ ii^ inly at>HalMdfrmibr^er 
•ttompu to gat prooeUviKtf , — 1 U'tlstia^an'a Iriab Oianc, 


A BaeetiQf of tbe lliicb*h jod^ vnui bold in IftS^S, 
at QiW Jttttioa Dalkas boMO, to oonaidor tba pcdat 
«betbar tba Lotil Uantanant of Irvland had Uia tana 
|»«ar afUr thft TTiiion aa be bad b«foro to eonf^ tbo 
noooiir of Icnigbihood. Thoy vcro of opintcjn anuii- 
nftonalj that th^ Aft of TTnion did not dcpnira bioi of hi*. 
ftrwwr privik-];;?, and that the knji-bta crcatod by bim 
were knijfhU all th« world orcr. It wo mnde t matter 
of npcculatlon liovr tmch a limo should have dapaed 
bvfbra toao^Tig tbo qQpttion, and ^otne people nftld tbo 
doubt wan BUuicd tomurtifjLady Morgan* wbciwb«*band 
bad boau Ibiia knigttcd, «nd wbot« writings offtMlv-ii 
tba minufltera. 

Ltni KAii ovvcuKU Tg tuk ujhok wttu uftUT UAiratir. 

In )7^H, whro th« Union brtw««n Ireland and Gnrat 
Britain wth caova>o^], ll^o Iruh baj bvM a isevting iu 
OttUia to «eiimdftr it One of tbo i|Malc«r^ Tbeuw 
OooU, waa add to bavo ia»de tbu moat fbiciUo q>oocli 

Saxnat the |iP0|ioeFd TJnioo, of wbicb tbe following waa 
• pororfttitiii: — 

"Thare are 40,tlOa Ikitinb tniom in Trftlwil, end witli 
40lOOO bftmata it n^ brveai tbo anLnistar riialL not 
plant anoibw SiaUj in tbo hcmom of tbe Ailaotia I 
want not tbo aaaiataTwa of dninir iivtf^ji ration to fovttall, 
for I am ooablad by tbo viiiblo at>d untning thsacurtm- 
tion of oatora to awitgt, tbat Inland wju ikaiinod to bo 
m five and iDdapflDdtnl nation. Oui i^Usni to bo 4 iUto 

iOTEAUOTf, OOTBBItimiT^ rA&LIAUi^M, l^TC. 263 

not A h]iir» comeft dJievL Crotu Uvavvii. Tbv Altin^Mj 
ha8 in mJ^e»9tlc character* sigDCil t1i^ f^rt^t rh&rter of our 
mdaDODrJeace, Th« great Croator oftlie woiIJ Ima i^vl-q 
r*iir Wlnv(^ii rmmtry ih^ gij^nti*' ontlino* of a ktii^ilom, 
Tbo Oo<l of ri&tiiro never inloudad tha,t Iroliwd uii^iUd 
bo ft provinci^. anil, by Q^^, t^e n«viir vIiaII I" 

A nutriciino of appkuse ro<»ftrded tho oLocjuont spcokor, 
And on ft division the Iruh faafn^tora gavu ihtjir tolvtat 
follows : — 

Opposed to tli& iTnion . 
In favour of tbe Union 


Mftjoritjr . . . • Ln4 
fi 0'rijvnfigbn,ti'« Irislj Chane, S56- 

nicpismoxH OP a SKDmona libel 

Tlie ddlk'cilty of d#inning ft sedition* libol 1*1 mliertfUl 
in the subject matter. t>r no limit can b? Jwt to tlw 
topiov. tbe ratio, ftiuL tho m^Rsurou, that ma^' be epokcn 
of and commented upon, Th& ntmiiMp r>itAinty ftlUin- 
abJo It* to ajiy.tb^t wb«ni?vur & spci^ciii or writni^ iiO|hiite& 
purwinal corruption, or 3candii]oti8 mSscomlnrf-HOr iijnr>ranc«i 
in docU torni:^ m to incite otlieru to ^ot rid oTtbo ob- 
oxioua porson hy other and Kpe*(iier niethodii than thn 
brdinnry remedies prcacribw! br tlio law. then to that 
extent aud no fuithur it is a ai^ditious libcL This effect 
f>f thn librl on Qthf^r^ in stirring tlitse poAsiona and 
IcadiDi; them lo violent courses is viuietjni&i dt-*rmed the 
giat of tho offimcc. l^iit any ^iccea in tbe dcgrop, tbe 
ad^u^icy, tho juiUdcatiou of tlio langun^^p, iiniat aiway* 
reniriETi to h^ nt-ttW hy mcftOB of a jury. Tlu who^ bh 
Ei^kint* obstTv^d, wianes to avotd si?diti<-»iJ. muHt Dot 
«xcit« indivi'.lufll'* to witlidraw frrim tlieir *utjjeclion 

to the )av^. by wblcb tha vliolc nation oonacnl^ to bu 
goverued, He must uot siriku at the ^vairitv of pro- 
paiiy, or hint thu,t anything less tban iha wholu natlou 
«au eouBtltuttf tho hiw, 01 that tbr> li^ it wljiit jt may, 
\n not tho tnexorablo tmU af arti'm for every jndividiiftL 
A He^lUtous Ubo1» tber^f-'^roi In iU flhortVJtt d^timtiout 
C0TiAi*!<t iu "any word* which tcTu\ Vo VitoicA» \^«^ 


2C4 cDfttoBiTiEa or law jUU> iavtvii^s* 

iaamcdiildr to Uko otb«r than Jogal eotiniM U niter 
yvUnt, iho UovvnniNUi hu io dMfg«.*^FiU«noii'» lib. 
-Fren and SpMcb, ^ 


\M<m minuiten of ih« dajr u« cbdU||^ witb vonoa 
liorHOnal diah^soicflt/ or oorraption, tboy bavn |]i« mioo 
rMuffdwa a« otlian^ t|Nirt mm a «t«i« proavculum. 
Thioft^in l7Sfi,wbRnl1U^lbn Prime MininUr.wjuchargCil 
by Uiv Morning Her-ild with gninbtlng in the fuoJa, 
and fmtidatefkUj avaititu; htmA^lfor official in^naation 
to mako nkcmiey on tha Stock Ktchonge, and that '' hia 
frHuda were <l«c|>lv gricvod bj the ducwm', but wtn 
lijiag to poJlioto uid miacDndsctt" be aned the publisher 
for damagci^ Knk-jDc, fur the dcTeoiUnt, adtuiU*Ht thctv 
TODOjnsUdcatioivaikd I^rd Maonficld told ibejtinrto 
retuvtuW, thin w«a it very ■urious quoHtiou, in wLkh all 
Uifl piMic ««rr eoaofimiA TiaancJy, whether tbt^rv nliall 
be aay jm^tcction to tko roputaUoD «f boaouiubltf uxm 
ill |)ijli|ir or I'liTaT^ lifi-. llie jury [-«yo * Yi-rdiot of 
X^AU daRiag«a,^PAU'rsuu*A Lib, Prai^ D5« 

winuvT TO flziRcn roK sKDrrKwa rrviLiniVML 

It vtte fisally decided coocluidvoljr in 1iVUk«v* eaao^ that 
tlMrv i« no authority io tha eoMUon taw for the pra<4ico 
oaoo atl«r[^i>trd of a Sccn^tuy of Slate bauin^ « gtnvni 
■aa/tli irerraot. T-e., a varrmnt uot iMOiing any f>ef«cM] a« 
acdMfd, and under it to aeiisA tlio liUppoMti author of ft 
•vditioua libel ; uur in tl«re any IJko anUi^^rity to ent^ 
bb baaae an<l nease hb |iftpvni Cbr ptiipoM* of »u<ih 
aiaroh, aci m to dboor«v the nal <nnunal And foi like 
raamoi Ihe House of Cociuone aboroolvodja iTtO, that 
Agenanl warraid for aj)|iraheiiding Uio author, tidiit^, 
or imbltthar of h liM. Utn^ iJbifa}, eicvpt in c*iihi pro- 
Tided for by Art of FaHianwot, ia, if cxMniad oa the 
ptfwciof a jnviiilcr of the KoaBc,«br«ftcii of piivilej^; 
and the aciiiiiff or lakiuft nwny tb« |>a|x^i> of the author, 
jifijitar, or puhliaher of a litwl, in aiw alk*'^L aiwl >^oli 
wrijting or lakin^ airay t^^ |iu]j«ra of ft mettibcr of th« 
UoDau ia A brcaeb of i^MkgiL 


Thrt liboTt.y of tho tfubjci^ in tlii-i nwpc4.<t waa Ihus 
doclnrx'nl to bn luuttsatlAbb, «Uber by lbo«rown or auy 
minuter of sUi^'— 2 pAlcmou'i lab, 4>f Subject, 13£^ 

Am «aat«ni d««EKttJMm unAt^r TTrnry Vltf. wiu r^hivh- 
UaAiod Id Englana, thwo wa* tnUo(lut;e<i a nei^r &[»f>ivxl- 
mftttOn i/f tilt* wwlfltTi GUitom of pT^striition bpfom tho 
AOrereigiL Wo aro told that on tbo Itwi day gf ibo 
■eaiiou nf \S^0, *^ afteti as Any pirro c<f iUtti^iy 
f>e^uliftrly fttlAome wiw addressed irt th*^ Kinc by the 
^peaki^r or tbc UhanwUor, " tveiy miui nt'^od u|> ftntl 
bowed tphrm^t^IvcH t/> Ihc^ th^cll]^^ and tbo King rpturnnl 
ibo ci>CDp3itiiotLt by a gcociouA tiod ftuin iL" — 1 Cauk]v 


!/)rd LanAtbwne told Moon> m Ut tbiii cuifborn of ibn 

Comtnons, a-iiil tho Ifttter taking thtm nit. Unit tbn 
poUit or«ilK[uett« wa»oiice oonUiftt^ bettf«,*ri tbuui, und 

Sublic huBiDwa WM a got-d d^^A.! obHtciict«d by their 
ud)onuoD8. But S|i«akor Oaslow Jiad the luetll of 
setlJm^ thft tiifll,ij>r rbii* : An th^ LonU ftit with Iheir 
b&ck« 10 tho tbroDo* thoyATo noi^ha ttud. sijppa^od to 
Me iL i and c'lori'foni am notoipoitUd to uncover ; wher«- 
AAtho Commonit, with tbi^ thmno birforr tbnir ryon, coiiUI 
uot in d«c«Dcy kiKy tLeir haU ort their bundjt. TbiH 
rftoon(!il«i tho priifc of the UiUcr^ and got ovtr tlio 

liord RiiMpJI, howfivrj, ohoorvci upon thi* a^yrxint 
ilttii thcro wju igme obAciitity, (nf a conU^rviiOC novcr 
t^keji |ilAcn in th*^ lloiirtc of I^nb, but in thn IVint^vl 
Cimmbor. wbk^ro there bno tkrono. 'i'haiv nmyi however, 
bnvo bvuu fvruicriy a thrtmc thore.^Moore'it Life, 

THB eruKEu'e cAaTi!?a vote. 

Lord (Tnmpbo!! layj^ in hi» Autiibirt^frfcphr, "I warn 
one of four WocherK of Liiicolnn Iiin, v/ho dined tboro 
wall tlic Spu&ker (Maiiiiem Sitttao) in ]82& I Anked him 
if be had prvparod a np^oh te nsivix \\i \i\% -ycAA^AwsvN^ 


conocims or uv axd lawtehs. 

thi lictiM Im) oqaiiJIjr t]ivid«d. llo Mid tlikt h* lud, mhI 
Im wtt w good humoured a* to UU lu whAt ho tacnnt to 
Miy, U Mcm* Ihftt, gun SpAflkcT, he woold liav* bovn nl 
liticny ti> Tcil£ it^AiiuA the quMlian flcavditif; to hU 
privMo MiitiBieDbL You kiiov tbnt thun? arc Botno 
OOCMiOiM when the SpCAkcr in bounil lo vote in a pur- 
t^tkflljir way, whatc^^r ma>- be Ium own kcntiiDDnia ; na Cor 
en inc|UErv, A^mt ftUx.etc SiatC^n nftv^ bcxTfivcCr tbu 
Abbolt^ tlie Ifttc Sivfiktr. id thonght to lave been wroojf 
Id Auppoaifig tb«t he waa Uvuiid lo vote for tbo impeach- 
ment of Loird MclviJIi?."— 1 L. Ounp. Life, i56. 

Wo hftVD, in I5?3. tho flrvt ioAUtJor of « oomplniol of 
tho publicfttioB of debntcii in PrLHUmrQt. I.o^l f rmnphotl 

ii^rt: "TliUa I preiumo, vaa mi-FuIy by verl^ nArrpuoQ ; 
bntoertAin iiinftTtMjiji|pi of thp cj[^ipnnrnteof the gnnl^ 

^uul MTtjun ipboi JeveJbd at thn Ohiuiccllor, had bo«i 
MieisUy cirrulftt^l , aivI, rctchinjt hii rwm. bft'i fli^^'n 
him high dbplciuute^ lie modo formal complainti lo 
tUo Lordii; uul iusinUd, iW for ajiy mvinbec to rvpvat 
out of the Hoicte what t,Ad panaeil in Um House, wm a 
brcftcli <if pvivitr^^fT and a tnbdeuKaoour : * Wbonaa, at 
tills PuIlBiooDt^ itocliioj; wad M> soon done, or apokm 
ihvrviii. lut thai it wu imtuodiiLtvly blown abroad in 
evcTj' akheuae.* Not cuntenled with this, he r^wlv^d 
to i>a> ^ vUtof roiROiMtraDoe to tbe Cuoicaotifw and in 
ancn style tbftl ih^y fhntild h« rfiiD|ilcle1y overawed hj 
the splendour of \\U aprtf«iance. H« caleatalcKL llkewlae^ 
un the roin|ilAi^Hrioi> of thv S|N!akifr, whom Ijtf l>ad bMfi 
iDalnifDenbd in pladng in tiio diaJr; but tbe Speaker 
waaSir Thoonae Jilorv.tbamoalcoorageooaaa wall aa tho 
^piUdoat mo ibvn in Rngluid. who uffiod all iwfaln. 
llortii eoDduct on tlml ocnuion waa said to aii t£a 
exaropU to Tif^th«U. when riiar)p« I. tntight to acnni the 
IWo menban.'*— 1 Camp- Livoa of Cha&c, 473L 

THK sruKn or accse or cokinojcH Asto ita roimi^st 

WImq wnUnce wn> about to b* prenouncad on Sache- 
T«nU, who bad bam impcadkod In Parliatnani, an alien*- 



tion jiiofi* lick*w tlip^ bar of Itit Hoii/teof LotttBtVtb:di,^ul 
for llii? diiicrutifU of ihi; Lori.1 Cliarict'lkir Cowpor. might 
ijft^clucl Lo vpry «<?tioii H rrr>Tiht(juvnoCH> VVlii^ti Sir Kichnrd 
Onidow. thu Sjn-uker of tht^ CominoDs, c«jtio u^i to d^iniuid 

niduiittcd iulo the House of Lords, nnd tho G^nLfi>mnji 
U»^ti:r of t1ii» Black Rod Inaifiled tb»t h hIiouIJ U< K-ft 
outdit)^ tije door, which hp Mid was occLi^lirtj^ tf> tmci^nt 

Erc^ctxItiiE'. The Spvak^r Uire&tcDOil lo r^rluni to tbu 
loLr«0 of C^TOiiLonii fuitl coJii|i1ftm nf tUiih iii^h^rnitj. Iiut 
Lord ChanooUor Cowpci' ovdorcd that the uioco shotiM 

W Admitt^' *^ nU('k Rod/' bluing Umn oril^ivd to ptrj- 
dnoe hi* prisw*rcr, wan g<iin^- to put him t:'i\ the nglil 
hftiid of Mr, Spsftkor, ythn wtiA ihcTnu^on v*>Ty wrulh 
And cjirlii.imoH ; '' My Lnrdn, if you do not order tho 
Dl&ck U^hI lo ^^^ with tlic prinoiiCT on the left li.iJiil of 
mn, at ftnmc diAtn-nfir, I will r^'tnin to thn lloni^n of Horn- 
inon* I " upon whii;]] thu Lord Clmm^iOlor ilircct«l Black 
Rod no to do, juid thon Mr, KpoaWer dfuxandcd jijdt;nif*nt 
The liOrdu' Jounuvlnworc ulont rettpactin^ thl>( n^aitrnvorny, 
but oil tlic i^orticulftiv ore ou^fuUy recorded in thA> 
JoumftU of tli« ConiraoQft, who hav<i tv^r ninofi mjoyrd 
LU« pmili'jfo of tnkiiiB tli^-'ir mac*", with tho Sjiojikcr, 
into t!ie Hoiiiio of Lo^.3fl. aiid of having tlie priA~incr 
[ilACcd at iioiiie dioUiicu ou tbu Spvakcr's left hand, 
which W4«rn roii^idi^ti^d ^n-at ronAlituti'mal tnuiupb^^ 
1> St. Tr., ^72. 

At the g1o8o of the eouion of ICTO, tho Lord Kcc|»6r. 
Baci>iiJiJj^hlycKU>l](id tlivdin^rcUon and orderly p[oc«ed>i 

ings of tho T.Tppcr House, wliich rodoijndod much to th<*ir 

}ioiioiir» ajL<l iLtLitb t<j tho comfoit uid ci>n8olation of her 

Mnjmty ; )y\il ho invci^hod heavily ni^/iinat tho pnpnlAr 

party in tbo Conimonri ''for thuir audat^IoUH, arrogant, 

and prcsnmptaous folly, thuB by mpcrilaoufl njiooel^ 

.Nkpanditig laxich time m invddlur^ with mattom neither 

Wrtamiiig to them nor within the enpacity of tbi^ir 

undcfHtan cling." Tbe inijiorLiujcw oi' tlic Comrcona wuh, 

Jiowvvvr, now lopidty Hm^j^-, »nd tliat of the l-ord» hxnk' 

\^ in theiOJUQ |iro|}Oi-tiou. 

2W crKiosatiu or law iku tivtiwm. 

OLD HODK or anMtnsixo tor nocnc or loam. 

On th« Meond r«ftdmg cf the Bill. U> dcclire Queca' 
BmbvthbvMloftboClittnlip in Uw Howio of Lurd^ Ui» 
ViTil Cnuinccllor. Hoftth, Hnntr ^f'^^ ^^*^ uriibbi1uip*A 
boticb, delivcnd ft very long onUicm, i^f uhlch it DUjot 
wortli wbilo to ijitfe ttw oomnirtiefrmcnt ah a ■n«cuiwti 
of tfao Hiyle of 6ubfttUi^ Khicb thva pcvvaiM, Uc tlitu 
bfiL^nn t " Hj lord* Ul. with hamblc mbtniuiDn of ny 
trbolc talk unlo your boBOnn, I miTpon to vpeak to 
Um body of tbiB Act, toai^binff tbe mmot^ry" Da 
fttiniiiicot iloCA bOt fcirtbi^r iiHlirjdttftliXc tbo |ifcnQCil^ 
>Mr<«iOii Tib ipi^crlL dbuwH, AuwDtr otbvr mriDOfli 
pvticnlam. tt^t the osjitelivM^ "my IfiHFi.'^ And "^Mir^ 
JOrtUbi|H(," nvw ho coftouily iutroduo-l aJaont liUo, 

6veiy sentcnm hf UlOAl speftkrre bi tliP IToOM of LoT^I 

tbtfD ncttvij uuknowEL — & Cana^ CIuuucl, $S. 

oniciM op norttK of coknioira. 

Fcr rnmo tcuttn not apUnttJ, Ntdidu d« Elj, in Uwj 
rvi^ of liforv IIL. «u r«ni>av«d by Dn UonlfCtt fVom 
the oSio« of C^iu^> llnr. Ho «aa pn^bfthly »ci«foctod of 
having tcniporkvii Lvtwoon Um t«i> imitii^s ■alI of bftv- 
ing roonUnutcod thn rnrrirrnv to Ihi^ Kioj- of Fnuicc. 
Qu ii to bn bod in rwuvaibniitcu fti Ibo fini Oionedkir 
who ever jseAlrd writJi for ;:h<i olcctioD of kn^la^ citixoM, 
Aod biii;ga»oi^ to I'&rli&mctit Whctbcr he, ui a natirtti 
of Knfhtbd, •ttflgnlcd Um uKottatv. tonmma tbo bmefitei 
it mlgbt eiynTn upc>n Ku country, or Dq Uontfon, vbo 
ind mil Ijum and ciiu<«t«d abcoad, introdvcud it froia 
MMa ooimlry iu whidi tb« lbir>J uctatc waa oAlmrclod tO; 
grant KUi-^Q* and bftv^ttUiare in lv|pilatiuu, or «h«ilicr 
lh« two lJkDiii|bt of ikolhirif but a |>Ti«ont «<xff«di«tit for 
taimr^a nnil con^rming IheSr powm, hy t&khtg advttt^: 
tago of tuo uopulority Ui«7 tb«ti oi^oyod with llx' clooM^I 
M vbom llko oJoollvo ftaikeblao wta baMowcd, wiUwoi' 
l(M4i«iw to pncnidtntor regarding dntan I riritHmiurnca^ 
ti mcSU now bo vain to ooigwtoreL AlUnMigb Umvo 
«at mucii of a4ic»<lvrtt with roKpoct to tbo tkmo wIh<d Iba 
bfltitutkin Artt a|>l^«(UT<l amottg u^ ypt it could not hav4i 
contiuutd to flooiitJt iT it bad not bnn HiKcd to tbtt 

BOTfiri&laM, OOVKRXME^T, rABLUlitS^T, CTC 2G9 

HittLci uf «<>cWly wml t1to wAntA of tht' nation. In Apit* cif 
violence and njiprfyflion, in *pito of continti<»d foreign <ir 
*loi»eHiio war, coEiktnorco mjuiu itdvnni.'uii, woalbh incrukJied 
Ain^tn;^ tho miiiillA brdfm, tKr tcudal ny?<trm bi^gMi gnu 
inally U> decline, and Utih t\w Kir^i: and tlio poopU 

favourRt] a new DOVrar whir)i n'jvt mr>rQ a»ubmix1iVl^ th&n 

tbo baronn to tha n^lD-r ivuiborUy of thu CVuwn, and 

at th4 ttmo Umc. AH^ordcd pn>tcctii>ii against tlioir in* 

ftolcnoc to tbo infcriur clJVfd»H ut' lUo oommunity^ — 1 
Cftmp. Chonv., 153. 


King JamtM I., on of>ening th« MSHJcm of 1604, inUo- 
diiccd tbc present fo^shion cif tho Sovcrei^ poTw>rLAl1v 
ddclarin^ Ute orxuniai^ of tin; aumraniiin^ of Piiriiftin.'iil, 
but li« still ndhorcd to thi? atiriont- pmlom of doin;:; ao 
bcfoTi; UiB cboiL'O of a, Sjj<.Miker, Ju,tnes'jt nn»i.'uh wiLs 
OK(?tcdii>gJy t'JOg And |oa.Tned, and he would itAve bc«Tl 
liitflkly iucunaud if any uuo h^l IriiuUid it aa tbu ^>ech 
of ilM miiuBt^r. Wbi?u lio had coiioltid>.-d. Ibo Ijgrd 
CluwcdEor ELli>6tneri> tbu^ hpokc :^ 

" My Lonls onrl Oentn, rill yow btLve Liiaard liin Majtiatlc* 
spoeah, and tliAt oxtraordynftry con&Unoo hi:) MoJeHtid 
batb xvpoHtid in the gr«at« wji?duiiiw and loving ulltfc- 
tionn of this prciiont (larliftmont \>o <l<ie not 6ip6CtO, 1 
aiu Hurg of it. ftuy iteration or iv|>&UCLi>h of tb» «ame, 
A T*ni?od*imonian VM^inj;^^ oner invilj*d to h(^pi> onn that 
could u'oli uoiint^frfL-it iho voyco of ft ni^btm^o. put it 
off with thin compiimfint—*! havn beard tU*^ nightitignln 
horttidru; and whyo aboulii yuw be truubU'd with tlio 
i^roakingC of a. Oiiiuicellor thnt bhvn hrnrd thi^ powrrfull 
oxprtiHsigiuH of ft moat ijl.Miucnt Ivins:^ ? and in very deed 
fgr nie Uf ^Iuks ii^ujn his Uiijv?.iiA upcvdi Wi!ru uothiii^ 
oUa tb«n ftg it ia iti ihb HUtyir. Jufvum auuuZun^ 
ftrrein ffUHi^ i-ViiUrt—tu uiuoielL u riugo of guuld with 
Atuddcs And ntnrrcH of rustic iron, T due not doubts bub 
that btN MAi>i>tir« gri^vo i»vn|«n^(<«, likv AmdiiueKtwv 
gpfttinn, have loftc bohindo thorn a pricko or fttin^o In 
the mijjdtd and biriirtc* of all y^vr bis Iwarora, eoo aa It ift 
not litt that I, with my ntdn jainblrtingn, nliould ^ti 
nboulv to ttxtublo or dijicuiiipoM tiiQ «tb'cnQ\ W &» \^ v^ 


ocBiosmsa a^ law akd LAwntBa. 

vrittoDof N«rva,Ui4twb«i b#faftd«il^tod ibo Emperor 
Tr^AO, ho wu nddonly UJua <kW«kjr, JVtf jp(wC A'fiYnum 

lfA«t ikfUi- ito inuuKwiiliDl Jt divitM ui ftcto no iboold 
don *ny lhin>; tliat mi^ibt roluli cf cauruUylie — *oe it h 
nut titt tli&t ihi! ju'Jicioui com uf Uicw noUio hvtatn Lw 
fiirtlipr iruabli^l at this tynMt iVe pcul diifinum illud 
«i y^mortaU dictum, 'moriaU tittdi^rtni" — 2 0»Dip, 

On ihc SHlth of Juiuftrj, m lUj* inAuipiciout to Uw 
Stoirts, Uie two Hixuca lUHembtotl JauwA I, tift^ing 
ia«d« ft Ivtv AMeoh from tbe llin>ii« iu bU nuntiUaf: 
ftNlir, thnwd Btyl^ th« LfOid Ch&noellor BtteoD ihos 
dtdinw o dhia: " Ufty St pl«ue yuor Mi^MAy. I mn ftlrvok 
with adminUioti in mpect of your profoood dbeouraei; 
vritb rev^reocu of your rojftl preoeptfl, uid conteatment 
111 ft nninWr of giMUUB juiwKgtn which h«v« fftU'^n rmin 
your MnJvAty. FornyiMf^ I hold Hat grMt o^mimn- 
ilation in a OluMtc«llor tn b* vUnt wh«Q aticU A Ktns i« 
by^ who ciui lo vr-U dolivcT tho nraeltt of hit tnind. 
Only. Sir, givv iqo Iuato to )2iv« my ftdvico to thft Upper 
ttnd Lower EIdiuo bri^y in two worth, A'o^oa frtpmn. 
1 would liATetho PuliAiDcut know itadf, lit, ma taodori 
OftrrUge to $o gnrioviii a Snvnrvi^; 2ndly, in Vftluiftg 
thoBMlvM tliua f AT u to kudw tiow it U ID tlicm, \^ 
tlieir <ttreful daalinjc^ ^ pnoctare an inlinite fpod to Ummd- 
fiulwfi bi nbatoncc and npulatiun ftt bono or aliroad* 

Tho T^oid Comi&monor cf tbe QitAt 8«al, vrlino Lonl 
FnTrrTrrrrnmiri 1] oildronocil n nnw Pari tament^ d«U vend 
a JoDg «ld[«n lu Lh^ two Uoaae«. by vay uf vnlargeoDWit 
«ii th*i of hia H^^new As Avarythlfif; w«i now t^ b« 
Oooduat«d &n«<r tlio aoUque, tt wft» notinvd that tlia Lord 
OocnmiaMonor itid not ukf a tAiLof Hcriptaro foralliaM^ 
like bU vcoarmblo prvdoowson. 

Wkan writu cf •vminoiw for ft nrv rnrlUmunt 
wqad by the Lorda 06«niuBioci«t«, under the Grcftt 
ScftI, ftcd the raaion wan opeoed by Kicbard CroiBwell, 
actonlJiig to n>ya1 furiiu, it wtm notioad tluit be a<Vlre»*^ 



b4>ll] lloiisaft himself m iv very nduiblfi viiei-ch. Aiid did 
not cull upua anj koopor of tbo Qreut Sual fiLrtlior to 
Oxpltkiu tlifl r«flAi>iut for uauiubUng ib^iu. 

When Lord King look lira jil^co aa Chancellor in the 

HouAo of Lortln. on tfao 20bh nf J&uuary, ITifj, And tlieo 

■ TWtid tbo royai spoccli, thf?i Kirig itici not evon r&pofbt the 

slTgrt hif iiiado wbon he iSnt ca,Ktfi to the tliiMnv, w> m tf i 

Miy, in Kni^lish, hhat " T h*ivftnnl<T>'d mvLord CbancelW 

t4> clocUm i\\e> i'niUA(?n of calling this I'arliamcnts^* The 

iiatotn wnnthcn introduced of tn<!two Ijoiijips echoing the 

a of tLi? nfi^c!oh, and on thit oc^^asIoti tbe ikddi'eaa 

carrk'd ujno-uimuuily. 


Fmm A tiW nf Oflorgft 111.. iwcmYlcil by I^ord EiJou, 
iliQt Kin^ mif^ht hnvo di^s^liiynil a taJont for dolicatu 
«iiiV4wm- liot\i ICUi™ nityai, "(Jn ono ocawion <inoiijfi HE , 
when ho <3b[no r'Ut of tho House i>f Lord:i, afbcr opon- 
iijg the ritvuiun of I'arluuui^iitT wd to I^l^, ' Li>rd OftaH'- 
i?(;llor, dici I dclivi-r the Spftich woIW 'Very woll, 
iudwil, :^ii-,' wtiJi my oiuwur. ' I am ifljul ut' tbut/ 
repliod the King, ' for thrro wna nothing in it" " 

Loi'd Ckixipl)?il remvzubvrtjd ht»im UAd, veli^n ho was 
A bo^. althoujifh ha Tii^ver saw tli^ anuoJoto iu print, tlmt 
hftvui^' kuigljtrKl a. p-titluuiun of thv naiue of Day, at a 
leree liolii on tliP 2l.Hli of S».»pUmlM>i-, Iip Wtid, " Now t 

know thilt I am a Kla;;. for 1 have turnod l}ny Utia 
knight. And niaJe liady-day at XlichachnitH/' 


Lord Chancellor yortcsMiif^ laid the foundation uf i>ar- 
lianiontiiiy priviitrpi, to which our lilwrtioi arc ruaudy 
to he uAcrihtKl. lie Kcid thfl laj^fjinitv to ace tliat if 
qtWdliuna iMUC^t^riuuif tbu privili^jft^n t;ri Tarliauii^ul v/vro 
to be dtU-rtnin^d by t}]i> common law judj^, appointed 
and r^tnuvalilv by Lijv Cruwii, tht^Hu privile^^ mwtt aooa 
\>e extintniiHhcd, and piir« duHpnttHm must ba fiitabliflhod. 
He poro^Vtfd ttiat the HuuKOH uf ?arltaint!<j:it alone worn 
C4>mpAt«nt to ilooido n| their own priviJogp*. and that 
tbtB powor inu^t bo &>iici3doil Ui Ui^m. Vf^tv \Vh t^^iiW^ 


272 cvKiouTvm or law akp i^wtjuia 

to ib« ]4«iciio« uf Uie Court ot duucvry mud otliv 
inferior Iritmiuh. Acoon^iD^fljr^ id Thorpe'* oiM^ ha 
•spreMtdtD vpjijion vUcli, fiDin Ui« oiati or tli« rn^ of 
Kmg Hvotj vl. i.ill Ui0 comtnoDMciiefit of tlie retgn of 
Qdms ¥lat4>ria. «iu r«oaivi«d wKh profound deCeraiiM 

vnuuion lkitqio juf uvuilklla tic tus uvvsk or 


SboriJy b«foru Lord EJtJ0D*8 reugnfttion atom Uio 
ftaoui uiii1>r«tlA CAM, «o fr«qii«ntl7 quf^t^ in Uie di^ 
cnadofu on tli« nl^mit of pvlunaniary privili^ A 
jllnDgw, boin^ ftjimiltih] below the Uvr, wa^ mjutrvd by 
OMtf th« dooriccoj>cm to dcprait hb umbrdk tn ah «Dtt- 
noiD, and bU proporty not boin^ rctjnipcd lo him vIm 
tba diliftCo vu over, ho broa^t u utkin Agwiwt llio 
1iwnfl<r for tbo vikluo of it* brfgt% tbo W«RtiiiiiHt«r 
Oantt of Conifiifrjitf!, and rooOTonsd a verdict $ar I?'' fi^f. 
4HMff% with 2*. lOd cotttBi But on omnpJaint mod* 
of Hum pToctfAinf^^ XfOrd Eldoti bad the plamtilT and hU 
nttonwjr kuiiu[i<jaiii>d Ut Iho \mr, and ho tvfmiucd "frocii 
oomiBitiing Ib^m to N«W|f»t« colj whf*n tbej h«<l nwMb 
ft biunbk ftftology and rouuuDc^^l tlus fniiu of tiie ver- 
dict; intinuUing ft cj«u- mnion tboe tbo House would 
BOt nllow to bo pnwvcitted way rait bnogbi bdbfo anj 
oibor tiibunoJ with tbo intool of ^oittMBUig tbofr 


SutiicrK,«-hcDLoirdOian(,<cUc}r. wiu kUowod to havo dooo 
sood Mrrice k>Ui««Ute lu a m&Uarof |)ortiajii«iitoi7|>rivl- 
1^0. He eatoblkbed tbo dootmin, whicti W boen odod 

Sm «v«r MKO, Ui4t au OoUon laea a^Liint o rHiiminfr 
fiorto ndkJoBaly rrioctfng tbo voto of an 4*hH:toc : and 
^•Qlmiblf 03tpofoduioabu«oorprivil<i^ by tb* Uon>- 
»0M tlwt ho otooghb great wi|K>piitanty upon tboa 
'iDVtlMir prooaading*, and tb«y w«nloiig nwro modMaio 
;nd ?aa«othlo &n their povUmucofl. Hb attompt to 
OOOtrol Uio cooiiniUnecita of tho OuiiiiKaM bj- wriU of 
arvor, or hy wiiU of Jba6ea* corpiu^ rctnmaUe in the 


rHoiifift of hnnia. JiM nev^r bof'n rfrvivfttl, Thorw seemn 
no longvr «jjy dang^^r of a coflinion Wlvrni^n tlio two 
Hon^ffS i hiiT. fo ivcnnfilo thirir pn^lrfTi.^iinnB to atop 
actions br^iHght nontrnry t'"^ th<ur piiviiogn**, nnd tho 
|i(^Wfft of the coLirts of law ni-vf^i thelra* Ui pnKVi^d 
with such octitm;!, ii; a fonniilnhlo cnn^titntionTLl |>roh1ciii 
wtiich still remaini* t<J hn iio!vod. 

Some siifpoae that nothing ci^ulil b(^ mojn cA^y than 
by ft iitiitute t» (Ielui9 mil tho f>riviI<^'^?)l of Piirliamniit ; 
hut (not ftttiu^hin^ miifh wright t/i th<^ objr^otion that 
th^y tnj-thi to hu nivkfluod) th© mont mimjoiia rrtcon- 
vonirncp wi^ild arlv from «n,yin|; thut the two lldu.'wt 
hftVR no privi!e;^c£ cxi^opt nueh aa tlio fnimer* of tJin 
■Uituto have ai*tfc!]EieiI ; litnl from, M a nci^ewtiry ™n- 
Kfjuionac, nuhmittin^ the oonntructifiQ of thin slniuto to 

tho Couria of Fommui] l&w, iiorJ Sornr^n HA-ae the tvil 

iriMinff from tho vngueiwirM of priviltj^L', hut did Tiot v«n lure 

on a lt<gipTaliv« rtinij'.ly. I^^vif\, in tl)>- yuur 17i4> in ft 
[<*ll**r to LnH Charr'f^lirtr Mi-Mlpkoi, them wrote: " L<>nl 
SuQiR-ra. th(f grv^tvut aian I tswr knvw of your robiv 
IftiiU'til.iNl trt TtiPi that thft prfirof-ati v^i* of thy Crown, or 
tb«> privtlef^ of Pftrliftmv>nl, fthcuM ever be llahlo to 

llispiit^ m Any *Jn>;lo hraiti^h M' *iUi^r, Iry whid» in^ATii*, 

lie said, tho public ofitm aufforod great mconvcQioDc^e, 
wh#rnof ho g»vo in© g*inflrtil ixwit«-n«ia, I protlnco the 
Authority of so emiiu^Qt a ponton to ja^ify tnv d^ircn 

I Hint inrntt liigh points oii^'ht ho olcnraJ." l^he Icgis* 
lattirn may usefully intrrforft on pariicuUr pninia, » 
to«oiifQr n pownr i»r tt onofl «tt»pping ftii Actiou brought 
to attiwk the privUoppM of either Hotisi^ ; but a. ■' Privi- 
Wo CwIb " was [iruiiouuL^L'd by Loi'd C'liTupbuil (who 

I when Attorney -Genu's I h&d to tight the hiUtic of privi- 
lego) tc be ImpOH^ble. 



Wlu'ii Mi\ Tieriit'y wtut ou« of lb*» niajiH^-on* for thu 
Cotumon* on thi> im|vwichniont t.yf TiOrd Sh:Ivillc, bo 
ukiiiiud »fii a privlli^p? to he «iiAiDinoil from hin place 
in thn c**"'^0" '^^ apart for th* OommonA' ia*fc. \/ff\ 
Chancolbr Kivkmo md, " I thivAt. tM«±n *fl*i^\- ^> ^*' "W 

cmuoemBfi op ulw asd uwt^bs. 

.diilSnciUai bMvrKu 6n« wflaefi wad ttBoUi«<ras to tkc 
'jUttn in wbicli Ik* h Ui hs> exasiiMd. U U tlia phvilegv 
«f tbb IiOi4m to fVL)- w)mr» ft witiUM ia to ba ]^«oed «|mhi 
hk oEUnliuUoa." 3lr. Ti«fii*y, eouoiuu, porltspft, on 
foTmiT intiinary uul pAruMUi*liip with t&^ rhAn[^lnr. 
WAA bt^fiing to roiiion0trttU<, whon tho ClivifioUor 
aW[ij)«<l him bj vtyiog v^ry gravely. " I aDj^nljaDd w^ 
can iM&r no inrlHer ammimt on ihw Aubjoct froD & 
uarabtr of iiie HoHifof UoEninonii; and if Ibo £CQtJ«r|ii&ji 
b t/i V frxftinincd, ho imut laAnd in the prbp«r pUeo 
fvr wjuuMMH." Mr. Tivtttty vu obliged to «taM«id (o 
tba wJtiktiMi box, and boiiifc ajdctd bv Ur. Whilfariid 
vhaibor he bad bcQn at any tiata i'reaMtcr of the 
Navy, thoa ventod hia tploen: " &I3' lord), bcJora ] 
Uktwor thfU quovUon, I prttinno 1 may bo ponniUod 
to clrAr Riyiau from wlutt may olb*rwui> appear to ba 
want of rcnpcet to jquj lord^bipa. Tbt^rc wa4 nothing 
mora mtoote from my ioteotjon than U* «buv tnytbinf; 
incanAiit^int with the moat oonip1ct« defcnrnr^ 10 ikta 
ordor aud {>r(jocc<liijg oX Uus cwtrt; EwiUier bav«j I any 
pereooftl notire for pnninufv to pn^t«At aa lo the 
pUco la vhidi I ftia exvnJned. I Ivlt tbai Uio couriwy 
of 6v«ry rourt in tbe kingdom would faava allowed na 
to Iw «kamiAed iu any plaou in uLich 1 might be lilting 
wh«i i»II«d u a vrilii«a«j a/id U-iii^;; in ifivi gallery, a« 
one of tba Osoinuiw, not an bidiffamot BM^tator, but aa 
• Miotubvr nf ft OcSDintU«« of tho wbul* llouao, Iu roaku 
gc-vl ih^ rhir^ i^ainat I^rd M«lvil!c, 1 ^d foel that I 
kl)uold \m> viutiiag in tbo n^ppct wbtdi ia dan to tbaiB, 
ifiil 1 nni endcftvour Ui n^aiiiiain my tight and privUM* 
of hmg aJtanunnd io ray pkacc in whidi, aa ono of 1E9 
nfmftMitatirca of tbc p«op1o, I atlcftikid. Uavtfttf pirc»- 
l«ated a^aindt tbe place in wbidi J now lUDd, 1 will 
,|itoc< * d to aii'iwM IbA qticitiona of ih« Iwnoiinibic 
attt^er."— 6 Camp. Chaoa. ^79. 


Ooa of Uin kkML Iiidlcmaia difficolti^a in wliicb tbo 
H01M0 of ConiiDona wu Involved, In ITSO. uvoa from 
Ih^t «i]dd«ci d(«tb of Sfjcakcr Comwai}, a»d tliv olaction 
of Ur W, Qrtovilk to avcoMd him, TWgirlariy, the new 


Shaker shimM havo boon ftpprovod hy thu King< and 
sbouM liftve pm^ud fnr n cpntuiuoncv ol the nt^hcn anii 

{iriviloge8 of the Commrinn. Hurlt^ «aid, "TUay hikd 
u^L^et up ft ' pbaiitom ' U> ropreicttt tbo Circtit S«il, lUtU 
nr-w Ibeir Sppftkcr was t^ bow hnfirft il^ tatd to dftim 
Ihoir rights ftncl pnvilogcu iVfnj a cronturc of tUtir own 
rrffttion,'' However, thryftltnwthrr WAivod tbr ci^irmony. 
Ix»r4 Thurlow, luid Li>rd Kkbu uftiir btm. nrcifL'STOd 
to aot on tho King'a imtruction-i, whF?n tiiey knew hp 
wdA insiuie ; and they pntctic&Uy did wbut thoy pleased 
Ui (bo King'H numc. 

LAWvnofi i:xctirDR:> nio» rATtUAVitNT. 

lu ftiici«£it tiiii«a Jftwyur^ weiu Irvqu^uUy, und by 
r«pvftti.'d AcU of pArl&Acient and Ordlnancra, di^uAlit^ed 
ffOTD aiititig ae members of the House of Commotio. lu 
ib« writ of Htimrnona^ a prohibition iigfiinAttboir el^^^tion 
was dflen inaort«d. Lawyers, Indsad, wero, according 
^%o Cartv, t!ie lirsL cIa^ po«iUve)y excluded fiotn tljf» 

loose, and ir. is Bnijpiwod that the words "gjadiia 
:io^'^ (j;^nl«d witn Bword«)^ which Apj^^ar in Ib^ 

rriw of ■ummDnfl in the time of ?ldw(ird \\X . wrf*iyi 
inlroducod to oxcULde them. At thnL lime Lawyfirn 
ahoTjndod in tbft Hoimp. ■■ Four shillings n 4ay.*' writcn 
Carte, " tbu ccinKtaiit wages iif a knif^bt of thu ihirc, 
ibouffh morn thiin tnn tinu^s tbnt numljor in aur day*, 
waa not a Muflii-Jfint equivalent for tho trouUo and m- 
ocinvQuii-nce which a gentleman of tho fint distinction 
in hitt cotinty, roitnt undvri,^ by rniaoviTig la London. 
indeod wna it worth his uttontion ; but it wa» vory 

insidcraUe advautn^^e lo a, Inwyr^r, wljoac burtmcaii 
led liim Ihithur iii tvnu tiiiiv ; Ihii IvrxiLt hvirj^f iu 
FtliM^ days Ihvt usunJ tiiiits!( of P&rliaiiieiit Aittinj;^" 
HovTtt^'vr, to uxuhidE) thu lawyon* still uioro cffooiualiy, 
it woft d^laroil that if i*UTt*^d tb<»y Hh*^iiM nf>t rworivu 
the vagca paid to tb■^ mcinborA in tho8c daya. Wa i-oad 
in ft writ of niiiiimotih, lUf-fd l-irhfti?ld, in tin* liftb year 
of Honi^- IV., "Tho Kin^ wlllo^l thai noltht^r you, nor 
ftHv oUier fcbi^ritr {vinec^meji} of lh« kin^lvhi, or any 
apprentice, nor other man foUawing tho Iftw shcniV^ ^ 


conoamiB op law ahd LAU'if.a8, 

'-Tl>i» prulkiUtioMr njs 0)k« (4th Itoif 4$>. -ww 
Initnttfl in virtue of bd Ordimaw of the i»nj«, maife 
in the fort^-niKth jtor of E<lw&ril IIL. And by reiAon 

"f iU inB«rU<jii, tilth r^rltAiiiviit vitt» fntiLlma, ftod MW 

ft good Uv loAdo IhtvMb, ftnil tliortforo callail /iM^otftEfn 
parfiiunMitiiii, or Uck-J««niJaff PwliuDflnU" "S^oa 
ikm Uin«7 h« *d(^ '* Uwy^Tt i for the ffroftl «wl ffood 
Mrv1o« of ti» conuuonMv faith) liAva mki cJlglm* 
PrjniiP, that " ToliuninouH ivAlftf/' hovrcver, stj^i^ for 
ib« promitty of ihotr enclinioo, which ho deeltnM 
alioH«nca Ihu daration of th» Hnftvon, facilitAlvd th* 
dttipatch of bujtincH, and hnd thtt dtmrthXti offoot of 
**n»toH]is lawa to tBuir priEuiUv* Sftxon liiDplicity, 
and EEifLkin^ tbfrfn innht like Qnd'ft camnukndtnealia*'** 
S Law lod Lawrum, 3^. 

LmRRTT OP lit 

The )ib«rtjr of tho prvm tntmm tho UhoHjr gT pohliah- 
uig vhat*T«f any in«nb«r of lh« ]Hih!io thiokt St, on 
any tuhjix^t, without any pfcJiminairy ti«BM or <|vali- 
iMAlion whftUvor, aihJ uatyaeA only t4> tbi« r««triclMHi, 
thai if ho goea to on cxUvbo io nakiiig blatpUmovt. 
intnboral, ft^itioim. iir dvGuntttory otaUnitntft, th*n hr 
May bA punwSo>l alWrwanU by iiidJcuiM«ii» infoortnatJoiL 
or by Act^^n. for «uch uxooav. llcriMO it m obriou* that 
Witil one IctKia* wliat am thn ftitvowfin wliidt thb law 
ilecaui blasphemy. iiiirar>ndity, Wltioti, or I'tbul, hm 
o«niiot frjlly numpr-^iAn-l tbo cit-^nt of liberty Ue n^j 
e^Loy. Thcac an; but tiia trnan neeativo mtriotkni^ 
hidkatintf ILkc lir]j[er-poitji Iha fomddea corneia b6> 
yuod vhich be <unno4 travel with impunily. Bat ft 
\x*ry little rvAcction will at thv tame tuno t«acb hno, 
that c\cry tliiof; tliat u intf rcaliftf to man, ertrj kind 
tjt •pwHibUuQ on loattcT^ of rehgiov, polilkv; Hciunce, 
phUoMOphy, or iit^ftioal life can b« diamnMl with 

iHoc* Dwdom, without Iha wriUr httoc olther 
iai&iofal, soditHNi*!, 00* libcDooa. To ataor 
olnr of theso rrckn and qitkl»ftdi reqvlm tho aama 
aKpericnep and krh>w1iHjf^'o «bi«li pilot* and oil -olhor 
flkOied workmen riy|uire In tholr <lai1j aToratiocut Vot 
lh« Vftti rftflg* vf *j^i»a op««i U> tbfi navigatiir m i» 

(lOVlUmUliKT, r\HLlAUt:NT, ETC. 277 


gr-dt in ^rropoiU^n to iho Hpjused fibut out^ that th^ 
\wsiii\-K gnjQyiJivtit ivj^ivscntwi hy Uh,* iibeily of i!3« 
pnoK id nut C4j]^ thv mcjftt int^iiaa ojiA iicniitivc of 
whitili ft titrist*!] u caqjftble, K^^'^tl ttix>)w tu Uii uobJ(?it 
ImuIUm. Aud brin^irkjf within rtm^ hia niost tAr-i^ich- 
iog pcwcm, Liiit thi> rwlritiUuus fuU into inaigisillciiitcc, 

00 wilJ be Het^n, dio iievi>HBiiry lor tliu pLxtt^^ctiaii uf all 
other f<.-Wi>u'-ritiWTj7!i who oIahil tqu&l ti^lita. hT}<i htLve 
tbeir own aItLiLT?i T'O f\iLllior and )Ft-c<t^cE'. and wlio would 
gthvnviiw Lhj LiJijlmUd m tlivti tjuu wpHTuliJ {JuntinU. 

TliO litrerty of the pro^ Fui llm« Tiiidoi--rt<>ud Iijia b«pn 
iloauribed aw th^ iiallnUiuui of Uie uou&titutioii, and an 
tbat wliioh will o»vijmajHl hn aiiiU^ni.-ir whpn pverjr 
bunt^al iiiati in ihv \ih\gdviu ut vxrludred ; &h Lurd CamOtm 

MJd, it in 1h^ i-iratr.^l 4i!»j,"in« c.f pnlilic jtAri>Ly ; luid tv 
which, oa Fox wtid, tho inodk^m iLuprovomfirit In Ihi 
acjeitc« of i^irvcnim^nt wa* t-Ntinily owmgj;, aud jtidi^ed 
lo which It U owing in n CTcnt nicnsurc that wo 
OQJoy luy JJbeiiy nt ntL Tiio trcmiom wttli wliicli 
nkilfid writ^n cnn aitininjivi^i't r*n tho condn^t »f all 
public Tiion and public mo&rtuni*! ac^h ^ a chock 
on «TVfry kind of tntA^vrmmt^ntp luid balHiA moAt <if 
suoli CktUmpCd «o9n<jr or later. U civ<;M dignity luid ft 
lOQio of «curily to thp whole peopTn wiien Oifiy know 
thnt BotQO flhfiinpion wi!J bo ibrtb^si^niint:. or h over an 
th« iilcrt, ablo 1^ mc.i;t all i^uwis, whcin^xL-r ui abiuw 
id disfjjvercd, tt ^iuviiiice ftdt, or ftii tvil bi tu bu re- 
dnauicd, and that tUvrc in ;ju uaaduuery by which any 
idteroted party car; be auro of enforcing absalutf! 
alteuciL Thougb Patiiaiutnt at Iji-at luifluiiOi^ntUKKl tbu 
pow1^^ of thi.' pivm, juuI hki* otJmr puwL-rd, 1<?artd sume 
uow rival, ycl wLou tboHU great i*iigiEi«6 aro tillxL-d, it ia 

M-eu they arr tin- L'oiripk'iiieuii vl tacli utbi.'r» juid tlial 
noithcr trould put forth half it^ i^truu^rtli wiLl^aitl the 
uihvi' bviu^ rvt^ly to n^cuitd it. Tliu powor uf vac^h ia 
at haul inimooHiLrably i-nli^in'Ttid liy CAllin^ in &id ita 
uatiiral aUy.^PaU'J'MJu'ik Lib. PrmH, ^1. 

The <tL'<TEccT of tho Sur ChamWr, in Ifi,^7j ordfimd all 
boolu to bo liL'dUM.'d by the ArtbUifcUo\j <A C*.i\V^*M7j 


376 cUKUfmis of t^w ji:ci> uvrttn. 

or U>* Bkbop or LockIoh. or i\mt mthMinim^ Tha 
ttfw^ PoFliimcnt^ Unbufxt with Um atunt mttktn^ «nd 
fcftn, mwwl vrenl AcU fit the ramlmiiuD uf pnuliug, 
wlkfTcby tbejr «nfon«U a Tuvvioiu iimbm (>f UwIca am 
tliQ prmtiEk^- <jf th« priuU'rs cuitno, u well tM « UeefiM 
for prinluig pc we iy vid m1h> i^re pover to fe«i«v tluaw 
ib&i w«rtt BoUomfted, and al«o povtr lo MiUr 1ioua» 
ud appretMnd tb« Mitbors or wtlen. In ISBS tli« 
licefiiiMt Aci prohlUttfil Ih* prinibg of ft book udIU 
it na uni Ikvni**! ftiktt t^gutorvd at &Uiiion«n' Umll; 
ftlso until tliooomcnl ofltio uilbor wu obuln«<3. TliAi 
Act wu cuntinu*^ Mvenl ttiiMS, ftij<J ilurLrt;; WillUni 
and U&ry, tilt it cadpd to ut end in l(i!>'J, 

Tbo ccnaor of Um pn« Id 161^ hsfl. in hU xool fbr 
dirine right* nfuai^ h» •^nti'mn to a in>tory of the 
Bloody AJBlaei. Blotint alUck>?<l tb« pnncipl« of ■ 
^enftumip^ On« Bohon hftd, wliilo c«mr, lictuvd 
QUwAra s boolc wlitch tb« TIooso of Ommuiw ntolvttd 
ov^t to b9 Immt by tb» ooBunoa haMgrnm. aod h* 
wftji ofiWttd to bo ilimiiMMt And conunitud to pnao^. 
TbU ffvvnt o^iHxl t|jo vym of 0140 t<» tba «artlkl««aini 
of tbo function of a conaor, vid tbo bcotowlhrra and 
I^nntcfv joinvd in tlia DNQplahrti. Tli^ Art «»■ not 
iTDVwod nftof ICQ^ ?{fTvr*|:i*p«n wotd oomnoncid 
ninkoat inuMdiitcly tbotcAft^r, jind uicrcnsod npadljr, 

cn^iNK ox fttvjjtoM ar ?tit^ 

" Fkom minds Kabthitd by tlio tonots of pims^mmi 
tbtl^ «ouH bano no work* of gmaa to nxpud Uw 
cmpiro of Inuonn icaaoo, nor any ninsitcriy eonpotttioM 
on tho gvncnl nntutn <k govcnmicnt, by tbc bolp of 
wUdi tfas gioai ooinmonwtnkba of oiAnkind Wvo 
fbuoJod llwir cntnUubmenU ; miMb Ica »o3' of tlioat 
llMfit) Applicntioni of ih«m to friticAl ooojctDetnrei^ 
by wkicb, iToai tiixw to im», our own oonrtitntion, by 
too exartjooa of pairktl citisent, hm beoo brouglit back 
to %iM atnadard. Uivdur mcb tcvton all Im grant 
li|-1itj< of Bci«noo nnd civilimiion miut be extinguubod, 
for men cnnaot ooMObttnieAte tlicdr free ihotigbtt to one 
nnoUior villi a Uth beU over tlieir bi«d«. It in tiiv 
natttie of oveiytUxig tl>at U gnftt nnd nMful. botit in 


i\ic tuiim&le nnil in&TiiiUAtc worlJ, to he wilft flhd 
irru^ukr ; and vr*i muBt bu cuiitwuUd to tak« tbtiu wiUi 
thcftLJuyd wliicb boluut* to tUoin, or tiv«i without thctn. 
Quuiua breaks from Uiu fiMt^ra of erkicisni. bat ita 
w&uduiiiigB Ki'u -^iK^ljijimi.! IjV iU wyttj^vtv tiiiij wjjid^ru, 

rhen it ftdvanctvi in it» mln ; suUjoi^t ^t to tho vritJc 
you tatuu it iulo JLibw», Mi^^'fity rivers liivnk 
fdon^n ti]<^ir tu^ikfi in the wiiLtor, awoti|iing to fktil^ tho 
fiuolu wbidi ard fattened on the hoII that ibvy fiL^tiluv 
in the summer Temp^iMta mvjult^njkll^ j^hakft our 
dwelllngH, Qod disaipato our oommDiro; but thoy «c?argo 
befi^iru liieiii (he laxy eli^ient* which without tlieia 
vould BtagnaU into po«titcDc<% In like tnimnor, TJhcrty 
lierself, tho l&et and bust gift gf Uud to hi* cnatarcH, 

Mint bo tak<t(i jiiM' M abi^ i^i. Vou mjght pare hm* 
down into bftj-hi'iil iii^ularily, m\d ehapu her into a 
pfrfort modc>l of nnvfi>> ftiMnpnlmi* law; but she wWd 
then bo biborCy no iDUgcr; and you mu^t bu cunt^rnt to 
dioiindrrthttlflsli of thi* inexorable justice, which you had 
ig\>d for the bftiinon i>f freedom." — Erak, Spouchea. 


At ntouRMtrr ajMiAfti^r in IH^^, a OAUiin wajitri^d in 
which A gontloman laid claim tu large o^UitDH, and in 
»ui>pcirt ol hi* oUim produci^d deeds, and dot^umpnt^ and 
ftcab, of which ho gave tL ptauniblo ocoouut. During 
tbo cETOB-cxauLiiiation by ^iv t'. ThtriiL-vr, a Ulugmui 
rcachod the counsel from an i-nfjvavtr in Londttu, who 
had read an account vf the tnui in the riij w^gpapi^m, 
and wad enabled to nay thut a CLTUiin brooc:h aui aual 
pr\jdiici;d by tho plalolllt uud jjalnitd oIT lui jmrt tit 
the family armti, whirh iio hiul fpit lift/ y«aiii l>&fcro, 
had been nmdfjto urdiirvcry ishortiy before tbe tiiaL Sir 
T. Theii^^r put the <|ue4tioiu4 foimrk'd on thix inteUi- 
geocu, and at qji(ii> blo^ uji ibo wIj-jIu fabric of forgery 
aitd I'dlbi-huijd. Tite i^hkiuliir ^M diai'i^i.**! at otiL.e ^ith 
foi'^Aiy, and wa8, after Liiai^ convJolcd anO tianapoi t<4. 

Ail the re^li-k'lionn on tbfl pubiinhing of new^paponi 
CAn»od by stamp duties, ndvoitlKmt^iv^ ^viMueh, mx^^ 



ftAiiiftviu, And tveogiftixuiofi^ bciiijf ftwct»t i^way, Ibe 
^ecBpftUoD cf xi«ws|>aper propri^Uir, wiili bis laudc v4 
invMUoir capiUlp U «* wc «• other occu)ALtioD«, uid 
■tberc i^rv fi: w pcculuritia left ujt^pt hy «aj of fftdliUt- 
ing tbc 4tfcvvcry of proj>rictor»lup wb^^ii that u cwotlfttL 
Tliere i* no court or fimctiunftry which hka adjt power 
vrbftUvor to nttppnxe^ witb or without reoooD, oiijr now*- 
pft{h-r, thu iniblUlivnt or wbidi ^tv Uabib (or liheU to Uie 
OBBt cxtL-Dt iLH iho pubUaliun of utbcr bookd ; but iicti to 

ft greater «JLlcitl , mud the puui^hiucDt liwri Iik>t Jin?cUy 

ftdwi the oontjpuftncc of ibu pcrioJicAl Nowvpftpemiiftx 
tati^ pvnuJuiMiii un tbcir piu]>ri«UD> viJ puUiMfatm oo 
«4<fc occttEon of ofToD^. but cannot on any |>t«text b« 
■uppreiMd--Patvr9uu'it Lib. Fnau^ ^ 


Tbo db'jXTiH of A fnw o^utiiry difTur from tliOVO of ft 
CoudLtt 1«m free Okut cf ail i(i tUii one cli4nutcmLJc, 
thii tfifl fonncr are conNtJkiiUy Anuiifttoil vith the ooo' 
kCK^umeB ibat c«cb ani) cvctr put of tbc |[o^-cnin»ui>t — 
batb wbftl b im|Hriai and wliAb ii Joc^l-^cxtitd for U» 
irood, not of ibu gvv«nk<j«¥, but uf tbu gownictl. and tbat 
ue ffoT«med UJiu m ftctir^^ ft&d pl^r>H>^M part in iia wbolo 
rowbiaonr^VyvJjtovtif thgirnipre*tiiUtivv*iin rarhimvnl. 
vhoprende or«r tbp yjinngsof tdiodK &iid who l:«jtb aH 
uid ruwC on CAch olht^r The |>ublic buiincAf u tbv 
buatiMM of «ivety ititcJfr^'CDt citixm; to wliuh h« Uk«a 
ftlmo&t u clo8o &n JnterMt aa in KU own p«n>onaJ aflUni 
Hiv (H>Mvr, glv>ry. aud InBuencw of bU CLruiUry, arv foH to 
be his owD ; bo walchca tbo movcDOcntd of lloota uid 
fttniinis tbv ftfiiila and proivvto of and 4M«ftj lorn, Ibe tim 
ftnd fall of ntniflUm, u if Umt^ dl dn w their ia^pimtiofi 
fropabiaown l]iougkt«,M)daaif ihvy w«T«doin;^ Lu own 
bamnraM and contribatiag fml^ tb^ir fair idiaro la tbo 
oomnoD fliAd, in tbo dupoaal of wbkli bo bM ui o^ftl 
vodoBi AftPD M DO looi^r rtcogniMd anjr divino tiffb^ 
of goTtflwunl oonfinod to any ono diM. Houco, all tbc 
grvat olEocdra of Btat/*, wbo tab« Ibrir tttm of fare aod of 
tomporaiy antburity, an riewod an witbin bia call, and 
■a tlcMmnnff W(^l or iJI, acoordiirn aa they divide hii ova 
mind, or-oujfht to hato ttiviiMd iL CouuDenV ctiticioui, 


insure^ adO prun^^, um ttW {iMiC men and (lulillc affAim, 
^«M tliki« paLt ^f hitf ^\vty-*Xtiy tbiJUghU, wh^di ^v« 
vAtinty AMil fnuhnMi^ U> lifi). iind lift him nbovn th^ 
^Barrow round of hia own imiDoOkU occupations. Bo 
iQH becoinaa i>art of Cite inAua^;«fn(mt m Uio jd;rr«kt«*t 
' ir|iris<a» and ts-Vm much of hia H&ily fileaAiarc in dU- 
■in^ praiiw to tiis fuit'ljful *i9V&rda,mnd blamtj to Ui(jie 
who oiiinti^Dk hirt aci^vct instruct] on B. 

Ill a fjAic oouiUiy, ur ona iU)[>ijiii^ to iha highott fV«edoiD, 
It \a thitH mdinprnKAViTn thftt thn ^rf:n<'ml Tijl<t should V 
thnL i.^ach citJKon »>hj^U t)avo ilII but tho wid^Bl ecopo and 
onc^iTOK;? merit lo make hU country n l]iif>jn(u« hisi own, 
anil to cirvulato bin opinion on cvoiy drlAil of iti mnlti- 
fjiriouH utraiiii. ;uid on u very fto vera! cilicvr ia rliJii^ of 
,tlioni. Yet tn the extirlsc of this luijicHal fncnity lio 
iiul nuotia ofUh touch on (i<;li[:at(f giouiid. JIU fum 
handling of rcpntniioiis ma}' ofuiu had to exr^si of in- 
di^uatiou. Bcorn, uuittompt, rcckti^is pursimol abuse, und 
rcltntlew malignn-nt hjilml. \U this paper ibot is but 
the homage piud by tlio minbtom of a free cotmtry f<rt 
[tbc <3erta]iuly of rviahihig in Iho dtlfciur' uwu itaridu tlicir 
Control over their own ntliuM. And oa thn vocAtiou of 
unuistct^ uid pihtriot<( du^utvus thu numv protection, a/a 
fiiso Bptct'Ji riy|uln.-a full play, i^ollbiwn* niu.-*t owur, and 
jrtwii lituiU UiJHtoIluJi bolouuliud upuu wid overpiisfd. 
^Thua ihfi Getrrnt Ji^bb of frifcdoin surriiuud-i ull that i>JLrt 
of tlji» libarty of ajjiwubj tiiOiigUl. iiud reputation. wfiiL'h 
iH hhut in by tbei iviw of wditiouM libela. VoicM fmui 
the crowd accompany evury conspicuous at«p in ihi^ 
_jveruujunt. lu tlitt war w wotiin few l'uii hupo lu 
Flkecaoe without comioitttn^ Bomu uxctTMa. It h thmt of 
itbo bighi^nt tiupoitaiii^tf to (ry aiid Imcu out Ihv buuiida 
'horo i>oodc>ui onda and whiira tha lirna band of irre»ia- 
Hibio authority uomaaaada ibaoJuta aUaaoo^ — Patarson*ft 
Lib. Prow, 7^*. 

niQiix or cuiT[c3( or dookv to nimcuLE TBK AirrjioB». 

Lord FUlcnboi'ouj^h, C J,, said Dvery person who pub* 
llohaa 9> book (roiuioitu hiuiself to the judf^uicnt of tbo 
pubhc; and may c>rie umy cmniMi^iil uu hiA pvrformauca. 
If the vommentatur doL<a not Qtop otii*Xvi ficvcx \\«^ '«*v('^«^a 

CUBl(J»llUfi or LAW AM> LAWUlft. 

introduGO flcLkoi for tho purpcne of oondciiuuLtiMt. Lo 
pxtirmr* (i fjur nad Ic^iimaU n^^ht In one com «o 
ftoUior vF A book on tmvoU «■« cariAlunsd in & dnwing 
*■ ituidnii;; in n rid[culdu> AUitfiil«, boiiJioif unil«r tb* 
vdgh4 of two cDpiu. utd v^th all Im viirdrob« tied vip 
n ft ]>ocki>t-hB[^Jkurehi«f- And Xiurd Ellonborougb nM 
tliHt tlib WM not unfair ndirule or iho lnul imUi Uhd 
inuuty of the lulhor; utd if, ili the Mixthor alkged, 
kb book had bocmno uiiMlttUi.-, and ba hml UaI a pub- 
liflher for ttiio4b«r fofthomning work of tbo i^mv kind, 

Ihia WAS f|is?tnnl merelr f/tfmnufTl <i6*^U4t injfuri'j^iui VI 

vnavuitbLb^f iDdd^nt for wTi&cli no ItgaX r^uethr «xi«bk 
No liiuit cm tbtTcfurv bv hI t>? lh« o?nt«j[i|>l&nd ridicttt* 
UiAt may bo itwftHed; it U onlf wb«<i Ui6 criil'- dcviflta 
fnnn hiK own atrict fnndivn, Ami tvekn. ^iibuui Kujr 
rcaoirnftbb arnvt, la iznpuu fmud, or immonWiy, or 
ttonuipliou. OT mno* bw iiivtivv burxJtfrinir on ctjui*, Utsl 
btt bectomta ftmeniUe to nn af-iton of Ubel — PAtcnun^ 

THE HmnT or prntic vEm^ca 

of UVfltmimtfr, itt 

The vary 6nt aiiituoe of 
vriui MbiJ to bo oti^ held bf thfi doctoni 

nKljv«i of ^«viiiict& Th« pimcUoe of hoUium[ vocK 
LIngn for dincmmiDe publii? gricruiCH arcmsto httVO 
lo lu;Bnly duvvlfkpod by tbfl vicitcuicnt 0[>QBe«|iiviii on 
tho oxpuluon of Wdkctf fmni the Uodm of Coanmoo!^ i& 
1770L A law ofliccr. ncu ihe clwo of J&bI <vn(ury, i«ld 
1h« UoDM of Comntofm Un&t Ed^laikI w&a Uic? rL^ly onuilry 
in tbo world whora xnMtJagi U> di»im Rneiuiots woio 
«l)uw«d wilhoul thQ Bttfoduco of » ma^Blriitr, ai^d Ui&t 
Andenl Bomv, in ihu £enttb of ila Ubvrty. DCT«r Ajtow«d 
ih« peopto lo PMvl vxc«pt ill & njfulur Uxly und«r oQiciftJ 
eontroL And tkfi Oovtnunent St that daj' fame to Uia 
coDoluslon Uiat Um right of p«bUc taoHing Lad b««n 
abow>l, Ant} tlk*t no ni«ctine *l>ould tlMfMhflor tf>ftMow<'d, 
aawpL It abould bo oaUod by tli« lotd li«QtuMuitt idiMrifli 
er oUk«r dA<uI. and tljai a nuelrtiitto tkouM bo abin to 
p«t ftD Mid to it at oiK«, if he ^ou^kt tt riotoWL It wu 
peifttod oqI in vrnwcr lo uick a propotal, on tho oihir 




LkiI'I, Uirtt. jtiilhUc iiifi^Liri^^H c»ii;^ht Hot I" ho u*-iti'K'UJ ; 

that thi^y, aniJ tlcv ftlcnc, Wl fiontribnlci l-> put ui end 
lo t\i9 AtEU'irioAii War, Iktoivovor. Iliat it woa mocking 
thn undriift-inding arnl fni>lin^A of munkind Ui tell them 
thoy woTo fi'oo out of tho H<;iiiH<iA of Parli'LRiriDtr i^n long 
a> they ojuhl not moot for IIwj jmrpimri oF oxpnTMing 
their rohho of tho piibtic admiTtifatration of thtt country', 
or of Uie caUmitto^ ocra^ionotl hy a pavtii^^lftr wur then 
wngod, and ao long tm any grikivimcc rfr sentinn^tit oould 
t Lo d<:diiixjd Hilbuul a iimgl&traU con^iUuring it 
itioiis ftnil siilyectiog them to i>cnn.ltifi3- Thu propo^l 
of ttiQ GuvonmiuTtt wna curried out to a iar^ uxuut 
ftbout twrpiity v^'ai-3 later. Tlie Six Aotii of IMlI* wer* 
]>umcd. oiil3^ jb few parts ofwbivti ^till nro iu foroVt and 
lino of thcrn iti'^uiv'^d, tlwi.t no nicvtiu;^ of ninro than Hfiy 
pcmons hliouUl bo hddwitfrjut apreviouanixi!&\'a" nattco 
to a jUsUiji; oi' the peac*;, iirti I'oibiddiu^ alt but mluLhil- 
autn of tlic ojuniy or pjtrirth to attoiid, TJiia lost ouaot- 
meut wa^ howuvur, liiuitoJ to llvu y«ur>, aiid ha^ nol 
hinee b«en rene^tad.— PatcrAun'a LiU I'rwn, 21, 


If Aiiy pL'^rvin insikb on flponking, nr on npnnking too 
long, Ebt a i^ublic meeting, it is &l^^ay« in tiio powor ot 
th« chdiTmiui, u lUi> flijonL of Uj^ [iiomotnnij who arc 
thd hgtd ocCLipiorn of the room for the time boing, to 
retfucjtit »udi pocxon to doidht. L>r to loavo ibu roi^ui ; and 
if ftfttr rcqacrst *ui?h person r*fos(s to Iravfi, then ho may 
he i-juctod with ju<t enough of force aad no motu to 
overtymifi his rrvii:*tAnce. And if in ronrse of thii pro- 
oou an AMiauJt bo commtttcrLiiK' mutual ri;^htscjf purticu 
to puab or reALit ukcu^t Im odjiHi'^i on tbi? I'cH^Liii;^ tlial 
Uiu chairinaQ, an Uic agent of tlio promuti^fi, waa vutitUsi 
jit noy ingniont, and without statiuii any luawu*. to 
rwjucat any pLy*>n prtiniit to Icavo thu mom, and if 
Uiat punuu rcfuHL- to itiavv, l»i bucoinuK thorj^afLur « 
U't.vipaltior, It id tnio that avaa a trmpa^ur cannot, bo 
ufiiiLuitvd; ho uiiut liTBt' btf Ltjijuetilvd to withiiiiLw, hhJ 
»uch forci> a*i mny ba neoouary to put hiiik out muAt 
tUeii ha u8(hU not by way of puatahuignt. but dimply 
aod toUly to carry out wtth t]us loaHli \k^\A«v V^^^it^"^ 


tbt <l<qi|^ to g»t rill «f JiiAb Aiki for a tik* nutfo, 
fBUUiii>:b M tkttf |jTQMPOC«r, bj in^Ani^ of cko dkuraua. 
lb ciktitkxl to tbtt •xdiniv« oo»|«uod <)f tbQ rooiii, 
i«v«u tliMi^b b« »cC*J wiUi tfiuAdi lioCunuiaa, or in broth 
of iIm ooMBon vntkreUAitiog of t^ inviuUm. ho b 
fTcrtMoM «({udly onUiW to oifureo bw will, lor M 
.til* wtw4« buuiMMi »■ bftmd on m nutv inviUiioci ukd 
Iko^HUlil^, ftfid not o« any ooatnct* ihimv <ui b« no 
brMcli ftii^ BO CUUA of w^li'iiL Ihc otdf rein«dir of 
thow wbo s^ diuMivfoi U to ligJd k iiN>:4in9 of Ui«ir 
own, ii uudMT tiaa wul pl*oa, ftfid uitdcr a mftiMff** 
mcai more to their liking, — Pftt«noiin LiU PrcB, 27- 

sKiirr or niH.rc to ifcrr ix pinu.ic PAnEA. 

Tho priiwtry olijvct of Um roj«l i«rk«, ho f«f m tot 
ftput for any cU^itA oliJ«ct, t<io^ th«i rvCTMiioct cf aU 
whodioono to muTt to Uwm, Uiunnuch «i thoholdiu 
of putibi? tncotiiHii cmld not be (j««ai«il UKidoMt^ 
to nctuatioa, una m the froeholil oi duae p*A^ «• 
well AS Uic ooBtfXil of tbcir pOBowjQ «iid i«i«^ U voMod 
in th(! Crovn, no pablk ntofiting ooald b« lioM tKom 
unUtti witb tlio iK-nnuttUm vf tJiu Cn>wn. At thoiVQ* 
Ikoe^ inMnmcb ju tbe Crown luu f«ir « li^ci^h of tino 
tuSwvd, and tbonby uopliodly iaviiod kII ooMbn to 
tmtcr, aach an havp entered could not bo tnraod cat 
uxoept by tint Tw^uKtinj; each in^lLvidnal to UavflL In 
, tliM «aj aloDe cuuJd Uiv tiAikoe to Wtor and rvranin in 
Lft park b« roTokad. and Iho UecnMS be tamed iiito tbe 
poNtktn of a tnapMvr, awl ao lawrally fjorUnJ. Tim 
iba dlffioalty of prenallag nua^ca of tlw public tmm 
availHtt tJinriMlvM of tlwtv |«rkj> a* oobvamat plavHK 
for bolduiiF pvl^ic nMiin|;% and tbereby abana^ thn 
IboHiitality aAonJod to ilMin, bocaiw* innspiciMua. Tbfly 
bad no mpl >igbt to ent4^r. and jot it wan idl but 
iupractiaaUa witbout a lioC to i^revenl Ihent. A Uatolo 
wm at Uit iHiBod in 1873 wbicb raeogwMd tb« ntntMv 
|_iif the iftuLUo baving «omo portion alf a pufc aal iMa 
Miob m—Hag^ and for haaring tt^nmm, and tbna it 
MMdod in Mpplyuig tbo want that bad htm felt 
In ]B66 Uio UT oAicum adviiad tha Uov<Tnn«iU tbat 
the people ooald noi tie tomod out of tbe publw \*rk. 

tOvxauGy, GornnxuEKT^ rAniUBiEiiT, itc< 2£W 

except aft*?r notice (-ivf-n lo each, anO then only BufficT^nt 
foroo mid no mora inuHt bo uewd to «xim>I thona- In 
1^50, &^ UiCT UnrwD wa> aOvinpd Lb^b llio piirkm wrc 
in t^o AaiDO pouiljon as & iTrLvatc propi^ztj- 1-*. nnil thut 
thn CiuKiL IduI die uiiiie niiil iil> ifiu^Ur ri^Iitft of vx* 
dudin;- tr«4t>&vw[X The P^rka R>?;^lKtiDn Ant applio 
to tQutft of Uio pullic p^rks iu aiirl iLdja(.^Exi to lAindcrn. 
Bj tbdt Al'L no ponon alntl deliver or ini'itv oth«n to 
delivur a public addraea exoepL in lUvordiiDf:^ with tho 
rtilM of Hvi pftrk ; itnti Ih*- mla« of Mvil.^ l*;irk ili^tini* 
oonvonidnt places for public moetlng;s. And any ponoo 
Tiokt]i>^ tb» rulof^ Mid whoH4 naiii« oi itufiilutuv? i.-Huii<>t 
h^ ftscortainod liy tho prirLc koo|>f.r. nifty be amnit»rily 
ftiTv«Ud and chnr^Qd witl^ iho oETuico. — Pauraoia** lJv% 

^lio riffht of p tttioninz the Crnwn And Pai'lifLmi^nt^ 
whi> firvHidti o\Qv tho Mpnnp;!! of Actiun, aijJ »o [imkiiiji 
both fully Ar(]Uftinted with tbfr dM»irod rftdrfii.\ i» nn 
CMontt;U part of lil'i^'vty. It implies mutiiAl confidonoo 
And ulncnty in thn dftiixo to pflrfiMit- tho !aw, wIitrH i« 
tha groftt wurking mai'liino of gvvomm^^nt, nnd tho 
eScMncy of which ought to bp»jje»k porjwtnnJ inti^resd 
and vigiluioo on the* pritt of dl lUiki?. It wmjld tio 

■ittffulAr if in j^uulatid it hud iKi hvi?[i tcirly diSL:OTFml 
Uiftt tliiH ri^lit of palLtioiiing wan ao VAluubk- that DiO 
t>batnictiriii to it could be Utlvrntcl- Ai wvrv utaeo 
of prugrus it muHb have beeaa lending' d^lre that tM 
govt^nir^d. unlvw thvy w^rfr vucuiduiucd to abjuct alavoiy 
fuid Mmd <ibedi«inco« nhouM ardvntly «oi.«k for ovory 
oppoHtiikiiy uf reaching the ear of tlK>ir pivemvn'; and 
though t.Uf\ wiTiift want. niMJit hn f*dt rnidnr nvirry ^vnm- 
mont in tho world, how much moro mo must it bo felt 
und4f oiiQ whioJi hu btfcn th« fiult of original con- 
tract, or vh'ich at Ita^tv in tlio l>t*4t cp^cJin of it» history, 
b«a(7 tha mark of sinttial and intclLi^rnt aucut on tho 
part of governors and epovcmcd alike which ia bawd on 
iha flcceptvd axiom, Uint it u the duty of tho ono t^ 
hrair, quite an miach as il i* ihu duty of the otht-r to obey, 

— raterwnV LiU PrtHfl, Jl. 


cxruoeETiEs or law and LiwTEiifi, 

pftAcncs or BunKixo lidc^. 

Oo«iXMd«of dnwiv of wrilUci cv iirintol libuU ha* 
apfvuvnllj be«o MOptea byniMi niktioru witb Hinj^lar 
unftnitnity. ftiicl thftt Ml tiw bnminiE i^f Ibu oba^xktm 
fiAprr. irhich hnn bCCTl JWU1B«I» r&lhfr ha»tt]y, to bo ft 

ttnnl ^xtiQ^fUL-ibi&vui ufall tlio iui!--'hier ttiereiii contaiBcd. 
Id CJii«cn Annr*n mirn. t)]« ik^-rv^ cif the Uaivertitjr of 

liy Uiu HoiUf* of 1lViii]rn>.inr<» in 1710, U> b^ burnt by Uie 
han Jh of the cotumoD li&ngma d, aa fofitmry to tb^ libcrt v 
uf Uio •ubieet«od lb« J»w of ih^ l&ad. Id 1751 avedi- 
tjooB llm aatitlAd " CDUtltQtioaal QucriM RoomAendcd 
to every ino BHton/' wu ordwwl by the Hoqw oT 
CoEnmoEu to be bumecl by th« Hah^ of the cuunDon 
baiyrattD b Fako* Van] At 1 fm., aud Uie SberilT of 
MidoTeAex wtut to alUnd tatd C44tw< Ui« «&ii>e to be bnini 
a<eon1iT)£ly. VThtio Wilkce'libtl b tha X<tnA Briiem, 
NOi 4A. wu bir-ugb( U) 111* koovJeilm of U>e HouM cf 
Oaamonn, in 1703, iho Houm raolved. tbil It waa Un^ 
vCUkdalout. anil uxiitiouR, and t^ndittg tp tKClU tO 
traiioffoiDi inmTtvf?Li<in«, and rini«Tiy| that it ilioQld ba 
bamtby ifanbatidiiof tbaootnmon fafingfiMn ioChaafMMa 
Rut whrn Ui« £4bmlf jwin^iS*^ to ncc tli« order axocnlad, 
tlio mcib wvrc viok-ot, nnd pcJtc-d tbo officials witb atOMi 
and nii«nl». Ihc Ectirin.1 try beirid - WUknand Ubetiy I" 
and thoy burned a TwUi^xHit and jorh-baoU in ita niftd, 
aod the bUune of tbin led to a uuliaowDbuy iwiuiiy «f 
four daya. 63ftM that date udtJMr tba le^alabire nor 
tb« wart* of law Lave tboiij^bt til t^ ntmm Co tlua 
prindiive cxporlaneoL — FUerean'a Lib Prta^Stt. 


jlSachindaiModtoteUft Ktoryof tbe LaioadenKiiuani^ tht4 
at atnoetiiig whanft qiwMionwaad«fe*ted,AnDaa who lad 
averydurtMtaU«UfiB,TowuidMgml«dwbat ooij^to 
be dit^ fttHl he ao euavittctd tbean ^t that bb nropoMl 
wafl uuLiiflwanUe, and It wu About to he carried. Aa 
old and vcn«raUo aue tbon rcao with ii^LigiiatiiJti, and 
t«id tbat tlfcre would be no hcpe for tba dty If H 
vfiiployed HUcb a luaa ma Ihai to ipwk iU coimclla If jb 


vinn a wifin thin)! to do, let ua have it propowd by n 
rcfpcclablc mAn. Ho tlicit nntnr J n, pcrcon of ^rcat credit^ 
though nu umtor, to |:mpo»a tbo iJitttUr, wldcK wwdoco, 
uiic) ftcfviptcd, find ad«d upon, and no all trac« of Lhc did* 
roput&bli; urigin oblilvrultd.— Aiil Gcll, B. lK,e,3. 

Tin: IIADK4A coiirus /Cf. 

Tbo HftbcftH Corpu» Act ia only a natural Bequd and 
dcvttoEjnicfot of Ma^ft Ohartft. Nu ilicFAtor, wbL^thor 
Bin.'jlc-handtid or hySf^-^ufulcrd, can long LrMtlio thL> same 
air with tlitra? wbij havo cau{*lit t!ii> Hvcret of ita pgw^r. 
It apponla to tW fifnt pnn*riptf^n of Hccunty, and to the 
law of uuture, ifauv Buch iberj U*. lUjvhij Jw^Bgienco la 
nothing! pk? than t\ii». Evt^ry litiman WnsT^ITo is nflt' 
cbar^d with orconvL't»>il of a kiiijwn crimw. is tnlitlod 
to pi^rBonal liU.ily. If d*?lit, roijiiirv:* ifnpriHnfimftnt, and J 
A oouTt haa found It duo. bo it so. B ut if opo ^ i 
impribuoed naLUk«r for a known crime nor n dabt, tben | 
the ga.jlor. whoever he bf , must insUnily utMA th« roaAoin^ 
why, or take tbe consequences. And if on9 i% iropneonad 
for tiyijwon or felony, ho pan irndat on hnin^ tJipd in th*» 
neouiid term or ansizoe aft^r comniltmtrnt, or on hi^in^ 

The writ of habeas corpus U an inlogml port of tho 
iVilU^j coiii^lilntion, and an wiu oiico nnitf the dcinring of 
WJCh a matter hflrt rtfidrcraod tho body of liberty. Itlinii 
clearvil ihe atr for all tiino to come. No nubjcct, no 
govoromcnt can TP^\nt it^ rfiifljiry. TIio prorft*ft rtf tho 
GOnrt ciui ponijtmto tlin cWpnnt dun^flon, and thu moat 
*pqiinst«rPd clnistcr, and Iho iiiinrinnst rhA-mhcr of tha 
inost ]jowerfij] flubj^ct It would bo idlo for any ono to 
droftm of batHiug it, and with tKo bc:Ip of that imivcmal 
light (■rcalcd by a frco prfjn and an cvlt rcudy syionathy 
Qtl^iD&t alt kimU of oppn^uion bHiVf^un *ubjuot and sub- 
ji-ct, between liuhjoctand jpiVfiroinwit. t'ocb citizi^n fiwla 
tkjt Bocjuro aa any wtlW ordwr of Hocii;ty yvt known to 
mankind has ever witnewiod. The ufficauy of the proce« 
isin only be ■u'tptndi.Hl by an Al^I uf Purliaiuc^ut ; jiiiJ no 
gront. in tho rebctancd to aAb, or the dt^ire lo concwi« 
tliU t^xtmiua meaaunj, and creato a diL'tator, tliat only 
000 or two in»taiDCfia, and thoa^ of aVitnX ^axVCmaxi, 



And m*rwi\ 1>> «xlrviBu |ir«i«aiic^ haw ocguttH oT tfc* 
AnipHM[An of t1i4t HaIma* Cbqtdn Art tincft lb« Act ol 
10T9 wim fiAaAwJ ; aj)i1 th« loD^r it e3jatA,iUQli rxHnafoa^ 
%mm Wsfl AQd 1m likely to r*<iir— U PAt«rwii'« UU 

TMt: rjiBiiKO or tiii: nAitftui ooKriv A<;r iv 1079 

Ijord ChAncolior ShAfleBhurjr bo^l BevcrAl thnc« aU 
brropUd in TAin to remody AbuBui of UaiimaRincDt ; And 
he atlvl, vithadmirabkHkiU, fnun^da itUtole, by vbicb 
pemriAl liberty hAi been more clEbcuiAlly jfiuMud id 
EngUod tliAU il bM ever bvon in Aay oUior uoimlry ia 
the worM- Thb he cftioe*! to ha inlrodacfd in the 
Cbciinoiii^ wh<ff« it tw gcooAlly supportctL Bot a 

Avowedly thg DOAnm rji Hm Lonl ProiidcaL aU tie 
weight of th« court waa txtaUtA Ajount ity Hid sercnl 
Ameodoioiib won» mtrodooed Ld ui« oa»iuU«e, viiK a 
view otiMvathtj; il, umUr tliu WUvf Uut Uie Outuiaov 
would DAt Agrw t<i them, Tho third nadlici; k Mid lo 
.^*j»TA boon eATtud hy aii Aoddent -According to Bivbop 
tiiimt^l,*' lifirdH Onpy ftziil Noma Wfn itAtnAil U> he taQtriL 
|y>^J XoriLH. ^ «ju^ a uiau J4iit>j«ct to vft|iu<jrti, wah BOt ai 
aII ttoaw aiUntiv^i t<« wTiAf hA wiu dnmg. S<-i a v^ry Ul 
lorJ ootDiDg ii]^ Lord Groy counted hioi C>r t<?<i. a« a jc«C 
Atflrvt^ butwving IfOrd riorriA had not oht^rreij il^ ht 
w«fitotiwjtlk^iAnitircckoning often; »> H wa« rvforiMl 
ia tho Uoiuw, tuid dccUfod tut thoy who wera (or th« 
Bill vrnrc thn mAJority, ttionj^h it indeed went oo the 
vtbrr nde^' Tlicro itiuAt ccrtelnly hATO faeeti totnc miit- 
lAke, Afrid/mlAl or wiJfiU, for the meaahfTA wera deebred 
l^ tw 57 iij 53 ; Ami 1>y tbe tninnte-bouk of the Locdi U 
Apf>can there were ouy 107 i^oent In the Howf- W« 
imut suppoeo bcdbn tie X^ord ChADdcUor WAt Awefe of 
the mUuke. he bAd put the AdditionU nutbom, 'tluht 
tItiH BilldopAAv;' Aod that It hAd beaoAgrtMl toAa^ 
miUt^roreoarwAlWthedivkuon.' — SUAiop. Oiauc, 3IJL 

It isniBAHtAUo that the itAtiitfl of I Ricbard III. c. 1, 
j4 the fimt «lAtitI« in th« Engluih langiiAgf, the A|a1ut«s 


[Utcrto liAvIu^ bom all tn Latia (»r Fr&nclj. au<1 it wua 

iakvn &VII preoetUat, for&ll BtntuUv* iifl«rvriLr[U lucfs in 

EngUflU- It U ourioufi th&t in this relgo, whidi w( 
r«g»ni Willi 8o uiuvli h^m^r, iiol uuly wi»rv Uw« ^iveii 
to the fiMpJo of EiiglAad for iKn Hret time ^inc^ the 

were for ihe i\nl time pnaloJT — 1 MncpbcrwrLA Add^ 
of Coiuiuerw, 704. 

iriiAT fa Er4T>i?m ak Atrr or PAntiAvmcrt 

ufWn Ldllcoi abuul fcimJ* on tlit* IvgiUnttirK Hr nucJ, " I 
nevtir nndtrniood wliftt U me*nt by aq «v«eioii ol ftn 
Ai't of FulUiuenl. £itlier y<:>ii aro wlUiin tbo Act of 
PaHt&rrif-at or ytm Are not within ^bc Act of Pnxliftmpnt, 
If you aw not wilhin it, yuu h*vn « right t<» avwd il — 
to K'Vrp oiif. of ill A prohiliilion. If jau am within it, juv 
90, ana thoo the counw u cWkTh And ! do not tliini: 
jou C4U W lAid not to \ni w^thiit it litfcau&o the very 
WOhls hftvc noi bftrn vik>ifttcd," 

Hvnc!.e, LuM Bi^uchAinp't IcjjAcry to hin truiitoiu to 
«Kpoikd £l30,illN) OR Atin!ihciL;^ofl. S any one would prcnent 
a ut*^ WAji hold to bo ao vTnnoQ of tin? M^^TtiuaiEi Avt, 
whiahonI>'forbidA^ft<i<if laiid, or fif moaeyi't U; laid out 
in purchiuiD^ knd. ' Lord tioaucham^ did u«itW by a 
lc;e«i:jr w> oxprcMttd. 


. Lord CSob« h^jj^ tho ahortest Act of ParliaTn<>nt he 
etw mul with waa oq« p^mvd ui Uao 5 HfWi. IV, *" None 
from beB(^>r'lh «h&tt ii*v U> laultiiilv gold or ftdv^r, uT 
UBO the craft of tuiiHiplicailoiw, and u any do tho same, 
lia aliall inuur tlie pain \>( JWiony." 

<»Krvsiyo fETATrTi& 

jQ%a daytni aa* wal tnjiii Eiij^Uiid iu IrcIanJ to 
baa judgOj and wa* a niatt^yrof tact iuul. thousli a tfooj 
bhwj^ur. Oni> da^, diuin^ with K>iue tfirlghtly ui»h 
counsdlors hi^ Mid !'> noiin»*l]<~>r IJaruruk^l. in a j^^d 
and ooDHdoatial way, " la uy ojnn^rv t'V^iA \aN«v «xa 


DViBOfOQib bat than oiiq i» mlvaji ft key to tho otiior. 
la IrvUDd it U jiut Iha oontntfy : jroar km to |>or* 
pf-|iul1r dMb witfa one ftnothcr, uid ere lo vory oon* 

nv \otA^' juid HRrwood, " tfa«t u wAol im all uy / " 
Tnvro win too uudi Imghter kflor Uus unoag Uie wittt. 


In tiko time of I.«:iTd Ujuv<licld a penalty wiw tncurn^d 

Kib Rorojui Catholic pHoiit if he cckbrvbcO [qiuh. Lord 
iDAficld, on the trial of an actinn for thU iwruiUy, 
cbftmd the jufy tlia«: "A* to tho dcbndant bein^ « 
priont f on un not t^ mkr that, boeiuM ho prvflfhod ; 
wradoaoon mayprviadi and porfurm all the corommiaft 
bern prrfinn«d. Tliore U do frvidenca that tba dcite- 
dftDt u a |irai4. Wliy do they not coll lomcooo vlio 
wiM proawt at hb onUaatic^D I Vou miint out itir«r tliat 
bo is n fntak htemaao he wd mau* and that ho Maid 
mam beoamo h« u « pri^sU" The jury fauud a verdict 
«f *iiol gaUty," vrhicLh many Protetc^nU w«re mttcb 

Lo*<d Oiuttpbvll tbough^ Lonl ttaiuficlil'a fhKm 
U> the iaiy. Id the laitt «a»^ ooald hardly kte jimtiftedt 
iOd addn- "It rODiimU ntf of the JU'I^^' whi>, much 
diilUcf&g tfio Game Jaw«, and UyUig an action agaUiat 
a luan fvr u^ob m gun to kill 1311W withuat 7>dag 
goallttoil, vh«n ft had be«n riroredttiat tlie defeodaitt, 
wing In a stubt^4 flakl with n [KMnUr, llrwJ Lii goa 
at a fyiT^ of part4idg*it,«ikd nhot t«n of iheiv, obJA^sd 
that thar» wm no wideiico that Iha gan vna bad«d 
vith Mhot; and adviiod titnjciry to oondoda that th« 
UnliCiUdowndDftdwithfnght. — 3GaispLCh.JJ;«,5tl 


Ona lii^tv ID 177IK at twenty BitRut<4 paat twelr* 
o'dock, la tiio HooM of Commoa waa aboat lo adjoarn, 
lh« Attonwiy-n«n*raI, Weddcfbvro, rem In bU plae* ud. 
whbout any pn^vioua notioa, moved "for Itava to bHnr 
in a Bill to jiuvpand all eK«cnpt*oiM from inprentaeni 
inift the navj, tc^galhar with tho rig;ht of tbow Impmiod 
ia ana oot a writ oT AoAmw ooT^nw for Ui«tr UbvrftUoa* 

botf^hriov, aoTBiuruBirr, parliaubmt, rtc. 2^1 

Thi* in troth wjw to nuthorin tha pvirfimmfint hy n 
cunicHption lo tnnn tho nnvy wittx ui}* portion gf Ufto 
inhnbiunU of (Irnftt HriUin 4t th*ir disoretion. At ono 
o'clock tbo Bill WA,i tiroii^ht in nnd read a 6n;t cbnpd 
imcotid timp, ThiJ following day it was scut U> the 
I/>nlii, and an tUo third ^ny it ivc^rivfld the roynl oMeat. 


Soijuont ^M,ynr went thn circuit for mxfu> judso who 
w« prcvont^ by indijipoidtion golug in hii tittn. Ho 
via Afl«ruardH im[]nidont vDuujch ia move, lu coaDimLt 
for A now trial in n cau*) hcaril hy hiTHf^^If, on thfl 
eronod of bia mUJi™ctinii the jury u n jud^p-v Lord 
Manj»fir!ii md: " Krothfir tiaycr. th*Tn i.i nn Act of 
PflHkttusnt whUh, in imch u miktltir a* waslMjI'^ro yuu, 
ffAvo you iHlacrfrtJon to lU^t ju you thou;fht rif^ht." " No, 
my inrd," aaiJ tbo Sorj^sttnt, "' that is ju»t it ; I havo no 
discn-tion in the mfltC^^r/' "Vf^ry irxtt^. you may W 
quitu rl^'hc AJi to that," aaii] Lord Manuiidii^ " f<jr I am 
afrikid etvn au Act of Paihauiexit uould nut ^Ivt» j/^u 
diaoretion I " 


Tn tho rei^ of Geoirjpa lU. it BID wBa tntrwUti^Dd into 
lUci Houiw of C\iinniunii fur Ihi; inipruvi^rnfjnt of tho 
Metropolitan Watch, tn thitt Bill lh«rti vna Qri^^inally 
a dftUKL." hy wh'ith it wa^ unacted that tlio waudunen 
ihoutd be comfiffU'l to MUfp tlunnjf tlia i]iiy^ Wli«n 
tikiA daufi« ua4 ruad in coinuuttWp a gouty uld buronot 
itood upr and KKim.'«>iud his wi>ih, that it ^bdukl be inado 
to o^tund to mcmbc^r^ of thts Houbo of Oommona; aa 
podaffru bad, for nj^ny ul^^htfr, lo hjx yreat discoiurort^ 
d««iroy^ hifl sloop, ho nbouM bo glad to camo iindM' 
the o[ieratlon of il^at onocUnont Jn a cOTtiun other 
AtAtnte, thn pnni^Ln^c'iii of foui't^/'n yrAm' tjomportatioB 
was iinpoA<id for a ^Articular t>ircuc«v "and tuat upon 
Convi(*tirin ono-hnJf tlicmof nhonld ffo to thn Kiiui, and 
onn-haEf to tho uifumittr I *' It iji iKjt didicult to KUnnino 
howthi* im-itaka OTOw. Tho puniMhtnont. an otiRinjdli 
innurtcd in tho Bill, woti ii tin«. (or wl\\&\\ XiTaAVAY^^^^*^*^ 




nub1*r (nffieiffit cmrtt w«jt not Uk^ii to ma what olkoPj 
ebu^M won tbor^by rvwl«f«d nreniwrjr,— 2 L«w ftwt 

A MCK roivT or LAW AM K* TiiiL coscvntvrTiDif or A 


AdAjphua, UiA criminftl Utrjrrf, Mjd he one day, in 1&40, 
wccit to t!iQ ExubvqaBT Clam tug aud h«. fp^r Uii: fir«t 
lime, tiriH»ci judgpk lovtin^f togetJi«ir U> hear U]{mD«ntA 
T)iu WW tbv 4^tA0 of Fixat vui the uUivr reb«U kt 
Uonmouth. Tbo pvLnt waa wbciher th« copy of lh« 
iiidkt(s«iit 4iid tha JiHt of vritnoMftf ftad juron havbc 

fc n tfn i|«liv<rnHl at a diitatici; uf £ivfi daya fron faicb othv, 

ftltlMii(*li both within ih? ^tfrriod ;;ir«ai hy Ih^ aUMIe^ 
couhl b« tftid to hav* U«u dvhvutvdanoanluay to tb» t^tVM; 
<if it^ which r»quir» thftt botli docuoMntA h« iMuvred M 
the mhw ft<n<. The argUTCvata wtrv «'«r>' Long, and IhT; 
fro«n aettortAininff. Another p(nntamvM>, namoly, whotW", 
*appo>ji^ UiQ o^ootion had bv^tt good, tt oDcbi not to 
hAvtt bMh takaii bvforv tJi* prinoner plouM. Of IAm 
jw%0i, MX deadcd that it wa* not a good ohjoction : aad 
luao that it wan good, hat oat taJcva in time. Six bahl 
that it WIN a eood ohj«ctton, aad in tinw, Adolpfan 
added in him diary that ha wu of tho la*t optaioo, 
71i0 cortriota vould not, he auppocNvl, under tWa- 
rircuuutaiMK* ba CKcfiut«d ; and bo incUaed to a bolkf 
that GoYonimaiit, who irtm u>prii«d oS Um defect in 
lime to have reinadned it* ku ihiii opfmias for th« 

CisoMr* to cr^ep out of on purpoae^— IL v, Froft^ X 
Dody Ctt>wa <^av. 17a 

A acoT€B jrDos oer nis irrxcr or rrATnvL 

ErfMti H<TTnaAd, a Seoteli jtidg», was v«ry aA& to my, 
" My 1.4i»rdt, I f«al my law— A*re. my l^vdi,^ aUikb^r 
hu hcarL HoiM«^ ba aomatlnMa ma^lo tittJa onuaony 
in dbdainii^ th« anthorUy of an Act of FaflJaaomt. 
wh«n b« and it hM>p«Q»4r to ililTvr. H« ow:^ not nil 
of cow which Lord UoMCowhonk (tha fir»t>. whom Iw did 
not panirulatly ttk^ wa* for •nfonvo^. twoauaa tha 


Legislature had made it law, by eajiDg, in Ijis ^nortiEg 
contemptuous way, and with an emphaais on every 
syllable, "But then we're told, that there's a eitatut' 
against all this. A statut' I What's a aUtut' ? Words I 
mere words! Ani am I to be tied down by words? 
No, roy Laarda; I go by the law of rigJU recwcm." 
— Cockburn's Mem.j 137- 

ODbioerTiss OF law A»£» tAVt&W. 



covsHiLL KEciBSAar roll all pEtso^inta 

HVhcD Mr. AnUiny AsUey Cooper (^nvrir^nla Ea^ 
of Sh&IUoburT) wu thf* reprrMQt«tir« in PftHiAiiMnt 
for Poolo> bo DToujjcht lu a isUl fvr ^ErAoliiijf uoiuhcvI Ui 
pnMflieni m enMa of hlj^h trcAAuD, ThiA Ko kxibni upo[i v 
im]]oitant> U3<1 liaJ pirptLa^d ft •p«ock i» tbcir behilf; 
t)Ut whvD he blood up U> tMiirer it iu tlj« Iloate of 
^CMnmMU^ht} wu m Inliriiidated tlijit h« Ioai ftU mttaory, 
w«a ifuttf iiii&bttr lu jirvotfud. TUn Hvu^ mm 
hint a lltUo time to recover from liis confoiJoo, 
lovdJj for lilia to go on, wben bo prooMded to tUl 
;t: -If I.8ir,'' addmslDfl; tti6 Spttker, "who tiie 
to give my opiaioo ou the Bill uow depeiidiiig an 
oootandorl th«l t Am unftU« to cxpr«» tW l«^ of 
vhu I propowd U> B&y, what miiA bo iho oondition of 
tliAt luon vho, wttlK'iit fti3y Auiataiioo, is p)Mdio|l (or ha 
MU*, ind ifl in apprchcnnion of being doprivod of li f ' 

nKlTECnoy OF PIU90?rEH8 {>!C TIUAL. 

Cbicf Ji;itxc tloU duaed a grvat iraprovomout in tho 
Uw ]>roteGt«iig priionern, by potting down tht currvnt 
jicadioo of P'^^t^ ^^ cvkl^co on ft Gnmisft] intd ih^ 
'nroridito maJprnction of tbe pTMoccr He uid, ' Uold I 

ltd I wbftt ftm yuu dotDjf now} An vou gotiu to 
hia wliolc lifr T Uow can lao ddfenJ hiuMtlf from 
!«liftrgco of wbich lio bfttf no notke f And hov many 
^kKi» uo to be raUod to perplex eho and tho jury t 
Awi^, mwAV I that ought not Co be^ that u nothing to 

tiding piWuifrD iu fuUuni Ou iMiifi'; on« ftC tLti W> lio 
MiO, " T fchniilil \ikt\ U* know why th"^ piiftoncr U brciuglit 
in iroDod. If fotters wore ndceeuLry for bis i&fo cu&tody 
U<fciiVi (hf^iu 1« uu dau(jur of ««ai>«or r«*cud h«rK Lot 
^tiiont W inM^iitMy knocker] ofl. Whon pmonen ore tri«d 


A prisoner wfLs ti'l«ij beforv Ju»tice iAiuiU fur a lerioua 
oflVncc, anil alter thn jury hjul rctiimij4 a vi^rtlict of 
^ilty, which niJuiuf;gr&atfioiiJuUD& in ciTUrt, iho priKtoot 
oxclaiimid under great oxcitemcrnt, '* May God iitrik* mo 
d«adl my lord, if 1 4id it." Tha ccpurt And f\tvtMUfn, 
ftft«T HO cknra ojuo oreiilU, were hhockf^il atthiH uinpicrt.y. 
The jiideo looked grave, und jiaimcO ah unuHUAlly toi^ 
timo bi^ioro fav ioid a wii^nl. At iiLit. luniJ brcjtthlcaa 
tolc&M, be hc;!^n: '' Aji rmvuloar^o has not Ropti tit ti> 
iulorjiuw in your ciuu, it now bi-H^diiiiv uiy duty to |}ro* 
nounoo npau you the i^ntenr* of the law," etc,, etc. 


_ Park, & counftol wbo l^ad thri cliftrAct«r of 
B^Toiy noctiiJiv^nJouH, havljig in & Uijmp^iy «iu4a 
fectftd ^KjAt »i:j]<iiiiiiity. nr^*! *aidA4^vria1 timrji ;n adilrcc*^ 
u>g tho jurj*. " I call HtAvcn t** wilnwH," - Aa Ood 18 my 
Judge," »tc.; at lai^t, l.i^rtl ICilcnlH^ron^h bvtTit oul^ 
Sir, I cannot allow the Uw lo hn thun vii>latod in ojKn 
ourt ; 1 muftt pioct*d to tijio ytiu for piofane awcaniig 
five ebilliu^ fill oDlh," Tbo learned cnunnd, whcrAo 
tuibiitty wat ]iIu;i^h cxcit^^d by tlio jokt'it of a Cbiwf 
^Jwdicc, i» ^id tu have joined in tbe laugh created by 
tliJH pUuBitutry. 

Loi-d CljHrii;t<Ui>r Tbui^Iow wan & uiau of grval abHitV, 
but iin^^icriiruLou? In pti>ibing bi» own lortuno«. Ho 
muiitaiii«d Win a«obndvfii.-y diJblly by a p^r of «noriiioU9i 
Ub^ fiyrbrowN flxod f\M A V«ry mlentn 04wt of counti^ 
QMC«, by his voico^ wbioli waa lilco tKfv^ i*i V>Vjw^\«& 

296 ctmosiriT,^ op law jucd lawtkiih. 

JoT«, ADil by hia tDeneUe liftUt of swokrlug i^nffkna 
■>»th» At «vwjbo^5. fauautllBg th« King ftod (li« btllH>|Wi 
He Doftde »T«npbodjr stand wliutv vid }yme^ all teand 
kDtl napMUd Itiiik. Fox am to say <if biiu (I^t fae bwl 
thft lafut di«hoik*ftt ram of nny ttmi li^i i^vfir knov. Tor " no 
htimon bobig couJd by &ny i>Q>£^Ulitr b« b&Lf so via* iA 

rKtso^tfXh BSLA'nD ro JtJDOC 

O&os goln^ ih« Northern Circnit ss Jndgo, bslore bo 
bftd lbs UTSit Sod, Sir NicJioIss Jtsona was about to 
ptm sfotUivo Ob A Uiief emnMsd bsbrt Lbn, wk«n 
Um ptiaoosr, aIUt wiow dIom had boso ovvrmUd, 
Mksli for utfTcy on socoant of kindred '* i'riUiM^*' asid 
my lord judga^ "bon^ «om«s this about f" **W1iy. tf 
it nUftMr you, my lond, your laros k Bsoan snd taia% 
in Uog, ^d m k\\ agnji Ho^ and Bacon bavo bci^a ao 
sumt kibdrad Uist Ibi.-^' aiv i>oC to be acfMrawd," " Ay«, 
bu^" rrptind tba j«i<^p "ytm juid I connoA bf kitidried 
oxotpt you bo bangpM, for Hog ii Ufjt fittom titiul it ba 
well liung," — Bap- Apoptb. 


Whia Lord Kaiwa^ as tDdoialinblo and specoUtiire 
but coacivs Scotcb jad|^, ttiod Hallbow Hay (willi 
vhou bo iisod to nJay at «b««) for tourder at Xyr, bi 
Stftteotber, 17$0, bo oxcbumod, wbcn tbu VDrdici cf 
jLViKy iran returned, "Tbata cbeckDiato to you. Mat- 
thew T Loid Cockbvm «yaaa to tUa aiMcdut^, thai« 
boaidea itoiMtal and OBOonUadiotod nototifity, he had 
ibb fact from Lord HcTmaiid, who «w oita of ibt 
coudhL at Lb« trial, aud nm foraot a ]»eoe of ja^ oi ii l 
cniotty whboh excited hk honor and anj^. 

Tbs iauidvbt liaa boui sofoatiaaa alttibutad to Lord 
Bnkfteld, a atill cMUMrjodgo. 

A 3tcni>K& Dctcaiaso nr a jitimib. 
Lord (Wkbutti, m dsKribing tba ootsotiio 8«o4di 

haA tbaa hii^ oncytbing vaa oonnscUd by bh t«rmr 



yr\ih n.'|"il)[icAri horrors. I li-mt-tl him. iti oon<1i.-mTiiii^ 
a UtlLfC to 'li^tttb fi^r muiifonii^; » soldier hy ntubbiug 
lilni, A^'^^rAvn.tH thfi offrntrn thii;^, * Ami not only <tid yaa 
murJor hiio. wb^roby bo wu b&reaTc>J of hia life, but 
you tlid tLruAt, or puiii, or pwcit. or pri>juct. or propult, 
ih« Ic^WLI woapoa throug-h tlic^ hcliv-l^and of hU 
r«gini«iita] bre«ch«<, which were hb Mjtjt^Ly'ar"^ 
Corkbum^ Mom, I tSi. 

WHmi fiavH,^ the y*->vi was inrliclivl for TTniHi^ring 
jGumjTiLrauii in tt iiiidnij^hL brawL tliu ju'Jgo wui Jtutic^ 
wfjo wjui cori4i<ltfr^il vory iiiBol«nr> and aevorvi, 
?ttva^*v u»ud lo tvll tilt* tttoty, thai (LiH juilgd daring lik 

Huuiinin;^' ujj of UiV OVJiIctil't*^ ('TiilWkVOiiriHl ti> tZUpentt^ 

thi> Jury againat iho prioont^r by thia doquQnt harangue : 
"Qr^utU-iiLiju of lliu jury, yjM aiu to consider thai Mr 
Savagi! i>i Oi vrry great man. a inudi crcftlcr man 

m you or 1, ^iiUeua«u of Ujij j<^vyj that ]io Hoara 
ry tioft i-lol.iiMj inocb finnr oIoth*^■ than yt*ii or T, 
^ijnUorooD of thoJHiy; that bo hnJi nVucdaiicc of money 
in hm pftrkfit, much nutto. inoiiAy thjiJi yoa or I, grsntlemen 
of tho jury ; but, gontlom;>Ji of tho j"ry, ia it not a very 
hjud oft«?, iii^nUcinPn of the jury, th*t Mr. Savjigc shinihl 
tborcfotv kill you or mo, ^(^ntkiucn of the jury," Sava^ 
wftM found guilty, and lufl for i^xucution, but aftL^rwaitU, 
thmugb a powerful frknd, obuiiricd tlio Kitigs pardon, 
Saya^^v rcvvo^^d him»vlf \>y lani\yQoning- Lhu jud^-e aa 
OHIO "of heart impuro and impoteut of hnad 1" etc, «t& 

hit. SpIwId, who ha4 mtaod far tha ofGc^ of Chatub^r* 
lain of Lunilon but tho i^luction, lold thia utijry. 'I 

was ouoH rijqueHtvd by a muti uudvt biJQU'UCtr of JvHtll 
In NVwi^'JXlt! ti> ritrno aikd 8ee him id hta c>^)l, and, in puro 
buuiviiLy, I lui^dt- bitti a vtHtt, Thu maJi briwtly luforiiiril 
mo that hft bad l>o«n co[\?ictod of folooy, and daily 
wtp*jotoil th*> wanaiitofhiH (ix^jootion. "UtiU'w^'i b», '' I 
hjtvo £-1)0, and ynu nr^ a. luan rif charnrtd^iv and had thi^ 
court int^nutwhonyouAtood for Cluttftbit\D;mH \»Wi\)W 



lli*mfOT9 hop« H h is your power to flet ne oW I wm 
with MO nUvnn a noiion, uid to «ii&ble bitOMlT 
^to aecMmt for h^ Mud if there wore any fttlcvutiiitf 
oircutiutMioei in bii m*o. Tliu mau ^cvvinblr onvwDi^ 
I'Aa. but he had iniitired into the huu^ty of the plaoo 
ihtt9 bti wu, and oould ool (in^i that auy ono who hod 
fSOO WM ever h4ii{(t!4^ I told biui it W4d out <^ my 
r>ow«r to bolp hitt. &nd Uuio hiin FoivwclL Vet b« 
Ti/und iii«iLUi ftAcr ftU to ncnpe pmmliment 

TTiB rnciiitiitft?^ vv «coLni. 

Wboi% ttO d«fliiit« fttUck can b« drBCtfrji«d Kt anj 
po^nt. and T«t »>>i»« uf>on ftbow b h«ttp«d on » i>«r«on, 
which netibor ungljr nor eolkctiTtly unoimt to ai\ 
utMBftblo vroQi^ tbi« h mlJ^I roortt pro[inrly nLiling 
oTKoMIng tfc&a Akndcrin^. It ia a specm oT Indetsr- 
luinttv s1*ctdc<r» e«rvjvrj tm witJi invcbwictl v«h«in«ltc«, 
iLtid explode* in tbo air inih fioRnd ati') Airy, rathtr 
tlwii rauit«H arty approciable injury to lb« iDdivLdoal 
ftitncd at And yfit Uiu noiiu*, winch miuttjintly tbr*<il«iia 
lUid only w>Dif.-t]aw« rvooh-'Ji tbo point of nlandijrr ia 
ilei-roci] by tl>c iaar a nui^Aiine, and no punitdialtTe in 
aiKiihiir foni]. SooL^Ing U an iodictaUo oflon^o. It ia 
peculiarly a frmalo'n oSmtOt ^uid thp* OMnroon law 
panUbiurnt wan <!o<?kinf>, or, on Coko aptoinod, tbo 
Moale wu put in a cuckuig-«tout and wonatd in wator. 
In one ceao, in ]70.^, tbo aoald, after ooDYicUoOf wantfid 
to Bivna bar writ of orror in panon, and Holt, C J,. 
Avo ner timo to do aa, for bo add«d, that "pt^Hiajn 
3uekiDg WQ4ilcl ratbor bar<len Cliui curv Ler, ana if cm 
^'wtn <MWe ducked t^h^ wouKl wold on all Uie day* of b^ 
fiik* Sbe aflvra'ardfl duocccdei in setting aoido tbe 
{udgmonlt 001 tbu gruutid diat abe bad been callod rixa 
aaa not ri^uirix, ibat ia to aay, abe bad btoo «all«d, 
ijt bad Latin, Ui« wrong word lur funMl^^ Tbe indict- 
BMDb aoon ah«rwarda wa^ asproned in Engliali, and 
tbo BAtna arror waa tbua Dot likely mId to recur. 
ADOtb«r Oair lu ibia iodictiaant wai add to be. tbat It 
ovgjbl to bar* been alh^ that Htr ■eobJins wae a 
coaBBMA ituiMiiKO to the natgbboars f»r - tbat all iOoUiag 
VM not indktablah but <Mly aodi aa wai tutohtabW 


b> iieitfhbc>ur&" Sculillu^ uf tbiB ituii kind in thxut 
In^Ectoblf? &4 & nuiHa,TLL:c, but hul actioriftUo liko a 
»bji<lvr,— Pitteraou'a Lib. Pn«a, 147, 


Lord Man^fiold had invH % man fw an n^8au1t» and oo 
,)iU being coTivicM, anil Aft^^rwATiin broiii^hT, up for jurlg* 
tOtr4Ui affidavit wn« p:oiIuoed in whiolk ho sUtod that 

)9 Wft« wholly unabW to pny any pv^ouninry llnn. TUe 
CU^i WM Buoh ttini tho ciciurt thcitight impriiwnmnnt 
lEn un»JuiUUIo punuhmonL The |>n)iimi-E' htooii proudly 
#rf*t, bftving a Vfiry Inrye ppvir of wbixkcrA nnd nioiiNljuihiyi^ 
of which hu Aoomod to bo cflptiukUj: proud, nnd of vrhich 
h^ uaed to boast. Thia boingrupnttonod to Mf. Dunning, 
tlkk? o^iunael for tEio prustHjuti(;in, lie suggwled U^ the ei>L»]*l 
thnt, '^fts the piiftciiior hud yr.iy Jinn moustachUH ftiw! 
whiskers, poibapa his lonlnhip would toko the puniALmcnt 
out of U^esif, bad order him nbouoa to be Wviimf/" 


A blKi'Lvmltli of ti villa^* in ^puin iiiiirdi^R^d a maUi 
and wflrt i^audcmiitMl to bu iiangod. The ubitf piiaionbi of 
I'tbo pincij i^ued tu^tbtfz- tiud bu^f^pfd ihi Alculde timi the 
blacksmith mi^fbt uot Mufter, 1>WAU«<f h« wam ne-^Hsajv to 
thti pWv, wbiub could not do ^vithout a bEaukuinltli to 
abw lior*^*, rn^rtd whfiela, and mich offif^^A. Rut tb* 
Alcalde b&id, " llaw th^^a can 1 cany out thci kw i ^' A 
labuuivr aiiiiWHvd, *'Sir, thor* are two wwivv»n» in tbi.i 
village, and for mo «n^aU a place ono ia ODough ; you may 
bang ihv other/' 


The ('rt.-ncb poUci? w^th uiuibU% m 17^0, to diacove' 

who WLro the perpetrators c»f an ostiJi<irUlnttry robbery 
at LyujiH, and bavjai^vkliaust'^d every niviiUH of JiHa>^'tfry, 
atUii^ih I'oaoL'tod to thi^oxp^dknt i^dflndiajf ono of thoir 
officvi^ l<; Ihv Hii;vtfv. di!^^1JllMd aaapiiaouvr to uiidmgv a 
sontctico- Wlulo tn the coin]mry of all Iho thlcvoSt bo 
iHirfonui^d hia pni'L vety wvll, aud Jitt«f«*ted hi* audi<xQiiM 
by tho HAiTAtivA of thft oxploitol t\\6T»AJT>an.^"Ci-^^^ 


arkiosmsA of law utd i^vter*!. 

cocttaattst with Ui« bIoit. uiil, in Ili« »ttt«AnKic« of 
MightkUUfl of (htfua «x«tum«<l. "U In <int;r FbiU]> wbo 
(ViuU fiX'Ol^ tficK » «tn>l(e «a tbat '"^ Thin frif'lAmjKlioiii 
WO ft duo mt onoa to tb» i#ftl Mrpemton i'hilip being 
Munl to Lav* bc«n th« l«ftiJar of th« g»ng- 

Voluire my* Iw ku«v « phyiietui in Lcmduu ntmit^ 
BrowD. who ]mi\ ooftt BUMgrd a nu^ fucUTj ftt Bftrtift- 
tlow, wli«t« th« jwgn)«f worked. HaviD^ l>«m rv^bed 
of A o(iuiU«f«bl« 4UID, A&'l Wiviff iififtbl« to *Uii^fi tbft 
(liWC bo wJIfd alt Um aI&vm together, ^ud nid tliM: 
"My friend*, Uiv greftt vur^iijKit mppv>arT<l to um in the 
BQMulU of thf night, ftnd lokd nia Uiftt the iitrMin who 
«tol» my luoi^y, ahoold al this vwy mouicittn h^vw a 
father on thv tip of his dom^^ The thi«f iritmMiatcly 
I>ut hU Ikftod to hi« MOM. * It la you» Hirr&k" criod 
th4> mutrr, -' who rubhod «n#/ Tlw^ M^ro <onfo««d Ih* 
ihoft, and ^Ttt up th* mcowy. Volwm adds thai tricka 
lilte thmo would not nucoecq twiot, «xc<tj)L witli ucgrooi. 

A Jaw«llw w«ut to a fcvvlgD couiiitr>\ Arijiug a )u]|» 
Block of diamonds uid valufthU binkciiv and aoonupaniad 
1^ h\A si>a and a iJav<.<, b8 hU only aonpanloM, Tba 
stock H'a«dM{io«td I'f nnd tbey v«re tirv pacing to r«4uni, 
vhen the JowdloT died, and then th^ro w&aavaJuabJa 
treamire to ba di»(>c««d of Ly tho 1^'al aothotity of tlio 
placf*. Thn slavo molYvd. a* they won all atfaaigeni* to 
■at faiuaalf up an tlio kju of Uw jowelkrr* The tnia hvir 
daoied thiA. and tha dwinitf* wpnt on, thi^ Jud^'^ havii^w» 
■laau of deddin^ it At la^t be dUvctf^^i cbnt thn two 
clainantu ihould nUrtd l>^hind » ^iiTlutt,»&d aftfriUtin^ 
aaeb hi« caac, to moj«<;t hin hojid ouuido, and tho jadifo 
woaM then cut off tbo luad of tho tatc who pTor«d to bo 
tlio iJave. The officar atood with a drawn »dinitar, 
rabchiBg buth. tui4 ready to ^prinj; et n prvti ai^:awL 
tly tKcjud^ cAtti d out: * Rnon){1i. e»r:^ij-h! &tcik4 
off the vitUin't hi^od." Tli? imiuntor. ternti«d at tbo 
bncidiabn] woa{M>D. uui bviiig taiccin unawAKb. at obc« 
draw t4i-k tjL3 Ix'sd, while tbo real hvir. ItuBttnt; to bla 
hoQiVly, w&A uninr>v«d. The judj^ie iniiii«<]iaiely f^^^' 
niaed ido true hek, and dealt omt ibe iraabbveht to tha 


A UTKiUlTft Ut'INI<5SeS llEINf} Xl.L DKAP, 

r Voltaire report* the following cnao in an Eft''t->Tn ci>npt 
/l cliviit bar] Wnt !;00 ounceji of ailvor to ft Jaw^ bofur^: 
two witneivfA. But hoth witnr-^os being drfiil, lio aaw 
immeTLBo ditftciilty in proving his cose. Zadiz hnving 
■a0prt*ined thjit tbp ailver WM lent on ft l/ir^e aliint ncflr 
HoQDt Orob, rrouiiGod Ut pltaJ the cjl^c. IIq ciiUre^ed 
tU« jud;^ : " My lortl, it is true that both the witiiei&M 
are doftii. but wlmt your lortlship 14 ftftkorl to do, ia to 
direct Ihatthtf liirg<-* stone on which the silver wns weij^ljod 
thuW he braiiKlit before tlin court, Tho Hebrew and I 
will «t&y untii it ^rivoif, iiud 1 wilt seud for it fttp my 
client"* et|ion3ft," The judge noixflonted And took Aomc 
othor uisoM to yo -jn with, uud near thij risLiiif t»f tho 
court the jiidgR a?iki?i1 ZMii^ if tho Ktoiii.^ had ivrrivod. 
Tho Jc^' thou imp^i^L'ittly intorrupLed : "Ob, yourlurj- 
fthip wilt w&it h^n^ enough for that ; il \v mix tm\<M o^, 
And itwill tako ^itVviin persona to romovo it,'' Z^li^^ then 
I'oturlvd: " Nt>m. juv kitJ, Ull'* 4Uiu>\ tkv ] aiaiJ. m of a 
truth a withL'3^ and this J':w cnnnot dpny tli-i debt any 
hjajj«r.*' 'Div juOjju wa^ i^nuvliii'^L UjAt it u'«4 rti>, aud 
ordcrvd thft Jew to bo chftincd tu tho »toBo till bo paid 
tho dobt ; And tht* Utt^rr, bttiog di*i?onc«'Wd by h'm iua<l- 
vt^i'tvnt n.ibnifti^ion, at onnn (V)nfrw(od tho »*holn truth, a,nd 
paid tho dobt. 


When Vnich wju crhnj^gcd with muidnr, Lja iiolidlor 
oorufully J^xatnincU tho promincn bnd nitUAtion, and rAioo 
tu the ouuoluAiotu that thi^ inurdetrur miiAthavc innHi & ItklV 
htLudod mau. Tli*i jojicitor informed Sr^rji^ant Rp'at^ in 
ovHitalUtiuu, Lhat bt^ had notitwl Paltib, whi^u trikiii2 his 
dinner, UMog hi.4 knit*^ with thi* loft hanl In a con- 
r«rwG« Iwfortf iLo tnal, tlju tiorjciuit [iroofivd tho pdvoncr 
to m; whothor ho wa« T^ot left-handoil, but ho prot^itod 
h« wu» not- Whdo ttru priaoiior wa;^ arniignoi at tho 
baron thn day of tJ^ikl. And wa* callnj nu ti> jj]«fc/J, h« 

uuworod, '* not guiltyr nnd m onc^t, of cour^o uuuon- 
tciouily^ hold lip hi» /*/i hand. 

80& cniEOArrtBft or i-avt axd LAWTEBa. 

m-fti>int vnx otx 

Tfi 17^1^, Ji ir-tD Uomo h«i] beoDmo tnrolvec! in AdUpaU 
mhmii poftciiitt^. u^bicb led to a ptdmcuUod Cor Klaadar id 
tbn KodrsUiiticAl Conit, and in coum of iii« litifptwa & 
^x&iud rvii:-»rk wu puhi« by a vitnew tbat Honui long 
>tt|pkiiUrvp4i hindiilit to licatli- Thu l<d to a praaoeaUoiL 
ilid Uomc waj trini mid foQod goUty iif tTic laurJpr of 
biM child, wbiob Wl b?«a ooaiuiuUc<i Uiiiij-tiv^ yem 
bHWft tb«t d«lo. 

ArrcH PKiNO iiAXoiD a»tuc<t kouxix 

Tn 172^.UftfttVttDick«iii.a luuri^d wucnui, wu tried 
ftt Edinbtirgh Mr child irturdcr, uvA waa fmnd ^ilty Mid 
ooiidfcimed to be huignJ. Shu vu hftfi^^i acounungly, 
' the body Cttt doirn and [vut In a cart to l>6 aeni to 
nfttlv* p|Ac# to be buried. Tlw hmci in c^argo 
^1h(*<art atapablichooA^on tl>aro*d,utd, Mir 
hftd rvlVoftbed tbrauolvwi w«n about to rofsmo tbe 
Joamy vhan Uktv law tbo c<'fEin moving, wlijch friehU 
MMd them divaditilly. One had prtwAco of mino to 
miMVor tbo coffin and tako hur out, wli«ai «b« wa* ble<) 
^d pot to bed, and Mxt monuog nho v^aA aMo U> walk. 
'Un>vn autboritio n«olvcd mttt to iDol«at bctr furtLciT, 
■ba vaa again marrind to h«ff bittlAnd and lirtd 
'Ibirty ytan looiger. 


John K«ic^ bad tticotodod to tbo oflico of oxoentiooir 
for thft City of LocidcED. and bof«m« so not«d that hU nanw 
ibr • eauiury and a UJf aftcrwarda b«oamv an oSoial 
itkm- Th«<« waa a iwU of ftt^a«tC6 $ot thft 
ttlica dlAnot sndc« of pc«rag« n«t ib«lr 
iSUo l4wetbcT, tbo dnko waa fint bebM<M. Um lb« ««d, 
[iboo tbo fama OhmI* wbcn «iim dbovt to addma tbo 
with Ua bftt 00, w«a onlerftd b^ the etftcutiooer to 
off Ub bu UnL Vfhd^ tbft Earl of Kilraaraook 
lOflvnd iu BaroQ itabnorinn tba pr«cio<Uno», lb« tlMrifT 
lot^Mted, ukd wonld no« porait tbo KaH lo bo bob«ftd*d 
UtL On ocw Dovaaion a c)iiiiia«y-«wo«p and a big^iway- 



man wmts Ukuu U> TvLum uu Llici sikino oorb up Holboni 
UtIL The lii^hwAyniaii siid in th« ^wMp. "Sr-util o^\ 
fdlow;" tho kitcr ruLortoO, " Stoud off younoir. Mr. High- 
wayman I 1 biivc «a [{ooJ riglit W lj« bore- » you bAve." 

viviHiicnarr and Df^ucriNn bodics nv €teimi??ata< 

oiiOft tlnj«;;jlit CftpaMo of being €KtfTn]«cl to tb* livinff 
bodies, as ualijucLa for viviaecUon or eKporlmenti It & 
Mid Mftiipprtiii* HBgLj^ted tbnt rnminnJn, whow live* 
wore forfeited, aboula bo subjectoi] to modical oxperliUDDU 
fot lljft buiwfit of Hctsnce. Piobably tbftt uoti<.fU t>nG9 
hftiinwd tho min<lfl of legialfltora in England, l( seoms 
oiK-v, %t ltj?^t» to liAvo occaiTod to tlio ^v«ratDUiH of Oiia 
loiintry, ilmt it migbi bo HuoOil to tnr experimi^ntn on 
the l>odi«A or condE-iunod crjm~mn]i>, oiid r«Av^'vid t\\^m for 
Ihftt pHqinsie, sfi A» to extort sfimr vnliifi tn t-boir kind. 
And a return ftrr all tbo troubin tbcy biul caiiwd to tboir 
fallow crofttninfl; a return thr^y wi^iq «nwillin™ nnd 
unlikely tpoofffi-voluntftrily. In 1721. tbor!Townftiiki?d tho 
opinion of tlio law otEcDrii whctbcM' thu ii^cs^ <if niaeh mon 
mi£;bt not be ^orod, on condititja of thnlr nnhmittLiig to 
vxporlmcnU for lUociUatioti viiih miL.ilFpox. Kaymond, 
CJ^nnii Uartlwitko, h C. Ibnn law oflii-crtJ, vrent thft 
length ol' odviiiu^^ hb Mdj^-'At.^'. thut wt ilw Uvus wuru in 
hiB powfT. }ic could gnuit A ]>rirdon 1o tliem on any 
Iftwful conditioa and thuy tl>out;bt tbldw^ a lawful 
condition. V«t tbiK opinion wah without any n[j[.ia- 
ront Authority, and rcvoltiug to commoa aenBC At 
DO peritKl. oVi?n of tbo URitt ^lATifch a«i:t'ndcn(.'y of tlio 
faucid law, W&4 It ever a«»umcJ or oi^u^ndi^d that tbo 
bodiwi uf Elicit, dfud or alivi^, cntninal or nou't^rijitiiuU, 
bolongedto tbo King, and Coko oxprc^aly lays thin down. 
If the cbani]>ion8 of libarly had. a century befori?, ulu&red 
th^ Air by vindimting thn dortrinA t\\M. tbn Ktn^ could 
not by wori or writing imprison any man's body, oven 
for An hftur, how nitioh 1m* ooijld thft King r»rdi>r bim to 
bo leapt for tbi^ puvpoBo of kubtorvlng tbo cJ^pfirimontB 
of nui-gflons, or toriurmif thnt btujy in tlio niiniitc«l 
degree f If thu time shttXi uvor come when tho bodUi^ ol 
couvictv may be utilised for nduucn i& V\i\« ^cvs « \V '^f^ 

dM amOSITIBA or law Jl3n> UkWTBBJL 

lr«) k I'giiJ&lor in PluhftiiM<nt fiiU to prD|M)nfl «im1 
lo CUT7 Mcfa A bw ; And a will bo Uim «uni^ lo 
OOlirfig it« when il fthall ba ratanilftvl aa s imcijcal 
prOfMdUoiL— 1 PAUfWw'v Lib SuI^mI, S9Q. 


In Wukne, in ITTfl, « ffi^I^y hLvvi.^ contkmn^ U> dt^ih 

^^iMdroMttdtna ArrlAJn AppttnUiis, ukd pushed odFtba top 
ft tomtr Mvchiy te*:t Ui^\. (ar i\m pnrptNC of ■Mertainp 
If lh« TVSHUiiott of Um ur. Th« >Uve a^iTtn). uid t««|4 
'moi tb« lop of IW AneoAl of Pen LomU, in BritUay, k 
boigbluri-(3riMt,dn9w«l iasMitlof tetliaredlumML A 
iUoD^ cof>hali«(otdliil itm f*tvfni bim uid be vtt» piabed 
itly u(1. NJid uft^f ll^tUrriii^ A blUa in s brink wind, 
to dfiio^nd ill ft HUadj nMnntc, ftmidM Um htcIa- 
of agrtftl crvwj, Uo took two uiDuto* Uurlvoi 
■1m to il«««nd, »d ft)^t«d on Km foot in Mitel 
htj. llo «M Uico bM, and eocidiNtod in tniBD(4k 
irougb lb# MtmtU^ vith Ammm snd lntnp«U, ml 
'«frtiBrtjuikftl ■|>loiid)dl^ in Uif Town lUU. A nolloetioii 
w iHAili^, vlih vrhicb ftnd tiio Riagt pvdoQ tu bio 
|Md(ct« be sot forth ior i^ATw next day, 


In 1738^ Qcoffga UAnky wAft«fiMtkt«d AtWii^ktow Tor 
uiiinii'r,ADd bobsTodin Aaimigo Aitd UDdawrtvit ni&nnor, 
tiwl It Uio U«o «poko tbiM i " My frivfidA, ywM atmnMt to 
AiM^whAir A iMAD uko aIsap into tb««WA»of ik^l 
r^ook. Bad Ton jJiall ii«i* m* go with A» maoh < oaf A U> AA 
[Ciirtiw, wboi bA Wpt into ibo gvlf to aata hia ooflAtiy 
doaUvcdon. ^hat will yon «MOf bw? Yoq aaj, 
no fniui ^tboQt virltio enn be eo«r«f»0«vl TiHi 
|m« I UQ coura^ooUN. Vou'U Hty i hjivo kiilod A idad. 
illArlboroQfffa kiJIod km UiomiAad* And AfexAibdAr hip 
tuQis I MAiiboTooffh And AJaxAiid«r, And niAny ocbm; 
rho hAVfl dooo the like, Arc faJait>tiji in hutory for cfMi 
ion. Ayv. thnL'i the caw— one ■^litAiy nun. Isi n 
fittU mnniervr, aii'i muU b* bAiiS[«td; BlAflborouRb And 
AlexandtT pinndml cunniriidi ; tboy wcco gnnt iboil 1 


ran Ln tliihi with th« ala-wifvi. 1 luust bo hanf^d. H<>w 
irihT»3' iii^'ii wt'iv lost in luily. an<l upiin iLm Uliuiv.<lvjmig 
Uii> lojit wnr fi>t MlUinff a King )n Polftti^ ' Both mdvA 
could not be in tbe ri^htl Tliey av^ ^'i-^al Tii«n; btit 1 
killfirt A MotJiai'y mAU^I'm a litU>i fHluir. Wltnt i« thn 
i3JtT«r4fD4!0 bctvroon ninDing in a poor man*e ilebt> and by 
tin- uower ">f •fi^<\ or any otbftr pnvil^gi^ prAvvinting 
him vroiji obtu-iriiog Lie right, and clapping a pUtol lo a 
tiinii'v hjvftht ami Utkiii^ I'rum him hia piki')40? Vet* th« 
ofio shall thcroby ohtafn a cmc\ and honnura, and titlo« ; 
tho oth»>r, what ?— ^a oat'C and a i^^po, Don't iRka]j[mo 
fmm all thU Mifjt I am hani^nM. I ailcnftwlndgo the 
just jitrT^m^^nt of God ha^ ovnrtakon mfl. My Rodootnor 
known tl^at Tn>m!« wa» Cw from my howt, and what I 
did was through itluo and passion, bolng provoked by 
thfl dft^^juTii. Takfl c^omradeii thiuk what 
would 1 I10W givo that I had lived anothor life 1 " 


T}w daw^r i^fciiTLtm^taiiUal evidcnet^ is ilhistntted hy 
the SVencE trial of a maidiicrvant for robbery of aomo 
forIc% K'Oat a citis^n of Paria At tho trial tht^ ciri^um- 
ntancca wore so strong against her that aho was found 
l^iilltyt nod wa« c;c^'<:uted- Six moiithn aJVrwardtf the 
lorWh were foiJTuI under an old mnf, bcihind a hi^ap of tilm, 
whore a magpiu uflod to go. VVhcu it wiia dist'ovi-rt?d 
thnt tlxG mnooenb gu*) had been unjuntly conflejnnetl, ftn 
annual inoas woa founded at SU Jubu on-Qji^e, fur tbtj 
'Tvpofu cif her aoui. 


No puuiaUmvut awiuv tu Illvu beun laoiv tboT\>ii(;bly 
appretMat*^d, admitvd, atitl luAiTitaioed aiiioog mankind hs 
the purfiT^ou of rca«ou than tho pillor}' ; and from tho 
univvrsattly of it*i ac^ftptiuif^*! throughout Ihc w<>r]d, jta 
ius^iiloiu variotiea. Eind conabafit and uniform tendency, 
it a^iproachm m near a* po^Nihlv Us a law irf nature. In 
Ofl^lur to attmot tho ^rvatoiit contompt In the ino«t public 
uivl conanicuoiiii way np^>n an odund^r, to s-ivet thM ^ttto 
4jf ibo rftbblc npnn him, and in oatpow him holplcwA^ Va 
thw dflriaiop, tlicir kiclu ani out&.i^w W\tWxv«v.\A *» 

906 ccmosmn or um jjgd Liwriu. 

FUi^r tunc And ^ nodofii dviliMLti<ia uiteri/ ttooik 

fmu iu wUolenJi<viuii^iuW;;irmiiig. iUau(Mla,>ttd ^U 

and. CoukiAid tliatdii^ filJory vada|>dnidkmei>tftrat in* 

v«ntod for " niouiittflAckv ftod oliettt«, tbat. htviu^j goi(«a 

iVpflQ banloftixi foniH to ivri>i)g; ftAri fthuM (ho {•Mpl<», 

hrare txalleJ In tbe ««jn« klnJ, to fiUnd oonspLcuous to 

ltb« vi«w vkd op«n «hMn« of llMpeoplcL* Thin wm ui- 

Pfttiow, Imi not qalt« oorreot Tho p'llloiry wu usimUjt 

« «oa^iMiti<m gf pluklci jtul m a^ to inclottv tho bnd and 

fMC and htttdft or Ifao prinnn^rr in m fizod poadtiuD, lO M 

to b« VlfKWx) to tlitf JHtblic JfiLMV Mid to M to fltUwt 

)>ublir <twli-ni|)t ; &n'1 a lici^c>> wwi Alkiw«d to hiF'xtuvlf rv, 
vvhkh wti^ Ui^ly takon ■dvaou^ uf. to tltrow tlith Mid 
nib^Mh At hi* hfiul In (^irw Mui other oouiUoo* » 
portablo pillof? or ca^ csllod iho cvigu^ wm iModl 
ooMuting of A woodvu colkr, wbidi the Sdinqneiii wm 
nule to OMTV for & pKoeribcd pflriod and dutMMe e*ch 
ffby, uiij to iMVp in at niKhi, ftiid ao ckiaa ISll^d that the 
hAiL'i could not DA rebnL 

Lord MttcclcvfiQld bad, in 1719» cxprosaocd bU dinp^ 
moral ot Hcodtn;; astate pn^ontrr? to thU pmiulifa«nt, 
III 1770, it WM notio^ tliat Wilkci^ a> a oonrictrd 
llbd]«r.vrafeaHLred tbin porlof tbo paoiabinfoU In 17^1, 
Pfitt taid bo dIasuuuM ttio (owmmeot from tiM loo fro* 
■(Tj«<id MM* of tho pillory. Aud Iturk« had condetmud U 
hv(<tn iUai ilut. In 1S12. Lord EUofiborouflA amKaeed 
a UaAiiltnuor to eighlovu luouUiti' i£D)]liiiouuKfflt, aad to 
«Und la it onco within «a«^ montb bdtwMn tw^lre and 
two. And in 1914, tho nmo judge, etUl oDoonaciou* of ' 
tho way In which public opinion was tending, asntoaoed 
Lord cWhrarttf, who Jiad been convicted cf aooB«Mnc)r 
to iqiread fidAc tu-wn, to «tMu1 in tho |>i]]i)ry. Attd it u 
Nud tbo laat iMtanoo of thi« |iaiii8b«M0t wiu in l^ltL 
When the Btll vnti brou;^t iato Pa/liaiBcnt to abolieh il. 
Lord EUenbomu^h tiaid it had csbttod unee IS6ft, mm 
wae ma»t adnurablo for |>crjury and fmud; and ho a&d 
Lovd IQdon naohttftly drHetidbd iu In iai6 the |Mjniidi- 
iiMnt was expreody aboJkhod. except an to prijury and 
*ubomins d wiUMMva Abd in other €«m» thai Act 
dur^tcil, tLU, wheiv the pilJory Unu atood aa part uf a 
|imiahin«nt, a line or inpneDQinattt niiglit 1<* tiiib«ti[ut^t 

for it bylb^jutlj^ But In 1H37 it wju ulUdy nbolialiod 
Aa ft punUliiin^iit lor any «llL'nc«. nn'i it ifl sai^i that it 
had WiiU ii\ci:aj\\' cbolishod \a Franctj, in 1^32, — £ 


Ttiurloi^, ill ft raftniier winch AHtoniJsKe* a ino3*Tn 
AttLiriicy-OuQenLl, <^a^^rly ur^d that the defondfttit, 
Huriii^ IVHjku, whi> wivt &i) viiJaLiLL'J dt?r<'yifiAn of the 
CSurc.b of Kriglftiid, who wba a scholar An*TA gcntJcman, 
ahoalil be net in the pH lory, S)>i>Aktn;* in a^gmvAUon 
of |iimi*hmpfit-^ aftJir oVrtfrvin^ that ftny finfl would bo 
pftid by a Hoditiim^ subscription, and that imprisonment 
would bo " A »<!i^ht laconvCTiicnce to on<^ of sedontary 
habiti," ho thiw procofjdcd. '* Pillory, my loriJs, ia tbo 
iippfrjjjriftlifl punishoicnt ff^r this BpRcica of otlVnce, and 
hoja tiocn no tUnsiQ two hundred years, not only while siich 
profaocutlonn noro rjuik in th^ Star Cliamber, but since 
thr Star (3hiimh*r wns hbolighcd, and in the best timrji 
»[ncn tho Rovolutiun. Tut-thiiK Wiis st-t in the pillory 
by I'hiif Jofltice Holt That lihcHcr. to Iw siirr^^ a>m- 

nhid oiiijht to bo reserved for frautlulont bakcn. Ho 

conooivcd that tho fol&ifymg of ^'cighla and luvoHurcs 
WM «, more ini?chauacal employment Uiftn the forgiuK of 
lieji, and that it waa lt5a gi*Titlurnaii-liko to rob in«n of 
thvir monuy iLuu uf thi5ii' good uutnt.-. But this is & 
wmltanty vrhirh M<hri;;B to the little vanity wbich 
irutpins an author, and il ju«d« no iiiipn^ou tipuci Sir 
John Htilt, whon* naniF> will livu with honour wi lon^^ 
08 the Eo^jlUh coiiotitutioo. Gov^-Tiimijut oaunot 4>xiist 
«nlww. whrii offence* nf thU niAjifnitado ftie presented to 
a court of ju^tico, tho fbll mcoAuro of punish man t h 
infllctt^Ll ti[jon tli^iii, l4i?t uft ]ir«pwrv& iUt j-^Htratut 
against HcrrntiouHncw, nrovjdf^d by tlic vrisdom of pftat 
A^s, 1 thliould liavo bctan \i^ry worry to havo brought 
this man IxifoiT yoiJ, in a wisn attcmdod with so nsaoj 
aggravation 4, if your lordhhip}^ wcra not to wbow your 
Hcniin of his infamy hy Hc^nlfiiicing him Ui an iiifanimiA 
punishment/' Such woi tho Attorney 'Ucaw:^% ^^tv^ 
tentton. TJjc lenteDCA, bowcvcTr,«a» Qn\^ ix^^fe tX i.^*^* 


ud A yt»fn imprbonnoat; end %^tn Th, Jal»MOD,l»- 
lirnif- ftboul A, Mid. "I bop* Ui«y OiU not pat tfai 
in tlj^ pilloiy ; h» kM Ut^ much httirmtata tor ti^" 

WHb iWvO t4> tliv moUdo* of Uk* pillorj- pn>O0«»0«(J 

LoH <£ehmi^iii 18U, Lonl DandooftU, in bU Auto- 

L|^y of a MOMD, f^ipIjuiKKl M £<>UAn: ^'Thm 

Iftcuv* an>t<M* tbo gov«niBa«nt Atd nrit dikro to ottn; 

It Uy hit^tMi^md^d c«lli^««, Sir K Buraott, in tii# 

tlu auitvtiw vnM cq/tM into oflbet, h* wouUI iitukiJ in 
pdUorjr boiido nne, wh««i iher tntist look to the ctmm* 
moMH. Wlial tlieiA mi^ht hove bntt in tbc then ex-* 
cUcd ftat« «r tlfec |iut»li<; mind, fti rvguded mjt inaalowDt^ 
(he retdcr toay giMflk" 

AX iffnm woMAK QK Tee piixort. 

Un BMie^ in 17d^ wbm convictod cf ioeitiiig m wiCi 
I to poiMfi Ucr hiuband, ■!«> of diild-vinrdcr ; uid wm 
iontand^iM putof tbef>utiuLiiMtit,ti>atand id UMplUoij 
muk^ dayi ni Derby. Tbo fintfi d^y the popnUcft 
)«0 p«lt«il bcr with ^tkRIl. Itimim, md m forth, that «b« 
>diitii|[B£ed hcTKilf juid jampca uuong the crowi^ irhni 
iilia «■• earmd bock to prijoiL The MMxaid d^y of bar 

Innd l>«(sca nkcvvj' of the outngeoot mobb The ofioen. 

['fi^o|[ It dJIfitiilt to mi W bnti tbTou^b a bole, pulled 
her hf^l-droM, nia found a Jvge |>ewtcr pUt£ beU 
OqC Ui Gl her beftJL aud wliich wen thrown Mwomt tlw 
people. JkA Boon u ahe wna fixed, au<4i tdMweni «i egs^ 
l«UliLi[>«» potA(o(«, ek., »^rv IhnjwD. tbet it «^ tMiM<jK«il 
ihfti ike would not h« Uk<<n -lown ftUve. Slio Joel & 
mat d«el vf blood, vhicb, raeaing down the pjllorjr, m 
Itttlo Apjvu.^ tbfiir fury, Thn«A who iftw b«r dW- 
w&nle in tli« gaol wil ihe wu *uc1i an object «■ wu not 
at to he kH>ked on.^Oent- Blag. 

It appMLTM that tba ftnt liMler MDtcBo»<I to the pillovy 
byUMStetChMibn-wa«Bdc#r,in 15<tt Pora«>Tliiimi« 
Jibe! ^akut the Judgm nnd Privjr Council, one PerlEltii 


fined £''^.000; jind for writing nn nbuiiivn letter to 

curl, thi! <lvt~tnrlivnt' waa iin^fl £i,flO0, brjddt* bcin^ 

orilt'i'mi U> ttcknowloJ^ on hh kuLi^si hiHoilvrivo to tbg 

Jvin^ flnJ the lonj* of the court. And Sir. W. Williftms, 

lp«akur of the Uoubc o^ CumaionH, ^v», in 1GS5, for 

lUisbinjf DuDfiuriitUrii Naiixtjvo Ly tinier oF tlws Hvuw, 

flO^OOti by tho Court of Qucuu's Ucnch. 
As to oorj*jnil puublimviit, the pUlwy wwi ap|><i.rently 
dcomcd tb: upiiii^pnatf^ punitdiicait. or i>art of It, nOii 
;Avu pui't uf the vomijLUu law {nitiipJiiuenU imU bug 
lirtaL And in iTtS^ thi^ piibli-diM of the ^fm^d wjw 
frvd, fur libuUi vn tw«> n>>al dukoo, to stimil In the 
pillory &t LUiariti^ Clubs, Uni it wtM beJbrA t^At tiwo ivi 
uurcilifiblL' modo of pualflhii»]nU Wiiou WilliftinH, Uic 
prifitt'f of tliu AortK Briti.'n^ No, 45, was Honti-ucud aud 
put ill thti fiillory. iW mob givotud liiui witb aoclnirifw 
Uuujt, aud riiuuU £^OfJ for Tniii uu i\\*i aput, lu iTlil, 
MacJoii&ld, A. 0., told tito Hou^o of Cmwjujnft. tlial tliorv 
i&d b«i=LU ill tbo praoediDj^ tiiirty-oui- yo&i-n, ^i>venty [nny 
'w«utionH til' lil*l, of whtidi llO.y wr^rp rnnvtctJuiiHf and 
in tivo casGfi pillory had boun addoil to linjimonmi^nt 
The piinibbiueat of pillory wft}i, bowovur, wholly ftboliAh&d 

1 1 i»i not unoauAl to AuppoM, tbat tliore is no limit to tho 
discretion of the court a:) cotlio escti^ntof tbopuniAbmont. 
Jvbotbor in the luni^uiit of tlK^ line, or thi^ li-D^th oi' iho 
Impnftonnnont, whirh mny bo iinpo.^rnl f-r WM. mch 
bolng wbat \* cjillod tho nunUhment at crimuioa Iuav. U 
LH tnifi, that in the cMn of dt-fAniftlory lil^K ther^ i* now 
an cixtrcmo limit to tmprifionuiont, but not tu t^^ ftDdltbUH 
or btvphcniDLiK libch.— Pfl-lorson's Lib, PrcD^ 235. 


A prt4onf*r of acventc^n, tn k Scoli^h court, WM obV]p**d 
with piakin;* a^ntlcinnnA^ockot. Tho wJtnnAA:ji fert^ 
proHocuLion ^nvc Uiclr evidence, uod tljo pronccuUn^ 
cotLnwt nommr^ntod on tt^ nnd clearly dcmonntrutcii] tho 
priMoui^H ^uilL To nil tbU tho prinoncr liAt«nL*d wiUi 
I'vusat indili'oninrfi, liut yrhcn tho coiniscl who dftfl-ndcd 
Inim ttood up to o^idrujui tho piry, the jirUoiii;* Ivftuwl 
forward with tho grchtcal inttrt^t. H^t* <;ij\w#A '^a- 

310 cuBiootxiBA or i^w 13CD LAWtsaa. 

queiUly dmotiBciDd Ibo Dfifomhg yrhinrmtf^ fuiii Ui« oo- 

|fdiftl-]o luLitm «f tlioir evtdcooc^ ftud wuiiiing with hm 

Wliyed, oxdftiiDod ; ' If thU yMing toatt limd lakvn Ui« 

[■UMMJ, wlicre, I ttik, eoald htt h^rc jiU^ir^l itr Not in 

|iook«<M, for you IcDOv tb«3' w«]v likely firvt W b» 

'«X4BBnied ! Not in km thae*, fur iIksc, too. would for « 

oettAinty bo Abo exvuintxt t Where ih^nu I >aj> CCRtlo* 

BMO of ihi« jttiT. wbem could tbin Wi bftvo ■towodAw&j 

llio moooy I When vrta there ft pUco ho coakl hftve 

ilbuiid to hide it awftj?" At thM point the coooid. 

LfttiMod mther hmgta thftit tinual, ftnd t)ie pruooer, flEUPtiw 

tluht hit ovujiavl wu ftctuftlly wMtiin: fur MinitMCU, and 

«M at a JoMv «3uUaMKl ; "1 put it in hoft^Bi*'!" poitii- 

I isg to an indde pockol* 


Ijord Heniiu»d, ft Scotch jadge, wIko « priMiacT, lur 
liUicijt hi« compftuion in ft drunken bmvl, got a mild 
■pnUnec Ttora hib brotbor Jwlcc*, frJl (hat dbovdit bod 
been brought ■.'H tl]« cause of Jrii])ciii;;H lu which b« hJnn 
adf fnatly exi^eUed. Bo had no Aympatliy vith tho 
.tcai4anwitt uf hia tctupenUo Lrelhrvot aiM waa >«hcii)ont 
truH^urtaUon. "We an t^ that thctv waa no 
iaalki#,aad UmI the pnooer iDu«t haw bnru tn hqwjt, 
!■ tiquor I Whr, ha waa drunk ! Ar>d v«t bo Bkoramd 
ihe voiy coaa wlu bad bt«ci drink^ with hbu t They 
bad bami carDssing tlL« wbol« nigbt ; and y«4 ho ■UhU_-d 
ibimTaflfTdiiAkiAgavbol^bottkarruiDiviUihlBDl G<fod 
[Ood! iijy Laarda,i?ho«iU do thi«wb«u b*'»dntfik, wW 
botMldowbcmWaftober?*— Oockb«m*B lAam-, IUl 


An Intk pniooor wa«; chn^p^d with on (offence, anil aa 
nana], was a^kod ; " Ath you K^ilty or aot, scuilty I " Pal 
teplted : * Ah, sure now, tn't it the juiy tbat'> put there 
for to Gnd that out t " 


Hm wUo nutfg&n allowtd lo the di«crotlofi of jnd^fta in 
punkliing aati^ oOwch wai farctUy illuitnt^ by two 
CMC* al Uie bogmnin^ of thb cvtittiry. Two mes wan: 


dtiUicU'il fiE«Ali]3g fuvkU in 8ulTh1k, Oniv of tWui wub 
App^^ltofifl^d on tha 8hot, nn4 triod rLntl convicted boforo 
Justice DuIKt, who, Imnktng tho crimo of n*> p^t mag- 
nitiid'^, i^v<tit<«nf^il tbfi priAOTinr (^ fphrtw monthi impriMon- 
mont Tbo oihcr luon woa jLflom'nHs ftjjprvJionHecl. and 
convicM aUo of tiji- ofTi^ncc bc^forc? JuaUCo OouJiI, ftt Llio 
DftSt follovJDg A^^ii^e^ whoti he, QxiUrtAinin^ ft diiT^rcnt 

«BtiinAt« of liil» oliVnc«, »viitJM>rf rl the iinfortlinnti) umn Ut 
M^sn 3rrjtr))' UunHportaticin. It so hap|)enc<l that the firat 
man wn^ juiit li:AVjfj^ prlsoi], after i.Mmplotiitg liiii »«rvico 
ihnf, ftfl Ihft nihnr wna setting out for Botnny Ifcuy to 
omtncnno bis. 


A irmn woa conT-ictcd of hoTW-Hl^xIing, And bning askM 
whtt h« hi)^ T,o »Ay why f»T)nluncu of donth nh^uld not hv 
i^34ffiod iiprin htm, nnAwm^d, thnt it WfL« imH to hnn]j;fL 
inftn for on(y ntoiLllii^ u horw. JuaUvd Bui^ct thoiiou^jn 
udd, " Mftn, tUrxi nit not hnnged only for Ktoalin;* a hoT\r, 
hut thsX hoTMsi n^ay not Ik; liL^iIcn." Thin won at th'^ 
tiiDo thoii^t hy oiMi^' tQ be 1 ui^ic rt^uun tor all jii:niLl 
ntatutfiiL Bui Iknjamin Ftvikliu smja tho mans annwor, 
if cftnditlly txumiiii.'iJ, waa roaiijimblc, ^a bdnn founded on 
ahouUl U» pruportionoil to tiUeiicu* ; atJJ tlittl Llitf judaa* 
rvply nru bnitA] and uorr^.vrTiiLl-te.^K Franklui'ti Kainy-t 


la I0t>&, all Llie tttik uF tho luwn wu ulHjiit k ti-suicbl 
of gallaufry at Kowjjate, A baflUt^ aon of Sfr 
pp Nmk>n lA'Ui under jwnti^ijve of doaih, fur killiu^ h 
mg maxtrir in thi;i rtroeL It being si^niilud to thr 
youDg latM tbat Ii«l wm to dio lhon««aiiut, wbt< 
wn« Wfltii* to hiA motlior, tirrm^hTh two dowft rrf npititn, 
BLQd tiioy took it botwccn tboro. Tbo ordinftjy camo won 
fkltcr to jinrforni hii fiinctioni, nnd found tb^Ytn botli 
Btmngo. Tho aunt frankly declaiod she could not irarvivo 
bcr nepheWj h^r lifi* bcinj^ wrapt np in hi* ; and hn 
dcdarrJ that tho li\w liaving pat a pcdoc) to hin life, bo 
^ihoui^Ut it no odUncti to chouo tlio way he would ((o cut 
of tho world. The k coper «oul ^ir I^a t^\i(;>W4AftX'^«'<*^^»^ 



brooelit two vonll^ Tba jouog in&n rtfiued to Uk« It 
till lfi#j thf4«teo«d tofovn lldivirn by iwhUinnMiU. H« 
tlwm «lfloe he liop^ iho budnan wu dono, ^q would 
^m«ke hifiifl^lf u»l ihtiu M»y, ami swdbowwl tliv fiotiun, 
aad liiM ftttot diJ il>o like T^ rttiMdjr »<irkcd on h«r, 
•vt hfr ft voiiiiUngH but lud fio •tfM on Mr. Notion, 
iiiat hf^ >i>;a^l away gradually, and diad ncxL moraiog. 
fa wa« fuller reaolvoci cot tli«baaitiwi,C6rliohad likawiM 
ehar^nd \tviin\ hid in lh« room, Th^t aiinl wm canM 
[to ft iMgliboariQ^ boiwa, u»d vauhod. Thoy lay ite u 
ifiko to Tocovtt ; ifilitdo««, itwiUbohard if«bo»u9br&ir 
•nch a tfanjport ofaffoction *. 

THB noa flHournio mix jot *t a VEttDicr. 

In lT^>(i. whfin Sliinn va« tnod fi^r higb tffiavAii, in 
■flandin^ inuUigvaco to tho vnomy, ac tho timo tha Froiwh 
vara coatemplaiing ttio iiivaaicoi of ItvIbihI. Mr. Enkiot 
waa for tha <>o«xi. and Sc^cant Adajf for Uto ddendaal. 
I'At cloven oVIock rv^ thu jary nrtciraad inta^ 
bronghi in a verdict of " net piiUy," Ho wordji won 
bnreclv pn^uuunood. when an iiwUatiuicQQa and nsaoi- 
IjnoQS mout aroae in thfi eourt, which wa* loudly jniaid u 
^yaMinorouacrmt'd in Wovtminator Hall. AmitioiBaB 
lumed Thomiwn. Win^ otafrrved to join in the Bnout, wa« 
ordered by Lord Kenyon into custody. ThonaonuioJog^Md 
to tba otnirl, by ««yi&tf that hii fceliojiB on tb« joylol 
Mva^on were bu^. that if lio bad not given aUAraooo to 
tJiv W which anne within bk br«aat« ha tbonld Ainv (JamI 
»n the itpoL Lord Kenyan rvpliNl f^at >t waji hi* dntr 
lo luppnaM iboomotiooN uf luch tuniuIluiJUB jor> wbiiJi 
dnw oonUmpL on tbo dignity of tbo rantl He tlicn 
oHitrad Ur. Aomiion to pay a fl»a of £S0. and to ratuain 
tBcnab>dyti]l pyutenU TbonuoD ai «ooa C«iMlM«d Ilia 
cbeqao for tbe Mm, but this wts ndbaed, 4nd ho waa ta]c«a 
into ciiatody. Ilia crovd wilbout caught tho spirit of 
UuMo tribhiD, and Uia halL aa iha judgoa ratiiod, vaa flllad 
vitli ftodaoutioca of Joy, 

rtiu or tyiU5iTT. 

The Duke of BofiaeK tohl Ur. Adolphua. tbo criBlmt 
lawvar, aa a curioti^ aiicctlota, that vhvu Earl Frrrara 

ABOUT puKismiKifra, ruidomtBi, no. 

had bovii ccmviL'Ud of murder, ^rcat rflbrU w«ru mfliici 
to obtain a mrdon, r>n th6 ^rouiiil ilifUr he waa ininhc^. 
Bin motW Ix-iug appliwl to, And requtwUd tt* wrilo a 
«tron^ Ittl^r ou tlio 1U^^j^.'Ct, aii*worc*i.l, " W*ll, but if i do, 
how am I to umrry ulfmy tkujflitorej* 

k TRlArtSS:^ SJIVED BY THR FISiJKft OK nirtVll>KyciL 

A man wiw tried oii thfl OxfonI Circuit by Mr. Ju?<tlo* 
AIk» TAtk* for eteAlin^ fA;r^64, an^l waa defuiidttd bj 

of Ibe 5iggot«. Tbo ju<(^. who h^ a habit of thinkEi^ 
aloud, iimttoTfit to himnelf, " Kn^^ifolwT fn^^^l^t! fftggoU 
BJC (u like tvh twn r^ji." Vorti'inaWly, tho jiriMaor'a 
OOUAwl 1j«&rd tlii^. &TLd, in bJaAdJri^M to tb« jury, com- 
mented witli grent vigour on th<i abMnntity of any rnhn 
Attempting to awear to the idontiiy of fit^'^ta, Uu bM, 
■^ Why, wmit is thoro in ffl,^(it«. gonUemcn ? FftegotAl 
lAggots! vrtiy faggots arc OBliko oatwoc^t" Thejud^o* 
onlieaiing this, nud^lenJy culled ont: "Btopi CronUo- 
m en, you nmst acquit this prisooer There iq a viaiblo 

inlcrpo-tiljoii of Oiviim- Pi'ovliJi'ticl^ biMV to lUiVo un inna- 

cent man fr^ni untnL^ritoii imnirJimnnt. I think it right 
to montiun to y*}\x, i^oniScmtui, tbU vxtmordlnvy circum- 
plancis When I honrd the prosfy^ut^^r sweftrso nnhf^i- 
Uliniity lo tlio idjjnlity of Uiufiij finf^uU, i^h^ri; pruwHl 
through my mind the very identical ob-ei vHition junt 
ia&d« by rny very Icarntid unJ nrach rwiicsjlod friuuj, 
Mr. Phillips, Whckt Ii0 ha.f juttt aaid at cmo^ (Kvunvd to 
loe: 'FaggoU! faggota! they are hb Lik« u two pgjp-' 
Oentl*Tiipn, I cannot but think th^t tho tin^».T of Provi- 
dence has pointed out to nn both thi> right view of this 
ftioguUi' i-a^e, Vour obvioutf duly i» lo acquit ibis un- 
fortunate man at tlie bar," 

Mr. UlchftrdB, the pioeecutin^ oounud, upon tils* with 
iLOtn« cxrrjtfment, itpnin;* tn hU fi?et. And l<nriwini* thn 
jotoi's habit of niutt^Hng Mb thoughtr^ and having him- 
kHnmnH ftti thnt imminLwaa About tnO n^mnnHtrat'T! n,;;^tin*t 
thin int^HViiVinco with thn jury, But tho jndgv) at onco 
sloppftl hnn , " Now, my dfftr Mr. IticbftrdK, pray don't 
iatcrfcre ivith mo. 1 kn/rw whnt roii am goin^bowj. 
Vou know yQur own (wor dcM k\A ia}i\vit ««& ^ ^'cvwijii 


CC8I061TIEB or LAW A»U LAVfyfiJl^ 

UiiiMlf, Mikd kiww bow Co ovUnul* Ui«ca ibin^i^'' Un 
Iticbwili^ filial j>My M once ovorpo^rored hioi^ uid ho 
k^nl with eotapoevuTQ tbe fbreoion mf, * Not gaillj." 

A pnrwvxEft Qrim.T takhto a sc? cr wr-fL 

Mr. Wdlt^)!!, tlkC repofftor oq tbo Hi<tkiir| ('iicuit, was 
at tho trial of a mut at L^ccatcr, bAforfi I^rd WcniJojr- 
^v; one oJ tho grftvcvt of judge*, for an attempt to 
iPUinUr. Tbo priionot bad been takmg hi* bcvf, aii>i tfac 
pfOMCntort by way of joke, tdnd to take a Hip. nnd woa 
■track very vioknitly. Ailcr tho proBecutiou duvcd. tkv 
jucl^ t^iM tb^ pHaoner he mi^t Mdrew the joty ; which 
no did OH fuUowH: *' M/ loi^ Bind gcotMiioti of tho 
joiy. you sec hh hi>w I'm what ii cUled n |H-aci«bk- man, 
uid WA* tokiiig nj" diink quUtly, «« a man ahould ilo, 
when op cocnco ihu hen; pn»«<:utur, and aayi he, 'I'll 
hftvo a mip of jour bc«r; 'No/ Myit I, *you tibonV 
*1 wili/mji W; 'Then,' vajv I^'iTyira touch thin '«n 
mug «^ h^r. ]*ll Hiiko^h it fill vour bjoMed baiL' TUa 
jhm pun did uko bold of luy hew, »zid ho cot ft knock 
Ml tho hood, hut it wi^rd bi« own Tault, as, fjpetitl«nwti, why 
should ho hi' provoked a mozk iiuic Uy aniriih kin' hkboirl 
Now lay lord," (bannoff to ttio judge) "Tia ooro jou 
llkn a drop of good Mer. don t y^^^ Q^^ '^^rd T WoU, 
lUioci, uy Ictfd, if >our lonlbhip hod a j>ut o' lii>cr oforo 
I70Q at tAis nio»M)i» and that on duui iu t> a hiciin<( by 
IIm ndo of yttT," <Urrujig t^ th« ITi;^!. S1,. 1 ,tO "tliovU 
•ijT, myti hf, 'TO takfl a sup o' yi*.-i :■ ., and yoa 
'«aid to him, atyv you, ' IT yoo do touch thio bu« Mr, 
,111 ptTiM'h your blnuM tiIa/ in oonno yon wouk^ my 
^lonl. (Rom of laugfitor). " Now, my lord, I*vo boon 
caDpd a qoormUompe man ; that* a downn^bt falaty, for 
look here, it ain*t likely 1 con bo a (juarrolaonK nan 
wbon l*vo bvon ho«i&d over twooty*thrce timo* to kocp 

Tho pmottorwai found ffuilty, oimI tho fiw^t wia that 
ha had h«cil oAfio boimd uver, o&U bod long bean 
iBotorioua for hn violcuov, uhI hod ah&uat killed iSe pn»< 
oocntor. Ho wa^ Ftfntcnood lo (burtaea yeaia' tcaimpor- 
latkm; and be inadu an aU^npi on hie ovrti lifo 011 
leavia^ tho dtx-k, whkli, how«¥«T, waa iuunic<«ud'aL 


It accm* to havo been a iloulrini> of (^[iiioon Utw ut Jtn 
c&rly (latOp tbuL murder luoludud HTtioiJtj, »jid thi»l Lhtf 
lAtter Act wru i/h^b^ ftictf> ft rplony. Huiioe, fdrftituro of 
goudtt njvd clmitclfi vr&ti 3, hi^sl coubuquuiicu uf Ui(» wsl, 
and JL1 Ihtf T^nioiili^ vtrh bm ovrn exeoutioii^r, th^ torAsitun* 
acciiiod uu till.- nctk iiiiit'^ colivicl^ou v/^ rttriJur^^'I Iiupud' 
Mibi'!. ilut thotj^'tt iriftl vm <4U1h-i^^i1t^iJ. an inqui^itLOu 
by the ooronor wan hoM od ilio body. And yi.\ this 
divcti'iutf, Ibat iiiui^v>r lui'Iude^l vuicidu, lendB l>j lucim* 
[ftUt«ncit^ ftTid cannot 1xi logjrdty acUid on. ft h ^vAU 
«vidt;nt, bowevt<r, that lifn la rtot a ^jw^^Ies of property, 
aiirl l)»iLf tlie l»w ironl*! nftvnr vindi^iU wiicldft on tfio 
.pica, that uno la tLuruby t>rdy dkwUo^'iEL^' at [rl'itouro 
fVhat JM <in>[i'8 (itvn. It m in nvp:ry vtow n w^nik^rtil aot, 
or at has:, ono withoLit Icj^nl pxcubo- Honc^ wlun i>no 
pvmrjii ajkM Hnutlior U> kill liim, th» law viijw* it a* 
nothifi;^ li'x^ tliftn ft miinlor, fur tiun hn.i nv) right to giv^ 
Bucb a cutiiiji.ind, aud Uit; othoi^ ouj^ht to Jj(i%^u kin^wn thg 
«4m«', and oaghtp not (a havn anted itpnn it,. In ALioh nn 
ovont, ho tbat i^ killed b doumod no suic^ido, but the 
kilter m (Unified A murderer. 

Again, two poraonfl Hoinetiiuos n^rco to kilj each other, 
and ono iTtAy m tlm result b^i kilU-d^and tbtr oth^r iioL 
In thiH <:V£iTit, it may bct^onic nccos^uiry to ivif^ortain in 
what poftitJvn thoy hUuiJ^ for ib may ufu*u bo dilllcult to 
doddr^ whrthpr onn who i» killed undrr .luch <iirciini* 
■tuicuK qomniiU Huioido, or la murdvrud by hh oon* 
frdnratA Thi!i quution nrill mainly turn on whc^tbnr 
tbo piirHon kiLlud by bin own huud nud coatrivatioo 
tontributf^d in a material decree Ut hi* own dontb, or 
wbothor UiQ inatoml part wad cuutrlbutod by lint 
partntn K^ch is coniidi?n.Hi tbt' luurdi-rur uf tho other, 
and if tbi? purpoju id only pzirUy t^xi^cutud, thiu in tho 
tuotiu^ uawbivh Uit^ mutual gutit ia jud^d. — 1 Patuiv 
aona Lib. Bubject, S'J'X 

A DK\r JunoG Fi.vma a fiAUc? rRiftoxoi. 

Sir John Hrndcmoa, of FoHdl, a uwloua Wbl^. hail 

long naiiKiriLtod Uio tiiikjlub civil OJUT^ \f^ Vv*>\k^\^ 

316 cuiuosjnxt ov uv mn uiinrTs&s. 

fntiti^:^ Tli^ir lorchhfM of thd Wich JiaiI OtlC« to fix 
Uic uuouul cf Humu ilucotk'D&ry j^cmUy Uuit bo IumI 
bkmmd. Lord K«k£prov«v th^ iwcy judgv at Ui&ttnBct 
began to glvo kia opinion In a v«^ low toEm, but lowl 
topugb to b« beanl by tbova nvxt hiin, U» U19 9/f^i that 
tbe fifift otigbt lo htt ihy ponntU ^ wbcii 8ir J<Aii, wttli 
bb UBtial ImpnidvEioa, bktwniptcd liim and b«eg«d Un 
lo raiM b&i Tolco, addlttg that ff Jndcva did not n^tuak ao 
aa to ba baanl, Uiay nii^hL aa walJ not uptfak ^t all. 
Loi^t &kffTnTf!, who <miM n^^v^r andnre any iui|i<itoiio9> 
uf bodJly inftrmiiy, naUd hU D«felllKHn^ 'What dow 
th« fvni>v «RT r' -< H-^ Mijit tliat, ifyoQ don't *pmk oni, 
yoq may u well h<^i your txmgao." "Ob. la thai 
what bo MVct Hy Ix-nJti. wbat I vrna layiiigg va>i 
vory ^nprLi; 1 waa only uyingg ibat in my linmbnU 
opanyiD* thi« &10 could not bo^M chan two hundr^ 
mikI tifty ponndi jHtrtliojcg "— -thui jratn b«d&7 roarad ont 
aa loudly a» bia old angry v(»eo ooaLd Unmm it— Oo<k- 
buTO'a Main., ISS. 

ftnnxo ur niic Dcrsxc* op M>iu(Ai»cruKii i^iji 

Kufus Oioa((^. tb« gtvui AiDotitvi admmtr, wna 
atTDn^v ^rvt«»d to undortakv th^ Ooftmoe of amao Timll, 

obarg^ wHIl thv munlirr of bM inistrna^ Aod b« was told 

tbftt tlw ftct Tfta dono wbSIe th<-- f>riBDii«r waa in m tft 
of aotananabvliaiB. Tbtj cTJilt'iKo at ikv9 tfiftl ab-^wTd 
tbatTimll, who vaaaniarH«diiiati, ««« aemin tb<?bouie 
wbera tb« decvaACil waa at nine o'clock al nXglit. 11i«n 
waa no ^>d«no«r whan h« left ; but iwm nonunc abont 
four o*«lock« i*tjtne itoe vaa avtAo by a bnry no^. aa of 
onnfAlUn^and ba1f-an-hoiirafi|cr«AniAfl iktub waAb^aj^l 
to iMTt uia biHisa. A groaA wan aho board, and aoon 
ih cry of 'fira" fnan on* of tb« ininalf& Tlw ftraman 
entered and pnl out tb? 6ro^ and fbnnd tbo priaanarV 
Biatrtn* fyinir. wrth brr throat cut and a raaor and b1o«d, 
c>n tbo brd ; tlirrc wfffti matfKfa on tbe *lniw bad, wbich 
ttaa tmKlv bunivd. Part of tbe priaanor'a appaivL vm 
founJ la tbia room. About five am. of tbo aane nofning 
Timrll c%lM at n ttabkf, *itb a wild a]i]>varai>oe,tayin^hD 
wanted a oimvirj'ai>(«aci be bad ^t inl'> trcmbl«, aixl tfiat 
MMnutiody bad comoiDtobiv room and trivd tomnnkrbink 

T' .a 


Tliero wAi Fitnjn;| prt^tidico agAinst Tirrvll; lut Cfi<.-r« 
being ^;oodcvU)cn(3eCiiftl he wa« subject U> fiteuf somuiim- 
bulUia kit hU iifv, aud to ai^l violently in «iich ^U, 
ChaMfi mr^^ a po^pe^ftl] dofenco^ nchiovin^ h\B most 
difn<:ult UvAik, c<jiidiiding tUuit: '* Und«r the iruu law of 
old Homo, it wflfl tlie cijatom to l>cstflTA civic wr^^th on 
him who navcd tin- !ifu of ft i^iiiatm. i)i> yv\ir duty this day, 
gentlemen, anrj j*-iii loo inny drjiervc tho civic crown." 

Tbo jury, A^li-r two hvnn' (Jdib^iatioik, gnve a vurJtot 
of ■' not guilty." 

Tt n.ppaaiihl frumeubMquotit facts tbat tha vordlot wu 

Junttcc Mauk, wbo wai n master of irnny» pronounced 
■rnUrn^^p for tii^jamy in a trarv! at Warwick, which w/l« tried 
boforo tliu divuit^L- litw wa* tilUrwd. The BenUince was na 
fbllowii: " 1*M rii 1 . ViHi lia.vp been ftinwictcd upon thu 

cIcoTOBt cvid'-Jii:^' .^l tUc uilmo of intommrrying with 
aootbor wouinn v^iiii lawful wife Wug eUII alive. Vou 
Sftv yourfii'atH wifVj Ul^^hor hoint^aad young t^hildpQnti>livo 
ID adultery willi anotli^r man, and that Ihu j.-i-uFiecution 
IH UQ iiLdtniuicut of por^ocution and i.'\torUon <>n t]ll^ part 
uf th« adultvivr Utf it MX I Hm Liuund ti? tell you, ho^- 
cvtrthal tliG*e ftvct* form no dcforxse. Kvt^ry Enj^lislmian 
ia bound to know that therois ai'om^y foi' uvery wroo^,', 
|«nd I KfjII UtW y^'^^ what you riisht to hav* done. You 
■bould, on hearing of your wifoe adullory. have coni' 
meJLOvd anartion A^rainht thci AMuci^i'.nnd ubtJiineiJ cuitnAf-l 
&DdwitnQ8^^>«o A^i to got substantial daiu^Sos against tho 
adiilt«r4r. Voinhoiild then haw aniploy«d aj>rE>cUjr and 
couriHcl in anothor nult in thn KfXiWia^tical ConrtJt, no da 
to ^ct a divorce tt ^)u:lf*dct Iq^o. Vou vhouM ntfxi havQ 
obtained a privnU: Act of VnrlJAmcnt to dis^ilvc your 
marring-. Vou niijcht say tliat theao prc'cci.'din;^A wVuId 
cmt jCIcJOO, nnd that you wore not worth jClCit), or £10. 
It umy be bo. The Uw hait. howifvor, nothing to do with 
that II^" vou liAd token the rij^ht ixiimc you would havo 
csoapt^J tli« [Wriouo uriuj** of inarryinj; another woman. 
The tn?nttini:e of thu Comt wJiich I Imvo to pronounce tvii 

thia miBCoiiduot U tliat you bo lin\>t\Ht>\XTA ^wi «« ftja^^i^ 

818 otiRiosmBa op law a»d i^wykhs, 


Wbw SUyK ilie UoHMA CutJioUc triutkcr. ono of Um 
P<itii«h Pk>t virtimji, nnm foati^ftuihr. S4^-Tojy^,4X J,,Lhiu 
■idarmod him " N nir jmi mij die a Kumiui i^ilhoJic, end 
whoB JtM tont to difr, i doubt vou witi t« foUDd ft 
priMi toa Th« matter, nunncr.ftnd oil the cinrututitAEicctt 
of th* c»M tnmkt it pUin- Yoii vahy h«rdcn >out hc«rb 
ui tau<h tui you will, cmfl lift op 3x>ar ejc«, but yon icgid 
Biwt««d of bointt »rrowFiil to be otstioAUb Ifatwccn 
tGod ml jour oocwdenee bo it« I Iiave notiiiiig to do 
vith thftt ; my dutj is <iuly U> pmnouncv ju JgtDunt vpoii 
JtM According to law. You hIiaII be dnwti to th« pUos 
|m oxccntiim, vbum yoti ihall b« houged bjr tho neck, 
i«iii down Alire. etc" Scio^;^ ftftrrw&rds^ bfWftiae Ihe 
pmcoer'n frk^dft mud maM for hin auul,urJcnO tlie body 
to bo Utktn ««it of tlip fcravv, uid tho <]UArt>-n fixed on 
ikt gAlM of the City, And cho boad un a ))ole aI 
Lmdou BdOgv. He wo* »i> |iroud of bb oxi>lLiit, thai 
h« eiwml mn account of ibo cue to bv piiblu1i«d bj 
W0i1ioEit)-.*^tftto THibls. 

Tbo Uw of itiiprlaonmcDt for d«bCh which exlAt«d to 

lua^ ID Kugliud, thtf luid of frvedoio, whorvb^ A endilor 

Etofomd pAjiovJiiof dobt by itniiriaontng hb dobtor for 

oiJhiail«d pcriodsvi* perha|)o ihomoNlimtlooftl thatewr 

«3ci»t^l ; t\tn th« ftncieni Uv, wkleb iiwdo tbo doblOf 

aUvoof thocTttdhcr, tar cxcrllod K f or bv coa^mltorf 

vie* th# nkvo might work "il hU dobr, ot Uwit m p«rt; 

Pt by th« other {irocMB IhiJi was »jB|tlv lEnpOfMiblfc 
■Aad to oontuKA ad uDwillin^ ilvlftur to pny W piiiiiUitoiff 
h» body, trikdcd only to exaf»|>rr«t(; him all the amm, 
Ihm law Hhould havo dirartcd iu wKolo uxior^oa towarda 
the comtittliiory n^mr^^ of tho dchtor'a iwoporty, if ho bad 
any, uhI if bo had oono, tJtca, by limiting- ibe imprixm* 
nant tmd ktepiikff acottc hold over bu futim- tcqtitsitiona. 

Ajid what matte ibo practko of iinikiiwibiiJtiu fur debt 
■till iDore BniKlftloua was the (oIaI wint of cant tAkcn 
by the law, or Uio lef^ibtuTc; of the hualthn morali^ or 
ivflBoaabk oovfurl v( tbo pruonen* Ibc cvoditor in aotna 

ASOtrt PUKiaUMBHTt, PB130NB&ft, ETC. 

cAMn tioilin^ tlflm in fiHxl t-> a .imtill extent only. Dobtflr* 
wurv coopud Uk« ruL*, rutlinij and nUu-vini;, tli« j>rvy of 
fever, liQn;;f?r, coli!, of tKa imnii>rftlity ty\' numln^m Hi'pjaly 
oruwilcJ, of tlio brutiilily. and tyrtumy, nrnl oit^irtiun of 
gooUnt. Siioli Vk mode of iv^\ rvdivs?, huwovf-^r, hul luog 
QonUuuod, fitid Miij^hl bflvu ooutinud for evur. so li[br ^ 
the law was coiii-'i-'iriO'l, hitJ it Tiot bco^i fmr Hoii'zud f,lie 

Iibiliiitliromat; ft laiui nJinudl divine^, and tht? f^b^iy of 
itii rttcu, Hif it w&H u'h'j dml L&ui*Lb Ibe tiuliuui tiiV 
duty of bum&Tiity toWArd§ ^ven the mo»t dff»titut« and 
degi«ded r>f buin^; and «liowod bow co debt waa ho 
§rt«t, no criin* wbiib oonlil W nam^d so f.-nl, tbat the 
gftiee of morcy eh<»uld bo wholly shut on mankind, 

Thv purpiwrfwn cruelty of iniprUotJnivut^ lor iloht wai 
i^CDLonstraiod In ITD*, wb«n a womaQ died Ln Di.^von 
•'At}i. afU^r fuity-tive yoAi%' iippiiaoniticint. f'r ci dbbl of 
£1!J, Aad when th>* Thalcbrd liouso Socirry wt to woric 
to raiiflom hcinfxflt dubtoiv bv |iaying th^ir i]«bU, tli^y, in 
twi^nty ycflra^ relcaaeJ I3,j?^u jit a cost of *jj» jh^t h^jui, 

ITowev^ spMioiiiM m&y be tlt'is rule, tbat aii Kng1is[|< 
nan'a houao H IiIh uubTe. it baa ii; prActii:e HomoLiincni 

noted ctut^ bailitra ba*! vioeii watobing^ day ^or day to 
j^et iiiBjdi^ a dulitur* liuntte, and at last tbvy hhw au 
upptr window opon. One of t)if^ bfllUfP* bron^lita laddi?r 
and put H up lo ih^ wliiilitvp, int^^ndln^ to ^ot into it, 
and fto roach tbo di^fitop, Tho dohtoi'i* (langhtor, diH- 
covering th* fttntta^^'sni, natiirsilly and dutifolly tnwd 
to hbut tbft window, cvnd a sr^itHu cn'^iiod^ during wbicb 
tho debtor himnrlf cnmo to bi^ mie^isUiiict', and a j^ano 
of glaui w*ji broken in tho storming pnicM*. Tbo bmJill 
tboh, ijvith much rtiady wit, muna^^ to nut hi« hand 
tbrtnigh (ho bi'okcii window mid touchod tUe doblor, 
■ayin^, "Yon aro my {in»>ncr," mid tbrtliwiLh deaccndftcl 
tijc liiddir, broke- opL'U ilie uuli^r dooi' of ih-^ hou%c, and 
Acixud bia dt^btor and <*uuvi^y&d him to ^a<>l^ Jo wjeu* 
hotd.m Ib38, by Lb^wJjud^b^ and iiJU'rwaids by ti^euioi'g 
oji appoal, tbat tli« bailiff vna <\xi'i{-« Hj-ht, and waa 
jii*it!fif'd In w'hftt bo did, nrnne i^f tite ^w^V^w ***^'S^^^tt. ^^" 



it wu proved tbat it wu ooi tlw Uilltfr who kod brokoi 
tW |«n« of f^M ; ftnd »c>, it havih^ l«en «ocjdMklAUy 
IjVDkcn^ h^ hui A Hvhi to 4vnil himaelf of Uie opeiUQg 
•ml ti> touch Ui» dabtot ; ikiiil » touch ooai*litul«d la 
tbo ^r» i>f Ui^ Uw « Ivgal And compku ftrrcM. 

Jloteovw, ibvu^^Li A twJlitr cannot brsak op^u Ui« omUr 
door of A dot'Uir'jt Iioii!m> in orHrr tn ftrrpiA Uiv IftU«r for 
d^bt^ 1m Easy by luiy trick. «ilr«!Afj«Dt» or fjilt^liood (17 
ti> gel inMiItfT ji^ATAtVily ; Anil whi^o on^ inflide bo mk 
tketi brf«k liifi way Into oil the inner door* uid room^ 
Or, if U)n bftilifr ho* on<>c tc^t in and \tctn foroiblj ti|:im«d 
uUh b« nmy ogAin brrAk hia wj\y htuk IaIo Uio lototiar. 
And thoUKfo Uic ULiIifT c&nnut hix^jkk open Uio dnbtot^e 
Awn kouae-, yet I16 inaT bruk op«fi the boni« of a Mrd 
]>anuD U} pi ihn debtor if be u Uionin, tJie only 
CDoditina in that cam bein^ thftt bcf<irc tho WlitTbmAka 
lh« outer do^r. ho moit fimt sUto htit oljovt utd roqtmt 

teaoTiftblD entry. Nay, it fteemB th« tAilid' nmy cvcoi 
rc«k into b tiuri ptinouA liouea* to MArcb for a debtor, 
if bv liAJi rvuctubw ground iu bvLicv^ tlmt the debtor 
ialliere; butthiHlangrfAt mk. for If tl« df^binr ia net 
tbtt«, tbfl bftrlilT iff A liv«pttAiWr. And ah oulboixo v/mt, 
bM not in tbo ciirtilftf;« of tbi.' dutil^r'a bousr, luAy t« 
btoki-n into to IaJlv turn, broAUH it i> £iO pttrt uf tUo 
CiAtl«^:i Pst«imou'ft Lib. S4ibj«ct, SUiS. 

A raitfcon* cAiJETiiru a joxv too pav. 

Mi:, WaIIod in bJi IUeolWct*un« of tbo UUUAnd Ciiwitt 
girM tbe folJowinft nporl A man wm triod At Nevt^ 
tH^f^*^ f<r MMjinv n I«ir of show. TLo cabo for 
liw p«MBOuti«n hftd doAed, uid tbo piiMfMr bdn^ 
WDdHlmdAf] by oourmL wm litUA nddrvA^d by tbo jad^ 
RATOn AldcFAon (wbo waa Uic only jod^ wbn nil«d In 
>«ick nn i^e-ffln» in ciio oye od nua ooeaaIoaw), *Nov, 
)in»n«r, u tlit time for you to i^y aoytbing in your 
dofcnccv Spcftk to tlkoac twcU'o {puUimctt id tbo box. 
WbAl b>vo you to My a« to Ukm tboei?" i*ruon«r. 
* My lord, I only took them by vAy of m jok&" J¥dgtk 
' W OAtt Aft A pnctml joke f " Pn9om^, " V«, loy Jora." 
Jv-dfft- " How Au- did yo«i Cftrry Utcm f " /'riiviwr (off 
lib fnuud). * A oiio «hL 4 bAlf. i^y lunL"* Jttdsfv (lo 

Lho,fury), "I tbiuk thnt*! carrying ujoku too (kr. Wbat 
do you aay. gentle oian ?" ForcnuLn (ofUr t^rMUiiiltm^ 
vritli Uiu olbtir jurymvii). "Uuilty, my l(?rd," Jud^t 
(to thepriBuntr). "Three months' imprieionmcntund hju\l 

A CLE1tOVllA>' ftECOllUEE<l>i:i> TO A PKE^ONBR, 

Lf-rrl BOc^v*. tht Scotch jn-l^, rarelv fiiilpcl to m^ha- 
Hm blloeeJf ilk pTonuunoing auiiioncoa of Jouth. It was 
Ibti&Ottt a fuAtt«r of fuj'di with him lu vuiihuIu Uiu {>riBouE<r 
by aa^nrin^' him that, " WhaW^vcr your religious ptn'^uo' 
§mn may ba. or tsv^x if, sui I snppose, yva hv v( no 
ptrvuiathon. at (ill, th^r* nrw plenty fil r«v*-r*nJ gf^iitl«men 
who will bo JuiOHt hftppy for to !^h*;w you ihv w&y to 
jAtornftl life." — f>)rkbijiiVft M^'m,, lilt. 

A who r|uitji hla fnuuclu too curly ia eoiiic^liTaM 
twitted with tho fnic of being hanged for leciving hi» 
llquftr. litco tlio ciodJlor of Buwtty. Tho .^'tory won, th&t 
thcro was oeicc n noted alchomr, called the "Gallows 
Houic." ciituAtocj hotwix^Ti tho city of Vnrk and tho local 
TyLuru whera malefactcim wcna lianip:d, nxtd wherv the 
convict ami hla friomirt alwoya pulled nji wjjj took ro- 
froibumut, A iH/Jdler. on his way to U? Iianift'J, imVub^ 
Lhu littitt re^lt?, fio that tfit- jTmrN^i^jou huntf-n'sd nn l-j 
iLu latJLl HpoU H^^ was nu ^ouuor uxt^i;utod tliatk n 
roprievo ftrnv^, tutil if liv li;^l hT^opj)V'.l tvt vm xiwui al 
0&Uow» Houw. aikd uuiu^uiiiud 4otii>j tiinu ajki lii^uoi' there, 
the reprieve wuul') hr^vn i^-H'^hiMl hini, Ami AAvekl h\» lifv. 

Then woaa ftimUar half-viiy hou^o at 81. Gito^V In 
London, «alj«d " St, GiKi*' B-wi/' whvn^ tlnj i;onviot hail 
A bowl of flb prracnUid to hiin a.q "hij* rofnvihing 
ijL thiij life/' 


^tuji a man wad inG<l at lliD Old BAiley for highway 
robbery, before Lord Chuf Jintioi^ Kith, who hjbd betfo 
v^ry ^i^ckvly iu Ljia youth, aiiJ kuvw votou vtC ^Kia 
coDipauions of tho prisoner, Uio ^udgst d.kV&^ Om ^-cvm^^r^^ 


what hiL'l bfconiif i^ Rich ai»t durli iwiwnu monUoMd. 
Hj? pri^ni^r re{>1pH : " Aii, tny tofd, tl^ajr Are ftll hAngmt 
l>ut /our U^nlihip aiul 1." 

A cRATKrTTT. rrrirr. 

O'OoDnell <Wfi,<itk*il s liigliwi^vnaui fr>r roUwry wmt 
^Ootfc, «nJ m&nA^^'t lo ^t a vonlk-i of a^juttuL A yt^T 
laAcrwftnlTi the •^xao priifontfr w&4 Iti Ui4 duck, diargvd 
,vnt1i tjui^luj, nt\i\ Jiccnrf') tlio KrviOM of 0*CoTindl, 
Vbo agata n bowU^JennJ tbo jurjge uid Jury. Uuit Uw 
pri«onor irn* nn^iiitl/^l TKp prvmnr *«onn aJW hUIii 
ft «ollicr brig, crvinn^ Along tl>Q o^o^t, oo'l Agmla Mtiortd 
LQtt)l «* cnun*<^lt vKci n^Riin oni b> the Mti^fncUofi of 
10 MUrtt t4iAl UiQ cntno was cv>tnniitt<^ nn tbo blgb 
K ubd to VM not wiUiJn Ih^jurihllrllim of tho court 
Ih^ |iH«>n'*r WON 0000 more ftc^niUcil. Th« priAnnor. 
(lill U^inl ooCKUOfli, nUftd hi4 liuida uid vyvk to 
iiliAvTn, nn'l ntid to (Vronndl, " <>h> miiy tbo Ijoiu lo^g 

Aootlior priiontf wlio ttaa -l^rc-ndr^l hy 0<7<iiiii«U, 
si»d waft aief^ulU«d of honc-at^mlin^, wju m elated, Uiii 
b« calI«J oat to hU cjMiaw], "^C)^, i^anjiflllor, I'n no 
way Anne to lliaalc your honour. 1 only wi«b I oiw 
knocked dvevn in >iitf men purM, wouSdn't J bring 
a faction lo tbo reacuA !" 

A iuiiuE AXD oiiaa cjunciBi!i> ar a DErsKp^KT. 

Homo Timlce liad Vfn Mit own cocmaeJ m tbo aotkin 
[brooglit a].nuna biia by Ur. Fox. fif llio oxpvnMa <j^ tlia 
Wiwtiniriu^rfJcctioii ftoUtioD, awl thuib^^n hit addrtoi 
to tho jury : "OantlamNi, tbara an h»re tliroe pariicEi 
to tinoi>iuii<Ier«d; yon. Mr. For, aoO tny»e1f. As Tor ikn 
jwlgu and the crivr, thoy aro mdc hen to |freaerr« onkr, 
and Utcy aro boUi vUl paid for thair troubia/' 


Jaaa Wmliam waa |ji«d b^ioro Ur JuihtM^a rowcU, at 
■Olonaeater, ca a diavgo of witcbmIL Tha wittMMsa Ibr 
proitcutioii tvora that Am coaU fly. Tha jotfji^a 
tboojAt )l btst to aak tbo prisonwa '^ Priwviar, ^n yv^ 


fly T " " Y«H, my loi'*].'* " W*ll. then, you inny ; tliotv ia 
10 Iftw s^ftinstn llyin^." Sho lo«t hvr rliatnctcr, but Uie 

|iid£0 woold not flilow liko J1J17 to find bor guilty, «vcn 
>y Jier own oonf^tiAioa 

Au Iribliruan W&0 c1in.r^i4 VMtrora n nin^^ialnita with 
maTTvlug flU wivea. TLo ma^lmt-^ askuJ liim low bo 
eoulj bu tfo hapJuii^ii & vill&iEi. '* Fk^aiW) yjuv vnjnhi^," 

id ilia prisoner^ "I wm trying,' to gf?t ^ffootl on^I" 

A*Mj**ntof ftT'Mit txpMi«noe, goinjf (he Oxford Circuit 
in tbo room rf Lr^nl Cbit'f Ju'*tico AI>botft, who waa 
nudicDly taken ill, a mftii cAtilully c-.mvicurd, licinjcAAkoil 
if ho UuA rinybbin^lcf tiny wuy WFitrcncc oi'duath sliouU 
nol l>u pai&ixl upon tiim* vxuUicucd, "^ Vcs^ 1 luvo boon 
tripd hcfam a Jttamfftntart JtultjG.'* 

A rnii^osaiL Acovtiim «r uavgktiouh nijOQincrfCB. 

Honry Iluntj thA fn rnoiiH dcran^ogiLc, hArini^ beei 

broncbt up to rcr^oive firmtencn upon a onit^'ictinn for 

molding JL ncdiUoun meetjjii^^ boi^^in lii« oddrcio in miti- 

bion of piinishmnnt by fiotiipUimnj of c/?rUin pflrson* 

rho hntl itt^cusmJ him ol' "htirriiii,' up tiiu p^'L»plo by 

danjjfcrinus eloqu^i^iL" Loivl [0!lpTil](inn.i^th, O. J. (in a 

very miUl tonoj, obiurvcJ, '" My imparliiihty *b a jud^'o 

onJU upon me to v%y. air, tlial, in ACt-aiing you of that, 

they do you grunt ipjuntioo-" 

TKM puihoxkk'h iyAl(rOrRK»FB<^-TTUTUKrAPeuCCaKSKCV. 

tliOrdCnnipbMlijiyii. " Jlooni^o hojird a judjca atfi^tolfotd 
conclndft an addrrjtn ut li pti^nni^r oonvictnd uf ultorin^ a 
furled oao |)oar4d note, nl\«r having j^oiutcd out- to bim 
the Mwrmity of th*i offl:ini?i-', and cxhoi'tcd him to pitpnru 
for ftnotiivr world : ' And I truj.t that thnjuRh tbo tin-rits 
And thomfuli/iUonof our BlofwiMl KodflRnipr, yjii uiay U^ifirt? 
(Xpsriuncu tliaL ln«r<:y ^' In 'h :i Hi].i i ■■;n\ ; !■■ f In- , rndU 0/ 
(All pftpcr currtrtcyf •<\ 1 !■■ < unu-y !■ iri'LiM m^^i ^*fc W^tb 
for hero/"— 2 Camp, Ck JJ.a, M%. 

924 cuEiosmBi of uw ixn Livrsas, 

BAMUBO ft muf roK rxAfliuvB sakl 

i«r WM tried At tli9 (H(l Builof , bftfotv Lord 
I, fornUalickg ID a dv«Uif)^lioDM to tti»T»]i»aof 

judn advbucl thtt jory to Gml a i^old trinket tbe lubjocL 

Attlik Um prosoentor oxcbittinc^with iadiipi^lMM, ' Uudor 
forty iliillnigMv ^T ^^^^ ^ ^hj* (1^ fiuhion ftlooo ccM tan 
tlun douUo thftt vua." Lont Uukhfialil vluUy 
^ofaMTTDd, " Ood forbid, Kcntioocn, UuU we ftliootd banit « 

A PAwnriR'A umuT isr iicmas ArrAiu, 

A J*w bftd l>e«a cood«ttiwd to b« liutgvd, tod wft« 
bhWiM to tha oUlov* aloiig witit & UWaw priiotict ; but 
«B tno roAd. bSbm riicTimg tbg jiUoo of oxwntiofi, % 

.|«pri«rfo Amvcd for thf^ Jcv, WHmi itnlhrnml at tht*, U 
vu «xMct«d tiMt bv would iiuiuiU; I«»r9 ib« caH ia 
wUcIt M m^ eoQvefM), but he rf^MJpoJ, and iaw 1u> 
feOov prbimer liAiiffGd. Beiag ivkod wby bo did not «i 

■CAoe ffo Abo^it bia bojiioau, he ■A*d« " IIo VA« mutiny to 
■eaif IwoMild bftraAiti with Ur. Retell tor the «u#r 

romirixa wim iud wivl 

Lord Cbkf Ju»t*oif VilliDot nid b« lia<d to tQ' a dam aI 
WAnrifk, vhich uwt «n indict«i«Al agunt ah iikukMii«r 
for pobouiug i^i&e of hU ciutotton with hb port wIm, 
by wUuh th<:>- hA>I OAfTDwly ncAp«d wttli tUr lirvt 
vbo abuJutoly prevAd tliAt tboro bAd Bvwr b*«o A drop 
of pmI port wino in ih« bogiluMui — 1 Ondock Uota, 93, 

nn itrnT cAJtmuii awat kt «t«pat«v ron riuHnviEA't 

pAtridt Hahij, th« AtaH-JcAO adwcAt^, aim! " ocstor of 
liAton,*' had to difotod A pruoosr diAi^^ with iminl«r of 
M toatpMQti dnriag tliA ni^t Tbo ^ntonaf* cbATAoUc 

ABoor ruitiKnuKKT^, ruraooncits, src. 

But, in a u-inX wh!tb la^tc^ fovjrloon liours, H^ury obtained 
vucb pou'LT ijvvr Xht jur>',hTJ(^ |iMttiUd wtiU Hucti pikUii^tic 
eotouni the|^«f AnddiHiaijof the ji^reTitAof tho j:>riBon«r 
suklDg of ute jury^ "Wliere h otji »on I uliat bavu }'ou 

pftreatA In th« end thi>y founH a ven!icrH<irin«n»l4r]gl>t«i' 

FHi8i>x^R*8 raiaSD biukqs a ke^ssage fji^jm tuk lord. 

Wbni Jfjbn Afliinh wn.* roriimittoii to (ri/vl fiir aodttion^ 
IL riici:k<^ of lits lULinod Lfbcy cAllod 4it Cbiaf Justice HoltV 
lifdiar-, in H^dfiird Ufjff,ftnil ^li'vxivd ti> h**p Iiim. Sm^mt, 
"• A[y loril is tinwpll tci-Oay^ oml ciinn*>t Hct* company." 
Jj»t\^ I'lioinmtily). " Aci]muiit yodi lumU'i Uint I must ice 
Itim^ for T Imn;^ a mi'*>W4»n. lo him iVrjin tbo J^nl Oiwl." 
TiK^ Chief JijhiJof bflving tpon iuroniiiMi <jf this, nrid 
havin;; ordftivri T^iwjr in jiml cirmnndcd hiabusinrin*. waji 
thmt tbtldrcNHjd : "X cciiuo in 3'mi a ]irophot from tlio 
Lord Uod, who IiOAJicnt mo to thco, Rtiii woiiUl have t!ico 
gmutaiu'E^flp^-iTitf^uC fbr John Atkintt, IlinKcrvunl, w1ic>oi 
ihou lant cTLit intii prihon.'" Jlolt, i\ J, '* Thou nrt a falfta 
pn^iphcl, un<i JL lyin^' knave. If the Lord Gud liiul ncnt 
Ihcu, it would Imvo titcn to tV* A|lonn?y-Ui*n<-ral, fur Ht 
knctwH thui' it bi'Ion^^tth not Uy tbr (Tiiuf Justici- to ^rwit 

It liitllo pivntifui; but J. au Chief Juqliu^, o;lu l^iuiI li 
warrant t/> commit tln^r* t(> btai" him 'v*tn]iany. ' TIiIh 
^'0:4 iuiu](*JiuU^Iy i1i>ai*, ujid buUi [iruphuta vmt^i vviivivUbd 
ftn<l puniah^d- 

pm^oNRiLs AKji Tirern trkattukst ts' pmsfix. 


^B Ui}Ui Ihi; liuK* i^r llowmd, tbu wuilJ cuimI liLLlw what 

H went on in firi^iii^, and Irft the prUoner very mudi to 

H th4< luvrcy ut thu t'l^^h^r. CtiiifllAntiiJ«. it is tni«, oniercKl 

H |)ffiftoni'i«i to Vir> tii^ntid with hiininnity^ thouj>b ^i^ilCy^ 

^L oud to bo kt<|it in vti^vliisom^ 1»Iao««; and ^^xtonjcn^in 

^r w«r0 riunijiliril with drnth, Tn ibi^ ^arlii>at linii*:« of 

^K Eiigltui law, ywy acrund thcfirotical princinliw exiJitotL 

^m At comiiiLin \a^ % ri^ht' to i^^/lrr^MJi v/nn aAinavi\a^/^^^ 

^M when n :i}irrilf or gnolcr pnined Wv4 ^nwfciet \ wm\ V^** 


great pftin co- dnnu ww Mulafced etpiUUy. And ii va« 
diwueil ail iudioUU« omo«« ai «oiaiMiD Uw f^ir it 

mm iu a dungeon viUtovl muw, fi>r tfi«r« oan b« uo 
prWra witiiin a piUon ; nttti Uio wiUN iif Un^ pn«4^>n, ifiioi 
li%h «noii|(h> iiiiisC bo insito higlor* nu-ltor tlinti ftlioir tkv 
lEiiolvc tf> cbiuLi or Iron tbvprwvnvr. U«&o^if » gaoler 
Inabed • pfHODor uiftQinkiify mod cMUod dvalb. b was 
M*^ guiltjK ■•' iourd«r, Cor i( wjtH not npcenwrj tbat auj 
mirotco sliotild bo given to prodaeo this otfi^t But, 
notwitkrtattdioff tbo Mkwt Bat iAct ofy Ul«>ri«^ th» prao- 
tifv in RngUniT, as rhcwiicmi, va* Uie worvt p4M«il4flL 
In n ixT&Ud that vlicn apri>oner wa*comtnJU4d 
to Uio Oatc-houw^ Writmiiiitcr, for libri, «nd hjul U^un 
loolud m tbrvo nlgbuia a room witliout cl^air or tabla. 
a MOi of £7 ISC' wa« dttnAixIcd Tor prrM^nt fvtn, Uiat 
b tc MJ, iS lo cxeuBfi him from wcaHr^ injta, tlM 
other ito(n» btiug for ciitmnco, trcc-kV kHli^iii;;, tboeU, 
guniiiK mnnry. fLXirl ft^r tanilery frrj^ Aad th« gaoltr 
practically oitiM pnfurci? Itu will in ikv uvmi tyta&aical 
uray. W^irn Ihc 1I(K2si* of CV»minoii*"l.'.>miiiiti**',in 17S8| 
iaauiwd iatoUtc »ubj(!ct.t!ii;y found ihot the Ummbscrow 
and torUira vera tijinl ftt tho plt&vure of Lbo ^aoJoT* and 
nrnrmimi 1>cforo trial were luadod with iroofl. oinco 
IIuukmI kid bniv |itij»ijn life, to tJio aKtoaktuacMt of 
laankind, prbuins hav^ >^ ^ ^rnt. \icvix crmtnamtivivly 
iQodeU oT fair and eoaiddaiU« litativuuL— 2 l^Untoim 
lib. Siibj<Mi, 'S^'X 

DocTOB'a corrincATE of £iu<ixc3it luyiirjt to Lin. 

A hightt-aymno niunc<l I^^llAml, who baJ boco oom- 
niitt«d for trul, and confined In Now^ku, vnt for hk 
Kdidtor, anil wiijitd yvy macb t^j haw hu trial put aff 
for a time, iic wUbcl to know how that couhl \m doMi 
'J1>e volidtor tUd tboro inuU b» a iMdml c«nJHoU« cot 
(ram on apotho&trv lliat tbo pnMiaerwaa tinvrll. TbU 
wia uwcrduj^y oltoiDod; utd ib» apothocarr, mUtr a 
anttablo fomutfiecinvntt proceeded ihitn: ''AimI thn 
d«|KiO0nt verily beUmib tliaC if tha atid JaniM Holland 
ih oUiftofl to tako liU trial at ibv ananing aoMom, ho 
will be in tJHmin^nt tittngfir a/ kit life /" On bearing 


" Virrily l>cJiGVcd nit ton!" Vul mid. thnt ncvorUial^HA, 
]jc oould not nJiow (ho tiial lo bo Turtlmr pohtfioiiuil, 

In the rci^ of Edwrt^■I III., the OhanrclW Acn«ired 
(hail Tiir.ihL iriip»i'tArit unO 'IrltCftie fiiiicLiijQ of n|r[xjiutii]£ 
Jn*t-ir!ffl of the Ppoci^ — a mngiMrrtry pcciiliftr Ia* tlio 
Britihh IhWb ; tho j'i<Ji»es havifiii & mouL extunaW^ 
crimiimf jiiiindib'tinn, lining gi^nfiriilly wiMionf, Ir*^*! 4*[|ti» 
ion, iiiic] flci'vin^ without nny ivmiinpT-rktion, oxccpt the 

iw*r and ean^ftuicnca whi^h thoy tl^^iivo iVvuj tli^ir 
offlco^l Oflmp. Chnncv 275. 


9ino« tbo iiwtitutioji uf JLiaLic'--^ uf tliv IVilci.*, in the 
roign of Eilwftrd IIL, iiuiiond ot the CunaLTviktor* of tho 
ftfftco formerly elucltjd by Uia jfyuplu, to thv LurJ Cliuu- 
cellftr I1&9 bvlungdiJ tl^e powor of appfinting nnil tviuorinf; 
tliiMii Uu'i;utchouL tUe kbgUom. U^u thiq mi^urtoi^l 
tin-l MkhU* »ubj<;ct Ko ^-.'rn'mlly t^kf* Ihi* n^ii'iL-u of tliu 
LorO Lmutunftot, or Cuafy* Jitittiluttnnt m vcicii cuuaty; 
but vf)wri any tstT'arjrJinttry ca»w amw, it ih ]n?^<3uty, atid 
\t\& pracUoo/to (wrl upon ijid own juJijmonl,— i Caui[>, 

or.RniOAt. jcm'kTK^ op Tirn prac^ 

Onu, Dr. Wiirrmi» tvu4 a (liviuv iu dp^ivif Jiiid |>rof[.<wfioiiL 
W^ fit<lili>m ill thu pulpit or ohurah. but a, •}[iHtic.i* (4' tUa 
Fttaov^ aii'J v^ry ptii^^tidlk'ul iii sti^iituj' buHiuoH^ " Well. 

Lftirrali/' Aity* ho; '*i^o ywir way»» I'll t^at'h voir law, I'lj 
warraiit you-'* " Sir/ 'tf^ya thu jvlauiwr, " 1 bad mLhor 
yonr wrtf»hj|i woulii IcnHi ti» 801U0 goHptl/'i^Crtuiii. 
Soc™ No. 5. 

4 JJEfiCftllTlOW UK JirATICCa OF TflK I'BACC IK 1740. 

Lonl ChanwIW TtarJwlckv waa much aniioyeil hy the 
atal« of vnHfi JuKtifvs gf tl»<* Tua^-o fur MUiJluaux ; aiitl 
with a vtfivr lo li.'^iHlji.ticiit, wan fitrkl^fliud with tUe fuUuw- 
iD£ accijimt gf ono or tw^ 



On« Sue, & jttfdio« TicAr WuipiTijt- t^it por^r bd ^ vtat- 
ifftlooii, lulvl;,' A |)TiM>iiL-r in iBo King's Bonc^ Ibr dvbip 

M>w- bkotkd ntiont in blmJ ftMoiUML for d«lrt, lkl.<4il 

Tc>w«r Hill &i;U VN'&|»|>iiig, 4ikil tik» ftAdftvlu nuar ihc- 
VictWliiJg offiocL 

WilJiJiin Uoifriii, Aon-irv-Uw to Bi^op AtbrrliUry, taktt 
>'uvV pviuftoDM of gvblng houio Aiid brothvlB, Xu roxuU 
their l]n». He vf^^ lately pTo««cul«*l for Uanri^'S ]om£ 
oat of Uiu |>af Juli UH>k, and waa tiiiiKL ftbd thu p«iM 
|i*id XS0I> iQ (>n:«i«iriJtitig him. 

Feriifnuido SpnogaJL uiotbor ju»tjca U an old d^ 
^i«udL>^) niftn (the aUocitie* an^ Uivq deecribed). 

Anlliony Wroth had rnincd hliDMilf by gVDiog; wm 
\tkUi\y a jirlnonor in the Klifot* for debu SiDiw he caMtt 
nut of pH«>n, ho opened a Ahop Ji^ IM Lion SUeel, 
Clerkmwttll, and Iota out ]«rt uf th<> hoiji« to a woman of 
ill fami^ — 1 L. Hflrdwick^'v Lifo l^< tlanin, SlJl. 

TUB JFnaa avp tkb iuuirr. 

Juptic« Bvllm-, at bijt Hrst ewJm town on tb« Oxford 
G&retalt, wm mvt by lui tmiiophUtiaiicd •beHfl', who 
bluntly 4l«niaiidDd of hiA li>nUbip (b«iDg mthvr under 
the inid<lln ntntiim) v'hi^thcr h«^ vnn a hand ^tU }n4^ 
(pronouncintf yi'i< aH iwe Hylkblir), w^ they had bm to 
omo fobbnd nlT witb MriiianU in lfc<Me tiarlA Whm 
MMind, tho HbvriiT took hut mat bcaido the jadgn^ A 

Kre »ovority being w^i on thnjudgcr'a conaienanoc, tlie 
riffexprmcd a frar i^at ho had done aoroeUiing 
Wtvng. Tbo jvdjps repltcd: "It ji c*ttainly aiEunat 
lUeUe on tlic» oocauon* for tbo shtiriEr to iAke hu 
frontitii; tl^o horxi^ uhUbi' (Ke put bij> band on 
tlwabenfraahcttartfd tap) "imlcm inrited by the judges 
aa I now invite you." 

On ai^oiher oocvion Ui« Mute Judjine, wht?n aitUng 
itU thfl oLmfT^ nAcr Um topie o^ tne weather had hrvn 

.hanalAsU »aA aflkcl wbelnor Iw lordabip bad at the 

bwit 4au£& town |-0De to am tbe eleplwit. The Jadp>, 
witli giml hnntour. anawervd : ' Wliy io^ Wr- Hij[h ^enfT^ 
I Muiot say tliAt I did, fur a llule djiUculty oocorred : 
wu UiUi eune into tlie town in f<jem, wilL Uie tmmpel 
Mundin^ More ib; and tliere wa4 a point of ceremony aa 
to whfch of HI ehoiihl viitit flrvU' 


ErnkiRCpin opposing the Si^itirmv MiwLiit;^ Bill in Tar* 
Unmotit, in Uvfi, snid ; " If the (lovcmnicnt nruolvc to 
rol> till? |M;(jplc of their n^'btf*, tlu» ^>oop|i! will ht.- juitiilod 
in reniflting such ^Jaiin;- npnivjuiiin. T vrWl nfcy 
And n^u'm. tliat it ib tbi^ ligbt of the ji(^ci[ilc to rt^^t n. 
(Jnvrrnment which fn^rdso" tyinnny. It ii cpiUvinly 
bold to scy IhiiL tli^i (ioo|>](> hnvo a ri^ht to rmiitt, and 
that thry ought to mfi; bnfc there uro ^oinr oocaaeotu 
which Tender the holdrjit Inn^n^ WRrrftnttt.Wr>, ' If 
the King's a?rvttntfii/ snid Lord ChAtliAm, 'will in>t twr* 
mit n confititotionn.1 qufslion to hn H^vii^ed nccurdTfi^ 
to thu ParTDTi and on thu pririciploa of the c*m*tiLuiiun, it 
miL<it then hu decided in *imc othci' mjinnrr ; tJid mt-hrr 
thun it Eibould hv ^ivon up— rftthcr thnn Ihht thv iiiLtitru 
tihnitid Hunv-ndcr their birthright tn n dnpiiUe mini4C«r. 
I hopu> my lordn^ old an 1 am, 1 aliall ti^v the ((Uoatioix 
Lroii^ht to iwu?, and fEvirly tricxl LcIwl>v» ttia pr-nple 
and the GDVornint^ut ! * Siin^Lioncd by th<: lU^TLlintLiita 
<jf thut vtjif3i'ifcl.ilr.' Bud illustrious mait, J uuLititAlti Ujat 
ilie |>foplfl of Ku^larid -^liduld defi^nd thc^ir liji^bLs, if 
rii!C(*3H&ry, by thi- lu^t uxtiTuiity to whii-'b ftV(.<Eue» can 
rj'flnrt For my cnvn part, 1 nhAll ii*vor ooiw^ to 
Htmggla ill BTijiport'of liberty. lu no fcituutioii will 1 
rfcwrl the rauhe. J wa» born a frMoruau, atid, hy Q^^\ 
rs1ia]|nevcrdlaaBUve!"~P&rl. Hihl 

In thr f *r1y-flrtcorttl ycftr of Eilwaiid TTT.^ while WilhAin 

of Wiekhftin wns CfhaTicellorj occurred tlio fimt in- 
■itani^ nf a ]iai'IJHr[ii<iit4iry iiripi.<Arhitimt. (JiiuiiiiA-t 
jmitfdioiion hiut bcon hcfiTtis cxorHscd by tliu liOfiln. hot 
not iiu tlic firoHocdliori uf tho UoininouA. Sir John Lea 
Wflj now impeftfihed by thi^ T#(*w<xr Huhw, far m^lpme- 
Ltcm whilu HtoWFiriJ nf tho hniuuliold, luid tho pnniflb- 
mont not oxli^Hiliu;,' fji lifi* f»r ineinhrr, the Chnnpfillor, 
UiJujfh tk ^r]f.tit. wn/i not >IiMiual)6ed from pnaldin^. 
Btfor^ tho eh-K^o «al ttie tetj^u the t'.miiiH^n!* prcfprrcd 
^ujpuui^htni^ntHAj^iiinAt many dolin^ucnU. for poliUeikl ai\d 
othpi' ofl'tncpH, ftud thp jnitctice of irapviui\rtii*iut ,*i***j;«**'^'pe?. 



U> \hv |>r«Atfnt fonirs of prociwling, uma fUUf etUUiahcU. 

rr itMTRK or ho%na cav ilrvriuk ita juDaxcrr. 

Lord LymlhDrits Siting on a Scr^ch ApfvcftJ. uud th^l 
iho Uouko of Ixirds like adjt othur (xnirt, iiit^tit roTviw 
iU own jw^mrnU. Lord Cluincdlar Droti^ham, hoir- 
ever, oltt«rvvtJ, "TLaI ^^vwcr gnly bdonga io Jabrior 
i:«iutt%Anid Ibc mont wnotm (Vkhw<)iii*nnni would follow 
if it ir«n oMUiiifHl by tliu the court of J^rm'rr ranort." 
Lotd O^iPpljcU ot^rrvc*, " In liutb, a |>ou'rr of mnrmiw 
iU jiuJgiw^tA oJW they bavG Leon vulniunty n>cordc3 
doci not IkUoik to any «oUflf bi^fj ur Zov, mnu a ■oUnui 
jadgmcBt of tltc IIoum of l^ufdn, alter Ujc tcnninatitiak of 
ills ■Muoii in Mbich it bai l>oai prutu'uaccd, could only 
bo revcrwd hy A«4 of riuiiuii«nL 

corn THBftATnriyo to oouvir tbk BrsAXO. 

When t|j« limi'tiUfl %M to |«rii«iiiciitAiy ^nrilc^. uis* 
iaj; uoi uf iL« A; ]i:»b«Ty cawe, in 170^, divided tbo two 
Homely ADd Holt, 4 hi^f Jii^iicr, wm thouKtil to Iw tbe 
diuiiiiiou of Uic iiuuu; uf LjjtU, K niuty wm circulated 
th^ the HouMi of Cvtiiriiontf ordered the Sprnkrr, witb 
hiH n>U4 »ud fuU'buttcmcd wif. to enter tt»v Cuurt of 
f^ecn*s Ittnch and vutuintin Uie Ohitf Ju»lice to Uic l«r, 
10 UAwi^r for Im nini«i]>|]t^ whep&oo Uie Cldef Justice 
wiid ivjiuttvd Ui have b«kl ibuf ; '^ Uu Lack to 3 <jur ctiair, 
Uf.SpOAki.-r, wilhin ttfuw fiv«fniTiul», or yciU tiiay du|>«ad 
tiyy^m IC I will by jt-uu by tJi-j hvvJa in NtMii^mt^, Ytm 
•pwk of jour anuoritr, but I teU you Uiat 1 ta\ h^n u 
an IntmiEvUr of ibclava and a dktribuiv of Juatk«, 
Aod >f tJia wbii^lu TfouhC vf CoiuEnuu* w«re id rour boUy, 
i woijldnotbtjrafooi." \VhvrfiuiK*nthuS|>ittlECT^uait^ 
xitd iiuivtJy lutitvd. 

Tlivto was not & word of tnitli In liua po^itar Mory, 
ihoQgli iko Uou* of CoMw>na had ouvmittad tjCt 
oounad cdgagod in tbo tua, Tho Qurcit put an oad Io 
iIm feJMttkiD M ParliaasttDtt in ofd«r io gai out of Ilia 
difficultly in wl»idi lb« H<aiM4 w«rv mvotring Ihen^ 

r^^ ABOUT rUKIRIlUEKTS, PaiSOifEltS^ SK. 331 
Whoi the House of l^caiU look oflcnco ti Lord Chio.f 
Juaticc Hdt having decided n. (|i]<fnUoQ \a UU aonvt whldi 
Uie iluuH? tliQUght interfered witli piivilcye, and sum- 
nioni^d him to nttrnd thf HAHHeiuid be intCTn ^nti'd , hn 
itfuiicd for the fuUnwing (jniuiidm " i ftc^knDwliiJgo 
H thiit I fj/LVc thn juflijiiwintv fi.rL'1 1 gJivc it [i^oording tmny 
H wtiiL^ic^iLCQ, We aru truuUxt with tlie law : vf^ mv U> bo 
H protptlwj and not arrftignod ; wt are not to give the 
H ii'iuonti for mir judgmt-rit in xhia (bshiitn, and Uturtifons 
H I Jwirr? to bij cxcLi^ud ^ivin^ any. Vuur lunlihipi 
constitute the hi^'hcat i^imit knt/wn in thia king<^lon), 
Iwfot^' wliH'lt uli judgmi-ijts may ba LrLru^ht* oad your 

Ilord^liip-i may &tl^riii r>r rvvi^nw Uiom aa nt'uin^s you good, 
X wid my bioL W juiltiL'BH in^L'urdiii^ lo iuiiuemornd usJWfe, 
hurt fk hiimitkt*i-t4 to Attend m thin Honvf cf/. cimr\dMditm* 
Yout lorJaliipH lave <m undoubted riglit l^ aak otjp 
opinion, with our rfsuims. un ariy ifuesHon nf Inv 
wlitcli ooinoy before your loidHluits in it.v- JiTnf/HV^v*, and 
if your lordKlii|m utik my ctpihton u|K>ti it, [ wilf rnottii 
willio^'ly render the rwtftoiH which itidjce:il mo, aoctini* 
iTk^ t<.i jijy <.'iirii4ck'Ufi*p lo |{ivv juil^iuvtit fur tljL> privuuur. 
I ilid think myH*lf not Vwiund by kw to Annwor tho 
quifetlons put to me. What a jnd^o duea lioouKtly, iti 
o|>fiTi pouit, 111? is not to W avrai-jni^irfor." 
Tho Hou4o ihvn Lnfonnod him that tho quo&tlonifl 

atskijd liim ivulw not iulk^udrd tu HVcm»(.' ; but tlitf ji'dgu 
An^swfircd : "Be^ldoa tho danger of acciihin^ my^^lf, [ 

nn^wjT the questions propounded to inc.' 

Tli» lb>tj0ti<lr\>pp»d tbu matter, ami ilio Chief Ju^ticvH 
pftpuUHly wwi greatly inoti>ae«d l>y IhU condiictt 

ri'5Ll£l]|MJ rAEIUAllUKTAItV P\l-&1Ifl WmCIl AHU 

Uuw fkr A parliamtntAry pajior, Oi4b h to aay, a 
ducuiiLcjnt ■ubtEiittu'i iu tliu X*LLi-liaiimJit, und ocdvrt^.! tu 
be priiitod t\j\d publiFdi«[E fi:ir thv ptiblk' tioiR'lit, tnHV bo 
publidliod wiih iinpimiiy by etmn 'uto, th<ju;;li thu t^u- 
t<.'iktd m^iy bv Ubv^iloiiH to iikdiviUuafs, ^ui^ <^u\wA Cu:^^^ 



« oenJIIet bciwMn tboio ufl tfio ?ftr]i4nHn( Dunn; 
thii controveriiy th«t arow out «r Uie om» of Scoc^datv, 
wbicb lj^ tlifr flilfnct ef iJkakiDg Pft/lisokAni anil th* 
'«0«t« of Iaw inkc up oppoAU sidctf, asd to ad m If 
tiiO^,ir«nt |>TOpaniii;r uir »xtr«mili««, aUI«Ain«n u wvJl «• 
kwytf* were divided u to tho correct viow. Oco p*rtjr 
■rgod CLc cDimnitlal of tL« JndgVAi a(»l tliftt nolbing 
lihort of that ooEino noiitd urmitMU« tho iwiP. Tbo 
otiwr pBi'ty ciJfttidiTittljr pffixlicud du^raco and kia of 
liOfkulanl^' U3 il(«^ lloiiu of CkotiinoiM, if amr «iitih cemM 
were rriK^tvd to. Xbo fnkjvct waa tliOTDtuhij 'lisaiMd, 
and aJl*T many HiictoAtlr^ta^ the ha|)pj tnou^bt at lant 
vaa aagifPAUd and adci-pud of pAWDg a KlatsU, vbkh 
liad the cHocI of putlui|c *ii tnd to l\w apjiarent maHicL 
PcttibcTton, In counc of the dcbntca. fnainlaiiwil that 
tbc cou^ of lav were the lupenof powr lu ludi ■ 
conriict. And Sullen ur^cd that tbc IIckim) oi Cota- 
n>uw ociuld Dut «i>[i}init llm judge>i,o«riux to tJic dvifmcu 
•imJi a atffi would invulvc. Tba diviiinn of Apinton 
Lttwi'cn thv lllata^lnrEL vid lawjera then in I'ortiauitQt 

■CMiJcd to tv A* fullovr*. Ud the Bide of J^aiiimiictii : 

IWL l»nl J> KiiKM-l), Palniomtun, Lord SUnluy. Ijird 
llo»iik. C>i)>«|>Wir, Kolfr, Wildr, KoUeit, UaUtntston, 
O'ConTicU, Hunio. In favour of tbe oourUt of Tavr; 
Penbv^tvD, Sci^doi^ GouIUirn. fJladjilutiv. l>itfaoU, 
BkoQghaait. On lome of tin* minor inndrntA ooa or 
two 5 tbua ooouirunially cluuif^-^ oiOcK 


In 17S0, ffOTorrttnent bcin$c bani preued upon Ibo 
occaMtin of Lord Sbcltume^a motion, for an mUraa to 
hn Mti^mty, )itayia|[ to be iufonncd " by whoac adric* 
Ilia Uarquia of Omciartb^n anil Uiv K^rl of Pfmbcobv 
'liad bean dbmbved freia t)ie o41kt* of Lord Lfi^ottfoant. 
by naAoa of their conduct in Ivi^i&vni ' tbc LurO 
Fnaident of tlj« conncil, Loid Bathural, il«cUn:d. "ba 
fxnild wr witb iTotb, tJiat Atttr uj>u'ardH of thirty 
r*ar«' imhlie acrvJcc. be did not know that be had sver 
umAt nn Mivmy, or given just caiuv of olfrucv, to any 


public cbamiv'tvt' Iw htA tilled; ho UiMUpprovod of ixt' 
roovln^f prTVms i'utm tlwir a]t|jointniGuU nndar tlte 
Crowu, exuupt IW miMuutluct ur iEiW[)ai:it>' : bat ho 
tbougtit tlie pmucit tjiutj^^n hi-^My objc^ctioiinLile, a^ it 
vrtiUl lo i]klivn<rh iipou t,bi> KLii^'k prtM-o^iiti vo of diocHinf; 
lutt owD i(jrvaiiL-L TIiik. Iikv oUivr piHriji^utEVua. i[LL;;h^ 
be ftbufiod, but iL wau uooOi^aary fur ihi^ publtc ^'>*=iil; 
ud tllurv ^'HH uo pt'vtr^ncu f^t BHvin^ UiJtt jt, Lii^d Wou 
AbuSrd in Ih*^ nn^Ki^iit inst&Dce^ aa bhcr^ wm nothin^^ 
tu dittLlrk^'uidh uu> tieuiov^ wliIuU furuit^d ihe &ubja(<t 
of tUf* [irum^ni JijViAl.n fnim a iMjiitinnr-l fttr*Atii f>f prt- 
coJente BJuo(% the rijx'uJutioD, dowa to thd prvfionc day." 

Tbfl CAW of Juniu»' I^^Uer b? tbo Kiii^, in wblcb, ajt 
ihQ Altornfiy-QortOfal urged, overy bjkil quallLy woa 
iinput«<l to Ibi^ Kii)^. &ud uvery ^ui>d ijutility ^j» dt-uiod 
to him. wfw Ar fttriltmg cjcfmiplo of ibo diffli:*i]ry -ff foru- 
fttia^ bow jurluM mt^ht doaj with cu'cuuk^lancu?) tiUfipOfted 
tA bft »o niMir ibn ifividing Iido brTtHrAi>n Uvrfiil puNl^ 
coumiQiLt ukd it.-ditiouv oxcwM, In th« ^n»t of sevenl 
tifUl* fi"'r piiMiahins; thftt mrmonihlft letter, tYn> juty 
futtnit tb^ publiahi^ t^uilLy. In thm two other triAb 
tbr tho AAiiii^ ptibborLUon, thi:i ju^yi &ftet doliboiatini^ 
«ovcn and ti^n boun: respectively, gavo a verdict in 
Invourortbtf publiahcnoE'iX'-il guilty, riiouUxer pT\>iccu- 
tinTiH in TTApooi of tbo ^uitnt^ Jihol wrn^ tbcji abiuiilonod 
by tbu advisvrti of tbv LVuwn witliciut ik ttml, as nol 
likrly to bo Bucccwiful— Pfttri'ion's Lib, Prnti, 00, 

^lourr BAyBi tbftl Lord liruugbEim uthxI to ubdcrw Uiikt 
JuttRi^WfLt timdi oviM^'Atrd. A lilturi^ ^orrcihtorAtion of 
KrniiciB b4?iu^' tlio autbyr was. that Franuis luado a 
Bptntdidly buuud copy uf Juniun liitf Fir?t prwcnt to liu 
wir»> OQ tholr laarnago, Brougboai wfm pn;H<;iil whtin 
lEot^n tuikud Knudfl if bo wtuc ibtj iiuibui' of Juuiim, 
thua, "There b a quovtUu, Sir Pbilip, wbidi I ttb^uld 
luuuh lik* U» iVfk, jf yoii wdl ulluw tui/." " Yuu bwl 
bottlir not, sir," anaworoft Kmncut ; " you mny bnvo twuoD 
to bo «oir^ fv>r it." Urvugliaiu j^iid ho 4l»o ojioo Jukod 
Fnuicifl if It >irnA ridi(!u1oiLM to itiippoi^ \Xut.liW ^^ ^^ "ccai^iX 




bo (be author "Why, lir/" v^'tod FajKiM, "K Uu 
vorM It HMrmine'l to iiiJik« m^ out wach a mffitn, I 
can't h^lp ibum/* Bri]U|Eli>Ln> >&i<l tWt PnndA imvct 
ftrtuaJlj (ImifHl lT?i> fliu^, but At all Umeiv in a iori 
of an^fry vaj*, evaded it. 

Burkr. at fitsL« waji <li]q»M4l tnBlijfbt Eralcino. Wbcn 
IdI(! of ECfskioa'a opinion about an itnnoachmont t^^ltng 
npon iho diaa»lutioDorParluLiiicnt: "What/' mid Buffalo 
"a lUM priu« lawyer ^v«&it opinion on aiiiinp«acblBlot] 
Aa well iiuj*ht a rabbit, tb&l bn^cdi dftj ttmiw a nw; 
'|iTctuDd to undt^ntiuil tbo goMlatjun ol~ an oLcpbaot 

Emkinn oooe foUovaJ Ur. Foot in a km^ ifkOitcH. 
nti lakL " TliL> If4m(^t gunti«iuan lian rillowod hia rjgbt 
tboDmirabld 1«aid«^ ratmin;; ^^'^X ^"^ 'i"^ ''^ ^** aigu- 
fvicni an], oa uiud, aU«iiu«tii^ it aa be irtiflH." 


Pitt, tli« Prime Mbiutcr, irvVk^itly Entoitdii^ to reply 
to Knkin«, i«al witb pen uul pa|icr in hia band, prcftarad 
ti>mtch tlioargQiDtfntsortUifl foimidabta advertwy. He 
«rot« A woi\l c«^ in>. £nikina prooeedcd; t-ui vitb 
Gvcty additional wntcuoe, Pilt'a aUcnllon to tbe paptf 
rvUzcd, LLa Iwik bccauiu luore carikn^ aod ba obvkiiulr 
bigput to tliink tha orator Ims a^d i&m woiibf of u 
rMiantioQ. At lungtli, wbUo avtrj oj-e to tba Huiue via 
iieed ujion hiai, h<-, wiih a cootfliaptiioa^ untie, daabed 
pea thi>3vgb tliv iiapar aikd fliaag tbMa on Uia floor* 
RrHkm«i neivir ryr^vr^rTxl fVoca tbia exp«v«»ion of dmULa ; 
bis roioa Ulerod, bo sUv^cd tbrongb tbo raoialBdcr 
of bin jipaoeb, and nank into hia aeat, dnpiritad aad 
.iboni or hia ftani. Pitt, it aecfn^ had liooa oaco in a 
w ith Kmkinv, at Waitmitmtor, and attondfd a con- 
KnJiinn vm the kindmc of l*«UrH,aiid tha 
ganUa an<l vncourafiiig to jmuora ; but, wmMy, 
aa«n« of liii va^rioa had oflondtd Iha prtt^Ufl and Mriova 
young AciUcMaD; wlinv perhapn, Ml aocamrbat of tho 
alarm that tho clienta of a fr^rMit advocata IeoJ on 
aUonding a Doosultatioa oo tbcar omo. OcrUin it i% 



iU*t ?Ltt n«ver justly apprcdnUtl lli&t jtlii>irinu< uian, 
untl aiwayft Loi^k a jikasurc in mortifying him in the 
Hi>u»\ — G Comp, Chatio., 417. 


Mr. MOTioQ, obiuf juxUco of Chontor* a barnj^or of 

«oi]ie «niiijgiiut?, hiippi?u?J. in Ibo cou-rw of n cpoDch in 
Uio House of OorninoTifl, to iixtn>Jut:o llic wi>i4s, " Kin^, 
Lt^rda, aud Commoiw;" to wMcU Iw ajldud, with bt^ 
glancu fixfsd poinf^^dly on Pitt [tbo lirst.J, " or, ojt tlii? ri;^ht 
noiL'jurablt) t^etitli^uiari woula call tbcni. 'Commuua, 
Lords; jvnJ kinf*, " Avion ndvi at 1i» bjIdnt-H, t'Jtt i)^ 
llWal^ly foa6 fmm hia Boant and cnlK-d Ixtru u» oriler. " I 
havi> fu<fii]i*utly/' 3ip naid, *' hoartl in this Hr^nvv docttinv^ 
which have Auriicintid taa; but now my blood nioa cold, 
1 ditJjiio ih^ vijT\la oC tb» liunmititblu mouibur may b^ 
taken down.** TI16 dt^rk* of thfi Hoiiai^ having taken 
tb«[u down ; " Brloff tbuui tij iiti» I " be said, in a vom oi 
bhiinrtor Moitoo, by tbiw tiiH<\ app'^aih to hftv« been 
frlghtonod out of Ids ^uniivn* arjd bt^i-an to Eftammer out 

bin fl,jji.h?i>^iw. He rj)»*JtPLl^ IIULIhiii,', Fjw said; Jtidued W 

meant doUlIji^. PJtt aank hie voico almost to a wbbpor, 
'' 1 do not winb/'hy »*id, "to jjuhb tiR' maltyr further,* 
Then awHiming ft Inndcr ton^i of voi«n, hr* vUhd, "Tho 
mpnicot a man nckni.>wledg«iM IiIn «ni^, bm c^^af^w. to ba 
^lilty. I havft a grrjit, rpsard for tho honourable 
in«niW, aad w«n infltftnco o? tbut ni;;jnrd;' (buro Cixinj 
a. witbrring look at Morton), " whr^n thnt mcmbDr tncftiis 
notbin?, I rocoainumd him to «ay iwibing." — 1 Juaifra 
Oca fir, Ui 


Eraklne, is a spe«ch In tbe Guuimj of C^miauuK, ouou 
obfiervDd in pAMin^, that lawjrera waro not at homo in 
tliat HouMo, llurk« retorted iq a tono of tnumpb, tliftt 
tboy only pxomwd thrmficlvf.-i t'htn i» hkirrni*bin[^ witb 
ibe rightft of tbo CoiniaoiiM, with wbiHi in tbu utiier 
^oN^o thny mfiant t/> carry fm n. vfAv; all lb'*y finnld 
afford W givo imujiljvrv tbcro xirojt a eoit <tf C^svhxX^^ 
^^wofi)(lAW,aAda lawmtnoi-univycnatVuinu '^ \\b\i<^LW'«^ 

336 cCBTosrmui of law msd lawntas. 

llMy wen fxrt ftt lK>Tn« Uivi*. Uicy wvre ljani« of a dU'* 
furvnt rMilkrr. sml only [H^rrliod in l^i ITuino on ihw 
fli|^1it to UkoUier ; only n«ttiu- iMr tender pinionH tfaprr 
Tot a wLilu, jr«t «vvr dultonuj- to b* goow tu Ui« rB^iua 
of «iroiMtL Like tko Hib«mi&n In tfae >kir>, ih^y emd 
noi bow Boon th^ rouiulorvl. ber^uM tbt*T were obljr 
yMtanpn; tiwtr b«t bower ancbor wu alvajr^ cut in 
tbA Ho«i« of Lord*." 

WImoi ^r Edwmrd St^dgtn nlooA m ft <«euIicUUi (or 
WojrttOQLb. in Um Hovm of Cocnraoo\ Jl vu u*ocl ■■ 
ft Cftunt ttkftt bo WM notbing but • bftib«r'» boo. Unce in 
hit ifMOdi, ib« t&unt bttinff ssaict throwii out, b* ax- 
ekivMt 'Y«*t it tA irvo ^bftl I ^tik* l>*rb«r> mm, bat 
llunb llii* dift^rvno? botwocn lao wul UM»MiilciDnD who 
mado this rosufk; tbat Lboagh 1 wb« ft cubcr** «on, I 
ItATO ri*cn Ui be ft b&rriatiir, whereftjt if he lied boen m 
barbnr'h ton, ho would bavo romunod « b«rbcc« eun all 
Jiu htcT 

TLAiy jonsr cAxrvBLL <tis tui srvrrwiH. 

Lord CuniibcU. Uieo Sir Jobn C^wpbdl ift«ttdiiig on 
Uw hmllii^ AddnMing the «l«otora of Edinburgb, In 
18M, b«0u: "OmJeowEX. doolon oT Edbbank umI 
fellow ftQuotfrmen. here ie pUin John OeiOfifaiSI befis« 
jro« AM A cAnisidAto for iho bhgb honour of your aaffiifNi, 
Jrc < . , J neiMt eey thet I ilttnk it nOligr berd on me 
to my, thtit if I \im bc^n mordy pkia John Cempboll 
i Biwbi UftT* Wn irled^l, ftnd Uiet All ho[>«A o( niy 
AiibBwi bcintf oowni^ with euceeM nurt be for ever 
cxtinguiilied by Ibe cminonco to which I liAve had the 
good foftime to AUAJn.'' 

Tb«rt) WAi AAnLbcr «ouned who inHLftlod on beugt 
celled ''pUin,** ftA^rbdng Ajedce. Whrn iaed« a jni^e. 
John UcAlh tnu frequently inntcd to efcqii a knifCAt- 
bood, but be neoktteljr nrfiMed ; And mit*\ bi> would live 
and die " ikUin John U«eli}." And en adfiiimble j«df[« be 
wAh Aid by bia cuntccnipoTAiifA to be. llu wdA the ttnc 
'Judf AftpJitaod by Lurd Tburlow, in 1771L 

ABttvr niKUiiiMKxns, nusoxaa*, stc. 337 

Lord OumTuiflnioDor WhU<*lw!k, during the Ci^mnioii* 

hftd mflilo a. luotiuii, " th^l ull ta\^ yL^m sliuutii ha cocduiJud 
from }*nrliATnout^ or At any nLtf?. vliiJu thi?y Ait in I'&rlU' 
iDcnt,tbvybi1iouUilidOt>nlULUu thuii'pmottau;" lutrodudng 
hi* tDoUuii with n violent inverUvi? &c^iiiftL thu cuiiduut 
<ir Uw)^i:*ra, botlj la aiilL out of ttio Houdo, anfl biding 
pmiU-ulvly M<v(^rv tipou tli«ir louuHcity iu bihilU (TAavti. 
and t1i<?irHikric») wh4.*u tbe 1ive§ or thoir rli'iiti wl-^t^ &t 
■taku- Wliitv*1uL^k »ibov«d thftt tli9iiiu1ti|ilioLtv of suild 
iti Kn^tuTid did ui>t ariwi fh>m the ovil &rli of lAwrers, 
but fitmi the gr^iktneaa of our trdde. tlii? amuunL of our 
wpflltb, th? nikmber of our n>ntrA<^t>, thif piiwi*r j^iveu to 
every man to ^iiapoeo of hU propciiy m bo plcaatsa hy 
wtU, aud III* eqiiAl fti-iHlciin nmimv; i>h» by wliiHi h11 4ire 
ontitldd to vindicftto tboir i-ipht^ by an nnprjtl li^ a court 
of jiiatioa- He Kbowi^l tbjit tbt: hUvtik^o of coiJDfli>lkii-^ on 
i-ApitAl muv WAA the fault f^f ihn Inw, whit^h ki^pt rJ^^rik 
silent; And ho ingctiuoufily ijonfviucLl that ht> coliM n'>t 
ftni^wnr tbnt nhJci^tUiit, tbjut n m;in for a trfia|kAit4 to tbe 
value of Hixiicnoc, may liiLVQAComjiolIor to plcful for him; 
but tbftt. wbcTc life und posterity wftro conttjmRd,hft wa* 
(l.ibArrRd of tbivt privilo;:**, SVI^at waaiiiid in vindication 
or vxcuKc^ of that cn*toiiiH tbxkt tbe jud(C« w«ro iMuriiol 
frti' tbfi pri*i^ni*r. hftd III' wt^ij-bl iii it ; for wtm thny not 
to take tbu lUUiie KiiT\^ uf zitl caiiivo tlmt sbciuld bu tned 
Wforv tlium r A ri:form of lhn.1 (li.ficl bo allou'<^) wouli] 
1>c jUBt^ Hv tljL'iL ihou-vd tbo ^tvdt iitfrvict's uf lawyomin 
I'nfltnmcnt, inhtnTicin^ Sir Kd^vafd Ookt^ wttb wbom ho 
bimaelf bad bad tliu bonourtuu^ oii^rato m tbe b^i^nmng 
of tbe Ijtti* rei^^ii^ urirl who hft<l rrtnivT " the tVUtion ih' 
]U>*lit/' end tbo cx^-rlioim cif St« Jr^bn, WitdL', end otbura 
m the rem^fit hLi-ii;:jj>lB>H, Hi; Itkt^ivihu pi.iiu[(.MJ out Uio 
opprtaaive JaWH pcb»^ed tk% iho Pavliam^nl\iin ] ndoctarn. 
from vhieh lewyuni wuiv nicbidud. " Av Lo lbi< »uix.>iiAm* 
t»i tbe Iftwyci^ for not fighting, he do^'-iecd that tb(! govn 
tlid neither ftbat^ a inmi'ii coiirn^ or hifi wi^dotii. »or 
rdfkdfr biin li!«i ciipjiblfi of iwin;j a iiword wW.ih vWXbj** 
vore wknt, Witnfi»s tbo groat mrr\cftft ^rt^vwA ^^l 


aomoarrmn of liw and tinrmiL 

LicuUnAiit^Ivneral J<ini.v4, aniJ CDTnmbMry Irel«ai, Mid 
RMQV L^tLirr U^jnr% who. ^LiltJng oOTtkoii' b-^wiwirlMQ 
tfao Puliftxuo&l raidirvl ib,hnil «^rvcd Hoally iui4 md- 

«nil A> srvftt liankbipa ftiu) itaiJ^«ti>. A* Ui« biotiounbl* 
(wUiunftik ttbobftd so ntiMh nDS^rnAluiil ihttm^ WiUi 
rwi)«ot to Um pnopoul for Dompvllinie Uu^rni to ■■•pvid 
tbciT pnctioo vhllo ih«y «At in P^rliaQ^mi, ho only 
imum IW m tZi« AH fvr tlukt imrjio#% it U provjdwL 
IbftA tnovftlumM id^niild fiwb«ftr liwir tf*dm^ pnyvkuM 
frocn vicitiiig thoir {m^caiU, nntl oHintij ifoetUiiwci from 
wU]Ctfth««r com or wool, tthiln thftf wcrtt nMnbtfra oT 
thftt HoDv." Ho wan loodJj' appJaudod, umI the mntka 
yrt» willed rmwn. 

L4»rd Campbell myii tbot "olthnagli on tbo m« occsAiant 
wbou it WM my <taly to nrcak, whiJo m tnoisber of tlio 
HouM of CobtTnonii, I hod llio ffoorl fortano to extwrieiM* 
m ihvDunito htttnnc, I Muui owrve thftt tlicro Iian «nb- 
hUtuI in thba4HUiUy, down tooi]ro«^ti»toB,Mi«nvioaii 
ftntipoUiV to lawyers, with ft dctcmiincil rcwlutjoii to 
b«tivv«> Ihfttpoorw ovi 1» omiiHutthcniu'^ bw«mxo»dod 
M the bar TJic i^T^judiccanthcBukj^ct id vd) ilbumieil 
}iy ft rnae williin tny o*fn IcoowlbJifP. A tAmi(t«' of 
w Ox-fi^M Circuit uJcinff a largo laiCftU; undL-r tfio will of 
n (}ivUiJl jvUiiup, Ml tbv bv, diAn;;vd hi» uoav uadpr 
ft royal liconjtfi.wftft retunM^drora Wriib roiuhly , ftod Mftdo 
hU in«kid«ii apoecb b top-booU ou'l I«ftt1i«r brt^oWk 
lioJiling ft biinltnjf xvbip in hb bftixl Ho wfts nOiA 
nwpurottaly onplftodcJ^ lAl ho ttiila^Uy ftUudoil to ooibo 
nhitM' m Mhkh ho bul bc«n cnBk,'«<l wbilo nt Uio bw, 
ftiid vbcn it wft8 <llMovcr«d thfti h« wuft Uvycr lb 
dii^uo, b« Tftn coti^oil iJo^n in throo mictoivi. It a 
ccftftinlf irii«;thfttsQcaiiiiii<iiM«flhAie fMdsof ox«Hioa 
by ni^ iiirjuu |iroTOfl a quftllficfttlon to loacvod m tht 
othor: for «hiln ncdn* jurliftiafoUftfV orftton, Uko 8cr 
BolMirt P««i ftfid Lonl auuJoy. wotifd hovo boon ran to 
hftTo nacn to tho Arvt pvftOtico in Wc*uniti>t«T IfftJl, I coqU 
juiBootbonwhn hkwdoMrvcdlyfto|uifT4 a h%li nf m i m 
iioo io tko UoaiK* of Ooromons, vHo, if thry htbd cootuiuod 
ia WwtnrinMcT HaU, would norcr hoTo boon entmttd. 
wjtli a brief. Jn the olbcr IJoo«o of Parliawonl Uifn to 
;JKimNdij«ojudki3agaiiuilhc lav."*— 3 Camt). Cfaunc, 48. 


PrEibftMy ihe notion. tli&t« (fUco(«8[\jL lawyers cotjIiI not 
or WftuliJ nfit MYo^ftfi"! HI Uip Tlous** of noTiim^nji, bcTAmfi 
moat llnnly rooWJ nt tho t;mo ^^■[|^.'^ Krsluno was thought 

to b0 Jeflh «iritni<iil in I'ttiliJtiLii^ut i\\An nt llicr 1iai, and 

whan Pitt wifl PcittIvaI wcm tlionglit to hnvo It^ft tbo bar 
Crota an iui[irvjislr>n tUat pijUtic^ wot i^aiU n dilF«roi)t 
pr^a»noD, and rcijuircd <linci%ntfa£i:)tics Jn oitlcr to excel 

JUDGK ctomi'laivi;d 07 a« a pomtioia?'. 

When Mr. Pei-iy, tho prupriotor or tli6 Mo-rtiliiQ 
CfiTOikidf-, was Inod. in tlio yrtir 1810, lor n litxil on 
Coorgo Iir, ftnd w&^ fl«»[uiUorl tin*li:r the direction of 
Lord Kllcnlxiroii^li, l/>id Campbell ^i\* tlmt Ly liappuiittd 
to beaittingftk'n^' wStb 8ovorfll other jiiniFDrB.inuncdUtclj'" 
behind Hit Vji;ary Uibbn, tby Atloriivy-Owiural, who 
turned I'oun*! totho Ijoc.and njiid iit a. l^ud ^bi*jHM\ "Wc 
■hftll never a^in got a vorilict for tho Cfu^n, while tW 
Chifrf Jimti^^ tA in opnnAJtion.*' Vot lbr> AorjiiiMAl wiut 
ftllowod hy All impnriiA[ poraons to W highly proper, tho 
nlltg^d libol merely klluding, not JuriMpvoLrulJy, in tbc 

SrojiirJicc-T or the r«i;:Tiin^r wvcivtgii against his Itoixian 
atholic flubjVcU, (riithn liad fLh^tttidH'^kiinMt Kllvnhoiou|Ch, 
who said of him that " hin no^ wniiM take ink xtfiinn out 
of liucii/' Sir Viciiiy went i»oniiinLlIy by ihc »obriquct 
of "Sir Vinngar"; and onf^Hnk-iummt^i-'ftdayJookingmuro 
tliuu UKualJy tuutoov, th« pbunumcnon wni^ thud acoouul«d 

" Tlio iifuii's Irliiu'd Iruiirii luriia 

—8 Gkinp. Chanr., 5&fl. 


Tho stock phr^o ueod by thu opnotii^ntK nf Iavt rAn^rm 
in " tho wifcdom of our ftdOuflUf ra/' Tlijs t'tiloliralud phnuic 
waa first usrd by Sir W. Grant and Mr, Cjimiing, in 
order ti> *top Str Snmuvl R^>mil]y'H mt^tiaf.'fld jriTiovu.Uun 
of uibjccting men a rcjil property to thL* pnyn^^nt of aII 
thvtr dot>t«. Lonl Dis:»iiL'ha«i ftaye : "Straugu foruo of 
early ptvjudlflo — of prrjudW mjtr<!ir*n'l l/j w^iry *\\t'\\i?w^' 
left while yet fcuUlo and uninf^rnni^A ; mA Vuvi^ ijr«»^ 


ita oriffiu to ttH> wry urrvr thtt it ^iiibuHiivl in ita cdd* 
diuiuai; t1mt<ir mikkinA Uio nrrtrN umnkind^lb thw 
ipiomnt (vnO inupeiienccd bUU?. xhv -^umIo uf Uitir oon- 
UactAt tlicir luaUire ■£«; aurl jj^^^^rNilin;^ lu Uioav drufv «» 
tbe vvdcmi uf jkOAt ttinv^ v/ht-a thoy vrom tb« onripe 
iruii ciriiii|mrrt!c:t inteUocluELl culluiv.'' 

THAKVDra a BL-prottrKn at tbb nrsrtKQA 

When Chmri» Yorko wm rctamcd ndcnbef' for Cun- 
bcid|fe Uiuvcmity, io 1770, Iiq fvit it to be but doty to gi> 
munH Aimoing the niecnben of the Mii&te, ftnd tluuik thc«c 
wbo liftd voted tor litDi. Atiio<og Uiua^ vaa » gmitoaui 
who WW notcii for hrLTing thr^ tiirw«<t ami u^ILmL ficA 
thftt bul bocii] Men by tlit- iiivii i^T !iij» ^i-^r&liun. Thv 
ciperuQced courui^l mlilres-v-l hiiu l1iti'<: "Sir. 1 hftvn 
great mKm to Ic tJiuikful t<j niy friLoula la tfencrm), but 
cDiifcu myietr under b iMiTtioulv ublij^&iion (o jou Ibr 
the very mnurJAiy^ courUanance you wen kind ^ooogli 
Ut bbow iQ« ou ihiH occvioii" 

A JVIK3X TAUtltCD »vy»KK«K AfuOVT rOUTirAL »<i09(0Mr. 

diLcf Juriicc KmiVoci ]>ifwd^At «i>TVr&t trt«b of io* 
dklnxmlis for fort'ttafliftg. Li ono cue, Jolm Rkby wv 
indictfjd for |Mir«faAiijng m <gii&iitily of oAia, uhI ivlliiiff 
ihMD fti tt pivrtit on the Miae day. Th^ Jat^ pcofoiea 
tu kDuv ft groat deaJ inoro th^ji A<iam amlUit tX whoM 
dootrlao be moand bi tbta bullion ; " I vith, gmtloMn 
oftlwjttry. Dr. SnilU had Itvfd to Imaf tlw •vkluwa of 
r. if hft 

In-'Uy. if he h^\ \Mtn UAd thjti i^attlt and ^vini 
Ijrouj^ht to markotv and Ihtrv bou^l by a isan whew 
purx bftpprivd to tv longer thftn hm iitfighboiirV,m> thai 
th^ pouf iau>. who vnJkj llic rtr^tn and c«ne bi« dillr 
bread In' bis daily UlAur, could jf^^t ni^no Ijut tbrmi^n 
bb baaiK o&il al tbo pnce he chooaea to dcmoad ; that 
itbadbMoruedSdUOtf, tid., la.Xi^andpionafniaTter 
cm tbo OMDO day; would h« havu taid. tfain? U no 
doi^BBr fivn Wdh an dlloncv ' " Hn^ jory ^are a vcfdiet 
of giftUty* and Ibe jud^ nddtyt : ' OenUemen, yam havo 
dono yotv duly, and cuufenvd a llul(P|[ oUi|c*t«un on 
your oonnlfy." 
Sydney Sinitb lays: "Tlibi itBordlty of attvibotlDg 


ABOUT FUKiauuKifrSr PKceo^&Ra, sto. 

tho high prico of com to coTiibinntlons of fftruK^ra, ami 
Uii* tli^Alin^iN of muldJcmun, wail thn coriLinoTL noiHifiitw 
talko'l in iho ilfiy* of my youth* I rcmi^oibfir when ton 
juJ^^ »ut <tt t^eiU'o Iniil ilowii Uilh doctrine in thotr 
chju'goa lo tbn vnrioiift grund junpK on thHr**iMU."' 

wiirruKn amkuica w rART or kant. 

Durlug tim fti^umi^nU \u iVirTltLiiiijut, prL»i;(<diai[ tho 
American War, oiio of thwo in ihjfi^ncu of lh« Cfjh>ri]«« 
was, tbal tbor^v Coloni^M wont [lot t'i>p^^HentuiI in Fftilia- 
mont, ftnd, tU>^ry:fl>I^^ tAxntion wji^<i iiii^orit{fAl.^nL Sir 
Jamea MamoU, a judgo of tho Admiralty, mi (Applying 
iii^ini:» tdiv ticLton on nnothnr nnbjflct. put fctrwud tUL4 ai 
a roply: "Although it bad boon frcquflnlly pn^toodod 
thftl the iiilial'iUutH vf thtj CoIuni*i» wtiot iiwt repr<went*J 
in the lintiflh PwlLflmtint* yot tho fact wfta oth©rwi*e, 
for tliey w%<r*h fLi^tnully roj^nwuntod. Hho tli^t coloniaa- 
tion wai* by M>v«rfiigri aulin^rity in Vii'^finift, find the 
grantA of tboKo liuidH ^v<jro oxprciwod in tho rayal chnrtor. 
^ Lo ]iAV9 and tit l^nltl of th^ Kiri^V runjfi.ty, a* part and 

Ktrt^cl ot tha nuviiar c^f Kimt GLttoiwicli, in itio (!i>imty of 
vn(, &f,'; ao thnt tho inhfibitantu of Am»ri«t woro 
rnprcaentfld in raili&nii^nt by the kni^htrt of the ahiro for 
th^j county of K*iiit."' 

This dUravnry of tbn saniint jml^ wil^ prrntrd by 
vu^ tnemiLicnt, which tho 8pu4bkor cuuld with diillculty 

lonn TmrntiOW j*Nr» thr pe<si;wt»:r«. 

Wbcii Lord L'haTicellor Tlmrluw, in 17S3, tcuoivcd a 
do[}utAtaon of IcofJiti^ di.'vuintinij divinc-i, who yean 
aoxiuLiu for Ula upporl of Atr. Bouufuy'a faiiJ^Uii tittt^mp^ 
to ohtAiii a r^pufvl L>f the Ti-At and Uurporatiun AcU, tho 
deputiuH wi-'to Doutfjra KippiA, Palmer of Huckjioy, ruid 
Il>^L*>i, Dr. lCv4» used to nniLto tliat ^llur tbo Cliai^L^llur 
bail hoattl bim v«ry dvilly, Ll^ said; " Gontlfluii^ii, I'm 
fti^jiiiiiL you, by O— . I am (ov tbi> ^AJabtished Churdi, 
d— (I me! Nut that I havu aoy luoru rc^^rd for thff 
Kidtatlii^libd Chuix:h tbau Pir any L>lhi?r dniivli, hut bv- 
OAU»e it 14 «8tat>1i4hi^d. And if yiju got your d^-d rc)ij^wii\ 
«(ablish«d. ni bti for tlial Uxt i" 




^..l-iUXfid or LAVi A9ID UIWIKHS. 




Sit IlftrTy llrxirHeff lined to «^y, thsi Bd ihaii long 
■iTCiMtoiuH to tbe bablU of ottt mUto «it]r Ufa of 
liofiDMi could tvUr# ukd muM in tbo ooioiirj for aix 
inontba wIthoQl Uooving in idiot. 

AS OLD jvMnt ox suEAr. asAVTcnt 

Judf^ Davii^ vr>i«it ikft1e«d by a oomji&ny t^f American 
brother Uwj^on &« Ui tbu oxuiicniivo ftji-mcugc* of 
diflmot pfrifHlfl of lifi*. refilled. wiUi hia usuftf <nk& 
ttUnptkJtj^- of rauiatir. u fuUown : " 1& tlw inrta BtUOO of 
Ibv yc&r il ia my tl«ti^ht to b«in Ui^ c»oiitTy ; uid tv^ry 
j^tmmoi tnokittg nhiht I am tber^ I Iotq to aIi U tko 
wMtov Mid look ui)oti vw]« bfttutiful tra** wbkli ffrw 
1MU- myhotUft. Tno muntioring of ih« wind tAinni|^ 
tke fanaclitt, Uio giolie pby of tlio laavw, and tbo flidMtw 
ioi* of lifbt upon Ui^tii w1t«n Uio luooo i* nji. till mt 
Willi m IndcAeHbttliU ^iMsttro. Aa tlio Bvtofnn cornn 

OB, I f««l vrfy ft44 («> »(« ibr«o Uavf4 fdlm;;; M>n hy OBO ; 

bat whoa tb«y on dl gOM, I fSnil ihtt thoy w«r« «o]y 
« i«rocD U-fore my oyo*; for I «xMttci*c« * now uid 
higbcr i^UsraftJOfi u i g»M Ihroagh xhtj ofllc«d bnnebA 
fti Iho gloriou «Un btyond.* 

itmncp iJLVTUi^ 

Afiirt fhm |»oliii<9; tbo CDudnot of Somen on rti&riMS 
fnmt lb* cliftttoeHondiip w«« tffMUy to U s-jjuih^l. «■ 
b«iii2 iBoro rare Mnoog Engtidi kwytav, who £«ii«rmlly 

in pntclit^D or m (jfiloc, devotis Uicru^^lvoa uxclu- 
Ly to pTul'(?»ioiiii t ftVuLULiorm^ iLU'i in their n^iirviuont, 
left HJtli'Hit mrtiuil rortoiii'c.a, waat-^ tla-ir ^Wlimnjj 
3-uun m lrivi;J<m« occap&tiuuic or iu vuiii rv;;rL-tA, LotO 
Ctain|>l.>i?1] Mnyi tliAt l^oiil ^om^rd prfttfMitn the turaii id&tl 

of an cX'<1miKvlJi>r; nrtivo In m ploco in PfiTliumcDt 
wbpii 1i<3 cuiild wi've thu «l4t<*f uml (l(^voMi3;f hiif It^iiutvi 

lollow &f lUw Jtoy^ Sotricly ; lit now rL';;ulftily aCUiiJod 

itm TDCotinx^, and funutod in itn Lmnr^rtions ; fir^<] bcin^' 
olocUd the Preiudvitt, h^ did ovcrylbiug in liiti power to 
extend ita crrdtt and itn uHi^ftilnc^. Having hcM thk 
dultQjfuInbcNl pubit fivo y«ar^ ho [;rftCof\illy nutted it 
to 8ip Isaac Ntwlori. lln livrd inucli wUIi iitonwy men, 
nod UbDmlly alJ^d r.uoh a^ vri^ro upprooed br poverty. 

Sir llJAiiinvl KoiniMy wa>f ilIsu bji oxample of a lawyer in 
t!]<5 lar^ practice not nL'^lectitig the ^^cdtivatloTi of hi-i 
mind ju n<.kii-pturt!»toitu1 Htit>Ject^ A bishop '^iru wrulu 
of him : " 1 remetnJwr miYiiy ymv^ nz/o Iravrllin;:^ wltli 

Sir S. Roinilly mxe ata^u in uib oarria4fL\ wliiclj ww lillwl 
vritb the bvvt hook* of the gvnri'al lileiaturL- of i\ve day. 
To a remark from iuct that I agoictnl to bl-u tliApthft found 
time tf^r Hjob rttaiiinff, lie an^wiTed, ' Ai H\njet ai 1 found 
1 wan to t>o a buEty lawy^i- for lifr>. I Atrenaiiualy rutolved 
to k^vp up nxy habit of iiuti-piv>nntit'jnal n.'Adiu{<; fut I lja<l 
witiift«ieii ^i> inTii:}i mirti?ry in thf? la-^t v.-arM of uinny f;rrat 
Iftwyont whom I hud known; fi-oni tfiuir lota of alt tA^ 
for bookfi, that 1 rog^i'dwi th«ir fat4 aa loy warning.' ** 


Strjcaal Mayimrd, a ^ruat Llack-lottcr lawyer during 
Ibu Comuuuuwvullh, ^st^i■\.i to I'lkiry oiii? of thif Vt'Ai Buoks 
(a largf* fi^iio of dry anc] raiiihlirt^ hiw i-epoi'l«) in Iiih 
cciaijli to divert bb travLjI. auil ho aaid U^ cbo«o it beforo 
Any comody.— Nurtl/.H GiidJfifrrt, 10. 

>CCOMPi.l»Ulli;vr?i OP JtiUtiKSU 

Lord Chief Itnron IVillock wn^ono of tlio moAt dox- 
tn>[i4 imitAtora of hniulwritin^ oiirl uji^il l» mnija.- 
blmiclf by ciendia^ lottorn in oihor poopJc'a Damns oju^ 
bandwritatig no correct tbut tb« v^nvva \En\V«hK\ ~^' 


rnR9 or LAW Atm uvnu. 

ewcur to its helng Us own vork^ lUay praetkaJ }olus 
troM crub of llm TitU« *iiJu««BinL 

Jiutico Uwilo WW sbigululy dextroua 'm inekixi^ lodca; 
iod wbich Iifl could Dot only o|>tfn but cIomj ugaiii, with 
DO otlMT ftppliaBOft ibu) a fttout pi(«« of wire. Ho bftil 
tcquind Uia ui by th« fr«4|uoQt ko* of lit« ktyt whm ttt 
the bv. Ho luod to tell tho Atorj how upmi otn ocoMdon 
lio atconlttlittd » cwinity [■H^ltHUJiik wbo bad bMn oDeil 
inftfed profioiinc«<l & iNi^rtinHi^ttMui bey<Q'l bu itkdl, «uit 
[Vbicfa uiejudgo opeii«d with caaa 

Vic«-Ch«rice1]or Wiek«ns aiu'^kJ bitus^lf witb tindiiig 
' I, ftt wbicb tndc bo WAfi an o^Irpc uid h4^ &1I ^ 
kboiutt looU uiii iiiacbii»'« to txpviitu bia wgik, and 
Ii0 turned out hU voluiQM In maatcrly nijrl«L 

Bxruamyo okmblf wrra villiavs' *■ uryDiML* 

JiMlioa r&tt»on. wbvri a fttudciit, waji tlAyin^ «i a 
[IHoDd'ft houvc in tht coucuy, *Iong with Cbicf JMioi 
wbo C4IO miny dwy propasoJ Lbat tbey kboold 
tn«d A liulc law tfMteEber, juid fn Wtni: mkcd whu it 
fgld bo, Mid ^ '' I brlii^vo our fticud baa a ' SdtmdDn ' 
[in tkft boiu*, and I iblnk I HbrjiUd like to rrod SiTijt^nt 
^VTiUiunV noto on cxix/aiory dcviMs." Tbo nsnti^n of 
fVi* col«brat«] note Icodi to tho «totcmait of a tfaditioo 
a Bvnc^ MThicb i* laid to bm occuirtd «L Htnlbnl 
ticiji^onl William* was opoim^ a csm befbn 
lAUTPfkci', J., anil ol^r ntatiitj; tlj<.- Jimiutioiu of a wiD. 
■aid tiioy ctroUd ou vxwutocy Joriav^ on wbiob JoUioD 
Lawirncn soirl : '8iirdy, broib«r. it U a ccDtbgvfii 
jnaaindtr." Ttiu konird ■0r^<aiit> oovtinidng bi» 
«Q&in Mid tbat it vaa &n «x«A>tovy dmicv 
Uw kwncd judge i^ftia M^Ep»i«d tli&i miwfy 
a cootjogent renaibdfr. WMTtopon StrjMDt 
miMDi «acdiiin<d, wUb khm w&mitb, * Upon my 
tpuwttr, my Lord, ti is an cxwuiury ilvviwJ "Ob/* 
tOMl t|M<Jttilj^, * ^'J^"* ''^ ^'^' brotber. 1 liavo no <l»5e 
ibat lai& ttii-tiK* 


SarjoaAt Vi'Uliiuii*, tbo Wokh cosbkI, and editor of 


Samid^n^" wax n v^>ry Ij^iJahiho ihaq, wiUi ft fjrie cooi* 
i>1«xioii, ftnrl lio viw comTn>>nly cailcl on cirenil, " Bloom 
Willi&iu8 " HU fi^iuinorv w«re iiioi^t a^reeatle^ tliou^ hd 
wM i*™ Tift what hf-t tj*mpnt"Mi. Ho <|j>IiglLt(tr1 in n^calling 
tho dayo of hla yoiitU> 4nd ueod to narrato wltli muok 
luuiuur itlArit^ <if hU ^o]lr|j;i: ftjIvAiitiirrH. lUirl Itis vxpm- 
tCM oftho Carniarthfii Cikxruit, Ho woe fond of maalo 
aLuJ '>r yr^^Lrii^ dnd iifafiil U> wnLk 0|i And down Ui9 room 
in thrt 4^v4\nin^. i-coitJng " LycUliifl." n,nd fnvnLiHto pAAAAcefl 
frout Po(>o, UccAhionally ho lov^id l>> ri,>fi4l out to uis 
fiirinly. pflpr^ni nf AdiTtnnn, froin thu " SpoofAtfii' " Ki» 
liGAltn vnfi alwFtyK (lolicatc and difficult to Tnnii%'i*. Ho 
uhfid [A* wky (hut he novpT s^fit ovor lh« i^lt' i '. nf n%i'i lulii^utf 
in Wvinj^", wh^n n v^iith. joined a. pnrr.y ■■t'<'iil!i^c frii^itdn. 
who wftlkod fiom Oxford to Ijondon (fill milvh) iniLhinj^lu 


Thu rulluvin^ juivclulu w&a related hy I^rdKldon: 
*' After dinner f>ne day, when nnhoily wftrt |H'ffloiit but 
Luvd Keuyoh &rid utyaolf. Lord Thurlow Bftid/Tatiy, J 

rkH:idi>d a mntsr thm mornrng, and I natv Irmrt Sftof-fj* (ari\ 

that h(j doiibttiil whether I wa« ri<;hu' Tlmrlow thou 
Htftteil hix vH.'b^ of r,h9 ca'^ ftc^d Ki^nyon inHinntly AAid. 
'Your deoififoa was quito right," *Whftt way yua to 
thutt* asked Uici (.'hATiivHoT fumi mo. t naiH, I did not 
pre^imo to form it judgment np<^i\ n «n.4n in which thoy 
both agreed. But I think n fact [iiui not buoniwautJpiJOii, 
which may ho malnriol. T wiui ahoiit tn nUi^ th« fact 
aud it4 r«pw>nft Konyon, however, brc^ku in upon um, 
and, with wmn warmth, Mni^A th^t I waji alwap ^ 
obfldnatt, thcra ww no dinljiig vi-fth mc ' Ni^y.' tutut- 
|K>wd Tliurldw/ thnt't not fmi, Vovi, Tatty, aro olntiiitttfl, 
and civo nn loowins; you, Junk Sotitt, ai'L' ulutirkat'-' tuu; 
but Uioa you eiva your rvOAOiid, and d— d bo^l ouca th«y 

Lot\l Alv&nLpy, Cliivf JuUIovof theCoiurnon Plvafl^ waa 
nUrUed on« «vciiiij<^', when at family worohin, by hr^annff 
ofie of the aervant«, vU*\ \a»Wa,\\ of atteniUng pray«r«, 
wan playLng an innlrumont noiatly m iiTt ^Y^'^^^f* 


GOBloettlBft 0# LAW AKP l.4WiriUUk 

Bportoaent. Tin judgo Miuied intlieraitKll^df Ibv pnv^r 
ho UM ivftdi*^ and cwJcU out, '' Will &o on« nEop U*l 

A scoTcn JcnoK at ni* riKVffnrisEA, 

.«riginaL J^Trr>^ SuotlAf cvvDiiiif hv liivJ with liim kk 
' lioco; D«Uv Kialorh. &ft«<rwfcrd« l^'ty Millc>r],AlAoCliArl«i 
^orboB. wbo w«nt "out in 17)5," uid Dftrid Baiic)»bia 
Idork, T]>« iiu)R« bft'l wliat be caUuiI " Ujc ex«c«b*t'* « 
imitj vonihiv «hiah oo&deEi^O In alnj^ing A ifdm and 
^Tvftdiii;; Aoba|iivr,ii^idkSi 0bnii of aiitiouaoint- il «&» Ibl*: 
* lteb<y, y« hai? « nro«fc voice, lift ye t}i» fttaloi ; Chftrifv, 
y« hoc A utrun^r f<o(w. tvftd y« tliu cLabt«r ; uul DtviO. 
lirv yv the pUt« ! " T^iti p!Ate conHiAtol of trumt bnndy, 
wlikl] WAS m }iro|MufttwQ fortliooooipviy. AcooMIngly, 
wEHt on ill <lui.- onler, Uld vWiM^er Uw brandy wm 
ly, llavid blew out ihe fiane. vhlfih wab • f^jrul to 
IL Tho vxtfrc««v thvu nX uno« BtiO]>poi], and Ukty took 

TWO olh JirrxttH wauei7<(i iv Tttrtft ovnt oicoimfMi. 

Lord FoqgloD, a Scotch jnd^j voa ono day wilklQg 
■ith A brother j(Klg«, Idord N'owIiaI], m tJ>t IftUtr^a ovn 
Ncwholl iTAA A gravo ABd AUstM* Jodg^ whlU 
ltd ¥*>nltn wn A uwdUy of corlouH ckiDffntit Ai ifasy 
wftlkinc ftlong A paeiur««q«i> hmtd on Iho nv*t Mi, 
{'orglto Hud: " Now. Miy kird, t<hi« n A Qzw waIL If >^ 
vttttt to pny Co dod, «*A lh4W b« * IwU^r plaon f «Dd if 
yo «r«nt tokiuii bontiy tAw^cAnthcrohfl AbeturplAoet'' 


Lord 6towfiir« pnttunmw hftbati wer« knovn to his 

rnendtf. but when bo vii>ici?d, in bki old fl^\ the sdiwil At 

[ewoMtlc, tho i>ld voiEMUk w)iii hijowi-ir htta over tlu 

lildijig.iiotbcijif^ftWAfViif hui h^biu; was h^My «xdl«d 
Ki llw fivflr pTQ^Hct nhtt bod of ft hftn>d90iao mtoity. 
She natimUy cxprcud half-A-crown, porkapi^ finco bu 
«M to fifeni « lu&ii, liv« «bUli»gi. Bint u b* lingtri J 



over tlie ilenkfi, and n-uk<<i[ a Uh^'iij^sukI ((iK^^tionK a^^oiit lli« 
fain of 1m old schof-lfclbwa, tlio woumn's r^poctulioiia 
roue to fever Iic«t — liaIf-tt-g»mcR— yciit, a ;^uiu(«k— nay, 
|jo**iWy, *in<*ii nhn hml linen im> lr>ng ronnfolinl wJtlj the 
sohool in which th<j pr<?nt man tor^k »o docp na mtoreal — 

ft U'O pound nr>t.p, i>r dvr^n iiomn litUo juinuity. At ImI 

tho awAiJ momotkt Arrived, wlion lio wifiLcd bor g^^od liyo 
vijry kiridly, caUciI h<rraj;ofirI witin&ui, Ami Hlip}H.-i] into 
h(^T band a pioco of moony. It wnaa aijtj'tkvt/ Hia 
pi.ir8r>riAl eaUt^ wo^ noon iLfUrwvUH [iiovtfd ftt only 

Lord EldonV fftvrtLii'it?" ^UhIi w«*livdraind laooit TLe 
Prince Ktij^'^ut onco tcmptod Mm to a viftit by [jromUli^; 
liiui llijd di^lj, J^ii'd ^rowull alao Ijttd a f^vuiirit^ i.)i«b, 
hi? To^ ft profit cal^'r; an*l it waaa Hcli pi<\ compounfled of 
buyf^lyutft ftu^ tfy^it^n. T^vi> botltoB yf ]*ort wore lii« 
uhhaI AcconilMvrniifiTif, t^ A j;i<iRt tiuantity of pio, Lonl 
Stowdl could pon tho ncftle«t of porlodu, but hie hands 
W6r«uuuftllydtrty and iJiiWft)ilkvdjhiit«[jLt't (rill UAH usually 
tumbled ftnd Boilod wiili tbo ovidcnci^ of HIh vorocioiu 

ULD(|Uut«. ll<A wfL4 cai\iful or ]^ivi]ii^ hm i>W[L ^vinv lo 

guests, but wlkfTi ho dinod out^ ho diMiiibiilod and Appro- 
priatod like a priiicu, A4 liis tittlu ln>tli>;j'. L'jrd fe-ldon, 
once jocularly rcniArkr^d^ " hm tjrothor WillJAm could tftko 
any given qwintity of wuio," 

ThuEuaM AI&iuu^rH Sutton waa iiuidc I*citd (liajioellur cjf 
la-lajid m liSOT, &ud wah an pKCclltiit c^quity j"<fjC<^ lie 
pridud hiiuaulf Ui-^l ou IiIk laiftalijry of tlic arl of luaking 
mdafJ^T aud ^avL^ Llt lint livnuii in thai ait iu Lady 
Morj^an, But when ho read a uovtl publJBhfd by that 
lady, cil11ih£ " O'Di-uutd, " wLidi atitiiiHi.1 to ikvuur i]f> 
than odious CTit-Aa of QLtboIic fi[uan^]]<aU'jn, hn wan ao 
diA{£UBt'-'d thai lio oidt^ivd livr bunk ti^ be burtii<d m the 
AOrvantn* hall ; aiid vented liin t<p1f!/?Ti \>y \m\v*viu\.ei^ In 
bb wifu LIjIh (>anit«nLial raiftark : " 1 uow wicib 1 Ukd m>^ 
given h«r the aecrel of iriy fraWI ! ** 




A jtTDoe WHO WAS ix pcrcxcx or ix>iivrcii sacck. 

The Duly oonaicn wbu» Wri Klt^^iiUvrui^ wu orvr 
AeriooUv mippoa^d to be tyr^yt^ \ty bis own inUrtt*!* w*» 
in deetdiDg wh«t1ur tftilon ^Enpbjrtd in tlio tobfttar 
Mwt; wra )>ri*it«esd fiviai twiu^ praM-1 i»Cv lli« BoyU 
Hav^, lie Mil lui ^xtrvene love of tiirbol with lob«ter 
MWI4W ; >ir1 ■JUiuusli ttiiont enipluyvd in Utv d««|) Mft 
Aihifi|^ wh«re iurbola ftre found, were aJlnired to fa* 
privU«g«d fkiam ixapnavneDt, tJa« AdtuiriiJty bail unwl 
ofilere for imfWMJog aII sejlon t-mplovnl in collectliif 
lofaMers on the roeke &itd litin^trf^ ttietii Co BiUiag^gtta^ 
WrUa of htibta* <t»rpv9 bikvin^ Ihmu gntilorl for tbo 
ppurpQM of ducbATvin}^ MvmU who htA hi-tn m Ixn- 
'prened, Ui« oourm for tbit Crown argiieO KtremiooaJy 
th»t upon tbo Jtiet oonttriKlioD of S Goa III., «. 15,, ind 

fiOOvo. IIL, c lOH, Uwy were not stttitM to SAX ^■^"^P' 
tion, not li^iv e&iM|M iri tlie dmKiwA finAiing, 

Loifd EUmi^rov^ miii : " I il>i&k tbo poEiqr of tbo 
l^ilAtaro M««fiMi b> bATir W^n diTvctnJ to the liotUr 
eupplymg the lahabttunLi of tbc mntrop^tU ukd otber 
partii of live kinKdoTO with JIhIi ; utd &r ttial parpOM to 
btJng ftAund anii well -favou rod ikib to oar nftrkols fti 
A n>od*r«tij i^riiv. Tlion u not tbo )oi«t«r fiibtnr m 
Mmwr, AHil h matt imporlArtl lUhcry d* thU kingJeM, 
llMMm nurinl on in jih*llow ttAtorf Hm fnaen of 
I'llte bw wtll knew th^t Uic fir^>]uc« of tj>» doep «», 
without tlic proclitcv of ih^ aIiaUow wivier, wotitd In) cf 
cvnpaTVktiwIy uTiUI v)ilu« , viO inUu-lod Uioi l^e turbos* 
WMi plued upon our talilM, «lMuld be ttuikcd hy good 
lubatoT Mi«o?. 'FiihcrioH of tlmu kinffilonu ' an words 
of A lu]CO >o>pe» cmbrftciiig all thoeM linbcTieA from wbidi 
flub are eapplied in m fruJi mid wtiulawmu HUle U> tbo 
niArkettt <i tMae kinffdomM ; and all wbo anr en^fagfd io 
noolk fis)Lcrioi are wHnia the equity of tke Act. And m 
cicnipt fjTjiu imprawDeiit" 


Lonl BrougbAm eftva tJiAt Setjuut Topping, a iM^Unff 
connMil of tbo Northern Citviiil i^ii hn^ hi* timo. waa 
YVf^lmpAtkiilofccniln^tHioQ.Biid olwoyvumiMfodwilh 
fcMt wbilo h IB au> wa« on. Law, afterward* I»rd Etleo* 

borough, wid Qf him: "Sue, thciro itiU Tujjpiug, tAkin^ 
tiff] liy rvvtilvinif on bi* own oxia.'^ The Jv^rjiymt lm<l 
A Atrotig wnlriimnt of conjugal allcg'uuicCt ajkI wati con- 
hUmtly 4uoti]ig what Vim wife »kid or would My on every 
l^at^,^^lotio^ in vU\iih lio W4.\ iN^ncaned- Ho dailj" wrote 
from circuit a. loim katur I-j lior. If u jury £jiv« a wrt»ng 
vrHirt, hft wiiiU und rnm|>Iainnil to Mni- Topplnj^. Si-, 
if ftny of the bar allomUJ Uiiii. Ho nlwiiy* UtUl biff 
brolhr«:n, often tbreatoticd them. (iccwio[ia!Jy rewarded 
tbcm, with eotno coiiHUuntml dUuliHurca Kuch as thiMo; 
"i ntaurejuu, 1 fflt so imn:h liow kind you wvria Uuit 
) wrotn tn Mra. Ti^ppiDtr:" "Tho vilo foUnw bi^hAvcd 
%oi'y, very ill — 1 wrotv to Mm. Tupj-iiiig ubuut it; " "Mn- 
Toppifig fcit my lord's br^haviou^ bi> jnrjdi sh^ laid nhe 
imwr wuuM forgut it ; '* " Tbu fnllow Lt-liavL^d so jil that 
Mm. Topjimp v-iWf>d aho nevi^r would apr.Jtk to hhn 
a^nin a.£ hug as aha Ured," Thob"* utL<.*niuoi'fl wuro 
bi'ou^bl out ill n 9Uim roulidrciLiAl &ud jtidicial tuuir. n* 

if -^ufiiin^tba futcof caabiodividiialalluJodtob'nivoouibly 
fi/r WDid or wuu, lu ib« luidvt uf a but tiltvrc&iioti 
betwocn th<; hertch ftod the W, tlio S&rjr.Mmt woulil 
i:ull iu biz) clork tu biliif^ tioiika of Llie 8toai&cb tluotuiv, 
wbicb it wfLi alwAyn oWrvoil consoled him ^rt^^Hy ; and 
it WLUf kuuwii to adi)])U M ouly braudy and wat«r. — 2 L. 
Bro(ij,'baTii'B Woikw. lini. 


Lord Ttiutci'dcii, ChSt-f Jastioc of lin;;lnncl, badijonttvintod 
dUict uud iuveteiatc u btLbiL of koupUtg bmujuif oiul 

rcrybody d«o to iho protiiHO lufitlcr in htind, llmt once, 
during & circuit diimor, bftving iMked a county majri-^trjitti 
if ho would tftko vention, and rooolvt-d what liu {Ipemud an 
4jvH4ivf< jvply : " Thauk yuu, tuy lurd. I &in going to taku 
boiled chit'kcn ; *' hth lurdsbip *ihArply rctarUrJ, "That, 
Hii', ifl iiu auBiVL^r t-^ luy <|u<'0tiou ; 1 otk yuu ug^&Lu if you 
will Ltkp vfni^MN, nnd \ Will troikblo you to say yc» or 
tv>, wiUioul fuctlior prvvarioatioQ I " 


Sir P«tor LauHc, the HfliJdlor, wbon Lmxl Mayor ni 
LoniJon, gavu a diuuur at Lbe Mtui^Wu Wva^^a xa s^^ 

.S0O ctTUoamBsi or law and LiwrsM. 

umI tK pcopMivf tbcir hi^jUUi, i>Wr^-t<I in im- 
'ptHioMd ftoc«ntii : " Whikt a cutinify U Uii* wo lire in ! 
!■ otfior p*rtii nf Uu^ iroHd th<rnt U no rhftncv. ^-cnpt 
fT mtnoT bigb blith niid ArijUocmttc conncxigm; bot 
Iwre ^miiM ftiKl Jndiivtry are iiira to bv r«vM\)cd, Sc* 
before you ihn rifttnpln* of m/Mlf, tho Chid' lln^ijUato 
nf tbn iiic(n7fK>liii oF this grcftt cmprrDi Miii thu diief 
JoMicc of KiicUnd Hitting at my Hgbt buid (LoH 
TvTitQnlta^ boUi BoT in tlie hiuhovt omm in Ibc vtAU, 
and both apracig from tho vny drog* of thfr p«oj)l6 1 " 

Jvkyll told a story ibooL aoma ono noticii^ on iiibc- 
oargicy in tlw inKiriptioin en I«i^ Kr4iVkVi'« tomb^ ''mort 
/ttnutt WlOr" iho a bdng put iii*k4ul ot" U»u iliphthot^ a. 
IaM Kftcoborniijth (h«^ii ninarked, 'Uo«'t ytm knaw 
tbikt tliftt vui ij' KcnyoB*! cxprcM dimrt, on be left it in 
bu wilJ that tlivy^ioalid n»t [^ t/? Uio cxpeiwe of a tlipb- 
tliou)*." Jclcjll mad UuU Kcnv»n died of emtimg SP^ ^ 
onnt at lirenkfwt, to mvq thv expcowD ol muran*. ml 
tli&l Lc^rd EllittboTOTj^b, wbo sacoMtled to ih« CtiWf 
JuatkYnbiji in oonsv-^urou^, aJwa^ bowed vith grosi 
nvi-iYnr^ t^ Ap|>1i* pic: " wLicb," Aid JckyU, "w* need 
to tuU ai'pk piety.*' 

Thft PnnoMtis ako told hoir ibo King tined to pUy 
IHckn i}U Kooyoii, wndinff tho dm^vUcb box to him tA s 
i]Uart«r pAAt Mttn, vbcn h« Icitcir Kvovori vka muff in 
ImmI : bflnf* fttcualoiAed to go to bed at tiiAt bour to save 
t^jkdlo hghL 

THiE Jritci:^ xtTiriiRn, 

Lford Kcnyon, tbo Chief Jiutioo, being n&t^ for hb 

Ekrumony, coia day, >.pcnkin^ of th« expcdutm of hooa^ 
Depini^ ooid bo horl Intcly bcxii oUlgcd to ffty for a new 
ftpit " Ob ! my Lofd," comI Jekyll, " notluBg ivrn* upon 

A iiAH wno«E uvrKo cXMfT xonino. 

Jekyll. Maft4«r in CluiMwry. Cold a story abovt cb«ap 
fJW^gr ind a tuon wbo OMo loU bin bb catios ooat him 


i^lte«t noiliint:, for. " Ou SuiiiLiy/' aald \w,"i aWays dine 
irttli my oM friotirl, uiid lht*ii cAt so much ttirLt it IjuU 

t^u vift'v ili-viJ, tLiL'i wbjdi mjkkm itiu co mcJc tliftt 1 
CAiuiot eati any mora till SuitJoy ag&in." 


Tit "Don Quixote*' wc hitro tlie fftllowing miv*lrtrly dft- 
tiftioiaonauoxccHdinijly JliikuItpoitiLof W-: "My LorU," 
anid A ^lii-Anji^r to Snurho I'atizi, nftpr hi.i timi, hrcatcfftAt 
in Bttnitftria, "a lar^o riv^T divijcK in two parti n tRrtnio 
mauur I tiT-^your lumoni' ki Ei^ml iul' your ittlcution, for 
It it! acoHO of ipisftltinporlanvv audtiomoiJiJHouky. Upon 
thiH river Uiorc in n (j]'i^i;> tfji? uiiv t-ndcir wliiuli rtands 
& gBitlowKnurl n kind o> f:ourt uf jiHttue, w|i<-ro four jud^wi 
uwlI U> dit Tor Ihu eijru^ri-uiL'uL. mI' u i/i-rtain luw tii^Ju by 
lli« Innl ijf" tliH manfir, nn fnllowN : ' Wh(Hr>r^v**r inti^ndn to 
pri4tt iWiii 4.r[ii< und *ji Uiii4 bttdj^v tvf i\iH otticr um^t lint, 
npiiTi litK niifJi, ilpdfitv whiUnHf In* ^'iK-i, *nrj wliat his 

bLL«iii«M3 lit. )r he ewcar IruiK lio may ^o on ; bul if Ijo 
ftWi'iLr falK".-, liB -vKaII Vh» Iuvn;,'i'il and diw witljout Tnil tinon 
the gibbet ftt tijc ond of tbo UiOj^^* Aflor tW promul^-v 
tion of Uii»Uw inftiiy jii^ojkJis notwithxlju-i!3in;^iUHi.»vcrity, 
veaturod lo cro^^ Cbo brlH^; Ami oa thi^ jui]g>v4 warv 
Matif^lJcJ tliAt tboy nwoic tlii^ tiutb, tbtjy nlluwud sudt 
|)noplr lo pas* nnmolnatfid- At linst^ n |);is.*ftngnr bring 
iiwom» di^dnrus tlmt ho bos comn to dio upon dmt piUuw^ 
And ihift U hi* "jnly buMncs"**- Thif* point pat th<r jiidmn 
to a nrjn|dui» ; fgr, wild Lhuy, if wo Uit thiu man ]iilm frody, 
he ii fbravi'om, and recording to the lellcr of tlic Uw ho 
ought to dio : if wo hang him, ha bus s'woro truth, nc^dng 
bo swore tlul he wni tv d[^ on that gibbcrt, luid tlivn by 
thonampUw wenhouldlHt him pnaa,'* Panr^j., G, J. (after 
ur^uiut^nt). " C'onitf hith(*r, hciii4<Ht iimn : uiUivr I um u 
wry dnnc«, or t1i(?ra iaflri mui:h roaauii to put thiH pivt- 
wngi-r lu di^ntli tii Uiitl^ it lu \vi bun Jivu and \twn Uio 
biidgo; for if tlm trnlb «fti'c him, tln> lip conaLly con- 
dcouiu him. And tbii* botng n%tji it tvally !«< I ftui of 
fhpinion you Minut tp:ll tb*^ gruiJj'inrn whoafnt you UWp*t 
that, fcinc* tbo rpaaons for ^^►>niicinmftg ai^A M^\tt\\>;wA\i.V«iA 


ftTD 9*\Jta}, ihuy ou^lit to let biin p«ja frMly, for \i b 
(Uvavit iN>TnakrrulAbti> to do fftod nuFi^r than liftrm. Aii4 
tliin I woqM gir« ander ngrluisd if I r,oul4 wrh«. And 
in tbbi <l«i:Ukiii I aficnk dm of oiy o«;i bv^ul, but ujMjn 
Uu^ authority or ft |>Tnn^ l^^^tt mo among many oiJien 
by cay mhiicr. Don Quixol*, Ibc ntj^ht U-f(>r« 1 wtl out to 

I'Mgovcrnor of thi* tAlAD^L wbidk wa^. tW whnnjajitio» 
lijippvia to l)c in th« lout tifjubtfitl. I »boaM loui «fi'l 
incline to tbc »()o of mcny. And (k>cl bM boen nU«u<l 
to iDoko me mnccnbor it in t&o ptv*oiit Otav, Co wbicb it 
app1i« tA pnt," 

'It dou »o," oitfwctvd tbo ^toward, "tad for tny |iftrt, 
1 tbiiik L^cuniU" bimwlf, vrlio iekvo law« to the Lb<vU- 
nnQQUiu, could not hAV« tira<ioLifii<bt a better jndj^iMfit 
tiuui tbkt now ipvco by tfa- Ar^«t Pj^nju, AnJ let tlicn 

^be no moii^ Kt^nnjc* tbU mominj^, juid I will j^ivc ordcn 
lliAlnilCnorifo^^tniuriiluJlIjavoUic U»t ofdiniKU^ to-dAj." 


A ttlebrAtod Scot';h pr«ft(bor And ]Mi4('»r war Tifttioc 
tbAhoQBo of A solicitor who v&i oao of his llochjmt hA<d 
A niputAtion of indiil|[ii^ td »bAq> practioe^ Tli* uiinwtor 
VAA Aorpruod to meet there two other memboiA of hi* 
tiock, wfioa» relfttionh with the »i>]ic]tcr wti^ not ni tho 
time kcown to Ifc fHtrndlr or atbonrU^. In or^iiria ofl 
CDiiTrnAtion tlwaoliciior, oEtudlng to »on*« di«pat«d point, 
App^nlrd to ihA tnmivUr : ' DivC^rr, thon^ mn Tii«4n)ieni of 
TOUr flock ; nuy I wdc wliciii«r voQ look on tbcin ■» 
DlACk or AiK white nljMp K' *' I don t know." aiurwrrctl tlm 
tnloist^r, * i^sUicr thoy aiv b!nck or white ibcvp; but 
ibi* 1 koow, thAt if th«y Are long hnrv thoy Are pretty 
tare to be jUeeed" 

A DdihUry officer At>d A Uwywr w«n UTking of Um 
iliMAtnHn battle of AticntAdt,ABd tbc fonni^r waa lAmevi- 
falg over the number of brar* soUierK who foil on that 
oooiAioiL Tho lawyer obftcived that thomt who live by 
%li0 Avrord mtivt DiX]>ect to dio by tbe sword, Tbo ofliegr 
rqilM i " By a icimilar niH ihoAc ubo live by (Lo Uw 
Mitt*t vjLpoct U> die by tbo law I" 




Lord llockvilli*, a non af LorJ Abordutwi, and a Seoioh 
juJ^* of lo^t ot-utuiT, and wIjo wm saiJ to bo Jiguilic-J 
and urlijwio, ha^l bofin, bcforu attaining Jiis cmiDOfin<v 
much addklud lo drjukliiji. On ;^mg to oue oDiii 
nppointmf^ntfiL, very much didfij^ured iu tha fiteo ftnd 
durcputaUv iu uLip<3itrjtii<^<j, lits vipliiinod tu tli"5 cuuipap}- 
liow it liAjifmiiL'^l : "Oi<ntli^mr<n,*' ^d he, ** I hav« jiitit 
iDift wltb oiii- of tlii> itiL^t oxtrttotdiii&ry wlvt'iilurftt, Ai 
I w.Vi wi^lkm^ Jilonj; Hih UniH^mwki't,, all of a *uilJi?ri 
tA^ «riVG£ lYieKJ ufi biLii atnjck mo un tho &ce." TbJi 
aooouut vuiirttJy Hjtttxtititd evui-^body, 

AtiiJiliGr fttill iikoni ijiument judge. Lord Kt.'t>{Kir Outld- 
ffitTd, whfMi a yoiiTij^ bftiTut^r, riding ^inniit, liad nnft dajr 
taken BO nmch winc*. tliat ho bcccimo quito drunk, nnd 
hu »firii;liUf linwi; rfliTiftfl him iiff into Ll»*> iniddli* of 
ft dccfi pund. If h<^ Itibi not tK^r,n rvsi^ui-d tiy Mr (!n.rd. 
An Attorney oT Oroy'ii Jun, " h« had Lrcti loit. for which 
■ervir-A hia lordnhip nver had a valnn for Mr. (.ard," 
Tho ominfnt oumisd was titkui to ri |mblic houju.^ And 
put to bnd, And hi-i lurHt.hnr Uo^cr nay*: '* I remnmbfir 
^vIicQ hU lorUxhip t»Td UiIh ^tory i>f himin^ff, hu md tbo 
limj^fc he hdd vrhcn hi» humc fimt tmtt^d. and ho fantcr 
factor, wild OH if hm huud kuiKikod Hi^iiiat a l&r^ 

■LmI of Ivod IU A ti?iiin^ ovi*r lain ; Aty\ after th^t h« 

r«cacmbetfid nothing &l alt of vhul lajrpFji>;d till lu^ 


Lotd Kidiitv, A min nf .'onTJvi/il powi^in, wjw in nompAny 
with Mr. l^iUfour^ A f^ci/ich odvocutD uf huniour, but vary 
Tiffiual in hi* infLnntrn^ and ab^temioUflj and pre«ed thuD 
,iBtber to aIh^ a Pong, or tell a citory, or drink a bum|>OT ; 
i*r other he miul do, and thcrij would l»o no c«:ap*T- 
Tho V'UniKil l}i(?n told tlun atory in a |>oihj>ouh ntylo- 
"Ujid day» a thivf, in ttiu cuuno uf hu tuuiids, Kaw tiic 
door <if a dmi'cb invitingly opun, and ho walkod iti. 
thinking U> livc'uro tiguiutliiiig utwful. Having ^ly^uivA 
th« pulpit cloth, he waa retreating, w\^«nv \q\\^ ^^"^"^ 

804 ooBiaBmEd op uw axp LAWTBaa. 

[iUm 6oot ilitlL Aflor nciinc oonudvrmliufi, he ailoptod (hf 
ily Tn«uu oir *<"'*l*^ 1^ iMmdj', ia let himiBCjf ilMni 

\ihy tho boU-ropc. Tho 1>«II of counw ran'^'. tLo p^ofiW 
ircte &lumod. And Uic tluL-f m>a taken ja»t ju be rvAtcbed 
Iko ground. VVbcn t}i«y wcn> drrnggiof blaa away, b& 

^looked up, ftnd tiinuGauiilv addi^ai^ tbo bvll u I noti* 
addrtOM yuur {onuAip.- ' find U not b;«n for jour long 
.toQgue, ujd yi>ur civplj licod, 1 fJtould b&vo ibkd« my 

WbflB Lord LAu^klMtKurli w»d Chief ^Ublic^ of tbo 

jlOofMiwa Pl«»«, &iid LoH K«nyon Ckiict Jvatioe of tbo 

> Bwob, « fbhiiKiDccr oov Ltaoolo't Ifw Fields 

tied both their iMtb ynth IIaIi, jidiI it vf^ bit cuiiom 

CoVel oQt Iho dUlennt aitklos in Ioia. aud ticket ttj« 

nanu uf tNv purcbuw oQ «aeli lot, mmJ b&og K up tui- 

.MfwaaouHljr tn hia ibop. Ooa dA)r Ui^re were tvc> lirkeU 

fab fvllv^it: "LorJ I^ghborooeh, tiro ttiTboU,«ix b«ci 

tobnt^n, four doxmn Mnelt'S OQo hriiiidr«il prhwiift" '*|jonl 

Konf OQj one htddook/ A 0intl«iiiftn pa^in^. obaorvod 

Ui» Uiinongftr on tbo difr«««ncs bttwottt Use %tro 

lors or bis frJoodo, th« Cbiaf Jih(4om, Tba fiilmiaoi^r 

TpLiod : " Ym, tboro b a ditforvnoe; but it vmilil piiuio 

'tb« bcMt Uwycr 4moDg jou t^ tell no wbich wiil jtrovo 

tlbo brat outonwrr 

THE jt'KwiK Axn THE fiixrittftn. 

Lord CodEburn, tbe Scotch jixl^c. wu uitUng on Utt 
hiBoide on liii aUlv of Bonally. dcv i^iinbuT]|fb, Ulkinif 
U> Ul abqJicrxt nnd ■]M>ciilating about tlR< rrfinn^ why 
bk ri>M^ Ia^ uii tvbu xwiood to b« tli« IimU vhellwvd 
oc tt>MeMt titufitinn on tbe bill. Said hie lordaUp: 
Joba, If I w«re a »bMf> I would He on Ui« other em 
W the bill" The nlwfpbcr*! anaw*ftv|, "Ayie^ »y locd, 
biitifyt^biAUic^^aHlwvpyo would tiATo btd iBftir mom** 


Lonl Chftaofllor HiuHdw'a hce watt *o rvmitlubb 
for Ibp ajipeamiKD of wiKlooi. that tbo Dukv of Nurfdk 

(.Wks.1 nnv uf IjIh vviltt ut AiuiiiIqI OuiUif by iha iiftmo of 
J^nl Tliiir)f>^v. tniin lU irriA^^lnjU'y likrTit^M to liin Igntthip. 
Ofiti moi'uingi iho Duku wu^ <<l*»ttiti.'d wiUi ItiH calicitor, 

whoiL tht* ii]f] o\4'M{c^(>or knaolii^J &t tliu lil>mrv door, 
and Bfttd : " M v ]r>i'iJ, I bftvu j^tvab iitiWH lo UfU your 
t-mce," "WelU^'stLidtbc Juk^,"wliatiBitr" "Vihy,my 
lurJ/' siiiil tiiu 11141), " Lojxl Tbiiiluw Ilua Ijtid an uug Chm 

niornin^/' Tin DnE. > , /it tho i»omcnL, l^m.! (or^ot till About 
Uli^owI uij'l iL- nil ^vJL.iiiio, and w&4 aiunisud ; but^ on buiii|f 
i(iTniij.I*:(l ijf IIhi I'Wkl fftrta, Thlt tbrtt bv nwsd Ul ap{>lo(fy 

tn tho solicitor, wbouD protWiou was ;^rotflly acon'MUdd 
by Huch rainibai-itiofi vritlj tbo soaic^or&li tviaJgiu. 

A LARD ClUKf-lCU^n AHD TITB RIHfhtmorint-t. 

Lord CtianceJIoi Ngrihington, on a iHiiiy ikftujiiouii, 

Wfw walking fllfiti^ ParliftmnntKini(it»»hi>fi hp [>icke<l ii|> 
A ha[|iJ«oio<> rin^, wliJob uo)* iium^jJiftUly cWmed by a 
^nUrm*tn, whn N*ii1 brr hml <lirtppo<l it, ftTnl on i^<v?iving 
Itifl lijst troah\iM.\ wtu> vq Joyful and graUfiil ihtii he in> 
Hinted on tho unknown findor ncrcjm p^ny i n;^ bim l^i lUl 
ftifjoinlnjf coflco bouw, in cmiJc a. bijttio At Uh ox|iGn8C!, 
Tho PbAncflW, not dininclincd to liumonr the fctrnn^r, 
f{>liowo<l bim, and tboy drank t<)^]ibcr And tAlkod on 
indiflbiopt to[»ic». Soon tbvy vi-rv jtjincLi by ll^o usual 
lYinroilrmtCfl, wbo iiR»po*^(l a fCAmo of hnritrd. The 
("bAOcwJlur uvoTlnMi"d mxo say to tb« utbur: "D — Ibc 
diCD, be in not worLli tli<* tronblL' ; pick tJtJ^ oldjtat'n poc^t 
at oiic«.'* Tliu Cbuiiwllor tbou;;lLt it time to Uuoovor 
bimnAlf, and i^*\'\ tlrvm, udor iloiii^ ^>, tbnh bo would 
ovcrbok ibcir &tl4ju)|>t« if ibcy would fmnkly yoiifcHii 
wbat it wAtt tbal in<biirv<l i\\^u\ to NUfiposv be wob «uch 
A flAt. rofitanlly^ with all reB[)4^cu uno of Ua*m rvplbcl : 
" W'v itv^ yuur k-iiJHbip'8 j>Aidunt but wbi.'noviT wu dtu u 

fMitlt-mnn in whitoflti>pkin''» *>n a tlii-ty ilay, we consider 
LUl A capital pij^on. And \'\\i>:k bm ruAilioiu^ Uh wi: hoped 
ti do yuur lord*hip'«." 

A JiTitaa wiK) vitiiTF;D all Tnu i^urr^r rmnjt, 

Ernkine b^iil a inrKtt «iiit;ulAi ^'^'■'■[^■^"hit^ W vi\\-vuuMhiv^ 

firL"«,an>l bftft liwn knfwn M kav 

^jijwitA C*j™wi*^^^* 


omoArrEES of lav amd lawtos. 

in (bv uiidnt of n Jul«lo, un lioiripi; ihvX a ixjniUgnUoQ 
wan Ut be M*ii wUbin « mtlix Sheriflan uid thfti « 
diinincy ooaU not (uioko is Um Btjougli witUoot 
Kiak ilia's leiiowJ«d^ 


Lord Kld'^ once «3p(M«] otfio of his uuut^r w«Ajciw«Mft 
liy k«piTij( tbe following Jmbocilo OJiapivitioii of his 
own from brinx thrown into the firo : — 

*> Cm it. luv Utwiy hmrnf^ ho 

Tlui «ili«u Q«ftr foiTtjr j mn w pwt, 

1 villi my Ivrtlt Bm^ •» 

Utiwr uhI 


" Mor tiiDf^t aoT finn, oar itfa, »f^ ««% 
Ualien me, Iwd^ i*e"T* "ill— 
Uoeb M hii Cnmo Uit^ lUjiiy iKtr 

1l> ScOtlwill^l t4l IDA* I ihUkO 4vbUAW4 I 

OU : Up cacIi vihtt Ivt. th-in bB 
TViu^ till in llf Jirrb *•'(■ jitaid," 


lOftD dtAXccLi^it nn»Knci:*ft i^vr or AyivAUL 
TtottiilTj rfUt«4| ft visit to I^rrl Erftkin^, ftfki* Im n- 

prfflM<I Miil f«It. a griea' xrinpAthy wi'.U Aniindu, IT* 
jiAB tAtk«d for }'OiLr> tjf a Bill li« waa to brinj; inii> Tvlia- 
nctitt to provcul CRielLj tov«n)« tliom, Hb han alwft^i 
I)«l MvcraJ favourite aniirali to wliid ho ba« bom nmcfa 
■AtAchvd, and of wbkli all liU a£«faaifituuci bivvn a 
tittinbar of an«c4otca to rolato : a favourita dog w hich ho 
ttiad to bring, when ho waji at tbc l«r, to all hiJi coiuulU- 
tMiM; anothrr fAVniirito do^ wb»li, at tbc tii&« when ho 
waa Lootl (.liancollor, be braiBdr iw^ivad hn tJio Orrvt 
fitim aomo bo)* who w«rc about to kill fit ttEiAcr prMcooe 
of ita bting Biad ; a fnvguritc ^fua>o. wliich iijiknrvd Um 
wbor^vcr nc walkod about hia ortMindA; ft favooriio 
niftckftw ; and otlicr dumb rnvoumM ulllioul nuiaW. 
//iT Mti ug now tbat bv liad got two bvourito Iwdwa. 


Be had btt.'n bJooilvd hy tlium luaL uuluuiu, wIil'ii lie titul 
b««n tn.keM dAng<\n)itiMy ill &!. PiirtrtHLouth - they htd 
fttvod hb lifc>and ha bruitglU tbom witli him to (own, 
Ii&d iTver »mo« k»pt tb«m tri & ^Inv*. liAfJ himrtirlf every 
day givi^u thoTD fr^ water, aod tioil foruit-J a frit^nddhii^ 
wich U^tin. He khIU Tiu ^vax huii) Lliey buth hiiL^w him, 
and TverG grateful lo liim. He ^Iluil tliotii Hoifi'> umi 
Clive. aWnr the twr> I'vli^^bnitvd Miri^'H^tns,? ll ia im- 

§omibl€'. hfiwf^vp^r, without the vivttcitv, the t^uit^iif, the 
eUile, and itie ''wtureA of Lord Erakiti^, to t;1vi> w\ 
Adequate U]v^ of thi* wngnljir scene.'* — Tli^mtlly'* Lill*. 

Lord HvrniAnd. the Sootch jnd^, hju) t, Iaf^ Now- 
fjundlond do^' i^nllnd Potphin, whmh wnail to gn avtsry- 
whore with hini, uid ovoji tn^i nhurctt on Suiidnyjt, III4 
miMUr tAii^lit Idm lii pl/w.n bin hupo pjiwa on the hc"iOik- 
boftrd, und rent hie head ^iiLVi;Ty thon^oti like n <:uiinUy 

fjirnjcr. Thi' do^ flfwurd U> rdish thU part of Ijia duty, 
and whi?n ihn juries cnuld not atti^nri> wont itiolf to 
churcb juid ilovoiitly lii^tcncd. And when there wu no 
nervtno in tho parinh chLirch, tho dog w«ui ovon Liboml 
ffiou^li to attorjd the disif-uUm' nier>t.[Q[{ Uduki ivitli 
ftpprirontly rijiial roli-sh and apiriLun.1 rAlrcnhmf^nt- 


Ono of Loril StowcU'ti wiHik points was A morbid 
emviiit* to sou (dl ihu vxliibjtiona id (ha buwn. One day 
in Hulbom* ho ent^^puilf ai^or Ui wic " tlin grctn monster 
Bcrpuiil," wluoh thu pubho hud bven invited t^^ vixit 
tlifra A« h<y pulM out hin purw t4> pc^y f^ir admiwion, 
ft ttharp but Tar l<jo liontiat ocnintry lad who touk tbu 
money, ntcOf^nNJTi;; h'm old cu«k>intir, &nd addtcsniuif him 
by Ofljne, aoid : " Wn caift tako your nbitlint^. my lord ■ 
H1J1 t' old Hi-rpuiit which you bavc< h«4?u hlk tiiuiw btifLire iq 
otbor coloura. but ye ahnJI go in ujid have a poep for 
nolbin^.'' llu thmi at onco untvi^d, inten>^i-ly dpli^ht'^d 
At thift unWkad-for exonifibion tVoin toll, find ToaaUtA 
his ey«ni on tlio pairttcd eaaktj f^^r i\x^ iM>t<AuOA ^^^iv. 


Sd8 aaxumn-asH of law ahd LAwiKiis. 


Hm gtrdan cf Lonl Efiiciiia wm nmJor tho t&m of « 
Sco4cb gftnioufv, whi;! onco coming to o>inplun to bint, 
AD ^rn griovviCA to bt roOKclicti, iIiaL the arrjOfhi bamt 
up all lij:^ V9getobl«a, uid iru killiji^ Uio iJiniba, he 
aia6 b> Jnlia : ** Wdl» John, jvll that I c»m do Gor jon li 
to onW th# Itf^ to U cut <K>wn tt^-inomw morauig; 
Aftd if that dooi not brins n^in. nntUing vilL" 

Ho oDConng»J the jofofl or athoTK vben oven a liUla 
at bia exponML Itoaatifug of hU tin* flock of SouthdowtuL 
be JdDod m tho lau^n vbcn Colman rxclniinoH, " I 
prrcdrcjuur bnJjdiiff Tiiu iliU ari c^-c to tho wooIacIl'' 

Lonl Krhkino poftod with hii profwrtif at liampAto*'), 
awl hoiif;bt an r«tatA in 8u9W, which banu3 out an 
imfonufinto EpiTfTuIotion, tot it ]>ixKliicf)d ootbin^ bot 
atmiUd btrch trv«a, and vraM Tound JCTftciaimabfaL To 
lAtcti bitt loM« he «ct up a manulact^^ of broonui- Om 
ol' the txion be employed to boII tli«m about tfaa coiintcj, 
bdng takffi be/ora a magiatiale for doing ao without it 
Hcanecr coiiirarjr to tbe "Hawkon* and Fodian* Ad," 
b« went in pc^wfi t/> deftind Utn. aA<) oontcoded tber« 
va> a dauso to muot thin vury cojki^ Iki&i; aokni wbieb 
it waa, he nnarnndf "Tho »uwrf7)inj clamc, your woiNbip, 
which U further forti6iKl bj a prorUo that 'nothing 
bcnin contaiiie-i ^lialj {ir^vtut or !.« coiuLnifil to prevent 
anj fropriotor of Uiid frum v^rulin^ iht ih^qoo tbweof 
in any luaiiiicr 4hat to him ■liall Ji(«m tit' 


Uarry Snline, being told by a frivwl ILat hia ooat 
wM much too nhort, uiiwereti ^ It will ba long oovgli 
b«loro I (p-ot anotli^r * 

jnDOt HARCfQ iNViiicLr irriAUE TO connn. 

Ixitd lti>do»<lale, IWhb tba RR^I»b bar, having bem 
a|mtlnte-1 i-^ ih^ Mc^ *J 1^^\ t^iAneeDor of Inland, 
and having board that the Iriah bavmton w^rv wit^. 

wELs ivHglvud lij bi' v^'ry fiLtllti} AtiJ cornplimii'iiiarv. At 
orio of h\A iliimor |tivHio^ ho tliii* welcomod Mr (S&rrHt 
O'Frjrntll, a ^i.«iiu1ilo A[.*eoaui'n cf tho sc>ri» uf tW st>ih 
"Mr Ci^mU O'Fcnuli;' *Ald th.^ rhwii^llfir/'T Wievo 

J'ou arc fiTirn Lho county of Wickbw, whorv your family 
lavti luiii> liL'M ooimiili'inLJiv pr^'j^city. an- J Air voiy 
numoroufi. I think I vw mtrotiucoil to Hovcral during 
luy i»l"» tuur in lliftt <:rinnty " " Y***, my lovil/' j*^j)lk'rl 
O Penvklli " wo tiTrc ijcrtf nurnfrotui^ but no mnny of uh 
hav« been Utoly hanif^J fi^r «hoop-«ic(ilii^;j. that i]t*A 
TfitUfr swiiv^ in tliftt fx>Hnty,'"^3 

O'Fianacban'B li'ieli Ciiftnc., 2{>+, 

Ono of lho scrjcantA coming in too Into Tor dinner, at 
S;.>jji.iKiiL\ ItJii, fiiiinrl int nUn; It-ft for liim, Wjiilu Jii« 

WftJt wftlUnrj flir Asn/vf, tbc OKJ^.f JtiAtiCk^ Tmdal.caH^^I oiit 
to iiitn» " WIiuI'm Lho uiAltiTr, brother V you look Vikm an 
oiitnliinHing tiMm thftl/A iiujmiUjrrii" 

A Borjcant wa8 talked of ono day as botug a ffi^uruf 
l4wyi.M' Timhtl iviiiiukf^d, " Well^ that ^ivvn riM to a 
douLifuI poiut, Vp'hutJiur roann/f is lumouudnoak" 

At the aui/uri &t Buckltifhaiu, a loader in one oourt 
WAS u1dr(iHS]n;^a juiy,aad spoku no loudly, that the Cht<^f 
JuHtioii, wlii^ii ddhvorli]!^ Lid vhar^ tu tbo jury, vuriuirud 
what th** nobfo wn«, 0» boing infWrt]<?il that !^L»rjiMJit U. 
vas opening a caaa- in the next courtv " Very woll." aj^d 
the juiig*', "ftinc'O Ih other B. jh ojwn*'M% I ttw^t thiiL ui 
and diroctcd tho doon betwi>eii tho two (uurta 

It un- 
to ho 

Whon Lrliiehorl by retuniiii^' i>ovui-ty, ui hmdd dagri^ 
T^rJ BiTiKin* «<>uM ocottHiriualty tinuk vrjili r«grie( of 
iha vi>ry ehort jnoriod ha had apjoycd hia luci-aiive ofiloa 
of T-oivlClianwi'lloi'. Captain P^ry, the laTin'iisnavigAtoi', 
heiDZ oakcd at a dinner-party what ho anA liU crow had 
VtvvJ u|.Kiii wbt.n iJicy ^*:'iv fjvKWi] »ip in tht* IMai Swa, 
snij, '" Ihfiy ^iTyif iijum wo^a."" " An^l very good living ' 
too."o3tcUiinod Kr«klD9» ' if you k^w^ V\v<4Tft VOTi^tawia^^ " 


cuumtfriKB or law asd lawixi^ 

OODvsKL st;wcaiBisa lo a Temvoxuu 

Th0 Uti* WOrtkf Sir JfJkXi S4iKlA:r. tutin^ mvjKiMHl 

tKftt n tCTtunoniiJ Hbould bo (o-^^wud u> UwccJ^ V.^ Uip 

Hritiih nfttioD, for hia cicinoni public vurvkvn, in hunvtt 

vmt ot bit eirculara, Enkifio wroU cm ih* flml pnge of 

loUvr in a Ooviiig huiil Uieav woc^ wlikh EilLccI It to 

Ui« boUom ; — 

ilv DtA& f^l« Jons. 

1 jjn oretMi tficfv at* Iw ik Ada k(it|ikMn vko hA « bigfc«t 

Tbeu 011 tumiDg uv«v Uie IqlT wu Ui bo fotioJ— 

Toar MHfli ulndinl falthfit} mnrtnK 

T. BMom. 



Wo learn frotn tli« ttximiublft Bo«vrcll, Lh&l Loitl 
OundttB wk« on a fuotinff <vf gnttt fuuiluuity with 
GftTtirk. wboic "i)a«Ui K]i|«c<l tha faiotf of tuUimuL'* 
" I told bun," ATA Uiitf prince of tio^rApbcra, ' tJut one 
nMTDinji wbcn I went to brcakUkl vilh Girvick, «1h 
wtf v«i7 Ti^n ot bb inUfoQcj- »iih Lord Cftuiikn, bo 
nocoviod me IIihIv: 'Ff&y Duw <UJ jrou— UIJ t^vu tntvt « 
lUUe Uwj-^r, trirTiiiig t^ comer, dil' *No, ftir/ Mid 
L ' Prvy. vli&L di> jr^u uuui by tJie unaalJuQ ? ' * Wby/ 
nplUd Gftirick, nvith ui aITm^I^I indiflfraiM, pri am 
tf»irl?i^ on UptM, ' Luril Camden Iioh ifak mouiffii left 
snew W« bavn brut a Kiiif; v^lk tOf*«tb«r.* Jo&&«m. 
"WoUtJiir, Cvnck Ulkc<t vvrj' jiropeny ; Lonl Ouad«a 
«m ft /iV//r fair«^r U> b« ttMOciatiaff ao MitiiKfttly uittj a 

Claw/" But^ in a^otbcr mnod. JoliBMin vanM bavQ 
igDlv ind dtwcrrodly prmised tbc /i''/« tmwyvr f<jit mliiih- 
ing tm iocitty ofa tnui vho irtA a aiont ■^rtaabta coni< 
pAiUon. bD4 of lii|Eb mtclloctiMl MCOcaptUhiiHinU, as wttH 
a* the grrftUal Acl^r who twr UxhI tlic Kn^lUb ilftjt 
5 CUD|I. fllNAC-, ttSl. 


Lord Br-BAG«IJ, a Btrouf* but oooi'ziv 84?oi(;h juclgo %t tho 
plotting <jf the ninvtf'vnth reniury, wliiMk a bTitJcr ^vc 

inc^him," [^orj," h** i^xrlniiTieJ," J■o^l'v(? liLtlu to coniplAin 
^ol; ye may U* tliaiikrul yw'ro uu uifto-ncil to hi;r/" 

On another or-riiftion I-oM Braifield once eaid to ah 
elcHjuciit culprit at tha bar, "Ye'ro a vera clevor ohl^l, 
but yi^ wnd bn tMnn thn iVAnr n' ft haiigtiig.'* — 
?khiui« Life of Scott, chftp. 48. 


Mr, Uomor (the father of KrAnoin Ifomnr, M,P.), who 
WEL» OI3U of the jurort ill Muir'n cue. toM Jjord Cockburii 
that whon liu wna paMinir. na wit* ntt^n doni* then, 
btbiiidihoLiyiidi togijt into Uit) jurors" box. LoH Bmxiioltl, 

wlw knew bim. wiiisptroii, " Cortnn awa, M^istpr Horner, 
Domci A^vji, and I.elp un ti liEiiijc ttno o' tlinc diimnod 
iwo un» 1 ro h." — Coc k bu rn'i M em . 

I^HD TCMiRNnonril^nirst ATTKKT10T1 IN fJ^BlJAIf RST. 

Lonl KIleiiilK)('L>u*«h, tu thi» Uoubv of LurJ«, when 

Loi'J y&wnc'l diirins hi» own ^jitH-cb, «ai<.l to & bniiber 

|>e«r, " Coiu&,come> tho Mow tioes lihvufuotuv tiycaptoiiJA of 

lAhte; hut t.hia ia encroaching on 3'our proviitoe* 

l^jrd Kllcnborough WM oiLCO raot ^in^ out of Uw 

Uawui of Tinidfl vbllo Tioril wan ?*|iPAking. Saifl his 

fri«nd,"WiiBt,(in)yfl«goinfft" "Why, yo*i,"tJfcHl Tjonl E., 
"I Am nATountabla to Clod Afmightiy fnr t^o nift ftf my ixmf^'' 

LorO ElJon wha ft vury bfkil ifliot, unit as bo vont ou( 
liloiU', h« ofb^n UxkHl^td of thn hcivy bjigH bo VtrifiigbL 
Kontv- Inthjoif, bo wa4 caUoU by tlia nJck-uaiiio i>f " OIU 
f*i4;-,'»>" IjMI'iJ Slorff-ll, hw lirolhftr, hnvintf grvAt iJ^obf* 
aWit t1jo n.i]th(i[incity i>r the ci>ni[?nU <rf At-Mt hAff^, i^wd 
t<> v^y lb;it " ?kly brollior tnko.i hU ^cuiu>j t |>u(Mi,\u:A.\f| 
dnvtnt bat by purcJ^JtMif."' 

862 ccuofirroES of i*av ard lavtbbs. 

When Luly &oll6 itffiiMHl to&llovr hm lioutii^«to_ 
oui to tl>« hiuit on Uie <lL-aih (jf bcr liw1«cul, 4 louiwdl 
■ft^jtMt aug^M vWib«r (hum ft^iuld b« uiy Ltirm ia 
tticai Udag ^Uowfd, if » f>1ccc orcrftiw woro hiiTig roun^ 
Uuir Mdu, *[ ]iftnll> tbiuL," i^twrtod Cbivf J;taicv 
Tlndal, * thKt cnpo c«]i \m imcwAry, lur tbey will b« fti 
one* in/W4 cry" 

tllK LlWYCK AXD the rnVtiKEAy. 

Lord Stow«n,B90«liii^tlivpby»-i<-ian, Sir Ifmrj IlKKotd, 
Aakod ft ^tiMlion w to the imuingc-mmi of Win own licftKh. 
Sir Untry, know irj^lji* inftD, uid that tliQifiK^tkin wouj ~ 
Dol cftnj ft fM-, iiia<l«» wiUi imdke pm*cMe^ ftci evaaivi 
aiwwsr : " WoU, >'on kouw, s naa'a muIi u ^cDviftUy m\ 

fa&ftOVn lc«CpMig> Yoii iimpnilNT Iba old mytr^ llial, ftti 

ftr^t ft««ty rail! iff ciUior ft tool or ft pbyuciAn.' LnH 
B(ow«]l rvi-lUd, - Ma> bv ixitU boih, .Sir Henry t" Tlw 
phyaidftft liad iifl iweo^ for ■omo one mentioning; to 
liim thti tho 6im vvrani p«cr wo "onnpUinin^r of bU 
bowdi^'' ho drily ftiMWf-Tnd, " Tbon ho i> tbo isou nog'*'*' 
MiDftiaupoo oaftht" 

CMinwltor OriuM wis ooe tJ ft fuiHy Hi OiaU« ^rortfOi, 
vrben ftnolhf^r or th« )«rty, & ; livslrlui. h«l *tro|jod oni 
btPoM ^DDvr iiiio tl^u diurvhynri). VVhca dinner bcj^n; 
inil ho did ikot ftprcftx, to ih« BUTtiriio o^ tko gnorttji, tho 
ooimndlor Bftid, " (>h, nov«r mind, lis bfei jut lUijit <mi to 
l^y ft v£i«it U> BDm«i or hift o/iJ juttUnU." 

THE ou> uwTKft's Torso wirE* 

Sir WtUiun l^aott, KrUnrRrdJt Lord Stowdl, in 1813, 
hf\rkg iibct]r-«iffht yean old, married the U&rtliinacM 
of Sfigo, then l^irty-mjL y«an of ag& She wait btitv«] vkI 
be wM g^-ftB|iln^ ftDit pftx^imofuDWk He wmt fiom 
Doctom Conuaooi to tivo in licr houno ftt Gnftoo Su^'t. 
BcAcl Stn^t, ftnd, with on «y« ta rwiEioiDy. took hn owtt 
door pUtc ftftit had it itxrd nnrlcrr LftrJy SlipjV Ji^kjrl1> 
tho l^arriBtcr wit, hftpt*ijim|f t'^ nW^rvo tl»« |H>dtH'ti ol' 
the plftt«4, oJiMl^ilfMl «itli Sir Williaiu on Lavijir thtut tu 
knodt under. Sii- WiUiaw, iiu« rvlidiinic ihm bantaTa. 



ordered tlio platan toio ti^aniiiwAoi^nntl next timo ho mol 
Jekyll, lio LruiiLijiWiiny remftiUoii, " Yoii wo I don't 
knock undor m.w,'' " Not nnw," rclortod Jpk)'ll ; "• now 
yen knock up I '* 

Tjady Sli;;n cf»MM n^t ft^n'ic with iinr mntrimnninJ judjjpj 
and Konomlly went licp own way. nn<t whilQ ttftvcUing 
ttitK Imr nii'i^o in f ^'I'many, ilir*"], ftftror A few dfty*' illncwi, 
in 1817- Sir WiUiftm wa* thon travelling in SwitKor- 
Uncl, And tlii^reW c<fiiLinuvd»om« V6Dksibft«i' iJorocGiTod 
thoeod intf'lligoncn* 

A Tf>UNa couicsi^, KiraAoifKi ArAnruKurnL 

Jkldii) RuburtHOD, & Scof.di AilvocAta, funki^il Bi^wdl i/^ 
occompfLn/ hm ^> cheiL[H<ii a couple of r^nia of Lockio 
RaiiTiii'HH H\w bold liim, "^ir, yuu >iliA]l jU8t liavo tlumi 
fur a gdinoA a work, you forrh^hJng onal and cnndic/' 
BftldJOi with much emuttijD. miuJ out, "But 1 t«U you, 
womAn, T hAvv no coaI anil candlo,** 


Itubtit Culled, i» KcnkU nlvocite ramoii* tnimic, 
and fi]"U?rwanln a jud^'c?, had a wrot^^hod ntannor of hia 
own. Unt) day hiiwfu ri:a'Jiii>( Lord MiLn>i^L-ld'Mb>!inlriiblv 

3ici.'ph on thfl rrivilftj** Bill to hln broilKT u,dvi>eatCfl, 
Du uf lIiL* fldvof^tva naid. with a Uui^li, " Tu hva,v CuLlco 
read Tjord Manh^^nvld'A ipi?T?c]]. wax iikt^ tlf^a^i]lj* & pi<?co of 
Haiidvl'tt mutik pliyvd ou u Jew n Iiarp^" 

Lord .luhtiL-o Kni;;ht Brum tjfUn, during a h^avy tux^i* 
ment. Bent dawn nri*'* to on*; or otlicr of the oouh-ipI, 
conta:n]Ti;;jokvflorhiLtiri?Eiont.hociuir, oronnomotldDgitaid 
by Uiv f»thti' counicL On one occasion a cajw invcjlv*?d 
dotno ullusion t'>thi* nffrct of tlii^ pri^itrhcr'^ eyaa on ladiu;* 
altvndiii>* diiiroh. TIju JucI^u niid ofko of tbo re^lsUiira 
uf OiL^ fourt luv^I trnji!^lati:d a J-Vencli epigrnm a^ foUowa 
for him uii Ud* Kuljoct, and it ww vory [jm^J : — 

I »av0r m" tl^'irriifliLUiiniii ; 
Ho Hlcmyi 'h'llt liifnt iib^'ii Ik< v^)^ 


cviuo«mn or ulw avd LiwzBu. 

A nimRCD jrOQE nia.tKVJHei riR VAS DUIX 

Sir John BtuiM>w«^ wlio rviirnl from ih« QiMtnIi 

and Uioudil lio luxl ^liKowna Um loncitqdo. On om 

»rvATit to ky him oat. So* to iodulgo iho vhitQ, bo 
Ui<] nn lli« owptL Aflrr a little Uie •ffrviUki wm 
5od ih&t Sir John wu c^nuBg to 'i/i A0UIi, ud 
«v»d«iitly Sir JiAm Umwbi Uw uino thing, fU h* nooo 
MionW t<) Ivin^ uifatfid to ^1 tijK 

Uliib lio VM old huiiibolf, (lift jwJgo oottld id«o tolwh 
olil «^n in oth«r<. IIU wifo ^dg^Rdcd thRA thnjr AhottU 
pvusion (iJf nn cJil «l<ino bnftk«r on Iha oiUto, a> h« wu 
jif> oM Ihju hft anly KpnilH thi> work ftd did im good. 
But Iho vortfajr juilgg rtpliod: "No, no, ho cojoj* & 
pIc&Mire in thiiikiiiK that no fMru^ bin hn^l nl tha im 
of foamcoro nnd tcti ; hut if vou tarn him <*ir, ho will So 
of grief.' 


An oJd jtidgo ii >ftjcl to havo DvndeJ th« law u to^Wo 
^ «a in thifl vaj. Srvcrjil of VUhi Jnittko HanlcCbhi's 
iImt hAviiw b?cn >tol«n, hL^ ^'4ve itiict ordvro to hb 
keeper to (moot uy ppntop met wilh in or o«jtf thft pule, 
at niglit, ft'bu vr^^ulO niot tUnd when ehmlki^'il. Bo 
then, in a <lArk tii;;bt, thrrw liinuelT in tho kH|>*f'ii 
vftjr, and, rcfuiiin^ to Htaml when cliii]1engi>d, «m diot 
ilMuliiiion tlicHjwL *'"rbi*Btory " lny»Priac<,Uioauthor 
of " V orthlM of Devon ") " b Auth«n4io&Cj.-d \iy Acvenl 
wnU*n«,ard ti»oroiuitont tnditJcai>of the btiglibotirbDod : 
and 1 niysuir hAVo bun shown the roUon ttamp of mi 
old oak i)i><34-r which ho is n&id to hava falhrDp sod 
il Is all«-J n&nkfonl ■ O&k to thU day/' 


Kniiino a^od to Ult tho atory tbat Thiirlowoiyie said 
Ooorgo IV., whttn PrLnw of WaU^^ " Sir, yoor faU»«r wl 
conliniMi to b« a popnlar Vln;;. a^ Iktnf^ n* b« ccdilMiMW 
^ UchiinihoTff-rSimday.and tobv luthfiil to liuA 
wonkan,yoar nomr; hot you, air, will iwvor bo |«ipti1ar? 


Whf n TliLirTow wAh in hh \nfii iUnrits, iUiil h\A «ct-vjuilA 
wore cftrrvJii^ him i]p«Uiir>i tn hh IjmlroriTn, they bftp» 
pi'lic<] tn VEh Ijjh lr;;H hUiWc A^invt llm lutnistei'n^ upoil 
whir-h hr uttprcfl tlio tojit worcin ho over spoke— a fii^^ht- 
fiil imprvt^atioii oit "nil their touJi^*^ 

Dunning WAt fiii ugly mmi, and cinent^-ljt, a? W w&» 

^ilayiii;- at wljtat at NaitJo'it v.^vflVdioitw, wHZi Hunic 
'cH>k* n,n'1 i»tl»i*i'H, Thiirlowr ca\M at t)i« il(»iir, atjJ 
deelnjd ihe waiter to ^ivo a noto to DuddIii;^'. Tho 

W4Jt«r' uaiij liv *\ul miL kniriw any OLi« uf llj4it iiAiuv, 

whisTv^npon Thiirlow paid, "Talio tho nc-to upataifs, an<) 
giv« it to the iJgHiiAt TJJftii you huo in tho ixiaiu. If tlicnj'a 
juiy ntu^ tribh a rar^r lik^ thp knAVf^ of chihn^ tl^ntn llhO 
man, and givo It U* him," Thu timinunt counH^) wa« 
di^oovercd at onco by thiA dcumiptit^n, and riiriiivpd the 

jrnoEfi weARiKo THEIR wias IN fiociEnr. 

In Uie midflt of all the d]:itrrtcUont» nljowc^rcd un Lord 
Kldoiuono otncfct for which ho Htruoukd he cmiM not 
ycti^htftin. To n!eaai? Lady Kldon, who bad ajiist liorror 
of the wigs with whith judKo* wtrt^ thtn disH^jijrcd in 
nocinty, he pmycd tlj'- King tliat when lii:^ wjut ndt nitUnff 
in court ho luJght bv iJI'jwvd to aLppour with hia uwn 
hftir, ofaofirvint^. that ho ]a.l'<ly an Uitf r«igiiB of JfLinea I. 

and Charles f.» judicial wii,-* wMa* ankuown- "Truu/* 
replied thi? kin^'. '* I adtriit the correclneM of ymir Atnl^ 
ineM, and am willing, il you )iko it, that you should do 
aa they did; fur, tljiiiit;li they irrtainly h*iil no v/'i^, yvl 
they wow Jong bcardfl." 


Th^ Irish counHollor, Norcutt. a portly lookiciif, nwacfgcr- 
hig, snruking i-rrson, who affoolcd wit, waa talkin^t with 
Keller, who ini-inimtod that Norcutt waa favourable to 
Cttthiilic dm unci pa Hon —a (jumLlou of tliu ilav- " ^Vhat I " 
iiid Norcutt* in a ponipoun way, "* Wliut f Pray, KpIKt, 
i3o y<'U ^^ aFiytl]i^i|2 that iioaL'kpi '.if thi: * I'opi.*' ahmit 
uitil" " I drm't know," eaid Kullor^ *'but, at all avontit, 
thoro K a. ^rvat deal vi the * prulJiJiUvrj' Rod X aUa^^ 
understood them to go together." 


366 cuiuoflniBfi of i^w abb LAWTE&a. 

yxLr ly ucuk to sec a tOK^ 

l^>c(l Balmuto, A Jmlgo of ih« Court of Scuioa, vu &' 
vvry bl^w ojkti iIuU nwi, mkI Hvuit HnktiM, ib« IctttUr, 
of iIm l^AJ, wiL« full of wit. IIji icftiUbip reluhtti tlb# 
wittbulhc won vi.'ry lou;^ in duouvcnti;; aodftppredfttiiir 
tJj« point IUA<(J«. AlVr A wilticiviu lith) bfvn dutitcnKl, 

and Uko jutJf-e lj»i walked n uitiu ur tvrv with Ur, Knkinc, 
llie |>oiift jiec^raMat bat Hw intpriorof tbe j.^d^^t 
nliid. TLi^ bU lonf^ip, u If impireJ. oxclaipoAil : " I 
L&ve yuu n<jw, llirry 1 I liavu y^a tiow, UArry!'* «to^ 
pbg mkI breaking into an tmnodcfat^ tit 4)f kiigbMr. 
»bi», tf >t had utily be«a half m liour oarlkr, vould 
kave bMa r«iy w«Uoma Co hU f«l1ow trartllec, 


J^ri^bftviDg a ^i<lgD At tho Irifth connioL Srrjoant 
BHWMM^ wrotv ^W4n linoi of him -, — 

■ Rn U tlio Lnr ihn UnW iMbwurlli^ 
Tbuvub hiM^TTr-rm o af]«p bi* aiut*' «4rlli, 
Vhlia UKnmln Uvnor Intnar injarml, 
C*Ua fiingkloii &U liMUr MTJnuit." 

Tie Mrj«ant went in a nffs U> the rlaati'a Iioomv and an. 
DOVDoed himwlf, "Sir^ I aiii S«ntuit B«Uaworih]" 
-Orwlialr«sim«rntpfay, «irr' Mud lUdeao. "Oli. Mr. 
Doac. w« know yo^r [>owan of raillory. I am «oai» Co 
Ovnanil ir^u IP Uio Aathor of iLiii jn^^tu, and tiboan 
villabioim hnM on mtx" Swift tr|iJJ«d. rjaotUkg tba adrJoa 
of Lonl ifouum, 'nvvor to owu or dwowtt asy wriilotf 
laid to hia «b»^o.*' After iiijinn talk, (fce atijaanl qaitM 
Uw roow, taying, "Since ymu will ^vo bm no aatttiacUon 
in tliiH a^ir» Ipt tac tcl) yrrn ^onr mm ia yoar promo- 
tion, under tho M^i^ction of whicli, like odc cf vour oam 
VAbijoa, who had diinbiH) tip Ur th« top oTaliiicb tnw, 
yon ait >e«ur«, and m\wi your fillh o4i all nanKindl" 
owif^ wltcn rriUUnjr tliiiv naid that tlio f«Uow ibowod 
mora wit tlMtn he tbuu^l he bod puaseuv^L 


Lord StowcQ wan <tt a lirdy tom|MnMiGnt^ and ax- 
troiiMily Tond uf aictrty and iu (.-uoil Uvlnit Jlu acknow- 


U> ilf. Crokur Uial li« wa^ visrjr coiiviviAl, Aiul 
illy oonfiMitid h'a {JurU^liLy lu a bolllu of porL. Oiid 
(lAy, when tome one oLij-.-<^t«'i to tfi-> prAi^f<i(?e of li«vii^ 
dinncfii for parlnb or public purposes, "Sir," eidd Lora 
StuwcU, " I ufiprtjvt] of the lUnini; ■^yulem ; it puU peoptu 
in a good liTini^'or, ftnil rnftk^^ them ogrco when they 
otln?r\\'uo iiijjflit nuU A dianer lubrUattn b\mnf^." 


WilbotfoToo eniii that ono of thil moat remarkable 
llLirtj^it About Sir S. Kitmilly won, Lliotii^h hi» hftd «uch mi 
iniTn^nstc qTiAtiiity ijf buHinciui, ha soomod Alwrky:^ ati idle 
rniLii, If ycjii hwl not kaown who ur what ho ws^ you 
woviUi hftvc^ ;ULi(], "Ho Li a r^mnrkmbl/ g^ntlcmnn-Uke. 
[lUui^wul mail; I Mippn^o, poor lelloft^, ho hiLH no buHinow;'* 
tor hn w<iulil '•tand (vt thn hftr of tlio bonno rmd rhab witii 
yuii, nnil trUk ovcrtbo U^t novel, with whiuh ho wjli as 
wotl fto]HaJntr?d IKS if ho bAd nothing eUo to think aViout. 
Otico, indciid* I rmuciiiber ccrmin;^ to npo:^k to him in 
.coarbi oji'l B<!cia^ him Jouk fiig^'d, nad with aij 
immcnue pi]o of pitprM by him, Tbtt wm ftt a tiinn 
whoQ Loni Eldon bwl bwii ri^prg&cbtd for haviiij; luft 
biiniiiRM undirtilmrgfid, niiJ luxd doL^laral that he wuitM 
^i liiroLiiih nil txnaixi-a by sittint; uutil the buaiuuss wiw 
don*^. A.1 [ wi'iit up Ui R'jmilly, l^»M Eti^m mkvr mo 
UTid b<HiUaTieJ to ino with ud uiutsb chourfulnosi and 
gfLEttiV Sj po««ibli* Wh>Ml 1 WUH aluTit^ With Itmiiiilty^aud 

tthki'.ii Uim hoxv lie wa^, be armwertid: "I am worn to 
dr-fiLli ; [mi« wh liAvu b4<eu piiUiJig on m Clm vtiL'^tliun 

from niiio iii tlie miiiriting until four, and A^hon wo k'ttvu 
Lliiif {il»oi^, J havv lo Lt^tLil thr';ii^h nil uiy |>4pi!ni, to 
b* rvady far to-mormw morning; but th'> nv't^t ustr** 
uKlluary part of all ih, th^t Ki^on, who ItHu* rwt only 
miiir^, Virjt aU thi^ cithi^r biiHJnr-dK tj> gi^> through, i* jiiflt am 
chooiful and untin^d ft8 cTor/' — 3 Law &nd Lawyi^rs, 201 


Lund Kldoii oiico iuiMii"hcd tlid bar hy Aaj'Iiis Uiiit, 
diirin^f the I/jn^ Vftflition, ho h.vl read "l**fcvailwnTjf«t;'' 
lot it WA« »hrc3wdly nitKpocto<l he hitiL ouV^ ^\\vhMv>^\ \>. 

366 cuAioaitru ow l4V axd ijlwtetis. 

4»T«r; Ujinffto find out "iIm dhusing i^art." He ^U 
AA Jc»h(i Bell, tfaa fAia:ius Cbuoerj )>1«td«r did, whok 
iiftving add thftt ho li&d rvAil all iho n^v DovitL^ftckd 
bting ttikfd bow be foun<I lim*. amvoroJ, "I tooft 

Tirtue of ft Bill in Oiaiio^/. 

TllRAT|t1» ASU TliK "nftlk*," 

(XConncH told lloore of ft curiooa Jiid;:t™ciit K« onoo 
liAftnl Ournui d^livvr, oa MkhIvf ^4* tli4 IVjIU, to ft ciMft 
ciwftMted with Ute thcftli>f ftty>iit frw ft'liaiAioitt, wldch 
Urn r«iit«r« wiahod to rMtruiiL In tho jiidg:iiMnt lift draw 
fto illu^rrsitioB from Lundy Foot, ftJid Mud tbftt. ^ Tbk 
tobtcoonir^l cniglilftft woll bring mil Action fgr lUnitffVft 
JU^fkAt ft iBJLn who, in pAJbing by liifi nbop, cu^bl an 
«£wio«yrLar^ jn%dii of nnujf Qn tha hr^aat.^ Ik than 
|»RiC«od«l to «fty thftt Ibc ivm remiiMM fabn iif kb 
fouUifiil dny\ when ho UAod to frcffiicnt thft "^oda," ftnd 
Usora Dottcod that thft gimtuilotu gwrt <^r tlio ftuili«&co 
tho moot elftnoTCHiii ftad ftptiiftonivc, «Dd ftooordiogly 
to Iho eondcunoD tliat if rt^' ftilinianoiM wvn oot 
ADowrnl, no^ only vould Ibo Uif^btr tri? ptt>|>oTtioQftllir 
tkiiUKr. but, n^Lftt vxHihl ho ft ftttriouft |^valU!l^ had aah 
tag weridd go \tjHhoui apptatuo." 


All trftoi <A oenootmhtp fto to hooki vnu whoDj oldito* 
nlod m lC0l,«hon thii I^coniin^f \tX itnftUjr oxjdnd ; 
;h«t tho oJd ftpint ^ritm mrjvvil. aixI it wft« tboo^t h; 
tiio vikdocii of r&Hiikiikcnt imiAr« to leave ftutho^ ftnd 
■otoni to tlwir own d«vioc3> it Uinjf ftppftrvntly ftftiuaiod 
ithftt Iho UMiil rvnKdy of no indictment or cnrainftl in* 
[Ibnnifttloii vr&iQiotftdoqufttclodGtofoaiVMlctftLiiihhidftB 
' puUicfttiuM, tlKwgh luiJ^ flinoo oonlMod lo bo ftov 
to ftll othcn. 

By tbft Act of lSt3 ovwy ponoit who ahaUl cftuse to 

bo ftictod, or for Idro ahftll ftrt. ^vny now Atace-nUj^ or injr 

Uctb veoDo. or {uK of one untd the Rftm^ 4iftlt liftvo bm 

alluwM by tW L^ Cluunbtrlftin, or ftrtnr il hiA 1<4<«b 

diiftlluwcd, fthftU fuvCnt ft auoi of XM, ond the hcoftoo 



"pTfty indiitlpfl ncftrly every kind of unU'TtfiminoDt of tho 
qUkg<t, ioi^luililttr opcnt niid pfltltoiniliii?. AllJ IhougU 
Tin^m liimhhnK is n*il an oprmti^ pciriunnnTice, j^ct where 
thoro in littb oIhi' tiicui i^jLUciiiif and ]>a,iitununifj it wiU ba 
A rjuatioa of fact whether it AmoTinbA to thin dMicHptioc, 
And a dialogue botwucn two p«rH<jiu In contunioB and 
f'hju'jictcr? uUsiioH tfio dMcription of entrM^iiimi^iit uf 
tho ntnge. But the Li^rd Charubrsrlaiit^n allowarRHj wan 
carefully BtaW to bo uiinwL'ft^ftry lijr BDi;b thp'4iHnrfll 
rnprr.-ipnt^tion^ as are ^ von iu bootbaor aliuwa ullowc'l 
by juEticos At fairs and tVsiMta. 


It hn/i btiun scinotiuiuiL thou;^ht that ah tht^atren atv 
intondi'd tar tlkc ivanrt tmi rt\prniition of tUf. puhlir, thfro 
tuo pcuuliai' (iriviU'^'tB if nol abnoJutft riplitfl <m thu part 
nf thcf public:, ami I-hat the pnipriclor of the thf^A-trc \n 
mucli at th^'ir mercy, and ejtnnot v^f^ian to a^rait any 
pcntun y^'ho tLuoips to i^iiicr <j[] paying tlio a]iiiix>priat<^ 

pri<<0. But ihU ta foundud on confuiton of idciui. A 
theatie dilfcis in no rmpect from a ilic-pf or a buildin^^ 
where ;it public moeling \a hold, or where tlie pnbiin wi* 
bivitt^l for a particular purpvm?. atul U baa Lucn*iccu iiuw 
far the CTt'luhiin of the piibliu can Iw t^an-iccl by tho 

ftropritilor fi>r Lh»3 tinie bvmjj of any miuIi pUwe t»f iiiUL<t- 
na. Th'? pnmrH^'jr <.'Bn at «.]\ tim<«» reiii-iput a nttPHm 
vrno has |>aL(l toradi:ils8ion Lo lisavt- tho building', vrhothor 
h« bM rniftconduct^d hiniwlf ur not^ und tli(< ptfwjn to 
reqae«t«c] hna no altoraativ^ but to kavu. and may brln^ 
an action for brvacb of Curitrnol and for ropayni(»ut (? 
bin moncv, but hw* no othir r^mcd)^, TJie luipnidenM 
of «o cxcluiling a |wicoftbi<i pt^non ii* oWoua; but t1ji» 
lair in ViOiiTiil t-> rrgard 'inly tha atni^t njjht* of tlii> 
roppcct-ivc partiwi to th^ contract, and a gnc«t cannot 
ar^ic with [Jio inanti^r of thn htiildioi^ aWit n^riiafniuf;, 
whon hifl prcFonro is objected to. 

On thi* julijeet Sir J, Mani-Jidd *¥iid iuiix*, '" I cannot 
tell upon what ^Tounda many people lyinocivn thi'y bavo 
a rigijt at a tlieatro to mako uucli prodi^iauw ivciWa vl Vf> 
prftvtnt other* from hearing what x*. gf^Tig Iot^wktA <«^ ^'s 



sUgtt^ ThfAtrc* An not ftbaoloto nccBHWrif of lift^ iod 
any jtunoa wmj lAij away wIh> doca mt apmva of tbo 
mauiwr in wHch they are managed^ If tbe piioea of 
aidiiiMioo arc uorcaMnabJe, tbo evil irlll cure itaalf : 
people mil oo4 gv. «Dd Uie {rropriaicn wUl be mined 
udIm thtfiy kQw«r tlidr dcmaiiidfl. Bat tha proproton 
of th«atr» haw a riglit to iaat)>|p3 Ui«<r pcoperty mi Ibnr 
own way, aoci to dx wlial prices of aduiaMfk Uio)r tluak 
iiKBi Alt tL«ir uvn ativftal«^'t<,' — ratenoa'a lik FnM, 911. 

CiiTTan vai «ouiim4 in a faw wbcre the pirofinet/^ni flf 
tko TbcKtfe Royal, DuUiu, Bued AnlUy, ibo circoi pro- 
prietor, for actnig Uio "Lock and Key.'* "My lard*^" 
avd Cumui. " tbo wbolaaiuaUontuxDatipoo ilus. whcUiar 
ikt aaid ' Lock and Key id to be a patent one, or of tba 
i^pnttjr ("><' fum6/«T kind ! " 


Oliario Uatt«w-i, the find, wai tcmvciHa^ by Uia 
ilaiga Madi from ibe north, one very eold winery ni^ht, 
danng the rdgn <if (learvA I V,, wfaen be had two nikknown 
fellow pnaMinj'n, one of whom liad tlmwD a lar^e white 
liActi w rapper round hu Iwul, an<t went to eloep. A 
fbortli paaaenger, after parting with a booo eonipaniaii, 
cane in while ih«y were nearly all a*leepL Ho waa dunp 
with mow, axi<l cm utliog dowo cmlted out, " Coonipany, 
oop or duwo." aa if aaktM; whether ha wa to ehal or 
Icare o|wa the door vindow. 1[« w» irritaled at their 
not anaworiog, and wtot on mutterii^' f^^-tiliom of Uiia 
unuuweredqiiMtioti, and that tlic iir«itli«r was dr«adfd, 
and olhor partioiilan, eoke aA«r aaothOTr till omt of tha 
yiawagiM broke out and U>^]-od lii« to liold hj> locttoa, 
for ha waa a natMnce. Tie wm alflt men inrilatad aa 
thk axdiiinnl that "bo wae a nepeoUUe naaa. had 
paid hUrarEt^and bin nana waa John Lneki^ and ha 
f«ld tbo KiD^'i tax««, ate lad h« would wn hold U»! 
Ioii|[ue,nov not fnr tfamn Hulkv^ (a ivirtb r<>ur<try man), 
BortbagnatUr. Dni1l«ia(Broii;;ban))r IUlJiew«i bcbtfi 
amtiacd, told the nun ooa&dcniidly, tbut Uiai waa Daron 
HoUodc IB tha eorner aiteop, and tiie one oi^poaUa^ is wbtto 


h«af1'(^r, WM TAflf Hulbck, ftnd he himflcff was Mr. 
Bruflbi:]. Tho olToct of this anELi'iincotiient was olrclHc 
^boiAAii fitit JvUrmi^d.fvni wAnt^il (ogooiiL fttcmco. Ed hit 
hbortivn {'iT'irtd, M(ithoiTainLiUi,L€dihc5qua[lirLgof rL child, 
Ibfi if Ijiujy Jdiillc'ck liftd i^uo under her mm. und thn boor 
beggixl itftnion fnr hui-ting the child \ Mid Baron and Lndy 
iluUocic wore a^IJLired M^ia jltiU agaiii^ aJrdo&t jnUoudy. 
Uf forgive hiin. He \T7li so iinoomforCnblc that he t^Mik 
jthe fiiat oppovtunity t*> iwuhj-ju c[uiotly, being frjrful iJ 
-AOnte appnUing tc^n] rftnhiitioii tliat might ovcrtn-ko him 
and emitQ him to the ground, fur Ulcingauch groat Damc:i 
ia vfliii, 


Charlie Mfithews, the fii'^t, wfut so MiincoA^ful in imit^UnfE 
Ur. Curran, the Irish Master of the Holls, that after tho 
d^frth of th« latter, when giving hie inutaUonn ui a fnoad'* 
hnnse, the widow, who vra acddoatally in another room, 
shrieked with horror at the wen-remembered voiDe> Thu 
ttotor was Also sOBiiccessful in imitating Ix*:'dKnenboroii|3h. 
in thcoharactcrof charging the jury in tho play of "Lovo, 
Iaw and rhysii^/' thni tJie audience roari-d and thoutcd 
Ihpir d>*li;^ht. Tho noiao of this succt'si reached the Prinoo 
of Walt-i (licorgc iV.), who invited Mr, Mu-thexia to 
C?ftrlton Hiitim*. wher-i a circle of twenty tMir*Mnin were 

frownL Tho Trinco toIJ Mr. Mathewd ho had heard ol" 
ia eTwll«nt mimi^^ry of Lord Ellenhorau;;;]!, and aa he 
hiiiiBolf (thu Priuix') prof^oaad to do Lord Elduii, tLo 
ChwxoellDr, pretty well, he- begged a *peoimen of th« Oliief 
Judttco, whmh w«b j^ivon acf^ordiu^jly with grocvL applauBi^ 
A«, however, tliii tviLi u. (iaii^f.-rou-) 5Uoc<:tfii Ur. Malh«wB 
lirudcnlly i:uflA>d to repeat this exhibition. 


In 1775, ft coniipinicy wai eiit4?rod int<i to diivo Mr. 
Macklin from tho atago, and tbc conHpiratom wcro in- 
diut«d. The projiocution wma vi^ry ooiitly to Mr. Macklin, 
whr> however agr^od, nftor the canvietion nf thfi defen- 
dants, that if his cohU vtvrtf piiid. ftnd ttck^-tfl fur ccrUin 
lion*?fit ni^ht*! were taken to the vaiuc nf I'.UW ,V^ "ww^A 
liot press for funhcr piiniaUiaunt. W^i ^wi»*ii«V\ ^^^^ 

973 ctmiouTics op law xm xawtriis. 

thin iTM liig^lity hcaoumbls; and addcj, Uut notwKk* 

kUndib^' Mr. MacLUq'* wJcatmMgnl «bititiw u ab mOLar, 

10 nover offioii b«tt«r kn bb life llt^n be h&d doo« tkftt 

'Lord MnJiktUM oWrrtdftft lo tko law. Uiat the Hifhiof 
[Siudfig wid ftppUudlttg Id m UkoatrVi waa ah unftk«mbte 
Ifig^t, but U»l tljora VMS ft wjd* dii4lucLiuiL b«CwQ«i\ 
[mprceftlD;: iha wutiml ii«iM(k»u of xha niiMj, io tiMf 
[ttnioe fiviu what w«o ««a oimI b^^nl, amJ oKMuUng a 
l^fcOKOOorteii dai^lkotonlviokiasoiiftetor wlipn Itiwa* 
'pi^'lllf It fttrt>bulftloo UxiHtii him ftom Uiu Uit^atrv&nO 
fvrDntoto liM utlor ruin. — Prjikc'ji OdmAo FAiikiljr. 


InlTTn.tlio foUciwinjz iioto wadscattoCblBkui,ttiBnu|or 

orO>v«tit G^tdvu Thcalrv: '* TW iuftgutr«bw nowwiUii^ 

, At Baw Strict. prc^'Dt tt^eir coinpliiiiffitii Ut Ur. C-cttmoi^ 

j cot to bo l^lOTod amno timo Af-o &t Dniry Irfmn Th«OlTv, 
I'tliey roqo«sted tlio manoficrv iiol to (^3;hibit thU open. 
d^MQin^ it productive of iui«cl)irf lo m>ciffty, ob, m thdr 
opiiuoD, it nioBt undoubtedly iuorwod Cao muDljor of 
Uiiev««. UiMkr tbeae drcuiniriance»,from A MOM of duij 
nnd tb« principlu of titunAJikily, tlio WM;iHf«tes noko 
tliv *iuiji< rvtMUvt to Mr. Lutiu&ii, uvd Cm mi of tfco 
tnJUiA^^trd of Hib Usjcst^'tt HiOAtr^. OoVNil QftnlnL' 

Mr Colin&u Huiwvrfd; 'Ur. C. prtMato kfa k««t 
nspectd to tho maj^BtnUoo vilh who«o nolo lie hoA juil 
brra buDouncd Ho has ikol jret bul tn opfortuuity (>f 
Bubtuittlua it to tho Olhor DMUtilgon^ but r<T Wa«n itort. 
cftOKOt belp dlAhiii^ in opinion with Uw la^toiimiM, 
Ibbkbg thAl tlio llMtio 10 uDO of Um Tory fiw hcoMi 
in tho noighboorhood ihot dofo not oontrihuto to Inenuo 
'tho nombtr of thJovoa.'* 

Mr.pMire, |]i#hk«nph««, noyvthot, " Intii'iw Joiutthan 
Wild Amj% Mr. CounoAo f*vfy to tho iw^rtteo was 
nlh«f aovom* 



out AT !SiCAL. 


XfLinl Ctiuipljttl lliuH (-xpljiuivd llic cirl^iti of ueiii^ u, 
tifeai ^iulI, Fn^m Ihh art of wntlrii; br^tn^ liitt^? kriuwii. 
6W1I0 b^&Uie coEumuu; &ud tbu Ktiii^, auconliu^ to Ihv 
^hiou uf Uiv ftf^. ftiJfjpUul A M^iul wiUi witich wriU and 

S:uiba wore aefiloJ. Thift waa cftUod ibo Great Seal, atid 

Fur Af^eH lo como tho Chancotlor hod no M^ior&lo 

Judkial pow^r, and wjlh iil>(, cuDnidwrad of wry hi^li 

di^'nity in tlio Stai-'^ and Uio office WR» chiefly c-jar tod 

aa ft HUippiiJi'4Uiii0 to A 1ji»bo|i^Ct to which it nJjaoat 

iiAVHrialtfy W. Particular individual holding i]\tt Gn^al 

Soal acquired a CiTnl ascoDdc-ncy from thoir talonta ; tmt, 

aiuoug Lh'i Ar]|rTo-Sa3<onii, the I'imnci^Jlor won noi, ^no- 

ralljF a coniipif^oiiA n^nmbr^r of tho ^vcmmont, and in 

,tlie ^aid^' An;j1o-NonnaiL rvi)£ii>i hv raiik^ ou!y sixth of 

|l1io tfi'onii olHi:'^i':« iindirr thii tVown, coniinp afu:r the 

[Cbiiil JuHtJcijn\ thi- CcinhtaLiIv. llii> Maiir^tdjnl, thi^ Stuward^ 

ftnd Ihr rhanthnrlain. At thix timo tbc Ch'iai' Justunai 

won hy far thu ;,'ri:atoi:t sulji-cU htfth in rank tiud [lowcr. 

lio wit* KcneiaUy inkvxi ftDm cimon;: Uio high herinlitary 

borooui; hin funcitionn woro moiv prjlttio^L Uiou Judicial; 

he iioiiiotiiuu ivd oriiiie* to battTu ; and wlji^ri blio 

Sfivei'oipi waa btj^md ihu nca, by virtuu of hjH offitv, oa 

n;4{cjit, he govcrmed thv rQalm. 

In early ti in t**, Ihn KiiiH uwd oLT:aj(lona.TLv **i A^^v**^ V* 


ovrntmras uy law aku uvtkos. 

of golJ.ftnd ou4»of mIvw. but withllicMaiii ioapmaiiofi, 
lo to wd for iho aim fHiqxMn ; lui'i bcn^v wo iliU talk 
of tho "Awlii b«iiig in ooramitfion/' or of a [Articular 


ioiiividiiAl "hfing a cftrididAt* for tho trAb,' 
Ing tho ofBcv of lord ChonooTtor. AUbougli, with Um 
«xc«fitioD of t)ia rii-d Gfvai Scftk iMod by llic King Alul 
tko Tjuliaiiicnt itoring the Civil War, m tbc tUD« of 
ChajbA I., Lh<;ra Juu nnt boon for mArtjr ocaUmcii uoro 
thvi on'^ Hroftc Scftl in oxUtoDoe At the ■iktn# tinw^ vbat^ 
itD B notr roign, or on a cbongo of tho rov&l unu cv Myle, 
nil onfer in ouulo by Uie Sovcrdfli in Oouncil fi>r a u«w 
tiruit SHAli'thu old ono iw publidj brokoo, and Uiu Jrag- 
mcntd bpooiDQ the Gm> of tlic CbLnoellor. 

Tbo rluAC roll ftbouiubi witb cimoiu dotailn of tlio imnful 
ni^nnAT m which Uiit UnAt St^l wu k«-pt in its " white 
leathern bog uid «ilkcrt piuvo," ttnJer tbo pnvale veoi of 
thu LliuicpUor. Thcrcs wab a rule thkt he >boaki not 
liiVe it out of tliA r«Aliu ; &nd tfiia wmti 4)buTvcd by M 
Cb«&e«llpi« uxoe^H Uiirdirittt WiJvcy. whv, to l&:fl, 
«VfM it with hitn into tlio Iy>n- LVrt][^trif<?f, Anil AFAlnl 
writs with it At OIaIa; a suj^rfi^^d riril&tioa of duty, 
which fnnntfd nno of i1i« Arti^fo* <^ )in im|>f«br^neiit — 
I Camp. CfaAncp, S7. 

T1IK oaSAT BUXU ns HftUllHa AJCD niltPOHS. 

Lord OnaplwU tu^cin tho» obvervAtioiM reApocttQg 
tli« Gtviki Sttil, uid tho inodo of itpplyinfr it It i* con* 
aidercd th« onUen of K>v«fvisiity'— tJu davU rr^i — 
tbo only k»tf«»i«ii( by which, on Mlrnm vr^CAa^ioa^ tl)« 
will of tho Boverd^ An b« ^tprcM^L Ahto1«t« &iOi 
lA anivvnally |pron |o every do<^mcnt purporting to bo 
under tb« OrcAt SoaL aa hArmg been daly icaM wiLh It 
by titfi aiitliority of the Suvvr«<gTL 

Tli<i Uw, theT«for«. IaVm a&xioiia priy&ulion^ t^ ^Afd 
AgAinsI Ally nbu«c of It To oounUrfrtt liic GnAt 5ca1 
U high tfi>aHon, %tui thrn mm only o^HAin modrs in 
which tho ffDiurino OnAt SotI cab bo lawfully uwd— 1 

CAmp, UhAlBC, S3. 

auaiciLLoft A TRADrm jomc. 

Kf Robert PArayngo, who^ in ]3il, hold the GnsAt 
rA» IIm flnt rqgalArty bred cotnioon JAwyiv wlw 


WM cvor ikp^iointci to tlia ofHco nf Cliiuiccllor in 

Lonl Cliaiicflllor Slinfttabmy, Ih tiic roign of Oharlia 11,, 


Hift bnaintta of the Ci^urt of Otiancery had ai> much 
iocroaatid iu 1 jr>$, that, ta diBj^oio of it uatltifiioUrrily, ro> 
quired a jud"u rpfluliuly IraliK'U to Lh« prof»»ioii of iha 
law, aud willing to dcvotn lo it all lib onuiyy and 
iijduBUy. Thti SUtuto uf \\'iiU, tli« Statute t»f Uiwv Hio 
new uirjJt!! of c^nveytincing introclucwl for avoiding 
InmiuuaUliuu ^f pUEHcsion; tit's quu^lJuus tvbidi aruiw 
respMtintc thi> pni|i<ri ty of the dijsolvtd nioiiA^tvrit'fl ; arid 
thegrt^at iiKTtJUiiu uf uymmerotf aud Wtialtb iu tlie UHiitin, 

btnii;;li1 M\':U zi uumbet of iiiiport^uit KtiiU into Uv> Cuurt 

of Chanivry. that tUo hoUW of tbo GrL»at Seal oould no 
lori^v KuLiHfv tb«^ I'^bUo by ocrmtioiiully atvaling u few 
lioura iVum hh ^wlidcAl occu|)&tio]is, ttj diiip04U <rf bJltn 
and |itfiLttunj*, and, not udIv wait Iuh dtwil)' ntLvudAnc^ 
dpTiiandod in W-^«trriinnt«r itnll durin;^ toi-m time, but it 
WAA necovwar-y tbat lio bbuiild oil for a poiiioD of each 
VfLivLtion, cHber at Win own lioviAi^ tn- in homfi convonittnt 
jdiLPo appointed by liimj for cloarln^ oil' hifl mToorH, So, 

ft rtumtb fiftiir Lord Oiiviurlloi' lloalbit di-nth, (jUMtl 

KlitabHh frpiind otjt a thonnigh business miui, 

On tlig 2£nd d( ]>cc«mbgr. U5S, wd aro told ibat, 
" botwppu t1i« hoora of ten and eleven in the forenoon, at 
the (Queen's ICoyal Polaeu of S(Jiucrr;ut Uuune, in tlio 
tJlrfiJid, ihe ^uevn, inking tbe Ureut Sen] from lU wbit« 
Jeatber bug and red vdvct pune, before tin.* Lord Troa- 
wirarand luuny olbei'n, dvLiverud it U> Sir Niehulan Bacon 
(fatbtrrofl^ir Krnticl-i baii:on].wilb Urn litleof ]Jf]l^l Ke<:por, 
anil all thu pow^^ra belonging tu a Lori CliuncioUor ; miil 
h^.^nb^hiWy rrcfiving it ti-otn btr Miijtwty, bftvini^ flt^ded 
with it a vuEuiiionct U> the Convvoatiun. rutimiud it into 
il4 Ii5at1ii?in ba^ und vr-ivf<t purne, and rarvt*^! il r^ff with 
litm, to bo bcdd during the good ploaauro of her Ma^«AL*<j^ 




ctnuosincs op law axv Lxwviuta. 


fir a tttanding orJ(!r oJ tW Houk c^ LorUfl, tlui Loml 
Cbaoci^llo*, tt'hen ftd'JrcA«tng th«ar Lf^Mliifia, ix to bo 
uncoTtfvd ; buc ho i« our«T«d when be midmatm odi*n, 
iDdiidin^ a dcpuUUon of the CotamoiUL 

\S'liDn lieKpptMus in bbofiki«l capttcilyin llm iinwinrn 
ol tfao Sjvcrcifrn, or r«cvin« nooueDMn of the Ho«ox>f 
CbtDinpDH »t ibc bftr of tli« ll^iUM of LorJm, ho butm in 
hU hand ibo iiunn dMitAioin^ (or cUTrpo^cil tji cont&ln) 
ibo Urvat SvJl Uu other occaaUoui i( t» CJkrnvd by bv 
purwbfviJr, or iim U^l^ore him on thf ctiibl^iD of lii« 
«ulbonty. WIk'Ii h^ (;^>fB bufuru b t'ciujinitu^ of th« 
Uuiueof OoniTOunik h(r M^&rx hit riJ^:n» Ami it 4tl?ftiff*rl 

by hi* mooo-bcoier %nd ytintlc^vT. Bcintf ai^at^J, he 
puts on bin liat. to u«eit tJiv <1i;piity of tl>v Uppt^r II<iu«p, 
And thctk,)iAvinguQoov«r(Hl.giv>M hU«viden':u,—10uatL 


Th« a|>pot»tiuL*Di to Uk« 4>ffie» of TArd Cfauiofilbr in 
rwy rvuiultf tini» ua» by pftient or niil vf Frirjr *>tal. 
or by mia[>tTidiD2 the Uiva£ ScaI by « cli&in rwjml hb 
Qvokc; biit fur uiuiy ji|^ Uw d<ji(«r9i|pi bM cwifarml 
the «lfioe by njmply d«livt?rtiij* Iho Qmi SmI |o the 
]iurH*Ei vihn 14 tti hol'l il» vtfi-t^lly ttfMr<nkO{( hmi by tbl 
tide whtrh b*^ iH U' U^r }|fi iii< (i in«ta«Uy t^ltca llic 
oatbi. anJ IN rLoth«d vKb a11 tW uithority of tht o4fl«>, 
■Itboui^li tiHi)ftJlytb*fcirv«ciUiin;- ii|i>^rn tb«» publicoxorcMo 
of it, M bftft bMii hMftll«d in M witb £T«4t j>o«np «&d 

LMtn cnAvcinxoR lit i pieitt txyusciUAtL 

Tt i« MUd by SohJf<n, IhiU thf» Ixird Clun-nllor i* A 
pnvy OQUiidUoir by V)Hu# or hi» ofQ<o ; but thi« cau only 
UNau ihftt bo w ODtitM to oftrr Uiv Kin^ adTwi^ M mi^y 

Knmr do; tiot that by tlie d<{ivory of tbe Groat 
to Lim, b« i« iaf^idtfiUjIy «oiMtitittod a roonibor of 
Ibfi Piivy OdudoiL with the powcn kwfoUy boloo^i^ to 
tbat oBicQ : for no ouc out *iC in tbo Tiivy Cu«iocd, who 
ia tkot by thi* AjiociAl «ominai»il ef the Savcrdgai^ilioiut^d 


ft nunjiUr of it; and, u far bock M can 1>« tr^LOi-J, the 
r*tinl Chunwillnni who w^pc not privy 4^i)nni?i1]j>rA pr«- 
vioupi tu their olcvation. Lava hewi sworn of tho Priv^ 
(iDiinciJ, like oUier grcftt oIHcoh of kUU. — 1 Uktai\ 


The TnwL wlfihrntfiiJ "AyiTig «l>o«t iJie juHicial iKHYcr 
of tlio LciH Cliwiccllor is thjit of Sdd«ti : " Eijuity Fa *„ 
n^gHiMli tiling': thr ln» wi> liJi>y u lujwsmv, tCquitv it 
fttoorciinq tn Ihfl conacionco of him who h Chancellor, 
and AM thnt ift larger or naiTower, «o i« equity. It h all 
one AJi if limy hhouM maktr ><tJkiiilnr[J li^r the niMffur« 
we call a fo*jl, 'a CliA'ic*nor"* foyu' Wfial mi uiicorUtu 
lOfiAnttro wruilf] Ihia Ix* ' Hnn Omnccnftr hfl.*ili l(»ng fonit,; 
another a nh<jrt fuot ; a Ihivd , an indifToront foot. It U 
Ui|i iJhiiK^ thJni' t[L t]i« 4.'hai)c\']lor'» CL»n»cii^nc«."^3vlJ. 

»T, swtrnisj A3 i^nn nHAwrmxou, 

Tlio lei-^-iuJ ijfSL ^^withm, oncts JLoi^l CliauL^elfLir, aliout 
8(iiwflfl tj tliia dfutU U watt thought that tba boJy 
of tliu Halut oug]it to Lh> inuifllateU fn>Di the uhunjliyani 
to b« [l4?}xiajt«{l uiiiter the bi^h altar, artrl Ibr ISthof July 
waa itiLvd fuf thut cureinony, whmi ihuru wci-u ti> l>a 
tho iiii>i?lgoiV!ou?i |>TTH'-i.'HHifina evrr nr^t^u ri) |{ri^] DuL 

ho highly d!tta|^i>rov<5ii of tlii dWi-iti't] of hia dying in- 
juTictiiiJi. and wot a tiviiU'iiJonH miii, wliu^h i:unLmiiM 
without Intennirtiion for forty Jaje. ftn<l owing to it» 
Inhriftj; b> long thtf iin»jv«t w*i hI>:4ii'Ii>n*.''1 Kvir Mneg 
then he in coiwidcri?d to rw^ulate tJii> weather for forty 
lUyh fmrii tUo day of hie pm^iuvi^d it^aiiHlatinn, laying 
down th'tH rulp, that aa that day th frtii- or fi~ktil, it will hn 
fair or foul Jor fort> day* thou-aftcr, 

The foundciA of thu Uiifi>r(Ejal^Ejji in Kuj^^Und ii^m 
to hftvo critcrtttinrd a very grateful rccoUcciion of hi.i 
jtrrvLcoh to ibo Chnrch.for tlipy havrr |iirdtirviH| llio I.Vth 

^if iluly iM a naint'n day, dcdicnrn^d to iiorrl i.!hrLn«nllor 
Swithifi. it mii«t W a'tmittoi that thoiv h |rrvut diHi- 
culty in dUHn^tiithrn^ bntwcrn what !■ nnthni\tV Wh^ 
what is r^bidou* in ih(K hiiiw>ry. — \ C*iu\v> Ov^m; /Ali. 






cnmosTTlEA eip law ahd lavtxss. 


1^ CbuwaUor 1)« OrnioH^ ud Edwvxl tb« FintU 
other minMtimwttn AXOCMirclj^ unpnpnUr, insomuch that 

a Fariiunent tmJknlKMm ftfi«r bi« ajipointmrnl. anal' 
ItemTft vruM mode to oirry n fAvntmt^ hchi-nki' u^v^nd timcH 

maht fvMvaid in ivcftk rcigim about tlju ptriod of 
ihli hittoty, but which we nhould ttol have cxpoclcd 
to tisd prupusi-'d tohiiB wlio hod un'iacrcd Wotef^aad 
M bin «'ictoii'>Ufl annJcB to Uw cxtretiuiy of SkoUi&ti, 
AftiurU-. \l\fLi tliA Ctkoncellor.Chtcf Juatic^.ond TVcmiuh; 
tiboiilu b« eb<;««i or appoinUd by tliu oonmuiuty of ib« 
kUlgd^un. Tbo Kmg. by Ibc l.l^ftncrlloir'A adTiocv »- 
twnad fbr uwwur, '* 1 j>viii;iv« ycu woold kt yo«if 
plMMm nuike your Kirif^ uuclcb? ^:> yon. and btiiw kiin 
umin Buljuction. Why bare you iwt a»ktd tlio Oroi 
of IDV aliw 1 WhiUt at Iht* uiiqo time yuti louk upon 
ifl rei7 fSt and ncccMaiy fur yDtir»«tv» wliidi you gTodg^ 
■ma tut uu yuur Km^; for it Ih lantfat IVir «VDry onv 
|€f y<}U, M niuiter of hh own fotuily, to tAk« iti or torn 
out what HTT^'anl^ lit pl««w« ; but if ] may not amioliii 
my Chancj-ltor. Oii«f Justl», aril TrMMf«r, I wfll bo 
iw loDi^ your Kuig; yet If thvy ur any otb»r officorv 
■Loll ikiyoii luiy wrong or injii-Cii^, and ^lORkplaint be 
Biado of it toniD, you aKaJI Uion bavo soma rcwioB to 
gnuuble if you aro nnt iigbt««1." Ttiia flniinoH h^ 
'iiftcJi ail ctfrcl, that tho Hnront humbly b<w*d tht King'a 
pordoD for tJicrr prtTriumption. — 1 CaiDpi CEuCh, 191 


Lin Ibo mnmar of Uia yoar l££d, King Entry lU.. 
Mng aboQt to lea^l an «2i;«>dUlon IbIo QawMiy, lo qoaB 
an itttttrrrfiion in tbat provitw*, apf^MMf<d Qa««B 
Eloanor I,ttdy Koopor of tho Gn«t SmI dnrinfr bin atancv, 
with thia doclaralion, "tliatif any tliin); whtdi miffbt 
turn to th«« dctrimvnl of th« Crvwn or realm waji mM 
id the Kifig'ii naiiif'. wbilnL ho conttau«d out of tb«raalro, 
witb any other ical, it dionld bo utterly void.* Tbo 
C}rk«cn wax to aci vitli the advko of lUchard, Karl of 
Cornwall, tbo Kin^'a brothur, aiuj fithcra of Ida CottMiL 


Qcconlinirly h«ld thu ofiAco ucarly a wWti yuiv, 

njrmiil^ aU its iluiiWH oa well judicial oa iDiiiiHUTrjnl. 
Lord OuiiplKll tbur^ Mt buund to iiic^luOu bur iu tiio lisl 
i^f " Chujii/vlit^rH and Kvciiurn uf tbu Lin<iil Sutd," whuHu 
iivJM Ile? hftd unilortakon to dolrnL-d1<r. 

Th4 ^etUnt; (>f u'Hur uid uonuuou InKtrumuubB was lufti 
under Um dint>cCjon of CJit^pn Elf«nur, to Ki]k«[iny, 
Art^idttaouD or Govi.<utry» but tbo moru imporUat dutio* 
of tbe offios tthu cxifculeil in pvtson. H\\e >^l &X ju^lg-j in 
dio Auk R«gia. Ugioning Ult sltLiu^ ou the morrow of 
tlm iittUvity of Ihv lit-iWvU Vir^'iii Aiiiry. 

Thftw Bittiiij^ Wtre iiiLrrriTptjjd by th« Ac<?i>uchemoTit 
or tbdjiKl^,'!^. Tlifj LaOy IvuL'pcr Lui b^^m lufL by l^«r 
liusbiujil til & HUti) cjf giiv^riAiicy, auJ un th^ 2^Cb of 
Nuvijiiibt^r, 12^3, lAw vra« duUveiud of a prliicjw, to 
[Wh^iii l\%n AiY-bhifthop of lltrit^ir bury, bfr itm^]f>. ntotMi 

dfathor, nnd who wfw bapliztiO by tb>.^ immo of 
Jatborioe; b*iu^ buni on St Uilborin^''* dnv. 

Her Iftiiynbip wflM ftftcrwAnlsi troftb'il with crfrftt rUilr- 
nc^ by tbt> Lumloa mob, wlio noU^id b^r vtltii iJuL nud 
rr»lliin i'^;;^, nml crinl " r>rnwTi (j>n wili^h 1 " whicb ffighU 
Diud hot, ari'l tlrovo bor for TttAi(*e to t!^e Towor. Tho 
King rifvr.r fuiv'*vfl tho Londnmm f*>i' Ihin comJuct 
Slio altimntoly t<x>k tho veil, nnd retired to a muQufiUiiy, 
when her sun, Kiiwanl 1 , bpL'dtii*^ King; but aho Ijvod 
to MO him at tbo hd^ht of hi^ glury, iu l^i^^. — I Catup, 
Chnnc, 141.<— Ifoiu's Jadifua, 


That ilivLirki^uJj^lK^L mi\i\y Wjllijim t^f WickbAUi, uho w&i 
twice I^oTxl (J[iftiicnllor, WAA iv)m la th<^ yKiAr 1^:11, ai the 
%'ilU^ in iliuupi^bJro from wliioli Jii> l4X>lv bJA nainOf of 
poor but honr^t pA^^nt», briu;* Mm. fl*in of John !*ongj and 
Sibyl, bift wifo. Ho piv)bably would novor bavu bifaii 
knin^'n Ui tbo world hml ho not, wln^n ftlmo*t fputo & 
cliil't, n.tlm'Jlt[| tlifl notice of >Ji<!hoIiVi UvcdaK Lord of 
tbe Manor of \Vli:lchu.Tn, And govanor of \Vinchi?-t^r. 

wlo put him to sichool in th&t city. H« ij lil<t>wiau said 
to hnvu hwa «^-nt tu itudy tt Uittord ; but thrrtv is ^vctkt 
ruaoii to doubt irboibur no over woa at au^ uok^*OTA.\J3, 
tbod liitt uplendld louiiduLioiui for Ulu Qdu(^Vi^n\ >A ^itmtO^ 


COKlOSmii op LAW AKIt tAtTTElU. 

(Mini iv rc«cuo ulbt-rv from tho duAilvuilAgiN undfrr 
»bick hfi hn*^ hinmrlf UbourrH^ f^r Im nanr poMnsftd 

htebolAitio kaniin^. and ho owed bu Mlvftjiconraibt to tfao 

pUftUfft r«ffvMirorhii |{rrjti]s.midth^MicrKy vhkti enabled 
him to mmaoont oil ditficulUca Whiio icill a yooUi 1h> 
bvcamt ntivaU vrrvUry Id hja pittDii, aod warn lodood 
itt a hlgii turret in WiacWter CoMle, of which Urvblo 
M/m» conntahle. Hen h^ iiubitwd that cntbuniMiie 
E-adtntnitJoa of Cothk archit^-'duiv rthicU wiu the founda- 
tion of bin foitutiLv Ki>! i*niis Lhf^m wm no raLhvdraJ, 
andcnt church, bArx>fiiiLl IlaI), or Norman cutjc, many 
uika n>u&d that hv had nut \'iBit«i^ vid stvdwd ; and 
ho *ot to work locuriiailcr ACMnlifically h<Mr M»h *tAt«ly 

I jtnsGtUTVA wcra erecUHt. aiid lo AjivrQ in hia iuia^inalion 
otbera itruidor and of Eiurr \*trmortMrty%. 

Wickhun fiimtoh^d the d^Aigna for tlic na« <^il« of 
VTimUtir such imaHv tu viv aovr boliuld tl; Builablo to 
itA nolrtf? p^iMtion, ftitil for ftimplicity aird gvafMl«BiiT 
uuperiof Vj any luynl roiadut)0« In tuu world. Ilu abowed 
cucivtp.'ridiii^ vigour in rarrj'inijr Ihts jiUti into ^xccutkin. 
hy a Mretck of pnrrog&UTft, evory oouuly la Kn^Luid 
«» i>hli);«d to HAiid a ooDtangcnt of tnaj*ina and oihor 
woriciDOL uhI in ^ surprliini^y eliort period the tftractorv 
wai QOntpMod. It U Mid tliat tba ardill^ot jRlk'^ dMf» 

jfitfbttoo to hia royal nintir by nladng on ono ovUia ^Mm 
lb* UwcTiptiun "Tbia umdo Wichrui," nhinb van coft- 
iIcvmI into an am<puil ar>|«»EirjAlkbn u* hinvv-Jr of all 
tlM glovy of tlic oditi«ft But bo imia*d that Ui^ u^orda 
iKtjtm to Im rr«d a'l a t raivil at km fif iriVAamHin jW^ ^/ic 
noi of y/M /fcii U'i<-Aiina***, Tliat wmrding to t^' 
UkiiaJ idiom iif Ibr Kn^lUh lanKiin;f«^, ^'Wiclkauk" wa< 
here tlie aocmmlivc ciii< i«aUad of the noniinatUY^ and 
that h« only v iHh«d |x*tprity to hoow that inn noi^nn^ 
Ufidrnen of ibA work had ^'aine-l him the rrnyni tnvotir. 
and thtM had tabcd him fi^rn low d.*;.'^^ to pxaltod 
r-ittUM. Bilward wan Bpp«ftMod, and «*««■ a/t«ffiirariU 
delighted to h<mour bun. 

la 1371, aluoi William of Wickham bod Iven Cbati^ 
dbUot (our yi<ant, the Karln, l!arona and Comnona ol 

^BnjlJuid, (t)K' LonU Bitiiidjal, aa midhi hav^ 1«aa 
cxptdtAf no4 joining in tlie votfr), fietitioiMd tlio Klojf, 


" that Uinnreforth nuno but liiyinon nhouM ha itppoinUMi 
-X/Timi':cl!or.orotiicr jji-tal oilkvr or ifjvenior ot' tuo realm, 
tbo Abtto b-ul l>Mn t<ir> loTi^ f^Tt'rrt^il Uy churchmen 

Whoii CljaiicvUur Wul4i*y fi^uiid tlittt liv wna finally 
cnst olf by bia mA«t«T, Hpiiiy V\U.. veho was now undfr 
tliv ontiro luanacvMiienC of othi^i- fdvourittH, aud Ibai b« 

Ltiitt«l tixoi >>ii.l aili'!U Iri aI] lii" grwtbneM, for & tiriw )if> 
lout Ell] rortit.ado: "ha ^^pt lJk>^ & womftik and u^fiilt^d 
likti a dnliL* On h\f9 rHu^u W I'UEtdi^u, In^wuvL^t, Lh 
jpjdtfl ratliod. and ho roaolvoJ witb docor^'v to ntoui Iht^ 

[IrufjeiKluLij blow. On thu GuL duy i^f Mii^lui>.*]mu* U'nu, 

^whicb tlicn bii^nu in iho mi<ldUi of October. }io htwilod 
tlie u«ual gTAud pruct>««iuii to Weaiioinj^ter UaTl, ridm^ 
fm bih muln. jhtti^nJod by bin <^raww, bin jnllAm And biH 
pi)ll-ojtofl, fttid on immonsn rntinuo to dofond tho (Jroat 
^i^ft[ iidil tl^o rAiiliiinlfl hnt, lb wt r^mtLi-k*^ thut Jn 
the pi'occasion, und wbilo sitting in tho Court of Cliftnoery, 
htM nmnnor wa?i di^nitii-il hnd i^^dWiihi, ftlthou^b li(>, ami 
all who h(>hcM lilm, know that b^^ hnd lou^rhcd thi^ 
hlgljci^t point of all Iil>^ ^iiraln(i>4, uad fivm tbu full 
mnHdiiin of hiJ" cl'^ry ho hAAtjiimd trt bij» netting. Thin 
WAd hm Iruit uppcarancic) m publia nn CbanoiiUor, 

Tho [inmiT ovoning lio cowivcd a private intimation 
tliat tho Kin}; bad openly fmnminoGd Jiin immodlat^ 
diaBTncft, Tho next day he remnmrd at homo, hourly 
cxpuotirax tha mcwongor of fato. but it po^i^d on M'iLhout 
any otcurrvnoo to terminate liia nuapciLie. Tho folL-wirij; 
day, bowp^vcr, cama the Duk™ of Norfolk rtnd Sutfollc 
fWm Ihu K-in;;. "dtrclu'iujftu him bow thvKiii^'n p[<uuiurD 
vrtA thnt b« aliould mirrtivlor and drlivor up tho (Jroat 
Btiai into tbuir hnndtt" Ho denuuiJcd of tWm "what 
imini«qion th>*y hufA to gire hiui &ny !iucli uommand- 
lODt?" Tbcy aiiiwtTud, "' ihoy wun* the Kinn^a com- 

'miftiMuFkvrH ill iJittt li'.dialC havmi; ordif^rt by liu uiouUi to 
do BO." Ho denlod that tlim waa Bufflcif^nt without 
furthor aiauiCvwtalkru uf thv Kiii^'« pJezututv^ and. In-^ 
wordfl paMod betwoen then). T^\fe T)wV«a 'w^ki d^JCviv^ 

ou;: >. I i^^-s or LAW AVD hkvntm^ 

to Uk« Ui^r doparture vritbout nocomfiluiliiiig IKoii- 
ob{«rU Bat iLe ii>?xi im-miti^ ibey bruvgtit from 
TVicdsor J«tUT» from iW Kint^ anikr the Privj Bed, 
deuandifig Uie ftutreud** uf ihe Grval ^lind; iHwraipoa, 
ex^rMsioff gre«t rarorviM for ili^ Kind's autbority >i> 
ci4*n:iM^r^> dQllv«nd U tii> to (hum Indosed iu a box. 
of wMch >i« K^Te Uwm Uio ny^ Tb^y &L tLc mn^ ilma 
Kigiufiixl U liitn hl« UaJMty'a p]«ttMUrv, tlial lio Khould 
•umenikr tip York Pk«T ami Jill bi« pcii»oftioni, and 
rctiiQ to Ub oouDtry Iioum at EAliar."-'! OimD|i, Ch4th&, 


Hid ■Hcrtkin of foniUT imgo «m« oonwi in Um >Utiit« 
5 Elix c IS. which Kavo to tbo Lord Ki>«p«' all tii* 
PowD» of Lord Chau««llur> vrhen tbtrv ]i»l be«ii « Lord 
K«^pcr vithoui B Lord Chancellor; but tlj« frADMr of 
thftt MUtuU' wuA probably not Jiwiin of wbU vc, iron 
tbe exaiQin&tioD of Iho tecorJt, nov know, tbftt in ••Hy 
n there vm f^uontly & Cbutcellor a&d KHspor « 
Or«*t &«ftl tt tbv MIBU time; wh«D tb« btUf CQ«kl 
«oLy Act liy tb» BjifcifJ dinctioAR of the fbnnAT, Tlwrv 
oouJd bot. «fWr *> KtiL, Imtv been a ClujtnlloT Hid 
KMper ftt tbo nme Unko, but M oecuion for fnch ■& 
amwm'mt is bow obriat^ by ttio uulUpUofttion of 
VIoMJliuicdlorM.— 2 Ckmii. CIimk-., !H. 

niB fViKciKo nt Ay<:nxoiL 

Wiiat w«« t1i« utooiabiiMiU of ouurtiers of UwjtnL 
anduf citi»iiis» when on SftturdAT, the tOtb of April, 15£E7« 
tt *«■ UinOi::ictfd tl^t Qn«Mi Blinb«tli liad oiomd Ibr 
th« ke«{i4?r of b«r cojiJK^nm. to riroaldo In the Cbincofy^ 
tad thv Star Chamber, and tlie IIoum of Ljrd% and %o 
taperintetid ihe admiitii4iaiion of joitioo thrnughoot Ui^ 
rc«lai, ft gfty foppiBh <&va)kiT iwvor called to tlio bw, 
aikd diielty fjuned fot bU handftoiiM ptautm, bb taito in 
dnn, ftnd skill bi dandu— Sir Chrwtofiber HaUonI 
In tbv Icog wfn of lUijMboth, no doatMMic occuttmm* 
ftftcifti^ BO hMh^ an thbi appointcnont ; but, with llw 
f jECvption of hor cliotciv of BnruhUy for hot luinutor, shv 
W1U moAi ioflni-or>H in tli« vrlcciion of penum for btjch 



rmploymoiit hy yar^iiinaX favour. But wliilo ho ftpent 
luiidi (^r bia tiui<-' iQ dicing at^d ^llaulry. timru vtvnt Lw9 
nmuFiAtnrnU to Vp'hioh h*i jmrttCdTftrly rlt?vot«d Irimielf, 
auci wliif^h laid Ibo founduliiMi of bis futiir^j fcjrtuiMk* 
Tht> Urut wiw J.-viU'ing, wliitb lip Hlmljti) umler lh6 bwt 
mflfltum; and in which hi> oxcolled beyond any miui of 
hU tiiTi? Th^ ■>tiit*r W4H Ui>f Atajrt^; hq coostttoUy fro* 

■liU a buy at Stratfurd-uu-Aifiju, w«ru bfj^iuiiiu^ iij 

tlonriflh; ami ho hlm^olf u^ to a^t^st in writing 
niaw|nuB,and toi:»k ji imrt Id pci-fijmilii^' thoui- Hv waa 
on* of livi* aliiiii?iit* uf Un* Iiniflr Ti?mj.»lo wlnj wrute a 
pl(^ ontitbti, "Taocrcrl and GitrnmnJ/' whioh, in tho 
Y'&ar IfiOB, tvA^ 'icti^d l>> UiJit vu^^ivly bctfunf Uiv Qu^jen. 
vH^tin lie buL-arno a ^leai man. Ida dattorera prettuidi^d 
that \w nuvifi luiJHul (r> EiiHk« tbi» Lukv a prufwhilou, and 
tiiat be -WBA Botib to an Inn of Court mei^fy to ^nish bla 
uduoatiun In tW mia^od sovl^ty af yonug maa of buaineu 
and pleiuura th«ra to be met with ; but tber«< uan b& no 
doubt that* aa a youngor brother of a poor family^ it waa 

of good pleading in actions Tf?aX and personal ; " and tbe 
nawa of the ntnitiua in whkli he dvdicalui liiuiwlf t>o 
dancing, whirh raft^lo hia fortiinOj raiwt have caused 
Jieavy Tieai'U uu<Icr the paternal roof in Notilukmptofi- 
shiTfi. Somo of th<! i^riurtimA At BrAt thought thftt thin 
ooromony was a pioco of wickud pleasantry on tho part 
of tho Cjnoon ^ but. whon it wa^ nnen that ithtt waa 
(criousi, all joined in congratnUtin^ tho n^w Lord Chan- 
cellor, and ^ipmainp; HftttKlnctiird tlmt hc^r Maik^ty had 
bonn emancipated from the prcjiidi<io thnt n musty oM 
lawyer only wai tit to prtrii^lc in tho Ch^noory ; whoroju 
tliat Court, hoing ^%"«rnnd not hy tiin atrict nilpa of law, 
but by natural equity, juvtioa would he much better 
a^lminiatfivd tlii^te by a gontLcman of plain gncid acnM 
and kiiowluil^ij cjf tlio worlJ. Muutingn of tlic bar wttro 
h4>ld, and it wa* roioU-ed by many sorjeanU and ap- 
rminUoca thai tUt^y would nut pLad heturtj the new 
Uhancdlor ; but a few wbo iijokL<d ™^orly foj-a-ivivncument, 
dtHKntod' Thu Cl^ancfillui^ himbcif wqa dr:tcrinin«d to 
bmi^ tho Httjrui, and KJixabt^lh and all licr luimHte^ 
«zpr«A&«d a detcrnihtation to atatvd Xi^ \aiti. ^tV^ 



cxcMilingly oiitaow^ 'not vcDturinff to wle bcjrflmt 
Uio tludlow iii»i][tii of tqiiity. wbvre he could dutioctly 
iM tbo boUAEn- He aIwuvh look time to coaiirler m 
orMijfUlficulty : ^ni in t1ivH» liu wm e^id«J b]r 
ndricc of ono Sir ItlduLnl Swftl«, dA»«rib«d B.t hut 
["••rTant-fri',"Dil." who wib a Di«tor of Uic QtiI L»w, 
itnd a cteik in Um- CliancyTv. and woll ikill^ m all iho 
l>imcticQ and ilcwtrinw of iht} Court. 

All contetii jH>riu J aivounU ^ycrt^ (iMt the l^u«a*a 

iwgtfci and vadU' hoA uich ua cflo^ ttpon hU s|>1rit0, 

ihMi ho died of a bn'km huarL in TriuiLy 1«*ir, 15^1, 

Lnii w«A pabtielr oWrv^nl hi» had InaA lila gi^tj aoA good 

[ioolcs. Bo did not nlly during tb» lon^ vaciUon, mad 

'laa Hidiftflnsu l«cm ouim romid, h« waa coaillD«d Bo 

^^ia bod, Hb ud oa»dltioii Ma^ rolal«d to KIlAbol^ 

all her fbrtn^r fort'lm^x fur hini ravivMl, (Lnd ibliO IwravlT 

banlod to hb Iiojm in Ely Placo with cordUl brotlii, 
in Um kofw of mtoriii^ htm. Th«i« alio warm^it aikd 
odWod him wilb hi^r ovn hand, whik kn lay In had, 
uxauy HH^Uiin^ oxprnwiona, and Ittrldin^liin liv| 
h«F aalc^. *- BciC hn wd, "alt wdl not do: no 
[mlUoiwill draw up a hoart onco cant down, thoa^ a 
[QiMwn hafwtfjilMHild wt hftr hand tbervunlA* Hrdj'til 
'Sn tha •voni&i; of Kriifay, Ibo Slat of Novombor, in the 
tiflj-fonrlhyoarorhU ogo. — 3 Ounp. (Tharn^, IS5. 

Orn:B OF CUA?rcEtljOlMillP OK OOSDHtOS or CniXOlKQ 

A IcUoT b proMrrcd a4 Plowden Hall. vHurn liy Q«mvi 
KIbaWdi to 8etjtttnt Plowden, fJinUiniii^ an olTor 16 
hiEQ Lord Cliancollor. it he vouJd ooiuont to obaa^ 
reliKtuii. Ihe yuiyTEi'* IV^teatant IflndGncMa vara 
i WMMikblo. mad b\n- vant^'d loaoouniho beat Uwymm 
of ill* day. TIm aiunvrurUMt S«naant va* atCoUcMia: 
*" noid nu^ ciroad tovtrtkgo^ axeuMdL Yoar n^^tj wall 
knuwv 1 llnd no raaaon to avarra fh»m tho CatAelie biib, 
in wbjch you and I wara htoagbt op I can navitr, Ihora* 
lbn.Q(>ttDtaiiancstliaptf«oc«UofiofilaprgfaiMn. lAoQld 
havo in char^ your Majotfy'a roniriaiicn una wmk 
iMm I ahooU meat your diipJ«aflu«b >'' it bo yaor 
Hi^jwty'a royl iptopt tooootipoptaaayalani of [loff^eatiiig 


1. li. 

Sir Ohriaifiphf^r Hftlton, Iwforo ho wai mftiln I-ord 
ChuicolW by Qu^in OixAbelli. wa^ hor vJc:» chumUsHniui 
And 0(10 of her o«|>ccifxl favourilCA, and it wju sAid he wu 
the only oneofLer tr>jup» of g&lUoU whorenuunedMu^lb 
for lii>r fuilfo, Slid iiJH«d to Df^tow rh?t h-iiikcn npon him, 
8Uch fu hor"Bbofip." her "mutton," ner "bolwolW," liiir 
" pt»corft oinijii' aivT liftr "lids'" wlii'jH iMt *hf^ occn- 
RJi'pTHilly vwicfl hy pfl.lti:<'^ him " lawi^ot lids, ' mi^iintn^ f^yo- 
Uilfl. !jh« ^TicoLira^ii bim lo writo t4> bur ia tbo uioit 
»^Af.rnv«g4nt «r.ylo of devotion, Hrn^ i« a Jilllo cxtrAct: 
" l^iixloi], fbrOod'«]iaki>^ my ludiouH wrltiJi^ 1 will vtah 
ftwny thft ftitiltt of t!iiy*fi lolliirs with thn dmpji fnirn your 
poor ' Udfl,' and ho «n<Oon> them. Wpukl Gua I wore with 
you but for one hour. Bi^Ar with mo, my mostdpftf ^iwcct 
Tody; poMilan ovorcoiunth mi^, 1 can wiitki no more. 
Love me, Tor [ love you. lAvo (qv flvvr. lln Mjicakt'tli it 
that tnrv-it donxly lovrth j'-^h. flnm n^in T nnivo pjinlon, 
&ud u) Ud your poov 'lid?' rurewolL Vour bondfttnnti 
(?vcr]af<tin^ly txfd. Q TTutton." It woj tmul that once, in 
a fit of i^at^jun, Elis^iboth "colbred** poor Sir Cl^irintophor. 
H(5 was dyiifc^' with onvy of Hir W, Uftloigh, the Duke of 
Anjou, atid othur nvrds. Sbo onj» liod u. Kiiioua c^ucirrol 
about souiv gold bultoiiu i^n his di'^s. 

Art the ogti of chivaiiy ia gnn^, ni) modi^m Lonl CUati- 
coUui: botf bvi^n kuowii to uxcvl in thin Jotter writiu|r. 

Ihk nANHNO cniKCRU^R in suuictv. 

Whilo holding: tlioGroat S*jal. Sir CMUtton'B gri/ataHt 
dt.4tj nation 1^tnt(nll(^d io ba hi* Kkill in dancing, tuxtX. u 
often tkA ho hiwl on opportunity, be abtLndonod himself to 
tlui amiuemonti Attundin^ the marria|ju of bU no}>bi;w 
Mid }wr with a juilgo'jr dftitgbtor, hr was ilcr.kod, accoi'diug 
to Um custom of tbu ogUp in bi!* ofUclil robcn; mid it i* 
vftcorded tb/iTx wh^n the monic! struck np. Ihp doHin] tbcni, 
tbntF ih^m down on the fluur, ai^d BByiii<j[, ''Lio thciv, 
Ur* CbftQi^ollor i " danced the mfii^urca tkt tlia nuf^valk 


386 coittoairi&fl op ulw uid lavtbeu* 

At SiaIm Pbfifl*, In BkicktDebwndiinf^ he bftd a eounlij 

bouM coostracw b Ihe tvti# EluftbHlun tMUc &«9, 

»b«n lia it«A f Air^l CliuicttDor, h« nvvoaI tiua bftd 1^6 

'Knnoitr to oiiU-rtAiti Itirr llAJooty, bH'I iib<iwcd Umt tlw 

«g;ilily UftJ giiK« ivhidi b&d won bor liwt. «b«ai lio wa* 

A4 Uny finely wroio of blm; — 

*" T» nun tbft «c0iQ|^ livll«4 hfii^t > 

bah f«Ml in *chf1MBBtB<i dfalAim, 

And pBMWH Ui«C Iwi to BOtbaw- 

'*fld oA vitlrin 1fc« ipMioiM ffftU*, 
WlMObtluid fifty irurtfffi qTm- luJHu 
Hy>a^ LonJ E«^ M th* bM*^ 
lU S«l kud Mum duwM baJoff* Urn. 

," nil botliy IwJ uhd ■ho»«irinffi BVHSI, 

til* )li:^tL<ru*tril ll^ UIlI UtlV rl-PMlflti, 

Tlou^fh l^>ffl uhJ SjiMUknl could oot truaUe IL* 


WhcB Sir IKrry Norri* wm gcaut b lUtlt wny, Wo£mx 
(it th« end of bift c&rccr. tfuir dbmiMftl W Lho King) 
rdltd him }mek, *«yins. " I ua aoin? that J mhrt no 
difCn tokf^n Ui si^tx) Ui thr; Kinjr; but if jnm woald pn 
the Kin^; iritii tbiii poor f<)ol. 1 trait ht* Hi^ncH vwilid 
Apoept h'lm well ; for iQrelTt for ft nobloiruui'ii pWwin^ ho 
M vxirth ft iKooMUkd pouodft" Thi4 fool, whoce nune V10 
"i'«tch.''ww iK>inudi ftttd^hodto bia ODOstcr, WoImv. that 
it rcduLi«d tax toll ,vc^ocDcn to force hiisto ftccoinpftDyNornt' 
to \Viiidnr,iJtiiouj;hlwkaowthttbc vfti tobetnarfoTTftil' 
froiadui(frftf4i uiit itaqL to rnvnlty ftnil ^tilcndour. Uuft 
pfcwmnj to be told ihmt tbo King roodvMi htm tnnt j^UiJly. 

A totA WW K> nf^enory to th« «<Ub|itbDicnt vf ft Lotd 
CliftncL-lIur, tlk&t wc ti};all fioit oiu la the bovwbold of 8Sr 
Tliomfta liura It U vcty doubtful wb«a ChftttctUoa 
oeuod to liavo about then ftoy mich ehftrvt«r. 

Lurd Chftiic«UoT Mon, upm hk rai|C>ifttln«, ftH nboql 
jttovldinjj for bu offiixffs and ntn^ntA irba were to ltfftv«| 


Lim, ftnil lio eucc^ed^ in placing Uioi^i with Linhops tmd 
JKiblf^iiifln, Ilia stAti> bftr[:rj* wViirb ojimorl him t<^ W<«t- 
min^tAjr llsM Aod WKltolnrl. ho trnn&forroO. with tut uiglit 
wsitvi'Uii'N^ to h\x j^ucr-viu^itr, 

Tho Lord Chftnc^cUor^ fool, wlio imint hnvc bonn a 
great prottowut Ld Jen^oc* jiiuotUiri^ uiiilor MJoLk & okutUir, 
M tnado ovor to Lbo L>ra Mftyor of J^oniion. with a jiUpu- 
latloa tliat Le shouM oonlmuo to 8«rvo iIl9 «JHg« of fool to 
l!n? Tt*m\ WAy*ir for tho time Mn^. 

Thi0fL^oI.wbo8oiuuaowuPaltiaoii,ap[>oani In IIoltKnn'i 
AtUiLvufl |.»icLuL-»^ uf till- M01-4 fATiiily. iJfio nnt.H'iti^itA of him 
hat* biK^n often rc.UtcH, WKon al ri jiinnorntUnildhnll, tho 
HubJL'Ot uf KiH uld iikibHt^r huvini^ r«rtjh»ii to tuku Iho onth 
of aujiretuacy wil* iiiflcu)*>ii?']. thft fool «xcWimrcK "Why, 
wbat aiJolU Ijim that h^ will iwt Awea-rl Whcrcfom 
shoulil ho ttiok to AwoAT ? I hivrr. Airorn tho oath my^iclf." 
— 1 Camp. Chftnc, COS. 

A nuKi'wxoR rirARrtr,r> wrTrr thka^oh. 

LorJ CliancuUor Cl&rondoti, wli<-n ch^f^t^^l by dome pooiB 
Willi tn.-ufluii, li^uvjij^ tlie wouUufjk, iiLmlc u puititvU and 
aniiuatfid dofooco, coDtondin^ that all tht^ ohar^uH wUtch 
wera :Lot ijtiiti^ fnvolouif, wtiJti fulflu - U>ut iiuiiv of tlioiu 
autourttf^'l to tri^a^n; And tlint an iiu^itiadiiiiont for 
LrvrutLiu couEd Dot ihuH bo oommeucwl by oiiu puer a^iniit 
fttiothor, iijioti which noii»l*i ht^ d^hiivii that iht^ j^dK'*-" 
tuij^'hl ho con-iult'jd. Tho JnJg08 bc^ioff sauiioonod. pro- 

iiiirjTiE.-i.'tJ lin.-ii' iinAiiJiiiouH oiniiJOii by thtr moLltl; of Li^rd 

Clit^'t h)ii^<iIco Bi'tiJ^^maii, that tho prosecation van not 
duly ■'"IIIII14 i^codt and that if t)ie L:lmi^L^ v/wa all nd- 
initUii ^' be (rue, there wa;t nothing of treaaon in tbom. 
Tlie Kui^,«eeLD^ th« j-eMult, very ira*go1&rly aout a meaeagB 
to tlir Lord*, tftlljnc lhau\ that m thi> ArticWho findnmAny 
malti^i'8 of foot clmt^od which, upou hia owo certain 
knowU'.J^'i\ Aiti untrue. Tha Lorda ro«olve<l, wsi^j^m' rit*- 
srntfCiUr.. iliat tihoy courarred with thi) j«i<lffCJi, and thoy 
ihiiiiLiHvi^l thn proH«cution, with A Ationg cezmiiro of the 
Vjuvi of nrJAtoT for tho mn-nrtor in which ho had brjiu^t 
it forwujxl- Wni'TUitri wmo iiaucd for hiji Approhoiuioit, 
and hn waa obliged f.o mniAin in cnnfu^Alinent^ Ctiv vncA 


cvBJo«mu or law akp LiVrsM. 


TTh! Court wap. in the time of Lord Keeper (laillard, 
tumlc grrftt «|f<>rt of him. ibo Eikrl of Sundcrluui Ukiog 
ih« Md uid S^^'^IZ <^^ t^« 'iR^T while Jdfrey* wm 
ftlvp'ftVK reo^y to j^n in itie lauijb^ Tlnirc wv « famous 

f'xoiuplc of thii 111 "the vtury of Llie rhinticrmiL'' My 

Lard Kotper wont ono day tnto Ibo <dty, acoompftnlod fc^ 

hiB brother, !^ir sm n rhinux-nn uftooniKrai 

•i^ lAtety ito|K>rU>iL wi ftboQt to be exhibited v a fthnw, 

;lfvxl jaomuiff, ftt Whitoh&U, a ramuar vron induitriouttly 

'Uir^d that the Lord Kee|ier hud b«cn ndmj( on tlia 

t4;tn<^rc«, "anJ soon &(Ur dinner, aonjd Ionia ud 

otber>i <Nii[i« to hiu Icrdahip to know tho trxjih From him- 

.mIT; for ibo icttera of the li^ kdinned it podtJi'ely M of 

'tfaoir own kno«l«d|^ That did not ffirv hii lorddiiii 

annh diMliirt>&.ncf<, N>r be eKi>ecied no better from Iih 

advctBtrii-K But that tii> fri^fi'ls, nitptli^ui ptnotm^ 

who muBl know him to be far Itotu iJ^ilLy o( viy cbiMUb 

ttvity, b}iould bdicv« lU wua ihut rvileU htm t^Atremdy. 

aad much more when tbcj haii tbo face to come to him 

t6 know If it were tme. So It iiaMod ; a&d the Earl of 

&«ad^lamd, wjtii Jetftvys, ao'l othen of that cnw. dvtct 

UttriMd At the lie of their own m4kiiif, but taIumI Uhob- 

■bKcs upon it na a very good JmL"'^ Norttr« Life of 

Kiiflyn t^llH Uit that thia wfta the ftrat rhioooerxia etier 
inlroducvd into t^n^^laod. and that it waa 9o^ii fur ££,0OU- 
fihakafware nuy have bmd " th« Hyrcan Tiger," bvi he 
could ooJy ha^e h«ard, ov md, or »Kvn a pictarv of " Ihe 
unwJ riiiDotcfUh 


Bocer North my^ hia brother, thu Lord Ketper Guil- 
fotd *bftd |;ra»t pl<e«ura in the ncwlj of Bit Jolm 
UoakiWitlke Meiler in CliAncrrry, whoiie chief or rather 
tnlireapplleeUoiiwM lopbitotopby and experimnti^utd 
wbu waa prvaident of the ItoyaJ Society. AfU^ e kinf( 
dny'e work, if bis LonMip vt>uU got ^ir John to a Ftvivii 
hovea fuff a pttU tn^pvr, but ample feaiit of diMOUtea, be 
waa kapjjy ; which 1 can tb« boUer iotlify baring oAaa 


\ict^n one of the compAny- Thrrn wiw no *>ftnif r of ihn 

naxvanG tliat itDO^irmtiom cotild mcilco acccvv^tblo, biit 
tbty MarcliOLl it Ui tlto r^uick ^ nijil nmLlLin^f nvtv jBpranjj; 
Abro&<1 or at home but ono or other of thciii t^a.r]y o\- liUc 
IffOU^iit it uiiLliir «:xu;]iEhali<jn> AnuUior vldit'^r wom Mr, 
Wp|a, & rich |>hLlriso|-h<^r, who lived in BIofirn*hiny. ilfl 
wu sLugb, aiiJ hia hf>ii>« a ^ort of kiiick-kuack-atoi^. 
Mont of thi> mi^oious iicrson^ fi,Loufr Invrn Kr^nii^linicA 
vUiteii bim, uid anton^' the lusl hi^ loH^hip dj^ siut fttid 
Mrvice thatu. Thb* gtuitlum&n valticd him«clf upaii new 
invontioiiB of ht9 nwn. He ^wc<l sB.\iuh in thi;: mc:>mine 
to bo ctjt for diim^, and clumtid the luvcntiiX^ ijf [i]ti»t«d 
riictainfe Jn vainish upon silk, which wmild IhtjiI and 
not crtick- And his honsa wa^ furnished with thcni, and 
hn d^i^hb>d in nothing roori^ than in fihowbig hi* miiltl- 
farioiu coLitviv&ncus." 


At a fionieated election for Aiiindol, in Suwpx, ihe 
guvoiDioent wera di> ALiKioiia to auocwd that Lurd Cii&n- 
cclliir Jeffreys wq» prevailed on V^ j^o da^vn fttici u^u 
hJ8 intlu^nce thor«. On tbe day of olectian he took up 
A poAJtioo near the mayor, who waa thd ri>UiiTi)n^ ofHorr, 
and a rctirod attomoy. Tho mayor rejoctuig tlio vote 
of one of the couit Mtty, JoflVeyA roeo lu a h«»t, Aiid 
infliatcd on tho votft Wn^ rDcdved, and to avit wctght 
to hijj word a^liled ; "I au iho Lord Chancellor of Uiu 
I'CaIio." The niayor^ rftganlioj^ him with a Took of con* 
tem|it, rojdiod, " Vour nngonU<:maidJko bvbaviour con- 
vinces rae that it is im[>iiSHtli]ri you {An bo thft |:»<r>ion 
you protend- If yoi.i w<iro tho Chancellor you would 
know tWt you have nothing; to do htirij, wht>r0 I alone 
preside-" ITicn ttirnin^ tft tho crier, ho Hwd, "Oflfto^r, 
lum that fellow out of court," The comirjand wan at 
Anoa obeyed, and thA Hhanrj^llot rrtimd t>'> hi4 inn in 
mat ocmfnsion. and the clcctir^n was won by tho j-^pnlar 
laviDuritaH In tho evenings the nmyor ri^ci^-d a nic^A^-^ 
to bu groat HUrpi-iw, from JuffireyN, desiring tho favour 
^ hb C0Tn[>any. whiuh wa« declined: whcnxHi Jl-II'uwh 
e to tho mayor, and wild he eouhl not help compli- 
menting hiro on tho very j^foptr »^>irit ot w\*:^'c\jA«v«*% 
ho hrul displayed, 

3W ccBiosnns or tiw and lawtbu. 


Id 18UT, « Ij9i^ Chancellor Krvkitw wui pMMDg 
Uiroiigh l1ollH>m an foot, he tihtprvMl it mimb^r of ra«tk 
ftnd h^jfi htibUD^ and boaUni; on tb* hcui\ a liUW doff 
witb itirbh, under iho ide^ <it hi« Uinj; tnftd, IIU Imni- 
aliip, wUU grC4t hutii*nity. liavin^ ooi lli« view. L&d 
without tbo «id of a juTy or a oommiHion rfr ^'nafioo, 
obMTvod not thi> \tiMt Hymptom of TnAdnon, Timhod into 
tb* CTQwd, bmmI lh« poor animal Trom Uio h^mih ^ iU 
dettrojtm. And cftrri«d it Homo diACAnrn^ till ho uftt ft 
Iwy, whoiiij ba liiivd to c&rry It homo with him to bit 
iKmo in LincaTnV Inn FwUji, wbnn hrr jjuvc it into tb» 
ctn of a aerrant. to bn ulfcn to bin lordiihlpa vUbloft 

LORn CSASrial^R op flhlUT DAtTAlK. 

On t1i« Unvnn with So^Uftnd, tho CbftiKullor vu d«dg- 
paUd "Lord iJi^h Chux^lkir of Uio^t nnuii);'and 
nnv hi* ftfffinr title U " I«ord High C'iiuio^llor of OrMi 
IfritAJn and iivliLnd "^tliv Urv&t 3mJ wbidi bu bol-fa 
tutifybg tbo will of Um fioiwriHgn m to utA irtiii^h 
«oac«ni tbo vhob arapira, tltboo^ Umm m oHain 

Iict^^ntA confined in lb«ir o]wAt»on U* 8cAUuid tad 
relaoid mprctJvoly, which sbU |«jvi a&4«r tJw arMfnl* 
Or«U S<talj> A|i|m]prkftti^d to th<Mo diTiAioiw of tbo Uniivd 
Kitiplom.— J X^^aap. Chftnc, &L 


Tbe Aa of Union betwtf«a Engfand and ScoUnwl 
nrovid«d Ihftt tJx«t« nhould \» on* Un«t BoiJ fur tho 
UidUd Kiasdoin, although » &d hbouJd «U1I be ami 
to Soothiki la UiiPBV i^lMinii to iiHvatc right; nnd Lonl 
(^wpcr Wii ibo f^r^t Lord ChtniMUor of Gtvat Brifain, 
buiikf; ko d«d&red t<v tL« Qvcvo in Council, on tba 4Ui 
d* May, 1 71)7^ four lUra nfttr tliA Act miBir inio opei^ 
tiofu Ou tlw «vi«u)blijiit of tb« Uikitcd Pfttii&iDviiC thv 
Qu««b. in n ifioodi whicb ho f n-f^red. i&id paoo^ty uid 
LMBttfdlv, "lti« wjtli all hunble thinikfulikwi to Alicighty 
|Clod, uid with cftlire h«ttaloctkiii l<> uiywlfl that I m«»t 
hero In thU firet fHiliftm«fil of QttM BHiaia ; not 

LO&D cniscntj/tB aki> me ohrat kpal. 301 
tiins tliat you cnmc with licarLa prepaid, M mintt 

t, to Itl&ki; tllLH UlUWl tfU L>rUHp43J'UU» Of luuy HUBWvr 

ilio w«]l-:*n>uncied bopeft of nil my (;ood su(tj<!Gt9, njtd tha 

^rewoTiablo ui-'prtlieufliona of our t-McinliflJi" 


Ono inoet bonoAcial (7lian;^*s wa^ ofloctod by his own 

&Lrt.lii.nity, and fivnii hm ouu b(>iih« of what waa riglit, by 
J.itTi\ ChivnccWctr Howpor, nitliortn, according to iinoiunt 
cufttvmH Jw^'V " New Ytfar's GifU " utfro Anminlly inad<i} 
bv fill tho olficfrni r>f thft CViiiit of Cliiuirc^y iii l,]to Ixird 
Qianoellor or Loixl Koo|>oe% The oonucqucnco wu 
that, for tlioir roii»ibui*cnwrnt, thoy wcro lilluweil U> 
oxtort lat^ few from tholr suitora; constant roluctonco 
>ra«f<i1t to vt«it Ui4)r dvUn^^tJ^nvjiM with «uiUUa |^uiii«U- 
tnpnl. Ami tiio jmlgo was cnjiplct^ in tho cliMfhargfi of bU 
inoait iinpui'UiTii, iltittoi^, Thift uftrt^u wjw coEamon to all 
thn omirLA m Wi^tminMpf^r IXtvW. Ittit th<«iii waa Jitiot^her 
of mora monsitrous nature^ nnd still incaT pomloiou^ 
wfjjch wAit [Jtictklinr to CliAiicury ; that aLI Iho coujtwL 
who proclinod in the coititcaioo to broakfost wiUi tk^ 
C'hAnci;llor, tin the limt of Junuary in •v^ty ywar, and, in 
tho hopn of hoJng mivd to thn bc^nch. or of obuinlnj^ 
HJik g\>wn*», or of winning "tho jWi;ji>'i4 oar" ina>k him 
A prfiunJAiy prf,'Sfnt, Artfinrding tn tlnsir grnrrn»ity, or 
ibcir incann, or thcrir opinion of hiu venality or HtAbility, 
All thido Now VrAi'« UjI'u wcro utterly abolished by 
Lond (Jowpcr, 


ii^u»Q orncEBL 

Thoro hAA \xv»n a dii<pL)^ition in ii?oent timrJt to connidfir 
that Lord Uacckn^dd wui wrxjngl'ully oonUomitod. "Tli^ 
unAniinily uf bin juOgO!);," t^>A Lord MAhon* "might 
■f^otn dordiUTR m to h]» guilt, y^ it may pr.r^iap be 
doubLc<] whctli«r thoy did not iiujustCy heap Lbo IJLuitfi of 
thn tiyfltom on on^ man ; whether Parker hiul nc-t rather, 
in fact, failcii.} to i?hi.-vk ^mdual and growing abiucs, tbaci 
introduceti tStoni hy bin autlicrity, or encourAgt^d tkwK<< 
by his oxFuiiplA." LurdCampbijft, \ii3*Htt\w^ie»H'S*". **■ b^r 



CP M O fl nrea of law Am lavtreia. 

tbon^b il U ifnpOBsiblo rtoi to pUv a nwn of Midi bigh 
auftliUo4 wlion *o dbcnwcJ ; and it uoM Lo ikL-kiiow- 
Mgod Ural^ with pMxTluf^c, notwitb»Ucidtog nil Uiftl b» 
diC^ might havo «Mftptd cxixmirv. and pvvMrvMltQ 
[^(&raUb«d UDk» ; yti, in luj opuiioD, hi* i-onvicUun wia 
kwAit, wid bis pn&uliflrkGnt wiui mild. T1icr« cwi b* tto 
d<nibt tliAt Iho uiId of all offices, UAcbiu^ Iho vlmiauln^ 
UoB of JDMCirD [wiUi a ftUttim oxe»]>tioii io favmr of 
CoBCyim Law Jgdt^}, vav mliicU«n by ib« Statute of 
Rdward Vf., anil r^xtry fThatir^Ilor wl^ti aJVrwjinfii nnlil 
A UaMon^iip in Chancery cauift hasv been avan^ U^al he 
was ihorob^ ndating that statute. U U a fa)U<v U> 
Mtj that ho waa fullr ju^tiAcd by tbf? cxQmplo of hii 
ptdaw— o r a Iiord Ocvwpor bttd alolult <) ' Hvw Vear'a 
Uiika' from tbo officcfv of Ifao court, a* well as from Uiv 
t&r, acil baid bcco foUowwl in iha aamo covns by Lunl 
llanvmtt ; both Cbanncllom showing a drsirv to cmfonD 
to tht> impronng iq^irit of th? apr. in Lcml tIaocI<»^eU • 
ttnKr, from tba *|>ccttlation« mimed hy Uio South 8«a 
tuaoia, the abnaca in the Uastct* <tmcnt had Hf^?ni» 
■on flamuL Dui mukapJ of tiding to r*iirev thom, bo 
JMBMaod thcjr counuity, by nuiring tbn price »hieh tho 
UiNlvm w«fo to pay fur Uicir placcv, and rsndfnnz it 
atUl more ngeca^ry that, fur their oim iivrti^-annily, Unty 
ahtmld traSio vith tho tnial monoy in ibvir baadaL 
Wbtjover takcji tb« trouble af pcrunikj( Uio whoU of tha 
cTiii^iaco, will Boc that lui wa^ raparioon in hii bar^uni, 
and that, ^icb tbv view of bobtenng up a •yatcm vhieb 
wu ut j'loiiUiLIfi ti) bim. ho morted b> vcty aihiinry 
uiviuu tu luop tbe p«ihl>o in ignocmncs of lU oonmoottcoL 
Ilijt tfuDteanpcomriea could Conn a more ootTMt opmioa of 
hit cocidiict than wc on, and w« jibuuld bv hIov to 
ac«u*o them of hanilincaa."— i Oaio}x Cbaac^ fi^S, 


Lord CiMDoeilor TbuTtow, being tcproachtd by tbo 
D«lw oi QnftoD, in tho Uonao of Lor&i, with hb acaa 
origto, roao &om tho woalMdc, and adTnnctrd *ki«ly io 
tho pbuG inm vbidi tha dkanccl^nr grn^rally addrrsea 
the ilocia*, then lUin^ on the iluko tbo look of Jovo 
wbon hognap«d the thttBdor, "I am attuuerd,*' 1m «ud io 



ft loii<] tana of voico, " ni tim attack tho iioLlc duki.' httA 

jiiadi^ uii tnt3. Vw, tny Juida/' cuU4iili*nilily ['^iaif]^ Jiin 
iat, "1 Aiu aiitfljA'il B,t kin gtAc^'fi fip«'.'«li. Tliu itoU« 
^ukd OAanob luuk Worv hiiu. bi-hiud hitti, or on uitlior 
^de of hinit witbuut siting •tuniti uubli* pvcr who owca 
1ii» BG&t ill liitQ H^juflu to Bucuuuful cxcrLloHH ilk Oio pro- 

ft^Hiuti to whidi i bul'.m^, Dmjs he not fwl th^Lt it U Oa 

lifinourtLbtL' tij owt; U tif thuBE.-, an to bciiig tliu acc^icli^nt of 
nu ftcciduul ^ To nil tbcuu uoblo iuiiis tb« Lzin^ua^ of 
tbfl noble diikt^ iH tLH an]>licnblo and ititiiLlting aa it is to 
otytfolJ*. But 1 ilon't (\^ni' to lui.'vt it Binglo and aloTio. 
Ko out? voTivm(<M tbti pcpnt^o luuiu tbari I do ; but, tiiy 
lords, I niiiHt nay. tbitt tlm pvi^ra;)^ HoliciU^d ran, not I thtr 
eutu;;!?. JJav, un.»:i!, 1 caji any. BnU will t«y> tbat oa 4 
'fcr uf PxiHiiiiiiuutf ius ^piAkcr of tbia right bonuurAbtu 
KouBC. iiH Katpuv uf Lbu (Jroifct Stal. aa guardmii t^f Iuh 
M^oty'BcoTiH' Ijiird Hi;;{h Oli&nceTlor of Kngl&nd^ 
nAy, even in tlmt cliunnitor nluno. in wbidi tlio uobb 

iliikr? would Ibiuk it ut uHVout ia bu conBid^^tod— an n 

man — 1 ma at tbU momi-nt ili respt^cUiblf^^ I bi^g loavc 
to add^ 1 aiu ul Ibid nionivtit an ninvEi rcA^vuluU, ae tbu 
jJi^udcQt p^iu' I DOW look dciVi'n uiiun,' 

The uffU-'t of tbia BiJui-'cU, butb witliin tho walbi <if 
rarliarrimt And out of tbrftn, wa;^ prodij^iouri. It flavc 
WJ Tbiiriow un hAt't^ndL-ntjy in tho Houau wbwlx utj 
CbariOfl l^rr btsd vTrr pi>4^?L-?iL-d ; i^ ijiwkt^l biiu lu public 
Opinion u^ith a t^baiactiir of bidcp(*nd<!noo mx'l honour; 
ttjid Lliia, tbuui^li bo wa> wlt uu tUu uupupjlar viltj in 

ir4.ditif'8, iHAdo bim attfttyrt populAT with tbu fH.H>p1^. 
i'roiii tbiif tiuic^ i^very |ii;t-r mliruuk ftutii th^* jisL of uny 
«nc(iiint(*r witli Tburtavt^, aiid be ruled tbo Hi^iiAf? witli a 
rod of iron; nayiiig and doing whu-l bu pluaftfj, tvnJ 
lireatinff hut oulle^guev M^itU very Irttlt- mi>ru fotiitiHy 
than hw oppononta.— 5 Cimp. Clmne,, SSj; C Butl<*ta 


Tt iji rtrpnrto'l tbat wWn Lord ITardwicko ^ma uHv^m) 
the Lord OboACQllorabip^ho Lad^gTofktbiaLUitdon in iciviii^ 
U|> tbo porniAJxi'nt fiiOAt of Loud Chk'f Juitiou ^^C il]ii^-Wwl« 
with itn vahmblo pcrqoiiiitt?a,for Uv*i vi\\\v.v^v^ t.'Svit 

1)94 C0BIOSI1IBS or lx^ axd uwrKKS. 
^diKDOvlJor. Sir R WdjM>1«, Pruoaier, lien wuE-k«il upon 

itDt^ Li^ >Ur(lwick«, ''itii|KiftBml«1 b» Uccvtuoljr 

A^Bpd & JaoutlLol" " It'a oil \try tr«e7 replied 

Sii ftobpft, uJtJttg uut his wsU:l). " UjL if 1/^ oii« o'clock 

toa do not ftfri}[>t mv olW, FiUEak< rlr^ by two bettmM 

Kwwr of Uiu UrtttL SmJ. aud uuu of ifav «CviiiolMit 


ir R, WiOpoli^ to UaroMt WaUvc^t^ wdUiifi 17M; "I 

iiv«a a JvtUr tnui i\M LonI Clunevllcr (lUbot) to 

in bis Mweflty mwld be pltuod Co IM bim nuu ft 

■uooouor to the otBoe of Cfert of tde D^MBaftUofu^ now 

vRciDt. 'nio<k6ic4>Jii4 l^ttlxftipiM}^, IK wboUy anler bim 

pi u^ftititod her Miijtf«ty with Cbo rajUMtt wbo w 

h|J«*«ocl to thmk it rvMuiiHMu ; Mod enl«r»d uao to bj li 

fLeforc his Mj^nLy, Tho pMion Uia Lord ChnaoeUAr wiQ 

itvpono in hilt MOMid t/ott^ but d«sirM tb«t it nujr sot bv 

Eitown, IM M bi^ »)tk« h*f(jro hn now ^^locUon ahould 

-Mir u|k an oppoviion aikd giro bin trouLil«L I mkI you 

a k'tii>r fiviin thii Ixinl CltUtotJlor vpon tbis valij^cL*' 

1X>IU> UlAXCKlXOIt ll4lt[]ttlCKK'« VCLUAttirT- 

Lotil Baitttrii^ko was undoublO(Uy«D e3U«U«ol Cb«^ 

»Uorr AftyA L'^ni M^old^v^'r^ve^ ''•nd nlgbl hatf btM 

iiotwlii a great uiau^ liad bu beeoi tci* ftrabdom^ hm 

jrcdd, anO Ii-a unlike a ^titlcmui.*' " Th« ac&tdy mad 

iwnuMtiKtwi rvocjAiou o/ hiM viacUwv «ii a Sutiday avcniD^" 

my% Cooksfty, '^ waa in>j|>id and diwitflivtg Iil ih^ fai^Mi 

,dci^««i StnuDj*« w h« wu to vim lifo and babite of 

>uctiy gontl«m«n, be tr«ftt«d Ibom with ifauliing m- 

lUmikiD Ukd biuleur. Cuno Uie^ fK)ca cvw >o nmt 

tft dSatanoe. ettber to vihjt htn lonliilitp or to m* bb pbn, 

idr bmtfl wor» b»ai for rcfnflbnkVDt to tliQ 'Ti(*r; ft 

|:vLJ«inn noM- half ft miU tlt«toiiL,»a I baira»Mi4n0«d 

lora than one». He iul>iiuiu>d, Indnd, lika oUwr lonb, 

^-a&nMtiinv* to onlvnuiii tho nalivM, but with tiuU viaiUo 


ftnd f/inlA^mptucpH* nupfiriflrlty w t?i*f^isl«i rftthor ti^fm 
oljli^d thLjm. Whnn in hij^h ^n^uJ bumQur hi; had two 
or thi^t^ vtool; atovii?* to iniikc bis company laii^h> 
which they wtro prnpfinJ aad uxpoctod tu do. tfeo 
w*is t-i" bia Liulijr, Wouiicock, who, imviiig been oixlor^l 
by bin l/idy to proflnpft a »ow of the lirotcl itnd stir 
liho jmi LikTuLu'ly dewnbed to him. come unu Jay inti) tli« 
dining-roora, whon fnll of grrat ocimpany, pmrlfti tiling 
with n hurst of joy hu could not H^^i^firusu, ' t hn-vo boan 
ftt Uoyslou {tie, my litdy, and got ft »nw cxjwtiy uf youi 
!ftHyship*& hiTird find ai/p, ! ' 

'' ilualnd u^ud W f^likto on inddont that oc^^ulTC11I io him 
jnftmoininpj vide from Wim[>lo. Ohsnrvin^ iin irli^ij^ant 
^nC3omftik*n lionso. ho c^ncoivpd a wmh Ui seo tho in»lJe 
nf if. It hftppi^nod 1-^ hft tltnt uf Mr Montiigiin, hivilhm 
tu Lord SaDdwich. who, boing at humo. vecy politely, 
l^ithout knowing hU ioriUhip, condnctcd h'ua about thu 
apai'tmcnte, which were pcifectly clrgant j and oxpfttiatcd 
on tiie pioturiHt sorae of whioli wotu capitT^I. Among 
i^c*o wrvn two femjilft fignro*. hpAntifiilly piint4'd, in aII 
btdr nativo nakod charma- "'J'hc*!? ladioi," ^^ya tho 
m**t«r of tht> house, " yo^i mint fjTlainly knnw, for tliey 
aro moat striyng Ukenos^e^' On tijo giKst'e expressing 
hin perfoct i^nui'uic« ; ' Why, wliiji^ tho doiil haw you 
M your lif*T. or what company h-ivo you kept,' «y* tho 
Oi[)taln, 'not to have known K^uniy Uuriuy and Ritty 
FiHhi^r, xvitih whtiH« pi^r^onn 1 thought un fiLnhinnablo niftn 
hku you oould bo unac(]ii^at<td f ' On my tatcin^ toavG^ 
and M,yio^^ 'I i-h^tuJd h» ^lad t^i n^turn hh civiritiattftt 
Wimplo/ what «urpri)io and ronfunion did hoojtprosaon 
Ilia di*^ovonny hu na*i In^yn t'lJItifAg nil tljin hodmaye to 
Lord Hardwickc" 

TBC Loan ctiA?fcnu.()it*s ooiT^fTKnMst 

H Olio mny judgo of tho malicious turn giv«rk to Lady 

^M Hudwick«'a doinesUo airangofnenta, howover duHorviu^' 

H of |irai«o, by tho (Jiorgo i^gainst h«r of Nt^oling the pnr«« 

^l in whiclt Llio Great Seal wai^ k«]>t, to luako a oouuhiipaiie. 

^H Tho ti'iitli i* that (hiH pnrao, highly d<>coTatiMt with t}\« 

^P royal aruis and othor dovicoe> b^ auclont cui^^i^x ^I». 

outiiosrnitt op law ahd lawicbw. 


jCliuiccUoc Ci>r tbe UmQ betiv> ^ 1") cbooiw to «lun IL 
ly Uftnlwkki>. AVftiJir.g h^nelfof Uiia cwtOiD, cftueJ 
tbo ptmc, with ltd (kvonlioDit to he put oi cobtoiikty 
OB a lu]Eo pivzv o( neb chifmo vcJv«i, corTcapoiiding to 
bd^ of MM «f tbe flTAbe roocni at Winrilc. TbMC 
'puni»>joit twvoiy in Diiiiibvr. coaiplela tlie liAUgbi]^ of 
ihti rofiin. and llie cuvLnina <if » bed, Hin^arly Dnagni- 
£ociiL Shv. t^Torvrtitc, in nality, oiily ptvmiml a dift- 
iLic u^d prpud hdrtoom to be handed down to 
CMnmcmcnte tJie fofuidcr of tLo bniiJy, 


By liii w'Mb dMnv, Lord Cliaanllor H&nlwiclce div 
fvrr^ Kin acceptau^f of an verldum whkh bad b«ni odfcnd 
liiD>*<-4lie oflVr t«p«ftt«d for nuuiy y«VH ftfUr the ofl«r 
^waa lint t&ade— witU. in nhuri. too marriaf^ of Ini 
ij{htcn. For. ai Lady llardwicke obvi-vwd, "tbovffb 
tjao niitoiv would txjuxA mure than £H},UOCt with &^ 
iMiaMa Yovku. v«i not Imb Umn h££0,000 wixiM U Kolici- 
with I^y Elimbftth mnd I^y liarganec'— 1 Lav 

A CnA!rCi3,!jOB rCR TirRiX DATS. 

Aa toon aa tho oouik^L wa» over. Lord Cbaihcillor 
CIntlai Ytirkv, ton of Lord iUrUwicko, cvryug av^ 
tba OraiA Seal with bla in hia ^arriago, dn^o to Lord 
Boddim^iam'it bo ccwniamucale to bim wttat he bad dma^ 
It ao bapf>«Md that Lord Rodcingham, Ijard ILudviGlee 
(the ieoottdXand tbe otbar leaden of tlie Uppoutiou, vera 
tbcfi heldiag a mating to (Yinccrt mruttimi aguikil tlw 
Oov«nnMiiL Ho wan Inicoduced to tbom, amdiiAfoUed 
;Ut tide; We are to^l tliat jC we* receircd witli a Uit^I 
of IndlgnattoD, and that all prt«cot apbraJdod bitt $ar^ 
bnacb of bofiour. 

He inatantly kfL tboia and wecl boma^hie mmd ■oraly 
harampft with tbe aevvtity of th«r rafkradiae. U waa 
aohoiinevl thtt vpry evening tW he viu daaeerDttely 
in, and at fiv^ o'e^odc in the ovouiotf of Saturday, tbe 
tSOtb of Jftnuety, iJifee deye aft«r ha bad been ewora in 
ChatMillor, ho waa no more. Hia patont of nobility bad 


tatide out, (ind wils founJ in Ihe room whurw lie dW, 
the Qrcut 8eal had not bron Attixed to it, no that the 
titio did not do^cend to his heirs. Ho expired in the 

forty "Qiijlith ye«r of hia tt^\ A auipicion of miiciJo 
immcdjfltnjy HT(^^, ftnd iv <rontmvfirsy hto t^vtr ainct* Ihsuh 
mOiinUtined on the questbo wh*;tiier that isusiiit'ion wni 
wr]i foiuide-l It ia »i aiibjc«^-t ddieato rxml pninful, fttid 
the doubt has never been eatisEjict'>ri]y rtimtivrd, H^ had 
been iidmi tied (o nn inlcrvi&w with the King, who talked 
him over, and thus no doubt led him to break faith with 
his jwUtital party, wbo*e repruatlioi he could not ap 
pjirently endure ^IJfe of Hardwicku, 


Iiord CAtnpTjoli trail, on 17th of Juno, 18*1, ^andid^tit 
to roproiH-'nt Edinlmrgh in Parliainont* On isth of Juno 
he WJU AppoinU'd Loi-d ChAncellor of In-Jiiiid, He tc^iched 
Dublin on iSUi of Jtmi^.and on 2nd of July npniat crowd 
of Irinh barrisU'tH luet in the Irish Court of ChanuLU^. 
to B*e nod hffar the BUcw^tFior of LonI Plunfcct, Th^ now 
Lord ChtmeL^Uor, ou roaobtng the court &t cU-vcri o'ohjck. 
iiitiinai«d tphat ho could only hr^r short caun^ ^3«rone 
eloBing tho BittingB. He hoard onu or tvo such *%uscfl, 

ftfiij on tihi^ following d^y be roue not to i^Luru, lie WAii 

Lord CbikucelloT for sixteen dayn. and &tit in CDurt twiec 
fur a short time on]y> Ou tut day of Lord CHUipbtdl'B 
arrival iu Dublin thtrre wrw a vrolont ^torui At qoA, &nfl 
aouio one niiuarkvd to Pluukul, hici predoeuaaor, that 
Caiupb'dl rnnnt bnve felt «i(;k of the whoEe busmeu by 
Lliii) timen " No fear. of that; It won't make kvm throiff 
Wfi the ttesU T " 



oFPfftt or oyncc 

Lord HArdwioke wrot« to Pitt, the liivt. m 1737; " Sincv 
I saw my Lord CWof Jutftiixj Willea, I hovo aaco Sir 
ttobeiTt Tl^uley, wTto Ijilka very reaoona^kly und bonuur- 
oLly. Hia propo-aln oro. first, a nivurniouiLry grant of 
thv oU^i.-v oi i>iw uf tbv L»^ller>i of Gvch^qutr to bin eoii 
for life; i*econd, a ponnion of £l,oO<* per Hrmuin on ilw 
Iri^h c^ublikhment t^j himsulf lov ll'C^.Vi ^i^jto^hmm^ w>^ 


cuiKwrrm or law AXin LAwnov. 

|>»«liW npoii liit btbig reoioTod from tbo olBet 
of Lord KjMfker «a(l not beCara, bnl to be dcunnifl^Ue 
~ ftliftolatoijr void uj>on U» oJBoe of teLW oomin^ iDto 
«Bsion lo liin «nn My pr«««nt opiiuon u, Uii4 tlio 
Kiit^' m&)- be induced lo ogtoo to tlii« on Mnoiky; for 
wh«n i hiiit'-tl itt wy tluconnw kL a prfuioci upon JreluiJ, 
tkouglk hlM MajrHy Iffftlcxl it frf-tty Mvcrvljr 4t lirwL^ 
I J«ih vrln-iJ 1 fcUtwl Uiv Mivef«l cuuiinxvucicv ici triiidi ii 
flight in ihla eafto aevivr l>«eotDo anv r«A] diuvo upoci 
t^ f«v«n«o, ho wM of UoomIC iW nida U10 


tWD cAimrDATia poa cnAXreLLoi. 

Accident Whvu i\M PiU ukI Pox iDiniatr}- c«aw in, in 
IT£7> t^o C!n-At SmI wam oflirrftd nucoeHuT«ty to Lfinl 
BArdriebo. Loftl UanaficM. Sir Tliomaa Oiarko, Cblof 
JaUio4> WJlca. und Sit Jolm Wdiui^t. Tlicy aII, t>oir- 
■eror, dMiincil it. Tiio minlatry bftd th«i no otbi^r AlUr- 
'haIjvo but U> r&i»« tbv Att^ruey-QucienJ, IlmUft)', to 
Ui« wook4ch. ''Thent 1:4 ftii unnalnff An««dol«,' bua 
LonI Heiiluj, " refc|>^-Uog this tranaAolion cufreot in Iao 
l>rof«Mioii, and whi^ti iJm lAt« LoirI BUenborough und 
to ttlAt« vritJi bu rljAract*ri«tki good bumonr. Iuldm- 
dialirl^ ftfler W»ll«4 lijbr) ivfiktiNl Uio maI*, TTcnl^^ caII«<I 
upon Mm At b^ vUIa, and fbmil Lim walking Id hifl 
Ivn, lugldy bidi|pAnt At tb« adWnL mIjicU be coo- 
red tbot bi3 bnd rMa&ved in «n offer ao ioAd^iuto to 
[a pntnaaioni. AiUr BDUrinf Into khdo douil of Ida 
nno«*k bo oondadcd b^ Mking «b»*ll«or ^ny niAn ol 
it TTould, cinder anch cinnimsUncc^ bAv« tAkon tL« 
odding," WoiiMyoo, Mr AttociMv, have ilon^anT' 
r, tbno npp«Alod lo, ^mfy toU bim that It waa 
btA to «nt«r into inch n diacu«aion, w b« vtm lb«A 
upon hiA lordshm to Intanm him tbAt ho hnd 
AO0«pt«d thoQ)- UonJo^ li«M tb4 3oa^ u Lord 
witboni A pottngo nntal Lord F«noni' trial, in 
vbcn bo WAO cr^tod BAron Honloy. On tlio 
iOm of Ooofgo ni. he mnitnilrrmd tho On^ SttkL 
wbUi VM retarnod to biu an Lard ChAni:«Uor, and 
wilbtn a fow montbi he wan created Kar! or Northington. 
—1 Iaw and Uwyofv, W. 


K0BKI50 A CEAKUU.U>k'd legs. 

Liko moflt men of tho day. Lord Chancellor Northing- 
toa lift^l tn hifl yoaLh itnjoyod tlio plofutuioi of the iahle ; 
but many ft ecvi^ro 6Ep r>f the ct>i]T. was the rcaiiU of htM 

day, ho Eaattorcd, after a i^ninful WfLtk between tho wonl- 
A8Gk nnd tho bni : " If 1 liad knuwii thai th«fc« U'^'s war« 
(iny ilfty !o rAny n tilianrj^llor, T"d lirvvc taken better caro 
of tTmm wi^on I ^ut a lotl" 

Lord BathurBt wjw Bi»ar<>'J to bi?[iolti Itis son, well 
atrkken in yuAiu, uittlij;; uu tlitr wixilsai-k &h Lonl liigli 
ChatitielW, boiii^ tl»o only in*Hvi<lual, iMtcopt the father 
of Sir TLouiaA M^rts on wliuiu «uuli a fijUaity wm over 

Lotd Chancellor Hardwicko waa dca*! boforo hia eon 
Lurd C1iiiJic«ltur Oj&iIuh Yorko was ap|.juiattiJ. aiid who 
tilltid the office for throe daya out}'. 


When Lord Chancellor Bftthiirnt biiilt A|W[^y Houao, 
ho got into a contrcivcrhy with a notiicr'^L widi^w about 
a upot of grouTtd at HydQ Park Ccunor, And uho havio^ 
filM n. bill ftgain^l him, hn jpivn hnr a miin fjf money to 
r^liiK|uiuh hvL' claim, A wkty baTrUtor wim ro|iroKtxutcd 
to have absarvAJ on tbo ixeai*ion, '* ITom in a nuit by one 
old woman a^atnat an^^tltor, and tlic Ohancr.lloir hou been 
hcFbtcn in ht> own court." 


Stories wai« mveoted aud uircLiIat^d rdep^cliu^' thu 
Lord flhftncolTrir Bathurat which ulinwrid the low oilitno- 
tion in which ho wa* bold. One was that his lordahlp, 
on Wilkeii hoinjj; t'lrcl^ni Lonl Ma^or at Loj^dooi, had 
tbivclcncd. in the cirroi.w of the royal prtrogativc. when 
tho fiio11ijV|itf< pntriot waa pii>Hcattid for c<mT]i'mAtiori^ to 
diiutllnw tho ohL~kicn of the ritir^n^i, till told that thlii 
would be Wilki**' reply ^ " I am fiUor for my ofdcsf than 
yoLi are. fcv yoiim, and I mitAt call upon the Kvfv^ V> 
vhuoKo EUJotliDT Lord CIuuicijUot." 






OonBHlovbig how potitir&l Muuitmand privfttv jqaIowjoi 

^, meh ftn f^xpftoaion of goo-1 will to a bdMattron 

liift eVvvotion U> i\M WfjkB«lc, we iiewl uol wander Uist 

It VKA ft ftolitorif in^Uncv in tbr ftnnul* of the profFiMioa, 

luT the lAr to con^^lulftie XjohI Kivkjii^k afUr boldtof a 

iPiMling in WrvirnifMtM- HfttL On« mAy fonn ttome cDa- 

[ieptkiU of ibo fiuoioftUiifi tnftiuierH and rotX kipihw of 

l«ut^a« irtll Aa of the bnlhant L-^iiioit, whioh eUM It 

Toftk LovO Erbkloe nusod » ffj^yS deal of mcffrtiitait Ia 

fV«aii]^&»t<r BmU by Ibe L«««i>Ji<r bwiuurK wbicdwOB Hii 

' own cviMoation, won ftooonled to Uai. RctAtfllas Ue 

funUy vmeld and creiil, be bad for aopporten, " a Gnffiot, 

iriagft dcvat«d,ffi]1«q^ cliarged vlUiaii»u1]ot,aiid aHenMi, 

win^ niouut^.i. Iiulding in Uie b«ak ac ori propor" (on 

wliidi m&ny j^ikn v«re maikK Jind be took for bmnoUa^ 

"IVial by Jnry/' Thai of hia .father wan "Jixige 

NougkC Alt allowvd Ibat it would not have bfwn rvr>' 

apploprial^ but it iraa said ihai * By Bill m Equity " 

voidd luvo been a b«U«T mbatitmbn on bin ^ng tnto 

^tbe OooTt of Chanof^ry. and Ibai * Trial by Jory " vaa a 

vaio biutalioa of Lord Cautdea'aiDoUo from Ma^aaCbart^ 

,riM«r eeU&tig 9p bia oaniagaj itt atill wono Uato. put upon 
panvU " C«ueee Moilae* fSBMM^" equal Ui Ihe toba^ 
ua's "U'O'f rij^ oriho waur-doeior'i d«cka cfjio^ > 
Ouack ! t^uack J "—€ Caufi^ aiaii&, 557. 

Loiuk TnuaLOT ponr&ATCD or a outic 

The follow iogetdctuno w«r« tnode, ia ITW^ouTbuiWw, 
an eiaiituiaorcoaspAcuouajudgeof laatoeniory. "Tlnr^ 
Jov'a QuriraUod execlUftc^ u an iron connleiianrt, «a 

iflexibla liardthooii of f>a4uro, an involDenbie iB>pana 
trabte aapeci UiAt rnthing can aba»bj tio oriniaan tintf^ 
■titat itarui buoaniiy from tbe joetico eeat^ axid deAea tba 
ItfBT of pity- Cbartty, it in nud, «i^v«tH a maltitode el 
■faiak and ioboMaaity impUca a depravity gf htmtt liiat 
glree Um owner credit £or the pcvMuaiim of uotold crtiBea. 

' Voat in bi* pcnoo, bold in hia eeiitiineiitJ» ponpoua in 


hui worvli, ftnd powei'ful, Q<tt ao much in tliv qitditiM of 
wi*lom, M in the L^iwtquonott gWrtn to trm&t. Im hiw 
siiiouruj thu prujuJlotis of tliv Upper Houaw. He hw c»b- 
taitii-HlAlL LliAt i^ciLiiil pi>n£iib]y iic rxpi^^rtoil hy a eeiad of 

lu^jcku usti'otilluJL wltU thti aid of cimtoricdl nbltiti^!--!.*' 


LofdCiiwit'cllgrThurkiWpWliuuGtoiacUr, wualylitvijj 
by everybody to bo inMOiw^ rewlvt^l Lo nt-iiiiJ liy liirt 
moatui'^ Hu uuuu worked himaulfup to tliia ovLuorntod 
dimax ; ''A uuble^viBcuunl (Stonu(>nl) liav, in mi vbttuviib 
and «ncrjftitic innjinor. exproaW'] his lc«;li«jfj un llio pro^oiil 
m(!likui<b»ly ftiUjtttiuu oi hi* MujtjsLy, Iveiuitji ttriidvrtfd 
morii poigemnt from tlm rmbKi viacimnla haviui; boon in 
hftUiU ai perauuu^Uy rucuivui^ uturkEf (jf iudul^dOo Bwl 
kindtipsrt from hi>i Ntjlf'rrinx sovcivi^n. My ovn sorrow, 
my lorda, U a^'gmvittud by Iho aiuuu cuuac. My debt of 

t;i-fLLitii(lrj is laJv-ni ami>lv fi^ir tha iimciy lavuun wljicb 
bavo biitin ^rociou-vly L'ttnlorrL^tJ upuii int by liii Mfjuity ; 
ttiiJ when liuiifutmy Sovereign, luny luy GiKllorifclmol" 
"God forgot you!' mutt*rcd Wilkcu, wlio happemhl 
tLm to be vHtCed mi ikv aii^pi itt tliv Lbcuuu. oyu-iu^ ^""^ 
AakojiOt*, with bipi iiibutiiJiTi ii<|uiiit and ct'^moiiiric griu, 
'■ Oud fur^'ut you 1 Hull tico you d — — d liiut. " 


A ctfjufcinrxou's sTHPATiir roA tuk kino urnixa 

Burkv, in rvfuruiiou tcj tba tut^uttttioiH pr<jfusiLijiiB of 
nyiDDatby 0[i thi^ pnrt of Lonl CJuLUciaUor Thurluvr, vliuii 

ftlliiJiny to tlia Kuig'u illxicMs^ lucidct tbia Haroafltio oIhhjf- 
viLtion ; "Thfl lht?ttt.nciil txava tliuu hbwl wt-ni not Ibo 
UaJH of pAtriota fur dyUi^' \a,wA. but of WdH for rJji?ir 
cxpiring plAcut. Thr> iniu ivmn Ou^l tUi<w>^] ituwn ?Iii(o'« 
chook, ratboT rcairmbloJ tho diauiiLl bubbling of itit! i^tyx 
tbiin tho ]j^c<nLE'> iiiut'tJiiitiu({ j(U>.-aiub of A'^amppi- ; in (At^it 
tbcy wcrfl the U^\'^ for hii Miye'ityV fiTrftd. ftud ihoso 
who «hekl thum would &Uck by ihu Kingd loaf ait Jon^ 
AJi a nin^ln fiif. fif it rc*iiiiiin#d, wbiiu ev^^ii <b r.iw^ ^ \>. 
btld Wflclbtr/'—riior'fi Burko.SUV 




Ustd Chui«vllor Sfa&ftMlHiry, on hi» ii^^UlUtkm, iW> 
UvBiliiftd to amiBo Uio meUopolU iHib a algbt that h&d 

'bol l>o«ai *e«u fur liair a iviil'ir^'. Onchca wi^ intro- 
duoMl ifilo Eoduiil in lh« Uu«<r tfRid of |]i«i rt'i^n <T Klfi»' 
1>otb. 4U^ had Jbr mwiy ymm becoaw »> ouiainon tliit 
iht uidcnt avion of tb« C3ibji«IW an^l the Jndgv 
ri<lSii£; oo burtvbM^ lo Wc^lmbutur Uall. lo optm tiw 
trno. bad b««« «Btin^ kid uid«. and lb« diuiosOor 
littd h(«l«d tiio ^rwftmott in a mnd^t orriagv, Almost 
MA Imp- aa a buu>v; buiiig fullowvd !jj" Ihc judgot, the 
KImi'b neijcftnt^ Uie King'* cotmnl, etc, m modem 

'■qiii|Mi{feeL lli^ atiU oratiMued to *riil« tlw tanmii" 
ati m>hit Fiada; but tba tnan^ for tattninjE to nit Uib 
groat bono, vbicb mcA to be fraqueotcd hf ibc g«otJe- 
liiei) of tho Juns of C^grt, was vviy nuicb D»Gl««tad, and 
jilbe wafticft of ridinjr inanagfirl boracs in Iho ib«Ha ef 
Lonaon bad fallen iino aotua dbtuw. Sbaflwborj', irho 
bad bacQ b^ a country ■rpinp. anfl had t>«vn oolomL of 
a ttgLmeat of cavalry, inqucd hiiuwlf luncb u|tou Ut 
bonvman^ip. and to ({ratify kii loorbid ap|jMito to b» 
talked oT, and out of raalioo to aoma of tbo old Jirfm 
Wbo bo bv^rd bad txvu nMering at hi* deci^':>ni/1i«< 
itau«d an order tbat,on tb^ 6rBl day of Hila^^ Term, 
1073,tbura diotild be a judicial (AtAlondc. Mourdtos to 
ancient Ibrm, from Exeter Uou(WT,in tbu Strand, tlie pUoa 
of bia reaidBnoe. to WAUniiuter HalL On that day b« 
garea ■umptooiit breaklaat^ not oadyto iwUenietitjudgiVi. 
and other diffiutari«f, but to all tb« barrittcffit all Hw 
aU>d<fiU of tbe Inaa of Oiurt, an'l tbv sixty rlpriu, with 
al) tJ>e oib«T offio«n^ of tbe Court of Chani:^-fy, Ue Umci 

.aovnted biit lit^bly ca|>4nsDavd diar}^, pnMxded by 
Iboao who t>on> Htc iiut^ta ^ hi* aathorilyH hii mafitar 
of the borw, f)0^, groom, and blk fui^duwu uaJkiu;* along 
bj bai BtiiTup. Thb proccaait^i man^^iM tiy iUv Strand, 
thnwgh tbe quadmngle at Vbil«l«ll, lo King Su««4« 
tb«n tlw ofily «fitruKe to WImo TanL and ao to W«at. 
adnrtcr HaJL Jniffi T«ifld«a, in hla groal aOH^ and 
to tiio eonUaniatico cf bit |miw bareUim^ waa laid aknm 
rn the dbt ; bnt all at hngUi ajriwd eafe. wHbout leaa ^ 

Ji/if or Jiiwb «o tbe ttfrvka^ Tbb Mvklvnt iwaa axiii|[b to 


iliv«rt tli4 llku fmtic for tho futnTo. adJ tho vi>nr next 
tfriTn Aft^r, tln^y f<^lT Ta^ fcbftir ro»w?hfift a.fl bof >n\ — North** 

umii i'iUN»'t;r,i,i*u tiiuhi.£>w'i* POrurHARtrr 

Whatevor othcra ml^-ht tUiutc of Lord Chanoollor 
ThurioW) iiu ^ve bigh v^tiaikctioQ to IiIh omt>li>yore. 
Abovo nil. tho King w^ exccniivrlj ddighr^il with hU 
MtroiJg ami uii{MiULj>routE8i»g lan^iEig^ ixidpuctin^ tho 
Americana ; rLtiti long pbic^i n grcntir ifcmonft! cnnHdcnm 
m him tlkiin lie hftd dono in l^r\i tiuto, or than he ovor 
did ill ^ny other luinii^lcr, peilmps, with tho «3ccuptioiL of 
Lord Eldna 

Thi}j Chnii<!ulloi did not diiap^iftiiit public oxj>ec^U- 
tirtti, ftnd aa long oa hn imjny&i i.htr prc^ti^ Af offi^^n, 
he cmitiivcd to persuiidfT mankind t!)nt hu wns a mot 
judgc^ JL ^i?fi.t orator, anii a K*^-*^ itfltc^mfin, T*f>rd 
('ampbell .says ; " 1 am afraid thnt in aJI thc^c cnpncitir^ 
he WD^ coiiMonhiy ovirrAtrd, and thul he owed hi^ 
ttinportti-y rcjiutation vrry nint*h tn hia high prel^nflions 
and hiji awe-inspiring ntAnm^re,^' 

TIaving been at tbft hrftil of llio law of thia pountry for 
Tii^ar tbiitopn ycftre, ho never i^aod nn onlor to correct 
any of the abn^^a of hio own court, and ho novor br^iighl 
fctrwori] in Parliament onv nioiLtiire to improve tho nd- 
nirnUliation of ju^tic^ Ht^ ih uaid to have caUod in 
Hitrtnavc, the Toiy leflmed i?ditor of ''Ookn upon r.iltlo- 
ton/' to assist him in pmptLi'lag hin judgmonUj and somo 
of them show labour ar^d rrjk^arAh ; mit hit gnn^ralJy 
socms to havo decided otT-hftnd, without very great 
Rnziety abont foim^r nuthoriticii, l^rotjueiiUy \uy urn- 
plovcd Mr, Juatitxi Biilici\ n v[>ry ru!ii(ie xpectAl pleader 
and ni'si priita lawyer, to xJb for him in ch« Uuurt of 
t!hn,n'?oiy. On TTsumrntf hi* umi, hi* would highly 
4^!(]togJ:^K th(T dodsionA of "ono whom he, in common 
witli ftU the world, fnTt bound to iv^(>ort ami admire*." 
KiLl boinjf iirivatcly luiktid "how BiuUir hiu) acquiri^d 
1,1., IcnowlcdK^ ot Kquity?" "tiiuityl"' atiid ho; "ho 
known DO more of it thim a hontu, but he dijipoMA 
AT>Tn«huw of thL? cAiwi, And 1 seldom hciir tG^T«(^ vfl 


cintiosmiEa or lavt anh r*A\nmB8. 

HOW A LOItl> aUM-ULM>ll Al'J*i>lSTlCl> JVDCVO. 

T^jnl Ilolknd ttood to toll « "lory of Locd Thwlow, 

HWD«J, TbuHow Mid, "1 ho«iCiLU?il A \ona lime UCwoen 
Kany<iiiand Bull<<r. Kenyon wu vtry mtoirip«nti*. t»it 
Bullvr vu aa d J cvrrupL Aii>l I Uiougbt, upon tfau 
wfutlo. ikftt iDU>inf>f*raaoe ww a low fruit In ft Judge Umd 

tkiD in Kniycn'if inUMpetvioft."'— I Orifville'ii IIcol, STs. 

T»iii> auicnu^k AKD PKrviKK xrroiKTiMi juikiim, 

Lonl EIJivii Kud t1i»t wUin bu vau Lor^ C1iu>c«Uor, 
ihfi ocouictn ol & vAcmnoy on ibo bench by thn iWth 
of OM of the puuinv judgw, Uiv Prlmi) Uiuisicf of tho day 
look on hiinMlf to ivcoraanrod n ivrtAtn jcontlcmAia to 
Uio Kiii^ u a very 6t pcts^n lo liU thv vaoancy, Tho 
CliAnccllur, luutiJ'K lEicr« wiu « dufxtutioii in iho King 
to ULkc ihftt r«ounuiicn<l&tion. very rcApect/nlly vrvea 
tiiiA ii w»a uti ihv rwpuuiiibiljly uf (Iw Lonl ChancnQor 
llul ihCM jndfTM were i^kfidnt'.HJ, &n/J thftt bo i^Hmld not 
ooBsidoi hLuiBpcir worthy of holdiiitc tJte Qri*nt Scftl. if ho 
poraiittfil the KdvioT of any olhrr oiiin to be tAkont 
&t tho Muno timo toudDrio;; hiji rwiffiuttiioo. Tbc Prime 
UinitUr ff^ro w«y. &nd th« ffcnUomftD of lh« Lc^ 
CbanocUor'a ohoio^ waa AppiJinlM. 


Lord ilianooliuT l^mdliurvl alvay* ilecUred Uio doo- 

^rinop and Ofdod upon it. that tho holder of ibc Gftftt SmI 

tbo oxdoiivQ right of appomtitiK tlw piiiMio judg^ 

ongkt praftrio ntarU to take tJcia plouunt of iho 

lign upcm tboir Bppoipiiiwail, witbwt may onaBuoi- 

with tbft Primo MiniiUr, or &nr other of bb 

Lord Ou^pbeU tays up-wiUiit: "Twoytan 

r, alttiiju^h a iMiturioQa Uhi^, I bad boon pliu^cd at 

^Hia haul J iU Baal Prop«ny CotaodM^oa. Thifl waa 

Pa«l'«iotn|i;bulin 17^30. Lyiidhunt^ in a vafy hand*ocoo 

_auBaiir, aiJUnHacd to im a laniUtof^r «Tpi-*(1e, c^tterinc to 

me a numue jtidgv of the Coari ^f iviu^'i Uenck 

1 bad fTOi^fiUy hrtti rr^tomod to tbe Heava of Oofaivw* 

Lonn cnA5CBUion akd ths ohrat mkz. 405 

for tho boraogli of StiifTonl, anrl, fmin iriy position at thd 
bar, 1 wait nul pii^pai'^il U^ lie Bh4T(vi.iii But I wm 
nevcrtbeU^s oUigful to him, on*l I afoompftniod mv 
ivftifiAl of ibv i.^tXiit- with very wftnii tliAQki» fur his kina- 


Liinl E]<1oTi, ili^fiirulini,' liiii^^etf AgiLinsC the allA'^ks r>f 
Kftfl Grey, fvL' sif^uiiL' wttb tliv drf«b !^imI whll(> tlie King 
waa insane, wiiii : " I ftay (tiat, ft[^tiiic cmiHc-i^iLlimiMy, km 
hoLp mo God« I could n^H hava oono othGrwiso tlmu 
[ iliii. WhiUl I liav« tbo a|i|>r<ibfctiou of my owii ouii* 
sclonco. 1 am ronily to incur *rv<iry vh]i, M\d snWil 
to ftll Iho rwipuu-iiliility to wljicli I am uxp04vd by 
iJic faitiif^l dihobM'L'u of tm^ duly- Riit what, I will 
ask, iM Uikj nalurv of tbo crttjio imputeil to me? Wh^', 
thnt» on tlii> ooojutionn in quciAtJorn I jv^tnil in oboitidni^n to 
hia Mt^osty'a commands. What tv'ould tho nobltr octrl 
(lionl Uivy) liavo tUoiiuht of uty c^niUiict, if 1 had 
rufofti^d conipli(inci.T I What kiml nf ciiinc w<^iilil thf* 
noblo lord havy bdd mo guilty of, if I bad lUrml t*) 
diaftboy the pf>sitivo commands of the Sovcn^ign ? I 
act4»d then npcm my i.-onBclHiicfl. and u> tbv btiht uf my 
judgmr.nt; my mid of nontJiK^f, is tb*^ mmf: on this opti*- 
sbo^ I will act on mv oaLb in d<v=pito of tho oppoiition 
of th« wbolo world, JL in my opinion, no hi^lji m^ Ood, 
thnt thom is It infjAt material am<indmcnt in hm Mi^ctty> 
It in liliU more tJian forty-t^I^ht lioum niimv 1 bari an 
opportunity of nsccrWiining thia impitivcmcnt; and 1 
tfuj^t in Uijil that niy }^ihi:'i4jiih ma^Ur will livo mmiy 
yearn, to be. It* hi> always has hi^r^n^ tJir- himr'taftor of bis 

Jiail fjrcy replied ; "T am bound bo arr&ijjfn th^noblo 
and Innjticdlord for an oftL^nco little short of bigb Ircaaon, 
What, I &j>k, would bo tho chanictor, what thA ajipropiiato 
pniiitthm^nt of hia otlfitfA, who, knowing his Sovnmign 
to W nctually at th« timo incom potent, who in the full 
ronvirtirrn ot bi* tioboriona and avow^mI ini'-apaHty, and 
uhiUt bo wan undar ujudical cam aud ponioaal lo^tmicii^ 
abould como horo and dcolare that tb«TO wa^ no ncrwiM^^ 
subpcnriion of tho ro}'aI fi;ncLiot\« \ " 

cemomtEA of uw akd ljlwt&bs* 


Lord £lilun told the bUoirjiig oCofj vf a& ftppoiiiUiMni 
ho maile : " Th# PrluceTt«^ntt«fter btvin^apptivl tonM 
f«p«&tc^I>' ftt Oftrlton Uouae to ftfipi>ti»t Mr JefcjU ft 
BuMm- in Chafiofirj wilhout ciTi^i-t, a»J haritiff oftoi 
olM«fv«l that « IMA or Ur. Jok>U'i MiiM uid oUtltioB 
wo«ld non bs able to 1«vn IiIa buMineM i which nticht 
bo vory tru^, bjt iho af^-polDtniMit wooM iKvccibeEa* 
introduco % aio«t luconirijicut hu^i of vaiidid^U* Trom 
Um Comiaon Iaw Bar for Chane«ry offloea), at l«ngth, in 
fbiilioimnco of hb parpoM, took tha lolLowtng tUp. 
Il«»<«in«t jLtnng to my lioor in It*df-w»l 8i)iwrct U|>on 
lb* MtrvBntfl going to Iba door <^ T^nr^cr* Rfmnt ob- 
wrrvil UiAi, M tbv ChancvHor hu- i > _ ^a, hv koow ho 
inQit bo M hoDQp, and h« therefore dcsarcd h% lal^ht ho 
shown op to tbe riiom wh«r» lb« CliftiHwllor «Uk U/ 
M^rmnbi tobl iho PHncel w«Jitiiii<-li toolU tab«iit<«iL Ha, 
hovovor, prOTH^i to be ftduiltt^il, and lli<*y very |>n>p0r)y 
Anil foHp^otfixlly inform^ him thi>}- lt«'l [loaitivo onWn 
to ihow in n& oiw. Upon whlrh he aaddenly wkod tbona 
to ibov hiin tbo »tMreft>iv, which, yoii know, tboy cmld 
ni>trTriiiw todo- They atiended liicn to Ii.aimI ho tniM- 
djftt«l> jiMonded, a&d ^iiitod tjr«t U> on« d(^^ arid tbatt 
t0 4notW, vking, ' h that your mOAlvr'a room?' tiMy 
amwenog, ' Hik' ufiul be caiue to the ri^t oml upon 
vhich He onencd the iloor and «wl«d himself liy iny 
b«]0lde. Writ, [ waa mtb«d- aurprtBed taae« hb Royd 
Ili^hovw, aud aiakod hb |>Jea«ur^ He alat«d ha md 
»DM b) ra<iu««i iliat I would a{if>obit J#by11 U» Um 
MM&i Ma«t«nJiip lu Chancery. I rvapectAiUy anawered 
thil 1 dacfily TvgreUed hb Itoval Jttghoan iboald aak 
that, for 1 ovuld not &>DD|dy, He in^nirtd vhy I eoiald 
iMtf and I told him, einip]^ bK«iM>, in tny of^titkin, Mr, 
Jokyli wv &i(alJy uik'^i^aliOed to dkaehargo the doties of 
that oHice. Hif, however, rajiaatcd hai nquv«t, and uq^^ 
V9^ atrun^y. ] i^n rfAiMil, and for a grettt le^tb 
of tiiDO be oocktbiuad to nrgv, and t ooatuMied to reAiae^ 
i^ng Ur. Jakvll wai vn& 1'iw- tJio 'rtHm, aiid I woM 
.nmracrai^ Jib llighii«»Budii«kJy thrvw hiiBMirbaok 
In hkK chair, »xcUimiri^ 'How [ do fitly La>ly Eldonl' 
'G^God:' laaii.' what » tbe niltcrf 'Oh, nothing' 


mwwtiiuJ Ui« Fiwt\ 'oxctfpL tliat tha novor will »«u 

Jou A^Ain, lor licru J rtrmairi itfLttl Tou pnamiod to nukka 
okyll a MoAtur ia Chttuuory/ Wdl, I ww obliged at 
Jctitftb to jfcHvi; ill; I could not lid|> iU Ulhcr* oujiUt 
really to hu vuty Jtlinttc in blainin^ appoiotintnU mrwitf 
by pvtwjiiH iu iiutli*3i*iiy. for tlivn; ulloii uro v«ry many 
cirtjumatjinfc;"! tatoTly unktn>wn to the puMic. Howcvftr, 
JukyJI i^Qi tjn uapiuilly. It won uu unox[nft:W result 
! met Jc^kyll the day attor hin rfitircmcnt from the oflicc 
Ho PAifl, ' Yoritci'day, Lonl Chani?oUorr T wa:i your muter ; 
lo-day, 1 juu my own mufct^r/ " 

A OtXHFM I^Allrir AT rJIK I^UI) cirAPfrKM.un'fl, 

sir J. iWi."iby HUy?: "Oil iSth jNiiu&ry, lflS5, 1 tituuil 
\vilh thci Lofil (Imn^rtOloT JtilFroyH. where the TjW iMayor 
of Li>ELiiou w&a a gu&at. anil &onit* otlii^r ^iitleuitMi, t T^i* 

JotiIhIli [> ImviTi;;;, Aoconiing to Cimtr^iii. dn^TiIc deep At dlniK^r, 

cdllod l^r otiu MontforCt Ek MitlciD^ of liiA vho had beon 
ACunitdiiuL^HiL L-xccUuiit tuiiukvuud totiivurtlhooompimy. 
att hf u'A^ r>tt:AhT<d to tLTrn it, hv<! Itim plo^ l>erjra 
hiin ill afviijiKHl iii.u3Q. dgriag wlii<:h he apod all thuffreat 
IriwytiH of tliL' ft^>, in their tone of voice, njid in thoir 
actiwu auJ jpsaturo of boily, lo tho visry j^rtat ridiculft, 
not only of tiitj iawyei^, but of tlto law it,4c]r. winch to 
ijie did not seem altogether so ptuciont in a mwi of lofty 
vlaUou Li thu law, DlvaHing it certainly was, but [irudvuL 
in the L^ixl Chancellor 1 shall never think it." 


Whm thn llr*t Huh Chancirllor, I^iord Oiftr^, died, aom<» 
luLrrintQiH thought it pro]>er that tlio bar ahuuld attend 
hU funi^ral, hub the jiid^o hail i-uadtr mo muny «ne:n^, 
it wan thought a ^dlcat^ IjuftJnou to got thokadern to 
■groEj. A dijpiitattun wont to «0cixra Mr. K«U«ir,a lea<li%F 
eniinAoh nut], alVr mo^^h hi^;^ ntxMt tli* buHh^ iMid, 
" Weil, l-?yii CJaro i% to ba buiiud to-uiupww." " T\n 

f^O'^TAlly tho Ijbvt tiling d<ini« with dtviil d lantr^l hrrn/* »aii) 
uUor, coolly. ' Ho'll bo barivd in St. PcU^r'a," eaid tho 
apokcjimiui, " Thaa ho'e ffolo^ to a frjund of the family V' 
■ai<l KaUot ; " his tkthor was a ^v^nV." '^V\u wSCwis-i 5i*r 


ooHtosmeB or lkvt axd lawteb^ 

ooDocotofl tbe doputatioD. At Ittt otta Mid, " Ujr dMT 
KtllMT, t]i« W nicnn tn jiri in proMMJoo ; hats jrao wqr 
vbjcoUvu tc fttbMiii LorJ Clare's Aincnl?* ^ N«iw U 
all;' Mid KvUcr; ''1 ^all ccrUiaJT atlvnd hU fiinf«l 
will) (he grcaUttt pIcavDri! unagin^Uft^" 


Tlwm an wool«cln in tbc H>iua of Lcrda to llie 
judges and oilior a«<»on(, tpt ucl] ■■ for ibv Lord CInn* 
oellor Tlwij arc laid to bavo been introducod iat4> the 
House of Lorda a* a cumtilimvnt to tbe elaple matiu* 
fHctureor Uiu Rotin; iul bcrl UuDpbell <«erv«a tJiat 
in tbo mdo Btiaplidty of tnxly Umca, a Mulc Of woo] w«i 
frx<jQCiiUv tik«d ana Aofa, wUcu tbv judra lat ua a baid 
VTfwdcn trn^A, nnd Ibc advocatn Mood b^bind a rou^ 
wooden tail,Gall<^d tbu bar — 1 ('amp. Cbouc^. 17. 

For VCIII14 lltne Lord Keeper Baomi need die Qrrat Srttl 
of Fhitip nnil Mait, but on t1i« :f6th of Janosrv, 1G59, 
tbis SmI wen trciK«it hy Quon Elbabedrs cotntnanda, 
nnd h1it< il<-1ivt'i».'d to bini jtriulh<T, wilb ber oun tiane 
and ui.-iipiia. From lb« fimt b« gained tbe or>nflikiKV of 
Uiu jroutbfLil Qu<«<i« trfao, t^pt Uandt'ii* "rdM upgn 
Lim a« tJi« vury omde cd' Uib law/' 


At Khc nutAmtion,ChuIcs 11. wsji acojinpaidedlijSir 
Kdinard ilydc, wboni bo bad iiiiititiitnl Lh Chiiwallor 
wbite in rxilc^and to wbftm he bod deliTirrod ft nrftai 
B«al, which Iw bod cau»d t^ bo loftdOb boariac hii nam% 
atjrie, and onav Tbe CcoiunonwciiJtli GrtAt S^ai «ai no 
more wanUd, and ti waa dtalt witli oa the myal ilnat 
ScmX ImuI b«cn in tha year 164C, aJUr lh« aunrndcr of 
Uxfonl. On tlic 2Sih of Uajr, likiO, tho (^Mnniocui rtv 
•E>!t«d,"tbat IhcOmU thi; cwrtody offjcrlliouiapi 
Wiililmif to« and thc< Kftt of ibn laid (^lununuonMa ai 
tbo Orcai SoaL be bmoglit iulo ibiH Ifovm this ft t Mi o o n, 
to be h*re dc£af«d.*' A-^corilin^lj- ii wa« loriiiwith 
dolinnd io 8lr llarbuUlu UiiixMvn, UkoSpciJccr. " Ifcin^ 

tout CTT^vcKLi^on anti Tnp> onp,.\T skal. 400 

laid up^'ij th*? clerk's tabh, n smitUwa* icnt far, wJiO 
bixiku it ill piiXi35 vrltik Uir Hmiw wiw eittin^/' aibJ 
thfi piecea were ddivetrd to the Louis Comm'ivrtonerfl for 
thfiir fees. Thid w&s tlio flnol riul of th^: Great SoiJ of 
tbc Coniin (Ml wealth, wbkh iho King hliaa^nif^ in Lho 
trrnty Ht Ncvrprirt, hud a^^Tced to ocktiowlerlff©, And 
und«r which ju!»tice had Wi^n lozk^ odiuiaiiiteEvJ) coTn> 
iriijuioni^ hod been gmcitrd to victonoii* ^nf^mU and 
Imimht and trcation, dictated by England, hnd boon 
it<?rcd inb> with the most powi^rlul natlnnii in Kitn:rpe. 
The following dftv the two Honsi?^ of PitrliAmt^nt throw 
thciiiselvc^ on thoir kntjua k^^fi^iv tho Kio^, ni WhiU'iiall, 
iiTid Lord Chancellor llydr wo* seen rjiTQ-intf thf. tmn 
GtvAt Sod bcf ^n.' him. in its rvd velvet purvc B.<Jomod 
with A r(*pTV«i^ntfttinn of n royfll pmwn, and All tho 
hcmldio tciLiings of lui Kng;liiih monnrch, 

ORKAT aiiAL or Aif Kxri.p:^ kixo. 

^hfln Ch^irlfa n, wn3 in exile, he rr-iolvrd ti>iippoiut & 
Chnncdbr. nod told itydu uf many iin|iurUtiiL]V!i with 
whirh he wfw every dny ill^^nled, and thcit he naw no 
othur nsrocjdy to give himsolf case, timii lo put tho Suoi 
ont of hiH own koepinff into »nch hnnds rta would not bo 
imi^oriuQOtl, nnd would help him to deny. And. thoro* 
fore, he ccinjured th« ClionuoLlor to twt'ivo tlmt trust, 
with miwiy gracious promisps of hi^ fnvtiuriind pi'oti'ctLim. 
WhtTGUpim, the Eiirl of Briutol and 13t.*ervUiry NiL'huIu* 
using likewise their pcnuiv^ion, be Hnijmittod to tba 
KingM pLi'iiAiiro; who delivered tho ^eol to hUn iu tbu 
Chiistmaa lime, in tho yeiu- 10^, 


^JKKAT tiKXU AMJ Till:: I'lia^l^li XA 

When a Gnjftt ScaJ wu brokoa that e, n«w 0110 mAy bo 
u>ied, IL7) amii»blM couto«t} Aonorw oausd, ono« aro«L> U[H)n 
tho iiubjcKJt botwoon two of tho mo»ldi*<t,ingai»ho*l mnn 
who IiAVo virer betd tho ofHcoi Lord Lyndburnt wajj 
Ohftnr.Hlor on thr ncf^ftasirm <»f Wi][inm TV^ whnn^ by aii 
orUur m c^uncil^a now Graat ^4cal waa ordcrod to ^ 
pjqfcflrvd by hiw M*ij<"-I|'h cliwf «n^ix<cu\, W*. '^Xvscv^^. 

410 ccuounKM ov law aisa lawtxiui, 

mM fittuiliftd uid &n ofder wu nuwlft l<ir usinjc it, l^jnl 
BrTKj^liMn WM Ohjaioeil<ir. Lord LyociKiuit cUinwd the 
•M UthU H«mX, an' ito groQnd that the trammrUon tmul 
br reffrrrtd faftck to tlw ilja4i of tb^ flnt onW, and that 
tbo fruit mujit Ui«r«lb«v ba vao>dil«rod w hat-ini; fijlon in 
Uw liin*; «^liil« Lord Droonbam uutUtcd iKjut ibo point 
of liuo lo bo roj^rlod m» tho nomunt when tJie old 
Or«fti Soal ccM«d to tw Lhe^f^airviv^if' uidUiat tbcm 
«M no 04C«|>tioik to tbo gODontl ml*^ Tho bMot boinf 
iubnitt^d to tb« Kiug. ui fuprtBie jadj^^ in mcb cww, 
|M Mj^j^ fximubl V odjad^ntl that tie old Grnal Raal 
■buftld bo divfilod botwoou tbu two miblo and V««fii«d 
Iki^Miitji, and an it cotijiiiited of two paru, Cnr making an 
bD|ine«ion on hotb aidoi of thn wax appended to If^tt^m 
fittaot — onu r«pre«Dtt]ig tlu^ S'jvcniign on tli9 lhrr->ii«; 
'u>d tlw other on honeback— ttio i)c7<tiii)- of the tvo p^rta 
roH>orlivoly mIioilM bv d«4«nnui«d by lot, H'u Uaj^ily • 
jail^Eni>nt viu vcivr-Ji applauiSod, aad bf^ gmctooiuy 
ordeiDd c*cb part to bo a«t in ft apliadid idlvvar mIvbt, 
witb appropmt* d«rvictt« and oriiMiHiilit whieh ho pn- 
Mfiicd CO tM twn k<KficrH of bi« eomcieneo, m a tnuk 
of hin pOTono] TMniet for tboiB. Tbo wvwmony of 
pbrviki^ or " danuwlciAg " tho old Qr«*t Stal oommU in 
iUm SoTani|^ giving it a gontJo Uow wiili a liauMotr, 
lAftar which it i» Mppowd to bo broli«n, and bao ka all 
ita vbrUei— 1 Cto^ Chafic^, 37. 


Tbo fullowiiig ooegvnt of titu lait deciurta li eirmi by 
QrtriUo, in hU "Unrioim," "King IVilliam IV. U a 

fUlow, Ouf Council wm ptiiKipallj^' f.» a now 

StfJ, and to dcfw tbc old Seal Tbo Ouoocllor 
cUinti iht old one im hia ptmulMlc. I bad foivottcn the 
bAmtnvr. to ihe Kli];£ Ki'td, ' Uy lord, the beat uiii^;; I can 
do tH to i^vp yon tbo »al and tcU yon to toko it and di^i 
what vou likou'il^ it.' TlioChanec4]«r(liitiaghamj«aid« 
'Sir, f Irelierc ihciv ift lonun ik>ubt wbolhcr Lord I.jiuE- 
bunt ought not to b«vc Lalf of it, aa bo wan Chancollor 
[^ tbo Umh) oif jrour MajcttjA ao«— ion/ 'WolV wd 
King, 'tbco X wUI judge brtwDcn joiitliko SoloniMiii: 
(lurking tbo aeal rouivl aiHl rrxind) now do 3-oti Ofy 


or Ullfl.' Wu ail lau^lii^d, and the Ohanoellor a-ild, 
'8!r, I Uke tliu botuiiti [:iArb,' Tbu Kiug opent^ tli^ Lwo 

Cfm^partinonts of Uio ^\^ni, Q,n*\ H^\t\ ' Now Un?n I employ 
yuu tu ujiujHt«L> *jI BtAle- Yuu will H«nJ for Dri<lgQ| lay 

iui'!) asolver, wiUi my ftrma on ono aido ami yonrn on itio 
otiiijr, &nd Loul L} JiiJhureit'Fi tlic^ i«>vii]0, t\.r\i\ y^ju will ttiko 
odnc fiTu\ *^iv6 hiiQ iliu otUor> and botli keep th<5m a^ 

Lord CninpbelJ, i[i hm Autobio^mpliy, Huy» a Himilnr 
diupulu annvj bf*twi?i}ii liLi pmJucudBur, L'^rJ CbolrnsrurJf 
aau liiiiiHvir, aiiil Ur?r Maji^^tv fuUowoJ t^c pi'et^udi^til of 
WUliJxm IV. 

It is ruktudc>f Lord dianoDllor Notiinglitim. tlmt he 
couit'ortcd bimwir by tftkiti;; the Uivat i>oai to bud with 
him, jvnd tbul UiTi^^tm tha 7tK of Novombor, 1(177, ha 
luivud it from tb« J'utu wLuuh tlivti Lvfoll tbo maci-v uml 
fLftorwaiiU thff (Jn-fht Sciil iUcIf, in tb« timn of l^ord 
(Jbaiiccllor Tburlow, who bail not trefitoi] it no tondarly. 
Abciut cue in thi- tnoming, ^ayi Wooif, " tho Lonl i'ban- 

i^uUur Fiui^h hiA iikkic \^'(l.^ stob uut of lii^ houof? in Queen 
Strvut. Tbu 8i;aL biid uuder ln» pUlow, the thi(;f lutBod 
it. Tho faniou^^ thirf Lhal did it ww Tliiimiv< Sadler, 
cocm atlur txkiMi ujid bau'^d fur it at Tybuni/' 


Prcpamtory to Jatuea II, leaving the kin^-Jotu. on 
WilliKm IN. laii'liii;^, W liA'^ a paitini; inbvrvir-xv witb 
Lard ChaTK\;]ior Jvstlruya, to whom he dkd aol oonlido hia 
iwret, but lio iibUiiJMJ fruiu him all tli^ iiArliamunUiry 
wiiu which 1iai] not boon Iwued to ^ici Bh^rinn, araonnt- 
uig to a Gon^ldoiHbk number, ao-l thosr. with bi^ own 
hiuii^, hti thiTw into Ha^ titv., j|i> tlin&a lawful PArh^m^iot 
uughi jmt bu aa>«mbM when he wan j;^^>oi>. To iiR-r^aHC 
l.hti ivjiifuHEon. hv rhqiiirnd Jcllhwh to Htjrii>rkilf>r tbi< nr«al 
Seal t^~* him, hcbvini,' laid the plan of iloalroying it. In 
tbu buli«r Lhai wJtLiouL »t the |G;L»Vf>miiiuiib ci»tibL not tia 
conducted. All ihingH bom|v pivparoA, wv^ V nXWrc '^o.x'fc 

412 ccuofiitiES or lav avd i^vvsbb. 

ftnd Uio Rul »f Meirort hAvin^ Wn tnformMl of bb liw 
umliooii, wliich be Mill ooncnleJ fmm Jdtnyt^ oa Uio 
niffhi of tiko lOth ^f l>aooBib«T, June*, <UigiuBnl. l<ft 
Wiit«bnl!, Aivurap«Aii>H hy Sir EifwnH HakM, whcm ha 
AfUnrmrid rrojitod KaH uf TrnlcnluQ- Loudun Bridga 
(wltK^i liiftj (iiii^t n.^l cro«j lioin(( the onljfcme then OVW 
tbt Thun«ii Uiuy drove in a haduu^ oooch to Uic llono 
BWrry, Wwtmmitrr, uid on thejr criiitgH Ui6 riTcr vitli a 
p^r of ou». the Kiog tluvw the Gnat S«nl hito Uie walcr, 
Ukd tbflUfclit be httd lunk with li for ercr Uio forlun** of 
Uw PriiWM^ of Onuig«, At V«iikW1 Lbcv found horwi In 
nmilinwM to Uwul and tbvjr rodu ■wtfUy to F«venJi«iii, 
whcM thty embftrvrKl for Franw, 

onsiT EEU, mncD nuw tue TiiiKu. 

Ttw Umat ScaI, tho C/am« iUyni^ tfa» moUmh of 
covdnigii vwsiy. vbiefa bad bvm tbmwn into tbo Hihmv 
tlsat it miiclLt imvot rcadi tbo FriM* of Omn]Z«, woii 
found in tbe net o^ a fiftkennan, ncaj Lunbdtli, a&d was 
d«liror«d hy liiTii to tbo Lonb of ilw CoiudL. wbo wen 
raoltod to plooe li in Ilia ban^ of tho fwiniUr of tiw 
new djrnK$ty. 


Torx early In the mormtag oTtJw SUb of Marcb, 17S4. 
Mme tbievcA broke mLi> Lord Tlmrlow'n boaw, in Ofvti 
Onufjud Strv«t, «liicb Usen bonl<Ti.HJ on tbo CoVBtfj.l 
OMning from tbc fiekL^ tboj bad jumpoil awr bin catdtfi 
waB, mi fonitiz two ban from ibu kiubon radov, 
w«ii( ap A itAir t^ a rooaa adjoining tba »tady> BofOi 
tJbv>lutuid (lieOrtai8eaLinclci<ioduitbtttwoba||«aoefti 
doBciibed in Uio clov roAl, ocw of loather, tbo otbor of 
mUcj two nlver biltfd mrrirdi hrJniiging to th« C%aii- 
odkir'o oftocfv, and a snaaU Aum of mciio)'. With thia< 
wbole or IKU booty they aboeondcd. Tboy otfvct^d tliotr 
CNm vitlK^til baring been bc«id of by any of Ao 
nuaUjr ; nn-l t]wu;{h a reward wa« ofirred for th«ir dia- 
•oraty, tli«> iiovct ouuU b« tnnd. Jt will hardlr Wj 
balloTod UiAt Ix^ni Loughbarotigli* ukUt wbgonr UqkI' 
ftdviet tbe Whig |««ty ai tkat period anted, waa no b^ 


alfkiWyoi' OS to i^rprosont this burglary ns s, diuloquvto to 

OJnlMt'iAM tho B[iJViM'nrni>iiti ; aLtlioUj^li Kmn^ Jaihoh I J. liiuJ 
thought thftt w ha.*\ v\T'if;UiF\My ftcfcatcil t.lio -^nl-iqiriHc 
uf Ujo Pew-" of IJriuH^u hy Lhiowtng ttiu GniEit Hii^l inui 
tho rivjT ThjtTnix* Sitrh <*\[iiNliti<m wrt.■^ u.^f-il, that Iiy 

Tiijon tho fullowing <]ny. ft now Groat ^0*1 was HnlKheil, 

JUIiJ tlio woHil W^1l( oil lb* twfmo. 


Lord Eldod, whuti cljiir^^oil with untn^ the Onmfc Said 
_ iriug tho King's luaaulty. wauld hftv<* douo better by 
rtiriMlg Ifcis <ier'?iicc OTi tli<? iiT^O'-nity uf thu OftAO. «ud tbe 

jtfioutlee arid ovil-i wbk^L mu^t havo j^rUon foraa foUoW' 

IL ociiiti'ary couni^. The fnct tliut Ji? did allow ibi; 

toBigti tummisajtms forpaasing IsUla; to a«-i>iw in 
touiit'lllom ; aiid to do other iuil>uriajii auUt i>t 
S, wlirti hiH MftJMty wan wbolly iricoinnct^ut from 
monLftL disvoay, wuh from t^io litnt abuudautly clsar, but 
hoi Hnaa be«n i»Eac^ei.[ bi^y^ikd ail <;rjiitri>vvniy by tbe 
coma|>onduuvo upou tliu subjuob oojnuunioalod to th« 


X violent alloroation took plaoo on Lor^l Kin^'^a 
iiLotiOJi) bluit l^}\\\ tltijuii »tjL»uld Oti exoludod fnjiu LivtUjf 
ft nmDLb«r of tbe Qiicun'ii Council, lo oftuat hr:r in tAkin^ 
o&ro of lliu Kjil^^'m pursod ; on tJi« ground tlut li^ had 
fre<iu^iLt]y obtaiiidd the Ktn^-'» digOAturc for corami8Ari>n8 
wkijLL hid MajvHty, oa Account of mouLal dl^ua^, wah undvr 
lUccarv of ptiyhk'iaikA, wlmdecl&red he wat ini^ompntAnt to 
act^ Erskino did not apeak on Qdn very doUcalo topic, 
but tie vot^d for lh« lootloQj and jiurivd in a strong 
protcnt Agairti^t iU rejection, Mtting forth tho liiAtaneM 
jii which thia practice liad bctnn followodt and ooEic!luding 
with tho alkgAtinn, that ■* Joho^ I-nrd KIdon, hftving *o 
voridiicteii hiiu^olf. in not a pcrvon to wham tlio Kucrod 
trtiAt nf fwtinK «» ono r»f hf-r Mai«*ty'ii Cmni^il in tho 
caro of hiA MajuAty^a pL^niou. aud in thu disK^hur;^ of tho 
othor mont impoi'tant dutic^i ooinuiitlrMl lo tho wiir] 

Cwinc-ilf Min wUn propriety or nafyty l« cmamAW^" 




Whnn ErmkiCQ w4a CliaimUDr, bcmg a^Vftd by tlut 
SoecvUfy to tho Treoiiny wbetber W wotiM aUcnil tho 
fCrand llmbl4?nAl tUh dintier, to be jp^en at ClrHnwicb, 
•t Uio esi<l of tlie «c«ioD. be aiwTrnad : " To bo mro I 
will ; v]mi would yutu luh dinner bo witfaodt tho OneX 

tRK amriT beal buueed iv a ri^wrft-4URDKir. 

During tb« equuqh qT B13, |wl <4 Lord EUmi'« 
Imwv St blooombewu d^txoyo<l by a tinf. Tbii^ if li 
><tid not produoo al tbo tiin^ wi Ijoiiutif^il ft lutbtr ab Uwt 
from Sir Tbonaw Uvra ou ft »n>ikr ooeuUai, b« dW- 
'nnU dacrib«d very gimphiodhr ja KIa old tigb. "U 
tttftUv iTM ft v«rj prvli}' sigbt, eild be j "for all tbo 
ibmIi tcmud out of tbeir ticds, ftnd tb«y fonned a Una 
:&Dia ibe wat«« to tlw flnHJOgiiu, ba&d Jng tlie bwJurtaj 
<Uiay leukvd wry im'tty. all In their trhiAjk" Wbilo tha 
ilaBioawtre ra^iig, tbo Lord Cbasodbr wis to vkrlcnt 
Llnpadaticm about tb« Ureal Saal. wliidi, altbou^h he vmm 
not ill Ibe babii, bk^ on« of bi« iUitttriooa pi«ieoeaMri, 
of taking it to bed wjlb Mm. ha ftlwaja kept ia Ida bad* 
cbambt*. Ue fluw nitb it to tba awden, and buried H 
in A flowtr-bunlcr But hl« tiepAdation waa almoat aa 
groat next tDocaiDit for. what batween bin ftUim fgr tbo 
aafily of lady ElJon, and bb ailmlralion of Ui« niftida in 
their voital attim lio oould not remambet 11m spot vbov 
.^ciaw Tt^ iMd boflft hid, "You oevar «w ftny< 
IMi^ aa ridieuloQi^" bo lald, ' aa Baein^ Iba whole Ctiuily 
dowa tlint waik, probinj; and diji^ing iiU we foaikil it"— 

Cemp. CbAJfea 





A <rAHa cam*! before LoM El-lon, »s Clik-f Justice on the 
cinjuit. At Exultir hi: }i^ to try a, uuiubLT uf tuiluni wlxo 
vivivd uuliijt^il br^furr^ hirn for & not, ^iviHiii'^ out of a (-um> 
binalion for a rbe of wag^^n J<ikylJ, fur the dufunJani^, 
(rroBB-vKJuiuuiri^ a wituiis^a au lo tlitJ niiLuber |>rviivuU tbe 
Ixinl Cht^f JwiUce rainiiiiltjcl him tluit lu. acci^rdini^ to 
Uvr, " threu may la&kv a riot,*' tbi^ iuquiry waa trrdvvauL 
JekijU. " ypH. iriy bnl, Fialb au'l Uuwhina lay duwa tUc 
law a^ your luiJaliip Htaten it» aud 1 wly on tUwJr 
Aitlhfinby ; for, if th^r« iuu»t b? thrte ueu to inak'.* a riot, 
tilt! rioter^ bain-; ttiUora. chertf muxt be iiiTT^ CbnAt three 
isrvtKui. aud uiilijs tUt» urOHt}cuU»r lunkiM i^ub Cliat Uiiji^ 
were twouby*fl«viMi joining \n tl^iA breach of tha peaofi, 
luy d!«ut(t ai-u t^ntitleJ to an ac<iuittaL" L^rd Chisf 
Jtiidfre (jijkining in Ui« lav^'bj. ** Do you roly on ooiomoii 
Ut or dlatuto I "^JtkvlL *" My lofd. 1 roly on tUe wdl- 
kiJDWD tna.Yiin. &t ul<T aa Mi^giUb Oharta, 'Niinf tailors 
iiiako a ni/i]!."" Lord OhlftT Jutitioc ElJon ovurraluJ th*a 
objuotiun ; but lbs jury took the b&w frum bliu vouukuI 
inntL-a'i of thb judge, frnd aequitled all the dGCondantjL'- 

WilbTllKll Utr^roU CAM JUBTUT 



From timo iiuin«niorkl thnro had beoo Fbni^iially nt 
Stamford, in Linooln^ihiro, a bull-running or buU-haitinj^ 
The trrulitinn wru, that a field vftut given to tho hutcU^t^ 
of Stftinfuri ou condition iho-i tUoy hViMVi ifivA % V^ V> 

410 cnsiostTiea or law A?tD lawtebs. 

tberc^ In 1836 the Sooiccy fi>r Prcvf cUon of CruoUy to 

,|>MpJ» nMfii»Mii riotouftljr »md liiv^ wi&rlow*. Ad liidict- 
meml tor * rivt wvt pntnnd At nrxt unsn for wn- 

MllnDtf to Lli>^tU|1> tho pi.'AOn by nOtOllBly MMKblia^ 

Tb« JcfotndADtd mm popuUr, and • nlweriiitiott WM 

niaed to Mvn<\ iWm. At thu IrtAl (wHoADt Ooolbom 

rat ratAiaed for tho defaice, au'I thongk ba could aoi 

ldea;f Uw riot, li* |>t«Aidi>il ujm aod cuAtou mad Uw 

.ignot«ii«e of tlie dd«<nclanU, who Miev^d lli«j^ wer* 

cxerci^uig ih 1«caI riglii. Jiutio» PatIc^, howwvtr. fai 

«uiniuitij{ up, toltl Lho iiiry tliAt no uM or cufttora cenld 

jitoltf)* b nou A Torolei of guilty wan givDD, btit tks 

deffndvitfl w«r« tt«v«r csUod L<n U> rvwiv« nuniAhineoL 

Vor two or ihrve y«An foUowLog, Ibo public triod lo 

TviMW tho bvll'ruri, but Uio itijIkAry w«r« wni to ^linji^rM 

the mob, wtjir4i i.u?<t tlM town Xi^H>. ^ ^ lut; tbo diMf 

bliAbitAiitB nw Uio foUy of p^qieWAtitig tbk wMqoAtad 

b«ut«lily whicb tlir«At«Q«d to In io AJpeiuiYA. 

QiTtvo AWAY A ujrTKftv ficicicr oif coKunioy& 

On* Ur. ComvAlUi, faAviog cot a|i a luUvtY <«]U 
"The Whty^l of FoiiiUM; or, 4 ThoosAnd Poundi for • 
Vwnyr Mn, Fulhr, tbe wUW of Dr. Full«r, Awt fcr 
twf*oty-fo»r of tKo» Uck«U, And gAv« U>«ai Among llw 
«onADl« iii>oQ ooDditios* if twoMy rfdUtngv at BBora 
Bhoukd coDDv op, b«r duightor should Iiav* a TaoiMvof 
Um iiriin. And ona of them tkua ^v«ti to bir tooMfoy^ 
OAOM up A iiriM of £1,01111. lite dAa|^l«r brousht Inr 
bill for tho moik^ of tho noiiAy, i&d H wm vndAoiAUjr 
|irovi>l bj tho v««t of the eamMto Asd o4Ji«ra tfast Uw 
ti4<k*t,whichoaab4iton«[»iiTiy, WAA^VMi to tbnfooi-boiy 
«ai tlut conditioik Lord l>>wiwr. thon Lord ChAtuaUor, 
b*d to d««Mle UiA CAAA. and he naiJ ; " C^jux ««< ttmrt 
rfmt ett disponetd. The foot-boy in Alt infaAt^ but hA ii 
Douad by tbo ovndition aa wvll aji oiie of full ao* ; h%- 
UAy hn A tmjil4«. And ia a tmeto* aa to XAOOi, lor Uio 
yomur iBdy." Docno «Aa mAd* Mcordiiif^y, UU t £AO0 
iJuMJld bo ^voB to tljc youAf kdy, aa A^n«d nl An< — 4 
CAmp. ChAiA, S97. 


A tfl-tmoT noar Swainiam, in Norfolk, inWt^d tho 
tcLpurviHur of t^xcivir tA> diu>- wiL)i tiim. jiud ikllvz' [lunhiiig 
ftbout th'^ 1>obUo Itrtrtkly, Ui« luiitr f^ntL^mui tocik hiH 
loaw^ But* in [iiMHiii^ ttirou^li the Uuyf^rd, lie unf'^r- 
tnn&t«ly tipll inlo ft VAt, and c&lied luatily for the tanimr'H 
od^EfUu^ io ^l him out, but to uo purpoHu> &iid tbd 
tumer: "If I draw Any hid-w wilhout giving' EhW>?Iv« hi^tirh' 
Dottce* I ahal] bo ^xn in ao oxchequor prooeaa aud ruinr^d ; 

WHES i>rMoj-i«iTXrt M«rri\<i iioustw AiiouNra to 

It wn* onci) thoujrht trcMonAblA tf> dcmali^h meeting 
hoiucii and brutlurU, *'A btotbvJ." KalUfarkur, CJ.^on thtt 
triiJ of ItLL^h Liuirch rtolc'i'^ " i^ n iiiii^\ru.v, and rimy bd 
pimiibod ujt £Uoh. aixJ bt^iiix ^ particular nui^-uioo to 
Kiy one, il' h(J iJiiLtn tA» 4i.b:ilr it^ Im may tiiily he ifuilty 
of a riot; but if bo will prc!fluiua to pull dowti ait 
brotb^lti, hti baa tAkeu tJiv Qu-wii'h ri;^bt out '-ifher IiaAd, 
aaid hoA eommlttod bigb ireoAon, l^ iximpoaaiEi^ h«r 
dualli, aiiJ levying wai- «^am»L Liur lil Ibu it^Oiu- Of 
^ ■ brothelfl, 9n of fooeting hoiwoa.'' "Let uj* bopu/' ^d 
Lord Cftiu|>1>^]]. " thftt tiio Lord Cbii^f Juatico wad tMbani«d 
to Ce^l biiiivlf obtl^l ta tnllc Hi^^fi Muns^un^o, JtTthoufi^b 
b&ckod by tho othur judges, and thai it Mk'an tbron^b 
li]# i[iui<^thil interltfironro thiU tho priHonort, tl^nu^b found 
E^lly, oad «oQt4nrod to a cruel dcAth, wcro rcpnovcd 
vid pardoned."— i Cunp. Cbanc, filS. 


Arundel Ooke, lilifq, a tfeJitliamaTi nf JgrLunov u> tbc 

I irore ™pit4illv indktL'd, on tbvCovcaUy Act, " for itljiting 

tbo now) of Edwanl Ci'wjjo, Esjq., Ci>lcft"» brother -in- law^ 
With tntent Ut iimim hiiu And di.ifL^uiv biiu. ' it bii 
pfiftrd ill oviJonco tbat Mm. Cuko waa cnLitttrd to a 
iMTigo «HUte mi thti death uf ber btothcr. Mr. CVuu^', 
that Mr. 0>ke, to g^t poawMlon of lU\ft caUt>ib> t«H^«& 



to mordar Ur. Criafw ; tiiat wHh tbU vigir. be i&T«wl«] 
Ut. Crivpo at tntdniffht into & RhQrr4iynn]; tkftt Uion 
Woodbnmp. br Mr, C^ke'it ordcn^ lAuutwd Jir Crufra 
with a liilUhook, juid jtRv^t him •ctotaI woandii wliich 
wttra bdif'Voil tc tw mortikl : tliftt be wu lofi far dud 
tbo cbun:b>Ard; that be vmM nowrtJielMi cvriod br 
MtiM countrynieii fiunTig by to Ur. Coke** hooMv wbich 
WM clotio ^ ; Uiiit be recovered, uid Uuit o«io gf Uii 
'wottn'U he rfie*ivp(l ww * cut ir^o» Ihr no»iv Noir 
km tboro clv«rly vftt no iiit4)at Uiai iit. Cntpe nbould 
livD ridicQlouji viih a mutiUtcd vi«u(ti; the intantioQ 
WM not to db^ure, but to inurtlcr mnt for bui mCaIo; 
l]i# wound wtdeS nerelr cul tbe nuu «-m intended, like 
»tKef« IixfliHcd on diwoit parU of hb body, to 1m 
mortal, and botb Uio aooated p«mjuii. wbcu thor UA bim 
in th'^ fbun^bjard, belkv^ that tbf^ir raol ooiecfc bod 
been fuUj aoounpUtJied, Huuvvvr lx>rU Olkf JuhUo* 
Kiofi hiImI tbht if tbff piinoDoni moliciounlv iiiJflk!tod a 
wo^d wliiub btDOiuUcd to A AliUiag of Ube hom, and 
wbiok diaAmirf<d tho pitM^ctitor, Ihe cme w»a wiUiiia 
tiw Act, duougb the roftl objoct waa to norder, not to 
dhfiguffi An tot«fition to kiLl do«i iwl MolwW ftn 
Intention to disfigtut, Tbo inaUimwil nMdo uk of 
in tbu ftttt^ikpl «A« A bill or bedgiog hook, ivhicb in 
ito own n&turo fe |iro|>or for cuttifigi moiinb^ umI dls* 

Tbe priMOisen vreiv omiv]<^Uw1 uid «'X«cntc) ; bnt tlw 
<oht may be rwardcd as a |>cfid&Dl to ihftt boforo Lord 
Cljitff Ju«tici« Sit Jamee yuMftold, wberv k luoa who 
gave a bor^ a draugbt for tbe parpoaa of ftmttduloat^ 
wi&Qiog a «ag«r on a race, ««■ bacged tat kiUbg cha 
^rae " oal of maJiee to tJiD ovimv," whoao oaaio m did 
aot know^^tato IViak 

Accimrr axd xixii.fOKScs tmnvGuniiBiK 

It b matter of espcrianoe, tbat th«ar« ato nan; awato 
dbVBg«ro» to life and Mnh, vUcb ttw wboUy beyond 
honan oootroj, vrktch no eagaoity An fonaee or ptmda 
ifabiatv asd yciwbkJi conntastlj Ibwmrt human <«bevn«^ 
lwt«1ilbbiiinuTa&oblanMvb^fiartoan.v third MnOfW 
md eonaiqiMttUj oo^ not to involve any km or 

liinuut, The ills tHstt lle«h is lit^'tr to ar« often 
tolly Heimrnlilo ttftm any hiimAn rnlpfLhlKty < nr niLy 
be loo flUDtle to attract tho notion cif tho law, Id such 
<ti oue G^icli intlivt'luAl muHt bntkruit, iit if to nn inrvitftble 
'^niflChftncCk Th*Me two dijitin<!tiniifl— one involving, tiTid 
tlie otiier Dot Invi^vJD^cLilpAyiiLy. ura luunlly known 
to tho law undnr th^ hca<l of ncgligcnco luid of ivr^ 
|{]i<l«Dtp If tiid act of QD9 poTvon is no closely conn«cWrJ 
With thi^ auflt^nii^ GT losH of nnotht^r that ono is thn 
imm^iato cniiao. and tho other is tijo inimedinto oon- 
aWiaoQce, theu a tialiility of (h© former peiion to 
mftko good tho losa of iho ln.ttor ni^mon arises out of 
tha circuuihtftncM, Why this alioulJ kic n^Ftreely r^:|iiircs 
«xpTaj:iAtinn. Human life iLboiinrlis ia dangcrouj^ sitna- 
tiona^ and if vach were to Aot roi^klea^ly, f^w woxild 
be safo from wron;^ '^^'^ iQJ"t"y. At tho name timfc, if 
no connection of cause: and etl>jcb between the two thingA 
can bo tracfld, or if it be too far-futched, or if no con- 
nei^doD beyond what h inevitable and bUmelosG con be 
discovurad, th<an no such liability ari*es. and each must 
boaj hit* own Icisso). The lois js then a tnflrrj accidonV 
for which no remfdy is |.»rovided to tho oxu.-, biyzaiwo nu 
culpahility 4?ttn be tnt«cd to the othor. The difficulty 
of Bpplyiu;: thla rule tuiaun fruni Uw itiiiuitv varioty 
of oircuinNtAncr^i and mutual relattonn to (mi examiiu-d 
and to bu cltwaiticd unilur tbo ouu hr^ad or thb othor: 
under blamoabtu or aoiiotutbl? ni>gli^unce, and und«r 
ui6Tltable 01- blaiodaa aooidont<— 1 P£.tor^n'« Lib. 
Subjwt. 247. 

Thin celebrated oaw, decided by a judgo of tho County 
Courtrt soon aftAr thom courts vrero »tabliiihnd, wan m 
IbUowH. Tho pluutJJT Kuod th« duGundant for monay duo 
<itl Ml afoount nt&teLl. H^ proired hii oaso and obtuned 
JudgmmtH Then th'j dc^funfjant pkodod that ho could 
not pftv, wln?rcH|ioTi th<- coitrt ]m|nirivi whether thetv 
wad anyoud cunnuct-^d with bim, williin t!i() limita of 
Iho statuto of 'iiHtnlititionti, wli'> i^ould jiay, Upon tJic 

defendant ru^'^y^'^ ^^^^ '^^ ^^^ *^^^ ^^'^ '^^^ ^^^ C'^uVl 
ytiy w^ll ijuough, only vbe did ^th'L \^*i Vj i^ '^^ *£^a 


,ooitrt belli tbo aM«t WW liAbJe, cAtl ntftdu 4a orAtr on 
litr tQ pay Accx>rOiiktfljr. Tliu 4iwu«tili9 fiMiuD uid wna- 
finkio cf Uw, pqaitj, »xmI wiU j««U«o. UMtdo ft fwolbuAd 
iispnnoa on Ute Ic^ |irof«aiiuB ; awl li hm bv«v mooi 
Imn kiwiru ah k leading omo voder tlio Abovo liiadiftr 


In 13i6,& cajM is Uw wm niUtvd to Lutljcr. A mtlUr 
liftj U) ftu wbicli vtiiu iulo ft ^bcfimui'd bu^e to Hriiik. 
Tbu houi^ txifi buici^ Uvd tati^ flualed away witb tbu ftm, 
du that (tic imilur Li^tt bU kvi, &riJ Uic l;»hpnu&U bin boftL 

Tbu miliar c»ui|>liuiL^ UikI ibe fiabotoiftitft acideat to 
tic bid Ujoi JaaL, bftil liv-L bini hu aoei. Tho flab«viDftO 
C0Qi|ilftiiiv4 uT Ui< uiiliur fur act ki«v|Hn;; bi* afa at Loum, 
ubd iImuvJ >i&(i>traiCtUk]i for lontog ha h^mi. Qu«r^, wbftt 
in Llie Uw r Took tbo »m tbo boftt awat, or ue boftL li« 
»t« t Lutbur m4'i boUi w«r« io error, Uui fialivrftiftn tbftt 
b« find nob fA«t bU boAi. tho milter ia aoA koapiog bb 
ftM fti boimk — Lutbor'* TaIjIo Talk. 


One <it Um Dic«*tt |>uiut» whicb ovm ouiiq b«fudtf LiTnl 
diftHMUor HAnlwJiku WM» bo«r a widov k ftlTootod bf 
h«r bvAbftod, ui In* hfc-luiM*, bavMi^f pMbed bcc pon- 
pbemftlift. Lofd Lcmdooikny lud giwi Ctdj LoJilga- 
iJ«rrv A tliAmoDd novklaoo, uid Aflarwftnh |4Mgtd b aft 
A coiWrAl vrciihi)' Uv £1 JKHJ, witib ft powor lo a«I] It fc<r 
jC1,50U. AJt«r bik d«tK tho t^uoMioa ftroo* wbelber Ura 
MckUeo ou^t not to bo mdc^imod out ni liu ponooal 
HtftU for bar benoIlL 

Tho Lord ChAccollor nud: ''Tbo bocUao* b aoi lo 
bo «o&ni)ot«cJ an giirm for tbo ncpfttrnto iiae of ilt« wif-rv 
1 bftvo aJ m itUd that a butbaud in«ijr uoko «ucb o fj^ft, 
bob vh^io be oxMoaly givoi J^wnbi to a wife t»i bo wont 
ftt onwawdto oT bor puraom, Otcy ftio to bo ooDoidrnd 
onlj ■« pftnabmulifl. anl it wuuIJ be of h^\ odiMoqttOftOft 
to CQttMtT toem otbcTirue^ fur if ihioy wero a f^iti to bor 
iM[>ftrAto uMs, hIm Micbt dwpwf of tb«m Abbjluuljr in bio 
life timn, wbkb iroulil bo oaaltftiT to hU itklcniioa. &u| 


ff!ilN'(3fl NOT GEXHIULLT Z^OWH. 421 

in tbia CMLM* it urll Iw th« ^iim f/r lA*^y LoniloiidtTry if 
■he intn pro\'i> that atio woro tl^o n«cklftce ita fui oni&mcnt 
i^hvr {iL-nfuu on birti^'JMvN nrii) oCIkt publir oc^iVfluiis, 
whidi it hwi b^Pii iMTivvd sbo iJir), Tho quc^Htion aHnrtt, 
whcthur th^ra wan tax uU^nMUm of it. by tli^ Tiublariil in 
h^s hre'linip. Utt.' luiklkAnrt tiAvincf n rii'ht hi al]>_-iijiU* liis 
wtfif'et panLi/li<<niiLli4 iTi Iil» l)r»'tinke. aUhuLi^flL bif vuiinot 
dgphve hor i>t' {\w\n by liis will' IT*>re, th*ro waa a 
ledg^ with A pi^w^r of uilo : uid at tho husb&Md'a dtraXh 
,1ic itwklace niiiLAiiivii imE«J«i^Trk«cI v^d iinw>M. 1 diii of 
Ofiinfoii th&t thin wn,^ not &n nlif^natioil, and tbat bin 
Ijuntuiml vntaU lein>; »iijfti(ri<>Dt to rodoem Uw pl«di-^, ami 
finy all bin ilebU. nb^ nbn)! hr rntitind to hxve it fcdpotned 
And d^iiverod to b<rr." 

If it Wiim hc!d finy drfcnci^ tluit one tnprisly I'fipcfttcd 
Uic fllandoi' ofjuiutbor, thotiljuulorcd pcivimwouid in [nuiy 
ciAf« hftvfi no nimrdy whatever, for thfi oH^nJvI nttj^rrr 
Quy bti a pftuptr, or ik prisoner, or fi n*[»n of itniw. 'J*ha 
ramtlt, thrmforf, now i^ tlmt lit^ wlio iqirftls n atnndcr ia 
B(|Da1ly liable with tbo orif^iiiatur, and i^ju^nrjt ^t <^iiit 
of liiLbility by nAiiiinj; the lint nttrriT ; nor thoujith ha 

Mtatifd it not iwt A volimtocr, but m nnuwor to a quoitbn. 
If, indtud, the tvjwtition dikos not pur|n5rt to bi* & Ht&te- 
tnnnt of a t^t, hut rjithor to bi? ^ir inijUiryH no liability 
liiay bu ific'tini"!. Bui the rvpuLitiun uf u sliLuiii^r m iiot 
tfVt^n d«rinvil the ncitErTAl arid immenlint'^ (^onrwijucnce of 
HrHl uttoriti^ \U uuUfh in vt-ry Kput'ial oirtfumituucvw 
And thft samf miv^^dy li^t n^iinnt riiF> onn who repe&t^^ 

asftC«loat him who iuvcute anloiidcr or libel.— Pfttunoi&'ti 
Lib, Prew, IM. 


Adcr dili^wiLly Ki^rchinf' tli^ book*^ I find the report 
of only otic jud^mont wh^^ Lord CKancrllur M<irn pro- 
Tiouncvd dmins hi« ChaDc»llunibip, and tliia 1 shall ^dvo 
in thp woH» of thr rcportrr ■— 

" It hiLppL!nod on a iitnQ thftt ft bo^^r-wom&n'ft UUl^ 
dog, which ah* had lrt*t, wu ^rcv£\).iX4 tit tw SfifvA S» 


Slon, ttid hIw hftd k«f»t It Aoiae Ma^ii^ii tvt^ 
; but fti kift tlia b«E^w lja>J ik»U<9 wupn Uio 
3osE **>*i '^^ pnoftfDllr *!■« cuno to uuuplaia U> Sir 
TbOQUB, u bo vdfl ilttliig in bis hall, tliAt hia kdj with- 
~iald b*r dog from h*r. VnmvUy uty Ifly vru Mot 
r, ttad the dog brought with her, vhieh 8if Tbomaik 
in hu btiwJa, c«u4»d bia mf^ becauM aba waa lb« 
wortblar peraon, to nund &t tho qmxt «Dd 6f tba bill, 
and tliu btggai it Um bwar on<l, and aaybi^ ibai ba mX 
ibara U* 'lo «>vory oiu juttioA, he had aftch of Uitcn alt 
la dog; which whan tbay did, tlio dog wont ikpaaaaUjr w 
bagRar, Ibnakibg my lailj. Whan ba aaw Uua^ b« 
a^ Ud/ ba eoDteatod, foT tt vm noaa of ban; ret 
la^ rapining at tlio saoUDoa of aiy Lord ChanojOor, 
with iho hussar, and gav* nar a pieon of gold, 
which woutJ wdl bavo bou^L tbroa dcigi^ and ao alt 
pfcttiw* were agrees!; *vtry one rnniling t/t nt* bin nuumer 
of io<jniriiiff out iniUi. It moat bo nckDowMgad tbat 
.SokuMo boDaalf couJd sot hav* hoard and datarainad 
OMnvMolyoro^oiUbly"— 1 Camp. Cbui&,5ftSL 

uoAunr OP 8PMik<i otnn ih ncuiet axd <uttkctt 

Tba dootrina of tbo cofDin^^n law JiwUftod tba pladag 
of irpnng-gaD» on Lhia grooad : that vt Uia owner could 
DOC (lIwa^ bo wafd^in^ hia Md* in ponvw, aod ao pro- 
portion lijTC* to fiHvo m axtrvdiog tfupaaaan, bo ouuld 
(icily di) *> fifi^tnally to hu ftbaeaoa bj placing Kti in- 
«tniinciit wiiicb, hy Lbo joint oflM of tatror end pbj^eal 
pain or daath (tho Uttrr cofifouedlv in axoaat of tbo 
icqiuraiiianta). would put a stop to tbo trtapuML Tbo 
boAiii of «It th» ttfi-Tocd to br, thftt frvj^ity, and not 
human ]ii«. miuthn protected at all bojoutLt. TbocoQuuodi 
hiw obvioUKly oould i^y nothing to oxtcnusto tbo Oagxa&t 
injnaticc of APCAirionjillj taking awat tbo Ufo of innocent 
peiBUDa witbctat tAUh«, tutd ovcd of Inapatni without 
odequato cojucl Ai»d ai tbe coanncci Uw thiia aotmwl 
to «xi«D«aU A ipccka of uapononol Mwcinatiw, at hat 
llw Igriilaliirn^ witli bigber vwwa of tba ratatiro import 
a&M S Ub and prmrtj, haid to intanroiM to oovbt ovar 
tbb oooapicwM* domt 

Whan the law t» to Kpring-guaa was about to be 

7iii!faa mt OBX&iULLf snowg. 


occasion thftt thi:^ quwtion hiivl tmurt before courU of lair, 
ihojodgv^ bjL<l bijon About «<)tinLI^ iIivl<)odi lAihl EUon- 
borough, CJ., or»pOrtiii^ thn BiU to rrndor it illfl^al ii> sal 
HprltjrT'^Eitis, saiil tho ^eiH^iia ik^ox London [inncipally 
owed their si^cui'ity to tlif mghira ihftt wiri^ >rt in tltepi, 
eiTuI tlmt gftrtlencrs hoii no othor ntr^ftn^ of protcctin^- 
thera. Alter much ilisciiision d. sta-tuto fift^swd, whirti 
drow IL didtiuction between dweUia^dioutu?* on the oub 
hiLUiJ, ftud gmUenS) 6eld&, and wowU on the cithgr; for- 
bidding these guns generally im a mi-vJemeanourj but 
allcfwin^' thoni in Jiounea during the ni^KL^l Paterson's 
Libt Subject^ ^65, 

A good speeiioen of Lord Ellenbomn^h'n nrjii priv/i 
tnan&er le his opinion upon the quc^ticin. whi^tbor a mtai. 
by nailiug to )ii& owo wall a Lh^njd which ov«rhaiig8 hi« 
nrigbbou?» flold, 13 liable to on action of trf^spaw ? The 
jud^e thufl expressed hid viewb of thtt tnw : *' I do QOt 
ihinic it i* a tiTfipjiAjt to interfere with the (^oTitmn of atr 
Huperiiieojnl)«nt on the cloaa of anothijir. 1 onco ItaJ 
iierft^ion tr> mlf. cm the cincnil^ tUnt a mn,n who from th* 
outride of n. liold, disidimgcd a gun Into it, i^o tliat thift 
nhot mtMt have >tmck the aoil, was K"^^*'y ''f breiikin|p 
and niitciing It. A very learned juu^ who weat tho 
ciivuit with mc, having at lint doubt.ed tho dccuiom, 
aftfirwarda appMved of it, and I l-elievo that it mot 
with the general caucurrtneu of thoro to wlxom it wan 
mnntioned. Hut I am by no fncjini ^^mpurrd to *Ay, that 
tirin:; acrotif a lidd «n iMCUo, iiu ptiri of tliu cuuttuibj 
toLccldiig it, aniounbi to a etatifuni frrgit Nny, if thi* 
hiiard coinmita a IrtupoM by overhanging tho plaintj^fi 
ligld, the conscMjui^^Dce is U^nt au aeronaut lh iiabk- to mx\ 
action of tronpa»t at tho suit of thu oceupjcr of ovory 
houjfQ aiid incb of groujid over wUluli LIa Uallouu paanua 
in tho couwo of hia voyage, Wheth!?T the action fxu.'i or 
ni>t <ULUUot dupmid upou tho Ii^ni^th of Uniu for wbicU 
thu aupf^rincumbent air \a invoduit. If otiy dama^L^ arinui 
from i\\c uvorhaiitjiEJg »ul«ttULDu, tht> I'etuvdy is by au 
action on tb(» cww." 




POX mnmcBfl kot pBivit.ron> w TftesPiu. 

An acljon 1»ing brmight hr thn Kirl of Buox A^iruA 
^tW Booourftbla wl R«vvrNid Mr. Capcl. wbkii dk&r^ 
Jtfa*t I1i« d«f«idiutt liAid cmnmittvd a tr«mju in Unkmi 
twl cnicnng hu grouhdn. ca1Ic<3 Ouihiobury Pvk. and 
«ilh bt^ntes and houiidndvativ^iris (beffrwu ut4 b«ibi4[«. 
uid broaking down hi« fcncnft; the defbnduit jimUticd 
,Uuit tb<> fb^ b«ing a i>gxioii;i nntinal and liabk to do 
JmiKhmC h^i ^ ^te. parpOM of killing ami dni>tn>yii>;f it^ 
, »i>d a8 tbo moal olTactual nwuia of doine ao^ broke and 
ktnUrfid Uio paik with boraca and hovrnoi, and hunud 
4lw fox. TKe nfpltatkm to thui waj% thai bU object 
|wa> jk4 to dntroj tbo fox, bat tho atsiuamciit and 
)dLTaMnn afTonlwl hj tbfl chaae. Lord Kllaiiborou^ 
LmkI'. "TbiM b ooniciidiQjf Qicainai all nahm and eom- 
mctJon. Can it be itiippcMbd that tkon K«tttleRHai 
honud for tliu |>urpa*o of killii^ vanuiip and not for 
Ihoir omn uivrniioinT Con tho jury be daired to aaj, 
[BpOD tlivlr c«th^ tliBi (he ildenilut via aduatcd bj/ 
otlicr motive tbau a dcairv to enjoy tho pbaaunu of 
llie efaaae ? Tko deAndant aaya tlmt be Iw not oom- 
nuttod tbv tiTSfian for tbu icakv of th« di*<vmvn of tbo 
chue. but aa tli9 i>iUy ^ff^ctnal way of killinx and de- 
■tfuyiuti; tlic fox. Now. oao any maa of codumou amaa 
kfHtlAtO in raying lliat the principoJ motiro waa not tiM 
Ullinif wnnin, but th« >;Kirt T It in « qiwi ibe law «f 
tbe land will not ja^tify, wilboul Uie ccfiatnl of ilia 
owtMT of th» iBod, and 1 cannot m^ke a ni*w U« arcon* 
modfttoJ to thtr pUa*urvi aiid auiuneinvnla of ihaaa 
gccLlltiacn. Th«y may doaUoy buch noxkrua aniniali 4a 
an iiijurioua to Uia coDuaomffvatih, but tine fpxid *4 tba 
ibtic miMt ba Ifaa gor«ffning nioti¥-«/ So tb« StOL- 
it«r lost kl« ttse. 

Tbottsb Uia i^ootml nilo »•» tKit a blow for a word ta 
not to M allamd, j#t it u aJugnUr that, a* K^twAon 
Bia«l«t and atrrantt tho notton Ia» kfRg biran irovifit^ 
noncttl, tbaia najiUr in at bbmy to giva otttpbani t« 
bb viawp, fatlinp^ and cotnman'dii by avppltnien^Df 
ihtm with • blow, or aron wiUi icanj, Sncb a notko^ 



nu tjoubl, liiLft uutjii* [fovn ti'oat bvfi^iiv ihv diLrk *^^^ 
when ^l&t'u» could be kicked fiiic] iM-atcri At tbi> inAHt«rfl 
ur owAt^r'tt di»crutii>n; tmil tliougb pononul ttcrvluo is 
now & fr<* contntct, yet the ant'ient lAtnt tt not wholly 
rrbitU>rn.tcJ. Cat<>. Llio ccu&or. afli-r a diniior^pjirLy. uaoii 
t'^ cotnt-L Willi k'itlli*.'rn tho:i;^ tbunt'ilaveii w\ni [\w\ bt^t^H 
inattt^ntivo. or linii buflercMJ rbnytbiiig to ajviil. And out 
own l&w fur muijy ceuturi<ja IjHuk baH bwu tixt itidul^ent 
in jU (>ractioe t'VWAiil^ tnfuteri in thin nrApt^oL It fli!vniB 
thai in thir timu of H«nry VIU. it waa tLoujibt lo^dli- 
n*ti?, ani] ft inMt^r of witirw, for lohls and mA^t^n* to 
atriko tboir eorvaatd with tLi^ir h^nds or tlst^, and &iiy 
•fiuuJI bl«tr or (itict, Jin- coiivclii.iii tiTjd puuivliiutiiL ; and 
Lhj^ WW oxpnvwly navorl nut nf tlio OAtegory of munTfr» 
ftnd ofT^iific^ iKiiitr uiUiin Ibe Kin^^f liouKeliirlct And su 
tba tSin« of Janice 1., wliou ftUbliiiig wa* ma^f* feloiiv. it 
waa tliuu^bt nviret^'-tti'y to i^av^ front tbo stiittRt? ibo^e 
who, in clijwt.ii»mc; chiMivn and sfiiTanM, <'lifthc«rl tA 
commit KKLTiHlaiigbtQr. Unlo Rays tbo law allowci) a 
jiiW'tor I" iiRo iiKnlorflt* corn»(;ti'ia lhi\i, C. J., Hay-* 
moro tbiui nn«r, ibnt a master iiiw a riglit Jo fttnk<? hi» 
hi.'nHnt lk> way of tom?oLion. Anil l»r^i lt»^ jmuihIj C, J,, 
Hnid tbi"' iiirMtnor iiiigbt cornet a acirvanl in a m-ftHi inalilo 
manner fvr a faidt. All that tilackstonn Nayn in, tliat a 
maj^tiir may finnri^t In* anprmtir^ for nr^ligmf^n rr min" 
iH^haviouT. but notwitbAtandin!; nil thom dbia and 
fl.4Kumptionii, wldcK aiY^ tho ii>dijcl4on of moTX cnarto and 
iKLibrL-roii;! habits, nothing nc^mti Rion clear than tf^at 
tliu contmii^t of »trvicu iu tbo pj'cst'Ut day QJvoi no buch 
itnpliiid authority to otin party to enforce his views hy 
bnakiiij tH" [n-^ato. It U tiuo tlmt whun provocution is 
Jint4*ni'd to tvi nn tiXf^ns^, thi? provocation ol ma^t^* muiit 
bavc Hoiuo woij^Ut ; but tbia at bi'^^t can be an uni'nrUun 
rcMJtiroj, wpuig that ovcry claw of mankind have aWul 
equal provocaticow ta tempt thom to acta of vjoli^nca^ — 1 
Patvrwn ■ lib. Subject. 300- 


Tn a caw U-foro hnrd Kllonborough, fho curioua q\ie«* 
Uou arofie, whotb«v tbo pcrnonal ro^iTV«iai\\tk<OtSiec^ %. ^^j^^av^ 

126 cuEiosrnES cv law jucd LAwms. 

lady who hjw! died, bcinfj foraUcm by h*c lover, who hftd 
iirxjmifl^ t*} marry W, could nuinlftin ui AcLioci ofpalnst 
tiJiii for brrAth cf Uiu pTOiiiiw to inirry, 'llic |»1»ioUiTlU 
tint recui'ured ik vmlict with l^r*^ liAinAffrA. liut ft taction 
vft* >ii4de la mntU of jyiVrucnt to rvvcrvQ tliU nuull. 

Lord EltonborouRh amid: "TIii>i action b novol in 
K4« klmL ajjd not une iiwUttoe ie cited or vugyotcd ui tlw 
ftrgum^nl of ttd h-ivtag be«in inaint«EQ«d, nor hftv* w* 
bMtt iU>lti iu dtfoov«r ooj by our ovn naoBrefao* and 
tnquirick- ami yet fn^ju^nt ocouioa must lirbw occurred 
f«r briujiif; •tidi AD Actioo. Ho««T«r, ilat would not 
b* ft dacinvo atduiuJ of objecUon if. on nftwa ftuJ pria- 
cfpK ll cOttM Iw ntnctU' mftintaiiityL Tba jpentmrnkla 
orUw i» ddlV |i«n«»i»aA« moritwcvm p^rrvnd; nnd«r 
which rule &re iiicJtftiU all nctioiu Tor injuria merely 
petwm^ Exocutora uid ftdjnmUttatof* ftre Ibu rtpro- 

BttDlfttJTRi of tile tt<[U|KiTftl ptu|wHy. thai im. thv IfOOiW 

ftiid dobia of tbo d«ccftaed, but not of Uietr vndif^. except 

whwr* tb<M« vrrootEii t^nie to tJio tonpurftl irjiuiy of 

th«Jr Mnonft] «AMlt. Aithotigh nartiag^ may W eon- 

■ld«r»d w s UmponJ ftdnntftM to ihe party, to fiu- w 

'niftpMiU petvoiiAl comfovt; Hilt it iftnnot be eanaidorad 

bl tbW ewe M «K iocreuH^ of tlift tnumndanUe pcrsoiul 

I white, but would op^raU ntlier ft> an extinction of it 

We on of MjLnloA tbal tliin Judgment may be ftrreated, 

^ftiid ibftt llie yuung Imdy's exeeuUir Cftanol rsootw 

jlMiigei for brt^ch of such « prouifte-* 


CkcMog EtiunpiiVad H«a4h» BmVioe uw ft rnfinnly 
driver mcvt unmerdfully puiuntrliititf n uiBur«Ue bart- 
boocd pftck-hono, ftnrl ivnioiutiatiiig with litm, re«eivftd 
Ihift ftHAWcr : ~ Why, itV my own ; mayn't 1 u«e it ftft I 
plwM V Aa tlM Mlow «pok«^ be diaohftfged a fn^ 
■howcrof Uv*ao«itfae ntw bade of UtbtiBl. OikliM, 
much imtatod by tbii brutjility, laid twi> i^r three eharp 
Urokcv of hti walking dtick over tbo ftlioulderv cf tM 
oowardly olGMider, who. rtutichiu); and ifnimbllo^ aakad 
him wbkftt huftinDM he had to toudi him with hi« rtidc. 
* Why,** replkd Gnikine, 'my aliek ift lay own, may&l I 
uaoiCaa I please t" 



Thrri- in vm- Cf.ri-iuony nr l^gal act reqrnre^l In order to 
•ffoct ft chdngo i^f nrtmo^ ^^^^or^pt rhnly tlio docIaraUoR of n 
vfittJttI pul|4l»^^ , Liiil till' L'lirjftiKiL irf Honiemeansof nkakin,t; 
it knonpn. Any lun^lc £>t' ti-iling uncV nci^hlrfiuiri. and thi', 
publio, tliiit fL rir\v iiiiini' liith bnni And b Intended Ui bo 
EMJgpt^d and rcco^iwd^ is siilHcit^ut ta con^tituto a 
chanty of naiiio, and no dued noc'd W cxocuted. and no 
roya] Hainco or Act of Parlioincnt need be obtftineJ for 
tliiH purpoac^ These aro only at best anothcf moane of 

Ctublidty^ and nothing more. E^^idKldon utid, the Kin^a 
iceni^ 13 nothing more than pcrmii^ion tri take the name. 
but doc« not ^ive it; and that a iliuii Cukin|z audi new 
name may take n. legacy if left to him nnder the did 
imme. And Tiiulal, C. >r^ said, "The niyal izjjtq jmuiua] 
in iL mode which poi^otjg often have Tpnonr^n lo, brcniifln 
it gives a gvoatcr sanction to it. and inako^ il uioru 
notorious ; but a man may, if he plea^cj, and if it ia not 
for any &audulent puq>oao, take a name, and work bin 
way in tlie uorld witli Ms new name as well a» ho can." 
And hcneo thf.TR woa no real neccaaity for any person to 
apply for a loyal aiit^n-niannal to change tim name. And 
fiord Tcntfnl(*n sutid that a name a^amned by thi^ 
voliintun' act of a young man u.1 hiy outwt into lilc. 
adoptdl by ftik who knew him p and by whidi he in CLon- 
Etantly auLcd^ bucumejj, lor all purposos, as muah ajid 
cUuctnally hia naxaa, a^ if h^^ \iuA obtained an Act uf 
Parliamenb to confer it upon him. The g^neiui uac luid 
liabit in evciythinij, whun tUu trtrn name uf a ptfrj*un at a 
lifirtit'ular time i-i iT-iuin^il. 

Tho itouian law wan severe in care of a pertiou who 
a^Hiimcd A falne natnu. for ho wnn gtiiiby of l^orgpry 
{fahuvij, tlio puuinhmunt for whJdi wa^ bonishinvni or 
crtitidixiijiL In Lut't-a a ptraon wa* lined for ehuLnginR 
h\s mLine, and in eaara of nunpaynu^nt hia tou^uo waa eut 
"If. Pupe riuB U. jiut to lh« rui?k PluUutt lor inutigatiug 
changc'a m ptfoplu'4 aanica,— 1 Pttttja^aonV LIK Butgeel, 4^S, 


Ixjrd Maiuilield had the oivdit uf puttlnic down (hv 
practice of puffinp^ at auetiona. nativtl^t^Wrv:^^ ^''^^^Bi't^s 



498 cukiosrTUU op law amv LAinrxaa. 

bv liitBialf or hi* t^^tnU wcnily bUls (br tlie gootUKolil 
m MJd, " Tb^ pniciiov in * fnuid upon Ui* •i^e ami up«n 
Uk« pmbl'a I CBUiTWt lipUn io the Arcimwrit tbiLt U h m 
eoiBiKni prMtim. GuniDff,«todc*jobbtxig» vid*<itndliii2, 
.mtm ftJi Tvrjr comtoon, bot Ui« law lurbid* thccn ftlt. TU^ 
Tc<7 vAtnw of tt Hde by Auctlou U UiaI th« good* hhttU 
go to tli« liij^Ua** rW bidder. Thv ownvr mUtM bit 
contnciwitbtbv puUieif.birhimMlf grkiMBf-taithe bids 
upon bb tfoudi^ wbJ ttdj aUDM<|<itfnt Liiiidur ix boiunil Io 
Ukm th* ffo^l* At tbo pricij lii vluch t1>cy tn knockod 
down to hSm-" 

lorrl Keityon fiilioBtsi tlit ■*nRi« ralev and it hM «v>c 
nUiec bf«n acUhI on. But if lb« Mn<4bUons of «kk tp^cUy 
il, tb« oviiev nimy vxpnvaly nsvzrvu tb« pow«r cf mddo]; 
&bidlij hiBA^nt. 

Lord rkmi>tri>ll viyn Utal tho Ir^t-^FttlLtr? T»j( ftt luit lajd 
down tlir* nilr thu no action ciui b« bron^^t i>n a wftj^r. 
But beforv tb«t iiUtatory ral«, ftotlonA mm to bo nllowod. 
AAcI I^^ BtnoitirM tri«vl Afrvfrd. Ono wiw wbrrrr* two 
»l>ciiilthhrt boim of peera wagcrod vhich of tbttr fatlioni 
wcmlil ilin fimt. umI the it^nticl wa^ pvn f^tr l>trd ?krarch. 
Afioihcr fammi* ccuw wv, wbi^thnr thci ObovalJor D'ICon, 
who via oF olTomiTifli« app<«rvLco. though a mititatr 
oSoc-r. WM A nmnor a woman. Ivird Mandl^ IfM it 
out, and a Yordtct wa^ civon that he vaa a womaa, 
AIUmmj^Ii tbo V(rrr1ir4 wa^ afti^rwuHit >a^t anilo on Ifg^al 
nomidic it wan allotro:! to Mittlo mntiy otlivr boii laid on 
too aanifr quMtion, The Annual Rr^juier far 1765 i«p, 
"By thiM decision no Ion & aum t>ian £75.()0() will 
rnoarn in thin ^ ountjy, whkb wodM othtrwiw have b«ii 
tnuwDiltc^l to Parir The CbcnLlifrr hits kfi England 
■Itidarin}; that ih<- ha^ no intcmt vbatcrrr in Ihc p^ictvs 
opQUed on hfrr mk." The Cht^valitr, then annimrnif fcttiAlv 
aitir*. Tviuaified u> Fnujci?, Buppcirtcd by a {ivnnon fr^nn 
tbo French j*oT4'Tnment, for havin;; hrcn Ion/ a apyof 
LootH XV., till till} broaklng out of llio Bwublion, in 
I7WI. H« tben canto to l^gTand, ar^d heLn^ in fivni 
dtotraaa, lUvd with n lady of npiitaU<nitta h«r oompaaion ; 
but dyio;; in isio wm feroidoo^yoitf mortwn tttiriip 
ilJMB tobflnBao. 


Whdn acUi~>n]i um^ to be broti^ht by ukjureij hiuTjittLilH 
frvr cnniinnloonveriatrioti with their wivr*. F-i^M Mufi^tiHcl 
onco Iftii) down tijo law to a jury, tb>it tb«y w«ro t<c> con- 
nitlrr tho L'trcnce imtrDofnl light on3y, und givo im g^vAt^r 
<ljuiifi^^ jL^in^t Ajieer uf thtj i^ueu Uiiui aj^Htn^t iba 
meanest mci:hamc. Thi* wns brought t-o promiocnt noU** 
in the action tfieU b&ftn'e that judge by Earl of QrcMVenor 
ugainitt H-K.TI, tho Diiko of Cuiuberbnid, Juuiui ftt- 
c;iokcd this doctriQo of the judgo; Lord C&mpbdL anya 
tL« bod iaw ^f th<] juJgo w)i± soou foir^tUn ouiid tho 
ndif^ulc cixcilcJ by Lb;; oorruipoodMiee of the !ovt:ir^ 
vfhldi y/oji publibbvd an proJut'uJ mk tbo triaJ. Honoe 
Wftlpoln jULtd thftt except lifow ofltbfl iQ the laJy^fl letter^ 
tijc Hi^yJil Hi^lui«w'B Jclturn weji- ^uil« jiilumr t^ htn 
in i^rvnNim', fipDlltng, uirl 8tyli]i, IkjIii^ tlioao of ft merie 
ti^biu^boy- OuiA Iju^uti ; " ilunr I aui all by luyiiulf ^ 
ft„ftl"^2 Cftiup.CI*. J.J/*, \'^ij. 


On tho trial of an cjccttacnt cvmo an imbnturo wim 
proddcod, but iuitewi ot lio-vin^ tin: vU;;*^ of the pju-cbiuoat 
running x\^a^ in t)l4^ umu/lI lAny, p«cmcd ta l>i> cut qulto 
■tmighl, Svrjeaui Hill, t!nj yn^at bbu-'k-IvliQC Uwyw, 
took obJMrdoii to Eucb & <)oe>^. Hftyin^ that it could 
Dot bd nKrivud lu uviduuou. aji^J WdA uuU &ud void, for 
iDch n cyinv':yaiii^ of rfsal |>n>|]tfrty L»u»i bd by ind^fi* 
tUT(?,tc^ which tborii luUHt bu tuo {xirtjtib, lUid wluoli iuubI 
be osocuW in two ron'«'»p<'mim^ parU, one by VAuh 
pai-ty, and tho shiHit of p&robTii>>iit tnu^t bo out in a 
wftvia^ liiu-, hri aff to fit to vacli otlivr when |mt lo;[vlJi«i. 
TliU last partirular whm tbonght to bo A provwitivo tf 
for^OTy, An indcntuTtr won tut oatUd. %xdd th^ narjoaiil, 
hcfAiiftn it vfa.\ iJititar d^iitiiLin, having *'dfl;«i of Ceoth. 
And tbi> AorjbAut quoted th<i Vt-ui' Uotjkh ju support of 
hill dnotrina Lord MojiflHeld mUed for the deed Ut h<t 
handeJ up Uj )utn. and holding it U|v U> tbi; lit^bt, «nd 
mnninj^ bis eye critically and »ti>rnlv&]ointf it. Haid. "I Jina 
of opiniun tbaLthib k not & ^Ir&iglil m*Ll^*^«JaJJwA\^Aw4\ 

-480 omuMnnits of law abd uwtbm. 

tiioro&iro it dow oonw within tHo <1>>AqUIoa cfhuiardm- 
tiwn InJd down hf thn ««^wnu I tliink it n mdaumihU, 


Id jVo(«s and QtierU^ istd S«r;. toL v^ a qta(«lioi b 
thuM hlAt«<l. Th«r« wuft viijowand her dauAlil«f--in-4iw, 
(kod A man And hb ion. Thft widow marnod Uie aon^ 
And Ui« jAuglit^r tfao old mAn. Hw widow wab tlienfm 
ntothor to hor ti ai>bAad*i fktbor, cotUM^UieDily madiiiotlier 
Id h«r owQ hokbAiid- Th«y liad a son to wbom atie wu 
gTAAt-gTAA^fU other. Now. An thn Aon of A £T«ia^G;rADd> 
laothor mij»t bo Dtiher a gnu»<iEAihi.'r or gnat wula Uib 
'bojr WAA IhfTororo lib ovrn ^randfAihtr. AjiiI (bb 
actually ttio c«jio wlih a boy at a scbocl at Nonrkfa. 

Anotbor corrctprjodcoit uiyi (Jl/id. p, 504) that U» 
abovr^, aa AUtcd, waa annef^«Bvnijr oimplinAbvL It may 
bo Btalcd tliutt: A wl^owvr aiid bb son marty. Tba 
faUier mairiM tb« dAu;;ht«r or a wiildinr, and tlio aoo 
marries ibt.^ young bdy's noUtcr. thereby brfinminglhthcr 
lo hb own laUicr, vid ca[xttH|Uct]tly ^p^ndJEftihar toUi 
,lktber'a acai, i^, biauclC 

A jiTDQK o\ Titi: niatiTs 07 womcv. 

Okbf Jiuti«8 Lta. ki 1737. stood up for Um rigbU oT 
voiMo tMtn atrciiaourir tbaa a^y Englbh Jodga balora 
or aino« bb tuaa. Hd bad to danda wbotbar a Cbmab 
tvi^ hy bw v^vy» iIk* <iinrii nf porbih noiUjo.And wbi>tbor 
fiUDaJaa woro c^itic-lml W vulv at iha election of a ■aatton. 
JohD Olin* And RftTfth niy voM <«ndidAtAa for tbo offioo 
of Marion, in tbo p«rbh of Si, &4oIpb. in tbo city of 
Londovi, matl tho had IG^ inftb vote* And 40 fotnakt 
f1<: had 174 mnlo votoa aod 22 fcualo votes. Tbo cua 
wan Aif^od in Ujo Kjatfi Bmcb, And tbo Cbiof JurfJoa 
■Aid: " I Am d«ariy of opnion that a woman maj ba 
aoxton of a parah. Wonum havi^ held much b^^iwr 
offiocA, and, bulood, almont all oflkca of tbo kiudouL aa 
Queen, Uanhal, Groat (^bamberiaio. Great Contabbv 
CbunpMO of Knjtbndr Conuniwiaiier of Scwera. keapar d 
a prbon, aad retvnung oAcet for nufmbers of FarliamtBl 



ver. it would Vf stmnr^fl if n woman may (ill tW 
and yet BbouM ha (U»>[ijiLlifti:d to votii i»]' it. 'Ihe 
**locti(m of meraboni of Pjtrlmmrnt and of <?nr>-jTiprx nUiKbi 
on apGcial grounds. No woiu;iii hiu cvur ;uit ia TiirliB- 
uieiit ur voted for inomborn of ParliOimont, unri wc miist 
prr-siuiio ^hat whwi fho frnnohiBO wan fint croittuJ, it w<ih 
coiiHimd to ibe Jtinte h^k. Hut noHUcli rviuMJii cxista ivt 
tft iho oiflco of noxion." 


On^ Jay^ DemOhtliQnfa, th(^ fir^t of Orc^k oratorn, wjw 
lii^od by a publio inoeting of Atbcnianflf uud ihey would 
[lob tioibi' bim^ wl]?rt*upoiL he wd he bud ouTy ft 'ibort 
3ti>ry lo UU tboin* All then become taknt. and bo began 
tbu9 : " A <'<irtaiTi youtb brr^^d oj^ wh in sumtocrtinie to 
^ from h&Ticc to McgtDra. About noon, whi^n tbo fiiin wha 
v^ry but, &iid both h« that Ultvtl ihv UJt» and tLe owner, 
wero deafroii'i of Hitting In tb« Hbado of Iho a»4, they «ach 
thiUj»t tlie otber away. The owo^r argued that he lent 
out OTiIy t^* AJ4*, V>iit i^ot t.l»^ shallow. '^I'bo himr replie<1 
that Binco he had hirod the a^, all ibat holong^d to tho 
tuts whM s.Ihi.1 Iiem.*' At Uiih )miiit neiiio»tli«in8 Appoared 
00 if ho viui going au'ay. but tlio mob bdng now incUiKd 
to bear til's -(toiy out, callorj him back anti dmlrod bim 
to pr1|>CQ[^d^ He thonbo^anwith thi^ retort: " HowcomcA 
it U) poAs tliat you arc ^Jgutoua of honrtng a itory of tha 
flhadow of on rA\ and rdtinn to givR ear to mattd^m of 
^iiatur moment ? " Tbo orator thun mailo Uih ii|H:ix:h, uid 
tho3' all foi^ot about tlii? Htory. And to thta day this 
moot point has not boun tlifcided in any <:ountry. 


It frequently happens tba,t tb? ocrupier of a bounv. in 
dMiring to turn out an unwilliug £:ri]i?8t, vimtor, or tri^b- 
piatur, Cttllb to bi^i aniAlan^c' a cucist&ble. It ia true that 
tho coiMtablo in such a cam ia oft(«n requc«t«d, and if ao, 
it iji bis duty to nttond an a iiiKK.-UUr. aud ou the (frouud 
that a breach of the pwww h likely to U- committ<»<L H<i 
may, on {vi|u«4it, otna-i^i in oxpollin^ the iut:-udi;r; but in 
HO af!tin^ the conatabln hnji no otn«T or ^i¥iat4*r power 
tl^an any oihet pui^on acting at the oooupler'e n^^^iJVA. 

433 ctflioanui or law axo lawvebsa. 

ir« mfkV bm A cooreniont vitnc«H in Ili4i ovmi ^r rutun 
ipMModinf^ but makm lan* bi^Ach of t^ pcm» oeeun 

liaA DO ri^t to Ukn niich inUndcr iniA cmsUKlj', fly n»- 
fiMing to miit tl» prviuiM*. mch inuudor mty nmdir 
tiimolf liable to « oril ftclion, but be ooaiAiu no craw 
by moRly nntuiucig lon^fcr uul giviiig mare troqbb And 
uinoyuioa th«i bo o»kI^^ ^ ^^' 'f> without being Bnt 
.ftlracK. bo elrike tbu occupier, he nofty then he A|vpre- 
hcoded b^ tlie coiuUble. «n4 taken botbre « jualice uid 
chugod tvLth &ii auautt. But ujitiL Auoh wroiu u i»tn> 
mitUd, 4II that tb« cumuLlv cm junliimUy Jo u moruly 
loMftiat the ooctipier in [>iuhin^ oxtl tbi> intruder, uaing 
no more fbruu ihan b &eoo«vy ; «ud if the iaUudor'a 
cofidii^ U m<^b 4^ rvJv^;itkAbly ^peaf« likely to UtA W 
animmodiale Lreoch of thepoftoe.Uw ooutabio m^ then, 
ftikd not l)eferQ,Ap|>nah«9od Mich tnlmder Car eucfc ooodrnt, 
fti>d d)ar]g« klm witb ux waaulit or tbo iatnidar niA/ bu 
IxAiiid ov«r io k«u(i tho ptac^— 1 FkUrBon'it LiU 


l>»d Btkcon, in hut Mj^xima, adopted the opinion of 
S4AiuidC6td, aiid Aavrtod, williuul any mialiGcttiion, tbftt 
if oim 11010 TuuidA to natUfy bin preacnL huc^r, ihu waji 
jkot felony or laneny. ti ih true Uib4 Lonl Hale dottiea 
that UkU ia (bo Law of Kn^Und, b«c»uAo do nftch extntto 
Dnc^etsity fui ejdH, ftt lea^t hince ihu tUbatcfy proyklon 
(er Uie poor; and because of Uio luajiifint uMovarityof 
property, if a»/ inan might ctrry in bb own httAal « 
dHfpeoMtJon frvie ibo law of pc^pwrty by alle|no|; • 
'fceoearHy, of which, bo uy». n'>i>n but tKo jHirty hiaoiielf 
«ftQ Jiidgv. But it bai boon wall rtraatkod, UuU tlua Wt 
r«aaoQ lo«a ila wmghi wfaan ona fndreu thai ibe rmi^ty 
oi tbo naevi^y h a qiuatioD of fa«t. aa oaaiiy provMl u 
odior JacU MDykrally aio nravad. And iboii||t tho vww 
lakcn by llalo b the only — tbfactofy prukdplo to act 
ti|ioo, r«t jodgfA naturally an» careful aa to the poniah' 
■nent in uch caaei^ and uae aa mmA modOTBtaon aa k 
compatible wiUi enforcing the general mle-— 8 PatenBou't 
lib. SuVfoetv Sa. 

rmxoA Slot osKEiuLLT xsfoirx. 


Mr. Justice Ilookfl wm tryini; * lit.lJc itlr] v/ho lijuf, 
from thc3 p('c;»iirc of want, ocimmittr^i] n. flmnll, Tlic 
jury convictud bcr wiUj gro&t ro1ui;tanc«, Tho juclgOt 
vhi)e ftpplwiding ihtnr spnun of jimticft in finding Mioh 
& verdict, j/et dedorod timt ho rtympitthLwid with tbcm 
in their relncUnc*', fund therefore he would inflict Ihn 
uuldest punish me iiL allowed by tho Invr. Hi? itccord- 
ingly fined her one ihilHug, loiil nrid«i that "if ihe htui 
Dot got such Ok C(^a in bor jiouket, he would give hQV f^uo 
for uic pmposti-* 


Juhttc«« at Cjtiartor 9ewaon» ^ro ofUn fond of mftkins 
A p&rvlo of thctr leg/il IcAmin^, And whnn n pri^oncr^ 
oounml defMiding thiov^s luiHo tlui poIi;b, that ibo thing 
ffloflrm i* pwt r*f T,hi^ frenhoW, thn jiijitii:-^"! may ho fiwily 
idialod liy thoir own ingmiuity, l^oi^i ('arnpWlf. in U'k 
Atit(ihiogrFi|>iiy, Aftyn ; "J hfftdl that this doctrine was 
fictoi upon in n tcauakMc, uuvi by eJjc Juntit-o* of iho 
WortWBtcr^re Hnssicaui. A man was tried bcfor* them 
for atfittUng hofwihatr- It ftp]>oarcd that ho went Uiio 
& atAblv one nj^ht. and cut uU' a hunif<'>i lon^ hiiNhy Uil, 
uhidi h& uold fur tLu hair, but that tho horaa Ibt t^O 
tiTiiLi wax tivd to UiL* injui^>;r by a bftlL^r Tho court 
held thftt the ];air, at t])o time of tbo wvorAncfi, wm 
aJTix<;d bf thv fi''<t']LolJ» mid 'llii-ctod an nctitiittftl 1 clUd 
thii cAMft rjT lYfttfii'itr ill Wiy*t(nJnHt*v llaU, whmn the 

Svution arurw, whether a liargu njoorvil to a whurf in 
n river Thjuncx mi^ht Iw* diAtmmod for iv>nt by the 
landlord of tho wharf | "-^1 L Camp, Uf«, 238, 

H ca 


In [»57, when Mr, Kdward Oibban Waki-fidd wna 
triod at Lim^^iuUr for thu jibduction of Kllcu Tuttwr, 
And inanyinR her at fJrotna Crticn. Daviii Lnning. Iho 
vUlactf UopktiUiitJi^ ^ftivo uvidunt'e aa MIowh i — 

" What did you do when Um^hi* two ■^ntl^Tnr>n and 
one loidy svai for you ? " " \^'hy 1 Joined Uium, and tbi^ 




iroi tbo LmIvb ftildran^ wbere >fao Cftmo froui, tad Um 
i^f9 1 betimi' * Whtt did Uio^ do tbe* T " '- Why, 

[*»y to It" * In r*ct» }Y>u n&m«J tikm tA«r Um b«uji] 
Vi^T* * Y«ft, jr«a, I lUArriud tbem after the SooUh bRiu 
ilttt H by iiuUing en (li» ring <^n iKfi Ui)j'« ^ngtt 

'ftDdUut injr. " W«n» tbo; bolb «Toc«b!o f" "OhyM, 

!1 ioiiMd tlwr lividvM oua and injo." "Wu Ui44 Lh# 
Wbol* ««Ntiu»v f " "I wbhcd tbem vdL sbook liAods 
villi tbnu, ad£ m I Mid^ thi^v than both embrvioed tach 

^Itar VM7 ■groonb^." *-Wh&t cko did you ilor'* "I 
tiinik I toM tbo Udy thkt 1 mitmlly bad & prMmt 

^frai *crti. «j> it be» or uch a tAing m noficf to buy a 
|iur 01" i:1oTci, od abc gvn ma with bar own buid 
ft £21) Uftnk of EhhIniuI not« to buy tli^m." "^Vbom 
did tbc SDt tko ivolc r" " Hov do I know r "^IlifrLdia 
Ibe tfontlnnui «jr t'> von f '* " He did noUiinf to dmv but 
i did to bira wbat 1 liave done to nuuiy borore, that i^ 
you muBtl kuov. tu join tb^m tcffutber. Judo hftoda. Bud 
to OIL I largtiikcd n^hny in ibAtH vaj-, and nba wm 
prHVvily A|[TVcablv, uht mndif i)u LiljvclJ'^ris." ''Did tliu 

ipptleauui ftftd la^ eonrtrrae IVvdy with >-mi!" "Oh 
.; b« Mk«d LM wb^ sort of wtne th«v haii at Linl<JO*s 
kM, and I Mid Ihej had ULr*« kintb witli the bat 
of alutnjniw ^banuii^{n«^. His a&k«d ue vlilch I would 
tak«\ and I >a»<1 nAumjnit^- Ai><l »\ wbim ih«y w«d1 
inlo anotkcr room to dlii«. I finiabed tbo wine ami 
tbott oiT ) tani«, E n-tamod aod law tboio iii tbo vvcy 
1>«st of comlbrtabJo tpirita.'* 

KDuciTTOx couptn^soiiT vmr tiik Avomn& 

In Atbtou^ Solon ctder«d that alJ tLc children fthouU 
OS eilwsaloit aiid lUl •buuU \m lau^^bt to nwiis. The 
finirura liad tbo dii]dr««i edvcat^t in i-iiblir^ and takpti 
aHacQtbor oqI of tba |«rabt^ mamgvr^vnt, hHa^ tnatod 
aa dildrvn td tho tilat^ rmthtr than ma chUdrtMi of tba 
puiBta. Ccoctantino on]«ttd tbai all diiUtvii of pamilt 
boo poor to iBaintain tbcm idkould bo Hlncatod aa vdl 
aa wL Tbc CaiUiaginiaiw. it U Uti«» ono; Biada a law, 
that iMbo »lioti)d Joam Umk ; but thii waa ^^^^tt 
tlicry «Qppi;Af4 tbat U&^ai^ vaa rcaorted to for tuaaop* 

Tnwos vttyr ouhbium-t iwown. 


nfalo piir[MiHw. &TkJit wfV'ialAW which wa? j-rioin nff{1iH:(nfL 

The Inoiu of Pom hmi u muxiju of i^uvt-nimunU tUbt Ilia 
iKildren of lilt- n.'TntiiLiiL fxM^pli? iihouU nut )u4m tho 

'^ioienc&Et, wbicL nhould bo kiiuivu. only by tlio uuLloa^ 
levt the lover gUiMb iilj(jutil bix'rjmo ptuiiJ, huil HiidAnger 
the coiomonwealtb. Ni;verlbek«^, it won alao tUi?ir law, 
thai weiy cliiLd nhould Iw tiku^liL Lbtf t'oiiHiioii arU 
neccHHiry to maiutaiu Immaii life. And in Ohiua all 
|juur cLiLdtuu %vfre Uu^lit, uid lutultitv fuujid for (hoiii 
at Lho piiblio e^tpens^. Xonophon praiwd tha Vt^ninns* 
for the gre&t uare tliuy luok i^i eJuc&Uu^ tlj^ir ohiMi«u. 
«ti a* to pre^'tfot tho coiiiMiiwon of ciiiiii\ k'\- thm waa 
lAuah better than punisJiing them after oHtum were 
committecl. Ami AiinoH of OVoto took h«wl tUnt dlE 
t1i« ohildnm shgutd be oduofttedi not forgoUiog the 
Pyrrhic (Iahc^. The feudal and hlaviAb aotiDQ* of 
iiiodcm connti-iea f'>r many cfl\^uric9 iiAcm to hnvo boon 
Aiivvrvio Ui all kmds of eUijohttoft amrmg tho l*:jwi^r clftMen* 
And m the timo of Uichanl H. the hrvr^rna pntitifinnd 
the Kin^. tliat no villein should be allowed to ucnd biH 
aon to sehool 

Thoufjb it remiiroe only a few words to wy that 
all children ehall be cdu<?ated, if not voliintanly, th^n 
compnlflorily, yet the mode of jiraelicftlly a/MwrnplinhiTig 
this object involves on oUbLirnti* luaclitnery robemblmg, 
in anmo rcspcf^t*, tbat whitih is rnt|mwd in otvJcr to 
give eifoct U» the Hitnplcf duchLmtitiUH tJutt no person 
shall be starved to ^Wth. Thr? poor l^vrs nr^ dosi^iu-'d 
bo provide H mode of Bei:urii]t» all pwraonE S'liinst ^tarva- 
tton; nnd in \\k^ loanner the rducatioii ulwh ptovido 

agajnat any childron beiut: allow<Hl to ^ovr up in utter 
Igoonoioe. — 2 Pateruon'a LibL Subject, 345. 


Proto^rad, the ancieut Greek, bopiiiat. took aa a pupil, 
F«nathiua, to iancU hicn eloquence and thu art of ph^ading 
cauHi», TIlo U'l'Euit WL'tv, hair of Iho fr^j to bL« paul down, 
atkd Iht) other half on tlio tint day he ^abied a caaei 
The ptipil reuiajued a hjut; tiiuo It^rjdiiu. audi it wae 
thought, protracted hh fjoing into biiainoen^ jn order 
to avoid paying the iuoi«ty cf the fee, to that Frot&gi?ra8 

48C ajBiosiTtsa op law and i^wtoi^ 

bftcl to mM bin for (b* monpy. WUn Uio c«^ ouao «a. 

iMUi, tcoai) tii«itlier ctM you aniiii pA/ mn. If ibit 
Jwln* <ldci<l« AgAi&it you, yoo nitut )■«/, Bitd if tbvj 
d*cido for jon, jna mtuit jMy, Wmim* yon will tb«n 
hftYo gtiiMd your cane." " Noi At aU*" rvtortod ih« f«piJ : 
"rUher wny, it u I Uiit mnit win. If tiM jud]|(«i u« 
for hm^ I will not bavo to pky ; adJ if tWy atq oganat 
nw, 1 wiEl not hurn io pay, for Mm Ian! wa^ tlwt very 
bai^in bctvoon uh, nainefy, if T did not win my caaftk" 
Ttie jmli(«» wore oreally puEfk^:! with lUiji oaaa^ wiioh 
BMiiMd CO tfc«ni 7a»p1tr«btL', and Anltm Odilm iayn 
iliay cvqU not M^e ibrir wn^ to may dcciitou, and rvtorttf-l 
io Uia f}fivac« of &'ljo«irning th«tr deciai^n !■> a Vv^ry 
hilBlant day; iinftAlly to l>k« Of««k cdtftnls. >^'^ H liAfi 
never miioe b««ii det^Aod 

In ISOA, Ur. Rannr-U, Uia Kreat ExMttr catriar, vaa 
hrvnight up to Uw Cbort of Kiny'e Bc4ich, to rveoiva 
jad|Eiocut Tor mflbrln^ hii broad wbt<l watneooa toreoiain 
wliolc duyi in tua public atrectn of Exe4«r, to tho 
great uiurniption of the inbaluUnia. aU. Ur, KimuU 
eoot«adod maufuUy a(^iiut tba lyiqKintiion of Kxotor, 
and claimvil an ahnoni pn»cHplivo rigbt to lond Im 
wagigont in ikt atMM^ ^y^^S u>*> ^^ pfJeotaaoin baJ 
done H for fifty y«MB pail. Cord KHenboroucb, bowovar, 
lakt dotfji a diffenut docu^lnr, and uM Ur. BttMoll be 
nMuA «OQMiler tLal ib« bUv<'t ww iiot to be uanl «a bU 
0V& private property. Ur. Jiutkit Oroao likawiae liopad 
it woiibl bo ail «ocsiaplo to parMHn in otUer tovntt^ ana In 
tbe nM4n>fioli\ UiaI they wrrt> nat %a HufTur nuluLnora of 
.tiiit wtvra. AAor wmo cntviultAtion the court dirvoted 
liat tbo defcodant vhonkl cotor into a reooffabanco to 
ipfMar and tttart indjciiMeii wbuwror eallea i^un, and 
dwsbarged huu witli a^autiooi to avcad sacb pradicva in 

Loarao A rocRn-vouK i3i a ncnn^ 

In ISO^, Ur Joiid^ a rider, iLrrivrO at S^'mxbem Ian. 
and |1m |>lADe1ieing fwO, bad Ut hWptn \ thrr^-U^ldfril 



foom, the two otli^r b«i^a \iv\ng occuplett bv tlie lAodiord's 
rikiflily. When Jones Avoke next raomtn^, lis iciided 
a pockeUbook ooDtafnlnc £¥)0 m bftiik noUi^^ wlucb, 
though he had bp^n liriiiking. \tf n^rolWtfiit w&4 in bt« 
wftietcoAtk vbicb ho tloccd m a, rbair at bla bod-fiiJo. tha 
BiKht WrorK Un othcovcrin^ hia ki^, hc^ Tvuwl tbtr 
■wBfllo family. ftJiil all scftrcbciin vain, tho Inn^lUirJ and 

hu wifti bi.'iri]; ivwlvf^d io iitaka a llioronj^h ««>»iiuutttJUTi, 

(af vhxfh tbcy cnllcfl a iN-jn^tnb^o to aani^t, Tbfi tmok 
iir^t t«in^' found, J^nvh i>u«i.l tLu liintllord, who brought 
forvfATii nil hi« Iftinily und anvfl.nU, And nni» and nil 
dotU«d cvorgijcingnr tt>iLobin^ tho book. Tho jary found 
ft verdict kir Um* |ikintitr, i'WHI. Some w«kfi afl^rwnrdH 
ihit landlord fdl into difHcuUinn, and hb gnoiln w^iv flnld 
by miction; Iho niK^iuiif^C'r, on ^-Ibii^ tbU bui|» wbtrtiin^ 
tho curioidty od* tho audicncu by dc^cribtnt: it us the lird 
on which the young man &Iept who ioit tho £'U)II. TIjc 

Gchoflt-r <if the lot was a&toiijflbcd on raifdnj; this frnthnr 
to iiiid, betwctn two old iuutUuai»w liiubnwij-th, ihi? 
id^niiGa) pock>?t-hook It vns Aiiggv^t^d that the hftlf 
drunken man, with tho cmming a|>pro|>rkto tc Uiat ntaU? 
cr ijiind and budy^bad put tt bL<liv<wn the luattrcuivs nod 

fr>r4futit!n all about it. But tJio Cliiul' Baion tlwugbt that 
tb?< rttti thii'f lui^ht hav« put it Ihuii^ alter diitC4^v taring 
that hfi woubl |>robab]y bo JctoctoJ. 


O'Oonnoll vaid thutan [rifllijiidgfl, Fioyd, wiuf adruitkanli 
Up VfiL* flo fond of hrnndy that he nlivay* kopt a hnpijly 
ol' St in ronrt upLn thi< <lc>jk tjcfon; bini. in an in.k^tanl] r-f 
porulirtr tnnkp. IU> lordnhip UHi^d t-- lean hi" ami m\ioh 
the lirbk, bob down bb hand, and !ili-al n, h^jniod iJp frntn 
time lo t;iiR\ tbn>u^b a qii^ill that lay amotL^ the pdm, 
which iiiaiio^un'obDttatt4?rRd hittiHcIf raffLjirdoWrvation- 
Onr^ Jay ihi* judtfd ptviidcd at a trial wiiuru a witficM 
WOA ohOT^d with bt:in;^ inlo^c^CAted at the tinm he wart 
ep«&kil>g abouU Mr. Uarry Grady IftLoiirvd hard lo *how 
that Oio rtt^m had boL^n nmlwr Jii>Fj^« li{yy-\ at once inter- 
posed and said ; " Cuuii.^ uow» my ^od man, il lu a very 
jfn|i*irtant <ii.inhii^iJif i'"i , Udl the Ccrurt truly, were you 
drunk or woi© yuu ^ubor upon thftt occaaiou T' "Oh, 

488 CUfflUftlTllIfl OF lilW AXD LAWYEIH. 

quit* ftobfr, mj IcnL" Gnwly 4dd«il, wvlfa a ngalieAiii 

ooflincr virrweicit piivnkrs coox^el xno aouciK»u. 
Tbc !mh oounitel w«r« fetnwdj eminent tor lli«ir joAly 

bdora Lonl Ckuwvllor HUon, Mr Naffle, Ui« solMti^, 
raUin^d Sir Tulif, wlio CQtcrvJ \nU> a iMrgain tint ho 
wo«kl not '\nnk « <)rop of wln^ whilo tb« cauw wm at 
hcoriae^ TliU t^rgftln r«a<ttG<l tbo oftn of Iht Cliftacellor, 
wbo AAk«! ir il iirM (riiv UtMl hikIi a mmtpftct Iift4 be» 
UlAdu. Sir T<tl>v fiUi) it wu tTiK, AA-l tbfr UrniQ Iwd 
bovi rigidly kc(4; but on f^rt]i«r biq«i^ fir Toby 
ailiniltoi! tm% M bf? had only pmrntMrf niH to drtnL « 
(ifro^ of wLi)«s ^^ r**lt liA inual 1ttT« voim vUnmUDti Bo 
bo got iLltMiri, into wliirli hi? pAUwl liro botUoA ofeUnt, 
«M tb«ai ^ two hot rolls or brMd, 'opMd tbom m tba 
dftni.Ukil iit4 ihtm. " I ftoor ropliod tb» l]3»ik0ilkr; " iit 
Irnlli, Sir Thoobftld, wa dcMrvo to bo nuuUr of ike 


Am4 tho groftt rvioty of UmUhchI to wbiob dninlnti- 
naai vu Mibjoettd by tn* uKionts all Uvgivcni soom to 
«^T«e m tnatJBg HrunkoiuMV fut m jlUIo of di«gimoo; ui4 
■luov it i« btouKot oa ddibcntoly, it in fttOI rooro odiov^ 
Ba<i without oxt^UK- WKjiUver individiuiU mny tHnk 
nnri «y. no nfttion trcoU it an tncrttonoiw. Yet J>btnu 
U fl^d to hftV(« ordrrrd it to bo flatod iD bin rrpitAph, that 
ba ooidd (Iriiik a jcront tkal of wiii«» ojid boar it wvll— • 
vbttie which DrmcAihcnei obtfcrrvd, wm <i(i!y the virtiM 
of m «[>oa(«c. At tbc Grvck festival of D>onyu&, it trat ft 
eriiMj iiol to bo dnmk. tbu bviirg a tynapioat of inffmUtMile 
10 tbo £od of viM^ 4nd pHaea vrrrre awnnUd to IboM who 
bwuaao dnaok aBo«t ottickly. And tbo Rovnao Uodhialoi^ 
flMk«<l with gaHuiOft of ivy, an-l amid d«afebi[ig draoM 
tknti (.yinbala, won) oqnftlly ap|4aJjdoJ^ but al IcdgUi. 
on«i tbo Boc^lianalia toio «ipf>ffio»od by a dpovn of ttio 
•cfiato, abo^ft JiHi &c. 

NotvithaUodiog Ibcso oxo^ion% tbo o<ri»koo of dniti- 


A Hr>EirccT ol'^ruit perplexity to tito ancients. 

Mirly rvcry OQmihk way f( iknling witti it. 

If noRo RuccoodHl, ptvbnbly it wax bocftuw thoy did not 
begin i^ariy «iio;igh, by mU'rcvpUng mimo of llio WAyn 
and m<;nitA by whinh the iruddimi* vico U inrltci) 6nd 

6evcr<! trcfttm^^nt wai often tried la Htlb rflTvf L The 
Mcmnic law &uL'iEi» to havb iiUinJT)^ to deaUi nn 
ft ftt puiu^hment^ nt if iJin dnmkmno** wju rouj.lftil 
withuiy diHobcdieucL' of jintvnU. Tbo I»criAiifl. undor 
Zbleucu^ mode it & capitul oHr-n^^fl to drink win**, if it 
wou Dot mixed with water ; tvi^n n« invnlid wan not 
vxc?tu|>t«d iVnm puuijlmuiLt, unleu by op3ot of a 
pliyniciaii. PlttocuB. of MitylLfii>, tiimi^ a ln%? thnt bii 
whL\ ^wht'D ilrunk. cuminittifd ikn oH'miw, nbould MtifRT 
dfttiLti! ihvt puni^hmunt whii^U l\c would do if mbi^r ; wu) 
Pl&to* AnHtoL]L\ Aiui Pjut^rcb ttjijdikuijml tliid iin tlio 
h«T^bt of wwdum. The Roman t^f^nv^riii oimtd <?ipel a 
■di-rmtor for bi>i[ijf draiikn and tnkti Jtway liSn liorEi& 
Malmioet order<;d drtuikftfd* to be baidtuuitwd with cijhty 

Othi»r Uttiioui thought <if limitinjf tho quantity to bo 
drutik ifct ou« time, or at one mttinfc. Thi; K;^ptifttiii put 
nuEUU Jiiuit, thouij'Ii wlial it waa ia ut*t B,Uiod. TUu 
SpftrlaiiH uJrin hjvl fw>ru^ Tlznit. Tliu AruKiunH liipd the 
[Luanttty at twvlvi^ ^'kiK^titt a uicui^ but tbmUi? uf ^Ijuu 
wa» wfifortimat'dy not clen-rly delinprl by th^ birtorlnnH. 
The Anglo'v^xoDe vtmi no furtlK^r titan to ordci' ailvur 
QaLls to u» iixv-l oil tbi^ Mi}tf of di'Lukiu'f ^'iiiw, mo tbab t^tKh 
mi^ht know hia proper nicastitK). Andit n Auid that thiM 
WTwdoneby Kin;; Eit^ar,af(viuoUoEii^-t]Hi>JraQkvnbtt,bib 
of the DftnCA bycur^u^, of Tliracp, wi^rit tc> \hf- root of 
Ih^ mAtter, by ocdi^nn^^ the vb^ to bo cut dowu, And 
biA iVJiiditct w^^ imitJitrpd, in Vti4^ by Terbnhw, of J4rj Ij^tivia. 
Tho Suovi prQhihit<Hl wino to m ImporniJ. And the 
8|>JU-tAnii trW to torn Iho vioo InUi wntt^jjpt by Hysti^tuA* 
tically nmking thmr alavr'* dnink oniw ft vi*ar. t<» j^Kow 
thoir children how fm>lmb and contoiuptiUle uivu look«d 
in that ntat^. 

Uninkortni'ija wns dcom^d iiiiidi m<~kro vlcic^uit In hoioo 
4fliv»n4 of porsonfl than in nrhnr^ Th^ wiiiprnt TnrJtJin* 
h«ld it lawful to kill a kfn;:, vrhca bo W4e drunk. Tlx% 

440 cvBtooom or Liw un> uwrRM. 

Athmiant nftdo k « ttpltol «fl«nc« for & tnnf^tttnU lo l« 
dnink, 4Btl Otjtflvwtgne initttM tlik hy a I»v. that 
rn ttir tirnfh iii! pl>ii1ini ihnnlil iln thwr biwiniM 
ifl^ Tlic Outhiguniutt MohLfaited marirtif^ 
govuvonw nldian^ ud mtwiUl nvm uiy <lnnkiiif. 

I& England, mco )H72, tio poBbbneni b ftn^Md to 
imn dnmlEvQMM. a»l«Hi it ia «l)lbiuil in ft lii^-hway ur 
pablk plftMv OP <^ liociuM promism. And it u ody 
[wlien ft p^TKn ifl drunk kjuiI acting rioUMMly, <ir driving 
lal h« eta bft ft^rprrlkrtii1c-l iii MKh publk pJftMiL F«r 
m% dniaknnMi m * pablw plwc, or in ItmOMd primJioi, 
>!* cftnR->t ttt ira^moDed if hn pftjpi tkm find ivipMd: 
U>o«^li he mriy boimpn«onf<f] intboul ft 5a«, if b* bnoM 
«lr«&k and liotoua, or dii«r<lfrly, or drunk, wMU drivfaff 
^ft Vftbidft or ttXdt. And Uii* law ttiUfuift t«i ftll pftrta of 
kiagdoan, tlwugb undor I»cftl liQpTQTeii>»iit Actv, Ilar- 
iTAcb^AndoUMrBfkM^al ]Af[iaktimMtnrftil«rfty>^ipa, 
fti»d vttployiBonU, fttrocgvr pow^vn of intorfbrBBOO 
cla9 •oiiMdL[»» i6^tn lor ftrratiOff ftild pnnHhlnu tboa* 
id dmk wJOtin delSnod locftlAieft-2 PUon'a Uk 
Sobjccts tia 


Oi>o liiffliwftyvkiiii ottOft AJod ft bill in c^|uity I^Ulul llw 
othnr co«dj\ilnr, in otfdar to oom{H^I (vn Ao^ount^ II* oar^* 
' 'lily ftvoidnl in hkf hilt uyini' vltAt Uio ttlan of Uuir 
irtoonliii- ftu. «xccpt m dfiili^ij m o^^cvmHoi, Mich ft* 
MddU^ griki- tt-AUbn, Hngn, HVrnffd*. «4^, ftt BUrk* 

tth, llftrlilojr, bmI oili«r ]>lftcc«, uid bo dumcd £100i> 
ftnd unvftrdv Th^ bill wmit rcferTvi) to the MiftKtrr for 
vcwidAi And iBipeEtABci>«*,tn4tb«iQlicitorH«rrafttUrliaii 
Uid finL-d, vihWr. Uio coofua] wIm> ilgQed the hill vvtv 
directed to pftj ibo oontft. 

nti: KiKTiiDAV or a child mux \r mDicioirr 

The li)llowiD|g cVi» IB Nud to hftT0 boirn ««bmiU<«t ia 
oovdnI, ftod li Ki«»tioiK4l by Ur. CoircoUy, in hi« " Coo* 
TOjMMen' Kvffinifv/ Wo cfta £uicy how long Mkd pn^ 
llMtod tktf ar^uiiKNU in court vrimUl hftTe boon. Ttid 
p«4(it wiwi, w^«4l>rr ft jdOfj^f lA'iy Ijum i>d llbviu^itvl 
UiQ 4ikorJAAQAJry, t8l>5,ftrLcr tli« hovacdodc hftd oirodE 



brfim^ tho c\ftok Iff St. Pfliil * fi*ul ntnii!k, was hnm on Ihn 
bti or *ith of January. Tlio opininn jn i^tnlc<l ('> hftvo 

flomn novelty, but I do not Uiink I j^liouM bo much 
Mlittcil in dt^ift'iu^ it, by ra!l«roFkO0 i^ tbti (lond^'mus 
foUoK %in']<r wliidi my nbolvcA grOMi. Thn nftCun; of tho 

Uidiin'.vjy ih to 1j« noEisiilni'TKl wjlli rofi^ivnci^ to thu Aubjwt 
t*i\»l)ir.h it '^^ r\y<it\\cn\i\c: Tha U-M^unany fit the hrniMvrli-ifik 
ifl, i think. ap|>lii'iLbln only to daincuitlc, mostly rattnary, 
purpo^f.-* U 1!^ thff HUkJn of Uio cnok with iofi'ivin«» trt 
the dinner honr. liut it crflnnot bo revived aa fividonro of 
tho birtli of A child, TIlc pa]oohi«l citjck U mrjch better 
Dvidencw, nnd I nhoiiid tliink It ought to bi^ rtHwivncl if 
tbcn> wuno bcLlor; hut it ix Dotti? bo put in com^Kilition 
with thr^ mptmpiilitim clm^k ] nhero that is prMftiit., it Ja 
to bo rncuivud with iiujilicit utajdiiasciiiitfL', it *]wi*kK in ft 
lonmf authority, nnd it ut unqHc^tjoimbly ofgrojtt weight. 
I urn thiorcforo of cipiuiou, that Mi^i Einma 4). wwi born 
on thu *th of January, ]8(Jj. and Umt nho will AtUvin htJi' 
majority the iiuUnt St. VaiiVa filock strlkei twf^lvfi cm tht* 
uigUt of the SrU Jftuuiuy, IS^U." 

TfTird Hale wvni t>n in thiti htyN* tu it jiify - *' UvuUi;- 
men of the Jury. I will not rc'jjcat. the ^vuii-iu^ty irnUt yuu, 
]««t by »o dotiiff 1 bhoulil wruu(* jt vn iLu uiiv sidu 
or on tho other. Only this I vtjII &cijuaint y'>u, timt 
you liavo two thin^^ to ou^ujre uftor; iinl, wbothar or 
DO Uitf^av children w«ro hewitohed f »coondLy, wh«tlier 
tho jiriaoiL^ra at tbo hftr wew guUty of it ? That ihcro 

Am Hiic.ti cr««itiirM fLA witi-bii'H. I inivk« n^j duuht &t 

nil, for, first, tho i^criptuiis h£,Vf.^ airirmod oo tnudi ; 
dfcondly, tho wiMlom id' nil natioTw Imlb jirovidod lawi 
ftgniunt mich porgons, whloh ia ari aT-|;ni(H]jit -»f ihrir 
cuntidnnci' mf H^^-h «l crJuio ; fthd HUch liuth Wn tbu 

i'Lidprnpnt of thin kingiinin, ofi ftpp^^ftn* by tliat Act of 
^l^■[i4l[JlL■nt wliich huth pivvi<lvd t»oni»linii*nlKiirwpyrtion- 
ahio t4i thn qimlity of tho olE^nnv J ontPfAt yoo, gflntlpi- 
mvn, uLi'iotly tf) liXiLmiric tho ^vjiienco whidi ha*y bnon 
Iftid bcrforo yoLi in this woiglity ca40, iu)d 1 cnmcjitL^ 



tit# GvMt Ood of tTorrta to dind yoa ia a 
lit Mfdict For to oond«nm Ui* ianooMil tiul Ia ht ths 
^uli^ ^o ftt*, ve boUi Nn obommAtkin imto Ibn Lonl" 

Tm JflT^p hftvi^g ratirvil for half-BD-hour, rciumod ■ 
mnlie& of gniltj agftimt both of thi? pn«oiiam ^m dJ tbo 
indMmcdiU ; aad ibe jwlg^\ plotting on hut block «s(i, 
ftTler expfttaftUng ivpon ib« cnonnitj of tli^r odctioc, And 
^ikcftuuig hill cutim juUisTaiHioti with tho verdict, ftdnoi»- 
"^ ~ ~ tbcm tn rvpent^ftod Mntc(ici?<i thmn to dw. TIm 
^itehod children iminr^llfttdy roooTerDd Ihcir pp«tfcb 
. tbcir uitwt^ uii tic:;>t i4c4l Uut DighiU Neit nwrti* 
Sir MaUiow, nweb |iLc«>od with bin MchicrAiariit, 
tod for C^hridge. Ic^virifE ilic twu uuhamiy 
imco for «xn:aUan^ They tt-m cai^fly proMa to 
loTev, but tbuy dwi with gnai euoiiUncy^ pnAMtkig 
dr innoeency,— 1 Uunpi Ct J J-'n. 5G4i, 


Th« ftUiot* of Clurl«t 1. pruhiUUd only l^u-b«illng« 

«nd h<3l]-t4itiiiK«, OOmiMD P^ipn. or untnwfiEl »f>ortii, oci 

^&»icjd«ys vid ui<i« kida a«flfiiU ukd Itnutod roauiin^ 

[i# Mcjttrds IhMtroi^ UtOM btin^ aII mbj««t to rognklknu 

■cnbtd by tb« LorrI Chftio&rl&in and tbo juUirc* of 

|iM<9f who CAn diftAti} tbrir<^wii «>ndilioru<, ncr^nrm- 

m §m proliiUliid oD Sundayi aod cvrUln otbor dayn. 

Tbt putsuit of gun* on SL^ri<inv« in iwir ULM«aalr 

' by «Utiit«k A ponftlty c\f £3 u iBpoM on «Il 

WOQ on Sundny* or Chnrtioftii day tdtlior kill 

tekft gunp., or itAi> dogH, n«U^ or gunv, or other tnnooa 

fbr Uw piirpon of killing or taking Umoi. And n»Uintf n 

■euro on Hotnfdny ni>flit wbicb lonnma in cntchuig order 

on Siindaj' i« an c^T^nco vitbiu tliu cnndiMeni. Tbi« 

Irrohir.itioci, bow«vvrr, ft.f>;4irit ontjr to gvn^ stnctly va 

LeiUe4'uid docsDol Allbct inhbita nad ftnijio, ukd oibor 

Ebink of Imi dogROi Witli rvyani to Eiihtfiir on Bundaja, 

'ihe itetato* nn cot so ntriogvnL For while peniwia juo 

[proluUtod from fwhm;: for mUiduii on Sunday wtUi oola 

IT OlffinCA. Uimo who &ii;;:1« only for uich fiflb aro »oC ao 

jrobibitcd. And aa to vthur fitb, Ihtfre iv no )>rcibibi(t<iii 

Vhalovcr aa to Uie tnooiui <>r tW kind of tirtli ranghl us 

^tkU dfty.**PatctM«i> liU ?noa and Wor^p, »1». 



Howul), lu hU I>i>ndiuopo]J0, aa^ a, t.liaL a Jfjw, in Itio 
raiga d' lifrnry III , liaving V»y Ai^cH^it fftJIrn in^j a dirty 
(jiteh on Lid 8]Lbbatb. which wa? Saturday, w>ulJ not 
Tjuflvt tuiy oni^ tu (.ak<^ liim out, though iaUmt a jj<:c«»i>iry 
work, llii? Earl of Gbucoator not only itifTcrod (h(* Jev 
to cutitiuuv ill till:? Jiltliy i,n>uO i Uozi on Iti* nvm SabWtb, 

^tiut would not (icrntit any ^no to tjiko bim nut on the 
Suuday. for that wa^ the Sahbntb of th« ChristJan^. Tfao 
Jew, 6y this CTi^v\ joko, wm imft".vAl/*d. nor do tlio chron- 
idoraof tbo tjnao rctloct on tho barbarity of it 



In order to pravfjiit tht; vioUtton of lIu^ Thw> and to 
[lijiivpiimgft tii^. piTU^tif^ of tiArfjIlinf; through thri (own 
of Abin^on in tho tiao of divino Kcrvico, tho aayor 
of thA cor[ir»rntirirk nixJrird ft rc^ to b« thrown ai^roui Uio 
principal ntron^t, Whon Lord Cliancollor Macclofiflotd wa^ 
about io |>a.-u oil hU JL:iiirriiTy, hn found tho propoi oRicore 
at tJjfiir pait. who rcfiiflff*! tct lownr the rope till thn 
•^wvicc wiL* cndpd, Infctcad of reni*tin|^ tho ciHer, Lord 
Mfwwiraficid miictly dMffindcid from bis irarrifl^^ft and 
ontured the cUnr*;h, wh«ro hv rcmnioed uuUI tho cun- 
chiiion of the liorvW^ when ho ro-entered h\^ OJtrringe, 
and cjxprcfisud hla approbiition of tbo i"cguUtitm> — t Law 
and Lttwy^Tj, 07. 



About 1|(.>0 oulbora anil publmh«rn (jr^^^n j^li>rounly 
to c<Jiu|dam oT piracy, and thu diflioulty thoy ha<l in 
trfu^ing tbc w^nji^doerfl, aluI nL".'ov--riri'f <la][ia^u oi aLchk 
pm^tlm nnacliifi And thoy pcillloncJ ParUamunt (Yir 
nn Actlo^vo Ihi'ia betttr rontecllea. Aad inlTOL^ an Act 
pr^eqod which recitod, that "persona had of lalA reprmtod 
Itrnikt without t]i<T ponnnnt of Uitf autbom, lo tha rory 
great liotrimont htk^ too often to th*! rum of thf^io ^md 
moir faniilic*L" Thin Act caoeed aflurw^id^ i;ruat 
htigation, and, aa aiithom diflcovored to U-icir ro-it^ nmW* 


poUifaig Urn tIkWB conllMfttioa of iMt pr»p«riv. •" TIihi 
WM doi>«t,"u Lord T^ndhumt, L(T.. m»ari«d, "by Uw 
introdaction of oni» or two ill-cnbHtUroU ironk in the 
tUtnCo vbicb warn moant io be a beiKlii to liUitlvrv, but 
tumfd cnl a fatal gift^" 

When Captain Bcdl. in lOM, *aigr«al ami ui<l pains 
ditcoTtrrd n maniucript of Lutlwr's Tftblo Tall narvol- 
liM*]jr prtivfVAi'' and publUiiodliu tnuudaih^iDj tli« lloiu« 
nl ('nmmociA mapiuii^itoiitty rcaolvixl. thnt he iihoald 
baV€ Ul* 90I9 dw^HHol itijd l«ii«dii of iirmtin^ ii U>T tomt~ 
• Uttt ym9, mad that ncitic ahonJd pnnL thr mma milMi 
iicQliMKl by biin. TliU emdo reaolnCion, wMcb prvionioil 
to a Mkan hb own pro^jeity for fourlj^iin y^^uv, pmhably 
^voth«-cuQ tolbo unknown Author of tbn HiatC^fpyright 
ActolAnn«.— Pat^^non'a lib FrcKi. ^it 

PumtiOHT Iff rmvAit; littium. 

U wilt be •Ma how Callacioua and o>nfu«ed !■ tiM 
tootioD, that tbvro U a jiuDt |it«poriy in the hiUt b«twD«ii 
Uw wnt«r and recoivor, ajud that ibwtJior can do fttiy- 
Ihing u ropmla it vithout tho conacnt of tbo o4h«r. 
This ariMi mm txaifouodin^ Ibo falo of the mere |«|j*r 
vith tU« Hu1i«t4AtLal Ihing vbich in thn awdima of 
OumrounicatioiL Tho curroct nilu aooan to bo that tbo 
[lapcr brioi^ffa ab^ioliitcly to the rcecircrr. but ibo latter, 
or mfttm or coiutntmication, bc]<in^ ahaoltitoly to tbo 
wrrtur, aobj«ct only to llt« liniitvJ OHt of tho oositant* 
for Uto tnrrirrTB ponoad baie6L At finA tho oourta 
wor» not a liltlo puseled bnw to treat tho mutoal njtbt* 
of thodm who Mfnl and tfba ivoctr«d lottcrH of a private 

Wbrir ih« tcf^lvcm <il l«tionv ur any otker pentm, 
liai^ viibout the cunnrui uf ibo wntvr, puUiAbcd, or 
llinatoncd to publish ludi t«Uciv, tbv tatter may obUan 
,aii ityiinctJon Tmn ihc t^MiU It ta tm« tliftL Ui* muH 
MViiM to bavc }*ranlviL tliiit relii-f on ibv |>rul«»«H| g;roilild 
of tbtrc bcin^a bnadi of tniM. Uit it wouM bo inoto 
rvnvci to bold ib« act aa a tort or vivlatiuu of tbo 
owDor'a nght la Aa what b« pl(«Ma with hia own IttUiT 
or ooBBUDication. Tb«r« tnay, howover, b* ootptltiaii 



Ul vxpruan vohlrAot belwo«rt writer and rec^fLvitr, And 
ilm Lr'.*Acli '.af thiit rirfkintct lip tihi> Uttrr mAf bi^ a 

round alao of tho court intorwrlng tf> Twtrttin piibli- 
|^«atkji. Tiiofo may hIw bo Cftwm in wliicli Ui*t rcci>ivcr 
of ft lottur nifty bo onUtlo^ to uso it, lu Aln^Aii^ KUtcd, 
tot ik'NJi* puE'poqo of virtlicatioD or lolf-dofoncfff la which 
ov«nt tlio viublicaiion mftv bo cxcuJicd. — Pfttenqn'ji LiU 
t'lws. 270. 

Mr. B>]thcl1, an IHshbarriaterAttlio tinie of the Uuion 
liko iBftny of hh brvtbron, pubUaUeil a pamphlet oa ttiat 
ninch vi^xoii ihiiTijPi'.t^ thn nolicy of th« tnvn Tin>poit«d 
Uijjon, Mr. Lj'Kft^'iU tii^ivting [I'un, ^i']» " BittWt you 
ncvfr tiilii inn you hnl priM^hod ft pjimplilH nix tho 
Union, Tho ono 1 saw contninod aomo of tho bast 
thin;!* 1 Imvo cvi^r leun in ooy of tbt'*i pi- nine Lit inn." 
" I am proud yon think an'' nyoinod lh<^ oth*:T, uanjiM-ly. 
" I'tny, wlmt wjih the tiung that pli^ftiTOii you t>i much f " 
'^Wby/' replied T.ywight, "as I piwsrd n pB.»try-of>nk^ 
■hop itLUt marnin^, I naw a ^iii comi? out wild throo 
hot minKt^pici wmjipfld up in onn of your prrtduc^lions!" 




When Henry £r)ikiiir wa^ a leader of tho S(*nteh Imu", 
he? luul a Cijutuminji'iity arid rival baxTinttr, Mr. \Vrii£ht, 
who liad urMrmily Ix^oti n nhucriutkcr, but Iwn&riifl in 
iJuu time & Esulf'taught advciozitv, u^id* bavinj- Utlio btiHi- 
n«P)H At th« bar, composed alitUa tr^ftbint' oni m--\tbc'ma.Lii^^ 
uliioh waq Vary HUocvdafuL Sunictlmo tilVruardd tho 
E'l'-ifdi'f'ii-jlin I^ritaiinit-a was piibiishi^d, arid, atii'irij- 

ochar eubjoct^, troau^d of tbU amall aubjuct of Iilh. and 
prarrLtcftlly bwalluwed up wmdH, lines^ diagrams, and all 
the morita as lio thou^^iil of hU littlo book. T]ii.^ author, 
highly inconipud, rurttultod hUfiiond KinkLnouM to brin^in^ 
an action of liamn^^i for invnnion of oopyii^ht. EmkinOi 
nlW hearing hi* eontplainti uid it wa* i^rio Uiin^; to ba 
right and anr>t!iL-r thinj^ to ^ lira n;;bt, Thai the 
publidbtni 111' iha Knuyolopa'dia wiyo u'lwlthy, and no 
doubt would dc^pnd to tin? last thrir Lli-;^Llfii] ^inn. 


cuBioOTnca of llw aki> LAmxaa. 

An AcUom laij^hl b« bffran. but hoImmIjt fiould l«ll wb^i 
ftAd where it wuuld utiJ. BMiilua. Uicre won nuAj oUier 
Author* of littlo t>oolu, who ir^^v in the «ud» mixtim- 
nnent^ ftod no doflU wonU bo ^-lod if be would 4^t their 
latU(«. anil yyi ^"M notlift* fuii^to Wp Jitm. UU 
idriM to Wnglit wiM Uicnfom iliia : "Don't brintf rour 
KctioE). But Uwre i« «i iuifflinU» old kw ttUod Uw 
Uji lalMniA. Oo aad pubJbh ft new NJttion of jour 

nioilwtj&tica uii " "Wh»l ibenf vM^rlj w- 

rl&iniM Wright. ^* Wliy,** uid Kr^ini*, " publiHh yuur 
liook, BAd tjSco in thg whole of tbo EncjolopccfliA u n 
ijiKiUUvm !" The in&th«iiMU«di» wm not iftliifi«d with 
itnH »lviw. And took a grudgo Agaiui bi» old frimd, 
And iMVcr «|K>ko to Iiim agnin. 




A ocunaol or &^vocate conductlog a cause in couit 
is uxviupt Ti-ulu Jittbility Tur cuiijilivuU uuij iiujuuntHJijuM 
a^intX third parties, ii thoao &ro relevant- And atlega- 
tuma JA <suun« uf thii }»lvaJin;jw in kuita or iti iUv 
M%^r^v^U r»:lfttmg thereto, nnd by witncasw, ^rc nil 
pnvll><^0il fi'oin ftctioij, ovoix though lualii^ u iilkgt^l 
ftjifflinfcl, tphfi witn*^w. If Uip mrimont* tho witness sworvei 
fmin tho tnith> sin ju^tlon woro tg He n^ainft him at 
thfl itiiit of th*? pAiiy injuiTd, Ihi* wotild be convicting 
a man o£ a. crime of which ho o-aiiM not bo convicted 
in «, court of mminiil jurisdiction without tho amcur- 
rinff UiAiitatmy of two. It uii)cht bo dtfTcrontH indoi^d, 

if tho prtict^iA of tho oOUli w«i« aluai^d mikliL-iuuily, 

Afid without I'oruonablo or ijroLabla camte, Thi* j^ivat 
obji-ct of Um ]&w vs to allow wiiiLewtuit to bp(*4k frutily, 
without fi-Ar of coTiMw^ii'^nces, Thoi-ofore, when e, wit- 
newt j^ve &I1 AOHwer wliJcU waj« not rvlevAnt, yvt It^d 
rpferfmice ttt^ imjuiry, J^ii^i waa m j<iip|KWi^l vimltrfiliun 
of hU own diaj'AutuJ'p it wa^ buld not ttctioiiAblv ilh 
nliuiddr. — Paterflon'fl Lib. of Pr«u*, 195, 


A prisoner's counsel bad at u. trial suvt-nil tituoji t<ild a 
witneas, whoHP oliamolrr \Vtt*i not hij^h, that he ciiifit 

fltoiQ notbin;; whiob did nut ptuu in tho prtuioncu of 
thto pnsont'V. Whdii tJie timo for t.Tow»ciamiration 
uirivvd. witut*ru wa£ oakcd; "Vr&y, bow ofUn Imvtj 
you iMWTi traimpoi-t^tl '" Th* witntwtat our? anHwerc-l : 
"I muat not toll that^ for it waa not in the pnjaonco 
of tti4 priftoikttr." 

446 cuRiosmBs or ukvt vii> uwuju. 

JcAojti oo on« oeouiiufi, hiving «xmmin<»d k vIUicm, 
vho vMy TrMHi^ntJjr OMrl tin? vonis " ]r«»>r 4nd Ienii»,' 
" oMignor and naiigiKv," &i lut «LcUin«d : " I qucftUoa 
if you know what a leinor or \tm» )*, for nil your lurmal 
cTiiI«9ic«.* * Yea, Sir GwrgB, I do." rt^Utd tho viUuM ; 
*'ftml I sivejuM tliU ItipdAQcv; ifyoo nod »t ine, jou «iv 
thfi noiMer, ftud if J nod a( jou, jrov sr« ilio AOddM." 

On ADotfacr Dcc&^ioh, Oiuo ckf Um viUieiAM bein^^ calUd 
ft Uddlcr, WW aiitcK oflbod^d. uid tA^mr&nU cliMribod 
hiBKlf Mn"muHici»ii«r.'* J^fTmys &alc«^ him *h9kt ww 
the diflbiTDcv between ft mmicbuicr ft&d ft fiddler, " Am 
niucli, lir," fvj4i«d th? iritjt(w^ "u th«r« u bciiv«4-n k 
piir of 1«g]ji|>fn and & n^corder," 

A vilnvM intti ft t«flc; bpui! vnu giving evidnncc UiftI 
wift dUpkftalog to jQflrrV}'n, wbcii judnre* wbo Kbid ! " If 
your coo«ri«nr« t« ft« l^rffe m yonr lionrJ. you'U aviiftr 
ftnylhint;.'' Tli^ old m&ii rdt6lto<t: *Sly Jord, if rour 
JonUhip iin«Jtiin» conJCiefice« lif WftnK J'^ur WrcUiitp 
koA pone ftt ftll." 

II IB rdftUsl tlifti JeSh^yii, wli^ti ftt tiio bu; bcgirminji 
to cffMB-catftuiiiM & wltncw b ft IcAtbcm doublet, who Im 
iMde oat ft complrto c«m agkiiut bb clicut liuwtcd foiib« 
•*You fellow la tho laa^cm douWct, pruy »lial hftve 
you for hwt-fttiijg t" Tb«iuftiilvuA£cdbt«ftjJiLyftt Liiia,ftDd 
-Truly, nO «ud bo. "if you hftro no tooce for Mug 
lliftn 1 bftvd for nvfttvini^ygu iiiikIiI wvfi&r a 1«ftUi«m 
H^oublet u wnl) Aft 1/ This Mant reply got to Iho 
'wM cud of tl>o town^ftiLil wft« nuMnborwl udui; Uw 
enartieni «gftuiJd JcffrvyK whi^ b» grow to bft ft grMl 

oou»nL QVfniiM nm or aw aotiox rom yiTUiSfOL 

SoukU wft» t&iplojtd for Uie do&ooo in am ftcUoa far 
naiiMWik btuELght by the pl^atilf. fti>d wboa* AM 
wiln<i» wvi ft Iftfly nvitt^ near Ibo ft1W<f nd nuMiie?. 
Smlclt Ih^^^iui Uiii 47roMMTXftminft|iufli uJ ihu brly by 


hnqaliiii^ (i.'mli?ily a^Kiut hrr flomniUa nLiticiiUij Iter 
i;Mdrc!i]> axiU tUuir ilLiiowm. TKu lady bwame ve^y 
CoufulviLliAl, Atid Apptikn?ii liBvtt«ivd by ilio kind ititi>mt 
Iftken in btT. Thu juJ^^ intorftruJ, and tliought thew 

V allijwed tci j>ru(^ecit, And <<n thu candiisiiXi of the cio«fl- 
<*XAii]injiLiou, m tiald; "My lord, I call uLi witnOAA^H." 
Ho ha<l ^Kown on the iriLn»»t'» U^ttimciTiy, tb&L aim bod 
brt>u;^lit 11)1 K niiiuiiJVLis ukd Imull^iy jFro[-ony iu tUo 
TiciniLy i:if thn Ji1lftgi>il nuiHAni:4^ The imy. ftmu'ied ft< 
well OA wtivincod, giivo a verdict fur Ino doftiiidant. — 
L. Abing^fr'ii U^irn, 


Scat-lcttp Iq & broAcli of proniiso oaso (Footo v. Qroen). 
nji« tl>r Ibt* di^r^ndikiiU who wa4 «<LipjiONHd lo havo If^vji 
cfljolod into t]io cn^iv^'omcnt hy tlin plaimiirfl rnolhcr, 
iLflerwAriJ« tltu CoiiDtOM of lUri^iijTtoii. 'Vht\ mottier, ah 
JV witnfiM, cornplotoly hfif!lfid ^rjirlott, wlin on hi<hnlt' 
of tlio doAmdant crosB-oxatoinod hor ; but by om of bin 
hfLppient utrnkp-a of niiviir-Tcy, Kc trjrnnri hiJ* fftilnn' jiiEa^ 
n iUCQOwt " Vou WLW. ^intkniDa pf tlio jury» tImL T wim 
but ft child in hfcr handa. Wbut Tnu<( my ci^rnf Mi^d 


Uu Lbi? trial of GJi^Ti^any, iu BcotUnd. fur murder iji ii 
due!, a lady of gimt beauly waa ualbd oa a wiLnc^iu. 
HU« dinv into court vuilviJ. Bal bpfom tuimiuiAtoniig 
itio oath, Loi'J Eflkffrovo, the Sowtcli judfie (to whom tvU 
luiiJjBlAi'lri^ tbtj oatn bi#lui:j^ lii Six»tlAiidJ, ^avt? bcr tUis 
<ixpoblbion of W duty- " Young^- woman, you will now 
cou«iJvr youn^tf aa in lliopruouucv uf Abut^dity Crod» and 
of tliin High <Joiirt. LiJt up your voil, thmw off ilU 
your mjdoBty, and lot>k mo in tbo faco." — Cockbura'a 
Mem, \'22. 


Mr- OfttToHf wto examining a vtry younfj lady^ who 
wo^ a witnou in an ais«au]t cofc, and no a»kod her If Ctv4 

A60 c mw on M or law a5& lawtieiis. 

.^anon wko WW uMMlted did Doe giv^ iho deliftduit 

vwy ID UagtiA{>«; If ^ did noi rail him a d il 

SfiotrH G>oHbJ«T, and titl^r olh^ woHa to had UiAt lui 
(thtt cc4inM>l> bid not impucknco enough to tv|>mU T Tb« 
hdy raplM, " Y«n." " WUJ jwi, ni*d£fn, bo kind «noagh 
to t«D Ute <aari vli&t Uumo wonU v«m ? " " Wkj*, ru*' 
n*p1titd »h*, "it i^m hftVi* not impfliflritpca cooogh to 
■pralc thorn, bow cui you Hitp(h>v that I have t " 

JL w nwp a oivixo KvjDcrcs or rxt«CEX<.i]& 

A nu« inmlving indr^n-ot datftih WM ItM bilbr» 
Jufllicn Uwih^ uuJ the court vu c»wd«d wilH famalw, 
wfaobftd rconrrd a bint more thjui oooe to retire, tmt fa^ij 
t«kon iw nctieo or it, ukd »dU mt t»^ly Iktcoiag. A 
«itM«i htang pmncd to describe >oina dftt^K loolwd 
round and bcmAtcd ray miich to cxprcMi what h(? know. 
ThojudjtQ miim tbv rcluct«ooe,iaid to him . " Uut with 
it ! Tho lAdittii don't mi^d it, ftod jou TH«d i>ot b« alnid 

fttUKtNo A wrrxRsi'a ateuir. 
An Iriflh eoaniel, kflcr rftinly tryii^ to kbtko a vit- 

Mu'ii rtvdit bjr cro«l-OXU]ii>iali"Q, l.oriM>J n^und AhupJjr 

to tbn jufv, exdftiniiiig, " \Voutd uiv ol' jou «wnr noir, 
(bat that ruUoir wvuld not |iick a ptxJMiJ' 

A«aiBca wrrtcsi wiiiui uk vajv i^vt n aaoL. 

Hr. BoJdwia ^^ iho ccunfld employed to optHwo a 
patwn )iutilyiDg ImuI iti ihv Cogtt of Kini:'^ mch. 
After aomo common i^uostioiu^ a waczi^h counvl utttiEV 
near lUfcsuUd that the wittioMi ibouTd bo aikod >■ to hia 
bavrn^* beoi n priBniifT in Glonceatcr j^liol llr. BaJdvm 
■lb««eun boldJy aiikvd : " When «iT« wciv yoti burt ui 
'Oloiic«at«T^lT' TbcwitnMk. ar«apt<Ubf« trad«nMU), 
iritll aatonubment. flL-Gtarpd tbai ho ttcwt wu in a gaol 
in hii hfe. llr. Baiclwin bfrinj^ foitMl. aRm puLluifc the 
qutfliion ill vatauut nye, innid rowid to liia friendly 
tiarun)|4«r, and uked for what IW man had t«en 
lapmoMd. Ha waa told thai li was for wMda Tliorc- 
Bpin Mr. Baldwin, with gmt graritj awl aolaoaiity. 


'illil^Bd tha tt'itne.^: '* Navr, nir. I A^lc you upon yi^iui 
Mtb, and muuiubvv Ihat ! aIiuII hnvo your words token 
down, wem you col lEni^risotitKl in Gli^uocstcr |>iwl fi>i 


An actmn wm ljrnii>;1il by tlii^ owuci' of n. dankcj 
w]M\ wȣ fo^l^^i Agiutint a wt^U by u. wag^^u oiiiJ killed. 
Thd di'iv^ of the Hoinki?y wo/i Uic chief wilneftv, And vraji 
mot!]i bulliud by Mr. Rjiitic, tliu d«fondanl"d counaol, tto 
tliHt he loatp his hi^J aud waa tvtuimivn'.W by tUo juft^ 
for not fctving direct auswura. anJ looking tlio jury in the 
fa/iv. Mr. Eume had a puwi>iful cn«t ^ii tia eye^ «whiuli 
prol^ably hoighUaed tJie pcrot felJc»w'd confuaiori; vii 
iiti cuiUinuud U> ila^ vtiry ff^vui-tily wttli Um wituaitiii 
reminding liLtrt n^wn anJ fi^am ''f tliojudLVa cftution, 
saying, " iU'hX «jp yuur buaci, inaii ; lu'jk up I Buy. Can't 
you hfiM np y^iip hixir?, fi^llow ' Can't you louk &v I 
doT" Tho witnons, with much ^^impficity, at onco 

pWntiJT. on ro-CKflmmfttion. docJne gleams of tio wJt- 
nr-vii'brecoi'ijry fiuiu biHconfuajontFtAktid hSiu todeAcnbtfthu 
[>oAition of tho waggon and dinkey. Afb^r much prc^s- 
JN|; at Ubt iia said, " W'ul-I, jny lord JuJ^e. I'll U!l]y>.>ij an 
hf»w it happcmpd," Turmnit tu CockU, he^id, •* yoii'JI 
*njip(i^ yy are the wull," " Ayu. aye. jttit so, g^j w\. I 
ttni thewn,ll,Vi:Ty^vjd/" " Vt'», aivtbowftll," Thon 
changing his posiUun a IitUi-, liu pmid, " 1 am t!u> waij^nju-" 
'* Ves, very f(oixl ; imw prt'tri-il, yu\i nrn tlie wa^tf<jn, 'sayi 
tho judgo. Tlw wiUioaH thuu luykuJ to tho judgo, arid 
ht!fitating at tii^t, but witb a Tow liow and a Wk of 
uuddcii Jw{>air, aaid, " And your lorcUblp'a tho am 1 " 


A plain countryman, who wan Jiiost ftt homo in tcntding 
CoWB and nailing them homo at ciiiak, wan i^ftllnd ^^ an 
avHi^' in Norfolk to bo a wltncu ubout a piocu of lajid 
that waa in contmvftrsy, Tho judi^. anki^d hioi, " WJiat 
call you that wat«r that ruiu uu tliv cuutb itdv ul' thu 
cloiin?'' The Tl-Hi^w f^'^i'^^ly anawarod, *' My lord, our 
water cotuvH without caHin^." 


cvuuuinui or lav ash zxvmm. 


A wttacift WM ezMDliwd At a trial of ad Action f^r tLo 
nriot of go«d« whiob w«ra illcgvU by Um ddwUtit U> 
b&v« been rrtum^l Ad not Arcc4iiing to Hample. ^ Did 
yvm «VQr mc tlio dermduit fvtani the tmiU ' " " YtJ<, 
your honour' " On %chitt ^rtrund dM li<^ rvfuw t4> wept 
ibem?" *'Jt) tlw badr yard^ yow hcfaomJ* (Much 

A wrrarw wao wis w>t BiPTtinx. 

tn a trial fnr hr^ny robh^. At Lanrnnt^, 000 Ton- 
1k)D^^ a Oiincve juL'uW. wMinJlvd >■ a wttnoaL OoonMl 
Mked, "WMtfyoiiFVcrttApti^M^t?* "Oli. yw." -Wheref 
'Oh nanv ttvuJ, ftU U>wu I fKrmv io.l bapiljsrd" Jicitioo 
FuJc, "lUAlly, «c mti»t tmmr mn i nUrror^U'r" Ono 
WAA ACOonlLDgly sworn, ttud vfao uude ito ta^ of the 
cnm, ToinKii>g v» again avkoj the qoc«t>(«, «qiI otid : 
" Ob aTny plaro go thim^ Rn^laail. Jwiyf^ " R«Ally. 
thiaUvery dJtttreteliig. ITliawfrroafia^an IirouMftveir 
him afo^rair^ to tbo Tc1I^<m of hfe ooiuiuy. Wh^ abi 
] to do r " ^7r, CWfmam another coudAel, then mJ, " J 
think, my lonl, }w miiAt hr coTnuitmn) wt proftwing the 
t^dl^oa of bin fcrrrathfrrT, An<l bo inmt hn tworn Aa 
peopleai* avom m rUin& ]^t ijh> by, Mr Totuons, 
vhfTo do you go whon ytiu du^ V " * 1 go in graund, 
'"WtwrD Aiv ycnir fjUhcr atiii uioibcrT" "Tbvy dead,* 
* Ayonbut whWo are they E^wc I' *'! noknofr," 'Ian 
afraid^ »y lonl^ I <rati make ^othinf; of btoL" Tbn jodge 
than dfi«ir»d Ifr Towmw to I*avo the box, um bia 
•vMoMit vrai dvpeiieod wnh. 

iif ikisH wmfKfts mitvAftjcATixa 

Ur. Otirady, ihe JrUi banister, waa combiim a 
foreign wnUfT et Cork aauiBa. " Ywi an • Swedit I 
lie1b«v<>r "Kojattnot.*' -' niin,r arv yon then f" <*l 
am a Dana." Grady tnmed to Uk' juty, "Otnllcnaa, 
/wi h«ar the «iqmToauiiig nooiindraJ. Go ilmrn, airi" 

ABOur wrrsKSKHs axd jdkyui::!. 

wftji iiiipf'rtAnt, And it waa <^f grivi,t n^rvico to Jiwrwikcurt 
And cojifosci hixDi Tho witno«8 aiipo&rcil In tlio box. a 
rtlj, ov*r-drtisod gwt]«nmn. full ^r Htflf-HufEI^jWiioy. 
ouD^I began: "Mn John Touikln3,lbeliovof" "Ye*." 
" You ftici A atuckbrilter t" •'I fut^n / " St'«rtott-. aftur 
Attentively wiflnning bim for a low niomentrt, looker! 
round to the jury aud Wr ami wtiif. '* And a very ftiiy, 
wHi-ilrcsse<i tiam, yfiii fin^, Kir I ' Tlii'. fAll^d forth great 
laugiuor, wbick wwrnod tg suwiood in frightening tho 

ni»Toni:fa a witkkws cifaiucter, 

la 1841, & Oivorcu cri«a ^v^w Uiuii jii AiiLvrli'Ji, aiid n 
ymmg wiMnAT: iiAtued Ahiif^il B^ll wilh ihu Mai wjUliwji 
of tLu adiUteiy uf tljo wifu. Sumtiur, for ih^ defunce, 
croiw-isxainiueci AlnyAil, " Are you roivi-rkJ rf " " No/" 
"HavG you children r"* "Na" " Havo >ou a cliikl ?" 
Here llmt».' wok a li^n^ pftu^e- TI"s<|i"eitiOji wwa rt^peateJ 
and anolbor pai^iao, and tbcii ai lai^t tlio ^siluoas (eobly 

Ivpli^'d, " Vth " SiJiiimir Mt iE-.i\vri uilU uii iiir j.iT tTiiMiiiilj. 
ItufiiA Choatu wo.'^ mlvocAlo for thi lin^hnnrl, who dainm 
i\m diVuri^H ft^t'L al^r cijlur^Jii;* on otiur tbio^ uliJ. 
'^ nentlfimrji, Abigtiil Holl'ii fvidc-TiiN* 19 liofore you." 
Raising hljnHolf prc>u<Uy, lio continued. " I fii^lomiily OMort 
thern JA not th« shallow of a hliaiin of iloiilid u)^ friiftfiicion 
on that ^vidonco or on bor cbaractpr," Everybody looked 
)iiii|rii>od, and hn w«nt on: " U'ti>it> Llinti^li In an on- 
giiftvdrsd macnflnt h}h; may Jiavo tmhtcd loo much to tTio 
yi>ung luivi tu wlumi vho Ijad plrdLELtil hvt nntnud aflVc- 
tjons; to whom nhi^ vns to lin wcihlod on tho n<yxt Lonl a 
dny ; uid wbci wim .'tuddenly Nirudc dciad at her fvol by a 
■tmkp of lightning out rifthfihoavonn!" Thiji wandfrbvi^rrd 
with jBudi tropic olfucl that Cboatc,ninioHti<!a1ly panning, 
tow the jiiTy hmi tAkf!n tho cno, and ho wi^i^t on tnum- 
nbnnbly to the ond. Ho afterwanin tr»fd hin IHcndrj that 
no Imd a right to make any 3.uf>|jMMiion coniUlvnt with 
tho witncL^'s innooMice— Ohoatr a IWnllort. 


iSA cvBuniTica op i-aw isd lawtebs. 

A wiTN)» rKicrmiG UAiiNiaa; 

DiiJr9n», bi liib Ucoiioira of Orii^jAliii, iti4*iilbi)4 • vs/tit of 
B <laMliing aHot ftCkd clown r^Mned nriL<]l.»ury, wild, After 

■ppf*ny), ATtil wroto ft Uu*^r, tUU-i\ from a mik/i-bonM ftt 

HoxtoD. roquf^Ung liie fricnJ Gvimddi Co rail on htu. 

It i<imf<H out tbxc Jlr^Uiiiiy wan oiipnjilljr it m%n of 

no, uiJ Uiniog with v>ii»c1ii^b fritmdbt ddo of irhom 

««« n in'«.r'ii fknn, a piM uMLJlVnux of hb vn* mifl«in^ 

whicli llj* jxyirtin^; wan TohcmrntlT AJjmpcctoJ dfAtoflllag. 

A vniiuit v«4 obCftinod to ojion tna letter |>onLon'B port- 

^niuitfnii, wWm tLfi mBuunc ^x wak l^in;l. uid bo in* 

Liot«icntror]4ronny followoX T]>nrrii>nib':if th« p«Qrling, 

% bribed Dnulbury, fir au vinuiiy, to get oniof tb<i 

vftj. TbD iMUr thcroupoo, by ««n»na»t, M th«critial 

liiQ* of 11j« tviA], wMTkC tnad and wu Mni to ^ iSftit 

iiMf ah'I had hill head iihAvc<4r atkI mo bcrunc incApftbUt 

^«f boing ■ witiicu. Aji «r>on v tho UuJ wu tivirr, mmI llia 

priaoMT WW Anqttittcf! fnr iff«nt 1^f tJvifUsitti, Brmdhory 

" lonly rrcuvptcd bin noniKii, and itwa* tbenhv mttX Um 

i|(e to flrimaldt. acd irUtol Co liim Uio cttose of hia 

'n^tcnootf and aud<l«n wiLbilrawal from tbo wtaAo *Ugo. 

OOmntL |>l3COXCKRriXU a VITXXSA about Elt» VDl-KTK. 

Oiwi of Ui*> frtklflmlty of r^wim^rrial tntYDllf^r*. having 
u a tritnns long UiBod Entcino, th^covMtl a«ai m iiy 
hiiB, lie iniddmly rtmaHcod. "Yon wanftbomaad bff«d in 
UaDchdrtcr, 1 pcroMvof Th(^ witfirMHud ha oonUI not 
duty it "I kn«rw it" wid F^kiw canUwIy, "(too) Uw 
Kbmifd tio of your wiekdotb." Tbo travailing dandy'n 
wtak jxMni waa toDchad, fbr bo had boon drawing afior 
B«an Bnimmd ; luid. hU pmcncn of mmd Mo^ it^iM^ he 
wan niad« to unaay tbt^ greatest patt of bia aridcDoe in 
' 'licC 


Oo tito ti-lo) of an nci'tom to rreo\or tho valoa of a 
ifianlity of wLbMh-pd, Uia doE^ooo tvtnmg on tbo 
i|uality of Lbu ailtckv * wttnoM wan caUod tit iaapen^ 

ABonT wmrBssBa ako nrnTintsi. 455 

tTAblo fltupidity, who <:oulfl Dot bo mado to ^slln^Uti 

br^LiA'Pco tna two wotl-known doMOriptioD* of ih.» om- 
enoiiity, thn "long" uml tbn ''thiok/ Still nnnfoimrliiig 
Uiick whulubonir wjtii lim^, Kokino oxcIaimi>tl,iu laoMininjx 
diiipn-ir, " Why, man. yait da not «*6m ta know thft 
didcrcucQ bctwouu wb^t ui tliluk nud whitt Ik ton^. Now, 
I toll you thft difference. You wo thick -headed, and jou 
arv not lung-hondud." 


Jiuticc Aland tdd a. ooiintry juktlco cif C'loucR^kruhinT, 
on ctroait, tUnt n cam* hftil hoi^n \atc\y axz^tcd nt the Kinii'fc 
Boneh which it might be proper f'Jr fi jiMticuof tbo pooci^ 
to knnw. A jii-iii<^ luul cuiiLvicied It man for ktlliiiR a 
ham u]K}n hi^ own confc^^niun. Tho atA^tuto only luid 
that he might be convicted on tTio utitb of one witnou, 
but jiftid notidng about wfl/f^^Tton, Judge Eyro aeomcd 

ja(^4 werf5 bound to k#op tfi the very wf>rd'< of the 
fttftttato. But all tlio utbur IhrL^u jud^'im wen Oj^Luat hiiQ, 
aad taid tbat coiifr**u<ion wm-i tbi« Qtrou^iwt f*vii|i^oe in tht 
wotMi that the HtaUite could never bo bit^ndod lo 
oxeTnde tb&t, and therefora the ju»tiL^e of the p«ac4 vran 
quita H^hi to convict him. 

Judiju FDat*r, an Irish judgi!» irfn^i trying five priBoneni 
fur tlIUJ\lL'■^ Atid itiiauudt-i'qtuod Div drilX oL' thu widuuci:. 
Fuur of tba prldonfini BUt^rn tn Iulvc oaii^ted, but a 
wituvbH Huii] aa Uj Lbt» Gftb, Dt-ULD UaUifjAn, ihaX it won 
ho wlio gAVO the f&bai blow : " My lotd, T hvw IJcnli 
iUlli-^'ati [thftt'ri in tho dt>ck thora), tidco a vcuvLnoy (the 
Irish word for rum ftt An iiu^'iiftr^iiwl |i*rt) »t the pow 
soul thal'fj kJlt» and givo him a wipo with a f^M^f/^^n 
[tho TiJrib Wi>j<d fov bhidiipKiik), ar^l lay hirn ilowu lu 
quiet wi ft rhild/* They were found guilty. Th<] jud^o, 
on iii'.ntoni:mj;; thr^ firat flxir, gavo tlkvui ni^voti y^ao' trn- 

Eri'ionmctit, But wlmn hn crt.m*T tA tfnlligAn, wlio ivally 
illcrd tho *li'voa4v], the juO;^ miidj " Uoni^ HallipLn, J 
linvo piivpoHcly ntaicrvi^ the confrtrli-^rntian of your cani> tu 




the IwL Your erinw b douljticM of m i^oTum iut«r«; 
^'ot I c&EUiot Avuid Uki&j{ into onui-lctBlioa lb* miti* 

Sting cdrvuniUuKtt th&L Attcbd iu Hjr Um cnrtmun of 
u wiiatm it ctic^ljr B)r|>(An iLaL y^it wvrv iIm ofilj 
^Ma of tha p*^7 ^'^'^ allowed any mcftjr to Ili4 onfarlu* 
^aato deoMaecL Ymi Uwk Uim U> a vacant ml, and yun 
wi|iad liim with a cli^an napkin, and jon lud liim ilovra 
witli UiQ gtnUeuuiA ona hIiowh to a IttUe diild. In omi- 
biid«nliou of thaM eKlooiialtu; drvuiBttanc^ vhioli 
^tvdccl aviM cradii upon you, I ahaU LalUot on yo* Uiroe 
w««lu»' tm|)naoomvnt. So Denis UaQigaii ffA off Ljr Iba 
|iid^ mlataklttg ft wtcaney for a vacani aoat, and a «^ 
fpifi for a claan napkiiih. 

Cftoat-BUJiuitArG the luit'i^-haid is a 
crtVh cr>x. cxum. 

Dunnins wiu dcfendliig a MoU^iBaa in an attioQ 
Ju5|ygbt &r criniioal ooareraatloa witli H^ plamUff's 
Tha «Htef witn*JtA for Xht* plaiuUrr wa^i Ibe lady'a- 
a dovar, «^-«onipoaod pcraooj who uiuka cocifi- 
lUy aa to aaoing tho dufaoiJaDt iu Iwci with bvr 
BtttfMi. Danu^ on Mag to croaa-emaina bar, fioi 
mada bar Uka olT bar boiuici thai tb«^ might bavo m 
>od vi«w of hp^&o^b^t thia did iMtdiaecmpdaa har.aa 
»0 know itlio va< good-looking. Ha then arrangad hi* 
-i«f, ftolmuil J drov up bin ahifi iiJoairaf^ aa if Atiniii l^i 
artgagD in mmc momcntons battle. Cunnliig tbcn bogan: 
"Ara you sure it ira» ikot your mular yoa nair m bad 
with jmiT muUttKV" "ParfboUy rar^" 'A^ludl <Iq 
yoQ prcitaid to my yon cmm ba tfcrUin when tJu< hoaif} 
only appeared above tbo bcd-dothca, and thai ccnvelopcd 
in a nif;ht-oap!" *Qaito cmIaui.'* "Vou bare olUii 
found oemnon then to vn your butrrin hinnisbtMApr* 
*Vob; vciy l^uontly," "Nov. youn^ woman, I aafc 
jou on jour MJvmn «Ub, d(>o not your auuUr ooe^ 
lianairygo U> bod wHb yo«F" "iSh, iliat trial daea 
notooiMT ou Uvdny, Ur. SUbberthopa f ** A lo«id kboot 
or lanf^tcf fblkiwed, and Lord UanWi^ liSDr<] back tn 
*^.T*>y >^ <u^ lb«ii i[rare)y leaui forvatd and a*kvd if 
Mr Dunninx bad any more qiMOioM lo pnl lo thia 
Witacaai No answer wan ginm, and Bona mn pvt 

JlSOUT wmC£S»Ba JLStH JUfiTUE!f. 467 

tiaiiiya OH A VAJX-OLOKiouH wiry£SM. 

O'Cwnoell iweJ to Ult tliift *ti>iy of hi* fi'i*ml, llatry 
Gpady: "T remecibtr iv good Bpcrtmon of Ws ^kill in 
CTn>iia^<uCftinitiftt]<ra, at wi t^hlM'% ai Tral^i^, wh^^n \\9 r1«- 
fonrlod aniiifi *t,ill-f>wn*ni who hnj nm^nnlly hnii a A^HlHfi 
with ftv9 *oIiliGJii Tho Kolilicnt wore w|tiii,-wi<;s a^iiin^t 
the still-ownepa. Harry OnuJy rroM-nxiiminrd wi^h 
lioldier in thf> followmg mjinnor, oiit of hi^ring of tho 
other soldiera, whti worn ki^pt out of cotirt. "Well, 
GoJdicr, it wna iv muivicrmin wufllr, wiun't it?" "Yc*" 
"But fjotL Were not ftfraid ? " "No." " Of courw you 
wf r(?n'l. nfrAii). It is part fif ynur <HWom dniy to -lift in 
tbt* KiiLt:'^ Herviou, il' hgihIs iruiid. Ittit it' vu^t wi^re nut 
ftfrft-id. inftylic, othnra wmvi not qnito fio brnvc ? Wcro 
any of your cimnvk* irii^htuucd ? Tull tho trutU now." 
"Why, inrJw?d, ^ir, 1 can't say but they wore/' "Ah, I 
tljought bo; corao now, namo tio inon w}»o wuro fngbtenud 
^011 y-DXtr oalli now," Tht* solJicr llion nnmfd e^cry Q»no 
of hta four oniriirflivi. He was !t<!nt down and another 
Huldier ualkd a* a wUiiciiB, tu whom Or&Jy addressed 
proeittdy tlic ttamfl wit of qunriei, receiving ptvciaely 
tho tfaiu*j ani^wens,' — until, al lust, ho gut etkch of iha 
fivo eoldiF^M to swfrar that Ac fj.ty3»p had fi.nj;*ht tfve 
Hlill'uwuur)t Lravoly* aiiJ that iilt hi^ four cuiiirtt<lv^ w"i-«> 
coWAoist Thitft llftir)' fciiccPf^dM'S in dincrwtiJtioL^ ( 
soldiore' ovid^Dco a^alnat bk clloct^" 


At Wr.rf^ritirr A«ift!*, a cnnut^ wrm ti-ird a-* t-i thn nound- 
noas of a horm^, and a ckrgytniin hod licnn a ti'itncM, who 
g&v* tiathcr a ronfiucd act^oiint of the trn.n-iii^t^on, anil 
th^ inattcrrt ho i^poko to. A bUiittorhi^ counKnl on the 
othtir iijiiir, aflci' many aitompU to ^t ut the faotuT i^aid; 
" Pmy, .sifj do you know tho difffirvnr-o iMitWfion a homo 
nnd a cuvrl" "i ackn-jwltdjio my iKnonincc," rvpliod 
t}n^ di'rffyman. " 1 hn-xdly know thn difT^Tftn™ botwfon 
a horno and a cow, or bclwvcii a bully and a hull. Only 
a hull, 1 am told, hM hotna, and a holly," bowinff ro- 
nprctfolly to the coonsvl, "iwJcUyJbr mc h/vt none, ' 

^8 cuiucflrrm or law a»d Livms. 

A9C lUJMl WJTKiMS nOVIjeil THAT Ufft W^ Ul 

O^OiMtnoU was i<tfft^i>cl in ft wiJI ckmv th« AllcgftUtm 
being that Uw wili ««« a fofgoty. Tb« uibaontnn^ 
wUjMRM'Jt nroro tWt tV vUl b«ij Wn ■ii;;nfw) hy ib# 
docwflvd " vbilo lifo «»« io hW— a mode m exprcvtioii 
dftiiviid from tli* TrvJi lanfftiagf, aiid whjcb neaunU vim 
Iiav9 cfuod to 9p9»k Inah «till rotaio. Thm oTideno* 
va* ulrociff in fkvour of Iho will, wlieo O'Comril «M 
HtnickbySi«pcriiAUincy ofthf»nwn, wliodwayiicvfiMttd 
til* Amc WDvdj^ - TltQ lir^jwu inbiiu." Q'OmiimU «ilc«d: 
"On tb* virttir of soar oAlh, waji Iia atiin»r* "Br 
Ilii» xiriao of my onJi. Uio lir« wm in hioi/' ** fiow I 
rnll ii|nn 50a in tbr prmrnrA nf vnur MaliT, wtio will 
c*nQ dn>' pftMi lEcntvnco on you for Ihi' ovidenro, I aolMhtilf 
fcA — and ukflwe* hjo At your |>«nt— vm tb«ro MOt ft Utw 
lly in tbo dead mon'ji month when hiji band wan pfaoad 
on tbo willT" Tl]« witmun WftA iak^a aback at this 
^nmtion ; he tf<ccab1od, tnmfd piUf^, and falUrvd out' 
ftii atgevl ooi]r«tpioii tb%t iha coanwllor whh rigbt; ft 
0j bad been introdii«Ml into th« moulb of tb« dcftJ 
TOD, to ftUow tbo witnweit to iwcar tliat "hU 
in faniiL" 

0'Conn«11 thuA cnam-exftmincd tbo primnpal witoew in 
a ffttal tO&MClion, amllnjE in a trial for ntunler, b« 
tba defending coonwl t -' \\\tt not you afur Ukiog n 
vbM tius happvtwLi ? ' " Soriftmly, 1 took ft drop that d«jr^J 
"Howtmich might thn dh)t> hftr(» consklfd Of— ft ffUnl'l 
* Ym. IdrtokftgUM of npintB ■urftjv/" " U«vU\ ifyow 1^ 
cdted.TouUMikaiwomdr*' " Wby.i Hupp:<Mi loukaasoolj 
ftalwo, ''CoT»«.nian.didnolyoutjk«a«guodaftthre«tbaU 
iky r" " likio'l know, laiK.inAylwl did." -Hy Ttrtnoflfl 
vour ftoli^niEioaih, did not you driuk ft pbil m whtnk^f 
bofprtyiHi wwUieAvm«ciii-licbUngT*' "I took iiiur«hfti«J 
ofiL' "W^iiDotftllhottliftjWwtorr •Ttw**," TUjni 
divrrdrtcl bis Ittttinociy, ouj Urn privk'iaAr was mr^ml 
— OVonxicll*. Ulft 


torJ EtTikinr, during tlic Qiiopn's trial. Lii IHSO, rtUW 
Ui<; fi^llowiu^ uuvc^cLe. to tti'i ^'I'eaL &]iLLtJKim«Jit of Uie 
BouM of Lbrd& *' My Irrrln, nlirn I vah coutiael In & 
OftUtfL- tried in the Court of Kings Eoiiuh, an imyiorlant 

^v-itTLi-si called ri^iririt mt-^ withuiit <leHr?rihiu;; liinis^lf tu 
hv (jfuny ]»articulm'ncci. Horw: tu bo c-ntitlt-'d to iiiJul^oiicOi 
«(AtiL<J^ that Irciin c^c'ilitin idt^fU in liid owti iiiin<]« hv i^uld 
not awtai" rLi^ordiii'' t<i thi? u^ual fcjnn of UtL^ ofttli : that 
Itu tvuuld bolJ up liu liquid uid swc-ur, hut tlmt Liu wi>uld 
nfit ki»a tho book. 1 hfLvr nn flifliculty in sayin;; Uiat I 
wished vory much locdl rid oftbnt witntvstf, and I &8kud 
wbftt wft* tlu' reiwon iorrefuHiini lo b* swovn in the "AUftI 
ToMa. lit) ^vo 9, I'CTUB'm, wtiich Bovcnod to niu a very 
Alriinp.l ono: ' IWau-ie it i» wrilteii in^ ILeviiUrions, 
ti)At tbo an^cl ^tandio^ on tbu d^. //e-^/ up his hand.^ 1 
sflid, ' This doe* nut- upjily io yjur «i*'4^, for, in t!ie fint 
placfl^you ati* nn aiij^^I; n^^i-on-lly, you cannot loll how the 
aikgeJ would bav6 awura it ha hud Btood OD dry ground, as 
you do.' Lord Kt^iiyou s«nt into tht> Conunori Pl«wi, to 
consult Lord Chiof Judtiec Eyro. who 0K[>rcaaedhim»etr 
of opinion, lliat alUiuu^h tlit* vrilnvw waM not of any par- 
tlcutiu' sect, yot iftboro wo^ a particular riiodo of 8wi>ai-lD^, 
mo»t consUUiit hiIL Iuh it-wliny* vf ihn ijbbi;Atioit of an 
oftthf tbfs mode ouffbt to bo adopted- So tho wiinr'flftwfl* 
ewom ill bis own tiwidon, Wli«th(ir h« spoko thi> truth 
or not, ijnforlriin.itHy f^.r my dirnl^ tho wJtnrw wa^* 
bolicved by the jury/nnd [ foil that tho j"dgo wa* right, 
no tbnti tbcra wru no jj^ronnd for inr>ving to net ajiirin the 
vordirt."— 6 Ciimp, Chanc, 050. 



Lf>rr1 C'!mnccl!or TTjurlow hold, upon the "Statuto of 
Frnmlit/' whicli rL-i(ui[«4 tbat ft will of bindit ^b&ll Im» >iub- 
wnibrd by tbo wUnowoa in tho prcxr^nco of tho tcAator, 
tbat A will unit w<dl vxiM^uUd wbtrro a lady^ wbo made it, 
baving iiignnd it in on FLttorncy'ii ottioo^ gi)t into lior 
carrJii^. aud tho car/'iiiffi:] won iLccidc-iitiiUy W'kod by ttjo 
(VifU!hman oppuiitn tno tho window of tbn ntli<^r", so that if 
tilu: bad bucn inclined, ^bo tni^bt Iittvo let down tho i^low 

400 cmwsmu or iiw axu Liwnts, 

«f Om <mnitif^, and boch Um wittieva Mibaenbe |1m< 

r-fit it i« nwiwry that tli< tcwtotor tboald b« in mieb 
n t>naUion a« tbat, bj powibilit j, he laaj hAvv mh) tfce 
<ritDq» e i «ca the wilt if «o duposed ; allAoijjfh if Itc mi^ht 
am Umoi frvni aftj ea* put of m room ui which h« waa, 
IsiUiaralia MVavidnKein whAi part of tboroott bftm 

C' lonl. it will be pnwiDod that bo wan «h«re ba migbi. 
VB accQ the wir 

Jorrvniab Uaaon, tbo American a<lvocal<^, waAdtfmiJuip 
a Ui^thodMt AiTiijitfT, hf lumn Avrry. on a charm of 
aordcr. Hia prorcMai^nal cbai'act4r of tbe niokiUr Jiit«r>» 
«atod all lu* brothcf iikiiiijtt«rv, aiul tboy cr^wtM ta tii«, 
trial, lh« caao being wry acriooii in ila a^pcda. Umni^ 
nat aliftovbed tn wMdiinff tbo evi^kncv, iaktn|e tuAmt tmi\ 
ittfine tha efiMt on tb<^ jury. Onn of tho miDiHtani hi ' 
ft flnintoafisii walked vp t» Mafton In iinftt acriutioii, 
hw eonfiiknliatljr *aiil : " Ur Umuu, Mr, Ua.<^>n, I ha*«: 
moat ispoflanl matter to commanicatc. llw ArdiaQgol 
Qahricl «sni« t^ mj fartlnilo this momin?, and tul*} iq*.| 
that brcithcT Avirry wna innocent 1" Uaaon« wiUmafe-j 
Uftinf bin eve fn>m bui |kft|]«ni. miI, - Let blm b« mil 
po^acd inmwdiataljr," and conUnuad ai \x\* work. 

ciioa^taiAiiiNATioer or hk. wnj^CR kt aeiutAWT 

tn Iho caw of BarJdl f\ E^i^wick, Ur Sami»l Wollar.' 
tboogh caOad by Mr St'r^-aot EhjurnE a^ llvn pUintjITii 
witntf*^ wia Ircftbd aa a b^Ule witncw, and hb cxam- 
iikatran waa m roality a cnaa^xaniioatioo. l^kfiof it 
wan a« fbflnwii : " T tirlbAYo ymi aro in tbpn M-rvin of Ur, 
PWkwJok, tbo dolbiilanL in tbia coac Sj^nk ui\ if JWJ 

□bnL " I aiu in ilA» ccrvicc o' tlii^ 'cro gcnt'mao, anl^ 
a womr good aMirico it ta" ** Litilo to <U^ and plrniy 
toent, 1 utppowT" aaid Svtrjoant Bnjtfui^ withjoniLnnty, 
" of*. wnUr ei)oo;»b to prt. *ir, aik iht noldtoT aaJd. ti-'H they 
iirdfrrril htm tlii4«v hundiv^I and tifLy bitlicis" replied Samu 



■' Vou tuMat nut toll US wliat thu soldier, or lUiy vlliur lawi 
titiiJ, n'lr," Jiiti9[p>]«vd thu iitJ^; " ilV iiot vvHcuce," 
" W'crry frood, my loriV r«pfiM Saiu. "Do you ri^collect 
anytliirL^- parlii^ufar Sa|^pv'^iij^ irti lh& motriiiL^' wlii^u you 

w<;rp lirst vnga^ixl, oh, Mr. Wollor ? " wiid N-rjwint 

BuafuK, " Tea, I do, dr/' n^plied Sam. ■' H*vo the e«>J- 
iLCH to teU tb« jury what it wju" " I 1iftd & tog'Ur n«w 
nt out ol'clotboa thLtmoL'nin'igGQTiuun of the Jury," s&id 
.S»Lu; " uid tliKt waA a unury I'artJi'Uur luid uiioumuiou 
drciimqUnce with rao in those daya." Hereupon there 
witti& tti.'ni?r&L kugU; &nd the littlu judgQ, looking tvah 
&TI ani<ry n^ untied ai ire over liia de«W, «aji^, " You hail bettor 
bo oarL/ul, air." " f9o Mr. Pickvnok wd ftt tlio limcv my 
Un-d," iv[dii»d Sam^ " and 1 wiw wciry cftmfnl o" that '•«? 
tfulto'dothi^: wcryovtvfal indcud^my lorH." Thfljudgo 
lookf^d nlj^-mlyftt Siim for full two hiinuu^ Imt Saton 
fi-aturns wcm stj ptrtbotly onJm and .■HTpnfi, tphat hcj aaUl 
nutbing, aikd motiuncd Sarjoiiut Buxfux to pri>co^. "Do 
yon njwin tn tftll me, Hr. Wcllrr," nftid Borjeant Buid"uR, 
folding bm armH uui[)hati[^y. and turning half round ti:> 
thwjury, ii* if in mute