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The Curryer 1968 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Edward J. Hauck 

Harold C. Cohen 

Michael R. Gagliardi 
Alice Mortman 


Carl E. Beck 
Dee Carroll 
Karen Kahn 


'^5 1 








^ .aial' 




Curry College Library 

1071 Blue HiU Avemw 



President /6 

Personnel 22 

Divisions 26 


Expo 67 44 

"Aloha" 4S 

Homecoming 52 

Garter Bowl 56 


Football 62 

Basketball 68 

Baseball 74 







Willard Price Lombard, LLB., D.Sc.O. 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees 



Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O,, Chdirman 

Kirtley Fletcher Mather, B.S., Ph.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., Vice-Chairman 

Charles E. Holly, B.S., LL.B., Treasurer 

George William Perkins, II, B.Sc.O., Clerk 


Richard E. Adams 

President, WKOX Radio Station, WKOX, Inc., Framingham, Massachusetts 

Lenice Ingram Bacon 

Civic Leader, Folklorist and Lecturer 

Joseph Aloysius Doherty, D.M.D., B.S., LL.B., D.Sc.O. 
Oral Surgeon 

Leo C. Donahue, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ed.M., Ed.D., L.H.D. 
Superintendent of Schools, Somerville, Massachusetts 

Mildred Buchanan Flagg, A.B., A.M., D.Sc.O., Litt.D. 
Writer and Lecturer 

J. John Fox, LL.B. 

Justice, Norfolk County Probate Court, Dedham, Massachusetts 

Melville Bell Grosvenor, B.S., Sc.D., LL.D. 

President, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. 
Editor, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. 

Charles E. Holly, B.S., LL.B. 

Partner, Law Firm of Weston, Patrick & Stevens, Boston, Massachusetts 

David Russell Hubbard, A.B. 

Richard Augustus Kelley, B.S., Ed.M. 

Dean, College of Special Studies, Tufts University 

Richard V. Kiley 

Executive Vice-President and Treasurer, Somerset Savings Bank, 
Somerville, Massachusetts 

Nathaniel Leverone, B.S., D.Sc.O., Litt.D., H.H.D. 

Founder and Chairman, Automatic Canteen Co. of America 

Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Senior Member, Law Firm of Sweetser & Lombard, Boston, Massachusetts 
Senior Vice-President and Director, Everett National Bank, Everett, 

Kirtley Fletcher Mather, B.S., Ph.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. 
Professor of Geology, Emeritus, Harvard University 

Stewart Graffam Orr, A.B., LL.B. 

Trust Officer, State Street Bank and Trust Co., Boston, Massachusetts 

George William Perkins, II, B.Sc.O. 

Superintendent of Agencies, Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Co. 
President, Comparative Underwriting Services, Inc. 

Dunbar Lancaster Shanklin, B.S., M.S. 

President and Treasurer, Shanklin Research Corp., Ayer, Massachusetts 

Clarence A. Westhaver 

President, Clarence A. Westhaver, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts 


Dr. Wilfred Chagnon, Chairrvan Newton, Mass. 

Dr. Wilmon Brewer Hingham, Mass. 

Dr. Frieda M. Drapkin Newton, Mass. 

Joseph Drapkin Newton, Mass. 

Dr. Tehyi Hsieh Brighton, Mass. 


Edward Harold Hastings, A.B, A. 


A valuable friend and advisor to the student body of Curry 
College is Edward Harold Hastings, associate professor of 
English. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wes- 
leyan University and his Master of Arts from Harvard Uni- 
versity. An accomplished organist and area choirmaster, he 
has provided exceptional leadership to the Curry College 
Choir over the past year. Prior to being named director, Pro- 
fessor Hastings had been concert accompanist of the choir 
since its founding. 

Since joining Curry's faculty in 1964, Professor Hastings 
has actively supported college drama endeavors and has 
served as both advisor to the Student Senate and critic to 
the Colonel. Always ready to help students, he has been 
both an inspiration and a leadeh 

We, the Class of 1968, are proud to dedicate this volume 
to Professor Edward H. Hastings, whose inspiration and 
warm personality have served as more than a guideline to 
more than just a few students. 

Curry College is a group of buildings. 

The coldness of these mere buildings, 

however, is alleviated by the students and 

faculty who occupy them. 


People in groups . . . 

and people alone 

people playing . . . 

and people at work 

each pursuing his own visions of excellence. 



'V y^ 



John S. Hafer 

B.S., AA.A., Ed.D. (Hon.) 


Hiram J. Evans 

A.B.,M.A., A.M., Ph.D. 




Cecil H. Rose 

A.B., B.D. 


Kathleen B. McCann 

Dean of Women and 

Assistant Professor 

of Speech 

B.A., Barnard College 

of Columbia 

M.F.A., Yale University 

Milton L. Boyle, Jr. 

Registrar and Assistant Professor 

of Pliilosoptiy and Religion 
A.B., Harvard College 
B.D., Andover-Nev^ton Theological 



Richard Mantz 
Dean of Admissions 

Thomas D. Goldrick 

Business Manager 

A.B., M.S. 


Helen G. LeBaron 

JohnP. Vallely 

Director of Purchasing 

Warren S. Bazirgan 
Director of Public Relations 


Mrs. Ruth Ross 

Secretary to the Dean of the College 

Mrs. Doris Hoye 

Secretary to the President 
of the College 


Mrs. Ruth MacDonald 
Secretary to the Dean of 


Miss Alice Major 
Secretary to the Dean of 

Mrs. Ruth Gilbert 
Secretary to the Registrar 

Miss Doris Burgess 
Secretary to the Registrar 


Mrs. Hazel Hanson 

Max Kniager 

George Jeddry 
Manager of Mainten- 
ance Service 



Mrs. Florence Goodman 
Miss Louise Keith 
Mrs. Grace Tucker— 

Acting Librarian 
Miss Diane Calnan 
Mrs. Kathy Russell 
Miss Mary Lynch 



Henry H. Babcock 
Instructor in Foreign Languages 
B.A., Tufts University 
M.A., Boston University 

C. Alan Anderson 

Chairman and Associate Professor 

of Philosopliy 
B.A., American International College 
LL.B., University of Connecticut 
Ph.D., Boston University 



Roger Allen Bump 
Instructor in Radio-TV 
B.Sc.O., Curry College 

Owen Channon 

Associate Professor of English 

B.A., McGill University 

B.D., The Presbyterian College 

Rosella Gardini 
Instructor in Foreign Languages 
B.A., Boston University 
M.A., Boston University 


Edward H. Hastings 
Associate Professor of English 
A.B., Wesleyan University 
A.M., Harvard University 

Gladys F. G. Martinez 
Instructor in Spanish 
B.S., Guines Institute 
Dr. of Pedagogy, University of 

Ann P. Marvin 
Assistant Professor of English 
B.A., University of Michigan 
M.A.T., Tufts University 
M.Ed., Harvard University Graduate School 
of Education 


Anthony T. Mele 

Instructor of Music 

Bachelor of Music, Ithaca College 

Master of Music, Boston University 

Tamara S. Moissiy 
Curafor of Language Laboratory 
Associate in French, Ecole Francaise 
Jeanne D'Arc 

Alexander B. Moissiy 
Professor of French and Russian 
Th.D., University of Jassy 
LL.D., University of Bucharest 


Constance Schwarzkopf 
Instructor in German 
B.A., Oberlin College 
M.A., Boston University 

Ann L. Salvucci 

Instructor in Englisli 
B.S., Lesley College 
AA.A., Northeastern University 

Servando Tijerina 

Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages 
B.A., University of Texas 
M.A., Stanford University 

George A. Thompson 
Instructor in Englishi 
A.B., Boston University 
A.M., Boston University 


Victor F. Van Neste 
Instructor in Philosophy 
A. A., Boston University 
A.M., Boston University 

Nornna Vonckx 
Assistant Professor of 

Foreign Languages 
B.A., University of New 

M.A., University of Michigan 

Marlene A. Wallin 

Instructor in Art 

Diploma with Distinction, Graduate 

Certificate, School of Museum of 

Fine Arts (Boston) 

Eleanor Wilder 

Assistant Curator of Language Laboratory 




Richard W. Allen 
Instructor in Economics and 
Business Administration 
B.A., Kenyon College 
Certificate, Babson College 

Robert L. Keighton 

Chairman and Associate Professor 

of Government 
B.A., Swarthmore College 
M.A., University of Pennsylvania 
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 

Ruth T. Anderson 
Assistant Professor of History 
B.Sc, Ohio State University 
M.A., Ohio State University 
Ph.D., Ohio State University 


Edwin P. Booth 

Professor of History and Education 
A.B., Allegheny College 
S.T.B., Boston University 
Ph.D., Boston University 

Robert F. Capalbo 
Instructor in H/sfory 
A.B., Boston College 
M.A., Boston College 

RonaldJ. Caridi 

Assistant Professor of History and Governnnent 

B.A., Long Island University 

M.A., New York University 

Ph.D., New York University 


Samuel R. Daines 

Instructor in Business Administration 

B.S., Utah State University 

LL.B., Harvard Law School 

Frances Jacobs 
Assistant Professor in Sociology 
B.A., Mount Holyoke College 
AA.A., Boston University 

Martin AA. Grossack 
Associate Professor of Psychology 
B.A., Northeastern University 
AA.A., Boston University 
Ph.D., Boston Univefsity 


Francesco Rapuano 

Assistant Professor of Business 

Administration and Economics 

B.S.B.A., Northeastern University 

M.A., Boston University 

Sue Saye 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 

B.A., University of Oklahoma 

M.B.Ed., Oklahoma State University 


Albert Sherring 
Associate Professor of Sociology 
B.A., Allahabad University 
M.A., Allahabad University 
M.A., Boston University 

Leon M. Rudman 
Instructor in Economics 
B.B.A., Boston University 
A/\.A., University of Masachusetts 

Pamela N. Wrinch 
Associate Professor of History 

and Government 
A.B., University of Michigan 
M.A., University of Michigan 
Ph.D., Yale University 



Carlton Condit 
Professor of Geology 
A.B., University of California 
Ph.D., University of California 

Ralph K. Carleton 

Chairman and 

Professor of Chem/sfry 

B.A., Boston University 

M.A., Harvard University 

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 

Sc.D. (Hon.), Shurtleff College 


Leonard D. Gardner 
Instructor in Biology 
A.B., Providence College 

/y Indar R. Kamal 

Instructor in Mathematics and Physics 

B.Sc. (Hon.), Delhi University 

M.S., Delhi University 


Robert S. Long 

Associate Professor of Geology 
A.B., University of Chicago 
S.M., University of Chicago 
Ph.D., University of Chicago 

Rudolph P. Widman 
Instructor in Chemistry 
A.B., Eastern Nazarene College 
M.S., Northeastern University 

... .^^pTtJsf 

Lucile Weston 
Associate Professor of Biology 
A.B., Wheaton College 
M.S., Tufts University 
Ph.D., Harvard-Radcliffe 



Arthur N. Smith 

Assistant Professor of Educfftion 

A.B., Harvard College 

A.M., Harvard University 

Ed.M., Tufts University 

William L. Mayo 

Chairman, Director of Placement 

and Professor of Education 
A.B., M.A. (Geography), University 

of Michigan 
M.A. (Education), University of 

Ph.D., University of Michigan 


John O. Gawne 

Professor and 

Director of Counseling 

A.B., Union College 

M.A., Columbia University 

Ed.D., Columbia University 



Willard C. Leeman 
Instructor in Physical Education 
B.S.Ed., Drake University 
M.S.Ed., Salem State College 

Richard S. Lasse 

Assistant Professor of Physical 

B.A., Syracuse University 
M.Ed., Northeastern University 

Thomas Stephens 
Instructor in Physical 
B.A., Syracuse 

Nancy Stein 
Instructor in 
Physical Education 
B.S., Bouve' College 





EXPO '67 

Early Spring of 1967, found the Curry College Concert Choir making a 
tape which would prove to be a very important part of the Choir's rela- 
tively short existence. Later that Spring they were notified of their ac- 
ceptance to represent the United States at Expo 67, in Montreal. Under 
the leadership of Dr. Richard Pisano, the Choir devoted many hard hours 
of practice to the upcoming trip. 

September of 1967, found the Choir returning a week early for school 
to prepare for the trip. It was a very exciting preparation time, but it 
was kind of a sad time for the Choir was informed that Dr. Pisano, who 
founded the Choir, would be directing it for the last time at Expo. 

The entire Choir, including many students whom had graduated in June 
were bused to Montreal. The Choir did two performances, both of which 
were highly praised. 

The trip was one which everyone who went along will never forget, for 
it not only represented a chance to visit a World Exposition, but also 
gave us a chance to learn more about our Canadian friends. 







Presented by the Thetas 


Kiki (Guide) Donald Harmer 

Liaf Susan Allen 

King Kamehameha Barry Vichnick 

Mr. LS Bruce Ferguson 

Miss Dee Valerie Smith 

Joe Hall Greg Wallwork 

Sid Curry Bob Bernard 

Miss Prudence Primrose Maureen Ward 

Rock T. Pyle Charles Gray 

Mr. Swan Dive Rocco Palladino 

Mrs. Swan Dive Diana Feuring 

Miss Sally Backstroke Sandy Farrington 

Witch Doctors Al Roberto 

Bob Young 
Stephen Holton 

Apes John Skopinski 

John Fitzmaurice 

Kim Marvin 

Eric Piper 

Leilani Richard Kurtzman 

Barry Vichnick 

Mary Jane Bracchi 

Donald Harmer 


Robert Bernard 
Sandy Farrington 

Sandra Gravel 


John Fitzmaurice 

Linda Darienzo 
Cassie Owens 

Al Roberto 

Valerie Smith 
Bruce Ferguson 



Sandy Farrington 
Homecoming Queen 















This year was a building year for the Curry College Football Team. Not 
only was a team being built, but also character. 

Next year should be better. Some of this year's freshmen showed a great 
deal of promise and should be a great deal of help next season. Among 
them are Pete Gentile, Bob Nutter, and Andy Schembra. Bobby Clare 
should be back playing next year after being out with an injury. AAike 
Sansone did a fine job, after being taken from his position as a pass 
receiver and placed in as the quarterback. 

Coach Lasse said that, though the scores were poor, this was one of his 
best years. The boys had a better understanding of what was expected 
of them. As the team continues to build it is certain that it will be a team 
to contend with in the near future. 







First Row: James Jackson, Michael Frasco, Gene Shaeffer, John Miexner, Alar. 
Moulton. Second Row.- Michael Gagliardi, Tony Baxter, Jeff Field, Bruce Julien, 
Herb Cowles, Coach Leeman. 

The 1967-68 Basketball Team, though not having the most successful 
season did manage to find a beginning. Playing most of the season with 
eleven men did not give up. It seemed that they were never beat and 
somehow managed to give every game the same importance, and played 
for everything that they could give. 

Lack of height did not hurt, but the Colonel forwards led by Tony Baxter, 
A! Moulton, Herb Cowles, Mike Gagliardi, did a fine job grabbing down 
rebounds. Jerry Sudati, Jeff Field, Bruce Julien, handling the center 
position did their best against some very admirable opponents. The back- 
court headed by Jim Jackson and aided by Mike Frasco, Gene Shaeffer, 
and John Miexner did their share in many tough situations. 

The team is looking forward to next year, and with the addition of a 
couple of tall men able to better this year's 1-18 record. 




^ % 






The 1967. Baseball team was one plagued by 
bad weather rather than tough opponents. 
Coach Vallely once again came up with another 
well-rounded team and could be very proud 
of the performances that his team gave. 

As the season ended he looked forward to an 
even better season for there is almost his entire 
team returning next year. This will mean that he 
will be starting with an experienced ball club. 

The Colonels are hoping that there will be some 
more talent in the incoming Freshman class so 
as to beef-up their pitching staff. But there will 
also be openings for anyone who Coach Vallely 
thinks can build a Championship team from. 








-r*v.^'\ li 


Harold C. Cohen 
Michael GargilardI 
Edward Hauck, Editor 
Dee Carroll 
Karen Kahn 


Kathy MacNamara 
Janet Riley, Jamie Burke, Barbara Nichelson 
Carol Davidson, Anna DeCamp, Joan White 


■' / 




Sitting: Barry Keryner, Mark Dwin, Bob Hyde. Standing-. Richard Connolley, Ted 
Dombrowski, Stanley Sobin, Steve FrankI, Edward O'Malley, and Steve Fernandy. 




Kathy Lockwood, Stanley Sobin, Karen LaClaire, Editor, Michael Gagliardi, Maureen 
Ward, Mark Dwin, Valerie Smith 



AAarc Kamin, Mark Dwin, Daniel Danton, Gloria Kicken, Sue Farb, Karen Kahn, and 
Marcia Liebowitz. 









^v ^ 


■^^^IffiK 9w 



Dennis Scialli 
Henry Knapp 
William Kenny 
Mark Brickman 
Sandy Farrington 
Karen LaClaire 
Ted Dombrowski 



Nick Benderov, William Scofani, Mark Kamin, Henry Knapp, Mike Barber, Rickard 
Connolley, Dennis Scialli, Joseph Cincotta, Daniel Danton, and Jim Tigh. 



Ben Northrop, Harvey Glasser, Patrick Gecoya, Dennis Scialli, Jim Jackson, Ken 
Gushing, Richard Connolley, Marc Kamin, Steve Frank), Paul McArthur, Nick Ben- 
derov, Mark Weber, Joseph Cincotta, Herbert Cowles, Joe Grant, Albert Aliciene, 
and Anita Becker. 


Dr. R. Widman 
Brad William 
Bob Hyde 
Edward O'Malley 
Steve Coon 
Dr. C. Carlton 




Henry Knapp, Marc Kamin, Nick Benderov, Joseph Cincotta, Daniel Danton, Matthew 
Feingold, and Barry Herrmann. 



^. v 




Albert Aliciene 

Harvey Glasser, President 

Eric Golden 

Sue Murphy 


Paul DiBenedetto 

Maureen Ward 

Ben Northrup 

Anna DeCamp 

Dick Wenderoth 

Larry D'Amico 

Joseph Ventrone 



Dianne Kerrissey, Mary Jane Bracchi, Bob Bernard, Lee Harrington, Donald Harmer, 
Charlotte Ross, Dr. Condit, Sandy Farrington, Pam Van Overwall, Bruce Ferguson, 
Ann Mizerek, Dean McCann, Alphonse Roberto, Kathy Lockwood, Joseph Ventrone, 
John SkopinskI, Valerie Smith, Dee Carroll, Maureen Ward, Dean Morgenstean, 
Greg Johnson, and Dick Wenderoth. 


Nick Benderov, Mike Barber, Matthew Feingold, Moe Wyman, Daniel Danton, 
George Gushing, Burke Corcoran, Bob Claire, Marc Kamin, Jim Jackson, Mike 
Frasco, Lyie Steinberg, and Gil Kehoe. 


•#Ar' - 

t * r-S 


■*•> j^i 

;, ;; ;< 



r f 



-^ ®''.. 

./ / 



■^<. _.^ 



li, "^>^ 


■iSl^'fl •: 

L?ar ■ V. 






J-^i i^ 




1 JIvc'7 


1 v^Qf ^B](i 

E^n^' 'f^ ' 



? if 1 


Edith Alfieri 

Donna E. Altieri 

John Bamond 

Carol J. Barker 
Elementary Education 

James Ambler 

'' / 


Jane Grossman Barr 


Carl E. Beck, Jr. 


Paul Berger 


Anthony Baxter 

Robert C. Bernard 


Edward Steven Borke 

Business Administration 

Kevin A. Brennan 

Business Administration 

Fran Camorali 

Dee Carroll 
Elementary Education 

Michael Anthony Bruscell 

'\' ~^ 


S. Joseph Cincotta 

Ann A. Ceccarelli 

Ellen Channon 

Arnold Cohen 
Business Administration 

Harold C. Cohen 


Richard F. Connolly 
Business Administration 

Robert Conti 

Business Administration 

Daniel Danton 

Michael Corman 
Business Administration 

Bruce G. Corbett 

'^ \^ 


PaulJ. DiBenedetto 


Theodore E. Dombrowski, Jr. 

Susan A. Driscoll 
Elementary Education 

John Feeley 
Business Administration 

Matthew C. Feingold 


John B. Fitzmaurice 

Barbara Anne Flanagan 

Anne E. Gallagher 

Thomas J. Giblin 

Business Administration 

Paul Frazier 

Business Administration 

^ ^ 


Harvey I. Glasser 

Gerald A. Grasso 

Charles E. Gray, Jr. 


Eric Golden 

Richard John Grogan 


Jon Harlor 

Edward J. Hauck 

David Hoffman 

AAollyne R. Honor 

Barry Herrmann 

Sociology ^ 9 

A. v., 


William F. Hughes, Jr. 

Glenn Hughs 

Edward C. Jellson 
Business Administration 

Paul Jessoe 

Business Administration 

Marc A. Kamin 



Joseph Kane 



Kevin Keenan 

William Kellner 

Gerald P. Kibbe 

William Kelleher 

English C' / 


Elspeth Kindquist 
Elementary Education 

Henry Knapp 


Mary Ann Kotapski 
Elementary Education 

Ricki Klein 

Elementary Education 

Joseph Kreplick 



Richard Kurtzman 
Business Administration 

Thomas Lally 
Business Administration 

Nancy Elizabeth AAaterne 
Elementary Education 

Robert McGovern 
Business Administration 

Lenore Levins 

History (/ » 


Keith Metier 


Barry Frank Montgomery 

Business Administration 

Business Administration 

Jeffrey Miller 
Business Administration 

William H. Morris 
Elementary Education 


Alice Gayle Mortman 
Elementary Education 

Kathleen O'Connor 

Carol Palmer 
Elementary Education 

Frank Peronace, Jr. 
Elementary Education 

Rocco E. Palladino 



Roy Publicover 
Business Administration 

Donald V. Purdy 
Business Administration 

Peter Roppolo 

Business Administration 

John A. Roselli 
Business Administration 

Toby L. Rosenblatt 
Elementary Education 


charlotte Frances Ross 
Elementary Education 

Dominic V. Sacchetti 
Business Administration 

Eileen H. Sarrel 
Elementary Education 

George Sarkes 

Roderick St. Pierre 
Business Administration 

William Richard Schleiff 
Elementary Education 

Debra Schoenberg 
Elementary Education 

Dennis V. Scialli 

Carmel Serge 
Elementary Education 

Benjamin Shavitz 
Business Administration 


Thomas M. Sheridan 

George B. Shure 

Ronald R. Smith 

Donna Skolnick 
Elementary Education 

Sandra R. Silvern 


(^ ; 


^ \ 


Douglas Sparrow 

Vernon S. Stromberg, Jr. 

James S. Summers 
Business Administration 

Sanchai Suthipan 

Dennis I. Tave 


Richard S. Thistlewaite 
Business Administration 

^— y 

Marcia AAae Thomas 
Elementary Education 

Frank P. Tomaiolo 
Business Administration 

Lynn Varty 
Elementary Education 

Martin Paul Thorsen 

^ 'A 


Robin D. Verner 
Business Administration 

Gregory Clark Wallwork 
Business Administration 

Mark William Weber 


Not Pictured: S. Banis, T. Cappucci, 
J. Cifrino, W. Conopka, K. Galligan, 
R. Gould, B. Lake, F. Lipari, P. Lipson, 
P. AAcArthur, P. McGeoghegan, J. Ry- 
an, F. Ward, and R. Welch. 

Maurice Wyman 
Elementary Education 


MtM ^m 

Ellen Channon 

Harold Cohen 

Theo. Dombrowski 

^M ^iM M 

Harvey Glasser 

Eric Golden 

Edward Hauck 




Mollyne Honor 

tti tfiA 

William Kelleher 

Richard Kurtzman 

Keith Metier 

^M £ 

George Shure 

Vernon Stromberg 


Martin Thorsen 






■■^ I ^ i\ i^ 






7 *% <is^ 







Adair, Patricia 238 South Manning Blvd., Albany, New York 

Adanns, Russell 349 Pearl St., South Hadley, Massachusetts 

Adier, Ronald 304 Verona Ave., Elizabeth, New Jersey 

Agranavitch, Paul 33 Montgonnery Lane, Norwich, Connecticut 

Albino, Roger 58 Normandy Rd., Clifton, New Jersey 

Albrecht, Edward 39 Bennington St., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Alfieri, Edith 555 West 252 St., New York, New York 

Aliciene, Albert 100 Warren Ave., Naugatuk, Connecticut 

Allan, Francis 902 Susquehanna Ave., West Pittston, Pennsylvania 

Allen, Jane 39 Elm Ave., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Allen, Susan 60 Cleveland Rd., Caldwell, New Jersey 

Alpaugh, Peter 119 Congress Run Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Alteri, Donna 195 Summit Dr., Cranston, Rhode Island 

Amaral, Carole 77 Arlington Ave., Warren, Rhode Island 

Amaral, Robert 77 Arlington Ave., Warren, Rhode Island 

Ambler, James 828 Glen Rd., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

Amore, Alexander 210 Paris St., East Boston, Massachusetts 

Anderson, Lynn 207 Stonecrest Dr., DeWitt, New York 

Anderson, William 499 Old Town Way, Hanover, Massachusetts 

Andresen, Edward Powder Point, Duxbury, Massachusetts 

Anthony, John 84 East Main St., Jewitt City, Connecticut 

Arbeene, Leon 550 Washington St., Winchester, Massachusetts 

Arbuckle, William 330 Woodward St., Waban, Massachusetts 

Archer, Helen 43 Betwood St., Albany, New York 

Archibald, Charles 52 Jarvis PI., Lynbrook, New York 

Armstrong, John 134 Branch St., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Assenza, Vincent 869 Bunker Hill Ave., Waterbury, Connecticut 

Bachley, Gregory 1 Cyli Place, Waldwick, New Jersey 

Baker, Robert 12 Briarwood Trail, Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Baldwin, Stephen .... 280 Burbank Rd., Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Bamond, John 60 Orchard Ave., Emerson, New Jersey 

Banis, Edward 30 Stoddard St., Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Barr, Jeffrey 53 Sunswyck Rd., Darien, Connecticut 

Barsky, Joel 900 Talham St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Barber, Michael 58 Vestal Ave., Binghamton, New York 

Barker, Carol 5 Columbia Ave., Nashua, New Hampshire 

Bassett, Martha 31 Folan Ave., Norwood, Massachusetts 

Bausman, Duane Dayton Rd., Redding, Connecticut 

Baxter, Anthony 18 Britton St., Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Beard, Sidney 9990 Greiner Rd., Clarence, New York 

Beck, Carl 293 6th Ave., Troy, New York 

Becker, Anita 2305 Barren Hill Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 

Beer, Pennell ; 3071 Canal NW, Washington, D.C. 

Benderov, Nicholas 49 Fifth St., Passaic, New Jersey 

Berger, Paul 2220 Mickle Ave., New York, New York 

Bernard, Robert 143 Rosemary Rd., Dedham, Massachusetts 

Billings, Dana 6 Button Rd., Huntington, Connecticut 

Birtwell, Kenneth .... 58 Ralph Talbot St., S. Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Bistany, Elaine 298 Lawrence St., Lawrence, Massachusetts 

Bittelari, Ronald 33 Horace St., Needham, Massachusetts 

Bloom, Douglas Luke's Wood Rd., New Canaan, Connecticut 

Blount, Alan 25 Mountain Rd., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Bolen, Robert 10 Gwynne Court, Closter, New Jersey 

Borke, Edward 14 West Holly St., Cranford, New Jersey 


Borr, Geoffrey 46 Ellis Rd., Newton, Massachusetts 

Botoff, Ricfiard 24 Darby Lane, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

Bourbeau, Philip 51 Pond St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Bourgeois, Arthur 97 Wesson Ave., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Bradley, Robert 144 Sudbury Rd., Weston, Massachusetts 

Brash, Robert 344 Blue Hills Ave., Hartford, Connecticut 

Brautigann, Robert 22 School St., East Williston, New York 

Bray, Robert Union St., Montogue Centre, Massachusetts 

Brennan, Kevin 9 Gene St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Briante, Peter 10 Chadwick Rd., White Plains, New York 

Bracchi, Mary-Jane Church St., Windsor Locks, Connecticut 

Bricknnan, Bruce 34-13 Lenox Dr., Fair Lawn, New Jersey 

Brickman, Mark 249-68 57th Ave., Little Neck, New York 

Brink, Bonnye 2405 Garrison Ave., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Brockney, Jeffrey 70 Fairview St., Holliston, Massachusetts 

Brody, Francine 316 Harding Rd., Fairhaven, New Jersey 

Broman, Ronald 445 West Center St., West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

Brulte, Pierre 524 Oxford St., Westbury, New York 

Brunengraber, Todd 267 Lincoln Blvd., Long Beach, New York 

Bruscell, Michael 148 Trouville Rd., Copiague, New York 

Brustin, Edward 116 Hurenc Rd., Medford, Massachusetts 

Burgess, Robert 39 Dartmouth St., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Burke, Jamie 25 Pine Hill Rd., Swampscott, Massachusetts 

Callahan, Daniel 254 Hartford St., Westwood, Massachusetts 

Callahan, James 83 Ten Hills Rd., Somerville, Massachusetts 

Camerota, Kenneth 44 Pauline St., Milford, Connecticut 

Camorali, Francis 383 Adams St., Milton, Massachusetts 

Candee, Robert Indian Trail, Harrison, New York 

Canniff, Edward 25 Hughes St., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Carapella, Robert 69 Highledge Dr., New York, New York 

Cardamene, Richard Winship Rd., New Hartford, New York 

Cardonsky, Linda .... 148 East Grant Ave., Roselle Park, New Jersey 

Carey, William 6 Helena Rd., Boston, Massachusetts 

Carnes, George 211 Central St., Hingham, Massachusetts 

Carroll, Dee 99 Jefferson Rd., Princeton, New Jersey 

Carter, James 56 Holly Lane, Darien, Connecticut 

Carr, Valerie 1598 Hawthorne St., Baldwin, New York 

Carroll, James Old Powder Mill Rd., Fayetteville, New York 

Casey, Christine 825 Fox Chapel Rd., Pittsburgh, PenQsylvania 

Castle, David 43 Crosby Rd., Newton, Massachusetts 

Cattat, Vincent 1219 Hillview Dr., Utica, New York 

Cavanagh, Nicholas 82 Clapp Rd., Scituate, Massachusetts 

Cayburry, Lynne 29 Dorchester Ave., Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Ceccarelli, Ann 21 Hall St., Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Ceder, Arnold 70 Stanton Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Cerfeda, Joann Truesdale Lake Dr., South Salem, New York 

Chaban, Robert 28 Warren Ave., Milton, Massachusetts 

Chace, William 11 Shawmut Ave., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Chait, Edward 200 East 57th St., New York, New York 

Channon, Ellen 17 Hillcrest Rd., Canton, Massachusetts 

Chave, Patricia 28 Woodmere Blvd., Woodmere, New York 

Chosiad, Jane 94 Florence Rd., Lowell, Massachusetts 

Ciambrone, Joseph Ill Cross St., Little Silver, New Jersey 

Cifrino, John 1 1 80 Morton St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Cincotta, Salvatore 15 Reyem St., Waltham, Massachusetts 

Cipriani, Dennis 23 Summit Ave., Mansfield, Massachusetts 


Clare, Robert 53 Dickerman Lane, Braintree, Massachusetts 

Clark, Harry 3 Abbey Rd., Darien, Connecticut 

Coates, Paul Van Buren Rd., AAorristown, New Jersey 

Cognetta, Katherine 170 Old Oaks Rd., Fairfield, Connecticut 

Coffman-, Deborah 22 Rolling Rd., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Cohen, Arnold 24 E St., Hull, Massachusetts 

Cohen, Harold 48 Bryant Place, Westwood, New Jersey 

Cohen, Robert 50 Hartman Rd., Newton, Massachusetts 

Colyer, Josephine Saw Mill Rd., Cold Spring Harbor, New York 

Costello, Lawrence 301 Chestnut St., Randolph, Massachusetts 

Connolly, Janet .... 63 Independence Ave., Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Connolly, Richard 83 Elsmere Ave., South Portland, Maine 

Connors, Thomas 98 B Plain St., Millis, Massachusetts 

Conopka, William 123 Bolivar St., Canton, Massachusetts 

Conti, Robert 63 Wescroft Rd., Reading, Massachusetts 

Cooke, Paul 36 Marine Rd., South Boston, Massachusetts 

Cooke, Raymond 73 Dover Rd., Westwood, Massachusetts 

Coon, Steven RD 2, Haverling Heights, Bath, New York 

Corbett, Bruce 46 Britton St., Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Corcoran, Bourke 69 Division Ave., Summit, New Jersey 

Corman, Michael 122 Woodcliff Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Corn, Leslie 1004 South 24th Ave., Hollywood, Florida 

Costanzo, John 18 Bent Ave., Port Chester, New York 

Coughlin, William 44 Andrea Rd., Framingham, Massachusetts 

Courtney, Patricia 2 Taylor Rd., Belmont, Massachusetts 

Cowell, David 54 Converse Rd., Marion, Massachusetts 

Cowles, Herbert 1 Pidgeon Dr., Wilbraham, Massachusetts 

Crawford, William 7 Winslow Rd., Sharon, Massachusetts 

Creighton, Carol 7 Pleasant St., West Concord, Massachusetts 

Crosby, Stanley 60 Briar Lane, Westwood, Massachusetts 

Crowell, Gregory 10 Beechcroft Rd., Short Hills, New Jersey 

Crowell, Ruth 229 Grove St., Hanover, Massachusetts 

Cummings, John 585 Main St., Chatham, New Jersey 

Gushing, George 281 Sagamore Rd., Rye, New Hampshire 

Cushing, Kenneth 1 Robert Drive, Georgetown, Massachusetts 

Cyr, MaryAnn 85 Summer St., Waterville, Maine 

Daly, Margaret 321 Hayward Ave., Mt. Vernon, New York 

D'Amico, Lawrence 1 54 Ross Ave., Hackensack, New Jersey 

Dana, Marilyn 29 Walnut St., Canton, Massachusetts 

D'Andraia, Ann Marie 105 Alta Ave., Yonkers, New York 

Danton, Daniel 118 Bartholdi Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey 

Dardano, Francis 916 Lansing St., Utica, New York 

Darienzo, Linda Barclay Place, Peekskill, New York 

Davidson, Carol 19 Chestnut St., West Haven, Connecticut 

Davis, Audrey 33 Sixth St., Providence, Rhode Island 

Davis, Lauralee Box 246 Arbutus Trail, Chatham, Massachusetts 

Davis, Laurence 420 West End Ave., New York, New York 

Day, John 281 Central St., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

DeCamp, Anna 242 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

DeFelice, Christine 15 Maple Lane, Blauveit, New York 

DeGroot, Pamela 83 Fellsmere Rd., Maiden, Massachusetts 

Dehm, Edith 196 Deer Meadow Lane, Chatham, Massachusetts 

DeKovessey, Eric 336 Closter Dock Rd., Closter, New Jersey 

DeMarsico, Jonnette 95 Brand Rd., Silverton, New Jersey 

Deneault, Michael 45 Centre St., Milton, Massachusetts 

Dentino, Diane 28 Clapp Rd., Hanover, Massachusetts 


DeRocchi 28 Penacook St., Concord, New Hampshire 

DiBenedetto, Paul 515 South Ave., Weston, Massachusetts 

Dillon, Thomas 53 Spring Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut 

DiMotta, Michael 13 Garnett Place, Norwood, New Jersey 

DiPalma, Frank 45-55 159th St., Flushing, New York 

Dixon, Stephen Rumson Rd., Rumson, New Jersey 

Doherty, Daniel 55 Winslow Ave., Norwood, Massachusetts 

Dombrowski, Theodore 17 Clewes Rd., Millis, Massachusetts 

Donilon, Patricia 60 Massachusetts Ave., Warwick, Rhode Island 

Donnell, Brian 41 Lake Ave., Walpole, Massachusetts 

Donnolly, John 42 Baystate Rd., Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 

Donovan, Michael 200 Prospect St., Norwell, Massachusetts 

Dovner, Gerald 1 700 Broadway, Raynham, Massachusetts 

Drake, Betsy 79 Prospect Ave., Princeton, New Jersey 

Drapeau, Dianne 3 Oakland St., Tiverton, Rhode Island 

Dreibelbis, Harveen Mercer Rd., Colt's Neck, New Jersey 

Dreyfus, Michele 273 Adams St., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Driscoll, Susan 507 Main St., South Windsor, Connecticut 

Drooker, Phillip 25 Baker Circle, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Duffy, Christine 90 Concord Rd., Weston, Massachusetts 

Dumas, Paul 42 Ames St., Worcester, Massachusetts 

Duplex, Warren 300 Careswell St., Marshfield, Massachusetts 

Dwin, Mark 36 Frederick Place, Parlin, New Jersey 

Eddy, Randolph 485 Warren St., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Evans, Scott 910 Washington St., Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Ezekiel, Stan 905 Pembroke Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina 

Faas, James 84 Eaton Lane, West islip, L.I., New York 

Factor, Alan 28 Barry St., Randolph, Massachusetts 

Fallon, David 1736 Central Ave., Needham, Massachusetts 

Fanelli, Joseph 821 Harriton Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 

Farb, Susan 95 Madison Terrace, Springfield, New Jersey 

Farrington, Sandra 268 Forest Dr., Union, New Jersey 

Feeley, John 491 Bronxville Rd., Bronxville, New York 

Feingold, Matthew 221 1 Bragg St., Brooklyn, New York 

Feldman, Harvey 235 Sixth St., Providence, Rhode Island 

Feldman, Karen 8 North Quincy Ave., Margate City, New Jersey 

Ferguson, Bruce 178 Walter St., Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Ferioli, Thomas 25 Bolton Place, Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

Fernandes, Stephen Nike Base, Route 9, Old Bridge, New Jersey 

Ferris, Thomas 2 Winter St., Fayville, Massachusetts 

Feuring, Diana 16 Marlboro Drive, Huntington, New York 

Field, Jeffrey Oakwood Terrace, Newport, Rhode Island 

Field, Michael 26 Wilcox Ave., Pawtucket, Rhode Island 

Filiberto, Anthony 13 Carmichael St., Amsterdam, New York 

Fischer, Larry 1615 Park Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey 

Fitzmaurice, John 67 Waushakum St., Framingham, Massachusetts 

Fitzpatrick, Lucy 18 Edgewood St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut 

Flaig, John 1 130 Wendell Ave., Schenectady, New York 

Flanagan, Barbara-Anne 5 Dean Rd., Milton, Massachusetts 

Flanagan, John 167 Glezen Lane, Wayland, Massachusetts 

Flavin, Michael .. 152 Morningside Dr., Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Flom, Helene 279 Draper St., Springfield, Massachusetts 

Foer, Janet 29 Wilbur Ave., Newark, New Jersey 

Foley, Eileen 5220 Arlington Ave., New York, New York 

Fernandes, Stephen Nike Base, Route 9, Old Bridge, New Jersey 

Foster, Steve 7656 New 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


Fowler, Joanne 6 Squantum Rd., Paxton, Massachusetts 

Fox, Jeffrey 77 Lincoln Parkway, Lowell, Massachusetts 

Fiasco, Michael 1372 Ridgeway Ave., Rochester, New York 

Frango, Denise 133 Bixley Heath, Lynbrook, New York 

Frank, Alan 143 Fellows Ave., Syracuse, New York 

Frank, Donna 360 Wellington Terrace, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

Frankel, Steven 8002 Avenue J, Brooklyn, New York 

Franks, Merrill Salisbury Rd., North Canaan, Connecticut 

Frazier, Paul 62 Orne St., North Attleboro, Massachusetts 

Friedman, Sandra 35 Helene Ave., Merrick, New York 

Friedman, Tobe 54 Woodbine St., Auburndale, Massachusetts 

Frisch, Ronald .... 917 West Roxbury Pkwy., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Fritts, Douglas 7 Edgemont Rd., Montclair, New Jersey 

Froug, Robert 540 Heather Dr., Dayton, Ohio 

Fuortes, Greg 5925 Charred Oak Dr., Bethesda, Maryland 

Gagliardi, Michael 59 Brentwood Lane, Fairport, New York 

Gaines, Barry 14 Waddington Ave., West Orange, New Jersey 

Gallagher, Anne 2639 East 23rd St., Brooklyn, New York 

Galligan, Kevin 38 Blakeslee St., Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Gardner, William 159 Tennyson Dr., Short Hills, New Jersey 

Garino, Peter 81 Salem Rd., Washington, New Jersey 

Garrison, Norma 4317 Post Road, East Greenwich, Rhode Island 

Gaudet, Allan 32 Rosewood Dr., Waltham, Massachusetts 

Gecoya, Patrick 41 Southside Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Gentile, Peter 159 Orchard Dr., Rochester, New York 

Gesuelle, Sandra 74 Highview Ave., Wethersfield, Connecticut 

Gianquinto, Katherine .... 2617 Riverton Rd., Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

Gibbons, David 110 Skyline Dr., Morristown, New Jersey 

Giblin, Marilyn 543 Forest Lane, Orange, Connecticut 

Giblin, Thomas 34 Dale Rd., Holbrook, Massachusetts 

Gill, Diane 406 Ruckman Rd., Closter, New Jersey 

Oilman, Leonard 29 Franklin St., Danvers, Massachusetts 

Gladstone, Sherry .... 97 Serpentine Lane, Searingtown, L.I., New York 

Glasser, Harvey 141-30 Pershing Crescent, Jamaica, New York 

Glickman, Judy 35 Travis Dr., Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Goldberg, Audrey 114 Revere Rd., DeWitt, New York 

Golden, Eric 106 Edwards St., Fayetteville, New York 

Golden, Mel 180 Leiar Ave., Springfield, New Jersey 

Goldman, llene 1985 Lowell Lane, Merrick, New York 

Goldsmith, Patti Brockway Lane, Fayetteville, New York 

Goldstein, Andrew 263 Beverly Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Goodman, Leonard 12 Bellevue Ave., Ware, Massachusetts 

Gorea, Joseph 8 Regent Ct., Utica, New York 

Gorman, Michael 274 Wilson Rd., Orange, Connecticut 

Gould, Robert 170 Washington St., Belmont, Massachusetts 

Grant, Jeffrey 16 Laurel Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 

Grant, Joseph 143 N. Peppy St., Dover, New Jersey 

Grasso, Gerald 41 Adorn St., Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Gravell, Sandra 637 West St., Gardner, Massachusetts 

Gravitis, Viesturs .... 106 Forest Hills St., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Gray, Arthur 16 Oak St., Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Gray, Charles 143 Gibbs Ave., Newport, Rhode Island 

Greenspan, Susan 3091 Driftwood Lane, Bellmore, New York 

Greenstein, Steven 14 Avon Rd., Springfield, New Jersey 

Greiner, Gail 913 Crawford Ave., Syracuse, New York 

Grilley, Robert 145 Sycamore Lane, Fairfield, Connecticut 


Grilli, Richard 18 Ritchie Drive, Yonkers, New York 

Grogan, Richard 44 Appleton St., Springfield, Massachusetts 

Grossman, Jane 1400 Treboy Ave., Richmond, Virginia 

Grossman, Mark 130 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton, Massachusetts 

Guida, Angelo 77 Second St., New Rochelle, New York 

Guide, Joseph 664 Boulevard, Revere, Massachusetts 

Haber, Hpward 21 Rye Ridge Pkwy., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Hafer, Helen 266 Dana Ave., Milton, Massachusetts 

Hall, Bruce 31 Everett St., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Hall, John 243 10th St., Lowell, Massachusets 

Harlor, Jon 260 Central St., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Harmer, Donald 118 Taylor Ave., Dedham, Massachusetts 

Harold, William 1254 Washington St., Norwood, Massachusetts 

Harrington, Lee 20 Hardy Ave., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Hauck, Edward 23 Crosley Terrace, Hillsdale, New Jersey 

Henning, Mary p.Q. Box 84, Arlington, Vermont 

Herman, Bradford, .57 Damien Rd., Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 

Herrmann, Barry 499 North Columbus Ave., Mt. Vernon, New York 

Hertz, Gail 250 Golf Rd., Deal Park, Deal, New Jersey 

Hettich, William 6 Foster Rd., Tenafly, New Jersey 

Heyman, Ellen 35 West McClennan Ave., Livingston, New Jersey 

Hintlian, Greg 91 Beatrice Circle, Belmont, Massachusetts 

Hoffman, David 21 South Woodside St., Bergenfield, New Jersey 

Holton, Stephen . . 130 Meadow Rd., East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Honor, Mollyne . . \AS-55 Melbourne Ave., Kew Garden Hills, New York 

Hooper, Robert 156 Selden Hill Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Horn, Willard 287 Garfield St., Haworth, New Jersey 

Hoskins, Steven 116 West Ivy St., East Rochester, New York 

Hughes, William 54 Gretter Rd., Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Hughs, Glenn 83 Eglantine Rd., Rochester, New York 

Hunter, Pamela 249 Lakeview Dr., Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Huntoon, Howard 45 Barderry Hill, Providence, Rhode Island 

Hurvitz, David 50 Lancaster Terrace, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Hutchison, James 164 Dana Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 

Hyde, Robert 1021 Westcott St., Syracuse, New York 

Inagaki, Hitoshi . . 50 West Bayview Ave., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 

Irving, David 36 B Academy Court, Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Jackson, James 66 Jefferson St., North Attleboro, Massachusetts 

Jaffe, James 105 Greenridge Ave., White Plains, New York 

Jarrett, Lewis 10 Primrose Lane, Loudenville, New York 

Jateff, Barry 444 Hampshire Road, Akron, Ohio 

Jellson, Edward 34 Paradox Drive, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Jenkins, Calvin The Manse, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York 

Jessoe, Paul 18 Wentworth St., Westwood, Massachusetts 

Johnson, Alan 2 Stonelea Place, New Rochelle, New York 

Johnson, Charles .... 723 West Marshall St., Norristown, Pennsylvania 

Joyce, Thomas 70 Hodges Ave., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Judge, Judith 1 15-107 225th St., Cambria Heights, New York 

Juliano, James 23 Hudson St., Somerville, Massachusetts 

Julien, Bruce .... 204 Copeland St., West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

Kahn, Karen 8 Marwood St., Albany, New York 

Kaloust, William 56 Lexington St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Kamin, Marc 50 Rugby Rd., Yonkers, New York 

Kane, Joseph 22 Hathaway St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Kaplan, Cheryl 149 North Church St., Hazleton, Pennsylvania 

Karp, Robert 138 Fairview Ave., Brockton, Massachusetts 


Keegan, James 21 Park Place, Ramsey, New Jersey 

Keenan, Kevin 307 Great Oak Rd., Orange, Connecticut 

Kehemeyer, Michael 74 South Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 

Kehoe, Gilbert 2 Lynacres Blvd., Fayetteville, New York 

Kelleher, Janet 258 Copeland St., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Kelleher, William 455 Beach 124 St., Belle Harbor, New York 

Keller, Joseph 23 Mt. Pleasant Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Kellner, William 5 Cherry Ave., Stoneham, Massachusetts 

Kelly, Frank 25 Cedar Ave., Allenhurst, New Jersey 

Kebey, Thomas .... Forest Beach Rd., South Chatham, Massachusetts 
Kennedy, Christopher . . 153 Common St., Watertown, Massachusetts 

Kenney, Michael 901 Charles River St., Needham, Massachusetts 

Kenny, William 14 Deerfield Ave., Westwood, Massachusetts 

Kern, Cynthia 92 Menoota Ave., Rye, New York 

Kern, Kenneth 3890 Voorhis Lane, Seaford, Massachusetts 

Kerrissey, DiAnne 224 Central Ave., Milton, Massachusetts 

Kerzner, Barry 50 Clews St., Pawtucket, Rhode Island 

Kessler, Lawrence 279 Warren St., Waltham, Massachusetts 

Kibbe, Gerald 65 Piper Brook Ave., Newington, Connecticut 

Kiernam, Carroll 239 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury, Connecticut 

Kiken, Gloria 70 Warner Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey 

Kindquist, Elspeth .;.... 2 Shoreview Rd., Port Washington, New York 

Kinney, Lawrence 24 Jerome St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Kirby, Charles 455 West Elm St., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Kirkby, Cheryl 16 Erregger Terrace, Syracuse, New York 

Klien, Mary 18512 Lynton Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Klibe, Sandra 132 Colonial Rd., Providence, Rhode Island 

Kline, Robert 315 Birch Dr., Roselle, New Jersey 

Knapp, Henry 165 Benjamin Ave., Rochester, New York 

Knick, James Allerton Farms Rd., Naugatuck, Connecticut 

Knowles, Frederick 10 Amherst Rd., Braintree, Massachusetts 

Kolodziej, Gerald 16 Swan St., Amsterdam, New York 

Koplan, Alan 14 Priscilla Lane, Quincy, Massachusetts 

Korchin, Stephen 54 Caryll St., Mattapan, Massachusetts 

Korn, Jeffrey 909 East 29th St., Brooklyn, New York 

Kosakow, Greg 86 Vernon Dr., Scarsdale, New York 

Kotapski, Maryann 30 Chestnut St., Abington, Massachusetts 

Kraft, James 1 800 Sudbury Rd., Washington, D.C. 

Krainin, Bettina Indian Hill Rd., Bedford Village, New York 

Krakow, David 506 East Spring Ave., Ardmore, Pennsylvania 

Kraus, William 29 Montclair Rd., Waban, Massachusetts 

Kreplick, Joseph 51 Nahant St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Kres, Mark 28 Walnut St., Maiden, Massachusetts 

Krintzman, Jeffrey Cayuga Trail, Harrison, New York 

Krowski, John 4 Maplewood Court, Dover, Delaware 

■ Kurtz, Barry ' 81 Morris Ave., Springfield, New Jersey 

Kurtzman, Richard 34 Hazelmere Rd., Roslindale, Massachusetts 

_ Kutzin, Sandra 299 Pleasant St., Haworth, New Jersey 

Lake, Barry 48 Locust St., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Lally, Thomas 75 Bonard Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Lande, Alissa 138-12 28th Rd., Flushing, New York 

Lanovara, JoHelen 54 Coolidge Rd., Rochester, New York 

Lanzetta, Daniel 646 South Pearl St., Albany, New York 

Lavin, Edward 39 Merilyn Rd., South Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Lawton, John 35 Evergreen Ave., Rye, New York 

LeClaire, Karen Car Rd., Westerly, Rhode Island 


Leibowitz, Leonard 4 Bristol Rd., Marblehead, Massachusetts 

Lerner, Scott 90 Baxter Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Levine, Lenore 320 Marine Ave., Brooklyn, New York 

Levine, Michael 11 Linda Lane, Nahant, Massachusetts 

Levine, Robert .... 306 East Farragut Rd., Wildv^ood Crest, New Jersey 

Levy, Barry 289 South St., Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Levy, Judy 100 Ardsley Dr., DeWitt, New York 

Liebowitz, Marcia 45 Lovelace Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Light, Paul 66 Kinnicutt Rd., Worcester, Massachusetts 

Lipari, Florence 143 Magnolia Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey 

Lipson, Philip 359 Kent St., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Lipton, Linda Rock Ridge, Mamaroneck, New York 

Lockwood, Kathleen 21 Calann Ave., Ossining, New York 

Loebenberg, Carol 196 Taber Ave., Providence, Rhode Island 

Loman, Andrew 93 Engle St., Cresskill, New Jersey 

Lonergan, William 145 Linden Ave., Branford, Connecticut 

Lord, Alfred 12 Orin White Dr., Randolph, Massachusetts 

Lorenzo, Adelaide .... 5651 North 16th St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Lundvall, Stephen 447 Prospect St., Glen Rock, New Jersey 

Lustig, H. Scott . . 319 East Worthampton St., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

MacCormack, Marcia RFD 1, Sewall's Hill, York Village, Maine 

MacDonald, Joyce 210 Dana Ave., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Mack, Theodore 48 Myrtle St., Taunton, Massachusetts 

MacMeekin, Donald . . 53 Treeborough Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Mackintosh, Alexander 60 Hubbard Rd., Weston, Massachusetts 

Madden, James 68 Middleton Ave., Newport, Rhode Island 

Maddux, Robert 175 Otis St., Hingham, Massachusetts 

Madnick, Carole 23 Alderwood Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Maguire, Charles 9 Sycamore St., Norwood, Massachusetts 

Maidman, Ellen North Broadway, Upper Nyack, New York 

Mapstone, Ronna Edgewater Lane, South Nyack, New York 

Marcus, Maxine 7 Margaret Rd., Sharon, Massachusetts 

Margolis, Joyce 100 Edgemoor Rd., Rochester, New York 

Marines, Beverly 144 Ricker Rd., Kinnelon, New Jersey 

Martin, Susan .... 625 Hamburg Turnpike, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 

Martini, James 89 71st St., Brooklyn, New York 

Martorana, Jasper 33 A Eliot St., Medford, Massachusetts 

Masciarella, Wayne .... 239 East Leaming Ave., Wildwood, New Jersey 

Massaro, Thomas 108 Brookland Dr., Syracuse, New York 

Materne, Nancy 1 Opeechee Dr., Barrington, Rhode Island 

Mavageri, Robert Box 92, Somers, New York 

Maxwell, Richard 9 Aspetuck Ave., New Milford, Connecticut 

May, Robert 856 Hammond St., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Mayo, Richard 78 Lawton Ave., Tiverton, Rhode Island 

Mazzella, Elio 170 Alexander Ave., Yonkers, New York 

McArthur, Paul Peckham Hill Rd., Sherborn, Massachusetts 

McCaffrey, James 120 North Main St., West Hartford, Connecticut 

McCaffrey, Patrick 56 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Massachusetts 

McConchie, Edward . . 51 Monadnock Rd., Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 

McCord, Alan Club Rd., Rye, New York 

McDonough, Susan 60 East Park St., East Orange, New Jersey 

McFadden, Janis 431 Hillside Ave., Holyoke, Massachusetts 

McGeoghegan, Patrick 77 Appleton St., Quincy, Massachusetts 

McGovern, Robert 108 Bacon St., Natick, Massachusetts 

McMahon, Sharon .... 213 Thompson Shore Rd., Manhasset, New York 
McNally, David 49 Cloverleaf Rd., Leominster, Massachusetts 


McNally, James 49 Cloverleaf Rd., Leominster, Massachusetts 

McNamara, Kathleen 161 Morton St., Stoughton, Massachusetts 

McTaggart, Lucille 8 Landon Rd., Milton, Massachusetts 

Meixner, John Otha Dr., Katonah, New York 

Melloy, Richard 5 Miller St., Norwich, New York 

Meltzer, Elliott 143 Manor Dr., Syracuse, New York 

Metier, Keith ' 44 Glendale St., Everett, Massachusetts 

Meyers, Vincent 57 Oakwood St., Albany, New York 

Mikelson, Barbara 338 Brush Hill Rd., Milton, Massachusetts 

Miranda, Carl 2451 Dean St., Brooklyn, New York 

Mitchell, Donald Candlewood St., Brookfield, Connecticut 

Mitchell, Kevin 7A Standish Rd., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Mzerek, Anne 8 Channing St., Newport, Rhode Island 

Moloney, William 115 Forest Hills St., Boston, Massachusetts 

Molter, Ronald 10 Hawthorne Ave., Needham, Massachusetts 

Monk, Robert 15 Coleman Terr., Tenafly, New Jersey 

Montgomery, Barry 118 Park St., Braintree, Massachusetts 

Monttni, Jack RFD 3, Mahopac, New York 

Mooney, David 127 Alpine Terr., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Morgenstern, Dean 63 Prospect Ave., Hewlett, New York 

Morris, William 161 Winter St., Waltham, Massachusetts 

Mortman, Alice 353 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, New Jersey 

Moulton, Allan 43 Joan Rd., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Moynihan, Bryan 101 Walnut St., Canton, Massachusetts 

Mucci, Joseph 1 84 School St., Watertown, Massachusetts 

Mui, Allan 131 Walnut St., Chelsea, Massachusetts 

Mullen, Daniel 260 Green St., Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Mullin, Edmund 16 Ash St., Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

Murphy, Sue 84 Kensington Rd., Garden City, New York 

Nappe, Joseph 1900 Terrace Ave., South Plainfield, New Jersey 

Navin, Kathleen 194 Lindbergh Ave., Needham Heights, Massachusetts 

Neuhart, John 103 Hillside Ave., Chatham, New Jersey 

Nevins, Jeffrey Sterling Rd., Harrison, New York 

Nicholson, Barbara 108 Birch Hill Dr., Wapping, Connecticut 

Noijard, Phayoong 592 American Legion Hwy., Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Nolan, Charles 16 Francis Lane, Woburn, Massachusetts 

Northrop, Willard 1109 Lincoln Court, Elberon, New Jersey 

Northrup, Frederick South Gate Rd., Fayetteville, New York 

Novakoff, Richard 33 Alderwood Rd., Newton, Massachusetts 

Nutkis, Ray 386 Galloping Hill Rd., Roselle Park, New Jersey 

Nutter, Robert 705 Main St., Hanson, Massachusetts 

Ochab, Kenneth 36 Lizette St., Garfield, New Jersey 

O'Connell, Lucille 96 Jersey St., Dedham, Massachusetts 

O'Conner, Kathleen River Rd., Scarborough, New York 

Odgers, John 415 Woodland Terr., Kinnelon, New Jersey 

O'Donovan, Richard . . 40-1 1 NE 23rd Terrace, Lighthouse Point, Florida 

Off, Samuel RD 2, Ligonier, Pennsylvania 

-Okie, John 2 Valley Forge Rd., Darien, Connecticut 

Olsen, Richard 317 Grove St., Melrose, Massachusetts 

O'Malley, Edward 4 Winterset Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut 

Owens, Cassie First St., Oradell, New Jersey 

Palladino, Rocco 46 Putnam Rd., Somerville, Massachusetts 

Palmer, Carol 1896 Walton Ave., Bronx, New York 

Pardoe, Marsha 30 Marigold Rd., West Yarmouth, Massachusetts 

Parkhurst, Charles . . 50 Walnut Ave., North Hampton, New Hampshire 


Parrish, Robert rfd North Pomfret, Vermont 

Passaro, Lawrence 221-21 1 10th Ave., Queens Village, New York 

Paul, Ellen 119 North Broad St., Norwich, New York 

Pechenik, Janis Nassau, New York 

Peck, Huntley 100 Lucinda Dr., Babylon, New York 

Perl, Stephen 2 Pinetree Rd., Westbury, New York 

Peronace, Frank 134 Vance St., New Britain, Connecticut 

Person, William Millers Hill Rd., Dover,. Massachusetts 

Pesce, Elizabeth 18 Carlton Ave., Yonkers, New York 

Petersen, Richard 4147 West Henrietta Rd., Rochester, New York 

Petersen, Ronald .... 4147 West Henrietta Rd., Rochester, New York 

Phromyothi, Kamchorndej 28 Paholyothin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 

Pilling, Richard 10-12 Plymouth Dr., Fairlawn, New Jersey 

Potente, Ralph 143 Urban St., Mt. Vernon, New York 

Powers, Albert 371 Elmwood Ave., Quincy, Massachusetts 

Preble, Lynnette 166 Parker Rd., Needham, Massachusetts 

Price, William 71 16 Gateridge Dr., Dallas, Texas 

Pritchett, Donald 517 Ontario St., Schenectady, New York 

Pue, Sharon 39 Fox Hill Dr., Rockville, Connecticut 

Pugliese, Sallyann Ill Smith St., Port Chester, New York 

Purdy, Donald 333 Lynnfield St., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Qosja, Gerta 170 Colonial Rd., Emerson, New Jersey 

Quigley, Joseph Caixa Postal 8263, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Quirk, Richard 16 McCarthy Rd., Marshfield, Massachusetts 

Raboff, Jean 425 Beechmont Dr., New Rochelle, New York 

Rafferty, Richard 125 The Fellsway, Murray Hill, New Jersey 

Rantz, Frederick 114 Johnson Ave., Winthrop, Massachusetts 

Rasanada, Kemchai 5017 16th St., Washington, D.C. 

Rauseo, Andrea 144 St. Andrew Rd., East Boston, Massachusetts 

Reagan, Anthony 19 Lovers Lane, Medway, Massachusetts 

Reid, George 232 Allendale Way, Camphill, Pennsylvania 

Renda, Renee 3 Apple Hill Lane, Lynnfield, Massachusetts 

Reynolds, Frank '41 East Dartmouth St., Auburn, Maine 

Richel, Robert 437 South Union Ave., Cranford, New Jersey 

Riley, Janet . . .- 508 Florence St., Fall River, Massachusetts 

Roberto, Alphonse 318 Lowell St., Peabody, Massachusetts 

Roberts, David 81 St. George Court, Warwick, Rhode Island 

Robinovitz, Betsy 102 Archer St., Fall River, Massachusetts 

Rodd, Susan 137 Gardner Rd., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Rolfe, Bunny 11 East 86th St., New York, New York 

Ronan, Paul 3 Dewey Court, Northampton, Massachusetts 

Root, Michael 168 Nassau Ave., Freeport, New York 

Roppolo, Peter 56 Fuller St., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Rose, Priscilla 78 Ash Tree Lane, Schenectady, New York 

Roselli, John 56 South Waverly St., Brighton, Massachusetts 

Rosenbaum, Richard 22 Rogers Pkwy., Rochester, New York 

Rosenberg, Alan .... 348 South River St., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

Rosenblatt, Toby 102-20 67 Dr., Forest Hills, New York 

Ross, Charlotte 1302 Shetland Dr., Union, New Jersey 

Ross, Peter Post House Rd., Morristown, New Jersey 

Rudolph, Mark 20 Ash St., Islington, Massachusetts 

Russell, Nancy 113 Gray St., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Ryan, James 109 Nardone Rd., Needham, Massachusetts 

Rysinger, George 314 Cornell St., Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Sacchetti, Dominic 150 Salem St., Boston, Massachusetts 


Sadler, Barbara 29 Charter Ave., Deer Park, L.I., New York 

Sagenkahn, Brett 110 Woodside Dr., Syracuse, New York 

St. Pierre, Roderick .... 538 Hartford Pike, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

Sansone, Michael 48 Pond St., Belmont, Massachusetts 

Santangelo, Thonnas 53 Wilbur St., Hartford, Connecticut 

Santry, Thomas 114 Richmond St., Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Sarkes, George 10 West Milton St., Readville, Massachusetts 

Sarrel, Eileen 2215 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn, New York 

Saunders, David 4 Boyden Dr., Foxboro, Massachusetts 

Scangas, Joan 73 Belleaire Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts 

Scarpellini, John 31 Clinton St., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Schaefer, Eugene . . 155 Woodbine Circle, New Providence, New Jersey 

Schechner, Max 84 Torrey Ave., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Schembra, Andrew .... 21 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, New Jersey 

Scherer, Andrew 146 Carr St., Providence, Rhode Island 

Schiller, Henry 59-40 Queens Blvd., Woodside, New York 

Schleiff, William . . 157 Mt. Vernon East, East Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Schneider, Arthur 41 Russell Rd., Willdale, Connecticut 

Schoenberg, Debra 27 Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville, New York 

Schoenfelder, Eugene . 751 Ridge Rd., Smoke Rise, Kinnelon, New Jersey 

Schonwald, Susan 3 Colonial Dr., Scotch Plains, New Jersey 

Schuessler, Arthur 17 West Lane, Madison, New Jersey 

Schultz, Alan 2 Portina Rd., Brighton, Massachusetts 

Schultz, John 55 Moorland Rd., Scituate, Massachusetts 

Schwartz, Susan 4 Georgia St., Cranford, New Jersey 

Schwartzfarb, Joan 45 Jerome Ave., New Rochelle, New York 

Scialli, Dennis 120 Holland Rd., South Orange, New Jersey 

Sclarow, Stuart Wyncote House, Apt. 532, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 

Scott, Anthony 603 Edgewod PL, River Forest, Illinois 

Scott, Thomas 22 Gurney St., Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Sears, John .... 3603 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Secher, Richard 22 Biscayne Dr., Chelmsford, Massachusetts 

Seefried, John 20 Big Tree St., Livonia, New York 

Segal, Susan 108-40 65th Rd., Forest Hills, New York 

Sellew, Philip Evergreen Rd., New Canaan, Connecticut 

Senadisai, Panja 76 Phanichjareon Rd., Pechburi, Thailand 

Serge, Carmel 25 Stewart Ave., Amsterdam, New York 

Servidio, Richard 17 West St., Hingham, Massachusetts 

Shafer, William 8082 Morningside Dr., Indianapolis, Indiana 

Shapiro, Rod 70-25 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, New York 

Shavitz, Benjamin 44 Ellish Pkwy., Spring Valley, New York 

Shaw, Peter 47 Milwood Rd., East Hartford, Connecticut 

Sheridan, Thomas Box 227, Hebron Rd., Bolton, Connecticut 

Shorey, Jon 277 Grove St., Hanover, Massachusetts 

Shure, George 76 South St., Chester Hill, Massachusetts 

Siegel, Richard 842 Jamaica Rd., Schenectady, New York 

Silvern, Sandra 360 Hart Ave., Staten Island, New York 

Simon, Michael 473 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brookline, Massachusetts 

Simonds, Robinson Cedar Swap Rd., Jericho, L.I., New York 

Simpson, Larry 17 Lexington Ave., Montclair, New Jersey 

Sisca, Anthony 3 South Rd., Harrison, New York 

Skolnick, Donna 1918 East 18th St., Brooklyn, New York 

Skopinski, John 17 Pine Blvd., Browns Hills, New Jersey 

Slattery, William 7940 Orchid St., Washington, D.C. 

Slifer, Hal 1085 Mt. Vernon Rd., Union, New Jersey 


Slocum, George 103 Hewing Ave., Cranford, New Jersey 

Slutsky, Ronald 4 Oakridge Dr., W, Brockton, Massachusetts 

Slutsky, Susan 376 Green St., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Snnith, Donald Meadowmere Rd., Stratford, Connecticut 

Smith, Patricia 76 Phillips St., Hanover, Massachusetts 

Smith, Ronald 42 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, New York 

Smith, Valerie Box 1817, La Jolla, California 

Snow, Stephen 12 Barnard Rd., Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

Sobin, Stanley 30-06 Morlot Ave., Fair Lawn, New Jersey 

Sogigian, George 2 Englewood Ave., Worcester, Massachusetts 

Solomon, Martin 212 Graham St., Highland Park, New Jersey 

Solberg, Kent 236 School St., Somerville, Massachusetts 

Sorel, Eugene RFD 2, Box 59, North Scituate, Rhode Island 

Sparrow, Douglas 16 Oak Knell Court, North Providence, Rhode Island 

Spiro, Harold 1515 Met. Ave., Bronx, New York 

Spooner, Susan 27 Arnold Ave., Newport, Rhode Island 

Sporn, Lawrence 46 Brinckerhoff Ave., Freehold, New Jersey 

Starr, Richard 28 Fieldstone St., Whippany, New Jersey 

Staszko, Donald 181 Springdale Rd., Westfield, Massachusetts 

Steinberg, Lyie 18 Paddington Rd., Scarsdale, New York 

Steiner, Richard 226 Wychwood Rd., Westfield, New Jersey 

Stengle, John 102 Hutchinson Rd., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Stern, John 201 East 79th St., New YorJ<, New York 

Stevens, Joel 54 Holcomb St., Rochester, New York 

Strassburger, Andrew .... 12 Monmouth Ave., Rumson, New Jersey 

Streit, Christoper 49 Browns Lane, Bellport, New York 

Strodel, Mark 225 Robineau Rd., Syracuse, New York 

Stromberg, Vernon 6 Leahy St., Rumford, Rhode Island 

Sucoll, Barry 47 Whitehill Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Sudati, Gerald 63 Irving St., Somerville, Massachusetts 

Sugden, James 70 Meadowbrook Rd., Weston, Massachusetts 

Sullivan, Marion ........ 28 Putnam Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Summers, James 1085 Kensington Terr., Union, New Jersey 

Surprenant, Jane 60 Terry Rd., West Springfield, Massachusetts 

Sutera, Victor 274 Ross Ave., Hackensack, New Jersey 

Suthipan, Sanchai 5017 S 16th St., Washington, D.C. 

Swartz, Allan 15 Feener Circle, Randolph, Massachusetts 

Szymanski, Charles Rockville Rd., Windsorville, Connecticut 

Tabacco, James St. John, Virgin Islands 

Tanofsky, Mark 55 Princess Eve Dr., Quncy, Massachusetts 

Tarantino, Susan 50 Blackburn Terr., West Orange, New Jersey 

Tartufo, Edward 129 Oakland St., Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Tave, Dennis .... RFD 2, Lee Ave., Box 360, Putnam Valley, New York 

Tavs, Robert 49 West 1 2th St., New York, New York 

Thistle, Paul 21 Cricklewood Lane, Melrose, Massachusetts 

Thistlewaite, Richard 102 Front St., Marblehead, Massachusetts 

Thomas, Marcia 222 Ambergate Rd., DeWitt, New York 

Thomasino, Frank 19 Hooker Dr., West Hartford, Connecticut 

Thorsen, Martin 585 Potter Rd., Framingham, Massachusetts 

Tighe, James Baldwin Hill Rd., Litchfield, Connecticut 

Tomaiolo, Frank 423 West Main St., Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

Tomaszewski, Ursula 71 Runyon Ave., Somerset, New Jersey 

Tortora, Rosario 43 Linwood St., Andover, Massachusetts 

Toscano, Thomas 6 Old Brook Dr., Worcester, Massachusetts 


Tubman, Harold 9 Linda Lane, Nahant, Massachusetts 

Tucker, Donald 10 Chesapeake Rd., Holbrook, Massachusetts 

Turner, George Clift St., Mystic, Connecticut 

Uchin, Meryl 245 Riverview Ave., Highland Park, New Jersey 

Unangst, Alan 212 Main St., Hanover, Massachusetts 

Urbaitis, Marleen 2089 Plum St., Schenectady, New York 

Van Overwalle, Pamela 215 Nassau Ave., Manhasset, New York 

Varty, Lynn 149 Brixton Rd., Garden City, New York 

Ventrone, Joseph 19 Blue Ridge Rd., Cranston, Rhode Island 

Verdrager, Cecile 1341 Regan St., Schenectady, New York 

Verner, Robin 42 Vista Place, Staten Island, New York 

VerStandig, Joan 4329 Blagden Ave., Washington, D.C. 

Vichnick, Barry 3462 Fenton Ave., Bronx, New York 

Vinicchayakul, Vinit 5017 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 

Visciglio, Linda 456 Kirk Ave., Syracuse, New York 

Vorreuter, Kim 255 East Genesee St., Auburn, New York 

Wallwork, Gregory 7 Jefferson Rd., Winchester, Massachusetts 

Waiters, Daniel 140 Crescent St., West Quincy, Massachusetts 

Ward, Frank 1205 Fairacres Rd., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

Ward, Maureen 94 Concord Rd., Weston, Massachusetts 

Warshaw, Roberta 20 Pickwick Rd., Marblehead, Massachusetts 

Watstein, Neal 460 East 21st St., New York, New York 

Webber, Christopher 28 Overlook Terr., Simsbury, Connecticut 

Weber, Mark 28 West 69th St., New York, New York 

Wedvick, A. Theodore Haworth Ave., Haworth, New Jersey 

Weinberg, Ellyn 11 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, New Jersey 

Weinberg, Jeffrey 2435 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, New York 

Weiner, Jordan 22 Hobart Ave., Providence, Rhode Island 

Welch, A. Richard 35 Spy Pond Pkwy., Arlington, Massachusetts 

Wenderoth, Richard .... 1 503 Springfield Ave., Pennsauken, New Jersey 

Werbel, George 7 Hooper Ave., West Orange, New Jersey 

Werner, Douglas Cherry Tree Lane, Riverside, Connecticut 

Westaway, Sherry 144 Newton St., Norton, Massachusetts 

White, Joan 919 Middle St., Fall River, Massachusetts 

Whitney, Mary-Jane 428 North Main St., Suffield, Connecticut 

Whitney, William 59 Highland St., Milton, Massachusetts 

Widett, Toby 22 Chestnut Place, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Wiener, Robert 693 Downing St., Teaneck, New Jersey 

Wilder, Eleanore 16 Mt. Pleasant St., Hyde Park, Massachusetts 

Wille, Gayle 65 Barclay St., Canajoharie, New York 

Williams, Bradford 30 Grantham Rd., Wallingford, Connecticut 

Williams, David 28 Lumber St., Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

Williams, Jonathan 165 Atherton St., Milton, Mssachusetts 

Wilson, Clifton 71 Houston Ave., Milton, Massachusetts 

Wissot, Judy 820 Prince St., Teaneck, New Jersey 

Wolfe, Margaret 3815 Carriage House, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 

Wong, Howard 21 Underwood St., Belmont, Massachusetts 

Woodward, Gerald 12 Coolidge St., Methuen, Massachusetts 

Woodworth, Helen .... 41 Hastings St., West Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Wyman, Maurice 58 Winnifred Rd., Brockton, Massachusetts 

Young, Robert 120 Shaftsbury Rd., Rochester, New York, Edward 248 Marked Tree Rd., Needham, Massachusetts 

Zaikind, Shelley 222 Florence St., Fall River, Massachusetts 

Zana, Stephen 22 Walnut St., Lawrence Massachusetts 

Zaslow, Stanley 1555 New York Ave., Brooklyn, New York 

Zibelli, Vincent 44 Poole St., Brockton, Massachusetts