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BY N. TEUBNER & CO., 57 & 59, LUDGATE Hlli. 


Prke Fifteen Sfitllinffs. 

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Committee of Maaa^ment : 
' Treaaureri HENRY B. WHBATLBY, Ebq. 




Rev. barton LODGE. HENRY SWEET, Esq, 


{ With pomer to add Woriert to their numJer.) 
Bankera : 
PSIHCBS Stbbbt, E.C. 

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he Sevtie of Kyi^u, te.. 16M, ed- ^ gym ftm, nari. ud SUnohaflmut, *o., ed. 

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S3. Tha Knijlit da la Toor Landiy (from Freiicli of a.d. 1S7Z), ab. IMO L.D. A FaSher'a Book fu 

hi!< BaiiEbters, e:l. from Hai'I. MS. 1764 and Caiton's vendon, bv Tbooias Wright. St. 

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■VI. W. Skeat, M.A. 10s. W. ■ 
SB; The AllitentiTO Kamanoa of tha BaitniDtiDn of Troy, tranalaled from Guido de Colonna. 

Edited from the uniqne MS. in the Uunterian Museum, Glasgow, by O. Donaldson. 

Esq., [Tid the Rev. G. A, Paiiton, Part I, 109, 3d. 



I A nedder sprent vte of pe sand, A nedder spkong out of fe aond 

j And stalled iame in Ma right hand. And stODg lame in hia lijt hond 

I For he was hurt ful selli eare 12529 He waa hurt aeHy eoie 

1 £«iili gan he cri and rare, £uly he gan to crie & roie 

j Blonand in a littill waj», [ml U He swal ao fasta & wondiily 

', ])at al-mast higan he to diji ; 13532 ])at ahnest bigon he for to dy 

For bittemee he dune hi[m] laid For bittumea douw he him leide 

! And ofte-ayde, " wailewai ! " he said, . And of te weileway he seide 

I " Mi hand es etanged eaie selh I " M;n hond is stongen bitturly 

I Quen iegus herd ]iis leuful cri Whenne ihera herde his reuful cry 

' ^at ^is wieche iames made, 12537 )}at ^is wrecche lames made 

I Till him he jode widvten bade. To him he jede wijiouten ahade 

I And did he him nanojier gin Dud he fere noon ojwre gyn 

j Bot bent hia hand and blev |)ar-in. But hent his hond & blew ^eria. 

Keland he made al hal his hand, So he made al hool his hond 

I And dede ])e worm biaide f ai faud. Deed bisyde |ie worm ^i fond 

[How the ligM of heaven shone on Jeeus aeleep.] 

Ay quen ioaeph was won to wend, IT whenwe'Ioeeph waa wont to wende 

Til ani waiting wid sum ireind, To gestenyng wi)i any ftende 

HJH Bunues war ay wid him bone, Hia sonea went wif b'"' boun 

! lame, ioaeph, iude, and eymiun. 12546 lame Ioaeph lude & symeoun 

I wid him come als his doghters tua, 'With him went als his doojtrea two 

' Mari wid iesaa come alsua, Marye wi}i ihe«ud coom also 

And wid hii mari cUophe, And wi]> hii maiy cleopbe 

]rat an waa of fw aistris thie, 12550 ]}at oon was of )io sistres )>re 

(For TT leued bad aistris tnin, Two sisltes had onre lady we fynde 

^t i sal eif in make of min). As wo shul afbir make mynde 

Quen f is meigne was gediid samen, whenne f is meyne was gedeied samea 

All Jiai wanted ftai gastii gamene, Alle hem wantud goostly gamen 

Til fat iesus waa come» in place Til ihesu was comen in place 

To giue faim bliaaing of his face. To jiue him bleaayng of his face 

For ar jiat he wid faim wai eett^ Ar he wif hem were aet in eete 

Noufit wild fai drinc ne ett, 125S8 wolde fei noujier drynke noi ete 


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722 HIS fribkhb wattbd pob hib biessinq oh food and drink, thxt held 


Ife brek )jair biode, ne tast fail mes 
Til lie war cummeu til ]>aii dea. 
And til him-selaen war on stad 
And wit beniscun {vaim badd, 12662 
And if he war fra hame fat tide, 
Til fat he com all suld {lai bide. 
And quea he sold to manscip ga, 
Maria, loBep, hie brefer al sua, — 
losep STins i neuend faim ar, — 12367 
All fai felascip him bar, 
)iii men held I^js hjf dai a,7id night 
Befor )<ani als a candel bright, 12570 
^ai him luned and doted ai, 
And quel he Bleped, night or dai, 
f e clemes self o godda %ht 
Schan on him, na enn sa bright 
}re soth it 63 ab i jow sai, [mi. t] 

"We find on-Blep Jtar bet he lai. 12576 

U Jiir are f o bam-hedes Jwt i tald 

Dun ar he was tuelue yeir alld ; 

Eot nu o sum fan sal yee here 12579 

He did qaen he was of tuelue yere, 

Ala lucaa v8 saia Jw goapelere, 

fat wittnes lei ee wont at here. 125S2 

In ierusolem, fat hei cite, 

At a feet was a gret semble, 

All ft godmen com (tat dai, 

Maria and iosep war not a-wai, 12686 

fair frendea wit fam fider soght, 

And yong ieffum wit faim fai btoght. 

Ai quils fis feet was lastand, 

In fe ton war fai duelland. 12590 


ue breke Jiaire biede ne taat faire mese 

til he ware commyn vn-to faiia dese 

& tUle him-seluen ware on atad. 

& wij) his beniaoun ham alle bad. 

& if he ware fia ham fat tide. 

til atte he come aUe anlde bide. 

& quen he solde to manshepe ga. 

mari Joseph his hiefer al-aqua. 

& loseph eones I. neuened jou are. 

aUe )>ai felawshepe him bare. 

he helde faire life day & uijt. 

als hit ware a eandel brijt. 

fea men him loned & douted ay 

& qaefer he eleppod ni}t di day. 

fe clemes enei of goddis b^t. 

ehane on him na eunne aa brijt. 

["The sothe yt ia as I you eay 

"We ffynd on slepe he lay] ^ ^1^°* 

how ihesQS disputed wi)> fe doc- 

"t^er ar fe bamehede fat I. talds 
■• done or he waa xij. jere aide. 
pNow of som ahulle ye here 
Done when he was of x^ yere] 
as luke va sais fe goBpeler 
fat witnes nane hot lele mile beie 
In ierusalem atte fat hey cite. 
atte a feete was grote aembla 
al godemen come fat day. 
mary & losepB was nojt a-way. 
f aire frendis wif ham f idder aojt, 
& jonge ihe^n wif ham f ai bia;t. 
IT ay quilest f is feste was lastande 
in f is toun ware fai dwelland. 




Ke breke fait bred, ne tast far mm, 
Til he war comen to fair dea, 
And till hirn aeloen wai oa stadil 
And vid beniatm faim liadd, 12562 
And if he war fia hame fat tide, 
Till fat he come all suld fai bide. 
And quen he suld to metschip ga, 
Mori and ioseph, his bref ii akua, — 
Toeeph suns I ueneud ;u are, — 12567 
Alls fai felaoschip him bare. 
If ir men helde he lijf dai and night, 
Bifor faim als a candel bright, ^'^' ''^■ 
Jjai bim leued and duted aj, 13571 
And quare he slepe, night or day, 
Jje clerenes self of goddes light 
Schane on him, na aunne so bright. 
))o Both it ea ala i ju Bay, 
■we find fat here on-slepe he lay. 12576 

*By breke her breed not mea taste 
Til he were to hem comen in haste 
And til he were among hem lad 
And wif benesoutt hem bad putf n,iik] 
If he were fro home fat tide 
Til he coom al sholde abide 
whenne he ehulde to meteship go 
Marie Joseph his btef ^ also 
losephis sones as I eeide ore 
Alle felowshipe him bore 
fo folke him helde day & nyjt ' 
Bifore hem as a candel brijt 
psi him loued & douted ay 
And where he elepte ny^t or day 
Jje clerenes of goddes lijt 
Shone on him no Bonne so brijt 
})e aof e hit ia aa I jou eay 
we fynde on slepe he lay 

[Cltrist disputes with the 
^ir ' er his bamhedes fat i tald 
Done er he was tnelne jete aid ; 
Bot un of earn fan sal je here 
He did quen be was o tuelue jere, 
Ala luca vb aaia, fe godspeller, 12581 
fat witnea lele es wont to here. 
In ienMalam, fat hij cite, pi(s.»o*sir] 
At a fest was gret semble, 
Alle fe god men come fat day, 12585 
Mari and ioseph war noght a-way, 
fair freindee wid faim f ider soght. 
And jung iest« wid faim fai broght. 
Ay qnilia fia feste it was lastaud 
In fe tune war fai deaelland. 12590 


Doctors in the Temple.^ 

% Mony are hia childehedes I of tolde 

Done ar he were t^s%lue jeer olde 

Kow of aomme shul je here 

Done whenne be was of twelue jero 

Aa luk aeif va f e goepellere 

J3at trewe witenea ia wont to here 

In ieniaalem fat he;e cite 

At a feest was greet semble 

Alle fe gode men coom fat day 

Marie & Ioseph were not away 

Her frendea wif hem fider eoujt 

jong ihesu wif hem f ei brou^t 

Whil f is feest was lastoude 

Eaer were fei fere dwellonde 




Quen it was don, hamward fai went, quen Mt was done liamwari} ^ai wen.* 

For-gat iesuia wit-vten tent, 12592 & to ihoni toke nane entent. 

For at ^e Tte-cuming o ^e yatte for att« ])e outecommingi of )>* jate. 

He turnd again, Jjai him for-gat; he tamed a-gayne fai him for-gate 

Vn-to fe lues scole he yede, Tn-to fe iewea scole he ^ede. 

And loked on bokes o |)air lede, & lokid on hokis of )iaire lede. 

Desputand tuix faim he aatt, 12697 desputande wttA Jie maistres he satte 

And Jiai him asked mani-quat. & Jjai him asked many quat. 

All J>at in Jie scole war stadd, alle fat in Jiat scole was stad. 

For ferli of his wiit war madd Jie best elerkis ware maste mad. 

Jiis child Jiat was aa jiing, 12601 of fis childe faX was so ;oi^e. 

Gain his resun had naman tirng. agayne his resoun had na man tong* 

Wit )ie gret maisters fei he bade wi]> J>e maistris {ins he bade. 

Til maiia had hir iome made, 12604 til marl had hir iournay made. 

J)an at pe first on him thoght sco, fen atte first on liim fojt ho. 

Eot SCO wist neuer quat for to do. hot ho wiste neuer quat for to do. 

Vnquemli was )>ai can him quoin, bot certis hit is nojt to layne. 

loseph and maiia tumd a-gain 12608 losepll & mari went a-gayue. 

To seke him, fare his iieindes wit, to seke Tiim fare his frendia wif . 

Ouer all a-bute fan in far kyth ; ouer alio a-boute ham in f aire kif . 

Sua lang a-bute fan had man gan IT Sqna lange a-houte had mari gane. 

fat weri was sco bath lith and ban, fat wiry was ho lif & bane. 

And fa^fo^ right na ferli war, 12613 & far-fore rijt na ferli ware, 

f of fat hir hert war gloppend sat. if hir hett ware gloppened sare, 

Sco com vn-til a acole gangand, ho come in-tille a scole gangande 

A gret gadlring far-in sco fand a grete gedderingi fer-in ho iande. 

O fe maisters o f e lagh, 12617 of grete maistris of fat lag&. 

Wit f aim ieeum. sco sittand sagh, & wif ham setande ihemia ho sagh, 

fe best maisters o f e tun f e best maiater of alle fat toun. 

He gaf faim rede all reauiL 12620 he ham ansqnared wif gode resoun. 

fan said his moder til him f us, ^J^"' H fen saide his moder til him f ua 

" Lene sun, qui has f ou gloppend hus 1 leue sone qny has fou gloppened vs. 

fi fader and i has mani wais fi fader & L lu many way. 

Soght fe abute this thre dais 12624 sojt fe a-boute fia lange day. 

Wit heui hert and druppand chere. wif heuy hert & dioupande chere. 

Qui did fou f us mi leif and dere % " quy dide fou f ua my aone dere. 




Quea it was done hame })ai went, 
And foigat ienu widvten tent, 12993 
For at p6 vtecomirig of Jib jate, 
He tamed again, fiai him foigate. 
vnto fie juus folk he pde, 
And loked on hokea of fair lede, 
Deaputand tuix Jiaim he satt, 12597 
And )iai him onsuerd maniquatt. 
AUe ])at in )iat folk war etadd. 
For farli of hia wit war madd, 
Of fia child Jiat was eua joung 12601 
Again his resnn liad naman toi^. 
wid fe grete maistria Jma he badd 
TiU maii had hir iomai made, 12G01 
])an at Jie £rist on him toght acho, 
Bot wist echo neuer qoat to do. PmL tj 
^vm^aeinteU was ^ gun Mm quaine, 
loseph and man paim turned againe 
To sek him, Jiar his ireindes wid, 
Oaer-alls abonte Jiaim in ])at kid. 
Sualanga-boutehadmarigane 12611 
Jiat weri was scho, lith and bane, 
And J»ar-of na ferli if it ware, 
If hir hert was giopend sare. 12614 
Scho come into a akole gangand, 
A gret gedering J>ai-in scho fand 
Of maistris of Jtair lawe, ' 
wid {laim scho iesus sittand eawe, 
ya beat maistria of ))at tune, 12619 
He gaae Jiaim all redi lesane. 
pan said hia moder til him jms, 
"Lena aun, qui has Jm glopened vsl 
Ji fader and i has mani waiea 
Soght J» abute |)ir thre dais, 12624 
wid dionpand hert and aari cheie. 
Qui did pn f ns, mi lef and deie ) " 


Whenwe hit was done hoom Jiei went 
And format ihera wijiouten tent 
At ))e out comyng of ])e gate 
He turned a3e7n )iei him formate 
Ynto Je iewes folke he jede 
And loked on bokes of her lede 
Diaputyng among hero he sat 
And Jiei him vnswered mony what 
Allc fat in fat folke were stad 
For wondir of his wit were mad 
Of [>is'childe fat was so }onge 
A^eyn his lesonn had no mon tonge 
Among his moistiis Jius was he ay 
Til mary had made hlr ionmay 
)}enne fiust on him Jioujte sho 
But wist she neuer what to do 
))ei hem bijfonjte in certeyne 
loseph & matye turned ajeyne 
To aeke him yere his frendes wi)i 
Oner al aboute in )<at kip 
So longe bad marye aboute gone 
J)ot wery was she lijijje & bone 
And him ahe dred wondii sore 
And was afcrde in hert Jie more 
IT Into fe Bcole she eoom goonde 
And greet gcderynge Jier in fonde 
Of wise maistris of fat lawe 
Wif hem sittynge ihe«u ahe saw© 
pe beste maiaths of fai toun 
He jaf hem alle ledi resoun 
His modir seide to him {lus 
leue son why haatou fered ts 
J)i fadir & I mony wayee 
han fe soujte ))ese fre dayea 
Wip heuy hert & droupenyng ehere 
Whi didestou Jnia leof & dere 


,, Google 


" Moder," he said, " qui soght yee me 1 IT moder he eaide quy Bojt je me. 

And quar-for Buld yee munutad be 1 & qoar-fore sulde je moumande be. 

Ne wat ye nedings most i do 12629 for nede wayes I. moete do. 

Jie thiog (lat falles mi fader to." Jie Jiiag fat fallis my fader to. 

Bot qwat he Trit fis wordea ment, hot quat he wif fis worde ment 

Graithli wist ^ai noght pe entent, ^ai knew nojt ceHayne hia entent. 

Fra pan he-gan to spring pe fame V fra |)en be-gan to spring* ])e fame 

ie«i, ])an he went him hame, 12634 of ihf£u dedis & his name. 

And bar Mm als a bam in dute, & went ham hame wi)>-outen doute. ' 

Til fader and moder vnderlute ; many bad wonder of him a-boute. 

Quar fai wald ledde him, was fiUlet. quidder fai walde him lede was falet& 

Jiai went fam fan to nazareth, 12638 fai went ham. in-to nazaretfi. 

And fot fai comannd wald ot bide & quat fai comande walde or bidde. 

Wit-vten ani strijf he dide. wif-outen any strife he didde. 

In hert his moder a£il hild ai V In hert his moder ful helda ay. 

Al fat SCO herd him do or aai ; 12642 alle atte ho herde him do or say. 

He wex in wijt als was his will, he wex in witte lijt as in wille 

fat moght naman him find wit iU, mijt neuer man him ouer-take wif IL 

For fild he was wit hall gaat. for filled he was wif hsli gaste. 

In nazareth fai soiunid mast, 12646 in nazaret& fai soioumed niaste. 

Ai to iesn was cuwimen neir ay til iheen was eomroyn nere. 

Yn to Jie eild of thritte yeir, in-to f e elde of xxi. jere. 

[ & many meruayles far he did. 

fat ware knawen to many & kidde. 

alle I. hane na tome to telle 

no gap in the MS.] for-quy I, sulde ta lange dwelle. 

fan hiin thoght fe time fat he fen him fujt fat time atte he. oiK,biij 

On cf^ten lai suld baptist be, 12654 in cristen lai walde baptist be. 

Wit cristen lagh fe tronth sold spred wif cristen lagh f e trauf suld sprede. 

Qwar-of hit-efter yee sal here rede. f er-of here-ofter salle L jou rede. 

For ar i far-of tel bigin bot or I. f ar-of telle be-gyhna 

1 sal yow mare tell of his kin, 12658 I ealle jou mare telle of his iyn. 

f e kinr&din of saint Anne. & hir 

fre boaabandig. 

For qtt«n fat ioaohim was dede /~\ uen fat loacbim was dede. 

Anna wit hir fireiudes rede, 12660 x^t anna wif hir frendia rede. 



" Uoder," he said, " qiii soght je me ) He eeide modir whi sou^t je me 

And quaifor suld je moTnand be t Wheifore shulde je monmyng be 

Ne wate ;e nedewaia most i do 12629 Wite je not p&i I moBt do 

^ thing pat fallis mi fader to." )>iiig fat foUe]) mf fadir to 

Bot qnat he wid ]nr wordea ment, What he of ))ese wordes ment 

Graithli wist f ai noght J>e entent. ))ei wiBt not fully )>e entent 

Fra Jian of iesus sprang fe fame, 12(i33 Fro Jienne of ihwu epxong f e noma 

And will his moder he went hame, "Wif his modir he went home 

And bar him als a child in doute, And bar him as a childe in doute 

Till fade*" and moder ynfjerloute ; To fadir & modir for to loute 

Quai ^ wold lede him, was ful etb. How fei wolde lede him was ful ee^ 

})ai went ^m fan to nazareth, 1S638 fei went ^enne in to nazareth 

And all fat euer fai wold him bidd Al fat euer f ei wolde him bid Qtiiin 

■widvten ani atrijf he it didd. Wif outen any strif he did 

In hert his moder stiU held ay 12641 In hert stille helde hia modir ay 

A He fat scho h^d him do or say. Al fat she herde him do or say 

He W6X in wit, ala was his wille. He wex in witt as was hia wille 

fat might na man him find wid iUe, Mijt no mon him fyude wif ille 

For fild he was wid fe hall gast ^^j Filde was he wif f e holy goost 

In nazareth fai aoiorned mast, 12646 In nazareth he soioumed moost 

It to ieaug was comen nere ' Til ihesu was comen nere 

vnto fe elde of thrittp] jere, To f e elde of f ritty jere 

[ [ 

no gap itt the MS."] no gap in tlie MS.] 

fan him toght fe time fat he JJenne him fonjte tyme fat he 

In cristen lay wold baptist be, 12654 In cristen lay wolde baptized be 

wid cristen law fe trouth snld sprede, wif cristen lawe f e trouf e to sprede 

far-of here-after sal i rede. f erof her aftlr shul we rede 

Bot ar i far-of telle bigin, Bnt ar I fej-of to telle higynne 

I sal }ou telle mare of his kin. 12658 I shal joa telle more of his kynne 

[The Progeny of Sainl Anne and her three Suebands.] 

FOr que« f ot ioachim was dede, IT whenne fat loachim was dede 

Anna wid hir feeindes rede Anna wif hir frendea rede 


728 WHKN JOAOHIU [uaRY'B FATUBR] died, anna harried OLEOPKAS ; THIT BAD A 

Waa giuen til a-no^ei huabaad, 12661 

A man ful doghti o )iat land, 

Gleophas it was Ids nam, 

Bath riche o god dede and o fam. 

"Wit Mr he eon a doghter gatt, 

J)0!t maria ala Hr eiater hatt ; 12666 

A man in mariage hie tok, 

Hight alpheus, als sais fe bok. 

Tiia Biina wit hir had alpheus, 

^t wat iosep and iacobaa. 12670 

J)is iacob pat i tell of yow, [m1. (] 

Waa cald |)e brof er of iesu, 

le^n bro)>er cald was he 

For aihred wirechip and bu[n]te. 

Ontinkel was him wit faciun, 12675 

And was o gret religiura, 

Hali line he ladd al-waia. 

Fra he was horn, pe atori saia 1267S 

He dranc neuer cisar ne wine, 

Ife wered neuer clath o line, 

life fleas he ne ete of al and al, 

itTe fined neotr o drightin caU. 12682 

Sua haunted he on knea to lij. 

And for to prai sua I)ienli, 

}iat hes knes wat bolnd sua 

pat he ne moght vunefches ga. 12686 

Sifien come Jie time men wend 

He was fat crist fat auld be send. 

f is ilk iacob fat i of tell, 

Als he stod a dai to spell, 12690 

In ieiusalem waa he slan. 

To paradis his aaul tan. 

V Qtfcn he was ded, ))ia cleophaa. 

Was anna giuen to salomaa ; 12694 

8co waa wit bam and bar in M 

A maiden fat fai cald man. 


was sponsed til a-nof er houshande. 
a dnjti man an of f e lande. 
cleophas was his name. 
baf riche of godes^ & of fame. ^" 
wif hir radU a doghter he gatte. ^^ 
fat man aa hir suster hatte. 
^ A man in mariage hir toke. 
alpheus hijt squa says f is boke. 
twa sones wif hir had alpheus, 
to name had f ai Joseph lacohus. 
f is Iacob as L telle hit jou. 
waa calde f e brof er of ihe^u. 
IT ihesu brofer calde was he. 
for sibberadyu & grete bounte. 


no gap in Fairfax ^ Laud MSS^ 
hali life he led al-wayea 
fra he was borne f e story sais, 
he drank neuer ciset ne wine 
ne vsed na cJafis made of line, 
ne fleaahe he ete of al & alle. 
ne fined neuer on god to calle. 
V Sijua haunted he on knes to ly. 
& for to pray squa If enly. 
fat his knes ware holned squa 
fat he mujt ynnefes ga. ^-^^-.a 
pAftfl)* come that Tyme men wentj 
he were that Cryste fat shulii be send] 
f is ilk Iacob fat I. of telle, 
als he stode a day to spelle 
In ieruaalem was he slayn 
his saule to paradis was tane. • 

Sone oft«r died f ia cleophas. 
fen spoused anna aalomaa. 
ho was wif barn & hare in hy. 
a maydea childe at hejt mary. 


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was genen till a-nofer hosbande, 
A doiight{i] man of fat land, 12662 
Cleophas it was his name, 
IRiclLe of gode dede and fame. 
Sons wid hir a doghtii he gat, 
^at maii als hir siatei hat ; 1 2666 

A man in mariage heir toke,^ C ms. uira] 
Alpbeos hightl, als sais f e boke. 
Tua snna had wid hir alphena, 
fat was ioseph and iacohua. 12670 
fiB iacob, fat i tell of nu, 
vras cald fe hiofer of iera, 
Ie«us bro]ier cald was he. 
For sibred wotschip and bmite. 12674 
Ontinkel till him was wid fiicune. 
And was als of giet religione, 
Hali lijf he lede all wais. 
7ia he waa born, fe stori sais, 12678 
He dianc nener sider ne wine, 
Se nener weid clath of line, 
Ne flesse he ette of all and alle, 
Xe fined neoer on drightin to calle. 
Sua hauntand he on knea to lij, 12683 
[And for to prai sua Ifienli,] 
fat his kneis war bolned sua 
fat Tuethes might be ga. 
Sifen come fe time men wend, 12687 
^He war fat criet fat suld be sende. 
fia ilk iacob fat i of telle, puLt] 

als he stod a dai to spelle, 
In iemsalem was he slane, 12691 

To paradis bis sanl was tane. 
Quen he was dede, f is cleophas, 
was anna giuen to salomas, 
Scfao wex wid child and bar in h^ 
A maiden child, fai cald mari, 12696 

"Was ^ynen to auofer husbonde 
A doujty man of fat londe 
Cleophas was his name 
Riche of good dede & iama 
Soone wij) hir a doi^ter he gat 
fat marye as hii sister hat 
A mon in mariage Mr toke 
Alpheas bet as aeif fe boke 
Two aones bi hir had alpheus 
Jwt was Joseph & lacobus 
fat iacob fat I tell of now 
Was called f e biofer of Iheea 
Ihesu brof er called was be 
For Bibrede woishepe & beaute 


no gap tn the MS.^ 

holy lif he lad alweyes 

Fro he was bom fe story seyes 

He dronk neuer cidre no wyn 

Ne nener wered cloof of lyn 

Flesshe ete nener of al & alle 

he fyned nener god to calle 

him f oujte him self nener wety 

On god on knees for to cry 

His knees f erof were boUen bo 

fat vnnefes mi^te he go 

Aftii coom fat tyme men wende 

He were fat criet fat shulde be sende 

f is ilke Iacob fat I of telle 

As he stood on a day to spelle 

In ierasalem was he alone 

his soule anoon to heuen dud gone 

^ whenne he was deed f is cleophas 

Anna was jyuen t« salomas 

She wex wif childe & bar in h^e 

A mayden childe hett marie 


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Sco was giuen to zebedei, 12697 

A dughti gom galilee, 

Of hit WOT born god dulder tuai, 

^ mikel lam ))at ea to sai, 

fe quilk king berod did to ala. 12701 

|)a tofiei brojier o ^ir tua 

Was sent Ion, Je wangelist, 

fat wel was luued wit lean cmt 

For his mikel dughti-hede, 12705 

And for he lined in maiden-hede, 

All |ie appostells be oner-poBt, 

ThoTu his maiden-hed stedfast. 

In felascip was he ies\i neist 12709 

And lai in slepe a-pon hia breiat, 

And sagh pB priuetis in heuen, 

Wei maa pan man can neuen. 

f Jiis reckining na mar her nu, 

Bot lohn baptist and o iesu, 12714 

Jie aext eild for to bring in place. 

Qufin drigbtin gan to sprad bis grace 

Til bia aun chosUnga treu, [ifTO.bk.coi.i] 

])e teatament higan he neu, 1271S 

Qwar-of sant iohn was measagere 

Jvat bad of halineB oa peer. 

He come be-for wit hia baner, 

|7e cnsten lagh man foito lere, 12722 

I'or saat iobn com als baneur 

Bofor fat hali sauueur. 

I'd in fia ha!i Ion time . 

Was lagh bigun neu of baptim. 1^726 

He taght man first fo^^ak fair ai»n, 

And ana fair baptuae to bigin, 

Thorn quilk we aal to heuen com 

Qa^n Tre o f ia werld es nom, 

If we leli vr lijf wiU lede, 12731 

And we at ending to crist va bede. 


bo was ginen to zebedee. 

a dujti man of galilee. 

of hii was borne cbilder tvay . 

to name lam. an bad I. say. 

fe qnilk king herode dids to sla 

fe tofw brofer of fa twa. 

waa eeint lo&n fe ewangeliste 

fat was squa loued wif ihesu crist« 

for hia mykil duti-hede. 

& for he lined in mayden-hede, 

al fe apoatoles be ouer-paat 

forou bis mayden-hede stedefast. 

V In. felawshepe waa he ihe«u next. 

& lay & slepped on hia brest 

&■ sagh fe prinetia in heynen. 

■wele mare fen any man can neyuen 

Of f is rekkening na mare now. 
of Iohn baptist & of ihesu 
f e Beste elde to bring' in place, 
quen god come to sprede his grace 
til his awen tholing' trew. 

quar-of saynt Iohn was messager. 
fat had of halynes na pere. 
he come be-fore wif his banere 
fe criaten man lagh for to lere. 
for saynt lo&n come as banionr 
be-fot fat haly aaniout. 
IT for in f is haly lohanea time. 
Tras lagh be^nnyn of baptime. 
he ta3t men first for-sake f aire syn. 
& aqua faire baptem to be-gyn. 
forou qnilk we sal til heuen come, 
wif f 6 grace of goddea dome 
If we lelly our life wil lede. 
& atte ending til criate take bede 

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And scho was giuen to zebede, 12697 She was ^yuen to zebedee 

A dughti man of galile. A doujty man of galilee 

Of hir waa bom gode childsr tuai, Of bir were boiS gctde childre twey 

ye mokil iame, ^t es to sal, Mucbel lame )>at ia to aey 

Jie qajik kiBg hoiodes did to Bla ; WMcbe kyng beroude dud to alo 

}ie tofer brojjer of fit tua 12702 Je tofier broftr of Jeaa two 

was aamt iohn, Jw wangelist, . "Was aeynt Ion fe euangelist 

fat waa sua louued wid iesiw crist fat wei was loued wiji ib««u criat 

For.hifl mekil dughti hedtt, For bia mucbel dou3ty dede 

And for be liuod ia maiden ted,e. . And for be lyued in maydenbede 

Alls fe apOBtlis he oufi'T^*! 12707 Alle fie apostles be bem past 

Thoru his maidenbed ated-fast ; Jjourje bis maydenbede atudfast 

In felftttscbip waa he iesH» neist. In felowabipe waa be ibesiw nest 

And lai and slep apon his bieist, And lay & slepte on bis brest 

And saa )>e priuites of heuen, 12711 And aay pe priuetees ful euen 

wele ma pan ani maw can neuen. Moo fen any mon con neuen 

Of f is rekning na mare nu, IT Of f is no more but ojiece here 

Bot of ihon f e baptist a[n]d of lesu, Of Ion baptist & jbe^u dere 

fe sex eld forto bring in place. 12715 Jje sixte elde to brings in place 

Quen dr^btin gau spede bis ^ace Wbenwe pat god wol sprede bis grace 

Til bis auen cboslinges treu, To bis owno cbosen trewe 

fe testament bigan he neu, f e testament bigon be newe 

Quaiof Saint ion was messager, Wberof aeiiit Ion was messangere 

fat of halinea had na pere. 1 2720 Jjut of bolynes bad no pere 

He come blfoi" wid bia baner, Wif his bauere be coom bifore 

fe cristin Ian man forto lere, To tecbe f e lawe of cristen Ions 

For saint iobn come als haueui Ion aa banerere of bonoui 

Bi-for fat bali sauueour. Coom f o bifore oure Baueoui 

For in fis bali iobns time 12725 In tyme of holy Ion to menepum.buk] 

was Ian bigoimen of baptime. ^^]'*' Waa lawe bigonne of bapteme 

He tagbt men first forsake fair sine, he tanjte men furste forsake synne 

And aua fair baptime to bigine, And ao her bapteme to bigynne 

Tbom quilk we sal to beuen cum, Bi whiche to beuen we shul come 

Quen wo of fis world es num, 12730 wbenne we of fis world he nome 

If we TT hjf leli will lede, If we oure lif truly lede 

And at fe ending to crist vs bede. And at pe endyng to crist ts bede 


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pihia tre that I here by-gynne 12733 
Ta alle set for mary kynne '' Ja"^"^ 
That men may know wytterly 
Of" losepS kynne & of maiy 
ffor boJ« of oon man they come 
That leuy had eum-tyme to nome] 
IfiMM bring vs til (lat ending, 12739 
far godd lauerd ea of all thing ! 

fifi ilk tre I dede be-gyu. pe vj. elde. 
is alle Bette for mary kyn. ** J* 
bat 'ITt'^" may knaw veterly ozr.. 

for fai come ha.} of a man 
pat had leuy to his nam. 

ra (>-> fram Lonrl 

L ve-iiti 


Pnrpulan I louUm I Kalbul 

no gap in t?ie MS.] 

[Of John the BaptUt 
r 1"jOhn ai be ]» flum can duell, 
LXj fe folk ful fair )>ai can he spell, 
la water baptised he al ))aa 12754 
fiat com til him baptis to ta. 
In baptising bath yong and aid 
Men soght til him, fan wex he bald, 
And for to here of hia aermon 12768 
|)at maniman broglit to reson, 
And in-to gatte to gett )>am mede, 
Bot haid it was his line to lede 1 
fe lues tijiand of him hard, 12762 
And of his far pai he wit &Td, 
Perli pam. fhoght hu he moght last, 
"Wit sua gret totniffll and fest, 12766 


Thus leuy had sonnys ij* 

Matan and panteia also 

Of mathan come lacob of hym losepfi 

That is ]» nethirmest step 

Of that side no mo to telle is 

Of pantera come perpantera e-wis 

Of peTpantora come ioachym 

And seint mary come of hym^ 

and ChrUt's Baptism.] 

Ihoan ay bi fe flume con dweL 
pe folk ful ioire con he spelle 
In water baptized alle pn 
)iat come til him baptize to ta, 
in baptizing baf jonge & aide 
. Jiai so^t til him fen was he ba!d« 
& for to here his sermonn 
fat many man brojt to resouTi. 
& in-to gate to geto ham mede 
bot bards hit was his life to lede 
f e lewes tif andes of him horde 
& of hia f&ra fat he wif ferde. 
*ir ferli bam fujt atte he mu^t laate 
wij) sa grete trauaile and fast. [• ia*t m] 




^is ilk tre ])at i here bigia 12733 Jjis tre Jiat I here bigyime 

£s olle seto for mari kin, Is al set fot maiy kynne 

fat ilk man mai witt witerli, fat men may knowe witterlj 

Of ioBeph kin and of man ; Of Joseph kyn & of maty 

Fot fai come bath of a man. For bofe of o mon )iai come 

fat air leiii had to nam. 12738 ))at leay had som tyme to nam« 

Salatiel, Zorobabel, aliud, eliachim, [ 

Azor, sadoch, achim, eliud, eleazar ' , . 

Slue leui, pater pantra, filiws parpantra, 

Achim, patfir mathan, filiug iacob, 

loseph coniux, maria filia. 12713 no gap in the MS.] 

f ia leui had him sunnea tua, ))is leuy had sonea two 

Mathan and pantera, Mathan & panteia also 

Of mathan come iacob, of iacob loseph, Of Mathan coom Iacob of him loseph 

fat es fe aeferm&sl Etep. 12747 )}nt is fe nefermast step 

Of fat 8ide es to tell no ma, Of fat side no mo to telle is 

Bot of pantera come parpantera. Of pantera coom parpantera I-wia 

Of parpantra come ioachim, Of perpantera coom loachint 

And saint Man come of him, 12751 And aeynt Marie coom of him 

[Of John the Baptist and Chriet'e Baptism.] , 

lohn ai bi f e flam gan duelle, IT Seynt Ion hi |)e flum gon dwelle 

f e folk ful iiiir fan gan he apell, ]» folke ful feire for to spelle 

In water baptist he alle fa, In watir baptized he alle fo 

fat come til him baptim to ta. 12755 Jwt wolde bapteme vndir go 

In baptizii^ bath jung and aid In baptizinge jonge & olde 

Men a<^ht til him, f^n was be bald, Men to him soujt & he was bolde 

And forto here of his aatmune, His prechyng & his sarmouK 

fat mani man bioght to reaune, Broujt mony men to reaoun 

And into wai to gett faim mede. And in to weye to gete hem mede 

Bot hard it was his lyf to lede ! 12761 But harde hit was his lif to lede 

fe luus tif and of him herd, f e iewes tifing of him herde 

And of hia fare fat he wid ferd, t<»i- H And of hie fere fat he wifferde 

Ferli faim toght hu he might last, Wondir hem foujte fat he mi)t last 

wid ana gi-ete trauale and fast, 12765 Wif bo greet trauaile & fiut 



Sin he was o ^air bin and ky^, sin lie was of ^aire kin & ki]) 

Quar-toT wold he noght won (wwre wit, qnar-foie walde he nojt wone ham with 

AUua Jw maiBtn'a o )ie lagh, 12768 for-quy fe maiatrea of fe lagB 

Bituix faim in fair eomun sagh, in fiaire comyng- alle J>ai M^fe. 

Thoght selcuth o )iis baptising, & meruailed of ])aire baptizing*. 

And said, " it ee gret mistmii^, & saide hit is a grete miatiowning'. 

fis Ion fan sal Tr kgh for-do, 12772 >is lohn he wille our lagh for-do,. 

Bot we ne ta better tent f ar-to. bot we take better entent fer-to 

"Wijt we Jian for quat resun wet« we ^n for quat reaoun. 

For sauueing of vr dampnacioun, for saning* of our dampnaeioun 

^ fiat he now eailk baptiszing maes 1 quy he eucbe baptizing mas. 

And que^ei ))at be be messiaa 12777 & qn^fer be be messias. 

Jjat fe folk abides sua, [> mi.*] & quy he pe folk bides squa. 

To frelsen Jiaim vte of far waa t & aaia he clenses ham of wa. 

Helias or crist quefer ea he, heliaa or criste quefer be be 

>e sotb ful gladli wald we se, 12781 >e 8o> ful gladli wete walde we. 

Qmst he es prophet fat sua lera." quejier be be pntpbet atte fus leres 

Wit f is Jiai sent )iaii raessagerea wi)i Jiis Jiai sonde fairs messagers 

ye wisest pat ))ai faud, of pe wisest atte ]iai fande. 

To bring fra iohn certan tifand. to bring fia lobn certayn tifande. 

ps messagors pat sua was sent, 12786 % pe messagers ])at eiqua was sent 

Til pe wildernea fai went, to J» wildemes fai went 

Son quen fai war wit him mett, Sone quen Jiai ware wiji bim mett 

Ful derwortbli fan fai bim grett. wifi honde wordes fai bim gietto 

pe wisest p&t a-mang paia wer, 12790 pe wisest Jiat amang bam were 

His errand said on sli manere, saide his emed in fairs manere. 

" Sir," he said, " we wald fie prai H Sir he saidei we walde Jw pray, 

pat )iou pe soth nu wald vs sai, atte fiou pe so]) walde ts say. 

Quat-kin man sal we call (te! 12794 quatkin mon fou baldes Jie. 

And tell for-soth qwat man foa be) I. pray Jie sir Jjou telle hit me. 

All Jie folk of ierusalem I am a meaaager of ienisalem, 

Thine selcut gret to godd i t«m to wete fe sop wiJ>-oute stem. 

fe baptim and ofer dedea, 12798 of Jii baptime & oJjct- dedis 

Of aner lijf fat ])ou here ledes. of anly life atte fou here ledis. 

"Ea fou beliaa balden til nu, if foa be elias tel me now. • 

Crist or prophet, qnam to bu t 12801 crist or prqihete quat artow. 




Sijwii he was of ftai kin and kith, 

Quarfor he wold noght w[o]ii paim wid, 

Alsua pe maiatris of fe lau, 12768 

Bitoix faim in fair comen saw, 

])oght aelcuth. of f is baptizmg. 

And said, " it es giet mistrouaing, 

pis iohn put sal ti lau foi^do, 12772 

Bot we ne take better tent him to. 

witt we fan for qnat resune. 

For sauuyng or for danipnaeiune, 

fat ho nu auiik baptising maa I 12776 

And quefer fat he be mesaias 

fat f e folk abides sua. 

To blissen f aim vte of fair wa t 

F.litui or Christ, quefer ea he, 12780 

f e Both ful fain witt wald we, 

Quef er fat he ea prophete fataua leria," 

wid f is f ai aent fair measageria 

Of fe wisest fat fai fand, 12784 

To bring &a ihon certain tif and. 

f e mess^eris fat sua was send. 

To f e wildrenea fai wend, 

Ful hendli fan fai him grett, 12788 

Als tite ala fai wid him met. 

fe wisest fat amang faint were 

His erand said, on fia manere, 

" Sir," he aaid, " we wold f e prai 

fat fu fe Bolh wald va aai, 12793 

Quatkin man sal we cal fel 

Tell va for aoth quat man f u be. 

Alle fe folk of iemaalem 

Think ferli grete to godde i teme, 

Offibaptimeand of fidedes, 12798 

Of anerlijf fat f n here ledea. 

£a fu eliaa balden to nu, pmfsi.wi.ii 

Criat or prophete, man to boni 12801 

Sif he was of her kin & Hf 

whi he wolde not won hem wif 

jie maistris also of fe lawe 

Bitwene hem in her oomyn sawe 

Had wondir of fia baptizing 

And seide hit is greet mia tiowyng 

pia Ion shal oure lawe for do 

But we take bettur tent f erto 

we wol 86 for what reaonn 

For saujng or dampnacioun 

fat he Buche baptizyng maa 

And whefer he be messiaa 

\}at f e folke abidef ao 

To bringe hem out of woo 

helye or criat whefer is he 

fe aofe fayn wite wolde we 

Or he ia prophete fat f us leres 

Wif fia f ei aent her mesaangerea 

Of fe wiaeat fat fei fond 

To bringe from Ion certeyn tif ond 

f e mesaangerea fua I aende 

To fat wildemea fei wende 

Ful hendely fenne fei hi?« grett 

Anoou as fei to gider mett 

)}e wiaest fat among hem were 

\3e eronde seide on fis manere 

Sir fei seide we wolde f e pray 

fat fou f e aofe woldes vs say 

What mon ehul we calle fe 

Telle vs what mon fou be 

Alle folke of lerusalemes londe 

ban wondir of f e to vndiratonde 

Of f i bapteme & of f i dedee 

Of onlych lif fat fou here lodes 

Art fou oujt hely here now 

Crist or prophete fat mon ahulde bow 


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736 "does JOW lite BT the BAHB law as others 1" JOHK REPLIES, "UT 

Qu«])er ])0U leues on fiat lagh pat we! qae^ liueB )ion ou pe 1^& aa we. 

To eeud fiam word {lai praid ^ 12S03 to aende ham woide ^ai pray hit f>e 

O )ie^elf quat wil Jiou sai of fi-eelf quat wiltow say 

Vnto J>e maUteis o f e lai ) " vn-to f e maistrea of out lay. 

Blethlt Etaid ^an Iod, par-fai, % lofiu anequaied ])eB men vn-tille 

Wit^Tten ani-kin de-lai, 12807 wi)i milde wordes & wi)i skllle. 

"Mi hrejier leif and mi freind, my bi«[i«- lefe & my frende. 

Yee sal gain to yuf maistura wend, je Balle a-gayne in message wende 

And tell ^am Both, o mi parti, & telle ham ao)) of my party. 

Nejier am i ctiat ne yeitt heli, 12811 nau])«r am I. criste ne jet ely. 

Jfe prophet sal naman me claim." ne prophete sal je naae me clayme. 

" Quat )ian eal we sai to peiai % " qnat sulde we ]ian til ham aayne. 

"A voice criand," he aaid, "ie hatt, U A noice criande he aaide I. hatte. 

In waatin biddand grait]ie gate ISS15 in waate wonsade to giai|w pe gate 

[ ['Byddyi^ make redype gate 

no gap in the MS.] Of the lonl hiest of atate] P£g°,J'^J^ 

Again Jie lauerd pat cammen ea na, a-gayne ])e loide att« commyn is now. 

Til hJTn agh ilkman to hu; 12819 til him agh ilk man to bow. 

pat lang was bight nu cummen he ea, pat lange waa bijt now commTtne is. 

Of hi'"* i preche in wildemea ; of Mm L pteyche in wildemes. 

quam i am noght wotthe to to qttam hit eemys me nojt to. 

Lose pe tbuangee of hia aco. 12S23 make na likkenes hi-twix vs two. 

Lok yee graith him wel pe wai, ^'"' Loke je graipe him wele pe way. 

For he ea lauerd ; pie eal yee saL" he is pe lorde aqua ealle je aay. 

8uilk ale Ion paim said broght pai pe eame woides atte lohn dide say 

Anauar to pe maisters o pe laL 12827 pal hrojt pe maistrea of paire lay. 

Qu^n ie»tM crist was cummen nei /~Vueniberascnatewascommynnere. 

Vn-to Je eild o thiitte yeir, Vst in-to pe elde of nxy jere 

pan him thc^ht pe-time was cummen pen him pnjt pe time was comme 

pat he wald baptim nummen. 12S3I pat hia baptime sulde be nomme. 

He did him pan to flum ioidan, he did him pan to flume Jordan, 

par he l^d hie coain Ion, per he fende his cosin lohn. 

In wildemea hi him allan. In wildemes alle bi him ane 

Liuand hot wit godds Ian. 12835 liuande bot trip goddis lane. 

Quen Ihon him sagh, ale sais pe hok, IT quen Idhn him sagS ab saia pe hoke 

Foi drednes ilk lim him quok, for diedenes. on ilk lime he quoke 


'uaeb bkadt the wat fob the lord,' whose bb0e3 i ah not worthy to 737 
loosen; he is lord ; sat this." , jbbus cahb to john to bb bapiizbd. 

Queper fu Hues suilk lai aa we t "Wheper J)on leue Buche lay as we 

To send paim woTd ^ai pial it )>e ; To sende hem word pa. preye Jra 

Of >i-self quat will pa say 1280i Of J>i self what woltou say 

vnto maistris of ps lay ) " Tnto maistris of Jw lay 

Blitlili said ioba ))an par-f^ Gladly peune seide Ion 

widvten anikin de-lay, I shal }oa telle BOone anoon 

" Mi leue bre]ier and fireind, 12808 Mi lene hnper & my feeude 

^e Bol gain to jut maiatri wend Ajeyn to joure maistris je wende 

And tell J>aim soth, on ny parti. And telle hem sooj) on my partie piMJ 

I^oujur am i crist ne jeit heli, 12811 ^KToufter am I crist ny jit helis 

Ne prophete sal me no man claime." Nj prophete je me not calle 

" Quat ))aii sal we sai to ptume 1 " What sbul we eey }ienne to hem alio 

" A uoice criand," he said, "i hatt, A voia criynge in desert 

Inwastinbiddaudgiaith^gatt 12815 So I hett al apert 

[.,. Biddyi^ make ledy pe gate 

no gap in the MS.] Of pe lord he3est of state 

Again fe lauerd pat cornea es nu, Ajein ^e loid pat comen is now 

Till him au ilk man to bou ; 12819 To him owe Tche mon to bow 

fat lang was hight, nu comen es, Jwt longe was hett now comen es 

Of him i preche- in wildrenes ; Of l"'"! I preche in wildernes 
Of quam i es noght worthi to . Of whom am I not worfi to 

Louae pe thwangee of his scho. 12823 To louse pe Jionges of his sho 

Loke ye giath him welo pe wai. And loke )e make redy his way 

He es pe lauerd, sua sal je sai." He is pa.t lord so shal je say 

Suilk als iohan said broght pai Al holly lones saws 

Ansuer to fe maistris of >e lai. 12827 Broujte fei to maistris of fe lawe 

a Ten ieeue crist was comen ner IT whenne ihe«u crist was comen neei 

vnto pe eld of thritti jere. To pe elde of pritty jeer 

pen him poght pe time was cumin He knew pe tyme come 

pat he baptime wold haue nomin. pot he wolde haue bapteme nome 

He did him pan to flum ioidane. He wente him to flom iuidone 

par he £and his cosine iohane, 12833 J)e« he fonde his cosyn lone 

In wildrenes all hi him ane, Lyuyne pere al only 

Liuand bot wid goddes lane. But bi goddes lone on hy 

Qiien iohn him sau, als sais pe bok, Whenne Ion him say aa seip pe boke 

Foi diede ilk lim be quoke, 12837 Foi drede vche lym ho quoke 


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. And said pa% all [laa fok moght lieia, 
" fis ee ])e lamb wit-Tlen vera, 12839 
p6 godds lamb, pan. clenge sale 
^ia wrecbed weild fis sinful doale. 
^of be me efter cnmmen be, 
Lang was he made be-foi me." 12843 
To saut Ibon ^an eaid iem, 
" Mi cosin dere and freind ar fou. 
To baptie me i baf pe tbogbt." 
« Baptis ]»' ! na, dw i nogbt. 12847 
I, caitif, quea come it me, OMB-m 
pat i, mi lauei-d, sold baptis ]>« t 
Qtidr-for, for 1 am fill o sin, 
And bider fledd fra al mi Mn; 12861 
A nedfal wieohe here am i bidd." 
" poll sal do ibon, als i pe bidd. 
And baptiz me, mi leif cosin." 
" I dat nogbt negh fe, lauerd tnin \ 
Skil me thine it wai wel mara 12856 
pat i of ^e, lanerd, baptist wara." 
" Ibon, we most pe lai f ulfill ," 
"Lauerd," be said, "no, atte Jii wiU." 


. , no gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS.} 

Ihesos to fat water yode," 12862 

And eant Ibon negband bim stode. 

Quen be sagh ie«u radi tift, 

Quakand vp bis band be lift, 

And )>ar him was n lanerd crist 

Of his aan seraand baptist 12867 

pax f e bahgast bim light, 

In Bcap of douf he crane wit flight, 

And als he loked vp til henen. 

Open be sagh )>e liftes seuen, I287I 

[ ■ ■ 

no gap in ths MS."] 


& saide atte alle folk mt^t hera. 
f is is pa lambe wi^nten w^e. 
pvi goddis lambe ^t dense sale, 
{lis wreccbed weilde tra sinful bale. 
al if be oftei me commyn ba 
fill lange he was be-for me. 
^ To seint loEn fen saide ihem 
my cosjn deie & frende artow. 
to baptize me L haae fo 80}t 
baptize fe ne dar L nojt, 
he aside caytef L halde me. 
J>at I. my lorde sulde baptize Jw. 
quar-fore. f or L am ful of synne. 
& bidder fled fra al my kyn. 
nedefol wieccbe here am I. bidde. 
)>ou sal do lo&n as L f e bidde. 
& baptiae me my lene coeyne 
I. dar ni^t negK pa lorde myne. 
ihoms saide wi^-oat nay. 
I. wil be baptized f is ilk day. 
lohn we wills pa la^^ fulfille 
lorde be saide now atte fi wille. 
ptfli wate mache mare lorde fen me 
wat is to do & quat salle be. 

Ihe«i]s in-to pa flnme jode. \\iaita,w\ 
& sande lo&n nerehani} him stode 
& qnen be sag& fat lorde grayde. 
qnakand on him bis hande be layde 
& per-in was onr loide criste. 
of his anen seruande baptists. 
& fer fe hali gaste l^t. 
In shap of downe fat come with flijt 
& als he loked vp tQ heytien. 
opyn he ei^ fe liftes .vij. 
f e fader eteyaen per f orou biast 
als hit ware a tbonnei-blast. 


DP ei8 HiND, J 

And J»at alle folk miglit here, 12838 
"Jiia OS J)at lamb widuten ■wctb, 
)iat goddes lamb, ^at clet^ sale [»L t] 
))is wrecbed weild fra sia£il duals. 
])oght be me efter cornea 1^, IS812 
Lang was be made forwid me." 
To saint iolm J>an said iega, 
" Mi cosine dere and frend ea fu, 
To baptiz me i hane Jie aogbt" 12846 
"Baptiz laaerd )>e I ne dar i nogbt. 
I, caitef, quefen eome it me 
Jjat i, mi laaerd, snld baptiz Jw 1 
Quarfor, for i am ful of sine, 12850 
And hider fledd &a alle mi kine ; 
A nedeful wrecbe bere am i hidd." 
" ^ sal ])o, iobn, als i )ie bidd. 
And baptiz me nn, loue cosine." 12854 
" I dar nogbt n^sh fe, lanerd minej 
Skill me tbink it war wele mare 
Jiftt i of f e, lauerd, baptized ware." 
"lohn," he said, "we most|ie laifulfilL" 
"Lauerd," he said, "nu, at Jri wilL" 


no gap in the JfS.] 

Ie»M into yA water jode, 12862 

And sunt iobn neteband hitn stode. 
Quen he eau ieeus redi tift 
Quakand Tp his hand he lift, 
And ^aie hi*" was tt laaerd ctist, 
Of bis auen semand baptist 12867 
fiare Jw hali-^ast bim light 
In scbapp of doune, Jiot come in flight ; 
And, als he lokid vp till benen, 
Opin he sau Jve liftes senen, 12871 
}a fader eteaen J^ar thorn it brast, 
Bigbtr als it wai a thonir blast, 

And seide \ai alle mijten here 
Se pe lomb of god dere 
Se }>e lomb )>at clensen shale 
)}ia wreecbed world f ul of bale 
Jjonje he aftir me bom be 
Longe was he bifom me 
% Jhega seide to seint Ion 
Mi cosyn dere & frend anoon 
To baptise me I hane fe soujt 
Baptise )>e lord- dar I nonjt 
I caitif whe^n coom bit me 
J)at I lord myn shulde baptise ^ 
For I am lord ful of synne 
And hidor fiod from al my kynne 
A nedeful wieccbe here am I hid 
))ou sbal do Ion as I )>e bid 
Bapt^e }iou me leue cosyne 
I dar not toncbe J>e lord myns 
Skil me finkef hit were more 
fiat I of ]« baptized wore 
Ion be seide we mot lawe folfille 
lord bo seide now at fi wille , 


no gap in the JtfS.] 

Iheous into jKit watir jode 
And seint Ion ny honde hiin stode 
whenne be say ihesu Jvere stonde 
Quakynge be lifte vp his honde 
[tere was oure lord crist 
Of his owne aeruaunt baptist 
On him )« boly goost {leniie lijt 
In sbap of doufe coom wiji flijt 
As be loked Tp to heaen 
Open he say Jre cloudis senen 
fe fadir st«uen out bit brast 
As hit were a Jionder blast 





" Jiis ea mi sun, leif and dere, [»i. «] 
Al fis werld agh bim to here." 12875 
['In wliomo I haue as ye may eene 
Euyi* wele apaiiJ bene] f i™ iS"* 

To<[uils eant Ion his office did, 
Serekin selcut was y&i kid, 12879 
jie hali strem o flam iordan 
On aifiei side etode still ae stan. 
Thie thinges man was sceud pax, 
Jie sun, fat mans bodi bar, 12883 

]ie voice, }at child ]ie fader kneu, 
)ie dune, ])e haligaat to aceu. 
}ie aid testament hii-wit nu slakes. 
And sua fe neu bigining takes. 12887 
IT A I Ion Jil wiracip, quat sail sai, 
])at was fie sceud p&t ilk dai, 
Hu jiat a costes Jvou was clene, 
Thoru pi merits -was it sens, 12891 
Quen nan was worthiei {tan poa 
Hand to lai on suete iesu, 
To giuo him Jiat hali sacrament, 
^at al ))is werld aght to ta tent. 
Selcut was to thine in breist, 12896 
f e clero to baptia fe prist, 
pa sun pe fader, pe knitht ^e Mug, 
Jte scaper pat wroght al thing. 
Bot moght it nangat pe witslip, 12900 
^at he-self said o )ii wiiscip. 
O blis ])at he to ^ puniaid, 
Sli wittneaing he-aelf said, 
" Amang all wiue suns," said he, 
" pat ener was oi euer sal be, 1 2905 
A heier bam was aeaer nan 
modor bom fian Jton iohan. 
And pat es Jian right na ferlik, 
' Qum godd self pe ohes for slit ; 12909 


piB is my sone my leue & dere. 
alle )iis werlde agll him to here. 


no gap in the MS.] 

To^uilis saynt lohn Jiis office did 
setkin selcoaji was per kid. 
pe haly atreme of flume loidan. 
on eiper side stode etille as atane. 
iij. fiingia in ane was atandanJ }>are 
pe sone ^at mannis bodi bare. 
pe voice ^at childe. pe fader knaw. 
pe dowae pe haligaste to shaw. 
pe aid testament now hlr-wi^ dakis 
& squa pe now be-gynnyng< takis. 

Of lones wOTshepe wU I. say. 
Jiat shewed Mm was peA ilk da;, 
how of bis life he was clene. 
poron his dedis hit was sene. 
quat man was mate worthy (len Jioo. 
hande to lay on squete Iheeu. 
to gif him Jiat haly saciement. 
))at alls men agh to Lane entent. 
V eelcou^ is to phik in breist. 
pe clerk to baptize pe prest. 
pe aone Jte fader Jie knijt pe kingi. 
als dide saynt lo&n pe blessed ])ing'. 
f>e worshepe )>at Thema Mm saide. 
hit may nojt bs in consail layde. 
of blis ])at he til Mm purueyde. 
Buche witnesingi our lorde saide. 
IT Amang* aUe wioes sones saide he 
^t euer was or euer salle be. 
a heyer bame was nea«r none, 
of model borne fien was Seynt lohn 
}iat is na feily be na wayes 
quen OUT loide Mm-seluen hit says. 


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"Jiis ee mi sun leue and dare, 12871 
Alia |)is world ^lim aw to here." 


Tto gap in the MSJ] 

po-qoiles aaint idha pia office did, 
Seiebin selcuUi was >at kidd, 12879 
^e h.oli stiem of flum iordane 
On aeij>er aide stude still ae etane. 
Thre fingeg in an was aene fare, ^^j*** 
}» son, pai mannes bodi hsK, 
p6 ooice, pai child p6 fader knau, 
^ doQue, |)e hall gaet to Bchau. 12885 
p6 aid testament heiewid slakes, 
And soa f e na biginiug takes. 

Of iohn pi worscbip, qu&t, sal I say, 
Jiat chettd was Jwt ilka day! 
Hu pat Jra was of coatea clene 12890 
Thora pi merite was it sens, 
Quen nane was worthier ^n )m 
Hand to lai on swate iega. 
To giae him)>at hall eaciement, 12894 
^t all pia worlde aa to take tent I 
Selcnth it was to thinck in breist, 
pa klerk forto baptiz pe pieist, 
fie sun ]is fader, (« knight king, 12898 
pe scbafb bim pat wroght aU )>ing. 
Bot might it nogat pe wit alipp 
fiat be self said of f i worschtpp, 
Of blia Jtat he to fe pnrvaid, 12902 
Bli witnesing he seluen said ; 
" Ania[n]g all wiues sonnes," said he, 
" ^t ener was oi euer sal be, 
A heier bam was neuer non 12906 
Of modw bom, pan f n,^ saint iohn." 
And ^ar-of es right no farlik, I> us. tn»] 
QaeQh»4elf ))ewittnesfoF«lik, 12909 

))is is my loaed son so dere 
Al ])is world him owe to here 
In whom I haue as je may seen 
£uer wel a payed ben 
Wbil seynt Ion fiis offis did 
Dyue/se wondris Jjere were kid 
fce holy streme of flum iordone 
On bojie side stood stille as stoon 
J)re fingis in oon were aene fere 
pe son pat monnes body here 
pe &dii Yois pa chQde fere knew 
pe holy doufe of vertu 
pe olde testament here slakef 
And fe newe bigynnyng takef 

Of fi woishepe Ion is to say 
Pat shewed was ilke day 
Ion was of alle dedes clene 
Jwui^e fi merit was hit sene 
*Whenne noon so worfi was as fow 
To hondel good ihe«u and bow (^ireoh'ik] 
And jaf him fe holy sa^n'ment 
i}at al f is world owe to tent 
Meruaile Mt ia to finke in brest 
How shnlde fe olerke baptise pa ptest 
))e son fe fedir J>e knyjt fe kyng 
He oideyned fat made al fing 
But mijte lie neuer ouei slip 
fat him self seide of worship 
Of blis fat he to fe purueide 
Suche witnessyi^ him self aeide 
Among alle wymmen sones aeide he 
)}at ener was oi jitt shal be 
A gretter cbilde was nener noon 
Of modir bom fen fon seint ion 


. . no gap in Trill. ^ Laud MSS.] 


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Quea he fa chess als his lantei foi' he him chese his Isunteme 

Be-for his iace ])s light to beie, 12911 b&-for his face ^ lijt to breime. 

To taken ber of his cani]ni[n]g, to tskiu here of his commyng. 

Als baneur befot )ie king, as baner bome bo-fot Jie king*. 

Als bedel gals be-fot iustls, 12914 als bedel gaa be-foi lustise 

Als come fou be-fox Jat rightwia. als come he be-for pai r^t-wise. 

how ilie«nB was temptid 
witA pa feinde. 

anen Ihe«us had Ms baptyme tane. 
he left lohn atte ])e flume lordan. 
fra fan to folk he wille him knav 
bot or he wille him ffully afaaw. 
bot jet a qnile he wille a-bide. 
til he haue faated his lentyn-tide. 
& fat walde he nojt do apert. 
bot jode him forf in-to desert. 
IT fw Jje hali gaate him led. 
& fasted xL dayes Tn-fed. 
xL nijt & xl. dayes. 
pen hnngred him fe story sayB. 
forou ktnde of his manhede 
J>at fode of body has ay nede. 
IT J» warlagh wyU has him sojt 
ouer-come him walde he if he mujt. 
for hit was sene he ncgt him knew, 
quen he be-^an do snche a glew. 
for-fi he walde him taste wi^ syn. 
to wete if he had part him in. 
)iat derfe of dede fat fals traytottr 
come for to fbnde his creatour. 
he doated nojt him ware na bote. 
bot stode rijt bi his lordes fote. 
he sagb him himgri & forfast. 
In glotowny he wende Mm caste. 
IT &. saide til Mm I. wate atte foa. 
has fasted lange & hnngres now. 


Quen ieaua had Ms baptem tan, 
He left ihon still bi flunt iordan, 
Fra fan f o folk he wald him knau ; 
Bot ar he wild him fiilli scan, 12919 
For yeitt a quille he wild a-bide, 
Til he had iaston his lentontide. 
'And fat wald he noght do apert, 
Bot yode in-to depe desert, £1.^"''**' 
far fe haligast him ledd, 12924 

And fasted fouiti dais vn-fedd, — 
Fonrti night and fonrti dais, 
fan hongred bim fe stori sais. 
Thoni }(i kind of his manhede, 1292S 
fat fode of body has of nede, 
f e warlau wili has him aoght, 
Faand he wald him if he moght, 
For it was sene he noght him kneu, 
Quen he be-gan do suilk a gleu. 12933 
For-f i he him ^rald cast wit sinn. 
To wait if he had part Mm in. 
fat derf o ded, fat ^s traitur, 
Com for to faand Ms creatur 1 12937 
He dated noght him war na bote, 
Bot stode right be Ms lanerd fotte. 
He s^h Mm hungri and for-fast. 
In glotoni he wend him cast, 12941 
And said til Mm, " i wat ar^ fon . 
Has f^ted lang and himgres nn, 

OOTTOU 7 naa «0 



HIS BODiLT VAirrs. iHB VAi-Bi hkud, to txmft his cbhatom I 

Quen he fte chee als his lantern He ^ cliees tot'yi lantern 

Befor his face f« light to bem, 12911 Bifore hia iace )ie l^t to bem 

To takin here of hia coming, To go bifore hia comyng 

Ala baneui hifor )w king, As boaei do)) bifore a kysg 

Ala bedel gas bifor iuatis. As baily gof bifore lustise 

Ala com }ia bifor Jiot right-ma. 12915 So coom )K>a bifoie fat lijtwlse 

[The Temptation.] 

ftnen leetu had his baptim tan, wbenne ihuus had bapteme vndigoon 

He left iohn still bi flntn iordane. He Mte Ion stille hi flom iurdon 

Fra ^aa to folk he wiU him knaw ; For )io to folk he wolde him knowe 

Bot er hevild hint tiilli Bchaw, 12919 But ar he wolde him fully showe 

jeit a qnile he wild a-bide, [<bI >] jitt a while he wolde abide 

Tille he had lastld his lentrin tide. Til he had &sted lent«n tida 

And ])at wold he nc^t do apert, fat wolde he not don apeit 

Bot went in-to fe depe deaert, 12923 Bat went into dope diaert 

fax ]re bali gast him ledd, Jiere fe holy gooet him ledde 

And &stid fourti dais vnfedd, — he fasted foiirty dayes vnfedde 

Fonrti night and fourti da^js, Fonrty ny^t & fouity dayes 

fan hongred him, fe stori eaie. 13927 fwnne hui^d him f6 story sayes 

Thoru )« kind of his manhede, {ionise fe kynde of his monhede 

^at bodili fode has of nede, ftat of hodely fode had nede 

^e warlou will haa him aoght, 12930 fe enemy fend ^o him son^t 

Faand he wold him if ha moght Foude him he wolde if he moajt 

For it was sene he noght him kneii. Hit was sene he him not knew 

Qaen he began do anilk a gleu ; Whenne he temptide fat lord trew 

Fot-}ii he wold him tast wid sin, Fayn he wolde him taste wi)i aynne 

To witt if he had part him in. 12935 To wite if he hadde part ffn Inne 

))at derf of dede, fat fals traitar. 
Come foito faand his cieatur 1 
He douted hin* war na bote, 
Bot stod light hi his lantfrd fot«, 
He saa him hongri and forfaat. 

fat false deuel'ss I eeide e 
Coom to assaie bis makers ])ere 
He had no donte wi^ him to mote 
Bat stood ri^t bi his lordis fote 
He say him hongry al for faste 

In glotani he wend him cast, 12941 In gloteny he wolde him caste 

And said tiUe biTn, "i wate ^t ^a To him he seide I woot )iat )iow 

Has lastid lang, and hungris na, Hast fasted longe & hongiest now 




If fou be godd eun, tidd son, 12944 if Jwu be goddis sone. bid aone. 

And gar ^i comament be don, & mate ))i comanndement be done 

Bidd fir atanea be bred to will, bid fer stania be brede atte wille 

And sifen mai f ou ete )ii fill ; " & sijien may fou ete Jii fiJle. 

fan said fe lanerd to fat fedd, 12943 IT fen eaide oui lorde to fat ([nede 

"Man mai noght Hue allan wit bred, man may nt^t line allane viih btede 

Bot wit TTord man lines elles wif witte & wordes men liues ellis. 

godd, fat wit hia mutb he apellea." & wif goddia werk qua fer-wit/i spellis 

[LJeft nogbt fe warlau sua hia werr, IT left nojt fe warlagh aqua in were. 

Bot herdili he yode him new, 12953 hot haldeli he jode him nere. 

Qua herd euer beat sua bald ! qua herde euer wikked beat aa balde 

He hint hia lauerd al in his wald, he hent his lorde vp in hia walde. 

In aimes his, and tok his flight & fen wif him he toke his flijt. 

To tun o ierusalem ful right, 12957 vn-to ierKSolem fe way ful rijt. 

And sett him on f e hei pinion & sette him on fe heye pynouji 

O f e temple o fe tun. a-pon f e temple of f e toun. 

" If f ou be godds sun," said he, if fou be god sone eaide he. D«f so] 

"fna-gat sal i nu prone fe, fna-gate prone aal I. now fe. 

Hu bot lepe dun to fe grand, 12962 nojt bot lepe here to fe grounde 

f ot f i hodi be noght stund, & f i body hale and sounde. 

For written it es, ' he sal f e send for writen hit is he sal f e sende 

Angels for to f e defend, angela for to f e defende. 

To ber f e tuix fair Landes sua to here f e twix f aire handes twa 

Wit-Tten hurt o fote or ta, 12967 wif-outen hurt of fote or ta. 

If of er to spurn on tre ne stan ; ' cm. t] naufer to apume on tree ne atane. 

Do lepe, for dred that f e haf nan." do lepe for drede thar f e bane nane 

fan said iesvs, " fou aght to waand ^ fen saide ihesua f e agh to wande 

f i godd f i lautrd for to faand." [chide, P' ^^ )*' ^°^^ ^"^ ^ fande. 

^ Yeitt can fat chinche wit godd to ^ette oon fat chinche wit% him chids 

"Her sal fou," he said, "nalangerbide, ^^ here saltow na langer bide. 

Sum o fir ansuar sal fou sai, 12974 sum ofer ansquere saltow say. 

Ar I fra fe yitt part a-waL" or I. & fou depart a-way. 

fat warlau him in armes hint, fat warlagh him in armis hint. 

And bar him forth wit-vten stint, & bare him forf wif -oaten stint 

Apon fe heist fell he faand 1297S a-pon fe hyest felle he fande 

And fare he scand him f e land, & shewed hi-m per alle fe lande. 



If ^ be goddes Bun, bidd sone, 12944 
And gere ^i comaodment bi done, 
Bidd )ili etania be bied to will. 
And d^en mai fa ete ^i filL" 
fan said }ie Jauerd to fe fede, 12948 
*■ Man mai noght liue allane wid brede, 
Bot wid Jie woid man liuea ellia 
Of god, fat ■wid his muth he spelUa." 
Left nogbt fie warlou sua his were, 
Bot hardli be jode him nere, 12953 
Qua herd euer beiat sua bald ! 
He hint his lauerd all in wald 
In his armis, and toke hia flight 
To tune of ieru^alem ful right, 12957 
'And sett him on fe hei pingnion. 
On fe temple of fe tun. [ii»»fM.ooLiJ 
" K Jni be goddea sun," said he, 
"fus-gat sal i proue nu J>e, 12961 
Hu bot lepe nn done to ))e grund, 
Jrat )ri bodi be uoght atund ; 
For written it ee, ' he sal fe send 
Angelis forto ]>e defend, 12965 

To bere fe tuix pair handis sua 
witvten hurt of fote or ta, 
Konf er to spnm on tie ne stane.' 
Do lepe, for drede thai |ie haue nane." 
jMin said ie«M, "Jin an to waand, 
pi god >i lauerd forio fand." 12971 
IT ;eit gun J>at chinche wid hint to chide. 
And said, " here sal pu no langsr bide, 
Sum oper ansuer sal fu eay, 
Aj ifr&pe jeit part away." 12975 
fat warlou him in annia hint 
And bar him forth, widrten stint, 
Apon fe heiest feU he fand, 12978 
And far he schend him all fe'land, 

If foil be goddes sone 

Make f i biddyng to be done 

fat f eae stonea be breed to wills 

And sifen maj f on ete f i fille 

To fat fende seide god anone 

Men lyuef not bi breed one 

But bi goddea word also 

jjat of hia mouf to men shal go 

V pis fend lafte not his weire 

But dodily he ;ede him nerre 

Who wist euer f eef so bolde 

He hent his lord in his wolde 

In his armes & toke his fli^te 

To f e tonn of ieiuaalem rijte 

On an h^e pinacle he set him donn 

Of fe temple in fat toun 

If f on be goddes son seide he 

)PUB shal I assaie now f e 

Leep doun now to f e grounds 

And kepe f 1 bodi hool & sounde 

For wiiten hit is he ahal fe sende 

Aungela f e for to defends 

To kepe f e in her hondes two 

Wif outen hurte of foot or to 

Nouf er to hurte on tre nor atone 

Do lepe drede far f e haue none 

Ihem seide f e oujte to wonde 

\}i god f i lord for to fonde 

IT jit gon fat f eof more to chide 

And aeide here abaltou not abide 

Somme ofere Tnawere shalton aay [if ei] 

Ai I passe from f e away 

)}e fend him in armea hynt 

And bare him forf wif outen atint 

Vpon f B he jest hil he fonde 

And fere shewed him al fe loade 


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BiH. " rLsn SATAir, wrrBour delat I it is tritten, thou bhali wosbhip ood." 

Ilk king-rik aad als cite 13980 ilk kingdome & ilk cite. 

Oaer-al fe werld fat pai moght ae. ouer alle ^e werlde fai mnjt ee 

" Nou seis J)ou noght," said fat felun, IT ne sese f ou iM^t Baide pat felonn 

" Al pia werid, bath tur and tun ^ al pis trerlde bap torn & toun. 

pe kingea all ai at mi iiai, 12981 pe kingis alle ar atte mj te.y. 

And thorn mi will all reng pai, & poron my willo alio regne paL 

And al i glue pam pe fia nu & alle I. gif kam pe fra now. 

If pon to me wil knel and bu. if pou to me wille knele & bow 

life pe au bird haf right na dute 13968 me pink pe ne h^t haae na doote 

For to be-cum mine vnder-lute." for tille be myne yuderlonte. 

lesus pan said, "na langer U Ihe«U8 saide na langer here. 

Mai i nu pi wicked wordes ber, may I. pi wikked* wordebere (^uekwiik^ 

Fie aathanas, wit-vten dnell, 12993 ga pi gatis wijKinten dweDe 

For written it es in bok o spell, for writon hit is in boke of epelle 

' pi lauenl pon aght to fot at foil, pi loide e^H poa to fote atte M 

And wiracip wit pi mightas alL' " & woishepe wip pine mi^ttia alle, 

pe watlan left him fra pat tide, 13996 pe warlagh laft him fiai pat tide. 

Snist he noght gain his biding bide, duret he per na laager a-bide. 

Hia angels come his semis till, his angel come his s^niise tille. 

And duelld wit him at his wilL & dwelled wip him atte his wille 

^ Leue we him a littel quille 13000 V leue we him a litol quyle 

And turn we to sant lohn vr etill, & tume we to saynt lobn stile. 

[The Death of JoJin the Baptist.] 

Ha herod king him did o lijf, how herode kiug< him dide of life 

For lane of hia broper wijf ; — for pe lone of Ms broper wife. 

Bot pis waa not he, yee sal tru, 13004 bot nojt pat hetode bit was a-now 

pdt slc^b pe childer for ieaa, pat slogh pe childeT for squete iheta 

Bot waa a-noper pat ana hatt ; — hit was a-noper atte aqua hatte. 

Of his thre suns pat he gatt of pre breper .1. salle telle quat 

pe formaat bight a[r]ehelans, 13008 pe formaat hijt archilaus. 

Als pat pe stoii teUea vb, for aqna pe story tellis va 

pat reined efter his fader lijf; pat regned efter his &der life. 

pe topeir philipp had spused wijf his broper philip had a wife* 

pat had to nam herodiaa ; 13012 pat had to name hetodias. 

And herod pe thrid broper was, & herodes pe prid bropar was. 


P IMi Uw In Ml (Mrirf I, aid a Nm iruMd ttrBW *, vli. t WM «(Ut vooMd a idftj 



Hk kingrike and alls cite 12980 

Ouer-all Jie worlde fat Jiai might se. 
"Ne Beis fu noght," said Jio felune, 
" All fifl werid, bath ture and time t 
(w kingea all er at mi fay, 12981 

And at mi vill all r^^ Jvai, 
And alls i gine ^ ^aim fra no, 
If ^a to me will kuele and bou. 
Ke Jie bird haae right na doiit«, 12988 
For to bicum mine vnderlout." 
XhefiUB b^ Baid, " nii na lauger 
Mai i ])i wiked troidis ber, 
Flesatttml widvten dueU, 12992 

For writen it ea in bok of apell, 
' ]ii lau«rd aa pa to fote fall, 
And wotschip vid )>i mightes alk.' " 
)« warlau left him tea (at tide, Cwi- q 
Duret he noght ^in his biddi[n]g bide. 
His angelis come his semis tille, 12998 
And duellid wid him at his trille. 

LEue we nu iems a lltil quile, 
And tumwe toa^tiohnvTstile, 

Eneruche kyngdome & rche cite 

Oner al fie world )iei mijte ae 

Bestou not eeide y&t feloun 

Al Jia world tour & toiin 

Jw kynges alle are at my fey 

And at my wille regno )>ei 

Alle I jyue hem to ]>e now 

If foa knelyng wolt me bow 

^ onjte not to haae in doate 

For to be myn mdirlouta 

Ihestts seide no lengere 

May I fi wiokede wotdis here 

Fie sathan wifpouten dweUe 

For writen hit is in book of epelle 

|ii lord owe f ou to fote falls 

And worshipe wi|i fi mijtes alle 

fe fend fley anoon Jiat tyde 

Durst he no lenger his biddyng bide 

hia auttgels coom at his wille 

And seiued ^iii ; as hit was sklUe 

Leae we ihesaa a litil while fatile 
And tume we to aeynt Ion oura 

[The Death of John the Baptist.] 

Hu herod king him did of Hue, 
For fe lone of hia broder wine ; — 1 3003 
B6t noght ^t herodes, je sal tron, 
fiat elou }ie childer for iesn, 
Eot was ana}ier |)at sua hatt ; — 
Of hia thre sunnes ^t he gatt 
])e formast hight archelaos, 13008 
Ala ya\ stori tellis t», 
pat r^ned eftir his faf er liue j 
[le tojwr philipp had sponsid wiue 
pai had to name heiodiaa ; 13012 
And herods fie thrid hiod«r was. 

How heroude kyng him dud of lyue 
For loue of his brofer wyue 
But not ])at heroude wite ^e wele 
^t elowje ^ childer of israele 
But anojier fiat so hat 
Of )ire aonea fat he gat 
])e formast het aichelaus fua 
As fe story telle]) va 
))at legned aftir his fadir lyue 
J3at ofer phelip spoused a wyue 
fat had to name herodiaa 
Heroudea f e fiidde biof er WEia 

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Xys herodea ala Ut is i^dde. 

■* baf lie loned aeint lofin & died. 

& gladii heikened his sannoun. 

bot he dide a grete trosonn, 

an vnHudeneB kid ful rife. 

he reft his hiofer philip liis wife. 

fie wife pat herodias hijt 

& pB,t was my kil a^yne ]ie i^t 

V qiieu saynt lo&n horde hit squa. 
wete ^e wele him was ful wa. 
& for to felle ^at foule jame. 
be come til herodis in hame, 
oat of )ie desert ^er he was in. 
be come to shew him his syn. 
be-for bis barones eaer-ilkan. 
lie for-bcde bim jiat wommao. 
& talde him ji^-of many skyle 
atte aa man mijt bam dyle. 

Hero diss herds )iis forbode. 
& wende to part ira king berode. 
In hir bert ney walde bo wede. 
for-quy bis wordes ware to diede. 
ho wist atte rijtwis was bis sagh 
& knew hit wele a-gayne f e lagS. 
on ojier side be was ful wa. 
If bo sulde depart king berode fra. 
bo cried & made ful mykil dole. 
Ala bo Jtat was a grete fole. 
IT ho had a doghter of pbilip getyn. 
bir wikkednea bes neuer for-jetyn; 
of bir name kepe I. nojt to telle, 
for bo is knawen fer-wif in belle. 
for J>oroo hir as I. sal sayne 
sone ofter was eayat loEn slayne 

V To kii^ berode saido eaynt loBn 
do way &a pe jone wikked wwnmon. 


IT J)is herod, Jiof als it es redd, ^\^ 
Batb be Inned eant Ion and died, 
And gladii heikend his sermon, 13016 
Bot he did a gret m-resiun, 
And rakendnes kidd ful tjf. 
He reft his bro^r phiUpp bis wijf ; 
}ii3 wijf )iat herodias bight 13020 
Mikel SCO did again fe right. 
Quen Ion herd Jiat it was sua, 
Wite yee for-sotb him was ful wa. 
And for to tell yat fule fame, 13024 
He com right to herods hame, 
Vte of desert far be was in. 
He com to anaip fe king si«n. 
Befor bis banins ener-Ukan, 13023 
He for-bedd bim )iat woTnman, 
And tald bim far-for mam skill, 
])at naman agbt it thol ne dilL 
Herodias herd fis forbod, 13032 

And wend to part fra king herod, 
In hir bert ney* wald sco wede, 
For-qui bis wordes war to dred. 
Sco wist Jiost rigb[t]wis was bis aau, 
Moght nogbt suffer na gain-aau, 13037 
On ojier side was hir ful wa, pMs-Dn] 
If SCO said part king bered fra ; 
Sco cried and mad ful mikel dole, 
Als SCO fat was a neber fole. 13041 
Sco bad a dogltier of filip geten, 
Hir wiokednes bee neuer forgeten. 
Of hir nam es na force to tell, 13044 
For SCO es knaon far-wit in hell. 
For thoru hir was eant lohan, 
Ala i sal tell yoau, sif en slan. 
Til king herod eaid sant loban, 13048 
"Do wai ira fe yon wicked wommaw. 


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QRIS7ED. SBB w*ii A DAuanTBB (no need to tkll bbr nauk, it IB KSOWS IN hbll). 

pia herodis king, als it ea redd, Jie heroudea tyiig aa hit is red 

Bath he leuned saint iohn, and dredd, Bofe he loued seynt Ion & dred 

And gladii beid hia sarmoune, 13016 And gladly herds his aaimoan 

Bot he did a gret Tnresune, But muche he dud ajeyn leeotm 

An Tnkindnes kid fill i|jf, vnkyndenea he kud ful lif 

He left hia broder philip his w^f. He rafte philip his hiofier his viS 

))is wif ])at herodiaa hight ; 13020 fie same ))at herodiaa bi^t 

Mekil he did agin fe right. Muche he dud ^eyn fie ri^t 

Qaen seint iohn herede fat it tras sua, Whenne loii herde it waa ao 

vitt je foi-soth him was ful -wa, Wite je vel he was ful wo 

And forto fell Jiot foule fame, 13024 And for to fells fat foule shome 

He come right to herods hame, He coom to heroudia home 

Tte of desert )iat he was in, Out of desert fat he was Itme 

He eome to snaipe Jie king of sin. He coom to blame Jje kyng of synne 

Bifor his haroones euerilkane, 13028 Bifoie his barouna euerychone 

He forbedd him fat wommane, He forbede him fat wommone 

And tald him fare for man skill, And tolde him wherfore & why 

fttt no man au it thole no dell. 13031 No mon shulde do so aynfdly 

Herodiaa herd fia forhote, S,l'T] °^'™** ^ Herodiaa herde fia tifing 

And dred to part fra king herode, And drad to leue heroudes kyng 

^In hir hert neuer wald seho wede, In hir hert wolde she wede 

Foiqoi his wordis was to' drede. 13039 For whi Ms wordea were to drede 

Scho wiat fat rightwia waa his sau, She wist wel ri^twis was his sawe 

And might nt^ht suffere gainean, But of him wolde'she stonde noon awe 

On ofer aide was scho ful wa, 13038 offre aide she was ful wo 

If scho suld part king herodia fra. Lest she departed f e kyng &o 

Scho end and made ful mekil dole, She cried & made muchel dol 

AIh scho fat waa aue obher fole. Aa ahe fat waa an ebber fol 

Suho had a doghtir of philip getiu, She had a donjter of phiUpp geten 

Hir wickednes bes neoer foigetin, Hir wickednes bef neuer foi^eten 

Of hir name eana force to tell, 13044 Of hii name is no fors to telle 

For scho es knauen f ar-wid in hell, Knowen she is f erby in helle 

For thoru hir was saint iohan, [ 

Als i sal sifen tell ja, slane. 13047 . . . nagapinTrin.^LaudMSS.] 

To kii^ herodis aaid saint iohan, To kyng beroude aeide seynt Ion 

"Do wai fia fe y[o]n fat wick womaK; Do wey fro fe fie wicked womnion 




^ou lunesliiryiui'Hg&iiiJiiliae, 13050 Jion Ionia lurmare ^an |n life. 

And fou Bco es ^i broker wijf & jet is ho ))i bro|ier vrife. 

fat fon hgk not to haf be laa p fwui nuO fai ])ou agH nojt to baue wttA lag& 

If poa war radd foi godds au. 1 305 3 if )>oa of god atode any agh. 

For i dred bot ))ou ae bite ))i aake, & bot ^oii of suche dodis slake. 

J)Ou sal nogbt dei wit-vten wrake." J)ou wil nojt dey wiji-outen wiat 

"Do wax, lohn, qni sais J)OU bob) 'T^" "^"^ lofinquy says fon squa. 

To t>i desert i red |)oa go, 13067 JL/ to |)i desert I. rede fe ga. 

6til i red ^oii bald fe fase, stiUe I. rede )K)a balde )« )iare. p if w, bk] 

And o fia mater spek namar. & of Jtis inat«r speke ua maie. 

Leue betodias yeitt wil i no{^t, [hl i] leue herodias wil L nojt 

Jat fou baa said der sal it be bogbt ; Jat Jon haa saide sal dere be bojt. 

I Inue bir mar Jtan ani tbing." 13063 I loue bir more Jen ani pinff. 

" fai ea again al rigbt, sir king I Jat is agaynea rijt sir kingi. 

]n bro))er wijf ira bim to reae, fi broker wife &a bim to rena 

Iredebe-time|)at Jonhirleue." 13065 I. ledebe time atte fiou bir leue 

IT " lobn, oow mikel Las fan spoken, U lobn euer mykil baa fou spokia 

And Jat sal noght be al vn-wroken, & fat sol no^t be lange Tn-wrokin 

For fon sal In ml preaun lii, fou aalle in my prison, ly. 

Ful dere sal fou fi wordes bij." 1306d to cbasty f e of sucbe foly. 

Herodias bim bated to ded, berodios couet lobn to dede 

foi pn'sond him al tboru bir rode, put bim to prisouH bi bir rede. 

far did berod hirn to cast fer dide hetode bim to be 

I'ot to mak bim al a-gast, 13073 to make bim ferde fus fojt be. 

To sla bim was be uogbt itt will, to sle bim was be nojt in wille 

Bot for fat wiiJced wijf to still ; bot make fat wjkked wife be stille 

For bir to wretb he dred ful sore, for bir to wraf bjn] dred Bare 

Als be fat natbing luued maie. 13077 als be fat na-fing' loued mare. 

Eia disciplis bim com to se, bis disciplis come bim to sel 

f e king fom lete haf fre entre, fe king* ham lete baue free eatre. 

f ai fand him in fat prisnn dope, fai fande bim in fat prisoun dope 

Mogbt fai noght fan for-ber to wepe. ma)t fai iio;t feu for-beie to wepe 

lohn bigan at fom to wijt . 13082 ^ lohn be-gan atte ham to asae. 

<^ufiT iesus Crist, bis lauerd, yeitt quere ihegu criate his lorde wasse, 

Bigan wit werckea bim to kife ) & be-ganne bis werkis to kif e 

For far-of wold be be ful blithe. 13085 & f ai-of was he wowder blif o 


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y-a loues hii mekil again ^ l^f, 

And [roa es actio Jii broder wijf 

}iat fiu au noght haae wid lau 13052 

If fa war radd for goddes au. 

I drede if fn ne bete ^i sake, 

Jiu Bal noght dri widvten wrake." 

" Do ym, ioha, qui sais ya sua ! 

To fi deaert i rede >tt ga, 13057 

Stille i rede fu halde fe J«i, 

And of yie mater spek na mar. 

Lene herodias ^eit will i nogfat, 

pat Jni liaa said dero bea boght ; 13061 

I laue hir mare fan ani fing." 

" |iat ea a-gain f e right, sir king I 

))i brofier wif fra bim. to reue, 

I rede bi-time }wt fin hir leue," 13066 

"lohn, oner mekil has })u epokio, 

And J)at sal nogbt be Tnwrokin, 

For ]iu sal in mj pieatin lij, 

Ful dera sal Jm fir wordifl bij." 13069 

Herodias him hatid to dede, 

}iai prisnned iohn thorn hir rede, 

}iar did Herodis bim to cast [oai. t] 

For to make him all agast, 13073 

To sla him waa he ni^ht in will, 

Bot for fat wickid wijf to still j 

For hir to wreth he dred fill sare, 

Ala he f at na-tbing leaed mare. 13077 

His deeciplia come bim to se, 

f e king Jtaim lete haae fre entre, 

fai &nd him in fat pr^an dep. 

Might fai noght forber to wep. 13081 

Iohn bigan at faim to witt 

Quefir ieswe crist, our lauerd, jeitt 

Bigan wid vordu^ him to kitht 

For fsF-of wold be be fol bliUi. 13085 

fon lowest bii mnche ^ynes fi lif 
And }itt la she f i bro|)er vif 
whom |)on ehuldea not haue witA lawe 
If ))(iu dreddes goddea awe 
I drede but fon aoone bete fi sake 
fou dejest not wifoaten wraks 
Bowey Ion whi saistou so [mtn.iuek] 
To fi desert I rede Jmii go 
Stille I rede Jmu holde fe )iore 
And of f is matere to apeke no mora 
For leue hir ;itt wol I noi^t 
]>at foQ haat seide bef dere boujt 
I lone hir more )»n any fing 
fiat is moost a;eyn fe kyng 
Jji broJi«- wif fro him to reue 
I rede bi tyme 3itt fcm hii leue 
He seide Ion to muche is spoken 
And fat shal not be Tnwroken 
)}0n shalt in mi piiBoun lie 
And feae wordis dere abis 
Herodias hated him to dede 
J)ei prtBOunde bim bi her rede 
In prisonn beroudes dud him caat 
For to make him agast 
To sle bim was he not in wille 
But fat wicked womnton to stille 
Hir to wtaf f e he dred aoie 
For he loned no fing more 
hia diaciplia cooni hirn to se 
f e kyng hem lete haue fre entre 
f ei fonde him in fat priaouH depe 
Mijt f ei not forbere to wepe 
Ion asked & wolde witt 
"Wbef er ihesu crist oure lord jitt 
Bigon wif wordis him to kife 
For ferof wolde he be fill blif e 



"Erefar," hesaid, "mi dereandfreinde, my brejier dere & my frendo 

^n yea sal mine eiaad wend, 13087 now je Balle myne eranda wende 

Til ]iat gret kueiding ie«u to Jiat grete loTding* ihesa, 

Saia Tijni als i sai to yow, & says him as I Bay }oa. 

On mild man«r sais jonr errand, of mylde maner sais }oure erande 

For-getes noght, bot Tuderstand. fo^getia nojt bot Tndeistaude 

Tee ask him if he be fat gom 13092 p aake him if he be fat gome. 

bat for man sauuete suld com, to sane mankinde atte sal come. 

If it be he, h» lang sijw, if hit be he how lange sif e, 

Sal he him hide and not ki))e 1 salle he him hide & no^t kijie. 

Or his word he send vs fan 13096 or hie worde he sende vs fan, 

Quefer we sal bide a-nofer mani" qoefer we salle bide a-nofer man, 

jMii laght Jiair leue, and went fra lohn, IT fai lajt f aire leue & went fra lolia 

And com far ie#!u was folson, 13099 & come ^er Ihe«us was fulle sone. 

f ai said, " sire, lohn fe greting sendee, & eaide saynt lo&n f e gretyng* sendis 

Jiat he in hard priaun lendes, Jier be in harde prisoon lendia. 

And askee if }<m he be fat sale & askis if fon be he atte sale 

Boni Jie bunden folk o bale." borou Jie bundyn folk of bale 

"I am he," he said, "parfail 13104 I am hef he saide patfai. 

And yee sal gre him wd and sai, and )e salle grete him wele & say 

Measela er hale, cripels gas right, £2^,"" mesela ar hale criplis gas rijt 

fedef has hering, blind hassight, ' fo defe has hering<])e blinde sijt 

And fat man sal foi-hlisced be 13108 & fat man salle vn-hlessed be 

fe qoilk him sdandeis n<^ht for me," fe qnilk trawes nojt in me, 

[ & bid him sufTre & here blame. 

, , no gap in Cotton 4" Laud MSS.] to ioy salle turae al his shame. 

IT fii discipUs tok fair ansnar 13112 IT yer disciplis toke faire ansi^uare. 

And luudi to sant Ion it bar ; & loueli to seint lohn hit bare. 

Wit ie«u fai left mikel folk fan, wif ihe«u f ai laft mykil folc fan. 

Andhetota[I]kwitfaimbigan, 1311S & he to talk wif ham be-gan 

And bad f aim als to hald f am still Ss bad ham alle to halde ham stille 

Til fat he hadd f am said his will. til he had ham saide his wille 

"Godmen,"hesaid, "quatmanyodyeo & ferhepr^ched wif solempnite 

Vnto f e wildemes to se J of fii^ fat was & jet snide be. 

Wend yee far fe rede to find 13120 alle may we nojt telle in rime, 

fat heildes waif&nd wit fe windt for hit walde aske to lange time. 




And he said, "mi brefier lene awl ftend, 

Nu )e sal mi erand wend, 1308T 

To fat gret lauerding iesu 

SaiB him ak i sal to ^u. 

On mild maner saia jour erand, 

For-getea noght, hot Ynferetand. 

je ask him if lie lie fat gome 13092 

fat for man nauaete sal come, 

If hit be he, hu lang sith 

Sal he liitn hide and noght kith 1 

Onfii his word he send vb fan 13096 

Qaefir we sal bide a-nofer man I" 

pai tot fair leoe, & went ffa iohn, 

And [com] far iegus was ful son, 

"Sir," fai said, "iohn f e greting sendis, 

f ar he in Lard presun ]e[n]gia, 13101 

Askes if f u be he fat sale 

Iiouae f e bundon folk of bale," 

" I am he," he said, " par fay ! 13101 

And je aal grete him well and say, 

Meseles er hal, crepells gas right, 

Def has hering, fe blind has sight, 

Aqd fat man sol bliesed be 13108 

De qoilk him sklandtia noght in me." 


no gap in the MS.] 

pit desciplis toke fair answer ^'j*" 
And laueli to saint iohn it bei; 13113 
wid ie^us mekil folk left fai fan, 
And he to take f aim wid bigan, 
And badd faim aU hald faim atille 
Till ho had faim said hia wille. 13117 
!■ " God men," he said, " quat man jode 
Tnto fe -wildrenes to se I u^ 

wend je far fe lede to find 13120 
fat heildis Trai£uid wid f e wind t 
13 GfiniNaErf 

He seide my brefere leue frende 
^ow shol je on myn eroude wende 
To ihem fat lordyng now 
And seif him as I say to jow 
On meke manere sey jouie eionda 
Forjetef not but vndiratondo 
Aske him if he be fot gome 
fat men to aaud now is come 
If hit be he how longe eife 
Shal he him hide & not kife 
Ot bidde him sende ra word fon 
whefer wo ehnl bide anofer mon 
fei toke leue & from Ion went 
And coom fere iheeus was present 
f ei seide sir Ion f e gretef I waa 
fere he in harde prisoun is 
And askef if f ou be he fat shale 
Louse f e bounden folk of bale 
je I am he he eeide porfey 
je shnl grete hifri wel & sey 
Meseles are hole & cmpels go rijt 
Deefe han herynge & blynde han sijt 
And fat mon shal blessed be 
fat him aclaandief not in me 


, . . ■ no gap in the MS.\ 

J)us fei toke f is vnawere 

And louely to seynt hit here 

Muche folke waa wif ihesa fon 

And he to take hem bigon 

He bad hem alle holde hem stiUe 

Til he had hem seide his wille 

IT Gode men he seide what mon jede je 

Into wildemes to ae 

Wende je fere a reod fo fynde 

jMt heldef waynyng wif fe wyndn 

,, Google 

754 "what WBNT TB out to bee, a FROFHETI tea." JOHN BTILL LAT IK 

Oi yee a man 8l<%h cledd in silk % 
UTai in kii^«« bus er euUk, 13123 

SaiB me quam fian yee soght )>ar, 
Prophets ya, for sott and mar, 
))i3 68 he o qaam was ledd 
Langer ftr he was bom or bredd, 
' 1 sal send for to puraai, 13128 

An angel forwit fe fi ■wai' " 
IT Sant Ion al-wais in prUaa lai, 
TQ it com on a feat dai, 
^at kii^ herod did for to coll 
)» bamage of his king-iik all ; 13133 
yJB waa fe dai ale men has herd 
fat he was bom in to fis world. 
Quen all war sett and ete at esse 
Bifor fia king in his palis, 13137 

. His brojier doghter, gent and smal, 
Com faim be-for al for to bale, 
Baled wel and tumbel wit-al ; 
Alle wondred on hir in ))at hall, 13U1 
Foi SCO ea well hei miater cnth, 
Als ^ai hadd hir son in muth. 
])an said ])e king }iat maiden til, 
" Ask me quat thing pat pan will, 
I sal )ie it giue, wit-vten eiiik, 13146 
fot foa. ask half mi kLng-rike." 
And badd hii ask q^uat-snm sco wald, 
And sua he suld hir coiuenand hold. 
" Sir king," sco said, " godd jeild it (je, 
For far-of will i consail me." 13151 
To fe bore sco tok hir pas, 
For to spek wit herodias. 
" Moder," sco said, " quakin thing [coL n 
Bede ye }iat i ask fiekingl" 13155 
" And ha he hight fe at haf jii boun ) " 
" Ya." " ga Jan and aak him son, 

pOthii a man olaiJ in ailk- PSHiq"* 
In kyngge< howsis ai* fonfidyn thilki 
Sey me what you sought thoi' 
Prophite ye for-sothe & moi" 
This ia he of< whom was recS 
long ar he was bom oi bied 
I ehalle send to pniray 
Myn) angiH by-fore thy way] 

Seynt loBn f ia quile in prisonn lay 
til hit felle on a feste day. 
atte }e ldng< made for to calle. 
f bamage of his kingdome alle. 
Jis was )m day as ^e haue herd 
pat he was borne in-to Jis werde 
IT quen alle ware sette & ete at ays. 
b&-for }>e ki]ig< in his palaya 
his btofer doghier gonte & smalle 
come playand hir wi^ a balle. 
ho daunsed & songe to tumble wttA-aL 
alle wonderted on Mr in Jat halle 
for ho sa wele hir mystri con^ 
many an spac of hir in moufie 
IT Jien saide fie king< Jie mayden til. 
aske me quat fiing* at Jion wille. 
I eal )>e gif wip-oaten squike. 
if hit be half my kingerika. 
& had hir aake qimt-eaer ho walde 
& square he walde hii couenanil halde 
V Sir king' ho saide god jilde hit }& 
consaile pei^oi now nedis me 
to J>e boure ho made hir paa 
for to speke wiji herodias. 
moder ho saide quat-kin piag. ■ 
lede je Jat L aske Je king<. 
T if he haue hejt Ja any bone, 
ga squije & aske him sone. 




Or )ie aotb & man cledd in silk t 
Kai, kinges has er funden suilk, 13123 
Sais men qoat fat je soght )iare, 
Fmphete ] ;e, foisotli, and maie. 
jiia ea he of quam was redd 
Tjtn g ax he waa bom o hredd, 13127 
' I sal aend forto puruai 
aim angel forwid f e J"! wai.' " 

SAint iohn alwais in presun lai, 
Till it come on a fast dai, 13131 
Jrat ]ie king did for to call 
fo barn^e of his kingrike all ; 
fis was f e dai als men has herd, 
fat he was bom into fis world. 13135 
Qaen all woi sett and ett at ays, 
Bifor |ie king in his palays, 
TTJH hrofer doghtir, gent and smale, 
Come hifor faim for to bale, 13139 
Balid wele and tumblid wid al; 
Alle wondrid on bir in fat hal, 
For seho sua wele hit maistri cuth, 
All fai had hir sone in muth. 13143 
fan said fe king fat maiden till, 
" Ask me quat fing als fa will, 
I sal fe gine widvten suike, [' ms. mq 
yf fu aske half ^ mi kingrike." 131 47 
And bad hii aske quat sum acho wold, 
And snai he suld hii coaenand hald. 
^ " Sir king," seho said, " god jeild it fa 
For f ar-on wil i consaile me." p ooi. ij 
To fe boie echo tak hir pas, 13152 
For to spek wid herodiae. 
" Moder," scho said, " quatkin f iog 
Itede ^e fat i aske fe king!" 13155 
" And has ho fe bight to haf f i bone 1 " 
" }a." " ga fan and ask him sone. 

Oufer a mon clad in eilku 
In kyngis honsis are fonnden f ilka 
Say me what je soojt fore 
Propheta je forsof e & more 
fis is he of whom was red 
Longo ar he was bom & bred 
I shal sende to pumay 
Myn aungel bifore f i way 
IT Seynt Ion so in priaouji was 
Til a feste day coom in plas 
))enne f e kyng let to him calla 
J)e baronage of bis kyngdom alia 
J3is was f e day as je ban herde 
pat he was bom into fis wcrde 
wbeuffi« alle were wete at ayse 
BifoTe f e kyng in his palaise 
His brofer doujtir smal & gent |T«rsq 
Bifoma hem in halle went 
She cymbaled tomblyng wif alle 
Alle wondride on hii in f e halle 
She 80 wel f ot maistri couf e 
Alle liad hir soone in moufe 
pernio seide fe kyng fat mayden tille 
Aske me what is f i wille 
I shal je jyue I make avow 
If bit be half my kyngdom now 
he had hii aske what she wolde 
And swor he shulde couenaunt holde 
Sir kyng she seide god jelde fa 
f eronne wol I counsel me 
To cbaumber-ahe toke hir pas 
For to speke wif berodias 
Modii she aeide. what mansr fing 
Eeda I aake of f e kyng 
Haf he giaunted f e fi bone 
Anoon f enne go & aske hint soono 
TEisrcY ■ 

,, Google 


ion Jat in prisan es, 13156 of lofin fat in prisonn ia. 

Hia heaed to giue fe in a disa." hia heued to gif fe in a disable. 

IT Quen soo herd fifl Jie feindes fode, '//l"^" ^° herde fiis fat findes fode 

Bi-for fe king sco com and atode, be-for J?e king" ho come & atode. P i«tf «] 

" Sir," Bco said, "for fi bamage air ho eaide be-fot fi bamage. 

1 wil fe ask nn nan Ttrage, 13163 I. wille now sake fe nane outrage 
Thar f e nathing to be dredand, thai fe na-fingi be dredande. 
Kof er i ask f q lith na land, nanfei I. aske f e houa ne lande 
Ke ofer thii^ wit vnieBan, ne nane of«r f iiig< wif-oute lesoon. 
Bot ion heaed, fi priaun." 13167 bot lonea hened in fi priaonn. 

IT Quen heiod aagh fat bco wald nan /~\ aeu herodes herd at ho wald none 

Gift tak bot heued o iohan, Vxr gift take bot fe heued of lotLa 

Wit him-aelf he wex ful wrath, wif him-self he wex wraf. 

And namli for he snar hia ath 13171 & namele foi he square hia af. 

fat he soar be-for hia folk aa fele, fat he square be-for aa fele. 

^t men auld hald him for vn-lele. fat men aulde halde him vn'lele 

A aatgant sent he to laiole, 13174 [^A aeijaunt to f* layle lete he gon) 

And iohan hefd comanded to cole; AnclIoBatohederi^tanon)] P^'^^J"* 

TTia comandment waa nt^t vn-dun, fat L haue aaide moate nede be done 

For he wae heued and fat ala sun, far he comaunded to heued him aone 

To fe maiden fiai it taght, 13176 & to fe mayden hit was be-tajt 

Fra hir fe moder it sifen laght. fra hii f e moder hit sifen li^t 

far-for euer worth hir wa I fer-fore euer-more worf hir wa. 

fat godman dos wit treaun ala. fat godeman dos wif treBOun sla. 

But fia ded was said ful dere, 13183 bot fis dede was aald ful dere. 

f e mining lastea yeitt bi yeir, jet ia f er mynnyng" f er fis jere. 

Wit a greitbful soth Tengoance, wif a dredeful eof veniaunce. 

Men mai jeitt ae sun sted in franco. fat jet fallia eum-time in &aunce 

Wod men at hia natiuite, 13186 wodemen atte aaint Tones tide 

To kirk be draun wit semble, atte fe kirke bote to bide. 

f aa fat cnma vts o fat blod [ 

fat godman slogh, f ai wex wode, 

And eftor quen f e dai es gan, 13190 

f ai haf fair wijt and gas Jam ham, . . no gap in Fair/ax ^ Laud MSS.] 

T f uB-gat was sant Iohan alan, l«ns-gate was saint lohfi dun. 

Ofer chesun was far nan. 13193 -f ofer encheson waa fer nane. 




LASio ; IS fr/lsqs at bt John's tide, had hex oohe to chubor and abb ocbed. 

Of Baint iohn fat in prsaim ea, 13168 Of eeint Ion Jiat in priaonn isae 

Hia heaed to giue ]>e in a dise." hia heued to jyae ^e ia a disahe 

Quen sclio fia, fat feindea fode, whenne ahe fie herds fat fendes fodo 

Bifor f e king scbo come and stode, Bifoie fe kyng she coom & ;ads 

" Sir," scko said, " foi fi barnage Sir she seide of fi baronage 

Su vill 1 ask nane vtiage, 13163 Wol I aske noon ontrage 

Thar f e na-f ing be dredand, Jjar fe be no fing dredonde 

Eor noafer i ask f u lith ne land, I aske f e noaf er bona ny londe 

Ne nan oper f iag wid varesun, Ny noon ofere fing out of rasoiut 

Bot iohnes beaed fi presim." 13167 But lones beed fi priaonn 

Quen berodis eau f ot echo wald nane H whenne heronde aay aho wolde noon 

Giftes take, bot f e heued of iofan, Ofere jifte bat fe beed of Ion 

wit him-self wex he wrath, Wif 1"""' self wex he wroof 

And namli for he soar fat atb 13171 And namely for he swor fat oof 

fat be Buu foi-wid folk ao felle, Bifore fat ilke foike so fele 

fat men anld hald him for vnlele. He wiste men wolde biin bold vn lele 

A aergant [sent] he to fe iaiole, A aeriau»t to fe laile let he gon 

And iohn fae comand forto cole. 13175 Ion to bade aoone anoan 

His oomandement waa noght vndone, He was beueded also soone 

For he was befedd als sone, His biddynge waa not vndone 

To fe maiden f ai it tagbt, And take f e maiden fat hit aujt 

Fra bir bir moder it aif en lagbt. His modii f enne fro bii bit laujt 

farfor euw ay worth bir wa I 13180 Jjerfore euer worfe Mr wo 

fat god man dos wid treaan sla. pat good mon dof wif treaoun to slo 

Bot fis dede was sold ful dere. Bat fis dode was aold ful deie 

fe mening jeit lastis bi jere, fe menyng lastef jitt Ycbe jere 

wid a greful nengance. 13184 Wif an open vengeaunce aene 

[ who BO wol seoha wifouton wene 

no gap in the MS.] [ 

To kirk be diauen wid giet eemble 


no gap in the MS.] . ... no gap in the MS.] 

pnsgat waa him saint iohn alane, f ua was good seynt Ion slone 

Ofer a cheaun was far nane. 13193 Ofer enchesoun waa fer none 



For to mak ending o mi tale, for to make endmg< of my tala 

For illahail gan bco to bale 13ldS va wor)i hir be^an f&l bale. 

fat gert hia hefd sna forth be broght, J>at gert his beued aqua be brojt. 

"Waa neuer nan ana dere was boght. was nener dejt deire bojt. 

Als we men her of mikel tell, IT certia )iis boke dos me telle. 

His eanl went als sun tU hell, 13199 his saule hit went als eone to heL 

Je yatea fand he aperd fast, [i«f7«,ini.i] Jie jates fande he epereiJ fast pwoieoiij 

And he fe harres of ham brast, f° barres Jwr-of he oon' to braat. 

And Jiailie dueUd a quile and bade, & fer he dwelled a qaile & bade. 

And o Bocur fe bodword made 13203 & of cristea come bode-worde made. 

To fteindes fat he f arin fand, to &eiudis fat be ^er-in fande. 

Ai to fe lauenl fam lesid o band. ay til oar loide ham lauaed of band 

Til hell sua for-wit him he ferd, til helle be-for him he ferde. 

Eight als he did vnto fis werld, rijt ala he dide in-to fe werde, 

For-Jil es he cald hia foriner, 13208 for-fi is he calde cristia puiniayer. 

And cristes aun messager. & criatia awen measager. 

His disciplis fat war bnn, hia diaciplia f er was boun. 

f ai ledd his licam Tte o tun, & led bia licame out of toun. 

Til sebastin wit mikel far, 13212 til sebasten wif mikil fare. 

fe hali cors fai bind ^ar. f is hali cors fai bind fare. 

I rede yow uou lauerdings alle, ~T rede jon now loidingia alle. 

Tee on fia blisced ion ai calle, A. fat je on bleaaed lohn calle. 

For wijt yee sum i aaid yow ar, 13316 be-fore as I. jou aaide are. 

A better barn wijf neuer bar, a bett«- bama neuer wife bare. 

He es blisced ouer all prophet, he blessed him ouet ilk prophete. 

Of al yor bale he mai yow bett ; of alle joure bale he may jou bete. 

Of hei oxspring fan es fis ion, 13220 of heye oapring* fen is fis lolln. 

fat far Tp aittea hei in tron, for now he sitis ful hey in trone. 

Sere be-taght to mild man, uere be-t^t to milde mary. 

Godd self es him nere sib for-f i, & to ib«sa sibbe for-f i. 

And to sant ion fe eucingelist. 13224 & to saint lofin fe euangelist. 

To f aim bring t8 lauerd iesu cmt I to ham us bring" ihera crist. 

Herd yoe baue o sant ion aaues, IT herde je haue of John sof aawee. 

He was slan in pasch daus ; he was slayue in paske dawea 

Here nu quat herodias did, & herkenis now quat herodiaa did. 

In a wall hia heued sco hid, 1 3229 in a walle f e* heued was hid. ,SJSi^j 



For to moke ending of mi tale, ^I'J^'*' 
Fnl Uhaile gan scho to bale 13195 
fat gert his heued sua forth be brogbt, 
was neiier sane sua dede boght. 
A lfl ve men beie of mekil telle, 
His Baule it went ala sone to belle, 
]ie }ates fand spered fast, 13200 

Ami he ]ie baires of )iaim brost, 
And fai he duelled a qutlle, and bade. 
And of aocuT )>e bod-word made 
To freindes jiat he ])ar-in fand, 13204 
Ai till [le lanerd jiaim lesid of band. 
Till hell sua forwid him he ferd, 
Eight als he did in to f is werld, 
Por-}4 es he cald his forinnier, 13208 
And cristes aaen meesager. 
His disciplia, )iai was bonne, 
And led hie licam yte of tune, 
Til sebaatien wid mekil fare, 13213 
^is hali Cora ]»! biiid Jiare. 
I rede ;a no, lauerdinges alle, 
pat ya on blisced iohn ai calle, 
Fot witt ;e Bum i sad ja are, 13216 
A better child wijf nener bare. 
He es blisced ouer ilk prophete, 
Of aU }oai bale he uuii ju bete. 
Of hei ospriug Jian es ^is iohn, 13220 
)>at )iar vp^ttes hei in thron, 
Kete bita^t to mild mari, 
Godd him-eelf es nere sibb for-^ 
And saint iohn )ie wangelist ; 13224 
To Jiaim hringh va, laueni crist ! 
IT Herd je haue of iohn soth-saus, 
He was elan in pask daus ; 
Here na quat herodias did. 
In a wal fais heued scho hidd, 13229 

rOHN, 769 

Of ^ia to make an endyng 

In euel tyme bigan she tomblyng 

To make his heed of be broujt 

TVaa nener noon eo dere boi^t 

As we rede & here telle 

Hie eoule went anoon to belle 

]7e jatia fonde he apaired fast 

And he )>e barres of hem brast 

Jtere dwelled he a while & moat nede 

And bodeword hroujt of aocour in dede 

To frendes ^at he jKj-inna fonde 

Til her lord hem lesed of bonde 

To belle bifore criat he ferd 

Aa he dnd in to ])is wetd 

J)erfore is he called foigoer 

And cristia owne measonger 

His diaciplia ])o were honn 

And ladde his body out of touw 

To Bebaatiana wi)) muchel fare 

fia holy core )iei buryed Jtara 

feifore I rede jou href eren alio 

fat je on blessed Ion ay calle 

For wite je alls aa I seide are 

A bettMr childe neuCT" wif bare 

He ia blessed ouer vohe prophete 

Of muchel bale he may ts bete 

Of heje oapringe ))is Ion he ia 

Sib to Iheaua in henen blis 

And also to his modit maiy 

He preye foi ts te haue mercy 


. . w gap in Trinity ^ Laud MSS.'] 
' Herde je haue of lonea sofe aawea 
Slayn he was in paske dawes [■un.H] 
Here now what herodias did 
In a wal hia heed ahe hid 



Sco has it salted In a wall, 13230 

For SCO hii dred, if ana mogbt &1I, 

His hefed war til hia bodi don, 

fiat he mond qniken ols son, 

Thoni his mikel hali-hede : 13231 

Bot SCO did efter hai^en lede, 

^ia hodi Tte of eith ))ai hint, 

And al to pouder )iai it blind. 

Si]>eu war hall munckes send, 13238 

To gedir )iaa askee }iat ^a& brend, 

Fonder oi ban y&t )iai fand ]iar 

)>ai gader vp, and wit Jiaim bar. 13211 

[77m Beginning of 
Jmus fat well wist o )>i8 etrijf, 
Quaifor saut ion was don o iijf, 
To Jo lues fat war felon 
In his loolng he made sermon. 13245 
Fra nazareth to caphamaum, [cdL y 
Fia neptalim to zabulon, 
Went he prechand o fe iaL 
In aueril Jie tofer did 
"Was Jiat he higan to pi-eche, 13250 
And openli fe folk to teche. 
f e sinagogs all soght he 
Oner-all po land of galilee ; 
Of hie sermun spao mani man, 13251 
And ojier mani loueword he wan. 
Quen he herd tel sant lohu was alain, 
. To nazaieth he went again, 
Vntil hia aun kind contre, 13258 

Tua daiB in aneril entre. 
He sermnnd wit his loueh epek. 
And beild mani fat wai seke, 13261 
fe aam-hale fiist til him fai soght, 
Jhui heling gioched he fam noght, 

ho has hit salted in a walls. 
for ho hii dred if sqoa miijt ialle. 
his heued ware til his body done. 
})at he waU qnilk in ala sone. 
thorou his mikil halj-hede. 
& jet ho dide a halde dede. 
fe bodi ho gert of erf be hent. 
& alls to poudre fai hit btent 
sif on ware hali monkis sent 
to geddei f e askis atte fai brent 
poudte & bane atte fai fande fare 
fai gedderred Tp & wif ham bare. 

Ohrid's MinUtry.^ 

Ihemm fen wele wiste f is strife 
qnar-fore atte lobn was done of life 
to f 6 lewes fulle of feloun. 
til ham he made his sarmoun. 
fra nazaretb to caphamaum. 
fta neptalim to zabulnm. 
went he preychaD<I in his way:. 
In aueril a-pon a day 
was hit he be^au to pieyche 
& opinli f e folk to teyche. 
f e syn^oges olle sojt he 
ouer alle f e lande of galilee. 
of his saimoun spac many man. 
& mykil loae he bim wanne. 
% quen he herde tel saint lo&n was 
to nazareth he went a^yne. [«ain 
m-til his awen kind cuntree. 
in f e be-gynnyng* of aueril as L tal<) f* 
he sarmonde f er alle a weke 
& holed many atte was seke. 
fe cimtray hally til him sc^t. [iHtn,iwd] 
faire heliiig< giocbed he ham nojt. 



Scho has it saltid in a wall, 13230 She h&p hit ealted in a wal 

For echo Mr dredd if sua might &I1 Foi she dredde i£ so shulde fid 

His heued war till his bodi done, [«L ij His heed ^616 to his body done 

flat he muond quickin again alaone, He wolde quite ajein soona 

Thorn his mekil hali-hede : 13234 {joui^e his muchel holy hede 

Bot scho ^ar efter siden jede. Aftir warde also she jeda 

His bodi vte of fa eide fai bent, Hia body out of erf hent 

And all to poudir far it brent. And alto poudir fei hit brent 

Sijien war bali monkes sent, 13238 Si)ien were holy monies sonde 

To-geder J»e askes fat f ai brent, To geder fa askea pat f ei brende 

Fonder or bone fat fai fand fare, Poudir or boon fat fei fond fere 

Jiai gedrid vp, and wid f ainx bare, Vp fei gedered & wif hem here 

[TJte Beginning of ChrinCs MiniglTy.'] 

lewis ^an wist well fis strijf, 13243 ^ Iheaus wiste wel fls strif 

Quarfore iohn waa done o lijf, Wherfore Ion was done of lif 

To f luns, fat war felune. To fe iewea fat were feloun 

In his loning be made sarmnno. In him preising he made sarmoan 

Fra nazaretb to oaphamaua, 13246 Fro nazareth to caphamaon 

Fra neptalim to Zabnlom, Fro neptalim to zabolon 

went be precband of [« loi. he went pr^chyug of fe lay 

In anenll, on fat of er dtu, In anerille fe tofer day 

was it he bigan to pieche, 13250 He higoa fo faste to precbe 

And opinlik fe folk to teche. And openly f e folk to teche 

fe Bynagoges alls sc^ht he, ]7e syuagoges alio sou^te he 

Ouer all f e land of galile ; Onei al fe loud of galile 

Of his salmon epac maui man, 13364 Of his sarmoan spek many man 

And of fe loneword fat wan. And of fe looerede f at he wan 

Qnen he herd tell saint ion was slaine, whenne he herde seynt Ion nas slayne 

To nazareth he went a-gaine, To nazareth he went a^ayne 

In till his auen kindli contre, 132S8 Into his owne kyndely cuntre 

Toa dais in aucfil entre. Two dayes in auerille entre 

He sarmoned wid hia loupi] spek, He preched holily and speke 

And helid mani fat war seke, 13261 And heled monyfat were seke 

f e vnfer fast tille him fai soght, })e mhole faste to him soujt 

fair heling groohed he f aim noght, her helyng gnicched he hem non^t 

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Xeche to )>aiu was be ful hold, 1S261 leche til ham he was fill holde. 
He asked nojier siluer ne gold. a&nper he asked silaet ne golde. 

// ])e gedderiiig< of fe apostolii. 

fan thoght ienw it was to lang "IVr"^ f ^^ i'iesus hit was to lange 

Wit-vten felauscip to gan, -L i wifKiuten felawshepe to gange 

Nu ches felftus wil he bipn, 13268 to chose felawea he wille be-gyn. 

Bot noght o riche kingea kin, bot nojt of riche kiDgis kin, 

Ke of ereJ {lan gret baron, ne of eiel ne of grete baroun. 

He of er gret lauerding o tim. ne o^er grete loidisgis of toun. 

Bot mene men o pour lijf, 13272 bot o))er men of poaei fode. 

pat princes held man sifen rif. fat sif en was halden princis gode. 

Tua brefet first, petre and andten, IT ij, brefer petre & Andrew. 

Bath fai war o mild then, 13275 baf ware meke & of gode thew. 

Hade fai fam first nonof er godd, had fai fiist nane of er gode. L'J^^^^ 

Bot wit fair scipp fai fand fam fode, hot wif f aire batis^ fai famie ham fode 

"Wit fair fiasing war fai fedd, 13278 wif faire fisshing* alaqua fedde. 

And pouer linelade far-wit fai ledd. & pouer liue-laide fw-wif fai ledde 

Wit a woid fai left fair scipps tuin, sone fai laft faire batis twin. 

For fat was al fair werld win, 13281 & folowed iheau heyuen to win. 

Neuer sif en went fai fair mode, & neuer sif en turned faire mode. 

For fam thoght fair change gode. for fai sagB fat chaunge gode. 

At see sant lohn and lam he fand, V atte fe see saint-Iohn he fande 

Quils fai fair lines war waitand, 1 3285 quileat his lines he was baytande 

Fader and moder and all fair kin ffader & moder & alle faiie kyn. 

And scliipp fai left and felad Mm. & bate fai left & folowed him, 

fan com til him ludas thadeu, 13288 H fen come til him ludaa thadeu 

And broght wit him sant bartiUmeuj & brojt wif him saint berthelmew. 

Sifen he com in til a bi IT Sif en he come Tn-til abj. 

AmoT[n]ing fand he dan leui, 13291 a morning* fande he an letiy. 

puplicane lede was he, cirji.bk.ooi. i] of pupliean lede was he 

And als a man o gret pouste. & sifen a man of grete pauste. 

legoB crist first wit him ete, Iheea cmte first wif him ete. 

And he for iesa al for-lete, 13295 & for him fis werlde al for-lete. 

To folu hitn thoght him na scham, to folow him. fnjt him na shame. 

And sif en Mathou was cald his nam. & sifen matbew was his name. 




Leche to )iaim he was fill hoild, 13261 Leche was he to hem hoMe 

Noa))ei askid he eilaer ne gold. He asked iioa|>er ailuer nor golde 

[Christ cJtooses the Apoelles.] 

pan thoght ietus it was to lang Iheea |<ot^t hit was ful longe 

widntea felachip to gang, WijKiaten felowshipe to gonge 

Chese hi'p felaua will he bigin, 13268 To chese him felowes he dad Hgynne 

£ot noght of riche Idoges kin. But not of richiche kyngis kynne 

Ke of erli, ne of g^te banine, ^^if" 2foaper of eries ny of haionn 

Ne ojffir gret lauerding of tune, Ny oJiotw grete lordyi^ea of toun 

JBot mene men of simpil lijf, 13272 But mene men of sympnl lif 

fe,t princes held men eyden rijf. pat si^en were holdeu princes rif 

IT Tua brefir, peter and andreu, IT Two hiefier petur and andrew 

Bath pai war of mekil theu, Bo)»e Jiel were of muche few 

Ne had pai fiiat nanojier gode, 13376 Had fei fuist noon opere gode 

Bot wid pair achip fand paim fode, But wip her shipp fond hem fodo 

wid fair fisaing war pai fedd, "Wip hei fisshjng were pei fed 

And pouer liuelade farwid ledd. & pore Uflode pei led 

wid a word left pai par schippis tuin, Wip o word hane pei ship for gone 

For pat was all pair worldis win, 132S1 pat was al her worldes wone 

And nenec sipen went pair mode, Neuer aflir turned pei her mode 

For pai sau pair chaunge was gode. For pei say her change was gode 

At see saint iohn and iame he fand, At pe se6 lame & Ion he fonde 

Quiles pai pair lines war baitand, Aa pei were lynes leyond 

Fadir & mod^ and aUe pair kin, Fadir & modii & alle her kyn 

And schip pai left, and foluid him. And ahipp pei lafte & folwed him 

pan come till him iudaa thadn, 13288 peana coom to him ludas thadeu 

And broght wid him salt bartilmeu. And wip him broujte bartelmeu 

Sipen he come vntill a bij, Sipen he coom to abii 

A morning fand he dan leui, A morenyng fonde he dan leui 

Of publicane lede was he, 13292 Of pnblicanes leder washe 

And als a man of gret pouste. And a mon of greet pouste 

lestts criat first wid him ete, IheHU forste wip him he ete 

And he for iem all forlete. And he for ihe^u al for lets 

To folu him toght him no schame. To folwe him poi^t« him no shame 

And sipen mathe was his name. 13297 Sipen mathew was his name 

OdniNOEtl TBimTT 

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764 jeaus ohobh fith others, all TOOETHaa made twelve; thky khihook 


IT Sipea eimoa and als iudas, 13S9S 
pa leas jam and aant Thoniaa, 
fan Iudas scariotli fe bald, 
fat at fe last fie lauerd said. 
Tuelue fai war to tell in tale, 13302 
Quen fot fai Tar to-gedii hale, 
IT Fra fai fam to sU Terld chesa, 
Al fai for-sok fia werlds heas, 1330fi 
To man fai wroght neuw vn-pee, 
fof man fam aoght wit gret malea ; 
For fai somen Inued ilksn ala brefer, 
fair herdes sundrid neuer &a ofer, 
Wit-vten threp or stryf, 13310 

Ai til f e ending of fair lijf. 
To petre fat be pouerest fiind, 
Of all he mad bim mast weldand, 
Foi-bi all his ofer fens, 13314 

Mast priuelege he gaf to peris. 
IT To petre god aaid, " luues f on me ) " 
" fou wat wel, lanerd, i luue wel f e." 
" fou aal do fan mi comandment ; " 
" Yaa, sir, gladli wit all mi tent, 
To dei for fe if it be node." ' 13320 
" Mi scbep," said iems, " aal fou fede. 
Petre," he said, " fou has ben god 
Fiaaar hiddir-til on flod, 
Fra fia dai forth i sal fe keu 13324 
For to be fiaaar god o men. 
Fra fis time aal fon forf erward, 
Of heuen and ertb be yate-ward. 
faim fou sal fe caisa ber, 13328 
For to oppen bath and aper. 
Quam sa fou bindea, be fou bald, 
He aal for me be bimden tald, 
And quat man fat fou leseaa o band, 
For lous he sal in heuen stand. 13333 


IT Sifen SimoniJ and Iudas. 
f ° lease lamea & saint thomas 
fen Iudas scariot fe balde 
& aifen fat tiaitoor his lord ealde 
xij, fai ware to telle in tale. 
quen fai ware to-gedder hale. 
ire, fai ham til fis lorde chese 
fai foi-soke fis werldia ese 
to man fai wrojt nexier vn-pos 
jet ware fai aojt wif grete males 
ilkan lOued as fai wore brofer 
& nane walde depart fra ofer. 
ay til f e ending of fairs life. 
wif-outen ani enay or strife, 
to Petre at he pouerest fande 
of alle he made him mast weldantt 
for bi alle his ofer feria. 
mast preuilage ho gaf to peria. 

V To petrs saide hof louis fou me. 
fou wate lorde hit mote squa be. 
fou sal do fen myne entent. 
gladli lorde fi comaundement.'- 

to dey for fe L mote nede. ^Si/«hJi^ 
my shepe saide ihesas saltow fede. 

V Petre he saide fou has bene godo 
fisahis to gete a-pon f e flode 

fra fis dai forf I. salle fe ken. 
for to be fissher of godemen, 
fra fis ttme forf saltowo be. 
porter of heyuen & erf aicurele. 
of ham fou salle f e koyes bore, 
baf to opia & to spere. 
quam sa fou bindia be fou balde. 
he salle be for me bondin talde. 
& quat man fat fou lausis of band 
for lause he sal in heyuen stande 



Si|wu eimond, and iudaa, 13298 Sijien had he symond & ludas 

^ less aaiflt iohn, a[ii]d saint thomas, ))e lease eeint lame Se aeynt Uiomao 

!»□ indas akarioth ])e ha]d, |ieime ludas scarioth fe bolde 

])at at Jib last hia lauerd said. Jjat aftirwarde hia lorde solde 

Tuelue war })ai to t«ll in tale, 13302 Twelue weie )>ei to telle in dole 

Quen J>ai war to-gedir hale. WTienne fel were to gider hole 

Fra Jrai paim to Jas lauerd ches. For fat Jwi to Jiis lord ohesa 

AlleJiaifoTBokefiiawoildesese, 13305 {lei forsoke ])is worldes ese 

To man }?ai wroght neuer vnpes, To mon wronjte Jwi neuw vnpeea niw) 

If man f aim soght wid gret malese ; Jiei men hem ao^te wi^ greet males 

ForJiaiJiaimlouediltanalBbrefer, [»li] To gider fei loued as sister & brofei* 

)isi heides sundrid neuer fra ojiir, Noon wille sondie |io fro ofiet 

widvten ani threpe or stiijf 13310 Wilwuten alle cMdyng or attif 

Ai tille f e ending of Jiaii lijf. Til J« endjng of her lif 

To petre fat he poiiereet fand, Petui fat he porest fond 

Of alls he made him mast weildand, Oner alle he made him mooat weldond 

Bifor all his ofer feris' p Ms.pmt.] Biforen alle his of ere ferea 

Most priuilag be gaf to peris. 13315 Moost pn'uilage he ;af to p«TC3 

To petre said he, " louee f u me 1 " To peter he seide louestou me 

" f u wat wele, lauei'd, fat i loue fe." f on woat wel lord fat I loue fe 

" fu aal do fan mi comaTidement." f on shal do fenne my commaundement 

"ja, air, wid mine alle entent, 13319 jia sir wif al myn ent 

To dci for fe, if it be nede." To deje for fe if hit bo nede 

" Mi schipe," said ieeus, " sal f u fede. Mi sheep he seide fou ahalt fede 

Petir," he said, " f u has bene gode Petnr he seide fou hast ben gode 

Fiaser hidertille on flode, 13323 Fisshere hidurto on fe flode 

Fra dig dai forth i eal f e ken Fro f is day forf I ehal f e ken 

For to be fisser of gode men. To be fisshere of gode men 

f u aal au fra f is time forward Fro f is tyme now shaltou be 

Of heuen and erd be jateward ; jatewarde of heuen & erf e to se 

Of faim fn sal fe kays bore, 13328 Of hem fon shalt fe keyes here 

Bath for to open and to apere. Bof e to open & to apere 

Quam Bua f u bindea, be he balde, "Whom so fon bj-ndeat bo he boHe 

He aal befor me bunden tald i Bifore me bef he for bonnden tolde 

And quat man f u leaia of band, And whom fon leseat out of bonde 

For louB he sal in henen stand. 13333 For louse he shal in heuen stonde 
oOttincibn trisitt 


7G6 "thoo art fbteb. thou and thy oompant are my friends." they 


Petre es }ioii, and mi Hrk sal 13334 
))fit stan sett liir grundwall ; 
Ka wrenches o )ie maledight 
Aganis hii aal haue na might. 13337 
Yee senie me, pan and Jii fere, [~l »] 
Yee ar mi fieindes leue and deie." 
And sua ^ai did, bath dai and night 
Jiai serued him als wel was right, 
Wit-vten pride in simple lijf, 13342 
Wit-vten strut, wit-vten strijf. 
pB folk him folnd o ])e land 
Bi hundiet bath and hi thusand ; 
Men folud him foT sere reaim, 1334G 
Sum to here hia snete sarmun. 
To Be him-aelf and here bis spake, 
And sum fot hele com ^ni ar seke. 
And sum to ae meraclea rijf, 13350 
Hu Jiat he raised dedmen to lijf ; 
And sum al for til haue )ie fode, 
For ilkman bad part of his gode. 
And >ar >at ani defaut hitidd 13354 
Was noght his curtasi vn-kidd, 
))at be ne it sceud wit mani dedes, 
In mani stede wit mani medes, 
Als was hefor fe archidicline, 
He tumd fe watur in to win. 13359 

Petre artow & my kirk salle. 
on fat stane sette I. my gronde-walle 
\} No wrenohe« of the maladicte 
A-yen hir ehalle haue no myjt] 
semis ne now alle infere, C ^^j^"* 
}e ar my frendis leue & dere. 
& squa ))ai dide ba]) day & nijt. 
pei seruid him & )iat was ri^t. 
wi])-outen pride wij) simple life 
wijKiuten strote wi^uten strife 
IT f e folk him folowed of ]>e lande 
he many hondre & thonsande 
men folowed be diuerse resoun, 
sum to hero his squete sarmoun. 
to se him-self & here him apeke. 
& sum for hele atte ware seke. 
& sum to se miraclia rife 
how he raised fe dede to life. 
& sum al for to haue his fode 
far )ie nedi had of his gode. 
& fare quare ani defaute be-tid 
was no}t his miiaclis per vn-kid. 
fat he ne hit shewed witJi. many dedis 
in many stede wif worf i media 
als be-for fe architriclyne [k«r«i] 

be turned fe watCT- in-to wine 

how ihesiiB turnid water Ln-to wine 

atte fe bridale. 
% Lauerding««, in fat ilk centre T ordingis in fat ilk cuntree 

fat man clepes galilee, XJ fat men callis galilee 

In a tun yee call fe cbane 13362 In a toun was fat at can. 

Bridall was far hroiden an ; a bridale was f er hodin an. 

fe hridgom did alle fider call fe bridegome dide fiddei calla 

His speoialieat foeindes all, 13365 his maste tmti frendis alle. 




Fetre ea ))ii, and mi kiic sail 13331 
On ^t atane sett Mr grundwaL 
N& wrenkea of fe maledight 
Againes Mr sal haue no might. 
Seruia me ^u and )ii fere, 13338 

JO er mi frendea leue and dere." 
And soa jiai did, batli dai and night 
Jrai seruid him, als wele ^raa light, 
widuten pride, wit simple lijf, 133i2 
widvten strut, widvten atrijf, 
fe folk him folud of f e land 
Bi hnndiith and bi thousand ; 13345 
Men folud him for aere resane, SfifiJ**' 
Sunt to hore his snete sarmnne, 
To se him-self and here his speke, 
And sum for hele come Jiot war eeke. 
And sum to se miiaclis rijf, 13350 
Hu ^at he raisid dede men to lijf; 
And earn all forto haue fe fode. 
For ilk man had of his gode. 
And fiai pat an! &ute bitidd 13354 
was n<^ht his cuitasi Tnkidd, 
Jiat he ne it schend md mani dedia, 
In mani sted^ wid wordi media, 
Ala bifor ])e arthitricUne, 1336S 

Jiar he turned p6 WB,ter to trine. 

Petur art Jiou & my chirche shalle 
On yat stoon set hir ground walle 
No wrenches of Jie maledijt 
A^ein hir shal haue no myjt 
Serue^ me fou & ^ fere 
^e are mj frendea leefe & dere 
So ^i dud bofie day & nyjt 
Him ^i seraed as hit was rijt 
"Wifouten pride in sympel lyf 
"Wijtouten boost wi|jouten strif 
Jje folka him folwed of fe lond 
Bi hundride & bi fousond 
Men folwed him for djverw resouns 
Somnie to here his sarmouns 
To se him self coom somme eke 
Somme for hele pat were seke 
Somme to ]>e miracles rif 
How he reised dede to lif 
And somme for to haue ^e fode 
For Yche moD hadde of his gode 
And ))ere as any defaute bi tidde 
"Was ncuer his curtesy vn kidde 
But he hit shewed witA mony dcdes 
In mony studes wi^ wor^ medes 
As at J»e feest of arohitrioline 
Jiere he turned watir to wyne 

[The Miracles and Sayings of Christ.] 

LAoei-dinges, in fab Ilk centre ^ Lordyngis in pat ilka cuntre 

^at men clepis galilee, ])at men clepen galile 

In a tune men clepis chane, 13362 In a tonn )iat cane is calde 

Bridel was Jiar ordained ane ; A bridale was }er6 on I halde 

])e bride-gome did Jiaim pider calls pe brydgome did hem )iider calle 

His epecifll &eindes alle, 13365 His apeciale frendes alle 


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And waa par-tar to be 13366 

Vr lauedi and hir &e meigne. 
And iesut self be com )iai-till, 
Wit earn disciplis at his will. 
pat gadring par vaa fol f^t, 13370 
And mani aemli aett in sete. 
pa folk ))at dai fol fair was fedd, 
bred and flezs bath so^en and btedd, 
left J^oi noght for cost na siiinc, 13371 
And god wine bad )iai for to drinc 
pe win ))am was noght spard amang, 
And ))ar-for lasted it nog[ht] Isng. 
Qu«n maria wist )iaiT win was gan, 
Sco tald it til hir sun o-nan, 13379 
And mildeli sco made hir man, 
"Leifsnn," SCO said, "wine haffai nan." 
And til his moder p&a said he, 
" Qitat es fat to me and J>e] 13383 
If it be sua p&ii win be gnede. 
On us ue leses n<^bt pe nede. 


. . no gap in Cotton 4" Laud MSS.^ 
Bot we sal do |)o qw^Jjer als heind, ^^ ^h 
In nede ^an sal )iai find ys freind." 
Sco cald Jje boteler hir to, 13300 

Said, " do )iat mi sun p6 bides do, 
fat be pe biddes be puruaid." 
" It sal be don, leuedi," he said. 
Iwuf badd pata fan o-nan 13394 

Fil fair gret wesseis o atan 
water clere, and fai did aoa, 
fan bad ieeus fam to ga 
For to taat o fat neu win, 13398 

And ber it to sir architricline, 
fat fat bus was fan husband, 
And costes to fa bridal fand. 13101 


& was fsi* praied foT to be 

our lauedi & bir leue meyne 

& ihesus self come f er-tille 

wif sum disciplis atte hit wiUe. 

IT fat gedrii^ fen bit waa ful grete 

& many semeli setto in eete. 

fat folk fat day fuUe faire was fed 

wif soifen & roste & wilde bred. 

lest fai nojt for coste ne squink 

& gode wine fai had atte drink. 

bit waa no)t spared hit went a-wal. 

lastis na-fing* bot god ay. 

IT quen mary wiste faire wine gane 

bo talde hit tille hir sone a-nane. 

& mildeli ho made hir mane 

leue aone ho saide wine haue fai nane 

^ & tille his moder fen aaide he. . 

quat is fat for f e & me. 

if hit be aqua faiie wine be gnede 

on TS ne lis nojt fe gnede. 

bot aniy atte we come here to-day. 

& for our costage sal I. pay. 

for we sal do til ham has hende. 

in nede now saltow fai finds ve frenJ 

IT mari calde fa botiler hir to. 

do atte my sone biddis f e do. 

wif-oute letto hit be puruaide 

hit salle be done lauedi he saide 

jhemia bad ham sone ou-nane 

fiile faire grete vessels of st-ane 

of waj«r clere & fai dide squa. 

fen bad ihesus ham to hit ga. 

for til taste of fat new wine. 

& bere hit to sir architricline 

fat of fat houa was hoosbande 

& costage til fat bridalle fonde. 




And was Jiar piaid forto ba 13366 So Jat (>we waa beden to be 

vr leuedi, and Mr &e meigne : Oure lady and hir meyne 

And iemu self, be come p&i tille, Ihesus him self lie coom fi^tille 

wid BUm descipiis at his wille, Wif aomine disciplie at his willo 

fat gedring pan it vas ful gret, 13370 }je congregaciouw was fill gtete 

And mani semli satt in sett. And mony eemely sat in aete 

f»e folk Jiat dai ful faira was fed, J3e folke pat day feire was fed 

Of bred andfleeae both sojiitt and bredd, Of breed & flesehe soden & bred 

Left jMii noufier for cost no eiiink, Left Jiei never for cost ny awynka 

And gode wine fai had to drink. Good wyn fei baddon to drynke 

fe wine was noght flparid amang, J)e wyn was not spued among 

And furtoT lastid it noghtJang. 13377 ))erfore lasted hit not long 

Qaen mari wist J»ai wine was gane, Whenae mary wist her wyne was gon 

Scho tald it till hii sune a-nane, She tolde hit to Mi son anoo'n 

And pMB Tnildli scho made hii mane. She made hir moon in pn'uete 

"Mi leue son, wine haue Jiai nane." Mi leue son wyn wanto we 

And tiUe his moder pan said he. To his modir seide he Jvou ' 

"Qnat es fat to me and fet 13383 What is J»at to me &|ie wommon 

If it be soa fair wioe he gnede, [ml ii If hit be so oure wyn be gnede 

On Ts liggee noght f e nede ; On ts li]i not )« nede 

[ [ 

. . . . no gap in the MS.] . ... no gap in the AfS.] 

Bot jeit fan sal we do als hend, But jitt wol we do as heade [i*«f b*,!**] 

In nede fan sal fai find va frend." In nede shul fei fynde vs ftend 

Scho cald fe botler hit to, 13390 She calde fe hotillere hir to 

And said, " do fat mi sun biddis fe do. And seide do f «t my eon biddef do 

fot he fe bidilia be puniaid ;" pat he biddef mot he purueide 

" It sal be done, leuedi," he said. Hit shal be done lady he seide 

leszis bad faim fan on-ane 13394 Thesus bad hem soone anone 

Fille fair grete vesselis of stano Fulle her grete vessel of atone 

Of watir elere, and fai did aua, Of watir clere & f ei dud so 

fan badd iesiis faim to ga Jlenne bad ihesus hem to go 

For to tast of fat neu wine, 13398 For to taste of fat new wyne 

And here it to sir arcbitricline. And here bit to sir arthitrtcline 

fat of fat hons was fan husband, pat of fat hous fo was husbonde 

And coatee te fe bridale fand. 13101 And costage to fat bridale fonde 
M gOttinqen IBINIII 

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pai iild a cnpp pan eon in haai, 13402 )<ai filled a cappe sone in haste 

And gaf it f« architricline to tast ; & gaf ]» architriclln to tasto. 

He dianc and feild gods sauur, be diauk & felde gode eaaour 

Dranc he neaer ar all licur, drank be nener an ejche liqaonie 

And cald til him )n boteler, 13406 & calde tH him )ie botller. 

And said him fius, fat all moght her, & saide atte alle men m^t here. 

" Quarfor," said he, " pas has pou IT quar-foie lie aaide pus has pon. 

Halden pe god wine to nowt 13409 haldin pe godo wine to nowe 

pe god drinc snld pon first despend, pe gode wine fiilde pon fiist dispende 

And sipen drinc pe wen at end, & sipeu drink pe voire at hende. 

At end quen man es drunken made ; atte ende qnen men is drunkin made 

And yee pe best has don in bade & je pe best has done in bade. 

Ai hider-to, for-pi me thine 13414 ay hidder-to forpi me pink 

pe mar es wasted o yur drinc." pe mare is wasted of oui drink. 

pair fest pai heild wit gret gladscip, pairs feste was halden yn-to pe ende 

For suete it was, pair felsnacipe, wip better feiawshepe pen earn wende 

par he-self was, vr drightin, 13418 for fer was ihajus pat blessed byne. 

And made fam o pair water win. & made ham of pairs water wine. 

pis was pe formast sign be did, pis was pe fonnast signs he did. 

pat was til his disciples kyd, pat was til his disciplis kid. 

Quor thorn pai can tiaistiii tru, 13423 quar-foro traisteli con pai trou. 

Fni pat dai in ri lauerd iesu. in ooi lorde blessed ihera. 

pan left pe bridgom hia bride, IT per laft pe bridegome his bride 

And folud ie«um fra pat tide, & folowed ihesu fra pat tide. 

Ne lai he neuer hi hir side, 13426 & lay be neuer hi bir aide 

Bot left hir and all werldee pride, bot laft hir & werldis pride 

O wijf forflok be hand-band of wife be fot-soke pe hand-bande 

And tumd bim to pe better hand. & turned bim te pe better hande. 

Men Bais pat pis was sant lohan, 13430 men sais atte pis was saint lofin 

Wit ifl«u luued was better nan, wip ihwus loued was better none. 

He was cosin to ihe*u crist, he was cosin to ihe*u ot'st 

And sipen [h]e was ewangelist. 13433 & sipen he was pe euangeliat. 

pis ilk was ion pe gospeller, [ml ij pis ilk was lofin pe godspeller. 

O iem brest lai at Bupe[r], on ibesu brest lay atte sopor, 

wijt he dranc par o pe well, 13436 of wesdome drank he per Je welle. 

pat he wit spede can efter spell. pat he wip speche coude sipen spella 




])aL fild a cope sone in haat, 13402 pet filde a cuppe sooue in haast 

And gaf air architricUne to tast ; And jaf architncline to taast 

He drank, and felg gode sauur, He diouke & felt good aanour 

Ife diank he neaer bH licnr, Dj^anke he ueu«r eer suche licoor 

And cald to >iim |>e hoteler, 13406 He calde to him Jie botilleie 

And said Tiim |)ub, ^at all m^ht here, And seide to him fKit alle mijt hero 

" Qnarfor," he said, " f ub did ])u Whi he seide f ua dideBtow 

Has halden ^e god wine to nut 13409 To holde )ie good wyn til now 

^e gode drink sold pa first dispend, )>e good drynke ahulde furat apeude 

And si^ drink f% weta at ^id. And ^e weiker at ^ ende 

At ende qaea men ee drunken made. Whenne men he^ dronken in )iat tide 

And ;e )>e beat has done in hade And ^e ^e beet baue made to abide 

Ai hiferto, forpi me think, 13414 Ay hidurto aa me finke 

pe mare ea waatid of yr drink." pg more is 'wasted of oure drink 

fair feat Jwd held wid gret gladachip, Her feest Jiei helde wip melodie 

I'or enete it was, Jiair felanachipp, Swete hit was Jiat companye 

Jiar himaelf was tt drightine, 1341S ]}at he Jwre was ^t auSred pyne 

And made faim of f aire water wine. And made hem of her watir wyne 

Jiis vas ^ fonnast eingne he did, p'm waa |ie formast signe he did 

|)at was till his diaoiplis kidd, pai was bifore his disciplis kid 

Quarfor }iai gun traatii tiou, 13422 Jjerfore tiowed fiei )io new 

Fra )iat dai in VT lauerd iem. Fro ))at day in god ihesu 

fan left fe hridgome f e bride, £^,J'' Jjenne lafte fat bridgome fe bride 

And folud iean fra fat tide, And folewed ihega fro fat tide 

Tfe lai be neuet bi hir side, 13426 lay he nener bi hir syde 

Bot left hii and all worides prid, But lafte hir in alle worldea pride 

Of wijf he foraoke fe handhand, Of wif forsoke he hondbonde 

And turned him to fe better hand. And toke him to fe better honde 

Men aais fia was saint iobne, 13430 Men seyn fis was seint Ion 

wid iems loned was better none, Wif ihemi bettur louod was noon 

He was cosin to iemg criet. He was cosyn to ihaiu crist 

And aifen he was ewai^list. And sifen he was enaungelist 

fis ilk waa iohn f e godapeller, J)is waa Ion f e gospeller 

fat lai on ie«u brest at super, 1343S And lay to ihesu brest at fe soper 

Of witt he drank for-of fe well. Of witt he dronke fere of fe welle 

fat he wid epeche gan aifen spell. pat he wif speche gon sifen spelle 




Sli sigiie did criat at JiU bridall, 13438 suche signe dide cmte at JiU bridale 

}at ilk lohn telles in his talle, ^at ilk Ii>tlu t«lli3 in hie tale. 

O Jtot iem walkand in erthe, of fat ihesu walcande in erf. 

O goaspellete he was fe ferth. of gospelleis he was Jie firji 

Marc, Inca, Matben, his felaus, 13442 marke luke matheu hia felawes 

Bot iohn was sothlist in saus. bot lofin waa eof list in his sawes. 

For-|)i to fe arn lickest es be, fat was neuer fowel saglea* of eye 

pat es un foxl aim ferr mai ae, 13445 ne nane fat may flye sa hey 

[ mare sotel in his werkis prmduiiici 

. . no gap in Cotton ^ Latid MSS."] & squa sals alle baly elerkis. 

And es na fozl sa gl^ of ei, IT alle fat he segh he dide hit write. 

Ke nan fat mai flei sua hei; 13449 of goddea werkia fat was parfite 

Bot for propheci i dar noght aai marke mathea & luke also 

Quere fia was fat ilk or nai. alle aocordet Iohn Ta-to. 

IT Ihesus, he sws, a passage made Xhems he saide a passage made ^^-^ 

Yte ouer a see o tibariade, 13453 3. out ouer fe see of tiberiade. 

Giett was fat folk him foluand yode, grate was fat folk him folowani) jode 

To here his preching thoght fam god, to here his preyching fujt ham gode 

fair hele to get f ai fan war aeke, f aire hele to gete atte fen was seke 

Era ful feTT can f ai till him seke. fai folowed bim fat was sa meke. 

f is folk was mikel, all for to tell ; IT f is folk was mykil for to telle. 

Jem3 clamb vp vn-tQ a fell, 13469 ihesus clambe vp vn-to a feUe 

His a-postela wit him he ledd, his apoatoles wif him he led. 

Bi-held fat folk a-bute fam spredd be-belde fat folk a-bouto him spred 

fat folud him til mikel thrang, fat folowed him in mykil frange. 

Himrendfatfaifastedlang.i OHs.iud] him rewed fai had fasted lai^e. 

fe dales was wit folk ouer-laid ; 13464 IT fe dahs wif folk waa ouer-laide. 

Philip he cald til him and said, Fhelip he calde til him & saide. 

" Philip, f is folk ar wonder fele, philip fer folk ar wonder fele. 

Hu redea fou we wit fam delet how redis foa wif ham atte we dele 

fai haf gret miater nu o mete, 13468 fai haue grete myater now of mete. 

Qmot sal we nu fair fode gete V quare salle we faire fode gete. 

fia he aaid, fe gospel telles, fia he saide fe gosspel teUis 

To fend bim and natbing elles, he dide to fande him & nafing" ellis 

Foi he fat wroght bath sun and moue for he fat wrojt haf sanne & mone. 

Wist well Wat he had to don. 13473 wiate wele quat he had to done. 





81i s^ae did ciist at Ms biidale, 13438 Jm eigne dud criat at Ms bridala 

fiat Ok ioMi tellis in Ma tale, pat some Ion teUe^ in tale 

Of pat ieaa walkand in erth, Of fo fat ihe«u had in erjie 

Of godspellers he was |)e ferth. Of gospellerea he was )e fer)» 

Marc, luco, mathe, his felaus, 13442 Msrke. lucaa. & matheu his felawea 

Bot iohn was sotileat in saus. But Ion was fe sotilest in his savrea 

For^i to }ie am likest es he, jjerfore to fe em likened is he 

^t es na fold sua fail nisi fle, ^t is no foule ao heje may fle 

[ [ 

. . . , no gap in the J/S.] . ... no gap in the MS.] 

And «s na foul soa gl^ of ei, 13448 Is noon so si3ty foule of ejs 

Ke nane pat mai fli sua heL Nj so fer to flo may drejs 

[ [ 

.... no gap in the MS.^ . ... no gap in tlte MS.] 

Iesiu, he said, a passage made IT Ihesus a passage made ha 

Tte-ouer ^e se of tibereade, 13453 Ouer ^e see of tiberiade 

Giet was ]» folk him foluand jode. Greet was )ie folks Mm folwynge jede 

To here his preching |)Oght faim godo, To here his sarmoun hem ]H>i^te gods 

Jiait hele to gete ^t was seko, Hei hele to gete fat were seke 

fia fer till Mm gan )iai eek. 13467 For fei Jrei soujte Mm fid meke 

Jiia folk was mekil, all for to tell ; ))is folk was muche & of greet wille 

iesiit clamb vp intill a fell, Ihenw clomb vp into an hills 

His apcw^ wid him he ledd, 13460 His disciplls wi^ Mm he ledde 

Biheld fiat folk abate Jiaim spredd Bihelde ^e folke aboute hem spredda 

f&t folud Mm in mekil thrang, )]at folewed Mm in muchel firong 

Him reud ^ai had fostid lang. Him lewed ]xtt ^ei had fasted long 

Jie dalis war wid folk oon-laid ; 13464 fie dales were wi^ folk ouer leide 

Philip he cald til him, and said, Philip he calde to him & seide 

" Philip, |)is folk es wondw fele, [ool i] Philip fis folk is wondir fele 

Hu redis ^n we wid haim dele 1 How redestou we wi)i hem dele 

Ifu haua fai giet mister of mete, S^ow haue }iei greet nede of mete 

Quar sal we [laii fode nu gete)" 13469 where shol we heifode gete 

^is he said, }>e godapel tellia, Jjus he seide fie gospel telles 

To faand Mm, and for na fiing ellis, Him to asaaye & no fing ellee 

For he fiat made bath aunne & mono For he fai made sonne & mono Dhi h] 

wlat well qnat he had to done. 13473 Wist wel what he had done 
oSttinobh thinitt 

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]>ai folud him &8tand dais thre, 13474 
Jiar-of liad ieeus gret pite, 
" And if fai," he said, " turm ham fair 
Bi fe wai soft faile sal f^. L^^'i 

Quen ^ sal £nd sathing to by, 
Ded bi fe stret pan mon ]iai lij." 13479 
Philipp said }iati, "lauerd, quat consail 
Mai i youn giue ^am mai atiail f 
'Me-thinc to do fat war noght eth, 
Qua had o peuia thre hundreth tVmi^ij 
Bred for to bi, pal ar sua fele, 
"War til ilkan hot a morsel." 13485 
fan Bpac andieu, was na sa mild, 
" We haf wit tb," he said, " a child 
|iat has fiue laues and fisches toa. 
But quat. don ^ai wit-vten maa 1 " 
])aa said vi lauerd, " i-nogh es ))at, 
Son i wald jie folk aU saitt. 13491 
We sal," he said, " do nu ful wele ; " 
For hai pai was a mikel dele. 
Quat sal i sai yow lang sermun) 
All right pax war ]mu sett dun, 13495 
leam hliased f is bred for-melt. 
And sij»en hadd it suld be delt. 
He hlieced ala fie fisches tuin. 
And sett his fusun Jiam within, 13499 
^t quea all forwit )iam was. sett, 
All ]iai had i-nc^h at ette. 
^is bred and flachs was delt a-bute. 
Had nan defaut in al ])at lute. 
Godmen it was a gret gadring, 13504 
lemis fedd wit sua litel a thing, 
Tua fisches and fine lanes o here, 
fat ieavt wit fedd euilk a here ; 
Ahute fiue thusand als it es ledd, 
Was fat folk fat he far fedd. 13609 


fai fowloed him fastande daies fre. 

far-of had ihe^us giete pite. 

& if fai he saide tume ham faiie way 

hi fe way sone falle wille faL 

quen f ai sal finds na-fing' to by. 

for defaute dede mone fai ly. 

IT Phelip eaide lorde quat conaail 

may I. jou gene fat may a-vaile. 

me fink to do fat ware uojt ef 

if I. had of panis an huudref. 

to bye brede f ai ar sa fele. 

hit ware til ilkane hot a morsel. 

^ fen epac audrew was nane sa milda 

we haue wif ts he saide a childe. 

fat baa v. lauis & fiashia twa. 

fai wil nojt serue wif-outen ma. 

% fen saide our lorde I.-nogfi is fat. 

douR I. walde fa folk ware satte. 

he comaunded to sette ham wele, 

of hay fer was a mikil dele. 

quat eulde I. moke jou lauge aarmoun 

alle rgt fare ware sette doun. 

Iheras blessed fis btede standande 

& sifen delt hit wif his hande. 

& fen he blessed fe fisahis twin. 

& sette his foisoun ham wif-in. 

quen hit be-for ham was sete. 

alle fai had I.-nogh atte ete. 

^ fis brede & fisshe was delt a-boute 

had nane defaute in al fat route. 

certis hit; was a grete geddering< 

Ih«su8 fed wif sa litel fing< 

ij. fisshis & T. barly lauis 

alle was fed godemen 3c knauia. 

a-honte t. fousande as hit is red. 

was f e folk atte fer was fed. 


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fti folad him fiistaad daia thre, 13474 p&i folved him tasting dayea fire 

Of juiim had iemt gnt pete. Of hem hod iheata greet pita 

Aud said, " if }iai turn ham ^aii wai, He eoide if ])ei tame hoom her vey 

For )ie faint sone faile eal ))ai. for defaute &ila irol fiai 

Qaen fai mai find na J»ing to bij, whenne Jiei may fynde no fing to by 

Dede bi atrete ^an men yai lij." 13179 Dede bi etrete mot })ei ly 

Philip aaid, " lanerd, quat cunaaile Fhilipp aeide lord what counsaile 

Mai i giue )iat mai ^aim waile 1 May I jyne hem to ayaile 

Me thinck to do war noght eth. Me ^inke to do hit were not ejie 

Qua had penis thie hundieth 13463 who ao had peniea jire hundre|ie 

Brede wid to bi, ^ai er sua fele, To bie wi)i bieed ^ei are ao fele 

Zt war to ilkan bot a monele." Hit were to Tohcne but a moseele 

)nui spak andreu, was nan so mild, Jx) apak andieu waa noon so milds 

He said, " we haae wid vs a chi[l}d He seide we haue wi^ rs a cbilde 

^t has fine lauis and fisses tua, 13488 ]pat ha]) fyne loofes & fisshea two 

Bot quat ea )rat widvten mai " But what is ^at wi^aten mo 

^an said vr laoerd, " enoght ea fat, Oure lord seide Ino^e is )rat 

I wald fe folk dnne all sstt." I wolde )>e folke alio donn sat 

He said, " we sal nu do ful wele ; " He seide we shal do fal wele 

Of hay fan waa far mekil dele. 13493 Of hey fen was muchel dele 

Quat sal i sal ja lange sarmone 1 What ahulde we aeie of )iis aennonn 

A 11 J right far )ial sett fraim dnne. Alle aiioon seten hem. doun 

ietUB blisold f is hied foi-malt, Jbesiu blessed Jtis breed wi)) grace 

And aifen bad it suld be delt ; 13497 And dad hit to be dalt in place 

He blisdd sijien ]w fisaes toine, He blessed ala }o fisshea two 

And sett his foianm f aim widine. And made his foisotm f erynne to go 

fat qnen it forwid f aim waa sett, Whenme hit biforu hem was leide 

All ]iai bad enoght at ett. 13601 Alle had Inow^ fei seide 

fris bred and fiaae waa delt abute, )}ia breed & fisahe was dalt aboute 

Had nan de&nt in fat route. Had noon de&nte in fat loate 

Code men, it was a gret gedring [J|^;q Wito we hit was a greet gederii^ 

lenu fedd wid sna litil f ing t 13505 pat iheata fed wif so litil finge 

Fisses tua and fine lanea of bred, with fisshea two & fyae loues of breed 

fat ieeus wid fedd milk a hen. Fyne fonsande fed he wif his reed 

Abate fine thousand, ala it es red, [ 

was fe folk fat be far fed. 13509 . . tio gap in Trinity ^ Laud MSB.] 
oMtikgek tbinitt 

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Quen. )iai bad eten, ]>at dri^tin 
Bad ysuR late na crammes tin, 13511 
))e releif gadir )>ai in hepee, . 
And fild ^ar-wit tuelue mikel lepea. 
JiuB can he aett all hia fasnn 
Qiiar he will giue hie benistm, 13515 
JK folk all ]Kit he gaf his fode, 
)iai thancked godd of all gode, 
And said for Both, ")is ilk es he, 
)iat aal hie folk do aaned be." 13519 
H Efter fiat Jiia signe was don, 
Koght lang bi-tuix hot alson, 
A-nopeT he did fiat yee sail here. 
Ale telles TB Jiis ilk gospellere, 13523 
Of a man }iat bom was blind, 
And soght at iem grace to find. 
lemis wae )iar he welk )ie stret, 
Wit ^is blind )iai can he mete j 13527 
Him asked hia disciplia |)an, [«>l t] 
" Lanerd," f ai said, " wat es fi nam, 
Or hie eldres don bi-fom 13530 

^at he }ius-gat euld blind be bom ! " 
pan said ieeus, " has no]ier he yia, 
Ke ale hie oxspr[i]ng don )>e mis, 
Bot for flat godde werckes ntai 13534 
In him be eceued fra ))is dai. 
Mi &dei werkea most i do 
TtKinils Jwt i haf dai ^ar-to, 
Fra now behoues fe sun him spede 
For to do hie &der dede. 13539 

Wirk i most al for-wit night, 
Ai qnils }o dai it lestes light, 
To-qnile i in ^is werld be. 
It has na lightnes bot o me." 
Wit ^ Tn-to )ie erth he spitt, 13544 
And wit |rat erth he menged it, 

quen f ai had eten I.-nogll at wille. 
i^ns ham bad na relefe apille. 
))ai geddered hit iaire on hepia. 
& filled ^-wi^ xij. grete lepis. 
))us con he eette his foiaoun 
fer he wUIe gif his beniaonn 
|)e folic alle he gaf )ie fode. 
|iai Jionked god of al ^at gode. 
& saide for-Bo]i fiis ilk is he. 
}ioTou qtuan f% folk sal saned be 

Efter atte fia finff was done, 
ni^t lai^^ be-twene l>ot als sons 
a-no)>er he dide at je salle here, 
squa eais eaint lobn )ie goepelere. 
of a man fat borne was blinde. 
and sojt atte Ih«su grace to finde. 
IT Thenw come walcande in ^ stiete 
wif Jiie blinde man fer con he mete 
his disciplis aekid him fan. 
lorde ysd saide quat is ^ie man. 
or qnat did his eldres be-fome. 
fat he fiua-gate blinde is borne. 
IT fien eaide ihesus nau])«r ho ^is. 
ne his ospring* has done amj& 
bot for atte goddis werkis may, 
in him be shewed fra fia day. 
my fader werkis he eaide L do. 
to-qnileet fiat I. haue day f er-to. 
fra now be-houis Jie sone him sprode 
for to fulfills >e fiider dede. 
wilt he moste be-for [le ni;t 
ay quen fie day laatis brit. 
Jw qnilest I, in J)is werpjde be. 
hit has na lethenes bot of me. 
wi)j fie vn-to fe erji he spitte 
& vip p»i erfi he menged hit 


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Quea f ai had etin, badd drightm 

^ot Jtai snld na crnmines tine, 13511 

fe relef gedrid )iai in hepia. 

And fild far-wid tuelue gret lepea, 

foB can he sett ai his faean 

Qnar he will giue his beniatm. 13515 

fe folk all }At he gaf fode, 

])ai thanldd god of all his gode, 

And said, "forsoth ^is ilk ea he 

fat sal his folk do sauued be," 13519 

Efter Jjot fis Eigne was done, 
M^oght lang hituix hot alaoae, 
Anofer he did fat }e sal here, 
AIb telHs fis ilk godspeUere, 13523 
Of a man fat bom was blind, 
And Boght at iestis grace to find. 
I««u« was far, he welk f e stiete, 
wid fis blind far gau he mete, 13527 
Hi? disciplis him askid fan, 
" Laaerd," f ai aaid, " quat has fis man 
Or his eldria done bifom 13530 

fat he fngat snld blind be bom?" 
fan said iestts, " has nonfer he fis, 
Ne jeit his ospring done fe inis, 
Bot for fat goddis werkia mai 13534 
In him he scheud, fra ffs dai. 
Mi fadir werkis most i do 
fo-quilis quat i haue dai f ar-to. 
Fia nu bihouis fe sunne him spede 
Forto do his fadir dede, 13539 

wiike he most fast forwid night, 
Ai quilis f e dai it laates light. 
To-quiles I in fis woride be, [mi. (] 
It has na Ughtnes bot of me." 
wid fie Tnto fe etd he apitt, 13514 
And wid fe erd he menged itt, 


f e lorde of bliaae & of pyne 
wolde f ei ahulde no crommea tyne 
He bad geder f e relef of hepes 
fjerwiy fe fulde twelue lepea 
pOB con be set his foisoun 
where he wol jyue hia benesoun 
Alle fe foUce fat fere jode 
)>onked god of her fode 
And seiden aof eli fis is he 
Pai ahal his folke do saued be 
H Aftir fat fis signe was done 
Not longe bitwene but aoone 
Anofer he dud }e shul here 
As tellef TB f e gospellere 
Of a mon bom was blende 
And aoujte at ibeam grace to fynda 
Tbegua was fere he weike fe strete 
And wif fis blynde gon he mete 
His disciples asked fan 
Loid fei seide what haf fis man 
Of hia eldres don biforn 
JWt he ahulde blynde be bom 
Jhesue seide haf not he fis 
Nj jitt hia kyn don fat mya 
But for goddes werkes may 
In bim be shewed fro fis day 
Mi fadir werkes mot I do 
Whil fat I haue day f erto 
Tor now hihouef fe son to apede 
For to do his fadir dede 
Worche he moat bifore fe ni^t 
Whiles fe day leatef li^t 
whil I in fis world shal be 
Hit haf no lijt but vpon ma 
Anoon to f e erfe he spit 
And wif erfe he menged bit 




And tok he o )»t smeil a-wai, 1354S 
And ameid ])aT-vit hia o^er el 
And ai)ien he said til him, " leif freind, 
To natatoiie uu sal ])0U wende, 
At natatori sylee 13550 

^ aal )iin eien wassed be." 
He went and vess his eien Jiare, 
And tok his eight in )>at siqtuure ; 
Fra nu thar him namar be ledd, 13554 
He com again* pan to }at stedd. 
Qt(«n men him sagh fat knen him are, 
Fast ^ai can on him to staie, ^"^^[^^ 
Sum ^an said, " ee ])oa noght he 
|)i8 endii day fat mo^t noght se 1 " 
Sumsud, "hel nai,"siim said, "])ia ilk," 
And sum, " bot an fiat eemes auitk," 
pe soth tnix )ram cuth Jiai noght find ; 
Jian ansuard he )«m ^t was blind, 
"pat ilk es i, for-eoth i eai." 13564 
" Ha gat ))on pan pi sight t " cath pai. 
" Mi eight," he said, " pan gatt i pas, 
pat es a man pat hatt iesus. 
He smerd wit lam min eien tua. 
And bad me eipen for to ga 13569 
To natatorie siloe, 
' Ga waase pin eien par,' coth he. 
Qwen i had don pat he badd me, 
Als suith pan moght pai wale ae." 
^"Qaar ee," coth pai, "he, pat iemiV 
" I ne wat," coth he, " qnar es he nn." 
pal hint bim pan, pii felon Ines, ^^^ 
And ledd him to pe phariseua, 13577 
pat maistere o pat Ian war pan, 
pai &aind at pie aeli man 
To f«U pam hugat he gatt hia aight, 
And he said, " pus patman has me dight." 

he toke pat grouel & pe sande 

on his e^e he laide hit witA his hand 

'& sipen he saide til him leue frende 

to nafhatori salle pen now wende 

vn-tdl nathatori s&loe. p umtm 

par pi eyeo wasE^iiti be. 

be went & wasaha his eyen pare 

& toke hia ai^ for euermare. 

him nedia niuiiare now be led 

he come agayne vn-to pe sted. 

IT quen men sagb him atte knewhiin aie 

fast pai con on him etare. 

sum pai saide pan nart nojt be. 

pis ender-day atte mi^t nojt ae 

sum saide nay & anm pia ilk*. 

& Bum bot an atte semed squilt, 

pe sop to say conde pai nojt finde 

pen ansqnared he Bum time blinde 

I am he for«op to say. 

how gat pon pi aijt quod pai. 

V Mi aight he aaide pen gatte L pna 

per ia a num atte hatte iheme. 

he a-noynt wip day myne eyen ij 

& bad me eipen f or to ga. 

to nathatorie syloe. 

ga wisahe pine eyen p^ qnop he. 

quen I. had done att« he bad me, 

al aone efter mijt I. se. 

IT quaie is quod pai pat ihesu. 

L note quod he quare he is now. 

pai bent him per feloun lewns. 

& led him pen to phaiiseus. 

atte maistres of pe lagh was pan. 

Jiai fiayned atte pis sely man. 

to telle ham how he gatte his aijt 

& saide pns pat man me dijt. 

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Ha toke fe wafte of hem away also 

And smered bof« liia ejen two 

He Heide to him my leue frende 

To natatori )iaa ehalt wende 

At natat^ri Biloe 

^ere ahul Jilne ejen wofisheii be 

He wesshe his ejen fere ful rijt 

And anoou he had his aijt 

For ^nne was he no more led Ciru, bkj 

He coom ajeiu in to ))at sted 

whenne ^i him say pat knew him an 

Fast goD )>ei on him stare 

Sone fta. seide art Jxra not he 

pat jondir day m^tes not se 

And tok he of pat smerl a-vei, 13616 
And smerled Jrar-wid his aei^ ei. 
And said till him, " mi leue fceind, 
To natatori sal ))u nu wend, 
At natatori eilole, 

^ar sal pis. eien wassen be." 135^1 
He went and weisse his eien ^are, 
And gat his Bight in pat siquare. 
Fra nu Ihai him namare be ledd, 
He come again ])an to pat stedd. 
Quen man him sau, pat kneu him are, 
Fast )iai gan on 1"''" staie, 13557 

Sum pai, said, " es pn noght he, 
pia ender doi might noght ae I " 
Sum said nai, and sum said pat ilk, 
And sum aaid aao^sr pat semes suilk. 
p% Botht tnix ^aim cuth p^ noght find, 
Jian ansnerd paim, he ^t was blind, 
" ^is ilk am i, foiaoth i sol" 13561 
" Hu gat pa pan pi sight 1 " said ^al, 
" Mi sight," he said, " jian gat i ^lu, 
par es a man pat hatt isms, 
wid lame he smerd mi eien tua, 
And hadd me si^ forth to ga 13569 
To natatori sylole, 
' Ga wasse Jiin eien )iai,' said he. 
Quen i had done als he bad me, 
AJs sone eftii might i se." 13673 

Said Jiai, "qiiar es he, ])at issal" 
" I ne wat qoai he es no." 
pai hint him pan, ^ir felon juos. 
And led him ptM to p» phariseus, 
pAt maistris of ^e laa war Jian, 13678 
Andfiained at|riahelidman,cim«i.i] 
To telle Jwim ha he gatt his sight. 
And he sidd, " pas Jmt man mo dight." 

Somme seide nay & somme so 
Somme seide aaoper in his stnd is go 
)}6 80)>e hem self conde not fynds 
He vnswered pat had ben blynde 
I am he fotsope to say 
How gat pou pi sijt seide pai 
My B^t he seide gat I pus 
Pel is a mon pat het Ihesus 
with lame he anoynt myne eyen two 
And bad me sipen forp to go 
To natatori siloe 

And wasshe pine ^en pen seide he 
whenne I hadde his biddyi^ done 
Anoon I say also soone 
Where is he pei seide pon 
I noot he seide where he is goon 
pei him toke pese false iewes 
And lad him to pe phariaewes 
pai maistris of laws were pon 
And asked at pis heled mon 
How pat he had geten his sijt 
He seide pus ihs«tu me dijt 

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Sam luus eaid Jiat stode pom bi, 13682 H Sum lewes eaide ])at etode per-by, 

" godd him semes ba na perti of god him semis haue na party. 

pat haldee of hali-dai ua etat," — )iat haldes hali of na atate. 

For |iis was don on Jiaii sabbat for )>is was done on our sabate 

And o^ei eaid, " hot hugat moght & oper saide how-gate mojt 

Sli werck o sinful man be wroght ) " suche werk< of sinful man be wio^t. 

)iaa phariseuB pat wai ful fell, 13588 1? per phaieseus pat ware ea feUe. 

Qiten )>ai had striued )>am emel qnen )>ai ware angred foT-so)> to tel. 

And gioigned, cuth na reeun find, & gronid & cowde na resoun finds 

flat did ^an bring again pat blind ; Jien did )iai bring agajne pe blinde 

" Quot haldea )k>u )>at man t " said |iaL quat haldes }iou )>at man quad |iai. 

" A prophet," said he, " be mi lai." a prophets saide he be my lay, 

Jie maisters luua fan higan 13594 IT fe maistre lewes ften be^an. 

To mistni o fia sinful seli man, to miatrowne quejier fis sely man. 

Quere-for wit blind lie had ai bine, quej«r be-fore blinde had he bene 

f ai said fat he had alwai sene. pei saide atte he had al-wayes sens 

pe neist men of his oxspiing 13598 ne neyste men of his oapring 

Did f ai fan be-for f am brii^, dide fai be-for ham to bringi 

*' fia ea yur sun," fai said, " and yee f is is joure sone & quat aay jo. 

8ai fat blind man born was he ; he aaia borne blinde was ho. 

Saia hns nu, be yur leut«, 13602 aays va now be jour lewto 

Hu es it sua fat he mai ael" how hit is squa fat he may ae. 

Hia froindea aaid, " our sun he ea, IT hia ftendes saide our aone he ia. 

And blind waa bom, wit-vten lea." & blinde was home wif-outen lea. 

" Hu es it sua fat he aeis nu t " 13606 how ia hit aqua fat he sese now. 

" We ne wat, hot aak him-aeluen hu. we ne wate quod fai hot aske him how. 

Yee ask him-seluen, for best he wat aake him-aelf for best he wate. 

Gine ansuar of his aun stat." gif anaqnare of hia awen state. 

fus gaf faa seli men anawar 13610 fus gaue fa cely men onsquare 

Foivqui fai dred fe luus ear, for fai dred f e iewea aare. 

For fai had made, fat wel men wist, for fai ware made wele men wiate. 

A atatut agains lesum crist, wif statute agayne Ihesn criste. 

If ani wald him leue or lut« 13614 if any walde him lone & Iout«. 

fair synagoges suld be put vte ; out of f e aynagoge anlde fai oute. 

For-f i fai badd fam him-self &ain, for-fi him-self fat bad him fraine. 

fai wald ha ben awai ful fain, 13617 fai walde haue bene a-way ful fayne 


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Sum luus said, fat stod him bi, 13582 
" Of gode him aemes haue na parti 
fat haldia of halidai na state," — 
For piB was done on far sabate. 
And ofer said, " bot bugat mogbt 
8E 'werk of siniiil man be wiogbt ) " 
fa pharaaens fat ai war felle, 13588 
Quen f ai bad striued f aim emell, 
fai groined and cutb no resun find, 
fan did f ai bring again fat blind. 
" Quat baldes fu fat mant" said fai. 
"A prophete," said be, "bi mi fay." 
pe maistre Inns fan bigan 13594 

To mistioua of f is sell man, 
Quaf er forwid blind al had he bene, 
fai said fat he bad alwais sene. 
fe neiet men of his ospring 13598 
Did fai forwid f aim to bring, 
" fis es jur sun," fai said, " and )e 
Sai fat blind-bom man was he ; 
Sais vs nu, bi jur laute, 13602 

Hn es it sua fat he mal se ] " 
His freindes said, " vr aune he es. 
And blind was bom, vfidvten les." 
" Hn fat it es sua fat he seis nu 1 " 
" we ne wate, bot aske himself hu. 
Aske him-self, for best he wat 13608 
Gif ansuer of his auen state." 
fus gaue f aa soli men ansuer, 
Fo^fi fai dred f e luus sare, 
fai had mad, fat men wele wist, 
A statute again iesus crist. 
If ani wold him leue or loute, 13614 
fail synf^oge snld be put vte ; 
For-f i him-self badd fai farine. 
[ . . . . no gap in the MS.] 


Somme iewes seide fat stode him by 
Of god him semef haue no party 
J)at holdef of haliday no state 
For f is was done on oure eabate 
Anof er seide how euer moujt 
Snche werke of synful mon be wroujt 
fese phariseus fat euer were felle 
Whenne f ei had stryneu as I telle 
f ei groped & coude no canse fynde 
fennedudefei tobiingeajeynfeblynde 
what haldestou fat mon seide fei 
A prophete seide he bi my fei 
f e maistir of iewes bigon fan 
To mistrowe of fat sely man 
whefer he hifom hlynde had bene 
fei seide alwey he had seno 
fe nexte men of his ospringe 
fei dud anoon bifore hem bringe 
8aye je f e hlinde bom mon was he 
Say vs now bi joure lewte 
How hit is fat se he may 
He is ouie son fei seide in fay 
Wif outen doute oure son he es 
And was hlynde horn wifouten les 
How fat he eijte haf now 
we ne woot aske him how 
Aske him for best he wate 
jyue vnswere of bis owne aatate 
Hub jaf fese men vnswere fore 
)pat dred f o iewes ivondir sore 
]]ei had made fat men wel wist 
A atatute a^ein ibs^u criat 
If any wolde hint leue or loute 
Of her aynagoge diulde he put oute 


. . no gap in Trinitt/ ^ Laud MSS.] 


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Yeit ^ai cald fe tbrid time t^oi' V 

fia blind and badd him hiae drightdn. 

1 " Blisoe him," ^ai said, "^at woob on 

For JiiB man es a flinfulwight." Pught, 

He said, " i wat noght of his plight, 

Bot to me, blind, he gaf )te sight." 

" Hu," coth >ai, " gert he >o se, 13624 

Tell T8 liu he did wit Jie 1 " 

" Wi, quar-to suld i tell yow marc t 

Ne haf i u<^ht tell yow ai. 

Quot-for spir yee o fat goml I362S 

Wil yee discipls his bicum)" 

" We," coth fai, and Jai began 

Fill felanli )>i8 man to ban. 13631 

" Hald fe til him," coth Jiai, " caitif, 

Sal we be neuer hia vr lij^ 

|n]u mot bis dieciple be, 

Disciple moysee at we, 

yar was a man wit-vten eak, 13636 

"We wat godd self wit him spak ; 

)iifi man knaulage nan ha we." 
To |)aa laea )>an ansuard he, 

" Her-of thine me al eelcnth, 13640 
Qui yee bald him sua vncuth. 
And eais yes wat noght qt^^en he be 
|iat ]iuH has giuen mi sight to me. 

1 wat, and it o soth be soght, 1364i 
^at sinful man godd beres noght, 
Bot he allan ))at dos his will. 

And halds him &a dedis ill. 

^is es aman ]iat drightiu beres, 13648 

And helpes o^r for his praieres ; 

Ke it i-wisH was nener herd 

Sin pe biginniwg o (>e werld, [• us. teuj 

Blind bom man to get his sight* 

Wit-yten grace o godda might." 13653 


IT (le ftrid time jet )iai calde. 

J^is blindeman to be-halde. fhtiifit 

[*BleSBe hym they eeiil that wonny^ on 

Sot this man ia a synfoH wygbt 

Of hia synne seid he wote I nc^bt 

Bat to me blynt). sight he bro^t] 

how qnof Jiai gert he fe se ^^^i^^ 

telle TS how he dide wip f^. 

qny quarto snide I. tel ^ou mare. 

twy or tbry I. talde jou are. 

quar-fore spire je of Jiat gome 

wil je hifl disdplis be-come. 

1[ je. je quflf pai & fug be-gao. 

to my s^eay fiis cely man. 

halde )ie til him quap fai caytiue 

for fink we neuer on him to line. 

fon may his disciple be. 

disciples moises for-sop ar we 

we wate god wif him spak* 

he was a man wip-outen lak'. 

of Jris man knawingi nane haue we. 

to |)a iewes pen ansquared he. 

here-of ])ink< me al aelcoup. 

quy je halde him squa vnconf. 

& sais je wate nojt queypeu he be 

atte pua has giuen sijt to me. 

je wate al & pe sop be B<^t 

pat sinful man god heris nojt. 

bot he allane doe hia wills 

& haldis b'"' fi'a didia ille. 

pis is pe man atte god heria. i>if«3,bu:k] 

& helpis op«r foi his prayeiia. 

ne hit was neuer )et herde 

syn pe be-gynnyng* of pia werde. 

blinde-botne man to gete his aijt. 

wip«uten grace of goddis mijt 



jeit }M cold t>e thrid time [coi. ii 13618 }itt >ei called >e >ridde tyme 

yis blind aad bad him loue drightin. J)is blynde & bad him ^nke appoliae 

fiaisaid, "bliscehim ^at wonee onhight, Blesse liini }iei seide pai Tone^ on hijt 

For Jia man es a sinful wight." 13621 For fia mon Is a synful w^t 

He said, " i wate noght of his plight, Of his synne seide he woot I noajt 

Bot to me, blind, gaf he pe sight." Bnt to me blynde sijt he broi^t 

" Hu," said ^, " gart he ])e as t How made he )«. ^i seide to se 

Tell TS hu he did wit >e." 13626 Telle ts how he dud wip |« 

" Qui quitr-to suld i tell ;u mare, WLerto shnlde I telle more 

Ke hauQ i noght all tald }u aie t I haae al tolde ;ou ois 

Quarfor spir je sua of ^at gome 1 Wherfote aake je of >iim bi-deue 

wil }e his disciphs bicum 1 " wol ;e his disciples bene 

"we!" said ^i, and jiai bigan 13630 we ^[i] seide & fa bigan 

Ful felunli ^is man to ban. Feloonly Jfis mon to ban 

" Hald ;e to him," said pai, "pu caitiue, Hotde p« to him pei seide caitjnie 

His sal we be neuer our liue, His wol we be neuer ouie lyiie 

fiQ mot bis disciple be, pon mot his disciple be 

For disciplis moyaea or we, 13636 For moises disciples aie we 

|)at was a man widrten sake, pat was a mon wi])oaten sake [mrsq 

we wat pat godd self wid him spake. We woot pat god with him spake 

Of pis man knanyng nan haue we." Of pis mon no knowyng haue we 

To paa Inus pan ansnerd he, To po iewes penne vnswered he 

" Of }u think me selcath,- 1 3640 woudir me pinke of joure moup 

Qai ;e hald him sua uncuth i whi he holde him so vncoup 

And sais je wat noght quepen he be And eeyn je woot not whepen is he 

pat pue has giuen mi sight to me. jiat bap jyuen my s^t to me 

I wato, and it of soth ea sogbt, 13614 I woot & hit of sop be aoujt 

pat sinful man god heria n<^bt, A synful mon god herep noujt 

Bot he allane pat doe his will. But he allone pat dop hia wills 

And haldes him fra dedia ille. he holdep him fro dedes ills 

pia es pe majt pat drightin heria, pis is pe mon pat god heres 

And helpie opir for bis praieris, 13649 And clepep op^re hi bis prayeres 

Ke it, i-wis, was neuw herd Ne hit I-wia was neuer herd 

Sipen pe blgining of pis werld. Sip pe bigynnyng of pe werd 

Blind-bom man to geit hia sight Blynde born mon gete sijt 

widyten gias of godes might," 13663 Wipouten greet grace of goddea mijt 

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fiin said )>ai, " poo caitif fot-lotn ^ saide ^ai ])0U caytiae lome 

In Bin was all to^dir bom, 13656 in syn waa al to-geder bome. 

Qae)ier |)0U venis va na here que^er foa wenla Jma now here. 

fpine vn-wittee for to lere," of fine vn-wittes va to lere. 

Wit pia fsi scott him als a d(^ wi^ )ia fai shotte him as a dogge 

Bight Tte o fair aynagog, 13659 rijt out of J»aire aynagog*. 

" Herd yee fie Inrian," ooth f ai, V heide je f is lurdan quof fai. 

" Ha he wald lere vs nu tf lai, how he walde lete ts a new lay. 

fatbeggaifatinsinwasgoten!" 13662 fat begger fat in syn was gotjn. 

Quen ie»ui wist him fus for-scotten, ihenia wiste how he waa shotin. 

fair str^f he wist bath less and mare, faire strife he wiste lease & mare. 

And jut fai had him wiethed saie. & how fai him had wraffed aaie. 

For-f i he thoght him do solace, ,^^ ^ for-fi he fojt him to aolace. 

And mare to seen him of his grace. & maie to shew him of hia grace. 

Quen fat ienu and he wai mette 13668 IT for-fi to ihesus fe way he setfe. 

Ful derworthli his lauerd he giett, ful deif-worfli hia lorde he grette. 

Til him Bpak iesue, "sai me nu, sat. Til him spac ihesus say me now aay, 

Traua fou in godd sun or nai ?" 13671 trawes fou in goddiaaone or nay. 

" Quar es he," said he, " wiat i qwar, quare ia he eaide he wiate I. quare 

To trou in him ful leif me war." to traw in bim ful lefe me ware 

Ihesua aaid fan, " fou baa him aene, ihesus saide fen fou bas him eene. 

And spoken wit fe wit-vten wene." & spokiu wif him wif-outen wene, 

fan said i^ue, " mi to-cumming 13676 fen saide ihwua my to-commyng< 

In ertb es jugement to bring, in erf is ioggement to bnng-. 

fat fai fat noght seis suld se, fat fai fat no}t aeae aulde se. 

And fat fe seant blind suld be." & atte fe aeande blinde aulde be. 

fan said sum o fat aemble, 13680 fen saide sum of fat semble. 

" Sais fou va fan fat blind er wet" says foa vs atte blinde ar we. 

" "Wat yee," he said, " wit-vten eight, ware je he aaide wif-outen sijt 

fan war yee aoth wit-vten plight, fen waie je sof wif-outen plijL 

Bot nu yee aai fat yee mai sa, 13684 for je con loke je wene je se 

, In ain far-for be-left er yee." In syn far-fore be-left ar je 

IT Teit forfennar sal i tel yow "IVT'^'' forfermare I. wille tel jou. 

Sum gcstes ' o fat suet ts«u, c us. gefl*t] X^ sum gestis of fat aquete ihesu. 

Als telles fis ilk ewangelist ala tellis f is ilk euongelist. 

fat ha sagh foluand ie«u ciist. 13689 fat ha sagb folowande iheea criste. 



Jan aaid fai, " J»a caitif lorn 13651 
In sine waa alls to-gedir lorn, 
Quefer >u -wenia va nu heie ^'^ •*• 
Of Jiine vnwittea for to lere." 
wid fia Jiai acott hini ala a, dog 13658 
Right vte of Jjair synagog, 
" Herd je nu ^is lurdttne," said Jiai, 
" Hu he wald lere Ta her vr lai, 
Jiatebberjutinsine-waagotml" 13662 
Qnen iesu8 wiat him f us forachotin, 
fiair BtrijF he irist, bath les and mare, 
And ]>at fiai had hint wrethed sare. 
Forjii he thoght him do solace, 13666 
And mor to schea him of his grace. 
Quen ]iat ieaus and he was mett, 
Fol denrorthili his lauerd he gret. 
Till him spac ieew, " sai me nu sai, 
Trous Jiu in goddes sun or nai)" 13671 
"Quaiesher' he said, "wiatiquaro, 
To tron in him ful lef me ware." 
leeut said fan, " f u haa him sene. 
And Bpokin wid, widuten wene," 
fen said iettts, "mi to-coming' 13676 
In erd ea iugemeat to bring, P us. winng] 
}at fai pat noght seis suld se, 
And fiat ye seand blind suld be." 
>an said sum of )iat semble, 1 3680 
" Saia ftu va fan fat blinds ee* wel" 
"war je," he aaid, "widvten sight, 
fan war je blind widvten plight, 
Bot nn }e sai fat je mai ee, [^nudtr] 
In sine farfor bileft er je." 1368S 

For^ermar jeit sal i tell ju 
Sum gestes of fat suete iesu. 
Ala tellia f is ilk ewangeliet 
fat he ^aiolnand ie«u crist. 136S9 

J)en»e seide fei f on caitif lorn 
In aynne was alle togider bom 
Whefer f ou weneat vs now here 
Of fine Tnwittes for to lere 
'With f is fei huntid him as a dogge 
Ili}t out of her synagogge 
Herde je fia lurdan now seide fai 
How he wolde lere vs of oure lay 
Jwt ehher shrewe in synne gete 
Whenne ihesus wist him haue fie hete 
her Btrif he wist lasse & more 
And fat fei had him wraffed acre 
f erfore he f oujte him do solace 
And more to ahewe him of his grace 
Whenne ihera & he were met 
Fnl derworf ely hia lord he gret 
To him spak ihesus & bad him say 
Leuestou in goddes son or nay 
What ia he : he seide & where 
To trowe in him leof me were 
Iheffu aeide f ou hast him sene 
And wif him spoken wif outen wene 
)}enne seide ihesm my to comyng 
In erfe is iuggement to bring 
Jjat fei fat not eene ahulden se 
And fat f e seynge blynde shulde be 
f enne seide somme of fat aemble 
Seistou f enne fat blynde be we 
were je he seide wif outen s^t 
fenne were je blynde wifouten pl^t 
But now je say fat je may ee 
In synne f^ore laate are je 
1[ ForfCTTUore ahal I telle jow 
Somme dedes of Hiesn now 
As tellef f e euangelist 
fpt was fplwynge ihe«u crirt 

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Mont oliaet it es an hill 13690 V Monst olinete is a hUIe. 

yat iems lianted mikel till, J<at jhem. haunted mjrkil til. 

For yede he ai vmstunt, for Jiidder jode he ay vmbetont 

For par to prai oft was he wont. & yer-to pray oft was he wont, 

Apon a dai quen him thoght god, a-pon a day quen him f ojt gode 

Fra Jefen he to fe temple yode, fra feifen to fe temple he jode. 

For to teche and for to lere 13696 for to teyohe & for to lere 

^e men yat glodli wald him here. y% men atte glad walde him here 

Jie phariseuB, pat Inued ai etrijf^ ))e pharasena Jiat lotted ay stiife 

Ynto )iat kirk yai broght a wljf m-to ))e temple ])ai bro^t a 'wife. 

^ot ^ai in hordam had oueT'tan, 13700 ))at ^ai in hoiedome had ouer-tane 

Jair lagh wald man euld hir stan, for-f)i fe lagh walda ho ware alayna 

In to midward |)i8 temple wide, fiai brojt hir in ^at temple wide. 

fex mani man war etad fat tide. fer many a man atode be-eide. 

Abute hir hefdhiiharhingand; 13704 ahoute hir heaed hir hare hingand 

All wonder on hir in Jtat thrang. alle wondred on hir in Jiat lande. 

fian spak an o ])aim for alle, IT ^en epac an of ham for alle 

Be-for ih€sne ]ius made his call, he-for ihesus made his calle. 

All ))ai gaf him liat ilkan, 13708 alle >ai gaf him liste ilkau 

"Maister," said he, "pia womman maister saide he' pia womman. 

)te band has broken of hir spoeail, f e hande has brokin of hir sponsaiL 

And far-wit tan, wit-rten fail, far-fore we say wiJKiiiten feile. 

Moyses wil we etan all slike, [coli] pMoysea mile we eti ettche stone 

Quejwr pai poner be or rike ; 13713 whethirtheybe pouereoriicheofiwone] 

Jk>u gif us nu fe lugement." fou sal hir gif iu^ement. ^SS^^^^ 

Bot fia was noght fof fair entcnt, hot f ia ie nojt faire entent. 

For fai bad snorn ilkan far-till, for fai had squome ilkan fer-tille 

fis wreche womman for to spill, 13717 fis wrecche womman for to spille. 

In wrangwis dede or word fai soght in wiangewya dede or worde or foji 

To tak him fat fai neuer moght. to take ihesaa ae fai neuer mojt, 

fai thoght if he wald bid hir stan, fai f ojt if he walde hid hir atane 

Man merei was he nan ; 13721 mon of mercy waa he nane. 

And if he badd at latt hir gang, & if he bad to lete hir gange 

fan moght fai sai he did f am wrang ; fen mujt fai Hay he did ham wrange 

To brek f^r lagh fai soght him sua to breke faire lagh fen sojt fai squa 

Eim for to tak bituix fern tua. 13725 him for to take be-twiz fa twa, 


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Mont oliuete Jian cs an hill 13690 
fat iesus haunted mekil till ; 
Tor pijjer jode he ai vmstunt, 
far to prai ofto was Ha n-ont. 
Apon a dai q^uen him thoght gode, Coo'- b] 
Fm fefin to fie temple jode, 13695 
For to teche and for to lere 
]>e mett fiat gladii wald him here. 
Jie pharafieus, fat luued ai strijf, 
vnto >at kirc fai broght a wijf 13699 
p&t ))ai in hoidam had onertane, 
)iair Ian wold men suld hir stane, 
In midsraid of fis temple wide, 
far mani man waa stad fat tide. 13703 
Abate hir heued hir har hingand ; 
All wondrid on hir in fat thrang. 
fan spac an of f aim for alle, 
Bifor iesua f ns made his call, 
And bai gan him. list ilt-ane, 13708 
" Maister," he said, " f ia wommane 
Has biokin ^o band of hir sposaile, 
And farwid tan, widuten faile. 
Moises wUl we stone aU« alike, 1371 2 
Quef er fai pooer be oi like ; 
fn giue vs ua fi iugement." 
Bot fis was noght fair entent, 
ForfaihadsuomilianjMT-till, 1371G 
fis wreche womman for to spill, 
In wrangwledede or word fai soght 
To take him fat fai nen^ moght. 
fai thoght if he bid hir stane, 13720 
Man of mere! was he nane ; 
And if he bad to let hir gang, 
fan might fai sai he did wrang ; 
To breke fair lane fai soght sua 
Him forto take bitnix fa toa. 13729 


Jje mount oUnete ia an hille 
i)at ihesua hauntide mnchel tille 
))idiit jede be ofte we sey 
For fere was he wont to prey 
On a day whenwe him foujte gode 
Fro f enne to f e temple he jodo 
For to teche & hem to lere [] 
fen men fat gladly wolden here^ 
fese phariseas fat loued ay strif 
To f e chirche brot^ten a wif 
fat wif horedome was ouer^on 
Her lawe wolde hir to ston 
Amidwarde fat temple wyde 
fere mony mon was fat tide 
Aboute hir heed hir heei honge 
Alle wondiide on hir in fat f ronge 
fenwe sp^ oon of hem for alia 
Bifore ihes}m he made his calle 
f ei jaf hering to him vchone 
Maistir he seide fis wommone 
haf broken f e bond of hir qionsaile 
And f erwif taken wif outen faile 
Moisee wol we alle eache stone 
Whef er fei be pore or riche of wone 
fon jyne vs now f i iuggement 
But fis was not her entent c>i(i*f si, b*^ 
^For fei had sworn vchone fer tille 
fat wrecche wommon for to spille 
In. wrong wisdome her dede fei sou^ 
To take him fat fei mijt nonjt * 
f ei fonjte if he bidde hir stone 
Mon of mercy is he none 
And if he bidde lete hir go qnite 
Wronge he dof here & dispite 
To loeke her lawe fei soujt Mm fax 
Him to take good Ihesus 



Qu$n Jiiii pia wais on ieeu soght, 
Well he wiat all qaat fai thoght, 
He Btuped dun, and wit hia hand 
He wrat a quil in to ]io sand. 13729 
Alle fiai cried )ian ])at ^ar was, 
" Giue vB J)i dome, and lat vs pas, 
Vs thine to lang we duell," said faL 
"Qua wama yow to wend a-wail 
Bot qua f>ar es wit-vten last 13734 
At hir })e first stan he cast, 
Kir stalling mai he wel begin 
fe man fat es wit-vten sin." 
"Wit >iB he luted dun eft-sith, 13738 
fai wex dumb all p&n als eoith, 
Ke wist fai neuer quat to sai ; 
Bot ilkan scnlked Jiaun awai. 
>ai left fis temple fan all allan, 13742 
Bot iesu crist and fis womman, 
Quen iesus lifted Tp his heued, 
And s^h nan in pat temple leued, 
Biheld fis wommau standand far, 
f (it caitiue carked in hir care, rmen 
"Womman/'hesaidj "qMararfaicuira- 
fin wiferwina fat fe had nummen)" 
Quackand sco loked hir a-bute, 13750 
lesu* badd hit fan haue na dute ; 
" Lauerd," sco said, " all fai er a-wai," 
" For-f i, womman, to fe i sai, 
Ga f e nn forth, mi lef freind, 13754 
For f ou has leue nu for to wend ; 
I damp fe not quar-so f ou far, ^'^',?'' 
Bot ga nu forth and sin na mar." 
^ He said noght allan, " namar fou sin," 
Bot ■■' lok f i will bi noght f ar-in." 
It A water fat es wit-in fair thede, 
fat es cald piscene in ]>air lede, 13761 


IT qnen fai on ihe«u3 fua had sojt 

wele he wiste alle fat fai f ojt 

he stouped donn & wif his hande 

he wrate a quile iu-to fe sande 

alle fai cried fen at fer was 

gif hir f i dome & lete us paa. 

IT vs fink to lange we dwelle saide fai 

qua wamis jou to wende a-way. 

bot qua-sim. is wif-outen last 

atte hir f e first stane he caste 

certiB I. wil nane of er be-gynne. 

bot anli he wif-outen synne. 

wif fis he louted doun eft eife. 

fai wex doumbe ae stane al squij^e 

ue wiste fai neuer qoat to say. 

ilkan ehuldered of er a-way. 

fai left fis temple eueiilkane 

bot ihssu & fis womman ane 

T quen ihesua lifted vp his heued 

& sagh nane in fat temple leued 

^he bo-helded fla wowiman etandanJ 

fat caytef carked in hir care. \pBM 

womraan he saide quete ar fer men. 

atte f e to me con be ken. EJbe^ *"' 

quakande ho loked hir a-bouto 

& Qiesus bad ho eulde nojt doate 

lorde ho saide fai ar a-way, 

for-f i wontman to f e L say. 

ga now forf & be my frende. 

for fou has leue for to wende. 

I dampne fe nojt ga quere fou fere 

bot ga now forf & syn na mare. 

he saide no]t allane na mare fou syn. 

bot loke f i wille be nojt f er-in. 

A water fer is wif-in fat thede 
jmt ^ai calde piscine in f aire lede 



Quen J)ai J)ia wise on iesus soght, 
wele he wist quat fai thoght, 13727 
He atoupid dune, and wid Ms hand 
He wrat a qnile in fe sand. 
AUe >ai ciid fan fat far was, 13730 
" Giue va fi dome, and lat vs pas, 
Fu] lange we dnell nu," said fai. ^^i 
" Qua, wiunis ju to wend jur wail 
Bot qua fat es widuten last 13731 
At hir fe first stane he cast, 
TTir atanisg mai he wels higine, 
fe man fat ea widvten sine." 
wid fis he loutid dune eft aith, 13738 
All wex f ai dumb fan all auith, 
Ne wist Jtai neuer quat forto sai ; 
Iltan skulked faim a-waL 
Jtai left fis temple fan allane, 13742 
Bot iesjis cnst and fis wommane. 
QuMi iesus lifted vp his hened. 
And aau nane in fat temple leued, 
Biheld fis wommaa staudand fare, 
fat caitef carked in hir kare, 13747 
" womman," he said, " quar es bicomen 
f i witherwines fat he ' had nomew ) " 
Quakand scho loked hir abute, 13750 
And iems bad hie haue na doute ; 
" LaueH,," scho said, " fai er a-wai." 
"For-fi, wOTHjnan, to fe i sai, [i™*Jtw] 
Ga nu forth, mi leue &eind, 13754 
For fn has leue nu forto wend ; 
I dampne fe noght far quai f u far, 
Bot ga na forth and sin no mare." 
He said noght alaue, " na mar fa sin," 
Bot " loke f i will be noght far-in." 

A water far ea widin fat thede, 
^at f ai cald piscine in far lede, 

V whenne f ei fua on lesaa aonjt 

Wei wiate he what fei foajt 

He atouped douu & wif his honde 

He wroot a while in fe sonde 

Alio fei cryed fat fere was 

jyue v8 f i doom & lete va pas 

Fol longe we dwelle now seide f ai 

Who wamef jou to wende joare wai 

But who so is wif oaten last 

At hir f e furst stoon he cast 

hir stonyng may he wel bigynne 

f e mon fat is wif oaten synne 

fo louted he doan anof er sif a 

Alls wex fei doambe also swif e 

Wiate fei neusr what to sey 

Ychone for ehame stale awey 

In f e temple lafte none 

But ihe«u criat & f ot wommone 

Ihesu liftud vp his heaed 

And say noon in f e tempul leaed . 

Bihelde fat womwion stondynge Jiare 

pai caitif carked a] wif care 

Wommoc he aeide where bef bicomen 

Jjine enemyea fat fe had nomen 

Qaakyng ahe loked hir aboate 

And ihesus bad hir haue no doute 

Lord she aeide fei are awey 

Jjerfore wommon to f e I sey 

Go now forf my leue frende 

For fou haat leae now to wende 

I dampne fe not fi aynne fore 

Bat go & synne fou no more 

He aeide not only no more fou synne 

Bat loke f i wille be not ferynne 

f A watir ia fere in fat f ede 

fat fei caUe piscine in her lede 



))is ilk water ala ^e stoii aais, ^is water als fe stoiy saya. 

Waa mikel reniuned in )>aa dala, was mykil lyimaade in Jia dayes 

Alls it war a gode viuere; 13764 als hit ware a gode yinere. 

Ja^bi lai mani vn-fere, fer-bi lay many man vn-fere. 

)>ar-in was won for to descend, J)er-in was amgela wont to lijt 

Angels f e watw for to blend, and fat ilk water di)t. 

And tid it sua in fat aiquai, 13768 oftei fe angel conimyn was |iare 

Quen fis water all droue war, and f e water blende ware 

)e first seke man Jiat moglit win fe first sekeman atta mii3t wyn. 

In to fat wel to waasclie him in, in-to fat water to weashe Him in. 

fat quut sekenes far was on him, fat qaat sekenes fat waa on him. 

He aald be heled, fra fat tim. 13773 he sulde be heled fra fat time. 

lesiu wit his was fan walcand, IT ihe^us wif his was fen walcande 

Com be f e well, gtet folk he faand come bi f e water grete folk he hade 

fat far [war] liggand for to bide, at fer ware lyande for to bide. 

Qwen fair hele fam fluid hi-tide, quen f aire hele siilde ham be-tids 

far fand ieeus a man vnfeie, 13778 fer fande ihems a man vnfere 

fat had ben aght and thiitte yeire, fat squa was X2viij. jeie. 

Sua herd him was his limes fan squa harde was his lymya fan. 

fat he o f aim had weldnes nan. fat of ham had he weldenes naue 

Ie«M be-heild fis caitif far, 13782 Iheeus be-held fis oaytiue fare. 

And rend him selcuth sare, and rewed of him selcouf sare. 

" Godman," he said, " wit me fou mele, godeman he eaide wif me fou mele. 

jema fou nu to haf fi hele } " 13785 jernis fou 0}t to haue fi hele. 

" Ya, sir," he said, " na thing sa gladd, IT ja sir he saide na-fing sa glad, 

Eot sua wit seckenes am i stadd bot squa wif sekenes am .1. etad. 

fat i ne mai to water win, at L ne may me to watei' wyn. 

For ofer me gaa bi-for fa>in, 13789 for ofer me gas be-fore fer-in. 

^e far es naman, eoth to sai, fer nys naman sof to telle 

fat wil me here Tnto f e welle. fat wil me here vn-to fat welle. 

Lang haf i lede in langur lijf, lai^e haue I. led in sekenes life. 

Es nan wil reu on me, caitef." 13793 is nftne wille rew of me caytine. 

" And godman, i f e truli sai, IT onr^ lorde saide godeman I. fe say. 

fou sal be hale nu fra fis dai. fou sal be hale fra fis day, [> MS. ori] 

Eiae, far f e lij na langer, Eiae thar f e lye na langer 

Do fe to ga, wit all fi ger." 13797 and ga fi way wif-out anger, 


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]>ia ilk water, als )« atori aaia, 13762 

vaa mekil lenooned in ])a dais, 

Alfl it war a gode, viaere ; 

)iarbi lai mani man Tofeie, 

^ai-ia was won forta descend, 13766 

Angelis forto ^ water to blend. 

And tid it sua in fat sequar, 

Quen (lis water droued war, 

fa first seke man fat mi^t win [eoi. q 

To J>at welle to waase him in, 13771 

p&l quat sekenes was ala on him. 

He Buld be heM, ilk a lim. 

le«u» fan was Jure walkand, 1377i 

Come bi pe welle, gret folk he fand 

fat far wai liggand forto bide, 

Qnen fair hele f aim snld betide. 

far fand ieeue a man vnfere, 1 3778 

fat had bene agbt and tbretti jeie, 

Sua was Ma limmes him wit^tane, 

fat of f aim weildnea had he nane ; 

lemw biheld f is caitiue fare, 1 3782 

And of him rend selcnthli sare. 

And eaid, " god man, me wid fn mele, 

Gemisfutohauefihelel" 13785 

" ja, sir," he aaid, " na thing sua gladd, 

Bot sua wid seknea am i stadd, 

fot i ne mai to fe water win, 13788 

For ofer me gas Wor f ar-in,i C "^j l™i 

Ife far es na man, aoth to tell, 

jut will me here into f e well. 

Lang bane i ledd in langur lijf, 

Es nane will leu on me, caitif," 13793 

"And godman, i fe treuli sai, 

))u sal be hal nou fra fis dai. 

£ise, thar fe lij no langir. 

Do jie to ga wid all fi ger." 13797 

pis ilke watir stori sa7es 

was muche houonied in f o dayea 

As hit were a good ryuere 

Jwrby lay mony vnfere 

Jjerynne were wont to deficenda 

Auwgela fat from heuen wende 

Pat tyme bifel hit so fer 

Whenne fe watii droned wer 

Pe furat seke mon fat mijt wyn 

To fat welle to wasabe biin In 

Of what aekenes ao was on him 

He shulde be heled vche a lym 

Ihe«ws f was fere walkonde 

And coom fer by mychel folk he fonds 

pat were fere li^yng for to abide 

Whenne her hele ahulde bi-tyde 

Jwre fond ihesws a mon vnfere 

And had ben eijte & ftitty jere 

His lymmes had he so foi^ne 

Pat of hem weldyng had he none 

Ihesu bihelde fis caitif fore 

And of him rewed selcouf e soie 

He seide gode mon y/ith me f on mele 

Desires fon to haue fin hele 

je air he seide no fing so glad 

For so in sekenes am I-Iad 

J)at I ne may to fat watir wynne 

For of ere goon bifore me Inne 

KoT no mon wol aof to telle 

Beie me in to fe welle 

Longe haue I led in langur lif 

Is noon wol rewe on me caitif 

Now good mon 1 fe trewly say 

j3ou shal be hool fro fis day 

Else & lye no lenger fere Umfso 

Do f 6 to go wif al f i gere 




Vp he raa wit-vten mar, 13798 IT Tp he rae wif-outen mare 

And on hia bak his bedd ha bai. and on bis bak his bed he bare 

^e dai ^at fia man was mode fere, )iat day fat ])is man was made fere 

fe^ lueaheild it for hali dete, chs.Iij Jie iewes helde hit for haly dere 

Qu«n )iai Bagh him ]>e biithin vnder, quen fed sagtl him Jiat biijiin yndec 

Fast p&i can on him to wonder, [•ta. t] ^t Jiai con on him to wonder 

* " Qwat cursed man es yon," coth fai, IT quat cursed man is yon quod fai, 

" "Wirckand gains godd and his lai t fat fus wirkia agayne our lay. 

It semes o godd has he nan an." 'we wende foi-so]) quen he here lay. 

))ai said als mani felun sau, 13S07 he had bene seke for many a day. 

" f ou carl, qui brekes Jiou vr lau, quen Jiou art hale wijr-out a^ 

yi bedd noi)>er aght |)oa ber ne draa, fi bed is oures bi f>e lag&. 

)>ou bet ^ain suith pat birtbin, 13810 bero agayne squi))e fat biifiue 

farweried wortbt fou wit drightin." wa worf fe and al fine. 

" Godmen," he said, " for godda might, godemen he saide for goddfu mijt 

Qui wite yee me wit-vten plight, quy wyte je me wif-outen plijt 

A blisced man me gaf heliand ; 13814 atte syloe welle a man me iande 

At f e well syloe me fand, & has me lansed out of bande. 

Quen be had made me hale and fere, quen be had hale me made & fere 

' Eise vp,' he said, ' wit f i litere he bad me ga wif al my gere. 

And do f e forth,' he said, ' to ga.' & do fe forf he saide to ga 

And als he badd, right did i sua. & als he bad rijt dide I. squa. 

Aght and thritte yeir in band, 13820 xxviij. jere in bande 

fat i moght stir ne fot ne hand, I, lay nomme baf fote & hande 

■ f e angel ligbtand ai i bade, fe angel lijting' ay I. bade. 

Ai til fis man me hale has made. ay til fis man he hale me made. 

He fat me nu mi hele has broght, he fat me in my hele me brojt. 

"Wit-stand his bidii^ agh i noght." wif-etande hya biddii^ agS me nojt 

fai lete him pass fra fam emell, 13826 ^ fai lete bim paa as L )ou telle 

And tuix fam apak f aa lues fell, be-twene ham apac fa iewes feL 

" fis man ea noght wit godd," coth fai, fis man ia nojt wif god quod f m. 

"fat wirckes fus on hali dai, 13829 fat wirkis fuB on haly-day. 

fe lijf he ledes mai nan lede, f e life he ledis may nane lade 

And f ar-on he es again vr lede ; f er-of he doe agayne our lede. 

He bates to cum to vr bewist, 13332 he hatis to come til our be-wiate 

JSe till TT lagbes -will be noght list, ne tU our lagE wil he nojt liste. 



Vp he MS widvten maie, 13798 

And on Ms bac his bed Le bar. 
fe dai fat fia mau was made fere, 
pe Inua it held for hali dere, 13801 
Qaen Jiai sau him fat hiifen vndw, 
Fast fai gun on him to wonder. 
" Qaat caised man es yoae," said fai, 
" wirkand again godd and hia lai ) 
It semes he has of god nan awe ; " 
And said allsua mani fele sawe, 13807 
" JiTi carl, qui brekea fu our lau, ^^ **• 
f i bedd suld fn noafer bere ne diao, 
Suith f u bere again fi birthin, 13810 
far waried worth fu wid drithin." 
" God men," he said, " for godes might, 
Qui wite je me widvten plight, 
A bliaced mau me gane hailand; 13814 
At f e well of sylole he me fand, 
Quen he had made me hal a[n]d fere, 
' fiis vp,' be said, ' wid f i litere 
And do fe suith hefen to ga,' 13818 
And als he badd, right did i sua. 
Aght and thretti jere in band, 
I lai widvten might of fot or hand ; 
fe angel lighting ai i bade, 13822 

Ai till f is man has hale me made. 
He fat me hal has wioght, 
widstand hie bidding aght [I] nc^ht." 
f ai lete him pasae ba f aim emell, 
And tuix f aim spao f e iuus fell, 
" f 18 man es noght wid godd," said fai, 
"fat brekea fus fe hali-dai, 13829 
f e liuf he ledea nane mai lede, 
And all es he again vr lede ; 
He hates till cum to n bewist, 
Ke till vi Ian wil he noght list, 13833. 


Vp he roo9 hool wifouten care 

And on his bak his bed he bare 

pat day fat he was made so fera 

P6 iewes helde holy & dere 

whenne f ei him sey fat burf en Tndii 

Fast gon fei on him wondir 

What cursed mon is f is aeide fay 

"Worchyng ajeyn god & his lay 

hit aemef he haf of god no drede 

And seiden him to mony fel dede 

f ou chorle vrbi brekestou oure lawe 

\}i bed shnldestou nonf er bere ny drawa 

Bere f i burf en ajeyn in h^e 

Waried be f ou of almijtie 

Gode men he seide for goddes m^t 

Whi wite je me wifoutew plijt 

A blessed mon jaf hele to me 

At f e welle of siloe 

Whenne he had made me hool & fere 

Eis vp he eeide wif f i litere 

Do f e BOone hennes to go 

And as he bad f enne dud 1 so 

Eijte & fritty jeer in bonde 

Haue I not welden foot ny honde 

J3e aungels lijtyng fere hood I 

Til he me heled sikurly 

He fat me f is hele haf wroujt 

wifstonde his bidding ow I noujt 

)}ei let him passe &o hem to telle 

And spak to gider f o iewes felle 

J)is mon is not witA god seide fay . 

jjat brekef fus fe hali day 

]]e lif fat he ledef in dede 

Hit is ajeyn oure lede 

He hatef ouie counseles so dere 

And of ouie lawe wol he not lere 


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Tt lialidai noght he for-beres, 13831 our haly dayea he nojt for-betis. 

Bot maui dedea o )>aim he gerea tH>t fen lo make his didea he gets 

Be don tb alle foi to pair ; & euer ooi l^b be doa to paire. 

And )ioa can nanian apeke aa &ir. & ai^eu can na man speke aa iaiie 

[ VfB haue gietd meruayl so}i to teL 

. . no gap in Cotton § Lavd MSS^ Jiat nana has hap hirn to quel 

Oft he dos VB sammen sank,* P its. uiu oft he doa tb aamyn Bank 

And far-for haf he nener thank. & Jtai-of baue he neuer Jiank. pifu,>A] 

He dos Ys mani geddeiing mak, 13842 ^he dos ns many gedderiiLg< make. 

And mani sancking for hia aak, aitd many Banking' fot his aako. 

fa\, we mai drei it nu namar, }>at we may diey hit now na mare. 

Foi-^i ire most consail ta Jiar gode consail to take nede hit ware. 

]iat he be tan, and don in band, 13846 ^at he be tane & done in bandia. 

Qua first on b'Tti mai lai hia handea ; qua first on hi"\ may lay Jiaira handti 

And qua ))is couenand haldea noght & qua )iis comande haldis no;t. 

)!at it be dere apon him boght." in same plite atte he be brojt. 

Wit ^ia ])ai scoild ^air aemble, 13850 V of yia fiai made a grete semble 

Bot iesve went &a )iat cite, bot ihe«us went out of fiat cite' 

And in apon an-ojwr Bide, Dt 7fc bk, ml i] & in a-pon a-noj^er side. 

Yte ^aii sight him for to hide, for sumkin ])ing him to hidet 

for yeit was noght his time canimen for jet was n<^t his time comme. 

To be wit-in Jmut handea nummen. wiji-in faire handis to be norome. 

Ne moght ])ai nener lal hand him on, ne ma3t Jiai neuer him hand lay on. 

Til fiat he self it wald wat don ; 13857 til atto him-self hit wolde haue done 

Qu6n time com he him-selucn bedd, quea time come be bim bedde 

And noght a fote fra faim he fiedd & nojt a foto fra ham he fled 

Til (lai his euete bodi had schedd, til )iai his eqnete blode bad shed 

And gin him self for ts in wedd. & giuen bim-selfi for us in wed. 

Xeims went to ]ie temple fian, 13862 IF lhe«us went to ^e temple ])an 

far apak he wit Jjis heeld man, fer apac he wijj fis aide man. 

[ ]iat heled of his sare 

. , no gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS."] I. talde }ou how lange are 

He sE^h him al for Boru biten, 13S66 he sagh him alle for aorow bityn. 

For lues sua wit bim had fliten ; equa had )ie iewea wi)> him flityn. 

Ho Buaged him wit wordes heind, & he him hailsed wij" wordes hende 

" Fra nu," he said, " J>e behouds freind fia now be-honis fe lefe frende. 


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Tt lialidais Doght ho for-beiia, 13831 Oore hali dayee luilt lie ngt eof 

Bot mani dedis on Jiaim be geria But mon; dedee on hem dofi 

To be done, vs forto paiie ; J)o dedes to vs be not faire 

And syden cah na man spec so iaire. Oute lawea alle ^ei appaire 

[•■•■. [ 

. . . . no gap in the MS.] 

Ofte he dos ts samen sanct, 13S10 

And faifor haue he neuer thank ; no gap in the MS.] 

He doa tb mani gadiing make, He do^ va mony gedetynge make 

And mani Banking for ts sake. And muchel to ^enke for his sake 

Jut we mai drei it nu na mare, 13844 fat we may suffer hit no more 

For-f i we most vs consale fare we mot counsel now ferfore 

fat he be tane, and done in bandie, Jjat he be taken & done in bondes 

Qua first on hi?n mai lai fair handis, who so fiirst on him may laye hondes 

I And qua f is comandment haldis noght And who f is courtsel holdef noujt 

fat it be dere apon him boght." [■mi. ij pat hit be deie vp on him boujt 

wid f is f ai paitid )iaii semble, 133S0 Wif fia fei parted her semble 

Bot ieaua went of fat cite, But ihe«u3 went of fat cite 

And in apon anof «r side, And toke him to anof er ayde 

vte of fail sight him forto hide, 13853 Out of her syt him to hide 

For jeit was noght his time commin For jltt waa not hia tyme comeu 

To be widin fair handes nomia. To be of her hondes nomen 

M^t fai neuer lai hand him on, Mijte fei neuer take him so 

Til fat he-eelf wald it war don ; 13857 Til him self wolde hit were do 

Qnen time come he him-seluen bedd, Whenne tyme coom forf he hi»( bed 

And noght a fote fra f aim fledd And not a fote fro him fled 

Till fai his suete blodde had schedd, Til he had shed hia awete blode 

And giuen him-self for vs In wedd. And jyuen him self for oure gode 

lanu went vnto fe temple fan, 13862 Jheius went to temple fon 

J)ar spac he wid fia helid man, f ere spake he wif fis heled mon 

[ [ • 

. . . , no gap in the MS.] tio gap in the MS.] 

He sau him all for soru bittin, 13866 He aay him al moumyng bi-tid 

Foi iuus sua wid him had fietiu ; For iewea ao had him chid 

He Buaged him wid wordes heind, he esed him wif wordes hende 

" Fia nu," he aaid, " bi-houes f e freiud Fro now he aeido fon moat frende 


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Tent to mi teching and mi tale, 13870 tent to my tejchiDg* & my tale. 

For o (li aeknea er Jtou al hale." for now of aekenes attow al hale. 

IT letui went him forth here and far, Theaua went forji here atid fare. 

And did meraclea euer-ai-quar, X and miiaelis dide ay quoie 

Til it come a solempnite, 13674 til hit come a solempoite. 

He com a^ain in fat cite ; he come agayne to fat cite. - 

Wit him com his disciples lele, - 'Wif him come his disciplis hale 

And ofer folk als foluand fele. 13877- and oper folk wif-outen tale. 

In-to fe temple fai wit him yede, In-to fe temple fai wif him jede. 

And he began faim for to rede, and he be-gan ham to rede. 

Foi to redde and to sermon, for to rede a gode saimoun 

And tald Jam mani god reson. and talde ham alio wiji gode resouji. 

All fai said fam faim emell, 13882 alle fai eaide for-soji to telle 

" Qna herd eaer man sua spell, qua herde ener man eqna apelle. 

Man Tnlerd o boken lare ! " man Tnlered of boke or lare. 

All wondred on him, less and mate. alle wondered on him lesse & mare 

lesus fat ))aii talking herd, 13886 5 Ihe«us atte ])aire talking herde. 

Suetli he faim sun ansuard, squetely fen he ham onsquerde 

" Mi lare ea noght mine," s^d he, my lare is nojt myne saide he 

" Bot his jKit it haues giuen to me, hot his fat hit has giuen to me. 

fat neuer leigh, no neuer sale, 13890 fat neuer legB. ne neuer sale. 

For wijt and treuth he has ai hale ; for witte & treuf he has ay hale. 

He and his lare will lasteii ai, he & hie lare wille laste for ay. 

f is will he self wittnes and eai. f is wille him-self witnes say. 

f e man fat spekes he-self o roos 13894 ^ fe man fat spekis him-self of ros 

Wat yee, godmen quat he dos 1 wate je godemen quat he dos 

Qiiea he hia aun roos has soght, quen he his aghen ros has sojt 

In his muth eothfast es noght ; in his mouf eof fast is nojt 

Bot sothfastnea ea in hia word 13898 bot sof fastnes is in his worde 

fat sais of of er man loueword. fat to godenes wille accorde 

Moyaes fur lagh faim broght, [mL*] of me moisee jou worde brojt. 

Yee wat it bot yce hald it noght, je wat« hit wele bot baldes hit nojt 

Selcut me thine yee hatte me sua, selcouf me fink ^e hate me squa 

And, sacclea, me sekes to sla." 13903 and aaclea sekis me to sla, 

fan aaid f aa lues, " selcut her we, f fen saide f e iewes selcouf fink we , 

fon missals, deuel es in f e ; f ou missais vs quat deuil is f e 





Tent to mi tecluBg and mi tale, 13870 Tente to my tale & my techynge 

For of }i dekensB es }iu all hale." For of Bekenes hastou helynge 

Iestu went fort here and fiare, H Ihesus went for]i here & ^ero 

And did miiaclis enerai quaie, And dud myracles euery where 

Till it come a solempnite, 13674 Til hit coom to a eolempnite 

He come againe in ^t cite ; He coom ^eyn in to ))at cite 

wid him come hia desciplis lelo, wij» him coom hia disciples lele 

And ofer folk foluand fele. 13877 And ofere folte folewynge fele 

Into Jie temple fai wid him jede,' Into fe temple wijt him Jwi jede 

And he Ligan (taim forto rede, ["iis.jode] And he higan hem for to rede 

Forto rede and forto earmone. To preche to hem & Barmoan 

And tald )iaim mani god leeune. And tolde hem mony good leBOcn 

All Baid ^ai ^aim pan emelle, 13382 Alle bigan ])ei fxia to telle [lof m, )itcfc] 

"Qua herd eaer man sua spelle, who herde euer }ius mon Bpelle 

Man vnlerd on boken lare ! " Mon vnlered of boke lore 

All wondrid on him, leaae and mare. Alle wondride on him laase & more 

leme fat Jiair talking herd, £1''^**' litems Jot her taliynge herde 

Sueteli he faim Bone anaaerd, 13887 SweteJy he hem Tnswerde 

'"Mi lare es noght mine," said he, My lore is not myn seide he 

" Bot his ))at it has giuen me, But his fat hit haf jyuen to ma 

fat neuer ligh, ne neiier salle, 13890 ))at neuer endef ne neui^ shal 

Forwit and treuth he has ai hale ; For witt & tronf e he is at 

He and his lare will last for ai, He & his lore wol lasts for ay 

fis will him-self wittenes and sai. )}is wol him self witenes & say 

fe man pat spekea of bim-self ros pe mon Jiat apeke)) of him self roa 

wat je, god men, quat he doal 13895 wite )e gode men what he doB 

Quen he his auen ros has aoght, whenwe he his owne preyaing haf soujt 

In his miith Bothfast ea aoght ; J^enne is his mou}) aof faate noi^t 

Bi* Bothfastnes ea in his worthd 13898 But soffastenes is in him fon 

fat aaia of ofer man loaeword. J)ot aeif loue worde of of ere mon 

Hoyaea jnr lau ju broght, ["nwdsut] IT Moisea joure lawe jou broujt 

je wat it, bot je hald it noght, 13901 je knowe hit but je holda hit notyt 

Selcntb me thine je hate me ana, Selconf e I liaue je hate me so 

And, Backeles, eekea me to ala." And goltles seke je me to slo 

fan said fa ianes, " selcuth here we, Jienne aeide f e iewes wondli here we 

[pn misaaifl, fe denil ea in fe ; 13905 )poa mis Beiat fe denel is in fe 


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Qaa Tvill fe sla t qiii sals foil wrang 1 " qua wil fe sla quy eays Jiou wronge 

" I bflf you doD," he said, " o-mang I haue done he aaide jou a-mange 

Weikes suilk als yee ha seae, 13908 werkis sache as je haue seue. 

Jiat yee -woixder on oft for tene. fat je Tronder of for tone. 

Moyaea yow gaf in f e aid moiaea gaf jou in f e aide, 

Lagh circuineiaion to hald, lagB of eircumcision to halde. 

Tee circumcise on tali dai, 13912 and jo eircumeise on haliday, 

Noght yee waand will for fe lai. and nojt je vande in joure lay. 

And q!iar-for sua hato yee me fan, and quar-for hate je me fan. 

Tor i mad hale a sek man for I. made hale a soke man. 

Apon fe dai o yni sabaoti 13916 a-pon fe day of joure sabat 

Bot demea me right in mi state, demys me ofter ^oure awen state 

[ gode 13 to wirke enerilk day. 

. . no gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS.^ f inge fat prophetls to f e lay. 

Sua suld yee do, vald yee me tru, aqua sulde je do walde je me tiay 

And well iwat it war for yow," 13921 and wele L wate hit were )our way 

Mani man war f a>Iji and stode f Many man was by & stode. 

Bi fis folk, wrath and wode, and herde f es folk wiaf & wode. 

fat war cnmmen to fat tun, 13924 fat ware commyn to fat tonn 

And herd o fair diaputisun ; for tille fat disputesotm here. 

Ful mani wordea apak f aa fell, sa many wordes spac fa fello 

fat it war tor all hei to tell. hit ware oner lange in boke to tel 

Sum said, " quer crist him^eluen sal V Sum saide quen criste him-self sal 

scan, 13928 ehaw 

Qitef en he sal cum sal naman knau, queyf en he oomis sal aa mon knaw 

Ne qaat kin, ne qjiat contra ; ae of quat kyn ne quat cuntree 

Bot fis man kinred \!'el knau we, bot fis man kif ful wel knaw we 

fis thede bath ea be and his, 13932 of fis lande is he & al S 

f e contre was, and sotht it ea." f e cuntree wate at eof hit is 

IT fan said iesus a word to min, IT fen saide iheaua a worde to Myn 

" Yee wat quat i am, and mi kin, jo wate qnat I am & al my kyn 

yur vn-witt quine wald yee blin, of joure Tn-witte quy ne wil 30 blin 

And seke ui^ht sakles sua wit sin, & soke nojt sacles squa wif sin 

And herken seil and hald resuni & herkin akille & halde resoun. ottttj 

Yee kneu me and mi nacion. 13939 je knaw me & myne naoioon. 


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Qoa vill])eslat qui eaia ^uinangV 
He said, " i haae done 3U emai^ 
Werkis Bnilk ak ^ hane sene, 13908 
))ati je on woudrid ofte for tena. 
Moises ^u gane in y% aid 
I^u of circQtTtcision to hald, 
And )e circomsiBe on liali dai, 13913 
And noght ne lett ;e f or ^ lai 
And quarfor hate je me bo fan, 
Per i made liale a seke man 
Apon Jw daiof jui sabatet 13916 
Bot demia me noght in mi etate, 


, . . . no gap in the JfS.] 
Sua fluid ^ do, wolde je me tni, 
And wele i wat it war for ju." 13921 
Mani man war bi and etod, 
And herd pjs folk, ana wrath and wod, 
]>at war comen into }at tune, 13924 
And herd all Jiair dispotiaiim ; 
Fnl mani woidis apao )rai fall, [■ooLi] 
Jjot it war tore all here to telle. 
^Snm Baid, "qnen cAmt him-self sal 
schau, 13928 

Quefien he Bal cam, Bal no man knan, 
Ke of quat kin, na quat contre ; 
Bot Jiia man kin* wele knau we. 
Of p\a thede ea bath he and hia, 
|>e contre quate })at aoth ea fiiB." 
pan said iesm a word to min, 13931 
" je wate quat i am, and mi kin, 
Of jur Tnwitt qui ne wald je blin, 
And seke noght sacles sua wid sin I 
And heiken eldl and hold Tesunel 
M knaa me and mi nacinne. 13939 

Q ySTlltaSN [■ KB. Urn] 

who wol Jie ale why seiston wrong 
He seide I haue don jou among 
Werkes suohe as je haue sene 
Pat je on wondnde ofte for tene 
jaf ^ou not to mojsea Jie olde 
Lawe of circuTrtcisioun to holde 
And je circunioiae on haliday 
And not ;e letten for fa lay 
wheifoie hate ^e me J)on 
For 1 made hool a seke mon 
Yjion J)e day of jouie sabate 
But demeji me not in my state 


. . . , no ga^ in the MS.] 
80 shulde ;e do wolde je me trow 
And wel I woot hit were for yyvr 
Mony folke were by & atoode 
And hetde f ia folke so wrofe & wode 
pat were comen in to Jiat toun 
And heiide al her disputeeonn 
Mony wordes ))ei apake & felle 
))at longe were here to telle 
Summe aeide wbenne cnst Bhal him 

WheuTie he Bhal com ahal noon knowe 
Ny of what kyn ny of whiche cuntre 
But ^is monnes kyn wel knowe we 
Of yia lond bo^e ia he & his 
pa cuntre woot fat soo]) hit is 
t^enne eeide ihe»u a word or two 
je woot what I am my kyn also 
Of )oure foly why ne wole )e blynne 
And seke not saklea so wif synne 
Bere]i skil & holdeji reeoun 
Sijr je knowe me & my nacioun 


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Qaat-8um yee kaau wite yee for aoth, 

Sal yee na leia here o mi totb, 13941 

For he jMit me mang yow send, 

Es sothfastnes wit-vten end. 

He |!at me aent, i wat quat es, 13941 

Bot yee tuau Mm noght i-wias ; 

If i said pai i him ne kneu, 

})an war i leier and va-treu, 13947 

Bath i war Ms and ala lier, [iwrn. «l i] 

And right Builk ala fat yee nu er, 

I knau him, and has knaun Mm eu^', 

Fra him sal i sundre neiier." 13951 

fan soght f ai iean for to slan, 

Bot fai moght hand lai on him nan. 

Fain }ai vald him fan had numen, 

Bot yeit liis time was noght cummen. 

Mani man bigan to tru 139S6 

Forth fra fat time in ie«a ; 

Ai £ra f is dai forthei ward, 

fe lues, wit fair fals forward. 

And wit fail manl treasunful ted, 

fai soght ihesa at do to ded. 13961 

K Sif en sal yee here qttat wise 

Theea did lazar to rise, 

Bot ar fat i sua ferr sal ga, 13964 

I sal apek of hia sisters tua, 

fat was martha, wit^vten lain, 

And als sua man magdalain. 

fis lazat, ala aais ts vi atori, 13968 

"Was of a atede hight bethani ; 

He had fis foisaid eisters tuin, 

fe tan a womman ful o sin. 

A seli sin-ful sco was an, 13972 

And first als a comnn womman ; 

fis wommtm gret faiihede 

Did mani man a wai to wide. 13975 


wate sa je knaw wete je for-sof 

aalle na lesingi come of my tof . 

for he fat me bidder jou sende. 

ia aof-fastenes wif-outen ende. 

he fat me sende I, wate qua is. 

je knaw him nojt ne is blisae. 

if I say fat I. him no}t knew. 

fen ware I. lither & vn-trew. 

[^Bothe were I fala & here how 

BigHt Buche aa ye are now] '^£5°4^''* 

I. haue him knawen & sal do euer. 

fra him salle L sundre neuer 

IT fen BO)t fai ibesa for to be alane 

bot fai mnjt hande lay on him nans 

fayne fai walde him haue nommyn 

tiot jet hia time was nojt oommyn. 

many man be-gan to trow. 

fra fat time forf in ihesu. 

al fra fat day forf erward 

fe lewes wif f aire fala forf watil. 

fen wif f aire ials tresouu & rede, 

fai sojt ihe«u to fe dede. 

IT sifen eal ;e here qiiat wise. 

ihfsus dide lajei for to rise. 

bot or L any ferf er ga. 

I. 'nille speke of bis sistrea twa. 

fat was martha wif-oaten layne 

& al-squa mary Magdalayne. 

fis lazar ale sais our story 

was of atede hijt hethany. 

he had fer foreaide sietera twyn. 

fat an a womman ful of syn. 

a celly sinful was ho an. 

first ak a commyn womman. 

of fis maddalane fe grete fairehede 

dide many man of way to wede. 


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qoat-enm }e knau witt je foiaoth, 
je sal aa leee here of mi totb, 13941 
For he Jiat me mang ju has send, 
Ee Bothfeatnes widvten end. 
He fot me send, i wat quat es, 
Bot je ne knau him noght i-wis ; 
If i aai )>at i him ne kneu, 1394S 

jjan war i leiet and vntiu, 
Bath war i fals & ak leiei, 
And light snilk als ^t je nn er. 
I knau him, and has knauen euer, 
Fra Tiim sal i Biindei neuei." 13951 

Si]>en soghut ])ai ieew for to slane, 
Bot pfd might hand lai on him 
Fain pai wolde him haue nomin, U^'^^- 
Bot jeit his time was noght comin. 
Mani man bi-gan to.tron 1395S 

F^a pat time forth in iesa ; 
Ai fra fot dai for-warde, 
})e luus, wid Jiaii fals forward. 
And wid paii mani treson f ul lede, 
]'al aoght iera to do to dede. 13961 

Nou sal je here on ^oat-kin wise 
leSM did lazar rise, 
Bot ar >at i sua fer will ga, 13961 
I sal speke of his sistres tna, 
jjftt was martha, widvten lain, ^"'j'^ 
And alana maii magdalain. 
^is lazar, als sais ti stori, 13963 

was of a eted hight bethani, 
He had yk forsaid siatria tuin, 
^e tane a womman fill of sine. 
A seli sinfiil was echo ane, 13973 
And first als a commen wonunaue ; 
Of l^is womman Jie grete ^irede. 
Did mani man of witt to wede. 13975 
61 gOttingen 


. . ttogapinTrintty^LaudMSS.] 

For he pat me among }ou sende 

Is 8o)>fBetenes wi])0uten ende 

He pat me sende 1 woot what ho is 

Bat je knowe him not I-wis 

If I seide pat I not him knew 

Jjennne were I. Here & Tntrew 

Bojie were I fala & lyere how 

Eijt Buche as je are now 

I knowe him & haue done euer 

Fro him shal I suudre neuer 

)>o Boujte fiei ihesus to alone 

But hottde mj^te ^el laye on him none 

For Jwi wolde him haue nomen 

But hia tyme was not comeu 

Monj fro pat trowed trew 

In ^e werkes of good Ihe«u 

And fro pat day wi{)outen faile 

)}e iewee vrip her fala counsaila 

Bi her tresouH & her reede 

Soujte ihesu to do to dede 

Kov shnl je here oa what vise 

Ihesu Aai lazar to rise 

But ax )at we furjier ga 

Speke we of his sistres two 

Pe toou was martha to seyn [iwfsi] 
And fat opere Maudeleya 
)jia lazar as seijj ouro story 
was of a stude het bethany 
Jjese (len were his sistres twynne 
J)e ton a wommon ful of aynne 
A wondir synful was she one 
And fiirste was she comyn wommone 
Of pia wommon )« muohel feirhedo 
Made mony men of witt to wede 




Seuen feindes vte of tir cast crtst, tij. feyndis ont of hir kest criet 

AIb telles lucaa euangalist 13977 as tellis liica )« eaaugelist 

A sell sinful was aco ^ia, a cely sinfnl was Iio )iiB. 

For alle hir ain ttund to blia. for alle hir ajn Mt turned to bUa. 

For SCO was liusnd fat aiquar > foi ho was liuande nera hanil qvan 

Jiat ie«u« preched hir and pax, ihema preyched here & Jiare. 

And mani a-pert mencle did, 13982 & maoy apert miiaolia did. 

Quat wit to man kind he him kid, quar-wi^ to monkinde ha him Md. 

And mani wke he gaf Jiair hele. ^ & many a seke he gaf )ie hele. 

And ala he com he a castel, & ala he come be a castele. 

A man jut hight aymon lepnis, 13986 a man )!at hi^t simoni) lepras 

At ete he praid him til his hue ; praied ihegua til hia houe. fcheie 

lenu grant him. his pmier, he made him Eiembelaund with gode 

For he him praid wit ful god cher, & Ih««us granted him his prayer 

Fol faiiserais symon him dight, 13990 ful faiie semiae aimoude ham d:^t 

Ala was to suilk a lauerding nght. as felle to a loiding< ri}t 

IT Quen iMua in his sete was sett, /~\ iien ihema in his sete waa sette 

Wit hia diaciplis at )« met, 13993 VX/ wi)i his diaoiplis atte fie mette, 

^ sinful womman and for-lain, [«l «] pia sinful womman in syn foj^layne 

fiis foisaid man magdalain, pie forsaide mary magdalayn. 

Wit-in pia castel 1 of tald, 13996 wi>-in >ia castel I. of talde 

Moght SCO do all quat sco wald. mu}t ho do alle atte ho walde 

]» man )>at godd will pat be bett, . ^e man fat god wil grante his gri)i 

Tee wat, lauerdicgs, mai nathing lett may na man stande ^ayne fer-wiji 

]» word o ihe«u waa risen brade, |ie wordo of ihem hit ras ful biade 

And o meradea ])at he made. 14001 & of ))e miroclia pat he made. 

Quen mari wiat ie«w« far cammen, V quen mary wiste iheros was commyn. 

A boat SCO has o smerles uummen ; a boiste ho has of oynementiu nofnmyn. 

A smerl ^t was o pris ful dere, of diuerse fiingis ^at was dere. 

pis Tfitement wit hir sco here. 14005 |iis oynement wifi hii ho here. 

Bot for mi tale Bcoitii to tell, & for my tale shortly to telle ' 

Be-foT ie«u on knes sco fell, be-fot ihun fete ho sone felle 

pai-wii SCO fell on suilk a grete, ^er-wi^ ho felle on equilk a grete 

pat al SCO waa vr lanerd fete ; 14009 ^at Trip pe teris ho wissbed his fete 

On ]>aim sco wepe hir siunes sare, on ham ho wepped hii synnes sare 

And )ian ))am dries wit hir bare ; & si]>en dried wi)i hir hare. 


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Seuen fendes vte of hir cast he, 13976 Senen fendoa oute of Mr caste he 

Ala tellis luca fe wangeliste. As telle^ lube fie euangele 

A eeli sinfiil vas echo ^u, A sely syufol was alie }iis 

For all hir sine tnined hir al to blis. For al hir syime turned in to bli» 

Scho tras lluand pat aiquoi 13980 She was Ijuynge in cnntre ^n 

^t iesut prechid here and ^ar, Whenne iheswt preched vche where 

And mani apett miiAcIe did. And mony a pert myracle did 

Qnarwid to mankin he him kid ; Wher wif to men he him hid 

And mani seke he gaue ^air hele. And mony eeke he jaf her hele 

And ale he come bi a castele, 13985 And as be coom bi o cast«1d 

A man ^at higbt aymon lepiooa, A tnon fat hett aymond leproni 

At eta he praid him till houe ; To ete preyed him to hia hone 

IsMM him graiit«d hia praier, 13988 Ihe#ud granntide hia preyere 

Fot he him praid wid god cher. For he him preyed wiji good chere 

FoITaii s^^ symond him dight, Feiie eerayse symond him d^t 

Ale was to elik a lauerd r^L As was to anohe a lord rijt 

Qaen iwus in hia aete was aett, 13992 IT whenne iheeue was aett in hia sate 

wid his desciplia at f e mett, wif his disciples at f e mete 

J)is sinful womman and forlaine, pis synfnl- wommon fat we of seyn 

fia fotsaid man magdalaine, Jiot we calte Mary mandeleyn 

widin pia castel fat i of talde, 13996 wifiynne f« caetel fat I of tolde 

Might echo do all quat echo walde. She my^te do what she wolde 

f6 man pat godd will be hett, ))e mon pat god wol he bett 

je wat, lanerdii^es, mai no ])ing lett. We wite wel may no ^ing lett 

Jie word of ieaue rase fol brads, 14000 pB worde of ihesue sprong fal wyde 

And of pe miraclia ^t he made. Of myradee pat he dud fat tyde 

Quen man wist iesm ^ comen, Whenne Mary wiste iheette was cornea 

A hoist of emeries has echo nomin ; A hoiate of oynement haf> she nomea 

A smerl ^at was of pria fill dere, c«aLi] A f>ing fiat waa of pris fol dere 

fia oygnemewt wid hir soho here. Jjia oynement wi^ hir she here 

For mi tale B(!hortli to tell, 14006 And my tale shortly to telle 

Bi-for iesus fete aone echo felle, Bifore ihe«u« feet she felle 

)iar-wid echo fel in auilk a giete, pere she fel in snche a grete 

fat wid po teiis echo weaee hia fete ; Pat wifi fe teres she wesshe hia fete 

On Jitum echo wepe hir ainnea sare, On him ahe weped hir aynnea aare 

And si^n soho drei ]>aim wid hir haie ; And dryed hem wifi hir here ])an 



Jar SCO fand aui breok or sare, H012 Jter ho fende any touche of aare 

Wit hir smeTl sco smeid |)are, wi}i hir fin^ia aaoynt hit Jaie 

Wit all wirechip fat SCO him did, & eaei on knes ho con fall 

!Euer sco kist his fete e-mid. & kissed his faiie fete wiji-alle. 

All ^i wondrid on Jns mari, 11016 IT al fai vondred on )iie mary 

]iai s^h hir nener sa sari, )iai sagh hii neuer equa sary. 

Sco left hir dede for na scam. ho left hir dede for na shame, 

Simond fiat sir was o Jiat ham, Simonde Jat sir was of }at hamd. 

Wondre[d], and said in his thogbt wondred & saide in his fo^t. 

(Bot Jon wit math he said it noght), hot wij his mouj he mynt hit nojt 

" If fJB man war right prophet, 14022 if Jiie man ware a rijt prophete 

Jis womman vepond on his fete Jis wommsn wepande on his fete 

He aght to wijt al quat sco were, him ajt to wete <jaat ho were 

To lat hir n^h him not sa nere, to leta hir negh him nojt sa neie 

For SCO ee womman o siofut stat, for ho is womman of sinful state. 

Als men oner al Jis contre wat." 1102? als men oner alle Jis cuatie wate. 

V Jan ansuard him eon iams cnst, l-^^^ ansqnerd him ihesa criste 
Quat simon thoght, ful wel he wist, I 1 qnat Simond Jojtfalwele he wist 

" Here to mo," he said, " a stund." I / herkyn to me he saide a stonnde 

" Gladli, maiater," said symond. Ji gladly maister saide SimonA ' 

" It was a man quiluwi was wont hit was a man pat we of rime 

Penis for to lene vm-stunt, 14033 penis to lene was wont sum time 

Jis man he was an okeier, Jis man was an okrote 

And tna men com Jat had mister, & ij. men come atte had mistere. 

And asked him penis to Ian ; 14036 & askid him penis for to lane Dt^u,tmiki 

Jia riche man lent to fat tan Jis riche man lent to Je tane. 

An hundieth penis, suilk als ran, an hundrej penis sqnilk as ran. 

And fifti to Je tojer man. 14039 & fifti to Je tojier man. 

Quenitcom to Je term dai, crTT.iik.eaLi] IT quen hit come to Je terme-day. 

Jai had noght qnar-of for to pai ; Jai had nojt quar-of for to pay. 

For he Jam sagh no catell haf, for he ham sagh na catel haue 

All Jair dett he Jam for-^f, 14043 alle Jaire dette he ham for-gaue 

For-gaf it Jam and badd Jam fare. for^ne hit ham & bad ham fare 

Quejer o Jir tua aght luue him mare 1 " qnejer of per ij. ^t loue him mare. 

"Sir, me thine, witrvten lett, 14046 IT Sir he saide wij-onten lette 

Je man Jat he for-gaf mast dett, Je man Jat he for-gaue Je maro det. 


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Qoareckofandanibrekorsare, 14012 when she fonde chyn or soore 

wid Mr smerl sclio smeild it ^aie, Wi}) oynement she anoynt jiore 

tvid all woTschip ]iat scho Mm did, Al ))is worshipe she him did 

Quer acho kist Mb fete emid. And also cussed his feet amyd 

Alia fai wondrid on fis man, 14016 Alle -wondride on Mr & had ferly 

fai saa hir nener ana sari, J)ei say hir neuer so sory 

Ke left scho noght hir dedo for schame. Jlat dede lafte she not for shome 

Simon p&t sir was of ))at hame, Symond maistir of fat home 

wondrid, and said in his fioght 14020 Wondride & seide in Ma ^oojt 

(Bot wid mouth he said it noght), But wi)* moo)> he spake Mt noujt 

"war Jis man a idght prophete, "Were fia mon pj-ophete so good 

Jiis womman wepand on Ma fete Jjis wepynge wommon on him wood 

He aght to witt qiiat scho ware, 14024 He ai^te to witen what she were 

And lat hir negh Mm noght sua neie, And lete hir touche Mm not so nere 

For acho es wommare of sinful atate. For synful womnwrn is she f ia 

Ala men ouer all Jiia contre wate." fat al fls cuntre woot I wia 

pan BJiBuetd him iesa crist, 14028 Ihem cmt }o vnswerde 

Quat symon thoght, wele he wist, What aymond f ou)te wel he herde 

And said, "herk to me a stund." He aeide herken to me a stounde 

" Gladli, maistir," said aimond. Gladly Meietir seide symounde 

"I[t] was a man quilum was wont lu cuntre sora tyme was a man 

Fenia forto lene vmstount, 14033 ^t laute penyes of fat he wau 

fis man him was an okerer, fis man lie was an okerere 

And tua men come fat had mister. Two men coom fat hadden mietere 

And askid him penis to lane ; 14036 And asked him penyes to iono 

f is riche man lente to f e tane f is riche man lent to )iat one 

A hundred penis, euilk als ran, An hundride pens suche as ran 

And fifti to ^t of er man. And fifty to fat ofare man 

Quen it come to fe teime dai, 14040 Whenne Mt coom to her day 

)'ai had noght quaiof to pai ; pel hadde not wher of to pay 

For he faim san no catel haue, t^fj- And he hem say no catel haue 

All fair dett he faim forgaue, 14043 Al fat dette he hem forjaue 

For-gaf it faim and had faim fare. Hem he foi^af & had hem go 

Qnef er of faim bird laue Mm mare I " Whef sr owed to loue him bettwr f o 

"Sir, me tinck, widvten lett, 14046 Sir me f inks wif outen let [hat n, hk^h] 

f e man fat he forgaf mast dett, J3e mon fat he forjaf mooat det 



806 oir eiKON'B akshbr, jesus applies thb stoht to masy, " tod <utb hh 


Ha }at was mast foi'^inea till 14018 he ^at mast was giuen tille. 

Mast aght to luue him wit skill." ^t to loue him maste wi^ skille: 

" Wei anauard," lie said, " symon, IT wele ansquered he saide simonn. 

Jkiu has ginea dom wit resun." ^ou has giaen dome wi'tA rijt resonn. 

Alwais SCO wepe a-pon his fete, li052 al-wayes ho wepped on his fete. 

And ie«u# hir bi-held and lete ; & ihema hir be-helde & lete. 

And to symon he said onan, & to simoad he saide anane 

*'SaisJoii,"hasaid, "nowfiswommani sese fou he saide fis wowiman. 

To mi fete [fu] gaf water nan, H05S to my fete gaue }o\x me water nane. 

To was ^aira ai^n boo ue &n, & ho to wasshe ham neuer hlan. ' 

^a wat yat It was soth i-wiss, ^ou wate atte hit ia so)i I. -wis. 

fai faa me bedd foi to kiss, atte jion bed me uojt to kis. 

2fa sijien i com al to Jnn in 14060 now syn L come to ^ine in. 

To kiss mi fete wald sco not blin. to kie my fete walde ho no;t blyn. 

Tflgnement ^u gaf me noght, oynement ^ou me gaue n<^t. 

And SCO Mr rnttement me broght & ho hii oynement me bojt. 

And ameid has me fote and schank, & d^t )iaT-wi]) my fote & shanb 

Quai-for i can hii mikel thank. 14065 qnar-fore L con hir mikil |iank<. 

And fot SCO has me luued mikel, & for ho me has loued myktl. 

mi lane mai sco be seker, of my lone ho- may be sekir. 
8co es made of hir sinnes clene, ho Is made of hii synnys dene 
y^ ei foTginen hii al bi-dene." 14069 for )iai ar hii for-ginen be-dene. 
" Mikel Jwu luued," he said, " mori, mykil fou loued he said mary 
Mikel ea fie forgiuen foi>fii, mjkil la for-giuen )ie for-^i. 
Ga quar fon ga, pi mikel tieuth ga queie ^oa ga ^i mikil treu]) 
Has ^e saued, alsua ^i renth ; has ^e saued for )ii reu)ie 

H'n er fou sauf al thorn fi fai, 14074 now aitow saued alle foiou J)i fay. 

1 sal }ie kepe forth &a Jiis dai." I. salle ^e kepe for]) fia Jiis day. 
IT lenu efteiwaid in hij Thesus efterwarde in by. 

Com precheand into bethani, X come preychsnde in-to bethany. 

Gineand mani seke Jiair hele, 14078 ginand many seke ]iaiie hele 

>6 folk him foluand was ful fell. ye folk him folowed was ful fele. 

Martha and mari biofier he fand, martha & mary brobsr he fande. 

Laiaruin )>ar was wonoand, lazaran bdr was wonande. 

He gestind wit ))ir aisteia tna 14082 he gestened wi]) yer sistres twa. 

I neaend ai, mari and martha. In hous wi]) mary & maitha. 



He Jiat maet waa forgiuan till 14048 
Ma[s]t an to loue him wid ekiU." 
He said, "we l>« ansuerd aymon, 
fm giuea dome wid right reaun." 
Alwais sclio wepe apos his fete, 14053 
And ieeus criet biheld and leto, 
And to 8f moud he said on-ane, 
" Ses f\i im ))is ilk vommaue } 
To mi fete gaae ^u water naii$, 14066 
To wasse jiam Bi|ien scho ne faae, 
])u wat pat it es soth i-wis, 
ftat ))u me bedd noght forto kiss, 
N^a ei^en i come in-to ))in in 14060 
To kiese mi fete wald scho noght blin. 
Oygnemewt fu gaf me nt^ht, 
And scho hii oygment me broght 
And smeild has mi fete and schank, 
Quarfor i cnn hir mekil thank. 14065 
And foT Jiat aoho loues me mekil. 
Of mi looe scho mai be secir. 
Of hir sinnes es scho mad dene, 
^ai er for^nen hir all bidene." 14069 
He said, " mekil ^n loued, mari, 
Mekil es forgiuen ^e for-))i, 
Ga quar fu ga, fi mekil trenth 14072 
Has ^ sauid, and ^i renth ; 
Ku es pa sauf thorn ^i fai ; 
I sal ^e kepe forth fra yis dai." 
lesus efterward in hij 14076 

Come prechand into hetaui, 
Ginand mani seke )iair hele ; 
fe folk him foloand was fill fele. 14079 
Uartha and mati hrojier he fond, [mh. i] 
Lazarun ^ai was wonand. 
He gestind wid )iiT sistria tna, 
I neaend ;u, man and martha. 14083 

To whom he for^af moost title 

Owe moost to lone him hi skille 

He seide we ben vnswered aymeoun 

J}en«e demestou hi ri3t resoun 

Alwey ahe wepte on his fete 

And ihe«a )io bihelde hir lete 

And to symond he seide anone 

Sestoa ^is iike wommone 

To my feet watir ^ }oa none me 

To wassho ha^ she greet plente 

Jwu wooat ))at is aoofi I-wis 

^tt bed )K>a me not for to kis 

Si]) I coom in to )iia In 

To kus my feet con she not blyn 

Oynement jaf ^on me noujt 

She ha)) hiien to me bioujt 

She hafi anoynt me foot & shanke 

Wherfore I con hir mychel fianke 

And for she loue^ me out of hiker 

Of my loue she may he siker 

Of hit syitnes ia ahe dene 

}iei are foi^yuen alle bi-dene 

He seide muchel haston loued marye 

Muche ia forjyuen fe )ii folye 

Go in peea Jri muchel trenje 

Ha]9 fie saued & ))i reu))e 

Now art you saned foui^e f i fay 

I shal be ^i kepere fro ^is day 

Themis sftir warde in hy 

Coom prechjng in to betany 

jyuynge mony seke her hele 

}>e folke him folewed was ful fele 

Uartha & maryes broker he fond 

Lajar (ere he was wonond 

He geatened wij> )io sistrea two 

Marie and martha also 


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Qu«a ^ai witit he sold wit f&m duell, H quen )iai wiste atte he valde dwet 

^air gladnes war tor to tell, 140S5 of |iaire gladuee con. L nojt telle. 
And na eelcut, for anilk a gest Cool- ij & na selcou)) for siiche a geste 
Com neuer vu-to ^ir hue to rest. come nener vu-to )>aire hoos to rest 
Martha was huswijf o pat hus, 14088 niartha was houswif of Jiat in. 
Abute ^e semis was sco foe, arboute setuise dide ho neuer blyn. 
Bot man seme allan hir lete, & maiy senie allane hir lete. 
And aett hir forwit iera fete, & sette hir doan atte ihesus fete. 
For-wit his fete sco sett hir dun, 1 4092 he-for his fete ho sette hir doun. 
For to here his snete sermon j for til heie his eqiiete sarmoun. 
ITa)>er sco tent to mete ne hord, nanper ho tent to mete ne horde. 
Bot for to herken godds word. 14095 bot al hally to cmtia worde. 
Maltha thogbt sco helpe ne wald, martha pu^t il ho ne help hir walde 
A spitua plaint to ciist sco tald ; a pitous plaint to criste ho talde. 

" Sir," 800 said, " ae yee noght hu IT Sir ho saide se je nojt how. 

1 am left an to aerue yowl 14099 I. am lefe to senio jou. 
Mi aistor aittea, als yee see, my aiater aa je may se. 
And leuia oll&n f>e suinc on me. lays allane ^e squink on me. 
Sir, yee bidd hir for to rise, 14102 I. pray jou sir je bid hii liae 
And helpe ua now in vr seruise." _ ife help us iiow in our seruiae 
"Martha, martha," fan said iesu, Martha martha aaide iheau 
"In mikel biaenes ert Jwu, in myehe beaynes artow. 
Bise ert pon bot mani dede, 1 4106 besy f on art in many dede. 
Bot mast of an ^u-quef er es nede ; fe best do first la maste nede. 
^e better lott has man chosen, f e better seruise mary chese. 
fat hir mat n^at he wit losin." hit saoed hie wi)K>uten lese, 
Blisced was fat afBiccion 14110 blessed was fe affliccionn 

fat marl broght to ali pardon, fat brojt mary to auche pardoun. 

Alle thingea hali sco foi-aoke, alkin f ing< ho for^oke. 

Bot an of al thing sco hir tok, bot an of atle ofer ho toke. 

m uni thing sco tok til an, 14114 of al fing< ho toke bot on. 

Wit-Tten quam es beute nan. wif-outen wane til god aUane 

[ & he hir hrojt til ioy of heyuen 

. . tto gap in Chiton ^ Laud MS3.] per angels sii^yn wiy muri ateyuen. 

Es naman can tell fe teind 14116 per ia na man may telle fe tende 

Part fis lauerd doa tU Ma friend, f e ioy he ordenea for his frende 


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Qaen ^ai wist lie sold md ]>um duel, Whenne ]>ei wiste lie wolde dwells 

Of liair ioi yras tore to tell, 11085 Of hei ioye myjte no moD telle 

And na selcuth, foT euilk a geat So woudir was for saclie a gest 

Come neuer to paix has to test. Coom neuer eer wi]) hem to rest 

Haitha was e husewijf of ))at hose, Martha was hoaewif aikerly 

Abut Jie serais was echo fuse, li089 Aboute her seruyae ful biey 

Bot mari serae al ane hir lete, Matye alone Martha lete 

And set hir forwid iesiie fete, And sett hir tofore ihe^ fete 

Bifor his fete scho set hir dune, Bifore his feete she set hir doun 

Forto here bis suete sarmone ; 14093 For to here his sermoun 

NoD)>er echo tent to mete ne boid, !N'out>er she tent to mete nj bord 

Bot forto herkin goddes word. But for to here goddes woi'd 

Martha thoght all echo heipe newold, Martha Bay she not helpe wolde 

A pitose plaint to crist echo talde ; A pitons pleynt to crist she tolde 

" Sir," echo eaid, " ae ^e noght hu Sir ahe aeide recche je not how 

I am left ane to seme yi ! 14099 I am lafte one to seme jow 

Mi Bister sittes, als je se, My sister sittef as je may ae 

And leues all-ane fe auink on me. And lenef al J»e swynke on me 

Biddis Mr, sir, forto rise 14102 Bidde hir sir )>at she rise 

And help me nu in jur seruia." And helpe me now in joure seruyae 

" Martha, martha," paa said iesa, Martha martha seide ihe«u )>ia 

" In mekil beainea ea fu, In muchel biaynes Jion is 

Bisi es ])U a-bute mani dede, 14106 Bisy art fou aboute mony dede 

Bot mast of ane a qae^er es nede ; But of oon is moost nede 

ye better part has mari choain, J)e hettwr party haf mary chosen 

yat hir mai neuer be widlosin." J)at neuer may be &o hir loaen 

Blisced was ^at afflicciun 14110 Blessed was ^t afdictioun 

fot mari broght to sE pardun, Jjat mary broujte to auche panJoun 

Alkin thing echo for-soke, AUe opere ))inge she forsoke 

I^t ane of alle acho hir toke, 8aue to one ahe hir toke 

Of all thing acho tok till ane, 14114 Of alle Jiinges she toke to one 

widvten qnawi ea buute nane. Wifouten whom is godenea none 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS.] no gap in the MS.} 

Ea na man fat can telle f e teind Of godenea no mon con telle fe tendea 

Fart ]>ia lauerd dos tille his &eind, ]}at yie lorde do]) to his frendea 

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Bot ea naman wit hert mai thine, ne na man yrif hert may ^int 

If e na derc ^t mai writ wit inc, ue na clerk may write vip Ink'. 

Ne ei mai se, ne ere mai here, 14123 ne eye mai Be ne ere ina; here. 

Ke mans w^t p»x mai cum nere, ne alle mannya witte infere. 

Ha mikel mede fiat vs ea dight, may tel ft mede Jiat tb ia di^t 

If we wil eenie pat lauerd right. if we wil seme fat lorda rijt 

Leue we nu o ^ie aietere ]iub, 14126 leue we now )i0r Bisterea pus 

Al for to tell o lazarus. & telle we for)) of lazanie. 

IT pia lazarus o betani T^^ lazarua of hethani 

Had sisters martha and mari, I I had aiaterea ij. martha & maiy. 

Hikel he luued his sisters hath, HI30 j; mykil he loued his sisteiea ba^. 

If Boght he neuef man wit lath, I traw wip him was neuer man wra^. 

A castel was bath hia and jiairs, a castel was ba^ hia & ))airia Omini 

ThoTU eldiBB pat-of war ^ai airs. ^ocou auncestn ware pai ayris 

To ^ia <Astel waa iesue cald [iHfn,»Li] to pie caatel was ihMua calda. 

Til heiberi, als i for-wit tald, lil35 as I b&-fore jou has talde. 

Both it es, pis lazarua sop bit is pis lazarus. 

Was seke, ala stori telles vb, was seke pis etori tellea ve. 

In bis eekenea he lai^iet sua, 14138 In pis sekenes he longulst squa. 

pot he na fote had m%ht to ga ; he had na fote ne mi;t to ga. 

Martha and mari pan was ful wa, maitha & maiy waa ful wa. 

For his vnhele and opei maa, for his m-hele & oper ma. 

Hia aistera aerued him to hand 14142 his aiateis seruid him til hande 

pat bunden lai in godds band, pat priaoun lay in goddia bande. 

Bot bute til him pat aua waa bunden, & bote til him pat aqua was bunden 

Mikel hapaisoght, nan hafpaifunden, mikil haue pai so^t & nana is funden 

pof pai him soght Hand na bott, 14146 al if pai so^t fande pai na bote 

Pe sere him sokes fn hede to fote. pe aare him ao^t fra heued to fote 

Qiten pai sagh pat par was nanopei quen pai sagh per was na noper 

Stat o couering o pair btoper, state of cou«ryng of paire biop^. 

Consail pai tok ie^m biseke, 14150 consaile pai toke ihema to seke. 

Por pair broper pat was ea seke, for paire broper pat was seke. 

O pair broper pai sold him sai al pe sop him to say 

He luued sa wele, in langur lai, how paire broper in langour lay. 

To prai him, if hia will it were, to pray him if is wil hit were 

Cum selazar pat waa m-fere; 14166 come se lazar pat lay Tn-fere. 


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'For es na mui ^rid lierte mai thinck, Foi is noon ^t in lierte may Jiinle 

Ne clerk nane mai write vid ink, Nj cleike write nonjur wi|) ynke 

Neeiemaiee, neere mai here, '^^a'*' Hor eje may se ny herte lere 

Ke manes witt mai nan cum nere, Ko monnea witt may hit com seie 

Hu mekil mede )iat ts es dight, 14124 How mychel med« to vs is dijt . 

If we will fle[r]ue fat lauerd right If we wol seme )«t lord rijt 

Leue we na ^ir siBtris ]ius, Leue we nov ^ese sistres ^os 

Forto apeke of lazaius. For to speke of lazarus 

1«is lazaros of bethani 14128 IT ^is lazanis of bethany if-ii 

-* Had sietris martha & maii, had sistres martha & maiy 

Mekil he loued hie sistris bath, Muche loaed he his sisties bo)« 

2fe st^t he man nenerwid lath, Soujte he neuei' noon wiji lo)ie 

A castel was bath his and ^airis, A castel was his & )ieites 

Eftir f ar eldris Jiarof was oiiis. 14133 Aftii her eldrea Jiwof heires 

To fiie castel was ienu cald To Jiis caatel was ihesiie calde 

To herberi, ab i forwid tald. To herborwe as bifote I talde 

Soth it es, )>is lazanis 14136 Sof bit is ))is lazarus 

was seke, als ]ie stori tellis vs, was seke ^e story telleji tb 

In. his sekeuea he languist eaa. In his sekenea he lenged so 

He had no mi^t a fote to ga ; 14139 ]iat be had no fote to go 

Martha and man fare was fill wa, Mary & martha were sory 

For bis vubele and of er ma, For his sekenes & o^er mony 

Hie aistiis eerued him to hand His sistres senied bim to bonde 

fat bunden lai in godes band, 14143 ))at bounden lay in goddea bonde 

Bot till him fat saa was bunden. Bat to him fat so was bouiulen 

Fer haue fai soght and nan f\inden, Fer fei senate & noon founden 

Al if fai soght land fai na bote, Longe f ei sou^te & foude bo bote 

f e seke bim saiia &a heued to fote. fat sekeuea crepte to heed & fote 

Quen fai sau far was nanofer 14148 Whenne fei say hit was noon of«-e 

State of couering of fan brofer. State of couerynge of bet brofere 

Gonsaile fai toke iem biseke, Counsel fei toke to ihemi to go 

For faire brofer fat was sua aeke. For her brofej^ ful of woo 

Of fair brofer fai suld birn sai 14102 Of her brofere fei wolde him say 

He loued sua wele, in langur lai, Pat he wel loued in langure lay 

To prai him, if his will it ware, And preye bim if his wille were 

Cum se l^ar fat was unfere; 14166 Com se lazar fat waa vnfere 
aOTnMQBH iBiMinr 

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For wel ))ai trud fai be moght 14156 in eicute hope ]nu wore balde. 

^aii brojter gauue of al Ms soght. he mi^t him help if he walde 

fa sandee BOght oner all Iude,i IT ))e sosdis sojt oaer alle lude. 

Faand f>ai him noght in fat contre, fande )iai him nojt ia Jiat ctmtre. 

[^o D'op in Cotton and Lawi MSS.] fe fala lewes atte him aojt. 

p Land US. luu jait, kMc* rimm irfM tjait] for lazai Bate ol was hit BOlt 

And wat jee qui ) for^isieaun, 14162 & wate je q^uy foi ))is reeoun 

^ai aoght bim ala wit fals treeun. ^ai s03t him to ela wi]) tiesoun. 

^of ^ai him faand noght in fat land, alle if ^ai fande liini nojt in fat lande 

Jiai fined noght til |)ai hint faand, ))ai fined nojt til ^ him fande. 

^ir jneasageis fux errand said 14166 fer measageis ^aiie erande aaide. 

HendU,^])atwa9on}iam]aid;Ci's.bBDdii] hendeli ^at was on ham layde. 

^ai praid him ala lauerd dere, fai prayed him as lorde dere 

For his freind fat was vn-feie, 14169 for hie ireinde ^at was vn-fere 

fat be til him a turn wald mak, Jiat he til him a tuine walde make 

For him, and his toa siateTS sak. for him & his ij. sisters sake. 

"He lijs to dei, Jw lei and tru, 14173 he lyes to dey fi lele & trew. 

Lauerd ! " fai said, " of him fou reu ! " lorde fai aaide on him f ou rew. 

IT To faa men fat bodd-word bar IT to fa men atte f e message bare 

leaut fam gaf auilk ausuar, 14175 Ihesus gaf ham suche onsquare 

" Oais argain," he said, " your wai, gas a-gayne he saide jour way. 

To fam fat yow sent sal yee sai to hane fus-gatia sal je say. 

fat fai noght for fair biofei mum, fat lazar langour to hele aal torne 

To ded sal noght his langur turn, & hid ham for fairs self mourne 

Bot sal mi hlis fa^wit be eene, 14180 my blis to him salle be sene. 

Wel forf ermai fan yeitt has bene." wele mare fen hit has bene. 

Again f u went wit fair ansuar, [coi. tj agayne fai went wif far bnsquare 

Tua dais vr lauerd was lengand far, ij. dayes our lorde was lengande fare 

fan did he his diaciplis call, lil84 IT fen he did his disciplia calle. 

" Buakns yow," he said, " yee sal buskis jou he saide ja salle. 

Vnto lude weind wit me nu." vn-to lude wende wif me now. 

And fai said, " air, quat thinckes fou t & fai saide sir quat f inkis f ou. 

Ne waa fou noght bot littel gan ne was fou nojt bot litel gane 

Almaat far-wit fe juus alan ) 14189 al-maste wif fe iewea alane 

It es, sir, na conaail o &eind, hit is na coneeil sir of fireinde. 

fat foil f idet-ward na weind." atte je fiddei a-gayne wende. 


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Fill wele ^ai troud fat lie aiaght Ful wel leued ^ei )iat he 

fair biofer hale of all his soght. Mijto make him hool to be 

fe saandes soght ouer all iude, [ui. q ^i sende sondes otter al lade 

And &nd him noght in ^at ctmtre, And fonde him not in fat contre 

[ [ 

MO gap in the AfS.] no gap in the Jtf5.] 

And quat je quil for fla reaun,14162 And wite je wel for J)is resoun 

Men soght him ala wid fala tieaun. Men aoujte to ele him wif tresoun 

Quen ]>ai him fand noght in fat land, For fei him fonde not in fat londa 

fai fiaed noght till fai him fand, ];ei fined not til fei him fonde 

)iii mesaageris heindli aaid 14166 ]}o messangerea hendely seids 

Jie eiand fat was on ^aim laid ; ]}e eronde fat vas on hem leide 

Jul praid him als a lauerd dete, ]}ei preyed him aa lord dere 

For his freind fat was Tnfeie, 14169 For hia frende fat was vnfete 

A tnm till Mm fat he wald make, Trauaile to him JNit he wolde make 

For him, and for hia frendee aake. For him & hia frendea sake 

" He liJB to die, fi Ide and tni, 14172 He lif to d^e fat lele & trewo 

Lauerd," f ai said, " on him f n ren ! " Lord f ei aeide on him f on rewe 

To (la men fe bodwor[d] bare To fo men fat bodeword bare 

leea gaae faim euilk anguare, Ihesu jaf him fia vnaware 

He said, " gas again jur wai, 14176 He aeide go ajeyn joure wey 

To f aim fat sent ju sal je sai To hem jou sende shal je aey 

fat f ai noght for fair brofer mnm, J)at f ei not for her brof ere moume 

To dede sal noght his langnr turn, To def shal not his langure toume 

Bot sal mi blis far-wid bi sene, 14180 But my blis ahal hi him be sene 

vrele forfermar fam jeit has bene." Fnrf ei fen hit jitt haf bene 

Again fai went wid fair ansuer, Ajeyn fei went wif her Tnswere 

Tua daia tt lauerd duelled far, 14183 Two dayea oure lord dwelled feie 

fan did he his desciplis call, }}enne dud he hie disciples calle 

" Buskes }U," he eaid, " je sail Make ]on redy be aeide alle 

Tuto iude weind wid me nn." 14186 Vnto Iude gof wif me now 

And fai said, " air, quat thinkea f u 1 fei aeide sir what f eukestou 

Xe was fu noght hot littel gane Waafon not but Iltil gone 

Almast far wid inua slane ! Almest fere wif iewea alone 

Sir, it es na conaail of freind, 14190 Counsel ia hit noon of frende 

fat je deferward nu wend." J)at je fiderwarde air wende 
gOttinoin tbinitt 

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IT lesta fan said, " qui sai yee sua t IT ihasuB aaide quy aay je squa. 

Ten tides has fe dai and tna, 14193 x. oures has )ie day & two. 

Qua haa to weadeu ani wai, qua has to ga any way. 

God es to go bi light o dai, gode is to ga on I^t of day. 

For qua walkes on nightertale 14196 foi -qoa-sim walkis on nijte?lale. 

dreching oft he findes duale. of drecchiug' oft he findis dwale. 
Bot fat i sai, ta yee god kepe, iche man til ofer take gode kepe. 
Lazar tt freind ee laid on-slepe, lazar our freinde is laide on-slepe. 
fat i til him weind it es time 14200 to walke til him now is time 
For to wacken him of his Bnime. foi to wakkin him of his squyme 

1 haf him Inued well oftsife, I. hane him loued alle hie sife. 
And fat es right nu i him ki^." & in hia nede is rijt to kife. 

IT " Sir," f ai said, " if he slepe oglit, sir f ai aside if he slepe o;t. 

Bute o ded yeit has he lu^ht, 14205 doute of dede is hit nojt. 

If ho mai slepe hele es at hand." if he slepe his hele is atte hande. 

leeus aaid, " miss yee vuderstaiid, ihesus saide je mya-vndeiBtande. 

For yee sal here noght lang fer-till for je sal here nojt lange Tn-tille. 

Ti)isnd fat yow sal like wel iL 14209 tifande atte je aal like ful ille. 

For he es ded, fat i of sai, now is hit gane f e firf day 

Nu ee it gan f e firth dai, ayn he was dede fbi-sof to say. 

Ded and doluen hath es he. 14212 dede & dollyn haf is ha 

£s be noght quik, fat sal yee ee ; ia he ni^t quik fat sal je se. 

For fan es i na gladd and hiithe foi-f i I. am baf glad & blif e. 

fat i was noght wit foim fat sithe. I. was nojt wif ham fat sife. 

Bot nu fan am i after send, 14216 bot now I. am efter sende. 

fiderwatd nu will i wend." fiddei-warde dar L nojt wende. 

IT Q.uen thomas, fat hight didimus, ^ quen thomas fat hi^t didimu« 

Hard fat ded was lazarus, heti} fat dede waa lazatue. 

Als his maister him tald, iema, 14220 as ham talde squete ihe«us 

He sighed sar, and said fan fus, he sighed saie & fen saide fuB. 

Til hie felaus soruful eaid he, til his felawes Boronful saide he 

" Lauerdings," he eaid, " f is here yee, lordingw« he saide now here je, 

LazariM es noght line, 14224 lazanis is nc^t on-line. 

Qo we dei wit-him biline ; go we deye wif him l)»-line. 

. Neuer list me langer Hue nu, I. ne kepe line na langei' fen now. 

Bot if we help haf o iesu. 14227 bot if we help haue of ihefo. 




lesuK aaid, " qui eai ^e sua ) Ihesua seidu wlii saje je bo 

Tea tides has f>e dai and tna, Ten tides ha.f ^e day & two 

Qoa has to weiad on ani wai, 11194 Who so ha|i to wende any way 

Gode ea fiai ga hi fo light of dai, Good is he go bi lijt of day 

For quasum waliea on n^htw-tala For who so walkef bi nyjter tale 

Of diigthing ofte he feindea duale. Of disese be fyndef bale 

Bot ])at i sai, tak ;e god kepe, ^ij*' To fiat I saye take]) good kepe 

Lazai vr freind es laid on-slepe, Lazar oure frend ia leide to slepe 

]iat i tell him weind it es time 14200 To him to wende hit Is tyme 

Foito wakin him of his soime. For to wake him of his awyme 

I hane him luued wele al his eith, I haue him loued wel ofte eijia 

And ^at es righ[t] i nn him kith." Noyr is tyme I sum him kifve 

" Sir," ^ai said, " if he slepe oght. Sir ]iei seide if he slope ou)t 

Donte of dede jeit has be noght, Doute of dee)) jit is hit noujt 

If he mai slepe hele ea at hand." If be may slepe hele is at bonds 

leeus said, " je mia-Tnderstand, 142U7 Ihemt )>o seide je mys Tndirstonde 

For je aal noght lang fiar-tille For ;e shal not longs tille 

Ti)iand fat ^u sal like ful ille. Tijiinge here to like ille 

For he es dede, fat i of sai, He is deed Jtat I of say D"" «. imok] 

Nu es it gane fe feird dai, Now is goon f e ferfe day 

Ded and doluen batb es be. 14212 Deed & dolaen bo]>e ia be 

Es be nogbt quik, ])at sal je se ; He ia not quyke fat sbul )e se 

For nu fan es i glad and blitb Kow am I hofe glad & hlif e 

fat i was nogbt wid ^aim fat sitb. )}at I was not wiji hem fat sijre 

Bot nu fan am i efter send, Now am I aftir sende 

Dijiii-ward nu will i wend." 14217 )iiderwsrde wol I wende 

Quen thomas, fat higbt didimiw, ^ whenne Thomas fat bette didimua 

Herd fat dede was lazarus, Herde fiat dede was lazams 

Ala hia maistir him tald, ieeus, ' As ibeaiM hadde tolde Jiore 

He sight saie, and aaid )ius, Ho seide Jius & aiked sore 

TUle his felaus sor-ful said be, 14222 To his felowes seide be 

" Lauerdingee," he said, " nu here je, Loidyngia be seide now here jee 

Lazarus ea noght in line, Lazaius is not in lyue 

Go we deie wid him bliue ; Go we deje wif bim blyue 

list me line na longer fan nu, Me lust no lengei lyue in place 

Bot if we help bans of iewn. 14227 But ihe«u helpe of hia grace 
qSttingbk trinity 



We aal find missing witerli ^^^^■^^' we aalle finde mialiking- aicorely P^^ 

Of TT god freind o bethani" 14229 of our gode ftende of bethany. 

Tuiz ieiusalem and ^ie castell Ite-twix ierueolem & ^is castel. 

])at yee me herd of forwit uiel, fai je heide me of telle. 

)iaie mare voud mt^aleuej 14232 )>er maiy v'oned Magdalene 

War noght o miles bot fiftene, is mylia nane bot bare xt. 

far laiariMt was doluen and ded. IT fer lazarue wag dollin & dede. 

Jesus fan fider-ward him yede. iheras fen fid[er]warde jede. 

Lazar was a heie-bom man, 14236 lazar was of hey kyn a man. 

His kill war yeit abate him fan, hie kin ware jette a-boate him fan. 

At fat caetel his flrendes bade, ' atte fat caistel his frendis bade. 

And for fair frend gret murtiing made ; & for his dede grete mouming' made 

Wit mari and martha, it sais, 14340 mary & martha fis boke saya 

fai had ben wepand far four daia. fai wepped a-boute him fa iiij. dayea 

far was fele boden, ale i tro, f er was many a man I. traw. 

And mani ala-aua vnbonden lua & many a lew atode f er on raw. 

fider com, bath an an ofer, 14244 f fidder come baf an & ofer. 

To comforth mari for hir brofer, to conforte mary for hir biof er. 

Bi fis was cnmmen grait tifand be fia waa commyn grete tifande 

fat ie»ae cummen waa nerhand, fat ihwue was commyn ful nere hande 

fat he was cummen into fat sted, fat he was commyn in-to fat sted 

Wit his felaiiscip fat he ledd. 14249 fer he his felawshepe wif him led. 

Martha waa nener half sua fain, martha was neuei- half sa fayne 

8co went fan wepand him again, ho went wepanij him a-gayne 

To fete SCO fele him sarili, t6 fote ho felle him sarily 

Eeuli on him fan can sco cri. & reufulli be-gan to cry. 

" Leif lauerd," sco said, " quat rede ) lene lorde ho saide quat to rede 

Mi brofer nu es fra me ded. 14265 my brofer is now fra me dede. 

Alias, had fou her wit ve bene, alias had ;e here wif va bene. 

Mi brofer had noght ben ded, i wen. my brofer had no)t bene dede L wene. 

quatkin thing fou mas praier, of qnatkin fing^ fou makis praiei. 

1 wat fat diightin wil f e here,"14259 I. wate god wille fe here. 
V'Bi8tilI,"he said, "fi brofer aalrise," fl be stille he saide fi brofer sal rise. 
" Ya sal," SCO said, " on eumkin wis, & ho saide on anmkin wise. 

On domes-dai, wel wat i quen, atte domes-day wele wate I. qnen. 

Eise sal he fan wit ofer men." 14263 fat he salle rise wif ofer men. 


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ire sal find missing witterli 14233 
Of ur gode freind of bethani." 
Tuix ienisalem arid ])is caetel 
fat )e me herd of forwid mele, 
)tar man woned magdalane, 
■war of milis fid fiftene, 14233 

Jiar lazarus was doliien and dede. 
lesas sone diderward lie jode. 
Lazar was a heiborn man. 
His kin was jeite about him fan. 
At fat castel bia freindea bade, U238 
■And for lazar gret murning made ; 
witt man and martha, it sais, 
Jiai bad bene wepand far fur dais. 
^as was fele boden, als i tru, 14242 
And mani alana vnboden iu 
difer come, both ane and oper. 
To oumforte man for hir brofer. 
Bi fis come faim tifand 14246 

pat iesu3 comand was nere hand, 
pai he was comen into fat atede, 
wid his felanschip fat he ledd. 
Martha was neuer so faine, 14250 
fan weint scho wepand him againe, 
To fote scho felle him soruful-Ii, 
And leuli on him gan scho cri 
" Leue lauerd," scho said, " quat rede) 
Nn es mi hnpei" fra me dede. 14255 
AHas, said fu here wid vs bene, 
Had he noght bene dede, i wene. 
Of quatkin f iog fu mas praie[re], 
I wat fat drightin wil fe here."I4259 
"Be still," he said, "fibrofir aal rise." 
"ja," scho said, "on sumiin wise, 
On domes-dai, wele wat i quen, 
fen sal he rise wid ofer men." 14263 
ea gOttinoe!! 

We ahul haue mya aikerly 
Of ouie good frend of bethany 
Bitwune lemsalem & f is castel 
jjat je herde me bifore of spel 
pen marye woned magdalene 
"Were of myles ful fiftene 
pere lazarua was doluen & ded 
Ihe«u« cooni soone to fat atede 
Lazar was an heje boren mon 
His kyn was jitt aboute him fon 
At fat castel hia frendes bade 
And mychel moumyng for him made 
Mary & martha f e story sayes 
Had ben wepynge fo foure dayes 
pere were fele hem to rewe 
And also mony vnbeden iewe 
Jjider coom bof e oon and ofero 
To coumforte mary for hir brofere 
•if Bi f is coom hem tif onde 
Jjat iheeus comyng was neje honde 
J3at he waa comen as f ei bad 
Wif felowshepe fat he lad 
was neuer eer martha so fayn 
Jjenne went she wepyng him ajayn 
To fete she fel him aonvefuly 
And rewly on him gon to cry 
lord she seide what to rede 
Now is my brofer fro me dede 
Alias haddestou here wif vs bene 
He had not ben dede I wene 
For what f ing f ou makeat preyere 
I woot fat god wol fo here 
V Be stille he seide f i brof er shal liae 
I woot wel she aeide in som wiso 
On domes day wel woot I wkenKe 
He shal rise wif of ere men 


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T£gut said, " i am vpris and lijf, 
Qoa trouB iii me, or maa or wyf, 
Jiof pai war ded yeit eal Jiai lijf, 
Jiat gift for-soth i sal |)am gif. U267 
And all ^at liues and trouea in me, 
Ded ne eal fai neaer be. 
Troiia Jpou f is 1 " bco said, " sir ya, 
I trou ^is, and i trou alsua 14271 
Jat Jjou ert godda aun Bnn, 
Cnmmen amang vs for to won." 
Martha, ful eoiuful and aari, [ooi. t] 
Til Mr eieter bco tald mari, 14275 
And in hir ere bco can to run, 
" CiiBt," BOO Baid, " ea cummen to tun, 
Do fe to speke wit him in hi ; " 
Wit-vten mare vp ras mari, 14279 
Til-ward hir niaiater ran bco fast, 
Men wen[d]all aco had bene argaat ! 
Quen men hir aagh, fat bi hir Btod, 
Bennand forth als eco war wod, 
Wijt yee for-aoth mani man 14284 
Jw terea o pah chekes ran. 
Til. hir brofer graue sco gas, 
Oft sith for Eoiu sco said " alias ! " 
Bot mari was in a-no))er tent, 14288 
Wit hir lauerd to speke sco went, 
T'or criat ^at had his grace hir lent, 
Wit hir sister hir efter sent. 14291 
Til him aco ran and fell on tnes, 
"LaueJ-d," SCO said, "ala ftou nu aeie, 
Ded 63 Jii freind, my hrofer lazar, 
And (lar-for es mi hert ful sare." 
" Had pou," SCO said, " hen here wit va 
Had noght mi brojier deied fms." 
V lesus biheild )ian hir a-stert, 14398 
And had grat reuthnea in his hert. 


iheeae saide L am dtp & life. 
qua trowes in me man or wife, 
if fai be dede jet sal fi liae 
fiat gift for-so)) I. salle ham giue. 
& alle ])at liues & trawes in me. 
dede ne sal )iai neuer be. 
trawes ]ioa fiis & ho saide ja 
I. traw pia & I. traw al-squa. 
atte ]iou art goddis awen aone. 
art commyn amang us for to wone. 
^ martha Borouful and aary 
til hii siBter ho talde mary. 
and in hir ere ho eon to rime 
c/iete ho saide is commia in time. 
do fie to speke ydp him in hye. 
wif-outen mare vp ras mary. 
tUle hir maister ran ho fast 
men wende ho had bene a'gaate 
quen men hir s^h fai bi hir stode 
ryTinande forji as ho ware wode. 
witnea for-eofi of many man. 
J>e teris on Jaire chekis ran. 
til hir hrojier graue Jiai aaide ho gat 
for til squoen fer alias. 
V bot mary was in ojjtfi- entent. 
wij) hir lorde to speke ho went, 
for criste fat had hir grace lent 
wif Lir sister hir efter sent, 
til him ho ran & fel on knee 
lorde ho saide as ]>ou me si-s. 
dede is fi frende my hroper lazaxe 
& J:ar-for is myne hert ful sare. 
had fou bene here ho saide wi)) ns. 
had nojt my hmfer dejed Jius. 
ihe£us be-helde hir fien a-stert 
& had giete reuj) in hia hert. 



leaua said, " i am Tpras and lljf, Ihesiis seide I am TprUte & lif 

Qua tioiiB in me, man or wijf, 14265 WIio so leue)) in me mou or vif 

fou f ai war dede jeit sal Jai liue, Jjoi^e Jiei were dede jitt shul J»oi lyuo 

])at gift for Both i sal )iaim gine. Suche jiftis may I hem jyue 

And all Jiat Uae and tious in me, And alle pat lyuen & tiowen mo 

Dede ne sal ))ai neuei he. 14269 Deed eliul ^ei iteuer be 

Trons ))u ))is 1 " " sii," acho said, " ja, Troweston Jiis she seide ^ee ))o 

I trou ^is, and nu tioa i alaua I trowe pis & more also 

{vat pa eii godes auen sune, pai )>ou art goddee owne sons 

Comen emang vs forto wone." 14273 Comen among va for to wono 

JtArtha, wel sorful and sari, P"^]"*- Martha sorweful & sory 

Scho tald till hir sistir man, Tolde to hii sister mary 

And in hir ere gan scho roune, 14276 And in hir ere gon she rowne 

" And ciiat es comen to toune. And seide crist is comen to tovne 

Do |te to spec wid him in hij : " Do Jie to speke wij> him anoon 

■widvten mar yp raa mari, 14279 Vp roos mary stille as atoon 

Tilward hir maistr ran scho fast, Towarde hir maistir ran she fast 

Men wenid scho had bene a-gast ! Men wende she hadde ben a gast 

Quen men hir sau, fat bi hir stod, Whenne men say hir fat U stood 

Benand forth ala scho war wod, Rennonde as she were wood 

witt je forsoth of mani man 14284 Witef hit of mony mon 

f e teres bi fair chekes fon ran. J)e teres bi hir chekes ron 

" Till hir brof e?' grane scho gas, To hir brojier graue she gas 

far forto auoun," fai said, " alias I " fere for to swowne fei seide alas 

Bot mart was in anof er tent, 14288 But Mary was in of e)*e entent 

wid hir lanerd to spec scho went, Wif hir lord to, speke she went 

For Crist pat has his grace hir sent, [ 

wid hir sietir hir efter sent. 14291 . , no gap in Triniiij § Laud MSS.'] 

Till him scho ran and fell on knes, To him she ran on knees she fel unf «q 

" Lauerd," scho said, " ala f u nu eeis, Lord she seide I vol f« tel 

Dede ea fi freind, mi brofer lazar. My brof er lazer fi frond is deed 

And farfor es mi hert ful sare."14295 And f«t is to me a colde reed 

Scho said, " had fu bene here wid vs hadestou lord ben fere wif ys 

Had noght mi brofer deieid Jius." Had not my brofer dejed fua 

I«TO« biheld hir a atert, 14298 Ihe«i« bihelde hir a sterte 

And had gret reuthe at his hert And had greet reof e at his hert 
gOttinoeh trinity 


Lazar freindes ])at ]iar -were, 1 4300 

pai cried and. mad a reufiil chore. 

To mari ieaaa in lur care 

Mikel ]uue he hir eceud Jiar, 

Quen he him-self of hit misfare, 

A parti on him-seluen bare, 1430S 

For he wepe Barer pan Jias o]ier 

Wit far tua aiaters for J>ar brofwr. 

Tenderli he wep, and aaid, 14308 

" And quar hof yee Lis bode laid 1 " 

" Sir," said mari, " cam forth and ee, 

Ful mikel, lauerd, luued he pe. 

Lauerd, o eelcnt ^at ee elei, 14312 

pi lufand pus, qiii let Jwu deH" 

H lesus pair waining^ vnderatod, 

Wit paim eim to pe graue he yod, 

QtMn he come par, vit-vten hon, 

He bad pe graf Buld be vndoit, 14317 

Of pe tumb tak of pe lidd, 

Aiid son hia commament pai did, 

pan said martha, " lauerd, i tru li^'"' 

Wormes bij^nnes at ete him no. 

He stinkes, for thra daia es gaal4322 

Sin ho was loken Tnder pis stan." 

pan said iesus, " martha, do wai, 

It es na wijt i here pe sai, 

Forgeten has pou son pi lare U326 

pat i pe said a littel are. 

If pou wald tru, ar sajd i pe 

pat eon pou suld a aelcut se, 14329 

Quar-of suld rise a gret Inue-word." 

pe folk all gedird wit pia word, 

pe lid o tumbe awai pai lift, 

letua he loked vnto pe lifli, 

Til fader bis he made a bon. 14334 

J>e fader of heuen it herd ful son ; 

COTTON [■HS.wunmlDi] 

lazar frendes atto jtar were, 
cried & made saij chere. 
mary shewed ihems ia bii care. 
mykil loue he kid hir pare. 
wete je wele wip-outea mare, 
for pes ij. sister his hert was sare. 
for he wepped sarer pan any oper 
wip per ij. sister for faire broper. 
tenderly he weped & eaide. 
quare haue je pia bodi laide 
sir saido mary come forp & se 
ful mykil lorde pen loaed he pe. 
lorde of eelcoup pou art sley. 
quy lete pou pus pi seruande dey. 
IT ihesus paire mening* vndeiBtodo, 
wip ham vn-to pe graf he )ode. 
qnen he come pare wip-outen hone 
he bad pe graf sulde be vndone 
of po toumbe take of pe lid. 
& Bone his comanndement pai did. 
pen saide martha as I. trow, 
wormys has etea of him now. 
be emellis for iiij. dayes ar gane 
eyn he was lokin vnder a atano 
pen eaide ihesus martha do way [i»f w] 
Lit is na witte L here pe say. 
fo[r]-jeten has pou sone pe laro. 
pat I. eoide pe rijt lange are. 
if pou walde pus saide I. pe. 
pat sone pou sulde a selcoup ao. 
Buche dedis as comis of a gtete lorde 
pe folk alle geddered wip pis worde 
If pe lid of pat toumbe a-way he liil 
ihesus Lim loked Tn-to pe lift. 
vn-til his fader he made a bone. 
& he hit Lerde sqnipe eone 



Lazar fteindea pat p&t waie, 14300 
pai end and made a leufol chere. 
leww to man in Mr care 
Mekil luue he scheued f>are, 14303 
Quen he him-self of hir misfaie 
A parti on him-seluen bare, 
For he vepe sarer )>an ptva o^er 
wid pii tua sistris for ^ir brofier. 
Tendirii he wepe, and said, 11308 
" Quare haue je nu hia bodi laid 1 " 
" Sir," said man, " cum forth and Be, 
Ful mekil, lauerd, loued he fe, 14311 
Lauerd, of aeleuth pat ea aley, [wt. »] 
pi Inuand Jiua, qui Iet« fa him deyl" 
lesus fair waining vnf erstude, 
vid Jiam to fe grave he jode. 14315 
Quen he come far, widvten hone, 
He bad pe graue suld be vndone, 
Of pa tambe take of >e lidd, 14318 
And sone his comandmeut Jiui did. 
)utn said martha, " latiecd, i trou, 
vormes bigines at ote him nou. 14321 
He stinkes, for thie dais er gane 
Si{»n he was loke here vnder etane." 
pan aaid iesus, " martha, do wai, 
It ea na witt i here Jie afd, 14325 

Forgetin hoa Jni sone fi late 
^at i f>e said a littel ere. 
If p\i wold trou, are aaid i f e 
pat Bone )ia suld a aelcnth se, 14329 
Qnaiof suld riae a gret leue-word." 
pe folk all gadrid wid J)i3 word, 
pe lidd of tumb a-wai fai lifte. 
And ie*wi loked Tnto Jie kiate, 14333 
And tille his faiper he made a bone. 
pe &der of heuea it herd tal sone, 

Laxarea frendes fat fere were 
Cryed & made teufeful chere 
Jhestis to mary in hir wo 
Muchel lone shewed he f o 
"Whenwo he wolde of hia misfate 
A party on him self he bare 
He wepte sorer fen any ofere 
Wif f two aiatres for her brof ere 
Tenderly he wepte & aeide 
Where haue je his body leide 
Sir aeide Marye com and ee 
Ful muchel lord loned he f e 
Lord of selcoufes so sleje 
f i louer fua why letestou deje 
Iheeue he weyment vndirstode 
Wif hem to fat graue he jode 
Whenne he fere coom also soone 
He bad f e graue to ben vndone 
Of f e toumbe take of f e lid 
Soone his commauradement f ei did 
Martha seide lord I trow 
wormes bigynne to ete him now 
He atynkef for fre dayea is gone 
}ytt he was leide vndir stone 
Ihe«iM seide Martha dowey 
Hit la no witt I here f e sey 
Forjeten haatou soone fi lore 
fat I fe taujte a litil to fore 
If Jk>u wolt leuo I aeide f e 
Soone ahuldestou aelcoaf e se 
"Wherof shal greet lone word bene 
Jje folke to gider gedexed to aene 
J3e graue lid awey f ei kist 
And iheeue loked into fe cheat 
To his fadii he made a bone 
And he him herde also aoone 


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" Honard be )>ou, feder, euer and oft, honoured be ))ou fader eiier & oft 

Wit angela Jtme far vp olof[t], 11337 wij fine angela vp a-loft 

|ii sun Jie tbankea fou dun baa send wiji fia an angel doun he aende. 

Of fe an boligast ea kend. fe hali gaste wif him be kende. 

Fader, i wat i am o f e, fader fou wate I. am of fe 

And an ar ve fou all thre ; 14341 & jet an ar we alle fre 

I baf tan flexs emang mine ann, we ^ane tane flesabe a-mong my awen 

And }oi i am noght wit fam knaun. & jet wif bam am I. nojt knawen. 

1 will all wijt for quat reaun I wille alle wite for quat reaoun, 

)iat Jk)u has sent me bidei dun, 14345 fat ])ou baa sonde me bidder doiiTi. 

And has thorn me fi mightes spied, fou has in me fi mijtis spied. 

QuoF-wit fat i am luued and died quar-wif fat I. am loued & died. 

I will all wijt fdt here ai stade." fi I. wille al wete fat heie ai stad 

" Laiar," wit fis," cum forth! "be badd, lazar wiffis come forf be bad. 

On laeato be gaf a cii, 14350 on lazaioan he gaf a cry. 

pat all it herd fat stod bim bi. fat alle herde atte etode him by. 

At bifl bidding he laa on-nan, & wif fat be raa on-nane. 

He fat ligand far wai in stan, 14353 he fat Hand was in atane. 

In windingclath als he was wonden, In winding! f\a,p be was wondyn. 

Bath fete and hand f ai was he bunden. baf fete & beade fen waa he hundin. 

"Louses him nu," be aaid, "for-qui IT louses him he saide for-quy. 

I wat he liues nu witteili" 14357 I. wate he liuia now witerli. 

fe folk said, fat fare stode e-mid, fe folt sagb al ware fai no;t bid 

"Mikel frenscip has fou bim kidd." aaide mikil loue baa he bim kid. 

Fia fat dai forth tor war to tell ['ffro that foit^ for mucbe wele 

fe folk fat foluaud to iwu fell 14361 There folowi<} Ibesu folk< full fele] 

IT Son oueral fie tifand raa Clone ooeralfistifandeiaa. f'^g^j]?,'*' 

kzar fat vpraisid was, k3 of lazai fat rescowed was. 

1 hop fewer fat it was ryf now was hit mare knawen & rife 
fan it waa forwit of hie lijf. 14365 fen hit was be-fore of bis life, 
fii aignes fat yee haf heid her, [mi. t] fer signes fat je baue herde here. 
Tee agbt, laueidings, in hert to beie ; jon agh alle to halde bd-m dere. 

Tee herd neuer nan slic, i wene, ne beide je neuer nane sucbe I. wene 

For quat fat selli Builk has Bene, sa many nuiaolis be-foie haue bene 

Do ciepela gan, f e blind haf sight, criplis ga and blinde haue s^t, 

Mesels fat war drerili digbt, 14371 mesela fat ware dreii dijt. 


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" Houard be Jiu, fader, euer and ofte, Honoured be ftou fadir ofte 

wid angelia fine vp on-lofte, 14337 Wif f ine aungek vp on lofte 

fi BUE Jie thankea ])u dune liaa Bend j}'i aon J« Jionkeji Jjon douw haat sende 

Of ))e and hali gaat es kend. Of }ie holy gooat is kende 

Faf er i wat i am of f e, Fadir I woot I am of Jie 

And ane Jian ei we all thre ; 14341 And oon are we alle (ire 

I haue taneflesa here emangemineaueri, Flesshe haue I take among myne owen 

And i am noght wid {lairn knauen. And jitt am I not yrip hem knowen 

I will all witt for quat lesune 14344 I wol alle wite for what resoun 

}iat )ra has sent me hider dune, fat ]>oa hast sende ma hidur donn 

And thoru me )>i mightes spied, }}ourje me fi myjtes to be epred 

Quai-wid i am Inued and died 14347 Wherfoie 1 am loued & dred 

I will all witt pat here ei stadd." I wol ))at alle witen fat here ben stad 

wid " lazai, come forth ! " he badd, Lazar wijt fat com forf he bad 

On lazarim he gaue a cri, [iu(*t. »i-i1 On lazai he jaf suche a cry 

ffflt all it held fat atod him bi. pat alle herds fat stood him by 

At fis bidding he ras on-nane, 14352 At his biddyng he roos a none 

He ^t liggand was in atane. He fat liggynge was in stone 

In windif^ clath als he was wonden, In wyndyng cloof as he was wound en 

Heued and fete bath was bunden. Heed & feet bofe hounden 

"Lous him nu," he said, "forqui, Louse him now be seide for-why 

I wate he liuea nu witterlL" 14357 I woot he lyuef witterly 

f e folk aaid, fat far atod emidd, f e foike seide fat stood amydde 

" Mekil treutb has f u him tidd," Muchel trouf e haatou him kidde 

Fia fat dai forth tore was to tell Fro yat day forf for mycbel wele 

f B folk fat foluand iesus fell. 1 4361 fere folewed iheeu folke ful fele 

Bone ouerall fis tif and ras IT Soone ouer al fis tif ing ras 

Of lazar fat resusced was, fat lazar f us aieysed was 

I hope fat ferrer was it rijf I trowe hit were furfer rif 

fan it was forwid of hia lijf. 14365 ]jen was hifore of his lif 

)ie signes fat )e haff herd here, Jk signea fat ^e hauo'berde in fere 

je au, Iauer[d]inges, hertli to here ; je owe lordyngea hertly to here 

Herd ^e neuer nane suilk, i wene, Suche ofere herde je neuer I wene 

For qua fat aelli suilk has 8ene,14369 For who shulde suche wondres sene 

Do cieplifl gang, fe blind haue sight ; Make crupolea goo & blynde haue aijt 

[ [ 

oOttingeit trinity 

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To hele sua maui a leufal wight ; to liele sa many a renfol wijt 

Qua died ue tioud noght his might, qua truly trawes no^t hia m^t 

^e beild noght wel }e reuel o right, certauli me {'ink' in si^t 

I aai pal fai war uialedight, 14375 if he be dampued is iiane vn-rijt. 

And namli )iaa ^ai has ben bun & uameli ^a ^at |)er was bouTi. 

Quen he vpiaised lazarum. quen he vpiaised lazaiouii. 

Bot luuB )>at war fell and fals, bot iewea put ware fikil & fals 

jtat aght him mensk and wiracip als, ^at ajt him mengk & worshepe als. 

Ala he )»at bom was o fair kin, 14380 for La was borne of faire kyn. 

And mast for faim he com to win. & maate for ham he come to wyn. 

[ heyuen blig if [lai wele did, 

. . no gap in Cotton 4" Laud MSS.] & liate frenshepe til him ^ai kid. 

[TJie Obstinacy and Contrariouanese of the Jews.] 

IT ^ werkea fat he wroght o gode Tl^' werkis fat he wrt^t aa gode. 

Jie lues menged in ))air mode, 14386 -■ ))e iewes menked in fiaire mode. ' 

far-foT ^ai consail ^am omang & toke a couneaile ham amange, 

Ojier him for to hefd or hang. aujier him to heued or hange. 

His gode werkes ai to Jiaim war hia gode werkia ay til ham ware 

Boru bot kindling and care, for doute of dede valde fai nojt spare 

A Boruful red fra p&n tok fiai, 14390 a sotouful rede fia ))Bn toke pai 

Wath it waa to do or saL ray hert is Bare hit for to say. 

Fnl deueli war Jiai luua thra, ful wikked ware per iewes & fra. 

Jiair bliaced lauerd for to sla, fiairo blessed loide |)ai ))ojt to ala. 

fair aun laue/'d aua ful o blis, 14394 faiie aweu loide sa iul of hlia. 

And fat sua helpand was til bis, & atte sa belpand waa til hia 

Sa migbti meke, aa mild o mode, aa mijti meke sa milde of mode 

Sua fre giuer of all-kin gode. 14397 aqua fre giuei of alkin fode. 

IT It es, lauerdinge*, ala we wat, TTit ia lordingwji wele je wato. 

Vr for-eldres fe bible wrat, S-A. our for-eldres fe bible wrate 

God Inued fe Inns lang befom god loued Jie iewes lange Iw-fome 

fat hia suet aun was born, 14401 fat hia squete sone was borne. 

And mikel luue to f aim has don, & mikil loue til bam was done 

And liuerd faim fra pharaon, how he deliuered ham fra pharaon. 

Fra pharaou fat was sa Strang be was a wikked man & atrango 

fat fam in seruage held lang. 14405 & in bondage helde ham lange 


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, . nogapinGoftittgen^LaudMSS.] 

Qoa died ne truB nc^lit his might, . - 

Ne Jiair trouth wold hald right, no gap in tlie MS.] 

I eai fat fai war maledight, 14375 Who so loueJ> him not ia maledijt 

And namli J»a fat has bene bune And namely Jiat were fere nere ^^^' 

QueQ he vpiaisid lazanme. whenne he yp roos sir lazere 

Bot luus, fat war bath fell and tals, ]}ese iewea fat ben felle & fals 

fat au him menake and worachip als, pa owe him worshepe & mekenes als 

Ala he fat bom was of fait kin, 14380 As he fat bom was of her kyn 

And maet he come for f aim to win. And moost coom he hem to wyn 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS.] . . . . no gap in the MS.] 

[The Obstinacy and Contrariousnees of the Jews.] 

l-iir weikes fat crist wroght gode Jjese werkes f ot erist wroujte gode 

J Menged fo luus in fair mode, Menged fo iewee in her mode 

fai-for fa consailed falm emang 14386 Jjerfore fei counseled hem amonge 

Him oufer forto heued or hang. Him for to hede or honge 

His gode werkes ai to f aim ware His gode werkes to hem not ware 

Bot Boni and kindling of care. But sorwe & kyndelyng of care 

A Borful lede fra fan tok fay, 14390 A sorwoful reed fro fenwe toke fey 

wat it was to do or say. "Whit hit was I wol jou eey 

Ful deueli war fa iuns thia, [col. t] Fnl deuelly were f o iewea fro 

fail blisced lau«rd forto sla, Het blessed lord for to bIo 

fair anenlauerd sua ful of blis, 14394 Her owne lord ful of blis 

And fat sua helpand was till his, Jjat ao helpful was to his 

Sua mighti meke, sua mild of mode, So myjty meke & mylde of mode 

Sua fre giuer of ilkin god. So fre jyuera of alle gode 

It es, lauerdinges, als we wate, 14393 ^ Lordyngia alle wel we wote 

TT for-eldris f e bibel wrato, Oure eldres f e hibel wrote 

God luued fe iuus lang bifom God loued fe iewee longe biforn 

fat hia auete sun was born, j)at his swete son was bom 

And mekil lune to faim had done, Muche loue had he to hem done 

And linred faim fra pharaon, 14403 Delyuered hem fro pharaone 

Fra pharaon fat was sua Strang Fro pharao fat was ao stronge 

fat faim in sem^e held sua lang. fat helde hem ia seru^e so longe 
oOttingen trinity 

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He seat a man Jiam for to ledd, 14406 
Fra among }iat cursed ledd, 
Moysea ^ aid it was his nam, 
He led ^aim. thoru ^e see fame ; 
^ia moyses was ^air foi-leder, 14410 
And dnmd )>e king, wit all his hei. 
In wildimes wit-vten suinc 
Bath he fand ]>am mete and diiut;, 
far he famfedd wit angel mete, ^^i^*' 
And o man! bale p&m bete. 14415 
Mikel luue can he fam scaa, 
Wit moyses he sent fam lau, 
And liuerd pam o mikel wa, 
For fai had mani felun faa. 14419 
And heled far bath dumb and def, 
And did fe wand here flur and le^ 
})at aaron him-self bar, 
Als i haf teld yow forwit ar. 14423 
And openli (laim forwit Lete, 
Thorn fe math o sere prophete, 
Jiat he snld flexs take o )>air kin, 
For to ranscun wit adam sin. 14427 
And quea f ai asked saul to king, 
He gaf faim ireli fair asking. 
And sifen king dauid thoro chesing, 
fat slogh golias ^t his sling ; 14431 
And efter him king salamon ; 
And fe land of his promission 
Hight he fam in to won. 
And far a-pon he sent his sun 14435 
ti erth be born, fe soth to tell, 
To ranacun all fat yode to hell ; 
And troud noght yeit faa felun 
fat fam tald rightwis sy[m]eon. 
Of him fat he in bandea bare, 14440 
Bot &ner mistrud mai and mar, 


he sende moisea ham to lede 

tn amaDg< fat cnrsed tbede 

moyses was man of gode name. 

he led ham foiou f e see fame. 

f is moiseiT was faire leder fen 

& dionnned fe king< wif al his men. 

It In wildemes wif-outen squinf 

baf he fande ham mete & drink' 

of many bale he did ham bete. 

& fande ham vif angel mete. . 

he loued ham wele fat many sagh. 

& wif moiees he sende ham lagh. 

& deliueied ham of mikdl wa. 

for fai had many a feloun fa. 

& heled ham baf doumbe & defe 

& made f e wande here flour & lefe 

fat aaron him-seluen baie. U*^ m. tu^k] 

ala in f is hoke I. talde jou are. 

& openli he dide ham hete. 

f orou f e monf of sere prophete. 

fat he sulde flesahe take of faire kin 

for til raunsoan adam syn. 

& quen fai asked saule to king* 

he graunted ham freli faire asking* 

& sifin king* dauid forou chesing" 

elogli golias wif his sling". 

& eflet him his aone salamon. 

& f e lande of promiscion. 

hejt he ham in for to wone. 

& f er-a-pon he sette his sone. 

in eif be home f e sof to telle. 

to lanaouTK alle atte }ode to helle. 

& jet trawed nojt fa fals felouTt. 

on him quen he was sende doun. 

alle if he woned amang* ham fare. 

nauf er lined fai him ne his lare. 


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He sent a m&a faim forto lede, 14406 He aende a mon hem to lede 

I'm emang fat cursed lede, Fro Jiat ilko cursed sede 

Moysea it waa his name, Moyaes was fe monnes nomo 

He ledd f ai/n thoni )tB Be fame ; He ladde hem fourje J>e see fome 

fis moyaes waa fair leder, 14410 "Whil mojaea vaa her ledere 

And drouned )>e king Tfid al his tere. fe kyng waa drowned & al his gere 

In wildrenes widvten suink In wildemea wijwuten swjnk 

Bath he fand )>aim mete and drinck, Bojie god fonde hem mete & drynk 

fat he faim fedd wid angel mete, Of anngels fode had fei greet met 

And of mani bale he yaim bett. 14415 And of mony bales hem bet 

Mekil laue gan he peim schau, Muche loue gon he hem sliawe 

wid moyses he sent Jiaim lao, And by moysea aende hem lawe 

And liurd faim of mekil wa, He delynered hem of mnchel wo 

!For [lai had mani felon fa. 14419 For )iei had mony feloun foo 

And helid bath dumb and deff, He heled boJ>e doumbe & deef 

And did fewand here bath flour attd lef, And dudepejerde berebofiefloure& loef 

fat aron him-aeluen bare ; Jjat aaron him. aelf bere 

Ala i haiie tald ju forwid are. 14423 As 1 tolde joa biforn here 

And opinii f aim for-wld hete. And openly to hem bihete 

Them f e might of sir prophete, By mony a noble prwphete 

fat he suld flesse take of fair kin, He wolde take fleaahe of her kyn 

Forto ranaun adam ain. 14427 For to raumeon Adamea ayn 

And quen fa aaked aaul to king, Whenne fei asked sanl to kyng 

He gaue f aim freli fair asking, Frely he jaf hem her askyng 

And ale king dauid wid ctesing, [JJlf"' And aftir dauid wif cheayng 

fat sclou gohas wid his scling ; '^ J}at goliaa slowje wif his elyng 

And efter him king salamon ; 14432 Aftir Salomon kyng of toon 

And f 6 land of pr[o]misaion And aftir f e lond of promissioun 

Eight he faim in forto won. He hette hem inne for to wone 

And far-apon he sent his aun And f enne aent to hem hie sons 

In erd be bom, fe aoth to tell, 14436 On erfe to be bom we telle 

To ranaon all fat jode to hell ; To raumsoure alle fat jede to helle 

And jeit troud noght faa felun ^it leued not po felouns 

fat faim tald rightwis ajrmioun, }3at symeon tolde in his aarmouna 

Of him fat he in handes bare, 1 4440 Of him fat he in hondea bare 

Bot eur mistroud mar and mare, But euec mya trowyng fel ware 





Qu«n he him-self emang fnm kidd, qnea he him-aelf amang* ham kid 

And mani fair meracles did; 14443 & many faire miraclia did. 

Als was be-for fe architricline, ala was be-for fe architridin. 

Q«en he fe water turnd in-to wine : he tamed Jw water into wine. 

And ten men Jxit war mesell, 14446 & of x. men put ware mesel. 

fat he gaf til illcan ^air hele ; how he gaf ilk-a man hie hele. 

O lazai pat ded waa alaua, of lazai ^at was dede al-squa. 

pat he laisid, and o])er maa ; bow he him raised & oper ma. 

And of a man pat was vafere 14450 & of a man ^at was vnfere 

Mar foisoth |ian thritti yere ; mare fen viij. & kxx. ^ere. 

And als of ofer mani aere, & ala of oper many sere 

fe teind i mai not reckon here. J>e tende 1. may npjt rekkin here. 

fie he ptaa gaf na no])er task 14464 & he ham gaf nane oper taske. 

£ot al at haf ))ai fiai wald ask, hot alls t« hane atte ])ai walcl ask* 

pe mar to |)aim pat he him bedd & ay )>e mare he til' ham bed. 

pe faster ai f ai fta him fledd, 14407 ay po faster fra him ))ai fled. 

Bot al fiat he wit luae )>am ec^ht, bot alle fiat he wi)) loue ham &<^t 

Enentis Jw Inns al was for noght. alle pe iewes sette atte n<^t. 

H Ai qwor )>ai war ful enwiua, t«J. i] fl A quat fai ware en-vius. 

And to ]iaim-self contraius, 14461 & til paire self controrius 

And again fair ann writt, & agayne faire awen writte. 

pat fai wald noght irou on it. jet walde Jiai nojtiiaw on hitte. 

f)ai said fiat ciist snld ta manhede fiat saide atte criate sulde take manhede 

Of a maiden and of fiair sede, 14465 of a mayden wif-out mannys seda 

Be yeitt wald Jiai not vnderatand ne ^et walde fiai nojt vnderatande 

Often him baptis Ion wit hie hand, quew lofin baptist wifi hia hande. , 

[ . baptist crist in flume iordan. 

. . no gap in Codon ^ Laud MSS.] jet saide fat sifen fat be was nane 

And said " your sauueur es yon." jet fai trawed nojt saint lohn. 

Bot yeit fai troud noght sant Ihon, quen he saide our aauiour is lone 

Ne for noght he outh do or sai, 14472 for nojt atte he cowde do or say. 

Moght he f am bring to right way. mujt he bring" ham in-to way. 

He for na signe fat did ihesu, ne for na aigne mujt do iheau 

Moght fam bring right trouth to Iru. vralde fai nojt a-pon him trow. 

Bot for his god dedia ilkan, for his gode dedis fat he did ham 

Oft fai on him aoght to Beam, 14477 oft fai eojt him wif shame. 


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Quen lie him-aelf emang )>aim ktdd, Whenne he him self among hem knd 

And mani a fair miracle did ; 14443 And mony faite myiacle dud 

Als wa« bifor |)e aichitiicline. As oon bifom aichithclyne 

Quen lie turned Jie water in-to wine : He turned watir in to wyne 

And of tea men |)at war mesele. And ala ten men ^at wete mesele 

])at he gaue ilkane pair hele ; 14447 To vchone he jaf hei hele 

Of laiRT fat was dede alena, Of lazar fat was deed also 

fat he raised, and o)ier tua ; )}at he reised & opere mo 

And of a man fat was nu fere Of a mon fat was Tsfere 

Mar foi-soth ])an thxetti jere ; 14451 More for so)ie )>en gritty jere 

And ab of ofet mani sere, [ 

)ie tend i mai noght reckon here. 

Ne he ))aim gaf nan ofer task 14454 

Bot all to haue ])at f ai wold ask, . . no gap in Trinity St Laud MSS.'\ 

))e mai to ))aim fiat he him bedd ))e more be to fe iewes him bodde 

fe faster ai }iai fra him fledd, 14457 fe faster awey ^i fledde 

Bot all fat he wid lone faim soght, AUe fat he wif loue hem soujt 

Entent fe iuus was for noght. |ie iewea entent waa euor noujt 

A ! quat Jiai war ful envius, Jtei were fiU of enuye 

And to faim-self ful contrariua, 14461 To god & mon mycho contrarye 

Again fair anen weritt, Ajeyn her owno boly writt [i«iit»3 

fat fai wald noght tra on itt, "Wolde fei not jitt leue on hit 

fat said fat crist sold take manbede, jMt seide cmt shulde take monhede 

Of a maidene and of fair sede, 14465 Of a mayden of her sede 

Ne jeit wold fai noght vnf erstande jitt wolde fei not vndiratonde 

Qnen iobn Mm baptist wid his band, How Ion him baptized wif his honde 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS.] no gap in Ike MS.] 

And said, " jour sarmun ea jone." |«i. i] And seide joure aaueour is f is 

And jeit fai troud noght saint John, jitt leued fei him not Iwis 

He for noght he outh do or sai, 14472 For noujt fat he coude do or say 

Might he f aim bring to right wai. "Wolde fei not of f e rijte way 

Ne jeit na signe fat wroght iem, Koon ofere signe fiit dud ihe«u 

Might fai bring right tronth to trou. Mijte hem bringe to troufe trew 

Bot for hia dedis gode ilkane, 14476 But for bis gode dedes vohono 

Ofte fai soght bim forto slane, Ofte sonjten him to alone 
oOiTiNaES TBiNirr 

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And namlikest for pat Tteua 14478 & maet« I it&w foi |iat resoun. 

^t he Tp-raised lozamm. ])at he vpiaiaed lataroim. 

Fia fiat time fartli )iai did ^aii pain ira pat time for}i ^ai did ^aiie paine 

pat hs and lazar war bath slain. ^at he & lazar Bulde he slayne. 

Him for fe folk pat til T>ini fell, him for pe folk fiat til ^im felle 

Lazar for he can on him spell. 14483 lazar for he con of him apelle. 

T pia cursnd folk wit pair mistru l^is ciirsid folk wi]i ))aire mistrow 

Thoght ihera sla, hot f ai ne wist how, ■» Jiigt ihesu sU hot fai ne wist how. 

Ne Jiai ne wist how to hi-gin, 14486 ne fai De wisto how to be-gyn. 

Jiai said, " we most now find sum gin, hot faine )ial valde finde earn gin. 

How fat he mai danpned be." how ])at be mojt dampned be. 

Wit pia )>ai mad a gret eemble, wifi )>ie ^oi made a grete semble 

Wit-iu a hus was in pa tun, 14490 wi)>-in a hons of |ist toun. 

Of pa.ii aun dampnaciun, ))ai made ))Mre awen dampnacioun 

Ha |iai might mak ^t treaun, how ))ai mu^t make paX tresoan. 

¥or him wald )iai tak na ranscnn. for him walde )iai take na raunsoun 

" He es," ^ai said, " sa selcut wijs, he is ^ai saide sa selcoap wise. 

All pe weild mon wit him rija. 14495 alle )>e werlde wi}i bim wil rise. 

All fis werld Ml him sal buu, al fis werlde til him wille bowe 

And if he line in him sal tru ; t& he liue & on him trow. 

All men o rome sol cum, moi fall, & men of rome wille come may fal. 

Tak 7T folk and sted wit-all, 14499 & take out lande & putte vs out al. 

. And first fra vs vr lagh vb reue, & first fra us our lagh reue. 

And sifen in Jiair eeniis bileue." & si)>en in faire eeruise be-leue. 

At [lis gedring a man far was, IT Atte fiis geddering* a man per was 

His nam was baten caifas, 14503 his name was calde sir coiphas 

flair biscop was be pat si-quat ; bisshop he was of fiat cuntre 

Better bod him ben he neusr war. better bim had Tnhome be. '^^^jJi'"^ 

Biscops war }iai Jian a-bute, ['ifM.wi.i] ['BuHshoppea weie they tho alowtfl 

Ilkan hot bis tneluemoth T[te]. 14507 Eche oon but hi* xij monyf owte] 

'Caiphas fian said, "godmeu we wat cayphas saide godemen ^ wate 

In gastlines i hald your stat, in gasteli pingus I halde jonie state 

Trous me and mi consail, 14510 trawee me & my consaile. 

I hope fat it sal vow auail; wele I. wate hit wille a-vaile, 

Yee TndeiBtand noght Jiat i je vnderatande nojt alio Jat I, 

"Wat, als thontjie propheci, 14513 wat© fioToa Jie prophecy, 


And namlikeat for )iat lesun I447S And moost ende for Jut resonn 

Jwt he vpraiaid lazanm. )jat he vp reised lazaroun 

Fra ftat time forth fai did fait paine Fro fat day fei dud hem payne 

fat he sad lazar bath war slaine. ))at he & laz«r b^fu were slayno 

leans for f e folk fiat till him felle, Ih^Mu for folke fat to him felle 

Lazar for he gun of him spelle. 14483 I..azer for he dud of him epelle 

Iw cursed folk wid fair miat[r]ou IT )}is cursed folk wif fis mis trow 

-■ Thoght iesu sla, hot f ai ne vist hu, Wolde iheaue ale but fei nust how 

Ke fai ne wist hu to begin, 14486 fei wiste not how to bigynne 

f ai said, " we moat no find sum gin, fei seide we meet fynde sum gynne 

Hu fat he mai dampned he." How fat he may dampned be 

wid fis fai made a gret aemhle, Anoon fei made a greet semble 

wid-in a bus was in fat tune, 14490 Wifinne an hous of fat tonn 

Of fair auen dampnaciune, Of her owne dampnacioun 

Hu fai might make fat tresun How fei mijte fat tteeonn make 

For him fat wald take na ransoon. Ranmsoun wolde fei noon i^e 

fai said, "he es sua selcutb, i-wisse. He is fei seide wondir wyee 

All f e world mon wid him rise. Al fe world wol wif him rise 

All fis world till him aal bue, 14496 Al fo world to him wol bowe 

And if he Hue in him sal true ; And if he lyue in bim trowe 

And men of rome sal cum, mai fall. And men of rome ehul com may falle 

And tak vr sted and folk wid<all, And take oure place & folke wif alle 

And first fra vs vr land va rene, 14500 Furst onre lond from vs rene 

And aifen in fair semis bileue," And we in her aeruyse to leue 

At fis gedring a man far was, At fie gederynge a mon fere was 

TTJH name was hat«n cayphas, His name was calde cayphaa 

fair biscop was fat siquar ; 14504 Bisabop be was of fat,cuntre 

Bettii had him bone he neusr ware, Bettur-him were he neuer bad be 

Biscbopia war fai fan a-boute, Eisehopes were ]iei fo ahoute 

Hkane hot his twelma[ii]th vte. 14507 Vchone hut hie twelne monefe onte 

Caipbas aaid, " gode men, je wite gj^ Cayphaa eeide gode men aboute je wate 

In gastlinee i hald ^ur state, In goostlynes I bolde }oure etate 

FoluB me and mi consaile, 14510 Folwef me & my counsaile 

I hope fat it sal jo a-vaile ; And I hope hit shal avayle 

je vnderstand noght all fat i je vndirstonde not al )>at I 

wat als thorn fe propheci, 14513 Wool & knowe bi prophecy 




^at a man sal be tane 

& dampned for ))e folk & slane. 

like Lit ia als mote I. the. 

])is ilk ihesa to be lie. 

dey allane ioi-ao^ he saL 

or ))e folt be perist alle 

)iai saide cayphas be nojt a-gajne DHfar] 

for certanli he salle be slayne, 

& fer-io gode coueuande ftd hijt. 

& iche an tiUe ^aire traii}>is pli)t 

& }e fvat wil of sorou hcie. 

halde jou stille & drawes neie. 

CayphaB saide' in Jiat.time. 
vordes many we may nojt rime 
of Je dede of ihesu cmt [' us. tu nrfo.] 
& saide wele safer Jwn he wiate. 
^at he Balde come to deye with wil 
& gqua fw prophecy fuIfiUe. 
jet ivalde )iai lette for nane agh 
iheiniB for til secbe & dragfi. 
iheaus wil dwelle na langer ^ere 
as fiai mai him se or here, 
a quite in elfrem dwelled he is 
in a cite bi a wildernes 
he dwelled wif his discipUs Jiaro 
he wate fe iewea wil him for-fare 
if Jiai mujt hand a-pon him lay. 
bot jet was commyn nojt day. 
]iat he walde to dede be done 
bot hit ia comande ofter aone. 
wif iewu< fat him hated in strife 
}iai loued na man lea on life. 
H his disciplis. was fan ful wa. 
fat he aulde be hated squa. 
nameli of ham fat he. 
aulde aenied maate & loued bo. 


fat a man eal in hand bitan, 14514 

And dempt for fe folk, and dan. 

Sotb it ee fat aua sal be, 

fig ilk ibe«a aoth f ^ es he. 

Dei allau fot-soth he sal, 14518 

Ai fat fe folk be perist all." 


. . 110 gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS.\ 
To ala ieta ilkan fai bight, 14522 

And f ar-to fair trouthes plight. 


. . no gap in Cottm ^ Laud MSS.'\ 

% Cayphas spak fas in his apa, 14526 

Wotdes euilk and of er maa 

O fe dede o lAra crist, 

And eaid irel sother f aa he wist. 

For he com for to dei wit wil, 14530 

And sua f e praphecis to fill. 

Era fan fai soght, wit-vten auu, 

lentm foi to bring on dan. 

lesViS 'will duell nu na langer 1 1534 

Jar fai mai him se or here, 

A quil in effrem dueld he es, — 

A cite bi a wiidemes, — 

He dnellea wit hia disciplia far, 14538 

He wat f e luus wil him for-far. 

If fai moght hand a-pon him lai, 

Bot yeit was noght commen fat dai 

fat he him waM to ded be don, 14542 

f of it waa cummand efter son. 

fir lues fat him hild in strijf, 

fai hatted na man mare on lijf, 

Hia diaeiplis fan war ful waa, 14546 

fat fair maistn- waa hated soa, 

Ifamlik o f aim fat he 

Suld serued mast and luued be. 14549 


fiat a man sal in hand be tane, 14514 A mon shal in honde be take 

And dampned for ^e folk, and alana. Dampned & deed for pepul sake 

Sotb it es fat sua sal be, So^ hit is ))ua ahal hit be 

fiis ilk ie^n |ian es he. }jia ilke ihestte )iis is he 

Dei allane for-aoth be sail, 1451S Deje alone for ao(>e he shalle 

Are pat fe folk be perist alL" Ar fe folke shnlde perisshe alle 

I [ 

. . . . no gap in th^ MS.] . . . . no gap in tlie MS.] 

To sla ie«u ilkane fiai bight, H522 To sle \hes\x alle fiei hi}t 

And {lar-to Jiai jiaii trontbos plight And per\a (lere troujres pLi^t 

[ [ 

. . . . no gap in the M8.] . ... no gap in the MS.] 

Caiphaa spac )iub bis apa, 14626 % Caypbaa spake ^r% fio 

woidis snilk and o]ier ma |)ese irordos and oJMra mo 

Of )ie dede of iesyi crist, Of 'ihesus dej) aa I jou tel 

And aaid wel sothyer Jian be wist, And seide ^at be wiste wel 

For he come to dei wid will, 14530 fat he coom to deye wiji wills 

And sua fe propbecija to fulfill. And bo pi-ophecies to fulfille 

Fra fan fai sogbt, vidvten aw, Fro Jienne fei sou}te wifouten awe 

Icwi forto bring of daw. Ibesu for to brynge of dawa 

Ie«u will duell nu na langer 14534 Ibe«u wolde no ienger be 

far fai nw him ae ofer here, Jjej'e fei my)t« bini here or bo 

A quile in efiem duellaud he es, — In eSieni he dwelt )>at tide 

A cite bi a wildrenes, — 14537 A cite a wildemes biayde 

He duellis wid hia diaciplia fare, Wif his disciples dwelt be fare 

He wate fe luua wile him for-fara, He wiate fe iewea wolde bim forfare 

If fai might hand apon him lai,14540 If fel myjte bond on him lay 

Bot jeit was nogbt comen fat dai But jit waa not comen fe day 

fat be bim wold to dede be done, Jjat be wolde to defe be done 

Bot it wa comand aftir sone. But hit waa comynge aftir aoone 

fir iuna fat bim held in strijf, 14544 J>ese iewea dud euet wif bim atryuo 

fai na man mar in Hjf, No men more fat were in lyue 

His desciplia fai war ful wa, Hia disciples were ful wo 

fat fair maiatir was hated sua, Jjat ber mayatir was bated so 

Namli of faim fat he 14548 Namely of hem fat he [i»f w,h.i4] 

Sttld seraed maat and luued be. Shulde moost eerued & loued haue be 

6a qOttinqek miNiTY 



"I haue," he aaid, " yow chosen tuelue, I haue he aaide choain joa xij. 

Jw tuelfd it ee Jie find him-aelfe," & an of jou ia fe deuel him-aelue 

p'lB was bi him he ))aim for-tald 14552 }ia bi him for-ao)> he talde 

Thoru qttam he wist he Buld be said, f>OTOu quatn he was hojt & salde. 

fat was sit ludas scarioth, f&i was sir ludas scariot. 

Of alle him fell pe weist lot quar-fore he felle in hel-potte 

In effraym dueld he a stunde, 14556 Tn effrem dwelled crist a stounds 

And ^e|)en-ward son can he funde ; -L & si^en toke bis way to foimde 

Langdiieldhenoght in^at coatre,l(w>.i] he went bini out of |iat contree 

Eot went him in-to galilee ; in-to (le lande of galilee. 

^e land o lude ho has for-bom, 14660 In pe lande of lude was he borne 

For far f ai hafe his ded forsuom. & Jwr fai bane bis dede aquome. 

paa heild )>e luus in )iaix cite fen belde fe ievres in {laire cit« 

A fest man clepes cenopbe, a feste men callis cenophe. 

Disciplis said fan to ieeu 14564 his disciplis saide to ihesu 

fir wordes i sal tell yow; fes wordes fat I. aalle telle jou. 

" Sir, do f e hef en into Inde, IT Sir do jou now in-to lude 

far men fi were mai open se ; fat men jour werkia m[a]y opynli se 

To iurselem lede we fou wende, 14568 to ierwalem L lede fou wende. 

For far es communU f i freind, for f ai ar communeli f i liende. 

fe freiudes fou has oiir-qtMr, fe freudis f on has auie-quaie 

Wo Wat mast quat ei fai far wele wate we qua fai are. 

fair fest es nu, gan we sir fan, 14672 faire feste is now go we sir fan. 

For fider gas ful mani man. for fidder gaa sa many a man. 

It es na skil fat fou wit-drau, bit is na ekil fou fe wif-draw. 

Bot bedd fe forth fe men to knau, bot bode fe foif f e men to knaw. 

If fou will baf f i werckes kydd, if fou wil baue f i werids kid 

fou agb fe drau fe folk emid, 14677 diagb fo to fe folk amyd. 

fat fai fe batb mai ee and here, atte fai may fe se & bere. 

And luue f e for f i signes sere. & lone f e for f i eignea sere. 

fe man wil luae-word haf in nede fe mon fat loue wil haue in nede. 

Baldli forth he most him beds." 14581 baldeli moete he him forf hede. 

IFIeswssaid, "freindes,yeewatitnogbt, Theaua aaide ftendia wate jenojt 

Anofer thing es in mi thoght, X a-nof er f ing" is lu my fojt. 

f e werid i wat hates noght yow, fe werlde I. wate batis nojt jou. 

It hates me, forsoth, yee tru, 14585 hit hatis me for-aof je trow. 


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• " I haue," he said, " ju chosin tuelue, 
Je tuelf it ea fe femd him-aelt" P ooi. »J 
pis bi him he palm for-tald 14552 
Thoni quam he wist he suld be eald, 
^at vaa sir iadas scarioth. 
Of all him fell fo w^erst loth. 
In efTrem duellid he a stoond, 14556 
And ^efien. sons gan he found ; 
Lang duellid he noght in ]iat cuntre, 
Bot went him into galile ; 
fe land of iude he haa forbom, 14S60 
for far pei had his dede al auom. 
fan held fe iuus in fair cite 
A fest me clepes cenophe, 
Desciplis said fan to iemi 14564 

fir wordis fat i sal tell )uu ; 
" Sir, do f e befen into iude, 
far men f i w^ke mai opin se ; 
To ierusalem rede we jq wend, 1456S 
For far es comuneli jur &eind, 
fe freindes fat we baue oiif en^nar, 
we quat mast qiiat f aj or far. 
fair fest es nn, sir, go we fan, 14572 
For didir gas sua mani man. 
It es na skil f u fe wid-drau, 
Bot hede fe forth fe men to knan, 
If fu wjl baue fi werkis kidd, 14576 
fu suld f e drau f a flolk emidd, 
fat fai ma hath fe se and here, 
And luue f e for f i signes sere. 
fa man fat will louo-woid hane in nede 
Baldly forth be suld him bede." 14581 
leeva said, "freindea, je wat it noght, 
Auofer f ing es in mi tboght, 
f e world i wate hates uc^bt jii, 
It hatis me, fot-sotb, je trou, H6S5 

^ I haue seide crist chosen jon twelue 
Pe twelfe is f a deuel him selue 
pis bi bim fenne he hit tolde 
By whom be wiste to be solde 
))at was ludas Scarioth 
Of alle fel bim worst lot 
In effrem he dwelte a stoujtde 
pennea soone gon he founde 
He dwelt not longe in fat cuntre 
But went bim in to galile 
P^ londe of Iude he had forbom 
For fere fei hadde bia def sworn 
])enne helde f e iewes in her cuntre 
A feest men clepef cenophe 
Pe disciples seide ibesu dere 
Jjese woides fat je sbul here 
Sir do f e hennes in to Iude 
Jjere men f i werkes may open ae 
To ierusalem we tede je wende 
For Jiere ben comynly joure f^nde 
Of any frensbepa elles where 
"We woot moost are fei fere 
Her feest is now go we f on 
For f ider goof mony mon 
Hit is not skil f ou fe wifdrawe 
But bide fe forf to men to knawe 
If f ou wolt haue f i werkes kidde 
J)ou most f e drawe f e folke amydde 
Jjat fei may f e ee and here 
And loue fe for f i signes sere 
He fat loue word wol haue in nede 
Bodily forf he mot bim bede 
Frendea aeide ihwu je woot noujt 
Anof er f ing is in my foujt 
J)e world I woot batef not jou 
Hit batef me forsofe now 


Me and alsua mi werckcs all, 14586 

And all fat to mi trouth will fall. 

It can noght hate yow witerli, 

Bot me it hatea na selli, 

For it wat neaer quat i am, 14590 

And of it spec me mikel scam, 

I of it and it o mo, 

Ke mai na luuo bi-tuis vs be. 

Ga yee to feat, for sua yee do, 14594 

Hftf i na tome at ga far-to, 

Haf i na tome {lider to fare, 

For qnom me luoand haue i Jar." 

IT )>ai went ollan, fiai left him Jus, 

And priueli fam folud iesus, 14599 

He folud Jiam priueli rn-seno. 

For wald lie noght haf knaun bene 

Kojer wit p& luua ne wit hia aun, 

Wald he ni^ht fat 'sith be knaun. 

He wist fonrit f e luea auar ptsn, », mi. i] 

f&t ])ai suld him na langar spai, [> Hs.Mfa] 

Jaa feluns Jat wald he war slaia 

jem efter iesum can )iai fratn. 14607 

AIs witteles men sli lare Jai lete, 

" Qiwr es nu," said fai, "Jiis pmphete % 

Quider ee he cunimen, nu, he Jat wis, 

ITu sal he aceuvshis maistris." 14611 

At fe port salamon 

Cum vr lauerd in-to Jre tnn, 

fax he fand forwit him bun 

Man! luua ))at war felon, 14615 

Wit Jaa yn-meke Jar was he mett, 

And son wit Jam he was Tmsett, 

Jar bigan Jai for to rale 14618 

And for to gadir him a-bute, 

Allan iesue Jaim stod emid, 

Keneli to him Jai resun did 14621 


mo & alsqua taj werkis alle. 

& alle Jat to ani trauj wil falle 

hit hatis 30U nojt weterli 

bot me hit hatis & na selly. 

for hit wate neu«r quat I. am. 

& of hit speke I. mykil shame. 

I. of hit & hit of me. 

ne may na loue be-twiz va be. 

ga je to Je feste & squa je do. 

haue L na tome to ga Jer-to. 

haue I. na tome Jiddo- to fare 

for na wele looande haue I. Jare 

l^ai went ham forj & laft him Jus 

■* & priuely folowed ihesuB 

he folowed ham priuali vnaene 

ne walde he nojt knawen bene 

naujer wij iewea ne wij his awen. 

kepped he nojt for to be knawen. 

he wiste be-fore Je iewea square 

Jai walde him na langer spare 

Ja feloQKS Jat walde haue hbn alain. 

jome ofter ihesu con Jai &ayne. 

ala witlea men madli Ju lete 

& quat is ihesus Jia ptwphete. 

quidder is he commyn now he Jat wise 

now salle he shew his maistrise 

IT atte Je porte of salamoun 

come our lorde in-to Je toun 

quat he fande be-for him boun 

many iewea ful of feloun. piur«T,twA] 

^ir wij pa Tnmeke sone was he mette. 

& Bone wij ham he was vmbesette. 

Jar be-gan Jai for to route. 

& for to geddir him a-boul«. 

allane ihesw ham atode amid. 

kimleli to lesoun Jai him did. 



Me Eind mine werkea all, 14586 

And oU fiat to mi trouiJi will fall. 
I can noght hate ju witerli, ^'*'^^^ 
Bot me it hates na aelli, 
For it wat neuer quat i am, 14590 
And of it spec i mekil scham, 
I of it and it of me, 
Mai na luue bitoix ts be. 
Ga je to fest, for sua je do, 11594 
Haue i na tome at ga )iar-to, 
Hane i na tome nu de])ir fare, 
For quone me louand haf i Jiare." 
pai vent allane, and left him pas, 
And priveli (laim folad iems, 14599 
He folttd (laim pnueli Tssene, 
void be noght baae knaaen bene 
Noujjer wid iaua ne wid his auen, 
wold be noght fat sitb be knauen. 
He wist forwid {le iuua suare, 14604 
fat f ai snld him no langer spare, 
)« feluna fat wald be wai- slaine 
Fast eftei testis gan f ai fiaiue. 
Als wittlee men sli late fai lete, 14608 
And eaid, " quar es ieeus fe prophetet 
Quefer es be bicomen, fat wiss, 
IIii Bold he echau hia maistiia." 
At f o porte of salamoa 14612 

Come vr lanerd into f e tun, 
far he fand forwid him boune 
Mani iuus fat war felune, 14615 

wid fa Tnmeke far was he mett, 
And sone wid f aim he was vmsett, 
far bigan fai forto route 14618 

And for to gader him abute, 
Allane iesus faim etod emid, 
Keueli fai him to resuu did. 14621 


Me & myue werkes aUe 
And alle fat to m; trouf e wol falle 
Hit connot hate jou witterly 
But me hit batef & no ferly 
Tor bit woot neuei- what I ame 
And I speke of hit mycbel sbama 
I of bit and hit of me 
May no loue bitwixa ts be 
Go je te feeste if je wol so 
I haue no tomo te com f ^o 
I haue no teme f ider to faro 
Fewe men louynge bane I fare 
])ei went allone & lafte him f us 
And priuely folewed hem ibesua 
Priuely sewed be hem TUsone 
Wolde he not haue kuowen bene 
Houfer of iewes ny of hia owen 
Wolde he not f enne be knowen 
He wiate fo iewes bifore sware 
Jjei wolde him no lenger spate 
J)6 felouns fat wolde him haue slayn 
Fast aftir ibara gan f ei frayn 
As witles men so f ei lete 
Where f ei selde is f e propheta 
Whi is he not comen ihesus 
Kow shulde he shewe his maistrioa 
At fe pott salomouii 
Coom oute lotd in to f e toun 
f}en be fond hifoie bim 
Mony felouna iewes gtym 
Anoon as fei wif him met 
Sooue he was abouto bi-aet 
Jjenne bigon fei for to route 
And fast to geder bim aboute 
Allone Jbesm hem stood amyd 
Kenely )iei bim aresoun did 



" At fiia vr fast," aaid f ai, " er yce 
Fill mikel asked;" "qHarfM)"cothJi6. 
" For-fi >ou art sa died wit-ail, 14624 
And vria men godd aum ))ai call. 
If ))ou sua be, ^ Both Jiou acau, 
And to ]ie folk jie fur to koau." 
" Soth it es i am," said he, 14628 

" Wit (jodds aun sun spek yee, 
Eot wele i wat yee tru it noght, 
J>e werkea Jiat o me ar wroght, 
Jat ilk dai yee se wit aight, 14632 
Moght neuer be don wit mans might. 
IT Yee tm me noght, fiat wat i wel, 
Ke yee me luue tight neuer a del ; 
And for yur hird hald yee not me, 
For-fi mi seep mai yee not be, 14637 
^ar yee war yemed haf i ben, 
fof mi ttauail be Uttel aeno. 
Yee ne wil me luue, ne lete ne heie, 
Bot mi Ecep pat me haldes dere, 

my patadia fe blia 14642 
Ful wel i sal Jiam fider wisa. 

On domes-dai Jian sal Jtai Btan[d], 
Mi blis to haf on mi right hand, 
In pe lyf sal neuer leue, 14S46 

f ia gift sal nan haf might fam reue. 
Wijt yee pat i youn dred na thing ; 
He fat ea fader of heuen king 14649 
Mi fader es he, yee vnderatand, [ooi. a 
Him drau i me to mi warand. 

1 am hia aun ie^us p&t sale 

Bring Jiia werld all vte o bfJe ; 14653 
I am f ar-in bot littel qui], 
Fia nu fiar-in sal last mi quih 
fi^e f6i-))i wel i sal fom kepe 14656 
fat he me taght, mi fadei scepe ; 

welcome to feste quofi ^ai ar je 
ful mekeli asked quar-foie qwp he 
quy art Jtou sa dred of alio. 
& goddee sone dos pe calle. 
if fiou sqiia he pe bo|) Jtou shawe 
& do ])e to fii folk< to knawe 
^ so]) hit is I. am saide he 
wij) goddes awen sone apeke ^6. 
bot wale I. wate je traw hit nojt 
fe werkis Jiat of me ia wro3t 
])at ilk day }e se yrip aijt. 
mijt neuer be done wi)i mannis niljt 
je tiaw me nojt fiat wate I. wele 
ne je me loue ri]t neuet' a dele. 
& for joure hirde halde je no^t me 
for-J>i my ahepe may je nojt be. 
to saue jou oft haue I. bene 
al if hit be litel sene. 
je wil me naujier loue ne here 
bot my ahepe )iat haldes me dere 
in paradis sal be fiaire blia ' 
ful wele I. sal ham fiidder wia, 
at domesday fen sal pal stande 
my blia to haue on my rijt hande 
& pat life aalle fai neuer leue. 
& fat gift may I, jou reue. 
wete je atte I, drede jou na-J'iiig' 
he J)at ia fader of heyuen & king* 
my fader Is he ^ vuderstande 
him I. diag!b to my waiande. 
^ I. am his sone ihe«us atte sole 
bring fia werlde out of bale. 
I am peT'ia hot litel quile, 
I, aalle be slayne JHirou gile. 
no;t for fi wel^.^ I. kepe. 
]>at he me tajt my &der shepe. 


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" At ]iis vT feat," said pai, " ei ^e At otue feet seide ])ei are je 

Ful mekil askid ; " "quarforl" said he. Muche asked wherfore iteide he 

"For^u art Hua died with alle, 14624 For )iou ait so died wif) alle 

And men will godes Ban ^e caHe. And men vol goddea son )« calls 

If pn aoa be, }6 soth pa schaur ioA. q lipoa be he )>e aopo poa showe 

And do fte folk )ie for to knao." And do fe folke pa for to knowo 

" Sotb it es i am," said he, 14628 800^ is hit I hit am seide lie [leifiii] 

" wid goddes auen eun apeke je, wiji goddea owne aon speke je 

Bot wele i wat je troa it noght. But vel woot I je leuo Eoujt 

pe werkis pat of me er wroght, ))e 'werkea pat of me are wroujt 

fiat ilke dai je se wid sight, 14632 ))at vche day ^e se vip si^t 

Might neuer be done wid ma>w& might. Mijt not be do wip monnes mijt 

je trou me noght, fat wate 1 wele, je trowe me not I woot wele 

Ne je me liiue nener a dele ; 14635 Son 30 lone me neuer a dele 

And for jur heril hald je noght me, For ^oure berde holde je not me 

For-j)i mi achipe mai je noght be, Jjerfore my aheep may je not be 

pat je war aauf gam haue i bene, Aboute to saue jou haue I bene 

If mi trauail be iittel eene. 14639 Jjouje my trauaile be litil aene 

;e ne wil me leue, ne lete, ne here, je nyl me loue nor leue here 

Bot mi schepe fat me haldis dere. But my sheep J-at ben me dere 

Of mi paradis pe bliss In to my paradis fat blia 

Ful wele i sal faim dider wiss. "Wei shal I hem -fider wia 

On domiadai fan aal fai stand, 14644 On domes day shul fei stoade 

Mi blis to haue on mi right hand, My blia to haue on my rijt hondo 

In fe lijf sal nener leue. In lif fat fei ahul neuer leue 

fis gift sal non haue might fairre reue. )}at jifte shal no mon hem reue 

"Witt je fat i ju drede no fing ; 14648 Witef fat I jou drede no fing 

He fat of heuene ea fafer and king He fat of heuen ia lord & kyng 

Mi faf er he ea, je vndeistand, Mi fadlr he ia je vndiiatande 

Him i drau to mi warand. Him I drawe to my warande 

I am hia sua insus, pat aalle 14652 I am his son ihemi fat ahalle 

Bring fis world all vte of bale ; Bringe f ia world out of f ralle 

I am f ar-in bot Iittel quile. But litil while f er ynne am I 

Fia nu far-in sal fast mi quile. Hastily shal I paase f er by 

IS9 foi fi wele sal 1 kepe 14656 Kot for fi wel ahal I kepe 

f at he me taght, mi fed«r schepe ; J)at he me taujte my fadir ahepe 


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I sal )iatm were fra altins vath, Z. salle ham weie fra alkin yr&p. 

Of hell aal }iai iieuer ha lath. 14659 of helle ne salle >ai liaue na fikap. 

I ha gret might and sal ha mare, I haue grete mijt & sal haue mare 

For we er an and sal be eiurmtue. we ij. ar an & salle be euer-mare 

|iis es ]>e sotb, mi fader and i fiaiafe eof mj fader &. I. 

We ar all an, yaa witterli, we ar al an hafi weterly. 

Sua ])at we thoru nakin art 1 4664 aqua )iat we }iorou niuUdn art 

Mai be made in sandie part." r<rode ^^ "^^ ^ made in sundie part [gode. 

IT Q»«n luns ))is herd thoght Jam not /~\ iien ^e iewes herd )<a}t ham uojt 

Littel wanted pat ])am war wode, xDCfal-maste^ferdeaB^iaiwarewode. 

|iai loked on him lath and grim, fai loked on him & loured grim. 

And betli yai bi-binted bim, 14669 & he)>eli ^ai pu^i be bim. 

And said fan tuix faim in atrijf, & saide we sal stiat pi strife. 

" Lok he scap noght wit his lijf I toke he scape nojt wi|i his life. 

It war worthi to stan bim. euii."14672 hit ware worfi to stane bjni sone 

lesus said, " qui t qoat haf i dun, ^ Ih«<us saide quy quat bane I. done 

Again yow wrc^ht on ani wise!" or a-gayne joo wrojt in ani wais 

" For }k>u art godds sun, )h>u sais." for ])oa art goddes sone ^ou sais. 

" I eai yow soth, fat eal yee se, 14676 I say ;ou sof ^at sal je se 

For gode ded wil yee stan mel for gode dide why wil ^e stane ma 

For qoilk o mi gode dedia an for quilk* of my dedia say me on. 

Sai yee nu, yee wil me stanl fat je walde per-ioie me stane. 

" For fin dedea gode," cotb fai, 14680 for fi gode dedis for-sof quof faL 

" We wil noght stan f e, parfai ! wo wil n<^t stane fe parfay. 

Bot for fine werkee gain f e Ian, hot for f i werkis agayne fe lagh 

And for fe luue o f i missau ; 14683 & for f e loue of fi missaglL 

fou mas fe godd, and fou ai-t man." fon makis fe god & fon art naae 

" Soth it es," cotb ie«u« fan, hit is nojt aqua quof ihe^us fan. 

" Bath i am, qua right wil men, baf I. am qua rijt wille Myn. 

For sundri mai we neuer tain. fra eundra may we neuor twin. 

Gas lokes fe bokes o your lai, 14688 IT gas lokis fe laghes of jour lay. 

And vnderstandes quat ^ai sai, & vnderBtandes quat fai say. 

In bok f e sotb al mai we find, lu boke fe Bof alle may je finde 

Bot-if yea self willi be blind ; 14691 bot if je wille al-gatis be blinde 

Your aun bok yee can lu^t spell, jour awen boke if je can nojt apelle 

fat yee wat noght, i will yow telL fat je wate nojt I. wille jou telle 


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I Bal )>aim were &a ilkin watli, 14658 From al wo I sKal hem were 

Of hell ne sal }>ai haue no lath.^ Helle shal no ^ing hem dere 

I haae gtet might and sal haf mare, I haue greet mi;t & shal haue moie 

For we er ane a[«]d eal be euermare. For we hen oon & shul euermore 

yJB ea fe soth, mi i&fer and i 14662 \)ia ia so^ mj fadir and. I. 

■we er all ane, ja witterli, iiiia.irBihj Are aUe oon now witteriy 

8ua])at we thorn uane-kin art om,«i.i] So pai we bi noon art 

ITe man he made in sundri part." rjmtle May not ben in twynne part 

[QJueniuusJiiaherde thoght ])aim noght IT lewea fia Jwu^te no fing good 

littel wantid ]iat ])ai ne war wode, Almest wexe )iei ^o wood 

^ai loked on him bath wrath & gtim, pei loked on him loo]) & grym 

And hethli )>ai bihuted him, 14669 And scomefuly miaaeiden him 

And aaid tnix fiaim ]>aa miatrijf, Bitwene hem aeide ]iei in etrif 

" Loke he achape noght wid hia lijf ! Loke he acape not vip hia lif 

It war worthi to stane him sons," Hit were worjii to stone him aoone 

le^tM said, " qui t quat haue i done ) Ihe&is aeide whi what haue I done 

Oupef gain ju wroght on ani waisT' Or wioujt ^eyn jou any wayee 

" For pu art goddes Ban, pn aais." For pan art goddes son p<m sayes 

"I aai ja aotht, pai aal je see, 14676 I saye |ie ao^e pat ahul je ae 

For gode dede wil je stane me 1 For good dede wole je stone me 

For qnilk of mi god* dedie ane For whiche of my goda dedes one 

Sai je nu, je will me stane t" Is hit now je wol me stone 

" For Jtin dedia gode," said f ai, 14680 For f i gode dedea aeide f ei 

" we wil noght stane pe, parM 1 we wol not atone fie parfei 

Bot foT ^in wickidnea gain pa laue, But for ^i dedie ajeyn oure lawe 

And for fe Iniie of fine miaaaue ; And for loue of J>i miaaawe 

))u mas pe godd, a[n]d fa ert man." foa mt^est fe god & noon art fow 

" Soth it es," said iesus Jwn, 14686 jus seide ihesus bo is hit now 

" Bath i am qua right wil min, God I am who so ri)t wol mynne 

For Bundri mai we nener tuin. We may not be parted in twynne 

Gas lokea fe laus of jour lai, 14688 Gof lokef pa saves of joure lay 

And vnderstandes quat fai sai. And Tndiratondef what fei wol say 

In bok pe soth all mat je find, In jotue bokes je may hit fynde 

Bot-if }e self will be blind ; 14691 But jif jon self be ful blynde 

jour auen boke je can noght spelle, joure owne bokea con je not spelle 

jeit je waio noght, i will ju teUa je leuen not fat I jou telle 


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UESaAaS; it will be WBLL fob HIH who BBLIBVXS, but ill for HIU WHO DOES ROT. 

Foi-^i it prouis yow for fetim, 14691 for-^I Iiit preuis jou for felouH. 

And me goddeun all wit leaun, & god eone me vif resoon. 

For he ea wit resnn godds sun [iru,oiiLi3 for ha is wij) resoan goddis aone 

))at his were to wire ea won. he ^at his werk' to wirk woa wone 

In fiia werld am i cummen and aend, Id fia werlde am I. commyn & aende 

pe maleas fai-ot for to mend. 14699 fe malice )>«r-of for to amende. 

Of hia eaand am i cammen, i-wlaa, of his sande am I. comm^ I.-wis 

And halden he has me for hia. & haldin he has me al for bis 

^e hali writte lies na wight, IT ^e haly writte Ijea na wi3t 

Qua can Tnderatand ]>e right. 14708 qna-«a can vnderstaade hit rijt 

^e weiekea ))at i were in his nam, )te werk ])at I. wirk in hia name 

Quat man ^an mai wit roenn hlam. may na man ham w1^ resoun hlame 

He )>at in me wil truli tton, he )>at in me wil truli tiow. 

It sal him turn to mikel pm ; 14707 hit Balle him tome to mykil prow 

And qua wil noght tm pat i tell, & qua wills nojt traw atte I. telle. 

Hia herbering sal last in hell. hie herbagery sal be in belle. 

Mi fader es forsoth in me, my fader is for-sop in me. 

And i in him sal euer be." 14711 & L in him aal euer be. fnommin 

Wit wordes auilk war pai binomin, '"VTIT"']' wordia sqoilk fiai ware be- 
Wit acil concluded and ou^rcammin, T T wij» akille concluded & oaer- 

Thorn fe hali writtea lare 14714 forou Jie hali -writtea lare [commjn. 

Was aaid a thusand yere and mare. wassaideathosandejere&mare ciMfBH] 

Jiai cutb gain him lind leeun nan, }>ai cowd a-gayn him finde resoun nane 

Ala crachnna he ^am feld ilkan ; ala witlee men )iai ware ilkane 

Qaarfor to sai fai can no mare, 14718 quat for to aay fat con na mare 

Soraful awai fai went and ful o care, Boronful a-way )>ai went & sare 

Awai fai went wit menged mode, a-way fai went wif menged mode 

And iegua to fe temple yode ; & ihrans to f e temple jode. 

far he mani chapmen fand 14722 fer he many chapmen fande 

Serekin marchandis chepand, diuerse matchandise chepande 

[ as men dos ^et in touit. 

, nu gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS^ per faire is balden wif grete' renoun. 

fair ox, fair en, fair ecepe fai aald, & moneyera faire money talde. 

And monenrs f air mone tald; 14737 faire ox cow & shepe fai salde 

Ala ie«M ala fof him war tene, IT & ihasus come in a tens. 

far-Tte he keet fam al be^ene, 14729 & oute he keat ham al bedone. 



For-]ii fw pionea ^ for feltm, 14691 
And me goddes eim vid resnn, 

For lie es ^d lesan goddes son 
He ^ot his werk wiike vae won. 
In ^is werld am i comen and send, 
pe malese ^ai-of forto mend. 11699 
Of his sand am i comen, I-wisa, 
And he has me haldea all for hia. 
fe hali writt leiea na wight, [ooi. »i 

Ho cnth it Ynderstand so right, 14703 
fiB werk J'at i wirke in hia name, 
Quat man mar wid resun blame. 
He pai in me wil treiili trou, 
It sal him turn to mekel pron ; 14707 
And qua wil noght trou pat i tell, 
His duelling stede sal last in helL 
Mi fader es forsoth in me. 
And I in him eal euei be." 11711 
[W]id wordis snilk war ped. binomin, 
wid iikill conclused and ouercomen, 
Thorn Jie haliwritt«a lare 14714 

waa said a thousaad jere and mare. 
Gain him cnth pM find reaun nane, 
Als crachuns feld he paim ilkane ; 
Quat forto aai ])ai can na maie, 14718 
Awai ])ai went aorful and sare, 
Awai fai went wid menged mi>de, 
And ieaus to pe temple jode. 
pax he mani chapman fand 11722 
Seikin marchandis chepand, 


no gap in the MS.'\ 

Jjair ox, Jiair kij, fair chepe faim said, 
And moneurs paii penis tald ; 
And iesus pat him war tone, 14726 
))ai-Tte he keste paim all bidene, 

paa prouen je ;ou for felonn 
And I goddes son wi^ reaoon 
^e for eojie is goddes aone 
iiat, do^ his fadir werke in wone 
In to Jiia world waa I sende 
Jje malea f erof to amende 
Of hia sonde am I comen I wie 
fiat me holde)) al for hia 
Holy writt lyejj noujt 
who ao coude hit Tndiratonde oujt 
))e werke pat I worche in his name 
No man may bi resoun blame 
He fat wol trewely in me leue 
Muche ahal hit be to hia biheue 
Whosowolnottrowefatltelle [K»i,bk] 
His dwellyng stud ahal laste in helle 
My fadir sof ely is in me 
And I in him euer sbal be 
wif feae wordis were fei nomen 
Bi akQ concluded & ouercomen 
Jjout^e fe holy writtes lore 
Was aeide a fousande jeer bifore 
Ajeyn him fonde fei reaouii none 
As caitifs felde he hem vchone 
what to sey had fei no more 
Away fei went wif sorwe & sore 
Jjei went awey wif menged mode 
And ihestiw to f e temple he jode 
\)ers he mony chapmen fond 
Dyuerae marchaundise chepond 


. . . . no gap in the MS.^ 
Oxen kyn & sheep fei aolde 
And pcrB fei her penyes tolde 
And ihesMs at hem waa tone 
And kest hem oat al bi dene 


Bath beat and biei vto he beft,* c >>& uitj 
IToght an o pam Jiar-in he left. 14731 
fa monenrs for fiair misgilt, 
fair hordes ouerkeat, fair penb spilt, 
Jiair aetles >at fiai in can aete, 14734 
He kest f am dun Tnder ^air fete. 
Ne wald he neuw o faim blin, 
Till all war vte fat far was Id. 
Amang fir men fat i of tald, 1 47 38 
War snme fat dunes boght and said, 
Gaina f am he yraa fnl kene a.nd crua, 
" Dos yow," he said, " vte of mi bus. 
Mi has agh be, light resun, 14742 
Hua o praiet and of oiiBun, 
And yee mak it, wit-vten leue, M. i] 
A to-diagbt teuer and thefe." 14745 
% Qu«n fai had f is sene, f e luus 
To blaken fan bigan ^air broua, 
" Maiater," said fai, " ferli thine ys 
Quarfor fat we fe Buffer fus, 14749 
Quotkin thing can fon aai to 
Do, qnar-for we suld fe buJ" 
Vr lan«rd ie»ttt fam gaf ansuar, 14752 
Bot fai wist neu«r quat thing it bar. 
" fai feld fis kirc dun to fe grund, 
I sal it rais in littel atnnd, 
I sal it rais, fe soth to sai, 14756 

Al hale wit-in f e thrid dai." 
fe luus him ansuard fan wit ire, 
" Ntt art fon ai a aelcnt sire. 
It es bot foli al fi talking, 14760 
And ak an inpoBsibile thing ; 
Qu«n saiamon king, mast o blis, . 
Had all fat he wald efber wiche, 
III all his welth he waa to wire, 
Foiuti yeir abate fia kirc, 14766 


& alio fairs stallis he ham reilr 
no;t an of ham fer-in he left 
fe moneyera for fairs mysgilt 
f e bordes ouisrkest fe money spilt 
faire setia f«r fai in con sete 
he keat ham doun vnder faire fete 
ne walde he nener on ham blin. 
til alle waa oute atte f sr was in. 
IT a-mang f er men fat I of talde, 
ware sum atte dowues ho}t & aald 
Bgayne ham he waa ful kene & crous 
do 3DU he aaide of my hous, 
my hous ^t be wif rijt reaoun. 
hous of prayer & orisoun. 
& je make hit wif-outon leue 
a to-dr^t of reuer & theue. 

auen fai f is had sane f ' iewea 
toblakkin fen be-gan fair browes 
maister saide fai ferli fink* vs. 
quar-fore fat we f e sufTre f ns. 
qnatkin signe can f ou saia now. 
quar-fore we sulde f e f us bow. 
IT our iheau criate can onaquare 
bot fai wiste nojt quat eigne bit bare 
je felle fis kirk in litel atoimde. 
L salle hit layse fra fe grounds. 
alle hale wif-in f e f rid day. 
I. aalle bit rayee for-s^ to say. 
IT fe Iewea ansquared him wif iro 
now artow a selcouf eire. 
hit is foly alle fi talking*. 
& alsqua an impossible f ing* 
quen aalaman king* maat of blia. 
had alle fat he walde ofter wisse 
In al his welf he was to wirk< 
xL jeio a-bonte fis kirb 


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Bath best and bier vte he beft, 14730 Bufe biere he cast out & beest 

Noght ane of ^laim Jarin he left. Lafte he noon meeat nor leest 

Jie moneura for Jiair miagilt, Jje chaungeours for fat gilt 

Jiair hordes ouer-keiat, Jiair penis spilt, Her hordes ouer kest her penyea spilt 

^air setlis yxr ftd ^n in sette, 14734 Her seges Jvat ^ei Inne sete 

He keat faim dune vnder J>air fette. He kest hem douw vndir her fete 

Ne wa!d he neuer of f aim blin, Wolde ha neuer of hem hlyn 

Till all war vte }iat jvai was in. Til al were oute pat was ^r In 

Amang fair men fat i of tald, 14738 Among Jio men pat I of tolde 

Quar sum fat duues boght arid aald, Were summe fat doufes bonjte & soldo 

Gain faim he was ful bene and cms, A^eyn hem was he kene & crons 

And said, " dos ju vte of mi hus. And seide gof out of my fadir hona 

Mi hous an, be right reaun, Df»».t*,(»i.i] Mi bona ahulde he bi rijt resoun 

Hns of praier and of oriaun, 14743 Hous of preiere and orisoun 

And je it make, widvten leue. And je hit make & fat me greues 

A to-draght of reaer and theue." A den to reset iime f eues 

Qven fai had f is sene, f e iuus IT whenne f el had fis seue fe lewes 

To blaken fan bigan far brans, To blake fo bigan her brewes 

" Maistir," said fai, " farh thine vs MaistiT f ei seide wondir f inke ts 

Qui fat we fe suffir fas, 14749 "Why fat we fe anffre fus 

Qiiat-kin eigne do can fu. What maner aigne do con f ow 

QuarfoT we auld f e f usgat bu ] " Wherforo we ahulde fe fus bow 

vr lau^d legus f aim gaue ansuer, rj,^ Ouro lord hem jaf f is vnswere 

Bot fai ne wist quat Tnderstanding it But f oi wist not what hit bare 

" je felle fis kirc dune to fe grand, jif je f is temple felle to grounde 

I sal it raise in httel stound, 14755 I shal bit rise in litil atounde 

Al bal widin fe thrid dai, Al hool wifinne fe fridde day 

I aal it raise, f e soth to saL" I abal hit reise fe sofe to say 

fe iuus fan ansuerd him wid ire, Jje iewea Tnswered him wif ire 

" Nu ert f u ai a selcuth sire, 14759 Now art fou a selcouf e aire 

It es bot foil all f i talking, Hit is but foly fi talkyng 

And als ane impossible f ing ; And also impossible f ing 

Quen salamon king, mast of bhs, Whenne kyjtg Salomon in hlis 

Had all fat he wald eftir wiss, 14763 Had al fat he wolde haue I wis 

In all bis welth he was to wirt In al his wele he was to wirche 

Fourti jere aboute fis kirk, Fourty jeer aboute fis chirche 

,, Google 

Til it was made als it es nu ; 147G6 til hit was made as hit is now. 

And nu a gret eelcat Bais ^oa, & sifiea a grete selcoa^ Bais poo. 

Do fell it dun and eif^n ))on sal to felle hit doun & si^en foa sale. 

In thriu dais raiB vp hal 1 in iij. daies hit laiae vp hale, 

^t ar auld fourti yeir be past, 14770 fat ere sulde fourti jere be past. 

At ^a had might it duu to cast." or fou had mijt hit doun to cast. 

£ot Jiai wist uoght ie«u entent bot ])ai wiste nojt iheaaa entent 

Jiat of his aun bodi he ment, ^t of his body awen he ment. 

jfo lat }iam stni it als ))ai did, 14774 to late ham destroy as ^i did. 

dais to raie it on )ie thiid. & for to rais hit }ie day )irld. 

[The Jews plot against Christ's life.] 

V Qusn iesus had said tis and mare, V qiien po iBwee had saide fia & mare 

He left all his diaciplis far, 14777 ^ left him wiji his disciplis fare, 

fai loft him far and went far wai, f ai left htm fare & went a-way. 

Mikel of him can f ai missai. mykil of him f ai con missay. 

For fai him held fair ful fa, 14780 for fai him herJe faire fulfa. 

"Qua herd ea«r man," coth fai, "spec qua herd euer man quof fai spekesquit. 

Sum said, " of er he ea prophet, U"* ■ for certls he ie a wise prophete. 

Oi crist him-self to man es het ; he la goddes aone we may wele wete 

Bot of a thing in weir ar we, 14784 bot of an fing< in were ar we. 

We wat fat ioseph sun ea he, we wato atte loseph sone is he. 

And fai ar o kind o galilee, & fai ar of a kinde of galilee. 

Bot crist bes noght o fat contre, bot criste bes nojt of fat cuntre. 

Bot of a caatell certainli 11788 hot of a castcl certanly. 

Qwor'^f was bom f e king daui, quar-of was borne king' dauy, 

f flt ea fe tnn of bethleem, - fat is f o tou» of bethleem. 

fe bok it wittnee for to tem, 14791 fe boke is witnes for to teme. 

Soth," said fai, " tU ofer fan, P^-,^"^ f sof fai saide til of er fan. 

fan ea neght godd fis ilk man, feu is god fls ilk man. 

fat of bethleem kiod es noght 14794 nay fai saide hit helpis him nojt 

Bot tan als theif, and to ded brogh[t]. bot to fe dede he sal be btojt. 

He es wel knaun wit-in his kuith, he is wele knawen wif-iu his kif. 

Hia foder alsua his moder with hia fader alsqua his moder wif . 

galilee ar bom and geten, 14798 of galilee is borne & geten. 

And als fat mai noght be for-geten, & fat may nc^t be for-jeten. 


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Til hit vaa made as liit is now 
And now greet wondir seistow 
To felle hit doun wi^aten fere 
And in ^re dajes yp to rere 
But fuTBte wolde fourty jeer be past 
At ])i myjt wolde hit donn cast 
But J>ei wist not ihe«u« entent 
Bi his owne body he hit ment 
And late hem Btiuye hit as pei did 
And he to rise on day ^e )>rid 

Till it was made als it es nu ; U766 

And nu a grete farli sais ])U, 

Do fell it dune and allien fn sale 

In thre dais it vp rais all hale I 

Jiar er euld fourti jere be past, 14770 

Ar fn had might it dune to kast." 

Bot |)ai wist noght iegus entent 

fat of his aaen bodi he ment, 

To lat ))am strui it als )iai did, 14774 

And si)icn raisid on ]ie dai thrid. 

[The JeiMplot agi 
[Q]aen luus had etud ^is and mare, 
^ai left him and his disciplis fiare, 
^ai left hi"' ))ar a?id went |)air way, 
Mekil on him gun ^ missay. 1 4779 
For J)M him held fair ful fa, [«i. «] 
Andsaid, "qoa herd euer man spec sua 1" 
Sum said, " oufer es he prophete, 
Or crist himself to man es hete ; 
Bot a thing in were er we, 14T84 

we wat )iat ioseph sun es he. 
And fiai er of a kind of galile, 
Bot bes noght of Jiat cuntre, 
Bot of a castell certaineli . 14788 
Quar-of was born Jie king daui, 
Jiat es )>Q tiue of bethleem, 
]ie bok es wittenea forto tern. 
Soth," said Jiai, " tU ojier fan, 14792 
fan es godd fis ilko man, 
fat of bethleem kind es noght 
Be tane als thef, and to dede broght. 
He es wele knauen widin his kidh, 
His fader alsua his moder wid 
Of galile es bom and getin, 1 4798 
And sifen it mai noght be for-getin, 


Whenne ihtvwt had seide f is & more 

)}ei lafte him rijt fore 

]}ei lafte him fere & went her wey 

Muche on him gon fei missey 

))ei him helde her fulle fo 

And seide who herde oner mon seye so 

Somme seide oufer is he prophete 

Or crist him self to mon ful sete 

But of f tag in were be we 

We woot fat loseps son is he 

]}ei are of a kynde of galile 

Jjere bi fat ilke cuntre 

Of a castel ben fei certeynly 

Wher of was boren kyng dauy 

J>e toun of bethleem fat es nof «t] 

J)e book f erof beref witenes 

Somme seide to of ere fon 

Jjenne is good fis ilke mon 

Jjat of bethleem kynde is noujt 

Be taken and to defe bronjt. 

He is knowen in his kif 

His fadir & his modir wif 

Of galile is he born & geten 

And BO fis may not be for^eten 



Hu openli and for-wit all 14800 how openly be-for us alle. 

He dos him godd sun to call. he dos hiin goddea sone to calle. 

)ie folk OB foles, ^t es wel sene, alle ])is cuntiee ])at is wele sene 

|Kit rises )>ns wit liim sa clene." 14803 rises wip h m quite & clene. 

Quen seand men him herd and sagh, T quen men ihe«u herd & sagB 

Of him ^am stod selcut gret agh, of him ham stode grete agfi. 

And said," fast es he throd and thiiuen, & saide )>iB man ia wele )iriuen. 

And mikel grace ai es him giuen ; & my kil grace is him g;aen. 

Salamon ia al his blis, 14808 salamon in alle his blisse o<^»,bWkj 

Had he na happ al suilt als his, had he na hap aa he ^is. 

For til liim was Jw lai bi-taghl^ & jet ))e ]aQR til him was tajt. 

fiat he him thorn leiing laght ; 14811 |)at he him-self ^rou leraii^ lajt. 

Ne prophetee nan aa wiss Jwt ware, ne fe prophetis sa wise fat ware 

fat fai ne o man had sum-kin lare ; at ne fu of man had aum lare. 

Bot fis man, sin he come in werld, hot f is man sin he come in werde 

O auilk a-nofer man neuei' herd, of suche a-nofer neuer I, herde 

}iat neuer o man was lered fe lau, fat neaer of man lerede k^6 

And gain him mai be na gaiu-aau ; & nane man may him gaine-sagfi. 

In his hert ea al puruaid, 14818 in his hert is alle puruayde, 

Quat he wil sal fat thing ea said. quat he willo aay. fat fing* is saide 

Leue we him he ts has for-commen, certanli bot he be dede 

"Lexig 01 he for vs be nummen, 14S21 ouer alle fis luide his lagh wil sprede 

F»i fof he riche be noght his frendes, for if fe riche be no;t his ftendis. 

fe fauer all wit him it wendes." f e pouer wif wil al wif bin* wendis 

V fan come fai to f e phariseus, \y^^ come f ai to f e pharaseua. 

Of all fai wai fe maiat^r schreua, J in eelcouf maner fen saide he f us. 

And fai fam aaked son in hij, 14826 fai ham asked sone in by. 

" Qitar es he fat godds enemy t quare is he fat goddis enmy. 

Ha yee him fan ) " fai aaid noi. haue je him tane fai saide nay. 

" And qitoSfor sent we yow," coth fai, & quar-foie sende we )ou quof fsi. 

" Bot for to tok him if yee moght 1 " bot for to take him if we mo)t 

" Bot gi«ins him mai we do noght, & ^aynia him we may do no}t. 

He has ts wonnen wit maistri, 14832 he has wonnin ua wi^ maistri. 

And we sal sceu yow BckQ fonjni, & we salle shew jou* akile for quy. 

For suilk a man, wit-vten wene, for auche a man wif-outea wene 

Was neuer in ertb ne herd ne sene, was neu^ jet herde ne sene. p him sh^.j 




Hu opinli and forwid all 14800 Openly bifom tb alle 

He dos him goddea siin to call He dofi him goddes son to calle 

^ folk er foles, pat er sene, Oure folks ben folea }at is sene 

pat lisiB pMB wid him sua dene." pat rise ^os wifi him bi dene 

Qnen seand men herd of him and san, Wbeime men of him herde & eavn 

Ofhimetod fiaimful mekil au, [thriaen Of him stood fiei machel awe 

And said, "fast ea he throdd a[n]d And seide fast ia he prynen 

And mekil grace nu ea him giuen; And muchel grace ia him jyuon 

Xing aalamon in all hU blis, 1480S Kyng Salomon in al his blis 

Had nea«r suilk hap t^B he pia, Had nener snche happ as he Jtis 

Fot til him was ))e lay bitaght, For to him was pe lawe bitaujt 

^t he himself thoni lering laght ; pat he him self bi Ieni3rng laujt 

14'e ^e prophetes sua wise pat ware, Nor pe prophetea wise ^at wore 

fat ^ ne of man had suntkln lare ; Jitt fiei of summoti haddeti lore 

Bot ^is man syden he comon in world, But pm mon Rip he coom in word 

Of snilk anoper man he nener herd. Of suche eloper neaer we herd 

pat nener of man was lerd pe Ian, hot neuar of mon lemed he lawe 

And gain him mai be no gain-sau ; And to him is pere no jeyusawe 

In hia hert ea a3i pumaid, |if wo, aH i] In bis herte is al pumeide 

Quat he will sal ]iat thing es said. What he wol saye hit is aeide 

Leue we him has ve ouercomn, 14820 Jeme haf he vs ouer comen 

Lang ar he for vs be nomen, Longe ar he for ra be nomen 

For if J)e richo be noght his freindea. For )ioa}e fie riche be not his frendes 

p6 poner wid wile al wid him wendea." J)e pore wif wille wif him wendea 

(Jijan come fiai to po phariseus, 14824 IT J»enne coom )>ei to ^e phariaeos 

Of (^ fiai wu pe mast schreos, Of alle were )iei moost shrewns 

And paim ^an askid sone in h^, And po )>ei asked hem on hy 

" Qoat es he |)at goddes enemil What is he pat goddes enemy 

Haue )e him tane ! " |)ai said nai. Haue je him take )iei eeide nay 

" And qnarfor aend we jn," coth fay, Wherfore sende we )ou qnod fay 

" Bot forto take him if je moght t " But to take him if je moujt 

" Bot gaines him mai we do noght, Ajeyn him may we do noujt 

He has V8 wonne wid maistri, 14832 He haji va wonne wif maiatry 

And we aal schau ju akil forqni, Whe wol shewe jou skil why 

For suilk a man, widrteK wene, Suche a mon wijiouten wene 

was nener in erd herd ne sene, 14835 Was neuer in erfe herde nor sens 



Jl^ain hia irord mai naman Btr^f, a-gayne hia worde may na man striae 

O resun ba lie neuer sa rijf." 14837 of resoun be he neuer sa rife 

" Alias ! nu has he yow scent, [ooi. y alias now has he jou shent 

Que))er aoi of vrs be til him went, queper ani of onres be wij) him went, 

Quet h^ haf suiken wit his art, quejier he has sqviikin wi^ hie att. 

Ani lanerding apon vr part, 1 4841 any lording* of our part. 

We sari men, quat mai wee sai, we sary men quat may we say 

We knau we noght Jw writen lai, ne knaw je nojt )>e writen lay. 

|)is ilk man sal do ts scend." }ue )iai saida we salle him shende. 

))an eaid an pat was his &end, 14845 & fen saide an )>at was his frende. 

Hight nichodem, was sent in saand, hijt Ifichodeme was sende wi)i sande 

Fnl gem in scil wald he ))am fand, ful ]ome wij» skila walde he ham fan<f 

"Me think, lauerdinges,)iatthoraTilau T me )>Lnk lotdingu« bi jour sagb. 

pat i for me to waiand drau, 14849 a feble counsail }e do to diagh. 

Wit-Tten dome nan aght be slan, wi])-outen dome may sane be slayne 

Ar he wit plight mai be ouertan. or he wif gilt be ouer^tane. 

For if pat yeo graitli will lok, 14852 for if Jiat je graydeli wil loke 

Tee sal find writen In yonr boke, je sal finde writen in jour boke. 

If ani man war tan for oght if any man ware tana for ojt. 

He snld be for iustijs be broght. he sulde be-for lustice be brojt. 

And if it war sli maner wite, 14856 & it hit ware a wrange wite 

pat he ^r-of ne moght him qoite, quaiKif he majt htm a-quite. 

])an his dome men suld him glue, per his dome men sulde him glue 

Oifer for to dei or lioe." aujier to deye or to line. 

"Wit him )iou balds als we se, 14860 ^ qvop an Jiou haldeswiji him we se. 

For yee bath er bom o galilee, for je ar ba]) of gahlee. 

Bot we find writen naur-quar bot we fLode writen naure-quara 

pat vr crist suld be bom fiar, )>at our criste sulde be borne ^are. 

Bot bethleem, o dauid kind, 14864 bot of bedeleem dauid kinde. 

fiia es pe soth pat yee sal find," ])ia is }ie sofi fiat je sal finde. 

Jiai went ))am ham, all pat sith, Jiai went ham hame at }iat sifie. 

Bath wrath, waful, and vn<blith. ba)) wrap waful & Tn-hli]). 

f Strangli was ^is folk felun, 148C8 CJtrangeli was pis folk felonff. 

O littel wijt, o pour resun, k7 of litel witte of pouer resoun. 

Bitaght fll to ]m wtjier-win, be-tajt to Jie feinde alle & sum. 

Was nedder nan o mar wenim ; 14871 ne nedder nane of mare Tenuin. 




Againes his word mai no man striae, Ajeyn his word may noon stiyne 

Be he nener of reaun sua riue." 14837 Be he of resoun seaer bo ryue 

" Alias ! nu has he ju Liachent, Alas ^ seide ha)i he jon shent 

Quefer ani of vrea be til him went, Wher any of ourea be to him went 

Quejier he haue switen wid his art, Wher he haue giled wij> his art 

Ani lauerding apon vr part, 14841 Any lordyng of oure part 

we sari men, quat mai we eai, We aory men what may we say 

Ne knau we noght fe wreten lay, Knowe we not |te writen lay 

fis ilk man sal do vs schend." )]ia ilke mon wol vs ahende 

(ran said Bue ^t was his &eind, 14845 penne seide oonwas his irende 

Hight nichodeme, waa aent his saand, Kichodeme bi name Mjt 

Fal fast wid skil wold he faim faaad, He spake & seide for ihe^u rijt 

" Me thine, lauerdingea, }iat thoiu )>e Me ])inkefi lordes bi ^e lawe 

fat i for me to warand drau, L^^ t)at I for me to warant drawe 

widvtea dome nane au be slain, 14850 Wi)iouten dome shal nooa dede he 

Ar he wid plight mai be ou«rtain. And but in a3mn.e take were he 

For if pat je graithli will loke, If fat je tedili wol loke 

je sal it find written i» vr boke. We ahul hit fynde writen in boke 

If ani man war tane for oght 14854 If any mon were taken for ou)t 

He auld bifor lustis be bioght He shnlde bifoie iustice be broi^t 

And if it war sli maner of witt, [cui. t] And if hit were auche a wite 

Jut he f ar-of ne might him quitt, ))at he mijt not him of qnyte 

Jian his dome men auld him giue, Jjenne shulde men hia doome )yue 

Fort« die or for to Hue." 14859 For to deje or for to lyue 

" wid him fn haldee als we ee, Wi)) him holdestou pel seide we se 

For je er bath of galile, For )e are bofie of gahle 

Bot we find writen noujier quar But we may fynde hit nowhere 

)iat TT criat auld bom be par, 14863 \}at ouie ciiat shulde be bom ]>ere 

Bot of bethlem, of dauid kind. But of bethleem of dauid kynde 

Jiis es soth ala ^e aal find." ))ia ia aoo)) as je ahul fynde 

pai went fiaim bame, all fai sitb, )}ei went hoom at )>at sijie 

wrath, waAil, and -mblith. 1 4867 In wra)i))e & woo ful TnbU>e 

[S]trangli was ^ia folk felun, Stiongely was fia folk feloiui 

Of littel witt and pouer reson, Of litil witt wif outen reaoan 

Bitaght all to )>e witherwine, 14870 Bitaujte to ))e fend grim [lesfMibuk] 

ITe nedder maie none of renime ; Ifoon edder more ful of venym 
gOttinoen trinity 



wicked wQ of iuel mode, 14872 
A-gaiu )iaii aim flesche and blode. 
Quat ho was fai noght vnderstode, 
Jat wijt to men gaf }iat war wode. 
Til all >e nedi did he gode, 14876 
And to ])ait folk fand ferli fade ; 
Bot all for noght enent him stode, 
Til ^ai at end him did on rode. 
ftki had leuei- se find of hell, 14880 
Jian him bituix ^am forto duell. 
Ful mikel [au] fiai fat lauerd lune, 
fai sua wald cum for Jiatr be-houe ; 
He folua ))aim and ))ai him fle, [ir», m. i] 
Ke wald fiai neuer opon him se, 
Saetli he wald f am drau him to, 
And ])ai ar abute at him fo^4o. 14887 
Bot had )iai selinea on seao, 
Ful blith of hia sight had fai bene, 
And wirscip him wit hand and fote, 
fat sua be bom wald for )iair bote. 
He laned faim in hia hert rote, 11892 
Bot o fait luue es noght to mote, 


. . , . no gap in the MS.] 
And noght for-Jn for wel na wa 14896 
Fra nu wil he noght fle fam fra, 
Bot stabili bi-tuix (laim lend, 
Til prophecies war broght til end. 
Til he was naild on >at tre. 14900 
We ilk dai of sample se, 


. . . no gap m the 3f8.] 

Of his passion fat was sa herd, 14904 

)>at yee sal here ira nn forward. 

He wil him bandon nu fai-till, 

Ful freli wit his ann wil, 14907 

of wikked wille of euel mode, 
a-gayne f aire awen flesshe & blode 
quat he was ' nojt fai Tnderstode 
fat witte to man gaf fat ware gode 
til alle f e nedy dido he gode. 
& to his folk aande ferli fode. 
bot alle for nojt in-etide him stode. 
f ai ordent him to hange on rode, 
f ai had leyuer se f e fende of helle 
fan him a-mangi ham for to dwelle 
IT ful mikil ham ajt fat lorde loue 
fat squa walde come for faire be-houe 
he folowea ham & f ai Mm fle. 
ne walde fai neu^r a-pon him se. 
aqueteli walde he ham dragh him to. 
& fai ar a-boute atte him foT-do 
mujt fai wij> grace him haue neno 
ful blif of his sijt had fai bene. 
& worahepe him wif hand & fote 
|iat squa be borne walde for faire bote 
he loued ham as hia hert lote. 
bot of faire loue is nojt to mote. 


. . . . no gap in the MS.] 
& no}t foi-f i for wele ne wa. 
fra now wil he nojt fle ham fra. 
bot stabely now among* ham lende 
tille f e prvphecy be brojt til ende. 
til he was nayled a-pon a tre 
ilk* day ensaumple may we se. 


. ... no gap in the MS.] 
of his passion fat is sa hatde 
fat je sal here now forf wards 
he wil him bauudoun now fsr-tille 
hertli wif his awen wille. 




Of wicked will and euil mode, 11872 
Again pa.ii auen fleas and blode. 
Quat he was, iiogbt fai vnderstod, 
fat witt gaue to men fat war wod, 
TiU all fe nedi did he gode, 14876 
And tille pair folk fend farli fode ; 
Bot all far noght euent Mm stod. 
Till >ai at end him did on rod. 14879 
fai had leuer se f e fend of helle, 
Jiim him bt,tuix faim for to duelle. 
Fnl mekil au pai fat lauerd lune, 
fat ana vald cum for fair hihone ; 
He folua faim and fai him fle, 14884 
He wald fai neuer apon him se, 
Suetii wald he faim drau him to. 
And fai er abute at him for-do. 14887 
Bot had sele on faim bene aene, 
Fnl blith of him fan had fai bene. 
And woTBcbipd him wid hands & fote, 
fat sua wald be bora for fair bote. 
He laued faim in hia herte rote, 
Bot of fail Inue es noght to mote, 
For fai hira hated alafedede, ^^^^''^ 
Ful ilhaUe tok fai fat rede, 14895 
And ne forf i for wele ne wa, 
Fra nu wil he noght fle faim fra, 
Bot atabilli bituix faim lend, 14898 
Till prophecia be bright till end, 
Till he waa nailid on fat ilk tre 
we ilk dai eample of ae. 14901 

fat broght va vte of wa and pine, 
Of hahdia of vr witherwine. 
And of hia passiun sua harde, 14904 
fat je sal here nu forward ; 
He vi\ him bandnn nu faim till, 
Ful freli wid his auen will, 14907 


Of wickede wille & euel mode 
A^eyn her owne flesshe & blode 


tu) gap in Trinity MS. ; the Laud MS. 
wanfa fines 14782 — 14960; twoleaves 

torn out ] 

J3ei wolde not leue for his gode dede 

Til f ei had made hie sides blede 

Leuer had f ei se f e fend of helle 

)}eu him amongea hem to dwelle 

Muchel aujte fei fat lord to loue 

fat BO wolde com for her bihoue 

He folewef hem & fei him fle 

Woldo feineuflr ou him se 

Fayn wolde he drawe hem to 

And fei aboute him to for do 

But had aele ou hem ben sene 

Glad of him had fei bene 

And serued him wif honde & fote 

J)ot wolde be bom to her bote 

He loued hem longe in his hert 

J)ei q.uyt him euer wif vnquert 

)}ei him hated to f e dede 

In euel tyme toke fei fat rede 

Fro f ot tyme for wele nor wo 

Wolde not \h.esu3 fle hem fro 

But stably wol wif hem lende 

Til prophecies han her ende 

j5Qt he were nayled on fat tre 

Jjat vche day we saumple ae 

Jjat broi^te vs oute of peynes bondes 

Fro oure enemyea hondes 

And to his passioun fat waa hard 

Aa }e may heren aftirward 

He wolde him bowe f o f ertille 

Frely of hia owne wille 




Fot he ^6 time aaU command nei, 
^ar he for mane kind vil dei, 1 1909 


. . . . no gap vi the MS.] 

He wil him all vnbiden bede, H912 

For faat it neghes to ])e nede 

For his to suffor passion. 

FoT-pi to Bpek of ))at ranacon 14915 

^t ncher ea )>&□ erth and heiien, 

Or oght Jtat mana moth mai neuen, 


for lie )ie time seae comande neye pm tn 
)>at he for mannia-kinde wille dey. 


no gap in the MS.] 

he wille him al vnbidden bede 
for fast bit drawea to fe nede. 
for his to suffire paasioun. 
for-]ii to apeke of )>at raunsou/t. 
Jtat riccher is fan er^ & heyuen. 
or ojt Jat mannis mouf may neyuefz. 

no gap in Ike MS.] no gap in the MS.] 

Es resun )iat wee vr rime tume, forfi in rime wille we roun. 

And aet &fl nu langer bastune. 11933 & sette fra now laager baatouit. 

[ In wOTshepe of bim fat dyed for mon 

no gap in the MS.] amende oar rime If I. con. 

CHet and hie moder do me to apede ! cnate & his moder lene mo apede 

Jot Tn-worthi ea for to rede, 14927 (lat I vn-worfi am to rede 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS.] no gap in the MS.J 

pat i it rede wit ali louing fat I. hit rede wif suche louing' 

I mai it wel to ending bring. 1 4931 I. may hit wele til ending" bring". 

[ to louing* of god & hali-kirk'. 

no gap in the MS.] & to mannis note to wirk". 


[Chriit'e Entry into Jeiiisalem, and the Last Supper.] 

-~etus went tilward ierasalem 
Gan[g]and on his fete, 11938 
And com he til a littel hill 
. Man callee mont oliuete. 
Sex dais forwit paak-dai 
Wit his be went fe strete, 14912 



'heausweattoierusokm. pasEionn 

of ilie^a 


gaand on his fete. 
& come he til a litel hil. 
men callia hit mount oliuete 
Sex nijtea be-fore paak-day. [iiat«,«ii,j] 
wif hie he went in strete 



For he seis pe time comand iieie, 

pat he for maaes-kind wil dam, H909 

To bi f aim vte of fair wa, 

Fra weild of fe feind, Jwiir fa. 

He will him all vnbidden bede, 

For faat it draus te pe node 

For his to Buffir passiun. 14914 

For-fi to Bpeke of fat lanaum 

)tat ricber es pan erd or beuene, [coi. H 

Or all pat maaes witt mai neueue, 

Fot-))i me tbink pat nu ea gods 14918 

pat we speke sumquat of pe rode. 

And alsua of }iat lanseiuiing, 

pat for vs gaf iemts, heaeae king, 

And resun es we vr rime rume, 

And set fra nu langer bastuue. 14923 


no gap in tlte AfS.] 

Crist and hia moper do me spede ! 
fat i vnwortbi es to rede, 14927 

And of hia will me send bia grace, 
Of witt and will, and far-to apaoa, 
Jpot i it rede wid sli lu[u]ing 
I mai it wele till end bring. 
To lu[u]ing of god and haiikirke, 
To manes note als forto wiike.^ 14933 

[Chri^B Entry into Jerusalem, and 
ike Last Supper.] 
[l]estis went till ward ieruaalem 

gangand apon his fete, 14938 

And be come till a littil bill 

men clepis mont oliuete. 
Sex dais foiwid pask-dai 

wid hia he went fat strete, 14942 


He say f e tyme comynge n^e 
J)at be for monkynde wolde deje 
To bie bem out of ber care 
J)at wif f e fend dwellynge ware 
He wolde bem vnbynde in dede 
For him foujte bit was nede 
For to suffere peynea grym 
Monnes soule to bane to bim 


. . . . no gap in the MS.] 

07 f e p&Bgionn speke we here 
How he TB boojte Ute^u dere 
Secundum enangeliiim 
Ibesos went towaides leriwa- 
goinge Tp on his fete L'™* '■ 

Ande he coom to a Util bylle : 
men clepef bit olyuete. 
Six dayea bifore paake ; 
With hia he went fat strete 



i(«i us. (mud IS i«vH or 


TU lus disctplis }iat he ledd 14913 

811 wotdes Bpak lie suete : 

"Wat yee brefier qui," he said, 

" I iraind again sua snellt 11916 

Herkens nn and TndeiatandeB, 

fa eothe i sal yov teU. 

Ton lues ar, wel wat yee it, [»i. i] 

A folk selcuth fell, 14950 

^ wil me neoer luue, i-wiss. 

For thing i mai Jiam tell. 
IF Foi luae oi agh ne for na thing 

^at i for fam ha wioght, 14954 
Wit mani aelcut, ala yee haf hetd. 

And nit sothfastnes soght. 
Bot al mi soinc nn ea it sua. 

Standee me for noght, 14958 

y6 time ea nn man son sal dei. 

And mans kind be boght. 
^ To yon castel ga yee," he said, 

"Ym se again yow etand, 14962 
ftx sal yee find an ass beist 

Wit hir fole dun in band, 
Gaia fotte hir me, if animan 

Lais apon yow hand 14966 

To lette yow, ye sai yee haf 

Jo iauerd to your warand. 
% A moder ass yee sal fax find, 

And yee hit sal vn-do 14970 

Yte of hir band ; if animan 

Askes yow quar-to, 
Tee Bai to ^m ])e laua?^ has 

Wit JMun for to do. 14974 

And aal naman yow aai bot god. 

fe sted ea yonder, lo ! " 
IT Son Jtar went disciplis tua 

Ynto ])e said castel, 14978 


Til his disciplis atte he led 

SDche wordes spat he squete 
IT wate je htefer quy he saide 

I weinde a-gayne sa enelle 
herkenis now & vudeietande 

))e so]) L ealle ^ou telle. 
}one iewes ar je wate wele 

folk ful selcouji telle 
Jai wil me neuer lone L-wisse 
for Jing' L may ham telle 
IF for lone ne agh ne for s^e 
fat I. for ham baue wrojt. 
wif! many eelcou)ies as je haue eene 
& wi)> softoes ham si^t. 
bot alle my squink now is hit sqna 
hit standis me for nc^t. 
|)e time is now |)at I. Bal dey. 
& mannis kinde be bojt. 
V To )one castel ^e ga he soide. 
je se agayne )ou stonde. 
fer sal je finde an asse beste 
wi)i hir fole done in hande. 
ga focche hii ma if any man. 
lays a-pon hii hande 
to lette ^oa je say je haue 
criste to joure warande. 
IT a moder aese )e sal per finde. 
& }e hir salle vn-do. 
out of lande if any man. 
askis jou quar-to. 
je eay to ham ;our ^ lorde has. 
wi}t hir now for to do. [iiis.>»ow».3 
& bbI na man }ou say hot gode 
)>e stode is jonder lo. 
^ Sone far went disciplis twa. [ifi^biii 
in-to J)is saide casteL 




Till his desciplia pat he ledd 

aK wordis epak he auete : 
" [QJuft je Kii biefe? qui," he k 

" i wend again so anellt 
Eeikens nn and vndeistaud, 

|)e 8oth 1 sal ju tell. 
jon iutts er, wele wat it je, 

a folke eelcuthli fell, 
])ai will me neuer luue, i wisa, 

for |)ing i mai paim tell. 
For luue ne an ne for na signe, 

pat i for ^ini haue wroght, 
wid mam selcuth, als 36 haue se 

and wid aoftenea soght. 
Bot all mi suink nu ea it sua, 

standee me for nc^ht, 
^e time es nu manes sane sal de 

and mannes kind be boght. 
[T]o yon caatel," he said, " je g 

)e se again ju stande, 
^ar sal je find ane asse best 

wid hii fole done in bande. 
Gas fet hir me, if ani man 

lais apon }a bande, 
To lett ;u, je sal je haue 

^e lauerd to ;ur warande. 
[A] mofer asse je Jiare find, 

and )e hir sal vndo 
vte of band ; and if )>at ani 

man askes p\\ quarto, 
;e sai Jiaim pe laueid hauea 

nu wid faim fotto do, 
And sal no man ^u sal bot go< 

p6 stede es yoii))e7-, lo ! " 
[SJone par went desciplis taa 

vnto ^is said caatele, 


To hia disciples ^ut he lad : 

J>es wordea apak he swete 

T Wite je brojiar whi he seide : 

I wende a^eyn so snelle 

Hereji now & vndirstonde : 

pe sojie I wol jou telle. 

)}ese iewes ben ;e hit knowen : 

And folke wondii felle. 

]]ei wol me neuer leue I wis : 

for noujt Jiat I hem spelle, 

V For loue nor awe ny for no signe : 
Jjat I for bem haue wroujt. 

Wiji mony eigaes je haue sene : 

\)at I haue on hem soujt. 

But al my trauaile now I se : 

stondej) me foi noujt. 

Now tyme is monises son to d^e ; 

And monnes kynde to be bou}te 

V To Jtat castel he seide je go : 
je seen ajeyn jou stoade. 

Jjere ahul )e fynde an aaae beeat : 

wiJi hir fole done in bonde 

tio^ & feeche hir me if any mon : 

leye vp on jou bonde. 

To lette jou say fwt je haue : 

p6 lord to joure waronde. 

IT Jie meke aase pat je pere fynde : 

Soone fat je hir vndo. 

Out of hir bonde if any : 

aake jou whor to. 

Sey pat joure lord haf : 

yrith hem for to do. 

'And sbal no mon 30U saye but good : 

pe place is joodei lo r iw(h] 

V Soono per went diaciples two ; 
to pat same caatel 

,, Google 


Buuden >at >ai aoght fiis ass 11979 

Jtai fand bi a postoL 
Broght fai nofier on liir bat 

Kasadelue panel 14982 

To fiaii lauerd was iio])er cledd 

Wit ailk ne yeitt ceudeL 
^ " Mi freindea," said he, " wat yee qui 

I wead nu to >e tunt 14986 

)ie soth to wijt, i eal yow acau 

M mi pn'oe reeuu, 
fe tim ea comeu nu }at i eel 

Suffur mi passiun, 14990 

)ie fast es nu, mismay yow nogbt, 

Bot mas mi riding bun. 
IF Nu," he said, " sal womman son 

^ In raana hand be I^ht, 14994 
Jiai sal him tak aad deme to ded 

Wit-vten oni saght. [Meitsi.taoit.Mi.i) 
And wit tieaun him do on tre, 

Als it es forwit taght, 14998 

He aal be ded, bot rise he sal 

Wit-in fe thrid naght." 
^ |)ai keat ))aii clothes on ))is ass 

And did him far-on sett; 15002 
Son it raa fe word fat he 

Was contmand bi fe strete. 
fe folk Jtat comen was to fe fest, 

Almost for ioi Jiai grette, 15006 
|ie aimple folk al o fe tun 

^i went him for to mete. 
^ Wit alle pB mirthes }at fai moght 

Darworthli fiai him gett, 15010 
Wit harp and pipe, aredhom ant? tramp, 

fe strette ^ai him vmaette. 
Aid and yong, hath less and mare. 

Wit a word alle him grett, 15014 


bunden atte ))ai BOjt pia asse 

f ai fande be a poatel. 

bri^t pai aau)ier on hir bak' 

sad el ne jette panel. 

to faire lorde was naujier cledde 

in silk ne in sendel. 

My fieindes he aaide quate je quy 
I. wende vn-to f ia touw. 
f e sof to wete I. salle jou shawe 
al my priuey resoun. 
po time is commyn ^at I. sale 
suffre my passion?:, 
^e fest is now drede }ou nc^t, 
bot makis jou redy boun. 
1[ now he aaide sal womman sone 
in maiinis haude be la^t. 
f ai salle him alle deme to dede. 
wifi-outen any sajt, 
& viy tresoun him do on tree 
as hit be-fore is tajt 
he sal be dede bot rise he salle 
wi|j-in Jie Jirid najt. 
1<«ai keate faire clafis on pis asse. 
J & dide ham Jier-on site, 
sone hit ras )ie worde ])at he 
was comande bi ])e strete. 
(le folk was commyn to fe feste 
al-maste for ioy dide grete. 
Jve simple folk of pe toan. 
)iai went him for to mete. 
IT wiji harp & pipe & home & tramp. 
his way ])ai him vmbeset 
aide & )OQge lease & mare 
wif a worde Jiai him gret. 
welcome sauiour lange has poa bene 
al sal f orou Jie be bet 




)>is asse }>al soght )iai fand 11979 

bunden bi a postele. 
Broght J»i noujier on hir bac 

aadil ue jeit panels 14982 

To fair lauerd fat noujier waa 

cledd wid silk ne cendele, 
" [M]i freindea," he said, " wat je qui 

i weind nu to fia txmt 11986 

Jje soth to witt, i aall ju aohau 

aU mi preue resun. 
f e time es comen )iat i sal 

suflre mi passiun, 14990 

)ie feate es nu, mismay jn uoght, 

bot makis mi riding bune. 
[fjoo," he said, " sal womman sun 

in mannea hand be lagbt, 14994 
)ia aal Him take and deme to dede 

widvten ani saght. 
And wid treaun bim do on tre, 

als it ea forwid tagbt, 14998 

Hq sal bo dede, and rise he sal 

wid-in fe tbrid nagbt." 
[|)]ai keist )iaii clathes on Jiia asae, 

and did him Jiar-on to sitte; 15002 
Sone it laa fe trorde )iat he 

waa comand bi ])e strete. 
)ie folk waa comen to fe fest, 

almast for ioy Jiai grete, 15006 
pe simple folke of |)e tun 

f ai went him forto mete. 
[Wjid all fe inirthes fat fai moght 

derworthli Jiai him mete, 15010 
Wid harp and pipe, horn and trump, 

fe wai faim him vmsete. 
Aid and jung, bath lesse and mate, 

wid ai word J>ai him giette, 15014 


))ts aase fei eon^te & fonde Mr bouitde : 

bi a poat ful suel 

Broujte |)ei aonper on hii bak : 

Sadel noujier panel 

To hei lord pal fo waa clad : 

noufer in silke ny aendel 

IT My frendea he seide wite je why : 

I wende now to fiis tou» 

Jpo sofe now ahul jo knowe ; 

Al my pn'ue rcsoun 

fe tyme is comen fat I shal now ; 

suffre my passionn 

f e feest ia comen demaye jon not : 

but makef my riding boun 

IT Now he seide shal wommannea son ; 

in monfiiea honde be caujt 

])ei shul him take & deme to deje : 

wifouten any saujt 

And wif tresoun bim done on tre : 

As bit bifore waa taujt 

He abal be dede & rise alao : 

wifiniie fe.fridde naujt 

IF JJe caat her clofea on f is asae : 

& made on hir bis sete 

Soone aroos fe word fen ; 

he waa oomyng hi strete 

J»e folk fat coomen to fat feeat : 

mony for ioye dud grete 

f e simpel folke of fat touM : 

f ei went him for to mete 

IT wif alle fo mirfes fat fei mijt : 

derworf ely fei him mette 

wif harpe & pipe horn & trompe : 

fe weye fei bim bi aette 

Olde & jonge lasse & more : 

wif word fei him grette 



" Welcum eauuet I lang has ^ou ben, 

Al sal thoru ^e be bett." 
IT )>e lauerdinges and pa riche men 

Toquib o-bak |)am drogb, 16018 
And temprid tresun for to tii 

To tak ie£um wit wogh. 
^ai muin, quils ^e pouer men 

And )« cbildii logh, 15022 

Bifor fiaii king ^e childer kest 

Branches f ai brak o bogh, 
^ And sum )>ai kest )iai ulotbea dun, 

In midward J>e tbiang ; 15026 

])ai spred ^e strete wit cloth and flur, 

His ass on for to gang. 
])e folk him folud and forwit went, 

fiai mensked him wit sang, 10030 
" Osanna, lanerd I welcum )iou be, 

Q»ar has Jiou ben sa lang 1 " 
V Bot )« childer )>at war waike 

To ga pat prea a-mang, 15034 

walles and windos, als 

fair befdea oiwr fai hang, 
Bi'held fair laue-rd fat he come, 

Porsoth bad fai na wrong, 15038 
All fai sang als wit a muth 

fat all fe cite rang. 
IT " Gloria laos" (fat es, wirscip) t«J. ij 

" Ha f on nu lauerd and ai, 15042 
Crist and king and ransconer 

folk o godds lai. 
Al to fin auu weleuwi f ou be, 

far fou es comen to dai. 15046 

fou tak to thane fat we fe mak 

Sli mensking als we mat. 
^ Osanna king I to f e we eri 

A sang wit suete steuen, 15050 


we sal f e honour slcnrelL 

for nafing* wille we lette. 

% f e lordingu« & f e riche men. 

a consail to ham drogb. 

& tempred treaoun foe to atrary 

to take ib««u wif wo^. 

fen mourned f e pouer men. 

& fe cbilder logb 

be-for faire kinge fe childer kest 

fe brauncbis of fe bogb. 

V & BUm keat f aire claf is doun 
a-mydwaide in fat f range 

fai spied fe strete wif claf & Sour 
atte he mujt f er-on gauge, 
fe folke bim folowed be-fore went 
& mensked him wif sange. 
osanna lorde welcome fou be. 
quere has fou bene sa lange. 

V Bot f e childer fat ware waike 
to wende fat prese amang" 

ouer wallis & windous als. 

f aire heuedes oner fai hange 

be-helde faire lords per he come 

for-sof fai dide na wrange. 

alle fai sauge as je sal here 

fat alle fat cite range. 

IF Gloria lans fat is worshepe. 

our lorde now & ay. 

king & criste & raunsoner- 

of folk of goddia lay, 

al to fine awen welcome fou be 

per fou art commyn to-day. 

fou take to thank fat we f e make 

suche mensking! ^s we may. 

f Osanna ting" to f e we cry, 

of sange wif grete steyuen. 



" welcum aaaueur ! Ung has ^u bene, Welcome aaueour longe liastou be : 

thoni)pe eal all be bette." 15016 bi jie shal al be bette 

Jw lauerdinges and fie riche men IT Jie lordyngea & Jie ricbe men : 

to-quiles on back Jjaim drogh, fat while on bak )iei drowje 

And temprid resun to trei 15019 And tempred resonns wondir fast : 

to take ihesuS wid wogh. to take ihara wif wowje 

Jmi piurned, quiles fe poue;-e men fei mourned whil fe pore men -. 

and fe cbilder loght, 15022. & po childre low^e 

Bifor fair king Jie ehilder kest Bifom her kyng childre cast ; 

branches fai brack of bogb, branjjches broken of bowje 

[a]nd sum fan kest fail clothes dune, ^ Somme cast her clof ea doun ; 

in midwaid fe thiang, 15036 amydirard fat frong 

f ai sprcdd fe strete wid clath and flor, fe stiete to sprede wif cloof & floui : 

his osae apon to gang. his asse on to gonge 

f e folk him folud and forwid went, f e folke bifore & hihynde : 

fai menskid him wid sang. 15030 worsbeped him wif song 

" Osanna, lauerd ! welcum f u he, Oaanna lord welcom fou be : 

qnar has fu bene sua lang 1 " where hastou ben ao long 

[B]ot fe ehilder fat war waike IT But fo childre fat were weyke : 

to weind fat pres emang, 15034 among fat pres to go 

On wallia and on windoi{s, als Ouer wallee & wyndowes : 

fair hefdis ouer fai hang, leide her hedes f o 

Biheld fair lanerd far be come, Bibelde her lord fere he coom : 

foreoth had fai na wrang, 15038 away was al her wo 

All fai Bang als nid a muth Alle songe fei wif o mouf : 

fat all fe cite rang. of myrf e solas also 

" [G]lona lana," (fat es, worschip) IT Gloria laus fat is worship : 

" lauerd haue f u nu and ay, lord haue f on now & ay 

King and crist and ranauner 16043 Kyng & criat & ranmsonere : 

of folk of goddes lay, of folke fat ben in fay 

All to fin auen welcum f u be, ^j"' To fine owne welcom f on be : 

far fu ea comen to-dai. 150i6 fere fou art comen to day 

f u take to thank fat we f e make ]pan take to f onke fat we fe do : 

ali menaking als we mai. anche worsbepe aa we may 

[OJsanna kii^ ! to f e we cri IT Osanna kyng to fe we cry 

a sang wid suete steuen, 15050 a aong of swete ateuen - 
gOttingbn trinity 

,, Google 

K'a lesB ai^be ^u loued in erth na les be )N>a loued in er)i. 

)>aD ]k>u 69 loued in heuen. }ien )tou art loued In heTaeii. 

Of israel J>an er pou king, of iaiad fen artow king*. 

}iat ^lit maa tiou ful euen, 15054 fat agK men traw ful eyoen. 

And comen of bei danid kin, & ooinmyn of fat hey daay kin. 

Of heier nan can ueueti. of hey er nane may neyuen, 

IT Cummen fortb, fou blisced king IT Come now forf fou blessed king" 

In vr lauerds name, 15058 in our lordea name, 

^e receiues fin aun folk, ' f e reeceyuee fine awon folk 

And welcums fe hame. & biddia welcome hame 

On fin wortM werkes don of fiaa worf i werkis done 

Fair spredes fi fame, 15062 ful feire is spied fe fame. 

Welcmn lauerd fat leches^ all welcom lorde fat lichis aL 

And lecbing' giues to lame. & kele gifa to lame. 

% Cum forth til vs ur saueur, ' % Come forf lorde our sauiour. 

We haf deainxt fe, 16066 we haue deaiied fe. ['lafT*] 

fou es right king of israel, C Ms.iathuj fou art rijt kiug of israel 

Qua fe soth can se. piia.LMhing] qua-ea fe Bof can se 

, [Wit prop]h6cies was fou forsaid wif prophetis was fou for-saide 

[fa]t fou born euld be, 15070 atte fou borne sulde be. 

f e king hei dauid kin of fe kinrade of dauid king* 

And o rote o iease. & of f e rote of iesse. 

IT Osanna ! ait king, cum forth " IT Oaonna king* sir come forf. 

fai cried, leas and mare, 15074 fai cried laase A mare. 

" Vn-to fin aun, for we ar fai, vn-to fine awen for we ar fine 

And eal be euer mare*. & solle be eaermare 

Blisced be fou and fi time blessed be ^u & fe time. 

fat fe fi moder bar, 15078 atte fi moder fe bare. 

For king sa mekeli cummen to tun for king< sa mekeli commyn to toon. 

Herd was newer ar. hetde we neuer are. 

IT Welcum be fou lauerd," said fai, H welcome be fou lorde fai saide 

"Duell fou noght wit-vte, 15062 dwelle fou nojt wif-oute. 

To f is gret vr solempnite to f is grete Bolempnite 

Welcum wit-vten dute." welcome wif-outen doute 

fai him ledd wit-in to fe tun, fai him led in-to f e toun. 

Ful gret it was, fat rute, 15086 ful grete hit was fe route. 


,, Google 

N'a lease be )iu loued in erd 

fan fn es loued in heuen. 
Of israel fau ea fu king, 

Jiat aght men tru fol enen, 15054 
And cornea of ^ai hei dauid kin, 

of liier uane can neuen. 
[C]iim nu forth, ^u blisced king 

in vi lauerdia name, 15058 

))e receiues |)iQ aueu folk, 

and biddee )ie welcum hame. 
Of fiin vorthi werkis done 

fol fer es spredd Jie fame, 16062 
WelcuOT lanerd Jiat lechas' all 

and licbing giues to lame. [> M8.itttiei] 
[C]um nu forth yt aauueour, 

we haue diacemd !«, 15066 

J)u ea right king of iaroel, 

qua sum pe soth can se. 
wid prophecie was pn foreaid 

fat }iu bom auld be, 15070 

Of gode king dauid kin and of 

fe rote of iesse. 
[Ojaanna I sir king, cum forth " 

])ai crid, lesae and mare, 15074 

"vnto J»i anen, for we er fine, 

and sal be euei mare. 
Blisced be |»u and fe time 

fat fe fi moder )>e bare, 16078 
For king sua mekel comen to tone 

herd was neuer are. 
[W]elcum be fu lauerd," ftai said, 

"ne duel fa noght widvte, 15082 
To fis grete tt sollempnite, 

welcnm widrten doute." 
f ai him ledd in to fe tune, 

ful gret it was, fat route, 15086 

No lasse be f on loued in erf e : 

Jjen f ou art in heuen 

Of israel f ou art kyng : 

fat oujto men knowe euen 

And comen also of dauid kyn : [luf », bk] 

H^er noon con neuene 

IT Com now forf blessed kyng ; 

cure lord bi f i name 

}3e welcomef fin owne folk ; 

wif greet ioye & game 

Of f i worf i werkes lord : 

fer is epred fe fame 

welcom lord fat helest alle : 

& bote jyuest to lame 

IT Com now forf oure aaueour : 

we ban deaired fe 

f ou art kyng of israel : 

Bi pTWphecie bifore was aeid ; 

fat fou born shuldea be 

Of good kyi^ dauid kyn : 

& of f e tote of lesse. 

II Oaanna kyng com forf : 

fei cried laase & more 

To fine owen for we ben fine : 

to leme on fi lore 

Blesaed be f ou & fe tyme : 

fou bom were f erfore 

For kyng so he^e comen to touit : 

Herde we neuer of ore 

IT welcom be fou lord fei aeide : 

dwelle not va wif onte 

To f ia greet solempnite : 

welcom wifouten doute 

)}ei ledde him in to f e tou» : 

greet was fat route 


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On ilk-a eide a bate. 
V " ])is ea Yi sauueur," ^ai aaid, 

" |»at commen til v8 w no, 15090 
)« kind o king dauid 

TTia name es cald i«m. 
^e ded mai noglit him. wit-stand. 

He doB it til him bu, 1 5094 

To maui eeke hele he has giaen, 

In him man agh to tiu. 
If Lang has he du ben a-wai, 

Lang efter him vs thoght ; 16098 
Tuelue or ma o men vnscod 

^n has he wit him broght, 
And Jiair fete fat semed sare 

FoT-fi farof vs roght, 1 5 1 03 

Vr mantels vnder fam we spred, 

For ojter had we noght. 
^ !Nu es he commen fat es vr king, 

Nu aais alle ossanna! 16106. 

We wend he had for-hnud vb all 

far-for was vb ful wa, 
Welcnm es he, fta nn he ne sal 

Na langer leae vs sua. 16110 

For wa ea faim fat moght him hald ! 

fat lates him fam fra." 
IT Qiwn fe princes and fe riche 

Wist wel of his fare, 15114 

f ai bicome fan sorfuUer 

fan euec war f ai are. 
Bituix fam, faa curaed men, 

Mened fam fair care, 16118 

To coiphas in son f oi went, 

And gadrid f aim alle far. 
IT " Lauerdinges," fan said caiphas, 

Mi eit es selcut sare, 16122 

to fe temple wif mury sanga 

on ilk side a-boute. 

f f is is fe saniour fai saide 

att« contmyn til vs is now. 

of fe kinde of king* danid 

his name is calde itiesu. 

f e def may neuer him wif-stande 

he doB him til hit bowe 

many sake hele has f ou ginen. 

to fe men fat fe walde bowe. 

IT lang" fen has he bene a-way 

lange eftet him us fojt. 

xy. of men or ma we traw 

fen has he wif him brojt. 

of fairs fete atte semed sara 

we saned ham as we mojt 

our mantels vnder ham we spied 

for ofer had we nojt. 

IT now is he commyn fat is our king* 

now sais alle oaanna. 

we wende he had for-^eten us aL 

far-fore was vs ful wa. 

welcome ia he fra now he ne sal. 

na langer part vs fra 

for wo is am fat mu;t hiin hald 

fat lijtli letis him ga. 

alien fe princis A riche [if70,cid.(] 
wiste ham of fis tan 
fai bicome mare sorouf oiler. 
fen euer ware fai are. 
fai geddered ham samnewanl 
& mened ham of faire care. 
to caiphaa in a route fai went 
& geddered ham alle fare. 
lordinge* saide fan caiphas. 
my hert hit is ful sare, 


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To temple }Kii him ledd wid sang To p6 temple yiif muchel song : 

on ilk aide about«. on euery syde aboute 

" |J>]i8 68 TT aauueour," f ai aaid, IT ^is is cure saueour f ei seide : 

" fot comen es till th nu, 15090 fat comef to V8 now 

Of ]ra king kind of dattid Ihee'ie is hia name : 

hia name Is hatin iesa. lie comef al for oure prow 

|ie dede mai him neuer widstand. ^ dede may him not wifstondo : 

he do3 it till him bu, 15094 but to hia biddyng bow 

Mani seke has he giuen hele, Mony eeke ha)> he heled : 

men agh in him to tiou. men owe him to alow 

[L]ang has he bene a-wai, IT longe hap be ben awey : 

lang efter bim ts thoght ; 15098 loi^e aftir bim vs jioujt 

Tuelue or ma of men Tnsebodd Twelue or mo barfote men : 

^an has he wid him hioght, ba^ he wif him hronjt 

And on liair fete f&im aemed faro And on her fete were ))ei sore : 

for-fi of (laim 78 roght, 15102 ferfore of hem tb roujt 

TT mantels yuder f aim we spied, Oure manteles Tndii hem we sprcdde : 

for oper hadd we noght. oper bad we noi^t 

[N]oii es he comen pat ea vr king, IT Now is he comen fat ia cure kyng : 

nu sais alle osanna I 15106 to synge lat ts go 

we wend he had forhoud' ts all We wende to haue for gone hint al : 

iKufoT was vs fill wa, pe^-fore was ts ful wo 

welcum ea be, fra nu he sal Welcom ia he &om now : 

na langer leue tb sua, 151 10 he ahal no more go ao 

For wa es paim put might bint bald I For wo is bim pat may bim bolde ; 

'and lates him part paint fra." & letep bint parte hint fro 

[Qjuen pe princes and pe riche men IT whenne po princes & riche men wiat: 

wist all of pia fare, 15114 of al pis here 

pai bioome pan sorfuler pei bicoom soiiere : 

pan euer war pai are, pen euer eer pei were 

Bituiz paim, paa corced men, Bitwene hem po cursed men : 

pai mened paim pair care, 15118 mened her mateie 

To cayphaa mal sone pai went, To cayphaa In soone pel went i 

and gadrid paim right pare. & gedered hem in fere 

" [LJauerdinges," said caypbas, CifiM] IT Lordyngia seide cayphaa : 

"mi hert es aelcnth sare, 15122 myn heit ia wondir sore 



Jtis iesn fat es sa wia 

Sa mikel alaua o lare. 1 

It es wel aene, oil folue him, 

Nu bath less and mare, 
SuOe a maa was neaer yeitt 

SiD ani werldes ware ; 1 

IT It 68 wonder for to tell,' 

))e feilea fat he mas. 
We ae fe folk all faU to him 

Oii»^ quai he gaa. 1 

All vr lagh he aal foi-do, 

Vr aun folk alias 
Sal he do again ts rise. 

And be vr grettest feaa. 1 

[IT] All Jiis werld es tuniand 

Til him als yee wel se, 
Por-fi a rede i aal yow giae, 

And herkens all to me. 1 

Thom a man, fis es f e aoth, 

f is werld sal losen be. 
And he be slan, it sal be broght 

Al in to saiiuete. 1 

U Better it es fat o^ man dei, 

fan al f e folk be lorn, 
And fat fia ilk ieaug be 

Tan arli to mom. 1 

fat mai noght we^ for fia folk 

fof man had it suom, 
Bot langer fan f is fest be don 

Be he noght for-bom." 1! 

IT Testis fam prechand ilk a^ dai 

Stable in temple stod. 
Ilk night of oliuete 

To fe mont he yode ; 11 

far he wit his disciplis lai, 

for ana fan thoght him gode. 

of fia ihesa fat is squa wiae 
he is squa mykil of laie. 
hit ia wele aene f ai folow him 
baf lease & mare, 
suche a man was neuer jet 
< sin aui werldis ware. 

IT hit is wonder grete to telle 

fe ferlis fat he mase 

we se f e folk alle fallia him til 

ouer alle quare he gas. 

alle our l^h he wille for-do. 

our awen folki alias. 

& aqua f ai wille agayne vs rise 

& be our maste fas. 

IT alle fis werlde is twraed now. 

tille him as je wele se. 

for-f i now rede I. salle joa giue. 

& herkenis alle to me. 

forou fia man hit ia f e sof 

fia weilde salle loate be. 

& he be slaine hit aalle be brojt 

in grete solenpnite. 

IT Bcttei- hit is fat a man dey, 

fen alle f e werlde be lorne 

andattefiailkihe«uabeihe' pino 

tane erly to mome. 

fat may nojt be done for folk*. 

if man Iiad hit squome. 

bot langer fen fis feate be done. 

be he nojt for-borne. 

1[ Ihesus preychaniJ ilk* a day. 

stably in temple stode. 

to fe mounte of oliuete 

ilk nijt he jode. 

fare he wif his disciplis lay. 

fujt him name squa gode 



For fis ieeus Jiat es sua wis 

and ala sua mekil of late. I5I24 
It es wele sene, all folns him, 

nu bath ^ les and ^e maie, 
Suilk a mane ■was neuer jeit 

aifen ani werldes ware; 15128 

[I]t ea grete wonder to tell, 

J)6 farlis fat he nu mas, 
we ae (le folk aUe fall tOl him 

ouerall quare he gas, 15132 

All vr lau he sal for-do, 

vr aaen folic alias 
Sal he do againes vs rise, 

and be vr mast fas. 15136 

[A] 11 fis world es turned 

till him als ;e nu mai se, 
For-^i mi lede i sal ju giue, 

and herkenes all to me. 15140 

Thoru [t]his man, Jris es Jie soth, 

fis world sal losen be. 
And he be slane, It aal ha hr[o]ght 

all into sauuete. 15144 

[B]etter it es fat a man del, 

fan all f o folk be lorn, 
And fat f is iLke ies^ be 

tano arli to mom. 15148 

fat mai nogbt done be for f is folk 

if men had it saora, 
Bot langei fan [lisfest be done 

ne bo he noght forbom." 15152 
[I]e«ud precband ilk dai 

etabli in fe temple stode, 
Hk night of oliuete 

to fat mount be ^ode ; 15156 

far ho wid his disciplis lai, 

for sua him thoght it gode, 

For fis ihesuB pat was ao wis 

& eo fer in lore 

Hit is sene f el folewen hint 

aUe bof e laase & more 

8uche anof ^ neuer was : 

sif any worldea wore 

Greet wondir is to telle ; 

his werkes monyone 

We se fe folke falle him to : 

pere as he haf gone 

Al cure lawe he wol fordo : 

& oure folke anone 

Wol he do vp on vs rise : pmttfl 

broke vs enery boon 

IT Al fis world is to him turned : 

as je now may se 

jjerfore my reed I wol jyue : 

heref now to me 

Bi fis mon fis is soof : 

fis world shal lost "be 

And he be deed hit ahal be broujl : 

al to sauete 

IT Better hit is fat oon mon deje ; 

fen al f e folk be lorn 

And fat fis ilke Ibeeus : 

be take erly to mom 

Hit may not be done bifore fis folk : 

f ou}o we had sworue 

But lenger fen fis feeat be done 

bef he not forborne 

IT Ihesus preehyng vehe day 

atably in temple stode 

Vche nyjte to olyuete ; 

to fat mount he jode 

fej* he wif his disciples lay : 

So him foujte gode 




And euCT' on dai pe folk he gaf 

O godda word fe fode. 15160 

IT QueD. )iat suet mighti king 

Waa conunen to fe tide, 
pat in his suete wil was aett, 

fat he for mana pride 15164 

Wald suffer piue and passion, 

Wald he na langer hide, 
Bot bnxnmh him-aelf be bedd 

Til all }at moght bi tide. 16168 
T Man! sari sight, i-wias, 

pax sane yn-til his hert, 
Jie fleche was dutand for to dei, 

pat kindli wald ha quert. 15172 
It was fill Bconand for fe sare, 

Ka selcut sa smert, 
^t es mikel charite 

For T8 [to] thole him gert 15176 
p6 thra dais waa lunnen yte. 

And pe ferth on hand, 
His disciplis, na eelli was, [ifa9,bk,«i.i] 

Bigon to be dutand. 16180 

"Sir," Jiai said, "yee tell it hna, 

And we sal vnderstand, 
Sal ani man 70W paakes dight 

Our-qaor in laud 1 " 15184 

|ie lanerd loked pum open, 

And anauard ]iam ful suete, 
" Gas til-ward p& ton," he aaid, 

" A man far yow sal mete, 15138 
A watrin vescel in hie hand, 

O-^aine yow fat atrett, 
Tee ga wit him, he aal yow bring 

Vntil a nin ful akete. 15192 

% Folua forth pat ilk man 

Sight in to fe bi ; 


& ener on day pe folk he gaf 
of godiies worde fe fode. 
' /~\ uen fat squete mijti king* 
Vst* waa eoTrtmjn to fat tide. 
fat in his squete wills was sette 
to deye for mannys pride. [ii»f7o,bubj 
wif grete pine & passiouw. 
walde he na langer bide. 
bot buxumly him-self he bede 
na ferfer walde he glide. 
IT Many sary aigfi I.-wis 
atanged til hia hert. 
f e flesshe was doutande for to dey. 
fat kindeli was in quert. 
hit was shonande for fe aaie, 
na aelcouf hit waa amert. 
fat hia mykil charite 
for vs to thole him gert. 
IT fe iij. dales was ronnyn oute. 
& fe firf on hande 
hia disciplis na selly waa. 
be-gan to be doutande. 
sir fai saide je tel now va. 
& we salle vnderstande 
salle men jon any paskia dt^ 
aure-quere in f ta lande. 
IT fe lorde loked am a-pon. 
& anaquared ham ful squete 
gaa vn-to }one toun he saide 
a man ^e salle per mete, 
a w&ter veaael in hia hande 
a-gajne 30a in f e atrete. 
je ga wif him he sal }ou bring 
in-to an in ful squete. 
IT folowes forf fat ilk man. 
al-way bi & by. 


And euer on dai fe folk lie gaf Euery day to folks lie jaf : 

of goddes word f» fode. 151 60 of goddes word fe fode 

[Q]uen |)at miete mightiful king IT whenne fat swete mijtj kyng : 

was comen to fat tide, was comen to ]iat tyde 

]iat ia bia auete will was sett, )}at in his ewete wille was set : 

Jjat he for manwes pride 15161 fat he for monnea pryde 

wold Buffir pine and passinn, Wolde anffei peyne & passioun : 

wald he no langsr bide. He wolde no lenger byde 

Bot busomli him-aelf he bedd But huxomly bim self he bed : 

tille all fat might bitide. 15168 to al fat wolde bityde 

Fnl mani aari aigh, i-wia, IT iFul mony aory aikyng : 

far sank tiUe bia berte, ^o eonke in to hia herte 

fe fleas was dutand for f e dede, Hts flesshe was doutyng for def ; 

fat kindli wald haue qnarte. 15172 fat kyndely wolde hane querta 

It was ful schonand for f e sare, hit was ful shonnyng for f e aoor : 

na selcuth sua amarte, & no wondir for smerte 

fat his mekil charite fat hia mnchcl cbarite : 

for va to thole him gart. 15176 for va to suffer bim gert 

[f]e thie dais was runnen vte IT J3e fre dayes were al gone : 

and f e ferde on hand, & f e ferf e on honde 

His diaciplis right na selli His disciples no wondir was : 

bigan to be doutand. 15180 bigon to be doutonde 

" Sir," f ai said, " je tell vs nu. Sir f ei seide telle va now : 

and we sail vnderstand, & we shul vndiratonde 

Sal we juu ani paskea dight Shul we any paske jou dijte : 

ouferquar in laud?" 15184 where in fia londe 

[f e] lauerd loked faim apon, H Jje lord loked hem vpon : 

and anauerd faim ful suete, & vnawerde hem ful awete 

" Gas till-ward f e tune," he said, Gof toward f e toujj be seide : 

" a man far aal je mete, 15183 amon shul }e fere mete 

A watrin veaael in hia hand, A watir vessel ia his hond ; 

againes fu je atrete, ajeynes }ou in fe atrete 

je ga wid bim, he aal ju bring Gof wif him he ahal jou bringe ; 

vntil ane in, ful skete. '15193 to an In ful mete 

[Fjolua forth fat ilk man IT Folewef forf fat ilke mon : 

right in to f e hij ; raekely fat je by 


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Til >e hmeri o }a.t has 

Yeo sai on mi parti, 16196 

Ji«t he yow wald len Bum place, 

To mab vi mangeri, 
And he Bol yow deliuer an, 

fat J)is be don priueli." 15200 

IT f ai went Jam forth in-to )e tun, 

Wit (lis man fai mette, 
Wit a vescel in his hand 

Water for to fette. 1520i 

He ledd fam til hie lauerd hus, 

Jwt darworthli f ai grett. 
And he ])sm lent an par chaiite, 

A celer in at ete. 15208 

IT Quen ]iis has waa commli dight, 

WaB pax na lang a-bide, 
Jbesits comme wit his felanscip, 

{tat littel luued pride. 16212 

It was a auete fernet, i-wiss, 

Was gaditd to^edir fat tide, 
|ie lauerd was to super sett. 

His felaua him bi-aeid. 15216 

U ludaa o fe tuelue was an 

Jrat o scarioth hight, 
Was ie«n crist oumener, 

Bot he was maledight 15320 

Wit fe luoa had he spoken. 

far-bi-foi a night, 
His aun lausrd f aim for to sell, 

Sua hasteli ala he might. 15224 
T f e laueril es to super aette, [«ji, ij 

f e mete al redi bun, 
Vp he lift his hali hand, 

And gaf fe benisun. 15228 

fan he tok f e bred and brack, 

Als it es redd in run, 

to f e lorde of fat hous 
je aay on my party. 
fat be walde lene vs sum soler 
to make our mangery. 
& be sal deliaer jou an. 
& fat fid priuely. 
T«ai went ham forf in-to fe toun 
'* sone wif f is man f ai mette, 
wifi a vessel in hia bande. 
waterfor to fette. 
be led ham til his lordis hous 
'fat derworfli fai gtette 
& he ham lent for charite 
a soler in atte ete. 
quen Jiis hous was cumli dijt. 
was fer na langer a-bide. 
ihti«us come wif his felawshepe 
atte htel loued fai pride, 
hit was a aquete company, 
was gedderred fer ftat tide. 
f e loide was to f e soper sette 
his folawes him be-side. 

ITdas of fa xij. was an. 
hia Burnome scaiiot hijt 
to ete wif ihemi he him setta 
& redi has him dijt 
wif fe iewas he had spokiu 
fer be-fore atte nijt. 
bis awen lorde for to sells, 
ala dere as ener he mijt. 
^ f e lorde is to fe soper sette 
fe mete is red y boun. 
vp he lift hie hali hands 
& gaf f e benisoun. 
fen he toke fe bred & brafe 
wif wordis nojt to rouu. 


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To po laaerd of fat hua all 

je Bai on mi parti, 15196 

fiat lie wald lene vs sum eeler, ivt«ii<ik] 

to make in vr mangeri, 
And he ju sal deliure ane, 

and [lat be done priuelL" 15200 
^]ai went ^aim forth vnto fe tune, 

wid pia man ]>ai mett, 
wid a Teasel in hia hand 

water for to fett 15204 

He ledd ]>aim till his lauerd hus, 

fat derworthli J?ai grett. 
And he faim lent por cherite, 

a celer in at ete. 15208 

[Q]uen fis hue was cumli dight, 

was Jiar na langer bide, 
Jesus come wid his felauschip, 

pat littel luud pride. 15212 

It was a Buete famet, i-wiss, 

was gedrid psa pat tide, 
pB lanard was to jie aoper sett, 

his fclaus him biaide. 15216 

ludas of pe tuelue was ane 

fat akaiioth hight, 
was ieffiw cristes aumonei 

bot be was maledight. 15220 

wid fe inuns had he spoken 

fiar bifor a night, 
His auen laue^-d [laim for to selle, 

als heili als he might. 15224 

[))]6 laxierd es to fe super sett, 

pQ mete all redi bune, 
Tp he lift his hali hand, 

and geue pe benisune. 15228 

fan he toke fe brede and brack, 

als it redd in rune, 


To f e lord of fat hous : 

seif on my party 

})at he lene vs som seler : 

to make in maungery 

And he jou shal delyuer oon : 

& fat ful pijnely 

IT f ei went forf into fe toun ; 

wif fis mon f ei mette 

Wif a vessel in his hond 

watir wif to fette 

He lad hem in to lus lordea hous : 

& f ei him feire grette 

And he hem lent a seler : 

At mete in to be sette 

IT Whenne fis houa was comly dijte : 

per was no lenger abyde 

Ihesus coom wif his felawea : 

pat litil loved pride 

Hit was a awete company : 

was gedered at fat tyde 

fe lord was to aoper set : DMfM,bMk] 

his felowes him biaide 

IT ludas of fo twelue was oon 

fat Bcarioth hi3t 

IhesuB Aumenere he was : 

but be was maled^t 

Wif f 6 iewes had he spoken ; 

bifoie on fat nijt 

hia owne lord for to selle : 

as fully as he myjt 

^[ f e lord waa to f e sop^- set ; 

f e mete al redy boun 

Vp he toke his holy bond : 

& jaf f 6 benesouM 

f enno he toke f e breed & brak : 

as hit is red in toun 


Til bis diaciplLB he it delt, 15231 

And eaid faim fis samum ; — 
" Takes and etes o }iis bred, 

For fless ))an es it mia 
)tat aal ])is ilk aighi be don 

For yow to uiikel pine." 15236 

Si]! en Jte cbalice rp be l^bt, 

And blisced als fe win, 
And gaf ftam alle (>ar-of to drino, 

fat derworthi drigbtin. 152iO 

IT " Drinckea all o p'm," he said, 

" For-qui it es mi blod 
fat for yow fan sal be accdd, 

And for man-kind on rod." 15244 
Quen sant lohn, bie cosin dere, 
■ (lia wordea vnderstod. 
On bis lauerd brest he sleped 

For menging of his mod. 1524S 
IT " Vnderstandea cjuat i sai, 

Mi brefer," coth iesa, 
" Gladli vnderfang fe gift 

pat I yow here giC nu. 15252 

I sal noght o na siiilkin drino 

For-soth drinc wit yow, 
Til we be sameu in mi Idng-rike, 

Giuon i haf a wou. 15256 

IT To mi foder fat wons far-in 

jiider i sal yow lede, 
And wtt neu mete fat far sal be, 

"Wit-al I sal yow fede. 15260 

And o mi drinc fat i sal 

Drinc to yow for yur mede ; 
For fat i sdi yow her wit word, 

far sal yee find in dede. 15264 

IT MLsmai yow noght, mi brefer dere, 

Quat-sum yee her or se, 


til his diaciplis he hit brak' 

& saide ham fis sarmoun. 

IT Takis & etis of fis brede 

for flessife fen hit is mjne, 

fat salle fis ilk ni^t be led 

for jou to Bufire pine. 

eifen fe cbalis out he I^t 

& ble^ed als f e wyne. 

& gaf ham alle for to drinlt', 

fat derworf drijtyne. 

H drinkia alle of f ia he saide 

for quy hit is my blode. 

fat for jou hit salle be shed. 

& for mankia on rode. 

quen seynt lohfl his cosyn. 

f es wordea Tnderstode. 

on his lordea breat he slepped 

for sorouing* of his mode 

IT Tnderstandia quat I. jou say. 

now brefer qaof ihe»ii. 

gladli Tnderfange f e gift. 

fat I. here ^f )ou now. 

I. salle nojt of na suchekin diink 

na mare drink wif 30U. 

til we be sajTimyn in my kingrike 

ginen I. bane a vow. 

f To my fader atte is fare pmtTi] 

fidder I. salle jou lede. 

& of my new mete I. salle. 

freli wif JOU fede. 

& of my new drink alsqua. 

drink je salle to mede. 

& fat I. say jou here in worde 

far salle je hnde in dede. 

IT Dismay jou nojt my brefer dere 

quatsim je here or se. 


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To his discipUa he hit toke : 

& aeide fia sermoun 

ir Take)> & ete> of fis breed : 

for flesahe ia hit myne 

Pat ehal fia same iiy;t be lad ; 

for jou to mychel pjne 

Sijjen fe chalis vp he toke : 

& bleaaed fat wjne 

And jaf hem alle Jwrof to dryuks : 

ful dere to deuyne 

IT Drinkeji alle of pis he seide ; 

for whi hit ia my blode 

Jjat for jou shal be shed ; 

& for nonkynde on rodo 

Wheiime seynt Ion his good cosyn : 

f eae wordea yndirstode 

He fel on alepe to cristis brest : 

for mengyng of his mode. 

IT Vndiratondeji wat I jou say : 

my brefer seide he now 

Gladly toke ;e fat jifte : 

fat I jyue for joure prow 

I shal not of suche drinke : 

drinke foi sof e wif jow 

Til wa bo samen in my kyngdome : 

jyuen I haue a vow 

% To my fadir fat is f er in : 

f ider I shal jou lede 

And of my mete fat fere shal be : 

ferwif shal I jou fede 

And of my drinke fere ehal je drinke ; 

to JOU for joure mede 

For fat I saye jou hero wif word ; 

fere shul je fynde in dede 

f Demaye jou not brefer dere : 

what 80 je here or se 


Till his disciplia he it redd, 15231 

and said faim f ia sarmnne : — 
" [T]akea and ete of fis bredd, 

fur fiesae fan es it mine, 
fat eal fis ilk night be ledd 

for ju to mekil pine." 15236 

Sifen f [e] chalis Tp he toke, 

and bliaced als fe wine, 
And gaue faim aU f ar-of to drinc, 

fat derworth drightine. 15240 

" [DJtinkea alle of fis," he asaid, 

"for-qui it ea mi blode, 
fat for JU fan aal be sched, 

and for man-kin on rode," 15241 
Quen saint iohn, his dere cosine, 

fir wordes Tnferstod, 
On hia lauerd hreist he elepe 

fo[r] menging of his mod. 152i8 
" [vjnderstandes quat i ju say, 

Mi brefer," said iesu, 
" Gladly vnderfauges fat gifte 

fat i here giue ju. 15252 

I sal nogbt of na auilkin drinc, 

drinc forsoth wid )u, 
Till we be samen in mi kingnte, 

giuen i haue a you. 15256 

[T]o mi fader fat es far-in, 

fider i sal ju lede. 
And of mi mete fat far sal be, 

wid-aU i sal ju fede. 15260 

And of mi drinc far aal i drinc 

to JU for jur mede, 
For fat i sai ju here wid word, 

far sal js find it in dede. 15264 
[MJismai ju noght, mi breder dere, 

quatr^nm je here or se, 



^e traitoor ^at me tray saL 
araonge ^oa here is he. 
ilkan on o}sr ]iai be-helde 
quilk of V9 may be. 
Lot h.e )iat etis of my disahe 
he salle be-kays me. 

Mr leue brejier & frendis ala. 
je be nojt ferde be aaide. 
fid Tvele L wate J>e quilk of jou. 
ft tresoun has puruaide. 
J)at I bued he salle me tiray. 
))e gate hit is alle graide. 
he may say wale-a-way his wirda 
Jtat be-fore him hie laide. 
IT quen )at fia aoper Tnis al done, 
iheaus rase of his aete. 
hot his disciplis fat ware sete,' 
nane vprise he lete. p «a Mtie o.*o 

wif a tonel he him belt* 
his side sitande fol mete. 
•wip a bassin he 'water brojt 
for to waashe faire fete. 
IT )>e mekenes of Jiia aquete IheE4 
Btiche herde men neuer tella 
^at bowed squa bis loidehede 
to ham )iat waa his jirelle. 
be-for hia disciplis fete 
mekeli doun he felle. 
of suche seniise ham ]mjt selcoufi. 
& aaide certaue we uelle. 
V criste aaide pea & lete me nojt. 
to wesshe ;out fete be-dene 
& wif bis towel ofterwanJ 
he wiped ham ful clene. 
quen he to saint petre come, 
per he sette ham he-twene. 


)« traitut piA me trai sat, 15367 

Emang va her es he." 
nkaa on o)ier ]iai biheld, 

" Quilk of bus mai fia be ) " 
"Bot he fat etes o mi dische,* 15271 

He sal be-trais me. [i»fBi,r»i.i] 

Mi leif brejtej and frendes ala, 

Yee be noght radd," he aaid, 
" Fill wel i wftt (le qnilk o yow 

fe treauu has puruaid. 15276 

fat i ha luued, he sal me trai, 

f e gait it OS al graid, 
He mai sai wirdes waiid 

fat forwit him es laid." 15280 

Qufn fia super- was all don, 

lesu^ ras of his sette, 
Bot his disciplis fat war sett 

Nan vp-rise be lete. 15284 

Wit a tuell he belted him 

His side sitand ful mete. 
Wit a basin be broght wato-, 

Fofto wasche fair fete. 15288 

f e mekenes o f is suet ieem, 

Sailk herd man neuer tell, 
fat bi^hed sua his lauerdhede 

To boiumnes o threlL 15292 

For-wit hu disciplis fete 

Ful freindli he fell, 
ali aeruis was [na] selcut 

fai wondird fam emeli 15296 

Fiist wit water be fam wesohe 

^Ue fair fete bedene, 
Aud wit hia tueil efterward 

fair fete he weped elene. 15300 
Quen he til sant petie com 

far he sait fam bitnene, 


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))e traitonr fat mo traye shal : 

among jon here ia he 

Vchone on ojiere (>o bihelde ! 

whiche of vs may hit be 

He ^at ete^ of my disahe : 

lie shal bitraye me. 

IT Leue hrefer aad frondes ; 

bej not ferde he seide 

Wei I woot whiche of 3011 : 

fte tresonn haf purueide 

^t I haue loued ahal me bitray : 

fe weye is redy greide 

He may eeye weile way his burth : 

for wo to him b leide 

IT whenne Jiis sopere was al don : 

ihesui rooa of his seta 

But his disciples seten. stille : 

noon vp rise he lete 

Wif a twaile he gurde him : 

sittyng to him ful mete 

And in a bassyn watir broiijt : 

for to wasshe her fete 

V Suche mekenea as |iis lord had : 

herde men neticr eer ne shalle 

pat bowed so hie lotde hede : 

to buxomnes of {iialle 

Bifom his disciples fete : 

frely dud he falle 

Of his seruyae [rei had seIcou]> : [if m] 

& wondride Jieronne alle 

IT Crist wif watir he |)ennfl wesshe : 

alle het feet hi dene 

And wi)) his cloo)i aftirward : 

wipud hem ful clene 

Whenne Jiat he to petur coom : 

fero he sat hem bitweue 


^e traitur ^t me trai sal, 

amang jn here es he." 15268 

Ilkan on o}ier Jiai biheld, 

" quilk of vs mai fis be 1 " 
" Bot he fat etts of mi disse, 

he sal bitn'ase me. 15273 

[M]i leue brefer and freind, 

bes noght rad," he said, [if ti»J 

" Ful wele i wat qiiilk of )u, 

fe tiesuu has puruaid. 15276 

Jiat i haue luued, he sal me trai, 

fs gate it es all graid, 
He mai sai walawa ! his wetd 

fat forwid him es laid." 15280 

[Q]uen fat f ia super was aMe done, 

ieaun ras vte of his setc, 
Bot his disciplis fat war sett 

ane vp -rise he lete. 16284 

wid a tuel he belted 

hia sidea aittand mete, 
wid a bacine he water broght, 

forixj waaae fair fete. 15288 

[f ]6 mekeaea of fia suete iesu, 

suilk herd men neuer tell, 
fat bued sua his lauerd-hede 

to buxumnea of therlL 15292 

Forwit his diaciplis fete 

fill freindli he fell, 
Of auilk aeruie waa na selouth 

fai wondrid faint emell. 15296 
[FJrist wid watir be faim wess 

all fair fete bidene, 
And wid hia tiiel efter-ward, 

wiped faim all clene. 15300 

Quon he come to saint petir fai 

he satt faim bitueno, 



His fote ful tite he til him tite, 15303 

Him schamed it was well sene. 
' Lauerd," he said, " quat wil f ou doo 1 

Fra mi fete do ^in hand, 
Ne sal Jiou neuer waache mi fete 

Quils i am man liuand." 15308 

" Peria, if i ne fe wasche," he said, 

"I wil J)ou vnderstand, 
Sa! f ou haf na part wit me 

O blia fat es laatand." 15312 

IT Jjat coth pons " to be tide, 

hauerA, it ai foi-bede 
!Noth fete allan, hot hefd and hand, 

Ar to wasche i bede." 15316 

" He Jiat has his bodi dene," M. q 

le^ug said, " es na nede 
^t he do wasch oght hot his fete, 

For sample tas ini dede. 16320 

IT Eerkens nu," he said, " mi freindes, 

Jie thing i tell yow sail. 
Me y«r maister yee bi-clepe, 

And yur lauerd jee call. 15324 
Sotht it es flat sal be sene, 

Sli dai yeitt sal fall. 
For a forebiaining nu your fete 

fiis haf i weschen alL 15328 

IT Sin i fot lauerd and maister ea 

Has JiQS-gat seruid yuu, 
Lok ilkan til ofer o yow, 

{lat yee als brejier bo, 15332 

fe seruis al i yow ha don ; 

All ha yee sene it hu, 
Dos wel for i sal noght lang 

Wit yow duell Iia nn. 16335 

IT Mi leif hrefer, i yow for-bede 

Jat prid be yow a-mangi 


his fote fnlle tite til him be tite 

him shamed hit was wele sene. 

IT lorde he salde quat wiltow do, 

do fra my fete ^i hande. 

J>ou wasahis ham uojt sicuroli. 

pe quilest I. am liuande 

Peria if I ne ^e wasshe he sfude 

I. wiUe )iou vnderstande. 

aal lion hane na part wip me 

of blis ])at is lastande 

IT Jiat quoft peris to be-tide 

lorde I. hit for-bede. 

nojt fete alle-an bot heued fee- to 

& hende ))on wasse to mede. 

he J»at has hia bodi dene 

ihe«iis saide is na nede. 

[i^t he do wasshe ojt bot fete 

for ensaumple takis my dede. 

IT herkenis me saide he my frendis 

Jte fing* I, telle jou salle 

me ^oar maister je me bi-clepe. 

& jour lorde ;e calle. 

Eof hit is )iat sal be sene 

suche a day sal ialle. 

& for ensaumple joure fete 

)ius haue I. wasshen alle. 

f Sin I. |iat loide & maister is. 

has [>us-gate serued jou. 

loke Ukan til ofer 

fat je als hreper bow. 

fe seruis fat I. haue jou done 

alle haue je aene ho' 

doa wele for I. sal ni 

wif 50U dwelle fra now. 

My leue brofer I. jou for-beile 
fat pride be jou a-mang* 

t lang-. 

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His fote fill tite till him lie titt 

him, schamed wele was sene. 15304 
" [LJftuerd," he said, " quat ee pi will 1 

do fra mi fete pi hand, 
Ku sal ^u neuei wasse mi fet« 

to-quiles i am man liuand." 15308 
" Perifl, if i ne wasse," he said, 

" i wil f u vnderstaDd, 
Sal pu haue na part wid me 

of blifl pai 03 lastand." 15312 

[f ]at said peris to bitid, 

" lauerd, i ai forbede 
Koght fete allane, bot hefd aad hend, 

er to wase i bede." 15316 

" He fat hafa his bodi clene," 

ieeus said, " ee na nedo 
pat he do wash aght bot his fete ; 

for sample tas mi dede. 15320 

[U]erkeaee me, mi freindes, 

pe Jiing i telle ju sail, 
Me JUT maistii je clepe, 

and JUT lauerd je call. 15324 

Soth it ea pat sal be eene, 

Suilk dai p&a sal it fall, 
YoT a forbiaeneng na jur fete 

;as haue I washen alL 16328 

[S]i)ieii i ])at lauerd and maistlr es 

has f us-gat Beroid jn, 
Loke ilkaa of ju tiU o^er, 

pat je als brejiei bu. 15332 

p& Bemis p&t i haue p done, 

all haue je sene it hu, 
Po8 wele for i sal noght lang 

duell wid ju fra rni. 15336 

[M]i leue brefer, i ju forbede 

pride be ju emang, 


His feet soone to him he diowje : 

him shamed pat was sene 

IT Loid he eeide what is f^i wille : 

do &o my feet ))i honde 

Shaltou neuer wasshe hem : 

whil I am mon lyuonde 

Fetur but I hem wassbe he seide : 

I wol ^u vndirstonde 

Shal poji haue no port wi^ me : 

in my blisse beonde 

IT pat seide petur to bitide : 

lord poa hit forbede 

Kot feet allono but heed & hond : 

wasahe to gete mede 

He fat ha)) hia body dene : 

Seide iheivs is no nede 

To wasshe no )ung but hia feet : 

for ensaample in dede 

IT Herkeneji me my feendes : 

of piag I telle }ou shalle 

Me joure maistii je clepe : 

& jouTB lord }e calle 

Soof hit is & shal be sene : 

suche day shal bifalle 

For ensaumple now joure fete : 

f us haue I wasshen alle 

IT Sif I Jiat lord & maistir is : 

haue pna I senied jow 

Loke vchone of jou to opers : 

pat je as breferen bow 

pQ seruise fat I haue ;ou don : 

alle haae je seen hit how 

I>oJ» wel for I wol not longe : 

dwelle wij) jou fro now 

H My leue hteper I jou for bode : 

pat pride be }ou a mong 


Tee baf me folud hider-to 

Tuelue in mikel thrang. 16340 

Bot an o jow Jiia ilk night 

Sal do me mikel wrang ; 
To-mom dal sal i b« dempt 

On rods tre to hang ; ISZii 

I sal be ded, and I eal rise, 

Jiat-to sal noght be lang." 
% Quen )iai herd )>at he Buld dei, 

And thora fair treaun, 16348 

And }at hie bodi Buld be Ugbt 

His iaa |iat var felun, 
And ))at he sold a-pon )ie rode 

Thole herd passiun, 15352 

Qua suld do fis suike, ilkan 

Of o])er bad mistrun. 
Soiful )>ai yam bicom emell, 

])ar-of )iai bad resun. 15356 

V Jran spak peria first of all, 

" Lauerd, to mo Jrou aai, 
If Juu sais it oght be me 

Qiuir i >an sal )>e trai ) 15360 

Or wat i qna fvi traitur es 

)>at Boa )« Inued has ai 1 " 
'Yr laaerd sueteli bis ananar BBid, 

"Nai, fou leif peris, nai, 15364 
Pot in )da felauscip es be, 

He mai sai -walawai I [< [arB^iik,<»i.i] 
IT Fill walwa I Jian mai he sing, 

fat cursed, ful o care, 
And walwa 1 fan mai aeo sai 15369 

fe model fat him bare. 
To mare blis it had him ben 

Vnborn if fat he ware. 15372 

I sal yow tecbe bim for to knan 

Wit mistniing namare, 


j6 baue me folowed hiddei-to. 

je xij. in mykil frange. 

bot an of jou f is ilk nijt 

salle do me mucbe wrange 

to-morne day salle I. be dampned 

on a cros to hange. 

I. salle be dede & rise fer-to. 

sal hit nojt be lange. 

IT quen fai berde atte be sulde dey. 

& fat f orou faire tresoun 

& atte his body Bolde be ta3t 

his las fat ware felou?!. 

& atte he aulde a~pon fe rode 

thole harde passioun. 

qua sulde do fia aquike ilkaue. t'^^"- 

of ofer fai had miatronn. 

& soroufulli fai come to-geder 

fer-of fai had resonn. 

% fen apac peris first of alle 

lorde to me f ou say 

if f ou saia bit ojt be me 

quef er I salle f e tray- 

or wate L quat f e traitour is, 

fat sqna has loued f e ay. 

oure lorde squetely ansquared. 

saide nay fou leue peris nay. 

for in fia felawsbepe is he 

be may say waleaway. 

IT fful waleaway may be sing* 

fat cursed ful of care. 

& weleaway mai he say. 

f e moder atte bim bare. 

to mare blis hit bad bim bene 

vn-bome if atte be ware 

I. salle jou teyche him for to knaw. 

wif mistrowning* na mare. 



3e haue me folud Lidreto 

tuelue in mekil thrang. 15340 

Bot ane of ^u ^ia ilk night 

Sal do me mekil wiang j 
To-mom fan sal i dampnid be 

on Tode tre to hang ; 15344 

I sal dei, and i sal rise, 

|iar-to sal nt^ht be lang." 
[Q]uen fM herd ]iat he euld del, 

and thoia )iair tiesus, 1534S 

And fat his bodi suld be taght [ir ita, i>iii 

hJa faa fat waxe felun, 
And fat he auld apon f e rode 

thole haid passiiin, 15352 

Qua snld do fia, auike ilkane 

of ofer had mistroan. 
And sorfol f ai bicome f aim emelle, 

f ai-of fai had resun. 163C6 

[f Jan spac petir first of all, 

" lauerd, to me f n aai, 
Quejier fu sais it oght bi me 

qiie>er i eal >o bi-trail 15360 

Quef er wat i qoa f i truitur es 

Pskt sna ^e luued has ai 1 " 
TT lauerd aoetli gaue bini ansuar, 

"nai fu, peris, nai, 15364 

Bot in f is felaschip es he ; 

he mai sing of wailwai I 
[F]ul wala'nai I fan mai he sing, 

fat cursed, ful of care, 15368 

And walawai I als mai echo sai 

f e moder fat him bare, 
To more blia it had him bene 

vnbom if he ware. 15372 

I sal ju teche him for to knau 

mistrouuing wid na mare, 


je haue me folwed hidurto ; 

je twelue in muchel frong 

Oon of jou fis ilke nyjt : 

Shal do me machel wrong - 

To moiwe shal I demed he : 

on Tode tre to hong 

I shal deje & aftir rise : 

ferto shal be not long 

V whenne f ei heide fat he ahulde deje : 

foni^e oon of her tresonn 

And fat his body ahulde he take : 

wif his foos feloun 

And als he shulde on fe rode : 

suffui haide passioon 


. . nogapinTrinitij^ Laud MSS.] 

To aoTwe aadlj in her herte : 

fo were f ei ful boun 

H f enne spake petur fmste of alle : 

lord to me f ou say 

Wher f ou seist hit oujt bi me : 

fat I shal f e bi tray 

whef er woot I who f i traitour is : 

& I haue louede f e ay 

Oure lord awetely him vnswerde : 

& seide petur nay 

But in fis felowshipe is he : 

he may saye weyleway 

H weyleway f enw« may he synge : 

fat cursed ful of care 

And f e same may she say : 

f e modii fat him bare 

To more blisse hit had him bene : 

Tnbome if he ware 

I ahal jou teche him to knowe ; 

f ouje fat he now dare 



Her efterward yeit sal yee k, 

Ful il sua sal he fare. 
V He (tat i to wete )« bred, 

pat Ok es he, J>at baald ; " 
ludas opend ftm hia muth 

ar he pat to was cald, 
Son it was fiat morsel bun, 

be dtght it als he wald, 
And ludas suelid it onan, 

flat ei)iea his maistet said. 

here eflorwarde jet Balls je se. 
15376 ful il atte he Balls faHe. 

V qua of me takis ^is brede 
)iBt ilk ia hs Jiat balds 
ludas opened ^en is mou]) 

15380 or he per-to was calds. 
eone hit was pe mOTsel boun 
be di}t hit as he walde. 

& ludaa squolowde hit anoun. 

15381 ^at si^en his maister salde. 

[The Betrayal and Last Hours of Cliristl 

% Vte of vr Uuerd hand hall 

fe morsel laght ludaa. 
Wit pat ilk morsel he laght, 

crep iu him sathanas. 
Of all venim and of envi 

ful kindeld vp he ras, 
Fra pam. hs ran him ilk fote, 

ne yods he noght ]»e pas 
Til he come him til jiat in, 

))ai wonde sir caiphaa, 
par he ))e luua befoi him land, 

hia aun lauerd fas. 
He flat suilk a lauerd foi-aok 

mai aai ful mani alas ! 
ir Quen fiis traitur til Jiam come, 

in consail he fiam fand, 15400 

Hu ])at moght vr lauerd tak, 

(lai wald him haf in hand, 
^i asked ludaa quat he wald t 

be said, " to bring ti}iand 
lesua )ie prophet quat to find, 

)iat yse St sua jemand. 
Quar his innes ar to night 

wel i can yow bring, 


IT Out of OUT lordes hali hande 

Jie morsel toke ludas 

& wi^ pat ilk snade he lajt 
16388 crepped in him sathanas. 

ful of venutn & euuy. 

fill kiudeled vp hs ras 

fra ^an he lanns him ilka fote 
15393 jode he nojt a pas 

til he come til fiat in 

per woned caiphaa 

fe ieww« rijt per he fiinde 
15396 pai ware hia lords fiis. 

he fiat him for-soke 

may say ful many alias. 

auen ]>is traitour til ham come. 
Id conaaile he ham fande. 
how }iai mujt our lorde take 
fiai walde him haue in hande 
fiai asked ludas quat he walde 

15401 he saide to bringi tifiande 

Ih««U3 )>e pmphete for to £nde 

fiat js ar jemands. 

% quate his innee ar to-nijt 

16408 ful wele I. con jou bring" 



Here eftirwaid sous sal }e se, 

ful ille ])an sal he fare. 
[HJe pat i to wite fe brede, 

fat ilk ea he, pat bald ; " 
ludas opind pan his moutb 

are be par-to was cald, 
Sons pan was pat morsel bune, 

be dight it als be waJd, 
And iudas suelud it on-ane, 

Here aftir soone Bbol }e Be : 
15376 ful euel shal be fare 

IT He pat I to take pis breed : w»,vkl 

hit ie be to bibalde 

ladas opened po bis moup : 
16380 ar be perto -were calde 

Soone was pat mossel bonn : 

be dijt bit as he walde 

And Indas swolewed bit a doun : 

pat Bjden bis maistir said. 15384 & sipen his lord salde 

[The Betrayal 
pr]te of vr lau«nl ball band 

pe morsel lagbt iudas, 
wid pat ilk snade be lagbt, 

croupe in bini sathanas. 
Of all venime and eneui 

fol kindeld vp be ras, 
Fra pan he lan him ilk fote, 

ne jede he noght a pas 
Till he come to pat in 

par waned in sir caipbas, 
par he pe iuua forwid fand, 

his auen lauerd ias. 
He pat suilk a laoerd foisok 

'}Sai sai ntani alias ! 
[Q]uen pis tiaitui to paim come, 

in consail be paim &ad, 
Hu pai might vr lauerd take, 

pai wald him baue in band. 
pai askid iudas quat be wald ] 

he said, " to bring tifand 
Jega pe propbete quaie to find, 

je ei sua nu gienaud. 
[QJoar bis innee as to night 

fill wele i can ju bring, 

6S oOniNaGN 

and Last Hours of Christ.'] 

IT Out of ouie lordis holy bond : 
pat mossel caujt ludaa 
Wip pat Uke same breed : 

16386 in to him crepte satbanas 
Of al venym and of envye ; 
ful kyndeled he ivas 
Fro penne be ran vcbe fote : 

15392 jode be not a pas 

Til he coom to pat In : 

pere woned eayphaa 

pere be pe lewes bifom fond : 

15396 in pat same plae 

He pat sucbe a lord for soke : 

my;te seye moay alias 

IT wbenne pat tiaitoui to hem coom : 

15100 in counsel be hem fonde 

How pei mijte oure lord take : 
pei wolde him baue in honde 
pei asked Iudas what be wolde : 

16404 he eeide I bringe tiponde 

Thesa pe prophete where to fynde : 
pat mucbe is jou grenonde 
IT where his in is to nyjt : 

16408 wel I con jou bringe 


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If yee me oght of yura giue, [in. s] quat wil jo me to made giue. 

))at i wijt for quat thing, I wil knaw quat JiiHg*. 

la haades ;ur i sal Mm teche ; In haadea jouikb L ealle him teydxo 

Hald yee it na hethiug." 15112 haldes hit for na hewing 

All fai said to aii ludas, alle Jiai saide to aii Indas. 

"|)ou art a dughti diing, [maiiui*! Jioa art a dujti dring*. 

And godder'hali^ })an eal ^n se, & godei haile saltow Be. 

For luue o ]iis techeing." 16416 for loue of ^i ti|)ing< 

V Jiia marchaudiB, lauerdinges leif, if ^U marchandis lordingM leue 
Had we of mikel node, bad we of mikil nede. 

Bot to )>aim ]iat ]ib cheping did, bot to ham atte ))e cheping dide 

it fel to mikel vnspede, ' 15i20 hit fel to mikil vnapede 

])ai aaked ludas qttat he wald Jiai askid ludaa ({uat he waldo 

ask |iam for his mede. haue vn-to his mede. 

And he fat traitur fell, fam said, & ]wt fel traitour saide 

"bot thritti penis (^ede." 15424 bot xxx. penis gnede 

if " Mak fou us seker of him, her lo 1 make f ou vs Biker of him here 

fe penia we f e bode ; " ]o pB penis we bede. 

" Qttat sekemes nu wil yee more 1 quat sikemes wil je maie, 

til him i Bal yow lede ; 15428 til him I. sal )ou lede. 

Quar ahute a-bide yee nu, gif me Jie platis & go we now 

bot go we better spede," & hast ue bettn- epede. 

" And yee him sal haf at your will, [ 

if i mai right rede." 15432 . no gap in Fairfax ^ Laud MSS.'] 

V Qiien Jiie wreche IndaB fas /~\ uen fis wiecched ludas f us 
receiued had his fang, \^ leeceyued had his fange. 

'^ Comes forth, god men," he said, come for]) godemen he saide. 

" qui duel yee sa lang) 15436 quy dwelle je now ea lange. 

fai armed Jtam ]ian al pnueli, - fai armed ham alle priueli 

for to ma yum Strang, for to make ham etrange. 

Wit suerd and ax and wapeiid wel, [ 

and als wit Btaf and stang. 15440 . no gap in Fairfax ^ Laud MSS.^ 

IT Queu ])ai war anned in ])«t curt, quen )iai ware armed in )>at court 

ludas ^am Btod omang ; ludas stode amang< 

]ie traitor fale fan said to faim, f e traitour fals ))en saide til ham 

" wit me nu sal yee gang, 15444 wif me now salle je gMige 


,, Google 

If je me oght of jtiies giae, 

yt i wit for qoat ^ing, 15410 

In iJif handis i sal >iiTn teoKe ; 

hald ;e it na heting." 
All )iai said to sir iudas, 

"fu ert B, di^hti diing, 15414 

And goderhale nu Bal Jiu Be, 

for luue of fia chijiiiig.' " ^'^uJiS^' 
[fi]i8 maxchandis, laue/'dinges leae, 

had we of mekil neda, 15418 

Bot to ^aim ))at ^e cheping did, 

it fell to mekil vnnsp[e]de. 
fiai aakid iudaa qnat he trald 

aske )iaim for his mede. 15422 

And be, fiat traitur fell, paitu said, 

"bot thritti penis gnede." ptMnM] 
' " Make ^u t3 sikii of bim, lo ! here 

fe penis wo fie bode;" 15426 

"Quat aekemeB nu will je marel 

till bim i sal ja lede ; 
Quar abute a-blde je nu, 

bot go we better spede." 15430 


. . . . no gap in Uie MS^ 
[Q]uen Jia wrecba iudas fos 

lescaiued had his fang, 15434 

" ComeB foitb god men," he said, 

" nu, qui duell je sua lang ? " 
))ai arnud ^aim all pn'ueli, 

all for to make ftalm strain 15438 


■ . . . no gap in the JtfS.] 
Quen fiai war armed in fiat cuit, 

iudaa ^aim atod amang ; 15442 

fie traituT fals ^an said to fuum, 

" wid me fiau sal ^e gang, 


If je wol oujte of jourea jyue : 

fienire woot I for what ^inge 

In t-D 3oiire hondes I shal bint take : 

holde hit no lesynge 

Alle J)ei seide to Sir Iudaa ; 

fiou art to TB lottjngo 

A good bugeyn hastou made : 

welcom to ^is gederynge 

IT fiLB marchaundise lordyngee alle 

bad we to myehel nede 

But to hem fat fie cbepyng made ; 

hit fal to mycbe vnapede 

Iudaa f ei seide what woltou baue : 

of va for fi mede 

And he Jat traitour feloiui seide : 

but firitty pens in dede 

Make tb fiei seide siker of him ; 

))o pens here we fie bede 

What aikemes he aeide wol }e moie : 

to hjrp I wol jou lede 

Wher aboute abyde je now ; 

go we better spede. 


. . ■ . no gap in the J/S.] 
% wheniie fiis wrecche Iudaa ; 
had his moaey fonge 
Comefi fotfj he seide fo : 
why J9 dwells bo longe 
ftei aimed hem soone pn'uely : 
for to make hem atronge 


no gap in the M8^ 

Wheniie fei were armed in fut court t 
Iudas hem stood amonge 
}}e traitour ials sdde hem to : shul je gonge 




{le man |iat i youu sal biteche, 

abute him haa gret thrang, 
A taken |)an i sol youu giue, 

fat yee aal nogbt ga wi&ng. 15448 
f Knau yee fe man p&t yee aal tak 

bi nigbtl" J>ai said "nai." 
" Quarwit Jat he aal knaun be 

a taken i sal yow aaL 15452 

^t ilk man yee se me kis, 

hand on him yee lai, 
^For )iat es he yee ga to eeke." 16456 

"it sal be don," coth Jtai. V iti».aai.ii 
" For to bails him fair i eal 

ga furth wit yow ynr wai, 
And lok yee folu me nere hand." 

" And sua we sal, paifai ! " 15460 
"))at time ))at yee me ae Iiim kis, 

lais hand on him onau, 
Ee haa wit him sum men, i-wiss, 

bot armed es far nan. 15464 

If jioi bigin fam for to weir, 

yee lok ^t all be slan ; " 
Sailk was fe talking o fat traitur, 

to do his lauerd be tan. 15468 

Ha ! quat Jiis tiaitur iudas was 

vnkind bath and felun, 
yat }viB his suete lauerd eoght 

vn-to dampnacioD, 15472 

Bettiw had him ben to ha hen ded, 

or ben wit batail bun, 
fan wit a kissing on fis wiaae, 

him haf dun sli tresun. 15476 

Bot Bene es nu he seraed ar 

his moder malisun. 
Ha ! Jioa ludaa, traitur, thef^ 

feluneat inlede! 15480 


fe man fat I. jou sal be-teyche 

aboute him baa grete fiang*. 

for f i takin I. salle jou giue 

atte je ga nojt wrange. 

V koaw je f e man fat je sal tak« 

be nijt fai eaide nay 

quar-wif fat he ealle knawen bo 

a takin I. aalle )oa say. 

fat ilk man ;e se me kisse iiufTij 

joor hande on him je lay 

for fat is he we ga to soke 

hit sal be done quof fal 

for til hails him faire L salle. 

ga forf wif jou in way 

& loke )e folow me nerehande 

3UB fai eaide parfay. 

^ f e quilist fat je me ae him kia. 

lay hande on him a-nane. 

he has wif him sum men L-wis 

hot armed is fer nane. 

if fai be-gyn ham to were. 

loke fai alle he slane. 

Buche was f e talking* of fat tiaitour 

to do his lorde be tane. 

If A qaat f is traitour Iudas was 

Tukinde baf & feloun. 

fat f ua his squete lorde ao}t. 

vn-to dampnacioun, 

better him had bene, to be dede '. 

or bene wif bataile houn 

fen wif a kissing' of aucbe wise 

him haue done f is tiesoun. 

hit semis now he serued are. 

hia model mahaoun. 

IE A fou Iudas traitour thefe 

falBeat in any lede. 



]>e man )iat i sal }a bitheche, 

a-bute him has grete thiang, 
])ar-for a takeining i ;u giue, 

fat je ga nt^ht wrang. 15448 

[Kjnau je Jw man fat je sal take 

hi nigbtl" (lai said "nay," 
" Qiiar-wid je sal hiin knau, 

a taken i sal ju say. 15452 

fat ilk man je se me kiss, 

jiu handes on bim }e lay, 
Tor fat es he owe go to take." 

"it sal be done," said fay. 15456 
" For to hals him faire i sal 

ga forwid ju f e way, 
And loke je folud me nerehand." 

"And sua we sal, parfay !" 15460 
" [Tjo-quilis je ae me him kia, 

laia handis on him on-^ne, 
He has wid him sum men, i-wis, 

bot armed ee far nane. 15464 

If fai bigin f aim forto were, 

loke fai all be slaine ; " 
Suilk takening was of fat traitur, 

to do his lauerd be tane. 15468 
[H]a 1 qnat f is traytui iudas 

was vnkind and felun ! 
fat fus hia suete lauerd soght 

vnto dampnacion, 15472 

Better him hade ben to bene dede, 

or bene wid bataile bune, 
fan wid a kiesing on f lb wise, 

him haue done sli treaune. 154T6 
Bot sene es nu he semed are 

hia modir malisune. 
[H]a ! fu indas, traitur, thef, 

felunest in lede ! 15480 


))e mon fat I shal 30U biteche : 

aboute him faste ;e fronge- 

Jierfote a tokene I shal jou jyae : 

Jiat je go not wronge 

IT Knowe ^e him fat je shul tako : 

fenwe seide f ei nay 

Wherby ^e shul bim knowe ; 

a token I shal ;ou say 

fat mon fat ^e ae me kisse : 

hondes on him je lay 

For fat is he we gon to take : 

hit shal be do seide fay 

Him to cHppe aboute f e necke : 

I go bifore f e way 

And loke je folwe me n^ehonde : 

^os fei aeide paifay 

V whil je se me kiaae him : pafM] ' 

leye hondes on him allone 

Mony of ere he haf wif him ; 

hut armed is fere none 

If fei bigynne to wame joa him : 

loke fei be soone sloue 

Suche tokenes jaf fat traitour 

to ben his lordis bone 

IF A fat fia traitour ludas : 

■waa ful of felonye 

fat f us hia swete lord aou^t : 

to do him for to dye 

Bettufhad him bene to haue bene deed : 

so dere he shulde hit bye 

fen wif a kiasyng on fis wise : 

his lord done triecherye 

hia modir malisoun he had : 

fat sene was sikerlye 

It As f ou traitour ludaa f eof : 

felou« foulest in lede 


886 jnoAS, gow did it entbr tht heaat to blat thi lord for meed! fetbr 


O ^i mikel wickednes of ^i mykil wekkednes 

mat al fiis werld uu rede. 16182 may al fia wetlde of ledo. 
Ha moght it bcd in-to his hert, how mujt hit falle in )ii hert 

For to do suilk a dede, to be-gya suche a dede. 

Suilk a lauerd al for to sU suche a loide for to sla. 

and |iar-foT ta ^i mede] 16486 Ss Jiar-fore take ])i mede 

yta yeild again fai )ou haa tan, ])ou jilde a-ga7De atte )>pu has tane 

f of foa Jiar-to Jre bede, ■ wiji louyng & wij» bede 

foa was an ee fa traitur mast pou waa iS; is Jie traitom maat. 

jiat eaer waa in thede, 16490 fat euer jet was in thede. 

Lene we now ludaa here 
allane wiji hia tresoun. 
to epeke of Ih««a fer was 
15494 herbered in pat toun. 

how seint Pette mened him to, 
& saide him jiia resonn. 
"fan sal be tiaijst lanerd, to night, pou salle be saued lorde to-uijt 

it es noght to inistrun, 15498 hit is nojt to mistroon. 

£Ueuen er we yeitt to witstand xj. ar we jette to stande. 

wit )», all redi bun. we Jw alle tedy boun. 

T If pai cum Jie for to take, [ooi. q ■ IT if Jiai come pe to take, 
we sal (to werr pam iia, 15502 we salle ham were pe fta, 

we ar hardy men I.-nogli. 

Xieue we nu of iudaa here 
to sai and hia treann. 

To spek o ietn par he waa 
herberd in pat tun. 

Hu aent petre mened him to, 
and said him pi 

We er herdi men i-nou 

agains iudas vt fa." 
"Quat wepens ha yee)" coth iesm. 

" sir, we haf snerdea tua." 
)nn he bad pant all be still, 

and said, "i-nou er paa, 
^ I do yow to wijt, mi bieper 

pat lang es sipen gan 
pat jemed i haf pis ilk mete, 

maat at ete of an. 
Indas sal now com in hi, 

for to do me he tan. 
And yee for soth sal efter me 

be ful will o wan." 


a-gayne Iudas our fa 

quat weppenis bane ;e qnop ihe«u3 
15506 sir we haue squordis twa. 

pen he bad ham alle be stille 

& saide I. -now ar pa. 
eif, H I do jou wet« my breper dere 

15510 pat lange is sipen gane. 

pat jemed L haue pia ilk mete 

maste atte ete of an. 

ludaa aal now come in hye 
16514 for to do me be-tane. 

& je fo^sop sal efter me 

be left ful wil of wane. 




Of ^i mekil wickidnes Of ^i muchel wickednes : 

mai all ))ia world na drede. 15182 may al ^is world dtede 

Hu might it schope iato ])i hert, How myjt hit shape iato fin heit : 

to do Builk a dede, to do ao foul a dede 

Suilk a lauerd for to sla Suche a lord to do be alayn : 

and jjoifor take fi medel 16486 & feTion take mede 

fa jeilde again ))at ^q haa tone, [ 

fa ^arto ^e bede, 

fa waa and es fe traitoi mast 

fat euere was in thede. 15490 . . no gap i» Trinity ^ Laud MSB.] 

[L]eue we an iudas of here ^ Leas we of ludas here : 

to sai of his tresun, to speke of his tresoun 

To apeke of iesa fsi he was To telle of ihcau fen he waa : 

herberd in fe tun. 15494 herbored in fe totin 

Hu Btdnt petii menid him to, How petur him bymened : 

and said him fia reenn, & seide fie resonn 

" fn sal be traijst lauerd, to-night, fou shal bitray ed be lord to nyjt : 

it es noght mietruit, 15498 bi a fals feloun 

Elleuen er we jeit to stand Elleuen are we ;itt to stonde : 

rid ^e, all redi bun. wi]) fe al redy boiin 

[I]£ ani come fe forto take, IT If any com pe to take : 

we sal |>e were paim fra, 15502 we wol f« kepe hem fro 

we or hardi men enogb, We are hardy men I-nowe : 

a-gain iudaa TT fa." piwfiM.iiicii] ajeyn Iudas oure fo 

1 " Quat waptna haue jel" aaid iemu, What wepenee haiie je seideihe^us: 

" sir, we haue auerdia tua." 15506 sit we haue swerdes two 

fan he bad Jiaim all he stille, ))enK€ he bad hem alle be stille : 

and aaid, " enou er Jia, & seide Inowje are fo 

[I] do ju witt, mi brejter dere, ^ I do jou to witen brejtere dere : 

fat lang es eijien gane 15510 )iat longe hit is a gone 

pat grened i hane fia ilk mete, fat I haue greified pis iike mete : 

mast at ete of ane. moost to ete of one 

Iudas sal su cum in hij, Iudas hiep him ful fast : 

forto do me be tane, 15514 comep he not allone 

And je foraoth sal efter me je fotsope shul aftir me ; 

be left fill will of wane." be laste ful wille of wone 
oflrriNaBK tbinit^ 


if Quen )iai vndeistode )iu wordfl, 

A soraiiig ))u bigan, 15518 

And TT laaerd cold eft Bith 

petre, and said liim pan, 
" Fetie, freind, aelf sathanaa 

haa asked ^e to fan, 15522 

He wil ]>e sift nu if be mai, 

as man dos com or bran. 
Bet io haf praid for J)i foith 

^t it stand gain eathan. 16536 
IT Petre, comforth brejwr pin 

quea i am ledd yow fra." 
" Lauerd," he said, " pou wat fat i 

pe luue and dred al-aua, 15530 
I am ledi to fola pe 

batiL in vol and wa ; 
Bath to pi-unm and to ded, 

for pi lane wil i ga." 15534 

IT pan bi-heild pam laoerd hind 

apou pat Buete meigne, 
put fol mikel muruing mad, 

ful sonifiil on to ^. 10538 

"Ha mi leif femet," he said, 

"fill wel yeitt sal yow be, 
pis ilk night sal be a aculd 

bituix yow and me. 15542 

Til Tumesor mlsmai yow noght, 

for time sal cum pat yee 
Sal yur vngladnes pat es nu 

haf tumd in to gle. 15546 

fForpofmiflextopambetaght, SSff j**' 

Als propbetis has sett, 
pat thorn mi ded a-pon pe rode 

sal mans bale be bette, 15660 

1 sal rise on pe tbnd dai, 

to l^f wit-Tten lett. 

IT Quen pai vnderstode pia worda 

in aorowing" pai be-gan. 

& oure lorde calde eft sipe 

peter & saido him pan. 

Petre frende self sathanas 

haa asked pe to fan. 

he willo pe aift if he may. 

als man dos come & bian. 

bot I. haue praied fot pi &ip 

to atande agayne sathan. 

IT Petre confort breper pine 

quen L am led pe fta, 

lorde he aaide je wate atte I. 

pe loue & drede alsqua. 

I am redy to folow pe 

bap in wele Sc wa. 

to suffre prisoun & al-eo dede. 

for pi loue wil I ga. 

IT pen bo-helde pat lorde hende 

a-pon pat aquete meyne 

pat paire mikil monming made 

ful soTouful vn-t-o ae. 

a my leue breper he saide 

ful wele sal je be 

pis ilk nijt salle be parting" 

be-twix jou and me. 

loke ;e }ou disconfoit nojt 

a time jette salle je se 

pat )our myche vn-gladnes 

salle tume jou vn-to glee 

V got jon my flesshe to ham is tajt 

as prophecy is sette. 

If pat porou my dede a-pon pe rode. 

salle mannis saule be bette. [>iM>t;t,bq 

I. aalle rise on pe prid day 

to line wip-onten lette. 


,, Google 

[Q]ueii )rai vnderstod fis word, 

a-soTuiug |isn b^an, 15618 

And TT lauerd cald eft sith 

petir, and said him ^an, 
" Petir freind, salf sathanaa 

haa askid )>e to fan, 15522 

He will ]i6 Biften if he mai, 

als men doa com in bam. 
Bot i haae praid for fie faitb 

^t it Btand gain sathan. 15526 
[Pjetre, cumfort brefer fine 

qnen i am ledd )u fra." 
" Lauerd," he said, " Jia wat pat i 

|)e luue and drede alaua, 16630 

I am redi ]m to folu 

bath in we[l] and wa ; 
Bath to presnn and to dede, 

for J)i luue will i ga." 15634 

[J(]an bihelde fat lanerd beind 

apon fot suete meygne, 
|iat far mekil muming made, 

fill aorful on faim to se. 15538 

'* Ha mi leue &met," he said, 

" ful wele fan aal ju be, 
fis ilke night sal be a skaile 

bi-tnix }u and me. 15642 

Till Tnmesure miama; ^u noght 

for time sal cum fat je 
Sal ^nt soru fat ee nu 

haue turned in-to gle. 16546 

[Fjor f ogh mi fless to f aim be taght, 

als propbeci has sett, 
fat tboru mi dede apon fe rode 

sal mannes bale be bett, 15550 
I sal rise on f e thridd dai, 

to line widvten lett. 


IT whenjje fei vndirtoke fis word : 

a BOTWyng fei bigon 

And ouie lorde calde petur ; 

& seide to him fon 

Fetur he seide satbanaa : 

oon is is of fi foon 

haf asked now to fonde : 

fe f i self allon 

But I haue preyed for f i fei[i : 

fat hit stonde as «toon 

IE Petur coumforte breper fine : 

whenne I am lad jou fro 

lord he seide f on woost : 

fat I loue f e & drede also 

I am redy f e to folwe : 

bofe in wele & wo 

Bof e to prisoun and to def : 

for fi loue wole I go, 

IT f enree bihelde fat lord hende : 

vpon fat swete meyne 

How myche fei moumyng made : 

& aorweful were to se 

A my leue frendes he seide : 

ful wel shal ;oa be 

fis ny^t sbal ben a scateryng : 

bitwene jou & me 

In no manera mysae may I jou nonjt : 

for tym6 shal come fat }e 

^ Shul al f e aorwe fat je haue now : 

be turned jou in to gle pEBfOM™*] 

^ For f ouje my fleashe be to hem take : 

aa prophecie haf sett 

And bi my deef on f e rode : 

shal monnes synne be bet 

I shal rise f e fridde day : 

to lif wifouten let 

,, Google 


And quen we sal in galilee, & qneu we ealle in galilee 

eft be samen mete, 16554 eft be sammyii mette 

Al }»e care yee nu sal haf, alle |)e care atte ^ haae now, 

clenli yee eal foi-gett. clauly je sal foi^tte. 

1[ Petre, be }k>ii noght to ladd, V Petre be pou nojt ^ylied. 

ma not to mikel cara, 15558 make nojt to mykil care. 

Tee weind yow in-to galilee, je wende joii ia-to galilee. 

and i aal mete yow paie." & I sal mete jou ]iare. 

" I," he said, *' to lene fe fua ) L lie saide to lene f e Jius 

]NJt sal be neuer mare, 15662 Jut sal be netter maie. 

Bot sal we elles soffre samen, we salle ga in company f 

bath soft and sare." & suffre ba)ie a Bare 

" Do wai, leif frend," coth ieffw, do wai leue irende q«ofi ihe«U3 

" |iou sal nite me oft are, 15666 poa salle foi-sake me are. 

^ )iou sal |iani se yeitt to night V ]ion sal se ham ;et to-ni}t 

do me ful giet spite, do me ful gtete dispite 

For Jiat' wald writ on me Jwa wat for fai wille wrijn on me. 

al fair aun wyt, frtodiiii] 15570 Jiing' pat is faire wite. 

Ai }e cock him ciau to-night, or pe cok him crav to-ni^t, 

thris pen eal me nite, f "^ l""^ ^^^ ™° nyte. 

And sai )>at pon me neufir sagh, & say atte ]>ou me neaer sagb. 

bes fiar na langer lite. 15574 bes pare na langer Hte. 

Bot poa sal coner and comforth pam bot pou sal couer & confort ham 

pat pou sees in pair site, ^at sitis in soiou & site. 

And pe and pin, bath of yor care, & pe & ham bap of joure care. 

i eal yow mak all quite." 1557S I. salle ^ou make ful quite. 

9 Alle pe apostels pan bi-gan V alle pe apostles pen be^an. 

to jal a-pon a giet ; ' to falle a-pos a grete 

And pan he went als he was wont & he him jode as wonte he was 

vn-to mont oliuete, 15582 to pe mount oHuete. 

Thro disciplia wit him yede iij. disciplis wip him jode 

foluand at his fete. folowande atte his fete. 

"Bides here, and prai," he said, a-bides here & prayes he soide 

" i sal cnm to yow skete." 15586 I. salle come to ^u 8ket«. 

Fra paim he yode pan allan fia ham he }ode him allane 

a stancast wel o strete. a etane caste of a etrete. 




And qaen we sail in galUe, 

eft be somen mett, 15551 

All )<e care je nu eal haue, 

ful clene je aal forgett. 
. [P]etie, be ^a noght to lad, 

make nogbt to mekil care, 15568 
je weind ja in-to gaJile, 

aod i sal mete jn pare." 
" I," tie said, " to leue Jie Jnia 

fat sal be neuer mare, 15563 

Bot sal we ellis suiBr samen, 

bath soft and sare." 
"Do wai, lene freind," said iems fan, 

" fu sal me nickin are, 15566 

[)i]u sal fe faim ^eit to night 

po me fd gret dispite, 
For fai wald wiith on me fu wate 

aU fair auen wite, 15570 

At fe koc him crau to-night, 

thries f n sal me nite, 
And Bai fat fa me neu»' san, 

bea far no langer lite. 15574 

Bot f u aal couer and cumfort faim 

fnt f u seis in fair site. 
And f e and faim, bath of ;ur [care], 

i aal ^n make ful quite." 15578 

[A]tl fe apostlis fan bigan 

to lall apon f e ground ; 
' And he him went als he was wont 

vnto fe mont oliuete, ['im(hb] 

Thre disciplia wid him joda 15583 

foluand at his fete. 
" Abides here, and prates," he said, 

" i sal cum to ^u skete." 15586 
Fra faim he ;ode, fan him aJlane 

wele a stan caat of strete. 

And whenne we shulin galile : 

efte to gider be met 

Alle f e cares fat je haue now : 

clene ahul je forget 

IT Petur be f ou not to ferde : 

I bidde f e herfoie 

But wende je in to galile : 

& I ehal mete jou fore 

!Nay sit he aeide to leue f e fne : 

fat ehal be neuer more 

But suffer woZ we to gider : 

bof e aofte & aore 

Dowey aeide ibesua fo : 

fon ahal forsake me ore 

IT fou shal ee hem jitt to nyjt : 

do me greet deray 

For f ei wolde on me wreke : 

al her owne affray 

f ou shal ar f e cokke crowe : 

foraake me fries I say 

And say fat fou me neuer s^o : 

hit bef noon of ere way 

But fou shal couer & coumfucte h 

fat fou seest in delay 

And fe & hem of joure woo ; 

I make quyt som day 

% Alle f e apostles fo bigon : 

to grounds to falle so mete 

TiiTn self went as he was wont : 

to mouTit of olyuete 

f re disciplea wif him jede : . 

folewyng at his fete 

Abidef hero & pruyef he seide : 

I shal com to jou swete 

Anoon he jede a atonea caat : 

bi syde fat ilke strete 



892 jKsna took three with him apart; hb tacoht them ab a pati 


ir yiip Tiii" pe |iriii apc«lles toke. 

OT he made tia praier. 

petce lame & aeynt lofin. 

fer iij him derrest were. 

priueli pea went him wi)). 

for )iai ware him dete, 

& shewed ham a-pon ))e mount 

hia coiieaile for to hero. 

03 blessed fader dos to soue. 

he can ham teyche & lere. 

& his anguifl in Ma hert, 

to bam }na made he chare. 

My Baule is sorouful to dede 
^at I. ealle eafiie aono 
))e quileat I. ga my praiei make. 
je hide as ;e ware wone. 
a atone caste he fia ham }ode 
& ))aro he made his bone. 
til his fader dero of heyuen. 
)iat eitande is in trone. 
his muche sorou can na man telle 
fat liuia Tnder fe mone. 
IT ffop-)ii godemen I. wame jo«. 
to fiink a-pon his care. 
& folow him our fader is 
to line a-pon his lare. 
a-way je do joor pride of life, 
.fat ^e wif mikil fare. 
& bnxnmnes for him je here. 
fat betin was ful hare, 
for his wa ajt vs wepe. 
fat BufTred for us sare. 
of alle f e aoroues fat has bene 
Buche herd* je neuer are. 
VI fTor qoilest he lai in orisoun. 
til his feder he grette. 


H Wit him he thre apostels toke, 

ai be mad his praier, 16090 

Fetre, lams, and aant Ion, 

)ier thre him derrest wer. 
Priueli fam ledd him wit [mli] 

for-qui fai war him deie, 15594 
And Bceud fam a-pon f e mont, 

bis consail for to here. 
Ale doB fe fader to fe sunj 

he can fam teche and lere, 15598 
And of angos in his hert 

til fam al mad he clere. 
IT " Mi saul es sorful to fe ded 

fat i sal suffer son, 15602 

To-quils 1 ga mi praier mak 

ye hide me here on hone," 
A atancaat fan &a faim he yode, 

and far he made his bone, 15606 
Til his fader der of henen 

fat sittand es in Irone. 
Of his soru mai namau tell 

fat liuea vnder fe mone, 13610 
IT For-fi godmen, i wamis yow 

to thine al of his cate, 
And folus him yor fader es 

to leten on his lare ; 15614 

Awai yee do yur pride o hjf 

fat yee wit mikel fare, 
And buxu[m]nes for him yee here, 

fat baret for yow bare ; 16618 

For his wa ^h yee all to wepe, 

f At sufferd for ua sare, 
Of all f e some fat has ben, 

suilk herd yee neuer ar, 15622 

IT To-quils he lai in orisun, 

be wit lua fiider grett, 


[W]id him he thie apoBtlis toke, IT wi|) him pre apostles he toke : 

oie he made his praieie, 15590 ar he made his preyere 

Fetir, iam, and als saint iohn, Fetur lame & seynt Ion ; 

^ii thie him deirest were. Jiese Him derest trere 

Frineli ^aim ledd him wid Pryuely lad hem hym vif : 

for |tai war him dere, 15594 for fei were him dere 

And scheud ^aim apon Jie mount, And ledde hem vpon ]« mount : 

his consaile forte hete. his counsel for to here 

Als dughti ladir dos to sun, As dete fadii dop son : 

he gun jiaim teche and lere, 15598 so he dad hem lete 

And hia angus in his heTt« And his angwisshe in his hert : 

to paim Jiiia made he clere. to hem pua made he deie 

" [M]i saule ee sorful to f e dede IT Mi soule is aorwefvd to f e def : 

)iat sal i suffer sone, 15602 ^t I shal suffer soone 

Quilis i ga mi praiet to make, I wol go make my preyere : 

}e bide me here and hone." abidefi til I haue done 

A stancast ^an fra fiaim he }ode, A stones cast fio hem he jede : 

and ^ he made his bone, 15606 & ^ere he made his bone 

TiU his fadir dere of heuen To his fadir dere- of heuen : 

^t sittand es in throne. fat sittyng was in trone 

His soraying mai na man telle His sorwe my;te no mon telle : 

fiat liues vndermone, 15610 ^ lyuej> vndir mane 

[FJorfi god men, i warn ju IT ferfore gode men I warn jon : 

to thine apon his care, ^enke vp on nis care 

And foluB bim JUT fader ea And folwe^ him joure &dii is : 

to leten on his lare; 15614 to leme on his lare 

Awai je do jur prid of lyf Dof awey joare prtde of lif : 

)»at je wid mekil &xe, ^at ]e mucha wifi fare 

And buzumnes foi him je here, And huxomnes for him je beie ; 

Jwrt sua grete for ju bare ; 15618 Jwt so myche for jou hare 

For his wa agh we all to wepe, For his woo oujte we to wepe : 

he Buffer foi ti saie, he suffered for ts saie 

Of all ]w soruB Jiot has bene, Of alle fie woes pat euer veie : 

soilk herd je neuer are. 16622 suche herde we neoer are 

[F]oi quilis he lai in oiisun, ^ whil he lay in oiisoun : 

he wid hia fadii grett, he on hie iadii giette 




For ]» mikel dreduea o ded, 

hia hEdi flesche al euett ; 16626 

pat was btod ^an of >iim lan, 

fe place was )iar-wit wett, 
Strang it was, fat flora, i-wiss, 

fat in his hart was sett. 15630 
T " fader," he stud, " pan her f i eun 

fat na to fe wii cri, 
Quer i sal f is calice drlnc, 

or i eal pass ]>ar-bi 1 15631 

Fader," he said, " f on wat it wel, 

sai it noght-for-fi, 
All fi wil it sol be dan, 

fai-til i am redi." 15638 

Lauwdinges nn, for godda Inae, J^,J^ 

yee herkeu to mi spell, 
Builk a sora so' i said ar Jv^SI^ 

man herd neuer tell. 15642 

Wit Strang died he smiton was, 

Thora his &esche and fell, 
Qjien euete o blod Tte of him brost, 

fat sua on erth feU. 15646 

IT Qwen he was risen vt o f is sture, 

til his felaus come he. 
All oD-slepe he fand fam fast 

for Boru and for pite. 15650 

Ful mildli to fam he epak, 

" brejier, quat uu do yee 1 
Itises vp, and wakes wel, 

Ar yee tempted be. 15654 

Petre, wak wit me a qnile, 

f UH hight f ou not to me V 
fair eieu war greaed sua wit grete, 

fat soru was to se, 15658 

H " Eiae vp peris, has f ou nu al 

forgeten fat fon hight 1 


for f e mikil dredenes of dede 
his hali fiesshe hit squette. 
hit was hlode fat of him ran. 
f e place was wif hit wette 
strange was fat aorou I. -wis 
fat in his hert was sette. 
% fiader he saide fou here fi sone. 
fat DOW to fe wille cry. 
quef ef I. sails f is dede drink. 
OT L sails pas f er-bL 
ffader he saide quat-euer fou wills 
I. sal hit U03t deny, 
alle f 1 wille hit sal be done 
fsr-to am I. redy, 
% lordingM for goddas loue L say. 
herkenis to my speL 
of suche a soiou as I. jou saide 
man herds of^euer telle 
wif strange drede he stoned was 
f orou alle his flesahe & felle 
'quen squets of blode out of him brast 
fat on fe erf hit felle. [' i«i 13] 

It quen he was risen of his etoure 
til his felawes come he 
alle on slepe he fande ham fast 
for sorou & pyte. 
ful squeteli til ham hs spac. 
brefer quat do je. 
lisis Tp & wakis a quile. 
fat je ne temp[t]ed be. 
Petre wake wif me a stont 
fus hejt fou nojt to me. 
f aire eien ware grened wttA weping* 
fat sorou hit was to se 
IT ria yp peris has fou now. 
for-geten atte fou ma h^t^ 

,, Google 

For )ie mekil drede of dede, 

his hali self all suett ; 1562S 

fat was blod fat of him ran, 

f e erd was fat-wid wett, 
Hard it was, fat soru, i-wis, 

f[a]t in his hert was sett. 15630 
" [FJadii," he said, " f u here f i sun 

fat nu to f e will cri, 
Qaef er i sal nu f is chalis drinc, 

or i sal passe far bij t 15634 

Fadir," lie said, " f u wat it wele, 

i sai it uoght-foT-fi, 
All f i will it sal be done, 

f are-tille i am ledL" 15638 

Laiierdingea nn, for goddes luue, 

je herkin nu to mi spell, 
Of suilk a soru sum i eai 

er men herd seuer of tell. 15642 
wid strand' drede ho amiten was, 

thoru his fless and felle, C « in Maj 
Quen auete of blod vte of him braat, 

fat Btta on erd fell. 15646 

[Q]uen he was lesin vte of his stoure, 

till his felaus come he, 
All on slepe he fand f aim fast 

for SOTU and pite. 15650 

Fill suetli to faim he spack, 

"brefer, qtiat nu do je) 
Biaes vp, and wakes wele, 

ar fat je tempid be. 
Fetre, wake wid me aqoile, 15655 

f us hight f u noght to me T' 
'fair eien was greued sua wid grete, 

fat soru it was [to] se, piMf wMnuk] 
" [R]ise vp peris, has f u nu 

foi^tin fat fu me hightl 15660 

And also for drede of deef ; piaim 

his holy body swette 

Of blood & watir fat of him ran : 

f e erfe waa al wette 

Harde was fat eorwe : 

fat in his herte was eette 

% Fadii he seide here f i son : 

fat now to f e wol crye 

whefer ahal I now fis def drinke : 

or ellea passe f erhye 

Fadir he seid? f on woot hit wel : 

I saye hit not for f ye 

Al f i wille shal be done : 

perto I am redye 

IT Lordynges now for goddes lone : 

herkenef to my spelle 

Of suche a sorwe as was fat : 

men herde neuer er telle 

Wif stronge drede waa he amyten : 

bof e f our;e flesshe & felle 

IT Whenne awoot of blood out of him 

& ran on erf e to dweUe l^^*- '• 

whenne he was risen of fat stour : 

to his felawes coom he 

All ft on slepe he hem fonde : 

for sorwe & greet pite 

Ful swetely to hem he spake ; 

brefer what do je 

Bisef vp & wakef wel : 

ar fat je tempted be 

Fetur wake wif me awhile : 

f us bettestou not me 

liir eyen were greued so wif grete : 

fat soTwe hit waa so se 

if Rise vp petur hastou forjete t 

fat f ou er me hijt 


,, Google 

^ou a&id for me if mistei war, ^on eaide for me if miat«r ware. 

to dedtliolesuld)>ou fight; 16662 to dede tliole Bulde Jh>u fijt. 

And nu ])ou mai noght wak wit me & now ))ou may nojt wake vrith me. 

An hoie of a night. an owre of an nijt. 

Bes wakand ai in orisun bea wacande a; in orisoun 

for him, fe maledight, 16666 for ])e feule w^t, 

)iof Jw spreitai redi be [■ ifMiiAu] if )ie spirit ay xedi be. 

)je flesche be' ful* to plight," ]ie flessbe is boon to plijt. 

IF Quen he ha Jiua-gat paxa bi-taght, */~\ ^^^ ^ ^^ Jius^te ham tt^t 

Btil he left ^am }:are, 19670 Vxr stU he left ham {laie. pHS.0] 

And went him eft vnto ^e sted & went him eft vn-to ]»t stede 

quai he was praiand are. quare he praied ore. 

Idjkel he dred ])at hard ded, mikil he dred )>at harde dede 

fat broght ts vte o care. 15671 fat brojt ve out of care. 

Ful bozomli he laid htm don ful buznmli he laide him doun. 

apon fat erth bare, a-pon fat erf bare. 

And til his suete f&der of heuen, & til his sqnete fader of hejuen. 

fan qoainid he his saie, 15678 fen mened he bis fare. 

Wit wordes fat he forwit said, wif wordis fat be-foie saide 

and nof er less na mat. & naafer lease ne mare. 

IT " I wat wel fat i sal it drinc % Syn sqna is fat L sal diink 

f is calice, fadei mine, 16682 f is calice fader mjne. 

Thorn mi bodi most it pass foroa my bodi most hit pas. 

f e tholing o f is pine. f e f oling< of f is pine. 

I am f i sun, al redi bun, [»l i] I am f i sone al-redi boon. 

will to do al fin." 156S6 to fulfil alle fine. 

Wit f is he las Tp fe place, wif fis he ras out of his place. 

fat he honuid him in ; fat be anoured him in. 

Qti€n he had mad bis orisun, T quen he had made his orisoun 

Tp fefen he laa ewai, 15690 vp sons he was a-way. 

He com til his apoatela eon he come til hts apostles fan. 

elepand far f allaL slepande alle fai lay. 

To wacken fam ne wald he n<^ht, to wakHn ham ;et walds be no;t 

fai teind war wit tiai. 15694 for-eof as I joa aay. 

fam ledles him reud saie, of ham redeles him rewed sare 

mare fan man can sai. he went him forf hie way. 


,, Google 

fu said for me if miBtir war, f ou seidest for me if nede were : 

to dede thole auld f\i &g\it; 15662 deje foa voldes in ^t 

And nn ]ia mai noght wake md me Kov maisbow not wake wi^ me : 

ane vre of a night. an hour of a nyjt 

Bes wacand ay in orison Be wakyng in oriBoan : 

foi him, Jie maledight, 15666 for )% waited wijt 

Jwgh f 6 spirite ai redi be f ouje fe spirit redy be : 

pe flees es fuss to plight." ])e flesshe is seke to s^t 

[Q]aen he f us had ^aini taght, IT whenne he ^us had hem tau;te : 

still he left ^aim ^aie,' 15670 stille he lafte hem pera 

And went him eft into ))e etedo And went efte into pe stude : 

quar he praid are. fere as he was ere 

Mekil he dred fat hard dede, Muche he dradde fe harde deef : 

Jjat broght va vte of care. 15674 Jiat broujt ts out of fere 

Ful buxomli he laid him done Bnxomly he fel to grounde : 

apon ])e erd bare, & lete pe erjie b'm here 

And till his suete fadir of heuen, And on hia fadir in heuen calde : 

quained his Bare, 15678 wif pleynt biwi to arere 

wid wordes Jiat he forwid said, Wif fo wordis bifom seide : 

and noujier less ne mare. lasse ne more f ei were 

" [I] TTOte wele Jiat i sal it drinck IT I woot wel now I shal hit dryuke ; 

))is chalice, fadir mine, 15682 f is dep fadir myne 

Thorn mi bodi most it passe, J^oui^e my body mot hit passe : 

f e tholing of fis pine, Jje Jioling of fls pyne 

I am ])i sun, all redi bune, I am (li son redy boun : 

will to do all {line." 15686 to do wille Jiine 

wid ])is he ras Tte of {e plasse, Wi]) pat he roos out of ]>e place : 

fiat him anurd in ; fat he was knelyng Ine 

[Q]uen he had mad his orisuu, IT whenne he had made his orisoun : 

vp sone he ras a-wai, 15690 vp soone he ros away 

And come till his apostlis, And coom to Lis apostles : 

slepand all fiai laL slepyng alle {ei lay 

To waken faim jeit wold he noght, Wake hem jitt wolde he not ; 

fat tened war wid trai, 1569i J)at tenod were in tray 

Of faim redeles he reud saie, Of hem redles he rewed Bore : 

more fan man couth sal more fen men con say 


,, Google 


va-to )ie liille ^e ^rid sijra 
hia fader for to praj. 

aueu he had fa jiiid. si)i 
made his orisoun. 
& meuing* til hi^ fader deie. 
made of hia pasaioun. 
fa atmnge sorow Jiat him led. 
can na man rede ne roiut. 
)ie ai^;el oat of heyuen come, 
on alepe Jiai lay alle doun. 
IT Tirakkenee' now for wele je may, 
now brejier leue he saide. P ^JSJlST^ 
for he is comande nere atte hande. 
]i6 tresoim has pnruaide. 
for my gode he sal me giue. 
a fnl harde braide. 
& mildl wa jet sal he wete 
be-fore him is hit laide 

And yan he went }e thrid aith, 

bia fader for to praL 15698 

IT Quen b^ had pe thiid sith 

made his oriaim, 
And menlng til Ms iader der 

mode of his paaaiun, 16702 

J>e atiang sora }>at he ledd 

can na man lede in ran ; 
]n angel vte of heuen come. 

On slepe ])ai lai alle dun. 16706 
^ " 8Iepe8 nn, for wel yee mai, 

mi bre])eT leif," he said, 
" For he ea cammand negh at hand 

fe tresun has pnmaid, 15710 

For mi god ded he sal me giue 

A wafdl hard biaid, 
Bot mikel wa if he wald w^jt 

fer 63 him fo>wit laid, 15714 

And pine laetand wit-vten end 

in heU es for bim graid. 
T He has wroght, if he wald wijt, 

bim-seluen mikel wa. 15718 

Wit mikel folk nu cumand as 

he fat es mi fa, 
Bper and snerd and mace Jiai bring. 

And wapens o}iei maa ; 15722 

ludas yonder ciims nu lo, 

^at sekea me to sla." 
V Fol merred war ^ai in ^ait mode, 

fill merck it was Jie night ; 15726 
Als )>ai on ferr ))am lok &a, 

J>ai s^h camand a light. 
His disciplis wex ful radd 15729 

qtien ^ai aagh Jxit sight, ciras.bk.uLi] 
^A lantern, staf, and euetd, and sper, 

and mani brandea bright, 15732 



, no gap m Fair/ax 4" Laud MSS,] 

% he has wtojt if he walde wete 

him-aeluen mikil wa. 

wi^ nukil folk now comande is. 

he fat ia my fa. 

sper & squorde & mase f ai bring* 

& weppenes ojiea" ma. 

Zndas ponder comes he lo. 

fat sekis me to sla. 

IT fful merred ware Jiai in faire mode 

for mirk hit was fe nijt. 

as fai on ferrom loked ham ica 

]iai aagtl comande a lijL 

his disciplis wex ful feide 

quen ^ai Bagb fat.sijt. 

of launtemes staf'squorde & spere 

& many helmis brijt 



And ])aQ he went Jw thHd sljie, 

hiB fiidir for to piai. 16698 

[Q]ueii lie haA ])e thrid siji 

mad his oiisun, 
And meuing till Ms iadir den 

mad of his pasaiun, 15702 

])e Strang soni )iat he lede 

can na man rede La roun ; 
J)e angelia vte of heuen come, 

on slepe ^'ai lai all dun. 15706 

" [SJIepia nu, for welo ja mai, 

mi brejier leue," ho aaid, 
" For he ea comand nera at hand, 

fe treaun haa paruaid, 16710 

Foi nu goddote 1 he sal me giue 

a sorful hard braid, 
Bot mekjl wa if he wald witt 

jiar ea him foiwith laid, 15714 

[ : 

. . . . no gap in the MS.] 
[H]e has wroght, if he walld it witt, 

him-self mekil wa, 15718 

wid mekil folk nu comand es 

he Jiat es mi mast fa, 
Spere, sard, and mai;e, Jtai bring 

and wapins o)>er ma ; 15722 

ludaa nu yonder comes 

fat sekea me to sla." 
[FJul marrid war war f ai in fair mode, 

ful mirk it was ^ night, 15726 
Als fai un ferr f aim lokid &a, 

))ai sau comand a light. 
His diaciplis wex ful radd 

quen fai sau fat sight, 15730 

Of lantern, staf, suord, and spere, 

and mani hrandes bright, 

f o he went fe f ridde tyme : 

his fadir for to pray 

IT whenne he had fe f ridde tyme : 

made hia oriaoun 

And menged to his fadir dere : 

bf hia paasioun 

f e stronge aorwe fat he hadde : 

may no man rede in toun 

Aungels out of heuen coom : [}imi«i, hudi] 

to coumforte him ful boun 

T Slepef now for wel je may : 

bref eren dere he seide 

For here he comef neje at honde ; 

pe tresonn haf purueide 

Now forsofo he shal me jyne ; 

a fill harde breide 

But muuhel woo if he wist ; 

ia bifoie him leide 

[ : 

no gap in the MS.] 

H He haf wroujte sof hit ia ; 

to him aelf mychel woo 

wif muchel folke comyng ia he : 

fat ia my moost fo 

Spere swerd & maae fei bringe : 

& wepenea of ere mo 

ludaa now jonder comef : 

& sekef me to slo 

IT Ful mad were fei in her mod : 

for derke was fat nyjt 

On fer fro hem fei loked : 

& say comyng lijt 

f disciples wei aferde : 

whenne fei say fat aijt 

Of lanterne staf awerde & spere ; 

& mony armes brijt 




And ladas aimed to fe fote, 

al redi for to fight, 15734 

On him he suld ha foghten fore. 

Wit resun and wit right, 
W lesus went him foi^erward, 

disciplia him foluand, 15738 

Vn-tilward a lithj yard 

cedron oner ^ atiand. 
ladas wel lie kneu J>e etede 

quor ie»iit waa hauntand, 15742 
Wit hia fala felauaoip 

^e traitur ])ar him fand. 
^ Qu«n Indae had aolsed him 

qnilk it was iem, 15746 

Son he ran him foi to kis, 

And grett him, heikes hu. 
T " Hali maister," ho said, " J>ou be I " 

"ludaa, quat aekea JjouT" 15750 
*' lesug," he said, " o najaieth." 

" yee haf him funden uu, 
T I am he ; " quen he eua had 

said al to ^am fian, 15754 

ludaa and his felanscip 

All on hak pai ran. 
)ru fell )>aim don vn-to )ie grand, 

pai ener-ilk man, 15758 

ludas on ilk lim he qnok, 

all vp ^ai sijien wan. 
If Yeitt asked iMug " qnat ^ soght 1 " 

jtai said, " ie»um sok we," 15762 
*' And als i forwit haf yow said, 

here haf yee funden me." 
ladas eft he lepe him to, 

" Ane rabi," coth he, 15766 

For to kiss his suet math 

he bedd it him fulfia. 

& ludaa armed to fie fote 
alle-redy for to fijt. 
on him ^at he aulde fijt fore 
wiji resoim & wiji rijt. 

Ihesua went him forjtei-wan} 
his disciplis him folowande 
Tn-til a etede a litel jarde 
& }er he con stande. 
ludas wele know fe etedo 
quare ihams was hauntande 
wi)i his fala fdawshepe DarT3,bHcb] 

^e tr&itoar ^are him fande. 
IT quen ludas had auised him. 
quilk hit was ihesu 
sone he ran him for to kis. 
& hailsed him herkenes how. 
halle maiet^ he saide Jtou be. 
ludas qaat aekia Jtoo. 
ihetnis he eaide of nazareth . ■ - 
je haae him fiinden now. 
IF I am he for^o^ he saide 
Tn-tUle ham alia pan. 
ludas & his felawshepo. 
alio on bak ^al ran. 
^t fel doon sons vn-to }ie gronnde. 
euet-Uka man. 
ladas ilk lime ho quoke. 
alle vp pai sif en wan. 
fl jet askid iheaue quat fai aojt 
fiai saide iheau seke we. 
& als be-fore I. haue }oa saide. 
here haue je funden me. 
ludas lepe eft vp him to. 
aue raby quo]) he. 
for to kis hia squete mou^ 
he bedde Mt him f ol fre. 



And iudas armed to fe fote, 

aU redi for to fight, 15734 

Oa him-^at ho euld fight foie, D«f io°l 

wid leson and wid right, 
lesua went him foi^r-waid, 

disciplis him. foluand, 16738 

Tillward a littel jard 

of cedron ouer ye strand. 
Iudas wele he kneu fa etedo 

)iar ieaus was hauntand, 15742 

wid his fals felaechip 

|ie traituT fax him &nd. 
[QJtten iudas had a-visid him, 

quilk it was i«8u, 15746 

Sone he ranhiinfortoki8,r"™ii>*''fc«i>] 

and gret him, haikens^ hu. 
" Haile, maiatir," he said, " Jiii be I " 

" iudas, quat sekes fut" 1 6750 
"lemw," he aaid, " of nazareth." 

"je hauo him funden nu, 
[I] am he ; " qnen he had sua 

said all to )iaim ptay, 16764 

Iudas and his felauschip 

all on-back Jiai ran. 
Jiai fell dune sone to fe grand, 

euer-ilk a man, 15758 

Iudas ilk lim he quoke, 

all Tp ^ai si|)en wan. 
[j]eit anfluerd iesus, " quat Jiai BOght t " 

^ai said, "iesug soke we," 15762 
" And ala i hauo jn forwid said 

here hauo je funden me." 
Iudas lepe eft up him to, 

" ane labi," said he, 15766 

Tor to kisee his euete muth 

he bedd it him ful be. 


Iudas was armed to ^e foot : 

redy for to ^t 

Wij) him he shulde haue foujten fore : 

bi resoun & W rijt 

^ Ihesus went him forjiermore t 

disciples hint folewonde 

To a litil jaido of cedron : 

ouer ()at ilke stronde 

Iudas wel he knew ^e stude : 

fat ihegug was hautitonde 

Wiji his false felowshipe : 

f B traitouT fere him fonde 

IT whenne Iudas had avised him : 

whiche fat ihe«wa was 

Soone he ran him for to kis : , 

as traitour in ^at plas 

Heil maistii he seide ; 

whom sekestou Indaa 

Ihesu he seide of najaieth : 

founden I haue bis fas 

H I am he soone he seide : 

to fat pepul )>on 

Iudas & his felowshepe : 

soone abak ]>ei ron 

^i fel douK aoone to fe gronnde : 

eueryche mon 

Iudas Tche lymme he quoke : 

& aftir pei vp won. 

IT jitt asked oure lord what ^i sou^t : 

ihe^tu fei seide seke we 

As I seide to jou bifore : 

here hane }e founden me 

Iudas lep efte Tpon him i 

heil maiatir seide be 

For to cusse his swete mou^ ; 

he bed hit bim ful fre 




" Sin yee :me Beke, i yow bUeke 

yee Jat mi felauB be, 15770 

Judas," lie Said, " fat ^u sal do, 

^afto nu hij )>ou fti." 
T Quen lodas him bedd to kiss, 

Io«!M it grocliod noght, 15774 

" ludas, quilum was," he eaid, 

" fat mikel o Jie i roght, 
Nm )iou has wit feltmni [mi. q 

and tresun me bisoght, 1S778 

"Wit a COBS has )>oti mans sun 

vn-to J)i bandun broght." 
fl Wit fia word fat iesWsaid, 

fiai etert fam forth ilkan, 15782 
^ai him vn-tfett on ilk side 

^at son ])ar was he tau. 
Wit maces and wit neues smeit 

vn-rekenii on him ran, 15786 

Ilk dint fat ^ him gaf, 

it reked to fe ban. 
V Petre fiaa him luned sa wel, 

he eagh na better wan, 16790 

fe forel a sneid he drogh 
fe ere be smat of an. 

For had it ben eftei his wil 

he wald him fain ha slan. 15794 
Ie«M fan said, " petre, do wai ! 

dint ne giue fan nan, 
IT In fe forel fou pnte fi suerd, 

I wil noght fat fou smete." 15798 
On malcQs ere his hand he laid, 

And heild it ful tite ; 
" He fat smitand ee wit euerd, 

o suerd eal ha f e wite, 15802 

1 wil fat nan for mi sak 

nof er fight ne flite. 


sin }o me layte I. jou bo-seke 
je lete my felawes be 
ladas he saide qoat foa salle do. 
fsr-to fan hye fou f e 

auen ludaa bed him for to kis 
ihesna grocched nojt 
ludas he saide sum tyme. 
M mykil of fe I. rojt. 
now fou has wif felony, 
made me saide & bojt. 
wif a cosae has fou man sone 
vn-to f i baundoua biojt. 
IT wif fia worde atte was saide 
fai Btert bam forf ilkaa. 
fai him rmbset on ilk side, 
fat Bone feu was he tano. 
wiji macifl & wif knyuis smart 
vn-rekenlt on Mm ran 
ilk dint fai him gal 
hit reyched to fe bane, 
Petre fat him loued sa wele 
he sagb oa bett^ wane. 
of f e skawbard his squorde he drt^b 
f e ere be smate of an. 
for had hit bene ofter hia wil. 
he walde him fayne bane elane 
Petre saide ihe«u fou eal do way. 
fat dint now gif fou naue. 
IT In-to f e shef e fou putt fi sqnordo 
1 wil nojt atte fou smyte 
on malcus ore his hande he laide 
& heled him fol tite. 
he fat smitis wif squorde 
wt'tA squorde I. sal him quite. 
I wil Jiat nane for my sake. 
naufer fe^t ne fiite. 


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" Si])en je me seks, i ja biseke 

je late mi felaus be, 15770 

ludas," he said, " Jiat fa sal do, 

fiar-to nu hij Jiu >6." 
[Q]uen iudaa bed iesue to kiase, 

foTsotli he groched nogbt, 15774 
" ladaa," he said, " quiltun vas fat 

mekil of f e i roght ; 
Ku fu baa wid felnai 

and tresun me bi-aoght, 15778 

wid a Hbs has fu mauaes Bune 

vnto Jii bandun broght." 
[w]id f is word fat ie^tis eaid, 

fai Btirt faim forth ilkane, 15782 
^ai him vmsett on ilk aide 

fat Bone fan was he tane. 
wid macis and wid nenis smart 

vnrekinh on him fai rane, 15786 
Ilk dint fat fai him gaue, 

it reked to f e bane, 
Petre fat him luued sua wele, 

he sau na beter wane, 15790 

Of fe forel bia suord he drogh 

and Bmat f e ere of ane. 
For had it bene eftir his will 

be wald him lain baue slane. 
lesus said fan "petre, do wai ! 15796 

fat dint giue f u nane, 
[I]n f i forel f u put f i suord, 

i will noght fat fu smitte." 
On malVus ere hea hand he laid, 

and he led him ful tite ; 15800 

" He fat smitand es wid suord, 

of suord eal bane fe wite, 
I will fat nane for mi sake 

noufer figbt ne flite. 15804 


Sif je me seke I jon biaecbe : 
to lete my felowes be 

Xudas he seide fat fon shalt do : 

f«rto now bije f on f e 

T whenne Tndaa b«d ihame to kis : ' 

forsofe he grauched noa^t 

ludas he seide sumtymo waa : 

mucbe of fe I roujt 

Now bastou wif felonye : 

& tresonn me here Boojt 

Wif a coBse mannes son : 

haatou to bandoan bronjt 

1 wif fat word fat ihesus seide : 

f ei bigon to awake 

And him faate aboute biset : 

til f ei had him take 

"Wif mases & wif fuatea : 

mony strokes him jaf blake 

Yche dynt went to fe boon ; B«^«o 

al waa for oure sake 

IT Petur f ot him loued so : 

Bay no better won 

his awerd out of scaubeide drowe : 

& smot of f e ere of oon 

Hat hit ben aftir bis wiUe : 

fere bad he ben slon 

Thesus eeide Petur dowey : 

Stroke ^yue f ou more noon 

IT In f i sheef e put f i sword ! 

I wol not fat f ou smyte 

On malkes ere honde he leide : 

& beled hit ful tite 

He he aeide fat smytef wif sword : 

of swerd shal haue wite 

I wol fat no mon for my sake : 

noufer fijte ny flite 





Petei fceind, i aai to jie, ^ Pette frende L Bay to Je. 

quar ^u it lias for-gett, 1S806 que))er ^u lias Mt for^tte. 

H i mi fuder wali be-seke, if I. my fader walde 'be-eeko. 

I moght wit-vten lett I mujt wi^uten lett«. 

Haf tnelue thtuaiid legions haua xij. thoosaude legionns 

ledi all TioBett. 15810 ledi alls rmaette. 

Bot hu suld yan Jte propheciea bot nede wil fie prophocj 

til end com, ^at et sett 1 " ])at I to dede be bette. 

^ Fette iras in band Qummen 15813 V Petre was in bande tane 

for forfiut ' he had don, [' m. hcUi] for forfait be bad done 

lenu tok fia malcos ere, ibe»us toke Builctis ere. 

And heild it wit-vten hon, & beled mji-oiiteu hone. 

" Ga fortbe," [be] said, " mi fadei has ga fot]) he soide my fader bas 

"Wroght for Jie mi bon." 16818 wrojt for fe my bone. 

Petre wald a-wai ha bene Petre walde a-way baue bene 

And ))an be ecaped son, & Jien be escaped sone 

Quen bis lauerd a-wai was ledd for) a-way his lorde fai led. 

Wit him war leift ful fon. 15822 wif him was left ful fone. 

' ^ Bi his hened and bi his bare IT By bis beued & bi his hare 

for ])ai his maister drogb, for^ bis maister )iai drogb 

Asd rugged him TD-rekenli . 15825 & tonsaked bim vnrekenli, 

bath ouer hill and ogh ; pihtst.ool i] ha) ouer hil Se acogh. 

Wit fair bastona bete fai bim, & wi(i cordis girde bim sqna. 

and did bim mikel wogh fat dide bim mykH wogb 

Ha )>ai him ledd fat ilk time how f ai bim led fat ilk time 

to se was som i-nogb. 15830 to se was soron I.-nogb 

IT Nu wit hastons f ai bim beft IT how wif stauis fai bim betto 

Ful grimli to f e grand, rijt vn-to f e grounde. 

fai huited on bim viliker fai spitte on him mare vily 

fan be had ben a hund. 16834 fen he bad bene an honnde. 

His disciplis fat wer feird his disciplis atte ware ferde 

at fle higan to fund, to fle he-gan to fonnde. 

And als fai fra fe berth bim tite, & mony a falle fai Mm gaf 

His bodi was al stund, 15838 wif -in a lite] stoaude 

IT Quila fai war fua him bandland V~\ uilest fai ware bandelan<i bim. 

Wilik als fai mogh[t], \3l/ als vily as fai mojt. pimtui 



[LJene petir, i sai to )« 

quej'er fa. it lias fo[T]gett, 16806 
If i mi fa]iir wald biseke, 

i m<^ht widvten lett 
Haue tuelue thouBand legiuna 

red[i] wid me Traaett. 15810 

Sot hu suld paa pe prophecis [ifiM.bk] 

till end cum J;at er sett 1 " 
Fetre waa in handia nomin 

for fight J>at te had done, 15814 
leeuB him toke }aa malcus ere, 

it helid widvten hone, 
"Ga forth," he said, "mi fadir lias 

■wToght for fe mi bone." 16818 

Petie wald a-wai haue hene 

and ])an he eachaped aone, 
Qnen his lauerd awai was ledd, 

wid him wa left fill fone. 15822 
[B]i his heued and hi hia har 

forth fai hia maiatir droght, 
And nigged him viirekiiili 

bath oner hil andhogh; 15826 
wid J>aii baatunea bet him sua, 

^ai did him mekil wogh, 
Hu ^i him ledd )at ilk time 

to ee was soru inogh. 15830 

[H]a wid bastuna pai him beft 

ful brimeli to pe grand, 
f ai hnitid on him yiliker 

^an he had bene a hund. 16831 
Hia diaciplia fat war ferd 

at fie bigan to fund, c r«ui tn] 

And als fai fre^ fe erd him titt, 

his bodi was all stund. 15838 

[QJuilis pta him war fus handland 

wikidli als fai m<^ht, 

% Leue petur I aeide to )» : 

]>ou Tndiistonde hit het 

If I my fadir wolde biseche : 

I myjt wifouten let 

Hane twelue Jtousande legiouns : 

of aungela wij) me aet 

But how ahnlde Jienwe pe prophec 

be done Jtat ben det 

H Petur was in honde nomen : 

foi fijte pat he had done 

Ihe«u« toke malkes ere : 

& heled hit ful eoone 

Go forji he seide my fadir haf : 

wroujte for f e my hone 

Petnr soaped fro pe iewes : 

& lafte pe kyng in trone 

Fewe ahod J)o wi)> ihemts : 

lord of Sonne Si mone 

IT Bi his heed & hi hie heer : 

forf )iei ihe«Ma drowje 

And lugged him lofsumly ; 

ouiM* hiUes dale & slowje 

WiJ) her etaues beten him : 

& dnd him muche wow^e 

How Jiei him ladde fulke tyme : 

to se waa sorwe ynowje 

% J)ei hete him wif her macea ; 

biemely to fie grouijde 

And foule halowed him fer to : 

as he had hen an hounde 

His disciples were aferde : 

higon to fie & fonnde 

And as fei to & fro him pulde : 

his body was stounde 

IT whil fei f us him handeled : 

wicked as fei moujt 



" Ha, quat yee godmen na ei 

man vnseli thoght ; 15842 

Wit Btaues qni bete yee me saa, 

quoit haf i gain yow wroght J 
Q'lar-for haf yee taken me, 

And als a theif Tm-aoght 15846 
Wit lantern a-pon uightettale 

And i ne fied yow noght 1 
H Forsoth i neuer senied it, 

in dede ne yeitt in sau, 15850 

In }6 temple was i wont 

to teclie ^am ilk dan, 
Jiar all ]>e folk was won to com 

Wit maistets o )ie lau. 1585i 

Maiater was }iar nan sa grett 

)>at i dred for )iair au, 
No o ^e tbinges i fam eaid, 

mi word wit soil wit-drau. 15858 
IT INu er yee cnmmen to tak me, 

Als in meicknes o night, 
And nu )ian haf yee taken me 

Wit-vten ani plight 15862 

For yee me hat« al to ^ ded 

Haf yee nan ojier mighty 
Bot Builk it es ynr time," be said, 

" mirckenea wit-vten l^bt. 15866 
FqI il-hail >an troud yee 

ludas, )>at maledigbt, 
Mikel pine puniaid es yon, [ooi. t] 

bot mar til him es bight." 15870 
His bend ^ai band and ledd him fca-th, 

a-trott and nogbt |ie pas, 
Yntil fiair aun biaoop bus, , 

Was hatten caiphas. 15874 

Mate and weri war }/d ^an, 

Jiai ne wist qiiar-for it was, 


quy do je sqna gode men he saide 

& qnat is iu jonie )iojt 

wi^ stauis quy bete je me squa. 

quat bane I. gayne jou wn^t. 

quar-fore bane je takin me. 

& als tbefe vmbesojt 

wi^ launteme a-pon n^ter-talQ 

& I. ne fled jon nojt 

IT for-aoj) I. neuer serued hit 

in dede ne in sagb. 

in fe temple was L wont 

to teycbe men Ilk dagB. 

fer many man was wont to came 

wij) maistres of )ib lagB. 

maiater was Jwr nane sa grete 

])at I. died for Jiaiie agh 

ne of fe ^n^ Jiat L bane saida. 

my worde wi)i squike witA-diagS. 

IT now ar je comyn me to take 

as in mirkenea of nijL 

& now je haae tane me 

wijM)uten ani plijt, 

for )e me hate to )ie dede 

haue je nane o^ lijt. 

& now hit is ont of timo. 

mirkenes wi^uten lljt 

ful ilbaile trawed je. 

ludas )iat cursed wi^ 

mikil pine puruaide is jou. 

bot mare til him is bijt 

Hia bend ^ bande & led bim forf 
a-trot & nojt a-pas. 
rijt til Jiaire awen bisshop hous 
|>ai calde bim caypbas 
mate & wery ware |)ai pan 
f&i ne wiste neuer quy hit was 


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"Ha men," he iaid, "quat je er 

of ane vnseli toght, 16812 

irid stauea qui bete ;b me Bual 

qnat haf i again )u wroght 1 
Quarfor haue je taken me, 

and ala a thef vmsoght 15846 

wid lantern apon nightertale, 

and i ne fled jn noght 1 
[F]orsotli i newer se[r]ued it, 

in dede ue ^eit in aan, 16850 

In ])e temple was i wont 

to teche men ilk dau, 
Quar all fe folk was wont to cam 

wid maistiis of ^e lau. 13354 

Maiatii was far nane sua gret 

fiat i dred for fair au, 
Ne of fe thinges fat i said, 

mi word wid akil wid-drau, 15868 
[NJu er je comeu me to take, 

all in miiknes of night, 
And nu haue je here tane me 

widTten ani pl^ht. 15863 

For je me hate all to dede, 

haue }ft nanof ei right, 
Bot Builk it es, jur time," he said, 

"mirknes widvten light 15866 
Fill ilhaile fan trend je 

iudas, fat maledight, 
ICekil pine poroaid es ]u, 

bot mare till him es dight" 15870 
[H]ishendfai band and ledd him forth, 

a-tiott and noght f e pas, 
Bight to fair auen biachop, 

his name was called cayphas. 
Mate and weri war fai fan, 15875 

fai ne wist quarfor it was, 

Men he seide what eilef jon : 

mselj is joure f oi^t 

"Wlf staues me fas to bete : 

what haue I to jon wroujt 

Wherfore haue je me taken : 

& as a feof me soujt 

Wif lanteme on nyjturtale : 

& I ne fledde jou noiijt 

IT For 9of B noufw semef jon : 

jonre dede ny jouie sawe 

In joure temple haoe I tanjt ; 

openly to knawe 

fere al folke was wont to com : 

wif mustris' of f e lawe 

Maiatir was f e»^ noon so grete : 

fflt I drede of her awe 

Ky of fingis fat I seide : 

my word not to wif drawe 

% Now are je comen me to take : 

in myrkenes of nyjt 

And also je haue taken me : 

wif outen any plijt 

For je me haten to fe def ; 

haue je noon ofere rijt 

Suche is ;onre tyme he seide ; 

merkenes wif outen lijt 

In euel tyme leued je : Qiatm, buA] 

Iudas fe varied wi;t 

Muchel pyne purueide is jon ; 

but more to him is dijt 

V His hondes fei bonde & lad him 

a trot & not a pas L'°'J' ■ 

Kijt to her owne bisshop : 

his name was f o caypbas 

Mased & wery f enne were fei 

fo fei nuste wherfore hit was 




HE ooMES TO oaiapeab' houbk. kow ohkist'b wobd shall BB PULFILLBD. 

Left Jiai noght bi-hind '^m fan 

}a fola felun ludas, 1587S 

Jiar he liuerd his maistet vp 

])ai bimden had wit la^as, 16880 
fie felons logh him til hething 

on ilk side, alias I 
Fetre he folud him on ferr, 
. For durst he noght in sight, 16884 
For wonder gladli wald he wite 

fe ending if he m^ht 
To coiphas hofi son he com. 

And ^ider in he tight, 16888 

^u i hope it halden bes 

pat criat bim forwit hight, 
He diogh him bak be him fie men 

Wald he n<^bt cum in light 16892 
Quea he was to )ie patais cammen, 

Sperd it was fie yate, 
A knann freind be bad ))Bie-in, 

in be did bim late 15896 

Friueli for in bis mode. 

For was he neuer sa mate, 
Gladli wald be apek and sper 

Bot at qaam he ne wate ; 15900 
Quat thing suld of bis maister worth, 

Wyt wald he ful fain. 
A quil forward he yode, 

a quile him diogh a-gain, 15904 
Quot fiai thogbt wit his maister do 

gladlie wald he frain. 
For saie he dred ))at sifien fell 

o ^aim be suld be slain. 15908 

V A fir was kindeld on )>e place, 

]ie night it was fnl caald, 
Mani drou a-bote fiat fire 

For tifans Jiat war tald. 16912 


lefl; ^i nojt he-hinde ham. 

^at fals feloun ludas 

])er he delinered his maister vp. 

^at bondTn was wi]) las 

)ie felouns him lo^ tU he))iDg< 

on ilk side alias. 

IT Fetre folowed him on ferre. 

& durst nojt come in si)t 

for wonder gladli walde he wete 

of ft ending* if he m^t. 

to caiphas houa be him come 

& ^idder he him dijt. 

now I. hope hit wille be haldin 

atte ihe»u criste him b^t. 


. MO gap in Fairfax ^ Laud MSS.} 

If quen be was to fat palas commyn. 

spered was fe jate. 

a knawen frende was porter 

& in he dide him late 

preaeli wifi-in bis mode 

for was he neyner sa mate 

gladli walde be epeke & spir 

bot atto quam he ne wate; 

IT what sulde of his maist^ worfi. 

wite walde be ful fayne 

a-quile forfi be jode. 

a-nofief quile a^gayne. 

quat fai fo^t wi)) bis maister do. 

gladli walde he frayne 

bot sare be dred Jiai ware sa felle. 

of ham he sulde be slayne. 

IT A fyre was kindeled in fe halle. 

fa n^t bit was fnl calde. 

many drogb a-boute fiat fire. 

for tifnnges ^t was talde. 


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Jar he liuerd hia maiatai up, 16879 Lafte fei not bihyudea hem : 

fai bundon had wid las, 15830 Jib fills felonn ludas 

Ife left |)ai noght bi-hind jjaiui 15877 Ei he delyuemd ihestta vp : 

^t fals felua iudas. 15876 I bounden barde wi]> a las 

ye felims bim logh till hething 15881 ^o felouns him lowje to scora : 

on ilk uide, alias ! Oa vcbe side ))at plas 

[PJetre folud him on ferr, IT Petiir folwed on fer : 

for durst he noght in sight, 1588i for dorst he not in sijt 

For wonder gladli wald he witt For wondii fajm wolde he wite : 

of ])e ending if he might. ye ende if he myjt 

To cayphaa bus he him come, [i»f ikt] To cayphas hous he aftir coom : 

and yidec in he tight, 15888 & yidtt in he tijt 

ITu i hope it halden bea Kow sbal ye fotwatde bolden ben : 

^t Crist him forwid hij^t. yat ciist bifore him h^t 

[ • [ 

. . . . no gap in the MSJ\ , ... no gap in the M8,'\ 

[QJnen he was to )iat palais comen, % whenne he was to paleia comeu : 

apered it was ]ie jate, apeied was ))e jate 

A knauen freind he had fiar-ine, A knowen frend be bad yena : 

and In he did him late 16896 & lete him In Jwr-ate 

Fieuili widin his mode, For ful of soiwe in his berte : 

for waa he neuei sua mate, waa be never so mate 

Gladdli wald he apeke and spir Fayn wolde he epeke & aske : 

bot at qnam be ne wate ; 15900 of ihenw Astate 

[Q]uat suld of hia maistir worth, iT what ahulde of his maiatir wor)>o : 

wit be wald ful faine. wite wolde he fayn 

A quile forward he jode, A while for^ewarde he jede : 

a quile bini droa againe, 15904 -awhile him droaje ^yn 

Qaat Jai wald wid bis maiater do Wbat y&i wolde wi|) hia maiatir do : 

gladli wald he fraine. gladly wolde he frayn 

For Bare be died y&i syden fell For aore be dredde as aftir fel : 

wid )iaim he auld be slaine. 15908 yat be shulde be slayn 

[A] fire was kindlid on )« place, f A fuyi was made in )iat plas : 

^e night it was ful cald, ye nyjte hit waa ful colde 

Man! diogh abute fat fire Mony diowje aboute Jwt fayr : 

for thinges )iat war tald. 16912 for ^ingis yat were tolde 


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Fetre Jiidder-ward him diogli, Fetre [liddeT-wan} him diogti. 

])of he was vn-haald, 15914 al jf he was vabalde. 

* A sargant )iaT was war of him, a sniauut fer was wane of him. 

andcanhimtobe-hald. pifW.bk,oiLi] & con him to be-halde. 

IT Qnea fia man had auised him,^ T quea |)ia man had a-vised him. 

AndJurhesaghhimBtond, PMS.uiuii & per-hi sagl! him stande. 

"yon," he said, "as an of his 15919 yon he saide is an of his 

|)at wit TS ea in hand." p&t we hane in hande. 

"Ful eber thuert nai," coth he, nay shortU quof> he 

" yee mis nu Tnderstand, 16922 je do mys-vnderstande. 

Ne wist i neuer qaat he was ne wiste I. neuer quat he was 

sin i was bom in land." eyn L was home in lande 

IT Had noght petre hot a-wai TJetre drogh him bakier more 

Tnnethes [lejien gan, 15926 JL & vnnefiis was he gane. 

Qtien a-no))er wit him mete quen malcus sone wi]) him mette^ 

And said, " )iiB ilk es an & saide ))U ilk is aa 

Of his felauBcep for-soth, he smate myne eie of sicnieli 

yee do fat he be tan." 16930 I walde atte he ware tane. 

Coth petre, " knaulage of him I quo)) peter knawlage of him 

had i neu^ nan," had I. neuer nane. 

% Wit f is he drou him neie )ie jate, V wif ))is he drogh him neie fe jata 

fain wald ha hen )iei-yte, 15934 & walde baue bene )>er-oute 

Bot ]>ar be mett a woman son bot))erheinetteawommansone cir»,bk} 

fat did bim mast to dute. )>at did him maate to doute. 

Him fis SCO said, " for-soth i s^h him f is ho saide for-sof I. sagfi. 

lang ar wit him in rate, 16936 lai^jare wl)) him in loute. 

foti sais noght soth ' i knau bim noght fou sais no;t bo)i I. knaw him nojt. 

ne neuer was par a-bute.' " " ne neuer was pare a-boute, 

^ "I knau him noght, for-aoth,"hesaid, IT I knaw him nojt for-sop he stude 

far-til his ath he euerj — 15942 far-tille his athe he square. 

Be f is was fa time o night he f is was time of nijt passed 

past miduight and mare. midnijt ot mare, 

ban bigan fe eok to orau, fen be-gan fe cok to craw. 

fe time was cummen far, 15946 ihesuB be-helde him fare. 

Fetre fan him bi-thoght, peter fen him b&-f ojt. 

f e word him said was are, qiiat lie I'ii in saide are. 



Petit didir-ward ha drc^ Petnr to here f ider dro^e : 

fogh he was vnbald, 15914 fouje he were vnbolde 

A eei^aat jiai was war of him, A seniaunt sooue was war of him : 

and gun him to bihald. & gon him to biholde 

[Q]ueii ])is man hade avised him, V whenne he hadde aviaed him : 

and ^ar he sau him stand, 15916 & say petnr fere stonde 

" yoene," he said, " ee ano of his })is mon he seide is oon of his : 

|jat wid Ts ea ia band." fat we here haue in bonde 

" Ebberthwert nai," said he, Anoon petur seide na^ : 

" je misunderstand, 15922 je bete me wiong on honde 

Ife wiat i neuer quat he was Wist I neuer what he was : 

eifien i was bom in land." si)) I was bom in londe 

[H]ad noght petre bot a littel % Fetur had but a litil : 

Tnethes )ie|iiii gaue, 15926 vnnefia jwnnes gon 

Qiien anofer wid him mett Whenne ano^er wif him mette : 

and said, " dis ilk es ane & aeide fvis ia oon 

Of his felauschip forsoth. Of iheaaa felowshipe I-wis : 

dos )iat he be tane." 15930 do take him now allone 

"I," eaid petir, "c[n]aulage of him 1" And petur seide knowlech^ng . 

he said, " i neuer nane," of him had I neuer none 

[A]nd J)ia he drou him to Jie 3ate, IT Anoon he drowje him to fie jate : 

faine wold he be far-Tte, 15934 fayn wolde he be perouto 

Bot ))ar he mett a womman eone Soone met he wif a wommon : 

^at did him mast to dnte. ))at made him mooet to doute 

Him pis echo said, " fotsoth 1 sau Kim )iis Z say foi eo^ she seide : 

lang ar wid him in route, 15938 longe eei wip him in route 

bu sais noght sotht 'i knau him noght }^u seist not boo]i petur seide : 

ne neuer was )iar a-boute,' " I was neuer pero aboute 

"[I] knau him noght, foi-aoth,"he said, f I knowe him not for Bojie he seide: 

par-to his ath he suare ; — 15942 & swor hem |k) hifore 

Bi pis was time of night passid Bi pis tyme hit was past : 

ou^ midnight uid mare. ouer mydnyjt & more 

pan bigan pe koc to krau, )}enne bigan pe cok to crowe : 

pe time was comen pare, 15946 pe tyme was comen pore 

Petre pan him vnbitc^t, Petur penne him bipoujt : 

pa word him said was are, pe word was seide him ore 




Ajid went him fortti vte of ])at curt, & went liiin for^ atte pe jate 

Wepand full Belli sare. 15950 wepande ful selli sara, 

V lenM fan tomd him a-bute, Thenia turned him a-boute 

on petre his hei he kest, M. on peter his ey he kest 

Jiauwijat he cummenhia oiaisterwoid ^en wiste he commynhia muster woide 

Wit-Tten langar frest. 15951 wijKiute langer ftest. 

Quen he him-eelf it vnderetod, quen he him-eelf vnderstode. 

Almast his hert can brest. aUe-maste his hert con brest. 

^t night he did bim to a roche, Jiat ni^t he did him til a toche 

^&r-Tnder for to lest^ 16958 fier-rndei or to rest. 

For he ne wijt quider-ward to weind, for he ne wiate quidder to wenda 

ne quai ^at him war best. oe quat atte him was best. 

% It es writen o sir ludas Cui- 4 TTit is writin of iudas 

quen he had don |>at sin, 16962 j^M. quen he had done )»t sin. 

Wit his penis ^at he tok, wi^ bis penis atte he toke 

Went til his moder in. went til his modei in. 

" Moder, i haf mi maiater said, nioder L haue my maister salde 

sal he uaman bigin, 15966 salle he naman be-gyn. 

And in mi puis ^e pris i ben, & in my puise pe prise I. beie 

samquat ])an get i win." & )ius-gatiis con .L wyn. 

IT ludaa was iean aumnere, % ludaa was iheaus awmener 

bath theif and tTaitnr bald, 15970 bafi thefe & traitoui balde. 

All yat him was bitaght &»,y pe silu^ to him was tajt 

Ful selden gain he yald. & selden a-countis be jalde. 

Of his tbift and his felunni, of his ))eft & bis felony 

His moder al he tald, 15974 his moder alle he talde 

And bu be to ]>e Inua bad [^And how ho to the iewla bad 

His aon mabter eald. his owne masl^r soli)] [' faa Lad ms. «q 

IT " Nn has ^u ^i maister said 1 " IT Sone bas }o\i ]>! maister salde 

" moder," said be, " ya." 15978 moder be saide ja. 

" pen," SCO said, " nu sal be scent, ' bo saide f e iewea wil him sbenda 

i wat )iai mon him sla, I. wate )iai wil him sla. • 

To ded ))0u sal bim se be don, to ^ dede ])ai wil him do 

hot he sal rise fat fra." 15982 bot he salle rise fisr-fra. 

" Eise," said be, " dame nai, god dote, ludaa aside nay godote. 

bes it ni^t moder sua, sal bit neuer be squa. 



And went him forth vte of ]iEit curt, 

wepaad ful BeUi sare. 15950 

[I]e#u« fan tumed him abuts, 

o petre eie he keist, 
pan wist he comeo hia maiatii word 

widvten langer &eat. 15954 

Quen he him-aelf it vnderatode, 

almast his herte wald brest 
^at night he did him till a loche, 

^st T&der for-to relet, 15998 

For he ne wist qni^erward to weind, 

ne wat fat him was best 
[I]t ea writen of fia indaa 

quen he had done f>at sin, 15962 
wid his peois Jiat he took, 

went til! hia moder in. 
" Modir, i haue mi maistir said, ^^f' 

Bal he na man bigin, 15966 

An in mi puis fe pris 1 bete, 

eumquat mon i win." 
[IJudas was iesu« aumoner, 

bath thepf and traitnr bald, 15970 
Alle )iat was till him bitaght 

ful seldin again him jalde. 
Of hia theft and of his feluni, 

bis modir alle he tald, 15974 

And hu he to |je iuua had 

his auen maistir said. 
" [S]un, has fu fi maistir said 1 " 

" modir," he said, " ja." 15978 

"Jia," acho said, "nu eal he acheint, 

i wat ))Bi will him ela, 
To dede )iu sol so him be done, 

bot he eal rise (ler fra." 15982 

" Rise Tp modir eft 1 " he said, 

" na sertis 1 ne bes it noght sua, 

S9 G&rriHOBK 

He went for^ out of Jie court : dmi m] 

wepjng wondir sore 

[fl' Jhesus tumed him aboute] 

on petur eje he keat 

j3o wist he comen hia maistii word i 

wi)iouten lenger frest 

Tor sorwe he wrongs & wept alao : 

as hia hert shulde brest 

]}at ayjte he dud him to a roche : 

fere Tndii for to rest 

He nuate whiderwaide to wende : 

ny what him was best 

V Hit is writen of J»is ludaa ; 

wbenne he had done Jwt synne 

Wijt his penyes J>at he toke : 

he went to hia modir Inne 

Modir I haue my maiatii sold : 

bl a so til gynne 

And in my purs fe penyes I here : 

now ahal I sum what wynne 

f ludas was ihesus Aumenere : 

bojje feef & traitoui bolde 

Al ^at was bitaken him : 

selden ajein lie jolde 

Of hia fefte & felonye : 

hia modir so he tolde 

And how he to J)o iewes hadde : 

bis owne maistir solde 

IT Son haatou fi maistir solde : 

je he seide ful fro 

Kow she seide ahaltou be shent : 

I wot fei wol him alo 

To defe men shul se him be done : 

but rise he shal f eifro 

Fro def lie seide nay forsofe : 

modir hit bef not so 




IT Na sal he neaer vp-riaa eft,fj; 

truli i J« hight, S| 

At sal ))i3 ook vp-rise 

was skald yiatemight ! " 
Vnnetho had he said fa word, 

}e cok kpe vp and flight 
Fedetd faryer fan be-fom 

and cm thoru grace o dright ; 
And |)an bigan )>e traitur fals 

to dred him of his plight. 
IT fi& it was ]iat ilk cok, 

Jiat petre herd hint crau, 
Qui;n he had nite his lauerd thris 

lie did him^seluen knau. It 

Spek we nu ha >ai issue ledd, 

f is folk wit-vtcn a«, 
Bath hidir and f ider, bot |)ai ne wist 

iriu'wi? H Ne salle he neuer rise eft 

wriSS? truU I. J« hijt. 

15987 OT sal fis Uk cok vprise 

was skalded ^aster-m^t. 

Tnnefiea had he saide ^t worde 
15990 fie cok lepe vp on flijt 

fejieired fayrer )»ea be-fome 

& kiew forou goddis mijt. 

& )«n he-gan pe trutooi fala. 
15994 to drede him for his pli}t. 

^ (lis hit was )iat ilk cok 

]iat petie herde him craw. 

quen he had nite his lorde f ris. 

he did him feloun knaw. 

speke we how |iai ihe^u led. 

fis folk wif-outen awe. 
:)ihidder&)iLdder wist Jiai nojt quiddci 

qnider )>ai wald him drau; 16002 atte pai vralde him dragh. 

^ lath despit Jiat f ai Mm did, 

es soru i-wiss to scau. 
V Al )iat night he was in hand 

a-mang ))at cursed lede, 16006 

Apon ]je mom ran fider-ward C«9. eoi- 

|)e folk, ala ])a{ wald wede. 
fe Iau€Alingea al war efter sent 

to be bifote fia dede. 16010 

Fetei, fjuen he sagh f e dai, 

til his felaus he yede 
He went him for to wisit yahn, 

for Jiar-of had fai nede, 
A 8orfuI[er] night moght 

J>an he had, als we redi 

fe grete dispite p&i til him did. 

sorou hit ware to shawe. 

IT alle ))at nijt he was in hande 

amangi ^at cursed lede. 

apon ))e moms lan ]iidderwards 

pe folk as pai walde wede, 

fe lordii^a* alle ware ofter sent 

to be bifore )iis dede. 

petre quen he segh )ie day 

til his felawes he jede. 

ham to conforte & visits. 
16014 for fiar-of had )iai nede. 
1 haf, a Horoufuller nijt mijt na man hane 

))en he had as we rede. 

[The Trial before Caiapltas and Pilate.] 
f In sii caiphas curt If In fe bisshop caiphas court. 

Jiai heild fan fair gadiring, 1601S helde fai faire gedderingi 


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[N]e sal he neuer rise eft, V He shal neuej- rise ^eyn : 

treuli nou i Jie hight, 15986 truly bi no myjt 

Are sal fiis ilk coke vp rise Furst alial pie cok vp rise : 

was ekaldid jisterniglit I " was scalded justir ny;t 

vuetlies bad be said ^ word, Yime)ie bad be aeide ]iat woid : 

^e coke lep ap on fligbt 15990 ^ cok toke vp his flijt 

Fejierid fairer fan bifom, Fefered feirer pen bifom : 

cien tboni grace of diigbt ; crwe bi grace on b^t 

And fan bigan fe traitur fals 15993 penne bigon (le traitour fills ; 

to drede bim for bis pligh[t]. to drede for bis plljt 

[j)]is it was fat ilke coke, IT fia was J« same cok : 

fat petir herd him crau, pat petur herde crowe 

Quen he had nitt his laaerd tbrijs 'Wbenne he bad forsake bis lord : 

- he did bim-selneu knau. 15998 fries on a rowe 

Specke we nu hu f ai iesua ledd, Speke we now bow ibem« stood : 

f is folk widvteu lau, among fe folk so lowe 

Batb hider and f edir, hot fai ne wist Hider & f ider f ei bim diowjo : 

quider f ot fai wald bim drau ; vcbone ofer bim to sbowe 

fe lath despite fai till bim did, 16003 [ 

es soru i-wiss, to schan. . no gap in Trinity ^ Laud MSS.] 

[A]ll fat nigbt be was in hand IT Al fat nyjte be was in bonde : 

amang fat cursed lede, 16006 amoi^ fe cursed lede 

Apon f e mom ran diderward ' On fe morwe ron f iderward : 

f e folk, als fai wald wede. folke as fei wolde wede 

Jw lauerdinges all quar eftii sent J)e lordes alle were aftir sent : 

to be bifor fis dede. 16010 to ben at f is dede 

Fetre, qnen be sau f e dai, Petur wbenite he say f e day : 

till his felaus he jede, to bis felowes be }ede 

He went fan forto visite faim, He went for to visite hem : 

for fat-of had fai nede, 16014 for ferof had fei nede 

A sorfuler nigbt might na man hane, An harder nyjt no mon myjt haue : 

ne be bad, als we rede. fen he bad we rede 

[TAe Trial before Caia'phaa and Pilate.] 

pQn sir caypbae bus IT In sir caypbas boiia : 

fai helde fair gaderlng, 1601S fei belde her gederyngs 




Again fair lege lauerd, i-wiaa, 

to hefd him or to hing. 16020 

All f&i gadtid )ie tun, 

bath iiemsa and dring, 
And aent to pilate fair pfocuratur, 

And did him fider bring, 16024 
For he sett Tte-ouer Jam 

Tnder ceaar f e king. 
V Sir pilate com and asked ))am, 

in hething ala it war, 16026 

" Quor es your king, yee do him bring 

forth bifor ts here." 
Jiai^ stert fam forth vneterli, [>iis.>it] 

Wit a fulbald here, 16033 

" Parfai, pilate, wel [jon aght 

to hald him ful vn-deie, 
fat king him mas wit-yten leue 

Ou*T cesar fe emperonr, 16036 

Herd fon neuer na selcnt slike 

Ala fou of him sal here." 
Caiphaa fair biscop was 

Ful riche man and rank 16040 

All fai gedird at his cnrt, 

and fai samen sanck. 
iesus fat in prisim lai, 

ful herd fai did hanc, 16044 

And bonden broght him focth as thef, 

fair will him was ful vlanck. ■ 
IT fai vmbithoght f aim on quat wise 

fat fai mogbt him wroi, 16048 

And wit quat thing fai titest moght 

do him for to del. 
Sir pilate o f aim bi-heild, 

o skil was sumdel slel, 16052 

f at^ kneu sumdel fair feluni, Cool, t] 

Wist fam was leif to lei; [•us.ivi] 


Bgayne f aire lege lorde I-wis. 

to heued him or to hinge. 

alle fai geddetred of fe toun. 

baf fieman & dringi, 

& sende to pilate faire procuratour 

& did him fiddei bringe. 

for he was keper of fe lagfi. 

Tnder ceaar fe king< 

Sir pilate aakid ham, 
in hefing* as hit were, 
quar is joure kiQg< je do him bringe. 
forf be-for va here, 
fai stert ham forf Tn-sturenli, 
wif an ful baldeli chere. 
Pai-fai pilate fou him a^t [ivtnj 

to halde him ful wondere. 
fat king! be him mas wif-out leae. 
of eeear f e emperere. 
herde fon nener sa eelcouf fing* 
aa fou of him salle here. 
IT Sir cuphas fair bisshop was 
ful riche he was & ranke. 
alle 'fai geddeied atte his court 
& f fr fai sammyn sanke 
ih£«UB fat in prisoun lay. 
ful harde fai dide him hanke 
& bundyn brojt him as a thefe 
f er wele him was ful wlanke. 
I^ai vmbi-f 03t ham on qoat wiss 
J atte fai mujt him wieye.* 
& wif quat f ingi fai tittest mc^t. 
to him for to dey. l^vs.wrojs] 

air pilate on ham be-helde 
of skile was sumquat sley. 
he knew sumdel f aire felony 
& wiste atte fai walde ley. 


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Again ^air lege lauerd, i-wUs, 

to heued him o]ier to Mug. 16020 
All )iai gederid of ^e tune, 

bath fre man and dring, 
And sent to pilate ^air procketur, 

and did him dider bring, 16024 
For ho was aett vie ouer fiaim 

vndei cesar ^o king, 
[S]ii pilate come and askid faim, 

in hething als it were, 16028 

" Quare ea jnr king, je do him bring 

forth bifor vs here." 
fai etirt faim forth vnaternli, 

■wid a ful baldli chere, . 16032 
" Parfai, pilat, )ja him agh 

to hald nn ful vndere, 
yai king him mas vidvten leue 

of cesat ^e emperore, 16036 

Ne herd pa neuet aelouth alike 

als f u of him sal here." 
[CJajphaa fat fair bischop was 

ful tiche he wae and rank, 16040 
Alle )iai gedrid at his cnrt, peatiu] 

and >at )iai aamen sank. 
lems fat in p[i-e]sun lai, 

fill bard fai did him bank, 16044 
And bnnden broght bim forth als thef, 

Jiair will it was full wlank. 
[}i]ai vmbithogbt (laim on quat wisae 

fat fai m^bt him wrei, 16048 

And wid quat fing fai titteat might 

do him for to dei. 
Sir pilate on faim biheld, 

of skiU was aumdele sli, 16052 

He knew sum-dele fair feluni, 

wist faim waa lef to li ; 


Ajein ber lege lord I wis : 

to bede bim or to hynge 

Mony gedered of fe toun ; 

bi certeyn wamynge 

And senden aftir sir pilate : 

fidur him for to biynge 

For he was lustise ouer hem : 

vndir cesar fe kynge 

V Pilat cam & asked hem : 

in scornyng as hit were 


. no gap ire TriKiti/ ^ Laud MSS.] 

fei stirten forf stemely : 

wip a lodly chere 

'FoTsofe pilate fou owe bim bolde: 

to Ts & fe vndere I' i»af », biio« 

fat kyng bim callef wif outen leue : 

of Cesar wif outew pere 

Herdestou neuer sucbe wondres ; 

as he haf don ts lere 

IT Caiphaa fat her bissbop was ; 

waa fol riohe of fee 

Alia gedered at'his court : 

fat ilke aory raeyne 

Ihemw fat in pj-isoun lay : 

fei broujte forf fat fre 

Harde bonnden as a f eof ; 

was wont wif hem to be 

f J)ei bif oujte hem on what wise : 

fat fei myjte him wrye 

And witA what fing feiaonnestshulde; 

do him f en»e to dye 

Sir pilat on bem bihelde : 

of ekil waa aomdel alye 

He knew somdel her treaonw : 

fat hem waa leef to lye 


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V he le-helde fa coised men. 

bow |)ai saide ^ire resoun. 

& wiste wele p&i bad him taae. 

wi))-oute rijt & wi)i tresoun. 

Pikte sette him a-boate. 

)ie bulges of fe toan. 

he loued na f ing' ^at wikked folk 

for )iai ware ay feloun. 

be-for ham ihesus as a lambe 

his heaed droupande doon, 

on ham he loked nojt with eye. 

bot bade Jtaire wille ay houn. 

IT Mani le8iiig< fer ^ai made. 

B^ayne iht«a ]iat day. 

pilafe did ham heikia & list 

alle fing atte fai walde say. 

bot he cowde finde na skil ^uai-fora 

gilt on him to lay. 

foi oft Bi)i an saide ja. 

& \j. or iij. nay. 

IT vp Jfer Btert ij. felonns 

in middia J>at counsile. 

& saide on hey to sir pUate 

sir herkin va a quile. 

he Jiis is man '. & makia him god. 

to gere man traw hia gyle. 

he ia na god ne goddia sone 

of him we knaw |)e stilo. 

IT Gode men fiai aaide ^et is Jer mate 

herkin we sal jou telle. 

)iat be TB aaide in |)e temple, 

qiiere we beide him epelle. 

he bad Jiat we ))at temple sulde 

al to ))e gronde bit felle 

& he aulde on )ie |)rid day, 

raise hit wif-outen dwells. 


% He bebeilde ])at bitter bald, 

Hu ;iai said ])air reaun, 160G6 

And vnderatode ]>at ]iai him had 

teno al wit tresnn. 
He luued nawigbt yat wick folk, 

for ])ai war ai felun. 16062 

Filat eatt, and him a-butte 16059 

)ie bulges o Jie tun ; 16060 

BifoT f am iesus atode als a lambe, 

His befd druppand dun, 16064 
On pam be loked noght Me eL 

to lei fai war ai bnn, 
Mani leaing bad fai loan 

(^ain i^su ])at dai; 16068 

Pilat did men here and list 

AI thing fat fai wald eai. 
Bot he cnth find na akil quarfor 

On him men witte suld lai, 16072 
For in fair aim sagb fai said, 

oft-sith foi-kid fai. 
V Vp far atert tua pantenera 

in middes fat conaile, 16076 

And said on bei to sir pilate, 

"sir, herken va a quile. 
He fis ea man, and maa him godd, 

to ger men tron his gile, 16080 
He ea na godd ne godd suns, 

of bim we knau f e stile." 
IT "Godmen," he aaid, "yeitt es fat 

" Herkens we aal yow tell, 1°^"" ' 
fat he in fe temple aaid 16085 

quar we herd biin spell 
He bad fat we f e temple suld 

al to f e grand dun fell, 
He suld it raia fe tbrid dai, 16089 

na laager terme emeU," 


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[H]e biheld >a bitter 1)01(1, 

liu ])ai said fa,it resun, 16056 

And vnderatod fat fai him had 

tane all wid tresuu. 
Filate satt, and him abute, 

J)e burgeises of fe tun, 16060 

He louend na wight >at wick folk, 

for fai war ay feluu. 
BifoT fiaim iesua Btod als a lamb, 

hiB heued dropand dun, 16061 

On ))aim he loked noght hia heie, 

bot bad fiaii will ai bun. 
[Mjsni lesing had [lai mad 

again iesu« pat, day, 16068 

Pilate did men herk and list 

all ^at pai wald say. 
Bot he cuth find na skill quarfoT 

plight on him to lay, 16072 

For in Jiair auen eau ))at said 

oft sith fan forkid fai. 
[V]p far stert tua pantenera 

in middes fat cunsile, .16076 

And said on hei to sir pilate, 

" air, herkin to a quile. 
He fia es man, and mas him god, 

to gere men tiou his gile, 16080 
He es na godd ne goddes sun, 

of him we knau f e stile. 
[G]od men," f ai said, " jeit es far mare, 

herken, i sal }u tell, 16084 

fat ha in fe temple said, 

qnar we herd him spell ; 
He bad fat we ^at temple suld 

aU to J)e grand it fell, 16088 

He sold it raise f e thrid dai. 

IT He bihelde her bittur here : 

How f ei seide her reaouM 

And mdii'stood fat f ei him had : 

taken wif tresoun 

Filate sat & him aboute : 

f e Buigeys of f e tom» 

He leued not to fat wieked folke : 

for f ei were euer feloure 

Bifore hem ihesug stood as lomb : 

his heed droupyng doun 

On hem he cast vp his eje : 

hut bod her wille al boun 

If Mony alesyng had f ei made : 

ajeyn ihewis fat day 

Pilate herkened hem fo : 

of al fat f ei wolde say 

But he coude fynde no cause wM : 

def on him to lay 

For in her owne sawea : 

ofte chaufiged fay 

IT vp f stirte two pariioners : 

f ot false were ful of gile 

And seiden on heje to pilate ; 

sir here ts a while 

He is mon & makef him god : 

to make men leue his wile 

He is no god nor goddes son : 

of him knowe we fe atile 

IT Gode men f ei seide )itt is f er more : 

here & we wol telle 

In fe temple f is he seide : 

fere we herde him spelle 

he bad fat we f e temple shulde : 

al to ground felle 

He wolde hit reise f e f ridde day : 

no longer tyme to dwelle 


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V Wit Jvis sir pilate sun vp-rais, 

Ia«tm he wit him ledd, 16092 

Aad yode in-to ^e preton, 

fat was a Bundri stede. 
Bituix ^am tna he asked him 

qnar-for he was aa medd 16096 
To fnt folk him aoght wit scam 

Jwt anewar nan he heddl 
'H " SeiB J)OU noght, fat fai fe hate 

Jir luna, nathing mare, [■kss.ia.oiii.i] 
If fai ha might wit wild ded 16101 

f ai will Jffi for-fare. 
Ke heres ^ou noght on ilk-a side 

hu ])ai apon ^e rar, 16104 

Again ^aii aauea pat ^ai sai, 

qnin giuea ^oa ]iaim anewar ! 
Sin man has said vs )it(t )ioa ert 

A wis man lare ; 16108 

Sai me ie^oB, qni doa |)ou Jius t 

to me na soth ^ou epare." 
^ At ]fix woTdes come a man 

rinnand fast in hij, 16112 

And said fat he wald epek onan 

wit pilate prineli. 
A meaaage)* him tifiand broght 

Fia hia wijf, his lenedi, 16116 

8co giett him wel and ti^and sent 

^e quilk he had Tedi. 
" Mi 'wijf ea aumqu^t iuel at eaa, 

And fat ea for a sight 16120 

))at aco wit-in hir aleping Bau, 

nu fia ilk night, 
iegM, fat fiB fals folk 

Has tan wit-vten plight 16124 

Word aco aendea pe for-Ji!, 

Wi)) ^is pilate rp him ras. 
ihe^us wi^ him he led. 
& jode in-to fa precoiy. 
Jtat was a preuey atede. 
& in connsail aaked him , 
qttat-fore he was aa med. 
to )iat folk him wolde epUle. 
|iat anBquare nane he bedde. 
f Seyse )>ou no^t atte ))ai fe hate. 
fer iewea na-Jiing* mare, 
hot ]iou help ^i-aelf atte uede. 
ellia wil fu fe forfaie. 
ne heris ])ou no^ on ilka aide 
how fai a-pon fs rare, 
a-gayne faire aaghoa atte fai say 
quyne gyues f on ham anaquare. 
sin fan be-fore time has bene 
a man of witty lare. 
Bay ihesuB quy doa ))on Jms 
to me na soji )joq apare. 

Atte fer wordes come a man. 
tynnande faste in hye. 
& saide atte he walde apeka anane 
wif pilate priuely. 
a measager him ti})ande brojt. 
fra hia wife J>at lauedi. 
ho grette him wele & ti^iandis s^da 
fe quilk he had redy. 
^ joui wife ia aumdel enel atte ese> 
& ]iat is for a aijt. 
^at ho in hir sleping* sagh 
now file ilk nijt. 
of fia iheeu atte fia folk* 
has tane wi]>-outen pli^t 
worde ho sendis fs for-^ 
if any way (lou mijt. 



Just t 



[w]id ^is pilate vp lie las, 

ie»ug wid him he lede, 
And jode into pa pretori, 

fat waa a sundri etede. 
Ei-tuix faim tua he askid him 

quarfor ho waa eoa medd, . 16( 
To )ut folk him aoght wid achame 

^at BnBuer n^ne he bedd 1 
"[SJeis ))a noght, )iat Jiai ]ie hate 

fir iuua, ns'thiiig mare, 16100 fieso iewes no fing more 

If Jai haue might wid vilo dede Jjei wol )» sle if f ei may : 

an will f ai fe forfaie. & deatiye pi loro 

He heris fm noght on ilk aide, Hereaton not on enery syde : 

ha ]iai apon )>e lare, 16104 how Jiei on fe rore 

Again )>air aaoa fut ))ai nal, Ajeyn hei sawes )iat ])ei say : 

qui ne giues )iu )iaim ansaate : vneweieatoa not wherfore 

V Anoon pilate vp he rooa ; 
16092 iheeut wif> him he laddo 

And jede in to {« parlour : 
fiat waa a counsel houa badde 
Bitwene hem two he aaked him : 
16096 whi he was bo madde 

To fat foike him sonjte wi]> ehome : 
noon Tnewere fat he hadde 

V Seetou not fat ))ei fe hate : 

I Sif men han seide fat f ou art : 

1 6108 wifl of lemyng jore 

jyue Y&Bwere of f is ihesu« : 

OT clles fou smartes aora 

^ At f ese woidea coom a man : 
16112 rennynge faste in hije 

An il aeide he wolde speke anoon : Df loq 

wif pilate priuelye 

A mesaaugere him tifing broojte : 

Sif en men has aaid ne fat f u 

sua wis a man of lare ; 
6ai iesue, qui doe f u due 

to me na eoth f u spare," 
[A]t f ii woidia come a man 

Tinand fast in hij, 
And aaid fat he wald apeke on-aae 

wid pilat priueli. 
A messagei him tif and broght 

fra hia wif, f ot leuedi, 161 16 fro hia wif fat ladyo 

'Scho grett him wde and tifand sent, 8he grette him ofte & tifmge aende 

de quilk he had ledi (' utt im, tackj to drede of fat folye 
" [!>]' '^'i^ ^ snmdele iuel at eee, ^ f i wif he aoide is iUe at eee ; 

and fat ee for a sight 16120 & f at is for a Bi;t 

Jjat ahe in hii slepyng aay : 
fia like laste ny^t 
Of f is ihe«« fat now f is folk : 
16134 han taken wifoutere plijt 

Word ahe aendef fo if fat f ou : 
on eny weye myjt 


fat scho in hir slepii^ sau, 

nn f is ilke night, 
Of fia ie*n, fat nu fis folk 

has tan widvten plight, 
word scho sendia f e forf i, 

if ani wai f u might 

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yst ^n thole him noght to dei, atte fov )iole him nc^t to dey. 

for it war gret vn-right" 16128 tot hit waie grete va-ri^t. 

V Quea piUte had )>ia tij^and herd, 'IT quen pilate had ])is tifiande herde. 

And wel it Tudeietode, & wele hit vnderatode. [ii«fTi,i»k} 

Ha bioght J)am iesum Jian agayn, he hrojt ihera wijj him a-gayne 

And to ]» curt he yode. 16132 & to ^^ court he ^ode. 

"God men," he said, "yeecanuoghtfind gode men he eaide I. can nojt finde 

oght in ^is man hot gode, in )iis man hot gode. 

Foi ha es noght worthi to dei, for he is nojt wor^i to dey. 

Ala me think in rai mode. 16136 as me fink in my mode 

Bot skoigea him and late him ga, liot ekotu^iea him & late him ga 

queu yee mai see ^e hlod." til je se fo Mode. 

IT " Do irai," coth Jai, " na sir pilate, IT Do way quo^ fai air pilate 

quarc-for eais fiou sua, 16140 qnar-fore ^en says }ou squa. 

We wil it graunt on nankin wise we wille nojt gronte on nankin wise 

^at he euld scap ts fra. atte he anlde escape ts fra. 

He mas him king, and wald he cald, he mas him king* & walde be calde 

And foil wat wel ^at qua 16141 & ]iou wate wele at qua. 

Mas him king wit-vten leue, [ool ■] mas him king* wi)i-oatea leue. 

es ^e imperouTB fa. he is )ie emperour fo. 

galilee pan. es he bom of galilee )>en is he borne 

|)e folk he dos mis'^" 16148 & bringis our folk in wa. 

Quen ]>at pilat herd ))am sai /~\ nen ))at pilate herde ham say. 

he was o galilee, \^ he was of galilee. 

Thoght he wald ha sauued him, he )>o;t he walde hane saued him. 

to dred {ran can he, 16152 to drede )>6n con he. 

For herod was }at ilk siqu^ir for eraude was of ^ ^t lande piis.of orj 

keper o fiat contre. king" in fat cuntree. 

lesiis bonden ale he was, Bondyn ihesa as he was. 

alsua he lete him be, 16156 al-squa he lete him be. 

And wit his seigant he him sent & wifi his seiiauntes he him sonde. 

til herod for to se. til heiode for to se. 

IT For to wreth yeit herod mar fl for to -wrap sir herode mare, 

pilat thoght ful lath, 16160 pilate Jiujt hit laifi. 

Tor he and he had samen hen, for he <& he had sammyn bene. 

forwit selcnth wrath, be-foro Belooub wrab. 


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fsA fa tliole him noght to dei, fai ^ou suffi« him not to deje : 

for it war gret vnright." 16128 for hit Trere greet varijt 

[Q]nen pilata had fifl tijiand herd, IT whenne pilat had Jiis tifing herd : 

and wele it vnderstode, & wel hit vndirstode 

He broght wid him iems again, ' He broujte wiji him ihe«« a^ejn : 

and to Jiat curt he jode. 16132 & to }ie court he jode 

" Gode men," he said, " i can noght Gode men he seide I con not fynde : 

nu in fiis man hot gode, 1"°* in Jiis mon but gode 

For he ne as noght worthi to dei, He is not worfii for to deye : 

ala me thine in mi mode. 16136 me finksf in my mode 

Bot echourges him and lates him ga, But acoarge]) him & leteji him go : 

qnen je mai se pe hlod." whenne ;e se )>e blode 

" [D]o wai," said f m, " nu air pilate, H Dowey f ei eeide air pilate : 

quarfor |)an eais ))u sua, 16140 yihi seiatou now so 

■we Trill it grant on nanekin wise We wol graunte on no wise : 

fat he sold scap ts fra. him to scape va fro 

He mas him king, and wald be cald, He make)) him kyng & bo callef : 

and fu wat wele fat sua 16144 in mony cuntreee ful fro 

Mas him king widuten leue, who so eallef him kyng wifouten rijt : 

hes fe emperura fa. ia emp^oures fo 

Of galile fan es he horn ' Of galile ia he horn : 

fe folk he doB mis-ga," 16143 oure folke he dof mya-go 

[Q]uen >at pilate herd Jiaim aai IT whenne fat pilate herde hem sey : 

he was of galile, he was of galile 

Thoght he wald haue aauued him, he f oujte to haile eauod him : 

to drede fan gan be, 16192 to drede sore gon he 

For herodia was fat ilk eiquar For heroudes was in fat tyme : 

keper of fat centre. kyng of fat cuntre 

Bunden iemw als he was, Bou«den ihesus as he was : 

alsua he lete him he, 16156 also he lete him be 

And wid his aergantes he him sent And wif seruauntia he liim sende : 

till hetodea forto se. to heroude him to ee 

[F]orto wreth air herodes mare IT For to wraffe heroude more : 

pilat thoght ful laith, 16160 ful loof was pilate 

For he and he had eamen bene, For he & he a litil bifom : 

forwid aelcuth wrath, had bene at debate 

gOttingen tkinitt 

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For to do his breth to bo, for to do hia bie^ to bogb 

of him )>at was fal biath. 16164 of him )iat was ful bra)). 

pTo herowde po he hym sent herode had jemed bim to se. 

euyu the hie gBite;] crramUiiAMB.tiq [ler-fore many latE. 

^ Heiod had yemd him to se, IT herode jemed bim to ee. 

and of his come was fiiiu, 16168 & of his come was fayne 

Wit his knightes vp he nw, wij» his tnijtis Tp he ras 

and went him fan again, & went him fiam a-gayne 

Of Mm he wend ha signes sene, of him he wende haae signes sene 

For noght, al was la vain, 16172 for nojt alle was in vayne 

Se wald he neoer on him bi-hald, ne walde he nenei on him be-hald 

for thing Jiat he moght frain. for 0}t atte he mnjt frayne. 

IT Bot yeit |)e luuB fined noght, IT Ke }et ])e iewea fined nojt 

to Bcke iesum. wit wrake, 16176 to eeke ihem wip wrake 

]iai pTaid herod )>at he ne Buld ))ai be-sojt herode atte he ne snide 

na praier for him make, na praier for him make. 

Ne help him, ne he ne did, ne help him DO}t na mare he dede 

Al for [le Inus sake. 16180 alle for ^e iewes sake. 

Teit I hope Jiat fai sal bath jet I hope atte fai sal baf 

grisly hi-for him quake. grisli be-for him quake. 

IT Qoils )>at heiod wit him spak, l^e qttileet )iat herode wi)> him spac 

And he answerd him noght^ 16184 J & lie ansquared bim nojt. 

Foi he had getud him to se for he had jemed him to se. 

))ar-foi him for-thoght, many a time in ))0;t. 

For had he ^an anlepi BJgne for had he an anlapi signe. 

forwit herode wToght, 16188 be-for herode wrojt 

Had noght fe Inns don Mm to ded had nojt )m iewes bim done dede 

for tMng fw euth or mogbt. for fiing" fai cowde or mojt. 

[ fen had fe prophecy bene fala 

& turned in-to nojt. 

. . IT & alle sanlia had be lorno 

. no gap in Cotton ^ Laud MSS.'] fat forou Mm was bojt, 

if He asked bim al priueli, be aaked him alle pnueli 

qui fai him eua bi-soght, 16196 quy fai him aqua wif sojt. 

"Spekewitm8,andsairaequi [ife»,cc>i.i] epeke wif me & aay me quy. 

and al sal be for noght." & alio aal be for nojt, 


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Forto do his bretli to bu, For to do his wra]i^e to ceese ; 

of him fat vas ful brath. 16164 & aaue his aetata 

Herodes had gteaid him to se. To heroudes )ro he him aent : 

{lar forwid mani latht j euen )ie heje gate 

[H]erodea grenid him to se, IT Heroudee jemed him to ae : 

and of his come was feine ; 16168 & of his come was fayn 

wid hia knithea vp he ras, Wij* his knyjtia vp he rooa : 

and went all him againe. & went him ajayn 

Of him he wend haue signea aene, Of him he wende signes to seen : 

for noght, all was in vMne, 16172 But hit was al in vayn 

Se wald he neuei on him bi-hald, wolde he neoer on him biholde : 

fo[T] thing fai he might Jraiue. for noujt fat he coude frayn. 

[B]ot jeit ^e ins find noght, % jitt )>o iew,e3 fyned not ; 

to seke iesa wid wiake, 16176 to seke ihc^ud wi|) wiake 

])ai praid heiodea fat he ne snld Jmi preied ^at he shulde ; 

no praiet for him make, no preyere for him make 

Ne helpe him noght, ne he ne did, Ne helpe him not no more he dad : 

all for ]ie iuue sake. 16180 for ]ie iewea sake 

jeit i hope Jiat )iai sal bath jitt shul ^ei alle bifom him : 

grisli bifoi him qwake. ful grisly quake 

[Q]uilia fat herodes wid him spack, T whil Jiat heroude wif him spake : 

and he ansuerd him noght, 16184 he vnsweied noujt 

For he had grened him to se And he had jemed him to se : 

f ar-for it him for-thoght, ferfore him for foi^t 

For had he anikin signs Foi hadde he any man^ signs : 

forwid herodes wroght, 16188 hifore heroude wroujt 

Had noght fe ius him done to dede )>e iewea had not h im slayn : 

for thing fiai cnth or moght. foi no ])ing fat f^ moujt 

[ [ 

no gap in iJie MS.] no gap in the MS.] 

[H]a aakid him all priueli, % He asksd him prtuely : 

qni |iai him had sua soght, 16196 whi fei had him bounde 

" Spete wid me, and sai me qui. Of im] Speke to me & telle me why : pr loo, lA] 

and all sal be for noght" as hit ahal be founde 




And ieem held him eiU aU he 16199 
noght of him-seluen had rc^ht : 

A purprin clath ^ai on him kest, 
And gain to pilate broght 

In taken f&t he was a fole, 

Jiat hia wijt littel doght. 16204 

V Apon ^an air heiods halite 
fiai gret wel sir pilate, 

And feaid, " sir, yee er freindes made, 
fe eoth fat-for jee wate, 1C20S 

He has ^e sent )iia man again 
right in pat ilk state. 

A -word wit him ne wald he spek, 
ne ans vp lift Ma late. 16212 

V He es ^e selcutheat man, 
fat euer yeit we sei, 

For he will noifer change hia oher 

for lau man ne for hei, 16216 

^o))er ansuar for to giue, 

ne lift vp ans his hei. 
Bot herod thankes fe fi sand, 

for-Both we sal noght lei." 16220 
H " Godote," said pilate to Jiani fan, 

"fat thine me fnl gode, 
Bot giues me consail if yee can, 

for mei^ed es mi mode. 16224 

fis godman es o mikel wijt, 

qua-sa it vndei-stode, 
Bot he has wrethed yow, for-qni 

yee er wit him sa wod. 16228 

I rede men chasti him foi-fi, 

And bete him to (>e blod. 
Godmen qnat es fan your dome 

sais me certanh," 16232 

AUe fai said, "fat he be don 

on rode, and fat in ht" 


['And leetie heliJ hym etUle 

in that ilk< stotind!] [< ttom Lud ub. «u] 

a purptue claf fai on him kest 

& gayne to pilate brojt 

In takeningi he was bot a fole 

fat his witte litel do]t. 

Apon sir herodea halfe 
fai grette wele sir pilate. 
•& sir je ar frendis made 
f e aof f er-of we wate. 
he has fe aende f is man a-gayne 
rijt in f e same state. 
a worde wif him he wil nojt apeke 
ne anis halde vp his late. 
^ he is fe selcou))est man qaof fai. 
fat eaer jette we seye 
for he wil naufer chaunge hia chere 
for lagh man ne for heye. 
nauf er anaquare for to giue 
ne lift ania vp his eye 
& herode fankia f e f i sande 
for-Bof we wille no)! leye 
if Godote saide pilate fan. 
fat fink me fnl gode. 
for gif me connsaile if je can. 
fat menged is in my mode, 
fia godeman ia of mykil witte 
qua wele hit vnderstode. 
[*But for he hatfi you wrathitJ 
with hym ye aw so wooiJ Ea^S^ ^*°* 
I rede ye chastice hym f«« »jJeiS'iSili 
an<I bete hym to f e bloo<I Fiiifiu ms.j 
H GooiJ men what is yonre dome 
sey me certainly 
Alle seid that he be don) 
on croa ani fat in hie 

FAIRFAX (laud us.) 


And iestis beld him stille, als be And itiems beldo Tiim etille : 

noght of him-selueu roght : 16200 in ^at ilke stonmde 

A pvirprin cleth f ai on him kest, A purpur clooj) fei on him caat : 

and gain to pilate hroght yeria f ei han Mm wounds 

I[n] takking he was a fole, In token of fool forf him ladde : 

his witt hot littil doght 16204 to pilate on fat grounde 

[A]pon sir hetodes halne IT Sit heroade Jie grett wel : 

)»ai grett wele aii pilate, we sey pilate to ])e 

Aad said, " je er freindes made, And now he je frendes made : 

Jie sotht fiar-of we wate, 16208 |)e sofe perot woot we 

He has Jie sent |)is man again He hafi fe sende Jiis raon ajejn : 

tight in Jiat ilke state. i^t in to ))i se 

A word wid him ne wald he speke, A worde wi^ him nolde he speke : 

ne anes lift vp his late. 16212 for noujte Jjat myjte he 

[H]e ea fe aelcnthest man, IT He Is fie selcoufest mon : 

fat enere jeitwe sei, fat euer jitt we seje 

For he wald noufer chaui^e his chere For he chaunged no cheie : 

for lau man ne for hei, 16216 for lowe uy for heje 

Kouf er ansnr for to giue, Kouf er Tnswere wolde he jyue : 

ne anea lift vp hia hei. ny listen vp his eje 

Eot herodes thankea f e f i sand, But heToude f onked fe f i sonde : 

forsoth we sal noght lij." 16220 sofely wifouten leje 

" [C]ertJs," said pilate to faim, IT Certia seide pilate f o : 

*' fat thinck me na ful gode, fat f inkej) me ful gode 

Bot giuea me consail if ^e can, But heref now my connsel : 

fat mei^ed ea in mi mode. 16224 for mei^ed is my mode 

fis gode man ea of mekil witt, Jjis gode mon is of greet witt : 

qua it welle Tnderstode, who so hit vndirstode 

Bot he has wrethed }u, for-ijui But for he haf jou wraf fed ; 

je er wid him sua wode. 16228 wif him je are so wode 

I lede men chasti him f arfor, I lede je chastise him f us : 

and hete tiiin to fe blode. & hete him to f e blode 

[Gr]ode men qnat es fan jur dome, IT Gode men what is joure doom : 

Bais me sertainli," 16232 seif me certeynly 

All f ai said, " he he done Alle seide fat he he don : 

on rode, and fat in h^." on cros & fat in hy 



"Better mote yee Boi )hui bus," 

cotli pilate, " Boa rede i, 16236 

To ram yur consail better it es 

^an to do mai foU." 
IT Pilate Jmul was ful wrath, i-wiaa, 

wit Jitum fat ilk dai, 16240 

" Man," he Baid, " qui doB fou aua, 

qni wil ]iou nathing aai 
Agains fam Jiat folue fe, [«>i, q 

iioi>er7aiieiiai1 16241 

For |ii Stat )kiu aght to spek, 

to biiog fi self a-wai, 
And help pe nu ala ar has dan, 

for wel fou can and maL 16248 
% Qui es ])e nii sa lath to spek t 

for-anauei jMiin, i reda, 
Ne aeis f ou uoght hu Jnt f is folk 

)io beres to )« dede 1 16262 

A freind has fou noght bituix Jam, 

for all 61 ])ai f i fede, 
K f ou wil noght help f i-salf, 

men haldes )>e foi quedo. 16256 
t Sal me son quel pat fiou be 

godd sun or nan, 
yat i nuu w^t it witerli." 

)ian ansaerd he o-nan, 16260 

" I am bis sun ab J ou has said 

Jtat all leis be wan ; 
|iat sal be sene quen sothfbstnes 

sal quOmn be ouer-tan, 16264 

IT Tru it qna-sum wil it tiu, 

1 sal ygw scau ]ie right, 
For to climbe pe eludes all 

Jie sunn sal haf )ie might. 16268 
And for his freindes cfterwaid 

dun ]ian sal he light, 


To tume that cooncele better it is 

J)an done a more foly 

Setter mote ye sey than so 

quad pilat so redy 

IT Pylat was fuH wiothe y-wis 

with hem fat ilk< day 

Man he seiiJ why doat fou fits 

that f on wilt no fyng say 

ayenst hem that sew on the 

nothii ye ne nay 

Sor thy state )iou owest to spoke 

to bryng thy-seK away 


. . , . no gap in the MS.] 
IT why ia the so lotbe to speke 
answer hem. I rede 
Seist poo. not how that they 
the hatyn to fe dede 

frendl hast fim not of hem 
alle wille they the quede 

yf p<m wilt not help thy-self 

1 can no fyrre pe lede 

V Sey me now whethir poM he 

godde< Bonne or non) 

That I may wyttirly yt wyt [luf im] 

tiio answen) be allone 

I am his sonne as pou hast seid 

that shulle ye wyt echone 

hyt shalbe seno when sothefastnes 

ehalle among you gone 

H leve yt who-ao that wille 

I telle you yt right 

To Clymb above the clowdis alle 

pe Sonne shalle haue mi^t 

And for his ijendis aft^nrariJ 

doun) shalle he light 


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" Better moet je sai |ian sua," 

coth pikt, " sua rede I, 16236 

To uam jur conanile Isetter it ea 

J>aii to do mare foli" 
[PJilat waa ful wrath i-wisa, 

wid faim |)at ilk dai, 16240 

" Man," he said, " qui dos Jiu fus, 

pat pa vill na-]ilng eai 
Agaiues (laim pat folus' po; ['HS.buU] 

nou|)er ;ene nail 16241 

For J»i Btate pn au to epeke, 

to biing |ii-8elf a wai. 


, , . : no gap in the MS."] 
[Q]ui OS ^e sua lath to speke 1 

bot ansuOT fiaim, i rede, 
^e seia ))a noght hu pat p\a folk 

t>ehates to |)ededel 16252 

A freind has pa nogh bituix paim, 

for all (lai er pi fede, 
If {lu will noght helpe f i-aelf, 

men haldes pe for quede. 16266 
[S]ai me pa quefer Jat f u be 

goddes sun or nane, 
J>ftt i mai witt it wittirli." 

])aa anauerd he on-ane, 16260 

" I [am] hia sun, als jm has said 

paX all lese be wane ; 
^t sal be Bene quen sothfastnes 

sal quilum be ouertane, 16264 

[Tjrou it qua-sum will it tiou, 

i sal ju chea je right, 
For to climb pe cludea all 

ptt aan sal hane ^e might. 16268 
And for his frrandes efterward, 

dnne ^an sal he l^t> 

69 oOmtroBiT 

To tame fiat counsel bettur hit is : 

}i6n don a more foly 

Better mot je seye [len so : 

quod pUat so rede I. 

IT Pilate was ful wrooli I wis : 

wi)i hem pat ilke day 

Mon he seide whi doatou pus : 

Jirtt pon wolt no ping say 

Ajeines hem pat sewe on pe : 

nouper je nor nay 

For pi state pou owest to speke : 

to biinge pi self away 


. ... no gap in the MS.] 
^ wh! is pe 80 loop to speke : 
vnswere hem I rede 
Sestou not how pot pei : 
pe baten to pe dede 

frend hastou not of hem : 
aHe wol pe pe quede 

If pon wolt not helpe pi self : 

1 con no fuire pe lede 

% Say me now wheper pou be : 

goddea aon or none 

Jjat I may witeriy hit wite ; 

po vnswered he alone 

I am his son aa pou hast aeide ; 

pat shul je wite vchone 

Hit shal be sene whenne sopfestenes : 

shal among )on gone 

H Leue hit who eo pat wol : 

I telle joa hit rijt 

To clymbe aboue pe eloudes alle : 

pe son shal hane myjt 

And for hia frendea aftirward : 

doun shal he U}t 


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Noght aU in priueti i eai, , N^ot in previte I se; 

bot in yur aller eight." 16272 but yime youi' allei* Bigbt 

IT Ful wel at fiis word was lie herd IT Eville at that woni was he herd! 

wit fat cured lede, of ^at curaiiS lede 

And Tp )iai tas and gaf a cii, vp lose they alio and yaf a cry 

Ala )iof pai wald wede. 16276 right as they wold wede 

"Quat mister ea o w^tneaeing what uede hane we of* wytuea 

again him for to lede I agen hym vs to spede 

His Bun muth nn baa bim dempt, his owne mowthe batfi hym demydl 

o wijtnea ea na nede. I62S0 of wytnes is no node 

Doa him on rode, )tat ranecun non It dothe hym on rode witA-ontyn rann- 

ea bald befor him bede." that no man for hym bede L^'^^'" 

IT Wit J?ia a aergamt forth [tar atert, Anon) a sergeaunt atert fortb 

^at Btode a-mang ))am far, 16281 that atode among bem thoi* 

He lift hia hand and a buffet "Wyth hia bond a buffet 

He gaf ietn ful aare ; he yaf Ie«u fuH sore 

Efteraona said be, "apek bot scil he aeid Eft-sonya speke but sky lie 

and woides auilk na mare, 16288 & wordis ancbe no moi' 

For fi ini[a]-sau fat all has herd ^l^'i^ fibr thy mysaaw that fou bast aeid 

maldathait qua Jie spare, take that to teche fe loi" 

And quils fou lines here wit vs [ 

fi lengring sal be care." 16292 .... no gap in the MS.^ 

He lift Jian vp bis face U Ie«u lyftid Tp hia face 

And loked on Jtat felun, ajwl lokyd on that felonn) 

" Freind," he aaid, " qui ^mitea ))ou me &enil he aeid why amote ^ou me 

wit-vten right reaun, 16296 wj'tA-outyn eny leson) 

Ar Jiat )ion mi word had mend, Are Jkju mightist bane foundyiD 

quat ea )iin a-chesnn % a akylfuH encheson) 

)« man es noght o\xer\&a in mote The man that dothe no vniigfit 

at emit him ea treaun." 16300 to amyte bym it is treson) 

U Pilate him ras, and forth yode IT Pylat vp-ros and forth be yodo 

vte J>e pretori, out of fe pretory 

Jiia felun folk ie«u fai ledd. This fals folt leeu» lad 

foluand him wit cri, 16304 folowyng hym witi a cry 

Pilate aaid and badd >ai ne auld Pylato hem defendi* 

do him na Tilani, to do hym vilony 


,, Google 


Ifoght in pn'uite i sai, 

bot in JUT aUer sight." 16272 

[W]ele at Jjis word was he herd 

wid fat ciiiced lede, 
All up ))ai ras and gaue a cri, [iriiig. iiii] 

right als >ai -wald wede. 1627C 

" Qaat mister es of witnesing 

again him foito ledet 
His anen math nu has him dampnid, 

of witnes ee no nede. 16280 

Doa him on rode, Jiat ranson nane 

eua bald befor him bede." 
[Q]uid pie a sei^nt forth him stret 

>at Btod aina[n]g f aim fare, 16284 
He lifte hie hand and a buEfet 

he gaue iewi ful sare, 
And said eftsones, "speke hot skill 

and iTordis slik na mare, 16288 
For )ti missau fat all haa herd 

maldat fat fe qua spare." 


, . . . no gap in the MS.] 
Iesti3 fan lifted vp his face 

and loked on Jiat felun, 
"Freind," he said, "qui smites fu me 

wid-vten right reeun, 16296 

At fat fu )n word had mendid, 

quat es fine achesun 1 
fe man fat es noght ouertane in mote 

to smite it ea treeun." 16300 

[P]ilate him raa, and forth he jode 

vte of f e pretori, 
pia felun folk iegui fai ledd, 

foluand him wid cri. 16304 

Pilate said faim and bad fai suld 

do him no Tilani, 


Not in prioete I sey : 

but in joure aller sijt 

V Enel at fat word Vas he hetd : 

of fat cursed lede 

Vp ros f ei alle & jaf a cry : 

rijt as f ei wolde wede 

What nede haue we of witenes ; 

ajcin him vs to spede 

His ownemouf haf himdemed: [ifiH] 

of mtenes is no nede 

Dof him on rode wif outen raunsoan : 

fdt no mon for him bede 

%i Anoon a sergeaunt steite forf : 

fat stode among hem fore 

■vdf iiis houd a buffet ; 

he jaf ihesiM fu] sore 

he seide eftesones speke but skil ; 

& wordes sache no more 

For f i mis sawe fat f ou hast seide : 

take fat to teche fe lore 


no gap in the MS.] 

IT Xhexu8 lifted vp his face : 

& loked on fat feloun 

Trend he aeide whi smot f ou me : 

wif oute any reaoun 

Are fou roi3teat haue fouwden; 

a skilful onchesoun 

J)e mon fat dof no vnri)t : 

to smyte hit is tresoun 

IT Pilate vp ros & forf he jede : 

out of f e pretory 

}ji8 fals folk ihesus ladde : 

folewyng hin» wif a ciy 

Pilate hem defendede : 

to do him vileny 


,, Google 

For quat ending pe mote buM take, 

J)ai wist noght niterlL 16308 

V In-til a ctiambet vent pilat ^an 

priueli him an. 
And iesue thora his commuidment, 

])ar-in wit him ea gan. 16312 

Pilate J>aii bim to leaon did 

wit wordes masian, 
" Goddman," said he, " sai me nu qui 

^ou ert als prisim tan, 16316 

IT Thoinut ^is biscop and hia men 

|)at fon art to be taght 1 
Wei knaua ^on Jiaim, and fiai pa 

pat ye in hand has laght. 16320 
Ert )ioa goddsim," he said, 

" ea o sua mikel nu^ht 1 " 
" Sotb," he said, " qui askes ])oa, 

it SB )»e forthwit taght." 16324 

1[ " ]m soth )ioa eai me," coth pilate, 

" quat-for fai er Jii fa, 
I wat and seia f^ai wel nc^ht fine, 

be-tuizand ])al ^ Bla. 16328 

Xe wat'jKin ^at )>e pouste es min 

to spill or latte ga 1 " 
fan Bsid ieaus to air pilate, 

"me thine it ea noght sua, 16332 
IT For fof Jou ponste haf a qnil, 

|ioa sal noght haf it aL 
I haf it godd and ea his sun c<»<- K 

if i fe Both sal aai" 16336 

FiUte Beia ^t wit na word 

oueicnm him he mai, 
Of his clothes vn-dethea him. 

And ojter on him did lai. 16340 
Sua he sent him cled a-gain 

to |>aim fat was hia fits, 


ffoT what endyng fe mote woU take 

wyst he not wytt«rly 

% Into a chambie preuyly 

went pilat his oon) 

And leeua by his hyddyng 

In wtVi hym. was gon) 

Fylat sone hym askyJ 

wttA worde* in that wonJ 

Good man why hatyn they the ftu 

thise iewis euerychon) 

H The bueahop ami alle his men 

wi'tA fB bene vnsaoght 

hir purpos ia fully 

to deA to make thy drawght 

Art Jxm godd€« aonne he seii) 

Jiat hei' pus art caw^t 

Sothe he seid why askyst ]>oa 

hit ia by-foi' the tawg&t 

IT Sey me sotbe seici pilat 

why (jou art her fo 

I wote that they wille not fyne 

tille fat they Jm slo 

Wotyst fou not that power is myn) 

to spille or let go 

Then seid leaiw to pilat 

me thynckytK it ia not ao 

fibr they fQ\i pouste haue awhile 

foM shalt not haue it ay 

IT I hana it of god and! am his sonne 

yf I Bothe shatt say 

Pylat aaw that witft no wonJ 

ouer-come hym he may 

he vnele* hym of hia clothia 

& did on oyer fat day 

So he sent hym clad a-yen 

to hia foiB in place 

(laud MS.) 



For what endyng fe moot wolde take : 

■wiste he not wittuily 

IT Into a cliaumbev pji'uely : 

went pilate his one 

And ihesug hi his biddyng : ■ 

in wi]) him was gone 

Filate soone him asked ; 

vip wordcs in fot wone 

Gode mou whi haten ])ei ^e )>us : 

f eae iewea euerychone 

IT )>e bisshop & alle Iiis men : 

viip po hen vn satijt 

Her purpoa ia fully : 

to de^ to make pi draujt 

Art ^ou goddaa son he seide ; 

^at here )>ua art caujt 

So)i he seide whi askeetou : 

hit is bifore Jie taujt 

H Say me sop seide pilate : 

whi ^a art her fo 

I wot pat pBi wol not line : 

til fat Jiei pe alo 

woaton not jtat-power is myn : 

to spille or lete pe go 

peane seide JhetuB to pilate : 

me f inkef hit is not so 

IT Tor )iei pou pouate bane a while : 

(sou shal not haue hit ay 

I haae hit of god & am his aon : 

if I Boop shal say 

Pilat say pat wif no word ; 

ouereom him he may 

He vncled him of hia olo^ : 

& dud on oper pai day 

IT So he sende him clad a;eyn : 

to hia f ooa in plaa 


For quat ending )ie mote anld take, 

fai wiat noght witt«rli 16308 

[I]ntill a chambir went pilate ])aa 

prtuili him ane, 
And iesm thorn his comandment, 

Jiar-in wid him ea gane. 16312 

Filate him sone to leaun did 

wid wordea manl ane, 
" God man," he said, " f u sai me qui 

f u ert ala preaun tane, 16316 

Thoni pia biachop and hia men 

}iat fa ert to be-taght t 
wele knaos pa ptam, and )ni pe, 

)«t ffl has to me laght 16320 

Ert pa goddes [snn]," he said, 

" ea of sua mekil mt^ht 1 " 
" Soth," he aaid, " qui askes [la, 

it ea Jie forwid taght." 16324 

" [Ji]e soth f u aai me," said pilate, 

" quarfor pa es fair fa, 
Iwate and seis fai wile noght fine, 

hituix and >ai fe sla. 16328 

Se wate fu fiat fe pauste ia mine 

to apill or lat f e ga 1 " 
fan said iemu to air pilate, 

"me thinck it es noght sua, 16332 
[F]or if f u pouste haue a quile, 

fa sal noght haue it ay. 
I haue it of godd and es hia sun 

if i fe aoth aal say." 16336 

Pilate seia fat wid na word 

ouer-CQTn him he ne may. 
Of his clathes vnclad him, 

and ofer did on him lay. 16340 
[S]aa he sent him cled o^n 

to faim fat war his fas, 


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Apoa hJB heued a cron ))u utt, 

In bething al, alias I 1 6344 

lefut thoght ful mikel scam 

quen be ina acnided was, 
For cnth he neuer wit suilk be cledd, 

for-wit in nankin caa. 16348 

f lems tbogh-t ful mikel seem, 

and luted dun hie chei, 
" He," )iis fiai said, " es yur king, 

lo I him befor yow here." 16362 
Lode bigan ^ for to cii 

fat mc^ht ouer-bere, 
" Gas nu forth taa him bilina, 

wa wald on rode he were." 16356 
V All f ai cried, ala wit a math, 

" nail him on rode tre ! " 
" Saie noght aoa," coth air pilate, 

" fat ea noght fe rede o me, 16360 
H« aght noght dei for na resun 

fat i can in him se." 
])ai said ilkan, " ))is ilk man 

bot if he dampned be, 16364 

J>e frensoip sal fou lese for-soth 

bi-tuiz cesar and fe." 
IT Pilat said, " los, her yur king ! 

bot herk i sal yow eai, 16368 

To-mora it es jour mikel fest 

Jiat jee hain in your lai, 
A prison ar yee wont at hafe, 

for resun o ]» dat 16372 

Ask qoilk sum yee will haue, 

yee Bal it haue porfai, 
Ask faa your king, and i 

yow sal noght nick wit nai." 16376 
"Qnar-for,"coth fai, "qui said fou sual 

leif-maiBter, do )iou a-wai I 


A Crowne on his hei he set [i«f uo.iii 

In scomyng alas 

leeiu thougbt muche shame 

)>o he BO Bcomyct was 

ffor cowde he nevii do the dede 

to come in suche a cas 

IT lemtf was sore agreTiiI 

and lowtid doun) his chere 

This they seide is yotu' kyng 

lo hym befoi" you hew 

lowde bygon they to Cry 

that alle her<I that fat here 

Go now and take hym blyre 

we wold on rode he wei' 

T Alle they Cried witA mowtli 

naile hym on p6 tre 

Seith not so quod pilat 

that is not rede of me 

hym owith not die for no cause 

fat in hym yet I se 

Alle they seid but if this man 

by fie dampnyd be 

Thy frendship shalt foa lese 

hy-twene zezar & ^e 

IT Pilat seid lo hei* yom? kyng 

but her* what I wille say 

To-morow is youi* moche fest 

that ye hold in youi* lay 

A presonar ai* ye wont delyuyr 

for renerens of- fe day 

Asketh which that ye wille 

ye shuH yt haae parfay 

An<2 I rede you aake youi' kyng 

& I sbaUe not sey nay 

■WheWor* BeitI they seist Jion so 

leve sir that do wey 

7AIRPAZ {laud HS.) 

,, Google 

Apon his heued a cnme he sette, 

in hething all, alias ! 13344 

leeue thogbl: ful mekil schame 

quen he sua schomed was, 
For cath he neuer wid auilk be cled, 

foTwid in lunkia cas. 16348 

lesus thoght ful mekil schame, 

and luted dune his chere, [iMs.kimg] 
Jtis fiai said, " it ee jor king,' 

lo ! him bifor ju here," 16352 

Londe bigan Jjai forto cri d«iIiwJ 

^t all mogbt ouer-here, 
" Gas nu and take ju him bliue, 

we wald on rode he were." 16356 
[A]I1 J)ai end als wid a mouth, 

" naile him on rode tre ! " 
" Sal jB noght sua," said sir pilate, 

"Jtat es no rede of me, 16360 

Ee agb noght dei foT na resun 

Jtat i can in him see." . 
fai said ilkane, " f is ilk man 

bot he ne dampned be, 16364 

J)e freindschip sal pn lele forsotb 

bituix Cesar and pe." 
[P]ilate said fan, " lo I here jur king, 

bot bcrke i sal yi sai, 1636S 

To mom it es jut mekil fest 

fat je balu in jui lay, 
A presun er je wont at haue, 

for resun of fe day. 16372 

Askes quilksura fat je wille, 

je sal it haue parfay, 
Askes fian jur king, and i 

ju sal noght nic it nay." 16376 
" Quarfor," coth fai fan, "Baisfu sual 

leae mabtir, do wal I 


A crowne on his heed f ei sett : 

in acomyng alas 

Ihesus foujte inuchel shame 

po he so scorned was 

For coude he neuer do fe dede : 

to com in suche a cas 

IT Ibesus was sore agreaed : 

& louted doun his cbere 

j)iB f ei seide is }oure kyng : 

lo him bifoie ;ou here 

Loude higon f ei to crie : 

fat^alle heide fere pat here 

Goof now & take him blyue : 

we wolde on rode be were 

IT Alle f ei cried wif a mouf : 

naile him on rode tre 

Seif not so quod pilate : 

fat is not rede of me 

^Him owef not deje for no cause i 

fat in him }it I se piufioi.buk] 

Alle f ei seide but if f is mon : 

bi fe dampned be 

fe frenshepe shaltou leae : 

bitwene cesar ife f e. 

V Pilate seide lo here joure kyng : 

but here what I wol say 

To morwe is joure myche feest ; 

fat je holde in joure lay 

A pnson are je wont delyuer : 

for reuerenee of fe day 

Askef whiche fat jt wol : 

je shnl bit haue parfay 

And I rede je aske ^oure kyng : 

& I sbal not say nay 

wberfore seide f ei seistoD so : 

lene air fat doway 


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^ Jiis iesa apek fou namar, IT Off* this legus speke fou no mora 

bot of a-noJ*r man, 16380 bot of anofer man 

fe quilk nu we haf til us taken, "J^j^^' which we haue chosyn to va 

his name ia baraban." his name ia Abraham 

" O yui king Jiat ea in hand, Of 70111' kyng in honil he Bei<i 

quat.aghtel yee do fant" 16384 vrhat thynct ye do ]»ii) 

" Bo Mm on tre ; " " Baclos ea he To nayle on tro he ia not worthy 

sa feii ee anm i can." as fen« as I se can) 

Efter )iis word ai mar and mar But this won} more and more 

to cri all fiai be-gan. 16388 to cry they by-gan) 

" Selcuth Y8 thine o fe, pilata IT Wondir vs thynckytfi of the pilat 

wit drightin for to drill, that mouyst ^im pis skylle 

We haf UB choaen no. baraban, We han choayn baiaban) 

him haf algat we wilL" 16392 alle-gate hym haue we wille 

Pilate he thoght Jiair jeming al Pilat thought hei desire 

|iat he it wald fulfill, aone after to f uH-fille 

Quen he sc^h fat al his soigne when he aey his tyme 

pid tok it al to ill, 16396 they toke in to grete ille 

lesus Jot al to-draun was Ie«u that alle to-drawyn 

to scruge he ta^t fiam til. to acoi^e they toke hym tille 

IT Quen pat pilate sagh na bote IT When pilat aey no bote 

gain Jiaim langer to etriue, 16400 ayen hem long to stryve 

ieeu dede he thoght )n s^ht Of legus dethc he thought pe aynne 

al &a him-seluen driue, aUe fro hym to dryve 

Vp he rae midward Je folk Vppe he rose his houdee weshe 

and weas his hend bi-liue. 16404 Among that folk* fuH blyve 

" All yee ae," he said, " ^t i Alle ye ae he aeid that I 

ea aaccles of his line." am giltlea of< his lyve 

IT Jiai cried all on hei, " pilate IT Alle they cried on hie pilat 

bi etill, that Jw noght dred, 16408 dare ye no-thyi^ drede 

Hia blod on us be, and on |ialm On va mote hia.blode &Ue 

pat of va sal biede." & on ouis that we btede 

And ana it es, la god it wijt, An<I eo it did god it wote 

Bene on al fair sede, 16412 Bene ia on her sdde 

For nu fan er Jiai thiallea made ffor now be they thiallis made 

vnder al of er lede. Tuder alle ofer lede 


,, Google 

[0]f ])i8 iesus speke }\i na mare, 

hot of imo>w man, 16380 

^e quilk ^at wo haue till vs taae, 

his name es bstaban." 
"Of )OQr king )>at es in hand, 

quat i^htel je do >an 1 " 16384 
" Do liiiii on tie ; " " sackles es he 

sis fer se Bum i can." 
Eft ^is void ai mare and maie 

to cri Jiai all bigan. 16388 

" [SJelcnth vb thine of Jw, pilate, 

'wid dreching forte drill, 
-we haue vb uhosin barabaras, 

algat him haue we will" 16392 
Pilate him thoght jiaii grening alle 
. fiat he it mid fulfil], 
Qoen he wele sau ))at all his soigne, 

])M tok it hot till iU, 16396 

lesua ftat all to-draueu was 

to Bkourge he taght Jiaim tilL 
[Q]uen fat pilate sau na bote 

gain ]iaim lang to Btriue, . 16400 
Of issue dede he )ioght }ie sake 

all fra him-eeluen driue, 
vp he las and wesB his hend 

emidwaid pat folk bliue. 16404 
" All je se," he siude, " fat i 

am eacles of his Hue." 
[))]ai end all on hei, " pilate 

be Btill, thar ^e noght drede, 16408 
His hlod on TB be and on foim 

Jtat of TS sal brede," 
And sua it es, god it wat, 

sene on aUe fail eede, 16412 

For nu er fai alB thrallis made 

Tnder all ofer lede. 


IT Of f is ihesiM speke Jiou no mote : 

but of anofer man 

"WTiiche we han chosen to vb : 

his nome is baraban 

Of }oure kyiig in honde he eeide : 

what f euke je do fan 

To naile on tre he is not worfi : 

as fer as I se can 

But efte fis word more & more : 

to cri;e )iei bigon 

IT wondir va f inkej» of Jie pilate ; 

fat mouest f us f is skille 

we haue chosen baraban : 

algate bim haue we wille 

Filate foujte hei desire ; 

sone aftii to fulfille 

vhenTie he say bis asBoyne : 

f ei toke in to greet ille 

Ihesue fat alto diawen was ; 

to Bcoui^ he toke hem tille 

% whenne pilat say no bote : 

a^eyn hem longe to stryue 

Of ihe#tu def he f oujte f e synne : 

al fro him to dryue 

vp he ros his hondea weashe : 

among fat folke ful blyue 

Alle je Be he seide fat I : 

am giltles of his lyue 

IF Alle f ei cryed on heje pilate ; 

far fe no f ing diede 

On TB mot his blood falle : 

& on cure fat we brede 

And so hit dud god hit woot : 

Bene is on hei sede 

For now be fei f ralles made ; 

vndir alle of ere lede 


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IT Pilat stode vpon hw fete 

Among Uiat gederyng 

Pees he eeiiJ lo here now 

is delyuen) Tp youi' kyng 

1 here you sey ye wille hym do 

on rode tre to hyng 

do wey pilat vs they a«ii 

fallyji not to do suche thyng 

IT We hane oni' law aeitJ they [i«ri»ij 

that we in leve in louif 

aft^ the law ehalle be die 

])!M ehalt )y)u Tnderatoni) 

Pylat lothii hem to wretB . 

he wold hem hold in hond 

To the wilfuH wode he toke 

^e Ion) then alle wendond • 

IT Then was that ewete eakelea flesK 

done to muche wrong 

To a pillonr' they hym hond 

and witA flC0rge« hym awong 

ffio the Led to the fot« / 

ouer alle the blode out-eprong 

They Crownyd hym fo wit7i sharp 

that thorogh hia he<J throng [th*»^fl 

And bytoke hym at her wills 

to her sargeante* to hong 

IT The manaleac that berabaa 

was take out of presori) 

And GUI' lord lad to sle 

witAnDutyn eny chesorit 

Out of pieson so they toke 

that thef the felon) 

And gon so then to hong on tre 

the kyng of" heuyn croun) 

Wherefore they and her eede 

haue hie maleson) 


Pilate atode vp on his fete 

roid-waid ^at gret gadrinf^ 16416 
" Pea," he said, " lo, here to yow 

es liuerd vp yur king. 
And i hero yow soi )iat yee him will 

do on rode to hing." 16420 

" Do wai pilat«, til ts," coth Jiai, 

"feires nt^ht do sli thing, 
IT He^ haf vr l^h," coth Jtai, "fat we 

line wit al in land, [imiohb.] 

Eftei pe kgh fan sal he dei, 16425 

)>is sal f ou Tnderstand." 
^Pilate forthoght faim bath to wiatb, 

hot wald fam hald in hand, CuLI] 
To pea wilful wod he taght 16429 

^e lauerd es al-weldand. 
V fan was fat suet sacles fiasa 

don to mikel wrang, 16432 

Fiist f ai band him tU a tre 

and scnrges him snang 
Fra fe hefd vnto f e fote, 

Ooeral fe blod vte-wrang. 16436 
Sifen f ai crond him -nit thorn, 

)iat thoTU his hefd thrang, 
And biti^ht ham at fair will, 

fair sergautz for to hang. 16440 
f f e man-slaer, he baiabas, 

eslaisd o prison. 
And vr lauenl es ledd to sla 

wit-vten ani cheann. 16444 

For vte o prisun ha fai don 

fe thef and fe feltm. 
And on f e rod f ai ga to hing 

fe lauerd and fe barun ; 16448 

fai and alle fe sede of him 

has godds malesun. 


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[P]Uate Btud vp on his fete T Filate etode vp on his fete : 

emidwaid f at gret gedering, 16il6 among Jwt gederynge 

*'Pes," he said, "lo hero to )u Pees he aeide lo here now is: 

68 liuerd vp ^ur king. delyuered vp joure kynge 

I hete ;n sai je will him do I here }ou saye je wol him do : 

on rode tre to hing." 16120 on rode tre to hinge 

" Do wai pilate till va," eaid fiai, Sowey pilate ts ))ei seide ; 

" feris noght to do eli thii^, falle^ not to do suche Jiinge 

[w]e haae vr ha," said Jai, IT we haue oure lawe seide Jiei; 

"fat we Hue in inland, 16424 fat we in lyne in londe 

Eftir fa lane fan sal be dei, Aftii ]i6 lawe shal he de^e : 

Jris sfti Jiu vnderatand." J)is shal jjou Tndiratonde 

Pilate forthoght f aim bath to wreth, Pilate lofed hem to wiaf )« : 

he wald faim hald in hand, 16428 he wolde hem holde in honde 

To J>at wilful wodo he taght pmfuo.iA] To fo wilful wode he toke : 

fo lanerd es all-weldand. f e lorde feniie al weldondo 

[Ji]an was fat auete eackeles fiesse ^ f enne was fat swete sakles flesshe : 

done to mekil wrang, 16432 don to myche wronge 

Tiist f ai band him till a tre, To a piler f ei him bonde : 

and wid skonrges him snang & wif sconrgis him swonge 

Tia f e heued to fe fote. Fro f e heed to f e foot : 

oner all fe blod oate wrang. 16136 ouer al fe blood out spronge 

Sifen fai cTouned liitn wid thorn, fei crowned him fo wif sharpe fom : 

fat thorn his heued thiang, fat fourje his heed fronge 

And bitaght faim at fair will, And bitoke him at her wille : 

bar sargant for to hang. 16440 to her eeigeauntis to honge 

fe manelaer, fat barabas, ^ fe monsleer fat barabas : [iMtiM] 

es loused of preson, was take out of pn'sonn 

And yt lanerd es ledd to sla And ouie lord lad to sle : 

widvten ani chesun. 16444 wifonten any chesoun 

Yte of presuh fat haue fai tane Oat of pr»oon so fei toke ; 

f e thef and f e felun, fe fef fat feloun 

And on rode fai go to hing And goon so f enne to honge on tre : 

fe lauerd and fe barun ; 16446 fe kyng of henen cronn 

fai and all f e sede of faim f ^ore fei & her eede : 

has goddes malisun. han his malisoun 


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T And il chance Iia ^ai )iam made, ^ An euyU channge made they 

])Ba fols felnu fede, I6i63 that fala felonn) quede 

Qiten fiai )ie fine gold for-soke. When they fyne gold forsoke 

and to )iani to ^e lede. and toke hem to )ie lede 

^ chee ))sim-«elf dampnocion They chese hem-self< dampnacion 

thorn fiaii ann lede, 16456 thon^ll her onn) rede 

And broght vs til saloaclon That was to vs savacion 

^aim-self alle to )>e dede. and to hem-self< ded 

V ludas stode amang ))e folk, V ludas stode among the folk* 

for to be-hald and Be 16460 and beheld & sie 

Hn vile ^at )iai wit him delt, how fondly they with hym dalt 

and quat scham he can drei. and what shame he gon diy 

Quen jKit he saght fax was na soigne When he sie thei* was no bote 

pat his lanerd ne suld dei, 16464 but his lord shuld die 

f&n him rened of his res, Tho hym rewid of<'his leae 

and went him-self wrei. and went hym-self' to wiy 

% Qwa pat he sagh his maistei sua % When he sie hi> master 

be-caaten &1 to core, 16168 then suffer alio this care 

Wit his penis forth he lepe with his pens forth he lepe 

he had resaueid are ; that he had i«sceyuyd there 

^an him reud his marchandis, Then hym rewid his maichanntyse 

alias ! caitine fill sare. 16472 alas caytyf so bare 

'"Quatyeeer,"hesaid, "afelunfolk] he eeid ye arn) felon) folk^ 

for yee can naman spar, '-' '^'"i]**' for ye oanne neuw spare 

Here i yeld yow yur mone, hei* I yeld you youi* mony 

gee me a^in mi war. 16476 yef me ayen my ware 

IT Ful wrathohail to min bihoue IT Wrothirhele to me by-hove 

haf i tan |iis mone, haue I take this mony 

For ])e socles blod of him, ffor the sakeles blode off* hym 

for rightwis man ee he. 16480 betraied is by me 

Alias I he sud fat euer i was Alaa that euyr was I made 

tU him made sua priue, to hym to prevy 

^t euer pe time |iat i was made Bnt wM the Erthe at my byrt£ 

ne had bi-sueld me. 16484 that T ne had swolowid be 

Tag," he said, " your penis hen Takyth he seid youi' pens hers 

a felun folk er yee," A Cursid folk be ye 


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[ti]n enil chatinge haue )iai ])&im made, IT An enel chaunge made pei : 

)»aa fals, )>aa felun fode, 16452 pat fals felonn quede 

Quon fai fe fine gold foTsok, whonwe fei fyn golde foreoke : 

aad toke faim to fe lode ; & toke hem to J>6 lede 

{lai cliee fiaim-self dampnaciun |)ei chees bem eelf dampuaciotin : 

thorn fair auen rede, 16456 foui^e her owne rede 

And broght ya till saluaciun, }al was to ts salnacioun : 

)Kum seliien to fe dede. & to hem eelf dede 

[Ijndas stod emang pat folk, T Indas etood among yo folk ; 

to bihald and eei 16460 & bihelde & seje 

Hu vili fai wid him delt, How foulely Jei wiji him dalt : 

and qnat schame he gan drei. & what shame he gon dieje 

Qnen he Ban far was na soygne, Whenne he say Jwre was no bote : 

tot his laaerd snd dei, 16464 hut liia lord shulde deje 

fan him reud of his rea, fo him rewed of his rees : 

and went himself to wri. & went himself to wieje 

[Q]uen fat he sau his maistei sua H whenne he say his maistir fen : 

be casten alls to care, 16468 Bufiie al fis care 

wid his penis forth he lepe wif his pens forf he lep : 

fat he had reacaiued are ; fat he had receyned fare 

fan him reud hia maichandis, feuTie he rewed his marchaundie : 

alias I caitiue ful of saie. 16472 alaa caitif so bare 

"Ha,"heBaid,"quat jeer a felun folke. He aelde je are feloun folke : 

for je can na man spare, for ^e con neuer spare 

Here i jeild jn jui mone, Here I jelde jou joure mone ; 

giuea me ti^iin mi ware. 16476 jynef me a;eyn my ware 

[F]ul wrather-haile to mine bihoue % vtoferhele to my bihoue : 

hane i tan fis mone, haue I take fis mone 

For fe sackelea blod of him, For f e sakles blood of him : 

for right-wis man es he. 16480 bitrayed is bi me 

Alias I fat ener i was Alas fat euer was I made : 

till him made sna priue, to him so pWae 

fat fe erd fe time fat i was bom But wif fe erf e at my burf e : 

ne had biauelid me, 16461 fat I nadde swolewed be 

Takes," he said, " jni penis here Takef be seide joure pens here : 

a felun folk er je," a cursed folke be je 




" Ha we noght Jur-of to do," coth pai, 

" Jtou sal fii-self it se. 16188 

IT All for noght," coth pai, " iudas 

pi marohandis es made." 
He keet pe penis on pe flore, 

and son a-wai he glad. 16192 

" pai will," he said, " pe rightwis bU 

wit-Tteu ani bade. 
And sal on me trcsun spek 

oneral pia werld ea brade; 16496 
V I aal me-eeluen on me wreck 

For pis marchandia wrang. 
For pis rightwia ful wratberhail, 

tok i ener pat fang." 16500 

A rape he gatt' al prineli, [>»f i^] 

pat be wist was atrang. 
And iatA ho fest abate his hals, 

per-wit him^eelf he bang. 16504 
He biest in tna his buels all, 

vte at bis wambe pal wrang, 
pe sari saul vte par he sent, 

wit in pat sorful thiang. 16S08 

Vte at his wambe pe saul it brast, 

at math had it na wai, 
pat be kist wit cnst muth, 

als ar yee herd me sai, 16512 

Quen he come ala traitur ful iaia 

Hi" lanerd for to he-trai ; 
Sli dede uener, ale man sais, 

herd was for-wit pat dai. 16516 
Ded es caitiue iudas nu, 

pat traitur has to nam, 
Of his rgli marchandis [mi. i] 

has all pis werld pe fame. 16620 
His knithes mai men call pa 

pair lanerd dos despite oi scham, 

What is that to ts they sei<t 

thy-eelvyn ptm may se 

% Alle for noQg&t they sei J Iudas 

the barge[n y]e made 

He left the pens on the floi' 

Ka3 stale [^awey wip pia] 

They wille he seiiJ the rightwis eley 

[witpouten gat i-wis] g^^ir™ rSmi^MfK 

Alle this worlij shalle of me Bp[eke] 

[my tresouM ia so mys] 

V I shalle [my-seluen on me wreke] 

[alas pat me is wo] 

ffor [pis rijtwia pat ahol deje] 

[bi my treaoun bo] 

A strong rope gat he previly Pmtibi.iiIO 

and did hym fast to go 

He knyt it fast abowte his nek^ 

an<f hyng hym-Belf right po 

He brast in ij" his bowefiea alle 

fellys adoune bym bo 

The sory soule that wey he sent 

witA weylyng alle in wo 

S Out at bis womb the soule brast 

at mowthe haci it no wey 

ffor he kyseiiJ Cryste* mowthe 

as ye hercl me say 

"When he come as traytoiu' fals 

his lord to be-tray 

So fals a dede was neuer hen) 

by-foi* that ilk" day 

IT Dede was caytyf Iudas tho 

that traytow^ had to name 

Of* his Curaid Maichaontyee 

spiong alle pe world pe fame 

bis knjghtes men may calle tho 

that dothe her lord snche shame 

FAIBFAX {laud MS.) 


" Han we noght fai-of to do," said fai, 

" >ii sal |)i selnen ae. 1 6488 

[A]ll for QOght," Baid ))ai, " iudas 

^e marchandis es mada" 
He left ^e penis on ^ flora, 

and sone awai he glade. 16492 

" J)ai will," he Baid, " fe rightwis sla 

widuten ani bade, 
And all sal nu of tresun speke, 

ouer all fia world sua brade ; 16496 
[I] sal mi-eeluen on me wreke, 

uf ])i3 marchandis -wiang, 
For fia rightwis ful wratherhale, 

toke enere i fie fang." 16500 

A rape he gat him p'«nlli, 

^at he wist was Strang, 
And fast he fest aboute his hala, 

him-self )>aT-wid he hang. 16504 
He blast in tua his buelis alle, [iMtni] 

Yte at his wambe fai wrong, 
fie sari saul Jiar-vte he sent, 

widvten fat sorful thrang. 16508 
' [v]te at his wamb fie saule brast, 

at muth had it na wai, 
))at he wid kist cristes mnth, 

als je are herd me say, 16512 

Quen he come als a traitur fala 

his auen lauerd to be-trai ; 
Sli dede was neuer, als men saia, 

herd bifor Jiat daL 1-6516 

[D]ed es caitiue indas nu, 

^at traitur has to name, 
Of his Tgli marchandis 

has all fiis world fie fame. 16520 
His knightes mal men call all fiaa 

^air laufird dos spite or schame, 

What is J>at to ts fei seide : 

f i seluen fon maist se 

IT Al for noujt |iei seide Iudas : 

pe bargan made hit is 

He laft pe pens on )>e flore : 

& stale awey wif fiis 

(lei wol he seide fie rijtwis sle ; 

wifionten gilt I wis 

Al fis world shal of me speke : 

my tresonn is so mys 

IT I ehal my seluen on me wieke ; 

Alas fiat me is wo 

For fis rijtwia fat shal deje : 

bi my tresoun so 

A strong rope gat he pn'uely : 

& dud him faste to go 

He knyt hit faste aboute his nek ; 

& heng him self rijt fio 

He brast in two his boweles alle ; 

fellen adouR him fro 

fe sory soule fiat wey he sent ; 

wifi weylyng al in wo 

% Out at his wombe fie soule blast : 

at moufi had hit no way 

For he cost cristis mouf : 

as je herde me say 

Whenne he coom as traitour lals : 

his lord to bitray 

So fals a dede was newer herd : 

bifore fat ilke day 

f Ded was caitif ludaa fto : 

fat tiaitouT had to name 

Of his cursed marchaundise : 

sprong al fe world fe fame 

His knyjtis men may calle fo : [inn, uj 

fiat dof her lord snche shame 

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To dei aU he for ^air Beruis, die ehuli) they for her aeruyce 

and hell haf to ))air hame. 16524 and' haue in helle her hlame 

% Nu ea he tudaa ded wit scam, IT Then was ludas ded! wiVi shame 

Ala ye haf herd me tell, as ye herd me telle 

And to fe warlau al bi-taght And to the fendis Boune bytawgfet 

)iat hnrU herd in hell. 16528 that hnrlyth hym to helle 

" Los I here pris," he aoid, " Jwt i But when he hail the mony cast 

con for mi lauerd sell," among her fete ao snelle 

He kest Jiaim dun apon ^ grand, Alle in wieth the iewis wei* 

)>e thritti penis ^ fell. 16532 xzx pens thei' felle 

IT Bot )« Tans, ^t wald all haue, V But yet the covetous iewis 

ye mone forsok ^ai uoght, that tresoui' forsoke nought 

Wit pris o fat hali tlod 'With that same mony then 

a potter place Jiai hoght. 16536 a potters place they bought' 

To bo don in pair corbanan. To bo done in tresoui* t' Ks.imBfiiti 

)iai said )at it noght doght, they seid it not mowtfi 

Acheldemach [lai cald Jiis feld, Acheldamadi they calli*} the felct 

for it wit btod was boght, 16540 for yt wttA blode was broght 

For to delne in vncuth men ffoi to bery ynne incou)ie men 

pat to )>e cite soght. that to that Cite soug&t 

IT Ihesus criat, vt sauueur, K Thus lesut oui* sanyoui' 

es demed be dun on dan, 16544 was dompnydl to do of daw 

For to be hanged on a tre, To by haiiggi<I on a tre 

Ala pan was theues lau. as tho was thevis law 

For Builk a tre pam wanted all But suche a tre hem wanti<t 

ols written es in sau ; 16548 as wietyn is in saw 

pai said pai wald pe kinges tre The kyngget tre thereto they seid 

7nto pat misb^ sau, they wolle of< tempiU draw 

For it was comun pai it suld [ 

vte pe temple drau. 16552 . ... no gap in the MS.] 

If pai went paim to pe temple snith, H To the tempiU sone they oome 

in tua pis tre pai scare, and kut pfs tre in ^^ 

AIs mikel als pai sogh to paim, As mekytt as hem uedidi 

gainand an maui mar. 16556 they toke wttA hem tho 

pai fand it als neu and frees Tliey fond yt good and esy 

als it on stouen ware. to dele with also 




To dei als he foi ]iair semis 

and Lell liaue to jiaii liame. 16524 
[Kju ea iudas dede wid achame, < 

als je held me telle, 
And to pe wailon all bitaght 

)iat huiles hard in hell. 16628 

" Lo ! here fe preis," he said, " Jwt i 

gun for mi lauerd sell," 
He kest faim dune apon )ie grand, 

thieti penis >ai felL 16532 

[BJot }a iuos, }at dl wold baue, 

fe thresur foraok ^ai noght, 
wid ^e prifl of )»at hull blode 

a potter place jm bc^ht. I6S36 

To be done in Jiair coibanan, 

)iai said ^at it ne dc^ht, 
Acheldemack }iai cald Jie felld, 

for it wid blode was boght, 16540 
Forto delae in vncnlh men 

|iat to ^t cite soght. 
[IJeww crist, YT sauuew, 

was dampned to do of dau, 16544 
To be hanged on a tre, 

als )ian was thefis lau. 
Bot swilk a tre )iaim wantid alle 

als writen es in sau ; 16548 

yai said ^ai wold ))e kingea tie 

Tnto )iat mistei eau, 
FoT it was comanded Jiai it suld 

vte of pe temple dran. 16552 

[|i]an went ))ai to ^ temple soitb, 

in tua )>is tre ^ai scbaie, 
Als mekil als )>ai sau ^t gained, 

)iai tok ^aim and na mare. 16556 
^ai fand it als nn and &es3 

ale it on atonid ware. 

Deje sholde pa foi her seiu^se : 
& hane in belle het blame 

V peane was ludas ded wi^ shome : 
aa je herde me t«Ue 

And to ^e fend soone bitaujt : 

fat hurle^ him in helle 

But whenne he hadde ^e mone cast ; 

among her feet so snelle 

Alle in wra)<>e ^e iewes wera ; 

Jiritty pens pere fello 

V But ;it )e couetouse iewes : 
pat tresoui foreoke noi^t 
ydp pat same mone pamt : 

a potteies place ^ boujt 

To be done in tieaorie : 

^ei seide hit not moajt 

Acheldemach {lei calde ]ie felde ; 

for hit vfip blood was bronjt 

For to boiye in vncou^ men ; 

^t to pat cite sou)t 

H fus ihe«u oure saaeour : 

waa dampned to do of dawe 

To be honged on a tie : 

as po was penes lawe 

But suche a tre hem wantid i 

as writen is in sawe 

pe kyngis tie per to ))ei eeide : 

^ei wolde of temple drawe 


. , . . no gap in the MS.\ 

% To pe temple eooue pei coom : 

& cut )>is tre in two 

Aa muchel as hem neded : 

pt\ toke wij) hem )io 

fiei fond hit good and esy ; 

to dele wi^ also 




Al quat Jtai wald far-of to scap, What they woli thoi'-of' shape 

fand y^ na letting fiare, 16560 theie-to it was fuH thro 

IT .Wit-vten rott, wit-vten hrest, % Wi'tA-outjn rotyng or eny enylle 

it Bmetd Belcut Buete, hit savonrii) wondsr swete 

FoT to mak ))ia werk ])er-of, ffoi to make this werk* thei'-of' 

wit-vten letting it lete. 1G661 vitk-ontjn let hit leto 

Bot for to ber it vto o fa kirk P^f »'- Eyfom) to hei* yt out of chirche 

J»ai fand it ful vn-mete, they fouij it fulle vn-mete 

Tor fafea moght pai for na might [" For] they myght for no thyng 

it stere a fote o atrete. 16568 yt stef oon fote in stret« 

% Tua huudreth men sent caiphas [IT Two] himdird men sent Cayphas 

to fote a-wai ^st tre, to fette awey that tre 

fai most ojwr hen it Jmre [jiei] musty[n] oayi hew yt there 

or for to lat it be. 16572 or ela let yt be yS£S'rS^w5 

J« rode ))ai scc^ )nn as pai wald, [|)e rode fei shop]e as hem lyat 

als we )ie taken se, as we the tokyn se 

cedre, cipres, and o pine, [Of cidre cipres & pa]lme 

A]a writen es on )iat tre. 16676 as wretyn is of tho iij* 

f Apon fe hefd o fia rode, [IT On fe heed of >at rode ; 

oner-thwart was don a brede, to] set abrede was [bede 

Jiar war j)e letters written in And fer vpon lettres writen : 

o mani man war redd. 16680 of mony men to rede 

Quen it was wi^ht )iai moght all Wbenne hit was done fiei alle ne myjt 

it eter vte o fe sted, stir )« cros of fat] stede 

Til or lauerd ietut crist Bytwene hem our' lord Cryat Ci«f isi] 

was far-to self ledd. 16584 was tlieder hym-self" led 

V Quen he come to fat suete tre When he come to that swete tte 

til him faa felnns said, ]>e lewis to hym seid 

" Tak it up," coth fai, " jjou seis Take it vp fou seiat weie 

hn it es to fe graid." 16588 it is for the purveide 

He luted dun and kist it sun, he lowtid donne and kyasid it sone 

and at fe £ist braid, and at f e first breide 

Wit-vten ani help o man WttA-ontyn eny help oP man 

apon his bak it laid. 16592 ou his bak< he it leid 

IT In-to f e tun forth he it bare, IT Thorogh the totme he it bai* 

be-for fat cursed lede. byfor* that cursid lede 

'coiTON faibfaz (laud jca) 



All (inat Jiai wald Jar-of to schape, 

fimd )iai ua letting >are, 16560 

[wjidvten totte, widvten brest, 

it smelde selouth euete, 
Forto make ))i8 werk ^arof, 

widvten letting it leto. 16564 

Bote forto bere vte of Je kire 

f& fand it ful 'vamete, 
For )«ym might ^ai for ua thing, 

it etir a fote of strete. 16fi6S 

[T]ua honndrebh men sent ca^has 

to fett a-wai pat tre, 
pai moet )ian ouer heu it fax 

or fortolate it be. 16672 

p& rode |<ai echop pan ak ^ai wald, 

als we ^ taken se, 
Of cedre, cypres, and of pine, 

als writen es of Jaim thre. 16576 
[A]pon pe beaed hei on fe rode, 

ouer )iar was done a brid, 
par war f e lettris written in 

of mani a man war red, 16680 

'Quea it was wroght ]iai all lie mbght 

Btir it vte of pe stede, [' n»f iii, h**] 
Bituix and Jiat nr lanerd crist 

was ])edir him-seluen ledd. 16584 
[Q]ueii he come to pet suete tro 

fie felones to him said, 
" Take it vp," )ni aaid, " fiu seis 

hu it es to pB giaid." 16588 

He Intede dnne and kiet it sone, 

and at pe first braid, 
Widvten ani help of man 

vpon his bac it laid. 16592 

[rjnto fie tone forth he it bare, 

bifoc ]iat cursed lede. 

what )iei wolde fieraf shape : 
perto hit was ful fro 
IT Wif oaten rotyng or any euel : 
hit sauered wondir swete 
For to make pia werke J«rof : 
wifouten let hit lete 
Biforen to bsre hit out of chirche r 
))ei fond hit fid vnmete 
For pel m;^t for no ping : 
hit stiie a foot of strete 
IT Two hundride men sent cajphaa : 
to fet awey fat tre 
))ei mosten ouer hewe hit fere : 
or elles lete hit be 
Jk rode fei shope as hem lust : 
as we fe tokene se 
Of cidre cipies & palme : 
as writen is of ^o ])Te 
IT On J»e heed of Jwt rode : 
to set abrede was bede 
And per vpon lettres writen ; 
of mony men to reds 
Whenne hit was done fvei alle ne my}t 
stir pe cros of pat stede 
Bitwene & oara lord crist. 
was fider him self lede 
IT whenne he coom to pat swete tte : 
J>e iewes to him seide 
Take hit vp ^on seest wel : 
Hit is to pe poiueide 
He louted doun & knst bit sone : 
& at )ie furst breide 
WijKmten any helpe of mon : 
on his bak he hit leide 
^ )}our;e p6 tonn he hit bare : 
bifoie pat cursed lede 



fta mete a bisen man i-wias, 

him jMii can to nede, 16596 

iit tak ft Un end o )>e t» 

to ga )« better spede. 
Half feirth of eln was Jie length, 

And ofer half fe brede, 16600 

And ^an to mont o caluari 

all fiar-wit fai yede. 
Apon (le mont of caluarie 

]>ai Bett ;iis rode tre, 16601 

Mani man folud o )ie tun, 

and mani o |ie contre, 
^t snm for god and sum for ill, 

him come all for to se*; 16608 

Mani Jiar grett and mani logh, 

o ^at grett BBsemble. 
^e riche men bi-acoind him, [nL t] 

and did al )ial ]iai moght 16612 
Ha pM moght do him moet despite, 

on ilk side ]>ai soght. 
A crun apon his heued ))ai aett 

o acarpo' tre J)ai WK^ht, ^i^'^i 
fiat in a hundret stedes, i-wiss, 16617 

j)e i«de blod vte broght 
IT )>ai clede him wit a mantel rede, 

tok of hia aun wede, 16620 

And 8i)ien in hia hand he sett 

a mikel etaf o rede ; 
And wit hiTp )>ai plaid dtiaott, 

and badd fiat suld rede 1662i 

Qnilk o ]iaim him gaf pe dint ; 

aare aght ^am for him dred. 
IT pax6 pai i^ht ^am for to econ, 

fie folk fiat fiar waa fell, 16628 

fe acam ^ai on fiair lauerd soght, 

fill tor it war to tell t 


They met a l^aen man tho 

and hym thei di<} nede 

To take the tone en«i off* that .tre 

to go the better apede 

itij ellyn and an half* the lengthe 

& o\ier half* elten the brede 

IT To the mount of Calvery 

there-witA eo they yede 

vpon that mount sons anon) 

they set this rode tre 

Many folowyd of that touii) 

& many of that centre 

Som for good and aom for euiU 

comen hym to ae 

Many wepo and many lowhyn 

of that gret« semble 

V Biche men ecomyd hym 

in alle that they mougtit 

how they might do most diapyte 

on eche aide they aongllt 

A Croune on his hed they aet 

of sharp tre y-wroug£t 

That in an C atedia y-wys 

the blode oat it btooght 

^ They dad hym in a mantelt rede 

toke of hw oud) wede 

And aethyn in hia bond they aet 

a mekyU' grete rede 

AucI to hym pleidjrn abobet 

and bad hym sey in dede 

"WTiidl of hem yaf the stroke' 

sore might hym drede 

IT Sore they ought hym diede 

the f olt that wer« so and) 

The dieaease* that they hym did 

eore yt were to telle [•Ma-diNMuc 

FAIBFAZ (laud MS.) 



^ai met a bisen man i-wis, 

him )iai gon ]iai nede, 16596 

At take Jie tane end of |ie tra 

to ga better Bpeda 
Half feird ellen was {le lenth, 

and o])er half ;« brede, 16600 

And ^an to the mount of caluari 

all ^ai-wid ])ai jode. 
[AJpon Jie mont oliaete 

)iai sett yia rode tre, 16604 

}>Iani man folad of y&t tun, 

and mani of pai centre. 
Sum for gode and sum for ill, 

all come him foito ae ; 16608 

M ft T^ i ^T giete and mani fsa logh, 

of |)at gret aemble. 
[|i]e riche men )>ai akomed him, 

and did all >at }ai mogfat 16612 
IIu )iai him might do mast dispite, 

on ilk-a »de )iai soght. 
A crone apon his beued ])ai sett 

of scharp tre was wroght, 16616 
pai in a hundred stedes, i-wias, 

Jie red blod vte broght. 
[f]ai cled him in a mantil rede, 

toke of hia auen wede, 16620 

And sij>en in his hand )>ai sett 

a mekil staf of rede ; 
And Trid him plaid eittiaott, 

and bad )iat he suld rede 16621 
Quilk of faim him gaue ^ dint ; 

Bare agh l^ai for him drede. 
Sare )iai agh ))aim drede, 

)re folk fiat war sua felle, 16628 
^e Khame ])ai on vr lauerd soght, 

ful store it war to telle ! 

^ei met abiaen men )io : 

& him ^ei dnden nede 

To take fat on ende of J>at tre : 

to go |ie better spede 

Foure ellen & an half ^e leng^e : 

& ofer half eUen fe brede 

To fe mount of caluory : 

ferwif so fei jede 

IT Vpon fat mount soone anoon : ptiBSi 

|)ei set fia rode tre 

Monj folowed of fat toun : 

& mony of pat cuntre 

Somme for gode & somme for euel : 

comen him to se 

Mony Tept & mony loweu : 

of fat greet semhle 

If Biche men scorned him : 

in al fat fei moujt 

How ]>ei my^te do mooat deapit : 

on Tche aide fei soujt 

A croun on hia heed )»i aett : 

of aharpe tre I WToi:yt 

pat in an hundride atudea I wia : 

fe blood out hit broujt 

^ |)ei clad him in a mantel reed : 

toke of his owue wede 

And aifen in his honde fiei sett ; 

a muchel greet rede 

And to him pleiden a bobet : 

& bad bim say in dede 

Whiche of hem jaf Jie atroke : 

sore aii3te him drede 

IT Sore f ei au^te him drede : 

Pe foike yat were so snelle 

fe diaese fat fei him dud : 

strong bit were to telle 




}ii did him sitt tie he war king, 

on. knes be-for him fell, 16632 

"Alhail vr king," anilk vbs ]» hething, 

^ diane him fan anwlL 
^ spitted an his laueli face, 

y»A disciplis of hell, 16636 

^ hoiliMd him be-for, bi-hind, 

buffet ^i gaf him anelL 
V Orett it wu >at folk to see, 

jMit gadred to Jiat thrang, 16640 
Yong and aid, man and wijf, 

]i((i -vreped and handes wrang. 
" Tee fbles miatroand folk," ^ai said, 

"qoi will yee a^t hang 16644 
ye man fat aeaer plight has don t 

Biikel ha yee don wrong." 
IT Ala ^ai quained Us\i pus, 

wimmeu o pat cite, 16648 

lesm tomd him abute 

and Jms to Jiaim said he ; 
" Wimmen, wimmen, doa a-wai I 

wepe yee noght for me, 16652 

Bot OQ ynr childei and on yow-self, 

for yeit Jie dai sol be 
pe baiaigne blisced sal man call ; 

foi aoth >i3 sal men se. 16666 

'f Bliaced sal men bald pair wamb 

fat neiier bamea bare, '' '^'jj'"*' 
fe papp pat nener suken was, 

fot in fat time o care 16660 

Jie fellee sal pal bidd on fam foil, 

sna hidd wald fai fai ware. 
Quea suilk in grene tre ee wroght, 

in dii sal mikel mare." 16664 

They made hym ayt as her kyng 

on kneis by-fore bym feUe 

Alle haile oni* kyng in soonO Uiei aeU 

tbei did no-thyng welle 

They epyttyn in hU lonely face 

tbo houndea alle ofi heUe 

Many a buffet of hem he bai' 

mo than I con telle 

IT Grete waa that folki to se 

that gediirid on that throng 

Yong and olil man an<) wyff 

wepe am) honde* wrong 

Ye foule myslevyng foUc they seid 

wille ye alle-gate hong 

The manne that neuyr synne did 

as is on you along 

IT As they rewid leeus }tu 

women of< that Cite 

leeug tumyij hym abowte 

and fut to hem seid be 

Women do wey Uien he seid 

wepe ye not for me 

But on youi' childryn and youi'-aelf' 

for yet J>e day shalbe 

The batayne blessid shalle men calls 

foraothe pta shalle men se 

% Bleasid shalle men hold the womb 

fat neuyr child bai* 

the pappis that tbei* wei* sokyn) 

for inUiat tyme of cai" 

*The hillis shalle they byd onyp-falleTS 

hid feyne ttiat thei wars p i«nui tMk] 

When this in grene tre is done 

in drie shalle mnche mare 

FAIRFAX (laud U^.) 



^ did him sitt als he var king, 

on kneia bifor him felle, 16632 

" Ail haile yt king," auilk waa fa 

Jiai draue hint faim emell. ^ething, 
^ spitted on his luueli &ce, 

)>a disciplis of hell, 16636 

f ai hailced him bifor, bihiitde, 

fai gaue him buffet«8 raell, 
[G]rett it waa >ot folk to se, 

pat gedrid to fat thraug, 16640 
}ong and aide, man and vi£, 

|>ai vep and handea wiang. 
"je fole miatrouand folk," |iai aaid, 

"qui will je ftlgat hang 16614 

]ie man fat iieuer plight ha^ done ) 

mekil haue )e Jie wrang." 
[A]l3 fai qiianed iesua Jius, 

wommen of fat cite, 16648 

leetu tDmed bim abute 

and fua to f aim. aaid he ; 
" Wimmen, wimmen, do wai ! 

ne wepe }e noght for me, 16652 
Bot on JUT childer and jui-self, 

for jeit fe dai mon ee 
)>e baraine bliaced sal men calle ; 

fot aoth fis aal men se. 16656 

' [B]lisced aal men bald faii vamb 

fat neuet harnes bare, [■ lur iit] 

fe pappe ))at neuer Buken was, 

for in fat time of care 16660 

fe fellia sail fai bidd on f am fall, 

ana hid wald f oi fai ware. 
Qaen anilk in greiie tie es wroght, 

in dri aal mekil mare." 16664 

fei made him aitte as her kyng : 

on knees to-fore him felle 

Alheil oure kyng in soome fei aeide : 

dude fei no f iog welle 

fei spitten on hia lonely face : 

f o honndea alle of hells 

Mony buffet of hem he bare : 

moo feu I con telle 

IT Greet was fat folks to se : 

fat gedered to fat f ronge 

jonge & olde mon Se wif ; 

wepte & hondoB wronge 

je foule mia-lenyng folk fei aeide : 

wol je al gate honge 

f e mon fat neuer synne did : 

al is on jou longe 

^ As fei rewed iheeat f na : 

wymmen o£ fat cite 

Ihe»!M turned him aboute : 

& f ua to hem soide be 

Wymnten dowey f entie he seide : 

wepe je not for me 

But on joure childre & ;oure self : 

for jitt f e day shal be 

fe baieyn blessed shal men calle : 

foisof e f is ahnl men se 

IT Blessed shul men holds f e woinbo : 

fat neuer childe bare 

f e pappea fat neaer were soken : 

for in fat tyme of care 

fe billsB shal fei bidde ouer falle va : 

hud fayn fat fei ware 

whenne fis in grene tra ia don : 

iu drije shal myche mare 



[The Cruciflxion and Burial,] 

IT ^ knigltee Jut war wit him sent, 

ietn fan ]mu Tncled, 
And ledd him J>&n to )ra rode tie, 

and Jiar-on ]iai him spred, 1666 
^are he gaf his snete fleache 

for ur Tanacnn in wedd. 
lemg hof merci of us, 

^at Bna Bare for ns bledd 1 
IT )iai nail him apon ^t tre 

on mont caluari, 
And a theif on ai)>er aide 

^ai lunged )iar him bi, 
^at ^ai Huld all vndeistand 

Jiat yede fe yftd for-bi, 
fiir tua theifs als qua sai, 

"Jiaiimaistfir theif ami." 16680 
f& cheeun of his dede ^ wrate 

a-houen hiB hed in. hi ; 
IT Abouen his hefd, als i yow tell, 

a bord was festen plate, 16681 

])ai-on was fe titel writen, 

thorn fe rede o air pilate 
" Iheans nazaren, o luus 

king," far-on pai wrate. 
Of hebm, gru, and latine, 

al for to Bcend his atate. 
H To^uils |paa godds wy|>erwins 

IT Tho knyghtea that by bym satte 

they lent sone vncIeJ 

And leid hym on the rode tre 

thei'-on they hym spred 

There he yaf* his blessid body 

for oui' rauDsom in wed 

lem haue mercy on tb 

16672 that so soi> for vs bled 

V To that tre they nailid hym 
tho on mount calvery 
With a thef on eythir side 

16676 then they hong hym by 

That alle ahnld vnderstond 

that yede that wey ny 

Of thise ij° thevis as who seith 

16680 the master thef am I 

The cawse of his deUl they wroght 

ahoTyn his hed on hy 

IT AboTyn his hed as I you telle 

a horde was made fast 

ThereHDn was the tytle wretyn) 

by rede of pilates cast 

letvs nazarene iewis kyng 

16688 this was yt first and last 
By Ebrew grew and laten 
thiae wordea tho they pas 
IT While thise Gursid houndes 

him naild to Jie tre. 

16692 hym nailid to the tre 

For ^aim ^at did him al fiat scam, 
his praier Jms mad he. 

ffor hem that diddyn hym shame 

his praier made he 

" Fader," he said, " for-giue Jiou paim ffader he seid for-yef hem 

pat pai do gains me. 
For qnat pai do pai er sa blind, 
pe BOth pai can noght se." 


that they done to n 

ffor what they do they be so blynd 

hem-aelf' cannot se 

[ (laud Its.) 



[The Cnicijixwn and Burial.] 
[^]e kpightea ))at wax wid him sett, % po kn^tia fat bi him sat : 

^ ieaa eone tm-clede, 
Aud ledd Him to |iat rode tre, 

and |iat-OD ftd him apiede, 
Jiar he gaoe his suete flessa 

for vr ransun in wede. 
lesa J)U haue merci on va, 

Jat sua Bare for va blede ! 
[J>]m nailed him opon )iot tre, 

on po moat caluare. 
And a thef on e)>eT side 

^ hinged pai him bi, 
])at )iai all suld vnderstand 

jode ^at wai bi, 
Of ^tr toa theuea, ale qaa sai, 

" pail maistir thef am I." 1 
^e cheaon of hia dede )>ai wrat 

aboaen his hened on hij ; 
[AJbouen his heaed, ala i ja tell, 

a herd was festind plat, 16684 & bord was made fast p knjioi, i]«A] 

|)ar^n it was fe titel writ^n, ]>eronne was fe titel writen : 

thorn rede of sir pilat. bi leede of pUatea caat 

" Teaua nazarene, of inns king," Jhesiu nazarene iewes kyng : 

pax apon he wrat, 16688 ^s was hit furst & last 

Of ebra, gra, and latine, Bi Ebren. gru. & latyn : 

for to achind his state. )>ese wordea pa )>ei past 

[T]o qnilia Jiai goddes wiferwinea IT whil fiese cureede honndes : 

him nailed to pe tre, 16692 him naUed to pQ tra 

For |iaim ^at did h'"" all fiat schame. For hem pat dnden him shome : 

hia praier pna made he, hia preyere made ha 

" Fadir," he said, " forgine f n faim Fadir he seide foi^yne hem ; 

)iei ihera bi 

And leide bim on pa rode tre : 
16668 ]ieron Jiei him apredde 

pere he jaf his blesaed body : 

for oure rannsoam in wedde 

Ihesn hane mercy on TS : 
16672 pat ao aoie for tb bledde 

IT To fiat tre ))ei muled him )>o : 

on mount calaoi; 

Wijt a J»of on eifer sid 
16676 Jienne fiei heng him by 

)iat alle shnlde Tndiistonde : 

pat jede pat wey ny 

Of Jiese two |)eues as who so sei^ : 
16680 be maistir bef am I 

pa caoae of his dep }iei wroot : 

abouen hia heed on hy 

'IT Abouen his heed as I jon telle : 

fiat ^ do gainea me, 16 

For quat )iu do, ))ai er ana blind, 
Pai can noght aeluen se." 

pat fiei don to me 

For what fei do fei he ao blynde : 

hem self con not se 

,, Google 


ir A-bate hia kiitel drou fax cutt, ^ Abowte bis kyrtyH drow they Catte 

qua auld it bere a-wai, 16700 who shuld it bet* away 

Til him fai mikel hething draf To bym inekyH scome they made 

fiat yralcaad went }iat wai. an<) alBO grete afiVay 

" Aba ! )>ou stniier o ^ temple, [uL ti haile ]>ou temptH caef dosu) 

er ^u nu ^ar," cotb )iai, 16701 to bym gan they say 

" Jiou said y&t foxi snld oast it don And leyeai Tp as ^ou seidist 

and ras it )>e tbrid dai, wttft-ynoe the third day 

Hele )ou was wont o))er men, Otbir hast fan helid oft 

fi-self hele if fou mal" 16708 hele tby-self- if ftrn may 

H ))as^ ofiet eoid, " if he be ciist, % Som scid if pon be Crist 

als be did men to tiu, [' xs, lua] as pou bast seii) or now 

He do him-aelf dun ^ rode Come douue thy-Belf< of' the tode 

and all we sal him bn." 16712 & ail wolle we Jie bow 

Mikel hething ^ai of him mad, Mnche scorne they hym bed 

bath saran and In, that was for GUI' prow 

|ie teind port o ^air despitt. The tenths part may no man telle 

i mai noght tell to yow 1 16716 sothely to sey to you 

IT fe theif fiat biside him hang, % Oit tho theris that by hym hoDg 

(lai fan him can vp-braid, the tone hym yaf vmbraide 

" )ion sanne nu bath f i-aelf and ua Save f on thy-selP and vs 

if yoxi be crist," he said. 16720 if* fan be Ciyst he sei<l 

)ie tofier theif him gaf ansuer, The todir thefe gan hym blame 

and blamed him a-braid, vitk yis an^weif fut purveid 

|>ou diedes littel godd," be said, he seid Jiou diedist lytitt god 

" fat fia pine es on-laid. 16724 that this pyne is on leide 

51 Littel dredes J)ou drightin, if lytiH dredist fou god 

dr oght his mikel might; oi bis mekyH migbt 

fe dome JKit giuen es nu on us, The dome that is yovyn to vs 

we thole it all wit right, 1672S we haue yt witA right 

And f is man wat we wel fat he witA-oatyn cawse is this man) 

es all wit-vten plight to the deUl now dight 

Haf mej-ci, lauerd ! on me qtiea f on bes haue mercy lord he seid on me 

in fi rike sa bright I " 16732 when fou comyst to thy light 

And him be gaf ful suete ansuer, It Ie«u yaf to that thef 

" foT-soth to f e i bight, this answers of price 


,, Google 


[AJbute hia cirtil drou fax cntt, It Aboute his curtel drowja J«i cut ; 

qua Buld it bere a-wai, 16700 who sliulde hit here away 

Till him ^ mekil hejiing made To him muchel scorae ^ei made : 

[lat walked hi fat wai. & also greet affray 

" Haile I ))u Btrayer of temple, Heil ^u temple caster doun : 

art ^u na ^ara," said yu, 16704 - to him gon fiei Bay 

" And said ^t ^u sold cast It dune, And reiser Tp as ^ou aeidest 

and raisid ]ra thrid dai. v/if iime ^e ^ridde day 

Haile o})er men waa ])a ofte wont, opere haaton heled ofte : 

|ii-self hole if Jm mai," 16708 hele ^i self if jwu may 

[ji]ae o^ said, " if he be criet, V Somme seide if fou be criat : 

als he did men to tton, aa |)ou hast seide ar now 

He do him-aelf doune of [le rode, Com doun ^i aelf of ^ lode : 

and all we sal him bo." 16712 & alle wol fe bow 

Mekil hewing ^ai of him made, Muchel scome ^i him bed : 

bath saiazin and In, Jiat was for ouie prow 

Te teind part of )>air deapiitt, fei ten^e part may no mon telle : 

i mai noght tell to pi I 16716 Bo)iely to aeye to jow 

[0]f theifa fat biaide him hai^, fl Of f o feues fat bi him honge : 

J« tane him gane Tpbraid, fe ton him jaf Tmbreide 

" f u aanue nu bath fe-self and va Sane now ft self & vs : 

if fu be crist," he said. 16720 if fou be cn'st he seide 

fe tof ei theif him gaf ansuer, })e tofer feof gon him blame : 

and blamed him a braid, wi^ ^Is vnawere fua punieide 

And said, "J)u dredea litil godd, He seide fou dredest litil god : 

fiat fia paine es on laid. 16724 fat fia pyne is on leyde 

[LJittil dredia fu diightin, ^ litil diedestou god : 

or his mekil might, or his mychel my^t - - 

fe dome fat es nn ginen on tb, fe doom fat is jyuen to vs : 

we hane it all wid right ; 16728 we haue hit wif i^t 

And fia man, wat we wele fat he "Wif onten cause is f is mon : 

ea all widvten plight. to f e def now di)t 

Hane mere! lauerd ! on me qnen f u bes Haue mercy lord be seide on me : 

in fi rike sua bright ! " 16732 whenne fon comest to fi lijt 

' Till him he gaue ful snete anauer, fl Iheau jaf to fat feof ; 

^'forsoth tofe i hight, c i«»n», i>*4] fia vnsweie of pris 


,, Google 

956 >nrB bats that disuab shall be in paradise with hik TO-inoHT, oebha9 


Jnt )>oa sal be in pat&dia 

wit me >is ilk night." 16736 

yia tlieif Jiat hang on hia rightkaiul, 

dismas to name he hight, 
Gesmas hight ^at tofier theif, 

)?at was all maledight 16740 

Bi {lis was vndren on ^e dai, 

^ot mirckend al )ie light, 
V fia apostlis war fledd him fra, 

dutst uaman wit him bide, 16714 
Bot an, his moder and sent lohn, 

)>at duelled ai bi his side. 
Foloand him in wele and wa, 

}iat eoght fiat soniful tide, 16748 
' Be-side fe cros stode hia m[>d[er] JjJ^ 
fiat was ful ful of woo, 
And ^ marie maudlayn. 
And deophe ala boo. 16762 

Ala he hanged on fie tre 
His moder Jiere he seghe. 
And Ban lo&n ])e euuangliat, 
fat Btcde hie moder neghe, 
" Womman," he 8aide,"loo fer f i son !" 
And pen he aaide to lohn 
" loBn loo fer f i moder ! 
Fill careful is hir moiw," 
Als for bis moder loSn hir keped. 
And ire his ward hir toke, 16762 

For OUT louerd loued him most, 1 

Os we lede in boke. 
We fynd not fint ooi leuedi 
fof all hir hert wore sore, i 

Spake no word bot maked doile, 
Thort no womman more. 
Hir care passed aA other pine, 
Comforthe wald Bcbo non, a 


To-da; fion shalt be wit% me 

he seid in paradice 

This tbefe that on his rigbt side hyng 

dismos he bight )ie wyse 

Geemas hig&t the tothir 

the fend hym made nyaa 

IT By this was vnder of the day p—tits] 

the light by-gon to hide 

his appoatils wem) flowyn hym fco 

durst noD) wit% hym abide 

But hia moder and seint lotin 

tho daellid by hia side 

They eewid hym in wele an<) wo 

& sie that sorowfuU tide 

ffrom then yt darkyij tille J)e mone 

oner aii pe worlij wide 

^ hiB modir and the mawdeleyn) 

and pe maiy cliophe 16752 

And lohn hiB dei* cosyn 

stode by the rode tre . 

Ie«M sie his modar wepe 

of hir he had pite 16756 

iSoder lohn ehalbe thy sonne 

fro now in-stede of me 

And she thy moder my cozyrQ 

loke hir wele seid he 16760 

f&o then he out* lady left 

in his kepyng to be 

IT By this was the day so gon) 

that comyn was to none 16764 

leeus wold tbe prOphesie 

to end wele were don) 

Then he seid me thrystes soi' 

a swayne start forth sone 16768 


wary hym sonne & mone 

FAIRFAX (laud US.) 
lu t UBB. do mt nimpond wUh thli j 



STOOD near; jebdb gave hib hotheb INTO joHN'a kebpinq; he thirsted bore. 

)iat )in sal be in paiadis 

^d me ))i8 ilke night." 16736 

f'u thef pAt hang on his light hand, 

dxBmas to name he hight, 
Gesmas hight ^e iofer thef, 

})at was all maledight. 16710 

Bi [lis was Tudtin of )>e dai, 

Inn miikiud all ^ light, 
[H]i8 apostlis was fled him fia, 

durst na man vid him bide, 16744 
Bot ane, his modir and saint iohn, 

y&t duelled bi his side. 
Foluand him in wele and wa, 

)>ai Ban ])at soiful tide, 16748 

Fia )ian was mirknes ai to none, 

Otter all fia world wide. 
[H]is modii and mari m^dalene, 

and mari cleophe, 16752 

.And iohn his dere cosin, 

etode bi )« tode tre. 
Jeeui fan sail his modir wepe, 

of hir he bad grel pete, 16766 
" Modir, iohn eal be fi aun 

fra nu, inetede of me. 
And fi modir, mi dere cosin, 

fu loke hir hir," said he, 1 6760 
Fra fan he hia lenedi lagh[t] 

in hia ward for to be. 
[B]i [lis it was f e dai sua gane, 

fat comen was to none, 16761 

leaiu wald wele fe prophecis 

war all til ending done. 
fan he said, "me threstea sare," 

a Buain stirt forth alsone, 16768 
And bedd him bitt«r gall to drinc, 

bath weri him sun and moue ! C^{,{^ 


To daj f ou shalt be wif me 

he seide in paiadis 

fia feof fat on hia r^t side heng : 

dismas he het fe wis 

Geamaa het fe ofsre : 

f e fend him made nya 

% Bi fia was Tndteu of ^e day : 

f e lijt bigan to hjde 

His apostlis were flowen him fro : 

durst noon wif him abide 

But his modir & seynt Ion : 

fo dwelled bi his syda 

fei sewed him in wele & wo : 

& say fat sorwefol tjde 

Fro fenne hit derked til fe mone : 

ouer al the world wide 

IT His mo4lii' & fe maudeleyn : 

& marie cleophe 

And Ion hie dere cosyn : 

stood bi fe rode tre 

Ihesus say his modir wepe : 

of hir he had pite 

Modir Ion shal be f i son : 

ho now in stude of me 

And she fi modir my cosyn : 

loke hir wel seide he 

Fro fenne he oure lady lafte : 

his kepyng to be 

V Bi f is was fe day so goon : cintiM] 

fat comen was to none 

Therus wolde fe prophecie : 

to ende wele were done 

fenne he seide me f irstes sore : 

a swayn etert forf soone 

And bed him galle & eysel to drynke : 

warye him sonne & mone 




Jie swerd of soioir was at hir hert, 

Ala Gsyde san Bymeon. 

IT ^aa spake out lord ful pitus-ly, 

And saide, " me thristes aore," 16767 

Vinegre & g^ fe jews blend IB 

And to hia moath put jioTe, 

He tast it vith tonge, 

£ot per^t toke lie noght, le 

Alas I ie«D to a& ^i woo, 

Slik drink Jiai ^ bioght ; 

When he it feled he wald not drtnk 

Bot aayd fia word fnl aoyn, ao 

)iat s^ hold )rat atode be eyde, 

" Til end Jiia dede ia doyn," 

fea wez ))e day dym & meHte, 

fat men mo;t ae no light, 84 

Thoni-ont all )te werd [i»i. a 

Oa it wore mwke night. 

Fio Tndie vnto none it last, 

fe son wex blak & bloo, SB 

Agayna kynd hit m^t not schine. 

And the juoyne ale-soo. 

Litel wondre me think it was, 

^af ^ai mijt not schine, ss 

When yt lord of son & moyne 

iTholed in erth slik pyne. 

)ie son witAdrogh his light, 

And non til erthe it sent, so 

Apon horn to schine 

fat hia lord so schent. 

IT Mony grete clerkez Jwt were 

Far in other land, 40 

Seghen )>e son fate sod 

And koad not mderataud, 

For of oni lord nojt fei knew, is 

Bot thoru clei^ ftd s<^ht, [up lo nut cm.] 

^at wikked men here on erth 

Godis son to ded hade broght ; 

And vnderstode of mans kynd 

fiat he hade fleache & bon«. 4b 

Som of ^aim toke cristendam. 

Ban dynis he was one, 

He wond ^at time in ateoa, 

And godiaaon knew he noght Ea 

Bot be pure clergy, 

fia woid com in his thoght. 

He saide ^ot god tholed 

Ded in mannes kynd, 63 

Or vn-kyndly fe werld is towjTied, 

fes word waa lang in mynd. 

IT About fe neghent oure of )» day. 

Our lord loude gon cry, 60 

And saide, " Eloy Eloy, lamazabatani," 

If at waa to say " my god, my god, 

"Whi has fou forsaken me ; " t' ^^j **■ 

For [le grete thrawa of ded, 64 

These ilk woidez said he. 

J)e lewB when Jiaj herd fis, 

])ai saide, " he calles hely, 

Lett Tu« se whether hell com ea 

To liuer him in hy." 

Softly apake our lord fen, 

For ded was neje comand, 

"Fader," he saide, "I here betake ra 

My saul into fi hand." 

Bight OS he saide fat word 

To-geder fell his eghen, 

And boghed doun hia hened, e 

fie gast fen was geen. 

When him was bed fat 'titter diynk 

or aysell & of gafl, 16780 

fat blissed sanl he gaf for vws, ^^5"* 




Hia hede doun lete be fait. 81 

fe son wex merke, fie erth qaoke, 

^ atons clef als-eoo, 

Sede men rieen out of fer grane, 84 

]» temple vajl clef in twoo. 

Syn ^e erthe mijt not thole ^i ded, 

Ala we in bote rede, 

Fnl hidoufly ^en con it quake, ss 

When ])oa deed for drede. 

Ties ne atons tholed it noght, 

For Jen brast fei ala-eoo, 

^ cloths ]iat in ]>e temple was, ea 

In middea it clef in twoo. 

Tfaiogh. atonea in Bander brast, 

And ded bodyea gon liae, 

Loko ilk a creature for his ded m 

Made doyl on Jter wise, 

Alaa I nun, whore is Ji hert, 

How may Jwo hers fpis 1 

Bot if Jon quake for care, loo 

Grete doyl of fe it is. 

'Al creatures for hia ded 

made doil & pite, [m. t] 

And foa yat he deed fore 101 

cannot eortu be. 

IT A prophet apekez of our lord 

oa we fynd it writen 

A word of grote doyl, 108 

OS feae clerkez witen, 

|ie fox haa his den 

and ilk ft^hel is neat. 

And man aon has noUili^ ti9 

apon his hed to reet ; 

For til our lord in erth 

ao mikel waa not leued, lit 

Whar on fat he m^t [np w not col.l 

rest on is weiy heued. 117 

Him was not geue ao mikel plas, 

War-on he mijt dee fayre, 

Xe a torf of herd erth lao 

but deed heje in (te air* 

His sely lyms mijt he not rest 

To put horn to ne fro 

For non of Jam mijt other helpe, 134 

How mi)t he haf more woo 1 

His armes wore ao atieyned oute, 

His hend nayled ao fast 

Jat he mijt not in all hie woo, 128 

Ytttil hia hede hom cast, 

Ke he mijt not here vp his hede. 

He nawhai it doun lay, 

Bot oa it til his scholder teii ; I39 

Ful woo was him Jat day ! 

Hou mijt euer ani man 

More cruel ded see. 

Bitter ati^ng & pore als so, laa 

leau loued Jon bee. 

No wonder fof Je son wore merk, 

And Je moyne als-so, 

Treea & hard atones, ilo 

And clothes brast in two. 

Je lews Jat him sloghe, 

When Jai e^e Jia cas, 

Som of Jam sayd " for-soths lU 

Jat he godis son waa." 

Mony Jot atode & a^e 

Joo mervela doyn in dede, 

Tomed & wore baptized. 

For Jai hade of him drede. IM 



V To that Iftytter diynk" hym bodyn 

he bed his mowthe thei-tille 

he tastit} it but nouf^t be dronk* 

hit was so wonder ille 

AUe for ble<) as he might 

he spak^ thise woide« stille 

To the fader I yelJ my gosfc 

DOW haue I done thy wille 

T After hym was bodyn this byttcr 

of eyzeH & of gaUe [diynfc 

his blesaiiS eonle he yaf for va 

the het} donti) lete he falle 

The day was derket thea the Dight 

^e erthe quoke wt'tA-alle 

The stoDys brast the temple clefe 

in y" bothe rofe & walle 


^en com word to eir pilat [tenrn. aoi. i] 
Of ))ajn ))at wore >eie etad, 16801 
Of all Uungez }at by-fell, 
Wharfor he wex radd. 


. . . . no gap in ike if S.] 

fl So Grysly the erthe quoke 

that graTis it vndid 

Dyverce bodys roae to lyP 

in erthe by-foi' were hid 

Ad<} comyn to toun) among men) 

ami thef wei* knowyn & kytf 

Many iewis by-gon to drode 

for wondira Jw bytiiJ 

f The woriJ come to Sir pilat 

thei' as ho was stad 

Of tho thyngge> that theD by-felle 

whei'-foi' he was Tnglail 




|ji]at bitter diino Jiat he him gaf, IT To yai bittur drynte him bodea : 

he bedd his muth fax till, 16772 He bed his mouj) Jier tille 

He tasted it, hot noghl he draao, He tasted hit but not he dronk : 

fbr it was selcath ilL hit was so wondir ille 

For |ie mekil blod he bled Al for bled as he mjjt : 

ala ho Bu^ht, epae he still, 16776 he spak fese wordis atille 

" To J)e fadir jeilde i mi gast, To ^ iadir I jelde my goost : 

nu hftue i done |)i wiU." now haue I don Jii wille 

[QJnen him waa bedd ])at bitter drinc IT Aftir him was bodeu Jiis bittur 

of aisel and of gaU, 16780 of eisel & of gaUe [diynke: 

^t blisced sanle he ;eild for va, His blessed scale he ^alde for vs : 

his heued done lett he fall. Jie heed doun lete he faUe 

)« dM wex mirk fan fe night, fe day wex derket |ien fe nyjt : 

fe erd it choke wide all, 16784 fe erfte quook wi)( alle 

fe stanes biaat, fe temple clef fe stones btast )» temple cleef : 

in tu, bath lofe and wall. in two bo)ie loof & walle 

[LJauerd I Jiat all ))is world in hand [ 

has lokin ab a balle, 16788 

^a len on care of ciisten men 

f at can bot on )ie call ; . . . .' 

Kameli on ^t dreri dai, 

quen fu )»aim deme sail, 16792 

)m lat ]»im nc^t fat fu sna boght 

bioum )» feindes thrall. . . . . fto gap in the MS.] 

[S]ua ferali f e erd quock % So grisly fe erjw qnoke : 

)« grauis it vndid, 16796 fat graues hit vndid 

fat man! man ras to ^ l^f Synerse bodies ros to lif : 

in erd was forwid hidd. in erfe bifore were hid 

And come to tune emang fa men, And coomen to tonn amonge men : 

to fair freindea Jtaim kidd ; 16800 & fere were knowen & kid 

fan bigan roani a man to drede Mony iewes bigon to drede : 

for failis fat bitldd. for wondria fo bitid 

[f ]e word it come to sir pilate IT fe word coom to air pilate : 

to faim fat war on stadd, 16801 fere as he was atad 

Of aU-kin thinges fat bifell. Of f o tifingis fat fenne bifel ; 

qnarfor he wex ful radd. wherfore he was vnglad 


,, Google 


WitA-outen meta & drink ^t day 

In soToayDg vas he sadd ; 16808 

After ^ Toaister lews lie send, 

Jiai com eta lie y&m bad, 

" Haf je )iam seue, what say }e me 

Of thingez }at ate dojuet" 16812 

" Oft aithes haf we seue," ptd saide, 

" ^e clipes in son & moyna" 16811 

If ^n was ^ laje if ani man 1 

At paschez to ded wore broght> 

Hit schold be take donn awaj. 

And for ^ feat lef noght. 4 

An old knight ^ot loued oni loid, 

losephs of abaramathy, 

Tnto pilat hertly went 

And asked his body. 8 

Pilat him grunted his askynge, 

Agayn eaen he ^ode, 

IficodemtM he toke witA him, 

To take him doun of )ie rode. 13 

Pilat send & told pe lews 

He bade geen his body, 

And bad Jxit ^ai sold loke 

^at he woie ded foi-thy, la 

^e lews }ode by-fois 

Tnto f© theuee twoo. 

And broken bothe )>«- thees 

Or ))ai parted horn fix>o. so 

Of oure lord biake fai no lym. 

For he was ded by-fore, 

Bot calden a hlynd knight 

To wirk after fer lore, U 

"Wikh a spere in hand 

And til his hert hit sett, 

Jer-with he thirled h[ia] hert, [™i. K 

Bothe blode & water onte lett. ss 



Wt'tA-ontyn mete or diynk^ that day 

in sorow he was bylad 

After the master iewia he sent 

they comyn as he hym hoi 

V Haue ye thise wondirs sene he sei<) 

that now to-day ia don) 

Oft haueweseynetheclyppesseide they 

ho^e of Sonne & mone 


. . . . no gap tn the MS.'] 

ffortb come losepb of Aramatby 

an<t askyd of pilat a bone 

leeu body to bory tho 

he bym granntid sone 

IT Moche wondiid pilat 

his dethe so sone to se 

The iewia for theii' muche Seat 

that on ye morn> shulj be 

Seidyn no body shnld! be left 

hongyi^ on no tie 

Dothe hym donne as yon thenckyiK 

pilat seiJ paide be we [best" 

The ^* they fond aomdele in lyf* 

of eythii they biat the thie 

t Wben that they to lean como ^^f- 

they fonil hym dede as stone 

ffor they wyst him fully dede 

of hym brak* they no bone 

But blynde longeus witA a sper* 

that a knyght was ooiO 

The iewia made^ hym thorogS his side 

to potte it sone anon) Zs^^m^i^s i 

A-yenst his wiDe he it did 

therefoi* he made mone 

IT Blode ani water out of his aide 

muche tho per lanne 

PAiHFir (laud xs.) 



Wifouten mete or drmka fat day : 

in Borwe he was bi-lad 

Aftir (le maistir iawes he sent : 

fel coomen as he hem bad 

fl Haue je fese wondria seen he seide : 

fat now to day are dona 

Ofte hane we eeyfL fe clippis seide fei : 

bo)>e of sonTia & mone 

widTten mete and diinc fat dai 

in Boni was he stadd ; 16808 

Eftir fe maistir inns he sent, Daciu] 

fai come als be faim badd, 
" [iljane je nu Bene, qnat sai je me 

ofthingesfaterdonel" 16812 
" Oft aiths haue we Bene," said fai, 

" esclepia of ann and mone." 
A rightwis man was in fat lede 

als far was fiinden qnone, 16816 
loseph of aiimatbi be bight, 

tin heuen fan gan be hone. 
Of iemt« bodi all for to heri 

he askid pilato his bone, 16820 
And pilate had selcntb )<at he had 

giuen fe gast Bna eone. 
[f ]e inus for fe mekil fest, 

fat on fe mom snld be, 16834 

fai Bald fat bodi auld be nane 

left hai^and on fe tre. 
" Fellis faim dune als je best thinck, 

for paid i am," said he, 16828 

fe tua fai fand snmdel in lijf, 

of efet fai brae fe tbie. 
[B]ot qnen fat fai till ie»tts come, 

fai &nd him dede as Btone, 16832 
For fai wist fat be was dede, 

of him fai btac no bone. 
Sot longens fe blind, wid a spere 

(of knigbteB was he one) 16836 
Thorn his side ynrekenli 

apon his berte it lane ; 


no gap in the JIfS.} 

[B]lod and watii vte of his aide ran, 
selcnth mekil wane, 16612 



no gap in the SfS.] 

Foif coom loaeph of Aiamathi : 
& asked of pilate abone 
Hxeeti body to bniy f o ; 
he him grannted soone 
If Mache wondride pilate : 
his deef so soone to se 
])e iewes foi fe mycbel feest : 
fat on fe mom ahnlde be 
Seiden no bodi Bbulde be lafl : 

Dof hem doun as }ou finkeat beat ; 

pilate aeide paide be we 

p6 two f ei fonda sumdel in lif : 

of eif er fei brake f e fa 

IT whenTte fot fel to ihesn coom : 

f ei fond him deed as stone 

For fei wist him fully deed : 

of him brake fei no bona 

But hlynde longens wif a spere : 

fat a kny;t was one 

ptt iewes made Mm foni^e his side : 

to put hit sone anone 

Ajein his wille be bid dnde ; 

f erfote be made mone 

It Blood & watir oat of his syde : 

muchel f o fere ran 




By ]w Bpera til his liand 

Ban doun of his blode. 

He vipped is ^en ^er-witlu 

And sijt lie hade ful gode. 

" Mercy," he cried, " oure lord ! ' 

And gart cristen him I-wis, 

Sithen for his luf was slayn 

And a gode marter is. 

]ttii inijt pel in swete uea 

More blode tynA none, 

Bot )>at sely drope }ai vaa 


In his hert allone. 

])at blode wald ]iai not lef 

So hade ^ tan f er rede, 

lo cleue hia hert vith spere 

To loke if he wore dede. 

T A ! iesu, mikel was [le lof 

])at j)ou kyd tb |)ore, 

^t wald dene ^at we wore bogh: 

p&t no defaute wore. 

WitA )« leet diope of }i blode. 

^a moght vs all haf boght. 

[No gap in MS.] Ot that* blode lanne to his bond 

Bone his sig&t he van chs.dud] 16844 
Seint lobn it sie ant) })ti« seid 
his wytnee ia that man 
he vas of Ciystes £renship grete 
Bui waB nye hym )ian) 
'V loseph, (at hia freind was lei, IT losepfi tho bis trev fmad 

was of arimathi, ^LiXS^"iAl'S?vf^ ■'™« o* Aramathie 
He granted neoer wit wil ne were. He graimtid uener in wille ne wotV 

to (air gret felnnni, 16862 to hei felony 

He and nichodeme al»«ua. He and nyoodeme also 

als telles tb }e stoii as telly( this story 

Wit leue o pilate to (e rode WHA pylates leye to the rode 

Jai went Jtam priueli, 16866 went hem prenyly 

Jiar soifnlleat of all (ai &and. Then they font) the sorowfulleet 

Bent iohn and man. both lobn and mary 

IT Jie rode it was wit leif and bare [ 

florist ful selouthli, 16860 

Fia (e middai to complin, ,,,,..,,,. ^ 

fiat mani tboght giet ferli j 

Bot ))of (e luua J>at it sagh 

thoght selcut nc^ht for-Jri, 16864 .... no gap in the M3^ 

OOrrOH 7AIBFAX {laud MS.) 


And ^ou gaf vs ilk-a diope, 
Jiat pare lened rijt noght. 
^e Iswa mi^t do no more to ^e 
Of vilany & woo, 
pen be-twix theuee ^e hange, 
And in vile st«do bIs-boo ; 
For on |>e M of calnarie 
When tkeuea taken wore. 
If Jtat ^i vote dampned 
|iai woiv lianged ^oie, 
Apon arode os ])0u wa^ 


For more vile ded was none 

)>en waa on pe rode by-foi«. 

^t ^on deed ]Mr apon. M 

'^ dome waa wrong, ^e stede was vU, 
Bot noble waa fe tre, P'*^?*!]*^ 
Jiat Jiou waa on to d«d broght ; 
Loued mot )>oii be. SB 

Wlien Jio lews wiat Jw sothe 
fat he was ded f era, 
TTJB body bode be taken doan, 
For J(e fest, ob I saide ere. 73 


• i 

And of ^t blod ran till bijs ei Of f&t blood Tan to his hond : 

he gate bis s^ht on-ane. 16S41 his aijte sooue he wan 

He [lat san it |ius he said, Seynt Ion hit say & {>ua aside : 

his wittnes es, saint iahne, his witenes is pat man 

For ^t man of hia freinsohip, He was of cristia frenshepe greet : 

was sua ner was bi him ane. I6S48 & was nyje him pan 

Joseph, pat hia freind was lele, It Joseph fio his trewe frend : 

waa of arimathie, was of aiamathie 

Ne grantted nenar wid will ne wetk. He graunted neuer in wille nor weik : 

to pMK gret felune, 16852 to her felonye 

He and sir nicodeme alsoa, Ha & nichodeme also : [ieiiiti,<>u''] 

ala tellis ts )>ia atoiie. as tellef pia storye 

wid leue of pilate to pe rode wi|) leue of pilate to pe rode : 

fai went ]iaim pn'ueli, 168&6 went hem pnuelia 

far sotfuleBt of all fai &nt, )wre fei fonde fe sorwefolest : 

aaint iohn and mari. bofe Jon & marie 

[f]e rode it was wid lieif and brao [ 

floriat wele aelcntbli, 16860 

Fra pe middai to pe complene 

|iat mani toght farli ; 

Bot fogh pe iuus fat it eatt 

thoght aelcuth ne fot-fi, 16864 no gap in the MS.] 




Noifat y^ g&f man, ne tok [ 

emsomple gpde )iap-'bi j *.... 

Bot on pa mom o p&t gniang, 

^e tra ala ar Toa diL 16868 no gap in the MS."] 

V Tt« fid dioQ ^aa nailA thre, % Out they drow the naylis iy" 
And tok hia bodi dun, and toke ht* body doun) 

Wit Trinding clath and riche anml, - Wytii wyndyng-cloths of sendeH riche 

hiB biriing mad )»i ban. 16873 made bu burying booii) 

[ WytK oynementef the body enbawmyd 

. . . no gap in the MS.^ riche of" grete renouii) 

A stan he til him-solf had wioght, In a tomhe to hym-eelf mou^t 

loseph, ])at godd banin, 16876 losepH ^at riche baronn) 

yai delaed him, fat deiwortb, There-ynne theyleide hymderworthely 

in a yerd he )« tun. in a yard be-sida fe toun) 

^ ]>e murmng fat his moder mad IT The monyng that bis moder made 

mai naman reda in run. 16880 might no man telle ne rede 

Son o f is vaa flfaod tald Sone vas faia burying covthe 

vnto f Eta lune felun, to that fals lede 

fai com to pilate and f UB^t Tht^ come to pilat and yug eeid 

|»ai did him to reaun. 16881 as they wold wede 

" Sir," f ai said, " nu we hns dred Sit of tresou) now 

men sal ns do treenn, ow we moat to drede 

V Sir," fai said, "he, yond traitnr, IT Sir they eeid of this traytoui' 
yond letter of vr lai, 16888 lettar of GUI' lay 

Ta meins qnils be was in lijf [wL u Ta menya whan be was olyfe 

Jiat we herd him sai, some we beid aay 

fat be Buld baf m^bt and strengtb Thatbesholdhaue might and atrengthe 

to riae f e tbrid dai ; 16892 to ryse fe iij' day 

For-f i ee skil fii dais tbie And for that skylle lette waccbe hj-m 

yeming on him yee laL iy* dais we you pray 

V If bis diaciplia cum bi n^bt 1 yff his diasipUs come be nyg&t 
to stel him aon a-wai, 16896 to stole hym vs fro 

And aais til all, he risen ea, and seid to ofer he is lesyn) 

far bes an iuel plai ; it wold kynditt muche wo 

fan sal rise mar pao be-fom Alle ooi' law in abort whUe 

errar of tt fai," 16900 might be foi^ione so 





Noujwr fai gaue rium, ne fai toke [ ■ •' 

ensampel god fiar-bi ; 

Bot on )ie mom of f&t gieuing, 

J>e tre ab ar was dri. 16863 no gap in tJie MS.] 

[y]te ^ai dtoa )>e naiJes thre, H Out )iei drouje po oailes ^re : 

and toke bis bodi dune, & toke his body doun 

■wid winding clath and riche amerel, \nf wyndyng cloop of sendel riche : 

Mis birijng made ^ai blue. 16872 made Ms buriynge boun 

[ wif oynementis ft body enbaumed : 

, . . no gap in ike MS.] ricbe of greet renouM 

A etane be tjl bim-aelf bad wxogbt, In a toumbe to Mm self wronjt : 

ioseph, ^at god barane, 16876 losepb ]>at ticbe baroon 

)iai delned Mm Jiare derworthli, perjimQ ^ leide Mm derwoi))ely ; 

in a jaid bisides )ie tane. in a jaid bi ayde ^e toun 

|j)]e muming }iat Ms mo^ made If ]}e moumyng fat bis tnoilii made : 

mai na man lede in rone. 16880 mijt no mon telle ny rede 

8one of yie was ti^and tald Soone was Ms biiying cou]i : 

to ^aa iaas felune, to ^at £als lede 

Jai come to pilate and Jina-gafc Jjei coom to pilat & fus seide : 

Jai did bim reaiine. 16884 as Jiei wolde wede 

" Sir," Jiai said, " nu will vs drede Sir of treaoun now : 

men sal tb do tresune, ow we moost to drede 

Sir," fai said, " he, yon traitur, V Sir f ei aeide of Jtis traitour : 

yon letter of vr lai, 16888 letter of oure lay 

va menis quilis be was in Itue [inia,bk] Vs meues wbil he waa in lif : 

^at we herde sum say, Bomme we berde say 

^t besnld haue bath might and stienth }}at he shulde haae myjte & sttengjie ; 

to rise )» thied day ; 16892 to rise )e >ridde day 

For-^i es skill ]iat daies tbie And for )iat skil let wacche bim : 

jeming on him we lay. Jre dayes we jou pray 

[I]f bis desciplis cum bi night H If his disciples com bi ny^t : 

to stele him ])an away, 16896 to atele Mm tb fro 

And sais till all he resen ee, And aeiden to opere be is risen : 

far beB ane iuel play ; Mt kyndeled muchel wo 

)ian sal rise mare Jian bt-fom Al oure lawe in short while : 

euer again ni lay." 16900 mijt be fordone so 


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" Ota," coth pilate, " and dos him kepe 

^e best yrin jee mai." 16903 

% ^ prince o pieiatea o ^air logh 

went to |iat monument, 
And Bp«rd it wit a mikel stan, 

to turn i-nogh had tnent 16906 
^al did ^air seles ^arapon, 

ar ^ ^e^n went, 
Aimed hnightee ]>ar jMii left 

)iat to )» tomb snld tent ; 16910 
Bot quea ])at iesus raB to lijf 

f>aa caitefs wai bot Bceat 
H loaeph wald haf awai J>e rode, 

^ Inus it him for-bedd, 16914 
])at ilk night )>u feld it did 

awai for to be ledd ; 
Wit ]>e thei& croicea tnin, 

quea al wtii gan to bedd, 16916 
And grofe ^aim thte for crtaten men, 

wit-in a priue sted. 
FoT-))i }iai bar ^ malescnn 

of him ^at J>aron bled. 16922 

IT Nu ie fa croice grauen Tndw greit, 

and iems vnder 8tan, 
And hinges all hope of hall kiro 

in maria mild allon. 16926 

Ai til ienu ^ thrid did 

had fughten gain Bathan, 
And werid him on hie aim bit, 

als hnnd ea on a ban, 16930 

IT And als ))e fisch right wit ^e bait 

apon )ie hok es tan, 
For |>t>f he sagh him man als man, 

his godd-hed eagh he nan. 16934 
'To quils hia flesche lai vnder greit, 

his gast til hell es gan, [■ iht m, k>l ij 


pylat Boid on yom' beat wyse 
to kepe hym eone jb go 

V The pryncea of preste* of J« law 
went to f at monvment 
AnJ made jt sykyr as hem thongfit 
while they wei* present 
They set her selia thei'-vpon 
er they then went 
Armyil knyghte^ thet* they left 
to pat tombe to tent 
But whan he rose to lyf 
tho caytifs ai" but ehent 
^ loseph wold haue had the rode 
fe lewia it hym for-bede 
Tho Belf nyght they yt did 
awey to be led 
witA tho thevia crossiB to 
when men wet* in bed 
They beried hem fro Crystyn men 
in a prauy stede 
Theie-foi' they had the maleson) 
of hym fat Jier-on bled 
IT Now is the cioa Tnder erthe 
& lema vader stone 
and alle the feith in holy chiicbe 
left in mary alone 

lenM had fonghtyn wtti^ satan ciairiM] 
&0 helle was comyn & goon) 
And worthid hym on hia ouno 
vile as hound is on a bone 

V Aa £she witA bayte was he takyn) 
& on the hoko brought 
ffor he sie hjm Ijke to man 
bis godhede saw he nought 
while hia flesh lay vnder stone 
his gost to helle sougEt 


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" Gas," said pilate, " and doa Mm kepe Pilate seide on joure best wise : 

))e best wiae ^t je ma;." 16902 to kepe him aoone je go 

[Ji]e prina of Jw preistea of ]>e lau IT J» prmcea of prestia of f« lawe : 

Tent to fat monument, irent to fat monument 

And spend it wid a mekil etane, And made hit slknr as hem fion^t 

to tume enogb had taent. 16906 ^hil ^d weie present 

)iai did {lait seliB ))ar-apon, jrei sett her aeles ^ rp on : 

are p&t ))ai Jie^en went, ax fei jtennes went 

Armed kuightes fat Jvai left Aimed kny^tis fere ]jei laft : 

)iat to ]>e tomb suld tout j 16910 to fai toumbe to tent 

Bot queu ]nit he ras to Hue But Trhenne he tob to Ijne : 

ftd caitiuea war bot schent. )io cutifs were but shent 

[IJosepb wald haue a-wai fe lode, IT Joseph wolde hane had f6 rode : 

fe iuns it bi'm foibedd, 16914 ^e iewee hit bim forbed 

fat like nigbt )»aim-self it did fai seine nyjt fei hit dud : 

a-way for to be ledd ; Awey for to be led 

wid fa theife croices tuin, "Wiji f o f eaea croisea two ; 

quen all war gane to bedd, 16918 irhenne men were in bed 

And groue faim tkre for cristen men, )>ei boried hem iro cristen mea 

widin a preae stedd. in a priney sted 

Forjti Jtai bar Jw maliscoa ferfore f ei hadde fe malisoun : 

of him fat fax^a Medd. 16922 of him fat feronne bled 

[K]a ee fe croia giauen Tnder grete, % Kow ia fe croia vndir erfe : 

and ieeiM vnier stane, & ihems Tndii stone 

And hinges all hope of hali kin: And al f e feif of holy chirche : 

in mari mild allane. 16926 laft in maiy allone 

Ay till issue fe thiid dai Thesas had fon^ten wif sathan : 

had fagbten again sathane, &o belle was comen & gone 

And werid him in his auen bitt, And worf ed him on his owne wile : 

ala hund es on a hane, 16930 as hounde is on a bone 

[A]nd alB f e fisa wid a baite IT As fisshe wif bait was he taken : 

apon fe hoke es tane, & on fe hok broi^t 

For- if he san him man ala man, For he say him lik to mon ; 

his goddhed san he noght 16934 ' hia godhede aay he Doujt 

To-qoilis his fleas lay vnder grete, Whil his flesehe lay vndii stoon : 

his gast till hell es gane, his gooat to belle sonjt 




^ wit Jw might of his godd-hed. And mtA the nugllt off his godhede 

he las him-eelf o-nAn. 16938 he ros that ts had boiigbt 

Thorn a tie, Bum jee haf herd, H ThorogiL a tre ae y e bane herd 

was al mankind mad thrall, waa man-kynd made thralle 

And thoru ^ia hall rode tre, And thorogll the holy rode tre 

^an war ve &ehed alL 16942 fredom come tb alle 

Again )iat apell adam ete Ayen the Appitt adam ete 

iraB gin iera pe gall, was jet leea the galle 

Alle fie pines o ^is world Alle the paynys of< this wotU 

to tell ^ war fol small, 16916 to his ner but smalle 

Ogains leist of his to drei, [ 

if 1 ne lei yow sail ; no gap in the MS.} 

T For he fat neoer sin did, V he that aeuer sjnne did 

Ti sinnes all he har, 16950 om' aynnya alle he bai* 

And Till for us was ledd, diepytoualy for ts wo lad 

als i baf tald yow ar. boffetid & betyo eat' 

For ur sakee ]iat we haf don ffor 001* sake he sufBnl put 

he safferd al fe ear, 16954 muche sorow & eai* 

Xoght lime of his licam lym nor lyf of his 

be Bufferd nogbt to spar ; for vs wold he spai* 

And 8i)ien his lijf for as be gaf, [ . ■ 

qnat mogbt be fian do mar, 16956 710 gap in the MS.} 

V He ^t ueuer did Tilani, T he that nevii aynne did 
ne nener jMur-to thogbt, ne bo mocbe as it th[ougbt] 

Tt ainnee and vx wiokednes Our' aynnya and oui' wrecchidnes 

Ful deie on him he boght ; 16962 dei* he hem boi^t 

Sa wel he laued us at na thing So welle he louyd ts that no thyng 

of him-eelf ne roght, ot hym-selfi be rong^t 

And all tbe wrak on Mm he tok, Alle the wrake on bym be toko 

}at ojiei men had wioghL 16966 Uiat oper men had wro^t 

V All pe tiunges o fia weild [ 

cuth nogbt tell ^ teind, 

Ife all ]» bertes cnth noght thino 

hu he til na was heiod. 16970 

£s nan ^t he ne ^t aare to rea 

ye aoru auilk a freiud, no gap in ike MS.} 



Be sufpbbxd fob our stys, hs bpabed hot a lub or hib bodt ; hb lotzd 971 


^at wid ])e might of his goddhed, 

ho raa him-self on-ftne, 16938 

[T]hom a tre, als je haae herd, 

was all man-kind mad thiall, 
And thiora hia Tmlj lode tre, 

^an war we frelsed alL 16942 

Again ^t appil adam ete 

was giuen ieeus )>e gall, 
All Jw pinia of fis world 16945 

to tell ^aim pat wai ful small. 
Again J>b leat of his to drei, 

if i }u lije na sail ; 
[F]or he Jiat neuer no sin did, 

TT sinnes all he bare, 16950 

And vilelik for vs was ledd, 

ab i hane tald jn ar& 
For TT sakis fwt we had done 

he saffired all ^ sare, 16954 

Noght a lim of his licame 

sof&ed he to spaie ; 
And eifen his lijf he for ts gaue, 

qnat might he Jiaint do mare. 16958 
[H]e fiat did velanije nenere, 

ne nener ^ar-to th<^ht, 
TT sinnes and vt vilaoiie 

fal dere on him he boght; 16962 
Sua wele he luned ts fat na-thing 

of him-self he roght, 
And alle fw wiake on him he toke, [irii«l 

^at o)er men had wroght. 16966 
[A]ll fe tnnges of fia werld 

cuth noght tell ))e t£nd, 
TSe all ^e bertis cntb nc^bt thine 

hu he till TS was bend. 16970 

Es nane J>at he ne aght to lea sare 

ye soru of suilk a freind, 


And wi^ )« myjt of his godhede : 

he ros ^t ts had botijt 

IT ^onije a tre as }e haue herd : 

was mankynde made Jnalle 

And ^ouije ^e holy lode tre : 

fredom coom ts alle 

Ajeyn J» appel fat adam eet : [i»f imj 

was jyue ibwu f e galle 

Alle Jw peynes of f is world : 

to bis nere Jwi hut smalle 


no gap ia the MS.] 

V he ^t nenei synne dud : 
ouie synnes alle he hare 
Dispitusly for ts was lad : 
buffeted & beten sare 
For oure sake he suf&ed f na : 
mucbel sorwe & care 
Lymme on bis licam ny lif : 
for TS wolde he not let spare 


no gap in the MS.] 

f He }at ntuer synne dud : 

ne so mucbe as hit Jtoujt 

Oure synnes & oure wrecchednes : 

dere he hem boujt 

8o wel he loued ts fat no ]>ing : . 

of him self he rou^t 

AI pa wrake on him he toke : 

^t opere men had 


no gap in the JfS.] 




fat bH baret wald on him ber [No gap in the MB.^ 

to Isde us aU to lend. 16971 

V And thine yow na eejcnth o ^is, 

fot jeit i sai jaw max ; 
All }ie aeknes o ])ia veild 

if a man on him bar, 16978 

And ])at man of all o^ men 

moght Buffer all )>air sar, 
Ogain hifl pine hot of an Ture, iwL i] 

ful littel or noght it ware. 16982 
Qoar-thora Jiot i moght line in l^f 

an hnndret thusand yore. 
And moght ana for his luae 

ilk dai dei sere ; 16966 

And al )>at i moght drei to pine, 

to Bare and to torfeie, 
Again ]ie pine he for me dion, 

bot aU a noght it ireie. 1 6990 

IT ])an mai men sai wel fat his pine 

es herder for to drei, 
fan it irar ^ pine of hell^ ' 

in ala laog a waL 16994 

fa forsoth fat mai men se, 

fat es a ekil ogbt slei. 
He was sa mighti in him-self, 

his kind it was sa hei 16998 

H And for fat ieeita had in bim 

SUB gret might and vertu, 
fat it was nener man fat had 

saa mikel ala we tm. 17003 

f of sumkin Boaft moght thole f e pine 

of hell, sis we wat hn, 
fat ee to sai, witrten end, 

fan eetaea wel, fat iem 17006 

Thold herder pine in als lang, 

men mai it well a-vou. 




^at ali boret on Mm irald bere 

to lede TB aU to leind 16971 

[A]nd thine ju na aelcnth of )rifl, 

for jeit i Boi ja mare ; 
All )e sekenes of fia world 

if a mui on him faaie, 16978 

And )>at man of all o^i men 

might suffer all ]>air sare, 
Again his pine bot aU ane vre, 

littel or noght it ware. 16982 

[QJuar thom i might line in lijf 

a handled thousand jeie, 
And i might ania for his luoo 

ilk dai def Bete ; 16986 

All ^at i m^ht diie to pine, 

to Bare and to torferai 
Again f6 pine he for me diegh, 

bot ak i-noght it weie. 16990 

[Jt]an may men say fat his pine 

was haidir for to diei, 
pen it war ^ pine of hell, 

in als lange a quili.^ P r—* qon*] 

Ya 1 foTBoth ^t mai men ae, 16S95 

|iat es <^ skil aght sley, 
He was ana mighti in lmn-«el^ 

his kind it was soa hei 1699S 

[A]nd for ^t iestM had in him 

sua giote ndght and Tertn, 
{)at yax was nener man ^t had 

ana mekil als we ttou. 17003 

In Bum-kin Bchaft might thole ^ pine 

of hell, ala we wat hn, 
Jiat ea to say, widvten end, 

yam Bomia wele, ^t iexa 1700S 

Tholed harder pine in ala lang, 

men mai it wele btdu. 

\No gap in the MS.] 


^ M&Ba saol all thxini kind 

it lunes ]» bodi sua, 17010 

fat it wald neuw if it moght 

fe bodi self for-ga. 
Do mao it neoer sa mikel piue, 

ne sua mikel va, 17014 

Til bodi haf tint his wittes fiue, 

|>e saul wil noght )iar fn. 
V Heiing, sight, smelling and fele, . 

cheuing er wittee five, 17018 

All sal be tint er saul pas, 

quen fe hert aal rioe. 
Eynd na saul suffers ar 
, to part wit man o-lins ; 17022 

Bot ieeiu fat was sna migbti, 

Bu&eid heidei ])is strijf, 
|ian euer ani man was or es, 

or eal be bom -wijf. 17026 

% For sin [tot suet Usm had ^J^Jp*- 

sua mikel migbt and main, 
))an it eemea wel to bo, 

and Botb it ea al plain, 17030 

fiat be baa a bnndret sitb 

dnblid pia ilk pain. 
And ee naman fat ea in skil 

pat agb aai bei again, 17034 

^ Quils be bang on fat suet tie 

als it ea for-vit told. 
His hali saul to fader bis 

vit uoice fnl bei be ^ald. 17036 
fai Bcbeud be bim foi mighti godd, 

fat al Ibing bas in vald, 
And sua to mak ts ranscuning, 

foi us hlm-self be said. 17042 

IT A ha I f oa blisced-eet of all, 

o f 6 quat mai i sai t 


% Many eoule tboro^ kjnde 

tbe body yt louyii so 

Tbat it waD neuyr yef> yt migbt 

fe body to parte fro 

do man yet nener so mucbe pyne 

ne yet ao mucbe wo 

Tille body haae lost wytte* By\e 

tbe Boule wills not go 

U Heryng / apeche / sig^t / smellyng 

& felyng ai* wytt«« v. 

Alle tbiae wille go ar tbe soule 

wben be bens shalle lyve 

kynd no soule suffer may 

to part &o man alyre 

But letui tbat ao mighty was 

Bufiiid bardei stryve 

Then eny man tbat eayr was bom) 

or yet ahallo of wyve 

IT ffoi this ilk< lesu hoi so mucbe 

migbt and mayne 

That yt semyd wele to be 

and aotbe is it certayne 

Tbat he bym-self* an bundyrd aith« 

dobelid fia payne 

Tbei* is no man that reason can 

may aey bei* agayne 

% While he byng on tbat tre 

as it byfor* is told 

his holy soule to his fader 

wi'tA bis voyce be yold 

Thet' he shewid hym mighty god 

tbat alle thyng hath in wold 

Thus to make om* iaDn)80in 

for TS bym-self" be sold 

% A tbow blessid maJde of aS 

of tbe what shalle I aay 




[M]aime8 saul tliora kind T MonneB Boule ^ni^e kynde : 

it louis ]>e bodi ana, 17010 fe body Mt loue^ bo 

Jiat it wold neaei if it might fat hit wolde neaer of hit myjt : 

pe bodi self foi^. ])e body departe &o 

Do man it neaer Bna mekil pine, So mon hit neoer so macha pyne : 

ne sua mekil wa, 17014 ny jitt so mychel wo 

Till bodi hane tint hia wittes fine, Til body haue lost Jie wittes fyne : 

)ie saule wil noght )rai &a. fe souls wol not go 

[HJering, sight, smelling and fsle, V Heryng Bpeche Bijte amellyng : 

cheoing er wittes fine, 17018 & fele aie wittes fyue 

All sal be tint ai saule pasae, Alle ^e wol go ar ^e soule : 

quen ^ herte sal riue. whenne ^ hert shal ryue 

£jnd ns saule snf&is are, £ynde no soule anSre^ er : 

to part wid man a-liue ; 17022 to parte fro mon a lyue 

Bot iestu ^at Bwa migbti was, But ihetia fat so my^ty was : 

Biiffred harder ]» striae, suffered harder atryue 

}ian ani man pat es or waa, }}en any mon ^t eaer was bom : 

or sal be bom of wijfe, 17026 or jitt shal be of wyne 

[F]or fiis like suete ie«M had % For ])is ilke swete iheou : 

sua m^Jl might and maine, liad so myche mijte & meyn 

)>at it semis wele to be, ^t hit seme^ wel to be : 

and Botht it es all plaine, 17030 & bo)i is hit certeyn 

^t he has an handieth syth fat he bim self an hondride si|)e : 

dnblid Jiis ilke paine, doubled Jiia peyn 

And es na man ^at es in skill ^ is no mou |>at resoun coa : 

f&t flgh say here agaiue. 17034 may aay fer (geyne 

[QJuilia he hang on ])at auete tre, % whil he hong on ^t tre : 

als it es forwid taliJ, as hit bifoie is tolde 

Hia hali saule till fadii his His holy eoole to his fadir : 

wid Toice fnl hoi he jald. 17038 wip hia Tois he jolde 

))ar schend he him for might! god, Jjen he shewed him myjty god : 

^t all thing has in wald, Jiat al ^iog ha^ in wolde 

And Boa to make rt ransoning, ^'J^j** ])us to make ouie rannsoun : 

for TS him-self he said. 17042 for te him self he solde 

[H]a ! )iu bUsced mai of all, V A ^u bleHsed maide of alle : 

of |ie quAt mai i sayl of fie what shal I say 



yi soTua, muia mild, Of ihj sorow maiy myU 

|K>a had iu hert fat dai 17046 paa haddiat in liert fat Aaj 

Jiat dai it ww fi passiun, That da; waa also ihj paaaion) 

mai nan eai ^ai-wit nai, may no man sey nay 

Quen Jul )ii suet sun sua aagli when thow fj sonne sie so fay-Ie<) 

be Udd wit t«ne and treL 17050 with tene & eke wttA tray 
4 Bot cntnmeu it es ]n na ^ sueid H But comya waa tho the sirer^ 

^t thorn ]>i hert stang, that thoiogh fya hert stong 

Jiat aymeon wit p?vpheci That Semeon witft piophesie 

had hight po forwit lang. 17054 had yt bf-forn) long 

Bot o ioi an hnndiet Md, But yet of ioy an hundifcf-foU 

he dnblid }ie Jii sang, he doublyd Jra thy eong 

Qu«n he ni8 i^ ded to life, When he rose fro dethe to lyff 

wit his godd-hed sa stiang. 17058 wit& hi* godhede strong 

T for fe birth and pe paasiun Bothe byrthe and passion) Dftai,btAi 

o iwu fat us boght, ot the that ts bongbt 

If he ne had risen fra ded to lij^ Bat he had re^n &om deth 

had ben us all for noght. 17062 alle had be toi nought 

Ku (Nju seis all openli, H Thus may we seyne opynly 

fa fight til end es broght, how it to end waa biou^t 

^a weild succurd, ^ feind es feld, Th« world eocouiid the fende fidtl 

fBX man wit som Boght. 17066 fat alle f« eorow sought 

T All nr truth in }k, leuedi. In the mary tho hyng alle 

bang, and al ui iai, our' trouthe and eke oui* &y 

All men was in dute and wer Alle men wei* in doute 

bot ftou, leue hali mai I 17070 but ])oa that ilk day 

Til Jii snet sun up-iaa IT Tille thy awete sonne Tp-rose 

fi trouth waa stabil ai, fo\i keptist alle GUI' lay 
Hu men aght in ur lauerd to leue, [m. i] how we shuld kepe oiu' byleve 

^Du lerd OS faxa fs laL 17074 ther* tawghtyst ftm ts the way 

T Maiia meke, ^n moder es, Mary welle of mercy 

o reuth fol and o pite. willyng euyr pyte 

Mirthful maiden, mild of all I ffloui' of maydyn-hede 

bliaced of all bu[a]te. 1707S that eu^r was oi sbalbe 

Qua mai tel ft teind port ISaj no mdn telle the tenny0 part 

fo blisced-nes o fe ! the blesaidnes off the 


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Of }i soru, man miJde, 

)>u hade in hert )iat day. l7Qi5 

)>at dai it was ])i passiune, 

mai naue ^arwid aai nay, 
Quen )iu fi euete eun sua aau 

be ledd wid tene and tray. 17060 
[B]ot comen it es fe nu fe auord 

)tat thoru fiine herto stang, 
J)at eymeon wid propheci 

had liight pe forwiil lang. 17054 
Bot of ioy ane hundreth fald, 

Le dublid fie ))i eang, 
Quen he ras fira dede to lijf, 17057 

wid iae godde-hed sua Strang. 
Bath f 6 birth and f e passion 

of iesM ^at ve boght, 
If he ne had lesiu fra ^ dcde, 

had bene va all for noght. 17032 
Nu mai we ae all opinli, 

^e fight till end es broght, 
])e weild succDirid, ^e feind ea feld, 

)>at man vid som aoght. 17066 

[Ijn ^e ))an, leuedi, hang all 

TT tiouth and fai, 
All men was in dute and were 

bot pa, lene hali mai ! 17070 

Til ^i suete sun vp-raa 

pi trouth was stabil ai, 
Hn men agh vi lauerd leue, 

pn lered vs ^r pe wtu. 17074 

[MJari meke, ^n moder es, 

ful of reuth and pete. 
Mirthful maiden, mild of all ! 

fulflldofaUbunte. 1T078 

Na man mai tell ^e teind part 

Pe bliscednes of fie I 

69 o^ymsoiK 

Of pi sorwe marye mylde : 

jjou liaddest in heit ])at day 

pat day was also ^i passionn : 

may no mon say nay 

whenwe fou fi son say so biled ; 

wi)j tene & eke wij» tray 

IT But comen was fo fe sword : 

pat ])OUTje piu hert strong 

pat symeon wi]) prophecie : 

had het biforn long 

But jitt of ioye an hundiide folde ; 

he doubled pe {li song 

Whenne he roe fro def to lif : 

wijj his godhede strong 

^ Bojie bur)ie & passioun : 

of ihesus ^at ys boi^t 

Bub he had risen &om dop : 

had ben al for noi^t 

]}us may we seen openly : 

how hit to ende was bioiijt 

\)e world socoured pe feud fals : 

pat al ^e sorwe soi^t 

IT In pe marye fo hei^; al : 

oure trouj) & eke cure fay 

AUe men were in doute : D"* i», *»<iK 

but Jjou fat ilke day 

Til pi awete son Tp ros : 

])0U keptest al oure lay 

How we ahulde kepe oure bileue : 

fere taujteat Jwu tb pe way 

IT Mary welle of mercy : 

wellyng euer pite 

Floure of maydenhede : 

fat euer waa or shal be 

May no mon telle f e tenfe part ; 

pQ blessednes of f e 


[No ge^inthe MS.] 


Yr tioutli and liope bath bar fou )ian, Pray for vs to thy blessid souue 

ui blisced leuedi na he. 17062 in hu blia we mote be 

And pais ua wit ^i suet aun 

^t hang for ns on tre. 
And help m to fat ilk Bt«d 

)iar we him ea»- ee. 17086 

V Of him i haf >e paaaiim 

aaid, efter mi might, 
Hu he again ur wy)>erwin, 

ur bateil tok to fight 17090 

^f his it war pe paines all, 

on it was }« plight. 
He giant us grace, haf part o blia, 

fiathetilnahight; 17094 

And send ub apace al of hia grace, 

ur wranges here to right, 
>at we mai at vr ending da[i], 17097 

2um in til heueii light, Amea 
Site ^aim o mang wit angels sang, 

Al on hia hall hand right. Amea 

[Ifo gap in th9 MS.} 

[A Discourse between Christ and Man.J 

V " "Yesta o maria bom 

X Forranfulman^twaafoMoni, 
I foreok mi fadei blis, 17113 

And com in-til erth, i-wls. 


[No gap in the MS.] 


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Pteye for va to Ji blessed eon : 
in his blis we mot be 

[No gap in the MS.] 

Tf trouth, TT hope, all bar fu pan, 
vr bead leuedi nu be, 17082 

And pais tb wid yi suete sun 
fiat hang for TS on tre. 


no gap ia the MS^ 

Of him 1 hftae >e pawinn 

no Bsid, eftir mi m^ht, 
Hn he egain vr Titherwine, 

▼r hataile toke to fight. 17090 
]iogh his it wsT fie paines all, 

TTS it wai )ie plight, 
He glue TB giaoe, haue port of hlia, 

>at he tU hit has hight. 1 70di 
And )>at we nui widrtea md, 

he wid him in hii ng'Iit, 
>ar ioy and hlis ea lastand ay, 

jiat ei in heneoe* light, 17096 
And speciali for me je pray 

^at ]iia bock gait dight, 
Zohu of lindbe^h, i jn sai 

}iat es mi name fill right. 17102 
If it he tint or done a-way, 

trenli mi tnmth i plight, 
Qna hringes it me widyten delay, 

i aal him ^d >at night 17106 
And qoa it helis and haldia £ra me, 

trenli i ;n tell, 
Cnroed in Mro fan «al f ai be ^ ^^^ ,„„g „„, ^ ,,^ ,^ „,, ^^^, 

widcandil, hoke, andheU.'nno p^jJ-^ -rt«" i» t" "t™- -.^ b. 

\A DUcourse betieeen Christ and Man.] 
" [I]eetm of rnari bom [™i- '] [No gap in the MS.] 

Fot sinful man fat was for-lom, 
I forsot mi fadir blifl, 17113 

And come in-til erde, i-wi». 



I lete me tak and herd bind 

For luuo i had to mans kind, 17116 

I thold pouerd, pine, and scame, 

Al for Biaful mans name, 

Thine, ai thino, ai ainful man, 

>on thino on iesu, >i lemman. 17120 

I etode naked ale i was bom 

p& wicked luus ])aim bi'fom, 

Bimden til a pilar fast, 

To-quils Jw bandes mogbt laat ; 17124 

On mi back i bai ^e rode, 

Quen i vnto mi ded yode. 

Had neun- man sa miket scam 

In ertb for nakine blam. 17128 

feu sinful man Jwt gas bi me, t^«- 

Duel a quite and fiou mai se, 

Duell a quile and fond to stan, 17131 

Bi-hald mi fote, bi-hald mi hand 1 

Mi bodi es wit scurges suongen, 

Brest, and hand, and fote thurgh 

I hing apon fiis herd rode, [stungen. 

For )>e i gaf mi bert blode ; 17136 

^ tbomnes o mi hede standes, 

Thirled am i, fete and bandes. 

Bi-bald and se mi blodi side, 

Jiat for fi luue es opend wide ; 17140 

Put in and grappe, mi suet freind. 

Tat nte mi hert bituis fine hend ; 

>an mai ))ou wit ))ine eien se 

Hu treuli man i luued (le. 17144 

Fra mi crnn unto mi ta 

Ful i am o pine and wa ; 

Bituix tua theifs hing i here 

Als i theif and traitwr wer, 17148 

Befoi mi moder eien, mare, 

Bufferd i al fis wilani. [i>ptap.Mi] 


I let me take and hard bind I«^ t] 

For luiie i had to manes kind, 17116 

I tholid pouert, pine, and schame, 

All for sinful manes ane. 

Thine, ai thine, ai sinful man, ^Tij'*' 

))U thine on ie«u, ^i lemman. 17120 

I Btod naked als i was bom 

^e wiked iuua Jiaim bifom, 

Bunden till a peler fast, 

To-quiles pe bandis might last ; 17121 

On mi bac i bar mi rode, 

Quen i to mi dede jode. 

Had neuer man sua mekil schame 

In eid for man-kin blame. 17128 

])u sinful man fat gas bi me, 

Duel aqaile and fu mai se, 

Duel aquUe and fand to stand, 17131 

Bihald mi fote, bihald mi hand 1 

Mi bodi es wid skurges suongen, 


I hing apon f is bard rode, 

For fe i gaue mi herte blode ; 17136 

fe thoinis on mi befd standis, 

Thirld am i, fote and handia, 

Bi-hald and se mi blodi side, 

fat fot fi luue es opend wide ; 17140 

Put iu and grape, mi suet« &eind, 

Take vte mi herte bituix: fi heind ; 

^en mai f u wid fin' eien se 

Hu truli fat i loued ai f e^ 17144 

Fra mi croune vnto mi ta 

Ful i am of pine and wa ; 

Bituix tua theues bang i here 

Als 1 thef and traitur were, 17148 

Bifor mi moder eien, mari, 

fan tholid i all f is velani. Coptop.wij 


,,Googlc ■ 


I haue nu mani blodi wondis, 

Aad saffrid here mani stondis, 17152 

Aitd' dieid on ^ia rode tre, 

pa sinful man I for lune of |>e. 

Sipen i liaue fe sua dere boght, IT166 

Quat aOis pe fa. loues nie noght 1 

wid ))i siae ^u piais me, [coi.f] 

Als did pe iuns apon Jie tre, 

■wid athea grete and wick dede, 

oft fu gerie mi wondis blede. 17160 

fu sinful man ! if fu cutb gode, 

Of agh pe thine apon mi blode 

Nigbt and dai, and all time, 

Birt |)e thine apon mi pine. 17161 

■wailewai I p-a sinful man, 

K'e made i pe mi lemman, 

Ke haue i giuen fe all mi bliss 

I haf )nM mani blodi wondes, 17151 
And sufferd her )iis herd stondea, 
And ded on ]iis rode tre, 
)k>u sinful man ! for Inue o fe. 
Sin i haf fe sua dere boght, 17155 
Quat ailes pe ^oa Itiuea me ni^htl 
Wit yi sin ^ou pines me, 
Als did ])e luus on rode tre. 


no yap ill the MS.] 

Jjon sinful man ! if f ou cuth god, 
Oft bird Jje thine a-pon mi blod 
Night and dai, and al Jie time, 17163 
Wei bird f e thine a-pon mi pine. 
Waila wai ! ^n sinful man, 
fi'e haf i mad )ie mi lemman, 
Ne haf i gin fe al mi blis, 17167 

And mi-self Jiar-wit, i-wiss. 
If foil neiiei- sa nobul war; 
Quat thing moght i giue |)e mate 1 
I wat neuer o nakina wise, 17171 
}ian bird ))e thine ai to lise, 
Suith to rise and faand to blin. 
And for mi luue for-sak ^i sin. 17171 
For-sak J>i sin pur' charite, C n»d pw] 
And faand to rise, and com to me 1 
I sal |>e hals, i sal ))e kiss, C»l «] 

And bring fe to mi fader blis." 17178 
lesa, for f i hali Mod 
^t Jwu aced a-pon ^ rode, 
^ou send as grace, ))on send us might, 
■ Ener and ai to luf >e right ; 17183 
And sua or sinnea for to sake, 
fat OS to ioi wit pe J>ou take, 
And night and dai, and all time, 
Sua to thine a-pon pi pine, 171S6 


And mi-self far-wid, i-wiss, 17168 

If fu neuer sua nobile ware ; 

Quat fan might i giue ^e mare ) 

I ne wate on nanekin wise, 

Jtan bird fe thine ai for to rise, 17172 

Suith to rise and fand to blin, 

An for mi luue forsake fi sin. 

Forsake fi sin par charite, 17175 

And fand to rise, and cum to me ! 

I sal ))e hals, i sal f e kisse. 

An bring fe to mi fadir blisfle." 

lesus, for fi hali hlode 

fat fu sched apon fe rode, 17180 

f 11 send till vs gi'ace and might, 

Euer and ai to luue f e right ; 

And sua ti sines to forsake, 

fat Ts to ioy wid fe f u take, 17184 

And night and dai, and all time, 

Sua to thine apon fi pine, 


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^at yfB mai, quen ve he)ieii vend, Ivat we mai, quen vs he^en wend. 

Cum to ^i ioi wit-yten end. Amen. Cam to ioy widrten end. Amen. 

iriamlioifulerfindedes, 17189 [0] lesu I ioyful er Jiine dedia, 17189 
pat ])ou wit to lune ni ledea, pat pa wid to lijf vb ledis, 

Defend }i folk nu J>at pou fedis, >e feinde fi folk pat pu fedis. 

And ^ae paim migkt to win pi medis. And giae vs might t« wine pi media 

Qu«n i pi bodi se pat bledia, 17193 Quen i ae pi bodi pot bledis, 17193 

Fulsare mi hert mi ainnea dredea, Ful aare mi hert mi ainnea dredia, 

pat vnnetlies dar i seen mi nedea pat vnethea par i sclieii mi nedia ^^ "*• 

Bot wit pi liend to me pon apredia. Bot pi hend to me fu epredia. "*■ '^ 

pi paine and iol bath pou me redia, pi pine and ioy batb pu me redis, 

And blith o saghting pou me bedia. And kiaae of aaghtling pu me bedis. 

IT And saia to me, " al thol i pia [A]nd saia to me, " all tbole i pia 

To brii^ pB, wiecbed man, to blis. To bring pe, wrecbe man, to bliss. 

If pou wil were alo i pe wiae 17201 If pu will wirck aLs ipe wissa 17201 

Mi merci sal pon neuer mis." Mi merci sal pu neuer misse." 

I aak pe grace, pou aais me pU, I aake pe grace, pu aais me " jeia," 

And kindeli bedis me to kia. 17301 And kindli biddis me to kiss. 

% " Man," pon saia, " cum nerr and se, " [M]an," pu saia, " cnm nere and se, 

pou wat i thol al pia for pe, pu wate i tholed all pis fot pe, 17206 

pat i am hanged on pia tre ; pat i am hanged on pis tre ; 

Quat wil pon do pan nn for me 1 Quat will pu na suffer for me 1 

pua am i thnld to ma pe fre, 17209 pus am i thtalled to make pe fre, 

Wbjt pe pou namai thrald be, war pu namare thralled be. 17310 

IT late noght in pe be tint mi dede, [L]at ni^bt in pe be tint mi dede, 

And tbral pe na mar wit pe fede, Ife throl me namar wid pe fede, 

For pal blod pou wiat i aced ; 17213 For pat blod pu aeia me schede ; 

Be wiae and were efter mi rede. Be wise and wire aftii mi rede. 17214 

lastand lijf i giue pe bred, Of lastand lijf i giae pe brede, 

V Aak quat pou will, am i na qued. Aske qoat pu wil, am i na qnede. 

Ask me pi will, pin ee pi nede, 17217 [A]ske me pi will, pin es pi nede, 

For am i noght of ginetcs gnede. For am i noght of giftea gnede. 17218 

pou mai be fnl trest to spede po mai be ful traiat to apede 

Wald pou for me do sumkin dede, wald pu for me do sumkin dede, 

For-ber pat i pe aal for-bede, 17221 Forber pat i pe eal forbede, 17221 

Do pat i bide and ha pi mede." [tor gasi po pat i pe bidd and haue pi mede." 


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IT Quin Hiild i, iem, do ft willl C^i^"!']"*- 

Al Tril tn fat i do hot il, 17224 

Bot i fat ea sa dedli dill. 

Me spediB u me-Self to spill, 

Wtt mi flexsli lust to filL 

Forget i oft fine greue« grilL 17228 

T I mai mi-fielf sai walva 1 

yat to mi thtist suld be sa thra, 

Folaand fat flexs fat ea mi &, 

Mi 'wai i waader in-to wa. 17233 

And ai f ow aaia "' a ha ! a ha 1 

Mi leue fraind do namac sua ; 

IT f i misgaing f ou weind again, 

And i me-self al sal fe sain 17236 

Bath to giue f e might and main. 

If f ou iv%l tbinc al mi pain, 

I sufferd me for f e be slain. 

Mi ded mai noght be don in wain. 

IT K fou vil foln me and mine 17241 

f ou moat nu thol sum part o pine. 

For-sak fi sere o sillt and line, 

And temper f e wit alle and wine, 

fou fill fi flexB fot wifer-wine, 17245 

And seke f i lanl medicine. 

V For for to seme lanei-ds tuin 

It ea vngainand to be^n, 

Me to seke in luat o ain, 1 7249 

Mi kyngrik sua mai naman win, — 

Fra blis to blis mai fon noght rin, 

14'e nan fat es of adam kin." 

Oft foQ beddee me to lote 17253 

Apon f i lira iera, sua Buet«, 

For al mi mis fou wil me. mete. 

Mine bales ouer ea bone to bete. 

Forfi iem als fou haa hete, 17257 

fon gif me grace on fe to grete, 


[Q]ui ne suld i, iesu, do f i will ) 
All wil fu fat i do bot ill, 17224 

Bot i fat ea sua dedeli dill, 
Spedia ay me-aelf to SpiU, 
wid mi fleas luat to fulfill. 
Forget i oft fia greues grill. 17228 
[I] mai mo-self sai walaway ! 
fat to mi thriet suld be sua thrs, 
Foluand mi floss fat ee mi fa. 
Mi wai i wander in-to fe wa. 17233 
And ay f u sais, " a ha I a ha ! [«d. i] 
Mi leue fiend do namar ana ; 
[0]f f i misgang f u wend again, 
And i mi-eelf'sal fe sain 17236 

Bath to gioe fe might and main. 
If f u will thine apon mi pain, 
I suffred me for fe be alain, 
Mi dede mai noght be done in vain. 
[I]f fu will folu me and mine 17241 
f u most wele thole sum part of pine. 
Foraake f e sarke of silk and line, 
Full f i flesa' f i witherwine, pMS.fteM] 
And tompre it fra ale and wine, 
And seke fe saule medicine. 17246 
[M]an, to serue lauerdia tuin 
It es vngainand to bigin, 
Me to seke in lust of sin 17249 

Fra blis to blis f n mai noght zin. 
Mi kingrike sua mai na man win, 
Ne nane fat ea of adam kin." 
[0]ft fu biddes me to lete 17293 

Apon f i lare, iega, sua auete, 
For all mi ainnes f u will me mete, 
Mi balia art fu hune to bete. 
Forfi iesn, ala fu has hete, 17257 

f u giue me grace on f e to grete, 

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IT To wepe for wrang fat i haf wroght, 
And eoer apon yi ded haf thoght, 
Hu fiDu for-bar ue fiiat and bogbt, 
fi boghtlingBS hu fou boght, 17262 
Of hell quen Jiai soruful thoght, 
For fi wit-atande na mightos moght 
H >ftt ranacuiii[n]g wald i of tell, 
]>ou apede me, laaerd I for-to spell 
Hu mighteli ^u harad hell, 17267 
And queld liini jjat all wald qnell. 
^ ieates o Jvaa Iuub fell, 
Wald smorfi mightes J>aiin emell. [toil] 

[T]o wepe for wrang fat i haue wroght, 
And euer apon Jti dede haue thoght, 
Hu J»u forbar va first and boght. 
Of Jii choaelingea hu fu broght, 17262 
Of helle quen )iaa sorfu! soght, 
For 'Jie 'widstaud na mightes moght. 
[)>]at ransuuing fat i of tell, 17265 
fu spede me, lauerd I for to epell 
Hu mightili )ni herid hell, 
And quellid him fat all wald qnell. 
f e gestes of fa iuus feU, 17269 

wald smore fi mightes faim. emelL 

[0/ Joseph of Arimalfiea.] 

V Lauerd, nu wit f i leue, wald i 

O ioeeph tell of aiamathi, 17272 

Hu luue had til him envie. 

For he f e laid in tomb to lie. 

Him and nichodeme for-f i 

fai corked wit fair caitif cri. 17276 

V fis nichodeme was, crist, fi knitbt, 
Jat com to spek wit f e hi night ; 
Quen he nan ofer wai ne might. 
And eagh fe dome bifor his sight, 

fi pine he was vte o plight, 17281 
For he wist well f on had f e right. 

V £ot fat folk war sua ful o flitt, 
fat he ne moght fair mathes ditt. 
f aa quon fat heild wit fe f air-witt, 
Wei sene it was faim wonted wijt, 
far-foT wroght nichodeme a writt, 

1 tdl na wit fi leue of itt.' 17288 

[L]aaerd, wid f i leue wald 1 c ii*. ml U 
Of ioeeph teU of arimathi, 17272 

Hu iuus bad till him enuei, 
For he f e laid in tumb to ly. 
Him and nichodeme for-fi 
fai karked wid fair caitiue cri. 17276 
[f]iB uichodeme was, crist, fi knight, 
fat come to speke wid fe bi night ; 
Quen he nanof er wai ne might. 
And sau fi dome bifor his sight, 
Of f i pine be was vte of plight, 
For he wist fu had fe right. 17282 
[B]ot fat folk was sua ful of flitt, 
fat he ne might fair muthes ditt. 
fa qnone fat held wid fe f air-witt, 
wele was sene faim wanta?»d witt, 
Jiarfor wroght nichodeme a writt, 
I tell nu wid fi leue of it. 17288 

[' The narrative goes on at p. 992.] 

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'IT On eonoflday in fe daghyng, ^J,J^ Je aext day afterward 

he ro8 fro ded to Hue, P ^[^i5^"m,]™* ^* made man als-aoo, 

"When ])e knightes aleped fast 

wttA liim ^ai might not striue. 

When he loa ^e erthe con quaki 

^en hade pe lews dout«, 

^nd ded men tos of )er graues 

and )ode valkaud abonte. 

In witnes )>ai toa with htm, 

and honoured his rising, 

FoT )ie lews sold not witA-aay 

)iat gart to ded him bring. 

Out lord opond not his thu^jh 

when he ros at mome, 

No more he did Ma moder -wombe 

when fat he was home. 

Al hole he left his graf 

when he went fer froo, 

Als he did his modir womb, 

when he was bom als-soo. 

Wele wiat our lord by-foM 

all fat was to doyn, 

For he ordend his ded 

be cowra of son & moyne ; 

In fe hegh ful he deed, 

& fat it friday were, 

Jie aungel grette our leuedy, 

fe same time of f e jerf. 

fat ilk day seuennight bi-fore, 

^at same day it is, 

fat oure louerd made 

both heuen & erth I wis. 

oonoN {ihsertion] 

f)e seuent day toke he rest, 
i* on ))e aghtand come oui woo. 
For on fiat day adam ete 
Jie appel of fe tre, 
Ful litel while it was 
8* fat he in ioy wald bee. 
Sithen lang afterward, 
fif thowsand ^ere & moo, 
Out lord joght to tak mankynd 

12* and bring ym oute of woo. 
}ie same day fat adam did 
fe syn egayns pe right, 
fat ilk day os it fells, 

IB* godisson in marie light. 

Jit langa bi-fow bad our lord 
to moyses in old daghe, 
Apon f e Mount of sinay, 

20* f er he gaf him f e laghe, 

fat men schold ilk jers fat time 
f er aacn'fiae fore doyne. 
Of a lamb fat were clene 

Zi* at heghe ful of f e moyne. 
f is bitokend fat he wald 
for T!« mariierd boe, 
fat time when f e moyn wor ful, 

!8* and by vus on fe tree. 

J'J?* For fus fen bode it nede be 
be f is skil fat I say, 
In fe heghe fuU« of fe moyne 

as* and ale on a friday. 


P In Oh Cotton IIS. odIj.] 


And on our laidy day als-aoo, 

Je eyn was first wroght, 

Fot-Jti fat day bi leeon [ooi. t] 

bode man agayn be boght. 68* 

]>ese tbie thingea a-bod oni lotd, 

or he to ded 'wald goo, 

Vre leuedy day & friday tin 

and M moyne als-soo. Ta* 

}iat friday waa onr leuedy day 

on vilk our lord slayn waa. 

And p6 moyne at b«ghe fill 

Jot day OS god gaf graa ; 7»* 

Bot now ful aelden fallez it too, 

for-Jti vee we ay 

After hegbe ful of ^e moyne 

to take fe next friday, eo* 

And fat hald we our gode friday ; 

Jie thrid day after aoyne, 

Hald we hely paacbe day, 

and so liaue all men doyne. ti" 

nk cristen man at p&t day 

take Ms flesch & bia blode, 

fat he gaf to Strang ded B7* 

for TtM apon fe rode. ne rMunw*™* 

IT '\f Ary maudlayn & mari lacobe, 

J.TJ- fat was our leaedi sister. 
And marie salome, 

Hade boght fam oynemenz da* 

for onre lord ewnoyntynge. 
And went to fe sepulcre 
on sononday in f e daghynge, 
Toward his graf f ai went, 88* 

f ese thre, makand fer mone. 
And saide, " who sal tu« heipe 
to remou fat heny stone 1 " 
When fat our lord vp-rose 100* 


fe ertfae qnoke Se made sown, , 
Onr loidez aungel fro heuen 
to fe graf fen Ught doun. 
Of his seputcre fore i( 

he pnt away f e stone. 
And fer-apon him sett, [>arH,iMi^i» 
faire & brijt he shons. 
TTia lokyng waa als br^ 1( 

oe is f e rede lempninge. 
And als white oos snaw 
was alls hie clethinga. 
fe knightez wore so ferd 11 

fat kepped him in fat sted, 
fat fai lay ful lang 
right 08 fai hade bene ded ; 
For brightnes of f is anngel i: 

sore fai weta adredd. 
f e clotbez fat iems was wonden in 
aboute fai aa^e horn epredd. 
And when fai missed his body i: 
fast away fai fledd. 
And told vnto f er maittert 
bow fat fai hade spedd. 
feee thre mariea come fiderward, i: 
for drede fai stynted oft 
For ferd of fe lews, 
and sithen welk ful soft 
When fai he-hild ftd^rward i: 
witA ful drery mone, 
fai saje f e lidd onertomed 
fat was a f ol grete atonA 
In' waa in maner of a hows 1 

fat crist laide in was, ^ na 

Grauen depe in a loche, 
a wondsr mikel plaa ; 
f ^ was OUT lord sepulere, i 

COTTON (/Ksranojf) 



in fe nortliside I-wis, 

So h^he be thre spane 

no nother graf fer ia. 

"When |iese wymmen come 110* 

I til his monnment ^le, 

)iai saje an aungel ait, 

a jong child os it wore, 

Cled in white clething. 14** 

^en hade ^ai drede in thoght, 

fia aungel saide to )iam, [oei. K 

" wymmen dred yow noght, 

3e soke iesu of na^aieths 14B* 

fat doya waa on fa tre, 

He is risen & not here, 

be-hald fie stede & see ! 

To petis & his deciples IBS* 

hastile tell ^ee, 

)>at he is risen fro ded 

and gon to galilo, 

On-Iif ii flesch & felle, 16(1* 

08 he told jow hy-fow. 

Highea Tnto fat plas, 

for je Bal fynd hym fore," 

For he neuend peter by name, 160* 

a skill I tel yow qwy, 

For he for-soke our lord, 
' he come not in company 

1 Amang fe apostels for schame, IM* 

I for-fi his name neaend bee, 

)ien f ai sold not him blame 

f>en he in wanhope bee. 

And qui he for-soke our lord les* 

more fen bese falaa 1 
j It was our lordez ordinane, 

for -pi no wonder has, 171* 

He (ffdend him hede of heli kiik, 

fof alle be him for-soke, 

To haf mercy of aynful men 

en'saumple at him he toke. 17S* 

fua was marie maudlayn 

eriy foriihe went, 

Ho ran to peter & to lohne, l?B* 

and told hou fe aungel ht'r sent. 

" )iai haf taken my lord," scho saide, 

" and out of graf him broght." 

fof alle f e aungel hir told 

fill siker was acho nogbt. iss* 

Peter & lohne to-gederian o»f«7,«oi. ij 

to wit how it were, 

Bot lohne was fe swifter, 

and fe ere come fere, 

And loked in & s(^e fe bchete^ 188* 

bot ho dotst not gang in. 

Peter come after & in he went 

or euer he wald blyn. 

And saje fe schetez spred, 102* 

and f e Bodary fore leued 

fat was in fe sepwlcre 

laide on our lordez hened. 

fe went in lohne fat first com ISe* 

to f e monument, 

And saje & trawed wele 

fat he away wore hent. 

fai couthe not mderstand, 3oo* 

ne were not jit so wise. 

To traw fat him bode nede 

fro ded to lyue rise. 

fen went fai home agayn £04* 

fore where fai come froo. 

And wend he hade bene bom away, 

bot maadlayn wald not eoo. 

Marie wald not away sos* 



til fot, scho wist more, 

WitA-oute fe monument acho stode, 

and grette vender aoie, 

Als eclio stooped doune, 313* 

and loked faire & ueghe, 

"Within )ie monument 

two aungels scho seghe 

Cled in white clothez aia* 

sitaud in )>at stede, 

)>at one at )>e fote of pe gtaf, 

yat other at the hede. 3ie* 

}ie aungels saiile, " womraan i<^- «] 

whi gretez f on so sore 1 " 

"For J)ai haf taken my lord," scho aeide, 

" and doyne him Ine wote whore." 

"With fat word echo towmed hir 321* 

and aaje out lord stand ners, 

Scho wend not it had hene he, 

hot a gardiiiw. 327* 

"Whi gretez fou, wommanl" quod 

Maudlayn said ful aoyne, 1°"^ ^'^^^ 

" For (lai haf taken my lord, 

I ne wote whore he is doyne. 381* 

Sir," echo saide, " If )»ou him haf 

auther taue away. 

Tell me whore he is 

]iat I him take may." 

" A ! mary," saide pur lord, 238* 

and echo toumed hir in hy, 

And felle vnto his fete, 

and saide " raboni," 

(fat ia on englis maister) aio* 

and wald nede neghe him neghe. 

"Neghe me not," he saide, 

" yhit flteghe I not on h^he 

To my fader in Iieuen ; 341* 


hot to my hrether f ou goo. 

And say, I to my fader wend, 

faire god & myn als-eo." 

Til his deciples maudlayn com, aia* 

and told f am alle bi-dene 

fat scho of our lord 

hade hothe herd & seue, 

fiis was fe first time 263* 

fat ieaus, heuen kynge, 

Schewed til anyman 

after his vp-risyng, 256* 

A grete honour to wy?nmen ^^l^'^^' 

did he in fat cas, 

Namly to foo fat synful are, 

for scho synful was. 

Here may we see ensaumpla aso* 

fat wymmen mony are gode, 

When Tohne and lames & fai alle 

fro our lord jode, sea* 

WttA hrennand luf scho dwelled, 

and aft«r him scho so^t, 

And til scho wist an end 

away wald scho noght. 

f ia waa on of f e creatures 388* 

fat euer on erthe was, 

fat kydd most luf til oui lord, 

als me think in this cas. 

Ala mikel oa acho loued bi-fore 372* 

fe dele & wricchednes, 

Als mikel & more loued acho crist 

thoru hir grete godenea. 

Scho alle-one kid him more luf, 278* 

fen alle men fat wore horne, 

Kia disiplea or alle his kyn, 

OS I ere saide be-fome, — 

Oute-taken his moder 88O* 

COTTON (insertion) 



^at loued him tendei'ly 

By-foK alkyn creatures, 

and fat was no ferly. 

Toward desiplee marie went, 384* 

}>e other two maries scho mett 

And told hom f ia tijand, 

for ioy alle thie fai grette. 

And alle to-gedir fai jode B88* 

to tells )ie apostels fis. 

With fese tlite mariea ob fa went, 

mette our lord I-wis, 

" Hayl je bee ! " he saide, B8a* 

als fai him gon mete. 

fai ran to him ful sojn, 

and foi« fai hiled his fete, see* 

^ " Lenes fis," he saide, " & telles fast 

mi brether whore fai bee, [' mL »] 

fat fai sal see me als I saide 

be-for fam in galile." 289* 

'Xo hia diciples jode fai fenne, 

and food fiam gietand Eote, 

For fai wist not where Usua was, 

ne Bt^e of him no more. 303* 

fese wyramen told amang hom all 

of oure lord tithing. 

His deaiples trawed horn noght, 

bot said it was lesynge. 

fen ran san peter forthe, BOB* 

til his graf alle his one, 

(3it was fia on pasche day,) 

and Jiore he made hia mone. 

Out lord apered to him soyn, 312* 

an alle in pn'uete, 

Bot whore & what fai Baide 

nanther writen fynd wee. 

First to peter he aperyd 316* 

OOTTOS {insertion) 

of his desciples alle. 

To gif vm enBaumple 

neuer in wanhope faUe. 

ire I iWo of his disciplea, 820* 

-L als fai welk fat day 
To f e castel of Emails, 
08 it stode iff f er way ; — 323* 

fat was ito Ieru«alem os I vnderstand 
About aeuen myle & a half, 
balden of fat land ; — 
Of thingea fat were doyn 
fai apake be-twis horn two, 32B* 

lesus com him-aelf, 
& witft fam con he go. 
"What wordez are fos," he saide, 
"fat je to-gedir talk ) 833* 

Ful carfuUy me-think 
be fis way je walk, 
Whi je are moumandt [i««r«,Ba.i] 
telles me f e cas." 336* 

fen answerd on of f aim, 
his name was cleophas, 
"Art fou not a pilgrim 
fat walkes here in land, 340* 

And als fro lerusalfm 
me thinV fou art comand. 
And knaws not of fo wondei-s 343* 
fat fere now late wore wroght!" 
" What tHnges ) " qwod our lord, 
for fai pt knew tim noght. 
" Of iwu nazarene," he saide, 
"fat was a prophete treu 348* 

Both in word & dede, 
fat god & man knew ; 
And how f e pn'nces & f e prestes, 
thoru fer fals rede, 368* 

COTTOM {insertion) 



duth; he talks and eatb with them. Araaii ax has oonb thxt know hih, 

lesus made LoM semblant 

oe he wald feirei goo. 

Bot ^ai conBtroyned him to dwelle, 

SSa" )iat he no fiirrer might;, aas* 

And said, " air, dwells wttA yve, 
for it ia nerhand night, 
And ]» day is passed on, 

860* no ianei may |>ou wyn," 868* 

An ])en our loid mildle 
wi'tA jMun lie went in, 
And wi'tA )>sm at ^ mete fae sat, 

su* euen be-twix liom twoo. too* 

He hlissed fe bied & t&er btsk, 
and gaf it Jiaim als-soo, 
And ^e[n] he fro ^am went 

SM* an vaniatjl sodanly. 401* 

When ))ai bim misae ]iai loked about, 
and Baide ^ia woid in by, 

feot-i] "Was not OUT bert brennand in hna 

8TB* of ie*u fat was here, 408* 

^t with vs spake & scbewed vtte 
of him pat writen were 1 " 
^Jiar egben wot« hid }at f ai ne knew 

878* fat he was in )iat atede, eii^as,tA,ioi.ij 
Als it was his aughm wilk, ii3* 

til he brake }er btede. 
])en ros )>ai Tp & forth went 

3S0* til lenMalem ful euene, 4i6* 

All to-geder Jioi fond fore 
his apoateb elleuene. 
And other moo of his didples, 
and told fam openly, 430* 

How fai B^e criat & with him spake, 
on-line ful verraily. 
And be was risen fro deed, 
and f us said ))ai ^re, 434* 


Gart him hong on lode 

and dampned him to fa ded. 

We wend fat he alle Israel 

of woo BUld haf broght 

And now is fia fe thrid day 

fat all f is was wroght, 

Bot wymmen flayed vita foule 

■with WOTdez fat fai saide, 

fat were at bia aepulcre, 

f er he in gnf waa layde. 

fai aaide aungels fai sa^e, 

and told tim aoo ilkone, 

And fat he was on-lif, 

and oat of his giaf gooa I 

fen som of onr felt^hs 

went vnto fat plas, 

And als f e wyTnmen told 

fai fand fat it so was. 

Bot bim-self fond fai nogbt, 

ne mote of bim we kuaw." 

" A ! foyla," quod our lord, 

" fill latt are je to tiaw. 

In alls thinkez fat fe prophetz 

ban spoken I-wis, 

Crist nede be-hode 

soSer it for his, 

Aiid BOO com til hia ioy." 

and fua he told gode wone 

To f am fiist of moyses, 

and of f e prophetez ilkon^, 

And expounded fe prophefiyee* 

tboru bia bely lore, pus.^rBpbrtjui 

Of alle tbingez fat wore writene 

and sayd of bim by-fore. 

. Ala fai come nane f e caatelle, 

to-geder carpand soo, 


,, Google 


P&t ciist -was lisea & apered 
to peter a wLile be-fore. 
How he }iam schewed ^e 
))ai told ia fat stede, 
And how ^at ^ai him knew 
thorn brekyng of per btede. 
Jit apoB ])e pasche day 
^iB thing doyne it was, 
Jat he apered to f oo twoo, 
lu)t & deopbas. 
In-til a Strang plas for diede 
all Jie [apoatela] wore goon^, 
And alle to-goder J>ai whore 
sauf thomas of ynde allone. 
V 3it Etpon ])e same day 
he Bchewd to Jiis menje, 
And stode amang horn alle, 
and had "peea to ^ow bee." 
fen. were Jiai stoned Ukon^ 
" no drede," he aaide, " haa je, 
Lokea side, hand, & fote, 

COTTON {issssrioif) 

fat I )ie same [he] 

Gropes & sees oneralle, 

and koBW fat it be. ^ 

Spirit haa nauthei flesch ne hone 

as I now haf sothtly." 

Jit al ]iat menje hade 

gT-ete wonder in fai tboght, ii 

" Haf je," quod our lord, 

" to fe mete dijt oght 1 " 

)>ai brojt som of arosted £sche, 

a hony combe als-soo, *■ 

Be-for hom he ete f^-oi, 

fe relef gaf him &oo 

Til f»m ilkon, & saide 

" fees are }ie wordez, I-wis, « 

Jiat I haf spi^en to )ow, 

for prophecy it ie." 

And told how it writen waa 

fat iesn cri'at bode nede 41 

Th6le ded, & rise thridday, 

and bring til end hia dede. n 


[Eitd tjf iTie Ootton inserium of " The JU«irrection."1 

,, Google 


0£P loi^ off- aramatliy 
To ipeks now ipede voile y 

fl loseph, -wen ^ Iowa wiat i~\^^' loaeph when Jjb iewis knew 

^at be hade doluen iera crwt, 17290 V./ That he had buried swete le^ 

Wrotha wi'tA him ))ai wore & wode, wtothe wei* they to h;m & wood 

Alle for'iuenged in par mode. And &lle mengid la her mode 

Jiai send aergantz for to nym They sent aergeaunte* ^en to nym 

txith sir nichodem & him ; 17294 Bothe Nicodeme and hyni 

['And o}er x^ that for bym spake And ofer x^' that for hym apab 

when they eongbt leea. wt'tA wiake, when they aougBt Iwu wttA wrake 

AUe they hem hid to queme AUe they hem hid to queme 

But forth come Sir Nicodeme] 17298 But forth come Sir Nicodeme 

sir nichodeme sone come ^an, . ffoi he was ouyr the iewis p&n 

als }er prince & ouennan. As her prynce an hie man) 

['he come to hem wttA-outyn spare he come to hem witA-outyn spar 

As in her synagog they ware] 17302 As in her Synagt^ they war' 

*' say, je man mortherar bo cms, Ye men mTidres he seid so crowe 

How dare je come i« godis hus ! " how dar' ye come in goddca hows 

^ said, " bot what ]>er-ia dose )>ou 1 They seid what hei'-ynne dost pan 

fat hild agayna vwe wiVi iesu. 17306 That so hast spokyn for lesu now 

Jii part mot euer wM him bo," Thy part mote euyr vith hyw* be 

" Amen, amen, amen," said h& Amen Amen euer eeid he 

If ^en com loseph of abaramathi, V Also loseph of Aramathie 

vntojie lews A asked "qwy 17310 Come fortJi tho & aakyd why 

Blame je me witA-onten piijt, That ye me wyte for I well did 

for I aman in graf dijt, 17312 witA Ie«u body that I haue bid 

In a toumb pat waa my oawenl In a tomb was myn) owen) 

me think je hat to me misknawen EuyB haue ye do wold ye be knoweii) 

of ^at prt^phetz y&t je gart hang, Of that Tightfull that ye did hong 

Ala men eay alle with wrang." 17316 And wroghthymmekyU wo witA wrong* 

*At fir wordes forth fai lepe, [irw.ojLij At thise worde* forth they leppe 

And Hon laid hand on ioseph, And leid hondes on losepb 

pair laaers to faim Jiai cald, 17319 To calie laylars wei* they bold 

And bad fam do him up at hald, And bad do hym vp in hold 

In a bald in prisun state, t' KSS ™"]"* do hym by kept in presoners estate 

Bituixand efter fair sabat. 17322 Till yt be past oui* sabate 


P From Lnid HB. 4ia.] p US. Ooff; tlU Hart tina tvl» a^ahi.1 



Of loaeph of a: 
To Bpeke nov >pede irol .1. 

[0]f iosepli, qaen f e iuus wist 17289 /~\^ loaeph whenne pe lewes knew. 

}iat be had doluen iesu crist, I I )}at he had baried swete ihera 

Jai wid him ful wiath & wod, \^ wrope were fei to him & wode 

And all formenged in pair mod. And al menged in hei mode 

Jtai sent pair seigantz forto nim 17293 ])ei sent ee^eaiintis peune to nym 

Bath sir nichodeme and him ; Bope njchodeme & him 

And opei twelue pat foi him apace And opere twelue pat for him spake 

Quen pat pai soght ieau wid sake, whenne pei sot^ts ihe«u wip wroke 

Al pai hidd paim-eelT to jeme, 17297 Alle pei hem hid take jeme 

Bot fort pan come sir nichodeme. But forp coom sir Nichodeme 

For he waa oner pe iuus pan, For he was ouer po lewea pan 

Als pair prins and ouer-man. As her prince an hy man 

He come to paim in pat siquor, 17301 He coom to hem wipouten spare 

pat in pair sinsgog pai war, Aa in her synagoge pei ware 

He said " je men, mnrtherers sua curs, ]e men murpereres he seide so crous 

Hu dar ;e cum in goddes hue !" How dar je com in goddes hous 

pai said, " bot quat puvin doa pu 1 ))ei seide what her In dost pow 

pat sua spac and held wid iesu. 17306 ))at so hast spoken for ihe«a now 

pi part mot euer and wid him be." )}i part mot euer wip him be 

"Amen, amen, amen," said he. Amen amen amen seid^ he . 

Alsua ioseph of aiimathi, [nu q IT Also loseph of Aramathie 

C[u]me forth and sois me{n] "qui, Coom forp po & asked whye 

wite je me, for i wele did 17311 fat je me wite for I wel dud 

wid iesus bodi, pat i haue hid Wip ihesu body pat I haue hud 

In a tumb pat was mine auen 1 In a tonmbe was myn owen 

111 haf je done wald je be knauen ' Euel haue ^e done wolde je be knowea 

Of pat sight pat je did bang, 17315 Of pat rijtful pat je dud honge 

And wrogbt him mekil wa wid wrang." Andwroujt himmuchel wo wipwronge 

[A]t pir wordia forth pai lepe. At pese wordea forp pei lep 

And sone laid hand on sir ioeeph. And leide hondes soone on losep 

pair iaioleris to paim pai cald, 17319 To calle layleres were pei bolde 

And paim badd do him upp in hald, And bad do him vp in holde 

In s bald in presune state, Do him be kepte in pn'sonns astate 

Bituix and eftii pair sabate. 17322 Til bit be past oore sabate 

63 06tTINCE:t TBlXITf 



" He has ne don deapit and scam he hatS vs done dispute & shame 

FoT-^ yee loke ^t his licam 17324 Therefor loke that his licame 

Be noght doluen under lame, Vnder erthe not by grave 

Bot taght to beiatea wild and tame." Bat takyn wild bestes to haue 

)ian said ioseph of aramathi, 17327 Then seid loaepll at Aiamathie 

" Me-thinc ye apek als did goli, Me thyncky^ ye speke aa dlii goly 

fiat vnder-tok to atriue and fight That vnder-toke to etryve & fight 

Wit child dauid gain godd almight wi'tA dauy a-yen goddes migbt 

For godd had said gan aifien lang, God hatB Bei<t gone futt long 

' Mi-aelf ea sett to wrek }ie wrang.' My-aelP shaUe sufier the iewis wrong 

Pilate was far, his blod was blend, Pilat was thei' but he was blend 

Quen he weseen had bis bend, 17334 Whan he wasbyn had hig hend 

' Jiis man,' said he, ' lole and godd, he seid of this man trew & good 

I am vn-saked of his blod,' I wilbe sakeles of< his hlode 

And yee me gaue to youi ansner, And ye hym yaf< to answeie 

' Late us and urs fe birthen ber,' lete ts and ouris pa blame bere 

And als yee aaid, it sal i wene 17339 Kow yt ahalle as 1 fulle wene 

On yow and youre bath be sene." On you and yours be alle sene 

fai ledd ioseph, ^aa bremli bald, They lad Ioseph as I haue told 

To prieon in a stalworth hald, To preaoii in-to a strong hoM 

far he o naman suld ha sight, 17343 There he of< no maiD' shuld haae sigbt 

N'e nankins leme o dais light, Ne no lym of* dais ligkt 

For mete and drinc bath for to fast, Sio mete and drynck for to 'iast 

And did to apei )ie dors faat, 17346 And ehyt the dorys at the last 

Locked Lath witvte and in~ witft-jiine and wtt7i-oat lokyn so 

And seild wit fair seiles tuin ; The lokkys assehd with selis ^* lUuq 

And sett fair waitee f aim a-bate. They sent spins also abowt« 

fat he Buld nofei-quar get vte. 17350 That he shuld not passe out 

And eftir fau sabat f ai badd t<^;edir. After hir sabot so tcvgedir 

fat f ai sold all faim gedir f ider Alle wold they come thedtV 

For to lok al wit a rede, ffoi to loke alt with oo rede 

Hu to do ioseph to dede. 17354 for to do Ioseph to dede 

[ AiW that sabot-day was goh) 

no gap in the MS^ Thedir come they euery-choh) 

f ai sperd fast wit lok and kai, vndid the lokkys wi'tA the key 

fe seles ala-sua fai bar away, 17358 And als the selis did awey 


,, Google 

" He has done ts despite and schame 
For-fi -we loke )iat his licame 17324 
Sa be noght doluen vnder lame, 
Bot tE^ht to bestes wild and tame." 
[t)]an said ioBeph of arimathi, 17327 
" Me tMac je speke als did goli, 
)iat Tnder-toke to striue and fight 
wid child daui again god of inight. 
For god had said gone si^n lat^ 
' Me self es sett to wirkc fe wrang.' 
[PJilate was far, his blode was blend, 
Quen |)at he waasen had his hend, 
He said, ' of ))is man lele and gode 
I am vnsakid for his blode,' 1 7336 
And ]e me gaae to jui ansuer, 
' Lat Ts and vrs ))e blame bere,' 
And als }e said, it sal i wen6 
On ju and juris bath be sene." 17340 
[fi]ai ledd ioaeph, f aa brimU bald, 
To presune in a stalworth hald, 
Jiar he of na man sutd haue sight 
Ke nanekin leme of dais light, 17344 
Fra mete and drinc pat lie suld fast. 
And did to spere ^e doris fast, 
Lockid bath widvten and in, Sf,",]"**' 
And selid wid fair selis tuin ; 17348 
And sett fair waites far a-bute, 
fat he sttld neuferquar win vte. 
And eftir fair sabath bad togedere, 
fat f ai Buld all f aim geder def ire 
For to loke all wid a rede, 1 7353 
Hu to do ioseph to dede. 


no gap in the MS.] 

vndid fait lock all wid fe kay, 
fe sells alsua fai did away, 17358 

He haf vs don despit & shame 

ferfore loke fat his licame 

Vndir erf e not he graue 

But taken wilde bestes to haue 

]]en seide Ioseph of aramathi 

Me finke je speke as dud goly 

f)ai vndirtoke to stryne & fijt 

Wif dauid ajeyn goddes myjt 

God haf seide gone ful longe 

Mi self shal suffre f e iewes wrongs 

Filate was pere but he was blende 

Whenne he wasshen had his hende 

He seide of fis mon trewe.& gode 

I wol be saklcs of his blode 

And }e bim jaf to vnsweie 

lete TS & onres f e blame bere 

Now hit shal as I ful wene 

On jou & joures be al sene 

)}ei ladde Ioseph as I haue tolde 

To prisoun in to a strong holde 

per« fae of no mon shulde haae sijt 

Ny no leme of dayea li}t 

Fro mete & drinke for to &at 

And shutte f e doiea at f e last 

Wifinne & wifoute loken so 

))e lokes asseled wif seles two 

))ei sent aspies also abonte 

pat he shulde not passen onto 

Aftir her sabat is to gider 

Alle wolde fei com f ider 

For to loke alle wif o rede (jwfioB 

For to do Ioseph to dede 

Aftir fat sabot day was gone 

fidur coom fei euerychone 

Vndud f e lokes wif fe key 

And als f e sceles dud awey 


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Bot ioe^li, )iat )>ai left had ]iar, Botlie losepb tliat thei left there 

Waa aon awai, hot Jai ne wist ware I was awey they ne wyat where 

Ful foi-farled ^an war ^ei, 17361 So fert) and maeid tho stods they 

|iat )iat ne wUt quat to B&i, That they nyst what to sey 

For sele and lok all faat ]iai fand, C<»). U Sele anJ lot fost they fond 

^ keu lam-eelf Jui had in hand. The key had they in har houd 

[The Seeurrection of Chriel.'] 

IT Quils |iai spak )iu8 o Jrat selotit^ While Uiey speke of< fia 8eloow|ie 

A ueu ti^and ])atn com rncuth, 17366 A now tydyng hem come to mow))e 

Sum o fa& kn^htes t>at war sent Oon of the knyghtes that were sent 

Al for to kepe ^e monument ; ffor to kepe the monoment 

And told ])am hu of artels on 17369 Told hem that of angils oouii 

Had lifted a-way fat mikel etan ; had lyft awey the grave-eton) 

His clething aJs p& auon his suire, That clothid was aa anow shii^ 

And his cher lik was slaght o fire. And his semblaimt like to ffyi' 

" fis angel saitt apon fat stan, 17373 This angiH aatte hym on ]>e stons 

For drede we fell ale dede ilkan, ffor drede we fille donue dede echon) 

To faa wimmen fat iesum soght To tho women that Jem sought 

We herd he said, ' ne dredes noght, he bad they shuld diede noug&t 

Yee seke fe bodi o iesu, 17377 ye seke the body of Ie«u dare 

Eaisd es he, and noght or nu.' Eoeyn is he / he is not hei* 

His wordee wel we vnderstode, his wordea wele we vnderstond 

' leme,' he said, ' was don on rode, lera that on Ciosse did hong 

Ds risen als he for-wit said, 173S1 is reeyn as he hy-fore eeid 

Los here fe sted quar he waa laid. lo here the stode he was in leid 

Bot til disciplia his sai yee, Bot to his dissiplis sey ye 

Fra dtd to lyf Jwt risen es ho, 17384 fiiom dethe to lyff yp-reayn is he 

And bidd fam wend to galilee, Byd hem to GaUle go folle right 

AIb he for-tald fai sal him se.' To se hym thei* as he hem hi^t 

Of us ne thar yow noght mistiau. This knyght seid leve yt wele 

For fus it waa als we tel yow." 17388 That I haue told euery dele 

IT fan fai badd be-for ham call If Then they bad by-foni hem oalle 

fat gett f e thorn fa knightee all, That kept the grave the knyghtef alle 

" Quat war faa wiwauen, wat yee, or what wra? tho wymmen ttiab hym 
quefent 17391 sought 




Bot ioMph, ^t fiai loft bad ])aM, Bnt loseph fat frei lafte |)er6 

Awai was, Jai ne wiet qm'fwr ne qswre 1 "Was awey fei ne wiate where 

Fulferlid all )>aii war fai, 17361 So ferde & mased Jio stood fai 

jjat ]iai nd wist nensr quat to say, Jjat Jiei nuste what to say 

For aele and look all fitst ^ fand, Seel & lok fast fiei fond 

]ie cay )i<um eelnea had ia hand. ]>e kaye had pti in her hond 

[The Remtrreetion of Cftrirt.] 

[Q]uil<ia ^ai apek jraa of pa ealouth, IT whil Jiei epeke of Jia aelcou^ 

A new ti|>and jmm come vncutfa, A new tiding hem coom to moub 

Sum of Jw knightea Jwt war aent Oon of po kny3tiB ^t were Bent 

All forto jeme ^e monoment ; 17368 For to kepe fie monument 

And tald ))aim of angelis ana Toldo hem pat of aangeb one 

Had lifted awai ^at mekil stane ; Had lifte awey pe graue stone 

His clething als ^e aaannee euyre, pat clofied waa as anow shiie 

And hie cheie like alaght of &k.^ And hia semblant like to tire 

" fie angel aat apim fe stane, [' ms. tnt] Jjis aungel set him on Jie stone 

For drede we fell ah dode ilk ane, For drede we fel down dede vehone 

To p&A wiinmen )>at iesus eoght 17376 To |)o wymmen pat ihesa soi^t 

He said, we herd, ' ne dredia noght. He bad ))ei sbnlde drede noujt 

je a^e )>e bodl of ieea, je sake )ie bodi of ibesii dere 

Eesin he es, and noght here nu.' Risen ia be be is not here 

Hia wordis wele we md^rstand, His wordia wel we vndirstonde 

' IcMis, fat on croia bij bang, 17380 Diesu pat on cros duJ honge 

Ea reaen, ab he forwid eaid. Is risen ae he btfom seide 

Lo 1 hero fe Bt«de qttar be was laid. Lo here pB stnd he was in leide 

Bot till bia desciplis sai }e. But to bis disdptia aaye je 

Era dede to bjf Vp-resen es he, 17384 From def to lif vp risen is he. 

And bidd f aim wend into galile, Bidde hem to galile go ful rijt 

Ala be for eaid fai sal him se.' To se him pern aa be hem bijt 

Of ve ne thai ju nogbt mistrou Cmi. ti pie kny^t seide letle bit wele 

For ))UB it ea ala we tell ju." 17388 Pat I baue tolde euerydele 

fan |)ai badd bifor faim call IT Jjenne fei bad bifom hem calle 

fat kepte ]ie graue fe knightes all, \)at kepte |ie graue fe knyjtis alle 

" Wate je quat faa wimmen ware or what were fo wymmen pat bim 
quefenl 17391 aOQ^t 


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Quin Iiad yee broght ))am wtt yow 
>e>enl" 17392 

")>aawimiuenkiiaave noght,"coth Jiai, 
" Ala wo war ded all dun we lai, 
QuMi we aolf war vte o maght, 17395 
Hu auld ])ai )>aii for ua be laght ] " 
j)Bn snar ))aa luus and war ful wrath, 
' " Drightin lines 1 " — yia was fair ath, 
"We tron yow noght, wijt Jee ful wel, 
Yonr sagh es leae, euer-ilk del." 17400 
IT ^e knigbtes ansuerd to Jiaa luus, 
" Yee ar f6 folk ])at ai miatruua, 
Qtiea ye eagh him forwit your sight, 
Sua mani maistria mak o might 
Bath herd and sene o fat iesu, 17405 
Na aelcuth yee us wil noght tni. 
Yee said ar we it vnderatode, ^''^^i^''' 
ye lanerd Hues yee did on rode, 
For we omen haf herd be said, 17409 
loseph, ^at in his thrugh him laid, 
Yee luked under lok and sole, 
)iat nan yow moght of him hitell. 
Bot yee him mist fax akun, 17413 
Ala your atecklea war vndon. 
If yee )ian rightwisli wil deme, 
Yeild TB ioseph fat yee suld yeme, 
And we sal iesu yeld wit dett 17417 
^t in hia grafe we auld ha gett." 
V ])e luua said, " ieau yeild yee, 
We aal yeild ioaeph yee sal se. 
We wat quar ioseph es al bun, 
In aramathi, hia aun tun." 17422 

K f e knightea said, " if ioseph be 
In aramathi, hia aun cite, 
fan dar we eai o iesu fat he 
£s redi stad nu in galilee. 17426 

why ne had ye hem wt'tA yon 

we knew hem nougbt fo seid they 
As we wet" dede alle doune we ley 
when we war* so out of" might 
how Bhald they for ts be kytB 
Then awoi* J»o iewia jiat wei* wrotJi 
By levyng gott fat was her otli 
Beleve you not wete it welt 
Youi* sawis bene fals euen dele 
The kny^tes answenJ alle in greve 
ye ar enyr in myabyleve 
When ye hym eie byfor* youi* sight 
So many mastries made of< might 
Bothe harti and aene of'' hym now 
!No marvayle though ye ts not trow 
They seid wele we yt vnderstond 
The lord levyth ye did on rode 
Also we haue of* men hard aeid 
Ioseph that in tomb hym leid 
ye diddyn hym vnder lok" and aele 
That he awey shuld not atele 
But ye hym mysaid right sone 
And noni ofP youi* dorys TndoiA 
Thus if* ye rightwysly wille deme 
Yeldyth Ioaeph ye had to yeme 
And we shulle yeld Iesu aone 
Into GUI' kepyng that was done 
The iewis seid lesxis yeld ye 
And we ahulle loaep ye shulle se 
We wote where Ioseph is alboun) 
In Aramathy his oune tonne 
The knyghtea seid if Ioseph be 
In Aramathy hia owne Cite 
Then dai* we sey off Iesu fat he 
is^edy now in galile 

PAiRPAx (laud MS.) 

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Qui uo liad jo broght Jiaim wid ;u 
fBjienr 17392 

" fa wimmeH knau we nogW," said fai, 
" Ala we war dede alls dune we lay, 
Quen we self war vto of maght, 
Hu fluid ]iai ^an for vs be laghtl" 
pan auai Jra iuua fat war wrath, 17397 
" OriglxtiQ lines ! " — fis was fair ath, 
" we tru ju noght, witt je wele, 
jui sauea er les, euer-ilk-a dele." 
[f ]aa knigbtea ansuerd to fa iuus, 
" je er fat folk fat ai mistTouia, 17402 
Quen je him sau forwid jui sight, 
Sua mani maistris mate of might 
Bath herd and sene of fat, ieea, 17405 
I4'o flelcuth jee vs will lu^ht tru. 
He said are wele we vnderstode, 
fe lauerd lines je did on lode, 17408 
For we of men has herd and said, 
loseph, fat in tumb him laid, 
}e lokid Tuder lock and sele, 
fat n&ne ;u sold of him bitele. 17412 
Bot je him mist far alsone, 
Als all ;ar stedis had bene vndone, 
fan if je reghtwisli will deme, 
jeild TB ioseph fat je said jeme. 
And we sal iwu ^eild wid dett 17417 
fat in his graue we sold haue gett." 
f e inns said fan, " legiu jeild je, 
we sal jeild ioseph fat je sal se, 
we wat qnar ioseph es all buue, 
In arimathi, his auen tone." 17422 
[f]e knightes said, " if ioseph be 
In arimath, his auen cite, 
fan far we sai of iesu fat he JJl',"^' 
Es wdi Btadd in galile. 17426 


why nadde je hem wif joa broujt 

We knew bem not fo aeide fei 
As we were deed al doun we lay 
wbenne we were bo out of myjt 
How shiilde fei for ts be k^t 
Jjenne swor f o iewes fat were wroof 
Bi lynyuge god fat was her oof 
We lyue jou not wite hit wel' 
joure sawea ben fals euery del 
J)o knyjtis Tnswetede alle in greue 
je are euer in mis bileue 
Wbenne je bin* say bifore joure sijt 
So mony maistries made of myjt 
Bofe herde & aene of him now 
No merueil f ouje je vs not trow 
J)ei aeide wel we hit vndirstoode 
)» lord lyaef ;e dud on rode 
Alao we haue of men herde seide 
losepb fat in toumbe him leide 
Je daden him vndir lok & sele 
)}at be awey shulde not stele 
But je him misten aftir soone 
And none of joure dores vndone 
)]U3 if je r^twisly wol deme 
jeldef losepb je had to jeme 
And we abul jelde ihesM soone 
Into oure kepyng fat was done 
pe iewes seide ibe«u« jelde ^e 
And we abul loaeph we shol se 
We woot where loaeph ia al boun 
In atamathy bia owne toun 
f)6 knyjtis seide if losepb be 
In aiamathi bia owne cite 
jMnne dar we ssya of ihero fat he 
Is redy now in galile 


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^ia BothBan >an er we bold, 1 7427 Off* this Bothe sawe at' we bdcl 

Ala }6 tuigel to )>aa wimmea tald." The angiti so to the woman tol<) 

^ Wit fiB word Bcomed )iaii ^ lune. Of thise woide« drat) the iewia 

To blacken ^n bigan ^aii brouB, To blake tho bygoid her browia 

To-gedii yai Jiam-eeluen dtogb, 17431 To cou&cele sope were they brought 

" Nu es oa node o rede i-nogh, Kow is vs nede ot redy thought 

Bot we ne fee-warr wit-stand i« time, 'But we wytSatoiwi be tyme now. 

Yon ie«u all sal ger tru in him, 17434 lesa shalle make alle to hynj bow 

Ne late we neuer f is tifand spred Yff* we let this tydyng sprede ^ Jj^'^ 

All be we scent, fat godd for-bede. AJle be we shent f ot may we dre<^ 

))ir knightes we sal giftes bede, Thise knygbt«tr anon) we yeA«s bede 

And we sal ditt |air muthes wit mede." That we may stoppe her mowfe wi'tA 

IT A Bume o penis gadird fai, 17439 A somme of" pens gadinJ they L™^'^® 

And gaf fa knight«s for to sai And yaif' to knyghttw for to sey 

Til all Jut fom wald tifand frain, To alle that wolJ hem tydyng frayna 

At sai and ansuer f am a-gnin, To answer* hem f u« ageyn) 

At quils bi night on-alepe fai lai While we be nyg&t in slepe lay 

Men com and stale iem a-wai ; 17444 lesits meyne eome ant) hym stole away 

And said, " if ani man yow witte, They aeid if eny man you wyte 

We sal yow sane and mak yow quite." This may yon save an<S make quyte 

if All" ! alaa 1 o conaitis, Alas that tyme of covetyse 

Sua mani war it mas vn-wis I 17448 So many men yt makyth vnwyse 

It reues rightwisnes his wai, hyt revyUi rightwyenea his wey 

And lettes man f e aoth to sai Ant) lottyt& men the sothe to sey 

For tor ea right wai to find Bight may come to non) end 

To man fat in sight es blind, 17462 Thei' covetyse man hath blend 

Quen giftes has foi-don f e sight, [ocl q When yetleti haue fot^ons the sight 

Qua mai fan folu fe reul o right how may men folow f e rule of right 

Bot ie»u Crist fat rightwis es, But Ie»u Cryst that tightwys is 

And al he self es sothfastnes, 174S6 Am) alle hym-self BOtheiastnes 

fof it neuer haf lasted sua lang, TbougK yt lette aouer so long 

A-wai to wrent he doe f e wrang, Alle-wey to wrecche he doth the wrong 

And Bothiastnes, quen Ms es fledd. And Bothefast when Ms is fled 

Balds folnand forth bis sted. 17460 Holdyth fortK his owne steda 

fan sal falshed be fulli feldd, Then shalle falshed be fallid in feld 

Wit all fat wit him heilded oi held. witA alle f o that wiVt hym held 



of Jiis aoth-aau ]ian ei we bald, 17427 Of Jiia bo^ aave are we bolde 

Ala ])e angel to )iaa wimmen tald." pe aungel bo to )« wymmen tolde 

[Q]uid Jiis word dred Jir iuus, Of f e»e woides drad f e iewes 

To blaken pan bigftn Jiair bruus, To blake }o bigou ber btewes 

TD-{^dei sone ^ai ^aim brogbt, To counsel soone were Jrei broujt 

" Ku ea vs uede.of radi thoght^ 17432 Ifow is vs nede of redy Jmojt 

Bot we bewtti widstaud in time, But we ni))stoude bityme now Otvm, w] 

Jiou issa aal gera all tni in bime, JhMtie abal mate al to him bow 

If we late ou^r Jiia tijtand sprede If we lete ^is ti^g sprede 

All be we aclieut, ^at godd foibedo. Alle be we ehent pat may we drede 

Pix knightes sal we gtftes bede, 17437 pe&e litiyjtis anoon we jiftia bede 

And we Bsl ditt |iaii mutb widmede." ))atwemaystoppeheimou^wi)imede 

[A] sum of penis fan gadrid f ai. And aomme of pens godwed f ei 

And gaue {>e knightes forto say And jaf )io knyjtis for to sei 

Till all fai wald faim tijiaad iraine, To alle f>at wolde hem ti)>ing fieyne 

To Bai and ausuei faim againe, To vnewete hem paa ^eyne 

Qoilis bl night on-slepe pai lay 17443 whil we bi nyjte in slepe lay 

lesvi men come and stale a-wai j Xhesus meyne coom & him stale away 

And said, " if ani man ju wite, )}ei seide if any moo jou wite 

JB sal )u sane and make ju quite." ))is may jou saue & make quyte 

[A]Ua3 ! alias 1 of couaytiae, Alias pat tyme of couetise 

Sua mani war it maa unwise ! 17443 So mony men hit niakeji vnwise 

It rewis rightwianea hia way. Hit reueji rijtwisnes his wey 

And lettes |)aim )>e sotb to say. And Iette]i men )>e sojw to sey 

For tor it es right wai to find, Bi)t may com to noon ende 

To man pg,t couaitis has blind, 17453 \}at couetise mon ha)i blende 

Quen gifl«s has foi-done pa sight, Whenne jiftis baue fordone )re sijt 

Qua mas fan folu fie leule of right. How may men folwe pe renle of r^t 

Bot i«sa crist, fat rightwia es. But ihe«u cmt fat rijtwis es 

And all him-eelf ee soth&stnes, 17456 And al Mm self of soffastenes 

fogh it neuei hane lated ana lang, )9ou^b hit lett« neuer so longe 

Awai to wreke he doa fe wrang, Alwey to wreohe he dof f e wronge 

And aothfastnes, qaen fals es Sedd, And aof faate whenne fab is fled 

Haldee foloand forth his stede. Holdef forf his owns ated 

fan sal falsed be fuUi feld, 17461 Jienne ahal falehede be falde in felde 

wid all fat til him heilded oi held. Wif alle f o fat wif him helds 


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So di<) thue knyghtes that I of mele 
YeStes made hem the soth to hele 
Aa mede hem bacF so then they did 
That ihey harJ aniX sie they hid 
They aeid as hem waa bedyn sey 
That Ie«u coree waa stolyn a-wey 
But after that there-wttA thy wonne 
Shentship anil ehame of* many a man) 
Men seid hem after muche ahame 
And of her trowthe lost the name 
Alle fala shulle ffai* oa that wyae 
And euyi shalle rigfitwyenea vp-ryse 
Wo was hem tho wrecchis wyk" 
"When this tydyng by-gon to quyk* 
V In that tyme out of" lude 
OtP walkyng men wer* comyn thre 
To that folk- told they alle by-dene 
That they had vitk her eien Bene 
leem they seid to dethe ye did 
Syttyng his disaiplia amyd 
We aey on mouat of Olyuete u us. on] 
he seid to hem brethir awete 
ye shalle wend ouyr alle f is world 
And preche that ye haue sene & herd 
Alle that yt levyth and baptyn take 
8hulle eavid be of< alle her sake 
When he had this tale hem teld 
To heuyn he stio wo alle by-held 
The preates and thise ofer old 
Seid to hem that thut tale told 
Dai' ye swer" the sothe y-wys 
That ye hard and sie alle this 
They eeid certeyn) the sothe it is 
We take god fully to wytnes 
But we BOthe seid what shuld we wyn 
ffoTsothe no-thyng but opyn aynne 

FAIRFAX (laud KS.) 

Sua did ^ir knightea i of mele, 17463 
fai war for-boght Je aoth to hole, 
Als fai war for-boght sua fai did, 
]iat ]iai hath herd and aagh ^ai Mdd. 
And said, als ^am was bidden sai, 
Jega cors was stoln awai. 17468 

Bot wat yee ))ar-wit qwat fai wan 
Scencip and scam o mani man, 
man JmI wan scencip and scsm, 
And o ])sir luuewoid tint ])e nam. 
All ials aal fiir >at ilk wise, 17473 
And euer sal rightwisuea vpriae, 
Ful wa pam was ^ wrechea wick, 
Quen ^ia ti^and bigau to thik. 
For in )iat siquar vte o ludee 
Com moned men to faim thre, 17478 
And til >at folk tald all bidene, 
Jwt fai had wit fair eien eene. 
" leeus," J)ai said, " yee to ded did, 
Sittand hia disciplis mid 
Wee sagh on mont of ohuete, 17483 
And said to faim, ' mi brefer suete, 
Tee sal wend nu ouw al fi* werld, 
And saia ab yee haf aene and herd, 
All fat will tru and baptim tak, 
Sal aaued be of all fair wrak.* 17488 
Qu«u he ])am had fie talking teld, 
Til heuen he stei, we all bi-held." 
IT )ie prestee and ))aa of er aid 
Said to Jiam fis tifand tald, 17492 
" And der yee sner, for godds blis, 
fat yee herd and sagh al fia V 
" Ya, certanli, pat soth it es 
We tak drightin til vi wittnes. 17496 
If we ne soth said, quat suld we win t 
For-BOth uanofer thing bot sin." 


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8utt did pit knightes i of mele, [wi, »] 
fai war for gifte (le aoth to hele,17i64 
Als Jiai irar forboght sua )iai did, 
^at ])ai bath herd and sau ^ai hid. 
And said, als Jiaim vas bidden sai, 
lega cois was stolin awaL 17468 

Bot vrate je qaai )iai ])ar-wid wan 
Scbenschip and chame of mani a man, 
Of men ^ai wan scbenschip and schame, 
And of jiarlente tint |>e name. 17472 
All fals sal fare on pat ilk wise, - 
And euer sal rightwisnes vp-rise, 
Pul wa ^m was ^aa wiechis wick, 
Qaen ))is ti^and bigan to thick. 
[I]n fiat siqnar vte of iude 17477 

Of mooed men was comen thre. 
And till ]iat folk tald all bidene, 
J»at (lai bad wid ^ir eien aene. 17480 
" lems" pai said, " fat je to dede did, 
Sittand hia desciplia emid 
We sau on mont of olinete, 17483 
And said to ])aim, ' mi breder suete, 
je sal nu wend ouerall ])is world, 
And sai als }e haue seae and herd. 
All fat will troa and baptim take, 
Sal sauued be of all fair sake.' 17488 
Quen he f aim bad pis talking teld, 
To beuen be stei, we all bibeld." 
\_p\s pieistea And ^ ofei aid 
Said to paim p\a tifand tald, 17492 
" And dar }e suere, for godes blise, 
fat je batb beid and sau all fise!" 
"ja, sertainli, )iat sotb it es 
we take drightin til TT witnes. 17496 
If we ne said aotb, qunt sold we win 1 
For-sotb na-tbing bot sin." 

So dude feae knyjtia Jiat I of mele 
^iftia made hem fe sofe to bele 
As mede hem bad so fenrte )iei dud 
^ai f ei berde & say f ei hud 
];ei seide as bem was boden sey 
Jjat ibe«u cots was stolen awey 
But aftir Jiat fierwiji fei won 
Sbensbepe & sbame of mony mon 
Hen seide bem aftir mncbel shame 
And of ber treufe loat« fe name 
AUe felse sbul fare on pat wise 
And euer sbal rijtwisnes vp rise 
Wo was hem f o wreccbes wik 
wbenne fis tifing bigon to quyk 
IT In fat tyine out of Inde 
Of walkynge men were comen fre 
To fat folke tolde fei al bi-dene 
piai fei had wif her ^en sene 
Wieiue fei seide to defe je didde 
Sittyng his disciplie amydde 
We say on mount of olyuete 
He seide to bem bref ere swete 
Je shul wende o\xer al f is wenl 
And pi-ecbe fat je haue seen & herd 
Alle fat hit leuef & bapteme take 
Sbul sailed be of al ber sake 
Whenne he had f is tale hem telde 
To heuen be steije we alle bihelde 
\» prestis & pese of fre olde 
Seide to bem fat fis tale tolde 
Dar je sweie fe sof e I-wis 
flat je herde & say al fis 
]^ seide oerteyn f e sof e bit is 
we take god fully to witenee 
But we sof seide what sbnlde we wynn« 
Forsof e no f ing but open aynne 


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Wit fia ))e maisberB suith up stert, ^^ with this tLe mastiiB tho vp-stert 

^i» word ^am satt ful sai til liert, This worli} hem satte sore at hert 

III coneail fai paa thre men ledd, To couflcele tbo iij* men they le<J 

Wit godda lai fai Jwim for-bedd, On godd« half they hem fot-beiJ 

And coniurd ^im, be godda lau, They kiuyd hem by goddw aw 

))ia words uener mar to acau, 17504 Thise woidea no more to sbaw 

pat pel ^am told had o ie«u. That nevyr of leta moi* apokyn he 

" fir giftes ^ai-for glue we yow," Theie-foi' they yaP hwn muche mose 

And gaf )am giftes gret to spend, They ysf hem yeft«8 gr«te to epen<) 

And thre men wit fair thie fai send Anit thre m^ai they vith hem sen) 

Hame to fair land fiam foi to ledd. To hei lond home for to lede 

At fair tifand sold ferrer spredd. Sot yt shnl<) no feither sprede 

fe luus drogh fam to-gedir fan, IT The lewis diew to-gedir then) 

A sari soroing fai bigan, 17512 Ant) gory Boiowyng they be^on) 

And said, " quat talking mai fis be They seid what tokyu may Utis be 

In iarael, an ur contre," In Isra^ in our* contre 

Bot anna and caiphaa, fir tua. But Anna and Cayfae thise ij" 

fat mast soght ieta for to ala, 17516 That most sot^&t lemi to slo 

To comfoFth fam fat f ai sagh care. To comfort hem that were in care 

" Do wai," fai said, " dos sua na mar. Do wey they kH let be youi* fare 

Quer vre f e knightes agh to tni. We shulle not tho knyghtes trow 

fat gett f e giaae o fat km. That kept the gmre of leea now 

fat tald us fat of angeb an 17621 They ts tol<) of angils oon) 

Had lifted of fe graue f e Stan. had lyfty<S of his graue the aton) 

His disciplia al mai wel fitll, b)> dissipils weB may ffatt 

Said sua to faa knightes all, SeidI so to tbo knyghtes alle D«t i>q 

And gaf fam giftes aua to sai, And yaf hem yefte* so to aey 

Quils f ai hJs bodi bar a-wai, 1 7526 while they his body bai* awey 

And leied fat fai sagh him rise. They lied that they say hym lyse 

For-Both it ea nanoifer wise, ffoi-sotJie it is non) ofer wyse 

Tor giftes gret of us fai tok, ffor yeft&i grete of vs they toke 

And noght of uiB fai for-Bok, 17630 AniJ nought of oniis they tor-soke 

Als we fam badd or wald bidd, Aa we hym ba<3 or wille by<I 

Wel wat yee fat fai aua did, Wele ye wote that so they diJ 

Sot faim bird better for to hou But lathir shuli) they to tb take 

fan' trouth til us fan to iem." 17534 Then to Ie«u for oui' sake 



v'lA pis pa maistris suitk vp stiit, 

pia woiil Ji&im satt fol sue to hette. 

In consaile ]ial fiaa thre men ledd, ^^''^ 

wid goddea lai ^i ^aim forbedd, '' 

And coniured fraim, Id goddes ha, 

))it Tordis neuenuare to acliau, 

)iat piu ]>aiiiL had tald of lesa, 17506 

" )iir goifteB her for^ue '«ra jo," 

And gaf ^aim giftes grete to spend, 

And thie men wid fa& thie ptd send, 

Hame to ^aie land ^aim for to lede, 

Are ^r ti)iaud Buld femr sprede. 

[)>]e iuus ])aim drou togeder Jian, 

And sari Boniing Jtaim bigan, 17512 

And said, " qvat taking mai ]iis be 

la iarael, in vr contre." 

Bot anna and cayplias, Jir tua, 

Jat mast Bogbt iesus forto sla, 17516 

To conford p&im pai sau in care, 

" Do wai," |iai said, " doe sua no mare, 

Quejjer we fe knightea agbt to tni, 

Jiat gett )ra graue of )iat ie«u, 

pai tald vs ^t of augelis ans 17521 

Had lifted of hia graue ^e ataae. 

His desciplis wele mai &lle, 

Said sua till pa knigbt^a alle. 

And gaue )iaint giftee sua to ey, 

Quilis fai hia bodi bar away, 17526 

And lieid pat ])ai sau him rise. 

Fo^Both it es uanofier wise, 

For giftes grete of va |)ai toke. 

And noght of TICS ))ai forsoke, 17530 

A , ] a wa )iaim badd or wold bidd, 

wele je wat )iat aua |)ai did. 

Bot ^m hiid betei foi to bu 

pail thoght till va f<an to iwu." 17531 


Wi)i pia p6 maistris )>o vp etert 
))ia word hem sat sore at herb 
To counsel {to pn men ))ei ledde 
On goddes babie ]>ei hem forbedde 
)}ei ooniuied hem bi goddes awe 
pese wordis no more to shawe 
jMt neuer of iha«u more apoken be 
JlCTfore fei )af hem mnchel mone 
Jjei jaf hem jiftis grete to spende 
And pK men )iei wifi hem sende 
To her londe hem for to lede 
For hit ahulde no furfer sptede 
V )}e iewea drow;e to gider Jion 
And eory sorwyng fei bigon 
*J»i seide what token may f>is be 
In israel in oure cuntre ^u"im%''ia' 
But Anna & caiphaa ^eae two 
)]at moost sonjt ihuu to alo 
To coumforte hem pat were in care 
Dowey Jwi aeide let be ^uie fare 
We shal not fo kny^tis trowe 
J>at kepte ])e graue of iheeii nowe 
J}ei TS tolde of anngels one 
Had lifted of hia graue fie stone 
His diflciplea wel may falle 
Seide so to ^o knyjtis alle 
And jaf hem ^ftis eo to say 
"Wbil )iei his bodi hai away 
)pei lyed pai )iei aay him rise 
¥oiso)m bit is noon apero wise 
For jiftia grete of yb Jwi toke 
And noujte of oures )>ei forsoke 
As we hem bad oi wolde bidde 
Wel je woot fat so fei didde 
But i&per shnlde fei to ts take 
pea to ihera for oure saka 

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V Then atode vp ancl sei<I Nicodeme 
Gooct men for godde» love take yeme 
what ye sey and eeitR but iig5t 
And dredytli som-what god alle-migfit 
Herd ye not wliat thise thre men seid 
And on youi' law hit hond thei leid 
They swor" that they and ofer fele 
Say lent witft hie nteyne mele 
And etie va ho feire and swete 
f^m the mount off< Olyuete 
And holy story tellytll and sayes 
That Ely by old dais 
was tokyn vp as into heuyn) 
Mudie hane ye herd thei'-of' nemyril 
his Sonne men aakyd where he was 

by-comJ , 

And he hem seid was hym by-nomyn> 
Baft awey foisothe is he 
how they seid may thi* be 
May be sum gost awey hym led 
And so to wyldymes in fled 
In lera^ bene grete fellis 
There is he sothe and now-whei' ellis 
But chese we dowghty men and lele 
To seche tho fellis ott Israelle 
They went fortfi hym to sake 
hie Sonne and othir men eke 
When they iij' daies had hym eoogtit 
So tydyngi home of hym they broogbt 
Therfoi' eeid Nicodeme tho 
My rede is now yf" ye witt so 
ye seke tho fellis alle to^ethii 
that leeue be not raveshid thedir 
And if" we fynd hym thei* by chanQce 
we may do for oui' synne penaoDce 

FAIRFAX (laud XS.) 

Vp-stode and said sir nichodeme, "^ 
" God men, for goddes lune tas yeme 
Quat yee sai, and sais bot right,17537 
And has sum drednes o your dright ; 
Ne herd yee quat f is thre men said. 
And on your lai fair hend f ai laid 
And suar, Jiat ^ai and o]>er fele 17541 
Sagh iesum wit his meigne mele 
And stei up in a littel stunt [roi. «] 
Til heuen fra olinete )ie mont 1 
And hali storis tels and saJs 
^t helias, in aid dais, 17516 

Was taken up ala ynto heuen, — 
I-Qogb ha yee herd J)ar-of neuen ; — 
His sun men asked iinar he was cum- 
men, 17649 

And he ^am said he was be-nummen, 
' Beft awai fot-soth ee he 
' Reft,' coth ])ai, ■ hn mai |iia be 1 
Mai fall sum gast awai him ledd, 
And es vnto |ie felles fledd. 17564 
In Israel er hei felles. 
^ar es he soth and nojier elles : 
Bot cheee we dnghti men and lele 
To aeke fe montz of israel.' 17558 
Jiai praid his sun him ga to seke, 
And he went and o)ier men him eke, 
Bot qwn })ai thre dais had him EOght, 
Na ti^and hame of him )iai broght. 
For-fi," said nichodeme, to Jiaa, 17663 
"Mi rede es if yee rede nu sua, 
Yee seke ^aa fellea all to-gedir, 
^at ieeus be noght rauiat )tideT, 17666 
fat if we find him far wit chaunce 
We mai do for nr plight penance." 



p'^p-atode fan and said nichodeme, IT fen stood vp & seide Nichodeme 
" Gode men, for goddes luue taa jeme Gode men for goddes loua take jeme 

Quat )e sai, aad sais lot right, 17537 what je aey & self but ri)t 

And has sum drednes of ti' dright ; And dredef sumwhat god of myjt 

Ne herd je quat fir thre men said, [™i- »l Herde je not what f ese fre men eeide 

And on 3ur lay fair hend fai laid And on joure lawe her hondea f ei leide 

And Buar, fat fai and ofei fele )}ei awor fat fei & ofere fele 

Sau ie«u0, wid hie meigne, mele 175i2 Say ihe«u ivif his meyne mele 

And atei vp in a littel stund And stejje va fro feire & awete 

To heuen fra olinete f e munt 1 From f e mount of olyuete 

And hali atori teUia and sais And holy atory tellef & aayea 

fat belias, in aide dais, 17946 ))at elye £lie bi olde dayes 

was taken vp als in-till heuen, — Was taken rp as in to heuen 

Inoght haf je herd f ar-of neuen ; — Muche haue )e herde f wof nenen 

Hie sun men askid quer he was His son men aaked where he was bi- 

comin, comen 

And he faim said he was binomin, And he hem aeide was him binomen 

' Reft away for-aoth ea he.' 17551 Eafte awey forsofe is he 

' Beft,' said fai, ' hu mai f is be. How f el seide may f ia be 

Mai fai sum gast awai him ledd. May bo anm goost awey him ledde 

And ea vnto f e fellia fledd. And so to wildemes is fledde 

In Israel ea ful grete fellis, 17555 In israel ben grete felles 

far ea he aoth and noufer ellis : Jjere ia he aof & nowhere elles 

But chese we dughfci men and lele But cheae we doujty men & lele 

To seke fe fellia of iard^l.' 17568 To seche fo felles of israele 

fai praid his aun him ga to seke, jTei wente forf him to aeke 

He went, and ofer men Mm eke, His son & ofere men eke 

Bot quen fai thre dais had him soght, whenne fei fre dayes had him soujt 

Xa tif and bame of him fai br<^ht. Ko tif ing hem of him fei broujt 

FoT-fi," said nichodeme, to faa,17663 )}erfore seide Kichodeme fo 

" Mi rede es if je rede nu sua. Mi reed ia now if je wol so 

je seke fe fellis all to-gider, je seke f o felles alle to gider 

fat iestii be noght rauist fefir, 17666 JJut iheeua be not ranyaaed fider 

fat if we find him fare wid chance And if we fynde him fere bi chaunce 

we mat do for tt plight penance." we may do for oure synno penaunce 


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V All ya Tune, less and mare, alle tho iewia leaae an^ more 

^ia consoil ^ paid war, 17570 Of Hob couficele apaidi they wove 

And ohea men fat fai wel a-woud AnJ cheae men Jwt )io were myjty 

And wel right aU faim-aelf fai troud ; antJ lele to lere ynne fulle truly 

Bath ^ et^ht ftam don and dale, Bothe Bowgfit they doane anci dtde 

Bot iMu held fai na tale. Bat of lera hen} they no tale 

"Walawai ! quot fai war blind, 17575 wele-awey that they were bIynJ 

Quen fai wend ieaum aua to find. When they went lem so to ffynd 

For him to find qaa will him seke, hym to Syn^ whi>eo wille hym seke 

fair mode til him fai most meke Her mode to hym moste they meke 

To knan him godd of all weldand, . To know hym alle wendoniS 

fan sal he find him bun at hajid. Then may they fynt) hym nye at hondi 

Mightih in al his nede, 1 7581 MyghUy at alle his neda 

To suilk he wil hie bodi bode. To suche he wille his body tede 

For fof he sitt in heuen hall, ffor though he sytte in heuyn h^ 

Teitt es he far-wit ouer all, yet is be in Erthe ouyr alle 

Mightili bath ferr and nere, 17585 M:^hty bothe ffarre and nere 

And mist noifer in heuen fen here. An<J nowthir myete in heuyn ue here 

fai fat traiatli in him traua, f'~'^°^ij'** They that truly in hym lyfP 

His blissing to faa men he buua j his blessyng he wille hem yef 

Bot sua did noght fir caitif Inus, Thise caytyf lewis did not so now 

Sent in to clinttea and in to clous Senct hym to aeche in clyffe & clow 

To sake iem if he was reft^ 17591 To ffyni) lesa yf he were r^t 

Wit ani gast and far bi-left ; Wi'tA eny goste audi there by-left 

He fat alle gastes, god and ill, He that alle goetis gooil and ille 

Has for to weld all at his will ! Hath to weld at his wille 

Foi-fi faa Tuns war full medd, 17595 Thus wore tho iewia alle mysled 

Jair aandes come again vn-epedd Hir sondes come ayen) vnspecl 

fai war for-soght f am vp and dun ; That had hym sought vp and douii) 

Bot ioseph in his aun tun, Bnt loseph in his owne toun) 

fai said fai fand, in aramathi, 17599 They seid they sie in Aramathy 

For far fai s^h him sikerll And ther* they left hym eekyrly 

Princes and preistes o fe lai, Frynces and preates off the lay 

All on f is tifand wonder fai, Off this tydyng woadir thay 

And thanked fair godd of israel, And thanckyd hir god oif Israett 

fat suo^t «m hia dedia dele, 17604 That so coude hi* dedis dele 


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Alls pe iewea laase & more 

Of ^ia counsel apayed )iei wore 

And chees mea Jiat }o were myjty 

And lele to leue In ful trewely 

Bofe aoujte J«i down© & dale 

But of ibera herds ])ei no tale 

Weylawey pat Jiei were blynde 

Whenne fei wende ihesu bo to fynde 

Him to fynde who so wol him seke 

Her mood to him moat ^ei meke 

To knowe him al weldonde 

pennfs may ]>ei fynde him nyje at honde 

Mistily at al his uede 

To sucho he wol his bodi bede 

For Jiouje he sitte in heuea halle 

jit is he in ei^e ouer alle 

Mi^ti hope fer & nera 

And noujw mist in heaen ny here 

]}ei pat truly in him lyue 

Hia blesayng he wol hem jyne 

)]ese caitif iewes dud not so now 

Sende him to aeche in clif & clow 

To fynde ihesu if hs were reft 

Wi^ any goost & pere biloft 

He )iat alle gooatia gode & ille [jr in, bk] 

Ha^ to welde at his wille 

JjTis were pa iewes al mis led 

Her BOttdes coom ^eyn vnaped 

\)at bad bim soujt vp & donn 

But losepb in his owne toun 

]}ei seide pei aey in aramathi 

And pere pei lefts bim siknrly 

Princes & prestea of pe lay 

Of ^is tiding wondride ]iai 

And fionked her god of israele 

)}at so coude his dedes dele 


[A]ll p& iaus, bath lease and mare, 
Of fis consaile p&i paieid ware, 17570 
And ehes mea fat fai wele aTOud 
And right wele als paim self troud j 
Bath ))ai sogbt done and dale, 17573 
Bot of iesu herd |)ai no tale. 
Walawsi ! qnat pa men war blind, 
Qnen |)ai went sna iegus to find. 17576 
* For him to find qua wille him sate, 
peii mode till him p&m most ])ai meke, 
To knan birn dr^htin all weildand, 
pan mai ^ai find him bune at band, 
Mightili in all his nede, c i»( iis. ~i- 1] 
To auilk be wille bis bodi hede.l7GS2 
For ))ogbt he sitt in heuenes hall, 
jeit he is in eni ouer alle, 
Migbtili bath for and nere. 
And nouf er mist in heuen no here. 
])ai )>at traistli in bim trous, 17687 
Hia hliacing to fa men buus ; 
Bot sua did not pii caitif iuus, 
Sent in-to cliftes and in-to dona 
To seke ie«u if he war reft, 17591 
Wid ani gast and far bileft ; 
He pat all gastis, gode and ill, 
Haa to weld all at his will 1 
For-fii fa ious war ful medd, 17595 
fair sandes come affan vnapedd 
fat had him soght vp and dune ; 
Bot ioseph in his aneu tone, 
fai said fai sau, in arimathi, 
For for fal left him aekirli. 17600 
Princia and prestos of f e lay. 
All of fia tifan wondret fai. 
And thanked fair godd of iarael, 
fat su^[at can his dedia dele, 17601 
e* GOmsoBN 



fat ioaeph snld be fanden fioa 17605 That he ehnlil be ffonndyn fui 

f&t prtsTind was, and nt^bt iesut. That was in presoiC & not leimt 

IT fu mad a gadring gret in deni, They made a gadsryng grete & doni 

" God men," )>ai aaid, " lok we na gam. Am) eeidyn goodmen loke we yernl 

Hu we moght do yon dt^hti gam, how we mig&t do that dowght; grome 

Ioaeph, ontil na for to cum, 17610 loseph of Aramaty to rs to coma 

To tel TB of his aun state. To telle his state eche grotte [• ir lu, iiki 

And o)wr thinges fat he wate." ^ And othei thyn^e« that he wele wote 

^ did )>an for to write a writt — Then did they sone to wryte a wiytte 

fie )ian was ^ tenni of hit 17614 This was the tenoni' ot yt 

" Faia," ))ai eaid, " ioaeph and grith, Fees it aeid Ioaeph and grittt 

Haf f on and all Jmt ea )ie wit, haue fon ami alio that ia (le witA 

Wa haf we wat wel don plight, Welle we wote we haue done mje 

Bath againa fe and dright, 17618 Ayen the and thy lord that is 

And frat-aelf drightin haa to broght And god hym-self hath the bioght 

Fra wicked wrang we on f e at^ht. ftor wyokyd wrong we on the sought 

It aal he beit al ^ to queme ; 17621 Hyt ahalbe bote to qneme 

Wald f on me leif freind te seme lefe frend woldyat Jwu f e seme 

For to cum wit us to mele ; To come witA va to speke and mele 

Pais haf ])ou, loseph, and hele." Feea to make -wUh vs aniS hele 

if ^ai aend forth seuen men o wale, They sendyn vij men ftiH dere 

War mast to ioaeph specials, 17626 That loaepfia moat frende« were 

And badd quen ^ai wit ioseph mett, And bad when they with hym met 

"Wit pais and lane he suld bn grett. "With peea and loue he abuld he giet 

Son in his hand he Jie letter sett, Sons in his bond thpy lettie sette 

For wel anld all ^e brest be bett. WeUeshnldtheyaeidhMmyssebebette 

loseph {lai faand, fe etori saia, [oiLe] losepti they found the story seis 

Al bun at ham iu his palais ; 17632 Bedy at home in his paleis 

)iai hailsed him wit-vten let, They heilsed hym wtt/^-outyn wyte 

And r^ht him for to rede ^at acritte. And raug&t hym to rede that acryte 

Quen he had ^at letter ledde, 17635 Sone when he had red that dede 

Vp til-ward henen hie hend he bedd. Toward heuyn his hede he bede 

" I blisce ^ lauei^, ])ou me has gett I blesse the lord me kept haat yet 

And aanf Tndw fi wengea sett ;" And saf* vndsr thy wyn^es set 

^aa messf^eis be kiat Jiam ail, 17639 be kyste tho messangeTS alle 

And hendii gesten )iam in hall, And hendely gestynnyd hem in hallo 




^ [loseph] eiild be funden ^ue 17606 pat he shulde be founden }mb 

fat prasoiidd was, and noght ieeits. \}at was in pmoun and not iheeae 

|j)]ai made a gedriug gret in dein, IT )>ei made a gedeiyDge greet & dem 

And said, " gode men loke je gem. And seiden gode men loke we jem 

Uu we might do foa doghti gome, How we m^t do fat dot^ti gome 

loseph, vntil vs for to cune, 17610 loaeph of aramathi to ts to come 

To tell TS of his aaea etate, To telle his state Tche grot 

And o^er thinges )iat he vate." And o^ere Jtingis fat he wol wot 

^ai did ^an for to write a write — jjenno dad ])ei soone to write a writ 

fia fen was fe tenur of itte. 17614 )Aa was fe tenure of hit 

" Fes,"it said, "ioseph, and grith, [Ml n Fees hit seide loseph & gdf 

Haue ^u and all ^at es |>e wid, Haue ]iou & al ])at is |)e wi^ 

we wat wele we haue done plight, wel we woot we haue done m;e 

Bath againes pa and dright, 17618 Ajeyn fe & fi lord ^at is 

And self drightin has fe bioght And god him self ha)i )ie broa^t 

Fra wicked wrong we on Jie soght. Fro wickede wronge we on pB soajt 

It sal be hot all to qiieme ; Hit shal be but to queme 

Leue fieind wald ^ pe seme 17622 Leue &ende woldestoa pe seme 

For to cum wid ve to mele ; To com vip tb to speke & mele 

Fes haue pn nu, ioseph, and hele." Fees to make wiji ts & hele 

[]i]ai sent forth seaen men of wale, ))ei senden seuen men ful dere 

wat mast to ihosep speciale, 17626 })at losephes moost fiendes were 

And bad quen,])ai wid loeep mett. And bod wheniie ^ei wi^ him met 

wid pefl and Inue he suld be grett. wi^ pees & lone he shulde be gtet 

Sone in big hand Jiat letter Bett,lT629 Sone in his bond ^ei lettie set 

Ful wele suld all Jiat miss be bett. Wel sholde ^ei seide his mys be bet 

loseph ^an ^ai iand, ^e etori sais, loseph pei fonde ])e story seis 

All bune at home in his pahus ; Bed; at home in his paleis 

fai hwlsed him widTten lite, 17633 })ei heilsed him wi])outen wite 

And raght Mm foito rede ^t scrite, - And rai^t him to rede pai scrite 

Sone quen he hod ^at letter ledd, Soone whenne he had rad pat dede 

rp till war heuen his heued be bedd, Towarde henen his heed he beds 

" I blisce p&, lauerd, ])u me has gett I blesee pa loid me kepte hast jet 

And sanf vndRT pi wingea sett ;" And Bsf Tndii )ii wyngea set 

pA meBsageris he klst pan all, 17639 He cust ^ messangeres alle 

And hendli gestind >aim in hall, And hendely gestened hem in halle 




Fnl wel war ^ai irit him pat nigbt. Welle fortl they wttA hym that nyjt 

fe morn hia ass Jian can he dight, The morow his aase did he to dight 

To ierusalem he tok )»e stiete, 17643 To lemtalem he toke the atrete 

f« luns cam him for to mete. The ievia hym come for to mete 

And all )iai said ioseph to-gedir, To losepK acid they alle to-gedir 

" Faisfiil hi )>i earning bider." Fesefhtt be thy comyi^ bethii 

And ioeeph sli greting fam gaf, losepll acne this answre yaf . 

"Godda peis mot yee all ba^" 17618 Goddie peea mote ye bauo 

He kist ^aim all, wit-vten blin, he kyst hem alle mtA-outyn blynne 

Wit nichodeme he tok hie hin, WttA ^Nicodyme toke be hie ynne 

He was gestend fill wel at es. Welle waa he geatid vttA good ieitll 

^ tojier mom, ala ^ atori aaie, 1 7692 The todyr morn) the atory aeith 

Come caiphaa, amia, nichodemu^ Come cayphas Anna nycodemys 

^t ioseph did to reson jnia, And Ioseph thay aakyd thus 

IT "loaepb, to godd of isroel IT losepS to giete god ot Isradl 

Serine pe, and sai fe Both and lele Shryve the and telle vs lelo 

thing fat ve sal at ]n frain, 17657 OP thyng that we wylle at fe fireyne 

^ BOth we pnu fe noght to lain, Jie aoth we pray the not to leyne 

All we ound f% mikel graim Alle we cowde the mnche grams 

For i«ra fioa grnfe his licam ; fibr Jioa bniydiddyst lesus licame 

In a hue we lokked ^e, 17661 In an bous theifor we lokkyd pa 

Bot f]uea we com fe for to se, Bnt when we come the to bo 

Jie na takning fand we far, No tokyn off" the ffond we there 

QoorfoT we for-wondred ware, Wheifor we for-wondird were 

And war we for pe dredand aare And for the died we alle in care 

Til nn. tel na nn o fi &m, 17666 Tylle now }ou telle va off- thy faie - 

To godd and hna, wit-vten hon, To god and vs telle now aone 

}>on tell quat thing o f e was don." What oft' the then was done 

V Ioseph ansoard, " i sal yow aai, V Ioseph eeid I shalle you say 

Tee sperd me eoth on a &id^ 17670 ye shytte me in oon) a fiiday 

At snen-tide in to ))at stode ; At Enyn-tide in-to fat steda 

And ala i stod aaiand mi bede, And as I atode seiyng my bede 

fe eeterdai, pan at mid-night, 17673 The saterday sone at mydnygfit 

fatiyej sagh snilk was }>e sight. That I sle thw was the sight 

Bi nokes foor )w bona np bang, ^(^^' By nokys iiij" the hous vp-hong 

And son )>a]Sefter, was noght lang, ' And sone after was yt not long - ■ ■ 
CorrOH FAISFAX {licd MS.) 


Fill wele war |)ai-wid him fat night. wel ferde fei wif him fat ny^t 

fe mom his asse fan did he dight, )» motwe hia asse dnd he to dijt 

To ieruKiIem he toke fe Btrete, 17643 To ierusalem he toke fe atrete 

fe iuua him come for to mete, \}e iewea him coom for to mete 

To ioseph said f ai all to-gedir, To Joseph aeide fei alio to gider 

"Paiaful he fi coming hedir." 17616 Feaefiil be fi comjoig hidur 

And ioseph sli gretiug faint gaue, Joseph eoone f is vnswere jane 

" Ckiddee pais fan mot je all haue," Goddes peea mot je haua 

He kisced f aim all, vidvten hlin, He cost hem aUe wif outeu blyo 

viA oichodeme toke he his in, vif nychodeme toke he is In 

He was gestind ful wele at ais, 17651 Wei was he gestened wif good feif 

f e tof ST mora, ala f q etori sais, )]e tof er mom f e atoiy seif 

^ Come cajphas, anna, nichodemus, Coom cayphas Anna Mchodemns 

fat ioseph did to resun dus, ^J)*^'!^!] And loaeph fei asked f ua 

" [IJoseph, to godd of israele 17656 IT Ioseph to grete god of isiaele 

Schriue fa, and sai soth emd lele Shiyue f e & telle ts lele 

Of f ing fat we sal at fe frain. Of f iog fat we vol at fe freyne 

fe soth we prai fe noght to kin, ))e eofe we preye fe not fon leyno 

All we cnnd f e mekU grame Alls we coade fe muchel grama 

For fn grof ie«u licame ; 17660 Foi fon bmiedest ihera licama 

In a hos we luked f e. In an hous ferfote we louked fe 

Bot qnen we come f e for to se, Bnt whenne we coom fe to ee 

Of fe na takening fknd we far, Ko token of fa fonde we fere 

Quarfor we for-wondred ware, 17664 wherfore we forwondride were 

And war we for f e died-fnl sare. And for fe diad we alle in care 

Til nu f n tellia ts of fi fare, Til now fou telle vs of fi fara 

Til godd and va, wid-vten hone, To god & vs telle now soone 

fu tell quat of fe was done." 17668 "What of fe fenise waa done 

[I]oseph ansueied, " i sal )u say, V Ioseph seide I shal jou say 

}e sperd me vp-on a &iday, je spered me In on o friday 

At enentide into fat stede ; At euentide in to fat atede 

And als i stode aaiand ml bede, And as I stode seyinge my bede 

fe setiniay, sone at midnight, 17673 ^pe satirday soona at mydnyjt 

fat i san fan auilk waa fe sight. Jwt I say fia waa fe s^t ^.J^^lSa 

Bi nonkes foni f e hons vp hang, Bi nokes foure f.e hous vp hong 

And sone far-eftir, was ni^ht lang. And soone aftir waa hit. not long 
oOttisobn tiukitt 



I aagk cnntand ieea sa bright, 17677 
AIb Jiof it were o leiwning light, 
Vntil Jie hua Jni i waa stadd, 
And fell i dnn, ea was i ladd ; 
Vp he me lift, witvten lett, 17681 
And wit a den mi ftkce he wette, 
And qu«n he wipped had mi foce, 
He blisced me all wit his grace, 
And aaid, ' iosepb be nogbt son, 
Bi-hald on me, )il8 ilk es L' 17666 
Bi-heild him als i was 
And cald him msister helias, 
* Helias ee i noght,' he said, 
' Bot leras ]*at in graue >on Itdd.' 
He ledd me to Jut sted ouan, 17691 
^ i had laked him in stan. 
His laaciale, his windii^clath, 
^ai war ])ai left, i sagh ]iam bath. 
^t it waa ieaas ^an wist i wel. 
And cuthli foi him can i knele, 17696 
And i said, <ai Isuerd ! blisced ^nbe 
And ^t es cummen in nam o Jm,' 
And bi ))e hand ^an ha me hent, 
And forth me bni^ht, witrvten stent. 
Sight to min ann bus at hame, 17701 
And to mi qnem i )ieder came, 
' Pes,' he said, ' haf )ioa iosepb, 
Ga ^u nt^ht o )ii hue a atepe 
Til foorti dais be cammen til end, 
For i to mi disciplis wend,'" 17706 
Quen nicbodeme his tale has teld, 
)mu fell als ^ in dnale war dndd, 
Oruflinges dun to erth plate, — 
War nener ^aa tuns ak mate. 
And ilkan can til o>er sai, 17711 

" Qoat a sing es ]>is ! " coth |iai, 


I sie comyng lem so brigbt 
As yt wers a lemyng light 
In that hoiis there I was slaA 
And I felle doune alle for-diad 
Vp he me toke wttA-ontyn let 
And with a dew my face be wet 
Sone wypid he my face 
And blessit} me then with his grace 
he seid loseptL be not ferdy 
By-hold oa me this ilk< is I 
I byheld what he then was 
And callid hym master £Iias 
Eliss am I not be seid 
But Jemu that }ou in grave leiiJ 
he lei) me to that stede anon) 
There I had hym spend in a stotf 
bis fudary his wyndyng ^ clojie P,^- "t***- 
There were they left I sie hem bofe 
That he was leetis tho wyet I wele 
Gowthly by-fore bym gon I knele 
lord I seid blessid ^a be 
That here is comyn in name of the 
By the bond tho he me hynt 
and brought me fottJl wttA-ontyn stynt 
Ki^t to myn owne hoos at home 
And to me when I theder come 
Fees mote pou haae he seid loeepK 
Go not out of thy bona a step Pwrfien 
Tille xl dais be comyn to end 
Now to my dissipils wille I wNid 
When loaep had told this tale 
They fiUe as tbey had dronckyn dwale 
Gtorelyng doone on erthe-plat 
Were they nevir mete or fiat 
Echon to othir fua gon sey 
What eigne wille this be quop they 




I Baa comaad ie«u sna briglit, 17677 
£ight als it war of leaening light, 
In-til pis hus fax i was stadd, 
And i fell dune, sua was i radd ; 
rp he me lifted, widrten lett, 17681 
And wid a deu mi iace lie wett, 
Quen he wiped had ml face. 
He blisced me all wid his grace, 
And said, 'ioaeph be nogbt eri,17685 
Bihalde on me, ^ia ilk es i.' 
I biheld him als i was 
And cald him maistir elias, 
' Heliaa ea i noght,' he said, 17689 
' Bot iesus )>at fa in grane laid.' 
He ledd me to ^at stede on-ona, [«^ i] 
Jiar i had eperd him in stane, 
His facials, his winding clath, 17693 
|iar war Jrai left, i sau faim bath. 
^at be was ie»us Jtan wist I wele, 
And cathli for him gun i knele, 
And i said, < lauerd ! ai blisoed fin be 
|iat here es comen in ^e name of ]>e,' 
And bi Jte hand he me hint, 17699 
And forth me btoght, widnten stint, 
Bight to inin auen hns at ham. 
And to me, quen i de^er cam, 17702 
'Pes,' he said, 'haue pa. ioseph, 
Ga noght vte of ^i hus a step 
Til fourti daiea began till end, 
Hu i to mj deaciplifl wend.'" 17706 
Quen ioseph all his Ule had teld, 
fiai fell ala ])ai in duals war delued, 
Grouelinges done on erd plate, — 
war neuer )ia inns ab mate. 
And ilkan gun til o)ier say, 17711 
" Quat a signe ea )>is 1" said Jiai, 

I say comyng ihewi so brijt 
Afl hit were a lemyng l^t 
In Jjat bona Jwre I was stad 
And I fel doun al for drad 
Vp he me toke wifouten let 
And wi^ a dew my lace he wet 
Soone wiped he my face 
And blessed me feane wiji h.ia grace 
He aeide Ioseph be not feidy 
Biholde on me ^is ilke ia I 
I bihelde what he peoTM was 
And called him. maistir heliaa 
Helias am I not he seide 
But iheeus pat ^ou in graue leide 
He bad me to pat stud anoone 
Jjere I had him apered in a stone 
Hia audary his wyndyng clofe 
Jjere were J»ei lafte I say hem bojw 
|)at he was ihesu8 ^o wist I wele 
Coufely bifore him gon I knele 
Lord I seide blessed ^on be 
pat here is comen in nome of po 
Bi pa hond ])o be me hynt 
And broujte me forf wifoutore stynt 
Eijt to myn owne hous at home 
And to me whenne I )iidii come 
Fees mot |ioa haue he seide Ioseph 
Go not out of pi houB a step 
Til fourti dayes be comen to ende 
Now to my disciplis wol I wende 
Whenne Ioseph had tolde jiis tale 
)>ei fel as ]>ei had dronken dwale 
Gronelynge donn on eijra plat 
Were )iei neuer mate ar ))at 
Vchone to opere Jius gon say 
What s^e wol Jiia bo quod )iai 


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" In israel we here na min 17713 

We knftu bath ioseph and hia kin." 

Yp pai ras and stode Juun hi, 

A dughti gum ^t hight leoi, 17716 

" I knen," he said, " of his kin bredd 

Qughti men ^at drightin dredd, 

DoBseli to godd praiand, [«!. t] 

Wit aacrifijB and wit ofFrand, 17720 

Qu«n symeon, Jwt mikel prist, 

^at bar the haJi-gaat in breat, 

^t ietua tuix his handea fang. 

And said, ' lanerd lined haf 1 lang 

Bidand to ae |ie light of hel 17725 

pat ^a has dight to israel ; 

If a haf i eeue it wit min ei, 

Lat nu in rest ^i sernand deL' 

pat ilk BTineon fiar was bun, 17729 

Gaf sant mari hia beniaun, 

And tU Iiir said, ' i wil ])e warn 

^t quilum sal fijs ilk bam 

Be to aunt men in nprising, 17733 

Til o^T sum in dnn falling ; 

He sal find mani born vn-baln, 

For mani sal bim sal again. 

Of hia ded als >e Borful ord 17737 

Sol tbiil ^in hert thoru als a suord. 

mani hert )« thoghtes hidd 

8al for him be knann and kjdd.' " 

^an said ^e luiis, " do ^an send wee 

£fter )iaa ilk preist«B thi« 17742 

{■at tald ^t ^ Bagh iem sitte 

Apon fm mont of olinete." 

And ana pel did, quen sna was dun 

jjaa men Jrai did to reann sun, 17746 

And ^ai ansoaid, " be godd o might, 

We BBgh him ^ar wit open sight. 


In lerumlem we hei* now myn 
We knew bothe letut & his kjnno 
^ vp rose tho anil stode hem hj, 
A doughty man that hi^t levy 
I know be seid of* hem bred 
dowty men that goA died 
Beayly to goiJ prayond 
Wi'tA saorefice arnJ wttA offrond 
When Symeon f e mekyH presta 
That bate the holy goet in brest 
legus by-twene his armya fong 
he seid lorf levid haue 1 long 
Bydyng the the sight of hele 
That pcni hast digKt to Israels 
Bow haue I sens yt wi'tA myu) eie 
let me in pees thy Beruant die 
That ilke Simeon tho was boun) 
AntI yaf' mary his henesoun 
To bir he seid I wille fo warn) 
That yet aom tyme pis ilk* hariu) 
Shalbe to som men vpryayng 
And to Bome doune-fidlyng 
Many shalle he fynd to hym vnbeyna 
Many shulle sey hym a-yeii) 
The swerd oP Borow and of wo 
Shalle thorogh thyne hert for hym go 
Of mannys hert the thooghtet hyd 
Shalle for hym be kuowyn and kyil 
V Then seid the iewis now send we 
Affter tho ilke preatw iij' 
That tol J they sie lega^ Bete 
On the monfit of Olynete 
They Bent for hem when f is was don) 
And hem thei did to reason sone 
They answetd by god of" migllt 
We sie hym thei? with opyn sight 

FAIRFAX (laud MS.) 



" In ieiMalem we liere nu min 17713 
-we knau bath iesja and his kin." 
['TIp he raa and stod ^aim bi, 
A doghti gome )>a,t hight leni, 17716 
" I knau," he said, " of him bredd 
Dughti men fat diightin dred, 
Deaaeli to godd praiand, 
wid sacrefice and wid oSrand, 
Quen eymeon, ]iat mekil preBt, 17721 
fat bar ])e hali-gast in hiB bteist, 
|iat is^iM tuix his hend he fang, 
And said, 'lauerd lined haue i lang 
Biddand to f e pa sight of hele, 
fat fu has dight to israel ; 17726 

Nn haue i Bene it wid mia eie, 
Lat na in rest fi semaad deie.' 
fat ilksymoonfar waabune, pf.m.ooLi] 
Gatie Bainte man his benisnne, 17730 
And till hir said, ' i wil fe warn 
fat qnilnm sal f is ilke bara 
Be tiU sum men Tprising, 
Till of er sum in dnne falling ; 
He sal find mani bam vnbaiu, 17735 
For mani sal sai hini again. 
Of his dede als f e sorfnl oid 
Sal thiil fine herte als vid a suoid. 
Of mani hert fo thf^htes hidd 17739 
Sal for him be knaaen and kid.' " 
[fjan said fe intts, " do nn send we, 
Eftei f aa ilk pieistes thie, 
fat tald fat f ai sau ieaiu sitte 
Apon fe mont oliuete," 17744 

And sua f ai did, quen sua was done 
f aa men f ai did to lesun sane, 
And f ai ananerd, " bi gode of might, 
■we sau him far wid open sight 1 7748 

In iernsalem we here now myn 

We knew bof e ibems & his kyn 

IT Vp ros fo & stood hem by 

A doQ^ty mou fat bet leny 

I knowe he seide of hem bred 

Doi^ti men fat god dred 

Bisili to god preyonde 

Wif sacrifiae & wif offronde 

Whenwe symeon f e muchel prest 

fnt bar f e holy goost in hrest 

Ihefua bitwene his armea fong 

He seide lord lyned bane I long 

Bidynge f e fe sijte of hele 

fat f ou hast dijte to isntele 

Sow haue I seen hit wif myn eje 

Lete me in pees fi seniaunt deje 

Pai Oke Symeon f o was houn 

And jaf marie his benesonn 

To his he seide I wol fe vam 

\3at ^it sum tyme f is ilke bam 

Shal be to summeu vp lisyng 

And to somme dounfaUyng 

Mony shal he fynde to him Tnbeyne 

Mony shul seye him ajejns 

Jje swerde of sorwe & of wo 

Shal foni^e fin hert for him go 

Of monnes herte f e f onjtis bid 

Shul for him be knowen & kid 

^ ]}enne seide f e iewes now sends we 

Aftii fo ilke preates fie 

fiat tolde fei aey iheaus aete 

On fe mount© of olyuete 

))el sent for hem whenne fis was done 

And hem fei dud to reeoun soone 

J)ei Tnswerde bi god of myjt 

We sey him fere wif open s^t 


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"We sogli him ^r and herd his steuen, 
And opeoli ategh in til henen." 17750 
" On jow," lie Baid, "el tbino uavonder. 
And foA thre men ])an at sondre, 
And asked ilkan seluen aere, 17763 
^aii foivking fiun vald ])al liere, 
If ani gain o^r Bai wald oght, 
Bot all Jiair landing wm for noght, 
For all }iai said eotli ])at ^ aei 
^at ilk ie«u til faeuen Tp atei. 17758 
4 Jian said anna and caiphas, 
" Yr lagh will, bath fat ea and was, 
^t in |)e muth o toa oi tlire 
Bold alkin aotL stand and be." 17762 
'-"And quot thing sal wesai yow ^ant 
I-nogh waa of a rightwis man, 't^'^'Ji 
And pud aa wel godd in his state, 
Jat wit his word he was translate. 
And o pe prophet als mojses 17767 
yat nan wat quor he dolnen es. 
Bot iesut, pat in hand was laght, 
And to sir pilat was bi-taght, 17770 
Bath bi-scniget and bi-splt, — 
For he o mani plight was -wijt, — 
Wonded wit apere, naild on tre. 
Wit thoma cnind als was he; 1777i 
^is menskful ioseph did him delue 
In tmub |)at wro^t was til him-selfe, 
And als thie men witnes her, 
pai aagh bi-for Jiair eien dere 
yia ilk ieeue spekand wit his, 17779 
And aijten atei til henen blia." 

We Bie hym an<l herJ hia atevyn) 
And opynly he stie to hevjii) 
Of' you they sei3 ts thyncky)) wonder 
And did tho i^* men in sondre 
And by hem-aelf askyd hem sere 
yfi they wold lie for to here 
yf eny fro ojter wold sey ought 
Bat alle hei fondyng was for nog&t 
AUe seid right as they sey 
leeut on height to hevyn stei 
V Thenne aeid Anna & cayfas 
Oure law wole bothe that is & was 
That in the mowthe of jj" or iij* 
Shnld alle the sothe stond & be 
What more shulle we eey you than 
I trow yt was a i^&tf alle man 
And paide so welle god in hie state 
That viih hia word waa he transolate 
Of the prophete Sir moyaes 
That non) wote whei* he dolvyn b 
Bat Iceus in bond was lawght 
And to sir pilat sone be-tawght 
Bothe by acorpd and by spytto 
ffor he of- many gilt waa wyte 
Woondid wftA apere naylid on tre 
wi'tft thomys Croanyd also "was he 
This menskef ioseph did hym delve 
In a tombe made to hym-aelve , 
And iij' men als now wytnes ho^ 
They sie by-fore hir eien cW 
This ilk* Ifffu apeke with hia 
And sithen stie to hevyn blis. 

[The Retwrreeiion of Simeon's two Sons.] 
loaeph of aramathi vp-raa T ioseph of Aramathj rose in place 

And said tU anna and oaiphaa, 17783 X And seid to Anna & cay&s 


,,. Google 

we saa him Jiar and herd his eteaes, 
And openli he atei till heuen." r^gj. » 
" Of ju," fai said, " jeit thine vs won- 
And did fiaa thre men fan to snnder. 
And askid geluan ilkan sere, 17763 
Oo ^aii forking fain Trald Jru hare. 
If am gain o)ier wald aai aght, 
Bot all pair fanding was for noght. 
For all said soth fai )iai sei 17757 
lemn on bight til heuen steL 
[^]ea said anna and cayphas, 
" vr laa wil, bath ]iat es and was, 
])at in Jve math of tna or thie 177C1 
SiUd all fs Both stand for to be." 
"And quat thing sal we say ja ^nl 
Inoght it was a rightwis man, 17764 
And paid aoa wele god and bis stat, 
fat wid his woid be was translate. 
And of ])e prophet sir mojses [mi. q 
fiat none wate qoare be dolnen es. 
Bot iesus, ^at in hand was lagbt. 
And to sir pilate was bitaght, 
Bath biskuiged and bispitt, — 17771 
For he of mani plight was witt, — 
wonded with spere, nailed on tie, 
wid thomes crooned als was he ; 
))is mensbefol ioeeph did him delne 
In tomb ]>at wroght was till him-selue, 
And thre men als na witnes here, 
fai sau bifor fair eien clere 17778 
f is ilke iesug spekand wid his, 
And Bi^n stei till henen blis." 

We sey him & berde his stenen 
And openly be stey to heuen 
Of jon f ei seide va .fiake]) wondii 
And dud ^o pre men in sondir 
^And bi hem self asked hem seie 
If ^ei wolde 11; e for to here f iriOT.M] 
If any fro ojiere wolde saye oujt 
But al her fondyng was for nou^t 
Alls seide r^t as f ei sei 
Jheem on heijte to heuen stey 
V Jjenne seide Anna & caiphas 
Oure lawe wol bofe fat is & was 
Pat in fe mou]) of two or ]ire 
Sbulde ol ])e so^ stonde & be 
What more shul we saye jou fan 
I toowe bit was a rijtful man 
And payed so wel god in his stats 
Pat wif bis word was be tronsolate 
Of Jw prtiphete sir moyses 
J)ot noon woot where he doluen es 
Bat iheeM in honde was lanjt 
And to BIT pilate soone bitaujt 
Bof e biscoui^ed & bispit 
For he of mony gilt was wit 
Woondide wij) spere nayled on tre 
Wif f omes crowned also was he 
f is menskeful loseph dud him dela« 
In a tounibe made to him sdne 
And fre men als now witnes here 
])ei say bifore her ejen clere 
Jris ilke ibewM speke wif his 
And sifen steije to heuen blis 

[The Resurrection of Simeon's two Soru."] 
[IjoBeph of arimatbi Tp-ras 17781 ^ losepb of aromatbi roos in plas 
And said till anna and cayphas. And aeide to Anna & cayphas 

fldrntlOEtl TRIHITT 



"Yow thine selcnt wit right i-wiu You thynct wondii heie-of I-wys 

iatue vp-nB, foi-^oth it es. 17784 Of lasm vp-iyBte & sothe yt is 

[ ye wolJ nevir yt leve or now 

no gap in the MS.'l That ho was Imm gotj to bow 

Tp-rieen w, dat «8 fax nan, Vp-resyn he ie donto is it noii 

Bot he ee noght risen rp allan, 17788 But he is not vpiesyn alloue 

For summen o )iis ilk kyth ffor som men of* tins ilke kytb 

£s risen up foi-aoth him wit Bene lesjn vp foisothe hym wyi£ 

fat Bene was in iemsolem. That seyen was in lenwolem 

Aid symeon suns to bam-tem 17793 Of' old Symeons bamtem 

Had sons tna, hot lang es gan ij" sonnye hai) he long ia it gon) 

Sin f ai war ded, laid vnder stan, 8yn they wei^ dede and leid vnderetone 

All woi WB at fail end dai Alio were we at her endyng day 

And help fam in erth to lai. 17796 And halp hem in erthe to lay 

Gas, seis nu, foi fe haU~dom, Go se now for the holy dome 

And yee sal find fair tumbs tome ; And ye shulle fynd her gravys tome 

In mi cite of aramathi, In my Cety o^ Aramathy 

far ar fai walkand witerlL 17600 There ai' they walkyng wytt^ly 

far ar fai samen in fat tun, There men sena hem in fat tonii) 

In kneling stode and oriann ; In knelyng state dis oreson) in^isT.iHckj 

Ai vm-quil man heres fam cri, Euyr among men hei* hem Cry 

Bot wit nan spec fai o fat bL 17804 WitA no man speke they hem by 

Ga we nu fan lufsumli f ider, Oo we wi'tA a wyle theder 

And &and we for to bring hatn hider, And fond we to bryng hym hef^ 

And we fam sal thorn coniuring. And we shulle hem witA congeryng 

Do t«U us of his np rieing." 17808 make to telle of thti vp-rysyng 

Quen fat fai herd fis word be said, [cJ-t] Sone when thise wordes wei' out-past 

Ful smertli fai fam f ider grud. They hied hem theder wonder fest 

Bath Caiphas and als anna, Cayfae and Anna also 

loseph, and nichodeme, wit ma, losep nycodeme & mo 

Wit an fat hight gamaliel, 17813 And oon that hi^^t gomelieH 

Of him bot tntthe es noght to tell, OP hym is nogfet but trowth to tdl 

fai sagh f aa tumbs, turn war fai, They sie the tombys tome fat' day 

til aramathi fai went fair wai. To Aramathy tho wentyn thay 

On'fir tna btefer fai hitt in hi Wttft thise brethiro) they met in hy 

far fai can in fair beddes lij. 17818, They fond hem in her bedes ly 




" ju thine selcuth wid right i-vriss jou Jjinke irondir her of I wia 

Of iem vpras, foi^soth it ©s, 17784 Of ihestis yprist & Bof hit ia 

For je ne wold it neuer trou, je wolde Deuef hit leue nor nowe 

fiat he was god »elf and ieeu. peA he -was ihesus god to bowe 

vp-resin he es, dnte ea fair najie, Tp risen he is doute is hit none 

Bot he OS noght Tpreaen allane, 17788 But he is not vp risen allone 

For sum men of fia iUce kith For aommen of )is iike ki)) 

£s resen vp forsoth him mth Ben risen vp for sofie him yiip 

. ^t Bene was in ierusalem. 17791 ]}at aeyll was in iemsalem 

Of aid Bymeon hamtem Of olde symeones btuutem 

He had Sims toa, hot lang es gane, Two eones had he longe is hit gOno 

Sifien fiai war dede and laid Tnderstane, Sifi Jtel were dede & leide Tndii stona 

All war we at ^ar ending day, 17796 Alle were we at her endyng day 

And helped ^aim in erd to lay. And halpe hem in erf e to lay 

Gaa, aeis nu, for f e hali-dome, Gof sec]) now for f e holy dome 

And je sal find fair tumbes tume ; And je shul fynde joore granea tome 

In mi cite of arimathi, 17799 In my cite of Aramathl 

far er f ai walkand witterlL Ipen are f ei walkynge witturly 

far men seis f aim in fat tnne, ))erB men seen hem in fat toun 

In kneling state and oriaune ; In knoiyng state & oriaoun 

Ai vmquile men hetis paim cri, 17803 Euer among men here hem cry 

Bot wid nane speke f ai of fat bi. wif no mon apeke f ei hem by 

Ga we fan fulaumli feder, '^''^Ji^i]*''^ Go we wif a wile f idur 

And fand we forto bring faim heder. And fonde we to brynge hem hidor 

And sal we faim wid coniuring, And we ahnl hem wif coninryng 

Ger tell va of fia vp-riaii^." 17808 Make to telle of fia yp risyi^ 

[QJuen f ai herd fia word waa aaid, f Soone wheune f eae wordia wore out 

Smartli feder f si faim graid, J)ei hj^ed hem f ider wondir fast LP^" 

Bath cayphaa and alana anna, Caiphas and anna also 

loseph, nicodeme, and ma, 17812 loseph nychodeme & mo 

And ane fat hight gamaliel, And oon fat het Gamaliel 

Of hint es n<^t bot treutb to tell. Of him is not but troufe to tel 

)hu ssn fa tumbea, tome war f^, pel aey fese toambes tome fat day 

Til arimathi fai went fair wai, 17816 To Aramathie fo wenten fai 

On fir tua brefer fai hitt in hij, Wif feae brefe** fei mett in hije 

[lai fEind faim infair beddiS'lij. ))ei fonde hem in her bedee lyje 


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Jwi hailsed feim wit Buetli suar, 
Wit kissmg wiracip Jiai fiara bar ; 
To ioraalem wit mikel dred 17821 
In BinDogog fax can ^am lede. 
QiMD ))ai in-to ^at hiu war ledd, 
Bon was in hand )w lai ^am bedd, 
Baji thoru ]w lagh of moyei, 17625 
And thorn ^air godd adonai, 
fiaii mikel godd of isiael, 
^ coniuid Jnm na aoUi to h«L 
]>ai said, " he fai has raised yow, 
Stus us now if it was ie«u; 17830 
And toll ns all, wit-vten etrij^ 
Hu jee wax raised ti& ded to Ijj£" 
IF Qu«a kaiius and linthens 
War coninrd o yoA Inns ^qb, 1783i 
Wit al ^air flesche ^ai qnok on-nan, 
And wit Jiair heites can )>ai gran'. 
Til heuen ]iai lifted ^r eien brade. 
On |iaii tui^es Jiai tokening Biado 
Wit ))aii fingers al o >e croice, 17839 
And als aan ^ai spak wit woice. 
"Laoerd," )iai said, (^t hei diigh- 
tin 17841 

^an badd fai gine Jiaim parchemin) 
" We sol yow write and nathing lei 
All pat ws herd and eagh wit heL" 
Sundri fai fam fra opei saite, 17816 
And aifier be him-seloen wiate, 
Bot ^f ]>ai sundri sittand were, 
Was na-thing in ^air saghes sete. 

They haylid hem wi'tft mnche &r 
To leruwdem with mochiH drede 
To her ohirdi they gim hem lede 
When they were in the temple wrc^t 
Moysee law in honci was hem bioaglit 
AaH thorogb that lawis of moysy 
And by her giete god Adonay 
her mechiH god of IsrauH 
They conjourid hem no aoUl to hels 
They sell) he that hatK reyaid you 
Sey TB yf it was lesiu now 
Telle Ts alle wttA-out atryfi 
how ye wera reysii} feom depe to lyff" 
V When CariuB and lenthiu* 
Were congeoorid of thise iewis ftu 
vitA alle her flesh they quoke anon) 
And wttA her hertev yaf" a grone 
To hevyn they lyft her eien glad 
And on her tonggu thonckyng mad 
wttft her fynggyis oP ^ Cioyse 
And eone apak* witA mannys voyse 
Worshippid they aeid lord be foa and 

Anon they callid after porcheinyii) 
We wille you wiyte wttA-outyn lye 
That we herd and saw wttA eie 
A-twyune they sette hem to fat note 
And eithir by hem-eelvyn wrote 
And thoa^ thoy sondry syttyng wertf 
Was no>thyng in her sswis sers 

[77(8 writing of Oarlim and Lenihtue as to Olirigpg entry into HeR.\ 
"Lauerd iera crist," said fai, 17849 lord lera Cryst aeid they 
" Godd, ftt al mightes mu, God fat alle myghtea may 




)>ai lialsid ^aim wid aueteli aaie, 
wid kiaaing woiechip )iai faim bare ; 
To KTuedieBi wid mekil drede 17831 
In sjnagog ^ai gun ^aim lede. 
Qaea ]iai in-to ftX hua war lede, 
Sons was in hand pe Ian ^aim bedd, 
Batli tliorn )« Ian of moyai, 17825 
And thorn )iaii godd adonay, 
^aii mekil god of israel, 
^ai coninred Jiaim na soth to hole. 
|iai said, " he ^t has raised jnn, 
Sais Ts nn if it wasiesa; 17830 

And tell ts all, widvten strijf, 
Hu je war raised fra dede to lyf." 
[Q]aen caiins and lenthins 
was coniured of ])iT inns ^ns, 17834 
wid all )iair fless ytd qnoke onane, 
And wid Jiait hertis gun ^ai grnme. 
Till henen ]m lifted Jiaii eien brad, 
And on Jiaii* tauges fe takm[Q]g made 
-widfiairfingres allof jwcToia, [iMs.t>*ri] 
Andalsone apac widmaneaTois.17840 
"Lauord," Jwu said, (fat hei drigh- 
tin l*HS.|«i] 

fan' bad fai gine faim parchemine) 
* " We sal ju write and na-thing lij 
Qaat we herd and san wid ei." 17644 
Sundri ])ai f aim fra of er sate, [* ni i] 
And aifer bi him-Heluen wrate, 
Bot f ogh fai sundri sattand w^re, 
-was na-thing in ^air sans sere. 17848 

)}ei heiled hent wif mnchel fare 
And worshiped hem & wif hem bare 
To lerusalem wif mnchel drede 
To her chirclie fei gon hem lede 
whenne fei were in fe temple irrougt 
Moiaee lawe in honde 7as bronjt 
And fonije fo lawes of Molsf 
And bi her grete god Adonay 
Her mnchel god of israele 
))ei coniured hem no sof e to hele 
JKi aeida he fat baf reised 30a 
Say TS if hit was iheeut now 
Telle TS alle vifoaten strif 
How je were reised tram def to lif 
Whenne carina & lenthius [Ihtuq 
Were coninred of f eae iewes fns 
wif al her flesshe fei qnoke anone 
And wif her hertis jaf a grone 
To henen fei lifte hei jejen glade 
And on her tongis f onkynge made 
Wif hei fyngris on f e crois 
And BOone spake wif monnes toIb 
worshiped fei seide lord be fon & 

Anoon fei calde aftii parohemyne 
Wo wol jou write wif outen lye 
Pat we herde & say vif y^e 
A twyn fei set hem to fat note 
And eifer bi him selaen wrote 
And fonje fei snndri eittyng were 
Was no fing on her sawes eere 

[JTie KriHng of Cariut and Lenihitu at to ChrUft enh-y into HeR^ 
" [LJanerd ieen mat," said fai, I7S49 lord iheta crist seide fay 
" Godd, fat all fir mightes may, God fat alle myitis may 

oOTTiNaBK TanracT 

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^t ea np-raa o ded and lijf, 17851 That is Tp-tysyng from dejte 1m lyt 

And haa lu kjd )ii right sa rif,' And hast va kyd thy Right so ryfe 

[Lete TB lord, by leue of I», ^,",i''o^.^ij let tb lord hy lave of tlie 

Telia of Jiyn owne pr/ueta. Telle of thyne onna preTyte 

^UTja vertn of ^i aweta croys 1785K ThorogH vertu of thy swate croyse 

Coniured bis we to telle wi]) Toys, Congeourid ai* 'we to telle with voyse 

^n bad tb wt shulde no mon telle, Thow bad ts we shuld no man telle 

bi dedes derne ^ou didest in helle, — Thy dedia dem) ^ou diddist in helle 

^ dedLs of ^i maieste, — 17859 Thow diddyst off thy magest^ 

But ^nrje ^-self cotiittred are we. Bat thoiogtl thy-self> conjaourid ai* wr 

Si)i hit is so now most we nede Synne yt is so now must we neda 

^ myjtis telle of ^i godhede. 17862 The mightes telle ofP thy godhede 

A a we were stad in merkful stalle, V Aa we were etad in markefufi stalls 

we & ala oure elders alle, we and als oui* Eldirs alia 

To TS ^er brast a goldein leme, C<»i' Q To tb thai' berst a goldyn leme 

Brijter ))enne }« sotnies beme, 17866 Brighter thanne Jia sonnys heme 

Bo ri)t puipur hwe is noone, So riche purpowi' haw is non) 

bat ilke lijt Tpon ts shone. That ilt lygtit Tpon ts shon) 

Adam, |>at was man formaat, Adam that was man formest 

Bigon ^enne to glade in hast, 17870 By-gon then to glad in hast 

wi^ patmrkes and prophete, V/iUi patryaikes and prophete 

In merke setes fen |)ai sete, In merke setia thei* they sete 

^ eeide for glad wiji gretyng gle. They seid for glad wt'tA gretyng gle 

' Jis ilke li^t foisofe is he 17874 This ilk- lygRt for-sothe is he 

^t maker is of lastyng lijt, That maker is off' lastyng lyght 

ffow hafi he sent va fai he hijt.' Kow hath ha sent ts that he bight 

fenne higon seynt yaaya Then by-gon aeint ysay 

fe holy prophete, for to crye, 17878 The holy profyte for to Cry 

' fia ilke l^te is goddis sone This ilk* lygtit is godde« sonne 

^t I in er^ telle of was wone. That I in erthe telle of was wonne 

)io folk in dedly derkenaa stad Tbo folk in dadly derkenes stad 

^is gieet l^t made hem ^ad.' 17892 This grete light made hem glad 

[ • [ 

no gap in the MS.] no gap in the MS.\ 

And as ))is brijtenes gon ts bolde. And aa this biightnes gan ts bold 

Ouie fadir Symeon, fe olde, 17896 Ooi' fader Symeon the old 


r Tb* Cottso MB. •MB! to IwT* hut a l»r hin. ■• Uw olchwgrdi " bmi lala oa " an not on tht nut pue. 

^ Th> hl>.kh \m flll*A fmrn HS HpnlH'> rjillaoB AmnilAl bt ] 


^at ea upias of dedo and mf, 178S1 
And has vs kid ^e right sua rijf, 
fix late Ys lauerd, wid leue of fe, 
To tell na of pi anen pnuite. 
Thoni dede of fi euete croiee 17855 
Coninrd et we to tell wid voice, 
For |)u bad vb suld na man tell, 
^i dedis dem ^u. did in hell, — 
J)e dedis of Jii maieste,— 17859 

Bot thorn fi-self corauid er we, 
Si)>en it es sua nu most we nede 
pe mightes tell of )ii godd-hede. 
[A]]s we war atad i» mu[r/i]ful atall, 
we self and vr eldria all, 17864 
Brathli )iar brast a golden leme. 
Brighter )>an ani GuneB beme, 
Sua right puiprin hen es naue, 
fis ilk light apon vs schane. 17868 
Adam, fiat was man formast, 
Bigan ^an forto blith in hast, 
ivid patriarlE and wid prophele. 
In mpjrk settlis far )iai sete, 1 7872 
Said wid gladnea gretand gle, 
' ^is ilke light forsoth es he 
)iat maker es of lastand light, 17875 
Nu has he sent vs fat he hight.' 
[))]aii bigan saint isay 
fie hali prophete, for to cri, 
' |)i8 light it es of goddes sun 17879 
fat i in erd tell of was won. 
fa folk in dedeli mirknes stadd ^\}^- 
Sau grete light fat made f aim glad, 
fat light es na apon vs schede 17883 
far we sitte in fe echadu of dede.' 
[A.]ls fia brightnes fns gim va bald, 
vr fcidir symeon, fat aid, 17886 


Pat is Tp risen from def to lif 

And hast ts kud f i ri^t so rif 

Lete vs lord bileue of f e 

Telle of fin owne priuete 

Jjourje vertu of fi swete crois 

Coniured are we to telle wif Tois 

}}ou bad vs we shulde no mon telle 

}]i dedes deme f on didest in helle 

)}o dedes of f i maieste 

But f our^e fi self coniured are ws 

Sif hit is so now moat we nede 

Jje mytis telle of fi godhede 

% As we were stad in merkeful stalle 

We & als oQie eldres alle 

To vs per brast a golden leme 

Brijtei fen f e sonnea beme 

So rijt purpre hwe is none 

J)at ilke lijte vp on vs shone 

Adam f ot was mon formast 

Bigon f enne to glade in hast 

Wif patriarkes & prophete 

In merke setes fere f ei sete 

))ei seide for glad wif gretyng gle 

)>i8 ilko lijte forsofe is he 

Jxjt maker is of lastyng lijt 

Now haf he sent vs fat he hijt 

})enne bigon seynt Isaye 

J)e holy prophete for to crye 

)}is ilke li)te is goddes son 

]3at I in erf e telle of was won 

))o folk in dedly derkenea stad 

ph grete li^t made hem glad 


no gap in the HS.^ 

And as f is brijtenes gon ts holds 
Onre ftidir Symeon fe olde 


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Seide wi)) bli>eful chere ts to 17887 
' Jiouke we god, now come|i oure ro, 
To oure lord ieea cri'st ;e blisu, 
AI myjty god his fadir isso. 
In temple was he me bitaujt, 
jonge in nnnea I htm laujt ; 17892 
^3 holy goost ^os did mo mele, 
Myn yjen lord hnn seen ])i hele, 
Whiche Jtou haai for fi folk dijt 
Of Israel vip blisful li)t.' 
fo aeyntia alle fero penne stad, 17697 
Vfiy Jiot bigan to be more glad. 
}ienne coom a mon wifiouten lite, 
fat semed wel to haue ben eremyte, 
Tcfae ofer asked, 'what he was yoni' 
And he vnswored, * I am Ion, 17903 
Ion is my name, voys & prophete, 
Biddyng make ledy ))e strete, 
Je weye bifore goddis face, 
yat to his folk ha]) grauted grace. 
^at iesw I biheld & sije, 17907 

"WTienae he to me was comyng nyje ; 
)iourje |)e holy goost I spake. 
And seide Jw lomb wi])oaten sake, 
He is here, & I seide lo ! 17911 

fat shal J)e worldis synne vndo. 
f o I heef fai sackeles of plijt, 
I sawe vp-on hie licam lijt 
In shap of doufe fe holy goost, 17915 
And herde a voys fro heuen coost, 
hit seide ' fis is my loued son dere. 
In whom I am wel payed je here.' 
Comen am I Ion bifore pat kyi^ 
Bodeworde of him for to bryng, 
Make ^e redy wiJiouteR wite, 17921 
Goddea sone comef jou to visite. 

SeiJ viltJi blythofuH chere ts to 
Thanck we god now comyp oui' £o 
To our lor<J lem Cryste ye blis 
Alle-mi^ty god hie fader is 
In temple was he me by-tawgbt 
Yong in arrays I hym lawght [n«f usi 
The holy goat pus did me raele 
Myn eien lord baue Bene thyne hele 
wrecnhe poa hast for thy folk digfit 
Of- IsraeH wftA blesfuH light 
Tho seintes aUe thei* fian stad 
wttA that bygan to be more glad 
Then come a man witA-out lyte 
That aemyd welle to haue bene Enn jte 
Eche othir astyd what he was f&a 
And he answerid I am loftn 
lobn is my name noyns & prophete 
Byddyng make redy the strete 
The wey by-foi* godde* ffaco 
That to hts folk* hat£ grauntyd grace 
That lena I beheld and sie 
Wten he to roe was comyng ny 
ThoTogli the holy gost I apak< 
And seid the lomb witA-ontyn sake 
he is here and I seid lo 
That shalle tho worlds* synne vndo 
Tho I haue that sakelea of* pli^t 
I saw vpon his lycam light 
In shappe of dove the holy gost 
I hard a voyce fro heuyn cost 
hyt seid this is my louyd sonne dere 
In whom I am welle paid ye here 
Comyn am I loha by-fors that kyng 
Bodeword of* hym for to biyi^ 
Make ye redy witA-outyn wyte 
Godde« Sonne comytll yon to vecyte 

FAIRFAX {laud IIS.) 



|)an said wid blithful chere va to Seide wif blijieful chere vs to 

' je thank drigtitin, nu catna i ju ro, Jjonte we god now comef cure ro 

vr lauerd i&ni crist )ie bliaae, 17889 To cure lord ihemi crist je bUssa 

All-migbti godd es fader hisa. Al my3ti god his fadir isse 

In temple was he me bit^ht, In temple was he nie bitaujt 

And ^ungin armis i him lagbt ; Jong in armes I him laujt 

fia hali gaat Jius did me mele, 17893 Jje boly goost fns dud me mele 

Mine eien lauerd has sene yi hele, Myne ejeu lord han seen Jti tela 

]io quilk >u has jti folk fordiglit Whiche Jiou hast for ])i folk dijt 

Of israel, wid blisful light." Of israel wif bUsful Ujt 

^e saintes alle togedei stad, }}o seyntes alls ])enne Jiere stad 

wid pis bigun p&i mate to glad. 17898 WiJ) pat bigou to be more glad 

[A] man come fan widulen lite, IT Jjenne coom a mon wifouten lite 

fiat semed wele haae bone hermite, \)at semed wel to haue ben eremite 

f ai said till ojwr, ' quat man es yon V Vche ofere asked what he was yon 

And he (laim ansuerd, ' i hate iohn, And he vnswered I am Ion 

John 68 mi nam, voice and prophete. Ion ia my name voia & prophete 

Biddand forto gtaith Je atrete, 17904 Biddyng make redj fe strete 

To graith |)e wai for ctistes face, Jje weye bifore goddea face 

(lat till his folk sal grant vs grace. pat to his folke haf graunted grace 

fat iesus i biheld and aei, 17907 pat ihestis I bihelde & sy 

Quen he to me was comand nel ; Whenne he to me was comyng ny 

Thoru atrinth of Jie haligast i spack, Jjour^e fe holy gooat I apake 

And said, fe Iamb widuten sack, And seide fe lomb wifiouten sake 

Los him here, i said fan, lo ! 17911 He is here & I seide lo 

Jat sal all werldes sin for-do. pat ahal fe worldes synne fordo 

Quen i liaf fat aaclea of plight, ))o I heef fat sakelea of plijt 

I sau apon his licam light I saw vpon his licam li)t 

In achap of douue fe haligast, 17915 In shap of doufe fe holy goost ^J^j** 

And herd a voice fra heuen in hast. And herde a vois fro heuen coost 

And said, ' fia ea mi aan, mi dere, Hit seide fis is my loued son dere 

All je agh him forto here.' 17918 In whom I am wel payed je here 

Comen es i na forwid fat king, [»l»] IT Comen am I Ion bifore fat kynge 

Bodword of hia cum to bring, Bodewoid of him for to bringe 

Goddes sun sal ^u sone visite, 17921 Make je redy wifouten wite 

He CUIUS at hand to slak jur site. Goddes sone comef jou to visit« 



He ^(tt shal louse ;ou out of bond. 
Come]) to ae Jiia lotlly loud.' 17D21 
Yye olde Adam had Tndirstonda 
■* Influmiordanhinihouenofhonde, 
On Bce^ liie sons bigon be cal, 
He seide, ' sone, telle vs aov al 
J» soffastenea & no fiiig helo, 17929 
fat Jpou herdeat of seynt mycchele 
fe aungel, whenne I gan Jie wyso, 
To >o jatis of Paradise, 17933 

To pray oure loid god bo dere, 
To Benda me wi]) his messangere 
^ oyle of hia merciful tre, 1793S 

Jat I aeke myjt anoynt wijt be.' 
}ienne coom seeth & atode nere honde, 
And apak pat alle myjte vndiistonde, 
' I coom,' be aeide, ' to paradis ^te, 
And jeme biaonjte T per-ate, 179iO 
Jienne I m} eeynt michaele met, 
Soone I bim, & be me, grct^ 
'From god,' be aeide, 'I am aent. 
To al monlcynde take I entent. 
Seeth,' be eeide, 'to fe I say 17945 
Jjou bisy fe not, from fis day, 
'Wif Trepyngo preyero for to Wynne 
)» oile fat was bibet for synEO, [' coi. ji 
To anoynte J)i fadir adame, 17949 
For bis lymmes fat jit are lame ; 
jit may he gete hit no wayes 
Bitwene fis & fe laste dayes, 
^rfoie we calle bit dayea laat, 17953 
"Wbenne fyue fouaonde jeer are past. 
Pyne f ousonde jeer fyue store biskille, 
fenrie shal god his grante fulfille. 
His owne sone shal be sende dou« 
In erfe to monnes saluatiou'i, 179o8 


he that sholle lose you out ofi bout) 
Comytb to se this lotbely lond 

Ttho oil} adam bad vnd«retoni{ 
In fium lordon hym hovynofhon<t 
On Bet£ hit sonne by -gan he calle 
He seid aonne telle va now alle 
The eothefastnes and notbyng hele 
That fou bardyat of seint ItCycaele 
The AngiH when I the gau wyse 
To tho yates of panidice 
To pray oui* Ion) go<) so dere 
To send me witA hw messangere 
The oyla off hw mercyfuH tre 
That I aeke mygtlt anoynt witA be 
H Thoa come se1£. and atode nere bond 
And apat that alle might vnderetond 
I come he seid to paradice yate 
An yerh) by-songSt I theie-ate 
Then I witA Seint MicaeH met 
Sone I hym and he me gret 
ffrom god he seid I am aent 
To alle man-kynd take I entent 
Setb he seid to tbs I say 
Thow besy the not from this day 
"With wepyng praier for to wynne 
Tbe Oile that was be-higbt for synne 
To anoynt tby fader Adam 
fibr his IjTnmys that yet at' lame 
yet may be gete yt no wais 
Bytweae this and the last days 
Therefore we Calle yt dais last 
When V M? yer* are past 
T W yei* V scor' by skylt 
Then sballe god his graunt fuH-fille 
bia owne sonne ehalle he aend donn) 
In erthe to mannya saluacourt 
FAiRTAX (laud us.) 



He ^at ea bred sua hei of stianil, 
Ku comes to ae )>i3 lailhliIimd.'lT924 
[QJven aid odaia Kad Tndertane 

^at he was houeii in flum iordane. 
On seth his sun lude gaa he caU, 
And said, ' sun tell til vs all 17928 
fie sothfaatnes, and na thing hele, 
All ^at fiu herd of saint michaele 
Archangele, quen i ^ gan wia 
To fe jatis of paradia, 17932 

To prai vt lauerd drightin dere, 
To send me wid his meaaagere 
ye oyle of his merciful tre, 
^at i, aeke, moght ameiled b«.' 17936 
[p]an come seth and stod ner-hand, 
And apac |)at all might rnderstand, 
' I come )>an to paradis jate 
And gem bisoght i godd fiar-ate, 
^ai i wid saint michel mett, 17941 
Sone i him, and he me, grett, 
' Fra godd,' he said, 'i am ^ sent 
Till all mankind ^an take i tent. 
Beth,' he said, ' to >6 i say 17945 

})at ))a )ie suink naght, fra ^is dai, 
wid greting praier for to gett 
)>e oyle ^at god in hight has sett, 
}ii fadir wid to smerl, adom, 17949 
For his limes ^t jeit er lame ; 
Foi he mai get it nakin wais 
Bituix and at pe last Jvais, 
))arfor cal ee it dais last, 17953 

Quen fine thousand jere sal be paat. 
Fiue thousand jere, ftue skore Jiar-till, 
Itan sal jitightin his hight fulfill. 
His auen sun sal he send dune ,St«a!i^ 
In erde, Jiat mani sal mistron, I796S 

He Jtat ahal louse jou out of bonde 
ComeJ) to se fis lodly londe 
H i)o old Adam had rndiratonde 
In Sum iurdon him Loucn of honde 
On seth his son bigon ho cal 



Jje aofjfaatenes & no f ing heln 

flat Jjou herdest of seynt myjliele 

})e auTtgel whenne I )ie gan wise 

To }o jatis of paradise 

To praye ouro lord god ao dere 

To sende me wip his mcssangere 

Jje oyle of his merciful tre 

pai I seke myjte anoynte wij> )ie 

H jjenne coom seeth & stood nere honde 

And spake ^at alle myjte yndirstonde 

I coom he seide to paradis jate 

And jeme bisou^le I Jiet ate 

jjenne I wij) seynt Michael met 

Sone I hym & he me grct 

From god he seide I am sent 

To al mon kynde take I entent 

Seth he seide to fie I say 

\)cii bisie ^o not from ]iis day 

Wif wepyng preyere for to wyniie 

))e oyle fat was bi het for synns 

To anoynt yi fadir adame 

For his lymmes }at }itt are lame 

Jit may he gete hit no wayes 

Bitwene j)is & )ie loste dayes 

Jjerfore we calle hit dayea last 

"WTienne fyue Jiousonde jere are past 

Fyne {'onsonde ^eer fyue score bi skille 

\)enne shal god his graunt fulfille 

His owen son shal he aende doun 

In erjw to monnes aaluacioun 



Ji £adir cois he alial Tp-reiae, Thy fader cora he shalle vp-reise 

And mony dpere ti (w weysc AniJ many othir by tho weyse 

So holy as he shot be noon 17961 So holy aa he ahidle non) 

HofeD ehal he be ia flum iuidon. hovyn shalle he be in flom iordoii) 

WhenneheohalstyjeTpof fxitatronde, When he ehalle stie vp of* ^t stroni) 

fa oyle he shal biynge in honde, The oyle he shalle hryng in hond 

Of his mercy to anoynt alle wif Of* his mercy to anoynt alio witA 

fai seken trou^ wij» grace or grip. That sekyn trowthe witt grace of grith 

And to alle fo fat beu baptist 17967 Am) to alle tho that bene baptyst 

To laatyng lif in name of cryst. To laatyng lyff in name of" Cryat 

Jiot goddea aone so mycbel of myjt, That goddes sonue so mekytt gP mig&t- 

Among monkynde shal he Ii3t, Among maukyml ehalle he light 

Ji fodir shal he brynge & his 17971 Thy fadir shalle he bryng and his 

Fro belle to paradys fat blis." ffro helle to paradice that blia 

^ patriarkes fat fis herds, Tho patryarkes that this herd 

Wif myche ioye fo fei ferde, 17974 "Wit/i moche ioy tho they ferf 

Motimynge among hem fo woe gone, Moroyng among hem tho was gon) 

"Wif ciy )>ei ioyeden euerychone. WitA Cry they ioydyn euerychon) 

Whenwe sathan aay fo aeyntea IT Whe[n] satan sie tho seintes dei« 

Make al fat myry cheie, L'**™ Make alle that mery chere 

fa duke of dee)) & piynce of helle The Duke of deUi am) prynce of helle 

To helle bigon he ]iiis to spells, 17980 To belle by-gon he fas to spelle 

' Helle,' he seide, ' make fe redy helle he seii) make the redy 

To leceyue iesn hastily, To reysen leva hastely [>iufiM, iiu«] 

|iat boost him goddea aone to be. That bostyffi hym goddes aonne to be ■ 

And jit (le deef ful sore drad he, ^And yet the dethe fuH sore diad he 

He seide for deef Jiat be ahulde dye, he aeiit for dethe that he shuld die 

He fleasche was aeke & dreurye.17986 his flesh was syke and diuiy 

Harde haj) he weired me ^ayn, ^^'^ harJ hat£ he warriiJ me ^ayn) 

And myche marred of my mayn ; And muche marrid of* my mayn) 

Wtom I made blynde, halt, or meeele, whom I made blynd halt or meayll 

"Wif his word he jaf hem hele, 1T990 with his word he yaf hem hele 

I bioujte fe dede men as jiyne awen, I broght the ded men as thyht owes) 

Whiche he haf helle fro fe draweu.' whiche he hath helle fro the diawen) 

fetiao Tnswered heUe to prynce saton, T Then answerd hem to prynce Saton> 

•What is het fataomyjty oon,17994 what is he that so mighty ooid 
oorroM {abusdbl kb.) tMRFAi. {la:7d us.) 


yi fodir cors Tp eal he rais, 17959 
And ab of ojier in ^atin dais. 
poM halier fan he be none 
Houen aal he be ia flora iordana 
Quen he sal ate! vp of ]>at strand, 
^at oyte he sal bring in bis hand, 
Of hia merci to smerl all vid 17965 
flat sekes treuth wid his grace or right,* 
And till all |)aa )>at bers baptist 
To lastand lijf in name of criat. 
fiat goddes sun sua, mekil of might, 
^at mang mankin als man sal light, 
Sal brii^ J)i fader adam and hie 17971 
Of hell to patadis of blis.' c nrxf irttn] 
^e patriarkes ^an berde all |iis, 
Ful mekil ioy ^ai made i-wis 
Might fai na langer munii[n]g mith 
■wid ori fai ioy Jjai gun to keid. 17976 
[Q]ren sathan sau )iai eantes sere 

Make tuix peim Boa blithful chcie, 
Doke of dede and prince of hell, 
Till hell bigan ^us to spell, 
' Hell,' be said, ' ma f o red! 
At receiue iean nu in hij, 17982 

^at rosee him-self goddes sun to be. 
And fiogh man dede dredand es he, 
And said for blod ^at he sal schede. 
His aaule iras dreri for ^e dede. 
Hard has he werraid me again, 
And mekil memd of mi main. 17988 
^at i made wode, halt, blind, and mosel, 
wid word allane be gaue ^nim hele, 
I tagbt }e dede men als )>in auen, 
Bot quilk he has ^aim fra |)e drauen.' 
[^]aii ansnerd hell to prt'oce sathan, 
' Qnat es hel fst sua mightfnl ane, 

}ji fadir cors he shal vp reiae 
And mony opere bi Jjo weysa 
So holy aa he shal be noon 
Houen shal he be in flum iurdon 
whenne he shal stije vp of pat stronde 
]}e oile he shal bringe in honde 
Of his mercy to anoynt alle wif 
pat seken trou)ie wi)> grace or grip 
And to alle p<i pat ben baptist 
To lastyng lif in name of crist 
))at goddes son so muchel of myjt 
Among monkynde shal he Ii;t 
)}i &dir shal he bringe & his 
Fro helle to paradis fiat blis 
}]o patriarkes ^at Jiis herd 
"Wiji muchel ioye f o J>ei ferd 
Mournyng among hem f o was gon 
Wif cry Jiei ioyeden euerychon 
IT whenne sathan say |io seyntis dere 
Make al )>at mery chere 
pe duke of dee]> & prince of helle 
To helle bigon he pas to spelle 
Helle be selde make pB redy 
To receyue ihe«u hastily 
Jjfflt boate him goddes sone to be 
And jitt pe dee^ ful sore drad he 
He aeide for de)) pat he shulde dyje 
His fleashe was soke & drewiye 
Harde haf he werted me ajayn 
And muchel marred of myn mayn 
whom I made blynde halt or mesele 
Wi^ his word he jaf hem faele 
I broujte Jie dede men as {lin awen 
Whiohe be haf helle fro (le drawen 
IT jMnnevnawerde helle to pn'ncesathon 
what is he pat ao myjty on 



So myjty Ss of dee> eo ferd, 17995 So migBty and ot deth so fenJ 

8i^ oUe ^e men of ^ werd. Synna alle the men of* the wercl 

vudic )« ben in watir & londe, vnder the bene in water an<l lon<t 

And ^a hast bronjte hem to myn anct thowhast brogllt hem to myitfhon J 

If pon be BO myjty Jjub, [honde. yp j^ be so mighty fus 

What maner mon is ^t iems 1 1 8000 ' What maner man is that lenu 

Jat werraf on f e ouery whore, That werrytfi on the euery whoi* 

And ai^a diede^ dee) ho sore. anil sithen dredyth deth so sore 

Sif hia monhede ia of aiche myjt, Synne hw manhoda ia of aache miglit 

who may i^eyn hia godiiede fijtl Who may ayen hit god-hede fight 

I aaye aip he ia al weldonde, 18005 I eey senne he is alle woldaniJ 

la no ping may hia wiUe wi)sto!)de. is no-thyng may his wille wit/i-stond 

Why dredde he deef wost ptm not, no, why dredijt he deth wost fon not no 

not for to bigyle fo ao. 18008 Not but for to be-gilo the eo 

He wole )ie take to wo to wende he wille the take to wo to wemJ 

To be fer-in wi^utea ende.' To be there-ynne wttA-outyn emJ 

Bathan Jienne to helle vuswerde, Satan thanne to helle answenl 

He seide, ' why art fou aferde t he seiiJ why art fou ao ferd 

Eeceyue ie«i pou lijier hyne, 18013 resceyre lean pou lythur hyne 

Oare werreour hope myne & pyne. Our* warrioui' bothe myne & thyne 

I haue oure iewia made in stryue, I haue oni* iewis made in etryre 

wip bitter peyne him brynge of lyue, witA byttyr payne hym bryng of lyve 

I made hem ryae j^eynes him 18017 I made hem ryse ayenst hym 

To amyte him wif a apere ful grym. To aymte hym witft a spere futt grym 

Eysel I made hem menge wip gallo, EyseUe I made hem mei^ wi'tA galle 

Tor to slake hia furst wi)s^e. 18020 ffor to skke his thnrst witA-alle 

On tre I dude hem him to bynge, On tre I di<J hem hym to hyng 

And naylesponrje feet &hondiastynge, and naylis thon^h fete &honde«atyn^e 

pe tyme comyng ia now fill nere, The tyme ia now comyng nere 

^ dep ahal biynge him to ts here.' That dethe shalle biyng hym to ts hero 

Helle ^f to aatan vnawere, 18025 If belle yaP to aatan answers 

' At f ia tyme f ou haat tolde me here. Are tbia tyme fou haat told me here 

fat pis aame man was he [ui. Q That this same man waa he 

Jjat dede men dide draws fro me ;] That dede men did draw fro me 

For mani haf i balden here, ''^;15"^ ffor many haue I holdyn here 

Jwt qnila fai in Jie werld were 18030 while that they in word were 



' Soa mightfal maa for dede sua ladd, So mi^ty & of dee^ so ferd (lof ira] 

Si|)en all Jie mighti men er Btadd. Sif alle Jie men of fe werd 

vnfer ^& bath in water and land, 17997 Yndii Jie ben in watir & lond 

And Jm has bri^bt J«ii>» to mi hand. And fou bast btou^t hem to myw bond 

If ^a Jian be sua mighti pas, c m. i] If )>oa be so my^ti paa 

Quatkin a man es fat ieetts t What maner ia fat ihesua 

fat werrais on fe euer-ai quare, 18001 Jjat werref on Jie eueiywbore 

And sifen es dredand dede sua sare. And'sifen dredof def so sore 

Sif en his manhed es snilk of might, Sif bis monhede is of suche mi^t 

Qua mai fan gain bis goddebed fightl who may ^eyn his godhede &ji 

I sai, sifen he es all weilldand, 18005 I say sif he is al weldonde 

Es na thing mai bis will widstand. Is no fing may his wUle wifstonde 

Quidredesbededel fu urate noght, na, whi dredde he deef woston not no 

Kogbt hot forto snike fe sua Not but for to bigile fe so 

He will f e take and waif in wa lie wol f e take to wo to wende 

To lend far-in euer and a.' 18010 To be ferynne wifouten onde 

[S]ir sathan fan till bell ansuerd, Sathan fenne to helle vnswerde 

And said, ' qni art f u sua ferd ! He aeide wbi art fou so ferde 

Eeceiue iem fou witberwin, Eeceyue ihesu fou lifer byne 

vr werreur bath mi and fine. 18014 Oure werreour bofe myn & fine 

I haae him bndit to driue to dede, I baue oure iewes made in etryue 

Mine eldrin folk of iuen lede Wif bittwr peyn him brynge of lyue 

Haae i done rise agdnes him, I made hem rise t^eynes him 

To strike him wid a sper€ ful grim. To smyte him wif a apere ful grym 

' AJsel hane i blend wid gall, 18019 Eisel I made hem menge wif galls 

For to sleke his tbreist wid-all ; For to slake bis first wif alle 

On tre i haae him gert to hing, On tre I dud hem bim to hynge 

And nailis thorn his heud to sting ; And nailes foui^e feet & hondes stinge 

fe time es nu comand nere, 18023 \)e tyme is now comynge neere 

fat dede sal bring him till vs here.' fiat def abal bringe him to vs here 

[f Jan gaf hell to sathan anauer, IT Helle jaf to sathan vnswere 

' fu said it me sum time are, 18026 Ar fis tyme fon bast tolde me here 

fat fis ilke man was he pat fis same mon was he 

was wont to drau f e dede men fra me ; })at dede men dud drawe fro me 

for mani baue i halden here. For inony hauo I holden here 

fat quilis f ai in fis werid were 18030 whil fat f ei in world were 
oeiTiXGEfJ TKixirr 

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Has bad ded men fia me hejien, havo lefl dede men) &o ine even 

Koglit wit fail might bot his of heuen. Xot wi'tA her migbt bote is of* henyn) 

He )iat of heuen ea all weldaud, he that ia of hevyn kyi^ 

He gaf Jie ded to }>am praiand, 18034 be yaf tlie dede to hem praying 

^nd Jiis ieeus quat man him knaus, What is this leaua with bis laws 

^t ^tis ^e ded oi fta ne drans ; That fits the dede from ts drawis 

iNoght wit praier als o|ier did, 18037 Kot witA praier as othir detl 

Bot wit his word fat he wald bidd. But oo wonj that be woIcJ byl 

Itfai fall yia ea fat ilk iema, hit may be )is is fat lestu 

^at stincand lazarum fra ua That et^nckyng lazar toke fro ts 

Of his erthing f e thrid dai Of his grave the iiij"" day 

Laiad and him ledd a>wai, 13043 he hym toke and lad away 

]» quilk al ded him quick i yald, that dede &om detb to lyf he dight 

jiis word wit-stand had i na wald.' his woid wttA-stond had he no might 

)ian gaf ansuar, fat fala fede, IT That answeni that fala of cede 

fut prince ea bath and duk o ded, Fiynce of helle Ss duke of dede 

' JPLB ilk ie*w for-Both ea Jiat 18047 This ilk- Ie«M aothely is be 

fat greuis Ts in mani-quat,' That tnakytb va oft gtevyd to be 

^ Quen bell had herd aathan san, IT Whan helle herd sathans saw 

Said, ' of him me atandes an, Of hym he seid ma atondyth aw 

Thoru TT mightea bath to-gedir 18051 Thorough oui* myghtes bothe to-geder 

I fa for-bede J»ou bring him hider. I the for-bede fon bryng hym hefer 

For quen i word herd fat he badd ffor when in erthe a won) he badi 

I quok for him, ana wex i ladd ; y quoke foi hym so was i drad 

And ala min wicked werkea eke And alle my wyckyd weikes eke 

For-blended wer thoru his aun apeke, ffordon) were thorogh hym ao meke 

Ne lajar bad we Da hald, 18057 Als of lazar had we non) hold 

Bot titter |ian o tuuge ea tald, Bot sonner ^en of toiig* is told 

Fra bus he lepe aelcutli light, fErom ts he lep selcowfe ligBt 

Was neuer em aa fiia o ilight was noTii erh) so fresh to flight 

Til he come (lar bis licam lai, 18061 Tille he come Jwr hia lycam lay 

And (lar-wit went he forth hia waL And ao went forth bothe her way 

Als wat i nu, and wenia noght, Welle wote y now & wene yt nt^t 

^t he ^ot suilkins mightes mt^ht he that suche mightes wroght 

Ea god stalworth weldand in will ys atolwortll god weldyng in wille 

In manhed mighti to ful-iitl, 18066 And manhode mighty to fuH-fille 




Has ofte hod dede men fra me hefien, Han rafte dede men fro me euen 

Wi^ht wid fair might bot hia of heuen. Kot -with her my^t but his of heaen 

Hejtttofheuenesallweildand, ^"'ij'^ He fnt is of heuen kynge 

He gaue fe dede to faint praiand, He jaf fe dede to hem proyinge 

And fis iestis qiiat man him knaua, "What is fia ihesus wip his lawes 

Jat f UB fe dede he fra vs draus ; fat Jiiis fe dede from ts dmwea 

Noght wid praier als ofer did, 18037 Not wiji pj-ejera as ofej-o did 

Bot wid his word fat he wald bid. But o worde Jwt he wolde bid 

Mai fall fis es fat ilk iesui, Hit may be fia is fat ihe«ua 

fat atinkand lazarun fia vs ))at stynkynge lajer toke fro V3 

Of hia erding fe thridd dai Of his gratie fe ferfe day 

He losed him, and ledd away, 13042 Ho hitn toke & lad away 

fa quilk al dede Mm qoick he jald, fat dede firom def to tif he di3t 

His word widstand had i no wald.' His word wif atonde had he no myjt 

[f]aa gaue ansuer, fat fals fede, ^ }}enne vnswerde fat fas of rode 

fat bath es pnnce and duke of dede. Prince of helle & duke of dede 

'fia ilk iemu es for-soth fat 18047 )3i8 ilke ihems aofely is he 

fat greuis ts in mani-quat.' \)al makef vs ofte greued to be 

[Q]uen hell had herd fis sathan saw, whenne helle had herde sathan sawe 

' Of him me standes mekil aue. Of him he seide me stondef awe 

Thoru vr mightes bath to-gedit 18051 four^e oure myjtia bofe to gider 

I fa forbede fa bring him hedir. I fe forbede fou btinge him hlder 

For quen in eide word fat he bad For whenne in erfe awerd he bad 

1 quock for him, aua wex 1 lad ; I qnook for him so was I drad 

And al mine wicked werkes eke And alia my wickede weikea eke 

For-dune war thora his auer speke. Fordone were fourje him so meke 

Ne of lazamn had we na hald, 18057 Als of h^er had we noon holde 

Bot titter fan of tung ea tald. But eofler fen of tonge is tolde 

Fra vs he lepe selcuthli light, From vs he lep selcouf lijt 

was nener em sua fas to flight Was neuer em so freeshe to flijt 

Til he come far his licam lay, 18061 Til he coom fere his licam lay 

And f ar-wid went him forth his way. And so went forf bofe her way 

wele wat i nu, and wenis noght, Wei woot I now & wene hit noujt 

fat he fat suilkin mightes moght He fat suche myites wrou^t 

Ea godd stalworth weildand in will If stalworf e god weldynge in wille 

And manhed m^hti forto fulfi11,18066 And monhede myjti to fulfille 



103S "if tou BBiya jesus here, he will lead to life all who ABE SHUT t 


And 68 sauuer o mans lede. 18067 
And if fiou hider-ward him lode. 
All fat here sperd ar wit me, 
In prisun o mi craelte. 
Dim ia dome o ded aa dime, 18071 
To lijf he sal Jiam lede wit him.' [< cd. tj 
^ IT To^juila f ot hell and prince sathan 
Hade ^am emell all murnand man, 

^t come a steuen ale thoner blast, 
A gastli aoice criand ful fast, 18076 
' J» prince of hell, Tudos your yate ! 
fa king o blis will haf in-late.' 
Qtten hell herd fia, he said ouan, 
' foM do |)e hefien fra me, sathan ! 
A foint fighter me thine er Jjou, 18081 
Hu sal )n>u fight a-gain iesul' 
Wit >ia gafhell it^lf a braid, 
And keet vte aathan ^n and said, 
' Til bis wicked werkes samen 16085 
8pecs you yatea, j)is es na gamen. 
Your brasin yatea spera nu wele. 
And bindes ^m wit bairs o stele. 
And forces yow wit might and m[a]in 
Stalwortbli to stand a-gain, 18090 
At wb, wit all fat we wald, 
Be tan in o))er mans fald.' 
V })is herd }6 santes all, and said 
Till hell wit wordes of up-brald, 
' Bot open np pin yates wide, 18095 
Lete in Jre king, wit-vten bide ! 
In sal he com, Jw kyng o bliss.' 
Bauid saitt on hei wit Jjis 
' 8ted,' he said, ' sn tas mi saus 
)iat i for-tald in form daua, 18100 


And ia aaTyoni* oP mannys sede 

Anti yf Jwu bym hydyr lode 

AUe that here are of> men wi'tA meyne 

Is preaon oft my Cruelte 

done by dome to del£ so dym 

To lyff* he wille hem lede wt't/i hyin) 

W while thathelletSfprinceSaton} 
Made to-gedyr ft's mornyng 
There come a stevyn as thonder-blast 
A Gostly TOys Crying fast 
ye prynces off helle vndothe yowr yate 
The kyng oP bliase wolle bane in late 
when belle this bent it seid anon) 
do now go hen fro me saton) [utf iraj 
A faint fygbter me thynck art Jwu 
how wylt Jou fight vfit/i lesu now 
yritk that yaf belle yt-self* abiaide 
And cast out ^o Satan & seicl 
To his wyckyij werke* samen 
BpBie youi' yate« fia is no gamen 
your" braayn yatea flpei* yon welle 
And byndytb hem Witft baireji of stele 
£nforsyth you witft might and mayne 
Stalworthely to stond ajen 
Ar ye wtt/i aUe tho that we ne woU ' 
Bytake in o^er mennya hold 
IT This herd tho seintes alle & seid 
To helle witft wordes off' ynhreid 
Opyn Tp the yate* helle wyde 
lette ynne ouf kyng wttft-outyn abyde 
be wolle in come the kyng of blis 
Dauid seid anon) wi'tA this 
To end he seid now comyf my aaws 
That I aeid by old Daws 

FAIRFAX {laud its.) 

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Aud 6B sauueoT of maoes lede. 180C7 
And if ^11 hedir Mm lede, 
All fat her here apred wid me, 
In preaun of mi creuelte, 18070 

'Dune in dome of dede sua dim, [wi. bj 
To Igf be eai faim lede wid him.' 
[T]Oquilis pat hell and prince sathaa 
Made faint emell sli mumand mane, 

far com a ateuen als thoru blast, 
A gasteli voice criand ful fast, 18076 
' }e princes of helle, mdoa jur jate I 
fe king of blis will haue in-late.* 
Quen bell herd f is, it said on-ane, 
' f a do fe befen fra me, sathan 1 
A faint fighter me thine ert fn, 18081 
Hu sal f u fight ^^n iera 1 ' 
wid f is gaue hell it-self a braid, 
And kest vte sathan fan and a^d, 
' Till his wicked werkis samen 18035 
Speiia jni ^atis, f is es no gamen. 
jm braaen jates nu sepere je wele. 
And bindea faim wid bar of atele, 
And forcea }u wid might and main 
Stalworthli to stand ^ain, 18090 
Are je, wid all faa fat we wald, 
Be tane in ofei menes halde.' 
[f]i9 herd f e saintes all, and aaid 
Til bell wid wordes of vpbraid, 18094 
' Bot opin vp fin jates widcj 
Lat in f e king, widvten bide ! 
In sal he c[n]me, fe king of blis.' 
Banid said on hij wid f is 
' Sted,' he said, ' nu tas mi sans 18099 
fat i fortald in forme dans, 

And is saueour of monnea sede 

And if f ou hint hidur lede 

Alle fat here are of men wif meyne 

In prisoun of my cruelete 

Done hi dome to def so dym 

To lyf he wol hem lede wif him 

Whil fat helle & pn'nce satbon 
Made to gider fis moumyng 
^fefe coom a steuen as fondir blast 
A goostly voia criyi^e fast V Im(io»,WiJ 
je pTv'neea of helle vndof joure jate 
)>e kyng of blis wol haue in late 
when»e helle fis herde hit seide anono 
Do now go hennes fro me sathone 
A feynt ^tere me finke art fow 
How woltou fijte wif ibesn now 
wif fat jaf helle hit self abreid 
And cast out fo aathan & seide 
To hia wicked werkea aamen 
Spere )oure ^atis f ia is no gamen 
joure brasen jatia apere je wele 
And byndef hem wif barres of stele 
Enforaef jon wif myjte & mejn 
Stalwoifely to etonde ajeyn 
Ar je wif alle f o fat we ne wolde 
Be take in of^re mennes bolde 
V }}ia herde f o seyntis alle & seido 
To helle wif wordea of vmbreide 
Open Tp fi jates helle wide 
Let in joure kyng wif outen abide 
He wol in com fe kyng of blis 
Dauid seide anoon wif fis 
To ende he seide now com my sawes 
pat I seide bi olden dawes 


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His meroi ea knaun, ^at lauerd king, ht« mercy is kiiowyn that lor<) kyoj; 

And his Belcathefl til ur oxspring.' An<J hit selcowtliM to our oP-Bpijng 

jfat brut fe braseti yates «a stnng, Than brest tho brasyrt yatm strong 

And stelen croc ^at }»i wit hang. AnJ stelyn lokket that thei'-on hong 

IT Said ysai ^an, ^t prophet, 18109 Then seit} Isai the prophite 

' ))i8 es fat i yow quilum het. This ia that I aum-tyme be higfit 

Vp sal ])e dede riae, i yow said, Vp shultl the dede lyse anJ seiA 

Vte o ))air graf ]iar fai ware laid ; Out of< the giaTS he was ynne leid 

And }ian ^ai aal be blith and glaid, Then they shult} be mery anif glad 

^e folk ^at er in erth atadd, 18110 The folk* that in wo were atad 

Foi fra ^e lauerd }>&r light sale ffor &o that lord shalle come in dole 

A deu, al for to mak fam hale, A dew of rede to make hem hole 

On Jam sal spred, thoru his might, On hem to spryng by hi« migfit 

Ala he in adam time hade higbt. 18114 As he in Adams tyme higKt 

To ded i said, 'qtMit es })i atangi' [ 

Till hell, 'quaraTfii mightesstrangV w> gap in the if S.^ 

Qum f ai hod herd fie of ysai, EJ^JJ.^ When they hartJ this off* Isai 

^ santes all fai gaf a cri 18118 Tho seint«« alle yaff^ a Giy 

Till hell, ' vn-do ))in yateB Buith I To helle / Tndo the yates fast 

J»ou ert na crachuu fia (lis sith. 18120 Now art jwu wreche doua) oast 

Hell,' fai said, ' onercnnimen er f on belle they seid ouyr-comyn art feu 

And ener wit-vten might &a nu t ' And euyr witft-outyn might fro now 

And eft far come a mikel stenen, And eft ther' come a mochiH etevyn 

Ala it a tboner war of heuen, 18124 As yt were a thonder of" heuyn 

' Open yuT yatee ! yee prmces, wide, Opyn your* yatw ye prynce* wyde 

To blisful king, wit-vten bide ! 18126 To blessefnU kyng w/tA-out abyde 

He will cum in, fat king o bliss.' he wolle come yn / that kyng of blis 

Bot qwen fo^ hell had herd al fis When that belle had herd this 

fat auilk a stenen tois had f am BOght, That this etevyn ij' had sowght 

He said, als he had wist it noght, Alas he seid that I was wroght 

' fat king o blis, qwat es he, fat J ' The kyng ofP blisne what ia he fat 

Dauid fan said, 'wel wat i quot 18133 Dauid seid I wote wele what 

fe words fat i hen of cri, Thise wordett that I heie-of* Cry 

Ful wel i knau fam,' said daui ; Wella I know hem seid dany 

• For i wit propheci it hight ffor I witA prophesy had hight 

Thoru fe haligast might, 18136 By the holy goat«« might 




His merci hia knauen, pat laoerd king. 
And his selcnthee tit ti ospring.' 
])an brast )ie brasea jate sua Strang, 
And atelin lock fat Jiar-on hang, 
[fijan Mid ysai, J»at p^-ophete, 18105 
' J^js es pat i qailam jn hete, 
vp sal ])e dede rise, i ju said, 
vte of fair graue Jtai war in-laid ; 
AndfanfaisalbebUtbandglad, ^'fj'*'''' 
|rat folk fat er in erd stad, 18110 

For fra fe lauerd far-tn light sale 
A deu, al forto make faim hale, 
On faim sal sprede, thorn his might, 
Als he in adam time had hight, 18114 
To dede i said, 'quar es fi stang^'i 
To hell, 'quares fi mightes.strang'l 
Quenfai had herd fis of ysai, pus.aund.] 
fa santes all fai gaue a cri 18118 

Till hell, ' vndo fin jates suith ! 
Nu eit fu crachun fra fis sight. 
Hell,' fal said, ' onercomen art f ii 
And euer widvten might fra nu } ' 
[A]nd ;eit far comen a mekil stenen, 
Als it war a thoner of henen, 18134 
' Opin jur jatea ! je pji'nces, wide. 
To blisful kii^, widyten bide ! 
He wil cum in, fat king of blis.' 18127 
Bot quan fat hell had herd all fis 
fat fis steuen tuis had faint sc^ht, 
lie said, als he had herd it noght, 
' fat king of hlis, quat es he, fat 1 ' 
Dauid said fan, ' wele wate i quat 
fir wordes fat i here of cri, 18133 
Fill wele i knan f aim,' said daui ; 
' For i wid propheci had bight 
Thorn fe haligastes might, 16136 


His mercy is knowen fat lord kyng 
And his selcouf es to cure ospring 
}}enne brast fo brasen jates strong 
And stelen lokes fat fere on hong 
}]enne seide Isay fe propheto 
pit is fat I som tyme bihete 
Yp shulde f e dede rise I seide 
Out of fe graue he was In leide 
fen»e fei shulde be mery & glad 
})e folke fat in wo were stad 
For fro fat lord shal com in dole 
A dew of redde to make hem hole 
On hem to sprede bi his myjt 
As he in Adames tyme hijt 


710 gap in (he MS^ 

Whenne fei herde fis of Isay 
]]e seintis alle jaf a cry 
To helle vndo fi jatis fast 
If ow artou wrecche doun cast 
Helle fei seide ouercomon art few 
And euer wif outen myjte fro now 
And efte f er coom a mechel steuen 
As hit were a f ondir of heuen 
Open Tp joure jatis je princes wide 
To blisful kyng wifouten abide 
He wol com In fat kyng of blis 
whenne fat helle had herde fis 
fat fie Steven twyes had soujt 
Alas he seide fat I was wroujt 
J3e kyng of blis what is he fat 
Dauid seide I woot wel what 
Jjese wordis fat I here of ciy 
Wel I knowe hem seide dauy 
For I wif propheci had hijt 
Bi fe holy gostia myjt 


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And fiat i tald hod foi-^t >au 1S137 That I told by-for> of tlian 

I sai ^e Qu, wele i it can. I sey you non- welle yt can 

^ laiierd ^at ea aua mikel o laight, That lonf that is witA-outyn wrong 

fai es sa atrang and stijf in fight, And euyr in myglit aliche strong 

)ie blis-ful kjng |iis ee pat ilk, 18141 This blesfuS kyng it is that ache 

For pax mai be naiiofier snilk, ffor thei* may be non) oper sncha 

He pat bi-heild fra heuen dun he that by-held ffrom heuyn donn) 

To here ^e plaint of his prisun, To here the playnt oft his preson 

Of his sinful sigband sa sare, 18145 how they in synfuH syjhyng wai* 

To leae |)ain o band and care. he thought to lose hem out of car* 

And ))0U bell, sua fule stinkand thing, Now thow helle falls of styng 

Vn-do, lete in ^e blieful king 1 ' Tndo let ynne thy blesfult kyng 

T Qiiils dauid talked Jius tU heU While Dauid seid thus to helle 

Sli words als yee here me tell, 18150 Sucho wordes as ye herd me telle 

fat kyng pat al has in his weld, The kyng that alle thyng hatB in weld 

He come in wit a blisful beild, he come ynne wttA a blesfuH held 

f 6 lauerd self in hia godd-bede The lord hym-selP in hi* godhede 

Wit-in pe scape of ui manbede. Come ther* for to do that ded 

p»& waful wras sa dedli dim, 18155 Tho wofuH were so dedly dym 

All lighted pe lem pat come wit him, Allelig[h]tydtbelyinthatcomeof'hy;n 

Brast all pe bandea of nr sete, be brcst the bonded o^ oat' synne 

And visite us wit grett delite, And made ya beiiyn ayen to wyn) 

In pat mirknes ^ar we lai, ffro that deikenes there we lay 

Euer in night wit-vten dai. 18160 There euyr is uyglit and euyr day 

'T Qiten bell and ded sagh it be sua, f I Itho belle and deth sie it be so 

f ai and fair werkes f ul o wa, p eoL *] JL they and her werkes fuH of wo 

J)ai war for-wondred o fat light. They wer* for-wondyrd of" that ligtlt 

In fair centre fai sagb sa bright. In her contrey they sie no bryg&t 

Qwen fai sa brathli ie«u sagh, 13165 when they leea* opynly saw 

O moDg pail settles stad sa lagh. Among her sete« there downe so low 

O fair pride thoght fam litel plau Of her pride thought hem no prow 

And gaf a cri wit mikel au ; 18168 They yafP a Cry lowde y-now 

' Qttat ert f ou, f us ea hider cummen, What art fou pus hetbii comyn 

pua has bus in )>i pouste nomment Thow bast ts with thy poste nomytil 

Wi qudt ert fou pat es sa wight what art pov. that art so wyght 

Yr scenscep for to scan to drightt Oni* shentsbip to shew in sigbt 


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And fat i tald of forwid )ian 18137 Jjat I tolde bifote of fan 

I sai ju nn, wele i it can, I say jou now wel I hit can 

f e lausrd fat es sua mekil of might, Jjat lord Jiat is wifouten wrong 

fat es sua Strang and stif in fight. And euer iu myjt I liche strong 

Jie bliaful king fis ea fat like, 18141 Jjis blisfid kyng hit is fat iche 

Tor far mai be nanofer suilk. For fe?^ may be noon ofere aiche 

He f ot biheld fra heuen doune He fat bihelde fro heuen doure 

To here f e plant of his pjvsune, To here f e pleynt of his pn'souM 

Of bis sinful sighanil sua Bare, 18145 How fei in synfnl eikyng ware 

Tolese faimvteofbandofcare. pooLs] He foujte to lonee hem out of care 

'And f u hell, sua fule stinkand atii^, Kow f ou heUe foale of etynke 

vndo, late in fe bliaful king ! ' Tndo let In f i blisful kyng 

[Q]uilia dauid teld fus till hell whil dauid seide fus to helle 

Sli wordis als je herd me teU, 18150 Suche wordis as je herde me telle 

fat kii^ fat all has in hia weild, )}e kyng fat al f ing haf in welde 

He come in wid a bliaful beild. He coom in wif a blisful belde 

f e lauerd him-self in hia goddhed )>e lord him self in his godhede 

wid-in fe schapp of tt manbed. 18154 Coom f#ro for to do fat dede 

fa waful wiaa sua dedeli dim, J)o woful were so dedly dym 

All lighted f e leme fat come wid him, Alle lijted f e leme fat coom of him 

Brast all f e bandes of tt site, He brast fe bondes of oure synne pi uu 

And yiaited ts wid grete delite, 18158 And made ts heuen i^ein to wynne 

In fat mirknes far we lay. Fro fat derkenes fere we lay 

Euer in night widuten day. Jjere euer is nyjt & neuer day 

[QJueu hell and dede sau it be 6ua, % Jjo hello & deef say hit be so 

fai and fair werkis fol of wa, 18162 Jjei & her werkes ful of wo 

f ai war for-wondrid of fat light, J^ were forwondride of fat lijt 

In fair cuHtre fai saa sua bright. In her cuntre fei say so brijt 

Quen fai aua brathli ie«a sau, 18165 whenne fei iheim openly sawa 

£mang fair settlls stad sua lau. Among her aetes f er doun so lawe 

Of fair prid thoght faim littel plau Of her prido foujte hem no prow 

And gaue a cri wid mekil an ; 18168 Jjei jaf a ory loude I now 

'Quat ett fu, fus ea heder comew, what art fou fus hider comen 

f n has vs in f i ponate nomen t pou haat vs wif f i pouate nomen 

Quat es f u fat ea sua wight 18171 What arton fat art ao w^t 

TT Bchenschip forto scheu to dright? Cure shenshepe to ahewe in aeijt 


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Sua prieful quor es ^ou o pigbt, 
^t kstaud signe Jve bera wit, 18174 
])at Uioru ^e wreth. o ^i maieste 
Condemps )ius all m pouste 1 
Quat ert ^ou, aua grett, aua small 1 
|<oa ert sa lagh sa hei wit-all, 18178 
Batli als king and empanir 
And scapp o thrall sa stijf in stur, 
Sua atijf in slur, and king o blis, 
Ded and alsua liuand ea, 18182 

^t ^e croice bar on bim alan, 
And ded lai lukeu vnder atan. 
In f i deiing all thyngea dred, 
^e stemes in ^aii miglites medd, 
Bltuix >e ded fre ert fou nu, 18187 
Vr legionus all drouea fiou. 
And quat art ^ou fat loiLsea Jiaa 
fat fonuast Bin sua band in waT 
yai caateu war in caitif-te, 18191 
To formast &edom mas )>ou fre. 
Quat er tu Juit bua wit ^i leme 
Lightea adam bam-teme, 18194 

^at blind lai thoru meicknes o plight, 
And fon fat sceus sa aelcut li^t ) ' 
T f ua said all faa legiuna 
feiudea, caaten ala ciachuna, 18198 
fai ^ sua brathli dun war cast, 
Jiai war ful dred and al ^ast. 
Wit a Toice all [lai cried fan, 
'Qu«|)en es ))0U sua eelcut man,lS202 
Man sua mighti, mikel and scene, 
And si)^en of all coates dene, 
For f e erthifl werld fat has ben ai PJ,'^' 
Yr TBderlut ala to fis dai, 18206 

fat aght UB rent o yong and aid, 
Bot neuer fai suilk a rent ns yald. 

So prycef qH what art f ou oP pytR 

The laatyng syne that beryat f e witfl 

That thorow wreche oEP thy m^este 

Conderapnyat fou alle oui* pouste ^*j' 

what art f ou ao grete and smalla 

That art ao low and hie wftA-alle 

Bothe aa kyng and Empecoui' 

In ahappe of* thralle ao atyfi in atoui' 

So strong fou ait and kyng of blis 

Dede were fou and levyng b 

On the Oiosae wore fou alone 

Ded lay fou lokyn vnd^ atone 

In thy dying aUe thyng diad 

The steiiia in her mightes made 

OP that deth fre art fou now 

Oure legions alle diatrowbolyst fou 

What art fou that lowaiat so 

That formest synne bond to wo 

Tho tiiat were cast in Caytyfte 

To formeat fredom makyst fou &ee 

What art fou fat ytith thy leme 

lightynnest adams bamiteme 

That blynd lay by datkenea ot synne 

To muche ligfit fou bryn^ist ynne 

Thus seid alle tho legioua there 

OP fendis that donne^aatyn were 

Tho that so breuely were doune-cast 

They were fuH ferd and aore a-gast 

"With 00 voice alle Cried fan) 

Whethyn art fou so selcowfe man 

So mighty a man & ao ahene 

And then oP alle aynnya clene 

ffor alle this world yt hatK bene ay 

Our* vndirlowte tylle now this day i 

To bryng vs rent oP yoi^ and olcJ | 

But nevir auche rent aa fou yt yold I 


Sua prisful quat ert fa of pith, So priafil what art fou of pift 

fat lastand aigne fe betia wit, 1817i Jje lastyng signe fat berest fe wip 

fat thorn wretli of fi maieate ]3at fourje wreche of pi maieste 

Coudempnid pu pus all tt pouste } Condempuest pou al oure pouete 

Qoat ert fu, sua grete, sua small 1 What art pou so greet & smal 

pu ert sua lau and hei wid-all, I8I78 ]iat art so lowe & heje wif-al 

Bath ak king and emperur Bofe aa kyng and empei'our 

In schap of Uiral sua stith in stur, In ahap of pral ao atif in etour 

Sua stith in sture, ajid king of bliss, So atrong pou art & kyng of blia 

Dede and alaua liuand ea ; 18182 Deed were fou & lyuyng is 

pat pe croice bare on pe slan, On fe crois were pou aloon 

Dcde lay lukcn vnderatan. Deed lay pou loken vndir stoon 

In pi deieng all thingea dred, SS*']**" ^'^ 1"' •isjynge alio ping dradde 

pe stemis in pair mightes med, pe aterres in her myjtis madde 

iiituix pi dede fro ea pu nu, 18187 Of pat dep fre art pou now 

vr legiona all droues pu. Oure legiouna alle diaturbeat fow 

[A]nd quat es pu pat louses sua What art pou pat louaest ao 

pat formast ain aua band in wa t pe formast aynne bond to wo 

fat casten war in caitiuite, po pat were cast in caitifte 

To formast fcedom mas pu fre. 18192 To formaat fredome makestou fi'e 

Quat es pu pat aua wid pi leme^ what art pou pat wip pi leme 

Ku lightes adam bam-teme, pHS-iime] Ujtonest Adames barmteme 

pat blind lay thoru mirknes of plight, Jjat blynde lay bi derkenes of synne 

And pupaiwischeuB sua selcnth light!' To myehel lijt pou bringest Inno 

pus said all pa legions 1S197 ))us seide alle po legiouns pere 

Of feindes, castin als crachuna, Of fendes pat douii caaten were 

pat pai aua hrathli dune war cast, jio pat so bremely were doim cast 

pai war ful dred and all agaat. ]3ei were ful forde & sore agast 

wid a voice all pai crid pan, 18201 wip a voia alle cried pan 

' Quepen es pu sua selcuth a man, Wbennea art pou so selcoup man 

Sua mekil man, mighti and schene, So mijty a mon & so shene 

And sipen of all costes clene. And penne of alle synnes clene 

Por erdes werld pat has bene ay For alle pia world hit hap ben ay 

vr vnderiuto all to pia day, 18206 Oure vndirloute til now pia day 

pat ^h T8 rent of jong and aid, To bringe ts rente of jonge and olde 

Bot neuer auilk a rent pai tb jald. But neuer suehe rent as pou hit jolde 


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A ded man soilk als tis ea an 18209 A dede maa suche as ^u art ooii) 

Til us ne sent fai nener nan. To va ere sent yt nevir non) 

Qoat ait [wu fan fat es sa balil What art foa that art bo bold 

Cummen f is wise in-til vr hald 1 To come ttU wyse in-to oui' holtJ 

Jat ea noght for vt pines radd 18213 That art not for our* pjaya diwJ 

Bot louses )iat in Jiaim er stadd. But iowsyst tho in payne be Btad 

Quatkin maistri mas Jiou on hus t What manar mastiy makyst foa on va 

Mai fall poa ert fat ilk ieeue May ffallo poa ait that ilk' lesua 

fat UB aathan vi prince of talJ, 1S217 That Satan oui' piynce vs of told 

And o ^i ded on lode sa bald, And of< thy dethe on rode so bold 

^«t tboiu fi ded apon fat tie, That thorogB thy detfi vpon that tre 

All fis wetid suld bou to fe.' AUe this woriiJ shnld bow to the 

Wit ftis can iesus him to wreth 18221 WitA that lesiis wratE by-gan 

Als }>of he biath had bene in broth. Sone was yt sene of Satan f>aii) 

Sathan, Jiat pinful prince, be laght Satan that paynefuM piynce he lawgKt 

And vnder might of hell him taght, And vnder myght of' lielle by-tawght 

And adam til-waid him he drogh. And adam toward hym he diow 

Jtar blis o brightnea waa i-nogh. 1S226 There blisse of brightnes was ynow 

Hell hint )>am fat geTa[i]d grim I helle hent then that Geraid giym 

And selcut anaipli anibhed him, And wonder sharply snyhhyd hym 

' fou prince o tinsel and fou duk IT Thow prince he eeid of loos & duke 

waatful weiT, sir bekabuk, 18230 Of wastfuti werk Sir belaabnb 

Skoming )ioa ait o god angel, Out-cast ^u art of goddf^ AngUle 

Despit of al rightwis and lei ; dyspyte of alle r^htwys and lele 

fe king o blis qui did fiou haug Thekyngof blissewhydiddist])ouhong 

And hight us haf sa mikel fang. To do ts lese that we had long 

Bot nu fi sothed wel es kydd, 18235 But now thy foly wele is kyd 

pat litted wist fou qwat Jion did; Lytitt wjrst (wu what fou did 

Lou ! nu hu fia ie»us hei lo now how this lems here 

Thoiu light of his godhed aa clei, Thoiogh lig&t of hia godhede cleie 

Vr mirckenes driuea he all dun,18239 This maikenes diyvith doun) 

^ bandes broken of ur priaun. And bondis biekytB oi^ hia preaoan) 

Jiis bonden has he reft us iia, hia boundyn hath he reft ts fro 

And all )rat wepe wit-in tt waa, And alle that wepyn witAin out' wo 

fai faild us sua at vi bidding 18243 They serve va bo that our* byddyng 

Ea all foi>4un for fair praiii^. ya alle for-done witA her praying 


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A dede man siiilk als f>is ea ane A deed mon suche as )ioa art one 

Til vs jeit sent f&i neuer naiie. 16310 To vs er sent hit neuer none 

Qiiat es fu p&n fiat ea sua bald What art foa fai art so bolde 

Comen pia wise intill tt hald 1 To com }iis wise into oure holde 

)>ftt ee aoght for vr pines radd 18213 pat art not for oure pynes drad 

Bot louses )>a in )>aim er stadd. But lousest |)o in hem bistad 

Quatkia maiatri mas fu on tb ) What maner maiatry makestou on va 

Mai fall (tu art }>at ilk ihesus 18216 May falle fou art fat ilke Ibesus 

pat sathan vr prince ts of tald, ]>at sathan oure prince ts of toldo 

And of Jii dede on rode sua bald. And of pi deeji on rode ao bolde 

, ))at thoru Jii dede apon fat tre, Jwt foui^e pi def vp on fat tre 

All pis werld suld bou to fe.' 18220 Al Jiia world shulde bowe to fe 

[w]id f is gan lesm him to wreth WiJ» fat ihesus wraffo bi-gon 

Als f ou he brath had bene in bretlL Soone was hit sene of sathan f on 

Sathan, fat pinfulprjnce,helaght [«).i] Sathan fat pyneful prr'nce he laujt 

And Tnder m^ht of hell bitaght, And vndir myjt of helle bitaajt 

AndadamtillwardhedTogh,'[iMB.dnight] And Adam towaid him he drowje 

far blise of brightenes was enogh. J)€re blia of br^tenea was ynov^e 

Hell hint fan fat gerard grim 1 18227 Helle hent f enne fat gerard grym 

And aelcuth anapli anybhid him, And wondir aharply anybbed him 

' f u pi'i'nce of tinael and f u duke - ^ )}ou prince of looa he aeide & duk 

Of wastful werk, air helzabuk, 18230 Of wastful werk sir belaabuk 

Schorning f u ert of gode angele. Out caat fou art of goddes aur^ele 

Despit of all rightwis and lele ; Dispit of alle ri^twia & lele 

fe king of blis qiu did f u hang J}e kyng of blia whi doatou honge 

And hight ua haue sua mekil fang. To do vs lese fat we had longe 

Bot nu fi sothhed wele es kid, 18235 But now fi foly wel is kyd 

fat littil wist wist fu quat fa didj Litel wiatou what fou did 

IjO 1 nu hn fis ieaus here Lo how now fis ihesas here [luriii.bHk] 

Thoru light of his goddhed clere, Jjourje lijt of hia godhede clere 

fie mirknea driuea all dune, 18339 Jjia merkenes dryuef doun 

And fe baudes brekes of vr presun. And boudea brekef of f ia prisouTt 

Hia bunden has he reft vs fra, His bounden haf be rafte vs fro 

And all fat wepe widin vr wa, And alle fat wepen wifinne oure wo 

fai faiel* vs sua fat vr bidding 18243 fei serue vs so fat oure biddyng 

Ea all fordone wid fair praiing. Is al fordone wif her preying 




2fa ea all vr kingdom for-dune, 18245 Kow ia oat* kyn[g]dom for-done alle 

man-kind men we gett ful fuue, Of* mankyntf gete we fuH smallo 

For )iai-wit nu ^ai thrett lu sare [ 

yat ded war ful vnlouwis are, 18248 

^tneuermoglitbeblithnegladd.Cad. q 

Qiiila y&i in caitifte war stadd. no gap in tlie MS.^ 

Sathan, Jwu fader of wiokedhed, Satan fadir off wyckydhede 

Qiiarfor did Jvou euilk a dede 1 16252 'Why hast foa done suche a dede 

Lo I fir fat lang vnder us has bene Tho that han long vnder va bene > 

Wit-Tten hope in trei and tone, Wyth-out hope in tray aniJ tene 

Nu es here nan fat wil fara mene, Ifona ia that wille hym deyne 

Ne tere a-pon fair chekes aene. A tore of hie eion lete reyne 

Ha ! satban prt'nce of hell here, A Satan prynce of helle hei' 

And fou fat ea far-of porter, 18258 And fou that art there-of portei* 

All fat f ou wan and mad fe rike Alle that f ou wan the to lyke 

Thoru adam and f e tre wit suike, Thorogh adatn ant) the tre wi'tA awyke 

And thoru fe tinning of paradia, Xhow madiat hem lese paradice 

Wu has fon tint on ofer wis, hem hast fou lost now othir-wyse 

fou has tint thoni fe rode tre, 16363 lliow bast hem lost by his rode tre 

And gladscip al ea gan fra fe. And now ahulle they go from the 

Sin fon fe king o blis werraid Wi'tA thekyngofbliaaehast fou werriiJ 

And ana fi-self baa vnder-laid, And ao thy-self ovyr-tarviil 

Fra nu for, Tnderetand fou wele ffro now vnderstond yt wele 

Hu fele pinea ai sal fou fele, 18268 ifoH' many paynya ahalt fou fele 

Hu feil, hu lastand, and hu hard fTuH fele lastyng an($ fuUe her<i 

fnt fou sal drei wit-in mi ward I Thow ahalt dry wi'tA-ynne my wai^ 

Ila ! prince sathan, duk o dede, Have prynce Satan duke of dede 

Heifd o pride, qui gaf fou rede hede off pride why yaf f on rede 

fis ak iesa to crucifi, 18273 That iUc leatu to Crucefle 

Wit-vten skil, vn-rightwiah) Wi'tA-outyn skylle vnrightfully | 

Qui was fou far-to sa bald Why was fou there-to so bold 

To bring fat rightwis in vr haldl To bryng that rightwya in our' hold 

fat aaccles hider for to lede) 18277 That sakelea hethir for to lede 

ni has fou don f e-self to apede, ' Evylle hast fou done thy-aelf* to apede 

For mani wick and misdede ffor many wyckyd and mysse-ded 

Has fou her nu tint for-f i. 18280 hast fou loat here fo^thy [' iwf iboj 





Nu es vr kir^-rike all for-done, 18245 Now ia oure kyngdome fordone Etl 

Of mankind mon w[e] get© fnl fone, Of monkynde gete we ful emal 

For far-wid nn fai thret vs sare [ 

fat dede war ful vnlouwis are, 

fat neuer might be blith ne glad. 

Quilia Jiai in caitifte war atad. 18250 . ... no gap in the MS.] 

Sathan, f u fadir of wicked-bede, Sathan fadir of wicked hede 

Quarfor bas fu done auilk a dedel Whi bastou done auche a dede 

Lo ! pit ))at lang vnder vs baa bene \)o fit ban longe vndir vs bene 

widvten bope in traj and tene, 18254 Wifouten bope in tray & tene 

Ifn ea nane fat wil f aim mene, Noon is fat wol bim deyne 

Ne tere apon fair chekea sene. A teer of hia ejen let reyne 

[H]a 1 satban prince of bell bere, A aatban prince of belle here 

And fu fat es fai^of pottere, 18258 And fou fat art ferof portere 

All fat f tt wan and mad fe rike Al fat fou wan fe to like 

Thoru adam ared fe tre wid suite, fourje Adam & fe tre wif swike 

And tboru tining of paradise, ^Ilu' ''*' J"**" "i^deat bem lese paradise 

Ku has f 11 tint on ofei-wise. Hem hastou lost now ofere wise 

fu baa tint thorn bis rode tre, 18263 Jwu bast bem lost ti bis rode tre 

And gladscbip all es gane fra fe. And now sbul fei go from fe 

aif en f u f e king of blis worraid Wif kyng of blis hastou werrayed 

And sua f e-self has ynder-laid, And so f i self foule bitrayed 

Fra nu forth, vnderstand fu wele. Fro now vndiratonde hit wele 

Ful mani pines sal fu nu fele, 18268 Ful mony peynes shaltou fele 

Hu fele, ba lastand, and ba hard Ful fele lastyng & ful hardo 

fat f u sal drei widin mi ward I fou sbal dreje wif ynne my warde 

[H]a ! prince sathan, f u duke of dede, Haue pnnce sathan duke of dede 

Ileued of pride, qui gaue f u rede Heed of pride wbi ^af fou rede 

f ia ilk iesuB to crucifi, 18273 pai ilke iheem to crucifie 

widnten skil, ynrigbtwisli ) Wif outen akil vnrijtwislye 

Qui was [f u] farto sua bald Whi wastou fej-to so bolde 

To bring fat rightwisnes in to vr bald 1 To brings fat ri3twis in oure bolde 

fat aackles bider forto ledel 18277 )}at sakeles hidur so to lede 

111 baa f u done fe-self to spede. Fuel bastoa done fi self to spede 

For mani wick and misdedi For mony wickede & mis dedy 

Has fa nn here tint fotfi.' 18280 Hastou lost bere for-fi 


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H Quils ^t hell and sii sathaa 18281 Wlyle that halle auJ fonle SatoD 

Mad yis pail mening o ^air man, Madyn pus her morenyng mone 

y^ king o blia, als was his will, The kyng of blisse aa was his wille 

Hell Iran said he ^us-gat till, helle be sei j this maner tjlle 

' ^e prince sathan, gal lenge in pine Prynce Satan elialle duelle in pyne 

Eu«* nu vnder pouate |iine, 18286 Enyr vndir pouate thyne . 

In-sted of adam and hia hroide, In stede of Adam and his brode 

And oU min rigbtwis men and gode' ^nd alle i^tltwys men an<t good 

[ To me &o yon sballe I draw 

. . . . no gap in tlie AfS.] That of you shalle they stond non) aw 

Wit pia he atrecked for[tb] his hand, WtVi that he strawte for)ie his bond 

Aad said til his ^at he Jiar faand. And seid to his that he there fond 

' Cams to me mi santea nn, 18293 Coma to me my seinte* now 

All nu pat licknes baa on yow, Alle that my lyknes hatb on you 

Cums nu hider yee aJl to me, E^',*^ Comytfi now bethir alle to me 

^at thoru pe warlau and a tie That tborogh the fend and a tre 

AH dampned war, nu sal ye se AlledampnydwereaowshalleyousenQ 

A tre do bim to dampned be, 18298 A tre haffi done bym dampnyd beijB 

To ded you deme he did ss dim To detfi be demyd you so dym 

Ifu sal pat ded be dempt on bim.' Sow ahalle that dome fallyn on hjyn 

Alsuith was al pat godd geing if Anon) was alle that feyie gadoryiig 

Lopen Tuder pat lauerdea weing, lopyn vnder oui' lords* wyng 

Adaiu he be )ie riglithand cbes, 18303 By the right bond he adam chese 

And said, 'adam i give ^e pea, be aeid Adam I yef the pese 

To pe and all childer |>ine. To the and cbyldryn thyne 

And til all o^er rightwls mine.' And to alle rightwya myne 

Adam fell dun for-wit his fete 18307 V Adam ffiUe doune to bis fete 

And apak til him, wit wonges wete. And apak" to hym wordes swete 

' Lauerd,' he said, ' i sal ^e prais, lord be seid I thanck the 

For pan tan me to {)i pais; That to thy pees bast brougbt me* 

far i wit mi faas was vm-sett There I was witA my fois myafertJ 

I cald on )>e, f^ou baa me bett; 18312 I callid on the pou bast me herd 

Jjou baa me werd all fra fe wrak Thow hast delyuyrd me fro pat wrake 

Jiaim pat lepe vn-to pe lake, Of hem that iepyn into the lake 

All bis aantes nu sal yee sing, Alle bia aeyntes now ye syng 

In bis wirscip paA ea vr king. 18316 In his worship that is oui* kyng 


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[Q]uiliB >at hell and sir satlian 182SI V Whil fat belle & fonle Bathons 

Made fios ^ii mening o pM mane, Maden poB her moumjng mone 

pe king of blis, als was his will, ]>e kyng of blis as was his wille 

Hell pBM said he fus^at tilL 18284 Helle he seide |>is maner tille 

' J>e priuce sathan, eal lend in pine Prince Sathan shal dwelle in pyno 

Euer vnder pouste fine, Euer Tndir pouBte pyne 

Instede of odam and hie brode. In stnde of Adam & his brode 

And all mi rightwis men and gode And alle r^twis men & gode 

To me fra ju nn sal i drau, 18289 To me fro jon ahal I drawe 

^t of ju sal fiaim stand nan an.' )}at of 30a shnl pei atonde noon awe 

wid fia he atreked forth his hand, wijj fat he atraii^te forji his honde 

And said til his fat lie far land, And seide to his fat ho fere fonde 

' Cum to me mj santes nu, Comef to me my seyntia now 

All fat mi liknes has on ju, 1829i Alle f«t my likenes haf on jow 

Climes nu heder all to me, Comef now hidui alio to me 

fat thoru f e warlou and a tre pat f ouije fe fend apd a tre 

All dampned war, nu sal je so Alle dampned were now ehul je seen 

A tre did him to dampned be, 18298 A tre haf don hem dampned ben 

To dede ju deme he did sua dim [»i- 1] To def he demed jou eo djm 

Na sal fat dede be dampned dn him.' Now shal fat doom falls on bim 

[A]leuith was all fat leue geing ^ Anoon was al fat feire gedeiynge 

Lopin vnder fat laaeid weing, 18302 Lopen vndir oure lordea wynge 

Adam hi fe right hand he ches, Bi f e rijt honde he Adam chees 

And said, ' odam i giue fe pes, He seide Adam I jyue fe pees 

To f e and all childer fine. To fe & to alle childre fyne 

And till all ofer rightwis mine.' And to alle r^twis myne 

[A]dam fell dune bifor his fete 18307 V Adam fel doun to his fete 

And spac to him, wid wondis wite. And spake to him wordes swete 

' Laun-d,' he said, ' i sal fe prais, Lorde he seide I f onke f e 

For fa has tan me to fi pais, jjat to fis pees haat broajte me 

far i was wid mi faia rmaett jjen I was wif my foos mye ferde 

I cald on fe, fu has me bett; 18312 I calde on fe fou haat me horde 

f u has me werid all fra f e wrake \xm hast delyuered me fro fat wrake 

Of f aim fat lepe in-to fat lake, Of hem fat lepen in to f e lake 

All his santea nu aal je sing, Alle hia seyntis now ;e synge 

In his woiBchip fat es vt king. 18316 In his worahepe fat is ouie kynge 



For him to greni it ea full grill, 
For lastand lijf es in his vilL' 18318 
And all ^L Bantes ^an kncled dUn, 
And all |)ai sang |)iis, wit a sun, 
' Cummeu er tu no lauerd, vr dright, 
Vrranacuneralsfionliaeliight; 18322 
P'lt Jiou thoTO prophet tald and tight 
Ku ea it fulfilled be-foi vr sight, 
Thoru ^i croice ^ou has oa boght. 
And for ns artu hider soght 
Fra ded of heU all to laie us. 
All has )ii ded us sauned |iqs.' 18328 
' LauAnl,' |)ai said, al wit a steuen, 
' Als |)0U has sett ])i luetck in heuen 
|)i blia lauerd gotJd, sa gode, 
And has Jie kenening' fe rode 
Kaisedin erthofurranscum; 18333 
}ioa sett it lauerd in erth her dun, 
To knau ^i croice wictori, c mi ukming] 
Jwt ded haf here namar niaistn',' 
IT )» lauerd lift hand, wit-vtea bade, 
And on adam a croice he made. 18338 
On all his sautes |iat pM were [co(. i] 
His saing laid fiat diightin dere, 
fat lauerd leif, wit-vten stint ; 
Bi fe righthand he adam hint, 18342 
His Bantes all pat he had soght, 
He has fara vte o prisun broght, 
fan cried dauid wit steaen Strang, 
' Yee sing ]>e lauerd an vncuth sang. 
Singes til him a sang vncuth, 18347 
For he has wroght ful gret aelcuth.' 
f au ansuerd all pat cleue couent, 
' Sli blia he has his santes lent, 
Sing ve fian sin it es sua, 
Ameu,' jiai said, 'alleluia.' 18352 


ffor bym to grove yt is fuH grille 

laatyng lyfi is in his wylle 
alls tho seintes knelid douS 
And seid alle with oo sown) 
Comyn art fou god & man) of mygBt 
Oui* tanflsomer as Jiuu vs bight 
Alle that pou aeidist by prophecy 
Thow haat ffulle-fillidi fulle myghtfully 
Thorough thy Crosse fou hast vs bowgfit 
Aud for Ts also hethir sowglit 
ffrom deth of heUe to loayn ve 
[ . . . no gap in the MS.] 
lonj they seid alle vith a stevyn 
As pon haet set ^y marke in hevyn 
OP thy blis lord god so good 
And haat the tokyn offi the rode 
Eeysiil in erthe of our' rau&sotu 
Thow fette yt lord in helle douiD 
To know |je thy crosae victory 
That deth haue here no mastry 
Oui* lord toke va his hond fuUe gla<l 
And on Adam a Crosae he made 
And on alle his that tho there wei' 
he leid his blessyng lesa dere 
That lord anon) witft-outyn atyat 
Adam by the right bond hynt 
his owne seinte« that he sowgbt 
he hem out of preson brought 
Then Cried Dauyd with stevyn strong 
Syng we this lord an Tueowjie song 


. , . . no gap in the MS.] 
Than answerd alle that clene corent 
To bliase hat£ his seinl^s sent 
Syng we to hym wttA-outyn pere 
Amen and Allel[u]ia here 


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For him to greme it ea ful grill, For him to greud hit ia ful grille 

And lastand lijf ea in hijs wiiL' lastyng lif is in biB wille 

All ])e saintes )ian kneled dune, 18319 Alle f>o ae;^ti3 kneled doun 

And all ^ai said Jiob, wid a sune, And seide alle wiji a aoun 

'[N]u comen art )m lanerd, vr dright, Comenart Jiougod&inonofmyjtoriio 

vr ransuner ala ^a has hight, 18322 Oure raumsonere as pou T8 hi^t 

fat fPTi thorn prophete tald a[n]d tight Al J>a( f ou aeidest bi prophecie 

H^u ea fulfild bifor Tt eight, Jjou hast fulfilde ful niyjtilye 

Thoru Ji eroico Ju haa va boght, Jjoui^e fi croe fort hast va houjt 

And for va haa |)u hedii aoght And for va alao hidur soujt 

Fia dede of heU to lonaen va, 18327 From def of helle to looaen va 

AH haa f>i dede va aanued f ua.' Al ha)i )>i dee)> vs aaued pas 

' Lau^rd,' |)ai aaid, all nid a steuen. Lord pei aeida al wi]) a ateuen 

'Ala fu haa sett ^i maike in heuen As ^o\} hast aet )>i marke in heuen 

Of yi blia lauerd godd, ana gode. Of ))i hlis lord god ao gode 

And haa ))e taken of )>i rode 1S332 And hast ))e token of |)e rode 

Kaiaed in eid of ur lanaup ; Keised in erpe of oore raunaoun 

pu sett it lauerd in hell pan dune, J^ou aette hit lord in helle per doii» 

To knau fi oroice victori, 18335 To kuowe fa fi croia victory 

)iat dede haue here na maie maistri.' pat def hauo here no maistry 

'Jw lauerd lifted hand, widvten bad, ■ Oare lord toke vs his hond ful glado 

And on adam a eroico he mad. ^^f)'' And on Adam a crois he made 

On all his aaintes fat far were 18339 And on alle bis fat J)o fere were 

His blising laid, fat iera dere, he leide his hlesayng ih«ini dere 

fat lanei-d dere, widvten stint ; )}at lord anoon wifouten stint 

Bi f e right band he adam hint, 18343 Adam bi fe ri3t honde hint 

His aueu saintea all fat he had aoght. His owns aeyntis fat he sou^t 

He haa f aim all of presun broght. He hem out of pn'soun broujt 

[f]an crid daui wid steuen Strang, Jjehne cried dauid wif steuen strong 

' j6 aing fe lauerd an vncuth sang, Synge we fis lord an vncouf song 

Siloes till him a sang vncuth, 18347 [ 

For he has wroght ful gret selcuth.' no gap in the J/S.] 

fan anstterd all fat clene couent, Jjenne vnswered alle fat clene coucnt 

'Sli blia he has hia saintea sent, To blisse haf his seyntia sent 

Sing we fan sifen it ea ana, 18351 Synge we to him wifouten pere 

Amen,' fai aaid, wid 'alleluia.' Amen alleluya here 


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In )iat felauscip yar wu 16353 

A prophet )rat [hight] micheas ; 
' Qiiat godd,' h« said, ' ee lauerd als )kiu, 
fou ert wel worthi to bou, 18356 
^u ^at ])i wreth sua saetli slakes, 
And fra ]ii folk ^air ainnes takes, 
^i wiling merci beris wit-in, 18359 
And ana ^on alockena al tt sin ; 
^on haa ^m drand and don forfaie, 
AIs yon m or for-eildrea snare.' 
fa sentea all gaf pair ansimre, 
' ))is es TT godd for euer-mar, 18361 
Laoerd and godd lie aal be nr. 
And euer mat tt goiwrnur, 
Witvten end nn be it sua, 
'Amen,' ]iai said, 'alleluia.' 
Abacuc can ^an to mele 18369 

' fou ea fe lauerd,' he aaid, ' of bele, 
Til all f i peplo for to bring 
Vte of thralhed til fi chosling.' 
}i aentes said nu euer and aa 18373 
' He es bliaced I amen ! Alleluia j ' 
Alsua did Jian ilk prophet, 
Foluand fat blisful laueM fete, 
'Amen, aUelnial' fai sang, 18377 
And ai bonurd him all a-mang. 
Yr lauerd adam bi pe hand laght, 
And to aant micbael bim bi-tagbt, 
In paradis pat bliaful etedo, 183^1 
Wit all J« felanacip he ledd, pifiHMi.ij 
' Bot son qwen f ai war commen wit-in, 
Of eldiin men }iai mette wit tuin ; d, 
^t pai war aid waa eth to se, k aifa 
pan said p« santes, < quat men ei yee i 
PaX war nogbt ded in hell wit as. 
In paradis in bodi ea JjusJ' 18388 


^ In tbat place tbo thei* wafi 
A prophite bigllt mechiaa 
Who may be lonj be seiiJ aa poa 
Alle thyng ia worthy the to bow 
Tbat pon thy wreche ao awetely alakjsl; 
And tto the folk* her synnys takyat 
Thy wille is mercyfull wttA-ynne 
And so thow doiat awey ooi' aynna 


no gap in Ike MS.] 

Tho seinte« seidyn alle thoi* 

This is our" lord god for euyr-mor* 

lord and god he sbalbe oure 

And evir-more out" gouernonre 

Wit/t-outyn end now be yt so 

Amen Alle)[n]ia song tbey tho 

Abacck' tho by-gan to melle 

And seid poa art lord of' belle 

Alle t^y peple put to bryng 

Out of thraldom to thy gaderyng 

Tho eeintea Rongyn evir among 

Amen AUel[u]ia in song 

And BO did eche good prophete 

^ffolowyng that blessid lorde* fete 

Amen Alleluya song tbey [•it>ri«D,iiuk] 

And honourid hym evir by the wey 

Oure lord by the bond Adam Cawg&t 

And to seint MicaeH hym bytawgfit 

Into paradice sekyrly 

Waa led that blyssid company 

Sone whan they were comyn ynne so 

Of" old men met .they y" 

That they wei* old was etbe to so 

Tho aeintes seid what at* ye 

That were not ded in belle yriiJi va 

But in paradice to byd pus 


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[I]d {>at felsuschip >at was 18353 

A prophete, ^at hight micheas ; 

' Qaat godd,' he said, ' es lauerd ale ^a 1 

^u* ert worth! vBto to bu, 18356 

])at f>a pi wreth sua sneteli slakis, 

And fra ))i folk pAii sinnes takis. 

])i willmg merci beria wid-in. 

And sua pu slokenis all vr sinj 18360 

])U has (laiiii draned and don foriaie, 

Ala J)U till vt foteldris suare,' 

pe salute all gaf frar aumier, 

' fis es vr godd for eueraiar, 

Lauerd and god he sal be vt, 18365 

And euermar or gouemur, 

wid-vtenen end nu be it sua, 

Amen,' Bald J»ai, ' alleluya.' 

[Ajbacut paa gun to mele 18369 

And said, ' f u es lauerd of hele, 

Till all Ji pepule forto bring 

Tte of thralhed till Jii chosling.' 

pe saintes sad nu ener and a 18373 

' He ©a hlisced ! amen ! alleluya 1 ' 

[AJIflua did fan ilka prophets, 

Foluand fat blisfu[l] lauerd fete, 

' Amen, alleluya ! ' ^ai sang, 18377 

And ai ouurd him emang. 

TT lauerd bi fe band adam laght, 

And to saint michel him bitaght, 

In-to paradis Jiat blisful stede, 18381 

All )iat felauschip he ledd. 

[B]ot aone qnen fai war comen widin, 

Of eldrin men f ai mett far tuin, 

fat fai war aid was ith to se, 18385 

fan said fe saintes, ' quat men er je T 

fat war nogbt dede in hell nid ts, 

Bot in paradis in bodi fns t ' 18388 


V In fat place fo fere was 

A prophete het mechias 

who may be lord he aeide as f aw 

Al f ing is worfi fe to bow 

fat f ou f i wreche so svretely slakest 

And Iro f i folks her syuee takest 

f i wille is merciful wif ynne 

So f ou dost awey oure synne 


no gap in the MS.] 

fo seyntis seiden alle fore 

fis is pure god for euermore 

Lord & god he shal be oure 

And euermore ouie gouemonra 

Wifouten ende now be hit so 

Amen alleluya songe fei f o 

^ Abacuc fo bigon to melle 

And seide f ou art lord of helle 

AI fi pepul fua to brynge 

Out of fraldome to ft gedeiynge 

f o seyntis songen euer among 

Amen alleluya in song 

And so dud vche good prophete 

Folewynge fat blessed lordes fete 

Amen alleluya songen fei 

And honoured him euer bi fe wey 

Oure lord bi f e bond adam caujt 

And to seynt myjhele him bitaujt 

Into paradis sikurly 

Was lad fat blessed company 

Soone whenne fei were comen In so 

Of olde men mette fei two 

pat fei were olde was eef to se 

Jxi seyntis seide what are je 

pat were not deed in belle wif va 

But in paradis to bide f us 


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An o paa, toa ansueid fAi floch, 1 8389 
' Mi nam,' he said, ' es cald enoch ; 
Jiis man,' he saiii, 'pat es mi fere 
EliSB hatt witrvten wero ; 18392 

Vn-So fia blis bath war we broght, 
Bot ncu^ o ded yeitt wist we noght 
Here sal we leng in lijf lastand, 
Til anticriat be comen in land 18396 
To fight t^ain fat wi)>erwin. 
Wit signes of ur lauerd drightia 
In lursalem we sal be slain, 
pe thrid dai riae np again, 18400 

Be-for ])at wi^rwin sa prud 
We sal Btei vp vte oner Jie olode.' 
Quils |)ai apac Jius, ^ar come oueiihuert 
A wreche man, Tngodli gert, 18104 
On his Bchuldres a cioice he bar, 
Of him fai all for-wondred war, 
Jint said, ' quat ert Jioii ])at ea here, 
pat has to theif aua like a chore 1 
And hu come ))e aa grathli gode 18409 
pat )>oa on schuldre bera |ie rode)' 
' Soth,' he said, ' i mai noght nite, 
Strang theif i was worthi to wite, 
Ful mikel hanne wroght i in land. 
And {)ar-for waa i hint in hand. 18414 
pe luus me hang bi-side iesu, 
Bot his takeninges did me to trn 
fiat he of all was gouemnr, 18417 

fat i at^h stir al for his stonr. 
I praid o me fat he suld reu, 
To me he said, ' i hight fe tru 18420 
fat Jiou f ia ilk dai sal be 
In blis in pwimdis wit me.' 
f is taken he taght me fan o pris, 
' Ga forth,' he aaid, ' to paradis 1S421 


The tone anawerd to fat flob 
he seid my name is calli<t Ennok< 
This man he aeiil that ia mj fere 
Elie hight wt'tAHDutyn wei* 
Into this blysse wer^ we broght 
But nerir oP deth wyst we right nojt 
here shalle we be in lyf< lestoud 
Tylle antecryst be come to lond 
To fBght syen that CuraiJ fend 
Witft synys of oui' lord henil 
In leiuntlsm we shulle be slayne 
The third day to ryse ayen 
By-for* that ylk* fend so prowde 
We shulle stie vp to the olowde 
While they piu spat come hem by 
A wrecchid man faH wonderly 
On hia shulder a crosse he bai' 
On hjm alle a-wondird wai" 
They seid what art f uu fat art hers 
And hast to thef so Ijke a chere 
how come po\i to that good 
That on thy shuldre beryat a rode 
IT So the he seid to hem a-non) 
A strong thef" then was I oon) 
Muche harme did I in lond 
Therefoi* was I hent in hond 
lewis me hanggyd lean be-side 
Me and my felow fulle oP pride 
1 see by lesu dowghty dede. 
That he was god men ought to dreds 
I praide hym he ahuld on me rew 
To me he seid I bight the trew 
That fou this ylfc" day shalt be 
In blisse of paradice witA me 
This tokyn he tawght me of price 
Go forth he seid to paradice 
PAiBpAx (laud MS.) 

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Ane of Jwia ansuerd fat flocke, 18389 
And said, 'mi name ee eald euoke 
fis mian,' be said, '])at is mi fere 
He has hate widut«a were ; 18392 
vnto (lis blia bath war we broght, 
Bot neaer of dede jeit wist we noght. 
Here sal we lend in lijf biatand, 
Til ante-criat be comen in land 18306 
To fight a-gain fat witherwin, 
wid signes of vr lauerd drigbtin. 
la ierusalem we sal be slain, 
fe tbrid dai ris Tp again, 18400 

Bifor fat witherwin sua prud 
we sal stei vp thorn fe elude.' 
[QJuUis f ai f us spac, far comouerthueit 
A wreche man, vngodeli gret, 18404 
On bis echulder a croice be bare, 
Of him f ai all for-wondrid ware, 
f ai said, ' qiiat ert fn fat es here, 
fat baa to tbef sua like a chere % 18408 
And hu come f e sua graitbli gode 
fat f u on acbuldir beris fat rode 1 ' 
' Soth,' he tiaid, ' i mai noght nite, 
Strang tbeif i was wortbi to wite, 
I'ul mekil harm wroghti inland, C^^fjJ^' 
And f ar-for was i bint in band. 18414 
luos me hanged beside ihesu, 
Bot his takeuinges did me tra, 


no gap in the MS.] 

I praied fat be suld on me reu, 

To me,' be said, ' i higbt fe treu 

fat fu >ia ilk dai sat be 18421 

In blis of paradis wid me.' 

f is takiu be tagh[t] me fan of pm, 

' Ga forth,' be said, ■ to paiadis 18424 


J)e ton vnawered to fat flok 

He eeide my name is calde enok 

t)is mon he seide fat ia my fere 

Helye hot wif outen were 

Into fis blia were we broujt 

But neuw of deef wiate we jit noii^t 

Here sbal we be in lif lastonde 

Til anticrist be comen to londe 

To fijte ajeyn fat ciirsede fende 

Wif signea of oure lorde bende 

In ierusalem we sbul be slajn 

}}e f ridde day to riaa a^ayn 

Bifore fat like feud bo pronde 

We sball stije vp to fe cloude 

Whil fei f us spak coom hem by 

A wrecehed mon ful wondirly 

On his shidder a crois he bare ^^^ 

Of Jiim alle awondride ware 

fei soide what art f ou fat art here 

And haat to feof so like a chore 

How coom f ou to fat gode 

))at on fi shuldei berest a rode 

H Soof he aeide to hem anoon 

A atrong f eef f enne was I oon 

Muche harm dude I in londe 

iierfoie was I bent in bonde 

Jewes me bonged ihe*u bi ayde 

Me & my felowe ful of pride 

J say bi ihe«u doujti dede 

J)at he was god men aujte to drede 

I preyed hym he shulde on me rcwe 

To me he aeide I bete fe trewe 

pat f ou f is ilke day ahal be 

In blis of paradis wif me 

tris token he taajto me of pris 

Go fprf he aeide to paradis 


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And if fw yata-ward )ie witetand, 
So bim ^u baa ful gode wantud ; 
lenis godd enn aai ])oa, M- V 1842T 
)>at on rode naild was right on 
Sent fe ^der;' and ^us he wioght. 
And anitb Jiat angel in me brogbt 
In paiadie, on ^e ligbt eide, 18431 
Here be said, ' a quil )H>a bide, 
Til adam, fader of al man-kin, 
Bo comen wit his folk bere-in, 18131 
Wit all his cbilder, lele and gode, 
Id crist )iat lanerd was don on rode.' 
Fropbetes and patriarohes eke. 
Quen fax had herd )>e theif speke, 
All ^ai cried wit a steuen, 18439 

'Bliaced be Jte lauerd of benen, 
in^rci fader wit-vten mis, 
fiat Builk grace grantee til bis, 
Sinful men ^aiju for to ledd 18443 
In paradis, and for to fede 
Vntil bis pastoi fiat es sa rike, 
^ar lioe ea lastand eoer ilike,' — 
To fiat paatur be mot ts bring, 18447 
])at batb nr keper es and king I 


no gap in ike MS.] 

% ^ir war fie ptiaeteis wee scan, 
Ikarius and mi felau, 18452 

We brefier tua, bot nogbt we dere 
fiaa dernhede tell you namar. 
Sant micbael for-bot on us laid ; 
' Gas to your brefer forth,' be said, 
' In iuraalem and fiar sal yee 18457 
Criand in orisun ai be. 
In orisun and in kneling ; 
Louand ieette vp-rislng 18460 

y^ the yate-waitt ^ witA-etond 
Sey bym fiou bast good waroml 
leni Goddev sonne aey )»a 
That on rode was nay]i<t now 
Send the tbeder and pas ewrogbt 
And Bone the angiU in me broug&t 
In paradice on this riggt side 
tket« he seid a while fiou byde 
Tylle Adam fader of* alle man-kyu 
Be comyn viUi bis folk' bere-yime 
WitA alle bis childryn that bene good 
In Cryst that done was on the rode 
Tbo ptopbete« and patryarke« 
"Wben tbey had herd this theP sey put 
Alia they Cried witA a atevyn 
Blessid be fxia lord off bevya 
Seder of mercy wi'tA-outyn myass 
That suche grace hath sent to hi* 
Synfufi men for to fitu lede 
In paradice and hem to fede 
In-to this postoui' £udlea ricba 
There lyf is lastyng enyr elycbe 
To that pastour' be va bryng 
That is out' makai beuyn ^ng 
This lit pastoui* is beuyn blytse 
Therto ts bryng Xeea vith bis 

Tthise wei' the previteis we saw 
ICarius and my felaw 
We brethren y" but not dar' we 
Telle mor* of that prevyte 
Seint micaelle ffoibode on ts leid 
Gothe to your* brethyr forth he aeici 
To Ieru«alera and there ehulle ye 
Ciying in your oreaona be 
In Oresona mucbe knelyng 
preysyng Cryst«» vp-iysyng 

FAIRFAX (laud MS.) 

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If J)e jatewarde Jie wi))atonde 

Say him hast good waronde 
lhe*tts goddes son sey ])0W 
jMt on rode waa nayled now 
Sende fie Jiider & (lus I wroujt 
And soone |)e aurtgel In me brox^t 
In paradia on ))is ri^t side 
Here he aeide awhile ^ou bide 
Til Adam fadir of al mon kyn 
Be cornea wif his foUie her-In 
wi(t alle his childre pat ben gode 
In crist Jiat done was on fe rode 
fo prophetea and patriarkua 
Whenne (lei had herd fis feof Jms 
AUe fiei cryed wifi a stonen 
Blessed be poa lord of heuen 
Fadir of mercy wifouten mys 
jMt auche grace ha(i sent to hia 
Synful men for to f us lede 
In paradis & hem to fede 
Into his pasture eadeles riche 
Jjsre lif is lastynge euer I liche 
To pat pasture he vs brynge 
Jjat is ours makete heuen kynge 
];is ilke pasture is heuen lilis 
Jwrto vs brynge ihesu wif hie 
T J3eae were fe pj-i'uetees we sawe 
Icariua & my feJawe 
We brefer two but not dar we 
Telle more of ))at pn'uete 
Seynt Mijhele forbode on vs leide 
Gap to joure hrejier forf he seide 
To lerusalem & pere ehul je 
Gryinge in ;oure orisoues be 
In oiisones myche knelyng 
Preisjiig cristifi vp-risyng 


And if fe jateward pe widstand, 
Sai him )>u has ful god warand ; 
lemta goddee sun sai Jm, 18i27 

J>at right on rode was nailed nu 
Send Jie feder ; ' and pra 1 wroght, 
And suith Jiat angel in me broght 
In paradis, on ps right side, 18431 
And here he said, 'a'quile pn bide, 
Til adam, fadir of all man-kin. 
Be comen wid his folk here-in, 18434 
wid all his chOder, lele and gode, 
In crist fat lauerd was done on rode." 
Prophetis and patriarkes eke. 
Quen Jiai had herd f is thef speke, 
All Jiai crid wid a steuen, 18439 

' Bliaced be Jie Iau«*d of beuen, 
Fadir of merci widuten miss, 
fat suUk a grace has sent till Mjs, 
Sinful men fiaim forto lede 18443 
In paradis, and forto fede 
vntiU his pastur pat es sua rike, 
far lyf es lastand euer elike;' — 
To fat pastur he mot vs bring, 18447 
fat bath vr keper es and king ! 
fat pastur es cald heuen blis, 
far-till VH bring, iesus wid his. 
[f]ir war fe preuites we sau, 

Icarius and mi felau, 18452 

we brefer tua, hot noght we dar [ooi.t] 
Of faa priuetes tell no mare. 
Saint michel forbod on va laid; 
' Gaa to jur brefer forth,' he said, 
'In ieruaalem and far sal ^ee 18467 
Giiand in orisuns for to be, 
In orisuns and in kneling ; 
Looand iesiu vprising 18460 



))at B1U wit him has raised yow. That with hjm haUi yon reysid so 

And yee baI be, sua vil iem, 18462 he wylle that ye Ter* e-go 

Als dumb o speche wit ilk man By dombe ofi speche to eche man 

IT Ti] yow speke and bituix ))an ^That to yon spekjth telle that )iati) 

^at he has lent his leue yow to That he hatll lent is leae yon to p u lai] 

His dem priuetes Tn-do.' 18466 his derne pryviteis to yndo 

And si^en he badd yow son onan Affter he bad ts sone anon) 

' Wend rte ouer fe flum iordane, Wcndyth ouyr the flom iordon 

Feira find f&T sal yee ma fferia ahulle ye fyni there mo 

Jat vp ar raised wit yow tua, That vp be resyn with yoa ij" 

Witnes for to scau o sight, 18471 "Wytnes forth shew in aigfit 

Jvat risen es iestu als he hight.' That he is resyn vp as he higfit 

For he has granted us bot thrin Ej^Jji'^ he hatb vb grann^J for oui* prow 

Dais to hald ui paachas in, This tyme to hold oni' paske now 

Vr freindea wit-in witnesing 18475 Oore frendes to do to wytnessyng 

lauerd iesi» vp-rising, OP hia holy Tp-rysyng 

And o Jie hali flow iordan To fe holy flom lordan 

Vr baptising ha we tan, Qui* baptym now haue we tane 

A clething giuen es us ilkan, 16479 A Clothyng is comyn ts vpon 

In erth mai be nn quitter nan. So white in worl:} was nevir notD 

And quen we sal haf halden Jiaa When we shulle haue holdyn ))o 

Thie dais o paskea wit-vten ma, Thre dais of paske wi'tA-outyn mo 

"We sal be rauiat forth a-wai, 18183 We shulle be raveshicl fortJli awey 

Sal Da ma[n] se us fra |)at dai. Shalle no man se va fro that day 

We haf yow taJd al Je sothsau We haue you told the sothe law 

Of all |)at we ha leue to scau ; Of alle that we haue lere to shaw 

Bot louea no vr lauerd dright, 18487 Worship ye ouyr god of might 

And knan yow til him o yur plight. And ehryve you of youi* synnys right 

And dos yui penance quils yee mai : And dothe penaufice while ye may 

H'!' pes be wit yow ; and has god dai." hia peae be witA you bane good day 

ITQuenwritenitwaaJjatfaiwald write, IT When wretyn was what fey woU 

Karios fan tok up his scrite 18492 Cariua then toke his scryte [wpyte 

And gaf til anne and caiphe, Ayen to Anna and Cayphe 

And to gamaliel, fir thre; And to Gamaliett thise iij' 

Bot lenthiua yald up his teme 18495 But lenthezis yaf po vp his teme 

Bath to ioaeph and to nichodeme. To losep and to Nicodeme 



J)at sua wid him haa raided ;a. 18161 

And }e sal be, sua veil ie^u, 

All dumb of specbe wid ilk man 

Till ^u Bpekand, bitniz and Jian 

p&t be haue lent bis leue ju to 18465 

Hifl dera pn'netee for to vndo.' 

And aifien he bad vs sone on-ane, 

' Teind fa euet )>e flam iordane, 

feris sal Jie find fta ma, 18469 

^at vp e« laised wid ;u tua, 

wittnes foito scliau of aight, 

fat reaea ea iestu ala be bight.' 18472 

For he haa granted va hot thorn 

Dais to bald vr pastes no, 

VT frendis widin 'wittneaing, 

Of TT laueid iesu Tpriaing, 18476 

And of fe hali flom ioidane 

vr baptizing ^an hane we tane, 

A clething giuen ea tb ilkaae, 

In erd mai be nu quitter uane. 18480 

And qnen we sal haue balden faa 

Thre das of pask widuten maa, 

We sal be rauised forth awai, 

Sal no man se ts fra ^at day. 18484 

we haue ^u tald all ^e eoth-san 

Of all ^at we haue leue to schau ; 

Bot louia nu vr lauerd dright. 

An knau til him of jut plight, 18488 

An dos jur penans qoilis je may : 


> [Qjnen written waa fat fai wald write, 

CariuB )ian tok his scrite [ii«riM,Mi.i] 

Againe till anna and cayphe, 16493 

And to gamaliel, ^ir thre ; 

Bot lenthene jald vp hia teme 18495 

Bath to ioaeph and to nichodeme. 



)}at wi^ him ha^ }ou raised ao 

He wol fai ^e where je go 

Be donmbe of epeche of vche man 

]j(rt to )ou spekef til fat fan 

Jjot je haue lent his leue jou to 

hia deme pwuetees to vndo 

Aftir he had ts soone anone 

wondef ouer fe flom iurdone 

Ferea ahul je fynde fera mo 

))at vp be risen wif jon two 

witenes for to shewe in aijt 

pat be is risen vp as he hijt 

He hath va gmuntod for onre prow 

fia tyme to holde ouie paske now 

Cure frendee to do to witenessyng 

Of his holy vp-riayng 

Xo f e holy flum iurdane 

Cure baptizyng now hane we tane 

A clofinge is comen vs vp on 

So whit in world waa neuw noon 

whenne we ahul hane holden fo 

fre dayes of paske wif outen moo 

We shul be lauysahed forf away 

Shal no mon ae vs iio fat day 

We hane jon tolde fe sofie sawe c>riiq 

Of al fat we haue lene to ahawe 

worshipe ;e ener god of myjt 

And ahryne jon of youte synnes r^t 

And dof penaunce wlul 36 may 

Hia pees be wif yon hane good day 

whenne writen was fat ^i wolde write 

CariuB f enne toke hia scrite 

Ajein to Anna & Caiphe 

And to Gamahel fese fre 

But lentheus jaf fo vp his teme 

To Ioaeph & to Nichodeme 




^ai vrat transfigurd ala tit«, 18197 Tntnsftigin) were they alle so tyjt 

Was neuer i-wis man sa quite ; "Was nevir snow half* so white 

^ai war a-wai fra Bight of ei Awey they went tto sight of eia 

Moght neuer man f>ain Bi|»n ae. Was nevii hem sethyn sie 

)w writtea }at Jiai left fan )iar, 18501 Tho wryttM that they left thoi^ 

Xoijrar o ^am ea o^r mare, Kothlr was then othir mot* 

Ne noght a letter o^er leaae, Kot a letter mot" ne leese 

Bot ala )re tan fe to^er es. But as the tone fe toder 

V fat gadring o ^e luns hale, 18505 

Quen ^ai had herd fia selcnt tale, 

f ai aaid, " for-aoth, fia ilk dede 

Was don wit mightes o godd-hede." 

Fra ainagog Jiai went fam Tte, 18509 ffro the tempyH went they out 

Wit mikel bisinea and dute. WitA muchitt huaynes & dowte 

A-pon Jiair breistes can )iai bulk. On her brest«« gon they hoik" 

And ilkan til J>aira in to sculk. And echon to her in-to ekulk" '] 

[Pilate's IMier to EoiTie.] 

^ loaeph and nichodeme hie fere loseptl & nichodeme hia fere. 

J>ai did at write |)ia atori here, 18514 ^ did to write Jiia atori here 

Tthia tumyij fie iewis in-to bale 
When they henJ fie wonder tale 
fforsothe they seid this ilt dede 
Was done by migfit«« of godhede 

J pihkte Jiai it vn-did, 
All pat fe luus aaid and did. 
In aynagog, wit-vten lite, 
Pilate did faa gestes write, 
In comun hokee o |)aii lai, 
Bath ^at he sagh and herd si 
ie^ and the luus state; 
Letterea to rome far-of . he wrate, 
Qiiat-of Jiia was fe bi-gining, 
" Pounce pilate gert claudi f e king 
Said, "littel ee gan ein it be-tidd 
Jiat was bi-for 
|)e luus wit pah 

pilate fiai hit vn-did 
<& to ^ iewes made hit ki<) 
Iwi t] In f e einagog wiji grete delite 
18518 pilate lete f& gestis write 

In commune bokis of hia lay. 
ba^ atte he sagh & herde aay. 
18521 of ihe«u & of fie iewea atate 

letterres to rome fer-of he wiate. 
quar-of (lis was Jie be-gynning" 
IT Ponce pilate gretes claudi ^e king< 
litel is gane sin hit be-tidde. 
1 kidd, 185S6 >at was be-for fiine eien kid. 
and bete jie iewes my Jiaiie enuy & hete 

Has slain )>air aun godd sa grete ; has slaine jiaire awen god aa grete 

)iat suld be godd til )iair oxspring, fiat sulde be god til ))aire ospring< 

Keneli pai dempt him to hing. 18630 keneli Jiai demed him to hii^. 


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Transfigured were ^i also tite 
Waa neuer snow half so white 
Away fei went fro aijt of eje 
Was neuer men hem sifen aeje 
J)o writtes J)at f ei lefte (lore 
Noufer was fen ojjei-e more 
Not a lettre more ny les 
But as pB ton )ie tojier wes 
V ))is turned }ie iewes into bale 
whenne )iei herde f is woudir tale 
For Bo}ie')iei seide fiia ilke dede 
waa done bi myitis of godhede 
Fro Jie temple went Jtei oute 
wijt muchel bisynes & doute 
On hei brestes gon )iei bulk 
And Tchone to her In to sculk 

^ai war traus^urd als tite, 
was nener snau half sua quite ; 1S498 
^ai went awai iia sight of eie 
Mogbt neUBT man f&im Bi)«n seie. 
f e writtea Jmt J>ai left faim fate, 
Noti)i«r of faim ea ojter mare, 18302 
Nb noght a letter ofer lesae, 
Bat ala fe tane f e tofei es. 
[WAt gadring of >a iuua hale,18505 
J Quen fai had herd pis aelcuth 
f ai said, "for-soth, ).is ilte dede, ["^^ 
was done wid mightee of godd-hede." 
Far synagog Jiai went faim vie, 18609 
wid mekil besines and dute. 
Apon fair breistes gun fai bulk, 
And ilkan to fair in fai skulc 18512 

[Pilule's Letter to Rome.l 
[IJosepht and nichodem h^ja fere loseph & Nichodeme his fere 

Did to write fis stori here, 18514 Dad to write fis story here 

To air pilate f ei hit vndide 
As hit bifel in fat stide 
In f e tempul wifouten lite 
18518 PHate dud fia story to write 
la comime bokes of her lay 
Bofe fat he saw and herde say 
Of iheau & f ese iewes dede 
Lettrea to reme far-of he wrate, 18522 Lettres to Home he wroot good spede 
[Q]imre-of fis waa fe biginniTig, Of whice fus waa fe bigynnyng 

" Ponce pilate gret claude f e king 1 " Ponce pilate grett claude f e kyng 
Said, " littel es gane sif en it bitid LitU ia goon sif hit bitidde 

fat was bifor min auen eien keid, Bifore myne ejen hit waa kidde 

fe iuus wid fair mvie and hete 18527 \)at iewes wif enuye & hete 
Haa slain ]iair auen god sua grete ; Haue slayfi her owne god so grete 

fat auld be godd till fair ospring, [ool i] J)at was fe god of her ospringe 
Keneli fai demid him to hing. 18630 Kenely fei him demed to hynge - . 


To air pilat« fai it vndid. 
All fat fe iuus said and did. 
In aynagog, widvten lite, 
Pilat did fa gestes write. 
In comune bokes of fair lay. 
Bat fat he saa and herde say 
Of Uaa and fair iuus state ; 


quam )>air eldres had a hight, of quam ^oire eldres had a hijt 

^t to ^am Buld fiair buu dight Jvat to ham Bolde god of luijt 

His ai^el send al dun til ^aim 18633 his angel sends doun for ^aime. 

^aiT worthi king Mm foT to claim. )iaire wor]>i king* him for to claime 

A"'^ ])ai )iia hight ^at was sa scene, & atte ^is hijt atte was sa shene 

Sold tid ^un thora a maiden dene ; sulde tide ham ^oron a maiden clene 

|na ilk man was son to ])am sent )>is ilb man was bam sent. 

Bath in time and nn present, 18538 we sag& him alle in present 

Qoils i was baili o fiaii lau, qnilest I. was lustice of ^t lagti 

Quen sum men o foA luus aan quen sum men of )ia iewes eagh 

^is ilk man do signes eeie, — ^is ilk man do signes sere. 

y^ blind to Be, ^ dumb at here, ])e blinde to se ^e donmbe to here 

To porlesi and to mesele, 18543 to parleai & to mesele. 

And to )ie wode, gifand ^air hele, & to ^e wode gi&nde ^aire hele 

Bedi to lais ^ ded til hand, redi to raise ^e dad til hande 

And til his will ^e wind to stand, & til his wil ^e winde to stande 

Apon ^ see wit-vten wete 16517 a-pon ^e see wi}i-outen wete 

Gangand als apon a stiete j — drj to waike a-pon his fete 

And o]ier takens fele vn-teld, & o^er takenis & mani vn-talde 

yai ^ai for godd snn Mm heild. for god sone men mujt him halde 

fe princes als hia ful faas 18551 fe pHncis ala Ms f ul fees 

Wit onst a night again him ras, wif pompe & pride againe him taa 

Als prisim Jiai him tok for-fi, as ^rieoun fai him toko for-)iL 

And taght him me als ^air baili. & toke him in-to my bailli. 

mani wranges ^ai him wreid, of mani wrangis )iai him wieyed 
And mani losing on Mm leid, 18556 & mani lesing on '^™ lied. 

fei said he was a traitnr )iai saide he was a tregitonr 

And trains )iair lagh a treietur & againe Jiaire lagb traitour 

1 troud al Jiat )iei me tald, 18559 I trswed alle atte >ai me talde 
And beft to }iaim up i Mm hold, a-gaine to ham 1. him vp-jalde. 

' And |)ai bim hang, sullk was Jiair red, & ]iai him hanged snche was ^aire redo 

And delued him quen he was ded. & dalue Mm quen he was dede. 

And o mi knightes sum ^ai sett & of my knijttis vj. I.-sette. 

For to do Ms graf be gett, pieiifiw,«ii.i] for to do Ms graue b&-gette. 

And ))ar-apon Jiai did fair sele, 18666 & fer-a-pon I. sette my sele. 

^t na man suld his bodi stele. ^t na man sulde f e bodi stele. 




Of qaam ))air eldris had ane bight, 
fat to faim auld fair auen dright 
His angel send dune for faim, 18333 
fair worth! king him forto chiint. 
fat f ai f ia bight fat was sua schene, 
Suld tide faim thoru a maiden clene. 
f te ilke maa was to faim sent 18537 
Bath in time and in present, 
Quilis i was baile of fair lau, 
Quen sum men of fa iuQs saa 18310 
f is ilke man dos signes sere, — 
f e blind to ee, fe dumb to here. 
To parleal and eke to mesele, 18513 
And to f e wode, giuand fair hele, 
Redi to raise fe dede till hand, . 
And till his will f e wind to stand, 
Apon f e see, widvten wete, 18547 
Gangand als apon a stiete ; — 
And ofei takeni[n]geB fel vnteld, 
fat f ai for goddes sun him held. 
fe princes ula his ful iaa 18551 

wid enst and nith again his ras, 
Als presun fai him toke for-fi, 
And bitaght him me als fail bailli. 
Of mani wiunges fai him wreid,18559 
And mani lesing on him lieid. 
And said he was a tiegettur, 
And again fair lau traitur, 
I tioud all fat fai me tald, 18569 
And heft to faim i him vp jald. 
And fai him hanged, sli was fair rede, 
And deluid bim quen be was dede. 
And of mi knightee sum fat sett 
Forto do his graue to gett, 18564 
And f ar-apon fai did far sele, 
J)at no man suld his bodi stele. 

To her eldres had he hijt 
J3at to hem wolde he of his mj^t 
His aungol fro heuen sende 
Fro her fooa hem to defende 
Jjis heste among hem shulde bene 
Jjourje a mayden good & clena 
jjia ilke mon was to hem sent 
Now in my tyme & my present 
whil I was demer of ber lawe 
whenwe somme of f o iewes eawe 
Pia ilke mon do miracles sere 
Blynde to se & doumbe to here 
To palesie & to mesele 
And als to wode he jaf her hele 
Bedi to reise f e dede to honde 
And to his wille fe wynde to stonde 
Vpon f e see wif outen wete 
Goynge as vpon a strete 
And ofere tokenes fele vnteld e 
Jwt f ei for goddes son him belde 
j3o princes of prestis bis fulle foos 
wif wraf f e & envye on him roos 
As pn'soun fei bim toke for-fi 
And him hitaii3te to m; baily 
Of mony wrongis fei bim wryed 
And mony lesynges on him lyed 
J3ei seide be wroujte bi wiccbe-craft 
And wif fe deuel was bilaft 
I leued al fat fei me tolde 
And so to hem 1 him vp jolde 
Jjei himjienge suche was her reed 
And grauen he was whenne he was ded 
And of mony knyjtes somwie set I 
To kepe his grane sikurly 
Pere vpon was done her sele o^ifio.bii] 
pat noon shulde f e body stele 


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fe thred doi tss he fm dud to lyf, IT Jre Jirid day raa he to life. 

Bot ^an bigan a neu strif 1S568 hot Jten be-gan a new sirife. 

Son bituiz fam and min kynghtea, be-twiit fa iewes & my knijtis 

For fan bigan f ai to bede f am hightes & Jtai ham gaf gtete giftis 

For to lei of his vp-riae, J8571 for to laine bia vprise 

Bot )>of ^i tok t^ giftea o prise al if fai toke pB. giftos of prise. 

Fra pat luen folk ea fell, of )>a men fat 'nare sa felle 

^ soth bi-houed Jiaim al-gat telL Jie sof be-houed ham algate telle 

fM aagb him rise fra vnder stan, fai sagb him rise- fra vnder etane 

And >at fai bad fala giftcs tan. 18576 & atte fai bad fals gift«8 taue 

For-fi, air king, i warn ]te nu for-fi sii kingi I. warns ))e now. 

Jnt fon na lesing beie o tm, atte fon na leeii^ per-ot ttow. 

And namli to fe aagb of lun, ne leue natalis of na iew. 

For fus-gat did fai wit i^sa. 18580 fur fas-gatia did fai wif ihesa. 

Hal ha I quat fair will was wick A of willo quat fai ware wit 

^t weiraid bim batb dcd and quick." at wroyed bim baf dede & quik*. 

Nu haf yee herd be laid fe pas, now haue je beni taldc fe pas. 

Hu fat he barud bell and tas. 18584 bow ho bcried belle & ras. 

V Quen he for ua was boght and eald quen be for vs was bo^t & aalde. 

Was tua and thritti wintura aid, be Was ij. & xxs. jere aide. 

And monet sex and wyckes tua, & monefes vj. & wokis twa. 

Quen be fe luus lete bim alo. 18588 quen be fe iewes lete him sla. 

Bot we sal batb sua vnder-atand, bot c^rtan je salle vnderetande 

luus and saizins bim slt^b wit band. iew!(« & saiasines slc^h bim wif hande. 

fe skil f ar-of it was for-f i, fe ekil f er-of was for-f L 

fat he f am batb come for to bi ; fat he f am baf come for to by, 

fat ilk dai fan dede be, 18693 fat ilk dai fen died be. 

His model- was gret wit aue, his modet gret was wif aue. 

Tua night be in eepulcre lai, ij. nijt he in aepulcre lay. 

And noght bot an-lepe dai. 18596 & nojt bot an. anlepy day. 

f e nigbtee tuln bi-takena batb fe nijtis twin be-takenis to. 

fe bodi dede and the saul batb ; f e bodis dede & aaulia also. - 

fe dai bitakena fe ded of bim 18599 fe dai he-takenia dede of bim. 

fat ligbtend bas ui ded sa dim ; atte baa listened alle oxu« dim. 

Quils his licam lai vnder stan, IT quilest hia licame lay vnderstane 

In gast ea he til hell gan, 18603 In gastc til belle ia he gane 


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J)e thrid dai ras he to lij^ otiu, bk, i»l ij Jk ^rldde day he toos to lif 

Bot ))an bigan a nu strijf 18368 But ^9 bigonne a newe etiif 

Bituix Jvaa iuus and mi kuightes, Bitwene )ie iewes & my knyjtes 

For fiaa bigan ^ai bedo Jjaim giftes For ^ei seide as ^i sey wi)) elites 

Forto lei of hia vp-iise, Grete jiftia toke )«i for fat prison 

Bot ^011 |iai toke )ie gifte of pris To hele pai he waa ao vp risen 

Fra fat men folk sua fell, 16573 Fro mony iewes pat were fele 

pe Both bihoued fiaim algat telL )}e sof e algate sholde ]iei hele 

)>ai sau him rise fra vnder stane, fta say him rise out of his giaue 

And pM ])at had fab giftes tane. )}o kny^tis to whom fel jiftis jaue 

For-Ji, sir king, i warn Jte nn 18577 Jjerfbre I wame fe sir kyng 

^at pu. na lesing heie-of tron, Trowe ^is for no lesyng • 

And nameli to pe sau of iuu, And namely leue her of no iwe 

For duagat did ^ai wid ie«u. 18580 For al fiiis dud fei wi)) ihesu 

Aha I quat jiair will waa wick Jjns were fie iewes fals & wik 

Jfat werraid him bath dede a«d qwi'ck," Jjei worred on iheeu deed & quyk 

Kn haae je herd be tald }ie paa, Maugrey pe iewes his fals foos 

Hu ])at he herid hell and las. 18581 fiua he heried helle & roos 

[Q]uen he for va waa boght and said whenne he for vs waa boi^t & aolde 

yraa tua and threiti weintei aid, Two & firitty jeer he was olde 

And monethea sex and wonkes tua, Mone|)es sise & wikes two 

Quen he Jie iuus lote him sla. 18588 whenne he Jie iewes lete him slo 

Bot we aal bath ana vnderstand, But we ahul fus vndirstonde 

Iuus and sarzina him alou wid hand. Iewes & sarasynes hint slowje wi'tA 

fe skill (lar-of it waa for^f i, J3e akU f erof waa For Jii [hondo 

pat he (laim bath come forto bl 18592 J)at he hem bofe coom to by 

J>at ilk pai )iaa deied he, )jat ilke day dejed he 

Als hia mo))ir was gtet wid aue, j}at his modir was gret wip ans 

Tua night he in sepulcre lai, 18595 Two nyjt he in sepulcre lay 

Bot noght bot anlepi day. But not but oon hool day 

pe nightes tune bitakenes bath [ 

Je bodili dede and saulia' bath; ^^Jj^ 

Jie day bitakind ded of him 18699 

))at lightend all n ded sua dim ; no gap m the MS.] 

Quilia his licant lai vnder stane, whil hia licam lay vndirstone 

In gaat ea he to hell gane, 18602 His gooat was to helle gone 


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1066 WHILE JBSUB' boot was in the tomb bib BODL vent to hell, at UIDHIOaT 

His bodi here, his goat was Jiai, 18603 
Hia goddhede wanted iio)ier-qaar. 
Tntill hell ^t Uaerd him light, [«l ij 
On paske-dsi ala at mid-night; — 
For wel ^oa boI it vnder-Uk 18607 
^t ilk time he sent his wrake 
Apon J« egipcians vn-lel, 
' ^t he did sla wit his angel ; 
pBt ilk [time] on nightertale, 18611 
He bro^t bis frendea rte o bale, 
^ot ea fra hell to patadie. 
And quea his will was for to tiee, 
Til bia Ucam he went ^ain, 16615 
And las up thorn his aun main. 
)ie seaend dai in paske-tide, 
He ras arli, wit-vten bide, 18618 

Bath godd and man als he was ar, 
Vndeiand nu for euermar, 
Foi wit bis fight again ti fede, 16621 
Oaercommen he has )ie lastaad dede. 
f And f us bicome ^at oile in place, 
^at godd bad adam higbt o grace ; 
Lang moght adam thine ]ie apace 
fleming fra fiat lauerd face, 18626 
Four thusand yere, fat was fe tule, 
And four handret and four al hale 
Was adam bidand in bis bale, 
Thom dome vnto fat diming dala 
His lyf was in Jtis werld her 18631 
[Nine] hundret and thritte yere, 
Blisced be fat king and clerc 
pat sua can sauue his hand- were ; 
And blisced be bco fat va bar, 18635 
Suilk a salaing va til tt sare. 
fat ilk lenedi mot lene us lare 
In his louing to tell bii mare. 18638 


his bodi here bis gaste was fare 

his godbede wanted naure-quaie. 

Tn-til belle fat loide him li^t 

on paske-day rijt atte midnijt, 

for wete je wele & vnder-take. 

fat ilk time he seude his wrake 

a-pon f e egipdens vn-lele p«f w, t**] 

fat he did sla wif his angel. 

fat ilk time on nijt«rtale 

he brojt his frendis out of bale. 

fat ia fra hel to paradis 

& quen his wille was for to rise 

til his licam he went a^aine 

& ras vp forou his awen maine 

% fe v^. dai in paske-tide. 

he ras erli wif-outen bide. 

bof god & man for euer-mare 

& neun- do dey as he did are, 

for wif his fijt againe f e quede 

onei-cotnmin he has fe lastand dede 

And fus bicome fat oile to place 
fat god has hijt adam of grace 
lange mujt adam fink fe space 
of fleming fra fat lordea face 
iiij. fousand ^ere fen was fe tale 
& iiij. hundre & iiij. hale, 
was adam bitande in hia bale. 
forou dome vn-to fat deming< dale 
IT his life was in f is werlde here 
is. hundre & xxk. jere. 
blessed be fat king* & clerk*, 
fat squa can saue hia hande-werV 
& blessed be ho fat va bare 
sucbe a saluing< tille our sare 
fat Uk lauedi lene ts lare. 
in his louing* to telle now mare. 


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His bodi here, his gast was Jar, 18603 HU body here hia goost fere 

His goddhede waDtod iion)i«r-qnar. His godhede wantide nowhere 

Into hell fat lauerd him hght^ [<»i. i] Into helle fat lotd lijt 

On pask-dai als on midjijght ; — On paake day as at midnyjt 

For witt je wele and vnder-take For wite we wel and vndirtake 

fat ilks time he sent vs vtake 1S608 })at ilke tyme he sent wrake 

Apon f e egypciena vnlde, Ypoa )»e egipciene vnlele 

^t he did sla wid his ongele ; pat he let sle wif his aungele 

fat ilke time on nightertale, 18611 }}at ilke tyme on nyjturtale 

He broght his freindis vte of bale. He broi^t hia frendes out of bale 

fat ea &a hell to paradis. pat was fro helle to paradise 

And qiien his will was forto ris, And whenwe his wille was to rise 

Till his licam he went again, 18615 To his licam he went ri}t 

And ras vp thoiu his auen main. And roos vp bi his owns myjt 

fe aeaend dai in pask tide pe f ridde day in certeyn tide 

He raa arli, widvten bide. He rooa erly wifouten abide 

Bath godd and man als he was ar, Sof e god & men as he waa ore 

vndeiand nu for eoermare, 18620 Vndyinge for enetmore 

For wid his fight again vi fede, For wif fe my^t of his godhede 

Onercomen he has fe lastaud dede. Onercomen he haf fe lastyng dede 

[A]nd dua bicome fat oyle in place, J]ns coom fat oyle in place 

fat god hight adam of grace ; 18624 pat god bet Adam of grace 

Lai^ might adam thine f e space Longe myjte Adam f inke 

Of fieroing &a fat lauerd face. From f o ai^t of fat kyng 

Four thousand jere, fan waa fe tale, Fonrefoasonde, fourehundride&foure 

Four hundred and fom all hale was adam bidyng in his bale U*^ ™^ 

was adam bidan in his bale, 18629 [ 

Thorn dome into fat dinnin g dale. no gap in the fifS.^ 

His lyf waa in f is werld here His Uf was in f is world here 

Keine hundreth and thritti jere, Ifyne hundride & fritty ^ere 

Blisced be fat king and clerk 18633 Eloased be fat kyng & clerk 

fat sua kan sanue his hand-werk ; pat ao con saue his hondewerk 

And blisced be acho fat him bare Bleaaed be she fat him bare 

Snilk a saluing till vr sar. Suohe a aaluyng to oure sate 

fat ilk leuedi mot lene ts lare 18637 pai like lady aende ts grace 

In his buing to tell nu maie. Of his preysing to speke sum space 



[Chritt w like a Lion.] 
IT Leon o rightwiBBea has raised 
Him-self, anil his piisun ]aisd, 18640 
Leon man mai him clepe be right, 
FoT mai na best be mare o might. 
And ojter alsua ^ai es lesnn 
Qui he es takend to leon, 
Leon queipe quen it es born 
Lijs ded at to fe thrid mom, 
Wit-Tten Ujf of aui lime ; 
His fader corns y»n til him. 
And wit his cri fat es sua grise, [J^JoJI^ 
He gifs his qnolpe lijf to rise. 
Sua did iesus, vi champiun, 

)>of ha lai ded for vr ranscun, 18652 alle lay he dede for 
Quen ^at his fader wild, ho badd qaen his fader rise htm bad. 

Lyonn of rijtwisnes has raised 
him-eeluen & his prisouns laosed 

lyoun man mai him calle wt)i ri^t 

far mai na best he mare of mijt. 

& ojier alsqna Jwr is resonn. 
18641 quy he may be calde leoan. 

lioun quelp qnen hit his borne. 

lyes dede ay til f e frid mome 

Tri^-outen life of ani lim. 
18648 his fader comis f>en til him. 

& wi^ his cry ^at is sa grise 

he geies his quelp for to rise. 

T sqna ferde iheaua our scaumpioun. 

His sun Tp-raa us al to gladd. 

leon al-sna Jie kind es het, 

Ha lukes slepaud neuer his ei ; 18656 

2fe ieMM, pot hid gast he yald 

His goddhede ^at has all in wald, 

Moght neuw dei [ne] neuer sail, 

S~e slepe, fat has to wak us aU.18660 

vp he ras vs alle to glad. 
of lioun alsqoa )ie kinde is beye. 
he loukis slepand neuer his eye. 
ne iheaus ^ou he his gaste jaldo 
his godhede ])at has al in waldo 
mu^t neuer dey ne neuer ealle 
ne slepe )>at has to wake ts alia 

[Our LoriSi Life after he had riaen^ 
IT fat king, i^uea he was risen to lyf, IT fat king* quen he was risen to life 
Sceud him til his disciplis r^f, 18662 he shewed him til his disciplis rife 

Come and yode to faim vmstunt. 

And ete and dranc ala he was wont 

Wit |>au he lenged fouT[ti] dais. 

And aennon[d] (ala fe stori saia) 

Of heuen blis fat ea aa hei, 18667 of 

And qu«n his will was for to stei. 

To gader all his to^gedir he badd ; 

And qu«n fai war all samen atadd, 


come & ^odo til ham sum stent 
& ete & drank* ala he was wont 
wif ham he lenged xl. days. 
& preyehed ala fe story says. 

ilis fat is squa heye 
& quen his wil was for to steye. 
to come to-gedder al his he had 
& quen fai ware aile sammyn stad 


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[Christ is like a Lion.] 
[L]£on of Teghtwisnes has raised IT ])e tionn of rijtwisnes pus leised 

Him-BelueQ, aad hie preaan laised. His dedes made his godhede preyeed 
Leon men mai him clepe wid right, Lyon men may him clepe wi|) rijt 
For mai na best be mare of might. Fot may no beest be moie of myjt 

And alflUft J>ar ea o)>er resun [iti»fc«i. i] Also fer is anofier resoim 
Qui he es takened to a leon, 18644 whi he is tokened to a leoun 

})e leouna whelpe whenne hit is bom 

Leon qnelp qnen it es born 
liges dede to ^e tlueid mom, 
widrten Ijjf of ani lim. 
His [fadif] comis pan to him ; 
And wid bis cri pat es sua greis, 
He giues his qtielp lijf forto rijs. 

Lifi deed til pe ^ridde mom 
18647 wipouten lif of any lym 

jFfij^ fadir fanne comef to him 
And wi^ hia cry pat is so grise 
He jyuep his whelpe lif to ri 

Sua did iwu, TT champioun, 18651 So dud ihesu oure champioun [i«ni« 
pou he lai dede for vr ranaoun, po he lay deed for o 

whenne hia fadir wolde he made 
Him vp to rise tb alle to glade 

Quen pat his fad^ wald, he had 
^ sun vpias vs alle to glad. 

Of leon alsua pe kind ea hey, 16665 Of leoun also pe kynde is heje 

Slepand loukes he neuer hia eie, Slepyng Iouke]i he netier his eje 

Se iems, ^ou his gast he jald If oi ihe^us ]>ouje be hia goost jalde 

<Hia godd-hede pat haa all i[n] wald, His godhede ]iat ha}i al in walde 

Moght neuer dei ne neu«r aall, 18669 Mijte neuer deje ne neu«r shal 

Se slepe, )iat has to wake Ta all. Ky alepe pat ha]> to wake ve al 

[Our Ixyrifs Life after he had rUen.] 
[p]at king, quen be was resen to lij^ p<d kyng J>o he was riaen to lif 
Scheud him till hia desciplis rijf, Shewed him to his disciples lif 

Com and jode to Jtaim vm8tunt,18663 Coom & jode ofte hem among 

And ete and dranck als he waa wont ; 
wid paim he dueld fourti dais, 
An sarmoned (ala )ie stori aais) 186 
Of heuenea blis ^at es aua hei, 
And quen his will was forto stei. 
To gadir all his togeder he badd ; 
And ^M war all eamen stadd, 186 

And also eet wip hem & dionk 

wif hem he dwelt fourii dayea 

And preched as ^e stoiy sayes 

Of heuen blis pat is so hyje 

And whenne his wille was vp to atije 

To gedei alle his to gider he bad 

Soone fei were to gider lad 




Imts him kidd til Jiaim all iiea,18671 ihema bid ham to hfoa al now. 

To freat if )iai in trouth war tru, - to fraist if ^ai in traa}i ware tiew 

ftii mifltrning for to misprtus, ^aire iniattowning< for to niispraiae 

And Tt« o wan-hope for to lais. & oat of vranhope for to raise 

For son ])ar was o yat gedring, 18675 for sum fer waa of ^at gedring* 

^t troud noght wel hia up-rising ; atte trawed nojt his vprisiitg' 

£ot )>air miatroath, }e loth to aoi, IT hot ^aire mistrou^ for-so)) to say. 

£a atrenghing of tt tiouth to dai ; ia Btren^ing< of our tranji to daf . 

Gret sikemes til us it was, 1B679 grete sikemea til tb hit was 

)ra mistraing o sant thomos, ^e miatrowing' of saint thomas. 

For he wald traa on nankin wiae for he walde ttaw on nankin wise 

fat laoerd Ume Buld sua Tp-rise ; ^at is loide iheniB snide sqna Tpriss 

Of his up-iBs he was in weie 16683 of Tpriaing* he was in were 

And said, " for thing pat i niai hete he saide for ping ^at I. mai hei« 

Mai i trou he np-rieen es, nyl I. traw Tp-risin he is. 

Til i mai se and fele hie flexs, til I. him se & fele his fleashe 

pe thirles bath o hand and fete, 18687 ^ >irlis ba^ of hende & fete 

And of his aide ^e wond wete ; & of his side ^e woundis wete 

Quen [1} ha graped Jnr wit hand, qnen L hane graped per vip hand 

^ Both Jian most i Tuderstand." Jo aof Jien moste I. vnderstaade 

Bot ie#u« p&t sli brest wald bete, bot ihe^ns fnt alls balls mai bete 

Thomas lufsnmli he lete 16692 thomas lonesumli he lete. 

To pat his hand in at his side, to pntte his hands in atte his sida. 

Al for to grape his wond wide, & for to grape his woundes wide. 

And said, " thomas ])0u fele and se [«).■] & saide thomas |)on fele and ae. 

Quer i me-self or noght it be, 18696 qaeper I. my-self or nojt hit be 

And mistm noght ^at es to tm, & mlstrou nojt atte is to trow. 

Bot stand in stedfaat trouth fra nn." bot stande in st«[d]fast tiaufi fra now. 

Qo^n thomas fiat to crist waa cuth, f quen thomas fai to crist was couji 

Herd ^ talkin o iesa mutb, 18700 herd ))ia talking* of hia moufi. 

" )K)n ert," he said, " nu lauftrd min Jrau art he saide lorde mine. 

And fon art als mi dere dr^htin." Sc Jwu art als my dere drijtine 

" For )k)u," coth he, " ^ soth has sene, for )>on quo)> he f)e eo^ has aene 

Na ^oxL it wate wit-vten wene 18704 now pou wate wi^uten wene 

Bot )>a men sal be benedight bot bleaaed mote alle }ia be D>^)7] 

Sal trou in me wit-vten sight." ^at trawes hit & bbbb na^t me 


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lesuB him kid to )>aim all na, 18671 
To fraist if ^ai in tiDuth war tru, 
))air mistrouning forto misprtds, 
And Tte of wanliope forto rais. 18674 
FoT Bum )isr waa of )iat gadring, 
^t troud noglit jeit his vprising ; 
Bot ^air mifitroTth., soth to sai, 
Ea strinthing of vr troght to-day ; 
Gret aetiraeB till tb it was, 18679 
^6 mistroumng of sant thomas, 
For lie wald troa on nakin wise [«i. %] 
VI lauerd iem suld Bua vprise ; 
Of his Tpria he was in were 18683 
And said, " for thing )iat i mai here 
Mai i tron he- vpiesin es, 
Till i mai se and fele hia fless, 
fe thirles bath of hend an fete, 18687 
And of hia aide fe wondes wete ; 
Quen i bane graped )ia wid hand, 
fe soth fan most i vnderstand." 
Bot ie^B ^at sli brest wald bete, 
Thomas luuesumli he lete, 18692 

And forto grape his wondes wide 
To pot his hand in at his aide, 
And said, " thomas Jiti fele and ae 
Quejier i me-self or noght it be, 18696 
And mistrou naght ^at ea to tron, 
Bot stand in stedfast tronth fra nu." 
Qusn thoDias fat crist waa couth, 
Herd fiis takning of iesa muth, 18700 
" Jin ert," he aaid, " nn lauerd min 
And yn art ala mi dere drightin." 
"For fill," aaid he, "fe aoth has sene, 
Nu fu wat widvten wene 18704 

Bot fa men sal be benedight 
Sal trou in me widuten sight." 


IheffM* kud him to bem new 

To wite if fiei in troufe were trew 

Her mya bileue for to mys preiae 

And out of wanbope hem to reise 

For Bomme were of fat gederyng 

))at leued not jit hia vp rifijng 

But her mya troufe sof> to say 

la atrengjiing of oure troufe to day 

Greet sikumea to ts hit waa 

))e mys trowyng of seynt Thomas 

For he wolde trowe on no wise 

Oure lord ihem shulde so rise 

Of hia vpriat he was in were 

And aeide for f ing fat I may here 

I may not leue vp risen he eB 

Til I se & fele his flesshe 

)3e furies bof e of honde & fete 

And of his syde fe wounde wete 

whenne I haue groped f o wif honde 

J3e sofe fenne wol I Tildirstonde 

But ihesw:* fat bia bale wolde bete 

louesumly thomaa he lete 

For to grope his woundes wide 

And put his honde in to his side 

He seide thomas now fele & se 

whefw I my self now be he 

Stonde stud&ste now herfore 

And mis bileue f ou no more 

whenne thomas fat to crist was couf 8 

Heide fie of itiesa Mouf e 

)}on art he seide lord god myn 

)3at for me hast suffred pyn 

For f ou seide cmt hast hit sene 

Jjon leoest hit wif outen wene 

Blessed shul alle f o men be 

)}at hit shal lene & not se 



T Fn )ian wald dright wit open dede l.lra (en walde iheeaa vip opin dede 

Gonferme his tronth til] all lede ; J. confenne his traa)> til awin sede 

He badd pan faia disciplis preche he bad ^en hia disciplis preycbe 

Oiural Jiia weild hia ttouth to teche, ouer al J>is werlde ft traup to teiche 

I . . no gap in Cotton MS. ; [ 

. . a l«af tcaniing in Laud MS^ no gap in the MS."] 

And all )>at wald tra fn pat time, & alle J>at walde trawe fra pat time 

And eipen wald roceine baptime, & aipea walde resceyue baptime. 

pat pai auld baptiat be in hast, 18716 pat pai eiilde baptiat be in haate 

In fader and sun and haligast. in pe fader & eone & baligaate. 

And pai pat baptim wald noght take, & pai pat baptime wil no;t take 

dome pai Bal be don to wrake. of dome ealle be done to wrake 

po tmand and )re baptiat bath 18719 pe trawaude & pe baptist bap 

pai sal be saue fra waful wath. pai aaUe be aafe &a waful wap 

y»,T haa he sothfaat eample left, ^ef has he aopfast enaaumple left 

pat uede-wais moat be bom eft, pat nedc-waiea most he be bom eft 

Fint in fleza and aipen in criBt,18T23 fiist in fleaahe & aipeu in criste. 

moder wambe and pan baptist ; of moder wambe & pen baptiat 

Fader and moder us gat and bar, IT fader & moder va gatte & here 

Bot criat ua sen has getea pat, bot criaten haa geten va new pere 

Ts geten in hall gaat baa be, vs giten in baligaate haa he 

For-pi eoth&st hia suns et we. 18728 for-pi sopfitst his sonts ar we. . 

Ful wa pan mai him be for aun, ful grete veniaunce ia on him draw 

pat will noght eoilk a fader knaun ! pat wil nojt suche a fitder knaw. 

For pia ea he ful wel we wato, for-pl ia be ful wele we wate 

pat neuer o pat appel bate 18732 pat neuer of pat appil bate. 

Thorn him we mai, wit-vten lett, porou him we mai wip-outen lette 

Ask MI heritage wit dett, aske our heritage wip dette. 

For leit he noght pai-of a smitt for left he no)t per-of a quitte. 

Of all pe lagh pat he ne held tt,18736 of alio pe lagB pat he ne held hit 

pat nener was halden par bi-fom, pat neuer waa balden Jwr be-fome. 

)iat he for us com to be bom. pat he for va come to be borne. 

Of erth it come pe firat man IT of etp come pe first man. 

pat al ui baret us bi-gan ; 18740 pat alle our baiet first be-gan. 

fe toper us come fra heuen ture, pe toper ts come fra heyuen toure 

pat broght us saghtnee and succnre. pat brojt us sanenea & aocoure. 


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[F]» f&R wald drightin wid opin deda For )>eiin« wolde ihesu in his dedes 

Camfeime hia tronth til ftHcin lede ; Coufeime )>e treu]ie to alle ledos 

Eb bad ^n his desciplia teche 18709 He bad lua disciplis teche 

Over all ^ia world forto preche, Oaer al Jie world po gospel preohe 

[ pat is to vche creature 

no gap in ike M8.] For Jiei shulde in troufe be euro 

And all ^at wald tru fra J>at time, Alle J>at wolde leue ]>at tolde 

And si)>ere wald reciue baptime, And bapteme receyue wolde 

P&i pai auld baptist be in hast, 1S715 jTei sholde be baptised wl]iouten boost 

In name fader and B\in and bali gast. In name of fadii son & holy goost 

And }iai pai will noght baptim take, And who pat wolde no bapteme take 

Ate donLe ^ai sal be done to wrake. At dome fiei eholde falle to wrake 

Jie truand and ])e baptist bath 18719 pe leaer & ^e baptised bo)ie 

Jiai sal be aauf fra waful wath. Shulde be saaed fiom alle lo)ie 

far has he aothiaat sample left, ^j'*5' ''^ Jjus haf he ts enaaumple left 

^at nedewais moat he bom be efb, pat we most nede be born efb 

First in flexa and syden in cri3t,18723 Furst in fleashe & aif en in crisl 

Of modir wamb and fan baptist ; Of modir wombe & penne baptist 

Fader and modir vs gat and bar, Fadir & modir va get & bere 

Bot crist has na vs getteu Jiar, 18726 But crist ha)> ts geten here 

va getuQ in hali gast has he. In }ie holy goost geten ts ha) he 

For-Jii sothfast his suns er we, )p^fore his so^ifaste sones be we 

Ful wa fan mai bim be for au, 18729 Ful wo may hiwt be & owe 

Jiat win noght suilk a fadir knau 1 J)at wol not euche a fadir knowe 

For-fi ea he ful wele we wate, For fiat is ho wel we woot ti>«nii,bMi( 

fat neuer of fat appil bate fat neuer of f e appel boot 

Thorn him we mai, widvten lett, . Bi him we may wif outen lot 

Aske vr eritage wid dedett, 18734 Aske oure heritage of det 

For left be noght f ar-of a smitt pB lawe he helde wondii wel 

Of all f e lau fat he ne held itt, Ynholdeu lafte he nener a del 

fat Reuer was haldin far biforn, Keuer was hit holden per bifora 

pa.t he for ts come to bi bom. 18738 For fat Jie coom to be bom 

Of erde it come f e &ist man Of erf e be coom f e furst moa 

Jwt all TT baret tb bigan ; Pat al oure baret bigon 

pa tofer ts come fra henen tur, 18711 )pe tofer coom from heuen tour 

fat bro^t TS saghtnes and auoour. pat broujte tb aauyng & socour 



}i6 fonnaat man was fiesBheli wrojt 

^at alls ))a weilde i& 'bale* bn^t 

he was putte out of paradis. j^j^^^, 

& alle Jte oapring' fat was his. '"''■' 

hot ihe«ua onr fader has al made plain. 

gat TS onT heritage a-gaine. 

fat lyt in erf fra heynen Leye 

& f ra ))e erf vs doa Tp-stey, 

IT til his disciplis bad fat hende. 

fra ieruwilem fat Bulde Qojt WNide. 

til fat I. haue talde jon mare. 

fat je sails ae or fat I. fare. 

f e baptiz he saide of seiat iohfi 

was nojt done hot in wat^?* aUone. 

hot I. say je sslle in haste. 

be baptist in f e haligaste. 

fe foMuaat man WM flexsliwToght,^^ 
fat al fe werld in hale has broght ; 
He was pute vte of paisdis, 16746 
And al fat oxapring fat was his ; 
Bot iemu vt fader has mad al plain, 
Gate til vr heritage a-gain, 18748 
fat lighted in erth fra henen hei, 
And &a f e Ian ts dos np atei. 
Til his disciplis badd fat heind 18761 
Fra iunalem fai snld noght welnd, 
Bot bide his £ider hight right far, 
fat thorn his math he said fam ar, 
He said, "be baptist o eant iohan 
Was noght don bot in wat^ allan,' 
Bot i soi you yee eal in hast I87S7 
Be baptist in fe hdigast." 

[TJie Aseennon of CTrisi.] 

Quen i«m« had his spell ful-fild, 

And teched fam al fat fat he wild, 

Forth he ledd fat femet snete, 18761 

Apon fe mont of oliuete 

In licknes o profession. 

And gaf fam all his benisun : 

And wit his ann propur mif^t. 

He etei np in fail aller sight, 18766 he steye rp in faiie aller sijt. 

A dude fat far a-gain him light a clonde fer come againe him %f) 

Bitaght him til his angels bright ; hi-tajt him til hia angel br^ 

Quen fai fe sight of him had tint, quen fai f e sight of hii" had tint. 

Teit fai b»-heild wit-Tten stint, 18770 jet fai be-belde wif-outen stint. 

quen ihe<as had his spel fulfilled 
& shew ham alle atte be willed' 

f he led fat faraad sqaete 
a-pon fe monnte of oliaet« 
in liknes of procesaioun. 
& gaf ham alle his benisoufl. 
& wif his awen propre m^t 

And qnils fai sua heheild in lite, 
Bi-side fam. stode tua men in quite, 
And said, " godmen o galilee, 
Apon qnat thing sa wonder yeet 

% & quilest fai squa be-helde in lits 
be-side bam stode ij. men in quite. 
quar-a-pon aqua wonder je. 
1 f^ saide of galilee 

Wonder yee sua a-pon iera, 18776 a-pon ihem to wonder sqaa. 

Bot right als ha ee tan fra yow, 


T is tane jou fra. 


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yrBES nsuB had fisisekd talking hh led that bwbet compaht on to 107S 


))e formast man was flesli wroght, J)e formast mon was fles«liely wroujl. 

fat all f B w[o]rld ire bale had broght ; Pat al (le world in bale broujt 

He waa put vte of paradis, 1874$ He waa put out of paradia 

And all |>e ospring pat was hisj And his ospringe a! for vnwis 

Bot ie«a tt fadii has made al plain, But ihe^u oure fadir made al ple^ 

Gat til TT eritage again. And gat oure heritage ajeyn 

fat lighted in erd fra heuen hei, jjat li^te in erfe fro heuen heje 

And fra fe lau vs doa vp steL 18750 And fidur wol vs do to steje 

[Tjill his descipUa bad fat heind To his disciplea bad fat hende 

Fra ieruaalem f ai suld noght wend. Fro Jerusalem fei shulde not wende 

Bot hide his fadii hight right far. But bide his fadir biheste fere 

fat tboTU his muth said men ar,18754 As men bi him had seide ere 

" 8e said f e baptim of sant iohn Se seide f e baptist Ion 

was noght done bot in water allon, I baptije jou in watir on 

Bot i sai ^u je sal in hast In bast je ahal wifouten boost 

Be baptist in fe hali gast." 18758 Be baptised of fe holy goost 

[27(6 Ancetmon of C/mst,] 

Quen iesus had his spell fullild, [»i- ti whenre« ihe^uj had fulfilde hia spel 

And teched faim all fat he wild. And tau}te hem as he coude wel 

Forth he led fat megne euete, 18761 Forf he ladde fe meyne swete 

Oup-on fe munt of oliuete Vpon fe mount of olyoete 

In licnes of proceeeiun. In likenee of a processioon 

And gaf faim all his benisoun : And ;af hem alle hia benesoun 

And wid his auen propre might, And wif hia owne propre myjt 

He stei vp in fair aller sight, 18766 He atey vp in her aller s^t 

A cloud fat far again him light A cloude fat dou» ajeyn him coom 

Bitaght him till hia angelia bright ; Bitai^te him to his aungels f on 

Quen f ai f e sight of him had tint, wbenjie fei sijte of him had tynt 

jeit fai Hheld widvtan stint, 18770 jitt loked fei wifouten stynt 

And quilis fai biheld sua ire lite, Whil fei biheld so in delite 

Biside faim atod tua men in quite, Biside hem stode two men in white 

And said, " god men of galile, And seiden gode men of galile 

Quar-apon aua wonder jet 18774 wher vpon merueile jeo 

|ie wonder aua apon iegu, ^e merueile vp on ihem now 

Bot light als he ea taae £ra ju, But rijt aa he is take fro )ow 
oarriNQBH TBumr 

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He eal come at a-iiol))er tide, 16777 be salle come atte a-no)i«r tide 

For thar yow noght him a-bide. thar joa nojt Iiim now o-blde 

Bot com sal be ironder kene, bot ^at come salle be wonder keiie 

Qu«a be aol deme ub all bidene." quen he comis vs al to deme, 

Apon ^at ball thmsdai 18781 a-pon ^e hali Jiorisdaf. 

yoB went iemu to graitb oi wai, ^us went ihaius to grai)) oni way. 

Wit fader bis to graitb tt in, wiji hia fader to graiji our in. 

]Mit na CT of bia aun kin, ^at now is of hie awen kin. 

In beuea blia, ^t ea )>e soth ; 18785 in beyaen blie ^t is fie mf. 

If we foln ber right his sloth, if we wille folow ri;t hie elo]). 

Hia kin he will nogbt for-eake, his kin ne wille he uojt fo^sake. 

Bot it be thorn ^air aun sake, bot If )iai bit ham-seluen make 

Bot godd for-bedetma )iat itweind, C«>i» IT bot god for-bede ))at hitsqua^ende 

^t we TT fa mak of nr fraind ; 18790 ])at we our fa make of our £r«nde 

Wei agbt we to luue him ]ian, wele th agtl to loue him ]ian. 

Qua Innea him noght, en na man. qua louis him no}t is na man. 

If a ceites, if i Jie soth sal rede, for certia if 1. )ie soji ealle rede. 

Ifoman ea he doe na man-hede, 18794 na man is he dos na man-hede. 

And of m-man-hede es it diaun, & of vn-manbede is hit diawen 

To be agtun god dede vn-knaun. of goddee dede to be Tn-knawen. 

Vr manbed bu we J»an bim vn-to, manhede bowe fou vn-to 

In al ^ god ^t we mai do, 18798 in alle )« gode fai we maj do. 

For first in ertb be her it fett, for first in er}) be here hit fette 

And na in benen be has it sett. & now be has in beyuen hit sette 

Sna hei oner all creatur, aqua hey aboae al creature . . 

Quat hert mai tbinc o suUk bonur, quat hert mai )rink of such honour 

Jiat he til UH has don o blis, 1880S Jiat he tUle vs has done of blia, [if tt, tki 

flat cuppuld fius Tr kind til his. pat cuppled . [^]va our kinde tille his. 

And sett apon his fader right hand, IT & sette a-pon hie fader rijt bauds 

Jut mighti godd and all weldand. })at mijti god al weldande. 

yat et a selcuth thing to neuen,I8607 hit ia a aelcoufi fing' to neyuen. 

For far ea ertb hegber fan benen. for per is erf berre fen beyuen. 

Jiot iuut, godd and man wit-al, per ibesua god & man wif alia 

Sna hei es sett in henen balL 18810 equa beye is sette in beyuenis aUe 

Quat elles bot ertb es vr manbed, quat ellis bot erf is oui manhede 

fat es mad an wit bis godd-bed 1 fat is made an wif bis god-hede. 




He aal cam at onojwr tide, 18777 He ehal com at auo^ tide 

For thar je naght hint nu abide. J»r jou not him now ahide 

fiot ^at come sal be wonder kene. But fat come shal be vondii kene 

Quen he aal deme vb all bidene." when»e he com ehal al to deme 

[A]pon fat hal[i] thuresMJay 18781 f Vpon )» holy Jiurseday 

fan went iwii to graith vr way, Went ihemw to ordeyne oure lay 

wid fadir his to graith vr in, Wif hia fadit to take her In 

|iat nu es of his auen kin, 18784 Jjat wol wifi wille be of bis kyn 

In heuen blia, fat es pe Both ; In heuen blis fiat is to sey 

If we wUl folu right f e Blotht, If we wol folwe Jk lijt wey 

Hia kin ne will he noght foraake, His kyn wol he not forsake 

Bot it be thorn yr anen make, 18788 But we vs fouly mystake 

Bot god forhede fat it sua weind. But god forbede hit so to wende 

fat we TT fa make of Tr freind ; )>at we onie fo make of onre &ende 

Fnl wele ane wo to luue hi[m] pan, wel owe we to lone him f on 

Qua luues him noght, he es na man. who lonef him not is no mon 

Ka certea, if i )>e soth sal rede, 18793 Certis if we aop shnl lede 

Na man es ho dos no manhede, Mon is noon but he do monhede 

And of Tnmanhede es it drann, And of Tnmonhede is bit drawen 

To be again gode dede vnknaun. pat of good dede wol not he knawen 

TT manhede bu we fan bim vnto, tjJ'J^ Oure monhede bowe we fenne him to 

In all fe gode fat we mai do, 18798 In al f e good fat we may do 

For ferist in etd be here it fett, For fuist in erfe be here hit fet 

And nn ba has in heuen it bett And now in heuen be haf hit set 

Sua hei vtouer all creatur, 16801 Ful beje abone alle creatures 

Quat bert mai thine of sli onur, what hert may fenke of snche hoaurea 

fat he till t8 ha» done of blis, ]}at tb baf done f a kyng of blis 

fat cnpplid fus rr kind to his. J^at coupled fns oure kynde to bis 

And sett apon his fadir right hand, And set bit on bis fadir ri^t bonde 

f at mighti god all weilldand. 18806 J3at my^ti god al weldonde 

fat es a selcuth thing to neuen, Jjis is a selconf Jiing to neuen 

For far es erd heier fan heuen. For f us is eife hejer fen heuen 

far iesus, god and man wid-all, )}ere ihesue god & mon wif alle 

Sua hei es sett in heuen halL 18810 So h^e is set in heuen stalle 

Quat ellis bot erd es vt manhede, Monhede but erfe what is hit [turns] 

fat es made ane wid his godhede 1 Pat now wiji fe godbade is knyt 



He send us ai )>at ilk grace 18813 . he aendis now fiat ilk grace. 

^ar to Be Ms lilieful face ! ^ to ee his bliaful &ce. 

Mare blia ue toi mai neuer mat be, mare blie ne 107 mai neuer be. 

fan 00 hit aaet face to ae. 16616 Jien oa his aqaete face to se. 

IT Of hia visage \>at ea sa bright 

Me for to mele it ea vn-right, lfl818 

For angels es na bod sa light, 

^T maat ioi as on hia eight, 

To se bint ])aT he aittea no, 

In beoen ala we aght to tru, 18822 

Bot of his liclinea faX he bar 

Quils he went prechand here and fare. 

Jian omi we sai, ale it es ledd 

Of ur bokee in somstede, 18826 

Of heght he was meteli man, 

Efter ))at ^ men war ^on ; 

No)ier to gret, ne r^t to email. 

And wonder semli was wit-al; 18830 

His cher was dredfnl on to loke, 

And lufsum als-eua, saia fa boke ; 

His hare like to ^e nnte bran, 18833 

Quen it for ripnes fals dun, 

Apon hia sculdres hgand wele, flJ^J^'^ 

Bi his erea akailand sumdele. 

In hefd he had a clift be-fom, 18837 

Ak nazarens has pat ])ar er honi. 

His for-hed [fair], wemlesa to sight, 

Wit-vten ani ruukel alight, 18840 

His vice somdel wit rede was ble?id ; 

On neae and muth was noght at menii. 

Forked fair fe chin he bare I88i3 

And tender herd wit mikel hare. 

Of )« &imu of erist ; St Ma bodeli 
likne* in er^. 

Of hia visage ^t is sa biijt 
mB for to telle hit is na rijt. 
for angala ar better fen sunne-li}t 
^aire maste ioj is on fat aijt 
for tille se him eitt« in ttone 
in heyuen blis as he was wono 
IT bot of hia liknes fat he bare. 
qoileat he preiched here & fare, 
fen mai we sai als bit is redde. 
in our bokis in maui atedde. 
IT of he^t he was a metili man. 
ofter atte f e men ware fan. 
naufer to grete ne rijt to smalle 
& wonder semeli he was wif-alle. 
^ his cher was dredeful on to loke. 
& louesum atsqua sois f e boke 
his hare like to fe note bronn. 
quen hit for ripenes falUs doan. 
a^pon his shuldres ligonde wele 
bi his eies shaUande sumdele. 
IT In hsued he had a clift be-fome 
ala najarens & fer ar borne. 
his foiheued faire wemles to ai^t. 
wif-outen ani ronclis. slijt. 
his visage sumdel wif rode was blende 
hia neyae hia mouf was nojt to mende 
comli & faire his chyn ho bare. 
IT & tender betde wif mikil hare 


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Ha send ya nv ^at ilk grace 
))at to Be his blisful place ! 
Mar blia ne ioy mai aener be, 
fum on his saate face to se. 

He sends tb now )iat ilke graca 
}>a,t we may ee bis bleeaed &ca 
More blis & ioye may neaer be 
|)en on his blessed face to le 

[A description of the PerKm «/ Ckriel.] 

[0]f his visile ))at es sua brigh[t] 
Me to speke )>ar-of it es vniight, 

For angeUs es no son sua light, 
fail most ioy ea on his sigbt, 18820 
To SQ him ))ar he aittes nn, 
In henen als we agh all to trou, 
Bot of his liknea Jut he bora 18823 
Quiles he was prechand here a[n]d Jwr. 
y&a mai we sai, ala it es redd 
In vr bokea in snmkin stedd, 
Of heght he was a meteli man, 1S827 
Efter )iat f& men war )>an ; 
JToufier to gret, ne right to small, 
And wonder semli was wid-all; 18830 
His cheie was dredefol on to loke, 
And luneaunt alsua, sais ^ boke ; 
His har like to )>e nute bnme, 18833 
Quen it for lipes Mils dime, 
Apon his chnldris ligand wele, [cdLQ 
Bi hia eris skailand sum dele. 18836 
In heaed he hud a sched bifotn, 
Als nazarenea has pat fiar er bom. 
Hia forhed fair, wemles to sight, 
widuten ani runldl sleight, 18840 
His vija Bum-dele wid rede waa blend ; 
Of neiea and muth was nc^ht to mewd, 
Forkid fmr fe chin he bare 18843 
And tttndet herd wid mddl hare. 

IT Of pia Tisage Jiat is ao brijt 

Me to speke is vnrijt 

For aungels fat ahoute him bene 

Her moost ioye ia on him to aene 

To se him Jiere he sittej) now 

In heuen aa may alle «tow 

But of his likenes fiat he bai 

whil he preched here & Jiar 

we may saye as hit is red 

In ouie bokea in dyuerse sted 

Of heijte he waa a metely mon 

Aftir fat J>e men were fon 

Noufer to grete ny to smal 

And wondir semely eke wiji al 

Hia chere was diedefiil on to loke 

And louesum as sei^ ))e boke 

His heei like to }ie note broun 

whenne hit for ripe &liej) doun 

Ypon his ahuldres liggyng wele 

Bi his eies slydynge som dele 

In heed he had a sheed bifom 

As IlazarenuB hau pere f ei are bom 

His forhede feir wemlca in aijt 

wijiouten wrynkul hit was slijt 

HJH viya somdel with reed was meynd 

wiJi nese & mou)i feire ordeyued 

Forked feire fe chjn be here 

And tender herd wif muchel here 


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Beid and hefd of a hen ware, 18S45 

Ifate bmn ale i tald yow aie. 

Metli bar was on hia chin, 

And ala his hefd was schmid in tain. 

Stedfast his lok and simple ai, 18849 

His eien dere, and smndel gnu ; 

Cleili spak ha ^at he wald, 

And al his skil wiseli he tald. 

In his enaiping auful was he, 18863 

In talking moght nan sa fer be. 

Jpat thris he wep we find i-nogh, 

Bot we find nener qaar he logh. 

suilk a modCT", wel elik a child, 

Wit Mi wieage and modee mild, 

It ee Bene be >e weioni 18869 

And be )k ymage o )>at lenedi 

fa tane ea to ^ to)>er like, 

Stad in >e blis of beoen like. 18862 

V Qiistt. ieaus was vp-stei til heaen, 
Als fee haf herd me foi-wit neue^i. 
To inrsalem )iai went ^am son, 18865 
Ab ]iaim was biden fbr-to don. 
fe brewer all er commen )iider, 
In a has Jiai war to-gedei, 18868 

Stil )>ai heild faim fiai and enen. 
^e apostels war ]>an bot elleuen, 
Petre, lohn, lams, andreu, 
Pbiliph, thomas, barthelmeu, 
Mathea, iacob, ladas, eymon, 18873 
All t'ir fiai lai in orison ; 
Maria hia moder and ojwr sum 
Jat was hi-taght nere to iesam, 18876 


boide & hened of an hew ware 
note bronn as I tolde jou are. 
Meteli hare was on his chyn. 
& als his heued was shed in twin. 
atedefast his loke & simple ay. 
his eien clere & sumdel gray, 
clerli spac he quat he walde. 
& hia akille wiaeli be talde. 
In his snaipiiig< aghful was he. 
in talking^ mijt nane aojwr be. 
^ris he wepped we finde I-nogtL 
hot we finde neu^-qnare at he logll. 
f% moder was like vn-to fie childe 
wiji faire visile & modis milde. 
wele mai men wete sicurelL 
^at |>e ymage of Jiat lauedi. 
fe tane is to fie iofer like. 
In ^ blis of beyaen-tike. 

how f9i chese Hatliy apoBtel fonn. 
fe haligaat ofter )>e ^remrreocioaiL 

anen ihesna was rpstey til beynen 
ab be-fore }e herde me neyuen 
to ieru«alem ))ai went sone. 
ab ham was hidden for to done. 
^e hiefer alle ai common fiidder. 
& in a hous ware alle to-gidder. 
stille fai helde ham )»«• & eynen, 
Jie aposfles ware fen bot elleyiien. 
IT Petre. lobn. lame. & Andrew, j;™'" 
Philip thomas & Bertehnew. J^^ 
Mathea Iacob Indas Simon. 
alle fer lay in faire orisouTt. 
Maria hia moder & ofer sum. 
fat was be-tajt nere to ibe^wm. 


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Berd and heSd of a hen ware, l'S845 

Xutte bran als i tald ju are. 

Meteli bar was on his schiii, P us, tatt] 

And als hia hefd ' was sched in tain. 

Stediast his loke and simple ay,1884d 

TTia eien clere, and sntn-dele gray ; 

Clerli Bpac he quat he wald, 

And all Ms skill wisli he tald. 

In his snaiping auful was he, 18853 

In talking might nane sother be. 

))at teiis he wepo we find enogh, 

Bot we find neuer fiat he logh. 

Of suOk a moder, suilk a child,18857 

wid fair visage and modes mild, 

It es wele sene bi f e veroni 

And bi Jie ym^e of fat leuedi 

fe tane es to ^ tofier like, 

Stad in )ie blis of henen-rike. 18862 

Berd & heed of on hew were 
Kote hroun as I tolde ^u ere 
Metely heer was on his chyn 
Lonely & blessed vs to wjn 
Studfasto his loke & symple ay 
His ejen clere & somdel gray 
Clereiy spake he what he wolde 
And alle his skiles wisely tolde 
In his snybbyng aweful was he 
I[n] techyng myjt noon sofer he 
Teres he wepte we fynde Inoi^e 
But we fynde neuer fat he lowje 
Like his modir was fat childe 
wif faiie visage & mode ful mylde 
Sene hit is bi fe verony 
And bi f e ymage of fat lady 
lie ton is to f e tofer Uobe 
Stad in heuen blis rieho 

[Tlie Acta of the Apostles.] 

[Q]ven iems was vpstei til heuen, 
Als je herd me forwid neuen, 
To ienwalem. fan went f aim sone, 
Als faim was bedin forwid don& 
fe biefer all er comen feder, 18867 
In a hua war f ai to-gider, 
S[t]ill fai held f aim far and eaen. 
fe aposflie war fan bot ellenen, 
Petra, iohn, iame, and andreu, 18871 
Fhilipe, thomas, and bartbolomen, 
Mathe, iaeob, iadas, aimon, J^"')**''*** 
All fir lay far in otisoon ; 
Maii bis modir and ofei sum 18875 
fat was nenei het^ht to ieguia, 

H whenne ihesua vp went to heuen 
As ;e herde me bifore nenen 
To ierusalem pa went fei soone 
As hem was beden for to done 
Alle f o brefer were comen fider 
And in an hous f o were to gider 
StiUe f ei bar hem f o & enen 
}3e apostles f o were but ellenen 
Petur. Ion. lame. & Andrew 
Philip. Thomas & bartulmew 
Mathfi, lacob. ludas. Symeon 
All f ese lay in orisoun 
Marie hia modir & ofer also 
Jjat were wont wlf ihesa to go 


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))ai war ner aex score men to t«ll 

^an raa petre ^m to apell, 1S878 

"Mi bre^r," he oaid, "it most nu nede 

^ writte be fiilfild Jut ve rede ; 

^t fe haligast uid thorn dani, [csL q 

iadas and hia trecheri, 18882 

^t ia VT tale iras teld for an 

And did vr lanerd ieni bitan. 

^ mede of hia felunni 18865 

A feild )iai did Jiam for to bjj ; 

He braet in middea quen he han^ 

Hia guttes at hia womb vte wrsng. 

ye psalm sais, thoru pe haligast, 18889 

His woning stede be wild Eind wast, 

And for his tiesnn and his suike 

Anofier most haf his biscop-rike. 

}ia gadring be-hones ns ^an, 16893 

In witnesing to ches a man 

Vn-to fe seiuis of tt tale, 

For to mak pe nnutbre hale." 

All I»i said, " lok it be sua," 18897 

And of fiam all ^ai ches tua, 

^e tan hight ioaeph bareabas, 

)« tojier was hatten mathias. 18900 

))ai said, and ^ns drightin bi-soght, 

" ^ou lauerd ^t eeis all mens thoght, 

^ou Bceu na qttep&e o ^ii tua hen, 

^at ]>ou will haue to ^is mister 18904 

In-to fie sted ludas has losen, 

^6 quilk o pii fou will ha chosen." 

^n kest pai cauel pant emell, 

Bot son a-pon mathie it fell, 18908 

Of him it was vr lauerd will, 

^e tale o tuelue for to f ulfill 


Pm ware ners sex skore to telle. 

])en ras petre ham to spella 

^ mj \>itper he soide hit most nede 

pa writte be fulfilled atte we rede 

atte ^ baligaste aside ^rou dani. 

of ludas & his trecheri. 

^t in out tale was talde for an. 

& did our loide iheni be slane. 

& for )>e mede of his feloni 

a felde per-vrip he con him hj. 

he brast a-middis qnen be hang 

his guttis atte hie wambe out-wrange 

^e salme sais ])orou fe haligast 

his woningi stode be wilde & waste 

IT & for his tresoun & his sqtuke 

chose we an tille va like. 

of fiis geddering be-houis Ts ^an. 

In witenesingi to chose a man.^ 

['To goddis seruyse him to take. 

And also a hool noumbre to make, 

Alle seide, "let hit be so," 

And of hem alle oheee )iei two, 

pe ton het loseph borabas. 

And pe toper mathiaa. 

pei seide, & pne god bisou^t 

" ^u lord ^at seest al monnea ])onjt, 

Shews TS whefCT" of f ese here 

pat ^OQ wolt haue to )>i mistere. 

In stide of ladas pat is loscn, 

whiche of ^ese pon wolt haue choeen." 

^enne cast pei lottis for to telle. 

And eoone vp^on niathi hit felle. 

On him hit was oure lordis wills 

Jte noumbre of twelue to fulfiUe. 


ArunOal S7. HuiU't CoUsg^ Iti 

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])ai war nere eex skor men to tell. 
paa tas petie |iaim to spell, 18878 
"Mi bra^r," he said, "it most nu uede 
pa writt be fulGld ^t we lede ; 
)rat hali-gast said thom dani, 
Of indas and his trechon, 18882 

^at in vr tale was tald for one 
And did tt lauerd iesu to alane. 
Of ^e mede of hia feloni 
A feUd he did him for to bi; 18886 
He braat in middia qaen he bang, 
Hia guttee at his wamb vt« wramg. 
^e salme eais thoni ^e hali-gast,lS8S9 
His woning sted be wild and wast, 
And foi his tresun and hie enike, 
Anojier most haue his bischop-rike, 
Of ]>is gadring bihouis -vs |ian, 18893 
In wittenesing to cheae a man 
vnto Jie semia of^ vie tale, pjia.or] 
For to make vr numbie hale." 
All >fti said, " loko it bo sua," 18897 
And of ))aiin aU ^ai ohea )>aim tua, 
)ie tane h^ht ioseph barrabas, 
])e to])er was haten matheas. 18900 
)iai aaid, and ]ms diightia bisoghft], 
" pa lauerd ^at sois all manes ftoght, 
y\x scheu TS queder of fia tua sere, 
Jiat (lu will haue to va miatere, 18901 
Into stede iudas was losin, 
Quilk of fir ftu wil haue chosin." 
{van keist ^i caueles fiaim emell, 
Bot Bone apon mathi it fell, 18908 
Of him it was vr lanerd will, 
))e tale of tuelue to fuMlle. 


Jjere was neje six ekore men to telle 

Petui roos & bigon to spelle 

Breper he aeide |ie writen mot nede 

£e fulfilled fat ve rede 

))e holy gooBt seide foai^e dan; 

Of ludas and of hia tricchery 

Pat in oure tale was tolde for one 

And dud onre lord ih«u to alone 

wif tresour of fat felonye 

A f elde he dud him for to bye 

He brast in two as he hong 

His guttes at his wombe out wrong 

pa salmes aeif bi good toast 

His wonynge ahnlde be wilde & waaet 

And for his treaonn & hia awicha {J^^*- 

Anofer shulde haue Ms bisshopriche 

Of fis gederynge bihouef va f on 

In witenessynge to cheee a mon 

To goddea aeruise him to take 

And also a hool noufflbre to make 

Alle seide lete hit be so 

And of hem alle cheee f ei two 

Jje ton hett loaeph Barabas 

Ajid fe toper mathias 

J)ei seide & fua god bisoujt 

JWu lord fat seest alle mennes foujt 

Shewe va whef er of f ose here 

pat f ou wolt haue to fi mistere 

In stnde of ludas fat is loseu 

whiche of f eae f ou wolt haue chosen 

))enne cast fei lottes for to telle 

And Bone vpon Mathi hit felle 

On bim bit was ouie lordes wille 

pe Doumbre of twelue to fulfille 


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[7^ Deteerd of 
IF Ten daia fra ^e aBcenaion, 
^e apoatela lai all in oriflun. 
AIb )ai sua all to-geder lai 18913 

Apon ^t hali w^t aundai. 
At Tndrin tide ^ar come a aime 
Vte o ^ ail al bristand dune, 
Ala it war a thoner blast, 18917 

Brathli on ^t bus it braet. 
Wit a wind |nii come vit-all 
And, >ai aittand, fild al )>at halL 
>e baligast >aT lighted ]iaa. 18921 
Bath on womman and on man, 
Yn-to pair hefdea all bi-dena 
Was firen tonges aittand sene, 
A firen tung on ilkan light, 18925 
Bot noght ^ai biint, fiof )ru mad bnght 
And qni fiai come in firen si^t) ^}^' 
Bot for to giae pam stiengb and might, 
For we wat, wit-vten gile, 18929 

^ fire 68 god to strengh fe tile ; 
Tung bitakens all langa^ 
^t pai euld haf of M knaulage. 
To stand ai stitii for f« fai, 18933 
And thrali preche al crist lai. 
Of haligast fild war ])ai |)an, 
And for to tell ^i all bigan 
)>e miracles gret o iera crist, 18937 
For wel ^ai all langage wist. 
Als gaf to ^aim )>e baligast 
Alkin wiit to tuche and tast, 18940 
Was na langage man for to muth, 
^at ))ai ne all kiadli it cuth. 
IT In pat siquar was in pat ton 
Men of alkin religioun, 18944 


the Boll/ S^rit] 

Ten dayes fkim fe ascencioun, 
)ie apoatlis lay in orisonn. 
And as fei bo to-gider lay 
vp-on f e holy wit-sonday, 
At yndren tyde per coom a soun 
Fro fe eii hrestynge doun, 
As hit were a ])onder blast, 
Brodly on pat house bit brast, 
Wifi a wynd pat coom wif-alle 
And, pei sittyng, fulde pot halle. 
pe holy goost po lijte pon 
Bo^ on wommon & mon, 
Tnto her hedes alle bidene [«i. ii 

were firen tonges sittynge sene, 
A firen tonge on vchone lijt. 
But not hit btent, pel hit were brijt. 
And whi hit coom in firen ai^t 1 
Forto strengpe & ^ue myjt, 
For wel we woot, wipoutew gyle. 
File is good to atiengpe pe tile ; 
Tongis bltokenen alle langage 
pat pd sbulde hane ful kuowl^e. 
To stonde safly for pe fay, 
And trewely preche crtatia lay. 
Of pe holy goost filde were pei pan. 
And for to telle pei alle bigan 
pe miraclia grete of imu coupe, 
For alle langagia pei coupe wip moupck 
pe holy goost jaf hem at pat blast 
Of alle wittis to toucbe and l^tst, 
Euery langage pat penno was, 
Kyndely coupe pei bit bi graa. 
pat tyme'was pere in pat toim 
Sere men of alle religioun, 



[The Dmreni of 
[T]Ett dais fra fe aaseaciun, C«i- q 
\& aposAifi lai all in orisun. 18912 
Als f>ai ana to-gedir la; 
Apon fwt hali Wittsunday, 
At vndria tide far come a suae 
vte of (« air brestaud dnne, 18916 
Ala it war a thoner blast, 
BratUi on \<A hns it brast, 
wid a wend at come wid-all 
And, Jiai sittand, fild aU >at hall, 
fie kali gast fiai l^hted Jian 18921 
Batb on womman and on man, 
ynto Jiaii hefdes all bidene 
was firen tuitges sittand sene, 
A firen tnug on ilke a-light, 18925 
Bot noght fai brint, fioo Jiai war bright. 
And qui )^ai come in firin aigbt % 
Bot forto strenth and giue might. 
For wele we wate, widvten gile. 
For fire es gode to strenth )>e tile ; 
Tung bi-takenes all langage 18931 
^at ))ai suld baue of ful knaulage, 
To stand stithli for Jie fay, 
And thrali precbe for cn'stea lay. 
Of hali-gaat fild war Jtai Jian, 18935 
And for to tell })ai all bigan 
)ie miraclis grete of iwu crist. 
For alkin langage vele ^ai wist. 
Als Jiaim to gaf }ie hali-^ast 18939 
Of alkin witt to toucbo and tast, 
was na langage fat maw wald mouth, 
fat faim all it kindlik culh. 
[I]q fat siquar was in fat tune 
Sere men of all religiune, 18944 


(Ae H(H^ Spirit] 
IT Ten dayes from f e aaaencioon 
pe apostlia lay in orisoun 
And as f ei so to gider lay 
Vp on fe holy witsonon day 
At vndren tide f er coom a soun 
Fro f e eii brestyng donn 
As bit were a f ondir blast 
Brodly on fat hous hit biast 
wif a wynd fat coom wif alle 
And fei sittynge fulled fat hallo 
J» holy goost fere lijt fon 
Bofe on wommon & mon 
Vnto her hedes al bidene 
were fyren tonges sittynge sene 
A firen tonge on vchone lijt ■ 
But not hit brende fei hit were hr^t 
And whi bit coom in firen sijt 
For to atrengf e & jyue myjt 
For wel we woot wifouten gile 
Fire is good to strengf e f e tilo 
Tongea bitoken alle langage 
pat ])ei shulde haue ful knowlage 
To atonde stifly for f e fay 
And trewely preche emtia lay 
Of f e holy goost fulde were fei fan 
And for to telle fei alle bigan 
Pb miiaclee grete of ihesu couf o 
For alle langages fei coude witft moufe 
pe holy goost jai hem at fat blast 
Of alle wittes to toucbo & tast 
Eneiy langage fat fenne was 
Kyndely coude fei bit bi gras 
J}at tyme was fere in fat toun 
Sere men of alle reljgioun 

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Of ol maner of nacionn 

i/Laa ledia of in aui ton, 18946 

^t to ^t come Jiat siqnar, 

Of ilk lede, tn hen and fxr. 

Qum ))ai had herd ]Hit mikel blast, 

Quarfor ^oi war died and i)gast,18950 

For ^ot feiti ))an var ^ fua, 

^ runnen til )ie apostel hoe, 

And carpand o ^at grisli crak ; 

^r aiin langage ilkan fiai Bpak,16951 

Of alkin thing ^t ])ai cnth fiain, 

Itedi ^ gaf anaiier again, 

^t ilk tung quoT-Bum. [lai war, 

Td ilk lede ))ai gaf anan^aT ; 1 895S 

It was na wisdom man to knan 

^t fiai ne cnth redi resnn scan. 

All wondred fat J»ani herd and sei. 

Said fai, " er not >ir o galilei 18962 

Botn fat es fair kind contre I 

Hn," coth fai fan, "mai it be, 

fat TT langage apek f ai fua 1 

Gret selcizth hir-of thine tm." 18966 

Ojwr-sum fan hadd fam do wai, 

"Dninken," fai said, "o must ar fai." 

V Yp etode petre fan in fat thrang, 

And said, " god men, yee haf fe wiang, 

fir er not drunken als yee aai, 18971 

It es not hot vndrin o f e dai, 

fai ne ei noght fat time wont at ete cm. ti 

Ke not to drinc be-fot fair met« ; 

Bot i sal tell it yow wel better, 18975 

If yee can rede yonr ann letter. 

far was a prophet l^eu and lele 

la form dais, fat hight iohel, 

' I sal send in f e last dais 

mi spirit,' fus he sais, 18980 


[ . 

. . . . no gap in the MS.'] 

To ffflt feest coom f enne fore, 

Of Tche cnntre, lasso & more. 

wherfore were fd drad & gast. 

For heryng of f ot mychel blast. 

For fat blast fat f ei fere berde 

To f e apoatlia hoos f ei lan for ferde, 

Spekyuge of fat grisly crak ; 

her owne langage vchone spak, 

Of Tche fing fat fei conde fireyn, 

Bedy fei ^ Tnswere ajeyn, 

fat ilke tonge what so fei were. 

To vche lede jaf f o vnswere ; 

Of al wisdoms fat men knowe, 

fei coude Tesoon redy sbowe. 

Alle memeiled how hit ni^te be 

And seide, " feao men of galile. 

Bom in fat cnntie to seen. 

How," fei seide, " may f is ben 

fat oure langage speke fei f ns 1 l^^'U'' 

Greet wondii her-of finke vs." 

Somme bad ofere f e«ne do wey. 

And seiden, " dtonke of must were JoL" 

Vp stood petur in fat frong. 

And seide, " gode men, ;e bane wrong 

we are not dronken as je say. 

Hit is but vndren tide of day, 

we be not wont fat tyme to ete 

ny not to drynke bifore oure mete ; 

But I shal telle jou hit wel bettur. 

If je con rede jonre owne lettur. 

for was a prophete trewe <& lele, 

Bi olde dayes, fat het loele, 

' I shal sende in f e laate dayes 

Of my spirit,' fus he aayes, 




Of all manere of naciune [ 

Man redes of iu ani nine, 189i6 no gap tw ihs MS.] 

y&t to pat feete com ^t Biquare, To fat feest coom Jrenne jwre 

Of ilkin lede, bath lesee and mare. Of vche coutie lasae & more 

Quarfor Jiai war dred and gaat, ^'j"' wherfbre were pei drad & gast 

Quen J)ai had herd ^ai mekil blast, For heiyng of fat machel blast 

For pat farli sone war pai fuB, 18951 For ^at blast fat pel pere herde 

Aad ran faim til f e aptwdis hua. To fe apostlie hoiis pei ran for fetde 

All carpand of Jiot grisli crack ; Spekyng of pat grisly crak 

|>air auen langage ilkan fiai spac, her owne langage vchone spak 

Of ilkan thing fat pai cuth froin, Of vche fiing fat fei coude freyn. 

Eedi fiai gaue paim ansuet again, Eedy Jwi jaf vnswere i^eyn 

Jiat ilk timg quat-siim it ware, 18957 Jjot ilke tonge what so J>ei were 

TUl ilk lede Jrai gane ananare ; To vche lede jaf Jio vnewere 

It was na wisdam man to knaa Of al wisdome pat men knowe 

^at )>ai ne cath resun red! Bchao. })ei covrd^ reaoan redy showe 

AH wondred-on Jiat ^ai herd or sei, Alle meraeiled how hit myjt be 

And said, " er noght ^ir of galilei And Beide ^eee men of galile 

Bom )at ea jiair kind cimtre t 18963 Born in pat contre to seen 

Hu," said pai pan, " ma pia be. How pel eeide may pis been 

pat VT langage nu speke pai pua % Jjat oure langage apeke pei pns 

Gret selcnth here-of thinces vus." Greet wondir her of pinke vs 

Opersum badd palm pan do way, Somwie bad opere penne do wey 

And said, "dmnkein of most er pai." And aeJden dionken of must wete pei 

[VJp stod peter in pat thrang, 18969 U Vp stood petur in pat prong 

And said, "godemen,jehauepewrang. And seide gode men je saye wrong 

we er noght drunkin ala je say, we are not dronken aa je say 

It ne es bot vnpren tide of pe day, Hit is but vndren tide of day 

we er noght wont pat time at ete Webennotwontpattym6toete[i«fii»] 

Ke nc^ht to drinc bifor vr mete ; Ky not to diynke bifore euro mote 

Bot i sal till it )u wele better, 18975 But I ehal telle jou hit wel bettur 

If je can rede jur auen letter. If je oon rede joure owne lettur 

par was a prophete treu and lele, Jjare was a propbete trewe & lelo 

In formdais, pat hlght ioel, . Bi olde dayee pat hette lohele 

' I sal Bend in pe last dais I shal sende in pe laste dayes 

Of mi spirit,' pus it saia, 18980 Of my spirit pus he sayes 

a<imsBKS tbinitt 

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' Bath on man and vomman «ke 

propheci ^an sal ^ai spelce, 18982 

Yur sons and ynr doghtorea fn, 

And yur yongmen elites ae. 

Yni eldrin men sal diemes dreme, 

And o mi gast ^ai sal ha stxeme 18986 

To snun and womtnan gife alsua, 

At cum wit prE>pheci to spa ; 

In heuen on hei ^au aal i scan, 

And signes dun in erth lau.'" 18990 

He tald Jwni mani tokens sere, 

^t ea na nede all lecken here. 

T " Mi brefer," he said, " ful wel mai i 

(» prophet yow tell daui, 18994 

He wiat fat godd til him had suom 

^at an auld of hia sede be bom 

Tositteinsertles'JiatwashiB; ['Boinifso 

Bot he Jiat aagh on-femini ^is 

Of hia up-ria he said, 'in hell, 18999 

Ne auld noght criat he left to duel], 

Ne neoer o rote his flexs ha sight, 

Bot raised he ea wit atrengh o dright.' 

I'ra ded to lijf nu risen es he, 19003 

And ^ar-of wittnes all ar wee, 

Eaied sua wit godds might. 

And fliker of his &der hight. 

Of baligast pe giftes sere, 19007 

Gin us he has ale yee se here, 

Til heuen he atei, f ot was wel sene ; 

And i sai to yow folk biden, 

yis iesus es vr lauerd dright, 19011 

Yee did on rode wit-vten right," 

IT fit wordea herd, fair here gun tarn, 

And als for ^r misdedes moron, 

To petre and Jiaapostels to 19015 

fai said, " godmen, qwat sal we do ) " 


' Bo^ on mon & wommon eke 

Of prophecie ahul ^i speke meke, 

joure BODBB & joure dou^tris fre. 

And joure jonge men shul sljtis se, 

Jonre eldre men ahal dremes dreme, 

And of my goost I shal a streme 

To mon & wommon jyue also, 

To come hi prophecie and go ; 

In heuen on hyje shal I showe, 

Signes & on erfe lowe.' " 

He tolde hem mony tokenea sete, 

fat is no nede to leken here.] 

[• Brethir he seid welle may 1 1' ^"^J"^"* 

Telle you of the prophyte dauy 

he wyet that god had to hym sworn) 

That oon shnld on his sede be bom) 

To sytte in setes that wei« his 

But he that sie so fene this 

Of" his vpryat he told in helle 

hyt ahalle not be last to duelle 

Kevyr ahalle tote his fle^ so hryjt. 

But teyaid is he by his mi^t 

ffrom dethe to lyf now resyn is he 

and then^of' wytnes alle ai' we 

Eeysid ao wytH-outyn let 

and made aekyr" that hts fede?" hight 

The yeftes of the holy gost sere 

he hath vs yevyn as ye se here 

To hovyn he stie that is wele aene 

and I eey to you folk" by-dene 

That Iesus is that lord of myjt 

Ye did on rode witit vnri^t 

Thiae words* herd many oon) 

and rewii} sot^ in herii anot^ 

To petyi and othir Appostils ij" 

Good men they seid what shalle we do 



' Bath on man and womman eka Sopo on mon & wommon eke 

Of propheci fan sal fai apeke, 18982 Of prophecie shul Jwi Bpeke meka 

gur HunB and jur doughtris fre, joure aones & jouie doujtres fra 

And }ui jongmen Bal sightee se. And joure joi^e men ahul sijtea ae 

^ur eldrin men sal dremie dreme, joure eldiemen shul dremes dreme 

And of mi gast i Bal a streme 18986 And of my gooat I shal a atreme 

To suayn and wommart giue atsua, [«i. t] To men & w ommou jyue also 

To cum wid propheci to spa ; To com. bi prophecie and go 

In lieuen on hei ]>an sal i schaa. In heuen on heje shal I sbowe 

And signea dune on erd lau.' " 18990 Signes & on er|)e lowe 

Ha taLd )>aim mani takingea seie, lie tolde hem mony tokenes sera 

}iat es no nede all leken here. )jat ia no nede to lekene here 

" Mi breder," he said, " ful wele mai i Brefer he seide wel may I 

ja tell of pe prophete daul, 18994 Telle jou of }ie prophete daay 

He wist that god till him had suom He wist fat god had to him sworn 

fat ane suld of hia aede be bom fat oon shulde of his eeed be bom 

To sitt in setlis fat via his ; To sitte in sate fat were hia 

Bot he fat sau on-fermm fia 18998 But he fat say so far fia 

Of his vpiis he said, ' in hell. Of his'vpriste he tolde in hella 

It sal noght be left to daall, Hit shal not be laft to dnelle 

Ne neaei of Tot« his flesa haue sight, Neuer ahal rote his flesshe so biijt 

Bot laised ea he wid strenth of dright.' But reised is he hi his mj^t 

Fra dede to lyf nu resin es he, 19003 From deef to lif now risen ia ho 

And far-of witnes all er we, And f erof witenes aUe ate we 

Baised sua wid godes might, Beised so wif oaten let 

And sikird of hir fadir hight. And made aikur fat his fadir het 

Of hali-gaat fa giftes sere, 19007 Jja jiftes of fe holy gooat sera 

Giuen vs has he als ;e se here. He haf vs jyuen as je ae here 

Tille heuen ha stai, fat es wele sene ; To heuen he steyje fat ia wel sane 

And i sai to jn folk bi-dene. And I saye to jou foike hi dene 

fis iemis es mi lanard dright, 19011 Jjat iheew fat is lord of myjt 

je did on rode widvten right." je dude on rode wif vnr^t 

[f]ir wordis herd, fair hert gan tru, fese wordes herde mony one 

And ala for fur misdedis fai ru. And lewed sore in herte anona 

To patra and fe apostlis to 19016 To patui & ofere apostles to 

fai said, "god men, quat sal we dol" Code men fei seide what shul we do 
m oOttinoen TBiniTr 


" Bot dos penance and baptiz yov 
AU in )w nam of ur iera, 19018 

Tow Bol for-giuen be yur sake, {^[^'"1 
^e gifte of ^e holigast to take ; 
Foi^ni to yoT and to yur aede, 
fe buna ^t of yow sal brede, 
^ mede es bight of al and al, 19023 
All |ia& ^t criBt will til him call, 
Bot for your bote i you for-bede 
To lete oght at |)is wicked lede." 
Petre poind him ful gem 
In ciiat lai >at folk to lem ; 19028 
And ^ai ]Kit tok his word til hert, 
|>aix saulB tomd it to qnert ; 
for yac was fat ilk dai in lyf 
Thie hundret baptist man and wyf, 
^t deaeeli bath late and are 19033 
War tentand to f« apoeteb late. 
And o ^air brede ete wit ^aim fa.K 
^t )iai had noght ton ellea-qoare. 
^ Jiat had hus or ani aght 19037 
fax said ^am and ^ pris laght, 
Be-for ]»e apostels fete it brt^ht, 
fat-of to do quat ]Mum god tht^ht. 
Arli )ie apoetels ilk dai 
Went to )>e temple for to prai, 19042 
At Jiair gain come mete ))ai gane, 
Ilkau pat )rai sagh mister haue. 
V Petre and iohn a dai at none 
"Went to fe kirc to mak fair bone, 
Be-side )ie wtd )>ar sagh {lai lij, 19047 
A man was criplid in pB parlesi, 
And had ben most all his foidais, 
Als )re sloii telles and sais ; 
nk dai man him pider bar 19061 
For to bide his almtis fiar. 

But baptyse yon aail dotbe penaafice 
In Ie<u name for his safferauace 
ye shuUe for-yevyn by yoni' sake 
The holy gostw yeft to take 
ffor why to you and to yonr* aeda 
The chUdryn that of< you shalle brede 
The most mede is yt off" alio 
That Crysten bene lesu wille calle 
But for youi' bote I you forbede 
To levyn on th(> wyekyd lede 
IT Peter paynyd hym fuH yem) 
In goddes name that folk* to lem) 
Tho that toke this word to hert 
hir soulis tumyd yt to quert 
There was that ilt day in lyvis 
Baptyat iij C men and wyvis 
That besyly fuH o£l there 
Entendaunt to fe appostils were 
and ete bred yritJi hem to fare 
whan they had noght els-whar0 
Tho that hows had or ofer good 
Sold yt and witA fe appostils yode 
By-fore the appostila fete yt brojt 
To do there-of what good hem thc^t 
H Eroly the appostils eche day 
To the temple went to pray 
At hir yene come the mete they ya£P 
To eche as they say mjster haff 

Ppetir and loBn aday at non) 
wentyn to cUrch to make her bone 
Beside the wey sie they Jier lie 
A man Crokyd in the palsy 
And had bene most part of hia Asia 
As the story tellus and aais 
Eche day men theder hym bers 
ffor to byde his ahuys there 



" Bot dos penance and baptiz ja 
In ^e name of vr ihesa, 19018 

je eal foigiuen be ;ur sake, 
|« gift of hali gast to take ; 
For-qni to ;a and to jut eede, 
)>e bainis Jiat of ju sal biede, 19022 
^e mede es hi^t of all and aU> 
All )>aa ^t cristen er iesa wil call, 
Bot for jur bote i ju forbede rjf '^' **• 
To leten at >is wicked lede." 19026 
Petre pained him ful gam 
la crifltea loi ^t folk to lam ; 
And fa,\ fiat toke }ia word till bertj 
|iair saolia tamed it to ^nert ; 19030 
Tor far waa fat ilke day in lines 
Baptist thre hundretb me» and wiuis, 
fat desseli both late and are 19033 
Jiat tendant to Je aposflis ware, 
And of )>at bred ete wid faim fare, 
|iat ^ai had noght ellea-quare, 19036 
Jiai ^t hu3 had or ani ofei gode 
)>ai said, and wid Jie pria fai jode 
And bifor )>e apostlia fete it broght, 
far-of to no-quat faim god thogbt, 
Arli j)e apostlis euer-ilkeday 190il 
went to ^0 temple for to prai, 
At ^air gain-came ^e mete yai gaf, 
Ilkan als t>ai ean mister haf. 19044 
[PJetre and iohn a day at none 

went to kiic to make ^ii bone, 
Bistde ]w wtd |iar saa ]<ai lij, 1 9047 
A man was croked in ])e parlesi, 
And bad bene mast all his fordais, 
Als f e stori ts tellia and sais ; 
Ilk dai men fedir him bare 19061 
Forto bidd his almoenn fare. 

But baptize jeu & dof penaunce 
In ihesu name for his Buffrannce 
)e shul forjyuen be joure sake 
J» holy gostia jifte to take 
For whi to jou & to joure sede 
Jw children Jiat of jou shal brede 
)7e mede is hett of alle & alle 
pat cristen ben ihe^a wol calle 
But for joure hote I jon forbede 
To lenen on fis wicked lede 
V PetuT peyned him ful jeme 
In goddee name )rat folke to leme 
t>a pat toke )ri3 word to herte 
Hei soulis turned hit to querte 
J3ere was fat ilke day in lyues 
Baptized f re hundride men & wynes 
J)at bisily ful ofte fere 
Eiitendaunt to fe apostles were 
And eet breed wif hem to fare 
whenne f ei had noujt elles whare 
j3o fat hous badde or of ere good 
Solde hit & wif fe apostlia jood 
Bifore fe apostlia feet hit broujt 
To do f erof what hem good f oujt 
H Erly f 6 apostlis yche day 
To f a temple wenten to pray 
At her ajeyit come fe mete f ei jano 
To Tche as f ei say mistere hane 
IT Petur & Ion a day at none 
wenten to chirche to make her boos 
Bisyde fe wey say f ei fere ly 
A moa croked in f e palesy 
And had ben moost part of his dayea 
Aa f e atory tellef & aayes 
Yche day men fidur him here 
For to hide his almes fere 




Patre snd iolm ^ M htm yode,19053 Fetir and lobn they hy hym yode 

And he ^am badd giue him sum gode, And he baii of hem som gooJ 

And petie and iohn anauard him ^au Fetii and lolln answerd hym ftaH 

"Bihald on ns," Jiai said, " foa man." And aeid hyhold on va }o\i man 

Qua aai, hefaald on hus and se, 19057 Behold on tb now and se 

And Tndentand nr priaete, And vndn-atond 001* pouerte 

Ala soa aai )iou sal se nr wan Thow maiste wele se now out' woue 

For giites ha ire to fo nan. yefW haue we to the non) 

He }<ambe-beUd,lxitwel wend he [ ■ ■ 

^u sold him giue Bum charite. 19062 

Petre said til him onan, 

" Grold ne eilner ha we nan." no gap in the MS.'] 

FoT-qui it was n<^ht peties aght, (m. i] ffor petiia good was yt nou^t 

))at a)ei men had Bua bi-t^ht 19066 That othir men to hym haii bright 

Him for to kepe vnto fair ne4e, ffor to kepo to her nede 

And for fair pouer men at fede, And for tho pour* men to fede 

^t for fat thing fair godes said That for that ekylle her goode« soli) 

Bifor fe apostels fete vp-yald. 19070 And to the appoatils vp yt yold 

" fat i mai giue," he said, " i sale, That I may yef he seid I shalle 

I wat fon nede has to be hale, Tho^r hast nede after hele to calle 

In ie«u nazarena nam, 19073 In lesn nazaienua name 

Bise up," he said, "and ga fon ham." Byse vp he seid and go fou lame 

His hand he raght and np he ras, his hond he toke and vp be Toa 

And to f e temple spede his spaa, a giete pas to the tempyH he gos 

^t forwit ne moght stride a atepe, By-fore m^ht he not gon) a fote 

Xiouand tt lauerd fan he lepe ; 19078 lovyng oui' lord he lepe for bote 

^e propheci was fan fild ana Thus prophecy fiillefillid was fo 

^at said fat halt auld seep as ra. That seid the halt shnld skyp as to 

Jie folk quen fai f ia man had sene, The folt tho they pia man had sene 

fai wondre[d] on him al bidene, 19082 wondird on hym alle by-dene] } 

f aa fat forwit had knann him, [ .* . . . 

Foi wonder sum fai fell in suim. no gap in the MS.] 

IT Petre f an higan to mele, 19085 T^Jetre fen be-gan to mele. Vattni 

" Yee folk," he aaid, " of israel, JT je folk he saide of israel. 

Qni wondir yee sua wit-vten right quy wonder je squa wif vn-r^t 

Ala fia war dun wit tt mightl 19088 als fis ware done wif our mijt. 




Fetreand iohn ])ai bi Mm jode, 19053 Petur & lou )wi bi Itim jode CiMni^iwdt] 

And he ))aim badd himgiue eam gode, And bo bad of beiu som gode 

Petre and iohn anauerd him fan Petur & Ion vnswered him fon 

And aaid, " bihald on vb, fu man !" And seide.biholde on vs )tt>u mon 

AIb qua eay, bihald on ^'s and ae Biholde on vs now and se 

And vndeietand TT pouertte, IdOSS And vudiratonde oure pouerte 

Als qna aai, fu sal so vr wane, J)ou maist wel se now ouie wone 

Jor giftea haue we to ]« nane. jiftis hane we to fe none 

pHe thaimbibelde bot wel wend he [ 

Thai snide him sum charita. ^^j^"' 

Petir saide til him on-ane, 19063 

" Golde na silvir bane I nane."] no gap in ihe MS.] 

Foc-^ui petre gode ne was it nogbt. For p«tres gode was hit nou;t 

fat of er men bad sua him broght ))at of «re men to Mm had broajt 

All for to kepe vnto fair nede, [coi. i] For to kepe to ber nede 

And for faa pouer men to fede, And for f o pore men to fede 

fat for fat fing fair godea said 19069 jjat for fat skil her godes solde 

Bifor f e apoatlis fete vp-}ald. And to fe apoatUa yp Mt jolde 

" fat i mai giue," be aaid, " i Bale, }7at I may jyue he eeide I ehal 

I wate f u has nede to be bale, jMu bast nede aftir bele to cal 

In ie«u« nazaieuQS name," 19073 In ihe«u najarenus name 

He said, " rise vp and ga fa lame," Kise vp be eeide & go fou lame 

His hand he raght and vp be ras. His honde he toke *& vp be ros 

And to f e temple spede his pas, Greet paae to fe temple he goa 

fat nogbt forwit might Btrid a step, Bifore myjte he not gon a fote 

Louand vr lanerd fan be lep ; 19078 Louynge oure lord he lepte for bote 

f e propheci was fan hid sua, pus prophecie ful£lde was f o 

fat said fe halt Huld scope as ra. \)at seide fe bait sbulde skippe as ro 

f e folk quen f ai fia man had aene, )}e folke fo f ei fis mou had eene 

fai wondred on all hidene, 19082 wondride on bim al by dene 

fa fat forwid had knauen him, [ 

For wonder aum far fell in snirn. no gap in the MS.] 

[PJetre fan bigan to mele Petur anoon bigan to mele 

And aaid fe folk of istaele, 19086 And seide je folke of isroele 

" Qui wonder je sua wid Tnright wM wondre je so wif vnrijt 

Als fis war done wid vr might t Aa f is were done wif oure my^t 
oOttikoen tbiniti 



Bot migLti godd wit-vten mak, bot mijti god wi)>-out«B make 

Of abnliam and of ysaac, 19090 of abrahaia & of laaac. 

And of TT eldres fat lias ben aa, & of our eldies has bene alsqua. 

Hifl sua fan has be blisced sua ; bi8 sone has he blessed ^a, ^mb" wj"* 

Yee auak and nitt be-for pilate, [• That stode by-fore piynce pilat 

And demed als yee-eeluen wate i And auffini depe by yooi' debate] 

f6 oncall of hie hali nam, 19095 foron on-calle of lua hall name 

Has lent us hde nn to f is lame has lent hole vn-to f ia lame. 

Wit ^ troutb ]iat fell f ar-to, wif grete trauji atto fel Jier-to 

For it mai aelcut mikel do. for hit mai selcouji mikil do. 

Bot mi bre^r, I mderstand mi hrefer he saide je vnderstande 

^t yee it did yur vnwitand^ 19100 fat je him alogh vn-witande 

Bepentes yow, and bea onknana tepentes jou & sof he knawen. 

To eaue your saol ilkan hig aun, to saue joure saule ilkan his awen. 

Again fe gret common aesis againe )ie grete commune aaaiae 

Quar all sal cum hifot iuatis. 19101 qoare alle salle come be-for iustice 

Yur aia witatand, fat yee mai rise wif-stande joare ayn atte je mai rlae 

Wit fat parti fat es rightwise, wif fat party atte ia lijt-wise 

Quen dene forgiuenes sal o plight, for clene for-gifnes salle of pli}t 

fan be for-soth quen, thorn f e might fen he foi-sof . quen f orou fe m^t 

rising o fe last dai, 19109 of iising< of fe last day. 

fe lastand ded sal worth a-wai ; f e lastande dede salle worf a-way 

Be his fader sitt be sal, Dhi ue, col i] hi his fader sitte he salle 

Til be restord haf us all, til he restored has ts alle 

fat he Bpak first wit prophetis as he apac firat wif prophetise 

Ai to f e time fat all sal ris." 19114 ai to f e time fat alle sulde rise. 

It fe apostels spekand fus and mar, l^e aptwflee specande fis & mare 

fe preistes come in fat siquar, ' fe prestes come to here fat lare. 

fe temple maisters wit fam bun, f e temple maistiea wif ham honn. 

All fai war of on commun. alle f ai ware of an commoun. 

At fair talking fam tenld saie, 19119 & atte faire talking^ tenid saie. 

" Hu es fis," fai said, " fat yee dar how is fis saide fai atte je dare. 

Snilkiu louewonl of him sai, sucbe loue worde of him to say 

fat we did deme f ia endir ^ai J " fat we did deme fis endet day. 

fa saduceis,— ^namli fat lode, 19123 fe sadaioeus namli fat lede 

Foi fe vprising ner wald wede, for bia vprising< walde weire f em wede 


,, Google 


Bot migliti godd widvteQ make, But my^ti god wijiooten make 

Of abrahom and of yeaac, 19090 Of Abraham and of Isaake 

And of vr eldria Jiat has bene a, And of oure eldres )iat ban bene o 

His eon ^an has he IjHsced sua ; His der wor]ie eon ha}) blessed so 

}e suake and nitt bifoT pilate, )}at stood bifoio prince pilate 

And deme ala je-self ib wate, 19094 And suffred deji bi ^ouie debate 

])B oncall of his hali name, ]3e callyng on his holy name 

Has lent bia hele nu to }iis lame Ha)) sent hele into pis lame 

wid J>e troutht fat fell far-to, wif Jie tronjie fat fel perto 

For it niai aelcut mekil do. For hit may wondir muchel do 

Bot nu mi brejwr, i vnderstand 19099 But my bref«- 1 vndirstonde 

fat ;e it did jur Tnwittand, ))at je hit dude vnwitonde 

Kepentie jn, and bea vnk[n]aun Eepentef jou & bef aknowen 

To sauue jur saulis ilk man bis auen, To eaue joure soulia vobone his owen 

Again fe grete comune assise 19103 Ajeyn fe grete comune assise 

Quarall sal come bifot iustise, where alle shul com bifore lustisa 

'jur sin widstand, fat je mat rise witAstonde joure synne fat je may rise 

wid fat parti fat es rightwise, 19106 wif fat parti fat la rijtwise 

Forgiuenes clene sal be of plight, Foi'jyuenes f en?i« shal be of plijt 

fan forsoth quen thorn f e might tlenne forf when»e f oui^e f e myjt 

Of rising on fe last dai, P iKdus, mi i] Of risyng on f e lasio day 

f e lastand dede sal worth a-way ; })e lastyng def shal worf e away 

Bi his fadir sitt he sail, 19111 Bi his fadir sitte he shalle 

Till he record haf tb all. To his recorde haue va alle 

fat he spac feiret wid prophecia \}at he spake furst wif prophecise 

Ai to fe time fat all snld ria." 19114 Ay to fe tyme fat al shnlde rise 

[f]e apoatlia speckand fis aitd mare, IT \}o apostlis spaken fis & more 

f e preistes come in fat siquare, )je preat coom fat tyme fore 

fe temple maistris wid faim ban, Jje temple maistria wif hem bona 

All fai war of a comnn. 19118 Alle were fei of o comoun 

At fair talking faim tened saie. Hem tened sore at fis talkyng 

And said, "hu es fis fat ^e dar And seiden how dai )e do fis fing 

Suilkin loaeword of hjm say. So preciouse wordis of him to say 

fat we did deme dis endir dayl" J)at we dud deme fis endiir day 

fe sadnceus, — namli fat lede, 19133 )}e saduces namely fat lede 

For f e vpriBing wold fai Trede, For fe vprisyng wolde fei wede 




Foi fai wald neuer yeit for-think 
Jiaiauld be euer ani Tpriiing, — 19126 
fa apostele did Jrai bi taken son 
And sna ^ wai in prison don, 
J)ftr |>ai bad men suld ^am yeme, 
For late it was |iam ^an to deme. 
Bot mani tomd fat and tQTUTid,19131 
To baptim tak ^am-selnen bund, 
fat quat o men and quot o vine, 
^ar yfaa connerted thnaand fiuo. 
ft, to)>er dot fat folud neist, 19135 
f^ gedird vte bath prince and prist, 


. no gap in Cotton ^ Laud MS3.] 
And sett ))am in ^at cnrt emtdd, 
And badd fxm o fe dede fea did, 
{>at ^ai suld tell, wit-yten hon, 19HI 
In vaa nam ^at it was don. 
Bot petre, fild of lialigast, 
Aneuar gaf he )iam in hast ; 19144 
Bot first he scend als wit dede, 
fiat fail asking was hot soithede. 
" Es il^" he said, " lenan ]iat wa 
Calanged for or gode dede be) 19148 
Tn-ekilwisli fan can yee blam. 
For wijt yee we], fat in J»e nam 
ie«u fiat yee did on lode, 
))at alwais yee mis-Tnderstode, 19153 
fat godd his fodei raisd to lijf, 
(Als wat mani man and wijf) 
fat es mad als a quomer stan 
For to mak tnin folk an, 19156 

And in him for to be fest, — 
fiat ilk fiat fra yni were yee kest, 
In him es hele o mankind all ; [ooti] 
Es nanofer nam on to call, 19160 


for Jni walde neuer for nankin f ing' 

here of crietis vprising". 

V ]» Aposflea did ^ai be tak in aone 

& squa in prisoun ware Jiai done 

wi^ halis til fe mome to }eme 

for late hit was ham ^en to deme 

bot mani turned fer & trawed 

to take baptim bam-seluen bowed 

^t quat of men & qnat of wyne 

fier was baptist thonsandis fine. 

■|%8 tojwr dai atte waa neiste [prest 

•* fei gedderrod out bajt prince & 

& bad bring totf fe aposfles alle. ! 

for til ansquare to fmire calle. 

& aette ham in ^t court amid. 

& bad ham of fie dede ]>ai did. 

fiat fiai eulde wifM>uten bone. 

In quase name atte hit was done. ' 

bot peter filled of fe hal^aate 

his ansqnaie gaf he ham in haste 

bot fiist he shewed ham he-fome ^ 

atte fiaire asking' was al in skome 

IF is hit resouii he saide atte we, 

chalaanged foi onr gode dede be. . 

vuekUfnlly can je blame 

f)at ^kis nojt on ih««u name 

& gUtles h im dide on rode. 

& al-ways je mis vnderstode 

fiat god hia sone' raised to fe life 

als wate baf mani man & wife. I 

[^That ie made as a comer stone I 

ffor to make ij" folkes oon) 

Oon in hjm for to be fest 

That ylk for youi' werk ye keste] 

In him is hele of mankin alle. 

is nan ofier name on to calle. 

tUnemr. > Fnnn Lud MS. lU.] 


For yai wald neuer jeit for thii^ For pei wolde neuer for no Jving 

Jjar auld be ani vp-rising, — 19126 Jwt knowen were fe vp risyng 

J)e apostlis did Jiai be taten aone J)e apostlia dude f ei take soone 

And sua pai war in preaun done, And so in pn'soun were pei dona 

Jar badd Jmu iuen snld jiaim jeme, J>ei aette men fere hem to jeme 

For late it was ))aim ))an to deme, For late hit was Hem }>enne to deme 

Bot mani tioued }&t and tiud, 19131 But mony leued on her lore 

To baptim t^e Jvaim-seluen bund. And to bapteme went Jisrfore 

fat qnat of man and quat of wiue, So fat of men & ak of wyue 

far was conuerted thousandea fine. were ^ere conuertede Jionsondea fyno 

[f]E tofer dai fat folnd neist, 19135 IT ))e tofer da; fat foleved neeet 

faigadridytebothprtnceaRdpreist, Gedered out bofe pnnce & pieest 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS.] no gap in the MS.] 

And sett f aim in fat cuit emidd, And sett hem in fat court amydds 

And bad f tdm of f e dede fai didd, And bad hem of f e dede f ei didde 

fat fai Bvdd telle, widvten hone, J>ei shulde telle fasto & soone [rnriw] 

Inqnasname fat itwaadone. 19142 In whoos name hit was done 

Bot petre fiist of hali gast But petur fat alle of ere past 

His ansuoT gaf faint in hast ; His vnswere he jaf in hast 

Bot £ist be scbeud als vid dede, [<»i. t] Bat fiirst he shewed in his dede 

fat fair asking was bot sothed. 19146 pzt her askyng was but sofhede 

He Bald, " es it lesun fat we He seide hit is resoun fat we 

For vr gode dede Bchalanged be 1 For oure good dede chalanged be 

Ynskilwisii fan can je blame. 19149 Ynakilfuly je con vs blame 

FoT-witt je wele, fat in fe name For wite je wel fat in fe name 

Of iesu fat je did on rode, Of iheru fat je duden on rode 

fat alwais je misunderatode, 19152 fat euer ^ mis yndiistode 

fat godd his fader raised to line, God his &dir him leised to lyue 

(Ab wate mani man and wiue) As woot mony mon & wyue 

fat es made als a comer stone ))at is made as a comer stone 

For to make tuin folkes ane, 19156 For to make two folkee one 

Ano in him for to be fest, — Con in him for to be feet 

fat ilke fat fra jut weike je keist, pat ilke fat &o joure werke je keet 

In him es hele <>f mankind all ; In him la hele of monkynde al 

Es no nofer name on to call, 19160 Is noon ofere name on to cal 
aCrriNGEti tbinitt 



^ of hele moi gif man blis, 19161 ^t of helo mai gif man' blis. 

Sot if u TtTi thrali thine on bis." bat if nun tirali bink on bis 

[ 4 leue men saide peter quy do je squa 

ay to wirk vb care & va. 

quara dide }e euet ani dede 

19166 ^t tamed ^ou or va to mede 

& eu#r vip conquest je do tb doan. 

. . , & naujwr wij» rijt ne wif resoiin 

. . take ^oure cousaile we jou be-aeche 

& putte yyaie ansqunre in a man speche. 

for qwen je cry al wif a ealle 

. no gap in Cotton or Arundel MSS."] mai ua maa ansqnare to ^ou alle 

^e maistera quen ])ai Tnderstod 19173 l^e maistrea quea ^ai vnderstode 

8ua Btedfastili )« apostels stod, ■* on qoatkin mater [« aposrtes stode 

^1 badd y&i |i(u f>am suld wit-diau ^ai bad ])al snide bam for]) draw - 

Qoila {ni Bamen Bpak a thrau. quilest ))ai spac to^eder a Jiiaw 

" Nu Be yee noght," J>ai said, " )4r men, IT now ao je nojt fai saide fer men. 

Qua can us o )iam coneail kent 19178 qua can vb of bam couasaile ken. 

^e Bignes all eagh yee )iai didt ])e eigne alle eagb atte ^ai did. 

We moi not nite, sa es it kidd, we mai nojt nite squa is hit kid. 

Bot far-for sal we thret Jiam herd, hot J)ar-fore sal we (irete ham hardo 

^t ]Hii sal neuer for[t]heT-ward 19182 atte fai salle neuer forfer-warde 

^is nam to man oi wommen nenen, ]iis name to man or womman neynen 

Or dere on ^am man sal it heuen." or dere on ham we sal vs heyuen. 

IT Bald war ^ai |)an and biden jiare, IT calde ^ai ware & bidden ])are 

Jiat Jai fra Jian Buld neuer mare 19186 atte ^ai fra J>an Bulde neuer mare 

t« nam o iesu spell, of }ie name of ihesu spelle. ci«af ts, tack] 

Ne nankin ty])and }iar-of tell. ue nankin tifiand ^er-oi telle 

And ^ai. ^am ansuer gaf o-nan, ^T Si )>ai ham onaquaie gaf anofi 

Bath Bant petre and sant ioban, 19190 baf eeint petre & seiat lohQ 

" And qaefer agh we fan for to hu [' Whefer owe more fei seide bow 

Tu godd all weldand, or to yow ! To god al weldynge or ellis to jow 

fat bidd yee fat he mast for-bedis, [ 

And Bua yee Bceu all yur aottdedis. ' . no gap in Fairfax ^ Arundd MSS.} 

fe lao^rd fat bidd fe man wit-Btand, je tu bid vs to wif etonde 

Vnlau it es to tell in land 19196 Goddea biddyng al weldonde] 


P From Aiundtl 57, Heialilt'CoU-HS. Co. 112.] 


^ai of hele mai glue maa bliB, 19161 )]at of helo may ^yue hem blis 
Bot yf man thrali thine on f is." But if mon fully Jtenko on fie 

[ [ 

no gap in the MS."] 

|ji]e maistiis qiien ])ai vnderstode 
Sua stedfaatli ^ apostlis stode, 19171 
])ai bad ^t jiai ]>aim suld wid-dran 
Quilis Jiai suld samen speck a thiao. 
f ai said, " na ee je noght fir men. 
Qua can tb of jiaim consail cen % 
[w eigne all aau je fat fai didT 19179 
we may nogUt nite, sua es it kid, 
Bot ))arfor sal we threte Jiaiiit hard, 
pat fai sal neuer mor forward 19182 
fis name to man or womman neiien, 
Or dere on faim fai suld it heuen." 
[T]ald war fai fan and hiddon fare, 
fat fai lia fan suld neuer maie 19166 
Of fe name of ie™ spell, 
He nankin tifand far-of to telL 
And fai f aim ansuer gaf on-one, 
Bath sant petie and eaint iohn, 19190 
" And quefer au we fan to bu 
To godd al weildand, or to jul 
' fat hidd )e fat he mast forbedis. 
And sua je schen jur soth-hedia. 19194 
f« lanerd to bidd f e man widstand, 
vnlau it ea to teU in land P^*^*"*' 


. no gap in Trinity ^ Laud MSSJ] 
V t)e maistris whenne f ei vndicjode 
How studfastely f e apostlis etode 
\}ai bad f ei stinlde hem wifdrawe 
whil f ei speke to gider a f rawe 
f ei seide se )o not f ese men 
who con Ys counsel of hem ken 
)}e merueil say je fat f ei did 
we m^y not nay hit : so is hit kid 
But f^oie shal we ftt^te hem hard 
fat f ei shulde neuer more foi'eward 
fis name to mon nor wommon neuen 
Of ihem« goddes son of heuen 
Glad were f ei fenne & beden fore 
Pat f ei shulde neuermore 
Of f e name of ihe«u spelle 
Ni no tif ing f erof to telle 
f ei Tnawered soone anone 
Bof e petur and seynt lone 
Whef ej' owe we more fei seide bow 
To god al weldynge or ellesto jow 


. no gap in Trinity ^ Laud MSS.y 
je to bidde ts to wifstonde 
Goddes biddynge al weldonde 




fe tiling ^t we bath, herd and Ban. 
Ha mai we fan hot wo it BcauU9198 
If we ne did wo war to wite 
For sothfastneB es noght at nite." 
fa& luna ^at war ai sa cuTst 19201 
Wald eft ha tan ytaa if Jiai durst, 
For folk durat fai noght hete a-pon ; 
And ))ai went ham vnto Byon. 
And qma yai to ^eir brejier )aie, 
Had told ha |>td handeld war, 19206 
)iai liftd fiaii bend all wit a steuen, 
And thancked drightin deie of henen. 
And qvea yei all had said fiait bede, 
^an bigan to Btit ^t stede, 19210 

And in (at erth-din ^ar scok, 
)ie haligast eft^ith ^al tok. 
Vte ^aii liaH hertes hord 
Spedii ^ npeld godds word. 19214 

fe Jiing" fat we baf herde & sawe 
we salle nojt lette hit to ahaw. 
if we ne did we ware to wite 
for Bof fastnes ia nojt to nite. 
IT {m iewes fat ware ay sa curst 
walde eft haue tane ham if fai darst 
for folk watde fai nojt hete apon. 
& fai ham went vn-to ayon. 
& quen fai to f aire brejjer fare 
had talde how f ai handeled ware 
f ai lift faire hende alle wttA a steiuen 
& fauked ili««u crista in heyuen. 
& quen f ai had made faiie bede 
f ai stired ham forf out of fat stedo. 
wif fat fe erf b&gan &. shoks 
fe haligaste eft«if fai toke. 
oat of f aire hali hertis horde. 
Bpedeli fai spelled goddia worde. 

[The Falsehood of Ananiaa and Sapphira.] 

fat folk a man far was ''"^i]*^' ^ dwellande be-aide a man fer was 

His nam was hatten Ananias, his name was calde anaaias. 

" I wil," he said, " mi godes giae I wiUe he saide mi godis gtue ' 

Wit fir rightwis men to line, 19218 wif fer rijtHwie men to Hue. 

Wit fam i mai ha mete and drinc, wif ham I. mai of mete & drint. 

Mi liuere baf wit-vten suinc." mi liuere haus wif-outen squint. 

Til him said petre, " fi wijf and fou til his wife he saide I. & f ou. 

Here-to sal yee make a von," 

fe vou was mad, his land be said, 

fe penis bali tan and tald, 

fe quilk he bn^bt, wit-vten frest, 

Be-for fe apost«ls fete he kest ; 192£ 

fe haluendel f ar-of he stal, 

And Bald fat far fe pris was alL 

His wijf it wiBt and heild hir still ; 

Was neaer f e fruit o suilk bot ill, 


here-to salle we make a v 

IF f e vow was made his lande he salde 

f e penis hali tane & talde 

f e quilk he brojt wif-outen treat 

be-for fe aporiles feta hit keste. 

f e baluendale til hun-self he stale. 

& saide fer was fe pris hale. 

his wife hit wiste & helde f er-tille. 

was neu£r fe &ute of squlke bot ille 


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^e tbing fxtt we bath herd and aau. 

Hu mai we pm bot we it knaul 

If we ne did we war to wite 19199 

Por Botbfaataea ea noght to nite." 

)ia iuuB ^at war ai sua cuist 

wald eft bane tan Jiaim if ^ai durst, 

For folk durst f ai noght bete apon ; 

And Jiai went hame vn to ayon. 19204 

Quen ]>ai come to fair brejter far, 

]iai tald hu fal handlid wat, 

f>ai lifted )>air bead all wid a ateuen, 

And thanked iesa )>ar-of heaen. 19208 

Quen p&i bad aU said Jvair bede, 

p&a bigan to stir ^at stede, 

And in )iat erde-din ^at schoke, 

ye hali gast eft-eith ^ai toke. 

vte of Jwir hali hertis horde 19213 

Spedeli fai spelled godea worde. 

[7%e FalseJiood of Ar. 
[0]f ))at folk a man ))ar was, 

His name waa cald ananiaa, 
"I wil," be said, "mi godes giue 
wid (lir rightwismeM to line, 19218 
wid )'aim i mai of mete a[n]d diinck, 
Mi liuere haue widvtea suinck." 
Till hia wijf he said, *' i and ))u 
Here-to sal we make a uuou." 19222 
)« wou was made, his land he aald, 
]« penia ball tane and tald, 
^ quilk be brogbt widoten freist, 
And for pe apon/lis fete dune be kest; 
fe baluendele Jiar-of he stale, 19227 
And said p&t ^ar Jve pris waa bale. 
His wif it wiat and held Jiar-till ; 
waa neuer ^e &uit of soilk bot ill. 

])e Jiiug }at we ban herde & seen 
whi may hit not knowen hen 
Seruauntis ellee be we aot? 
Soji&stenes ie not to deny 
J)o iewes fat ener were so cnist 
wolde efte haue prisoned hem if Jiei durst 
For pepul durst fei not do hit Jion 
And Jjei went home vnto ayon 
wbenne Jiei coom to her brefere fere 
})ei tolde how fei hondeled were 
J)ei helde vp hondea wif o steuen 
And Jtonked ibeau heje in heuen 
whenne fei bad alle seide her hede 
Anoon bigan to atire fat steda 
And in fat erfe dene fat shoke 
f e holi goost eft aone f ei toke 
Out of her holy hertes herd 

lied f ei goddea word 

3ma8 and SappJiira.'] 
ir Of fat folke a mon fer was 
Called bi name ananyaa 
I wole he seide my godis jyue 
wif f eae rijtwia men to lyue 
wif hem I may of mete & drynk 
My liuere bane wif outen swynk 
To bis wif seide he L & f ou 
Herto ahul me make avow 
J3e vow he made hla lond he solde 
Jse penyes fully taken & tolde 
He hem broujt at fe laate 
Bifore fe apoatlia feet doun cast 
But haluendele of fat stal be 
And seide fer waa fo bool mone 
His wif assented wel fer tille 
was neuer fe fruyt of sucbe but illo 


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For ilk suik it-self biauikes, 19231 
And lethefl mast fai ^ai>^iii likea. 
Petre it sagh wit hali sight, 
Forfild he vas wit grace o dright 

t • • 

, no gap m the MS.] 
" Sat me," he said, " ananiaa, 19237 
Qui has ^u tempted eathanaa, 
To mak sU leeing o yi eale, 
}ioa yald hot }e half vp for ^e halat 
AI)iat^aT-wit [lOQ wend to -vnae 19241 
Sol turn ^e both to eak and sinne. 
Siker ea ^ou a^ o ainne and sake, 
^ar-of ^11 baa in hand ^e wrake." 
And aont petre said namar, 1924fi 
He fell dua alauith ded rigbt ))ar ; 
Jw yongmen hent Je cariom^ fare, 
And ^e)ieii for to delne it bare. 
Son afterward bot vores thrio, 19249 
Hia wijf com hir vn-wytand in, 
"Womman," said petre, "said yeesoa 
Turlandl" |>ewommanBaid, "air.yaa." 
"jM)ulighes,"he8aid,"and agb t at waand 
Wit fala ]>e haligaet to faand. 19254 
Lo ! qoare be-for ))e dore ^ai atand, 
|iat right nu delfd fi ded hasband. 
Sua sal fai do fe na onan." 19257 
Wit ^ia word fell sco ded als stan. 
Ke wonder nan Jiat i ha apoken 
fat wranges Jvan sa enith war wioken, 
For cristen kirc, Jvan it bigan, 19261 
Yeit wae it noght stablid ^an ; 
And custum it es mang all tren, Icol to 
Qrien lagb ea mad bituix ^am neu 
At Jie bigining for to be redd, 
)iat died mai do ^e lagb ta ated, 19266 


for ilk aqnike hit-self be-aquikis. 
& nameli til bam atte ^er-ia likis. 
Fetre hit s^h wifi hali sijt. 
^orou fe grace of goddis mijt. 
^at litel halynes in him was kid. 
& be-eauae of ese he hit did. 
f Sai me saide he ananiaa. 
qui hastow tempted sathanas 
to make auche lesing* of fi sale. 
& ^de {lelialf Tp for hale. 
al atte fou wende [le^-wif to wyn. 
aalle tume fe to aorou & ayn, 
ful ^u art of syn & sake. 
fer-foro on ]ie wil fal Jie wrake. 
& wip Jiia worde wijj-oute?* mare 
he fel doun atepande dede rijt pare. 
)>e jonge men to ])e bodi con &re. 
& fieipen for to delue bit bare. 
IT Sooe efterward bot houres prin. 
hia wife come hir vnwitaade in. 
womman saide peter salde je sqna. 
jour lande. pe womman saide ja. 
Jiou lyea he saide & ag& to wande 
v/ip fals-hede fe haligaat to fande 
lo quaie be-foi )ie dore pai etande 
atte r^t now dalfe }>i dede bouaband 
squa sal pai now do fe anane 
wiji pia worde felle ho dede as stan. 
pat falsliede)>an squa squipewaswiokin. 
for cristen kirk pen be-gan. 
jet was hit nojt stabeled pan. 
& cnatome is a-mang< alle trew. 
quen lagb is made bi-twix ham new. 
atte be-gynnyng* to be died. 
pat agh may make lag& tat sted 

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For all suilk it-self bisuikes, [m. t] For sUe snche hern aelf biswlke 

And lethes moat fat fta-in likes. And lo^en mooet pat ehulde hem like 

Petie it saQ -wid hall Bight, 19233 Fetur hit say in holy sijt [ktfin.iiuik] 

For-fild he was of grace of dr^ht, For fulde he was of grace & mjjt 

[ [ 

. . . , no gap in the MS.'] . . no gap in Trinitu ^ Laud MSS.'\ 

" Sai me," he said, " ananiaa, 19237 Say me he seide Auanyas 

Qai has Jie tempted sathanas, whi hastou tempted sathanas 

To make sli lesing of ])i sale, Of pi sale to make lesyng 

And jald pe haU vp fai to hale 1 And joldeu vp hut half ^i f^iiig 

All pat fu wend J)ar-wid to win 19241 Al Jiat fou wende penrif to wynne 

Sale turn ^e hote to sake and sin, Shal turno pe but to sake & synne 

Sikir es )m nu of sin and eake, Sikui aitoa now of synne & sake 

J>ar-of Jju has in hand pe wrake." Jjerof Jiou hast in hond fe wrake 

Had eaint petre faim said na mate, Had seint petur aeide no more 

Quen he fell done dede right |iaTe ; }}e mon fel doun deed rijt ]>ore 

f)e }ong men hint ))at cariu[n]e Jiare, jonge men hent p6 careyn )^erB 

And pe])en for to delae it hare. 19218 And faate for to bury hit here 

[S]one eilerward hot ores threin, If }3re houris aftir more ny myn 

His wijf come fis vnwitand in, Hia wif vnwitynge pis coom In 

" womwian," said petre, " aald je sua wommon seide petur solde je fus 

jur landl" scho said, "sir, ja." 19252 joure lond : sir she seide ^us 

"Jin leigs," he said, "and auto wand J)ou litest he eeide & shnldeswonde 

-wid fal»-hede pe halt gast to fand. mp falehede pe holy goost to foude 

Lo ! quar hifor ps dor Jiai stand, Lo where at pe dore pei stonde 

))at right nu delue di dede husband. t)at rijt now dalf pi deede husbonde 

Sua sal Jiai pe do uu on-ane," 19257 So shul ))ei )ie do now anone 

wid ))is word fell scho dede as stane. wip pat she fel doun deed as stone 

[N]u wonder na man. pat i haue spokin V wondir no mon of pis here spoken 

J-at wrangea pan sua anith was wiokin, ]7ei wronges po so soone were wiokea 

For cristen kirc, pon it higan, 19261 For cristen chirche po hit bigan 

^eit was it noght als etabU pan, ;it was hit not al stabul pan 

And custom es emang alls treu. For custom is among alle trewe 

Quen lau es made bituix men nu whennelaweismadebitwenemennewe 

At pe biginning forto be redd, 19265 At pebigynnyi^ to be redde 

pat diede mai do pe lau take stedd, pat drede may do lawe be dredde 


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To do fn folk for died and sn 19267 to do >e folk for drede & agK 

fat wild noght elles hald ]>e Ian ; ^at wille nojt ellia halde fe lagb. 

^ gode and lele fot Inae and mede, ^e gode & lele for heyue/t to mede 

|ie wick f ai hald pe lagli fot drede. ]ie wikked to Iialde Jie Iag& for diede 

IT Fra ^an durat naman wit )iaiii meng, fra fen durat ha man yrip lism menge 

Bot J>at wald wit )iain lela leug ; bot atte walde lelli vif> ham leuge 

Hani seke vnto )ram soght, 19273 V Maui seke vn-to )>am Bo}t 

And mani Bign«a on ^am J>ai wrogbt ; & mani eigne on ham ))ai wiojt 

Bath in waia and in strete baf in waies & in atrete coiTMsTfthii^ijIj 

fe eeke war bom (lam for to mete, ^e eeke ware borne ham to mete 

fat petre acaudu on faim suld line [' Mony Jiat petur wolde ryna 

f ai-of had mani seke medicine, 19278 Of him token hei medicyne. 

mani wiae eeke gaf hele no gap 

fat truud in criat and war lele. tn Heraldtf CoH. and Fairfax MSS.] 

IT Prince was petre o f aa tuelne, Prince was peter of fa xij. 

And gretter signe fan crist selue 19282 & gretter signe fan criste hlm-selue 

He wit^ht, als [it] es said siunquar, he wrojt forou goddis lare 

Priuilege o eigne for-f i he bar ; priuelage of signe for-f i he bare. , 

For crist self h^^t him fat ilk, 19285 for crista him-self hi;t him fat ilk*. 

Quen he for him wroght signes an ilk, quen forou him wiojt signes sqiiilk' 

[The Apostles are imprisoned, and set free hy an Afigef] 

Fra fan fair flock wex ma and mar, fra fan fairs folk wex mare & mare. 

For fast f e folk fell to fair lore, & &8te >e folk felle to f aire lare 

Bot yeit f e luon folk felun bot jet f e iewee ful of feloun 

Bid fe apoBtels in prteun, 19290 fal did fe apostles in prisoun, 

Thoru conaail of a naciun forou consail of an nacioun. 

Wald trau na resurtecdnn walde traw na leauireccioun. 

Suld be o man on domes-dai, snide be of man atte domis-day D«irni 

Bot gain fe apostela said ai nai. 19294 a-gaine fe apostles gaide fai nay. 

fis folk waa haten saduoens, fis folk ware calde aaduceus. 

fai heild ai wit f e phariseos. f oi helde ay wif phariseus 

Bot son fet-eftei on fe night, IH^*' ^^^ feroftet on fe nijt 

Sent fam was an angel bright, 19298 \j sends ham was an angel brijt. 

fat broght f am thorn f o stcdes atrang, fat brojt ham of fat prisoun strange 

And badd f am to f e temple gang & bad ham to f e temple gange ^ 



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