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f^-'i'^l '-y' 

_ j£»'^. k 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow 

Curry College . . . 1999 

Milton . . . Massachusetts 

Volume . ..47 

2 • The Roads of Today 

Cufry CoNage Ltbraiy 

1071 Blue Hill Avenue 
Mttton, MA 02186 

To Our Classmate and Friend 

On very rare occasions are we fortunate enough to 
befriend someone like Carline; brave, compassionate, 
mindful, and proud. From her we take lessons in perse- 
vering through life's hardships and, more importantly, 
cherishing all that is good. 

We will always hold dear the time she spent with us and 
are honored to dedicate this publication to Carline St. 
Hubert, Freshman Class of 1995. 

Your friend is your needs answered. 

She is your field which you sow with love and 
reap with thanksgiving. 

For you come to her with your hunger, and 
you seek her for peace. 

When you part from yourfiiend, you grieve not; 

For that which you love most in her may be 
clearer in her absence, as the mountain to the 
climber is clearer from the plain. 

And let there be no purpose in friendship save 
the deepening of the spirit. 

And let your best be for your friend. 

If she must know the ebb of your tide, let her 
know its flood also. 

For what is your friend that you should seek 
her with hours to kill? 

Seek her always with hours to live. 

For it is hers to fill your need, but not your 

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be 
laughter, and sharing of pleasures. 

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its 
morning and is refreshed. 

Gibran, The Prophet, -j^,, 


Carline St. Hubert 
. 1976-1997 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow 

4 • The Roads of Today 

Our Campus 

, ^^^KJSfssi.. 

Hold the Promise of Toniorroiv • 5 

6 • The Roads of Today . . . 



Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 7 

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8 • The Roads of Today . 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 9 




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TO • The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 11 

1 2 • Tiie Roads of Today . . 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow •IS 

14 • The Roads of Today . . 

— -iiiifismlf 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow •IS 

The roads we travelled and the paths we take are all 
part of the journey . The following sections World 
Beat & Millennia Review are an interpretation of 
where some paths have lead our society in this year 
before the turn of the century. Enjoy! 

PS: This is a great place to jot down some of your own 
memories of your years here at Curry College. 

16 • The Roads of Today 

World B 

AP Plioto/John Gaps 


isian mS^endsWflaraarkeirinffl% 

A total collapse of the Russian 

Boris Yeltsin asks Viktor Chernomyrdin to head the government to 

help restore political and economic stability. 

O A discotheque fire in Goteborg, Sweden, kills 
67 teens and injures several more, making it 
the deadliest fire in modem Swedish history. 

Arson is the suspected jaase of the October fire. 

C After a U.N. drug summit in which 
150 countries endorse an anti-drug 
campaign, the U.S. vows to spend an 
estimated $1 billion over the next 
five years on anti-drug advertising, 
corporate and civic partnerships 
and promotion. 

O In a dangerous escalation of hostile feelings in the area, India begins 
nuclear bomb testing in response to Pakistan's testing of the Ghauri missile. 

O A memorial 

commemorating " ^ 
the first anniversary 
of the death of Princess 
Diana and Dodi Fayed is 
put on display in London's 
Harrods department store, 
which is owned by Dodi's father. 

O On September 2, Swissair Flight 1 1 1 crashes in the 
sea in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, killing all 
229 passengers and crew aboard. A cockpit wiring fire 
is the suspected cause of the disaster. 

O In retaliation for the African 
embassy bombings, the U.S. 
attacks a suspected chemical 
weapons factory in the capital of 
Sudan and a terrorist training 
camp in Afghanistan, and launches 
a worldwide search for suspected 
mastermind Osama bin Laden. 

AP Photo/Paul Chlasson 

On August 7, powerful 
bombs explode outside the 
U.S. embassies in Kenya 
and Tanzania killing 248 
people, including 12 
Americans, and injuring 
more than 5,000. 




(> NASA and Russia will conduct 45 missions to 
launch and assemble the International Space 
Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004, the 
station will be powered by almost an acre of solar 
panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. 

AP Photo/John McConnico 

\| r%^' 



O The remains of 
Czar Nicholas II 
and his family, 
killed in 1918 in 
Central Russia 
and buried in a 
mass grave, are 
exhumed and 
laid to rest in 
St. Petersburg. 




C The worst summer 
flooding in China 
since 1954 kills 
3,000 people, 
destroys 17 million 
homes and affects 
one-fifth of the 
country's population. 

C President Clinton becomes the first U.S. 
leader to visit China since the Tiananmen 
Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize 
Clinton for his apparent leniency toward 
China's human rights restrictions. 




Hurricane Mitch 
ravages parts of 
Central America 
and kills more than 
10,000 people, 
making it the 
second deadliest 
storm in the 
region's history. 


> After months of negotiations, Swiss banks and 
Jewish groups reach a $1.25 billion settlement in 
a lawsuit filed by thousands of Holocaust survivors 
to recover lost savings. 





Cf On January 1, 1999, the euro deHs as the new 
currency in 11 European Common Market countries. 
It will be three more years before euro coins and 
cash are officially put into circulation. 

John Hume and David Trimble, Northern 
Ireland's two main political party 
leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize for 
their efforts to end the violence that 
has plagued the British province for 
three decades. 

After a stop In Mexico City In January 
1999, Pope John Paul II arrives in 
St. Louis, Missouri, and celebrates 
Mass with over 100,000 people 
in attendance. 

In January 1999, an earthquake that 
measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits 
Colombia killing over 1,000 people. 

King Hussein of Jordan, 63, dies on 
February 7, 1999, of lymphatic cancer. 
Hussein's 47-year reign made him the 
Middle East's longest-serving leader. 



Convicted killer Martin Gurule escapes death row and is later found 
drowned in a nearby river. Gurule is the first Texas inmate to e scape 
death row since 1934. 

■^ President Clinton becomes the second 
president in history to be impeached. 
The House of Representatives charges 
him vrith two counts of obstruction i 
of justice and perjury. The Senate | 

acquits Clinton after a five-week trial, g 

X?-' B 79331835 C 

O A massive Millennium Clock in New York City's 
garment district counts doym the days, hours, 
minutes and seconds to the year 2000. 

C The U.S. Treasury unveils a new i 
bill designed to be much harder to 
counterfeit and more capable 
SmiJ of withstanding heavy abuse. 


— ^SP?\io« 

O President Clinton declares the entire state of Florida a disaster area 
after fires bum over 300,000 acres and damage or destroy 150,000 homes. 

50 years of work, \ 
the face of Crazy Horse ^ 
is revealed at the South 
Dakota monument. When 
completed, the memorial, 
carved out of a mountain, will 
be the largest sculpture in the world. 

O Sixteen of the 24 glass beads that historians 
believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from 
Native Indians In 1626 are donated to the Indian 
Museum of North America located at the Crazy 
Horse Memorial. 

O In June, African-American James Byrd 
Jr., 49, is chained to the back of a truck 
and dragged to his death in Jasper, 
Texas, by three men, two of whom have 
ties to white supremacists. 

AP PliolivCrazy Horse Memorial. Robb DeWald, File 

O Meittally unstable Russell 
Eugeite Weston Jr. charges 
into tht U.S. Capitol 
building on July 24 and 
fatally shoots Special Agent 
John Gibson and Officer 
Jacob Chestnut. 

O A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 
200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful 
ship's maiden voyage and tragic sinking. 

C Northwest Airlines 
pilots strike for 
17 days in August 
and September 
causing more than 
27,000 canceled 
flights and a loss 

'Reform Party 
candidate Jesse 
Ventura shocks 
the nation when 
he wins the race 
for governor 
of Minnesota 
in November. 
Ventura is a 
former Navy Seal, 
pro wrestler and 
action movie actor. 

O In September, Hurricane Georges crashes through the 
Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes 
the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and 
Mississippi victims receive over $131 million in aid. 

C In response to family pressure, DNA 
testing confirms that remains buried in 
the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of 
Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot 
down in Vietnam. 

AP Photo/Ruth Fremson 

^ J) Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay Student at the 
University of Wyoming, dies five days after being 
brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils 
in his memory are held across the country. 

In summer 1998, North Texas 
temperatures exceed 100 degrees 
for 45 days. The state's heat death 
toll climbs to 132 and fires bum 
over 344,000 acres. 

In August, General Motors Corporation 
and United Auto Workers reach an 
agreement that ends an eight-week shike. 

President Clinton announces the federal 
government ends the 1998 fiscal year 
with a budget surplus of $70 billion, 
the first surplus since 1969. 

More than 280 colleges now admit 
some or all of their applicants without 
regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many 
schools say the system improves the 
academic quality and diversity of their 
student bodies. 

DNA tests determine that Rebecca 
Chlttum was unknowingly switched with 
Callie Conley at a Virginia hospital after 
their births three years ago. This case 
prompts a national debate on the need 
for stricter hospital procedures. 





C NASA's Lunar Prospector finds scattered pockets of ice beneath the 
lunar surface. The presence of water could enable astronauts to use 
the moon as a kind of space-based filling station 

An analysis of Eastern Seaboard 
weather shows it really does rain 
more frequently on weekends than 
during the week, an average of 22 
percent more. Automobile emission 
patterns are the suspected cause of 
the phenomenon. 


O Columbia University graduate student Elizabeth 
Brannon and psychology professor Herbert 
Terrace demonstrate that monkeys can master 
simple arithmetic on at least the level of a 
two-year-old child. "^^ 

Apple's translucent aqua-blue iMac personal 
computer, its first consumer offering in years, 
is marketed mainly for Internet usage and, 
therefore, doesn't come with a disk drive. 
Its popularity soars and it soon becomes 
available in several other colors. 

(> The comet Tempel-Tuttle causes a meteor storm when it passes by Earth. The comet 
will be visible again in fall 1999, after which it won't reappear for another 32 years. 

O John Glenn, 77, 
becomes the oldest 
astronaut when he 
undertakes a space 
shuttle mission in 
October, 36 years after his 
first space flight. Later, Glenn 
retires from a 24-year career in 
the U.S. Senate. 

A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics 
and electrically conducted thread, may soon 
monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the 
elderly and others who are medically vulnerable. 

() A study demonstrates that the more hours 

people spend on the Internet, the more 

depressed, stressed and lonely they feel. 

Michael A- Sciiwarz 

The USDA announces 
that a 25-millisecond 
blast of 270-degree steam 
applied to meat kills 99.99 
percent of the bacteria. 
This process follows 
the unpopular method 
of irradiation. 

O Paleontologists in Argentina discover thousands of 
shards of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Several shards 
contain the fossilized remains of unhatched 
embryos and their never-before-seen embryo skin. 


© 1998 PholoDisc, Inc. 

C Chemistry professor 
Claude Yoder co-authors 
"Interactive Chemistry," 
a CD-ROM that uses 
animation to lead 
students through 
chemistiy problems, 
eliminating the need 
for a textbook. 

AP Photo/American Museum of Natural History, L Meeker 

G Researchers discover a gene that may cause 
the aggressive behavior of "killer bees." 
This knowledge may help tame African 
bees, whose sting has deterred beekeepers 
from tending hives. 


Alan Shepard, 
the first American 
in space, dies on 
July 22 at the 
age of 74. 


Researchers reveal a 
new technique that 
determines the sex 
of a baby before 
conception. This 
technique uses a laser 
detector that measures 
the DNA in sperm cells. 

) On August 12, the $1 billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after 
liftoff. The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense 
Department satellite. 

Astronomers discover and photograph a 
planet outside our solar system that Is 
about 450 light years away from Earth. 

Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory 
discovers that human hair soaks up oil 
from water, which prompts MASAto 
Investigate ways to use human hair to 
clean oil spills. 

In August, renowned Houston heart 
surgeon Or. Denton Cooley performs 
open-heart surgery which is broadcast 
live on the America's ttealth Nehvork 
Internet web site. 

David Scott, who lost his left hand in a 
fireworks accident, receives the first 
U.S. human hand transplant in January 
1999. Scott has regained limited motion 
in his donor hand. 

© 1998 PhotoDisc, Inc. 

Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking 
device, is the latest craze with Japanese 
teenagers. When it comes within 15 
feet of another Lovegety, high-pitched 
beepers go off, lights flash, and the 
"love detectors" display whether the 
users' preset interests match. It's now 
available in the U.S. 

O PlayStation's"' "Crash Bandicoot: WARPED" 
supersedes its popular predecessors. Also new 
is Crash's sister Coco who gallops along the 
Great Wall of China and cruises through 
enemy-infested waters. 

O Furby, the year's must-have interactive 
toy, has a vocabulary of 200 words in 
both English and its own language, 
"Furbish." Furby knows when it is 
being petted, when the lights go out, 
when music starts, and if there's 
another Furby in the room. 

O WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, 
black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and 
non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. 


O Appearing in malls 
in 33 states, job kiosks 
dispense employment 
opportunities for interested 
applicants. Job seekers enter 
their skills and ambitions and 
the machine scans its database 
for a match. 

; Consumer groups a -mand the recall of Olestra from the market, or at 
least rhe adoption of strict guidelines as to its use, after thousands of 
people become sick from eating the popular fat substitute. However, 
studies suggest that chips made with Olestra do not cause greater 
stomach pnjblem* than regular chips. 



O In December, Selective Service 
activates online registration. 
Eighteen-year-olds can now 
register instantly instead of 
filling out forms at the post 
office that take two to three 
months to process. 

As the need for toll-free 
ml^Bfers greatly increases, 
and 888 prefixes already in use. 

Paul A. Souders/© Corbis 



^> A sleek, redesigned version 
of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle 
enters the market. Despite 
a May 1998 recall for wiring 
problems, the New Beetle \ 
is wildly popular. 

Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot 
motif in the fashion world appearing on 
everything from clothes and bags to 
hair accessories and jewelry. 





Cargo pants invade 
stores and become 
the must-have 
piece of apparel 
for teens across 
the nation. 

C For $20-30 a day, trained professionals at 
dog and cat day cares will play with, read 
to, feed and pamper pets in their care. 


1 hN nm~ 

Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can 
cash a check - even for someone 
without a bank account. The machine 
"memorizes" facial features and 
matches them with a social security 
number to verify the user's identity. 

Photo courtesy of 
Mr. Payroll Corporation 


O Pilates, a low-impact form of exercise that uses 
unique equipment and deep stretching techniques, 
becomes popular with men and women. 




1 RoUerblade introduces durable, all-terrain 
in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths 
and rocky trails. The large-wheeled skates 
retail for a cool $600. 

In hopes of reducing the divorce rate, 
the Florida legislature passes the 
nation's first law requiring that high 
school students be taught marital and 
relationship skills. 

In the wake of grim automobile 
|, accident statistics, California is cne 
of several states to pass stricter 
teenage licensing laws. 

-tition, colleges 
and universities are going online to 
offer students a hew way to get an 
education. Florida State and New York 
University are a few jumping on board. 

The ivfl^fmi^ Inlemet user sftetM' 
25 hours a year waiting for web pages 
to load. 



n Tft 

O NBC's "Frasier" makes history 
by winning its fifth consecutive 
outstanding comedy series 
award at the 50th annual Emmy 
Awards. Kelsey Grammar, in the 
title role, wins his third Emmy 
as best comedy actor. 

: Heartthrob George Clooney announces 1998-99 
will be his last season on NBC's award-winning 
television drama, "ER." 





O In November, ABC's "Spin City" star Michael J. 
Fox, 37, reveals he has Parkinson's disease. 
Fox underwent brain surgery in March 1998 in 
an attempt to relieve severe tremors. 

*'C' Trail Burner, a hand-held mouffll 
bike racing game, uses motion 
sensors to turn comers and jump 
hills and water pits. Crashe s inate 
the handlebars vibrate. 


O Tom Hanks stars in Steven Spielberg's 5ai)//!g /"nuate Jfyan, 
an authentic recreation of World War Il's D-Day. The film 
receives 11 Oscar nominations. 

S Adam Sandler stars 
in the surprise hit The 
Waterboy, which earns a 
record $39.1 million in its 
November opening weekend. 



© Kalpesh Lalliigra/FSP/Camraa 

O Britain's best Scrabble players commemorate the 
popular board game's .50th anniversary in October 
by playing in London's Wembley Stadium using 
letter tiles the size of dining tables. 




O Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman 
face off in a World Championship 
Wrestling tag-team match. The 
event pits Rodman and Hollywood 
Hulk Hogan against Malone and 
Diamond Dallas Page. 

O Walt Disney's >1 
Bu^Life is one of 
at te^t 15 animated 
feafOre films tliat 
will flood the 
nation's theaters in 
the next two years. 


(> In May 1998, the much-anticipated movie Godzilla 
opens to disappointing reviews and box office 
numbers. The epic leaves theaters quickly 








AP PholoAVall Disney, HO 

■"'w^v "5 

C In June, Keiko 
arrives in his native 
Iceland to begin his 
assimilation to his 
new surroundings. 
The move concludes 
a four-year campaign 
to release the 
five-ton star of the 
movie Free Willy. 

■H. < 


O Players of Vertical Reality, a combination video game 
and amusement ride, shoot at moving targets on a 
24-foot-tall screen and sit in chairs that rise with 
each successful hit. The winner rides to the top 
for a grand view. 


AP Photo/Courtesy Viewpoint Datalabs 

The wildly popular stars of The WB network's 
"Dawson's Creek" hit the big screen, fibning 
eight feature films during hiatus. Magazine 
covers by TV Guide, Seventeen and Interview 
fuel the craze. 

C The coming-of-age 
drama "Felicity" 
quickly gains 
popularity with 
teens. TheWB 
show revolves 
around a young 
woman and her 
new experiences 
at college. 




AP Photo/WB, James Sorenson 

Dorothy Low/Shooting Star 

iYo Quiero 

(^ Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Smits 
on ABC's "NYPD Blue." The fate of Smits' 
character in his last episode - he dies 
when a heart transplant fails — became 
a source of nationwide speculation. 

faco Bell's talking Chihuahua 
becomes a favorite teen 
advertising icon and sparks a 
surge of interest in the breed. 




Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 
announce their separation in June after 
almost 11 years of marriage. 

The American Film Institute rates the 
top 100 movies of the 20th century. The top 
ten include: Citizen Kane, ^9A^ 
Casablanca, 1942 
The Godfather, ^9^2 
Gone With UieWittil,\iZi 
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 
The Wizard of 02,^^9 
The Graduate, -\9^ 
On the Waterfront, ^9'i^ 

Fans flock to theaters to see the two-minute 
trailer for Star Wars: Episode I - The 
Phantom Menace and many leave without 
staying to watch the main attraction. The 
prequel to the wildly popular Star Wars 
trilogy opens in May 1999. 



C Singer and actor Frank Sinatra dies 
at the age of 82 on May 14, 1998. 

O Sharp and Sony introduce portable 
MiniDisc recorders. This digital 
alternative to audiocassettes records 
customized music compilations and 
doesn't skip when bumped. 

O The Dixie Chicks' Wide Open Spaces is the fastest-seUing debut 
album by a country music group. The group wins the Vocal Group 
of the Year award from the Country Music Association. 

lanuary 1999, the 
group 'N Sync wins 
Favorite New Pop/Rock 
Artist at the American 
Music Awards. 

O Nineteen-year-old Usher is named Billboard Music Awards' Artist 
of the Year and R&B Artist of the Year. Touring with Janet Jackson 
and making television and movie appearances ha.s heightened 
Usher's popularity. 

O Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, better 
known as Ginger Spice, announces 
in May 1998 that she is leaving the 
popular group for creative reasons. 


Swing dancing malces 
a big comeback with 
the help of music from 
bands lilie Cherry Poppin' 
Daddies (shown) and the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra. 



O Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry, 
A Night Without Armor, makes the New York 
Times best-seller list, and her album, Spirit, is 
released in November. 

(^ ■ 

^ % 

— 1& 

■ Shania Twain wins the 
Favorite Female Country 
Artist award at the American 
Music Awards and receives 
six Grammy nominations. 



Monica is the only 
artist in 1998 with two 
No. 1 hits on the 
Billboard Hot m, 
including "The 
First Night" and "The 
Boy Is Mine," a duet 
she sings with Brandy. 

j; The popularity of 
Lauryn Hill's album 
The Miseducation 
of Lauryn Hill leads 
to 10 Grammy 
nominations, the 
most for any female 
artist in history. 
Hill kicks off a 
worldwide tour in 
January 1999. 

Nataiie Imbruglia wins Breakthrough Artist 
honors at the MTV Video Music Awards in 
September. Her album. Left of the Middle, 
features hits "Torn" and "Wishing I Was There.' 


"I Don't Want to 
Miss a Thing," 
from the movie 
becomes the 
group's first single 
to hit No. 1 on 
the Billboard Hot 
100 charts. 

AP Photo/The Hamilton Spectator, Scott Gardner 




O In November, Garth Brooks' new album Double Live enjoys 
first-day sales of over 500,000 copies, the industry's best 
one-day tally Brooks makes special TV and Wal-Mart 
closed-circuit TV appearances to promote the release. 


AP Photo/GB Management, Jenny Yates 

Psychologists discover a connection 
between musical training and verbal 
memory. Children trained to play a musical 
instrument grow up to have 16 percent 
better word memory than other adults. 

Movie soundtracks account for nearly 
half of the Gold and Platinum certification. 
Some of the top soundtracks Include 
Titanic and Return to Titanic, City of 
Angels, Armageddon, Hope Floats, 
Dr. Doolittle and The Wedding Singer. 

Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love 
is her first studio album in eight years. 
The album includes the hit duet with 
IVlariah Carey entitled "When You Believe." 

Actor/rapper Will Smith wins three 
American Music Awards, including 
Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite 
Soul/R&B Album and Favorite Soul/R&B 
Male Artist. 

■ II 

rt s 

Q Sang Lan, China's 17-year-old gymnastics champion, breaks 
two vertebrae during a vault at the Goodwill Games in July, 
leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. 

S Skiboards, short skis with twin tips that 
allow forward and backward jumping, 
debut in competition at the 1998 ESPN 
Winter X Games. 

?■ O Jeff Gordon wins the NASCAR Winston Cup 
J- for a second year in a row. Gordon, 27, is 
i the youngest driver to win three Winston 
£ Cup championships. 

C In March 1998, ESPN launches a 
large-format sports magazine, 
ESPN The Magazine, to compete 
with Sports Illustrated. 

O On January 4, 1999, Tennessee beats Florida State University 

23-16 at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona to win the national championship. 
It is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, created to ensure 
that the highest ranked college teams nationally meet in a bowl game. 

iC's LesleyVjssgL... 
becomes the first 
Oman to report from 
sidelines during 
ionday Night Football," 
1998 Super Bowl, the 
fCAA Final Four and NFL 
playoff games. 

O Defending champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley 
Cup championship, beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. 
Dcfcnseman Vladimir Konstantinov, severely injured in a car 
accident after last year's Stanley Cup win, joins the celebration. 

O Flamboyant sprinter Florence 
Griffith Joyner (FloJo), triple 
gold medalist at the 1988 
Olympics, dies at age 38 in her 
sleep, of suffocation during an 
epileptic seizure. 

AP Pliolu/Siisan A. Walsh 

In a 4-0 sweep against 
the San Die^ Padres, 
ttie New York Yankees 
win the 1998 World Series 
to claim their 24th 
championship. The 
Yankees' 125 total 
victories is a modern 
baseball record. 

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi 

AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy 

O In July, France beats Brazil 3-0 to win its first 
World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a 
motorist drives through the crowd on the 
Champs-Elysees and injures 60 people. 






G Olympic gymnast 
Dominique Moceanu 
is declared a legal 
adult after suing her 
parents, alleging they 
squandered her 
earnings and 
oppressed her for 
years. Later, Moceanu 
is granted a protective 
order against her 
father for stalking her. 

C Lindsay Davenport, 
22, defeats Martina 
Hingis in the U.S. 
Open in September 
and becomes the 
No. 1-ranked player 
in the world. 



AP Pholo/John C 

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer 

St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire hits 
home run number 62 on September 8, 
breaking the record set by Roger Maris 
in 1961. McGwire ends the season 
with 70 home runs. 

iccti 01soii,Peulpr^ 






On September 13, 
Sammy Sosa of the 
Chicago Cubs also 
breaks Roger Maris' 
record with his single- 
season 62nd home run. 
Sosa ends the season 
with 66 home runs. 





O The defending champion 
Denver Broncos meet the 
upstart Atlanta Falcons 
at Super Bowl XXXIII in 
Miami. The Broncos 
win 34-19. 

Golfer Casey Martin, who 
suffers from a circulatory 
disorder in his right leg, 
wins a lawsuit allowing him 
to use a cart during PGA 
and Nike golf tournaments. 



() The Chicago Bulls capture their sixth NBA 
championship by beating the Utah Jazz 
87-86 in game six. Michael Jordan earns the 
Finals MVP award. In January 1999, Jordan 
announces his retirement from the NBA 
after 13 seasons 



On Septemtaer 20, Cal Ripken Jr. 
ends his IS-year streak of 2,632 
consecutive baseball games played 
by withdrawing himself from the 
Baltimore lineup for that night. 

NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 
that causes almost half the '98 -'99 
basketball season to be lost. The 
labor dispute is settled on January 6. 

Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his fifth 
Wimbledon title and remains the 
world's No. 1 player for a record sixth 
straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' 
mark for consecutive seasons on top. 

The NFL season is plagued with 
controversial and incorrect calls. 
Instant replay is not reinstated, but 
coin toss procedures are implemented. 

AP Phot(VEric Risberg 





C Miss Virginia Nicole Jolinson is crovmed Miss America 1999 in 
Atlantic City. The 24-year-old diabetic wears an insulin pump on 
her hip and plans to spotlight diabetes awareness during her reign. 

S Fifty-six-year-old Linda McCartney 
photographer, animal rights 
activist and wife of famed Beatle 
Paul, dies of breast cancer on 
April 17, 1998. 

C After dropping out of the 
third grade in 1902 to^ 
care for her 1 1 younger 
siblings, retired nanny 
and housekeeper 
Eugenie Garside 
finally receives her 
high school diploma 
at age 98. 

AP Photo/Deb Halberstadl 

Hirofumi "The Tokyo Terror" 
Nakajima (right), reigning world 
hot dog eating champion, eats 19 
hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes 
to win the annual Nathan's 
Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog 
Ealing Contest. 

Seventeen-year-old Katie Hnida is 
named Chatfield Senior High School's 
Homecoming Queen as well as starting 
kicker for the varsity football team. The 
No. 1-ranked kicker in the state of 
Colorado, Hnida hopes to play Division 1 
college football next year. 

NBC's "News Radio" 
star and former 
"Saturday Night Live" 
cast member Phil 
Hartman dies from 
a gunshot wound 
inflicted by his wife 
in May 1998. 

AP Photo/NBC Photo, Dave Bjerke 

C Beloved puppeteer Shari Lewis 
dies of cancer on August 2. 
Her creations include her 
trademark Lamb Chop, Hush 
Puppy and Charlie Horse. 

^^ ^/iiin^Virni.. 

O Olympic gold medalist 
figure skater Tara 
Lipinski takes part in 
an anti-tobacco rally 
with area school 
children on Capitol 
Hillin May 1998. The 
rally is sponsored by the 
Campaign for Tobacco- 
Free Kids. 

Canadian Tobin Belanger escorts a 
mannequin to his high school prom. 
He names her Jen, picks out her 
dress and corsage and arrives in 
a limousine. 

lUinnesoian David Weinlicl( 
"advertises" lor a wile and chooses 
pharmacy student Elizabeth Runze 
irom 23 hopeluls who travel to the 
Mall ol America in Minneapolis lor 
the event. Runze and Weinlicl( marry 
the same day. 


O 1999 Jostens Inc. 980254 (1736) 

AP Pholo/Di-nnu Cook 


k<~ 1 r) 


In 1853, chef George 
Crum creates potato 
chips in New York after 
a customer keeps 
requesting thinner 
french-fried potatoes 
The U.S., with over 700 
varieties on the market 
consumes the most 
potato chips worldwide. 

C Slang of the 1800s includes coot, crazy as a loon, 
critter, bub and sis, bully for you, and bummer. 
Popular phrases today are da bomb, cool and phat. 

Germans first bake birthday cakes to celebrate 
children's birthdays in 1200. The candles burn 
throughout the day to symbolize life. The tradition 
of birthday cakes continues with popular characters 
as part of the cake decoration. 

fcj. l . l . fc 

Nine percent of 
households own 
a TV in 1950. 
That number 
rises to 98 
percent by 1995. 
On average, 98 
percent of today's 
teens watch TV 
for 11.4 hours 
a week. 

In 1 120, the first restaurant or "cook shop" opens in Kaifeng, 
the capital of the Northern Song dynasty. Today, McDonald's 
has more than 23,500 restaurants in 113 countries. Americans 
spend 46 percent of their food dollars away from home in 1996 
compared to 25 percent in 1955. 


Conquistadors return to Spam 

in 1527 after finding the natives 

of New Spam eatmg algae, agave 

worms, winged ants, tadpoles, 

water flies, white worms, and 

insect larvae Today, kids enjoy 

candy in the shape of cntters 

C In 1850, Levi Strauss 
invents blue jeans in San Francisco. 
Originally made with canvas, denim 
replaces the material in the early 
1860s The average American now 
owns 7 03 pairs of jeans 

O In 1570, Queen Elizabeth I 
receives a gift of gold toothpicks, 
which are used to clean teeth. 
Toothbrushes do the job today 
with hundreds of options of sizes, 
colors, shapes and bristles. 

Guglielmo Marconi invents the radio in 1895 using 
a crude transmitter Music makes history on TV 
when the Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show 
in 1964. Music continues to make history on TV 
when MTV kicks off in 1981. Today, 68 percent of 
teens watch MTV 5.4 hours a week. 

According to legend, on May 8, 1886, Atlanta pharmacist 
John Perberton produced the syrup for Coca-Cola in a 
three-legged brass pot in his backyard. Coca-Cola was 
first bottled in 1899 and is today's best-selling soft drink 
Americans drink 127 million 8-ounce servings every day. 

C In the 

French court of 
Louis XV, women 
style their hair three feet 
high forcing them to sleep 
sitting up The hair would be 
left m place for months; insects 
and mice would nest in it. 
Today's hairstyles are a little 
more "down to earth." 

Maiy Evans Picture Library 



O In 1374, the entire population of 
a European city goes into a 
pathological frenzy, dancing in 
the streets until too exhausted or 
injured to continue. Slam dancing 
and mosh pits are common manias 
at today's concerts. 

In tlie 1000s, engagements 
are arranged at age seven 
and marriage follows at 
age 12 for girls and 14 for 
boys Today, the average age 
at marnage tor women is 
24 5 and 26 9 for men 

/; > 

e 1918 PhotiiDisc Int 

O Parrots, canaries, monkeys and fluffy dogs are 
the preferred pets of the 1500s. Exotic pets of 
today include iguanas and tarantulas 

4) In the iSOOs, chaperones accompany girls on 
their dates, fa later years, ice cream parlors 
become popular date hangouts. Today's hot 
spots are shopping malls. 

The world 
population in 
1600 totals 545 
million compared 
to over 5.9 billion 
in 1998. The U.S. 
population in 
1790 totals 3.9 
million compared 
to over 270 
million in 1998. 


£j p D rhB 

; UPkCortis-Bettmann 

entertain mo 

•» »* 

pes Naismith invents 
Iketball in 1891 using a 
' soccer bail and two peach 
baskets. Basketball is now 
America's most popular sport 



O Atari introduces Pong*, 
tlie first commercial video 
game, in 1972. Todaj^s 
home video game systems 
include Sony PlayStation®, 
Sega Saturn® and Nintendo 
64*. About 63 percent of 
teens play video games an 
average of 3.9 hours a week. 

t "- 

O In 1920, the New York 
Yankees pay George 
"Babe" Ruth $125,000. 
In 1997, 21-year-old 
Kevin Garnett signs a 
seven-year contract worth 
$126 million with the 
Minnesota Timberwoives. 


i PhotoDisc, [nc. €> Hasbro, Inp. 

t^.Jxiimjfie Passion 
Play at 30 minutes is the 
longest movie produced 
at this time, with average 
films running three or 
four minutes. The 1997 
movie Titanic runs about 
three-and-a-half hours. 

O Joseph Merlin develops 
the first practical pair of 
roller skates in 1759. 
Scott Olson invents the 
modern version of in-line 
skates in 1979. Today, 
41 percent of teens own 
in-line skates. 

O The first roller coaster, built m 1892 at Cedar Point* m 
Sandusky, Ohio, stands 25 feet high and travels 10 miles per 
hour. The Riddler's Revenge'" at Six Flags Magic Mountain'" is 
the tallest and fastest stand-up roller coaster, standing 156 feet 
and hitting a top speed of 65 miles per hour with a maximum 
of 4.2 gravity forces. 




%/ \. 





O Court jesters first appear in 1202. Modern jesters come 

in the form of comedians, such as Jerry Seinfeld whose fc* y 
TV show, Seinfeld, ends its nine-year run in 1998. /^j* ' 

APAVide World Photos 

In 1978, a federal judge rules that high school 
girls may participate on teams with boys. 
Women take further strides in sports with the 
first WNBA game on June 21, 1997. 

. r~-i 

= rjCJ3rj 

Tr^a ve I 

O When a royal Japanese family stains their teeth 
black in 1233, it quickly becomes a sign of beauty. 
White teeth are a sign of beauty today, with 
Americans spending $100 million a year on 
over-the-counter tooth-whitening products. 

Scottish blacksmith 
Kirkpatrick Macmillan 
creates the first 
bicycle, then called a 
velocipede, in 1839. 
Bicycling is a 
competitive sport 
around the world 
today with some 
bikes costing several 
thousand dollars. 

In 1783, it takes Thomas Jefferson five days to travel 90 miles 
using public transportation. Today, the Concorde airplane travels 
at 1,336 miles per hour and crosses the Atlantic Ocean in under 
three hours. 

AI'AVidc World I'hijlo* 


Culver Pictures, IncySuperStock 

O German Karl Benz invents the automobile in 1885 
and Henry Ford begins mass production of the 
Model T in 1908 with over 15 million sold in the 
U.S. by 1930. Over 8 million cars are sold in 
the U.S. in 1996. 

5, Not until the year 1000 did Indian 
mathematician Sridhara recognize 
the importance of zero. Since we 
began counting the years with one, 
rather than zero, the new 
millennium officially starts in 2001, 
not 2000. Excitement is building 
for New Year's Eve 1999, but so is 
the fear that computers may 
recognize the year 2000 as 1900. 

) 1998 PhotoDisc, Inc. 

f> Doctors in the 1000s use an astrological 
chart to determine a patient's treatment 
Medicine is ingested only when the 
moon is in a favorable position. Many 
people today carry on the astrological 
tradition through horoscopes. 

r> Yellowstone National Park, the first 
park in the National Park System, is 
established on March 1, 1872, and 
covers 2.2 million acres. The National 
Park System now covers 83 million acres. 

S. Osolinski/FPG 

> Christopher Columbus lands in the 
Bahamas on October 12, 1492. Neil 
Armstrong walks on the moon on July 20, 
1969. In 1998, NASA begins construction 
of the International Space Station, the 
most complex technological project in 
human history. 

Lawre Schwartzwald/Gamma Liaison 

O Surgery in the 1800s is performed 
on blindfolded patients under no 
anesthesia by surgeons who wipe 
instruments clean. Many people 
now elect to have cosmetic 
surgery. In 1997, 37 percent of 
cosmetic surgery patients undergo 
multiple procedures. 

: >^sr£^Drjs 

O In the 1400s, books 
are symbols of prestige 
and are considered 
treasures due to small 
print runs. People 
trade vineyards and 
herds of cattle for one 
book. Today, the 
average teenager 
spends four hours a 
vfeek reading for fun. 


— issrsTa 


Hold the Promise of Tomonow • 17 


I <S' • The Roads of Today . . . 

. . . Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow •Id 

20 • The Roads of Today . 

. . . Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 21 

22 • The Roads of Today 

Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 23 

24 • The Roads of Today 


Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 25 

\omen s 


26 • The Roads of Today 

Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 27 

28 • The Roads of Today . . . 





- if 





HuT i 

i • A. ....' 

^ i 






-* -^ -^ 

Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 29 

'0 • The Roads of Today 


Lead to the Cojnpetitors of Tomorrow • 32 



32 • The Roads uf Today 

The FaifhFul. . . 

Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 33 

Go Curry 
Go Co/onafs 

Go Carry 
Go Cofonefo 

Go Carry 
Go Cofona/s 

Go Carry 
Go Cofonefs 

Cr ^rry 
Go Colonels 

34 • The Roads of Today . . . 



1 ^^^Hb^^^^ 


5^- ai#SEL «"«••""'. t 



ans . . . 

Lead to the Competitors of Tomorrow • 35 



J u6 jKemories 

>y • The Roads of Today 

Are Paved In Golden Memories • 39 

J uo JJCemorieSj 
^epiemoer ^9S 

^^^^^^K. '^^^^F^'. 


■ T^pK 




' J 


tajMr .^^fl 

40 • The Roads of Today . 

. Are Paved In Golden Memories • 41 

J uo JKemories^ 
Q^ep/emoer ^9S 

^K^-olr^l' ^'"^^^^^ ^^Kr 


9^ J^^' *^^^^S^^^ 



f*,^^ Fi 

42 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Are Paved In Golden Memories • 43 

44 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Une (RJin/er CTiq 

Are Paved In Golden Memories • 4:5 

46 • The Roads of Today 

Une loJin/er Jo 

. . Are Paved In Golden Memories • 47 

7\i6s ! CPu£s ! CPuSs ! 

J^awanan (L)ime 

48 • The Roads of Today . 

Are Paved In Golden Memories • 49 

J\eni ^ Senior 
^ere inea are . . 

50 • The Roads of Today . . 

CPuS! 7h6/ CPuS/ 

CPa^f CPa£/ CPuS! 

Are Paved In Golden Memories • 51 


52 • The Roads of Today . 

Curry College 



Kevin Lawrence Ancker 

Norwalk, CT 

Business Management 

4 years, I did it! Thanks MOM, DAD & family for 
believing in me, 1 love you all. 831 KRISHNA, long 
distance is over. Never forget great times with good 
friends.CLASS "99" "Live life to the fullest" 

Mary Armata 

Andrea Aronson 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single i 
step. Thanks Mom & Dad for the gift that lasts a ' 
lifetime; an education. 

From the beginning til the end, we all stuck to- 
gether. Good Luck Class of 1999 & Nursing! 
I love you SM, LB/ET, SD, JG, BC, AS. 

Margaret Anne Barone 

Milton, MA 
Psychology/ Preschool Education 

Thanks for the memories! JM,BW,KC,JB,SN,BS. 
Peace out to the old crew!lt's finally over. Good 
Luck Class of 1999!!!Thanks for everything Mom + 
Dad and Family 

Shannon Marie Berte 

Pembroke, MA 

Psychology /Sociology 


Dorchester, MA 

I have grown through all the experiences & 
knowledge I've gained at Curry. 1 would like to 
thank God, my parents, my brother, & my 
boyfriend for being so supportive. I love you all. 

54 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Susan Marie Boerman 
Randolph, MA 


ihanks family and teachers who stuck with me 
t my best and worst. I made it! Mom thanks 
or pushing me, I couldn't graduate without 
ou. I'll never forget my proms, Softball, soccer, 
)r basketball. Peace,love and happiness. 

Alexander Bowers 

Thomas Brady 

Danielle Bryson 

Carol Saundra Brown 

Colonia, NJ 

Thanks Mom,Dad, and Nan for giving me this 
opportunitylDan, you can do it too!Lisa, thanks 
for your help and supportljackie, the sister 1 always 
wanted! Eric, my best friend, I love you! 

JuLiSA Burgos Ortiz 

Boston, MA 


To all that have stood by me through 
everything-words can't express. To mami- 
Thank you for being the wind beneath my 
wings.This one is for you. To my family-Thanks 
for the unending support. To Zuni-Now its 
your turn. Love you Beba! 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 55 

Ruben Camacho 

Christina A. Campbell 
Warwick, RI 

Business/Computers/ Women's Studies 

To my wonderful Mother, who i can't thank 
enough for all her love, strength, & support. 
My siblings. Bob & Michelle, & my family for 
all their love. Special thanks to Erin, Amit & his 
american way. Marc, Kathleen,SS,TO,JM, Dean's 
office & Mgt. Dept. 

Nina Carchidi 
Brockton, MA 

Maria Carpinella 

Life is what happens while you're busy making 
plans.Live each moment as if it was your last. 
Folow your dreams, listen to your heart, and never 
say never 

Matthew Chant 

Newington, CT 

To all my friends and family; Thank you for 
all the support and great times these past couple of 
years. Good luck to everybody. 1 will miss you all! 
Now I must leave and start a new life! See ya on 
the other side. 

Mike Chiaradonna 
East Boston, MA 

56 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Scott Clarke 

Sarah M. Clements 

Pelham, NY 
Early Childhood Education 

My family: I love you. I couldn't have made it 
without you. Shirley and Sara: You are a teacher 
and a friend who believed in me. I won't forget you. 
Friends: BH, PP, CC, JS, LT, LD, NS, BL, BW, DT. 
You will be missed, and the memories will be with 

Kristen Clogher 

Hyde Park, MA 

Sheila Cobb 

Roslindale, MA 

Kimberly M. Cohen 

Albany, NY 

To my family:Thank you for your support and 
always being there for me. 1 hope I return it 
someday. To Eric: Thank you for staying by my 
side and believing in me. It means more to me 
then you will ever know. 1 love you guys! 

Rick Collins 

Brockton, MA 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 57 

George Comins 

John Conners 

George W. Costen 

Jaime M. Coughlin 

Dana L. Cronin 

Hyde Park, MA 
Nu ;-s ing RNRSN/Ph ilosophy 

I'd like to thank God, my family and friends for all 
of their patience, support and encouragement. I 
wouldn'tof made it without all of you. I did it Dad! 
Thanks to all of my classmates; we did it together - 

Jonathan Cronin 

Valley Stream,NY 

"Ladies and gentlemen take my advice: pull 
down your pants and slide on the ice" 

Goodbye everyone. It'll be hard trying to grow up 
with you. Thank you EJH...FG,JG,TG,BC,KJM,RC, 

58 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Christine Carolyn Cruikshank 
St. Lambert, Canada 

Counseling Psychology 

Special thanks 2 Mom & Dad I love U Also 
PP,BHJS,ET,LD,EH,SW & every 1 else 1 4 got. Miles 
apart yet only a heart beat away. 2 recall: road trips 
NO MAPS included L/R TMI U didn't want to 
know. The umbrella tree where everything was 
revealed & dirty dancing.. .Literally 

Bryan Culp 

So. Yarmouth, MA 


Tennis, SGA, Orientation, 'MLN Mom and Walt- 
thanks for your support. Joyce and Pete- thanks for 
everything Joe TGould Frank Roy Toy Wax Kristine- 
you're everything I've ever wanted- I love you 

Kevin Devine 

South Farmingdale, NY 

Michael R. Disario 

Brookline, MA 

Criminal Justice 

" The only true success is living life on your own 

Erik William Dodds 

Carlisle, PA 


Ernilee Donahue 
East Bridgewater, MA 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Bro Rob, Sis Cheryl, Chris, 
Allison, Nanna, Bubba RIP. Scott, Keith, The B-Line 
Boys, Chiara, GT, TV Jenn-Forever sounds good! 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 59 

Benjamin M. Donovan 
Newton, MA 


I want to thank all my friends. Amy, your love has 
kept me going. Mom & Dad thanks for everything. 
Waiting for the time that 1 can finally say, this has all 
been wonderful, now I'm on my way. Phish. 

Jami a. Downing 

Watertown, MA 


"You know a dream is like a river; ever changing as 
it flows; And a dreamer's just a vessel that must 
follow where it goes."-Garth Brooks 

I would like to thank my daughter Taylor for being 
my inspiration to succeed; my family, my friends 
and my boyfriend Tim for all their love and support. 

Stagey D. Eaton 

Needham, MA 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support! 

Kara E. Eckler 

Canton, MA 

Jennifer Edwards 

Arlington, MA 

James Faradie 

60 • The Roads of Today . 

Curry College 

Damon James Ferranti 

Waltham, MA 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Jason. Also thanks to all 
my friends, especially: Erika, Jared, Anthony, Mike, 
Jason, Ron, Adam, and Caleb. 

Derek Randall Gannett 

Manchester, ME 


"The earth is 70% water so keep it clean and ski." 
1 thank my family who made this possible, my 
teachers who gave me the skills and expanded my 
mind, and my friends who 1 will never forget. 

Elizabeth A. Caspar 

Watertown, MA 

Jennifer Helen Geiger 

Plymouth, MA 


Christopher W. George 

Class of 1999 

Nadine Gerstler 


I like to thank everyone who has touched and 
shaped my life during my four years at Curry 
College. Time has definitely passed in a heartbeat 
and even though 1 am happy to graduate, I cannot 
help to have a feeling of sadness. For those of you 
that have another couple of semesters to go, 1 wish 
the best of luck. Hopefully we can stay in touch! A 
special thank you to all the professors that have 
showed me their continuous support. Mom & Dad 
- 1 love you. You have made all this possible. 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 61 

Joseph Glauda 

I finally know the sound of one hand clapping. 
Thank you family, friends, and admissions for giv- 
ing me the opportunity to learn at a great college. 
As for my roommates, you guys are the best. I love 
you all. 

Frank Goldbig 

Merrick, NY 

H.B.-Cron's (JEWELS), Chowda (SASH), Waddles 
(U KNOW), Gulp (MON's). Black & Tans, Sam's, 
Guinness. Doti(s), fiubba, wiffle ball. "Bryan you're 
so juvenile" Came in not knovi'ing, now I know too 
much... so what comes NEXT? No Regrets! 

Rachel Beth Goldfarb 

Springfield, NJ 

Sociology: Concentration in Service in the 

Com m un ity/Psychology 

"Live for today, dream for tomorrow, and learn 
from yesterday." 

Mom, Dad,& Josh: Thanks for being my backbone 
and supporting me through the years. I Love You! 

Thomas L. Gould, Jr. 

Hull, MA 

Sociology: Concentratioiu Service in the 

Community & Elementary Education 

Certifcation Program 

"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham 
Lincoln. Thank you Mom & Dad. I love you. Good 
luck in September Nikki. FG, BC, JC, JG, HB 4-life. 
Not goodbye but see you later: HB's, MA, BL, TB, 
AZ, PM, BS, SM, GH. Kendra-in my heart always 
and forever. 

62 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Jeffrey Evan Green 
Clarks Summit, PA 


Florida group had a blast never going to forget it. 
To all my other friends, 1 hope I will run into you 
one day on the street but until then, hove fun and 
good luck. 

Tina Marie Guerin 

Watertown, MA 


Thanks for all the memories! 

Curry College 

LizBETH Hall 

Craig R. Halwachs 

Vestal, NY 

Psychology: Concentration in Elementary 

and Special Needs Education 

Thanks Mom, Dad & Kristen for all your love and 
support. Thanks to Curry College for making a 
difference in my life. 

Rebecca Harper 

Jesse Nguyen Van Hung Hawkins 
So. Strafford, VT 

Visual Arts 

"25 years of my life and still I'm trying to get up that 
great big hill of hope for a destination..." 

Song title "What's Up" - 4 Non Blondes 

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me through 
the tough times. Thanks to my three sisters Caitlin, 
Sarah, and Annika for all the help. 

, Class of 1999 

Rebekah Haynes 

Erin Huyler 
Foxboro, MA 


Throughout my journey, I've met many unforget- 
table people. Some 1 still know, and others have 
moved on. 1 have been inspired by teachers, and 
loved by friends. Thanks to my parents for always 
having the courage to believe in me. 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 63 

Susan Iacono 

Erika L. Illingsworth 

Bangor, ME 
Communications/Politics & History 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. 
Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts 
and we are never, ever the same." 

Thanks Mom and Mark for all your support. To 
Damon, Jill, Tara, PBH and JSM, I leave Curry with 
happy memories because of you. 

Dennis Patrick Keenan 

Rockland, MA 
Criminal Justice 

SGA 1-4, Baseball 4, Tennis 3, Basketball 2. 
Thanks Mommy, Dee, & Shawn for your support. 
Katie you will always be a part of my heart. Mom, 
for ever my inspiration. My friends and family, I 
appreciate everything. Good luck to all. 

Tara Ann Kelleher 

North Weymouth, MA 
Criminal justicejPsychology 

Thanks Mom & Dad, my inspiration, Steve my 
hero, Joe my B/F, Frabis my heart, I love you all! 
KG: Someday Jacko! JM & KA: Sugarshack! JLB te 
amo para siempre! Thi thanks. EI: Thanks for your 
friendship. FT, EH, LT, AM, NG, & SG, smile w/da 
risin' sun! 

SusANNE Kelly 

Christy A. Kerbel 

Auburn, MA 
Communications/Public Relations 

Years turn to days then minutes 
So rhany fears, So many tears 
One last hug to hold forever 
One last smile - to remember 

64 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry CoUes.e 

^ f» 

Amit Khemani 
Daman, India 

Business Management j Communications 

N'hai gives me inspiration is a quote by Thomas 
\lva Edison: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% 
cierspiration." I have worked very hard at Curry 
ind I have gained a great deal. Thanks to Essential 

Heather Jean Kyff 

Yonkers, NY 
Education/ Sociology 

Jake Lamont 

Arlington, MA 
Graphic Design 

The END of a GREAT 4yrs is here w/unforgettable 
memories.Mayflower w/ LR HC ES SE KL JC AB 
MK CV JD & 2nd floor futon w/ BS MA SS KM Luv 
U guys. Thanx Gram, Grump, Dad Mom Sarah 
Bekki Karen All U made it possible! 
Luv ya!! 

Brie Laricchia 

Ridgefield, CT 


Some people come into our lives and quietly go. 
Some stay for a while and leave footprints in oXir 
hearts and we are never the same." -Anonymous 
To Mom, Dad, Nina & Simone, 
'Only where the heart is can treasure be found." 

-]. Barrie 

Class of 1999 

Alicia G. Lawson 

Boston, MA 

Business Management! Advertising 

Prof. Silver: Thanks for your support & guidance. 
Carline, Sabina & Efua: Stay fly! Gentry, Keep 
making that money! Chuck, when you go to class, 

Amy LeBeau 

Hold the Promise of Tomorroio • 65 

Kymberlee J. Lessard 

Criminal JiLstice 

Thank you. Mom, Dad, Family, Friends, Miah & 
Mandy, love you all. Sully let's straunder. Good 
luck Girlz. Nobody can be exactly like me. Some- 
times even 1 have trouble doing it. 

William Lopes 

Falmouth, MA 
Health Education 

I would like to thank everyone that helped me 
through the semesters at college. Thank you Mom 
and Dad for believing in me and supporting me. 
Thank you Nadine for you understanding and pa- 
tience through my major. To all my friends, the best 
of luck in school and the real world. 

Kelly MacEachern 

Angela M. MacLeod 

Brockton, MA 


Thanks family for your support. Love you. Bob, 
Corey, Colbey, and Cameron. Good luck nursing 
class & JJ. Thanks God for getting me through. 

Peter Magazzu 

Natick, MA 
Business Management & Crimiiml Justice 


Michael P. Manganaro 

Halifax, MA 
Business Management 

I want to thank my parents Skip and Claire w/o 
your confidence & support I wouldn't be here. To 
the love of my life, Jen, 1 love you. 19, 30, 14, 20. 
Keep in touch. Sal, 1 love ya, thanks for everything. 
JG, SD 1 miss & love you. Bye Curry. 

66 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry College 

Todd Ryan Martin 

Saugus, MA 
Criminal Justice 

David McAleer 

Ipswich, MA 


"Every journey has a secret destination of which 
the traveler is unaware." -Martin Buber. 
Thanks to my family - Mom, Joe, Dad, Kevin, Erin. 
Love you all. Thanks to all my friends for the good 
times. Good luck to the Class of 98 & 99. 

Jennifer McCarthy 

Rahway, NJ 

Psychology lElementary Education 

"A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, 
makes all the difference." 

Thanks Mom & Poppie, w/out you 1 wouldn't be 
where I am today. Mike, I couldn't have made it w/ 
out you. Thanks to my friends. 

Joseph E. McCarthy 

Milton, MA 
Politics & History 

TBT, Curry Rugby #1, Stratton Mtn., Flag Day, 
Puerto Rico, 193 Fairmont Ave. Lump. Beast of the 
East Rugby Tournament, Trees, TBT. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

LoRi M. McGrath 

Allison Dian McManus 

Clinton, CT 


"The grand essentials to happiness in the life are 
something to do, something to love, and something 
to hope for." - Joseph Addison 


Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 67 

Kristen McNeill 
Easton, MA 


It was a short adventure, but a great one. To Erin 
and Jake, How many pages? Dr. B., you are a life 
saver! Thank you! To the theater crew and the few 
I got to know. Take Care, Smile :) and good luck! 

Erin T. Mitchell 

Westwood, MA 
Business: Accounting Concentration 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, I couldn't 
have done it with out you! Thanks to my family and 
friends, especially: Christina, Marc, Amit, JM, JB, 
SW, and JF. A special thanks to the mgt. dept. for 
believing in me. To Joey: Thanks for everything, 1 
Love you! 

Jennifer Monaghan 

Mel Ann Mulrlld 

Wilton, CT 

Communications/Criminal Justice 

Sean Patrick Murphy 

Fall River, MA 
Sociology /Criminal justice 

Monica Dee Myers 

St. Louis, Missouri 


"In life what sometimes appears to be the end 
really a new beginning." 

68 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry College 

Susan Marie Nadeau 

Windham, ME 

Visual Arts: Graphic Design Concentration 

Janice H. Nihill 

Marshfield, MA 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Paul, Joey, Eich & Fix for all 
your love and support. I Love You All. Larry, 
thank you for believing in me & making my dreams 
possible. 1 couldn't have done this w/out you. I 
love you. 

Sean Patrick Nolan 

Wellesley, MA 

To all my friends and family who have made this 
magic carpet ride at Curry College so special. 1 
thank you. To Mom, Dad, and my sister Meghan: 
You will never know how important you guys are 
to me. 

Rachel Noriscat 

Dorchester, MA 
Health Education 

Michael Osso 

Ikuho Ota 


I want to first thank Linda Jarvis-Randall for all the 
things she has done for me. I also want to say a 
special thanks to my boyfriend, Matt Morse for 
always being there for me. I love you! To everyone 
else, stay cool, and good luck in the future. 

I wish to thank Curry College for my great experi- 
ence. Iku. 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 69 

Jason Ouellette 

Patrick Peterson 

Elizabeth Anne Pierce 
West Roxbury, MA 

John Pipia 

Sarena Renee Quemere 

Cohasset, MA 

Commiinications/Piihlic Relations 

It's timu lo make our dreams come true. Thanks to 
everyone who made this possible, especially you 
Mom. Keep smiling. 143. 

Jared Redford 

70 • The Roads of Today . 

Curry College 

Christopher Reino 

Drew Elliott Reynolds 

Cromwell, CT 


Hey Mom, you can now stop counting. From 009 to 
340, it was an experience. Dad, Jeff, Stacey, you 
guys are the best. Once again . . . I'm Drew and I'm 
outta he. hea. hea, here. PS: Darra I love you sooo 
much, thanks. 

Paula Jean Riccelli 

Brockton, MA 
Business Management /Dance 

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one 
is to succeed." - Corita Kent 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible for me. 

Juan Rivera 

Marc Allen Rodliff 

Brookline, MA 

Management- Accounting 

"At times college was stressful and at other times it 
was fun, but overall I had a great time. I will have 
many friends for a long time." 

Thank you Mom, Dad, friends, professors, tutors 
and staff for helping me throughout my four years 
at Curry. 

Katharine R. Ross 

Newton, MA 
Criminal ]ustice/Psi/cholog\/, English 

A dream is an everlasting reach for hope. Mom & 
Dad, I love you. Thanks for everything. AJR may 
dreams come true. Never forget BW, NC, LM, MM, 
BF, LT, CCC Champs 97-98, FLA. 95-98, DK & Fam. 
Luv 2 all, Softball Fr-Sr. SGA So-Sr., Good Luck 
Class of 1999. 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 71 

Aaron Roy 

Michael Salzman 

Debbie Saunders 

Whitman, MA 

Psychology: Concentration in Elementary 

Education and Special Education 

Soccer 4yrs w/an inspiring coach "Sugar." Junior 
year w/ KM LD KF NW JF TH MH. "The 
Whistlestop" Best + Fun times w/Babs + Mackay! ■■ 
'Poo Time' 98 w/ BS CB+HB. Timson! Kilhngton, > 
Florida, and Cali w/MS!! Senior week 98 w/the« 
crw. 'WINE' Sr yr w/ DB; BS. -OATES- 

RoBERT W. Saunders, Jr. 

New Haven, CT 


I thank God, Mom, Dad, my siblings, Saunders, 
Williams, Gaston, Bryson, Perry Families. Michelle, 
TAJB, Rippy 111, CT FAM, QA, jF, LB, DB, Curry 
College friends. Foes, Staff, UCONN CHAMPS 

Brian T. Schaad 

Sherbom, MA 

Politics & History 

English, Communications 

What his distant eye sees who knows why you start 
re-discovering your heart but you do it again and 

I also want to thank my family for their support. I 
want to thank all ovc my friends too. You know 
who you are. 

Michael Sera 

72 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry College 



L .s 


Wendy Shank 

Kendra Eileen Shaw 

Islip, NY 
English/Elementary Education Certification 
Mom& Dad, thank you for believing in me. Darren, 
Jesse, good luck in everything. Love ya. thanks to the 
boys and girls that made my time here extraordinary: 
MA, JM, BL, AM, RG, AM, JB, TB, FG, SM, PM, TF, AP, 
OV. Erin, my trouble partner,. Laura &c Karl, BFF, 
Chuck I can beat you up! Tom, my Uf e is complete love 
you always remember "Wlien things go wrong, as they 
some times will, rest if you must, but don't you quit." 

Naomi Shidahara 


Visual Arts 

My time at Curry College was the best and my 
memories here will last a life time. "It was real" 99. 

Amanda Jean Simpson 

Northford, CT 

Mom & Dad You are truly my inspiration, I will 
always love you both. JY Never forget our road 
trips, and the fab five, I can't wait for next season. 
AM we finally made it through. Thank you for your 
endless support and advice. MN Your undying 
love has shown me the way for the past four years. 
Best of Luck to CA, JB, JF, NM. 

Laurie Southmayd 

Amy Sozanski 

Revere, MA 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 73 

Kathleen B. Spear 

Framingham, MA 

All love and thanks to God. My Angels: AP, BC, 
DG, JG, LF, LT, PK, PM, TA. - 1 love you all. For 
guidance and unconditional support: Mom, Dad, 
and Tricia. For being my mentor: Dr. Thoharides. 
Thank you all for I have truly been blessed. 

AisHA Charlene Springer 

Roxbury, MA 


Commitment and Patience gave me strength 
through college. My love to my son Tevon, Mother, 
Sister Cheryl, Brother Justin, Fiance Ivan, Aunt 
Melda, Family and friends for all their support. 

Jonathan J. Stempien 

Meriden, CT 
Sociology /Education 

Thank you to my family for your support. 
CC, ET, PP, RH "MOM" we have been through hell 
and back. To my other friends, it was fun. ET, MM, 
LB, JG, GC Florida was great. GC watch out for that 
tree. Good luck to everyone in the future. 

Michael Tanton 

East Rockaway, NY 

"Life consists not in holding good cards, but play- 
ing those you hold well." 

Greg Tomasello 

Elaine Trigo 

74 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Douglas W. Tupay 

Killingworth, CT 
Politics & History 

Thanks for all the memorable times with my friends 
here at Curry & WNEC! ! 3 years of memories in one 
house; 900 house. Thanks to my parents, Patty, 
Jayne-Marie, Jayne, Nicole L., Brad. Where's Clark? 
To all of my friends. Bye! APPLE PIE!!! 

Elizabeth Twiddy 

Wycoff, NJ 
Preschool Education/English 

Thanks to my family who has done so much for me. 
BH, CC, PP, JS . . . we've been through so much bout 
got through it together, you all mean the world to 
me. Thanks to everyone of my friends. You all have 
meant a lot through my four years. 

Oliver Vil 

Queens, NY 

Business Management: Concentrations in 

Accounting & Finance 

Richard Waldeck 

Christine Elizabeth Woods 

Plympton, MA 


"For 1 know the plans I have for you," declares the 
Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 
29:1 1 . Glory to God, He even has a plan for me! 


Elizabeth K. Wynne 

Wollaston, MA 
Communications /Sociology 

"For those who dream, there is no such word as 

Thanks Mom for all your love and dedication to 
help make my dreams a reality. 
To my friends, thanks for everything. SC, SN, MB, 
EC, JU, AZ & AF. Jon- you are my everything, I love 
you always and forever. 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 75 


Sean Cronin 

John Paul Geoghegan 

Greg Hood 

Camarillo, CA 
Politics & History/English 

I would like to thank my parents and grand- 
parents for all their help and support. I 
would also like to thank the professors who 
helped me get to where I am today. I will 
ne\'er forget all the good things I had here. 
Thank you to all of my friends. Good Luck. 

Phill Josephy Kennedy 

Billerica, MA 
Sociology: Criminal Justice 

Thank you Mom and Dad. 
Where is my Jeep? P3 

Jill Marie Wawiernia 

N. Oxford, MA 
Psychology /B iisiness 

The endeavors I have faced do not come 
close to the ones I will have to face leaving a 
place full of people that have given me so 
much. I will never forget my C.C. staff, E.I.- 
for all our fun times. The H.H.R. and "]." 

76 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Curry College 



Hold the Promise of Tomorrow 


78 • The Roads of Today . . 

. . . Bring Us To Our Friends of Tomorrow • 79 

Student Government Association 


A candid look . . . 

80 • The Roads of Today 

Bring Us To Our Friends of Tomorrow • 81 

82 • The Roads of Today 

■ aiB 

Bring Us To Our Friends of Tomorrow • 83 

Clubs and Organizations 

oin our group 

• • • 

Alcohol Beverage Committee (ABC) 

Campus Activities Board (CAB) 

Commuter Club 

Currier Times 

Curry Arts Journal 

Curry College Nursing Association (CCNA) 



International Club 

Management Forum 

Martin Luther King Society 

Multi-Cultural Club 

New England Adventure Society (NEAS) 


Project Share 

Student Ambassadors 

Student Government Association (SGA) 


84 • The Roads of Today . 





Wr ^Mi^J 

' '-^ i 



■ V * '■'" '■"# 

#■ % 

Bring Us To Our Friends of Tomorrow • 85 

Blood Drive 

86 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 87 

Dedication Ceremony 

Curry College 

Student Government Center 

Saturday, February 17, 1999 
at Eleven o'clock 

SGA History 

The former residence of the Cogliano family is now the new home of 
the Student Government Center (SGA) at Curry College. The 
colonial style home was built in the 1920's at the junction ofRts. 138 
and 128 in Milton, MA. The house remained at this location until 1956 
when the house became an obstacle in the Rt. 128 construction project. The 
Cogliano family decided to search for a new location for their existing home, 
rather than -purchase a new property. Their search proved successful and 
they moved their house just down Rt. 128 (then a dirt road), to Blue View 
Nursery at the junction of Rts. 128 and 95. The house remained at this 
location where Mr. and Mrs. Cogliano raised four boys (Gregory, James, 
Matthew and Frank) and one girl (Elaine). In 1997, the Cogliano family 
decided to sell the land, but reatin their home. Shortly after the sale of the 
property, the family began the process of offering their house to a new owner, 
provided the house was moved to a new location. Curry learned of the offer 
and gladly accepted the house as a perfect fit with the charm and homey 
character of the campus. On May 31, 1998, at approximately 2:00 a.m., the 
seven room, two bath, colonial was moved to Curry College. Shortly after 
the move a foundation was constructed behind the Office of Student Affairs 
that connnected it to the existing structure. The finished project created 
additional office space, a receiption area and a larger space for the Student 
Government Association. The donation of the Cogliano family home to 
Curry College was a wondeful gift and has proven to e an appreciated asset 
to the college. 

88 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 89 

Leadership Conference 

90 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Faces Around Campus 

.. Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 91 

Jack Vallely Dedication 

92 • The Roads of Today 

October 24, 1998 

. Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 93 

Day by Day . . . Night by Night 

94 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 95 

96 • The Roads of Today . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 97 

98 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 99 

100 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow •101 

102 • The Roads of Today . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 103 

IBB . 



• . p^ 



h- „^r^ 

^^B L^^l 


104:* The Roads of Today . . 

.. Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 105 

Day by Day . . . Night by Night 

106 • The Roads of Today . 

... Hold The Promise of Tomorrow •107 

Comedy Night 

108 • The Roads of Today . . 



A, ^i>'J^ 

^.^h^ jMl^t f^^~^ ^EM 

WB^F'" ^"t^^^ ^JH^K ' ffiH 

HoW T/zg Promise of Tomorrow • 109 

110 • The Roads of Todai/ 

... Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 111 


111 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 113 

114 • The Roads of Today 

..Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 115 

116 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 117 


118 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 119 




-1- -^ 
HI c^ 



^^ 1H| 


f 1 

^^^H^ ■ 


y ' H 


rf "-^ *^^ *-^| 


■ <! 





1 1 

kiflK-rJB "^ 



|_ P 










120 • The Roads of Today 



1 , I 





... Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 121 

122 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 223 

Nurses Pinning Ceremony 



^^^; -■ . ' . .-a •• 

' t ^ ^^ 1 


■■ i^lS ^ 

^B^^^^B. ifii 

f%, ^ %--± 

^ hi V 

^^^HH^k f ** 

224 • T/ie jRoflrfs o/ Torfay . 


Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 125 

126 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow •127 

128 • The Roads of Today . . . 

... Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 129 

President's Reception 

^w^flLimBa m' m^'T-'^- 4 




230 • The Roads of Today . . . 

.. Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 131 

**•■ I i 

132 • The Roads of Today 

li^- iilliiililii 

'' ''^'^H— •> 



HoM T/ze Promise of Tomorrow •133 

Fun In the Sun! 

134 • The Roads of Today 

... Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 135 

136 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 137 


138 • The Roads of Today 

Hold The Promise of Tomorrow • 239 




k / 



\%^^^^^^ -■ ■ 

140 • The Roads of Today 





^^v zv ~ -"^^f^^t^^^H 



O^BBBW^H^^K^pli^V' "^^^H 


^^^^^H^f / JH 

Ho/d T/ze Promise of Tomorrow • 141 


f^ W^ "'" 5 - J 


.^^^^H ' -.sJl 

142 • T/ze Roflds of Today 



^m w^ -. 1 . ^ 






«; yi^^^^^ ., ^^H 



■ J'^ . 




^ ' ^ 

. ^■:::.^ 


Ml •■ 

A '--^ 

^* »«^ 

Ho/rf The Promise of Tomorrow •143 









144 • The Roads of Today . 


congratulatory ads 


Sean Nolan 

Congratulations on Your Outstanding 
Performance at Curry College! 

You Have Grown. You Have Experienced. 
You Have Achieved. 

But You Have Not Changed. You Are Still 
That Same Warm, Loving, Joyful Spirit You 
Were From Your Earliest Moments of Being. 

May You Continue on Your Journey of 
Success. And May You Never Change. 

All Our Love, All Ways, Always 
Mom, Dad, Meg, Your Proud Extended 
Family and Your Legion of Friends 

146 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Amtt Khemani 

Your commitment to success has been an 
inspiration to all of us. ^Ne are proud of your 
fine work ethic and your resultant 
accomplishments. Thank you for lighting 
up our lives! 


Mom, Dad, Sumit, Anne, Chris, Sarah, and 


Rachel Goldfarb 

Congratulations! You light up our lives as you do others with 
your sweet, caring and loving ways. 

You're the best sister a brother could have and the very best 
daughter a mother could ever ask for. You are the sunshine of our 

Treasure this special moment and capture the wonderful feeling 
of pride, happiness & accomplishment. 

Climb the highest mountain and create a beautiful world of 
tomorrows for yourself. 

All our love. 
Mom & Josh 

Brie Laricchia 

Brie we love you very much 
Remembering you as our little girl. 
It makes us so proud to see you now. 
Enjoy a happy and successful future. 
Good Luck, 

Mom and Dad 

Tina Guerin 

Tina, you've gone from pigtails to proms, 
to a career in Nursing. You've come a 
long way. Congratulations! 
We're proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Kelley & Amy 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 147 







landscaping & lawn services 
Todd Stempien 269-6575 

Patricia R. Stempien 

Business Manager 

140 Green Road 

Meriden. CT 06450 

(203) 235-9810 

FAX (203) 686-0812 

!^ ■(! IS Rl V iRIS stun s 




(303) 237-2771 
FAX (203) 235-5283 

Suzanne Stempien 

Assistant Food & Beverage Director 

Albany Marriott Hotel 

Ifl9 VVoll Road 
AUianv, NY I220'> 
r)18/4")'8-8444, Lxt. 6622 
518/482-7809 Fax 

^tempten JIfuneral JSome 

450 BROAD ST. 
MERIDEN. CT 06450 



14:8 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

\/^V CI^/Ja) s Jtjs 

^F^/^y.oc^& Bay 
■^'To yajiAj3> /^aJ 

-^ //I2> 7^16 CAji£ /fss/eMs:^ . 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow •149 

150 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry College 

Susan Nadeau 

We are so proud of you. 

We love you more than words could 

express. Congratulations! Sue. 

Mom and Dad 

B^ipr ■* '*^^H 

Tara Kelleher 

Congratulations TARA! 

We are all very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Stephen, 

Joe & Kathleen 

Michael Disario 


We are very proud of the man 

you have become. Remember: 

Success is the journey not the 



Mom & Dad 

Jarked Redford 

Congratulations Jarred, we are so proud 
of you. You have brought so much joy 
into our lives. We wish you all the 
success and happines you deserve. 
We Love You, 
Ma & Shane 
Todd, Lisa & Sebastiana 
and Gregg, Laurie & Katelin 


Jason Ouelette 

22 yrs ago you were our first born 
son and you always reached for the 
stars. From cub scouts to hoy 
scouts, baseball, basketball and yes 
of course football - you always were 
involved. Now you have 
accomplished your dream — we are 
so proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, Scott & Michael 



Da Santos 


pmn "^ ^ ^^^B 

Congratulations on all of your 

^^njw ^9 

accomplishments. We are very 

Ww^^Wij ^ 

proud of you. 

1 aL Ib^ 

We love you! 

1 ^tajyi^^ 

Mom, Dad, Titi, 

^^^^^Hk/ Auntie Lee & Uncle Eddie 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 151 

Carol Brown 



Were so proud of your accomplishments and your 
amazing determination to meet your goals! 
Congratulations and 3 Cheers to you! The best is yet to 
be! Time to celebrate! 

With Much Love, 

Mom, Dad, Nan, and Dan 


R ^^^H| 


' ^ 

151 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 

Kendra Shaw 

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments great 
and small. We know how hard you have worked, and 
we are very proud of you! You are in our hearts & 
thoughts every day I 
Keep chasing your dreams! 
We Love You, 
Mom and Dad 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 153 

Robert W. Saunders, Jr. 

See this man 
Know this man 
Embrace this man 
Pay this man 
Believe this man 
Trust this man 
Love this man 
Fray this man 

You could leave 

the ghetto 

But the ghetto 

is not gonna leave you 

It's in you forever 

If you kee:p in touch 

Dedidcated to my Mother, Father, Brother, Son and the rest of my 

family and friends. 
Love y a, Rippy,Jr 





^HLtt^^i^Hp' ~4^B 

P^^ ^H^^^p||[^V:.-«^ JERK'S 

' ^ ^0 

Li ■ ■' ^ '>^' WSKK^^ 

154: • The Roads of Today . 

Curry College 

Sarah Martin Clements 

Sarah, you've worked very hard and 
accomplished so much. We are very 
proud of you. Congratulations! 
With all our love and 
wishes for happiness, 
Mom, Dad and David 

Frank Golbig 


It has been a joy to have you in our lives. We 
are very proud of you. Hang on to your dreams 
and high ideals. 

We Love You!! 

Mom and Dad 

Dennis Keenan 


Congratulations on all you have accomplished. 
We are so proud of you. Keep on following 
your dreams. The world is yours to conquer. 

Mommy and Dee 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 155 


Congratulations on your accomplish- 
ments. You have given us so many 
proud moments. Keep up your good 
work and hang on to your dreams. 
We are so proud of you. 
We love you. 
Mom - Dad - Sister 

156 • The Roads of Today . 

Curry College 

p»^- ■■" 

m| " 


Ricky, you have been one of our precious 


■s ^v* ' 

gifts in life since you were horn and no 



family have ever been more happy and 


proud of a son than we are of you. 


k. j#*' ^^^^^^ 

Keep doing your best and hang on to 
your dreams. 



We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Henry 

Maria Carpinella 


You have been the center of our world 
since the day you were born. We are so 
proud of you and thank you for all the 
happiness you have brought into our 
lives. Stand by your beliefs and go for 
your dreams! Congratulations! 
We love you. 
Mom & Dad 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 257 


Every day we become more and more 

proud of you. Congratulations on 

this special day! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Jejf, Gaga and Grampa 

Gregory Hood 

You have enriched our lives from the 
very first day. May the happy baby 
always be the happy adult of whom 
we are so very proud! Keep up the 
good work! 

158 • The Roads of Today 

Curry College 



You're simply 

We love you with all our heart & Soul 

^Ik- '^^^iP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ih^^^ 

Mom, Papa, 

Chris, Craig, Kim, 

& Beesha Too! 


Jennifer Geiger 


You are one of the greatest joys in our life. 

We are so proud of you and wish you 

continued success and happiness. 


We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Jim 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow •159 

Matthew Chant 

Your charm and personality have always impressed us, but now you've 
earned our respect for having accomplished so much. You have made our 
family so very proud.We all want to wish you much success and a very 
happy future. You've earned it! 

Love Always, Mom & Warren, Dad & Nancy, Amy, Jodi, Allison, Lori, 
Nicholas And Grandma & Grandpa Too! 

160 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Curry College 


Chkisty Kerbel 

^^Ks f ,irv ^M^^^^m ^^Hl^^l 


Hv JH 

You've made us so proud of your 

^Hv ^ ^'vi 

accomplishments. Your determination 

H^v -^^^Q 

and perserverance have brought you to 

|Q|^L ^'^^^Jl 

this major achievement in your life. Keep 


up the good work and hang on to your 


dreams. Believe in yourself. 

|3iF ^ a^H 

Congratulations. We love you very 

^^^^B. f|^^H 

much. Mom, Dad, Marci & Mugsy . . . 

Amy Sozanski 

To Nurse Amy, 

The world is waiting for you to 
''Make It Better!" 


We Love You. 

Mom, Dad and Dave 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 161 

Christopher W. Reino 


God blessed you with a smile, 
personality, and self-determination that 
has carried you, and will continue to 
carry you, throughout your life. You 
have given us many moments to cherish. 
]Ne are very proud of you. 
All our love 
Mom, Dad, & Scott 

Katharine R. Ross 


You 've stepped up to the plate countless 
times, often meeting insurmountable 
challenges while always putting others 
ahead of yourself. You're an incredible 
young woman who will always be our 
MVP. Follow your heart and dreams, 
you're a true champion. 

Mom, Dad, Alex & Scruffy 

162 • The Roads of Today . . 

Curry College 


■1 ' 

Allison D. McManus 

Our ''Boston Rose" 
May all your skies he hlue ones 
May all you dreams he seen, 
May all your friends he true ones 

And all your joys complete - 
May happiness and laughter 
Fill all your days for you 
Today and ever after 
May all your dreams come true. 
]Ne are very proud of you 
and Love you dearly - 
Mom and Dad 

.. ^-^ ^ ^^ 

.■■ ^■ ■ -f 

Michael Angelo Vetare 

Congratulations From: 

Mom & Dad, Mark, Caroline, & 

Matthew & Suzanne! 

We always knew what you could do; It 
took a little longer for you to helieve. 

Love You From All of Us 

Class of 1999 

Hold the Promise of Tomorrow • 163 

Stagey Eaton 



We are very proud for all the 
effort you put in and you 
should he proud of all the 
rewards you have received. 


Best of Luck. 



Mom & Dad 

mbk. Jjfl 

David & Shawn 

164 • The Roads of Today . . . 

Curry College