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There is no vision clearer, 
no service greater, 
no profession more dignified, 
no work more rewarding, 
than that of providing the best 
possible educational opportunity 
for each student. 
-Mary Lou Toker 

Since the late 1960's, 
the Teacher Education Pro- 
gram has been a significant 
major within the college. 

The Curry College 
Teacher Education Program 
is currently enjoying a note- 
worthy increase in numbers 
of students in Elementary 
Education, Moderate Special 
Needs and the Preschool Pro- 
gram, with approximately 
110 students taking part in 
the various programs. 

What has now 
evolved into the Moderate 
Special Needs Program, 
started in 1969 as a program 
to train "tutors" for Learn- 
ing Disabled students. Ini- 
tially this program was sepa- 
rate and apart from the gen- 
eral teacher education pro- 
gram. Adults who generally 
already possessed a 
bachelor's degree were 
trained in a two year part 
time program, to work with 
L.D. children. It was in the 
early 1970's when this pro- 
gram became a full part of 
the college, and undergradu- 
ate students w^ere accepted 
into the training program. 

The Elementary 
Education Certification cov- 
ered grades Kindergarten to 
grade 8, and the Learning 
Disability approval extended 
through high school. 

In the late 1970's and 
early 80's, the State made nu- 
merous changes in the re- 
quirements for certification. 

ti^sfef I 

which had a major impact on our programs. 
Elementary Education was restricted to grades 
1-6, as it now continues to be. What had been an 
approval for working with learning disabled 
students, became a full program for teachers of 
Children with Moderate Special Needs from 
Nursery through grade 9. This Moderate Spe- 
cial Needs certification also required that can- 
didates also hold a certification for regular 

It was also during the late 70's and 
early 80's when our Preschool training pro- 
gram was introduced. Students may choose 
whether or not to combine this concentration 
with certification in Elementary Education. 
This program follows the requirements of the 
State Office for Children, and allows our stu- 
dents interested in working in preschool and 
day care environments to qualify according to 
their standards. 

Many of these changes at the State level 
have shaped the nature of our programs, but 
the philosophy, approach, individualization, 
expansion past minimum requirements, etc. 
have been developed by a dedicated faculty, 
and administration over the years. 

The program is very demanding (stu- 
dents must take liberal arts courses along with 
courses for the major, the program, and the 
concentrations and often they are working in 
the field which generates numerous assign- 
ments in addition to work from courses), stu- 
dents must be mature, determined, and dedi- 
cated to succeed. They have to think beyond 

their own needs and be emotionally available 
to deal with the needs of children and their 
families. They have to master basic skills, think 
critically, and apply the knowledge they've 
[earned in the Curry Classroom. They must 
also be creative, sensitive, and flexible. 

The following areas are explored in 
education classes at Curry. Among various 
lecture materials are some standards that are 
stressed for students to reach towards in their 
educational experience at Curry. It is impressed 

upon Education students 
that teachers are develop- 
ers of people! Teachers 
truly realize that schools 
are learning environments 
designed to help children 
grow. The global task for 
teachers is to study the sub- 
jects of planning and chil- 
dren and to design the best 
possible learning experi- 
ences for these children. It 
is a fervent belief that the 
Education students pos- 
sess a special sensitivity to 
the growth of children. The 
Curry education students 
are competent and goal- 
oriented and want to make 
a difference in the lives of 

Another area that 
the Education students 
develop is that of teachers 
becoming leaders. One of 
the primary tasks for a 

teacher is to improve learning opportunities 
for students. They are trained to become in- 
structional specialists as well as communica- 
tors. The classroom provides constant and 
consistent feedback to the Curry students. 

A third area is that of training prospec- 
tive teachers to be human relations specialists. 
At Curry it is emphasized to the Education 
students that teaching requires an a^vareness/ 
sensitivity of the needs of various student 
groups with whom the teacher interacts. The 
program hopes to instill in the students that 
teachers must be particularly good listeners, 
hearing not only what is said, but also what is 
not said. 

The Education Department stresses the 
idea or concept that the students will someday 
become managers of change. In methods courses 
and in supervisory roles in the field placement 
classrooms, the management function of teach- 
ing is emphasized to Curry students 

The Education Field Placements are a 
major component of the Education Program at 
Curry College. Students in Curry College's 
Education Program have a chance to teach in 
the urban and the suburban settings. There has 
always been a very special relationship among 
students, supervisors, cooperating teachers, 
principals and education faculty. In the "field" 
students put theory into practice and become 
part of the "real" world of teaching. 

The Cxirry Early Childhood Center is a 
union benefit for the faculty of Curry College. 
The faculty parents started the program in the 
Fall of 1981. Parents serve various administra- 
tive roles and attend parent teacher meetings 
about tw^ice a semester. 

The Childhood Center statement of 
purpose reads: 

In the belief that there is, within 
each of us, the potential and need to become 
competent, independent, and effective, the 
Curry Early Childhood Center seeks structure, 
its program to provide a physically safe, emo- 
tionally nurturing, and intellectually stimulat- 
ing environment. The building of a sense of self 

is the optimal goal which has been joined by two equally 
important ones; you will graduate as an educator who is 
a scholar in your particular subject discipline, and you 
will become a "change agent" in your respective setting. 
The Curry Education students are goal-oriented, 
mature and very focused individuals, who are truly 
involved in the profession of teaching. The Education 
faculty and the Liberal Arts faculty who have taught the 
education students for the past four years are proud to 
have contributed to one of humanity's gi-eatest inven- 
tions, EDUCATION. 

Thanks to the following for 
contributing to this dedication; 

esteem and consideration for others within 
each child is a primary goal. 

We believe that a flexible family type of 
environment is most desirable for all the chil- 
dren. Along with this family type atmosphere 
a preschool program, geared to the develop- 
mental level of each child, will be provided for 
the three and four year olds, with the hope that 
this will help the children have a successful 
kindergarten experience. The availability of 
Curry students doing supervised practica 
through the pre-school program will allow in- 
dividual attention for children and better than 
minimum staffing ratios. 

In 1982, Curry expanded its program 
offering to include a Master of Education de- 
gree. The Master of Education program in- 
volves its participants in self-growth as learn- 
ers, as researchers in a discipline, and as prac- 
titioners in the field of teaching. This program 
is uniquely designed to focus on your indi- 
vidual teaching style and professional goals. 
Using your own classroom as a learning labora- 
tory, you will plan new teaching strategies and 
educational projects to meet the needs of all 
your students, mainstreamed as well as regu- 
lar education students. 

The purpose of the Curry College Mas- 
ter of Education program is to provide society 
with the most com.petent teachers/scholars. The 
programi, as originally created, focused on as- 
sisting educational practitioners to learn the 
most recent research findings in their respec- 
tive areas, to apply this data to etiliance their 
educational settings, and thus to maximize the 
1 earning of students with diverse learning abiU- 
^-ti''- and styles. 

'-Success for both teachers and students 

Mary Therese Campbell 
Judith Kennedy, Coordinator of 
Teacher Education Programs, 
Education Field Placements 
Suzanne St. Germain, Ed D, 
Education Faculty 
Carol Wadell, Coordinator of 
Moderate Special Needs 
Karen Mutch-Jones, Coordina- 
tor of Elementary Education 
Gertrude Webb, Ed.D, Director 
of Learning Center 
Louise Atkins, Director of Day 







Freshman orientation 1990 proved to be a great 
success. Kristine O'Brien, the brain behind the 
theme of orientation, Awakening Your Potential, 
and all of the Orientation Assistants did a great job 
in welcoming the freshmen to Curry. As we en- 
tered Curry, we were greeted by a huge banner 
that read "Welcome New Students". The activities 
that the Orientation Assistants planned made sure 
that no one was alone and that everyone had a good 
time. Throughout the four days of orientation we 
were treated to many different comedians, musi- 
cians and guest lecturers. Orientation was topped 
off with a night out on the town at Nick's Comedy 
Stop in Boston, which proved to be just what ev- 
eryone needed before the hectic schedule of classe; 
was to begin. 







A puzzle. ..pieces mixed to- 
gether, bonded together, separated 
from each other, and then put to- 
gether again. That is just how it was 
for the Curry College 
alumni. ..brought together their 
freshman year, forming bonds 
throughout their four years, sepa- 
rating at graduation, and brought 
together again on October 12, 1990, 
the beginning of Homecoming 

Seven-thirty p.m. that Fri- 
dky marked the start of a welcom- 
ing in honor of the Curry College 
alumni. The events that occurred 
consisted of an Athletic Hall of Fame 
Dinner which honored former Curry 
College athletes and a continuation 
of that reunion in the suite of the 
Hilton at Dedham Place. A Colonel 
soccer game led off the next chain of 
events that occurred on Saturday, 
followed by the Annual Tailgating 
Party, Colonel football, the Get-To- 

gether at the ARC, and the Dinner 
Dance held at our own Drapkin 
Center Cafeteria. As Sunday rolled 
around and Homecoming '90 was 
coming to an end, the alumni re- 
joined back at the Hilton for a 
continental breakfast, and returned 
to Curry College for an Alumni 
Soccer Game. 

Though it seems as though 
this special and festive w^eekend 
passed quickly, the minutes were 
treasured. Friends were greeting 
each other once again at the site 
where they first met, expressing to 
one another their happiness and 
some, their reactions of their re- 
turn. "It feels weird," some claimed 
as they walked through what was 
once home, while others claimed, "I 
feel as though I've never left." 

Homecoming '90 did havej 
come to an end, but the memories, 
the friendships, and the happiness 
will keep the pieces of the puzzle 

^1^ -X. V 

lJ^ '^ ^^m "fl 

■ :i' M 





Like the iffieces of a puzzle, w^Nare separated from our family when we go of 
college. Parenl/s weekend is a time to D^ joined with the g(eople we love and mak4 the 
picture whole, If only for a short time. 

This year, the weekend began with a ft^madLfiairfJarents in Hafer 119. The fobtball 
game was a popLlar event for students to give their parents a taste of the athletic ability 
here at Curry, Many families ventured into Boston for a "real" dinner, while others 
attended the 'Parents Night' held at the Alumni Recreation Center. On Sunday, paaents 
were invited agai^ to have brunch in the cafeteria and many students were treated\to a 
shopping spree. 

Although nlany freshmen parents showed up to see how their children wlere 
getting along, man j upper classmen showed their parents around campus for the seccjnd, 
third or perhaps last parents weekend. What ever each family decided to do at this ume 
of reunion, the turn out of parents was successful, and until the pieces were separated 
once more, the pictvire was a happy one. 


^M W^^ 

Piece this together: Tim Monahan, the trick-or-treat DJ; John 
Silber, well in this case, Drew Cochran, making an appealing appearance; 
black cats roaming about in the dark; and several monsters appearing 
from the night. Have you pieced the puzzle together yet? Maybe if you 
take more pieces and link them together, such as great varieties of music 
and dedications, prizes, snacks and drinks, and a room full of surprises, 
you will begin to recognize the Curry College Halloween Cafe Party, a 
dance held for aU students of all ages. 

But it doesn't end there. Throughout this night of dancing, singing, 
and laughter came prizes for best costume. Drew Cochran's "Silber" 
costiune won first place, while Danielle Abrham's stunning "Madonna" 
costume came in second, and "hungry for blood" John Krebs had third 
place as "Dracula." 

But it wasn't aU dancing and costumes. Also included was the howling 
voices and frightening faces that waited for the innocent to pass through 
the haunted house. 

This Halloween Party was a great hit added to the list of Curry's 
social events held on campus, suited for all of the students for their own 
entertainment. This evening was that of fun and excitement. Many 
students attended, some getting more involved than others, such as the 
blindman and the ace of diamonds that made their rather dashing 










The Blizzard of Bucks 




A Special Tribute 


In memoriam to the beloved remembrance of a recently departed friend, John T. LaFleur, 
Class of 1989. It is so sad to think of life simply passing by, yet I always thought you and 
I would continue to share in many special moments together. I always thought that we 
would laugh and dance at each other's weddings. It seems that our women, family and 
friends have waited forever for us. 

For years enduring the suffering silent and proud, the constant battle to survive, 
to leave unscathed, the hell known as the Hill. The studies, the splendid professors, the 
graduating with honors, the days, the weeks, and years spent giving and giving until it 
seemed your life belonged to everyone but you. Certainly the struggles will always remain, 
but they will seem less impossible because of the challenges we overcame. I know now that 
you are in the hands of the Almighty. Rest, be at peace, for no one can hurt you now. Still, 
I sadly wonder if the answers are really needed to all the remaining questions. Only 
acknowledgement and change are necessary. 

John, the sun shines now. The sky is so blue and seemingly endless. It breaks my 
heart knowing that you are gone. My dear friend we will never stop missing you. Know that 
your contributions have not gone unnoticed. That your efforts were not fruitless. That the 
vision we shared will be carried on... and one day be fulfilled. Yes, you will always be with 
us, your spirit and memory shall continue to live on. 

With our love and prayers. 


Justice Education Program 

Curry College 

April 1991 

The War of the Seasons 

Like an army of soldiers 

Hiding under their green camouflage 

Facing each other, sizing up one another 

Hundreds of them standing tall 
Looking proud in their majestic splendor 
spreading their arms 
as far as one could reach 
trying to touch the sun 
and flirting with the summer breeze- 
so easily forgetting 
the upcoming inevitable conflict of the seasons. 

The fall came, 

sneaking in 

from behind a cold raging wind 

heavy rain came down 

like an avalanche 

of deadly bullets during the furious assault, 

forcing the shedding of the discolored reddish 


Like bleeding injured giants 

the valiant trees 

refused to surrender their positions. 

They bent 

They bowed 

but they never broke 

nor lost footage 

Though they Anally had to admit defeat... 

Time of Peace returned 

as a cold deadly calm... 

The ground stained with bloodish colors 

took resemblance to a battlefield 

covered by an uncountable amount 

of dead soldiers. 

The conqueror had come and gone. 

Soon after... 

without time to count the days 

the carnage was totally covered 

with immaculate white 

burying and destroying evidence 

of a ferocious confrontation. 

our giants 
once bursting with arrogance 

are now resting 
to recover from their losses... 


They will be back 

taller, stronger and prouder than ever 

to be again the challenger 

and the unmistakable underdog. 

There will be a recruiting of new lives 

They will sprout, shoot and bud 

as green as innocence. 

By thousands they will grow 

to form a larger army 

and they will take their turn 

around the vicious cycle 

unaware of the danger 

of the war of the seasons. 

By: Jean Marie Gagnon 

When you place a seed in 
the ground to grow a flower, 

You then have 

a choice to pull that seed out 

of the ground. 

But if you love and 
nuture that flower to it's 
full bloom, and then one 
day destroy it. 

You are then responsible 
for that flower's history 
and so much more 
before you destroy it. 

Bill Royce 


To: Marie Murphy for her inspiration and confidence, 
Dante Germanotta for his insight, 
Allan Hunter for his friendship and encouragement, 
Ann Levin for making me work and think, 
Joe Arsenault for his heart, 
Kenneth Wightman for his spirit and strength. 

Were it not for these people and Curr>' College's Justice Education Program, I would not be me. 

[ became involved in Curry ' s Justice Education Program in 1 989 while being warehoused at Walpole State 
Prison. Prior to my entrance into the J.E.P. I had accomplished nothing to mark my 15 years of 
imprisonment except perhaps some 8 years of segregation and a record that labeled me a "management 
problem." Then, at the urging of fellow prisoner and Curry graduate Kenny Wightman, I entered the J.E.P. 
and met professor Marie Murphy who is without a doubt, the most inspirational educator I have ever 

Soon after entering J.E.P. I found myself enjoying the experience and looking forward to classes 
and even worse, enjoying the work. I discovered that I could think thoughts which transcended the walls 
and that there was a world beyond my cage and people who would and could see me as a person, an 
individual and not look at my social status (or lack of status). The impact of these discoveries upon me 
was profound. My vision soon expanded to encompass a global perspective as opposed to the tunnel vision 
one tends to have after years of imprisonment. 

As I view the human condition and what we have done and are doing to the environment, I feel 
compelled to say that much of what I see in this world is harsh, cold and ugly. But, I am not distressed 
due in large part to those people named above that have helped me develop the skills and confidence to 
address some of the harsh realities of life, in as well as out of prison. 

The facts of my imprisonment dictate that I may never live in the world beyond these walls. But 
1 know that these walls are not strong enough to suppress my growth as a person and as a member of the 
world community. Whether in or out of prison, I am determined to have a positive and progressive impact 
somewhere. It is because of those named above that I believe this to be possible. 

In ending, I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Marie, Dante, Allan, Ann and Joe, 
but especially to Kenny for seeing my worth and forcing me to see it as well. 

In Strength & Struggle, 

Ray Champagne, Class of 1993 

Curry College Awards Night 
May 7, 1991 

Award Recipients 

Sears Roebuck Teacher Excellence Award 
Advanced Studies Program Award 
Arts Journal Awards 

Poetry 1st prize 

Poetry 2nd prize 

Fiction 1st prize 

Fiction 2nd prize 

Nonfiction 1st prize 

Nonfiction 2nd prize 

Photography 1st prize 

Photography 2nd prize 

Photography Honorable Mention 
Broadcasting Awards 

Former Manager 

Academic Excellence 

Academic Excellence 
Business Management Awards 

Wall Street Journal Award 

Mgt. Minor Achievement Award 

Accounting Achievement Award 
Communication Awards 

Education Award 
English and Poetry Award 
Essential Skills Center Award 

Field Experience Achievement Award 

Fine and Applied Arts Award 
Journalism Award 
Nursing Awards 

Politics and History Award 
Psychology Award 

Public Relations Award 
Sociology Awards 

Theater Arts Awards 

Women's Studies Awards 

Major In Women's Studies 
Minor in Women's Studies 

Ronald Warners 
Anna-Marie Milano 

Michelle Rosenberg 
Kathleen Brady 
Kristen Banks 
Melanie Brow^n 
Brian Neville 
Victoria Rothstein 
Tricia Zinbarg 
Sarah Kuljian 
John Carroll 

Gayle McMillan 
Cynthia Messer 
Kathleen Brady 

Danielle M. Abrams 
Michelle Favata 
Neil Kalnitz 
Cynthia L. Messer 
Sheryl Forman Savage 
Kathleen O'Sullivan 
Catherine Hartzel 
Joseph Ciccarello 
Terrence Barrett 
Kristine D. O'Brien 
August Savarese 
Kristin Lorden 
Mary Kay Kuliesh 
Robin Gelotte 
Margaret McDonagh 
Lorraine Costello, R.N. 
Wally Monestime 
Karin Lewis 
Kimberly McNulty 
Debra Jenkinson 
Roberta Leary 
Karin Lewis 
Cara Gizzarelli 
Becca Feinstein 

Dawn Vasquez 
Catherine Hartzel 
Karin Lewis 




Karen Andrews 
Steven Grudiecki 
Karin Lewis 
Kristine O'Brien 
Shira Weinberg 

Kathleen Brady 
Neil Kalnitz 
Julie McCann 
Martha Potyrala 

Timothy Monahan 

Gill Cochran Robin Gelotte 

John Krebs Mary Kay Kuliesh 

Kimberly McNulty Cynthia Messer 
Nancy Reale Joanne Shea 


Eric Myers 

Class of 1985 Scholarship 
Commuter Council Scholarships 

Joseph and Frieda Drapkin Scholarship 

John Stuart Hafer Memorial Scholarship 

Edward H. Hastings Memorial Scholarship 

W. George Kennedy Memorial Scholarship 
Gladys Martinez Memorial Scholarship 
Jennifer A. Phillips Memorial Scholarship 

Publicover Family Scholarship 

Dean Cecil Rose Scholarship 

Thomas Radley Scholarship 

Leeder Sandler Scholarship 

Robert C. Smith Memorial Scholarship 

Kristin Blake 

Bonnie Janowiec 

Tracey Sirkin 

Lucia Gelfusa 

Michelle Perez 

Shannon Logan 

Michelle Favata 

Gavin Spittle 

Julie Kilgour 

Peter Ubriaco 

Andrea Cappella 

Tracey Sirkin 

Philip Ralph Hulbig 

Ann Kelly Farr 

Margaret Mary Livingston 

Charles Dlabik 

Troy Watkins 

Kristin Blake 

Kristin Blake 

Kristin Blake 

Gavin Spittle 


1990 Yearbook Dedication 

Department Administrative Achievement Award 

Faculty Achievement Aw^ard 

Office Employees Award 

Outstanding Achievement in Student Leadership 

Outstanding Commuter Aw^ard 
Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year 
Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year 
Outstanding Resident Assistant 
Outstanding Resident Student 
Barbara Pettingill Award 
Class of 1991 Recognition Awards 

1991 Person of the Year 

Teacher Education 

David Fedo 

Beverly Maksin 

Barbara Fournier 

Lorna Boonstra 

Scott M. Samson 

Kristine D. O'Brien 

Bonnie Janowiec 

Tracy Heneghan 

George Nowell 

Kenneth Schettino 

Robert Munro 

Elizabeth Bowman 
President Gregory Cohen, Secretary Beth Jackson 
Vice President Shira Weinberg, Treasurer Kristin Giannetti 
Representative Kris Lamson, Representative Nancy Reale 
Representative Rachel Moschel, Representative Shawn Ryan 

John Hill 

A Move On The Chessboard 

In August of 1990, the Curry faculty became the "Queen," the President became the 
"King," the administration became the "Knights," and the students became the "Pawns" as 

the chess game began. 

The faculty began working without a contract as it made its first move-asking for an 
11 % pay increase. The next move was the faculty not getting one, and until we students heard 
"check mate," we worried about our education as we watched all the moves being taken on 
the Campus Chessboard. There were meetings held as week by week passed. Who will make 
the next move? Will it be the final move? Will our community be able to negodate? 

Like in chess, there were strategies, rules, and regulations. Time, patience, and 
concentration were also needed in making the important decisions that the faculty, president, 
and administration had to make. And finally, to everyone's relief, the chess game ended with 
an 8 % increase given to the Queen. It was nice to see the Curry Community working together, 
negofiating, reaching an agreement, and ending with a positive "check mate." 

~~ * 















/^ ^^ 

Buading Blocks 

Nelson Manama 

Wegt German; 
?he new c 
tots 1 populati 
iioni^eople anc 
size of 'N^cas. 
states joined 
and Berlin 19 

f debate an d years 
became t] le Fed 
)f Germany 
)untry will 
►n of nearlyl 
will occupy 1^,743 
or about half 
Five East Germ^ 
West Gemany's 11 
(Came the capital. 

Bonn IS the se it 6f i^ViiMMiilll. 

[son Mknd jla 

Nelson JVRmdfela was given a 
life sentenc^t n 1962 for plot 
una LO OVtil'lArow the South 
African govern] 
came one of the 

yam. nn b«- 

world's most 

influential pris< ners. But in 

February, 1990, 

71, Nelson Mar 

eleased after 1 

at the age of 
dela he was 
ngthy nego- 

tions with P^-esident F.W. 


of Gerin^Sy 

Pres] dents Bush and 


ucle ir 


powe] s 
has b< igun 


George Bush and President Mikh ail 
chev of the's|«Vl«t Ulll|n lUtil HiiVtil'ill 
times during 1990 o\econon: ic matters, on 

matters and o^the r latter of a possible 
the Persian GulfNBol h leaders joined 
er in condemning Ir^ s invasion of Ku- 

TVif» Crtlrl Way V>«^f^]t7<:>f>iTT 

has ended and an era of 

Earth Day 


n April 22, anestimated 100 million pe 

o \rer the planet celebrated 
o ' Earth Day as ac 
a new "conservation g^ 
agile environment 

the 20th anniv 
p leaded for the 
ei ation" to care for 

polil icia 



In Washington, Earth D ay founder Gaylord 

urged more than 100, [)00 people massed 

ot of the Capitol to 

and corporate ^aders to environ- 

;al ac 
"I dori 
now an 
that you didn't do your 

74, \ rho origin ited Earth D 
Sen£ tor from ^ l^isconsin. "V 

cons 3rvation g anoration i " 

Earth D 


Flag Protection Act 

Senate r 

t against f 


The U.S 
critics arg uing 
being debated 
againsc in 

The SeKate 
nine short of tl^e 
needed to appro 

President Bu! 

large iy 

at elect ion 

wliicii said 

neasure, wni 

e states shall have 
jaMesecration of th( 
\ But the House 
eadens saying that it 
)n freetiom of speec i 
iaid lawmakers woulpl 
iider thisVear 

jected a 
ag burning 
it was air 

U.S. com nunities and 
ling to o] ganizers. 

work to motivate 

want to come >ack here 20 years 

ave to tell yo ir sons and daugh- 

luty," said Nelson, 

ly when he was a 

e've got to raise a 

y was celebr ited in more than 

140 other nations, 

on June 26 with 
ady dead and 
as amm ifflition for use 

votfed 58-42 in favmc leavii g it 
re* [uired two thirdsS^pajc rity 

called for approval 

simply ihai "Congress am 
>ower to prohibit the physi 

flag of the United States, 
ejected it with Democratii i 
amounted to placing limit 
Speaker Thomas Foley 

not get a chance to recon 

imposed on L 


Soldiers si 
their assault rifles 
, Lithuanians W( 

This was 
»rbachev agair 
Ma^ch 11,1990 
Belg^m's foreigji 
emergency aid 
perhabs even re 



lew and declared \i gen 
lius, on January 
Isault that killed 13 

ral in 
, after 

ed other with the 
treinsniitting tower, 
re trying to stop. 
ScWiet President 
it decided independ 
condemned the attack, 
ize av>lanned $1 bi 

but to of 


jet pard 


Mil hail 


ot some protesters and b 
as they stormed the 
crushed by the tanks 
hardest measure taken jby 
st the Baltic republic since 
The European Communitj 
minister said it could 
plackage to Moscow. 
Bush said the crackdowA "threatens to set back or 
'^erse" the new U.S.-Soviet relations! ip 


of Ml-lP ta iks and M2 Bradley armor ed 

res more h 
in northea 

in the standoff ' v^ith 

000 U.S. troops had been c e- 
di Arabia, F|entagon sources sai< i. They are preparing to d efind 

viest ground firepowe 
ieploymeilt behind Ai ab forces manning the 

hic|es, and sc< 

at a por 
the (Jksert. 

iavy support vehicles, rollpd o: 
AraDia ana m 

e their v ay north in 

intry fighting ve 
twoJiugo tpanop trt 


mtmory o 


Pauhi Al. Martin 

Nature '^first 
Her harde 
Her early leors 
But only so an 
Then leaf sub 
So Eden sank to 
So dawn goes 
Jothing gold ca 

tobert Frost 





• • • 





Mass. Maritime 2 1 

Curry 32 

Westfield 26 


Plymouth 58 



St. John's 13 



Lowell 63 



U. Mass. Boston 33 



Fitchburg 22 



Maine Maritime 37 



Nichols 28 

Peter Barry 



Stephen Belsanti 

Steve McGaughey 


Chris Brown 

Doug McGrath 



Brian McMullen 


Matt Chase 

David Molway 


Jason Curry 

Greg Morgan 


James Davie 

Andy Nelson 


Robert Delaney 

Keith Nelson 



George Nowell 


David DePiUo 




Anthony Pepe 


Chris Gabriel 

Dave Perrotti 



Scot Pitetti 


Jeff Glaser 



Laird Goolsby 

Matt Pollack 


Keith Green 

Chris Rozzi 


Kyle Green 

Bryan Ryder 


Robert Greene 

Augie Savarese 


Tom Holmes 

Jeff Vacco 



Matt Wade 


Steve Innis 

Ted Welch 


Mike Joyce 

Brian Weydt 


Greg Lane 

Steve Wheeler 


Jason Lip man 

Keith White 



Lee Williams 


John MacKay 


Tony Mar ag 



I Kristin Banl<s 
"*■ Heattier Elliot 
Kim Hamilton 
1;^ Sheila Hanson 
'I;:;: Jen Hodge 
^*; Becca Johnson 
™::,s Heather Lawless 
*T Kellye Lawlor 
Paula Martin 
Tarra Meyer 
Liz Patterson 
Libia Perez 
Kim Petrone 
' Rachel Redding 
Melanie Ritter 
Melanie Yesse 
Jacquie Zajac 
Andrea Zeigler 



Roger Williams i 
Coast Guard 5 
Tufts 3 
Wheaton 2 
Brandeis 5 
LeMoyne 3 
Stoneiiill 1 
Wentworth 2 
New England College 2 
Southeastern MA 1 
Fitchburg 6 
Northeastern 5 
No. Adams 5 
M.I.T. 5 
Anna Maria 1 
Salve ReginaO 
New England College 3 
Roger Williams 1 
Nichols 3 

Matt Bernstein 
Eric Carlson 
Chris Castelli 

Edward Cray 
Patrick Donohoe 
Klaus Hobrecker 
Brian Klinginsmith 
FelLx Modestin 
David Rivers 
Thomas Scam mell 
Matt Winkler 


Emerson 3 
Suffolk 2 
Eastern Nazarene 5 
Pine Manor 8 
Bridgewater 7 
Gordon 9 

Nancy Dempsey 
Jennifer Merry 


^ niwm 




Curry 2 

Norwich 9 

Curry 7 

Quinnipiac 5 

Curry 8 

Framingham 4 

Curry 2 

Fitchburg 12 

Curry 3 

New England 5 

Curry 7 

Stonehill 3 

Curry 3 

Bentley 4 

Curry 6 

Assunnption 6 

Curry 8 

Fairfield 3 

Curry 4 

Plymouth 8 

Curry 5 

N. Hampshire 5 

Curry 8 

Skidmore 7 

Curry 7 

St.Michael's 2 

Curry 7 

So. Maine 5 


Tufts 6 

Curry 3 

Bentley 7 

Curry 5 

St.John's 5 

Curry 4 

West. New England 2 

Curry 8 

Tufts 11 


Southeastern MA 9 

Curry 6 

Worcester St. 9 

Curry 4 

Suffolk 6 

Curry 5 

Roger Williams 6 

Curry 6 

_ Nichols 3 

Charles Aguiar 
Vin Aiello 
Todd Barbato 
Dana Brown 
Steve Cantwell 
Joe Ciccarello 
Lou Coppola 
David Cunniff 
Jason Dedrick 
Bill Doherty 
Tony Flore 
Rene Fijux 
Craig Kingston 
John Langone 
Gary Marino 
Al Maitino 
Joe McGlynn 
Ed McVeigh 
James Misakian 
David Mulvey 
John Porrazzo 
Steve Puleo 
Ed Reardon 
Mark Riley 
Shawn Ryan 
Al Santilli 
Alex Seifart 
Tony Spadorcia 
Mike Yantosca 




Mickey Bonett 




Karen Lewis 

Diane Lombai'di 

Paula Martin 

Susan McClure 







Sam Ah 
Todd Barbato 
Steve Ciaccio 
Keith Cunningham 
Jon DeSimone 
Charlie Dlabil< 
Jon Fasulo 
iVIii^e Gillert 
Jim Gordon 
Steve innis 
Chris Johnston 
Phil Keddy 
Scott Lubin 
Tony Mammola 
Tony Marag 
Franco Musto 
Everett Peavler 
Scot Pitetti 
Bryan Ryder 
Tom Walsh 
Chris Young 
Jason Zeif 


t^ ^^ 




' I 

.. Jl 


• ' ■ y N.**''^ W 



The Curry College Rugby team is now in it's sixth year of existence 
and continues to become stronger. This year the Gamecocks held the 
first alumni game in Curry Rugby history which gave the old timers 
a chance to share rugby folklore with the new men and also to give 
them one last chance for glory. A good time was definitely had by all. 
This season was different from last year in that we had a fall 
season as well as a spring one, but it was difficult due to the loss of 
players that had graduated. Rugby survived with the few remaining 
hard-core members and the very enthusiastic, high spirited newcom- 
ers from the freshman class. The young Rugers have brought new 
ideas and attitudes that will provide a successful future for the 

This year's officers: Captain, Marc Catanzarite, President, 

Brian O'Sullivan, Treasurer, Greg Hanigin and Social Chairman, 

Mike Ventamiglia worked hard to keep Rugby alive at Curry. 

"If I had a choice between pleasure and pain, 

My answer you would think insane. 

People fear what they do not understand, 

And they do not listen to things they should hear. 

You can have your protected ways... 

Just give me Rugby, songs and Cheer!" 


What looked to be a disappointing season 
turned into gold for the Curry College 
men's tennis team. After a disappointing 
0-4-1 start, the team had 7 big wins in- 
cluding impressive 5-4 victories over 
Salve Regina, New England College and 
Southeastern Mass. 

The lineup of Capt. Dave Coughlin, 
Mike Russo, Gavin Spittle, Andy Rosenthal, 
Duncan Friedman, Bob "lynx" Rear don, and 
Matt Belcastro played incredible tennis to 
finish off the season 7-4-1. 

Second year Coach Mark Bowman had 
his second winning season compiling a 16- 
7-1 record while at the helm. This team 
showed and gave 1 1 % everytime they 
walked onto the courts and hope for a win- 
ning season and supportive fans next year. 

Matt Belcastro 
Greg Blair 
David Coughlin 
Harold Foster 
Mike Russo 


U.Mass Boston 11 

MA Maritime Academy 1 1 

New England College 20 

M.I.T. 15 

W. New England College 1 2 

New Hampshire College 16 

Norwich University 14 

Clark 8 

U. New England 4 

Assumption 8 

Bab son 20 

Nichols 1 1 

RogerWilliams 15 

Bates 14 


James Alvord 


Bill Brooks 


Brendan Creamer 

Peter DeBusschere 







Christopher Mai-itio 


Brian McMullen 



Jere my Parks 

Scott Perrin 

Peter Rouse 



Gary Thompson 


Keith WMte 



Tracy Heneghan 

George Nowell 


T . 


















1 1 





1 Golfers carry 6 An a 

23 As w^ell as 




1 2 3 4 









1 The best college radio station 

1 2 




4 5 6 




Curry Theatre 
by Cara E. Gizzarelli 

The class of 1991 has watched Curry The- 
atre grow before their eyes. In the fall of 1987, 
when todays seniors were freshmen, the theatre 
was simply Haf er 119 with no hints on a theatre. 
That semester, the production was "A Night Of 
Tennessee Williams", which was two plays; "27 
Wagons Full Of Cotton" and "Suddenly Last 
Summer." The theatre troupe played to rather 
small audiences because the theatre was still the 
best kept secret on campus. 

It was not until the spring of 1988 that 
Curry theatre began to receive the recognition 
that it was entitled to. The house was packed 
every single night with enthusiastic audiences 
happily watching the eccentric Sycamore family 
in the comedy, "You Can't Take It With You." The 
play involved a big cast and a family atmosphere 
that created a real theatre troupe. The theatre 
members became close and very supportive of 
each other. Professor Debra Lee Garren encour- 
aged the growing theatre by purchasing the call 
board and the display case, which are often found 
in professional theatres ! 
The play that followed 
"You Can't Take It With 
You" was another classic 
comedy that audiences 
would come to see more 
than once. The play was 
"Harvey" and the theatre 
had no problems publiciz- 
ing the performances. The 
class of 1991 probably viv- 
idly remembers the 
"Where's Harvey ?" cam- 
paign. Not only did the 

question pop up everywhere, but a large whitt 
rabbit appeared lounging around the Drapkir 

Quite a few comedies were to foUovNi 
"Harvey", such as "The Comedy Crew", whicl; 
featured Carol Burnett skits and a one act play 
"An Actor's Nightmare." After that semester 
lighting bays were installed in Haf er 119 so thai 
lights could stay up all year round. 

Neil Simon's, "The Odd Couple" wasj 
produced in the fall of 1989. The productiorj 
was so successful that it was held over an extraj 
night so students who heard of the hilarity oJi 
the play could enjoy the comedy. The spring oij 
1990 was a special semester. It was the semestej; 
that a majority of the theatre troupe would bC) 
involved in their last show at Curry. The gradui 


1 Hafer 119 

ating seniors that year were excited to try something 
new, a classic Commedia dell' arte piece, "The Doctor 
In Spite Of Himself/' With a memorable set and 
fabulous costumes, the " The Doctor In Spite Of 
Himself" was produced in theatre of the thrust, seats 
on three sides of the stage. 

The Little Theatre has kept growing. The next 
addition to the theatre were riser in the summer of 
1990. Audiences now were able to enjoy a better view 
of the stage. Curry Theatre began to expand in even 
more ways in the fall of 1990. In collaboration with 
the Curry College Honors Program, seniors Cara 
Gizzarelli and Rebecca Feinstein staged there honors 
program projects. Gizzarelli's play "Nothing Wrong 
With Ida" was produced along with "Sorry, Wrong 
Number" which was directed by Feinstein and assis- 
tant directed by Curry Alumn, Jon Sevigny, who gradu- 
ated the previous semester. 

Feinstein graduated in January of 1991, how- 
ever she came back to direct with Debra Lee Garren. 
The two directed the most serious and controversial 
play presented at Curry. "Getting Out", a play about 
a woman being released from prison, was produced in 
the spring of 1991 and performances were seen for two 
weekends. "Getting Out" was publicized widely and 
created off campus interest. Once again the theatre 
facilities grew with the purchase of a elevated lighting 

Curry Theatre has also grown in 
the curriculum since 1987 when there 
were only two courses that theatre stu- 
dents could enroll in; Acting I and Intro- 
duction To Theatre. Since then courses 
such as Improvisation, Stage Combat 
and Scene Study have been offered. 
When the class of 1991 reflects on their 
education at Curry, they can be proud 
that they watched and encouraged Curry 
Theatre grow and nourish talent. 




E R 

Our Forefathers knew the importance of Freedom 
of the Press. They knew it so well that they put it 
on top of the list when they wrote the Bill of 
Rights. The Currier Times is Curry College's stu- 
dent-run newspaper that contributes in its own 
way to that lofty ideal as well as giving students 
practical experience in the writing, editing, adver- 
tising, layout and distribution of a newspaper. 

The Currier Times returned to publication 
in 1989 after a year-long hiatus. Under the tutelage 
of former faculty advisor Vickie Carr, the Times 
grew from a small, monthly publication to a twelve- 
page, bi-weekly publication. When Vickie re- 
signed in the spring of 1991, Tom Glynn was 
brought on board as faculty advisor, bringing 
with him many years of newspaper experience 
working for The Patriot Ledg er. 

Working on the Currier Times is more than 
just a practical working experience, it creates strong 
and lasting friendships among the staff members. 
Editors and writers work closely together, whether 

it involves brainstormiing for story idea; 
or learning how to meet deadlines, or, a; 
some writers have found out, what hap 
pens when deadlines aren't met. True t( 
the shibboleth found on The Curriei 
Times' Wall of Shame , there is '"hell tc 
pay" for stories not handed in by dead 

At the helm of The Currier Time; 
for the 1990-1991 school year was the Edi 
tor-in-Chief, senior Mary Kay Kuliesh 
Senior Ted Lavash worked as Managing 
Editor and staff cartooinst. Junior Scott 
Dworman labored shrewdly as the paper's 
Business Manager, Senior Jeff Orensteir 
acquired much needed revenue working 
as the paper's Advertising Manager. Jun- 
ior Emily Siegfried, who will be returning 
as Editor-in-Chief for the 1991-1992 school 
year, made sure the reporting was unbi- 
ased and succinct as News Editor. Senioi 



1 Federal Express 

Matt Winkler kept the college commu- 
nity abreast of Curry's sports world work- 
ing felicitously as the Sports Editor. Jun- 
ior Melanie Brown worked sedulously 
as Features Editor, bringing human in- 
terest stories to the campus-at-large. 
Sophomore Dianne Brennan provided 
the photography for the paper as the 
Photo Editor. Steve Grudziecki and Jim 
Russel, as th Layout and Design divi- 
sion, took a gallimaufry of stories, ads, 
photos, and artwork and organized it all 
into The Currier Times' natty look. 

The Currier Times is poised to grow 
even more in future years. The Times is 
always looking for students who are in- 
terested in journalism to work as writers 
and editors. Weekly meeting are held on 
Wednesday afternoons in the Student 
Publications office. 

Freedom of the Press is well repre- 
sented in the college community by The 
Currier Times; although, in this techno- 
logical age. Freedom of the Macintosh 
Ilci may be a more appropriate moniker. 


2 3 4 5 6 7 

I L L E L 

Hillel was a very active organization this year. Every member had a terrific 
time and we engaged in many meetings and activities throughout the year. 
This Passover we performed a mock Seder and had many students and 
faculty in attendance. We also had a Hanukkah dinner in which we per- 
formed all of the prayers and proceeded to have an enjoyable dinner. 

This year Claudia Borden was president and did a good job of turn- 
ing the club around and getting everyone going in a good direction. Hillel 
was enjoyable this year and we look f oreward to a better year in Septem- 


A Prosperous Puzzle 

We all know it takes time and patience to put a good puzzle together. 
The process consists of thinking, matching, and linking. And here at Curry, 
Kristine O'Brien and Scott Samson thought together and worked together 
to build a "puzzle" for entertainment, one that would match and link the 
students of Curry College together. This puzzle is known as the A.R.C., the 
Alumni Recreation Center. 

With the help of others, Kristine, Manager, and Scott, Business 
Manager, added piece by piece to the A.R.C., making it more fun and more 
entertaining. On October 12 and 13, Homecoming Weekend, the alumni and 
seniors of Curry College were first welcomed into the "new" A.R.C. The 
following Monday, October 15, marked the "Grand Opening" for all students. 

Several pieces were needed to put this puzzle together, pieces such 
as food, drink, music, and conversation, along with pub nights, movies, and 
t.v. entertainment. All of these pieces contribute to making our campus 
more social andmorefriendly by bringing the students together. The A.R.C. 
has grown to become an important landmark of entertainment on the Curry 
campus, and will keep growing as more pieces are added to this prosperous 




1 1 








1 The job after graduation 


9. A circle usually 
has one 

uj. '>iia«sa 









9 A group 
15 Pupil 







1 Playbill for a show 12x4 

Activities In The Works 

Everyone knows about the activities on campus, and few 
people can say that they have never been to a comedy night, 
or cafe party, or some other social event on campus. 

Yet have you ever stopped yourself and asked the ques- 
tion, "who plans these events?" or "what work goes into 
planning these events?" 

Program board is an organization made up of Cui-ry 
students whose main goal is to find, plan, and organize fun 
and interesting social events for the campus community. 

Progi-am board has under gone many changes since the 
end of last semester. At the end of last semester Neil Kalnitz 
resigned as head of program board, and Brian O'Sullivan 

took over the position. Currently progi'am board is in 
the process of setting up committees to be in charge 
of specific functions. 

Program Board is a group of individuals that 
volunteer their time and effort to bring many differ- 
ent events to the campus community. This year we 
had our first Flake Festival which brought acts such 
as Hypnotist, James Mapes, Blizzard of Bucks Game 
Show, Coffee House Performer, Jimmy Mazz, and a 
Winter Ball that was held at the Sheraton Tara 

Program Board has already had a Happy 
New Year Cafe Party (featuring Floating Boats), 
Hypnotist James Mapes, The Blizzard Of Bucks, a 
Winter Ball and a Candlelight Vigil to support the 

Throughout the year they plan guest speakers, 
comedy experiments, the spring fling, and Sunday 
m.o\He nights. They have open meetings every 
Monday night at 6pm in the SGA meeting room. 





-i?^ mmh 




nn }n u' 


}\ i i 



Junior Year, the half way mark of our 
college years. The work gets REALLY 
tough and the stress level never seems 
to lower. Majors are declared and the 
realization of future responsibilities of 
the "real world" start to sink in. 

But it's not over yet! Life long 
friends are established and we watch 
some of them move to the other side of 
campus — (Leaving those of us behind, 
waiting anxiously to turn 21.) It's offi- 
cial The food is terrible, but we've re- 
alized we're too poor to eat at D'Angelo's 
every night, so we grin and bare it. We 
have one more year to party and sleep 
in until noon after the occasionaK?) all 
nighter. (And, we've figured out how to 
schedule classes at a respectable hour.) 
Although the future is coming 
quickly into focus, let none of us forget 
the time we still have to be in college 
and to be carefree — But it's our tough- 
est year academically, when we work 
our hardest and at this point, although 
it's scary, we know we can make it! 

Mi'^^ » 

^, ^f(^-^^'A 










Sophomore year is the dividing year at 
Curry College. Many students are faced 
with the decision to stay, or to move on. 
Whether we stay or go, there are many 
memories to hold on to. In the pursuit of 
education, we have come to build many 
close friendships. In the two years we 
have spent together, we have learned 
from each other, broadening our hori- 
zons. Because of the intermixing differ- 
ences in appearances, interests and tal- 
ents we are individuals created from an 
experience that far exceeds what is 
found in our academic curriculum. 











Being a freshman at Curry College is a 
big deal. Abig deal in adjusting and just 
surviving. One year ago we were big 
fish in a small pond and now we are 
small fish in a big lake. We come from 
different places and backgrounds, but 
we have one thing in common, we choose 
Curry. With that characteristic we will 
spend the next four years finding other 
things in common with each other. 

Being a freshman is a positive 
thing. Freshmen can experience so 
many new things. Everything is new 
which makes the whole experience 
unique. The first feelings many of us 
felt were fear of not meeting people or 
failing classes, scared to leave our secu- 
rity of home, and frightened that our 
room mate would be abnormal. After 
arriving we w^ere faced w^ith a new set of 
emotions, freedom, independence, and 

They say that in college one 
meets the friends which will last a life- 
time. High school friends are great when 
you're home, but they are nothing like 
your college buddies. With your new 
friends you can discover Boston's his- 
torical sites and nightlife it has to offer. 
In your first year at Curry, your friend- 
ships that you make, are what kept the 
stress of school work and adapting to 
the new life-style from getting to you. 
Friends are one of the most important 
things one gets from college. 

In college you get to choose your 
own classes and major. That whole con- 
cept of choose your own is what being a 
freshman or adult is about. As a fresh- 
man you value your independence more 
so than a senior would, since it is a new 
gift. Also in just starting college you are 
not pressured with the stress other class 
levels have, sophomores of deciding a 
major, juniors of passing your major 
related classes, and seniors of graduat- 
ing and finding a job. Remember that 
your college years are to be the best 
time of your life. 


■ w 


1 M-w 


*^i^^^HP^jEJr i^tafcE."^ 




Q^I^H ^H ifli 

t^L ^^^^SS^SlBr 


ipL^ "^^^B 


Sfim^lin^r ;! i;;l; , =^%k^ ^ i^fWitbi^ 

Kulfll £r™*"H: 


^■"'-r^^Rf 'T- ttk 

m ^^-^'-ji^V' 

1.? ^^^^HS ^ I^H 

^BkVkw^' a»>Jl 


^ ^^ ^^IBSittK 

> CD 


HHHI^^K^k ^K^^^^^^-r-^ 

WLt LflHle'^k-.^^^^l 


K r j s ten K. Anderson 

370 Oceanview Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99515 

Mrijor: Business Mgt. Mlinor: Comm. 

ACTIVITIES: S.G.A., Fr. Rep.,Soph. V.P., IMs, SAM, WMLN 

r.-li-z.age Thank you Mom and Dad. Hove You! And thanks to my friends for the past foui 
/iMiv ■ni,is90, Lehigh, Norton St., Hamilton St., and the Capi 

, NH 0358 

Karen Ann And 

5? Winthrop Drive Shelbui 

Mcijor: Nursing Minor: Psy. 

ACTIVITIES: CCNA-3,4, Blood Dr. 1-4, Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society 3,4, CO 

Nursing Honor Society 3,4 .Sigma Theta Tau 4. Message; Hold fast to dreams tor it 

dreams die, life i=-, d broken winged bird that cannot tly -Langslon Hughes 

Mer Barry 
J 9 Foster Circle Andover, Ma. 01810 
I Major: Mgt. Minor: Comm. 
IaCTIVITIES: Football, Baseball, IMs 

I Message, Best ot luck to the class of '91 ' 

"Feeldogs Posse " Thanks for everything. Mom and 













K.allMeeri Heather Brady "Kathie" 

P O Box 771 Groton, Ma 01450 

Major Education & Communication Minor: Eng. & Psy. 

ACTIVITIES: Hon. Program, WMLN Promotions Dir.,Admissions Assistant, IMs, Dorm 

Council, ABC, O.A. Message May I always follow the path with a heart. All my love to my 

Mom s Dad, Michelle, my friends, & J.A.T. • always (4/20/90) 

Be rnard M. Braun 

4J5 Coolidge Dr.Centerpon. N.Y. 11721 

Wd/or.- Biology 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Sports Med., Honors, 

f.l- ssage Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa, & mark Hi Liz 
L Brian, & Bill for being my friends. 

0,8.. Bucky, D K , M,W,, Grud, Lettermen 

Kimberlv J. Buttlar 

10 Lewis ROad Mansfield. Ma 02048 

Major Business Management, Communications 

ACTIVITIES: Dean's List. Bus. Club 

ME.SSAGE Th.>ci^i'-i ■: r i i ' n-gun. so take advantage of all the wonders it fias to offer." 

Josepti Ciccarello 

100 Brandywyne Dr. East Boston, Ma. 02128 

Major: Business Management MINOR: Soc. 

ACTIVITIES: Ice Hockey2,3,4, IMs, Bus. Man. Club, Peer tutor MESSAGE: Thanks 

Dad&Mom. and to all the great friends I met along the way- Good Luck & keep in touch Class of 

9f God knows we all need ill 

Auslm L Bliqh 

Address. 293 Grove St Wellesley, Ma 021 81 
Major: Business Mgt. Minor. Eng. 
I Message: Thanks Mom and Dad and to all my friends to make this all possible. 

C laudia Martha Borden 
1063 North Avenue New Rochelle. Ny 10804 
Major: Comm Mincff: Mgt. 

ACTIVITIES: Hillel-Pres.,Soc. Advance. Mgt.-Tres.,Sp.lnter.Housing Coord., Curry Theatre- 
Ass. Stage Mgnr. Essential Skills Tutor. MESSAGE: Thank you for four years of interesting times I 
^iss ever/one and I will never forget you "Eremiseii"-VF 'Tm telling a joke now'" Borden family auntp 

Greg Coh 

play you have to pay 

Mom & Dad for 

iverything. Life is a game of give and take. If you want to 

..'..^v..^ — uj.umummu..uuBe 

Jodi I. Cohen 

47 Brenway Dr. West Hartford. Gt. 0611 7 
Major. Business Mgt. Minor: Comp. App. 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Volleyball, IMs, Hon. Program. 

Message: "From small beginnings come great things." F.F. Agnes. S.W., Nanny. CO 3 & C.B ; 
MA C. - thanks for the fun S memories Thanks M & D - 1 made it 








Andrea Flaxer 


i H. Fla 

J-4 Atlantic Avenue Marblehead. Ma. 01945 
MAJOR. Communication MINOR: Eng. 
ACTIVITIES: Pub. Rel. Club, CCSAM, Hillel 

VhSSAGE: I'm so glad we had this time together, Just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems 
.'.- just got started, and before you know it, comes the time we have to say, so long. Thanks' 

Natalie Virginia Foley 

4 Rhodes Circle Hingham, Ma. 02043 
MAJOR: Communication MINOR: Bus. 

MhSSAGE. Thank you Mom and Dad Hi Bruce Jen Alicia and Jill Are v 
J'-nni and Cindy-Pub Nights' May your last party never end' 

a'lv that inud'^ Tn 

Marcy Rae Folsom 

Rebecca S. Fiensteir 

8 Bartlett Street Marlehead. Ma. 01 945 

Ml or: Pyschology Minor: Theatre 

Activities: Honors Program, Theatre (Assist. Dir.) MESSAGE; Thanks Mom.Dad&Paula *or 

all your faith and confidence in me. And to all of the special fnends in Curry Theatre without 

vv' om college would not have been the same. 1 love you all. ..Good Luck! 

Ani ta Ferullo 

Ha rold Foster 

Amy Friedlander 

Ro bin Gelo tte 

20 Holmes RD. Lexington, Ma. 02173 

MAJOR: Nursing 

ACTIVITIES: C.C. Nursing Assoc.-Tres., CCNA-fundraising comm. 

MESSAGE; "Don't believe only what your eyes are telling you. for they show limitation. Look 
A 'h understanding, seek with your heart, and you'll find the freedom to fly," 

701 Massapoag Ave. Sharon. Ma. 02067 
Mjjor: Communication Minor: Psy 
ACTIVITIES: Theatre 1-4, WMLN, Hon. Prog. 

■ i; -)SAGE: Thank you Mom, Dad, & D.L- Goodbye to all involved in Gurry Theatre, love ya. End 

S I e v e J. Grudziec ki 

5602AlbiaRd Bethesda MD 20816 

Major. Graphic Design Minor Com Sci / Eng 

Activities: Layout Ed Currier Times, Co-ed Yearbook 1990,91 Honors 

f-l'T.sage: Thank you Mom + Dad, Family & Friends for the time put in and putting up with 
me After all, time ]usl doesn't fade away, it )ust adds to the r 

Jared Hea|y 


Tim Healv 

147 Plain St. Millis, Ma 02054 

Major. Business Management Minor: Pol. /Hist. 

Activities IMs, Battle of the bands winner '90, '91 Host- Roommate game & Name that 

Tune, B. A. C. CM. U.S., Bus. Club Message: Thanks to my whole family, Joe Arsenault, the guy; 

:' /j'->'\- I'ou r,:iri 1 .ilw.-i/'. rjf I wii,-]! yTju want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need 

P a t r I ce Henagh an 

Elizabeth Joan Hieber 

145 Perkins Roe Topstield, Ma 

Major: Communication Minor: Eng. 

Activities: Radio Station, Assist. Sports Director, C. Times 

Messages Mom, Dad, Thanx for all you've done, love you, Johnny Medeiros friends always 
Cam Moply, John Bucyk, Dan Shaughnessy. thanx for the interviews on WMLN, they were great 

Klaus Hobrecker 

Tom Holmes 

Message - Never forget to take timeoul to enjoy life and have fun. 




^.^.....^..^^.^^^^^^i-^Mi^M^AtMimm^^miijmA — ^..^-^. 

J Geoffrey Johnson 

Manchester MA 

MAJOR Business Management 

MESSAGE School is an expensive source of entertainment! 

Nancy Kaplan 

Address 2145 Shendan Road Highland Park, 
Major Business Management Minor: Psy. 
Activities Volleyball IMs 

n 1 ' t imily and Adam, Thank fi 

I II my friends, thanks for 1 tU 

lod Luck 

Sheryl Lee Keating 

44 Brookulay Drive Shrewsbury, Ma. 01545 

Major: Elementary Education Minor: Eng. 

Message: "Few people are successful unless a lot of other people want them to be." Thanks to 

my family, friends, & especially Frank. I love you all. 

Brian P Kelly 

7 Briarwood Ln Burlington. MA 

Major Bus Mgt. 

Message ' Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go. 



24 26 Lopez St, Cumh, Ma, 02139 

MAJOR CommunicaUon MINOR: Mgt.. Women Studies 

ACTIVITIES; Black Student Union-V.P. 

MESSAGE I must say I have enjoyed my stay at Curry It's time to r 
mother Uncle Joey + family. You too Preston x 

Janice Mane Kenney 

18y Fairmount Avenue Hyde Park, Ma. 02136 

Major Sociology/ Law & Society Minor, Women's Studies 

Activities Pres.- C, Council 2,3, Pres.- International Club 2.3, Judicial Comm, 3 Message; Tfiank yo! 

Curry College Staff, and faculty, for all your support and believing in me as a person, and fielping me accomplisfi my 

dreams in life Thanks lo Koslas, my son Konslanlinos, Mom&Dad lor being patienl, and underslanding. I Love You All 

Jo hn Langone 

51 ShurtleH St. Revere. Ma. 02151 

MAJOR: Sociology MINOR: Pol/Hist ACTIVITIES: Ice Hockey capt., IMs 

SSAGE: Mom and Dad-lhanks for eveything you have done tor me I love you. Thanks to all my friends 
making my four years a! Curry a great time. The lun I've had will stay in my memory forever. Corndogs 
-■/pryone MNF with wings at the house CK #8, LC#2, DB#15, ASitA. JCS29, Nelle."AN innocent man." 

fVlolly Lenehan 

elhune Street Apt 4A New York, NY 10014 
Mrijor Business Management Minor: Comm. 
Activities: ARC 1,2,3,4 fvlessage: "Where I came fronn nobody knows. Where I'm going 

■rything goes The wind blows. The sea flows. God knows," Thanks f^/Iom, Wally, Dad, Tim & 
rid': tor .-^ill the support nnd wonderful times "F I." 

Karin M. Lewis 

12 Stetson Dr. fyiarlboro. Ma 01752 

Major: Psychology Sociology Minor: Women's Studies 

Activities; Basketball 2, Softball 2,3,4, W.S. Comm., WMLN 2 Ivlessage: twlom, Dad. And Scott- 1 

love you very much; Thanks for your on going support. Love, Thanks, and Best Wishes: JM, SE Stul, DD. 

JP, IVIlyl, SW, KR. KB. EP. MS & KBCme too"). Love and special thanks to my mentor: Ann Levin 

Christine Lisi 

1 Woodard Rd West Roxbury, Ma. 02132 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: Intnl. Nursing Hon. Soc, Sigma theta Tau, CCNA, Chem. & Nurs. Tutor, Dean's 

List, C. Council Message: "I may be competent, dependable, and effecient, But it I tail '-^ 

mumcate the language of love, I practice nursing in vain." by Roberta L. M--" ■■ 

April LeUeney 

MAJOR: Communication / Public Relations 

/1E3SAGE: Special thanks to Mom, Dad and Trina. I couldn't have done it without your love 
I'irj support. Thanks 10 David, Glenda and Jackie for making these four years so special. I 

David Liltlefield 

5 County St. Foxboro, Ma, 02035 
Major: Business 
Activities: Football 1-4 

Message: We're not here for a long time, just a 
91 . Thanks (or everything Mom & Dad. 

time, Feeldogs Posse, Good luck Class 







Tracy Lynn Matteson 

Ma ry Beth Mattie 

198 Main St., QuJncy, MA, 

KUior: Sociology Minor: W.S- Psy 

Activities: Project Share: Soup kitchen, clothing drives, soap drive, Walk for Hunger 

M< - sage: T L J F ,K A, A.B, J L.P.H.D G, Thanks for all your love and advice Special thanks to 
Phil You taught me a great deal Love ya mam. dad, and Bobby ■'Equal opportunity" Made it" 

E lizabeth McCarthy 

Gayle McMil 

O Box 441 Maynard MA 01754 
Major: Broadcast Communications Minor: English 

Activities: WMLN- FM Station Manager, Alcohol Beverage Committee 2-4, Resident 
Assistant 2-4, AERho 1-4, Milton Community Television 2-4 Message BOWA. BOUJA 
Hum Digqa Never stop searching for rainbows, or chasing your dreams 

Kristen M. Lorden 

1 2 Red Top Dr. West Hartford. CT, 061 1 
Major: Visual Arts Minor: Psy 
Activities: Student art exhibit 

John Mackav 

Lloyd Lane, Huntington N,Y., 11743 
Major: Phsycology Minor: Philosophy 
Activities: Wrestling, football 

Message: Thanx Ma and Dad, good luck to all the great people I've met here at Curry. 

Lucille Markarian 

37 Addison St. Braintree. MA 02184 

Major Psychology Minor Visual Arts 

Message: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. 

Kimberlv McNultv 

54 Willow Street Lowell, MA 01852 

Major: Psychology Minor: Biology 

Activities: RA, Diversity Committee, Project Share, Varsity Softball, ABC 

Message: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

Edward McVeic 

■-Michele Mercuri 

59 Mynck Lane, Harvard. MA 

Major: Politics and History Minor: Concentration on Criminal Justice 

Message: Mom and dad; Thank you so much for all your love and support. 1 love you both so 
niuch. All my friends: Thanks so much for the memories, I'll never forget them, D B Love you 


Cxn thia Lee Messer 

30 Liberty Lane, Keene, N.H. 03431 

Major Communication h/linor: Pol/Hist., Dance Activities: WI\/ILN-FM,Aerho, ARC, Aerobics, 
A.G.B.H.S., IVICTV, AP Awards, NEBA Message: Mom, dad and Mark a family is a most precious 
■- .ource. My Curry family: J.H, M.P.N.F.C.H. B.O.J J,M,S,M.P,J.O,G.H. and Tiger I love you all, "My tears 
:■■■ Tiixed with the sorrow of letting go and the happiness of friends everlasting. 

Ro bin Ann Michael 

Ci-ifk St East Middleboro, MA 02346 

M.yor. Communication tvlinor. Rel 

Activites: S.G.A.,, class secretary1,2, IMs softball, drama club Message; Thanks mom and 

'i-id. Becky & Lisa- Hove U! Thanks, love & luck to my roomies, the guys (A.S,), Never forget- 

Himilton St., Norton, Scholars & Lombard! Love you all and always 'lollow your heart!" 

Che! M oschel 

. ..!(;<-■ I.lom r Dad Thanks for all the support over the years + to all my friends who I" 
,a« It possible... May every little thing be ainght 

Felix Modestin 

George Nowell 

68 Nelson Street Winchester, MA 01890 

Major: Business Management Minor: English 

ActivJtites: Football, Lacrosse Captain for 2 two years, Intermural Sports 

Message: Special thanks to good friends for all the great times and memohes. Thanks Mom 
Dad. and family for always being there. "Feel Dogs Posse" 

KristineD. O'Brien 

24 Roosevelt Drive Bedford Hills, New York 10507 

Major Sociology Mirior: English Activities: AAC ■88-"91. Prog Bd ■88--90. A. B.C. ■88-'91, FSSC 'eO'SI. PFYEC. 

TTFS '90, SAA88-'89. A.R.C. Manager*89-'91 .Student Coordinator of Orientation ■90..O.A. ■88-'91 MESSAGE 

I have the tools lo survive, lo be close to others, to be productive, and lo make sense and order out of tfie world. I 

am me and I'm okay' L S. I Love You fvl, D & l=amily. Thanks Curry and special friends whose support meant tfie 

world. MT,RM,KA,JM,MP,SG,BB,KS.ED. I'll never forget you' 









Tar a D- Palosky 

49 Ceres Street Portsmouth, NH 03801 

MAJOR: Psychology MINOR: Span. 

ivIESSAGE: Four long and very interesting years here at Curry, "What a long strangetrip it's 

Na omi Pasternak 

Deborah Perlman 

One Wandering Way Smithtown, NY 11787 

Major: Education Minor: Psychology 

M(-Dsage: Thanks Mom&Dad for everything! Thanks to my friends, K.M., R.B., R.P., C,S-. 

J H E.D. I love you J.D. 

David Perrotti 

^2 Apple Tree Laa. Woodbridge, CT. 06525 
MAJOR: Management MINOR: Eng. 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, Baseball. Bus. Club 

".'-."iSAGE. Thanks Mom .\ Dad for the supportt Good lucrk to my frneendss S da 

Elaine M. OKeefe 

25 Calvin Road Dedham, MA 02026 
Major- Nursing 

Kathleen O'Sullivan 

Jeffrey Orenstein 

Amy Petitpas 

Tim othy M. Pierce "TIM" 

Darivers, MA 

Mdior Sociology 

Activities: Rugby 3&4 Message: Thank-you Mom, Dad, and my whole family, "anyone can gel 

whatever he wants out of life if he is willing to work unceasingly with discipline and dedication. If 

he refuses to accept defeat, he will achieve his goal!" 1 love Brian and will always miss you. 


Iradley Pk Dr Hingham. Ma. 02043 
I MAJOR: Business Management MINOR: Pol/ Hist 
ACTIVITIES: Hockey1-4, Capt. 3,4, Baseball 1-4, Class rep. 3,4 MESSAGE; Thanks Mom & Dad 
Joua S Courts roommates 2 yrs. JM trash barreii? 12 pk. Courts "SI. Bonne's" Colonels hockey Australia/ 
I Alabam;! Good Tiini;r,' Kris 9/20//89 "When the nighl comes" I love you forever 

I IIM— ^M^^Mh^..- - 

1 Jonathan Sake v 

81 Old Mapie Street Stoughton, MA 02072 

Major: Communication Minor: Psychology 

Message; Each step taken in a new direction creates a path toward the promis 




August Savarese 

4 Brook Lane Chalfont, PA 18914 

Major: Business Management Minor: Computer Science 

Activities: Football, and Intermurals 

Message: Class of 1991- "Best of Luck" Special thanks Mom & Dad Feeldogs Posse 


1 Osceola Path Arlington. MA 02174 
Major: Elementary Ed. Minor: English. Preschool concentration 
Message: Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Joe, I love you! 

Linda B eth Shapiro 

71 Highland Avenue Gardiner, ME 04345 
Major: Psychology Minor: Management . 





Jo-Anne Shea 

219 Thacher Street Milton, MA 02186 

Major: Double major in nursing & psychology 

Activities: Softball- co-captain/pitcher Curry College Nurses Association(CCNA) 

President Sigma Theta Tau 

Message "to i.'\\>-r\ tln' quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts" 

Reqina M. Sheridan 

181 Old Farm Road Millon, MA 02186 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: CCNA Commuter Council Tennis Team 

Message: "Thanks Mom&Dad, It takes hard work to make a wish c 
a dream come true!" 

ality, but when it does, its 

Paul G. Shruhan 

96 Crane Street Dedham, MA 02026 
Major Psychology Minor Sociology 
Activities Soccer and Tennis 

M--. ill- Tl I k r 1 ni rir i Did 1 love you! Friendship & Good Memories 


Con Sisenwein 

Mark Snyder 

164 Windsor Dr. Whitman MA. 02382 

Major Comm. Minor Busi Mgt. 

Activities: WMLN, Curry Wrestling Club 

Message; Good luck to all of my friends at Curry and thanks for all the great times. 


Jod i Ellen Testa 

9h Vere Terrace Livingsti 
Mapr Psychology 

(Message: To my great friends who brought great memories along the years-JI-BJ,MD,MR, 
SW,LA,GP, ST- Good Luck! Stephen- I'll never forget you-ILYFI! Thanks, Mom+dad- I would 
have never made it without you - I Love You!!! 

IVIic helle Lynn Turner 

96 Columbus Ave West Bndgewater, MA, 02399 

Major Comm. 

Activities: The ARC Staff, Intramural Volleyball, Softball, The Business Club, WMLN 

Thanks to all of my dearest friends, w/out you I would have never made it. Thank yoi 
Mom +Dad I Love You " You only live once, so do it all while you can. " 

Jeffre y Vacco 

78 Gilcreasst Road Londonderry NH 03053 

Major Communication Minor Business 

Activities: Varsity football- 4 years Project Share, Vice President 3, president 4, 

Manager Baseball, baseball 4, Recipient "The O'Connor Achievement Award" 

M^^..„«*>/^^^.^^,-,^,,.,^^^^,^,-<.„^,.^^. ~:^..W.^>M-^y.',.-^Al'>}. 


Serge Va: 

/4 BD D'italie Monaco-Monle Carlo France 

Msior: Business Mgl Minor Politics 8 History 

Activities: International Club / Project Share / Young republican / Sei 

Message: Once we leave Curry, the sky is the limit. We have an obligation in reaching i, But in the proci 

lets nol forget to turn around and reach out to those less fortunate. I wish everyone ' God Speed 


ney li 


Nancy E.Men.Waddell 

f'O Box 189 Mayvtile, New York 14757 

Mrijor Elem. Ed / Comm ( double Major ) Activities: WMLN disc jockey, sub-editor Currier 

Times, Intramural Volleyball, Intramurel Basketball, Tutor ( English ) Message: Thanks & 

Love to M&G, CBG, & The Family: Spring Fling 89', 10/22/90, Kelly's, The Kos,&Hamilton 

St Always remember: What we see depends on what we're looking for. 

Matthew Wade 

Shira Weinberg 

Message " All I really need to know I learned in kindergarte 

Christine Whelan 

501 4th Street Ocean City, NJ 08226 
Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology 
Activities: Varsity Soccer- 3 years 

Message: Thanks to my family- Dad, G'ma, G'pa, and Christopher. Without your support and 
lusiasm I would never be where I am today. Thank- you' 


Matthew Winkler 

5606AlbiaRd BethesdaMD 20816 

Major: Communication Minor: Journalism 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1990- lionorable mention All-New England, Sports Editoir- 

Currier Times, WIVILN. 

Photo Shy 

Jill Cu 


5 Kings Road Norwood. Ma, 02062 
MAJOR: Sociology MINOR: Psy-. Eng., Women Studies 

MESSAGE: I want to say thank you to my parents tor supporting me in every way lor the last 
four years. Thank you Curry for letting me be all that I can be. 

Linda Davis 

943 Adams St. Dor, Ma. 02124 
MAJOR: Nursing MINOR: Psy. 

MESSAGE: What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what 
lies within us. 

IVlictiael Kleinstub 

7127 Beacon Ln, Chattanoosa, Tennessee 37421 

Major: Communication Minor: Bus. Mang. 

Activities: V.P. Fresh, class, Pres. Soph class, O. A. 1,2, IMs 1,2,3, A. P. sports award2, 3, 

Var. Baseball 3yrs., MCTV 4, C. Times 1,3,4. 

Message: " Sports is the toy dept. of life" "If you can't accept losing, you can't win." 

Kristin Rae Lamson 

5 Wintergreen Ln, P.O. Box 2887 Brewster, Ua. 02631 

Major: Business Management Minor: Vis. Arts 

Activities: S.G.A. 3,4, Senior Class Rep. 3,4, Fin. Comm. 3,4 

Message: Thanks to Mom, Dad. Deb, Bob, Ah, R.lVl,, L.A., D.B., P.P., Teq. Tues, Lizzy's, J.t 
0,0., C.C. LuvyaMudd 

Kiahs Hobrecker-Londono 

Avenida Piedra Grande #28 Call Columbia, S.A. 

Major: Biology 

Activities: Soccer team, V P International Club 

John Victor ft/ledeiros 

36 Newbury Avenue Fairhaven, MA 02719 
Major: Communications Minor: Business 
Activities: WLMN Asst. Sports Director, Intramurals 

Message: Thanks Ma&Dad. Mom, and the Girls. "Courts," not just a roommate but a good 
friend. See you at "Stocks." "Rhino." Thursday night cases and stiga. Good Luck class!! 

Jennifer A. Morrissey 

3 Cedar Drive Canton, MA 02021 

Major: Communications 

Message: Thank-you Mom, Dad. Susan, and Ed. It's not the end but the beginning 

for us. 

Sarah Mudarri 

533 Pleasant Street Belmont, MA 02178 

Major: Business Management 

Message: Thanks Mom, Dad. Dave, and Jay. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Andy Pys 

Newport, NH 

Major: Communications Minor: Business 

Activities: Football1,2 Baseball1,2,&3 Message: To: Mike Joyce, I leave my golden 

Funnel. To: The Doman. A Free Ticket to the Blades&Boards right After the Bruins win it all i 
"91". To: Kevin Keiley. An Endless Supply of PastaSTunafish' 

Kelly Lisa Richardson 

1 7 Cavernknoll Way Weymouth, Ma. 021 89 

MAJOR: Business Management 

ACTIVITIES: Hon. Prog., Private pilot license- balloon 

MESSAGE: Thanks Mom, Dad & Rick. 

Margaret McDonaqh 

36 Lyman Road Milton, MA 02186 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Sigma Theta Tau International, CCNA, Deans List 

Alex Stathopoulos 

42 Lafayette Street Randolph, MA 02368 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Business Club 

(ngrid Wildhaqe 

70 Wild Rose Avenue So. Portland, ME 04106 

Major: Communications/Public Relations Minor Business Management 

Activities: Newspaper, Business Club, and Tour Guide 











Sheryl Lee 

Drew - One of the world's finest! Our 

hearts are full of PRIDE, LOVE & 

BEST WISHES for you. 

Mom, Dad, John, 

Lisa, Jen, Ed 

Congratulations, Peter! 

We are very proud of you. 


Dad, Mom & John 

Steve Grudziecki 
Matt Winkler 

Our congratulation and praise. On 
your journey in life you will continue 
to be a source of happiness for others. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Congratulations on your accomplishments 

and may the years that follow 

be as happy and successful. 

Mom, Dad, & Heidi 





^^^f -i^A .^Sm 





• •fMIII«lllt«l««lll«« 






Our pride in your achievements is 

exceeded only by our love for you... 

Mom, Dad, Jim, Karen, Joe & 


Dear Lisa, 

Congratulations! Terrific job 

well done! We love you! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Kelly LaFortune 

Remember when life was simple and 

fun. Now time for the real 

world has just begun. 

Love and pride- Mom 

Congratulations Scott! 

We are very proud of you and of your 

accomplishments at Curry. You deserve the best 

life has to offer. 

Love, Mom and Dad 












'The little girl who could', and did! 

A daughter I am proud to call mine... 

Love, Your Mother and Friend 


and the Class of 1991 

Love, Bemie, Carol, and Dave Cohen 

Dear Nancy, 

You are the best! 

We love you. 

Mom & Ged 

You've worked hard, 

Your goal's attained 

Go ahead enjoy your day 

We're proud to cheer you on your way. 

Beverly & Stephen Pasternak 







• ••Mt«l«tll««l««««l«l 




k^i^^kA ^. 



Congratulations, August! 

We're proud of you. 
Good Luck class of 1991 
Love, Mom, Dad, Theresa 

Your first steps were difficult, but 

you were determined. That 

determination has helped to make 

you reach this important goal. 

Dale and Claudia Folsom 

Arlene & Chuck Davis wishes 

The class of '91 all the best. 

Congratulations Mara - We love you. 


You've always had the determination to 

overcome obstacles in your 

gentle and persistent way. 

Congratulations and much love. 

From: Dad, Mom, Susan, Manuel 

and Joe 











Dear Alicia 

We are particularly proud 

of your wonderful accomplishment. 

You should be proud too! 
Kenneth F. & Mary Anne D'Arcy 

Tracy Henaghan 

The word proud describes her parents. 

The words caring, loving and determined 

describe this 

young lady. 

Love you- Mom & Dad 

Congratulations on a job well done! 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Beth- May you always see 

the world through rose colored 

glasses! We Love you soooo much. 

Love, Mom & Dad 







Mary Kay 



Always have high expectations and 

you can achieve all your goals. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Our love and best wishes to 

the Class of 91 

from the parents, 

brothers, and sisters of 

"Bucky" ! ! ! 

Mark, you are and always have been 

our joy .We are extremely proud of 

your accomplishments. Our love and 

best wishes for your tomorrows. 

Mom & Dad 

You made it, PAM ! 

Congratulations and Love 

Mummy, Daddy, Mimi, Caroline 






Marie Michele Mercuric 
You have surpassed every dream 

that we ever had for you. 

May all "your" dreams come true. 

We Love You! 

Mom & Dad 


You commited yourself to 

excellence. You achieved excellence. 

May peace and tranquility be always 


Love, Mom, Dad & Jason 




Life is not what happens to you, 

It's what you do with what happens to 

you. Dream, Strive, but never yield! 

Mom & Dad 

We're very proud of you 

and your accomplishments. You 

are the best a daughter can be. 

Your love is for always. 

John & Dianne Kenney 









Dear Jodi, 

To Robin- 

Congratulations!! You made it 

Excellent, Wonderful, Great, Bravo. 

we're so proud of you! Good Luck to 

Heaven be Praised, Hallelujah, 

the class of 91. Love, 

Hip, Hip, Hooray, Congratulations! 

Mom & Dad Testa 

Love, Mom, Dad, Lisa, Robin, Pepper 

Congratulations Tim 

We've given you love and 

You worked hard and accomplished 

support. The rest you achieved on 

your goal. We are very proud of you 

your own! We swell with pride. 

and knew you could succeed. 
Dad, Mom, Todd, Steph, Jim, Kim, 
Dave, Josh, Jake & Sammie Pierce 

Love you! 
Edw^ard Potyrala 




The Grudziecki's and the Winkler's 

wish the class of '91 long 

friendships and continued success. 

Love, The Grudziecki & Winkler 



We love you. Those beyond would be 

proud of your accomplishments. 

Be true to yourself. 

Reach for the stars! 

Mom, Dad & the Tribe (Giannetti) 

"The game of life is not over 

until you stop playing. 

Remember happiness doesn't 

come from playing, but from within." 

Robert and Susan Heffernan 

To our special daughter Mai. 

We're very proud of all your 

achievements. You've brought us 

immeasureable pleasure. 

Love, Mom & Dad Plath 

^Plnw '^w ^ J^fm^^^m 


m^ f^RroHML/^ .c^^^^^^l 


You make us very proud 

of you and your accomplishments. 

Nurse Christine, We love you! 

Charles & Joanne Lisi 

Dear Cori, 

We are so very proud of you. 

All our love & best w^ishes 

Mom,Ward, Dad & Anita 

Nancy Kaplan 

You've come a long 

way baby - and we're 

proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Robert & Adam 

Nancy Kaplan 

Congratulations Dude! 

Love, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, and 


B-B-Q & Pub Nights 


The President's Reception 

^ ) 

( ^^^^^^H 


The Alumni Dinner 

Rosie O'Grady's 


^Kf^w^ 5" 


9 /iL 

5 • *° 



^ J 

.-^■- '- 



^ ~ r- 


^^^^^^V^B— t:^^^ 



- a 



Clam Bake at the Cape 

Nursing Department Pinning Ceremony 





May 19,1991 GRADUATION !!!!!! ^ 

- H 

'' i^* •' ''' ''''•^^*'>>^-^ "'^ ' ■ i' ."'' 

ft M 

■ ■i^m 


^ Si 



Honorary Degree Recipient, "Baron Hugo" Lira 



1i -^ 


'^' ^HPTW^^"^^ 


f^^^^f a 

; Jj '■;.. -^ >^ 

IlKMiv^BL jB 


Lois Wallace, Kim Sweeney, Peter Troiano, Maryann Ferrante, Bob Murphy & Jostens, Cambridge Studios, 
Evelyn & the Public Relatons Office, Clark Linehan, Mrs. Boonstra, the Currier Times Staff, SGA Executive 
Board, Macintosh Computers, & GRADUATION 

We've attempted much within this book. I hope that you enjoy the unique design, even if it was your 
head that was cut out of the picture Hey- Good-luck M.T. 

So, I'm done. Judy, I still don't want to talk about it. I have to thank the "rents"and M&D and Gram& Bach for being the coolest and 
the extended family of Nay, Cind, D'Os, Ed etc. for being supportive and all that b.s.. Thanks to the people that told me to smile & 
I'd make it through esp, the Cafe gang- you're the best! Then, those dear to my heart that 1 will miss seeing every day; B, Beaner, 
at lunch, the Boyz in Quincy, yes you too Keels. Anyway-Four years of my life, done -luck to you all! Steve baby-we're outta here! 

M.A.P. 91 

Wow, is it all over. The completion of another year and highlighted with another 
yearbook. Special thanks to Martha for being a good sport in dealing with me 
and many of the other 

obstacles that stood in the way. Do you believe it Martha, another one. Thanks 
to all that helped out day and night throughout the school year. Also to those that 
Martha has mentioned above and to everyone else for their support. I think in 
time as moments pass by and everyone is further on down the trail, it will be good 
to know that opening a yearbook like this , takes you back to a place that has been 
a part of what you are today. 
S.J.G. 91 



Copy Editor 
Photo Editor 
Business Manager 


Steven Grudziecki 
Martha Potyrala 
Mary Therese Campbell 
Anne Solomon 
Andrea Kazanjian 
Katy Pryor 
Pia Corona 
Colleen Horan 
Brian O'Sullivan 
Andy Whitely 
& the Donators