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A ▲ Ju 

Sands of Time 

; f IVestled between the pines of Cur^College, lay the episode 
of four years of our lives. Forever, now our episodes remain 
interlocked with our acquaintances. 
Along the walk of tirjfc, the imprints on the sands remain 
only burcnmell, while within us constantly reminiscing parts 
of dreams unfolded. 

Achievements scrawled on bits of paper, become overpowei 
the memories locatetLin our minds. The walk of life is resumed 
once more, in anothefcplace, another time. 
But "while in parting leave behind, footprints in the sands of time." 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

Published Annually By The Students 

Of Curry College 
Milton, Massachusetts 

Volume XIII 1973 

Timothy M. Garvey and Robert Meers 


Associate Editor — William Reid 

Josten's American Yearbook Co. 

Publishing and Photography 

|e ufe*r- 

1071 au 

We came with the green summer 
trees, the wide eyed mystery , the sense 
of independent adventure. We ex- 
plored our new home as the leaves 
turned to expose the various colors of 
our life; the love, the hate; the friends 
and enemies; the work and the play; 
the warmth and the cold. It is winter 
now and the leaves have died and fall- 
en to the earth. We too, have settled. 
We know each other and the realiza- 
tion is upon us whether we like it or 
not. Snow has fallen and the trees blow 
in the wind, moving slowly up and 
down, as our life does. Spring will soon 
be here and the trees will bloom green 
and the flowers will be multi-colored 
and we who remain will know who we 
are, and perhaps even know why we 

Our life does not end here just as the 
seasons do not. It goes on and on and 
on . . . 

'■'■■■■■ :r >:£* >. '\<fe "!..:•>_>- 



Dedication 14 





Girl's Football 96 

Football 100 

Basketball 106 

Hockey 110 

Baseball 114 

Tennis 118 

Golf 120 

Intramurals 122 


Parents' Weekend 127 

Homecoming 132 

OPEX 140 

Rites of Spring 145 





People arrive at Curry from many 
different places. We are a mixed bunch 
with many different lifestyles and back- 
grounds. These people come to Curry 
with many different interests. Some 
come to play and have a good time, 
and others come to get an education in 
order to prepare themselves for life. 

I think that the people who are here 
to play are numerous. They are kidding 
themselves and also wasting their 
time. To them classes seem to be little 
specks that interrupt their social life. 
The people who are here for an educa- 
tion seem to attend classes fairly regu- 
larly and they do a relative amount of 
studying each day. The ideal thing to 
do at Curry is to form a mixture of 
these two things. If you over do either 
of these things you are not getting ev- 
erything that college has to offer. 

So far life at Curry proves to be very 
interesting. It gives you a chance to 
study yourself. You must learn to get 
along with other people in order to 
survive. There are sacrifices to be made 
by the individual for the group. There 
is a sharing of experiences in both the 
class room and in the social life. So far I 
have found that one of the best aspects 
of Curry is the right to challenge and to 
be challenged. 

f A*f- £'&-4' . Xf 



by Stephen Pickell 

Four years, 

for those who fear; 
a short time, 

for those who yearn — 

The parties, 

the anguish, 

the tears 

The vacations 

The wins 

The losses, 

perhaps for some a lot of 
growing up, 

for others — growing away, 
new ideas 

golden friends 

frightening experiences 
The beginning, 

the end. 
A little bit like life, 

but a whole lot like hell. 
We came alone 

and we'll leave alone 
but the interlude between 

will be something we'll 
never forget! 

'Sands of Time' 

Initially, a surging tidal rip of faces — 
gradually, a discernible current with 

direction and force — 
eventually, a familiar harbor, where the 

location of the mooring is 
(finally) known. 

I V IT* 1 

A quiet learning institution situated 
in the residential area in Milton, where 
a student can mature and grow, is a first 
impression of Curry College. This con- 
clusion can be drawn from a look at the 
small, intimately wooded campus. A 
tour from a competent student can also 
tell more than a cursory look at the col- 
lege. But as you spend some time living 
on campus, you will soon see why Cur- 
ry College has earned the nickname 
"Camp Curry". The zoo-like dorms, 
poorly palatable and only slightly edi- 
ble food, and total lack of considera- 
tion for each other on the part of many 
students, add to the circus-like atmo- 
sphere. All this can be had for a mere 
four-thousand dollars a year. 


Founded 1879 

As we look back on the past four 
years at CURRY College we realize 
how much the school has grown in 
student enrollment as well as in land 
area, since we entered as freshmen. 
This rapid growth brought our college 
out of the ranks of the many small 
unknown colleges and has demonstrat- 
ed to the college community that pro- 
gressive policies of development may 
be successfully integrated with our tra- 
ditional college programs. 

Today we attract many students to 
Curry's recently inaugurated special- 
ized programs of study, such as learn- 
ing disabilities, while also broadening 
the scope of courses in the standard 
liberal arts curriculum. 

The class of 73 will be remembered 
as one which aided in enhancing Cur- 
ry's image as a growing college which is 
advancing and modernizing without 
sacrificing the close relationships 
among administration, faculty, and 


The Class of 1973 
wishes to dediate 
this yearbook to 
the many faces of 
Robert F. Capalbo, 
Dean of Men. 


Learning, exploring, reading, meet- 
ing new and different friendly people, 
learning about yourself as well. This is 
what college is all about; this is what 
Curry College is all about. As incoming 
freshman, these are the things I have 
been discovering. A will to learn new 
things and to work to better yourself 
with the help of your environment, 
friends, teachers, courses and your 
own mind. To discover new things 
about yourself you never knew were 
there and to find they're in your 
friends as well. 

This is Curry College — a place to 
explore, work, discover yourself, 
dream . . . 


Talk about the "sands of time" 
sifting quickly through . . . Fresh- 
man year . . . 

Can you remember back that 
far? In a way it seems like just yes- 
terday . . . We were new — naive 

— 'green' — all the cliches ap- 
plied — the school was unaccred- 
ited — and we caught the fever 
of hope — and dispair — some 
got caught up in the theme of 
working towards that goal of ac- 
creditation — John Lee was our 
first President, Bob Stanton Vice 
President, Steve Brown Treasurer, 
John Burwick was Secretary. Class 
senators were Tim Garvey, Jeff 
Grayson, and Mike 'Herbie' Kal- 
lock. — Homecoming featured 
Little Anthony and the Imperials 

— and Daddy Warbux — at Blue 
Hills Country Club — October 
saw a Moratorium Day — a first 

mm wi'-vi i 

protest against Viet Nam involve- 
ment — a unifying thing — the 
whole range of the college popu- 
lation participated — Thetas pre- 
for Parents' Weekend — as well as 

— WVAC moves into new studio 

— a building all its own — 
formerly the bookstore — New 
coach William McKeown and as- 
sistant Thomas Pileski lead foot- 
ball team to best season ever — 
and a tie for the conference title 

— the Hockey Club has a faltering 
second season — Winter Week- 
end is a smashing success — with 
Richie Havens, Stevie Wonder 
and the Turnpikes all in the same 
weekend — Student representa- 
tion is finally won on Faculty 
committees and pre-registration 
is initiated — Tim Garvey is ap- 
pointed co-Editor (subsequently 
Editor) of the COLONEL (newspa- 
per) — which comes alive with six 
issues for second semester — 

AGB is defeated by OEX (fra- 
ternities) 4796 to 4738 in 73 hour 
basketball marathon to Benefit 
Martin Luther King Scholarship 
Fund — Prof. Rapuano is taken to 
task for charging for make-up 
tests — Prof. Edwin Booth dies — 
basketball has best season ever — 
but still a losing one — students 
demonstrate against curfew inac- 
tion as Mr. Goldrick tells students 
to get off campus — Hafer, Evans, 
Goldrick appear before 175 stu- 
dents for "discussion seminar" of 
the college's problems — new 
dormitory planned for spring 
building try — MDC & WSGA 
sponsor first Rites of Spring — 
April 22nd is moderately success- 

ful Earth Day — Curry debate 
team walks away with prizes at 
New England Oratorical Confer- 
ence — Thetas presents HOW'S 
first COLONEL literary supple- 
ment 'The Mercenary' appears — 
Viet Nam and Kent State — stu- 
dents vote to strike to end of year 

— Jeanne d'Arc Academy bought 
by Curry — Activity fee raised by 
Senate — Senate sends student 
delegates to Washington to plead 
with gov't for more financial aid 

— Dean Rose named first 'Man of 
the Year' — New dining hall — 
student center substituted for 
dormitory building plans — Golf, 
Tennis and Baseball have winning 
seasons — Photography Club in- 
iated and Darkroom installed — 
The end of our first year — 

L. Steve Brown 
R. Bob Stanton 


Back for a second year — we 
lost a large number of our class- 
mates — we'll miss them — stu- 
dents are now living on parts of 
the new south campus — the li- 
brary is expanding — moving of- 
fices out of the building — and 
enlarging the books and aids 
collections — Tom Butler ends up 
being class President (third to 
hold post this year), Steve Bleeck- 

Honors House proposes ALL 
COLLEGE FORUM — security and 
maintenance come under heavy 
criticism — Parents' Weekend 
features panel discussing "Are 
Radical Students Methods 
Justified?" — and Thetas presents 
'Zoo Story' — Curry joins Massa- 
chusetts Intercollegiate Govern- 
ment — Movie Marathon pre- 
sented Friday 7:00 pm to Sunday 

/. to t.: Steve Bleecker, Tom Butler, Maureen Scully, Bob Stanton. 

er is Vice President, Maureen 
Scully secretary and Bob Stanton 
is Treasurer. Senators are Tim 
Garvey, Diane Larrier and John 
Lee. Rich Steiner held a post for a 
short time. — He was also manag- 
ing Editor of the Newspaper — 
Tim Garvey is Editor-in-chief of 
the Yearbook — Cultural Affairs 
presents Lord Caradon former 
British Government Minister — 

— Dr. Gawne named Dean Of 
Personnel Services — Mr. Capal- 
bo named Dean of Men — Home- 
coming 70 at Boston '1800 Club' 
featuring returning Turnpikes — 
The Byrds and J. Geils perform 
concert night before — Senate 
honors President Hafer with Din- 
ner — Steve Bleecker is Asst. Pro- 
gram Manager WVAC — Mary 
Ann Korzniok and Connie Petru- 

celli are Homecoming Queen 
candidates — Hillel group forms 
on campus — Curry Hosts Greater 
Boston Forensic Association — 
Curry captures debate tourna- 
ment — Interfaith Council spon- 
sors Big Brother and Sister pro- 
gram — Town seeks to take South 
Campus by Eminent domain — 
girls lose garter bowl — DECEM- 
BER 4, 1970 — a miracle — day to 
remember — Curry is accredited 
— Students propose 24 hour par- 
ietal privileges — Winter Week- 
end presents The Butterfield 
Blues Band and Jonathan Edwards 
in concert — also Park Street 
Under and Orphans at Chateau 
de Ville — 24 hour parietals grant- 
ed — Dance Marathon held to 
benefit Muscular Dystrophy — 
nets $2700. — Newman Club has 
encounter weekend — Basketball 
matches last year's season — Blue 
Hills Center, Curry — sponsor first 
Annual Ecology Fair — Debate 
team places fifth in International 
Tourney — Book Sale held to 
Benefit Library Fund — raises 
$1500. — Miller Field House 
closed indefinitely — Rites of 
Spring features 'Slave Sale' — 
Thetas presents 'Barefoot in the 
Park' — Track club forms and en- 
ters meets — Hillel sponsors Pass- 
over Seder — Garvey upsets 
Stone for presidency of Senate — 
food committee chooses Inter- 
state United for Cafeteria — Base- 
ball wins, Tennis has perfect rec- 
ord, Golf loses out — Class of '71 
Inaugurates NEW ERA AWARD to 
commemorate Accreditation. 


left to right: Judy Robinson, John Lee and Christine Cain. 

Senators: Tom Butler, Sam Gelb, 
(Bob Stanton), Diane Larrier. Tim 
Garvey was elected to the presi- 
dency of the Student Senate — 
Steve Bleecker, Tom Dippert, and 
Ron Lichenstein ran WVAC — 
Rich Steiner edited the newspa- 
per — Bob Meers edited the year- 
book — Post of Director of Stu- 
dent Activities' created, Mary 
Zavatone named — Division of 
Continuing Education started, 
remember the controversy? — 
Main House opened — Adminis- 
tration moved to Antherton Street 
— Drapkin Student Center 

opened and dedicated — Foot- 
ball; Colonels lose homecoming 
game but win conference race — 
Homecoming concert features 
Swallow and Seatrain — Dinner 
dance at Blue Hills Country Club 
— Hockey ends fourth season 
with a winning record — Com- 
muters' Council created — Bowl- 
ing Club comes to Curry, Mike 
Faulkner is President — Light- 
house and Dreams concert — 
Drop-in-Center started — Exposi- 
tive series on administration stirs 
up hornets nest — Faculty votes in 
student observers on a permanent 
basis for full Faculty meetings — 
Senate meets Board of Trustee's 
for the first time — Capital Ca- 
paign kicked off by William Levin 

with $250,000. — Gripe session 
leads to 'All College Forum' — 
Basketball has a losing season — 
Dance Marathon held to benefit 
Muscular Distrophy — College 
establishes Milton Scholarships — 
Book Fair held to raise money for 
the library — Fashion Show held 
to benefit the Martin Luther King 
Scholarship Fund — Ecology Fair 
held in conjunction with Milton 
Day, marks Curry's twentyth year 
here — Spring weekend dinner 
dance — Dean Rose retires and 
Dean Kakascik resigns — the Col- 
onel becomes the Currier-Times 
— Rich Steiner and Diane Larrier 
named Outstanding Resident 
Students — Freddy Eddy was 
named 'Man of the Year'. 



John Lee 

Mary Zavatone new Dean of 
Women — Continuing Education 
in Second year — Perry Normal 
School becomes Perry School at 
Curry — Duncan Forbes Will 
donates football stands — Mike 
Faulkner spends semester in 
Hong Kong — Senate tries to 
sponsor overseas vacations — 
Committee on Equivalent Educa- 
tion established — Alben Barrows 
starts off Cultural Affairs Series 
(eventually series cancelled) — 
Feasibility study for Nursing pro- 
gram launched — Budget hear- 
ings stalemated — Frank Growling 
Bear lectures — Teacher Evalua- 
tion launched — Admission fee 
set for football games (without ID) 
— Dianne Larrier and Bob Stanton 
co-chair Parents' Weekend — 
best yet — "Choppers" launch 
three game female football 
schedule — Atherton Street resi- 

dents propose deadending — fine 
system imposed on Men's dorms 
— Homecoming features Harry 
Chapin and Gunn Hill Road — 
dance at Marriott overcrowded — 
Gena Santagada is Queen — foot- 
ball team has winning season but 
misses championship — college 
rents ski lodge — Who's Who is 
controversial again — Perry-Curry 
Children's Theatre presents 
"Snow White" — Dierdre Ko- 
zlowski appointed 'Acting' Dean 
of Women — Flash and Speiser as 
Lenny Bruce for December con- 
cert — trip to Costa de Sol set — 
All college meeting held — ad- 
ministrators absent except Evans 
who gets grilling — Evans named 

Mary Ann Korzniok 

V.P. — search made for replace- 
ment with students participating 

— Student capital campaign din- 
ner held — 2nd bloodmobile held 

— lunch boycott promoted — 
Opportunity Expo organized — 
Basketball team's record is tradi- 
tional — more losses — Atherton 
Street proposal goes through — 
Girls basketball fares no better 
than men — Hockey has very suc- 
cessful season — Lacrosse club 
formed — 3/4 of telephones 
pulled from dorms — Activity ref- 
erendum finally on ballot — stu- 
dents vote raise in activity fee — 
Fiddler by ITAC is great success — 
Rights rally and blockade initiated 

— corners Goldrick to co-operate 

"lack" Mills 

— 3rd Annual Ecology Fair — 
Tennis continuing to win, Baseball 
loses first time — Student Ex- 
change program announced with 
Johnston College of the Universi- 
ty of Redlands — John Lee is class 
president despite impeachment 
effort in Senate. First to hold it 
both Frosh and Senior years — 
Christine Cain is Vice President, 
Mary Ann Korzniok is secretary, 
Jack Mills, treasurer. Rich Steiner 
Edited Currier-Times again, Tim 
Garvey presided over senate as 
president, 2nd year. Wells Peck is 
treasurer, for a time Tom Butler is 
Vice President of the Senate. Sen- 
ators were Judy Robinson, Sam 
Gelb, Eliot Sirkin. Tom Dippert 
handled Social committee 1st 
semester, WVAC. Mike Faulkner 
is class orator, Rich Steiner & Tim 
Garvey are co-recipients of Out- 
standing Male Resident Student 
award. Mrs. Gertrude Webb is 
'Man of the Year'. OUR goal is 




llpnn % r 

ifliltun, fRtatncliutttte 

rommtnbotion of % $rr«ibtnt anb Oft .Jfn 
3Sonr6 of tErusfcts Ips contemn upon 

uTftr Class of 13f3 

Up brgrtr of 

lartiflnr nf Arts 


taith all Ih 
ffiiurn at . 

1 honor,, rio.1,1. 
Hilton, 4Ja«»a 

Btib pnuileqrs pertaining thereto. 
hu»tll», lb> 




Christine Cain 

Who's Who 

9 Named for 73 
2 Named for 72 

Mike Faulkner 
New Haven, Connect/cut 

History Major, President Bowling Club, Resident Advisor — Lom- 
bard Hall, Member Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society, Dean's 
List, Curry College Choir, 1972 fall semester — New Asia College, in 
Hong Kong. 

Richard B. Steiner 

West Hartford, Connecticut 

Sociology Major, Member of Student Welfare, Discipline, and 

Library Comm., Member of the Currier-Times staff; 7969-7973, 

Editor 1971-1973, National Student Register Member, Drop in 

Center, House Director — Honors House, Student Senate 

Member, Resident Advisor — Lombard Hall, Dean's List. 

William C. Doolittle 

Milford, Connecticut 

Elementary Education Major, Member Tennis and Hockey teams, 

Curry College Choir, Brass Ensemble, and Madrigal Member, 

Dean's List. 

Who's Who 


Elected 1972 
Diane Lynn Larrier 
Brooklyn, New York 

English Major, Choir, Madrigal Singers, Presi- 
dent of Womens' Sell-Governing Assoc, Stu- 
dent Senate Member, Resident Hall Advisor, 
House Director, Member of; Curriculum 
Comm., Film Comm., Dean's List, Outstand- 
ing Female Resident Student. 

Christine Cain 
Skaneateles, New York 

Elementary Education Major, Vice-President of 
Senior Class, Secretary of junior Class, W.S.G.A.; 
President of State House, Womens' Housing 
Comm., Student-Faculty Board of Appeals, Cur- 
riculum Comm., Student Service Corps, Cirls 
Football Team, Homecoming Court — 7977, 
Dean's List, Alexander Craham Bell Honor 


Ronald Lichtenstein 

Communications Arts & Sciences Major, Business 

Manager — WVAC; two years, Dean's List. 


Tom Rollins 

Concord, New Hampshire 
Business Administration Major, Football; Co- 
Captain — 1971-1972, All Conference — 7977- 
7973, Outstanding College Athletes of 
America — 1971, Outstanding College 
Athletes of America Hall of Fame — 1973, 
Dean's List, Curry Scholar — Athlete Award. 


Who's Who 


Wells Peck 

Kensington, Connecticut 
Psychology major. Dean's List, 
Dorm Representative — Men's 
Dormitory Council, Treasurer; 
Madrigals, Concert Choir, Student 
Senate, Treasurer; Chairman — Fi- 
nance Comm., Member joint 
Comm. on Communications. 

Elected '72 

Timothy Michael Carvey 
Clinton, Connecticut 

International Relations Major, Dean's List, Student Senate 
Member 1969-1973, President — 7977-7973, Currier-Times, 
staff, Editor — 1970; Yearbook staff, Editor — 1971, co-edi- 
tor — 1973, Men's Dormitory Council member, College 
long range planning comm., Chairman — Evaluation of the 
Faculty and Courses Comm., Board of Governors mem- 
bers, Dean search Comm., Newman club. Bowling club. 
Choir, Madrigals, Earth Day Chairman. 


Robert judge 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

History Major, Member Ski Club — President 1972-1973, 

Member; Off Campus Housing Comm., Member of Men's 

Honor House, Dean's List. 


Robert Stanton 
West Springfield, Mass. 
Vice-President, Sophomore Trea- 
surer, junior Class Senator, Co- 
chairman — Parents Weekend, 
Member Dean's Search Comm., 
Student Faculty Evaluation Comm., 
Dean's List, Alexander Graham Bell 
Honor Society. 

Patrick Burns 
Elementary Education 

Christine Cain 
Elementary Education 

Robert Mitchell 

Spencer Steinberg 
Business Administration 

Elizabeth Bray 
Elementary Education 

Ian Naiman 
Elementary Education 

Corinne Posse/ — Steven Brown 
Elementary Education — Business Administration 

Martin Carver 
6.S. Business Administration 

Marian Ste/zer 
Elementary Education 

Judith Robinson 

Leslie Smith 
Elementary Education 

Kevin Holley 
Elementary Education 

Michael Faulkner 

jerrold Kahn 
Communications Arts & Sciences 

Walter A. Haine 

Marilyn A. Smith 


John Mills 

Judith Adams 

Albert Meranda 
Business Administration 

Robert Judge jr. 

Daniel Buckley 

Business Administration 

Robert Thompson Jr. 

Paul Desmond 

Holden Hills ]r. 

Bigan Kimiachi 

lames Tye 

Gerald Coulsey 
Business Administration 

Brenda Nemeth 

Kambiz Hakim 
Business Administration 

Vincent Consentino 

AbbyS. Agranovitch 
Communications Arts & Sciences 

Mary Nan Alexander 

William C. Anacome III 

Barbara Carol Bork 

Michael Patrick Boyle 
Business Administratior 

Robert Baylin Br 

Dianne Buckley 
Elementary Education 

Lois Jane Chick 
Elementary Education 

Leah Ann Cohen 

Joseph Anthony Corbo jr. 
Business Administration 

Nanette Marie Corrao 
Elementary Education 

Alan C. Cramer 

William Andrew Cullen jr. 

Barbara Ann Cunningham 
Elementary Education 

Diane M. Curran 
Elementary Education 

Donna K. Dick 
Elementary Education 

Thomas McNabb Dippert 
Communications Arts & Sciences 

Charles Amedee Donze III 

Theresa Anne Dower 
Elementary Education 

Marguerite M. Drossos 

George Robert Dudasikjr. 
Communications Arts & Sciences 

Carolyn Elisabeth Fish 
Elementary Education 

Robyn M. Getter 
Elementary Education 

Christopher Robert Gillis 

Carol E. Green 

Harriet Vicki Gruber 
Elementary Education 

Dennis A. Quastalli 
Elementary Educatio 

Leonaril 5. Culki, 

Kendall Whitney Hall 
tusiness Administration 

Kay Alison Lager 
Elementary Education 

Bradford Miles L 

Ronald E. Lii hten\te 
Communication Arts & Sr 

Hf? ^H 



Paulette R. Loiselle 
Elementary Education 

Linda Louise Lombari 
Elementary Education 

Mary Elizabeth Loruss* 
Elementary Education 

Douglas Elliot Macomber 
Communications Arts & Sciences 

Charles Malone )r 

Patricia Dame Mayer 
Elementary Education 

Margaret Wilson Miller 
Elementary Education 

Virginia Miller 
Elementary Education 

Patricia E. Mitchell 

Paul C. Moccia 
Elementary Education 

MichaelS. Mogel 

Denise Ann Morano 
Elementary Education 

Gregory Rudolph Walter Mueller 

Marcia Jane Murphy 
Elementary Education 

Sheila Ann Novack 
Elementary Education 

Howard Mark Pearlman 

Marlene Fruma Pearlman 
Elementary Education 

Lewis R. Pedi 
Business Administration 

Doha Lee Pelias 

Frank Peretzman 
Business Administration 

Stephen Robert Petigrov 

Donna Patricia Ralph 
Elementary Education 

Virginia Anne Reed 
Elementary Education 

Frank A. Rub* 
Business Admi 

Eugenia Sanlagada 
Elementary Educatioi 

Stephen Harry Silv 
Elementary Edui 

Siiler Joanne Solazzo, 5.C. 
Elementary Education 

Robert Michael Stanton 
Elementary Education 

Richard Bruce Steiner 

Carol Ros/yn Steinfeld 

Belle 5. VanSteen\hurg 
Elementary Education 

Elizabeth Janet Wadden 
Elementary Education 

Ernest E. Whiteley, \r. 
Business Administratior 

Wendy A. Wilton 
Elementary Educatior 

Nothing ventured, 
nothing gained. So be not 
afraid to try — So dream 
big dreams And reach for 
the stars And set your 
standards high. 

Brian jobson 

Bernard Danton 
Business Administration 

Susan Lavitt 

David Reohr 
Business Administration 

Harris Hancock jr. 

Jeffrey Sonenstein 

Lawrence Marechal 

Carl Reinman 

Frances F. Allen 
Robert L. Ansell 
Louis Aronovitz 
Jane Bargende 
Joseph M. Benoit 
Ellen Bromfield 
Debra A. Burger 
Paul G. Caron 
David V. Casano 
David D. Coombs 
Richard Dalessio 
Elisabeth Delia Paolera 

Steven Oberdorfer 
Communications Arts & Sciences 


Theresa Dower 
George C. Dukas 
Anastasia Dusza 
John N. Fabrizio 
David F. Favreau 
Paul A. Frasca 
Bruce Garthwait 
Karen Geller 
James M. Gordon 
Jeffrey Grayson 
Steven Grossman 
Muriel G.Hill 

Sharon S. Hunt 
John Ingraham 
Paula Jacobson 
Richard Jarrell 
Stuart Kepnes 
Lawrence Merolla 
William E. Molloy Jr. 
Joseph C. O'Brien Jr. 
Susan M. O'Leary 
Richard Paskow 
Leslie Paul 
William B. Payne 

Wayne Wathey 

Lillian Romanowski 
Arch W.Shaw 11 
Brian M. Silviera 
John Sloate 
Jeanne R. Taylor 
William J. Tobin Jr. 
Carol A. Tombreno 
Stephen M. Viola 
Richard L.Wallace 
Sharon L. Zembrow 


President: Clifford Gratz Vice Pres.: Stephen Keefe 
Senators: Debbie Hooper, Barry Sneider, Robert Chaput 

President: Rusty Russell Secretary: Donna Nuzzo 

Vice Pres: Wylee Lewis Treasurer: Paula FineGold 

Senators: Doreen Regan, George Richards, Mike Bernbach 


EN (76) 

President: Ramona Grey Secretary: Alex Scarr 

Vice Pres.: Tony Brown Treasurer: Gay MacLeod 

Senators: Bill Clark, Jay Delaney, Sue Linowes 

M •" ■ 

by Richard Steiner 

Dean of the College, 
Hiram Evans will assume a 
Vice-Presidential role as 
of July 1, 1973 having the 
responsibility for institu- 
tional research and long 
range planning. 

President Hafer, who 
made the announcement 
last Friday at a Faculty 
workshop, said that a 
three party search com- 
mittee would be commis- 
sioned within the next 
two weeks to begin seek- 
ing a new College Dean. 

The appointment was 
alluded to two weeks ago 
in the text of President 
Hafer's State of the Col- 
lege address. 

At that time, the Presi- 
dent stated that he, "be- 
lieves that such an ap- 
pointment is much too 
ong in coming, for that 
office, through research, 
can give us, much direc- 
tion for more efficient 

Also, outlined under 
the offices duties would 

be a networking or chan- 
nelling of important in- 
formation to the Divisions 
and to the Curriculum 

Specific duties of the 
office, as previously out- 
lined, will include: 

♦Development of a 
Master Plan for academic 

*Feeding information 
to the Divisions to 
strengthen all programs; 

*Reviewing the entire 
academic offerings of the 

*The possibility of inte- 
gration of vocationally- 
oriented courses in a Lib- 
eral Arts Curriculum. 

*Faculty needs to 
strengthen majors with 
more than normal 

*Capital requirements 
for the future; 

♦Enrollment goals — 
optimum and mini- 
mum enrollments for 

*Study future physical 
needs of the College. 

President John S. Hafer 
Dean Hiram Evans 


Thomas Coldrick — Business Manager; 


jack Vallely — Purchasing Agent; 


Mrs. He/en LeBaron — Bursar. 


Warren Bazirgan — Public Relations; 


Donald McNeill — Director of Development; 


Michael Stone — /Assistant to the Director of Development 

Dr. John Cawne 

Dean of Personel Services 

Joseph Gibbons 
Director of Financial Aid 

Richard Mantz 
Dean of Admissions 

William Mellin 
Director of 
Student Activities 

]w r i i 

Sam Manzi 
Supervisor of Data 

r , 











Robert F. Capalbo 



w Ho? 

Deirdre C. Kozlowski 


clockwise from upper left: Doris Hoye, Mary Cransky, Kay McCarthy 
Annette DiPaolo, Ann McAlester. 


left to right, top to bottom: Ruth MacDonald, Marti Randall, Joe Owens, "Ma" Pett, Olive Quigley, The Drapkin Center Belles. 



Pauline Gallagher 

Gertrude Webb 

Dr. John Coughlin 

■i- n 


' "*::::: 'p? 

"•'■"'■'■■' _ 


|^B / " ~*~J^^B^z 


1 J 






Carol Wadell 

Steven Howe 

lim Salvucci 


Edward Hastings 

Dr. Joseph Schnieder 

Dr. Frances Kohak 

Dr. Franklin Batdorf 

Patricia Carney 


Dr. Alan Creenberg 

Jud Lyon 

Robert Carden 

Arthur Smith 


Dr. Robert Keighton 

Dr. John Hill 

Dr. Pamela Wrinch 



Dr. Alexander Moissiy 

Dr. Gladys Martinez 

Claudine Hogarth 


Raul Artigas 

Tamara Moissiy 

Henry Babcock 

Constance Schwarz 









^■' : * h 



E = MC 2 

Dr. John Tramondozzi 

Dr. John Havorka 

We salute "Doc" 

for his 

years of service and 

dedication tostu 


and regret his 


Dr. Carlton Condit 


Dr. Rudolph Coetz 

Mathew Kook 


Dr. Car/ Cooper 

Dr. Ellen Susman 

loan Kakascik 

Dr. Gerald Hilyard 


Patrica Fleming 

Richard Kronish 

Dr. Albert Sherring 


Dr. Frank Rapuanc 

James Martin 

Leon Rudman 

Joseph Eckert 



Kenton Steward 

Marlene Lundvall 


Thomas Stephens 

John Riordan 



David Fama 

Haig der Marderosian 

Kathleen McCann 

Dr. R. ZaSharis 


Faculty not pictured in this section: Roger Allan Bump, CAS; W. 
Craig Roth, History; Dr. William Mayo, Education. 

i L? 

clockwise: Will Bevins, Security; Frank Reardon, Maintenance; 
Mary Stephanoni, Bursar's office. 


Dr. C. Alan Anderson 

Dr. Russell Pregeant 

ivolvemenfflpvolvewent? Involvement? Involvement 



vi t 

I V 7 1 




vemerit? In 

? Involvement 
? Involvement 

? Involvement 
? Involvement 





first row, seated: N. McNeil, P. Mitchell, R. Denis, P. Case, H. Rule, G. Mac Leod, second row: P. Thistle, C. Burton, A. 
Homayounfar, 5. Gerieco, W. Horner, D. Regan, B. Bray, B. Karlin, D. Larrier, E. Smith, I . Robinson, P. Sheridan,]. Rei- 
dy, M. Weston, V. Brotman, C. O'Connell, S. Linowes, L. Hogan, j. Morrow, D. Nuzzo, C. Higgins, third row: T. De- 
Lorme, R. Crespo, R. Fortini, A. Carvalho, W. Peck, B. Doolittle, B. Summers, C. Allen, j. Horton, P. Sisley, B. Cooper. 

Members, I. to r.: B. Nenninger, D. Larrier, P. Sheridan, M. Weston, P. Case, E. Stoltz, P. Thistle, accompanist, B. 
Doolittle, W. Peck, T. De Lorme, E. Smith, C. Burton, K. Steward director. 










/. to r., first row: A. Cramer, M. Faulkner, D. Davis, sec. row: A. Agranovitch, S. Gelb, C. 
Santagada, S. Salomon, third row: D. Malloy, ). Robinson, V. Cosentino. missing: B. 
Lorge, T. Garvey, B. Young, ]. House, H. Gruber, others. 



top to bottom: C. O'Laughlin, I. McKenna, D. Regan, 5. Salomon, P. 
Baker, D. Nuzzo. 


Under the guidance of Chip Gratz and Leslie Mallen the Drop-In 
center has emerged as a strong and highly important organization 
this year for many curry students. 

Counselors Are: Mike Bernbach, David Arnold, Mark Lenson, Da- 
vid O'Malley, Wendy Davidov, Laurie Penchansky, Lynne Mclntre, 
George Richards, and Mark Snyder. 

Leslie and Chip 


Our newly acquired Ski Lodge was 
rented for the purpose of allowing stu- 
dents to get up and have a weekend of 
skiing and fun. 

first row: K. Smith, A. Homayounfar, L. Cerniglia, V. Reed, second row: G. Miller, J. Robinson, 
Bray, E. Sirkin, B. Nenninger. 


Executive Board: Don Shemnitz; Kathy Bunker; Gerry Cousley, president 

j^^^^ggjCi ^TK^^— 

/ to r: Joe Garlazo; Robert Ellis; Kathy Bunker; Gail Hubble; Martin Carver; Bob MacDonald; Bernis DeVaugh. seated: George 
Havorka; Kin; Gerry Cousley; Don Shemnitz; Paul Razatto; George Richards. 


I. to r.: D. Regan, K. Smith, I. Robinson, D. Hooper, S. Linowes, T. Garvey, W. Clark, R. Kupfer- 
berg, W. Peck, ). Lee, I. Delaney, E. Sirkin, S. Gelb, R. Grey, D. Davis. Executive Board; I. to r.: W. 
Peck, T. Garvey, R. Kupferberg, D. Davis, K. Smith. Missing; W. Russell, M. Bembach, G. Rich- 
ards, R. Chaput, B. Sneider, C. Gratz. 

The Tenth 
Student Senate, 

Was One Of Many Changes 




The following were just some 
of the headlines that made THE 
CURRIER-TIMES during the 
1972-73 academic year: 


Perry Normal School moves 

from Boston to south campus 
Alben Barrows to open cultural 

affairs forum on Monday 
Faulkner tells of first week in 

Hong Kong 
Three organizations may find 

stiff oppositions at tonight's 

budgetary hearing 
Harrington refutes rumors 

spurred by "letter" 


Poor turnout stalemates budget; 

final hearing expected tonight 

Gridders hang on to win 70-9; 

meeting; discussion centers 

around stolen cars 
Selectmen begin study on Ath- 

erton street proposal 
Gridders bow in last game 7-0; 

close season with 5-3 mark 
Athletic field named in honor of 

Deidre Kozlowski appointed 

acting Dean of Women 
Maine Maritime outpoints to 

win N.E.C.F.C crown 


Holiday Concert tonight 
Ski lodge available to college 


Nine elected to Who's Who 
Directing class to present four 
one-act plays 


4th resignation from executive 
board expected tonight 

Trustee administration show- 
down in the offing? 

Security director allegedly 
threatens guards and news- 

Senate votes "no" on students' 
fee rights 

ITAC recognized as official thea- 

Drop-in-center opens to the 

"Ma Bell" seeks $1300 for fraud 

phone calls 
Men's Honor's house excells 

Almost a quarter of a century of 

winning for)ack Vallely 

duel New England College on 

Food committee meets to avert 

cafeteria disruption 
Colonels score in every quarter, 

blank N.E.C. 22-0 
Atherton st. residents press for 

traffic limitations 
Defense prevails as Bridgewater 

whipped, 20-6 
21 campus organizations idle 

after budget frozen 


Student activity budget passed 

Homecoming Weekend 1972: 

Concert, two football games 

and formal dance 
Faulkner meets Mrs. Hafer; finds 

shopping interesting 
Harrington convenes closed 

Curry places fourth in basketball 

Skaters lose to Middlesex, 7-6 


Dean Evans named V.P., 
search to be launched for 

Co-op academic course begins 
this month 

Lunch boycott focuses on prob- 

Placement office readies for 
Opportunity exposition 

Opex next Wed.; for grad and 

Student welfare to serve as cata- 

Kronish not "rehired,"; hearing 
expected tomorrow 

Pucksters prepare for Penn. trip; 
post 8-6-4 mark 

Activity referendum passes to 

boost fee to $50 
Fiddler set to go May 4-5 
Rally focuses on rights; call for 

New Senate in on Tues.; reign of 

10th 'sends 
Vallely's men sink below .500; 

winning season in jeopardy 
Student exchange program 

Six dedicated people receive top 

"Fiddler" — is fantastic 
Five named to Athletic honor 

Astronaut Chapman commence- 
ment speaker 
Vallely, after 24 years, has first 

losing season 

Executive Board; I to r: G. Miller, secretary; ). Robinson, vice president; L. Fagelbaum, president; R. Cohen, treasurer. 

front, I to r: L Fagel- 
baum; P. Mitchell, sec- 
ond row: W. Lewis; R. 
Roll; 5. Cripman; A. 
Agranovitch; T. West- 
brook, R. Grey, third 
row: R. Cohen; P. Fi- 
negold; C. Miller; I. 
Robinson; B. Watson; 
K. Rattigan. fourth 
row: K. Smith; D. 
Hooper, L Czajkowski; 
B. Bray; C. Reed. 

Dorm Presidents; I. to r: P. Mitchell, Green House; W. Lewis, State House; G. Reed, Milton Hall; L. Czajkowski, 

Executive Board; I to r: David Reohr, secretary; Jeff Michelson, president; Michael Reich, secretary, Kevin Maxwell, vice presi- 
dent, not pictured. 

standing I to r: Tom Haugh; Tim Garvey; lim Namick; Jeff Michelson; David Reohr; Michael Reich; Steve Keefe; Pat 
Burns, seated: Kathy Kelly; Art Collela; )oe Tenuta; Ed Sperling; Scott Crocott; Vincent Constantino. 



WVAC, Curry's radio station, begins its fifth 
broadcast year Monday, September 25. 

The station begins its broadcast day at 7:30 a.m. 
Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. Saturday, and 6 p.m. 
Sunday and can be found at 640kc on your AM radio 

This year a blend of the best current and old music 
will be featured, along with the latest reports on news 
events, sports, and weather conditions. 

Broadway Show tunes will be featured Monday 
evenings, and a 45 minute talk show about current 
campus events will be presented Tuesday -evenings. 
Wednesday evening will feature one hour and fifteen 
minutes of the best in easy relaxing music, and Thurs- 
day evenings will feature 45 minutes of classical music 
and a 30 minute sports talk show. 


Dear Editor: 

I think you as well as the entire student body would 
be interested to know that we have completed the 
FCC application for an FM license. The application 
forms totaling 60 pages, times three copies were 
mailed last Friday to our lawyer in Washington, D. C. 
The Management of WVAC wishes to thank the 
student body for their support, and those who helped 
us prepare the application. 

Henry Frick 

Program Dir. WVAC 



Co-Directors receive recognition from Senate 


7evye Timothy Taylor 

Golde Ronda Roth 

Tzeitel Suzanne Perel 

Hodel Martha Simollari 

Chava Ellen Stoltz 

Bielke Joyce Vogt 

Shprintze Helene Cent/ 

Motel : Blake Killin 

Perchik Charles Higgins 

Fyetka Chuck O'Connell 

Yente Leigh Hogan 

Lazar Wolf Peter Gordon 

Constable Mark Bass 

Rabbi Barry Karlin 

Nahom Mark Snyder 

Tavern Keeper Sam Savage 

Rabbi's Son Les Ziembowski 

Fruma Sarah Carol Lee Patterson 

Grandma Tzeitel Katie Goldsmith 

Bottle dancers joey Zang, Tom 

Kammerer, Les Ziembowski 

Aurom . . . .' Tom Kammerer 

Russian dancers Joey Zang, Donna 

Coleman, Chuck O'Connell 

Town people Lisa Shapiro, Marit 

Isaksen, Lisa Sperber, 

Susan Franzblau 

Fiddler Steve Oberdorfer 

Members of the Board of Governors 

Co-Director Norman Shink 

Co-Director Dede Osserman 

Vice-President Paul Desmond 

Secretary Robin Roll 

Business Agent Dave Reohr 

Advisor William Mellin 

Members at Large 

Kevin Maxwell 
Wells Peck 

Richard Steiner 

Mike Stone 
Tim Garvey 



Co-Directors receive recognition from Senate 



Tevye Timothy Taylor 

Colde Ronda Roth 

Tzeitel Suzanne Perel 

Hodel Martha Siwollari 

Chava Ellen Stoltz 

Bielke Joyce Vogt 

Shprintze Helene Centi 

Motel Blake Killin 

Perchik Charles Higgins 

Fyetka Chuck O'Connell 

Yente Leigh Hogan 

Lazar Wolf Peter Gordon 

Constable Mark Bass 

Rabbi Barry Karlin 

Nahom Mark Snyder 

Tavern Keeper Sam Savage 

Rabbi's Son Les Ziembowski 

Fruma Sarah Carol Lee Patterson 

Grandma Tzeitel Katie Goldsmith 

Bottle dancers Joey Zang, Tom 

Kammerer, Les Ziembowski 

Aurom . . .' Tom Kammerer 

Russian dancers Joey Zang, Donna 

Coleman, Chuck O'Connell 

Town people Lisa Shapiro, Mark 

Isaksen, Lisa Sperber, 

Susan Franzblau 

Fiddler Steve Oberdorfer 

Members of the Board of Governors 

Co-Director Norman Shink 

Co-Director Dede Osserman 

Vice-President Paul Desmond 

Secretary Robin Roll 

Business Agent Dave Reohr 

Advisor William Mellin 

Members at Large 

Kevin Maxwell 
Wells Peck 

Richard Steiner 

Mike Stone 
Tim Garvey 


S.U., seated I to r — C. Bas- 
:omb, R. Grey, ). Collins, L. Wa- 
terman, standing I to r — C. De- 
loatch, H. Mclntosch, B. De- 
vaughn, R. Campbell. 

Executive Board, I to r 
— R. Campbell, /. Col- 
lins, C. Bascomb, L. 
Waterman, C. 


seated, I. to r. : Judy Robinson, Kar- 
en Smith, Ginger Reed, Linda Cer- 
niglia, Virginia Miller, standing, I. to 
r.: Bob Meers, Saul Kaplan, Sam 
Celb, Randal Kohlenberger, Bill 
Reid, Timothy Carvey. 


CO-EDITORS: Timothy M. Garv- 
ey, Robert Meers 







- Miller 

j I 




William Grable, Randal Kohlen- 
berger, Walter Haine, Jay Dela- 
ney, Wells Peck, Tim Garvey, 
David O'Malley, Bigan Kimi- 
achi, American Photgraphic. 

Joanne Smith, Susan Linowes, 
Stephen Whistler, Steve Pickell, 
Leigh Hogan, Steve Ellwanger 

Ginger Reed, Steve Brown, Pa- 
tricia Sheridan, Linda Cerniglia, 
Bruce Lorge, Saul Kaplan. 

The Carry Arts Journal 

The purpose of THE CURR Y ARTS JO URN A L is 
to provide an outlet of creative expression 
for the students, faculty, and eventually 

the alumni of Curry College. Poems, short stories, plavs, essays, 
critiques, drawings, and photographs are 
welcome. It is to be published twice a 
year, winter and spring, hopefully for years 
to come. 


Mike Mogel 

Wendy Davidov 
David Gordon 

Mark Snyder 
Buff Brown 

The Curry Arts Journal 

Volume I, Number two, Spring 1973 

The purpose of THE CURRY ARTS JOURNAL is 
to provide an outlet of creative expression 
for the students, faculty and eventually the 
alumni of Curry College. Poems, short stories, 
plays, essays, critiques, drawings, and 
photographs are welcome. It is to be published 
twice a year, winter and spring, hopefully for 
years to come. 


Buff Brown 

Dedicated to Dr. Franklin Batdorf 

Wendy Davidov 
David Gordon 

Mark Snyder 
Cindy Cole' 

Dr. Franklin Batdorf 
Faculty Advisor 

Dedicated to Richard Steiner 

The editors are grateful to all of those 
who have supported THE CURRY ARTS JOURNAL 
financially and otherwise. 





u\ ] k 

I Choppers answer second "feminist" call 
S this Sunday against Mount Ida 

v Curry's answer to feminist 
. equality in athletics, "The 
S Choppers" will be looking for 

their second win in the Garter 
Bowl series when they face the 

"Choppers" open Garter 

Bowl season on Sunday 

Girl's Flag Football may be 
coming into its own! 

This Sunday, the Curry 
"Choppers" will play their 
opening game of the season 
against Fisher Junior College 
co-eds on the Athletic Field. 

This season, for the first time 
since co-ed football began at 
Curry some six years ago, the 
team will be playing a 
three-game schedule. Mount Ida 

Junior College will be their 
opponent on October 29, and 
Lasalle Junior College, on 
November 5. 

A spokesman for the Curry 
team, Karen Smith, said the 
"Choppers" hope to play in a 
co-ed football league next year. 
She said a number of girls' teams 
are interested in forming such a 

The co-ed football games. 

better known as "The Garter 
Bowl Games," have been played 
for charity. Part of the proceeds 
from this year's contests will go 
to the Jimmy Fund for research 
of cancer in children, and to the 
Women's Athletic Association. 

The Curry team is sponsored 
by the Women's Student 
Governing Association and is 
coached by Mike Dempsey. 

Choppers bow to Mount Ida 14-6; 
close season against La Salle Sunday 

Game number two of a series 
of three female attempts in 
football ended in a defeat by 
Mount Ida College over the 
Curry 'Choppers' last Sunday by 
a score of 14-6. 

The contest was played in 
rainly and damp weather and the 
first half saw the Choppers break 
the ice when Karen Smith 
sauntered in for the score. 

In the third quarter, the rain 
began to fall, but yet the 
Choppers hung on to their slim 
6-0 lead. 

In the last period, Mount Ida 
came on very strongly as they 
found paydirt twice to take a 
14-6 lead. 

With approximately nine 
minutes to play the Choppers 
began a drive, and moved the 
ball down to the Mt. Ida 2-yard 
line, but were unable to score. 

The Choppers record is now at 
l-l, and have one game to play 
this season. That will be on 
Sunday, November 5, against 
LaSalle Junior College, and will 
conclude the homecoming 

Thus far, the Choppers have 

by Bill Cooper 

looked good in their two games, 
and should prove very tough 
against LaSalle, the girls are out 

on the field to prove their ability 
in football. At the present time, 
they have succeeded. 

Choppers prevail 

Girl's football in some circles 
is not all that popular or 
accepted, but this season the 
Curry Choppers proved that 
they were in fact serious about 
the sport as they closed their 

Last Sunday, in their third and 
last game, they shut out Laselle 
by a score of 12-0. 

The Choppers looked inspired 
as they downed a team of co-eds 
from Laselle Junior College. 

Although the inclement 
weather turned a crowd away, 
Karen's troops showed a 
tremendous amount of spirit 
(probably because they had 

in season finale; 
Laselle 12-0 

"spirit" and "Spirits" in them). 
An indication of how the 
afternoon was to go appeared in 
the first quarter, when Nanny 
Hines romped 80-yards for the 
first score of the afternoon. 

Things drifted to the fourth 
quarter when Kelley put the 
icing on the game when she 
sauntered in from the 20-yard 
line, giving the Choppers a 12-0 
whitewash victory over LaSeWs* 
Both of the Chopper victories 
this season were by shutouts, 
while the only loss was an 
extremely tight game, scoring 
wise that is 1 

Women from Mount Ida this 

Sunday on the athletic field. 

The Choppers knocked off 

Fisher College two weeks ago by 

a score of 14-0. Although the 

Currier-Times reported the score 

in its headline as 22-0, and in the 
body of the story as 20-0, the 
official score was 14-0. 

It seems as though a Times 
Sportswriter added in a Karen 
Smith touchdown that came 
seconds after the final whistle 
was blown. 

Regardless the defeated girls 
from Fisher felt a little better 
knowing that the score was only 
14-0, as they literally limped off 
the field grumbling obsencities 
tied to the names of Betty 
Friedan and Gloria Steinem. 

Coaches for the Choppers 
promise that this Sunday's game 
will be even better than the girl's 
home opener. 








3 a. 

E Z 

E c 

c o 

a) a 

a. a 

E - ¥■, £ 

- — ^ cu 
= | | c 

Op >- -S 73 ^/ *: 

» " » il t _ ? 

„ a> C re o T3 

- f P ** 5 

t E 

E ~ 

c — 
.2 9 

2 O -£ »-"' t/3 3 O 

._ ■- .-- ^ 




J^^M^M^nmn Mn- - — iumj« 


L'mtmm, , sssen 

i <MUWtwLli£m2V£&> 

first row (left to right) Co-Captain Dan Cahill, Ted Kelly, Rick Dalessio, Jim Ahearn, Jim McCaffrey, Co-Captain Tom Rollins, Jim Carbino, 
Frank Nugent, Bob Connelly, Paul King, and Alan Williams, second row (left to right) Manager Dick Coleman, Mike Delgrosso, Jim Bucchi- 
aneri, Dan Shaw, Rick Ragusan, Ken Baker, Paul McElarney, George Gardner, Joe DeVincentis, and John Brown, third row (left to right) Gary 
Blake, Brad Quinn, Tom Chiara, Joe Grzelcyk, Joe Desrosiers, Bill Nelson, Steve Kasaras, Mark Voll, Rick Quolters, and Perry Verge, fourth 
row (left to right) "Mike", Jan Koczera, Roosevelt, Campbell, Rick Melone, Mike Shadduck, Greg King, Marty Bissonette, Dave Meola, Bob 
Schildmeier, and Charlie Roux. fifth row (left to right) Ass't. Coach John Riordan, Head Coach Tom Stephens, Ass't. Coach Dave Hussey, Ass't. 
Coach Tom Pileski. Players Missing: Jeff Rubino, Brian Young, and Peter Slavin. 

■ -■•-• :._i 


CURRY — 13 

CURRY — 10 

CURRY — 22 

CURRY — 20 

CURRY — 16 





While many of us were enjoying the 
sunshine on the beach in August, the football 
team was busily preparing for the up coming 
season. Coach Stephens has a fine nucleus to 
build with for the 1973 season to get back the 
Conference Championship which they were 
unable to win, because of a lack of depth. Two 
outstanding Seniors Tom Rollins and Rick 
Dalessio will be sorely missed for their 
contributions to the two championship teams. 
The competition in the New England 
Conference has gotten considerably stiffer 
over the years. 

10 Wins — 13 Losses 

Bridgewater State — 80 Curry - 


Curry— 72 Coast Guard Acad. — 68 OT 

Nathaniel Hawthorne — 80 Curry - 


Fitchburg State — 70 Curry - 


Curry — 85 Belknap College - 


Curry — 97 New England College - 


S.M.U. — 105 Curry- 


Hawk Classic Tournament — 4th 

Roger Williams — 72 Curry - 


Federal City College — 96 Curry - 


New Hampshire — 94 Curry - 


Roger Williams — 93 Curry - 


Curry — 93 Emerson College - 


Curry — 91 New England College - 


S.M.U. — 88 Curry- 


Suffolk University —81 Curry- 


New Hampshire— 61 Curry - 


Curry — 71 Franklin Pierce - 


Curry — 94 Belknap College - 


Curry — 90 Franklin Pierce - 


Nathaniel Hawthorne — 80 Curry - 


Curry — 68 Nichols College - 


Mayflower Tournament — 2nd 

Curry — 94 New England College 


New Hampshire — 103 Curry 


In 1972-1973 the Basketball team had a chance to 
mature together and had their most successful sea- 
son. Though the team has yet to reach 500 season, 
they feel next year is the YEAR. The brand of basket- 
ball which they play has increased markedly. The 
competition in the conference has grown considera- 
bly stiffer over the seasons and Curry can be looked 
upon as a top contender because of the scoring and 
leadership qualities of Bernie DeVaughn, who has 
scored over 1000 points in only three seasons. 

HOCKEY 1972-1973 












B.C. Law School 
Stonehill (scrim) 
Worcester Jr. 
Middlesex Com. 
Rutgers Univ. 
Boston State JV 
Middlesex Com. 
Worcester Jr. 
Franklin Pierce 

Stonehill (scrim) 
Chamberlain Jr. 








Mass. Maritime 
Essex Tech. 
Fitchburg State 

Massasoit Com. 
Rutgers Univ. 


Each year the Curry Hockey Club improves even though the brand of competion becomes considerably tough- 
ter. When they were first organized they played mostly Junior Colleges and the poorer Club teams. They have 
advanced to the stage where, they play quite a few of the Division II ECAC teams and the top Club teams in New 
England. The Hockey Club practices many long and hard hours and they represent Curry very well with their 
Hockey skills. The Athletic Department should repay their hard work by giving them a chance to be a full Varsity 
Sport. They have proved their winning attitude by their last two season: 1972 they were 11-6-3, 1973 they were 11- 
6-4. Hopefully in the near future the Hockey Club will get THEIR CHANCE. 




w^^saHf * 










Vallely, After 25 Years, 
Has First Losing Season 

For the first time in 25 seasons of win- 
ning, Jack Valleley finally tasted defeat. 
Curry's baseball team closed the season 
with a dismal 6-12 record, and there were 
many factors that contributed to the los- 
ing season. 

The team was depleted from one year 
ago by graduation, and this was to be a 
rebuilding year. The squad was composed 
of a large majority of inexperienced fresh- 
men; and they lacked the common fun- 
damentals of baseball. The athletes were 
unaccustomed to running the bases; the 
pitching was very weak as was the hitting; 
and the defensive play lacked finesse. 

On Tuesday, May 15, freshman Glenn 
Wields saved a highlight for Jack. He 
hurled a rain-tainted no hitter as Curry 
defeated the Harvard Juniors by a score of 
2-0. Glenn was outstanding in his effort, as 
the Harvard batters were kept off balance 
for the duration of the game. 

The no-hitter closed out the dismal sea- 
son on somewhat of a happy note, and if 
the baseball team can repair all of their 
mistakes, then the outlook for next sea- 
son is promising. The baseball team must 
now forget the 1973 season, and strive to 
restore the winning tadition of Curry and 
Jack Vallelly in the years to come. 

Tennis Team Closes Season 
With 8-1 Record 

The college varsity tennis team put the finishing touch- 
es on another superb season with an 8-1 victory over 
Bridgewater State College. The win gave the Colonels a 
7-1 season's record and a 24-1 mark over the past three 

Coach John Riordan attributes his team's success to 
several factors. "We have a very talented group of players 
here, and all of them have a great willingness to work 
hard in practice, as well as in matches. There is also a great 
team spirit." 

The biggest surprise for Riodan this year was the imme- 
diate success of sophomores Mike Daley and Dave Schat- 
zow. As the number five and six players, respectively, 
Daley and Schatzow compiled undefeated singles and 
doubles records (8-0). 

The Colonels' number one player, Bob Hecht, regis- 
tered a 6-2 record against the opponents' top players. 
Mike Revotskie, compiled a 5-2 record as the club's num- 
ber two player. Hecht and Revotskie combined for a 5-3 
doubles record. 

Another outstanding player for the Colonels this year 
was the number four man, sophomore Andy Wrublin, 
who compiled a 6-2 record. 

The only loss suffered in the past three years by Tennis 
teams came on April 30 against Southeastern Massachu- 
setts University, when the Colonels' number three man, 
Bill Doolittle, a senior from Medford, was absent. Despite 
this handicap, Curry played S.M.U. on even terms until 
the final doubles match. The final score was 5-4. 

Although disappointed that the team's undefeated 
string was broken at 19 matches, Coach Riordan was very 
pleased with his team's performance. "I'd say it was a 
great year for three reasons," he said this week. "We had 
outstanding competition, we had a very enjoyable time, 
and we were very successful against an upgraded sched- 
ule. Being 24-1 over three seasons isn't too bad, is it? 

Coif: Bill Crable, Joseph O'Brien, Jeffrey Cray- 
son, Norman Cunningham, Charles Falcone, 
Dave Cordon, Tom McEneny, Joseph Tenuta. 

Athletic Awards Banquet 
Honors Top Players 

Last Wednesday the annual athletic Spring Awards Night was held in 
the Drapkin Student Center. 

The event was to honor the athletes who have contributed their leader- 
ship to the respective teams they compete on . 

The highlight of the evening was the guest appearance of Mr. Ray Fitz- 
gerald, a sports columist for the Boston Globe. 

The cheerleaders were the first to be honored for their contributions to 
the athletes and received a certificate from the student senate for their 

The first MVP award of the night went to Burnis DeVaughn in basket- 
ball. In two years DeVaughn has broken just about every scoring record at 
Curry, and against New England College this season he scored a career 
high of 48 points. 

Jack Vallely presented the MVP award in baseball to Bob Connolly for 
his all around versatility and leadership. Vallely's 25 consecutive winning 
seasons did not transpire this season, but in Jack's words, "We will have 
our share of wins over the next 3 years." 

John Riordan stated that this year his tennis players had a lot of fun and 
that this year's schedule was the toughest one in the last three years, and 
although the team did not go unbeaten, they finished with a fine 8-1 rec- 
ord. Dave Schatzow was honored as the MVP, as he went undefeated in 
both his doubles and singles matches compiling 8-0 records on each side. 

The golf award went to Charles 
Falcone. Falcone compiled an 
average score of 84 in this season's 
squad, and in one match scored 
one over par 73. The golf team 
finished 1-6, beating only 

President John S. Hafer was giv- 
en the honor of presenting the 
Student Athlete of the year award 
to Tom Rollins. Hafer cited Rollins 
has a fine all around student and 
athlete, and in his words, "One of 
the finest athletes that has ever 
been produced." To close the 
ceremonies Athletic Director 
Thomas Stevens thanked every- 
one connnected with the athletes 
and athletic department for the 
job they did this season . 


by Steve McNeil 

You couldn't have asked for a 
better game to conclude the 1972- 
73 intramural basketball season, as 
"Last Minute" lived up to its name 
in the last minute of play, to 
win Intramural championship. 
Coming into the championship 
along with Last Minute were the 
Deviates, the latter were 
undefeated in regular season 

The Deviates won the first game 
in the best of three series and 
looked like sure bets to win the 
championship, but Last Minute 
came back and defeated the 
Deviates in game number two to 
even the series, and to set up the 
final showdown. 

The Last Minute came out in a 
tough pressing defense and a 
wide open offense, and led at the 
end of the first quarter by a 14-8 

The Deviates surged into the 

second quarter and stayed in the 

Last Minute did not hit those 
shots, they did in the first quarter, 
and the Deviates stormed back on 
the shooting of Al Williams and 
Kurt Schlemnitz, and the 
rebounding of Rob Hecht and 
Scott Ziemberg. The second half 
ended with Last Minute holding a 
slim lead 17-16. 

The second half began like the 
first as Last Minute began to hit 
their shots, as Bob K.C. and Mike 
Bernbach had hot hands. With the 
two of them from the outside and 
Steve Brown rebounding off the 
defensive board Last Minute 
outscored the Deviates 12-6 to 
lead at the end of three quarters, 
29-22. With their backs against the 
wall, the Deviates called on Chris 
Messitter, and he hit on three 
successive shots, John Dale and 
Scott Ziemberg hit to close the 

gap. The Deviates then got their 
two chances to pull the contest 

With about 45 seconds to play 
and Last Minute leading 38-36, 
John Dale was fouled in the act of 
shooting and was awarded two 
free throws, but only hit on one of 
them and Last Minute's lead was 
38-37. The Deviates again had an 
opportunity to win with 30 sec- 
onds to play, Greg Theofel was 
called fro travelling. Kurt 
Schlemnitz missed a shot, and Last 
Minute pulled down the rebound 
and stalled. Steve Brown then 
dropped in a lay up to put the 
game away, 40-47. Scott Ziemberg 
led the deviates with 12 point, 
Kurt Schmeltz, Al Williams and 
Chris Messitter, tailed 6 apiece. 

Last Minute was led by Bob K.C. 
with 14, Mike Bernbach and Ira 
Besdansky followed with 8 and 7 

! €M 





Committtee on Equivalent 
Education offers academic 
credit for projects 

Freshmen elections set 
for October 19 

Booze cruise tonight 

A "Booze Cruise" of the 
Boston Harbor will be sponsored 
tonight by the Tenth Student 
Senate for all members of the 
College Community. 

The cruise will commence 
promptly at 8 p.m. from Rowe's 
Wharf with a $1.50 cover 
charged with drinks additional. 

Live entertainment will feature 
"The Blue Whale," as the sight 
seeing boat will tour the 

Northeast's only natural coastal 


Take 128 south to route 3 
north, (South East Expressway) 
to Boston. Take the Atlantic 
Avenue exit off the expressway, 
(Last exit in the South Station 
Tunnel, - follow Atlantic 
Avenue and look for Mass. Bay 
Lines at Rowe's Wharf. 










Homecoming Weekend 1972: Concert, 
two football games and formal dance 




P *° p osz "Flash" and Speiser as 

"Lenny Bruce" Friday night 

+£ Placement Office readies 

for Opportunity Expo 

. :{ , v-' v SS 

mm 1 


Student - elections for 

s- + Faculty Committees 

set for Nov. 1 c/> 



Perry- Curry production § 

Children's theatre to H 

present "Snow White' ' o 

Closed hearing tonight ^ 

21 campus groups idle 

after Budget frozen 

Parent's Weekend to feature 
reception, debate, 

football game, and play 


PROGRAM 1972 - 73 

Milton. Massachusetts 


25 Monday 


10 Tuesday 


' Wednesday 

14 Tuesd 


2° Tuesday 


" Wednesday 

1 ■? Wednesday 


10 Wednesday 


1 3 Tuesday 


P Tuesday 

8 PM 
8 PM 

8 PM 
7:30 PM 

8 PM 

8 PM 
8 PM 

8 PM 

8 PM 
8 PM 

"Does Correction Correct?" Lecture by Al Barrows, ex-convict. 
In Little Theater on North Campus. 

Lecture and concert by Frank Growling Bear, Penobscot Indian. 
Lecture topic - "Indians Today: America's Most Neglected 
Minority". In Little Theater on North Campus. 

Piano concert by Tony Mele, member of Roger Williams College 
music faculty. In Little Theater on North Campus. 

"Long-House Meeting" with The White Roots of Peace (A 
North American Indian Communications Group). Indians will 
also spend day on campus, attending classes and presenting 
exhibits. In Miller Gymnasium. 

Interpretative reading of musical "My Fair Lady" by Dr. Kenneth 
r^-o^^n PrAfpccnr ^f c^prli at Emerson College, with piano 

h Campus. 


Due to a lack of funds the Cultural Affairs program 
for the spring semester has been cancelled. 
A spokesman for the Cultural Affairs committee 

said that "an agreement was made between the 
Administration and the Student Senate some years 
ago guaranteed that each group would match funds 
every year for the program." The spokesmen went on 
to say that, "because this was not carried out this 
year on the part of the Senate, the committee found 
themselves in the whole for about $1400. With this 
along with the budgetary squeeze compounded by 
the poor attendence at such events, we thought it 
best to cancell the program." 

A four year member of the Senate, when 
questioned on the co-operative funding said that he 
"was in the process of searching old minutes to see 
when the agreement had been made." The Senate 
member speculated that the agreement was probably 
made during the term of the Sixth Student Senate, 
and added that the Senate was not aware of the 

io (soprano, clarinet 

dusical Organizations. 

emble (international 
orth Campus. 

il's two one-act plays, 
r on North Campus. 

by psychic, Dr. Alex 


* Tuesday 


2 Wednesday 

' "1 Concert by prominent baritone Arthur Thompson. In Little 

Theater on North Campus. 

"M Annual Spring Concert of Curry College Musical Organi- 

zations. In South Campus Auditorium. 

All programs are open to the public without charge. 

Frank Growling Bear 

Reception Afterwards 

Chairman, Dean Mary Zavatone 


%J --M 

; -^'-i 


*'* if* 



lie iH 

• ■ * • «$*«*■ S .P#« BB *4" d 


1 ttS* ' 





OCTOBER 14-15 


Registration — Coffee hour — Reception — address by President Hafer and Co-Chairman Diane Larrier and 
Robert Stanton — Student-Faculty debate on the 72 Presidential Election — Curry College vs. Bridgewater 
State football game — Wine Reception — " Crawling Arnold" produced by Thetas — The "Garter Bowl" — a 
completely welcoming weekend. 

Student Co-Chairman of Parents Weekend; Diane 
Larrier and Robert Stanton. 

Participants of Student-Faculty debate: left to right, John Marshall, Mary Zava- 
tone, (Dean of Women), Clifford Gratz, Dr. Robert Keighton (moderator), John 
Cummings, Prof. Jud Lyons. 


By Norman Shink 

The results of the first presidential poll are the following: 15 percent of the total Curry Student body voted 

George McGovern 52% 
Richard Nixon 42% 

Undecided 6% 

Of those that voted for McGovern 28% are Democrats and 0% were Republicans and 36% are independent. 

Here we see that the Republicans are sticking with President Nixon. Of those who voted for Richard Nixon, 

18% are Democrats and 38% Republicans, and 38% are Independents. 

We believe that this zero percent for George McGovern of the Republican vote shows that if on election 

day, the Republicans come out and vote this will give the president a clear victory. 

Also while George McGovern got 71% of the Democratic vote, Richard Nixon got 29% of the Democratic 

vote. It shows that among the young voters Nixon has a fair share of the take. 

NIXON SUPPORT New male voters 3 to 1 over McGovern Female in the 10 to 15,000 Range favor Nixon 6 to 1 
Nixon also has his support coming from those living in rural and suburban areas. 

MCGOVERN SUPPORT Female voted for McGovern 2 to 1 also among those who voted before went for 
McGovern by 25% more. He gets 62% of the Independent a margin of close to 2 to 1 

HRSTTIME VOTERS Freshman males voted 3 to I over Female's for Richard Nixon While Females went for 
George McGovern 2 to I 

Those voting for George McGovern felt that the following were the four major campaign issues: 


Defense spending 

While those voting for President Nixon felt the following: 

Defense spending 

Which shows that George McGovern's claim that Vietnam is still the most important campaign issue is true. 
Another Presidential Poll will be carried out tomorrow at the Drapkin Center. 


November 3, 4, 5, 1972 
Harry Chapin & 
Gunn Hill Road in 
concert — with a 

smallish but en- 
thusiastic crowd. 
Preceding the 
concert was a 


"happy hour". 
Saturday dawned 
damp — making for 
a bedraggled parade 

The game was tough but there 
was still a hardy 
crowd. Brockport 
was the foe — 


who proved stronger 
on this day. The 
alumni threw a 
tailgate party in 


119 after the game. 
Something new this 
year. The oldest 
alumni present — 


Miss Sharpe — was 
the toast of the 
afternoon — and 
evening. The Marriott 

was very crowded 
— unexpected. Miss 
Gena Santagada is Queen. 

S 3 

n ~ re 

< = r 



re o 

D K 
£• JO 

3 O 



ACADEMICS — Equivalent Education . . . 
Independent Study . . . Freshman Colloquim, 
Term Papers, No More Language Requirement 

THE M.D.C. Presents 


An Informal Nightclub Setting Featuring 
Two Bands Performing Greasy '50 Acts 

The Shittons 9 

7 Piece Band 

Plus 4 Girl 
Singers — 

jO's and Top 

forties Music 

Vieto and The 


> Piece Band 
III 50's Music 

February 24th -8:00 p.m. 
South Academic Auditorium 

Imaginative Attire Stag: $2.50 Drag: $4.00 

I > w- 



- i 




^^ of Spring *f 

APRIL 27th thru 29* J| 

Friday, April 27th -2 to 4:30 p«™ ^^ 


4:30 p.m. - South Campus 


8:30 p.m. - Little Theatre 

"YE 0Li)E BANJO cir 0^ f 

ADMISSION: $1.00 with Curry \.Q. 

■day, Apri! 28th — — -wf 

■o 4 p.m. - Parents Lounge 


».m. - Student Center 


DINNER - DANCE (Immediately following) 
^3.75 per person - $7.00 per couple 

Sftut* April 29th 



%^O^xm South Camp- 

v V 




Unique, varied, and dedicated 
people were the recipients of the 
most prestigious awards present- 
ed at the Fourth Annual College 
Awards Night held last Wednes- 
day evening in the Students' 

Receiving the Commuter 
Councils' Outstanding student 
awards, in its first year, were Kathy 
Bunker and Chip Gratz. The Out- 
standing Woman Resident award 
sponsored by Women's Self Gov- 
erning Association was presented 
to Karen Smith. The Men's Dor- 
mitory Council Award for Out- 
standing Male Resident went to 
Richard Steiner and Timothy 

The WSGA and MDC co-spon- 
sored Man of the Year Award, set 
a precedent and was presented to 
a woman — Mrs. Gertrude Webb 
of the Learning Disabilities 

In presenting the award for last 
year's winner, Frederick Eddy, 
President John Hafer cited Mrs. 
Webb for her "individual com- 
mitment to the growth of stu- 
dents, enthusiasm for academic 
involvement, and qualities of per- 
sonal inspiration." President Haf- 
er added that "This award is pre- 
sented to a person who has con- 
tributed to total campus com- 
munity . . . and this person has 
brought local and national ac- 
claim to Curry College." 


Preceding the presentation by 

President Hafer, Dr. Robert 
Keighton presented Kathy Bunk- 
er, the newly elected executive 
member of the W.S.G.A. and 
Commuter's Council with the 
Outstanding Commuting Student 
Award. In presenting the award, 
Dr. Keighton cited Kathy for her 
"total unselfish attitude which can 
only help build Curry into a Col- 
lege we all want to see." 


"He is the founder of an organi- 
zation that many students have 
found extremely useful, he has 
been active on the Student Sen- 
ate, while working along with a 
certain administrator ... he 
knows nothing but to serve others 
" These were Dr. Franklin 
Batdorf's comments about the co- 
organizer of the Drop in-center; 
the next Senate treasurer; the re- 
cipient of the Outstanding Male 
Commuting Student Award Clif- 
ford "Chip" Gratz. 


Dr. John O. Gawne spoke of 
this year's recipient of the Out- 
standing Woman Resident Award 
this way: "When she talks, I listen 
She's got some darn good 
ideas . . and every time she sees 
me she says 'Dr. Gawne, relax . 
take your tie off." Dr. Gawne was 
talking about, the newly elected 
Vice-President of the Eleventh 

Student Senate, Karen Smith. 

In presenting the award to the 
Outstanding Male Resident Stu- 
dent, President John Hafer foot- 
noted his comments by explain- 
ing that the Men's Dormitory 
Council was presenting their 
1972-73 award not to one but to 
two persons. 

President Hafer said of Richard 
Steiner and Tim Garvey, "they 
have been here for four years and 
the word that best describes these 
men is service . . . They have 
served the students and college 
community and we are indebted 
to them." 

For Tim Garvey the former two- 
time President of the Student 
Senate; and three year Resident 
Advisor in Lombard Hall, along 
with his countless extra-curricular 
activities and services; the award 
is proof of his contribution to the 
college community. 

For Richard Steiner, the editor 
of the Currier-Times, and House 
Director of the Men's Honors 
House, the award only begins to 
recognize Richard's contributions 
and service to College communi- 
ty, when one considers that he 
also received the Outstanding 
Male Resident Award in 1971-72. 








The Class of 1973 would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the 

Friday Evening, June 1, 1973 Drapkin Center 


Attire: Semi-formal 5.00 per person 

An Evening of Music, Laughter and Enjoyment 

R.S.V.P. John Lee or Jack Mills 
Box #727 OR #568 

by Wednesday, May 23 

9:30 a.m. 

PRELUDE ... Pastorale — Domenico Scarlatti 

Two Nocturne"; — John Field 

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desirin« — I. S. Bach 

PROCESSIONAL Marche Pontificale — Charles Marie Wiclor 

CALL TO WORSHIP The Rev Alexander B. Moissiy 

Professor of Trench and Russian. Curry College 

HYMN NO. 15 Praise to the Lord, The Almighty 

THE SCRIPTURE Psalm 19 — Albert Sherrinc 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

DUET Give Ear Unto Me — Benedetto Marcello 

Diane Larrier '73, soprano 
William Doolittle 73, baritone 

PRAYER The Rev Robert C. Mezofe 

Pastor, Wewlomnlle United Methodist Church 


President. Class of 197i 


Retired Dean of Students, Curry College 

HYMN NO. 98 My Cod, 1 Thank Thee 

BENEDICTION The Reverend Mezoff 

RECESSIONAL March — W. A. Mozart 

^pemmmeem&ifi eS 


1 1 a.m. 

PRELUDE Chaconne — Louis Couperin 

Maestoso and Gavotte — Samuel Wesley 
Fifth Organ Concerto — G. F. Handel 

PROCESSIONAL Solemn March — Edward H. Hastings 

arr. by Kenton F. Steward 
(Audience Please Stand) 

NATIONAL ANTHEM Led by Curry College Concert Choir 

INVOCATION The Rev. Robert C. Mezoff 

Pastor, MewtonvilleVnited Methodist Church 

GREETING Dr. John Stuart Hafer 

President, Curry College 

CLASS ORATOR Michael Ross Faulkner 


President, Class of 1973 

CHORAL SELECTION Gaudeamus Igitur (German student song) 

arr. by E. H. Hastings 
Curry College Concert Choir 


Scientist-Astronaut, National Aeronautics 
and Space Administration 


Philip Kenyon Chapman 
Doclor oj "Humanities 

Milton H. Farber 
Inventor -Industrialist 
Doctor of Engineering 

Gertrude Whall Queen 

Oldest Living Curry Graduate 
Doctor of Humanities 

William G. Salatich 
President, Gillette Worth America 
Doclor of Business Administration 


The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award 

Recipient — Daniel Patrick Buckley 
The English Prize 

Recipient — Robert C. Thompson, Jr 
The History Award 

Recipient — Michael Ross Faulkner 
The Communication Arts and Sciences Award 
Recipient — Ronald Edward Lici itenstein 
The Education Awards 

Recipients — Rosalinda Cernici.ia (Elementary) 

Daniel Patrick Buckley (Secondary J 

Robert Michael Stanton (teaming Disabilities) 

Elsie B. Hurter (Learning Disabilities) 

The New Era Award 


Dr. Hiram J. Evans 
Dean, Curry College 


ALMA MATER (Audience Please Stand) 

Almajtlaler. lei us /.wine diet" 

Clothed hi beauty, rare art thou 

Old traditions cling about ihee. 

A'eip ideals croien thy brow, 

And thine eves ai e Idled with visions. 

Truth and [Mercy meet in thee 

AhnaMalei, let us praise thee ! 

Ah' Jhal ii'e may worthy be' 

BENEDICTION Rabbi Siiamai Kanieh 

Temple Israel, Sharon 
RECESSIONAL Rigaudon — Andre Campra 


President Hafer, members of the Board of Trustees, 
honored guests, members of the faculty, parents, 
friends, and fellow students: 

The main emphasis of my speech today will be con- 
cerned with the changes not only at Curry, but of the 
world and how these changes have effected us as 

We, the Class of 1973 have seen many different 
changes take place in the past four years. We have 
learned Plato, Hemingway, and others. We have seen 
bombing and killing, arson, drugs and fear; these 
were subjects not on the curriculum when we arrived 
untainted in the fall of 1969. We arrived at Curry nerv- 
ous and uncertain, but proud to be Curry students; 
We became something else: survivors, veterans, 
eyewitnesses to the most violent years American 
campuses have ever known. We are notable not be- 
cause of our experiences, but rather, for what hap- 
pened to us. We have seen pot turn to heroin and 
protest turn to violence. The point is, having seen, we 
have learned from an unyielding stream of violence 
that taught to the tune of the bayonet and the 
upraised fist. 1969 saw man first walk on the moon 
and saw Eisenhower pass away. The Jets won and so 
did the Mets. Nixon was in his first term and the draft 
and Vietnam were flaming issues. One could say, that 
in many ways, Vietnam was our instructor. By 1969, 
hemlines had risen, hairlines had fallen, and soon 
jeans were to become the unisex uniform of the day. 
1969, was the season of anti-Vietnam feeling all across 
the nations campuses. This aroused the conscious- 
ness, if not just the curiosity of the fledgling members 
of the Class of 1973. Also, the Blacks were demanding 
their own study program and a greater say in academ- 
ic life. By the end of our freshman year, we had seen 
Abbie Hoffman blow his nose on the American flag 
and saw police and national guardsmen on different 
campuses across the nation, most notably Kent State 
where four students were killed. These were the be- 
ginnings for the Class of 1973. For many of us, it was a 
bewildering turnabout from high School. 

Regarding changes at Curry itself, we the Class of 
1973 are the last class to know what it was like as fresh- 
man to have roomchecks by councilors every week- 
night at 11:00 P.M., while the girsl had a 2:00 curfew 
on weekends. Both the males and females were re- 
quired to sign out when leaving campus for a week- 
end and state their exact destination. It was not unu- 
sual for a student to be roomed or even dormed for a 
weekend when one broke a rule of the school. Dur- 
ing our first semester when females were allowed in 
the male dormitories, the students were required to 
leave their doors open at all times and were subject to 

frequent visits by the counselor. With the coming of 
our second semester, the rules were relaxed to some 
degree, in that the male could now close his door 
with the understanding that it would be unlocked at 
all times. Also, during our first semester, students 
were not allowed to drink alcohol on campus, while 
during our second semester, students were given the 
right to drink freely in the privacy of their rooms. 

The Class of 1973 has witnessed the construction of 
a new, modern cafeteria complex, which includes a 
new student union and bookstore. Also, we have 
seen a new radio station constructed which is adja- 
cent to the State House dormitory and the Newspaper 
office has been expanded taking over the building 
formerly occupied by the radio station. 

In June of 1970, Curry acquired a large amount of 
land from Jeanne D'Arc Academy to form its new 
South Campus. With this acquistion, the school ex- 
panded from a mere 50 acres to 115 acres. On Decem- 
ber 4th of 1970, Curry became accredited by the New 
England Association of Colleges and Secondary 

Curry has many characteristics which make it ap- 
pealing to a student. Besides being a small, private 
school designed for the average student, it is also 
within close range of Boston. Because of its small size, 
Curry allows the students to work more closely with 
their professors. By taking advantage of this situation, 
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the possi- 
bility of studying abroad in Hong Kong. Needless to 
say, it was a very enriching and enlightening 

One memorable experience occured in Los Ange- 
les where 7 of us from the program stayed overnight 
before making the long journey to Hong Kong. A 
youth from the coast, attending a convention at the 
Hotel asked us what colleges or universities we at- 
tended and the only school he recognized was Curry. 
This shocked me greatly because I thought Curry's 
reputation was limited strictly to the Northeast. 

This is not to say that Curry as an educational insti- 
tution can stop here and rest on its laurels. On the 
contrary, now is the time to move full speed ahead. 
The security force is for all intents and purposes non- 
existent. It is unable to protect life and property as has 
been proven numerous times throughout our four 
years. The cafeteria personnel are unable to keep the 
facilities clean and to serve a well organized and de- 
cent meal. Certain dormitories to put it bluntly are 
"death traps" and should be rebuilt into adequate liv- 
ing facilities. The administration should listen to stu- 
dents more, since we the students pay their salaries. 
Must Curry be another typical bureaucratic 

institution? An institution which simply passes the 
buck from one office to another and is deathly afraid 
to make any major decisions of policy changes. CuFry 
has completely mastered the technique of giving the 
student the "run around." Now, how about master- 
ing the technique of making policies that all of us: the 
administration, faculty, and students can be proud of. 
I feel it is imperative that the students at Curry take a 
stand to improve and eventually eliminate these 
problems, which directly affect us, as we did in late 
April of this year. At that point, the students who 
were completely fed up with the existing situation, 
took what was close to an unprecedented stand 
against the inadequacies of the school by holding a 
rally on the quadrangle. This ultimately ended with a 
march on one of the administrators offices after he 
had literally run away, vehemately refusing to answer 
any of our questions at that time. He claimed that he 
was unfamiliar with our grievances, which is complete 
nonsense, unless he has been living in seclusion for 
the past four years. This was the first time since the 
cancellation of classes in 1970, due to the Vietnam 
War, that the students in a common cause have 
joined together in an attempt to eliminate the inade- 
quacies pertaining to theschool. 

In short, what I am saying, is that the administration 
should take careful note of the student's complaints. 

Some questions one may ask are: Does Curry have 
the administrative ability to withstand the pressures of 
a small college to survive? Can Curry solicit adequate 
funds for future construction and help hold down tui- 
tion costs? 

Unlike most State schools, Curry cannot afford a 
large number of vacancies within its student body. 
Four years ago, when we were applying as undergrad- 
uates to colleges, the competition to go to school was 
greater than it is at the present time. The two primary 
reasons for this decline in students not going to col- 
lege are the end of the military draft and also that the 
baby boom has busted. 

Tuition costs keep rising at a steady rate year after 
year, when will the ceiling be reached, if ever? 

In conclusion, even though we are leaving Curry, 
our future success in whatever field it may be can be 
effected by Curry's future reputation. By this I mean, 
if Curry were to close up, how much would our de- 
gree be worth? Conversely, if we as a class are highly 
successful, we can make Curry a name college. Final- 
ly, Curry can never be content with mediocrity be- 
cause mediocrity can only produce a mediocre fu- 
ture, if any future at all. 

Michael Ross Faulkner 

Dear friends, 

With the publication of this book, we break a close to five-year 
tradition of having a non-senior edit the book. On top of that we 
have a co-editorship. This presented some difficulty in that we had 
each served as Editor of separate books, and disagreed on how this 
book should be done. However, we did agree that it had to be differ- 
ent from each of those preceeding it. I think we have succeeded. 

In doing a book, one must aim to record things one will want to 
look back on from the future. It is hard to strike a balance between 
the emphasis on seniors, and adequate coverage of the underclass- 
men. Hopefully, we have done this, and in doing so have captured 
the essence of what Curry College is and/or means to us all . 

Special thanks must be extended to Bob Murphy of losten's Amer- 
ican, with whom I've had the pleasure of working with for four years. 
Also, I must acknowledge the large number of hours put in this year 
by our Associate Editor Bill Reid, who will edit the 1974 book. In ad- 
dition, thanks to photographers Bill Grable and Randy Kohlenber- 
ger, and Perry Editor Gail Fleischer. Special accolades must be ac- 
corded Tom Kelso, a freshman this year, who as Business Editor 
raised a record $1500.00. 

It's been a good year. Best wishes to all for the future. 

Keep in touch, 

li^s^u^f- (p^y 

Dear fellow students: 

Over the past four years, we have spent many good and bad times 
together as a class. We have seen many changes come about in our 
four years. When we entered we had only one campus. The students 
didn't really care what happened in the town of Milton or Hyde Park. 
An attitude of snobbish isolation prevailed among the students. 

Today the times are still a mixture of the good and bad. We now 
have two campuses which has more than doubled our size. We have 
a Student Center that is very well equipped. The students are a lot 
more concerned about what happens in the surrounding communi- 
ty. The Black Student Union plan for a program to tutor youngsters 
from Dorchester, and the establishment of the Drop-in Center 
aimed to serve Curry Students and the surrounding community. Our 
Athletic teams have a positive winning attitude about themselves. 

Curry has gone from a little mediocre college to a greater-respect- 
ed center for higher education. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't 
built in a day."; the students should strive to achieve greater things. 

I would like to wish all my classmates the best of luck in all their 
future endeavors. 

Bob Meers 

Wishing You Every Success In Your 
Fund Raising Endeavor 


651 Hancock St., Wollaston 




Member of Massachusetts Credit Union 
Share Insurance Corp. 







OPEN Mon. through Fri. 

9 to 5 

Mon. and Thurs. Eves. 5 to 8 



651 Hancock St., Wollaston 

773-3500 773-8600 

Division of Jonathon Logan Inc. 


1102 Washington St. 
Boston, Mass. 02118 


48 Common St. 
Walpole, Mass. 

Good Luck From Your Brownie Baker 
(Cookies Too) 



Division of 

Charles C. Copeland Co., Inc. 

1131 Randolph Avenue 
Milton, Mass. 02186 


1464 Blue Hill Ave. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

L.fe. Health, Group Insupan 
Annuities, Pension Plans 

William G. Doherty, Jr. 

N.-.v Y-..K L EE I- 

Welles li Ofe ce Park 

40 William Street 
eslev Hili s. Mass 021! 

Bus 237 4900 

R-s 1128-3896 


1094 Blue Hill Ave. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 


Richard W. Case 
International President 

In Memory of 
Stella M. Bisaccia 

Mother of 
Paulette R. Loiselle 

CLASS OF 1973 

Trenton, N.J. 


Benjamin Allen 

Mr. Milton Biller 

David F. Linowes 

Dr. & Mrs. Heinz J. Lorge 

Mrs. J.H.McAuliffe 

Mr. & Mrs. Foster W. Peck 

Mr. & Mrs. R.J. Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Moulton 

Mrs. Howard R. Kelso 

Lenice Ingram Bacon 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Coleman 

George R. Dudasik 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Brand 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Brett 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Brady 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Setzer 

Mr. & Mrs. Crosby P. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Hyman Zembrow 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. O'Brien 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Reohr 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Benedict 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. O'Connell 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee 

W.G. Kennedy 


Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Ragusan 

Mr. & Mrs. FredT. Reily 

Mr. & Mrs. David Penchansky 

Mary Kay McDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Dorn 

Audrey D. Young 

Mr. & Mrs. Sy Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rizzotto 

Sherry Posner ARFA 

Brown Dodson Coleman 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Frick 

Mr. & Mrs. Ian A. Kops 

Mr. & Mrs. Saul Zang 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. McKenna 

Gloria Kiken 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Becker 

Donald W. Harmer 

Carmen L. Santonello 


Mr. & Mrs. William Van Buskirk 



Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Murphy 

Mr. & Mrs. George Wipton 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren L. Robinson 

Bernard Blaine 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Baldi 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Fish Jr. 

Arthur A. Ralph 

Leonard & Mirian Garner 

Mrs. J. Daniel Bern bach 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Petigrow 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Judge 

David Lewis 

Robert Cassone 

Marjorie B. Scarr 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Verrochi 

Herbert R. Kusche 

Mr. & Mrs. Varnum Taylor 

Anthony M. Regitano 

Mr.& Mrs. DavidS. Chick 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Murphy 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Summers 

E. R. Maxwell 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Cullen 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finger 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Corrao 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Jones Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Reed 

Cecil H. Rose, Dean of Students — Emeritus 


Dr. Thomas L. Delorme III 
1057 Brush Hill Road 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Congratulations Class of 1973 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph 5. Cerniglia 


Dave Gorden 

Mr. & Mrs. William L.Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick A. Everett 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Spencer 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. Nugent Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Silverman 

Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Novack 

Mrs. Gemma R. Chiara 

Mr. & Mrs. John Reidy 

Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Salomon 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart D. Sclarow 

Dr. & Mrs. Macey H. Rosenthal 

Mrs. Ruth Moody Greene 

C. Jenny Morton 

Mr. & Mrs. Seymor M. Sperling 

Roger J. Carraso Nuillo 

The Wildes 

Roger L. Bacon 

Mrs. Roger L. Bacon 

Samuel Narcus 

Mary Theofel 

Fred C. Blanchard 

Richard E. Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E.Young 

Mr. &Mrs. W. J.Butryn 

Ruth I. Mac Donald 

Ginny Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gowen 

Mr. & Mrs. David L.Miller 

"Jo" Caplan 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hallet 

Mr. Harold Kaplan 

Dr. & Mrs. P. V. McDonough 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Weidner Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William L.Rollins 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Albrecht 

Francine L. Belnick 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Regan 

Robert C. Hill, M.D. 

Richard M. McDonough 

Brian P. McDonough 

Mr. & Mrs. Alec K. Kotsiopoulos 

Mr. & Mrs. David Kaplan 


Abruzzi, John R. 

9 Central St. 
Newtonville, Mass. 02160 

Adams, David R. 

10 Alvord St. 

So. Hadley, Mass. 01075 

Agranovitch, Abby Sue 
33 Montgomery Lane 
Norwich, Conn. 06360 

Ahearn, James]. 
189 Lake Shore Dr. 
Marlboro, Mass. 01752 

Ahrensdorf, Robert E. j. 

128 E. 70th St. 

New York, N. Y. 10021 

Albaugh, Philip B. 
83 No. Leyden St. 
Brockton, Mass. 02402 

Albrecht, Michael 

39 Bennington St. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Albertine, Laura ). 

40 Taft Ave. 
Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Alexander, Mary N. 

24 Alexander Dr. 

E. Hartford, Conn. 06118 

Algeri, Linda S. 
235 Adams Ave. 
W. Newton, Mass. 02165 

Allen, Clen A. 
110 Atlantic Ave. 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Allyn, Stewart R. 
125 Boston Post Rd. 
Wayland, Mass. 

Ambrose, Albert M. 

328 Washington St. 

E. Bridgewater, Ma. 02333 

Ansell, Robert L. 
19 Rockaway Lane 
Arlington, Mass. 02175 

Arata, Claire A. 
1 Thornton Rd. 
Holbrook, Mass. 02343 

Arata, Frederick A. 
1 Thornton Rd. 
Holbrook, Mass. 02343 

Ariel, Ma,garet A. 
Lot 1 Plain St. 
Franklin, Mass. 02038 

Arnold, David 
15 Amherst Rd. 
Waban, Mass. 02168 

Asaro, Patricia M. 
34)ohnson Rd. 
Winchester, Mass. 01890 

Atkins, Catherine F. 
1300 Worcester Rd. 
Apt. 107 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Auriema, jack J. 
405 Wyoming Ave. 
Millburn, N.J. 07041 

Bad Hand, Howard P. 
P.O. Box 118 
Rosebud, So. Dakota 

Badler, Lawrence P. 

7 Susan Court 
Syosset, N.Y. 77797 

Baker, Dorothy M. 

8 Breck St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Baker, Kenneth F. 

67 Appleton St. 

No. Quincy, Mass. 02171 

Baker, Patricia A. 
1833 Asylum Ave. 
W. Hartford, Ct. 06119 

Baldi, Louis E. 
8 Brook Farm Rd. 
N. Prov., R.I. 02904 

Barrett, Marie F. 
3 Chesterfield Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Barry, Elaine D. 
20 Hillside Ave. 
S. Portland, Me. 04106 

Barry, Maura A. 
10 Litchfield Rd. 
Port Wash., N.Y. 11050 

Bascomb, Carol Y. 

301 Bedford Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10553 

Bass, Mark L. 
193 Sky Top Terr. 
Fairfield, Conn. 06604 

Baxter, Steven G. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Bazzinotti, James C. 
8 Averton St. 
Boston, Mass. 02131 

Bean, David R. 
15 Timber Lane 
Wayland, Mass. 01778 

Becker, Pamela R. 
2916 32nd St. N. W. 
Washington, DC. 20008 

Beckett, Deborah A. 
80 Quaker Ridge Rd. 
Manhasset,N.Y. 11030 

Begin, Cassie L. 
23 Hazel St. 
Uxbridge, Mass. 01569 

Bellino, Nancy A. 

84 Bow St. 

Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Belnick, Charles P. 
15 Cornell Dr. 
Wyandanch, N.Y. 11798 

Belt, Barry 
30 Waban Rd. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Beneduci, Paul M. 
1509 N.E. 17th St. 
Ft. Laud., Fla. 33305 

Benoit, Mary Jude 
Hartford, Conn. 06115 

Benedict, Edward H. 

70 Sunset Rd. 

Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 

Bent, Donna J. 
59 Ridgewood Rd. 
West Concord, Mass. 

Bercume, Christine E. 
312 Rawson St. 
Leicester, Mass. 01524 

Beresin, Sue A. 
8 Cornell Rd. 
Danbury, Conn. 06810 

Bergdoll, John L. 

256 Dana Ave. 

Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Bernbach, Michael S. 
744 West 86th St. 
N.Y. City, N.Y. 10024 

Bernstein, Steven W. 
80 07 160 Ave. 
Queens, N.Y. 11414 

Besdansky, Ira R. 
93 Hollingsworth St. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

Biller, Paul L. 
63 Joan Dr. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Birnbaum, Alice M. 

22 E. 36th St. 

New York CITY, N.Y. 10016 

Bissonette, Martin R. 
413 Cedar St. 
Manchester, N.H. 03103 

Blachly, Christopher B. 
20 Ridge Rd. 
Roseland, N.J. 07068 

Black, Douglas S. 
5 Hen Hawk Ln. 
Roslyn,N.Y. 11576 

Blaine, David R. 
481 Blue Hill Ave. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Blanchard, Frederick C. 
River House Rd. 2 
Chester, N.J. 07930 

Blank, Lisa S. 

2095 Van Cortlandt C79 

YorktownHts.,N.Y. 10598 

Blejewski, Barbara J. 
Plainville Ave. 
Farmington, Conn. 06032 

Bloomberg, Roger C. 
32 Paris St. 
Pawtuckel, R.I. 02860 

Blosveren, Fern Joann 
185 Glen View Terr. 
New Haven, Conn. 06515 

Boches, Bruce A. 

22 Hemlock Rd. 
Andover, Mass. 01810 

Bohr, Deborah A. 
8 Hawthorne Place 
Lewiston, Maine 04240 

Bork, Barbara C. 
55 Ridgewood Ave. 
Irvington, N.f. 07111 

Bortz, John M. 
Syracuse, N.Y. 13201 

Bouton, William S. 
78 Summit Ave. 
Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 

Boyle, Michael P. 
46 Middlefield Dr. 
W. Hartford, Conn. 06107 

Bradshaw, Leah A. 
55 Stever Avenue 
Hillsdale, N.J. 07642 

Brady, Susan E. 

1165 Pleasant St. 

E. Weymouth, Mass. 02189 

Bragg, Susan M. 

23 Juniper Dr. 
Norwood, Mass. 02062 

Bramati, Nicholas E. 

321 Kear St. 

Yorktown Hght., N.Y. 10598 

Brand, Allyn M. 
American Embassy Box 40 
FPO, N.Y. 09510 

Braverman, Steven C. 
2765 W. Chester Rd. 
Coatesville, Pa. 19320 

Bray, Elizabeth K. 

720 Milton Rd., Apt. W 33 

Rye,N.Y. 10580 

Brett, Patricia 
895 Perry Lane 
Teaneck, N.J. 07666 

Bromfield, Ellen B. 
4451 N. W. 16th St. K 302 
Lauderhill, Fla. 33313 

Brotman, Valerie M. 
3210 Wise. Ave. N. W. 
Washington, D.C. 

Brounstein, Paul D. 
810 So. Springfield Ave. 
Springfield, N.J. 07081 

Brown, Belinda 
Bound Brook Island Rd. 
Wellfleet, Mass. 02667 

Brown, David H. 
908 Upland Drive 
Elmira.N.Y. 14905 

Brown, Harold David A. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Brown, Robert B. 

14 Calvin Rd. 
Newtonville, Mass. 02160 

Brown, Michael D 
7801 Seaview Ave. 
Wildwood Crst., N.J. 08260 

Brown, Steven W. 

44 Fox Run Rd. 

So. Hamilton, Mass. 01982 

Bryden, Frederick A. 

21 Windswept Dr. 
Sandwich, Mass. 02563 

Bucchianeri, James A. 

22 Clarendon St. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Buckley, Daniel P. 
61 Pond St. 

Avon, Mass. 02322 

Buckley, Dianne 

15 Rice St. 
Brookline, Mass. 02146 

Bunker, Kathleen M. 
66 Cedar Crest Rd. 
Canton, Mass. 

Burger, Debra A. 
4543 Kennedy Blvd. 
No. Bergen, N.J. 07047 

Burgoyne, Eileen P. 
6 Gould Street 
Stoneham, Mass. 02180 

Burke, Barbara A. 
3 Ridgecrest No. 
Scarsdale.N.Y. 10583 

Burkhart, Michael H. 

31 Shipway Rd. 
Darien, Conn. 06820 

Burns, Patrick T. 

80 Morris Ave. 

West Haven, Conn. 06516 

Burt, Frederick W. Ill 
24 Shore Dr. 
Manomet, Mass. 02345 

Burton, Craig A. 
62 Kimball Rd. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Bussen, Timothy K. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Butler, Thomas S. 
614 Cedarbrook Rd. 
Somerville, N.J. 08876 

Butryn, Cynthia M. 
1522 Mc Clellan St. 
Schenectady, N.Y. 12309 

Cahill, Daniel F. 
121 Howard St. 
Rockland, Mass. 02370 

Cain, Christine Y. 
Box 107 
Skaneateles,N.Y. 13152 

Calabretla, Alfred F. J. 


Woodstock, Conn. 06281 

Calish, Susan R. 

32 Fairway Rd. 
Chestnut HI., Mass. 02167 

Callanan, Joan M. 
382 Homeland Dr. 
Whitman, Mass. 02382 

Camara, Patricia L. 
141 De Wert Ave. 
Taunton, Mass. 02780 

Campanelli, Ralph L. 
220 Braemoor Rd. 
Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Campbell, Roosevelt 
2 Smith St. 
Roxbury, Mass. 

Cardinale, Steven 
304 Alpine Dr. 
Peekskill,N.Y. 10566 

Caron, Paul G. 
6 Lawrence St. 
Salem, Mass. 10970 

Carrol, Cynthia B. 

20 Civic Ctr. Dr. Apt. 10 

E. Brunswick, N.J. 

Carsons, Beth L. 
776 Washington St. 
Baldwin, N.Y. 11510 

Carvalho, Albert 
39 North Pleasant St. 
Taunton, Mass. 02780 

Carver, Martin A. 

42 Joan Rd. 

Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Casano, David V. 
19 Riley Rd, Apt. 17 
Hyde Park, Mass. 

Case, Pamela J. 
4 Gregory Dr. 
Hamilton Sq., N.J. 08690 

Cataldo, Donna L. 
1811 Washington St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02185 

Cauper, Susan A. 
66 Risley Rd. 
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Centi, Helene M. 
18 Grant Ave. 
Amsterdam, N.Y. 12010 

Centore, Steven T. 
79 Sierra Rd., Apt. 79 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Cerniglia, Rosalinda 
Weston, Mass. 02193 

Chadderdon, Lynn 
1 White Birch Ridge 
Weston, Conn. 

Chalke, William ). 
357 Hingham St. 
Rockland, Mass. 02370 

Chansky, Gregory L. 
140 Belmont St. 
Maiden, Mass. 02148 

Chaput, Robert A. 
River Rd. 
Suncook.N.H. 03275 

Charlock, Fern H. 
7676 Greenway Blvd. 
Valley Stream, N.Y. 11580 

Chernaik, Robin L. 
34 Shaw Rd. 
Brookline, Mass. 02167 

Chick, Lois J. 
5 West Ridge Dr. 
Sharon, Mass. 

Chiara, Thomas 
145 Brighton St. 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Child, Cheryl A. 
P.O. Box 1132 
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743 

Chin, Helen 

3 Strathmore Rd. 

Brookline, Mass. 02146 

Cholvibul, Pacharee 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Chowkwanyun, Evelyn J. 
270 Npnst. Vlly. Pk. A 121 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Ciulla, Mary E. 
40 Fisher, Rd. 
Dedhmam, Mass. 02026 

Clark, Cynthia A. 
167 Brook Road 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

Clarke, Debra J. 
211 College Farm Rd. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Clark, William B., Jr. 
167 Brook Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

Clarke, Frances L. 

130 South Rd. 

White Plains, N.Y. 10603 

Cochrane, Martha P. 
57 Highland Ave. 
Toronto, Ont., Canada 

Cocuzza, Dianna M. 
53 Yale St. 
Maplewood, N.J. 07040 

Cohan, Richard P. 
160 Hoffman Ave. 
Trenton, N.J. 08618 

Cohen, Ann T. 
36 Overhill Rd. 
Woodbridge, Conn. 06525 

Cohen, Brenda G. 
35 Moreland Street 
Roxbury, Mass. 02119 

Cohen, Donald M. 
466 Lincoln Street 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Cohen, Kalman M. 

34 Earl St. 

Maiden, Mass. 02148 

Cohen, Leah A. 
45 N. Maple Ave. 
Park Ridge, N.J. 07656 

Cohen, Robin Sue 
Box 72 Maple Ave. 
Pine Bush, N.Y. 12566 

Cohen, Wayne R. 
165 West End Ave. 
New York, N.Y. 10023 

Cole, Cynthia B. 
797 Bird Ave. 
Buffalo, N.Y. 14209 

Colella, Arthur J. 

240 Summit St. 

New Haven, Conn. 06573 

Coleman, Donna M. 
321 Alma Real Dr. 
Pacific Palisades, Cal. 

Coleman, Richard W., jr. 
350 Bacon St. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Collins, Arthur]. Ill 


W. Hartford, Conn. 06707 

Collins, Janet Anne 
776 Clarkson Ave. 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226 

Condon, Dermot M. 
269 Spring St. Ext. 
Glastonbury, Conn. 06033 

Connelly, Robert H. 
17 Ericson Street 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Connolly, Christine S. 
63 Independence Ave. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Connell, Eleanor M. 
15 Stanley St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02125 

Cooke, Larry A. 
298A Concord St. 
Eramingham, Mass. 01701 

Coombs, David D. 

13 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Cooper, William E., jr. 

14 Cherry Vale Ave. 
Springfield, Mass. 01108 

Corbo, Joseph A. 
183 Lake St. 
Weymouth, Mass. 02189 

Cordisco, Laurie S. 
205 Little Tor Rd. 
New City, N. Y. 10956 

Corey, Judith A. 
220 Crescent St. 
Rockland, Mass. 02370 

Corrao, Nanette M. 

29 Crosstown Ave. 

W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 

Cosentino, Vincent J. 
23 Spruce Dr. 
Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 

Coulsey, Gerald A. 
300 River St. 
Weymouth, Mass. 02191 

Cowan, Christine 
2514 Fairmount Blvd. 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Cramer, Alan C. 
50 Fairfield Ave. 
Cranford, N.J. 07016 

Crespo, Rudolph L., Jr. 

Box 613 

Balboa, Canal Zone 

Cronan, Regina 
72 Woodland Rd. 
Jamaica Plain, Ma. 02130 

Cronin, Barry G. 
35 Valley View Rd. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Crooks, Thomas N. 
7 Sanlin Ave. 
Norton, Mass. 02766 

Crowley, Jo Ann 
75 Earm St. 
Wakefield, Mass. 01880 

Cullen, William A., Jr. 
45 Calvin St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

Cummings, John G. 

18 Pine Tree Rd. 
Wellesley, Mass. 02181 

Cunningham, Barbara A. 

19 Dresser Ave. 
Chicopee, Mass. 01013 

Cunningham, Norman L. 
34 Countrywood Dr. 
Morris Plains, N.J. 07950 

Curran, Diane M. 
Athena Way 
Rockport, Mass. 01966 

Curren, James J. 
84 Templeton St. 
W. Haven, Conn. 06516 

Cyr, Annette R. 
27 Cedar St. 
Taunton, Mass. 02780 

Czajkowski, Laura J. 
76 Prescott Turn. 
Clark, N.J. 07066 

Dacey, Joseph P. 
62 Marvin Ave. 
Franklin, Mass. 02038 

Dacey, Robert B. 
111 Otis St. 
Milton, Mass. 

Dachenhausen, Patricia 
P.O. Box 78 
Ruby, N. Y. 12475 

Dale, John J., Jr. 

1984 Greenwood Ave. 

Trenton, N.J. 08609 

Dalessio, Richards. 
88 Orange St. 

Springfield, Mass. 01108 

Daly, Michael J. 
25 Salt Marsh Lane 
Pocasset, Mass. 02559 

Dancey, Michael]. 
62 Patterson Ave. 
Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701 

Danton, Bernard C. 
118 Bartholdi Ave. 
Jersey City.N.J. 07305 

Davidov, Wendy J. 
8002 Whittier Blvd. 
Bethesda, Md. 20034 

Davies, Debra 
50 Butler Rd. 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 10583 

Davis, Deborah 
33 Shorelands Dr. 
Madison, Conn. 06443 

Davis, Ellen P. 
28 Harrison St. 
Taunton, Mass. 02780 

De Cabia, Thomas S. 
38 Renwick Ave. 
Huntington, N.Y. 11743 

De Feo, Neil A. 
58 Davis St. 
Maiden, Mass. 02148 

De Fillipo, James F. 
214 Third Ave. 
Pelham,N.Y. 10803 

Delorme, Thomas L. Ill 
1057 Brush Hill Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

De Palma, Edward F. 
131 Cornell Ave. 
Hawthorne, N.J. 07506 

De Paolo, Anthony L. 
138 Walton Pk. 
Melrose, Mass. 02176 

De Vaughn, Burnis C. 
22 Central Dr. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

De Vincentis, Joseph A. 
39 Webster St. 
Maiden, Mass. 02148 

Del Grosso, Michael 
1 Ashmont Ave. 
Newton, Mass. 02158 

Delaney, James E. 
48 Common St. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Dellapaolera, Elizabeth 
281 School St. 
Watertown, Mass. 02172 

Deloatch, Eugene 
75 Hansborough St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02124 

Denis, Rona Rita 
76 So. Stone Ave. 
Elmsford, N. Y. 10523 

Deniz, Carol Ann 
636 South Precinct St. 
E. Taunton, Mass. 02718 

Dervan, Peter D. 
207 High St. 
Newburyport, Mass. 01950 

Desmond, Paul L. 
133 Richland Rd. 
Norwood, Mass. 02062 

Desrosiers, Joseph D. 
35 Madison Ave. 
Cambridge, Mass. 02140 

Dick, Donna K. 
13 Burnside Rd. 
Needham, Mass. 02194 

Dickson, Elizabeth 5. 
Learning Center 
Curry College 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Di Paolo, Annette M. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

Dillof, Richard A. 
24 Farmstead Lane 
Brookville, N.Y. 11545 

Dippert, Thomas M. 
59 Concord Rd. 
Needham, Mass. 

Do/an, Eileen E. 
82 Paddy Hill Dr. 
Rochester, N.Y. 14616 

Doolittle, William C. 
79 Columbia Dr. 
Milford, Conn. 06460 

Dorman, Robin S. 
1 Oxford Circle 
Broomall, Penn. 19008 

Doscher, Richard C. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Dowd, Joan M. 
18 Pinedale Lane 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Dower, Theresa A. 
81 Fox Meadow Lane 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Drossos, Marguerite M. 
459 So. Main St. 
Bradford, Mass 01830 

Duca, Doris Anne 
95 Greglawn Dr. 
Clifton, N.J. 07013 

Dudasik, George R. Jr. 
20 Marlboro Rd. 
Clifton, N.J. 07012 

Du Fine, Elaine V. 
445 East 80th St. 
New York, N. Y. 70027 

Dukas, George C. 
74 Berlin St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Dultz, David 
76 Thorpe Lane 
Plain vie w, N.Y. 11803 

Dunbar, John 
98 Bedford St. 
Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Dunbar, Constance R. 
19 Hersey Ave. 
Whitman, Mass. 02382 

Falcone, Charles F. 
18 Narragansett Ave. 
Westerly, R.I. 02891 

Fallon, Robert E. 
999 Brook Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Fancy, Mark A. 
41 Mass. Ave. 
Danvers, Mass. 01923 

Faulkner, Michael R. 
229 Richmond Avenue 
West Haven, Conn. 06576 

Fava, Lawrence F., jr. 
60 Central Ave. 
Braintree, Mass. 02185 

Flynn, Michael E. 
6 Robin Lane 
Wilton, Conn. 06897 

Forbes, Carol A. 

20 Berkeley St. 

So. Weymouth Mass. 

Forte, Christopher A. 
5254 Loughboro Rd., N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20016 

Fortini, Ronald T. 
Hamden, Conn. 06517 

Foster, William B. 
329 Fox Hill St. 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Gallagher, Anne M. 
32 Gary Ave. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Galluzzo, Joseph D. 
110 East St. 
Hingham, Mass. 02043 

Gardner, George E. 

14 William St. 

W. Newton, Mass. 02165 

Garner, Barbara S. 

89 Tara Drive 

East Hills, N.Y. 11576 

Garvey, Timothy M. 

84 High St. 

Clinton, Conn. 06413 

Dupee, Lois A. 

35 Holt St. 

N. Chelmsford, Mass. 

Dusza, Anastasia M. 
9 Carmen St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02121 

Edelstein, Fay 
79 Kingsbury Rd. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Favreau, David F. 
105 Beech St. 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Fay, Edward H., Jr. 
52 Green St. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Fay, Jeremiah T. 

23 Drury Lane 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Fox, Daniel M. 
77 Lincoln Pkwy. 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Fraiola, Thomas E. 
35 Delmore Ave. 
Berkeley Hts., N.J. 07922 

Francis, Linda S. 
Rte. 6, Box 68 
Truro, Mass. 02666 

Gay, Cathy E. 

35 John Daves Lane 

Huntington, N.Y. 11743 

Gelb, Samuel R. 
2128 Coventry Dr. 
Wilmington, Del. 19810 

Geller, Karen S. 
21 Gabriel Rd. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Ellis, Robert H., Jr. 
396 Moose Hill St. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Ellis, William B. 
396 Moose Hill St. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Ellsworth, Kevin L. 
46 Glen Hill Rd. 
Wilton, Conn. 06897 

Ellwanger, Stephen J. 
796 Mona Terr. 
Fairfield, Conn. 06430 

Emerson, Martha L. 
21 Shaw Rd. 
Wellesley His., Mass. 

Engorn, Judith S. 
36 Paradise Rd. 
Swampscott, Mass. 01907 

Evans, Joyce Ann 
27 School St. Place 
Roxbury, Mass. 02119 

Evensen, Richard A. 
1 Valleywood Circle 
Winchester, Mass. 01890 

Everett, Deborah J. 
323 De Molt Ave. 
Teaneck, N.J. 07666 

Fabrizio, John N. 
43 Bemis St. 
Weston, Mass. 02193 

Fecsik, Tina E. 
236 Hemlock Ave. 
Garwood, N.J. 07027 

Feinberg, Andrea L. 
22 Parkfield Rd. 
Scarsdale,N.Y. 10583 

Ferullo, Michael C. 
10 Birch St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Field, Patricia A. 
2 Meadow Vale Rd. 
Burlington, Mass. 01803 

Finegold, Paula M. 
18 Ninth Ave. 
Danbury, Conn. 06810 

Fish, Carolyn E. 
65 Oak Hill Rd. 
Hyannis, Mass. 02601 

Flavin, Michael J. 
58 South St. 
Medfield, Mass. 

Fleischer, Gail E. 

79 Meadow View Rd. 

Wakefield, Mass. 01880 

Fleming, Mary R 
122 Needham Rd. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Fletcher, Brenda D. 
14 Pearl St., Apt. 22 
Dorchester, Mass. 02125 

Frank, Daniel R. 
25 Woodcliff Rd. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Franzblau, Susan D. 
100 Stone Hill Rd. A 1 
Springfield, N.J. 07081 

Frappier, Michael R. 
314 Wood Ave. 
Woonsocket, R.I. 02895 

Frasca, Paul A. 
36 Pine Court 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Freeman, Alan 
33 Manley Terr. 
Maplewood, N.J. 07040 

Frenz, Gary R. 
41 Fletcher Ave. 
Byram,Conn. 10573 

Freundlich, Lisa H. 
140 Hepburn Rd. 
Clifton, N.I. 07012 

Frick, Henry E. 
4 Revere Rd. 
Riverside, Conn. 06878 

Friedland, Dona E. 
3Sadore Lane 

Friedman, Meryl 5. 
706 So. Baltimore, Ave. 
Ventor, N.J. 08406 

Gibbs, Laura J. 
Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Gibson, Gary C. 
58 Glen Park Rd. 
E. Orange, N.J. 07017 

Giguere, David C. 
155 Oak St. 
Gardner, Mass. 01440 

Gillis, Christopher R. 

494 E. Centre St. 

W. Bridgewater, Ma. 02379 

Gilmore, Jacquelyn M. 
187 Sport Hill Rd. 
Easton,Conn. 06612 

Giromini, Nancy 
11 Morgan Ave. 
Medford, Mass. 02155 

Gleason, Scott F. 
89 Lamoille Ave. 
Bradford, Mass. 01830 

Gohs, James R. 
841 Redmill Ct. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 

Gohier, Charles G. 
Ville D Esterel 
St. Margeritte 
Quebec, Canada 

Goldman, Marjorie Ann 
55 Clements Road 
Newton, Mass 02158 

Fagelbaum, Laurie 5. 
725 Westwood Drive 
Westbury, L.I., N.Y. 11590 

Flynn, Maryellen 

791 E. 4th St. 

So. Boston, Mass. 02127 

Furnans, Jacqueline W. 
27 Water St. 
Mattapoisett, Mass. 

Goldsmith, Katherine A. 
375 West End Ave. 
New York, N.Y. 10023 

Goldsmith, Michelle C. 

37 Wren Dr. 

East Hills, N.Y. 11576 

Goodman, Roni Susan 
20 Ofal Drive 
Plainview, N.Y. 11803 

Goodwin, Bruce C. 
1117 Sunset Ave. 
Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 

Gordon, David W. 
856 Eggert Rd. 
Buffalo, N.Y. 14226 

Gordon, James 
6 Horton St. 
Salem, Mass. 10970 

Gordon, Mark 
30 Barrett St. 
Maiden, Mass. 02148 

Gordon, Peter I. 
Round Hill Lane 
Sands Point, N.Y. 11050 

Gottfried, Betsy K. 
291 Earm Lane 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Grable, William C. 
2 Elizabeth Place 
Ar monk, N.Y. 10504 

Gratz, Clifford B. 
745 River St. 
Mattapan, Mass. 

Grayson, Jeffrey M. 
1172 Tice Place 
Westfield, N.J. 07090 

Green, Carol E. 
4 Winchester, Terr. 
Winchester, Mass. 01890 

Green, Robin L. 

1036 Lovell PI. 

No. Brunswick, N.J. 08902 

Greenberger, Belle 
26 Wallace Dr. 
Plainview, N.Y. 11803 

Greenburg, Gail B. 
6 Wentworth Rd. 
Natick, Mass. 01760 

Greenhalgh, Joan E. 
59 Washington St. 
Ipswich, Mass. 01938 

Grey, Ramona L. 
114Pinecrest Dr. 
Hastings On Hudson, N. Y. 

Grieco, Susan L. 
Box 304 
Katonah,N.Y. 10536 

Gripman, Suzanne R. 
67 Harrington Ridge R 4 
Sherborn, Mass. 01770 

Grocott, James S. 
607 Greenway Ave. 
Trenton, N.J. 08600 

Grosse, Ellen 

150 Sandy Valley Rd. 

Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Grzelcyk, Joseph 
75 Per r in St. 
Charlestown, Mass. 

Gruber, Harriet V. 

120 West 52nd St. 
Bayonne, N.J. 07002 

Guilderson, Jacqueline 
37 Clenhill Rd. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

Gutkin, Leonard S. 
2119 Orchard Terr. 
Linden, N.J. 07036 

Hackett, Joseph P. 

63 Landseer St. 

W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 

Hahon, Linda J. 
140 West Ninth St. 
Bayonne, N.J. 07002 

Haine, Walter A. 

121 Connecticut St. 
Westfield, N.J. 07090 

Hall, Robert M. 
Cranberry Road 
Pembroke, Mass. 

Hall, Scott B. 
7 Priscilla Rd. 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Hallett, Susan M. 
Heyburn Rd. 
Chaddsford, Pa. 19317 

Halsey, Cynthia C. 
Harkness Rd. 
Amherst, Mass. 01002 

Hand field, Virginia A. 
148 Dillon Lane 
Swansea, Mass. 02777 

Harper, Ricky L. 
104 Cherry St. 
Milford, Del. 19963 

Harris, Howard R. 
76 Sleepy Hollow Rd. 
Portchester, N.Y. 

Hart, Lorraine A. 
457 Centre St. 
Newton, Mass. 02158 

Hatayodom, Thomrat 
29 Centre St. 
Watertown, Mass. 02172 

Haugh, Thomas E. 
1900 Riverview Ave. 
Wilmington, Del. 19806 

Hayes, John F. 
149 Robbins St. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Healey, Jane M. 
32 Perthshire Rd. 
Brighton, Mass. 02135 

Hecht, Robert A. 
194 E. Bergen PI. 
Red Bank, N.J. 

Heebner, Karen D. 
8120 Dunsinane Ct. 
McLean, Va. 22101 

Henderson, Vivian F. 
55 Forest Rd. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Henderson, Edmond L. 
11 Ridgehill Rd. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Hennessey, Ann M. 
115 Nonantum St. 
Newton, Mass. 02158 

Heron, Patricia A. 
41 Hopedale St. 
Ho pedal e, Mass. 

Herson, Wayne 
62BoylstonSt.,Apt. M12 
Boston, Mass. 02116 

Hettich, George T. 
6 Foster Rd. 
Tenafly, N.J. 07670 

Higgins, Charles R. 
8 Captain's Walk 
Quincy, Mass 02169 

Hill, Deborah 

881 Main St. N. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Hill, Muriel G. 
1 Palmer Rd. 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Hills, Holden F., Jr. 
Box 230, Curry College 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Hirsch, William A 

201 Devon Rd. 
Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077 

Hobbs, Reginald G. 
225 Chestnut St. 
Cambridge, Mass. 02139 

Hogan, Leigh A. 

202 Mayflower Lane 
Meriden, Conn. 06450 

Holley, Kevin C. 
1566 Regal Ave. 
Schenectady, N.Y. 12309 

Homayounfar, Amir P. 
Ave. Shemiran Str. 
Ahar 23 
Teheran, Iran 

Hooper, Deborah M. 
RD 2, Box 492 
Flemington, N.J. 08822 

Hopfe, Justin J. 
331 Dedham Ave. 
Needham, Mass. 02192 

Horner, Wayne J. 
136 Cross Hill Rd. 
Millington, N.J. 07946 

Horton, Jeffrey L. 

79 Brixton Rd. 

Garden City, N.Y. 11530 

House, Jeremy C. 
Loomis School 
Windsor, Conn. 06095 

Hovorka, George B. 
674 Brush Hill Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Hovorka, John, Jr. 
674 Brush Hill Road 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Hubbell, Gail E. 
20Schofield Rd. 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Hughes, Allan J. 
138 Millard Ave. 
Yonkers,N.Y. 10708 

Hungerford, Nancy A. 
101 Boulter Rd. 
Wethersfield, Conn. 

Hunt, Edward V. 

31 Pleasant St. 

Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Hunt, Gretchen D. 
4 Brookdale Rd. 
Newtonville, Mass. 02160 

Hunt, Martha L. 
27 Dewey Ave. 
Fairport, N.Y. 14450 

Hunt, Sharon S. 
4 Brookdale Rd. 
Newtonville, Mass. 02160 

Hurvitz, Karen A. 
76 Pilgrim Rd. 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Ingraham, John A. 
38 Fresh River Ave. 
Hingham, Mass. 02043 

Isaksen, Mark A. 

120 Rockland St. 

S. Dartmouth, Mass. 02748 

Iverson, Mark W. 

121 Wentworth St. 
Dedham, Mass. 

Jackson, Albert Jr. 
25 Wyoming St. 
Roxbury, Mass. 02121 


Jackson, Ruth E. 
43 Butler Ave. 
Stoneham, Mass. 02180 

Jackson, Timothy P. 

34Edgemont Ave. 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06770 

lacobson, Paula L. 
7 Dean Rd. 
Marblehead, Mass. 07945 

lamieson, Robert]. 
597 Russell Avenue 
Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 

Jantarach, Sir! 
Royal Thai Embassy 
1906 23rd St. N.W. 
Washington, DC. 20008 

Jayson, Daniel R. 

538 Cedar St. 

Scotch Plain, N.J. 07076 

Jobson, Brian F. 
Mallard Point Rd. 
Essex, Conn. 06426 

Joel, Suzanne 

47 Chernucha Ave. 

Merrick, N.Y. 77566 

Johnson, Daniel D., jr. 
17 Hillsview St. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Jones, John P., Jr. 

7 Martin St. 
Stamford, Conn. 06902 

Joy, Judith E. 
54 Bay State Ave. 
Somerville, Mass. 02144 

Judge, Robert S., Jr. 
66 Appleton St. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Kaffey, Susan 
29 Beaumont Dr. 
New City, N.Y. 10956 

Kahn, Jerrold P. 

8 MarwoodSt. 
Albany, N.Y. 12209 

Kalutkiewicz, Robert W. 
598 Beech St. 
Boston, Mass. 02131 

Kaminski, Kathy A. 
47 Greenwich Way 
Mil ford, Conn. 06460 

Kammerer, William T., Jr 

Rt. 124, Box 11 

So. Salem, N.Y. 10583 

Kamp, Marsha A. 
329 Edwards Dr. 
Fayetteville, N.Y. 13066 

Kaplan, Saul 

228 Woodard Ave. 

Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Karlin, Barry E. 
68 John St. 
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 

Karmelin, Steven R. 
11 Rockwood St. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Kasaras, Stephen J. 
238 Stevens St. 
Marlboro, Mass. 01752 

Kaschuluk, Paul A. 
92 Willington Ave. 
Stafford Spr., Ct. 06076 

Katz, jodine A. 
215 No. Woods Dr. 
So. Orange, N.J. 07079 

Kaye, Sharon W. 
6 Abernathy Rd. 
Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Kaznocha, Edward F. 
15 Willard, St. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Keefe, Stephen A. 
745 River St. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 

Keith, Lucinda L. 
15 Pondview Circle 
Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Kelleher, Robert J. 
75 Clay Spring Rd. 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Kelley, Carolyn A. 
543 Brook Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

Kelley, Glenn James 
120 Gaslight Dr. 
Weymouth, Mass. 

Kelly, Kathleen A. 
34 Sunnyiside Rd. 
W. Orange, N.J. 07052 

Kelly, Theodore A., Jr. 

Sickleton Rd. 

RED Orangeburg, N. Y. 1096 

Kelso, Thomas D. 
13 Erregger Terr. 
De Witt, N. Y. 13224 

Kepnes, Stuart 
1600 Beacon St. 
Brookline, Mass. 02145 

Kestenberg, Susan C. 
29 Dunbar St. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Keyes, James D. 
128 Chittick Rd. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Kidd, Kimberly 
58 Vernon Rd. 
Scituate, Mass. 02066 

Killin, Jay B. 
257 Barnard Rd. 
Larchmont, N. Y. 10538 

Kimiachi, Bigan 
15 Berkeley Street 
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 

King, Ellyn 

10 South La Salle St. 

Chicago, Illinois 60606 

King, Gregory T. 
54 Wayland St. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

King, Paul R. 
32 Auckland St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02125 

Kinney, Patricia A. 
5 Brandagee Ave. 
Branford, Ct. 06405 

Klein, Hope R. 
5 Falmouth Rd. 
Cranston, R.I. 02920 

Klein, Janet L. 

134 Summer St. 

Hyde Park, Mass. 02138 

Kobayashi, Go 
Hasuike Takatsuka 
Kamimura Hamana 
Shizuoka, Japan 

Koczera, Jan 

78 Orchard St. 

New Bedford, Mass. 02740 

Koletsky, Charles J. 

170Judwin Ave. 

New Haven, Conn. 06515 

Kohlenberger, Randel H. 
1690 King St. 
Fanwood, N.J. 07023 

Kongruengkit, Kiattisa 
Royal Thai Embassy 
Student Department 
Washington, D.C. 20008 

Korzniok, Maryann 
38 Applegate Rd. 
Fairfield, Conn. 06430 

Kostandin, Christine M. 

30 King Hill Rd. 
Braintree, Mass. 02185 

Kostopoulos, Peter A. 
147 Scituate St. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Kot, Rachel 5. 

41 Commonwealth Ave. 

Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Kraimer, Marsha L. 

31 Mohegan Dr. 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Krasnoff, Steven 
84 Warfield Ave. 
Hull, Mass. 02045 

Kraussman, Barbara A. 
363 So. Middletown Rd. 
Nanuet, N.Y. 10954 

Krawitz, Susan R. 
38 06 Garvey Place 
Fairlawn, N.J. 07410 

Kreimer, Ester 
168 Plain Dr. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Kron, Carol L. 
1109 Prospect Ave. 
Melrose Park, Pa. 19126 

Kudla, Carolyn I. 
28 Berkeley St. 
Lawrence, Mass. 01841 

Kunkel, Henry G., Jr. 
35 Homesdale Rd. 
Bronxville, N. Y. 10708 

Kupferberg, Kenny S. 

95 Highwood Rd. 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Kusche, Jeffrey H. 
24 Windover Dr. 
Hamburg, N. Y. 14075 

L'Hommedieu, James E. 

Cottage 207 

Sea Island, Ga. 31561 

Lager, Kay A. 

41 Parkside Way 

No. Kingstown, R.I. 02852 

Lally, Michael J. 
372 Harristown Rd. 
Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 

Lamb, Judy A. 
82 Empire Street 
Allston, Mass. 02134 

Langlois, Lionel W. 
220 Nichols St. 
Norwood, Mass. 02062 

La Pensee, Michael G. 
84 Mechanic St. 
Foxboro, Mass. 

Lasoff, Roseann 
194 Woodland Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Lawton, James F. 
24 Hallmark Dr. 
Woburn, Mass. 01801 

Leary, Carol 
1 Jamaicaway Ct. 
Jamaica Plain, Ma. 02130 

Leavey, Kevin R. 
317 Battle Farm Dr. 
Brockton, Mass. 02042 

Le Blanc, Paul V. 
50 Churchill Dr. 
Norwood, Mass. 02062 

Ledoux, Normand D. 


E. Bridgewater, Ma. 02333 

Lee, Hong K. 
Dalsung Ind. Corp. 
1182 Broadway 
New York, N.Y. 70007 

Lee, John j. 

Horse Shoe Hill 

Pound Ridge, N.Y. 70576 

Lehr, David T. 
200 No. Main St. 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Lenson, Mark 
607 Walnut St. 
Newton, Mass. 02160 

Leopairojna, Pratuan 
Royal Thai Embassy 
Student Dept. 
Washington, DC. 

Letarte, Carol A. 
34 Hillside Ave. 
Salem Mass. 01970 

Le Van, William C. 
90 Kettle Creek Rd. 
Weston, Conn 

Levinson, Rachel L. 
29 Lincoln St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

Levy, Sharon L. 
63 Deborah Rd. 
Warwick, R.I. 02888 

Lewis, Deborah S. 

4 Ridgemont Dr. 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Lewis, Wylee Ona 

7020 Stafford Rd. 

Valley Stream, N.Y. 11580 

Linden, Christine 
2249 Garden Dr. 
Avon, Ohio 44011 

Linowes, Susan j. 
9 Wayside Lane 
Scarsdale,N.Y. 10583 

Lindstrom, Laurie E. 

5 Seneca Trail 
Wayne, N.J. 07470 

Linsky, Paula M. 
102 Warren Ave. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02130 

Lipton, Judith A. 
40 Random Rd. 
Fairfield, Conn. 06604 

Lizak, Janet C. 
Div. of Child Guardian 
600 Washington St. 
Boston, Mass. 

Loftus, Diane M. 
1254 Brook Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Loiselle, Paulette R. 
76 Wintergreen Lane 
Wethersfield, Ct. 06109 

Lombari, Linda L. 
100 Gainsborough St. 
Boston, Mass. 02115 

Lorge, Bruce M. 
9 Cherbourg Ct. 
Potomac, Maryland 20854 

Lorusso, Mary E. 
79 Common St. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Lukens, James W. 
308 Elm Ave. 
Swarthmore, Pa. 19081 

Luongo, Joseph P. 
29 Norman Rd. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Lurie, Glenn D. 
8 Arlene Court 
Short Hills, N.J. 07078 

Lynch, Maureen M. 
62 Pearl St. 
Middleboro, Mass. 02346 

Macaulay, Stephen J. 
19 Bayberry Hill Dr. 
Cumberland, R.I. 02864 

MacDonald, Robert B. J. 

210 Dana Ave. 

Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Mac Leod, Norman W. 
7 Concord Ave. 
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 

Mac Leod, Gay E. 
184 East Choir Ln. 
Westbury,N.Y. 11590 

Macomber, Douglas E. 
542 Delano Rd. 
Marion, Mass. 02738 

Mac Pherson, Bruce C. 
48 Rock Meadow Rd. 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Magnetti, Ronald J. 
125 Teresa Lane 
Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543 

Mahan, Patricia M. 
14 Alice Ave. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Malamut, Steven M. 
309 Lynn Road 
Brockton, Mass. 02402 

Mallen, Leslie Ann 

47 Glen Ave. 

Newton Ctr., Mass. 02159 

Malone, Charles 
90 Ellison Park 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Malvey, George C. 
90 Jason St. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Mann, Steven J. 
15 Wilson Dr. 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Mansbach, Kurt C. 
27 Woodside Ave. 
Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Mantey, Michael P. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Marechal, Lawrence P. 
300 Stuyvesant Ave. 
Rye, N. Y. 10580 

Marshall, John E. 
12 Three Ponds Rd. 
Wayland, Mass 01778 

Matthews, Michael J. 
4 Domenica Rd. 
Walpole, Mass. 02081 

Maxwell, Kevin 
49 Neptune Ave. 
Norwalk, Conn. 06854 

Maxwell, Nancy K. 

9 Aspetuck Ave. 

New Milford, Conn. 06776 

Mayer, Patricia D. 
969 Temple St. 
Whitman, Mass. 02382 

McAuliffe, John E. Ill 
105 Golf Edge 
Westfield, N.J. 07090 

McCaffrey, James M. 

210 High 
Brookline, Mass. 02146 

McCartin, Kate A. 
395 Pleasant St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

McCarthy, Elise A. 

70 Tower Ave. 

So. Weymouth, Mass. 02190 

McCartin, Kathleen C 
787 Belmont Ave. 
Lowell, Mass. 01852 

McClory, William J. 
116 Maple St. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

McCorvack, Robert J. 


Bethel, Vermont 

McCormack, John 

211 Cain Ave. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

McCourty, John T. 
593 Heath St. 
Brookline, Mass. 02167 

McLean, Beverly A. 

202 Main St., P.O. Box 163 

Accord, Mass. 02018 

McCray, Marilyn 
84 Audubon Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

McDonald, Mary K. 
9108 Kittery Lane 
Bethesda, Md. 20034 

McElearney, Paul C. 
8 Fain wood Circle 
Cambridge, Mass. 02139 

McEneny, Thomas F. 
1068 Washington Ave. 
Pelham,N.Y. 10803 

McFaddin, John D. 
222 Comanche Dr. 
Oceanport, N.J. 07757 

McGarry, Christopher 

138 Center St. 

No. Easton, Mass. 02356 

McGrath, Thomas M. 

55 Spencer St. 

Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 10549 

Mclntire, M. Lynne 
58 Meyer Rd. 
Hamilton, Mass. 01936 

Mcintosh, Henry N. 

13 Amelia St. 
Montclair, N.J. 07042 

McKenna, Judith Anne 
Strawberry Hill Rd. 
Bedford, N.H. 03102 

McLea, Elizabeth A. 
63 Freeman St. 
Berkley, Mass. 02780 

McMahon, Kathy A. 
49 Lexington Ave. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

McMullen, Patricia A. 
820 Washington St. 
Hoboken, N.J. 07030 

McNeil, Nell C. 
9 Mitchell St. 
Middleboro, Mass. 02346 

McNeill, Holly H. 
100 Highland Ave. 
Rowayton, Conn. 06853 

McNeill, Stephen C. 

14 Moss St. 
Pawcatuck, Conn. 02891 

McNevin, Alfred C. Ill 
341 Pelhamdale Ave. 
Pelham.N.Y. 10803 

McTavey, Melanie G. 
Old Post Rd. 
Bedford, N.Y. 10506 

Meara, William R. 

695 Main St. 

So. Weymouth, Mass. 02190 

Mechlinski, Steven J. 
16 Adrienne Rd. 
Walpole, Mass. 02032 

Medeiros, Donald R. 

Box 454, Rte. 5 

S. Well fleet, Mass. 02663 

Mee, William 
11 DoaneSt. 
Fairhaven,Mass. 02719 

Meers, Robert J. 
159 Parsons St. 
Brighton, Mass. 02135 

Melone, Anthony R. 
225 Boston Post Rd. 
Weston, Mass. 02193 

Melrose, Polly j. 
16 Manitou Trail 
White Plains, N.Y. 10603 

Menton, Christopher P. 
48 Maverick Square 
E. Boston, Mass. 02128 

Meola, David P. 
700 Vet. Mem. Pkwy. 
E. Prov., R.I. 02914 

Meranda, Albert E. 
278 Arborway 
Boston, Mass. 02130 

Merrill, Daniel R. 
19 Indian Mound Dr. 
Whitesboro, .N.Y. 13492 

Messiter, Christopher 
346 Thunder Hill Dr. 
Stamford, Conn. 06902 

Michelson, Jeffrey C. 

117 Brewster Rd. 

W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Mick, Lucinda J. 
14 Whiting Rd. 
Dover, Mass. 02030 

Miller, John C. 
3710 Moss Dr. 
Annandale, Va. 22003 

Miller, Margaret W. 
134 Circle Rd. 
Syracuse, N.Y. 13210 

Miller, Virginia 
38 Benson St. 
Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 

Mills, John C. 
57 Lake Drive So. 
West Islip, N.Y. 11795 

Mitchell, Patricia E. 
28 Quai Des Ardennes 
Liege, Belgium 4000 

Mitchell, Michael J. 
28 Quai Des Ardennes 
Liege, Belgium 4000 

Mitchell, Robert J. 
North St. 
Blandford, Mass. 

Mitiguy, Frances M. 
209 Winter St. 
Norwood, Mass. 02062 

Molloy, Dan C. 
203 Adams St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Mookhiruntara, Manope 
322 Petchburi Rd. 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Moore, Constance P. 
17Thorton Park 
Winthrop, Mass. 02152 

Moran, Waller H. 
79 Marshall Rd. 
Wellesley, Mass. 02181 

Morano, Denise A. 
Manassas, Virginia 

Morrison, Joan E. 
136 Caterson Terr. 
Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530 

Morrison, Patrick A. 
30 Granville St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02124 

Morrow, John P. 
105 Wellesley Rd. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 13207 

Morse, Dedra E. 
146 Park Forest Rd. 
Cranston, R.I. 02920 

Morsey, Clay L. 
Topping Rd. 
Greenwich, Conn. 06830 

Mostrom, Susan J. 
Plymouth, Mass. 02360 

Moy, Irene L. 
2700 Berlin Tpke. 
Berlin, Conn. 06037 

Moynihan, Maura D. 
235 Cold Spring Rd. 
Syosset, N.Y. 11791 

Mozzicato, Michael J. 
49 Hancock Ave. 
Medford, Mass. 02155 

Mueller, Gregory R. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Murphy, Edward J., Jr. 
25 TrakeySt. 
Dover, N.H. 03820 

Murphy, James G. 

5 Red Oak Lane 

Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 10549 

Murphy, Kathryn Bell 
2 MaloneSt. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Murphy, Kathryn R. 
79 Smith Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

Murphy, Marcia J. 

292 West Falmouth Hgw8 

Falmouth, Mass. 02540 

Murphy, Mark F. 
c/o Miss Flynn 
Prospect Street 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Nagle, William C. Jr. 
160 Brite Ave. 
Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 

Naiman, Jan A. 
382 South Parkway 
Clifton, N.J. 07014 

Nammack, Jerome W. Ill 
78 Westminster Rd. 
Garden City, N.Y. 11530 

Nardone, Gerald J. 
Concord, Mass. 01742 

Naumann, Robert J. 
34 Webb St. 
Weymouth, Mass. 02188 

Navoni, James A. 
14 Saunders Terr. 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Neale, Christopher). 
12903 Partridge Run D9 
Florissant, Mo. 63033 

Needleman, Samuel G. 
32 Sun Valley Dr. 
Worcester, Mass. 01609 

Negro, Andrea A. 

35 Lake Rd. 

No. Branford, Conn. 06471 

Nelson, William H. 
199 Framingham Rd. 
Marlboro, Mass. 01752 

Nemeth, Brenda A. 
34 Voorhees Ave. 
Somerset, N.J. 08873 

Nemtzow, Roberta A. 
175 Boulevard 
Middletown, R. I. 20840 

Nenninger, Barbara A. 
27 La Secla Place 
Berkeley Hts., N.J. 07922 

Neufeld, Ann G. 
1092 Palmer Ave. 
Schenectady, N.Y. 

Nicholas, Jo Ann 
3260 Netherland Ave. 
New York, N. Y. 10463 

Nolan, La Verne M. 
1346 Birch Hill Rd. 
Mountainside, N.J. 07092 

Norris, Stephen J. 
630 Commercial St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

Novack, Sheila A. 

14 Crown St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Nowitz, Gary D. 
180 Nancy Dr. 
Bridgeport, Conn. 06604 

Nugent, Francis W. Jr. 
20Cary Ave. 
Chelsea, Mass. 02150 

Nunn, Linda S. 

15 Mifflin Place 
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 

Nuzzo, Donna M. 
124 Surrey Rd. 
Stamford, Conn. 06903 

Nyberg, Christine E. 

32 Willow Dr. 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 10805 

Oberdorfer, Steven B. 
450 E. Hudson St 
Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 

O'Brien, Joseph C. 
18 Marmion Dr. 
Melrose, Mass. 02176 

O'Brien, PaulS. 
377 Essex St. 
Salem, Mass. 01970 

O'Connell, Charles A. 
Westledge Apts. Apt. 6D 
Norwich, Conn. 06360 

O'Connell, Richard J. 
39 Virginia Rd. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

O'Donovan, RoryJ. 
Queen Apostles Sem. 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

O'Leary, Arthur J. 
32 Hazel St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

O'Leary, Virginia A. 
71 Waldeck Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

O'Loughlin, Kathleen A. 
3 Legion St. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

O'Malley, Brian P. 
Tubbs Springs Dr. 
Weston, Conn 

O'Malley, David F. 
44 Campbell Dr. 
Agawam, Mass. 01001 

Oehrle, Barbara M. 
329 Centre St. 
Segregansett, Mass. 

Ohman, Susan M. 
38 Holmes St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02184 

Oluwa, Taj A. 
2 Oluwa Court 
Isale Eko Lagos State, 

Opinsky, Joanne B. 
47 Mountain Farms Rd. 
W. Hartford, Conn. 06117 

Orenberg, Debraj. 
15 Edward St. 
Canton, Mass. 

Osserman, Harriet A. 
33 Pond Ave. 
Brookline, Mass. 02146 

Pallis, Sylvia A. 
84 Salisbury Dr. 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Paomer, William T., jr. 
24 Mystic Vlly. Pkwy. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Palzer, David E. 

80 Park Ave. 

New York, N.Y. 10016 

Pappalardo, Leo S. 
14 Puritan Lane 
Farmingdale, L.I., N.Y. 

Paskow, Richard A. 
407 Newtown Rd. 
Littleton, Mass. 01460 

Pastel, Walter A., jr. 
60 Waldeck Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Patteson, Carol L. 
Edgemoor Rd. 
Gloucester, Mass. 01930 

Patterson, lames W. 
315 Rushmore Ave. 
Carle Place, N.Y. 11514 

Paul, Leslie 

289 Stevens Ave. 

jersey City, N.j. 07305 

Pavlik, Susan j. 
134 Holliston St. 
Medway, Mass. 02053 

Pearlman, Marlene F. 
122A Lantern Rd. 
Revere, Mass. 02151 

Pearson, Janet 
71 Hancock Ave. 
Newton, Centre, Mass. 

Peck, Wells F. 

66 Hemlock Ridge 

Kensington, Conn. 06037 

Pelias, Doria L. 

227 Park Hill 

San Antonio, Texas 

Penchansky, Laurie N. 
6 Lincoln Parkway 
Bayonne, N.). 07002 

Perel, Suzanne P. 

366 Van Nostrand Ave. 

Englewood, N.j. 07631 

Perella, Robert P. 
130 Newbury St. 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Petigrow, Steven R. 
48 Garfield Place 
Maplewood, N.j. 07040 

Phillips, Steven j. 
381 Main St. 
Shrewsbury, Mass. 01545 

Pickell, Stephen A. 
294 Yorktown Rd. 
Somerville, N.j. 08876 

Pircio, Claire M. 

8 Lawn St. 

Brockton, Mass. 02402 

Pironti, Paula A. 

648 Old West Cent St. 

Franklin, Mass. 02038 

Piatt, Maryann L. 
43 Whittemore Rd. 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Plakias, Christopher j. 
757 High St. 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Plunketl, Richard G. 
359 Pleasant St. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Pollack, Neal M. 
5 Cedarwood Rd. 
White Plains, N.Y. 10605 

Poor, Margaret D. 
155 Cherry St. 
Wenham, Mass. 01984 

Posse/, Corinne D. 
Locust Rd., Box 854 
Eastham, Mass. 02642 

Potts, Thomas). Ill 
Central Way 
Rowley, Mass. 01969 

Pozzi, Valerie A. 
01523 SW Mary Failing 
Portland, Oregon 97219 

Prendys, Carol 

127 Pearl St. 

Port Chester, N.Y. 10573 

Quakers, Richard A. 
459 Lenox St. 
Athol, Mass. 01331 

Quintan, Francis X. jr. 
654 Stevens St. 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Quinn, Bradley M. 
80 Plymouth Rd. 
Hanover, Mass. 02339 

Radest, David C. 
683 Taylor Ave. 
Oradell, N.j. 07649 

Ragusan, Richard F. 
173 Academy Place 
W. Hempstead, N.Y. 11552 

Raizner, Susan I. 

346 Vancortlandt Pk. A 5 

Yonkers, N.Y. 10705 

Ramsay, Patrick T. 
26juleann Dr. 
Lanesborough, Ma. 01237 

Ralph, Donna P. 
53 Franklin Ave. 
Rye, N.Y. 10580 

Rankin, Todd F. 
116 E. 30th St. 

New York, City, N.Y. 

Randall, Martha j. 
57 Mountain View Rd. 
E. Weymouth, Mass. 02189 

Rattigan, Kathy Ann 
3 Van Wardt Place 
Tappan, N.Y. 10983 

Reardon, Allen P. 
49 Johnson Terrace 
Rockland, Mass. 02370 

Redmond, Denise 
541 So. Franklin St. 
Holbrook, Mass. 02343 

Reed, James S., jr. 
99 Whitewood Lane 
Rochester, N.Y. 14618 

Reed, Neil Du Puy 
14 Scholars C 
116 N. Brunswick Ave. 
Margate, N.j. 08402 

Reed, Virginia A. 
517 Washington Ave. 
Dunkirk, N.Y. 14048 

Regan, Doreen E. 

Box 30 

Landing, N.j. 07850 

Reich, Michael D. 

18 Victory Dr. 

Sul fern, N.Y. 10901 

Reid, William T. 
2620 Admiral Dr. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Reidy, James R. 
84 Nutmeg Circle 
Bridgeport, Conn. 06610 

Reilly, Frederick! 
309 Central Ave. 
Needham Hts., Mass. 02194 

Reinfeld, jay A. 

55 Speir Dr. 

So. Orange, N.j. 07079 

Reinman, Carl H. 
305 Merrick St. 
Clayton, N.Y. 13624 

Reisman, Anita M. 
201 Island Pkwy. 
Island Park, N.Y. 11558 

Rennell, Michael W. 
Wiltshire Dr. 
Williamstown, Ma. 01267 

Reohr, David A. 
327 Whitehall Rd. 
Albany, N.Y. 12208 

Revotskie, Michael 
68 Rolling Lane 
Weston, Mass. 02193 

Ricci, Anthony R. 
75 Woodfall Rd. 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Rice, Stephen W. 
88 Marlboro Rd. 
Delmar, N.Y. 12054 

Rich, Martha A. 
Saugus, Mass. 01906 

Richards, Douglas S. 
Commission For Blind 
Attn.: Mary jo Ahem 
39 Boylston St. 
Boston, Mass. 02116 

Richards, George M. 
12 W. Patterson Ave. 
Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Rick, Shan' Marlene 
474 Parker St. 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Ritz, William j. 

123 Hanian Drive 

E. Weymouth, Mass. 02189 

Rizzotto, Paul, jr. 
17 Otis Place 
Scituate, Mass. 02066 

Roach, Dennis F. 
48 Savannah Ave. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

Roberts, Karen B. 

106 Broadmoor Rd. 
Cranston, R.I. 02910 

Robinson, Judith A. 
4Remsen Ave. 
Medfield, Mass. 02052 

Roche, Timothy j. 

107 School St. 
Wayland, Mass. 01778 

Rodd, Sill I. 
142 Midgely Dr. 
Hewlett, N.Y. 11557 

Rohe, Edward A. 
54 Dellwood Cir. 
Bronxville,N.Y. 10708 

Roll, Robin R. 
12 Caccamo Lane 
Westport, Conn 

Rollins, Thomas L. 
70 South St. 
Concord, N.H. 03301 

Romanowski, Lillian 
20 fordham St. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Rosen, Sandra D. 
170 Parker St. 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Rosenkrantz, Martin 
1435 Lenox Ave. 
Miami Beach, Fla. 33139 

Rosenthal, Nancy B. 
4215 Hilton Place 
Lynchburg, Va. 24503 

Rosner, Mark S. 

354 West End Ave. 

New York City, N.Y. 10024 

Roth, Ronda Joan 
682 Kildare Crescent 
Seaford.N.Y. 11783 

Rothberg, Michele R. 

2 Olney Place 

Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746 

Roux, Charles J. 
76 Pleasant St. 
Tewksbury, Mass. 01876 

Ruben, Harvey C. 
50 Eckart St. 
Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 

Rowe, Rodney P. 
140 Clover Hill Dr. 
Stamford, Conn. 06902 

Rubin, Paula A. 

76 Powder Hse. Rd. Ext. 

Medford, Mass. 02155 

Rubinetti, Frank A. 
2444 Steusen St. 
Union, N.J. 07083 

Rubin, Leland 

201 Harbor View St. 

Lawrence, N.Y. 11559 

Rubino, Jeffrey K. 
265 Walker St. 
Falmouth, Mass. 02540 

Rule, Hetty 
P.O. Box 253 
Newbury, N.H. 03325 

Russell, Thomas J. 
27 Oldham Road 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Russell, Walter E. Jr. 
27 Oldham Rd. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Saddler, Howard 
79 Elm Hill Ave. 
Roxbury, Mass. 02119 

Salembier, George B. 


Stowe, Vt. 05672 

Salomon, Suzanne M. 
144 Spring St. 
Harrington Pk., N.J. 07640 

Sambuchi, Ralph A. 

19 Fremont St. 
Maynard, Mass. 01754 

Sandberg, Marilyn E. 

100 Truman Rd. 

Newton Centre, Ma. 02159 

San ford, John J. 
13 Knoll Dr. 
Croton, Conn. 06340 

Santagada, Eugenia T. 
37 Taylor St. 
Dover, N.J. 07801 

Santomarco, Louis, Jr. 
1073 Hancock St. 
Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Santonello, Bonnie M. 

27 Fairway Dr. 

W. Orange, N.J. 07052 

Santonello, Brian P. 

27 Fairway Drive 

West Orange, N.J. 07052 

Savage, Samuel S. 

20 Suffolk Rd. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Savas, Stephen I. 
343 Montello St. 
Middleboro, Mass. 02346 

Sawyer, Susan T. 
7 Forest St. 
Gloucester, Mass. 01930 

Scarr, Alexis M. 
1431 Brush Hill Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Schallert, Karla C. 
Rte. 1, Box 563 
Accokeek, Md. 20607 

Schatzow, David C. 
20 Wickapecko Dr. 
Interlaken, N.J. 07712 

Schiffres, Gary 
201 Franklin Ave. 
Island Park, N.Y. 11558 

Schildmeier, Robert 
Holliston, Mass. 01746 

Schlemitz, Kurt F. 
275 Wyndale Rd. 
Rochester, N.Y. 14617 

Schneider, Roger S. 

29 Shadowlawn Dr. 
Livingston, N.J. 07039 

Schoffmann, Daniel 
1168 Blazo Terr. 
Mountainside, N.J. 07092 

Schroeder, Paul R. 
64 Wisconsin Ave. 
Delmar, N. Y. 12054 

Schuelke, Barbara A. 
12X Amberlands 
Croton on Hudson, N. Y. 

Schulze, Robert B. 

30 Boles Rd. 

Marsh field, Mass. 02050 

Schwartz, James L. 
20 Francis Dr. 
Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Schwartz, Richard S. 

71 06110th St. 

Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 

Searcy, Anthony J. 
3768 Bainbridge 
Cleveland Hgts, Ohio 

Seccareccio, Paul J. 
25 Lowell Street 
Andover, Mass. 01810 

Sector, Donald G. 
2244 Coles Ave. 
Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076 

Seilhamer, Susan W. 
28 Kirk Drive 
Pawtucket, R.I. 02861 

Selwyn, Nancy H. 
149 California Ave. 
Freeport, N.Y. 11520 

Setzer, Suzanne E. 
19115 Germantown Rd. 
Germantown, Md. 20767 

Shadduck, Michael D. 
189 Britton Ave. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Shaffer, Michael D. 
845 Boylston St. 
Boston, Mass. 

Shapiro, Amy A. 
4 Fuller St. 
Brookline, Mass 02146 

Shapiro, Lisa A. 
1 Emerson Place 
Boston, Mass. 

Shaw, Arch W. 
Barrington, III. 60010 

Shaw, Bruce W. 
18 Millwood Circle 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Shaw, Daniel 
300 Thicket St. 
So. Weymouth, Mass. 02190 

Shaw, Joseph 
370 Common St. 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Shea, Maureen T. 
28 Bayard St. 
Allston, Mass. 02134 

Sheeran, James Paul 
30 Swan Road 
Winchester, Mass. 01890 

Sheinman, Patti A. 
270 Bixley Heath 
Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563 

Shemnitz, Donald A. 
466 Lincoln St. 
Stoughton, Mass. 02072 

Sheridan, Patricia J. 
715 Euclid Ave. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 13210 

Shink, Norman M. 
166 31 Ninth Ave. 
Whitestone, N.Y. 11357 

Shinn, Richard F. 
Village of Four Seasons 
Uniondale, Pa. 18470 

Shortall, Deborah A. 
775 Washington St. 
Hanover, Mass. 02339 

Shuman, Jill Beth 
21 Barry Street 
Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Silberstein, Lea R. 

15D Brookline Manor, Ap. 3 

Reading, Pa. 19602 

Silver, Bill 
Usonia Rd. 
Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570 

Silva, Luis M. 
73A Dana St. 
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 

Silverman, Ann R. 
18 Ingleside Rd. 
Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Silverman, Stephen 
153 Westchester Rd. 
Newton, Mass. 02158 

Simollari, Martha L. 
192 Mansfield St. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Sinofsky, Susan A. 
362 Newtonville Ave. 
Newtonville, Mass. 02160 

Sirkin, Eliot N. 
36 Herning Ave. 
Cranford, N.J. 07016 


Sirof, Melissa A. 
59 Ridge Dr. East 
Roslyn,N.Y. 77576 

Sisley, Peter K. 
33 Hamilton Ave. 
Ossining,N.Y. 10562 

Sklar, Alan T. 
23 Gaines Rd. 
Sharon, Mass. 02067 

Slavin, Peter T. 
38 Sagamore Rd. 
Stamford, Conn. 06902 

Slavin, Thomas V. 
5 Hitching Post Ln. 
Hingham, Mass. 02043 

Sloate, John A. 
327 Central Park W. 
New York, N.Y. 10025 

Small, Robert A. 

17 Pine St. 

Nantucket, Mass. 02554 

Smith, Barbara L. 
Forst Sewall 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Smith, Edward B. 
103 Steephill Rd. 
Weston, Conn 

Smith, Karen W. 

33 Bellport Lane 
Bellport, L.I. , N.Y. 11713 

Smith, Leslie loan 

34 Beverly St. 

No. Dartmouth, Ma. 02747 

Smith, Marilyn A. 
186 South Walker 
Taunton, Mass. 02780 

Smith, Rudolph O. 
59 Ormond St. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

Sneider, Barry L. 

775 Bryant St. 

Woodmere, L.I., N.Y. 11598 

Snyder, Mark I. 

8 Harris St. 

Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Sobolewski, Dennis 
112 Chestnut St. 
Chelsea, Mass. 02150 

Solazzo, Joanne 

35 Bird St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02125 

Sorrentino, Phyllis 
390 Harvard St. 
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 

Spalty, William K. 
206 Edgemoor Rd. 
Rochester, N.Y. 14618 

Spencer, Meredith A. 
404 Main St. 
E.Greenwich, R.I. 02818 

Spera, Ruth M. 
757 Prov. Hgwy. 
Westwood, Mass. 02090 

Sperber, Lisa K. 
144 West St. 
Newburgh, N. Y. 12550 

Sperling, Edward B. 

17 Plymouth PI. 
Maplewood, N.J. 07040 

Spigel, Louis E 

128 Upland Ave. 

Newton Hghlnd., Ma. 02161 

Stanne, Wendy 

4472 Faraday PI., N. W. 

Washington, DC. 20016 

Stanton, Robert M. 
115 Maxwell Street 
Dorchester, Mass. 

Steele, Leslie S. 
12 Ashland Rd. 
Summit, N.J. 07901 

Steinberg, Spencer E. 

18 Paddington Rd. 
Scar sdale, N.Y. 10583 

Steiner, Richard B. 
130 Ridgewood Rd. 
W. Hartford, Conn. 06107 

Steinfeld, Carol R. 
1102 Wilson Ave. 
Teaneck, N.J. 07666 

Stelzer, Marian S. 
15 Brookside Lane 
Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 10522 

Stevens, Beth J. 

78 Malibu Colony Rd. 

Malibu, Calif. 90265 

Stewart, Mary A. 
Tara Road 
Southboro, Mass. 

Stoddard, Gretchen T. 
7 Emerald Street 
Hingham, Mass. 02043 

Stoliar, Ron 

101 Rue de la Faisander 9 

Paris 16, France 

Stoltz, Ellen J. 

25 Birchlawn Terr. 

Newington, Conn. 06111 

Stone, Elizabeth J. 

41 Judwin Ave. 

New Haven, Conn. 06515 

Strauss, Robert 
100 Redwood Dr. 
Roslyn.N.Y. 11576 

Suhonen, Alan M. 
6 Sparks Ave. 
Nantucket, Mass. 02554 

Sullivan, John Edward 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Sumberg, Ricki D. 
163 Country Club Rd. 
Newton, Mass. 02159 

Summers, William T. Jr. 
20 Kittredge Rd. 
Framingham, Mass. 01701 

Sushman, Susan J. 
54 Fitch Terrace 
Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Swanson, Claire 
239 Park Ave. 
Abington, Mass. 

Swartz, Shelley G. 
443 Manorhill Ave. 
Ontario, Canada 

Swecker, Margot 
380 Essex St. 
Salem, Mass. 01970 

Syombathy, Gail L. 
RED 3, Hicock Dr. 
Southbury, Conn. 06488 

Taeusch, John M. 
4886 River Basin Dr. N. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 32207 

Tally, Marshall D. 
133 Eakins Rd. 
Manhasset, L.I., N.Y. 11030 

Taylor, Candace L. 
RED 2 Beacon Rd. 
Willimantic, Ct. 06226 

Taylor, Jeanne R. 

35 Pleasant Garden Rd. 

Canton, Mass. 02021 

Taylor, Michael E. 
46 Hersey Street 
Hingham, Mass. 02043 

Taylor, Timothy G. 
4 Court Lane 
Dedham, Mass. 02026 

Teets, Robert E. 
44 Porter St. 
Manchester, Conn. 06040 

Tendler, Barbra A. 

20 Bertrand St. 

Old Bridge, N.J. 08857 

Tenuta, Joseph M. 
23 Longvue Ave. 
Westerly, R.I. 02891 

Theofel, Gregory S. 
679 Hunt Lane 
Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 

Thomas, John L. 
725 Jersey Ave. 
Ogdensburg, N. Y. 13669 

Thomas, Virginia L. 
35 Johnston Road 
Dorchester, Mass. 02124 

Thurber, Mary E. 
53 Everett Street 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Timulty, Brian S. 
90 Greenbrier St. 
Dorchester, Mass. 02124 

Tombeno, Carol A. 
34 Emerson Rd. 
Concord, Mass. 01742 

Topham, Linda M. 
4345 Washington St. 
Roslindale, Mass. 02131 

Tortora, Rosario F. 
576 Washington St. 
Weymouth, Mass. 02188 

Toulopoulos, Nicholas 
75 Morningside Dr. 
Arlington, Mass. 02174 

Towle, John J. 
415 Union St. 
S. Weymouth, Mass. 02190 

Townsend, Kalhryn Ann 

43 Ford Road 

So. Weymouth, Mass. 02190 

Trainor, Ann L. 

5 Wesley St. 
Somerville, Mass. 02145 

Treacy, Mary E. 
89 West Lake Dr. 
Weymouth, Mass. 02188 

Trill, Nicholas W. 
25 Montrose Rd. 
Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 

Tuck, Steven A. 

49 Meadowview Rd. 

Milton, Mass. 02186 

Tucker, Donald R. 
1435 Main St. 
Fitchburg, Mass. 01420 

Turchon, Peter III 
45 Greenwood St. 
Sherborn, Mass. 01770 

Tyner, Evelyn L. 

68 Lincoln St. 

West Medford, Ma. 02155 

Tzannos, Patricia A. 

6 Longmeadow Dr. 
Canton, Mass. 02021 

Van Buskirk, William J. 
23 Park Ave. 
Latham, N.Y. 12110 

Van Haur, Jane E. 
Tremont St. 
Duxbury, Mass. 02332 

Van Putten, Nancy I. 
538 Brook Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02187 

Van Steensburg, Bette 
Magazine St. 
Wilmington, Mass. 01887 

Vaniver, Victoria J. 
1311 Fairacres Rd. 
Rydal, Penn. 19046 

Varga, John J. 
121 Woodland Rd. 
Fairfield, Conn. 06430 

Verge, Perry 5., jr. 
93 Medford St. 
Maiden, Mass. 02148 

Verrochi, Elizabeth A. 
29 Bennington Rd. 
Convent Sta., N.J. 07961 

Viola, Stephen M. 
84 Cummings Ave. 
Revere, Mass. 02151 

Vogt, Joyce L. 
42 Chapman Rd. 
Wakefield, Mass. 01880 

Voll, Mark T. 

7 Ledgewood Dr. 

Farmington, Conn. 06032 

Wadden, Elizabeth J. 
49 Vincent Ave. 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Walker, Christopher 
33 Rector Rd. 
Mattapan, Mass. 02126 

Walker, Garret A. 
190 23QuencerRd. 
St. Albans, N.Y. 11412 

Walker, Le Roy L. Ill 
4107 Timber Lane 
Phila., Pa. 19144 

Walker, Linda S. 
585 Bennington St. 
E. Boston, Mass. 02128 

Wallace, David C. 
8 Old Pewter Ln. 
Wethersfield, Ct. 06109 

Wallace, Richard L. 
625 Beacon St. 
Manchester, N.H. 03109 

Warner, Patricia H. 
3121 West Coulter St. 
Phil., Pa. 19129 

Wasson, Carol R. 
17 Cherokee Dr. 
Algonquin Estates 
Averill, Park, N.Y. 12018 

Watanawanavet, Chairoj 
240 Ashmont Street 
Dorchester, Mass. 02124 

Waterman, Linda D. 
1427 President St. 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11213 

Wathey, Wayne C. 
6 Pond Hill Road 
Convent Station, N.J. 

Watson, Buff D. 
Wickaboag Valley Rd. 
W. Brookfield, Ma. 01585 

Webb, Samuel L. II 
105 Edgewater Dr. 
Waltham, Mass. 02154 

Weber, Robert M. 
111 55 77th Ave. 
Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 

Weidner, Mark S. 
7103 Gunpowder Court 
Prospect, Kentucky 

Weiss, Christine 

104 W. Hobart Gap Rd. 

Livingston, N.J. 07039 

Weiss, Janet 

73 Moser Terrace 

Brookline, Mass. 02146 

Wellington, Benjamin 8. 
1041 Brush Hill Rd. 
Milton, Mass. 02186 

Westbrook, Terry C. 
290 Mt. Spring Rd. 
Farmington, Conn. 06032 

Weston, Mary S. 
Crab Grass Hill 
Devon, Pa. 19333 

Whisler, Stephen D. 
Juniper Road 
Fitchburg, Mass. 

Whitaker, Katherine I. 
6 Jockey Hollow Ct. 
Holmdel, N.J. 07733 

Whiteley, Ernest E. Jr. 
Mass. Rehab. Comm. 
628 Pleasant St. 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Wilde, Glenn C. 
5 Wood/awn Ave. 
Hampton Falls, N.H. 03844 

Wilder, Eleanore, L. 
76 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 

Wilder, Fabienne 
Boston, Mass. 02116 

Williams, Alan 
51 Codman Park 
Boston, Mass. 02119 

Williams, Dianne M. 
114 State St. 
Newburyport, Mass. 

Wilton, Wendy A. 
76 Nottingham St. 
Newton Ctre., Mass. 02159 

Winston, Thomas A. 
21 Stuyvesant Ave. 
Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 

Wolf, Lauren I. 
25 Alice Rd. 
Randolph, Mass. 02368 

Wong, Susan J. 
126 Cypress St. 
Brookline, Mass. 02146 

Worley, Sandra A. 
2619 Wyncote Rd. 
Bethel Park, Penn. 15102 

Wronski, Stanley R. 
33 Chestnut St. 
Chelsea, Mass. 02150 

Wrublin, Andrew B. 
345 Broadway 
Lawrence, N.Y. 11559 

Young, Andrea M. 
101 Forest Ave. 
Cranford, N.J. 07016 

Young, Brian J. 
1330 Washington St. 
Braintree, Mass. 02185 

Young, Ralph E. 
89 Forest Ave. 
Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Zang, Joseph B. 

4 Emerald Ave. 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Zappone, Patricia M. 

12 Woodberry Rd. 

New Hartford, N. Y. 13413 

Zatz, Ellen D. 
8 Stagg Dr. 
Natick, Mass. 01760 

Zembrow, Sharon L. 

5 Fieldbrook Rd. 
Marblehead, Mass. 01945 

Zerweki, Kim Martin 
14 Her rick St. 
Winchester, Mass. 01890 

Ziembowski, Lester M. 
53 Bouve Ave. 
Brockton, Mass. 02401 

Zinberg, Scott D. 
1143 MidwoodDr. 
Rahway, N.J. 07065 

Zoll, Marjorie E. 
1 Russell Circle 
Natick, Mass. 01760 



death is hard to explain to a child, 
for it is like an old music box 

that can't be fixed. 
Yet sad as it may be, 
you can still remember the sound 

the beautiful music made as it played. 

— NellC. McNeil — 


SX ':;■, 

Dean George Hermiston 
Academic Dean 

Dean Marilyn Priebe 
Dean of Students 

Mrs. D. Horak 

Mrs. L. White 

Faculty Not Pictured 
Dr. Gavin 
Mr. A. Perry 
Dr. W. Woofenden 

Miss Crawford 

Mrs. Shriar 



Ruth Jackson 

Ramona Wesel 


Nell McNeil 

Gail Fleischer 
Vice President 

^#i :pf 


if J* 


if" /h? 


* / 







President — Susan Cauper 

Vice President — Connie Moore 

Secretary — Susan Monstrom 






«? \ 

%. Q^-ftQ- Au^ 


President — Martha Simollari (right) 
Vice President — loan Callanan (left) 
Secretary — Paula Pironti (missing) 


^ • \ ' , 


j^BJH^jteat!^*!*^"" * ' " 

p». \f*^i 



c . h ! 



%M. ^ 






The development of a human beinj 
is an obscure 

intricate process . . 

One which may become involved 
throughout parenthood 

avocation or profession 

Anyone who becomes involved 
in the growing 

the maturation 
of a child 
can but marvel at the unfolding 

of a human being 
can but marvel 
at man. 

author unknow to this staff 

So what did you think? 

No student candids, not enough events, too much on one page? 

Yes, these are the faults that I have found — all of which may be corrected. 

For student candids you need student involvement. Where was yours? Why not attend a football game, a 
dance, a special event — there is always something. 

Covering main events at Perry School this year, which were few, could be expanded in the future. A 
dance sponsored by your class, a car wash, or picnic. Consider it. 

And for crowded pages . Hopefully Perry School will be allocated a greater number of pages, therefore 
being able to relate the message clearer. 

You can't do a yearbook section alone! 

Those I wish to extend my personal thanxto, fortheir time and patience,are Tim Garvey and Bill Reid. AlsoBill 
Grable, Randy Kohlenberger and David O'Malley for their photographic work. 
And again my staff with special thanxto Nell McNeil and Lisa Shapiro. 

Gail E. Fleischer 



- 4. 

* . 

* <■ I 


A 4 JL: 

Sands of Time 

^Nestled between the pines of Curfy- Col lege, lay tffeepis 
of four years of our lives. Forever, now our episodes remain 
interlocked with our acquaintances. 
Along the walk of tinj&, the imprints on the sands remain 
only buf*a •shell, while within us constantly reminiscing parts 
of dreams unfolded. 

Achievements scrawled on bits of paper, become overpowe 
the memories locatefcLin our minds. The walk of life is resumed 
once more, in an ... another time. 

But "while in parting leave behind, footprints in the sands of time.