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I I -' ' 





Broadway, Ludgate Hill 

Manchester and New York 





JAN 4 1901 




EMERSONS WORKS. Wilh Steel PorlmiL 

hy ChAhLEb Kent. With itilull-pBge Plaiei, 
THE SPECTATOR- Ediifd »>y IKhkv Moyi.EY. 

Uy Chahlks Kent. WiTh ia full-pagr Plates. 

And PIdtefl by ISir John Gilbert, R.A. 

Sieel PonralL 


With i6 lull-page Hales. 

POETRY. Wllii full-page PJaIb. 










^^i^, ^ . 


Descrndit* frcni « liiuoTJflwiih mercluAli wh^liAd dwdlin ihe "tIoin« of lh< 

OccAfi " dunn^ tixe yt^^ad day* vhcu Vcm<« mouqcd. «t Icaat id uame, ihc qiiccn 
«r iim AdfUUc ihe ttihcr of iht Ijl? Mr, luitc Cliiaeii tiruughl with hita iv 
KiilflanU ikfufcof hikioriutlu^iKidiriumt and Inilhititu mcei nunun; (nr "a pK'iic 
chdil,*' inrt rqii[ill7nlrir|[i:e>l to (xwrite ihp iTnagin&tW« ri) r^ftJitr ihrtf cDnctptLOEii 
lb mnuitlie Bdioii, anJ llu mquHitiir« to uc^nain thcir teaiiEm b^ cab«f in ve^igi- 
lian. AImvi ihc linn; thai the fini D'Undi Ktilcd m £ugtjuid» Ihc counEry wu 
cohvatKd b/ one «f lho>« po^julai tWnu, cbc tmiJe <?r tanibmei fraud ud fan^^ 
cnib ifrLiith ]tp|icu Ukc peiniJItiil titiLaiivnt m »iJt LiiVciry, A law fgr ib« lu^tirali- 
aticn oE the Jcvi had b«n pusuil vtth llirit opfoi^iiLcn by boih houui <if lurlii- 
mcnt, and had wwrved Jhe rriily n»p[>Ofl o* 1h<? mcKi tluTinguithf-d pr^Utti on the 
epucopal bench. An aUfni for the thvrch &nd Jor rcligrinn wu however ptoJuced 
unoni; llic iaf«nof clern', and pnndpflty, u Walpole ouura us, among tht 
•*mtwirj p&rwoi." The fclviu vm as kcnideu ujd the ci^y u nU^rtl ■& on tEi« 
Hfuioji of y)t. 3«ch0v«n}ira uiJtl, when « ^ry tUipi'] u>d vrj) m;iI«voTeii( irrmon 
w tulTjcicnt to *ei the whole country in a rliine, It wu pmclaiined from count' 
Ifu pulpiti thuf, if llip J«-wii WFr^ nirnralir''fi in finlain, ihe counlry ttftamf Tmhle 
Jo Etc nrw proooVLCed by prophecy a^timt Jenikafcm ind the lluly Land. The 
]«gic of ihia argidDtni it of caim* u dff?c(iv« ai iu ehaiiiyi but the muhkivde it 
liable lo be dduijcd by conijdcnC and tcpcilcJ aserttcn ; il ilw happened thai at 
ihc EjEDc liA(Ji<^ni wcJe ciLl^rLAii^cdof bo^rlJc detJena I'joid Fnuicc. ind thaajjh the 
Jfvj cnald not be aucci^ted with 1^e Freach by any ihnvr nf reason, ihcy were 
Lmkfd la (he eftEffly by a rery TolernMe rhyme- Kvery deid. will in the Itingdam 
«iUb4t«d ia i«n*d oitbc^raphy the delecable couplet, 

Wo Jew*. 

No XTDoUcn (boefi. 

Sftnwcftbehuhopi adopleii (owafdi their iiuuboTdir.ite eunletthp um« rovn* 
ilbai indubCTHC par«nu ttttplof l« lulE tlie tumullt r»f iFu TLUncry whan (htr proffer 
<4kcw 19 A bribe »o kiop cryinf^ They ftvilvtd [hat ii vouM be wi>c io make vom« 
miKCwiorn id diBKnif, and they piucd in a tcpreveiilJULon lu 'hy' r"'ri.<tt which 
act funh thu llxy by no mauM vou^hH i\jv the [lutlk or ihr :» <'<rTi]iic» 

dImiH ■ijalml dw Jew\ ih>t ihcy tiid noL c^-cn vtaminisL iti- i^hich 

audi taUv Af i«uh1i] wtn liMUid«d, but Ibil behcvtn^ the rereni U* lu i< uiTrakivc 


uid nUrming to muiy of ycnir gooA. sort of people, they recommended the premier 
to undo his own act, and to repeal the obnoiidiu law as early u possible. The 
Duke of Newcastle, who then held the of^ce of prime minister, had none of the 
finnness of ihe ble S^r Robe^ Peel or Earl Ruael) : he yielded to (he clamour, 
panJy from natnnU timidity, and portly because being raised at the close of a Pai- 
liamenl, he was afmid of its cFfecia at a general election. 

Twelve years after thi& strange exhilwlion of popular delu&ion and ministerial 
weakness, Isaac DTsmeTi was bom at Enfield in the month of May, 1766. But 
though the Jewish Natutaluation Bill had been repealed, |he passions and preju- 
dices to which it guve vigour did not subside for nearly half u century ; indeed the 
Jews narrowly escaped being involved with the Roman Catholics in the outrages 
perpetrated by the Froteslant mob of Lord George Gordon. The accounts which 
he heard m childhood of the calumnies levelled against his name and nation, and of 
the political disal^lilics to which his family continual subject because an imbecile 
minister had neither ihe tense nor the courage to withstand popular delusion and 
popular clamour, produced an eSeCt on Mr. D^Isiaeli's mind which influenced his 
whole literary career. So far from adopting the aphorism voxpopuli vox Dei, he 
would much sooner have KaidEWr/0^/i'iA?xi/;ii^y; the very prevalence of any sen- 
timent or opinion would with him have been a reason for viewing it with suspicion. 

AlE the traditions of his race and all the reminiscences of his family tended to 
strei^hen such a feeling. The people had no voice in ihe Hchrew commonwealth ; 
law was dictated to ihem by the inspired prophet, the consecrated prietl, or the 
anf«nlcd king ; authority v/ss nol only the basis of iheir social order, but it entered 
into Ihe minute detail of all ihnr institulions ; that confession of faith which every 
believing child of Abraham learns to liap In his cradle commences wilh a divine 
demand for implicit submission and obedience, "Hear, O IhmI,'* is not the 
banning of a creed suited to the partisans of a democracy. 

The trsdirions of Venice were equally calculated to alienate Isaac D^lsraeli's 
mind from ihc parties and the opinions ihaE found favour wilh the populace. 
Aristotle mentions lome ancient oligarchy, the members of which, on admissioa 
to office, bound themselves by an oath ■□ do all the injury to the democracy in their 
power. Although the senators of Venice did not swear to the performance of any 
luch obligation they adopted the same coarse by a design infinitely more bmding 
Ihan all the tests Ihal human ingenuity could devise- Their first principle of 
government was that a mob was a restrained and caged tiger, and that, on any 
relaxation of these checks and restrmints, the animal would spring at the throats of 
his kcepsrt. 

It is curious (o observe how general and how influential Ihcse feelings were at 
the close of the last century. In spite of the proclamation of '* Free and equal 
r^hts (o all men," by the republicans of France, the Jews throughout Europe 
almost univenally adhered to the cause of monarchy and sociat oider. If they 
were not absolutely Tories Ihey were at least very strenuous Conservatives 1 as men 
they loved "liberty," but as the»onsof a privileged race they suspected "equality,*' 
and u a peculiar people they ahrunk from " fratemiiy," Anoiher reason for Ihia 



W4ft pioIm£>1v the hwirit with vlmti ihej *c«t ini|HJTiI \*y l^tf Htnnif blup^cmls 
of ihff KEbritn of Fnncc R^ntdnf- ii fhAP fkchih wri« io ffTviy man of nel^l 
frcbn^ fhfy nried fhe »tnrl of che Jew wifh i hotmr pfHtcilT^ indHcnUMcH ud 
to Btn of Atlur cr«*<li anil run iiailv ti>coiL«tval>lc- For, Eiko few u iht moti 
CiiG|;b>dt of di» ^ to kim lh« Suprcnf Btfinf \t no! m^relj' the S<»ircj^ii t>r Uif 
■aivMH, but aka and inor« c^pMi^r the TuTclaiy Ddly of h» ntH> " ib? God uf 
ATjrftJiao^ uf fjotc and vT Jacob." Tlw ioiuuiy vEiL<h nouU <1rrhTfjTic Jfhcnah, 
ibe (rfMt of UwL ud crpcT. «rnid dninken *r>d fnnTir f-iRi^ bii iilur to the god- 

d' pennn^ i&tuliv Heac. dunu^ th* wxn of thq CQ^liiion igiklnit rrvulutEOdaty 
Fran^T, HO nld>«n f«Uf-hl vnthraoft^eape'"*^"^^'* *tfaimi the rcpHbliMn aniiiv* 
ThutL [he Jcwikh ncimciitt in the Krvigci «jf rtuwu . no moiicf td mco wciB niorv 
»CCJ ic wp(H>Et TeJI E>y tatiurLbiiii; lo lc«m iTuu the Jrwiih i:i]iitft!ixi 4 of ],oiid6n : 
»rn! nil cnmmrmal l<^rty frinctd wth tTfapuhy for Ibc fflllpa IiJrt«n« of Avttrik 
« 1)1* Jpwuh tiBnUn dnji mercftjinri *r tirrmjtfiy TliBAprvdtlKliontfortnOhirfhy 
■JI1J fiiM'dcrdTHin <>r <lftivt 11* inll fhtncienirie of Iho nee ; moTQ ihui oii« 
p^mphlrien, indeed, hu lAifnucif cd the Jcwi u JtiveUxalfi p^rtiflMU «f dvvpotiBn) 

It ife lurtlli^ nrccmry eo »y thiL ihtrc wis but & very luni khtie af lycEpnthf 
bttweoi Ihff FTcri:li »ftrl tIia V'tiuMEkii I'pnhJECi Indffri thry w#ffl Irnirirird on 
wch KKU^iiLiXLc pfta(«pt«i IbaL cothaion wm tn<viUbJ< trheiicvvr rhey w«ie br^uffht 
Ihtu fonljKf- Heno Kapolcoi^ who ivUmrd manf of hii ^Id pnnrijilct M a 
Juobia, loi^ tfUr be htd cewfd to be a icpMbUfriui, ncvci ipuke uf ibc Vciidiu 
Suubut wtih abbondKCi WKt (he oaJy put «f thi: prwMdmetor Ihc ConjiTruuf 
Vieaea on which be batDWcil ipprobttim wu ihe decree which bloitctl Lh« Vmp- 
»Mi oli^rehf /ii^m 1^? Ii«t of rhppn«^nof Kurope. 

Tht phikAi>phefm who drckra ihvr '* rhe child it lh« fiibtr of Lh# mnn " do not 
mean thil tb« v|fo1« of a nun*> futafv fh&rutcr, coiuliicE, uid Ckner vt prc- 
dcaiincH KAil prrdcicTiQined 1>y *ny dirtct tptvm of cdiiulJou ^ but ibcy do ihcau 
ihj,t the airffeictua attd itadeijcic* uf bj* ■Dlellcduj.l fm^ultitf arc irrtiiiBtililf 
VKnildf*!. fornirfl, intt rbrvciRL Yrf ihr aitno^pTiFTT of moml rnriiienfc uhich mr- 
tfpUfid* hit chilflhuEnl It U for Ihrt rf^ion iliar wp haf* andeivmin^l |z> Tr*ct lh% 
inilgrtr** tfical direcrly openii^v on Lbe mhid of the tubjcci i>[ iltit bnvf mvinmr, 
that we have diretfed aiidncion to bia a]i<iEfLtian from iho popiitoca on ac<ouLvt of 
eIjv (laidl AJ^ '*ii^ IcpitaLivefy innjcicd ow bU Tpce luid fuuJlv, n little before 1ii« 
bmli* b>y a friucnnt Mknlsiry aiH) hii unwUliciE ParLiointnt 11 the bchm of iciiie^ 
lof rBijb^ ibti «c btve euniinn! ihc rciulu iJkdyto bp|iny!ocrd liyhi* ihrftrnrir 

l4aae D'ttnoli, v^ art infotmed, itoeived the ^rEoteir pari of bit fdvoalion ar 
l_cydeiL He tetnu hoireoet m boyhood Iq b*vc read ■ prrUy «[Ten*ire coune 
of llvbrvw and Kabbincal tLteraluiv i iud^njE nwrolr fiojn (lie uiLcm«1 if ^ i^lt:iu:rt 
of h» lairf «nltn£iv and patlkdlafly fromhii " Port raliuw of Judaism." a vork ai 
tkn^olAtf Tivn( ijrfiicli lut fillrn mta mijitroitnTHl ilr nr^letl. ve hhoiild »y that 
br«w a Ui^cnt »rii^«it of Uairaontdeti Abqi Lxrx, MBui>At«h Uen Israel, but 


Mug^hiiftrL LA- ^K '[TTiinTt fcoc na^ «boHt 
Iv. he lEBBB at hoLW akiK in bs nuifb, T laacft c^u to be 

F>n n etA^ fe u-^trf cbc ""^^■"^ «£ t&Ji* paoEuiu «tiB!& hal boa mased 

*• ^ovc C&* fair Itnr flf U» 5& 

Ac Bs paDdtfhD&ftn IXLiocfi ■ofabsBr ^i^^aiiisc ; ■ Mm ■■irilmil 
yfciLMwpfcy ABed bzB. B k £ii Voduoteu. ^^w iH t^ ckz^biv^ jatei^sMM^ and 

bcnl Aod (EHLhkii tte Maa&c k^siiiacua. He ^ini^ ro ^v p.^^ ."^..'^^ gf (1^^ 
nfr^'TTT SBii *^'*'-*** ooKT lAiuI b« SoinnBoit u i^ ^^fitsciK d' i!fee Tcvptc 

I^Imdi, fim tbc mj co^BvaK^Dcm; of kts canc^ v«s m stBuoa kivoEaie Ibc 
cperf pblAidiTQpie puia tn- vbch Tbe PtSe nq p ot ^m«*a<w asulii be Kavrred or 

aobTj ffinadgggii bf ^^^^^^ Kokx Bq tf:£a^A at ^a c«BfBEBC ca i^ Fes Book 
4^ Kin^ :^ — "Wldi mpcEi code t^«v <&T«ii>a sacxm or OoiCus.. ovr ftfbcn 
%amt v^mmtaifd n* u vsc tbae nek ud co bary ^mr dvd » :be ^5w! 4f Isnc^ 
Mifl u mlun« >ati maai^aa tbcs poor as ^ dh> t^ pwe >3f Uan^ bBsoe of Ibc 
«if(4^p<EK«; atiE BwriEmfe ' ^'j jim tGodr a good » aX »ai ba Tiaiki ■noa 

tW '' ^vuvan td JvAivBi' «v hc *k< ««vt jf ^ ^*^3^ vTcaea ^rqcdr tm 

4^ a ndria and SBokaiiaiiB dnvdm cc 'iut J«wi tj ?te bi^teic raak Jt ^ni^- 
tiai a^ n^B^eac He b iEkiJ t&u Ae ftcucaojK -^ ^ !«*« rj dbc- nak of 
eiCE>aa» aad t^taL Alices veaU be Axumpbt^ei b« tbr (ck&bI ^mi t.-^ k^w- 
bdgff aod ■■K&CBB ; Mdm A^^trtBT^^w ^aiiiOiawiim. 

9» Odf at fe« tbEocb iw Vr. Dlsac& r—wwt ^ kB3K>±^ «K«r b 
A Ea^bk ««biK b* "^'-^-^ idbv ma ki Dr. I4^hl «^« H^^ C^b^ 

Md Ifflj^,"* :^ fcg t T 1 1 1. carr wrjgm by > Fa.ufiMia a *4i>sk ikc pn^ckEn of 
fisaCastf aad Baaflat ba^ zoktbI i_lbu JriitaSBaB^ 

TVnrk, ^y-^^-e-. br w^^c^ :br <^ds D~l»iA vS ai^w* h bat hB««^ 
bttCaHC z s -Jic T-^ V7^ Lh Bade ^t dttfctf TfPiiBFa. «* At Va>£ c^ ihe 
^(^ 11 ^ "Cxrrwiv^ l^— ■'■■ * '' ll mu Ar ftiprt T««v4Kr)M V> 3^ Ea^liik 
paoylc Aac a*7 [ ■ ifii Bgpm^faglai>flCMaa«aJ<T»»ga: ^^<iw|etftnjB WdZr 
■Jn^ B — Iw to ^ n^nBud Mibwti <J At lF>wiA . *»* * ^M ^1» <^ ^ ' 
rtii iiiriia ini^ Bb Bii Hi ■ ib in rf -Trt ^*—tr^ Vmt-i miiiili ' 


Dpen tbdn cv^r cmw iht nrroJuixm Vfor* th^ti Ane of th« Wkif rl«y yuvcb w 
abttwuly lu^c^fed by tbc "Cunov1i«i of Litrmtiin /* 40(1 ta OiqI ^xirk out 
nodffrB wriun or KuTDncd rcuiuucc h&ve been fti fpott deeply iudcbtul thia thc^ 
bate ever T<' avknuwlcd^id. 

Thf "Quarreli of AiJLho™,*' the " C*ltmiiiia QfAui^on," *nd ihr "niuirrt' 
liana cif lie L«*r»rj Oanrwr," iJimi^jh mor? imBiMjni*!^ connKJed wuh lirfury 
hUlory* u< #y«ty%*hcrF marked wuh The chiraclthilic fiaaLin£i and untimntU 
whuh RiHkrtd th« ftuthor u «unat «i1vk41c 4ad ic&Loui |iladei Jor ilie lupltw 
hdwc of 3i«uC 

ll WW D'hnull'* rc^ew oT 5pcoc«'t " AtLecdoWi" En Ihs *' Qiuncriy/' which 
CiTf riBc to \Y>t (WW Pope (nnffoverty^ in whifh Mr. Bowlrt, Lord Ryroit 
Mf. Cuaptxif, Hnd ^thvn Cook t part. Thtf nucver*! vmdicition cf the nontl 
utd pociicAt duACiCF d Pope e^;iL«i ifrrAl cwnamcu Bad <qDviciion ^ he wrilu 
ul 4> on jdvectic itatini; a m<> but ai t vnim-lidncd itM%«, whoi UaVLnu cir- 
Nill) iiitutlfilicd 4JI ihv ernieiice. liu LiuconsbiuiialT become * p«JliMfi white ttjia- 
[Biuf up thr catr- Bui we itup«i rhm Pope fa* noi iha principal prnon in iha 
imcer't DUnd vbil^ prpparlng t^jit tnirlt ' wt ihmk tliAt from hc^nmn^ <o «ir1 he 
flfa* munly ml^nt on a vindicitinh of DoJingbrokff, thiE mitrtpivttnl'il ilslMmin 
kftd iB4*oppicheiiJed ifcniui, to whom ihe yDuager D'lancli Ku btiJ the counft to 
do |u&Ek<^ lUyle Aiid LclLii^^bjokc hue bc^n opwiiil fAvou/iLes undi Uolh tb« 
D'luBcTu i ilif (iihtif u A Khula; Uiii|;ing Ul>mi 10 ihe futitiBc. I3ic lazier u 1 
pollr^cian dvelbof mort onphariciILy on ih« Iktipr. If in iLt*? fldrr I>'T»nell'i 
FoJnmct of hlBFiiy hiBlory we find Hdylei lauJufanoui ruiling, bi* philouiphie 
fplni of FfKcaLalioi^ ku contempi lur uenly pcpuUr opinion, and « very ippre- 
cablc undfncy Xq pandot ; lo in thtf youngit w-c tiEtd iho ideal oi BciJm|*bn>k4 
more vt leu (jci<«iJu4£ Uje liciva uf lii» ihiIjuuiI iuiiuuko. VWtiii Grey b n 
Bcdiocbrokt m J)««c«iT]r dip of hk* poHlial mirii:un, when* with a bor'tl^ ^'■'(^ 
of lurikc^ he ovcrturnat the poILUcil ffmibLTUClaiu whi^h he hnJ Lolled to ■ccom- 
pljth, fnm meiv rapnrr i>r 1mm ihi^'r Invp of oiiv-bi^^ im[ rnnin^kby ti what 
BoUi^tHokr *«ufd have been hod he Ht himMlf up w a polriol mlniifer for hit 
own ideaiify of 1 pAtrioi kinc. 

Now Ihi» idaiiaiiuo of Balini^btdke iniEi diieRy, but oof wboUy, Irom ihc 
VcneLiAJi cut of the ihonicef of thiiE tuteiiiua- DoUn^tiroke w«i oxaiUlly th« 
tdtTcvnui nf Kx t^t^Fctiy i mn flmirnhle in:ina|rpr of i |uirTy. but The vom poBlble 
leader of n people, ti ruy icem inrun&iktent 10 tpeik of (he lhtocr»ric efrmmt m 
the miad of B ?Tputwl iniidtJ } u^ >vt tha Hi^^h Church ieaCucvaU o( BdUiflhroke 
«mot be 'jijcii.i'JDrd. 

Emh lybrHli vu one of the Tw men itho lived odiuvrdy Tor litemlure, 
Culy pkood id a potiljon of indepeiiUeiiUH whkh icndcretl i\ uaa«eaaiT fei him 
to blopi rhe onnthprcial pnnuiif 0' hit faihtr^ h# indulced hi> ruiFi ot nihef hit 
paMion, for conout fHttfcK and never yf^ uUsliefl 10 (he invntJEanon of any 
ftUMiea mil he b*d ej*mioed Ihe oiiciul iwlhoritioi. Hi* writiop mnd enwnple 
bvrc ^ffuMd ■ UftC for hsloriuJ mqaiiy ud cnlxUm. 4hi(h hu bccoDc, lo a 
fvtaiecccil, Lbe pmaleat dunclcrliUf ofour Afc. In i&il be waa tlneiea wilh 


bluidnesi, mod though be submitted to an opcntton, hii light wu not latored. 
He, the great Amerion writer, Prescott, and Thierry, the tuthor of the '* Hislory 
□r the Conquest of England by the Nunnaiia" (whahu published sevend considcr- 
Uhle ^brkt sloce his blindness), are probably the only hisloricaJ authors who have 
continued ihdr laboun in spite of so terrible a calamity. Aided by his daughter, 
he produced the "Amenities of Literature,'^ and completed ih& revision of bis 
great work on the Reign of Charles L, vhich, on its first publication, bad procured 
for him the degree of D ,C- L. from the University of Onford. 

A cultivated and powerful memory enabled him, in the bter yean of his tife, to 
pour forth the stores he had nccumuljiTnl in his long and varied studies with a pro- 
fiision as delightfaL as it whs surprising- "The blind old man eloquent" wu a 
description as applicable to him as to the bard of Scio. He felt that he had lefl 
an impress on his age and country \ that he had enforced a more sorupuloiu atten- 
tion to accuracy on its historians, and a more careful observance of character and 
costume on its writers of fiction. The dangeis with which his favourite ideas of 
theocracy and nobility had been menaced by the wild theories to which the French 
Revolution gave birth, had long faded from his view, and he could look forward to 
a redemption of Isruel consequent on a geneial advancement of enlightened prin- 
ciple and philosophic Intelligence. His ittork was donr ; the great ideas which it 
had been hia mission lo develop were now unfolded more brilliantly, though 
peihaps not more efBcacioualy, by his ^ou, who became the expounder of hi& most 
cherished Kntimenta, and more than the supporter of his dearly-eained fame. His 
own lame was thus enshrined bi his son^s reputation , and no one could hereafter 
name either D' Israeli without feeling that as the one wonhily led so the other 
worthily succeeded. 

The death of Mr. D^lsiaeli took place in the eighty-second year of his age, at his 
coontiyseat, Bradenham House, in Buckinghamshire, Januaiy 19th, 1848. Hedied 
a widower, having lost his wife, to whom he had been united for more than forty 
year^ in the spring of 1^7. One daughter and three sons survived him : his eldest 
son IS too well known (wherever the English language is spoken) for us to say 
one void respecting his claims to celebrity. 

P<K pcrmh^oo to uk lEtr IotC^Idit Memoir, iligjlirly cmdniKd from u iblf uOcl? cnlltkcd 
"The liK iuuc D'IbkcIi, Eaq-, and ittc Ocnius of iuiUttiTL," ^j ihe lue Dr. W. C, Taylor, vtucli 
AppbivJ in ftMifj't UaetliMPj for March, 1848. we u* indcbtrd to ibe toanrwyot Mr, Ucliird 
ttaOej, I}« rmiimi puttliohcr, a( Hrw BurlinEtoD Bireet. 


The avihor of thii MbcvtlonTi in ih^ Frrfk^v to it ww Mitlon of rh« fint 

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iaWrntJnc ficu . aikUnf ilui ih« wwk wu dni^Dccl 1o siiniuUra the tuTi'HJtjr 
at ihote vhu, wilti ■ tUlC ft>r Iho InJiquit punuia of lilcmtare, arc Unppded 
ill a«-L^iiiiii^ inlnnnaJEun Thr char3fir% ihp rvmi*^ ami th' \in|£ETlBmi^ of 
iu»k»i ULtt;iiLiK\ Itc ptticKiU iL> Ecituik, ae 'luL ntwH^t fiuiiiUiti cvrii lu 
thoi« who utcl Id ili«i(4l itudio. Dul bnurt nani«roai |»n of modliiiid, 
by Ihdr oenipibDnA, or Ihar Indulpuce — Tiinh unrtvourihlB cnu*rt lo liitnry 
iiiT|injrtiiicnl— 4«<{iiitG to iiliUin the ni4UruJ) fur thiakii^'t hy itic cbiol 

tfi til* Pivfjicr ftlliKnl [» 1 im¥ louc a( the "Cnrioktclri " in iSJhI, the 

auihvi kUI<9 thM HHjly hjdf a cBJtuiy taiJ rE'pacd skiOff ihv publication of 
lh« Aw valumt i (ba olliflr porEt«i< sfrptonnif from tinv to ime durln|f h 
psHiid of iboui Eifviiiy-ri|rh[ ynn; ind )ic condudo by rcmiiliinj£ wilb 
ludiblcpfidr, thhlitum^ thi> ialcml "these ^uliimo had Ikodedc dcjinoUc 
b*4«n|a i Aai a S*^' pprtona^ nncr oIInI ihrin hit UttEr hh(»/y ; antJ 
thcj imirl rlmnl In i^c oLtalu^vr uciua^ Itic; dV/hhr ^d/gvana : thai the wurk. 
«hidi had iKrv pHnlvL alrauljr. mJ twiilMcd. had rcceivcil The uud? diilin^ 
giulif^ a;ifKnlut>On. ^r t«ing con^tanll/ rerVfrrid in liy (hA ini&l rminrnl 
viiKn biKb fuj (heir tulvjiualkip vhI Jiiir opiuaoo**" 

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^wb Laureate . . 

Arigelo Pnlitjan .......... 

An Drtj^DAl Maer ijf queen BihtibclK . . . 

Anne Bullen - 

Jams ] . . . 

Oeneral Monk and hii wife 

Fbilhp and Uiry .......... 


Dike or Bucklnghjin 

De«ih of ChtrleaJX.arnaDrt 

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Cbtdiock Tilchbourrte . r ...... 138 

Bliubcth and her paditmcnl 141 

AnecdoleaoF Pri ncc H miy , Tjie ton of Jamea J., 

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AcctcnE and TDodeni Mlvnudu ..... 171 

Hrlu^uiv GethhniHur ........ 176 

Vobinion CiMHM 37A 

Catholic And Proleitanl dnmu ..... 179 
Tbc btilar>' or ibe thcaln during \a lu^rei- 

ihnn . . . ito 

Drinking (LUTonii in Rn^ind A84 

Ljterary Bnrcda(a ......... iflB 

Cotidcmned poctt ...',...., aS^ 

AflroLi and ZJrphilr . . a^l 

Tdm O' BcctlATni - . - . . ^9■ 

introducilan of tu, cnflee, and chocolate . >m 

ChAridlhc l^nr* love of the hne arb . . . a9} 
Thr Kcrel hiMory of Cbarlet I. and hia queea 

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The minister— ihe cardinal duke or BLcheUni 

The minLiEer — duke of Bufkioehaai, lord 30^ 

idmlral, lord general, kc. flic. &c. . . . jeS 

Feltoa, Ibe poLitLf aL uaawn ...... 3^ 

JohnHn'i hinTi Tur the Jife or Po^fC .... jif 

Modem literature — Bayle'a critlnl didloiHrr JJ9 

ChUmcIcr\fItC1 dI Haylc Jit 

Cicero TieiTd ai a colleclor 314 

Ttit hlatory of tbc CanCCV ...... JB] 

An Ea^ilh academy of ^itcraturl . ■ . . .JIB 

Quotation .-..f<., 33J 

The ori^n of Pantc'ilnfcTBO . ' . . . . 333 

or a hisinry at event* wl^ch have not hap- 
pened . ■ . ajft 

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AnecdotBorihe FairlU Tamely . , . , . ^40 

Hedtfine and morali ■ ■ ■ . i49 

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