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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



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W. Nicholas Fleming 

Photography Editor 
Roger Carrasquillo 

Layout Editors 
Ed Hauck 
Henry Russell 
Jim McGinnity 


Diana Kelly 









Administration & 



















1971 BJue Hili Aveni^e 
Milton. MA 0218e 


Dr. Price Lombard LL.B., D.SC.O. 

(Chairman Board of Trustees) 

The Corporation 

Officers of the Corporation and Board of Trustees 

Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Kirtley Fletcher Mather, B.S., Ph.D., Sc.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. 

Vice Chairman 
Mildred Buchanan Flagg, A.B., A.M., D.Sc.O., Litt.D. 

David Russell Hubbard, A.B. 


Members of the Corporation and Board of Trustees 

Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Senior Member, Sweetser & Lombard, Counselors at Law 
Joseph Aloysius Doherty, D.M.D., B.S., M.S., LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Professor of Geology, Emeritus, Harvard University 
Mildred Buchanan Flagg, A.B., A.M., D.Sc.O., Litt.D. 

Writer and Lecturer 
Richard E. Adams 

General Manager and Treasurer, Radio Station WKOX, WKOX Inc., Framingham 
David Russell Hubbard, A.B. 

President and Treasurer, Palmer, Hubbard and Carpenter, Inc. 
George William Perkins, II, B.Sc.O. 

Hartford Life Insurance Company 
Nathaniel Leverone, B.S., D.Sc.O., Litt.D., H.H.D. 

Founder and Chairman, Automatic Canteen Company of America 

Board of Consultants 

Dr. Wilfred Chagnon, Chairman Newton Mr. Joseph Drapkin Newton 

Dr. Wilmon Brewer Hingham Dr. Tehyi Hsieh Brighton 

Dr. Frieda M. Drapkin Newton 

Dr. Ralph K. Carleton is a professor of Chemistry and advisor to the Science 


He received his B.S. from Boston University, M.A. from Harvard, Ph.D. from 
Vanderbilt University and Sc.D. (Hon.) from Shurtleff College. 

Dr. Carleton is active in these organizations: The American Chemical So- 
ciety, The American Scientific Affiliation. Other affiliations are Alpha Chi Sigma 
Professional Fraternity (Chemical) of which he was District Counselor, Sigma Xi 
Honor Science Society and founder of the Sigma Zeta Honorary Science Society. 


Ralph Kimball Carleton 

Dr. Carleton - a true gentleman and scholar, who for many 
years has been a source of inspiration and a friendly guide to 
students of Curry College, as to those of other educational in- 
stitutions, we, of the class of 1966, dedicate this volume. 

Dr. John S. Hafer 
Curry College 

John Stuart Hafer, our eleventh President, was Director 
of Admissions and Dean of Personnel Administration at 
Syracuse. It was a heavy loss to Syracuse when he decided 
to come to Curry. 

The trustees made the right choice when they selected 
him as President of our college. He has imagination and 
ideas ... a natural leader . . . wide experience in college ad- 

He has unlimited reserves of poise, patience and self- 
control ... a magnetic personality. 

It is here that Curry has its opportunity. Under our new 
President we are confident that he will make the most of this 





Hiram John Evans, A.B., 
M.A., A.M., Ph.D. 
(Dean of the College) 
A.B., Hamilton College 
M.A., Williams College 
A.M., Harvard University 
Ph.D., Harvard University 



Samuel Shi-Shin Kung, 
B.A., M.A., Ed.D. 
(Dean of the Faculty) 
B.A., Cheeloo University 
M.A., Springfield College 
Ed.D., Columbia University 



Cecil Howard Rose, A.B., B.D. 

(Associate Professor of English 

and Philosophy, Chaplain of the 

College and Dean of Men) 

A.B., Colby College 

B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary 


Kathleen Burnett McConn, B.A., M.F.A. 

(Assistant Professor of Speech; Dean 

of Women and Chairman of the Speech 


B.A., Barnard College of Columbia University 

M.F.A., Yale University 


Milton Lorimer Boyle, Jr., 
A.B., B.D. 


Mrs. LeBoron 


Thomas D. Goldrick 
A.B., M.S. 
(Business Manager) 


Warren S. Bazirgan, Jr., B.S. 
(Director of Public Relations) 

Richard Mantz, B.S. 
(Dean of Admissions) 

John Paul Vallely 
(Assistant to Business Manager 
and Head Baseball Coach) 


Mrs. Hoye 

(Secretary to the President) 

Lilly Gutauskas 

Paula Johnson 

(Secretary to Dean of Faculty) 














Mrs. Burgess 

Chris Zedi 

(Secretary to the Registrar) 

Karen Birth 


Josephine Alice Hope 

m Mrs. Flora Belyea 

^ (Secretary to Dean of Admissions) 

Madeline Bates 

Beth Smith 


Grace Ann Tucker 

(Assistant LibTarian) 

June Smith 


Mary Beth Robinson 

Rita Redmond 

Arlene Higgins 

Kothy Doherty 


Mrs. McDonald 

(Secretary to the Men and W omen) 

Mrs. Helen Rose 

(Assistant to the Librarian) 

Mr. George Jeddry 


Dr. Martin Myer Grossack 

Professor Albert Sherring 

Mrs. Sue Saye and 
Mr. Oscar Giordano 


Professor John S. Lazarz 

Dr. Jerome J. Judge 


Professor Richard P. Bonney 

Professor Francesco Rapuano 

Professor Owen Channon 

L 2 Dr. Carlton Conduit 

Larry Wendell 

Professor Hastings 

Professor Alexander B. Moissiy 

Tamara S. Moissiy 

Professor Gladys F. Martinez 

Mrs. Marilyn Tarlow 


Miss Rosella Maria Gardini 

Indar Raj Katnal 

Dr. Richard C. Pisano 

Dr. Ralph Carleton 

Mr. Nicholas A. Spinelii 

Miss Anne L. Salvucci 

Mrs. Norma Vonkx 

Mr. James Salvucci 

Miss Pamela Wrinch 

Mrs. Ann Marvin 

Dr. Edith Gilmore 

Dr. Edwin Booth 

Coach William Leeman 

Mr. Roger Allan Bump 




■ff^'-ii—^r'-rf ^V"** 

Yearbook Staff 

W. Nicholas Fleming 
Henry Russell 
James McGinnity 
John Stanley 
Jane K. Hamelsky 
Diana M. Kelly 
Allan Cohen 
Seth MacLean 
Roger J. Carrasquillo 
Pamela Hartog 
Marie Ford 
Roman Colmenares 
Steve Culberston 


W. Nicholas Fleming, Editor 


Owen Channon 

Samuel Kung 



Bob Cassone 
Paula Devino 
Pan Prager 
Cheryl Bauer 
Dan Purdy 
Steve Donella 
Jeff Miller 
Eddie Kusik 
Les Bauer 
Jim Pass 

In . ^t^iA/'-^ 


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Mr. Rudy Widman 
Dr. John Lazarz 
Dr. Ralph Carieton 
Dr. Indar Kamal 
Bill Hughes 
Nick Fleming 
Doug Sparrow 


Robert Price 
Roger J. Carrasquillo 
W. Nicholas Fleming 
Doctor Carieton Condit 



Steve Donella, Doug Murdock, Richard Statucki, Daniel Schafer 



Bill Kelleher, Bob OIpp, Ed Schroeder, Rick Lorton, 
Steve Donella, Mark Norton, Richard Statucki, Steve Zanni, 
Jack Griffin, Tom Tortoriello 




Steve Donella, John Lawlor 
George Zaroulis, Prof. Channon 
Roman Colmenares, Steve Dixon 
Steve Culbertson 


« * f *- '!'!' 

MM. M M'M 





iiiiiilf '-'"''"' ^ 


Sherry Posner 
Judy Lyons 
Steve Verkas 
Mrs. McCann 
Randy Radkay 
Al Bailey 
Len Margolis 
Harold Cohn 
Marie Ford 
Andrea Sherman 
Robert Young 
Alda Bettigole 
Pam Hartog 
Arlene Rosendorf 
Roman Colmenares 
Andy Kalinowski 
Ed Hauck 
Nancy Garis 
Jerry Nogin 
Dr. Carleton Condit 


Sherry Posner, Al Cohen, Roman Colmenares, Walter Kirley 
Donald Purdy, Barbara Bernstein, Randy Radkay, Al Bailey 
Ronnie Landfare, John Stanley, Amie Loomis, Andy Kalinowski 
Tom Kelsey, Mary Hassan, Bob LaRaia, Janet Orfanello 
Henry Russell, Frank GradI, James Fraguela, Daniel Shafer 
Peter Cray, Jane K. Hamelsky, Joe Backus, Bob Cassone 
Frank Pellegrini, George Sigrist. 


\ w 





first row; Vincent DeLucia, Richard Maxwell 
Frank Frongillo, Bob LaRaia, William Piasecki 
second row; James Fraguella, John Whitmore 
Nick Benderov, Mark Norton, BillSchleiff 
Robert Levine, Edmund Casserella, Steve Zanni 



Emily Ritz, Brian Webster 
Bill Schleiff, Muriel Coler 
Ann Gallagher, Randy Radkay 
Barbara Popkin, John Bamond 
Anthony Forte. 



Danna Legg, Ronald Adier 
Jerry Nogin, Craig Wolf 
Frank GradI, Nick Benderov 
George Zaroulis, Brian Webster 
Dr. Moissiy 


Si O S« 


Sue Murphy 
Pam VanOverwalle 
Margy Kaufman 
Marty Buckley 
Donna Altieri 
Jeff Miller 
Manuel Rodrieues 
Barbara Bernstein 
Barbara Steiniert 
Jane Grossman 
Anna Grace Pidato 
Paula Devino 
Mrs. Martinez 
Marty Sendecki 

Jerry Nogin 
Richard Wenderoth 
Richard Sneider 
James McGinnity 
Joe Ciambrone 
Ben Northrop 
Vincent Assenza 
Robert Stark 
Moe Wyman 
Carole Amoral 
Ann Tanzilli 
Jackie Harris 
Peter Sylvester 
Sara Couch 

Robert Cassone 
Denise Frango 
Jane Homelsky 
Marie Ford 
Cheryl Roberts 
Pam Prager 








Harvey Glasser, Mary Hassan, Edmund Casserella 
Anthony Forte, Arlene Rosendorf, Michael O'Grady 
Daniel Schafer, Prof. Hastings, Paul Frazer 
George Zaroulis, Peter Sylvester, Jim Hasenzahl 
Ben Northrop. 



Roman Colmenares, Bob Cassone, Walter Kirley 
Jim Pass, Peter Sylvester, Rod St. Pierre 
Steve Culbertson, Howard Newkirk, Pat Gecoya 
Jerry Woodward, ElioMaziila, Tom Massara 
Greg Johnson, Steve Dixon, Audrey Murray 
Sue Murphy, Pam VanOverwalle, Kathy Gatsch 
Kenneth Camerata, Peter White, Anthony Caezza 
Greg Guilino, Al Aliciene, Donna Altieri 
Paula Devino, Mary Jane Tucci, Frank Frongillo 
Steve Zanni 




first row; John Harrold, Sandra Katz, George Sarkes 
Carol Palmer, Michael Bunzi, Donna Altieri, Miss Gardini 
second row; Paul Bomboci, Arthur Hewitt, Al Alicine 
Steve Dixon, Greg Giuliano, Pat Gecoya. third row; 
Richard Lavoie. 



Peter White 
Everett Breaux 
Jerry Nogin 
Barbara Bernstein 
Ben Northrop 
Marie Ford 
Audrey Murray 
Jane Hamelsky 
Mollyne Honor 

Al Aliecine 
Denise Frango 
Janet Foer 
Sara Couch 



'" "v!~ 





The Curry football team had a year of building 
in the 1965 season. Although the record shows no 
wins, the team developed a "let's win" attitude 
under its new coach, Dick Lasse. 

The team travelled the "long road" to Edin- 
boro, Penn., for its first encounter. Curry's young 
team found themselves outweighed, out-manned, and 
unfortunately, out-played. It was even a longer ride 
home, but yet they did not lose hope. 

Curry hit the road again. This time north to 
Castine, Maine, for a game with Maine Maritime 
Academy. The "Colonels" looked to be a much 
better team than the game before. Down 18—0, 
Curry scored its first touchdown of the year, only 
to lose in the end 26—6. 

The team, having lost two in a row, still had 
fight in them, but bowed to Quonset Point, 26—0, 
and Nev/port Navy, 22—0. 

In the final game of the season, Curry found 
themselves up against an undefeated Nicholas Col- 
lege team. Unfortunately, Curry College was de- 
nied at least one v/in, falling to Nicholas, their 
arch rivals 26-0. 




Si,*Ai>' \»/*«-,:"^ 




The Curry College soccer team squad, under the leadership 
of Captain Dick Statucki and Co-captain Rick Lorton, opened its 
1965 season with a 4-2 win against Windam College and a 7—0 
win against Nothanial Hawthorne. 

The next three games were lost to New England, Franklin 
Pierce, and St. Francis colleges by a slim margin, the scores 
being 4 — 2, 2-1, and 3-1, respectively. 

Once again, the "Colonels" encountered Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne and defeated them 9-3 at our home field. 

We then travelled to Gordon College to play the top small 
college soccer team in New England. We were defeated, 4-1. 

The final game was also lost to Southern Mass. Tech. In- 
stitute, 5-3. 



The 1965-66 edition of the Curry Basketball team suffered its worse 
season in the history of the college. The squad was made up of one Senior, 
Captain Rich Statucki, Junior Bob Levine, and nine Freshmen. The record 
was wins and 19 loses. The team averaged 5'11" in height with Freshman 

Ron Petersen being the tallest at 6'1 . 

Under the direction of Coach Leeman, the Colonels gave the best they 
were able in each game. They never gave up and they hustled from the be- 
ginning to the end of each game. What the team lacked in ability and height, 
they made up for in desire, spirit, and sportsmanship. 

The closest Curry ever came to a win was a 67 to 65 defeat at the hands 
of Berkshire Christian College, of Massachusetts. 

On the bright side of the Basketball team was Freshman Ron Petersen, 
who scored 536 points for a Curry record and averaged 27.4 points per gome 
for a Curry record. 








Abraham, Jill 



Affronti, John 

Bailey, Paige 

Bauer, Leslie 

Atamian, Rose 

Buckley, Martin 


Bombaci, Paul 

Carrasquiilo, Roger 

Brewer, Charles 

Cray, Peter 


Cutter, Richard 

DeLoia, Richard 

Ducey, Johanne 

Epstein, Robert 

Donnela, Stephen 


Fleming, Nicholas 


Fragueia, James 

Freedman, Carol 

Gaike, Wi lliam 

Garis, Nancy 


Gregory, John 

Heberling, Diane 

Hill, Barbara 

Irwin, William 

Heffler, Allan 

Lewis, Pau 

Kirley, Thomas 

LeLakes, Ronald 

Longo, Frank 

Longo, Wendy 


Lorton, Richard 

Margolis, Leonard 


Murdock, Douglas 


Nast, Bertrand 


Mazzarini, Thomas 



Offenberger, Robert 

Nogin, Gerald 

O'Grady, Michae 


Noke, Edmund 

Pellegrini, Frank 

Perona, Paul 

Piandes, Charles 

Pogact, Priscilla 

Robbins, Stanley 

Piccolo, Frank 


Schafer, Daniel 

Rossi, Diane 

Schneider, Richard 

Sapontgis, Thomas 


Schroeder, Edward 


Sandecki, Martin 

Seymann, Leslie 

Slayton, John 

^ f 

Solicito, Donna 

Shilhan, Sharon 


Stanley, John 

Stark, Robert 

Statucki, Richard 

Tichnor, Bonnie 

Tomeo, Richard 


Turner, Vincent 

Verakus, Stephen 

Walker, Charles 

Yezo, Edward 

Zaroulis, George 


Jill Abraham 

John Affronti 

Rose Atamian 

Steve Donella 







Nancy Garis 

Tom Kirley 

Mike O'Grady 

Tom Sapontgis 

Richard Statucki 

George Zaroulis 


Fi a» 







SIS- -, m ^.,, 

111 1^ flu ur 

111 — 








y ^ 

<: S 




£: w.;?*ar 









^A^'- ^4fir 

S - ii^^ t 









— jl 







Hr > ' ^^^^H 









■pi^^yf^- "■ 


.'^ ^- 



mM^^ f ^ ^.^'ifV;'^j 



4 *- *^ 


Abbott, Melita 487 Berryman Street, Buffalo, New York 

Abraham, Jill 16 East 98th Street, New York, New York 

Adams, Gary 408 Davis Street, Endwell, New York 

Adams, Russell 349 Pearl Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts 

Adier, Ronald 304 Verona Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 

Affronti, John 2667 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, New York 

Agranovitch, Paul Norwich, Connecticut 

Ahern, John 62 Pleasant View Avenue, Braintree, Massachusetts 

Aleks, Benjamin 885 Williams Street, Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Aiiciene, Albert TOO Warren Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut 

Altieri, Donna 195 Summit Drive, Cranston, Rhode Island 

Amoral, Carole 77 Arlington Street, Warren, Rhode Island 

Amoral, Robert 77 Arlington Street, Warren, Rhode Island 

Ambler, James 828 Glen Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

Ambrose, Sandra 328 Washington Street, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

Amornvivot, Sompong *1014 Rajaparob Road, Bangkok, Thailand 

1407 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, Massachusetts 
Andersen, Robert 140 Park Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts 
Andresen, Edward 46 Chestnut Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
Antico, Frank 79 Prescott Street, Medford, Massachusetts 
Armstrong, John 134 Branch Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Arvanetes, Theodore 158 Boylston Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 
Assenza, Vincent 869 Bunker Hill Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 
Atamian, Rose 18 Richards Road, Watertown, Massachusetts 
Backus, Joseph 923 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Pork, Massachusetts 
Bailey, Allan 923 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Bailey, Page 20 N.E. 18th Street, Delray Beach, Florida 
Bain, Robert 62A Cottage Street, Medford, Massachusetts 
Bakewell, David 31 Deerfield Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 
Bamond, John 60 Orchard Avenue, Emerson, New Jersey 
Barber, Michael 58 Vestal Avenue, Binghamton, New York 
Barnard, Ralph 42 High Street, Camden, Maine 
Barnett, Timothy 281 Firetown Road, Simsbury, Connecticut 
Baron, Sheri 724 Othello Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 
Barry, Paul 175 King Street, East Hartford, Connecticut 
Bauer, Cheryl 22 Curtis Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 
Bauer, Leslie 22 Curtis Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 
Becker, William 55 Knolls Crescent, Bronx, New York 
Beckford, Joseph 1 Park Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 
Bellows, Karen 76 Hillary Lane, Penfield, New York 
Benas, Allen Millens Bay-Cape, Vincent, New York 
Benderov, Nicholas 47 Fifth Street, Passaic, New Jersey 
Berk, Jeffrey 280 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 
Berlin, Linda 45 Walnut Lane, Manhasset, New York 
Bernard, Robert 143 Rosemary Road, Dedham, Massachusetts 
Bernstein, Barbara 39 Hedge Lane, Westbury, New York 
Berger, Paul 2220 Mickle Avenue, Bronx, New York 
Bettigole, Aide 32 Gilbert Street, New Haven, Connecticut 
Bisconte, Vincent 55 Dustin Street, Brighton, Massachusetts 
Bocchichio, Michael 20 Mountain View Drive, Waterbury, Connecticut 


Bombaci, Paul 103 Whitwell Street, Quincy, Massachusetts 
Bonello, Stanley 155 Walnut Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 
Borke, Edward 14 West Holly Street, Crawford, New Jersey 
Bracco, John 314 Tompkins Avenue, Mamaroneck, New York 
Braunstein, David 2565 Grand Concourse, New York, New York 
Breaux, Everette 152 Summit Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Brewer, Charles 260 Royton Road, New Haven, Connecticut 
Bronstein, Michael 78 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton, Massachusetts 
Brugnoli, Louis 933 Midland Road, Oradell, New Jersey 
Bruscell, Michael 148 Trouville Road, Copiague, New York 
Buckley, Martin 22 Crane Avenue, White Plains, New York 
Bunzl, Michael 311 East 71st Street, New York, New York 
Byrne, Edmond, Jr. 27 Dorchester Drive, Port Chester, New York 
Caezza, Anthony 1322 South Avenue, Syracuse, New York 
Callahan, James 83 Ten Hills Road, Somerville, Massachusetts 
Carmadda, Stephen 213 Centre Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 
Camerota, Kenneth 44 Pauline Street, Milfbrd, Connecticut 
Camorali, Francis 383 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts 
Candee, Robert Indian Trail, Harrison, New York 
Cangemi, Leonard 33 Clearstream Avenue, Valley Stream, New York 
Cappell, James 511 West 232nd Street, New York, New York 
Cappucci, Thomas 808 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 
Cardonsky, Linda 148 East Grant Avenue, Roselle Park, New Jersey 
Carmen, Waldo 216 Bradford Parkway, Syracuse, New York 
Caro, Roger 114 Wallace Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 
Corrasquillo, Roger 39 East 79th Street, New York, New York 
Carreiro, Cynthia 4 Lewis Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut 
Casarella, Edmund 141 Newington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 
Cassone, Robert 76 Bowman Drive, North Greenwich, Connecticut 
Ceccorelli, Ann 21 Hall Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts 
Ceder, Arnold 70 Stanton Road, Brookiine, Massachusetts 
Cerfeda, JoAnn Truesdale Lake Drive, South Salem, New York 
Cesa, Christine 42 Dennis Drive, New Rochelle, New York 
Chace, William 11 Shawmut Avenue, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Chait, Edward 200 East 57th Street, New York, New York 
Channon, Ellen 12 Hill Crest Road, Canton, Massachusetts 
Cho, Nam Ho 132 Brewster Avenue, Braintree, Massachusetts 
Ciambrone, Joseph 111 Cross Street, Little Silver, New Jersey 
Ciancimino, James 133 Lyons Street, New Britain, Connecticut 
Cincotta, Joseph 15 Reyem Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 
Clark, Rachel 158 Brook Street, Hanson, Massachusetts 
Cloran, Harold 58 Longacre Road, Needham, Massachusetts 
Cohan, Alan 102 Jefferson Terrace, Springfield, New Jersey 
Cohen, Arnold 24 East Street, Hull, Massachusetts 
Cohen, Harold 48 Bryant Place, Westwood, New Jersey 
Cole, Douglas Maple Street, Plainville, Massachusetts 

600 Hyde Park Avenue, RosI indole, Massachusetts 
Coler, Muriel 100 Circuit Road, Winthrop, Massachusetts 
Colmenares, Roman Av. Cobriales-QTA Chepa. Urb. Colinas 

De Bello M., Caracas, Venezuela 
Colton, Fred 911 Stony Hill Rood, Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Conopka, William 123 Bolivar Street, Canton, Massachusetts 
Contreras, Jeffrey 114 Orchard Street, Cranford, New Jersey 


Cook, George 315 Great Oak Road, Orange, Connecticut 
Cooke, Paul 36 Marine Road, South Boston, Massachusetts 
Corbett, Bruce 46 Britton Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts 
Corman, Michael 122 Woodcliff Road, Brookline, Massachusetts 
Corrado, Andrea 1161 Vollkommer Place, North Bellmore, New York 
Correnti, Gary 233 Ferguson Road, Manchester, Connecticut 
Couch, Sara 64 Forestville Avenue, Plainville, Connecticut 
Cowell, David 54 Converse Road, Marion, Massachusetts 
Cowles, Herbert 2 Highland Drive, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 
Crawford, William 7 Winslow Road, Sharon, Massachusetts 
Cray, Peter 1766 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey 

1437 River Street, Hyde Park,, Massachusetts 
Crowley, Richard 309 Belair Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 
Culbertson, John S. 812 Park Avenue, New York, New York 
Cummings, John 26 Woodland Road, Chatham, New Jersey 
Cutter, Richard 78 Parmenter Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 
D'Angelo, June 1 Cross Street, Norton, Massachusetts 
Daniel, George 2444)4 Cumberland Avenue, Reading, Pennsylvania 
Danton, Daniel 118 Bartholdi Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 
Davis, Lawrence 420 West End Avenue, New York, New York 
Day, Lawrence 321 Maple Road, Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Day, William 15 Swett Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
DeLoia, Richard 56 Green Street, Hopedale, Massachusetts 
DeLucio, Vincent R D #3 Ballston Spa, New York 
Dena, Carl 111 Smith Street, Port Chester, New York 
DeNapoli, Richard 2 Otis Avenue, Cohasset, Massachusetts 
DeNapoli, Roger 2 Otis Avenue, Cohasset, Massachusetts 
Denise, Robert 90 Allen Street, Randolph, Massachusetts 
Dentino, Diane 28 Clapp Road, Hanover, Massachusetts 
Despart, John 9 Gregory Lane, Loudonville, New York 
Devino, Paula 183 Euclid Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 
Diamond, Renee 262 Central Park West, New York, New York 
Di Benedetto, Paul 515 South Avenue, Weston, Massachusetts 
DiNunno, Portia 150 Samoset Avenue, Quincy, Massachusetts 
Dixon, Stephen Rumson Road, Rumson, New Jersey 
Doherty, Katherine 720 West 172nd Street, New York, New York 
Dolan, Barbara 346 Woburn Street, Lexington, Massachusetts 
Donagala, Peter 185 McClellan Street, Bronx, New York 
Dombrowski, Theodore 17 Clewes Road, Millis, Massachusetts 
Donnela, Stephen 158 Tanners Pond Road, Garden City, New York 
Donovan, Richard 32 Ruskindale Road, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Driscoll, James 98 Hancock Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts 
Ducey, Johanne 79 Highland Street, Newington, Connecticut 
Duffy, John 19 Dakota Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts 
Eagleston, Richard 18 Forest Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts 
Edgar, Paul 30 Grassland Street, Lexington, Massachusetts 
Egan, David 25 Bellevue Road, Wakefield, Massachusetts 
Einhorn, Steven 245 East 63rd Street, New York, New York 
Ellard, Linda 23 Selden Hill Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 
Ellison, Richard 6400 James Street, Jamesville, New York 
Epstein, Linda 1305 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Epstein, Robert 991 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Evjen, Roy 8 Allen Place, Bronxville, New York 


Ezekiel, Stanley 136 Brentwood Drive, Moorestown, New Jersey 
Faas, James 84 Eaton Lane West, Islip, New York 
Fanelli, Joseph 101 Golf Hills Road, Havertown, Pennsylvania 
Partington, Sandra 268 Forest Drive, Union, New Jersey 
Feeiey, John 491 Bronxville Road, Yonkers, New York 
Feingold, Matthew 2211 Bragg Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Ferguson, Peter 45 Winslow Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts 
Ferguson, Philip 45 Winslow Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts 
Finger, Robert 8 Belcher Avenue, Brockton, Massachusetts 
Flanagan, John 167 Glezen Lane, Wayland, Massachusetts 
Fleming, Nicholas 2313 Hamburg Street, Schenectady, New York 
Fodiman, Bruce 118 Davenport Ridge Lane, Stamford, Connecticut 
Foer, Janet 29 Wilbur Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 
Ford, Marie 676 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 
Forte, Anthony 270 West 11th Street, New York, New York 
Fowler, Joanne 6 Sq uantum Road, Paxton, Massachusetts 
Fraguela, James *73 Taxter Street, kvington. New York 

23 Hollis Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Frango, Denise 133 Bixley Heath, Lynbrook, New York 
Frazier, Paul 86 Old Post Road, North Attleboro, Massachusetts 
Freedman, Carol 324 Harrison Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey 
Friedberg, Alice 1765 Davidson Avenue, New York, New York 
Frimel, William 200 East 57th Street, New York, New York 
Fritts, Douglas *7 Edgemont Road, Montclair, New Jersey 

26 Richardson Street, Newton, Massachusetts 
Frongillo, Frank 34 Ginn Road, Winchester, Massachusetts 
Gaike, William *65 Ridge Street, Milford, Connecticut 

260 Cummuns Highway, Roslindale, Massachusetts 
Gallagher, Anne 2639 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Galiigan, Kevin 38 Biakeslee Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Gardner, John 159 Tennyson Drive, Short Hills, New Jersey 
Garino, Alfred 264 Dean Street, Norwood, Massachusetts 
Garino, Peter 321 Euclid Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 
Garis, Nancy 545 Spring Valley Road, Paramus, New Jersey 
Gatsch, Kathleen P.O. Box 13 Toms River, New Jersey 
Gecoya, Patrick 41 Southside Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Geer, Janet Olean Road, Holland, New York 
Geilis, Sam 87 Schenck Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Gentilotti, Gerald 15 Congress Terrace, Milford, Massachusetts 
Gianelis, George 52 Charles Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Gibbons, Michael 153 Bay Street, Taunton, Massachusetts 
Giblin, Thomas 34 Dale Road, Holbrook, Massachusetts 
Gibson, Barbara 243 Main Street, Holden, Massachusetts 
Gill, Diane 406 Ruckman Road, Closter, New Jersey 
Gillardi, Joseph Long Ridge Road, Pound Ridge, New York 
Gillespie, William 12 Pickering Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 
Giovino, Frederick 252 Pratt Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Giuliano, Gregory 1308 Biglee Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Glasser, Harvey, 141—30 Pershing Crescent Jamaica, Queens, New York 
Glick, Susan 4 Rollingwood, Worcester, Massachusetts 
Glickman, Harvey 10 Thompson Road, Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Golden, Mel 180 Leiak Avenue, Springfield, New Jersey 
GradI, Frank 13 Elwood Avenue, Flemington, New Jersey 


Grant, Joseph 143 North Perry Street, Dover, New Jersey 

Gravel I, Sandra 637 West Street, Gardner, Massachusetts 

Greenberg, Alan 40 Evans Road, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Gregory, John 50 Estes Street, Everett, Massachusetts 

Griscti, Andy 75 Fairmount Terrace, East Orange, New Jersey 

Grogan, Richard 44 Appleton Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 

Grossman, Gerald 95 Beverly Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Grossman, Jane 1400 Trebog Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Gurdak, Joseph 78 Main Street, Ludlow, Vermont 

Haggerty, Donald 145 Ninneiiago Road, Yonkers, New York 

Hafer, Helen 266 Dana Avenue, Milton, Massachusetts 

Hallock, Cheryl 191 Timber Trail, East Hartford, Connecticut 

Hamelsky, Jane 49 Cliffcourt Highland Park, New Jersey 

Happel, Gary 11 Exeter Road, Short Hills, New Jersey 

Harior, Jon 200 Central Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Harmon, Richard 30 Terrace, Montpelier, Vermont 

Harris, Jacquelyn 1041 Jefferson Avenue, Rahway, New Jersey 

Harrold, John 39 Mercury Street, South Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Harbog, Pamela 440 East 62nd Street, New York, New York 

Hasenzahl, James 1320 Glendaioch Circle, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Hassan, Mary 816 Main Street, South Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Hauck, Edward 23 Crosley Terrace, Hillsdale, New Jersey 

Herberling, Diane 14 Woods Avenue, Glenviiie, Connecticut 

Heffler, Allan 1155 Morris Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 

Heller, Paul 1456 Townsend Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Herdan, Carol 276 Greenwood Avenue, Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Herman, William 102 Mountainwood Road, Stamford, Connecticut 

Herman, Bradford 57 Damien Road, Wellesiey Hills, Massachusetts 

Herrman, Barry 499 Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 

Hewitt, Arthur 3 Cabacum Road, North Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Hill, Barbara 43 Beach Crest Drive, Burlington, Vermont 

Hintilian, Gregory 91 Beatrice Circle, Belmont, Massachusetts 

Hoberman, Robert 30 Marl in Drive, New Haven, Connecticut 

Hoffmar, David 11-J Ivy Lane, Bergenfield, New Jersey 

Holmes, Thomas 19 Hayword Street, North Easton, Massachusetts 

Honor, Mollyne 144-55 Melbourne Avenue, Ken Gardens Hills, New York 

Huberman, Andrew 70 Berkshire Road, Newton, Massachusetts 

Hughes, William 54 Gretter Road, Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Huntoon, Howard 45 Barberry Hill, Providence, Rhode Island 

Hurlbert, Richard 180 Wellesiey Avenue, Wellesiey Hills, Massachusetts 

Hurchanik, Anna 10 Dodge Road, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Irvine, Clara 61 Standish Avenue, Wollaston, Massachusetts 

Irwin, William 58 Saunders Street, Brighton, Massachusetts 

Jackson, Bart 32 Church Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Jackson, James 66 Jefferson Street, North Attleboro, Massachusetts 

Jampol, Nancy 75-39 196 Place, Flushing, New York 

Jeuvelis, Anthony 356 Merrimac Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts 

Johnson, Alan 2 Stonelea Place, New Rochelle, New York 

Johnson, Charles 723 West Marshall Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania 

Jones, Edward 67 Bow Road, Newton Center, Massachusetts 

Julicno, James 23 Hudson Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 

Kalinowski, Andrew 121 Perry Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Kamin, Marc 50 Rugby Road, Yonkers, New York 


Kapsalis, John 24 Chandler Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 
Kassab, Adrees 117 Willow Street, Wollaston, Massachusetts 
Kasten, Waren 1571 Sheridan Avenue, Bronx, New York 
Katz, Sandra 686 Downing Street, Teaneck, New Jersey 
Kaufman, Margy 6216 Jeffrey Road, Richmond, Virginia 
Keegon, James 21 Park Place, Ramsey, New Jersey 
Keenan, Kevin 307 Great Oak Road, Orange, Connecticut 
Keeleher, Janet 258 Copeland Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 
Kelleher, William 455 Beach 124 Street, Belle Harbor, New York 
Kellner, William 5 Cherry Avenue, Stoneham, Massachusetts 
Kelly, Diana 21 Dale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Kelsey, Thomas Forest Beach Road, South Chatham, Massachusetts 
Kessler, Lawrence 279 Warren Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 
Kibbe, Gerald 65 Piper Brook Avenue, Newington, Connecticut 
Kimball, Gregory 104 Lawn Terrace, Mamaroneck, New York 
King, Irene 728 Irving Place, Plainfield, New Jersey 
Kirkland, Mitchell 498 Center Street, Raynham, Massachusetts 
Kirley, Thomas 26 Riverside Drive, Waltham, Massachusetts 
Klaber, Louise 5100 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 
Klein, Mary 18512 Lynton Rood, Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Knapp, Henry 165 Benjamin Avenue, Rochester, New York 

23 Garfield Avenue, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Koestner, Stephen 21-24 Rene Court, Brooklyn, New York 
Korchin, Stephen 54 Caryll Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Kotapski, Maryann 30 Chestnut Street, Abington, Massachusetts 
Kozlowski, Deidre 353 North Street, Milford, Connecticut 
Krakow, David 506 East Spring Avenue, Ardmore, Pennsylvania 
Kreplick, Joseph 51 Nahant Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Krieger, Howard 3141 Fairmont Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 
Krivitsky, Alan 42 Stoneham Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 
Kroin, Lawrence 529 Rutland Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey 
Krupp, Edward 36 Audubon Drive, Newton, Massachusetts 
Kurtzman, Richard 34 Hazelmere Road, Roslindale, Massachusetts 
Kusik, Edgar Richmond, Massachusetts 

Laghetto, Robert 18 Beech Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 
Lake, George 12 Clive Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 
Lompe, Nancy 185 Willis Court, Wantagh, New York 
Landfare, Ronald 5 Woodland Road, Stoneham, Massachusetts 
LaQuaglia, Ronald 25 Victoria Street, Revere, Massachusetts 
LaRaia, Robert 802 Southern Artery, Quincy, Massachusetts 
Laridis, Theodore 18 Terrace Avenue, Natick, Massachusetts 
Lavoie, Richard 66 Salem End Lane, Framingham, Massachusetts 
Lawlor, John 285 Nesmith Street, Lowell, Massachusetts 
Lawrence, Douglas 22 East Emerson Street, Melrose, Massachusetts 
Lawrence, Terry 96 Oak Trail Road, Hillsdale, Massachusetts 
LeClaire, Karen Cove Road, Westerly, Rhode Island 
Leccese, Michael 5 Ardee Street, East Boston, Massachusetts 
Legg, Danna 83 Riverwood Parkway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
LeLakes, Ronald 26 Ash Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts 
Leven, Robert 501 Woodward Street, Seekonk, Massachusetts 
Levine, Lenore 320 Marine Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 
Levine, Robert 306 East Farragut Road, Wildwood Crest, New Jersey 
Levitt, Joseph 1913 Washington Lane, Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania 


Lewis, Jon 108 Pleasant Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 

Lewis, Paul 47Waterston Avenue, Quincy, Massachusetts 

Lipari, Florence 143 Magnolia Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 

Lipson, Philip 356 Kent Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Little, Susan 108 Terrace View Road, Dewitt, New York 

Locke, Leslie 415 Farragut Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 

Loebenberg, Carol 196 Taber Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 

Lonergan, William 145 Linden Avenue, Bradford, Connecticut 

Longo, Frank 35 Canacum Road, North Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Longo, Wendy 35 Canacum Road, North Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Loomis, Amy 136 Alexander Avenue, Upper Montclair, New Jersey 

Lorton, Richard 75 Circut Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 

Luccini, Nello 145 Cottage Street, Franklin, Massachusetts 

Luke, George 164 Elm Street, North Boston, Massachusetts 

Lyons, Frank 33 Gregory Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Lyons, Judith 150 Bayberry Lane, Westport, Connecticut 

Macaluso, Tom 17 Cannon Street, Windsor Locks, Connecticut 

MacCormack, Marcia 9 Forest Dale Road, Kinnelon, New Jersey 

Mack, Theodore 17 Stanley Avenue, Taunton, Massachusetts 

Maclean, Seth 12 Pine Hill Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

MacMurray, Charles 22 Holbrook Road, North Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Madden, James 68 Middleton Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island 

Margolis, Leonard 8111-5th Avenue, North Berjen, New Jersey 

Mari, Joseph 4 Mill Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania 

Marinelli, Diane 36 Randolph Street, Southbridge, Massachusetts 

Marino, Carl 20 Trevalley Road, Revere, Massachusetts 

Martini, James 89-71 st Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Martyn, Stephen 16 Crescent Street, Hartford, Connecticut 

Masciarella, Wayne 305 C. Hildreth Avenue, New Jersey 

Massaro, Thomas 108 Brookland Drive, Syracuse, New York 

Maxwell, Richard 9 Aspetuck Avenue, New Milford, Connecticut 

Mazzarini, Thomas 24)4 Winter Street, Salem, Massachusetts 

Mazella, Elio 170 Alexander Avenue, Yonkers, New York 

McCarthy, Peter 203 Orchard Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 

McDonough, Richard 16 Carruth Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts 

McElman, Kathleen 2 Wampatuck Street, Canton, Massachusetts 

McGinnity, James 166 Locust Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 

McGonegal, Roland 148 South Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey, New Jersey 

McKinney, Leo 3 Oakdale Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 

McManus, John 3 Fairland Street, Lexington, Massachusetts 

Medin, Trudy 28 Park Avenue, Oakville, Connecticut 

Meixner, John Otha Drive, Katonah, New York 

Mencher, Susan 27 Michele Terrace, Massapequa, New York 

Mertz, Lillian 29 Silver Beech Road, Riverside, Connecticut 

Meshongnek, Ralph 135 Bch. 139th Street, Rockway Park, New York 

Metier, Keith Forks and Wayne Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 

Mickiewicz, Mary-Ann 70 Gleason Road, Northampton, Massachusetts 

Miller, Jeffrey 63 Pierce Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Miller, Peter 18 Pinetree Road, Tiverton, Rhode Island 

Miranda, Carl 2451 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Mishkin, Neil 1360 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 

Moloney, Thomas 14 Roanoke Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 

Montgomery, Barry 118 Park Street, Braintree, Massachusetts 


Montini, John R.F.D. #3, Mahopac, New York 

Morgan, Russell 74 Park Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 

Morris, Robert 192 Alexander Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 

Mortman, Alice 353 Kennedy Boulevard, Bayonne, New York 

Moskowtizy, Paul 817 Irvington Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey 

Mosley, Ernest 35 Brookline Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Mucci, Joseph 184 School Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 

Mullin, Edmund 16 Ash Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

Mulvihill, Jullian 212-60 Whitehall Terrace, Queens Village, New York 

Murdock, Douglas 793 Main Street, Lynnfield, Massachusetts 

Murphy, Sue 84 Kensington Road, Garden City, New Jersey 

Murray, Audrey 40 Valley View, Chappaqua, New York 

Nappe, Joseph 1900 Terrace Avenue, South Plainfield, New Jersey 

Nasr, Bertrand 1616 Stratfield Road, Fairfield, Connecticut 

Newkirk, Howard 256 East Broadway, Salem, New York 

Nogin, Jerald 2815 Avenue K, Brooklyn, New York 

Noijard, Phayoong 25, Sol Senanikom I, Bangkok, Thailand 

Noke Edmund 63 Luman Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 

Northrop, Wiliard 1109 Lincoln Court, Elberon, New Jersey 

Northrup, Fredrick South Gate Road, Fayetteville, New York 

Norton, Kenneth 36 Waterhouse Road, Belmont, Massachusetts 

Norton, Mark 246 Town Line Road, West Nyack, New York 

Novakoff, Richard 33 Alderwood Road, Newton, Massachusetts 

Nyiander, Raymond 19 Westland Road, Verona, New Jersey 

O'Brien, Diane 63 Bickford Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut 

O'Brien, Paul 1340 River Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Offenberger, Robert 1845 Clinton Avenue, North Rochester, New York 

O'Grady, Michael 47 Capital Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 

Olpp, Robert 22 John Street, Chatham, New Jersey 

Orans, Alan 81 Heatherbloom Road, White Plains, New York 

*135 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
Orfanello, Janet 265 Beaver Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 
O'Shea, Gerald 101 Bonal Street, Lindenhurst, New York 
Owens, Susan 2579 Delaware Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 
Palladino, Rosco 46 Putnam Road, Somerville, Massachusetts 
Palmer, Carol 1896 Walton Avenue, New York, New York 
Palmer, Gail 11 Fairview Avenue, South Braintree, Massachusetts 
Paradise, Katherine 6 Partridge Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 
Passaro, Lawrence 221-21 110th Avenue, Queens Village, New York 
Paul, Edward 6 Rockridge Road, Mount Vernon, New York 

*274 Marlborough Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
Peacock, Lloyd 36 Bennett Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 
Pettite, Chet 19 Farleigh Avenue, Rochester, New York 
Phromyothi, Kamachorndej 28 Palholyothin Road, Bangkok, Thailand 

*211 Park Drive, Boston, Massachusetts 
Piandes, Charles 17 Thorndike Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 
Piasecki, William 635 North Main Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Picariello, August 253 Riverdale Road, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 

*1295 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, Massachusetts 
Piccolo, Frank 188 Peace Street, Stratford, Connecticut 
Pidoto, Anna Grace 442 Plainfield Road, Metuchen, New Jersey 
Pilling, Richard 10-12 Plymouth Drive, Fair Lawn, New Jersey 
Piatt, Robert 58 Donna Road, Newton, Massachusetts 


Plotkin, Joyce 79-10 34th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York 

Pogact, Priscilla 117 Harding Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey 

Popkin, Barbara 193 South Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Portnoy, William 57 Bow Road, Newton, Massachusetts 

Posner, Sherry 65-61 Saunders Street, Forest Hills, New York 

Prager, Pamela 11 Greenleaf Glen, Danvers, Massachusetts 

Price, Robert 20 West 86th Street, New York, New York 

Promin, Corrine 114 Ward Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 

Publicover, Roy 40 Irving Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 

Purdy, Donald 333 Lynnfieid Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 

Quici, Leonard 717 Wood Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania 

Quinn, Patricia 481 Miliville Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut 

Racicot, Suzanne 3 Whitcomb Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Radkay, Randall 25 Wilde Road, Newton, Massachusetts 

Rauseo, Andrea 110 Bennington Street, East Boston, Massachusetts 

Reader, Malcolm 270 West Elm Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 

Reiss, Roy 409 Lowell Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 

Richel, Robert 437 South Union Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey 

Ritz, Emily 11 Ellis Drive, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Ritzinger, Karl 30 Pine Street, Foxboro, Massachusetts 

Robbins, Stanley 41 Summer Street, Dover, New Hampshire 

Roberts, Cheryl 10 Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, New York 

Rodd, Susan 137 Gaconer Road, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Rodrieues, Manuel 1184 Hayward Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 

Ronan, Paul 3 Dewey Court, Northampton, Massachusetts 

Rosenberg, Michael 357 East 57th Street, New York, New York 

Rosenblatt, Roby 102-20 67th Drive, Forest Hills, New York 

Rosendorf, Arlene 535 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 

Rossi, Diane 40 Dean Road, Weston, Massachusetts 

Rothstein, Karen 2255 Goodwin Street, Elmont, New York 

Rottenberg, Harry 66 Marston Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

Rubenstein, Fred 110 Hull Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts 

Rubin, Robert 93 Woodcliff Road, South Brookline, Massachusetts 

Rujirowongse, Chantima A. A. A. Division Bangsue, Bangkok, Thailand 

Russell, Henry 14 Alban Street, Boston, Massachusetts 

Ryan, James 47 Dakota Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Ryan, Peter 6 Ferncliff Terrace, Glen Ridge, New Jersey 

Sacks, Gail 195-lOL 68th Street, Flushing, New York 

St. Pierre, Roderick 538 Hartford Pike, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

Salmon, Vivienne 3331 Fish Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Somuelian, Joseph 46 Division Street, Quincy, Massachusetts 

Santangelo, Thomas 53 Wilbur Street, Hartford, Connecticut 

Sapontgis, Thomas 25 Tilden Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island 

Sardella, Kathryn 210 Warren Avenue, Brockton, Massachusetts 

Sarkes, George 10 West Milton Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Sarrel, Eileen 2215 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 

Schafer, Daniel 58 Donna Road, Newton, Massachusetts 

*601 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, New York 
Schiller, Henry 59-40 Queens Boulevard, Woodside, New York 
Schleiff, William 157 Mt. Vernon East, Weymouth, Massachusetts 
Schneider, Arthur 41 Russell Road, Milldale, Connecticut 
Schneider, Charles 89-47 151st Avenue, Howard Beach, New York 
*88 Milton Street, Milton, Massachusetts 


Schneider, Richard 1273 Gallupe Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Schroeder, Edward 1680 Carlisle Road, York, Pennsylvania 
Schubert, Gary 265 Horseneck Road, Fairfield, New Jersey 
Sclafani, William 232 Winding Way, Moorestown, New Jersey 
Scialli, Dennis 120 Holland Road, South Orange, New Jersey 
Scotch, Ronald 48 White Oak Road, Waban, Massachusetts 
Scott, Thomas 22 Gurney Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Segal, Susan 108-40 65th Road, Forest Hills, New York 
Sendecki, Martin 7 Franklin Avenue, Nutley, New Jersey 
Serge, Carmel 41 Union Street, Amsterdam, New York 
Servidio, Richard 17 West Street, Hingham, Massachusetts 
Seymann, Leslie 971 Berris Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 
Shaw, Robert 37 Rockwood Road, Hingham, Massachusetts 
Shaw, William Fountain Spring Lane, Johnston, Rhode Island 
Shea, Marianne 63 Hawthorne Avenue, Albany, New York 
Sheridan, Thomas Box 227, Hebron Road, Manchester, Connecticut 
Sheridan, Meryl 12 Arno Street, Oakhurst, New Jersey 
Sherman, Andrea 123 Mount Vernon Avenue, Somerset, Massachusetts 

*81 Mattapan Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Shilhan, Sharon 214-18 45th Road, Bayside, New York 
Shure, George 76 South Street, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 
Siegel, Richard 842 Jamaica Road, Schenectady, New York 
Sigrist, George 76 Birch Street, Beechwood, New York 
Silk, Jason 66 Redwood Road, Newton, Massachusetts 
Silk, June 3400 Snyder Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 
Silvern, Sandra 360 Hart Avenue, S.I., New York, New York 
Sirof, Bruce 173 Coleridge Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Skolnick, Donna 1918 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Slayton, John West Church Street, Hardwick, Vermont 
Sloss, Robert 793 Fingerboard Road, Staten Island, New York 
Smith, Frederick 19 Harold Avenue, Reading, Massachusetts 
Smith, Ronald 42 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Snyder, Gary 107 Plain Street, Braintree, Massachusetts 
Sokol, Kenneth 15 Audobon Park, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Solicito, Donna 117 Nyac Avenue, Pelham, New York 
Soloff, Matthew 2316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, New York 
Sorkin, Kenneth 36 Surfside Road, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Sparrow, Douglas 16 Oak Knoll Court, North Providence, Rhode Island 
Stanley, John P.O. Box 3, Brattleboro, Vermont 
Stark, Robert 2667 Hampton Road, Rocky River, Ohio 
Statucki, Richard 58 Ronald Drive, Rochester, New York 
Stein, Jeffrey Contant #3 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 
Steinberg, Lyie 18 Paddington Street, Scarsdale, New York 
Steinert, Barbara 9 Avenue B, Bayonne, New Jersey 
Stettner, Robert 20 Curtis Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 
Stevens, Joel 54 Holcomb Street, Rochester, New York 
Stich, Andrew 38 Newcomb Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana 
Streit, Christopher 49 Browns Lane, Bellport, New York 
Strong, Janice 2599 Boyd Avenue, Eau Gallie, Florida 

*6 Rolling Lane, Medfield, Massachusetts 
Sudati, Gerald 63 Irving Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 
Summers, James 1085 Kensington Terrace, Union, New Jersey 
Supowitz, Harry 106 Oliver Road, New Haven, Connecticut 


Suprenant, Jane 60 Terry Road, West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Sutera, Victor 274 Ross Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 
Suthipan, Sanchoi Royal Thai Embassy, Washington, D.C. 
Sylvester, Peter 43 Scarborough Road, Manchester, Connecticut 
Syphers, Henry 655 Stafford Avenue, Bristol, Connecticut 
Tanzilli, Ann-Marie 23 Kilsyth Road, Medford, Massachusetts 
Tartufo, Edward 129 Oakland Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Tartufo, Joseph 21 Fuller Place, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Tausevich, Fred 29 Meredith Way, Weymouth, Massachusetts 
Tave, Dennis 3070 Hull Avenue, Bronx, New York 
Thorsen, Martin 585 Potter Road, Framingham, Massachusetts 
Thurston, Paul 415 Main Street, Chatham, Massachusetts 
Tichnor, Bonnie 15 River Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 
Tomeo, Richard 126 Damon Road, Medford, Massachusetts 
Towie, Frank 12 Sedgewick Drive, North Scituate, Massachusetts 
Trautner, Jay 56 Old Colony Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 
Tucci, Mary 109 Woodycrest Avenue, Southbridge, Massachusetts 
Tuite, Charles 153 Jewett Street, Newton, Massachusetts 
Turner, Vincent 23 Mollis Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Upton, Donald 750 North Albany Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey 
VanOverwalle, Pamela 215 Nassau Avenue, Mauaasset, New York 
Varty, Lynn 149 Brixton Road, Garden City, New Jersey 
Verakus, Stephen 244 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 
Verbel, Robert 38 Fessenden Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Verner, Robin 42 Vista Place, Staten Island, New York 
Viering, Russell 6 Hathaway Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 
Viscardi, Albert 24 County Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts 
Visciglio, Linda 456 Kirk Avenue, Syracuse, New York 
Walker, Charles 801 Caldwell Avenue, Union, New Jersey 
Walker, Sharon Sherman Avenue, N. Collins, New York 
Walvisch, Jayne 358 Cornwell Avenue, Malverne, New York 
Ward, Frank 1205 Fairacres Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 
Weber, Mark 28 West 69th Street, New York, New York 
Webster, Brian 42 Century Road, South Weymouth, Massachusetts 
Weinberg, Jeffrey 2435 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 
Weiner, Esta 328 Central Parkway, Mount Vernon, New York 
Weiss, Stuart 480 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, New York 
Wenderoth, Richard 1503 Springfield Avenue, Pensauken, New Jersey 
White, Peter 433 Mohawk Trail, Greenfield, Massachusetts 
Whitmore, John 1 Essex Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts 
Wolfe, Craig 61 Sherbrooke Road, Newton, Massachusetts 
Woodward, Gerald 12 Coolidge Street, Methuen, Massachusetts 
Wong, Ward 129 Upland Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Wyman, Maurice 58 Winnifred Road, Brockton, Massachusetts 
Yezo, Edward 555-54th Street, W. New York, New Jersey 
Young, Philip 7067 Fayetteville Road, Fayetteville, New York 
Young, Robert 120 Shaftsbury Road, Rochester, New York 
Zanni, Stephen 22 Wi Imut Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts 
Zapf, Richard 20 29 64th Lane, Glendale, New York 
Zaroulis, George Longmeadow Road, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 
Zawatski, Eugene 14 Faulkner Place, Braintree, Massachusetts 



fjf-v.' A.ii 


r -^ta