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Voluine 37 

Milton, Massachusetts 


The title for the 1989 Year- 
book is Reflections. It is my hope 
that as you see the faces and 
events displayed in the following 
photographs, it will cause you to 
reflect. As you turn the pages, think 
of the people you've met and the ex- 
periences you've had throughout 
your years at Curry. Each individ- 
ual may have memories unique to 
himself or herself. Some may bring 
back a smile and some may bring 
back a tear. But if sharing the 
reflections displayed throughout 
this book brings back the special 
feelings and memories that you col- 
lected at Curry College, than the 
theme of this book has fulfilled its 

Cathy Isaac 







£^J^ J 











1071 B8ue HHI Ayenue 
MMton, WMv aiic- 


Reflection encompasses the behavior of every 
person as they reach a turning point in their lives. Seeing 
the end of college approaching caused us to reflect in two 
ways. First, we looked back over the past years. We 
thought of the friends, the good times, the bad times, the 
times we thought would never end and the times that went 
by far too quickly. Second, we looked at ourselves; how 
much we'd changed, who we'd become and what the future 
would hold for us. We looked at our own reflection and 
thought of who's touched us, affected us, and to whose 
lives we may have done the same. 

As time goes by, the precious memories we have 
right now, may not be thought of quite so often. We never 
lose them. But, there will be new experiences, new turning 
points and many more irreplaceable memories. But the 
ones we have of our years at Curry will never leave us. The 
bonds we've created will always be stored deep down 
within our hearts. And hopefully, this Yearbook will be the 
catalyst to bring them back to life, through your own 

"Some people 
come into our lives 
and quickly go. 

Some people stay for 


and leave footprints 

in our hearts 

and we are never 

ever the same." 


Table of Contents 



Year in Review 






Future Grads 





Table of Contents 

Ciirry Faces 




The Class of 1989 


Senior Week 


Editor's Note 






A Day in the Life... 

To Curry students, education was not limited to 
just the classroom. There were many facets to college 
life. There was a time to go to class, a time to study, a 
time to socialize, and a time to just relax. There were 
many activities and interests to explore on campus and 
we made the most of the days we spent at Curry. 
Whether your interests were sports or Student Govern- 
ment or any of the many other extra-curricular activities 
offered, it was the best opportunity to meet people and 
maybe even learn a thing or two. 

Of course classes were important, but few 
ended their learning there. We grew both socially and 
educationally, in order to get the most out of our Curry 

In and Around Hafer... 

During the week Hafer and the Quad were 
undoubtedly the most active places on campus. Since 
a majority of the students had most of their classes in 
Hafer, you would find people in and around the building 
from 9 AM to 9 PM. 

If you couldn't find who you were looking for 
standing on the steps of Hafer, your best bet was the 
Commuter Snack Bar. There, you would find a mix of 
commuters and residents studying for a test, grabbing 
something to eat or just taking a quick break. 

In Pursuit of... 

Academic Excellence 

'^'■- -^ BBs^^^^^^^^S^^BBBP^^ ^ 


3 3 1 


Down to Drapkin... 

On the way down to lunch. 

The cafeteria was not only a place to 
eat, but also a place to socialize. 




"Makin' friends 
for the world to see. 
Let the people know 
you got what you need. 

With a friend at hand 
you will see the light. 
If your friends are there, 
than everything's all right. 

John and Taupin 


1989 Yearbook Dedication 
Dean Marshall Keyes 

Months ago we sat down to de- 
termine who the 1 989 Yearbook would 
be dedicated two. We set some very 
simple criteria: to find someone who 
had made a positive impact, not only on 
the student body, but on the Curry 
College Community as a whole. 

The individual we chose exem- 
plifies these qualities. He is someone 
who always took the time to listen. He 
took a genuine interest in what we had 
to say and was empathetic to our con- 

His colleagues describe him 
as a person commited to the growth of 
our community and dedicated to his 
beliefs in the importance of all facets of 
college life. 

He began his career at Curry 
as Director of the Levin Library, where 
he served for several years. In 1 987, he 
assumed the duties of acting Dean. He 
served in this role while Curry went 
through the long and difficult process of 
finding someone to take on the position 

The students and faculty dis- 
covered that the combination of quali- 
ties needed to fill this position could be 
found in the person who was already in 
our midst. Dean Marshall Keyes was 
chosen for his ability to communicate, 
his leadership style, his dreams and 
visions for Curry's future, and for his 
ever-present positive attitude. 

It is for these reasons that the 
1989 Yearbook, "Reflections", is 
thoughtfully and respectfully dedicated 
to Dean Marshall Keyes. 

President Ronald Reagan 
and Soviet Leader Mil<hail 
S. Gorbacliev worked for 
several years to bring the 
two countries together. 
After a treaty was signed 
to eliminate certain nu- 
clear weapons, 1988 was 
the year the efforts of 
these two leaders went 
into effect. 

The Democrats went to 
Atlanta in the summer of 
1988, and decided on 
Michael Dukakis, the 
governor of Massachu- 
setts, to be its candidate 
for the President of the 
United States. He de- 
cided to pick Lloyd 
Bentsen, a senator from 
Texas, as his running 

Vice President George 
Bush, after serving for 
eiglit years in the Ronald 
Reagan administration, 
got the expected nod at 
the Republican National 
Convention in New Or- 
leans in the summer of 
1988. His choice for run- 
ning mate was unex- 
pected - Senator Dan 
Quayle of Indiana. The 
public opinion polls 
showed that the inexperi- 
enced 41 year-old sena- 
tor was not a popular 

President George Bush 
raised his right hand as 
he was sworn into office 
as the 41st president of 
the United States by 
Chief Justice William 
Rehnquist outside the 
west front of the Capitol. 
First lady Barbara Bush 
held the Bible for her hus- 
band, while former Presi- 
dent Reagan looked on in 
the background. 

Renewed Spirit 

The shuttle Discovery 
blasted into orbit in Sep- 
tember, the first space 
flight since the shuttle 
Challenger mission 
ended tragically 73 sec- 
onds after liftoff on Janu- 
ary 28, 1988. The Dis- 
covery ended its suc- 
cessful four day, 1.6 mil- 
lion mile mission with a 
triumphant landing at 
Edwards Air Force Base 
in California. 


Amid tears and grief, thou- 
sands of people who had 
died of AIDS were memori- 
alized in October in cere- 
monies centered on a huge 
quilt that was made by 
friends and family members 
of the victims. Each of the 
panels measured three feet 
by six feet and all 50 states 
and a dozen foreign coun- 
tries were represented in 
the 375,000 square foot 

Good Will 

It became an international 
effort of good will. Russian 
and American rescuers cut 
through the ice in Alaska to 
save two California gray 
whales. The whales were 
trapped in the ice for more 
than three weeks. News 
media from around the 
world converged on the tiny 
village of Barrow, Alaska, to 
cover the successful res- 

Forest fires spread through- 
out the western part of the 
country in the summer of 
1988, destroying millions of 
acres of national parkland. 
The most heavily damaged 
was Yellowstone National 

Hurricane Gilbert rose 
out of the Caribbean like a 
giant wind storm in late 
September. By the time it 
lost its hurricane status 
over northeastern Mex- 
ico. It had killed more 
than 300 people, left 
hundreds of thousands 
homeless and caused bil- 
lions of dollars in damage 
to the Caribbean, Central 
America, Mexico and the 
United States. 


The summer of 1 988 was 
hit with the worst drought 
in many years. Through- 
out the midwest, farmers 
watched helplessly as 
their crops went dry. 





Seoul, Korea 

The 1988 Summer Olym- 
pics in Seoul, South Ko- 
rea opened with a dra- 
matic and dazzling cere- 
mony. A colorful, three- 
hour spectacle mixing 
ancient Korean rituals 
with space-age technol- 
ogy kicked off 1 6 days of 
athletic competition. 

Canadian Ben Johnson, 
left, looks over at arch 
rival Carl Lewis at the fin- 
ish of the 1 00-meter race 
in the 1988 Summer 
Olympics. Johnson won 
the gold medal but was 
later disqualified after 
traces of an anabolic ster- 
oid were found in his sys- 

San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Joe Montana pre- 
pares to fire tine ball as Cincinnati Bengals' Jim Skow 
closes in on him during the first quarter of the Super- 
bowl played on January 22, 1989. The 49ers left 
Miami the champions of Superbowl XXIII. 

The World Series belonged to the Los Angeles Dodg- 
ers. The Dodgers captured their sixth World Series 
title in October with a 5-2 victory over the Oakland A's 
in the fifth game of the series. 

Gretchen Elizabeth 
Carlson erupted In tears 
as her name was an- 
inounced as Miss Amer- 
ica 1989. The 22 year-old 
Miss Minnesota, who 
planned to be a Harvard- 
trained lawyer, became 
the first classical violinist 
to win the Miss America 

It was one of the big mar- 
riages of the year. 
Heavyweight boxer Mike 
Tyson married actress 
Robin Givens. But the 
stormy marriage of the 22 
year-old rich boxer and 
the 23 year-old beautiful 
actress lasted less than a 
year. She filed for di- 
vorce. But after being 
accused of marrying "Iron 
Mike" for his money, Ms. 
Givens said she wouldn't 
take a dime. 


A Semester at Sea: A chance to study abroad for Andy Strawbridge, Serge Vassil, Bill Motter and 
Mistie Spurling. 

A Trip Down Under: The Colonels Hockey Team had the opportunity to compete in Australia 
28 during Christmas break. They also found time to catch some sun while they were there. 

SGA Executive Board 

itmdl(gmil G(D^(iffffiim(i^ii A©©©(giiifti(D2a 

Senior Class Officers 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Junior Class Officers 

Freshman Class Officers 



Executive Board 

President: Chace Mayo 

Vice-President: Olga Garriga 

Vice-President of Programming: Debbie Dolin 

Treasurer: Rich Katin 

Corresponding Secretary: Julie McCann 

Recording Secretary: Andy Ciller 

Class of 1989 

President: Dayna DeNardis 
Vice-President: Ann Marie D'Inverno 
Treasurer: Susan McDonald 
Secretary: Maureen Casey 
Representatives: Roland Bourdon 
Karen Lewis 
Stephanie Mulligan 
Rob Rumsey 

Class of 1991 

President: Mike Kleinstub 
Vice-President: Kirsten Anderson 
Treasurer: Neil Kalnitz 
Secretary: Robin Michael 
Representatives: Beth Jackson 
Rob Norris 
Shannon Spurlock 
Shira Weinberg 

Class of 1990 

President: Anne Walbridge 

Vice-President: Courtney Parks 

Treasurer: Pam Poynton 

Secretary: Suzie Favreau 

Representatives: Beth Shuman 

Sandy Weisenfeld 
Todd Zoppo 

Class of 1992 
President: Mark "Hoops" Alpern 
Vice-President: John Wolk 
Treasurer: Tina Fasciana 
Secretary: Nancy Weinberg 
Representatives: Mitch Cohen 
Scott Grant 
Jennifer Rosenberg 
Trisha Zinbarg 


Advisors: Cheryl Deutsch and Betsy Bowman 


AIlIl=C©M(ig(i lF(DffmiM 

... N J 

Al(g(Dfti©Il B(i^(eifiiE(i C(S)MMiiiii(e' 

CIhiiMlb(iif Cli®ifiil' 

Amm^ilij nmil(giriraiilia(DmiiIl 


Cm^^j C©M(i§(i Th(^^i^^ A^h 

We live in a world of differ- 
ent scenes. Each one of us, speak- 
ing the voices of various charac- 
ters. We tell tales of stories from the 
past, and anticipate the calling for a 
change yet to come. 

As time passes the players 
will change, a new song will be sung 
as the memories remain. 

Eventually we will stand, 
monologue in hand, continuing our 
play, in this world of the stage. 

- Holly L. Dinsmore 
Class of 1989 


IPffcD^ffum ®(Diiafdl 


^ocV - a - iVvoTv ^ 



It seems just like yesterday when we 
came here in the summer of '85, 
and it was what the player's called 
"Duffy's Death Camp that came as 
such a surprise. 

There were all kinds in the summer of 


teammates like The Duke, the Drum, 

and Johnny I, 

Rochetti and Milly, The Baz, and 

Bubba Lou, 

Racing Ed Foster, Mark Enes, and 

McCready too! 

Our four years of playing together 

have now come to an end, 

but the friendships we earned have 

now just begun. 

This was all made possible by a man 

called: "The Duff". 

Yes, it was head coach John Doherty 
that showed us how to be tough. 

We always took our losses with good 
sportsmanship, as they say, 
and the many wins we had were our 
proudest days. 

So, we owe the greatest "thanks" to 
the man called "The Duff, 
because in this great big country of 
ours, you could not find a Head 
Coach who cared so much. 

Now that we say good-bye,there is 
one thing that must be clear, 
there is no coach who we could 

Thank you Coach John Doherty - 

- Albert DiBella and the 
Senior football players of 
The 1988-'89 football 



This past season was an in- 
credible rebuilding period for tine Colo- 
nels. The Colonels started seven 
freshmen mostly every game, setting a 
solid foundation for next year's squad. 
Sadly, there were no seniors on the 
team this season, but we are hoping for 
a better turnout of upperclassmen next 

For the 1989-'90 season we 
will see a men's soccer team with expe- 
rience and perserverance that is used 
to playing together. Our record at the 
end of the season was a disappointing 
3-13, losing nine of those games by a 
one goal decision. Although we lost 1 3 
games, the Colonels played excep- 
tional soccer and at times, dominated 
many of their opponents. The Curry 
Colonel's Men's Soccerteam is looking 
forward to a progressive next season! 

- Mike Desmond 

W©mMM'B B@©©[M[R 

To the Freshmen: 


In 1987 the Women's Soccer 
team went to the National Tournament 
for the second year in a row. In 1988 the 
eight seniors that left were replaced by 
eleven incoming freshmen. These 
freshmen were confronted with con- 
firming to an established program. I 
think that being a freshman and going 
out for a varsity team , which is nation- 
ally recognized, is very difficult. The 
freshmen that joined this team were 
dedicated; they came here not know- 
ing what to expect, but they gave it their 

Some of the freshmen found 
more playing time than others, but they 
all showed support, on and off the field. 
Even though we did not make any post- 
season tournaments, our freshmen 
became the heart of our team. 

The freshmen class repre- 
sented almost half of our team, and 
played an important role in accom- 
plishing what we achieved this year as 
a team. Many of the games that we lost 
this year, we lost because of lack of ex- 
perience in playing together , not in lack 
of ability. By the end of our season, our 
team started to come together, unfortu- 
nately, however, it was just a little too 

I want to thank the freshmen 
for all of their hard work and confidence 
this year. You guys dealt with all of the 
problems we had! Thanks! 

- Tracey Parker 
Class of 1 989 


' "4»«-b infm-^ux.. • i' 

To the Seniors: 

In the end of our first College 
soccer season, there are many memo- 
ries which will stay with us always. 

Being a freshmen, there are 
always people you look up to; these 
people could be someone idolized, 
cheerful, dependable, or just a friend. 
All these qualities can be found in the 
team's four seniors. Each of these 
seniors represented these qualities to 
us, as freshmen, in their own way. 
They also possessed the quality of 
leadership. All the freshmen found that 
they could respect what they said and 
did because they knew the game. 

Like all teams, we had our ups 
and downs, but somehow, with the help 
of the seniors, we were able to sort 
through it all and stay together as a 

The seniors will be greatly 
missed in the years to come. In just one 
season, they have taught us an incred- 
ible amount. We would like to thank the 
seniors for what they have done for us 
and wish them all the luck in the future 
outside of the Curry Colonels Women's 
Soccer Team! 

-Rachel Redding 
Class of 1 992 

4 '^ 






jar -<«r^ -i« ' . _-<«*-! 

/\ "T^t /'^ " 


J*) I 

M. ^ 


W^ TMMM//; 

@m[MM'B TMMMa^ 

wtewJw"' ^ 


The 1988-'89 Colonels 
Hockey Team had yet another suc- 
cessful, exciting season. They accu- 
mulated an admirable 16-8-2 record 
over-all, and 14-3-1 in the ECAC North: 
good for second place! There were 
several trips, star players, and funny 
events that made for a season full of fun 
and excitement we are all sure to re- 

Once again, our star Captain, 
goalie, David Griffin, elected to the All- 
Star team for the third straight year, did 
a fantastic job in net. Scott Carey, our 
leading scorer with 40 points, sure 
showed us why he's called "Happy 
Feet", making opposing goalies and 
defensemen look rather foolish. On 
defense, Mike LeBrun had yet another 
fine season pumping in 8 goals and 10 
assists for 1 8 points, as well as playing 
sound defense. 

The Colonels also traveled ex- 
tensively, visiting places like Buffalo, 
Australia, Hawaii, and Alabama. Brian 
Looney sure made us laugh in Buffalo 
with his Rodney and Spaceballs com- 
edy. Paul Wonoski definitely made all 

the real young Australian girls happy 
overseas, while Ralph DeLeo preferred 
the girls with driver's licenses. Perhaps 
the best part of the trip was cat- 
amaranding off Waikiki Beach! Ala- 
bama was a blast, especially when 
Chris Spagnoletti was signing kids' 
hands and autographing sticks. Kevin 
Duff, our friendly illegal stick maker, did 
an excellent job providing us with vi- 
cious curves and two minute minors! 

Last, how about some special 
moments that we're all sure to remem- 

-Waiting to see the New Edi- 
tion/Bobby Brown/AI B. Sure concert 
with Looney Tunes, Greg Spags and 
Kevin Joyce and never getting into the 

-Brian Looney, Mike LeBrun 
and John Studley posing as Canadian 
Olympians in Australia! 

-Paul Wonoski's extremely 
young Australian girlfriend! 

-Jacquie Zajak's Australian 
ceiling inspection with Nijel! 

-Catamaranding off of Waikiki 
Beach drinking Mai Tais and Budweis- 

-Sean Ryan's sunburn! 


-Ralph DeLeo's aristocratic 

-Dave Griffin's unparalleled 

bald spot! 

-Scott Carey's muscle-bound 
body on Bondi Beach! 

-The Red Light district in 
Sydney (how 'bout them strip joints!) 

-Playing at the Von Braun Civic 
Center in Huntsville! Awesome! 

Well , those are just some of the 
memorable moments of the 1988-'89 
season. I especially want to thank all 
the Seniors for making my last season 
such an enjoyable one. I wish the 1989 
-'90 Colonels all the best in the future! 

- Frankie Armstrong 




'M'a ^^BS^HT^^LL 

When I reflect on my four years 
playing basketball here at Curry, it 
brings back a lot of precious memories. 
I really don't know what I would have 
done without it and all the special 
friendships I've made along the way. 

This year, being my last, was 
the most special for me. It was great to 
see the underclassmen with all their 
energy and their never ending ques- 
tions for us upperclassmen. It seems 
like yesterday when I was seventeen 
and thought I knew everything; I see a 
lot of myself in them. 

I remember looking up to the 
seniors in awe, thinking they knew 

everything. They seemed so confident 
in all they did. Now, being a senior 
myself, I can see the real world coming 
up quickly, and I hope that all the valu- 
able experiences I've had will guide 

I believe that athletics teaches 
us more than, sweat socks and bruises. 
The lessons we learn and the experi- 
ences we have, teach us how to ex- 
press ourselves, how to sacrifice, how 
to be unselfish, how to work with others, 
and most importantly, how to forgive 
and forget. 

After we work hard for four 
years, we have to take all the know- 
ledge we've gained, and carry it 
through to the real world. The world is 
full of pressures and challenges which 
are not so unlike the ones we experi- 
ence through athletics. 

I think the best thing about par- 
ticipating in basketball was actually 
growing with the people on the team, 
especially the other seniors. We've 
been through some pretty rough ups 
and downs, but we always made it 
through. It's great to see the younger 
players learning, and giving them the 
extra confidence they need. It makes 

me very proud to see my teammates 
being successful as a team and chal- 
lenging their abilities on and off the 

I've gained some very valuable 
friendships through athletics here at 
Curry, and I know, in my heart, that 
these will be the ones that last forever. 
I know that I'm ready to move on now, 
but, I want to thank everyone for believ- 
ing in me and for believing in them- 
selves. I'll always treasure and remem- 
ber the times we've all shared. 

- Michelle Boonstra 


During my two years at Curry, 
I have been a part of a team that has 
amassed an 1 1 - 39 record over two 
years. Consequently, there is not an 
overabundance of great "on the court" 
memories; although there are some to 
remember. For this entry I have de- 
cided to focus on some individuals on 
the team; people who have made the 
last two years of basketball worthwhile 
and, in fact, a huge personal experi- 
ence for me. I have purposely chosen 
some underclassmen because of all 
the attention paid to seniors these past 
two weeks amid all the "Mastromania"! 
The following group are nine of the 
finest people I have ever met, and I 
have jotted down some memories, 
events , and g reat ti mes that we al I , as a 
close-knit group, shared together. If 
you did not play hoop for Curry in 1 988 
- '89 and do not understand what fol- 
lows, so much the better! 

#21 -"FLA V" King of the F and 
MF. Yes Flav, "Lay-up"! Go 
Dimeslots Holbrook Legend. 

#24-"JJ FADD" "We can get 
used to this. ..We can get used to 
this". ..The Terminator with the 3 point 
attempt— Oh Lord! 

#40- "GATHERS" 

#12-"MELL0W" Yes Jamie, 
get LARGE! Take their money! 

SNAGGLE(Daaaaammmnn!) It's 

your world now. 

#20-"ICE" The protege. ..Only 
reasonable man to back me when 
everyone questioned SHERM! 
6:00AM and Zooted "Yo, let me get the 
floor Joe." KID-N-PLAY Dance/ 
Cheeba extravaganza in the Crow's 
nest with Budmaster Get that tape! 

#34-"CANDOO" You got 

jerked Knicks #1 Will you buy 

some Tide please! Written warning? 

#25-"SITCH" Yeah boy, 
rushed that skeezer and banged in my 
INXS poster (you still owe me). "Mastro 

stance" pre-game hype (Hoping you 

won't make me laugh). Just ball in 
1989-90 "Summer league mode" and 
be the star. 

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh! WBLS Marley #1 ! 
Only you can be Lloyd next year. Think 
Lloyd, live Lloyd, BE LLOYD! "Play- 
ground Mode" is in effect! I only serve 
in practice 

#30-"J" Go by him J!! "Nicest 
kid on the team"....Quitdippin', this ain't 
no coffeeshop...Hank and Patsy 

#1 Watch out for that quicksand on 

the sides of the highways That's to- 
tally out of character! 

Memorial Entry. ..#00- 

" HEAVY D" My man, 

whassup?...Yes Dawles, with the herd 

in effect The overweight lover's in 

the house! Relax, lets get a 40! 

Thanks to all of you for being 
just who you are. I'll never forget all 
the fun. 

-Joe Hall 


The Lacrosse program hopes 
to establish itself as one of the top 
varsity sports of the spring season here 
at Curry. Ateam which has been slowly 
growing for three years has finally 
sculpted a number of talented veterans 
who will be expected to form the nu- 
cleus of the team. 

In addition to the older mem- 
bers of the squad are twenty new play- 
ers. Freshmen and young transfer 
students make up the bulk of the team. 
Many of these players have excellent 
skills and add a refreshing dose of 

energy and intensity to the team. It is 
our hope to integrate the new players 
with the seasoned, so that the Curry 
lacrosse team can accomplish great 
things. Confidence, determination, 
discipline, and a lot of wins are some of 
our most crucial achievements. 

To help us obtain our goals , we 
have two great coaches. Our Assistant 
Coach, Victor, has been with us for two 
years and has a great relationship with 
the entire team. In addition to his per- 
sonality, he has extensive knowledge 
of the sport and his communication 

skills are equally beneficial to our team. 
The Head Coach, Joe Smith, is 
on his first season at Curry; all the 
players eagerly anticipated his arrival. 
The combination of the excellent 
coaching staff, the leadership of the 
veteran players, and the acquisition of 
the "young guns" will undoubtedly 
heighten the level of play. We are 
expecting a tremendous next season. 

- Stoddard Oliver 




Cii. iL^i 
















The Women's Softball team, 
coached by Bob Ferri, finished it's 
season with a record of 8-7. When the 
season began, no-one could predict 
what the outcome would be; We had a 
large number of freshmen joining the 
team and a few returning players. 

Although we won, and lost, as 
a team, we could not have done any- 
thing without the superb talent of one 
particular player. Joanne Shea was the 
team's only pitcher, she had to pitch 
every inning of every game, including 
doubleheaders. The entire team had 
tremendous confidence in her and 
luckily, she went through the season 

Another outstanding player 
who went out as a freshman was Sarah 
Foster. She played every game, at 
shortstop, and also did a great job. Un- 
fortunately, Sarah will not be returning 
to Curry next year but she will be sadly 
missed by the whole team. 

Although the performance of 
every team member is important in 
competition, the team's individual atti- 
tudes are also important. Denise Foley 
and freshman, Karen Lewis definitely 
helped the team in this aspect. 
Whether the team was losing or win- 
ning, they continued to show their sup- 
port and encouragement to every 
player with positive words. 

All these aspects and people 
helped make up our team this season 
and with help from each individual team 
member again, we hope for a winning 
season next year. 

- Tricia Reidy 

'U^^m, a^^i^^Miip. '^--^^^^.aite**.^-;^ 


Going through the transition from 
high school to college could be extremely 
confusing and scary, but not at Curry. 
From the minute you arrive for orientation 
you are exposed to a family-like 
atmosphere that is truly comforting. 

After settling in, meeting your 
roommate, picking the top or bottom bunk, 
arranging the room, getting acquainted 
with your dorm and of course, saying that 
sad but anxious goodbye to your parents, 
you begin your new life. For the next four 
days Curry is your tour guide. 

You gain well needed knowledge 
from your RA's and OA's (Resident and 
Orientation Assistants) who soon become 
like big brothers and sisters. They cater to 
your every problem or question, such as 
not getting along with your roommate or 

knowing how many people in your room is 
too many for a little get together. 

After Orientation, it's time to jump 
right into college life. At Curry it's easy. 
Everyone's always equipped with a warm 
hello and a bright smile which always 
makes for comfortable surroundings. And 
these new surroundings are full of 
activities, whether your interests are 
Student Government, ARC (Alumni 
Recreation Center) or Program Board. 
The key is to get involved in as much as 
possible. It's an easy way as a freshman 
to meet new people and feel a part of the 
campus community. 

You never really feel like a 
"freshman" at Curry because everyone 
treats each other equally. And due to 
Curry's small size, you eventually get to 

know everyone. You begin to build a 
strong sense of security and trust in Curry 
College from the moment you first arrive. 
You treat the College as a close friend and 
use its resources as a tool for your future. 
And Curry College in return shows you the 
best first year of your life! And when 
looking back you realize how fantastic and 
carefree being a freshman really was. 

-Thanks Curry 

Denise DeSimone 
Class of 1 992 

Freshman Class Officers: 
Tina Fasciana 
Nancy Weinberg 
John Wolk 
Hoops Alpern 




Who am I? The question 
sounds kind of strange, but the answer 
is simple and easily explainable. I'm a 
sophomore, the middle man. I'm no 
longer the new kid on the block, inse- 
cure and missing home. I'm not yet a 
senior, terrified to leave my home for 
the past four years and start over who 
knows where. I'm secure and for right 
now I'm home being a sophomore. 

Is this for real? I think to 
myself. I can't possibly be so happy, 
so secure, so at home. I've finally 
found my place somewhere. My 
friends are for real, and yes, I am 

capable of academic success, although 
it's a challenge. I believe in myself per- 
haps for the first time. I'm now ready to 
challenge myself to extracurricular activi- 
ties. How many and what is the question. 
Perhaps it depends on the individual. I'm 
now under the student activities wing 
striving to make marked improvements in 
the lives of our students here at Curry. 
Acting as a leader, a friend, a peer. Have 
I succeeded? In my eyes. Yes! I am able 
to answer a question, put a smile on 
someone's face, and I relate to my 

What will I do with my life? 

Where am I heading? Questions I'll soon 
have to consider. I don't know, but for 
right now, I'll continue being me; a confi- 
dent sophomore in my home here at 
Curry, loving every minute of it!! 

Kristine O'Brien 
Class of 1991 


What is being a junior all about? 
One word can describe my year so far: 

I feel as though I am starting all 
over again, not only am I struggling to find 
myself as a person, but I am also faced 
with becoming an adult. As I think on this 
year and how it is developing, I come to 
many conclusions; some wonderful and 
others that come close to giving me an 
ulcer. I have found my real friends this 
year, those who love me for who I am. I 
found wonderful people to share my 
dreams and insecurities with; people who 
believe in me and listen to me. I have 
found staff members and even some 
professors who have become my confi- 

dants and are helping me to grow as a 
person, an adult person. I felt inspired by 
these people, especially one in particular 
who encouraged me to get involved in the 
community and with the students overall. 
I became active in SGA and ABC and also 
found a place with the yearbook 

My ulcer-bound-uncertainties are 
those of how my life will be outside of Curry 
College. Myjunioryearisturningouttobe 
my toughest year academically, and my 
best personally. I realize that after this 
year is complete, I have my final year of my 
college career. I also realize that some 
decisions have to be made now. My 
uncertainties about my future are the 

greatest. What do I really want to be when 
I "grow up"? Will I have to face life without 
the special people I have met this year, 
and if so, how will I? 

Being a junior feels like a turning 
point in my life. So far, it has been a 
learning experience, and a hard one at 
that. With the pressure of "the toughest 
year at Curry", along with the pressures of 
becoming a senior, I thank God it was all 
coated with the people I became so 
involved with during the course of this 

Suzie Favreau 
Class of 1 990 



yf/ / 

# A 

- J^ 



-^ «, 












October 25th, 1988 
brought on the long awaited re- 
opening of Curry's newest 
function facility, The Alumni 
Recreation Center (ARC). The 
renovation plans became a 
reality through the efforts of the 
Alumni Association's phone-a- 
thons, SGA, Student Activities, 
Curry's maintenance crew and 
private donations. The proc- 
ess officially got underway af- 
ter the donation of the new bar 
from the Senior Class of 1 988. 
Within a few months what was 
known in earlier days as "The 
Pub", was stripped down to 
just floor, ceiling and walls. In 
its place were a new bar and 
sinks, a wide-screen TV with 
cable and VCR, booths, a new 
dance floor and a fully 
equipped DJ booth. The grand 
opening soon followed, 


The event was very 
well attended. Present were 
members of the Alumni Asso- 
ciation, the faculty and the 
student body. The ARC pro- 
vided an assortment of hors 
d'oeuvres, as well as a monkey 
bar, staffed by the newly 
formed ARC staff, with assis- 
tance from ABC. Cheryl 
Deutsch took time to thank all 
of those involved, while WMLN 
broadcasted the event live. 

The completion of the 
ARC started a new wave of 
events on campus; from dance 
parties to coffee house con- 
certs to the ever popular 
Thursday night Pub parties. 
The facility served not only as a 
place to socialize; but also as 
the site of homecoming 
events, club and organization 
seminars and live broadcasts 
for WMLN. 

Bill Dunleavy 







Academic Awards 

Broadcasting Awards 

Communication and Public 
Relations Award 

Theater Arts Awards 

Education Awards 

Master of Education Award 

Politcs and History Award 

Bill Dunleavy, Cathy Isaac and 
Walter Katz 

Walter Katz 

Thomas Gebbia 
Bob Person 

Olga Garriga and Stacy Wynne 

Sally Snowman 

Tim Lee and Robert Sanborn 

Field Experience Achievement Ella Weil 

English Award 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Ail-American Scholars for Fine 
and Applied Arts 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award 

Sociology Awards 

Science Award 

Nursing Awards 

Julie Bump 
Susan Brown 

Maura Baker, Susan Brown, 
Anne Kunzman, Noriko Merita 

William Motter 

Dayna DeNardis 
Shirley Richardson 

Frank Armstrong 

Kathryn Spellman 
Ann O'Sullivan 

PuNic Relations Award 

Class of 1985 

John Stuart Hafer Memorial 

Jennifer Phillips Memorial 

Roland Bourdon 


Debbie Dolin 

Kristine O'Brien, Martha Potyrala 

Terry Barret, Carolyn Koshnick, 
Kathleen Sullivan 

Joseph and Frieda Drapkin Julie McCann 

Robert C. Smith Frank Newman 

Publicover Family Kim McNulty 

W. George Kennedy Memorial Suzie Favreau 

Dean Cecil Rose Tim Monahan 

Edward H. Hastings Memorial Noriko Morita 

Thomas Radley Memorial Lorena Fenwick 

Leeder-Sandler Denise Pelrine, Karen Redmon 

College Community Service Awards 

Administrative Achievement Elaine Millard 

Faculty Achievement 
Office Employees Award 

Who's Who 

Frank Armstrong 
Terry Bonneau 
Roland Bourdon 
Kim Brown 
Julie Bump 
Maureen Casey 
Eric Coldwell 
Ann Marie D'Inverno 
Kelley Fogarty 
Greg Friedlander 
David Griffin 
Walter Katz 
Karen Lewis 
Chace Mayo 
Patrick McColl 
Brenda Mingolla 
Ed Moran 
Matthew Nisenoff 
Kimberly Rasmus 
Robert Sanborn 
Dulcey Worth 

Outstanding Female Athlete 

Outstanding Male Athlete 

Barbara Pettingill Award 

Outstanding Resident 

Outstanding Commuter 

Outstanding Achievement in 
Campus Programming 

Outstanding Achievement in 
Student Leadership 

Class of 1989 Recognition 

Outstanding Resident 

SGA Recognition Award 

Person of the Year 

Linda Jarvis 
Helen Howard 

Alexander Graham Bell 
Honor Society 

Maura Baker 
Susan Barriere 
Terry Bonneau 
Kim Brown 
Leigh Ann Chisholm 
Eric Coldwell 
Helaine Dermer 
Carolyn Fine 
Michelle Gibson 
Joseph Hall 
Terri Kaminsky 
Sharyn Kazarian 
Cindy Lennon 
Juanita Lopes 
Pam Mellor 
Brenda Mingolla 
Colleen Murphy 
Adrienne Pothier 
Shirley Richardson 
Jeff Rosenberg 
Rob Rumsey 
Robert Sanborn 
Elizabeth Silzer 
Michele Stamm 
Linda Streng 

Betsi Bell 

Tim Drummey 

Bill Coughlin 

Eric Nortman 

Janice Kenney 

Debbie Dolin 

Dayna DeNardis 

Cheryl Deutsch, Lois Wallace, 
and The 1 989 Class Officers 

Julie McCann 
Chace Mayo 
Bobby O'Connell 


William Boyle 

Marshall Keyes 
Dean of Academic Affairs 


Vincent O'Neill 

Director of Institutional 


Marguerite Major 
Director of Student Life 

Elaine Millard 

Director of Financial 



Dana Denault 

Joyce Caruso 

Bruce Weckworth 

Betsy Eckel 

Janice Ripley 



Campus Services 

Jack Vallely 
Conference Center 

Brian Vallely 

Public Relations 

Joe Hunter 
Shirley Richardson 

Student Activities 

Cheryl Deutsch 
Dennis Paden 
Lois Wallace 

Suppport Services 

Lee Harrington 
Director of Campus Safety 

Rita Myers 

Director of Dining Services 

Bobby O'Connell 

Director of IVIaintenance 

Tony Rizzo 


Thomas Stepliens 

Director of Athletics 

Division of Behavioral Sciences 
and Education 

Nancy Burrel 

Loretta Butehorn 

Thomas Byrne 

Polly Carter 

Carl Cooper 

David Ezickson 

Barbara Fournler 

Dante Germanotta 

Donna Goldman 

Gerald Hilyard 

Ann Josephson 

Judith Kennedy 

Ann Levin 

Alta McDonald 

Karen Mutch-Jones 

Alan Ronkin 

Mary-Lou Breitborde Sherr 

Albert Sherring 

Bruce Steinberg 

Carol Wadell 
Gertrude Webb 

Division of IHumanities 

Alan Anderson 

Raul Artlgas 

Franklin Batdorf 

Susan Benjamin 

Michal Blackwell 

Roger Bump 

Jeffrey DiLuglio 

Jean Enright 

William Flavin 

Alan Frank 

Catherine Gallant 

Debra Lee Garren 

Jerry Hill 

Carol Hudson-Martin 

Allan Hunter 

Sanford Kaye 

Douglas Koch 

Nick Krach 

Daniel Lees 

Norma Langford 

William Littlefield 

Joel Litvin 
Marlene Lundvall 

Marvin Mandell 
Kathleen McCann 
Lucille McLaughlin 

Edward Meek 

Brenda Moore-Miller 

Marilyn O'Hara 

Russel Pregeant 

Janice Ripley 

Cecil Rose 

Elizabeth Rubin 

William Russo 

Scott Sandvik 

Patricia Santoro 

Joseph Schneider 

Barbara Sholes 

Richard Sinnott 

Ruth Spillberg 

Ann Marie Todd 

Joshua Touster 

Ronald Warners 

Laurie Weiss 

George Wharton 

Frances Wildeboor 

Program for Advanced Learning 

Jane Adelizzi 
Joseph Arsenault 
Maria Bacigalupo 
Edward Bradford 
Kathleen Cassidy 

Donna Cataldo 

Diane Goss 

IViarie IViurphy 

Janna Oddleifson 

Susan Pennini 

Susan Pratt 
Samuel Webb II 

Division of Science and IVIath 

Paul Benoit 

Gary Kelley 

Mary Callahan 

Marlene Samuelson 

Richard Curran 

Mary Sullivan 

Hiram Evans 

Jerold Touger 

Mary Fleming 

Charles Towie 

Carol Halpern 

John Tramondozzi 

John Hovorka 

Eleanor Wilder 

Indar Kamal 

Ella Wohlers 

James Kaufman 


Division of Nursing 

Ann Marie Barron 

Linda Caldwell 

Harlene Caroline 

Joan Carr-Smith 

Mary Ann Corcoran 

Kathleen Hagerman-Miller 

Linda Jarvis 

Elizabeth Kudma 

Mary Manning 

Claire Maranda 

Mary Ellen Sullivan 

Mary Wieners 

'89 DAYS TO '89 

89 DAYS TO '89 

Remember When... 


Remember When... 

L I 

Ruth-Ellen Allyn 


To the special people I've met along the 
way: NR,ND,SL,BK,MM,SS,RB etc. Never a 
dull moment Thanks Mom & Dad for your 
love & support Michael, 1 Love You! 

Frank T. Artnstrong 

Biology /Chemistry 

Thanks to my teammates, the ESC, my staff, 
my sweetheart Sheryl, and my parents. I 
couldn't have done it without you! 

David J. Barile 

Business Mgt. /Political Science 

Thanks Mom & Dad 1 Love You Both! 
Remembering 1st fl. Mayflower Freshman 
J.W.,T.V.,E.F.,J.B., 11/18/85 A night with 
Janet! Many 505 Parties. Keep in touch all!! 

James A. Busier 

Political Science 

Betsi L. Bell 

Elementary/Moderate Special Needs 

Good Times Prevailed! Thanks to Bell Clan; 
w/memories of Soccer, B-Ball & friends 
like: Big L.,MB,Jig,TP,JM,ET,DW. Peace, 
Love & Happiness!! 

Rob Berks 


Thanks Ma & Bon, I'll be there in 10 min. 
Rudy, Thanks S.S. & RA, RN89, Curry gave 
the world 1 1 great nurses in 89 See Ya Guys 

David B. Blumberg 

Politics and History 

Thanks Mom & Dad. Love, David. 

Terrence E. Bonneau Jr. 

Business Management 

Mom, Dad, Winnie, and family, the help 
you have given me is greatly appreciated. 
Dina, you have been the light at the end of 
the tunnel-1 Love You! 

Michelle M. Boonstra 


KRB You're the GREATEST and I Love You. 
Cappuccino & Cannoli w/Thelma. Thks 
Dad, Mom, S and L. BBar, Parpmer, TK & 
EW All are so special S and P=PB & J, Gig 
162 Mobile. 

Roland A. Bourdon III 

Business Management - Marketing 

You have prepared for the future, now is the 
time to show the world what you can do. 
Thank you to everybody, my family and 
friends, for your love and support. 

(Barbara) Bobbi Brady 


Part of the American myth is the people who 
are handed the skin of a dead sheep at 
graduation time think that it will keep their 
minds alive forever. 

Julie Anne Bump 

English/Fine Arts 

4 years is a long time! Thanx: Mom, Jil, Billy, 
Gram, Dad, JG, AH, CH TL, DL, AS, DB, : 2 
ALL: ILY. Your education is what you make 
it. Peace. 

Kathleen Mary Byrtte 


Kristin Marie Canepa 


Scott J. Carey 

Politics and History 

Hockey, Luggage Who's Gonna Get It, The 
Flying Frenchman, Perfect For 59, Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

Maureen Ann Casey 


"It's the end of the world as we know it....& 
I feel fine!"-REM Thanks Mom & Dad I 
Love You. To my friends - Thanks for 
making it special. 

Eugene (Geno) P. Cenci Jr. 

Business Management 

Soccer; Pub night; Norton St. Gang; Spring 
Break '85; Vermont Skiing; Lee-Lee; The 
Chicken Bone; Thanks Mom & Dad for all 
the love and support you have given me. 

Kathryn Lee Champion 


Congratulations Class of 1989! Thanks 
Mom and Dad! 

]ane E. Chisholm 

Business Management/ Sociology 

Leigh Ann Chisholm 

Business Management 

Mom, Dad & Mark-Thanks for everything- 
To fighting the never ending war-Best 
friends Elise & Sue-for life-TCBRMDS- 
Couldn't have done it without you. 

Frank Anthony Ciaramitaro 

Managemen t/ Psychology 

Kimberly Sioux Dadah 

Business Mgt./Cormmmication 

Whatever the challenge, whatever the test, 
whatever you're striving for, give it your 
best! Good Luck Everyone! 

Jennifer Ilene Davis 

Politics and History 

Michael K. Dean 

Business ManagementlPsychology 

Thank-you Mom and Dad for everything. 
Taste-buds, "505", The Goldmine, Bobcat, 
The Pub. 

Ralph J. DeLeo 

Business Mgt. /Marketing Sales 

Thank you Mom & Dad Joe & Donna, all of 
you made it possible, Never forget the 
memories we shared Grandma, I loved you 
so very much. Curry Hockey Bobby. G'day 
Mate A.M.F 

Dayna Elizabeth DeNardis 


Scholars '85, 505 51588. Thanks 
AKCIOGBRCMJB for making 4 yrs. too 
much FUN! Couldn't have made it with- 
out Mom, Dad, Stacv & Mike. 1 Love You 

Nicole M. DePalma 


To everyone who knows they matter, and to 
those who think they do. Thanks, ESP Mom 

Helaine Jo Dermer 

Elementary Education/MSN 

To my family and friends who 1 love and 
thank for just being there. 1 could not have 
made it this far without you. 

Holly L. Dinsmore 

Communication I Management 

Thank you Mom for keeping the faith. I 
Love You! JC,CG,JS,DP,BF,AP,FH, I'll 
never forget you! What is life without 
the radiance of love. 

Ann Marie D'Invemo 

Business Management /Sociology 

Believe in yourself and yours will be a fu- 
ture of happiness and success. Mom, Dad, 
and John, thanks for the love and support. I 
Love You. 

Christopher Dondero 

Politics and History 

Jonah!, Bake Hounds, Psycho Mike, Na- 
poleonics. Punch Parties, Tank 
Battles, The Cafe, Life Must Be En- 
joyed Not Wasted. 

William B. Dunleavy Jr. 


"Ain't it funny how time flies. ..when the 
best is yet to come." GF&EW,CD-$12, 
DD,CL,JQ,FA,PS,&'MLN 3-Fl.Main 
House"On duty- again ?!" Mom, Dad, & 
Michele, I Love You! CATHY-ILUN& 
4EVER! 4/12/87 

Joelle Embrey 


Thanks Mom & Dad for everything you've 
done. You've always been there for me with 
your love & support-I Love You-l'll never 
forget 1st floor Mayflower-Good luck to all! 
164 David, 1 Love You & wish the best for you. 

Mark A. Enes Dean V. Enger 


To my Family, thank you for all the support 
you have given me over the years. 

Arthur Thomas Esposito 

Business Management 

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth 
the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine 
heart that God hath raised him from the 
dead, thou shalt be saved. 

Kelley Ann Fogarty 


Greg "Iggy" Friedlander 


"Think before you speak" To my every- 
thing EFW-IWLYA&F" ANNUAL" thanx 
Mom & Dad, Steve, Amy, N & P. Shalom to 
all my friends, LAX#3 FA.thanx for lGGY-> 

Olga M. Garriga 


Thank you Mom & Dad. Couldn't have 
done it without your support. Good times 
w/DD,CI,AK,BB,CD, 1 love you Michael! 

Todd Joseph Glennon 

Business Management 

R.B. and the Big Brown Ark; D.N. & J.N. 
Cancun "89"; Commuter Lounge Buddies; 
Thanks Mom & Dad, Maryanna, Kellie & 
Steve, I Love You. 

Antoine Benoit Goedmakers 


Maureen Elizabeth Gomez 
Nursing/Business Management 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love 
and support, "Go Breed Early" 1 Love You 
Guys! Cathi we did it we're RN's!!! 

Christine Greeley 


Kevin M. Hanifin 

Matthew David Hotz 


John Michael lafolla 


Catherine Isaac 


DD,AK,OG,DG,JB,CD,&MS, 1 wish you all 
the happiness. Mom, Chuck, Dad & 
Donna, thanks for the love & support. 
It never went unnoticed. Bill, I Love 
You! Good luck everyone! 

Shigeru Ishikawa 

Catherine Ann Johnson 


Michele C. Jordan 

Psychology /Sociology 

Remember yesterday, live today, and 
dream tomorrow. To all who made it 
memorable (you know who you are!) love 
from me and best of luck always. Thanks so 
much M&D&G, Class of "89"! 

Terri Ann Kaminsky 


Elizabeth Ann Kane 

Political foimmlism 
"Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies" 
P.P. XXX Mom & Dad and all the TALL 
people who made it possible. 

Walter Meyerhoff Katz 


B.D.,C.1.,C.L.,D.D.,A.G., and the rest; 
You've been great friends. Thanks to all 
faculty and staff. Finally, Mom and Dad 
thanks for 4 supportive years. 

Kevin Matthew Kelleher 


Head west young man*hey mon*shows* 
Nic&Nan*Thanks fellow 
Buffalo's*CWT*Thank you Mom & 
Dad. ..I'm going where the climate suits my 
clothes. The Grateful Dead. 

Anne Frances Kunzman 

Fine Arts 

Memories will last forever - Thanx to those 
who made my years here special - DD, CI, 
BR, OG, JB, DGL.Thanks Mom & Dad - you 
can stop sweating, I made it! Bert XO 

Suzanne D. Landini 

Kyle Jliomas Lawrence 

Business Management/Psychology 

Thanks for everything Mom & Dad. Here's 
to all who made it sweet. Special thanks to 
all my roomies over the past 4 years. CWT! 

Richard H. Lawson 

Managemen t/Psychology 

Julie Andrea Lebel 


Good friends drift apart but memories last 
forever. Good luck to all my friends. I Love 
you Jeanne. Mom & Dad thanks for all your 
support. Love you Pooh. 

Lisa Marie LeBlanc 


AMD,MS,SK thanx for living with me. For 
all my friends, you'll always be my real 
friends. Mom, Dad, Frankie & Gram thank 
you for everything. Baski-I Luv U! 

Michael L. LeBrun 


#5, Hockey, Lace-em-up, Luggage (4 years). 
Roommates (T.B., Perfect), Thanks Mom & 

Timothy O. Lee 

Political Science 

Karen A. Lewis 

Business Management /Sociology 

A farewell is necessary before you can meet 
again. And meeting after moments or life- 
times is certain for those who are friends... 

James Loesch 

Douglas M. Long 


Brian M. Looney 

Business Management /Sales 

Australia-Hawaii- Varsity Ice Hockey 1-4 
Football 1-4 Wrestling 1-4 Honor Roll 1-4 
Sport Fishing Student Gov't Pres. 1-4 Thanx 
Mom, Dad, Family, Jill ILY 

Christopher P. Lovely 

Business Management 

Thanks Mom & Dad, Barbara & friends for 
your love & support for helping me through 
these last four years here. I Love you all! 

Sally Ann Lubas 


Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you. To all my 
friends and family thank you for the won- 
derful times and the support. Mark, we've 
only just begun. I love you. 

Peter J. Lundy 


Renee 143, Oscar Madison, Dog of War, 
Archie, Nordic, Gumba, Loft Monsters, 
Wall of Shame, #75, Bazaroo, Tubesock's, 
Luggage, Mom & Dad: thanx for every- 

Lisa Rachel Mack 

Howard P. Mankin 


Steven M. Mastrogiacomo 


M. Patrick McColl 

Susan Elizabeth McDonald 

Business Management /Sociology 

Thanks P&D & HM. Memories of State, 
Rose and Main. Here's to Seniors of '89. 
Social! Questions? HAVEUEVER. Stu-pid. 
That's A Lull. Bye! 

Gregory T. McGinn 


Brian G. Moran 


Noriko Morita 

Fine Arts 

Stephanie Mulligan 

Sociological Mgt./Psi/chology 

It matters not what you are thought to be, 
but what you are. To good times and great 
friends - SOCIAL! Thanx Mom and Dad - 1 
Love You! 

Jonathan S. Najjar 


Football QB 1-4 Baseball 1-4 Basketball 1-4 
Honor Roll 3-4 Commuter Council 1-4 
Houghtons 1-4. Commuters rule. Thanks 
everyone "See Ya" 

Matthew Alexander Nisenoff 

Communication/ Politics & History 

Sang, Proped, Acted, Hung em. I don't want 
to thank anyone. Now Go Away Go On. 
"Thought I saw angels but I could have been 
wrong" TULL My Z Bumper Sticker? 

Eric Drew Nortman 

Polictics and History 

Robert W. O'Brien 


It's A Wonderful Life. Thanks Mom & Dad! 
To all my friends you made it too much fun! 

Raymond Otis 


The World is not yet ready for me-Socrates 
The Customer is always right- Store Man- 
ager Japanese philosophy & American busi- 
nessmen should work together for the great 
benefit of both-Myself 

Tracey Lynn Parker 


David Poynton Jr. 

Politics and History 

Kimberly Ann Rasmus 


Only a life lived for others is a life worth 
while. Plans for the future-writing and 
dreaming. "I came, 1 saw, I conquered." 

Becky Reid 

Psychology ISociology 

Thanks M & D! Great times w/great 
friends!:Waa Girls, Levine's, 505, Field, 
Norton St, Pub,Cappy's, ^Social* missions. 
Dances, Jamaica, etc. Keep smiUng DL! 

Stephen Francis Reimer 

Business Management 

"The future is for those who prepare for it." 
T.Y. Mom, Dad, & Dennis. SH83 Rol&Don. 
Brazil w/Don. Shaws. Thur. Pubs. R.K. 
"Friendship is Equality." 

Suzanne M. Reynolds 

Education Moderate Special Needs 

Thank you so much for everything - "Good 
Night Miss!!" "I Love You!!" 

Nancy Ruth Robertson 


Jeffrey D. Rosenberg 


Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the 
rain, hitting on the moonshine, rocking in 
the grain, ain't no time to pack my bags, my 
foot's outside the door. 

Robert Moore Rumsey 

WMLN-Thanx for allowing me to be me. 
Good luck BD,CI,TP,WK,EM,& the rest of 
the seniors. Best of luck Gayle-you'll do 
great!! Thanks Alan,George,Dana D., Dr. 
Keyes & Curry - am off to the west!! 

Jason L. Salama 

Business Management 

JS, AE, PF, KD, KK, KL, CD, WJ, GL, *CWT* 
Thanks Mom & Dad I love you so much - 
G&G Good luck to all - Daniel- 

Francis C. Sarro 


E.F., Mayflower-lst Floor, The Stooges - 
J.B., M.C., G.C., & C.W. Who stole our 
pudding - J.C. & K.L.?, 1 love you Mom & 

Amy Schnitzer 


Melinda Ann Schofield 


Off To The Beach!! DuxBudsESDDSKLL& 
girls-May U Marry Rich!LWS&J&Buzz 
Thanks DBlLY8/64-CK-The Beatles Were 
Wrong... 1 GotByWithALotOfHelpFrom- 

Elizabeth H. Sears 


Bruce David Sogoloff 


Whatever you can do, or dream you car\, 
begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and 
magic in it.-Goethe-Thanks Mom & Dad for 
believing in me and helping me believe in 
myself. 1 love you both. To my friends, I 
thank you for your support Thanks PAL 

Christopher R. Spagnoletti 


Thanks for everything Mom & Dad, Mich- 
elle Hockey, The Charlie Horse, Nick and 
the "Limbo", Spring semester senior year, 
Alabama, The Volare, and friends. 

Kathryn Spellman 


Andrea Robyn Springer 

Business Management 

Andrew D. Strawbridge 


Sharon L. Sullivan 


Shal-bal; "I'm bailing", (to FLA); Rudy, 
Rob, Bren, & Mary W. I couldn't have done 
it wfithout you; Trevor, I owe you 12,000 
characters, I Love You! 

Leanne Marie Teagan 


Our memories of yesterday will last a life- 
time. The best of times with the best of 
friends. Thank you Mom & Dad, I Love 

Eileen Marie Tliompson 

Preschool Education 

It was a great 4 years, but the life that lies 
ahead will be the best for all!! Good Luck. 

Alan Reid Urell 


Christopher Ward 

Ella Florence Weil 

Psychology /Art History 

M&D: Thanks for your love and support. 
Another chapter completed. G.F., (Boo): 
My best friend, love, and partner in crime. 
Lov U Always. My friends; Thanks! 

Clayton (Trip) E. Whiting III 

Business Management 

I made it! Special thanks to 
Mom,Dad,BA,Nana Nutch for making it 
possible for becoming the person that 1 am 
today. A.H.B.M.D.P.T.A.A.G.C.T.K-I 

Kimberly Ann Winchester 


PaulM. Wonoski 

Politics and History 

Thank you Mom & Dad. 4 years of Hockey 
Australia Luggage State House-2nd Floor. 
Residence Life, R.A.'s. R.A.D. F.L T.H. 
Bama, Wink. 

Dulcey Worth 


The memories of all of you will live forever 
in my heart. Thanks Mom and the 3D's! My 
friends, believe in yourselves - 1 do. Good 
luck C.C. Soccer! 

Stacie Wynne 


In Memonj of 
ChandCer "CUvp'^zuitty 


'^ I cannot say, and I will not 

That he is dead. He is just 

With a cheery smile, and a 
wave of the hand. 

He has wandered into an un- 
known land. 

And left us dreaming how very 

It needs must be since he 

lingers there. 

And you - O you, who the 

wildest yearn 
For the old-time step and the 

glad return - 

Think of him faring on, as 

In the love of there as the 

love of here; 

Think of him still as the 

same, I say: 
He is not dead, he is just away. 

- James Whitcomb Riley 

He will he remembered in the hearts of the Class of '89. 


Adams, Laurence 

P.O. Box 100 

S. Walpole, MA 02071 

Alazraki, Shari 

7 Aspen Heights 
Slingerlands, N.Y. 12159 

Allyn, Ruth 
13 Cook Street 
Holyoke, MA 01040 

Armando, Kathleen 
14Glendale Way 
Canton, MA 02021 

Armstrong, Colm 
1 33 Park Street 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Armstrong, Frank 

8 Tyler Road 
Beverly, MA 01915 

Arnold, Mark 
293 Powell Street 
Stoughton, MA 02072 

Barile, David 
61 South Street 
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 

Easier, James 

1 1 Rocky Nook Avenue 
Kingston, MA 02364 

Bell, Betsi 

15 Burrill Avenue 

Lynn, MA 01902 

Bellew, Margaret 

12 Frothingham Street 
Milton, MA 02186 

Berks, Robert 

358-C Neponset Street 

Danton, MA 02021 

Blumberg, David 
Gold Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Boari, Louanne 

135 Granite Street #5 

3uincy, MA 02169 

Bonneau, Terrence 
9 Townhill Street #2 
auincy, MA 02169 

Boonstra, Michelle 
98 Fulton Street 
Norwood, MA 02062 

Bourdon, Roland 
371 Gardner Street 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Brady, Bobbi 

P.O. Box 171 Kerby Lane 

Mendham, N.J. 07945 

Brehm, Lorraine 
15Woodcliff Road 
Canton, MA 02021 

Brown, Alfred 
P.O. Box 100 
S. Walpole, MA 02071 

Brown, Susan 

53 Aaron River Road 

Cohasset, MA 02025 

Bump, Julie 
9 Wilson Road 
Sudbury, MA 01776 

Burden, Peter 
33 Berwick Place 
Norwood, MA 02062 

Burns, Rene 
33 Neil Street 
Marlboro, MA 01752 

Byrne, Kathleen 
60 Roslin Street 
Dorchester, MA 02124 

Calabro, Patrick 
400 Granite Street 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Canepa, Kristin 
1 9 Spofford Street 
Newburyport, MA 01950 

Carey, Scott 

27 Egmont Street 

Brookline, MA 02146 

Carter, Jeremy 

1654 Sleepy Hollow Lane 

Plainfield, N.J. 07060 

Casey, John 

225 Fairoaks Lane 

Cohasset, MA 02025 

Casey, Maureen 

1 08 Kelseytown Road 

Clinton, CT 06413 

Cenci, Geno 

78 Crescent Road 

Burlington, VT 05401 

Champion, Kassie 
391 Cranbrook Court 
Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 

Charles, Brian 
106 Heather Drive 
New Canaan, CT 06840 

Chisholm, Jane 
8 Clifford Street 
Taunton, MA 02780 

Chisholm, Leigh 
16 Royal Pine Drive 
Danbury, CT 06811 

Ciaramitaro, Frank 
39 Decatur Street 
Gloucester, MA 01930 

Cochran, Paul 
Stop River Lane 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Coppola, Michael 
3 Regina Road 
Auburndale, MA 02168 

Dadah, Kimberly 
1 1 Oak Street 
Westboro, MA 01581 

Dean, Michael 
Dudley Oxford Road 
Dudley, MA 01570 

Degnan, Susan 
72 Huntington Road 
Milton, MA 02186 

DeLeo, Ralph 

1 63 Saratoga Street 

E.Boston, MA 02128 

DeNardis, Dayna 
1 1 Spring Street 
Webster, MA 01570 

DePalma, Nicole 

244 Pondfield Road 

W. Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 

Dermer, Helaine Jo 

7770 NW 78th Avenue #210 

Tamarac, FL 33321 

DiBianco, John 
65 Hemlock Circle 
Princeton, N.J. 08540 

DiBella, Albert 
1 93 Fayette Street 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Dietz, Richard 
828 Mackall Avenue 
McLean, VA 22101 

Dinsmore, Holly 
1 9 Windsor Road 
Beverly, MA 01915 

D'lnverno, Ann Marie 
2121 Willow Run Road 
Greenwich, CT 06830 

Dondero, Christopher 
8 Oak Terrace 
Byfield, MA 01922 

Drummey, Timothy 
403 Railroad Avenue 
Norwood, MA 02062 

Duff, Kevin 
390 East Street 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Dugan, Jacqueline 
1 1 Fairview Avenue 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Dunleavy Jr., William B. 
177 Valley Street 
Pembroke, MA 02359 

Embrey, Joelle 
1 845 Baird Road 
Penfield, N.Y. 14526 

Enes, Mark 

3 Cedarwood Road 

Gloucester, MA 01930 

Enger, Dean 

1 7 Broadview Road 

Brookfield, CT 06804 

Engstrom, Barbara 
133 Deer Hill Lane 
Marshfield, MA 02050 

Esposito, Arthur 
5 Maybrook Circle 
Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 

Evans, Charles 

24 Seagull Lane 

Port Washington, N.Y. 11050 

Fine, Carolyn 

49 Kingsley Street 

Stoughton, MA 02072 

Fitzpatrick, Deborah 
90 Walnut Court 
Stoughton, MA 02072 

Fitzpatrick, Donald 
512 Normandy Drive 
Norwood, MA 02062 

Flaven, Brian 
302A West Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Fogarty, Kelley 
543 Earlston Road 
Kenilworth, IL 60043 

Fong, Kristina 

36 Aberdeen Street 

Newton, MA 02161 

Friedlander, Gregory 
109 Pecksland Road 
Greenwich, CT 06830 

Garriga, Olga 
7G Green Hill 
Guaynabo, PR 00657 

Gearon, Barbara 
7 Bayley Street 
Westwood, MA 02090 

Gibbons, Richard 
236 Reservation Road 
Hyde Park, MA 02136 

Giennon, Todd 

205 Kendrick Avenue 

Quincy, MA 02169 

Goedmakers, Antoine 
P.O. Box 3620 
Curacao, NE. ANTIL 

Gomez, Maureen 
Park Road 
Irvington, N.Y. 10533 

Grasso, Joseph 
1 56 Pond Street 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Greeley, Christine 
1 20 Farwell Street 
Newton, MA 02160 

Griffin, David 
25 North Street 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Habig, Trent 

328 Purchase Street #238 

S. Easton, MA 02375 

Hall, Joseph 
59 Emmet Street 
Springfield, MA 01119 

Hannan, John 
23 Warwick Street 
Wollaston, MA 02170 

Hanson, Alexa 
989 Plymouth Street 
Abington, MA 02351 

Hotz, Matthew 

70 Clear Pond Road 

Lakeville, MA 02346 

lafolla, John 
2 Regina Road 
Portsmouth, N.H. 03801 

Isaac, Catherine 
4 Perry Street 
N.Grafton, MA 01536 

Ishikawa, Shigeru 
7-24-9 Nishigotanda 
Shimagawaku, Tokyo 141 

Jezewski, Denise 
22 Ames Street 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Johnson, Catherine 
256 Manchester Street 
Mattapan, MA 02126 

Jordan, Michele 
1303 Walnut Street 
Newton, MA 02161 

Kaminski, Terri 

4625 Mount Paran Parkway 

Atlanta, GA 30327 

Kane, Elizabeth 
53 Wiltshire 
Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 

Katz, Walter 
4500 Lincoln Street 
Hollywood, FL 33021 

Kelleher, Kevin 
40 Church Street 
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370 

Kelly, Steven 

4 Hamilton Street 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Kennedy, Marian 
7 Guernsey Street 
Medway, MA 02053 

King, Michael 

9 Pepperidge Drive 

Manchester, N.H. 03103 

Kotz, Karen 

2906 Stearns Hill Road 

Waltham, MA 02154 

Kunzman, Anne 
73 Cobane Terrace 
West Orange, N.J. 07052 

LaFleur, John 
P.O. Box 100 
S. Walpole, MA 02071 

Laghetto, Denise 
6 Sheldon Street 
Burlington, MA 01803 

Landini, Suzanne 
59 Elk Drive 
Bedford, N.H. 03102 

Lawrence, Kyle 
1333 Ridge Road 
Wilmette, IL 60091 

Lawson, Richard 

5 S. Main Street 
Cranbury, N.J. 08512 

Lebel, Julie 
21 Angier Circle 
Newton, MA 02166 

LeBlanc, Lisa 
172 Emerson Road 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

LeBrun, Michael 
210 Charles Street 
Waltham, MA 02154 

Lee, Timothy 

13 Twyford Avenue (Ealing) 

London W.3.9.P.Y, England 

Lewis, Karen 

80 Paradise Avenue 

Middletown, R.I. 02840 

Long, Douglas 
824 W. Gunnison 
Chicago, IL 60640 

Looney, Brian 
9 Pheasant Lane 
Lexington, MA 02173 

Lopes, Juanita 
504 York Street 
Canton, MA 02021 

Lubas, Sally 
4 Pioneer Circle 
Salem, MA 01970 

Lundy, Peter 

70 Greenfield Street 

Lawrence, MA 01843 

MacDonald, Tracy 
38 Scituate Avenue 
Scituate, MA 02066 

Mack, Lisa 

25 Longwood Terrace 
Portland, ME 04102 

Mankin, Howard 
1 97 Westshore Road 
Great Neck N.Y. 11024 

Marcucci, Louis 

26 Howard Street 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Mastrogiacomo, Steven 
1 34 Pleasant Street 
Dorchester, MA 02125 

Mawn, James 

605 Truman Parkway 

Hyde Park, MA 02136 

McColl, Patrick 

1 Charles Street 

Ballston Lake, N.Y. 10219 

McCready, Thomas 
16 Saunders Road 
Norwood, MA 02062 

McDonald, Susan 
502 Monroe Avenue 
Glencoe, IL 60022 

McGarry, Daniel 
32 Orchard Road 
Stoughton, MA 02072 

McGaugh, Stacey 
155 Gallivan Boulevard 
Dorchester, MA 02124 

Najjar, Johnathan 
27 Rita Road 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Nazarian, Virginia 
54 Central Avenue #1 
Milton, MA 02186 

Nickerson, Andrew 
169 Braemoor Road 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Nisenoff, Matthew 
3707 Woodbine Street 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

Peterson, Eric 
19 South Street 
Norwell, MA 02061 

Poynton, David 
80 Bridge Street 
Lexington, MA 02173 

Quinn, Jacqueline 
1 8 Talbot Road 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Quinn, Joseph 
204 L Street 
S.Boston, MA 02127 

Sanborn, Robert 
1 08 Cedar Street 
Walpole, MA 02081 

Sarro, Francis 
10 Carlson Avenue 
Revere, MA 02151 

Snitzer, Amy 

31 Silver Ridge Common 

Weston, CT 06883 

Schofield, Melinda 
230 Marshall Street 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

McGinn, Gregory 
655 Talamini Road 
Bridgewater, N.J. 08807 

Noe, Debra 

11 Fulling Mill Lane 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Rasmus, Kimberly 
68 Berkshire Drive 
Bristol, CT 06010 

Sears, Elizabeth 
285 River Street 
Norwell, MA 02061 

McKeever, Cathleen 
1 1 0A Lanark Street 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Mellor, Pamela 
132 Moncrief Road 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Nortman, Eric 

3800 N. 51st Avenue 

Hollywood, FL 33021 

Norton, David 
648 Middle Street 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Reid, Becky 

44 Columbus Place #3 

Stamford, CT 06907 

Reimer, Stephen 
58 Andrew Lane 
Hanson, MA 02341 

Seymour, Andrew 
77 Canton Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Shriner, Mark 
1 Columbine Road 
Weston, MA 02193 

Mildrum, Stephen 
68 Gerard Road 
Norwell, MA 02061 

Mingolla, Brenda 
77 Barker Road 
Scituate, MA 02066 

Moore, James 
1081 Baxton Road 
Bridgewater, N.J. 08807 

O'Brien, Robert 

30 Governor Stoughton Lane 

Milton, MA 02186 

O'Connor, Evan 
45 Reynolds Avenue 
Randolph, MA 02368 

O'Sullivan, Ann 
22 Skelley Avenue 
Weymouth, MA 02189 

Reynolds, Suzanne 
12 Elmwood Avenue 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Richardson, Shirley 
1 7 Cavern Knoll Way 
E.Weymouth, MA 02189 

Riley, Carolyn 

3501 Village Road West 

Norwood, MA 02062 

Snowman, Sally 
43 Pierce Court 
N.Weymouth, MA 02191 

Sogoloff, Bruce 
77 Roycroft 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

Spagnoletti, Christopher 
62 Wolff Street 
Waterbury, CT 06708 

Moran, Brian 

77 Tranfaglia Avenue 

Lynn, MA 01905 

Moran, Edward 
16 Stonewall Lane 
Darien, CT 06820 

Otis, Raymond 
50 Pine Street 
Dover, MA 02030 

Pancaldo, Darcy 
8 Windmill Place 
Armonk, N.Y. 10504 

Robertson, Nancy 
14 Grist Mill Lane 
Hyannis, Ma 02601 

Ronchetti, Jeffrey 
89 South Avenue 
Natick, MA 01760 

Spellman, Kathryn 
63 Standish Road 
Milton, Ma 02186 

Springer, Andrea 

1 Seal Harbor Road #804 

Winthrop, MA 02152 

Morrissey, Cordae 

33 Marine Road 

S. Boston, MA 02127 

Motter, William 

875 Willow Grove Road 

Westfield, N.J. 07090 

Mulligan, Stephanie 
60 Hillfield Road 
Hamden, CT 06518 

Parker, Tracey 
131 Crusher Road 
Hopewell, N.J. 08525 

Peller, Joshua 

71 Acre View Drive 

Stamford, CT 06903 

Perry, Mary-Joe 
720 Dighton Avenue 
Taunton, MA 02780 

Rosenberg, Jeffrey 
50 Booth Street 
Needham, MA 02194 

Rumsey, Robert 

2800 S. University Blvd. #84 

Denver, CO 80210 

Salama, Jason 
9 John Sorsui Drive 
Peekskill, N.Y. 10566 

Stanley, Michael 

Lake Road 

Far Hills, N.J. 07931 

Strawbridge, Andrew 

Box 197 

Middletown, DE 19709 

Strong, Linda 
156 Spring Street 
Medfield, MA 02052 

Sullivan, Sharon 
134 Spring Lane 
Canton, MA 02021 

Swanson, Virginia 
67 Franklin Road 
Norwell, MA 02061 

Tegan, Leanne 
18 Coach Road 
Mansfield, MA 02048 

Thompson, Eileen 
106 Green Street 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Urell, Alan 

12 Whitney Tavern Road 

Weston, MA 02193 

Walker, Casel 

452 Truman Parkway 

Milton, MA 02186 

Ward, Christopher 
1 1 Sanborn Road 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Waytes, Gilbert 
28 Hamilton Street 
Brockton, MA 02401 

White, Tyler 

8651 Black Forest Circle 

Fairfax, VA 22031 

Whiting, Clayton 
87 Locust Street 
Winnetka, IL 60093 

Wightman, Kenneth 

P.O. Box 100 

8. Walpole, MA 02071 

Wilson, Donna 
647 Main Street 
Hanover, MA 02339 

Winchester, Kimberly 
86 Brewster Road 
Cohasset, MA 02025 

Wonoski, Paul 

1 2 River Street Place 

Lynn, MA 01905 

Worth, Dulcey 
90 Kondracki Lane 
Wallingford, CT 06492 

Wynne, Stacie 

1115 Vernon Springs Court 

Atlanta, GA 30327 

Truitt, Thomas 

18 Southwood Drive 

New Canaan, CT 06840 

Weil, Ella 

6822 Delaware Street 

Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

Wilson, Robert 
128 Connell Street 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Midnight Breakfast 

President's Reception 

Rosie O 'Grady's 

Thompson's Island 

Final "Pub" Party 






Mb ^w 





Very special thanks to our Senior Week workers: (I to r) Jacquie Zajac, Siiaryn Kazarian, Cindy Lennon, Jon Sevigny, 
Debbie Dolin, and Kristine O'Brien. Also, Scott Sampson and Steve Castle (not pictured) 

Lean on me 

When you're not strong, 
And I'll be your friend, 
I'll help you carry on... 

...For, it won't be long, 
'Til I'm gonna need 
Somebody to lean on... 
...So call me 

When you need a friend. 
...Call me... 

"Lean on Me" 

-Bill Withers 


Saturday, May 20, 1989 


Dr. William L. Boyle, Jr., President of Curry College 
greeted all who attended the ceremony. 

The Invocation was given by The Rev. Dr. W. Russell 
Pregeant, Chaplain, Curry College 

Class Orator, Joe Quinn captured our four years at Curry 
with a wonderful speech. 

The Master of Education Class Representative was Casel 
E. Walker 

Dayna DeNardis, Class President, presented our class 
gift; Curry's first fax machine. 

Our Commencement address was given by Paula W. 
Gold, Consumer Affairs & Business Secretary for the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Andrew H. Card, Jr., Honorary Degree, Doctor of Public Paula W. Gold, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws 

David Jeffries, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane 

Mitchell T. Rabkin, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science 

Donna Cataldo, Class of 1 971 , presented the "New Era Award" to this year's 
recipient. Bill Dunleavy. Congratulations, Bill '^^ 

' a 

Edit or ^s Reflections 

No matter how many pages of a book you have, it is difficult to display all the events and 
emotions that encompass such a diverse community of people. 

My intent from the very beginning was to cover as much as possible: to tell as complete a story 
as I could about our Hves at Curry. This was not easy, to say the least. 

We were a campus, and particularly a class, that made a serious commitment to so many facets 
of our college life; to learn and to grow as much as we could and to hopefully make things a 
little better in the process. Not only did we know how to work hard but we knew how to have 
a good time as well. But the amount of effort we put in during our time at Curry was nothing 
compared to what we received in return 

We leave now with friendships and memories that can never be taken back. I know the bus- 
ier we become and the more distance we put between ourselves and Curry, the easier it will 
be to forget. And if this happens I hope this book's simple purpose will be to aid you in 
reflecting on those once considered "unforgettable moments". 

To the class of 1989, 1 wish you all the happiness and success for your future. Just take time 
to remember your past. 

Good Luck! 

Cathy Isaac 


Best Wishes 

to the 




to the 

Curry College 
Alumni Association 














W. S. Kenney Company, Inc. 
General Contractors 

One South Avenue 
Natick,MA 01760 

(617) 655-9654 


Murphy and Fahy Construction, Inc, 


(617) 698-1790 

(617) 828-8899 

BOX 453 
MILTON, MA 02186 





'mffdQ C@o, H^© 


28 Wolcott Street (Rear) 

P.O. Box 54 

Readville, MA 02137 

Curry College 
Career Planning Services 

College is just the beginning... 


Editel Sound 

651 Beacon Street 
Kenmore Square 
Boston, MA 02215 
(617) 267-6400 

A Scanline Communications Company 


^^ ^"^ ^» 

to the 

lass af 


Adams Shade and Screen Company 

12 Lincoln Road 
Newton, MA 02158 


Congratulations Class of 1989 










Best Wishes to the 
CLASS OF 1989 

Wynn Floor Covering Inc 

536-538 River Street 
Mattapan, MA 02126 

|-| I . . 2151 South County Trail (RT. 20) 

V/Uailly Slocum, RI (401) 294-2722 


Allen's Seed Store Inc. 







Congra tulations 
Class of 1989 

on a 

job well donell 




, j^ S tUc/( 


0] ^'^^^e^^ 

^ Cheryl 

ff) Dennis 

Lois (s 

% ^■ 


TO: Greg McGinn 

Congratulations! We are so very proud of you. You 
have accomplished what you wanted and we are 
very excited about the future you have opened for 


Mom, Dad, and Chris 

TO: Eric Nortman 

Eric^ Congratulations on a job well done. We are 
very proud of you and love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Adam, Andrea and Scott 

TO: Richard Dietz 

Congratulations, Richard! May good luck, success 
and happiness follow you through your life. You've 
worked hard enough and you deserve it. 

Beverly and Richard Dietz 

TO: Robert Rumsey 

Congratulations Class of ^89 
Congratulations Communication Majors 
Congratulations WMLN - FM Seniors 
Congratulations Rob! 

Barbara Moore Rumsey 

TO: Evan O'Connor 

Congratulations Evan 

Mom, Alan and Kim 

TO: Julie Lebel 

]ulie, we are so proud for all the effort that you put 
in those four years. Congratulations and lots of 


Mamy - Papy 

TO: Elizabeth 



Elizabeth^ Fm so proud to have you for a daughter- 
you are very special! Congratulations on a job 
well done. 





TO: Bob O'Brien 

May the rest of your life he as happy as your four 
years at Curry! Congratulations and loads of love! 

Mum and Dad 

TO: Michael Le Brun 

Mike: You've made us so very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad and Shelley 

TO: Walter Katz 

Congratulations to Walter and to the great class 
of 1989! 

Ellie and Herb Katz 

Good Luck to the Class of W 

Bill and Karen Lawrence 

TO: Anne Kunzman 

Congratulations to Anne and the Class of '89 

Mom and Dad 
Mary Eileen and Greg Gregory 

Margi and Carolyn 

Baby Phillips 

TO: Brian Looney 

Brian, thanks for your hard work and the memo- 
ries you have given us. Much love and admiration 
from the both of us. 


Mom and Dad 

TO: Andrea Springer 

Andrea, Congratulations, weWe proud of you! We 
know your future will he a success. 

Love You, 
Mom and Dad 

TO: Olga Garriga 

Olga, estamos muy orgullosos de ti. 

Te queremos mucho. 

Mama y Papa 

TO: Dayna DeNardis 

Congratulations Dayna, you've made us all so 
proud. We wish you all the good luck and 
happiness for your future! 

All our Love, 
Mom, Dad and Stacy 

TO: Bobbi Brady 

Bohhi, congratulations on a job well done - and it 
only took you four years! We're proud of you! 

Love you always. 
Mom and George 

TO: Kevin Hanifin 

Good work Kevin and good luck 


Mom and Dad 

TO: Jeffrey Rosenberg 

We are very proud of all your accomplishments. 
Words cannot describe the happiness you have 
given us. May life treat you well. You deserve it! 

Mom, Dad and Amy-Beth 

TO: Matt Nisenof f 

Congratulations M.A.N. 
Mom, Dad and Larry 

TO: Roland Bourdon III 

Rolie - Great Job!! Well Done!! Thanks to Curry, 
you've exceeded all expectations. Congratulations. 

^ Mom, Dad, Glenn, and Debra 


TO: Leanne Tegan 

^Ne are very pleased and proud of you. We wish 
you the best of everything as you go through life. 

Mom, Dad, and Susan 

TO: William Dunleavy Jr. 

To Dream. ..To Work... To Succeed! 
You've proved it and we are proud of you! 

Congratulations and Love from 
Mom, Dad, and Michele 

TO: Kristin Canepa 

Congratulations to our wonderful daughter 
Kristin. We are so proud of you. Lots of luck and 


Mom and Dad 

The Reflections ^89 Staff 

Copy Editor: 
Advertising Editor: 

Ruth AUyn 
Julie Bump 
Cindy Donelon 
Arthur Esposito 
Olga Garriga 
Sharyn Kazariaii 
Karen Lewis 
Chace Mayo 
Michelle Mroczek 
Mark Pupa 
Melinda Schofield 

Cathy Isaac 
Suzie Favreau 
Martha Potyrala 
Cheryl Deutsch 

Very Special Thanks To: 

Cheryl for being so much more than an advisor. Thanks for keeping the faith! 

Bill for spending all those weekends helping menvith the Senior section and 
keeping me sain. 

Lois Wallace for playing liaison when I couldn't be around. 

The Computer Center for taking care of the mailing labels and the senior listings. 

Public Relations for their help with the Sports section. 

Anyone else I may have forgotten. 


Jostens Publishing 

Topeka, KS 66601 


Bob Murphy 


Cambridge Studio 

Cambridge, MA 02140 


Bill Dagle