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In The Spotlight 

The gift from the class of 2003 

Curry College Library 

1071 Blue HiM Aveny© 


Curry College 

1071 Blue Hill Ave 

Milton, MA 02186 

In The Spotlight 1, 

Letter from the President 

Greetings and congratulations to the Curry 
College Class of 2003. 

As President of your College, I wish to take a 
moment to congratulate you on your achieve- 
ment in becoming a Curry College Alum. You 
have studied at and graduated from an out- 
standing Institution that gets stronger each passing 
year. As an Alum, our pledge to you is that Curry 
College will continue to improve and make you more 
and more proud of your Alma Mater. 

Our request to you is that you stay engaged with the 
Curry Community. As we continue to build our great 
College into an even greater one, we need your assis- 
tance. Please get involved as an Alum and stay in- 

Once again, congratulations on your achievements 
at Curry College and best wishes for much continued 



Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr. 

2 Class of 2003 

Russell Pregeant 


Russell Pregeant, who retired this year after over 30 
years of extraordinary full-time service to Curry 
both as Professor of Philosophy and Religion and 
as College Chaplain, helped shape the lives of 
hundreds-indeed, thousands-of students on this 
campus. His classes on Biblical literature in general 
and on the New Testament in specific were always 
engaging, wide-ranging, and linked to the lives of real students in a 
world often torn by conflict, strife and injustice. Dr. Pregeant's 
integrity was evident in everything he said, whether in front of a 
class or at the lectern delivering one of his eloquent and lyrical 
invocations or benedictions; indeed, this integrity shone through in 
everything he did. (Of him it can be truly said that he walked the 
walk.) Russell Pregeant's light will always remind his Curry 
friends that it is possible to follow the difficult path toward 
knowledge and truth, and to do so with joy and dehght. 


In The Spotlight 

Xn Hermjembraruce: September ii, 2002 

God Bless America! siS, 

4 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 5 

Anna Baright was bom into a Quaker family in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1854. She attended i 
Gary's (Friends) School and Cook's Collegiate Institute, from which she graduated in 1873. She taughi 
briefly in New York state before teaching elocution in Milwaukee Female College. In 1875 she en- 
tered the Boston University School of Oratory. She graduated Cum Laude in '% 

That School was headed by Dean Lewis Baxter Monroe, who has been called 
a Transcendentalist, after the glory days of New England Transcendentalism. 
Certainly something of the transcendentalist spirit characterized the school of 
the Currys and somewhat influences the college today. It is a practically ap- 
plied Transcendentalism that emphasizes the centrality of mind and the abili- 
ties of people to triumph over challenges that sometimes seem insurmount- 

Professor J. W. Churchill of Boston University called Anna Baright "the great- . 

est woman reader [dramatic reciter] in the country." Dean Monroe said, "Her power is second to none,i 
either on the platform or as a teacher." 

Monroe appointed Baright his First Assistant. They were planning the country's first summer school 
of oratory, to be held on Martha's Vineyard, in 1879, when Monroe died. Baright carried on the work ' 
and the five-week term was highly successfiil. But after Monroe's death the School of Oratory was 
demoted to a department in the School of All Sciences and the University entrusted its leadership to a 
young man, later Snow Professor of Oratory, who had studied with Monroe and to whom Monroe had 
referred to Miss Baright as a private student: Samuel Silas Curry. 

With the encouragement of Boston University President William F. Warren, Anna Baright set up her , 
own school, the School of Elocution and Expression, in downtown Boston in the fall of 1879. It had 
the purpose of carrying on Monroe's principle that "expression is the outward manifestation of that 

which is already in the consciousness." This school provided a two-year program patterned on that of 

the former Boston University School of Oratory. 

The Currys' School 

On May 3 1 , 1882, Anna Baright married Samuel Silas Curry. In 1885 the name of the school was 
changed to the School of Expression. The new name indicated emphasis on natural expression, as 
distinguished from the artificial fonnulas associated with elocution. In the same year, the Boston Uni- 
versity trustees gave CuiTy peiTnission to merge his private classes into the new school. In 1888 the 
School was chartered by the state and Curry left his Boston University position. Curry was the 
School's head, called variously over the years Principal, Dean, and President; Mrs. Curry served as 
teacher and eventually what was called Dean. The Currys had six children, including Haskell Curry, a 
noted mathematician and logician. The couple continued to run the School until S.S. Curry's death in 
1921. Anna Baright Curiy died in 1924. 

Samuel Silas Curry 

Curry was bom in a simple farm house in Chatata, Eastern Tennessee, on November 23, 1847. His 
family included Daniel Boone, Kit Carson and Davy Crockett. He was also bom into the rigors of 
farming life, including the difficulties of the four years of the Civil War, during which the armies of the 
North (to which East Tennessee remained loyal) and the South kept moving across the state, taking 
from the farm whatever they wanted. There were no schools operating there at that time, so Curry "and 
his brothers, after working on the farm all day, studied by themselves late into the night before the 
pine-knot light of the fireplace." 

Curry gave up his right of inheritance and worked his way through East Tennessee Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, from which he was graduated with honors in 1872. In 1875 he eamed his S.T.B. ministerial degree 
at Boston University. His diploma from the School of Oratory and his M.A. degree, were awarded in 
1878. He received his Ph.D, from Boston University in 1880. The same year he received his diploma 
from Guilmette's School of Vocal Physiology. During the summers of 1880 and 1882 he studied with 
prominent teachers in England, Italy and France. In 1905 Colby College awarded him a degree of 

While serving as the head of the School of Expression, Curry also taught at various times in several 
theological schools, from Union Theological Seminary in New York to the University of Chicago. 
Despite his religious commitment, the institution has never had any denominational affiliation. S. S. 
Curry's own religious orientation moved from Methodism to the Transcendentalist-related outlooks of 
Christian Science and the New Thought movement, which William James in The Varieties of Religions 
Experience considered under the heading "the religion of healthy-mindedness." A School of Expres- 
sion teacher, John Seaman Gams, later became President of the Intemational New Thought Alliance. 
However, Curry was not exclusive in his religious connections. He was a close friend of Phillips 
Brooks of Trinity Church and George A. Gordon of the new Old South Church. 

Curry and Alexander Graham Bell 

Alexander Graham Bell's father, Boston University Professor Alexander 
Melville Bell, a leading elocutionist, was a valued advisor of Curry and en- 
dowed a chair for the School of Expression. When the School gave the elder 
Bell its highest honor, the diploma of honor, in 1899, it addressed him as one 
of its co-founders. 

One of Curry's Boston University School of Oratory teachers was Alexander 
Graham Bell. Bell's opening lecture, in 1873, stimulated Curry with regard to 
the possibilities of the science of voice." According to one of the Currys' 

daughters, Curry was present when in 1876 Bell made his first telephone call, requesting help from Mr. 
Watson. Bell was the Chancellor of the School of Expression from 1907 until his death in 1922. 

In Tlie Spotlight 7 

Curry's Philosophy of Education 

Curry considered all the reforms in education for the past two hundred years [as having] been in the 
direction of expression: To harmonize the education of the mind with the education of the body. To 
co-ordinate the power of thinking, and the power of feeUng and to harmonize all the faculties of the 

Curry referred 
Frobel's obsei^va- 
was emancipa- 

If so, a study 
one of the 
of removing 
added that] to 
power in ex- 
traits of char- 
rected and all 
into simulta- 

Curry explained 
principles in 
Pestalozzi, who 
tance of two sides 
acquisition, on 

with apparent approval to 
tion that "all education 
tion," and added: 

of expression affords 
most effective means 
all repression [He 
develop the highest 
pression abnormal 
acter must be cor- 
the powers be brought 
neous co-operation. 

his basic educational 
terms of the thought of 
emphasized the impor- 
of education, reception, or 
the one hand, and produc- 

tion, or creation, on the other. "We call these two phases of education Impression and Expression," 
said Curry. 

Curry's philosophy naturally led to emphasis on the individual student. 
The 1885 first catalog of the School of 
Expression shows great flexibility for 
students to choose courses in accor- 
dance with their needs and available 
time, so that no student is retarded by 
being a member of a class. By this 
arrangement, also, students can elect a 
course suited to their individual needs, 
or students of neighboring colleges 
and schools can elect steps according 
to their time, and thus take a full 
course by extending it over a longer 
The school's emphasis on individual 

attention is found in catalogs such as that of 1900-1901, saying: "Every student is requested to call and 

have his needs analyzed, and receive suggestions for work from one of the teachers sometime before 

the opening of school." 

Personal concern for students extended well beyond the classroom. The School carefully supervised 

the housing that students could find in the neighborhood. 

The catalog emphasized: "The first aim of the School is TO ATTAIN THE HIGHEST IDEAL OF 


The Institution after the Currys 

Catalogs a decade after Curry's death, expressing Curry's thought and our own endeavors summarized 
the fiinction of the institution in the following words: 

From the beginning, the School of Expression has measured its usefulness largely by its ability 
to take people where it finds them and, through training, to enable them to realize their powers 
and possibilities. 

From studying the catalogs, one gets the impression that for a decade after Curry's death, the school 
remained much as Curry left it. Thereafter, the Institution added a wide variety of courses in and out of 
the area of speech and, in 1938, was given the power to grant degrees. The title was changed officially 
from school to college on April 21, 1943. In the 1960s the prevailing emphasis was on becoming ac- 
credited, which was achieved in 1970. This meant becoming a traditional liberal arts college. 
After Curry College attained accredited status, it launched again into pioneering programs. In 1970 it 
established its Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), the nation's first college-level program 
for students with language-based learning difficulties. In 1974, Curry absorbed the Perry Normal 

In The Spotlight 9 

School, which taught teachers of nursery, kindergarten, and primary levels. In 1 977 Curry took over 
the Children's Hospital nursing school and converted it to a degree-granting program. In 1981 Curry 
established a master's degree program in education. Individually-initiated majors, field experience, andj 
equivalent education became increasingly important in this decade. An Honors Program followed. In 
the 1 990s, Curry has expanded greatly its Continuing Education programs, with courses offered not 
only in Milton but in its newly-ac- 
quired Plymouth site, with some 
courses also offered in Braintree, 
Cambridge, Medford, Peabody, and 
South Boston. Among the innovations 
are weekend and evening degree and 
certificate programs in several areas. 
During the first several decades of its 
existence, the institution occupied five 
different locations in Boston. The last 
of them being two houses on Com- 
monwealth Avenue; the only place 
that the College held owned until that 
time. Finally, in the 1950s it moved to 
its present spacious location in Milton, 
where it gradually enlarged, most 
recently in 1995. 

The Enduring Curry Spirit 

Although the Currys would be amazed by the present campuses and programs of the institution, if they 
looked beneath the surface, as surely they would, they would be pleased to discover that much of the 
original spirit survives. 

The Currys provided a remarkably comprehensive, holistic, education in the context of teaching public 
speaking which sometimes seems to have been little more than an opportunity for plumbing the depths 
of reality and joyously finding oneself in its flow. No characterization of the Curry Method does it full 
justice; it has been called an uncompromising completeness of approach to achieving practical whole- 
ness of living involving intuition, thought, research, feeling, and physical expression. The method 
includes all that one could want in a traditional, intellectual liberal education, but goes beyond that to 
link it to a conscious drawing out of whatever creative essence lies at the heart of one's existence and 
facilitates one in expressing creative synthesis in some constructive form. The tools, detailed topics, 
types of students and settings have changed over the decades, but the creative impetus endures. Such is 
the heart of Curry College. 


In The Spotlight 11 


Laurie Alpert 

Joseph Arsenault 

John Barrett 

Michael Bennett 

Donna Cataldo-Bronson 

Linda Caldwell 

Mary Ann Corcoran 

Karen D'Amato 

David Daggett 

Joseph Daly 

Jeannette Dejong 

Carmit Deknan 

Marilyrm Demaray 

John Dicicco 

Sanne Dinkel 

Marlene Lunvall 

Teresa Edwards 

Vicki Fatouros 

Michael Foster 

Barbara Foumier 

Alan Frank 

Jerome Gibbs 

Deanna Gordon 

Peter Hainer 

Ron Harding 

12 Class of 2003 


Lawrence Hartenian 
Andrew Horn 
John Hill 
Allan Hunter 
Lisa Ijiri 

Elizabeth Kudzma 
Jack Kahn 
Indar Kamal 
Sanford Kaye 
Robert Keighton 

Judith Kelley 
Judith Kennedy 
Douglas Koch 
Nicholas Krach 
Susan Lombardi 

Ernest Marchi 
James Meehan 
Deborah Miles 
Barbara Mulcahy 

Leslie Muray 
Patricia Mytkowicz 
Vicki Nelson 
Michelle Perrault 
Janis Peters 

In The Spotlight 13 

Susan Pratt 
Russ Pregeant 

Susan Rich 
William Russo 
Janice Salvucci 

James Salvucci 

Marlene Samuelson 

Maguye Seek 

Ernest Silver 

Felicia Smith-Kleiner 

Ruth Spillberg 

Elizabeth Strasser 

Bruce Steinberg 

Elizabeth Stringer 

Linda Tenofski 

Jerry Touger 

Charles Towle 

John Tramondozzi 

Jeanne Vandenberg 

Hazel Varella 

Tracy Wang 

Ronald Warners 

Eric Weiser 

George Wharton 

Nacy Toung 

1-1 Class of 2003 

jacaLtu aik 

o axE aamaxa i< 



Lynn Abrahams 

Jane Adelizzi 

Sarah Albright 

Dorothy Alexander 

Maria Bacigalupo 

Kenneth Baker 

Andrea Baldi 

Paul Benoit 

Charles Black 

Patricia Bonarrigo 

Edward Bradford 

Linda Camp 

Mary Carberry 

Robert Carew 

Harlene Caroline 

Donna Dello 

Paul Dibara 

Michael Dichiara 

Jeffrey Diiuglio 

Dorria Dimanno 

Sean Early 

Chris Fatouros 

George Fournier 

Laurie Fox 
Michelle Gabow 
Mary Ann Gallant 

Aliso Galley 
Debra Lee Garren 
Thomas Gorsuch 

Diane Goss 

Beatrice Guilmette 

Bonnie Hallisey 

Michael Hench 

George Herman 

Janice Hill 

Laura Hubbard 

Charlene James 

Susan James 

Linda Jarvis 

Pat Kean 

Roberta Kosberg 

Phillip Lamb 

Carolyn Lawless 

Jane Lawless 

Ann Levin 

Karen Lischinsky 

William Littlefield 

Joel Litvin 

Lori Lubeski 


Robert Macneil 

James Mtte 

Teresa Mayors 

Francis Mazzaglia 

Arthur McCarthy 

Phillip Mccue 

Christopher Mccusker 

David Miller 

Marie Murphy 

Barbara Neff 

Elinor Nugent 

Gregory Phillips 

John Riccio 

Shirley Richardson 

Alan Ronkin 

Grace Rooney 

Kathleen Russell 

Mary Ryan 

Joseph Schneider 

Gail Shank 

Barbara Sholes 

Michelle Smith 

Sally Snowman 

Karen Stolz-Efetie 

Albert Sweeney 

Michele Talabach 

Fred Tatro 

Gerald Tougher 

Marie Turner 

Souliy Wan N'Tani 

Diana WEbber 


Rudegair Wildeboor 

Linda Williams 

Kathleen Wilmot 

Nancy Winbury 

In The Spotlight 15 



lA Class of 2003 

Ilianete Adames 

Business / Accounting 

My degree is dedicated to my mother. 
I give a BIG KISS to my family who has 
supported me in all my goals. My 
friends will always be remembered and 
1 wish the best of futures for the class of 

Erica Allard 


Criminal Justice 

Mom, Dad - 1 made it! Thanks for all you 
have done for me over the years. Mom: you 
are my hero. Class of 03 good luck. Nick & 
Mary meeeting you was the best thing that 
could ever happen. You both have made 
this an interesting experience. Three's com- 
pany for life! I still can't believe you're 
gone - 1 know you're watching from above, 
so this is for you! 

Ashley Allen 


Psychology / Business Management 

Thanks you to my family & friends, 2K, 
Nub, Mocking, Bird, Monkey, Hurley, 
Magnet, Gonzolez, Little Katie, TJ, 
Steve, capis. Special thing, Tristan, 
Kenny, Vegas baby, Wendys, I'm real, 
magicstick, spring fling, senior week, 
2456, corsos, 21st, "I hope you had the 
time of your life!" 

James Annarelli 


In the past 8 years I have done things I 
never imagined possible, and i am 
proud to be graduating from Curry 

Cory-Tiffany Azeredo 


Vaninder Baley 

Business Management 
I cannot believe that my coUege career 
is over! I would Uke to just wish all of 
the best to the 2003 Curry graduates 
and may you all be rich and successful 
one day. I want to thank my parents 
and friends who have brought me to 
this point in my life and one chapter 
closes to open another. -Good luck 2003 
and best wishes! 17 

Karen M. Ballantine 


I would like to thank Mom, Dad, DJ & 
Matt by dedicating my degree to them. 
If it was not for them & other family 
members and friends I would not be 
where I am today. Mom you will al- 
ways be in my heart 143. Congratula- 
tions class of 2003. 

Courtney L. Barnard 


Emily E. Barron 


Danielle Barss 

Visual Arts 

Megan E. Bayley 

Sinking Spring, PA 
Business Management 

Jessica Blumkin 


Communications / Education 

Brendan Boyd 


Robert Byrnes 


Criminal Justice 

Keisha Burton 


First and foremost I would like to thank 
GOD the almighty for great things he 
has done. I would also like to thank my 
mom, sister, and family and all those 
who encourage me to pursue my goals 
in life. Yes that includes you Shirley 
Richardson and my roommate Neeky 
for all her support over the years. Good 
Luck class of 2003. 

Laura Bussolan 



Gary Carrano 


Thanks to my parents for supporting 
me through the 4 years of college and 
putting up with me. Good luck to all 
my friends and all of my boys in 2 ditty. 
I will never forget the crazy parties we 
had senior year and all the crazy week- 

Eileen M. Carroll 


Visual Arts / Graphic Desigrt 

Christina Ciraco 

Conway, NH 

Angela Cordero 


Education / Psychology 

Good luck class of 2003! 
To my girls I love you, thanks for ev- 
erything. May 9, 2001. It's something 
unpredictable, but in the end it's right. . . . 
I hope you had the time of your life!!! 

Robert Coulter 

Allston, MA 




Michelle Craven 

South Boston,MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Colleen Cronin 



Remember me with smiles and laugh- 
ter for that is how I will remember you. 
Never forget suite lA and all the good 
times. To my girls and everyone else, 
Luv U and I will miss you! To all my 
family thank you for everything, 1 
would never have made it without you. 

Kristen Daher 


Lauren Daly 


KiRSTiN Davidson 

North Stonmgtor,CT 

English I Communications 

Melissa A. Dembro 


Melanie Dibenedetto 

Criminal Justice 

Sabrina F. Dirito 

Communications / P.R. 

I could never have done it with out my 
parents help, and love for me. Best 
wishes to the class of 2003! 

Erin Driscoll 

Visual Arts 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Meghan and 
Cailin for your love and support. 
Thanks to Sean for your understand- 
ing and encouragement. I love you all. 
To my Curry Friends, good luck in the 
future. "Shoot for the moon, even if 
you miss you'U land among the stars. 
~ Les Brown 21 

Jennifer E. Duck 

Visual Arts 

I wanted to thank my mom and my 
dad for helping get through college. I 
also wanted to thank all my friends for 
being there for me when I needed them 
the most. I also want to thank Stephanie 
for helping me through my classes. 




"Remember that every good friend was 
a stranger" 

We are no longer strangers, 
thanks for the memories. 

Laura Estey 

North Attleboro,MA 

Steven M. Evans 


Lauren Federico 



Jason Feldman 

Criminal Justice 

Leanne Feleciano 

Visual Arts 

Mom I love you, thanks so much. 
Bumpa, Antie J, and all, thanks for 
everything. Memories, remember al- 
ways! Shan love ya, Steve 180, Anq "oh 
my lord", Mas "hurry up ! " my douchie, 
weeble, tuti bang-bang, mya & lexi, 
lawrel, girls, love ya! 

Yodelle Fernandez 

Business Management 

Jacqueline Fisher 


Bryan E. Flaherty 

Business Management 

Alison Flynn 



Elizabeth A. Fountain 


Margaret A. Frederics 

Criminal Justice/ Psychology 

This diploma is in dedication to my 
mother, father and sister Reba, for be- 
lieving in me even when I didn't be- 
lieve in myself. 
Best of luck class of 2003! 

Keith Fredriksen 

Visual Arts / Graphic Design 

Donald Furcillo 

Criminal Justice 

Congrats 2003, we did it! Thx Mom, 
Dad, bros & sis! I love u, I coudn't have 
done it w/out u. IC 4-ever, 
Thx guys! Tom u got some big shoes to 
fill, good luck! Thx for keeping me up 
HMS. Peace 

Brenden D. Gallagher 

Business Management 

Kelly Gallagher 


LiNDSEY Gallant 

Business Management 

Javier A. Garcia 


Amanda P. Gentile 


Business Management 

Emily M. Gerrein 

Winchester ,MA 

Glenn Goff 


Kailtin Greene 

Thank you mom for your constant love 
& support. To my family, I couldn't 
have done this without you all by my 
side. To my friends who I have met 
during this wonderful journey thank 
you and good luck. 

Ralph Guerrier 

Woodbride, CT 

I would like to thank GOD for keeping 
me alive and answering my prayers. 
To my mom(s) thanks for being my 
light in the tunnel. I made it thanks to 
you all. You are the worlds greatest. 
Last but not least thanks to all my 
Curry friends. 


Lindsay Hall 



Mom, I made it! I never could have 
done it without you. You inspired me 
to fulfill my dream. Mimi & Pappy 
thank you for the support & encour- 
agement. I love you! MeUssa and Katie 
thanks for always being there for me. 
Nick thanks for the memories. 

Allison K. Hayes 


"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but 
of moments." 

In foiu' years we have made friends 
and memories that will last a life time 
and never be forgotten. Mom and Dad 
thank you for the unconditional sup- 
port and love. I love you always, HT750. 

Stephanie L. Henderson 

Thanks to my parents and sister for the 
love and support I received. Love you guys 
a lot. For the friendships I've made over 
the past four years I will always cherish 
those. Its been a long four years, but also a 
fun four years. Wish you all the best in 
whatever you may decide to do. Know that 
you are all in my heart... Congrats class of 
2003... Love you papa and you're always in 
my heart. 4/25/03. 

Jon Hiller 


I would like to wish everyone a happy 
life. Hope everything goes well and 
remember to live life to the best of your 

Daniel W. Hofman 

Criminal Justice 

Barry A. Johnson 

Vero Beach, FL 
Business / Computers 

Due to the strong love and compassion of my 
amazing mother, and the quiet strong love of 
my father that only I can hear, I today stand a 
more completed man. A sister and brother bond 
is special and I cherish the strong bond my sister 
and I share. I'm so proud of you Megan. To all 
my friends, I have learned a lot from you, and 1 
hope to continue our stong friendships into the 
future. Angle, I don't believe I could have ac- 
complished the things I have at Curry without 
your understanding and beautiful compassion. 

Derek W. Kerstner 

Criminal Justice 



Caressa Kislus 

Chicopee, MA 



Business / Management 

These years here at Curry have been 
very special for me and I want to thank 
my best friend Jess and class of 2003 for 
all the memories 1 will always keep 
with me. Karley and residence life, you 
are the best. 

Selim Koyen 

Communications / P.R. 

Erica Labott 

Fair Lawn,NJ 
Education I Sociology 
"Life is too short not to let the people you love 
know"! To all my girls 1 love you all. I will never 
forget our strong friendships we've built over 
four years. Senior spring break will not ever be 
forgotten. To aU my other friends who have 
touched me in some way, I wall cherish our 
memories together. Thanks to my family and 
friends I can say I've got a great future to look 
forward to. Thanks for a great four years. 

Daniell M. Landry 

North Attleboro,MA 


Mark A. Lange Jr. 


Sociology I Elem Education 

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my 
career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 
times, I've been trusted to take the 
game winning shot and missed. I've 
failed over and over and over again in 
my life. And that is why I succeed. - M. 

Nicholas R. Latino 

Shrewsbury ,MA 

Thanks to everyone who supported me 
through my four years at Curry. Mom and 
Dad thanks so much for everyttiing. To my 
2 diddy crew, it was a blaste thanks for the 
memories. Friends for life. To my Three's 
Company, You guys are the best. Love you 
both. Some day we will be all living to- 
gether, god help us, I hope everyone will 
go on to live healthy and prosperous lives, 
and careers. Class of 2003! 

Amanda Laverdiere 



Katherine Leduc 

Psychology / Education 

Shannon L. Lemay 


Ryan Linehan 

Business Management / Applied Comp 

Mary Lorusso 

"Don't cry cause it's over. Smile cause it 
happened. " Class of 03 Good luck. Mamma, 
Pop, Dianne Nonno Norma I did it! Tiamo. 
To my revere crew how have you all put up 
with me this long? IVC- family 4-life. To 
my friends I leave behind be good. "Where 
there was weakness I found my strength 
all in the eyes of a boy" To my brother joey 
I know you're in Heaven watching over us. 
I miss you everyday. Fratello & sorella 

Nadia Lovinsky 

Criminal justice 

I would really like to thank God for helping me 
get through the 4 years of college. I would also 
like to thank my parents, especially my mother. 
Without my mother I don't know where I would 
be. This last year of college was kind of a chal- 
lenge for me, especially the last semester. 1 say 
this because I was pregnant, and I felt that I had 
to finish the rest of my courses no matter what. 
With the help of my professors, and my advisor 
it helped everything go smoothly. Thanks to 
everyone and my self motivation I had my baby 
and graduated. 

Emmanuel Lundy 
Hyde Park,MA 
Criminal justice 
First and foremost I war\t to thank the 
lord above with him this day would 
not be possible. To the three Queens in 
my life , thank you. To my father thank 
you for giving me a role model to fol- 
low. At last to friends family and fac- 
ulty members at Curry thanks for shap- 
ing a boy to a man. 

East Falmouth,MA 


Jennifer E. Mackenzie 


Being a nurse means; you wUl never be bored, 
you will always be frustrated, you wiU be sur- 
rounded by challenges. So much to do and so 
Little time you will carry immense responsibil- 
ity, and limited authority. You will step into 
people's Lives and you will make a difference. 
Some wiU bless you some will curse you. You 
will see people at their worst and at their best. 
You will never cease to be amazed at people's 
capacity for love, courage, and endurance. 


Nicholas Mackey 

John Mahoney 


Business Management 

Nicole Maisel 



Amber C. Mann 
Say goodbye to the oldies, but goodies, because 
the good old days weren't always good and 
tomorrow aint as bad as it seems. Congratula- 
tions class of 2003. Good luck with future plans. 
To all my friends I have made the past 4 years 
old and new best wishes with your career. Mom 
and Dad thank you for all the support and 
pushing me to success. It will pay off in the long 
run. To all my professors thank you for the 
knowledge I will keep for a lifetime. 

Leanne Masiello 

Psychology / Education 

Izabela a. Maziarz 

South Weymouth,MA 





I^^Hr "'* ^^Hr^^ 

'^m^'" ■■ ^^^ 




Hk- \ 1^1 


% 'i ^ 


•4, .^Ir./. 



Jen McElhanon 


Kevin McGarry 

West Bridgewater,MA 


Kara D. Mckinnon 

East Weymouth,MA 
Health Education / Biology 

David Miller 

Pound Ridge,NY 
Business Management 

Congratulations to the class of 2003! 
Best of luck in what the future may 
bring. Thank you for a great 4 years! 

Unique Miller 

Fall River,MA 
Thank you first and foremost to my family. 
To my mother, thank you so much for your 
positive support! I love you so much, you're 
the best! To my father, I know that you're 
in heaven looking dovi'n on me and you 
have given me the strength to achieve at 
Curry for these 4 years. To my friends, 
never forget the good times. Jen & Jen, I 
love you lots girls. To my WMLN crew, 

Jason Mitchell 

South Burlington, VT 

Business Management 

Stephanie E. Moskal 

Nashua, NH 
Visual Arts / Graphic Desgin/ Applied 
I just wanted to thank my parents for 
all that they have done for me the past 
four years. Kevin thank you for the 
encouragement about getting my book 
done! I also wanted to say bye to all the 
people at Curry who were close to me. 
I will never forget any of you. 
Keep smiling, Stephanie 

Larry Mulrey 

Business / Finance 

Alison M. Myers 

Corona del Mar,CA 


Bethany Myers 

Fair Lawn,NJ 


Tracy E. Nagle 



Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeff&Mike. Dana & 
Ash friends 4-eva "Bruins game" spring 
break 2003 its vegas baby! Wendy's 5/ 
15/03... Good luck to all of my friends 
in the future. You know who you are. 

MiNDY R. Paige 

San Diego,CA 

Psychology / Ed Psychology 

Justin Pauguette 

Business Management 

Emily Pelletier 

Education / English 

Kathryn J. Perry 

Thank you to my parents for making 
my education possible. Paul - I've spent 
all my college years with you. I love 
you. Lindsay- 1 could never imagine a 
better friend. Ashley, Dana, Tracy - 
Love you all. 

Adrienne K. Peterson 


Politics & History 

WiSLANDE M. Pierre 

Education / Psychology 
Tharik you to my parents for giving me 
the support to go on to college and 
finish. Daddy 1 want to especially thank 
you for signing your life away for my 
college education. Mommy I love you, 
and my two sisters. I'm happy that 1 
made it on time. I can't forget my 
peoples, the DiUa crew and the senior 
class. Good luck class of 2003. 33 

Matthew A. Pincus 

New York,NY 
Business Management 

Brett Poindexter 

Criminal Justice 

Nicholas J. Pomakis 

Criminal Justice 

Douglas W. Pyne 

Glen EUynJL 
Criminal Justice 

Tanya Ramsay 

Psychology / Education 

Matthew Riesz 

Business Management 
Good times with my boys, ES, DK, JP, 
AG, MH, lA, 3A, never forget girls 
across the hall, yeaa!! cappy's, collage, 
milton hall 103. Pettet Gons, Moose 
and all other roommates. Had the time 
of my life. Never forget the good times, 
and everyone I've met in my 4 years. 
Thanxs mom, dad, and michelle. Love 
ya guys. 

Lauren Rochon 

Humarock Beach,MA 
Graphic Desig72 

Michael B. Rogers 


Criminal Justice 

Paul F. Schwab 

Politics I history 

One million thank you's to my family, 
friends, professors, and all those with 
whom I have crossed paths over the 
years. Katie, through it all the bassline 
remains constant. I love you. Speical 
NQ,BS,CF,DS,LB, KJ, DF, KT, and 

Kerry Shields 

Communications / Public Relatioiis 

Jamie Sickoll 

Business Management /Applied Comp 

Joseph Siracuse 

Criminal Justice 


Emily Sfealman 

Business Management 

Patrick Spera 

Criminal Justice / Communications 

I did it!!! Now what do I do??? Thanks 
to all my friends will last a lifetime, and 
the cougans crew. You know who you 
are. And to my best friend and beauti- 
ful girlfriend, Lawrel thank you for 
everything, I love you. Thanks mom & 
dad for always being there. Thank you 
Alicia. Chris & Michael for everything. 

Caroline Stanley 

Short Hills,NJ 

Carly Steele 

To my family, I love you so much. I 
coudn't have made it with out you. 
Mom, thanks 4 everything you have 
done for me. To ail of my friends you 
have made these 4 years unbeiieveable. 
ALl of my love! 3D/A, Hello? 143 T.P. 

Erin Stewart 

Morris Plains,NJ 

Lawrel Strauch 


Mom & Dad thank you for your love & 
support PJS you have my heart & 1 love 
you 11/7/99. To all my girls thank you 
for your laughter, tears, & college years 
the best. Class of 2003 it's been a great 
ride, good luck! 

Edward Sullivan 

Business Management 

I will always remember: hanging with 
the boys, my roomates, MK, AG, JP, 
and Dk, and all our extra roomates. 
Cappys, milton hall 103, girls across 
the hall, Foxwoods, pellet guns, and 
finally some of the best times in my life. 
I've had too much fun to mention ev- 

Benjamin Tabor 

South Attleboro,MA 

Nicole Tesoro 

Criminal Justice 

Kevin Tramantozzi 


I wish I didn't know now what I didn't 
know then. -Bob Seger 

Adam V. Trossello 


Kelly M. Unterreniner 


Megan Varriechio 

Cold Spring, NY 

Matthew Ventolieri 

Hull, MA 

Sylvia Villamizar 

Glastonbury ,CT 

ij Business Management 

Thanks to my family for their support 
and encouragement. To my friends 
thanks for the best 4 years good luck 
and I love you. 

Rebecca Anne Wiederhold 


Robert Winter 


Business Management / English 

June Wong 

Business Management 
I can't believe the time has run faster 
than I thought, and I am graduating. I 
will miss Curry College, and all my 
professors, because they were so nice 
to me. Since I am graduating I am very 
happy, becuase I just completed one 
step of my life. The special person that 
I really want to say thank you, you 
know who you are. 

Andrew Wusterbarth 

Fairfax, VA 
Criminal Justice 

Jane M. Yonnetti 

English I Psychology 

Danielle Zdenek 


Edmund C. Zimirowski 

What'z Up. My 3C crew, moose, 
manny, biggie, allar, macgregor. Late 
wight high rollaz, Foxwoods. Them 
3A boys and them 3D girls. Keep it 
real. Footballboys, them were the days. 
The next J. Gotti, watch out. 


Students that were camera shy 

Jon Albanese, Melrose, MA 

Robert Aiberti, Southampton, MA 

Waleed Algosaibi, Quincy,MA 

Jennifer Allan, South Boston, MA 

Berllange Alphonse, Hyde Park,MA 

Michelle Anderson, Scituate,MA 

Nenry Andrade, Carver,MA 

Rafael Antunez, Roslindale,MA 

Kevin Ashworth, Belchertown,MA 

Jennifer Baldwin, Tewksbury,MA 

Maria Barbosa, Dorchester, MA 

Lisa Barrett, Weymouth, MA 

Joseph Barrila, Bedford, MA 

John Bates, Hyde Park,MA 

William Bates, Plymouth, MA 

Debra Batson, Plympton,MA 

Leslie Becker, Attleboro,MA 

Sean Beede, Wakefield, MA 

Andrew Bevilacqua, Foxboro, MA 

Daniel Bonafilia, Feeding Hills, MA 

Laurie Bradley, Kingston, MA 

Shannon Brock, North Attleboro, MA 

Nancy Brodnicki, Middleboro,MA 

Dean Bruneau, Southbridge,MA 

Dianne Bryan, Abington,MA 

AnneMarie Budden, Hanson, MA 

Maura Burke, Brockton, MA 

Michael Butler, Springfield, MA 

Lisa Califano, Rockland, MA 

Richard Calnan, Quincy,MA 

MurielleCampbell, Dorchester,MA 

Jennifer Carey, Marshfield,MA 

Belinda Carroll, Needham,MA 

Sandra Cason, East Taunton, MA 

Bette Christie, Forestdale,MA 

Derek Cole, Plymouth, MA 

Walter Collette, Somerville,Ma 

Christopher Concannon, Braintree,MA 

Mary Connolly, Milton, MA 

Eric Corso, Franklin Lakes, NJ 

Karen Coughlin, Manomet,MA 

Monica Coven, Duxbury,MA 

Diane Coyne, Plympton,MA 

Wanda Craig, Canton, MA 

Isiah Cruz, Holyoke.MA 

John Dailey, Braintree,MA 

Lynn Darmetko, Hanover, MA 

Steven Delforno, Braintree,MA 

Ryan Doherty, Duxbury,MA 

Michael Donahue, Plymouth, MA 

Gerald Dorsainvil, Somerville,MA 

John Ezekiel, Wakefield, MA 

Mahbod Fakharzadeh, Lexington, MA 

Marie Falaise, Dorchester,MA 

Michael Felton, Weymouth, MA 

Linda Flattery, Plymouth, MA 

Jonathan Fleming, Belchertown,MA 

Mary Foley, Brockton, MA 

Francis Ford, Worcester, MA 

Maria Fraga, Stoughton,MA 

Sue Franklin, Forestdale,MA 

Joseph Gelinas, Spencer,MA 

Kathryn George, Plymouth, MA 

Theresa Giglio, Plymouth, MA 

Maureen Gill, Scituate,MA 

Melissa Ginnetty, Plymouth, MA 

Cecilia Gomes, Middleboro,MA 

Barbara Goodell, Norton, MA 

Stacey Green, Randolph, MA 

Robert Grey, Canton, MA 

Shannon Griffin, North Easton, MA 

Melanie Guertin, Rumford.RI 

Jeannine Hale, Braintree,MA 

Brian Halloran, Rutland, MA 

Maryanne Hamaty, Quincy,MA 

Thomas Hastings, Worcester, MA 

William Haynes, Milton, MA 

Trenton Henrich, Pembroke, MA 

Mary Herbowy, Middleboro,MA 

Thomas Hervieux, Springfield, MA 

Jason Hogardt, Needham Heights, MA 

George Houhoulis, Avon, MA 

Christine Hynes, Quincy,MA 

Kelly Irizarry, Marshfield,MA 

Victor Ithursarry, Condado,PR 

Joseph Jancsics, Quincy,MA 

Elizabeth Jenkins, Groton,MA 

Kevin Johanson, Worcester.MA 

Julie Johnson, Sagamor Beach, MA 

Merilyn McDonald, Scituate,MA 

Frderick Kingsley, Duxbury,MA 

Daria Koudriacheva, Everett, MA 

Michael Kowalchek, Auburn, MA 

Erika Kraselsky, West Hartford, CT 

Tod Kuchnicki, Auburn, MA 

Andrew Kularski, Leominster,MA 

Robert Lagimoniere, Ware, MA 

Darlene Lagoa, Hyde Park, MA 

Linda Landry, Bourne, MA 

Sandra Lashway, North Chatham, MA 

Denis LeBoeuf, Charlton City,MA 

John LeVangie, Scituate,MA 

Tracey Leary, Rockland, MA 

Karen Lee, Hanover,MA 

Ksthleen Lee, South Easton,MA 

Kevin Leonard, East Weymouth, MA 

Renee Leondike, Holbrook.MA 

Jacqueline Lewis, Greenville, NC 

Christopher Love, Hull, MA 

John Lydstone, Stoughton,MA 

Scott Lynch, Springfield, MA 

Ian MacLeod, Buzzards Bay,MA 

Faith Machayo, Weymouth, MA 

Deborah Maitland, Lakevilie,MA 

Anthony Malone, Agawam,MA 

Thomas Maloney, South Boston, MA 

Judith Mangiacotti, Quincy,MA 

Matthew Marchioli, Plymouth, MA 

Robert Marrigan, Natick,MA 

Kenneth Masterson, Plymouth, MA 

Charlene Matthews, Brockton, MA 

John Mawn, Harwich, MA 

Mary McElligott, Hanover,MA 

Michael McGonagle, Norton, MA 

Brian Mclnerny, Woburn,MA 

Laura Mclntire, Milford.MA 

Monica McKenna, Dudley,MA 

Tina McMichen, Sagamore Beach, MA 

Brianna Mellor, Plymouth, MA 

Kathleen Melville, Hanwich Port,MA 

Henry Miller, Flushing, NY 

Gerald Mont, Pembroke, MA 

Leslie Montalyo, East Boston, MA 

Christine Moore, Hyde Park,MA 

Nicholas Muigai, Weymouth, MA 

Michael Murphy, Bowie,MD 

James Murphy, Marshfield,MA 

James Murray, Brookfield,MA 

Alida Nickerson, Plymouth, MA 

Joseph O'Connor, Arlington, MA 

Noreen O'Rourke, Milton, MA 

Jeni Oifer, Sharon, MA 

Juan Olmo, Amherst.MA 
Kimberly Peart, Dorchester.MA 
Kathleen Peters, Sandwich, MA 

John Pitro, Boylston.MA 

Patricia Purcell, Braintree.MA 

Scott Ramey, Somerville.MA 

John Ramsey, Micldleboro,MA 

Coleen Randall, Middleboro,MA 

Daniel Reardon, Holyoke,MA 

Karenlee Remis, Readville,MA 

Elizabeth Renfrew, Nonwood,MA 

Charlie Roberts, Feeding Hills, MA 

Melissa Robinson, Randolph, MA 

Stephen Roche, Worcester,MA 

Benjamin Rollings, Lebanon, PA 

Alicia Rosado, Boston, MA 

Glorimar Rosado, Boston, MA 

Richard Rose, Peabody,MA 

Jose Ruiz, Hyde Park.MA 

Shawn Ryan, West Roxbury,MA 

John Santoro, North Andover,MA 

Kenneth Santoro, Lynn, MA 

Elizabeth Schifano, Stoneham,MA 

Kathy Sequeira, Buzzards Bay,MA 

Arthue Shaw, Marshfield,MA 

Linda Sheehan, Stoneham,MA 

Eric Shores, Plymouth, MA 

Lori Skinner, Marshfield,MA 

Omesa Spencer, Dorchester,MA 

Kenneth Sprague, Nonwell,MA 

Ann St.Onge, Worcester,MA 

Patricia Stark, Berkley,MA 

Kerry Suchma, Wesywood.MA 

Dana Szabo, Kendall Park.NJ 

Lucas Taxter, Hyde Park, MA 

Lynn Thomas, Quincy,MA 

Amy Topalian, Brewster, MA 

Tia-Lynn Tull, Randolph, MA 

Christopher Twining, Belchertown, MA 

Thomas Vest, Hanson, MA 

Joseph Vigliotti, Worcester.MA 

Genevieve Villalobos, Springfield, MA 

Patricia Vogel, Avon, MA 

John Wadlegger, Agawam,MA 

Francis Walsh, Hinghm,MA 

Michael Warburgh, Huntington, NY 

Jan Wegrzynek, Chicopee.MA 

Robert Wells, London 

Lynne Welsh, Kingston, MA 

Francis Whitney, Holbrook,MA 

Julie Williams, Braintree,MA 

Sean Wilson, Reading, MA 

Michael Wood, Hyannis.MA 

James Wright, Springfield, MA 

Melissa Yarro, Brockton, MA 


42 Class of 2003 

In The SpotUght 43 




44 aassof2003 

In The Spotlight 45 

46 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 47 

48 Class of 2003 



student Life 

Residence Life 2002-2003 

Kehinda Oshodi & Bryanne Masterson 

Bryanne Masterson, Meagan Sandeffer, Lorrie Losanno, 
Kenny Resnick, and Scott Kagan 

50 aassof2003 

Top: Karley Winston, 

Nick Reiph, 

Lauren Fechtmann, 

Steve Poinsett, 

Tyler Procko 

Bottom: Jen Spartlchino, 

ShayTaryet l 

(not in picture) Seth 


Top: Josh Vogan, Lorrie 

Losanno, Liz Rodriquez, 

Bryanne Masterson, 

Kenny Resnick, Josii Del 

Vis Convo, Scott Kagan 


Meagan Sandeffer, 

Kehinda Oshodi 

Top: Matt Torrey, 
Keon Diggs, Katrina 
Allen, Will Freeman, 
Steve Bonica 
Bottom: Keavin Duffy, 
Liz Bonsu, Jen Ste. Marie 

In the Spotlight 51 

Top: Nick Mackey, 
Lee-Ann Meehl, Justin 
Pelletier, Omar Nunez, 
Kimberly Ciccketti 
Bottom: Vicky Baley, 
Karen Ballantine 

Top: Lisa Bello, 

Jenn Redden, 

Bernard Bowen, 

Kim Conkey, 

Brian Doiierty 

Bottom: Sheri 

Rullie, Joe Barrila 

I Top: Jennifer Ward, 
Joel Gray 
James Cooper, 
Dennis Keenan, 
Margaret Frederics, 

^ Illy Adames 

Stefon Washington, 
Nick Crea 

52 Class of 2003 

Michelle Goldrick 

Keyne Cahoon 

Dennis Keenan 
Lorrie Losanno 
Karley Winston 
Stephen Bonica 

111 the Spotlight 53 

Labor Day Weekend2002 

54 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 55 

56 Class of 2003 

Moving in and 

learning about one 


In the Spotlight 57 


is Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 59 


60 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 61 

Family weekend 

62 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 63 

Family Weekend 

64 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 65 


Midnight Madness is one of Curry's newest 
and best traditions that happens every fall. It 
is a time for the basketball teams to show 
their stuff. Midnight Madness is also the 
night where the Curry Step club and Dance 
Squad shows there new dances off, and 
what they are all about. Midnight Madness 
is a great time to have fun with your friends, 
and to support the Curry Step Club and 
Dance Squad and as well as the Curry 

66 Clas!,of2003 

6« Class of 2003 



70 Class of 2003 

^Si3Q± Oct Zm 

In the Spotlight 71 

72 Class of 2003 

Psychic Fewr 

Tues. Crtober 1^t\n 

In the Spotlight /3 

74 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 75 

76 Class of 2003 

M. NmmkrlStk 

In the Spotlight 77 

PrssA PUG>( 

78 Class of 2003 


In the Spotlight 79 

River Houston - World Aids Day Speaker 

80 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 81 

Barry Williams 


82 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 83 

84 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 85 

Midnight Breakfast on December 12,2002 

86 Class of 2003 

In the SpotUght 87 

Real World Speaker 
Chris on February 4th. 2003 

W Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 89 

Pizza Challenge 
Jan 29th 

90 Class of 2003 


In the Spotlight 91 

Bingo Night 
March 31st 

92 Class of 2003 










-i fl^^HM^^^^^I 

In the Spotlight 93 


94 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 95 

Alternative Spring Break 

March 2003 
Helping out at the Animal shelter, and the daycare at Curry College. 

yft Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 97 

The Nov. 02 play 

y8 Class of 2(X» 

Winter Concert 







In The Spotlight 99 

Networking Day 

100 Class of 2003 

In the Spotlight 101 

Communications Lunch 

102 aassof2003 

In the Spotlight 103 

Alexander Graham Bell 
Honors Society 

^ ' ^^^^Ec 

H ^ If ^ 


- * ''-'-t 

104 Class of 2n03 

In the Spotlight 105 


The Famed Boston Celtics take on 
the Detroit Pistons in the Mid- 
Febraury match-up. 

The Historical Nantucket 
Lightship finds safe harbor at 
Boston's Long Wharf. 

Evening falls upon the Massachu 
setts State House on Beacon Hill. 

106 Class of 2003 

The John Hancock Tower proudly 
reflects a bit of Boston history at 
Copley Square. 

Welcome to our world of toys. A 
friendly bear greets young vistors at 
the F.A.O. Shwartz Boston store. 

A giant statue depicts Paul Revere's 
famous ride in Boston's North End. 

A giant banner greets fans as they 
arrive at Fenway Park on the open- 
ing day of 2003. 

Past meets present as the new Zakim 
Bridge rises above the Boston 
landwark Longfellow Bridge. 

In the Spoaight 107 

Cuny Walk 

September 15, 2002 

108 Class of 2003 

w '.^^mm-^ 




Campus Act(v/(T(es Q>oi\fu> (CAGj) 

Cua/i.(Eri- T(MES 

CuriAv AO-TS OouriAJAL 

Curu5j/ College Studemt MurLscMG Assoc(AT(onj [CCSKJA) 

CurxAy Cables 




Mekimam CLue> 

Ome KJat(om 

Ouroooa. Cluc 

Mem's P^UG&y Clu& 

STEP AMD Damce CLue> 

Studemt Gov/EfLMMEMT Assoc(AT(om [SGA} 

Studemt AMCAssADorLS 

yEArLG,00« STAEf^ 

no Class of 2003 

SruoeNjr Gov/gaajmemt 
AssocfArroM CSGA} 

The SGA is the heart and soul of the student body. It is the main governing body of all the clubs and 
organizations on campus. SGA serves as a representative voice of the Curry students to the administra- 
tion, faculty, Board ofTrustees and the Milton community. The SGA consistes of an executive board, 

representatives from each class and members of each club and organization, meetings are held on 
Wednesday at 2:00pm in the SGA room (basement of Student Activities building), and are open to all 

members of the community. 

Excutive Board 2003 

President-Charlie Roberts, 

Vice President-Sara McLane, 

Vice President of Programing and President of CAB-Danielle Dragon, 

Secretary-Kerri McGovern, 

Treasurer-Kate Schwartz 

In The Spotlight 111 

Senior Class 2003 

President-Karent Ballantine, Vice President-Wislande Pierre, Secretarty- Unique Miller, 

Treasurer-Vanider Baley (Vickie) 

Class Representatives -Margaret Fredricks, Iliantez Adams (Illy), Erin Stuart, 

Kristen Daher 

Junior Class 2004 

President-Lee-Ann Meehl, Vice President-Rachel Vasconcelos, Secretary-Katie McMakin, 

Treasurer-Kenny Resnick 
Class Representatives-Seth Ross, Leah Schubert, Brain Donnovan, Angela Thrailkill 

112 Class of 2003 

Sophmore Class 2005 

President-Kristen Salera, Vice President-Megan Shuster, Secretary-Sheika Target (Shay), 

Treasurer- Elissa Giouard 
Class Representatives-Jeffrey Kalison, Sean Chadwick 

Freshmen Class 2006 

President-Theodore Michalos (Teddy), Vice President-Lindsay Lunati, Secretary- Nekisha 

Powell, Treasurer-Steven Montville 

Class Representatives-Kendra Rivers, Leah Carboneau, Jessica Harell, Dan 

In The SpotUght 113 

SGA Candids 

Junior Class President and Secretary at Milton's Animal Shelter with newborn Black Labs 

Senior Class President and Vice President at their Rent-A-Senior Pub 

114 Class of 2003 


Sophomore Class in Lombard Hall Lounge 

Junior Class in Lee- Ann's room for their Monday night meetings 

In The Spotlight 115 

SGA BBQ April 23, 2003 

116 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 117 

118 Class of 2003 

The Allivipe 

President- Charlie Roberts 
Advisor- Julie Smith 

The Alliance is organization dedicated to providing social, educa- 
tional and support services for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, 
Transgender Community and their Allies. The organization meets 
once a week puts together social activities as well as campus wide 
education programs. Plus, the organization acts as a support system 
for the gay community. All are welcome to attend all meetings and 
programs no matter how the person may identify. We remind every- 
one that within the Curry Community diversity is our strength and 

that exclusion is not a choice. 

In The Spotlight 119 

Curry Cares 

The members of Curry College have all realized that an important 
part of learning is to learn how to help those in need. One of the goals 
of Curry Cares is to serve and help the community both on and off the, 
Curry College Campus. 

Over the course of the year, the club has participated in a variety of 
volunteer works. Our ventures have taken us to the Milton Animal 
Shelter where memebers cared for the animals and helped in 
maintaining the facility. At the Greater Boston Food Bank we helped in 
sorting donated food that would go to feed individuals in the 
surrounding area. This past February caring individuals from the 
Curry community spent a few hours of their Valentine's Day at a local 
retirement home. It was there that members from Curry Cares 
arranged a Valentine's Day party in the hopes of brightening such a 
special day for the retired residents. 

This yeare was a successful year. We hope that in the future Curry 
Cares will expand its opportunities to the community. Many thanks to 
those who made it happen. 

Scott Cesen President 

Danielle Dragon Vice President 

Andy Shaw Senior Vice President 

Andrea Sarbanis Treasurer 

Erin Stewart Secretary 

Michael Randall Faculty Advisor 

120 Class of 2003 

Jenelle hold a frisky kitten while the 
others clean the cages at the shelter. 

Vice-President of Curry Cares, An- 
drew Shaw, makes friends with one 
of the orphan dogs. 

A Ciirry Cares canine friend. 

A member of the Class of 2006 assists 
with a homeless kitten at the Milton 
Animal Shelter. 

hi The Spotlight 121 

Curry Cares President, Scott Cesan 
plays with a shelter cat. 

Curry Cares provides care for the Shel- 
ter Animals at the Milton Animal Shel- 





Fido makes friends with the students 
(as well as the camera). 

Playtime for the cats! 

Clancey smiles tor the camera 

122 Class of 2003 

It's amazing what can amuse a kitten! 

Jenelle represents the Class of 2006 at 
this community service project. 

1 he Milton Animal Shelter provides a 
quality \-enue for the students to par- 
ticipate in community outreach expe- 

Sasha, a shelter favorite, amuses the 
students as she amuses herself. 

Scott takes care of Sasha while the 
others clean. 

In The Spotlight 123 

The mission of the Curry College Student Ambassador Association is to serve the college by 
providing prospective and incoming students with a positive, memorable first experience at our 
college. We do this through our many events including Open Houses, Accepted Student Day, 
Phone-a-thons, etc. Student Ambassadors are dedicated to serving the inner and outer communi- 
ties of Curry College and have an upbeat, positive outlook about the school. Ambassadors are 
eager to share their experiences with new students. 

During the 2002-2003 academic year, the CCSAA participated in and hosted many campus 
events, making this our most successful year thus far! We began the year on September 6"" at 
Curry's annual club fair in an effort to recruit new members and did not stop going until May 6'*', 
when we ended the year with a bang at our annual Spring Banquet in the theme of a tropical luau. 
Our calendar was jam packed all year long with exciting events including the annual Welcome 
Back Ice Cream Social, training, the October and November Open Houses, the Winter Banquet, 
fundraisers, February and April Phone-a-thons, Accepted Student Day and much more. Some of 
the major highlights included attending the Students In Admissions Forum at Western New En- 
gland College, our many attempts at working with the South Shore Habitat for Humanity (we had 
to switch dates three times due to snow and on the final attempt, we got rained out!), raising over 
$11 00.00 to sponsor a family through the Quincy Salvation Army in our Holiday Raffle, complet- 
ing the 20 mile Walk for Hunger Hosted by Project Bread and finally, the Spring Luau during 
which we awarded our "Rookie of the Year" award to Colleen Smith, our 
"Ambassador of the Year" award to Brittany Collins and said a proud but sad goodbye to our 
seniors. With another successful year under our belts, we are eagerly awaiting what lies ahead in 
the fall! 

President: Lawrel Strauch 

Vice President: Michaela Maw 

Treasurer: Leanne Feleciano 

Secretary: Brittany Collins 

SGA Representative: Molly Bergeron 

Advisor: Shilo Ellis 

124 Class of 2003 

Victoria Petrie, Lisa Morrissey, Giana Lewis, Jessica Gatto, Jillian Murrary, Patrick Spera, Amber Rudolph, Sara McLane, 
Unique Miller, Katie McEachern, Colleen Smith, Jessica Fabian, Josh Delviscivo, Maura Kelley, Michaela Maw, Jeremy 
Rischall, Andrea Richardson, Robert Volosevich, Amanda McGibbon, Danielle Zdenek, Gary Carrano, Rita Dunn, 
Lawrel Strauch, Brittany Collins, Leanne Feliciano, Lea Abbanato, Molly Bergeron, Shaikah Target, Angela Thibert, Amy 
Mimoz, Kenny Resnick. Camera Shy: Janeen Alum-MacDonald, Lindsey Brown, Kaitlyn Coughlin, Tanya Ellis, Meghan 
Hazlehurst, Shelly McConoghy, Christina Mellow, Jadd Naamani, Lynne Mills, Lauren Watts. 

In The Spotlight 125 

Campus Activities Board 


Campus Activities Board (CAB) is tine major programming body on campus. Tine 
organization's goal is to provide activities for all the various interests and demands of 
the students on campus. CAB was responsible for everything from Welcome Week to 
Spring Fest and everything in between! 

In preparation to plan the best year yet, 10 CAB members attended the NACA re- 
gional conference in the early fall and participated in educational sessions to learn and 
bring forth innovative ways for programming and publicizing events. 

In order to "get the word out" we came up with some new innovative advertising 
techniques. Free handouts and our "in your face" style of advertising engages people 
and welcomes them into the fun, for personal interaction makes one feel important. 

We added some new series events this year such as the Coffehouse Series, themed 
Bingo Nights, and X-Events, which offer positive rewards and feedback showing our 
appreciation for attendance. 

The Coffehouse Series featured bands and comedians once a month. They provided 
an intimate, welcoming, and laid back environment that lead to it's productivity. We 
offered refreshments and various board and card games to keep you entertained. 
Bingo Nights were surprisingly popular with prizes given out to match the theme. 
While X-events were random and you never knew when the next one would be, they 
also helped increase attendance. 

Chris from Mtv's Real World, Movie Nights, Pizza Challenge, Super Bowl Party, 
Mamma Mia, The Feud, Psychic Fair, Pumpkin Carving, Wrentham Outlet Shopping 
Trip, Free Massages and Snow Globes are just a few more examples of this year's 

126 Class of 2003 


Students enjoy the 
events at the annual 
psychic fair 

Guess Who? Stu- 
dents dance the 
night away at the 
Halloween Pub. 

Participants put 
their faces on other 
people's bodies at 
the wacky snow 
globe event. 

The Class of 2006 put together a 
fabulous semi-formal event with the 
help of CAB. 

An entire Pizza. As quickly as you 
can. The Pizza Eating Contest was a 
big hit. 

Even staff members get in on the 
palm reading action. 

In The SpotHght 127 


WMLN Yearbook submission 

WMLN-FM 91.5 is definitely not your typical college radio station. Through the hallways of this small building 
located next to Hafer, are over 100 students working the airwaves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the extended 
and summer breaks, WMLN broadcasts 13 hours. WMLN has been on the air sincel975 and is celebrating it's 28* year 
of public service. WMLN is a non-commercial station with 172 watts of power. WMLN reaches a 40+ mile radius and 
broadcasts a potential audience of 200,000. The radio station is a student-run operation and is advised by Professor Alan 
Frank, the Director of Radio. WMLN is supervised by a student Station Manager, Program Director, Engineering 
Director, Operations Director, Assistant Operations Director as well as department directors in Music, Sports, Promo- 
tions, Production, and News. WMLN plays a variety of music, from Hip-Hop to Hard Rock. . .WMLN plays it all! All 
students are eligible to have an on-air position, in fact it's encouraged. WMLN loves to have fun but is also dedicated to 
serving the public. Maybe that's why WMLN is an award winning station, winning Associated Press Awards in News 
and Sports for over 10 years! WMLN has many affiliations that include: Associated Press, Intercollegiate Broadcasting 
System, Massachusetts Broadcasting Association, National Association of Broadcasters, New England Broadcasters 
Association, and NBC & CNN Network. 

As Station Manager at WMLN, I had the opportunity to meet new people, learn radio first hand, and assist in leading 
the radio station in the right direction. Through my fours years, WMLN has experienced it's highs and lows but in the 
end it has transformed into a productive, fun and uplifting environment. I will miss WMLN very much, but I am glad 
that I was able to serve as Station IVIanager this past year. I met so many people and feel that I have been a big asset to 
the station. I know the station will be in good hands next year and the years to come. WMLN is a small station with lots 
of power and that's why I fee! that WMLN is not ypur typical college station. We are different and we are constantly 
making changes to improve the station. For example, we have changed our logo this year, added even more prizes to 
give to our listeners, and have conducted music surveys to the campus. I am proud of each and every person at the 
station that has contributed to making WMLN a great facility. I will miss each and everyone of you, especially Alan 
Frank. Good luck class of 2003! 

-Unique Miller - Class of '03 
Station Manager 2002-2003 

128 Class of 2003 

Mateus Leite is the Sports Coordina- 
tor, and Natalie Bekhit is the Public 
Aftairs Diiectoi "engaged to be mar- 
iied, "How cute!" 

Sports Director 

Nick Quinn 

Behind Nick is Ben Kranz he is 

the engineer 

Senior Directors 

Unique Miller, and 

John Albanese is the music director 



•!** aBBBj^Btf^ 



Matt and Ben, trying to keep order at 
the radio practica meeting 

Matt Nowak, he is the Operations 
Director and Kerri McGovern, she is 
the Assisitant Operations Director, 
"Go Operations! They keep us on the 

In the Spotlight 129 

Guys rule! The male directors at 

Assistant News Director, Jessica 
BAbcock and News Director Heather 
Wilson, chillin in the news room 

Women Rule! WMLN s female 
directors have something to smil 

Radio students conversating in the 
on-air studio 

A lingering hour at the radio practica 
meeting, "yawn" 

130 Class of 2003 

Ben Kranz is the Engineer, working 
hard as usual! 

We still have fun! Deirdre Feeney is 
the Program Director and Jeremy 
Comeau radio student in the News 

Natalie and Heather looking up the 
latest news stories 

Where there's music, there's fun! 
Assistant Music Director, Amanda 
Boudreau, Music Director, Jon 
Albanese and radio student, Russell 
Curry, in the Music Library. 

In the Spotlight 131 

Alcohol Beverage Committee 


Top row 

Katherine, Mark, Lee- Aim, Matt, 

Megan S, Kritsen. 

Bottom row 

Megan, Gary, Mark, Kevin, 

Danielle, Kim, Keon 

The Alchohol Beverage Committee has had another successful 
year. Under the direction of Co-Chairs Lee- Ann Meehl and Keon 
Diggs, as well as the Supervisors Kerri McGovern and Mark Lange, 
ABC has provided quality service to the college and its constituen- 
cies. This year, ABC has increased its role on campus by creating an 
educational pieceto its mission. The group sponsored an alcohol 
awareness presentation, featuring alunmus RayCollins. In addition, 
ABC has become a memeber of SADD, or Students Against De- 
structive Decisions. The Alcohol Beverage Committee continues to 
be a very successful group on campus. 

132 Class of 2003 

Matt , and Mark 

Matt, and Kerri 

Megan S, and Mark 

In the SpotKght 133 

XrVtenrw(t1ovw>l Club 

President- Tali Epelbaum 
Advisor- Michelle Bracken 

The International Club will have three main purposes. First, the club will help build 
friendship among International and American students, faculty and staff of Curry College. 
Second, the club will provide a way for memebers to learn about different 
cultures and ethnic backgrounds from new friends. Third, the club will build a network 
of friends, and associates with people from different areas of the world. 

The International Club is open to all members of the community. It is for them to start 
a new journey of independence, meet new people, share their ideas and feel m.ore welcome 
at Curry College. 

The goal of the International Club is to make it a melting pot where we can each share 
our own culture and at the same time talk about the difficulities and advantages of being 

We organized a dinner at the President's house where we shared our culture, cuisine, and 
diversity with our friends at Curry. This past year we were able to organize a community 
service for Toys for Tots, and make children happy on Christmas. Getting together and 
having welcoming dinners with Cuban food is another way to encourage international 
and non-international I students participate. 

As the President of the International Club, I would like to welcome all the international 
students to our campus and most importantly I would like to thank President Quigley, 
Faculty, and students for providing us a home away from home here at Curry College. 

154 Class, of 2003 

In The Spotlight 135 

A new Athletic club, Ulitmate Frisbee perfects 

the skills they have learned by practicing and 

playing against schools in the area. 

Amanda, Nate, Chris, Matt, and Nancy 



-',;.. <<fq^| 



'-' '^-11 


00, ^^H 



ciiiir ^^H 






136 Class of 2003 


Matt and Christopher 






138 Class of 2003 

CimGr Times 

The college newspaper is published bi-weekly, covering topics from world news to Curry 
College events and local entertainment. There are many writing and business positions 


Editor-in-Chief — Allison Hayes 
Assistant Editor — Kyle Bergeron 

News Editor — Sara McLane 
Features Editor — Katharine Panza 

A&E Editor — Natasha Naoum 

Sports Editor — Matthew Newman 

Op-ed Editor—Staff 

Photo Editor— Elissa Girouard 

Faculty Advisor — Jim Matte 


April 14, 2003 

Volume 33, Issue 11 

Currier Times 

The bi-weekly student newspaper of Curry College, Milton, MA 

New residence hall slated for fall semester 

By Natasira Naoum 

Curr>' President tCenneth Quigley 
recently spoke glowingly of the new 
residence hall thai is being built on the 
South Side of campus. 

''We believe the liew residence hall 
wili enhance the experience of all 
members of the Cuuy College com- 
munity, and will provide a better liv- 
ing and learning environment for our 
smdents and bring us closer to achiev- 
ing many goals inside our strategic 
plan," Quigley said. 

The building of the new residence 
hall will not cause the college to 
accept more students than are required 
by the growth plan, Quigley said, 
adding that this year's enrollment tar- 
get calls for a very modest growth in 
the entering class. 

The intent of the new residence hall 

^il new residence hall is being comtruaed < 
is to respond to the demand of reliim- 
ing students. The new residence hall 
wil! not affect the size of classes, 
which will remain under 20 students 
on average, according to Quigley. 

Photo by Shane Froebel 
n the South Side of campus 

He stated, "This is one of the great 
strengths of our college." 

The renovation of older residence 
halls is not included in the strategic 
plan. The thought is that the new resi- 

dence hall should relieve the pressure 
on the existing residence iialis. 

There might be one more residence 
hall built on campus m the future, 
depending on the need to house more 
students, Quigley said. But, as slated 
at the open foram, the school's size 
will not increase to more than 2,000 

A plan for a new smdenl center is 
also in the works, according to the 
president. There are two ideas bemg 
entertained. One is that tlicy will build 
out into the Drapkin parking lot. The 
other idea is to build up on top of 

Many people were wondering why 
the new residence ball was being built 
before the new student center 
Quigley said thai the reason is the new 
residence hall will help fund the stu- 
dent center, 

Curry community welcomes home Marc Zepf 

Members of the Curry College 

Kabul Military Training Center in stressful times, he was called to s 

In The Spotlight 139 

\ KiaUA\\ <S:>e06^ 

This club is dedicated to bring people of all nations together, to uplift, and bring pride to Curry College 
students. We want to educate students about their surroundings, to make a difference in those commu- 
nities, and to the people of the community, we wold like to bring recognitiion to Curry College through 
alliances with different universities and colleges through social events. 

1 Nation Society Members: 

Sybil Bleus 

Mia Heard 

Samantha Fontaine 


Donald Edmond 

Justine Ramos 

Rory Forde 
Liz Rodriguez 
Kendra Sauon 

Kids from the Anthony Perkins Community Center in 
Dorchester, at the Diversity Diner Spring 2002 

140 Class of 2003 

Diversity Dinner Spring 2003. Spanish 

Merengre Band, sponsored 

by 1 Nation and other groups. 

1 Nation Event 2002. Talent Show Performers 
"Final Touch" 

Halloween Pub 2001, Students at event from 

1 Nation Event- Halloween Pub 2001. 
Maggie, Sybil, Kendra 

In The SpotHght 141 


• • 

An active group on the Curry College 
campus, the CCSNA gives nursing 
students a forum to plan social and 
academic events. Informative events are 
held, such as the all-college Health Fair, 
and the club also can provide assistance 
with attendance at conferences, etc. 

142 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 143 

A»^ ic>>i^ Ct ( ifi. 

Aidkio is a combination of physical and eastern 
philosophical training. Implicit in the training are re- 
spect for others, aesthetics of the art, aspects of and 
traditional Asian spirituality and a respect for life. 

Aikido is considered an art for all ages, practiced 
by young and old- a life study. It is also called the 
Harmonious Way. Referred to as the gentle art, aikido 
provides a deeper, non-violent world outlook. 

With Aikido, life and the world are more 
connectable, vibrant and a vital place to grow and 

Gordon Kennedy-President/ Instructor of Aikido Club 

Cathy Hopkins~Vice President 

Mike Nascimento~Secretary 

J.D. Plato-Treasurer 

Dr. Les Muray PhD~Faculty Advisor 

144 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 145 



m»m>.^ s*s.. \ai^^K=«K> 

'Sports OMids 

Mike O'Sullivan, Brian Dolierty Erin Allen 

Bethanie Raposa 


^ -, ^ii 


' U 




Brian LeBlanc 

Ed Zimirowski, Terrence Norve, 
Larry Mulrey, Robert Byrnes, Matt 
Jeannotte, Dave Ferrando, Mike 

In The Spotlight 147 

Nadia Ashley So. Dedham, MA Danielle Beiliveau Fr. Tewskbury, MA Dana Bonaventura Jr. Maiden, MA 
Danielle Crowley Fr. Arlington, MA Courtney Dukehart Fr. Philadelphia, PA Kaitlin Greene Jr. Tewskbury, 
MA Lauren Halpern Fr. Boca Raton, FL Brand! Lawrence Jr. Ludlow, MA Megan Lynch Fr. Burlington, MA 
Nekisha Powell Fr. Bridgeport, CT Kris Rogers Fr. Carver, MA Jen Scarpelli So. Trumbull, CT Carly Steele 
Sr. Maiden, MA Amanda Gentile Sr. Stoughton, MA 




148 Class of 2003 

Head Coach Cristyn DeMerchant 


The Cheerleading team had many freshman 
this year, so it was a big building year for them. 
They attended a NCA Collegiate summer camp 
at BU last August, where they learned many new 
stunts, cheers, and dance moves. They also trav- 
eled to New York to cheer on the football team in 
the playoffs, as well as cheered for the women's 
basketball team when they made the playoffs. 
They also for the first time attended the football 


In The Spotlight 149 


Curry College 
2002 Football Schedule & Results 

Final Overall Record: 7-3 

Final NEFC Boyd Record: 3-2 

Date Opponent Time/Result 

9/7 at Framingham State College 35-6 W 



9/28 at UMass Dartmouth* 10-40 L 

10/5 atM.I.T.* 31-8 W 



11/2 at Western New England* 


11/23 at Hartwick College+ 14-69 L 

Curry Coloners 

Curry College 
Football Roster 2002 

Ferrando, Dave , Bascon, Benjamin ,Ben, Joseph .Howe, Adam , Coppenrath, Michael, Grondell, Joshua, 

Berte, Evan, Reynolds, Robert , Haskell, Scott,Philbrook, Timothy , Pascarelli, James , Mulligan, James , 

Watts, Gareth, Lovendale, Bill, Anderton, Patrick, Sunday, David, Eakins, J.T, McGonagle, Michael , 

Zammit, Raphael, Kamborian, Kristopher, O'Connor, Patrick ,Benoit, Brandon, Lucier, Deanan, 

Curry, Moses Dixon, Alfonzo, Gregoire, Seth , Byrne, Eric ,Jeannotte, Matt,Dick, Bradford , Rapoza, Matt 

Charles, Johnny ,Rindone, Joe, Eakins, Todd, Ortiz, Manny , Spicer, David, Bolton, George , Butler, Timothy, 

Norve, Terrence, Morrison, William, Pauquette, Justin , Rogowicz, Patrick ,Grinkin, Derek, Worcester, Eric, 

Kelleher, Kevin, Byrnes, Robert ,Robitaille, Brian, Richard, Stephen , Giles, Jarett,Ferullo, Anthony, Arituce, 

David, Duffy, Joseph,Young, Jason , Croall, Ryan, Rotondo, Robert ,Parro, Matthew ,Allar, Daniel , 

Santamaria, Michael .Spence, Sydney ,Zimirowski, Edmund , Leonard, Erin ,Waden, David.Gonzalez, 

Manny, Mulrey, Larry, DeCristoforo, Daniel, Lombardi, Joseph, Cinelli, John, WisPaul,Brierty, Lucas, Marchant, 

Jonathan, Bartoiini, Alan, Gallagher, John-Paul, Stevens, Thomas, Riley, Brian, Perez, Marc,Undelof, 

James, Coleman, Nicholas, Cox, Nick.Johnson, Mario, Langan, Robert, MacGregor, Stephen, O'Malley, Sean, Ruiz, 


HEAD COACH Steve Nelson (North Dakota State 74), 5th season 

ASSOCIATE HEAD COACH & Defensive Coordinator Mark Pizziferri (Norwich '83) 

ASSISTANT COACHES: Offensive Coordinator Vinnie Eruzione (Holy Cross '84) Receivers/Asst. Offensive Coord. Steve Zabel (Oklahoma '69) Offensive 
Line Brian Lee (Bridgewater State '97) Running Backs/Special Teams Mosi Tatupu (USC '77) Quarterbacks Darin Colucci (Bucknell '87) Defensive 
Assistant Bill McDonald (New Haven '77) Defensive Backs John Finase (Central Connecticut '75) Defensive Line Frank Russo (Northeastern '90) Defensive 
Assistant John Avilla (Nichols '02) Defensive Assistant Joe Siracuse (Curry '02) 

Jamie McCready 

Mens Soccer 

9/4 UMASS DARTMOUTH 1-6 L 9/7 





9/21 at Endicott College* 0-8 L 


9/28 at Nichols College* 0-7 L 


10/3 at Suffolk University 0-3 L 

10/5 at Salve Regina University* 0-7 L 




10/19 at Eastern Nazarene College* 2-4 L 

10/24 at Mt. Ida College 1-2 L 

10/26 at Colby-Sawyer College* 0-7 L 

00/19 Matt Taierico.0/17 Bill Reynolds.2 Matt Seaman,3 Zachary Nelson,6 Tim TIchacek 

7 John Kelly. 10 James McCready,11 Tim Gilligan,14 Marcell Strain, 16 Andrew Kiriakos 

19 John Matthews ,21 Anthony Castagnozzi,23 Michael Biffar 

HEAD COACH: Morten Jorgensen (Aalborg University '96, 1" season) |P 

ASSISTANT COACH: Robb Rolfing (Vassar College '00, 2"" season) 

S2 Class of 2003 CAPTAINS: Matt Talerico and Andrew Kiriakos 

[nie McCready 

Jamie McCready 

Jamie McCready 

Andrew Kiriakos, Matt Talerico 

In The Spotlight 153 


Curry College 
2002 Women's Soccer Roster 

Danielle Habeeb, Nicole Wandy, Angela Belanger, Caitlin Gray, Kristine Sanborn, Jana Williamson, 
Suzanne Sironi, Julie Pagliuca,Nicole Annese, Karen Mitzcavitch, Jennifer Spartichino, Gianna Passacantilli, 
Erica Schutt, Lauren Coleman, Rebecca Gardner, Tara Scott, Bridget Nelson, Jayme Aronson, Venus Wolo 
Head Coach: Danielle Ferrara (Salem State College '94, 4th season) 

Assisitant Coach: Caitlin Roberts (New England College '97, 3rd season) 

Captain: Julie Pagliuca '04 

Mens Tennis 

Patrick Beck. James Condlin 
Jason Feldman, Ted Michalos 

Jacob Mishkin. Mike Pollock 

Seth Ross, Matt Williams 

Ritucci, 3''' season 



CAPTAIN: Matt Williams 


3/22 Wentworlh Institute* 2-7 L 
3/26 Colby-Sawyer College* 1-8 L 3/27 
UMass Boston 3-5 L 
4, I UMass Dartmouth 0-9 L 
4/14 Salve Regina University* 0-9L 
4/15 Roger Williams University* 1-8 L 
4/U) Worcester State College 7-2 W 
4/17 Salem State College 3-6 L 
4/21 Eastern Nazarene College* 7-2 W 
4/23 Gordon College* 5-4 W 
4/25 Nichols C ollege* 0-9 L 
4/28 Kntlicolt f ollege* 7-2 W 
4/29 CCC Quarterfinals at 
Colby-Sawyer 1-8 L 


"» J^^F^^^^^, 

156 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight) 157 

Womens Tennis 





9/19 at Endicott College* 1-8 L 


9/28 at Nichols College* 5-4 W 

10/2 at Newbury College 9-0 W 

10/9 at Emerson College 4-3 W 

1-8 L 

10/19 at Eastern Nazarene College* 8-1 W 
10/22 at Gordon College* 3-6 L 
10/24 at Regis College* 7-0 W 
10/25 at Colby-Sawyer College* 4-5 L 
10/26 at Salve Regina University* 3-5 L 
10/29 at Endicott College+ 0-9 L 

l^H Class of 2003 

Yodelle Fernandez, Emily Gerrein. Cara Linehan 

Ali Pendola, Stephanie Sigler, Erica Veenendaal 

Megan Vieira 

HEAD COACH: Herb Chenell (3'"^ season) 

CAPTAINS: Cara Linehan and Stephanie Sigler 

Caja Linehan 

Stephanie Sigler 

In The Spotlight 159 

Womens Cross Country 


Head Coach: 

Caitlin Roberts (New 
England College '97) 

Assistant Coach: 

Jacinda-Beth Kelly (New 
England College '00) 


Lindsay Gallant '03. Jen 
Duck '03, Molly Melone 
'04 & Rebecca Gardner 


3/13 Alfred University 5-9 L3/20 
Salve Regina University* 9-8 W3/ 
22 Worcester State College 16-2 W 
3/25 Castleton State College 16-1 
W 3/27 Southern Maine U-IO Wv 
OT 3/29 Gordon College* 9-15 L 
4/10 Univcrsitj' of iNew England* 
7-5 W 4/15 Coiby-Sawyer tdllegc* 
6-19 L 4/16 Elms College 21-2 \V 
4/18 UMass Dartmouth 7-9 L 4/21 
Rndicott College* S-7 W 4/23 
Nichols College* 9-5 W 4/25 New 
England College* 5-6 L 4/29 CCC 
Quarterflnals vs. N.E. College 3-4 
L 5/7 fXAC Quarterfinals at 
pastern C onneclicut 4-20 L 









1 ^^'yf 


160 Class of 2003 

Katrina Cloutier, Dina Dworetsky, Laura Estey, Alice Field, Kimberly Jarrett, Sara McLane 

Heather Petitpas, Andrea Sarbanis HEAD COACH: Tammy Monahan (UMass Boston '96), 
2nd season CAPTAIN: Laura Estey 

In The Spotlight 161 

Nick Reiph, Kyle McNamar 

162 Class of 2003 

Mens Basketball 

Ricardo Graham 


Derek Oliver So. G 5-9 160 Norwalk,CT (Brien McMahon) 20 Keith Fredricksen Sr. F 6-3 190 Niantic, CT 
(East Lyme) 23 Will Freeman Jr. F 6-3 215 Windsor, CT (East Catholic) 24 James Cooper Jr. G 6-0 170 
Haverhill, MA (Haverhill) 25 Michael Mohrin Fr. G 6-3 185 Greenwich, CT (Greenwich) 30 Ricardo Graham 
So. G 6-2 200 Hartford, CT (Cheney Tech) 31 Glen Goff Sr. F 6-4 215 Shelton, CT (O'Brien Tech) 33 Nick 
Reiph Jr. F 6-3 175 Norwalk, CT (St. Luke's) 40 Kyle McNamar Sr. F 6-6 215 Vernon, CT (Rockville) 44 
Kyle Fiske So. G 6-1 180 Wrentham, MA (King Phillip) HEAD COACH: Sean Casey (Keene State '93), 5'" 
season ASSISTANT COACH: Mark Fierri (Springfield '87), P' season CAPTAINS: KyleMcNamar and 
James Cooper 

1 1/22 5:30 +MaineMachias 7873W 1 1/23 
3:00 +Keene State 46-82 L 1 1/26 8:00 
W 12/3 7:00 at Lasell College 64-74 L/ 
COLLEGE 62-70 L 12/7 3:00 
ENDICOTT COLLEGE* 80-81 L 12/10 
7:00 at Springfield College 59-78 L 12/17 
7:00 at Northeastern University 53-93 L 
1/7 8:00 TUFTS tJNlVERSITY 77-87 L 
1/1 1 3:00 GORDON COLLEGE* 67-77 
L 1/14 7:00 NEWBURY COLLEGE72- 
67 W 1/16 8:00 at Roger Williams 
University* 86-77 W 1/218:00 at Eastern 
Nazarene College* 89-94 L 1/23 8:00 at 
Salve Regina University* 64-67 L 1/25 
3:00 at University of New England* 97- 
95 W 1/28 8:00 at New England College* 
71-66 W 1/30 8:00 EASTERN 
W 2/6 6:00 at Nichols College* 60-68 L 
2/1 1 8:00 SALVE REGfNA UNIVER- 
SITY* 87-70 W 2/13 8:00 
2/15 3:00 NICHOLS COLLEGE* 56-84 
L 2/18 8:00 at Colby-Sawyer College* 
72-80 L 2/20 8:00 at Anna Maria 
College* 65-69 L 2/22 3:00 ROGER 
WILLIAMS* 58-68 L 

In The Spotlight 163 

10 Erin Allen Fr. G 5-4Litchfield, NH (Alvirne),12 Jianine Esposito Fr. G 5-4Bridgeport, CT (St. Joseph|,14Sabrina 
PerryFr.G 5-6Merion, PA (Merion Mercy Academy),20 Vicky Palmacci So. G 5-4 Somer\'ille, MA (Somerville) .21 Crystal 

CleggJr.G5-8 Hudson, NH (Alvime),33 Leigh Johnston Jr.G5-9 Randolph, MA (Archbishop Williams) ,34 Gennifer 

BradshavvFr. F 5-9Hudson, NH (Alvirne),35 Lauren Fechtmann So.F 5-1 1 Ramsey, NJ (Ramsey) ,44 Kehinda Oshodi Jr. G 

5-6 Boston, MA (Fenway) ,45Brandy HowardSo.F 5-lOWeymouth, MA (Weymouth).55 Julie Medonis Fr, F 5-8 

Wethersfield, CT (Enfield) 

HEAD COACH: Todd Goclowski (Clark University '90), 2nd season 

ASSISTANT COACH: Theresa Sanchez (Quinnipiac '02), 1st Season 

CAPTAINS Lauren Fechtmann. Brandy Howard & Victoria Palmacci 

Leign Johnston 

Womens Basketball 


Juile Medonis 

164 Class of 2003 

Leigh Johnston, Jeanine Esposita, Erin Allen, Vicky Palmacci, Crystal 
Clegg, Coach Todd Goclowski 

In The Spotlight 165 

Lenny Mosca, Derek Kerstner 

Hockey Team 

Names of Players 


Bryan Madison , Derek Kerstner, Michael O'Sullivan, Ryan Murphy, Brett 
Yvon Jonathan Whitham, Kevin Narciso, C.J. Stagnaro, Sean Pero, Dan 
Bliss, Brian Doherty, Michael Solesky, Michael Heenan, John Meenan, Jeff 
Gendron, Brian Nolan, David Malcolm, David Roberts, Lee Carter, Scott 
Noyes, Sean Ray, Lenny Mosca, Brian Donovan, Chester Ferreira 

HEAD COACH: Rob Davies (Boston University '82), 4"' season 

ASSISTANT COACHES: John Burgess (Norwich University '92), 1st 

Bob Roche (Brown University, '93), 1st Season 

CAPTAIN: Brian Doherty '05 ASSISTANT CAPTAINS: Chet Ferreira 
"05, Mike Sullivan '05, Sean Pedro '05 


Jonathan Whitham 

166 Class of 2003 

Brian Doherty, Mike O'Sullivan 

In The Spotlight 167 

Eric Corso 

Mens Lacrosse 

3/15 Vassar College 7-9 L 3/25 Emerson 
CoUege 19-6 W 3/27 UMass Boston 7-6 
W/2 OT 3/29 Wentworth Institute* 5-12 
L 4/1 Mass. Maritime Academy 5-8 L 4/3 
Keene State College 3-19 L 4/6 Nichols 
College* 8-5 W 4/10 New England 
College* 6-14 L 4/16 Salve Regina 
University* 6-13 L 4/17 Roger Williams 
University* 4:00 4/19 University of New 
England* 1 1 :30 a.m. 4/22 Gordon Col- 
lege* 3:30 4/24 Mt. Ida College 3:30 4/26 
Endicott College* 1:00 4/29-5/3 CCC 
Tournament TBA 

Mark Lange, William Basham, Matllicw Doiiceltc, Patrick Aiidcrton, John Cinelli, Bryan Lucas, Geno 
Busa. Colin Dclorcy, Chris Sherburne, Sean Ray, Brandon Crossen, Jason Katsos, Steven Rueda, Austin 
Grifnngllarry Nadal. Andrew Hand. Eric Corso, Tim Hagen, Brian Donovan, Zach Milliard 

Head Coach: Neal Anderson (Merrimack College '()()) 

Assistant Coach: Adam Olshansky (Colgate Univcrsity'OO) 

Captains: Eric Corso "03, Geno Busa "03. Mark Lange "03 

168 Class of 2()03 

Mark Lange 

Eric Corso, Tim Hagen 


In The Spotlight 169 

Sizie Sironi, Jen Duck 

Coach Caitlin Roberts Captains: 
Jen Duck, Rebecca Gardnerm Molly 
Melone, Lindsey, Gallant, Ass Coach 
JB Kelly 

Worries Lacrosse 


Head Coach: 

Caitlin Roberts (New 
England College '97) 

Assistant Coach: 

Jacinda-Beth Kelly (New 
England College '00) 


Lindsay Gallant '03, Jen 
Duck '03, Molly Melone 
'04 & Rebecca Gardner 


3/13 Alfred Universm 5-9 13/20 
Salve Regina University* 9-8 W3/ 
22 Worcester State College 16-2 W 
3/25 Castleton State College 16-1 
W 3/27 Southern Maine 11-10 VV/ 
OT 3/29 Gordon College* 9-15 L 
4/10 University of New England* 
7-5 W 4/1 5 Colby-Sawyer College* 
6- 1 9 L 4/1 6 Elms College 2 1 -2 W 
4/18 UMass Dartmouth 7-9 L 4/21 
Endicott College* 8-7 W 4/23 
Nichols College* 9-5 W 4/25 New 
England College* 5-6 L 4/29 CCC 
Quarterfinals vs. N.E. College 3-4 
L 5/7 FXAC OuarterHnals at 
Eastern Connecticut 4-20 L 

Jen Duck 

Nicole Wandy 


Angela Burgess 

170 Class of 2003 

Lindsey Gallant 


Nicole Annese, Katie Messuri, Jen Duck, Jana Williamson, Suzie Sironi, Lindsay Lunati, Jenelle Mistretta, 
Angela Burgess, Courtney Roche, Lindsey Gallant, Sheena Postell, Amanda Henderson, Rebecca Gardner, 
Kaitlin Tilley, Erin Butler, Karen Mitzcavitch, Molly Melone, Alyssa Breault, Nicole Wandy, Ruth Yacubian 

In The Spotlight 171 


3/8 Delaware Valley College 3-5 L 3/9 University of 
ScrantonNorthwood University9-4 W2-5 L3/11 
Westminster College 5-3 W 3/12 Maiywood 
UniversityNorwich University6-5 W9-2 W3124 
Framingham State College 4-15 L 3/26 Nichols 
College* 8-13 L 3/27 Salem State College 6-7 L 3/29 
Gordon College (2)* 6-0 W; 13-8 W 4/1 New 
England College * 8-0 W 4/3 Fitchburg State 
College 11-10 W 4/7 Babson College 4-1 1 L 4/10 
Fisher College 5-6 L 4/14 Roger Williams Univer- 
sity* 19-10 W 4/15 Eastern Nazarene College* 6-4 W 
4/16 Colby-Sawyer College* 6-4 W 4/18 Endicott 
College (2)* 3-8 L; 9-8 W 4/21 Salve Regina 
University* 1-15 L 4/23 Mass. Maritime Academy 3-7 
L 4/24 Anna Maria College* 18-2 W 4/27 Wentworth 
Institute* 5-7 L 4/29 CCC Tournament vs. Roger 
Williams 11-17 L 5/1 CCC Tournament vs. N.E. 
College 12-10 W 5/3 CCC Tournament at Salve 
Regina 2-16 L 

HEAD COACH: Dave I'crdios, lirandcis '80 (5"' season) 
ASSISTANT COACHES: John Flanders & Ken raniier 
CAPTAINS:Joe Seeley & Gareth Watts 

«, I* '/ 

Gary Vuolo 

172 Class of 2003 

Zach Robbins 

Joe Seeley 

Tim Sweeney 

Nick Pomakis, Gareth Watts, J T Eakins, Don Fuicillo, Biian LL-[?lan(. loc Sc-elevRobeit Noletie, 
Pete Lown, .Tun Pascarelli, Kns Tedesco, Zach Robbini, Ben Haidmg, F5iian Hamlin. Tim Sweeney, 
Dan McNeil, Chet Fen'eira, Tyler Pybum, Nick Mackey, Brian Sullivan, Mike O'Donnell, Gary 
Vuolo, Mike Duran 

In The Spotlight 173 

Allyson Machado 




Weckworth, Curry '82 (8"" season) 

(2nd season) 

MANAGERS: Shannon Brock 

CAPTAINS: Leslie Montalto, 
Allyson Machado, Lisa Bello 


1/10 mlminglon College 1 1-1(1 W Elms College 
^1-7 L (fi innings f 3/11 Emmanuel College 3-0 M' 
Haverford College 5-9 L 3/13 Transylvania 
University 1-JO L Wiltenberg University 1-2 L 3i 
14 Defiance College S-X L Wheaton College IILI 
<-'/ I. 3/19 Johnson & Wales University 4-1 W 3/ 
25 Salem Stale College 2-4 L 3/29 New England 
College (2|" 2-3 L; 3-10 L 4/1 University ofNcw 
Ingland • 6-7 L 4'2 Mass. Maritime Academy 
! 3-8 V. 4/4 Fitcbburg Stale College 6-8 L 4/6 
NichoU Collese (2)* 6-1 W; 10-6 W 4/10 
l.ndicoli College (2)' 2-5 L: 1-3 L 4/12 Regis 
College 121" 8-0 W; 8-0 W 4/14 Eastern 
Nazarene College (2)' 10-0 W; I0-2W4/I5 
Ciordon College (2)' S-5 W; 4-7 L 4/16 Anna 
Maria College (2)* 5-3 W; 0-1 L 4/19 Lasell 
College (2) 4-9 L: 10-5 W 4/21 Salve Reglna 
Inivenity (2)> IK) I.; 5-10 1, 4/23 Roger 
Williami tnivenily (2)* 0-5 L: 4-5 L 4.24 
Hrarwlcis University 2-1 1 L 4/27 Wcntworth 
InslMutc (2)» 0-« L; 1 1-7 W 4/28 CCC 
Tournament at Anna Maria 3-2 W 4/29 CCC 
Tournament vs. Wentwonh tat lindicotl) 1-4 L 5/ 
I CCC Tournament vs. Roger Williams (at 
fiordon) W) L t8 inninp^) 



; t'^' — 1 '11 lilim|l'ir' ; 

^^^I^L^B ^rL|L> ,^^^^HhR|^^. * -^l^^H 

Leslie Montalto 

Coach Bruce Weckworth, Denise Surran 

Vicky Palmacci 

174 Class of 2003 

Denise Surran, Lindsay Souza, Jamie Goldman, Kaitlin Berardi, Leslie Montalto, Maria Sancinito, Bethanie 
Raposa, Danielle Beck, Kathleen Fallon, Allyson Machado, Catherine Maguire, Meagan Sandeffer, Jackie 
Tarr, Candice Gabrey, Lisa Bello, Shena Simone, Laurie Perry, Angela BelangerLisa Morris, Victoria 
Palmacci, Colleen Smith 

In The SpotUght 175 





End of Year Activities 

178 Class of 2003 

May 2003 

In The Spotlight 

180 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

182 Class of 2003 

'. ^M 


■ V • *.'*! 


1 '«ijif 

In The Spotlight 

spring Fest 

184 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

186 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

SprinQ Fest 

188 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

190 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

192 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

SGSiioa, KIeG« 

Ls T 


194 Class of 2003 

In The SpotHght 195 

^^ jr 


^B^^Bw^ «i 


196 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 197 

198 Class of 2003 


■ ■^ZT.^idHPi^ ' 

1. / •■^^ 







~ --^^^^@=*^%L 1 

^^l^gEM^giBii^feJfe. Ij , 














S3&^^j^ — ' '" 

— _; 















In The Spotlight 199 




200 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 


202 Class of 2003 

5 ' 


... ■■•1 




fcf. ^pf 












^ ^^ 



In The Spotlight 

204 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 


206 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

Class of 2003 

208 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 

Nursing Pinning 

210 Class of 2003 

In The Spotlight 211 


Yearbook Colophon 

This yearbook was printed by Jostens, Inc. out of their State 
College, PA plant. Senior portraits were provided by 
McGrath Studios in Braintree, MA. Pictures were provided to 
us by either student submission, our wonderful staff photog- 
raphers, or Curry's campus photographer. Matt Hakloa, who 
helped us tremendously. The majority of the photos used in 
this book were digital images, placed into layouts using 
Jostens' Picture Placer. 

The book was printed on 80# gloss paper and distributed at 
no charge to all graduating seniors. These pages were all 
created using Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 and Jostens Yeartech 
2003 on a PC platform. 

The editor for this book was senior Stephanie Moskal. Staff 
photographers were freshmen Megan Hazlehurst and Katie 
Piskor, and senior Pat Spera. Section editors were Sabrina 
Dimelio for Sports and Katie McMakin for Clubs. Yearbook 
adviser Mike Randall oversaw progress on the book and has 
improved his computer skills:) 

The cover was designed by cover artist Rick Brooks and 
editor Stephanie Moskal. All cover photos were taken by 
Stephanie Moskal. 

Special thanks to our Jostens rep Tara Anderson for all that 
she has done for this years yearbook staff, and in-plant con- 
sultant Christina Ripka for helping us along the way. 

212 Class of 2003 




Bernard Bowen Jr. 

Keep your head up, life just 
got started. It's time to use 
your education now to make 
the assist. You have now 
graduated from my school, 

Love your Dad 

Way To Go, Ian! 


Mom,Dad,Chris, & Matt 

Emily Mae Gerrein 

Our beautiful little girl has become 
a wonderful young woman! 

We are so proud of you 

not only for what you have achieved 

but more importantly 

for who you are 

All our love always. 
Mom, Dad, Joe, and Grandma 

Leanne Masiello 

Lee Lee, 

Who can believe you've made it 
through college? We're very proud of you. 
Congratulations and good luck! 
We love you, 

Mom and Dad 






214 Class of 2003 

To Megan, 


Cjo placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in 

As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly 
and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid 
loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit. 

If you compare yourself with others, you may become bitter or vain, for always there will be 
greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep 
interest in your own career, however humble; it is as a real possession in the changing fortunes of 
time... Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind 
you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of hero- 

De youself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all 

aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass. ..Take kindly the counsel of the years, 

gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden 

misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and 


Deyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less 
than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no 
doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you con- 
ceive him to be. 

And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. 
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be 


With all our love and Best wishes for a wonderful life. 

Thanks for the memories we love you so. 


Mom, Dad, Jed, Garett, & Bret. 

In the Spotlight 215 


We could never be more proud 

of you! 

Congratulations on all your 


Love Dad, Mommy Charlie, 

Fern, and Homer 

Kim James 

I'm so PROUD that 

the life I gave you is 

so appreciated every 

minute, you make it 



Love, Ma 

Gary Carrano 

The years at Curry went by so quickly! Throughout those 
years, you have continued to develop into a loving and 
caring person with a great sense of humor. 

You have reached another major goal in your life. We are 
proud of all you have accomplished so far. Your positive 
attitude will help you throughout the future. We love you 
and are always there for you. 

Mom, Dad, Carl, Damian and Gina 


"I wish you all good things- 
especially the gift of being able to let go. 
Learn from your sorrow and mistakes, 
then go on. And most of all I wish you 
courage. That usually takes care of every- 
thing else." 

Pam Brown, b.l928 

We love you! 
Mom,Tara and Jared 

216 Class of 2003 

Leanne Feleciano 
Shine On! 

You have always been the light of 
Christ to us in all you do. Your special 
qualities shine through. 

Your childhood passed so quickly, 
but every moment is a cherished memory. 
Your future looks exciting... and joyful. 
Love, Mom, "Bumpa." 
and all the family 

Maryellen LoRusso 

You Are My Sunshine 

You have brought so much joy 
into my life since you were a little 
girl, and I'm sure that you will spread 
sunshine wherever your road in life 
takes you. 

Thank you for all our happy 
memories, and those that we have 
yet to embark upon. You are my shin- 
ning star, and I'm very proud of you. 

All my love. 

In the Spotlight 217 

Dina Dworetsky 

We just wrote to say we 

love you 

Congratulations and 

good luck 

love you, 

Michael, Larry, Ellen, 

Emily, Beccy, & David 

Allison Hayes 

We all ride the sea of life in 
the calm you are our joy 
When a storm slams you 
down and you get up and 
peddle on with your eyes i0^ 
on your prize we are most 
proud of you. Prize 800 
large? We love you for- 
ever and always. Love 
Mom & Dad 

218 Class of 2003 

Nadia Lovinsky 

Congratulations! ! 

We watched you grow up from a little girl to a young lady 

You have come a long way and you raade it. We are so proud 

of you and your success. Keep up the good work. 

Love Mom, Dad & Family 

In the Spotlight 219 

Tracy Nagle 

Trac...We are so very proud of you! 

The past four years have flown by. 
The world is yours... you go... 

Sabrina DiRito 


Auguri a te, 


Sei stata bravissima! 

Bacioni da papi. 

Mamma, Elisa & 


Kerry A. Shields 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes! You're all grow 
up, and we are so proud of you. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

220 Class of 200^ 

Jessica Blumldn 

To Jessica, our sweet, kind, adorable, loveable 
daughter and sister. You truly are a beautiful 
person, both inside and outside. Keep your 
kind and loving spirit, your sense of humor, 
your fondness for adventure and your posi- 
tive outlook, for these virtues have served you 
well. Live everyday with gratitude, enthusi- 
asm and love in your heart as you follow your 
dreams! We are so very proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments - you really are - 
ENJOY THE JOURNEY! God bless you! 
We love you so very much 
You're the best 
Mom,Dad, Becca, and Ryan 

In the Spotlight 221 

on four successful years of college!!! 

I love you, Stephanie! 

From Kevin and the Gill Family 

Alison Flynn 

Congratulations! ! ! 

On your Nursing 


Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, Becca 

and Tom 

222 Class of 2003 



From little frown to cap and gown 
The many trials along the way 
To stand on your own, but never alone 
For the smiles we share today 

We are so proud of you! ! ! ! ! 




In the Spotlight 223 

Emily Spealman 


It must have been fate that we came 
together and even more so that we opened 
our eyes to one another. 

As we run through our Hves at such 
a rapid pace, we can only into the future; to 
our light at the end of the tunnel. For me, 
that light is you. 

You have influenced and awakened 
my life in countless ways. I cannot begin to 
explain the love and appreciation that I 
feel towards you. Each day we grow closer 
as one. 

You are my lover, my best friend, 
and the one who will be in my hear for- 
ever. I cherish you and need you more 
than you will ever know. 

You are my love, my monster. 



Senior Class 

Congratulations to 
the class of 2003! 
Good luck to you 


The Pincus family, 


David Scott Miller 

The achievement of your college graduation is the 
direct result of all you blood, sweat and tears over 
the past four years, as well as the fulfillment of our 

You are living proof that hard work and persever- 
ance result in success. We know that this step is only 
a beginning, and the lessons of these past four years 
will carry forward through the rest of your life. 
Congratulations on a job well done! 

224 Class of 2003 

Alison Myers 

Happiness and love always 

We are so very proud of the person 
you have become and all that you 
have accomplished. May your fu- 
ture be bright and all your hopes and 
dreams come true. We wish you much 
love and happiness always. 
All our love. Dad, Mom, & Elizabeth 

Matthew Pincus 

Congratulations to our college gradu- 
ate! Your initiative, perseverance and 
accomplishments speak for themselves. 

As you move forward now always 

remember our abiding love and respect 

for the person you are. 

Our pride in you knows no bounds. 

Mom, Dad and Eli 

In the Spotlight 225 



Your achievements have al- 
ways made us proud. Now that 
you are graduating from college, 
we know that your persistent 
efforts have come to fruition and 
will ensure you a bright and suc- 
cessful future. May the coming 
years bring you good health, suc- 
cess and all the best things in life. 

Mom and Dad 

You have worked hard and 
accomplished a great deal to 
bring you to this day I wish you 
much success in your life and 
career and hope that all your 
wishes come true. 


Kevin Mc Garry 

Congratulation Kevin! 

Your compassion, work 
ethic and caring of your 
fellow man is an 
example to all of us. 

With pride and love. 
Mom & Dad 

226 Class of 2003 

Lindsay Hall 

We Are So Proud Of You! 

You reached for the stars and 
soared high above. 
You accomplished your goals 
and dreams. 
Way to go sweetie! 

Mom, Mimi & pappy 


Job well done to all the seniors. Best of 
luck in the future. 
Student Activities 

Dan Hoffman 

You Did It 

You have grown into a fine 
young man. Im very proud 
of you and your accom- 
plishments. Always believe 
in yourself. Reach for the 
stars. I love you. Mom 

Unique Miller 


You did it! You did a 
great job in the last four 
years. Your family is 
very proud of you. I 
knew you could do it, 
good luck in the future. 
Love yu; 

Bethany Rachel Myers 


Mark Lange 

We never stopped believing in you and you 
alvi-ays made us proud. No one could ask 
more of a daughter- bright, loving, strong in 
her convictions, and beautiful, too. You are 
a role model for all who know you, and a 
parents greatest joy. 

Mom, Dad, Jill. & "German" 

The friends. The laughter. The experience. 
The life ahead. 

For all those times you will never forget, this is for you. 
Don't ever stop being the "Bear" you always were. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Shauna. and Paulie 

In the SpotUght 227 

Angela Cordero 

Real World 

I am so proud of you and all of your accom- 
plishments you have made in the past four 
years. You have grown into quite a young lady. 
I am confident you will succeed in whatever 
you decide to do with you life and you will face 
the real world with confidence. 


Lauren Marie Federico 

Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you and all that you have 
accomplished. We are especially proud of the 
lovely young woman you have become. You 
have filled our lives with much happiness and 
joy and many wonderful memories. We wish 
you a lifetime of peace, happiness, success and 
love. Follow your heart and believe in yourself 
as we believe in you. We love you very much 
and will always be 
here for you. May all 
your dreams come 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad, 
David & Marisa 

Leela J. Shankar 

Emily Spealman 


Remain loyal to yourself 

With all that you are and all you shall become 

Grow in knowledge and wisdom 

Move forward with courage and respect 

Celebrate life, accept challenge, and be joyful 

I am forever grateful for your presence in my 


You are my life and inspiration 



As you reach for your dreams, 

As you set new goals, 

As you aim even higher. 

We celebrate your achievements 

With the joy you have given us. 

Mom and Dad 

228 Class of 200''. 

Daneille Zdenek 

We are so proud of you ! 

Your determintion, drive and desire are unbeatable. 
Your caring for others, love for life make you shine. 
You're great daughter, sister and fried. Whatever you 
choose to do we are sure you will make a wonderful 
difference in other people's lives. 
We love you today and always, 
Mom, Dad, and Jess 

Michelle Craven 


We're so proud of you. Your accomplish- 
ments and for the person you are. 

Much love. 

Mom & Dad 

Nicholas Robert Latino 

From the day you were born we knew that 
God gave you to us for a very special 
reason. Words cannot express how proud 
we are of you for all of your accomplish- 
ments. You mean the world to us, Nick. 
Always know that we are here for you. 
May success be yours and may all your 
dreams come true!! 

Mom, Dad, & Jennifer 

In the Spotlight 229 

U2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa and tours Midwestern America to 
raise awareness and support for Atrican 
AIDS epidemic relief 

Nuclear crisis arises when North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
with the United States not to build 
nuclear weapons 

Atimad Ai-Rubayhi/Getty Images 

U.N. inspectors return to Iraq to Investigate 
Saddam Hussein's alleged production of 
weapons of mass destruction. 

A Halloween earthquake in San Giuiliano di 
Puglia, Italy, topples an elementary school, 
killing dozens of children. 

China's one-child-per-family policy creates 
an imbalanced boy-to-girl ratio that will 
result in tens of millions of men finding 
themselves single in the year 2020. 

The Miss World beauty 
pageant leaves Nigeria 
after Islamic fundamentalist 
protest groups kill more 
than 100 people. 

In Venezuela, an opposition 
strike demanding President 
Hugo Chavez's resignation 
paralyzes the country's oil 
exports and turns to bloodshed 
as Chavez supporters retaliate. 

The oil tanker Prestige 
spills more than 5 million 
gallons of oil off the 
northwestern coast of 
Spain before splitting in 
two and sinking. 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter 
receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his 
decades of work for peace, democracy 
and human rights worldwide. 

y After being subpoenaed to testify before a 
IVIassachusetts grand jury about sex abuse 
among Catholic priests, embattled Boston 
Cardinal Bernard Law resigns. 

Alert System, which posts information 
about abducted children on TV and 
interstate signs, leading to the recovery 
of dozens of children nationwide. 


X For weeks in October, alleged snipers 
John IVIuhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo 
terrorize Washington, D.C., IVIaryland and 
Virginia, randomly killing 10 people and 
injuring three others. 

^ The space shuttle Columbia breaks apart on 
reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing 
all seven astronauts aboard. 

Peter Cosgrove/AP/Wide World Photos 

not return safely to 
Earth, but we can pray 
they are safely home." 

- President George W. Bush 


Gene J Puskar/Getty Images 

On July 28, nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in 
a mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water. 

Getty Images/Artville 

Midterm elections make 
history as Republicans, the 
party controlling the White 
House, gain congressional 
seats rather than losing them. 

Jotin Partipilo/AP/Wide World Ptiotos 

Several large corporations 
inflate profits while top 
executives make off with 
millions in accounting 
scandals that send shock 
waves through global markets. 

^ President Bush signs ttie Homeland 
Security Act, officially creating a 
Department of Homeland Security 
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacl(s. 

Patients in Florida are the first to receive 
the VeriChip, a computer chip bearing 
personal medical data that is injected into 
the forearm. 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing on 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 


. .> 

Maria de Jesus and Maria Teresa Quiej- 
Alvarez, 1 -year-old Guatemalan twins 
born joined at the head, are successfully 
separated after over 22 hours of surgery. 

Just before burning up in Jupiter's 
atmosphere, the Galileo spacecraft 
captures the closest shots ever taken 
of Jupiter's moon lo. 

IJASAiAP/WiOe World Photos 

^ Both Italian doctor Severino 
Antinori and Raellan scienti 
at Clonaid, who believe aliens 
created humans, claim to 
have produced the first 
cloned human. Neither claim 

ms up and 
down the East Coast, 
rainstorms In California 
and a devastating 
December tornado 
in Mississippi. 

ion over 

"Asian Brown Cloud," 
threatens the lives of 
millions worldwide with 
respiratory disease. 


^ Early tests indicate an 
experimentai vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the liuman 
papiiloma virus tliat 
causes cervical cancer. 

V University of Ari<ansas ^ For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 

researchers discover that peopie craving eternal youth 

microorganisms grow in attend BOTOX parties to inject 

conditions similar to those on the FDA-approved paralytic 

Mars, suggesting the planet once toxin into their skin to relax 
hosted or currently hosts life. their muscle tissue. 

^ General Motors introduces the Hy-wire — 
a car powered by hydrogen and oxygen 
that emits heat and water rather than 
harmful exhaust. 

Se World Pholosi E 

The nation's largest outbreak of the 
West Nile Virus hits in summer 2002. 
The disease is spread by migrating birds 
and transmitted by mosquitoes. 

The gun turret of the historic Civil War 
ironclad USS Monitor \s raised from the 
floor of the Atlantic Ocean. 

^ President Bush orders construction of a 
system that would defend the United States 
from ballistic missile attacks by 2004. 

^ The newly discovered hunger hormone 
ghrelin is found to play a role in obesity 
by regulating what you eat and how much 
weight you gain. 

^ The U.S. Education Department reports that 
average geography scores of the nation's 
fourth and eighth graders, while low, have 
improved from 1994. 

y Ellula introduces HotAir Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 

A McDonald's unveils new lower-fat trench 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

^ 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Dyson/Camera Press/Retrt; 


A The Institute of Medicine 
announces that maintaining 
health now requires «ne hour 
of exercise daily, doubling the 
previous recommendation. 

A Jewelry designers Le Ann 
Carlson and Denise Gaskill 
add style to safety with 
Lauren's Hope for a Cure 
medical ID bracelets. 

A Kmart rejuvenates the 
Joe Boxer brand with ads 
featuring the dancing Joe 
Boxer guy, Vaughn Lowery. 

^ Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry. 

Theodore Wood/Camera Press/Retna 

^ The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

V Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 

At the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry 
and Denzel Washington win Best Actress 
and Best Actor Oscars. Berry is the first 
female African-American to win the award. 

Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire 
and Kirsten Dunst, spins a $114 million 
opening weekend box-office record. 


With over 6 million viewers, "The Osbournes" 
is the biggest hit in WlTV's 21 -year history. 

Avid gamers tune in to G4, the first 
cable TV channel dedicated solely 
to video games. 

Viewers return week after week for a bit 
of innocent American nostalgia on NBC's 
hit drama "American Dreams." 

^ Ron 

Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and ' 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and the 
Chamber of Secrets. 

Bloomberg Wev/s/Larido\ 

The Bachelor an 
"The Bachelorette" keep 
millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

^ PBS's "Sesame St 
introduces the IVluppet 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 

^ Jennifer Aniston wins Iner 
first Emmy Award and a 
Golden Globe for her role 
as the new mother Rachel 
Green on NBC's popular 
comedy "Friends." 

^ Virtual unknowns Nia 
Vardalos and John Corbett 
steal America's hearts in the 
year's surprise smash hit 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

^ Peter Jackson receives 
a Golden Globe Best 
Director nomination for 
The Lord of the Rings: The 
Two Towers, the year's 
most anticipated sequel. 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings for Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales for winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 

. S R T A . 

'0-year hiatus, Leonardo DiCaprio 
to the big screen with two holiday 
blockbusters, Gangs of New /or/rand 
Catch f\Ae if You Can. 

Chicago, a film adaptation of the hit 
Broadway musical, wins three Golden 
Globes, including Best Picture: IVIusical or 
Comedy, and receives 13 Oscar nominations. 

HBO Films' comedy Reai Women Have 
Curves promotes positive self-image with 
the dazzling debut of Latin-American 
actress America Ferrera. 

CBS scores a ratings doubleheader with 
a pair of forensic investigation dramas, 
"GSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and 
"CSI Miami." 

Newcomer Norah Jones takes home 
five Grammys, including Album of 
the Year, for Come Away With Me. 

^ In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC Is shot 
and killed In a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year 
romance, No Doubt's 
Gwen StefanI marries 
Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
In September. 

V Country crossover star Shania 
Tw/aln hits No. 1 on the Billboard 
albums chart with Up!, a double 
CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings In $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kalo/Reuters/Lando\ 

\ N 



Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith 
breal<s Walter Payton's 16,727-yard marl< 
to become the IMFL's all-time leading rusher. 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 

Richard Carson/Reulers/Landou 


^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No. 1 and No 2 
in the world. 




The college football season is marred 
by violent confrontations involving fans, 
students and even coaches. 

MVP Troy Glaus leads the scrappy Anaheim 
Angels to the 2002 World Series win over 
Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, _, 
four games to three. 

Kevofk Diansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 

Mannie Garcia/Gelly Images 

^ Martha Burk of the National 
Council of Women's 
Organizations battles with 
Augusta National chairman 
William Johnson over the 
issue of female membership at 
the famous Georgia golf club. 

Terrv Renna/AP/Wide World Photos 

^ An 18th place finish in the 
NASCAR season finale at 
Homestead-Miami Speedway 
is enough to earn Tony 
Stewart his first Winston 
Cup Series championship. 

Chns Faytok/The Star Ledger/Corbis-Sygma 

^ Despite an injured toe, 
Shaquille O'Neal powers the 
unstoppable Los Angeles 
Lakers to a third straight 
NBA championship title in 
May 2002. 

^ LPGA pro Annika Sorenstam, after a 
record-setting 13-win 2002 season 
worldwide, accepts an invitation to play 
the Colonial tournament on the men's 
2003 PGA Tour. 

The sports world loses two legends — 
baseball's "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas, one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 

Zacarais IVIoussaoui, widely believed 
to be the 20th hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 1 1 
terrorist attacks. 


Martha Stewart faces charges of illegal stock 
trading after former Imclone president Sam 
Waksal allegedly tips her off regarding the 
company's demise. jj^