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Full text of "Cursor mundi [The cursor of the world] : a Northumbrian poem of the XIVth century"

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in 2011 with funding from 

University of Ottawa 

NOV 7 tW 





The First Age of the World. 

op the trinity and the making of all the world 

op the fall of lucifer 

of man's soul 

of the name adam, and of paradise before adam's sin 

of satan's scheme to tempt and ruin ad am 

of the state of the world after adam's sin ... 

description of paradise 

cain is cursed 

adam's death and the oil of mercy 

the genealogy of adam 

of the corruption of the world by man's sin 




The Second Age of the World. 


The Third Age of the World. 






in I 



isaac, esau, and jacob 

return of jacob, and his meeting with esau 

jacob, and the story of joseph and his brethren 

history of moses 

the deliverance of the israelites, and the twelve plagues 

passage of the red sea 

of the tree of life and moses' wands ... 

battle with amalek 

the golden calf 

the laws of moses ... 

aaron's rod and the death of moses 

joshua leads the people into canaan ... 

the judges in israel 

of samson 

samuel anoints saul and david ... 

david and goliath; war with the philistines ... 

saul jealous of david 



















The Fourth Age of the World. 

david's reign 

story of the three holy rods or trees 

david purposes to build the temple 

choice of david's successor 

wonderful childhood of solomon 

Solomon's choice 

Solomon's judgment 

the building of the temple 

the first martyr for christ 

Solomon's sin and repentance 

the death of solomon: his successors ... 


The Fifth Age of the World. 

the family of mary ... ... ... ... ... ... 532 

isaiah's prophecy of ciirist ... ... ... ... ... 534, 565 

recapitulation of adam's fall and the scheme to save mankind 540 

parable of a king and his four daughters ... ... ... 548 

parable of the castle of love and grace ... ... ... 568 



A PRAYER TO OUR LADY ... ... ... ... ... ... 580 

.OF THE CONCEPTION OF OUR LADY ... ... ... ... ... 582 


THE ANGEL GABRIEL GREETS MARY ... ... ... ... ... 620 

OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ... ... ... ... ... ... 628 

THE BIRTH OF CHRIST ... ... ... ... ... ... 642 

THE THREE KINGS MAKE OFFERINGS ... ... ... ... ... 652 

THE CHILDHOOD OF CHRIST ... ... ... ... ... ... 664 

HOW JESUS WAS FIRST PUT TO SCHOOL ... ... ... ... 692 



OTHER MIRACLES ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 716 



The Sixth Age of the World (p. 730). 

of john the baptist and christ's baptism ... ... ... 732 

the temptation ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 742 

death of john the baptist ... ... ... ... ... 746 

beginning of christ's ministry and choice of the apostles ... 760 

miracles and sayings of christ ... ... ... ... ... 766 

raising of lazarus ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 810 

the obstinacy and contrariousness of the jews ... ... 825 

the jews plot against christ's life ... ... ... ... 846 

Christ's entry into Jerusalem; the last supper ... ... 854 

the betrayal and last hours of christ ... ... ... 880 

the trial before caiaphas and pilate ... ... ... ... 914 

the crucifixion and burial ... ... ... ... ... 952 

joiin of Lindbergh's prayer [in the gottingen ms. only] ... 979 

discourse between christ and man ... ... ... ... 978 

of the resurrection [cotton ms. only] ... ... ... ... 985 

of joseph of arimathea ... ... ... ... ... ... 984,992 

the resurrection of christ ... ... ... ... ... 996 

the resurrection of simeon's two sons, carius and lenthius, 

and their story of christ's entry into hell ... ... 1018 

pilate's letter to rome ... ... ... ... ... ... 1060 

christ like a lion 1068 


VI 11 


our lords life after he had risen 

the ascension 

description of the person of christ 

acts of the apostles 

descent of the holy spirit 

falsehood of ananias and sapphira 

imprisonment of the apostles 

stoning of stephen 

conversion of saint paul ... 

simon magus ... 

peter's vision and preaching to the heathen 

assumption of our lady 

of our lady's body 

of the works and death of each of the apostles 

of the works and virtues of the evangelists 

the finding of the holy cross; the bond story 

the virtues and symbols of the cross ... 



The Seventh Age of the World. 1 
















ling, p. 125/7, 

' The reader is requested to correct the word "sixth," in the sub-heading, 
col. 1, and in the running head-line on p. 1250, to "seventh." The mistake arose from 
following the error in the Cotton and Gottingen Texts. 




PRAYER TO OUR LADY 1 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1366 

THE SORROWS OF MARY ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1368 

APOSTROPHE TO SAINT JOHN ... ... ... ... ... ... 1412 



1 . an exposition of the apostle's creed (4 MSS : Cot, Fa., Got, Ed.) 1430 

2. the lord's prayer and its exposition (4 MSS : Cotton (Vespasian 

A Hi), Fairfax, Gottingen, Cotton Galba E ix) ... ... 1436 

3. prayer to the trinity (3 MSS: Cotton, Fairfax, Gottingen) ... 1454 

4. PRAYER FOR THE HOURS OF THE PASSION (3 MSS : Cot., Fa., Got.) 1458 

5. song of the five joys of our lady (in Gottingen MS only) ... 1468 


Prologue. On God's mercy to man ; and letting him rise from Sin, 

by Penance ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1470 

Part I. Penitence and its 1st Requisite : Ruth, Fcrthirkiig, 

or Contrition, p. 1481 1480 

Part II. Its 2nd Requisite : Shrift or Confession (and herein of 1484 
The 15 Points of True Shrift, p. 1491—1509. 
The 4 tilings drawing us from Repentance, p. 1509-13. 
The office of the Priest, p. 1514. 
The Seven Deadly Sins, p. 1524. 
How to confess Sins to a Priest (in Cot. Vesp. A 3 only), 

p. 1551. 
Venial Sins, p. 1558.) 

1 The Trinity and Land MSS. both stop at the end of the 7th Age of the World, 
p. 130"), l. 23898. The next 4 subjects, from the Prayer to our Lady, to the Conception, 
p. 1366 — M2!>, are printed from the Cotton (Vespasian A Hi), Fairfax, Gottingen, and 
Edinburgh MSS. [n Cotton Galba E ix, are only Bomeof the 'Additions' — Lord's Prayer, 
7 Deadly sin-. Cursing — copied aa separate treatises. 

2 The Conception of Our Lady is the last subject intended by the author in the 
Prologue. s<<- p. 21. 

3 (Compare Chaucer's Parson's Tale.) The Cotton US, Vespasian E 3. runs righi 
through. Fairfax stops in the 6th Deadly Sin, al p. 1646,1.27900. Gdttingen slops in 
the prologue to " Boke of Penance," at p. 1 175, I. 25766. ( otton Galba E 9 runs from the 
7 Deadly Bins, p. 1624, to the end [p. 1586), lave ■ How to Confess,' p. 1551 '.'. 




Part ITT. Its 3rd Requisite : Mends-making or Satisfaction (by 15 GO 
Prayer and Fasting, p. 1500 ; Alms-doing (in 9 points), 
p. 1567; Subduing the Flesh, p. 1570; Watching 
p. 1574.) 

Supplement; On Absolution by the Pope, p. 1577; the 15 Points 1577 
of Cursing, p. 1578; Absolution by a Bishop (Cott. 
Vespasian A 3, and Fairfax) or a Priest (Cott. Galba 
E 9), p. 1581 ; Communion with the Cursed, p. 1583 ; 
Cursing, p. 1584. 

7. cato's morals (in Fairfax MS. only : see Appendix IV, p. 1668) 


The first 3 consisting of other versions or specimens of other manuscripts of the 
Cursor than those given in the text ; the 4th of Cato's Dlstichs or Morals. 


Edinburgh (lines 18989—23644) 1587 

The Acts of the Apostles, p. 1587 — 1601 ; the Assumption, and 
late Life of our Lady, p. 1601-3; the Works and Death of 
each of the Apostles, p. 1603-8; the Coming of Christ to 
Judgment, p. 1608-9; of Antichrist, his Birth, Deeds, and 
Death, p. 1610-16; the Fifteen Signs before Doomsday, p. 
1616-20; the Call to Judgment, p. 1620-3; the Great Doom 
of the four Rows of Men, two good, two bad, and the rising 
of all, new-made, p. 1624-6 ; Hell and its nine Pains, p. 1626-8 ; 
Heaven and the Fourteen Gifts of the Blessed, p. 1629-32. 


PUBLIC LIBRARY, BEDFORD ... ... ... ... ... 1651 


BEDFORD MS. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1664 





[Fairfax MS. 14. (£<><«. J»r.)3 ^o«%^ tfowemfy ^ *^o/. 107 - X 

rieaf 1 ] (Scribbling, < milelmus Belyng- 
ham' and some Latin, English, 
and French lines.) 

[leaf 2.] Capitulum 

j. Of he trinite and making of 
be werlde. (p. 24) 

ij. of be angels and falling of 

lucifer. (p. 32) 
iij. of ma?inis bodi. (p. 36) 
iiij. of ma?mis saule. (p. 40) 
v. of be state of bingis be-fore 

ada??? synnid in paradis. 

(p. 44) 
vj. how adam brak goddis com- 

aundement. of be appil. 

(p. 52) 

[The 1st Age of the World.] [coi.i] 

(1) Of be makyng of be werld and 
of adam (p. 25) 

(2) Of be trinite (p. 25) 

(3) Of be falling of lucifer (p. 33) 

(4) Of bodi and sawle (p. 37, 41) 

(5) Of be state of be thi^gis (p. 43) 

(6) Of be worme (p. 53) 

(7) Of be ouc?--passi??g of ada??i 

(8) Of be changing of thi/?ges 
v ij. Of paradis. (p. 66) 0) Of paradis (p. 67) 

viij. how cayme dog* abel. (p. 68) (10) Of be dede of abel (p. 69) 
of be oyle of merci. (p. 78) 
how adam endid. (p. 90) (1 1 ) Of be elde & be ende Of adam (p. - 9) 


■ A fiv-leaf has the hoo*-p.ate (with am., & -M ^^^C^,?^ 

■ in Hanover erstanrlcn den 1 1. Jim. 178e , me i raw« 
MS are in 1 columns, in red. 


ix. J>e kinradin of adam. be Seth. (12) Of Seth kin (p 91) 

(p. 00) 
x. of j, e coirupcion of J>e lande (13) Of kaymys kin (p. 95) 

ofter synne. (p. 96) 

xj. Of the ij. eldis of J>e werlde. [The 2nd Age of the World.] 

fat is to wite of noe flode. (14) Of nooe arad be schip (p 103) 
(p. 102) ^ U ' ' 

xij. Of Je life of Sem. (p. 1 30) (15) Of noe sunes (p. 127) 

xiij. J?e kinradin of Chan. (p. 134) 

(16) Ofthre partis of J>e world (p. 129) 

(17) Of babilon(p. 137) 

xiiij. J>e J>rid elde of J,e werlde. of [The 3rd Age of the World.] 

Abraham, (p. 140) (18) Of abraham (p. 141) 

how sodome and gomor sanke. (19) Of sodom & gomor (p 165) 

(p. 164) ' 

(20) Of loth (p. 175) 
xv. how Abraham offerred Isaac. (21) Of ysaac sacnfice (p 187) 

(p. 186) 
xvj. ]je stori of Isaac abraham sone. 
(p. 192) 
how esau saldis his lande to (22) Of esau (p. 209) 
Iacob his broker, (p. 208) 
xvij. how Iacob passid in-to his (23) Of iacob (p. 230) 
cnntre ofter he was flemid 
be esau. (p. 230) 
J>e stori of Ioseph Iacob sone. (24) Of ioseph (p. 239) 
Of J?e folk of israel and moises. (25) Of ioseph brether (p 281) 
(p. 320) 

xviij. Ofiijwandis.fondinbemoyses (26) Of moyses (p. 321) 
in squeuin. (p. 364) 

(27) Of pe [illegible] 
xix. how moises fastid for to hane (28) Of moyses lawe (p. 375) 
lagh of fe x. comaunde- (29) Of J>e iuggemerct (p. 383?) 
mentis and how Jai made (30) Of aron (p. 399) 
[fairfax] [gottingen] 


a calf of golde to honour. 

(p. 374) 
of sampson and his wife. (31) Of Sampson (p. 411) 

(p. 410) 

(32) Of samuel(p. 421) 

Of be first king bat euer was (33) Of saule be king (p. 425 Q 
H3t saule to name, and ben 
next king Dauid. (p. 424) (34) Of [illegible] 

X x be iiij. elde of be werlde. Of [The M Age of the World.] 

king Dauid. (p. 454) (35) Of be of [illegible] 

xxj. howsalamonkingregnidoto- (36) Of salamon [coi. q (p. 487) 
his fader Dauid. (p. 492) 

Mi- how ij. wemmen ware ad- (37) Of be iugeme.t of Salamon 
iugged for a childe be tane (p- 495) 

slogn. (p. 494) 

(38) Of temple salamon (p. 505) 

xxiij. of be v. elde of be werlde. 
of cristas birf. (p. 532) 
[From our p. 536, Z. 9325, to 
p. 666, ?. 11614, //as been 
torn out of the Fairfax MS 
14, and is supplied in the 
text below from the Laud 
MS 416.] 

[xxiiij. be propheci of cristis birb. 
(p. 564) 

2 [xxv. ensaumple of a meruailous 
castel. (p. 568) 

[xxvj. of our lauedi birb. (p. 608) 

[xxvij. quar-fore mari was spousid. 
(p. 018) 

1 Leaf 2. 2 The chapters with headings 

a 2 

[TJie 6th Age of the World.] 

(39) Of taid sede of iesu (p. 533) 

(40) Of foure doghtem (p. 549) 

(41) Of merci (p. 551) 

(42) Of sothfastness (p. 553) 

(43) Of rightwisness (p. 555) 

(44) Of pes (p. 557) 

(45) Of prophesie of iesii (p. 565) 
[See too p. 534] 

(46) Of be castell (p. 569) 

(47) Of ioachym a?/d anna (p. 583) 

(48) Of zakari a/^d elizabeM (p. 585) 

(49) Of be co^seyuing Of saint mari 
(p. 607) 

[gutting i :n I 
in bracket are wanting In the MS. Iteelt 



[xxviij. be a?muraciacion. [ofseint Iolnl 
baptist] 1 (p. 622) 

[xxix. how ihesus was borne, (p. 642) 

[xxx. of worshepe of pe iij. kingis. & 

[xxxj. how Ioseph resceyued ham. 
(pp. 652, 660) 








(50) Of be birth of saiwt Iohan pe 

baptist (p. 629) 

(51) Of Rebirth of Saint mari (p. 609) 

(52) Of pe sposage of saint mari 

(p. 613) 

(53) Of pe helving Of saint mari 

(p. 621?) 

(54) Of sakt ion pe baptwtf (p. 629) 

(55) Of zacari a??d elysabetfi (p. 631) 

(56) Of pe birth of iesu (p. 643) 

(57) Of pe circu??*siczon & 

Of pe purificacion (p. 649) 

(58) Of pe offring & 

Of pe thre kinges (p. 653) 

(59) Of pe dede of bree 

(60) Of innocentes & (p. 663) 
Of pe barnhed of iesu (p. 665) 

how pe Innocentis ware slaine.] 
how Ioseph and mari flagh in- 
to egipt wib ihesu for drede 

of herode pe king. (p. 664) 
how pe tree bowed to ihesus. 

(p. 670) 
how ihesus come in-to egipt 

and per a childe spilt his 

lake of water. 2 (p. 684) 
how a prest sone turnid pe 

lake fra ihesu. (p. 688) 
how ihesus was lad to scole. 

(p. 692) 
howihesus raisid a dede childe. 

fallin out of a loft. (p. 704) 
how ihesus bare pe water in his 

lap quen pe pot was brokin. 

(p. 706) 


' Crossed through with the pen. 
1 The former half of this piece is scratched out in the text. 


xl. how pe quete multiplied atte 

ihesus sewed, (p. 706) 
xlj. how pe lions and pe quelpis 
honoured ihesus. (p. 708) 
1 xlij. how ihesus drogfr a short 1 tree 

lange. (p. 710) 
xliij. how pai led ihesus eft to pe 

scole. (p. 712) 
xliiij. how f»ai led ihajus pe prid 
time to pe scole. (p. 714) 
xlv. Of an Iosepfr raisid be ihesus. 

(p. 716) 
xlvj. how ihesus slogh pe nedder. 

(p. 718) 
xlvij. how pe li3t of heiuen shane 
on ihesus slepande. (p. 720) 
xlviij. how ihesus disputid wip pe 
doctours. (p. 722) 
xlix. pe kinradin of seint Anne and (61) Of pe sede Of saint anne (p. 727) 
hir iij. housbandis. (p. 726) 

pe vj. elde of pe werlde. [The 6th Age of the World.'] 

Of saint Iohn pe baptist, and (62) Of pe baptising [coi. s] of suete 

|>e baptim of ihesu crist bi iesu (p. 737) 

him. (p. 736) 

(63) Hu pe feyind Tempped iesn 

(p. 743) 

(64) Of pe dede of sawt Iohn pe 

baptist (p. 747) 

1. pe geddering of pe apostolis. (65) Of pe gadring Of pe tpotfolil 

(p. 762) (p. 763) 

lj. how ihesus tumid water in- (66) Of pemiraclisOf Wucrist(p. 767) 

to wine atte pe bridale. 

(p. 766) 

lij. pe passiouw of ihesu. crist. 

(p. 854) 

[fairfax] [oottingen] 

1 Leaf 2*. 


liij. A Predicacion ofter the pas- 
sions, [missing in the text : 
see ch. lxxj,£>. 1470) (67) Of mari magdaZerc (p. 803) 

(68) Of martha (p. 809) 

(69) Of lazar (p. 811) 

(70) Of J?e marys a?id Of iesu crist 

(p. 817) 
liiij. how ihesus spolied helle ofter (71) Of haruing Of hell (p. 1023) 
J?e resurreccionw. (p. 1022) 

(72) Of J>e resurrecc/on Of iesu crist 

(p. 997) 

(73) Of ]>e asce?icion Of iesu crist 

(p. 1075) 
lv. Of J?e fairnes of Ihesu crist. (74) Offefayrnes of iesu crist (p. 1079) 
and his bodeli liknes in erf. 
(p. 1078) 
lvj. how J>ai chese Mathie apos- (75) Of J>e hali gast (p. 1085) 
tel poron J?e hali gaste. 
(p. 1080) 
lvij. Of J>e comyng of J?e haligast (76) Of J?e coming of }>e hali gast 
on witsonday. (p. 1084) (p. 1085) 

(77) Of J?e preching Of J?e aposfolis 
(p. 1105) 
lviij. how saint steuin was stanid. (78) Of J>e stony/?g of saiut steuen 
(p. 1110) (p. 1111) 

lix. Of pe Conuersion of saint (79) Of J>e ciistiuyng Of saiut paul 

Paule. (p. 1122) (p. 1123) 

lx. Of J>e life of our lauedi. (80) Of ]>e lijf of Saint mari & 

(p. 1148) Of J?e assumpsion Of saint mari 

lxj. Of pe bodi of our lauedi. (p. 1147) 

(p. 1182) 
lxij. how \q apostles endid. (81) Of pe aposfolis & [coi. 4] of j>e 
(p. 1192) ewangelpsts] (p. 1193) 

(82) Of jje wh [illegible and torn] 
lxiij. how pe hali cros was fundin (83) Of pe findynfg] Of ]>e hali cr[os] 
be Elaine, (p. 1222) (p. 1223) 

[fairfax] [gottingen] 


lxiiij. f»e vij. elde of fie werlde. [The 7 th Age of the World.'] 

Of antecrist come be-for J>e (84) Of antecrist (p. 1259) 
dome. (p. 1258) 
lxv. Of the xv. signis. be-for pe (85) Of fijf[ten toknis of] pe day of 
dome. (p. 1282) [doom] (p. 1283) 

(86) Of pe paynes [of hell] (p. 1327) 

(87) Of pines of p?/rga[tori] 

(88) Of pe ioye Of heuen (p. 1335) 

(89) Of Jeneuyng0fJ?ewrld(p.l353) 
lxvj. A predicacion wij) pe co?zclu- 

sioim. (p. 1354) 

lxvij. Compassiouw. of our lauedi for (90) Of pe mnrnirag Of saint mari 

J»e passioim of Mr sone. Efter pe passion Of suete iesu 

(p. 1367) (p. 1368) 

lxviij. Of pe concepcion of our lauedi (91) Of pe concepcion Of saint mari 

puplistbeanabbot. (p. 141 6) & Hou fiat it first was funden 

(p. 1417) 

[Additions to the Cursor : See the author's Prologue, p. 21.] 

pe crede. expouned. (p. 1430) 

pe Pater noster. (p. 1436) (92) Of pe pater nosteT (p. 1437) 

lxix. An orisouw of pe trinite. (93) Of pe orison (p. 1455) 

(p. 1454) 

lxx. Jje matinisof pe cros. (p. 1458) (94) Of ]?e passion Ofiesucrist (p. 1459) 

[The Book of Penance.] 

lxxj. A pralicaciou?i of pe faif. (95) Of pe boke Of penance 

(p. 1470) [The Gottingcn MS. now ends in 

lxxij. how man agh to shrine him the prologue to the " Bolce of 

iij. falde. (p. 1480) Penance; 1 p. 1475, I. 25766] 

pe secund point of shrift. (96) Of pe p'/rgatori Of saint patrick 

(p. 1484) [Not now in the MS.] 
Shrift wij? moujj. (p. 1485) 

Ixxiij. shrift pat fallis to fe bisshope. [A shield in 4 quarter$ t much rubbed.] 
(p. 141)0. See too p. 1581) 

|fairi'\x] [gotttngi k 1 


lxxiiij. Abstinaunce fra penalities. 
lxxv. Of the Office of prest. (p. 15 14) 
lxxvj. J>e vij. dedeli synnis. (p. 1524) 

[$?W The quire or quires containing the end of chap, lxxvj [from Drunken- 
ness, p. 1546, I. 27,900 below) and chapters lxxvij to the first part o/lxxxx 
(ch. 90, j?. 1668 below), Cato, have been torn out of the Fairfax MS. and 
are given below from Cotton Galba E ix (with Vespasian JE in).] 

[lxxvij. Confessiou?i of venial sywnis. (p. 1558, 1. 28558) 
[lxxviij. How venial synnis sulde be clansid. (p. 1559, 1. 28576) 

An shrift of al be-fore saide. (p. 1559, 1. 28588) 
plxxix. 2 Of satisfacciouw. (p. 1560) 

[lxxx. Of tempering of ma/znis flesshe. (p. 1570) 
[lxxxj. Of fastinge. (p. 1571) 
[lxxxij. Of discipline, (p. 1573) 
[Of penaunce. (p. 1575) 
[lxxxiij. casis in Je quilk Jje pape salle assoile. (p. 1577) 
[lxxxiiij. how man is cursid borou his awen dide. (p. 1578) 
[lxxxv. he bat smitis a clerk/ 3 in ber casis mai no^t be assoilid bot of be 

bisshope. 4 (p. 1581) 
[lxxxvj. how bou mai comune wib a cursid man and bou no^t cursid. (p. 1583) 
[lxxxvij. how cursinge is double, (p. 1584) 
[lxxxviij. how be cursid mai no^t be cursid. (p. 1585) 
[lxxxix. how mani maner of sentence is calde vn-^twise. (p. 1585, 1. 29505)] 

lxxxx. Catoim litil. 

catou?z mykil. 5 (incomplete: Appendix IV, p. 1668) 


[On Fairfax 14, leaf 1, foot, Mate \Wi-cent. hand, 
9 Worthyes 
3 Jewe3 Josua Dauid Maccabeus 

3 gentils Hector Alexander Julius Cesar 

3 christians Arthur Charlemayn godfrey BoJeyne that won holy crosse 
At back, a note about ' nycholas batson . . of the Cytie of york '. 
On back of slip attacht, the names Tomas Bellyngham, Robartws Bellyng- 
ham, Tomas of Canterbere, Robertas Crank.] 

1 Leaf 3. 2 lxix, MS. 3 MS. crek. 

4 The Cotton MS. Vespasian A 3 agrees with the Fairfax 16 in giving the power to the 
Bishoj), while Cotton Galha E 9 gives it to the priest, 'A simple prest': see p. 1581-2, 
]. 29373, 29383-5,. 29397, 29409. 

5 Leaf 3, back, has some scribbling, and some Latin lines, in a later hand. 


[Laud MS. 416, leaf 65 (old paging Cxvj.), the only leaf left] 

Calendarium de Cursor mundi. 

[The 1st Age of the World, p. 24.] 

IT IP ye will here of 1 the trenyte dere // And of )> e makyng of ) Cxviij . 
this world it apperyp le foile ) 

1T Of bodely substaunce for to wytte j q x { x 

Mannis soule what is it le foile j 

1T Of 1 the estate the world was ynne // by-fore > e tyme of adam is j Cxx 
synne le foile ... ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• J 

IT How adam brat the comaundment / wherfor kynd of man was j Cxxj . 

chcmt. 1 P. foil ft ... ... ••• ." ••• •" / 

IT Of the estate the World was ynne / After the tyme of adam is j Cxxij . 

synne le foile ... ... • • • • • • • ■ • • • • ) 

H Of adam is endyng teH woH y / And of the oyle of mercy j Cxxiij . 

le foile ... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ' * ' ) 

IT The genelogy of Adam old! of Seth / & cayme shall be told ... Cxxiiij 

1T How mannys soule that y of mene / coraptij) aH this world! by | Cxxy 
dene le foile ... ... ... • • ■ • • • • • • • • • ) 

[The 2nd Age of the World, p. 102.] 
f Here begynnyth of noie lede / The Second world for to Sede Cxxv 

[The Zrd Age of the World, p. 140.] 

H Of the third elde is now to teH // Who so wiH a stound dueH j Cxxix 
le foile ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••• "• * 

H Of ysaak 1 now wiH we nevyn / That louid was wttft god in \ Cxxxii j 
hevyn le foile ... ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ) 

11 Now is good to vndirtake / the story to teH of Sir baafe | (n NXV 
le foile 

f The story of Iacoh begynnyth hero / & also of hia Bonne dere Cxxxvi j 


1F Of moyses now wiH we teH / yf ye wiH a stound dueH le foile Cxlvj 

11 Off' the tre of 1 lyf shaH y telle // And' of 1 the folk 1 of israeH } P1 
le foile j 01 

IF lystenyth now to my saw // TeH I shaH of 1 moyses law le foile Clj 

[The ith Age of the World, p. 454.] 
IF Here begynnytfr vttyrly the iiij th eld of kyng davy ... ... Clix 

[The 5th Age of the World, p. 532.] 

IF Of swete Ihesu the prophecy // lystynny]? and? I shaH sey on ) p ^?. . 
hie le foile UllJ 1X 

IF lystynnyth now vnto my lessouft / that wiH here of 1 the con- ) p xx . . 

cepci'on le foile ... ... ... ... ... ...j ^ ^ 

1 H Why Ihesu Cryst borne wold' be // Of a spowsid maide teH ) p xx .... 

•ma ^a -fnilo I J J 

we le foile 


1F How hir grete gabrieH // Now is good here to teH ... ... Ciij xiiij 

IT How Ihesu did in childbed // Sum tbyng y wiH you rede) p xx .. 
le foile ... ... ... ... ... ... ... } •* 

[The 6th Age of the World, p. 736.] 

IT Now wiH ye here on what wyse // Ihesu did lazar to ryse // But ) p". 
ar we furthir go / speke we of his sustirs ij° le foile ... j J 

IT Of the passhion speke we here / how be vs bought Ihesu so ) p xx . 
dere le foile ... ... ... ... ... ... ... i J 

IT Of Ioseph of aramathy to speke now spede woH y ... ... CCvij 

Who desyrij) gret pardouw // heryj? of oure lady assu??zpc{on . . . CCxxij 

[The 1th Age of the World, p. 1258.] 
IF Now is good for to wend // to speke of \>is worlds end ... CCxxviij 

IF Now is good to be herd / how antecryst shaH be bred ... CCxxix 

1F Of xv dais \er is to say / ShaH faH byfore J) e domis day . . . CCxxxj 

1F Now be we so farforf> c come // Speke mote we of the dome ) pp 

le foile 

[The rest of the page is blank, this MS not being intended to contain any of the 

Additions in other MSS.] 
[' leaf 65, back.] 

§ 7. Original- Series Texts for 1874. The Cursor Mundi. 17 

best authorities on the one hand, and the Editors of the Text 
on the other. This Troy-Book is a gain both to literature 
and linguistics. Its poetic value is considerable, its language- 
problems most interesting. The premature death of one of 
its Editors, Mr Panton, who was also editing the Bannatyne 
MS. for the Hunterian Club, will be regretted by all our 
S, The first Part of the Four-Text Early-English Version of 
S the Cursor Mundi, which is now ready for issue, marks an 
epoch in the Society's career. For more than a hundred 
years has the Poem been quoted, and its printing desired, by 
scholars ; but no man or Club would take it up. Now, how- 
ever, our Society is printing it, not only in one version, but 
in four; not only in one dialect, but in three (with a 
portion in a fourth dialect), thus quadrupling the value of 
the text, not only as a subject for linguistic study, but 
also as an instance of how scribes dealt with their early 
originals. For the general reader, the text sparkles with 
quaintnesses of phrase and thought, as it tells of the Creation, 
the Fall, the stories of Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, 
&c. ; to the student of language, the Four-Texts give an 
opportunity for comparison of form and word such as no 
other existing English book affords, except perhaps some 
editions of parts of the Bible, such as the Gospels issued by 
the Syndics of the Cambridge-Press. The Society is greatly 
indebted to the Prussian Minister of Public Worship, Dr 
Falck, for having (at the suggestion of Prof. Pauli) authorized 
the Gottingen University MS. of the Cursor to be lent to us 
for a year. We have also to express our thanks to the 
Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, for the 
loan of their MS. of the Poem till its four Texts are printed. 
The oldest MS. of part of the Cwrsor, the early 14th-century 
one in the library of the Royal College of Physicians, Edin- 
burgh, contains such small portions of the poem that it can 
only form an Appendix to the Society's edition. The second 
in age, the Cotton, of the 1 4th century, in the British Museum, 
is, luckily, complete, and stands first in Dr Morris's Four- 
Text edition for us. Second, stands the Fairfax copy in 
the Bodleian Library, the fourth in age, with Large alterations 
in words, and, unluckily, a large gap in its leaves, which has 
to be filled up from the later Laud MS. of the other type. 
To this other type belong the Gottingen MS., the third in 
age, and the Trinity MS., the fifth in age (No. 1 in our 
edition) ; and of the same type Is the MS. in the College of 
Arms, London, though it is rather, later than fche Trinity MS, 

18 § 7. Original-Series Texts for 1874. BUckling Homilies, fyc. 

The third Text for 1874, and which is now ready, is the 
Blickling Homilies, Anglo-Saxon of the 10th century, Part 
I. The chief point of interest in these Homilies is, that the 
MS. is a dated one. The writer has been dwelling on the 
evils abroad in his time, ' lamentation and weeping on all 
sides ; mourning everywhere, and breach of peace ; every- 
where evil and slaughter ' (Horn. X., p. 114-15); has been 
saying- that the world's end on Doomsday must needs come 
soon, only the advent of ' the accursed stranger Antichrist ' 
has yet to take place {Horn,. XI., p. 116-17); and then, he 
goes on, the world must come to an end in this present age, 
of which ' the greatest portion has already elapsed, even nine 
hundred and seventy-one years (nigon hund wintra fy Ixxi), 
in this [very] year ' (p. 118-119, 1. 2). Dates of this kind are 
but seldom found in MSS., and are proportionately valued 
when they do occur. To us the Blickling MS. is of special 
worth, for in it we have a man writing (that is, copying,) who 
might well have been born when King Alfred died in 901, 
and his text therefore admirably follows our ' King Alfred's 
West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral ■ which Mr Henry 
Sweet edited for the Society in 1871-2. As, too, the language 
of the Blickling writer was probably fixt by the middle of the 
10th century, we are able to see what changes fifty (or seventy) 
years had wrought in that Alfredian English, whose charac- 
teristics Mr Henry Sweet was the first to sum up. That the 
change was but slight, and that the MS. also retains some 
older forms of the author of the Homilies, Dr Morris will 
show, in his Introduction to Part II. in 1875. 

(While on this subject the Committee note that, as two 
cheap and handy editions of Gregory's original Latin Regula 
Pasforalis have been lately printed, — one with a modern 
English translation, by the Rev. H. E. Bramley (James 
Parker & Co., Oxford and London), the other at Leipsic, 
sumtibus Ernesti Bredti, — the Latin text promist on the title- 
page to the Society's Anglo-Saxon text of Alfred's transla- 
tion, will not be publisht.) 

The fourth Text for this year will probably be a short col- 
lection of Anglo-Saxon poems edited by the Rev. J. Rawson 
Lumby, of which the first, Be Domes Dd>ge, is an Anglo-Saxon 
version of Bede's Be Die Judicii, — a poem of great beauty, 
describing the misery of the damned and the happiness of the 
blesst — while the second is Lav, an Exhortation, teaching how 
this happiness may be won, and that misery kept out of. 

The second Part of Palladius on Husbondrie will contain 
its Editor's Preface, Notes, Glossary, and Index of Subjects 


















^5 8 - a 


8 .5 if 

** «* •• ^T 

* V - c 





CO u 

— < 

-» 01 


















§ ,JJ" fc# ?^ ^1 

lli-ilf II 








«# •■» ^^ 

** 5* ^ 

id u 

>* t«i *~ 


5 C o o ^ 

a * M £ g £ 

«r £ * >* *o «» 









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<5L y 

8 s 


*i ill 5 ( ^ 

- ■ - . ~**« iiiS.- \.-'**^ 

«*«*'* U m A '< . • 

. .- . - : . 


' ^r. ' 

ft *?■ <S 

1 1j 



$5 .7$ «3 $,ss 





hi <U 




Cursor Jlttttoi," 


J>r dJouris of f>e ^terUe. 

/OMnf^mM6>w ; vWC *l&ATi 

CJr ** ^M 





[Cotton Vesp. A Hi., Brit ink Museum, [Fairfax MS. 14, Bodleian Library.'] 

leaf 2.1 ..,,,»„ 

Jws is f e best boke of alle 

^fje ffiursur o tije foorto* 1 

[i_i i n a later hand.'] 

[leaf 4] 

fe coins of fe werlde men dos hit 

Man yliernes rimes for to here, 
And romans red on maneres sere, 

OH. i 

Of Alisaundur f e conquerour ; 

Of Iuly Cesar f e emparour ; 4 

grece and troy the Strang strijf, 

fere many thosand lesis per lijf ; 

brut pat bern bald of hand, 

f e first conquerour of Ingland ; 8 

kyng arthoz^r pat was so rike, 

Quam non in hys tim was like, 

ferlys pat hys knythes fell, 

J»at aunters sere I here of tell, 1 2 

Als wawan, cai and oper stabell, 

For to were pe ronde tabell ; 

En couettes rimes for to here 
And romance rede of mony 

of Alisander f e conquerour 
of Iuly cesar pe emperour 
Of grece and troy pe grete strife 
f er mony f ousande lost f aire life 
of brute fat was bolde of handc 
first conquerour of Ingelande. 
of kyng arf orow fat was rike 
In his tyme was nane hym like 
of ferles at pev kynges felle 
of mony aunters I. here of telle 
of wawen cay and of er stabil. 
for til kepe fe rounde tabil. 

How charles kyng and rauland faght, how diaries f e kyng and roland £a}t 
Wit sarazins wald fai na saght ; 1G wit sarasynes walde fai no3t sa$t 

[Of] tristrem and hys leif ysote, 
How he for here be-com a sote, 
Ioneck and of ysambrasc, 
ydoine and of amadase 
Storis als o ferekin thinges 
princes, jirelates and o kynges ; 


of tristram and his lefe Isot 
how he for hir bicome a sot 
of Ionek and of isombrase 
20 of ydoine and of amadase 
storis als of mony f inges. 
of [prinjecs prelates and of kynges. 

■4^Wv» flu ; - caa«a . J 

v-t^ q 


A* *>^ 



[Gottutgcn MS. theol. 107.] 

Ipe tret]is j>«t men cals cursor mtmdi. 

[leaf 1, back, col. 1] 

[Me]n jernis iestis for to here, 
And romance rede on maner ser, 

[MS. B. 3. 8. Trinity College, 

"ere bigynnej) \q boke of storyes 
j?at men callen cursor mundi 

Men ^ernen iestes for to here 

And romauHce rede in dyuerse manere 

Of alexander \o, coraquerour, 
Of Iuli cesar J?e emperour 4 

[Of grece & Tr]oye j>e strong strijf, 
[Jjere many thosand lesis] liir lijf, 
[O brut J?]at borne bolde of hand 
[First Conqujerour of meri ingland ; 8 
[Of] king arthour, Jy/t was so riche, 
[wjaa now in his time funden suiche; 
Of ferlijs ))"t his knigh[t]es fell, 
[(){] auntris did i. here of tell, 12 
[Of] wawain, kay, and other stabil, 
| For] to were j?e runde tabil. 
Hon king ch irli a/id rouland faght — 
Wid sarazins ne wald Jai neucr be 

saghl ; — 16 

tristrem, and ysoude J>e suete, 
Hu J>ai wid luffe fh 
Of king ionel and ysumbras, 
Of ydoyne, and i I' amadas ; 20 

rija of din ;rs thing . 
Of princes, pn lal . awd of kinj 


Of Alisaunder J»e conqueroure 
Of Iulius cesar Jje emperoure 
Of greke & trove Jjc longe strif 
Jiore mony mon lost his lif 
Of bruyt Ipat baron bolde of honde 
Furste conqueroure of engelonde 
Of kyng Arthour frtt was so riche 
Was noon in his tymc him liche 
Of wondris fat his knyjtes felle 
And auntres duden mew horde telle 
As wawayn kay & ojwc ful abul 
For to kepe J?c rourcde tabul 
How kyng charles & rouland fau^t 
"Wip Sarazinea nolde J?ei [neuei be] 

( >f tristram & of rsoude fe swete 
How J?ci wijj loue firste gan mete 
Of kyng Ion and of rsombraa 
( )f [dpyne & of amadas 
Rtoryes of dyuerse |>inj 
( If pi inces prelatia & of 1. 





Sanges sere of selcuth rime, fu^r *. 

Inglis, frankys, and latine, 24 

to rede and here Ilkon is prest, /uu«JL 

pe thynges pat pam likes best. 

pe wisman wil o wisdom here, 

pe foul hym draghus to foly neve, 28 

pe wra/ig to here o right is lath, 

And pride wyt buxsumnes is wrath ; 

chastite has lichur leth y OtoW ~k*&£ 

On charite ai werrais wreth ; 32 

Bot be the fruit may scilwis se, 

quat vertu is ilka tre 

Of alkyn fruit pat man schal fynd 

He fettes fro pe rote his kynd, 36 

gode pertre corns god peres, 

"Wers tre, vers fruit it beres ; 

fat I speke o pis ilke tre, 

Bytakens, man, both me and pe : 40 

pis fruit bitakens alle oure dedis, 

Both gode and ille qua rightly redis ; 

Vr dedis fro vr hert tas rote, 43 

[Quejdur pai be worthi or bale or bote ; 

For be pe thyng man drawee till [coi. 2] 

Men schal him k[n]aw for god or ill. 

A saumpul her be paem^I say, 

pat rages in pare riot ay ; 48 

In riot and in rigolage, 

Of all pere liif spend Jjai pe stage ; 

For now is halden non incurs, 

Bot qua pat luue can pa?*amurs ; 52 

pat foly luue^at uanite, 

Jam likes now nan oper gle ; 

Hit neys bot fantu??z for to say, 

To day it is, to mora away, 56 

Wyt chaunce of ded, or chaunce of hert, 

pat soft began has endyng smart ; 


safngels sere of selcoupe ri 
Ingelea frenche and latine. 

to [re]de and here ilkan ys pn 
pe pinges pat ham likes best. 
IF pe wyse mon wil of wisdome here 
pe fole him drawes to foly nere. 
pe wrang to here of ri^t ys [lath]e 
pe proude wit buxomnes Is wrath 
bot by pe frute men may see 33 

of wat [verjtue ys ilka tree 34 

of chastite ys licchour lop 31 

wit charite ys werrour wrop. 32 

of iche frute pat men may finde. 
Ira pe rote he fecches his kynde. 
of gode pe?*tre gode peres. 
of wers tre wers frute beres. 
5T And pat I speke of pis ilk tre 
hit takenes mon bap me and pe. 
pis frute b[e] takenes al our dedis 
bap gode and il wha ri^tly redis 
our dedis ira our hert takis rote 
quepcr pai be worp bale or bote, 
for bi pe ping man drawes him til 
men sal h[im] knaw for gode or il. 
ensaumple now by ham I. say. 
pat ledes paire life in riot ay. 
In riot and in ricolage. [eoi. 2] 

of al paire life spende pai pe stage, 
II for now ys nane halden in cours. 
bot qua con loue paramours. 
pat foly loue pat vanite. 
ham likes now na oper gle. 
hit ys bot fantum sop to say 
to day hit ys to morne a-way. 
porow chaunce of dede or ellis of hert 
pat soft bigan has endyng smert. 


Im ia* iL« 

• s.v-*-; 


Sangys sere of diuers rime, 

Engliss, franas, and latine, 24 

To rede and here, ilkon is prest, 

Of thinges fat Jjaini lilted best. 

fe wisman wil of wisdam liere, 

be fole him drains to foli nere, 28 

fe wrong to here right es loth, 

And pWde wid buxumnea es wroght ; 

Of chastite has lecchour lite ; 

Charite again wreth wil smite ; 32 

Bot hi }>e f[r]uyt may ilk man se 

Of quat uertu es ilk a tre. 

Of ilk a frouit J?at men mai finde 

lie takes fra fe rote his kinde ; 3G 

Of gode peretre gode peris, 

Were tre wer frouit it beris. [coi. 2] 

Jwt i say of Jus ilke tie 

Bitakina man bath me and fe. 40 

j:is fruit bitakins all oure dedis 

Bath gode and ill qua right redis; 

vr dedes fra vr hert tas rote 

QueJ>er pai turne to bale or bote, 44 

For be fat tiling men draus till 

Men may faim knaue for gode and ill, 

mple herebi til |>aim i say 
I in to fair riott alway, 48 

In riott and in rekelage 
Of all J>aii li.jf Bpend f ii f -v stage; 
For nu ea holdyn now in coura 
Bo1 he J? at can Loue paramours; — 52 
ha\ foli l[u]ue fat vanyto 
Him likes dou dou o)>< r gle. 
It ea bol fanton for to 
To day it es, to mom away, . r >0 

AYi<l chance of de le or change of hert 

loft bigan eridia ful . tnert. 


Mony songes of dyuerse ryme 

As englisshe frensshe & latyne 

To rede & here mony are prest 

Of f inges fat hem likef best 

f e wise mon wol of wisdome here 

f e fool him drawef to foly nere 

f e wronge to here ri^t is looj? 

And pride wif buxomnes is wroof 

Of chastite f e lecchoure haf lite 

Charite a^eyn wraf f e w r ol flite 

But bi Jje fruyte may men ofte se 

Of what vertu is vche a tre 

And vche fruyt fat men may fynde 

He haf from f e rote his kynde 

Of good pire com gode perus 

Werse tre wers fruyt berus 

J»«t I saye Jms of f is tre 

Bitokenef mon bofe fe & me 

Jus fruyt bitokene]? alle oure dedes 

Bofe gode & euel who so ri3te redes 

Oure dedes fro oure herte take rote 

Wheper fci turne to bale or bote 

For bi fat Jung mon drawef tille 

Men may him knowe for good or ille 

Ensaumpel herby to hem I scy 

fat rage in her riot al wey 

In ryot & in rigolage 

Spende mony her ^oufe & her age 

For now is he holden noujt inshouria 

But he con lone paramouria 

fftt Poles lif fat vanite 

Him Like]) now noon ofere gle 

Hit is but fantom for to say 

To day hit is to morwe away 

AYif chaurace of drf or cliaunge of hert 

j>at softe bigan endef ful smert 


TKHJl 5^\J JtU. r^TK*^ 




nr *"i' 

Foi wen b<nv tro*stes[t] wenia at 1);', for quen bou eicurest wenes to Le 

Fro hir schalt bou, or Bcho fro be. GO fra hir sal |>ou or ho fra be. 

He Jwt [sjtitthest 1 wenis at stand, he J>at stibest wenes to stande. 

Warre hymjiis fall is nexst his hand, war him his fal ys next at hande. 

Ar he sua brathly don bo broglit, or ho sa brajely doune be bi^t. 

Wydur to wende ne wat he noght ; G4 $et quidder to wende wate lie 1103b 

Bytuixa/ad his luf haf hvm ledd, bi-twix bat his lone hi>/t lede. 

To sli mede als he hy?« ronvit [bedd ;] to suche mede as he be-fore dede. 

For ban sal mede wifcmten mere,**«*J [ 

be mette for dede or better or were. G8 no gap in the MS.] 

For-bi blisce and bat paramour, % for bi blesse I. bat paramour. 

Que?i i haue nede me dos socure, quen I. hane nede me dose soeour 

r n 

pat saues me first in berth fra syn, J?at saues me in erbe fra synne. 

And heue« blys me helps to wyn. 72 and holpes me heyuen to wynne. 

I \ -.• 

For bof i quiluw haf ben untrew, 

Hyr luue is ay ilik[e] new ; 

Hir lnne sco haldes lede ilike, 

J) at suetter es ban hony o bike ; '76 

Suilk in berth es fundus nan, 

For scho es modw and maidan ; 

Moder and maiden neuer pe lesse, 

For-bi of hir tok c/7'st his flesse. 80 

Qua truly loues bis le?>ima«, 

pis es pe loue bes neuer gan ; 

For in Jus loue scho failes neuer, 

for if I. sumtyme haue bene vn-trew 
hir loue ys ay I-like new. 
hir loue ho haldes lele in like, 
bat squetter ys ben hony of bike, 
suche in erbe ys funden nane. 
for ho ys moder and maydane. 
moder and mayden neyue?*-be-lesse 
for-bi of hir toke criste his flesse. 
qua truly louys ay Jns le?^man. 
jris ys be loue sal neuer began, 
for in bis life ho falis neuer. 

And in bat tober scho lastes ever. 84 and in be tober ho lastes euer. 

Off suilk an suld ye [mater] take, 
Crafty pat can rimes make ; 
Of hir to mak bath rim and sansf, 
And lime hir suette sun amang. 
Quat bote is to sette trcaieil 
On thyng pat may not auail, 

^T of suehe an sulde men mate;* take 
3c crafty bat con rimes make, 
of hir to make bab rime and sange 
88 and loue hir squete sone aniange. 
quat hotels to sette trauayle. 
a-boute binge wil 1103I auayle. 
Jjat ys bot fantu?« of bis werde 

bat es bot fantum bis warld, [leaf:!] 

Als 3e haue sene inogh and herd. 92 als 3c. haf oft sine and herde. 

Mater fynd 30 large and brade 1 mater finde 3(5 large and bradc 

Jpof rimes fele of hir be made, and rimes lyte of hir ar made. 


' Looks like ticclicst at first sight. 




For que?i pu wenia traistiest to be, 
Ju sal fra hir or scho fra be, 
He bat wenis stillest to stand, 
War him liijs fal is neist at hand. 
Ar he sua sone dune be broght, 
Quiber to wend ne wat lie noght 
Bituix and his luue haue him ledd 
To suilk mede as he him forbedd. 
For bair sal mede widuten lett 
Be sett til him for duel dett. 
Forbi i blise bat paramoure 
fat in mi [nede me dos socure], 
Jjat sauis me in erde fra sin»e, 
And heuefl blisa me helpis to winne, 
For J> ou i sumtime he untrewe 73 

Hir luue es euerelike neue ; 
Hii luue scho haldea treu arcd lele 

For whe?ine bouwenest hit trewesttohe 
bou shalt from hit or hit from be 
He bat wenej) stillest to stonde 
War him his fal is nexte at honde 
Whewne he so soone doura is broi^t 
G4 Whider to wende woot he noi^t 
But to whom his loue hab him led 
To take suche mede shal he be sted 
For bere shal mede wifouten let 
Be sett to him for dew dett 
berfore hlesse we Jwt paramoure 
bat in oure nede dop vs soconre 
Jwt sane]? vs in erbe fro synne 
And heuen blisse helpeb to wynne 
For bou^e I suwityme be vntrewe 
Hir loue is euer 1 liche newe 
Hir loue is euer trcwe and lele [ifi,bk] 


Ful suete it es to manes In ie, OT«i.i] Ful swete hit is to mo/incs hele 

Suilk in erd es funden non 77 

For scho es mober ami maiden alon, 
Mober and mayden neuer be less, 
For bi of hir toke ieau his iless. 80 
Qua bat loues treuli J>is lemman 
Scho es be loue bat bes neuer wan, 
For in |>is lijf scho fayles neuer 
And in be toper lastes euer. 
( )f >uilk an suld we mater take, 
ie i i.ilni 1 fat can rimes make, 
( If hir to make bath teste and sang 
And Lone hir sue! ■ bud emang; 88 
Wat hot es to set trauail 
On thing fat noght may auail, 
bai es bot fantom of bis werld 
A - je haue sene i-now and herd 
Mater find je large and brade ; 
Uimes mani of hii be made. 

I.Hl I INi 

Suche obere in erbe is fouwden none 
For she is modir & mayden alone 
Modir & mayden neuer be lea 
berfore of hir toke ieeu flesshe 
Who ]»(t loue]? trewely bis iemmon 
He dial haue loue Jwt neuer is wool 
For in bis lif she failej neuer 

84 And in bat ober lasteb euer 

( »r suchon shulde 30 matere take 
ae crafty bat con rymes make 
Of hir to make bobe g< est & songe 
And preise hir swete son amonge 
What bote is hit 1" Bett trauaile 
On bing bat no bing may availe 
bat is but fantom of bis Werd 

92 A we ynowje hall Been & herd 
M. !: , !, fynde we may in dede 
Byrnes of hir to make & cede 


1 T ,„. lo , . ,] / i made bigb r I tan the other, and looks like K. 



t. t/ft 



I x 

Qua-sa will of hy[r] fa[y]rne8 spell, 
Find he sal Lnogh to tell ; ( JG 

Of liir godnes and kir treujhede,£i«lJL 
Men may fynd euermar to rede ; 

reut[li] o loue and cliarite, 
"Was ncuer liir mak, no neuer sal be. 
Lauedi scho os o lenedis all, 101 
Mild and mek witoutew grill, (rtnt/w*^ 
to nedi neghest on to call, 
And raises synful quefe }>ai fall ; 104 
Til all oure bale ai for to bete, r sue tte ■ 
Oure lauerd lias made Jj«t maiden 
J>ar-bi man mai liir helping ke?m, 
Sclio prais ai for sinful me/m; 108 
Qua menskes liir, Jai may be bald, 
Scho sal Jam 3eld a hnndreth fald. 
In liir wirschip wald i bigyn 

A lastand ware apon to myn, 112 

For to do man knaw liir kyn, 

Jwt 1ms sell wirschip cum to wyn : 

Siurakins iestes for to scaw, 

\)at done were in J?e hald[e] law, 116 

Bituix J>e aid law and J>e new, 

How cWst brith bigan to brew, {^uk^-^ 

1 sal yow schew wit myn eiitent, 
Bre[fl]i of aijjere testament; 120 
AI J>is world, or J? is bok bHn, dU£* 
Wit cristes help I sal ouer-rin, 

And tell sum gestes pr/ncipale ; 

For all may na ma/i haue in talfe, 124 

Bot fpr-jn jut na were may stand 

Wit-outen grundwall to be lastand, 

Jur-for j?is were sal i fund 

Apon a selcuth stedfast grund, 128 

Jwt es, J>e haly tnnite, 

jput all has wroght wit his beuto ; 


51 qua sa wil of hir fairnes speL 

fynde he may I-nogfi to tel. 

of hir goden hir trew hede. 

men may fynde euer mare at rede, 
of petey and loue and charite 
was neuer hir make ne neiu r sal be 
IT Lauedy ho ys of lauedis alle Clear ^ bk] 
mylde and meke wit-outen galle 
to nedeful next on to calle. 
to rayse J>e sinful quen Jui dou/< falle. 
and al our bale for to bete, 
our lorde has made j?at lady sqnete. 
J>ar-by man may hir helpynge ken. 
for ho prayes ay for sinfulmen. 
qua menskes hir Jui may be balde. 
ho wil ham 3ilde an hundre falde. 
N hir worshepe walde I be-gyn 
a lastande werk a-pon to Myn. 
for myche worshepe ho con ys wyn. 
fayne I walde men knew hir kyn. 
Jjer-fore sum gestes wil I. shawe. 
Jut done ware in J?e aide lawe. 
by-twix Je aide high and J>e newe. 
how cristes birj> be-gaii to brewe. 
% I. sal shew jou verrament. 
shortly of aithur testament, 
al J>is werlde or Jut I. blyn. 
wit cristes help .1. sal ouer-ryn. 
and tel sum gestes principale 
for al may na mon haue in tale, 
bot for-Jn Jwt na werk may Btande. 
wit-out grounde wal to be lastande. 
J>ar-fore J>is werk sal I. founde. 
a-pon a secure stedefast grounde. 
Jjat ys to say J>e trinite. 
Jut al has wro^t wit his bounte. 



Qua Avill of liir fayrnes spell 

Find he may inogli to tell ; 9G 

Of liir godnes of liir trouth-hedd, 

Men may find euermar to rede 

Of reuth of lime and of charite ; 

Was newer liir make ne neuer sal be. 

Lady selio is of ledes all, 101 

ATeke and mild widutew gall, 
To nedefull neist on to call, 
And rayses pe sinful qaen pai fall, 
Til all vr balis for to bete, 105 

lesu made pat mayden suete ; 
parbi men may liir helping hen 
Scho prais ay for sinful men. 108 

Qua pat worschipis liir he mai be bald, 
Scho wil him ^eilcle an hundreth fald, 
[I]N liir w r orschip wald i biginne 
A lastand werk apon to minne. 1 1 2 
For to do men knaue hir kin [«oi. 2] 
bat us suilk worschip gan to win, 
Sumkin ieste nu forto knau 
pat don was in pe aide lau ; 11G 

Bituix pe aid lau and pe new 
Hu cristes bote bigan to brew, 
1 sal 30U scheu wid min entent, 
Sothli of liir testament. 120 

All pis werld, ar pis boke bline, 
Wid cristes help i sal our-rine, 
And telle sum teste principale. 
For all may no man haue in tale, I 2 ! 
Bot forper may na werk stand 
Widvten grund-wal to be Lastand, 
parfor pis werke i wil found 
( »;i a selcuth Btedfasl grund, 128 

pal es pe hali trinite, 
pat all 1 id his bonnte, 

Who so wol of hir fairnes spelle 
Fynde he may ynoi^e to telle 
Of hir goodnesse of hir trouphede 
Fynde men may aboute to sprede 
Of treupe of lone of charite 
Was neuer hir make ne neuer shal be 
Lady she is of peples alio 
Meke & mylde wipouten galle 
Next to nedeful to calle on 
And reisep eue?* pe synful mon 
lesu made pat mayden swete 
Alle oure bales for to bete 
llerby men may her helpe wel knowe 
She p?v?yep for synful he^e & lowe 
Who so dop hir worshepe may be bolde 
She w r ol him ^elde an hundride folde 
51 In hir worshepe bigymie wolde . L 
A werke pat shulde be lastyngely 
For to do men knowe hir kyn 
pat muclie worshepe dud vs wyn 
51 Sum maner ping is good to knawe 
pet done was in }>e olde la we 
IhtAvixe pe olde lawe & pe newe 
H I low crist vs bote bigan to brewe 
I shal 3011 shewe bi myii entent 
Sopely of hir testament 
Al pis world ar pis bonk blynne 
AYip crist is helpe 1 shal ouer rynne 
And telle sum geste pn'ncipale 
For ;il may no man haue in tale 
But no werk we] laste may 
Wipoute good grounds to lasts ay 
perfore J^is werke I wol founds 
< in ;i selc i;} 1 Btudfaste grou 
pat is }.••• holy trinite 
j I ; ... ftde of his boui I 

Ml V 

10 i'll tell of the trinity, the fall of batan, of adam, Abraham, 
jacob, joseph, mosb8, david, solomon. 





! UA-«,<. 


At him self first i settc mi mere, eu'fe 
And sithen to tell his hand were ; 132 
pe angels first pat fell, 
And sif en i will of adam tell, 
Of hys oxs_pring, and of noe, 
And sumquat of his simns thre, 
Of abraham and of ysaac 
fat haly ware wit-outen make ; 
Sythen sal i tell yow 
Of iacob and of esan, 
far neist sal be sythen tald 
How pat ioseph was boglit and said ; 
pa Inns and moyses 
pat goddis folk to lede him ches, 
how god bigan pe law hjm gyfe 
f e quilk the Iuns in suld life ; 
saul pe kyng and o daui 
How pat he faght a -gain goli ; 
Sif en o salamon pe wis 
- How craftilik he did instis ; 
How crist com thoro propheci, 
How he com his folk to bij ; 
And hit sal be reddynn f anne 
• Ioachim and of sant tanne ; 
mare als hir doghter mild, 
How sco Avas born and bare a child, 
How he was born and qiien and ware, 
How sco him to pe temple bar; 
pe kynges pat him soght 
fat thre presandes til him broght; 1G0 
How pat h erode kyng wit wogh WiL 
For crist sak pe childer slogh ; 
How pe child to egypte fled 
And how pat he was thefen ledd ; 1G4 
far sal 30 find sumkyn dedis 
pat \£8U8 did ill hys barndiedis ; 




IF at hi??z-sclf I. sette my merle. 
and sithen to telle his handewerke. 
of pe angels first at felle. 
and sif en of adam wil I. telle. 


no gap in. the MS.] 

of abraham and of Isaac. 

fat haly weren wit-onte lake. 

sifen sal I. tel ^aw 

of Isaac and of esaw. 

far next sal be talde 

how Ioseph was bo^t and salde. 

of pe Iewes and of moyses 

fat goddes folk to lede him chese. 

how god bc-gan f e lagh him gyne 

f e quylk f c Iewes in snide lyne. 

of sanle f e kynge. and of dauy. 

how fat he fa^t a-gayne goly. 

sifen of salamon f e wyse 

how craftely he gaf Instise. 

of cristes come f orow prophesy 

how he come his folk to by. 

f er next sal be red fan. 

of Ioachim and of seynt anne 

of marie and hir sone mylde r c hi] t d 

and how ho was borne and bred hir 

how he was borne and how and quar^ 

how ho him til f e temple bare. 

of f e kynges fat hi»i S03L 

fat presandes til him f ai bro3t. 

how fat erode kyng wit woghe. 

for cristes sake f e childer sloghe. 

how pe childe til egipte lied 

and how fat he was fcyfen led. 

and far sal -$e fynde sum gode dedis 

fat crist dede in his childe-hedis. 



First at himself i sett mi marke, 

And sif en to tell of liis handwarke, — 

Of fe angelis first fat fell, 133 

And sipen i wil of adam tell, 

Of his hospring and of noe, 

And sumquat of his surces thre. 136 

Of abraham and of ysaac, 

fat hali men war widutew lac ; 

Sif en sal i tell to 30U 

Of iacob and of ysau, 140 

Here neist sal be sif en teld 

Hu Ioseph was bath bogh[t] and seld, 

Of f e iuus and of moyses 

fat goddes folk to lede hi??j ches; 144 

Hou godd bigan f e lau him giue, 

f e quilk f e iuus suld in Hue. 

Of saul f e king and of daui 

How fat he faught again goli, 148 

And sy^e of salamon f e wise 

Hou craftili he did iustifie. 

Hou crist cam thoru prophesi [if2,coi.v] 

His aune folk forto hi j 152 

Sif en it sal be rede 3011 pane 

Of ioachim and of saint ane ; 

Of mari als hir douther milde 

Hou scho was born and bar hir child ; 

Hu he was born, quen and quare, 157 

How scho him to fe temple bare ; 

Of f e kinges fat him soght 

fat thre presantes til him broght ; 1G0 

Hou fat herodes king wid wogh 1 

For cristes sake he childcr slogh 1 ; 

Hou f at iesu til egipt fledd V ™? ^ ht ' 

And hu fat In; was fcnnis ledd. 104 

And for suld 30 here mani a del' 

fat iem did in his barnhede; 


1F Furst at hi??2 self I sett my merk 

And aftir to telle of his hond werk 

IF Of f e aungels fat firste felle 

And sif I wol of adam telle 

IF Of his ospringe and of Noe 

And su??iwhat of his sones f re 

IT Of Abraham & als of ysaac 

fat holy weren wif outen lac 

IT Sif en shal I telle (joju newe 

Of Iacob & of Es[au]e 

IF Si}?en shul ^e here hit tolde 

How Ioseph was bou3te & solde 

IF Of f e iewes & of Moises 

fat god his folke to lede him chees 

IF How god bigan f e lawe him 3yue 

AVhiche f e iewes shulde in lyue 

II Of saul f e kyng & of dauy 

How he fau3te a3eyn goly 

IF And sif f e of Salomon f e wise 

How he was crafti iustise 

IF How crist cam f our3e p?*ophecie 

His owne folk for to bye 

11 Sif hit shal be rad 30U f a?me 

Of Ioachim & of Seynt Anne 

IF Of Mary also hir doi^t^?- mylde Deaf 2] 

How she was born & bare hir childe 

IF How she was born whe/me & whare 

How she him to f c temple bare 

IF Of fo kynges fat him soi^t 

fat f re p?*esentes to him brou^t 

IF How fat heroudc kyng wttfl wronge 

For cristis sako slower ohilder v"go 

IT I low fat iesn to egipte fledde 

And how he was pennes ledde 

IF And fsre shul je here many a dede 

fat iem dude in bis childehede 


18 i'll tell of Christ's baptism, temptation, joiin's beheading, the 
apostles, Christ's miracles, his giving sight to the blind, etc. 

Sithen o f o baptist Iolian 
fat Iesu baptist in flu??i Iordan ; 108 
How iesus quen he lang had fast 
Was fondid wit f e wik gast ; 
Sif en o Ions baptisyng 
And how him hefdid herod kyng ; 1 72 
How fat iesu crist him selue 
ches til him apostels tuelue, 
And openlik bigan to preche, 
And alle fat sek ware to leche 176 
And did fe meracles sua rijf 
fat fe Iuus him hild in strijf ; 
Syfen how fat haly drightin 
Turned watzzr in to vyn ; 180 

hue thossand men fat he 
Fedd wyt fiue laues and fisses thre ; 
Of a man sal $e sithen find [leaf 2, back] 
fat he gaue sight and born was blind ; 
spouse-brek womman 185 

fat fe> Iuus dempt to stan ; 
How he heled on al vnfere u^*J.<rY*j 
fat seke was thritte and aht yeir ; 188 
How fe magdalen wit grete '. ■ -«^ 
Com for to was our lorde fete ; 
/.L .> Of hir and martha fat was fus 

Abote the nedes of fare hus ; 192 

l&y&v ded laid under lam lc-c^ w 
How iesus raised his licam ; 
How Iuus iesu oft vmsette 
And for his sermon thrali thrette, 196 
How f ai sched his blisced blode 
And pined him opon fe rode ; 
Wit crist will fan sal I telle 
How he sif en hared helle ; 4 200 
How Iuus wit f er gret vnschill 
^^kjOjJLd Wend his vprisyng to dill ; 


JLsJju*4JL ku &U~Tt\ t 

sif en of baptist seynt loan. 

fat ihesus hoef in flume Iordan. 

how ihesus quen he lange had fast 

was fondet wit fe wikket gast. 

sij)en of Iones baptisynge 

and how hi?/i heued herode f kynge. 

how fat ihesus crist hi?/i-self 

chese his appostoles twelue. 

and opynly by-gan to preyche. 

and al fat syke ware for to leche. 

and dede fe miracles so rife. 

at fe Iewes helde hi??z in strife. 

sithen how fat haly d^tyne. 

turned water in-to wyne. 

of .v. f ousande men pat he. 

fed wit .v. lauys and fisshes thre. 

of a man sal ^e sythen fynde 

fat he gaf si3t fat borne was blynde. 

of fe spousebreke of a womman 

fat f e Iewes walde deme to stan. 

and how he heled an laser. 

fat seke was viij. and xxx. ^ere. 

how f e Maudalan sore con grete. 

and come to wesshe cristes fete. 

of hir and martha fat bysy was ho 

a-boute f e hous nedes to do. 

of laser dede layde vnder lame. 

how ihesus raised his licame. 

how f e Iewes ihesus sore bet 

and for his sarmone f rali fret. 

how f ai shed his blesset blode 

and sif en pynet him a-pon f e rodo 

wit cristes wil fan sal I. telle. 

how he sif en heried helle. 

how f e Iewes wit fair vnskille. 

wend his vprisinge for to dille. 


i'll tell of the woman taken in adultery, op mart magdalene, 19 
op lazarus, Christ's crucifixion, and his harrowing hell. 

Sijjen of baptist saint iohn, 

fat iesu baptist in fe flom iordan. 168 

Hou iesu wan he longe hade fast 
Was temped wid f e wicked gast; 
Sif eft of ionis baptising 
And hou him hefded heroud king. 172 

Hu fai iesu crist him seluen 
Ches to him apostilis tuelue, 
And opinli bigain to preche, 
And all fat seke war to leche, 176 
And did miraclis sua rif, 
Quarfor f e iuus him held in strijf ; 
Sif en hu godd all-mightin 
Turnd water into win ; 180 

Of fijf thousand men fat he 
Fedd wid fijf louis and fisses thre ; 
Of a man sal -$q sife?i find 183 

fat godd gaf sight fat born was blind, 
And of fe spousebreche, fat womman 
fat f o iuus denied to stan ; 
How he heled a man vnfere 
fat seke was eglit and tuenti ^ere ; 188 
Hou mari magdalain wid grete [coi. 2] 
Com to wasse vr laue?'des fete, 
Of hir and martha f at wild noglit blin 
Aboute fe nedia of hir inne; 192 

Of lazar ]M ded lay vnder stan, 
Hou iesu him raysed in floss a?*d ban ; 
Hu iuus iesu oft vmsett, 
And for his preching fai him thrett, 
Hou fai sched his blissed blode, 197 
And pined him apon f e rode. 
Wid cristas will fan sal i tell 
Hou he sipen harud hell, 200 

Hu iuus wid fair grete vnskill 
Wend his vprifling to dill ; 


IT Sifen of f e baptiste Ion 

fat baptized iesu in Hum iordon 

11 How iesu aftir his fastynge longe 

Was temptide with f e spirit of wronge 

IF Sif en of Iones baptizyng 

And how him heueded heroude f ekyng 

IT How fat iesu crist him selue 

Ghees to him apostles twelue 

And openly bigan to preche 

And alle fat seke were to leche 

And dud miraclis mony & ryf 

Wherfore f e iewes bigonne to strif 

IF Sif how god of his mj3t 

Turnede watir in to wyn ri^t 

IT Of fyue f ousande men fat he 

Wif fyue loues fedde & flashes f re 

IF Of a mon shul we f enne fynde 

fat god 3af si3te & born was blyftde 

IT And of f e spousebriche of o wommon 

fat \>e iewes denied to ston 

IT How he heled a mon vnfere 

fat seke was ei3te & twenty 3ere 

11 How mary maudeleyn wif grete 

Coom to wasshe oure lordis fete 

IF Of hir & of Martha also 

fat bisy was aboute crist f o 

1F Of lazar fat deed lay yndii stoon 

How he was reised in flesshe & boon 

IF How iewes iesu ofte bi-sette 

And for his prechyng also him f\ 

II How fei pyned him on fe rode 198 

And how fei shedde his blessed blode 

11 And if god wol f c?mc shal I telle 

How he siffeD harewed helle 

IF How Lewea ^if het gr» I niskille 

Wende his vprisynge to stille 


^UrA, Sklj,- suft. 


J* L 


How he vprais, liow he upstey, to «/*><} 
Many man on_s tad and sey ; 204 

How he pat o inyght es mast 
Send in till erth his haly gast ; 
tuelue apostlis su??i-kyn gest 
Bot how Jai endid at f e lest, 208 
How our leuedi endid and yald 
Hir sely saul hit sal be tald ; 
f e hali croice how it was kyd 
lang eftmvard pat it was hid ; 212 
Of antecrist com fat sal be k'ene, 
£;£J*?And o Jje dreri days fiueten 

' fat sal cum for- wit domes day • 
Sythen of fe dome yow sal i say, 216 
pan of oure leuedi mwrnand mode. 
For hir sune scho sagh on rode ; 
pe last resun of alle fis rpn ' u >!-/■• j***m 
Sal be of hir concepcion. 220 

J>is are the maters redde on raw fr-ijfr* 
fat i thynk in Jns bok to draw, 
Schortly rimand on pe dede, (*■*-$)• 
For mani er f ai her-of to spede. 224 
ISTotful me thine it ware to man 
to knaw him self how he began, 
How [he] began in werld to brede 
How his oxspring began to sprede, 228 
Bath o pe first and o pe last. 
In quatking curs Jns world es past. 
Efter haly kyrc state 
fis ilk bok id es translate 232 

•— In to Inglis tong to rede 
For the loue of Inglis lede, 
Inglis lede of Ingland, 
For the commun at understand. 23 G 
Frankis rimes here I redd, 
Comiudik in ilk [a] sted, 


how he vprase how he vpsteghi. [leaf 5] 

mony a mon wit eghe hit seghe. 

how he pat of irn^t ys mast. 

sende in til erthe his haly gast. 

of pe xij. appostoles sumkyn geste. 

and how f ai endet atte pe leste. 

and how our lady endet and 3alde 

hir blesset saule hit sal be talde 

of pe haly croys how hit was kid. 

lange efter fat hit was hidde. 

of antecrist come pat sal be kene. 

and of pe driry dayes fiftene. 

J?at sal come be-fore doinesday. 

and sipen of pe dome sal we say. 

and fen of our lady mournande mode 

for hir sone ho saghe hange on rode. 

pe last speche of Jns resoun. 

sal be of hir concepcioun. 

11 pes ar pe maters red on raw. 

pat I. fink in f is boke to draw. 

now I. wil be-gynne in dede. 

Ihesu leue me wele to spede. 

noteful me fink hit were to man 

to wyte how he first be-gan. 

how he be-gan in werlde to brede 

and how his ospringe be-gan to sprede 

baf of f e first and of the last. 

in quatkyn cours f is werld ys past 

IT ofter haly kirkis state. 

f is ilke boke ys translate. 

vn-til Ingeles tonge to rede. 

for f e loue of englis lede. 

englis lede of engelande 

f e commune for til vnderstande. 

frenche rimes here I. rede. 

cowmunely in iche a stede. 


then of mary's mourning at the cross, and her conception : 21 
all in english tongue, for love of english men of merry england. 

Hu he vp ras a?id lm he vp stey 

Mani a man it herd and sey ; 204 

Hou he fat [is] of mightes mast 

Sent intiil erde f e hali gast. 

Of f e tuelue apos£lis sumkins ieste, 

Hou fat f ai ended mast arad leste ; 208 

Hou vr leuedi endid a?zd ^alde 

Hir semeli saule it sal be talde. 

Of f e hali crois hou it was kidd 

Lang efter fat it was hidd ; 212 

Of antecrist come fat sal be kene, 

And of f e dreri dais fijftcne 

fat sal cum bifor domesday ; 

And sy&en of fe dome sal i say, 216 

fan of vr leudis nmrnand mode 

For hir sune quew he hing on rode ; 

f e last resune of all f is roune 

Sal be of hir concepcion. 220 

f ise er f e materia i redde on rawe, 

fat i thinck in f is boke to scliawc, 

Schortli renand on f is dede, 

For mani ar far for to spede. 224 

Nedeful me think it were to man 

To knau him self, hou he bigan, 

Houhebiganinwerld tobrede, [if3,coi.i] 

Hou his ospring bigan to sprcde, 228 

Bath of fe first and of fe Lit, 

In quatkin cours f is world is past. 

Efter hali kirkes state 

fis ilke boke es translate, 232 

vnto englisa tung to rede 

For fe luue of englijs lede, 

Englia Lede of meri ingeland 

For fe comen to vnf^-stand, 236 

Frenkis rimes here i rede 

Comunli in ilka stcde ; 


If How he vp roos & sif en vp stay 

Mony a mon hit herde & say 

11 How fat he of my3tes moost 

Sende to erf e f e holy goost 

H Touchynge f e apostlis of her feest 

How f ei endede meest & leest 

IT How oure lady endede & 3olde 

Hir semely soule hit shal be tolde 

IT How f e holy cros was kidde 

Longe aftir fat hit was hidde 

H Of antec?'*'stis coome fat shal be kene 

And of f e dredeful dayes fiftene 

fat shul com tofore f e domes day 

Sif en of f e doom wol I say 

IF f ene of oure ladyes mournynge mode 

Whewne hir son heng on f e rode 

f e laste resoun fat I shal spelle 

IT Of hir concepcioun wol I telle 

f ese are f e materes red on rowe 

fat in fis book wol I showe 

Shortly rennyng on fis dede 

For mony f er aren for to spede 

H Nedeful me f inkc hit were to man 

To knowe himself how he bigan 

How he bigan in worlde to brcde 

How his osprynge bigan to sprede 

Bof e of f e furste & of f e last 

In what cours fis world is past 

Aftir holy chirches astato 

fis ilke boke is translate 

In to englisshe tonge to role 

For f e loue of englisshe lede 

For comune folk of engelondo [if2,bk] 

Shulde fe better hit vndirstondo 


ii<> gap in the MS.] 




Mast es it wroght for frankis man : 

Quat is for him na frankis can] 240 

Of Ingland the nacion, 

Es Inglis man par in commxm ; 

fe speche fat man wit mast may spede, 

Mast Jar-wit to spekc war nede ; 244 

Selden was for ani chance 

Praised Inglis tong in france : 

Giue we ilkan J) are larigage, 

Me think we do pam non outrage. 248 

To laud and Inglis man i spell 

fat understandes fat i tell, 

And to f oo speke i alf er-mast 

fat won in vnuarc es to wast 252 

fair liif in t rofel and tru^ndis,v.'^fc^O^« 

To be ware wiif at^en.and wis^ 

Su??iquat vnto fat Jliing to tent, 

fat al far mode might wit amend. 256 

Ful il ha[yl] f ai fat spending spend 

fat findes na fro[te] f ar-of at end. 

Sli word and were su??z we til jieild 

Traistli armites 1 sal we yeild. 260 

f ar-for do draw f am hider-ward, 

fat o fe pardon will ha part 

To here and hald sal ha pardon, 

plight wit crist benisim. 264 

Now o fis proloug wil we b[lin], 

In crist nam our bok be-gin, 

Cursur o werld man aght it call, 

For almast it ouer-rennes all. 268 

Tak we our biginning fan 

Of him fat al fis werld bigan. 270 

Luna Mars Mercurius Iouis 

Monenday Tisday Wednesday Thors- 

uerius satwnus sol 
Friday settwrday sou?*day 


fat mast ys worf for frenche man. 

quat ys worf for him nane can. 

of engelande naciouw 

ys englis man far in commou??. 

f e speche fat man with sone may spede. 

mast far wit. to speke ware nede. 

selden was for any chaunce. 

englis tong praysed in fraunce 

IF gif we ilkane f aire langage. 

me fink fen we do nane outrage. 

to lewet and englis men I. tel. 

fat vnderstandes quat I. spel. 

and to fa speke I. maste. 

fat wont ar to wirke in waste. 

fat leden f aire life in trowandise 

to teyche ham to be war and wyse. 

IT Ihesu suche grace me sende 

at I. nn^t f aire life amende. 

ful ilhayle f ai far spendyng spends 

fat fyndes na frute at f e ende. 

suche worde and werkis as we in lyue. 

redy acountes mone we gyue. 

far-fore draw yow hidder-wart. 

fat of f e pardouw wil haue part. 

and quo-so heres fis pardowi. 

he sal haue cristes benysourc. 

11 Now of fis proloug wel I. blyn. 

in cristes name my boke be-gynne. 

Cursor of f e werlde I. wil hit cal. 

for almast hit oumynnys al. 

take we our be-gynnyng fan. 

of Mm fat al fis werlde be-gan. 

1 So in MS., but read acountes 


7- \k\U >(4V 



fat es most made for frankis men, 

Quat lielpis kim pat non can cen. 240 

Of ingland f e nacione 

Er englijs men in comune, no yap in the MS.] 

pe specke pat men may mast wid spede pat spccke fat moost vs may spede 

Mast to sj)eke f ar-wid war nede ; 244 Moost to speke kit were greet nede 

Seldom was for ani ckance Selden kit is for any ckaurcce 

Englis tong precked in france, Englisske tunge precked in frauwce 

Gif we faim ilkan fair language, 3yue we vcke lond kis langage 

And fan do we na vtetrage. 248 penne do we noon outrage 

To leuid and englis mew i spell To lewed men englisske I spelle 

fat understandis quat i can tell, pat vndirstondef what I con telle 

And till f aim speke i alf e/'mast And to hem speke I alf er moost 

fat ledis fair Hues in mekil w r ast, 252 pat ledef ker lyues in pride & boost 

And spendis kis loue in trowandis And spenden ker lyues in trewandise 

If f ai migkt mend f aim in sum wis ; And my^te amenden in mony 

Sum quat to pat thing to tende 

fat fai fair mede may wid amende, 256 . . . . •. . no gap in the MS.] 

Ful wa til f aim kir loue to spende "Wo skal kem he ker lif so spende 

fat findes fir of no fruit at end. fat fynde f erof no fruyt at f e ende 

Sumkin word or werk as we to keld, 

Suilk a font x suld we ^eilde. 260 

farfor drau 3U kif^rward 

fat of f is pardon wil kaue part, 

To kere a[??]d kald sal kaue pardon 

And part of cristes benison. 264 no (jap in the MS.] 

Nou of f is prolouge wil we bline, [col. 2] Now of fis prolouge w r ol we hlynne 

In cristes name vr boke bigine, In cristis nome oure book bigy??ne 

Coursur of f e world men au it call, Cours of fis world men shul hit calle 

For all mast it ouc?'-rines all. 268 For almost hit rehersof alio 

Take we vr biginyng fan Take we oure biu'.vnnyng fan 

Of him fat all fis w T erld bigan. 270 At him fat al fis world bi-gan 

Here endis the prolouge of fis boke 
fat es cald ou^ rrener of f e werld. 

1 So in MS., bat road ahont 




Incipit de t/7nitate & creacione 

HlU^di [leafS, bk, col. 1] 

Of all men agli fat driglitin dride 
fat mirtlies mettes man to mede 
fat euer was and ai sal be, 273 

■\vit-outen change in trinite, 
He fat louerd bath god and man 
Alkyn god of him be gan. 276 

f of he began al of er thing 
Him self had neuer bigining ; 
Of him com all, in him is all, 
He haldes np all fra don-fall ; 280 
He haldes heuen and erth stedfast, 
"Wit-onten him may nothing last, 
f is lauerd fat is so mikul o might 
He pwruaid al in his for-sight, 284 
And fat he ordaind wit his witte 
He multiplis and gouerns itte, 
f e?*for is he cald trraite 
For he es anfald godd in thre. 288 
And if f ou wynus it mai not be 
Behald f e sune and f ou mai se ; 
In f e snne fat schines clere 
Es a thing a[nd] thre thinges sere; 292 
A bodi rond, and hete and light, 
fir thre we find al at a sight ; 
f is thinges thre wit nankins art 
Mai man nan fra oper part, 296 

For if f ou ta f e light awai, 
f e erth it has na sun parfai ; 
And if pe erth 1 awai be tan, p«fc] 

sun for soth fen has f ou nan. 300 
Bot ilk wisman it watte 
It es f e kind of f e sun be hatte ; 


Of fe trinite and makings of fe 

Of al i mon a}t fat god drede 
for mirf he merkis mon to mede 
fat eue?* was and ay sal be. 
wit-outen charge in trinite. 
fat ilk lorde god and man. 
al gode of him be-gan. 
if he be-gan al of er f inge. 
hb?i-self had neuer be-gynnynge. 
of him come al. in him ys alle. 
al haldes he vp. fat walde dou>i fal. 
he haldes heyuen and erf stedefast 
wit-out him may na f inge. last. 
IT J>is lorde fat ys so mykil of mi^t. 
he purueyt al in his for-si3t. 
a?za' fat he ordenet wit his witte. 
and multiplis and gouernes hit. 
far-fore he ys calde trinite. 
for he ys anfalde. god in f re. 
and if f ou wenys f is may no^t be. 
be-halde f e sunne and f ou may se. 
IF In f e sunne fat shinis clere. [if u, bk] 
ys a finge and fre fingys sere. 
a body rouned and het and li^t. 
f er fre we finde al at a si^t. 
f er f inges fre wit nankyn art. 
ne may man nane fra of er part 
1T for if f ou take f e ^t a-way. 
f e erthe ne has na sunne pcrfay. 
IT and if f e hete a-way be tane 
sunne for-sof ne has f ou nane. 
for eumche wyse mon wate. 
hit ys f e kynde f e sunne be hate 



Here bigines of pe trinite a«d of pe 
making of all pe worlde 

A lie men aue pat lauerd drede, 
pat settis man to mede, 
pat euei' was and ay sal be, 273 

AViduten ende in trinite. 
He pat lauerd, bath godd and man, 
Anekines thing of him bigan, 276 
pou he bigan all olper thing, 
Himself had neuer biginyng ; 
Of him can all, in him Is al, 
All haldis he vp fra dunefall ; 280 
He haldis heuen and erde stedfast ; 
"VViduten him may na thing last, 
pis lane?-d pat es sna mekil of might 
Puruaid all in his aun sight, 284 

And pat he ordained wid his witt 
He multeplijs a?zd gouernis itt, 
par for es he cald pe trinite, 
For he es an-fold god in thre ; 288 
And if pu wenis it may noght be, 
Bihald pe sune, pan may pn se, 
In pe snne pat schines clere 
Es a thing and thre thinges sere, 292 
A bodi round, hote, and light, 
pir thre we find all at a sight ; 
pir thingefl thre wid nankin arte 
Ne may noght be fra o]>er part, 296 
For if pu take pe light away 
pe erd it has na sune parfay ; 
And if pe hete away be tan [ifs,bk,coi. i] 
Sune forsoth ne has pu nan, 300 

On ilk a man^r ilk man wate, 
It es pe kind of sune be hate. 


Herep now of pe trinite dere 

And of pe makyng of pis world here 

A lie men owe pat lord to drede 
pat made mon to haue mede 
pat eucr was & euer shal be 
"Wipouten ende in trinite 
He pat lorde bope god and mon 
Al maner ping of him bigan 
poi^e he bigan al ope?*e ping 
him self hadde neuer bigynnyng 
Of him coom al in him is al 
Al holdep he vp fro doun fal 
He holdep heuen & erpe studfaste 
Wipouten ende may no ping laste 
pis lord pat is so mychel of my^te 
Purueide al in to his si}t 
And pat he ordeyned wip his witt 
he multeplied & gouernep hit 
pc?'fore he is pe trinite 
pat is o god & pcrsoncs pre 
And if \ou wenest hit may not be 
Biholde pe somze pen?ze maistou sc 
In pe son?ze pat shynep clere 
Is o ping & pre sere 
A body rou?Kle hoot & 113b 
pese pre we fynde at a si^t 
pese pingis pre wip noon art 
Mow not fro opere be depart 
For if y>u take pe li3"b awey 
pe erpe hap no sun/'" perfey 
And if pe heete awey be L, f oon 
Sonne for sope hastou noon 
But vche manei man we] wotc 
pe kynde of sonwc is to be hote 




f e sun bodi pat i neuen 

Be-takena f e fader self o heuen ; 304 

And be f e light pat is lastand 

f e sune f ou agb at understand ; 

And be f e liette f ou vnderta 

f e hali gost cojnms of hem tua. 308 

Fader is he cald for-f i 

fat he is welle pat neuer sal dri, 

Or for-f i pat he self wroght 311 

All thinges quen f ai ware notght ; 

His sun his wisdom es, pat wat 

All thinges fat haldes stat, 

And halds )am up fro misfare 315 

pat f ai ne worth to noght als f ai war ar ; 

pe hali gast es tat goddhede [if3,bk,coi.2] 

J? at giues lijf and mas an-hede. 

Minning es to fader cald, 

pe sune es vnderstanding tald, 320 

J?e haligast es ai pat will, 

pat fader and sun will bath fulfill. 

f is drithin pat i forwit said 

First in his witte he all pw?meid 324 

His were, als dos J?e sotill wright, 

and sithen he reises it in sight ; 

For-f i es godd, als sais scr/pture, 

Nan elder fan his creature, 328 

Elder o time ne es noght he, 

Bot elles wel rnare in dicrnite. 


f is wright pat i spek of here, 
Fra al ofer, sundri and sere, 332 

For f ai most ofer timber take, 
Bot he Jus self can timber make ; 
For of him self he toke his euen 335 
fat he of wroght bath erth and heuen. 
Bot f ou sal noght f ou vndirstand 
pat he wroght al his were wit hand, 


pe Sonne body fat I. neyuen. 
be-takenes pe fader self of heyueii 
IT and bi pe W^t fat ys lastande. 
f e sune. 30U aghe to vnderstande. 
and by f e hete f ou vnder-ta. 
f e haly gaste come of ham twa. 
fader ys he calde for-f i. 
for he ys welle fat neyuer ys dry. 
and for he him-seluen wro^t. 
alle p inges quen f ai w r ere no3t. 
lips] sone ys wisdome wele I. wate 
for al f inges he haldes in state. 
J In fe maner he wro3t ham are. 

no gap'] P T " K" cr< ?""!< z av * 

& J- J the 1 Diets underlined.' 

^ pe haly gaste ys fat godhede. 
fat gaf f e life and makis anhede 
certanly as I. 30U talde. 
f e sone ys vnderstandynge calde 
quat euer f e haly gaste wille. 
f e fader and sone wil tyte fulfil. 
f is lord fat I. be-fore haue sayde 
first in his w T itte he al puruayde. 
his werk as dose f e sotel wu^t. 
and sif en rayses hit vp in si3t. 
H for-f i ys god as says scripture 
nane elder fen his creature 
elder of tyme ne ys no^t he 
bot ellis wele mare in dignite. 
f is wi^t fat I. spak of here, 
fra al of er ys sundre and sere, 
for f ai most of er timbei take. 
IT and f is wri^t con timber make, 
for of him-self he toke his eyuen 
fat wro^t of baf erf and heyuen. 
bot now f ou sal vnder-stande 
he wrojt no3t anly wit his hande 




J e sunes bodi pat i neuen pe sonwes body pat I neuene 

Bi-takins pe fade?- self of heuen, 304 Bitokenep pe fadir god of heuen 

And bi pe light pat es lastand And bi pe l^t pat lastyng is 

It es pe sone pu vnderstand, Hit is pe son kyng of blis 

And bi pe hete pu vnde?-stand so, And bi pe bete vndirstonde hit so 

J>e hali gast comes of paim to. 308 >e holy goost comef of hem two 

And fader es he calde forpi, And fadir is he calde for pi 

For he es welle pat neuer is drey ; Tor he is welle pat neuer is dry 

And ouyr fat him seluen wroght 311 And oner pis him self wroujt 

AU thinges quew pat pai war noght. Alle pingis whenrce pei were noi^t 

His sun is wisdam pat all thing wate, His son is Wisdom pat alle pinge wate 

For all pe werld he haldis in state ; For al pe world he halt in state 

He haldis aU thinges fra misfare, Alle pinges he halt fro mysfare 

pat pai noght turne to soru a?zd care. pat pei not turne to sorwe & care 

pe hah gast es pat goddhed, 317 pe holy goost is pe godhede 

He giues pe lijf and mas onede. pat 3yuep lyf to alle we rede 

Minniwg es pe fadir cald, [ 

pe sune es vnderstanden tald, 320 

pe hali gast es pat wille, 

pe fadir and sune bath fulfills. . ... no gap in the MS.] 

pis lauerd pat i bi-fore of said, pis lord pat I bifore of seide 

First in his wit he all puruaid, 324 Firste in his witt he al purueide 

His work vs dos a sotil wright, His werkes he dop as sotil w^t 

And sipen he raises it in sight. And sipen he reisep hit in aijt 

For-pi is gode as seis scripture For-pi is god as seip scripture 

Non elder pan his creature, 328 Noon elder pen is creature 

Eldir of time ne is noght he, Elder of tyme is not he 

Bot ellis more in dignite. p read prime] But clles more in di g nite 

pis writh pat i speke of here, 331 pis wri 3 te pat I speke of here [leaf t] 

Oueralloperhe is prinea 3 widuten pere, la prince oner alle wipouten pero 

For ope?- writhes bos of cr tymber take, For ofere wrijtea mot tymber take 

Bot pis him self can tymber make j But he him self con tymber make 

For of him self he toke his euen, 335 For of him self he toko pe rucno 

fat he made bath of erde and heuen. pat he made wip hope erpe & hcueno 

Bot pu sal noght vnperatand [coi. 2] But we ahul vndixstonde [honde 

pat he wrog[t] al his werke wid hand, pat he WTOUjt not al werke wip hlfl 

G(')TTIN(ilN Till MTV 



Bot said wit word, and als son 

All his comamcnt was don, 340 

Suiftlikcr fen hee may wink, 

Or ani mans hert mai thynk. 

Als clerkes sais fat are wis 343 

He wroght noght first wit partis ; 

Bot he fat mad al thing o noght 

to-geder he al f is werld wroght 

Seit for to be on lang and brad. 

f e mate?- first per of he mad, 348 

fat es f e elementes to sai, 

fat first scapless al samen lay ; 

He delt it sythen in sex dais 

In partis als fe scr/pture sais, 352 

f e elementz first in dais thrin ; 

thre thinges Jam es wit-jn ; 

Jis elementz pat al thinges bindes 

Tour er Jai, als clerkes findes. 35 G 

Je nejermast es w&tur and erth, 

Je thrid es air, and fir pe ferth. 

Or sai we Jms fat he bigan 

Als anstin sais, pe hali man, 360 

Als we in his bok writen find. 

First Jan wroght he angel kind 

pe werld and time, Jir things thre gJ4. 

By for al ojer thyng wroght he ; 3G4 

pe werld i call wit min entens 

pe mater of pe four elements, 

Jat yeit was tan o forme mischapen, 

Quar of was serenes si Jen scapen ; 

Al scaples was it noght for-Ji 3G0 

pat it o scap ne had parti, 

Bot Jarfor scaples was it a 1 tru p ? ij 

Jat it had nan Jan suilk als nu. 372 

He wroght a-pon pe to-per clay 

Je firmament, pat is to say, 


bot sayde wit worde and als sone 

al his comandement was done. 

squyfter fan any eye may wynke 

or any monnys hert may Jinke. 

and als clerkis saync fat ar wyse. 

he wro3t no3t al wit partyse. 

bot he fat maket al of no3t. j. 

to-geder al f is werlde he wix^t. 

IT Sijen for to be in lange and brade. 

f e mater first f ar-of he made. 

fat is elementes sof to say. 

fat first scaples al sa???myn lay. 

he delt ham sif en in sex dayes 

In partis als f e scripture sayse. 

f e elementes first in days f rin. 

f re f inges ar ham wit-In. 

f es elementes fat al f inge bindes. 

four f ai ar as clerkis findes. 

f e nef ermast ys water and erf e. 

f e f rid ayre ys. and fyre f e ferf e. 

IT or say we f us fat he be-gan. 

als austyn says f e haly man. 

for als we in his bokis finde 

first fan wro3t he angel kynde. 

f e werlde and tyme f es f inges f re 

be-for al of er f ing 2 wro3t he. [ 2 MS pm% (?;i 

f e werlde I cal wit myne ententes 

f e mater of f e foure elementes. 

fat 3et was of fourme mishapyn. 

quar-of was sternes sif en makyn. 

al shaples was hit no3t for-f i. 

fat hit of shap had party. 

bot far-fore shaples hit was I. traw. 

for hit was nane squylk as now. 

U he wro3t apon f e to)?er day. ij. 

f e firmament fat ys to say. 




Bot said wid word, a?zd als sone 

All his comandment was done, 340 

Smartlier pan eie may winck, 

Or ani manes hert may tkinck. 

And als clerkes seis pat er wise, 

He wroght noght first with pa?*tis, 

Bot he pat made all of noght, 345 

All J?is werld to-gide?* he wroght, 

To be sett in lenth and brede. 

pe mater first par-of i rede, 348 

pat es pe dementis to say, 

pat first schaples all samen lay ; 

He delt paim fin 1 in sex dais L 1 read si|?en] 

In partis als pe scripture sais ; 352 

pe elementis first in dais thrin, 

Thre thinges paim es widin ; 

pir elementis pat all thing bindes, 

Foure par er as clerkes findcs, 35 G 

be lauest pan es water a?id erde, 

pe thrid es ayr, and. fyre pe ferde. 

Ayder say we pat he pus bigan, 

As austin sais, pat hali man, 360 

Als we in his bokifl find. 

First pan wroght he angel kind, 

pe world, and tyme, pis thinges thre 

Bifore all oper thing wroght he. 364 

pe world i calle wid min ententis 

pe mate?* of foure elementis, [ 2 read 3ett] 

pat 3eit 2 was pan of forme vnschapin, 

Quare-of was sipen serenes schapin j 

All schaples was it noglit for-pi, 369 

For it of schap had sum parti, 

Bot par-for schaples was it hou, 

For it had nogh[t] as it has nou. 372 

He wroght apon pe toper day 

pe firmament, pat es to say, 


But seide wip worde & also soone 

Al his biddyng hit was done 

Smartliere pan }e may wynke 

Or any niannes herte may pinko 

And as clerkes say pat are wise 

He wroi^te hit not bi partise 

But he pat made alio ping of noujt 

Al pe world to gider he wroujt 

To be set in lengpe & brede 

pe matere furst perof I rede 

pat is pe elamentis to say 

pat firste shaples to gidur lay 

He dalt hem ful in sex dayes 

In parties as pe scripture sayes 

pe elementes firste in dayes pre 

pre pinges wipynne hem pe?* be 

pe elementis pat al ping byndes 

Foure per ben as clerkes fyndes 

pe lowest hit is watir and erpe 

pe pridde is eyr & fuyr pe ferpe 

And we seye pat he pus bigan 

As austyn seip pat holy man 

As we in his bokis fynde 

Furste he wroii^te au??gel kynde 

pe world & tyme pese pingis pre 

Bifore al ope?*e ping made he 

pe world I calle in niyne ententis 

pe matere of foure elementis 

pat jitt was pernio of forme vnshapen 

Wherof sip was parties taken 

Al shaples was hit not for-py 

For hit of sliap had sum party 

But perfore shaples hit was ho*w 

For hit had not as hit hap no*w 

He wr-.u^tc vpon pe op' re daj 

pe nrmaxnenl pal La to 




pe light wit sterns, gret and smale, 

wit water sonded als cristale, 37G 

pat es par ouer fra pat par vnder ; 

In J>[e]se lie sou[n]did al wit wonder. 

pe thrid day pat drightin did 

pe watters draw unto a stid, 380 

And bad a dri sted suld be ; 

pe watters al he cald pe see, 

pe dri cald erth pat lauerd kyng, 383 

and bad it gress and frut forth bring, 

Alkin things grouand sere 

pat in pam self paire seding bere. 

pe ferth he baad, and it was don, 

Bath ware made sun and mon, 388 

Aiper wit per ouen light 

For to tuin dai fra night, 

In takening o tides to stand, 

dais and yeirs bath duelland ; 392 

And pe sterns, gret and smale, 

pat we may se wit-outen tale, 

In pe ouermast element of all ; 

per pe fir he has his stall. 396 

pe fifte dai pat failld noght 

On watwr fuxol and fiss he wroght ; 

pe fiss to watwr, als we find, 

pe fuxol be-taght he to pe wynd ; 400 

Al gangand best pe sext day, 

And adam bath he wroght on clai, 

He was last wroght als lauerding, 

Vte-ouer al operkin thing. 404 

In a dale he wroght adam 

pat ebron hatte, in hebru nam ; 

pe sex dais he wroght pat was his will, 

pe seuend o werk he hild him still. 

Hy?rtself pan gaf us sample pare, [col. 2] 

pat we suld hald it euer mare. 410 


pe lift wit sternes grete and smale. 

wit water clere als cristale. 

pat ys aboue vs and al-so vnder 

craftely wro3t wit myche wonder 

H pe prid day pat dri^tyn dide iij 

pe wateres draw vn-til a stide. 

and bad a dry stede sulde be. 

pe wate?*es al he calde pe see. 

pe dry. pe erpe calde pat kynge 

and bad hit grow and frute forp bringe. 

al pinges to grow mony and sere. 

pat in h [am] self paire sedynge bere 

1 1I pe iiij he bad and hit was done. iiij. 

bap was made sunne and mone. 

ayper wit paire awen ^t. \} leaf 6] 

for til tyne pe day fra ni^t. 

In takenynge of tides to stande. 

days and 3eris bap dwellande. 

and pe sternys grete and smale. 

pat we may se wit-outen tale. 

In pe ouermast element of alle. 

per has pe fire set hit stalle. 

1F pe v day pat falis no^t. v 

fowel and fisshe of water he brc^t. 

pe fisshe to wate?* als w r e fmde. 

pe fowel be ta^t he to pe wynde 

IT al gaande bestes. pe sext day. vj 

and adam bap he made of clay. 

he was wro3t last als a lordynge. 

ouer alkyn oper pinge. 

In a dale he \\T03t adam. 

pat ebron hat in ebru name. 

pe sext day wro3t he his wille 

pe vij. day he held him stille. 

and he gaf vs ensaumple pare 

pat we sulde halghe hit euer-mare 




f e sky wid stems gret and small, J£*h 

wid watir schinand als cristall, 376 

fat es on hey, fat es vnder, 

In f is lie soundid al to wonder. 

f e thrid day godd did thoru his grace 

fie watris draue intill a place, 380 

And bad a dri place suld be : 

f e watris all lie calid f e se. 

fe drey lie calid erd, fat lauerd king, 

And bad it griss and fruit forth bring. 

All thinges waxand fare 385 

fat in f aim selff fair sedis bare. 

V\e feird he bad and was done, 

J Bath war mad sune a?zd mono, 388 

Aif er wid [his] sere light, 

To part f e dai fra f e night, 

In takinyng of tydis to stand, 

Dais and jeris bath duelland ; 302 

And f e sternis grett & smale, 

fat we may so widutew tale. 

In f e heiest element of all, 

far in fe fire lias his stall. 39 G 

fe f i j f to day fat fay lis noght, 

Of water foul and fiss he wroght, 

f e fiss to water als we finde, 

f e foul he bitok to fe wind. 400 

All gangand bestis f e sexte day, 
And adam als he made of clay, 
He was last made als lauerf i//g, 
To be maistir ouerall thing. 404 

In a dale he wroght adam, 
fat ebron hate in ebreu nam. 
fir sex dais he wroght his will, 
fe seuend of werk he held him still ; 
Him self vs gaf ensample fare 409 
fat we suld hald it euermare, 

Q( INN', I \ 

The sky wif sterres grete & smale 

Wif watir shynynge as cristalo 

fat is on he3e & fat is vndir 

In f is he souned al to wondir 

f e f ridde day god dud bi grace 

f e wattres drawe in to a place 

And bad a drye place shulde be 

f e wattres alle he calde f e see 

f e drye he calde erf e fat kyng 

And bad hit gr/fyns 1 fruyt forf bryng 

Al f ing to be waxinge fere ^Kl's aiuij 

And in hem self her seed to bere 

f e ferf e he bad & was done 

Bof e were made sonne & mone 

Eif er wif his dyuerse li3t 

To parte f e day fro f e nyjt 

In to kenynge of tides to stonde 

Dayes & ^eres bof e dwellonde 

And f e sterres grete & smale 

fat we may se wif outen tale 

In f e h^est element of alle 

f er ynne fuyr haf his stalle 

f e fyuef e day he failed noi^t 

Of watir foule & fisshc he wroi^t 

f o fissho to watir as we fyndc 

f e foules he toke to f e wynde 

Alle goynge beestis fe sixte day 

And adam als he made of clay 

He was last made as lordyng 

To be maistir ouer al f ing 

In a dale he wrou3tc Adamc 

fat Ebron hett in ebrew name 

y> e Bixe dayes he wroujt his willo 

I • uenfe of werke he helde hiwi stillo 

I [e vb jaf ensaumple f 

f^/t we shulde holds hit snermore 




His first were als yee herd me neuew, 

He wroght pe angels all of heuen, 412 

And sette pam in lialy palais, 

par neue?" mai be of pro'de unpais ; 

For to pis palais at was sua rike, 

Als niigliti king in his kingrike, 416 

he fordestend tuin creature 

to serue him in pat hali ture, 

pat suld be of a numbre hale, 

and mani thusand haue in tale ; 420 

pe quilk tale nangat suld be mare 

And nede be-houed it fulfild ware ; 

pis numbre pat he ordend pan 

Suld be bath of angel and man, 424 

For mensked wit tuin maner o scaft, 

wald he be pat king o craft, 

pat es wit angel pat es gastli, 427 

And with man pat es bodili ; „ De casu 

Of angels wald he serued be l ™^rg in ] 

pat suld of ordres haf thris thre ; 

He ches til him, pat lauerd hend, 

pe men suld mak pe ordre tend. 1 432 

Bot pe angel he wroght formast 

Of all he gaf an pouste mast ; 

for pof pai all war fair and wis, 435 

And sum of less and sum mare pris, 

He gaf an mast of all sele 

If he cuth hafe born it wele, 

And sette him heist in his hall, 439 

Als praice and sire oner oper all ; 

And for pat be was fair and bright 

lucifer to nam he bight. 

wen he pa?*ceued him he pis 

pat he was over all oper in blis, 444 


Of pe angelis and pe fallings of 2 
lucifer and his felawes. i 2 ms of of] 

His first werk $e herd me neyue?i 
how he wro3t pe angels of hey uen 
and sett ham in his hey pales. 
pat neuer of ioy sal hit sese 
and in pat palas pat ys so rike 
als mi^ty lorde 3 nane him like. 3 
he ordenet twyn creatours KkVo^S/f 
to serue him wit grete honours 
pat sulde be of an vmbre hale 
and mony a pousande to haue in tale. 
pe quilk tale nanegate sulde be mare 
and nede fulfilled bi-houed hit pare 
^T pis noumbre pat he ordent pan. 
of angels sulde hit be and mail, 
to honour pat lorde of grete bounte 
of twyn maner seruet walde he be. 
bap wit angels pat ys gastely. 
and wit mon pat ys bodely. . 
of angels walde he seruet be. 
pat sulde of ordoures haue pries pre 
he chese til him pat lorde hende 
pat mon sulde make pe order tende. 
IF bot pe angels he wro3t formaste. 
of alle he gaf ham pausty maste. 
for if pai alle ware fayre and wyse 
and sum of lesse and sum mare prise, 
he gaf an mast of al pat w r ele 
hif he coude a keppet hit w r eel. 
and sett him heyest in Ids halle. 
als p?*ince and sire of oper alle. 
and for pat he was maste bi^t. 
lucifer to name he h^t. 
H quen he persayued him pus I. wisse. 
pat he was ouer al oper in blisse. 




Of angelis and lucifer hou he fell. 
For his pride fra heuen to hell. 

[col. 2] 

l^e First werk as ^e herd me neuen, 
«* Godd wroght f e angelis of heuen, 
And sett faim in his hey palais, 413 
"Widuten pride to be in pais • 
For pis palays was sua riche 
As migliti king in his kingriche. 416 
He ordaned him tuine creature, 
To serue him in fat hali ture, 
fat suld be a numbre hale, 419 

And mani thousand to liaue in tale, 
f e quilk tale nagat suld be mare, 
And nedeful bihoued it ware, 
pis numbrari he ordained fan, 
Suld be bath of angel and man. 424 
"Worsch/pd wid to maner of schaft 
wald he be, pat king of craft, 
fat es wid angel pat es gostli, 
And wid man fat is bodili ; 428 

a If angelis wald he serried be p«fc] 
fat ordris suld liaue thrijs thre. 
He ches till him fat lauerd hend 431 
fat man suld be mad f e ordir tend, 
Bot f e angelis he wroght formast, 
Of all he gaf faim pouste mast ; 434 
13ot fou fai were bath fair and wise, 
►Sumnie of less and sum of more prise, 
An gaf he mast to knaue and fele, 
If pat he couth haue born him wele, 
And sett him best in his halle, 439 
Of prince and sire of ofer all. 
And for he was sua wonper light, 
Lucifer to name he bight. 
Qoen li«' ]" rceyued pus ])<• bis 
fat he was oue/-;i!l of( r in bliss, 1 1 I 

[leaf 8, luck] 

Pe flrste werke as ^e lierde neuen 
God wrou}te f e aungels of heuen 
And set hem in his lu^e pales 
Wip outen pride to ben in pees 
For f is paleis was so riche 
As niy^ty kyng noon of ere liche 
He ordeyned hym two creatures 
To serue him pe?*e wip honures 
pat shulde a hool noimbre be 
Mony a pousonde to telle & se 
pe whiche tale no weye shulde be more 
And nedeful bihoued hit wore 
pis nou»ibrary he ordeyned pon 
Shulde be bope of aungel & mon 
For he wolde be pat kyng of craft 42G 
Worsheped wip two mane/* shaft 425 
The ton wip aungel pat is goostly 
And als wip mannes body 
Of au??gels wolde he serued be 
pat ordres shulde haue pries pre 
He chees to him pat lorde hende 
pat man pe ordre shulde be tende 
But pe aungels he wrou^t formast 
Ouer alio he made her pouste past 2 
pei were bope fairc & wyse Prwcuimut] 
Som??ie of lasse surmne of more pi 
He 3af oon moost to knowe .V I 1 •■ 
if bat he coufe haue borfi hiwi wele 
And sett hiwi beste in his halle 
As prynce & sire of op< re alle 
And for he was bo wondir 1 i 3 1 
Lucifer 1" name he brjl 
And whence he hadde perceyued ) i - 

fat he was ouer all | m blis 
■juim 1 v 



Alias ! caitif he kncu him noght, 
fat lice diightin fat had him wroght; 

For ilhail sagh he fat tide 
Agains him he tok a pride ; 4-18 

Iietlik he lette of ilk fere 
To godd self wald he be pere ; 
Noght pere allan, bot rnikul mare, 
For vndur him he wald all ware, 452 
And be him self fair comandur ; 
Qua herd euer a warr aimtur, ^JVj** 
1 pat he fat noght hadd bot of him, 
A-gayn him suld hecwn sua grim 1 
" sette," he said, " mi sete i sal 457 
Gain him pat heist es of all ; 
In f e north side it sal be sette 
me serais sal he non gette ; 4G0 
Qui suld I him serais yeild 1 
Al sal be at myn auen weild." 
Bot he was merred of hys mint, 
Fulson he fand vnstern[e] stint, 4G4 
ffor langer fan he thoght fis pKde 
In heuen moght he na langer abide ; 
For in pat curt, pat es sa clene, 
May na filth in dwell wituten wene. 
Sent micheal, for fare aller right, 4G9 
Eais a-gain him for to fight, 
Again him gaf a batell grim, 
Out of fat hei curt kest him ; 
Lucifer first dune he broght, 473 

And sithen fat till him helded oght, 
And schurd fat curt o f am sa clene, 
fat sithen far sted was neuer sene. 
fis is fe feind fat formast fell, 477 
thoru his ouergart 2 in to hell ; ueiJin] 
Fra fan his nam changed was, • 
•For now cs he cald sathanas ; 480 


alias caytef he knew him no3t. 
fat hey lorde fat him had wro^t. 
for il hayle sawe he fat tide 
agayne his lorde to maynten pride 
hef eli he lete of ilka fere, 
to god him selfe he held him pere. 
no3t pere allane bot mykil mare, 
for vnder him he walde al ware. 
and be f aire aller comaundour. 
qua herde euer suche an auntour. 
fat he fat no3t had bot of him. 
a-gayne his lorde sulde be sa grim. 
^T sette he sayde my sete I. salle. 
agayne him fat ys lorde of alle. 
In f e norf side I. sette my sete. 
of my serues sal he no^t gete. 
quy sulde I. him seruys ^elde 
I. wille be at myne awen welde. 
bot he was merret of his minte. 
ful sone he fande sturne stint, 
for langer fan he f o^t fis pride, 
in heyuen mi3t he na lange?" bide. 
for in fat court fat ys so clene. 
dwelles nane enuy wit-out wene. 
IF seynt Michel for f aire aller rijt. 
rase agayne him to fi^t. 
and toke agayne him batayle grim 
and out of fat court kest him. 
lucifer first doun he brc^t 
and sifen alle fat wit him helde 03t. 
and clanset fat court of ham so clene 
fat sifen f aire stede was neuer sene 
fis ys f e fynde fat formast fel. 
f orou his awgart vn-to hel. 
and fen his name turnet was 
for now men callis him satanas. 




Alias caytif lie kneu liim noght, 
fat god him seluen had him wroght ; 
Ful soruful sau he J?at tide 
Agaynes godd he takes a pride, 448 
Lightli he lete of ilka fere, [if4,bk,coi.i] 
To god him seluen wald he be pere : 
JNoght pere alon hot mekil mare, 
For vnder him he wald all were, 452 
And he himself fair comandour. 
Qua herd ewer of a werr anttour, 1 
fat he fat noght had bot of him, 
Again him suld becom sua grim. 45 G 
He said, " sett mi sete i sail jjJ/JJSSi? 
Gaynis him fat es best of all, }!,',. auctour/ 
In f e north side sal it be sett, 
Seruise of me sal he non gett. 460 
Qui suld i him seruise ^eilde ? 
All sal be at mine aim Weilde." 
Bot he was marrid of his mint, 
Ful sone he fand vnsterne stint, 4G4 
For langer fen he thoght fat pnde, 
In hcuew might he no langer abide, 
For in fat curte fat es so sclene 2 [ 2 *<c] 
May na filth duell widvten wene : 
Saint mychal for fair alder right 4G9 
R tynes him forto fight, 

I him gaf he a batayl grim, 

ourt he cast him. 
Lucifer firsl doune he broght, 473 
And sij?i// all fas 1" him held Qght, 
And skourd fat court of faitti so clcne 
fat tdfen fair stede was neuer sene. 
fia waa f<- feind fat fori il 177 

For lii- : pnde fra heuen to hell, 
I'm fan his name schangid wi 
Now ea he cald foule Bathanaa ; 


Alias caitif he knew no^t 
fat god him seluen had him wroi^t 
Ful sorweful sawe he fat tyde 
A3eyncs god he toke a pride 
Li^tly he lette of al his fere 
To god hym self wolde he be pere 
Not pere alone but mychel more 
For vndir him he wolde alle wore 
And he him self her corn??iaundour 
AVho horde euer of suche traitour 
fat he fat not hadde but of him 
A3eyn his lord shulde wexe so grym 
He seide sett my sete I shal 
A3eynes him fat is best of al 
In f e norf syde shal sitte my sete 
Seruise of me shal he noon gete 
Why shulde I him seruyse 3elde 
I shal be at myn owne welde 
But he was marred of his willc 
Ful soone he fonde hit ful grille 
For lenger fen he folate fat pride 
In heuen my3tc he not abide 
For in fat court fat is so clone 
IS T o fulf e may dwelle no be sene 
Seynt Michael for her aller la^t 
Itos a^cyn him to f^t 
A30V11 him 3:1!' he batail grym 
Out of fat court cast lie him 
Lucifer furste (bum he broujt 
And sib ])<>t wif him helde oi^t 
And scoured f'd court of horn bo clone 
fat sif her etude was fere nol Bene 
fis was fe fend p"\ Corneal felle 
For hi - pride from heuen to helle 
For benne his name chaunged was 
Fro Lucifer to Sathai 
trini 1 v 




Fra ful hei he fell fullaw 

fat of his lauerd wald stand nanaw, 

wit-outen covering of his care 

far he ne has nierci neumnare ; 484 

For go.dd aglit noght gif f am mercy 

fat far efter wil not cri. 

and f us he loses his gret lionur, 

far he badd noght fullik an vre, 488 

For alsuif e als he was made 

he fell, was far na langer bade. 

fas of er gastes fat fell him wiht 

f e quilk for-sok godds grith, 492 

Efter f e will f ai till him bare 

fan fell f ai depe, or lesse or mare ; 

Sum in fe air, sum in the lift, 

far f ai drei ful hard[e] schrift ; 49 G 

far pin f ai bere opon f am ai, 

and sua sal do to domes dai ; 

Bot f ai fat left witoten wite 

fai ware conformed far als tite, 500 

fat fai mai neuermar held til il, [coi.2] 

Namar fan f e wick mai to god will. 

f e numbre fat out of heuen fell 

f o can na tung in erth [noght] tell ; 504 

Ne fra f e trone quar he can sitte, 

How farr es in to hell pitte ; 

Bot bede sais fra erth to heuen 507 

es seuen thusand yeir and hundret 

Bi iornes qua fat gang it may, L seuew » 

Fourti mile on ilk [a] day. 510 

IF Als i tald ar fat kyng of craft 
wald mensked be wyth tuinkyn scaft, 
Bath of aungcl and of man. 513 

Adam f er-for was wroght fan 


fra fulliey lie fel fullawc. [leaf c>, back] 

fat of his lord walde stande nan awe. 

wit-outen confort of his care. 

fur he has mercy neuer mare. 

for god awe 1103 1 to gif mercy. 

at far ofte?* wil 1103 1 cry. 

IT and f us he lost his grete honour. 

far he bade no3t fully an our. 

for als squyf e sa he was made 

he fel was f er na langer bade. 

fa of er gastes fat fel him wif . 

f e quylk for-soke goddis grif . 

ofter f e wille fai ware in fare. 

fan fel fai depe or lasse or mare. 

sum in f e ayre sum in f e lift. 

f er fai dry ful harde shrift. 

^[ f aire pyne fai bere apon ham ay. 

and sa fai sal tille domesday. 

bot fa fat lefte wit-oute wite. 

fai ware confermed als tite. 

fat fai sal neuer mare turne til il. 

na mare fan wikket may til gode wil. 

f e noumbre fat out of heyuen fel 

con na tonge in erf tel. 

ne fra fe trone quare satte fat sotte. 

how fer ys in-til helle potte. 

bot bede says fra erf to heyuen 

1 ys vij. fousande 3er and hundres 

be iournays qua ga hit may. L se y ile,i 

fourty myle a-pon a day. 

[} bow far from heauen to earth after Beda in margin, 
hi a late hand'] 

Of mannis body. 

Als I. talde are fat kynge of hap. 
walde mensket heyvitli twynshap. 
baf of angel and of man. 
adam far-fore was wrc^t fan. 




Fra ful hey he fell ful lawe, 

fat of his lauerd wild stand non awe, 

\Viduten coueryng of his care, 

For me?*ci getis he newer mare ; 484 

For god au noglit giue him mercy, 

fat far eftir wild noglit cri. 

And J)us he tint fat grete honour, [coi.2] 

far badd he noglit fulli on our, 488 

For alsua suith as he was made, 

He fel, was far no Linger bade. 

f e toper angelis fat fell him wid, 

fe quilk forsok goddes grid, 492 

Efter fe will fai to him bare, 

Fell fai to hell, lesse and mare, 

Sum in f e aire & sum in f e lift, 

far fai drey ful hard drift. 496 

fair fine fai bere apon f aim ay, 

And sua fai sal to domesday. 

Bot fos fat left 1 widuten wite, [ l Ms.iest] 

fai were confermed fare als tite, 500 

fai may neuermar hald to ill, 

.Na mare fan wic may to gede will. 

f e nimibre fat vte of hcuen fell 

Xo tunge in erd noglit can tell, 504 

Ne fra fat throne of fat bliss, 

Hou fer in to hell pitt es, 

Bol bede sais fra erd to heuen 

I i ij. thousand jereandhnndredis.vij. ; 

Bi iornayis qua fat gang it may, 509 

I irti mile euerilk a day. 

Fro ful he3e he fel lawe 

fat of his lorde wolde stonde noon awe 

W if ou ten coueryng of his sore 

For mercy getef he neuer more 

For god owef not 3if him mercy 

fat per aftir wolde not cry 

And f us he lost fat he^e tour 

fere was he not fully an hour 

For soone aftir fat he was made 

He fel wif outen longer abade 

fe of ere aungels fat fel him wif [leaf 4] 

Whiche forsoke goddes grif 

Aftir f e wille f ei to him b[o]re 

Felle f ei to hclle lasse & more 

Som?«e in f e erf e somme in f e lift 

fere f ei dre3e ful harde drift 

her peyne f ei bere on hem ay 

And so shul til domes day 

But fo fat lefte wif outen wite 

Were confermed fere als tite 

f ei may neuer assente to ille 

No more fen cud may do good wille 

fe noumbre fat out of heuen felle 

Xo tonge in erf e hit con telle 

Ny fro fe trone of f"t blis 

How fer in to belle hit is 

But bede seif fro erfe to heuen 

Is seuen fousande }cer & hundridea 

Bi iornees who so go hit may L seueM 

Fourty myle euerychc day 

Of bodili substance if f u wil witt, Of bodily substau^ce for to witt 

Manis saule fat es it. Monnes soule fat is hitt 

1 i told or fat kin- of craft A as I 3011 tolde f< kyng of craft 

waM i; I bewid tuin schaft, -^ V. Wolde be worsheped wif two 

Bath wid angel and wid man, 5l3 Bofe wif aungel .V wif moD [shatt 

Adam f > 1 fore wroght was fan. Adam ferfore made was bon 





fe tent ordir for to fullfill, 
fat lucifei did for to spill. 51G 

Of ertli allan no was he noght, 
Bot of four element[e]s worght; — 
O wattir his blod, his iless o lair, 
His hetc o fir, hijs and J of air ; 520 

[" [i MS wynd, 

L in a later 

. . . . no gap in the MS.] *"** 
His heued with in has eien tuin. 
fe lift has son and mon wit-in, 524 
Jwt als men sen er sett to sight, 
Sua serues sun and mon o light ; 
Seuen maister sterns er sette in heue??, 
and mans hefd has thirls seuen, 528 
f e quilk if f ow wil f e vm-think, 
f ow may fam find with litul suink. 
Jus aand fat men draus oft 
Betakens wynd fat blaws o loft, 532 
quilk es thoner and leuening ledd, 
Als aand with host in brest is spred ; 
In to f e see all watres sinkes 
And mans womb all licur drmkes ; 
Hijs fete him bers up fra fall, 537 
Als f e erth vp haldes all ; 
f e ouer fir gis man his sight, 
fat ouer air of hcring might ; 540 

f is vnder wynd him gis his aand, 
J?e erth f e tast, to fele, and faand ; 
f e hardnes pat men has in banes 
It cums him o f c kynd o stanes ; 544 
Of f e erth it groues tres and gress, 
And neis 2 and here of mans fless. 
wit bestes doumb man has his fele, 
thyng man liks, il or welle. 548 
Of fir things i haf her said [leafs, col. i] 
was adam cors to-gcdir graid ; 

[ 2 read neilj COTTON 

f e tende ordour to fulfille 

fat lucifer dide to spille. 

1T of erf al-ane made was he 1103L 

bot of f e foure elementes wrojt. 

of water his blode his flesshe of laire 

his hete of fire, his ande of ay re. 

his heued ys rouned as a balleo „ 

and squa ys fe firmament alle.i r 

H his heued wit-in. has eyen twyn. 

fe lift has sunne and mone w/t/<-in. 

ri3t als mon" eyen ar sette to si^t. 

sa serues f e sunne and mone of kjt. 

51 vij. maister sternys ar sette in heyue?i 

and mannes heued has f irlis seyue?i 

f e quilk if f ou wille vmf inke. 

foil may ham finde with litel squynke. 

^[ f is ande fat he drawes oft. 

be-takenes winde fat ys on loft. 

of quilk ys fonder and leuenyng led 

and al-sa host in brest ys bred. 

In-to f e see al waters sinkis 

and mannys wombe al licour drinkis 

his fyte him beris fra dou?i to fal. 

als f e erf vp-haldes alle. 

If f is ouer fyre gifues mon his si^t. 

f e ouer ayre of heringe nnjt. 

f is vnder winde ges him his ande 

f e erf to taste to fele and fande. 

f e hardenes fat mon has in banys. 

hit eomys him of fe harde stanys. 

% on erj) growes baf trees and gresse 

and nayle and heer on mannys flesshe. 


no gap in fJ/e MS.] 

of f er f inges fat I. hauc sayde 
was adam cors to-geder layde. 




f e teind ordir to fulfill, 

fat lucifer did to spill. 516 

Of erd alsua ne was he noght, 

Bot of foure elementis wroght. 

Of water his hodi, is fless of laire, 

His here of fir, his ond of aire, 520 


no gap in the MS.] 

His hede wid-ine bath eien turn, 
f e skey bath sune and mone wid-in, 
Eight als men eien er sett to sight, PJ 5 j, 
To 1 seruis sune and mone of light. 526 
Seuen mayste?' sternis er sett in heuen, 
And manys hede has thirlis seuen, 
f e quilk if f u wil f e vmthinck [} read so] 
f u may f aim find wid littel suink. 
J>is wind fat men draus oft 531 

Bitakins wind fat blauis on loft, 
( >f quilk es thoner and leue[n]ing ledd 
Ala onde wid host in brcst is bred. 
Into fe see all watir sinkis, 535 

And manes wambe all licui drinkis, 
His fete him beris vp fra fal, 
Alsua fe erde vphaldia all. 
J i.yr fir ges manes sight, 
fe ouyr air of hering might, 540 

fie vnderf wind him giues his ond, 
fe erd tast to fele and fond, 
fe hardnes fat men has in bonis. 
It is mad of fe kind of stonis, 544 
On erd it grouis fcrea and gria, 
And nayle arad her [of] manes fle 
wi<l beetea dumb man hath his fele 
Of thing men likis, euil or wele. 5 18 
Of fir thingea i haue here said 
was adam core togider graid. 
«.-.i i I-, 

fe tende ordre to fulfille 
fat lucifel had made spille 
Of erf e only was Adam noi^t 
But of foure elementes wrou^t 
Of watir his body is flesshe laire 
His heer of fuyr his honde of ayre 

[ • • • ■ 

no gap in the MS.] 

His heed wif ynne haf e3en tweyn 
fe sky haf sonne & mone certeyn 
And as men??es e3en are set to si^t 
So seruef son?2e & mone of li$t 
Maistir sterres are fere seuen 
Seuen holes haf manges heed euen 
Wliiclie if f ou wolt f e bi-f inke 
f on may hem fynde wif litil swynke 
f is wynd fat we men drawen ofte 
Bitokenef wynd fat blowef on lofte 
Whiche is fonder & lcitynge led 
As onde wif host in brest is bred 
Into fe see al watir synkef [dritjkeb 
.And monies wombe alle licouris 
His feet him beren vp fro fal 
Also fe erfe vp holdef al 
fondir fire jyuef mon his eijt 
fondir ofcr of heryng m}*3t 
f is wondir wynde him ^yuef onde 
fe erfe makef him fele & Fonde 
fat hardenea fat men lian in bones 
Hit eomcf of fe kynde of stones 
( >n erf ■ a - growef trees & grea 
8o nay] & heer of mannea fleaahe 
AVif beeatea doumbe man haf f'< La 
Of fing him Likef end ot wele 
Of feae fingea I haue herde Beide 
Waa adami idei leide 

i i;r 

40 man's soul is a ghostly light, in god's likeness, 

and has the trinity of perception, qnderstanding, wisdom. 

For fifl resu?2 f>at $ee haue hard, for J?is resowz fat 30 haue herde 

Man es clepid fe lesse world. 552 mon ys calde fe lesse werde. 

Bot resura yett, al herd $ee noglit, 

Quare of mans saul was wroglit ; 

A gastli light man sais it es 

f«t god has mad til his liknes, 55 G 

Als prient of seel in wax es tlirist, 

f er in he has his lieam fest ; 

He has it wroglit, als frend and fere, 

for-f i es nathing him sua dere j 560 

His goddhed es in trinite ; 

An saul has propre thinges thre, 

Minning and pat thinges thrin, 

pat es, pat was, pat sal be min ; 564 

It has als vnderstand[ing] clene 

thing it seis and of vnsene ; 

It has als schilwisnes will, 

pe god to tak and leue fe ill. 568 

Al pe mightes jjat mai be 

Wons in fat hali trinite ; 

Alle virtus has saul i-wis, 

pat vte sin vnsaked is, 572 

And als godd pat es an and thre ; 

Wit nankyn creature mai be 

vnderfanged ne ouertan, 

And he ouertakes fam ilkan ; 576 

Al sua f e saul, wit-oten wene, 

Til alkin thing it es vnsene, 

f of it of all thinges has sight, 

to se f e saul haf ye na might. 580 

Now haf .i. sceud yow til hider, 

how tua thinges halds man to-gidcr, 

pe saul, gastli thing to tell, 

If bodili, his fless and fell. 584 


Of mannis saule. 

i Ot resoim 3et herde $e no3t. 
of mannys saule how hit ys wro3t. 
a gastely li^t men says hit ys. 
fat god has made til his liknes. 
als prent of seal in wax ys f rest 
J>er-in he has his liknes fest. 
he has hit wro3t as frende and fere 
for-f i ys na finge him sa dere. 
his godhede ys in pe trinite 
and saule has propre finges pie. 
hit knawes wele wit-outen lette 
fat ys and was and sal be 3ette 
hit has vnderstandynge clene. 
of finge sayde and vnseyne. 
hit his resonable of wille 
to take pe gode and leue pe ille. 
11 al pe unites fat may be 
wonys in f e haly trinite. 
al f e vertuea has saule I.-wys. 
fat oute of synne vnsaked ys. 
and als god ys ane and fre 
mijtful lorde in trinite. 


no gap in the MS.] 

squa ys fe smile wif -outen wene [leaf 7] 
to ilk a man hit ys vn-seync. 
if hit of alle haue a si3t. 
to se fe saule lias na f mge n^t. 
now haue I. shewed 3011 til bidder 
how twa finges haldes mon to-gider 
f e saule gastely of I telle. 
and fe body flesshe and felle. 




For Jus resune pat 30 haue herd, For pese resou?«s pat ^e liaue herde 

Es man callid pe lesse werlde. 552 Man is calde pe lasse werde 


[0/ Man's Soul] 

ot resun jeit herd 3c noght 51 But vesowi jitt herde 3c nou^t 

Querof of manes sanle es wroght, Wherof manraes soulc is wroi^t 

Of gastli light men sais it es, 


pat godd has made till his licknes, 
Als a preinte of sele in wax thrist, 
par-ine he has his licknes fest ; 
He has it wroght as freind a^d fere, 
For-pi es na thing sua dere. 5 GO 

His croddhed es in trinite. 

Of goostly li^t men say hit es 
pat god hap made to his likenes 
As prent of seel in wax prest 
perynne he hap his likenes fest 
He ha]? hit wroi^te as frond & fere 
No ]?ing to him is so dere 
His godhede is in trinite 
J?e soulc haj? propur ]?ingcs pre 

And pe saule has propre thinges tlire 
JMenyng and pat of thinges tlire, [coL 2] Menynge & pat of ]?inges to se 
pat is and was and ay sal be. 564 pat is & was and euer shal be 

Vndirstondyngc hap hit ri^t 

It has also vnderstanding clene. 

Of thing it seis and of vnsene, 

It has also wisdam in wille 

pe gode to take and lcue pe ille, 568 

All pe mightes pat may be 

wonis in pat hali trinite. 

Alle mVtus has a saule i-wis, 

pat vte of s'mne clensed es, • 572 

And als god pat es in on awd tlire, 

wid nankines creature may be 

vndcr-fanding non ouyr tane, 

And he ouertakis paim ilk ane. 576 

Alsua J 1 " saule widuten wene, 

To alkines thing it es vnsene, 

poii it of all thing haue Bight, 

Of pingis seyfi & out of si$t 

Wisdome also hit hap in wille 

po good to do & leue pe ille 

Alle pe myites pat may be 

Wouen in pe holy trynite 

Alle vertues hap a soulc I-wis of*, bk] 

pat out of synne clensed is 

And as god pat is in 0011 & pre 

AVip no manere creature may be 

VndiTgroped ny ouergone 

But he ouertakep euerychone 

So pe soulc wipouten wene 

To alle pinge hit is vn sene 

pou;c hii of alle pingis haue si^t 

To se na saule haue pai na might. 580 To se B soule no man hap myit 

Xou haw i scheud 311 til hip*"/-, 
Hon tua thinges haldis man togiper, 
I mle of ga< tli thing to tell, 
pi' bodi his lea • and fell. 


Now banc I shewed jou pn* hidei 
How two pingis holden man to gidei 
j ule is goostly ping to telle 
pi- body hii i flesshe & felle 

1 i;im iv 



[Of the name Adam, and of Paradise,] 

Adam was made as T. 3011 talde 

Adam was mad mans eild, 

Als he moght welle him self weild, JTlL. ri^t as ihcsus crist walde. 

Als austin sais, J>«t leis noght, als Austyn says J?at lyes no3t. 

And vtewit paradis [was] wroght. 588 oute-wij? paradys was he wrojt. 

Here now f e resun of his nam, 

Qui \>at he was cald adam. 

In Jus nam er four letters laid, 

J>at ]?e four 3ates er said ; 592 

Sua niicul es adam for to niuth, 

Als est, and west, and north, and south. 

herkenes pe resou?i of J>is man. 
quy J?at he was calde adam. 
In J?is name ar foure letters layde 
J?at of j?e foure 3ates ar sayde. 
als muche ys adam for to moujje 
als est west nor]? and soujje. 

And J)ow mai ask, wit-oten blam, [coi. 2] ^f and ]>ou may aske wijj-outen blame 

qui god him gaue sua mikel a nam ; 

Parfay \>at [es] bot eth to rede, — 

It takens adam and his sede ; 

Ouer al J)e werld pan suld Jjai spred, 

And J?erof bere pe lauerd-hede, GOO 

Als oure lauerd has heuen in hand 

Sua suld man be lauercl of land. 

J?er-for he gafe him to be-gin 

A luuesu7?i land at lenger in, — G04 

A land lijf, o held, and blis, 

J>e quilk man clepes paradis ; 

In to )>at land, wit-oten bade, G07 

quy god him gaf so grete a name, 
parfay J?at ys bot ej?e to rede, 
hit takenys adam and his sede. 
ouer al J?e werlde J?an sal f>ai sprede 
and j)ar-of bere J?e lorde hede. 
als our lorde has heyuen in handc 
so sulde mon be lorde of lande. 
IT Jmr-fore he gaf him to be-gyn. 
a louesum lande to lenge in. 
of londe of life of belde of blys. 
])Q quilk mon callis paradys. 
In-to Jmt lande wijj-outen bade 

Was adam broght quc/i he was made ; was adam bro3t quen he was made 

He gaf it him, als in heritage, he gaf hit him in heritage 

to yeild Jjerfor na mar knaulage, to 3ilde pare-fore na mare knaulago 

Bot for to hald it wel vnbroken Gil bot for to halde hit wele vnbrokyn. 

J>c forbot pat was be-tuix fam spoken ; pe forbote \>at was bi-twix ba??i spokyn 

Bot for-Jn J>«t he held it noght and for pat he helde hit no3t. 

He did us all in bale be broght. he made vs alle in bale be bro3t. 

In bale he broght vs, and in care, In bale he bro3t vs and in care. 

Sum i sal tell yow forjjer mare. GIG als I. salle tel 30U forjjermare. 




[Of the name Adam, and of Paradise] 

Adam was made of manes elde, 
Als he might him scluen welde, 
As austin sais pat lies noght, 587 

And widuten paradis was wroght. 
Here non pe resun of his name, 
Qui pat he was cald adam ; 
In pis name er four lettris laid, 
pat of pe foure jatis er said, 592 

Sua mekil es adam forto muth 
Als est, west, north, and south. 
And pu may aske widuten blame 
Qui godd him gaf sua grett a name ? 
Parfai pat es bot etht to rede, 597 
It takins adam and his sede, 
Oueral pe world suld pai sprede, 
And parof berc pe lauerdnede. GOO 
Als vr lauerd lias heuen in hand^-"'''^' 
Sua suld man be lauerd of land, 
par for he gaf him to bigine, 
A lufsum land to duell in ; G04 

A land of liif, of ioy and bliss, 
pe quilk men calis paradis. 
Into pat land widuten bade, 
waa adam brouth quen be was made, 
He gaf it him as in eril GOO 

To jeild par for na knaulag 

for to bald it wel unbrokin, 
rbodepal was bituix paim spokin. 
Bol foi pi pat he held it noght, G13 
He did vs all in bale be broght, 
In bale he broght va and in care, 
Als i sal toll jou fordei mare. GIG 

^F Adam was made of mamzes elde 

As he my3te hi??z seluen welde 

As austyn seip pat hep noi^t 

And wipouten paradis \vr0u3t 

Here mow 30 resoim of his name 

Wni he was calde Adame 

In pis name are foure lettres hide 

pat of pe foure 3atis be seide 

As eest. west. norp. & soupe 

So mychel is Adam for to moupe 

And pou maist aske wipouten blame 

\Yhi god him 3af so greet a name 

For sope pat is b^te to rede 

Hit tokencp Adam & his sede 

Oner al pe world shulde be sprad 

And perof to be lord mad 

And as oure lord had heuen in honde 

So shulde man be lord of londe 

ptrfore he jaf him to bigjrnne 

A lussum loud to dwellen Inne 

A loud of lif ioyes & del ices 

Whiche men callcn paradis 

Into pat londe pat swete plas 

Was adam broujtc when lie made was 

He ^af hit him as heril 

To jelde p< rfore no knowlage 

But to holde hit wel vnbrokeo l 

A forbode bitwene lean spoken 

But for pat he helde hit n<m;t 

1 [e made v - alle in bale be brou^t 

In care he broujte vb & in 

A I li 1] telle jou fuip. rva 

1 lis. vnbrokon 

I ilNOI.V 

1 in: 

44 adam names all the beasts, etc. god makes a woman 

out of adam's kid. adam calls her ■ virago.' 

IT Wen Adam wroght was alson 

In paradis fen was he don j 

f e bestes all, bath sco and he, 

War broght forwit him to see ; 620 

Fiss on sund, and fouxl on flight, 

Was broght all fort in his sight ; 

All war broght to serue adam, 

And fat he suld gif ilkan nam. 624 

fan gane fat kyng his craft to kepe, 

Sleli adam fen gart he slepe ; 

Vte of his side, als sais f e boke, 

Wit-oten sare a rib he tok ) 628 

And of fat rib he mad woman, 

Til adam fat was first his an ; 

Quen sco was broght be-for ada??i, 

Virago gaf he hir to nam ; 632 

far for hight sco virago, 

fTor maked o f e man was sco ; 

Bath war naked far licam, 635 

Bot far for thoght f a??i f en na scham. 

Drightin fam blessed, and bad fa??^ 

And mnltipli in far sede ; [brede, 

"Adam," he said, "how thinkt fe 

In fis stede es fair to be? 640 

f is es a sted welt ful wan, [if 5, bk, col. i] 

far all godes wantes nan ; 

Here lastes lijf wit-oten end, 

Her es nathing for to mend ; 644 

Her es blis fat lastes ai, 

Neuer night, bot euer day ; 

Es nan forsoth wit hert mai think, 

]N T e writer nan mai write wit inc 648 

f e mikel ioy fat fam es lent, 

fat dos her will mi commandment. 


Of fe state of fingis be-fore adam 

avail adam wro^t was als-sone 
In-to paradys was he done. 
f e bestes alle baf ho and he 
ware brc^t be-for him for to se. 
fhsshe on sonde and fowel on n^fc. 
ware bro3t be-fore him in si}t. 
alle ware bro^t to serne adam. 
and fat he sulde gif ilkane name. 
IT quen adam had al to kepe. 
slely our lorde made him slepe. 
oute of his side as says f e boke. 
wif-outen sare a ribbe he toke. 
and of fat rib he made wo??? man. 
to adam fat was first al-ane. 
quen ho was bi-fore adam. 
virago gaf he hir to name, 
far-fore he^t ho virago, 
for of f e mon maket was ho. 
baf ware naket faire licam e 
bot far-of f 0}t ham na shame, 
god ham blesset and bad ham brede. 
and multiply wit-in faire sede. 
If adam he saide how likes f e. 
in fis stede ys fayre to be. 
fis ys a stede of welful wane, 
wif ioyes newe and neue?- gane. 
here lastis life wif-outen ende 
here ys na f inge for to amende, 
here ys blisse fat lastes ay. 
neyuer ni^t bot euer day. 
nys nane for-sof wif hert may fink 
ne write?* nane may write wif Inke. 
f c mykil ioy fat ham ys lent. 
fat wil do here my comaundement. 



Of pe state pe world was inne, 
Bifor pe time of adam sinne. 

Qven adaui was made alsone, 
In paradis pan was he done, 
pe bestis all bath he and scho, 
Bi-for adam was broght se to ; — G20 
Fiss in watir and foul to flight, 
All was broght in adamis sight. 
All were broght to serue adam. G23 
And for pat he suld gif Jjaim name, 
J)an gaf J?at king his craft to kepe, 
Sleyli gert he adam to slepe, 
vte of his side, als sais pe bock, 
widuten sor a ribb he toke, G28 

And of J>at ribb he made wownnan, 
Till adam J)at was first his an, 
Quen scho was broght bifor adam, 
virago gaf he hir to name, G32 

Jarfor hight scho virago, 
For of pe man mad was scho. 
Naked war J)ai bath tway, G35 

J>ai were noght schamed par ma fay. 
God J>aim blisced and bad Juiim brede, 
And multipli wid J>air in sede, 
"Adam," he said, "hou thinkea pe, 
In J?is stede is fail to be? G10 

p'\< is b stede of welthful wone, 
Of ioye ae blia ae wantis nane, 
Sere lasl is lit widuten ende, 
Here lb a thing qoh for to mend, G44 
Here es blisse J)at lastes ay, 
Neuer nighl bol eu< r day ; 
Ea nan foi joth wid herl may thinck, 
Ne na writer Jwf may write wid Lnck. 
|>e meki] ioy p-.d J>aim es Lent, 6 I'J 
p.d <los wele here mi comandment. 


Of pe astate pe word was Inne 
Bifore pe time of Adames Synne 

Whence Adam was made also 
In paradis he was done |_ soone 
pe beestis hope he & sho 
Adames si^te were brou3te to 
Fisshe in watir & foule to fli^t 
Al was brou3t in Adames si^t 
Alle were b 1*0113 1 to serue Adame 
For pat he shulde 3yue hem name 
Jus kyng pat con his craftis kepe 
Sle3ely he made Adam to slepe 
Out of his side as scij) pe boke 
\Yij)outen sore a rib he toke 
Of pat ribbe he made a womwion 
To Adam pat was firste his oon 
Whence she to Adam was broi^t 
Virago hir name he wroi^t 
perfore hett she virago 
For of pe mon made was sho 
Naked were Jx-i bofe tweyn 
Ashamed were pe\ not certeyn 
God hem blessed & bad hem brede 
And multeplie wif her in sede 
Adam he seide how Junta-]) pe 
In bis place is fair to be 
Jus is a stude of weleffu] wone 
( If ioye & blisse wantijj hit none 
I [ere laste); lit' wi))outen ende 
I [ere is no pin \ to amende 
Here Lb blia fat lastej) ay 
Neuer nv;t bill euer is day 
]* no mon wij? herte i" |>enke 
Nv clerke fai may write wij enke 
J)e mychel ioye \>a\ hem is. Lent 
I l done here my commaundemont 




tres o fruttes es her god wan, 

All sal fai be fine Lot an, 652 

J).am al f i will to do ; 

Bot ylion tre cum fou nawight to, 

j>at standes in midward paradis ; 

For if fou do, fou es noglit wis. 65 G 

f is tre haf i don in frith. 

For i wil fat it haf mi grith ; 

If 300 it touche, i sal not lei, 

dnble ded fan sal 3ee dei; GGO 
lok for-f i, fat 3ee tak tent 

fat ^ee ne brek mi co??zmament." 
And herbi mai we all wele se 
How he f am gaf f er will alfre ; GG4 
f e gode to do, to leue f e ill, 
bath he sette in fare fre will ; 
Witte and wisdam he f am gaue, 
Might and fairhed for to haue ; GG8 
Of all f is werld mad adam king, 
Euer to last wit-outen ending ; 
Emang his mani serekyn sele, 

1 sal tell smft-quat of his wele : G72 
Ar he Brak f at god him for-baad, 

In mi kul blis fan was he staad, 
Of his w T ijf sa fair and fre, 
fat mikel mirth w r as on to se ; 676 
f e bestes boud him all aboute, 
Als to fair lauerd vnderloute ; 
Fouxl o flight, and fiss on sand, 679 
All fell him donn to fote and hand ; 
At his will fai com and ^ode, 
Als he war fader o fair fode ; 
f e bestes self war samer-tale, 
Wit-onten hurt far herd ai hale ; 684 
Be-tuix f e wolues lai f e schepe, 
Sauueli moght fai samen slepe ; 


IT of trees and frute here ys gode wane 

al sal be f yne oute-take ane 

of ham alle f i wille f ou do. 

bot 3onder tre come fou no3t to. 

fat standes amidwarde paradyse 

for if fou do jjou nart no3t vryae 

f is tree ys done in my frif e 

for I. wil fat hit haue grif e. 

if 3e hit touche wif-outen leghe. 

wit double dede. 3c salle deghe. 

loke for-f i. 3e take entent 

fat 3e breke no3t. my comandeme?it. 

5F and here-by may 3c al wele so 

fat he ham gaf. f aire wil fre. 

fe gode to do. and leue fe ille. 

quef er fai walde. wif f aire fre wil. 

witte and wisedome. he ham gaue 

nnjt and fayrehede for to haue. 

ouer al f is werlde. he made him kyng 

euer to last, wif-out endynge. 

a-mong f er mony sere-kyn sele. [if 1, bk] 

I sal tel sumquat of his wele. 

or he brae fat god for-badde 

In mykil blisse fen was he stadde 

of his wyfe so fayre and fre 

fat mykil myrf was on to se. 

% f e bestes bowct him alle aboute. 

als til f aire lorde vnderloute. 

Fowel on fli^fc and fisshe on sande 

al fel him doun til fote and hande 

at his wille fai come and 3ode. 

as he ware of f aire fode. 

f e bestes weren in samen tale 

wit-outen hurt in herde ay hale 

by-twix f e wolues lay f e shepe. 

sanely mb y i fai samen slepe. 




Of treis of fruit here es gocle wone, 
All sal fai be June bot one, 652 

Of f aini all Ju will to do, 
Bot 3 on a tre com ^e noght to 
fat standis eniiddes paradis, 
For if }e do -$e er noght wise. G5G 
Jus tre haf i done in frith, 
For i w r il haue it to mi grith ; 
If 30 it touche i wil 3011 say, 
Of dubil ded fan sul 3c day. GGO 

Be war for-Jn 3c take entent, 
fat 3e breke noght mi comandemcnt." 
And here-bi may 30 all wele se, 
Hou he f aim gaf fair will all fre, 664: 
f e gode to do & leue f e ille, 
Bath he sett in fair fre will, 
witt and wisdam he f aim gaf, 
Might a??d fairhed forto haue ; 668 
Of all erd made adam king, 
To last wid-uten ending. 
Amang his mcyne diners sele, 
I sal tell sumquat of his wele, G72 
Ar he brak fat iesu forbedd. 
In mekil bliss fan was [he] stcdd, 
Of his wif 1 sua fair and fre, [leaf 8, ool. 1] 
fat mekil mirth was on to se ; G7G 
fe bestis cam him all aboute PMS.wta] 
Als to fair lauerd fai er vnderloute, 
Fool in flight, fiss on sand, 079 

All boned him dune to fote and hand; 
At his wil] fai jede and cam, 
Ala he war maker of faim. 
f<- bestis war so meke tale 
widnteD hart fai $ode euer hale, G84 
Tnix p' wolnis lay fe schepe, 
Banfli miili fai amen slope, 
goi ; 

Of trees & fruyt here is good wone 
A He shul f ei be fine but one 
Of hem alle f i wille to do 
But f at tre com $e not to 
fat stondef amidde paradise 
For if 3c do 3c be not wise 
f is tre haue I done in frif 
For I wol haue hit to my grif 
If 3e hit touche to 30U saye I 
On double deef shul 3c dye 
Bef war & takef good entent 
Brekef not f is com??iau?idement 
Ilerby may we alle se 
fat he hem 3af a wille fre 
f e gode to do & leue f e ille 
Bof e he put in her fre wille 
Witt & wisdome he hem 3aue 
Mi^te & feirhede for to haue 
Of al erf e made Adam kyng 
To laste wif outen endyng 
Among hem euermore hele 
Telle w r e sumwhat of his wele 
Ar he brake fat god forbade 
In mychel blisse was he stad 
Of his wif so faire and fre 
f<7t mychel murfe was onne to so 
fese beestes coom him alle aboute 
As to her lorde him to loute 
Foule in fli^te fisshe on sonde 
Alle bowed him to foot & honde 
At lii.s wille fei jeode & cam 
A he had bene makere of ham 
j beestis were so meke in dole 
Wifouten hurtyng fei jeoden hole 
Among fe wolues lay fe shepe 
Sanely mv;ie ]< i to gidei Blepe 

Tin Ml v 


pe hund ne harmed noght pe hare, [col 2] 

ne liane soght on oper sare ; GS8 

Bi pe dere pat now es wild, 

Als him lai pe leon mild ; 

pe gripe alsua hi side pe here 

Nan best wald til oper dere ; 602 

pe scorpion for-bare is [sjtang 

Fra bestes par he lai amang ; 

Ilkin thing, on serekin wise, 

3eld til adam par seruise; 6SG 

Ne pe nedder was noght bitter 

pan, powf he was ener wittur ; 

For of alle als sclieus pe bok 

Mast he cuth o crafte and crok. 700 

pe sun was pat time, pat i sai, 

Senen sith brighter pen pe dai ; 

pe mone was pat time als bright 

Als es pe dai pe sun o light ; 704 

hald naman pis for foly 

pe prophet it said, ysai ; 

Of all thinges pat we here se, 

On hei, on lau, on land, on see, 708 

War o gretter strengh and pith., 

Ar adam had fordon pe grith. 

[0/ Satan's scheme to 

IT Bot adam son was send a saand 
pat soght him with ful fell a faand j 
Quew sathan sagh pat he was chosin 
to win pe blis he had forlosin, 714 
Sorful bicom pat fals file Twill ■ 

And thoght how he moght man bi- 
vmthoght o pat thing to stint 717 
pat godd til ending god had mint ; 
A-ganis godd wex he sa gril 
pat al his werk he wend to spil, 720 


pe hounde harmet no^t pe hare 

ne nane so3t on oper sare. 

IF stille lay pe dere pat now ar wilde 

as lambe lay pe lyon myldc. 

pe gripe also be-side \>q here. 

na best walde oper dere. 

pe scorpiou?i for-bare his stange. 

fra pe bestes he lay a-mange. 

iche pinge of diuerse wyse. 

3alde til adam paire seruise. 

% and pe nedder lay ful stille. 

dide he nauper gode ne ille. 

bot of alle bestes says pe boke. 

mast he coude of craft and croke 

IT pe sunne was pat time pat I. say. 

seyuen bri^tter pen pe day. 

pe mone was pat time als bii^t 

as to day pe sunne of li3t. 

^F hald naman pis for foly 

pe prophite hit says Isay. 

pat al pinges pat w r e here se. 

on hey on law on lande on see. 

ware of gretter street and pip. 

or adam had for-done pe grip. 

tempt and ruin Adam.~\ 

Bot adam sone was sende a sande. 
poron pe deuel at him wald fande 
quen satanas sawe pat he was borne, 
to wyn pat blis at he had lorne. 
sorowful bicome pat fals file. 
and po^t how he mi^t mon be-gyle 
he p03t pat ioy for-til stynt. 
pat god til endyng gode had Mynt. 
A-gaynes god he wex sa grille. 
pat al his werk he wende to spil. 




f e hund ne harmed noglit f e hare, 

Ne na best soglit on ofer sare, 688 

Bi f e dere fat nou es wild. 

Als larnb him lay f e leon milde, 

f e gripe alsua biside f e bere ; 

Na best wald do ofer dere, G02 

f e scorpion forbar liis tunge, 

Fra bestis fat be lay emonge, 

Alkines thing in diners wise 

3eilded to Adam fair seruise : GOG 

£Te f e nedder was noght bitte/-, 

For he was ewer wis and. witter, 

For as men rede in boke & ieste, 

He was mast wis of ani best. 700 

f e sune was fat time, as i say, 

Seuen sitht bright fan to-day ; 

f e mono was fat time alsua bright, 

Als is f e sune nu on day light. 704 

Haiti na man f is for foli, 

fe p?*ophete it sais ysai : 

All fe tinges fat w[e] liere se, 

Hey or lau, on land or se, 708 

Jxii war of gretter strenth and pidh 

Bifor fat adam brae f e grith. 

[Of Satan's scheme to 

Bot adam sone was sent a send, 
fat soght him felli forto fonde. 
Queo BathaB au f at he was chosin [ooi.8] 
To win fat bliss fat he ha lorin, 714 
Bori he cam, J«t fab file, 
And thoght hou he mith maw bigile. 
He thoghl fa\ thing forto stint, 
fat godd to gret goddnes had mint. 
Agaynea godd he wex sua grill, 710 
fat all his werk he wend to spill, 

<i 001 I INGEN 

f e houwd harmed not f e hare 
Ny no beest soi^te of ere to forfare 
Bi f e deer fat now is wilde 
As lomb lay f e lyouw mylde 
f i gripe also biside f e bere 
Ko beest wolde to of ere dere 
f e scorpiou?z forbare his tonge 
Fro beestis fat he lay amonge 
Al maner f inge in dyuerse wise 
jalde to Adam her seruise 
f e nedder f o was not bittur 
For he was euer wise & wittur 
For as we rede in book meest 
He was more wise fen any beest 
f e son?ie was fat tyme we say 
Seuen sif e b^tere fen now aday 
f e mone was fat tyme also b^t 
As son?ie now on dayes li3t 
Holde no mon f is for no foly 
f e p?*ophete seif f us ysai 
A lie finges as we may so 
He30 or lowe in world fat be 
f ei were of grettwr strcngf e & my^t 
Bifore fat Adam dud vni^t 

tempt and ruin Adam.] 

To Adam soone was sent a sonde 

fat solute him selly for t<> fonde 

Whenwe Sathan Bay fat he was chosen 

To haue fe blis fat he bad lo 

Sory he was fat. fala file 

And f(iu;jr mon to bigyle 

He foujte fe [oyes for to Btynt 

fat god to monkynde had mynt 

A^cyn god he wex bo grille 

His hondewerke he fnu;t«' to spille 




And wend wel with his gret enwie 

god him self to win f e niaistrie. 

Man es now sett bituix tua, 

On aifer-side lie has his faa ; 724 

Bi-tuix fe warlau and his wijf, 

Adam es stad in Strang strijf ; 

Bath f ai werhaid on adam 

For to bring him in to blam ; 728 

Bath ar now on a pa?*tie 

to confund man wit trecherie. 

fat wili warlau him heild on drei 731 

And ganid noght cu??i him to nei, 

Namli in his auen schap ; [leaf c, coi. i] 

To sped he hopd haue na hap 

For-fi a message?' he send 735 

Wit q?*am best to spede he wend ; 

To Jus he ches a littel best 

f e quilk es noght vnwiliest, • 

f e nedder J>at es of a scaft, 739 

fat mast kan bath on crok and craft ; 

Graitli taght he him f e gin, 

How he suld at f e wif be-gin, 

And thorw f e wijf to wyn f e man ; 

f is nedder forth fat he ne blan 744 

Bot in hijs slught was self satan ; 

Selcut was hit he f ider wan 

Bot wit his suffrance he it lete, 

}>at best wist how f e bale to bete ; 

For-fi he mad f am fat f ai moght 749 

Sin or leue, if f am god thoght, 

f «t thorn skil on far auen dedo 

Suld be mettam al fair mede ; 752 

To bu and Hue wit-outen end, 

Or elles o ded in langur lend. 

and f o^t wif hit grete enuy. 

of god him-self to wyn maistry. 

IT man ys now sette bi-twix twa. 

on ayf er side he has a fa. 

bi-twix f e warlaw and his wife. 

adam standis in grete strife. 

baf f ai f inkyn on adam 

for to bringe him in-to blame. 

baj? ar now in ane party 

to confounde mon in trechery. 

IF fat wyly deuel w T as fid sley. 

he f o^t no3t to come him ney. 

namely in his awen shap. 

fen to spede has he na hap. 

for-fi. a messager he sende. 

for til spede ful wele he wende. 

to him he chese a litel beste 

f e quilk ys no^t vnwiliest. 

f e nedder fat ys so quaynt of gyle 

fat mast con of croke and wyle. 

IT graydely ta}t he him f e gynne 

how atte f e wyfe he sulde be-gyn. 

and f orou f e wife to wynne f e man. 

f e nedder forf his way ys gan. 

bot in his slughe was sathan. 

selcuf was how he f idder wan. 

bot f orou goddis sufferance he h&m lete. 

f e beste f o$t his bale to bete. 

for-f i he made ham at f ai mu^t. 

syn or leue if ham gode f u^t. 

fat f orou skil of f aire awen dede 

sulde f ai merke f aire awen mede 

to saue f aire self wif -outen ende 

or ellis in sorou for to lende. 





And troud wele wid his grete enui, 

Of god himself to win J?e maystri. 

Man es nu sett bituix tua, 

On siper side he has a fa, 724 

Betuix sathan and his wiif 

Adam es stad in mekil strijf. 

Bath Jjai war on adam, 

For to bring him in [to] hlam, 728 

Bath es nn on a parti 

To confunde man wid trechuri ; 

Jjat wili feind him held on heij, 731 

Him gayned noght ciun adam ney, 

iNanili in liis aim schapp 

To specie he hopid hane na hap. 

For-Ju a message;- he sent, 

wid whom best to spede he went. 736 

To j)is he ches a littel best 

J»e qui Ik es noght vn wiliest, 

J?e nedder Jwt es of suilk a schaft, 

Mast of quantise es in craft, 740 

Quaintli taght he him f»e ginne. 

Hu he sulci at pe wijf bigine, 

And thoru \>q wijf to win pe man, 

J)is nedder forth pat he ne blan. 744 

In his slohu was seluen sathan, 

Wonper was hu he dip&r 1 wan, 'IgS 

Bot wid li is sufirance he It lete, 

Jv/t best wist hu po bale to bete; 748 

For-pi he made paim p"t pai moght 

Bin or leue, if paim gode thoght, 

Jjat thoru skil of hir aune dede, JjJif ,,k ' 

Suld be markyd paim her medc, 752 

To bou and liue widuten end, 

Or elhs of dede in langoz to lend. 

And trowed wij> his greet envy 

Of god to wynne pe maistry 

Kow mon is sett bitwene two 

On eipe?* side he hap a fo 

Bitwene sathan & his wif 

Adam is sett in mychel strif 

Bope were J?ei on Adame 

For to brynge him in to blame 

Bope pei be on o party [leaf 5, back] 

To ouercom man wijj tricchery 

pe wily fende him helde on he3e 

Him geyned nou^t com Adam ne^e 

jSTaniely in his owne shap 

To spede he hoped haue no hap 

perfore a messangere he sende 

Bi whom best to spede he wende 

pen?ze he chees a litil beest 

Wniche is not vnwiliest 

pe neddre pat is of suche a shaft 

Moost of queyntise & of craft 

Queyntly tau3te he hi?M pe gyime 

At pe wif to bigynno 

And pourjc pe wif to wynne pe man 

pen??e go]? pis neddre & not blan 

In pis slouje Sathan pcn//c was 

Wondir is he entred in pat plaa 

But of his sunraurcce he hi/// lete 

pat best wist how \<t\ bale to bete 

For mon he made pat he mou^t 

Synrce or leue as him good pou^t 

And bi skil of his owne dede 

Shulde be merked pen«e his mede 

To bowe & lyue Wipouten ends 

Or elles (^ deje & to wo wende 





Expulsio adc & t/ansgressio euis 

Adam ^ode walkand in J>ai welth 

pat lialden was in micul eltli ; 756 

Que?z lie was fra liis wijf a tharu 

pe nedder nerliand hir gun draw, 

And said, " womruan, tel me now qui 

pat ^ee ette noglit al communli 7 GO 

paradis of ilk a tre 1 " 

" Certes," said sco, " sua do we 

Of al pe tres bot of an, 

pe mid ward tre is vs outtan, 764 

Our lauerd in forbot has it laid." 

"And wat pou quarfor?" "nai," sco 

Bot sco said, " if we com per nei L sai(i - 

ded forsoth pan suld we dei ; 7G8 

pis tre suld him seluen haue, 

And we all o there 1 pen pat laue." 

"And wenis pou pat it be sua 

Sum lie has said yow 1 " " certes, ya ! " 

"ISTai, goddot," said pat felun, 773 

" par es vnder al sere resun ; 

He dos it for he ne wald 3ee were 

Parigal til him ne pere ; 776 

pe south fra 30W wil I noght hide, 

He wat wel wat tim or tide 

pat 3ee hade eten pis tre [coi. 2] 

Als godds suld 3ee seluen be ; 780 

wityng bath god an[d] ill 

3ee suld be lauerds at 30ur will ; 

Of it 3ee ette, sua red i 30W, 

ffor 3ee sal find it es 3our prow." 784 

pis hight was pan sumdel mikel, 

pof it was ful fals and fikel. 

1 MS. looks like othwr, but the 

How adam brak^ goddis comande- 
ment. of the appil. 

Adam 3ode walcande in pat place 
wip-outen care in grete solace 
he was went his wyfe sone fra 
pe nedder nerhande hir con ga. 
and saide wommon tel me quy. 
pat 3e ete no3t alle co??miunely. 
of paradys of ilke a tree, 
certes / ho sayde so do we 
of al pe trees bot of ane. 
pe midwarde tree ys vs out-tane. 
Our lorde in forbode has hit layde [leaf 8] 
and wate pou quar-fore. na / ho sayde. 
bot he sayde if we come per neye 
wip deleful dep we sulde deye. 
pis tree suld him-selue haue. 
pe fende saide I. traw pou raue. 
and wenis pou pat hit is squa. 
certis / ho sayde I. traw ya. 
1F nay for-sop saj^de pat felou?» 
he ment bi. a-noper resouft. 
he dose hit. for he walde no3t 3c were 
parigal til him ne pere. 
pe sop fra 30W wil I. no3t hide, 
he wate wele. fra pat time or tide, 
pat 3c haf eten of pis tree, 
as goddis sulde $q pen be. 


. . . . no gap in the MJS.] 
and 3e hit do I. tel hit 30W. 
per may na tong tel 3our prow, 
he sayde paire ioy walde be mykel. 
pis fals pefe pat was so fikel. 
last letter is by no means clear. 



Hon adam brae f e comandment, 
Quarfor mani a man was schent. 

Adam 3ede wanderand in fat welth, 
fat halden was f aim in mekil 
Quen adam was fra eue a trawe, L se " n * 
f e nedder nere hand hir gan drau, 
And said, " womman, tell me nou qui 
fat 3e ete noght all comunli 760 

In paradis of ilk a tre 1 n 
" Certis, sir, so nou do we, 
Of all treis bot ' of ane, [} ms. both] 

f e mid ward tre es vs vte-tane ; 7G4 
vr lauerd in forbod had it laid." 
" And quat f u qui % " " nay," scho said. 
" Bot," scho said, " if we cum far ney 
Of dede for soth, fan suld we dey ; 
J>is a tre suld him seluen haue 7G9 
And all o]>er til vs be laue." 
" And trous fu fat it be sua 
As he 3U said 1 " " certis, 3a." 772 
" Xay," said he, wid gret tresun, 
u Bot far es wider suilk resun, 
It es for he w[a]ld noght 30 were 
Paringale to him na pere. 77G 

fe soth fra 311 sal i noght hide, 
He wat wele f at quat time or tide 
fat }<■ had <ten of fat tore, 
Ala goddea suld }ur seluen be, 780 
To knan bath fe gode and illo. 
3'- suld be lanerdes at 3m- nun wille, 
f H" it 30 ete bo rede i nu 311, 
And y sal find it for jur pron. M 784 
fia heting was fat time ful mekil, 
Bot 3<'it it was bath fala and likil ; 

How adam brak godd^s com??zau?ide- 

Wherfore kynde of mon was shent 

Adam wandride in fat wele 
In mychel myrf e ioye & hele 
Whence adam was fro eue a fra we 
f e nedder ne3e to hir gon drawe 
And seide wommon telle me whi 
fat 3e eten not al comynly 
In paradis of cue?' vche tre 
She seide certis so now do we 
Of alle trees but of one 
fat is out-taken to vs allone 
Oure lord in forbode haf hit laide 
Wost f au f e why : nay she saide 
But she seide if we com fer nyje 
On double deef shul we dy3e 
f is tre shulde him seluen haue 
And alle f e of ere to vs he 3auo 
And trowes fou fat hit so be 
As he 3011 seide : She seide 30 
Nay seide he wif greet tresoun 
But ferynne lif suche rest am 
But for he wolde not 3c were 
Paringal to him nor pere 
fe sofe fro 30U wol I not hide. 
lie wot wel fat what tyme or tide 
fat 3c had eten of fat tre 
As goddea shulde 3c bofe be 
To knowe bofe good & illo 
30 shulde be lordia at joure willo 
Of hit £6 ete BO rede I tow 
And je Bhul fynde hit for jonre prow 
fia hetynge was fa1 tyme fa] mykel 
But liis wm lul t'.ils iV, tikel 





Sone qucn sco f is frutte bihcild, 

Sco dcsiiTcd it to haue in weild ; 788 

left sco nogh[t] for drede of blam 

Bot tok and ctte and raght adam. 

Quat bot cs lang mi tale to draw, 

Quat sum first far was gain saw, 792 

Al for noght J>ai ette it bath. 

fat al Jjaier kin thorn fell in wayth ; 

For of fat ilk appel bitt 

fair suns tetlie ar eggeid yitt; 796 

And sal be ai to doines-clai, 

Her egain mai naman sai. 

Que?a f ai loked on f er licam 

Aief er thoght of of ere scham ; 800 

ffor quen f ai sagli ham self al bare, 

fat welth and blis had clef ed ar, 

f ai cled f am fan in fat mister 

Wit leues brad bath o figer. 804 

IT Wen f e find f us had fam nomin 

Wei he wend ha god ouerco???min ; 

And said wit bin his sari thoght, 807 

" Ic haue him don to suinc for noght ; 

His heuen he sal haue allan, 

adam lott now getes he nan, 

To bring into fat heritage 

fat i haf tint wit min vttrage." 812 

He leied f at eber file for-qui 

fat yett of man had god merci, 

Adam ware tint godd wald it noght, 

For he wit vikced 1 red was soght ; 

fe find was mare worthe to blam 817 

fat wit his suik bi-suak adam ; 

god wist wel fe find him suak [}? wicked] 

For-fi yett wald he wit him tak, 820 

Bot f of he sif en of him roght 

He wald it first ful dere war boght. 


IF sone as ho f is frute be-helde. 
ho 3ernet hit to haue in welde. 
left ho no3t for drede of blame, 
bot toke and ete and x^t adam. 
quat bote ys to make lange tale 
fat appil ham turned to myche bale 
al for no^t f ai ete hit baf e 
fat al f aire kyn f i dide scaf e. 


. . . no gap in the MS.] 
and sal do ay til domesday. 
here a-gayne may na mon say. 
If quen f ai loket on f aire licame. 
ayf er f 0}t of of er shame, 
for fen sawe f ai liam-selfe al bare, 
fat welf and blis had claf id are. 
f ai clad ham fan for velane. 
wif brade leues of fyge tree. 

auen f e fende had his bone, 
he wende he had god for-done 
and sayde in his sary fio^t. 
al my trauaille lost I. no3t. 
his heyuen salle he haue him ane. 
of adam kynde ne gytes he nane. 
to bring to fat heritage, 
fat I. loste wif myne owtrage 
IF now ar f ai lost wif grete foly. 
and ^et of man had god mercy, 
to lese adam god no3t ment. 
for wif wikked rede was he shent. 
f e fende was worf i mare to blame 
fat wif his gawdes be-gylet adam. 
god wiste how f e fende him squake 
and j)03t oftei wif him to take 
al of he sif en of him ro3t. 
he walde hit first ful dere ware bo3t. 



Sone que;i sclio f is fruit bilield, [col. 2] 

Scbo 3erned it to haue in weild, 788 

Ne left sclio noglit for drede ne blame, 

Bot tok and ete and gaf adam. 

Quat bote es lange mi tale to dran, 

Bot sum of f e hoting was gain sau. 792 

All for noglit f ai ete it bath, 

Quar thorn all fair king wer wrath, 

For of fat ilke a^^lis bitt, 

Hir sunes teth er eggid ^eitt, 796 

And sua sal be to domis day, 

Here egain may na man say. 

Quen ayder bilield oper naked, 799 

Tor scham fay stode bath and quakid, 

For fan ]?ai sau paim seluen bare, 

In welth and bliss was clad are, 

fai clad f aim, i tell it f e, 

wid leuis of a fike tre. puB.quem] 804 

Quen 1 fe feind fus had him noraen, 

wele he wend haue god ouercomera, 

And said wid in his sori thoght, 807 

" I haue him done to suink for noglit, 

His heuen sal he haue bi his on, 

Of adam part ne getes he non 

To bring into fat critage, 

fat i haue tint for mine vtrage." 812 

He leyed, fat fals file forqui, 

jeit of adam had godd men i, 

fat adam wer tint godd wild it noglit, 

For he wid wicki d red was soght; 

pi- feind was wele mare to blame 817 

j m;i falsli bigiled adam. 

( lod wis! p<- feind had adam blent, 

jeil wild he noght f"t he war schent, 

Bpl f-m he sifen of adam roght, 821 

He wald first it ful dere war boght. 

(.'il I IM.i.N 

Sone so she Jus fruit bi helde 

She 3erned hit to haue in welde 

She let not for drede nor blame 

But toke & ete & }af Adame 

What bote is longe Jus tale to drawe 

f ei eet hit bofe in litil frawe 

Al for nou^te f ei eet hit bofe 

Wherfore oure lord god was wrof 

For fat ilke appels bit 

Her sones teef eggen ^it 

And so shul do til domes day 

Here a$eyn may no man say 

Whenwe eif er say opers naked 

For shame f ei stode bof e & quaked 

f cn?ze f ei say fat bare f ei were 

In welf e & ioye fat were clad ere 

f ei hiled hem I telle hit f e 

With leues of a fige tre 

Whenwe f e fend f us had hem nomc» 

Wei he wende haue god ouercomen 

And siidc wifinne his sory foi^t [if 6] 

I haue made him worche for nou^t 

His heuen shal he haue his one 

Of Adam part getef he none 

To bringc into fat hcrii 

fat I haue lost bi myn vtrage 

He li^ecl fals fc<»f for why 

}itt had god of Adam mercy 

fat he were lost god wolde nou;t 

For he wif tricchery was sou^t 

fe fend was wel more to blame 

fat bo falsly giled Adame 

God wist p<- fend had Adam blent 

^itt wolde he nol fai he were Bhent 

But fouje he wolde ^yuc Ada/// grace 

Furst shulde he bie dere fat. trespace 

I KIM [ V 



[Of the state of the ivorld after Adam's Si//.] 

Son qyicn f ai had batli don fat sin 
Be-gan al baret to bigin ; 824 

Alkin blis was fan bi-went, [tf6,bk,coi.i] 
Fra f aim bat brak f is comament ; 
Son bigan wenganz to kif e, 827 

Alle blurded fat was for-wit blif e ; 
Al bigan to strut and strijf 
Agains adam and his wijf ; 
Bitnix f am tua to strut alsua, 
f e Strang fe wekcr for to sla, 832 

Ilkan to niak of of er prai, 
Als Ave mai see f am do to dai ; 
Fra f ef en first com ded to man 
fat fra. J) at tide al wa bigan ; 836 

fie wrangwis wit far waful wrak 
far f ai biginning gan to tak, 
Sin and sak, and schame and strijf, 
bat now es oueral fe werld sa rijf ; 
Merci, lauerd ! Strang wickedhed 841 
Broght adam to suilk a ded, 
bat had him tint and al hijs kin, 
Bot our lauerd had ranscond him, 
On suilk a wis, als he for-thoght, 845 
Bi-for ar he Jus werld had wroght ; 
Bot fat Avas noght al don for nede, 
Bot thoru his auen doghtyhede ; 848 
fan if he wald he moght man 
Wei better mak fan he was fan ; 
"Wit fleys for-fi he com in place, 851 
And fild Jus werld al wit his grace ; 
his grace it was and nathing of er 
fat he wald bicom our broker ; 
Wit fe find fer-for he faght, 855 

And wit hijs fader he mad ur saght. 


Sone quen fai had done J>is sin. 
bi-gan a baret to be-gynnc. 
alkyn blis a-Avay was went. 
fra ham fat brak his comandemc/<!t 
sone bigan ve?uaunce to kithe 
al Avas wraf fat er AA T as blithe, 
al bigan to strote and striue 
a-gaynes adam and his wyue. 
by-tAvix ham-selfe to flite al-squa 
f e stranger f e AA^akker for to sla. 
and ayf er of er con myssay. 
so men dose 3et f is ilk day. 
IF fen at first come def to man. 
fra fat tide our AA T a be-gan. 
f e Avrang AA T as vrith f aire AA r rang AATake 
her f ai con be-gynnynge take, 
of sin and sorou and shame and strife, 
fat noAV ys ouer f is AA r erlde so rife, 
cursed be fat fals quede 
fat made adam to do fat dede. 
he had bene lost and al his kyn. 
had no3t our lorde raunsonde him, 
on squylk a Aviso as hi??z for f 03t 
be-fore fat he f is AA^erlde had bo3t. 
bot fat Avas no3t al done for nede 
bot f orou his aAven god-hede. 
fan if he AA r alde he n^t man. 
Avele better make fen he AA^as fan. 
Avif flesshe for-f i he come in place 
and filled fis Averlde al with his grace 
his grace hit Avas and nafinge of er 
fat he Avalde become our brof i r. 
Avif fe fende far-fore he fa3t. 
and Avif his fader he made vs sa3t 



Of pe state pe world was inne 
Efter the time of adam sinne. 


Is fast as pai had don pat sinne, 
Bigan all vr baret to biginne, 
Alkins blis fra paim was went, «l y 1 
Fra J>ai had brokin pe comandenie?it. 
Sone he bigan vengans to kith, 
All lourid pan fat ar was blith, 828 
All bigan stour and strijf, 
Againes adam and his wijf ; 
Bituix paim seluen to strijf alsua, 
pe stranger fa wayker for to sla, 832 
Ilkan to make of ofer prai, — 
Als we may se non ilk a dai. 
Fra paim first com dede to man, 
Fra fat time al vr wa bigan ; 836 

fe wrangwis wight wid il wrake, 
pair biginning gan pai at him take, 
Sine and sake, schamo and strijf, 
pat nou oner all pis world es rijf ; 840 
Merci, lauerd, Strang wicked-hede 
Made adam to do suilk a dede. 
Him-self had tint and all his kin, 
Bot vr lauml had ransomed him, 844 
On suilk a wise as he had thoght 
Bilbr ar he pis world [had] wroghtj 
Bot pat was noght done all for nede, 
Bot thoru his aim doughti dede, 848 
For if be wald he might man 
Wele hotter make pan he was pan. 
wid flees forpi he cam in place, 851 
And fulfild pis world al wid his grace, 
His grace it was and na thing ofer, 
pat he wald bicuTTi vr aller brother: 
wid p«' feind parfoi he feght, 
And wid his fadir made vr Baght. 85G 

Of pe astate pe world was Inne 
Aftir tyme of adames synne 

Als faste as pei had don fat synne 
Oure wo bigan to bigynne 
Al mane?' blis fro hem was went 
For pei brak pat com??ian?zdement 
Soone bigan he vengeau?zce kipe 
As lord pat first was meke & blipe 
Al bigan to stire & strif 
A3eyn adam & eue his wif 
Bitwene hem self roos strif also 
pe strenger beest pe weyker dud slo 
Vchone of ope?*e to make his pray 
As we may se now vche day 
Fro pat tyme furst coom dep to man 
And pat tyme al oure wo bigan 
pese wrongis pat ben of euel wrake 
pe?'e bigynnynge dud pei take 
Synne & sake shame & strif 
pat now oner al pe world is rif 
Mercy lord strong wickedhede 
Made Adam do I so foul a dede 
Him self had lost & al his kyn 
But oure lord had raunsonde him 
On suche a wise as he had poi^t 
Bifore ar he pe world wrmijt 
But pat was not done al for nede 
But pour^e his owne nobel-hede 
For if he had woldo he my 3 to man 
Wei bettwr banc made pen he was pan 
Wip flesshe perfore ha coom in place 
And hilled pis world of his grace 
His grace hit was cv: noon ofrro 
p'/t he wolde bicom oure broprro 
Wip pe fend perfore he fuu^t 
And wip his fadir he made vs sau^t 



Leue wc now o suilkin spell 

Of our stori forth to tell. 

IT Wen Adam sagh he had misdon, 

He went to hide him al-son ; 8 GO 

He w r end to hide him aina^g fa tres, 

Fra his sight fat al sees. 

Al for noght him hide adam, 

our lauef'd cald him be his nam. 8G4 

" lauerd," he said, " quen i f e herd, 

For I sagh wel fat i misfard, 

I and mi v T if, vs 3ode to hide, 

For vs thoght scam f e to bide, 868 

For our bodis ar now al bare." 

" Goddot, adam ! Jus said i are, 

f e wath i tald f e well forwit, 

wat it war to brek mi grith ; 872 

Eot now it es f is appell etten, 

And sua mi forbot es for-geten, 

For-f i f «t fou has don f e mis, 

fiself fou wite f i wa, i-wis." 876 

" lord," he said, " o J?is gilt here, 

sco es to wite fat es mi fere, 

fat fou me gaf mi wijf to be \ 

Ful thrali first sco bedde it me, 880 

For sco me bedd, wit-outen blin, 

Sco has me fild wit hir sin ; 

Al fat i sai mai sco noght nite, 

For-fi agh sco to bere fe wite." 884 

God spak til hir, and said o-nan — 

" Qui did foil Jus, fou fole womman V 1 

" f e worm," sco said, " me draf far till 

fat I haf wroght again f i will." 888 

Til fat worm fan drightin spak 

wordes bath wrath and wrak : — 

" fou worm, f ou sal be maledight, 

Mare fan ani of ere wight; 892 


IF leue we now of suilkyn spelle. 

and of our stori forf we telle. 

wen adam sawe he had mys-done 

he went to hide him als sone 

he wende to hide him in f e treis 

fra his si^t at alle seise. 

al for no3t him hydde adam. 

our lorde calde him be name 

U lorde he saide quen I. f e horde. [if8,bk] 

I saw wele fat I. mys-ferde. 

I. and my wife 3ode vs tille hide 

vs f i^t shame f e to byde. ■ 

for our bodis aren al bare. 

godote adam so saide I. are. 

now fou has my hest brokyn. 

w r itte fou wele I. wil be wrokyn. 

bot now hit ys fat appel eten, 

and squa my forbode ys for-getyn. 

for-f i fat fou has done amys. 

f i-self may wite f i wa I. wys. 

lorde he sayde of f is gilt here 

ho ys to wite fat ys my fere. 

at fou me gaf my wife to be 

ful f rali first ho bed hit me. 

ho me hit bed wit-outen blyn. 

ho has me filed wif hir syn. 

fat I. sai 1 may ho no3t nyte p de enseal 

for-f i sulde ho bere f e wyte. 

^T he spac tille hir and saide anane 

quy dide fou f us fou fole wo??anon. 

f e worme ho sayde me draue Jjer-til 

fat I haue wro3t agayno f i wiL 

to fat worme our lorde saide 

wordes wif tene and grete vpbraide 

worme fou sal be vncumly di3t. 

mare fan any ofer wi^t. 



Leue we nu of pis ilk spell 

Of vre stori nu for to tell. 858 

avert adain sau he had ruisdone, 
He went to hide him al sone, 
He went to hide him emang pa treis, [col. 2] 
Fra his sight pat all thing seis ; 
All for noglit him hid adam, 
vr lauerd cald him bi his nam. 864 
" Lauerd," he said, " que?^ i pe herde, 
For i sau wele fat i misferde, 
I and mi wijf* went vs to hide, 8G7 
For vs thoght schame him to abide ; 
For vr bodijs er all bare." 
" Certis, adam, pis said i are, 
pu wat it i teld pe forDiest, 
Quat it was to breke mi hcst, 872 
Bot nou it es pis appil etin, 
And so mi forbot es for-getin. 
For-pi pat pu has don fie miss, 
pi seluen es pe wite ])i wa, i wiss." 876 
" Lauerd," he said, " of pis gilt here, 
Es scho to wite Jv/t es mi fere, 
f'rt pu me gaf mi wijf to be, 
For stiffli first scho bad it me ; 880 
For scho it me bedd widuten bline, 
Scho has me lilid wid hir sine. 
All pis may scho noghl gain say, 
Scho an to bere pe gilt away." 884 
L m til liir «d said o-nan, 

"Qui did pudus, (miUewommany 1 n;]] 
" pc worm," scho said, "me draf par 
pat i haue wroglit a gain pi will." 
Til pat worm vr lauerd pan spack, SS9 
wordia bath of wreth and wrack, 
" pu worm, pu sal be maledight 
Blare pan ani o\>er wight, 892 

i i \ • ; i v 

IF Leue we now of pis spelle 

Of oure story furpere to telle 

Whemze Adam say he had mysdone 

He went to hide him als sone 

He wende to hide hiwi among pe trees 

Fro his si3te pat al sees 

Al for noi^t him hud Adame 

Oure lord him called bi his name 

lord he seide when?ze I pe herde 

For I saw pat I mys ferde 

I & my wif went vs to hide 

Shame vs poi^te pe to abide 

For oure bodyes al bare were 

Adam he seide so tolde I pe ere 

I pe tolde mest & leest 

What hit was to breke my heest 

But now is pis appul eten 

And my biddyngc is for^eten 

And pot pou hast pus don pis mis 

pi seluen is to wite I wis 

lorde he seide of pis gult here 

Is she to wite pat is my fere 

pot pou me 3af" my wif to bo 

For pr/ncipaly she bed hit me 

She bede hit me wtyouten blynno 

She hap me fuyled wip her synne 

Al pis may she not 3°yn sey 

She owe to bere pe gilt awey 

I< >u seide to hir anoon [iearr>, back] 

Whi dudest pou pis dede woniwon 

She Beide peworm me drou^e per lille 

p//j I haue done a^eyn pi wille 

To pot worm of wrappe & wrake 

Oure lord penne pus he spake 

pou worm p"u slialt .- 1 < u i x 'I be 

More prn any op< re beesl to so 




Mare pan ani oper best, 

For pou sal slid apon pi brest ; 

Fra pis dai fareden sal be, 

For-soth, bituix womman and j)e, 896 

Bituix pine and wowwnan sede, 

Mold sal be pi mete for nede ; 

pou sal waite wo??2ma?i for to sting, 

And sco sal yiet pi hede tilling ; 900 

f of pou wald euer liaue hat sted 

In cald sal euer be pi bedde. 

And pou, wommara, pat standes her, 

In soru pou sal pi berns ber ; 904 

pou sal be slan wit duble dedd, 

Herd it es pe for to redd ; 

pou sal be to man vnde?'-heild, 

To liim pi buxu??2nes to yeild. 908 

To sceu pi scath be noght vnkid, 

pou sal haf euer pi heued hid ; 

pat pou po-qz^epe[r] has now mistan 

It sal be beit wit a womman ; 912 

man sinles pan mad i pe 

In wo??zma?i sal mi wowning be ; 

Bot pat bes noght kid so ^aire 

For i most couer pis tinsel are. 916 

1 And pou, man, pat has vndertaken 

pi wijf red, and min for-saken, ^Jfy 1 

ISTe sal pou nawight par wit wiu, 

pe werld es werid wit pi sin ; 920 

Of erth pou sal, wit suete and suinc, 

Win pat pou sal eto and drinc, 

Al pe dais on pin eild ; 923 

Brembel and thorn it sal te yeil[d] j 

par of pou sal ete greses sere, 

And pou sal bij pi bred ful dere, 

Bituix and pou again be gan 

Vnto pat erth pou was of tan ; 928 


and mare pan any oper best 

for pou salle ga a-pon pi brest. 

fra pis day sal departynge be 

for-sop be-twix worn mon and pe. 

for pi dissayte at pou dede. 

molde salle be pi mete to mede 

pou sal wayte wommon v, T ith shome 

and ^et ho sal pe ouer-come. 

pi kynde hit ys in hate sted 

for-pi in calde sal be pi bed. 

and pou wommon pat standes here 

In sorow pou sal pi barnys bere 

pou salle be slayne with double dede 

hard ys pe now for to rede. 

pou sal to mon be vnder-helde. 

til him pi buxu??znes to ^elde. 

to shew pi shap be no3t vn-kidde. 

pou sal haue eue?* pi heued hidde. 

IF pe pinge at pou now has mistane 

hit sal be bete wip an womman. 

of sinles man made I. pe. 

in wo??zmon sal }et my wonynge be 

bot pat bese no3t kid sa jare. 

for I. most couer mi tinsel are. 

IT and pou mon pat has vndertakyn. 

pi wife rede and myne for-sakyn. 

ne sal pou na pinge par wip-wyn. 

pe werld ys shent wip pi syn. 

on erp saltow squete and squynke 

to wyn pat pou sal ete and drinke. 

al pe dayes of pine elde 

brere and ponies hit sal pe }ilde. 

per-of pou sal eto gresses sere 

pi brede saltow by ful dere. 

pou sal wen pi life ys gane 

vn-to pat erp pou was of tane 



For pu sal slide apon pi brest 894 

Mare pan ani oper best ; 893 

For pis day forth sal foredin be 895 

For soth bitiiix wo??iman a?id pe, 896 

erd sal be pi mete for nede ; 898 

Bituix pine and vromman sede ; 897 

pu sal waite wommaw to stang, £J^ a i^' t,lc * 

And scho sal ^eit pin befde tlirang \ 

pou pu wild euer liaue liat stede, 901 

In cald sal eue?' be pi bede. 

And pu woniinan pat sta?*des here, 

In sorn sal pu pi childe?* bere, 904 

pu sal be slain wid dubbil dede ; 

Hard it es pe forto rede. 

pu sal be vnder mannes 3eilde, 

Til him pi buxumnes to 3elde. 908 

To schau pi schath be noght vnkid 

pu sal haue euer pin hefd hid. 

pat pu doqueper has nu mistane, 

It sal be bet wid a womman, 912 

Of sinlcs man pan made i pe, 

In ^Yomman sal it 3eit mi woni[n]g be ; 

Bot pat bes noght ^cit hid so 3are 

For i mast couer mi tinsel are. 91G 

And pu man pat has vndertakin 
pi wiues rede, and mine forsakin, 
Nathing sal pu par wid wine, 
pe werld es werid wid pi sine ; 920 
In erde pu sal wid suete and suink, 
Wine pat pu sal <'te and drinck, 
All pe dais of pi elde ; 
lii imbyl a;/.d tliorn it sal pe 3elde, 924 
parof sal pu ete grosses sere, 
And pu sal bi pi bred ful dere, 
Tuix and pu again be gan, 
To pat erd pat pu was of 1m, 928 

For on pi wombe pou shalt slide 
]\Iore pen any opere beest in tyde 
Fro pis day forp shal hate be 
For sope bitwene woimwon & pe 
Erpe shal be pi mete for nede 
Bitwene pin & wommones sede 
"Wommon to stynge awayte pou slial 
And pin heed to breke 3ft she shal 
poi^e pou in hete euer wolde be sted 
In colde shal euer be pi bed 
And pou wommon for pis dere 
In sorwe shal pou pi children bere 
pou shal be slayn wip double dede 
harcle hit is for to rede 
pou shal be vndir manges hest 
To hem be buxom meest & leest 
pou shalt haue euer pi heed hud 910 
pi shame shal not be Yiikud 909 

And 3itt pot pou now hast mys goon 
hit shal be bet bi a wommon 
Of synneles mon made I pe 
In wommon shal yit my wonyng bo 
But hit shal not 3itt be so ne$e 
To couer my loos furst mot I hyje 
IT And pou man pat hast vndiitaken 
pi wyues rede & myn forsaken 
]S"o ping slial pou perwip wynne 
pe world is cursed of pi synne 
In erpe shal pou swete & swynke 
Wynne pat pou shalt ete & diynke 
Alle pe dayes of pyn elde 
Brerea & pomes hit shal pe }elde 
J- rof shal pou I 
pou slial bye }i bn 1 d ful dere 
Til pou turne a^eyn in quake 
To pat erpe pou were of lake 


62 i:vi: is Tin: "mother of many." god gives her AND ADAM KIRTLE8 

For fou nees bot a pudre plain, 
to pudcr sal fou worth 1 a gain." 
He turned fan Ins wiji nam, tome] 
And ene fra fan hir cald adam; 932 
Eue sco higlit eue fra fat dai, 
fat mode;* of mani es for to sai. 
God mad f am kyrtels fan of hide, 
And cled far flexs wit for to hide, 
"loo," he said of adam, "hu 937 

lik es made tilwardus nu, 
Bath f e god and il knauand ; 
Now for-fi ar he strek hand 940 

To fat tre fat lijf es in, 
And sif en he liue wit-outen blin." 
He put him oute wit-outen bade 
Ynto fe werld far he was made. 944 
" Ful dere adam sal it be boght 
Ar it be bete fat f ou has wroght. 
Take fi wif now in f i hand, 947 

For 3ee most leue f is hifsum land, 
Vnto f e wreched werld to gang, 
quare f on sal thine f ou Hues to lang, 
Ful lang penance far to drei, 
And sif en wit duble ded to dei; 952 
3ee sal be flemed fra mi face, 
Bituix and i yow send mi grace, 
f e oile o merci most f ou bide, 
I hight at send it su?« tide." 95 G 

" Alias ! " said adam, "wa es me ! 
lauerd, fat i ne had troude f e, 
lauerd, fat euer i mad f e wrath, 
For-fi mi lijf es me to lath ; 9G0 

I wat bot f e haf i na frend, 
Tell me ar i fra f e weind, 
Howgat and wit quatkintliing, [coi. 2] 
I sal couer f i saghteling." 9G4 


f ou art no3t bot pouder playne 
to pouder saltow worf a-gayne 
IT he turned fan his wyuys name 
and eue fra fan hir calde adam. 
euer ho he3t eue fra fat day. 
fat moder of man ys for to say 
god made ham kirteles of a hide 
and cledde fair flesshe f er-with to hide 
P lo he seide Adam how [ A 2 ,T\?;T L:uld 

l MS. -IIOJ 

lykyf the this dede now 
Y made eville & good to you knowen 
But ye were sone ovir- thro wen 
Ye trespasid at the tre of lyfe 
Therfor ye bene in wo and stryfe 2 ] 
ga forf fi way wif-outen bade, 
in-tille erf e f er f ou was made. 
ful dere adam hit sal be bo3t 
or hit be bette at f ou has wro^t 
take f i wife now in f i hande. 
and wende out of f is louesom lande 
in-to f e wrecche werlde f ou gauge, 
quar f ou sal fink f i life to lange. 
lange penaunce sal f ou drye 
and sifen wit double dede at dye 
3e sal be flemet fra my face, 
bi-twix fat I. 3011 sende my grace 
f e wille of me f ou sal a-byde 
fou sal haue me?*cy. 3et sum tide 
IF Alias sayde adam ful wo ys me 
lord quy ne had I. trawet f e. 
lorde fat eue?' I. made f e wraf e. 
for-fi my life is me to laf e. 
I wate bot fe. I haue na-frende. 
tel me or I. fra f e wende. 
howgate and wif quatkyn f inge 
sal I. ouer-come f f i sa^tlynge. 


"go out into the wretched world; you shall be exiled from my face G3 


For Jju ne art bot a ponder plain, 

To ponder sal f u turn again." 

He turned fan his wijfes nam, 

And eue fra fan hir cald Adam, 932 

Eue scho hight fra fat day, 

fat mofer of mani it es to say.' 

God made f aim fan cirtlis of hide, 

far wid fair floss fan for to hide. 936 

" Lo," he said of adam, " lion [col. 2] 

Lik es he mad tihvard vs nu ! 

Bath fe gode and ille knauand. 

For-fi er f ai bath strikand, 940 

To ^on tre f at lijf es ine 

And sifera $e leue widuten bline." 

He put him vte widuten bade, 

Into fe world far he was made. 944 

" Ful dere adam it sal be boght 

Till it be bett f at fu has wroght. 

Ta f i wijf nu in f i hand, 

For 3e sal leue fis lufsuw land, 948 

In till f c wreched world to gang ; 

far f u sal tliinck f i lijf ful lang, 

Lang pinirag fare to drei, 

And sife?z dobil dede to dei. 952 

^e sal be flemed fra mi face, 

Bituix and i 3011 send mi grace, 

fe oile of merci bos 3011 abide, 

I bete to send it 30U sum tide." 950 

" Alia-,"' said adam, "ful wa es me ! 

Lau'rd, fat i ii" bad In aid in pc, 

Laoerd, fat cuer i made fe wrath, 

For-fi mi lijf ea me ful lath. 9G0 

I wot bot i of f (3 hauc na frcind, 
Tel me ax i Bra f<" weind, 

II it and wid qua! thing 

Mai coxier nu fi sahuting." 9G4 

: !IN«;i;\ 

For f on art now but pouder pleyn 

To pouder slial fou turne a3eyn 

He turned f enne his wyues name 

And Eue fro f en?ie hir calde Adame 

Eue she hctt fro fat day 

f at modir of mony is to say 

God made hem f en«e curteles of hide 

f erwif her flesshe for to shride 

Lo he seide Adam how 

likef f e fis dede now 

I made euel & good to 30U knowen 

But 30 were sone ouer fro wen 

3e trespassed at f c tre of lif 

f erfore 3e ben in woo & strif 

He put hem out of f at plas 

Into f e world fere f ei made was 

Adam dere hit shal be boi^t 

Til hit be bet fat f ou hast wroujt 

Take f i wyf in f i honde 

Leue 3e shul fis lufsome londe 

Into f e wrecched world to be 

f i lif shal finke longe to f e 

Longe peyne fere shal fou drc3o 

And sifen on doubel def to di^o 

30 shul be flemed fro my face 

Til fat I 30U sende my grace 

f e oile of mercy 30 mot abide 

I hete to sende hit 30U bwih tide 

Alas seide Adam wo is me 

fat I trowed not lord to fe 

Lorde my lif is me ful loof 

fat I cuer made fe WTOOf 

I woot but fe I hauo no frende 

Telle me ai [ fro fe. wende 

What mail' /• & u\p what f ing 

May I gete fi sau^telyng 




He said, " adam, now wel sais pou, 

I sal pe tell and herken now ; 

O-mang pine oper werkes hend 

pi winning giue me pe tend ; 968 

Of alkin fruit haf pou pe nine, 

For I wil pat pe tend be mine." 

" lauerd ! " lie said, " pou gafs al, 

Qui sal pi parte be sa small 972 

pe half parte gladli or pe thrid 

we w T il pe giue, if pou it bid." 

" Adam, i w r il liaks na vtetrage, 975 

Bot pe teind part als in knaulage, 

For sum o pine ful mikel sal thine 

To giue pe teind part pare suinc, 

^ee sal do bren it on a stan." 

Adam went out ful will o wan. 980 

Had noght adam ben in pat blis 

Bot tides thre dwelland, i-wis, 

Quen he can brek pe comament, 

pat all his oxpring did be schent. 984 

For he was wroght at vndern tide, 

At middai eue draun of his side, 

pai brak pe forbot als sun 

pat pai war bath don out at none. 988 

Adam was out don nars 1 and naked, 

In to pe land quar he was maked ; 

par he led a lang lijf, 

And gate his chilcler wit his wijf. 992 

Out es put sua wreched adam 

Of paradis, pat rich ham. 

A firir 2 wall par es a-bute ; 

Mai nan win in pat es wit-oute ; 996 

An angel has pe yatte to geite, 

Wit suerd in hand o mikel heite 

Adam sayde he wele says pou now. 

I sal pe telle and herkyn now. 

A-monge pine oper werkis hende [ieaf9j 

of pi wynnyng gif me tende 

of alkyn frute pat ys pine 

kepe me pe teynde for pat ys myne. 

lorde he saide pou ges vs alle. 

quy sal pi part be so smalle. 

pe half part or ellis pe prid 

we wil pe gif if pou hit bid. 

IT adam I. wil nane owtrage 

bot pe teynde als in knawlage 

for sum of pine ful mykil wil pi??k 

to gif me teynde part paire squynk. 

3e sal hit bren apon a stane. 

adam went out ful wil of Avane 

adam dwelled no3t in pat blis. 

bot pre owres dwellande I. wis. 

quen he con breke pe comandeme?zt 

quar porow his ospriuge was shent. 

for he WK>3t was i at vndoru??, tide 

at midday eue made of his side 

pai brae fie forbode als sone 

at pai ware bap done out or none 

^F Adam was out-done pore and naket 

In-to pe lande quare he was maket 

per he lad a lange life 

and gatte his childer wip his wife 

out ys he now wrecche adam. 

of paradis pat riche hame. 

a Meruail walle ys hit a-boute. 

may nane wynne in pat is w/t/i-oute 

an angel has pe ^ate to gete. 

wip squorde in hande of mykil hcte 

read nais 

2 read firin 




" Adam," lie said, " wele sers Jm nu, 
Harkin i will tell pe hu, 
Emang Jin oper werkes hend 
Of J>i wining gif me pe tend, 968 

Of all kines fruit hald Ju pe neien, 
For i wil pe tend Jan be mein." 
" Lauerd," he said, " Ju gifes all, 
Qui suld pi part be sua small 1 ? 972 
pe half part gladli or pe thridd 
we wil pe giue, if Jm it bidd." 

Adam he seide wel saistou now [leaf 7] 
herken I wol telle pe how 
Among June opere werkes hende 
Of pi wynnyng 3yue me pe tende 
Of al Ji fruyt holde parties nyne 
And I wol pat pe tenje be myne 
Lord he seide Jou 3yuest al 
Whi shulde p\ part be so smal 
pe haluendel or part pe Jridde 
We wol pe ^yue if Jou bidde 

[No gap in the MS. Laud MS. 41 G 
also wants these lines.] 

[No gap in the MS.] 

Adam was putvtenerehand nakid, Mi. 2] 

In to pe land Jar he was makid, 

par in he led a lang lijf, 

And gat hijs childer bi his wyf. 992 

vte es he putt, WTeched adam, 

( )£ paradia Jat riche hame. 

A fiien w;ill Jar es abute, 995 

May nan cum wid-in J^.t es far vte ; 

Ane angel has J>e 3ate to gete, 

wid fluord in hand of mekil liete. 

Jen??e was lie put out almost naked 
Into pe loud pcre he was maked 
jvrynne he led a longe lif 
And gat childrei] bi his wif 
Out is he put Adam pe wrecched 
Fro paradia fouly flecched 
A wal of tire per is aboute 
May noon com in pat is Jwoutc 
An aungel ha J Je jate to gete 
wijj swerd in honde of tnyche hcto 




" Tel me man yeit wit f i lare, 

Quat land es paradis, and ware? 1000 

Sin i sal here f e f er of spell." 

Blethli sire i sal J)e tell. 

Paradis is a priue stedd, 

far mani mirthes er e-medd, 1004 

f e leneleist of all landes ; 

In ertli toward f e est it standes, 

land o liue, o ro, and rest, 

Wit blis and beild broiden best, 1008 

far neuer neglies nede ne night, 

Bot euer vmlaid wit lem and light. 

O selenes es it wel sene, 

fe gresse es euer ilik grene, 1012 

Wit alkin blis fat far es elles ; 

Flours far es wit suete smelles ; 

Treis o frut fan es far sett 

fat serekin vertu has at ette, 1016 

fat if man ett in time of an, 

Hunger suld he neuer haf nan ; 

And if he ett of anof er tre, 

suld he neuer thresti be ; 1020 

f e thrid, qua ete o f «t far es, 

He suld haf neue?* werines. 

Of an qua sif en ete at f e last, 

he suld in eild be ai stedfast, 1024 

Sekenes suld he neuer drei, 

Ne neuer mare his bodi dei. 

It es a yard cald o delites 

Wit all maner o suet spices. 1028 

Qua lenges far thar f am noght lang, 

far sune es soft and suet sang, 

Sune of sautes fat far singes. 

Midward fat land a wel springes, 1032 


Of paradise. 

ri^elle me man fat art of lare 
JL quat lande ys paradis and quare 
syn f ou askis me so snelle 
blef ly sir I wille f e telle. 
Pa?*adys ys a preuey stede. 
f er mony mirf es ar and mede. 
f e louelist place of al landes. 
in erf tawart f e est hit standes. 
lande of life of roo of rest, 
wit ioy and blis and mirf is best, 
f er euer ys day and neuer ni^t. 
and euer vmlaide with leme and li^t. 
IF of selynes ys hit wele sene 
f e gresse ys euer i-like grene. 
wif of er blisse fat f er was elles. 
wif mony floures of squete smellis 
trees of frute als ys fare sette. 
fat diuerse vertue has atte ete. 
fat if man ete in time of an. 
hungre sulde he neuer haue nane 
IT and if he ete of anof er tree, 
sulde he neyuer f risty be. 
qua-so ete of f e f rid far ys. 
sulde he neuer haue werines. 1 
of f e firf qua ete at f e laste. E 1 Ms.wermes] 
he sulde in elde ay be stedefaste 
sekenes sulde he neuer drey 
ne neuer mare his body dey. 
IT hit ys a ^arde of delices 
wif al maner of squete spices 
qua lenges f er. far hi??i no^te lange. 
in-to erf f to here sanges. 
for f er ys sonne of santis fat singis 
and euen a-midwarde a welle f er spring/5 




" T j^ell me man wid f i larc, 

JL Quat land es paradis, & quare, 
Sife?^ i here fe fareof spell." 1001 
Gladli, sir, i sal f e nu tell ; 
Paradis es a p?*/ue place, 
Jul of mirth and of solace, 1004 

f e loueliest of all landis ; 
In erd toward f e est it standis, 
Land of lijf, of ro, and rest, 
wid bliss and bote broidin best. 1008 
far euer es day widuten night, 
And vmlaid wid leme of light, 
Of sellines it es wele sene, 
fe griss is euer elike grene ; 1012 

wid all blisses fat far es ellis, 
Floures fat er of suete smellis, 
Treis of fruit fan es far sett, 
fat diners vertu lias to ett, 1016 

fat if man ete in tyme of ane, 
Hunger sal he neuer hauc nane. 
And if he ete of a nope?* tre, 
Xe sal he neuer thristi be ; 1020 

fe thrid qua it etes of fat fere riss, 
Sal he neuer hauc werines. 
Of ane qua-so it etes at f e last, 
He sal in clde be euer stedfast, 1024 

kenes 3al he ueu< r non drey, 
Ke neuer sal his bodi dey. 
It es a?i orichard cald of delijss, [coi. 2] 
wid all suetenes of diners spicijss, 
Qua duellis far thar him noght lang, 
| Boft and suete sang, 1030 

Sous of foul is pd far singes. 
In middes fat land a welle springes, 

of Paradise.] 

To telle man wif f i lore 

AY hat londe is paradis & whore 

Sif we here f erof spelle 

Good hit were for to telle 

Paradis hit is a pro'ue place 

Ful of murf e & of solace 

f e loueliest of alio londes 

Towarde f e eest in erf e hit stondes 

Lond of lif of roo & rest 

"Wif blis & bote broiden best 

f ere euer is day & neuer ny^t 

And al aboute ful of li^t 

Mony vertues fere is sene 

f e erbes euer I-liche grene 

Mony of ere blisses clles 

Floures fat ful swete smelles 

Trees of fruyt of dyuerse mete 

fat dyuerse vertues han to ete 

fat if man ete of er while of oon 

hongur shal he neuer haue non 

If he ete of anof er tre 

Fursti shal he neuer be 

f e f ridde who ctcf more or les 

Shal he neuer banc werynes 

Of oon who so ctcf at f e last 

In oon elde shal lie euer be fast 

Sekenes shal he ueuer noon dreie 

Ke neuer shal his body <]. . 

Hit is an orchards of delii 

Wif al Bwetenes of diuerse spii 

Whosodwellef fere him far not Longe 

I [i i Mini is softe & bwi te oi 

Soud of foulis p"\ p< ro syngef 

I mydde fal lond a welle < f 



pat rennes out wit four strandes, 

Flummes farand in fer landcs ; 

pis flu??zmes four pat par bigi??nes, 

thoru out all oper contres rinnes, 1036 

pe first es tigre and sipen gyon, 1 

sipen eufrates and fison, 1 

J?ei bring o paradis pe stan, 

Sua preciosc cs fundim nan. 1040 

pis pc/?'adis es sett sua hei, 

pat moght neiw flod a;?i par nei, 

For-pi was it o noe node 

Ere pat al pe warld ouer yodd. 1044 

and rynnys for]? wit foure strandis 

forj porou-out pe landes. 

pes strandes foure at per be-gynnys 

porou mony cuntrays hit rynnys. 

5F pe fyrst hatte. tigre. pe toper, ganges. 

pe prid nilus. pe firp eufrates. 

pai bringe of poradys mony a stane 

so precious ys funden nane. 

Jus paradys ys aette so hey 

pat mu^t neuer flode come per ney. 

for-pi was hit at noes flode 

fre quen al pe werlde ouer^ode. 

1T Now es adam in erth stad, 
Wit gress and leues his he clad, 
He suanc and suet and eue his wif, 
Of pe erth to win par lijf, 1048 

Wit mikel suinc was pat J>ai wan, 
For pai war first pat sua bi-gan. 
pe formast barn pat sco him bare, 
Was cairn pe curst, pat ful of care ; 
pat neist was, a quile e-mel, 1053 

An hali child pat hight abell. 
pis abel w r as a blissed blod, [col. 2] 

Bot caim was pe Andes fode; 1056 
Was neue?' warre o moder born, 
For-pi was he wit his for-lorn. 
pis abel was a hird for fee, 
Selcuth hali man was he ; 1060 

Rightwis he Avas, and godds freind, 
And leli gaf he him his tend ; 
And for his offrand was Eightwys, 
Godd tok to quen 2 his sacrifijs. 1064 

1 The words "gyon," "eufrates and fison " ai 

how cayme sloghe abel his broper. 

Now ys adam in erp stadde. viij 
wip gresse and leues ys he clad 
he squank and squat and eue his wife 
of po erp to wyn paire life, 
wip mykil squynk paire mete pai wan. 
for pai ware first at so be-gan. 
p-e formast barne pat ho him bare 
was cayme pe cursed ful of care 
bot sipen ho had as I. 3011 telle, 
a hali childe pat he3t abel. 
IT pis abel was a blesset blode 
and cayme was a deyueles fode 
was neuer worre of moder borne 
for-pi he was wip his for-lorne. 
pis abel was a hird fee. [leaf 9, back] 
selcup haly mon was he 
ri3twys he was and goddes frende 
and lely gaf he hi??i pe tende. 
and for his offerande was so ri^t 
god hit toke wip al his imjt. 

e in a different hand and ink. 2 So in MS. 


fat rennes vte wid four strandes, 
Stremes farand in ferr landis. 
fir stremis four Jj«t far bigines, 
Thoru all of er contres rennes, 
f e first es tyger and ganges, 
Sif en nilus, and eufrates ; 
f ai bring stanis fra paradis, 
Sua precius naquar funden es. 
fis paradis es sett sua hei, 
fat might neuer flod twin far ney, 
For-f i was it fre of noe node, 

fat ren?^ef out of foure stremes 

Passynge into dyue?'se remes 

f ese stremes fat f us fere bigynne 

1036 four3e mony of ere londes fei rynne 
f e firste is tigre wif oaten les 
f en?ze Iuluspigre & eufrates 
fei brynge stones fro paradis 

1040 So preciouse nowhere founden is 
f is paradis is set so he^e 
Mi3te neuer flood com f er ne^e 
Hit was fre of noes node 

fat all fis werld ouer it ^ode. 1044 fat al fis world ones ouer^ede 

Hon caym f e cursed with wid wohw 
His aune brof er abel he slohw. 

Nou es Adam in erd stadd, 
wid griss and leues is he cladd, 
He suanc, and eue his wijf, 
Apon fe erd to win fair lijf ; 1048 
wid mekil suinc was fat f ai wan, 
For f ai were first fat sau bigan. 
f e first child fat euer scho bare, 
was caym fe cursed ful of care ; 1052 
And efter him i wil 311 tell, 
A hali child fat ] light abell. 
fis abell was a blisced blode, 
And caym was f>e feindes fodc, 1056 

neuer were of moder born, 
For-fi was he witt fat for lorn, 
fis abel was a herde of fe, 
Blissed and hali man was lie, 1060 
Eightwia he was, a[n]d goddes freind, 
And treuli gaf he him his tend ; 
And for hi ofFrana was rightwis, [ , f 1 R, p k » 
Gudd toke 1" queme his sacrefis. 1064 


How caym cursed wif wow3e 
Abel his brof ere slow3e 

Now adam is in erf e bi stad 
"Wif gras & leues is he clad 
Sore he swanke & Eue his wif 
Vp on f e erf e to wynne her lif 
Wif mychel swynke was fat fei wan 
fe firste fei were to sawe bigan 
fe firste childe fat en^r she bare 
Was caym cursed ful of care 
And aftir him I wol 3011 telle 
A blessed childe hijt abelle 
fis abel was a blessed blodo 
And caym was fe fendes fode 
Was neuer wors of modir born [if 7, rj 
f erf ore was he after for lorn 
fis abel was an herde of fe 
Blessed & holy man was he 
Ri^twia he was goddes frende 
And fcrewely jaf to him his tende 
For bis offirynge was ri^twise 
(lod payed was of his sacrt 




For eaym gaf him wit iuel will, 
vr louerd loked naght par-till 
J?is caym, pat i of forwifc melt, 
pe tilth pat he wit delt. 1068 

Vntil his broper nith he bare, 
Alias ! pat boghft 1 ] pe sacr/lages sare. 
A-gain abel he raysed strijf, 1071 
Wit murth he did his broiper o lijf ; 
Wit pe chafte ban of a ded has 
Men sais pat par wit slan he was ; 
And quen he had his broiper slan, 
Bi-gan to hid his cors o-nan. 1076 
Bot proued was son his sari pn'de, 
pe bodi moght he nan-gat hide, 
For vnder erth most it not rest, 
pe clai ai vp pat bodi kest.- 1080 

His broiper ded sua wend he dil, 
Bot he moght nourqwar it hil, 
For-pi men sais pat to pis tide 
Is naman pat murth mai hide. 1084 
Quen caym had don pat dreri dide, 
Til his fader hamward he ^eide ; 
Quen he eie a-pon him kest, 
A sighing of his hert brest, 1088 

For mistrauing pan had he son, 
pat he sum wikcudnes hade don ; 
For be his chere he sagh him wrath, 
pat was won to be bitter braith. 1092 
" Sun," he said, " to me pou tell 
Quare has pou left pi broper abell 1 " 
Wit word he answard, sun vn-mild : — 
" Quen was i keper of pi child 1 1096 
Of him can i sai certain nan, 
Bot he to brin his tend bigan." 
A-pon pe feild his fader went 
And soght abel wit al his tent. 1100 


1 The MS. has dogh, bul r 

IT and cayme gaf his. wip il wille 
our lorde. loket no3t bar-tille ^ s fro 4 \ n 6] Laud 
f 1 ffor this tythe that he delt 
Cayme that I. by-fore of melt] 
and til his broper enuy he bare. 
alias pat bo3t he. sacles sare. 
a-gayne abel he raysed strife 
wip-outen gylt raft him his life, 
wip pe cheke of an dede asse 
mon says pat par-wip slayne he was. 
and quen he had. his broper slayne. 
to hide him. he dide his mayne. 
bot proued was sone. his sary pride 
pe body mi^t. he no^t hide, 
vnder erp mi^t he. no3t rest. 
pe clay euer pe body vp kest. 
his broper dede. he walde haue hid. 
no3t for-pi i sone. was hit kidde. 
for-pi men says, vn-til pis tide, 
nys na mon. at dep may hide. 

uen he had done, pat drery dede 
til his fader, hame he 3ede. 
quen he eye. apon him kest. 
a sijynge. of his. hert brest. 
for supposinge. had he sone. 
pat he sum wikketnes had done, 
for bi his chere. him pi^t \\\m wrap. 
to wyte quy. was him no3t lap. 
H Sone he sayde. to me pou telle, 
quar has pou laft. pi broper abel. 
wip wordes he onsquared. vu-mylde 
quen was I keper. of pi childe. 
of him con I say. certayn nane 
bot he to brenne. his tende be-gan. 
IT a-pon pe felde. his fader went. 
and S03t his sone. wip gode entent 


has been inserted later. 


For cayni gaf him wid euil will, 
vr lauerd loked noght far vntill, 
Of f e tilth fat he wid delte. 
fis cay in fat i forwid melte 1068 

vnto his brof er ire he bare, 
Alias fat boght f e sackles far. 
Again abel he raised a strijf, 
w T id murther he broght his broker o lijf, 
w r id f [e] cheke bon of ane asse 1073 
]\Ien say fat abel slain wasse. 
And qnen he had his hvofer slain, 
He wild haue hid his cors onan, 1076 
Bot proued was sone his sori prode, 
fe bodi mith he na gat hide ; 
for vnf er erde might it noght rest, 
fe clay all vp fe bodi kest. 1080 

His brother ded sua wend he dill, 
Bot mith he noquar fat bodi hill j 
For-fi men sais into fis tyde, 1083 
Is no man pat nmrthir may hide. 

Qven he had don fat dreri dede, 
Til his infer hame he ^ede, 
Quen his fafer eie vpon him kast, 
A syhing of his hert vte brast, 1088 
For mistrouing had he fan sone 
fat he sum wickednes had done ; 
For bi his chere he sau him wrath, 
So loked he euer brime and latth. 
"Sun," he said, "to me fu tell 1093 
Quar has fu left fi brof< /• alien" 
He ansuerd wid wordes vn-milde, 
" Quen was i keper of fi childe? 1096 
Of him can i saii f e certain nan, 
Bot he to brine his tyde be-gan." 
vp-on fe foilde his fader went, 1099 
And soght abel wid nil his cntent. 
gGttinm :.\ 

For caym 3af his wif euel willc 
Oure lord loked not fer tille 
For f is tif e fat f ei delt 
Caym fat I tofore of melt 
To his brof ere ire bare 
Alas fat he boi^te sare 
A3eyn abel he roos in strif 
Wif murthere brou3t him of his lif 
Wif a cheke boon of an asse 
Men sayn abel slayn wasse 
Whence Caym had his brofer sloon 
He wolde ha hidde his cors anoon 
But proued was soone his sory pn'de 
fat body nry^te he no weye hyde 
For vndir erf e my3te hit not reste . 
f e clay vp f e body kest 
His brof er deef he wende stille 
But my3te he not fe body hille 
f erf ore men say 3itt to fis tide 
Is noon fat longe murf ere may hide 
When he had done fis dcolful dede 
To his fadir hoom he 3ede 
Whence his fadir e3e on him cast 
A sikyng of his hert out brast 
For mystrowynge had he soone 
fat he su??i wicked <l<de had done 
For bi his cheer he say him wroof 
So loked he ewer bremc & loof 
Son he seide to me fou tel 
Where hastou done f i brof er abel 
He vnswered wordes were vnmylde 
Whenwe was I keper of fi childe 
Tif ing of him con I telle noon 
To brenree his tife he bigon 
Vpon fe felde his fadir went 
To sechc Abel wif his entent 
i i;i.\i i v 


pe fader and pe moder bath [lears.coi. i] 
to blam \>xi broiper was pam laith 1102 
Bituixand pei pe southc had sene, 
O thing pai wist noglit bot a wene ; 
pai thoght pat kynd him mond for-bede 
To haf don suilk a nogli dede ; 
pis ded had euer i-wis ben hidd, 
If god him-self ne had it kydd. 1108 
Bot sua to scap moght he noght 
Era drightin pat all had wroght ; 
He pat flemed first adam 
For an appul bit allan, 1112 

Ne hope i noght he wil him feign, 
pat he ne sal cairn dede a-teign ; 
And he will pat he bii pe vttrage, 
pat murperhed sua is ane yniage. 1116 
He wend a scaped par- wit-all e, 
pat nan him cuth ne clepe ne cale. 

pe fader and pe moder bape 

to blame po broper. was ham lape 

bi-twix pai had. pe sop sene 

of pinge pai wiste no3t. bot a wene. 

pai pc^t at kynde. him walde for-bede 

for-til do suche an vncu?>/ly dede 

pis dede had euer-mare bene hid 

ne god him-self nad hit kid 

bot so to scape, imjt he no3t. 

fra pat lorde. at alle has wrojt. 

IF he pat flemed. first adam. 

for an appil. bitte allane. 

hope I 1103k he wil him faynt 

pat he ne sal. caym sone a-taynt 

and pyne him f for his grete outrage 

pat mirperret so. his awen linage. 

he wende he sulde. haue scapet al. 

pat na mon snide him clepe ne cal. 

Bot par-wit com our creature 
For to spek wit pat traiture. 
pat murth and pat treson, 
He did pat traittur to reson. 
" Caym ware es pi broiper abell 1 
" I wat nener," said he, pat fell, 
" Ask his fader now ware he be, 
For he was not bi-taght to me." 
" Bot tell me suith, sir cayn, 
TVy has pou pi broiper slain? 
His blod on erth seed lijs, 
Efter wrak to me it crijs. 
It fines not at wrak to cri, 
For to sceu pe felu?my. 
Thoru pe wark sa ful a plight, 
erth pou sal be maledight 


[God speaks to Cain, and curses him.~\ 

bot par-wip come our creatour 
1120 for-to speke. wip pat traytour. 
of pat myrper and pat tresoun. 
pat dide pat traitowr wip tresou?^ 

Cayme quere ys pi broper abel 
I. note neuer sa} r de pat felle. 
aske his fader qnere he be 
for he was nener be-ta3t me. 
tel me squipe sir cayme 
1128 quy hastow pi broper slayne. 

his Mode on erp hit shed hit ys 
ofter ve?/iaunce hit cryes .1. wys. 
hit fines no3t wrake to cry. 
1132 for-to shew pi felony, 
for pi werk and stile, 
erp pou sal cursed be. 


pe fafer and pe moder bath, icoi. 2] 
To blame pe broker was pai??i latli 
Bituix and pai pe soth had sene 1103 
Thing pai wist noght both in wene ; 
Jjaim thoght fat kind hiinwoldforbede, 
To haue done suilk a curced dede. 
His dede i wis had euer ben hid, 
warn iesu him-self had it kid, 1108 
Sua to schape might he noght, 
Fra mithful god pat all has wroght. 
He pat flemed first adam, 
For an appil bit pat he nam, 1112 
Ne trou i noght he wald him feine, 
pat he ne wald cairn dede a-teine ; 
And he wil fat he by pe vtrage, 1115 
fat murtherrt sua his aun ymage, 
He wend to haue schapid par-wid-all, 
pat nan him suld clepe ne call. 

pe fadir & pe modir hope 

To blame Caym w r ere ful lope 

Til pat pei pe sope had seene 

Of ping pei wist not but bi wene 

Hem pou^te kynde him wolde forbede 

To haue done so cursed a dede 

His dede had euer ben hid 

]Sadde God him self hit kid 

Hit to hide my3te he nou3t 

For god pat al \vr0u3t 

He pat furste flemed Adam 

For fat appel fat he nam 

He nolde not him self fayne 

But Caymes dede fully atteyne 

And he wol fat men bie fe outrage 

fat murperep so his owne ymage 

He wende to haue scaped wif al 

For any momzes clepe or cal 

[God sj)ealcs to Cain, and curses him.] 

Bot pan com vr aun creature But feime coom oure makere 

To speke wid pat fals traiture, 1120 To speke wip pat traitoure pcre 

Of pat morp & pat tresoun 
He dud pat traitour to aresoun 
IT Caym where is pi broprr Abel 
Certis he seide I con not tel 
Aske his fadir wher he be 
For he was not bitakc to me 
God seide tel me & not laync 

Of pat murth and pat tresun, 

He did pat traitur till resun. 

" Caym, quer es pi hwfcr abel ] " 

" I wot," he said, " i can noght tell, 

Aske his fader quore he be, 1125 

For he was noght bitan to me." 

11 Bot tell me suith pat pu 11 e lain, 

Qui has pu pi broker nu slain? 1128 Whi liastou pi broker slavne 

His blod on erde sched it lijs, His blood on erpe shed hit is 

And eftei wrake to me it crijs. And aftir wreche eriep I wia 

It fines noght wrake to crij, Hit lenep not wreche to crye 

For to schcu pi ill felonni, 1132 For to Bhewe pi felonye 

Thorn pi wrake Btia ful of plight, For pi synful weri 

Erd pu sal 1 <• Tin maledight, Erpe p<<u shalt now cursed be 

(■"I ri\. TRIN1 1 v 


pat rescued pi broker blode ; 

Wit pine it sal pe 3eild pi fode, 1136 

For pe mikel felu?iny ; 

pi wete sal bi-com 3i3anny. 

In-sted o pi noper sede, 1139 

Ne sal pe groue bot thorne and wede. 

For pi nedeles wickedhede, 

pou sal lede eue?* pi lijf in nede ; 

pi derfli dede has liknes nan, 

Of all dedes it es vttan. 1144 

Openlik i tell pe here 

pou sal it bi ful selcuht dere. 

For pof i wald for-giue it pe, [col. 2] 

It es nogtlit worpi for-giuen be. 1148 

To quat contre sum pat pou wend. 

Sal pou naman find to frend. 

Bituix quat lede sum pat pou lend, 

Euer sal pou and pine bi kend. 1152 

"Wit all pou sal bi halden vile, 

Qwar-sa pou wendes in exile. 

Mi handewark als egges me 

pat i sal tak wrak on pe. 1156 

For hou sal ani herthli flesche 

lende wit pe in sikernese, 

Qnen felauscipe ne broiperhede 1159 

Mought te drau fra felon dede ^ " 

^[ Caym sagh his sin was knaud, 

And wist pat pe erth had scaud, 1162 

And sagh p«t gainsau was par nan, 

And answard til ouer lauerd on-nan. 

"Lauerd," he said, " now see i well 

Mi sin me has scit in vnsell. 

I am ouertan wit sli treson 

pat i agh not to haf pardon. 1168 

I sal be flemed for mi sin 

In vncuth land to won ai in. 


pat resceyuct pi broptfr blode. 

wip pyne hit sal 3ilde pe pi fode. 

for pi grete felone 

pi quete darnel sal hit be. 

In-stede of pi nope?- sede 

hit sal pe here pome and wede. 

for-pi nedeles hide pou pi heued 

pou sal lede euer pi life in nede. E5' ^ 6 L -] aud 

[ x Thy dredefulle dede hath no make 

Of alle dedis yt is out-take] 

oponly I say pe here. 

pou sal bye hit selcoup dere. 

for if I. walde for-gif hit pe. 

hit nys 1103 1 worpi so to be. 

to quat contre e so pou wende 

sal pou na mon fynde pi frende 

In quat place so pou wil lende 

euer sal pou and pine be kende. 

wip al pou sal be halden vile 

quare-euer pou comys in exile. 

My hande-w r erke als egges me. 

pat I. sal take wreke on pe. 

for how sulde any erply flesse 

wende wip pe in sicurenesse. 

quen felaw-shepe and broper-hede [ino] 

ne mi3t pe drawe fra felouvz dede 

cayme sawe wele as god walde 

at pe erp had hit talde. 

and sawe pat gaynesaw was \er nane 

and til our lorde onsquared o-nan. 

IT lorde he saide now se I. wele 

my synne me has bro3t in dele. 

I am oue?'-tane in fowle feloun 

pat I. awe no3t. to haue pardouw. 

I sal be flemet. for my synne. 

In vncoupe lande. my mete to wyn. 




pat sua rescyued pi broder blod, 

Wid piiie it sal pe jeild pi fode ; 1136 

For pi mekil felonie-, 

pi whete sal bicu??z ^armije. 

Instede of pin oper sede, [leaf 9, col. 1] 

JSTe sal pe grou bot thorn awd wede ; 

For pi ill wreched-hede, 11-11 

pu sal lede euer pi liif in node ; 

pi dredeful dede has liknes nan, 

Of all dedis it is vte-tan ; 1144 

Certainli i tell pe here, 

pu sal it bi ful selli dere, 

For pou i wild forgiue it pe, 

It es noght worthi forgiue?^ be. 1148 

To quat contre so pu wend, 

Sal pu na man find to freind ; 

Bituix quat lede sua p\i lend, 

Euer sal pu and pin be kende. 1152 

Wid all pu sal biholden vile, 

Quar pu wendis in exile. 

Mi handwerk pus egges me, 

pat i sal take vengans on pa, 115G 

For hou suld ani erdli fless 

Duelle w r id pe in sikirness, 

Quen felauschip and broperhede 

]S r e milit pe drau fra foulhede?" 1160 

Caym sau his simie w T as knaued, 
And JK/t pe erde had it schauede, 
And sau pat gain-saying was nan, 1 163 
vr lauenl he ansuerd Bone on-ane, 
"Lauenl," he said, " nou so i wele, 
Mi simic hath sett me in vnsele, 1 166 
I am oner-tan wid suilk tresnm, 
I am noght worthi to haue pardon. 
I sal be denied for mi sinne, 1169 
In vnknann land to duel] ine, 

001 ii\',i.\ 

pat so receyued pi brope?*e blode 
Wijj pyne lii[t] sbal pe ^elde pi fode 
For pi muchel felonye [leaf 8] 

pis whete shal wexe cokul hye 
In stude of pin opere sede 
pe shal not growe but porne & wede 
For pin euel wrecched hede 
pou shalt euer lede pi lif in nede 
pi dredeful dede hap no make 
Of alle dedis hit is out take 
Sikurly I telle pe here 
pou shal hit bye ful selly dere 
For pou^e I wolde foi^yue hit pe 
Hit is not worJ>i for^yuen to be 
To what cuntre so pou wende 
Shal pou. no man fynde pi frende 
Among what folke pat pou abide 
pou & pine be knowen shul wyde 
wip alle shal pou be holden vile 
where pou wendes in exile 
My hondewerke pus eggep me 
pat I shal take vengeau?<ce on pe 
For how shulde any erpely flesshe 
Dwelle wip pe in sikerncs 
\Vlien?ie feloushepe & hvoperhede 
Mi3tc pe not kepe fro foul dede 
IT Caym say his synne was knowed 
And pat pe evpe liad hit showed 
He wist a^eyn saying was noon 
Oure lord he vnswered Bone pou 
lord he seide now se 1 wele 
My synne hap set me in vnsele 
I am ouer lake wij) sich tresoun 
1 am not worpi to haue pardonn 
I shal be flemed foi my synne 
Vnkond lond to dwelle [nne 
Tin mi v 


Iii vncuth lede sal end mi wa, 1171 
Quen )>ai me fin J?ai wil me sla. 
Sua ferr i wat i sal be fled 
God gaue now fat i ware ded ! " 1174 
"j^ai," said our louerd, "it beis not 
All fat fe sees sal fe not sla. L sua > 
Bot i sal seit on Jri mi merk, 1177 
fat al sal see to red als clerk. 
Sal nan sa bald be fe to sla, 
Bot f'\ falshede to were Jjam fra. 1180 
In takinni??g als o f\ penance 
fe sal be send a lang meschance." 
Que?i adam abel bodi fand 1183 

For soru on fote mogbt lie nogbt stand ; 
To beriing J?ai his bodi bare 
Adam and eue wit-outen mare. 1186 
J>is es J)at man men sais was born 
Bath his fader and moder be-forn. 
He had his eldmoder maiden-hede, 
And at his erthing all lede. 1190 

A hundrith winter of his Hue 
Fra J?an f or-bar adam his viue. I 1 ms. siaym] 
for soru of abel fat was slayn, 1 ^Jfij** 
til comforth was him sent agayn, 
Wit bod- word, fat wasbroghtfraheuen, 
Bad him thoru an angel steuen, 1196 
J>at he suld wit his wijf yete mete, 
For ur lord had aghteld yete 
A child to rais of his oxspring, 
fat all suld oute o baret bring : 1200 
He fat suld sauue al folk of sin : 
Suld noght be born of kaym kin. 
IF Wit Jns was born an hali child, 
Seth fat meke was and mild ; 1204 
O quil man fat crist him cam 
Ful fer to tell fro first Adam. 


In vncouj) lede sal ende my wa. 
quen J)ai me fynde. ]?ai sal me sla. 
so ferre I wate. I sal be fedde. 
god lefe now. ]>at I. ware dede. 
nay sayde our lorde. hit nys no3t sa 
al J?at fe sees, sal fe no^t sla. 
bot I salle sette on fe my merke. 
pat alle sal se f J>at ys clerke. 
sal nane be balde ( . fe to sla. 
bot j)i fals-hede f to were ham fra. 
In takenynge of. Jri penaunce. 
fou salle haue a lange meschaunce 

auen adam abel body fande. 
for sorow. mi3t he no3t stande. 
to byry Ms body. J?ai hit bare 
adam and eue. wij) myche care 
J>is ys fe man. men says was borne 
baj) his fader and moder be-forne 
he had his eldmoder mayden-hede 
and at his erjmige al lede. 
an hundre winter, of his life. 
and J?en for-bare. adam his wife, 
for sorow of abel. J>at was slayne 
til confort. was him sende agayne. 
fra our lorde. crista of heyuen. 
wij) an angel, of bri^t steyuen. 
and bad he salde wij> his wyf dele 
hit sulde him turne. to myche wele. 
a childe to rayse of his ospringe. 
]>at al sulde out of baret bringe. 
he J>at sulde saue folk of kyn. 
sulde no3t be borne, of cayme kyn. 
11 wij? ]?is was borne, an haly childe. 
fat hatte Seth. meke and mylde. 
of quilk childe crist him come, 
sa ferre to telle, haue I. na tome. 



In vncuth lede sal end mi wa, 

Quen fai nie find fai wil me sla. 1172 

So ferr i wat i sal be fledd, 

God gaf nou pat i war dede." 

"Nai," said vr lauerd, "bes it noght so, 

All pat pe se sal fe noght slo, 1176 

Bot i sal sett on f e mi merke, [col. 2] 

All sal it se to rede als clerk ; 

Sal nan be so bald f e to sla, 

Bot fi falshed sal were J>aim fra. 1180 

In takening of pi penance, 

Ye sal be lent a lang mischance. 

aven adam abel bodi fand, 1183 
For sorn on fote miht he noht 
To birijing fai his bodi bare, [starcd. 
Adam and eue widnten mare ; 
f is es fat man men sais was born, 
Bath his taper and mofcr biforn, 1188 
He had his eldemoderis maidenhed, 
And at his birijng all maner lede. 
An hundrid wirater fra his lijf 
Adam fan forbar his wijf, 1192 

For soru of abel put was slain, 
Till confort was sent him again. 
fe bodword him cam fra heuen, 1195 
J>at bad him thoru an angel steuen, 
J>at he Bold wid his wijf mete, 
For vr lauerd had ordained ^oit 
A child to rise in his ospringe, 
fat all suld vte of baret bringe. 1200 
He fat suld saue all folk fra sine, 
Suld noght be born of eaym kin. 
Q,vid pia was born a hali child, 
Seth, pais was bath meke and milde, 
( If quam fat orist him self cam, ! 205 
Ful fei to tell fra first adam. 

«,ui PING1 N 

In vnkouf e lond slial ende my wo 
Whence Jei me fynde f ei wol me slo 
So fer I woot I shal be fled 
God wolde now I were deed 
Nay saide oure lord be]? hit not so 
Al pat pe seep shal not pe slo 
But I shal sette on pe my merk 
Alle shul hit se to rede as clerk 
Shal noon be so bolde pe to slo 
But f i falshede to wite hem fro 
In token of f i lastynge penau?zce 
pe shal be lent a long mischamzce 

Whence Adam abelles body fond 
For sorwe a fote myjt he not 
To burie fei his bodi bere [stond 

Adam & eue wif outen fere 
Jris is pe mon men seyn was born 
Bof e his fadir & modir biforn 
He hadde his eldermoder maydenhede 
And at his buryinge al maner lede 
A hundride wynW fro fis strif 
Adam f en??,e forbare his wif 
For sorwe of Abel fat was slayfi 
Til cou?»fort was sent hiwi a^ayfi 
Bode word cam him fro heuen 
And bad him by an au??gels steuen 
pat he shulde wif his wif mete 
For oure lord had ordej Qed 3ete 
A childe to rise iii his ospringe 
bat mony shnlde out of bale bringe 

he fat shulde sane fe folk l'lo syune 

Shulde not be born of caymes kynne 
H Here aftii was born an holy childe 
Seeth pat was bofe meke & mylde 
( If whom crisl him Beluen cam 

Kul fer i" telle fro fin 1 Adam 




Jns child was godds pWue frend, 

Lclli yald he him his teind ; 1208 

He yald him al J?at him be-houed ; 

His brewer als him-self he loued. 

Eue for abel thoght ful fair 1211 

bat god had sent hir suilk an air 

For abel, J>at sco wist wit wogh 

Jjat caym his aghen broker slogh. 

IT Vs tells of ad am his stori ; 

.0 suns fat he had thirtti, 1216 

And he had doghtres als fel, 

,Wit outen caym and abel. 

Jje sister giuen was to fe broker, 1219 

fe lagh moght certayn be non oper ; 

Sua wald drightin, and behoued nede 

To do Jjair kin al for to sprede. 

IT Vnseli caym fat ai was saked, 1223 

"Wit god and man fan was he hatted, 

He als-sua wit his oxspring ; 

Jjai luued our lauerd nan-kin thing, 

For J)ai him warryd wit wickud dedis. 

He Jjam for-soke in al fer nedis. 1228 

To wrik J?are wik wil Jmi thoght, 

Agh of him na stod j)am noght. 

Jiat boght J?ai sij?en wijf and barn, 

wit water ware J?ai all for-farn, 1232 

Als 3ee sal here how hit bi-fell 

Que?z i of noe nod sal tell ; 

For all war ille and nan war gode, 

Jjei drunkend all in fa flode. 1236 

De fine Ade & oleo misericordie 

[heading of leaf 9] 

J> is childe was goddis pmiey frende 
lely 3alde he him his tendo. 
he ^alde him alle. Jjat him bo-houed. 
his broker als him-self he loued. 
his moder J?onket. god ful fayre. 
for abel. ho had suche an nayre. 
fa quylk was dede. with myche woghe 
be cayme his hrofer. ]?at him sloghe. 
"s telles of adam Jus story, 
of sones he had ful Jjretty. 
and he had doghters als fele 
wijj-outen cayme and abel. 
fe suster gyuen. was to fe broker. 
fe laghe J?at time, mu^t be na no];er. 
so walde criste. J>at hit ware nede. 
for-to make Jmre kyn to sprede. 

Vn-sely cayme £at was for-saket. 
of god and mon was he hatet. 
he and alle his osspringe. 
for-^ete god in mony-kyn J>inge. 
fa\ wra]?et him. wij) wikked rede 
he ham for-soke in alle Jiare nede 
to wirk ]?aire wilde wil. jjai Jwt 
aghe of him ne stode ham no^t. 
Jjat. bo3t Jjai sij^en. wife and barne. 
wijj water ware J?ai. al for-farn e. 
als 3e sal here, and 3c wille dwelle. 
quen I. of noe. node salle telle. 
[ l ffor alle were eville & none goode 
They drenchide alle in noies floode] 

[} from Laud MS. 41G] 

of fe oile of merci. 

[ta margin] 

1F Adam had pastd nine hundret yere, A dam was aide, ix hundre 3ere. 

XjL na 

Nai selcut J>of he wex vn-fere. 


meruayle if he was vnfere. 



pis child was goddes priue frend, 
Treuli ^eild he him his teind, 1208 
He 3eild him all pat him bihoued, 
His broper as him-self he loued, 
Eue for abel thoght fill fair, 1211 

pat godd had sent paim suilk an air, 
For abel was paini wa enogh, 
pat caym liis aun broder slogh. 

Of adam als tellis pe stori, P^ftj*' 
pat he sonis had thritti, 1216 
And of doghtris alsua felle, 
w T idnten cairn and abell. 
pe sister was giuen pan til pe broder, 
pe lau pat time mith be nan ope?* • 
Sua wild god and bihouid nede, 1221 
To do pair kind forto sprede. 
Unseli caym pat was forsakid, 
w r id godd and man was he hatid, 
And he alsua wid his ofspring 1225 
"Luued vr lauerd non kincs thing. 
For pai him greued wid pair dedis, 
He paim forsoke in all pair nedis, 
To do pe ille wele pai soglit, 1220 
A ue of him ne stod paim noght, 
pat boght paim sipe;i wijf and barn. 
w T id watir w r ar pai all forfarn, 1232 
Aid 3e sal here as it bifell, 
Of noe node qnen i sal tell, 
For all' were ill & neuer an gode, 
pai drenkled all in noe flodf. 123G 

pis childe was goddes frend e 

And truly }af to him his tende 

He 3af him al pat him bihoued 

His breper as him he loued 

Eue poi^te here of ful fair 

pat god wolde sende hem suche an eir 

For Abel was hem woo ynou^e 

pat kaym so his bropere slo^e 

Of Adam tellep pis story 

pat he sones had pritty 

And dou^teres also fele to telle [if s, bk] 

Wipouten caym and A belle 

pe suster was 3yuen to pe broper 

pe lawe pen?ae my^te be noon oper 

So wolde god hit moste nede 

To do oure kynde for to sprede 

H Vnsely caym pat was in hate 

wip god & mon at foul debate 

ISouprr he ne his osprynge 

Loued oure lord no maner pinge 

For pei him greued in her dedis 

He hem forsoke in al her nedis 

To do pe euel myche pei soi^t 

Awe of him stood pei noi^t 

pat bou3te pei aftir wif & childe 

Wip watir were pei drenched wilde 

As 3c shul here how hit bifel 

Of noe flood when I shal tel 

For alle were curl & none node 

p<i drenched alle in noe- [lode 

Of adam ending telle wil i, Of Adames endyng telle wol I. 

And als of pe oile of merci. And of J?e oyle of mercy. 

dam had passidnien hundred 3er; A dam pari nyne hundride $ore 

Na woofer pou he wex vnfcr, Jt\. No wondur j^i he wei vnfere 




For-wroght wit his hak and spad [col. 2] 

Of him-self he wex al sad. 1240 

He lened him fan a-pon his hak, 

Wit seth his sun f us gat he spak : — 

" Sura," he said, " fou most now ga 

To paradis fat i com fra 1244 

Til cherubin fat [es] fe yateward." 

" Yai, sir, wist i wyderward 

fat tat vncuth contre ware, 

Jon wat fat i was neuer fare." 1248 

f us he said, " i sal f e sai 

How-gate f ou sal tak f e wai ; 

Toward f e est end of f is dale 

Find a grene gate foil sale ; 1252 

In fat way sal f ou find forsoth 

f i moders and mine our bather slogh, 

Foluand thoru fat gresse gren, 

fat euer has sifen ben gren, 1256 

fat we com wendand als vn-wis 

Quew we war put o paradis 

vn-to f is wreched warld slade, 

far i first me self was made ; 1260 

Thoru f e gretnes of our sin 

Moght na gres groue sifen f ar-in ; 

f e falau slogh sal be f i gate 

paradis right to f e yate." 1264 

" Fader," he said, " sai me f i will, 

Quat sal i sai fat angel till 1 " 

" f ou sal him tell .1. am vnfere, 

For I haue liued so mani a yere, 1268 

Ai in strijf and soruuing stad, 

fat o mi lijf I am al sad ; 

f ou prai him fat he word me send 

Quen I sal o fis werld wend ; 1272 

Anof er erand sal far be, 

fat he wald send me word wit f e, 


for wro3t wif his hak and spad 

of him-self he wex al sadde. 

he lened him doun a-pon his hake. 

til seth his sone. f us gates he spake. 

sone he saide. f ou most ga. 

to paradys f er I. come fra. 

til cherubin fat ys ^atewarde. 

^e sir wiste I. quidder-warde. 

f e contray ys to me ful bare. 

and I ne was neyuer ^et fare. 

IT sone he sayde .1. sal f e say. 

how-gate f ou sal take f i way. 

towarde f e est ende of fis dale. 

finde a grene gate, f ou sale. 

In fat way sal f ou finde for-sof . 

f i moders and Myne our baf er slof . 

f e gresse ys falow on f e grene. 

and euer siben has hit bene. 

Y [i leaf 10, bk] 

1 f er we come gangande als vnwise 

quen we ware putte of paradise. 

vn-to fis werlde slade. 

f er my-selfe was first made. 

we 3ode apon hit ofter our synne. 

sifen grew na gresse f er-in. 

fat gresse sal teyche f e f i gate. 

ri}t to paradise 3ate. 

IT fader he saide say me f i wiile 

what sal I. say fat angel tille 

fou sal him tel I. am vn-fere. 

I. haue lyued so mony a 3ere. 

ay in strife and sorou stadde 

fat of my life I. am ful sadde. 

fou pray fat he me worde sende 

out of fis werlde quen I. sal wende 

an of er erande sal f er be. 

fat he walde sende me worde with f e. 



All for wroght wid his spade, 

Of his lijf he wex all made. 1240 

Apon his spade his breist he laid, 

To seth his sune J>is word he said, 

" Sun," he said, " f e bus ga 

To paradis fat i cam fra, 1 244 

To cherubin f e 3ateward." 

" 3a, sir, wist i quef irward, 

fere fat vncuth contre ware, 1247 

^e wat wele fat i was neuer fare." 

"3eis," he said, " i sal fe tell and say, 

Hugat fu sal ta f i right way, 

Tilward f e est end of f e dalle, [coi. 2] 

A grene gate find fu sale, 1252 

In fat way sal yu find forsoth 

f i mojvr and my/? of er brofe>' sloth. 

Foluand thorn fat griss greene,- 

fat euer has ben syden seno, 1256 

far we cam wendand as vnwise, 

Quen we war put fra paradise 

Ynto f is worldes wreched slade, 

far i mi-self first was made ; 1200 

Thorn f e mekilnes of vr sin 

Might na griss grou far in ; 

fat falu slow sal be fi gate, 

Fra faim to paradis fe $ate." 12G4 

" Fadir," he said, "sai me fi will, 

Quat sal i say fat angel vntill?" 

'•fu sal him say i ;im vnfere, 

For i haue liuede so mani a ^ere, 12G8 

Ay in strijf and soru stadd, 

fat wid mi lijf' i wax all mad, 

fu prai him pat word me Bend, 

Quen i s;d fra fis world wend. 1272 

Anofer erand sal par be, 

I • he wild Ben 1 me word bi ff, 


Al for wroujte wif his spade 

Of his lif he wex al made 

Vpon his spade his brest he leide 

To Seth his son f us he seide 

Son he seide f ou most go 

To paradis fat I coom fro 

To cherubyn fat ^ateward 

fat kepef f £ates swif e hard 

Seth seide to his fadir fere 

How stondef hit fadir & where 

I shal f e telle he seide to say 

How f ou shal take f e ri^t way 

Towarde f e eest ende of f e ^ondwr vale 

A grene weye fynde f ou shale 

In fat weye shal fail fynde & se 

fe steppes of fi modir & me 

For welewed in fat gres grene 

fat euer sif f en haf ben sene 

f ere we coom goynge as vnwise 

\Vhen??e we were put fro paradise 

Into fis ilke wrecched slade 

f/?re my self first was made 

For f e greetnes of oure synne 

IM i 3 1 sif fen no gras growe perynne 

fat same wol fe lede fi gate 

Fro hennea to paradis jate 

He Beide fadir say me fi will" 
What shal I say fe aungel tille 
foil shal him save T am vnwelde 

For longe lyued am I in elde 

And bo iu strif & Borwe Btad 

fr/t forwery I wex al mad 

fou hi/// pi»ye sum word me Bende 

Whenne I Bhal fro fis world wende 

Anojx /• eronde Bhal fere be 

f*7t lie me Bende worde bi be 



Quedir fat I sal liaue it in hij 
J>e oile me "was hight o mcrci, 127G 
f e tim fat i lest paradis \ 
Well i knau now mi folijs, 
A-gain godds wil haue i wroght, 
And fat su?tt-del haue .1. now boght; 
]\Ii soru lias ai sifen ben neu, 1281 
Nou war it time o me to reu." 
Seth went him forth wit-oute?* nai 
To paradis fat ilk way. 1284 

1 f e slogth he fand fat him gan wiss 
tilward f e 3ate of paradis ; \} leaf o, col. i] 
Quew [he] f ar-of son had a sight, 
Al was he gloppend for fat light ; 
fe mikel light fat he sagh far 1289 
A brennand fire he wend it ware. 
He seuid him, als his fader badd, 
And :$ode forth and was noght raadd. 
fis angel at fe jatte he fand 1293 
And asked him of his errand. 
Seth fen sette him spell o-nend 
And tald him warfor fat he was send, 
Tald him of his fader care, 1297 

Als he him taght sum yee herd are, 
to send him word wen he suld dei, 
to liue moght he na langar drei ; 1300 
And wen fat drightim had him tight 
To send him f e oile fat he him hight. 
Qlle?^ cherubin fis errand herd 
Mikelik he him answard : 1304 

" Ga to f e 3atte," he said, " and lote 
f i lied inwar, f i self wit-outte, 
And tent to thinges at f i might 
fat sal be sceud vn-to fi sight." 1308 
Queii seth a quil had loked in, 
He sagh sua mikel welth and win, 


quefo* I. sal liaue hit 03t in hyo 

f c oyle me was he3t of mercy 

fe time fat I. left paradise 

wele I. knaw now my folise. 

a-gayne goddis wille I. wrc^t. 

and fat sumdel haue I. now bo^t. 

my sorou has ay bene si fen now. 

now ware time of me to rewe. 

IF Seth went forf wit-outen nay. 

to pa?'adys fe ri^t way. 

f e slof he fande fat him con wis. 

vn-to f e yate of paradys. 

quen he f ar-of had a si3t. 

he was gloppenet of fat h^t. 

f e mykil li3t fat he saw fare. 

a brennande fire he wende hit ware 

and saynet him als his fader bad. 

forf he 3ode and was no3t drad. 

fis angel at f e 3ate him fande 

and asked him of his errande. 

Seth him sette spel on ende 

and talde quar-fore he was sende 

and talde him of his fader care 

als he him ta3t as 3e herde are. 

to sende him worde quen he sulde dey 

for langer liue mii^t he 1103 1 drey. 

and quen fat lorde myclie of n^t 

walde sende him oyel fat he hi3t. 

quen cherubin fis missage herde. 

IMildely he him fan vnsquerede. 

ga to f e 3ate he sayde and loute 

f i heued wif-in. fi body wif-oute 

and tent to f inges wif fii mi^t. 

fat salle be shewet to fi si^t. 

quen seth a quyle had loket in 

he sagh mykel welfe and wyn. 



For i sal haue it vte in hey, 1275 

fat me was higlit f e oile of m?/*ci, 

fat time f «t i left paradijs, 

And left it thoru mi folis. 

Egain goddes will fat i had wroght ; 

Sum dele nu i haue it boght : 1280 

Mi sora has ay ben syden neu, 

Nou Avar it time on me to rem" 

Seth went forth widuten nay, 

To paradis fat ilke day, 1284 

f e sloth he fand fat gan him wise, 

Till fat he cam at paradise. 

Quen he f arof had a sight, 

He was al dredand of fat light ; 1288 

Suilk a light as he sau fare, [ieafio,eoi.i] 

A brinand fir he wend it ware, 

He blissed him as his fader badd, 

And went forth & was noght radd. 

fis angel at fe jate lie fand, 1293 

And asked him of his erand. 

Seth fan sett him spell onende, 

And teld him quarfor fat lie was send, 

Teld him of hijs faderia care, 1297 

Alfl lie him taght, and 30 herd are, 

To send him word que?* he sal dei, 

Langer to Hue may he noght drei ; 

And quen fat godd him had tight, 

f e oyle of merci fat he him hight. 

Quen cherubin his erand herde, 1303 

Mekeli he fan him ansuerde, 

" (la to 30 3ate," he said, "and loute 

fi hefd widin, fi bodi wid vie, 1306 

And tent to thinges wid al fi mith, 

fat sal be Bcheud vnto \\ 1 ight." 

Qum seth ;i quile had lokid in, 

II" Ban sua mekil welth and win 1310 


Wher I shal haue hit o^t in hye 

f at me w r as het f e oyl of mercye 

Whence I was dryuen fro paradis 

And lost hit bi my foly nys 

A^eyn f e wille of god I wrou^t 

Somdel I haue hit boU3t 

Mi sorvve haf euer sifen be ncwe 

Now were hit tyme on me to re we 

H Seth went forf wif outen nay 

To paradis f e same day 

He fonde f e steppes him to wise 

Til he coom to paradise 

Whenne he f erof had a si^t 

He was aferde of fat li^t 

So greet li3t he say fere 

A brennynge fire he wende hit were 

He blessed him as his fadir bad 

And went forf & was not drad 

f e au??gel at f e jate he fond 

He asked him of bis erond 

Seeth set tale on ende [leaf 9] 

And tolde whi lie was sendc 

lie t<»l<l<' him of liis fadir care 

And of his eldc & of his fare [deie 

But sende hi/// worde whenne lie shal 

Longer to lyue may he not dre3e 

And w r hen??e god had him riijt 

f e oyle of mercy fat was hi^t 

Whenne cherubin his eroonde herde 

Mekely he him vnswerde 

To ponder jate \nm go & loute 

fi heed wifinne fi bodi wifonte 

And toil'' to fingea wiji a] p\ my^t 
fat slml be shewed to fi si;t 
Whenne Beth a while had Loked In 
I [e ij • > mychel wele & wyn 



It es in erth na tmig may tell, 1311 

pat flour, fat frutte, put suette smell, 

blifl and ioy sua mani thing ; 

In middes pe land he sagh a spring 

Of a well fat es vtcnemes, 1315 

fat oute of ran four gret stre??imes ; 

Gyson, fison, tigre, eufrate, 

f is four mas al f is erth wate ; 

Out-ouer pat well fan lokes he, 

And sagh far stand a mikel tre, 1320 

Wit braunches fel, o bark al bare, 

Was far na leue on, less na mare. 

Seth bigan to thine for-qui 

fat fis tre bi-com sua dri ; 1324 

f e steppes vmthoght he fan 

fat l welud war for sin of man j t l MS. J>ait] 

fat ilk schil did him to min 

fis tre was dri for ada?w sin. 1328 

He com fan to pat angel scene, 

And sceud him al fat he had sene ; 

Quen he his sight al had him tald, [coi. 2] 

He badd him eft ga to be-hald. 1332 

He loked in eft and stod f er-oute, 

And sagh f e thing fat gart him doute ; 

fis tre, fat i of for-wit said, 

A neddur hit hade al vmbilaid. 1336 

Cherubin, fat angel blyth, 

Bad him ga lok f e thrid syth ; 

fis tre was of a mikel heght, 1339 

Him tlioght fan, at f e thrid sight, 

fat to f e sky it raglit f e toppe ; 

A new born barn lay in f e croppe, 

Bondon wit a suef elband, 

far him tlioght it lay suelland ; 1344 

He was al ferd wen he pat sei 

And to f e rotte he kest his he, 


fat in erf na tonge may telle. 

of floures frute and squete smelle 

of blis and ioy sa mony f inge. 

In middes f e lande he saw a springe. 

of a welle wif-outen mys. 

per-out ran foure stremys 

fison. gison. tigre. eufrate. 

f es foure makis al fis erf wate. 

out of fat welle loket he. 

and sawe per stande. a mykel tre. 

wif branchesse mony. of barke bare 

was per na lefe on. lasse ne mare 

IT Seth bi-gan to fink for-quy. 

at fis tree, bi-come sa dry. 

of steppis he vmbe-f 03t him fan. 

fat falowed for syn of man. 

fat ilk skyle made him to Myn. 

fis tree was dry for ad am syn. 

he come to fat angel shene. 

and shewet him fat he had sene. 

quen he his si3t al had him talde. 

he bad him est ga. and be-halde, 

he loket in est. and stode f ar-oute 

and saghe f e f ing. fat gert him doute 

fis tree fat I. be-fore haue saide 

a nedder a-boute hit was layde. 

IT Cherubin fat angel blif e. 

radde him ga loke f e f rid sithe. 

him f o^t fan at f rid si^t. 

fis tree was of sa mykil in si3t. 

fat to f e skew, ra^t f e top. 

a new-borne childe lay in f e crop. 

bondyn wif a squef el bande. 

fat him f i^t hit lai squelande 

he was agaste quen he fat seye 

and to fe rote, he keste his eye. 




It es in erd, na tung may tell, 1311 
pat flour, pat frott, pat suete smell, 
Of ioy and bliss sua mani a thing. 
In middes pe land he sau a spring 
Of a welle pat es vtnemis, 
par fra renis four grete stremis, 1316 
Fison, Gison, tigir, and eufrate, 
pir four mas all pis world wate. 
One?* pat welle pan loked he, 
And sau par stand a mekil tre, 1320 
Wid branchis fele of hare al bare, 
Was par na lijf in less ne mare. 
Seth bigan to thine for qui 
pat pis tre bicom sua dreri, 1324 

And on pe steppes thoght he pan, 
pat duined war for pe sin of man ; 
pat ilk skil did him to mine [col. 2] 
pis tre was drei for Adam sine. 1328 
He com pan to pat angel schene, 
And told him all pat he had sene ; 
Quen he his sith all had him tald, 
He bad eft ga to hi all it bald ; 1332 
He loked in eft and stod par vte, 
And sau thinges pat gert him dute. 
pis tre pat i of bifore said, 
Aneddei il had al vmbilaid. 1336 
Chernbin, pal angel bliht, 
Bad him ga Loke pe thrid siht ; 
Him thout pan at pe thrid sith, 
pis tre was of a mekil liiht, 1340 

vnto pe sky it rnght pe top]), 
A new-bora child lav in pe cropp, 
Bunden wid a suadiling band; 
par him thout it lay squeland. 1 "> 1 I 
He wbm all rad querahe pal Bey, 
And 1m pe rote he kasl his ey, 

In erpe is no tong may telle 

Of floures fruyt & swete smelle 

Of ioye & blis so mony a ping 

Amydde pe lond he say a spryng 

Of a welle of honoure 

Fro hir ron??e stremes foure 

Fison. gison. tigre. & eufrate 

Al erpe pese weten erly & late 

Ouer J>ot welle pen?ze loked he 

And say pe?*e stonde a mychel tre 

AVip brau?zches fele no barke pat here 

Was pere no lyf in hem pere 

Seth bigon to penke whye 

pat pis tre bicoom so drye 

And on pe steppes pou^te he pon 

pat dry3ed were for synne of mon 

pat ilke skil dud him to mynne 

pe tre was dry^e for Adam synne 

He coom po to pat Aungel shene 

And tolde him pat he had sene 

Whenwe he had pus him tolde 

He bad him efte go & biholde 

He loked in efte & stode p^route 

And say pingis p^t made him doute 

pis tre pat I eet of seide 

A nedder hit had aboute bi leide 

Cherubin pe aungel bri^t 

Bad him go se pe pridde si3t 

Him pou^te pen«c pat he se^e 

pis for seide tre rai^te ful he^o 

Vnto pe akye raujte pe top 

Anew bum childe lay in fr crop 

Boundm with his Bwapeling bonde 

pere pou^te hi/// liit lav Bqnelonde 

lie wa a feide whenne he hi1 Bea 

Alld to pe rote lie r;ist QU 

83 the tree's roots reached down to hell ; there he saw acel. the cniLD 


Him thoght it raght fra crtli til hell, 

Quare vnder he sagh his broker abell ; 

hi his saul he sagh him faro 1349 

fat caim slogh for-wit ful o care. 

He went agayn fan for to scan 

To cheruhin al fat he sau. 1352 

Cherubin wit chere sa milde 

Bigan to tel him o f at child. 

" f is barn," he said, " fat f ou has sene, 

Is goddes sun wit-oute/i wene ; 1356 

f i fader sin now wepes he 

fat he sal clens sum time sal be, 

Quen f e plentej sal cum o time ; 

f is is f e oile fat was hight him j 1 3 GO 

Til him and til his progeni, 

Wit pite sal [he] sceu his merci." 

Quen seth had vnderstanden wele 

fat angel said him, ilk dele, 1364 

His leue wald tak at cherubin. 

Pepins fen he gaue him thrin, 

f e quilk a f e appel tre he nam 

fat his fader ete of, adam. 1368 

" f i fader," he said, " fan sal f ou say 

fat he sal dei f e thrid day 

Efter fat f ou be commuw ham, 

And als he was turn in-to lam ; 1372 

Bot f ou sal tak f is pepins thre, 

fat .1. toke o fat appel tre, 

And do f am vnder his tong rote, 

fai sal til mani man be bote ; 1376 

1 fai sal be cedre, ciprese, and pine, 

O f am sal man haue medicen. 

f e fader in cedre f ou sal take, P^?" bk » 

A tre of heght, fat has na make ; 

And cipres, be fe suete sauur, 1381 

Bitakens ur suete sauueur, 


him f i^t hit ra}t f orou erf and hel 

quare vnder he sawe his broftfr abel 

In his saule lie saw him fare. 

fat cayme slowe. ful of care. 

IT he went a-gayne for-to shawe 

to cherubin fat he sawe. 

cherubyn wif chere sa mylde. [toafii] 

be-gan to telle him of fat childe. 

f is barne he saide fat f ou has sene 

ys goddes sone wif -out wene. 

f i fadres sinne now wepis he. 

fat he sal clens sum time sal be 

quen f e plentes sal come of time 

fis ys fe oyle was he^t him. 

til him and til his progeny. 

wif petey he sal shew his mtvcy. 

H quen Seth had vnderstanden wele 

f e angel onsquare ilka dele. 

his leue he toke at cherubyn. 

cornys fan he gaf him f tin. 

f e quilk of f e appel tree he nam 

fat his fader ete of adam. 

to f i fader f ou sal say. 

fat he sal deye f e f rid day. 

efter f ou art cowmyn harne. 

and als he was. turne in-to lame. 

bot f ou sal take f ese cornys fro 

fat I. toke of fat appeltree. 

and do ham vnder his tonge rote. 

fai sal to mony mon be bote. 

fat sal be cedre cipres and pine. 

of ham sal man haue medicine. 

f i fader in cedre sal f ou take. 

a tree of he3t fat has na make 

of cipres hi f e squete sauour. 

hit be-takenys us. our sauiour. 



Him thout it rauglit fra erd to hell, 

far vnper he sau his broker abel, 1348 

In his saule he sau him fare 

fat cairn sloght, fat ful of care. 

He went again pan forto schau 

To cherubin all fat he sau, 1352 

Cherubin wid chere sua mild, 

Bigan to tell him of pat child ; 

" pat child," he said, " fat fu has sene, 

Es goddes sun widuten wene, 1356 

f i fader shine nou wepis he, 

put he sal clens sum time sal be, 

Que?^ fe plente sal cum of time. 1359 

fis es pe oyle pat was hight hime, 

Til him a?id til his progeni, 

wid pite sal scheu his merci." 13G2 

Quen seth had vnf erstanden wele, 

pat pat cherubin said, euer-ilk a dele, 

Hisleue wild take of cherubyn, — [JJ 1 i'i ,,k ' 

Pe[p]ins pan he gaf him thriii, 

pe quilk of pe appil tre he nam, 

J?at his fader ete of, adam. 13G8 

" f i fader," he said, " fan sal f u say, 

fat he sal die f e thrid day, 

Efter fat f u be comen him vnto, 

Loke nou fat fu say him so. 1372 

Bot f u sal take pepins thre 

fat i take of fat appil tre, 

And do faim vndef his tonge rote, 

To mani man fai sal be bote ; 137G 

fai sal be cedi[r], cipris ami pine, 

Till mani a man }»• medicine. 

fe fuli)' in cedii sal fu take, 

A tre of hit, widuten make; 1 380 

Of cipris be fat suete sannr, 

Bitakins of vr suete sauiur. 


Him f ou3te hit rau3te fro erf e to helle 

pcre he say his brof er Abelle 

In his soule he say pat si3t 

pat kaym sloi^e forwaryed wi3t 

He went a^eyn for to shawe 

To cherubyn al pat he sawe 

Cherubyn wif chere mylde 

Bigan to telle him of fat childe 

fat childe lie seide wifoute?? wene 

Is goddes son fat f ou hast sene 

f i fadir synne now wepef he 

He shal hit dense f e tyme shal be 

Whence f e plente shaJ com of tyme 

f is is f e oyle was liijte to hyme 

To him & to his progeny 

Wif pite he shal hem shewe mercy 

When?ze Seth had vndirstonden wel 

f e aiu?gels sayinge euer a del 

His leue he toke of cherubyn 

And f re curnels he 3af to hym 

Whiche of fat tre he nam 

fat his fadir eet of Adam 

f i fadir he seide fau shalt say 

fat he shal de3e fe fridde day 

Aftir f ou be comen him to 

Loke fat f ou saye to him so 

But f ou shal take f e pepyns fre 

fat I toke of f e appel tre 

.And put vndir his tunge rote [U*f9,bk] 

To mony men fei shul be bote 

fei ben cidre cipn - & palme fine 

To mony fei shul be medicine 

fe f'a<lir bi cidre shal f<>n take 

Hit Bhal be tre wifoute/j make 

Of ciprea bi f"t swete sauour 

Bitukenef oure swete saueour 



fe mike] suetnes fat es fe sun ; 

fe pine to bere a frut es won ; 1384 

Mani kirnels of a tre mast 

( lain gifes o J)e holi gast. 

IT Seth was of his errand fain 1387 

And sune com til his fader again. 

" Sun," he said, " has foil sped oght 

Or has fou ani merci broght ? " 

" Sir, cherubin f e hali angel 

fat es y ate ward, fe gretes wel, 1392 

Sais it sal negh f e warlds end, 

Ar fat oile f e may be send, 

Tlioro birth of a blisful child 1395 

fat sal fra harm fe werld schild ; 

f i ded he bad me sai 

Sal be to dai fe thrid dai." 

Adam was for f is tifand blith, 

Sua glad was he neuer his sith ; 1400 

Quen he herd he suld liue namare, 

fan he logh, bot neuer are ; 

And f us on godd be-gan to cri : — ■ 

"Lauerd, inogh now liued haue .i., 

fou tak mi saul out of fe flexs 1405 

And do it ware f i wils es." 

Quat of f is werld he was ful sad 

fare neuer a dai far in was glad, 1408 

fat liued nine hundret yeir and mare, 

And al his liue in site and care ; 

And leuer was sif en to lenger in hell 

fan langer in fis liue to duell. 1412 

5T Adam, al[s] him was tald be-forn, 

Was ded apon f e thrid morn ; 

Doluen he was thoru seth his swi 

In fe dale fat hat ebron ; 1416 

f e pipins war don vnder his tung, 

far ras o f am thre wandes yong ; 


fe mykel squetnes fat ya his sone 
fe pyne to bere a tive ys wone 
[' Thise camellia lest & most 
Come from the holy gost] Ms. 410] 
11 Setll was of his errande fayne 
and sone come til his fader a-gayn. 
1T sone he saide as fou sped o}t 
or has fou any mercy bro3t. 
IF Sir cherubin f e haly angel, 
fat porter ys. he gretes f e wel. 
he says be-for f e werlde ende 
fat he salle f o oyle sende. 
f orou birf of fat blesset childe 
fat sal fra harme fis werlde shilde 
of f i dede he bad me say. 
fat fou sulde deye fis frid day. 
1T adam was glad for fis tif ande 
mare fan euer be-for-hande. 
quen he herde he sulde lyf na mare 
fen he loghe and neyuer are. 
and fus on god be-gan .to cry. 
lorde I.-noghe now liued haue .1. 
fou take my saule out of flesshe 
and do wif hit quat fi wille ys. 
quat of fis werlde was he ful sad 
fat neuer a day far-in was glad 
he liued ix. hundre 3 ere and mare 
and alle his liue in sorou and care, 
leuer was him sif en langer in hel 
fen langer. in fis werlde to dwel. 

Adam als him was talde be-forne 
was dede a-pon f e frid morne. 
Dolue he was f orou seth his sone. 
In f e vale fat hat ebron. 
f e cornys ware done vnder his tonge 
f ere rase of liam f re wandes 3onge 



f e mekil suetteness fat es f e son j 
fe pine to a fruit es won, 1384 

Mani kirnelis of a tre most 
Gain giftes of f e hali gost." 
Seth was of his erand fain, 1387 

And sone cam to his fade/- again. 
" Sun," he said, " has f u sped aght, 
Or has f u ani merci broght 1 " 
° Sir, cherubin fat hali angel, 
fat porter es, he gretes fe wel, 1392 
Sais it sal be nere f e world es end, 
Ar fat oyle f e may be sende, 
Thoru birth of a blisful child, 
fat sal fe world fra harm schild. 1396 
Of f i dede he bad me say, 
fat sal be to day thrid day." 
Adam was for f is tif and blithe, 
so glad lie was neuer his sihte. 1400 
Que?* he herd he suld Hue na mare, 
fan he logh, bot neuer are. 
And f us to godd gan he to cri, [eoi. 2] 
"Lauerd, enogh liued haue nou i, 
f u take mi saule vte of mi fless, 1405 
And fo it quar f i willes ess." 
For of f is world lie was ful madd, 
far neuer a day far in was gladd, 
fat liued niene hundred 3ere & mare, 
And all his lijf led in soru and care ; 
And levber sifc?^ to won in hell, 1411 
fen longer in fis world to duel!. 
Adam, as him was tald biforn, 
Deyed apon fe thrid morn, 
Graucn he was thorn seth bis ran, 
Right in fe vale of ebrun ; 141G 

fe pepinis war don rader bis tong, 
far ros of faim fre wandis 3<>ng, 


f e mychel swetenes is f e sone 
f e palme to fruyt hit is wone 
Mony curnels of o tre most 
Gode 3iftis of f e holy goost 
IF Seth was of his eronde feyn 
And soone coom to his fadir a3eyn 
Son he seide hastou sped oi^t 
Hastou any mercy brou3t 
Sir cherubin fat aiuzgel 
fat porter is f e gretef wel 
And seif f e world shal ne3e han e^de 
Ar he f e oile may to f e sende 
f our3e birf e of a blessed childe 
fat shal f e world fro shame shilde 
For f i def he bad me say 
Hit shal be fis day f ridde day 
Adam her of was glad ful blyue 
So glad was he neuer er his lyue 
Whenoe he herde to lyue no more 
f o he low3e but neuer ore 
And f us to god gan he crye 
Lord Inou3e mon lyued haue ye 
fou take my soule .out of my flesshe 
And do hit where fi wille es 
For of fis world he was ful mad 
fat neuer o day f erinne was glad 
ISyne hundride 3cer & more 3are 
He lyued here in sorwe & care 
Leuer him were to ben in helle 
fen longer in fis world to dwelle 
Adam as him was t « » 1 « 1 * * bifom 
De3ed on fe friddc morn 
Grauen he was bi Seth fon 
In fe vale of Ebron 
fe curnela w( re put radii bis tongo 
Of hem roos fe gerdea 3<m. 



Son of a nellen heglit fai ware, 1419 

fai stod fan still and wcx na mare ; 

ful many yeir Hike grene, 

llalines was o f am sene. 

Stil ai stod, J>ai wandes tlire [col. 2] 

Fra adam tim until noe ; 1424 

Fra noe quen f e nod ras 

Til abraham fat lialy was ; 

Fra abraham ai stil stod fai 

Til moyses f«t gaf fe lai ; 1-428 

Euer stod fai still in an, 

Wit-outen wax, wit-ontera wain. 

Na mare o f e wandes now 

Lot stori sal i rede $ow. 1432 

IF Adam lined nine hundret yeir 
And f ritte wynter f ar-to seir ; 
Quen he was ded ne dout he nan 
fat his saul ne was til hel gan, 1436 
And alle fat deid bi-tuix and fan 
fat iesus ras bath god and man, 
]S"o moght fan help na hali-heid, 
fat ga til hel fam most ned ; 1440 
He moght wel thine his stund to Strang 
fat in fat sted ware staid sa lang, 
fat lasted four thusand yeir in wa, 
Thre hundret and four yeir al sua ; 
Sua lang fra Adam was emell 1445 
Til f «t our lauerd harid hell ; 
And fat was a ful gret penance, 
Don to man for litel chance. 1448 

Genelogia Ade & seth [Jeo/io, «>z.i] 
Genelog[ia] caym [«&«] 

1T Seth spused his sister delbora, 
For drighten self had biden sua ; 

c '[TON 

Sone of an elne bx^t fai ware, 

f ai stode fan stille and wcx na mare 

Mony a jere i-like grene. 

halynes was on ham sene. 

Stil f ai stode f er wandes f re. 

fra adams time vn-til noe 

fra noe quen f e flode rase. 

til abraham fat haly was. 

and fra abraham stille stode fay. 

ay til moyses gas f e lay. 

euer stode fai stille in ane 

wif-outen wax wif-outen wane. 

of for wandes stynt we now. 

and forf my story I. wil lal $ow. 

how adam endid. 

Adam liued ix. hundre }ere. 
and f retty winter far to sere 
quen he was dede sone an-nane 
his saule forf to hel con gane. 
and alle at deyed bi-twix and fan. 
J) at ihtt>'us rase baf god and man. 
ne mu$t ham help na hali-hede. 
attyn to hel fai most nede. 
him mu^t fink his stounde ful Strang 
fat in fat stede was stad sa lang. 
fat lasted foure f ousande ^ere in wa 
f re hundre and foure ^ere al-squa 
sa lange fra fat. fe sof to tel. 
and fat our lorde heried helle. 


no gap in the MS.~\ 

f e kinradin of adam f orou 

Seth his SOne. P leaf 11, back] 

1 OJ etli spoused his suster Delbora. 
KJ for god him-self had biddyn sa. 


And sone an elne hight Jmi were, 

J?ai stod J>an still and wex no mare. 

Mani a 3ere elike al grene, 1421 

Ilalines on Jjaim was sene, 

Still J>ai stod ay, J>a wandes tbre, 

Era adani time vnto noee; 1424 

Fra noee quen pe node ras, 

Till habraham J)«t liali was, 

Fra abraham time still stod J>ai 

Till moyses )?<^t gaue pe lay ; 1428 

Euer stod J?ai still in ane, 

widuten waxing or wane. 

Xa mare of pa wandis nou 

Bot a stori sal i rede 30U. 1432 

Of adam and oper eldris. 

Adam liuid nine hundrid 3ere, 
And thritti winter jjarto sere, 
Que;/ he was dede ful sone onane, 
His saule it was til hell tane ; 143G 
And all Jjat died bituix and Jjan 
jut ig#u ras, bath godd and man, 
Mith Jjaim helpna halihede, [leaf n,coi. 1] 
at j?ai to hell ]>an most nede. 1440 
He might wele thine pa% stunrod Strang 
jjat in pat stede was stad so lang, 
Four thousand 3ere in Jwt wo, 1443 
Tine hundrid 3ere and four also, — 
So lang fra adam was i tell 
Til pat vr lauerd horad helL 


. no gap in the MSA 

pe genialogi of adam pe aid, 
Of seth and caym nu sal be tald. 

And sone an ellen hy3c pei wore 

penne stode J>ei stille & wex no more 

Mony a 3eer I liche grene 

Holynes in hem was sene 

Stille stode J30 3erdes J)re 

Fro A dames tyme to noe 

Fro Xoe tym & fro pe node 

To Abraham holy & gode 

Fro Abraham 3 it stille stode J?ai 

Til moyses pat 3af pe lay 

Euer stode ]?ei stille in oone 

"VViJoiiteii waxinge ojere woone 

!No more of po 3erdes now 

But of a story I shal telle 30W 

Adam lyued nyne hundride 3ere 
& Jritty wynter also in fere 
When he was deed soone anoon 
His soule was to helle goon 
And alle pat de^ed fro J? is to Jon 
Jwt \csvl de3ed god and mon 
Hem myjte helpe no holy hedc 
But fei to helle most nede 
He my3te Jjinke pa stude strong 
fw.t in J?at place was so long 
Foure fousande 3cer in pat woo 
pre hundride jeer also 
So long fro Adam was to telle 
Til < nire lord hanvede helle 


no gap in tfie MS.] 

pe genealogy of Adam olde 
Of Seth & Caym shal be tolde 

SEth spoused bis sister delboi tJ ( '* M spoused fa r delbora po 

Foi godd him •.-' >lf had boden bus j K / ( tan 

1 bad hil Bhulu ' 1 

T!;l.M I v 



He had a son of hir, enos, 

A man )?«t was of mikel los, 1452 

Eor-qui, lie was pe formast man 

J)at cri on gods nam bi-gan. 

Nine hundret yeir and seneji a fiue, 

Sua lang it lasted seth Hue \ 1456 

Enos his son lined al biden 

Nine hundret yeir and fiue, i wene ; 

Cainan his sun, als it es redde, 1459 

His lijf nine hundret yeir he ledd ; 

Aght hundret yeir liued malaliel, 

And fiue and tuenti yer to to tell ; 

JSTine hundret yeir and sexti Iareth 

J>at was pe fiuet kne fra seth ; 14G4 

Of Iareth eild pe yeir fourti-and 

Was passed o werld pe first thusand ; 

Enoch his son wit-outen pere 1467 

Liued in J»is werld thre hundret yeir, 

He was pe first pat letters fand ^f^ ' 

And wrot sum bokes wit his hand. 

To paradis quik was he tan, 1471 

Jiar he yitte es in flesse and ban ; 

He sal com forth for domesday 

to fight al for pe cristen lay ; 

Wit antecrist Jmn sal he fight 

Eor to werye cristen right. 1476 

He and his felaw helia 

Antecrist sal J)am bajje sla, 

Bot wit J?air vpris fra ded to lijf, 

pan sal J?ai fel pat fals strijf. 1480 

Adam, als pe stori sais, 

Deid in ))is enoch dais. 

Of enoch com matusale, 1483 

Liued neuer man sua lang has he, 

til pat nine hundret yeir war gaii 

And seuenti, falid it bot an. 


he had of hir a sone enos. 

a mon J>at was of mykil lose. 

forquy he was pa forma>t man 

J?at kirke in goddis name be-gan. 

ix. hundre ^ere and vij. and fyue. 

squa lange lastet Sethes Hue. 

1[ Enos his sone liued al be-dene 

ix. hundre 3ere and v .1. wene. 

11 Caynan his sone als hit ys red 

his liue ix. hundre 3 ere he lad. 

viij. hundre 3 ere his sone Maliel 

and v. and xx. J)ar-to I. telle. 

ix. hundre $ere and sexty Iareth 

Jmt 1 was pe .v. gree fra Seth. 

of Iareth eilde pe 3 ere fourtiand 

was past of pe werlde pe first Jwusande 

IT Ennoc his sone wiJ>-outen pere 

liued in }>is werlde pie hundre 3ere 

he was. pe first at letters fande 

and wrate sum bokis w T ij) his hande 

to j)aradis quik w^as he tane. 

J?ar he ys in flesshe and bane. 

he sal come for]? bi-for domesday 

to fe^t for pe cristen lay. £ s Fl 4 1 n c ] Laud 

[ l With antecryst he shalle fight 

Eor to werre the Crystyn right] 

he and his felaw helia. 

antecrist sal fie ham twa. 

and wif faire vpris fra dejj to life 

J>an sal J»ai fel ]?at fals strife. 

1T ad am als pe story saise 

deyed in J)is ennockis days. 

of enoc come matussale 

liued neuer nane sa lange as he 

til ix hundre 3ere ware gane. 

and seyuenti failed jrer bot ane. 




He gat of hir a sun, enos, 
A man pat was of mekil los, 1452 
For-qui he was f e formast man, 
fat cri on goddes name bigan. 
Neien hundrid 3ere seuen arad fijf, 
So lang lastid sethis line. 1456 

Enos his sun liued all bidene, 
Nine hundrid 3 ere a?id fijf i wene ; 
Caynan his sun, as it es redd, 1459 
Nine hundrid ^ere his lijf he ledd. 
Eyht hundrid ^ere liued malaliel, 
And fiue and tuenti far to tell. 
Nine hundred ^ere and sex iaraeth, 
fat was J>e fift 1 kin fra seth, 1464 

Of iareth elde f e 3ere fourtiand, 
was passid oue?' pe first thousand. 
Enoch his sun widuten pere, 
Liued in erd thre hundered 3ere, 146S 
He was pe first fat lettris fand, 
And wrat sum bokis wid his hand ; 
To paradis quic was he tan, 1471 

And far he lines in fless and ban ; 
He sal cum bifor domisday 
To fight for pe cristen lay, 
wid antecrist fan sal he fight, 
Forto were pe cristen right. 1476 

He and his felaue helia, [coi. 2] 

Antecrist sal faim bath sla, 
Bol wit fail uprising fra ded to lijf, 
Sal fai fell fai fals strijf. 1480 

Adam, als y- Btori sais, 
Deied in pie enoch dai 
Of enoch com matuasale, 
Lined neuer man Bua lang as In-, 1 is 1 
Til pat nine hnndrid jere wraa 
And seuenti, failed it bol .in. 
qQti I'. 

He gat a son of hir enos 

A mon pat was of mychel loos 

For he was pe firste man 

pat cry on goddes name bigan 

1 Nyne hundride 3eer seuen & fyue 

So longe lasted seth his lyue pieaf 10] 

Enos his son lyued bi dene 

Nyne hundride 3eer & fyue I wene 

Caym his son his lyf he led 

Nyne hundride 3eer as hit is red 

Ei3te hundride 3eer lyued maladiel 

And fyue & twenty 3eer to tel 

Nyne hundride 3eer & six Iareth 

pat was pe fifte kyn fro Seth 

Of iareth elde p e fourti and 

Was passed ouer pe first f ousand 

Ennok his son wif outen pere 

Lyued in erpe pre hundride 3ere 

He was pe furste pat lettrure fond 

And wroot Bomme bokis wif his hond 

To paradis was he take f on 

And pere he lyuef in flesshe & bon 

He comef to fore domes day 

To fi^te for pe cristen lay 

Wif antic/vst he slial fi3t 

For to were pe cristen rijt 

He & his felowe El ye 

Antecrist shal do hem dye 

And wif her risyng fro def to lyue 

fei shul telle pat false Btiyne 

Adam as fe Btory bb 

I h ;<■<] in j^i- Bnok daj 1 

of Ennok coom Matussale 

Lyued neu< r mon bo 1 he 

Til ayne hundride jeer was goon 

And siiu niv failed oil bu1 oon 



Lameth his sun his eild to neuen, 

Seuen hundret yeir seuenti and scuen. 

lameth com his swi noe, 1489 

In quas time pe nod gan be. 

f e formast werld adam be-gan, 

far-of lameth fe last man ; 1492 

It lasted wel a thusand yeir 

Sex hundret tua and sexti sere. 

Bot a[r Jje t]of er werld be-gin 

Spek we su?nquat of caym kyn. 149G 

IT Quen caym had don pat plentful 

Quarfor he was sua maledight, LP^S^ 1 ^? 

He fled away fra of er men 

Vntil a sted pat hight eden. 1500 

Til him was spused calmana, 

Als giuen to seth was delbora ; 

Son a son wit hir gait he 

pat enos hight, and a cite 1504 

pat ilk nam he mad ; 

1 find na term of his liuelaid, 
far he wond ai wit his brode, 

fe first cite for- wit pe node. 1508 

Of enos gaidat, of quam mamael, 
And of him com matussael ; 
Lameth his su?^ has suns thrin, 
Iobal, cubal, cubaltim; 1512 

f is lameth was cald lameth pe blind, 
Caym he slogh wit chaunge, we find ; 
In pe flod he was for-don. [coi. 2] 

Iobal, fat was his eldist sun 151G 
"Was first loger, and fee delt wit ; 
Cubaltain pe formast smyth, 
Cubal f er broker first vnderfang 
Musik, pat es pe sune o sang ; 1520 
Organis harp and of er gleu, 
He drou fan oute o musik neu. 


IT lameth his sone his elde to neue?i 
vij. hundre }ere and seyue?/ti and vij. 
of f is lameth come his sone noe 
In his time node bi-gan to be. 
f e formast werlde adam bi-gan. 
far-for lameth fe last man. 
hit lastet wele a f ousande 3ere 
vj. hundre twa and sexti sere 
bot or pe toper werlde by-gyn. 
speke we sumquat of caym kyn. 

uen caym had done pat sari cas 
of goddis mouf cursed he was. 
he fled a- way fra of er men. 
vn-tille a stede fat hat eden. 
til him was spouset 1 calmana. 
als gyuen to sef was delbora. 
sone a sone wif hir gatte he. 
fat enos he^t and a cite 
of fat ilk man he made. 
I finde na terme of his liuelade. 
f er he woned wif his brode. 
f e first cite be-for f e node. 
IT enos gatte a sone Mamael 
of him bicome matussael. 
Lameth his sone. had sones f rin 
Iobal. cubal. cubaltain. 
f is lameth was calde lame)) blinde 
Cayme he sloghe wif chance we finde 
In flode he was for-done. 
Iobal was his eldest sone. 
stoer of fee he dalt wif. 
Cubaltain was pe formast smyth. 
cubal first con vnder-fange. 
Musike fat ys f e son of sange. 
organs harp and oj?er glew. 
he droghe ham out of musyk new. 



Lamet his sun, his elde to neuen, 1487 
Seuen hundrid 3ere md seui/iti and 
Of lameth com his sone noe, |_ seuen * 
In quas time pe nod gan be ; 
pe formast world adam bigan, 
Jjer-of lamet pe last man. 1492 

It lastid wele a thousand 3ere, 
Sex hundrid til a?id sexti sere. 
Bot ar Jjat o]>er world biginne, 1495 
Speke we sumq?^«t of caym kinne. 

aven caym had don J>at cursed dede 
pat he was warid, als we rede, 
He fledd a-way fra e-per men, 
Into a stede pat hight eden. 1500 
Till him was spoused calmana, 
As was to seth giuen delbora. 
Sone a sun of hir gat he, 
J>at enos hight, as a cite 1504 

Of J)at ilke name he made ; 
I find na terme of his lijflade. 
far he woned wid his brod, 
pe first cite bifor pe flod. 1508 

Of enos gaidat of him malaliel, 
And of him cam matussahl. 
Lameth his sun had sunes thrine, 
Iobal, cabal, tubaltainne. 1512 

J)is Lame) was cald lamfe]} pe blind, 
Caym he slow wid chance, we find. 
In pe node he was fordon. [if n, bk, ool. i] 
Iobal, J?at was his eldest son, 15 1G 
was first hogger, and fe delt wid, 
Tubaltaine pe foimast smith, 

Tobal j?air broker first vnderfang 
Musyk, ]?at es jx- Bonne of Bang. 1520 
nis, harpe, and up' r gleu, 

Ho diuii Jmim vl of him rfc Q6U. 


Lameth his son his elde to neuen 
Seuen hundride 3eer seuenty & seuen 
Of lameth coom his son Noe 
In whos tyme pe flood gan be 
J>e formast world Adam bigon 
peroi lameth pe laste mon 
Hit lasted wel a ]?ousande ^ere 
Six hundride to & sixty sere 
But ar pe opere world bigynne 
Speke we more of Caymes kynne M ec j e 

When Caym had done pat cursed 
pat he was waryed alle we rede 
He fledde awey fro opere men 
In to a stude pat liett Eden 
To him was spoused Calmana 
As was to Seth delbora 
Soone a son of hir gat he 
fat Enos hett as a cite 
Of pat ilke name he toke 
We fynde no terme of him in boko 
pcre woned caym wij> his brode 
pe firste cite bifore pe node 
Of enos coom malaliel 
And of him coom matussalel 
lameth pre sones had wij) mayne 
Iobal cabal tubalcaine 
Jus lameth hett lameth blynde 
Caym he slowje bi chauncc we fynde 
In pa flode waa he fordone 
Iobal panne was his eldest sone 
lie was furate herde & fee dalt \\\p 
Tubalcaine pe formast smyjj 
Tobal hei hroper fursl vndii fong 
Musikc pnt La fe BOfl of Bong 
( frganea harpe & o)>< re glew 
He drowse hem out of musik new 



A sister had f is bref er alalia 
And sco was heiten noema; 1524 

Scho was f e formest webster 
fat man lindes o fat mister, 
fare fader was fe first o Hue [* So in MS.] 
fat bigam 1 was wit dubul vijfe. 1528 
faa fat fa wonders werkes wroght 
It ran wel fat tym in thoght, 
fat fis werld suld cum til end, 1531 
Or dnmd wit watz/r, or wit fir brend ; 
Tua pilers fai mad, o tile fe tan, 
f e tof er it was o merbul stan ; 
fair craftes al fat fai moght min 
fai put fam in feir pilers tuin ; 1536 
f e stan, egain watwr for to last, 
Again f e fire, f e tile, fat it ne brast ; 
fai wist fat wa-su?w efter com 1539 
Suld wissud be wit faire wisdom. 
For-f i lete god fam lijf sua lang 
fat fai moglit seke and vnderfang 
f e kynd o thinges fat fan were dern, 
Curs o sun, and mone, and stern, 1544 
fe quilk curs moglit nan fulli lere 
fat moght noght liue an hundret yere. 
Quen sa fele yeier ar wroken oute 
fe mikel spere es rune aboute; 1548 
In sua lang time, es noght to lain, 
f e planetes all ar went again 
fair first making in to f e state, 
Als wiss clerkes mani wate. 1552 

1 De corrupcione terre per pecca^/m 

[i leaf 10, back, col. 1] 

II Quen Iarcth, fat 30 herd me neuen, 
had eild of huwdret wynfams seuen, 


11 a sister had hir brother al-squa. 

men hir calde nocina. 

ho was f e forme webster. 

fat euer was of fat mister. 

faire fader was f e first of liue 

fat bigan haue double wyue. 

fat at fer wonder werkis wro3t 

hit ran ham wele fat time in f 03t 

at f is werlde sulde come til ende 

to dimm or wif fire be brende. 

twa pilers fai made of tile fat an. 

f e tof er was of marbilstane. 

faire craftis al at f i cowde Myn 

fai puttam in f e pilers twyn. 

f e stane agayne wate?' for-to last 

agayne fire f e tile at hit ne brast 

H fai wist wele wif faire wisdome 

for-tille here-ofter come. 

for-f i lete god ham liue sa lange. 

at 1 fai mi^t seke and vnderfange. 

f e kinde of f inges fat fen was derne 

f e cours of sunne of mone and sterne 

fe quilk cours nn^t nane lere 

f at mijt no3t liue an hundre 3ere 

quen sa fel fer ar wrokyn al out. [if 12] 

f e mykil s])er ys runne a-boute 

In squa lange ys no3t to layne. 

f e pianettes ar went a-gayne. 

of faire first makynge i//-to fe state 

as fer wise clerkis wate. 

Of f e corrupcioun of f e lande ofter 

uen Iraeth" at here I. neyuen. 
had elde of hundre winter and vij. 




A sister had fa brether alsua, 

And scho was cald noema, 1524 

Scho was pe forniast webister 

pat man findes of pat mister. 

Hir fade/* was pe first o Hue, 

fat euer bigan wid dobil wiue. 1528 

f ai fat fir wonper werkes wroglit, 

It ran paim wele pat time in tkoght, 

fat pis world suld cum to ende 1531 

wid water drenkild or wid fir brend. 

Tua pilers pai made, of tyle fat an, 

fe tofer it was of niarbil stan, 

fir craftes all fat pai miht mine, 

J>ai put paim in pa pilers tuine • 153G 

f e stan, againes fe water to last, 

fe tyle gaines fir, fat it ne brest, 

f ai wist fat qua so efter cam, 

Suld be wised wid par wisdam. 1510 

For-f i lete godd him liue so lang, 

fat f ai micht soke and ynfer fang 

fe kind of thinges fat wer dern, 1543 

Cours of sune and mone and stcrne, 

fe quilk cours miht nan fulli lere, 

fat miht [noght] liue an hundrid 3ere. 

Quen so mani 3ere es passed vte, 

fe mekil spire es rune aboute, 1518 

Into lang time, ea noght to lain, 

fe planetis er all went again 

Of fair firsl making, into fe state; 

Ala fir wise clerkis nu wate. 1552 

A sister hadde f o bref eren tweyn 
Xeoma was calde certeyn 
She was fe formast web in kynde 
fat men of fat crafte dud fynde 
Hir fadir was fe firste on lyue 
fat bigon to double wyue 
f ei pat fese wondir werkes wrou3t 
Hit ran hem wel fat tyniein f ou^t 
fat pis worlde shulde com to ende 
AVif watir dreynt or fuyr brende 
Two pilereres f ei made of til fat oon 
fat of er was of marbul stoon 
fese craftis alle fat fei dud so nno, bk] 
fei put hem in f ese pileres two 
f e stoon a3eyn f e watir to last 
f e tile a3eyn f e fire not brast 
fei wolde fat who so aftir coom 
Shulde be wissed bi her wisdom 
f erfore let god him lyue so longe 
fat fei my3te seke & vndirstonde 
f e kynde of pinges fat were derno 
Cours of son«e mone & sterne 
AVhiche cours may noon al lere 
f 01130 he lyued an hundridc 3ere 
\Vhcn?2e so mony 3eer is passed outo 
f e mychel spire is ron??en aboute 
In so longe tyme is not to leyne 
fe planctcs arc went alle a3eyno 
Of her firste makyng in i»» pe state 
fat cleikes now wel wool pate 

How manes si//ne p"t i of mene, [ool 2] How mannes synne p^t I of mene 

Corrupt all pis world bidene. Corrupte al pis World bi dene 

fen iareth fnt je herd meneuen, % m Then Iarethf at jeherde meneuen 

Bad eld of hnndid wint< /• » uen, ▼ t had elde of hundred wynttfr& 





Mikel malice was first in man 1555 
Bot neuer forwit sua mikel as pan j 
In ada??i time was wrang i-nogh, 
Bot Jus tim w r ex w r el mare wogh, 
Na??!lik amang kaym kyn 1559 

pat lited paw noglit bot in sin. P JJJ !]** 
*A1 thoglit pam wel pat was pair wil, 
And pat w r as heldand al til il, 15 G 2 
On al thinges was mare pair thoglit, 
pan was on drightin pat al wroght j 
Sua blind pai war in pair insight, 
pat reckining cuth pai nan o right ; 
Al pair luf pai gaue to lust, 
pai did pair sauls all to rust ; 15G8 
sothfastnes, als sais te sau, 
pai left pe lede of far lau, 
pat es o settnes and o kind, 
Wit-vtu?z mensk pai ar vn-mind ; 1572 
Al wex wik, bath an and oper, jj 
pe topers wijf lai be pe broper ; 
pair cursnes was noght vnkid, 
pe lau o kind pai sua for-did. 157G 
Wi?7^men pai forced a-mang paim, 
"Was nan pam moght bring to reclaim ; 
pe scham, pe sin pat pan was vte 
At tel war lang to sett aboute. 1580 
pe find wend witurli wit pis 
pat al man kind quitli war his ; 
Of al and al for-soth he wend 
Ma?z kind war til his wil be kend, 
Sua forperli pat god ne might 1585 
Bring man in-to state o right, 
In-to pe stat pat he had tint j 
Bot god had oper-gates mint. 1588 
Of his handwark al for to don, 
Wald he noght it war sua fordon, 


Mikil malice was first 1 in man. 
but neuer be-fore so myche as pan. 
In Adams time was wrange I-noghc 
[an]d now at first wakkenes woghe. 
[najmely a-mong caymys kyn. 
p[at] delitet ham al to syn. 
al pu3t ham w r ele at w r as pair wil 
and al at turned ham tille ille. 
on al ping w T as mare paire p03t 
pen on him pat ham wux^t. 
IT sa blynde ware pai in paire si3t. 
pat pai cowde nauper resoiuz ne riit 
al paire loue pai gafe to lust, 
pat made paire saule for to rust, 
sopfastenes kowde pai no3t knaw. 
pai left pe lede of goddes law. 
pai wex fals and fikel of kinde. 
wdp-out mensk out of Mynde. 
al w T ex fikil an and oper. 
pe toper wife lay bi pe broper. 
1T paire cursetnes was no3t vn-kid. 
pe laghe of kyn pai so for-dide. 

no gap in the Fairfax <£• Laud MSS.~\ 
pe shame pe sy[fi] pat w r as w/tA-out 
to telle w 7 are la[nge] to syte a-bout. 
pe fende wende w^eterli w r ip pis 
pat al mankynde ware hali his 
of an and al for-sop he wende. 
pat alle sulde til his wil bende 
for-pi he w r ende pat god of mi$t 
walde deny ham heyue?i bri3t. 
In-to pat heyue^ pat he had tint, 
bot god had oper gates Mynt. 
II for-pi als 3e sal here sone 
god walde 1103 1 alle w r ere for-done 




Mekil malice was first in man, 

Bot neucr bifor als was fan ; 155G 

In adam time was wa enow, 

Bot fan wex wele more ye woliw, 

Namli amang caym kin, 

fat lited faim noglit bot in sin. 1560 

All thoglit fai??i wele it was fair will, 

And fat was heldand al to ill ; 

On all thing was mare fail thout, 

fan on icsu fat all has wrohut; 15G ^ 

So blind fai wex in fair sith, 

fat rekenig koud fai nan of riht, 

Ai fair lime fai gaf to lust, 

fat schent fair saulis al to dust, 15G8 

Of sothfastnes, as sais f e sane, 

fai left f e lede of of er lane, 

fat es of setnes and of kind, 

Widuten mensk fai were vnrnind. 

All wex wick, bath an and of^r, 1573 

fe brofer wijf lay bi fe tofer; 

fair cursednes was noght vnkid, 

fe lane of kind fai so fordid. 1576 

wimmen fat forced amanges fai??i, 

might nan faim bring to reclaim ; 

fe schame, fe sin, fat far was vte 

To tell Avar lang to sitt aboute. 1580 

| :id wend witterli wid fis, 

)• ' ill man kind raid he his, 

Al in inkind forsoth li<' wend, 

To hi, will all .ul.l be kend; 1584 

Sua forferli fai godd ne mith, 

Bring man into >f rith, 

Into j- tal pai he had tinl ; — 

al of( /• id mini. 1 

* M* his handwei I ne, [leafw, eol. i] 

wold he Qoghl } ■ i • : . rdone ; 

Muchel malis was first in mon 

But neuer bifore as was f on 

In Adames tyme was woo ynoi^e 

But fen?ze was f ere more wou^e 

Namely among Kaymes kynne 

fat delited hem but in synne 

hem folate al wcl fat was her wille 

fat f ei drowse euer hem tille 

On alle finge was more her f oi^t 

fen on god fat hem wroi^t 

So blynde fei wex in her si$h 

fat coude fei do no manere rijt 

Euer fei }af her lif to lust 

fat shent her soulis al to dust 

Wymwien as we hit fynde 

Went to gider a^eynes kynde 

And men also f e same wise 

As f e denel wolde deuyse 

Of sof fastenes as seif f e sawc 

fei left euer f e gode lawe 

f e lawe of sof enes ny of kynde 

Wolde fei no tyme fynde 

Al wexe wicke <Sc in strif 

fe brofer toke fe of r< a wif 

lh r cursednes was not vnkid 

fe lawe of kynde fei so fordid 

fe shame & syn//c pat pere was oute 

To (die were sumdel doute 

I fende wende fully wif fis 

fat al mankynde Bhulde ban hen his 

So ferforf f"t god aot my^t 

Brynge mon into state of i i ;t 

Into pe astate fai he had tynl 

But god ;il of< re wyse mynt 

His owne hondiwerki no 

Wolde he not hit were fordone 



For-f i in forme of iugemcnt 

He thoght a neu wengaunce to sent, 

Hijs faas to bring al o lijf, 1593 

And waass pat wrang, pat was sa rijf, 

Wit his grace to giue [t]liam grith 

J>at lie suld restore nia?i-kind with. 

Que?i lie beheld pat foly Strang 1597 

Drightim fat biden had sa lang, 

f of he was wrath it was na wra?zg, 

fis word out of his hert sprang 1600 

And was f e word pat he said fan : — 

" Me reus pat euer made i man." 

Bot ilk maw fat fis word heris, 

Wat noght al pat far to feris ; 1604 

fis word was als a p?'opheci, 

pat for-said was bi his nierci, 

Of f e reut he si]) en kydd, [coi. 2] 

Quew he to pin him-selfen did 1608 

For his choslinges on rod-tre ; 

Quat was his reut fan all mai see 

Bi fis word fat fan was said ; 

His merci had he ferr purweid 1612 

to f aim pat wat on his parti, 

for to bring f am mightili 

Als his auen kyngrik til, 

His wiferwins al forto spil, 1616 

Ogains warn he was sa wrath ; 

And be his right hand he suar his ath 

fat f ai suld all thole scha??2mes deid, 

At sauue pe gode to giue his red 1620 

pat all pe feluns war for-lorn, 

pe gode allan suld be for-born, 

Als it in noe nod be-fell, 

Quare of i sal yow sifen tell. 1624 

Bot first a tre, ar .i. bigin, 

I sal sette hire of adam kin. 


for-Jri wif sorow and hard/3 wrake 
lie fo^t new veniaunce to take, 
his faes to bring al of life 
and to ruthe wrange and strife, 
wif his g?*ace to gif ham grif . 
J>at he sulde store mankinde wif 
[ l Whan he byheld the foly strong 
God that bedyn had so long] fifSj* - 
if he Avas wraf hit was na wrange. 
a worde out of his hert sprange. 
f is ys pe worde pat he sayde pun. 
Me rewes f at H euer I made man. 
bot ilk mon at Jus worde heris. 
Wate no3t al at far to feris. 
U pis worde was as a prophesy 
fat forsaide was bi his mercy, 
of pe reutfi fat he sithen kid. 
quen he to pyne him-selueft did. 
quen he hanged on rode tree, 
quat was his rewthe al may se. 
by Jus worde at fan was saide. 
his mercy was be-fore purueyde. 
to ham fat ware on his party. 
for-to bring ham n^ttely. 
vn-til his awen kyng-rike tille 
his of er famen for to spille. 
agaynes quam he was ful wraf. 
and bi his l^t liande squere his af. 
fat fai sulde al fole shamys dcde 
fat so has wrojt agayne his rede, 
fat alle felounes ware for-lorne. 
f e gode allane sulde be for-borne. 
als hit in noe node bi-fel. 
quar-of now I. wille 3011 telle. 


no gap in the Fairfax §• Laud MS&] 




Forf i in form of mgernent, 

A neu vengans on faini lie sent, 1592 

His fas to bring all of liue, 

And clens f e wrong fat was so riue, 

wid his grace to gif him grith, 

fat he suld restore mankind with. 1596 

Quen he biheld f e foli sua Strang, 

Godd, fat bidin had so lang, 

fou he war wrath it was na wrang, 

fis word vte of his hert sprang, 1GQ0 

And was f c word fat he said fan ; 

"Me rewis fat euer i made man." 

Bot ilk a man f at fis word heris, 

Wat noght all quat it to peris, 1604 

fis word was as a prophessye, 

fat for said was bi his merci, 

Of f e reuthe him sif e>* kidd, 

Querc he to pine him seluen didd 1 G08 

For his schoslinges apon rode tre, 

Quat was his reuthe nu all mai se. 

Bi fis word fat fen was said, 

His merci was bifore pwuaid, 1G12 

Till f aim fat war on his parti, 

Forto bring f aim mithili, 

Ala his aune his kingdam tille, 

His enmijs all forto spill, 1G1G 

ines fam he was sua wrath j 
And bi his right hand suuar on ath, 
fat fai suld thole all schamis dede, 
Saue fe gode to giue his rede, 1G20 
|jai all his foluns war for-lorn ; 
fe gode also suld be forborn, 

it in noe flode bifell, 
Quel of i sal 3011 sifen telL 1G21 

Srist a tre, ar i bigine, 
I sal here sett of Qoe kinne 


f erfore in forme of iuggement 

A newe venij;eau??ce on hem he sent 

His foes to brynge alle of lyue 

And dense f e world of synne ryue 

Bi his grace to ^yue hem grif 

fat he monkynde shulde restore w r if 

Wnenne he bihelde f e foly stronge 

God fat beden hadde so longe 

fey he were wroof no wondir nas 

fis worde he seide anoon in plas 

fis was f e word he seide fan 

Me rewef fat I made man 

But alle fat fis worde here & sene 

"Woot what hit is to mene 

fis word was a p?*ophecye 

fat was seide for his mercye 

Of f e reuf e he sif f e kidde 

"Whence he him self to pyne didde 

For his chosen on rode tre 

What was his reuf e may we se 

By fis word fat f?>*e was seide 

His mercy was bifore purueide 

To fo fat weren on his party [leaf 11] 

For to bringe hem myjtily 

As his owne his kyndam tille 

Bis enemyes alle for to spille 

A;cvnes hem was so wroof 

And bi his ri^t bond swor an oof 

fat jx-i shulde alle liaue shemful dede 

Saue fe gode wolde he rede 

f(.'i alle fe Ides were forlorn 

fe gode shulde be forborn 

As hit at Noe flood bifelle 

Wher of I shal siffcn telle 

Bui fursl a tre of Noe kynne 

1 1 hal here Bette ai I bigynne 

llMMl v 



I Adam i Eua 



Calmana | Abel i Beth I delbora 

I enoa i caina 



I— 1 L 


Enoch ! 



Lametli I Ada 


Iobal. tubal, cubaltain noenia 

[From the Cottoi 

1 Hie incipit secwwda etas secwli de 

diluuio & archanoe ['ifio,bk, coi. 2j fe ij. elde of noe flode. 

HEr bigins at noe f e lele |"ere be-gynnys in noe f e lele 

f e tof er werld right for to del ; JL JL f e tof er werlde for til dele 

Hue liundret yeir had fan noe fyue hundre 3ere liued noe. 

Qnen he had geten his suns tbre ; 1628 quen he had gyten his sones f re 

J»e first was sem, cham was the tof eir, f e first was. Sem. cam. f e tof er 

And Iaphet bight fat yonges[t] brofer. Iaphet lie^t fe congest broker. 

Drightin of heuew spak til him fan, our lorde of heyuen spac til kim fan. 

And fus his resun he began : — 1632 and fus his resou/i he be-gan. 

noe he sayde I. tel to f e. 

fat al fis werlde be-tra}'es me. 

fai haue be-laft me . and my 

for of me ham standis nane aghe 

al ys for-getyn fat fraunchise 

fat I. gaf. man in paradise. 

fe erf wit syn and shame ys shentt 

"Noe," he said, "i tel to fe 

Al f is werld bi-taris me ; 

f ai haf left me and mi lau, 

me standes faim na?i au ; 1636 

Al his for-geten nou al fat franches 

fat i gaue man in paradis ; 

f e erth wit sin and scham es schent 

Al rightwisnes awai es went ; 1640 al ri^twyjVJnes a-way ys went. 

Al lathsu??incs o wikkudhede [if u, coi.i] of lathsumnes and wikkid-hede 

has filed fe werld on lenth andbrede ; fis werlde ys ful of lenght and brede 

fair malice mai naman speke 1613 of f aire malice may namonspeke pfi2,bk] 

Til heuen f er-of it rises f e smeke ; til heyuen f ar-of rises f e reke. 

Couetys, hordan, envie, and pride wif couetise horedome and wif pride 

Has spred fis werld on lenth and wide; fis werlde ys syued on ichc syde. 

Al ar f ai worth-f i for to wite, 

vnnes es ani fiinden. quite; 1618 

Bot I sal do f am lij ful lau 

fat letes sua lightly on min au. 

"Wrak to tak i am al boun 

I sal fam alle in watwr droun, 1652 


al ar f ai worf for to wyte. 
A'linef ys any fundyn quyte. 
bot I. sal make ham lye ful laglie 
fat letes sa li3tly of my lagbfi. 
wrake to take 1. am alle boun. 
I. salle ham alle in water droun. 




[No gap in the MSS.] 

Here bigines at noe pe lede [coi. 2] 
pe toper world for to sede. 

Fijf hundrid 3ere ban had 110c, 
Quen he had geten his sunes thre, 
be first was sem, cam be toper, 1G29 
And iaphet hight be thrid brojw ; 
God spac vnto noc fan, 
And bus his resun he bigan, 1G32 
"Noe," he said, "i tell till be, 
All pis world bitrais me, 
bai haue left me and mi lau, 
Of me standis bairn non an, 1G3G 

All is forgetin pat franchis, 
b«t i gaf man in paradis ; 
be erd wid sin and schame es schent, 
All right wis away es went; 1G40 

All lustsum, all wickedhede, 
Has fild bis world on lenth and brede. 
( If bail malice may na man speke, 
Til heuen ber-of it rises be smeke, 
Couaytise, Lechuri, and pride, 1645 
Has Bpred bis world lang and side; 
All cr bai worthi for to wite, 
( If pine es non funden quite ; 1 G 18 
Bot i sal ger J>aim ley ful lau, 
; atli of mi an. 1 

wreke to take i am a] Iran, f '"V 
I 1 bairn drenkil in watir Bone, 1 

Here bigynneb of Noe lede 
be secounde world for to sede 

Fyue hundride 3eer had noe 
whenwe he had geten sones pre 
be first was sem cam be toper 
And Iapheth het be bridde broker 
God spak vnto noe pan 
bus his resoun he bi gan 
Xoe he seide I telle be 
Al bis world bitrayeb me 
bei han lafte me & my lawe 
Of me stonden bei noon awe 
Al is for^eten bat franchise 
pat I 3af mon in paradise 
be erbe wib synne is foul shent 
Al rijtwisnes awey is went 
Foule lustes & wicked-hede 
Han filed bis world in lengbe & brede 
No mon hei synne may Bay no seke 
berof to heuen recheb be Bmeke 
( Jouetise lecchery and pride 
lhb spred bis world on euery syde 
Alle are bei worbi to wite 
( If woo ia noon founden (raj be 

Bu1 I shal hem lay ful lawc 
) tt SO lilil of nivn awe 

Wo che to take liii is to done 
I hal hem drenche in watir soone 

HUM 1 v 



Alle faa bot fi wijf and fe, 

f i suns and fail Avijfs thre ; 

For f i leute ^ee sal be aglit, 

Allan i hauc graunted mi sagli[t] 1G5G 

Wit fine oxspring, for i liaue mint 

Restore f e world pat sal be tint ; 

Fra f e mast dun to J>e lest 

Sal nefer liue ne fouul ne best. 1660 

Bot ar i wil mi wengeaunce tak 

I Avil f «t f ou a wessel mak." 

" Sir, tel me quar of fat it sal be." 

" It sal be wroght o suare tre, 1664 

A schippe be-houes f e to dight, 

pi self sal be f e maister wright ; 

I sal f e tell hou lang, hou brade, 

quat mesur it sal be made. 1668 

Quen f i timber es festend wele 

f ou wind f e sides ilk dele ; 

First bind it wele wit balk and band, 

And wind it sif en well wit wand ; 

Wit pike f ou lok it be noglit tliyn, 

Plaster it wit-oute and wit-In ; 1674 

Seuen score ellen lang and ten, 

Thrys aglit on wyde, on heght fiueten, 

Fiueten on heglit, pat es fentent, 1677 

Fra grund vnto f e tabulment ; 

It sal be made wit stages sere, 

Ilkon to serue o fair mistere; 1680 

f u sal bi-nef en on f e side 

Mak a dor wit mesur wide, 

A windou sperand wel on hei ; 

f ou lok f i werk be noght vnslei, 1684 

A hous als in to drink and ete 

And wardropp fat p ou noglit for-get. 

Of ilkin best f ou sal tak tuin [coi. 2] 

Makes wit fe to liue far in ; 1688 


al fa bot f i wife and fe. 

f i sones and faire wyuys f re. 

for fi ri^twisnes and pi lewte 

sal nane be safe ellis bot ^e. 

wif fine ospring 3et liaue I. Mynt 

restore fe folk fat sal be tynt. 

fra f e maste doun to f e leste 

sal nauf er haue life fowel ne best. 

bot or I. wil my ve?daunce take. 

I wil at f ou a vessel make. 

IT Sir tel me quar-of hit sal be. 

Lit sal be wro3t of square tree. 

a ship bi-houys f e to di3t 

f i-self sal be f e maister wri^t. 

I sal f e tel bow lange how brade 

of quat mesure hit sal be made 

quen f e timber ys festenet wele 

f ou winde f e sides ilk a dele. 

first binde hit wele wif balk and bandes 

and winde hit sif en wele with wandis. 

wif pikke f ou loke hit be m^t f inne 

plaster hit wif-out and wif-in. 

vij. skore elne lange and tene. 

fries a3t on Avide f of he3t fiftene. 

xv. on he3t ys myne entent. 

fra grounde vn-to f e tabelme?it. 

hit salle be made, wif stagis sere 

ilkane to serue of faire mistere. 

f ou sal be-neth" on fat a side 

make a dore wif mesure wide. 

a wyndow sperande wele on heyghg 

loke f i werk-monshepe be sleyghe. 

a hous in for to drink and ete 

a wardcdrope loke fou no3t for-gete 

of ilk bestes f ou sal take twyn. 

niakis for to liue f er-in. 




f aim all bot fi wijf and f e, 

f i sunes and f aire wiues thre ; 

^e eytli, for 3 our treu leute, 

Alone i haue granted mi gre, 1G56 

wid fin ospring as i haue mint 

Eestore f e folk fat sal be tint ; 

Fra f e mast doune to f e lest, 

Sal neyde?- haue lijf, foul ne best.lGGO 

Bot ar fat i mi vengeance take, 

I wil fat fu a vessel nou make." 

" Sir, tell me quarof it sal be." ^^ 

" It sal be mad of quarid tre, 1GG-1 

A schip bihouis fe to dight, 

f i self sal be f e maister wriht, 

I sal f e tell hu lang and brad, 

And of quat mesure it sal be mad. 

Quen fie timber is festind wele, 1G69 

f u vri??d f e sidis ilk a dele, 

Bind it first wid balke and band, 

And wind it sipen vole wid wand ; 

wid pic loke it be nohut thine, 1G73 

Plastir it wele widuten and inc. 

Seuen skor elne long and tone, 

Thrijs eheit on wide, on lenth fiftene, 

Fiftene on it heit fat es fe entent, 

Fra grund vnto J?e tabil-ment. 

It sal be made wid stagis sere, 

Ilkan to ser of fair mistere. 1G80 

p ii Bal be nein fat side, 

make a dur wid mesui wid ; 

A windou sperand wele on hey; 

Loke fi werk be noght vn.sli, 1G84 

And hua f er in to drinc a?id etc, 

wardrop loke fu ooght for. 

Of alkincs bestia ta p\i tuin, 

wid fair makia to duell far-in, 1G88 

Alle hem but f i wif and po 

f i sones & her wyues f re 

$e ei3te for ^oure leute 

Allone I haue grau^ted gre 

"Wif fin ospringe I haue mynt 

Eestore pe folke fat shal be tynt 

Fro p e moost to p e leest 

Shal nouf e?* haue lyf foule ne beest 

But ar fat I my vengeau?zce take 

I wol fat fou a vessel make 

Sir telle me wher of hit shal be 

Hit shal be made of square tre 

A shippe most fou nedes di3t 

f i self shal be f e maistir wri^t 

I shal f e telle how brood & long 

Of what mesure & how strong 

Whence f e tymber is festened we] 

Wynde p e sides enervche a del 

Bynde hit furste wif balke & bonde 

And wynde hit sif f en with good wonde 

"Wif picke loke hit be not fynnc 

Piastre hit wel wifonte & ynne 

Seuen score ellen longe & tene 

fries ei3te on wide on hei3te fiftene 

Fiftene on hei3te is f e entent 

Fro grou^de to fe tabelment 

Hit shal be made v\if stages sere 

Vchone for dyuerse manere 

fou shalt bynefen on fat syde 

Make a dore wif mesure wyde 

A Bperynge wyndowe ala 011 hi 

Loke fi weike be not vnal 

An houa ferynne to drynke & etc 

Wardrope fat f^u no1 I 

Of alle manere beestia take fe tweyn 

To wone p> r wif hei makes certeyn 



Of ilk liuand best es wroght 

Fouxul nc wornie forget fou noglit ; 

In f e oucrmast stage f i self sal be, 

fe fouxules alfernest be fe \ 1G92 

Sif en efter alfernest band 

J>e nieke beistes sal baue fair stand, 

pat es f ai pat er tame and mild, 

And vnder fain sal stand f e wild ; 

And fou sal alsua mak a boure 1G97 

For to hald in f i wemiestore ; 

In f e bof em sal be na stall, 

For al f eir filth sal fedir fall. 1700 

It sal be mikel wit-oute« pere, 

In making sexsith tuenti yere ; 

Sua lang terme i haue hem lent, 

pat wil come til a-mendement, 1704 

And if f «t ani wil tent to f e 

pat fai far-in may saued be. 

Quen fou f i timber wel has laid 

And it be to fi will al graid, 1708 

fou and f i wijf sal first gang in, 

Jn suns wit fair wijfes thrin ; 

3ee sal alsua tak 30W with 

Beist and fouxul fat sal haue grith, 

f e meke be f am ai tua and tua, 1713 

f e wild do be f am-self al-sua ; 

Of ilk kind tak tua with-in 

For to hald vp feir auen kin ; 1716 

Lok fou sua do for na sui^k 

fou haue defaut of mete and drink. 

Do nou wel, now leue i pa, 

I>ot i sal eft emn pe to see ; 1720 

If i see fat fou wirkes right, 

I sal f e hald pat i f e hight." 

IT Now wat sir noe quat wark to do, 

And hent timber fat fel far-to ; 1724 


of iche best Jmt now ya wroit. 

Fowel ne worme for-gete fou nojt. 

Iu pe ouermast stage f i-self sal be 

pe fowels alder-next pe. 

sif en ofter next hande 

pe meke bestes fai sal stande 

be-cause at fai ar meke and milde 

a n d vnder ham sal stande pe wilde 

and fou sal alsqua make a boure 

to halde in f i warnestoure. 

in pe bouen make a 1 stalle. [} 11s. na] 

for al p aire filthe sal in hit fal. 

IT hit sal be mykil w/tA-outen pere 

In makyng sex-sythe .xx. 3ere. 

squa lange terme I. haue ham lent 

fat Aville come til amendement. 

[ 2 And if eny wolle tend to the E/ rf ™ 6 -, Laud 

That they there-ynne may sauyd be] 

quen f 011 has f i timbre layde 

and hit be rede graide. 

fou and fi wife sal first ga in. 

f i sones als fair wyues thrin. 

3e sal als-squa take 3011 withe 

beste and fowel fat sal haue grithe. 

f e meke to-geder ay twa and twa. 

f e wilde do bi ham-self al-squa. 

of ilk kinde take twa with-in. 

for-to holde vp f aire awen kyn. 

loke fou so do for na squynk. 

fou haue defaute of mete ne drink. 

do now wele now leue I. f e 

I. sal come eft for-to se. 

if I. se fou wirkis ri^t 

I. sal fe halde at I. f e lii^t. 

Now wate sir noe quat was to do. 
and hew f e timbre fat sulde f e?'to. 



Of ilk liuand best pat es wrohut ; 
Foul lie -worm forget pu noght. 
In pe ouennast stag pan sal J?u be, 
pe foulis alder neist pe vnder be ; 
Sipe?z efter alpe?* neist hand, 1G93 
pe meke bestis suld pai stand, 
pa pat er bath tame and milde, 
And vnder paiffl suld stand pe wild. 
And pu sal alsua make a bourc, 1G97 
To hold vnto pi waniistoure, 
ban in pe bothum sal be na stall, 
For all pair filth peder sal fall. 1700 
It sal be mekil widuten pere, [coi. 2] 
In making sex sith tuenti 3ere, 
Sua lang time i haue paim lent, 
pat wil cum vnto amendement, 1704 
And if ani wil tent Yiito pe, 
] I pai par-in may saued be. 
Quen pu pi timbir wcl lias laid, 
And it es to pi will al graid, 170S 
pu and pi wijf sal firist ga in, 
pi sunes wid pair wijfes tlirin ; 

al alsua take 3011 wid, 
Best and foul pat sal haue grith, 1712 
pe meke bi paim ai tua and lua, 
I wild <1" bi paim seluen alsua, 
( »f ilka kind ta tua wid-in, 

ild \ ]< pair aim kin. 1 71G 

Loke pu do sua for na Buink 
pa haue deffaute of mete 01 drinc. 
I »" 11:1 w( le, mi In'' i pe, 

■I efl com pe to 1720 

If pal i .-■■ }u wirkis right, p or 
I .1 pe hold pal i pe mi hight." 

Noti w.ii noe quat dede to do, 
And bend ' pe tymbt r fat fel par 


Of Yclie beest pat is wrou3t 
Foule ny worm foi^ete 30 noi^t 
In pe ouemast stage shal pou be [it 11, bk] 
Foules nexte vndir pe 
Sipen alper next lionde 
Meke beestis pei sliul vndirstonde 
po pat are tame & my Lie 
And vndir liem pen?«e pe wilde 
Also pat pou make aboure 
To kepe wipimze pi wardestonre 
In pe bopujji shal be no stalle 
For al her iilpe slial perin falle 
Hit shal be muchc wipoutew pere 
In makyng six sipe twenty ^ere 
So longe tyme I haue hem lent 
pat "\vol com to amendement 
And if any wol tente to pe 
pat pei perynne may saued be 
Whenrce pou hast wel pi tymbur layd 
And hit is to pi wille payd 
pou & pi wif shul first in te 
pi sones & her wyues pre 
1 pat 3c take 3'ui Y*ip 
Foule & beest pat shal haue grip 
pe meke to gider two & two 
pe wilde bi hem self also 
Of vchone take pou tweyne [u 
To holden vp he owne kyn 
Be wel war for any swynke 
pat pou no wante mete ae <!n like 
I >o now we] I leue pe 
But I com efte pe to so 
If I se pou worchesl 1 i^t 
I sb;il holde pat I p<' bijt 
"\T(iw woot noe what to do 
1^ And hew tymbur pot fel perto 




II gaf be wrightes bar mesure 
And wroglit lie self in bat labore ; 
bai wroglit bath in wod and place, 
lie self festnid bath band and lace, 
ai to-quils bat lie sa wroglit 1729 

be folk to preclie for-gate lie noglit, 
To warne bam of our lauerds wrake, 
And tald bam how bat he with him 
1 he tald resim til niani a man, [_ s P a * e J 
Quar-for he suilk a scippc bigan ; 
With hething all bai him answard 
And said, " qui es bis carl sua ferd 1 " 
Gret selcut, bai said, bam thoght 1737 
Qui he was so rad for noglit, jjj,/^ 1 ' bk ' 
And said bat man war worth be scent 
bat tok til aid mans words tent. 1740 
Quen noe sagh his trauail tint, 
Of his precheing ban con he stint ) 
for it es foli giue consail to 
be folk bat wil but foli do ; 1744 

For-bi he left bat cursed lede 
and went vnto his auen dede. 
Ke less ne mare mismeid \\im noght 
Eituixand he bat schippe had wroglit, 
Til it was mad and in-with stadd 1749 
Al bat our lauerd him forwith badd. 
Quen he had don his commamcnt 
He bade noght bot be Iugement 1752 
bat drightin ban suld wirk his wil, 
Sum he hade forwith tald him til. 
ban come drightin he sagh tim 
Til noe for to spek with him ; 1756 
Quen he his wil had with him spoken, 
He self be dore ban has he stoken, 
be windou was wit suilk a gin 
Men moght it open bat loked w/t-in. 


he gaf be writes baire mesour 

and wro$t his-self in bat labour. 

bai wro3t bab in wode and place. 

his-self feste bab bande and lace. 

and euer as he a-pon hit wroat. 

be folk to preyche for-gatte he no3t 

to warne ham of our lardes wrake. 

and talde ham how he "with him spake. 

he talde resoun to mony a man. 

quy he suche a ship be-gan. 

% wib hebing 1 . bai him alle onsquerde. 

and sayde quy ys bis carle so ferdc. 

gret meruayl ham alle bo3t 

quy he was sa ferde for no3t. 

and sayde bat mon ware worb be shent 

bat toke to aldemon wordes entent. 

quen noe saghe hys trauayle tynt. [if is] 

of his preychyng con he stynt. 

for hit is foly gif consayle to. 

be folk bat wil bot foly do. 

for-bi he left bat cursed lede 

and wro^t forb his awen dede. 

ne lasse ne mare mismaid ha??z no3t 

bi-twix bat he bat ship had wrojt. 

til hit was made and wib-in. stadde 

al bat our lorde to him bad. 

quen he had done his comandeme?it. 

he bade no3t. bot be iuggement. 

our lorde- come and wro3t his wille 

als he be-fore to noe saide tille 

he saglie wele bat hit was time. 

to come to noe and speke with him. 

quen he his wille. wib him had spokyn. 

him-self be doer he has stokyn. 

be wyndow was wib suche a gyn. 

men mi3t hit open, and loke in. 



He gaf fe writhes fair mesur, 172-3 
And wroght hi??iself in pat labur ; 
f ai wroght bath in wod and place, 
Himself festid bath band and lace. 
Bot euer f e quilis fat he wroght, 1729 
f e folk to preche forgat he noglit, 
To warn faim of vr lauerdes wreche, 
And hu god had him teld in spcche ; 
He teld fat resun to mani a man, 
Quarfor he suilk a schip bigan, 1734 
wid scorning al fai him ansuerd, 
And said, " qui es f is carl a-ferd 1 " 
Gret wonder, f ai said f ai??i tlioght, 
Qui he was sua dred for noglit, 1738 
1 f ai said pat man war worthi be schent, 
fat toke f e aid mawes wordes tent. 
Que?i noe sau his trauail al tint, P] 6 }] 18, 
Of f is preching fan he stint, 
It es but foli giue consail to 
fe folk fat wil but foly do ; 1714 

For-fi he sone he left fat cursid lede, 
And went him to his aim dede. 
Less ne mar greued he him nohut, 
Bituix and he fe schip had wroght, 
Till it was made and in wid stad, 1719 
All fat godd bifor him badd. 
Quen he had dou his comandment, 
He bad n ht bol pe iugement, 1 752 

f'd godd all mitlii suld wirke his will, 
As lie bifor him had said vniill. 
fen cam godd quen he sau tin 
Till noe forto speke wid hime, 1756 
Quen he his wil wid him had spokin, 
Him- If fe dur suith had stolon, 
fe windou was wid suilk a gin, 
Men mith it opin and spere wid in. 
Q&l i iv 

lie ^af writes her mesure 
And him self dude his cure 
f ei wroi^te faste in dyuerse place 
Him self fastened bof e bond & lace 
But euennore as he "\vr0113t 
Folke to preche formate he noi^t 
To warne hem of goddes wreche 
How god had wif him a speche 
He hit tolde to many man 
Whcrfore he fat shippe bigan 
AVif scorne alle him vnswerde 
And seide whi is f is cherle ferdo 
f ei seide greet wondir hem f oii3t 
Why he was so ferde for noi^t 
He were f ei seide worf to be shent 
fat of his wordes toke tent 
Whence noe say his trauel tynt 
Of his prechynge f cn«c he stynt 
Hit is but foly to 3yue counsel to 
To hem pat wol but foly do 
ferfore he lefte fat cnrsede lede 
And went & dud his owen dede 
More wif hem him greued nou3t 
Til he had his shippe wnmjt 
He was glad when hit was ma 
Ri^t as god bifore him bade 
Whenwe he had done fe comaundement 
He bode not bul fe iuggement 
f ii\ god of myite wolde worche hiswille 
As he bifore seide him tille 
fenwe cam god at tyme his 
To noe for to speke of fia 
Whence he had wif hiwi spoken 
Him self p< dore soone had rtoken 
fe wyndowe was w/t// suche a gyn 
Hit 1 u \- 3 1 < ■ op( 11 & Bp re wif In 


110 STORMS NOW ROSE, BUM A.ND MOON 1 1 1 1 > Tlir.ii: LIGHT, 


Quen al was tilt was baT na bide, 17G1 
be stormes ras on ilka side ; 
Sun and raone beir bemes hide, 
Merkmd oueral bis werld wide j 17G4 
be rain it fell sua fers and fast, 
be burnes ouer be brink it brast, 
be see to ris, be erth to riue, 1767 
be springes cum ouer-all utedriue ; 
Fire slaglit fell wit tlioner and rain, 
be erth quok and dind again; 1770 
Sun and mone had tint bair light, 
bat al bis werld es turnd to night, 
bat soron to see was ful gret au, 1773 
bir cites fell bath hei and lau ; 
be water wex oute ouer be plains, 
be bestes ran ban to monetains, 177G 
Men and wymmen als-sna ber-with, 
Well went bai to bar haue grith. 
Bot al for noght bai suanc a fote, Lcoi. 2] 
Quen bai com bare was bam na bote ; 
be fouxuls flokecl bam on hei, 1781 
Fel don, moglit bai na langer flei ; 
For noght bai fled ne best ne ma[n], 
Al to late was [bat] bai bi gan. 1784 
Think namara selcuth b«t bar suam, 
Side and side, wolf and ram, 
be Icon suam beside be hert, 
Til ober did na beist vn-quert ; 1788 
be sparhauk flough be be sterling, 
bai tent til ober nakins thing ; 
be leuedis listed noght o pride, 
bai suam bi bar suains side ; 1792 

lauerdschipp was bar na strijf, 
Was naman Ielus of his wijf ; 
Was nan moght ober no help ne suike, 
All tok a right, bath pouer and Hike ; 


auen al was wro$t was ber na bide 
be stormys rase on iche a-side 
be sunne and mone baire bemys to hide 
niyrke was al be werlde wyde. 
be rayne hit fel so id's and fast, 
be bournys ouer be brenkis brast. 
be see to rise be erb to riue. 
be water ouer be erb to driue. 
be fire flaghe out with bonder and raine 
be erb quoke «??c? dynet a-gayne. 
bab sunne a?2c£ mone had tint bair li^t 
bat al bis werlde ys twrned to ni^t. 
^[ bat sorow to se was ful grete aghe 
ber cites fel bab hey and laghe. 
bo water wex ouer be playnys 
be bestes droghe to be ruountaynys 
w r ele wende bai bere to haue grib. 
be men a?id( wommon went ham wib. 
bot al for no}t bai ^ode on fote. 
quen bai come bare bai fande na bote, 
be fowels flokked to-geder on hey 
fel doun mi$t bai lenger. drey, 
for no3t bai fled bab best and man. 
for al to late bai be-gan. 
hit was na meruail. if ber squam. 
side and side wolf and ram. 
be lion squam be-side be hert. 
na beste dide ober vnquert. 
be sparhauke be-side be ster-lynge. 
ayber tent til ober na binge, 
be lauedis list no3t of pride 
bai squam be bair knaue side, 
of lord-shape was bar na strife 
was na man ielous of his wyfe. 
was na man nrijt oj^er squykc. 
alio toke an rijt pouer <7/?cZ rike. 



Quen al was don was par no bipe, 1 70 1 

Storines ras on euer-ilk a side, 

Sun a?Kl mone leme gan hide, 

It mirked oner all pis world wide, 

pe rain it fell sua fell and fast, 17G5 

welles wer, pe bankes brast ; 

pe see to rise, pe erd to cleue, 

pe springes gan oxier al vte dreue ; 

Leuening fell wid thoner and rain, 

pe erd quok and dinned egain. 

Bath sun and mone tint pair liht, 

pat all pis world turn to night, 1772 

pat soru to se was gret aue, 

pe biggimzes fel bath hey and lau. 

pe water wex vte oner pe plaines, [col. 2] 

pe bestis ran pen to montaynes, 177G 

Men and wimmen ran pai/>i wid, 

Wele pai wend par haf sum grid, 

All for noglit pan suank a fote 

Que?* pai cam par was par na bote. 

pe foulis flight pan on hei, 1781 

.Viiil fell quen pai miht na Linger drei ; 

For noglit pai fledd, best ne man, 

All to late pai all bigan. 1784 

Thine on man ferli pat par suam 

Side hi side, bath wolf and man, 

pe Icon Buam biside pe hert, 

Did na best til oper mquert, 1738 

pe sperhauk bi pe starli 

pai tent til oper nankinea thh 

pe ladijs tent noght til pride, 

pai suam bi pair knaui i Bide ; 1792 

Of lauerdschip was par na strijf, 

wa i na man gelus of hia wjjf, 

Miht nan oper helpe ne suike 

pai drinklid Qkan euer dike. 179G 

Whenne pis was done per was no bide 

Stormes roos on euery syde 

Son«e & moone pe lijt gan hide 

Hit merked oner al pis world wide 

pe reyn fel doun so wondir fast 

pe welles wex pe bankes brast 

pe see to ryse pe erpe to cleft 

pe springes alle oute to dref 

Leityng fel wip pondur & reyn 

pe erpe quook & dened a3eyn 

Sonne & moone lost her li^t [leaf 12] 

Al pe world turned to nj^t 

pat sorwe to se was greet awe 

pe bildyngis fel bopc heje & lawc 

pe watir wex ouer pe pleynes 

pe beestis ran to momdeynes 

Men & wymwien ran hem wip 

Wei pei hoped to han had grip 

Al for noi^te pei went a fote 

Whenne pei pere cam hit was no bote 

pe foules flotercd po on he3e 

And fel whenne pei my^t not drc3o 

For noi^t fled beest & man 

Al to late pei hit hi 

In fat watir soone pei swan 

Side bi syde wolf & man 

pe Lyouw swam bi syde pe hert 

Dude no bee il to < p< re smert 

pe sparhanke bi p< sterlyn 

pri tented op< re no mane/- ping 

p< Ladyes tented no1 po to pride 

pi i iwam bi her knauea syde 

For Lordsbipe wa - p< re no strif 

Waa no man geloua of hia - 

( >p< re to helpe was noon so 

Alle pei drenched I 



All hade a dom, bath riche and pour, 
Was nan fra ded pat moght him couer ; 
For par misdedes wepe pai Jjan, 

Alas ! lait was pat pai began j 1800 

pai greued pan paa caitiues badd, 

pat pan liadd ben wit noe stadd. 

Bot pof pat noe was in quert 

He was noglit al at es in hert ; 1804 

pe wind him ledd a-pon pe flodd, 

He wist noglit wyder-ward lie 3 odd ; 

Heuen and ertli lie flet e-niel, M U e|T| • 

Bot lie ne wist ware liis scliipp suld 

pai pat ware par, man and wijf, 1809 

pai war ful dredand for par lijf, 

If lie ne had pat es al might 

To noe for with pair liues hight. 1812 

Koe wist pan w/t-vten wene 

pe folk was all fordon beden ; 

With wipping sare on paim he ment 

And turnd al to godd his tent ; 181G 

He fined nopeir night ne day 

For pat caitiue folk to prai, 

For mans kind, sua sais pe bok, 

Bot durst he neuer wel vp-lok ; 1820 

He praid to godd for pam alsua 

O pair saulus na vengeance ta ; 

pof pan was tene in pat quile 

O pair licam pat was sa wile, 1824 

Sin pai ware ded sua rcufulli, [if 12, col. 1] 

pe saulus he wald haf of merci ; 

Sua he hafd, with-outen fail, 

If pai had troud noe consail, 1828 

Quen pai for-soke his sermoning 

And toke his word al til nothing, 

Bot now pai find it in pair fare 

pai wald noglit lore on noe lare ; 1832 


[' from Laud 
MS. 416] 

f Allc v nchid euerychone 

Was non from depe might gone] 
for pare misdedes weppet pai pan 
alias ful late pai be-gan. 
pThan desirid tho Caytyfs bad 
That they had bene by noie lad] 

Bot if pat noe was al in quert. 
he ne was no3t at ese in hert. 
pe winde him led a-pon pe node 
he wiste no3t quidder-warde he 3 ode 
als hejuHW and erp pe flode con 3elle 
hewistneyuerquare his shipsuldedweL 
al pat ware wip him mon and wife 
pai ware ful dredand of paire life 
had no3t god ful of nn^t. 
paire lyuys be-fore til ham lajt. 
1F noe wist wele wip-out wene 
pe folk was alle for-done be-dene. 
wip wepyng sare of ham he ment 
and turned al to god his entent. 
he fined neuer nijt ne day. 
for pe caytef folk to pray, 
for mo?znys-kynde so says pe boke 
bot durst he neue?* wip eye vp-loke 
he prayed for paire sanies al-squa 
pat na vemaunce on ham ga. £ s fl 4i6] Laud 
[ 2 As was takyn in that while 
Of theirc bodijs that were so vile] 
syn pai ware dede sa rewfully. 
to sende paire saules sum mercy, 
pai ware ful mad wip-out fayl 
quen pai trawet no3t his coftsayl. 
quen pai for-soke his sarmonynge. 
and toke his worde al to hethynge. 
bot now pai finde in paire fare 
pai walde 1103 1 liue on noe lare. 




All he drinklid, riche a/zd ipower, 
was nan fra dede pat mitli him cower. 
For paire sinraes wepe pai pan, 
Alias ! fule late pai palm began, 1800 
pai 3ernid pan, f»a caitifes madd, 
pat pai had ben wid noe stadd. 
Bot pou pat noe was iwquert, 
He was noght al at ese i??. hert, 1804 
pe wind him ledd apon pe nod, 
He wist noght quepe?-ward he drou, 
Heuen and erd he flet bituene, r"bene. 
Bot he ne wist queper his schip suld 
pat was wid him, bath man and wijf, 
pai wer ful dredand of pair lijf, 1810 
Bot pat lauerd sua ful of might 2? f o S ' bk ' 
To noe bifore pair Hues hight, 
Noee wist pan, widuten wene, 
pe folk war all dede bidene ; 1814 
wid weping sare on paim he ment, 
And turned all to godd his entent. 
He fined neuer night no day, 
For pat caytif folk to pray, 1818 

For manes kind, so sais pe boke, 
Bot durst he newer wid eie vp loke. 
He praid to god for paim alsua, 1821 
Of pair sauls na wengans ta, 
A Is was tan on paim pat quite 
Opon pair bodijs |>at wassa vile, 1824 
Sipen pai war parist sua reufuli, 
p. t ir sanies he wild of haue merci. 
Sua wild he pat lie had widuten faile, 
Had pai troud noe consaile, 1828 

Quen pai forsoke hia sarmoniftg 
And toke his speche to scorning, 
Bot nou pai find it pair fare, 
pai wild noghl trpu on noe lare. 1832 
8 OOTT1N01 N 

Alle pei drenched cilery chone 

Was noon fro depe my^te gone 

For her synncs wepte pei pan 

Alias to late pei bigan 

pen??e desired po caitifs badde 

pat pei had ben by noe ladde 

But poi^e pat Noe w r as in quert 

he was not al in ese of hert 

pe wynde him ledde on pat node 

he miste whodirwarde he 3 ode 

heuen & erpe he net bitwene 

he nuste where his shipp wolde bene 

pei were ful ferde of her lyues 

pat was w T ip him men & wyues 

But pe lord ful of my3t 

To Noe bifore her lyues l^t 

Noe po wiste wipouten wene 

pe folke were alle dede bi-dene 

AVip sore wepynge he hem ment 

And turned to god al his tent 

he fyned neuer nyjt nor day 

For po caitifs for to pray 

For monkynde as seip pe boke 

But durste he newer wip e3e vp loke 

II.' preyed to god for her sake 

Ko vengeaunce on po soulis to take 

As was taken in pat while 

On her bodyes pat were so vile 

Sip pei were perisshed so rewely 

< »n her soulis to haue mercy 

80 had pei hadde wipouten i'ailo 

Hadde p<i done Noes counsaile 

Whenwe p<'i forsoke his prech^ 

And toke his speche to scornyng 

I'.ut now pei fynde hit pr?*fore 

prd wolden not Leue on noe !<>re 




For quils pat godd pam raglit his grace, 

Littel roght pam of his nianance. 

pis rain don fell pat it ne fane ; 

Bituixand fourti dais war gan 1836 

pe heiest fell pat was our-quare 

pe flod ouer raght seuen eln and mare ; 

pat was na creatnr in Hue 1839 

pat moght to grurcd or reche or riue, 

Bot it war fisse pat flett on sund ; 

"Was nankin best moght find pe grund. 

On pe streme pat arclie can ride, 

pe wauus best on ilk side ; 1844 

pe stormes starked wit pe wind, 

Wath vas bifor and sua bihind ; 

l$oe and his loked ai don 1847 

And weited ai quen pai suld dnm ; 

Bot be ^ee traist, wit-outen strijf, 

Inogh it lethed jjam par lijf. 

Til seuensith tuenti dais war gan 

pe streme it stud ai still in-an ; 1852 

Abute fine monetz was pat it stud, 

"VVit-outen falling, pat fers fludd ; r r j ue 

Oft-sythes wend pai pair schipp suld 

"With wau, or wind, or dint of knyue ; 

Bot yeit es god al par he was, 1857 

To help ai wen his wil es. 

Quen he his wengaunce Jmshad wroght, 

Our lauerd pan on noe thoght, 1800 

And bigan to haue pite 

pe arche and him and his menge. 

pat mighti king, ful son and wiss, 

Did turn pair baret in-to blis ; 1864 

Again he did pe waters ga 

til pair canels pat pai com fra ; 

pe erth wex bare quen pai ne wend, 

pe schipp on land bigan to lend, 1868 


In time pai so^t him of na grace. 
and litel gaf of goddis manace. 
T^is rayne hit fel w/tA-out wane 
-» by-twix and xl. dayes ware gain; 
pe heyest fel pat was awre-quare 
pe node ouer-ra^t vij. elne and mare 
pat was na creature on liue. 
pat mi^t to grounde reyche or ryue. 
bot hit ware fisshe pat fel on sonde 
was nankyn beste nri^t finde gronde. 
on pe streme pe arclie con ride, [if is, bk] 
pe stormes starkind wip-outen pride 
pe waghes waued wip pe winde 
grete perel was be-fore and hinde. 
^T noe and his pai loked ay doun. 
and wende ay pan and pan to droun. 
bot wete ^e wele wip-outen strife 
Stynt pai neyuer of pis life, 
til vij. skores dayes ware co??raie and 
pe stremys stode stille in ane. LS an 
a-boute .v. monepes stil hit stode 
wip-out fallinge pat fers node 
oft-sipe wende pai paire ship to rife 
wip waghe or winde or dynt of clife 
bot 3et ys god al par he was 
and po3t on ham in pat cas. 
If quen he had his vemaunce wrc>3t 
our lorde pan on noe p03t. 
and bi-gan to haue pite 
of pe arche and him and his meyne. 
pat netful kinge ful sone I-wys.. 
did turne paire baret in-to blis. £s i ; o 4 n 1 1 G T j aud 
[ l Ayen he made the watirs go 
Into the placis that ihey come fro] 
agayne he dide pe waters wende 
pe ship on lande bigan to lende. 




For quilis Jmt godd gaf him grace, 
J>ar war nohwt fered of his manace. 
pis rain rained euer on-ane, 
Tuix and fourti dais war gane, 1836 
pe heiest montayn pat was aware 
J>e flod ouer ras seuen elne and mare ; 
)>at was no creature on liue 1839 

J?at might pat win to grand rechenoriue, 
Bot it war fisse pat flett on sund, 
Might na thing reche pe grand. 
On pe strem pe schip gan ride, 
pe wawis bett on eue?'-ilk a side, 1844 
pe stormis starkid wid pe wind, 
pe wawis bett bifor and bihind ; 
Noe and his J?ai loked ai dun, [coi. 2] 
To drenkil wend jjai had ben bun. 
Bot be 3e straisti, widuten strijf, 1849 
Inogh it lettid jjaim pair lijf ; 
Til seuin sith tuenti dais war gan, 
pe flod it stod ai still on an. 1852 

Aboute fiue monethc-s pat it stode 
widuten falling, pat fers flod; 
Oft wend J?ai J?ar schip suld riue 
wid wind or wawe, or dint or cliue. ; 
Bot 3eit es godd par pat he was 1857 
To help ay quen his willis was. 
Que;i he his vengans pus had wroght, 
Our lauerd pan on noe thoght, 18G0 
Awd bigan to have pite 
( >f him and pe schip wid his meyne ; 
Jjat mithi king ful sone, i wiss, 
Turnd j?air baret in to bliss j 18G4 
Again he did J>e watria ga 
I nt <j |>a placifl J?at J?ai com fra, 
J irde wex bare quen p-.n ne wend, 
| chip on laud bigan to lend, 18G8 


For whil pat god 3af hem grace 

Jjei were not ferde of his manace 

IT pis reyn reyned euer on-one 

Til fourty dayes were a-gone 

pe he3est hille pat w r as owhore 

pe flood ouer passed seue?i ellen & more 

pere was no creature on lyue 

pe groiuzde my3te reche ne ryue 

But hit were fisshe pat flet on sonde 

Mi3te no ping on grou?ide stonde 

On pat streem pe Shippe gan ride 

pe wawes beten on euery syde 

pe stormes straked wij> pe wynde 

J?e wawes fo bote bifore & bihynde 

Noe & his euer loked dourc 

To drenche wende J>ei had be boura 

But be we truste wijjouten strif 

J?ei were w T ery of her lyf 

Til seuen si)?es twenty dayes were gon 

pe flood stode stille euer in oon 

Aboute fyue moncjjes hit stode 

Wijouten falling pnt fers flode 

Ofte ]?ei wende her shippe wold ha ryue 

"\Yif> wynde or wawe or dynt of clyue 

But 3it is good kyng of blis 

To helpe euer when his wille is 

When his ve??geau??ce per was wrou^t 

Oure lord pemie on noe j?ou3t 

And bigan to haue pite 

Of him his shippe & his meyne 

J>at my3ty kyng soone 1 n 

Turned her bale in to blis 

Ayyn he made Jji- wattrcs go 

In to pv places \<>\ j>ej coom fro 

j-,. er|»e wen bare ai pe\ wende 

pe shippe on lond bigon to lende 

'l!M\! I V 



On armonio far con it stand, 

A hei fell in fe liali land. 

f e su?m bigan pan sumquat kyth, [coi. 2] 

Noe wex fan fnl selcut blyth, 1872 

And said fan til Lis snns thre : — 

" Cliilder," lie said, " quat rede 3ee, 

How sal we o f is waters weit 

Quedir fai be Mli faUen yeitT' 1876 

" Thorn a fonxul," j?ai said, " mai we 

Knaw if f e ertli oglit bared be, 

Tor if he find f e erth oght bare 

to fe arche wil he cu??i namare. 1880 

fan opend noe his wyndou, 

Lete vte a ranen, and forth he flou, 

Flou vp and don, soght here and tare 

A sted to sitte a-pon sunquare ; 1884 

Apon f e w&tnr welsun he fand 

A drnned beist far lai flettand, 

fat nesse was he sa fain, 

To scipp com he neuer again ; 1888 

For-f i men sais on messager 

J> at lengs lang to bring answare, 

He mai be cald, with right resun, 

An of messagers corbun. 1892 

Quen noe sagh and was parseueid 

fat f is rauen had him deceneid, 

Lete vte a doue fat tok hir flight 

And fand na sted qnare-on to light ; 

Sco come a gain, wit-onten blin, 1897 

And noe ras and tok hur in ; 

Sif en abade he senen dais 

Efter fat, fe bibnl sais, 1900 

fan he sent f e dofe eftsith ; 

Sco went forth and com fnl suith, 

Son sco com and duelld noght, 1903 

An oliue branche in moth sco broght. 


in armany f e ship con stande 

a hey fel in f e haly lande. 

f e sunne be-gan sumquat to kif e 

noe was fan selconf e blif e. 

and sayde fan til his sones f re. 

childre he sayde quat rede 3c 

how sal we of f es waters wete. 

quef er f ai be fully fallyn 3ete. 

f orow a fowel f ai saide may we 

knaw if f e erf barid be. 

for if he finde f e erf e 0}t bare 

bidder wil he come na mare. 

noe oppynt his wyndow heye 

a rauen lete he forf fleye. 

he flaghe vp and douw and so^t ayquare 

a stede to syte apon sumquare. 

a-pon f e water sone he fande. 

a drowned best fat lay fletande 

of fat flesshe he was so fayne. 

to ship come he no3t agayne. 

for-f i men says a messager 

fat lenges lange to bringe onsquer. 

he may be calde with ri^t resoun. 

an of messagers corboun. 

IT quen noe saghe and was persayued. 

at f e rauen had him be-trayed. 

lete oute f e dowue ho toke f e m^t 

and fande na stede quar-on to li3t. 

ho come agayne wif-outen blyn. 

and noe rase vp and toke hir in. 

sif en bade he vij. dayes. 

for-sof as f e bible says. 

he sende f e dowue forf eft sif e 

forf ho went and come ful squyf e 

sone ho come and dwellet 1103 1. 

an oliue branche in mouf ho bro3t. 



On armeni par gan it stand, — 
A hey montayn in pe hali land. 
pe sun bigan sumquer to kithe, 
Noe wex fan ful blithe, 1872 

And said pan to his sones thre, 
u Childer," he said, "quat rede $e, 
Hou sal we of pis water witt, 1875 
Queper pai be aught fallen jeitt 1 " 
pai said, " thoru a foul may we 
wit if pe erd aught bared be, 1878 
Til pe schip wil pai com no mare, 
For if he find pe erde aght bare." 
pan opin noe his windou, 1881 

Lete vte a rauin a?*d forth he flou, 
Dun and vp soght here and bare, B*»fi4, 

* ' col. 1] 

A stede to sett apon sumquar. 1884 
Apon pe water sone he fand, 
A drinkled best par fletand, 
Of'pat fless was he so fain, 
To schip cam he neuer egain : 1888 
par-for pat messager, men say, 
pat duellis lang in his iornay, 
He may be cald, wid resuw clere, 
An of the rauyns messagere. 1892 
Querc ii oe sau and was parceiued, 
Jv/t pe rauyn him had disceyued, 
Lete vte a douue, echo tok her flith, 
And fand na place apon to lith, 1896 
Scho com again widuten blin, 
Noe raa vj> and lett hir in. 
Sipen bot lie seuen dais, 
After Jy/t, pe bibil sais, 1 :»00 

pan he sent pe douue eft sith, 
Scho went forth and cam ful Buith, 
Bone scho cam and duellid noght, 
A no line bianche in mouth schobroght. 
Q&l I [NGEN 

On ermony hit gon stonde 

An h^e hil in holy londe 

pe son?ze bigon po hir to kipe 

Noe wex pemie ful blipe 

And seide to his sones pre 

Childre he seide what rede $e 

How shul we of pis watir wit 

If pat hit be fallen jitt 

Bi a foule pei seide wite may we 

If pe erpe bare be 

To shippe wol he com no more 

If he fynde bare erpe pore 

His wyndowe opened po noe 

And lete a rauen out fle 

He sou3te vp & doun pere 

A stud to sitte vp on sum where 

Ypon pe watir pere he fond 

A drenched beest pere fletond 

Of pat flesshe was he so fayn 

To shippe coom he not a^ayn 

pe?-fore pe messangere pei sey 

fat dwellep longe in his Iourney 

He may be calde wip resou?* clere 

Oon of pe rauenencs messangere 

And whence noe perceyued was 

Of pe raucnes deceit in plas 

He lete out a doufc & toke hir fli^t 

And fonde no place vpon to li^t 

Sho coom a^eyn wipouten blyn 

Noe ros vp cV- Lete air in 

Sipen abode he seuen dajres 

A liii' p^t po bibel eayea 

H< iende pe doufe tjiofer sipo 

She went for) & WB8 I'ul blip.' 

Soone she coom & dwelt noujt 
An olyue braunche in mou) broujt 

TBIN] I v 


pan was noe wel be-knauin 
bat pe flode it was wit-drauin, 
Bot yeit he baid seven dais in rest, 
for doute if ani demmyng brest. 1908 
Sipen he did pani all oute driue, 
Beist and fuxul, and man and wiue ; 
pe beist thoght selcut-li god 1911 

pat pai hade raght pair kindle fode. 
vr lauerd, i wat, pam did to spede 
Wit-in peir auen kind to brede. 
J)an baad our lauerd to sir noe 1915 
At leue pe schippe wit his meyne. 
A tuelfmoth was gan with pis PJ^ bk > 
For als pat ilk dai I. wijs 
tuelfrno[n]th pat he 3©d par-in, 
He self it euermar to min, 1920 

Als peirs mayner, pe god clerk, 
telles of j?is in surakin werk. 
Til him pan spak pat lauerd hend, 
And said, "noe now, leue frend, 1924 
pou and pi suns wit pair wifis 
I haue yow sauued al your lifes ; 
Yow aght for-born i haue allan 

pis wengeance pat i haue tan ; 1928 
Ti. yow aght pat i lat liue 

Mi brad benison i giue ; 

1 wil pat on pin oxspring brede 
Alkin nacion and lede ; 1932 
Alkin thinges on pair wise 

To pe i wil pai do seruise." 

Noe was o Jus blissing blyth, 

Did to rais an auter suyth ; 1936 

He 3od to wirscippe godd als wis, 

And par-on made his sacrifijs ; 

Our lauerd drightin, pat al weldan[d], 

Him liked wel in his offrand, 1940 


[} from Laud 
MS. 416] 

J)an was noe ful wele be-knawen. 

at pe node a-way w r as drawen. 

bot ^et bade he .vij. dayes in rest. 

for doute at any de??zmynge brest. 

IF Sipen he dide ham al oute driue. 

best and fowel. saue mon and wiue 

pe bestes po^t hit selcoup gode. 

quen pai had ra^t paire kyndely fode 

our lorde I. wate ham made to spede 

wip-in paire aghen kinde to brede. 

pen bad our lorde til sir noe. 

at leue ]>e ship wip his meyne. 

\}A twelf-monpe was go by this 

By that same day I-wus 

That day xij monyp he yedyii 

he yt left more ne myn] 

IF as peris maior pe gode clerke. 
tellis of pis in sumkyn werke. 
til him spac pat lorde hende 
and sayde noe my leue frende. 
pou and pi sones and paire wyuys 
I. haue sauet 30W. ^our lyuys. 
30U viij. I. haue forborne allane 
of pis ve??iaunce pat I. haue tane 
to 30U .viij. pat I. lete leue 
my brade benysoura I. 30U geue. 
I. wil pat of pine ospringe sprede 
alkyn naciou?^. pat life sal lede 
alkyn ping of paire wyse 
to pe pai sal do sacrifise. 
IF noe was of pis blessyng blipe 
he gert to rayse an awter squype 
he 3ode to worshepe god I-wys 
and par-on made he sacrifyse 
our lorde criste alle weldande 
him liked wele in his ofFerande 



fan was noe wele bi knauin, 1905 

fat f e flod was wid-drauin, 

Bot ^eit he bade seuen dais in rest, 

For drede if ani damising brest ; 1908 

Sif e?z he gert f aim all vte driue, 

Best and foul, man and wiue. 

fe bestis war fill blith in mode, 1911 

Que« fat f ai had tan fair kindli fode ; 

vr lauerd did f aim sone to sprede, 

widin pair aim kind to brede. 

fan bad godd vnto noe, 

To leue fe schip wid his meyne. 1916 

A tuelmoneth was gan wid f is, 

Bi fat ilk same day, i-wiss, 

A twelmoneth fat he ^ede f ar-ine, [coi. 2] 

He left it euer mare to mine, 1920 

Als peris maior, f e gode clerk, 

Tellis of him in sumkines werk. 

Til liim fan vr lauerd hend, 

And said, "noe, mi leue frend, 1924 

Jui and f i sunes wid fair wiues, 

I haue saued all 3iir Hues, 

3011 3it i haue for-born allan, 

Of fis wengans fat i hau tan, 1928 

Til 30U 3it fat i lett leue 

Min brod benisun i giue ; 

I wil fat of fine ospring brede 

Alkins nacion and lede, 1932 

A Ik in thingea on fair wise 

I wil fai do to f<> serai 

Noe was of his blissing blith, 

And did to raise an autcr suith, 193G 

He 3ode to worschip godd as wise, 

And far apon made his sacrili 

Our lauerd godd all weldand, 

Him liked welt; pair oftrand, 19 Hi 

f en?ze was noe wel I knawe 

fat f e flood hit was wif drawe 

But 3itt bode he seuen dayes in rest 

For fere lest any damnyng brest 

Sif he made hem alle out dryue 

Foule & beest mon & wyue 

f ese beestes were ful glad in mode 

When?ze f ei hadde her kyndely fode 

Oure lord dud hem soone to sprede 

Wif hum her owne kynde to brede 

f enne bad god vnto noe 

To leue f e shippe wif his meyne 

A tweluemonef was goon bi f is 

Bi fat same day I-wis 

fat day tweluemonef fat he rode in 

He hit lefte more ny myn 

As perus maior f e gode clerk 

Tellef of him in his werk 

To him fen?*e coom oure lorde hende 

And seide noe leue frende 

f ou & f i sones wif her wyues 

I haue saued alio 3ouro lyues 

3ou 3itt haue I forborn 

fat in my vengeau/?ce be not lorn 

To 3011 3it fat I haue let lyue 

My brode benesou?? I 30U 3yue 

I wol fat of fin ospvinge brede [teal ta] 

Al mancr nacioun and lede 

Vche f ing on his wise 

I wol fei do fe aeruyse 

Koe was of his blessing blifo 

And Lei reise an autere swife 

lie 3<;de to worshepe god as wise 

feronne made he sacrifise 

( )inv lord god al weldynge 

Him liked wel h< 1 offryngs 

THIN I 1 1 


An<l said, " noe for nakin schaunce 

Sal i ta suilk a noiper wengance ; 

Fra me dun-ward drogh man his thoght, 

]S T ow ar pai dun alli'ulli broght ; 19 4 4 

Bot jf pou list to my lare 

I sal do pe ful wel to fare ; 

To doglity thues lok pou pe gif, 

To lof leute quils pou mai lif; 1948 

suilk als yee haf forwit saun, 

Ilkman bot o pair aun ; 

If pou wil list oght to mi red, 1951 

pou fie reuelaic and tlierst aid ded. 

Qua-sum o fless wil great pair fode, 

Lok pai cast a way pe blod, 

All pat will hald lely pair lede 

Blod at ete i pam for-bede ; 195G 

beist has clouen fote in tua 
An chewand cude, $ee ete o paa ; 

1 warn yow als-sua all be-deine 

Ete o na best o kind vn-clene, 1960 

nakin worme pat es made, 

Na o fouxul p«t refes his liuelade ; 
Alsua 3ee ete o na fixs elles [coi. 2] 

Bot pat in flok and herd duells ; 1964 
Fixs and flesse, o bath i sai, 
Lok ai pe blod 3ee cast a wai. 
To pe and June i bad al-sua 
Nain be sa bald pat oper sla ; 1968 
For qua pat slas or man or wijf, 
par gas na ra?isun bot Hue for lij f ; 

1 mad manw after myn aun ymage 
Ne wil i nan do him vtrage. 1972 
Ifel agh naman do til oper 

For ilkan agh be opier broiper. 

A couenand neu ic hight to pe, 

pou sal fra now mi rainbow see, 1976 


and sayde noe for nankyn chaunce 

sal I. take suche a-noper ve?ziaunce. 

litel of me for-sop pai rc^t 

now ar doun al fully bro3t. 

bot if pou listenes to my lare. [leaf u] 

I sal pe do ful wele to fare. 

to god thewes loke pou gyue. 

and loue lewte quilis pou may liue. 

of suche corne as sal be sawen. 

iche mon liue pot on his awen. 

IT quo-so wil listen to my rede 

fie recolage and thefe as dede. 

quo-so of flesshe wil graythe pair fode 

loke pai cast a-way pe blode. 

al pat wil halde lele paire lede 

blode atte ete I. am for-bede. 

of beste ys clouen fote in twa. 

and pai be gode ete / of pa. 

I warne 30U al-squa be-dene. 

ete of na beste of kinde vn-clene. 
of nankyn worme pat ys made 
ne beste pat reuys his lyuelade 
al-squa $e ete of na fisse ellis 
bot at in herde and flok dwellis 
fisshe and flesshe of bap I. say. 
loke ay pe blode 3c caste a-way. 

II to pe and pine I. bid als-squa. 
pat nane sa balde oper sla. 

for qua-sa slese mon or wife 

per gase na raunsou?i bot dede for lif. 

I. made mon ofter myne awe?z visage 

I. wil na mon do hit outrage. 

I. wil at na mon do til oper 

for ilkane aghe be ope?' broper. 

1T a couenaunde now I. hete to pe 

pou sal fra now mi rayn-boghe se 



And said, " noe, for anikins chanse, 
Sal i noght take sli a nof e?- ven^anse 
Fra me donward drou manes thoght, 
Nou er f ai all doune fulli broglit. 
And if Jm wirke efter mi lare, 1945 
I sul f e make ful wele to fare. 
Til gode theues loke f u f e giue, 
And luue wele treuth quiles f u Hue ; 
Of suilk as ^e bifor haue sauen, 1949 
Ilk a man liuc apon his auen ; 
If f u wil trou apon mi rede, 
Fie falshed and theft as dede. 1952 
Qua so of fless wil graith far fode, 
Loko f ai kast away f e blode, 
'All fat wil leleli wil hald fair lede, 
Blod to ete i faim for-bede. £lT{ u ' bk ' 
Of best wid clouen fote in to, 1957 
wid scheuand code, ^e ete also ; 
I warn 3U nou alsua bidene, 
Ete of na best of kind vnclene ; 1960 
Of nawkincs worm pat ewer es made, 
Na foul J>at reuis his liuelade, 
Alsua 3e etc of na fiss ellis, 
Bot pat in flock and herd duellis, 19G4 
Fisse and fless of bath i say 
Loke pe bodi ^0 cast a way. 
To pe and })ine I bidd also, 
Be nan sua bald oper to slo, 19G8 

For qua-so slas man or wijf, 
far bes na raunsu??i bot lijf for lijf; 
I made man efter min aun ymage, 
Nou wil i nan do oper vtrage, 1972 
Bui] au na man do till oper, 
For ilkan au to be oper bro£< r. 
A couenand neu i hite to be, 
Jm sal fra nu mi rainbou Be, 1970 



He seide noe for' no chauwce 

Shal I not take suche vengeau??ce 

Fro me douwward man drouje his Jjoujt 

Now are f ei fully dou?* I broi^t 

And if povL worche aftir my lore 

foil shalt fare wel f erf ore 

To gode p ewes J>ou pe ^yue 

loue wel trouf e whil pou lyue 

For pat $e biforn han sene 

Vche mon lyue trewely bidene 

If pou wolt trowe on my rede 

Fie falshede and f efte as dede 

Who so of flesshe wol haue her fode 

Loke f ei cast awey pe blode 

Alle pat wol trewely holde her lede 

Blode to ete I hem forbede 

Of beest wif clouen foot in two 

Wif chewyng code ^e ete also 

I warne 30U now alle bi dene 

Ete of no beest of kynde vnclene 

Of no maner worm pat is made 

Ne foule pat reuef his lif lade 

Also 3e ete of no flesshe elles 

pat in slou3e & erf e dwelles 

Suche fisshe & flesshe of bofe I say 

Loke 3e caste f e body away 

To f e & fine I bidde also 

Be noon so bolde opcre to slo 

For who so sleef mon or wif 

fer is no rau??soun but lif for lif 

I made man aftir myn OWne \ mage 

I wol noon of ere do outrage 

Euel owe no mon do to of' r 

But vche to be of ere brof< r 

A couenaunde now I hete <• 

pou -halt fro now my reinbowe Be 

'I BIN] 1 v 



Quils may se mi rainbou par-oute, 

O suilk a flod haue man na doute. 

If man misdos on oper wise 

Jam sal i ta my iustise, 1980 

Als sal be at pe dai of ire, 

Wen I sal com and deme wit fire. 

Wit lele werks lok ^ee dele, 

Als 3ee wil luue your aun hele, 1984 

And ^eildes til your creatur 

pe tend -part o your labour." 

Godmen i wil pat ^ee it see, 

pat bituix adam and noe 1988 

pe time was euer ilik grene, 

pat nankin rainbow was sene, 

And pof na rain on erth fell 

Plente on erth mogbt man tell ; 1992 

"Ne thurt naman ete flesse pat tid, 

pat [was] for don wit mans pride ; 

IsTow es, for sin and pride o man, 

pe erth waiker pan it was pan, 1996 

Thoru pe vi&tiir pat it sua wex, 1 C 1 wess^?] 

per-for behoues now maw ete flesse ; 

And waiker now es mans state 

pan it was pan, wil 3ee it wate. 2000 

Quen noe left pe schipp allan 

He had sex hundret yeir and an, 

pe elleuend winter was, witerli, 

per after, als sais mecodi, 2004 

Quen pe werl[d] was gangand 

Of eild in-to pe thrid thusand. 

Noe pe lele, wit-outen plight, 

Bigan neu biginyng for to dight, 2008 

A neu liuelade c\xn pai bigin, [if 13, col. i] 

He self with his suns thrin. 

O land he had ful grette plente, 

For him and for his suns thre ; 2012 


quen pou pat boghe may se per-oute 
of suche flode haue pou na doute 
if men misdose on ope?*-wise. 
on ham sal I. take my Iustyse. 
pat sal be atte pe day of ire 
quen I. sal come to deme vrith fire, 
wip lele werkis loke je dele 
als 3e wille loue 30ur awe?i hele 
and ^ilde til 30iir creatour. 
pe teynde part 30ure labour. 
1 f s i odemen I. wil at 3e hit se [} ms t] 
V_>J pat bi-twix adam and noe. 
pe time was euer ilike grene. 
pat na raynboghe was \er sene 
al if na rayne. on erp felle. 
plente on erpe n^t men telle, 
ne thurt na mon ete flesshe pat tide 
pat was for-done wip mo?znys pride 
now ys for sin and pride of man. 
pe erp wakker pen was pan. 
porow pe water at so wex. Ms r °4i6j aud 
per-fore bi-houis mon now ete flesshe 
pAnd febyller mannys state now is 
Than yt was pan forsope y-wis] 

auen noe had laft \at ship allane 
he had vj. hundre 3ere and ane. 
pe elned winter was witerly 
per ofter als says metody. 
quen pe werlde was gangande 
of elde vn-to pe prid pousande. 
noe pat lele wip-outen pli3t. 
bi-gan new pingis to di3t. 
a new liuelade pai con be-gyn. 
him-self and his sones prin. 
of lande he had ful plente 
for him and his childer pre. 




Quilis pu may se mi boil par vte, 

Of suilk a flode tliar ye noght dute. 

If man misdo in oper wise, 

On pai??z i sal take mi iustise, 1980 

pat sal be at pe day of ire, 

Quera i sal cum to deme wid fire. 

wid lele werkis loke $e deLe, 

As 3e wil luue 3ur saule hele, 1984 

And 3eldes till ^ur creatur, 

pe tend part of ^ur labur." 

Gode men, i wil pat ^e it se, 

pat bituix adam and noe 1988 

pe time was euer elike grene, 

pat nankines rainbowe was sene. 

And if no rain apon erd fell, [col. 2] 

On erde plente mith men tell. 1992 

Ne thurt na man ete fless pat tide, 

pat was don wid manes pride. 

Nou es for sinne and pWde of man, 

pe erde wayker pan it was pan 1996 

For pe water pat it sua wess, 

par for bihouis nu man ete fless ; 

And wayker es nu manes state, 

pan it was pan, wele i wate. 2000 

aven noe left pat schip alane, 
He had sex hundrid 3ereand ane, 
pe elleuent winter was witte?*li, 
par efter, as tellis us metodi, 200-1 
Qucw pe world was gangand 
In elde of pe thrid thousand. 
Noe, pat lele widuten plight, 
A neu biginning gan he dight, 2008 
A neu liuelad gan he bigin, 
Him-8eluen and his sunes thrin. 
Of land he had ful gret plente, 
For him self and his sonis thre, 2012 


Whil pau may se my bowe wipoute 

Of suche a flood par pe not doute 

If mow mys dop on opere wise 

On hem I shal sett my iustise 

pat shal ben at pat day of ire 

Whcnwe I shal com to deme with fire 

Wip trewe werkes loke 3e dele 

As 3e wol loue pe soule hele 

And 3eldep to 30ure creatour 

pe tenpe part of 3oure labour 

Gode men I wol pat 3e se 

Bitwene Adam and Noe 

pe tyme was eueryliche grene 

pat no reynbowe pere was sene 

And pei no reyn on erpe felle 

Plente on erpe mj^t men telle 

Ne purte no mon ete flesshe pat tide 

Til hit made man?zes pride 

Now is for synne & pride of man 

pe erpe feblere pen hit was pan 

Fro pe watir pat hit so wesshe 

pe?*fore man mot now ete flesshe 

And feblere monies state now is 

pen hit was pen?ze forsope I wis 

IF When/ie noe lefte pe shippe alone 

He hadde six hundride 3eer & one 

pe alleuenpe wyntw was witturly 

per aftir as tellep vs metody 

Whemie pe world was goonde 

In elde of pe pridde pousonde 

Noe pe trewe wipouten synne 

A newe liflode he dud bigynno 

To newe liflode went pe bo 

Him self & his sones pro 


no fjnp in the Trinity <$• Laud AfSS.] 



Mast to tilth he gaue him pan- 
To flitt pe brcres he began, 
Sua lang wit flitting he pum sloght, 
pat wine treis he pam wroght. 2016 
Bitid a day he was for suonkcn, 
And in vnwars o wyn was drunken ; 
For pof he was pe first it wroght 
pe wyn per-for ne spard him noght. 
Drunken on slepe lai bi him an, 
par pe sun a-pon him schan ; 2022 
Naked o pat lime lai he 
pat man think mast scham to see. 
His midelst p«t hight cam, 
Bihild, and sagh his fade?' schame ; 
He kidd he was vn-kind j-nogh, 
His fader he til hething logh ; 2028 
Til his broiper Iaphet yodd he 
And said, "cum, broiler, here and se." 
lt Quat es pat? " said Iaphet his broiper. 
" pi fader slepand," said pat toiler, 
" Liggus here-oute, com se pou sail, 
Nackend on his lims all." 2034 

" Broiper," he said, " pou sais foli, 
And pat ic hope pou mon it by, 
If o pi fader pou haue despite, 
Of his blissing i claim pe quite." 
pis yongest broiper was ful wa 2039 
O pe elder dede pat wroght sua ; 
A mantil on his nee he tok 
And bakward yod, als sais pe bok, 
He and his elder broper sem, 
Tua blessed o pat barn-tem, 2044 

Til pai com per peir fader lay 
And him per wit pan hiled pai ; 
Herbi mai men vnderstand 2047 

Was funden pan na breke in land. 


maste to tilpe he gaf him pan. 

to flitte pe breris he be-gan. 

so lange wip flittyng he ham so^t 

pat wyne trees he ham wro3t 

IF be-tidde a day he was for squonkin 

and or he wiste of wyne was dronkin. 

for if he ware pe first hit wro3t. 

pe wyne for-sop ne spared hi?w no3t 

dronkin on slepe lay bi his ane 

per pe sunne apon him shane. 

nakid of pat lim lay he 

pat man ys lathest for-to se 

his Midlest sone pat hat cham. 

be-helde and saghe his fader sham. 

he kidde he was vnkinde I-noghe 

his fader he to hethinge loghe. 

IT til his broper Iaphet 3ode he. 

and saide come hidder broper and se. 

quat ys pat saide his broper. 

pi fader slepande saide pe toper. 

he lyse per-oute come se pou salle 

nakid on his limes alle. 

broper he saide pou says foly. 

and pat I. hope at pou mone by. 

if of pi fader pou has despyte 

I. clayme pe of his blessing quyte 

pe 3onger broper pu3t ful wa. 

of pe elder dedis he dide squa. 

a mantel on his nek he toke. 

and bakwarde 3ode as says pe boke. 

he and his eldest broper sem. [if u, Hfl 

twa blessed of pat barne teme. 

til pai come pere paire fader lay. 

and him par-wip pan hyled pai. 

herby may man vnderstande 

na breke was vsed pan in lande 



Mast to tilth he gaf him pan, 
To flitt pe breris he bigah • 
So lang wid flitting he hi??z soght, 
fat win tres he paini wroght. 2016 
Bitid a day he was for-swonken, 
And vnwaris of win was dronken, 
pou he him selue first it wroght, 
pe win par-for sparid him noght; 
Drunken on slepe lai bi him ane, 
par pe sun apon him schane, 2022 
Naked on pat lime lay he, 
pat men thine most schame to se. 
His middelest sun was cald cam 
Biheld and sau his fape?" scham, 2026 
He kidd he was vnkind enogh, JJfy* 
To skorning he his fade?' logh ; 
To his brode?* iaphet said he, 
" Broker, cum nu hi]per and se." 2030 
u Quat es pat 1 " said iaphet his broker. 
" pi fadir slepand," said pe toper, 
" He lis here vte, cu??i se pu sal, 
Nakid apon his limes all." 2034 

u Brope?-," he said, " pu seis foli, 
And pat i trou pu mon in }it aby, 
If pu of pi fape?* make despithe, 
I claime pe of his blissing quite." 
His 3onger hropcr was ful wa, 
For pat pe elder he wroght sua, 2040 
A mantil fra his neck he toke, 
And }ede Lac ward, alfl saifl pa bock, 
He and his eldest broker sem, 
Tua blisful of pat larntem, 2044 

Til pai coin par pair fader lay, 
And him par wid conerid pai. 
par-bi mai men wele understand, 
was fundenpan na broke in land. 2048 

Moost to tilpe he $af him pan [if 13, bk] 
To flitte breres he bigan 
So longe flittynge to hem he sou^t 
pat wynetrees he hem wro^t 
A day bifel he was forswonken 
And vnwarres of wyn dronken 
pei he him self furst hit wrou^t 
perfore pe wyn spared him nou3t 
Dru?zke he lay & slept bi his one 
pe?*e pe sonne vp on him shone 
Naked on pat lym??ie lay he 
pat men pinke moost shame to se 
His myddelest son was calde cam 
Bihelde & say his fadir sham 
He kidde he was vnkynde ynouje 
To scorne he his fadir lo^e 
To his brope?* Iapheth seide he 
Broper com now hidur & se 
What is pat seide Iapheth brope?' 
pi fadir slepep seide pe tope?* 
He lip here com se pou shalle 
Naked vp on his lym??ies alle 
Broper he seide pou seist folye 
And pat I trowe po\i wolt abye 
If pou of pi fadir make despit 
pou beste of his blessyng quyt 
His 3onger brope?' was ful woo 
For pe elder wron^te so 
A mantel fro his necke he toke 
& 3eode bacwarde as scip pe boke 
He & his eldest brope?' seem 
Blessedest of p<d barneteem 
Til pei coom pe?-e hex fadir lay 
perwip him oonerede pay 

Her by may we \i i« 1 i rst - »n<l< • 

Waa no breeche foundide po i?j lon<l<- 




ls T oe wit pat mantil woke, 

His sun hething he vnder-toke ; 

His malison on pam he laid 2051 

And sipen efter-ward he said : — 

"Cham wit-outen dout 

Sal be his brothers vnderlote ; 

vnderlote to pam and thral, [coi. 2] 

Sal he be and his oxspring all." 2056 

pis oper breiper, for pair couering, 

Noe gaue his brad blissing ; 

to sem and Iaphet pan said he : — 

" Now it sal al for-giuen be 2060 

Laith and wrath for ani plight, 

If $ee gain me has don vnright ; 

yow sal yeit pat oxspring sprede 

pat sal ouer al ha lauerd hede ; 2064 

Blissed bijs your tabernacle, 

Fild mirth and o meracle ; 

Drightin graunt pat it be sua, 

pat al pis werld be yurs tua." 2068 

IF To cham he said, " pou fole felun, 

pou has kind pat nacion 

O caym, pe cursd, for-sok pardon, 

pat slogh his broiper wit treson ; 2072 

pou do pe suith out my sight, 

J)Ou es and sal be maledight ; 

Bi me has pou noght to duell, 

pi wonning sted es made in hell ; 

Fie me fra, pou wared thing, 2077 

We sal now tuin for pi hething." 

Awai he fled, pat he and his 

Was all our lauerd enemis. 2080 

IT noe wip his mantel quoke. 

his sones hethinge he vnder-toke 

his malisouft on cham he layde. 

and sithen ofter-warde he sayde 

cham he sayde wip-out doute 

sal be his brethers vnderloute 

vnderlowte to ham and thralle. 

sal he be and his ospringe a lie 

pes oper brewer for paire coueringe. 

noe gaf his brade blessinge. 

and to sem and Iaphet saide he. 

now hit sal al for-gyuyn be. 

lathe and wrathe for any p^t. 

if 3e agayne me dide vn-ri3t. 

of 30U sal ^et pat osspringe sprede 

pat ouer al salle haue lorde-hede 

blessed be 3our tabernacle 

filled of mirp and of miracle. 

criste grante at hit be squa. 

pat al pis werlde be porou 30U twa. 

1T to cham he saide pou fole felou??. 

pou has kinde of pat naciouw. 

of cayme pe cursed mon in town 

pat sloghe his broper wip tresou?^. 

do pe squythe out of my way. 

pou art and sal be cursed l ay. ^JJ/SjJJ 

bi me pou sal no3t dwelle. ay added - } 

pi wonyng stede ys made in hel. 

fle now fra me cursed pinge 

we sal now twyn wip-out lesinge 

a-way he fled pat he and his. 

ware al our lordes enmys. 

De fine noe 

IT ISToe, pat gracilis and god, 
Liued fourti 3 ere after pe flod ; 


[col. 2] 


oe pat gracious and gode 
liued fourty 3ere ofter pe node 




Nos wid his mantil wok, 

His sunes scornyng he vndertok, 

His malisun on him he laid, 

And sifen efterward he said, 2052 

" Cam, widuten ani donte, 

f u sal be f i bref er vnde?'loute, 

vnderloute to Jpaim and thral, 

Sal f u be and f i ospring all ; " 2056 

f e toper tua for fair couering, 

Xoe gaf his brod blissing. 

To sem and iaphet pan said he, 

" Nou sal it all forgiuen be, 


Leth and wreth for ani plight, 
If 30 again me did (euer 1 ) ani unright ; 
Of 3n sal ^eit pat ospring sprede, [col. 2] 
pat sal oueral haue lord-hede. ? T}li * uord 

•» is inter- 

Blissed sal be 3ur tabe?*nacil, lmed ^ 

Fild of mirth and of miracyl, 

And godd it graimt pat it be sua, 

fat all f is world bes 3ures tua." 2068 

To cam he said, " f u foule felun, 

p\\ has f e kind of fat naeion 

Of caym, cursed mast of oper, 

pat wid tresun slogh his brofer; 

Do pe suith vte of mi sith, 2073 

f u art and sal be maledith. 

Bi me au fu noglit to duell, 

fi waning place ea made in hell, 

Ele fra me pw waiid tiling, 2077 

y<<\\ sal we part for fi skorning." 

Away he fledd, he and his 

Were all vr lauerdea enmyes. 2080 

Noe wif p is mantel awoke 
His sones scorne he vndirtoke 
His malisomi on him he leide 
And sip to him penne he seide 
Cam wif outen any doute 
Vndir f i bref e?'en pou shalt loute 
Vndir hem to be as f ral 
fou & fin osprynge al 
f e of ere two for her couerynge 
Noe jaf his brode blessynge 
To seem & Iapheth f o seide he 
Now shal hit al fo^yuen be 
Laff e & wraf f e or any pli3t 
If 3e a3eyn me haue done vnri3t 
Of 30U shal f e ospringe sprede 
fat shal ouer al haue lordhede 
Blessed shal be 3oure tabernacle 
Ful of myrf e and of miracle 
And god hit graunte fat hit be so 
fat al f is world be 30ures two 
To cam he seide foul feloun 
f on hast f e kynde of fat nacioun 
Of caym cursede moost of of ere 
fat wif tresoun slow3e his brof ere 
Do f e swif e out of my si^t 
fou art & shalt be cursed \vi3t 
Bi me owe f on not to dwelle 
I drede f i wonyng be in helle 
Flu fro me fou waned fing 
Now sliul we parte for fi scornyng 
Awey he fledde he and his 
Oure lordes enemyea fci were I-wifl 


[Of Noah and his three sons.] 

oe, fat gracilis and gode, IT Noe fe graciouae & fc gode 

Lined fourti jere eftir p>> llodc. lyued fourty jeeraftii pe [lode 




Nine hundreth ^ere and tensith fiue 

Was noo wen he lest his Hue j 2084 

For he liued lely quils he moght, 

He sittes wit drightin hei o loft. 

His suns, pat [I] of forwit melt, 

Al pe werld bi-tuix pam delt ; 2088 

Asie to sem, to cham affrik, 

To Iaphet europ, pat wil-ful wike. 

Al per thre pai war ful rike, 

Bot sem part was noiper like. 2092 

For pof pe werld es als we here 

Delt in thrin parteis sere, 

In thrin parteis principale, 

pe partes er noght perigale ; 2096 

For asie es, wit-outen suike, 

Sua mikel als europ and affrike j 

Asie it es pe thrid in tale 

And es pe haluendel al hale. 2100 

It es pe best, for par in es [if is, bk, coi. i] 

Bath haly land and hethyennes, 

Precius stans and spice of prise, 

For par-in standes paradis ; 2104 

Inde, and pers, and arabi, 

Babel, iudea, and suli 

And mani oper vntelland contre, 

par es in now babel mast cite. 2108 

Affrik pat es pe toper parti 

pat andesith was cald libi ; 

Mani contre par-in es 

And dughti cites mare and lesse ; 

par-in es cartage cite Strang 2113 

And ojjer mani a-mang ; 

pe mikel land of ethiopie, 

lenil, mortaigene, and indie ; 2 1 1 G 

pis land lies mast vnto pe south 

per pe blamen mast er cuth. 


ix hundre 3ere and tensithe fyue 

was noe quen he lost his lyue 

for he liued lelly quylist he mo$t 

he sites wip criste ful hey on-loft 

his sones pe quilk I of meled. 

al pe werlde bi-twix ham deled 

Asye to sem f to cham Affrike. 

to Iaphet europe pat wilful wike [grope 

pAlle thise thre were fulle riche to 

But Seem is part nas not oper lyche] 

for now pe werlde as $e may here 

ys delt in prin partis sere. E s fr ;K] Laud 

In prin partis principal. 

pe quilke ar no3t parigal. 

for asye ys wip-outen squyke 

als myche as europe and affrike 

asye ys pe prid in tale. 

and ys haluendale al hale. 

hit ys pe best for-pi in ese 

bap halilande and hethenes. 

p?*ecious stanys and spices of pris 

for per-in standis paradys. 

Inde and pers and araby 

babel and iudea and suli 

and mony oper vn-tellande contree 

per ys now babel maist cite. 

11 affrike ys pe toper party. 

pat sum tide was calde libi. 

mony contre per-in ys. 

and noble cites bap mare and lesse 

per-in cartage a cite strange 

and oper monyan a-mange 

pe mykil lande of ethiopey 

Iena mortayne and indei. 

hit ys a lande shortly to Myn. 

per bla men wonys in. 




Nyne hundrid 3ere and ten sith Hue, 

So lang lasted noe Hue ; 2084 

For lie liued leleli as i 3011 neuen, 

He ssittes wid migliti godd in lieuen. 

His sunes pat i bifore of melt, 

All J?is world bituix faim delt, 2088 

To sem, asye, to cam, affrick, 

To iaphet, europe, fat wilful wik. 

All J) is thre fai er ful riche, 2091 

Bot sem part was nan oper liche ; 

For-fi fe world was,'als we here, 

Delt in thre party's sere, 

In thre party's principale, 

fe partijs er noght parinngale, 209 G 

For asye es, widuten suike, 

A Is so mekil as europe and affrike, 

Asye is f e thrid in talle, [if 15, bk, col. 1] 

And es fe halfendel jeit all hale ; 2100 

It es f e best, for far in es 

f e hali land and hathenes, 

Precius stanis and spices of prijs, 

For far-in standis paradis j 2104 

Inde, and peris, and arabye, 

Babylon, Iudea, and sulie, 

and mani oper diners contre. 

far-in es babilon, fe mast cite. 2108 

Affrick es fat oper partie, 

fat bifor time was cald libye. 

Mani a contre par in 1 

And doghuti cytes, mar & les \ 2112 

far in 68 Cartage, cyte Strang, 

And ofer mani ayquar emang, 

fe mekil land of Ethiopia, 

lenilc, Mortaygne, and indie, 21 10 

fat land lijs mast in to fe BOUht, 

far fo blomen mast er couht. 


Nyne hundride }eer & ten sif e fyue 
So longe lastede noes lyue 
For his trewe lif to neuene 
He sittef now wif god in lieuene 
His sones fat I biforn of melt 
Al f is world bitwix hem delt 
To sem asye to cam affrik 
To Iapheth europe pat wilful wik 
Alle f ese f re were ful riche 
But Sem part was noon of ere liche 
For the world as we here [leafM] 

Dalt in fre parties sere 
In fre parties principal 
But f ei were not paringal 
For asie is wif outen hope 
As myche as aufrik & europe 
Asie is f e fridde in dole 
And is f e kalue/zdele 3itt al hole 
Hit is f e beste for pcre in es 
fe holy londe & hef enes 
"Wif preciouse stones spices of pris 
In fat lond stondef paradis 
Inde & peris and arabie 
Babilone Iuda & Sulie 
And mony opera dyuerse cuntre 
f<?/ynne is babilone fe moost cite 
If Affrik is f^t of ere partye 
Bifore fal was called libie 
Mony a cuntre ferynne es 
And hoge citces more & Lea 
ferynne cartage a cite strong 
And ofere al bo mony among 
fe mychel loud of ethiopie 
[enile mortaigne & indie 
pat Londe La mooai in to fe soub 
j < re pa\ bio men are ful coub 
hum 1 v 



If J?e tlirid pa?*t es noght J>o lest, 

It lies mast vnto J?e west, 2120 

Al on Jus side J?e greckes see ; 

Was Iaphet giuen til his liuere. 

It hatt quar mast to day 

Regns o J>e cristen lay ; 2124 

J?ar-in es rome J>e mast cite, 

J>«t now es oner all cristiawte, 

And mani riche kingdon 

fat i to tell haue her na torn ; 2128 

Jus thre can pe folk to brede 

And fild pe werld o lenth and brede. 

]jaim it was sua mani men 

sere kind, sexsith tene. 2132 

Knyth, and thrall, and freman, 

Oute of J?er thre brejjer bigan ; 

sem freman, o Iaphet knytht, 

thrall of cham J?e maledight. 2136 

Jus thre com all, als J?ou sais, 

Has bene in werld and yeit beis ; 

de incepcione sem [col. 2] 

^T Begine we now to tell at sem 
And sijjen of his bern-tem. 

Sem was lei in godds lare, 

He liued seuen hundret }ere and mare ; 

Jus ilk sem was cald sedech ; 2141 

And he was cald melchisedech ; 

Our lauedi mari, als we find, 

Com vte o Jus sem strind. 2144 

He was king and prest o salem [col. 2] 

pat now men clepes ierusalem, 

pe first of all Jjat fan was born 

pat [wit] wine and wit bred of corn 

Made sacrifijs to drightin treu, 2149 

In takeniug o pe lagh-es ncu. 


1T Jjc Juki pa?-ty ys no3t pe lestc. 

hit lyse mast in-to weste. 

al on Jus side grekkis see. 

was Iaphet giuen til his liuere 

hit hat europe per mast to-day. 

regnys of J>e cristen lay. 

Jjar-in ys rome J?e heued cite 

wro3t in alle cristiante. 

and mony riche kyng-dome. 

to telle alle haue I. na tome. 

of J>es Jue J?e folk con sprede 

& filled J?e werlde of lenght and brede 

of ham hit rase sa many men. 

of diuerse kinde sex-sithe ten. 

kni3t and chorle and f re-man. 

oute of pev Jue hieper bigan. 

Of sem freman. of Iaphet kni3t 

of cham chorle come ful ri3t 


no gap in the Fairfax fy Laud MSS.J 

Of J>e life of Sem. 

Be-gyn we now to tel at sem. 
and sithen of his barnetem. 

H Sem was lele in goddis lare [leaf 15] 
he liued vij. hundre 3 ere and mare 
Jus ilk sem was calde sedeche. 
and was calde melchisedech. 
our lauedy mari als we finde. 
come out of Jus semys strinde. 
he was kyng and p?*ince of salem 
now ys hit calde ierusalem. 
pe first of alle pat was borne 
pat wij? wyne and brede of come 
made sacrifise to criste so trew. 
In takenynge of pe laghes new. 




pe thrid parti es noght pe lest, 

It lijs mast in to pe west ; 2120 

All on J>is side pe grekkiscli see 

was Iaphet giuen til his liuere. 

It hat Europe, where maste to day 

Eeinys of pe cristen lay ; 2124 

Jar in es rome, pat hefd cyte, 

J?«t es abouen all cristiante, 

And mani a noJ>6?- riche kingdame, 

J?#t i to tell has no tame. 2128 

Of Jur thre bigan pe folk to sprede, 

And fild pe world in lenthe and brede, 

Of paim it ras so mani a men, 

Of diuers kindes, sex sithe ten. 2132 

Knyht and thral and fre man, 

Of Jnr thre brejjer Jms bigan, p col> 2 ] 

1 Of sem, fre man ; of Iaphet, kniht ; 

Thrall of cam, pat malediht. 2136 


. . . . no gap in the MS.] 

IT pe Jjridde part is not best 

hit is moost into pe west 

Al on J?is side pe grickisshe see 

hadde Iapheth to his lyuere 

hit het Europe where moost today 

Abide]) of pe cristen lay 

pev inne is rome pe heed cite 

Abouen alle pat one to be 

And mony anof>e>* riche kyndome 

pat I to telle haue no tome 

Of j?ese pie bigon to speede 

pe world to fille on leng]?e & brede 

Of hem roos mony men 

Of dyuerse kyndes sixe sife ten 

kny$t & prol & fre mon 

Of Jjese pre hreperen bigon 

Of sem fre mon of iapheth kny^t 

Jjral of cam waryed wi$t 


no gap in the MS.] 

Bigine we now to tell of sem, 
And sijen of his barn tern. 

SEm was lele in godes lare, [ mare# 
He liued seuin hundrid ^ere & 
J) is ilk sem was cald scd[e]ch, 2141 
And was cald molchisedech ; 
vr leuedi Mail, als we find, 
Com vte of Jus same kind ; 2144 

II'' was king and preiat of salem, 
J?at nou es cald ierusalein, 
pe first of all pat ewr was born, 
put wid win and bred of corn 2148 
Blade sacrifice to \£8KX so tivii, 
In taking of pe lawis oetU 


Bigynne we now to telle of Sem 
And sij^en of his barnetem 

Sem was trewe in goddes lore 
he lyued seue?z himdridc ^eer & 
J>is ilke sem was calde seder J>o [.more 
►Si Jen melchiscdeeh also 
Oure swete lady as Ave fyndo 
Coom out of J)is same kyndo 
Of salem prest & kyng ho was 
j>at now het Ieruaalem in plaa 
pe firste he was of opcre born 
put wi]> wvn & breed <>f corn 
Made sacrifiae to god bo trewe 
In tokexining <>f j?«» lawee newe 




fis scm liued I red of liero 

til ysaac was o seucn 3ere. 2152 

Sein had line suns sere, 

Of an to spek es our mistere, 

pat es of him o quas sede 

Was lie born fat beit our node. 2156 

IF Arpliaxat liued wit-outen were 

Threliundret aght and tuenti 3ere. 

Fourhundret yeir his sun cainan 

Aght and thritte fra he began. 21 GO 

Fourhundret yeir his sun sale, 

liued and thritte yeir and thre ; 

Heber his sun fourhundret ^ere 

And four and fourti fat to sere ; 2164 

Thaleth his sun liued, witterli, 

Tua hundret anen and thritte ; 

Eagan his sun pat was 2167 

Tuelue scor o yeires bot an lesse ; 

Seruth his sun tua hundret 3 ere 

And thritte was his Hue he bere ; 

sua lang lijf was noght nachore, 

He liued aght yeir and four score ; 

Thare his sun liued langar lijf 2173 

fat was tua hundret 3ere a fijf. 

f e tof er eild endis in thare, 

fe quilk began at lei noe ; 2176 

fat time was fis werld sa yong, 

fat al men spak bot wit on tong, 

fat es hebru, al for to sai, 

fat Iuus haldes til to dai. 2180 

1T Iapheth had suns seuen, iipheth l,it 

A parti puchersum to neuen : — 

Gomer, madan, iena, magog, 

Tubal, tiras, and, mosog. 2184 

fis gomer he had suns thre, 

Togorma, riphat, assene ; 


J>is sem lined fat I. rode of here 

til ysaac was of seuonti ^ere. 

IT Sem had v. sones sere. 

of an to take ware meistere. 

fat ys of qua ys sede 

w r as he borne fat bette our nede 

arphaxat liued wi"t7i-outen were 

iij. hundre .viij. and xxx. 3ere. 

four hundre 3et ys chaynan. 

and viij. and xxx. fra he be-gan. 

iiij. hundre 3ere his sone Sale 

liued and xxx 3ere and thre in tale 

heber his sone iiij. hundre 3ette 

and iiij. and fourti per-to sette. 

IF Phalethe his sone liued witerly 

ij. hundre 3ere and ix. and thretty. 

Eagan his sone fat wesse 

xij. skore 3ere bot an lesse. 

serethe his sone ij. hundre 3ere 

and xxx. was his Hue he bere. 

of squa lange life liued no3t vcor 

he liued viij. 3ere and foure skore. 

thare his sone liued langer life 

fat ij. hundre 3ere and fyue. [[s r< 2 l 6 J <aud 

pThe todir elde endif in thare 

which by-gan at good? noy are] 

fat time was f is werlde so 3onge 

fat al men spac wif an tonge. 

fat ys ebru for-sof to say. 

fat Iewes haldis til fis day. 

Iaphat had him sones seyue?^ 
aperty think I. here to neyuen 
Gomet madai Tenan magoge. 
tubal tyras and mosoge. 
fis gomer had him sones thre 
togorma riphat and assene. 




Jus sem liued, i of rede here, 

Till ysaac was of seuenti ^ere. 2152 

Sem had fiue sonys sere, 

Of an to speke it es mistere, 

J>at es of him of quos sede 

He was horn pat bett vr nede. 2156 

Arphaxat liued widuten were, 

Thre hiuzdrid and eyt and thriti 3ere. 

Four hiu?drid ^ere his sun caynan ; 

And eyt and thritti fra he bigan. 2160 

Four hundrid his son sale, 

He lyued and thritti 3ere and thre. 

Heber his sun four hundred ^ere, 

And four and fourti J?ar-to sere. 2164 

Phaleth his sun liued witterli, 
Tohu?idrid3ere&nein and thritti. 
Ragan his sun pat was, 
Tuelf skor 3ere, bot on leu 2168 

Serut his sun, to hundrid 3ere 
And thritti was his lijf he here. 
Of sua tang lijf was noght naeor, JJJ 1 } 5 ! 
He liued hey 1 3ere and four scor. 2172 
Thare his sun liued lang<?>- liue, 
To hundrid 3ere and oper fiue. 
pa toper elde endis in thare, 
pa quilk bigan at lete noe. 2176 

J?at tyme was Jus world so 3ong, 
Jwt all men spac fan wid a tong, 
pat es ebru for to say, 
Jjat Iuus hald jeit to pis d 2180 

Iaphei had him snnes seuen, 
A parti sinful foi to neuen, 
Gomor, Madan, Gena, Magog, 
Tubal, Tyras, and Mosog. 2184 

pie ( romoi had him sunes threj 
I liens, Etiphat, Assine. 
Q&l iim.i.:; 

pis sem lyued I rede of here 
Til ysaac was of seuenti 3 ere 
Sem had fyue sones fre 
Of oon to speke is good to me 
Jjat is of him of whos sede 
he was born pat bett oure nede 
Arphaxat lyued wijjoutew were 
pre hundride & ei3te & Jmtty 3ere 
Foure huwdride 3eer his son caynan 
And ei3te & Jmtty fro he bigan 
Foure hundride 3cer his son sale 
And also Jmtty 3eer & J>re 
Foure hundride his son heber 
Wijj foure & fourty sett to per 
11 Phaleth his son witterly 
Two hundride 3eer. nyne & Jmtty 
Eagan his son jjat was 
Twelue scrore 3eer saue oon las 
Two hundride 3eer serut his sone 
And Jnitty was his lyf in wone 

. . . . no gap in the MS.] 
Foure score & ei3te nachor had lyue 
Thare his son two hundride & fyue 
. . no gap in the MS.] 
J?e tojjrr elde endcjj in thare [leaf u, back] 
Whiche bigan at good Xoe 
Jv<t tyme was Jus world so 3onge 
p</t alle men spake wij? o to: 
Jx<t is ebrewe for to say 
pat icwes Bpeke jitt to J>is day 
IT Iapheth had him Bones Beuen 
A parti synful for to neuen 
( fomor. madan. ( Sena, maj 
TubaL tiras. & mosog 
pis Gomoi hadde Bones |>re 
Togoriens. Etiphat, aeine 



Four suns had gena : — antechbtt, 

Elisa, tliarsis, and dotaym. 2188 

Til eillandes fir f aru drou ; 

fat nacion spTang folk inou. 

Cham four suns had him : — [if 14, coi. i] 

Chus, phut, chanan, and mephaim ; 

chus com sala, and euila, 2193 

Sabata, regma, sagabata; 

cus com nembrot al-sua, 

fat in his time wroght mikel waa, 

For he was fers, prud, and fell ; 2197 

Of him su??ithing her es to tell. 

Jus nembrot wit his mikel pnde 

Wend to wyrk wondres wide, 2200 

Ful far a-boute men bere his nam, 

Mikel he cuth o sin a scham ; 

babilon king stijf in stur 

And f er-wit was he gret werrur ; 2204 

Reuer and man-queller gret 

Mikel he liued wit il biyett ; 

far was na folk he wond bi 

Moght Jam were wit his maistri, 2208 

Oueral he raxhild him wit rage. 

fat tim it was bot a langage, 

Hebru f e first fat adam spak ; 

Fra est he broght a felauscap 2212 

vnto f e feld of sennar ; 

Sexti ouermen f ai war 

"Wit nembrot com f ai for to duell, 

And tok a conseil fain emell ; 2216 

A fole conseil tok f ai and son 

To werrei on f e son and mone ; 

A fole conseil fer-for said .1, 

And al was ful of feliumy, 2220 

O f eir grett pnde cuth naimm tell, 

In sennar f ai toke to duell. 


iiij. sones had Iena. on Zechim 
helisa tharsis. and dotayme. 
Til cyllandes fai ham droghe. 
of fat naciomi hit sprang I.-noghe. 

Cham iiij. sones had he him. 
chus phut canan and mephaim. 
of chus come saba and euila. tour of 
Sabata regma sagabatha. babilon. 

of chus come nembrothe al-squa. 
fat in his time wro3t mykil wa. 
he was proud e. foule. fers and fel. 
of him sum-f ing here wil I. tel. 
[J?] is nembrothe wijj his mykil pride 
wende to wirk wonders wide 
ful ferre a-boute man bare his name 
mykil he cowde of syn and shame 
of babilon kinge stithe in stoure. 
and Jmr-wiJ) was he strange werrow 
Iyer and mon-queller grete 
mykil he liued wij? il be-^ete. 
fat was na folk him woned by. 
mi3t ham were for his maistry. 
ouer al he raxled him wij> rage 
fat time was bot an langage 
hebreu fe first at adam spac. 
fra est he bix^t a felaw skapt. ' 
IF vn-to ]?e felde of sennaar. 
sexti werkmen fai ware 
wijj nembroth come fai for-to dwel. 
and toke a consail as I. 30U telle. 
a foly consail toke fai and sone 
to w r erre bathe on sunne and mone 
a foli consail far-fore saide I. 
for hit was ful of felony, 
of f aire pride con na mon telle 
in sennaar f ai toke to dwelle. 



Gena had four sunes, fat was cechini, 
Elisa, Tharsis, and dotahim ; 
Till eillandis fir fai drou, 2189 

of fat nacion sprang foli enou. 

Cam four sunes had he him, 
Chus, Phut, Canan, a?zd Mephaim. 
Of chus, — saba and enila, 2193 

Sabatha, regma, Sagabata ; 
Of chus bicam nembrot also, 
fat in his time wroght mekil wo, 
For he was proud, fers, and fell, 2197 
Of him sum thing nou wil i tell. 
T^is nembrot wid his mekil pnde, 
■* He wend to wirke wondris wide, 
l?ul fer about men bar his name, 2201 
Mekil he cuth of sin a?id schame. 
Of babilon king, stijf in stour, 
Arcd far-wid he was wrang werour, 
Iteuer a?id manqueller grett, 2205 
Mekil he luued wid ill be^eitt. pcoi.2] 
a fer was na folke fat woned him by, 
fat mi lit faim were fra his mem, 
Ouerall he rahut wid gret vtrage. 
fat time it was bot a langage, 2210 
Ebru fe first fat adam spack. 
Fra est he brohut ane euyl pack, 
In till fe Aide of Sennar, 
Sexti werkemen fai wer, 2214 

wid Nembroth com fai forto duell, 
And fcok a consai] faim cmcll ; 
A fole consaii toke fai and sone, 2217 
To werre apon fe su/?ne and mone, 
fair witt was ful of felonny ; 2220 
A fole consail farfoi said i, 2219 

Of fair gret pnde couth na man tell; 
In sennar fai loke to duell. 


Gena had foure oon cecliim 
Elisa. tharsis. & dotahim 
To eil londes f ese f ei droivje 
Of hem sprong foly ynouje 
IT Cam foure sones had him 
Chus phut, canan & mephaim 
Of chus Saba & ielula 
Sabatha regma Sagabata 
Of chus bi cam nembrot also 
fat in his tyme dud mychel wo 
For he was proud fers & felle 

Of llim nOW W01 I telle [ 2 read with] 

IF fis nembrot wis 2 his foule pnde 
he wende to worche wondris wide 
Fer aboute men bare his name 
Myche he couf e of synne & shame 
Of babilone kyng stif in stour 
And also wrongful cmperour 
Robber & monqueller greet 
Al he lyued wif euel bi geet 
Was per noon fat woned him by 
fat my^te of him gete mercy 
Ouer al he went wif greet outrage 
fat tyme was f er but o langage 
Ebrew f e furste fat Adam spak 
Fro eest he brou3te an euyl pak 
Into f e felde of semare 
Sixty werke men f ei ware 
To dwelle wif nembrot f ei coom 
And toke acounsel amonges horn 
A foly counsel toke f ei soone 
To werre vpon fe Sonne & mono 
her witt was i'ul of felony 2220 

fcrfore b foly counsel seide I i'l'19 
( If hex pride coufe do mon idle 
In sennare fei toke to dwelle 




Nembrot fan said on pis wise : — 
"Me think, godmen, fai war vn-wise 
Our elders pat bifor vs were, 2225 
Quew fai cutd find on no manere 
How to wer fam fra f e flode, 
fat druraand al f e werld ouer-yode ; 
I rede we bigin a laboure 2229 

And do we w r el and make a toure, 
Wit suire and scantilon sa euen, 
pat may reche heghur fan heuen ; 
Go.dd we sal conquer wit fight 2233 
Again vs sal he haue na might, 
Or at lest to hald him still 
And lette vs noght to do our will, 
*fat ai quen we se ani chesun, 2237 
Freli may climb vp and dun." u coi. 21 

De construcczone turris babilon[ie] 

IF f is folfolk f am sammen pan 
Brathli fai fis werk bigan ; 2240 

Tua and sexti fathum brad, 
Was f e grundwall pat J>ai made ; 
Quen fai at wil had festend gru?zd, 
fe wark fai raised in a stund, 2244 
Wit tile and ter, wit-vten stan 
Of er morter was per nan j 
Wit cord and plum fai wroght sa hei, 
pe hette o pe sun moght fai noght drei, 
far-for most fai fam hide 2249 

Bath wit hors and camel hide, myth 
And said, " quedur godd be wrath or 
His esters sal Ave see ful suyth ; 2252 
JS r ow w r e haue vs sped sa ferr 
Vr wil may he noght vs men." 
Bot dryghtin dere fat ai es hend 
A curtais wrak on fam he send. 2256 


nembrothe fai saide of j)is syn wise 

me pink lordes were no3t wise 

our elderres fat be-for vs were 

quen fai cowde on na maner. 

how to were ham fra pe node 

pat drowned al pe werlde ouer-3ode. 

IF I rede we be-gyn a new labour 

and make we a sicure tour. 

w\p squyre and rewle gode and euen 

pat may reyche vn-til heyuen 

god we sal conquere wif fight 

a-gayne vs sal he haue na nu^t 

or atte pe leste to halde him stil. 

and lette vs no3t to do our w T ill 

and ay quen we se enchesomi [if is, bk] 

frely we may clymbe vp and doun. 

f is foly folk sammyn fan. 

brathely thay this werk be-gan. 

ij. and sexti fathnm brade 

was the grundwalle at thai made 

quen thay to wille had fest pe g?'onde 

pe werke thai raised in a stounde 

wif tyle and wif-outen stane. 

wors morter was per none t 1 babilon -.»'» 

/ margin] 

1 wif corde and pluwime J?ai wro*t so hey 
fat hete of sunne n\\\^t fai no3 drey 
far-fore fai dight ham in pat tide 
wif hors skynnys and camel hide 
and saide quef er god be w r raf or blif e 
his estres sal we se ful squythe 
now we haue vs sped sa ferre 
Our wille may he vs no3t merre 
IF bot ihesus crist fat ys sa hende 
a curtayse wrake on ham he sende 



.Nenibrot pahn said on J>is wise, 
" Me thine, lordiges, pai war vnwise, 
vr eldris pat bifor vs were, 2225 

Quen pai coude find in na manere, 
Forto were paini fra pat nod, 
pat drenkild all pe world ouer 3ode. 
I rede we bigin a nen labur, 2229 
And do we wele and make a tour, 
wid squire and scant] ion sua euen, 
pat it may reche heier pan lieuen. 
God sal we co?iquere wid fiht, 2233 
Again vs sal he haue na mith, 
Or at pe last to hald him still, 
And lett vs nohut to do vr will, 
pat euer que?£ we se ani chesun, 2237 
Freli we may climbe vp and doun." 

ISTembrot hem seide on pis wise 
Me pinkep sires pei were vnwise 
Oure eldres pat biforne vs were 
vVhemze pei coup fynde in no manere 
For to kepe hem fro pat flood 
pat dreynt pe world & oner 30od 
I rede we bigynne a newe labour 
Do we w r el & make a tour 
WiJ squyre & scantelourc so euen 
pat hit may reche he3er pen heuen 
God shul we conquere wip fr$t 
A3eyn vs shal he haue no m\ T 3t 
Or at pe lest holde him stille 
And lett vs not to do oure wille 
pat eue?' whence we haue chesou?^ 
Frely may clymbe vp & doun 

[Of the building of the Tower of Babylon.'] 

pese foles soone gedered hom 
wip greet envye pis werk bigon 
Two & sixty fadome brade 
\Vas pe ground wal pat pei made 
\Vhen??e pei had made pe grouwde 

pir folis foltid gadrid paim pan, 

wid grett enuy pis werk bigan, 2240 

To and sexti fadum brad 

was pe grund-wall pat pai made. 

1 Quen pai at will had fest pe grund, 

pewerk pai raisid ane a stound, H^f' bk * pc werke pei reised in a stou/ide 

wid tyle and ter, widuten ston 2245 Wip tile & teer wipouten stoon 

ope?* morter ne was par non ; Opere morter was per noon 

widcordeandplumbepai wroghtsohy, \Vip cord'' & plum pei went so hc3e 

pat hete of suiie miht pai nohut dry, pe hete of sonne my^t pei not dre3e 

wi<l horsja ad wid camaylea hide, 2249 \Vip horse & wip camel hide 

pai hold paim pat hete for to bide, pei hiled hem hete to abide 

And said, " queper godd be wrath or pei seide whejer ,u r <>d be wroop or blipo 

Hi- estria bu] we le ala Buith ; Lbhth ] ns ,. s |, vs wo ] we Sl . >w ipe 

"lVTon we haue vs sped sua ferr, Now we be pus fei wane 

Our will may he QOghl i'urharr." 

Botgretegod, pal euereshende, 2255 

a curtais villains on pai///, gan send, 


( hire wille may he ool forbarre 

But od p'/t la bo hende pran:,] 

A curtevs rengeaunee con he sende 



pai pat suilk vtrage on him soglit 
For lim no lijf he reft pani noght, 
Bot sua he mengud pain pair mode, 
pat naman oper vndirstode 2260 

his spece wat he wald sai, 
par tunges ware delt fra pat dai ; 
For scham ilkan pat werk pai left, 
Als pai had sare par fra ben beft ; 
For-pi p[at] tour hatt babilone, 2265 
pat schending es w/t-outen soyne ; 
par war al pe speces delt 
pat now ouer-alle pe werld er melt, 
pe first bot an was and nama, 
Now er par speches sexti a tua. 2270 
IF pis tour was selli mad vpright, 
Fiue thusand steppes [it] had on hight, 
And aght scor als and fourti par-to, 
Sua made pair maumet pam to do, 
Ten mile compas al aboute, 
Als stori sais wit-vten doute ; 2276 


no gap in the Cotton and Laud MSS.] 

And at pis werk was not sem, 

Na naman of his barn-tem. 2280 

Hebru pai spek, for-pi hald pai 

pat Iuus halds yeit to pis dai. 

pis nembrod was pe formast king 

pat in maume?it fand mistr[u]ing ; 

Lang he rercgud in pat land, SJ 1 }] 1 *^ 

In maumet first throut he fand, 2286 

pat pan bigan, pat lestes yeit ; 

Sarzins wil it noght for-leit. 

Lik til his fader pat was ded 

A wygur was inad wit his red, 229Q 

And command stithli til his men 

Als god pai suld it knau and ken ; 


ful grete outrage on him pai S03t 

$et life ne lime raft he ham no3t. 

bot squa he menged ham paire mode 

pat na mon ope?' vnder-stode. 

of his speche quat he walde say 

paire tonges ware delt fra pat day. 

for shame ilkan a-way pai went 

and neuer an wiste quat ope/* ment. 

for-pi pat tour hat babiloyne. 

pat shending ys with-outen soyne 

per ware al pe speche mused 

pat now ar in pis werlde vsed. 

at first was an and na ma. 

now ar per sexty speches and twa. 

pis tour was ferly made vp-ri3t 

v. thousand steppis hit had in In^t. 

and viij. skore and iiij. per-to. 

so made pai mad hede for-to do. 

pe story says w r ip-outew doute 2276 

x. Mile compas al a-boute 2275 

thorow pe grundwal of pis tour 

flum rennis wip grete voisour 

at pis werk was no3t. Sem. 

ne nane of his barne-teme. 

hebru speche for-pi halde pai 

at Iewes halden 3et to-day. 

IT pis nembrot was pe formast kywg 

pat in Mawmet fande mistrawynge. 

lange he renget in pat lande. 

and, mawmetry first he fande. 

at pen be-gan and lastes 3ette 

sarasines willo hit no3t lette. 

til his fader pat was dede. 

a vigour he made wip his rede 

and comandet strangli til his men. 

als god pai sulde hit knaw and ken. 



f ai fat suilk vtrage on him soght, 
Lira ne lijf he ne reft f aini noght, 
Bot sua he merged far fair mode, 
fat nan of fai??z far vnderstode 2260 
Of suilk speche as he wold say, 
fair tunges wex diuers fra fat day. 
For schame ilkan fat werk for-sok, 
And went away, sua sais fe bok. 2264 
For-f i fat tour es cald babiloygne, 
fat schending es widuten soygne, 
f er war all f e spechis delt, 
In diums landis ouerall es melt, 2268 
fat first was bot an and na ma. 
Nou er f er spechis sexti and tua. 
f is tour was celly mad vp on hight, 
Fyf thousand steppis it was right, 
And eyt skor and four far to, 2273 
Sua made fir folis f aim to do. 
Ten mile compas all aboute, 
Als f e stori tellis, widuten doute. 2276 


no gap in the MS.] 

At f is werk ne was noght sem, 

Ne noman of his barn tern. 2280 

Ebru fair spece f arfor hald f ai, [ooi. 2] 

fat iuus haldes 3eit to f is day. 

"p\is nembrot was f e first king 

J fat in maumet fand mistroui/?g, 

Lang he reyned in fat land, 2285 

In maumetn first fayth he fand ; 

fat he bigan lastes }eit, 

Sarazins wil it noght for-let. 2288 

Till his fad^r fat was dcde, 

a vigur was made wid bis rede, 

And comanded stiflli to his men, 2291 

As godd f ai suld him knau and cen ; 


f ei fat outrage on him sou3t 
Lym ne lif he refte hem nou3t 
But so he menged her moode 
fat noon of ere vndirstode 
Of suche speche as he wolde say 
her tonges dyuersed fro fat day 
For shame vchone fat werke forsoke 
And went awey as seif f e boke 
f erfore hit hi^te babiloyne 
fat shend f ing is wif outen assoyne 
fere were alle f e speches part 
Of dyuerse londes to dyuerse art 
Furst was but oon & no mo 
Now are f er speches sixty & two 
f is tour was selly made on hy^t 
Fyue f ousonde steppes stood vprijt 
Also ei^te score & foure f erto 
f us made f ese folis hem to do 
Ten myle compas al aboute 
fat story tellef out of doute 


no gap in the MS.] 

At f is werke was not sem 

Ne noone of his barn teem 

f e?fore ebrew her speche han pay 

fat iewes holden to f is day 

H f is nembrot was f e firste kyng 

fat fonde in mawmete mys trowyng 

Longe he regned in fat londe 

In maumctrie furst fcif he fond 

pat lie bigon lastef 31 'to 

Sarasinea wol hit not leto 

Aftir hisfadir fat was dedo 

A vigour was made bi lii- rede 

he commaundide alle men 

As god fci shulde fat f ing ken 




Quat for luue and quat for doute 
All men[s]ked it his vnderloute ; 229-4 
pis for-biseni>?g he hild J?as oJ?er 
Jjat sum for fader, and sum for broker, 
Fro freind ded pat J>am was dere 
did make ymage o metal sere ; 2298 
For fra J>is lagh was Jjar bigurcnen 
Son oue?*al J?an was it runnen ; 
For frendes did ouer al J>e land. 
All suilk mistring J)ai fand. 2302 

Jjaa wigurs croup pe warlau in 
And leed pat suikful folk wit sin. 

IF Thre suns had thare, pat es abram 

Alsua nachor and aram ; 2306 

Thre suns had nachor pe lele 

Hus, and bus, and batuele ; 

Of hus com lob, o bus balam, 

batuel rebecca and laban ; 2310 

Of aram a sun and doghturs tua, 

Melcha, loth, and dam sarra ; 

J?is eild her es now ending 

And pe thrid tas biginning. 2314 

quat for louc and quat for doute 

al folk come hit to loute 

H Jms gaf he ensaumple to pe toper. 

J?at sum for fader and sura for hvoper. 

for freyndes dede J>at was ha??z dere 

jjai made ymages of metel sere. 

to chaunce our laghe Jms J>ai be-gu?me 

and sone oueral was hit runne. 

for frendes dede oue;* al pe lande. 

suche a mys-hope Jms J>ai fande 

J>a vigours kreppet J?e warlaghe in. 

and led J?a. fals folk wij? synne. 

pe kinradin of than. 

Thre sones had than, an abraham. 
alsqua nachor and aram. 
thre sones had nachor pe lele. 
vs. and bus. and batuel. 
of vs come lob. of bus balam. 
of batuel rebec, and labam. 
and aaram a sone and doghters twa. 
Melcha lothe and dame sarra. 

[ • • • ■ . • 

no gap in the Fairfax fy Laud MSS.'] 





I Japhet | 








Heber, phalet, ragan, seruth, nachor 
& thare de quo abram iam incipiens 

1 Incipit tercia etas seculi de Abraham 
filio thare. t 1 leaf u > back > coL 2] 

Of abraham now wil we drau, 
pat rote es of cristen lau ; 





Sal era 

{.From the Cotton MS.] 

pe J>rid elde of pe werlde S de abram. 


f abraham now wil I. draghe. 
Jjat rote was of pe cristen laghe. 

I sai for-J)i hees Jjerote, r D0U t e I sa Y ft>r-J>i he was pe rote, 
for of his oxspring bred our for his ospring be-gan our bote. 




Quat for luue and quat for doute, 
All worschip it als fair vnderloute. 
Jus euydens bilield jus oper, 2295 

fat sum for foper and sum for broker, 
For freindes dede J?at J>aim was dere, 
£ai made ymagis of meteles sere. . 
Thoru paim J>at lau was J?ar bigun, 
Sone over all J>aim was it rune, 2300 
For freindes dede oue?*all pe land, 
Suilk mistrouing vp ]jai fand. 
Feyides crepe pas ymagis wid-in, 
And lede to folted men wid sin. 2304 

"What for loue & what for doute 
Alle hit worsheped to loute 
Jus euydens bihelde opere 
pat somme for fadir & als for broj^re 
For frendes dede pat were hem dere 
y mages ]>ei made of metalles sere 
Bi hem ]?is lawe was J>o bigomze 
Soone was hit ouer-al rom?e 
For frendes deep oner al pe lond 
Suche mysbileue vp J?ei fond 
Fendes crepte £o ymages wipimie 
And lad folted men to synne 


Ihre sunes had thare, on abra?tt 
Alsua nachor and aram. 
Thre sunes had nacor pe lele, 
vs, and bus, and batuele, 2308 

Of vs com iop, of bus lalam, 
Of batuel, rebecca and laban. 
Of aram a sun and dohutyrs thre, 
Melcha, loth, and dame sare. 2312 


no gap in the MS.] 

Thre sones hade thare oon Abrahanz 

Also nachor. and aram 

pve sones had nachor pe lele 

Vs and bus and batuele 

Of vs coom lob of bus balam 

Of Batuel rebecca & laban 

Of Aram a son wij? do^tres fre 

Melcha loth & dame sare fre 


. . . . no gap in the MS.] 

Of pe thrid elde i sal ^ou tell 
Quo so will a stound nou duell. 

00 ftbraham nou wil we draii, 
J>at rote es of pe cristen iaue. 
for qui he is J>e rote, [leaf 17, ooi.i] 
Foi of liini sprong vt ald( r bote, 2318 

Of pe Jtfidde elde is now to telle 
Who so wol a stou//de dwelle 

Of Abraham now wol we drawe 
pat riitc i> <.f \^r rristfii l;i\vr 

I ■. berfore he Ls p>~ rote 

Poi of hhn Bprong oure ulj^er bote 




fe bout fat broght us in-to mirth ■ 
Thoru fat haly maiden birth; 2320 
Of him and his kin sal we rede 
fat wondirlik bigan to sprede. 
Jjat lauedi wex out of his sede 2323 
"We prai hir for hir maiden-hede, 
fat we mai sua f is stori rede 
Hir to mensk and us to mede. 
J)is abram fat ^ee her me neuen 2327 
Ful wel was luued wit god of heuen ; 
Lei he was ai in his sede, 
Fild of trout and haly-hede ; 
He and his wijf fat higlit sare 
Al ful of charite fai warre. 2332 

Tua doghters had aram his broker, 
He spused fat an, nachor f e tof er, 
For wit pe lau fat fai liued in 2335 
Men suld not spuse bot in f er kin ; 
For he was theuful bath and hind, 
Yr lauerd him hild his priue freind ; 
Ai luued he sothfastnes and right, 
For-fi to him our lauerd hight 2340 
A child suld brede of his ox spring, 
fat al of thraldom suld bring ; 
And fat far suld yeit of his sede 
Folk sua selcut mani brede, 2344 

fat naman suld cun sume ne neuen 
ISTa mare fen sterns of heuen, 
Namar fen grauel in f e see, 
Sua vntelland suld f ai be ; 2348 

Bot for f is hight moght be no fabul 
Hetroud wit stedfast throut and stabul, 
And als he troud alsua he fand, 2351 
Our lauerd him held for treucomienand ; 
Bot lang he led him with de lay 
To mare f e medes of his fai. 2354 


fat bote fat brc^t vs in-to mirthe 

thorow fat haly maydenes birtho 

of him and his kyn sal we redo 

fat wonderly be-gan to sprede. 

fat lauedy wex out of his sede 

we pray hir for hir mayden-hede 

fat we may so f is story rede 

hir to menske and vs to mede 

IT abraham fat $e here me neyuen. 

wele was loued wif god of heyuera 

lele he was ay in his lede. 

ful of trauf . and halyhede 

he and his wif fat he3t sare 

ful of chastite fai ware. [Ueaf 16] 

1 1F ij. doghters had aaram his brofer. 

he spoused fat an. nachor f e tof er. 

for wif laghe. fat he liued in. 

men sulde no3t spouse bot fare kin. 

for he was baf curtays and hende 

our lorde helde him til his frende 

al loued he sof fastenes and ri3t. 

for-f i til him our lorde lnjt. 

a childe sulde brede of his ospringe. 

fat al of f raldome sulde bringe. 

and at f er sulde of his sede. 

f e folk so selcouf many sprede 

fat na mon sulde somne ne neyuew 

na mare fen f e sternys of heyuen. 

na mare fan f e grauel in f e See. 

squa vntellande sulde fai be. 

and for f is bote irn^t be na fabil. 

he trawed wif stedefast hert and stabil 

and als he trawed ri3t so he fande 

our lorde him helde ful trew couenawd 

[ 2 But long he lad! hym with delay 

To more the mede of his fay] gl 1 * ^™* 




f e bote fat broght vs into mirth, 
Thoru fat hali maydens birth. 2320 
Of him and his kin sul we rede, 
fat wonderli bigan to brede. 
fat leuedi wex vte of his side, 
we prai hir for hir maydewe-hede, 
fat we may sua fis stori rede, 2325 
Hir to worschip and vs to mede. 
fis abraham fat $e here me neuen, 
wele was loued wid godd of heuen ; 
Lele he was ay in his lede, 2329 

Ful of treuth and halihede. 
He and his wijf fat hight sare, 
Al ful of chastite fai ware : — 2332 
Tua dohutyrs of Aram his brojer, 
Spoused f e tan, nacor f e tof er, 
For wid f e laue fat f ai liued inne, 
Men suld noght spouse bot in f ar kine : — 
For he was bath meke and hend, 2337 
vr lauerd him held his pnue frend, 
Ay luued he sothfastnes and right ; 
For-fi til him vr laue?*d hight 2340 
A child suld brede of his ospring, 
yt all of thraldom suld f aim bring, 
And far suld alsua of his side, 
Folk sua selcuth mani brede, 2344 
fat na man suld cuwe su/wme ne neuen, 
Na mare fan f e sternis of heuen, 
Na mare fan f e grauel in f e see, 
Sua untelland suld fai be. 2348 

For f is hith miht be na fabil, 
He troud wid stedfast herte and stahil, 
And als he troud, als he fand, 2351 
vr lauerd him held ful trcu couenand. 
Bot long he l<d him wid delay, [«*.!] 
To mare fe medis of his fay, 2354 


fat bote fat brou$te vs in to myrf e 
f our3e f e holy maydenes birf e 
Of him & his kyn shul we rede 
fat wondirly bigon to brede 
Oure lady wex out of his sede 
We pray hir for hir maydenhede 
fat we may of f is story say 
hir to worshepe hir son to pay 
Abraham fat we here of neuen 
Was wel loued wif god of heuen 
Trewe he was euer in dede 
Ful of feif & holyhede 
he & his good wif sare 
Ful of chastite f ei ware 
Two dou^tres had Aram his brof er 
he spoused f e toon nacor f e tof er 
For bi f e lawe fat f ei lyued ynne 
Men shulde notspouse but in her kymie 
He was bof e meke & hende [leaf 15, back] 
Oure lorde h.i?n made his pnuey frende 
he loued sof fastenes & rijt 
ferfore oure lord to him hi^t 
A childe to brede of his ospring 
fat al of f raldome shulde brynge 
And f er shulde also of his sede 
So mychel pepul aftir brede 
fat no mon my3te fe som??*e neuen 
More fen f e sterres of heuen 
Ne fen f e graueles in f e see 
So multepliynge shulde fei be 
He leued fis wif herte stabul 2350 
fis biheest my3te be no fabul 231-0 
As he leued so he fond 
Oure lord helde hi/// trewe coucnond 
Ba1 Longe he ladde hi/// wif delay 
To more f«- mede of his fay 



Sexti 3<?r was abram and fiue 2355 

Quen fat liis fader was farn o liue, 

For liim he was mornand in thoght 

Ai til our lauerd him com-forth broght, 

And said til him wit suplka] sune 

" Abram l[oke] fou ma f [e b]une ; 

fou and tine aglit wit f i menyeie [}X\] 5 ' 

vte of Jus kyth and fis cuntre, 2362 

3ee sal weind til a better land ; 

Ta loth f i broker sun in hand, 

To chanaan ^ee most now dran, 

Aland f e qnilk i sal yow scau ; 2366 

fou leue aram, f e land of ire, 

Of chanaan fou sal be sire ; 

J)ider to weind be noght ferd, 

For par sal be f i kiddli ertd ; 2370 

al f e folk far wonnus aboute 

to f e f ai sal be vnderloute ; 

far sal f i nam ouerraised be 

And als of airs pat cums o pe ; 2374 

I sal f am blis pat pe wil blisse 

Mi bliscing sal pas oper misse." 

Abram went and wit him loth, 

His geing, his catel, ilk crot, 2378 

Com and lended, he and f ai, 

Liside sichen in a valay ; 

Bot f ar-bi felun folk f ai fand 

fat mikel wasted o fat land. 2382 

Als-suith als f ai far cam 

Drightin him sceud til ab?'am 

And said, " abram f is es f i land 

far f ou and tine sal be weldand." 

Abram fat o trouth was tru 2387 

33i betel lifted an auter neu ; 

He blissed godd, pat king o blisse, 

And godd him blissed an all his. 2390 


1T of sexty ^ere he was and fiue. 

quen his fader was faren of liue. 

for him he was mournande in f 03k 

ay til our lorde him conforte bro3t. 

and saide til him wif squilke a sonne. 

abraham loke f ou make fe bonne. 

fou and fine gode wif fi meyne 

oute of f i kif and f is cuntree. 

3e sal wende til a better lande. 

take lothe f i brof er sone in hande. 

to chanam ^e moste 30U drawe. 

a lande f e quilk I. sal 30U shawe. 

fou leue aram f e lande of ire. 

of chanaan fou sal be sire. 

f idder to wende be f on no3t ferde. 

for per sal be f e kindely erde. 

alle f e folk wonis f er a-boute. 

to f e f ai sal be vnderloute. M | r0 4 I j 1 6 j Laud 

[ l There shalle thy name reysid be 

And alle tho Eiris fat come of the] 

my folk f on sal rede and wysse 

and I sal bring ham vn-to blisse. 

IT abraham went forf and wif him lote 

his f inge. his catel ilka crote. 

he come and lendid in aralay. 

vnder-neyf e a faire valay. 

and per mony folk f ai fande 

at mykil w r asted in fat lande 

als squyf e als her f ai cam. 

our lorde shewed him til abraham. 

and saide abraham f is ys f i lande. 

per fou and fine sal be dwellande 

abraham fat was of trail f ful trew 

he raysed sone an awter new. 

he blessed god fat king of blisse 

and god him blessed and alle his. 




Of sexti ^ere he was and fiue, 2355 

Que?z his fader was faiyn fra Hue, 

For him he was murnand in thoght, 

Ay til vr laue?'d him confort broght. 

And said till him, wid suilk a soune, 

" Abraham, loke f u make f e boune, 

f u and fi catel wid f i meine, 

vte of fi kid and fis contre 2362 

3e sal wend to a bette?* land ; 

Ta loth f i broker sun in hand ; 

To canaan 30 most drawe, 

A land fe quilk i sal 3011 schau. 23 G 6 

fou leue aram, f e land of yr, 

Of canaan f u sal be lauerd and sire, 

f ider to wend be f u noght ferid, 

Tor far sal be pi kindli erd ; 2370 

All fe folk far wones aboute, 

Til pe fai sal be vndc?doute, 

far sal fi name oiler-raised be, 

And all p e ayres pat sal cu??i of pe. 

I sal faim bliss fat fe wil bliss, 2375 

Mi blissing sal f es of er miss." 

Abraham went, and wid him loth, 

His meyne, his catel wele i woth, 

And com and lendyd, he and fai, 

Be side sychen in a valay. 2380 

Bot far bi feloun folk fai fand 

fat mekil wastid of fat land. 

Als suith als fai difer cam, 

God him scheud to abraham, 2384 

And said, "abraham fis cs fe land, 

fer fu and fine sal haue weldand." 

Abram fat of treuth was treu, 

Be betel lifted an auntcr neu, 2388 

1 He blissed godd, fat king of bli 

And he liim blisced and all hiss. P lf * 7 « 




cot 1] 

IT Of sixty 3eer he was & fyue 
When?ze his fadir was faren of lyue 
For him he was m mournynge f oi^t 
Til oure lord him con??iforte bron3t 
And seide to hif» wif a somi 
Abraham loke fou make f e boiu* 
fou f i catel & f i meyne 
Ont of fis londe pat $e tie 
3e shul wonde to a better londe 
To loth fi broferes sone in honde 
To chanaan $e mosten drawe 
A lond pat I shal 30U shawe 
fou leue Aram f e londe of ire 
Of chanaan to be lorde & sire 
f ider to wende be not ferde 
f ere shal be f i kyndely erde 
Alio fat wonen fer aboute 
To fe shul be vndirloute 
pere shal f i name reised be 
And alle fo heires fat comen of fe 
I shal hem blisse fat f e wol blisse 
Mi blessyng shal f e ofere misse 
1F Abraham went & wif him loth 
Meyne & catel wel I woot 
he coom & dwelt he & fei 
Bi syde sichen in a valey 
But fer felones folk fei fonde 
pat mychel wasted of fat londe 
Als so soone as fei fidur cam 
God him shewed l" Abraham 
And seide Abraham fis is the land 
p<it fou & fine shul haue weldand 
Abraham of trmifr so dvwc 

Bi bethel reised an autei news 
He worsheped god kyng of blis 
And he him blessed and alle his 




Abram turned him to fe south, 2391 
To see fat land was him vn-cuth, 
Quit he wend haue it in wald 
Als fat our lauerd him forwit tald ; 
Bot son quen he had seised fie land, 
fat in fan fel a hunger Strang, 2396 
Thoru corn wanting or thoru were, 
I can not sai o quef er it were ; 
Abram to sell moght find na sede 
Til egypte wend most he nede, 2400 
And sare his wijf wit him to lede, 
For fai ne wist qwar-of fain fede. 
Als fai war wendand f ider-ward 
He hir bisoght o sli forward : — 2104 
" Lemman," he said, " sare .i me dred ; 
far we weind to f is laules lede 
Quen fai f e see for f i fairhede, [coi. 2] 
to reue me f e fan sal f ai wede ; 2408 
Sai fou for-fi til an and of er, 
fou art my sister and i f i brof er, 
Elles fat folk quen f ai see 
Sal fai me sla for luue o fe." 2412 
" Sir," sco said, " sua sal it be." 
Wit f is fai com in fat contre, 
Bot fra f aa prude folk had hir sen, 
All spak of hir, sco was sa scene ; 
Sua fai rosed hir to fe king 2417 
fat he f am did befor him bring. 
Bot godd hir fat was hir wit 
And hild hir sua vntil hir grith, 2420 
fat moght namara o licherie 
Hir body neght wit wilanie ; 
f e king was radd for godds gram 
And yald f e wijf to sire abram. 2424 
" Qui did fou vs f us in were, 
fat said fi wij fi sister wore? 


abrabam turned him to fe soufe 

to se fat lands him was vncoufe. 

al lie wende to haue in walde 

als our lorde be-fore, him talde. 

bot sone quen he had seised f e lande 

f er-in fel an hungre strange. 

f orow corne wantinge or f orow weer 

I can no3t say f e. quefer hit were. 

IT abraham to sawe mi^t finde na sede 

to egipt wende moste he nede. 

and sare his wife wif him to lede 

fay ne wiste quar-of ham to fede. 

als fai ware wyndand f idder-wardo 

he hir bi-so3t of suche for-warde 

le?wman he saide sare I. me drede 

fare we wynde our life to lede 

quen fai se f e for f i fayre hede 

to reue f e me. fat god for-bede 

say fou for-fi til ane and of er. 

fou art my sister and I. fi brof er 

and ellis folk quen fai f e se 

fai wil me sla for loue of f e. 

IF Sir ho saide so sal hit be. 

wif f is fai come in fat cuntre. 

quen fat proude folk had hir sene. 

fai spac of hir ho was sa shene. 

so fai rosed hir to f e kinge. 

fat he hir dide be-for him bringe. 

and god hir keppet fat was hir wif, 

and helde so vn-til his grif. 

fat mu^t na mon of lecchery. 

hir body touche wif velany. 

f e kinge was ferde for goddis grame 

and 3alde f e wife to sir abraham. 

q?ri made fou vs. fus in were 

and sayde ho was f i sister dere. 



Abraham turned him to pe south, 
To se pat land him was vncuth, 2392 
In pes he wend haue it in wald, 
Als vr lauerd bifor him tald. 
Bot sone quen he had sesid pe land, 
far fell an hunger i vnderstand, 2396 
Thoru corn wantyng euerayquer, 
I can noght say pe sothlier ; 
Abraham to selle miht find na sede, 
To egipt wende most he nede, 2400 
And sare his wijf wid him to lede, 
f ai had na corn f aim wid to fede. 
Als fai war wendand fiderward, 2403 
He hir bisoght of suilk a for-ward : — 
"Lemma??,," he said, "sore i me drede, 
far w r e wend bi Jus laithly lede, 
For fu art fair, que?? J»ai fe se, 2407 
wid miht f ai suld f e take fra me. 
Say Jju f ar-for till an and of er, 
fat f u ert mi sister a??d i Jn brof <??•, 
Ellis fat folk quen fai fe se, 2411 
f ai wil me sla for luue of f e." 
° Sir," scho said, "sua sal it be;" 
wid fis fai com in fat contre. 2414 
Bot fra fat proud folk had hir sene, 
All spac of hir, scho was so schene, 
And sua Jjai praised hir to f e king, 
pat he hir garl bifor him bring; 2418 
Bot gr.d hir kept pat was hir with, 
And held her sua widin his grith, 
fat miht na man wid lichurye 
Hir bodi nehy wid vilanye. 
fe king waa dred for godcs gram, 2423 
And bitaught fe wyf 1" abraham, 
'And Baid, M qni put fu vs in w< 
fai said jn wijf fi Bister wore? [> coi. 2] 
(,<\\ r. 

Abraham turned hi??? into f e sou)) 
To se pat londe folate vnconf 
In pees he wende hit have in wolde 
As oure lord had him tolde 
But soone when we he had f e londe 
An hung?/?* fel I vndirstonde 
her corn wantede on vche syde 
hard hit was hem to abyde 
Abraham to selle fond no sede 
To egipte wende most he nede 
Sare his wif wif him to lede 
hadde f ei no corn hem vrith to fede 
And as f ei f iderwarde went 
Jus forwarde made f ei fere p?*esent 
H lem??zon he seide sore I me drede 
Now we go bi Jus vncouf lede 
For f ou art feir when??e f ei pe se 
"Wif my3te fei wol pe take fro me 
Say fou Jjerfore to oon & of er 
fou art my sister & I f i brof er 
Elles f e folke when p ei p e se 
Wol me sle for loue of pe 
Sir she seide hit shal be do 
f en??e coom p ei f <7t cuntre to 
AYhen??e pat folke had hir sene 
Alle speke of hir she was so shene 
And so hir preysed to pe kynge [leaf 16] 
pat he hir made to him brynge 
But god hir kepte f <7t waa hir wif 
And saued hir so in his grif 
fat my^te no mon wif lecchery 
hir body touchc wif vilony 
fe kyng was ferde foi ,L r "<l«lrs gram 
And delynered hix to Abraham 
And seide why madea fon vs i?> were 
To calle fi wif fi Bister dew 




Tak her pi wijf and brokar wele, 
June wil i not haue a dele, 2428 
Bot leuer es me o myne pou haue." 
pe king him gold and siluer gaue, 
And co??zmaunded thoru-out al his land 
Men suld him mensk and hald in hand, 
And if he wald par namar leind, 2433 
pat he most hamward freli weind ; 
And al pe god he wit him ledd 
to leitt ful strait-lie [he] for bedd. 
^[ Abram went ham and his wijf sare, 
He luued hir wil mare pan are, 2438 
For wirscipp pat sco did him win, 
And sco vnsoght saccles o sin. 
In-to betel pai com o-nan, 2441 

par he seit first his auter stan ; 
Bituix him and his neueu loth, 
fee J?ai had a selly flot ; 2444 

To pastur commun pai laght pe land 
pe quilk pam neiest lay to hand ; 
Bot fra pair store bigan to sprede 
pe pastur pam bigan to knede, 2448 
par-for pair hirds strif and flit, 
pair fee nedings pai most flit 
Fra pat folk pai war a-mang 2451 
pat gretli hild pair store in thrang. 
paa nabethens, pat laithli lede, JJJ^ii 1 *' 
Ful o wrang and wickedhede, 2454 
For pai wit paim moght haf na rest, 
pai most pan scail and seke pair best. 
pan said abram, pat was na sot, 2457 
formast til his neueu loth : — 
" pe land his wide pat we ar in, 
Godd vs help it for to win ; 24G0 

pis contre pat es sua wide 
pou ches to won on quilk side ; 


take here pi wife and brok hir wele 

of pine wil I. no^t haue a dele. 

IT bot leuer ys me of myne pou haue. 

pe king him golde and silu^r gaue. 

and comanded porou-out his lande 

men sulde him mensk and vnderstande 

1 and if he w r alde na mare per lende 

pat he most frely ham-warde wende 

and al his gode wip him to lede 

to reue him any he for-bede pific, bki 

abraham went hame and sare. 

he loued hir pan wele mare pen are 

for worshepe pat ho made him win. 

and ho hir-selfe wip-outen synne. 

In-to bethel pai come a-nane ais^'iei'™* 1 

per he sette first his awter stane. 

[ 2 By-twene hym and his nevew lot 

Bestayle they had y-now y wot] 

to comune pasture pai made p e lande 

pe quilk next ham lay to hande. 

bot fra paire store bi-gan to sprede 

paire pasture pan be-gan to brede 

pat for paire hirde strife and flitte 

paire fee nedegates most pai flitt. 

fra pat folk pai w r are a-mange. 

pat gretely helde paire store m prange 

pa folk ware fulle of misdede. 

and maynteined wrang and wikkedhede 

for pai wip ham 111113 1 naue na res t- 

pai most ga ellis to do paire best. 

IF pen saide abraham pat was na sotte 

formast tille his eme lothe. 

pis lande ys wide pat we ar in 

god gif vs g?*ace hit to wynne. 

of pis cuntre pat ys sa wyde. 

pou chose to wone in queper side. 



Ta here f i wijf and brouk hir wele, 
Of fin wil i neuer a dele, 2428 

Bot leuer me es of mine f u haue." 
f e king him gold and sillier gaue, 
And commanded thoru vte al his land, 
Men suld him onure a?zd hald in hand, 
And if he wald far no langer lende, 
fat he most freli hamward wend, 
And all f e gode he wid him ledd ; 
To lett him straitly he forbedd. 2436 

Abram went horn & his wijf sare, 
He loued hir better fan he did are, 
For worschip pat scho gart him wine, 
And scho vnsoght sakles of sine. 2440 
In to betel J»ai com on-ane, 
far he sett first his auter stane, 
Be-twyx him and loth his neuow 2443 
Of bestaile hade f ai plente enow. 
To pasture commune f ai tok f e land, 
p e qnilk fat lay faim neist til hand. 
Bot fra fair stor bigan to spr[e]de, 
fair pastur gan to wax al ncdcde, 
far-for fair herdis straff for itt, 2449 
fair bestis nedlinges most fai flitt 
Fra fat folk fai war emang, 
pat gretli held fair stor in wrang, — 
fa aabethens, fat lothly lede, 2453 
I-'nl of wrang and of wicked hede, — 
For fai wid faim milit haue na rest, 
fad most nede part to soke fair beste. 
fen Baid abraham wid wordea hend, 
"Loth, mi neuow and mi dere frond, 
fia land ea wide \"t we or imze, 2459 
( lodd vs help we tnith it wine, 
Of fia contre fat es sua wide, [ins, coi. i] 
fu chese to won on sum syde. 

00] I ING 

Take hir here & brouke hir wel 

Of fin wol I neuer a del 

But leuer me is of myn foil haue 

Golde & siluer he him jaue 

And com??zau?2dide f oiu^e his lond 

Men shulde him plese & haue in hond 

And whence he wolde no lengz^r lende 

fat he most frely hamwarde wende 

And alle f e godis he wif him ledde 

To lette hi??i streitly he fobede 

1T Abraham went hoom & his wif sare 

he loued hir better fen he dud are 

For worshepe fat she made him wynwe 

And she vnsou^t sacles of synne 

Into bethel f ei coom anoon 

f ere he furst sett his auter stoon 

Bitwene him & his nevewe loth 

Beestaile f ei had ynou^e I wot 

To comwmne pasture f ei took f e lond 

fat fere lay next her hond 

But whence her stoor bigan to brede 

her pasture f o wex al nede 

ferfore her herdes stroof for hit 

her beestea node most f ei flit 

For fat folke fei wore among 

fat dud her si nor mychel wrong 

f e nabethens fat lof ely lede 

Ful of wronge & wickedhede 

fei myjte wif hem haue no rest 

fei most parte to seke her 1 

Abraham Beide wif wordea hende 

loth my neuewe & my frende 

fis Lond Ea wide fat we are Inno 

( lod v> helpe bit to wynne 

( >f fia contre bed is so wide 

fan chose to won on Bllfll syde 


Quedcr f ou ches, on right or left, 

I. sal ta me fat fou haues left." 2464 

Loth loked toward fiu??i iordaine, 

A dale he ches far he a plaine, 

A luuesu??i land, a leue contr6, 

f e flu?ft ran thorn fnl fair to se ; 2468 

f e land o go??imor f ar-bi lijs, 

fat was fan lik to paradis 

J?e time ar it had don fe sake, 2471 

Quar-for f ar-on godd tok his wrac. 

fat land to leind in loth thoght best, 

Abram chese him toward f e est. 

f e land of sodome had gret blame, 

For it was in an iuel fame ; 2476 

f ai war pnt in a fole plight 

fat god and man f am maledight. 

Abram lendid him o-nan 

Eiside f e folk of chanaan, 2480 

vnder f e fote of mont mambre, 

far he ches to seit his fee ; 

fat ilk stede fat night chebron, 

A wondwr winsum sted at won ; 2484 

An auter raised wit-onten bad, 

And sacrifijs far-on he mad, 

fat drightin on him snld min 2487 

To-gedir him wi[r]scepp for to win ; 

far he seit his tabernacle 

far god for him did sum meracle. 

fare had a were ben in fat land, 

fat had lasted sumdel lang ; 2492 

Four kinges werraud a pon fiue, 

f e hue again f e four to-striue. 

Bitid a stund f ai samen smate 

In a dale biside a wate ; 2496 

Sua lang |>ai heu on helme and sceild 

f e four on hue f ai wan f e feild ; 


quefer f ou choses. to f e to take. 

I. wil haue quef er '. f ou. wil for-sake. 

lothe loked towardc flume iordayne 

a dale he chese vnder a playne. 

a lufsum and lefe to se 

f e flume fan f orow sa faire to se 

f e lande of gomor f er-by lise 

fat fen was like to paradise 

ay til f ai f con god for-sake 

quar-fore on ham he to wrake. 

fat lande to lende '. lothe Jjo^t bestc. 

and ab?*aham chese him tawarde \>e est. 

hit he3t sodome of grete fame 

for hit was in an euel name. 

f ai ware sa proude and cursed to cal. 

fat goddis malisou?z had f ai alle. 

IT abraham lendid. him a-nan. 

be-side f e folk of chanaan. 

vnder f e fote a mount fande he 

f er he chese to sette his see. 

fat ilk stede he3t ebron. 

a wonder winsum stede atwone 

an awter he raised w r if -out bade 

and fer-on he made. 

fat ihesu crist 1 mi3t on him Myn 

and ger him worshepe for to wyn. 

H f er he sette his tabernacle 

f er god for him dide sum miracle 

f er had a were bene in fat lande 

of lange time I. vnderstande. 

iiij. kynges wered a-pon fiue. 

f e .v agayne fe iiij. to stryue. 

be-tid a time f ai samyn smate 

in a dale hit was I. wate. 

so lange fai hew on helme and shilde 

fe iiij. on .v. fai wan fe felde. 



Q iiefer fu chese on right or left, 

I wil take fat f u has left." 2464 

Loth loked tUward ilom iordane, 

A dale he ches far bi a plaine, 

A lufsum land, a fair contre, 

f e Hum ran thoru ful fair to se \ 2468 

f e land of gomor far-bi lijs, 

fat was fan like vnto paradis 

fe time ar it had done fat sake, 2471 

Til godd far on uengance gan take ; 

fat land to won in loth thoght best, 

And abram ches him tilward f e est. 

f e land of sodome bar gret blame, 

For it was in a wicked fame, 2476 

f ai war putt in sua foul a plight, 

fat godd and man f aim maledight. 

Abram lendid him in-ane, 

Bisyde f e land of canaan, 2480 

vnder f e fote of momit mambre 

far he ches to sett his se ; 

fat ilke stede bight" chebron, 2483 

A wonder winsum stede to in won. 

Ane auter he raised widuten bade, 

And sacrefice far-on he made, 2486 

fat dere godd on him suld myne, 

To gei him worschip for to winne. 

far he sett his tabcrnacil, 2480 

| godd for him sone did miracil. 

par had a were ben in fat land, 

And it had lasted sumdel lang, 2492 

Four kin.-;''- werrid apon iijf, 

fe fyuc egain fe foure to strijf, 

fai snial to gidei at fe latter, 

In a dale biside a watir ; 2496 

1 Sua lang fai heudonhelma[n]dschild, 
| or "ii fine wan fe feilde, PooLfl 

AVhefer f on chese on rijt or lefte 

I wol take fat f on hast lefte 
loth loked toward nnm iordan 
A dale he chees to him fan 
A lussoin londe & fair cuntre 
f e flom ran f our^e feire to se 
f e lond of Gomor f erbj lys 
fat fen??e was like to paradis 
fat tyme ar hit had done f e sake 
Til god f e?*on vengeaurcce con take 
fat lond to wone In loth foi^t best 
Abraham chees towarde f e eest 

f e londe of sodom bare greet blame 
For hit was in a wicked fame 
f ei synned so foule among horn 
fat bof e hem cursed god & mon 
Abraham last &; his fan 
Lisyde f e lond of canaan 
vndir f e foot of mou?^t mambre 
fere he chees to sette his se 
fat ilke stude hett chebron 
A wondir wynsum stud in woon 
he made an ant ere in fat stude 
And sacrifice fcron he dude 
fat ourc lord shulde on him mynne 
And make him worsheps to Wynne 
his tabernacle he sett fere soono 
God lete miracle for him done 

II hi fat lond was a werre strong 
And hit lasted somdel long 
Foure kinges werred vp on fyuo 
f c fyue a^eyn fe foure to stryuo 
)-< i m M.t to gidei nener fe latii 

In a dale biside a watir 

So longe f'i lew on helms A' sin rid 
pat fours of fyue wan fe feld 



pe fiue gauc bak to wine a-way [coi. 2] 

And fell to in a pitt clay j 2500 

pai fled and fell vntill a sogh, 

And par pair faas pam foluand slogh ; 

Sipen pai spred to prai pe land, 

Al pai tok pai forwit fand ; 2504 

Loth pai laght and leed paim wit, 

Was nan pai raght pai grantid grith, 

For pai lete pairs was pe land 

Fra pai had geten pe oner-hand ; 2508 

Herd held pai loth fat ilk day. 

A man vnnes wan a-way, 

pat com til abram for to tel 

loth channce pat him bifel ; 2512 

Abram was pen ful mislikand 

Quen he herd pan pis typand ; 

He did to-geder samen his men, 2515 

Thre hundret aght sariants and ten ; 

And dernlik he did pam bide 

Til again a nenentide, 

And pan he broght pam til a pase 

pat men cald in pand temase, 2520 

And par he delt his folk in tua 

pat pai snld noght scapp ham fra. 

pis kyngs had na man doute, 

pair folk scaild ai-quar<? a-bonte. 2524 

Abram pat was in trouth Strang, 

pat haipen lede he smat a-mawg ; 

Deliuerd pn'suns all, and loth, 

Wit al pe catell, ilk crot. 2528 

Slayn war pe kinges pat ilk night, 

Thoru pe grace of godds might ; 

pe folk sodom war ful fayn 2531 

Quen abram was commun agayn ; 

pai sagh pair frendes ale and sund, 

And wist pair fas war broght to grund. 


pe .v. gaf bac to wyn a-way. 
and felle in-til a pitte of clay, 
pai fled a-way vn-tille a scoghe. 
paire faes folowed ham and sloghe. 
sipen pai spred to spoly pe lande 
al pai toke be-for ham fande. 
lote pai toke and lad him wip 
was nane pai toke pai granted grip, 
pai lete paires was pe lande. 
for pai had gyten pe ouerhande 
II hard pai helde lothe pat day. 
vn-nepe wan a mon a-way. 
pat come to abraham for-to telle 
of lotes channce pat him be-felle. 
abraham was ful mislikande 
quen he herde of suche tipande 
he dide to-gedder samyn his men. 
iij. hundrep .viij. seriauntes and ten. 
and stalworply he made ham bide 
til agayne pe euen-tide. 
and pan he bro3t ham in a plase 
pat man calde in pat lande themase 
and per he delt f his folk in twa. 
at pai ne sulde escape ham fra. 
pes kinges had of na mon doute. 
paire folk skailed wyde a-boute. 
abraham pat was in traupe strange 
pe hethen men he smate a-mange. 
deliuered paire prayes al and lote 
w r ip alle pe catel ilka grote. 
slayne ware pe kinges pat ilk ni3t 
porou pe grace of goddis mi^t. 
pe folk of sodome was ful fayne. [leaf 17] 
quen abraham was co?wmyn a-gayne. 
pai saghe paire frendes hale and sounde 
and wiste paire faes. Avaren bro3t to 
Fairfax [gronde 


f e fyue gaf bac to wine a way, 
And fell into a pitt of clay, 2500 

f ai fled and fell into a sohw, 
And far fair fas foluand f aim slow. 
Sifen fai toke to win?ie fe land, 2503 
fai tok all fat fai bifor f aim fand, 
Loth fai toke and ledd f aim with, 
was non fai toke J»ai graunted grith, 
For fai lett fat f aires was f e land, 
Fra fai had getun f e ouerhand. 2508 
Hard held fai loth fat ilk day, 
A man unethes miht passe away, 
To cu??i til abram for to tell, 
Of lothes chanse hon him bifell. 2512 
Abram was pan ful mislikand, 
Quen he herd of his hard tydand, 
He did to gadir samen his men, 2515 
Thre hundeid eyt sergaimtis and ten ; 
And pr/uili he did faiin bide 
Til again an euen tide, 
And fan he broght f aim to a pas, 
Men cald in fat land themas, 2520 
And far he delt his folk in tna 
fat f ai snld noght schape faim fra ; 
fir kinges had of na man donte, 2523 
fair folk fai scatrid ouer al a-boute, 
Abram fat in trouth was Strang, 
fa hethen men he mett ay emang, 
Diliuyrd |>e paaa alle and loth, 
with all fair catel, ilka croth, 2528 
Slain war fa kinges fat ilke night 
Thorn fc grace of godes miht ; 
! >lk of sedome was ful fayn 2531 
Quen abram was corner egain, f., , ,j f ]J ,hk ' 
1 fai sau fair freindes hale and rand, 
And wist fair fas war broght to grand. 


f e fyue 3af bat to wynne away 

and fellen into a pit of clay 

fere fel f ei dou?i in swowje 

And her enemyes fere hem slow3e 

Sif f ei toke to wynne fat lond 

Al fat f ei biforne hem fond 

loth f ei toke & led hem wif 

AVas noon f ei wolde grau»te grif 

f ei helde heres was f e lond 

For f ei hadde f e ouer hond 

harde helde f ei loth fat day 

A mon vnnef e my3t passe away 

To com to Abraham for to telle 

Of lothes chau??ce how hit bifelle 

Abraham ful euel likonde 

"Whenwe he herde f is tif ondo 

he dud to geder to gider his men 

fre hundride ei3tc seruau?*tis & ten 

And prouely he made hem bide 

Til a^eyn f e euen tyde 

And f o he broi^te hem to a paas 

Men calde fere fen themas 

f e?*e he delt his folke in two 

fat he ofere shulde not scape hem fro 

f e kyngis hadde of no mon doute 

her folke fei scatered al aboute 

Abraham fat was in troufc strong 

hefen men he met among 

Fro hem he delyuered Loth 

AY if al fe catel vche grot 

Slayn were f o kny^tia fat ny3t 

fuiir^' pt- grace of god al myjt 

fe folk of sodom was nil fayn 

Whefl abraham was comen ajayn 

fey saw hex frendefi li"l & BOUftde 

And wist li< i foot bronjte to grounde 

ji;im i v 


Melchisedech, wit-outen baide, 2535 
Offrand o bred and wine fan made, 
ierusalem and all fat land 
Was prist and king al weldand ; 
Trn he was, and wise, and hind, 
fair conquest lie tok fe tend ; 2540 
Abrani his beneson gane he 
And badd al til him tentand be ; 

prai wald abram nathing haue 
Bot ilk man he his auen gaue. 2544 
Mikel it was fat lnffeword fan [if 16, coi. l] 
fat abram gat o mani man ; 

And said it sceud was wit right 2547 
Vr lauerd in him suld fill his higlit. 
H Abram went hame and wit him ledd 
His folk ; w^en he was laid in bedd, 
Slepped and herd our lauerd steuen 
Sothli till him spak in sueuen, 2552 
And said, "abram, thar f e noght drede, 

1 sal f e help in all f i nede 

fat i haue f e hight to mede, 2555 

At wyn f ou may be traist to spede." 

" Lauerd," he said, "lm may fis be, 

Quat es f i wil to giue to me 1 

f ou wat child haue i self nan, 

Bot mi seruand su?z allan 2560 

fat serues me, eleazar ; 

Min air fan wald i f at he war, 

Sin fou me gaue na nof er barn." 

" Nay," said vr lauerd, "i sal him warn 

fat he fi nere sal noght be, 25 G5 

Bot sal f e sede fat corns o fe." 

" Abram," said he, " cum now vte, 

Behald fou fe fi liue a-boute ! 25G8 

f e barns fat o f e sal bred 

ISamar sal fou f am cun rede, 


Melchisedeehe wif-outv-n b 

offerrande of brede and wyne fai mad • 

of ivmsalem. and alle fat lande 

was he lorde and king alweldande 

trew he was wyse and ln-nde. 

of f aire conquest he toke f e teynde 

Abraham his benysou/£ gaf he 

and bad alle til him entendaunt be. 

of pray w r alde abraham na-fing haue 

bot ilkan he awen gaue 

Mikel was f e worshipe abrahani wan. 

and alle him loued baf wyfe and man. 

and saide shewed was in si^t. 

fat in his kyn our lorde walde li3t. n e( j 

Abraham went hame and with him 
his folk quen he was laide in bed. 
slepand herde our lorde of heyuen. 
sof ly til him spac in steyuen. 
and sayde abram thar fe no^t drede 
I. sal f e help in alle f i nede. 
fat I. haue he3t f e to f i mede. 
to wyn fou may be trayste to spede 
^T lorde he saide how may fis be 
quat ys f i wdlle to gif to me. 
fou wate wele childe haue I. nane 
bot my seruande sone allane. 
fat seruys me elea3ar 
Myne ayre I. w r alde atte he ware. 
Syn fou me gaf nane of er barne 
nay saide our lorde I. sal him warne 
fine ayre sal he no^t be 
bot of er sal fat comys of f e. 
IT abram saide he f come now f er-oute. 
be-halde fou f e lift a-boute 
f e barnes fat of f e sal brede 
na mare saltow ham con rede. 




Melchisedech, widuten bade, 2535 Melchisedech wif wille glade 

Offrand of brede and wine he made, Offryng of wyn & breed made 

Of ierusalem and all fat land, Jwt of ierusalemes londe 

was king and preist allweldand. was kyng & prest & had in honde 

Treu he was, wise and hend, Trewe lie was wys & hende 

Of fair co??quest he toke f e tend, 25-40 Of her conquest toke f e tendo 

Abram his benison gaf he, Abraham his benison 3af he 

And all bad till him tendand be. And bad alle to him tenti??ge be 

Of pray wild abram na-tliing haue, Of pray wolde Abraham nou3t haue 

Lot ilk man he his aune gaue. 2544 But vche mon his owne $aue 

Mekil it was fat loueword fan Muche was Jje loue word f on 

fat abram gat of mani a man ; fat Abraham gat of mony mon 

fai said it was scheud in sight. 2547 f ei seide hit was he in si3t 

vr lauerd in him suld f e holde his hit. Oure lord in him wolde holde his hi^t 

Abram went ham a[ft]d wid him ledd 1T Abraham went home &\v7tZfhimiedde 

His folk ; que?^ he was laid in bedd his flocke & when he was in bedde 

Slepand, he herd vr laue?*des steucn In slepe he herde oure lordis steuen 

Sothly til him spac in sueuen, 2552 Sofely to him spake in sweuen 

And said, " abram, thar fe nogh drede, And seide Abraham far fe not drede 

I sal fe lielpe in all fi nede, I shal fe helpe in al f i ncde 

Of fat i haue fe hight to mode, 2555 f «t I haue fe in dede hi^t 

To winwe may f u be traist to sped." To wynne fou shalt not faile my3t 

" Lauerd," he said, " hu may fis be, Lord he seide how may pis be 

Quat es f i will to giue to me ] "What is f i wille to 3yue to me 

Jm wat wele child nou haue i nan, fou. wost wel childe haue I none 

Bot mi sernantes son alan 2560 But my seruaurctis son allono 

fat semis me, Eleazar, fat seruef me eliazar 

Id ayr wald i fat he war, Myn eire wolde I fat he war 

Sin f\\ me gaf nan ofer barn." Sif pOVL me }af noon ofer barn 

u Nay," said god, "i -al fe warn 2564 Nay seide god I Bhal f<' warn 

fat he fin ayr sal noght be, f</t he fin eire Bhal not be 

Bot a sede f^t comis of fe." Bui a seed }.wt come]) of fe 

'■ Abram," he said, " f u CUJW lure vte, Abraham he Beide com fcr outc 

Bihald p<- skey oner all aboute ! 2568 Biholde fi- sky al aboute 

be barniee fat of J>e sal brede, [«*.!] fe childex fai of fe Bhal brede 

Na mar sal fu faim kon rede No more aha] fou con b< m rede 




fan sterns on light and sand in see, 

fat it sal selcut be to see ; 2572 

Bitraist J?is thing fat i pe bight, 

pe to vndo sal haue na might." 

Abram hild pis word in thoght 2575 

Vr laue?*d to seme for-gat he noght : 

pan mad abram 1 his sacrifice, E 1 Ms.adam} 

Godd him tald on on quatkin wise \ 

Quen it was don als was poruaid, 

A uoice fan thorn a clod said, 2580 

" It be efter a wel lang quille, 

In egipte suld his sede exile 

In tharldon four hundret 3 ere, 

Bot f ai snld bij it sif en dere ; 2584 

f ai fat suld hald fain in f at thrang 

Wroken on f aim sal be fat wrang ; 

fan suld f e oxspring of abram 

Vn-to fair land cum frelik ham 2588 

To bruke fair heritage in pais, 

Als it was hight be for f aa dais." 

Sar was barnles yit wit f is, [col 2] 

f of sco gun ^ern f er-efter wiss ; 2592 

Sco had hir wit a hand wo??inian, 

fat agar hight, agapcian ; 

Sco said til abram priueli, 2595 

"Nan barns ber, fou seis, mai .i. \ 

And sif en i mai na barns ber 

I sal agar mi maiden ger 

Bi-side fe lij, if fou wil sua, 

For i am geld fat es me wa ; 2 GOO 

If ani barn of hir war fine, 

I might hald it als for mine." 

Sare, als sco had for-wit said, 

Wit hir husband agar sco laid. 2604 

Agar was made wit child in hi 

And heythlik lcte of hir lauedi ; 


fen stcrnes of heyuen f and sandc of see. 
fat hit sal selcouf e be to se. 
be-trayste atte na mon f as I. f e l^t. 
f e to vndo f ne salle haue mi3t. 
IT abram helde. f is worde in fo^t 
and thonked our lorde f I wy te him no^t. 
fen made abram his sacrifise. 
god talde his self i of quatkin wise 
quen hit was done as was pw?*uayde 
a voyce f orou a cloude saide. 
IF hit sal be-tide wif -in a quyle. 
In egipte sulde his sede exile. 
in fraldome iiij. hundref ^ere. 
bot f ai sulde by hit sif en dere. 
f ai fat sulde halde ha??i in fat f range, 
wrokyn on ham sulde be fat wrange. 
fan sal fat ospringe of abraham 
vn-to fat lande come frely hame. 
to haue f aire heritage in pays, 
als hit was he3t be-for fa days 

Sare was childeles ^et wif f is. 
al if ho ^orne ofter hit con wys. 
ho had a seruande a faire wowman. 
fat he^t agar agapcian. 
and sayde til abraham preuely 
na childer bere f $e se may .1. 
and syn .1. may I na childer ber. 
I. sal agar my mayden ger. 
to-gedir lye. salle ^e twa. 
for I. am baren f fat ys me wa. 
if any barne of hir ware fine, 
me walde fink fat hit ware myne. 
IT sare als ho be-fore had sayde. 
wif hir housbande f agar ho layde. 
agar w T as made wif childe in hye 
and hethcly lete of hir lauedy. 




fan stems on sky or sand in sec, 
To knau it sal ful selcuth be. 2572 
Be traist in j?is fat i f e hyt, 
f e to reue sal nan haue might." 
Abram fis word forgat he noght, 2575 
Yr lauerd to serue was all his thoglit, 
fan made abram his sacrifice, 
As godd him teld on quat-kin wise. 
Que?i it was done and all poruayd, 
A uoice fan thoru a cloud said, 2580 
" It suld be efter a wel lang quile, 
In egipt suld his sede exile, 
In thraldam foure hundrid ^ere, 
Bot fai suld sifen bi it dere, 2584 
fai suld f aim hald in fat thrang, 
"VVrokin on f aim suld be fat wrang. 
fan suld f e ospring of abraham, 
vnto fair land cu??i freli ham, 2588 
To hold fair critage in pais, 
As it was hite bifor fas dais." 

Sare was barnles 3it wid fis, 2591 
And scho gan 3erne far efter, i-wis. 
Scho had wid hir an hand womman, 
fat agar hite, egipcian, 
Scho said to habram pn'ueli, 
" fu seis na barnis here mai i ; 259G 
And sife?i fat i mai bore na barn, 
Agar mi woramao i fe warn 
Bi fe sal lig, if fu wil 
For i am geld, me cs ful wa. 2G00 
If ani barn of liir war fine, 
I now it held it ala for mu?e." 
Sare, as scho bifor had said, 2G03 

Biside hir husband agar jcho laid. 
Agar was mad wid child in hiy, Jfrf 
And lithly lete bi hii Lenedi 2G0G 


fen sterres or sky or sonde in see 
To knowe hit shal ful selcouf be 
Be trust in fis fat I f e hi3t 
f e hit to refe shal noon haue mi^t 
Abraham fis word fo^aat nou3t 
Oure lord to serue was al his f ou^t 
f enne made Abraham his sacrifise [if 17] 
As god him tolde on what wyse 
"\Vhen??c fis was don & al purueide 
A voys f en??.e f our^e a cloude scide 
fat f er aftir a wel longe while 
In egipte shulde his sede exile 
In f raldome foure hundride 3ere 
But f ei shulde aftir bye hit dere 
f ei shulde hem holde in fat f rong 
But wrokenon hem shulde be fat wrong 
f cnne shulde f e seed of abraham 
A^eyn com to her londe fan 
In pees her heritage to holde 
As to fore was hett & tolde 

Sare was childeles 3itt wif fis 
fat myche feraftii £erned I wis 
She serued hir fis wom??zan 
fat Agar hett Egipcian 
She seide to Abraham pr/uely 
f ou seest no childer bere may I 
And sifen I may here no barn 
Agar my womman I fe wain 
Bi f e shal ligge if f ou wol so 
For I am bareyn me is wo 
II' any childe of hir were fine 
I wolde holde hii as for myne 
Bare aa Bhe bifore had Beid 
Bi hir hosbonde agar Leid 
was wif childe in by 
And li)il.y let of hir lady 

I i;im IV 


Til abram fan dame Bare said, 
" Yone las.ce fat i biside f e laid, 2G08 
For-fi fat sco lias barn o J?e, 
Als in despit sco Ixaldes^me." 
Abram said, " sco es in f i hand, 
fou cliasti liir sco has fe wjmd.'' 2612 
Sua chastid sare hir fra J>at dai 
fat sco was fain to fie a-wai, 
Bot in hir fleing far sco yode, 
An angel hir befor stode, 2616 

In wildernes al bi a well ; 
"Wit hir sli spece gun he spell : — 
u Quen," he said, " agar corns fou, 
Or quider-ward w T ilt fou ga now ? " 
" Fra mi lauedi," sco said, "i gan[g], 
For sco me halds fast in thrang." 
f e angel hir said, " do wend agayn, 
fou sal hir serue wit mode and mayn, 
fou w T end agayn bou hir for-fi ; 2625 
f i sede sal yeit multipli 
Mikel folk, and i f e warn 
fou es wit child of a knaue barn ; 
fou kal him ysmael, agar, 2629 

For godd will herken to f i car ; 
He sal be cruell, fers, and wrath 
Agains alkin lede brath ; 2632 

Egain [him] all, o-gain all he, 
A wight man fan sal he be." 
Again ham til hir lauedi w r ent 
And serued hir wit god entent. 2636 
Son after f is, fat i herd tell, ^^ 
Was sco lixter of ysmael ; 
Quen he was born abram had fan 
Sex and fourscor yeir oue?'gan, 2640 
And o f is child he wex sa blith 
Alls f of his fader war broght o liue. 

til abram fen dame sare sayde 

alias I. hir be-side f e laide. 

for-quy ho ys_wif barne wif f e 

al in dispite ho letes of me. 

abram sayde fou vnderstande. 

chasty hir fou has f e wand e. 

IT squa chastid sare hir '. fmjmt 

fat ho was gane to w r ende away, 

bot in hir fleynge i \er ho 3ode. 

an angel hir be-fore stode. 

In wildernes alle by a welle 

wif hir snche sjDeche con he spel. 

quidder agar he sayde comys fou. 

or quidder-warde wil fou ga now. 

fra my lady ho sayde I. gange 

for ho me haldis in mykil f range 

^F f e angel sayde \ fou wende agayne 

fou sal hir serue wif mode and mayne 

wende agayne and boghe for-fi. 

of f i sede sal ^et multiply. 

Mikel folk i and f i warne. [leaf 17, back] 

fat fou art wif an knaue barne. 

fou calle him ysmael agar. 

for god sal herkin to f i care. 

he sal be cruel fers and wrafe 

agayne alle ledis he salle be brajje 

agayne him alle f alle halle. 

a wu^tter mon sal naure be. 

51 agar hame til hir lauedy went. 

and serued hir wif gode entent. 

Sone efter f is fat I. here telle. 

was ho lifter of ysmael. 

quen he w r as borne abram was fan. 

yj. and iiij. skore 3 ere ouergan. 

and of f is childe he wex so blif e 

as his fader w T are bix^t to lyue. 



Til abram dame sare J?an said, 

" 3011 wenche fat i bi-side J?e layd, 

For sclio lias a barn bi J)e, 2609 

Gret despit scho lathes of me." 

Abram said, " scho es in pi hand, 

Jm chastis hir, Jm has J?e Avarid." 2G12 

So chastisd sare hir fra J>at day, 

pat scho was fain to fie away ; 

Both in hir fleing as scho sode. 

An angel com bifor hir stode, 2G16 

In wilderness jejght bi a welle, 

\Yid hir suilk speche gan he spelle. 

" Agar," he said, " qnej^en comes Jjou, 

Or quej?e?'ward wil Jm ga nou ? " 

Scho said, "fra mi leuedi i ga, 2G21 

For me scho dos ful mekil wa." 

pe angel said, " Jm wend egain, 

jm sal hir serue wid mith and main. 

Wend again, bon hir for-Jn, 2G25 

Of J?i sede jeit sal multipli 

Ful mekil folk, and i pQ warn, 

Jm art wid child wid a knaue barn. 

Jm cal him ysmael, agar, 2G29 

For godd sal coxier po- of Jn care ; 

He sal be fera and cruel bath, 

Again all ledis wonder WTath, 2032 

Egain him all, egain all he, 

A wonder with man sal he be." 

Agar ham til hir ladi went, 2035 

And Beruid hir wid gode entent. 

Sone efter, as i ym tell, 

was scho lithei of ysmael ; 2G38 

Quen he was born habram had J-a//, 

Fom skor and sex yv QVLer gan, [ooL 2] 

And of p\ child he wea 3ua blith, 

As his facl r w< re broght to liue. \ 

To Abraham dam sare saide 
pat wenche pat I l)i J?e layde 
For she is wij? childe bi pe 
Greet spit she l etejj b i me v" 
Abraham hir sone vnswerde 
Chastise hir £ou hast J>e ^erde 
So chastised sare hirjwt day 
pat she Avas fayn to fie away 
But in hir f^te as she 3ode 
An au??gel coom biforn hir stode 
In wildernes bi a welle 
Jms gan he to hir spelle 
He seide Agar whenwes comes J?ou 
And whodirwarde woltou go now 
Fro my lady she seide I go 
For me she doj) mychel wo 
pe au?zgel seide wende a3eyn 
Hir to serue Jjou be feyn 
"Wende a^eyn I saye for J)i 
Of Jn seed 3itt shal multepli 
Muchel folkc and I J?c warn 
Jjou art wij> a knave barn 
Jjou calle him Ismael Agare 
God wol couer J?e of J)i care 
He shal be fers & cruel hope 
A^ein alle ledes wondir wrojje 
A^ein him all*', a^ein alle he 
A wondir wijte mon shal he be 

r 1 mm ,in to hir lady went 
And serued her wijj good entent 

tie aftir for to telle 
She was Lifter of tsmaelle 
Whenne he was born abraham had pon 

kore & sis jere oner goo 
( If |)is childe he was as UiJ?c 

in i Cadiz were bron^l to lyue 



1 do addiscione no??22?2is abram 

[i If 1G, bk, col. 1] 

Quen abram was nuescor awd nine 

til him J?a?z spak our lauer driglitin : — 

" Abram," he said, " for me pou ga 

I sal ga forwit pe al sua ; 2646 

Multipli pi sede i sail." 

He luttand thanked him wit-alL 2G48 

fan did our lauerd at ek his name, 

And said he suld hatte abraham ; 

Abram forwit als he was calld 

pat nam suld he na langer hald. 2652 

pis nam sua mikel es to rede 

Als fader o mani serkyn lede. 

" And if pou halds mi techeyng ; 2655 

pe sal com bath prince and king 

pat sal pou weld and haue pis cowtre, 

Als i haue forwit hight to pe ; 

pat pou has had in pelrimage 

pine sal it haue in heritage, 2660 

Al pe kyngrike o pis land 

At haue and hald to pam lastand. 

Bot now i wil a couenand new, 

pe and pine be halden tru ; 2664 

A theuful takynyng for to ken 

At tuin yow wit fra oper men. 

Hald 3ee pe couena??d o pis wi[s], 

Do your knauebarns to circu?nces 

pe aghtand dai pat pai are born, 2669 

pat is to sai pat pai be scorn 

pat ilk lime for-with 

pat pai are kend fra wo??zme?i wit ; 

Lok ^ee do pus, als i sai pe, 2673 

Als 30c your sauls wil saued be ; 

Qua es not sua pai mai be bald, 

pai sal not o mi folk be tald ; 2676 


quen he was .v. skorc ^ere and .ix. 

til him. spac our lorde of heyuen. 

abram he sayde be-for me ga. 

and I. salle ga wip pe al-squa. 

Mu[l]tiply pi sede I. salle 

he louted dou?i and ponked hi??i w/t//- 

pen dide our lorde eke his name L a ^ e 

and saide he sulde hat abraham. 

f 1 Abraham hast pou yore by cald 

That name no lengger shalt pou hald] 

pis name ys so mykil to rede £y ro 4 7 ( ^ aud 

as fader of mony diuerse lede. 

and if pou halde my teyching 

of pe salle come bap p?*ince and king 

pou salle haue al pis cuntree. 

als I. be-fore he3t. hit pe. 

pat pou has hadde in pilgrimage 

pou sal hit haue in heritage. 

al pe kingerike of pis lande. 

to haue and halde ay lastande 

IT bot now I. wille a couenande new 

of pe and pine be-halden trew. 

a selcoupe takeni»ge for to ken. 

to knaw 30W fra oper men. 

halde 3c pe couenaunde on pis wise 

^our knauebarnys }e circumsise 

pe aghtande day at pai ar borne 

pat ys to say pat pai be shorne. 

of pat lime at 30 wele ken. 

ham to knaw. fra wymmen. 

loke 30 do pus i as I. say pe 

als 3 our sawles saued sal be 

qua ys no3t squa f pai may be balde 

pai sal no3t of my folk be talde. 



[Of the addition to 

auen he was hue skor 3ere a?id nine, 
God spac to him a littel tine, 
" Abram," he said, "for me fu ga, 
I sal ga bifor fe alsua, 2646 

]\riiltipli fi sede i sail." 
He louted and thankid him wid-all. 
fan did vr lauerd to eke his name, 
And said he suld hate abra[ha]m ; 
Abram as he bifore was caled 2651 
fat nam suld he na lauger hald. 
So mekil es fis name to rede, 
As fadir of many serekin lede ; 
u And if Jm hald mi teching, 2655 
Of f e sal cum bath prince a?^d king, 
fat sal weld al fis contre, 
Als i bifore has hith vnto f e ; 
fat f u has had as in knaulage, 
fin sal it hane in eritage, 2660 

All f e kingdam of fis land 
To haue and halde til faifti lastand. 
Bot nou i wil a couenand neu 
Of f e and fine be halden treu, 
An hali takning for to ken, 2665 

To part 30U wid fra of er men. 
Hald ^e couenand on fis wise, 
To jourc knaue bands to circumsise 
fe eytend day fra fai be born, 2669 
fat es to say fat fai be schorn 
Of fat ilke lym quar-with 
fat fai er kend fra wimmen kith. 
Loke fat 30 do als i say fe, 2673 

As 3<: jour Baulia wil saued be. 
who es noght sua fai may be bald, 
fai sal nogh of mi folk be tald ; 2676 


Abraham 's name.'] 

"Whence ho was fyue skore 3ere & nyne 

God spak to him a litil tyme 

Abraham he seide for me f ou go 

I shal go for f e also 

Multeplie f i seed I shal 

He louted & f anked him of al 

"penne dud oure lord to eche his name 

And seide f ou hettest now abrahame 

Abraham hastou 3 ore be calde 

fat name no lenger shaltou halde 

f i name is f us myche to rede 

As fadir of mony folke in dede 

And if fou holde my techyng 

Of f e shal com prince & kyng 

fat shul welde al fis cuntre [leaf 17, bk] 

As I bifore haue hette to J>e 

fat fou hast had in knowleche 

fine as heritage shul hit reche 

Al f c kyndonic of fis lond 

To haue & h olden in her bond 

But now I wol a couenant new 

Of f e & fine be holden tivw 

An holy token for to ken 

To parte 3011 from ofere men 

Holdef forwarde on fis wi 

^oure knaue childre 3c circumcise 

fe eijtefe day fro fei be born 

fis is to say pat foi be shorn 

On fat ilke lymme whei \\\p 

pr\ be knowe fro wymmen kij? 

Loke 30 do as I say fe 

As 3<)uiv Boulia slml Baaed be 

A\ r ho bo ifl aol bo. fei may be bolde 

fci slnrl not of my folke be tolde 




f ou and f i childer it sal bigin 
And fat wons f i house wit in. 
Lok he fra fe be don a-wai 2G79 

pe man pat wil noght hald f is lai ; 
For-qui pe werk of circu??zcising 
Bers in it-self gret for-biseyng. 
"Ne f i wijf, pat now hat sara, [col. 2] 
Sco sal fra now hat sua na mare, 2684 
Hir nam it sal be eked sua, 
fat sco fra now be cald sarra ; 
Suilk a sun sal sco pe bere 
fat king seal brede and caiser; 2688 
He sal serue me al to queme, 
Ful wel ))is lagh sal he yeme." 
fe couenand was wel fest wit f is 2691 
Our lauerd him went La-til his blis. 
5T Abram tok for[th] his men 
And did als drightin can him ken ; 
Him self and ismael he scare, 2695 
And si]) en all his pat car-men were. 
thritti yeir fra he was born 
Was ysmael wen he was schorn ; 
His fader nineti and nine pat day 
fai vnder-fang fis neu lai, 2700 

Quarbi ]?ai ar all kid and knaun, 
pe folk J?at far kind er draun. 
Quen it was hate a-pon a tide 
Abram satt his hus be side, 2704 

Bi-side pe wale of mont mambre, 
Loked him far and nere ; sagh he 
Toward him com childir thre, 
Liknes god in trinite ; 2708 

Bot an allan he honired f aa, 
Als anfald godd and in na ma ; 
pe trmite he sagh bi fat sight, 2711 
And gestend fam wit him pat night. 


f ou and f i childer $e sal be-gynne. 
and fai fat wonis f i hous wif-in. 
loke fra 3 e be done 1 as I. sai. [1 f- a "' ay - 

J as I. Bai.J 

pe mon fat wil no^t halde pis, lay 
do him out of 30ur company. 
and lete him stande to his foly. 
IT al-so Jn wife fat now hat sare. 
ho sal fra now. hatte squa na mare 
hir name hit salle be eked squa. 
J>at ho fra now f salle hatte sarra. 
suche a sone ho salle pe ber 
J>at kinge salle of brede and cayscr. 
and he salle serue me ful queme 
and wele my laghe. he sal hit 3 erne 
pe couenaunde was wele. fest with [}ns] 
our lorde went vp. vn-til his bl[is] 
IT abraham toke for]) his men. 
and dide as criste con him ken. 
his-self and ysmael he shere 
and sij)en al ys ]?at caremen were, 
xiij. 3ere fra he was borne, 
was ysmael quen he was shorne 
his fader .v. skore bot ane ])at day. 
quen ]?ai toke pe new lay. sodome 
quar-by ]>ai ar kid and knawen. gomor 
pe folk ]?at of fat kinde ys drawen 

auen hit was hate a-pon a tide 
abraham satte his sone bi-side 
be-side pe dale of monte manbre 
lokid him fra. and nere saghe he. 
liknes of god in trinite 
towarde him come childre pie. 
bot an allane f he honoured of fa. 
als ane-falde gode and na ma. 
pe trinite saghe he i bi fat si3t. 
and gestened ham wif \\im al ni3t. 




pu and pi childer it sal biginne, p f 1 1 1 9 , bk ' 
And al fat wons pi hous widin. 
Loke fra fe be don away 2679 

pe man fat wil noglit hald his lay, 
For-qui fe werk of circumsising, 
Beris in it-self gret for-bisining. 
Xe pi wijf fat nou hat Bare 
Fra nou sua sal scho hat namar, 268-1 
Hir name it sal be ekid sua, 
fat scho sal be called sara. 
Suilk a sun scho sal fe bere, 
pat sal be king and caiser, 2688 

He sal seme me to queme, 
pis laue ful wele fan sal he 3eme." 
fe couenand was wel fest wid pis, 
vr lauerd went him to heuen blis. 
Abraham tok wid all his men, 
And did as god him did ken, 
Himself and ismael he sell are, 2695 
And sifen all his fat carmen ware. 
Of thritti ^ere fra he was born, 
was Ismael que>i he was schorn ; 
His fade?' nyneti and nien fat day, 
pai vndcr-tok pis neu lay, 2700 

Querbi pan er pai all kid & knaun, 
fe folk pat of pair kind er draun. 

a vtii ii was hat apon a tide, 2703 
Abraham satt his huua bisyde, 
Biside fe dale ofmont mambre, 
He loked him fra a?*d ncre ; sau he 
To-war him come child'/- thre 
In liknes of ,L r <"M in trinite. 
Dot an alone lie oncred of fa, 
AN anfald god and in na ma. 
fe trinite Ban he bi pat eith, 
And gestind paim wid him fa\ nithj 




pou & pi childcr hit shul bigynne 

And al fat wonep pi hous wipynne 

Loke fro fe be done away 

fe mon fat wol not holde his lay 

For fe werke of circu??icisyng 

Bere]? greet bitokenyng 

Ke pi wif fat hette sare 

Fro now shal she hett so no mare 

Hir name shal be eched so 

Bi hir shal mychel good be do 

Suche a son she shal fe bere 

fat shal be kyng & caysere 

He shal serue me to queme 

fe lawe ful wel shal he ^emo 

pis couenau?it was faste wip J>is 

Oure lord went to heuen blis 

II Abraham toke his men in sau^t 

And dud as god him hadde tai^t 

Him self & ismael he share 

And sipen alle his fat men ware 

Of pritty 3eer fro he was born 

was Ismael when he was shorn 

his fadir nynty & nyne pat day 

pei vndirtoke pis newe lay 

AVherby pei are kud & knowen 

po folke p'«t of her kynde are drawen 

H AVhemzc hit was hoot vp on a tide 

Abraham sat his hous bi sydo 

Biside fe dale of moiuit mambre 

he Loked him fro & fewie say he 

Toward him com chili lie pre 

In likened of god in trinite 

But as oon he honoured po 

As o god & no in«» 

pe trinite Bay he bi pat sijt 

And geetened hem wip hb/i pat iiyjt 




First he self fair fete wesse, 

And sijan Jain fedd wit calf flesse, 

Enttur and brede Jai ete alsua ; 

Jan asked Jai quare was sarra. 2716 

Abraham said, " yonder wit-in." 

Ja[n] said Jat lauerd, " i wil yow niin 

At mi gain-corn, if i haue lijf, 

A smi sal haue sarra Ji wijf." 2720 

Sarra Jar-bin quare sco satt 

Herd Jis word and logh Jar-at, 

And said in hething, " quare we sal 

Cum again to childer tale ! " 2724 

For eild sco wend to bere na barn. 

"And quat thing es," he said, "may 

Jat godd ne may his will of do 1 L wam 

Ei i eftsones cum yow to, 2728 

Jou sal haue barn in litel quile, J> a i 7 > 

thar Je noght in hethyng smylle." 

Sco said, " for soth smild i noght," 

And if sco did it hir for-thoght. 2732 

quen Jai war rest wel vp-ras Jai 

And abraham Jam ledd Je wai. 

Je louerd loked tilward sodoman, 

And Jus he said til abraham : — 2736 

"Abraham," he said, "fra Je 

Wil i noght helle mi pr/uete ; 

Jou and Jine es me sua dere 

Jat i will $ee mi consail here ; 2740 

O so dome haue i herd Je cri, 

Je smike it reches to Je scki ; 

Je word es wers Jan man mai neuen, 

Je reke es raght vn-to Je heuen ; 

To see wil i me-self ga, 2745 

Als es Je cri, if it be sua 

Jar-of sal i ta wengance Strang, 

Ant Jer-to sal it be noght lang." 2748 


first him-self Jaire fete he wesshe 
and Jan ham fedde wij calf flesshe 
butter and brede bai ete alsqua. [note in 

* x mar 

Jen asked Jai quare was sarra. JyjJJJ 
abraham sayde ho ys wij-in. $/c;j ur 
and sayde Jai hardly soj to Myn. 
at salt gayne come if I. haue life 
a sone sal haue sarra Ji wife 
IF Sarra wij-in Jer ho satte. 
herde Jis worde f and loghe Jer-atte 
and saide in hejing quejer we sale 
come agayne to childer tale [Means] 
1 for I ne may ber na barne for elde 
bot ihesus criste atte alle may welde 
na mon may warne his wil to do. 
I warne Je wele leue ri^t so. 
Jou salle haue a barne in a quile 
ne Jar Je no3t wij hejing smyle 
IF ho sayde Jat ho smyled no3t 
and if ho dide hir hit for-Jo3t. 
quen Jai ware rest up-rase Jai. 
abraham ham led Je ri^t way. 
IF Je lorde loked towarde sodomam 
and Jus he saide til abraham. 
abraham he saide now fra Je. 
wille I. no^t hide my priuite. 
[Jou] and Jine ar me sa dere sodome 
I wille Jat 3c my consail here san Ke 
of Sodome haue I. herde Je cry 
Je stink hit rekys to Je sky. 
Je worde ys wors Je?& mon may neuew 
Je reke hit reychis vn-to heyuen. 
to se I. wil my-seluen ga. 
to here Je cry if hit be squa. 
Jer-on sal I. take ve?ziaunce strange 
Jar-to salle hit no3t be lange. 



First him self fair fete he wess, [col. 2] 
And sydera Jaiin fedd wid calf fless, 
Butter and bred Jai ete al-sua, 
Jan asked Jai quare was sara? 271 G 
Abraham said, " 3ondcr widin." 
Jan said pat lauerd, " i wil Ju minne 
At mi gaincum, bi mi lijf, 
A son sal haue sare Ji wijf." 2720 
Sare wid ine Jar scho satt, 
Herd Jis word and lohu Jar-att, 
And said, o skorn, " quar we nu sal 
Com e-gain to childer tale ! " 2724 
For eld scho wend to bere na barn. 
"And quat thing es," he said, "may 
fat godd ne may his will all do ? [ warn > 
Bi i efsoins cum Je to, 2728 

Ju sal haue barn in a litil quile, 
Ne thar Je noght for skorni??g smile." 
Scho said, " for-soth ne smile i noght;" 
And if schoe did it, hir ouerthoght. 
Qucn Jai wore restid, vp ras Jai, 2733 
And abraham Jaim ledd Je way. 
vr lauenl loked to sodomam, 
And Jus he said to habram, 2736 

"Abraham," he said, "fra Je 
wil i noght leyne mi prouite, 
fra and fine er me sua dere 
Jat i wil je mi consai] here. 2710 
< If sodom banc i herd Je cri, 
) c it rises vnto Je, sky, 

Je world es were ja// man mai neuen, 
Je reke it rechia into henen. 27 1 1 
To se wil i mi seluen ga, 
Of cri if if be sua ; 
Jar sal i take veng ng, 

And Jar-to sal it, noght be lang."2748 

Furst him self her feet wesshe 

And si J hem fed wij calues flcsshe 

Butter & breed Jei eet also 

Jei asked sare where is sho 

Abraham seide 3ondir wij ynne 

Oure lord seide I wol Jou mynne 

At myn ^eyncome bi my lif 

A son shal haue sara Ji wyf 

Sare wijynne Jere she sat 

herde Jis word & low3e Jer at 

And seide on scorne wher we shal 

Bicom a3eyn to childer smal 

For elde she wende to bere no barn 

But no Jing she Jou3t may warn 

But Jat he may his wille do 

Bi Jat he com a3eyn vs to 

Jou shalt haue chide in litil while 

Jar Je not for scorne smyle 

She seide for soje smyle I nou3t 

And if dude hit hir for Joi^t 

Aftir Jis rest vp roos Jei 

And abraham led him inwey 

Oure lord loked to sodomam 

And Jus seide to Abraham 

Abraham he seide fro Jo [leans] 

Wol I not hele my pmicto 

pow & Jine are me so dere 

Jwt I wol 30 my cou?*sel here 

Of Sodom haue I herde Je cry 

Je stinche rechej to Je sky 

Je world is wors Jen men neuen 

j he) into heuen 

To sc wol I my seluen go 

Of j'/t ciy if hit be so 

pen wd\ I take vengeaunce strong 

pi rto hal liit doI be Long 



"Lauerd," said abraham, " f i nare 
Sal f ou fine auin eua-gat for-fare 1 
It semes not to be pi will 
For f e wik f e dughti spill j 2752 

f i rightwisnes may not thole 
For fe wike fat f ou f e dught cole." 
Our lauerd said til abraham : — 2755 
" Wenis f ou i wil sua for-do man 
If Jjou far findes Hue sitli tene, 
Fifty or fourte o f i lele men, 
Tuenti mai fall, or tuis flue, 2759 

~Ne sal fai alle haue far for liue % " 
f us said our lauerd ; bot far was nan 
Was funden lele, bot loth allan. 2762 
Our lauerd went forth, and abraham 
til his huse fan went him ham. 
IT At euentide, in to sodome, 2765 
To loth huse tua angels come ; 
fai fand loth sitand be pe yate, 
Gayns f am ras fra fen he sate ; 2768 
He praid f am in gods nam[e] 
fai wald to gestening com hame, 
Als for fat night, and fai said nai, 
Bot in the stret far duell wald fai : 
And loth til his huse fam ledd, 2773 
Wit suilk als he hade fam feedd. 
Bot ar fai to f eir bedd ware boun [col. 2] 
pe folk Jam gedir o pe tun, 
faa foles feluns fat war fuus, 2777 
All vmlapped loth huse, 
yong and aid, bath barn and man, 
All thoght Jam late fai f eder wan ; 
On loth J>ai cried pan huse a-boute, 
And bad pat he suld send Jam oute 
pe gestes him com wit nighter tale, 
For soth, fai said, knau fam we sale. 


lorde saide abraham pi nare. 

sal f ou fine hande-werke for-fare. 
hit semys no^t to be p i wille. 
for pe wikked pe gode spille. ^Ti'r'™' 1 
I 1 Thy rightwysnes wille not so 
ifor the wyckyd the good to slo] 


no gap in the MS.] 

IT if fou per findes. fiue sithe ten 

xl. or .xxx. trew men. 

xx. may falle or twyes fiue. 

sal fai alle far-fore, haue liue 

f us saide our lorde. bot was f er nane 

fundyn lele bot lothe allane. 

our lorde went forf and abraham. 

til his hous he went him hame. 

at euen-tide to sodome. 

to lothes hous ij angels come. 

fai fande lothe sytande bi f e fire 

agayne ham he rase with-out ire 

he prayed ham in goddis name. 

al ni^t to dwelle wif \\im at hame. 

als for fat rn^t and fai saide nay. 

bot in f e strete dwelle walde fai 

neuerles til hous he ham ledde. 

and wif suche as he had he ham fed 

bot or fai to f aire bed ware boun 

f e folk ham geddered of f e toura. 

fa fals felounes fai ware corous 

alle vmbelappit lothes hous. 

^onge and aide baf barne and man. 

al f 03t ham late fai f idder wan. 

II on lothe fai cried fat hous aboute 

and bad ham he sulde sende ham out 

f e f cues fat him be ni3t come 

for-til bringe ham til faire dome 




lu Lauerd," said abraham, " fin are, 
Sal f u fin aun sua forfare 1 C 1 if 20, col. 1] 
It semis noglit it es f i wille, 
For the wick j)e gode to spille. 2752 
f i rightwisnes may noght thole sua, 
For f e wic f e gode to sla, 


no gap in the MS.] 

If fu Jar findes fiue sithes ten, 2757 

Fourti or thritti of fi lele men, 

Tuenti may fall, or tuis fyue, 

Ne sal J>ai all far-fore Hue 1 " 2760 

" yis," said vr laue?*d, bot was far non 

was funden lele, bot loth alon. 

vr lauerd went forth, and abraham 

vnto Ins hous went him ham. 2764 

At an euyntide into sodom, 

To lothes hous tua angeles com, 

fai fand loth sittand bi fe 3ate, 2767 

Again faim he ras fra far he sate. 

lie praid faim in godes name, 

To gestin faim suld cum name. 2770 

As for ]at night, & fai said nay, 

Bot in fat strete duell wold fay. 

Bot loth to his hous fai?« ledd, 2773 

wid suilk as he hade lie faiwi fedd. 

ar J>ai to bedd war boune, 
fe folk faim gadrid vte of fe toune, 
J>e foule feluns wid wic entent, 2777 
Aboute lothea huus fai went, 
jong and aide, bath child and maw, 
All thoght faim late fai difer wan. 
( >n loth fai crid |>a1 hona aboute, 
And badd he suld send faim vte, 
fe gestie him cam bi night* r tall, 2783 
Foi Both, fai Baid, knau palm wc Ball. 


IT Lord seide Abraham fin are 
Shal f ou fine owne so forfare 
hit semef not to be fi wille 
For f e wicked f e gode to spille 
f i ri^twisnea w r ol not so 
For f e wicked f e gode to slo 

[ -V-.C • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

If f ou fere fynde fyue sif e ten 

Fourty or f ritty trewe men 

Twenty or elles twyes fyue 

Shal alle f ^fore haue her lyue 

311s seide oure lord but fere was noon 

Trewe fou?ide but loth al oon 

Oure lord went forf f on 

Abraham to his hous hoom 

At oon euewtide two aurcgels coom 

To Lothus hous in to sodom 

f ei fond loth sittyng bi f e 3ato 

To hem he roos fro f ere he sate 

He preyed hem in goddes nome 

To gestene wif him & com home 

As for pat ny3te & fei seide nay 

But in fat strete dwelle wolde fay 

But loth to his hous hem ledde 

AVif suche as he hadde hem fedde 

But or fei to bedde wejre boun 

Folke gedered out of f e toun 

Foule felou/?s wif wicked entent 

Aboute lothus hous fei went 

aonge & olde childe and man 

hem fou^te late fei pidei wan 

On loth fei cryed fe hous aboute 

And bad he Bhulde sende hem oute 

fe gestee him cam bi iiyjl tale 

For *nfr> fei Beide knowe hem W€ shale 

I I : [ M 1 V 



pat soruful sin on fam pai thoght 
Wit paim to liauc don, if pat pai moght. 
Bot loth befor, ar pai war warr, 
Fast pe dois pan did he sparr ; 2788 
3cm on paim lie cried merci ! 
pat pai suld lete pair fule foly. 
" I haue," he said, " doghtres tua, 
Tas and dos your "will wit paa ; 2792 
Mi gestes late 3ee liue in pees, 
For scam ne dos pani na males, 
pe 3erner pat loth pam be-soght, 2795 
pe mare on him with strenght paisoght; 
Bot al his praier had ben als noght 
If godd self his might had wroght, 
pat made pat sinful folk sa madd, 
pat pai ne wist war pai war stad ; 2800 
Our lauerd might pam made sua bli?zd 
pat dor on huse ne might pai find ; 
pair aune wite pan wist pai noght, 
Quen pai come ne qtiar pai thoght. 
To loth it spak pis angels pan — 2805 
" Has pou her," pai said, " ani man, 
Sun or doghter, mik or mau, 
to pe langand, or hei or lau, 
pou lede pam suith out pis tun, 
Are pat hit be sunken don." 2810 
Loth went and til his maues spak, 
par vte pat suld his doghters take. 
" Rises vp," he said, " and fle 3ee sone, 
pis tone to day sal be for-done." 2814 
Bot al pat loth to paim can sai 
pam thoght it was not bot in plai. 
Bot arli, ar men well moght see, 
pe angls badd loth do him flee. 2818 
" Vp loth," pai said, " and pi meyne, 
pat 300 ne be tint wit pis cite." 


pai re sorful sin on ham pai S03t. 
to do ham harme hit helpet no3t. 
bot lothe be-hinde or pai ware war. 
faste pe doris he dide ham bar. 
3orne on ham f he cried mercy, 
atte pai sulde lete paire foule foly 
I. haue he saide doghters fcwa. 
take an and do 30ur wil of pa. 
My gestes lete ^q liue in pes. 
for shame ne dose ham na males 
pe 3orner lothe ham be-so3t. 
pe mare on him wip strenght pai wro^t f 
bot alle his prayer had bene no3t 
ne god him-self his nn^t had wro3t 
pat made pa sinful folk so madde 
at pai wiste neuer quere pai were stad 
our lordes mi^t made ham so blinde 
pat doer on hous mi3t pai no3t finde 
pane awen witte wiste pai no3t 
queypen pai come ne quat pai so3t 
IT to lothe spac pat angel pan. 
has pou here pai sayde any man. 
Sone or doghter eme or maghe 
or any trew frende be pi saghe 
pou lede ham squype out of pe toun. 
or pat hit be sunkyn doun. 
lothe went and til his maghes spac. 
pat out pai sulde his doghters tak. 
Rise vp he sayde and fle 3e sone . 
pis toun to-day sal be for-done. 
bot al pat lothe mi3t til ham say. 
ham po3t hit was no3t bot in play 
bot erly at morne quen men mi3t se 
pe angel bad lothe him do to fle. 
vp lothe pai saide and pi meyne 
pat 30 ne be-tint in pis cite. 



fair sari sine on paim pai soght 
wid paim to haue don it if pai moght. 
1 Bot loth be-heinde or pai were war, 
Fast pe doris pan did he bar, u coi.2] 
^erne on paim he crid merci, 2789 
pat pai suld lete pair foli. 
And said, " i haue here dohutris tua, 
Takes paim and dos 30m? will wid pa. 
Mi gestis lat $e ley in pes, 2793 

For godis lune do paim na malis." 
pe mare pat loth paim dus bisoght, 
pe mare pai p?'esid and sesid noght, 
All his praier mith noght help, 2797 
"Warn godes might par wald 3elp, 
pat made pa sinful folk so madd. 
pai wist neuer quar pai war stad, 2800 
vr lauerdes miht made pai?ra so blinde, 
pat dor ne hous coud pai noght finde ; 
pair aune witt ne wist pai noght, 2803 
Qucpe?* pai cam ne quat pai soght. 
Til loth it spac an angel pan, 
And said, "has pu here any man, 
Son or dohutir or ani mohw 
To pe longand, hy or law, 2808 

pu lede paim suith vte of pis tun, 
Ar pan it be sunken dun." 
Loth went and til his mohwes spac, 
par vte pat suld his dohutris tac, 2812 
u Rise vp," he said, "and lie $e sone, 
j ite to-day for-done." 
Bot al p"t loth til paim miht say, 
pai/// thoght it was noght hot a play. 
Bot arli or men miht wele se, 2817 
pe angelis lad pat loth Buld fin, 
pai said, "loth fie wid pi meyne, 
pat 30 be noght tint wid pis cite." 

Her sory synne on hem pei sou3t 
To haue done hit if pei mou3t 
But loth ar pei were ware 
Faste pe dores gon he bare 
3 erne on hem he cryed mercy 
pat pei shulde leue her foly 
He seide I haue here do^teres two 
Take & do 30ure wille wip po 
My gestes lete $e lye in pees 
For goddes loue wipoute males 
pe more loth on hem sou3t 
pe more pei pressed & ceesed noi^t 
Al his preyere my3t not availe 
Nadde ben goddes good counsailo 
pat made po synful folk so mad 
pei nuste where pei were bi stad 
Oure lord made hem so blynde 
pat dor ny hous coupe pei not fynde 
her owne witt wist pei nou3t 
whepen pei coom ne what pei sou3t 
To loth spak on aungel pen 
And seide hastou here any men 
Son or dorter pat pou owe 
To pe longynge 11030 or lowe 
lede hem swipe out of pis toun 
Ar pat hit be sonken doun 
loth went & to his frendes spake 
pwoute p"t shulde his dou3tren take 
Rise vp he seide & fie 30 soono 
pis cite to day shal be for done 
Al pat loth my^t to hem say 
hem poujt hit was not but play 
But crlycr men nivjt so 
pe aungels had Loth to fie 
pei seide fle wip pi meyne pcafiB, 
Lest 30 be lost \\\p bis cite 



Quen f ai sagli loth be to litand, [lfn.bk] 
f ai tok him-self be f c baud, 
Hijs wijf and bis doglitres tua, 2823 
fat mogbt vp lok was far na ma. 
Quen pal bad led f am fra f e doute 
fat f ai f e time war brogbt wit-oute, 
Ei fat began fe light o dai, 2827 

J?ai badd f am ai hald forth far wai, 
Bot f ai ne wild f am self for-fare, 
to loke bi bind fain neuer mare ; 
"]STe mak 3ee m fe plain na duell, 
Till $ee be comme in to f e fell ; 2832 
O-manges f aim ar 3ee be tane 
And for fair feluwne be slaine." 
" Lauerd," said loth, " wit f e leue o f e, 
In littel segor wald i be." 2836 

" Haste," he said, " fan f eder yaar, 
for i do noght til f ou come far." 
Bi fat f e su?i risen was 
Strang cri in faa tuns ras. 2840 

Our lauerd raind o f am o-nan, 
Dun o lift, fire and brinstan ; 
Sodome and gomor wit al f e land 
fat our a-boute f am lai ner hand, 
Wit all f e woning fat far was, 2845 
es nof er leued, ne tre, ne gress, 
"Ne nathing of fat land vn-sonken, 
Suilk als f ai brued now ha f ai dionken. 
Sir loth wijf f is cri sco hard, 2849 
Hir langed to see how f ai fard, 
For ferli sco was fus to find ; 
Als sco loked hir be hind 
A stan sco standes be fat way, 2853 
And sua sal do to domes-day. 
In a salt stan men seis hir stand 
fat bestes likes o fat land, 285G 


51 quen f ai saghe lothe vprisande. 

f ai toke him-self first bi f e hand 

his wyfe and his doghters twa. 

fat mu^t vp-loke ' was f er na ma. 

1 1T quen f ai ware led f fra al f e douto 

fat f ai f e toun bro3t ware w/t/t-out 

be fat bi-gan fe lijt of day. E 1 leaf is, bki 

f ai haldeforf ay f e way. 

and bot f ai walde ham-self for-fare 

to loke be-hinde f ai sulde na mare 

ne make ^e in f e playne na dwel 

til 3e come to f e hey felle. 

a-mong ham come 3e no^t gayne. 

and for f aire felony3e to be slayne. 

51 lord saide lothe wif leue of f e 

in litel segor walde I. be. 

haste f e fast wif -outen mare. 

for I do no3t or f ou come fare. 

be fat f e sunne risen was. 

Strange cry in f e toun a-ras. 

our lorde rayned on ham ilk an e. 

doun of f e lift fyre and brimstane 

IF Sodome and gomor wif al f e lande 

fat lay a-boute f er nere hande. 

wif al f e wonynges at f er wesse 

nys nauf er left tre ne gresse. 

ne na-f inge of fat lande vn-sunkyn 

suche as f ai brew suche haue f ai dronkyn 

1T Lothes wife fis cry ho herde. 

hir langed to se how. f ai ferde. 

for ferly madhede con ho finde. 

and als ho loked hir be-hinde. 

as stane ho standes bi f e way 

and euer salle do til domesday. 

in a salt stane men seyse hir standc 

fat bestes likkis of fat lande. 



Que?^ fai sau loth be to lytand, 2821 
fai tok him seluen first bi f e hand, 
His wijf all and his dohutris tua, IjJJ 2 ^ 1 ** 
fat miht vp loke was far no ma. 2824 
Que?! fai had ledd f airo. fra f e doute, 
fat fai f e toun war broglit widute, 
Be fan bigan fe light of day, 2827 
f ai badd f aim hold forth fair way, 
And bot f ai wold f aim-self forfare, 
To loke bihind f aim neue?* mare. 
" Make $e in f e plain na duelling, 
Til 3e bi comen to 3011c felling, 2832 
Amanges fai??i fat }e ne be tan, 
And for fair folijs to be slain." 
"Laue?*d," said loth, "wid leue of fe, 
In littel segor wald i be, 28 3G 

fu hast f e fan difer 3 are, 
For i do noght or fu cuwi fare." 
Bi f e time fat f e sune ras, 
Strang cri in fa touncs was, 28-40 

vr lauerd rained on f aim onnon, 
Fra f e sky fir and brimston. 
Sodome and gomor wid al fe land, 
fat aboute faim lay nerhand, 2844 
wid all fe woninges fat far was, 
Efl noufcr left, tre no griss, 
Ne na thing of fat land vnsnnke; 
Suilk as fai bren non hanefai drunke. 
Lothea w\jf fia cri scho herd, 2849 
And Longed to se hou fai feid, 
For feili fain wald scho find ; 
And als scho loked hii bihind, 2 

m sclio standia bi fe way, 
And sua sal do to domes day. 
Als a salt stan men seia hii Btand, 
J. it be ': Lick< of fat land, L' v -""i 

"When we fei se3e loth be lettonde 
f ei him toke bi f e honde 
his wyf & his doi^tres two 
fat my^te vp loke f er was no mo 
Whence fei were fro fe doute 
And brou3te feire f e towi wif oute 
Bi f en?ze bigan f e li3t of day 
fei bad hem holde forf her way 
And but fei wolde forfaren be 
To loke bihynde hem forbede he 
No dwell yng here fat 3c make 
Til 3e f e 3ondir fcld to take 
lest 3e be take f ese among 
And slayn al for her wrong 
IT Lord seide loth wif leue of f e 
In litil segor wolde I be 
f ou haste fen f ider 3are 
For I do nou3t til f ou com fare 
Bityme fat fe sonne ras 
Strongc cry in f tou/mes was 
Oure lord let rcyne on he??z anoon 
Fro f e sky fyre & brimston 
Sodom & gomor wif al f e loud 
fat aboute hem lay nj^e bond 

alle fo wonyngis fat fere was 
Is noufe?' lafte tre ny gras 
Ny no fing of fat lond Tnsanke 
Suche as fed brew fo fei drimke 
Loth wif fis cry herd.' 
And longed t<> Be how fei feide 
Wondiea fayn wolde Bhe fynde 
And aa Bhe Loked hii bihynde 
A stoon she Btondef bi fe \ 
And bo ahal do til don* - day 
A - ,1 sail stoon men Been hii atonde 
fat beestae licken of fat Londe 


pat anes o pe wok day, 

pan es sco liked al a-way, 

And pan pai find hir on pe morn, 

Hale als sco was ar be-forn. 28G0 

11 par paa fiue cites war won to be 

es noght now bot a stinkand see, 

pat semes als a lake of hell ; 2863 

ISTa liuand tiling mai par-in duell, 

For if ani fische par-in bigane, 

Wit leding o pe flu??z iordane, 

pe lijf it es for-don wit stink 

Era it in to pat watur sink. 2868 

Men findes himpes o pe sand, [col. 2] 

per nan finer in pat land, 

pat standes euer and ipenli 

A cloyd par fra vp to pe sky ; 2872 

If pou a brand par-in wil cast, 

pe fire it haldes par stedfast, 

thoru brennyng of pe brimstane, 

Quare-of par es sa mikel wan. 2876 

par-bi groues sum apell tre, 

Wit appuls selcut fair to se, 

Quen pai ar in hand, als a fise bal, 

To poudir wit a stink pai fal. 2880 

IF All cristen men, i rede yow take 

Ensaumple bi pis waful wrake, 

pat al for licheri was tan, 

Sua wile was neuer funden nan ; 2884 

pat it was wil it was wel sene, 

Be pe wrak pat was sa kene. 

Hate and stikand es pe lake, 2887 

And fire and brmstan was pe wrak ; 

Oute of kind pe sin was don, 

For-pi pair kind it was for-don ; 

Fleis pat sin ouer all pis werld, 

pe wrak pat folus, als 30c herd, 2892 


pat onys in pe woke day. 

pan ys ho likked al a-way. 

and sipen pai finde hir on pe morne 

hale as ho was her be-forne. 

T^are v. ^ates ware wonte to be 

-■ nys no^t now bot a stinka?*d see. 

pat semys als a lake of helle. 

na lyuand ping may pe?*-in dwelle. 

if any fisshe per-in be-gan. 

wip ledinge of pe flume iordan. 

pe life of hit ys lost wip stink 

fra hit in-to pat water sink. 

1F Men findes lumpes on pe sande 

ofter nan finer in pe lande 

per standes euer and Ipenly 

a clowde per-fra vp to pe sky. 

if pou a brande per-in wille cast. 

pe fire haldes hit stille and stedefast 

porou brinnyng of pe brimstane 

quar-of per ys sa mykil wane 

IT par-by growes an appeltre. 

wip appels selcoupe faire to se 

In hande pai ar as a pis balle 

to pouder wip a stink pai falle 

al cristen men I. rede ^e take 

ensaumple bi pis waful wrake 

pat alle for licchery was tanc. 

sa vile was funden neuer nane. 

IF at pis was vile hit was wele sene 

bi pe wrake pat was sa kene. 

hate and stincande ys pe lake. 

and fire and brimstane ys pe wrake 

oute of kinde pe sinne was done 

for-pi paire kinde was fordone. 

fie pat syn ouer al pis werlde 

pis harde wrake now haue 30 herde. 




And anis in f e wouke day, 

Is scho licked all a-wai, 

And sif en f ai find hir on f eniorn, [col 2] 

Hal als scho was far biforn. 2860 

far fa fine cites war won to be 

I\"ou es noglit bot a stinkand se, 

fat semis als a lake of hell, 28G3 

Ka lyueand thing may f ar-ine dnell \ 

If ani fiss f ar-ine be gan, 

wid leding of f e flom iordan, 

f e lijf it es for-done wid stinc 

Fra it into fat watir sink. 28 G8 

Men findis lompis on fe sand 

Of ter, nan finer in fat land. 

far standis eue?* wonderli, 

A cloud far fra vp to fe sky; 2872 

If f u a brond f ar-in wil cast, 

f e fire it holdis f er stedfast, 

Thorn brining of fat brymston, 

Quarof far es sua mekil won. 2876 

f ar-bi it groues sum appil tre 

wid applis selcuth fair to se, 

Quen f ai in hand er like a bal, 

To pouder wid a stinc fai fall. 2880 

All cristen men ! i rede ^e take 

Ensample bi f is waful wrak, 

fat al for lycheri was it tan, 

So foule was neuer funded nane ; 2884 

fat it was wic it was wele Bene, 

I3i fat wiake fai was sua kene. 

Hot and stinkand es fe lake, 

Fir and brimstan was fe wrake, 2888 

vte of kind f c sine was don, 

For-Jri fair kind it wag for-don. 

Fleia fa1 sine oner .il fis erde, 2891 

fi- wrcche ffd foluia haue y> herd, 


And ones in f e wike to say 
Is she clene likked away 
And sif f ei fynde his on f e morn 
hool as she was biforn 
fere f o fyue citees were wont to be 
Is noi^t now but stynkynge see 
fat semef as lake of helle 
No lyuyng fin may f erynne dwelle 
If any fisshe f erynne be gon 
Bi ledyng of f e flu??z iordon 
f e lif is soone fordo wif stynke 
Fro hit into fat watir synke 
Men fyndef lu??2pes on f e sand 
Of teer no finer in fat land 
fere stondef euer wondirly 
A cloude f er fro vp to f e sky 
If f ou a browd f erynne w r olt cast 
f e fire hit holdef fere studfast 
f our^e bren?zyng of fat brymstoon 
"NVlicrof fcr is mychel woon 
f erby growef su??i appel tre 
AVif apples selcouf o faire to se 
Whence fei in honde are like a bal 
To poudir foui^e fat stynke fei i'al 
Alle cristen men I rede $e take 
Ensauwple bi fis woful wiake 
fat al for lecchery done was 
fe foulest f"\ en/ r coom on plas 
fat liit was wicked was we] Bene 
Bi fat wrcche fat was bo kene 
hoot & stynkynge is fai Lake 
I"\ re (V- brymston was jv wiake 
( >uf of kynde bei synne w&a done 
f« rfoie hex kynde I me 

Eleef fai sj one al fis werd 
Foi fi WTeche fat ;•• bane herd 



Godd wit schild $e do fat sin, 
bat 3ee in hell fire for-brin j 
And if 3ee sin algat sal do 
fe sin o kind 3ee hald yow to, 2896 
f e kindly sin and wit wo??iman ; 
Bot sibbe ne spused tak yee nan, 
Sua ferr your lust yee folu noglit, 
fat yee for-gete him Jjat yow wroght. 
Mani man, for oue?*-wele, 2901 

f am-self can nof er faand ne feil, 
Bituixand f ai sink in fat wele 
far neuer man sank fat was o sele ; 
Sua did fe wreckes o sodome. 2905 
For welth f ai duted neuer f e dome, 
fair welth f arn did of all and alle, 
Als dos man oft in filthes fal, 2908 
Bot fan com dome, witouten spare, 
To f aa fat lang was spared are ; 
Sua tin fai fam wit-outen end 2911 
fat wil noght f ani in time mend. 
Loth, 3ee herd me ar of tell, 
For dred he drou vnto a fell ; 
In a caue he did him fare 2915 

Wit hijs dogh teres and namare. 
1 1[ Abraham went him, on fe morn, 
To fat sted far he be-forn [nns, coi. i] 
Had fra our lauerd tane his leue, 2919 
And sagh fat can him sare greue. 
Tilward f aa cites loked he, 
fat sari sight was on to se ; 
He sagh fat cuntre, al bidene, 
fat sua feir had forwit bene, 2924 
Wit sparcand reke and couerd abouen, 
Als it war a brinand ouen ; 
For it was* rightwis godds wreke 
far again durst he not spek. 2928 


IT ihesu criste 30U kepe fra syn. 

fat 3e in helle fire ne bryn. 

if 30 syn al-gate wil do 

f e syn of kinde draghe 30U to. 

f e kindely syn and wif wo??zinon. 

bot sibbe and spoused 3c lete an. 

If so ferre 3our luste folow 3c no}t 

fat 3e for-gete him fat 30U wro^t 

mony mon for f aire awen wil 

f aire body and f aire saule wil spil. 

bi-twix at f ai sink in fat wele 

f er neuer man sane fat was of sele. 

IT so did f e wrecches of sodome 

for welf e dred f ai no3t f e dome 

f aire welf e ham sloghe baf an and al 

for hit dose mony in syn to fal. 

for fen come dome wif -out spare 

to ham he lange i had spared are 

squa do f ai ham wif-outen ende 

fat wille no3t ham in time amende 

IF loth 3e herde me er-of telle 

for drede he droghe vn-to f c fel 

In a caue he hidde him fare 

and his doghters and na marc. 

Abraham went him on f e morne 
to fat stide he was be-forne 
he had fra our lorde his leue 
he saghe fat con him sare greue 
towarde fa cites loked he Deaf 19] 

fat sary si3t was on to se 
he saghe f e cuntree al bedene 
fat be-fore so faire had bene 
wif spark and like al coue?*ed a-bouen 
als hit ware a brynnande ouen. 
for hit was goddis ri^t-wis wreke 
far agayne durst he no3t speke. 



God forbede 33 do pat sin 
pat 3e in hell f arfor brin. 
And if 3e sine nede sal do, Deaf 21, coi. 1] 
f e sine of kind 3e bald 311 to, 2896 
f e kindli sin and wid womman, 
Bot sibb ne sponsid ne take 3e nan. 
Sua ferr 30ur lust ne foluis nogbt, 
fat 3e forgete bim pat 30U wroght ; 
Mani a man for oner wele, 2901 

Himself can neper fonde na fele, 
Betuix and f ai sink in fat pitt, 
fat neuer man sank fat p aim mint flitt. 
Sua did fe wrecbes of sodome, 2905 
For f ai ne douted nogbt p e dome, 
fair weltb f aim made of faim all, 
In sine and soru forto fall ; 2908 

Bot fan com a dom widute?i spare, 
To faim fat lang were sparid are, 
Sua fai faim tyne widuten end, 2911 
pat wil faim nogbt in time amend. 
Loth 3e herd me ar of tell, 
For drede he drou him to f e fell, 
In a caue he hid him fare 
And his dohutris, and no mare. 291G 
Abraham Avent him on pe morn 
To p"\ Btede fe be biforn 
Had fra vr lamrd tan his leue, 
And sau pat sore gan bim greuc, 2920 
To pa cytea Loked he, 
A BorfuJ sighl was 00 to se. 
He sau fat contre al bidene, 
fat sua fail bifoi bad bi 2921 

wid spark and reke couerd abouera, 
Als it war of a brinand onin ; 
For it v. Ightwifl wreke, 

far again durst he QOgbl speke. 2928 

God forbede $e do fat synne 

fat 3e in belle f erfore brynne 

But if 3e nede synne shal do 

f e synne of kynde holde 30U to 

f e kyndely synne wif wommon 

But sib ne spoused, take 3c noon 

So fer 30iire synne folwef noi^t [leaf 19] 

To foi^ete him fat 30U wroujt 

Mony men for ouer wele 

hi/?z self couf e nouf er se ny fele 

Til f ei synke into fat pit 

fat no man may hem f emies flit 

So dud f ese wrecches of ioye tome 

f ei douted not goddes dome 

her welfe made hem 0011 & alle 

In synne & sorwe for to falle 

fen coom a doom in hastite 

To hem fat longe had spared be 

So shal de3e wif outen ende 

fat in tyme wol not amende 

IT loth 3c herde telle of eer 

Into fe felde he drou^e for feer 

In a caue be bml him fo 

He & his doiutria & no mo 

Abraham went on fe morn 

To pat stnde pere he was biforn 

had of ourc lordc taken bis lene 

And say pat sore gan him greue 

Towarde fo citeea Loked be 

A irwefu] sijte liii was to se 

he say fat cuntre al bidene 

jv/t s<> fair biforn had 1 

AYiJ) sparcles & smeke coueredabo 

Aa bit were a brennyng oues 

For liii 1 jtwia w» ke 

)-' /• -,\;< yii dais! he ao1 Bpeke 


*T Bot loth him held ])at caue wit-in, 

He and his doghtres tuin ; 

For f ai nan bot fair fader sau 2931 

Jjai wend all men ware don o dau, 

Thoru fat ilk waful wrak. 

f e elder to f e yonger spak, 

" Sister, to f e in dern i sai, 

f ou seis f e folk er all a-wai ; 2936 

Bot loth onr fader es carman nan, 

Bot we tua left es na womman ; 

I think man-kind sal perist be, 

Bot it be stord wit me and f e, 2940 

f e werld es broght til end, me think ; 

Giue we our fader inogh to drink, 

And, wen he es drunken witerly, 

We sal in bedd ga lig him bi, 2944 

For moght we any barn[e]s brede 

Me think f e werld f ar-of had necl." 

Als sco for spak, right sua f ai wroght, 

f e fader his auen dede wist noght ; 

He fand noght wen he bi Jam lai, 

Bot bath alson wit child were f ai ; 

Amon. and moab. wer geten sua, 

Tuix fader and doghters tua ; 2952 

f aim becom sua wiked lede, 

fat nof er drou to dughti-hede ; 

Til a sted fat hight damas 

f iderward fair wonnyng was ; 295G 

mani man, f of f ai war gode, 

f ai reft f am aght and spilt fair blode. 

IT Abraham had his hert ful sare, 

Fra f efen he tok talent to fare ; 29 GO 

Til a contre cades he flitt, 

Abimalech was lauerd of hitt ; 

His sister he cald sarra his wijf, 29 G 3 

For fare for hir suld rise na strijf. 


Lothe him helde fat caue wif-in. 
bot he and his doghters twyn. 
for f ai nane bot f aire fader sawe 
f ai wende al men ware done of daw. 
f orou fat ilk waful wrake 
f e elder to f e yonger spake 
Sister to f e in derne I. say. 
f ou sese f e folk ys al a-way. 
bot lothe our fader ys carmen nane 
bot we twa left nys na wormian. 
IF I. fink mankinde sal lorne be 
bot hit be stored wif me and f e 
f e werlde ys bro3t to ende me f i?ik 
gif we our fader I-noghe to drink 
and quen he ys drunkyn witerly. 
we salle in bed ga ly him by. 
for mu3t we any barnes brede 
me fink f e werlde f e?*-of had nede 
als ho forspac so f ai wro^t 
f e fader his awen deide wist no}t 
ne fande no^t quen he bi ham lay. 
bot baf alsone wif barne ware f ai. 
^T Amon and moab ware gytin squa. 
bi-twix f e fader and his doghte?*s twa 
of ham come so wikked lede. 
fat neuer droghe til dughti hede. 
til a stede fat hejt damas. 
f idderwarde his wonynge w r as. 
of mony mon fat ware ful gode 
f ai robbed ham and spilt fair blode 

Abraham had his hert ful sare. 
fra f eif en toke him talent to fare 
to a contre walde he flit, 
abymalec was lorde of hit. 
his sister sarra f calde he his wife. 
and abraham dred him for strife. 



Loth hint held pat caue wid-ine, 
Himself and his dohutris tuine. 
Bot fair fade?' pat pai par sail [col. 2j 
pai wend all men war don o dau, 
Thoru pat ilk waful wrake. 2933 

pe elder to p e 3onger spake, 
" Sister, to f>e in derne i say, 
pu seis pis folk es all away, 293G 

Bot loth vr fader and we ta, 
Aliue es nou left na ma ; 
I leue manking sal perischt be, 
Bot it be storid wid pe and me, 2940 
pe world es broght to end me thine. 
Giue we vr fade?* enogh to drinc, 
Quen he es drunken witterli, 
we sal in bedd ga ligg him bi, 2944 
For miht we ani barnis brede, 
Me thine pe world par-of had node." 
Als pai had spokin, right so pai wroght, 
pe fader his aune dede wist noght, 
Ne wist noght quera he bi paim lay, 
Both bot wid barn sone war pay. 
Amon and Moab war getin sua, 2951 
BL-tuix loth and his dohutris tua ; 
Of paim it com sua wicked lede, 
pat neifer drou to worthi dede. 
Til a stcde fat bill) damas 
fiderward fail woniitg was, 295G 

Of mani man, pou pai were gode, 
pai reft fair catel a?id sched par blode. 
Abraham syhid in hia hert ful Bare, 
Fra paim him tok talent to fare, 
Till a contra cadadea he flitt, 29G1 
Abimalech was lauerd of itt. 
His sister he cald sarra his wyf, 
fat for hir sold rise na tiijf, 29G4 
12 «.< » I 1 1 N« ; in 

51 Loth him helde pe caue wipynne 
hi?7iself & his dou^tres twynne 
But her fadir pat pei pere sawe 
pei wende alle men were don of dawe 
pom^e pat ilke woful wrake 
pe elder to pe 3onger spake 
Sister in priuete to pe I say 
pou seest Jus folke is al away 
But loth oure fadir & we two 
Alyue now is lafte no mo 
I leue monkynde fordone be 
But hit be stored bi me & pe 
Jus world is bro^te to ende me pinko 
3yue we oure fadir yno^e of drinke 
Whciuie he is dronken witterly 
In bed we shul go lye him by 
For my^te we any barnes brede 
Me pinke pe world peroi had nede 
As poi had spoke so pei wroi^t 
pe fadir his owne dede wist noi^t 
he wist not whemze he bi hem lay 
But hope wip childc soone were pay 
Amon. & moab were geten so 
Bitwixe loth & his dou^tres two 
Of hem coom so wicked lede 
pat noviper drowse to worpi dede 
To a stude pat hctt damas 
pidurwardc he wouyng was 
Of mony men pat were gode 
pel refte catel & Bheddg blode 
% Abraham siked in herte sore 
Fro penne he wolde fai he wore 
To a cuntrc cadades he Hit 
Abimalech was lord of hit 
his sistei li" calde sara bis wif 
fat for liir Bhulde rise ii" strif 




He dred pe folk was ful o prale, [col. 2] 
Quils he war lendand pani biside ; 
Bot herd it es to kepe, iwise, 29G7 
pe thing pat ilk man wald war his, 
And, namlik, i sai it o pat thing 
pat 3ernd es o gret laueding. 
Abimalech ne fined noght 
to pat sarra was to him broht. 2972 
Bot godd on night com to pe king, 
In slepe, and said him sli talking — 
" pou king," he said, "loses pi lijf, 
pou has anoper man[ne]s wijf." 2976 
" Lauerd," he said, " wil pou me sla, 
I wist not for soth pat it was sua ; 
pai tald bath here, til an and oper, 
Sco was his sister and he hir bropcr ; 
And alsua, lauerd, wel Jjou wat 2981 
pat I. haf halden clene hir stat." 
"I wat," he said, "pat pou art clene, 
"War it not sua if i ne had bene, 298i 
Fra toche of hir i saued pe, 
pat pou suld not sin in me ; 
Yeild hir to hir husband schet, 
For hir husband es a p?*ophet ; 2988 
And if pou dos anoper red 
pou and pine all sal be dede." 
1F Vp ras pe king, on nighter tale, 
And cald his men be for him hale ; 
pis warning he pam tald, 2993 

And pa; pam dred both yong and aid. 
He did to cal habraham son, 
And said, " qui has pou pusgat don 1 
Quat haue i don, or mi kingrike, 2997 
pat pou suld pus us be-suik 1 " 
" Parfai for i me vm-bithoght 
Yee war men pat godd duted noght ; 


he dred pe folk ware ful of pride 

pe quylest he dwelled ham bi-side 

% bot harde hit ys to kepe I.-wys 

pe pinge pat ilkman walde ware his 

and namely say I. of pat pinge 

pat 3orne ys couet of lordinge 

abymalec stynt he no3t 

til atte sarra was til him bro3t. 

1T bot god of heyuen come til pe king 

slepande saide suche talkyng. 

pou kinge he saide pou leses pi life 

pou has a-noper nio?mys wife. 

^F lorde he saide wil pou me sla. 

I. wiste no3t at hit was squa. 

and he talde wele pe tane and pe toper 

ho was his sister, and he hir brop'.r. 

1T a lorde he saide wele pou wate 

pat I. haue halden clene hir state 

I. wate wele pat ho ys clene 

ware hit no3t squa if I. ne had bene 

fra touche of hir I. saued pe 

at pou sulde no3t syn in me. 

gif hir til hir housbonde skete. 

for his housbonde ys a prophete. 

and if pou do agayne my rede 

pou and pine sal be dede. 

IF vp-rase pe king on ni3tter-tale 

and calde vp his men grete and smale 

of pis warnyng sone he ha??i talde 

and pai ham dred bap 3onge and aide 

and dide to calle abraham ful sone 

and sayde quy has pou pus-gates done 

quat haue I. done pe to myslike 

at pou sulde pus-gates me bi-squyke 

IT parfay for I. me wele be-po3t 

$e ar men doutes god ri3t no3t. 



He dredd fe folk was ful of pride, 
Quiles ho was liuand J)aim biside. 
Bot hard it es to kepe, i-wis, Sfh 1 *' 
fat thing fat ilk maw wald war his, 
And namli i say it of fat thing, 2969 
fat jernid es of gret lording ; 
Abimalech ne fyned noght, 
Til sarra was bifore him broght, 2972 
Bot god on nyth com to fe king, 
In slepe, and said suilk takening, 
" Jm king," he said, " fu. schortis fi lij f, 
Jm has anoj^?' manes wijf." 29 76 

" Laue?-d," he said, " wil fu me sla 
fat wist noght fat it was sua 1 
Jai tald bath til an and ofer, 2979 
Scho was his sister & he hir bvofer. 
And alsua, lauerd, wele fu wate, 
fat i haue clene halden hir state." 
" I wot," he said, " fat Jm art clene, 
It war noght sua had i ne bene. 2984 
Fra touche of hir i saued fe, 
J?at Jm suld noght einwe in me : 
Jm 3eild hir to hir husband wight, 
He es a p?*ophete, hali and right. 
And if Jm do anofer rede, 2989 

Jm and June sul all be dede." 
Up ras fa king bi nightertale, 
And cald his men hi for him al hale, 
Of Jus warning lie paini tolde, 
A?/d fni f-.iim dredd bath jong a?ul olde 
He did to call abraham sone, 2995 
And said, " qui has Jm dusgat done, 
Quat haue i don, or mj king Kike, 
fat Jm suld V8 Jms bisuikc ] " 
"Parfay for i me vmbithoght, 
fat goddes au 30 douted noght. 3000 

he dredde fe folke ful of pride 

Wliil he lyued hem bisyde 

But harde hit is to kepe I wis 

J)ing fat vche mon wolde were his 

And namely suche a Jung 

As is desired of greet lordyng 

Abimalech fined nou^t 

Til sara was to fore him broi^t 

But god on ny3t coom to fe kyng 

In sleep & seide Jus tokenyng 

Wolt fou kyng short Ju lyf 

J)ou hast axiof cr monies wif 

Lord he seide wolt fou me slo 

fixt wist not fat hit was so 

Jjei tolde bofe to oon and of ere [if 10, bio 

She was his sister & he hir brojjere 

And also lord wel wost J)ou 

She is clene as she was ar now 

I woot he seide }itt be 30 clene 

hit were not so had I not bene 

Fro touche of hir I saued fe 

fat J?ou shuldes-not synne in me 

3elde hir to hir husbonde wi3t 

he is a prophete holy and rijt 

And if fou do any ofere rede 

jwu & J)ine alle shul be dede 

Vp roos fe kyng anoon bi ny;t 

And calde his men in to his si^t 

Of J)is warnynge he hem tolde 

J>ei were afcrde bojjc 3onge & olde 

he dudo to calle Abraham soone 

And seide whi liastou Jms done 

What hauo I done a^eyn Jn liko 

f<d jms woldea me biswike 

sir be seide I me btyomjt 

f'd goddes awe drcddr }e noi^t 


Your harm sa wend i best to He 
And said mi sister sudd sco be." 
Til abraliam fan gaue f e king, 
In wirscipp, mani riche thing, 
And him he made fan his prme 
And taght to weld al pat contre. 

for doute of harme fus saide we. 
fat my sister sulde ho be. 
tille abraliam fen gaf f e kinge. 
3004 for worshepe mony riche Jnnge. 

and made him his counsalour priue 
and bad him rewle al fat cuntree. 

l De ortu & int[er]p[? , e]tacione ysaac 

[i leaf 18, back] 

H Bi f is come sarra to f e tide, 

birth sco moght not oue?"bide ;3008 
fan ysaac fair sun was born, 

pat lang was hight to pain biforn ; 
"Was circuwzcised pe aghtand dai, 
Als was fair heing in fair lay. 3012 
Isaac wel es for to sai [col. i] 

A man fat takens ioy and plai. 
For, for pe birth of ysaac, 
Gret ioi can his frendes mak. 3016 
pat freli child, fat ful of hap, 
Quen he was spaned fra pe pap, 
His fader slou bath scepe and nete, 
And made a fest to frend[e]s gretje] ; 
Mete and drinc he gaue fani all 3021 
Jjat wald cum al til his call. 
IT Ysaac was yonger fan ysmael. 
Bitide apon a dai it fell 
pat fir bref er fam plaijd samen, 3025 
Sarra beheled and thoght na garner. 
Sco sceud abraham, " yon bastard 
Do him a-wai, fat he ne has partd 
Wit mi sun of our heritage, 3029 

For elles, me thine, f ou dos outrage. 

1 wil, quat-sum man thine or sai, 
His moder and he be don a-way." 
Abraham hit tok til hert, 3033 
And thoght f is wordes Avar to smert ; 


i-e fis was done wif-in a tide 
of birf mi3t sarra na longer bide 
and per ysaac faire sone was borne 
fat lange was he3t ham be-forne 
and was ezreumsised f e viij. day. 
fat waste f e heuinge of faire lay 
ysaac ys als myche for-to say. 
a name fat takenys ioy and play, 
for. for f e birf of ysaac. 
grete ioy con his frendis make, 
fat frely childe and ful of hap [if io, bk] 
quen he was sponed fra f e pap. 
his fader sloghe baf shepe and nete 
and made a feste til frendis grete 
mete and drink he gaf ham alle 
fat walde come vn-til his calle. 
ysaac was yonger fen ysmael. 
IF be-tidde apon a day hit felle. 
at per bref er played samme. 
sarra be-helde and p 0}t na ga??mie 
ho saide ysmael f ou bastarde 
of our gode f ou getes na part, 
he playes wif my sone of heritage 
and fat me fink grete outrage 
I. wil quat men fink or say. 
his moder and he be-done a-way. 
P Abraham this toke to hert C? 10 ™^ aud 

L Alb. •iloj 

And thoght her wordis fulle smert] 



3m harm so wend i best to ne, 
And said scho suld mi sister be." 
Til abraham pan gaue p e king, [coi. 2] 
In worschip mani a riche tiling, 3001 
And made him mast of his prme, 
Bitok him to weld all pat contre. 

30ure harm wende I so best to fie 
And seide she shulde my sister be 
To Abraham po ^af pe kyng 
In worshepe niony a riche ping 
And made him moost to him pn'ue 
Toke him to welde al pat cuntre 

[Of the birth of Isaac, and of Ishmael.~\ 

Bi pis com sarra to p e tyde \\,i& e H Bi pis coom sara to pe tide 

Of birthe, scho miht na langer Of birpe my3te she no lengur abide 

fat ysaac hir sun was born, 3009 femie was ysaac hir son born 

fat lang was hith him biforn ; fat was longe bihet to forn 

And circumsised fe eytend day, 
It was fair hening in fair lay. 
fe name of isaac es to say 
A man pat takines ioy and play, 
And for fa birth of ysaac, 
Gret ioy gan his freindis mak. 
J>«t ferly child, fat ful of hap, 
Quen. he was spaned fra pe pap, 
His fadir slow bath schep and net, 
And made a fest to freindes gret ; 

And circu??icised fe ei3tepe day 
3012 Aftir pe custom of fat lay 
fe name of ysaac is to say 
A mon fat tokenep ioye & play 
And for fe burpe of ysaace 
301 G Greet ioye dud his frendcs make 
pat wondir childe ful of happe 
Whence he was wened fro fe pappe 
His fadir slow3e sheep & neet 
And made a feest to frendes greet 

Mete and drinc he gaf paira all, 3021 Mete & drynke he 3af hem alio 
paim bihoued cum to his hall. pat wolde com to his hallo 

Isaac was 3onger pan ismael, Isaac was 3ongir pen ismael 

Be-tid apon a day it fell, On a day bitidde & fel 

pat pise brejer pai plaid samen, 3025 pat peso breperen pleyed same 

Sarra biheld and thoght na gamen. 
Scho said, "abraham, jon bastard, 
Do him away pat he oaf na part 
wid in i sun of vre eritage, 3029 

Or ell is me thine pu dos vtrage, 
1 wil, qual sua men thine oi say, 
His mofer and he be done away." 
Abraham it. toke to herte 3033 

And thoght hir vrordes to smert, 

(.mi IINOEN 

Sara bihelde & poi^t no game 
She seide abraham pat bastard 
J)<> him awey he haue no part 
AVip my son of oure heritage 
Or elles pou dost greet outrage 
I wol what so cucr men say 
his modix & he be done away 
Abraham pis toke to hcrto 
And pollute hir won lis ful sincrto 



For his sun him fill licui thoglit 

til pe angel had him word broght. 

" Abraham," he said, " giue pe not ill, 

Jjou most now do pi wijffes] will 3038 

J>i maiden and o Jn barn, 

Ilir bidding do sal Jjou not warn ; 

For ysaac sal bere pe nam 

ju sede, sir abraham ; 3042 

Jjof ysmael be noght o spus 

him sal gret men cum and cms." 

Sim on pe morn, qnen it was dai, 

Eath war J>ai don vnto J) air wai ; 

Onte of pe hus was pute agar, 

Hir sun a-pon hir bak sco bar ; 3048 

"Water and brede, wit outen mare, 

Sco trused hir wit, and weped ful sare. 

Now gas sco for pat wreche allan, 

Wandran[d] in wildernes hir an. 3052 

J?am wanted brede, peir water es gan, 

Hope o lijf ne had Jmi nan. 

Biside a wel, vnder a tre, 

pe barn sco laid, did hir to fie, 3056 

For soru Jjar-of moght sco not se, 

Bot waited quen it ded suld be ; 

IT Quils sco hir mened of hir mode 

Comfort had sco son ful gode. 3060 

An angel com and said, " agar, [coi. 2] 

Quat dos J?ou, wi mas pou sli car? 

Drightin has herd Ju barn cri, 

Eise and tak it up iov-pi ; 3064 

pou lcde him yonder er yon lind, 1 

For J?ar a wele pan sal Jjou find ; 

On ]?at tre hinges frut ful gode, 

For pe and J>i child fode j 3068 

Her J?an sal J?ou wit him won 

And foster her J>ou sal J?i son." 

C 1 originally blind] COTTON 

f 1 here-fore he was in hevy thoght 

Tylle an angille hym word broght 

Abraham he seid thynk not ylle 

pou must do thy wyfes wille 

Of thy maydyn and hir barne 

hir byddyng shalt pou not warne 

ffor Isaac shalle bere pe name 

Of thy sede sir Abraham ^'/[^ Laud 

Of ysemaell out of spowsage 

Shalle many come kene & sage 

On the morne when yt was day 

BoJ?e were they done a- way 1 ] 

IT out of J?at hous was putte agar 

hir sone a-pon hir bak ho bare. 

dry brede wit-out mare 

ho trusset wi]? hir and wepet ful sare 

now gase ho for]) Jjat wil of wane 

wand ran de in wildernes allane. 

ham wantes brede hir water ys gane 

hope of life ne had J?ai nane. 

hir barne ho laide and dide hir fie. 

for sorou on hit durste ho no3t se 

bi a welle vnder a tree. 

and waytet quen hit dede sulde be 

1F pe quylist ho hir mynde of hir mode 

conforj) had ho sone ful gode. 

an angel come and saide agar. 

quat dos ]jou quy maids J?ou suclic car 

crist has herde J?i barne cry 

Bis and. take hit vp for-Jn 

lede him 3onde ar to blinde. 

for J>are a tree sal J?ou fmde 

a-pon ]?at tree hinges frute ful gode 

for pe and for Jji childes fode. 

here J>ou salle wij? him wone. 

and foster here Jjou sal Ju sone. 




For liis sun him heuy thoght, 
Til pe angel him bodword broght, 
" Abraham/' he said, " gif pe noglit ill 
Nou most pu do pi wijfes wilL 3038 
Of pi mayden and of pi barn, Qf 22, col. 1] 
Hir bidding do sal pu noght warn, 
For ysaac sal bere pe name 
Of pi sede, sir abraham. 3042 

pou ismael be noght of sposage, 
Of him sal cu??? men kene a??d sauage." 
Apon pe morn que?? it was day, 
Bath pan war pai done away, 3046 
Out of pat hous was put agar, 
Hir sun apon hir bac scho bar, 
watir and bred widuten mar . 3049 
Scho tok hir wid, a??d spac ful sare. 
Nou gas pat wreche wille of wane 
wandrand in wildernes alane, 3052 
pai in wantand bred, pair water es gan, 
Hop of pair lines had pai nan. 
Ei a welle vnper a tre 
pe child scho laid and gan to fle, 305 G 
For soru par-on mith scho noght se, 
Lot waited que?? it dede suld be. 
Quilys scho menyd in hir mode, 
Confort com hir sone ful gode, 30 GO 
An angel com and said, " agar, 
Quat dos pn, qui mas pu car? 
Godd has herd pi childea cry, 
I: - and tak it \\> for-pi j 30G4 

Lede him gender and haue in minde, 
pere a welle pan sal pu find, 
And a tre wid frouit ful ^<m1<' 
For p<" and for pi childes fode. 30G8 
Here pan sal pu wid him won, 
And Porstei here Jm sal }-i sun." 
(, ( .i riNC 

Herfore he was in heuy pou^t 
Til oon au??gel hi??? worde brou3t 
Abraham he seide pinke not ille 
pou most do pi wyues wille 
Of pi mayden & hir barn 
hir biddyng shal pou not warn 
For ysaac shal bere pe name 
Of pi seed sir Abraham e 
Of Ismael out of spousage 
Shul mony com kene & sauage 
On pe morwe when??e hit was day 
Eope were pei done away 
Out of pat hous was put Agar 
hir son on hir bak she bar 
Watir & breed wipoute?? more 
She toke hir wip & wept ful sore 
Now gop pat wrecche wille of wono 
In wildernes wandrynge allone 
her breed wantide he watir is gon 
hope of her lyues had pei noon 
Ei a welle vndir a tre 
pe childe she leide & gon to lie 
For sorwe she myjt not pe?'on seen 
But waited when hit dede shulde ben 
And whil she mened pus hir mode [if 20] 
Cou???fort coom hir soone gode 
An aungcl coom & seide Agaro 
"What dostou whi makestou care 
God hap herde pi childes cry 
I vis & take hit vp for pi 
lede him jondui & haue in mynde 
A welle pc?'e pou shalt fynde 
And a tre wip fruyt ful gode 
Foi )' & pi childes fodo 
here shal p^u wip him wono 
<V foster f"i-p here pi snne 
tiu mi v 



f o barn sco dide drinc o fat wel, 

In pat wast fan can f ai duell ; 3072 

Togeder duell f ai samcn far, 

Til ysmael was waxen mare ; 

Ananli liuelado far f ai ledde, 

wildernes fan war f ai fedde ; 30 7 G 

For qvLcn he throded was to yoman, 

He was archer wit best of an ; 

Sif en queii he was of age and witte 

A wijf he spused of egipte, 3080 

And wond als a wildren man, 

In a desert fat hight faran. 

IT f is abraham o mikel bade 

"Was, and of clene liuelade. 3084 

lagh our lauerd him gaue f e lade, 
Of him his patriak he made, 

And said, " abraham, i sal f e giue 
f e lagh pat fou agh in to Hue." 3088 
" Lauerd," he said, " mi self and mine, 
At p i wil lauerd all es fine, 

1 and mi wijf ar al pin aim, 

And f ai-of ar we wel a-knaun ; 3092 
f i biding wil wq do fulfayn, 
For we sal neuer do f er again, 
Quat sal i do, lauerd, f ou me tell." 
" Eot f ou sal wend vnto yon fell, 
far sal fou find mi messager, 3097 
f ou mak of erth f er an auter ; 
Bath of f i corn and of f i fee 
far sal fou offrand mak to mee." 
"Gladli, lauerd, als fou has said." 
Son was abraham pwruaid ; 3102 

O corn, o crop, aght an[d] catell, 
To godd his tend far gafe he lele ; 
It brend, fe reke raght vp euen, 3105 
f e smel was suette fat soght til heuen. 


f e childe ho did drink of fat Avclle 

and in fat waste con ho dwelle. 

IT To-samyn dwelled f ai fare. 

til ysmael was waxen mare. 

wif myche care faire liuelade led 

of wildernesse fen ware f ai fed. 

and he fat xij. ^ere was gane 

fen was he archer best of ane. 

and quen he was of elde and witte 

a wife he spoused of egipte. 

and woned als wildrin man. 

in J?at desert at he3t pharan. 

11 f is abraham of mykil bade 

was of a clene liuelade. 

of laghe our lorde gaf him pe, lade. 

of him his patriarche he made 

and saide abraham I. sal f e gyue 

f e laghe atte fou sal in Hue. 

IT lorde he saide my-self and myne. 

atte f i wille lorde al ys fine. 

I. and my wife ar aHe 3our awen. 

and f ar-of ar w r e wele knawen. 

f i bidding wil we do ful fayne 

for salle we neuer do far a-gayne. 

quat salle I. do lorde fou me tel. 

fou salle wende vp on 3one hil. 

fare sal fou finde my messager 

and make of erf e an awter. 

baf of f i corne and of f i foe 

far sal fou ofierande make to me 

IT gladly lorde astow now saide 

and sone abraham. w r as puruayde 

of corne and crop and catele 

to god his teynde f er gaf he lele 

hit brinde f e reke rajt vp til heyuew 

f e smelle was squetec/?z<i stodeful eyue/j 




f e child sclio did drinc of fat welle, 

And in fat wilderness gan f ai duell, 

Lang duelled fai samen fare, 3073 

Til ismael was waxin mare. 

An elenge lijf fare f ai ledd [coi. 2] 

In wildernes fan war f ai stedd ; 

For quen he was waxyn to man, 3077 

An archer was he best of an. 

Sone quen he was of elde a?zd witt, 

He spoused a wijf of egipt, 

And wonid far as a wild man, 

In fat desert fat hight pharan. 3082 

pis abraham was of mekil bode, 

And als of ful clene liuelade, 

Of lau vr laue?'d him gaf f e lade, 

Of him his patriarche he made, 3086 

And said, " abraham, i sal f e giue, 

f e lau fat f u aue in to Hue." 

" Lauerd," he said, " mi self and mine 

At f i wille, lauerd, all es fine. 

I and mi wijf es al fine aune, 3091 

And fat er we ful wele apon knaune ; 

fi bidding we wil do ful fain, 

£s r e sal we neuer do far cgain. 

Quat sal i do, lauerd, f u me tell 1 " 

" Lo f u sal wend in to ^one fell, 309G 

far sal f u find mi messager, 

f u make of erde far an auter, 

Bath of fi corn and of fi fe, 

far sal fu offrand make to me." 3100 

"Gladly, laue?'d, als fu lias sayd ;" 

Bone was abraham puruayl. 

Of corn and crop and <>]-> r catell 

To god his tyde far ^ r af lie well : 3104 

It brint, fe reke ras vp ful euen, 

fe smel was Buete and soght to heuen, 


She dud f e cliilde drynke of f e welle 
In fat wildernes gon f ei dwelle 
Longe dwelled f ei so fore 
Til Ismael was waxen more 
An elynge lif fere f ei ledde 
In wildernes were f ei fedde 
Whenne he to man waxen was 
Archere was he beste in plas 
TVhenwe he hadde good elde kipte 
he spoused a wif egipte 
And woned fere as wilde man 
In fat desert fat hett pharan 
IF f is abraham was of longe abode 
And also of ful clene liflode 
Oure lord him jaf his lawe to hede 
And made him patriarke in dede 
he seide Abraham I shal f e 3yue 
fe lawe fat f ou owe in to l} T ue 
Lord he seide my self & myne 
At f i wille al is fine 
I & my wif are f yne owen 
fat are we wel aknowen 
f i biddyng wol we do ful fayn 
Slml we do neuer f er a3ay 
"What shal I do lord f ou me telle 
fou shal go into fat felle 
fere shal fou fynde my messangero 
Of erf e make fou oon autcrc 
Bofe of fi corn and of fi fe 
fere shal fou oflringe make to me 
Gladly lord as J>ou bast, seide 
ae was abraham purueide 
Of crop of «"rn A' of< re <■.,; I 
To ,u r <id his tife jaf lie wel 
hit brent reche rboa vp ful euen 
j" mel was sw tu^te to heuen 



In JmI Biquca fat i of mene 

f e werd was gode, pc folk was cleno. 

1 Sua god ne bos it neuer i-wiss, 3109 

Sua mikel welth, sa mikel bliss; ^H 19 ' 

f of man moght neuer sa mikel weild 

Sua fast it draus to dun heild ; 3112 

In wrechedom er now all went, 

To lare o godd gif f ai na tent ; 

f e barn bers now J?o wil a-wai, 

To foli giues him man to dai. 3116 

In fat cuntre fat I. of mono 

f e folk was trcw f e werlde was clene i 

so gode bes hit new?/' I. wisse 

so mykil ioy so mekil blisse. IVeldfl 

[ 1 Thogh man might nevir so muche 

So fast yt drawyth to doune helde] 

for now in wicchedome f e werde y s went. 

to lare ne god men gyues nan entent 

f e barne beris f e wite a- way. 

fole hede ys giuen al men to pay. 

[i from Laud MS. 416] 

De immolacione ysaac peaf i$n 

IF Herkens o godd fat all weldand, 

How he wald faand his lei seruand. 

Wei limed abraham ysaac, 

His seli sun, wit-outen saac. 3120 

He lered him first drightin do dred, 

And sifen all gode theus o lede. 

He began to luf him sua 3123 

fat he moght na quil him for-ga. 

Als was his wil, our lauerd dright 

To faand abraham don he light, 

Til abraham fat lauerd spac. 3127 

" Quar es f i sun," he said, " ysaac 1 " 

''All at fi will, lauerd," said he, 

" I will fou offer him to me." 3130 

'/ Elythly, lauerd, fou me him gaue, 

Gode skill es fat fou him haue." 

IT Quat he was to his lauerd tru 3133 

fat moght na reunes do him reu, 

fat he ne wald leuer his child 1 cole 

fan of his lauerd wrath to thole, 313G 

fat child fat was sa maniyere, 

Ar it was send, soght wit praiyer ; 

[' originally schild] COTTON 

how abram ofierred Isaac his sone. 

Herkyn of f is al weldande. 
how he walde fonde his lei 
wele loued abraham ysaac |seruanclfl 
his cely sone wif-outen lak. 
and ta3t him first god to drede 
sif en alle gode thewes of lede. 
he be-gan to loue him squa 
fat na quyle mi3t he fra him ga 
IT doun our lorde to erf he li3t 
to fonde abraham liim f 03t rijt 
til abraham onr lorde spac. [leaf 20] 

quar ys he saide f i sone isaac 
I. wille certayne fat hit so be. 
atte fou offre. him to me. 
IT blef ely lorde fou me him gaue. 
best skille ys at fou him haue. 
quat he was to his lorde trew 
fat mi3t na sorow make him rew 
fat he ne ware lener his childe cole 
fen his lorde wraf fole. EJ'Tig]^ 11 ' 1 

pThis childe was by-hete many a yere 
Ar he were sent sowght with praieiv] 




In pat time pat i of mene, 3107 

pe folk was gode, pe world was clone, 
So gode ne bes it neue?* i-wiss, 
Sua mekil welth, so mekil bliss. 3110 
1 |?ou man miht neuer sua mekil welde, 
So fast it draus to doune heldc. C?H> bk » 

col. 1] 

In wrechedam es nou al w r ent 3113 
To lere na gode giue £ai na tent, 
pa child bcris nou pe wit away, 
Foli es gouyn to man to day. 3116 

Of ysaac nou wil i neuen fhevenl 
[ 2 That louyd was with god in 


erkin of godd pat al es weldand, 
Hou he wild proue his lete seruand, 
wele louede habram Isaac, £|™T G] Laucl 
His sely sun widuten sak, 3120 

He lerid him first godd for to drcde, 
And syderc all gode theues in lede. 
He bigan to loue him sua, 
J>at he miht him naquile for-ga, 3124 
\r lauerdes will, all mithi king, 
It was to proue habram wid sum thing. 
Til abraham vr lauerd spac, 3127 

"Quere es Ju sun," he said, " ysaac 1 M 
"All at J>i will, lauerd," said he, 
" I wil pat Jm ofire him to me." 
"Gladli, lauerd, Jm me him gaf, 3131 
Gode resun it ea fat pu him liaf." 
To vr lauerd he waa sua fcreu, 
J?at miht na pile do him reu, 313 1 
pot he ne hadd leuer his child to spill, 
J);ui wirk egain his lauerdes will, — 
fat child J?ai waa ua many jere, 3137 
Or he was sent, solmt wid prtzyerej 

In pat tyme pat I of mene 

pe folke was good pe world was cleno 

So good be]) hit neuer I-wis 

So mychel of welfe so mychel of blis 

pou^e man my3t neuer so mychel welde 

So faste hit drawej? to doun helde 

To wrecched doom al is went 

To lerne god ^iue fewe entent 

pe childe berej) now pe witt away 

Foly is gomen now a day 

Of ysaac now wol we neuen 
J>at loued was wij> god of heuen 

erej? of god al weldonde 
how he asayed his trewe ser- 
Wel loued Abraham Isaac [uondo 

his sely sone wifbuten lac 
he tai^te him furste god to dredo 
And so to leue al wickedhede 
he bigon to loue him so 
pat mj^te he no while hi??z for go 
Oure lorde wolde as my^ty kyng 
Asayc Abraham wif som J)ing 
To Abraham oure lord spak 
And seidc where is Ji son Isaak 
Al at pi wille lord penroe aeide ho 
I wol pat pou offer him to mc 
Gladly lord pmi me him jauo 
Good skil hit is Jwt pan him hauo 
To oure Lorde he waa bo trewe. 
Jwt my^te no pite make him rewe 
Uut he had leuere hia childe spillo 
fern do a;cyn lii Lord wille p if 20, bkj 
•"• pis childe waa bihetl mony a 301-0 
Er he were sent aoujte wij) preyere 
TRlNl 1 v 



" And now wend i wit-onten wene 

fat sukl mine air ha bene." 3140 

Bot now es he asked, on f is wise, 

Til godd til make of sacrifise. 

pat f of it grisli war, or gril, 

He left noght do his lauerd wil, 3144 

Bot asked him, wit-onten bade, 

How snld f e sacrifice be made. 

And he bigan him for to tell. 3147 

" Yonder vp," he said, " on yon fell 

Sal Jjou bren fi sun for me." 

" Gladli, mi laue?*d, sua sal it be." 

Now sal i tell yow how it was. 

fe child he kest a-pon a nass, 3152 

He bad cum wit him knaues tua, 

Bot f ai ne wist quider f ai suld ga \ 

He welk pat fell ner dais thre 

To sek pe sted quar he wald be. 3156 

1 Quen he pe sted sagh far he tight, 

pe child he dide o pe ass light, pcoi.2] 

And tok him wit him and na mare ; 

His men he bade ha bide him pave, 

His consail will he naman tell ; 3161 

f e barn he broght a-pon pe fell, 

Suerd and fire format he noctfit, 

And yong ysaac pe elding broght. 

" Sir," he said, " quer sal we take 

pe beist of sacrifice to make, hie imnsoiatwr 

Bin we wit hus now broght has na??." 

He said, "drightin sal send us an." 

Wit Jjis he stod pe child nerhand, 

And dernlik he drou pe brand 3170 

pat pe child was not parceueid 

Ar f e suerd him hade deceueid j 

He liftd his hand him to smyte, 3173 

Bot godds help him come fultite, 


sum tyme he wende wif-out wene 
pat his ayre he sulde haue bene, 
bot now he askis on f is wise, 
how he sulde do his sacrifise. 
bot al if hit was grisly awl gril. 
he left no3t his lordes wille. 
bot asked him wif-outen bade, 
how sulde fat sac?ifise be made. 
IT and he be-gan him for-to telle, 
vp hey a-pon 3one felle. 
sal f ou bren f i sone for me. 
gladly lorde so sal hit be. 
IF now sal I telle 30U how hit was 
f e childe he kest a-pon an asse. 
and bad come wif him knaues twa 
bot f ai wiste neuer quidde?- to ga. 
he welk fat felle wel days f re 
to seche fat stede quare he sulde be 
quen he had funden hit ful 113 1. 
of f e asse f e childe dide he lijt 
and toke him wif-outen mare 
his men he bad a-bide him fare 
IT his counsayle walde he na mon tel 
f e barne he brojt a-pon f e fel. 
f e squorde and fire for-gatte he no$t 
and his sone him eldyng bro3t. 
sir saide f e childe quar sal we take 
a beste f is sacrifise to make, 
syn fat we haue bro3t nana 
he saide our lorde may sende vs an 
wif fis he stode his childe nerehande 
and derfly he droghc his brande. 
[fat] f e childe was no3t perceyued 
[or] f e squorde had him disseyued 
IT he lift his hande him for to smyte 
bot goddis help come him ful tite 



And nou lie wend widuten wene, 
fat lie suld Ms ayr liaue bene. 3140 
Bot nou es he askid on f is wise 
Til god to make of sacrifise, 
And f ou it ware grisli a?zd grill, 
He left noglit vr laue?*des will, 3144 
Bot asked hiin, widuten bade, [coi. 2] 
IIou [t]he sacrifise suld be made. 
And he bigan him for to tell, 
" $onder, hey apon ^on fell, 3148 

Sal f u brin f i sone for me." 
" Gladli, lauerd, sua sal it be." 
Nou sal i tell 30U hou it was ; 
f e child he kest apon an asse, 
And tok wid him knauis tua, 3153 
Bot f ai ne wist quef er to ga. 
He welk fat fell [ner] dais thre, 
To seke f e stede quare he wild be. 
Quen he cam far has \\\m tyht, 3157 
Of f e ass f e child did he to lyht, 
And toke him wid him and no mare, 
His meyne he bad abide him fare, 
His consail wild he na man tell. 31 Gl 
f e child he broght apon fat fell, 
Suord ne fir forgat he noght, 
And 3ong ysaac a fagett broght. 
" Sir," he said, " quar sal wc take 
fe best, 30W sacrifise to make, 31GG 
Bipen we wid vs broght hiper nan?" 
"Godd," he said, "sal send vs an." 
wid fis he stod fe child nerhand, 
And prmeli he drou his brand, 3170 
fat Jv child were noghl percayued, 
Ar ]?f! saord him had dicayned. 
He lift his hand him for to smite, 
Bot godes angel com Pol tite, 3171 

Abraham wende wif outen wene 

fat he shulde his heire haue bene 

Now is he asked on f is wise 

To god to make of sacrifise 

f 0113 c hit were grisly & grille 

he lafte not oure lordes wille 

But asked him wif outen abide 

how he him shulde sacrifise fat tyde 

And he to telle f bigon 

^ondir he^e hille vpon 

Shal f ou brenne f i son for me 

Gladly lorde f enne seide he 

Now shul 3e here how hit wasse 

f e childe he caste vpon an asse 

And toke wif him knaues two 

But f ei nustc winder to go 

fat felde he welke daycs f re 

To seche f e stude fere he wolde be 

\Vhcn?ze he coom fe?*e as he ti^t 

Of f e asse f e childe dud he li3t 

Toke him wif him no mon more 

his meyne he bad abide him fore 

his counsel wolde he no mon say 

Win he fat childe bron^te f at way 

Swcrde ny fuyr format lie nou^t 

3<>nge ysaac a fagot broujt 

Sir he seide where shal we lake 

fat bcest oure sacr/fise to make 

Sif we wif vs brou3te noon 

God he seide shal sende vs oon 

"Wif pis he stood fc childe ny 

And drow3e his swerde pronely 

fc/t fe childe were not war 

Ar he had <l<>n«' fat char 

lie liffce his hond him i" smyte 

But goddi a am gel coom lul tito 

tun it v 


Ar fat lie moglit haue giuen f e dint ; 

His suerd bc-hind fe angel hint 31 7G 

And bade him far biside him tak 

A scepe his sacrifice to mak : 

He loked bi him tuyx f e thorns, 

And sagh it hing far wit f e horns ; 

fis angel held ai still fe suerd 3181 

And spak of comforth suilk a word. 

" Abraham," he said, " hald still pin 

And to fi sun do f ou no harm, L arm 

Our lauerd forbedes fe to sla 3185 

f i dere sun f ou loues sua ; 

f ou loues him mare, wit-outen wene, 

fan fi son fat es now sene ; 3188 

Bath f ou limes him well and dredes 

Ful wel he sal f e yeild f i medes, 

3ee sal his blissing haue for-f i ; 

Mikel he sal yow multipli. 3192 

For luue o pi freli fai 

Sal ilk lede com to f i lai ; 

Godd has pe visited here to-dai, 

fi dede in minwyng sal last ai, 3196 

pi buxsumnes, als folk sal find, 

fat sal be bred out of pi kind." 

p is letting was he ful glad 

And did als him fat angel badd. 3200 

fat scepe he slogh, and sif en it brent, 

And hamward on his wai went. 

f e fader can fen f e son for-bede 

Til animan at tell fis dede. 3204 

lu Fader," he said, " be f ou ful bald, 

Forme sal it neuer be tald." t 1 ^"j bk « 

fai went again to bersabee 

far fai had left fair meigne. 3208 

or fat he mi^t haue gyue;i f e dint 

Ids squorde bi-hinde an angel hent 

and bad him fare bi-side to take. 

a shepe his offerrande for to make 

IT he loked bi-side him in f e f ornes 

he seey f e shepe hinge bi f e homes 

fis angel helde ay stil f e squorde 

and spac til abraham squilk a worde 

abraham he saide halde stil fine armc 

and do f ou now f i sone nane harme 

f i lorde for-bedes f e to sla. 

f i sone at f ou louys squa. 

f ou louys god mare wif-out wene 

fen f i sone fat ys wele sene. 

baf f ou louys him and f ou dredis 

ful wele salle he quyte f i medis 

$e salle his blessing*? haue for-f i. 

mykil he salle 30U multiply. 

for loue of f i frely fai. 

sal ilk mon come to f i lay. 

god has viside f e to-day 

f i dede in Mynnynge sal be ay. 

f i buximnes al folk sal finde 

fat sal be brede out of f e kinde. 

H of fat lettinge was he glad. 

and dide as f e angel badde. 

fat shepe he sloghe and sif en hit brent 

and hamwarde on his way he went. 

f e fader con fan f e sone for-bede. 

til any mon to telle fis dede. 

fader he saide be f ou ful balde 

for me hit salle neyue?* be talde. 

fai went a-gayne to bersabe. 

per fai had laft f aire meyne. 





Ar he mitli giue him fe dint, 

His suord bihind him he hint, 

And [bade him] fare bi-side him take 

A schep his sacrifise to make. 3178 

He loked bisyde him in f e thornis, 

And sau it hange far wid f e hornis. 

f is angel held ay still f e suord, JJJ 2 *? 

And spac of confort suilk a word. 

"Abraham, hald still fin arme, 3183 

And to f i son f u do na harme, 

vr lauerd fe for-bedis him to sla, 

f i dere son, fat f u loues sua ; 

f u loues hi??i mare widvtew wene 

fan fi sone, fat es nou sene. 3188 

Ful wele f u loues him arad dredis, 

And wele he sal ^eild f c fi medis. 

^e sal his blissing haue for-qui, 

Mekil he sal 3011 multepli, 3192 

For luue of f i ferli fay, 

Sal ilk a lcde cum to f i lay. 

God has fc uysited so to-day, 

fi dede in mening sal last ay \ 31 9G 

f i buxumnes all folk sal find 

fat sal be bred out of f i kind." 

Of f is letting he was ful glad, 

And did as fe angel him bad, 3200 

fat schepe he slow and sif an he brent, 

And hamward on his way he went. 

fe fader gan fe sone for-bede, 

Tilani man 1" tell fia dede, 3204 

"Fader," he said, "be fu ful bald, 

Foi me in' bes it neuer tald." 

fai went agaiii to bersabe, 

fare fai had left fair mcyne. 3208 

Ar he my^t jyue f e dynt 

his swerde bihynde hi??i he hint 

And bad him ]>cre biside him take 

A sheep his sacrifise to make 

he loked bisyde him In f e f ornes 

And say hit honge bi f e homes 

f e auwgcl helde stille f e swerd 

And seide of cou???fort siche a word 

Abraham holde stille fin arm 

To f i son f ou do no harm 

Oure lord forbedef him to slo 

f i dere son fat f ou louest so 

fou louest him more wif outera wene 

fen f i son f at is now sene 

Wei louestou him & drede 

Wei shal he quyte fi mode 

30 shul his blessyng haue for why 

Mychel he shal 30U mulleply 

For loue of f i feif ful fay 

Shal vche lede com to f i lay 

God haf to day f e visited so 

f i dede shal neiur of mynde go 

f i buxomncs al folke shal fyndo 

\a\> shul be bred of f i kynde 

H Of f is lettyng he was ful glad 

And dud as fc aiu?gel him bad 

fe sheep he sacn'fised & brent 

And sifen homwaide he went 

fe fadir gon fc son forbede 

To any mon to telle fie dede 

Fadir he seide be ful bolde 

For in' 1 bef hit nexier tolde 

|» i went nyyn in Bersabe 

fere fei hadde Lefte her meyno 



102 saraii died, tier grave was duo in iiebron. 

abraham wished isaac to wed a wife from his own kin; 

De etate & fine Sarre vxoris, abrahe 

[leaf 19, back] 

H Sex seor and seuen ycir liued sarra 

And deid wit-outen cliilder nia, 

pan ysaac na?zma sco bar, 

And abraham can for liir car ; 3212 

In ebron groue liir abraham, 

par formast was grauen adam. 

Abraliam wald in his lijf 

pat ysaac had wedded a wijf, 3216 

And wald sco war if sua moght be 

Bath of his kind and his contre ; 

Men suld her seke wit-in pat land 

pare his frendes were wo??and. 3220 

A sargiant call J? an comand he 

pat mast wist of his p?7uete, 

pat had ben als of his fostring, 

Ai sipen he was a barn ying ; 3224 

Apon his kne he did him suere 

pat he suld be lei errand berer, 

And pat he suld giue hal entent 

For to ful-fil his comament. 3228 

" Trend," he said, " pou wend in hij 

vntil mesopotani, 

par pou wat our frendes won, 

To seke a wijf to mi sun ; 3232 

And if sco mai be funden pare 

pou bring hir ham wit mikel fare ; 

Bot i wil fat pou bring him nan 

pat es kind of chanaan." 3236 

IF " Sir," said sargant, " quat sal i do, 

po mai pat 3ee wald haue, if sco 

"Wil not hider com wit me 1 " 

" pi trout pan mak i pe fife, 3240 

For ysaac, wit na forward, 

Wil i J?at weind paderward." 


Sex skore and vij. 3ere lined sarra. 
and dyed wip-outen cliilder ma. 
pen ysaac na ma sho bare. 
and abraham con for hir care. 
In ebron dalue hir sir abraliam. 
per formast was dollyn aide adam. 
If abraham walde in his liue 
pat Isaac had wedded a wiue. 
and walde ho ware if so imjt be. 
bap of his kinde and his cuntree. 
and made ga siche hir in pat lande 
quere his frendis was mast dwella?id 
a seriaunt calde and comande he. 
pat maste wiste of his priuate. 
pat had bene als his fosteringe. 
ay syn he a barne was ^inge. 
1 a-pon his kne he made him squere. 
atte he sulde lele errande here. [Uf 2o,bk] 
and atte he sulde gif hale entent. 
for to ful-nlle his comaundement. 
IT frende he saide pou wende here-by. 
vn-til mesoj)othainy. 
per pou wate my frendes wone. 
to seke a wife vn-to my sone. 
and if ho may be funden pare, 
pou bringe hir hame wip niykil fare 
for i wille at pou bring him nane 
pat ys of kinde of chanan. 
IT sir saide pe seriaunt quat sal I. do 
if pe mayden pat 30 walde haue if ho 
wil no3t bidder come wip me. 
of pi traup I. make pe free, 
for isaac wip na forwarde 
wil I. pat wende piddcr-warde. 



[Of the death of Sarah, and the search for Isaac's wife.~\ 

Sex skor 3 ere and seuen liued sara, 
Arcd died widute?z childer- ma ; 
pan ysaac no ma scho bare, 
And abraham for hir bad care, 3212 
In ebron bir grof abraham, 
par first was grauen hali adam. 
Abraham wald in his Hue, 3215 

pat ysaac had wed a wiue, [} col. 2] 

2 And wal scho ware, if sua miht be, 
Bath of his kind and of his contre ; 
Men suld hir seke wid-in pat land, 
par his frendes ware weldand. 3220 
A sergaunt pan comandid he, 
pat mast wist of his pro'uete, 
pat had ben ay at his finding, 3223 
Euer sipew pat he was child 3eing ; 
Apon his kne he did him suere, 
pat he suld pan lele erand here, 
And pat he suuld giue hal talent, 
To fulfille his comandment. 3228 

"Frend," he said, "pu wend in hy 
vn-til mesopothani, 
(par pu wat vr frendes won,) 
To seke a wijf vnto mi sun. 3232 

And if scho may be funden pare, 
pu bring hir ham wid mekil fare ; 
Bot i wil pu bring him nan 
pat es of pc kind of canaan." 3230 
" Sir," said pe sergant, " qual sal i do 1 ? 
pe may pat 3c wild bane, if scho 
wid noght hider cum wid meV* 
"pan of pi trout li i make pe fire, 3240 
For ysaac, wid no forward, 
wil i pat In- wend thyderward." 

18 «;-ii 1 ivoen 

IT Sara had six score jner & seuen p* 

And de3ed wipouten childre mo 

pen Isaac no mo sho bare 

And Abraham for hir hadde care 

In ebron buryed hir Abraham 

pere furste was buryed olde Adam 

Abraham willed in his lyue 

pat Isaac hadde weddede a w r yue 

And wolde she were if hit nujt be [if 21] 

Of his kynde & his cuntre 

Men shulde hir seche in pat land 

pere his frendes were weldand 

A seriauftt soone com???auftdide he 

pat moost knew of his prmete 

pat euer had bene at his fyndyng 

Fro lie was a childe 3ing 

Vpon his kne he dud him swere 

pat he shulde trewe eronde bere 

And pat he shulde 3yue hool enfeenl 

To fulfille his com??iau?idemcnt 

Frende he seide wende in hye 

vnt[o] mesopothanye 

pere pou woot oure frendes wone 

To seke a wif to my sone 

And if she may be fou??den lelo 

Bringe hir hoom wip myclicl wele 

But bringe pou him no worn wan 

Of pe kynde of canaan 

Sir he seide what aha! I do 

pis ilke mayde if pat sho 

Wip no catel con wip me 

penne of pin nop I holde pe fro 

For rsaac wip no forward 

Wol I he wende piderward 



" Blithli, sir, it sal be don." 
fe sargant made him bun fulsu?i,3244 
Bun was lie made til his buskyng, 
Wit tresur grette and riclie ri/ig, 
Suilk als maiden had of mister, 
Al fat ten camels ber, 3248 
Ring and broche, war selli prude, 
Bath gold and stan for maiden scrude, 
fat qua him sagh moght vnderstand 
He stird was of a riche land. 3252 
to mesopotany suith come he, [col. 2] 
And son he fand f e soght cite. 
Que?* he him fra sagh nere f e tun 
Biside a well he lighted dun ; 3256 
far he made his oresun, 
And f us wit drightin can he run. 
IT " Lauerd," he said, " fat al wel mai 
fat now lauerd leues night and dai, 
for quas luue he wild not warn 3261 
To sacrifise his auen barn, 
At seke a wijf to warn i fare ; 
Lauerd," he said, "send me squilk a 
And sua mi seruis sitt at seme, L xare > 
fat to f i wirschippe mai be queme ; 
And suilk a wijf til ysaac 3267 

fat mai be gainand him to take, 
Him to ioy and menske to f e ; 
Lauerd f ou grant fat it sua be, 
And do me be f is well here 
Traist to be o my praiyer ; 3272 

For be f is well sal i habide 
Quat o mi nerrand mai be tide ; 
1 [er sal i bide til fat i see 
fe maydens come fra yon cite, 3276 
fair watttr at f is well to drau, 
far sal i mi womman knau ; 


^T Blefely sir hit sal be done 

fe se?-iaunt made him boun ful sone 

boun was made til his buskinge 

tresour I.-noghe wif riche ringe. 

suche as may denes had mister 

al atte camels x. mu3t bere. 

ringe and broche ware selly. proude 

golde and stane for mayde shroude 

fat qua him saghe nmjt vnde?*stande 

fat he was of a riche lande. 

IT to mesopothani squyf e come he. 

and sone he fande fat riche cite. 

quen he saghe he come nere f e toun. 

bi-side a welle he sette him douw. 

f er he made his orisoun. 

and f us wif wordes con he rouw. 

IF lorde he saide fat alle may. 

fat my lorde lyues on i nvfi and day. 

for f i loue he walde no3t warne 

to sacrifise his awen barne. 

to suche a wife to quam I. fare. 

gif me grace if f i wille ware. 

fat my seruis so site and seme. 

at to f i worshepe mai be-queme. 

and suche a wife f ou sende Isaac. 

fat may be confort him to take. 

him to ioy and menske to f e. 

lorde f ou grante hit squa may be 

and do me bi f is welle here. 

traiste to be of my prayer. 

for bi f is welle I salle a-bide. 

quat of myne errande may be-tide 

here salle I. bide til atte I. se 

f e maydenes come out of f e cite 

atte f is welle water to draw. 

far salle I. my womraon knaw. 




" Gladli, sir, it sal be don." 
fe sergaimt made him redi son, 3244 
And boune was mad to his busking, 
Tresur gret wid precius thing, 
Slik als may dens has of mister, 
All fat ten chamelis miht ber, 3248 
Ring and broche fat war selli p?*oud, 
Gold and ston for niayden schrud, 
fat qua him sau miht vnderstand 
He comen was fra a riche land. 3252 
To mesopothamie suith cam he, PJ 2 J: bk » 
And sone he fand fe soth cyte, 
And quen he com nerehand fe toun, 
Bi a welle he lithed doun ; 3256 

A prayer made he in J?at place, 
And Jms he bisoglit god of his g?*ace, 
"Lauerd," he said, "J?at all welde may, 
J>at my laue?*d honurs ewr and ay, 
For quas loue he wild noght warn, 
To sacrifice his aune barn, 32 G 2 

Til qua?ra to seke a wijf i fare, 
Lau^'d j>u send me an sum-quar, 
And sua mi seruis sett at seme, 32G5 
J?at to Jn worschip may be queue, 1 
And suilk a wijf to ysaac [' read quemc] 
J?at may be gaynand him to tak, 3208 
Him to yoi and mensk to fe ; 
Lauerd, Jm grant it sua may be. 
And graunt me bi j)is welle here, 
Ti list to be of my prai* 3272 

For bi Jm- welle - J i abide, 
Quat of mine Brand may bytide ; 
Here sal i abide til fat i 
Maidens cum fra Jus cyte, 3276 

fair watir at Jus welle to drau, 
far sal i mi womman knau ; 

Gladly he seide hit shal be done 
Jus mon made him redy soone 
Faste he hy3ed to his goyng 
\YiJ? tresour greet & p?-eciouse Jung 
Suclie as maydenes han of mistere 
Al fat ten cameles my3te bere 
Ringe & broche Jmt were proude 
Golde & stoon for maydenes shroud ■ 
fat who him say my3te vndirstonde 
he comen was fro a riche londe 
To mesopothanie soone coom he 
And soone he fonde J?at cite 
Whence he coom ne^e honde fe towt 
Bi a welle he li3t doun 
A preyere made he in fat place 
And Jms bisou3te god of grace 
lorde he seide fat al welde may 
Jwt my lord honourej) euery day 
For whoos loue he wolde not warn 
To sacrifise his owne barn 
To whom to seke a wif I fare 
lord fou sende me oon su?;i whare 
And so my seruyse set to seme 
fat to Ju worshepe may be quemc 
And suche a wif to ysaace 
fat may be good him to take 
him to ioye & menskc to Jje 
lord fou grauwte fat hit BO be 
And grauwtc me bi pis welle here 
Trusti to be of my prej 
For bi J?is welle wol I bide 
A\*liat of mj d eronde wol bityde 
here wol I be til pat I 
Maydenes com fro pis cite 
hex watir at Jus wcll<' to drawe 
pere shal I ray womman knawe 



Sco pat sal bete me my thrist 

I sal hir hakl als for fe best." 3280 

Had lie nogkt„ rested bot a tlirau, 

maidens sagh lie cum on. raw ; 
f e formast was vnlaghter milde, 

Hir semed na wight to be wilde, 3284 

Ne was sco not oletes light ; 

Eebecca was f e nam sco bight, 

Hir fader was cald batuel. 

Hir semed all hir werkes wel, 3288 

Sittandlik hir wat?/r toke. 

f e sargant yern can on hir loke, 

fat bath avisi was and wise, 

And said til hir o f iskin wise ; — 3292 

" Maiden,"said he, "fou giue me drinc, 

For i ha ben sumdel in suinc ; 

1 am a man farand f e way, 

Mi hemes dun heir did i lai, 3296 
my passage was i in doute, 
For naman knau i here aboute ; 
Me war lath if i might me were 3299 
pat men scath did me on my geyre." 
1 " Leue freind," sco said, " fine asking 
Es noght bot a litell thing, [' leaf 2o,coi. i] 
fou sal it haue wit ful god will ; 3303 
And fine camels sal drinc fair fill, 
For wantes vs here na uessell, 
Ne mele, ne bucket, ne funell." 
Sco drogh p am all inogh to drinc, 
Left sco nawight for na suinc ; 3308 
Eot ai f e quils he ne fan 
To be-hald pat leue maidan, 
How all hir dedes can hir seme, 
fe sargant thoght it selli queme. 3312 
" Say me now," he said, " be f i hand, 
Has fou any fader liuand 1 " 


ho Jjjit salle bete me of f reste 

I. salle liable hir for pe best. 

U liad he no3t rested bot a fraw 

of maydenes saghe he come on raw 

pe formaste was vnlaghte?' milde 

hir semed no3t to be wilde. 

was ho no3t of lates li3t 

rebecca was pe name ho lii^t. 

hir fader was calde batuel. 

hir semed alle hir werke ful wel. 

sitandly hir water ho toke 

IT pe seriaunt on hir ^orner con loke. 

he was ba]) war and wise. 

and saide til hir on suche a wise. 

may den saide he fou gif me drinke 

for I. haue sumdel bene in sqtiynke 

.1 am trauaillande in my way. 

my hemes doun bere con I. lay. 

of my passage was I. in doute. 

for na mon knaw I. here a-boute. 

me ware laf if T. mu^t were 

men me skafe dide on my gere. 

11 leue frende saide ho fine askinge. 

hit nys potte a litel f inge. 

fou sal hit haue wif ful gode wil 

and fi camels salle drink faire lille. 

for w r antes vs here na vessel. 

ne meel ne boket ne fonel. 

ho droghe alle I.-noghe to drinke. 

left ho na wete for na squynke. 

IF bot ay fat quyle walde he no^t blyn 

to be-halde fat maydyn. 

how alle hir dedis con hir seme. 

f e seriaunt fo3t hit selly queme. 

say me he saide may bi f e hande 

has fou fader any liuande. 




Scho J?at sal bete my threst, 

I sal hir hold as for pe best." 3280 

Had he noght rested bot a thran, 

Of maydens sau he com a rau, 

be formast was unlauthir milde, 

Hir semed na thing to be wilde, 3284 

X*' was scho noght of lath thing liht, 

Rebecca was hir name scho liiht, 

Hir fadir was cald batuel. 

Hir semed all hir werkes wel, 3288 

Sittandli hir watir tok, [coL 2] 

be sergant fast gan apon hir loke, 

bat was bath witti and denyse, 

And said to hir on bis kin wise ; 3292 

" Mayden," he said, " giue bu me drinc, 

For i haue be su??zdele in suink, 

I am a man farand be way, 

Mi harnays dun here did i lay, 329 G 
Of mi passage was i in doute, 
For na man kneu I here aboute ; 
Me war loth if i miht me were, 3299 
Men did me harm of mi gere." 
"Leue fremd," scho said, " bin asking 
Ne ea aoght bot a littel thing, 
bu sal it haue wid gode will, 3303 
And bin chameyles sal drinc fair fill, 
For Y8 ne wanlis lurf Da vessel, 
Bolle ii" bockett, oe na foneL" 
Scho drew bairn a] enogh t'» drinc, 
Lefl Bcho Qoghl i'-.r hir auynk, 3308 
And en< /• ilk fote miht Ik- noghl blinoe, 
To bihold pa\ lair maydene, 
Hon all hir dedia bigane hii seme, 
rgaunl thoght paim selcuth queme. 
:v me," he said, "bi J-i hand, 3313 

I I bu ani fadii liueand ] " 

i, '.i HNOBN 

She pat shal bete my brest 

I shal hir holde as for best 

he nadde rested but a Jrowe 

Of maydenes he say com a rowe 

be formast was vnla^ter mylde 

hir semed no ping to be wilde 

Was she not of semblau?it h^t 

Rebecca hir name hi^t 

Batuel het hir fadir snel 

hir semed alle hir werkes wel 

Sittyngly hir watir she toke 

Jus mon faste dud on hir loke 

he was witty & deuyse 

he seide to hir on pis wise 

Mayden he seide 3yue me drynke 

Mychel I haue on be to binke 

I am a mon faryng pe wey 

Myn barneys dud I here down ley 

Of my passage I was in doute [if 21, bkj 

For no mon knew I here aboute 

Me were lop If I my3te were 

Men dud me harm on my gere 

Frend she seide j>in askyng 

Nia not but litil Jung 

ban shal hit haue wib good wille 

And bi camailes to drynke her fille 

For here vs wanteb no vessel 

Bolle iiy hoket ny no fon< I 

She droller 1 1 < 111 alle YU<>U}(' of <ll Tills 

Lefte she not for no Bwynk 
bis up, re mon invite not blin 
To biholde bis fair maydin 
how alle hir dedea < 1 n< 1 hir Berne 
bia mon b<>u}t hem t<» qneme 
Maide he b< Lde bi bi honde 
haaton any fadir Lynonde 



" Sir, ya," sco said, " and moder wit al, Sir 3a ho saido wij) alle. 

Til lious gladly Jnii wil yow call j til house gladly J>ai Avil pe calle. 

Fodder and hai Jjou sal find bun 3317 prouande and hay J)ou sal finde boura 

Na roummer sted in al pe tun." na romer place in alle j)is tou«. 

De nupcijs ysaac & rebecce [leaf 20] 

And he hir gaue a gift onan, 

A gold ring J?at wit brightnes scain, 

Thancand god, til erth he fell. 3321 

pe may ran ham, tijmnd to tell, 

Sco had a broker J?at hight laban, 

He ran oute son a-gains pe man ; 3324 

Wit talking war j?ai sa??zmen knaun, 

To riche gestning war J?ai draun ; 

Jian wist jjai bi Jjis messagere 

Abraham Avas J?am sib ful nere. 3328 

Ete ne drinc no]>er he wald 

Til he J?am had his errand tald, 

Til jjat pe sikernes was tan. 

Licknes to corbin had he nan ! 3332 

Sa welworth suilk a messager, 

To send a nerrand for to ber, 

Jmt reckes of him self als noght, 3335 

To do his lauerd nedes be wroght. 

pe mariage pen did he mak 

Bituix rebecca and ysaac ; 

Ilkan gaue he giftes sere, 

Efter J?at f>ai worthe were, 3340 

And cled pe may wit riche weede, 

Als pe lagh was pat lede, 

Ilk man gaue he sumkin thing, 

And batuel made fair waiting. 3344 

On morn wit godds beniscon 

Was mai rebecca lede o ton ; 

Hir foster moder wit hir sco ledd 

And rade til J?ai come ner pe stedd, 


and he hir gaf. a gift onane. 

a golde ringe wi|> a bri3t stane. 

Jmncande god to evpe he felle. Deaf 21] 

pe maydyn ranne hame tipsmdus to tel 

ho had a hmper J?at he3t laban. 

he ranne him forj? a-gaynys j)is man. 

wij> talkinge ware J?ai sa??imyn knawen. 

to riche gestes ware J?ai drawen. 

IT pen wiste pai bi Jns messager. 

abraham was ham sibbe ful nere. 

ete ne drink n&uper he walde. 

til he his message had ham talde. 

til ]? at sicurenes was tane. 

liknes to pe rauen had he nane. 

wel worj? suche a messager. 

to sende a message for to ber. 

Jjat rekkes of his self ri^t no3t. 

til his lordes dede be wix^t. 

IF pe mariage dide he per make 

bi-twix rebecca and ysaac : 

ilkane gaf he giftes sere 

ofter at ]?ai worju" were. 

and cled j?at may den wijj riche wede 

als pe laghe walde of J?at lede. 

ilk mon gaf he sumkyn J>inge. 

and batuel made faire gestenyng^. 

on morne wij> goddes benysoun 

was rebecca led of toun. 

hir foster model wijj hir. ho led 

and rade til J?ai come nere pat stede 



" Sir," sclio said, u 3a, and mofer wid al, ^e she seide & modir wij) al 

Til lious gladli J?ai wil fe call, 3316 To lions gladly fat wol fe cal 

Fodder &)i<l hay Jm sal find boune, Fodder & hey Jjou shal be bonn 

Nan fayrer Innes in all J?e tonne." No feirere In in al J)is toun 

[Of the mart 

And he hir gaf a gifte on-ane, 

A gold ring Jwt brihtly schane, 3320 

Thankand godd te erde he fell ; 

\e mayden ran horn tij?and to tell. 

Scho had a \>vofer hight laban, 

And he ran forth egain fe man, 3324 

wid taking wer Jai sanien knaun, JJif* 1 

To riche gestnyng was he drann. 

J?an wist J?ai bi Jus messager, 

Abraham him was sibb ful nere ; 3328 

Ete no drinc noujjcr he wolde, 

Til he him had his erand told, 

Til Jjat fe sekirnes was tane, 

Licnes to renyn had he nane. 3332 

Sua wele worth suilk a messager! 

To send a message for to here, 

J?at reckes of him seluen right noglit, 

Til fat his lauardes nedes be wroght. 

)>e mariage J?an did he make, 3337 

Bi-tuene Rebecca and ysaac, 

Ilkan gaf he giftes sere, 

Efter pat Jai worthi were, 33 10 

And cledd pe may wid riche wede, 

Ala ft- I. hi was in pa\ h de. 

Ilk mill gaf he sumkinea thing, 3343 

And Batuel mad him fair gestning. 

Al mom wid goddea benisun, 

Rel - 1 dd vie of ft- tun, 

Ilii- in" 1' /• ala wid liir Bcho Ledd, 33 1 7 

And rad til j.ii com nere pa\ atedd, 


iage of Isaac] 

he hir }af a ^ifte anone 

A golde ring fat bi^te shone 

jjankyng god to erf>e he fel 

fe mayde ran hoom of hi??* to tel 

She had a brofe?- het laban 

he ran for J) a^ejn fe man 

Bitokne soone were J?ei knawc 

To riche gestenyng was he drawe 

J?en??.e wisten J>ei bi ])is messangere 

Abraham was sib hi??i ful nere 

Ete ne drinke noufer he wolde 

Til he hadde his eronde tolde 

And fe sikernes was made 

Likenes to rauen he not hade 

"Wei be suchc a messangere 

his message for]) to bere 

Jwt of him self reecho)? nou^t 

Til his nedes be ful wroujt 

fe mariage dud he Jjennc make 

Bitwene rebecca and Isaake 

To vchone }af he }iftis sere 

Aftir pal |>ei worji were 

And clad pe may in riche wede 

was lawe in fat lede 
To vchon he jaf buw? |>ing 
Batuel made hiwi good gestenyng 
A morwe in goddea benesoun 
Etebecca wa i ladde of toun 
hir modii as witi hir lad 
Til pel couiii nv; )•■ re hix rad 



bar pe wowning was of abraham ; [coi. 2] 

And ysaac was not fra hame, 3350 

Ysaac him yode to rone, 

Thoght on thing he had to done ; 

He yode J?ar walkand be pe strete 

And come agains Jjam to mete. 3354 

J>an said rebecca, " quat man es he 

pat cumand til ward us i se 1 " 

He drogh hir ner and still spak, 3357 

" Yon es mi lauerd ysaac, 

Yon es pi keiser sal be J>in, 

Of him now sal J>ou ha sesin ; 

Til his behoue haue i pe soght, 3361 

In seli time, and wit me broght." 

pe sargant did hir dun to light \ 

For to tak hir better dight, 3364 

Sco belted hir better on hir wede, 

Wit mantel clad o bouen o rede ; 

And j?of sco scamful was, i-wiss, 

Sco tint na contenance wit Jis. 3368 

Eebecca and ysaac er samen 

Mette, wit mikel gle and gamut en ; 

Wit mikel mirth tbar naman wene, 

Was broght til hus J?at maiden schene ; 

And pen jjai made pe manage 3373 

Als fel to riche heritage. 

pe mikel luue o rebecca 

J?an feld pe soru dame sarra ; 3376 

Suilk er in Jns Hue ful thikc, 

Forgetes pe deid for pe quick ; 

Bot J?ai it did for su??z reson, 3379 

And thoru sigllificacion. Hicincipitysmael 

IF Ysmael had wijfs thrin 
pat kinges tuelue pax come of him, 
J>ai held, als men war mightiest, 3383 
pe landes )>at war til-ward pe est, 


per wonynge was of abraham. 
and ysaac was no3t fra hame 
IF Isaac went him for)? to rone. 
and ]>03t on Jung he had to done, 
he 3ode walcande bi pa strete. 
and bi pe way he con ham mete. 
}>an saide rebecca quat mon ys he 
fiat comande tawarde vs I. se. 
1F he droghe hir nere and stilly spac. 
3onde ys my lorde sir Isaac. 
3onder ys pe mon }>at sal be June 
a better body drank neyuer wine 
til his by-houe I. haue pe so3t. 
and in sely time pe brc^t. 
II hir seriaunt dide hir doun to li^t. 
on fote ful semely was ho di3t. 
ho belt hir bette?* on hir wede. 
wij) mantel cled a-bouen of rede 
al if ho shamful was I.-wys. 
ho tynt na countenance wij? Jns 
IF rebecca and ysaac ar mette samme. 
wij) mykil mirj? ioy and gamme. 
wij> squete wordis J)aire way J)ai went 
til hous J?ai bro3t J?at maydyn gent 
and J>en Jmi made ]?at mariage. 
as felle to riche heritage. 
pe mykil loue of rebecca. 
stynt pe sorow of dame sarra. 
and so ar 3et in life fulle J)ike 
for-3etyn pe dede. for pe quike. 
bot J?ai hit dide for sum resoun. 
and for sum significacioun. 

Ismael had wiues Juinne. 
pat kinges xij. come of him. 
J?at helde as men alder myghtest 
pe landes lyand towarde pe est. 



j>ar wonand was sir abraham ; 

And ysaac was noglit fra ham, 

ysaac went him forto ro, 3351 

And thoght on thinges he had to do, 

He }ede Jar walkand bi pe strete, 

Aiid com egaynes him to mete. 

J?an said Rebecca, " quat man es he, 

J?at tilward vs comand i se ? " 3356 

He drow hir nere and still spac, 

" $on es my lauerd, sir ysaac, 

It es pe kayser pat sal be Jun, 

Of him nou sal pu haue sesin. 3360 

Til his bihoue i pe soght, [coi. 2] 

In seli time and wid me broght." 

pe sergau?zt did hir dun to liht, 

In better aray hir forto dyht, 3364 

Scho hir arayed in bett#* wede, 

A mantel aboue clad in redo ; 

And pou scho schamful was, i-wis, 

Scho tynt na contenanse w T id Jus. 

Rebecca and ysaac er samen 3369 

Mete wid mekil gle and gamen, 

wid mekil mirth thar no man wene, 

was broght to hous fat mayde?i schene. 

And Jan Jai made pe mariage 3373 

pat fell vnto riche eritage. 

pe mekil loue of Rebecca 

Feld pa soru of dame sarra ; 3376 

Suilk er in pia lijf ful thic, 

For-getis pe dede for pe quic : 

Bot Jmi it did for sum resun, 

And thorn significacion. 3380 

Ismac] lia<l wiuea thrin, 
fat k iiiLT'- - tuelue com of him, 
J>ai held ms men war mihtii 
pa landea pat lay in to p<- est, 3381 

pere wonynge sir Abraham was 
Isaac was not fer fro plas 
As Isaac went him to ro 
And Jjou^t of Jnngis he hadde to do 
he ^eode walkynge bi pe strete 
And coom a3eynes hem to mete 
Rebecca seide what man is he 
pat towarde vs comynge I se 
he drou^e hir neer & stille spak 
pat is my lord sir ysaak 
hit is pe caisere shal be J)in 
Of him shal pou soone haue seisyn 
To his bihoue I pe sou^t 
In sely tyme & wij) me broi^t 
jus seriauftt dud hir doun to li3t 
In better aray for to di}t 
She hir in better wede arayed 
A man til of reede aboue she laj T ed 
And foi^e she shemcful was I wis 
She lost no couwtenaurcce wij) Jris 
Rebecca & Isaac are samen 
Mett wijj myche ioye & gamcn 
wij) mychel myrjje for to mene 
was broujte to house pat may sbeno 
pemie J>ei made pe mariage 
pat fel to riche heritage 
pe mychel loue of rebecca 
Falde pe sorwe of dam sare 
Suche are now a lyue ful Jucke [leaf 22 
Foi^ete pe dede for pe quike 
But Jei hit dud for Bom resoim 
And {wor^e Bignificacioun 
rilhre wyuea bad Luna 1 
JL Twelue kyngee 000m of him to Lei 
Jx'i helde as mistiest psA day 
p>- 1- aides jjaf iii |>e seal lay 




Gret ferly was J?e kin to tell 
Was multiplid of ysmael. £ u e JSKjJi 
IT Abraham, eftcr dame sarra, SunT 
tok a wijf higlit cethura ; 3388 

Of hir he had a sun madan 
And a noiper hight madian ; 
Noght for na lust of licheri 
Eot fat his sede suld multipli, 3392 
Als godd him had lang be-for hight, 
Tok wijf for-f i fat sua was right. 
Bituix his childer he delt his aght, 
His land til ysaac he taght. 33 9 G 

For he was born o mariage, {Jf**? ' back * 
Wit right he had his heritage. 
A hundreth yeir seuenti and flue 
Quen abraham had left his Hue ; 3400 
He deid in trouth and halihede, 
His suns dughti ware o dede ; 
f ai wepe his ded and sua did ma, 
And laid him be his wijf sarra ; 3404 
In drightin was his fayth ai fest. 
Our lauerd vs bring in til his rest ; 
Suilk a rest in for to cum 
pat we mai wit him-self won. 3408 


no gap in the MS.] 

De ysaac filio abrahe [leaf 20, back] 

Now es god at vnder tak 
J>e store tell of ysaac : 

vr lauerd fat es bunte bun 
Til him he gaue his benesun. 3412 
Wiss he was, drightin he drede, 
Gladli his biding he didd. 
Wit-outen child his wijf was lang, 
And fat thoght ysaac ful Strang. 3416 


f e kindc ware ferly grete to tel. 
what multiplied of ismael. 

Abraham ofter serra 
toke a wife fat he3t cethura. 
of hir he hadde a sone madan. 
and a-nof er he3t madian. 
no^t for f e luste of lecchery 
bot for his sede sulde multiply, 
als god him be-fore had hi3t 
he toke a wife and fat was ri3t. 
If his childer twa. he gaf his aght. 
his lande tille Isaac he ta^ht. 
for he was childe of first mariage. 
Avij? ri^t he had his heritage. 
a hundrej) ^ere seuenti and fiue. 
quen abraham had lad his Hue. 
he dyed in trau)) and halyhede 
his sones dughti ware of dede. 
and weppet his dede and squa dide ma. 
and laide him bi his wife sarra. 
In crist was his faythe ay fest 
our lorde vs bringe in-til his rest, 
suche a reste in to come 
fat we may wij? his-seluen wone 
wij) him to wone wif-outen ende. 
per ioy and blis nys no3t at amende. 

J>e stori of Isaac abraham sone 

Now ys gode atte vnder-take. 
and pe story telle of Isaac. 

our lorde fat ys of bounte boun. 
til him he gaf his benysoun. 
ful wyse he was god to drede. [if 21, bk] 
gladly his bidinge euer he bede. 
wif-outen childe his wife was lango 
and J?ar-of J>U3t isaac ful strange. 



Gret farli was J?e kin to tell, 
was multeplied of ysmael. 
abrahani efter dame sarra, 
Tok a wijf hight cephura, 3388 

Of hir he had a sone hith madan, 
And a-nofer hight madian ; 
Noght for lust of licheri, 
Bot for his sede suld multipli, 3392 
Als godd him had biforand hiht, 
Tok a wijf, for sua was riht. 
Tuix his childer he delt his auht, 
His land to ysaac he bitauht, 3396 
For he was born of mariage, coi 24 i] bk ' 
wid riht he bade his eritage. 
An hundred }ere seuenti a?id fyue, 
Quen abraham had ledd his lyue,3400 
He deyed in treuth a?i& in halihede. 
His sones dohuti were of dede ; 
Jai wepe his dede and sua did ma, 
And laid him bi his wijf sara. 3404 
In godd was eue?' his feith feste, 
vr lauerd vs bring in to his reste ! 
Suilk a rest in for to cum, 3407 

fat we may wid him seluen won. Amen. 


no gap in fJie MS.] 

\Tondir hit were Je kyn to tel 

\>at multeplied of Ismael 

Abraham aftir dam sara 

Toke a wif het Cephura 

Of hir he gat a son madan 

And anofer het madian 

Not for lust of lecchery 

But his seed to multeply 

As god him had to fore hi^t 

he toke a wif for hit was ri}t 

Bitwene his childre he delt his ai^t 

his londe to Isaac he bitauht 

For he furst born was in mariage 

Bi ri3t he hadde his heritage 

An hundride ^eer seuenty & fyue 

Whence Abraham had lad his lyue 

he de^ed in troufe & holy hede 

his sones dou^ti were of dede 

f ei wepte his deef & so dud mo 

Bi sara J>ei leide him J?o 

In god was euer his feij? fest 

Oure lorde bringe vs to his rest 

Suche a reste to to come 

fat we may wif him seluen wone 

[ . . . 

no gap in the MS.] 

Nou es gode to vnd^rtake, 
pe stori to tell of sir ysaace. 

Ovre lauerd, J>«t es of bounte bone, 
Til him he gaf his bcnisone, 
wijs lie was & godd lie dredd, 3413 
And gladli his bidding li«' didd. 
widuten child his wijf was lang, 
And \>a.t thoght ysaac ferli Strang, 

Now is good to vndirtake 
f e story to telle of sir ysaake 

Oure lord fat is of godenes howi 
To ysaac jaf his benesotm 
wyis he was & god he diadde 
And gladly dad Jwt he him bodde 
Wifouten childe his wif was longo 
\"\ folate him ful stronge 



He praid til him pat al mai mend 
pat he wald him sun child send, 
For his wijf he dred ful sare 
Sco suld be geld for euer mare. 3420 
pe gode childer geten o grace 
Vnnethes cum pai forth in place, 
Bot quen pai forth cu??z, well es kend 
p«t pai o godds grace er send. 3424 
Child vnnethes had dame sarra 
Rebecca / Rachel / And anna alsua, 
No yeit pe haly helizabeth, 3427 

To haf Mr hirth come sco not eth, 
[ ir That was Iohn the baptyst Ms fl ; < £ 1 6 j iaud 
That to men shewid Cryst] 
Alsua semis, qua right can deme, 
Bes o rebecca barn-teme. 3432 

Sco had pam noght, for-pi i sai, 
Ar pai war soght so mani dai, 
Godd hight pam childer no for-pi 
pat of his sede suld multipli. 3436 
And said, " ysaac, ai sal i be 
Als wit pi fader alsua wit pe." 
Ysaac gaue to godd his tent 3439 

And praid he suld him childer sent ; 
Sua lang he praid pat his praiyer 
Wei was herd wit drightin dere. 
His wijf pat lang had child for-gane 
Now sco bredes tua for ane, 3444 

Tuinlinges pat hir thoght na game??, 
pat in hir womb oft faght samen. 
2 Sua herd wit-in hir wamb pai faght 
pat sco ne moght rest, dai ne naght ; 
At pray to godd ai was sco prest 3449 
To rede hir quat pat hir was best, 
pat hir war best he wald hir rede ; 
Hir lijf was lickest to be ded. 3452 

COTTON [ 2 CO 1 . 2] 

he prayed him pat al may mendfl 

pat he walde a childe him sende. 

for his wife he dred ful sare. 

ho sulde be baren for euer-mare. 

pe gode childer getyn of grace. 

vnnepe come pai forp in place. 

bot quen pai forp come wele ys kend 

at pai wip goddis grace ar sende. 

childe vnnethes had dame rebecca. 

I. mai no3t telle }et of pa. 

ne }et pe hali elizabethe. 

to haue hir birthe come ho. no^t ethe 

of seint Iohn Baptist. 

pat til man sende Ihesu criste 

al-so semys qua ri3t con deme 

al pes sal be of rebecca teme 

bot ho had ham m^t for-pi I. say. 

or pai ware so^t sa mony a day. 

god heght ham childer. no3t for-pi. 

pat of paire sede sulde multiply. 

and saide Isaac I. sal be. 

als wip pi fader al-so wip pe. 

IT Isaac to god gaf his entent 

and prayed he sulde him childe?* sent. 

so lange he prayed at his prayer 

was wele herde wip c?*iste so dere 

his wife pat lange had childe for-gan. 

now ho bredis twa for ane. 

of twynlynges pat hir pujt na gam. 

pat in hir wombe ar stadde saw-me 

so harde wip-in hir wombe pai fa3t 

atte ho ne mote reste f day ne mo^t 

wip alle hir hert ay was ho prest 

to pray to god quat hir ware best 

quat hir was best he sulde rede. 

ri}t was ho like ho sulde be dede 



He praid to him pat all may mende, 
j?at he wild him sum childer sende, 
For his wijf he dredd ful sare, 
Scho suld be geld for euerniare. 3420 
pe gode childer getin of grace, 
vnne[the]se cum j?ai forth in place, 
Bot que?? J>ai cwn forth, wele es kend 
]?at pai of goddes grace er send. 3424 
Child vnethes had dame sare, 
Rebecca, Rachel, and anna, 
Ne jit pe hali Elizabeth, 3427 

To haue hir birth co??i scho nohut eth, 
Of saint iohn pe baptist, 
pat til man scheud iesu crist. 
Alsua semes, qua right can deme, 
Bes of Rebecca barn-teme, 3432 

Scho had noght )>aim for-J?i i say, [coi. 2] 
Ar )>ai were sohut many a day. 
Godd hiht faim childer noght for-Ju, 
fat of his sede suld multipli, 343G 
And said, "ysaac, i sal be, 
Als wid Jri fader, alsua wid Jje." 
Ysaac gaf to godde his tende, 3439 
And prayd he suld him childer send, 
Sua lang he praid pat his praier 
Wele was herd wid god sua dere. 
His wijf J>at lang child had forgan, 
Nou scho bredis tua for an ; 3444 

Of tuynlinges hir thoght na garner, 
pat in hii wombe faght oft samen, 
Sua hard in hir wombe J?ai faglit, 
)>at scho ne had rest day ne naght. 
To pray to godd ay was scho prest, 
To consail hir quat were best) 3450 
Quat hir war lx-st he suld hir rede, 
ILir lijl' was lickes to be dede ; 


he preyed him pat may al mende 
pat he wolde him childre sende 
For of his wif he dredde sore 
She shulde be bareyn euermore 
pe gode childre geten of grace 
vnnej?e coom j?ei for]? in place 
But whenwe J?ei coom wel is knowe 
pat j^ei of goddes grace are sowe 
Childe but oon had dam sara 
Rebecca hadde rachel & anna 
Nor jitt lioly Elizabeth 
To haue hir childe coom not eeth 
pat was Ion pe baptist 
pat to men shewed crist 
Also seme)> ri3t to deme 
BeJ> of rebecca barn teme 
She hadde hem not soj? to say 
Ar J?ei were sou^t mony a day 
god het hem childre not for Jn 
pat of her seed shulde multepli 
And seide I shal ^itt be 
As wif ])i fadir so wif pe 
Isaac 3af to god his tende 
And preyed he shulde childre sende 
So longe he preyed pat his preyere 
wel was herde wif> god so dere 
She pat longe had childe forgone 
Now she bred e J) two for oone 
Of twinliftges hir Jxni^te no gamon 
jwt fau^te ofte in hir wombe samen 
So faste in hir dud p< \ fijte 
)y/t she had rest day HOI nyjte 

To preye t<> god ay was Bhe piest 
To counsel hir what were b 
W'li.ii, were best hir to rede 

hir fif was li«ly to be di 




Strang weird was giuen to fain o were 

pftt f ai ruoglit noglit fair strif for-bere, 

Til fay had o f am seluen might 

To se quarfor pat pal suld fight. 3456 

Fra biginniwg o pe werld 

suilk a wer was neuer herd, 

ISTe suilk a strijf o childir tuin 

fat lai per moder wamb wit-in ; 3460 

fair strut it was vn-stern stith, 

Wit wratlili wrestes aif er writh, 

Bituix vn-born a batel blind, 

Suilk an was ferli to find. 3464 

He fat on pe right side lai 

pe tof er him wraisted oft away ; 

And he fat lay a-pon pe left 

pe tof er oft his sted him reft. 3468 

1F pe leuedi was ful ferli drad, 

A Is wowzman fat ful hard was stad. 

Bot oure lauerd o suthfastnes 

Had don hir in to sikernes, 3472 

Thoru his werrai propheeie, 

Qicat suld be f aa childer vie, 

fair weird and o fair lijf, 3475 

And quat for bese?nng bar fe strijf; 

For-f e buxsu??z baret sco bare, 

And kneu comforth suld com o care ; 

Hir breding was ful selcut sare, 3479 

Bot hir chiltting was mikel mare. 

fan wex f e fight mare fan be-forn, 

Quilk o fir tua suld first be born ; 

Strait es for to stere f e stat 

far might o kind es funden mat. 3484 

fir tua bref er, pat i mote, 

f e less f e mare laglit be f e fote 

In trauelling and drogh a gain, 

Ful herd it was fair mode?* pain. 3488 


5F strange wired, was ham giuen of "were 

at f ai mii3t nojt f aire strif for-bere 

til f ai had of ham-seluen nn^t 

to se quar-fore Jm sulde fi^t 

fra f e be-gynnynge of f e werde 

of suche a weer was neuer herde 

ne suche a strife of childer twyn. 

atte lay f aire moder wombe with-in 

p aire strife hit was sturen and stif e 

aif er wraisted of er oft sif e. 

bi-twix vnborne a batail blind e 

suche an ware ferly for-to finde. 

11 he fat a-pon f e ri}t side lay. 

his brof er wraisted him a-way. 

and he fat lay a-pon f e left 

his brof er stede oft he reft. 

IF f e lauedy was ful ferly drad. 

as wommon fat harde ware stadde. 

bot our lorde of sof fastnes. 

hadde done hir in sikernes. 

f orou his verray prophase 

of quatkin life J?a childer sulde be. 

of faire wirde and of f aire life. 

and al-so quar-fore was fat strife. 

for-]n buxumly baret ho bare. 

and knew conforte sulde come of care 

hir breding was ful selcoujje sare 

bot hir childinge was mykil mare. 

11 fen wex f e fi^t mare fen be-forne 

quef er of ham sulde er be borne. 

straite ys for to stere f e state. 

per rni^t of kinde ys fundyn mate 

of f er twa bref er fat I. mote. 

f e lesse f e mare la^t bi f e fote. 

In traualyng and droghe him a-ga} r ne. 

ful harde hit was faire moder payne 



Sua wonder Strang it was, pair were, 
pat pai miht nohut pair strijf forbore 
Til pai had of paim seluen might 
To se quere-for pat pai suld fight. 
Fra pe biginyng of pe world, 3457 
Of suilk a were was naquar herd, 
Xe suilk a strijf of childcr tuine, 
pat lay pair mode?* wombe wid-ine. 
pair strut it was vnsterne stithe, 3461 
wid wrethly wraystes ope?' wreche, 
Betuix vnborn a batayle blind, 
Suilk on was ferli to find. 3464 

He pat on pe right side lay, 
His brope?' oft him wraisted away, 
And he pat lay apon pe left, 3467 
His broper oft his stede him reft, 
pe leuedi was ful ferli dradd, 
As womman pat ful hard was stad, 
Bo[t] vr laue?'d of sothfastnes 
Had don hir into sekernes, 
Thoru his verra propheteye, 
Q-uat suld be pa childer enuye, 
Of pair werre and of pair lijf, 
And quat ensample bar pair strijf. 
For-pi buxu??i baret scho bar, 
And kneu confort suld cum of care. 
Hir bieding was ful selcuth sare, 
And hir childing mekil mare, 3480 
pan wcx pe fight more pan beforn, 
Quepe?* of paim suld first be born. 1 
U' Strang es for to schcre pe scliar, 
pe miht of kinde es funden mare ; 
Of pir tua brepe?' p"t i of mole, 3485 

[leaf 25, 
col. 1] 



wondir strong was hir were 

pei wolde not pat strif forbere 

Til pei had of hem self my3t 

To se wherfore pei shulde fi3t 

Fro pe bigynnyng of pe werd [if 22, bk] 

Of suche a werre was neuer herd 

No suche a strif of childre twynne 

pat lay pe modir wombe wipinne 

[ • • 

no gap in the Trinity fy Laud MSS.] 
Bitwene vnborne a batail blynde 
Suchon was wondir to fynde 
he pat on pe ri3t syde lay 
his brope?* ofte him wrast away 
And he pat lay on pe left 
his brope?* ofte his stud him reft 
pe lady was ful myche a drad 
As wom??ion pat was harde stad 
But oure lorde god pat es 
hade done hir in to sikernes 
pour^e his ve?*rey p?-ophecie 
pat shulde be po childre uye 
Of her were and of her lif 
And what cnsau???ple bare pat strif 
pe?-fore buxomly she hit bare 
And knew coueryng to com of care 
hir bredyng was ful sore 
And hir childynge mychel more 
po wcx pe f i 3 1 more pen to forn 
whiche shulde be firste born 


no gap in Vie Trinity § Laud ^fSS.] 
Of pese two brejwen pat we mote 
pe La I' more t • ■!< < ■ 1 i pe fote 

pe less pe mare laght bi po fote, 

[ntrauayling, and drew egayn* — pJi 2 '^' 1" fcrauelynge A' drowse a^eyn 

Ful hard it was pair mofer pain. 3488 Muchel was p<; modil p''Vii 

1 Lines 2569 to 2622 have been licrc ropcat<;<! by mistake, and (hen OTOWed through. 


pe first was Lorn was rogh as hare, 

pe tojjer child was smeth and hare. 

He pat was nigh was rede wit-al, 

Esan J>ai did him call. 3492 

Iacoh higlit pe yonger broker, rt i, er# 

His moder him luued mare j?an pat 

1 For-])i ne was he nojjer quai sent 

Bot to pe huse ai tok he tent, PJli? 1 * 

pe hus to kepe and ma pe mett, 3497 

Mast to ]?at mister was he sett. 

pe fader luued esau for fode, 

For-qui pat he was archer gode, 3500 

And, qu.en he wald, ai was he bun 

To fete his fader venison, 

And he was als pe for-mast born. 

He delt als wit tilth o corn, 3504 

He cuth well als o waith sere, 

best o wode, o foghul riuere ; 

His fader Jjat old was and vnfere 

Oft he fed wit gode dinere. 3508 

God was pe werld in pat sesun 

And mikel it bar o benisun, 

On god men pat well held pe lai 

On childer ]>at he it wald on lai ; 3512 

O blesing mai man bisin take 

Bi childer of ))is ysaac, 

How yonger o J>ir tua 

pe blissing stal his broker fra ; 3516 

Bot first es gode pat it be tald 

How esau his forbirth said. 

IT Esau went for till hunt, 

A day, sum lie was oft wunt, 3520 

Bath on fer and ner he soght, 

Bot ]?at dai wayth J)an gatt he noght, 

For haf man neuer sa gode graith 

Tt es noght ilk dai, dai o waith, 3524 


pe first was borne was rughe of hare 

pe tojjer childe was ballede and bare 

IT he ]?at was rughe and rede wi)?-alle 

esau to name J>ai con him calle. 

Iacob he3t pe 3onger broker. 

pe moder him loued mare pen pe toper 

for-Jji was he nawre-quare sent 

bot to pe hous toke ay entent 

pe hous to kepe and make Jjaire mete 

J>er-to was he maste to sette 

IT pe fader loued esau for fode. 

for-quy Jjat he was archer gode 

and quen he walde ay was he houn 

to fette his fader venysoun. 

and he was als pe formast borne 

and delt ay wij) tiljje of corne. 

he was happy to gammys sere 

of beste of wode of fowels of riuer. 

his fader wex aide and vnfere 

and oft he made him gode dinere 

2 H gode was pe werlde in J>at sesou?i 

and mykil hit bare of benysouft [ 2 if 22] 

of godemen at helde pe lay. 

on childer atte he loued ay. 

of blessinge may men ensaumple take 

bi pe childer of Jus Isaac, esau salde 

how pe 3onger of pe twa. ^ 1S ™ n &e to 

pe blessinge stale his hvoper fra. 

bot first ys gode atte hit be talde 

how esau his forbirthe salde. 

Esau went for]) to hunt, 
a-pon a day as he was wont. 
baj fer and nere he S03t 
bot )>at day waij>e fande he no3t 
for haue man neuer so gode grai)>e 
hit ys no3t iche day ojjer waife 3 

FAIRFAX [ 3 MS. waire] 


pat first was born was roliw wid liar, 
pe toper child was sleytli and bar ; 
He J?at was rohw was rede wid-all, 
Esau J?ai did him to call; 3492 

Iacob hight pe 3onger hroper, 
His moder him loued mare J?an pe toper. 
For-J)i was he noquer sent, 
Bot to pe hous ay tok he lent, 3496 
pe hous to kepe and tent pe mete, 
Mast to J?at mister was he sett. 
pe f&per loued Esau for fode, 3499 
For-Ju ]?at he was an archer gode, 
And quen he w r ald ay was he bone, 
To gete his fadir venisun. 
And he was als pe formast born, 
He delt al wid tylth of corn, 3504 
He delt alsua w[id] oper thinges sere, 
Of best, of wode, of foul, of reuere ; 
His fader )>at aid was and vnfere, 
Oft he fedd wid gode dinere. 3508 
Gode was pe world in J>[a]t sesun, 
And mekil it uayled pe benisun 
Of gode men pat wele held J>air fai, 
On childe?* )>at J?ai wald it on lay. 
Of blissing may men biseniftg tak, 
Be Jnr childer of ysaak, 3514 

Hon pe ^onger of pa. tua, 
pe blissing stale his hvoper fra. 
Bot first es gode pat it be tald, 
Hon eeau his brofer said. 3518 

E-au went for to hunt 
A day, as he was oftin wont, 
Bath for and nere he has sohut, 3521 
Bol p>i\, day gamen (and he noght; 
*For haue men neuer so gode graith, 
Ilk day as noghl tyme of waith, [»coL«] 
ij qOttingem 

pe firste born was row^e of hare 

pe opere childe sh^te & bare 

he pat was row^e was reed wij? alle 

Esau men dud \\\m calle 

Iacob hett pe 3onger \>roper 

pe modir \\\m loued more J?en pe toper 

perioie nowhere was he sent 

But to pe hous toke he tent 

To tente pe mete & hous to kepe 

J^erto was he good and meke 

pe fadir loued esau for fode 

For he was an archer gode 

When?*e he wolde euer was he bou?i 

To gete his fadir venisoim 

And als he was as formast born 

he dalt al wij> tilj?e & corn 

wij? opere Jnngis delt he sere 

Wijj beestes wode foule of ryuere 

his fadir olde & vnfere 

Ofte he fedde wij good dynere 

Good was J?e world in pat sesoiui 

Muche availed benisoiui 

Of fadres pat wel helde her fay 

On childre whenwe pe\ wolde hit lay 

Of blessyng may men ensaumplo take 

Bi pose childre of ysaake 

how pe ^ongir of pe two 

pe blessyng stale his hropere fro 

I Itit furste is to be tol<l<' 

how esau his brojvr hit snide 

Esau went for J? to hunt 

A day aa he was ofte wont 

Fer & nere hadde Bon^t 

fai day gamen fonde he Donat 

For bane mon netu r bo mychel oede 

vche day is not tyme of Bpede 


Bot riueli pnt dai fat men failes 
Abute his waith most trauailles ; 
Quen he al weri was for-gan 
Ham he tok his wai o-nan ; 3528 

For hauk es eth, als i here, say, 
To reclaym pat has tint his pray. 
Hi? broker he fand giueand his tent 
To grayth a riche pulment ; 3532 

" pis kin mete now, broker," he said, 
" Giue me sum part pat pou has gray thid, 
Mette and drinc pou has to will, 
Bot lang es sipen I ete my fill." 3536 
Iacob pan said, " godd wit it, 
To pe haf noght now graythid it ; 
fe mete mi moder me bi-taght, 
For pou and i er selden saght, 3540 
Abute our forbirth er we wrath ; 
Bot pou sal suere me a nath, L 1 coi. 2] 
1 % pat pou sal neuer forth fra to night 
In pi forbirth do claim na right." 
" For-birth," he said, " quat serues me? 
Broker, atty will all sal be, 3546 

For hunger loo i dei right now." 
pan suer a nath him esau, hiciurauit 

And for his fill o pat potage, 3549 
Als a wreche, has said his heritage. 
He ete and dranc and went his wai 
And tint his blissing fra fat day j 
Na bote it was pof him for-thoght, 
Godd wild it ware his fat it boght. 
IF Sir ysaac pat dughti man, 3555 
Vnfere and eld a-pon him ran, 
O bodi failles him fe might, 
And of his eigen alsua fe sight ; 
J)e man fat sua wit eld es dight 
His dai es turned him to night, 3560 

Lot riuely pat day. at men failes 

a-boute his waipe maste traualles. 

quen he al wery was for-gane. 

ham he toke his way an-nane. 

for hauke ys ethe as I. here say. 

to reclayme pat lost has his pray. 

his brope?* he fande sone in si3t. 

a riche soper for to cli^t. 

of pi mete broper he sayde. 

gif me part of pat pou grayde 

mete and drink pou has atte wil. 

bot lange ys syn I. ete my fille. 

^[ Iacob saide nay god wate hit. 

pi mete ys no3t di3t 3et. 

pe mete my moder me bi-ta3t. 

for pou and I. ar selden sa3t. 

a-boute our forbirpe ar we wrap. 

bot pou salle squere me with an ape 

atte pou sal neuer fra to ni3t 

in pi forbirpe clayme na ri3t. 

fforbirthe he saide quat semis hit me 

broper atte pi wille sal hit be. 

for hunger he saide I. dye ri3t now 

he squere pat athe and made his vow 

and for his fille of pat potage. 

he saide per his heritage. 

he ete and drank and went his way 

and tynt his blessinge fra pat day. 

na bote ware of him for-po3t. 

god walde hit ware his at hit bo3t 

Ysaac pat vnfere man. 
elde and heuenys on him ran. 
of body falis him pe mi3t. 
and of his eyen al-squa pe si3t. 
pe mon pat squa wip elde ys di3t 
his dayes ar turned vn-to ni^t. 




Bot riuely pat dai p«t men failes, 

About his gamen mast trauayles. 3526 

Quen lie al weri was for-gan, 

Ham he tok his way on-an, 

For hauke es eth, as i here say, 3529 

To reclaime pat has tint his prai. 

His broper he fand giuand his tent 

For to make a riche pulment, 3532 

" Of pis mete mi broper, " he said, 

" Giue me sura part pat pu has grayd ; 

Mete and drinc pu has at will, 

And lang es sipen i ete mi fill." 3536 

Iacob said, "nay, god it witt, 

To J?e haue i nohut graithid itt, 

pe mete my moper me bitaght, 

For pu and i er seldom saght ; 3540 

Aboute vr for-birth er we wrath ; 

Bot pu sal suere me an ath, 

pat pu sal neuer fra pis night 

In pi for-birth clayme na right." 3544 

"For-birth," he said, "quat seruis it mel 

Brope?-, at pi will all sal it be." 

wid pat forward he made a vou, 3547 

And said, "for hunger i dey riht nou;" 

And for his fille of pat potage, 

As a wrecche he sold his eritage,3550 

He ete and dranc a?ad went his way, 

And tynt his blissing fn p'/t day. 

Ka bote it was pou him forthoght, 

Godd wold it were his pat it boght. 

Ysaac, pat dohuti man, 3555 

vnferc and elde apon him ran, 
Of bodi fayled him pa miht 
And of eyen al sua pe siht. ['leaf M,ool .1] 
pe man pat sua wid elde es 'lilit, 1 
His day os turned into n.yht, 3560 


But ofte pat day pat men faile 

Moost aboute hit pei trauaile 

Whenne he was wery for gon 

hoom he toke his weye anoon 

hauke is esy I here sey 

To recleyme pat hap lost his pray 

his broker he fonde pat toke tent 

To di3te a noble mete present 

Of pis mete brope?-e he seide 

^yue me som pat here is greiped 

Mete & drinke pou hast at wille 

And long is sip I eete my fille 

1T Iacob seide nay god bit witt 

For pe haue I not cli^te hit 

Jus mete my modir me bitau^t 

For pou & I are selden sau3t 

1 Aboute oure forburpe are we wroop 

If pou wolt swere me an oop pkafis] 

pat pou shalt neuer fro Jus ny^t 

Of pi forburfe cleyme no ri^t 

Forburpe he seide what scruop nie 

Broker at pi wille shal hit be 

AYip pat forwarde he made a vow 

Al mest for hongur I dc3e now 

And for his fille of pat potage 

As wrecche he Bolde his heritage 

he eet & dronke & went his way 

And lost his biessyng fro pat day 

Ko boto him naa him forpou^t 

God wolde hit were his pat hit boujt 

l^is Isaac pat worpi mon 

y Bekenee & elde on hi?w ron 

Of bodi failed him y> my^t 

And of ejen also p<' si^t 

pe bodi p'd bo in elde ifl nomen 

his <lay is gOOH his ni;f is eoinen 


And ha men neuer ben sa bald, 

Quen Jjat sua biennis aid, 

His blode J)an wexus dri and cald, 

Til vnwelth windes al his wald; 3564 

pe lieued biginnes for to scak, 

His hend vnquemli for to quak, 

It crepes crouland in liis bak, 

And pe banes for to crak, 3568 

pe freli fax to fal of him, 

And pe sight to wax well dim ; 

pe front it fronces put was scene, 

pe nese it droppes ai bi-tuine, 3572 

pe tetli to rote, pe aand at stinc, 

Allan to Hue trauail him thine ; 

fan es eth pe fote to spurn, 3575 

Quen he falles wit his auen turn ; 

He praises al thing pat es gon 1 [ l read gan] 

present thing he praisses non ; 2 

pan es eth to mak him wrath, [ 2 read nan] 

To saxtend be es sumdel lath ; 3580 

To wiss man wit his auen witt 

He haldes nan sa wise als it ; 

Quen all wittes es him wan, 3583 

And will pat welthes mast of an, 

And na wil mai hald man in pai, 

Ealdlik pat dar i sai, 

He pat in suilk stat es stad 

Es na gli mai mak him glad. 3588 

Eild es pou a selcut thing, 

pat al it gerns pat er ying ; E 3 l f^ bk » 

3 Quen pai it haue pai are vnfayn, 

And wald ha youthed pan again ; 

pan wald pai be als pai war ar, 3593 

Bot sua it mai be neuer mare. 

IT Sua has eild now Jus ysaac ledd 

put he in langur lijs in bedd ; 3596 


and haue mon neuer bene sa bulde 

1F quen pat he be-comys aide. 

his blode hit waxes dry and caldc 

to vnwelthe wendis al his walde. 

his heued be-gynnes for to shake. 

his hende vn-quemely for-to quake. 

wip crepinge croulis in his bake. 

and his banys for to crake. 

pe frely fax. to falle of him. 

and his si3t to wax ful dym. 

pe fronte hit fronces pat was shene 

pe neyse droupes ay be-twene. 

pe tethe to rote pe ande at stink 

to Hue on lyue tomiayle hin (sic) pink 

pen ys ethe pe fote to spurne 

quen he fallis wip his awen turne 

he prayses al pinge pat ys gane. 

pinge pat now ys spekis he nane. 

pen ys ethe to make him wrap. 

and for tille saxtel sumdel la]?. 

^T of wisdome to his awen witte. 

he haldes nane sa wise as hitte 

quen alle wittes ys him gane. 

J?en ys alle his wille in wane. 

for nankyn pinge may aide mon pay 

for baldly pat dar I. say. 

J?at he in siche state ys stadde 

ys na glee may make him gladde. 

elde ys of a selcou|>e pinge. 

alle hit couettes pat ys likinge. 

IT and quen pai hit haue pai ar vn-fayne 

and quen hit ys giue?2 to haue a-gayne 

pen walde pai be as pai ware are 

and pat salle be neuer-mare. 

Squa has now elde pis ysaac led 
pat he in mys-ese lijs in bed. 



And liaue man ben neuer so bald, 

Quen. fat he bicomis aide, 

Til vnweild bigines to falle 35 G 3 

His body, it waxes drey a?zd dall. 

His heued bigines for to schake, 

His handes vmquile for to quake, 

It crepis crouland in his bac, 

And his bonis for to crac, 35 G 8 

f e frely fax to fall of him, 

And f e siht to wax al dim. 

pe front it frou?zsis, pat was schene, 

fe nese it droppis ay bi-tuene, 3572 

f e teth to rote, pe and to stinc, 

Alone to lyue trauayl hi??i thine. 

pan es eth pa fote to spurn e, 3575 

Quen he fallis wid his aun tume ; 

He praysis al thing pat es gan, 

Of present thing he prayses nan j 

pan es eth to make him wrath, 

To sahutingis him su??z-del lath : 3580 

To teche men wid his aun witt, 

He haldes nan sua wis as itt, 

Que?i all witt es fra him gan, 3583 

And wille pat welth es mast of an, 

Bot nankines wile may aid man pai 

Ful baldli fan dar i say. 

He fa1 in suilk Btat ea Btadd, 

Ea D" gle may make him gladd. 3588 

Elde ea dou a aelcuth thing, 

I ni ■ fai ei jing, 

Quen fai it haue j A ai er vnfayn, 

And fan wold fai be jong again, 

fan wold fai be a }>ai war ar, 3593 

And fat may fai be tieuer mar. 

Sua haa elde fia ysaac Ledd, -i. 8] 
fat he in langure lia in bedd, 


haue a mon ben neuer so bolde 
"When we pat he bicomef olde 
vnwelde putt at him a pulle 
his body waxef drye & dulle 
his heed bigyn/^ef penne to shake 
his hondes of er while to quake 
hit crepef crulyng iu his bake 
penne his bones bigyn??e to crake 
f e frely faire to falle of him 
And fe si3te to wexe al dym 
fe frou??t frou??sef pat was shene 
f e nese droppef ofte bitwene 
Teef to rote breef to stynke 
Only to lyue trauaile him fink 
Eef hit is p enne to spurne 
he fallef wif his owne turne 
he preisef f ingis pat ben gon 
fat f enwe ben he preisef noon 
Sone f emze he wol be wroof 
To be at oon su??idel loof 
To teche men of his witt 
he holdef noon so wis as hit 


no gap in the Trinity <$■ Laud JfSS.] 
No fing powie may him pay 
Boldely fen//c may we say 
he fat in fia state ia atad 
Nis no gle may make hint glad 
Elde is now a wondir finge 
Alle desiren hil fai are ;w 
Whenne f<i hil haue )■ \ tifayn 

) enne wolde fei jonge be ajayn 
fie wolde be aa fei were ore 
And pai fei may aeuerm ire 
H So liaf elde fia ysaac h d 
fai I lif in hia bed 

i i;im i v 


II im wantes sight, als i said yow, 

And cald on his son esan. 

" Esau, life son," he said, 

" Ga lok Jji tacle be pwruaid, 3G00 

And faand to stalk Jje sa nere 

pat ])ou mai drep me sum dere ; 

If Jjou me dere flesse ani gete, 

Gladli wald .i. Jjar-of ete ; 3604- 

Leue sun Jjou has hidir-till 

Gladli don Jji fader will, 

Jjou ert schotter wit pe beist, 

Bath in feild and in forest, 3608 

If Jjou mai bring me any beist 

Jjou graith me ful fair and eist ; 

J>ar-efter now mi langes sare, 3611 

Jjar i lig her now, in bedd o care ; 

Stm," he said, " .i. will not lei, 

It bes not lang pat i ne dei ; C 1 read Ga] 

Tac, 1 bring me now sum venisum, 

And Jjou sal haue mi benison." 3616 

" Sir," he said, " blithlik and son, 

If godd wil, sal Jji will be don." 

IT His moder tok tent to ysaac 

And herd Jje wordes Jjat he spac. 3620 

Sco wist o lang liue was he noght, 

A wyel sco hir vmbithogt. 

lacob hir sun cald hir vnto, 

And Jjusgat til him Jjan said sco. 3624 

" Mi leif sun, i will pe warn, 

For-qui Jjou ert mi derest barn ; 

Jji fader has bidden Jji broker gang 

To get him waith and duell not lang, 

Jj^t, if he ani waith mai gete, 3629 

He suld him dight Jjar-of to ete, 

For war he Jjar-wit ans fedd, 

Ar pat he deied in car-ful bedd, 3632 


him wantes si}t as I. 30U say 

and calde esau wiJ>-out delay. 

Esau leue sone he saide. 

ga loke pi tacle be puruayde 

and fonde to stalke pe sa nere 

atte Jjou may gete sum wilde dere 

if Jjou me dere flesshe may gete. 

gladly walde I. Jjer-of ete. L 1 leaf 22, back] 

1 H leue sone 2 Jjou has hidder-tille. 

gladly fulfilled J?i fader wille. 

bou art shoter in be best ZilZ°JL e ?™i\ 

1 1 sone written over} 

baj) in felde and forest. 

if J?at Jjou may bringe me any best 

grayjje hit me faire and honest. 

jjar ofter now me langes sare 

Jjer I. lye in bedde of care. 

sone he saide I. wille no^t lye 

hit bes no^t lange at I. mone dye 

ga bringe me now sum venysoun. 

and Jjou salle haue benysoun. 

IF Sir he saide blethely and sone. 

wijj help of god hit sal be done. 

his moder stode atte his bake. 

and herde jje wordes atte he spake. 

ho wiste of lange life was he no^t. 

and sone ho hir. vmbi-Jj03t. 

Iacob hir sone ho calde hir to. 

and Jjus-gatis til him saide ho. 

IT Mi leue sone I. wille Jje warne. 

for Jjou art my derrest barne. 

Jji fader has biddyn Jji brojjer gange 

to gete him waithe and duel no$t lange 

Jjat if he any waithe mote gete. 

he sulde him di3t Jjer-of atte ete. 

for ware he Jjar-of enys fedde 

or he dyed in earful bedde 



Him wantis siht, as i said 3011, 

And cald on his sun esau. 

" Esau, leue sone," he said, 

" Ga loke pi takil be puruaid, 3600 

And fond to stalk pe sua nere 

pat pu may hapin to sla sum dere ; 

If Jm may ani venisu?* gete, 

Gladli wild i Jarof ete. 3604 

Leue sone, Jm hast hiper till 

Gladli don Jri fadris will, 

Jm art archer wid pe best, 

Bath in feld and in forest, 3608 

If Jm may bring me ani best, 

Jm diht it me fair and honest. 

par efter nou me langes sare, 

Here far i liy in bedd of care. 3612 

Sun," he said, " i wil noght lye, 

It bes noght lang ar pat i die, 

Ga bring me nou sum venisuw, 

And Jm sal haue mi benisun." 3616 

" Sir," he said, " gladli and sone, 

wid goddes help it sal be done." 

His modcr tok tent to ysaac, 

And herd pe wordes pat he spac,3620 

And wist of lang lijf was he noght ; 

Avoyde scho hir, and vmbethoght. 

I nob hir sun scho called hir to, 

And Jms til him Jms said scho, 3624 

" Mi leue Bone, i wil pc warn, 

For-qui Jm art mi derest barn, 

pi fadii badd Jm brod^r gang 3627 

To set lii in mete, and duel nohut lawg, 

Jjat if he ;nii watfa mihl ^<;te, 

He Buld him dight J?ar-of to etc; 

For war he anya par wid fedd [.'.IfM 1 ' 1 *' 

Ar he deyed in earful bedd, 3632 

(,'»Ti IM,|,\ 

him wantid si3t as I seide er 

And calde his son esav pev 

Esau leue son he seide 

Go loke Ju takul be purueide 

& fonde for to stalke so nere 

pat J>ou may sle sum dere 

If pou my^te any venisouw gete 

Gladly wolde I perof ete 

Son pou hast hidur tille 

Gladly done Ju fadir wille 

Jjou art archer wij> pe best 

BoJ?e in felde & in forest 

If pou may brynge me any beest 

Di^te hit me feire & honest 

Jeraftir now me longej) so 

pere I lyue in bed of wo 

Son he seide I wol not ly3e 

hit bej) not longe ar I de3e 

To brynge me venisou?* be houn 

And pou shal haue my benesou?*- 

he seide sir gladly & soone 

Wij? goddes helpe hit shal be done 

his modir tent to ysaac 

And herde J>o wordis pat he spac 

And wist of long lyf was he no^t 

She went bi syde & hir bi J)0U3t 

Iacob hir sone she calde hir to [if 23, bk] 

And Jms to him eaide Bho 

Mi leue son I wol pe warn 

For J>ou art my derrest barn 

pi fadir bad pi broper snel 

To fett him mete & noi dwel 

[f he any what myjtc gi 

he ahnlde him di3te perof to < 

For were he ones |>er wij? fed 

Ar he de^ed in Beke bed 

1 i;im 1 v 


Ili; benisun wald lie him giue, 
For Lang he wat he mai not Hue 
But life son, ful lath me ware 
fat he fat blissing fra fe bare, 
Vnhappi wreche has he ben ai, 
f i seli he sal noght bere a-wai ; 
Bot fou sal do sun nii consail, 
Wei i wat it sal f e wail ; 


[col. 2] 

his benysou?i walde he him gife. 
for lange he wate may he no}t liue 
bot leue sone ful lathe me ware 
atte he fat blessinge fra f e bare, 
vn-happy wrecche has he bene ay 
f e sele he salle no3t bere a-way. 
IT bot fou sal do sone my consaile 

3640 wele I. wate hit salle fe a-vayle 
Now high f e suith fat fou ne blin now hye f e squythe at fou ne blyn. 

Ar fat fi broifer be cowmen in, or atte fi brofer be co??imyn in. 


kyddes fatt f ou fett me tuin, 

1 sal f e ken ful gode a gin ; 
I sal f am dight til his be-houe, 
A mete als he was wonto loue ; 
It sal him sauur al to will, 
Ete he sal f er-of his fill ; 
Que?i it es dight f ou it him reche, 
Do now well, als i f e teche ; 
fat he f e mai f e less mistru 
fou sal sai fou ert esau, 3652 
Fra f e forest newli comen, 
Venison fou has him no??mien, 
Wit dainte dight til his be-houe ; 
fou bidd him rise f ar-of to proue, 
fat fou haue, for f is reson, 
f e fader his benison." 

of kedis flesshe. fou focche me twin 
3644 I. salle fe teyche a gode gynne. 
I. sal ham di^t til his bi-houe 
a mete atte he was wont to loue 
hit salle him sauour wonder wil. 
ete f er-of he salle his fille 
IT quen hit ys dijt salle fou hit reiche 
do now wele as I. f e teyche. 
and for ferde atte he mistraw 
fou salle say fou art esau. 
.a. fra f e forest newli comtnyn. [coi. 2] 
.b. andvenysowi fresshehauel. fondyn. 1 
wif daynte di3t til his be-houe 
bid him rise f er-of to proue. 
3657 and loke fou aske for f i resoun. 
of f i fader his benysoun. 

IF " Mode?*," he said, " wis war f i lare, IT moder he saide for alle f i lare. 

If i ne dred a-nof er fare ; 3660 

fou wat mi hid es smith and bar, 

And esau es rugh wit har ; 

If mi fader fat es now blind 

Mai mi fallace oght vnderfind, 3664 

I dred me sare, for benison 

He sal me giue his malison." 

" Do wai, leue son," rebecca said, 

" fat malison on me be laid ; 3668 


3et I. drede me ful sare. 

fou wate my hide ys sle^t and bare 

and esau ys rughe wif hare. 

if my fader fat now ys blinde 

and he any dissaite finde 

I. drede me sare for his benysourc 

he wille me gif his malisouw. 

IT do way leue sone. rebecca saide 

fat malisou??. on me be laide. 


1 Tli is line is at the foot of the col. in MS. 


His benisun he wild him gete, — 

For lang he wat he may noght speke. 

Bot leue sun, ful lath me ware 

fat he Jri benisu??. fra pe bare, 3636 

vnhappi wrecche has he ben ay, 

j)i sele he sal noght here away ; 

Bot Jm sal do nu mi consail, 

wele i wat it sal pe avail. 3640 

Nou hey J>e suith, pat Jm ne blin, 

At fat Ju bro&er be corner in, 

Of kiddis fatt Jm fett me tua, 

I sal J?e teche hou Jm sal da. 3644 

I sal J)aim dight til his bihoue, 

A mete as he was wont to loue, 

It sal him sauor to his wille, 

Ete he sal J>ar-of his fille ; 3648 

Quen it es diht Jm it him reche, — 

Do nou wele as i pe teche. 

And pat he may pe less mistrau, 

)m sal say J)at Jm art esau, 3652 

Fra J>e forest neuli comen, 

venisura )>o\i hast him nomen, 

wid daynte diht to his bihoue ; 3655 

Jm bidd him rise and Jarof p?*eme, 

J?at Jm may gete bi Jus resun 

Of Jn fade?' his benisun." 

"Mode?*," he said, " wis war Ju lare, 

Ne war of a thing i drede sare, 3660 

Jm wost mi hanclis er al bare, 

and esaues er rohw wid hare. 

If mi fade?- pat nou es blind, 

May mi gilc sua vnde?- find, 3664 

I drede me ear, of benisun 

H<- sal me giue his malison. M 

u Do way, leue 8on,"rebecca said, [ool 2] 

"}>at malisun apon me be laid, 3668 


his benisoiui he wolde him jyue 

For longe he woot may he not lyue 

leue son loj? me were 

pat he pi benisoun fro pe bere 

vnhappi wrecche he hap ben ay 

Jn ^ele shal he not bere away 

pou. shal do now my cou??sel 

I woot hit wol availe Avel 

hy3e pe son pat pou not blin 

Ar Jn brojje?' be comen In 

Of fatte kydes fette me two 

I shal J>e teche how pou. shal do 

I shal hem di3te to his bihoue 

Suche as he was wont to loue 

hit shal him sauour al at wille 

Ete he shal J*e?'of his fille 

When hit is di3t pou hit him reche 

Do wel as I pe teche 

pat he may pe lasse mystrawe 

Say J?ou art his son Esau 

For J>e forest newely comen 

Venisou?i Jjou hast hi??i nomen 

Deyntily di3te to his pay 

pou bidde him rise & assay 

Jwt pou may gete bi J)is resoim 

Of pi fadir his benisoun 

^T Modir he seide wise is pi lore 

But o ping I drede sore 

pou wost my hondis are al bare 

And Esauee now wip hare 

If my fadir pat Is blynde 

May me so wip gilc fjnde 

Of prtt benisoun sore I drede 

I* I be me curse in bis d^dc 

I iiiurv boh rebeccs seide 

pat malisoufi on me be leide 



Bot pat i badd pou. bring me son." 
" Mode;*," he said, " it sal be don." 
IT Jacob went vn to J>e fald 3G71 

And broght pe bestes forwit tald ; 
His mode;* dughtilik it dight, 
Als sco liim forwit had it hight, 
And cled him, sum it was mete, 3G75 
Wit his broker robe pat smelled suete ; 
Wit a rugh skin sco hidd his hals 
And coue?*d J>ar-wit his hands als, 
J>at his fader snld al-gat tru 
Jtat he war his sun esau : 3680 

His moder him J? is mete bitaght 
And he it suith his fader raght. 
" Fader," he said, " sitt vp and ete, 
I ha broght pi jerning mete." 3684 
" And quat art j?ou % " pe fader said, 
" Sir, i esau, J?i met es graithid." 
lu And quat-kin. metel" "sir, venisun, 
Ete and giue me J?i benisun." PJJli?' 
" How es it Jou sped sa son 1 ? " 3689 
" Godd," he said, " has herd mi bon, 
And send it suyth vnto mi hand, 
Men aght to thane him his sand." 
"Cum nere, leue son, and latte me fele 2 
If J?ou be he i luue sa wele." [ 2 ms. file] 
Quen he had feld his fleirand cloth 
And graped handes and hals both, 
" Jus voice," he said, " J?at i here 3697 
Es o iacob, wit-outen were, 
Bot hend and hals es als i tru 
Mi dereli suns child esau; 3700 

pe odor o J)i uestement 
It smelles als o piement, 
I sal wend forth, Jiou duells here, 
Mi blissing son J?an sal J>ou bere : 


bot pat I. bad pe brings me sone 

moder he saide hit sal be done 

IF Iacob went vn-to pe falde 

and brojt pe bestes be-fore talde. 

his moder du^ttely hit di}t. 

als ho be-fore had him hut. 

ho cled him wele and hit was mete. 

wif his hmper robe pat smelled squete 

wij a rughe skyn ho heled his hals 

and couert J>ar-wiJ) his handis als. 

pat his fader sulde algatis traw. 

J>at he ware his sone esau. 

his moder him Jns mete be-ta^t. 

and he hit squyjje his fader ra3t. 

fader he saide sete vp and, ete 

I. haue pe bro3t J?i 3ernynge mete 

IT quat art J?ou his fader saide. 

sir esau pi mete ys graide. 

and quat-kin mete '. sir venysou?z. 

ete and gif me Ji benysou?z. 

how ys hit so Jjou sped so sone. 

ihesu he saide has herde my bone. 

and sende hit sone vn-to my hande 

men a3t to Jonke Mm al his sande 

IT come nere leue sone and lete fele. 

if pou be J?at I. loue so wele. 

quen he had felde his broker clathe 

and grapet hande and hals bathe. 

Jris voyce he saide pat I. here. 

ys of Iacob wiJ>-outen were. 

bot hende and hals as I. traw. 

my derly sone hit ys esaw 

IT pe odour of J>i vestement [leaf 23] 

hit smellis as pe piement 

now sone he saide po\i come nere 

my dere blessing I. gif pe here. 



Bot pat i bad, Jm bring me sone." 
" Gladli, moJ?er, it sal be done." 
Iacob went into fe fold, 3671 

And broght J>a kiddes J?at i of tald, 
His moder smartly J?aim dight, 
Als scho bifor had him hight, 
And clad him, als it was mete, 3675 
wid his broder cloth J?at smelled suete. 
wid a rohu skyn scho hillid his hals, 
And couerd J?ar-wid his handes als, 
pat his fader suld algat trou 
He were his sun esau. 3680 

His mode?* him Jus mete bi-tahut, 
And he it suith his fader rahut, 
" Fader," he said, " sitt vp and ett, 
I haue J>e broght J?i 3erning mett." 
" And quat art paV his fader said. 
" Sir, i esaa, Jn mete es graid." 3686 
"And quatkines mete V 1 " sir, venisuw, 
Ete and giue me pi benisun." 
" Hou es it, son, pu. spedd so sone 1 " 
" Almithi godd has herd my bone, 
And sent hit smartli to mi hand,3691 
Men au to thane him of his sand." 
" Cum nere, leue son, and lat me fele, 
If Jm be he i loue sua wele." 3694 
Quen he had felt his smella?id clath, 
And gropid his hals and handes bath, 
" Jus voice," he said, " pat i here, 
Is of iacob widuten were, 3698 

Bot handis and hals es, als i trou, 
Mi dere sun, Jn child esau ; 
pa sauor sone of ju vestment, 
It sauors as it war of piment. 3702 
I sal wend forth, p\\ duclles here, [\^\V' 
Mi blissing, sun, pan sal p\x here. 


pat I pe bad brynge me soone 
Gladly he seide hit shal be done 
Iacob went in to pe folde 
And brou3te pe kides I of tolde 
his modir smertly hem di3t 
As she to fore had him b^t 
And clad him wij? J)o clones mete 
Of his broker pat smelled swete 
AViJ) a row^e skyn hid his hals 
And hiled perwip his hondes als 
For his fadir shulde trowe tru 
he were his son esau 
his modir him jjis mete bitai^t 
he hit to his fadir rai^t 
Fadir he seide sit vp & ete 

I haue J?e bro^t Jn 3ernynge mete 
What art pou his fadir seide 

Sir Esau J)i mete haue greide 
what maner mete : sir venisou?i 
Ete & 3yue my benisoura boun 
how was hit Jjou sped so sone 
Sir god of my3t herde my bone 
And sende hit smartly to my honde 
Men owe to J>onke him his sonde 
Com nere son & let me fele 
If Jjou be he I loue so wele 
AYhenwe he felde his smelly ng clooj) 
And his necke & his hondes boo J? 
Jjis voys he seide Jjat I here 
Is of Iacob wijjouten were 
But hondes & hals as I trow tru 
Is my dere son Esau 
Jjc sauour of pi vrstiment 
Sauere) as p<> i»i<'ment 

I I shal forj) wende pou dwelleet hero 
Mi blessyng haue Jj^u son dere V lcifs*] 



pi brefer be fin vnderlute 3705 

And alle fat wonncs J»c a-boute ; 
All f aa J)at blisses f e 
Sal fam-self blessed be, 3708 

And all p/d bedes f e maliscun 
Sal bere it on Jxair auin crun." 
He ete and dranc fat was his will, 
And sithen his sun he cald him till, 
His brade blissing he him gaue 3713 
f e quilk his broker wend at haue, 
And mad him lauerd ouer all his kin j 
Bot pat was wit his moder gin, 3716 
His moder consail was f ar-to, 
And godd wald pat sco sua suld do. 
J) is iacob went quan sua was don, 
And esau com efter son. 3720 

" Fader," he said, " vp in f i bedd, 
I haue f e broght qwar-of be fedd 
venisun, .1. here fe bring, 
Ete and giue me fi blissing." 3724 
His fader him asked, " qwat art f ou 1 " 
tl f i sun," he said, " i esau." 
"Was fou not at me right now, 3727 
And fedd me wit f i fang i trau 1 " 
"II" he said, " nai, nai, goddote, 
Moght i not be sua light o fote." 
Wit fis gaue ysaac a grane ; 3731 

" Sun," he said, " right nou was an 
fat first me fedd, and sythen me kist, 
And me be-suak, pat i ne wist, 3734 
Mi benisun now has f i broiler." [coi. 2] 
" And fader," he said, " has fou non 
" Nai sun, als i mot ha mede." l ^ 1 * 
" Alias ! quat i am broght in nede, 
A-way he has mi blissing born, 
Sua did he als fat tof er morn ; 3740 


f i broker to be fine vnderloute. 
and alle fat words fe a-boute. 
alle fa atte blessis f e. 
sal faire-seluen blessed be. 
and alle fat geues fe malisou?i. 
salle bere hit on his awen croura 
he ete and dranke at was his wil. 
and sithen his sone he calde hi?n til. 
his brade benysourc he him gaue 
f e quilk his brof er wende at haue 
and made him lorde ouer alle his kyn 
and fat was wif his moder gyn. 
his moder consaile was f er-to. 
god walde fat hit ware so. 
IF Iacob went quen so was done 
and esau fen come efter-sone 
fader he saide gete vp in bedde 
wif f is mete f ou sal be fedde. 
nobil venysowz fat I. f e bringe. 
ete and gif me f i blessinge. 
IT his fader asked him qua art f ou. 
and he onsquared f i sone esau. 
was fou no^t atte me ri3t now. 
and fedde me wonder wele I. traw 
1F and he saide nay god dote 
am I. no3t so squyft on fote. 
wif f is gaf Isaac a grane 
sone he saide ri^t now was ane 
fat first me fedde and sifen kiste 
and me be-trayed atte I ne wiste. 
My benysoiui now has fi brof er. 
fader he saide has f ou na nof er. 
^T na sone he saide as haue I. mede 
alias quat I. am bro3t in nede. 
a-way he has my blessinge borne 
so was I. serued fis of er morne. 



pi broder be pin vnderlout, 
And all pat wonis pe nere aboute ; 
And all pa sone pat blisses pe, 
Blissed sal paim seluen be ; 3708 

And all pat biddis pe inalisun 
Sal bere it on fair aun croun." 
He ete and dranc pat was his will, 
And sijjew his sone he called him till, 
His brod bliesing he him gaf, 3713 
pe quilk his broder wend to haue, 
And made him laue?-d ouer all his kin ; 
Bot pat 'was wid his mode/- gyn, 3716 
Hir mode?* consail was par-vnto, 
And godd wald scho suld sua do. 
Bot iacob went quen pis was don, 
And esau cam efter sone, 3720 

" Fade?-," he said, " sitt vp in bedd, 
I haue pe broght quar-of be fedd, 
Of venisun pat i pe bring 
Ete, and giue me pi blissing." 3724 
His fader him asked, " quat art puT' 
" Sir, pi sone," he said, " i esau." 
f 1 Sonne he seid for my prow usTif,i Laiul 
Thow were here at me right now] 
" I ? " he said, " nay godote, 
Mill i i ooght be sua liht of fote I" 
wid pis gaue ysaac a grone, 3731 

"Sone," lie said, "riht nou was one 
p<7t first me fedd and sipon me kist, 
And me bigilid p"t i ne wist; 
Mi benisun nou has pi brodgr." 3735 
"And fader," he said, "esparnonofeH" 
'■ \;i. wn, also mote i haue mode." 
"Alias 'I'lii i am broght in nede .' 
Away he has mi blissing born, 
Sua did he als pe top*"/- mom. 3740 

<."i PINGBN 

pi broker be pi vndir loute 
And alle pat wonen here aboute 
Alle po son pat blessen pe 
Blessed shal hem seluen be 
And alle p«t bidde pe malisou?i 
Shul bere hit on her owne crou?^ 
he eet & dranke at his wille 
And pen?ie his son calde lii??i tille 
his brood blessyng he him ^aue 
pat his broper wende to haue 
he made him lorde of al his kyn 
Suche pen was his modir gyn 
his modir counsel w r as perto 
But god w T olde hit shulde be so 
IF Iacob went whenwe pis was done 
And Esau coom aftir soone 
Fadir he seide sitt vp in bed 
I haue pe broi^t to be of fed 
Of venisouw pat I pe brynge 
Ete & 3yue me pi blessynge 
his fadir asked what lie was 
Sir esau pi son in plas 
Son he seide for my prow 
pmi were here at me ri}t now 
I he seide nay god wool 
Mi^te I not be so li3te of fete 
AVip pis jaf [saac a grone 
Son he seide ri3t now was one 
p-7t iirste me fedde & pen me kist 
And me bigiled ax I wist 
Mi benisoun qow liap pi bropi r 
Fadir lie seide ia p< re noon op' r 
N*o Bon also haue I mede 
Alas he seide 1 am in nede 
Away he li.ip my blessyng born 
9 i dud he al pe )ondir morn 

TIU Ml v 


He has me don oft mikel scham, 
Kight-wisli es iacob his nam, 
pat es to sai, wit right langage, 
Supplanter als of heritage ; 3744 

For que?* i formast born suld be, 
Wit strengh a-gain pen drou he me ; 
He has me don oft vn-resun 
And no me reft mi benisun, 3748 
Me es sua waa, almast i weede ; 
Fader, J>is was na broker dede, 
Consail me, fader, how to liue." 3751 
" Wi, quatkin consail mai i pe giue % " 
" And es par nakin blessing left ? " 
" Nai, pi broiper it has pe reft." 
" And, fader, es par na noper wan 1 " 
" Wane," he said, " es par bot an, 
In dew and gress sere o porth 3757 
Sal be pi Missing fra no forth ; 
Wit erth trauaill, and sua pou do, 
And prai godd send his dew per-to." 
" Lauerd," he said, " wat es me best, 
Mi hert bes neuer broght in rest, 
Bituixand pis iacob be slan, 3763 

If he mai oper be ouertan." 
pis esau wit his manace 
Oute o pe land did iacob chace ; 
Quen pe moder sagh it was sua 3767 
He soght his broker for to sla, 
Sco send him son in-til aran, 
Til hir broker pat hight laban, 
par-to suiorn for hir sake, 3771 

Til pat his broper wreth suld slake. 
Be night flum iordan he wode 
And thoru a wildernes he yode, 
He loked war pat him war best, 
And be pe wai he tok his rest. 3776 


he has me done mikil shame, 
ri^tly ys Iacob his name, 
pat ys to say wij ri^t langage 
supplanter of heritage, 
for quen I. was formast borne sulde be 
wip strenght a-gayne drow he me. 
he has me done myche [malijsoiui 
and now me raft my benysou?i 
me ys sa wa almast I. wede 
fader pis was na broper dede. 
consaile me fader how I. may liue 
quy quatkin sulde I. pe giue. 
and ys per nankin blessinge left, 
na pi broper has hit pe reft. Ms f ^ 6] Laud 
f 1 And* is there fadir non oper wonne 
Sothely he seid? is non) but oon] 
In pe deu and gresse of thorne. 
sal be pi blessinge fra to-morne. 
wip erp. pou t?miaile and so pou da. 
and pray god sende his deu per-to 
11 lorde he saide quat ys me best 
my hert bese neuer bro$t in rest, 
bi-twix and pis Iacob be slayne. 
and I. may come him sa gayne. 
IF pis esau wip his manace. 
did Iacob out of lande to chace. 
quen his moder saghe hit squa. 
ho so^t esau for to sla. 
and sende Iacob in-til aaron. 
to hir broper pat he3t laban. 
pai to soiourne for hir sake 
til atte his broper wrap sulde slake 
bi ni3t pe flume iordan he wode. 
and porou a wildernesse he 3ode. 
he loked quare pat him ware best 
be pat way to take his rest. 



I He has me done ful uiekil scliame, 
Rihtful was iacob cald his name, [' coi. 2] 
J)at es to say in riht langage, 
Supplanter of eritage, 3744 
For quan i first born suld be, 

wid strinth agayn J)an drou he me ; 
He has me done ofte vnresun, 
And non me reft mi benisun, 3748 
Me es sua wa, almast i wede ; 
Fader, Jns was na broder-hede. 
Consail me, fader, hu i sal liue." 3751 
"Son, quatkines consail mayi pe giue?" 
" And es J)ar, fader, na blissing left 1 " 
" JSTa, J)i hvoper it has pe reft." 3754 

II And es J)ar, fade?*, nan oper wan 1 " 
" Wan," he said, " es nan bot an. 

In pe deu and griss alsua, 

Sal be J)i blissing quar Jm ga, 

wid erde trauail, and sua Jm do, 3759 

And prai godd send his deu J>ar-to." 

" Lord," he said, " quat es me best, 

Min hert bes neuer mar in rest 

Bituix and pis iacob be dede, 

If i may gete him in any stede." 37G4 

Jus esau wid hia manasce, 

vte of Jy,*t land did iacob chasce. 

Quen }>airmoder Ban it was sua, 

][*■ Bohut his brocl /• foi to Bla, 37G8 

Scho sent liiiii sone into aran, 

Til hii tftofer J>a1 hight laban, 

bei to Boiorne tor pair sake 3771 

Till fat bis broker wreth Buld slake 

Be niht p<>, flom iordane he wode, 

And thorn ;i wildrenes be jode, 

Hi' Loked quare pat In'//' war b I 

Bi pc way to take hia n 3770 


he ha]? me done mychel shome 
Skilful is iacob his nome 
pat is to say in ri^t langage 
Putter out of heritage 
For I firste born shulde ha be 
"Wij? strengjje a3eyn drou^e he me 
And done me als pis vnresoiua 
To reue me }ms my benisou?* 
Me is so wo almest I wede 
Fadir J)is was no broJ?erhede 
Cou?isel me fadir now to lyue 
What counsel son shal I pe ^yue 
And is per fadir no blessyng lefte 
No J?i broker hit ha]? pa refte 
And is per fadir noon opere woon 
Solely he seide is noon but oon 
In pe dew & gres also 
Shal be ]>i blessyng where pou. go 
"\ViJ> evpe trauaile so J)ou do 
And preye god sonde his dew perto 
Lord lie seide what is me best 
Myn hert be]) neuer more in rest 
Til }wt fis Iacob be deed 
If I may gete him to any sted 
f us Esau wij) his manace 
Out of pfd loud dud iacob chace 
Whenne hex modix say hit so 
he Bouate bla broker for to slo 
She sent him BOOne in to arani 
To hir broker ])at hct laban 
here to soiourne for Jv/t sake 
Til liis broker wraj>j>e wolde slake 
Bi nyjl ])«■ fllum iordan he wode 
And bourse a wildemea he 3ode 
he Loked where him were best 
]>i pd wcye to make in- rest 



He hent a stan he fand him hi, 

And Jjar-on laid his hefd to li. 

In slepe he sagh stand vp a sti, 

Era his lieued right to pe ski, 3780 

Apon J>e sti J>at far was bun 

Angls climand vp and dun. t 1 ^J 2 ^** 1 

1 Open him thoght J>e 3ate of heue?i, 

And herd o drightin suilk a steuen : 

" Godd and lauerd," he said, " i am 

Of ysaac and als of abraham : " 3786 

" Jacob," he said, " }>ou sal ha turn 

Wiues o Ju auen kin, 

Tua doghters o laban, Ju nem, 

J?«t j?ou sal haf wit barn-tem ; 3790 

Wit J?e i sal be in al J>i nede 

And gar Jnn oxspring wide spred ; 

I sal be for Jnn eldres sake 

With pe, and esau for-sake." 3794 

Wei was he gladed o J)is sight, 

Eulsotht him thoght he slep pat night. 

On the morn, wen it was dai, 

Iacob ras fra J?ar he lai, 3798 

And said, " our lauerd, wit-outew were, 

pat i wist noght es wonnand here ; 

Her es na nojjer thing," said he, 3801 

" Bot godds hus and heuen entre." 

pe stan his lieued lai on pat night, 

In takning, he it sett vp right, 

And oyel he yeett apon J)«t stan 

And made to godd a voo onan, 380G 

And said, " if drightin be my freind 

And lede me in Jus wai i wend, i"^^ 

And mete me send, and drinc, and 

And bring me again, w/t-outew wath, 

Vnto mi kyth J?at i com fra, 

If i find he me ledes sua, 3812 


11 lie hent a stane atte lay him by. 
and Jjar-on layde his lieued to ly. 
In slepe a ladder him J>03t he seyghe 
fra pe firmament rijt to his eyghe. 
a-pon pe ladder atte per was boun. 
angels climbande vp and doun. 
him J)03t pe 3ate opened of heyuew 
our lorde saide wij) suche a steyue;i. 
god and lorde he saide I. am. 
of Isaac and of abraham. 
Iacob he saide pou. sal haue twyn. 
wines of June awen kin. 
twa doghters of laban June erne. 
J?at twa salle haue of barneteme 
wij) pe salle I. be in alle pi nede. 
and ger June ospringe wide to sprede 
I salle be for Jjine eldres sake, 
wij) J?e and esau hap for-sake. 
ful glad he was of J>at si^t 
ful soft him J?03t he sleppet J>at ni3t 
IT On pe morne quen hit was day 
Iacob rase fra J?ere he lay. 
2 and saide our lorde wiJ?-outen were, 
atte I. wiste no3t has bene here, j^ 23 ' 
I saghe he saide for-soJ> quod he. 
goddes hous and him entree. 
IF pe stane his heued lay on J>at ni3t 
our lorde sette hit eyuen vp-ri3t 
and oyle he 3ette a-pon pe stane. 
and made to god a bone an ftane 
[ 3 He seidf if god? be my frend' £| ro 4 7 ( J aud 
And' lede me in my wey to wend?] 
to sende him mete drink and claj>. 
and bringe me agayne wijj-outen waj?. 
vnto my kij) J?at I. come fra. 
if I. finde he ledes me squa. 



He tok a stan he fand him Li, gjfft 1 * 
And f ar-apon made his hefd to ly. 
In slepe he sail alleddir him by, 
Stand fra his hefd vp to f e sky ; 3780 
Apon pat ledde?* sau he boun, 
Angelis clymand vp and doun, 
Opin him thoght f e 3ate of heuen, 
Of godd he herd suilk a steuen, 378-4 
" Godd and lord," he said, " i am 
Of ysaac and of abraham. 
lacob," he said, " f u sal haue tuyne 
Wiues of J) in aim kine, 3788 

Tua dohntyrs of laban, fin erne, 
pat f u sal haue wid barnteme. 
Wid f e sal i be in al f i nede, 
And ger fin ospring wide to sprede. 
I sal be, for fin eldris sake, 3793 

Wid fe, and esau for-sake." 
"Wele was he gladid of pat sight, 
Soft him thoght he slep f «t nyht. 
On f e morn qneft it was day, 
lacob ras fra Jar he lay, 3798 

And said, " vr lauerd, widuten were, 
fat i wist nohut es wonnand here, 
Here es nan opcr thing," said ho, 
" Bot goddea houa and heuen cntre." 
fe ston his hened lay apon pat night, 
In takning, he it sett vp-right, 3801 
And oyle he pnlt apon pa\ ston, 
And made to godd a voice an 
And said, "if godd be mi freind, 
And lode me in my way i wend, 3808 
And send me mete and drinc and cloth, 
And bring me again widuten loth, 
vnto my kith fa\ i com fra, — 
If i ftnde fa\ he lede me sun, — 3812 


A stoon he toke pat lay him by 

And peron leide his heed on hy 

In slepe he say a ladder straujt 

Fro his heed to fe sky hit rau^t 

On pat ladder say be homi 

Auwgels clymbynge vp & dowi 

1 Open him f ou^t f e 3ate of heuen 

Of god he herde suche a stcuen [> if24,bk] 

God & lorde he seide I am 

Of Isaac and of Abraham 

lacob he seide pou. shalt haue twynwe 

"Wyues of fin owne kynne 

Two dou^tris of laban fin eeme 

pat pou. shal haue wijj bametemc 

~\Yif f e wol I be in f i nede 

And make fin ospringe wide to sprede 

For fine elderes to f e I take 

And esau for f i sake 

Glad he was of fat si}t 

him folate he slepte soft pat ny*t 

On fe morn whence hit was day 

lacob roos fro f en?ies he lay 

he seide oure lord out of were 

I wist not his wonyng here 

here is now pernio, seide lie 

Goddis hous & heuen cntre 

fe stoon fat his heed la}' on fat ni3t 

In token he hit set vprijt 

And oyle he put vp on pat stoon 

And made to god a voya .-moon 

he seide if god be my frende 

And Lede me in my weye to wende 

And sende mete drynke A <lnof 

And bringe me a^eyn wifouten ]<mf 

In to my kiffe fere 1 coom fro 

If I fynde f'/f he lede me 



Mi godd he sal be and mi king ; 
And fis stan stand als in takening, 
And fis sted fra fan it sal 
Be cleped godds auen hall ; 38 1G 

Of all f e god he dos me weild 
Lelik his tend i sal him yeild." 
1F Iacob went him forth his wai, 3819 
Faand quare thre floks o heistes lai, 
Be-side a well, a-pon a feild, 
And sagh f e w T ell be a doun heild, 
A mikel stan apon it lai, 
fis bestes dranc far-at ilk dai ; 3824 
f e hirdes bi f aim fand he fare, 
He spird jpaim quef en f ai ware, 
f ai said, " sir, we ar of aran." 3827 
"And knau yee oght,"hesaid, "laban T' 
" Sir ya, he es bath hail and fere, 
Ya hail and sound, wit-outen were ; 
His doghtw?* yonder i se, rachell, Ccoi. 2] 
Bringand his beistes til fe well; 3832 
For all beistes ar broght hider, 
Euer ilk dai at drinc to-geder." 
Wit fis come rachell, fat maiden, 
And iacob lifted vp f e sten, 3836 

And spak fan wit f e damisel, 
And kythed him wit may rachell. 
" Qwat art f ou," he said, " lemman 1 " 
" Sir, mi fader es cald laban." 3840 
Abute hir hals fan he hir hent, 
And thris he kyst hir ar he stent. 
" I am iacob, f i cosin nere, 
For f i luue am i cowmen here." 3'844 
f ai mai quen sco can vnderstand 
fat iacob suld be hir husband, 
To laban tald sco new tif and, 
And he him ledd in be fe hand. 3848 


my god he sal be and my kings 

and f is stane standis als in takenynge, 

and f is stede fra now hit sal 

be calde goddes awen halle. 

of alle f e gode fat I. salle welde. 

his teynde hertly I. sal him 3eldc. 

^F Iacob went him forf his way. 

quare f re flok of bestes lay. 

bi-side a welle a-pon a felde 

and Iacob stode and be-helde. 

a mykil stane a-pon hit lay. 

f er bestes drank atte i ilka day. 

f e hirdes fande he bi f am fare. 

and asket quatkin men f ai ware. 

f ai saide sir we ar of aaran. 

knaw 3e 03 1 he saide laban. 

f ai saide he was in gode fere. 

hale and sounde wif-out were. 

his doghter comes 3onde rachel. 

bringande his bestes to f e felle. 

for alle f e nokkis bro3t ar bidder. 

atte f is welle to drink to-gider. 

^[ wi{) fis come rachel pat faire madane 

and Iacob lifted vp f e stane. 

fen spac he wif fat damysel. 

and kif ed him w T iJ? fat may rachel. 

quat art f ou he saide le??zman. 

sir my fader ys calde laban. 

a-boute f e hals he hir hent 

and fries he kiste hir or he stint. 

I. am Iacob f i cosyn nere. 

for f i loue am I. commyn here. 

IT f e may quen ho con vnderstande 

fat Iacob sulde be hir housbonde 

to laban talde ho. new tif ande 

and he him ledde in. bi f e hande. 



He sal be nil god and ini king, [col. 2] 
And pis ston stand as in tokni[n]g ; 
And Jns stede fra nou it sal 
Be clepid goddes aim hall. 3816 

Of all pe gode he dos me weild, 
Lelely pe tend i sal him $eild." 
Iacob went him forth his way, 3819 
Quar thre flockes of bestes lay 
Bi-side a welle, vp-on a feild, 
And iacob sau and biheld, 
A mekil stan apon it lay; 
pat bestes dranc at ilka day. 3824 

pe herdes bi paim fand he pare, 
And askid paim quepe/' pat pai ware 1 
" Sir," pai said, " we are of aran." 
" And knan 30 ant," he said, " laban 1 " 
" Sir, 3a ; " " and es he hale and fere \ " 
" 3a, hal and sound, widuten were ; 
3onde?* i se his dohutir rachell 3831 
Driuand his bestes to pe well, 
For all pe flockis cu??ics hipcr 
Ilk a day, to drinc togider." 3834 

pan cam Rachell pat maydin bright, 
Iacob lifted vp pat ston ful wight, 
And spac sua wid pat damysel, 3837 
And kneu him par wid may rachel ; 
And said, "quat art pn, lemman?" 
" Sir, my fadir hight laban." 3840 
Alioute pe hals In' hir hint, 
And kist hir fchrjea ai he stint. 
" I am iacob pi cosin nere, 3843 

And for pi loin' am i comeo here." 
pe may, ciwol scho gan vnderstand 
p'/t iacob raid be hir hu band, 
'I'm [abao tald scho nen tydand, 
And he bim Ledd bi p»' hand. 


he shal be my god & kyiigo 
pis stoon 'shal stonde in tokenyng 
And pis place fro now shalle 
Ee cleped goddis ownc halle 
Of al pe good he dop me welde 
Trewely tipe I shal him 3elde 
^il Iacob went him forp his way 
Where pre flockes of bestes lay 
Bisyde a welle vpon a felde 
And Iacob say and biheld e 
A mychel stoon vp on hit lay 
pat beestis dronke at enery day 
pe herdes fonde he bi hem pere 
And asked hem whem^es pei were 
Sir pei seide we are of aran 
An knowe 3c ou3te he seide laban 
Sir 3e : & is he hool & fere 
30 hool pei seide out of were 
3onder I se his dov^ter rachel 
Dryuynge his beestes to pe wel 
For alle pe flockes comen hidur 
Vche day to drynke to gidur 
pcn«e coom Rachel pat mayden bri$t 
Iacob lifte vp pe stoon ful vn$t 
he spake so wip pat damysel 
And knowleched h'\w prra wip rachel 
lie seide what art pou lcm ///an 
Sir my fadir bet laban 
Aboutc pe necke In 1 hir liin[l] 
And (list hir pries ar be Btint 
I am Iacob pi cosyu n 
For pi loue am I coinen li 
Whenne Bhe bigon to vndirstonde 
pat Iacob holde be hir huabonde 
To Lilian tolde rae f«t tipande 
And she In'/" ledde bi pe hande 



pai fra /mid o par frcndes fare, 
And pam cald bath less and mare. 
Laban for fainnes did liim call 
For his neueu his frendes all ; 3852 
x And sipen he did him for to sai 
Quat was pe chesiun of his wai. 
" Sir, pe soth i wil pe tell, 
pi doghte *• for to spus, rachell." 385 G 
" pan sal pou serue me seuen yeir, 
Ar pou sal haue mi doghte?' dere." 
" Blithli, sir, sua sal it be." 
Fra pan wit laban duelled he, 3860 
pe eilder sister he for-sok, 
For sco gleied, als sais pe bok ; 
For to serue for rachel fre 
He was maste?' hird of his fee ; 3864 
It was ferli in pat siquar 
How fast pai multiplid pav. 
Quen pat pe seuen yere war gane 
Iacob hasked his le??iman. 3868 

Laban said, " frend, ful" 
Bot par he did a trecheri, 
For pan he had may rachell wedd, 
Lia he stall vn-til his bedd ; 3872 

Bisid lya al night he lai, 
His vnwitand, til it was dai ; 
Bot quen he wist it o pe morn, 
Ful wa was him pat he was born ; 
Fra hir he ras and siked sare 3877 
And asked wa pan broght hir pare. 
1 " Laban," sco said, " alias for si/m 
Qua wend he wald pus me bigiwn." 
fan did he laban to resun : — ^coLi] 8 ' 
" Qui has pon don me sli tresum 1 " 
" Vr lagh," he said, " pat we in Hue 
"Wil first our elder doghte?* giue. 3884 


pai frayned him of paire frendis fare 

and he ham talde lasse and mare. 

[ 2 laban then he did' to calle Es^w^ 

lfor fayne of hym his frendis aUe] 

IT and sipen he dide him for to say. 

quat was pe enchesou?* he went a-way. 

sir pe sop I. wille 30U telle. 

pi doghter for to spouse rachelle. 

pen saltow serue me vij. 3ere. 

if pou wille haue my doghte?* dere. 

IT blepcly sir so salle hit be. 

fra pen wip laban laft ys he. 

pe elder suster he for-soke 

gleande ho was for-sop of loke. 

and for to serue for rachel fre 

he was niaiste?' hirde of his fee. 

hit was ferly for-sop to say. 

how faste pai multiplied iche day. 

IT quen atte pe vij. ^ere were gane 

Iacob asked his le??zmane. 

laban saide frende ful blepely 

bot pe?" he dide a trecchery. 

Iacob and rachel pai con ham wed. 

and lya his doghte?* he stale to bedde. 

be-side lya al ni3t he lay. 

his vnwitande til hit was day. 

bot quen he wiste hit on pe morne 

alias he saide pat he was borne. 

fra hir he rase and sighed sare. 

and asked qua hir bro^t pare. 

my fader ho saide f alias for syn. 

qua wende he walde me pus be-gyn. 

IT pen dide he laban to resou/a 

quy has pou done me pis tresou/i 

our laghe he saide atte we in Hue 

wil first our elder doghte?' we giue 



f ai frained of fair freindes fare, JJjfiT 8 ' 

And he f aim tald bath less and mare, 

Laban for-faynhed he did to call 3851 

For his neuou sake his freindes call ; 

And sif en he did him for to say, 

Quat was f e enchesun of his way. 

" Sir," he said, " i wil f e tell, 3855 

For to spouse j>i dohutyr Eachiell." 

" fan sal f u serue rne seuen 3ere, 

Ar f u sal haue mi dohutir dere." 

" Gladly, sir, sua sal it be," 

Fra fan wid laban duelled he. 38G0 

f e eldir sister he for-soke, 

For scho gleyed, sua sais f e bock ; 

For to serue for rachel fre 

He was maister herde of his fe ; 3864 

It was ferly of fat fare, 

Hou mekil J)ai multiplied ware. 

Quen fat fe seuen 3ere war gan, 

Iacob askid him his lemman, 38G8 

Laban said, "frend, ful blethily," 

Lot far he did a tricheri. 

For que?* he had may rachel wedd, 

I he sta] vnto his bedd, 3872 

ide lya al niht he lay, 
Hia vnwytand til hit was day. 
Bot quen he wist it on J)c morn, 3875 
Ful wa was him fat eaerhe was 1m.hi. 

bir he raa and syhid sare, 
And askid hirquohad broghl liir far. 
" Laban," scho said, "alias for sinne. 
Qua wend he wild me fus biginne." 
fan did he laban to resun, 3881 

'• Qui did fu me Builk a tresun 1 " 
u vi Laue," he said, " f-/t we in Leue, 
wil firsl vr eldir dohutir gene, 3884 

f ei frcyned of her frendes fare 

And he hem tolde of pat vnsware 

Laban fen?*o he dud to calle 

For fayn of him his frendes alle 

Soone he dud him to say 

What was f e chesoun of his way 

Sir he seide I wol f e telle 

For to spouse f i dorter rachelle 

peime shal foil serue me seuen 3ere 

Ar fat fou haue my doubter dere 

Gladly he seide so shal hit be 

Stille wif laban so dwelt he 

f e elder sister he forsoke 

For she glided seif f e boke 

For to serue for rachel fre [ieaf25j 

he was maistir herde of fe 

hit was muchel wondir pere 

how mychel multeplied fei were 

Whenne f o seuen 3eer were goon 

Iacob asked his lemmon 

Laban seide ful blifcly 

But fere he dud a tricchery 

Whenne he had rachel wede 

lya he stale to bis bedde 

Bisyde lia al nijt he lay 

his vnwityng til liit was day 

But whenne he wiste on fe morn 

wo was him fat he was born 

Fro bir he POOS & siked sore 

.And asked who brouate hir fore 

laban Bhe Seide : alas fe while 
who wende lie wolde me fus bigile 
he asked laban to resoufi 
Whi he dud him Buche tresoun 
Oure laws he seide fat we in lyuo 
Wol (urate oure elder donates be tyua 



Lot, neuou, mum foil na wight, 
fou sal liauo rachell, als i bight; 
And pat mai be nanofer wis 
Bot yeifc for-fi seuen wintwr seruis, 
To quils liaa lya in f i bedd, 3889 

For-soth fan sal fou raclicl wedd." 
f is ncu forward was festend fan 
Bituix iacob and sir laban. 3892 

f is term was passed, and seuen dais, 
He spused rachell, f e stori sais. 
Lya bred child, and hadd a sun 
Ruben, and sifen symeon, 3896 

fan leuy, and fan ysacar, 
Zabulon, iudas, sex brewer war, 
A doghter sco hadd hight dyna. 
Bot of ofer wommen tua 3900 

Had four suns geten him, 
Dan, gad, asser, neptalim. 
Rachell bare iacob suns turn, 
First ioseph, fan beniamin. 3904 

He was f e chesim of hir fine, 
Of him sco deid in gesine. 
Quat of his wiues tuin in spus, 
And wat of hand wimme?& in lms, 
Tuelue suns had he o faa, 3909 

And a doghter hight dyna. 

Iacob wex riche, his child er thraf, 
Thoru pe grace fat godd him gaue. 
fan bigan fain tak talent 3913 

To wend in to fair aim land, 
Wit wijf and child, and al handband, 
Ilkan wit ofer went in hand; 39 1G 


mourne na mare my squete wi^t 
fou sal hauc rachel as I. f e h^t 
bot fat may be nane of cr-wise 
bot for fi vij. ^ere serui 
to-quyles halde lya in fi bed. 
for-sof fen saltow rachel wed. 
f is new for-warde was made fan 
bi-twix Iacob and laban. 
f is terme was passed and vij. dayes 
he spoused rachel f e story sayes. 

Lya bred childe and had a sone 
Ruben and sif en simeon. 
fan laui and ysacar 
Zabulon Iudas vj. brefer fer ar. 
a doghter had ho he3t dyna. [leaf 21] 
and of ofer hand-wiwmen twa. 
he had iiij. sones giten him. 
Dan. gad. asser. neptalim. 
IT Rachel bare Iacob sonys twyn. 
first Ioseph sef en beniamyn. 
fat was f e encheson of hir fine 
of him ho deyed in hir ges} T n. 
quat of his wyues twyn of spouse 
and quat of hande-wi??zmen of house 

xii. SOllCS had he of fa. Detransgr. Iacob 
J / m patnam suam 

and a doghter hejt dyna. ^ exilluu >- 

how Iacob passid in-to his cuntree. 
ofter he was flemid. 

acob wex riche his childer thrafo 
forou f e grace fat god him gafe. 
fen bi-gan ham take talande. 
to wende in-to faire kindely lando. 
wif wife and childe and allehondbandtf 
ilkan went in ofer hande. 



Bot neueue murne Jm no wite, [coi. 2] 
Jm sal haue racliel as i pe hite, 
And pat may be nan oper wise 
Bot ^eit for Ju seuin 3ere seruise. 3888 
To-quiles hold lya in fi bedd, 
For-soth J?an sal Jm racliel wedd." 
Jus new forward was festind fan, 
Bituix iacob and laban, 3892 

His terme was passid, and seuift dais 
He weddid Eachel, pe stori sais. 

Lya bred child and had a son, 
Euben, and sipen symeon, 3896 
pan leuy, fan ysacar, 
Zabulon, Iudas, sex breder war, 
A dohutir scho had, pat hith dina. 
Bot of oper and wimmen tua 3900 
Had foure sunes getin of him, 
Dan, Gad, Asser, and nyptalim. 
Rachel bar Iacob sones tuiii, 3903 
First Joseph, a?^d sipen bcniamm. 
pat was a chesun of hir fin 
On f aim scho dyed in gesin. 
Quat of his wines, tua of spouse, 3907 
And quat of hand-wimmeft in house, 
Tuelue sonis had he of pa, 
And a dohutir pat hiht dina. 

But mourne pon no maner 3et 
fou shalt haue racliel as I pa het 
But f « t may be noon opere wise 
But for oper seuen 3eer seruyse 
f e while holde lya in bedde 
pernio shal f ou racliel wedde 
f is newe for war de was made pan 
Bitwene Iacob & laban 
his 3eres passed & seuen dayes 
Eachel he weddide f e story sayes 
^T Lia bred childe soone hadde oon 
Euben & sif f en sinieon 
penne leuy penne Isacar 
3abulon Iudas six hveper war 
A dou3tir she hadde het dyna 
But ponne of opere wynmen twa 
hadde foure sones geten of him 
Dan. gad. asser. neptalim 
Eachel bare Iacob sones twyn 
Fnrst Ioseph & fen?/e beniamyn 
pat was f c cause of hir ende 
Of hem she de3ed in gesin hende 
What of bis wyues two in spouse 
And als of hondwymmen in house 
Twelue sones of f hadde he 
And a doi^tere dyna to bo 

[Jacob returns to his ova land, and meets Esau.] 

Iacob Wi I riche, li is chiloW thraf, Iacob wex riche his childre froof 

Thoru pe grace fat godd him gaf. foui^e pe grace jjift god him 3of 

pan bigan fat take taland, 3913 Talent bigon to take him fo 

To wend into fair kindly land, To his owne londe to go 

will wijf and child, wid an a— mi, "NVif & childe wif 0011 assent 

Ilkan in hand wid ofer went. 391G vchone in honde wif ojwe went 



Laban o leue fam nicked nai, 
And fai bi night fam stal a way, 
Wijf and barn, wit flitting hale, 3919 
All stal fai forth wit nighter tale. 
A godd had laban in his biire 
f e quilk fat he was wonnt anure ; 
In hir flitting rachell it fend 3923 
And forth sco bare it in hir hand ; 
Laban it mist, ouer-tok and sogtht, 
Bot his godd fan fand he noght. 
Iacob went him forth his wai, [coi. 2] 
On fe feild far-oute he laL 3928 

On f e ta side o flum Jordan, 
And send his aght vte-ouer ilkan ; 
And iacob lai him an fat naght, 
In hand an angel has he laght, 3932 
fat samnien handlinges wristeld fai 
Al f e night, til it was dai, 
f e angel badd him lete him far ; 
He said fat suld he neuer mare, 3936 
fat he suld pass for ani thing, 
Till he had gin him his Missing : 
Sa lang f ai wrasteld same??- fare 
fat iacob was fan hurt wel sare, 3940 
f e maister sinu of his the, 
fat all his liue fan halted he, 
And for f is resuw, i tald yow now, 
s in Tin etes neuer jum 3944 

fan asked him our lauerd drightin, 
"Tel me nam," [he] said, "quat es 
" Iacob i hatt." " iacob ya, [J> in ] " 
Sal fou na langer hetten sua, 3948 
For sin fou gain godd stal worth 3951 
Wel mat gain man sal fou be worth, 
Bot fou sal be cald israel 3949 

fat es man scand, godd of hel." 3950 


laban of leue ham nykked nay. 

and f ai be ni3t fen stale a-way. 

wif wif and barne wif flittinge hale 

alle stale a-way bi matter tale. 

a god had laban in his boure. 

f e quilk he loued paramour. 

In hir flittinge his doghter hit fande. 

and forf ho bare hit in hir hande. 

laban hit miste ouer alle he so3t. 

bot his god f er fande he no^t. 

^T Iacob went him forf his way. 

on f e felde f er-oute he lay. 

on fat an side of flume iordan. 

and sende his godes ouer ilkane. 

Iacob lay him stille atte na^t 

an angel in hande had he k^t 

and to-geder wresteled f ai. 

alle f e ni^t til hit was day. 

f e angel bad him lete him fare 

he saide fat sulde he neuer mare. 

ne sulde he passe for nankin f inge 

til he had giuen him his blessinge. 

so lange f ai ham wresteled fare 

fat Iacob was him hurt ful sare. 

f e maister s[ine] of his fee 

fat euer sifen halted he 

for f is enchesouft I. telle 3011 now. 

of sine of bestes etes nane of 3011. 

IT fen asket our lorde ful of nujt 

tel me man quat fou hi3t. 

men callis me Iacob quare-euer I. ga 

sal fou na langer he saide hat squa 

syn fou agayne god art so stalworf . 

Avele mare agayne mon sal f on be worf . 

fou sal be calde now israel. 

fat ys mon of see. and god of helle 



Laban of leue said f aim nay, 
And f ai be niht stal away, 
Avijf and barn wid flitting hale, 3919 
All stal fai forth on fe nihttertale. 
A godd hadd laban in his bonre PJ 2 * bk > 
f e quilk he was wont to honure, 3922 
And in fair flitting rachel it fand, 
And forth scho bar it in hir hand ; 
Laban it missed, ouer-all it soght, 
Eot his god ne fand he noght. 
Iacob went him forth his way, 3927 
On f e feild widuten he lay, 
Apon fat a side of Hum iordane, 
And sent his almt oner ilkane. 
Iacob lay bi him-selue fat night, 
In hand he lahut an angel briht, 3932 
fat in handis werstild fai, 
All f e niht til it was dai. 
f e angel said, " f u lat me fare." 
He said fat suld lie neuer mare 39 3G 
Late him passe for ani thing 
Tille he ha giuen him his blissing. 
Sua lang fai wrestild same?; par, 
fat iacob was him hurt ful sare 39-10 
fe maistir synew of his the, 
fat euer gipen halted he, 
And for Jia resun i tell 3011 nou 
( If synewa etia nener na ieuu. 39 44 
fan askid godd, widuten blame, 
And bid him say quat liilit his name. 
"Iacob i hate." "Iacob 3a, 
Sal Jm na Langer be cald sua, 3918 
Bot fu sal be call* d isKai I. 
fat ea man aeand godd of heli 
For fu cgain godd 1 « ana stalworth, 
wel mare again man sal }u be worth." 
■ , iTTINi 

Laban of lene seide hem nay 
And f ei on ny3te stale away 

[ - . • • 

no gap in the Trinity cj* Laud MSS.~\ 
A god had laban in his bonre 
whiche he was wont to.honoure 
In her flittyng Rachel hit fond 
Forf she bar hit in her hond 
Laban hit missed ouer al hit soi^t 
Bnt liis god fonde he non3t 
Iacob went forf his way 1 P ms.wm! 
On f e felde w T if outen he lay 
On f e to side of nu??i iordon 
And sent his ai^te ouer vchon 
Iacob lay bi him self fat ny3t 
In he cau^t an au??gel bri3t 
So in honde wrestleled fay 
Al fat ny^t til hit was day 
f e aungel scidc let me go 
he seide fat wolde he neuer do 
Lete him passe for no f ing 
Til he had yyucn him his bleaayng 
longe fei wra8tleled 1" gidei fore 
fat Iacob was hurt ful sore 
fc maistir synewc of his fe 
fat erner aftii halted he 
And for fis reaonn here new 
Of synewe etef neuer no iew 
fenrce asked god wif outen blame [J™^ 25 * 
At i-l bad him Baye soone his name 
Iacob I hot : i ide he 

So aha! fi name no lengez 1"' 
fou slial be called iaraele 
fai is mon aeyng god of In-lc 
For fc/u .1;. _\ 11 god b1 rong La 

More worf a^eyn mon be Pro fia 


1T Iacob send fan for to faand 3953 
Esau wit saghting saand, 
For he was raad of al thing 
For to cum in liis metyng ; 3956 

For quen he of his cuming herd 
Ful wrathli gains him he ferd, 
Four hundret men he ledd him with j 
God wer iacob fra his grith, 39 GO 
And sua he sal, fat wat i well, 
For he his vm-sett all wit sell. 
Iacob fan sent him of his aght 
Giftes large, al for fe saght, 39 G 4 

f e raessag[er]s him broght answar, 
He com a-gain wit his poer. 
Iacob leed grett folk of his kin, 
For cloute he delt fam in tuiii; 39G8 
For f e doute fat he had fan, 
He delt in tua, bath beist and man, 
fat quils esau smat an o fe tua 3971 
f e tof er party suld scape him fra. 
Esau ai he died ful sare, P if 23, bk, coi. i] 
For he was fel and wald noght spare ; 
1 He dred if he him moglit ouer-ta, 
"Wit-outen pite he wald him sla ; 3976 
And fan he said f us his praiyer — ■ 
" Lauerd," he said, "f ou drightin dere, 
fat adam first man made o Hue, 3979 
And sythen of him wroght eue his wijf, 
fat had fai balden fat f ou J?an badd 
f ai had in blis ben ouer stadd ; 
fat aid noe, bath lei and gode, 
fou sauued fra fat ferli /lode; — 3984 
f u wat now, lauerd, fat it cs sua, 
Mi broif er es now mi grettest faa, 
fat thorn mi moder red. and run, 
I stal him fra his benisun ; 3988 


Iacob scnde fen forf wif sande 
esau of sa^tlynge for to fande 

for he was dred ouer al f inge. 

for tille come in his metinge 

^T and quen he of his co??imynge herde 

for wraf as wodemon he ferde. 

iiij. hundref men he led him wif. 

god kepped Iacob fra his grif . 

and so he sal fat wate I. wele. 

for he ys vmbsette wif cele. 

^1 Iacob sende him of his a3t. 

giftes large wif him to sa3t. 

f e messager bro3t him onsquere 

and saide he come wif grete poer. 

Iacob led folk of his kyn. 

^T for doute he dalt ham in twyn. 

for f e grete doute atte he had fan 

he dalt in twyn baf best and man. 

f e quilest esau smate an of twa. 

f e tof er party sulde skape him fra. 

esau dred he ful sare. 

for he was fel and walde no^t spare. 

he dred if he him mujt him ouer-ta. 

wif-oute pite he walde him sla. 

IT and fan he made f us his prayer. 

al mi3tty god fou art me dere. 

fat adam first made mon of life 

and sif en of him made eue his wife 

fat had fai halden at fou ham bad 

fai had in blisse bene euer stadde. 

and also noe baf lelle and gode. 

fou saued fra fat ferly flode. 

fou wate my lorde atte hit ys squa 

my brof er ys now my grettest fa. 

fat forow my moders rede and roun 

I stale fra him his benysou^. 



Iacob sent pan for-to fondc, 3953 

Esau wid sahutinyrag sonde, 
For lie was dredd in all thing, 
For-to cum in his meting; 395 G 

For qaen he of his coming herd, [coi. 2] 
Ful wrathli agaynes him he ferd, 
Foure hundrid men ^ode him wid, 
Gode were iacob fra his aim grith ; 
And sua he sal, fat wat i wele, 39 Gl 
For he es all vmsett wid sele. 
Iacob sent him of his ahut 
Giftes large wid him to sahut, 39 Gl 
f e messager him brohut ansuer, 
He com egayn him wid gret pouer. 
Iacob ledd gret folk of his kin, 
For doutc he delt f aim in tuin, 39G8 
For fe gret doute fat he had fan 
He delt in tua bath best and man, 
fat qniles esau smat an of fa, 3971 
fe tofer parti suld schap f aim fra. 
Iacob dred esau ful sare, 
For be Was fell and wild nohut spare, 
fat if lie miht him aniquar ta, 
widuten pitc he wild him sla; 397G 
And [ms he made fan Lis praier, 
"Lanerd,"he -aid, "mygoddsuadere, 
fat fixst made adam man of lijf, 3979 
And eifen of him made, cue his wijf, 
fat had fai holdin fat fu faim badd, 
f;ii had in bliss ben em r Btadd : 
And aid Qoe, bath Lele and god, 
fu saned fra p«t ferly flodd \ 3984 
fu wat mi lauerd f"t i ea sua, 
Mi brod< /• e dou mj ma -i Ea, 
f;it thorn mi mod r rede and conn 
I sta] fra liim lii- benisnn. 3988 

<...i i [NGEN 

Iacob sende f enrce to fonde 

Esau wif sau3telynge sonde 

For he was ferde in al f ing 

For to com to his metyng 

Whemze he of his comyng herde 

Ful wrof ely to him he ferde 

Foure hundride men soone he fond 

To kepe Iacob fro his owne lond 

And so he shal fat woot I wele 

For he is al bisett wif cele 

Iacob sende him of his au3t 

jiftis large him to sau3t 

f e messangere brou^te vnswere 

he coom a3eyn him wif greet powere 

Iacob lad myche folke of his kyn 

For doute he dalt hem in twyn 

For grete doute he had fan 

he dalte in two beest & man 

whil esau smoot oon of f o 

f e tof er part shal scape him fro 

^1 Iacob dred esau sare 

For he was fel wif outen spare 

f at if he my3te him ouer go 

wifouten pitc he wolde him slo 

f us he made his preycre 

lorde he scide my god so <l 

pat madest adam mon of lif 

An sif en of him Eue his wif 

hadde fei holden fat f<>u \\\/n bad 

f'i hadde in endeles ioye be stad 

Ami also noe trewe & gode 

f<m Bauedest fro f^/t ferly flode 

fou woste lord f"t liit i 

My In-. if, ,• now is my fo 

Fox I f"ur;r my modii roun 

Stale fro liim lii^ benesoun 




Vte-oner pis fium, last quen i ferd, 
In hand i bei noght bot a yerd, 
And now, l&uerd, blissed mote pu be ! 
folk tua Sokes cu???s wit me, 3092 
Lauerd, pou send me now pi rede, 
Gains esau has snorn mi dede ; 
For man pat pou will help in nede 
Thar him neuer na derfnes drede ; 

pis gret aght pou has me lent 3997 

1 sal gret fern be-for me sent, 
For ar he pe half o paa haa slayn 

He sal be matid of his main ; 4000 

To quils, if pou wil, sal i slip 

And fal noght in his hand grip." 

Esan corns breni and brath, 

JSTow es iacob in mikel wath ; 4004 

He sner if he might wit him mete 

Formast his lijf he suld for-lete, 

For qua godds help es wit-all 

Ful siker mai he wend oner all. 4008 

Quen he his folk sagh and aght 

His broker he soght alsuith wit saght, 

For pat he for his come was bl[i]pe, 

Wei can he wit his kissing kipe ; 

Sli strengh es o pe holi gast, 4013 

To saghtnes mak par wrath es mast. 

He welcumd iacob selli fair, 

He wist he was his fader air, 4016 

Wit-outen wreth, wit-outen wrak, 

O luue and pes J>ai samen spak ; 

Que^ pai had said pat pai wald sai 

Esau went him hame his way 4020 

Vnto seyr par he com fra, 

Iacob can til his fader ga ; 

For yeit he was pat sith liuand, [col. 2] 

Rebecca his moder ded he fand. 4024 


'iinl oner pis flume last quen T. fi-rde 
In hande I. bare no3t bot a 3erde 
and now lorde blessed mote pou be 
of folke ij. co?/zpanys comis \ri\h me. 
1 IT lorde pou sende me [now pi rede] 
agayne esau has squorne my dede. 
for pat pou wille help in nede. [Jjjf ^ 
par him neuer na dede drede. 
of pis grete gode pou has me lent 
be-for me alle pai sal be sent. 
and or pai alle be tane and slayne 
he sal be matid of his mayne. 
to-quylis if pou wil sal I. slip. 
and sal no3t in his handegrip. 
IT wip pat come esau breme and brap 
now ys Iacob in mykil wap. 
he squere if he wip him mete, 
formast sulde he his life for-lete. 
bot quam so god helpis Avip-alle. 
ful secure may he wende oneralle. 
quen he his company saghe and his a}t. 
his broper he so3t alsquype to sa3t. 
and of his come he was ful blipe 
wip kissinge aype?* ope?* con kipe. . 
1F suche strenght is in pe haligaste. 
to sa3tlyng^ make per Avrap ys maste. 
he welcomed Iacob selly faire. 
and wiste he was his fadere ayre. 
wip-outen wrap wip-outen wrake.. 
of lone and pes pai sammyn spake. 
IT quen pai had saide at pai walde sai 
esau went him hame his way. 
vn-to pe place \>er he come fra 
and Iacob til his fader con ga. 
for 3et he was pat time liuande. 
rebecca his moder dede he fande. 



Here oner pis fiuni last quen i ferd, 
In hand i bar nolmt bot a 3erd, 3990 
And nou mi lauerd, blissed pu be, 
Of folk tua flockes cu??ies wid me. 
Lauerd ! pu send nu me pi rede, tjjj^ 
Egain esau Las suorn mi dede, 3994 
For man pat pu w^il lielpe in node, 
!N"e tliar liim neuer na ferednes drede. 
Of pis gret haut Jm lias me lent, 3997 
I haue parof bi-for me sent, 
For ar pat be all pa liaue slain, 
He sal be masid of bis mayn ; 4000 
pe quilis if ]m will pai sal pasce, 
And cu?n nolmt in his hand percas." 
Esau cumis briine wid mekil route, 
JSou es iacob in mekil doute, 4004 
He suore miht he wid him mete, 
Eormast his lijf he suld for-lete. 
Eot qua pat godd helpis wid-all, 
Traistli may he wend ouer-all. 4008 
Que?^ he sau his folk and his abut 
His broder fan he sohut wid sahut 
And for his come was wonder blitli, 
fat gam he wil wid kissing kyth : 
Suilk strinthe es of pe hali gast, 4013 
To sahutling make pair wrethes mast. 
He welcomed iacob wonder faire, 
He wist he was his fadii ayre, 401G 
widuten wrethe, widuten wrake, 
Of loue and pes pai samen spac. 
Quen pai had said pal pai wald say, 
I u went him ham hia way, i0'20 
vnto syer. p<r he cam fra, 
And iacob till his fadii gan 
For 3<'it he was liueand, 
Rebecca hla mod* r dede he fand. 1"-' 1 

here ouer pis nmn last when I ferde 

I bar in honde but a 3erde 

And now my lord blessed pou be 

Two flockes of folke com wip me 

lorde now sende me sum rede 

A3ein esau lest I be dede 

Eor man pat pou wol helpe in nede 

par him neuermore drede 

Of pis ai^te pou hast me lent 

pe?-of I haue bifore me sent 

Eor ar he alio po haue slayn 

he shal be mased of his mayn 

pat while if pou wolt pei sliul pase 

And com not in his bond percase 

Esau coom breme wip greet route 

Now is Iacob in mychel doute 

he swor if he my3te him mete 

Formast he shulde his lif lete 

But who so god lielpe wol 

May sauely go at pe fol 

When esau say him & his ai^t 

Soone he sou3te him wip sau^t 

And for his coome was ful blipe 

pat gan he wip kissyng kipe 

Of suche strengpe is pe holy goost 

To onen hem pere wrappe is moost 

he welcomed Iacob ful feire 

And knewe him for his fadii eire 

Wipoutew wrappe or any wrake 

Of loue & i gider pri spake 

whenne pei bad aeide pal pei wolde sey 

i wenl hoom his v 
vnto syei p< re he coom fro 
.And iacob to hie Gadir to 

jitt po he wa i lyuonde 
Rebecca his modir deed he fonde 



J>is ysaac, J?at i of rede, 4025 

In boke es cald pe lastand seed, 

He ledd his line wit-vten blam, £*£■*• 

And birid biside sir abraliain. 

Kine score yeir he had houergan 4029 

Onte o pis lijf wen lie was tan. 

Qnen pis dughti man "was ded, 

pir brewer tuain pam tok to red 4032 

To dele pair landes Jam bi-tuixs, 

pat aiper might pam aid wit his ; 

Til esau bitid ebron 

And he self went til edom. 40 3 G 

De iacob & ems filijs & de exsompnia 

1T Iacob was selcut riche o fee, 
Of ilkin god he had plente ; 
He was ful riche, als we rede, 4039 
Lnued and lele, and loued in lede. 
Bot pof he lnned his snns ilkan, 
Sna wel als ioseph he lnued nan, 
For he was fair, wit-out en sake, 4043 
O breper nan had he his make. 
All his breper hirdes ware, 
He duelt ai at ham mare ; 
pis was ioseph pat lele pat dred 4047 
pat has loue-word pat spedli spred, 
pat was pe chast and pat gentil 
pat sipen sufferd sa fele peril ; 
Bot o perils pat he fell in 
Su??2-quat to tell i sal bigin ; 4052 
And how he com als oute o wath, 
His waa, his well, yee sal here bath. 
Ioseph he sagh a night in sueucn, 
pe quilk es worpie for to neuen — 


11 pis ysaac pat I. of rede. 

In boke ys calde pe lastande e 

he led bis life wip-outen blame 

and beried he ys i be abraham. 

ix. skore 3ere he had ouergane. 

oute of his life qucn he was tane 

quen at pis d^tty mon was dede 

\er breper toke ham bap to rede 

to dele paire lande ham be-twix 

and ay per for to Hue on his pe stori 

to esau felle pe vale of ebron 0I *°" 

& Iacob went forp vn-tille edon. 

[ 1- The story of Iacob begynnyp here 
And also of his sonnys dere] £|*5Jn wwl 

Iacob was selcoup riche of fee. 
of alkyn gode he had plente. 
he was riche as we rede 
he loued trewjje in his dede 
and now he loued his sones ilkane 
sa wele as Ioseph loued lie nane 
for he was faire wip-outen sake 
of breper had he na make, 
alle his breper hirdis ware 
and he dwelled at hame euer-mare 
1F pis was Ioseph pat I of rede 
his loue and wired ful fer con sprede 
wise and chaste of maners gentel. 
and sipen suffred mony perel. 
and of pe perel pat he fel in. 
sumquat to telle I wille be-gyn. 
and sipen how he come out of wap 
porou goddis help he had na skap 
IF Ioseph him saghe a ni^t in squeuen. 
pe quilk ys worpi for to neyuen. 



pis ysaac fat i of rede, 

In bock es cald pe lastand sede, 

He ledd his lijf widuten blame, 

And birid es be-side abraham : 4028 

Kine skor 3ere he had ouer-gan, [col. 2] 

vte of pis world wen he was tan. 

Queft J>is douthi man was dede, 

pir breder to paim tok to rede, 4032 

To dele pair landis paiin bituene, 

And pe?i miht pai liue widuten tene. 

Til esau bi-tid Ebron, 

And iacob went into Edon. 403G 

pe stori of iacob be-gines here, 
And alsua of his sonis sere. 

IAcob was selcuth riche of fe, 
Of alkins godo he had plente, 
He was ful riche als wo rede, 
Loued and lele in ilka lede, 4040 

Bot pou he loued his sonis ilkan, 
Sua wele as ioseph loued he nan ; 
For he was fair, widuten sake, 
Of breder had he nan his make, 4044 
All his hrefer war herdis, i saj, 
Bot he duelled at ham al-way. 
pig was ioseph fat lele fat dredd 
fat Loueword had sua spedili spredd, 
pat wise, f'it chast, fat gentile, 4049 
J sipcn Bufirid sua gret p 
Bol of pa perelia pat he was inne, 
Sumquat to tell i sal biginne, 4052 
And hou he ram vte of his wa, 
Into his wele, 30 sal here al ua. 
Ioseph saw a nilit iu suction, 
pe quilk es worthi forto neuen. 4056 
GO 1 iin 

pis Isaac fat I of rede [leaf 20] 

In bokis is calde fa lastynge sede 
he ladde his lif wipouten blame 
And buryed is biside Abrahame 
Nyne score ^eer oner goon he hadde 
whence he of pis world was ladde 
when??e pis dou^ti man was deed 
Jese breperen two toke hem to reed 
To dele her londes hem bitwene 

pen??e 1113-3 te P e ^ h' nG ou ^ °f ^ cn0 
To esau fel Ebron 
And to Iacob fen Edon 

pe stori of iacob bigynnep here 
And also of his sones dere 

1 ~l~Acob was wondir riche of fe 

JL Of alle godis he hadde plente 
he was ful riche as we rede [1 Ll'l^S 
Trewe & loued of vche lede "" cs,] 
wel he loued his sones vchone 
But so wel as Ioseph noone 
he was fair wifouten sake 
Of hrcfrren had he noon his make 
his breperen alle were herdes I say 
But he dwelt at home al way 
fis was trewe Ioseph fat dredde 
his loue word wide spredde 
p^t wise cliaste pat gentile 
pal a ft i r suffer* ile 

Of po periles fat h<> was Tune 
Surawhat to telle 1 Bhal bigynne 
how he coom out of his wo 

]iis wele here 
I pjh . auv;t in Bweuene 
pat is worpi for to ueu< ue 

TKINI 1 v 


] rim fchogh[t] his fader paier corn 
Quar his elleucn breper ware, L scllal( ' 
lie-self was on pe feld bisido 4059 
To geder corn in herueistide ; 
Ilijs breper schaues he sagh lutand 
Til his allan pat was standand. 40 G 2 
Anoper drem per after sone, 
Hini thoght pat bath sun and mone, 
And o pe mast pat Avar in heuen, 
Honurd sternes him elleuen, 
All luted him on pair maner, 40G7 
Bight als he pere lauerd were. 
He tald it paim and pai said, " how 
Mai pis bitide, quat wennis pou 
For to be lauerd out ouer vs all ? ^\] 1 ' 
pat blis sal pe neuer fall." 4072 

Fra pis time forth, ne dai, ne naght, 
"Wit iosejjh ware pai neuer saght, 
For nigh pai had til him sa Strang 
pai soght him ai to greue wit wrang ; 
Ne wald pai apon him sei 4077 

Fra pis dai forth wit blithful ei. 
Ioseph was mast at ham duelland, 
His breper in pe wildrin land, 4080 
Wit pair fee bituix pair lauus, 
Als it bi tidd mikel in paa dauus. 
Bi peir storis mai man wel se 4083 
pe.folk liued mast pat tide wit fee. 
peir breper, pat i said of are, 
Amang paa felles duelland ware, 
pat nan cuth tipand o pam tell, 
For pai sent naman pam emell. 4088 
pair fader pat o paim wite wald 
Til him his sun ioseph he cald : 
" Surc," he said, " pou most agat 
Ga watt quat es pi breper stat, 4092 


him pi^t pa ire fader corne share 

quare his xj. breper ware. 

hi in-self was on pe felde be-side. 

to gedder corne in heruest-tide. 

his breper sheuys he saghe loutande 

til his allane pat ware standande 

IT a-noper dreme per-ofter sone. 

him piv^t bap sunne and mone. 

and of pe maste pat ware in hcyue?* 

sternes him honourede be tale .xj. 

al loutande on paire maner. 

ri^t als lorde atte he were. 

he talde hit ham and pai saide how 

may pis be-tide wat wenys pou. 

for to be lorde a-boue vs alle. ^J™ 1 ^"' 1 

pat blis salle pe neuer be-falle. 

fra pis time forp nauper day ne m^t. 

wip Ioseph ware pai neuer s^t. 

[' They had envy to hym strong wrong ] 

They sowght to greve hym euer with 

ne walde pai neuer a-pon him sey 

fra pis day forp wip fully 2 eye. [ 2 stuiy?] 

IF Ioseph was maste atte hame dw r ellande 

his brepe?' in pe wildernes lande. 

wip paire fee a-pon pe lawes. 

as men dede be aide dawes. 

be pis story men may wele se 

pe folk liued mast pat time w/t7i fee 

pes breper as I. talde 30U are 

a-mong pe felles dwellande ware 

pat nane cowde tipande of ham tel 

wip-outen mete per con pai dwel. 

paire fader of ham wete walde 

til him his sone Iosephe he calde. 

Sone he saide pou most al-gate [if 25] 
ga telle me of pi breper state. 



Him thoght his fader J>air corn schare, him pou^te his fadir her corn shere 

par his elleuen brewer ware, 
Him-self was an pe feld biside, 

To gadir corn in hernist tyde ; 40G0 
His brewer scheuis he sau lutand 
Til his alone, p/«t was standand. 
Anoper drem par efter sone, [if 20, bk, col. 1] 
Him thoutli hath sune a?zd mono, 
And of pe mast pat war in heuen 
ITonurd him sternis elleuen, 4036 
All loutid him on fair manere, 
Right als he pair lauerd were. 

pere his elleuen hrcperen were 
him self was on be fekle bisyde 
To geder corn in heruest tide 
his breper sheues he say loutynge 
To his allone pat was stondynge 
Anoper he mett per aftir soone 
Vim pou^te hope sonwe & mone 
And of pe grettest pat were on heuen 
honoured him sterres elleuen 
A lie loutid him on her manere 
lli^t as he her lorde were 
he hem tolde & pei seide how 

He tald it paim and pai said, " hou 

May J?is be-tyde 1 quat wist pu 1 4070 May pis bityde what wencs jjow 

For to he lauerd ouer vs all 1 For to he lord ouer vs alio 

pat bliss sal pe neuer fall." pat hlisse shal pe neuer bi falle 

Fra pis time forth, dai ne naght, Fro pis tyme forp neuer pe 1 

wid ioseph war pai neuer saght, 407 1 AVip ioseph were pei neuer at pees 

Enuye pai had til him sua Strang, pi hadde enuye to him stronge 

pai soght him ay to greue wit7i wrang. pei sou^t to greue him ay with wronge 

Ke wald pai neuer apon hi/// se, wolde pei neuer vp on him se 

Fra pat <lay hot wid enniite. 1078 Fro pat day hut wip enemyte 

I ;>li was mast at ham due] laud ; At home moost was Ioseph pit childe 

His breder mast inwildrenes beand, 
wid pair fe bituene pa lawis, 
Als it bi-tid in pas da wis ; 4082 

]5i pir storijs men may wele se 
Men lined pai time mast wid fe. 
pir breder \>ai i spac "1 arc, 
Amang pa fellis duelland war, 1 

p it nan koud tvdand of \>&im tell, 

Foi pay sent 11:1 man pai/// emell. 

his breperen in widernosse wilde 
wip her fee pc lowes bitwene 
As pei were pemie wont to bene 
Bi pia story may men se 
Men lyued moosl p<> bi Pe 
J brep< ren pa\ 1 spake of ere 
Among pc feldes dwellyng were 
p'/t noon coupe of hem tibing telle 
Til on a day liit bifelle 
her fadir of hem wite walde 

p. or fadir, pat of paim will wald, 

I 'j'li his jone til him he cald, 4090 [oseph hia Bon to him he calde 

"Sun," he said, "pu mosl ;d ;. Son he seide pou mosl a! 

' it of pi bi ( Jo wite of pi brep 

16 tkinity 


Lang es sin we o fam herd, 4093 

pair fee wald i ala witt how ferd." 

" Fader," he said, " i will fill fayn, 
f i bod i aght noght to stand agayn." 
He went him forth, and wist not quare, 
Grathli quare his brefer ware ; 4098 
Bot ar he til his brefer wan, 
Will he yode, and mett a man : 
" Quat sekes f ou, sun, here V said he. 
"Mi brewer, and mi fader fee." 4102 
And fan ansuerd pat man til him — 
" f ou sal Jam find in dotaym." 


no gap in the MS.] 

He went him forth and former soght 
Til he Jam faand he finid noght. 4108 
Queft fai sagh co??zmand ioseph, fair 
Ilkan o J>aim fan said til of er — Lb 1 ' ]^ 
" Lo quar f e dremer now es cummen, 
Bi drightin now he sal be nummen ; 
Do we him [nu] to dreri ded 4113 
And his dremmes he sif en red 1 . " t 1 ms. ded] 
Fulfayn Avar f ai fair far him fand, 
Now mai f ai him haue to will in hand, 
If fai him forwit oght for-bar, 4117 
Fra now mai fai noght him spare ; 
An was eildest o f e elleuen 
f e quilk yee herd me ruben neuen : 
Quen he herd fai wald 2 him sla, p6ji\5J w 
Na selcuth fan him was ful waa ; EEjol]*' 
To stint wald he, if he moght, 4123 
f e foly fat his bref er thoght ; 
All he sagh fam in a wil 
fair brofer sacles for to spil. F sua 

"Mi brefer," he said, "now dos not 
I rede noght yee your brofer sla,4128 


lange ys syn we of ham herde 
I. walde wete how our fee ferde. 

IT fader he saide I. wille ful lav no 

f i bode I. wil no^t stande a-gayne 

he went him forf and wist no^t quare 

graydely quere his brefer ware. 

bot or he tille his brefer wan. 

wille he ^ode and mette a man. 

^T quat sekis f ou here sone saide he. 

my brefer and my fader fee. 

and fen onsquared fat mon to him. 

f ou salle ham fmde in dotayme. 

phe went forth and? furfer jDast 

Tylle he hem found? at f e last] M £jf 6] La,aI 

and he went forf and forf er so^t 

til he ham fande he fined no3t. 

quen f ai 1 saghe Ioseph f aire brofer. 

ilkane be-gan to speke til of er. 

f e dreme reder now se we come 

salle he neuer bide langer dome. 

do we him now to drery dede. 

and lete him sif en his dremis rede. 

^I ful fayne fai ware atte fai him fande 

and sone on him fai sette f aire hande 

if fai be-fore ' him 03t for-bare. 

now fink ham litel. him to spare. 

an was eldest of f e xj. 

f e quilk ^e herde me ruben ncyue/i 

quen he herde fai walde him sla. 

na wonder fen if him was wa. 

to stint walde he if he 01113 1. 

f e foly at his bref er f 03t. 

alle he saghe ham in a wille. 

faire brofer sakles for-to spille. 

^[ on brefer he saide 3e do no3t squa. 

I. rede no3t 30 ^oure brofer sla. 



Lang es sif e??, we of f aim. herd, 

Jnair fe als wold i wit hou ferd." 4094 

" Fader," he said, " i wil ful fain, 

f i Lidding wil i noglit stand agayn." 

He went forth a«d wist noglit quar 

Graytly quere liis brcder ware, 4098 

Bot ar he to. his breder wan, [col 2] 

wil he went and met a man, 

" Quat sekes f u here, sun." said he, 

"Sir, my breder, and mi fadrr'fe." 

fan ansuerd fat man to him, 

" f u sal faim find in dotaym." 4104 

[ • • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

He went him forth and ferder soght, 
Til he faim fand he fined noglit. 
Que?? J>ai him sau cum ioseph fair broder, 
Ilkan of faim said pan til ofe?*, 4110 
" Lo ! quer f c dremer nou es comen ! 
Be miht god he sal be nomen, 
Lat vs do him to dreri dede, 4113 
Loke quat his drem sal stand iw-sted." 
Ful fain fai were fai far him fand, 
]S T ou pai may haue him to wille in hand. 
If J?ai bifor him auht for-bar 4117 
Nou fai wil him noght spar. 
On was eldi st of fa ell< uen, 
I [uilk 3'' herd me niben neuen, 
Quen he herd, fai wild him sla, 4121 
Ka wonder fan |>ow him was wa, 
Stynt it wold he if he moght, 
fe foly fat his on him soght. 

All he sau faim in a will 1 1 25 

fair broder Baclee for to spille. r 8ua 
"Mi breder," he saide, "doa je oaght 
1 rede noghl je jonre broder sla, 1 L28 

GuTTIX'.l v 

longe is sif f e I of hem herde 

Or of her fee how fei ferde 

Fadir he seide I wol ful fayn 

f i biddyng not to stonde a^ayn 

he went for]) & wiste not where 

Solely fat his breferen were 

But ar he to his brefer coom 

Whil he went he met a mon 

"What sekestou here son seide he 

Mi bref<??* sir my fadir fe 

feline vnswered f <7t 111011 to him [if 20, bk: 

fou shal hem fynde in dothaim 

he went forf & forf er past 

Til he hem fonde at f e last 

he went forf & furfer soi^t 

Til he hem fonde lafte he nou^t 

When f ei sey Ioseph com her brof er 

vchonc of hem seide to of er 

Lo where f e dremer is comen 

Bi my^ti god he shal be nomen 

lete vs do him to fe dede 

loke what his dreme wol stonde i?? stede 

Fayn J>ei were fere him to fynde 

For to haue her wille blynde 

If fei bifore him ou3t forbare 

Now wol fei him not sp 

^T Oon eldest of f e ellenen was 

frit Rubon licit in f^/t plas 

whenne he herde fei wolde him slo 

ferfore was him wondii wo 

Stinte hit wolde he If he my£t 

fe foly fat his bn f< ren tijt 

Alle he say hem in <> wille 

her brofer gultlea to spille 

Brefer he seide dof Dot so 

I rede y not joure brofer bIo 



pat es your ami fless and blod, 
To murper him it es not god ; 
And, if yee do, for-sotht, mi will, 
Sal yee neuer haue [harm] far-till ; 
And if yee do suilk an outrake 4133 
Ful siker may yee be o wrake, 
Fra your scending be mad cuth, 
All men sal yow haue in mouth ; 
)>rtt Baret rede i noght yee bru, 4137 
pat yow mai euer after ru ; 
He has yow nathing don for-qui 
Yee haue noght gain him bot enuy, 
And wijt pat he be slain 4141 

His Hue dais i tell gain." 
Ful fellik pai a-gain answard, 
" Quar-for suld Ave of oght be ferd 1 
For man pat liuand es, ne wijf, 4145 
Ne sal he scappus wit pe lijf." 
Que?z ruben sagh pair was nanoper 
Bot algat for to sla per broper, 4148 
" For godds luue dos a-wai he said 
pat na hand on him be laid, 
pat na blod o him be schedd ; 
Bot sin he al<rat sal be ded 4152 

Do it pan wit suilk a wile 
pat yee your handes ne per-wit file ; 
In pis wast i wat a pite, 
Dri and waterles es it, 41 5G 

per ouer standes a mikel tre, 
Cast yee him par. and lat him be 
Bi-tuixand he o line be broght, 4159 
pan mai we sai, we sagh him noght ; 
His kyrtil sal we riue and rend, 
And blody til his fader seind, 
And sai til him pat we it fand 
"Wit-in pe wildernes liggand, 41 04 


he ys jour agheu flesshe and ymr Llode 

to mirpcr him hit nys no$t gode. 
bot if so be 3c do my wil 
grete liarme hit tumes 3011 til. 
and if 30 do '. pis outerake. 
ful secure vewiaunce god wil take 
and fra pis deile be made coupe 
alle men sal 30U haue in moupe 
pat baret rede I. 3011 no3t brew 
pat ofter wille .... 30U to rew 
he has 3011 imping done forquy 
sane 3c bere to him enuy. 
and wete our fader atte he be slayne 
his liue dayes ar past ful gayne. 

[ ..:.... 

na (jap in the Fairfax $• Laud MSS.] 
IT for man pat liuande ys ne wife 
salle he neyuer esscape pe life, 
quen ruben saghe \>er was na noper. 
bot algate for to sle paire broper. 
for goddis loue do way he saide 
atte na handis on him be laide. 
atte na blode on him be shed 
bot syn he salle algates be dede 
dose hit pan wip suehe a wyle 
atte 30 30111' handis no3t file. 
IT In pis waste I. wate a pitte. 
dry and waterles ys hit. 
per ouer standi s a mikil tree 
caste him doun and lete him be. 
bi-twix and he of liue be bro3t 
pen may we say we saghe him wo^t 
his kirtel salle we riue and rende 
and blodi til his fader hit sende. 
and say tille him pat we hit fand'e 
as we come in our way walcande 



pat es 30111 aim fless and blod, 

To murder him it es noglit god ; 

And if ^e do, for-sotli mi -will 

Sal }e neuer liaue J?er-till. 4132 

And if 3e do suilk an vtrack, 

Fu sekir may ^q be of wrake, 

And 3oure schending be mast cutli ; 

All me?i sal 3011 liaue in mouth; 413G 

Jmt baret rede i noght $n breu, [if so, 00L 1] 

J>at 30U for eue/* eftir rew. 

He has 3011 no-thing done, for-qui 

^e liaue noglit again him bot enuy ; 

And wit his fader pat he be slane, 

His lijf-dais all tell i for-gan." 4142 

[ • • • 

no gap in the MS.~\ 

M For man Jwt liuand es, na wijf, 

N"e sal he schape fra vs wid pa lijf." 

Quen 111 1 M-ii sau J>ar was nan oJ>er, 

Bot algat J?ai wild sla fair brofer, 

"For godes luue, do way," he said. 

"fat na band on him be laid, 4150 

Jjat na blod off him be schedd, 

B >t if he algat suld be dede, 

Do it j)aii wid suilk a wile 

)>at yi noght 30111- handis file 4154 

In bia wast i wot a pitt, 

1 1 y and waterlea ea iit, 

par oner it standia a mekiJ tre, — 

I him J>er \uin- and tal \\\m be. 

J J i t u i x and he << liue be broght, 1 1 59 

Jx-n may we say we -01 hi/// noght ) 

His cirtil sul we riue and rent, 

And blodi til his fadii it Bent 

And say i" bira |>a1 we it fand 1 1 63 

\\ i iin p<- wildreneaa Ligand ; 

>■<>: ir, 

pat is 3oure owne flesshe & blode 
To murder him hit is not gode 
If 3e do forso)>e my wille 
Shu^e neuer liaue J>er tille 
If 3e hit do I 30U teche 
Siker may 3e be of wreeho 
.Vnd 30iire shame shal be con J? 
Alle men to liaue 30U in rnouj? 
Jwt baret rede I not 30 brewe 
pat 30 for euer aftir rewe 
he ha]? no J)ing done why 
3e liaue not to him but envy 
Wite his fadir he be slone 
his lif dayes telle I gone 

[ • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

For 111011 lyuynge J)ei seide ny wif 
Shal he skape wij? his lif 
AVhen/<e Ruben sey per was noon ope re 
But algate )>ei wolde sle her brojere 
For goddes loue dowey he seide 
Jwt noon honde be on him leide 
pat no blode of him we shede 
But if he algate shal be dede 
Do hit benne wij? suche a wile 
jv/t 3e not 30iire hondes fyle 
In pia waast I woot a pit 
Dri^e & watirlea is hit 
ber oiur Btondea a mychel tre 
I : him p> rynne & lete him l" 1 
Til put he of lyue 1"' brou^t 
penae may we Bay we seje him noujt 
Ins cuTtel wnl we i> ae & n nde 
And blodi t" lii- fadir bit sende 
And telle him jwt we oil fonde 
In pe w ildernea Ligonde 
; 1.1 \ 1 1 v 


And sai we fat lie riuen es 

AVit beistes wild, in wildernes, 41 GG 

And fan wil naman mak on sau 

fat we him Buld haue broght on dau." 

Al said ruben J?is, pat i Bai, Oaaiu, co\. i] 

For lie wald lede his lijf a-wai. 4170 

IF "Gladli," said fai, "and fatbeskete." 

fai hent iosepli be liend and fete, 

And nackend him and kest him dun, 

And left him far, als in pr/sun ; 

Sif en J?ai settam dun and ete, 

fan sagh fai cu???and be fe stret 41 76 

Marchands of an vncutli thede 

egypte, als in boke we rede, 

Wit camels fat gret birf in bar, 

spice and of ofer ware j 4180 

Amang fir brewer far was 

An pat had to nam judas. 

u Quat bote es it," he said, u til vs 

pat we for-do our bro]?er pnsl 4184 

Bot tac we him out of yon den 

And sel we him to yon chapmen, 

pat fai him lede mai into fer land, 

To be fair thral far-in lastand ; 4188 

If it sua tide fat he dei far 

f ar-for forsoth bot littell care, 

Or if pat he be par liuand 

His fader of him hirs na ti-fand." 

far was ioseph in seruage said, 4193 

For tuenti besands pan and tald. 

Ioseph es now ledd out o land, 

Godd hald oner him his holi hand ! 

Ruben, pat pe mast o fahn was wis, 

Wist noght o Jus marchandis. 4.198 

Apon f o morn he com and soght 

f e pite, bot ioseph fand he noght ; 


and say we fat riuen hit ys 
wijj bestes wilde in wildernes 
and fen wills na mon make faire saghe 
fat we haue done him of daghi. 
al saide ruben f fis atte I. say. 
for he walde lede his life a-way. 
IF gladly saide fai now wil we wete 
fai hent him vp bi hende and fete 
and nakid him and kest him doun. 
and left him fare als in prisoun. 
sif en fai sette ham doun and ete. 
fan saghe fai comande bi f e strete 
marchandes of vncouf e f ede. 
of egipte as in boke we rede, 
wif camels atte grete birfin bare 
of spices and of oper ware 
IF among per brefer an fer was. 
fat had to name Iudas. 
quat bote he saide ys hit til vs. 
atte AYe for-do our brof er f us. 
take we him oute of ponder den 
and sel him forf to 30110 chapmen, 
fai wille him lede in-to fer lande 
to be fair bonde for euer-lastande 
if so it be-tide that he dye far. 
per . . . for-sof litel care 
or if fat he be fare liuande. [leaf 25, tack] 
his fader of him heres na tif ande. 
IF fer was Ioseph in seruage saide. 
for xx. besaundes tane and talde. 
Ioseph ys now led out of lande. 
god halde ouer him his haly hande 
ruben fat mast was of ham wise 
he wiste no^t of fis marchandise. 
on f e niorne he come and so^t 
f e pitte bot Ioseph fande he no^t. 



And say we fat he riuen es 
wid wild bestis in wildrenes. 
fan wil na man of vs mak sane, 41 G 7 
fat we him sulci haue done of dane. 
Dos," said ruben, " as i 3011 say," 
For he wild lede him quick a-way. 
" Gladly," said fay at fat hete ; 4171 
fai hent Joseph bi hend and fete, 
And nakind him and kest him dun, 
And left him far als in prosiin. 
Sifen fai sett faim doun and ete, [col. 2] 
fen sau fai comand bi fe strete 4176 
Marchandes of an vncuth lede 
Of egipt, as we in bokis rede, 
wid cam ay lis fat gret birdins bar 
Of spices and of ofer ware. 4180 

Emang fas breder an far was 
Qnas name fat was cald Iudas, 
He said, " quat bote were it til vs 
fat we for-did vr broder fus] 4184 
Bote take we him vte of 3011 den, 
And selle we him to 3011c cliepmcw, 
fat fai may lede him in fer land 
To be fair thral euer-mar liuand. 
If it sua tyde fat he die fare, 4189 
It es til vs hot littel care ; 
And if he be fer-inne lyuand, 
Hia fadii of him heria no tifand." 
far was ioseph in seruage sold 4193 
For tuenti besauntis tan and told, 
Nou es Ioseph Ledd vte of land, 
( Sod hald on< r him hia hali hand. 
Ruben f"t masl of fai/n waa i-wis, 
II" wist noght of fis marchandis, 
Apon fo mora he cam and soghl 4199 
fe pitt, bot ioseph fand he noght. 


Saye we fat he rent es 

AVif wilde beestis in wildernes 

f emie wol no mon saye vs by 

fat we haue sleyn him felonly 

Do seide Ruben as I 30U say 

he f ou3te to stele him quyke away 

Anoon f ei grau^tide fat bihete 

f ei hent Ioseph bi honde & fete 

Made hi?^ naked & kest him down 

And laft him fere in prisou/i 

Sif f e set hem doiui & ete 

f ei say f comyng bi f e strete 

Marchaurades of oon vnkond londe 

Of egipte as we in bokes fonde 

"Wif camailes fat grete burf enes bare 

Of spices and of of ere ware 

Among f ese bref er oon fer was 

AVI 10s name was calde Iudas 

"What bote he seide were hit to vs 

To for do oure brof er f us 

Take we him out of fat den [leaf 27* 

And selle Ave him to fese chapmen 

fat fei may lede him to fer loud 

To be her f ral euer lyuond 

If hit so be he deje faro 

hit is to vs but litil care 

.And if he be fere lyuyngo 

hia (adit of him haf no tifinge 

Jv re was Ioseph to seruage solde 

For twenty besauntis taken of golde 

Now is Ioseph lad out of lond'- 

( rod holde ou< r him his holy honde 

Ruben of hem moost was wys 

he wist not of f is maxchaundis 

On be moras hs coom & son^t 

bo pit but [oseph fonde he noi^t 


He morn mare [an .i. can tell, he mourned mare pen I. eon telle. 

Al-mast in suoning far he fell ; 4202 al-maste in squonynge doun he feL 

til his bvej>er p.-n jode he s< 
and pai him talde quat pai had done 
quat bote to sorou or make inane 
of pinge pat coucringe of ys nane. 
his fader pai sonde wip-outen bade 
Ioseph kirtil alio blody made 

uen his fader his kirtel knew. 

mi^tnagammen turnehim toglew. 

Til his breper fan yode he son 

And pai him tald wat pai had don. 

Q«at bote es som, or mak mane 

() thing fat couering has nine. 4 20G 

His fader pai sent, wit-outerc bade, 

Joseph kirtell al bloide made. 

Quen his fader his kirtell kneu, 4209 

Moght na gamen him com to glen : 

"Beistes," he said, "mi sun has rent, a beste he saide my sone has rent 

Alias ! pat i him onper oute-sent, alias pat euer I. him oute sente. 

pat wai Ipat was so wath to wend, pat was a way ful harde to wende 

Al mi lime on him was lend. pat alle my loue apon him was leude 

Alias ! wifctles was i pat dai, 4215 alias witles was I. pat day. 

Of him has beistes made pair p?*ai ; of him lias bestes made pare pray. 

pis es his clath, pat es well sene, [001.21 pis ys his clap pat ys wele sene. 

Ha ! quat paa bestes war selcuth kene a quat pat best was selcoup kene. 

pat has me refte mi derling dere, pat has me reft my derlinge dere. 

Mi ioi, mi gladnes. o mi chere; 4220 my ioy my gladnes of mi chere. 

Joseph pou was mi ioi allan, Ioseph pou was my ioy allane. 

Now ert pou ded, now liaue i nain ; now art pou dede now hane I. nane 

Ioseph pat was fre and feir Ioseph pat was so fre and faire. 

Of al min aght suld haben air, 4224 of alle myne lande sulde bene aire 

for pi sqnetnes and pi faire hew. 

pi care salle euer-mare be new. 

I. walde sine in-til hel depe 
4228 wip my sone J»er-for to wepe. 

al his waymentinge for to rede 

or for to speke hit ware vnspede 

Tor pi suettnes and pi fair lieu 
Mi care sal eu6?'mar be neu ; 
I wald sine in-til helle depe 
Wit mi 'sura par for to wepe." 
Bot al his qw«inn[i]ng, for to rede 
( >r for to spek, it war vnspede. 

His opcr suns com ilkan sere his op/'?* sonea ilkane sere 

For to mend pair fader chere, 4232 come for to amende pai fader chere 

Bot for noght com pai him nere, bot for no$t noght pai him nere 

enmforth wald he nathing here ; of confortc walde he napingfl here 
Es noght his mnrning mai amend ys noji his mournyng may amende 

1 wen bifor his lines ende. 4 2o<> I wene be-fore his lines ende 



lie murncd mare fan i can tell, 
Almast in suoimy/Jg doun lie fell, 
Til his breder ^ocle lie sone, 4203 

And fai him tald quat fai had don. 
Quat bote es langer to make mane 
For thing fat couering es far nane ] 
His fadir fiai sent widuten Lade 
Ioseph kirtil al blodi made ; 4208 

Quen his fadir his cirtil kneu, 
Miht na man garner him no glen : 
1 •• A best," he said, " mi son has rent, 
Alias bat euer i him out sent ! £] f 3 bk> 

t eol. J J 

bat way fat was sua wild to wend, 

fat al mi loue on him gan lend. 4214 

Alias ! wittles was i fat day ! 

Of him has bestis made far pray ; 

fis was his clath, fat es wcle a 

A ! quat fat best was wonder kene 

fat has me reft mi dereling dere, 

Mi ioy, mi gladnes of mi chere. 4220 

I |'li, fn was mi ioy allon, 

]S T ou art f u ded, and i haue ikui ; 

I"- ph fat was fre and fair, 

of all myn ahut suld haue ben air, 

For fi suetenes and fi fail lieu. 4225 

Mi care Bal eu< rmare be neu ; 

I wall sine in-to hell depe, 

wid nij boh |>ar-for to wepe." 4228 

]; i1 all his murni[rc]g for to rede, 

Or for to speke, it were vnspede ; 

Ili^ of( /• sonis cam ilkan 

For to mende (jair fad< r chore, 4232 

Bol a] for uoghi com fai him nere, 

( If confori wald he oathing here, 

K~ ii"'_ r iit his miirniwg may a-mend 

I trou l»i fore his liuea ende. 1236 

06l i INGEN 

he mourned more fen I con telle 
Almeste in swouw dowi he felle 
To his breferen went he soone 
And fei him tolde as fei had done 
What bote is hit to make mono 
For fing that coueryng of is none 
his fadir fei sent witturly 
Ioseph curtil al blody 
^T Whenwe his fadir f e kirtel knew 
Soone bigon he chauwge hew 
A beest he seide my son haf rent 
Alias fat euer I him out sent 
Into fat wilde weye to wende 
fat al my loue on hiwz gan lende 
Alas witles was I fat day 
Beestes of him ban made her pray 
fis was his cloof hit is wel sene 
A fis beest was fid kene 
fat haf me refte my derlynge dere 
My ioye my gladnes & my chere 
Ioseph fou was my ioye allone 
Now art fou dede & I haue no 
Ioseph fat was fre and feir 
I If ;il myn au^te shulde ha ben eii 
For fi godenes & )>i feire hew 
]\li care Bhal be euer n w 
I wolde sinke to helle depe 
wif my son fere 1" wepe 
But al his mournyng for to rode 
( )n]y /■ to Bpeke hit inv;i nol spede 
his of re sun,'-, coom vchone Bere 
For to amende her fadir chere 
But for nou^te j>ei comen alle 
To coumforte wolde he noon falle 
\ • [jing ia;i> hi - mourn} nge mende 
bo his lyuea ende 



Leue we now iacob in bis care. 4237 

To tell of ioseph and his fare. 

U bir chapmen p"t haue ioseph hoglit 

Vn-til egipte J>ai haue him broght, 

bar he was eftursons saald 4241 

Til a dughti barn and bald ; 

To putifer, be king stiward, 

He was saal[d] wit neu for- ward, 4244 

bat held ioseph in mensk and are, 

bof bair throut al sundri ware, 

For men war far o sarzin lede, 

And Joseph held ai his juhede. 4248 

Sir putifar wel vndirstod 

bat ioseph was o gentil blod ; 

In all be dedis bat he did 

He sagh drightin was him eniid. 4252 

be wardein-scipp of al his aght 

Has putifar ioseph bi-taght ; 

ban was ioseph bath luued and dred, 

Wit wisdom al his werkes ledd, 4256 

And, for he curtays was and hende, 

Of all folk bar ban fand he freind. 

Putifar ferd in to be contre, 4259 

And ioseph dueld wit his meigne, 

And lias his godes all in hand, 

Als he bat was his al weldand. 

Ioseph was farli fair in face, 

And fild wit al of goddcs grace. 42G4 

His leuedi ei apon him kest, oSfS' 

Forward o fele es eth to fest ; 

Foli was it, & sua sco faand, 42 G 7 

Hir luue to seit bar it ne moght stand ; 

Sco mibed it, to-quils sco moght, 

And ioseph lette he wist it noght ; 

He wist and dild it, als be wis, 

An ai sco praised his semis j 4272 


I' ue we now Iacob in care. 

telle we of Ioseph and his fare. 

lyjse chapmen bat has Ioseph In^t 

•* vn-til egipte bai haue him brojt 

ber was eftsones salde. 

til a du^tti berne and balde. 

to putifar be kinges stiwarde 

ben was he salde wib new forwards 

bat helde Ioseph in menske and are 

alle if baire traube al sundre ware . 

for bai ware bare of sarisine lede 

and Ioseph to his euer toke gode hede 

sir putifar wele vnder-stode. 

att Ioseph was of gentel blode. 

In alle be dides atte he dede 

euer-mare bai sulde wele spedo 

alle be gode and catel bat he a3t. 

has pantifar Ioseph be-ta3t. 

ben was Ioseph bab loued and dred 

wib wisdomes he his werkis led. 

for he curtaise was and hende. 

of alle folk ben fande he frende. 

^T Putifar went in ferre cuntree. 

and Ioseph duelled wib his mcyne 

and has his godes alle in hande 

ri^t as he ware al weldande 

Ioseph was ferli faire of face 

and filled ful of goddis grace. 

be lady hir eye a-pon him keste 

forwards of fole ys ethe to fest 

foly hit was and so ho fande. 

hir loue to sette \er hit ne n^t sta//do 

ho mithed hir ay quen ho mujt. 

and Ioseph lete he wiste hit no^t. 

hewisteatt^waldeno^t and&i&e aswisy 

and ay ho praised his seruise. 



Leue we nou of iacob and his care, 
To tell of iosepli and his fare. 
pir chapmen pat has iosepli boght, 
Into egipt J?ai him broght, 4240 

p&v he eftsonis was said 
Til a dohuti berne and bald, 
To put}' far pe hinges stuard, 4243 
J?an was he said wid neu forward, 
pat held iosepli in mensk and Lire 
Al J>ou fair trcuthes sundri ware ; 
For Jjai war of sarasin lede, [coi.2] 4247 
And iosepli held euer his in hede. 
Sir Putifar wele vnderstod 
pat iosepli was of gentil blode, 
In all j>c dedis J?^t he wroght, 4251 
God was wid liini in dede and thoght ; 
pe wardaynschip of al his ahut 
Has putifar iosepli bitaght. 
fan was ioseph Loued and dred, 4255 
For wisdam all his werkis ledd, 
And for lie was curtais and hend, 
Of all folk pan fand he frend. 
Putifar went into contre, 4259 

And ioseph duelled wid his mcyne, 
And has bis godis all in band, 
vnder him selue all weldand. 
[o eph was ferli fair in face, 42G3 
And iil I wid-al] in godes gra 
His Ladi hir eye apon him kest ; 
Forward of fole es eth to f< 
Foil it was, and sua Bcho fand, l 
Ilir loue to set bol it milit stand. 
ScLo kiiliid it ay quilis soho moght, 
And ioseph Lete he wisl it QOght, 
And wiat and dilled it as pe v 
And ;iy scho pray sed hi ei oi ie, 1 272 

leue we now of iacobes care 

To telle of Ioseph & of his fare 

IF J>ese chapmen pat Ioseph boi^t 

Into egipte ban him broi^t 

peve he was eftsones solde 

To a doi^ty mon Sz bolde 

To putifar stiward wij? pe kyng 

was he solde paX childe ^ing 

he heldc Iosepli in nienskeful lore 

]?ei her layes oon not wore 

For J?ei were of sarsynes lede 

And Iosepli helde his owne in dede 

Sir putifar wel vndirstode 

pat Ioseph was of gentil blode 

In alle pe dcdes pat he wroi^t 

God was euer in his Jjou^t 

pe keping of al his au^t 

ha]) putifar Ioseph bitau^t 

Ioseph was peime loued & dred 

wijj wisdome he his werkes led 

For he was curteys & hende 

Of alle folke fonde he frende 

Putifar went into cuntre 

Ioseph dwelled Avij? his meyne 

And liajj his godes vndir honde 

vndir him self al weldonde 

Ioseph was wondil fiire in face 

And tilled al wij) goddJ 

His ladi hir e$e on him east [ieaf*7,back] 

Forwards of fool is eej> to last 

Foly bit R ■ she fond 

hir loue to sette but hil wolde Btonde 
She kid liit euer & on him souit 
And [oseph lette bo wist liit noujt 
He wial & helde liit stille as w 
And euer Bhe pr< \ seel his aeruj 


252 potiphar's wipe concealed bee love long; what is barder than to 


Sua lang in hert sco has it hid, 
)v<t ned-wais most it for bi kid, 
For qua J>ar-for be wrath or blith 
Luken lime at fe end wil kith, 4276 
Oft sco meind til him hir mane, 
Lot ai sco fand ioseph in ane; 
Que?i sco sagh pat, pan wex hir care, 
And langing had, ai mare and mare ; 
In hir foli sua was sco fest 4281 

\at dai ne night ne had sco rest ; 
For o qnat pine es herder threst 
pen tharn pe thing men luues best, 
And to bi put in sli prisun, 4285 

pat renes man might and als resun ] 
In prisun hald i pat licam 
Wit quam pe hert es noght at ham, 
For quera hert has fat it will wiss 
pe bodi mai haue namar bliss, 4290 
Xe namar wa pan will to wan 
W it-outen will es liking nan ; 
Hert and will bath ar als an, 
pat bath er reft fra manian, 4294 

Thoru strengh o luue pat nan mai stere, 
pof his hert al stillen were, 
Hert o stele, and bodi o brass, 
Strenger fen euer sampson was, 4298 
frit luue ne mai him mike wit might, 
Quilura allan wit an ei sight ; 
Ful hard it es again him dele 
To bidint of his mangonele, 4302 

Quen his lok allan may bring 
Vn-til his thraldom fa king; 
And, maugre his, he dos him lute, 
For ai he ledes him wit doute. 430G 
For-pi if pou be suilk a gum 
J>afc pou will luue al-gat ouercum, 


so lange in hert ho has hit bid 

at nede mote out most nede be kid 

for qua |>ar-fore be wrap or blipe 

lokand loue sum time wil kipe 

eft ho nieued hir mane. 

and Ioseph was ay in ane. 

quen ho saghe pat pen wex hir care 

and langinge ay mare and mare 

In hir foly so was ho kest 

pat day ne ni^t ho hadde na rest 

for quat penaunce ys harder Jrrest 

fa?i wante pe finge pou louis best. 

and to be putte in suche prisoun. 

pat reuis man mi3t and resoun. 

In prisoun halde I. pat licame [ie-if ts\ 

wip quam pe hert ys no^t at hame 

for quen pe hert has pat hit wil wis 

pe bodi may haue na mare blis. 

ne na mare wa J>en wil to wane 

wip-outen wille ys likinge nane 

herte and wille bap ys ane. 

pat bap ar reft fra monian. 

porou strenght of loue pat dos me/i . . 

and fra pat loue ys harde to we . . 

hert oft stile and body [of] bras 

stranger pen euer samp [son was] 

pat loue him ne may [mek]e with nn^t 

sum time allane wip ane eye si^t 

ful harde hit ys wij? loue to dele 

hit reues rest ioy and wele 

for a loke alle-an may brings 

in-to praldome pe kings 

and maugre his hit dose him loute 

for ay he ledes him wip doute. 

for-pi if pou be suelie a gome 

atte pou wille loue algatis ouercoine 



S.ia land in lierte sclio has it hid 
pat at pe last must it be kid, 
For qua-sua euer es glad or blith, 
Priue loue at end wil kith. 427G 

Ofte scho menyd to him hir mone, 
Bot euer scho fand ioseph in one ; 
Queft scho sau p'./t, pan wex hir care, 
And longing had scho ay pe mare, 
In hir foli sua was scho fest, 4281 
pat dai ne niht liad scho no rest. 
1 For quatkinespine es harder pan threst 
pan warn pe thing man louis Lest ? 
And to be putt in suilk pr/sun, P,}^ 81 * 
pat reuis man miht and resun 1 428G 
In prison i hald pat bodi stad, 
Of quam pe hert es nu glad, 
For quan hert has pat it wil wiss, 
pe bodi may haue na mar blis, 4290 
i!\e no mar wa pan wil to wane, 
widuten wil es liking nane. 
Hert and wil er bath as an, 
pat bath er er reft fra mani an, 4294 
Thoru strenthof luue pat nan mai store, 
pow his hert all stel it were ; — 
Hert of stele and bodi of bi 
Stranger pan euer samson was, 4298 
pat luue ne may him meke wid miht, 
Bum tyme a loue wid an eve siht; 
Ful hard it ea wid him to dele, 
So wil he make mans flesa frele, 4302 
Quen his loke alone may bring 
Into his thraldam pe king ; 
And, maugre his, he dos In/// loute, 
For «-U' /• he Ledis him wid doute. 
For-pi if pu be suilk a gome 4307 
pat pu wil algate loue ouercome, 

So longe she hap in hert hit hidde 
At pe laste hit most be kidde 
For who so euer be glad or blipc 
At pe ende wol p/v'ue loue out wiipe 
Ofte she mened to hi?w her mone 
But euer she fonde him in one 
whence she pat say hir hert was sore 
And longyng had she more c\: more 
In hir foly she was so fest 
pai uy^t nor day had she rest 
AVhat is more herte brest 
pen want of ping pat men loue best 
Into siche prisouw to be put 
pat reuep mon my3te & wit 
In prisouw I calle him bistad 
Of whom pe hert is neuer glad 
whence herte hap pe wille I wisse 
pe body may haue no more blisse 
Ne no more wo pen likyng wone 
wipoutefl wille is likyng none 

[ . . . . . . . . . . . 

no gap in Trin. (j- Laud MSS."\ 
j rengpe of loue noon may stere 
pou^e his herte al ste. 1 were 
herte of steel A" body of bras 
Strenger pen euer Sampson was 
pat loue n<' may meke wip my;t 
Sumtyme alone with oon eje si$t 
Ful harde hit is wip him to dele 
Mamtes flesshe he makep ful frele 
whence hia loke alone may brynge 
Into his braldome pe kyn 
And maugre his do hiw? Loute 

euer he ledeb him wip doute 
pi rfore if pou 1"' Buche a 

pa\. pou algate Woll loue OH 
TRIN1 1 v 

▲BROW WILL BUIN THEEJ IT IS BEI I'i.K TO stay IN TIME Bi.i'oKi; I ill; i'nuj sti .mi,, 

Que// fou seis him busk to |>e, 
bou do fe stallworthli to fleij 
Fleand turn fou noght f i/i ei, 

For elles fof fou be ful slci, 4312 
Tlioru fine 1 ei fe sal he sent [col. 2] 
A flan, wit wild lire al brent, [ l j>&-elnMS.] 
First to brin fin liert wit-in 4315 

And sif en to slokend bi wit sin ; 
Fleand foil folu noglit i rede 
For sua fou niai f e driue to ded, 
To ded vmquil, and to langur, 4319 
Quen fou art soght fra f i succur ; 
For better it es bi-time to stint 
fan folu f i prai f at es bot tint ; 
Qua folus lang, wit-outen turn, 
Oft liis fote sal find a spurn; 4324 
Eeu liis res fan sal lie sare, 
Or lieuen his harm wit fob mare. 
Sua did f is wijf, i yow of redd, 
Sco folud ioseph ai far he fledd, 4328 
And for sco foluand fand a spurn, 
Sco waited liim wit a werr turn, 
Hir-self in godds gram and gilt, 
And almast did him to be spilt. 4332 
Flow sco broght him to f e fand, 
Forth to tell wil i noght waand : 
Sco fanded ioseph many dai, 4335 
And euer he ansuerd hir wit nai. 
^T Ioseph, f at w T as god pwrueur, 
A dai he went in to f e bour ; 
Quen he had hir hend-li gret, 4339 
" Lauedi," he said, lt com to f i mete." 
" yus," sco said, " bot ar i ga 
fou spek wit me a word or tua." 
"Lang," he said, "[may] i noght iduell." 
And fus bigan sco him to spell. 4344 


quen at fou seise him buske to fe 
do J>e stalworfh to il". 
fie and turne fou no$t fine eye 
for ellis be fou neuer so sleye. 
forou fine eye f i mone be sent. 
a flame wif wildefire al brent, 
first to bren f i licit wif-in 
and sif en to slokkin fe wif sin. 
fleand to folow nojt I. rede, 
for sepia fou may driue to dede. 
to dede vmquile and to langour 
quen fou art ferre fra f i socour 
for better hit ys be-time to stint 
fen folow f i pray atte ys tynt 
qua folowes lange wif -out turne 
oft his fote sal finde a spume 
rew his rese fen sal him sare 
or heuen his harme with foli mare 
so dide f is wife fat I of redde 
ho folowed Ioseph ay f er he fled 
[and for ho folu] and fande a spume 
ho [waited him wif a sare 1] turne 
hir selfe in god[dis gram and gilt] 
almast made ho him for-spilt 
*ff and how ho come him for to fande 
forf to telle wil I. no^t wande 
ho fonded Ioseph mony a day 
and euer he saide hir wif nay. 
Ioseph fat noble puruayour. 
a day he went vn-to hir bour. 
quen he had hir hendely gret 
madame he saide come to ^our mete 
come hidder ho saide or I. ga. 
and speke a worde wif me or twa. 
lange he saide may I. no^t dwelle. 
and fus be-gan ho him to spelle. 



Quen Jui seis him "bone to pe, 
Stalworthli Jm fra liim fle, 
Fle and turne Jm noglit pi ey ; 
Or ellis if Jm be ful sly, 4312 

Thorn J?in eye J>e sal be schent, 
An aru pat es wid wild fir brent, 
First to brinwe J)i liert wid-ine, 
And sipen to strangil pa in sine. 43 1G 
Fleand pu. folow noglit, i rede, 
For sua Jm may pQ driue to dcde, 
To dede vmquile and to langure [ 
Q\ie)i pu art soght fra pi soeure ; 4320 
For better it es betime to stint, 
fan folu pe prai J?at es tint ; 
Qua folous lang widute?* tome, 
Oft his [fote] sal find a spume, 4324 
Reu his res pan sal he sore, 
And venge his harm wid foli more. 
Sua did Jus wijf pat i of rede, 
Scho folud ioseph cjuere he jede, 4328 
And for scho foluand fund a spume, 
Scho waited him wid a wic turne, 
llir-self in godes grame a;?d gilt, 1331 
And almast made him to be 3pilt. 
Hou scho broght him sua to fonde, 
For to tell i wil noght wonde ; 433 1 
Scho soght on ioseph main a dai, 
And euer he ansuerd hii wid nay. 
Ioseph, \'i{ vras hir purueour, 4337 
Apod a day wid mekil onur 
In chambir hendely he hir grett, 
And said, " madam, cuttj to j iui mett." 
"^is," scho said, "botarjmga, 4341 
Bpek wid me a word or tua." 
"Laii.L r ,'* he said, "may i aoght duel] ;" 
And jms bigan scho for to spell. 4344 

(.<>! i r 

whenwe pou seest him loue to pe 
Stalworju-ly fro him Jjou fle 
Fle & turne pou not Jin e^e 
Or elles but pou. be ful sle^e 
pou^e phi e^e pou shal be shcnt 
As ping Avij? wilde fir forbrent 
Firste to brenne pi hert wipimae 
And sipen to strangle pe in synne 
Fle & folewe not I rede 
For elles maistou com to dede 


. . no gap in Trin. § Laud J/&SL] 
Better is bityme to be forbom 
pen folwe pe pray pat is lorn 


. . no gap in Trin. $ Laud MSS.] 

who so dop shal re we sore 

And venge his harm wij? foly more 

So dud pis wif p«t I of rede 

She folewed Ioseph where he 3cdo 

And for she folwynge fonde a spurno 

She waited him euel turne 

hir self had pe grame & gilt 

Almest also she had him spilt 

how she bigan him to f<mde 

For to telle 1 wol not wonde 

She sou^te on him mony a day 

And ener he vnswered hir wip nay 

I ph pa\ was hir purueour 

On a day wip mychel honour 

In chaumber gretl hir hendely 

And aadame to mete 3c hy 

311s she si i le but ar J- 

Speke wip me a word or I 

Longe In- seide may I not dwelle 

penne bigon she pus to telle 

TRIN] 1 v 

25 i mi: WOMAN OFFERS JOSEPfi WORLDLY v:i: altii and adyanclmlnt II' HE WILL 

"Ioseph," eco said, " to pe lemman, 

Hendes[t] of all i male mi man, 

Eituix pe now allan and inc 

Sceu i now mi priuete ; 4348 

pi lime me has broght to grand, 

pat i mai neuer mar be sund, 

Eot if mi bote mai rese o pe, 

pat es pat pou mi lefe wald be ; 4352 

werldes welth to wale and wan 

Sal pou haf mare fan mai be gan ; 

To mi lauerd sal pou be dere, 

Til oper nain sal pou be pere ; " 4356 

Sco can lials him son wit pis 

And bedd him motlies for to kys, 

And drou him pan toward Mr bedd ; 

Eot ioseph, ]>at our drightin dredd, 

" Bilete," lie said, " pi foli will, ^oh'if' 

Wil ]?ou me and pi seluen spil 1 

Putifar me has be-taght 4363 

His land, and lithe, and al his aght, 

And for his 1 traist o mi leute [ l ais.he&] 

Of all his god he trues me ; 

Al es me taght, and noght vttan, 

Eot pou pat es his wijf allan ; 4368 

pe haf i nakin might, 

For clles it war a-gain pa right ; 

He pat has giue[n] me pouste slike, 

Godd forbedd i suld him suike ; 4372 

And we aght noght wit no resu/i 

Til our lauerd do slik tresun ; 

And leuer es me be pour and lele 

pan wikudli at win eatell ; 4376 

For-pi, lauedi, wit mode and main, 

pou drau pi foli thoght a-gain ; 

For qua bigin wil ani thing 

He :ight to thine on pe e??ding." 4380 


Ioseph ho saide to pe lemman. 
hendesi ofalle I. make my mane 
bi-twix pe allane and me, 
shew I. wille my preuete. 
pi loue me has bro3t to grounde. 
for may I. neuer mare be sounde. 
hot if my bote may rise of pe 
atte pou for-sop my lefe walde be 
of werldes welpe to wale and wane 
sal pou haue mare pen wil be gane 
to my lorde pou sal be dere. 
of alle ope?' sal nane be pi pere. rujg 
faire sembelande of loue ho made wt'LA 
and come til him his moupe to kis. 
and drogh him pen towarde hir bed. 
Ioseph stode stil and god he dred. 
IF lete be he saide pi foly wille. 
pou art a-boute vs bap to spille. 
Put[i]phar me has be-ta^t. 
his lande his lithe and al his a}t 
for he ys traiste of my lewte. 
alle pat he has be-ta^t he me. 
alle ys me ta3t and no^t out-tane. 
hot 3e pat ys his w r ife allane. 
of 3011 I. ne haue nankin mi^t 
and ellis hit ware agayne pe rijt. 
he pat giues me pausty slike. 
god for-bede I. sulde him squyke. 
his hit ware na resoun 
tille our lordi' do suehe tresou??. 
(oid leuer me ys be pouer ami lele 
pen wikkedly tille wyn cadel. 
for lauedy wip mede and mayne. 
pou dragh pi foly and hert agayne 
for qua be-gynne wil any ping. 
euer-mare pink on pe endings. 



" Toseph," sclio said, "to pe lemman, 
_1_ Hendest of all i make my man, 
Be-tuix pi-self alone and me 
Here sal i scheu my priucte. 4348 
pi loue me has broght to grand, 
pat i may neuer mare be sound, 
Bot if my bot may rise of pe, 
And J?at pu wil my lemman be, 4352 
worldes welth to welde in wone 
Enow pu sal haue al-lone j 
To my lauerd sal pu be sua dere, SJ s Js bk ' 
pat ope?' nan sal be pi pere." 4356 
Scho hals him wid pis 
And proferd him hir mutli to kiss, 
And drou him pan towar[d] hir bedd, 
Bot ioseph, p^/t vr lauerd dredd, 4360 
"Do way," he said, "pi foli wille, 
wilt pu me awd pi-self spill 1 
Putifar me lias betaght 4363 

Land, and 1 ytlie, and all his aght ; 
And for he tiaistes nu in mi leute, 
To kepe his gode he traistes in me, 
All es me taght and noght vte-tane, 
Bot pu pat art his wijf allane, 4368 
Of pe haue i no kines miht, 
And if i hadd it Avar no right j 
He pat has giuen me suilk pouste, 
Him to be tray, godd forbede it me, 
And we awe noght wid na resun 4373 
Til vr lam rd 'I" suilk I resun ; 
And Lem re me es be pouer and lele, 
pan falsli to winne cat< le. 4376 

For-pi leuedi, wid mode and mayn, 
pn dran pi foil will*' agayn, 
Foi '|ua bigines wil any thing, 4379 
ae to thinck apon be ending." 


Toseph lem??*on for pi sake 

To pe now my mone I make 

Bitwene pi self alone & me 

jNTow wol I she we mi prmete 

p'/t loue me hap broujte to groiuzde 

p^t I may neumnore be sou?*de 

But if my bote rise on pe [leaf 28] 

p^t pou wolt my lem??zon be 

worldes welpe to welde in wone 

Inow^e pou shalt haue allone 

To my lord shal pou be dere 

Opcr noon shal be pi pere 

She toke hiwi aboute pe necke wip pis 

And profered hir moup to kis 

And drowe him toward e hir bed 

But Ioseph put mychel god dred 

Dowey he seide pi foly wille 

w r olt pou pi self & me als spille 

Putifar me hap bitaujt 

Lond & lipe & al his a^t 

And for he trustep my lente 

To kepe his god is lie toke hem me 

Al is me take & nou$t for gone 

But pou art his wif allone 

( If pe haue I no maner mi^t 

]{' 1 hadde hit wen.' no ri^t 

hi )• '1 ; if me suche pouste 

To bil raye god forbede me 

w ip no resoufl we ne owe 

To oure lord suche tresoun showe 

leuei me is be pore & trewe 

pen falsi 1\ wynne catel m 

perfore lady wip d tnaj n 

Drawe pi foly wille aaayn 

For who bo bigynne wol siche bing 

liiin owe bo pinke on p*' endyng 

TlilM I Y 


1T u Alias !" sco said, "ioseph, J>is dai, 

And has pou nicked me wit nay ] 

If i Hue pou sal me ! proue [ l MB. mi] 

An iuel freind to pi be-houe ; 4384 

I sal pe mak wit myn husband 

pe werst luue in al pis land." 

Sco drou his mantel wit pe pan, 

Quen ioseph sagh na hettur wan 43S8 

He drou, sco held, pe tassel brak, 

pe mantel left, he gafe pe bak. 

fan fel fat wijf to feloni 

And foreiud sun a trecheri. 4392 

Sco gaue a cri p«t all moght here, 

.pe folk pat in pat pales were — 

" Lauedi," pai said, " wat aleis yow 1 " 

Sco said, " ne herd yee na wight how 

Yon traitor juu me wald sceind, 4397 

fat mi lauerd halds for freind, 

He wald haue forced me in hi, 

If i ne had mad titter cri, 4400 

Bot for mi cri ful suith he fled 

And left wit me a taken wedd ; 

His mantel es bi-left wit me, 

J?at ilk man fee sothe mai see, 4404 

pat pai mai se fe wilani 

fe quilk he soght on his lauedi." 

" Sir," sco said to putifar, 

" Was neuer don to leuedi mar 4408 

Scam fat liuand es in lede, [col. 2] 

pan fe gedling of vncuth thede ; 

Ioseph soght on me in bour 4411 

pat suikeful fals, fat fole lichour, 

Al suilk and suilk, sir, was pe 1 scam 

pat he can seke on mi licam ; [ l ms. \>\] 

For-pi, als pou es man for pe, 

On him lok i wel wroken be." 441 G 


1F Alias Ioseph ho saide pis day 

has pou nikked me wip nay. 

if I line pou sal me proue. [leaf 86, \>-m-v.] 

an euel frende to pi be-houe. 

I salle pe make wip myne housban<!<; 

pe werst loued of alle pis lande. 

ho droghe his mantel wip pe pane 

quen Ioseph saghe na better wane. 

ho droghe he helde pe tassel brak. 

pe mantel left he gaf pe bak. 

^[ pen fel pat wife to felony. 

and p03t him to slee wip treccheri 

ho gaf a cry pat al mu^t here 

pe folk pat in pat palais were 

lauedy pai saide quat ayles 30U. 

ho saide ne herde $e no3t how. 

3one traitour Ioseph walde me shendc 

pat my lorde haldes for frende. 

he walde haue rauysshet me in hy. 

if I ne had made titter a cry. 

bot for my cry ful squipe he fled. 

and left wip me a takin to wedde. 

hys mantel ys wip left wip me. 

ilk mon may hit verray se. 

now may pai se pe velany 

pat he so3t on his lauedy. 

H quen hame come him putiphar. 

sir ho saide was neuer-mare 

shame done to lauedy in lede 

pen pis traitour of vncoupe pede 

Ioseph S03t on me in boure. 

pat Ms caytef pat foule lecchour. 

al suche and suche was pe shame 

pat he so3t on my licame. 

for-pi as pou art mon for pe. 

on him loke I.-wrokin be. 




Scho said, " alias, iosepli, J)is day, 
And has pu ansuerd me wid nay ? 
If i lyne Jui sal it prone 
An ille freind to pi bihoue. 4384 

I sal pe make wid mi hosband 
pe most hatid of all Jns land." 
Scho dron his mantel hi pe pane ; 
Quen ioseph san no Letter wane 4388 
He dron, ami scho held, pe tassel brae, 
pe mantel left, and he gaf bac. 
pan fell pat wijf to feloni, [coi. 2] 

And sone scho soght a tricchori, 
Scho gaf a cri J?at all miht here, 4393 
pe folk J»at in pat palays were 
"Leuedi," J>ai said, "qnat es at 3011?" 
Scho said, "ne herd ^e noght lion 
^one traytur leu me wold schend, 
pat mi lanerd haldes for his frend ? 

He wald haue forced me in hy 4399 

Had i noght mad titter cry, 

And quan i crid ful sone i-fledd, 

And left wid me a tokin in wedd ; 

His mantil es be-left wid me, 

Here pe soth may ilk man I 104 

fat J>ai may se pe vylany, 

\ ■ quilk he soght on his lenedi." 

"Sir," iid to Putifar, 

" wa don to leudi mar 4408 

Scham, pat liuand was in lede, 

J>an Jn* gedling of vuku 

Ioseph sohul "ii me in bou 

Forto do me di -honoure, 4412 

Suilk it was pe vilani 

pat he gan seke on my bodi 

For-fi as pn arl man for-Je, 

Loke on him L-wrokin 1 1 1 16 


^T She seide alias Ioseph pis day 

haston vnswered me wijj nay 

If I lyue pou shalt me prone 

An enel frend to pi bihoue 

I shal pe make wijj myn hnsbonde 

pe moost hated in al Jjis londe 

She drou^e his mantel bi pe pane 

Whence Ioseph say no better wane 

he drowse she helde pe tassel brak 

pe mantel lefte & he $af bak 

pemie fel she into felony 

And soone soi^te a tricchery 

She made a cry alle to here 

pat pat tyme in pe pales were 

Lady pei seide what is $ou 

She seide herde 30 not how 

Jwt traitour iew wolde me shende 

pat my lord halt his frende 

he wolde haue forsed me in hy 

Nadde I pe sou??er made a cry 

whence I ciyed soone he fledde 

And lafte wif me a token in wedde 

his mantel is bilefto wij? me 

here pe soJ>e may vche mon se 

here may men se pe vileny 

pat he sou^te on his lady 

Sir Bhe seide to putifar lo 

Was neue?' lady serued so 

) liamc he haf me done in dede 

I edelynge of vncoupe sede 

pis roseph Boujte on me in bour 

To 'I" me pis dishonour 

Suche hit was pe vilany 

pit he gon seche on my body 

pertove as poo ari mon for pe 

Loke J)i>w on him wroki d 1 • 

I i:i\i i y 


Putefar fan comanded son 

fat ioseph sulci be tan, and don 

In kinges prcsun for to lij, 

Wit na rannsuming to bij. 4420 

IF Alias ! ioseph, fat war and wis, 

111 es f e quit f i god scruis ! 

For ju leute and fi truthhede 

Ful iuel es yolden fe fi mede ! 4424 

Suilk es tresutt of ille womman, 

In werld es stranger funden nan ; 

And god amend hir fat es slike 4427 

And giue man grace to fie hir suike ! 

1T ]\ T ow es ioseph in pro'surc Strang 

Don, als yee haue herd, wijt wrang, 

And sif en liked him ful well, 

For all it turned him to sele ; 4432 

For son was ioseph halden dere 

Wit fe maister jailere, 

Thoru godds grace fat wit him ras, 

Of all fe pn'suns fat far was 4436 

fat of er in pr/sun war or band, 

Al had J>am ioseph vnder hand ; 

He ferd ai wit so mikel thrift 

fat al was don als he wald sciffc. 4440 

fus can godd help man in nede, 

Namli fat wil him lime and dred. 

H In fat siquav ioseph ferd fus : — 

Was tua men in f e kinges hus 4444 

To pWsun sent for fair misdede, 

(Bot quat it was can i not rede) ; 

fe spenser and fe botelar bath 4447 

fe king self wit f aim was wrath. 

Bot son f e maister iailer 

To ioseph taght f am for to ster ; 

Bot ioseph sagh fam ai vmstunt 4451 

To comforth fam wel was he wont. 


^1 Putiphar fan comaunded sone. 
fat Ioseph sulde be tane and dona 

in kingys prisoun for to ly. 
far na raunsoun sulde him by. 
alias Ioseph foil was ful wise 
and ille ys quitte f e fi seruise. 
forrfi lewte and fi trewhede 
ful il ys quitte f e f i mede 
be-war of treson of womman. 
quen ho be-gynnys ho sparis nane. 
and god amende ham in trinite. 
and gif men grace f aire tresoun fie 
ow ys Ioseph in p?isou>i strange 
done als $e haue herde with 
and sif en liked him ful wele. L WTaw o e 
for alio turned him to sele. 
for sone was Ioseph halden fere 
wif f e maister chefe iailer 
f orou goddes grace fat wif him ras 
of alle f e prisones at f er was. 
fat aufer in prisoun ware or bande. 
alle had Ioseph vnder hande. 
f e iailer him con sa mikil trist. 
fat alle was done as him list, 
fus con god help man in nede 
namely atte him wil loue and drede. 
IT In fat prisouw fel fat case, 
was ij. men of f e kinges place, 
to p?*isoun sende for f aire mysdide 
bot quat hit was con I. no3t rede. 
f e spenser and f e botiler baf . 
fe kinge him-selfe wif ham was wraf 
and fen f e maister Iailere. 
to Ioseph ta3t f er men to store. 
and Ioseph ham loked mony a stunt, 
to confort ham ay was he wont 



Putifar pan comandid sone 
pat Ioseph suld be tane and done 
In kinges presun for to ly, 
widuten ransum for to by. 4420 

Alias ! ioseph bath war and wijs, 
Ille es pe quit pi treu serais, 
For pi godnes and pi treuth-hede, 
Ful ille es 3 olden ye pi niede ! 4424 
Suilk es tresim of womman, 
Stranger in world es funden nan, 
And god amend hir pat es suilk, &£ffi 
And giue maw grace to fie all suilk. 
"TVTou es Ioseph in presun Strang 
-L l Lou ! as 30 haue herd wid wrarag, 
And sipe?i liked him ful wele, 4431 
For all es turned him to sele, 
For sone was ioseph haldin dere 
wid pe mayster iaolere, 
Thoru pe miht of goddes grace 4435 
Ouer all pe presnnes pat par was : 
Or pat in presun were, or band, 
All hadd paim Ioseph vnderhand, 
Ee ferd ay wid sua mekil strijft, 4439 
pat all was done as he wald seift. 
pus can god help man in nede, 
And namly pat hi/// wi] loueaod drede. 
In pis time pal ioseph ferd pus, 
were tua men of pe kingea bona 1 1 1 I 
To presun senl for pair mis-dede, 

(Bot <juat it was ran i QOghl red,-), 

pe spenser and pe botolex bath, 
pe king wid pai/// was wonder wrath; 
Bol pe mayster Laoler I 149 

To ioseph taght paim ynto fere. 
Quew ioseph Ban paim alsua suith, 
To cowfort paim he was ful blith, 

I Mi''.' 

Putifar comaundide soone 

Ioseph for to take & done 

In kyngis prisou?^ for to ly 

wipouten munsomn for to by 

Alas Ioseph pe war & wise 

Euel is pe quit pi trewe seruyse 

For pi godenes & pi trewe dede 

Ful euel is joulden pe pi mede 

Suche is tresou/i of wonmon 

Stronger in worlde is fouwden noon 

God amende hem pat siche ben 

And 3yue men grace hem to flen 

Xow is Ioseph in pnsourc stronge 

And lowe lip wip mychel wronge 

And aftir liked him ful wele [leaf 28, bk] 

For al was turned him to sele 

Soone w r as Ioseph holden dere 

wip pe maister Iailere 

poui^e pe nu^te of goddes grace 

Cue;- alle pe prisou??s pat per wase 

Alle pat in pnsoun were in bonde 

Ioseph had hem vndir honde 

he feide wip so mychel prifte 

pat al was done as he wolde shifte 

pus con god helpe mon in nede 

po pat wol him love and drede 

whil [oseph pus ferde pore 

Twey men of pe kynges were 

To prisonn sende for her mys dede 

what hit was I con not rede 

pe spensere & pe botillerc hope 

pe kyng wip hem was ful wrope 

But pe maister iaylero 

Toke hem [oseph ynto fere 

whenne [oseph say hem swipe 

hem to coumforte he was blipe 



Bot als pai lai in pat prison, 
A-naght pam mete a visiun, 

And of pis suenen fat had senc 4 155 
AieJ>er can til oper menc. l 1 ie.;f 2g, coi. i] 
1 Drupand a dai he sagh peir chore 
And asked qui pai murnand were, 
pe botellar gaue for paim ansuer : 
Said, " sir, we are Jxj droupander, 
For tua sueuens we sagh in sight 
Aiper of him-self, to night." 44G2 

"And quat war pai, hi pi leute 1 
pin auen drem first seen pou me." 
" Me-thoght i sagh a wintre, 
A hogh pat was wit branches thre ; 

pis tre apon ilk bogh 4467 
]\Ie-thoght hang winberis inogh ; 
And o pe berys pat par-on hang 

In a cupe, me-thoght, i wrang; 4470 
Me-thoght pe king was at his mete 
And i pis cupe in hand him sette." 
"Godote," said ioseph, "wit pe might 
of heuew 4473 

1 sal vn-do pe wel pi sueuen ; 
Ar pis thrid dai be gan 

p>ou sal be vte o pn'sun tan, 4476 

And clensed be befor iustis, 

And don again in pin offis ; 

Quen pou es in welth befor pe king 

For godd o me pou haf mining, 4480 

pat i mai, thorti pe help o pe, 

Broght oute o pis pr/sun be. 

First man stal pae o mi thede 

And me p-nsund, saccles o ded." 4484 

pe spenser said, " me-thoght i bare 

A lepe, als i was oft won ar, 


1T and als pai lay in pat prisotuL 
an najt pai mette in a visioun. 
and pis squeuen atte pai had sene 
aiper con tille <>';</• mene. 
drowpande a day he saghe pai w< 
and asked quy pai made suclie cheie. 
_pe botiler gaf pe first onsquare. 
and saide sir we droupe pe mare, 
for ij. squeueiris we saghe in si,t.. 
aiper of him-self to-m^t. 
and quat ware pai be pi lewte. 
June awen dreme shew first to me 
5T Me pi^t I. sawe a wyne tree. 
a boghe pat was wip braunches pre 
o-pon pis tree on iche a boghe. 
me pu3't hange grapis I.-noghe. 
and of pe berys atte per-on hange. 
in a coupe me pu3t I wrange. 
me pu^t pe kinge was atte his met 
and I. pe coupe in hande him sett. 
IT Goddote saide Ioseph wip mijt of 

I salle vn-do pi squeuyn ful eyuen. 
or pis iij. day be gane 
pou salle be out of prisouw tano 
and quitte be I be-fore Iustise 
and done a-gayne in pine offise. pi«rs7] 
a quen pou art in welpe be-for pe kinge 
I. pray pe of me pou make Mynny 
pat I may porou pe help of pe 
bro3t out of pis prisouw be. 
first men stale me fra my thede 
now am I. prisoned for giltles dede. 
IT pe spenser saide me pu3t I bare 
a lepe wip brede as I wont was are. 




Bot als J?ai lay in fat presun 

A-niht, fai mett a visioun, 4-15 4 

And of f i[s] sueuen fat fai had sene, 
Ayder of f aim gan to ofer it niene. 
Droupand o day he sau far cliere, 
And askid qui J>ai murnand were. 
fe botoler for bath gau ansuere, 4459 
" Sir," he said, " we er fa droupander 
For tua sueucnis we sau in sight, 
In vr slepe fis ilk night." 4462 

" And quat war fa ? for f i leute [col. 2] 
. fin aune dreme first tell f u ine." 
" Me-thoght i sau a win tre, 
And a bohu wid branches thre ; 4466 
vp-on fis tre, on ilk-a bohw, 
Me-thoght far hing grapis enohw, 
And of fe grapis fat f ar-on hang 
In a covpe me-thoght i wrang. 4470 
Me-thoght fe king was at his mett, 
And i fat coupe in hand him sett." 
" God w r at," said ioseph, " wid fe miht 
of heuen, 4473 

I sal vndo fe wele f i sueuen. 
Or fis tlirid day began, 
fw sal be vte of presun tan, 
And elensid be bifor iustise, 4477 
And putt again in Jn seruise. 
Qnen fu ea in welth bifor fe king, 
For goddes loue of me haue mening, 
fat i may thorn fe help of fe 4481 
Out of fis presun l[i]uerid be, 
Firsl men staJ me fra mi thede, 
And presuni d me, saclea of dede." 
fe spenser said, " me thoght i bar 
A lepe, as i was wont do ar, 1 186 


But as f ei lay in fat prisoun 
Any^te fei mette a visioun 
Of a sweuene fei had sene 
Eif er gan to of ere mene 
Ioseph say her dropenyng chere 
And asked whi fei mournyng were 
f e botillere for bof e vnswerde 
Sir he seide we ar aferde 
For two sweuenes we say in si^t 
In oure slepe fis ilke ny3t 
what were f o for f i lewete 
fin owne sweuene firste telle me 
Me folate I saw a wyn tre 
And a bou3e wif braunches f re 
On fis tre on vche bow3e 
henge grapes f icke ynow^e 
Of f o grapes f er fere hong 
In a coupe me f ou^te I wrong 
f e kyng was at his mete fast 
And In his honde fe coupe I frast 
Ioseph seide wif myjte of heuene 

I shal arede wel f i sweuene 
Or hit be fis fridde day 
Of pn'soun shal fou be take away 
And ben a quit bifore Iustise 
And put ajeyn in fi seruise 
whence f m in wele art wif fe kyng 
For godde loue on me ha menyng 
f a\ I may bi hclpe of fo 
Of fis prison// dclyuered be 
Furst solde was I fro my pede 
And now prison?! saclea of dede 
fe -pensere seide me folate I here 
A leep as I was wont do er 



AVit bred pat i bar on mi heued ; 

Me thoght wit rauens it was mc refd, 

A mikel rauen mi basket lient, 4489 
Aboute mi lieued he raft and rent." 
" Godote.," said ioseph, " bes not lang 
Bituixand pou on gains hang ; 4492 
Bot sal it wit-in thre dais be, 
It sal na rannsun ga for pe." 
Right als ioseph had said be-forn 
Was hanged on pe thrid morn. 4496 
pe bottelar was lesed pat ilk dai, 
Bot ioseph in pat pnsun lai, 
Wit langor lengand and with care, 
Lang he was for-geten par. 4500 

AVelnes o welth did pis boteler 
For-gete ioseph, his drem-reder ; 
For man pat weltres in his welis 4503 
And, thoru his welth, na fantes felis, 
pof he ha freind pat lijs in waa [coi.2] 
Ful oft he his forgeten sua ; 4506 
For lang was said, and yeit sua bes, 
% Hert sun for-gettes pat ne ei seis ' ; 
Bot i dar sai, and god it wat, 4509 
' Qua leli luues for-gettes lat '. 
5F Ioseph him lai in pat langing, 
Bituixand pharaon pe king 4512 

Sagh in slepe suilk a sueuening, 
pat he co??imanded be-for him bring 
Clerc and kinthe, 1 erle and baron 

To SCeU til his a-uisiuil, [} read knihte] 

At wit if animan par war 45 1 7 

Cuth tel pe birpin pat it bar. [ 2 ? j>am] 
Bot was par nan emang ham 2 all 
Cuth sai quat par-of suld fall. 4520 
pan bigan pe boteler sai 
O ioseph pat in pmun lai. 


pe bred pat I. bare on my heued 

mc pi^t wip rauenes hit was me reuel. 
a mvkil rauen my basket hent. 
a-boute my heued hit raue and rent. 
IT Goddote saide Iosepli liit bes noji 
be-twix and pou a galhes hange. l/ a "o 
w T ip-in pes iij. dayes salle hit be 
sal na rannsourc saue pe. 
ri}t as Ioseph saide bc-forne 
he was hanged on pe prid morne. 
pe botiler borowed pat ilk day. 
bot Ioseph in pe prisoun lay. 
wip grete misconfort and wip care, 
lange he was for-getyn pare, 
wildenes of welpe dide pis botiler 
for-gete Ioseph his dreme-reder. 
for man pat walteres in his welis 
and lakkis no^t. na faute he felis. 
so sares by him pat ys in wa. 
ful oft for-getyn ys he squa. 
oft ys hit saide and }et so bese. 
hert sone for-getes atte eye no3t sese 
bot I. dar say. soply in j^o^t. 
qua lelly louys for-getis no^t. 
5F Ioseph him lay in pat langynge. 
bi-twix and pharaon pe kinge. 
saghe a squeuyn in his slepinge 
pat he comaunded be-for him bringe. 
Clerk and kni^t errel and baroim. 
to shew til ham his auisiou^. 
to wete if any man atte per ware 
cowde telle pe birpin at hit bare, 
bot was pe?' nane amonge ham alle 
pat cowde say quat mote per-of falle 
^T J." en be-gan pe botiler say. 
of Ioseph pat in p?'isoun lay. 



wid bred pat i bar on mj heued, 

Me thoght wid rauins it was me reucd. 

A mekil rauin mi basket Lent, 4489 

Aboute mi hefd it raue and rent." 

" Certis," said ioseph, " bes it noglit 

Bi-tuix and pu on galuis bang, [} im o> 

It sal wid-in thre dais be, 4493 

par sal na ransun ga for pe." 

Iiight as Ioseph said biforn, 

lie was hangyd on pe thrid morn ; 

pe botoler was lesid Tpat ilk day, 4497 

And ioseph still in presun la}', 

wid langur lengand awd wid care, [ l0: \ f 32j 

o o ' back, 

Lang he was forgetin pare ! cul ' ^ 

wildnes of welth of pis botoler, 4501 
For-gatt iose|ih his drem-reder, 
For man pat weltria in his welis, 
And for bis welth na fautes felis, 
If he bane freind pat lijs in wo 4505 
Ful oft he is forgetin so. 
Lang was it said, and 3eit sua bes, 
1 Sone hert forgetis pat eyen ses ', 
Lot i dar sai, and god it wate, 4509 
' Qua lely loues forgetes la: 
Ioseph lay in pat langing, 
Bi-tuix and Pharao pe king 1 5 I 2 

SAu in bis Blep suilk a sueuening, 
pat ihe comandid bi-for hiwi bring 
Clerk and knilit, erle awd baron, 
T[o] scheu til him his vision, 4516 
To wit if aui man per ware 
Coudr telle to quat euideos it bai 

Lot par was neu< T an of p;ii/// all 

Coude say qual par-of suld fall. 4520 
pan bigan pe botolei '.v 

( »f ioseph p"t in )»/•' -mi lav, 

(.-II [NOEN 

wip breed I bar bit on myn heued 

Me pou3te rauenes bit me reued 

A mychel rauen my basket hent 

Aboute myn heed bit al to rent 

Ioseph seide hit bep not longe 

Or pftt pou on galewcs bonge 

bit shal wip me pre da}'es be 

Shal no rau?7ison go for pe 

Ri^t as Ioseph seide biforn 

be was bonged pe pridde morn 

pe botillere scaped pe same day 

And Ioseph stille in prison?? lay 

wip mychel care & also wo 

longe be was for^eten so 

wildenes of welpe of pis botillere 

For 2at Ioseph bis dreme redere 

For mon pat walewep al in ^des 

And for p<7t ioye noon angur feles 

P0113C be haue trend p'd is in wo 

Ofte he is forjeten so 

jore was seid & ^itt so bep 

herte forjetep p at e$e not sep 

Lut I dar save god woot euei 

who so truly d<>p forjetep be noucr 

Iosep lay in pat iongyng [>af29] 

Til pat pharao pe kyng 

Say in sleep a sweuen on ny^t 

lie commaurtdide to lii/// bringe rijt 

( 'lerke kny^te Erie & baroun 

To telle to liim bis vdsiouTJ 

To wite if any mOD 

( loude telle what ende hit bere 
Lut p< /• was Q0011 of hem alio 
Coude say what shulde bifalle 
pemie bigoo pe botillere speke 
< »f [oseph in J'/-/ ..iin steke 



To Jv king Jhis spak he pan — 

" Sir,'' he said, " i wat a man, 452 I 
If lie fortli war broght in place, 
I vnderstand he lias pe grace 
Son o pi drcm, Avit-outen bide, 
pe soth to tell qnat mai bitide. 4528 
Sir king, pou Avas wit me wrath 
And wit pi maister spenser bath ; 
In pr/su??. Avar we don in band, 
par in a jnen child Ave fluid ; 4532 
Aiper of hus a drem we san 
And he us bad til him it scan ; 
And Ave be-gin him for to tell, 
He tald us al pat sipen fell." 4536 
" Ga to pe pn'smi," said pe king, 
" And him do suith be-for me brong ; 
Lok cletyng 3 neu on him be don 
And pat he cum be-for me son." 4540 
pe boteler to pe prisu?i lep, [ 3 ? ciejv>ng] 
And suith par-out he broght ioseph ; ; 
And did a-pon him fair clething 4543 
And broght him to pat gad[e]ring. 
On ioseph sight it Avas Avel sene 
pat he had lang in prisun bene ; 
Eor lene he Avas, and wan pe face, 
Als he pat Avas lang fra solace ; 4548 
pe barurmage mikel ferli thoght 
pat suilk to king red Avas broght. 
pan cald pe king ioseph nerr : r nerr 
"I haf soght," he said, " both fan and 
l At find a man mi drem to rede 4553 
Lot hider-to moght i noght spede ; 
Lot cuth pou tel me quat it ware 
UMi grace pou suld haf euermar." 
"Sir/' he said, "yee sceu it pan, 4557 
And i sal red it, if i can ; p if 26,bk,coi.2] 


to pe king pen spak he pan. 
sir he saide I. wate a man. 
if he ware forp bro3t in place. 
I. A'nderstande pat he has grace, 
of pi dreme Avip-outen bide, 
pe sop to telle quat may be-tide. 
IT Sir king pou Avas Avip me Avrap. 
and Avip pi maister spenser bap. 
In prisoun Avare Ave done in bande 
per-in a pnge childe Ave fande. 
and aiper of vs a dreme Ave sawe 
and bede he vs til him hit shawe 
and Ave be-gan him for to telle. 
he talde vs alle atte sip en felle 
1F ga to pe prisoun saide pe kinge. 
and do him squype be-for me bringe. 
loke clepinge neAv on him be done. 
and pat he come be-for me sone. 
pe botiler to pe prisoun lep. 
and squyp per-oute he bro^t Ioseph 
and dide apon him faire clepinge 
and bro^t him to pat grete gedderinge. 
on Ioseph si^t Avas hit Avele sene. 
atte he had lange in p?*isoun bene, 
for lene he Avas and wanne of face. 
als a mon Avip-ont solace, 
pe baronage mikil ferly p03t 
pat suche to kingis rede Avas bro3t. 
% pen calde pe kinge Iosephe him nere 
I. haue soght ful Avyde quere. 
to finde a mon my dreme to rede, 
per-of na mon has hap to spede. 
bot coAvde pou tel me qnat hit ware 
my g?*ace sulde pou haue euer-mare. 
H Sir he saide shew me hit pan. 
and T. salle rede hit if T. can. 



To pe king pus spac lie pan, 
" Sir," lie said, " i knau a man 4524 
pat if he forth Avar brohut in place, 
I vndej'stand he has pat grace, 
If pi drem, widuten hide, 
He sal pe tell quat may'bityde. 4528 
Sir king, pu was anis wid me wrath, 
And wid pe maistir spewser hath, 
In presun war we don in hande, 
par-in a Iuen child we fand j 4532 
]\\ der of vs a drem we sau, 
And he vs had pai»i til him schau, 
And we higan him for-to telle, [col. 2] 
He told vs all pat side/a Ml." 4536 
" Ga to pe p?*esun," said pe king, 
" And do him Buith bi-for me bring ; 
Loke cloding neu on him he done, 
And pat he cum bi-fore me sonc." 
pe hotoler to pe presun lepp, 1 5 1 1 
And sone par-out he tok ioseph, 
And did apon him neu clothing, 
And brohut him bifore p'/t gadering. 
On ioseph siht it was wele sene, 4545 
pat he had lang in presun bene, 
For lene he was, and wan in face, 
A- lie pat lang was fra solace. 
pe Damage mekil farli thoght, 4549 
pat he to kii broght. 

pan cald p<- ki: : i uerre 

.And said, "i haue soght nere a,' / ferr 
To find a man mi dr< m to rede, 
Bot lnd' r-to mill! i uoght spede. L55 I 
Bot coud Jra tell me ouat it waif. 
Mi grace pu suld haue euer-mare." 

M Sir," lie said, l> }mi -. heu it pan, 

And i sal rede it ale i '•an. 4558 

<.•>! nv.i.n 

To pe kyng he scide pan 

Sir he seide I knowe a man 

fat if he were bro^te in place 

I vndirstonde he hap pat grace 

Of pi dremc wipouten abide 

he slial pe telle pat wol bitide 

Sir whenwe 30 were wip me wroope 

And wip pe maister spensere hope 

In prisons were we done in bonde 

pc/ynne a iewes childe we fonde 

Eiper of vs a dreme we sawe 

And he badde vs to him hem shawe 

And we bigon al to telle 

he tolde vs al pat aftir felle 

Go to pe prisoim seide pe kynge 

And do him swype to me bringe 

pat eloping newe on him be done 

And pat he com bifore me soone 

pe botillere to pe prison;/, went 

Soone p^rof Ioseph he hent 

And dud on hi/// new eloping 

.And bron^t him sipen bifore pe kyng 

On [oseph hit was wel sene 

pit he had longe in prisoun bene 

Lene he was & won in face 

As In' pat Longe was fro so! 

pe baronage wondir pou^t 

j • Ik 1 to kyngis counsel was brou^t 

pe kyng called [oseph nei 1 

'Me I haue sou^te ri( 1 c vV ferre 
'1'" fynde a mon my dreme to 1 
Bui hidurto my^t I not sp< 
( Joudestou telle me what hit wore 
Mi grace I graunte p«- *n> rmore 
sir he seide shewe hit fou 
And I aha] rede hil I con 


1 am seruand Ji Avil to do 

[f godd me gif grace Jerto." 4560 

V "Me tlioglit in drem, Jis ender night, 

])/(t i com in a medu slight ; 

Flours and gress i-nogh i faand, 45 G3 

And kij fourtene, Jar-in gangand j 

Je seuen o Jam me tlioglit ferli 

War selcnth fatt and fair[e] kij ; 

Jas ojer seuen yede i to see 45 G 7 

Jat als selcnth o j?am thoght me; 

Jjair hidd was clongun to Je ban, 

Sua lene sagh i neuer nan ; 

Lene and hungre bath war Jai, 

Jai draf J)ir ojer seuen a-wai ; 4572 

In Jc/t medu sa lang Jai war 

Jat etten Jai had it erthe bare. 

I folud sijen, mc-thoght, a sti 

Vntil a feild, and sagh me bi 4576 

Four-ten ers stand o quete, 

Je seuen o Jam war selcuth grette, 

Sa wel war sette me thoght selcuth ; 

Bot o Jas ojer me thoght vncuth, 

Jai war sa clungu?i, dri, and tome ; 

Jis ioseph sai me Ji dome, 4582 

And giue me Jar-of god consail, 

And Je sal i neuer fail ; 

Jou sal god office haue ful tite, 

And all forgiuen Je Ji wijtte." 4586 

Jan ansuerd ioseph, " leue sir king, 

Godd has Je sceued a fair warning, 

Jar-for godd aght Je wel wit right 

To mensk him wit mode and might ; 

Wel has he warnist Je for-wit 4591 

A gains Je wa to gette grith ; 

For thoru his for-biseni?^g hir 1 ^ e ^ nd 

Wit Jou Jat Jar sal seuen yeir 2 [ 2 J{" d 


I am seruandc Ji wille Jar-to. 

if god wele gif me grace atte do. 

IF ]\le Jujt in dreme Jis ender ni^t. 

Jat I. come in a medow sli3t. 

lloure and gresse I.-noghe I. fande. 

and ky .xiiij. Jer-in gangande. 

vij. of ham me Jn^t ferly. 

ware selcouje fatte and faire ky. 

Ja o]>er vij. 3ode I. to se. 

Jat als selcouje of Ju3t me. 

faire hide was clungyn to Je bane 

squa lene sagh I. neuer nane. 

lene and hungery baj Avar Jai. 

Jai draue per ojer vij. a-way. 

In Jat medow so lange Jai ware 

Jat eten Jai hadde Je medow bare. 

I fande si.Jen me 1p\\$t a sty. [leaf 27, back] 

vn-tille a felde I. saghe me by. 

xiiij eris stande of quete. 

Je vij. of ham ware selcouje grete 

and so wele sette me Jm^t selcouje. 

and of Ja ojer me Jujt vncouje. 

Jai ware sa dry clungyn and tome. 

of Jis Ioseph Jou gif now dome. 

and gif me Jar-of gode consaile. 

and ceriis I sal Je neyuer faile. 

Jou salle haue gode ful mykil and tite 

and alle for-gif I. Jef Je w r ite 

H Jen onsquared Ioseph leue sir kinge. 

god has Je sende a faire warnings. 

Jar-fore Jou aghe wij gode ri3t. 

to worsliepe him wij mayne and n^t. 

"\vele has he warned Je be-forne 

to kepe Ji realmef hit be no3t lorne. 

for be Jis squeucn Jou talde me here 

I warne Je wele hit sal vij. 3ere. 


he also paw 14 ears of wheat, 7 full and 7 empty. the king asks 2g9 
Joseph's judgment and counsel. josb:ph says it is a warning from god. 

I am al hone fi wille to do, 4559 

If god wil giue me grace J>ar-to." 

" "]\ >J" e-tlioglit in drem fisender niht, 

J^tJL fat i com in a medow sliht, 
Floures and gress i-now i fand, 45G3 
And ky fourtene far-ine gangand \ 
f e seuen of f ai»i me thoght ferli 
were selcutli fat and fair ky ; 
f e tojjer seuen i 3ode to se 
Jjaiwi also selcutli, thoght me, 4568 
fail hide was clungen to f e hon, 
So lcne sau i neuer non, 
Lene and hungri hath war fai, [if 33, coi. i] 
fai draf fe tofer seuen a-way. 4572 
In fat medu so lang fai ware 
fat fai had etin fe erd al hare. 
Me-thoght sifew i folud a sty 
Into a feild and sau me by, 
Fourtene eris stand of que 4577 

fe seuen of f aim war wowder grete, 
Sua wele war sett me thoght selcuth ; 
Bot of fe tofT me thoght vncuth, 
fai war sua clungen, dri, and tome. 
Of f is, ioseph, say me fi dome, 4582 
And giue me far-of a god cowsaile, 
And fe oe a :d i ueuer faile. 
fn Bal gode office haue I'ul tite, 
And all for-giuen fe |>i wile." \-> 16 
pun Baid ioseph, " Leue sir king, 
Godd has fe schaud a fair warning, 
far-fore an fu wele wid right 
To honour him wid mayn ernd miht, 
SifeTi he hi fore has warnid fe, 
Againes fi wa 1" saued be. 1592 

I ; thorn fis for-bisin here, 
Witl fu far sal 1"' seuen jere 

I am redy f i wille to do 
If god wol 3yue me grace f erto 
If Me folate f at fis ponder nj*3t 
I coom in a medewe bri3t 
Floures & greses ferynne I fond 
And ky fourtene fer ynne goond 
Of f e seuen me folate ferly 
f ei were faire & fatte ky 
f e of ere seuen I ^ode to se 
And als mychel wondir folate me 
her hide was clongen to fe hone 
So lene say I neuer none 
hongry & lcne hofc were fai 
fei droof f e of ere seuen away 
In fat medewe so longe fei ware 
fei had eten to f e erf e hare 
fcnwe me folate I folcwed a sty 
Into a felde and sawe me by 
Fourtene eres stonde of whete 
Somme of hem were wondir grete 
Ful of corn were fei set f q 
But fe tofere were not so 
fei were clongen drye & tome 
Of fis [oseph say me fi dome 
jyue me her of good courasaile 
And I shal fe ueuer faile 
Good offia shal f^u haue in plas 
And be for^yuen al fi trespas 
H benne seide [oseph Leue sir kyng 
God haf fe shewed fair warnyng 

ferfore owe fou hi ri;t 

To honours hiTn wif al fi my;l 

Sif he bifore haf warned ]•■• ■ b«ck] 

of f i woo Baued to be 

For boui je y\< ensaumple here 

wite f' /• shul be seuen - 

'I I ; I \ I I V 


plente be in pi king-rike, 

j?at er pe seuen fatt beistea like ; 4596 

pas oper seuen node nett 1 p/omete] 

Bitakens seuen yer of hunger grett 2 

pat al-per nest sal befoluand, Pjfergrete] 

fat neuer was forwit suilk in land ; 

Jwt sli defaut sal be o bred [coi. 2] 4601 

fa folk sal be o hunger ded. 

Sir king, pis es pi visiu??, 

For lok pi seluen wit resun, 40 04 

Bath pi drems ar als an, 

For-pi i red fat fou, onan, 

Do gett pe a god pwrueur 

pit in pis nede pe mai socur ; 4008 

In ilk land men for to sett 

To-geder ilk fijft mett 

O fe time fat es plente." 

"Godote, ioseph, sua sal it be, 4612 

Bot, for pou art so mikel oproa, 

And per-wit art pou war and wis, 

Sua pat nan es funden slik, 

Stiward of al mi kingrik 4610 

Sal pou be made, and hei iuatia, 

For wel traiat i on pi seruis." 

" ]Sai, sir, tas noglit in despite, 

Bot first pan wil i ma me quitte 4620 

O plight o putifars wijf." 

" Do wai," he said, " per-of na strif." 

" Saccles i am and dere has boght." 

" I wat pou tells it me for noght, 

pi saccles scam wel es it kyd, 4625 

pat godd es al pi werkes cmid." 

Qu[e]» pat pe baruwnage of egypte 

Sagh he did him sli wiiscippe, 4G28 

Ferli thoght pam hngat he 

Was to pc king mad sua prone j 


of plente be. in pi kinga-rike. 
pat ya pe vij. fatte beatia like, 

pa oper vij. Lene tn 

bi-takenia vij. 2ere hungre grete. 

pa ofer jerea next folowan 

sal be pe beste. was euer in lande. 

bot first defaute sal be of brede 

pe folk salle be for hungre dede. 

^F Sir pis ys pi visioun. 

loke pi-self be gode reaoun. 

bap per dremea ar als ane. 

for-pi I. rede at pou on.-nane. 

do gete pe a gode pzmiaonr. 

pat in pis myschefe pe may socour. 

In ilk lande men for to sette. 

to-gedder ilk fifte mette. 

of pe time pat ys plente. 

goddote Ioseph so sal hit be. 

^F bot for pou art so mekel of pris. 

and fundyn bap warre and wise. 

In alle pis lande nys nane him like 

Stiwarde ouer alle my kingerike. 

sal pou be made and hey Iustise. 

for wele I. traiste in pi seruise. 

IT nay sir take hit no^t in despite 

for first wille I. make me quite 

of pe chalaunge of Putiphar wife 

nay saide pe kings per-of na strife. 

Sakles I. am and dere has bo^t. 

I wate. pou tellis hit me for no^t 

pi sakles shame wele ys hit kid 

pi werkis to criste ar vn-hid. 

IT quen pe baronage of egipte. 

aaghe be-done him Biche worahepe 

ferli pu}t ham how pat he. 

wip pe kingti was so priue. 



Of plente be in f i kingrike 

fat er fa seuen fat bestes lick, 45 9 G 

fat of er seuen nedi nete 

Bitakins seuen ^ere hunger grett, 

fat ofer neist sal be foluand 4599 

fat neuer was suilk bifor in land, 

fat suilk diffaute sal be of bred, 

f e folk sal be for hunge?' dede. 

Sir king, f is es fi visyoun, 4G03 

Loke f i selue wid gode resun, 

For bath J)ir dremes er als on. 

For-f i i rede fat fu on-an 

Do gete f e a gode purueour, [col. 2] 

fat in fis nede may fe socure, 4608 

In ilk a land men for to sett 

To gadir of ilk fe fijfte mett, 

Of fat time f at es plente." 

" Certis, ioseph, sua sal it be, 4G12 

Bot for f u art sua mekil of prijs, 

And far-to f u art bath war void wijs, 

So fat non es funden suiche, 

Steiward of all my kiug-riche 4G1G 

Sal fu be made, and hy iustise, 

For wele i traist in f i seruise." 

"Nay, sir, bot tas noght in despit, 

For first fan wil i ma me quit 4620 

Of plight of put if; irs wijf." 

"Doquejer," he a dd, "far-of nastrijf." 

"Sacles i am, and dere haue boght." 

"Iwat fu tellia if me foi aoght, -162 I 

fi sacles Bchame wele Bene il 1 

And god es wid fi werkis, i- 

Quen fat f<- barnage of egipt 

Sau him haue suilk a worschip, 

woncL /• faim thoghl hou fat he 

was to fc king mad sua priue, 

Of plente in fi kyngriche 
fat is f ese seue?i fatte beestes liche 
feese ofere seuen woful neet 
Bitokencf seuen ^eer hongur greet 
fat ofcre ^eres shul be folwonde 
fat neuer were suche bifore in londe 
Suche defaute shal ben of breed 
f e folke shal be for hongur deed 
Sir Kyng f is is f i avisioun 
Loke f i self bi al resoun 
For bof e f i dremes ben as oon 
f erfore I rede f ou anoon 
Gete f e a good purueour 
fat in f is nede may fe socour 
In vche londe men for to set 
To geder vche fifte met 
Of fat tyme fat is plente 
Certis he seide so shal hit be 
Ioseph fou art mychel of ] 
And ferto bof (3 war & wis 
Koon I se is foumle f e liche 
here in al my kynryche 
Stiwarde fou slial be & 11030 Iustise 
For wel I truste in fi Beru; 
Nay sir he seide take not to spit 
!'■ 1 furste wol I make me quyt 
Of gulte of putifarea wit 
Dowey he seide fer of no strif 
Sackeli - Bii haue I dere abou^t 
I woot fou tallest hit me for nou$t 
fi- Bacles shame sene liii i 
God is wif fi werkes 1 a\ i- 
Whenne f«- barona i]> 

Say him haue suche worship 
wondir fei hadde ho*w pal he 
To fe kyng was made priue 


For-qui he was a man vnscne, 
And had als in misliking "bene. 4G32 
" We wend wel, sir, lie had ben ded." 
" Xai, he es noght, godd for-bed ! 
He was pnsund wit iuel red, 
And J>ar-for has he ben in ned, 4636 
And fat es sene in his visage, 
Man has him don to gret vtrage. 

mi drems no has he 

Tald me all quat it mai be, 4640 

And i wat nour quar es mak ; 

1 wil him do at vnder-tak 

fe wardanscipp of al mi land, 
And j?at i wil yee vndirstand, 4644 
j?at al be wroght wit his consail, 
Til al mi fok it sal anail ; 
J?e seuen craftes all he can, [leaf 27, coi.i] 
And es a selcuth hend[e] man." 4648 
5T Al fat baronage, less and mare, 
To jns ioseph an ath J?ai suare, 
Til him als wardan for to tent ; 
And all to do his co??miamend. 
Of his aun hand tok f e kyng 4653 
And did on ioseph hand j?e ring ; 
And clalityng on him lette he fall, 
Suilk als he self was cled wit-all ; 
To ride ai quar in kinges thar, 1 j^f* 
And knele him, als he king ware, 
fan said fe king to ioseph, u lo ! 4659 
I am, als f ou wat, pharao ; 
Sal nan sua bald be in mi land 
"Wit-vten fe stir fute ne hand." 4662 


no gap in the Cotton § Land MSS.~\ 
Ilis nam fai chaunged, fra fat our, 
And cald him " warld sauueour." 


for quy ful selden was he sene 

and had als in mislikinge bene. 

we wende f ai saide he had bene d 

nay saide f e kinge god hit for-bede 

he prisoned was wif euel n 

and far-fore has he bene in nede. 

and fat ys sene in his visage. 

for Men has done him grete outrage 

of my dremis now has he 

talde me alle quat hit may be. 

and for I. wate nawre quere his make 

I. sal do him atte vnder-take 

he sal be rewler of al my lande. 

and j?at I. wille 3c vnderstande. 

J>at alle be wro^t wij? his co«saile 

for alle my folk hit wil a-vaile. 

J>e vij. craftes alle wele he can 

and ys a selcouj) curtaise man. 

alle J?at baronage lasse and mare. 

to Jjis Ioseph an aj? )>ai square. 

to him as warden for to tent. 

and alle to do his commandement. 

^T of his awen hande toke Ipe kinge. 

and dide on Ioseph hande his ringe. 

and cle]?inge lete he on him falle. 

suche as he was cledde wi})-alle. 

to ride in J»e kingis chare. 

and knele him as he kinge ware. 

fen saide J>e kinge Ioseph lo. 

I. am als J?ou wate pharao. - 

sal nane sa balde in al my lande 

wnVouten strife of fote or hande. 

atte me wille calle )>at ilk name 

he sal be dede wij> mykil shame. 

his name pai chaunged ira ]>at oure 

and calde him Ipe werlde sauiour. 



For qui, lie was a man vnsen, For he was a mor vnseene 

And had in gret misliking ben. 4032 And had in greet mislikynge bene 

"we wend wele, sir, he had hen dede." we wende he had hen deed J>ing 

"Nay," said j?e king, "god forbede, Nay god forbede seide fe kyng 

He was presuned wid ille rede, 

Sua has he liued in mekil dred, 4636 

And J>at es senc in his visage ; 

Men haue him don ful gret virago. 

Of mj dremes nou has he 

Teld me quat per-of wil he, 4G 40 

And for i wat noqnar his make, 

I wil fat he here vnder-take 

All fe worschip of mi land, cLi''n bk 

And fat wil i }e vnderstand, 4644 

Jjat all be wroght wid his roHsail, 

For all mi land it sal auail. 

J>e seuen craftes wele he can, 

And es a selcuth wis man." 4G48 

All his barnage less and mare 

vnto iosepli an ath pai snare, 

Till him as wardayn for io tent 

And for to do his c imandement. 4052 

Of his aune hand tok ]jc king 

And did on ioseph hand his ring, 

he was pr/souwde wij? fals reede 
So haj? he lyued in mychel drede 

fat is wel sene in his visage 
Men han him done greet outrage 
Of my dremes now haj> he 
Tolde me what of hem wol he 
For I woot nowhere his make 
I wol fat he here vndirtake 
Al fe worshipe of my londc 
fat I wol 30 vndirstonde 
.And al he wroi^te hi his counsaile 
For al my londe hit shal availe 
fe seuen craftis wel he can 
he is a wondir wise man 
Al his baronage him bifom 
To Ioseph han an o)> sworn 
To him as her kepere to tent 
And to done his conmaundement 
Of his owne hond toke fe kyng 
And dud on Eosepis his ryng 

And clothing on him let lie fall, 4655 doping on him he lete falle 

Suilk as him selue wns cled wid-ail, 
To ride and ga widuten letting, 
And knele bifoi him als a king : 
pan said fe kinj . ph, lo ! 

f\\ wosl \ if i am phan 
Sal nou sua bald be in mi land, 
widuten fe s\ ir fotl or hand." 


no gap in the Ms. ] 
His name pai changid for f"\ onur 
And cald him pe worldea saueour; 


Suche as him self was clad wip alio 

To ride & go wipoutew lettyng 
And knele bifore him as kvne 
penwe seide J>e kyng [osep lo 
pou woosi pal I am pharao 
Shal noon so bolde be in my lond 
wipouto n pe j1 ire fool ot honde 

i . . 

no gap in tin MS."] 

In nome pei chauwgi i for bat honour 
And calde him J ,( ' worldes saueour 



pe king lil in did a wijf to tak, 

llight assener, a doghti mak. 4GG8 
H Ioseph thoght wel on his mister, 
Did gader sariantz and squier, 
To gedir wrightes, far and nere, 
Quar-euer pat pai funden were ; 4G72 
And berns mad wit-in pat yere, 
A thusand sette in stedes sere ; 
And sipen commanded lie him-selue - 
Depe selcrs for to delue, p read sciiwis] 
And, thorn es aun scel-wis 1 red, 4G77 
He fild wit wines, quite and red. 
Que?* pe folk pus saga him dele 
Wit wyn and corn, fiess and mele, 
And 2 fild pe berns, lier and par, [ 2 ? |»i] 


no gap in the Cotton § Laud MSS.~\ 
pe land of egypte, lass and mare 4G84 
pus ferd lie wit pa seuen yeirs, 
pat ma pan a thusand selers 
Fild he [wit] wins, neu and fress, 
And warnistore o salt fless ; 
Garners and granges fild wit sede, 
Maa pan i wit tung can rede, 4G90 
In ilk sted a sere wardain ; 
And went him to pe king again, 
For to rest him wit pe king, 
Affter his mikel traucling. 
Quen pe senen yeirs war vte 4695 
Tilmen oueral pe land a-boute, [ 3 col. 2] 
3 Als pai war Avon pair sede had saun, 
Bot alkin weke it was wit-draun ; 
pe erth it clang, for drught and hetc, 
And sua bigan pe derth to grete. 4700 
For pat drught pat was Strang, 
Na corn on erth, ne gross sprang ; 


11 } him dide a wife to tal 

he^t asseuer a du^ti make. 
Ioseph po;t on his mister [*Ms.sqa; 
dide gadder seriauntes and squyerc 4 
and al-so writes fern; and nere. [i< ■ - 
quare pai euer fundyn were. 
caul bernys made wip-in pat 3ere. 
a pousande sette in stedis sere. 
and sipen comaunded he him-selue. 
depe selers for to delue. 
and porou his awen happy rede, 
he filled wip wine bap quyte and, rede 
quen pe folk saghe him pus dele, 
wip wine and corne flesshe and mele. 
pai filled paire bernis here and tare. 
*ff and alio pe baronage so til him bare 
atte alle pai louted til his lare. 
pe lande of egipt lasse and mare, 
pus ferde he pa vij. jeris 
pat ma pen a pousande selers 
filled he wip wine new and fresshe 
and warnestoure of salt flesshe. 
gerners and granges filled wip sede. 
ma pen I wip tonge con rede. 
In ilk a stede a gode wardayne 
and pen went to pe kinge agayne. 
for to reste wip-oute lesing?. 
ofter pis mykil t?*auaillinge. 
^F quen pe vij. 3 ere ware oute. 
til alle men in lande a-boute. 
als pai ware wone paire sede was sawen, 
bot sone ofter hit was wip-drawcn. 
pe crp hit clange for drujt and hete 
and so be-gan pe derpe to grete. 
for pe dru^t pat was sa strange. 
na corne ne grisse on erpe sprange. 




fe king him did a wijf to take, 

Hilit assener, a dogliti make. 4GG8 

Ioseph thoght on his mistere, 
Gart gadir him seriant ami squier 
To gadir him writhes fer and ner, 
Quare fat euer fai fundew were, 4G72 
And bernys made wid-in fat jere, 
A thousand sett in stedis i 
And silpen comandid he himnselue 
Depe celers for to delue, 4G76 

And thoru his aim witti rede 
Fild palm wid wines, quite and rede. 
Que;?. ])e folk fus sail him dele 4G79 
wid win ami coin, fless and mele, 
And fild f e lathes here and far [col. 2] 

[ • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

f e land of egipt less and mar. 4G84 

f us ferd he in fa seuin jeris, 

fat ma fan a thousand celers 

Fild he wid wines neu ami fress, 

And lardineris wid saltid Hess; 4G8S 

Gerneris and granges fild he wid sed, 

Ma fan i wid tung can red, 

In ilk a Btede a sere wardain. 

fan went he t<» fe king a-gain, 4G92 

For to real him wid fe king, 

Al'tir his m( kil trauailing. 

Qui n \ v vte, 

Plomen oner all fe land aboute, 4G9G 

A- fai war wont, fair . jau, 

Bot alkines welth bigan wid-drau. 

fe erde clang for hete and drohut, 

And so bigan fe drech cum vi 

For fat div'f f//t was sua stroi . 

Corn no gria le non sprong. 

fe kyng hi?w made a wyf to take 
hi^t asseuer a dou^ty make 
IT Ioseph folate on his mistere 
Made gider hi?7i semauttt & squyere 
To gete hi;/? writes in a stouwde 
where euer fei mrite he foumle 
Bernes he made in fat ^ere [leafsoj 

A fousande sett in studes sere 
And aftir he com??iaumlide him selue 
Depe seleres for to delue 
And hi grace wif his witty dede 
Filled hem of wynes white & rede 
whence f e folke f us saw him dele 
wif wyn & corn flesshe & mele 
And filled f o bernes here & fore 


no gap in flie JUS.] 

f e londis of egipte lesse & more 
f us ferde lie fo seuen 3eres 
fat moo fen a fousande seleres 
Filled he wif wynes newe & fresshe 
And larderes wif salt flesshe 
Graunges gerneres filde he wif sede 
Moo fan I wif tonge con rede 
In euery stu(J lafte a wardeyn 
fenne went he to [>e kyng aaeyn 
For to reste him wif f e kyng 
Aftir his greets trauailyng 
whenwe fo seuen jeer were oute 
Plowemen ouer al fe lond aboute 

As fei were wont her seed dud sawe 

Bui al welfe bigon wifdrawe 
fe erfe clang for hete & drye 
And so k' wo bigi 'ii \|> 1. ; 
I pai drou^te fat wa i I pong 
( lorn ne . ei )•• noon spn 




j ,:i deid f ■ v[» bfden, 

Thoru be hunger fat was sa kene, 

fat be fe tlirid yeir was gan, 4705 

Vnncthcs was f er beist left an. 

fe wirehe 1 pouer moght find na fode, 

fai war sa fele fat begand yode, 4708 

f e llotes war secand f e land, SiSSto] 

Li hundretj als, and Li thusand, 

fat soglit f am rotes, als f e suine, 

Soru it was to se far pin. 4712 

f e ehildir and f e men of lieild 

f ai lai don ded on f e feild. 

Bi for f e king f ai com wit cri, 

And said, "lanerd, foil lia merci4716 

f i folk for ynger ded, 

\Vas neuer mare mister o bred ; 

fof men oner all lias sann feilds, 4719 

corn es far noght an fat yeilds ; 

Qualm has beistes al ouergan, 

Bot if sum bote o f e be tan, 

f e folk mon dei vp al bidene 4723 

Wit qualm, fis hunger es sa ken." 

II f e king herd fis and weped sare, 

And sagh mens bodis bolnud ware ; 

For, wijt yee wel, fat in fat tide 

Had he in his pride. 4728 

" Lauerdinges," he said, " wel wat yee 

Mi stiward ioseph al fedes me, 

For darworthi bar-til es he, [ 2 ms i,onte ; 

i ' read botcj 

He es al lauerd, and sua sal be ; 4 T- 3 2 
Eot gas and fals yee him to fote 
And prais him he do yow boute, 2 
And fat he giue yow of his corn, 
Ar hunger haue yow al be-storn." 
To ioseph went fai, criand fan, 4737 
" lia reuth on vs, foil blisced man, 


dyed fe bestes vp bedene. 

f.iruu fat hungre fat was sa k< 
fat bi fe formast jere was gane 
rnnefe left was ber ane. 

^T fe wrecche poor nnjt finde na I 
fai ware so mony atte beggande 3 
fe folk was sechande al fe lande. 

be .vj. hundref and bi fousan 
so^t ham rotes as fai ware squyne 
sorow hit was to se f aire pine. 
f e childer and f e men of elde 
lay lyande dede a-pon f e felde. 
be-for f e king fai come to cry 
and saide lorde fou haue mercy, 
kepe f i folk for hungre dede. 
was neuer mare meister of brede 
30111' men oneral has sawen f aire feldes 
and no3t agaynewarde ys fat hit 3eldLs. 
qualme has bestes alle oner-tane. 
bot 3e sette bote our life ys gane. 
f i folk mone dey al be-dene. 
fis qualme ys so cursed and kene. 
IT he herde ham cry and wepe sare. 
and saghe faire bodis bo'lned ware, 
bot wete fou wele in fat tide, 
in hert he had fill litel pride, 
lordinges he saide wele wate 30. 
my stiwarde Ioseph he fedes me. 
for derworfly f er to ys he. 
he ys al lorde and so salle be. 
bot gas and falles him to fote 
and pray him ordayne 30U sum bote 
and atte he gif 30U of his corne. 
or hungre haue 30U alle for-lorne 
51 to Ioseph went fai criand e fan 
haue rewf e of us foil blessed man. 



fan died f e bestes vp all bidene 

For fat hunger fat was sua kene, 

fat bi fe formast 3ere was gan, 4705 

vnethes was far best left an. 

f e wrecched pore miht find na fode, 

Jj.ii were so fele fat beggand fai jode, 

f e flockis war sekand in f c land, 4709 

Be himdris and be thousand, 

fat soght f aim rotis als f c suyn, — 

Soru it was to se fat pin. 

fe childer and fe men of elde 4713 

For hunger lay dede in fe feilde ; 

Before fe king fai come wid cri, 

And said, " lauerd, f u liaue merci 

Of f i folk for hunger er dede, 

was neuer mar nede of brede. 4718 

fou men ouerall haue saun feldes, jjjj*f| 

Of corn cs noght on fat vp-^eildes ; 

fe qualm hi is all ouer-gan ; 

Bot if sum bote of f e be tan, 

fi folk sule dey vp all bidene 4723 

wid qualm, fis hui 3ua kene." 

"NE king sau fis, and wep ful sore, 

■* And sau menbodis bolnwawd wore, 

For wit je wele, fat in f^t tide, 

Had he in hes herte na pride. 4728 

" Lordi[n]ges," he said, "wele wot $e 

Mi Bteuard io sph al fedis me, 

Ynv d lie fai tille, 

He es all Lord, and ' kill j -1 732 

and fallea him to fote 
And prai him he do 3011 bote j 
A :. 1 fai he giue jou of hia corn 
Ar $e for hunger be for Lorn." 
To i • eph wenl fai ci i ind fan, 
u fu reu "ii vs, f u blisfu] man, 

fe beestis de3ed vp al bi dene 
For fat hongur was so kene 
fat bi fe furst ^eer was goon 
vnnefe was \er beest laft oon 
f e wrecched pore fond no fode 
f ei were so fele beggyng f ci }ode 
To gider f ei flocked in fat loud 
Bi hundrides & bi f ousond 
fei sou3te hem rotes as done suyn 
Sorwe hit was to se fat pyn 
f e childre & f e men of elde 
For hongur lay deed in f e felde 
Bifore fe kyng fei coom wif cry 
And seiden lord fou haue mercy 
Of fi folke for hongur is d 
was neuer more nede of breed 
fei men ouer al sewe feldes 
Of corn lioi^t hit vp $eldes 
fe quahne haf beestis ouergon 
But if sum bote be fe on 
fe folke Bhul deje al bi dene 
wif quahne fis hongttr is so kene 
Wt fe kyng Bay fis & wepte sore 
how mennea bodies bolned w< 
wite we wel in fat tide 
had he in his herte no pride 
Lordinges Ik- seide wel wite 30 
i pli my stiwarde fedef me 
Forder worfely i ; he f r tille 
he i ' Lord {•it La skille 
But gof & fallef him to 1' 
And preye hi?n to do jou 1 
fat he ;\ ue ;• u "I" his corn 
( >r }e foT hongui be forlorn 
T<» [os( pli wi hi I i a Lyng fon 
R we on va f"U blisful mon 



And leD v - Bumquat o pi sede, 

Was neu< r ar sua mikel nede, 1710 

Lcn vs sumquat wit pi seep." 

" I sal yow lene," pan said ioscpli. 

Ioseph pat Avas ful o pite [if 27, bk, col. 1] 

Did thresche son in pat contre ; 4714 

Qnen pe sede Avas dight and boun 

He salde ilknian his porcion, 

Sua pat pai moglit scilwisli, 

pai and pair fernet, Hue par-bi. 4748 

In sum bok find i far a wile 

pat ioseph fand pat was sutile ; 

pe caf he cast o corn sumquile 

In pQ flam pat hait pe nile ; 4752 

For-qui pat num. pat rennes par 

Til ioseph hus it has pe fare. 

^T pis hunger, pat i her of tell, 

In landes als a-bute it fell, 4756 

Men mist it nour quare in land, 

And seuen yeir it was lastand. 

pan iacob and his suns warn 

For defaut wel ner for-farn ; 4760 

Soruful war pai, was na selcuth, 

pat had noght to put in pair mouth ; 

pof pai had siluer and gold red 4763 

pai moght noght find to bi pam bred ; 

His childer oft for hunger grete, 

bote he ne wist how pam to bete ; 

Oft he liftud vp his hend 4767 

To godd, pat he helpe pam wald send, 

And ar grant pam son menskli to dei, 

Ar pat misese lang for to drei. 

Bot our lauerd godd might 

Hers mans praiyer pat es right; 4772 

For pof he proue his freind wit pine, 

par-for wil he noght him tine. 


and lene vb sumquat of pi e 
was neuer are sa mykil m 
lene vs sumquat of pi skep. 

I salle 3011 lene pen saide Ioseph. 

Ioseph was ener ful of pi; 

lete presshe pe come in iche cuntre 

quen pe sede was di3t and boun. 

he salde ilkan his porciovui. 

so atte pai mirjt skilfully 

wip pai re meyne Hue par-by. 

5T In pis boke al-so Ave rede 

how Ioseph toke and dide in dede. 

pe chaf of corne as I. 3011 say 

in a water he kest a-way. 

in-to a flume atte ran pare. 

to Iacob hous pe winde hit bare. 

pis hunger pat I. 30U of telle 

In alle landes aboute hit felle 

men miste hit naure in na lande 

vij. ^ere Avas hit lastande. 

pat Iacob and his sones Avarne 

for hungre almast for-farne. 

sorouful Avare pai was na selcoupe 

for pai had no^t to putt in nionf e 

po pai had siluer and golde rede. 

pai rni^t naure finde to by ham brede 

51 his childer for brede ful sarecon grete 

he coAA^de na bote paire bale to bete 

oft he lifted vp his hende. [leaf 28, bark] 

and prayed to god sum corne hi??i senile 

and gif ham grace menskly to deye 

or pai lange pis payne sulde drye. 

5T bot our lorde god of nir$t 

heres monnes prayer atte ys ri^t. 

alle If he p?*oue his frende AA r ip pine 

3et pinkes he no3t him to tyne 



And lene vs sumquat of pi sede, 
was newer ax sua mekil nede, 4740 
Lene vs sunquat wid pi skep." 
" I sal 3011 lene," said iosepli. 

Ioseph was ful of pite, 4 743 

Did threches sone in pat contre, 
Quen pe sede was dight awd Lone, 
He said ilk an his porciun, 
Sua pat pai niiht skilfully 
pai and pair meyne line par-Li. 4748 
In Lokis find we of a wile 
pat iosepli did pat was sotile, 
pe chaf of corn he kest vmquile, 
Into pe Hum pat men call Nile, 4752 
For-qui p[a]t watir pat rennis pare, 
To iacoL lius it has pe fare, 
pis hunger pat i here of tell [col. 2] 

In landis all aLoute it fell, 475G 

jfe// mist it noquer in no land, 
And seuen 3erc it was lastand. 
pan iacob and his sonis ware 
wid hunger in point to for-fare, 4760 
Soruful pai were, was na selcuth, 
pai had noght to put in pair mouth, 
pou pai had siluer and gold rede, 
pai miht noght find to by na bred, 
pir childei oft for hunger grett, 4765 
And iacob ne wist hu pair hunger to 
Oft he lifted vp his hend L ,)utt - 

To godd pat he liiin help suld send, 
And grant him sone mi oskli to dey, 
Ai pat hunger lang to drey. 4770 
Bol vr lam rd godd all-mint 
! man ]>. nd p>>\ es riht, 

For p 'Mi he prou I fj ind wid pine, 
par-for wil he him 1 Ine ; 177 1 

And lene vs sum what of pi sede 
was neuer eer so mychel nede 
Bum wat lene vs Li pi skep 
I shal 3011 lene seide Iosep 
IT Iosepli was ful of pite 
lete presshe soone in pat cuntre 
whenwe pe seed was al hoim 
he soldo vchone his porciouw 
So pat pei my3te skilfuly 
pei & her meyne lyue perLy 
In bokes fynde we of a wile 
pat Iosepli dud pat was sotile 
pe chaf of corn he cast opcr while 
Into a watir men callen nyle 
For pat watir pat ran pare 
To lacoLus hous hit had pe fare 
pis hongwr pat I here of telle pfso,bk] 
In londes al aLoute hit felle 
Men miste hit no where in no lond 
Seuen $eer hit was lastond 
penHc IacoL & his sones warn 
wip hongur in poynt to forfare 
Sorweful pei were no selcoup 
Nou^t hade pei to put in her moup 
Siluer pel had & golde rede 
But pei my^te fynde to Lie no bn 
.For hongur sore pese childei dud grete 
Iacob wist not how hit to Lete 
( Ifte he helde vp his hende 
To god him for to hclpe Bende 
And pat he my^te menskly d( 
Ai he fat hongur longe shulde dn ; 
But oure Lord god of mv;i 
herep monies pri 3 ere in rijl 
I pouje he preue his frend with pyne 
fwfore wol he not hi/// tyne 
TRi> 1 1 y 


Iacob wen lie was mast in sijt 

God lighted him, wit-outen lijt. 

Bitid fan in a litol quile 

Iacob yode walcand be fe nile ; 4778 

He sagb a-pon fe watur reme 

Caf llettand duwward [with] f e strem ; 

fat sight wex he ful blitb 

.And til his suns he tald it suith : — - 
" Childir," he said, " yee list and lete, 

1 sagb caf on f e watwr flute ; 4784 
Quef en 1 it com i can not rede, RJJJiJjJ 
Bot dunward flutte it wel god spede ; 
If it be coram en fra fur land 

Lok quilk of us sal tak on hand 

For vs alle do f is trauail, [col. 2] 

far of es god we ta consail, 4790 

Again f e Hum to folu f e sloth, 

Corn fan sal we find for scthth." 

Ruben said fan his resun : — ■ 

" Lo, me ! i am all redi bun 4794 

Our aller nedes vnder ta, 

Giue me mi graith and lat me ga." 

His bref er said, " bot ga we alle, 

In godds nam, and sua we sail." 4798 

" Siluer inogh wit yow yee tak, 

And i yow prai, for drightin sak, 

Quen yee funden haue your fang 

fat yee duell not fan to lang ; 4802 

Bot gas warli thoru vncuth land, 

Godd bald oner yow his holy hand. 

fere bref er went out o chanaan, 4805 

For far was iacob wonnand fan ; 

fair yongest brofer left fai at ham, 

Beniamin fan was his nam. 

i heied fam [fast] on fair wai, 
fat vntil egypte son com fai ; 4810 


bot quen fe bal y.s alder h 
pen sum time ys bote next. 

BE-tidde a time in litel quile 
Iacob went waluande bi f e He 
hi' saghe a-pon fe wateres reme. 
chaf llutande come wif f e streme. 
of fat si3t wex he fulle blif e. 
and tille his sones talde hit squyf e 
IT Childur he saide 3c liste and lute. 
I. saghe chafe on f e water flete. 
quef en hit come I. con no3t rede 
bot doun f e water hit come gode spede 
if hit be co??zmyn fra ferre lande 
loke quilke of us sal take on hande 
to do f is t?'auaile for vs alle. 
or ellis for hungre we mone falle 
agayne f e flume to folow fe slof 
and come $e sal fen finde for-sof . 
^T Ruben saide fen his reson. 
lo I. am alle-redy boun. 
our aller nedis vnder ta. 
gif me my graif e and lete me ga. 
his bref er saide bot go we alle. 
In goddes name and so we salle. 
siluer I.-noghe $e wif 30U take 
and I. 3011 pray for goddis sake, 
quen ye fondyn haue 3our fange 
loke 3e dwelle no3t to lange 
gas warly forou-out vncouf lande 
god halde ouer 3011 his haly hande 
^T f es brefe?' went out of chanaan. 
for fur was Iacob dwellinge fan. 
f aire 3ongest brofer laft atte liame 
Beniamyn was his name 
f-ai hyud ham fast a-pon f aire way 
and vn-to egipt sone come fai. 



Iacob que;? he was mast in silit, 

God him co??fortid widuten liht. 47 76 

Be-tid fan, in a littel quile, 

Iacob ^ode walkand bi f e Xile, 

He sau apon f e watris reime 

Chaf cum fletand wid fe streme. 4780 

Of fat sight wex he ful blith, 

And til his sonis he tald it suith, 

" Childer," he said, " $e list and lete, 

I sau chaf on f e water flete ; 4784 

< Uw'pen it comis i can noght rede, 

Bot doun it fletis ful god spede. 

If it be corner fra fer land, 4787 

Loke quilk of 311 sal take on hand, 

For vs all take f is trauaile, 

f ar-of es gode we ta coftsaile. 

Agayn fe flum to folu fe chaf, ^ 6 ^ s *\ 

Corn fare sul we find to haf." 4702 

Ruben fan said his resun, 

"Lo," he said, " I am al-redi boun, 

vr aller nedis to vnder-ta, 

Gif me tresur and lat me ga." 4796 

Hia breder said, " may we ga all 

In goddes name, and sua we sail." 

"Tresur enohut wid 311 30 take, 

And i 3011 pray for goddes sake, 4800 

Que/7, y funden haue jour fang 

fat 3c duel! noght far to lai 

Bot gas warli in vncuth land, 4803 

God bald ou r jou his haii hand." 

pin- bred< r went v maan, 

For fare w a [acob wonand fan ; 

}■ 11 job . I broder fai Lefl at hame, 

iamyn |jan was bis □ ime, 
fai heyed faim apon fair way, 
fan sonc to egipl com fai. 
; riNGEN 

"Whenwe iacob was moost in fray- 
God him cou??ifortide fat al do may 
Soone aftir in a litil while 
Iacob 3ode bi f e watir of nyle 
he say vpon fe watir glem 
Chaf co] 11 fletyng wif fe streem 
Of fat si3te wex he ful bli3e 
And to his sones tolde hit swif e 
Childre he seide $e luste & lete 
I saw chaf on f e watir flete 
TVhef on hit comef con I not rede 
But dou?z hit fletef ful good spede 
If hit be corner fro fer lond 
Loke whiche of 3011 wol take on liond 
Tor vs alle to trauaile 
herof is good we take couwsaile 
A3eyn fe fluwi to fynde fe chaue 
Corn fere shul we fynde to haue 
^1 Ruben seide to his resoura 
Lo I am al redy boim 
Oure aller nedes to take in place 
jyue me tresour & lete me pace 
his brofw seide go we alle 
In goddes name & so we shallo 
Tresour \ 110113c wif 3011 je take 
.And I 3011 preye for godde sake 
When 30 fbxmden ban fat fing 
} t 30 make not longe dwellyng 
But goof wisely in vncoufe Iod 
God holde oner jou his hoi) honde 

bref r went fro canaan 
i . | as [acob wonyng fan 

her congest la lefte at home 

Bemamin was his nome 
fei liij ed hem vpon her wpy 
Soone to egipte comen fey 

Illl MI V 



Bol quen fai sagh f^t corn plente, 

Blifer men moght neuer be; 4812 

For bred to sell fai fand and boght, 

And to ioseph fai sifen soght, 

And men Jam taght quilk was ioseph. 

And dun fai kneld at his fette, 48 1G 

Cuth fai wit him na kything tak, 

And vncuthli to Jam lie spak. 

" Childer," he said, " wefen are yee ? " 

" Sir, wee are o fan cuntre, 4820 

Of a land hait chanaan, 

far-in es mani nedi man." 

fan said ioseph, ful vncuthli, 4823 

" Bot er yee comen fe land to spi? " 

"Nai,"fai said, "lauerd, godd for-bede ! 

Bot elles we come for mikel nede, 

For fis hunger it es vtenem, 

"We ar all a man barn-teme ; 4828 

For far es hunger in our kingrike, 

fat was far newer forwit slike ; 

f e folk fan deies al be-dene, 

Sli hunger was neuer i wene, 4832 

And far-for haue hidder soght 

And parti siluer wit vs broght, 

Al redi p.enijs for to tell [leaf 28, col. l] 

If we moght find her oght to sell ; 

For we prai fi lauerd-hed 4837 

pat p ou wald us help in nede, 

pi mikel plente here 

To sel us, be it neuer sa dere ; 4840 

Thar p e lauerd haf na mistr/ng 

pat we suld com for ofer thing." 

" I sal yow sell, bot tells me 4843 

Quat-kin man yur fader 1 be." C 1 Ms.faber] 

" Iacob, sir, es our fadir nam — 

An aid man es ur fader nam, 2 

COTTON t 2 wronrr '. v rerouted 
liy scribe] 

bot quen fai saghg \er come plente 

Murer men mi^t neuer be 

for brede to selle fai fande and bf>3t 

and to Ioseph sifen fai so$t. 
and men ham ta$t quyche was he 

doun fai sette ham alle on kne 
cowde fai wif him na kifinge take 
and vncouf ely to ham he spake 
51 childer he saide queyfen ar 3c 
sir an saide of ferre cuntree. 
of pQ lande of chanaan. 
p er-in ys mony nedeful man. 
fen saide Ioseph ful vncoufly 
bot ar ^e coramyn fis lande to spy 
nay fai saide lorde god for-bede 
bot ellis commyn for mykil nede. 
for fis hunger hit ys out-neme 
we ar alle an mobiles barneteme 
per ys hunger, in our kingerike. 
was per neuer nane hit like. 
p e folk ar dede vp bedene. 
suche hunger was neuer sene. 
and far-fore haue we bidder so;t 
a party of siluer wif vs bro3t. 
redy payment for to telle 
if we finde any corne atte selle. 
we prai f e of gode lorde-hede 
atte fou help us atte f is nede. 
of f i mikel plente here 
to selle us be hit neuer sa dere 
f er thar be lorde na mistrowynge. 
atte we come for of er f inge. 
IT I salle 3011 selle bot telles me. 
quatkin monnys sones ^e be. 
Iacob ys our fader name. 
an aide 111011 we left at hame 



Bot quen f ai sail corn plente, 

Glacier men milit nener be, 4812 

Bred to sell fai fond arad bohnt, 

And to Iosepli Bipen fai soght. 

And me/? y<\im taglit quilk was Ioseph, Men hem tau^te whiche was he 

And cloune fai knelid at his step. Doura f ei kneled on her kne 

Whenne f ei say of corn plente 
Gladder men mi^t none he 
Breed to sille f ei fond & boi^t 
And to Ioseph soone fei soi^t 

Coud fai of him na knaulag take, 
And vnkndly to faiw he spac. 4818 
" Childer," he said, " quef e7i er 30 1 " 
" Sir," fai said, " of a contre 
far in es mani a nedi man, 4822 

Of a land men calis canaan." 4821 
fan said Ioseph fill vncnthly, 
" Bot er ^e corner fis land to sp} r ?" 
" Xai," fai said, "lord godd forbede, 
Bot we er come» for mekil nede, 4826 
For fis hunger it es vte-neme ; [col, 2] 
We er all a manes barnteme, 
far es hunger in vr king-riche, 

Conf e f ei of him no knowleche take 
And vncoufely to hem he spake 
Childre he seide whefen are $q 
Sir f ei seide of a cnntre 
fc/'ynne is mony a nedy man 
f e londe men callef canaan 
fenrce seide Ioseph fnl vncoufly 
what are ^e comen f is lond to spy 
Nay f ei seide lord vs forbede 
But we are comen for greet nede 
For bittur hongnr f at is bifalle 
Oon moii?zes childer are we alio 
f er is hongnr in oure kingricho 

was far neu r bi-for 11011 sniche. 4830 Was fer neuer noon hit liche 

fe folk dies vp all bidene, 

Suilk a hunger was far neuer nan Bene. 

And far-for haue we hider sohnt, 

And a parti monewid vs broght, 

Redi penis we haue to tell 4835 

If we may find here aught to sell. 

For-fi we pray fi lauerd-hede, 

fat fu wil help vs in fis nede, 

Of pi mekil plente I 

To ■ .' . be it neu< r bo dere. 48 10 

Thar fe lauerd, banc na mistrouing 

fat we Buld cum for ani ofer thing." 

fe folke de^ef vp al by dene 
Suche hongnr was neuer eer Bene 
fez-fore bane we hidnr soi^t 
A party of money wif vs broujt 

pens banc we to telle [leaf 31] 
If we may fynde corn to Belle 
fej fore we pray fi lordh 
pi/i fou vs helpe in fis nede 
Of fi muchel plente here 
To Belle vs be hit neu< r bo dere 
haue je l<»rd no nivs trowyng 
hai we Bhulde com for ofere fing 
H T slial jou Belle hi! t< ]l«-f me 

u IT sail 3011 Belle, bot telles nu me, 

X Quat kiixs a man ;urfadereshe?" What maner mon joure fadii ifl bo 

"Sir, iacob es vr fader name, 4845 Sir iacob ifl oure fadii nome 

An aid man we left at hame. An olde mon we I fte at home 



Elleuen brewer cs we liuand, 

An at ham, ten in pis land." 4818 

" And quat es lie fat es pe lest 1 ? " 

" Sir, beniamin hatte pe yongest." 

Wen lie bilieild (jam on a ran, 

Wei ilkan lie cuth pam knan ; 4852 

Thoght a-pon his fadir care, 

And, par-for, sighed he ful sare. 

pair siluer he tok and gaue pam corn 

And to pair ine did it be born ; 

And did waitte at a priue tide, 4857 

And did a siluer cupe at hide, 

In a sek, pe corn be-side, 

And bad pam to pe mete a-bide. 

Qu[e]w pai had eten, and war al bun 

For to wend son vte o ton, 4862 

Ioseph pam said pan a sarmuw, 

And pus pam sceud his resun : — 

" God men," he said, " now sal yee far, 

Bot of our king i warn yow are ; 

I am not king al ouer pis land, 

Bot ilkman sal wel understand 4868 

pe king of it, hatt pharaon, 

pat al his will can gar be don ; 

He es dred oue?* al and es rike, 

And i stiward of his king-rike ; 4872 

Of him i wijt yow sai truli, 

theft he wil haue no merci ; 
For qua pat es wit stolen thing 
Funden lie wil pat he hing ; 4876 

1 sai it noglit for-qui pat yee 
Ne em lickli lei men to be ; 

Godd yow giue well for to fund 4879 
And bring yow ham, bath liali and sund, 
Hale and fere, your fadir to se, [ool. 2] 
Driglitin yow do pat it sua be." 4882 


xj. bieper we ar liuand 

an. atie hame x. ys in lande 

and quat ys he pat ys pe lest 
lorde beniamyn hat pe congest. 

quen he bc-helde am alle on raw 
wele ilkane he cowde ham knaw 
he p03t a-pon his fader care 
and par-fore sighed he fulle sare 
he toke paire siluer and gaf ham corne 
and lete lede hit to paire in be-forne 
and wayded atte a priuay tide 
a siluer coupe he made hide. 
In a sek pe corne be-side 
and bad ham to pe mete a-bide 
5F quen pai had eten and ware boiui 
for to wende out of pe town. 
Ioseph ham saide sarmouw. [leaf 29] 

and pus ham shewed his resouft. 
gode men saide he $e sal fore 
bot of our kinge I. warne 30U are. 
I am no3t kinge ouer al pis lande. 
bot ilk mon sal wele vnderstawde 
pe kinge of hit hatte pharaon. 
pat alle his wil con make be don 
he dred ouer-alle and his rike. 
and I. his stiwarde wip-out squyke 
of him I. telle 30U truly 
of theft he wille haue na mercy, 
qua-so ys takin wip stollyn pinge 
wip-outen raunsouw he wil him hinge 
I say hit no3t for-pi attyn 3c 
ar likly lelmen for-to be. 
god 30U giue wele for to founde 
hale and fere 30m" fader to se. 
lorde lene grace atte hit so be. 

"our king, who is rich and powerful, has no iiercy upon thieves. 285 
you of course are leal. god bring you to your father safe and bound." 

Flleuen brepe?' we er lyveand, 
Ane at hame and ten in j?is land." 
" And quat es he, pat es pe lest ? " 
" Sir, beniamin hight he, congest." 
Quen he biheld paim all oraue, 4851 
wele ilk an he coud paim knaue, 
He thoght apon his fadir care, 
And ])ar-for syhid he ful sare. 4854 
pair siluer he tok and gaf paim corn, 
And to pair in did it be born ; 
He gart waite at a pnue tide, 
And did his siluer coupe to hide 4858 
In a sec pe corn biside, 
and bad paim to pe mete a- bide. 
Quen pai had etin and war bonne 
For to wend ham vte of toun, 4SC>'2 
Iosepli bi-gan pan his sarinon, P^jJ ^ 
And pus paim he scheud his rcsun. 
" Gode men," he said, " ^e sal fare, 
Bot of vr king I warne 30U are, 
I am noght king ouer pis land, 4867 
Bot ilk man sal wele vnderstand, 
pe king of pis land hat Pharao, 
pat all his will can gar be do ; 4870 
Oue?'-all es dredd, and he es riche, 
pat was far neuer bifor non suiche : 
Of him i tell 3011 witterly 
Of thef wil he haue na merci, 487 1 
For-qua so es tan wid stoln tiling, 
He wil pal do him 
I v Qoghl pis bot Jy/t 30 
Ar like t . 1 for to be. 4878 

Godd giue jou wele for to founde, 
And bring $ou ham haJ and sounde, 
Hal and fere ^ur fad< r 
God grant jou \<i\ it so may 1 


EUeuen brepere are we lyuonde 

Oon at home & ten in pis londe 

what he seide is he pe leest 

Sir beniamin het pe ^ongest 

whenne lie bihelde hem on rowe 

AVel vchone he coudc hem knowe 

his fadir care poujto he on pore 

And perfore he siked ful sore 

For siluer he toke & ^af hem corn 

And to her ynne dud hit be born 

he lete waite at a pnue tide 

And dud his siluer coupe to hide 

In a secke biside her corn 

And bad hem bide to mete pat morn 

Whence pei had eten & were boura 

For to wende hoom out of towi 

Ioseph bigon to sermoun go 

And pus shewed hem his resoun po 

Gode men he seide 30 shal fare 

But of oure kyng I warn 3011 3:110 

I am not kyng ouer pis londe 

vche man shal vndirstonde 

Oure kyng hette pharao 

And al his wille con make be do 

Oue/' al I drad and also riche 

was neuer eer mon him liche 

Of him I telle jou witterly 

Of peof wol he haue no mercy 

Who so is taken wip stolen pinge 

he wol him do soone to hinge 

i , nol J is bnl pat 30 

Seme fcrewe m< n to be 

( rod graunte jou wel l" founde 

.And bri | 1 hoom hoole & sounde 

zoure fadir to se hool and I 

1 I lunte lorde dere 

I , V 


"Sir, godd fe for-yeild," fan said fai, 
" Of al fi god, ami haue god day : " 
5T Qven fat fai fulli forth war gan 
Ioseph sargantz 1 cald onan — ^Jzi SU1 ' 

" Childer," he said, " we serue fe king, 
And we miss Bumquat of his thing ; 
If he it wijt he mon be wrath, 4889 
Bot godd forbede, pat ware me lath ; 
Yon er theues we lelmen wend, 
And theif es he Jam hider send ; 
Dos folus f am to ripe fair war, 
Ar fai ower far be on feir fare ; 
If in par sekces be oght funden 4895 
Lok J»ai alle be tain and bonden." 


no gap in tlte Cotton § Laud MSS.~\ 
f e sargantz pat ware brem als bare 
Ran and ouertok fam fare. 4900 

" Theues," said fai, " yee most abide, 
Wene yee f e king tresur at hyde 1 
He pat has yow don socur 
Stoln hane yee of his tresur ; 4904 
Ful ilhale did yee pat dede, 
For suilk far-of sal be your mede." 
IT " Sertes," said fai, "leue lauerdinges, 
Haue we noght fan o fe kinges, 4908 
We ar bath treu men and lele, 
For ware we neuer wont at stele ; 
Ne haue we wit us trussed nog'ht, 
Bot thing fat we ha lele boght, 4912 
And of our lele bi-geten thing, 
For drightin dos vs na letting." 
fair seckes son f ai laid on hand, 
fat ilk cupe fai soght fai fand. 49 1G 
" Ha ha, traiturs, now wel is sene 
Quef er fat yee be fule or clene." 


5T Sir g<>d for-^ilde 3011 and haue godai 
fai saide na mare bot werat per wai 

quen atte fai fus foi-f ware gane 
Ioseph a seriaunt calde a-nane. 
childer he saide we se?Tie fe kinge 

and we mis sumquat of our finge. 
if he hit wiste he walde be wraf 
god for-bede fat ware me laf . 
3onder ar theues we lelmen wende 
a thefe ys he ham bidder sende 
do folow ham and ripe f aire ware 
and lete ham neuer forf er fare 
in faire sekkis and 03t be fundyn. 
loke fai alle be tane and bundyn. 
do now wele as I. 30U say 
bot do ham na arme in na way. 
51 f er seriauntes at ware brem as bare 
and ran and ouer-toke ham fare, 
theuis saide fai ^e salle a-bide 
w r ene ye f e kinges tresour hide 
he fat 3011 has done socoure. 
stollyn 36 haue of his tresour. 
ful il haile dide 3e fat dede. 
for so f er-of sal be 30111' mede. 
certis saide fai leue lordinges 
haue we na-fing tane of fe kin 
we ar baf trew men and lele. 
ware we neuer wont a stele 
ne haue we wif us trussed 1103 1. 
bot f inge fat we haue lelly bo3t. 
and of our lele be-gityn finge. 
for goddes loue do vs na lettiii 
faire seckes sone fai laide on hande 
fat coupe fai S03t and sone hit fa./de 
a traytours now ys hit sene. 
qaeper atte 3c be foule or clene. 



" Sir, godd 3011 for-^elde," said fay, 

"Of all 30111* gode, and has god day." 
Quen fai forth full}' Avar gan, 4885 
Ioseph sergauntis called on-an, 
"Childer/'fai 1 said, "we seme fe king, 
And Ave misse sumquat of his thing, 
If he it wit he Avil be Avroght, p read he] 
And god for-bede, \ai war vs loth. 
^on er theues Ave lelemen wende, 4891 
And he a thif f aim hider sende. 
Folnis faim and ransakis fair ware, 
Ar fat fai pass or fra vs fare, 
If in fair sekkes ahut be funden 4895 
Loke fai all be tan and bunden." 

[ • • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

pe sargantes fat Avar brim as bar, 

fai ran and ouer-tok faim far. 

" Theues ! " fai said, " 3c sal a-byde, 

wend \- fe lunges tresur to hide % 

1I>' fat 3011 has done socouro, 4903 

Stolin 30 haue of his tresur. 

In an ille time did 30 dis dede, 

For suilk far-of sal be 3our mede." 

" Certis," fai said, "leue lordinges, 

Haue we noght tan of f e king 

aw er bath tivu men and lele, 4909 

Avar we neuer wont to stele, 

avc Hi- haue wid vs trussed noght, 

Bot thing pal we lely haue boght, 

And vr aun lele bigetyn tiling, 4913 

For goddes Loue d 5." 

A])ou fair Beki - laid fai band, 

fat coup I Jit a//'l sone fai ii find. 
u A '. braitouis, nou as ii Bene, 

; ■■ be foule or clene." -1918 

God 3011 foi^elde seide fai 
To alle 30111'e gode & hauef good day 
^T whenrae f ei alle forf were goon 
Ioseph seruauwtis called anoon 
Childre he seide Ave serue fe kyng 
AVe misse sumwhat of his f ing 
If he Avite he avoI be Avroof 
God hit forbede fat Avere a's loob 
gondii be f eues Ave troAve Avende 
And lie a f eof hem hider sende 
Fohvef hem & ransakef her ware 
Or f ei forf er fro vs fare 
If in her seckes be ou^te foiuKle 
Loke f ei alle be take & bou?*de 


no gap in the MS.] 

fe seriamztis fen^e breme as boor 
Ran & oner toke hem for 
fenes fei seide 30 shul abide 
Wende 3e fe kyngia tresour to hide 
he ff/t 3011 haf done socour 
Stolen 30 haue of his tresour 
In euel tyme dud 3c fis dede 
For suche ferof wol be joure mede 
^F Certis fei seide leue lordyngis 
haue Ave not stolen fe kyngis fiftgis 
Ave art 1 trewe nun & lele 
Were we neuer wonl to stele 
we haue Avif vs trussed noi^t 
But ping f'd Ave truly boi^t 
An«l ure t[r]ewe geten ping 

For goddes loue do vs dm lettyng 
vpon ! eT e ickes lei le j ei bond 
fe coupe J-'i boujI a Boone fond 
Traitoura fei seide now Lf si, bk] 

Wl lw foul*' Or el. ; 



pan war pa-a brewer London hard, 
And sipen broght be-foi stiward, 4920 
And pr/.snnd til pe thrid morn, 
pat maa folk moght be bi-forn ; 
To-quils sent ioseph pe yepe 
Men pair harnais for to kepe. 4924 
5F pe thrid morn comandid lie 
A gardiring o pe land suld he ; 
Forth war broght paa breper ten l 
paa sorful now, paa sare men ; [ ! MS. tene] 
pai fel don pan at ioseph fete |j]J *Jj bk » 
And merci soght, wit reuli grette ; 
pe folk asked quat pai suld be, 4931 
" Theues," cotli ioseph, " of a cuntre 
J? at hepen es far, sa pai me tald, 
pat es sene on fair dedis bald, 
For quils i said pam o mi sede 
pai stall mi cupe a-wai to lede ; 4936 
And sargantz send i son. on hand 
pat in pair gare mi god pai fand ; 
I receiud Jam and warnd ham noglit 
Of alle thing Jjai me be-soght, 4940 
Mete and drinc i gaue pam bath, 
And redd p&m to were Jam fra wath ; 
And sipen i praid godd all weldand 
Lede pam sauueli to pair land ; 4944 
And par-on stall pai pus mi thing, 
If yee giue dome, pan sal pai hing." 
pan spak ruben, pe eildest broiper, 
Stilli menand til pas oper, — 49 18 
" Now es vs comen our aid sakea 
In to wandret new, and wrakes, 
pat i yow said, pis oper yeire, 
Bot pan mi rede wald yee not here, 
ioseph our brepor lei 4953 

"Wit wrang yee said him for catell j 


pen ware pa Lrepcr bundin harde 
and bro^t be-for pe hye stiwarde 

and prisoned til pe prid morne 
atte mare folk mole be. be-forne 
Ioseph lete a mon pis quile 
kepe pai re hemes wip-out g 
IF pe prid morne comandet he 
a gedderinge of folk for to be, 
forp ware bro3t. per breper ten. 
pa sorouful now pa sary men. 
pai fel doun atte Ioseph fete 
and mercy so3t wip reuli grete. 
pe folk asked quat pai sulde be 
theues quod Ioseph of a cuntre 
atte heypen ys ferre so pai me talde 
pat ys sene on paire dedis balde 
pe quilest I. salde ham of my sede 
pai stale my coupe a-way to lede 
a seriaunt sende I. sone on hande 
and in paire sekkis my coupe pai fande 
I resceyued ham and warned ham no3t 
of alle pe pinge pai me be-so^t. 
mete and drinke I. gaue ham bap 
and bad ham kepe ham fra pe wap 
and sipen I. prayed god al weldande 
lede ham sanely to paire lande. 
and her a-pon pai stale my pinge. 
if 3e giue dome f pan sal pai hinge 
IT pen spac ruben pe eldest broper. 
stilly menande til pase oper. 
now ys cowraiyn our aide sakis. 
wille li^t on vs wip harde wrakis. 
pat I. 3011 saide pis oper 3ere. 
bot pen my rede walde 30 nojt here 
of Ioseph our brope?* lele. 
wip wrange 3c salde him for catel. 



Jan war pa breder bundew hard, 

And sone broght bifor pe steuard, 

And presond to pe thrid morn, 4921 

pat ma folk miht cum biforn • 

pe qnilis sent ioseph pe ^cpe 

Men pair harnays for to kepe. 4924 

pe thrid morn comandid lie, 

A gadring of pe land suld be. 

Forth war broght pe brede?* ten, 

was par neue?- sorier men, 4928 

pai fell doun at ioseph fete, 

And mi?rei soght wid reuful grete. 

pe folk askid quat pai suld be, 4931 

"Theues," said ioseph, "of a contre 

pat paim es fer, as pai me tald, 

And pat es sene on pair dedes bald ; 

For qnilis i sold paim of mi sede,4935 

Mi coupe pai stale a-way to lede. 

Seriantis sent i sone on hand, C lca f **? bk » 

' col. 1] 

And in pair ger mi coupe pai fand ; 
I resceyuid paim and warned noght, 
Of all pat eue?* pai me bi-soght, 4940 
Mete and drinck i gaf paim bath, 
And bad paim kepe pai??i ay fra skath, 
And sipe?? i praid godd al weldand, 
Lede paim sany into pair land, 4944 
And par-apon stale pus mi thing: — 
If 3e giue dome we sal paim hing." 
pan spac ruben pe eldeeri broder, 
Stille menand til pe toder, 4948 

'• Xou es come?? vr aide sake, 
Into wandred sin and wrake, 
pat i 30U said pis o]>r,r jjere, 
Bot pan my rede wild 3c noghl here, 
Of ioseph vr broder iele, L953 

wi<l wrong 3«- said liiiu for catelej 
10 qOttinoen 

Anoon were pei bounden harde 

And brou^te bifore pe stiwarde 

And pr/sound to pe pridde morn 

pat mo folke im^t pei com biforn 

pat while Ioseph sent pen 

To kepe her harneis of his men 

% pe pridde morn com???au??dide he 

A gederyng of pe lond 10 be 

Forp were brou3te pe brepe?*en ten 

Were pe?* neuer soriere men 

pei fel dou?i at Iosepes fete 

And Mercy sou^te wip reweful grete 

pe folke asked what pei shulde be 

peues quad 1 Ioseph of a cuntre ( l «c) 

pat is hen/zes fer as pei me tolde 

So is sene on her dedes bolde 

Whil I solde hem of my sede 

My coupe pei stale awey to lede 

Seriau??tis I sende soone on honde 

And in her gere my coupe pei fondo 

I serued hem & warned non^t 

Of al pat pei me bisou3t 

Mete & drynke I }af hem bopo 

And bad hem kepe hem ay fro lope 

Sipen I preyed god al wcldonde 

Lede hem sauely to her londc 

here vpon pei stale my ping 

If 30 3yue doom me?i shal hem hing 

IT pcn??e spake Ruben pe eldest broper 

Stille menyng to peso ope?-o 

Now is comen oure allcr sake 

Into woo synnc & wrake 

I seide 3011 so pis ojx /•<• jere 

je wolden nol my resourj l 

As of [osepb oure brojw Lele 

wip wronge je s < > 1 < 1 « • him for catele 


ESPH jii:ard it, and rose; in: MEANT liUT TO FRIGHTEN and THEN PITY Tl. 

Yeo said liim fan gain mi consent 
And fat find yee now in present ; 
Don yee liaue fe sin yce wale, 
Your repenting es now to late ; 4958 
For nour-quider mai we stere, 
bail will most we suffer here. 
Lauerd us helpe fat all has wroght, 
On of er helpe yeit hope i noght ! " 
He mened him f us, wit mwrnand cher, 
And wend ioseph it moght not here. 
" Alias ! " f ai said, " fat euer we ware 
Born, if we fus sal for-fare ! " 49 G 6 
IF Ioseph ras vte of his stede, 
To gains wend f ai fan hi ledd ; 
Bot ioseph hard far wanning care, 
And left al fat als noght ne ware. 
Bot first he wald f am mak agast 4971 
And sif en reu on f am atte last ; 
fan qnen he sagh fair murnand mane 
Til fat curt he spak onan : — 
" Godmen sittes a littel torn, [coi. 2] 
Ar fat yee giue ani dome." 4976 

" A word," he said, " es soth mai fall ; 
Al be it f ai he theues all, 
fat f ai war href er elleuen at ham, 
f ai neuend me f e yongcist nam ; 4980 
f is time will i do f am fat grace 
fat f ai f e yongeist bring in place, 
fat f ai lefte at f eir fader in, 
f e quilk f ai clepid beniamin ; 4984 
And fat to-quils f ijs of er ten, 
fat f ai giue to nam ruben, 
Duel in ostage her wit me, 
Til fat f e yongest comen be ; 4988 
f e term es fourti dais sette 
fat i o f am mi cuuftand gette, 


30 salde him fen agayne my co??sent 

and fat fmde we now in present. 

done 3c haue f e synne 30 wate 

and now repent hit ys to Lite 

for naure quidder may we stere. [^cki 29 ' 

f aire wille be-houis vs suffre here. 

lorde us help |?at alle has wro3t. 

als wisly as wrange ys on us bro3t. 

he mened him with mournande chere. 

and wende Ioseph nmjt no3t here. 

alias f ai saide atte euer we ware. 

borne if we fus sulde forfare. 

IT Ioseph ras vp of his stede 

to galghes wende f ai fen be lede 

Ioseph went forf wif-outen care. 

and laft ham fare als no^t ne ware 

bot first he walde ham make agaste 

and sif en rew ham atte laste. 

bot quen he saghe f aire m?^rnande mane 

til fat court he spak a-nane. 

IT Godemen sites a litel tome. 

or 3e of ham gife any dome. 

a worde he saide sone may falle. 

al be it f ai be theues alle. 

fai ar href er xj. atte hame. 

fai neyuent me 3ongest name, 

f is tim-e wil I. do ham fat grace 

atte fai f e 3ongest bringc in place 

atte fai laft atte f aire fader in. 

f e quilk fai calle beniamyn. 

and to quile an of per ten. 

atte fai gife to name ruben. 

dwelle in ostage here wif me. 

tille f e 3ongest co??zmyn be. 

f e terme ys xl. dayes to take. 

at I. ham in couenande make. 



3c salde him alle egain mi assent, 
And fat find $q nou in p?*esent; 4956 
Don 30 haue f e sine $e wate, 
30iir repentanse es conien oue?* late. 
Naquif er-war may we nil stire, 
fair will bihouis vs sutTre here. 49G0 
Lauerd, help ! fat all has wroght ! 
In ofer help ne traist i noght." 
He menid him f us wid murnand chore, 
And wend ioscpli miht it noght here. 
" Alias ! " f ai said, " fat euir we ware 
Lorn, if w r e sal f us for-farc." 49 6 G 

Ioseph ras vp fra his stede ; 
To galuus wend f ai fan be ledd. 
I3ot ioseph herd fair murni??g sare, 
And left f aim as noght ne ware ; 
First he wild faim make a-gast, 4971 
And sipen reu on fai^z at fe last. 
Quen he sau fair murnyng mane, [coi. 2] 
vnto f e court he spac on-ane : 
" Gode men, listines, all and sum, 
Ar fat 3e giue ani dome. 497G 

A word," he said, "es soth may fall ; 
All-f ou fat f ai be theues all 
fat fa war breder all ai liame, 
fai mengid me fe ^ongcst name; 4980 
Kou wil i do to faim fat grace, 
fat fai fe ; bring in place 

fat fai left at fair fad lis inc, 
fe quilk ea cald beniamin. 4984 

And toquilis wil i ane of fir ten, 
fat fai giue to name ruben, 
Duel] in hostage here wid me 
Til fat fe 3<< men to be, 

fe term ea fourl i dais -''tt, 
fat i of faim mi couenand gett. 

30 solde him out of myn assent 

f at fynde we now here present 

Done 30 haue fis synne in 3011 

30iire repentaimce late comef now 

Furf er may we not stere 

her wille mut we sutler here 

helpe lord f at al haf wrou3t 

In opci-e helpe me truste I nou^t 

he mened him f us W2t7*. mournyng chere 

And wende Ioseph lmjt hit not here 

Alias fei seide fat eucr we ware 

Born if we shul f us forfare 

Ioseph roos vp fro his stede 

To galwes fei wende he wolde hem lede 

Ioseph herde her mournyng sore 

And left hem as nou3t ne wore 

his wille was but to make hem gast 

And aftir rewe on he??i at f e last 

Whenrje he saw her mournyng mone 

To f e court he spake anone 

Listenef alle fat hidur bef come 

Ar 30 3yue here any dome 

A word he seide sof may fallc 

Al foi^e fei be feues alio 

when we fei were bref^r alle at home 

fei menged me f e 3ongcst nomo 

I wolde do to hem f'/t grace 

fat fei fe congest bringe in place 

\»d fei lafte at- her fadir In 

Whiche is called beniamin 

fe while wol I haue oon of ten 

fat fei jyue to nome ruben 

To dwelle in hostage here wif mo 

'I'il pat fe jongesl comen be 

I terme is fourty dayes . 

j : fei fis commaundemeni not let 

TRIM 1 v 


Bot bai me pan mi cuunand brrng, 
For soih fair ostage sal i hing ; 4992 
And if pai coucnand Laid i-wiss 
I sal for-giuc pam al pair miss, 
pus gate will i proue pam now." 4995 
" Sir," pai said, " godd yeild it yow, 
For if fat we haue lijf par-to 
Your cowzmamend al sal we do." 
pair leue pai laglit, and war ful blith, 
And hijd j)am par wai ful suitli. 5000 
Yr lauerd ledd pam in pair fare 
pat pai come to pair fader yaare. 
Ivist pair fader all als son 
And did pair fardels be vndon. 5004 
1T " Sais me," cotli iacob, " liow es pis, 
pat o mi childir an i misse 1 " 
" Sir, he es in egypt." " alas ! qui 1 " 
" For par vs tok pe bei baili, 5008 
To scap wit gisel war we fain." 
" And wat Lope yee, sal lie be slain % " 
"Nai sir," pai said, "godd it wit scliild, 
Him sal deliuer your yongeist child." 
" Wi how sal beniamin come pare 1 " 
" Sir, elles wil pai Ruben for-fare, 
Your eldest sun or hefd or hang." 
" And haue yee term?" "yaa,sir." "how 
"Fourti dais." "pan dred i Bare [ lan g^" 
Yee most yow hast on your fare." 
'Ne had pai soiurnd bot a stond, 5019 
Iacob pam said, " time es to fund ; 
Fottes me ruben biliue [leaf 29, col. 1] 
Or elles hald yee noght mi Hue ; 
Ledes wit yow beniamin, 5023 

Godd giue yow pedir will to wine." 
*f[ " Lauerd, mightful king," he said, 
" pat pa?*adis to man puruaid, 502G 


and bot pai me paire broper brii 

for sop paire ostage salle I. hinge. 

and if pai couenande halde I. wisse. 

I. for-gif ham al paire misse. 

pus-gates wil I. proue ham now. 

sir pai saide god ^ilde hit 30U. 

for if pat we han leue per-to. 

30ur comaundement sal we do. 

IT paire leue pai k^t and hyed squipe 

ware pai neuer so glad ne blipe 

our lorde ham led in paire fare 

til pai come to paire fader ^are. 

pai kiste paire fader als sone 

and dide paire fardels be vn-done 

IF say me saide Iacob how ys pis 

pat I an of my childer misse 

he ys in egipt alias for-quy. 

for us toke pe hey bailly. 

to telle him alle pai ware fayne. 

and quat hope ^e sal he be slayne. 

IT nay sir pai saide god hit shilde 

bot he wille haue 3our 3ongest childe 

quy how sulde beniamyn come pare 

sir ellis wilt pai ruben for-fare. 

3oure eldest sone aupe?- heued or hangs 

pe terme ys short and no3t lange. 

xl. dayes and na-ping mare. 

3e moste 30U haste on 30ur fare. 

11 ne had pai soiourned bot a stounde 

Iacob saide time ys to found e. 

ga focche me ruben and pat be-liue 

or ellis halde 3c no3t my liue. 

and take wip 30U beniamyn. 

god gif 30U wele pidder to wyn. 

11 Lorde mi^tfal king he saide. 

pat paradis to mon puruayde. 



Eot fai me fan mi couena?zd bring, 
For-soth fair hostage sal i hingj 4992 
And if fai couenand hald, i-wiss, 
I sal for-giue f aim all f i miss, 
fus-gat wil i proue faiin nou." 4995 
u Sir," fai said, " godd ^eild it 3011, 
For if fat 30 haue lijf par-to, 
3onr comandement sul $q do." 4998 
fair lene fai tok and war fill blith, 
And hied f aim in fair way ful suith. 
vr Lauerd ledd f aim in fair fare, 
fat Jjai com to far fader $are. 5002 
fai kist fair fade?' al sone, 
And did fair seckes be vndone. 
" Say me," quot iacob, "hou es fis, 
fat of mi childer an i miss 1 " 500G 
" Sir, lie es in egipt." " alias, qui 1 " 
u For far vs toke f e liei bayli, 
To schap wid gile were we fayn." ^JJ* jf 
" And quat hope 30 ? sal he be slain ? " 
u Nay; sir," fai said, "god wid schild, 
Him sal deliuere 30111' jongest child." 
" Qui, hou, sal beniamyn cum fare 1 " 
" Sir 3a, elles fai wil Ruben for-fare, 
3our eldest sun heued or hang." n all , r ?" 
"And haue 30 terme]" * 3a sir." " hu 
" Fourti dais j n M fan died i sare, 
30 must hast 30U on 30111" fare." 5018 
Ne had fai soiunrid but a stound, 
Iacob said, " time es to found, 
Fettis me hame ruben bliue, 
Or elles hald 30 noght mi liue. 5022 
Ledis wid 3011 beniamyn, 
God grauntt 30U graco difer to win. 
Lauerd] miht-ful king I ' ' he said, 
"fat paradia to man puruaid, 5026 

But f ei me f enne my couenau?zt briwge 

Elles her hostage shal I hynge 

And if f ei couenau»t holde I-wis 

I shal for-33'iie hem al f is mis 

And f us wol I hem preue now 

Sir f ei seide god 3elde 30W 

For if fat we haue lif f er to [leaf 32] 

30iire comwzau?? dement slml we do 

her leue fei toke & were blif e 

And hy^ed in her weyc swif 

Oure lord lad hem in her faro 

fei coom to her fadir 3are 

fei him cussed swif e soone 

And dude her sackes to be vndone 

Say mo quad Iacob how is f is 

fat of my childre oon I mis 

He is in egipte alias why 

For fere vs toke f e he3e baily 

To skape wif gile were we fayn 

what hope 3c shal he be slayn 

Xay fei seide god hit shildo 

him shal dclyuer 3oure 3ongest childo 

how shal beraiamin com faro 

Sir elles fei wol Ruben forfare 

30111'e eldest son to hede or hongo 

haue 30 terme he seide how longc 

Fourty dayes we drede 1 1 it sare 

30 most haste 3011 on ^ourc fare 

liadde fei soiourned but a stouftde 

1) seide tyilie is to foumle 

Fettef me home rubi n blyue 

O elles holde $e not my lyuo 

Ledef wif jou bemam) d 

( rod graunti j race |>ider to vrjn 

H Lord niv^i ful kyng be seido 

fat paradi j to mon purueide 

l ill s 


And taglit adam on lentb and wide, 
And cue pat wroght was on his side. 
On flod pou sauued noe here, 5029 
And ten^ted abraham pi dere 
Of his aim sun offrand to male, 
And he it wald do for pi sak, 
pat was mi fader ysaac, 
Til pat pe angel for him spak ; 5034 
And sauued me mi broker fra, 
Esau pat me wald sla ; 
Sau ue mi childir hale to me, 
And haue o ioseph saule pite ! " 5038 
pir childir, quen pai had to spend, 
pai did j)am on Jmir wai to wend ; 
Sua lang pai went forth on pair wai, 
fat in-til egypte son come pai. 5042 
pai soght and son pe stiward fand 
At a garner soiurnand, 
bar he liuerance made of corn, 5045 
pai hailsed him, kneland bi-forn. 
1F Quen ioseph can his brewer so 
Mikel ioi in hert had he, 5048 

And Euben, pat for Jam was numme??, 
Thancked godd quen pai war commew. 1 
Ioseph beheild pan beniamin, 
Him stird al his blod wit-in ; 5052 
For quen pe tan pe toper sei 
Na wight moght pair blodes lei ; 
He hint him in his amies pare 5055 
And kyst him, fourti sithes and mare, 
And gret on him fid tendirli, 
And pan on bink he sitt him bi. 5058 
"How fars," he said, "our fadir state?" 
" ]\Ii fader," coth he, "fars well, i watte, 
Knauing of yours haue i nan." 
" 1'arfai ! hue broper, al es an. 50G2 
COTTON [iMS.comuinen] 

and gaf hit adam of lenght "nd wide. 

and cue pat wro^t was of his side. 

of node pou saued noe fere 

and tempted abraham pat was pe dere 

of his sone off'erande to make. 

and he hit walde do for pi sake. 

he was my fader ysaac. 

til pe angel to him spac. 

and saued me my broper fra. 

esau pat me walde sla. 

saue my childer hale to me. 

and of Ioseph saule haue pite 

IT per childer quen pai had to spende 

pai toke paire way for to wende 

sa lange pai went a-pon paire way 

atte in-til egipte sone come pai. 

pai so3t and sone pe stiwarde fande 

atte a grange place soiournande. 

he made del[i]ueraunce per of come 

pai hailsed him knelande him be-forne 

quen Ioseph con his breper se. 

mykil ioy in hert had he 

and ruben pat for ham was no??imyn 

ponked god atte pai ware comniyn 

H Ioseph be-helde beniamyn. 

pen stired al his blode wip-in. 

quen he saghe ham alle p-ere 

na langer mu3t he for-bere. 

^[ he bent ham in his armes fare, [leaf so] 

and kissed ham wijvouten mare. 

and grotto on ham fill tenderly 

and on benke sete ham by. 

how fares he saide our fader state. 

our fader fares wele we wate. 

knaulago of ^oures haue we nane 

parfai leue brefer alio ys ane. 



And bitaght adain lenthe and wide, 

And eue pat wroght was of his side ; 

On node fu sauedd noe here, 5029 

And te???pt abraham f i dere 

Of his a sun offrand to make, 

And he it wild do for godes sake, — 

pat was my fade?* isaac, — 5033 

Till fat f e angel for him spac ; 

And sauid me mi brof er fra, 

Esau fat wilde me sla, 

Saue mi childer hal to me, 5037 

And haue of ioseph saule pite." 

pir childe?- tok wid f aim to spend, 

fai buskid paim in fair way to wend, 

So lang f ai went apon fair way, 

pat into egipt sone com fai. 5042 

f ai soght and sone f e steuard fand, 

At a gerner him standand,. 

far he liue?'ansc made of corn, [col. 2] 

fai grett him all on knes biforn. 5046 

Quen ioseph gan his breder se, 

Mekil ioy in hert had he, 

And ruben fat for him was nomin, 

Had mekil ioy que??, fai war comi??. 

Him sterid all his bodi wid-inc, 5052 

Ioseph biheld fan beniamyn, 5051 

For quen f c tan f e toper sy, 

No-gates niiht fair bodijs ly, 

He hcnt him in his arm is fare, 5055 

And kised him sexti sith or mar; 

And grett on him fid tenderly, 

And sife?? on binck he sett hi/?? by. 

"Hon feria," he aaid, « vr fadris stat 1" 

u Mi fadii fans wele, Bir, i wat. 50G0 

Knaolage of £ourea haue i nan." 

" I'arSiy. brod< r, and all <■ | an." 

And adani tai^te f e?'e to abyde 

with eue fat wroi^te was of his syde 

Fro flood f ou sauedest noe here 

And Abraham temptidest to f e dere 

Of his o son ofFryng to make 

And he hit grauntid for f i sake 

fat was my fadir Isaac 

Til f e aungel for him spak 

And sauedest me my brof er fro 

Esau fat wolde me lord slo 

Saue my childre hool to me 

And haue of Ioscphes soule pite 

1T f esc childre toke wif hem to spende 

And redied hem forf to wende 

So longe f ei went in her wey 

Into egipte soone coom fey 

f ei sou^te & soone f e stiwarde fond 

At a gerner him stondond 

fere he lyuerey made of corn 

f ei grette him allc on kne biforn 

\Yhen??e gan his brefe?*en se 

Much el ioye in hertc hadde he 

Ruben pat for him was nomen 

had muchel ioye whcn??e he was comcn 

Muchel ioye was Ioseph wifinwe 

he bihelde fenne beniamynne 

For when??e f e ton f e tof e?' se^o 

ISTo longer my^te f ei nouf cr dre3o 

But bent hem in armcs fore 

And cussed sixty sife & more 

ph wepte ful tenderly 
And Bijj "ii benche set hi/// hi/// by 
how faref he seide oure fadii fre 
Mi fadii sir faref wel seide he 
knowy: aivs haue I noon 

M.if.iy brojx /• and al is oon 

i I , I M T V 


Knaus J?ou me noghtf" "sir," lie said, 
I sagh yow neuer bi-for pis dai, L nai > 
We are noglit of a kyth j" Jmssaidhe — 
" pe soth now sal i seen to pe — 50GG 
1 IF First wald )>ai me lia slan, ph ten, 
Sij?en me said til vncutlmien, E 1 col. 2] 
And al was for i tald a drem 50 09 
J?at cummen es now to godd, i tern. 
I hatt ioseph, your broker am i." 
}>ai fell in suijm and cried "merci ! " 
For j?an wend J?ai, wit-onten wene, 
Jm snld be hanged al be-dene. 5074 
Bot iosepli comfortli £an pere chere, 
And wepand said, "mi brewer dere, 
Your plight i liaue for-giuen yow, 
And mine i prai for-giue yee now ; 
For-giues me )>at i did yow tak 5079 
And bunden be, wit-outen sak ; 
pe cupe i did in to your seckes, 
And gert men tak yow be pe neckes, 
And scent yow alle in mans sight ; 
AYel am i knaun of al mi plight, 5084 
Mi wret es me now al wit gan, 
To me i prai yow yee haue nan ; 
Bot buskus yow suith bun to ga 
For i will al-gat hit be sua ; 5088 

Mas your gere al redi tift, 
Your seckes sal i til o gift ; 
To fotte mi fader sal yee fund, 5091 
And sais him i am hale and sund ; 
For yeit ha we tofore 2 at bide 
Fiue yeir o Jus hunger tide, [ 2 ms. fofore] 
J?at sal bath mani man and wijf, 
Ar it be endid, bring o J)air lijf ; 509 G 
Bes noglit rad bot mas godd chere, 
For your helc drightin sent me here ; 


knawes Jjou me beiiiamyn he said' nay. 
I saghe pe neuer be-for pis day. 
Ave ar no^t of a kithe saide he. 
}us pat salle I shew to pe. 
pui walde haue slayne me per ten. 
bot ])ai me salde to vncoujje men. 
and alle was for I talde a dreme. 
atte comnryn ys now to god I teme. 
I hatte Ioseph 30urc broker am I. 
]?ai felle in squowin and cried mercy. 
for pen J?ai wende wi)>-outen wene 
to be hanged alle be-dene. 
U bot Ioseph confort ham of chere 
and wepped and saide my breper dere 
30UT gilt I. for-gif hit 30U. 
and al-so I. pray 30U now. 
for-gif me J?at I. made 30U take 
and bande 3011 wijj-outen sake. 
pe coupe I. dide in-to 3our sekkes. 
and gert men take 30U bi pe nekkis. 
and shent 30U in mannis si^t 
wele am I. knawen of J?at vn-ri3t. 
my wra]> ys alle fra 30W gane. 
I. pray, to me hate 3e haue nane 
bot buske 30U squire, and bou?i to ga 
I. wille algate atte hit be sa. 
^T make 3011 redy wi]?-oute mare 
and dose 30U hame wijj-out care. 
To focche my fader. $q sal founde. 
and say I. am baj? hale and- sounde. 
for 3ette we haue be-fore to bide 
v. 3ere of Jis hungre tide 
fat salle mony mon and wife 
or hit be ended bringc of life, 
bes no3t ferde bot makis gode chere 
our lorde of heyuen sonde me here 



" Knauest f u me ] " " sir," he said, 

I sau 3011 neue?' bifor f is day. L ' na ^ > 

we er noght sibb." fis said he, 5065 

" f e soth fan sal i scheu to f e. 

First wald fai me haue slayn, fir ten, 

And sipen me said to vncuth men, 

And all was for i tald a drem 50G9 

fat corner es nou to gode, i tern ; 

I hat ioseph, 3m' brofer am i." 

J»ai fel in suoune and crid " merci ! " 

fan fai wend widuten wene 5073 

fai suld be hangid all bidene. 

Bot ioseph co?rfort f aim far chere, 

And wepand said, " my breder dere, 

30U1* gilt i haue forgiuen 30U, 5077 

For-gif me myn, i prai 30U nou, 

For-giue me dat i did 30U take, 

And bunden be widuten sake. 5080 

fe coupe into 3 our seek put i, J? e 1 a ji G,bk ' 

And presuned 30U ful spitusli, 

And schent you sipen in menes silit ; 

I am a-knau i did vnriht. 5084 

Mi wreche es me nou al ouer-gan, 

To me i pray 3011 $e haue nan, 

Bot rape 3011 suith bone to ga, 

For i wil algate it be sua. 50S8 

Mas jour ger alredi tift, 

ymr seckes sal i fille gift, 

To fete my fadii sul 3e fou^dc, 5091 

And Baia him i am hale and sound. 

Fot jeil haue we bi-fore to bide, 

Fin*' jere of fis hungery tydc, 

fat sal mini man and wiif 

At it be endid for-beT fail lijf. 509G 

QOglit dred, bot mas god chere, 
For jour hele god b< at me here. 

knowes f ou not me he seide nay 

I sawe 3011 neuer bifore f is day 

AVe are not sibbe sir seide he 

3US he seide I telle to fe 

Furst wolde f ei ha slayn me f es ten 

Sif me f oi solden to vncouf e men 

Al was for I tolde a dreme 

fat now is comen to good teme 

I hatt Ioseph 30ure brof er am I 

f ei fel in swoum & cryed mercy 

po p ei w r ende wif oute?i wene 

To haue ben honged al bidene 

But Ioseph coumfortid her chere 

And wepyng seide bref cren dere 

30111'e gult I haue fo^yuen 30W [if 32, bkj 

Foi'3yue me myn I preye 30U now 

For3yue me fat I dud 30U take 

In to bondes wif outen sake 

f e coupe in to 30ure secke put I 

And pursewed 3011 dispitously 

And shamed 30U in memies si3t 

I am a-knowe I dud vm^t 

Mi wraf f e is clene fro me goon 

To me I preye 30U 3c haue noon 

Bi hy3e 3011 swif e boom to go 

I wol algate hit be so 

Ma kef 3oure gere redy to drift 

3oure sackes shal I fille of jift 

To fette my fadir sliul 30 foimdo 

Seif him I am hool & soumle 

For jitt haue we to com & bide 

Fyue 3eer of pis hongry tide 

fat make shal mony 111 on & wyf 

Ar fei be done lese her lyf 

Bi-f lmt ferde but makef good chere 

For jouro hele god Bende me here 



Koght wit your rede, bot godds saand, 
Was i Jms sent in-to Jus land; 5100 
Als pharaon fader he has me made, 
And lauerd of all his landes brade." 
1T " Sir, blithli for all your bidding, 
Agh be til vs als comanding, 5104 
Als suith als we mai be graid 
We sal far forth, als yee ha said ; 
fat w r e haue misdon we will knau, 
For-giue it vs, lauerd, fra fis dau, 
Sin godd wald sua sli cas suld fall." 
He said, " i haue for-giuen it all." 
" To fi fader, sir, now we sale 5111 
Tel him f «t f on ert sund and hale ; 
He sorus ai for fin sake, [if 29, bk, coi. 1] 
His soruing sal fis tiding slake ; 
ISTe we sal mak na lang duelling 
Bituixand we him to fe bring." 5116 
" Tas Euben fan wit yow," he fen, 
" And leues me beniamin eme]?en." 
Wit pall he cled f am of affrik, 
And als he gaue fam giftes rik. 5120 
He kist Jam all in signe saght, 
And sif en to godd he fam bi-taght ; 
And }jan he went vntil his in 
Wit his broker yong beniamin. 5124 
O pall on him he did clething, 
And on his hand sette riche ring.' 
IF fir brewer helid ai forth fair wai 
fat to fair fader ful suith come fai ; 
Siluer and gold fai wit fam ledd 5129 
And clething als, for bak and bede ; 
For-geten ha fai all fere care 
Jjat Jjam was don thoru ioseph are ; 
fai com ham noght als pr/suns like, 
Lot als fai war knigthes rik ; 5134 


no3t f orou 30m 1 rede bot goddis sa^de 
was I. sende first in-to fis lande. 
als faraon fader he has me made 
and lorde ouer alle per landes brade. 
IT Sir blef ely atte ^our bidding*. 
we salle fulfille 30ur comandinge. 
als squire we may be grayde. 
-we salle fare for)) as 3 c saide. 
bat we haue misdone we wil hit knaw 
for-gif hit vs for goddes awe. 
Syn god walde suche case sulde falle 
he saide I haue for-geuen 30U alle. 
IF To f i fader sir fayne we sale. 
tel him 3c ar sounde and hale, 
he sorowes euer for f i sake, 
now has he mate?' for to slake. 
salle we make na lange dwellings 
bi-twix and we him to f e bringe. 
take ruben and wendes ane and of e?\ 
and leue me beniamyn my broker, 
wif palle he cled ham of affrike 
and sif en he gaf ham giftes rike. 
he kiste ham alle in signe of sa3t. 
and sif en to god he ham be-ta3t. 
and sif en he went him to his in. 
wif his broker 3onge beniamyn. 
of palle of him he dide clef inge. 
and on his hande sette riche ringe. 
*![ f es brewer helde ay forf faire way. 
til faire fader ri^t come fay. 
siluer and go[l]de I.-noghe fai lede 
and claf es I.-noghe for bak and bede. 
for-getyn fai haue al faire care, 
atte ham was done f orou Ioseph are. 
fai come no3t hame as p?isones like 
bot as fai ware knijtes rike. 



!Noght 3 our rede but godes sand, 

Was i fuS Sent into fis land, [ l read brade] 

As Pharao fadir has me made, 5101 
And lord ouer-all his landes barde 1 ." 
" Sir, gladli all ^oure biddyng 
Sal be til vs as comanding, 
Als suith as we mai be graith, 5105 
we sal do as $e haue said, 
fat we haue done miss we repent ay, 
For-giue it vs, lauerd, we 3011 pray, 
Sifen god wild suilk cas said fall." 
He said, "i haue for-giue?? 30U all. 
Til 3our fader nou 30 sal, 5111 

And tel him 30 er sound and hal, 
lie mas soru ay for 30111' sake, 
jus tyding his soru slake." 
" We sal make na lang duelling, 5115 
Bi-tuix and we him to 3011 bring." 
" Takis ruben ham wid 3011 [coi. 2] 

And leuis wid me beniamin nu." 
He clad him wid pall of affrick, 
And sifen gaf him giftes riche ; 5120 
He keist faim all, in eigne of saght, 
And sifc?i to godd he faim bi-tagh[t]. 
And efter 3ede ham till his in, 
wid his Jong broder beniamyn ; 5124 
Of pall he did on him clathing, 
An 1 on his handis sett riche ring. 
pir breder jede forth far way, 5127 
And to fail fadir sone com J>ai, 
Sillier and gold fai wid faim ledd, 
And clathing bath foi bac and bedd. 

in haue fai all fat care 5131 
faim wa ! don thorn [oseph fare, 
fai com ham noghl preeunea lick, 
Bot as fai ware knihtea rii 5131 


Xot 3oure reede but goddes sonde 
was I sende in to f is londe 
For pharao kyng haf made me 
lord of al f is londe so fre 
IT Sir gladly at 30ure biddyng 
Shal hit be to vs a com»iau?zdyng 
Als soone as we may be purucide 
we wol do as $q haue seide 
Oure mis dede we repente ay 
Foi^yue vs lord we 30U pray 
Sif god woldo suche caas shuldc falle 
he seide I haue foi^yuen 30U alio 
To 3oure fadir now l^e 30 
And telle him fat 3e sou?zde be 
he makef deol for 3 oure sake 
f is tif ing shal his sorwe slake 
we shul f ei seide make no dwelling 
Til fat we him to 3011 bring 
Takef ruben hoome wif 30W 
And leuef me be?ziamyn now 
he clad him wif pal of affrik here 
And sifen }af hem jiftis riche & dero 
he cussed hem alle in token of saujt 
And sifen to god hem bitau^t 
f civie 3ede he hoom to his In 
wif his 3onge brofcr beniamin 
he dud on him pal clof ing 
And on his bond sett riche ring 
f ese brcf cr 3odc forf her way 
To her fadir soone coom fay 
Silucr & golde fci wif hem ledde 
And clofing als fir backe cV: bedde 
Forjeten haue fci al fat care 
fai [oseph had done hem fare 
hoome fci coom not prisoners liche 
But as pi i v,. re kny^tis ii<-he 


Cled fai war wit riclic wede, 

fair camels charged all wit sede. 513G 

bair fader Lai vnfer in bedd, 

fat he ne nioght stir wel o f e stedd ; 

Son far come a messager, 

fat spak al still in his er — 5140 

" Sir," he said, "hcrken god tifand, 

f i suns er knigthes her at hand." 

" foil lighes now, eber pantener ! 

Ne er J?ai noglit o fat mister." 5144 

" Sir, he fe faith i haue to yow, 

f us er f ai knightes, als i tru ; 

For f ai ar cled in riche pall, 

And gifs fair giftes ouerall, 5148 

Siluer and gold haf f ai plente." 

" Sais f ou soth ? " " yaa, sa mot i the, 

And if fat fou noght traues me, 5151 

Rise up and come f i-self and se." 

" I mai noght rise, i am sam-hale."" 

Ynnethes has he tald his tale, 5154 

Que?* fai come all wit in a rutte, 1 

And hailsand for wit him fai lute. 

" Sir," fai said, " to f e we bring P £««* 

Fra fi suns tuin greting, 5158 

fat es fra beniamin our brof er, [eoi. 2] 

And fra ioseph f i sun fat tof er." 

IT Quen iacob, fat in bedd was worai, 

Herd fam neuen ioseph his sun, 5162 

fan bigan his ert to light 

And in his bedd can sitt vp-right, 

His heued it was all bar for eild ; 

Apon his suns he fan be-heild, 5166 

And sagh fam cled in pall sa rike. 

" Sais me fan, wit-outen suike, 

Qucit ar yee mas minniwg now 

O ioseph, mi sun, bituix yow? 5170 


cledde fai ware wif riche wede 

f aire camels charged alle wif sede. 

f aire fader lay vnfere in bed. 

fat he ne mi^t stire of fat stede. 

5T Sone f er come a messager. 

and spac alle stilly in his ere. 

sir he saide here gode tif ande 

f i sones ar kiri^tes here at hande. 

fou lyes he saide foule pantener 

ne ar fai no3t of fat mister. 

sir bi f e faythe I. aghe to 30U, 

fai ar knLjttes as I. trow. 

for fai ar clad in riche palle 

and giftes fai gyuen ouer-alle. % 

siluer and golde fai han plente. 

sayst fou sof i $q saide he. 

and if atte fou trawes no3t me. [if 30, t>k] 

rise vp f i-self and fou may se. 

I may no3t rise I am no3t hale. 

vnnef e had he talde fat tale. 

when fai come in al wif a route 

and to faire fader fai con loute. 

sir fai saide to 30U we bringe. 

fra f i sones twyn gretinge. 

fat ys fra beniamin our brof er. 

and fra Ioseph fat ys f e tof er. 

IF quen Iacob fat in bed con wone. 

herde ham neyuen Ioseph his sone. 

fen be-gan his hert to h^t 

and in his bedde he sette vp-ri3t. 

his heued hit was al bare for elde 

a-pon his sones he fan be-helde 

and saghe ham cled in palle sa rike. 

say me he saide wif -outen squike 

quy make 30 suche menyng now. 

of Ioseph my sone bi-twix 30U. 



Clad bai ware wid riche wede, 

fail camayles charged all wid scdc. 
fair fader lay vnfere in bedd, 5137 
He miht noglit stir him of bat stcd ; 
per cam to him a messager, 
And tald him softli in his ere, 5140 
" Sir," he said, " here gode tydand, 
bi sonis er knithes here at hand." 
" bu lies," he said, " bi godd sua dere, 
bai er na knightes, ne knightes pere." 
" Sir, bi be faith i aw to 30U, 5145 
bai er knithes, als i trou, 
For bai er clad in riche pall, 
And giue riche giftes ouerall. 5148 
Siluir and gold bai haue plente." 
"Sais bu BOthl" " 3a, sua mote i the, 
And if bat bu noght trous me, 5151 
Eis vp and cu??i bi-selue nou to se ! " 
1" I may noght rise, i am sua lame ; " 
And wid bat word bai com al hame, 
In at be dor, apon a route, P if 87, col. 1] 
Haylisand bair fadir gan bai loute. 
" Sir," bai said, " we bring tyding, 
Fra bi sonis tuynnc g[r]eting, 
bat es, fra beniamyn vr broder, 5159 
And fra ioseph, bat cs be toder." 2 
Quen iacob, bat in bed was won, 
Herd bairn neuen ioseph his sun, 
ban bigan his hcrt to liht, torder] 

And in his bed to sitt vp-right. 5164 
Hishefd was all bar for elde, 
Apon his sonis he ban bihelde, 
And sau bairn clad in pal sua riche ; 
" Seya me ban, widuten suiche, 51G8 
Quat er 30 make meniflg nou 
Of ioseph, mi sone, be-tuix 30U? 


Clad bei were wib riche wede 
her camailes charged alle wib sede 
her fadir lay vnhol in bedde 
he mi3te not sture of bat stedde 
To him coom a messangere 
And tolde him sobely in his ere 
Sir he seide here good tibinge 
bi sones are kny3tis here comynge 
bou lyest he seide bi god so dere 
Ar bei no kny3tis ny kny3tis fere 
Sir bi be feib I owe to 30W 
bei are kny3tis as I trow 
For bei are clad in riche pal 
And riche 3iftis 3yucn ouer al 
Siluer & golde bei haue plento 
Seistou sob he seide sir $q 
If bou trowe not my tale 
Rise vp & se bi seluen shale 
I may not rise he seide for lame 
Avib bat word bei coom alle hame 
In at be dor vp on a route 
heilsynge her fadir for to loute 
Sir bei seide tibingis hero P»f«J 

Fro bi tweyne sones dere 
Oon fro be??iamyn oure brob' f 
And fro Ioseph is be tober 
when?ie iacob in bed bat lay 
herde Ioseph named bat day 
A 11 oon his herte bigon to li3t 
And in his bed sat he vpri$t 
his heed was al bare for elde 
Vpon his sones he ben?*e bihelde 
And say hem clad in riche pal 
Scib me he seide now 30 shal 
what makej) jon to mene now 
Of my son Ioseph bitwise )OW 



Thriti ycrc es sij>en gain, 5171 

Sin lie wit wild beistes was slain ; 
Yir gab and, certes, yoo ha sin 
fat yec mak of him ani niin." 5171 
H "Fader," f ai said, "mis-tru vs noglit, 
fat we f e now lia gabbing broglit, 
For ioseph hale and sond left wee." 
" Lauerd ! qua i sal him eue?* se 1 ** 
u Certes, sir, ya, godd mai wel giue." 
u I wald," he said, " na lenger liue." 
u Yec sal ha lijf lange?* fen f ider." 
" Quat ! ha yee broglit him wit yow 
hidert" 5182 

" Nai, sir, bot sal yee til him fare, 
He has sent efter yow his chare ; 
We sal yow mak f ar-in a bedd, 
In-til egypte yee sal be ledd. 518G 
fen wex iacob fulselcnth fain, 
His gast bigan to quiken egain ; 
" Gis me mi clathes," fan he said, 
" And hastelik fat we be graid." r (Tantr 
"Dos childir/'hesaid, "and graid your 
For in-till egypt thine me now lang." 
Israel wit fis vplepp 5193 

fat moglit noght forwit strid a step, 
Wit-outen asking help of sun, 
f at quak wit ilk [a] lim was won. 
fat first for eild moglit noght spek 
To bidd hast now es nan sa frek,5198 
Cries o f am als yong man were, 
fan said Euben, " leue fader dere, 
I red fee stedfastliker ga." 5201 

" And quat art f ou me beddes sua 1 " 
" Euben f i sun." " and quat tij?[i]ng 
Es o ioseph, and na lesing V 1 520-4 


xxx. ^ere ys comyn fulle gayne 
syn he wij wild bestes was slayne. 
30 gab and certes 30 haue grete syn. 
fat 3c of hi 111 make any my 11. 
IT Fader f ai saide mistraw vs no3t. 
fat we sulde haue 30U gabbinge bro^t 
For Ioseph hale and sounde left we 
lorde qwefer I. him cuer sal se. 
ce?'tes sir 3a i god may wele giue. 
bot I ne kepped na langcr atte liue. 
3e sal haue life lange?' fen f idder 
quat haue $e bro3t him "with 3011 bidder 

nay sir bot 3e salle to him fare, 
he has sende ofter 30U his chare, 
we salle 30U make fer-in a bedde 
vn-tille egipte 3 c salle be led. 
If fen wex Iacob selcouf e fayne 
his hert be-gan to quik agayne 
giues me my claf es fan he saide 
and hastely atte we be grayde. 
haue done be-liue graif e our ga?*g 
In-til egipte me fink lange. 
Israel wif f is vp he lep 
and mi3t no3t be-fore stride a step, 
wif -outen any help of sone 
fat quake ilka lime was wone. 
fat first for elde nn^t no3t speke. 
and now to haste ys nane sa freke. 
lie cries on ham as yongemon were 
fen saide ruben leue fader dere. 
I rede 30 stedefastely ga. 
qua art f ou atte biddis me squa. 
Euben f i sone '. and quat tif inge. 
ys of Ioseph and na lesinge. 


Jacob's spirit revived • he asks for his clothing and leapt up — 303 
he who could not stir without help. he shouted and was in haste to go. 

Thritti $eie es it sipe;i so gan, 5171 
Sipe?i he wid wilde bestes was slan. 
3e gabb, a?id certis $e do gret sin, 
pat 3e of him make ani mine." 5174 
"Fadir," pai said, "mistrou vs noglit 
pat we pe haue na gabing broght, 
For ioseph hale a?zd sound left w T e." 
"Lauerd, quar-eue?- i sal liim sc :" 5178 
" Certis sir, 3a, god may wele geue." 
u I wild," he said, " na langcr Hue." 
"3e sal haue lijf langer pan dider." 
" Quat ! haue 3c broght him wid 3n 
hider?" 5182 

" Xay, sir, bot 30 sal to him fare, 
He has sent efter 3011 his chare, 
w r e sal 30U make par-in a bedd, 
In to egipt sul 3e be ledd." 5186 

pan w T ex iacob ferly fain, 
His bodi bigan to quick again. 
u Gif me mi clathes," pan said lie, [coi.2] 
' ; And hastily pat we graithed be, 
Childer," he said, "lat vs gang, 5191 
For in-to egipt thine me king." 
Israel wid pis vp lep, 
pat bi-for miht noght strid a step' 
widuten asking ani help of son, 5195 
pat quake wid ilk a lini 1 was won. 
pat first for eld miht noght wel spec, 
To hast his son is wald he reke, 5198 
He cries on paim as 3<>ng maw were; 
pan said ruben, "leue fadir derc, 
I rede stedfastlycr ga." 5201 

"And quit art pu, fat biddes me sua?" 
u Rubeo jodi sun." "and quat thing, 
E of Io ph ? and ao Lesing." 520 I 

GOTTIN' L 1 MS. linj 

pritty 3eer hit is agone 
Sip he of beestis wilde was slone 
3c gabbe & also done greet synne 
Of him to me for to mynne 
Fadir pei seide mis trowe 110113 1 
pat we any gabbynge haue brou3t 
For ioseph hool & sou»de lafte we 
lorde he seide I wolde him se 
Certis pei seide pat may god 3yue 
I wolde he seide no longer lyue 
3e shul haue lif longer pen pider 
haue 3e brou^te him wip 30U hidei 

Nay sir but 30 mot to him fare 

he hap sent aftir pe his chare 

we shul 30U make perynne abed 

In to egipte 3c shul be led 

po wex iacob swipe fay 11 

his body bigon to quykc a^ayn 

3yue me my elopes pcn??.e seide he 

hastily pat we rcdy be 

Childer he seide go we stronge 

Into egipte pinke me longe 

Israel wip pis vp leep 

pat my3te bifore stire no step 

"Wipoutoi helpo of any son 

pat quake wttJi vche a lymmc was won 

110 gap in Trin. iy Laud MSS.~\ 
Iacob hi3cd as he jong were 
penwe seide ruben fadir d< 
I rede studfastliere pou 
what art pou pat biddesl so 
Ruben joure boo A what ping 
Is of Coseph wipouteD Lesing 



"Of egypti sir, pat iiche land, [if :;o, coi. i] 
Es lie liuand and maister weldand." 
" How sua, es par na noper king?" 
" Yus, bot he dus nakins thing; 5208 
pe ward he has o )>at kingrike, 
And demes bath pour and rike, 
And deles pe corn o pat cuntre, 
J) is es pe soth, yee mai tru me." 5212 
IT Israel an offrand suith 
Made, als pai war won pat sith ; 
Drightin him come in awision 
And said to iacob his reson — 5216 
" Iacob, iacob, i am drightin, 
pi fader godd and alsua pin ; 

I am al-mighti, tbar pe noght dred, 
Weind til egypte amang pat lede ; 
For i mi-self sal pe pider lede 5221 
And mani men ger o pe spred ; 

And i pe sai pou sal per dei, 

Ioseph pi sun sal luke pi nei." 5224 

II pan was iacob busked yare. 
Wit al pe gynge pat wit him ware, 
His suns all and pair flitting, 5227 
Wit wijf and barn and oper thing ; 
In weynis war pai don to lede, 

pat ioseph wit fill of sede : ; V- ms. side] 
His fernet pat him folud pider, 
Qwen pai war gedir al to-gedir, 5232 
Sex and sexti sum o Hues 
pai war, wit-outen suns wijfes. 
And ioseph had pan suns tuin, 
Manassen and effraim, 5236 

pat in egipte his wijf him bare, 
pe quilk pe king had gin him par. 
Q^en iacob neghed egypte ncre 
lie sent iudas his messager, 5240 


of egipte sir pat riche lande 

ys he maister and alle weldande. 

how squaf ys per nane oper king''. 

311s f bot he no dos nankin pinge. 

pe w r arde he has of pat kingerike 

and demys per bap pore and rike. 

and deles pe corne of pat cuntree. 

pis ys pe sop I. telle hit pe. 

1T Israel made an offerande squypo 

as pai dide oft sipe. 

Our lorde come in his visioun. 

and saide to Iacob his resoun. 

Iacob Iacob I am di^ttyn. 

pi faders god and al-so pine. 

I am al-mi3tti thai* pe no3t drede 

w r ende to egipte a-monge pat lede 

for I. me-self sal pidder pe lede 

mony a mon of pe salle sprede. 

and for pou salle pare dey. 

Ioseph pi sone salle loke pine eye 

pen was Iacob busked yare 

wip alle pe folk pat wip him ware. 

his sones alle w r ip paire flittinge 

wip wife and childe and oper pinge. 

In waynes ware pai done to lede 

pat Ioseph sende ham wip sede. 

his famed atte folowed him pidder 

quen pai ware sa??imed al to-gidder 

ware sex and sexti sum of Hues 

alle w r ip-outen his sone wyues. 

and Ioseph had him sonys twin. 

manassen and effraim. 

pat in egipte his wife ham bare. 

pe quilk pe kinge had gyuyn him pare 

IT quen Iacob come egipte nere. 

he sende Iudam his mcssagere 



" Of egipt, sir, Jat riche land, 5205 
Es he mayster and al weldand." 
"Hou sua, es Jar nan ojr.r king?" 
"3 es , hot he tentis to na maner thing, 
Je ward he has of Jat king-riche,5209 
And denies bath Je poiw and riche. 
He delis wid Je corn of pat contre, 
J?is es pe soth, trou $e me." 5212 

Israel made an offrand suyth, 
As Jai war wont in pat sith. 
God cam to him in vision, 
And said to iacob his resun, 5216 

" Iacob, iacob, listen vnto me ; 
wid pi fadir i was, as i am wid Je, 
Al-mihti god thar p e noght drede, 
wend til egipt emang Jat lede, 5220 
For i my self sal Je Jar lede, 
And many a ma?? gar of Jo sprede. 
And Jar for-soth sal Ju die, 
Ioseph Ji sone sal loke Jin eye." 5224 
pan was iacob buskid 3are, C] *J, f 1 :l Ji b,r * 
wid all men pat wid him ware ; 
His sonis all wid fair flittyng, 5227 
wid wijf and barn and oper thing, 
In waynis war Jai put to lede, 
Jat ioseph sent Jaim ful of sede. 
His mcyne Jat him folud dijer, 
Quen Jai war gadrid al to-gid< .■•. ~r2'M 
Sex and sexti soum o lyuis 
Jai were, widuten sonis wijfesj 
And ioseph had him sonis tuin, 
Manassem and enraim, 5236 

Jat in egipt his wijf him bare, 
Jat Jc king had g< tin him Jar. 
' ii iacob cam egipt i. 
\\ ■ >''nt [udam bis mee ager, 


Of egipte sire Jat riche londe 
he is maistir al weldonde 
how so is Je?*e noon oper kyng 
311s sir but he tentej no Jing 
Je warde he ha J of Jat kyngriche 
Pore & riche to deme I liche 
he delej Je corn of Jat cuntre 
Jis is Je soje leue 30 me 

"srael mad oon offringe swij3 
As Jei were wont in Jat sije 
M God coom to him in a visioun 
And seide to Iacob his resou?i 
Iacob he seide listen to me 
wij Ji fadir I was & I am wij Je 

. . no gap in Trin. § Laud MSS.] 
wende to egipte among Jat lede 
For I my self shal Je pero, fede 

. . no gap in Trin. § Laud MSS.] 
And perQ forsoje shal }->ou dreje 
Ioseph Ji son shal louke Jin 03c 
Jen??e was Iacob redy jare 
wij his mcyne redy to fare 
his soncs alle & her flittyng 
wyf & childe & oprre J ing 
In weynes were Jei put to lede 
Jat Ioseph sent hem ful of sede 
his mcyne Jat him folewed Jidei 
whenae Jei were gedered alle to gider 
Six & sixti Komwc on lyucs 
J( i were wijouton sones wyues 
Ami Ioseph hadde soncs twyn 
Manassen and eftraym 
Jo in egipte his wif hiwi bare 
whiche Jc kyng ha 1 j eten hi?n Jare 
whence iacob c nere 

he sende [udam hi angcre 



To tell iacob duramen was in land, 

And ioseph far-of t if and. 

IT Ioseph of his fader herd, 

Wit his curt gain him he ferd ; 5244 

Qucn fai had kist a mile or mare, 

His Missing gaue he him right fare. 

Qucn ioseph wit his fader mett 

Tendirli wit ei he grett, 5248 

fai grett for gladnes, als i tru ; 

Iacob fan said to ioseph, " now 

ded wil i me neuer men, [coi. 2] 

Sin i fe face, leue 1 sun, ha Bene." 

Bot scortli, for f e soth to sai, 5253 

Qua-sum had ben on stad fat dai 

And had fat suet meting sene, 

f of he tkre dais had fastand bene, 

mete and drinc, wit min entent, 

1 hope he suld haue na talent. 5258 
IT " Sun i wend, lang sif en gan, 

fat wild beistes had f e slain, 
Quarfor i fell in gret seknes, 
I loue godd fat f ou liuand es ! 
Sura qui sua for-hond fou me 1 5263 
Quak clath was f ai me brogh[t] to se, 
fat blodi was, and i ne wat hu'?" 
" JSToght o mi blod, fat se yee now." 
" In to sichim fan i f e sent 5267 

To seke f i href er, fou f ider went ? " 
" Sua did i, fader, mistru fou noght, 
fair mete to f am i rede broght ; 
Bot als suith i fare was curazmen 5271 
Wit il consail fan was i nuwzmen." 
" And qui, leue sun 1 " " i sal yow sai ; 
!Ne miranes yow noght, now mani dai, 
Of a drem, lang sif en gan 1 " 
"Leif sun, was fou farfor tan 1 ?" 5276 

COTTON [' MS. liue] 

to telle Iacob commyn was in Ian 
and bring Ioseph J>er-of tifande. 

Ioseph of his fader herde 

and wif his court agayne him ferde 

quen fai had kissed a myle or mare 
his blessings gaf he him ri^t fare 
quen Ioseph wif his fader mette [leaf 31] 
tenderly wif eye he grette. 
fai gret for gladnes as I. trow. 
Iacob saide to Ioseph now. 
of deide wil I me neuer menc. 
now I. f i faire face haue sene. 
bot shortly f e sof for to say. 
qua-sim had bene f er fat day 
and had fat squete nietinge sene. 
if he iij . dayes had fastande bene. 
Of mete and drink wif myne ente?it 
I hope he sulde haue na talent. 
5T Sone I wende lange sif en gane 
atte wilde bestes had f e slayne 
quar-fore I. felle in grete sekenes 
I. loue god on liue fou ys 
Sone quy squa for hidde fou f e. 
quat claf e was fat fai bro3t to me 
fat blod}- was bot I. ne wate how 
no^t of my blode fat se ^e, now. 
In-to suche place I f e sent 
to suche f i bref er I. wene fou went. 
IT So dide I. fader mistraw fou no^t 
faire mete to ham I. redy bro3t. 
bot als squif e as I. was comine 
wif ille consaile w r as I. no?rame. 
and opiy leue sone f I salle 3011 say. 
mynnys 3011 no3t for mony a day. 
for a dreme lange sif en I. gan. 
leue sone was fou f ar-for tane. 



To tell iacob corner was in land, 
And bere iosepli far-of tydand. 5242 
Quen iosepli of his fadir herd, 
wid his court agayn him he ferd, 
Quen j?ai had kist a mile and mar, 
His blissing gaf he'him right far. 
Quen iosepli wid his fade?* mett, 5247 
Tendirly wid eye he grett, 
f ai grett for gladnes, as I trou. 
Iacob said to iosepli, " nou 
Of dede wil i me neuer mene, 5251 
Xou i f i face, leue sone, haue sene." 
Eot certaynli, f e soth to say, 
Qua-so had ben be-stadd fat day, 
And hadd fat suete meting sene, 5255 
f ou he thre dais had fastand ben, 
Of mete and drinck, in myn entent, 
I hope he suld haue had na talent. 
" Sone, i wend lang sif en gan, 5259 
wid wild bestis f u hadd ben slain, 
Qua-fore i fell in gret sekenes. [ooL2] 
I-loued be godd fat f u liuand es ! 
Sone, qui held fu fe fra me? 5263 
Quat clath was f ai me broght to so 
fat blodi was, and i ne wate hou 1 " 
" Xoght of mi bodi, and fat se 30 nou." 
"Into sysen quen i fe sent, 52G7 

To seke fi breder, pat pider went]" 
"So did i, fadir, mistrou je noght, 
fair mete to faim i redi broght ; 
Bot als suith as i far was comyn, 
wid ill consail was i nomin." 5272 
" And quy, leue sone ? " " i sal 3011 
Ne menu 3011 noght, nou tnani a day, 
( <f a diem ftd lang sifen gan 1 " 5275 
'• Leue tone, waa fu far-fore tan ]" 

O&l I LB 

To telle Iacobes coome to londe [if 33, bk] 

And bere Iosepli f erof tif onde 

whemze Iosepli f crof herdo 

wif his court a^cyn him he ferde 

whenne fei had cussed a mile & more 

liis blessyng 3af he him ri3t fore 

whenwe Iosepli wif his fadir met 

Tenderly wif e3e he gret 

fei grett for gladnes as I trowo 

Iacob seide to Iosepli nowe 

Of dede wol I me neuer mene 

Now I f i face son haue sene 

But ccrteynely fe sofe to say 

who so had be bistad fat day 

And had fat swcte metyng seno 

fei he f re dayes had fastyng bono 

Of mete ne drynke bi myn entent 

he shulde haue had no talent 

Son he seide longe is gone 

I wende wilde beestis hade fe slone 

wherforo I fei in greet sekenes 

Llessed be god f ou lyuynge es 

Son whi helde f ou f e fro me 

what cloof was hit brou^te me to so 

f at blody was & I noot how 

.Not of me fadir fat se 3c now 

Into sichen whenne I fe scut 

To seche pi breferen fat fider went 

So dud I fadir mys-trowe hit nou3t 

her mete to hem I redy broujt 

But soone as I fe?*e was comen 

wif euel cou7isel was I nomen 

whi leue son I slial 30U say 

fenke 3c not how mony a day 
dreem is gone fu] ; 

luuo son were f"u take J -lore 

'l hi: 


" Ya, sir, Yimcthes scaped i, 
Til fat chapmen mo com to bi 
fat to f is land me can bring, 
And said me sif en to fe king; 5280 
In mister sir, i mai noght lain, 
I wad don far i suflurd pain, 
fat was thoru pntifers wijf, 
fat wald a don me o mi lijf, 5284 
Quav tlioru to pr/sun was i tan, 
Me borud noght bot godd allan. 
He fat till his in nede is f e best, 
In him i hafe min hope al fest ; 5288 
He has me cast of al mi care, 
And don in welth, nam an mare ; 
fe lauerd-hed of al his land 5291 

To wiss and ledd haue i in hand ; 
For-f i, leue fader, want f ou noght, 
Al f i Avill it sal be wroght, 
Bath for mi bref er and for f e, 
For i oueral ha god pouste. 5296 

To mi lauerd yee com wit me, ^[f*' bk ' 
I sal yow do a-quentid be ; 
I sal askin yow snm recett, 
And wel i wat it for to gett." 5300 
" Gladli, leue son, ga we fan son, 
To thank him he has for J>e don ; 
Knele i sal be for f e king, p ms. aiij 
And thank him of 1 his grett mensking, 
Als [his aghen in] fat i mai, 5305 
And J ou sal be his seruand ai ; 
I sal f e to f e king be teche, 
And sif en f e mi blissing reche, 5308 
And fan i will me lig to dei, 
For lino i mai na longer cfcrei." 
lacob went fan wit his rute, 
His tueluc him al abute ; 5312 


3c sir f vnnefe eschaped I. 
til at to chapmen come me to by. 
to f is lande f ai dido me bringe. 
and sif en salde me to f e lunge. 
In mister sir I. may no3t layne. 
I was done far I. suffred payno. 
fat was forou putiphares wife. 
fat walde hane done me of life, 
quar-for to j)?'isoun was I tanc. 
me borowed no3t. bot god allane. 
he fat tille his f in nede ys best. 
In him hane I. my hope alle fest 
he has me cast of alle my care. 
and done me worshepe na mon mare 
f e lorde-hede of al f is lande. 
to wisse and rede I. haue in hande. 
for-f i fader wende £>ou no3t 
alle f i wille hit salle be wn^t. 
baf for my bref er and for f e 
for ouer alle I haue pauste. 
to my lorde 3e come wif me 
I salle 30U make aqnaynted be. 
I salle him aske sum rescette 
f er-of I. wate he wil no3t lette. 
% gladly leue sone go we sone. 
to f onk him he has for f e done 
knele I. sal be-for f e kinge. 
and thank him of his grete menski??ge 
and als his aghen in fat I. may. 
and f ou to be his seruande ay. 
I salle f e to fe kinge be-teychc 
and sif en f e my blessinge reyche. 
and fen I. wille me lay to dey. 
to line I. may na larger drey, 
lacob went him wij? his route, 
his soncs xij. him alle a-boute. 


" 3a, fadir, vnethes ne scliapid i, 
Til marchandes cam me for to bi, 
And to pis land me gan bring, 5270 
And sipen me sold vnto pe king. 
In p?-esun sipe?*, i may noglit layn, 
was don par i suffrid payn ; 
pat was thoru putifars wijf, 5283 

pat wold baue broght me of mi lijf. 
Quar-for to presun was i don, 
Me borud nan, bot godd alon ; 
He p«t til his in nede es beste, 52J 7 
In him i haue mj hope al fest. 
He has me liuerd al of mi care, 
And putt me in welth, na man mare, 
pe lordschip al of pis land, 5291 

To reule and kepe es in mi hand, 
For-pi, leue fader, lett 30 noght, 
All 30iire will it sal be wroght, 
Bath fir mi bveder and for 3011, 
For Loner-all haue pouste nou. 529G 
To mi lauerd 30 come wid me, ^Jf^fj 
I sal 30U do a-quayntid be ; 
I sal to 30U ask sum rescett, 
And wele i wate it for to gett." 5300 
" Gladli, sone, pan go we sone, 
To thane him he has for pe done ; 
Knele i sal bifor pe king, 5303 

And thanck him of his gret helping, 
Ala bis aune in al fed i m 
And pu Bal bo hia seruant ay. 
I sal pe to pe king biteche, 
And aipen pe mi bli Lng 1 "'308 

And fan i will me lay I ; — 

To Li y na lang< r d; 

b wen! J* m wid hia ro 

3e fadir vnnepes scaped I 

Til marchauftdia coom me for to by 

To pis londe pei me con bringo 

And sipen solde me to pe kynge 

In -prisoun aftir is not to leyn 

was I dene to suffer peyn 

And was poui^e putifares wif 

pat wolde haue bronjte me oflif 

To yrisoxm so whenrae I was gouo 

Me borwed noon but god allone 

he pat to his in nede is best 

In hiwi I haue my hope fest 

he hap delyuered me of my woo 

And put me to welpe no 111011 so 

pe lordshipe of al pis loud 

To reule & kepe is in myn bond 

perfore fadir lete 3c noujt 

Al 30ure wille hit shal be wrou^t 

Bope for my breper & 30W 

For I ouer alle banc pouste now 

To my lord 30 com wip me 

I shal 3011 do aqueynted to be 

I shal 3011 aske sum resect 

wel I woot I shal 3011 get 

Gladly son go we soone 

To panke hi;?? pat hap for pe done 

knele I shal al bifore pc kyng 

And panke hiwi of his grete helping 

Aa 1 le in al p^t I m 

And ] M t ay 

1 Bhal to pe kyng pe biteche 

And ho 

penj I ?ro] me leye to d< ; 

T<> hue may I no I 

II) wen! pen wip hi 1 route 
his sones twelue hiffl abouto 

310 JACOB, \ vi:i:y old MAX, with ins SONS, cami-: a\-!> BOWED BEFORE THE KINO 

His berd was side, bis heued wit hare, 

And on his heued a hatt lie bar ; 5314 
Ala man of eild, and lang for-liuen, 
And mani barets was wit for-driuen. 
Q?/<?n fai war cummen bc-for f e king 
fai luted him w r it fair hailsing. 5318 
Of his com f e king was fain, 
And of his sede him ras again ; 
He kist and sett on bine him bi 
And mensked him derworthli. 5322 
f e king fan did his lettres writte 
To somond al, w r it-outen lite, 
J»e best fat was in his kingrike, 
And did to mak a fest ful rike. 532G 
IF Qwen iacob sagh fat hall plenar 
And all a-bute to mak him cher, 
He praid f e god men fat far w 7 er 
To lith a quil his word til her. 5330 
f e king badd all to listen fan, 
And f us iacob his spell be-gan — 
IF "fis ha faraon fe king, 5333 

Godd giue him his brad blissing ! 
God men i am, als yee now her se, 
An aid man, yee knau noglit me, 
Ne do i yow, als na selcutli, 5337 
For i am in fis land vn-cuth ; 
Yte of ebron born 1 am .i., pms. bom] 
far lijs our heldres, far sal i li ; 
far ligus adam, formast man, 5341 
And eue, o quam we al began ; 
f e folk fat J?an was o f am bred, [col. 2] 
For fat fai na wight drightin dred, 
He wenged him o fam ful sare, 5345 
33ot aght on line lefte he namare, 
fat w r as noe rightWis, o quam 
Uicom our faithful abraham, 5348 


his berde was side his heued hare 
and on his heued a hatte lie bare, 
als mon of elde and lange for lined 
and mony baret fra him was drcued 
IF quen fai ware comniyn be-for f e ki//g 
fai louted doun Avif faire hailsinge. 
of liis come f e kings was fayne 
and of his sete rase him agayne 
he kiste and sette on benk him by. 
and mensked him ful derworfly. 
f e kinge lete make his litters write 
to somonde alle wif -out lite, 
f e best atte was in alle fat lande 
and made a feste I. vnderstande. 
IF quen Toseph saghe al plener. 
and alle aboute to make him chere 
he prayed f e godemen at f er were 
a litel stounde his worde at here, 
f e kinge made alle to listyn fan. 
and f us Iacob his spel be-gan. 
[ 2 ^F Pease haue pharao the kyng 
God yef hym his dere blessyng] 
IT Godemen I. als }e now se [2 £s m 4 icj ud 
an aide mon ^e knaw no3t me 
ne f hike 30U na selcoufe. 
for I. am in fis lande vncoufie 
Out of ebron borne am. I. 
far lyes our eldres \er sal I. lye. 
f er lyes adam formast man. 
and eue of qwam w^e alle be-gan. 
f e folk of ham ful sone dide brede 
and for fai walde no$t god drede. 
he venged him on ham ful sare [JS^ 81 ' 
bot viij. on Hue laft he na mare 
fat was noe l^twise of quam.. 
bc-come our faifeful abraham. 



His herd was side wid nickil liar, 
Apon his liefd his hat he bar, 5314 
As man of elde a?*d lang for-lraen, 
And mani a baret bifore had driuen. 
Qucm f ai war comin bifore f e king, 
fat loutid him all wid fair haylsing ; 
Of his come fe king was fayn, 5319 
And of his sete him ras agayn, 
Kiste him a?zd sett him on binck him 
And honurd him dcreworthly. L^y? 
fe king fan did his lettris write, 5323 
To samen all widuten lite, 
f e best fat was in his kingriche, 
And did to make a fest ful riche. 
Que« iacob sau al plente were, 5327 
And all abonte to make him chere, 
lie praid to gode men fat far were 
To listen a quile his word to here. 
fe king bad faim all listen fan, 5331 
And f us Jacob his tale bigan, — 
" Pes haue Pharao, f e king ! [coi. q 
Godd giue him his brod blissing ! 
Gode men, i am, als 30 may se, 5335 
An aid man, fou 30 knau noght mo, 
Na mare do i 30U, es na sclcuth, 
Fot i am in fis land vncuth. 
vte of ebron born am i, 5330 

lija vr eldris, far sal i ly ; 
far lija adam, fe formast man, 
And ene of quam we all bigann. 
fe Polk fal of faim to vraa bredd, 
Foi fai na thin I no dredd, 53 1 1 

jaiiM he tot vengana ful Bare, 
Bot eyth on-line he Left, na mare; — 
fat av.i- noe rignl w\ . of quan 

"in vr faithful abraham, 

Go] ; 

liis berde was side with myche hare 

On his heede his hatt he bare 

As mon of elde longe for-lyuen 

Many baret tofore had dryuen 

whence f ei were comen tofore f e kiwg 

foi loutide him alio wif hailayng 

Of his come f e kyng was fayn 

And of his sete him roos a3ayn 

Kust & sett him on benche him by [if 34] 

And honoured him ful dere worfely 

f e kyng lete write lettres 3are 

To gider alle wif hasty fare 

f e beste in fat londe vnlicho 

And dud to make a feest riche 

whence Iacob say alle plentees were 

& alle aboute to make him chere 

he prcied f fat fere were lent 

To here a litil of his cntent 

f e kyng to alle bad pees fan 

f us Jacob his tale bigan 

Pees haue Pharao f e kyng 

God 3yue him his brood blessyng 

Gode men I am as 30 may se 

An olde man f ei 30 knowe not me 

Nor I 3011 to vndirstonde 

For I am here in vncoufc londe 

Out of ebron born am I. 

fere lif oure eldres & so shal I 

fere lij? Adam fe formast mon 

And one of wlmm we alle bigOQ 

I like f'/t of hem furat was bred 

For fei nofh oe dred 

( )n hem he toke vengeaunce sore 

But eijte 011 lyue he lefte no more 

( Ion a rial wis of wham 

I ' nil oure feifful Abraham 


312 isaac, Tin: son* of aim: a ham, was my FATHER, i had his blessing, but esau 


pat dred driglitin and luned him sua, 

\ai for his luue his sun wald sla, 
\d{, was yaaac, his dorling derej 
His sun i am, pat yee se here. 5352 
1 am sex scor and ten yeir aid, 
Mi fader higlit ysaac, sum i tald ; 

Quen he was til his ending bun 


I had his "brad bcniscun. 

Mi broper esau me soght 

For to descrit, if he moglit ; 

He flemed me ute o mi land, 5359 

Thoru godd i haue it yeit in hand. 

pir tuelue mi suns ar ilkan. 

Thritte yeir es sipen gan 

pat i mi sun had losen dere, 

Ioseph, pat i haue funden here ; 5364 

pat he es fuwden i thane driglitin, 

He sceild him fra his wiper-win ! " 

He gaue pam all his blissing. 

And til iacob pan said pe king, 5368 

" A wis man es pi sun ioseph, 

In al egypti es nan sa yepe, 

For he has saued me and mine 

Fra mikel nede, and fra noncine ; 

First he was here als our thain 5373 

Bot now es he for ai franckelain ; 

I giue him woningsted sted to wale 

For euer-mare, wit-oute?z male, 5376 

Til him and til his breper elleuen, 

To dies pam ware pair-self will neuen." 

Iacob, qiicn he his leue had laght, 

Wit his suns and al pair aght 5380 

Went til a sted god for pair es, 

O pastur gret hight rameshese, 

In pat sted pair lijf pai ledd ; 

Ioseph pam gaf quar-of be fedd, 5384 


atte dred god and loued him squa. 

pat for his loue his sone waldfi sla 
pat was ysaac his sone dere. 
and his sone I. am atte so here. 
I. am vj. skore and .x. 3ere aide 
my fader he3t ysaac as I 3011 talde 
quen he was to his endinge boun. 
I had his brade benysoun. 
% Mi broper esau me be-so3t 
forto deserite me if he mo3t. 
he flemed me out of mi lande. 
porou god I. haue hit jet in hande 
pes xij. my sones ar ilkane 
xxx. 3ere ys hit gane. p from Laud ms. hg] 
I wende my sone lost were 
Ioseph atte I haue fonden here. 
[' Of his fyndyng thank I god so 
he save hym fro pe fend' his fo] 
he gaf him liertly his blessinge. 
and til Iacob saide pe kinge. L 2 213. Eepe] 
*iT a wiseman ys pi sone Ioseph 
In egipte nys nane him to 3epe. 2 
for he has saued me and mync. 
fra mykil hungre nede and pine, 
first he was putte to mischefe 
bot wele ys him has hap to prefe 
I gif him wonynge stede to wale 
for euermarc wip-outen male, 
til him and his breper xj. p MS. ranteses] 
to chose quere-at pai wil ncyuera 
^T quen Iacob had his leue lajt 
wip his sones and alle paire a3t. 
went to a stede gode for paire ese 
of pasture grete hit hc3t rameses 3 
In pat stede paire life pai led. 
Ioseph ham gaf quar-of be fed. 



fat dred god, and loued him sua, 
pat for his loue his sone wald sla, 
fat was ysaac, his dere, 
His sone i am, fat $e se here. 5352 
I am sex skor and ten 3 ere aid, 
Mi fadir hiht ysaac, as i tald : 
Quen he was to his ending bon, 5355 
I had of him my 1 broder benisun ; 
Mi broker esau me bi-soght C 1 ms. his] 
To dyserit me, if pat he moght, 
He flenied me vte of mi land, 5359 
Thoru godd i haue it 3 it in hand, 
fir tuelue mi sonis f ai er, ilk-an. 
Thritti 3ere es sif en gan, 
fat i had tint mi sone sua dere, 
Ioseph, fat i haue funden here; 53G-4 
fat he es funden i loue godd sua, 
He saue him fra f e feind his fa." 
He gaf f aim all his blissing. 
And to iacob said pe king, 53G8 

'• A wisman es f i sone ioseph, JJjf*-,'] 8 ' bk * 
In all egipt es non sua jep ; 
For he bath saued me and mine, 
Fra mekil nede and mekil pine. 5372 
Frist was he here as vr thrall, 
Nou vii'l' /• me es he mast of all. 
I giue him woning-sted to lend, 
Foi euei mar, widuten end, 5376 

Till him and to hia bred r elleuen, 
To chese quar fi selueft wil neuen." 
Iacob que/* he leue had laght, 5379 
wid his sonis and all fair aj ht, 
went to a fltede for fair 
Of] gret, fat hiht ra] 

In fat :■ le fair lijf fai ledd, 
I iph f aim gaf quarof be fedd, 5334 

fat dredde god & loued him so 

fat for his loue his son wolde slo 

fat was Isaac his childe dere 

whoos son I am fat }e se here 

I am sixe score & ten ^ere olde 

Mi fadir het Isaac as I tolde 

Whenne he was to his endi/?ge bou?j 

I hadde of him my brof er benesou?i 

Mi brof er esau me biso^t 

To disherite me if he moi^t 

he flenied me out of my londe 

f our^e I haue hit 3itt in honde 

f ese twelue are my sones vchono 

f ritty 3eere hit is ful gone 

fat I had lost my son so dere 

Ioseph fat I haue fou?iden here 

Of his fyndynge f onke I god so 

he saue \\im fro f e fende his fo 

he 3af hem alle his blessing 

And to iacob seide fe kyng 

I wis mon is fi son Ioseph 

In al egipte is noon so 3ep 

his witt haf saued me & myno 

Fro mychel nede & mychel pyne 

Furst was he here as oure fral 

Now vndir me maistii of al 

I 3yue him wonynge stud to lende 

For euinnore wifouten ende 

To him & his brefer elleueno 

To chese where fci wol hit neuen 

Iacob whenne Ikj leue had lai^t 

wif hia om & her an^t 

went to a Btud hem to plesa 

Of pasture greet & hett rai 

In ] at Btud her Lif fei ledde 

I eph hem jaf wher of to be feddo 



For faut o bred was in fat lido 
Oner al f e world, on ilk-a side ; 
But of er land sa mikel nan, 
Als in egypte and in chanaan. 5388 


no gap in the Cotton fy Laud MS&] 
1 Sua lang has fir tua boglit fair sede 
fat fair mone wex al gnede ; j-.^j 81 « 
Qwen f ai had nof er worth ne ware 
f at fai moglit for fair mete spare, 
fe folk of egypte com bedene 5395 
For-wit ioseph, f am for to mene. — 
"Lauerd," fai said, "to fe we sai 
Al our aglit it es a-wai, 
Now haue we noght ware-wit we mai 
Lenght our liue wit fra fis dai ; 5400 
Es vs noght leued bot erth bar 
And our bodes sua ful of care ; 
Land and lijth wit bodi we bede, 
fat fou vs tak in fin thainhede ; 
In thainhed tak our landes all, 5405 
For sede we mai f am sau wit-all. 
fai saald fair landes fan for nede, 
And ioseph boglit f am all for sede ; 
In all egypti lefte he na land 5409 
Vn-boght in-til f e king hand, 
"Vte-tan f e landes o fat lede, E 2 °&j£? ajt 
fat taght was for f e p?*eiste to fede ; 
f aa held fam self al for fai 2 hade, 
f e king f am faand al fair liueladd. 
IT fus cuth ioseph, als i sai yow, 5415 
For lok his lauerd king prou ; 
Bath he did his lauerd byyate JSj 
And mended nede in fair state, 
Quils fam lasted fat sesun 3 dere. 
Iacob faire [liued] seue?zten yeir 5420 


for defaute of brede was in \xd tide 
ouer alle fe werlde on ilka Bide 
for hungre dyed mony an. 
out-takin in egipte and chanaan. 

f cr ware left folk dede 
bot now be-gynnys to wante brede 
IT so lange fai haue bo3t faire sede 
atte faire money wex ham gnede 
quen fai had nauf er worf ne ware 
atte fai nu^t for faire liuelad spare. 
f e folk of egipte come be-dene 
be-for Ioseph ham for to mene 
lorde fai saide to f e we say. 
alle our gode hit ys a- way. 
now haue we no^t quar-wif we may 
lenght our life fra fis day. 
ys vs no3t left bot erf e bare. 
and our bodis alle ful of care, 
lande and lithe wif body we bede. 
atte fou vs take in f i bondehede 
In bondehede take our landes alle 
na sede we haue to saw wif-alle. 
fai salde fan faire landes for nede 
and Ioseph bo^t ham alle for sede. 
IT In alle egipt left ys na lande. 
vn-bo3t in-to f e kinges hande. 
out-tane f e landes of fat lede 
atte tajt ware for fe prestes at fede 
fai helde f am-self al for faire hade 
f e kinge ham fande al faire liuelade 
fus cowde Ioseph as I telle 3011. 
folow his lorde f e kinge prow, 
baf he dide his lorde berate. 
and amended f e nedi in faire state 
f e quilest ham lasted fat scsou/i dero 
Iacob left stille wif anc infere. 



For faute of bred fat ilk tide, 
was oue?-all fe world so wide; 
Lot in na land sua mekil nan, 
As in egipt and canaan. 5388 

[ • • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

Sua lang haue f ai boght fair sede, 
fat fair siluer wex all nede; 5392 
Que?* fat f ai had nethir worth ne qnave, 
fat f ai milit for fair liuelad spare, 
f e folk of egipt com bi-dene, 
Difor ioseph, faini to mene. 5396 

" Lauenl," fai said, "to fe we say, 
fat all vr aght it cs away. 
Nou haue we noght qwar-wid we may 
Lenthe vr Hues nou fra dis da. 5400 
Es vs noght left bot erde bare, 
And all vr bodis ful of care. 
Landes and lij?es with bodi we bede, 
fat fu vs take in fi bundhcde. 5404 
In thraldam tak vr landes all, 
For sede we may pabn saw wid-all." 
fai sold fair landis fan for nede, [ool. 2] 
And ioseph boght faim all for sede. 
In all egipt left he na land 5409 

vn-boght in-to fe kinges hand, 
vte-take fe land of fat lede 
fat was taght priistes forto fede, 
To kepe faim selue for fair hald, 
fe king faim fand as it cs laid. 5414 
pus coude i!i"-' ph, i »id jou, 
waite his Lauerd fo kinges prouj 
Bath he did his lauerdes bijate, 5 117 
And lj.ilp f<' nedeful in fair state, 
QuilLa f dm lastid fai sesune fere. 
I ib far liued seuentene 5' re, 5120 

Faute of breed f at ilke tide 
was ouer al f e world so wide 
But in no londe so mychel wan 
As in egipte and canaan 


. . . no gap in the MS.] 
So longe had f ei bou^te her sede 
fat her siluer wex al gnede 
whence f ei hadde no f ing $are 
f at fei my3te to her lyuelode spare 
f e folke of egipte coom bidene 
lufore Ioseph hem to mene 
lord fei seide to f e we sey 
Al oure au3t hit is awey 
Now haue we noon wher wif we may 
lengf e oure lif fro day to day 
No f ing is lefte vs but erf e bare 
And alle oure bodyes ful of care 
1 Londes & lif es wif body we bede 
fat fou vs take in fi bondehede fJJMf 1 
In f raldome take oure londes 3c shal 
For seed f en??e may we sowc wif al 
fei soldo her londis al for nede 
Ioseph bou3te hem al for sodo 
In al egipte laft he no londo 
vnbou^te into f e kyngis honde 
Outake fe londe of fat lede 
fat was l»itau$tc p?*estes to fodo 
To kepe hcmself for her holde 
fe kyng horn fonde as hit is toldo 
IT fus coude Ioseph I ide jou 
A wayte his Lord fe kyngu i prow 
his lord ho profited erly and Late 
And halpe fe nedeful in her state 
wind hem lasted f I an dere 
I b J ■ lyu< d euentene jere 




In a land Jut higlit iessen, In a lande pat lu^t gessen. 

Of him war bred ful mani men ; of liim ware bred mony men. 

Quen he sagli negh his last dai ^T quen he droghe nere his last day. 

Til ioseph pus-gatt can he sai — 5424 til Ioseph pus gate con he say. 

" If i ewer fand grace wit pe 
pou lai pi hand a-pon mi kne, 
And heit me truli, wit couenand, 
I be noght duluen in pis land, 5428 
Bot heit me truli p«t pou pe seluen 
Sal me wit mine foreldres deluen." 
" Fader, truli now i pe higlit, 

if I. euer fande any grace wip pe. 
pou lay pi hande vnder my the. 
and hete me trewli wip couenando 
I be no3t dollyn in pis lande. 
and hete me truli atte pou pi-self 
sal me wip myne aunceteres delue 
fader he saide als god me rede. 

It sal be don als pou has tight." 5432 hit salle be done quen ^e ar dede. 

And par-till an ath he him suare. 
!Now lijs iacob in bedd o care, 
And helds fast to his ending. 5435 
And ioseph did be-for him bring 
Bath effraim and manasse, [col. 2] 

To bliss his childer praid he. 
IT Iacob vp in bedd him right, 5439 
For eld al dim him wex pe sight ; 
He kest a-boute pam aiper arm, 
And kiest pam oft a-pon his barm. 
"J^ow leue sun ioseph," he said, 
" pe es i noght vnp?«Tiaid, 5444 
pi frut i se be for mi nei, 
Ncu rek i neuer quen. i dei." 
He laid his hand a-pon pair cron, 
And gaue pam serekin beneson. 5448 
" Bun" he said til ioseph, " now 

and par to he an ap square. 

now lyes Iacob in bed of care. 

and he heldes fast til his endinge. 

1 and Ioseph dide be-for him brings. 

bap effraim and manasse. 

to blesse his childer prayed he. 

Iacob vp in bed him ri^t. 

for elde al dim wex his sijt 

he kest a-boute ham ayper arme. 

and kist ham eft a-pon his barme 

^F Now leue sone Iosephe he saide [if 32] 

of pe I-noghe ys purnayde. 

pi frute I. se be-for my ney 

I ne rekk now quen I. dey. 

he laide his hande a-pon paire crou??. 

and gaf ham mony a benysou?*. 

% Sone he saide til Iosephe now. 

I passe god be-teyche I. 30W 

Mon i pass, godd be-teche i yow ; 

Drightin pan was our eldres wit, 5451 Lorde atte was our eldres wip 

He mon yow bring in to your kyth ; he 30U brings in-to 30ur kip 

pof yee be flemed her a quile, 

He sal yow bring of your exile." 

His suns for- wit him he cald 

And mani thinges he pam tald, 5456 

if 3e be flemed here a quile 
he wille 3011 bringe of 30ur exile 
his sones be-for him he calde. 
and mony pinges he ham talde. 



} This line is at the bottom of the pago, but is rmrked for insertion liere. 


In aa contre fat hiht iessen ; 
Of hiin was bred ful mani men. 
Quen it drou to his last day, 
To ioseph dusgat gan lie say, 5424 
"If i fond euer grace in pe, 
pu lay j)i hand vncle?* mi the, 
And hith me treuli, wid couenand, 
pat i noght be doluen in pis land. 
Bot hite me treuli pu pi selue 5429 
Sal me wid min eldris delue." 
"Fadir, treuli i pe hite, 
It sal be done, wid all mi mihte," 
And par-to an ath he him suar. 5433 
Xou lijs iacob in bed of car, 
And draues fast to his endyng ; 
And ioseph did bifor him bring 
Bath effraym and manasse, 5437 

To blisse his childer praid he. 
Iacob in bedd him laid vpright, 
For elde all dim him wex pe siht ; 
He laid aboute paim eyde?* arme, 5441 
And kist paim oft apon his barm. 
1 "Mi suete sone, ioseph," nou he said, 
" Of pe am i noght al vn-puruaid, 
pi fruit i se bi-for myn eye, [• if so, col. i] 
Nou recc i neuer quan i dey." 5446 
He laid his hand apon pair croun, 
And gaf paim -crckines benisoun. 
" Sone," he said to ioseph, " nou 5449 

1 i pass, godd bitheche i 30m 
God, pat was vr eldris wid, 
(Irani jou bring in-to jour kid. 5452 
pou £e be denied here a quile, 
il al 3011 bring £ra pis exile." 
His Bonis he bifore him cald, 
And mani resunea he |>aim tald, 515G 


In a cuntre pat hett lessen 
Of him was bred mony men 
whence hit drowse to his last day 
To Ioseph pus gon he say 
If I fonde euer grace in po 
Lay pi honde vndir my pe 
And hete me truly bi couenondo 
pat I not grauen be in pis londe 
But hete me truly pou pi selue 
Shalt me wip myne eldres delue 
Fadir I bihete pe ri^t 
hit shal be done wip al my myjt 
perto pere an op he sware 
Now lip Iacob in bed of care 
he drawep faste to his endynge 
And Ioseph dud tofore him bringe 
Bope effraym & manasse 
To blesse his childcr preyed he 
Iacob in bed him leide vp rijt 
For elde al dym w r ex his si^t 
he leide aboute hem eiper arm 
And kust hem ofte vpon his barm 
]\fi swete son Ioseph he seide 
Of pe am I not vnpurueido 
pi fruyt I se bifore myn 030 
Now rekke I neuer whenne I deje 
he leide his honde vpon her crouw 
And £af hem dyuerse bencsoim 
Son he seide to Ioseph now 
Moste I passe god take I 30W 
God pat was oure eldres wip 
Graunte 3011 goynge into joure kip 
pci 30 be flcmed here a while 
he wol JOU bringe fro pis exile 

his sones be bifore bin: 

And mony rosouws to hem talde 

Till N IT Y 


Bath fat fai Buld oner bidd 

And sulci in last dais bi-tidd. 

Q«en he endid had his sail 

His suns blessed he on ran, 54G0 

He gaue ilkan scir benissu?* ; 

And fan he laid his heued don, 

And went out of fis wreched werld, 

And til his forfaders fard, 5464 

And broght es in to grace o grith. 

Yr lauerd vs grant to end him with ! 

!N"egli seuen score yeir of eld 

Was fis iacob at his don heild, 54G8 

But far of tre yeir was him wan. 

His suns him bar to chanaan 

And laid him far his heldres bi, 

far he denied him self to lij 5472 

Bi ysaac and be abraham, 

In ebron, bi-side aid adam. 

IT f is ilk iacob fat i of mel 

Hight bath iacob and israel ; 547G 

f e folk of israel of him sprang 

Quilk king pharaon hild in thrang ; 

In egipt held he f am sa hard, 

Als i sal tel yow forfer-ward. 5480 

►Sif en him deid ioseph, fat wis, 

And endid in our laue?*d seruis. 

fat first was berid in fat contre 25?W** 

Sif en born til his erth was he. 5484 

f e oxspring fat o ioseph bredd 

Was mikel in fat land spredd ; 

Quat of his, quat of his bref or sede, 

War thritti thusand, als we rede. 5488 

Half sex scor yeir ioseph fat dai 

Was, quen he went al lediss wai. 

Quils fat ioseph regnud fare 5491 

His bref er in egypte regnand war ; 


baf atte fai sulde oucr-bide. 

and sulde in laste dayes be-tide. 

quen he ended had his saw. 

his sones blessed he on raw. 

he gaf ilkane sere benysouw 

and fen he laide his heued doura 

and went out of fis wreccbed werde 

and til his fore-faderes he ferde 

and bro^t his saule to grace of grif 

our lorde vs grante to wone him wij> 

11 vij. skore 3 ere nere of elde 

was fis Iacob atte his dou?i helde. 

bot f er-of iij. 3ere was f er wane 

his sones him lad to chanaan. 

and laide him fare his eldres by. 

f er he demed him-self to ly. 

bi ysaac and bi abraham 

In ebron be-side aide adam 

fis ilk Iacob fat I. of mele 

liejt baf Iacob and israel. 

f e folk fat of israel sprange. 

f e quilk kinge pharaon helde in f range 

in egipt helde he ham harde 

as I. salle telle 30U now forf warde 

sif en deied Ioseph f e wise 

and endid in goddis seruise. 

fat first was salde to fat cuntree 

sif en borne til his erde was he. 

% f e ospring fat of Ioseph bred 

was mykil in lande ouerspred. 

quat of his and his bref er sede. 

was xxx f ousande as we rede. 

half sex skore 3ere Ioseph fat day. 

quen he went of fis werde away. 

quylest atte Ioseph regned fare 

his bref er in egipte regnande ware 



Batli Jjat pai suld oner bide, 

And in pair last dais "bitide. 

Quan lie endid of Ms saue, 

His sonis blissed lie on a rau ; 5 -4 GO 

He gaf ilk-an sere benisun, 

And efter laid his liefd doun, 

And went vte of pis wrecclied world, 

And to his former fadiis ford ; 54 G 4 

And broght es in to grace of gritli. 

vi' laue?-d vs graunt to duell him with ! 

Nere seuen skor jere of elde, 

was pis iacob at his done helde. 54G8 

Bot fchre 3ere per was him wan, 

His sonis him bar to canaan, 

And laid him par his eldris by, 

per he disyrid him-self to ly 5472 

Be ysaac and bi abraham, 

In ebron, biside olde adam. 

pis ilk iacob, pat i of mele, 

Hight bath iacob a?;d israele. 547G 

pe folk of israel of him sprang, 

pat king pharao held in thrang. 

In egipt held he paim ful hard, [cm. 2] 

As i sal tell 3011 sone forward. 5480 

Si pew he died, ioseph, fat wise, 

And endid in vr laaerdes scruise; 

And firsl waa bind in pat contre, 

Sipe?i born til his erde was he. 5484 

pe ospring pat of ioseph bredd, 

was mekil in p^t land spred, fsede 

Quat of him, and quat of his bveder 

War thritti thousand as we rede. 5488 

Half sex skor ^ ph p'/l day, 

Quew he went all ledis way. 

pe quills pat ioseph reyned par, 

His bieder in egypt reynid war; 5192 


Bope pat pei shulde oner bide 
And in her laste dayes bi-tyde 
when we he endide of his sawe 
his sones he blessed on a rawe 
To vche he 3af dyuerse benesoiut 
And aftir leide his heed a-donw 
he went out of pis wrecclied word 
And to his formaste fadir ferdo 
And bron^te is in to grace of grip 
lord vs grauwte t.o dwelle him wip 
Nyje seuen score 3eer of elde 
was pis iacob at his douw heldo 
But pre 3eer perof was wan 
his sones him here to canaan 
And leide him pere his eldres by 
pere he desired for to ly 
Bi Isaac and bi Abraham 
In ebron bisyde olde Adam 
pis Iacob pat I of melle 
bet bope iacob & israelle 
pe folke of israel of him sprong 
pat pharao kyng helde in wrong 
In cgipte helde he hem ful harde 
As I shal telle soone aftirwarde 
Sipen he de^ed Ioseph pe wise 
And endede in oure hordes scrnyse 
Sipen born to his londe was he Dwtftt] 
For firste was lie buryed in pat cuntre 
pe ospringe fat of Ioseph bredde 
was mychel in pat londe spreddo 
what of him & his brep«r sedo 
were pritty pousande as we rede 
half six score was Eoseph pat day 
whenne he of wolde went away 
whil pat Ioseph regned p 
his brepcren in egipte poi wcro 

320 Tin: NEW kino, who knew not JOSEPH, took counsel with BIS parliament 


After pai liued had mani dai 

Ded and duluen par war pai. 5194 

ri from Land 118.416] 

[* Off moyses now wolle we telle 
Yf ye wolle a stounde duelle] 

To-quils par ras an vncut king 

pat had to ioseph na knauing ; 5496 

He gedir[d] him a parlement : 

" Godmen," he said, " ta yee na tent 

How pe folk of israel 

Es bred amang us now sua fell, 5500 

Bot we ne were vs wit par kin 

pat sal our kingrik fra vs win." 

" Sir king, pat es soth," pai said, 

u pai haue your landes ouer-laid, 5504 

Ioseph kin ouer-ganges all 

pat to our eldres was a thrall ; 

Wit pair penis hoght was he 

Now pan will he diserit pe ; 5 5 OS 

Sir consail yow, and pat hi yarre 

Was neuer nede o consail mare ; " 

" Lok," he said, " we pan o drei, 

Her vs be-houes to he slei ; 5512 

Hald we pam, sua he said, in date 

pat pai he ai our vnderlote, 

For if pai tak agains vs fight 

And pai out ouer vs ha pe might 551 G 

pan has pair will our wiper-win, 

And we ma sua our landes tin ; 

Halds pam for-pi in au, 5519 

In hirthpin, bath to here and drau 

In werkes pat we haue to mak, 

We sal find warckes for pair sak j 

Apon per neckes sal pai here 

Hott wit stan and wit mortcr." 5521 


cfter pai liued had mani a dai. 
dedc and dolue per ware pai. 

Of pe folk of israel and Moises. 
r\yo quiles per ras an vncoup kinge. 

I at Ioseph had na knawinge. 
he lete cry a pa/dement, 
godemen he saide talus entent. 
how pe kinde of israel. 
ys bred amonge us sa feL 
bot we us were fra pat kin. 
pai wil our kinge-rike win. 
^[ Sir kinge pat ys sop pai saide 
pai han 30ur landes al ouerlaide 
Ioseph kin oner-gas alle 
pat was wont to be thralle. 
wij> our penis bo3t was he. 
and now he wil disherite pe. 
sir consaile 3011 and pat 3are. 
was neuer nede of consaile mare. 
30U bediouys to wirke fill quaynte 
and in paire dedis ham attaynt. 
halde we ham squa in doute 
atte pai be ay our vnderloute. 
for if pai take agayne vs fi^t 
and pai ouer vs haue pe mLJt. 
and so pou may fra pe and pine, 
for defaute pi landes tyne. 
haldes ham for-pi in agli. 
in birpin bap to here and dragft. 
In werkis pat we haue to make 
we salle finde werkis for paire sake. 
A-pon paire nekkis salle pai here 
bap clay stane and mortcr. 


Efter fai liued had niani a day, Aftir fei lyued had mony a day 

Dede and doluie far war fai. 5494 Dede & doluen fere were fay 

Of moyses now wol we telle 
If 36 wole a stounde dwelle 

e wliile roos fere a newe kyng 
fat of Iosepli had no knowyng 
he made f enne a parlement 
And seide gode men take]) tent 
How f e folk of israel 
Is bred amonge vs so fel 
But we kepe vs fro her kyn 
Oure lond wol fei fro vs wyn 
Sir kyng fat is so]? fei seide 
fei liauc 30iire lond al oner leide 
Iosephes kyn ouer goof al 
fat to 30111-0 eldres firste was fral 

Of moyses nou wil i tell, 
If ye wil a stound duell. 

T^at quiles ras far a neu king, 

J" fat of iosepli had na knouyng. 

He made fan ane parlement, 5497 

And said, " gode men, talus entent 

Hou f e folk of ysrael 

Es bred emang vs nou, sua fell. 5500 

Bot we ne were vs fra fair kin, 

fai wil vr land al fra vs win." 

" Sir king, fat es soth," fai said, 

" fai haue 30UI' land all ouer-laid. 

Iosepli kine ouer-ganges all, 5505 

fat to 30111" eldris first was thral ; 

wid fair pcnijs wat we bohut was he, wif 30ure penyes boi^tc was he 

Nou wil his kin diserite fe. 55U8 Now wol his kyn dishcrite fe 

Sir, consail 3011, and fat be jare, 

was neuer nede of consail mare." 

He said, " lat vs loke prhiely, 

Eor vs bihouis nou to be sly ; " 5512 

1 He said, "hald 3c faim sua in doutc, 

fat fai be ay 3our ynderlcute. %£& bk * fat fei be euer oure vndirloute 

Eor if fai take a-gayn vs to fight, If fei a^eyn vs take f e (1310 

And fai ouer VS haue fair miht, 5516 And ouercome vs bi her my^te 

I dar say, widutei) fine, I dar saye wifoutcn fyne 

f"t we sal sua vr landes tine. fat we shul so oure londes tyne 

Haldes faim for-fi in awee holde we hem ferfore in awe 

In trauail bath 1" bere and draw ; In trauaile bofe 1" bere & drawe 

In werkis, fat we haue to make, 5521 In werkes fat we haue to make 

we sal find wirking fbi fail Bake; we shul fynde \?erke for her sake 

Apon fair neckes Bal fai bere vpon her neckes shul fei bere 

Bollis wid stan and wid moi tere." Bolles wif stones & mort< 


Sir takef counsel herfore 
was neuer nede of counsel more 
Lete vs loke pryuelye 
For vs bihouef to be slye 
holde we hem so in doute 

"2- tiii: i-kai:uti:s wkre maim: t<» i:i ii.d rwo IIOWKB, BUT THET GREW Tin: M ore, 

On fam fe king sett sere stmvard 
To hald fam in-to werkes hard ; 
A\ it herd werckes fai lieilcl fam in, 
Son had fai mad tonus tuin, 5528 
Ixamases and pliiton bight fai, [col. 2] 
fis godds folk bar to f e clay. 
Bot ai f e mare fai did [f Jam wa 
fis folk multiplid ai maa. 5532 

f e landes folk fat fai wit ware 
Ful grett nitli to fam fai bar, 
And of wit f er wordes smert 
Grett bitternes fam sett til hert. 553G 
IT Jus king fat wex vm-quil fell 
Agains fis folk fat i of tell, 
fat fam held fad als fas, 5539 

And wald fat na frut fam ras ; 
Y fair wijfs on childing stad, 
Bremli co??zmand lie and badd 
Midwimmen be f e self land 5543 
And al fe knau barns fat fai fand 
Wit-outen grith fai suld fam sla, 
f e maiden barns fai suld lat ga. 5546 
fis midwimmew for godd was radd 
And did noght als f e king fam badd, 
Bot sauued fai far cliilder Hues, 
fan did f e king call f aa midwiues 
quilk far was batten tua, 5551 

fat pliua higlit, and sepliora ; 
To fir tua wi??imen spak f e king — 
" Quar-for did yee noght mi biding 
Wit childir of f e hebru lai ? " 5555 
" Sir, for fis resun," fan said fai, 
" fair wimmen, yee sal vnderstand, 
Er noght lik wimmen fis land, 
For ilk an fam-seluen stere 5559 

Q?«en fai cwm to fat ilk mistere ; 

2 originally p.\r, bat rubbed out. 

11 On ham fe king sette sere stiwardd 
to halde ham in-to werkis harde. 
wif harde werkis he helde ham in. 
sone had fai made tounys twyn. 
rameses and fltounf hejt fai. 
f es goddes folk bare to f e clay, 
bot ay f e mare fai dide ham wa. 
bot ay fe mare fai multiplied ma. 
f e landis folk atte fai wif ware 
grete enuy to ham fai bare. 
and oft sif e made ham smert. 
grete bitternes ham sette to hert. 
1 ^T fis kinge atte wex vn-quemely fel. 
a-gayn fes folk fat I. of telle. [ J ifS2,bkj 
he pined ham in euerilk place 
and walde atte na frute of ham ras 
wyues atte wif barnys ware stad 
bremly he comaunded and bad. 
Midwyues of f e same lande. 
alle f e knaue childer at fai fande. 
wif-outen gift 1 fai sulde ham sla. 
f e mayden childer fai sulde lete ga. 
IF fes midwimmen for god was rad. 
& dide no^t as f e king ham bad. 
bot saued fai fa 2 childer lyues 
fe king 1 dide calle fa 3 mid-wiuis. 
[ 4 Of which that ther 1 wer> twa j^^* 8 * 
phua the toon) higlit the todir sephora] 
& asked ham wif-out lesing 1 
quy fai dide no3t his bidding*, 
wif childer of fe ebru lay. 
sir for fis resoun saide fai. 
fer wimman salle 3c vnderstande 
ar no^t like wimmen of fis lande. 
for ilkan con ham seluen iter, 
quen fai come to fat mister. 


3 a letter at the end rubbed out. 


On faim fe king sere steward, 

To hald faim in werk hard ; 5526 

wid hard werkis he held faim ine, 

Sone had fai made tounes tuine, 

Barneses and Fitou hight fai, 

fa goddes folk bar to faim clay. 5530 

Bot euer mar fai did faim waa, 

fe folk multiplied ay ma. 

fat landis folk fat fai wid war, 

Gret enuy to )>aim fai bare j 5534 

Ofte wid fair wordes smarte, 

Gret tene fai sett vnto fair hart. 

fat king wex wonderly fell 

Again fat folk fat i of tell, 5538 

fat pciim wid held and fled as fas, 

And wild na fruit of f aim ras ; 

Bot quen fair wiues in childiwg stad, 

Brimly comandid he, and bad 5542 

Afid wiues to be of fat same land, 

And all fe knaue-bames fai land, 

widute?i grith fai suld faim sla : 

And mayden childer fai suld lat ga. 

fa midwius for godd war dradd, 5547 

And did noght als fe king badd, 

Bot saued fai fair childer Hues. [col. 2] 

fan did fe king to rail fa midwiues, 

Of fe quilk fat far war tua, 5551 

Phua fe Ian hiht, fe tofer sephora ; 

To fir tua wimmen Bpac fe king, 

"Qui do 30 noght mi bidding 

wid fe childer of ebreu Layl" 

" Sir, for fis resun," said fai, 5556 

u fa wimmen, je sal mdi ratand, 

Er noght like wimmen of fia land, 

For ilkan can faim seluen Btir, 

Quen fai cum to fat mistir; 5560 

. I [NGEN 

On hem j?e kyng set mony stiwarde 
To holde hem in werkes harde 
wif hardenes he heldc hem lnne 
Soone had fei made townes twynne 
liameses. & Fiton. hi}t fai 
f at goddes folke bar to hem clay 
But eue?* as fei dud hem woo 
f e folke multeplied moo & moo 
fe londcs folke f^t fei wif were 
Greet enemyte to hem fei bere 
Ofte wif her wordis smert 
Greet tone fei sett to her hert 
fe kyng wex wondir felle 
A^eyn f e folk fat I of telle 
fei hem wif helde as her foos 
And wolde no fruyt of hem roos 
whence wym??ien were in childyng stad 
Bremely comwau?idide he and bad 
Midwyues to be of fat same loud 
And alio fe knaue childre fei fond 
wif on ten griff e fei shulde hem slo 
And mayden childre let hem go 
fe midwyues for god were drad 
And dud not as fe kyng hem bad 
But fei saued fo childre lyues 
fe kyng lete calle fo mydwyuea 
Of whiche fat fere were twa 
Phua fa1 oon hi^t fe toprr sephora 
To feae two Bpake fe kyng 
why do je doI my biddyng 
wif fo childre of hebru lay 
sir for |>is resou/j gon f< i any 
fo wymmen je Bhul rndirstonde 
Are not Like wymmen of fis londe 
Vchon con st ir fer & m 
w henne fei com to fa1 mister* 



At J»i we cum to Jam might 

Jai are lighter bi Jair aim slight." 

Ami for wimmeji did sua wele 55G3 

Drightin Jam sent bath happ and sele. 

1T Jan comanded eft king pharaon, 

Jat wald Jat folk war for-don, 5566 

Ouer all his king-rik, her and Jar, 

Quc?i wimmen ani knanbam bar, 

Jat o Je kind of hebrn war, 

Men suld it in Je flu??i for-far. 5570 

Quat ! he was brem wit-in his breth 

To Jat lede him did na leth ! 

Bot for noght wend he smor Je sede 

Jat godd seluen of wald bredd, 5574 

1 For na man mai, for na?zkins chance, 

For-do Jat lauerds pwrueance; ^J 82 * 

Of israel sede he thoght 

Be born, or he Jis werld wroght, 

And of his firth sun Jat was 

Geten o lya, Jat hight iudas, 5580 

Jan wald he drau his manhede j 

Of him com kinges o Jat sede 

And of his brojer leui bredd, 

Je pn'stes Jat Jair lagh ledd, 5584 

Pn'st and denmepster sai i. ; 

Bath Jai com o Jis leui, 

O quilk was moyses Je formast, 

Jat i sal tell yow of in hast 5588 

How-gat first he com in place 

And sauued was, thorn godds grace, 

Fra pharaon Jat king felun 

Jat badd Je childer for to drun ; 5592 

And sijen efter sal be redd 

How Jat godds folk he ledd ; 

How he Je commamentes tok 

Als i hight forwit in Jis bok. 5596 


or we to ham \ come mi^t. 
Jai ar deliuered be Jaire awcn sli^t 
& for \er wimmen dide sa wele 
our lorde ham sende baj hap & sele. 
11 Jen comaundet eft king 1 pharaon 
for he walde Jai ware for-done. 
one?* alle his kingerike here & Jare 
quen any wommon knaue barne bare 
men sulde hit in Je flume for-fare 
Jat of Je kinde of ebru ware, 
quat he was breme wij-in his brej 
of his wikkenes walde he no3t lej 
for no3t wende he destroy Je sede 
Jat god him-selff of walde brede 
for may na mon for nankin chaunce 
for-do Jat lordes puruyaunce. 

of israel sede be-fore he Jo3t. 

be borne or Jis werlde was wrojt. 

& of his fe ri^t sum Jat was. 

gyten of lya Jat he^t iudas. 

Jan walde he dragh his manhede 

of him come kinges of Jat lede 

& of his brojer leui bredd e. 

Je prestes atte Jaire lagh ledde. 

baj Jai come of Jis leuy. 

prest & demestre for-soj say .L 

IT Of quilk was moyses formast. 

as I salle telle 3011 now in hast 1 . 

how-gates he first come in place 

& saued was Jorou goddis grace 

fra pharaon Jat king feloun. 

Jat bad Je childer for to droun. 

& si Jen ofter sal be red. 

how Jat goddis folk he led. 

how he x comanndementes toke. 

T salle rode 3011 in Jis boke. 



For ar we cum to pai??i niiht, 

pai er littter bi pair aim sliht." 5562 

And for pa w//»men did sua wele, 

Godd paim sent bath hap and cele. 

pan comandid eft pe king pharao, 

pat all pat folk wild for-do, 

Oue?'-all his kingriche eue/'ilk-quar, 

Quen wo??? man ani knaue-child bar, 

pat of pe kind of ebru ware, 5569 

Men suld it in pe fluni for-fare. 

Quat he was wicked a??d wode 

Again pat folk sua mild of mode ! 

Bot for noght wend he smore pat sede, 

pat godd him-selue wald of brede, 

May nama??, for nankines chance, 

For-do pat worldes puruiance ; 5576 

Of israel sede he thoght, 

Be born of he pat pis world wroght, 

And of his ferd son pat was, 

Getin of lay pat hight iudas ; 5580 

pan wold he drau his manhed, 

Of him cam kinges of pat lede. 

And of his broder leui bredd 

pe preistes pat pair lauis ledd, 5584 

Preist & demister, say i, peaf 40, ool l] 

Both pai com of pis leui, 

Of pc quilk was moyses formast, 

p'/t i sal tell 30U of in hast ; 5588 

llougatis he cam first in place, 

And Baaed was thoru godea grace, 

Fra Pliarao, pal king feloun, 5591 

pat comandid p*' childer for to droun. 

And sipen eftei sal be redd, 

Hon pal he goddi - folk ledd ; 

Hon pe comandmentia tok, 

A i hint 30U bifore in pis bok. 5596 


For ar we com to hem wip my3t [Jjjjfj 85, 

pei are li3ter bi her owne sleijt 

And for po wym???en dud so wele 

God hem sende hap & sele 

IT pen??e com???au??dide kyng pharao 

pat al pat folke wolde for do 

Ouer al his kyngdome euery where 

when??e wom???on any childe here 

pat of pe kynde of hebru ware 

Men shulde hit in pe Hum forfaro 

lorde he was wicked & wod 

A3eyn pat folke so mylde of mod 

For noi^te he wende to sle pat sede 

pat god him self wolde of bredo 

May no mon for no chau??ce 

Fordo pat lordis puruyau??ce 

Of israelis sede he poi^te 

Be born pat pis world wrou3t 

And of his ferpe son pat was 

Geten of lay pat liatt Iudas 

pen«e wolde lie drawe his monhcde 

Of him cooin kyngis of pat lede 

Ami of his brope?' leuy bredde 

pe prestes pat her lawes ledde 

Prest & domes man saye I 

Bope coom of pis leuy 

whiche moyaea was formast 

As I shal telle 3011 in hast 

how he coom filiate in place 

And saued was bi goddea grace 

Fro pharao |>e kyng feloun 

pal 1 ad po childre t<> droun 

Sipen aft i r shal be rad 

]iow ne -. ddea folke lad 

how he pe commauftdementia toke 

A hit is Writes in holy buke 


wiii;n Tin-; people fneai ra trouble, his mother hid him; 

And, ({iten i so mi time J?er-to, 

J?e kingea kin i sal vn-do, 

O qwarn sp?rmg of J>e sauueur 

J?«t broglit vs all in-to socur. 5 GOO 

11 ])e formast broker hight leui, 

A man was of his genelogi 

Fra him bot to Je toj^er kne 5G03 

Jjrtt of his wijf hadd childer thre, 

Moyses and aaron J)ir tua, 

And a doghter hight maria. 

Born in J?at sitli was moyses 

)>at Je folk was in fat pres. 5608 

Q?/en lie born was, wit-outew bide, 

His moder did him for to liidd \ 

Q^en sco tna moneths had him hidd. 

And it was passed in to j>e thrid 5G12 

]>at sco na langer hide him moght, 

An esscen kyst sco did be wroght, 

Did pik it sua, wit-oute and in, 

J?at thorn moght na water win, 5G16 

In ]?is kist J?e barn sco did. 

Qwen it spird was wit j)e lid, 

Noght fer fra j?e kinges hame, 

Sco laid it on j?e water fame, 5620 

Aniang J>e fisses in an ile ; [od.2] 

Son j?er-efter, bot a quite, 

J?e kings doghter plaiand yod 

And sagh J?e vessel on ]?e flodd, 5624 

Sco did man fot it to Je land ; 

A squeland child pcr-m sco land 

J>at was freli for to se, 

O fat child hir thoght pite j 5628 

" For-soth," sco said, " mistru thar nan 

Of hebru childer J?«t Jis ne es an." 

))is child sister stod J>ar-bi. 5G31 

" Wil J)ou i ga," sco said, " leuedi 


IT & quell I. se my lime Jer-to. 

)?e kingis kyn I. sal vn-do. 

of qwam spraQge J»e sauiour. 

atte bro3t vs alle to socoure. 

J>e formast broker he^t leuy. 

& aman was of bis gunelogi. 

fra him bot J?e totyer degree. 

fat of his -wife had childer )u*e. 

Moyses & aaron baj? J?a twa. 

& a dorter he3t maria. 

borne in jxit tide was moises. 

quen J?e folk was in J>at pres. 

quen he was borne wiJ>-oute?i bide 

his modir dide him for to hide. 

H quen ho twa monejjes had him hid 

nede for-soj? hit mote be kidde. 

atte ho na langer hide him mo^t. 

a noble kiste ho made be bro3t. 

& gert to pik hit onte & in, 

J?at )?orou hit mi^t na water wyn 

in J»is kiste J e barne ho did 

bot qnen hit spcred was wi)> J?e lid 

no3t ferre fra Je kyngis hame. 

ho laide hit on )>e wateres fame. 

a-monge J?e risshis in an Ile. 

IF sone ofter wijj-in a quyle. 

J>e kingis do3ter playande 3ode. 

& sagh J?e childe a-pon J?e Hode 

lio comaunded focche hit to )>e lande 

a squeled childe J?er-in ho fande. 

fat was frely for to se. 

of J>at childe hir Jm^t pite. 

for-sof ho saide mistraw \er nane 

of ebru was fis childe neuer nane 

J)is childe sister stode J)e?*-by. 

wiltow I. ga ho saide leuedv. 



And quen i se fie time far-to, 

f e kinges kin i sal vndo ; 

Of qxiam sprong of fat sauyour, 

fat broght vs all in-to soconr. 5 GOO 

pe formast brof e? 1 fat hilit leuy, 

A man was of his genealogy, 

Fra him bot f o toper degre, 

fat of his wijf had childer thre ; 5G04 

Moyses and aron, fas tua, 

And a dohutir hight maria. 

Born in pat time was moyses, 

Quan pat folk was in fat pres J 5G08 

Que?* he was born, widuten bide, 

His mode;* did him for to hide. 

Quen scho to mu[n]th had him hid, 

And it was passid in to pe thrid, 5G12 

fat scho no langer hide him ne molmt, 

a kist of rises did scho be wroght, 

Did pic it sua, widuten and inue, 

fat thoru milit na water wine ; 5G16 

In fis kist liir child scho did, 

And quen it was sperd wid pe lid, 

Noght fer fra pe kinges ham, 

Scho laid it on pe water fam 5G20 

Amang fe richeys, in an yle j [«& 

Sone far ef'tir in a quile, 

pe kingea dohutir playand £ode, 

And -in fat vessel in fc node. 5624 

Scho gert men fet it to fe land, 

neland child far-in scho fand, 
fat was farli for to sc, — 5G27 

Of fat child scho bad pite. |" nan 

" For soth," scho said, " mistrou thai 
Of ebru childer fat fis es nan." 
fis child bod far ' 

M wil fu i ga," scho said, u Ladi, 5< 

Q6l I IV 

whence T se tyme fcrto 

f e kyngis kyn I shal vndo 

Of whom spronge oure saueour 

And broi^te vs alle to socour 

1F f e firste brof er fat hett leuy 

A man was of his genealogi 

Fro him but fe of ere degre^ 

fat of his wif had childre f re 

Moises & aaron f ese twa 

And a doubter het maria 

In pat tyme born was moyses 

wliennc fat folke Avas in fat prees 

whem^e he was born wifoutew pride 

his modir dud him for to hide 

whence she two monefes had him hidde 

And hit passed in to f e fridde 

fat she lengcr hidde him nou3t 

A cofur of ^erdes dud she be wro^t 

Dud piche hit so wifoute & ynne 

fat four^e my3te no watir wynne 

In fis chist fe childe she dide 

And spered hit wif pe lidde 

Not fer fro fe kyngis home 

She leide hit on fc watir fome 

Among fo richesses in an He 

Soone fer aftir in a while 

fe kingis dou^tir fere pleyinge 3ode 

And say f^/t ve jel in pa\ llode 

She lete men fette hit to fe lond 

A squelynge child'' f>erynne she fond 

bat was wondir feire to 

( If fat childe she hadde pite 

I »fe she Beide trowe far ooon 

( »t hebreu childre p>>\ fis is oon 

| childis Bister Btood ferby 

wolt poo I go she Beide lady 



To fo1 a wowiman o \><l lode?" 

"Ga, i sal it do to fede." 5634 

[ ' She wend! and' fond' that she sowgtit 

The cliildis modii sone she brogtit] 

pe leuidi taght it hir to fede, £ s ^SJ] Laild 

And for hire se[r]uis Light pe mede. 

pis womman it vnder-fang, 5639 

It fedd til it cutli spek and gang ; 

Qwen it was throd and su?7&del aid 

To kinges doghter sco it yald, 

l"or hir child sco pan him chess, 

And gaue him to nam, moyses. 5644 

par-for was moyses his nam, 

For he was o pe water tan ; 

All pe folk him sagh in lede, 

Ferli thoght of his fair-hede. 5648 

^T Be pis come moyses til eild, 

pat he moght him-seluen weld, 

pan he went vte on a dai 

To se pe breper of his lai, 5652 

To his kin, hu pan pai ware 

Carked in pat land wit care. 

He sagh an egypcien ful fare 2 5655 

Smit a jim in pat si-quare ; [ 2 read sare] 

(pat brance o kin cald juus was 

pat come o iacob sun, iudas.) 

Qwen moyses par sagh na ma 

Y>oi him-seluen and pa tua, 5660 

To pat egypcian he drogh, 

Wit suilk a dint pat he him slogh ; 

Quen he had slan him wit his hand, 

He hillid him son vnder pe sand. 

An-oper dai went oute als-sua 5665 

And feghtand fand he Iuus tua, 

He said til him pat bare pe wite, 

" How dare pou sua pi broper smite ! " 


to fot a woramon of our lede 

3a I. wil hit do to fede. 

ho went & fande & sone ho so^t. [if -3] 

pe childes modir wip hir ho brost 

pe leuedy ta3t hit for to fede. 

& for hir seruis he$t hir mede. 

H pis wommon blepely toke per-to. 

& fedde hit til hit cowde speke & go 

quen hit was waxen & sumdel aide. 

to pe kingis doghter ho hit 

for hir childe ho pan him chese 

& gaf him to name moyses. 

per-fore was moyses his name. 

for he was of pe wate?* tane. 

al pe folk him sagh in his lede 

had ferli of his fairehede. 

^[ be pis was moyses of elde. 

atte he mi3t him seluen welde. 

pen he went out on a day 

to se pe breper of his lay. 

to knaw his kyn how pai ware 

carkid in pat lande wip care. 

he segh" an egipcian be name. 

smate a lew wip myche grame. 

pat braunche of kyn. calde Iewes was 

pat come of Iacob sone Iudas. 

IT quen moises sagh per na ma. 

bot him-seluen and ham twa. 

to pat egipcian he drogh. 

& so him smate pat he him slogh. 

quen he had slayne him vrith his hande 

he Hied him sone vnder pe sande 

a-noper day went out al-squa. 

& Iewes fande he fe^tande twa. 

f Le saide tille him atte bare p e wite 

how dar pou squa pi broper smyte 



To fett a womm.B.71 of pat lede 1 ? " 5G33 

" 3a/' scho said, " i sal do it to fede." 

Scho went and fand pat scho soght, 

pe childes mode?* wid liir scho broght. 

pe ladi bitaght it liir to fede, 

And for hir seruise higlit liir mede, 

pe womman sone it vnderfang, 5639 

And fedd it til it coude spec and gang. 

Que?i it was thriuen and sum del aid, 

To ])e kinges dohutyr sdio it ^ald, 

For hir child Jjan scho him dies, 

And gaf him to name moyses ; 56-44 

par-for was moyses his name, 

Tor he was of j:e watir tane. 

All pe folk him saw in lede, 

Ferli had of his fair-hede. 5648 

Bi pis cam moyses to elde, 

pat he miht him-seluen weild ; 

pan went be vte apon a day 

To se pe breder of his lay, 5652 

To knau his breder, hou pai ware 

Filid in pat land wid care. 

He saw a gypcian ful sore 

Smyte a iuu, bifor liim pore. 5656 

1 (pat branch of kin cald iuns was, 

pat cam of iacob sonis iudas.) [ l J { ^' bk ' 

Quen M au par war na ma, 

])<>{ aim seluen and jjai tna, 5060 

To \ pciau he drogh 

wid suilk a dint, pat lie him sloli ; 

Quen he had slain him wid his hand, 

He dalue him sone vnder J>e Band. 

An-np'v day he went alsua, 5665 

And Gghtand fand he iuna tna ; 

I !•■ Baid to him pat bar p<- wi 

"Hou durst pu sua pi broder smite !" 

To fetche a wom??zon of pat lede 
^e go she seide I shal hit fede 
She went & fonde pat she soi^t 
pe childes modir soone she broi^t 
p e lady toke hir hit to fede 
And for hir seruyse hett hir mede 
pe wommon vndirtoke hit po 
And fedde hit til hit coupe speke & go 
2 Whence hit was pryuen of good elde 
To pe lady she dud hit ^elde [ 2 leaf 30] 
For hir childe pcivie she him chees 
And 3af hit to name moyses 
Moyses was herfore his name 
For he was of pe watir tane 
Alle pat him saw in lede 
wondir hadden of his fair hede 
Bi pis coom moyses to elde 
pat he my^te him seluen weldo 
pemie went he out vp on a day 
To se pe breperen of his lay 
To knowe his brepe?" how pei ware 
Fillud in pat londc wip care 
he say an egipcian ful soro 
Smyte a iewe bifore him pore 
pat brau^che of kyn calde iewes was 
pot coom of iacobes s«n Iudas 
Aloises say per were no mo 
But him self & p. i two 
To bat egipcian bo drowse 
Suche a dynt pat lie him slou^e 
whennehe bad slayn him with his bond 
he dalC him soone vndir sond 
An"}- /■ day he went also 
And fijtynge fonde he iewes two 
he saide to hiwi pai had pe wile 
durst pou pus pi bioper smyte 
- 1 i v 


pan ansuerd him \ni pantener, 5669 

" Sin (\u,'\\ was ])ou vr dempster? 
1 Wil pou sla me als pou has slain 
pis endir dai |>e egypcian % " PJf Jf« bk » 

Moyses for pis vp-braid 5G73 

"Waa stonand in his hert, and said, 
" Tlioru quam. es pis 1 liow mai pis be ? 
Qua has broglit vp pis word o me?" 
pe king herd J>is and Lad als faa 5677 
Men suld scke moyses to sla. 
Moyses sagh na better wan, 
Bot fled he in-to madian, 
And sett him par a Avel biside, 5681 
Tipand for to spir and bide. 
pe prist o pis sted pat i neuen 
Had at ham doghters seuen, 
pai com to wattwr par pair fee, 5685 
Qwar-of pair fader had gret plente ; 
Als pai war drauand water best 
Come hirdes and awai pam kest. 
Moyses sagh pai did pam wrang, 
And son he mengeg pam amang ; 
pe hirdes fra pe wel did he, 5691 

And did to drinc pe maidens fee. 
pir wimmen went pam ham a-gain, 
And attam con pair fader frain ; 
" How had yee pan sa snith don 5695 
pat yee ar cummen ham sa son 1 " 
" Sir," pai said, "thorn a yongman 
pc/t semed to be an egypcian, 
pe soth, sir, to yow for to sai, 
He put pe hirdes all a-wai, 5700 

And wit us he our w&tur drogh, 
And gaf our bestes drinc i-nogh." 
" Qitat es pat man? ye do him call." 
" Sir. gladli," pai said wit-all. 5704 


pen onsquared pat losenger 
syn quen was pou our maiafcer 

wil pou sle me as pou has slavnc 
pis enderday pe egipcian. 
11 Moises was pen for pis vpbraide 
shonande in his hert & saide. 
porou quam ys pis how may pis be 
wa has bro^t vp pis worde of me 
IT pe king 1 herde pis & bad as fa. 
men sulde seke moises to sla. 
IF Moises sagli na better wane 
bot flagh him in-to madian. 
& sette him pare a quyle be-side 
tipande for to spere & bide. 
IF pe preste of pis stede I. neyuen. 
had atte hame dogh teres vij. 
pai come to watter. per paire fe. 
quar-of paire fader had grete plente 
pai drogh water & hyed faste. 
come oper hirdis away ham caste. 
Moses sagh pai dide ham wrange 
& sone he blende ham a-man^e. 


pe hirdes fra pe welle dide he. 

& made to drink pe maydenes fe. 

per wi??zmen went ham hame agayne 

& atte ham con paire fader frayne 

how had $e so squipe done. 

atte ^e ar co?ramyn agayne so sone. 

IT Sir pai saide. porou a ^ongeman. 

pat seined be an egir^cian. 

pe sop sir to ^ou to say. 

he putte pe hirdes al a- way. 

cv; wip vs our water drogh. 

& gaf our bestes drink I-nogh. 

1F quare ys pat man do squipe him caL 

sir gladly pen saide pai allc. 




pan ansucrd him pat an, 

" Sipen q\\Q?i was pu vr domesman 1 

wil pu me sla as pu did an, 

pis oder da}-, pe egypcian *? " 5G 72 

Moyses for pis vpbraid 

was dredand in Lis hert, a??d said, 

<; Tlioru qua??i es pis 1 hou may pis be 1 

Qua broght vp pis word on me ? " 

pe king lierd pis, and bad alsua 5677 

Men suld seke moyses to sla. 

Moyses sau na better wane, 

Eot fledd him into madian, 

And sett him par a well biside, 5681 

Ty^and for to spir and bide. 

pe preist of pis stede pat i neuyw, 

lie had at ham dohutris seueny?* ; 

pai com to watte?* par pair fe, 

Quarof pair fade?* had plente. 5686 

Als pai war drauand pe water best, 

Cum herdes and away Jaira kest ; 

Moyses sau pai did Jaiwz wrang, 

And sone he mengid he pai?n emang ; 

pe herdes fra pe well draf lie, 5691 

And did to diinc pe maydines fe. 

pawimmen wentpai?/? ham agayn, [coi. 2] 

And at paiin gaue pair fade?' frayn, 

" Hou had 3c sua smertly done, 

pat ;•■ 1 1 Domen ham .sua sone?" 5696 

" Sir," pai said, " thorn a rjong man, 

p. it Berne 1 bo 1"' a gypcian ; 

Sir, pe soth til jou to Bay, 

He j>ut pe herdea all away, 5700 

And wid va he vr water dp 

And gaue vr be*1 is drinc enogh. M 

'• Qtiei era pat man ? 30 do him call." 

j >aid, "sir, gladli we sail." 5704 

pemie vnswered him pe ton 
Sip whenne wastou oure domes mon 
woltou me sle herfore 
As p6»u didest pe egipcian not 3ore 
Moises for pis vmbreide 
Was dredinge in his herte & seide 
pour^e whom is pis how may hit be 
who broi^te vp pis worde on me 
pe kyng hit herde & bad also 
Men shulde Moises seke to slo 
]\loyses say no better won 
But fledde in to Madyon 
He sett hi???, pe?*e a welle bi syde 
Tipingis to here pe?'e to abyde 
pe j3?-est of pis stude pat I neucn 
he hadde at home do^tres scuen 
pei coom to watir wip her fe 
wherof her fadir hadde plente 
As pei to watir droof her beest 
Coom herdis & away hem kest 
Moyses say pei dud hem wronge 
Soone he modeled hem amonge 
pe herdes fro pe welle drof he 
And dud to drynke pe may denes fe 
po wymmen went lioom a^eyn 
And at home gan her fadir freyn 
how hadde ^e so Bmartely done 
pat je are comen hoom so sone 
Sir pei seide bi a jong man 

fat se 1 i" be an egipcian 

Sir [>e Bofe to 3011 to say 
he put \n herdea alle away 
And \\ i p va he oure watir drowse 
And jaf oure beeatia drynke ynowje 

win Pe I it man dop hif71 Calle 

Sir p' i seide gladly we Bhalle 



y>({ 1 fot moyses ful skete, prwd \>-.u] 
And wit fe preist ragnel he etc. 
Quen fai war quainces can i mell, 
fis moises and pr/st Raguel, 5708 
He wedded of his doghters an 
Sephoram, an hind womman, 
Tua childer til him can sco ber, 
Gersan and eliezer. 5712 

iT To-quils was of isracl 
fe folk ledd wit niikel vn-wel, 
far fare was soru on to se, 5715 

And for to here it was pite ; [ 2 adL 2] 
2 For J?ai fam herd sa hard al[s] tharl, 
On drightin can fai cri and call. 
Again fat folk sua wit fam ferd 5719 
Sua lang fai cald, drightin Jam herd, 
He herd pair waimiwg and vn-quert, 
And he vmthoght him in his hcrt 
Of his [hiht] lang sif en es ganj 
Mad til fair eldres and ah ram ; 5724 
For forward f «t he wit f a??i fest 
His ei on reuth he on Jam kest, 
Bath he light Jam o fair wa, 5727 
And sif en f aim liuftrd fra fair fa. 
^[ Moyses, — ]>ai sitli was sett to kepe 
All his eildfader scepe, 
fat was f e pr/st of madian, 
Quas doghter he has tan, — 5732 

f e flok he fedd opon a tid, 
Bi a wildrin wod side. 
Als he welk bi fam far a-sturct, 
Bi-sid oreb, a litel munt, 573G 

He sagh a selcuth thing to se, 
Him tlioght brewnand he sagh a tre, 
Als it wit lou war al vm-laid ; 5739 
He tlioght, and til him seluen said, 


fai fot moises I. fe hete 
& wif fe prcst raguel he ete. 
f us fai accorded as I. fe tel. 
f is ilk moises & raguel. 
he wedded of his doghtws an. 
Sephoram an hende womman. 
ij. childer ho con him here. 
Gersan and eliezer. 
^F alle f is quyle of israel 
f e folk was ladde in grete trauaile. 
f aire sare was sorou on to se. 
& for to here grete pite. 
]>er ware fai halden harde as f ralle 
to mijtti god fai con calle. 
f us wif sorou & care fai ferde 
so lange fai cried atte god ha??z herd! 
he herde f aire cry & f aire vnquert 
& he vnibe-f ojt him in his hert 
of his hote lange sif en gane 
made til faire eldres & abraham. 
for forward fat he wif ham fest 1 
his eye of rewf e on ham he keste. 
baf he confort ham of wa. 
& sif en deliuered ham fra faire fa. 
moyses had f e lagh to kepe. 
to his eldefadere shepe. 
fat was fe prest of madian [ 
quase doghter he had him tane. 
his flok he fedde a-pon a tide, 
bi a wildernes side. A miracle. 

^ als he went bi ham a stunt. 55 b ?° qlu m 
be-side oreb a litil Munt. &c 
he sagh a selcouf e f ing 1 to se. 
him f u^t brinnand was a tree, 
als hit wif logh al ware vmbelaide 
him fu3t atte an tille him saide. 


J?ai fett moyses, fair and suete, 
And wid p?*eist Raguel he etc 

Qucn fai war quaintid, as i tell, 
fis moyses and sir Raguell, 5708 

He weddid of his dohutris an, 
Sephoram, an hend womman. 
Tua childe?* to him gan scho bere, 
Gersan and heliezer. 5712 

pis quilis was in israel, 
fe folk ledd in mekil vnwele, 
fair sor was som on to se, 
And for to here was pite. 5716 

f aim fai held hard as thral, 
On godd fai gan to cri and cal, 
Again fat folk sua wid faim ferd, 
Sua lang fai cald pat godd paim herd. 
He herd fair mening and far vnqiiavb, 
And he vmthoght him in his hart, 
Of fis hiht lang sipoi gan, 5723 

He made to fair eldris and abraham. 
For forward fat he wid f aim fest, 
His eye of reuth on f aim he kest ; 
Bath he help id f aim of fair wa, 
And faim diliuerd fra fair fa. 5728 
Moyses fat time tok kepe, [leaf 41, col. 1] 
To his elde fadris schepe, 
fat was f e preist of madian, 
Quas dolmtir he had him tan. 5732 
Hifl flok he fedd apon a tide 
Bi a wilde wodis Bide, 
And as he welt hi him a stounte, 
Be-side oreb, a littel mount, 5 730 

He Ban a selcuth sight to so ; 
Him thoght brinand Ik- Ban a trc, 
AN it wid lone war all vmlaid. 5739 
Him thoght, and to him BelueO said, 

Moyses f ei fette faire & swete 

And wif fe preest Ragnel he ete 

whence f ei were aqneynted so to tel 

fis moyses & sir Raguel 

he wedded of his doi^tris oon 

Sephoram a hende worn m on 

Two childre dud she to him here 

Gersan and helyesere 

IF fis while was in Israele 

fe folke lad in mychcl vnwele 

her soor was sorwe onne to se 

And for to here was greet pite 

hem fei helde harde as fral 

On god fei can to cryc & cal 

A3eyn f folke so wif hem ferde 

So longe fei calde f at god hem herde 

He horde her menyng & vnquert [J| :;,i> 

And shope fcrfore in litil stert 

On \ai biheste he folate fan 

f^t he made to olde Abraham 

For fat forwarde he wif hiwi fest 

his e}e of reuf e on hem he kest 

Bof e he halpe hem of her wo 

And delyuered hem of her foo 

5F Moysea fat tyme toke kepe 

To his elde fadres shepe 

fat was fe prest of madian 

whos doi^tir he had him tan 

his folke lie fedde vpon a tide 

Bi a wilde wodes eyde 

And as he welke fere wif wil 

Biside ejeb a litil hil 

,w a Belcoufe si ;t to 
him fou^te brennynge a 1 1 
As hit wif lone al «rere bileyde 
And to him Beluen soone he seide 



" To sc yon tre i sal ga nerr, 574 1 
fat semes brennand no[w] on feir." 
Qtien lie fis busk ner-lmnd had sene, 
Wit blome and leif lie fand it gren, 
And fis was a fore-seeuing scene 
O mode?* bath and maiden clene, 5746 
fat sifen la»g, wrt-vten less, 
Bar child and sco f e/'of wemles, 
Als did fe tre fat semed to bren, 
And fan was far na fir wit-in. 5750 
Als moyses on-ferru??i thoght 
fe tre brmand and brint noglit, 
fan cald on him our lauerd dright, 
Yt of his mikel lemand light, 5754 
Tuis moyses cald he be nam : 
"Qzmt wil foil, lauerd^ here i am." 
" I am fin eldres godd," colli he, 
"For i fam ledd fai luued me, 5758 
Mi folk of israel in w T a, 
fat has ben ledd lang sua, 
And i wil now fair mwrning mend, 
To pharaon i w r ill fe send, 5 7 02 

Pharaon, of egipti king, 
Yte of his land fam did to bring." 
" Lauflrd, and quat es i f ar-to 
To suilk a gret nodes do ] " 5766 

la Ga forth," he said, " wit-vten drcd, 
For i me-self sal f e lede ; C 1 leaf 33, coi. 1] 
fat f ai noght sai agains mi sand, 
fou sal fain wit mi takens faand.5770 
Queii fou has broght f am fair land, 
Do f am right her me mak off rand, 
Apon fe topp right on fis hill." 5773 
" Lauerd," he said, " sai me f i will ; 
Quat sal i sai fam nam es fin? " 
fan ansuard him fat drightin, 5776 


to se 3011c tree go we nore 

fat semis brinandc as liit were. 

If quen he fis buske ncrliande had sene 

wif blome & lefe he fande hit grene 

& fis was for a sh[e]\ving* sene. 

of moder baf & maiden clene. 

atte sif en ofter wif-outen lesse. 

bare a childe & ho wemlesse. 

als dide fe tree atte semed to brin. 

& ^et was fer na fire f er-in. 

as moises on ferrum f 03t 

f e tree brinnande & brend' 1103!. 

51 fen calde on him our lorde dri^i. 

out of his mikil lemande li3t. 

twies moises he calde be name 

quat wil fou lorde here I am. 

I am fine eldres god quof he 

for I am led. f ai loued me. 

Mi folk of israel fat ar in wa. 

fat has bene ledde sa lange squa. 

I wil now f aire mournyng amende. 

to pharaon I wil f e sende. 

& bid him safe as he ys king*. 

out of his lande my folk bring 1 

IF lorde quat sal I haue fer-to. 

suche a grete nedis to do. 

^F ga forf he saide wif-outen drede 

for I. my-self I. salle f e lede. 

f ai sal no3t say a-gayne my sande. 

wif suche takin fou sal ham fande. 

quen fou has bro$t ham of fat lande. 

bid ham ri^t here make me offerando. 

a-pon f e -top ri$t on 3one hille. 

lorde he saide say me f i wille. 

quat salle I. say f i name ys ri^t. 

fen onsquared fat lorde of nii^t. 



u To se 3011 tre i sal ga ncrere, 
pat brinancl semis as on ferre." 
Quen lie pis busk ner had sene, 5743 
wid blome and lef he fand it grene, 
And pis was a for-scheuing schene, 1 
Of moder bath and maydin clene, 
pat sipen lang, widuten les, pMs.sciwnd] 
Ear a child and scho wemles, 5748 
As did pe tre pat sernid to brine, 
And pou par was na fir wid-in. 
As moy ses onferum thoght, 
pe tre brinand, and brint noght, 5752 
pan cald on him vr lauerd of miht, 
vte of pr/t mekil lemand liht, 
Tuis moyses cald he bi name ; 5755 
u Quat wil pu, lauerd 1 here i am." 
" I am pin eldris god," said he, 
" For i paira ledd, pai loued me, 
Mi folk of ysrael es in wa ; 5759 

pai haue ben led wrang alsua. 
Bot i wil nou pair DiU7*ning mend, 
To pharao i wil pe send, 
Pharao, of egipt king, 5763 

vte of his land paira for to bring." 
" Lauerd," he said, " quat am i par-to, 
At suilk a gret nedia to do 1 " 57GG 
2 " ( !a forth," he said, " widuten drede, 
For i mi seine sal pe lede ; [ 2 coi.i] 

pat pai noght say again mi sand, 57G9 
wid mi taking pu sal paira fand. 
Que;?, pu has broghi pai/// frapat land, 
po paira to make me ] y ^h' offirand, 
Apon pf topp riht of pis hill." .»7 7-"» 
" Lani /•']." he -aid, "say me nou pi will 
Quat sal i iv paim ea name pin?" 
God him ansuerd, wid Littel dyn,5776 

To pflt tre I wol go nerre 

pr<t brenwynge seinep as on ferre 

whence he pis buske cooni to sene 

wip blome & lcef he fonde hit grene 

pis was a forshewyng shene 

Of modir hope & may den clene 

And sipen longe out of preea 

Bare a childe & she wemles 

As pe tre semed to brin«e 

And pen^e was pe;*e no fire perynno 

As moyses on fer pou$t 

pe tre brennyng & brent nou^fc 

pen^e called on him oure lord of m\'3t 

Out of ]>q mychel leinynge li^t 

Twyes moyses he called bi nam© 

what woltou lord here I ame 

I am pyne eldres god seide ho 

For I hem led pat loued me 

Mi folke of israele is woo 

pei hauc ben lad wronge also 

Bnt I wol now her mournynge mendo 

To pharao I wol pe sende 

Pharao of egipte pe kynge 

Out of his ionde hem for to bryngo 

Lord he seide what am I perto 

Suche a greet node to do 

Go forp he aeide wipoutc?* drede 

For I my self shal pe lede 

p/'/t pei not jein aeye my sonde 

wip my tokenea pou ahalt hem fonde 

whenne pou hast brou^te hem to p"t 

Do hem to make to me offrande U ;Ul(1 ° 

vpon \<> top of pis hille 

he seide lord say me pi wille 

whal shal I say ia pi name 

( rod vnawered wipouten blame 



'■ [f fai mi nam will ate fe Drain, 
Ansucr J)ou fain Jjub a-gain, 
4 To yow me sondes lie fat es/ 
bis es mi nam, namar na less, 5780 
Of liini fat es mi nam fou call, 
For mi mining sal neuer fall. 
Do, moyses, als i f e ken, 
Ga, gedir samen fin cldir men 578i 
Of all f i folk of israel, 
And sai fat i hane herd f am well, 
f ai ar in wandret and in waa, 
Fnl wel i wat fat it es sua ; 5788 

Sai f am i sal f am son visete, 
f ar-to sal be now na lang lite. 
I sal f am bring vtc of thain-hede, 
In-till a land, a wonsun tliede, 5792 
A land rijinand bath honi and milk, 
In al f is werld now es nan suilk. 
Sif en sal f on wit-outen lion 
Wend to king pharaon, 579G 

And bidd him lat mi folk ha wai 
fat he [has] lialden to f is dai, 
Doand fam sa gret vtiage 5799 

fat fai mai mak me na knaulage. 
In wildrin land and in wastin 
I wil fam bring of fair nocin ; 
Lot wel i wat he es ful thra, 5803 
Lath sal him think to let fam ga, 
He sal me drau wit lite and lentil, 
Til i dcliuer fam wit strenth." 
^T "Lauerd," said moyses, "wil i tru 
f at pharaon sal me mistru." 5808 

" Sotli, quat has foil in fi hand?" 
" Lauerd," he said, "i ber a wand." 
" fou kest it on f e gross, i bidd ; " 
" Gladli, lauerd," and sua he didd. 

if fai at fe. my name wil frayne 
onsquare fou ham f us a-gayne. 
to 30U me send is he fat ys. 
f is is my name naufer mare ne les. 
[ l As he fat is my name fou calle 
My menyng slialle neuer falle] 
{ o moyses als I. fe ken. 
ga gedder samme fine eldrin men 

Of lily folk Of israel. L 1 from L:\ud MS. 416] 

& say fat I. haue herd' ham wele 
fai ar in wandering 1 & in wa. 
ful wele I. wate atfce hit ys squa. 
say I. wille ham help & rede, 
out of fat cuntree fou ham lede. 
I salle ham bring 1 of fat f raldome. 
in-til a lande wif-outen shome. 
a lande wif baf hony & milk. 
in alle fis werld' nys nane squilk. 
^[ sif en sal fou squif e haue don 
wende vn-to f e king 1 pharaon. 
& bid him lete my folk a-way. 
fat he has halden to fis day. 
he has ham done mykil outrage 
at fai may make me na knawlage. 
In wildernes wode & in waste 
I. wille ham help & fat in haste 
bot wele I. wate he ys ful f ra 
& laf wil be to lete ham ga. 
he wil ham dragli a libel of lenght 
til I. deliuer ham wif strcnght. 
^[ Lorde said moises wele I traw. 
fat pharaon me salle mistraw. 
Sof . quat beris fou in fi hande 
Lorde he saide I. here a wande. 
fou kast hit on fe grisse I. bidde 
gladly lorde & so he didde. 



M If pai mi name wil at pe frayn, 

pu ansuer paim pus a-gain, 

' Til 30U me sendis he pat ess ' — 

pis es mi name, more ne less ; 5780 

Of him pat es mi name Jm call, 

Mi mening neuer mar sal fall. 

Do, moyses, nou as i pe kenne, 5783 

Ga, gadir to-gidtr pe eldest men© 

Of all mi folk of israel, 

And sai J?at i haue herd paim wel, 

j?ai er in wandring and in wa, 

Ful wele i wat pat it es sua. 5788 

And say i sal paim sone visite, 

par-to sal be na lang dilite. 

I sal paim bring fra pat thralhcde, 

And into a land of lufsum-hede, 5792 

A land rennand honi and milk, 

In al pis world es nan suilk. 

Sipen sal pu wend al-sua, 

To pharao pe king pu ga, 5796 

And bid him lat mi folk away, — 

pat he has haldin to pis day, 

Doand paim sua gret vtrage, 

pat pai mai make on me no knaulago : — 

Into wildirness land 5801 

I wil paim bring vte of his band, 

Bot wele i wat he es ful thra, 

Lath hiwi thinkea to late paim ga. 

•He sal me draw wid lith and lenkith, 

Til i deliuere paim wid strenth."5806 

"Lauerd," said moyses, "wele i trow 

pat Pharao wil me mistrow." £»«• bk - 

u Soth, wat has pu in pi hand ? " 

"Lauerd," he said, "i bere a wand. M 

" pu kest it on pe griss, i bidd." 581 1 

" Gladli, laoerd," and sua lie didd. 


If pei my name wol at pe freyn 

vnswere hem pus a^eyn 

To 30U me sendep he pat es 

pis is my name more ne les 

Of he pat is my name pou callo 

My menyng slial neuer falle 

Do moyses as I pe kenne 

Go geder to gider pe eldest menwo 

Of alle my folke of israel 

And say pat I haue herde hem wel 

pei are in wandrynge & in wo 

wel I woot pat hit is so 

Say I shal hem soone pay 

perto shal not be longe delay 

I shal hem bringe of pat pralhedo 

Into lussu??z londe hem lede 

A londe renwyng hony & my Ike 

In al pis world is noon swilke 

Sipen shal pau wcnde also 

To pharao pe kyng pou go 

Lidde him lete my folke away 

pat he hap holden to pis day 

Doynge to he»i so greet trowage 

pat pei may make me no knowlago 

Into wildernes loud [leaf 37] 

I wol hem bringe out of his bond 

wel I woot he is ful pro 

Loop him is to lete hem go 

he shal me drawe foip on lengpe 

Til I delyucr hem wip etrengpe 

Moyses saide take Qot in greue 

Lord pharao wol me not leue 

what hastou seide god in pi bond 

Lord he 1 bere a wond 

I ite bit on pe graa I bidde 

Gladly lorde & so lie didde 



Qucn it was on fe gross laid, [col. 2] 

A neddir it was, and ho was fraid, 

Sua ford fat he to fie bi-gan ; 

To nioyses said drightin fan, 5816 

" I bidd f e strok f i hand f e fra, 

And hi f e tail f ou vp it ta." 

Queii moyses it had in hand, 

Als it was ar, it wex a wand. 5820 

To moyses Jan spak drightin, 

" f ou put f i hand in bosum fin." 

He put his hand in, fair in hele, 

And vte he drogh it als mesel, 5824 

He put it eft in his spaier, 

IT quen hit was on fe grisse laide. 
a nedder hit was & he affrayod. 
for ferde he. to fie be-gan. 
to moises saide our lorde Jan. 
I. bid Jo stroke fine hande f e fra 
& bi f e tayle f ou vp hit ta. 
quen moises had hit in his handc 
als hit was ere hit wex a wandc. 
IT To moises spac our lorde dri^tin 
f ou putte fine hande m bosum fine 
he putte hit in i faire in hele 
he drogh hit out hit was mesele. 
he putte hit eft. in his spaier. 
& oute he dro^h hit hale & fere. 

And vte he drogh it, hale and fere. 

IC Ga forth," he said, " and if f e king ga for]) he saide & if f e king*. 

Wil noght tru fi first takning, 5828 wil no^t traw f e first takenyng*. 

Qua-sa wil noght f e formast tru, 

To tru fat tof er es fair pru. 

If f ai tru nof er f eir tua, 

fe Avater fe flum fou ta 5832 

And put it vp apon f e land, 

And certainli, fou vnderstand, 

Al fat f ou draus vte fat nod, 

It sal be turnd al in-to blod. 5836 

"Wit J»e fou sal tak aaron, 

Yee sal sai to king pharaon 

fat he lat now mi folk apert 

Pass, to wirscip me in desert, 5840 

Jar sacrifice at mak to me, 

Yte of his land dai-ganges thre." 

IT Noav makes moyses him boun 5843 

Als drightin tald him his lessun, 

His broker aaron he mett, 

fat drightin self has meting set, 

Wit f e eldes folk of Israel, 

Wit pharaon fai w r ent to mel. 5848 


qua-sa wil 1103 1 fe formast trow, [leaf si] 
to knaw fe tofer hit is f aire prow. 
U & if f ai troAV nauf er of fa. 
fe water of fe flume fou ta. 
& putte it vp a-pon fe lande. 
& certa?ely fou vnderstande. 
alle atte fou drawes of fat node, 
hit salle turne to rede blodo. 
wif fe f ou sal take aaron. 
& 30 sal say to king pharaon. 
atte he now lete my folk appert 
come to seme me in dishert. 
f aire sacriflse to do to me 
out of his lande Avif -in dayes pre 
ow makis moises him boun. 
als god l him talde in his lessoun. 
his broker aaron sone he mette. 
als our lorde faire meting 1 sette. 
f ai Avent ham forf to israel. 
king pharaon onsquare to tel. 



1 MS. 'god substituted for 'crist.' 


Quen it was on pe gris laid, 
Aneddir it was, and lie was fraid, 
So ferd, pat ho to fie bigan ; 
To moyses said vr lauerd pan, 5816 
"In pi hand pu noglit forsake, 
Bi pe tayl pu vp it take," 
Que?i moyses it had in hand, 
As it was ar, it wex a wand. 5820 
To moyses spac god al-mightin, 
" pu put pi hand in bosum pin." 
He put his hand in, al in hele, 
And vte it tok he als a mesele ; 5824 
He put it eft in his spayere, 
And vt it tok, hale and fere : 
" Ga forth," he said, " and if pe king 
wil noght trow pi first tak?zing, 5828 
Qua sua wil noght trou pe first, 
To trow pe toder him es best. 
If pai trow noupe?* of pas tua, 
To pe wate?* of pe flum pu ga, 5832 
And poure it vp apon pe land, 
And certaynli, pu understand, 
All pat pu drawis vte of pat fiode, 
It sal be tumid in-to blode. 583G 

Tak wid pe aaron alsua, 
To pharao pe king, say ^e tua 
pat he lat mi folk a-parte 
Pass, to worschip me in desartc;58IO 
pair sacrifice to make to me, 
\'te of his land ior[n]ais thro." 
Kou makis moyses him boune, Eooi.i] 
As god him taghl lii- lessounc. 581 1 
His broder aaron he mett, 
For god him-eelf pair mething sett 
wid po eldesl folk of i rael, 
wid pharao pai weni to dole. 5848 

whence hit was on pe gresse cast 
An edder he was & he was gast 
So ferde pat he to fie bigon 
To Moyses seide oure lorde pon 
In pi honde pou not forsake 
Ui pe taile pou hit vp take 
whence moyses hit had in hondo 
hit wex as hit was er awondo 
To l\[oyses spake god al mj$t 
pi honde put in pi bosuw ri^t 
he put his hond in al in hele 
And out he toke hit as mesele 
he put hit efte in his spayere 
And out he toke hit hool & fero 
Go forp he seide and if pe kyng 
wol not leuc pi firste tokenyng 
who so pe furst wol not trow 
To leue pe toper is his prow 
If pei leue nouper of pese two 
To pe watir of pe Hum pou go 
And poure of hit vpon pe loud 
And ccrtcynly pou vndirstond 
Al pat pou d rawest out of pat floodo 
hit shal be turned in to blode 
Take wip pe aaron also 
To pliarao kyng say 30 two 
pat he lete my folke apert 
Passe to worsliope me in desert 
her Baerifise i<> make to mo 
Out of his londe iourneyes pro 
Now make]) moyses him bou;i 
As u r "'l him tai^te his lessou/t 
his bropei iaron he mette 
For god him self her metyng setto 
To warns pe eldesl of Israi 1 
And to pharao p« i went wol 



Jai said Jat driglitin self badd 
His folk Jat vnder him war stadd 
To giue fain leue wend of his hand, 
At wirscip him in wildrin land. 5852 
King pharaon Jam gaf ansuar, 
"Quat es he?" he said, "fat godd, or 
Jat i suld ojer here his saand, l ( i iiar ' 

lat Je folk vte o mi land 1 5856 
Kojer i knau him J«t yee sai, 

Ne i ne wil lat Je folk a-wai." 
"Jus he said, Jus-gat wil he, 2£*ii M * 
Jat his folk cum iornais thre 5860 
In wildernes offrand to mak, 
J«t suerd apon hus tak na wrak." 
H " Ferli," he said, " o yow me thine, 
"Wene yee mi men ta fra Jair suinc 1 
Jai rise and bredes ai mare and mare, 
33ot wel mare if Jai idel ware." 5866 
Dathait qua werkes on Jam spar ! 
Jan held Jai Jam harder Jan ar, 
Jat fra Jat tide ned-wais suld Jai 5869 
Do tua dais werkes on a dai. 
And taron sett he men at ask 
Of ilk dai to yeild Jair task, 5872 
And said, " ne lat yee noght Jam lion 
Als Jai ha mast-qwat hider don, 
And qua ne dos noght yur bidding, 
Wit scarp scurges yee Jam suing. 
Now wald Jai mak Jam a w r itsau5877 
Fra Jair warkes for to drau, 
For to weind to wildernes 
To Jair land, i ne wat quat es ; 5880 
Bot als euer mai brok mi hand 

1 sal Jam do duell in mi land." 
Jan spak Jat driglitin al w r eldand 

Til moyscs, his tru seruand, 5884 


Jai saide atte our lorde ham badde 

his folk atte vnder him war stad 

he sulde no3t warne ham for to wende 

to serue him Jat ys hende. 

kingi pharaon gaf ham onsquare 

quat ys he Jat god. or quare. 

quat trawes he for his sande. 

Jat I. wille lcte ham of my lande 

naujer I. knaw him atte $e say. 

ne I ne wille lete Je folk a-Avay. 

311s saide Jai Jus-gatis wil he. 

Jai be deliuered wij-in. dayes Jre. 

In wildernes offerande to make 

or ellis on Je he wil take wrake 

IT ferly he saide of 30U me Jink. 

quen 3e my men take fra Jaire squink 

Jai rise & brede ay mare & mare. 

wele mare Jen Jai Idel ware. 

I salle fonde no3t to spare. 

to halde ham harder Jen .1 dide are 

Jai salle for-soj if atte I. may. 

wirk .ij. dayes werk a-pon a day. 

& Jer-on sette he men atte aske. 

of ilk day to 3elde Jaire taske. 

& saide lete $e nane hone. 

be for his time as Jai han done. 

& qua-so dos no3t 30m? bidding 1 . 

wij sharp skourges 3c ham ding 1 

quat wene Jai wij missawe. 

fra my werk ham to drawe. 

for to wone in wildcrnesse 

w T iJ faire lorde I ne wate quat is. 

bot als I. euer brok my hande 

I salle ham teyche to dwelle in lande 

T^an spac our lorde al w r eldande 

J til moises his trew seruande 



fai said fat godd liim-seluen bad 

His folk fat vnder Lim war stud 

To giue faim leue to wond fra his hand, 

To worsclup god in wildrenes land. 

King pharao gaf f is ansuer, 5853 

"Quat es he? fat godd, or qucr? 

fat i suld ethir here his sond, 

Or lat fe folk vte of mi loud, 585 G 

Neyder i knon him pat $e say, 

Nor i ne wil lat pa folk away." 

" jis," he said, " fus-gat wil he 

fat his folk come iornais thre, 5860 

In wildirness olfrand to make, 

fat suerd apon 30U take na wrake." 

lie said, "farli of 3011 me thine, 58G3 

wald }e mi men take fra fair suink ? 

f ai rise and brede ay more and mare, 

And more wild if fai idel ware. 5866 

Blame hauefai fat werkis on f aim spar, 

And hald paini ay harder fe mar." 

Fra fat time nedis had fai, 5869 

Do tua iornays apon a day, 

And f ar-on sett he men at aske, 

Of ilk day to 3eild fair taske, 5872 

u To stand lat 30 f aim noght hone, 

As 30 liaue latin f aim most-quat don. 

And (|iia-sua dos noght 30ur bidding, 

wid soharpe skourges 30 faim suing. 

Now wald fai make a withsawe, 5877 

Fra fair werkis faim to drawe, 

For to wend to wildirness, 

To fair lauerd, i ne wat quat he ess. 

Bol ala i exter brouke mi hand, P7M2, 

•' ' Qui, 1 J 

I sal faim do duel] in mi laud." 5882 
fan spac god al weildand, 
To m his trew se[r]uand. 

qOttinoi n 

f ei seide god him seluen bad 
his folke fat vndir him was stad 
To lete hem of his londe he??i drosso 
To worshipe him in wildernesse 
kyng pharao 3af his vnswere 
what is he fat god or where 
fat I sliulde for his sonde 
lete fat folke out of my londe 
]N~ouf er I knowe him pat 3c say 
Ne I wol lete f e folke away 
311s f ei seide fus wol he 
fat al his folke com Iourneyes fro 
In wildornes offring to make 
fat swerde on 3011 take no wrake 
he seide wondir of 30U me p inke 
wolde 3e my men take fro swynke 
f ei rise & brede ay more & more 
And more wolde if f ei ydel wore 
Blame hauc fat hem spare 
To holde hem eu^r harde & bare 
Fro fat tyme he bad fat fay 
Sliulde do two iourneyes on a day 
vpon hem set he men to aske 
Eucry day to £elde her taske 
To stonde lete 30 hem not bide 
As 30 han done mony a tyde 
who so dof not 3 011 re biddyng 
wif sharpe scourgis 30 hem swynge 
Now wolde fei make a wif sawe 
Fro her werkes hem to wifdrawe 
For to wende to wildei 1 
To her lorde I noot what he es 
Aa I euei brouke myn hond Deaf 87, back] 
I Bhal hem do dwelle in my lond 
fenne Bpake ,u r ->d al weldonde 
To moysea his trewe seruonde 



" Qiien pliaraon sal ask yow 

Wit quat takning he sal yow fcra, 

pou bidd pi broker aaroii 

pe wand cast forwit pliaraon, 5888 

And it sal til a neddei worth." 

And eft-sith pan pai went pa??i forth 

Bi-for pe king, in-til liis hall, 

par he sat wit his herns all ; 5892 

Bot noght he of pair errand herd. 

pan tok aaron pis i]k yeird, 

And on pe flore he kest it don, 

And it become a worme felon. 5S96 

pan cald pe king his enchaunturs, 

pe craftes of his iogulurs, 

Dun pai kest a wand ilkan, 

And pai wex dragons son onan. 5900 

Bot aaron wand it wex sa kene, 

pas oper it wired al bidene ; 

pe king hert wex herd as bras, 5903 

"pe folk," he said, "yeitt sal noght pas." 

Drightin pan spac to moysen, [coi. 2] 

" pe hert o pliaraon i ken, 

For now i wat pat it es mar 

Hardend for mi sail pan ar ; 5908 

And for pat he wil noght me here, 

Hard on-come sal i send him sere, 

Bath on him and his kingrike, 

He sal do mani man mislike. 5912 

And for he wil do na rcsun, 

"Wit-in pe see pan sal he drum." 

pan on-sandes he on him send, 

Men sal min to pe worlds end. 59 1G 

pis it was pe first on-sand, 

pat all pe waters on pis land 

Wex son in to blod redd, 

pat al pe lisches par-in Avar ded. 5920 


quen pharaoD sal a.ske 30U. 
w r ip quat takin lie sal traw 3011. 
pou bid pi broker aaron. 
pi wande caste be-for pharaon. 
& hit salle til an odder worp 
& eft pen pai went forp. 
be-for pe king 1 in his halle. 
per he sete wip his berenes alle. 
bot of paire erande no^t pai herde 
pen toke aaroii his 3erde. 
& on pe flore he keste hit douw. 
& liit be-come a worme felourc. 
f pen calde pe king 1 his chauntours 
pe craftest of his iogelours. 
anoim a wande pai kest ilkane 
& pai be-come dragownes iche an. 
bot aaron wande wex sa kene. 
pas oper hit bette be-dene. 
pe kingis hert wex hard as brasse 
pes folk he saide 3et sal no3t passe. 
k ur lorde spac to moysen. 
pe hert of pliaraon I. ken. 
for now I. wate atte hit ys mare, 
hardened for my sande pen are. 
& for pat he has done here 
liarde on come he sal haue sere 
bap on him & his kingerike 
he sal do mony a mon vnsquyke. 
& for he wille do na resoun. 
w r ip-in pe see pan sal he droun. 
suche wrake I. sal on him sende 
pat men sal Myn to pe werdis ende 
T^is it was pe first sande. 
J pat alle pe wateres of his lande 
wex sone in-to blode rede 
pat alle fisshis pen ware dede 


" Quen pharao askis 3011, 
wid quat takin lie sal 3011 trow, 
Jni bidd pi brode?* aaron, 
pe wan[d] kast bi-for pharaon, 5888 
And it sal to a neddir worth." 
Anope?' tim pai went pai??z forth, 
Bifore pe king into his hall, 5891 

par he satt, wid his knightes all ; 
Bot noght he of fair erand herd. 
J? an tok aaron his ^erd, 
And on pe nor he kest it doun, 5895 
And it bicam a w[o]rm feloun. 
pen cald pa king his enchauntonwrs, 
pe craftiest of his Iugylonurs, 
Doun pai kest a wand, ilk an, 5899 
And pai wex dragonis sone on-an. 
Lot aaron 3erd it wex sua kene, 
pas oper it wirid al bidene. 5902 

pe kinges herte wex hard as brass, 
" pa folk," he said, "^eit sal noght pass." 
God spac pan to moysen, 5905 

" pe herte of pharao i ken, 
For nou i wat pat it es mare 
Harder for mi sake pan are. 5908 

And for pat he me wil noght here, 
Hard sondis i sal send him sere ; 
Bath on him and on his kingriche. 
He sal gei mani a man mislike. 5912 
And foi he wil pus bate on me, 
I e tl him drenkil in pe se." 
pe first vengans he on him send, 5915 
Men sal mono vnto pe worldes end. 
pis it was pe first sand ; 
All pe watria of hia land, 
Wex sone into blod rede, [*L»] 

Jut all pe fisfl par-in was dede, 5920 

whence pharao askep 30W 

Bi what token he shal 30U trow 

Bidde pi hropcr aaron pon 

Caste pe ^erde bifore pharaon 

Into an odder his shal be lent 

Anopcr tyme forp pei went 

Bifore pe kyng in to his hallo 

pcre he sat wip his knyjtia alio 

But not he of her cr[a]ndo herdo 

penne toke aaron his ^erde 

And on pe flore he caste hit dou>i 

hit bicoom a worm feloun 

pem*e calde pe kyng his enchautttoura 

pe craftiest of his iogelours 

~Do\\n pei kest a 3erde vchone 

Dragoiuzs pei bicoom anone 

But aarones 3erde wex so kene 

po ope?*e hit woryed al bi dene 

pe kyngis herte wex harde as bras 

pe folke he seide ^it shal not pas 

God seide po to moysen 

pe herte of pharao I ken 

Now I woot hit is more 

harder for me pen hit was oro 

For pat he wol not me here 

hardenesses shal I sende \\\m sere 

Bope on him & his kyng richo 

he shal make mony men mis licho 

For he wol pus debate on me 

I shal him drenche in pe see 

H po firste vengeaunce he on him sende 

Men shnl mono to pe worldes ende 

pen??o hit was pe furste sonde 

Alio pe wattria of his londo 

Boone wex into blood reed 

pat alio pe fisshes p^rynne were deed 



For pe rotte p«t par-on fell 

Uatli on stank and burn 1 and well, 

Ke was in litis na vessel fre [ 1 M^?.biutu] 

p«t waiur hild, o stan ne tre, 5924 

pis vr&tw pat sua stanc ; 

~\Ya was Jam pat it nedings dranc. 

pat toper on-com pat him fell 5927 

Was frosse fat na tung moglit tell, 

p«t vte o brim and brokes bred, 

And sipen ouer al egypte spred ; 

Bot al pe erth pai heild sua, 5931 

Man moglit noght peron sett liis ta, 

Bath, in buses and wit-vte, 

And al pe land ouer-laid a-boute. 

fan bad pe king pharaon 

Call moyses and aaron ; 5936 

" Yee p? , aiyour laue?*d,"hesaid, "pat he 

Wald do pier frosses a-wai fra me." 

And pai said, " sett vs term wen 

"We sal for pe prai and pi men." 5940 

" To-morn," lie said ; " sir, and we sal." 

Ful yern on godd bi-gun pai call 

To liuer pe folk on fat on-fall, 5943 

And drightin sua Jam did of all ; 

pe frosse deid all vp be-dene, 

pe bepes o pam war gret vnsene 

pat men gadird on pe grund. 5947 

Quen pharaon sagh rest and stund, 

His hert wex gret and gan to greue, 

pe folk pan wald he giue na leue 5950 

For to pass of his king-rike. [if 3*, coi. i] 

pe thrid on-sand was sent him slike, 

pat al pe pudre of his land 5953 

Wex liungre llees, sare bitand, 

pat bath pai clang on man and best, 

To hund-flee war pai lickest; 595G 


for pe rette at par-on felle 
bap in staunkc bourne & welle. 
ne was in hous na vessel fre. 
pat water helde of stane ne tree, 
of pis water atte so stank 1 . n&af8* f baek] 
wa was him at par-of drank 1 , 
pe toper oncome atte him felle 
was froskis atte na tunge mote tel 
pat ouer brim & brokis brede 
& ouer alle egipte pai con sprede 
atte alle pe erp pai hiled squa 
atte mon ne beste mote naure ga. 
bap wip-in house & wip-oute. 
& alle pe lande ouer alle a-boute. 
pe?* bad pe king 1 pharaone 
calle moises & aaron. 
je pray jour lorde pen saide he. 
ho do pere froskis a-way fra me. 
& pai saide sette us terme & quenne 
we salle pray for pe & pi men. 
to-morne he saide. & we sal. 
ful gerne on god be-ganne pai cal. 
to deliuer pe folk of pat onfalle. 
& dri^tin squa he dide of alle. 
pe froskis dyed alle be-dene. 
pe hepis of ham was grete vnsene 
atte men geddered on pe grounde 
quen pharaon segh rest a stounde. 
his hert wex grete & con to greue 
pe folk pen walde he giue na leue 
for to passe of his kingerike 
pe prid on sande was sonde him slike 
pat alle pe poudre of his lande. 
wex hungry lleghes & sare bitande. 
atte bap pai clange on mon & best 
to fleys of hounde ware pai likkest 

moses and aaron prat god to deliver the land from the frogs, 345 
yet pharaoh's heart waxed great, the plague of lice. 

For f e rott J?at f ar-on fell, 
Bath it stanc, reuer and well, 
far was in house na vessel fre, 
fat water held, of stan no tre, 5924 
Of f is watir fat it ne stanc : 
wa was J?aim fat it dranc. 
fe tofer wengans fat him fell, 5927 
were froskis, fat na tung miht tell, 
fat vte of brym a[V]d watris bredd, 
And ouer-all egipt land f ai spredd, 
fat al fe erde fai couerd sua, 5931 
A man miht noght fre sett his ta, 
Lath in hous and wid-vte, 
And al f e land oue?*-al aboute. 
fan bad f e king pharaon, 
Cal moyses and aaron, 5936 

" ^e pray ^our lauerd," he said, " fat he 
Do fir froskis a-way fra me." 
And fai said, "sett vs teme quen 
we sal pray for £e and fi men." 5940 
" To morn," he said ; " sir, and we sal." 
Ful fast on god bigan fai call, 
To liuere f e folk of fat onfall ; 
And godd faim did sua of all. 5944: 
f e froskes deyed vp al be-dene, 
f c hepis of faim war wonder to sene 
fat nic?i gadrid o-pon f e grund. 
Quen pharao sau rest a stound, 5948 
His herte wex grctt, and gan to greuo 
fe folk, fail wild he giue na hue 
For to pass vte of bio kingr[i]ke. 
f<- thrid vengana was gent lii//> alike, 
] ' all f e pouder of his land 5953 
wex hungri flics, sare bitand, 
fat bath fai hat bath man and best, 
To flew flies fai war likest. 

For f e root fat f eron felle 
Bof e fen stanke ryuer & welle 
fere was in house no vessel fre 
fat watir helde of stoon ny tre 
So foule al f is watir stonke 
wo was hem fat hit dronke 
5T f e tof er vengeaimce fat liim fel 
were frogges fat no tonge coude tel 
fat oute of banke & wattres bredde 
And ouer al egipte londe spredde 
Al fe erf e f ei couered so 
Men my3te not fre sett a to 
Bof e in house & wif oute 
And ouer al f e londe aboute 
f en;ie bad f e kyng soone anoon 
Calle Moyses and aaron 
Preye 30ure lord fat he 
Do fese frogges away fro mo 
fei seide sett vs tyme whence 
To preye for f e & f i memio 
To morwe he seide : sir we shal 
Fast on god f gon fei cal 
To delyucr f e folke of fat wrecho 
A] id god was ful soone her lecho 
f e frogges de^cd alle bidene 
fe hcpes wondir was to sene 
fat men gedered on fe groumle 
when?*e pharao had reste a stou?/Jo 
he wex al greet in greuo 
be folke wolde he ^yue no leue 
Foi to pa ise out of his londe 
II fe fridde vengeaunce coom on honde 
Al ]?<• poudir of his lands 
wei lives foule sore bitande 
BoJKS fei boot men & bt 
To flesshe flexes wi re \>'\ Likest 
-11 v 


Bot al for pis yeit was na buto 

pe folk lie lete noght pass a foto. 

IT pan sent godd Jam on a flei, 

A scarper neuer pai for-wit sei, 59G0 

On pliaraon and his to draght, 

Jjat ouer all his landes raght. 

Bot in pe land ])at bight iessen, 

par wo?mand war his aim men 59G4 

Come nathing o J)is fleis far, 

Ful wel he cuth his aun spar ; 

pof pai war midward pe contre, 

Fill fair he made his aun fre, 5968 

pat pharaon suld vnderstand 

pat mighti was ouer ilk land. 

Pharaon, pat fals o pes, 

Cald aaron and moyses, 5972 

u Gas," he said, " her in mi land, 

And to your lauerd yee mak offrand. 

Q?/ar-to suld yee ferrer lait." 5975 

"Do wai,"pai said, "pou speckes vnnaib, 

Vr lauerd wil tak na wirscip wit, 

pat man him dos in cursd kyth, 

Als sun pe folk es of egypte 

pat mas to beistes pair wirscipe. 5980 

[ • • • 

no gap in the Cotton fy Laud 3ISS.] 
Thre dais gang, na mare ne less, 
We most weind in to wildirness 5984 
To mak vr lauerd his wirscip to, 
Als he has comanded vs to do." 
" Gas pan, sin yee wil pider ga, 
Bot ferrer ga yee noght pen sua. 5988 
For me yee prai," and pai said, * ya, 
To-morn pe fleies sal be you fra, 
Bot noforpi suike vs na mare." 
pe folk pat time pair wai lat fare. 5992 


bot al for pis hit was na bote 

pe folke he lete no^t passe a fote. 

IT pen sende god on ham a fley. 

so sharp be-fore neuer pai scgli 

on pharaon & his to dragh 

pat ouer alle his landis ragn" 

bot in pe lande pat he^t gessen 

per wonande was his awen men. 

come na-ping H of per fleys pare. 

ful wele he con his awen spare 

pai ware amid-warde pe cuntre 

ful faire he made his awen fre. 

pen pharaon mi^t vnder-stande 

pat mi^ti was ouer al his lande. 

IT Pharaon pat fals of pes. 

calde aaron and moises. 

gase he saide here in my lande 

& to ^oure lorde $e make offerande 

quar-to pen sulde $q ferrer laite 

do wai pai saide pou spekis vnnayte 

our lorde wil take na worshepe wip. 

of mon pat dwellis in cursed kip. 

als ar pe folic of egipte. 

pat maste to bestes done worshepe. 

if we do him here to honour. 

he wille vs sle w r ip-oute socour. 

5F iij. dayes gane nauper mare ne lesse 

we moste wende in-to waldernesse 

to make our lorde worshepe to. 

he has comaunded vs to do. 

gas forp 30ur way syn $e wil ga. 

w r ele I. wate hit mote be squa. 

for me $e pray & pai saide 3a. 

to-morne pe fleys sal be pe fra. 

so pou be-gyle vs na mare 

bot lete our folk forp fare 



Bot al for noght, was it na bote, ['"[ 12 » 

f e folk he let noght pass a fote. °° i] 

pan sent godd on faim a flie, 5959 

A scharper sau newer man wid eye, 

On pharao and his to drauth, 

fat oner all his land it rauht. 

Bot in f e land pat hight gessen, 

far wonand was his aun men, 59 C £ 

Com non of pa flies fare, 

Ful wele he coude liis aun spare. 

f ou f ai wonid in fat contre, 

Ful fair he made his aun fre, 5968 

fat pharao suld Vii&erstand, 

fat mihti he was oner all his land. 

Pharao, fat fals of pes, 

Cald aaron and moyses, 5972 

° Gas," he said, u here in mi land, 

And to jour lauerd £e make offrand. 

Quar-to suld je ferder gal" 5975 

" Do way," f ai said, " it bes noght sua, 

God wil na worschip take of paim 

pat duellis emang cursid men, 

Sua es f e folk of egipt, 5979 

fat makis to bestis fair Avorschip. 


no gap in the MS.] 

Thre iornais, more ne less, 

Most wend into wildemes, 5984 

To make vr lauerd worschip to, 

Afl lie has comandid vs to do." 

11 Wend on faun, sifen y\ wil ga, 

Bot ferrer ga y. noght fan sua, 5988 

For me y pray,"- and fai said, "ja, 

To in "i'n fe flija sal be v ,n fr&i 

And par for bigile va nam ire." 

fo folk fat time be lete for-fare, 5992 


Al for noujte hit was no bote 

fe folke lete he passe no fote 

f en?ie sent god on hem a fleje 

A sharper say nener mon wif e$e 

On pharao & his to drau^t [leafssi 

fat oner al his londe hit rau^t 

Saue in pat londe pat hett lessen 

fere woned goddes owne men 

Coom noon of f o flrjes fare 

wel he coude his owne spare 

f ouje fei woned in fat cuntre 

Faire he made his owne fre 

For pharao shulde vndirstonde 

Mi}ty he was oner al his londe 

Pharao ful fals of pees 

Calde aaron and Moyses 

Goof he seide here in my londe 

And to joure lorde make offronde 

wherto shulde 30 fovper go 

Do wey fei seide hit is not so 

God wol no worshepe take of hem 

fat dwelle among cursede men 

Suche is fe folke of egipt 

fat make to beestis her worship 


no gap in the MS.] 

fre iourneyes more ne lesse 
Most fei wende into wildernosse 
To make oure lord worship to 
As lie liaf beden to be do 
wendef he seide sif 30 wol go 
But furper go 30 not fen so 
For ine 3c prey 311s fei seide 
To morwe shnl fo fli^ea be leide 
Bigile vs no more in k 
fe folke po he lete forp faro 

il.l.Ml V 


Moiscs praid f e mom dai, 

All fe ileies ware went awai, 

fat all f e land it wex sa clene 

fat an-lepi far was noght sene. 5996 

Bot yeitt held pharaon in tlirang, 

Na folk wald he lat vt-gang. C 1 coi. 2] 

1 IT fan sent godd a qualm on-fall 

On besteis in fat kingrike all, 6000 

Ilors, asse, mule, ox, camell, 

Dun fan deid all fair catell, 

Hijs aun folic alle fat had beist, 

bam deid noght an o f e leist. 6004 

Quen pharaon sent fat to se, 

Al hale and fere men faand fair fee, 

Bot ai was pharaon in an 

fat folk o-w r ai fan lett he nan. G008 

1T fan sent drightin f e sext on-sand 

f e fals pharaon to faand, 

Bile, and blister, bolnand sare, 6011 

On all his folk, bath lesse and mare, 

Wa was don f am on fair licam, 

Ful wel f am aglit fair king to blam ! 

far for nathing fat man might sai, 

Ne wald he lat fe folk a-wai. 6016 

IT f e seuend on-sand fat sif en fell, 

Was a weder ful selcut snell, 

A thonor wit an haile sua kene 6019 

fat suilk forwit [was] neuer sene ; 

Haile and fir was menged samen, 

fat it ouer bade fand f ai na gamen, 

For bath it sloght fra it be-gan, 6023 

Was vte wit huse bath beist and man ; 

f e tres it brake, f e gresse it brint, 

At f e land iessen it stint : 

Israel for fis tempest 6027 

Was nofer harmed, man ne beist. 


H Moises prayed f e morne day. 

& alle f e fleys ware a-way. 

fat alle f e lande wex sa clene 

atte neuer ane was per sene 

IT bot 3et helde pharaon in f rang H 

na folk walde he lete gauge. 

fen sende god a qualme onfalle 

on bestes in fat kingerike alle. 

hors. & asse. mule. ox. & catel. 

doun fai deied alle in vn-hele. 

his awen folk alle at had beste. 

ham died no^t ane of f e leste. 

^F quen pharaon alle fis con se. 

atte dede & loste was al f aire fe 

& $et was pharaon ay in ane 

f e folk walde he no3t lete gane. 

^F fen sende our lorde f e sexte sande 

f e fals pharaon for to fande. 

bile & blister bolnande sare 

on alle his folk lasse & mare. 

wa was ham done on f aire licame 

fid sare ham a}t f aire king to blame 

fat for naf ing 1 fat mon mote say. 

ne walde he lete fat folk a-way. 

IT f e seuened sande atte sif en fel. 

was a weder selcouf e suel 

an f ondre wif an haile ful kene. 

fat squilk be-fore was neuer sene. 

haile & fire was blende samme. [leaf 33] 

qua hit ouer-bade fande fai na gumme 

for baf hit slogh fra hit be-gan. 

fat oute wif hous was best & man. 

f e treis hit brak f e grisse hit brint 

he blu ful loude & walde 1103 1 stint. 

of i[s]rael for fis tempest. 

naufer was harmed mon ne best. 



Moyses praid f e toder day, 

All f e flijs wair quit a-way, 

fat all fe land it wex so clene, 5995 

fat neue/* a flie f ar-in was sene. C 1 ooi. 2] 

'Bot 3oit faini held pliarao in thrang, 

f e folk ne wild lie late forth gang. 

pan sent godd a qualm on all, 

On bestis in J?at kingdam to fall, 6000 

Hors and ass, moul and cam ay le, 

Doun fan dyed al fair catele. 

His ami folk fat hadd ani best, 

far dyed noght on of f e lest ; 6004 

Quen pliarao sent fat to se, 

Al lial and fere f ai fand fair fe. 

Bot ay was pliarao in an, 

fat folk a-way ne lete he nan. 6008 

pan sent godd f e sext on-sand, 

fat fals pliarao to fand ; 

Bile and blester bolnand sare, 

On all his folk, less and mare, 6012 

wa was f aim on fair bodis all, 

fair king f ai banned, gret and small. 

Bot 3eit for noght fat men miht say, 

Ke wald he latt fat folk away. 6016 

pe scucnt vengans fat sipcn fell, 

It was a wede?- was wonder fell, 

A thoner wid a hayl sua kene, 6019 

fat suilk a-nof cr was neuer sene : 

Hail and fir menged samen, 

fat it ouer-tok, thoght faim na garner ; 

For bath it slow fra it bigan, 6023 

widuten hous, bath best and man ; 

f e treis it brast, f e erde it brent : 

At fe land of gessen far it stent, 

Israel for fat tempast 6027 

was noufer harmed, man no be:st. 


Moises preyed fe tofer day 

fe ili3cs Avere alle quyt away 

fat al f e lond wex so clene 

fat newer a m^e f erynne was sene 

jitt f e kyng hem helde ful fro 

For wolde he not lete hem go 

IT fen sende god a qualme of alle 

In fat kyngdome on beestes to falle 

horse & asse mule & camel 

Doim f ei de3ed her catel 

Goddes folke fat had any beest 

De3ed noon of hem moost ny leest 

Pliarao sende fat to se 

hool & fere he fonde her fe 

But euer was pharao in oon 

f e folke away lete he not goon 

IT fe sixte vengeaimce coom on honde 

False pharao to fonde 

Bile & blister bollynge sore 

On alle his folke lasse & more 

hem was wo on her bodies alle 

her kyng f ei waryed grete & smalle 

3itt for noi^te fat men u^t say 

Wolde he lete fe folke away 

IT f e seuenfe vengeau/ice to tel 

hit was a weder wondir fel 

A fondur wif a hail so kene 

Suche anofer was neuer sem'. 

liail & fuvr menged samen 

fat hit ouertoke fou3te no gamen 

Bofe hit slow^e fro hit bigon 

wifouten house beest & mon 

fe treest hit brast fe erfe brint 

At gessen londe )'■ re liit .-lint 

Of Israel for fat temp 

I banned mon nor beest 
Till MIT 


ban said J>e king, "i haue fe wrang, 

And al f is wrak on me cs lang, 6030 

Prai for me now,, moyses, 

f i lauerd to do f is thoner ses ; 

For he es right wis fat yee on Hue, 

f c folk to fund i sal giue leue. 

I and mine fe mis has don." G035 

lie praid, fe w r eder it lefte fan son. 

Quen pharaon had fat he soght, 

Langer his forward heild he noght. 

U fan sent driglitin a litel beist, 

toth es noght vnfelunest, 6040 
Locust it hatt, in buk I faand, 

1 tru nan suilk es in f is land. 

fat beist f an 'gneu vp al biclene 6043 
fat f e thoner left, bath ripe and grene. 
fam it was- sua mani bredd, [.jj^n 1 ' 1 ^ 
Ouer all f e land fan ware f ai sprecld, 
f at men moght wel nof er se 
"Na gresse on erth, na leif on tre. 6048 
Bot yeitt es pharaon als he 
Has for-wit ben, and ai wil be. 
IT fan did drightin wit-drau his light, 
Andmirkenes made wil mare fan night, 
Sua thik f at nan moght of er see. 
And fat was lastand dais thre, 6054 
Na man him moght o stede stere \ 
Bot euer iessen he mad al clere. 

\Tl\e Passover, and 

% Yeitt drightin fanded pharaon,. 

And send f e tent on-saand him on, 

Mare fan all fas of er sincrt 

To seitt him soru at his hert. 6060 

Aaron he badd and moysen, 

" Do yee," he said, " als i yow ken, 


51 fen saide f e king 1 1, hauc done wra;/ge 

atte allc f is wrake is on me lange. 

Pray for me leue moises. 

f i lorde to do f is thonder sese 

for he ys ri^twia on to leue. 

f e folk to founde I. sal geuc leue. 

if I. & myne mis haue done. 

I. wil amende bit smart & sone. 

IF quen pharaon had at he S03t. 

langer his forward helde he no^t. 

fen sende our lorde a litel bestes. 

of tof he ys f e felownestes. 

hokis hit had in boke I. fande. 

I traw nane squilk is now in lande 

fat best gnow vp al be-dene. 

at thonder left baf ripe & grene. 

of ham hit was sa mony brede. 

ousr alle f e lande con f ai sprede. 

fat men for ham ne mu^t se 

gresse on erf ne leue on tree. 

bot ^et ys pliaraon als he. 

as bene & ay wille be. 

IF fen dide our lorde wit/f-dragrl his li^t 

& mirkenes made wele mare few ni^t 

squa f ik 1 fat nane mo3t ofer se. 

& fis was lastande dayes fre. 

na mon him mu^t of stede store 

bot ay gessen he made al clere 

of the first-born.~\ 

IF ^et our lorde fonded pharaon. 
& sende fe tendc on sande him on. 
mare fen alle fa of er smert 
to sette him sorou at his hert. 
Aaron he saide & moisen. 
do now he saide as I 3011 ken. 



fan said f e king, " i liaue f e wrang, 

All pis wreche on me es lang, 

f u prai J?i lord, sir moyses, 

fat he wil do dis thoner ses ; 6032 

For he es right-wis fat $e on leue, 

f e folk to fond i sal giue leue. 

I and mine fe misse has done." [^{f' 

He j) raid, fe wedir sescid sone : — 

Quen pharao had fat he soglit, 6037 

Langer forward held he noght. 

pan sent godd a litel best, 

Of toth es noght vnfelonest, 

Locust it higlit in bok i fand, 

I trou non suilk es in f is land. 

fat best gnow vp all bidene 

fat thoner left, bath ripe and grene ; 

Of f aim it was sua mani bred, 

ouer al f e land f ai war spredd, 

fat mennoquar ne miht se 6047 

Griss on erde, ne lef on tre. 

Bot ^eit was king pharaon 

Fals as he was ay bi-forn ; 

fan did god wid-drau his light, 6051 

And miik u os made mar fan niht, 

►Sua mirk fat nan miht oper se ; 

And fat was lastand dais thre, 

Ka man miht vte of stede stire : — 

Bot cue?* gessen made he clere. 6056 



f en?ze seide f e kyng I haue fe wronge 

Al f is wreche is on me longe 

Prey f i lord sir Moyses 

fat he wol do f is fonder cces 

he is rijt wis fat }e on leue 

his folke shal go wif outen greuo 

I and myne mys haue done 

he preyed f e wedur ceesed soone 

whence pharao hadde fat he soujt 

Longer forwarde helde he no^t 

IT f cmiQ sende god hem a litil bcest 

Of toof is not vnfoulest 

Locuste hit hett in book I fond 

I trowe noon suche be in f is loud 

fat beest gnow^e vp al bidene [if 38, bio 

fat f ondur lafte ripe & grene 

Of hem were so mony bred 

Ouer al fe londe f ci were spred 

fat men my$te nowhere se 

Gras on erf e ny lecf on tre 

But 3it was pharao forsworn 

And false as he was biforn 

IT fenwe dud god wifdrawc his li3t 

And merkenes made more fen nyjt 

So merke noon niyjte ofer se 

And fat lasted dayes fre 

No raon out off stud n^te stere 

Gessen cuntre was al clere 

[The Passover, cmd llllmg of tlic first-born. ~\ 

3cit god fan*] id pharaon, 
And Bent £«• tend wreche him on, 
Mart fan all fas ofersmert, 
To sett liim Born ai hia hert 60G0 
Aion he bad and moysen, 
"Dos," he Baid, "aa i jon ken, 

H 3itt god fondide pharaon 

And sende fe tenfc wreche him on 
More fen alle f< e amert 

To sett him iorwe at bis ]i 
Aaron g<nl geide & moj 
Dof he seide as I jou ken 

TIM m it 


Says to mi folk on J>iskin wis, 

fat Jxii me mak a sacrifice. GOG-1 

First f ai me an auter make, 

And sif en sal ilk hus in-take 

A clene lie lambe, wit-vten sake, G0G7 

f e blod ye liald, f e filth vte scake, 

And quen it es till off rand bedd, 

f e fernet f er-wit sal be fedd. 

Lok fat fai be scod ilkan G071 

f is lamb sal etc, and barfote nan. 

And qua for pouert es be-hind 

fas of er all fan sal Jam find ; 

f is lamb blod of all thing, 

far- wit yee mak fan takni?2g, 6076 

On airer post f er hus to smer, 

A takin o tav on fair derner. 

"Wit therf bred and letus wild, 

pe quilk fat groues on f e feild : 6080 

It sal noglit sif en be bot bred, 

f is lamb fat f ai of sal be fedd, 

f ai sal it ete wit fite and heued, 6083 

Vte oue?* night sal noght be leued ; 

And if oght leue ar it be tint, 

f ai do it in f e fire be brint. 

Yee be alle belted, wit staf in hand, 

Hones noght quils yee ar etand. 6088 

And i mi-self," fan said our dright, 

" Sal pass thoru cgypti fat night, 

And all f e for-birth sal i sla, [col. 2] 

Eath o man and beist al-sua; 6092 

fair goddes i me on wil wrake, 

O f am mi wengeance sal i take. 

In mining sal ye hald f is dai, 

Yee-self and your oxspn'ng ai, 6093 

Sole?nplike wit-in your lai, 

"Wit al f e wirscip fat yee mai." 


Saise to my folk on f is kin wise. 

fat f ai come do me sacrifise 

first f ai me an awter make. 

a clene lambe wif-outen sake. 

eueriche hous salle take. 

f e blode 3c halde fe filf out-shake 

& quen hit ys to offerand! bedde 

f e farned f ar-wif salle be feddo 

loke atte f ai be shod ilkane. 

f is lambe salle ete & barfot nane. 

& qua for pouert ys be-hinde 

f ase of er alle sal him finde. 

f es lambe blode of alle f ing*. 

^e ham make f ar-wif takenyng 1 . 

on aif er poste. f aire hous to smere 

in takenyng 1 of f ingis at wald? dere 

wif therf brede & letous wilde 

f e quilk at growes on f e filde. 

hit sal no3t sif en be bot bred. 

f is lambe at 30 sal of be fed. 

f ai sal hit ete wif fete & heued 

ouer ni3t salle no3t be leued. 

& if 03t leue or hit be tint 

f ai do hit in f e fire be brint. 

IT loke 3e be belted wif staf in hande 

Ne hones no3t quilest }e ar etande. 

& I. my-self saide our dri^t 

sal pas f orou al egipt fat ni3t. 

I sal 30U saue or ellis ham sla 

baf man & best alsqua. 

a-pon f aire goddes I sal me wrake. 

on ham my ve?iiaunace sal I. take. 

In mynnyng 1 sal ^e halde f is day. 

baf 30ur-self & 3 our ospring 1 ay. 

sollenpnely wif-in 30UT lay. 

wif alle f e worshepe at 3c may. 



Sais to mi folk on fis-kin wise, 

fat fai make me a sacrifise; 6064 

First fai me an anter make, 

And sif eft sal ilkan lious i?j-take 

A clene he-lamb, widute/i sake, 6067 

f e blod 3e Laid, f e filth vt schake ; 

And quen it es to offrand bedd, 

f e nieyne far wid sal be fedd. 

Loke J>at fai be schod, ilk an 6071 

fat lamb sal ete, and barfott nan. 

And qua for pouerte es biliind, [coi. 2] 

fas e-per all sal faim find, 

fat lambis blod in all thing, 

}e make far- wid a takning, 6076 

On ilk a post, on ilk derner, 

A sine of tau T make ^e per. 

wid therf bred, and letus wild, 

f e quilk fat groues in f e feild j 6080 

It sal noght sofin be bot bred, 

pe lamb fat fai sal wid be fed j 

fai sal it ete, bath fete and lieuid, 

Ouer niht na-thing f ar-of be leuid ; 

And if ohut leue or it be tynt, 6085 

fat do it in pe fire be brint. 

30 be all girt, wid staf in hand, 

Ne hones noght quile $e er etand. 

And i mi self," said god al-miht, 6089 

" Sal pass tlioru egipl pai night, 

And all pe for-birthia sal i sla, 

Bath of man and best alalia ; 6092 

And on fair goddes i wil me wrake, 

On pai?n i sal mi vengana tak. 

In menyng sal je bald p'\- day, 

Bath je and 30m- ospring ay, 6096 

Sollemply wid-in jour lay, 

wid all pe worschip fit now jc may." 

23 I riNGEN 

Say to my folke on f is wise 
pat fei make me a sacrifise 
Furste fei me an auter make 
And sif en vchone to his hous take 
A clene lomb fat is honest 
f e blood 3e kepe f e filf e outo kest 
And when hit is to offryng bed 
f e meyne f erwif shal be fed 
Loke fei be shod vchone 
pat lomb shal ete & barfot none 
whoso for pouert is bihynde 
fe toper alle shnl him fynde 
fat lombes blood in al f ing 
30 make fenvif a tokenyng 
On euery post on vche dernere 
f e syne of thayu make 3c fere 
wif f erf breed & letus wilde 
whiclie fat growef in fe filde 
hit shal not soden be but bred 
f e lomb fat ye shal wif be fed 
fei shul hit ete feet & heed 
Ouer ny^t no f ing fe?-of he leed 
And if oii3te leue or hit be tynt 
Do hit in fe fuyr be, brint 
BeJ alle girde Avif staf in hondc 
]S'e hones not whil 30 arc ctonde 
And I my self seide god al my^t 
Shal passe ]?<>ur;e egipte fat nyjt 
Alle fc forburfes shal I slo 
Dope of mon <V beesl also 
On her godis I wol wrake 
On hem I aha] my vengeau?ice take 
In mynde shal y holde fis day 
Bofe 3c & }oure ospringe ay 
Solempnely in £oure lawe 
\Yif alle worshepes ferto draws 



IT fan doped moyses fe aid G099 

Men of israel, and tald C 1 MS. repeats had] 

Hale fat driglitin had 1 him said, 

And hu f is lamb it suld be graid ; 

On fair post and on dirncr, 

How fat fai fe blod suld smer, G104 

And straitlike for-bed fat fai 

Suld vtewit lius cum forwit dai ; 

To liuer f am has driglitin mint, 

And giue egypcian a dint. 6108 

f e folk was fain and luted don, 

And went to mak fair lambs bon, 

f is bodword war fai ful gladd, 

And did als moyses f am badd. G 1 1 2 

f ar-efter son, fat ilk night, 

Driglitin, als he for-wit hight, 

fan sent his aun angell dun, 

In all egypti, thoru ilk tun, 6116 

And soght fair buses all bi-dene 

f aa fat war egypciene, 

fat o fat geing left he nan, 

fat atte leist fat he ne slo an. 6120 

At f e king-self he be-gan, 

f e forbirth slou o beist and man. 

Bot in fat huse noght he yode 

far he fand taken wit fe blode. G124 

IF On nightertale ras vp f e king, 

And wit him al his caitiue ging, 

Oner al egypti f e cri it ras, 

Mani far was fat said alias ! 6128 

For was na hus in al fat land 

fat far ne was ded man ligand. 

fan sent bi night king pharaon 

Efter moyses and als aaron, G132 

" Gas," he said, "vte o mi kyth, 

Yee and all your folk yow wit, 


lyn calde moises be f ou balde. 

-* men of israel & ham talde. 

Al atte our lorde had saide. 

& how f is lambe sulde be graide. 

& how fe blode anoynt sulde be. 

a-pon f e postes as I talde f e. 

& straytely for-bede atte f ai, 

sulde out-wif hous come fat dai. 

to deliuer ham as our lorde Mint. 

& gif f e egipcianes a dint. 

l^e folk was fayne & louted doun 

■* & went to make f aire lambes bou?*. 

of f is bode-worde wex fai glad. 

& dide als moises ham bad. 

f er-ofter sone fat ilk ni3t. 

our lorde als he be-fore hi^t. 

he sent his awen angel donn. 

In alle egipte f orou ilka toun. 

& so3t faire houses al be-dene. [if 35, bk] 

of fa fat ware egipciene. 

& of iche house left he nane 

bot atte leste he slogh ane. t 2 ^ m J^ Bd 

[ 2 At the kyng he first by-gan) 

And so forth slow beste & man)] 

bot in-to fat hous no3t he }ode 

per he fande takenyng 1 of blode. 

IT on ni^ttertale rase vp f e king 1 

& wif him al his ginge. 

Ouer alle egipte f e cry hit rase 

mony per was atte saide alias. 

for was na hous in alle fat lande. 

attyn per was dedemon in liggande. 

fen sende be ni^t king 1 pharaon. 

ofter moises & aron. 

11 Gase he saide out of my kif e 

3e & alle 30111-0 folk 3011 wif. 



T^an cald moyses fe olde 

J Men of israel, and tolde G100 

All fat godd liadd him said, 

And liou fis lamb suld be puroaid. 

On fair poste and fair derner, 

fe blod fai suld anoint it fer; G1(U 

And straitly for-bed fat fai 

Sould vte of hous cum bi-for day, 

To Hue?* him as godd mint 

And geue egipcians a dint. 6108 

pe folk was fayn, and louted doun, 

And went to make fair lambis boun, 

1 Of f is bodword war fai fain and glad, 

And did all as moyses f aim badd. 

Efter sone fat ilk night, i l if 43, bk, coi. 1] 

God, as he bifor had bight, 6 1 1 4 

Sent his aun angel doun, 

In al egipt, thoru ilk a toun, 

And soght fair housis all bidene, 

Of fas fat war egipciene ; G118 

Of fat meyne left lie nan, 

At fe last fat he ne slow an. 

At fe king him seine he bigan, 61 21 

fe forth -birth slow bath [best] and man. 

[ • • 

no gap in the MS.] 

"T'TTretheralo ras vp fe king, 6125 
▼ T And wid him all his sori geng, 
Oue?* all egypt fe cri it ras, 
Mani far were pat said alias ! 6128 
fer was na hous in all fat land, 
fat far-in w;is an dede man ligancL 
Be niht fan sent king phaiaon 
Aftir moyses and aaron, 6132 

u Gas," he said, " vte of mi kith, 
:id all 30111- folk jou with, 


H f cnr«e called moyses f e olde 

Men of israel & tolde 

Al pat god had him seide 

And how f is lomb shulde be pwyueide 

On her poste & her dernere 

f e blood f ei shulde anoynte fere 

Straitly he forbede fat fai 

Shulde out of house com ar day 

To delyuer hem haf god mynt 

And }yue egii)cians a dynt 

f e folke was fayn & louted doim 

f ei went to make her lambes boim 

Of f is bodeword were f ei glad 

And duden rijt as moises bad 

Soone aftir fat ilke ny3t 

God as he bifore had hijt 

Sent anoon his aurcgel doun 

four^e al egipte in vche toun 

And soi^te her houses al bidene 

Of f pat were egipciene 

Of f at meyne lafte he noon 

At fe laste fat he sow^e vclion 

At f e kyng he furst bigan 

fe forburfe slow3e beest & man 


HO <jap iii the MS.] 

Wrofer hele roos vp fe kyng [icaf39] 

And fo pat were wif him dwellyng 

Ouer al egipte fe cry was 

Mony per were saide alias 

per was no hous in fat loin I 

Bnt perin was deed mon ligond 

Bi n> ;t fe kyng sende fon 

Aftir moyses and aaron 

( toojj he seide out of my kif 

ie & al }oure folke jou wif 



Ma sacrifice your lauerd vsutill, G135 
Quar yee wil at your aim will. 
1 And ta your beistes wit yow bun, 
Gas, and giues me your benisum." 
fan can fe folk all on him cri, Slu 1 ^ 
"Dos now forth," J?ai said in hi, 6140 
" For duell yee langer ani wei, 
All we dred vs for to dei." 
Fra fis folk fat was in soru, 
fe folk of israel to boru 6144 

Asked silueren vessel sere, 
And clathes fat was o pWse dere ; 
And godd, fat grace til his folk gaue, 
Jam did fair asking for to haue, 
For to pelf fat folk vnlel 6149 

And help his folk of israel. 
fai war neigh, quen fai stir bigan, 
Sex hundreth thusand fute men fan, 
Wit-vten childer wiminen and brod, 
fat nan of number vnder-stod. 6154 
Left f ai noght far fat fairs was 
Schepe ne ku, ne ox, ne ass. 
fair wonning far, wit-vten wene, 
Four hundreth yere to fan had bene. 
Q^en f is time was al broght to end, 
Of egypte godds ost vte vend, 6160 
f is night aght to be euer in mind 
Til israel and al fair kynd. 
To moyses fan vr drightin cald, 
Quat wise f ai suld fair paskes hald, 
And neuer mar fat dai til ete 6165 
!Na surbred ne nanof or mete, 
Ne na day wit-in seuen dais, 
fe seuend als fe first al-wais. 6168 
f e forbirth o fair barntem 
Fra fan fai suld to drightin tern 

Make sacrinse 30m' lorde vn-til. 
ware 3c wil atte 30111- awen wil. 
& take 30ur bestes wif 30U houn. 
gase & geues me 30111' benysoura. 
fen con f e folk alle on ham cry. 
dose 30U forf fai saide in hy. 
for dwelle 3c langer wif-in f is lande 
we mone be dede we vnderstande. 
Ira fis folk fat was in s}^on. \sic] 
f e folk of israel to borou. 
fai asked sillier vessel & gere. 
& claf is of pris fat ware dere. 
& god fat g?'«ce til his folk gaue. 
fai dide f aire asking 1 for to haue. 
for to pelf fat folk vn-lele. 
& help his folk of israele. 
fai were nere quen fai be-gan. 
vj. hundre thosande fote-men fan. 
wif-outen childer wiramen & brode 
fat nane of noumbre vnder-stode. 
left fai no3t atte fare was 
shepe ne cow ox ne asse. 
f aire waning 1 fare wif-outen wene 
an hundre 3 ere til fan had bene, 
quen fis terme comen was til ende. 
out of egipte walde fai wende. 
fis ni$t a3t to be in Min. 
til israel & al f aire kin. 

To moises our larde talde. 
quat way fai sulde f aire passage 
& neuer mare fai to ete. [nald 

na soure brede ne of er mete, 
ne na day wif-in vij. dayes 
f e seyuend als f e first al-wayes. 
fe ospring 1 of )?aire barneteme. 
fra fen fai sulde to god teme. 



Mas sacrihs 30m: lanercl vntill, 

Quar and hou, so fat $e will. G13G 

And tak ^our bestis wid 3011 boune, 

Gas, and giue me 30ur benisun." 

fan gan f e folk apon him cri, 

And said, "do 30U forth in hoy, Gl 40 

Duell 3e lenger ani quile, 

All we drede dede vs wil bigile." 

Fra J) is folk fat was in soru, 
fe folk of israel to bora G144 
Askid siluer wcssel sere, 
And clathes fat war of pr/s dere ; 
And godd, fat g?*ace to his folk gaue, 
faim he did fair asking hane, 
For to reue fat folk vn-sele, G149 

And help his folk of israel. 
f ai war ny, wane f ai stere bigan, [coL2] 
Sex hundrid thousand fotmcn fan, 
widuten childer, wimmen, and brod, 
fat nan fe number vnderstod. 6154 
Left f ai na-thing fat far was, 
Schip, ne kow, or [ox,] ne as ; 
fair woning far, widuten wene, 
Foure hundrid 3ere tua fan Lad bene ; 
Que?* f is time was broght to end, 
Of egypt goddes ost vte wend j G1G0 
fis owes euer to be w mind 
To israel and al fair kind. 
To nioyses fan vr lauerd teld, G1G3 
Quat wise fai suld fair pask held, 
And neue?* marc fat day to etc, 
Sour bred ne non ofer mete, 
Nor na day widin fa Beuen dais, 
fe sfuvn first als fc stori sais. 6168 
j 1 " for-birth of fair barn tern 
Fra fan fai suld to god it tern 

G(')Ti r • 

Makef sacrmse jourc god tillo 
where & how fat 30 wille 
Takef ^onre beestis wif 3011 boiuz. 
Goof & 3yuef me joure benesoun 
f e folke bigon on hem to cryo 
Goof & dof forf in hye 
Dwelle 30 lenger any while 
we drede def wol vs bigyle 
Fro fis folke fat was in sorwe 
f e folke of israel to borwo 
Asked siluer vessel sere 
And clof es of pris ful dere 
God fat grace to hem 3auo 
her askyng he dud hem hauo 
For to reue fat folke so sued 
And helpe his folke of israel 
f ei were whence f ei to go bigon 
Six hundride fousonde fote men f on 
wifoute?* childrc wym?;zen & brode 
fat noon f e nou?»bre vndirstode 
Lafte f ei not fat heren was 
Sheepe ne cow ox ne as 
her wonynge f ere wif outcn wene 
Foure hundride 3eer & two had bene 
whence fis tymc coom to ende 
Of egipte goddis hoost out wendo 
fis owef cuer to be in mynde 
To israel and al her kyndo 
To Moysea ourc lord fo tolde 
what wise J?( i Bhulde paske lioldc 
And neuermore fat day to cte 
Soure breed ny noon ofere m< I 1 
N ;. no day w/t// me ^<» Beuen dayx 1 
Seuen fe firste fe storj 
fe forburfe of her childre alle 
Fro fai tyme to god lete bile 



Til him til offerit at fe last, 
fe forbirth als of ilk beist, G 172 

trails barn wit pris be boglit, 
And scepe for asse and liors be broght ; 
In mining fat es at vndurstaiid, 
fat he J>am liuerd o fat land, G17G 
Wit strentli of egypte lie fam drogh, 
man and best for birth he slogh. 
IT Qnen pharaon J?is folk forth send, 
Godd badd fam wildrin wai to wend, 
Ar philistiens suld wit Jam mete 6181 
And lett Jam for to wend fair strete. 
far-for fai tok f e wildrin wai [coL 2] 
Biside fe rede see fat lai. 6184 

f is godds folk far armed ware, 
Ioseph banes wit f am f ai bare, 
For qiten ioseph in lijf was stadd, 
Yern he praid fe folk and badd 6188 
fat qjien godd sent f am visiting, 
f ai suld his banes f ef en bring. 
Son be a niikel wodside 
fai made fair loges for to bide, 6192 
Drightin self f am ledd fair wai, 
To wis f am bath o night and dai, 
Wit cluden piler on dai light, 
"Wit firen piler on fe night, 6196 

fat in al time hem wanted nof er, 
Bath night and dai fat fai ne had of er. 

til him to offre atte leste. 
f e forbu[r]th als of ilk a beste. 
Ma/inis barne wif pris be boght 
a shepe an asse a hors bro3t. [ s ta//<le 
In mynnyng 1 fat he ys atte vnde[rj- 
atte he ham deliuered of fat lande. 
of strenght of egipte he ham drogh 
of mon of beste forbu[r]tli ho slogh. 

auen pharaon fis folk forf sende 
god bad ham to wildernes wende 
I 1 Or philistience wold with hem mete 
And let hem for to wende her strete] 
far-fore fai toke f e wilde way. 
be-side f e rede see hit lay. P J r I J m 41 L 6 j ud 
f es goddes folk fai armed ware. 
Ioseph banys wif ham fai bare, 
for quen Ioseph in life was stadde. 
3orne he prayed f e folk & badde. 
fat quen god sende ham visiting 1 , 
fai sulde his banis f eif en bring 1 , 
be an mykil wode side, 
fai made f aire loges for to bide, 
our lorde him-self 1 ham ta3t f aire way 
to wisse ham baf ni$t & day. flio-ht 
[ 2 Wyth clowdyn pillour 5 on f e day- 
Wyth fuyre pillour 1 vpon the ny^t 
In-to tyme hem wantid? nofer 
nyght or day they had othir] P J^ m 41 T ^ ud 

[The Passage of the Bed Sea.] 

1F Drightin fam badd drau innermare /"^ od ham bad dragh inncrmare. 

Again, o-slant fra far fai ware, 6200 v_J tawarde fe lande \er fai ware are 

In-to king pharaon sight ; ri^t in-to pharaons si3t 

On him yeitt wald he seeu his might, on him 3et walde he shew his mijt. 

fat he suld wene fam luk in faro 3et to se & wete ri3t fare. 

fat fai might nagat forf er mare, 6204 if pharaon walde chalaunge ham mare 



To liira til offir at pe lest 
f e forbirtli als of ilk a best, G 1 72 

Manes child wid pris be boght, 
And. schip, and hors, ass, be broglit ; 
In niening, f is es to vnderstand, 
fat he fahn liue;*d of fat land, G176 
wid strenthe of egypt he f aim drou, 
Of man and best for-birth he slou. 
Quen pharao fis folk forth send, G179 
God bad f aim into wildemea wend, 
Or philistiens suld wid f aim mete, 
And let paim for to wend fair strete ; 
f ar-for fai tok f e wild way, 
Beside fe rede se it lay. G18-4 

fir godes folk armid ware, 
Ioseph bonis wid f ai??^ fai bare, 
For quen ioseph in lijf was stad, 
^erne he praid fe folk and bad G188 
fat quen god sent him visiting, [. I e 1 af 1 ^* , 
pai suld his banis pepew bring. 
Bi a niekil wodis side 
pai made fair logis for to abide ; 6192 
God him seine paiin led fair way, 
To wise and kepe bath night and day, 
wid clouden pilei on da}- liht, 
wid firen pilei apon pe niht, G19G 
pat in all time paim wantid nmif/r, 
Lath nilit and day pat pai nc had ouper. 

And to him offer at pe leest 
f e forburf e of vche a beest 
Maiwes ehilde wip pres he bou^t 
And sheep hors & asse he broujt 
In mynde pis was to vndirstondo 
pat he delyuered hem of pat londo 
Bi strengpe of egipte he hem drow3e 
Of mon & beest forburf e he sloi^e 
whemze pharao had hem for]) sendo 
God bad hem to wildernes wende 
Or philistiens wolde wif hem meto 
And let hem for to wende her strete 
fat folke toke p e wilde way 
Bi syde pe rede see hit lay 
f us goddes folk armed were 
Iosephes bones wtt7i hem f ei hero 
whenrce Ioseph in lif was stad 
3erne he preyed p e folke & bad 
pat whenrae god sende he?a visityng 
Men shulde his bones pemies bryng 
Bi a mychel wodes syde 
f ei made hem logges to abide 
God him self hem led her way 
hem to kepe 113*3 te & ^ay 
wif clouden piler on fat day li^t 
AVif lire piler vp on pat nyjt 
In no tyme hem wanted nouper 
Ni^t or day f ei had ouf cr 

[The Passage of the Ba j Sea.] 

God paim bad drau iner-m 

in on-slent far fai ware, G200 

Into pharaons side ; 
( >n him wald he scheu his pnde, 

God hem bad drawe Innermore 
in (in Blont f' re )>ei were oro 

Into pharaonea syde 

On him wolde he shews his pride 
hulde wenc hem loki ) 

fai be suld wene fai/// lofc in pare, 

fat fai mint Qfl gal ferder mare, 6204 pal pei forper my^te nowhere 



A; l.l him sulil fan to reu Ins cast 
fat j?is folk was IVa him past, 6206 
fat he suld yeitt him seluen pain 
Algat to bring f e folk a gain ; 
And quils f«t he suld farto mint, 
He suld for eumnar be stint. 6210 
H f is folk did sua, wit-vten bade, 
And innermai f e loging made ; 
Son was in land fe tif and spredd 
f e folk was turned again and fledd ; 
His folk fan gadir pharaon, 6215 

" Lauc/'dinges," lie said, "quatha we don 
fat we let f us fis folk awai, 
fat suld vs serue for euw and ai 1 " 
His folk all armed did he call, 6219 
And cuppel did his cartes all, 
Sex hundreth cartes wit al f eir geres, — 
Ouer al fat ost he sett leders. 
Quen. lie had mad al bun his ost, 6223 
He went wit mikel prid and bost ; 
Q?/en godds folk his cummircg herd 
f ai bigan to wax ful ferd, 
And quen fai saue Jam efter hij 6227 
fe folk o israel can cri [ 1 leafS5,bk,coi.i] 
1 On godd, and to moyses fai said, 
"In egipte war na graues vs 2 graid, 
far-for fou has vs ledd mai fall 6231 
In wildernes to sla us all. [ 2] 

Qui wald fou ledd vs o fat land 1 
Ne said we it noght, far cluelland 
To leue vs, for vs leuer war 
fe egypcien to serue far 6236 

Alkin baret for to drei, 
fan in f e wildirnes to dei ? " 
% fan ansuard moyses, and badd 
fat nan o fam fan suld be radd ; 6240 


for sare him rewes fat ilk caste, 
atte fes folk sulde J?us be paste. 
& tho^t he walde him-seluen payne. 

for to bringe fes folk agayne. 

& Jus fe wikked mon he mynt. 

& now for euer he sal be stint. 

V\cs folk dide squa wif-outen bade 

-■ f aire loging 1 innermare fai made. 

Sone was in lande fe tifande spied 

f e folk was turned agayne fat lied. 

liis folk Jen geddered pharaon. 

lordingis lie saide quat haue $e done 

fat we lete f us fes folk a-way. 

fat sulde vs serue euer & ay. 

lias armes faste con he calle ['leaf ^6] 

& cuppelled to-gedir his cartis alle 

1 vj. hundref cartes wif al faire geres 

fai ware arrayed wif faire leders 

quen he had Jus ordent his oste. 

fai went forf wif grete boste. 

IT quen goddis folk jus comyng 1 herde 

fai be-gan to wax afferde. 

fai sagh ham fast toward* ham hy 

for ferde fai be-gan to cry. 

On god & to moises fai saide. 

In egipte was vs na grauis graide. 

f er-fore he has vs led may falle. 

In wildernes to sle vs alle. 

quy walde fou lede vs f pus on lande 

ne saide we f e no3t \er dwellande 

fat we had leyuer euermare. 

to serue in egipte wijj sorou & care. 

alkin baret for to drey. 

fen in f e wildernes to dey. 

y%cn onsquared moises & bad. 

-■ fat nane of ham sulde be arrad. 



And him suld pan reu his cast 
For J?at folk was fra him past, 
fat he suld }eit him seluen payn 
Al-gate to bring J? at folk agayn, 6208 
And fat he suld far-to mint, 
He suld for ewer mare be stint. 
pis folk did sua widuten bade, 
And iner-mar fair logging made. 6212 
Sone in land was f e ti^and spied 
f e folk was twrnid a-gayn and fled ; 
His folk fan gedrid pliaraon, rj on 
"Lordinges," he said, "quat haue we 
fat we lete fus fis folk away, 6217 
fat suld vs serue for ewer and ay ! " 
His folk all armid did he call, 
And gart to couipil his cartis all, 
Sex hundrid cartis wid all fair gers, 
On all fat ost he sett leders. 6222 
Qwen he had mad al boun his ost, 
He went wid mekil pride and host ; 
Quen goddes folk his coming herd, 
fai bigan to wax al ferd, 6226 

And quen fai sail f aim efter hey, [col. 2] 
f e folk of israel bigan to cri 
On god, and to moyses fai said, 6229 
u In egipt was na ill vs graid ; 
f ar-for f u has vs ledd may fall 
In wildirnes to Bla vs all. 6232 

Qui wild fu lede vs fra fat land? 
No said we noght, far duelland 
To leue \ -. for vs leuer were 
fe egypciania to serue fare, 6236 

Alkines baret for to drie, 
fan in wildmn a for to die 1 " 
pan ansuerd moyses a??d said, 
fat nan of faim be mis-paid ; 6210 
G& HE 

him shulde f emie re we his caste [if 39,bit] 

whence f e folke were fro him past 

he shulde f en;?e him seluen peyn 

Algate to bringe fat folke a^eyn 

Of f e wo he wolde hem mynt 

For ewer penne he shulde be stint 

f e folke dud so & were glade 

And Innermore her loggyng made 

Soone in londe was tifing spred 

f e folke was turned a^eyn fat fled 

his folke gedered pharaon 

lordyngis he seide what haue we don 

Shul we fus lete fis folke away 

fat shulde vs serue euer & ay 

his folke armed dud he calle 

And lete coupel his cartes alle 

Six hundride cartes wif her geres 

On al f e boost he set lederes 

when??e he had redy made his boost 

lie went wif mychel prode & boost 

whenrae goddes folke his come herde 

fei bigon??e to waxe aferde 

whcime fei him se^e aftir hy$o 

f e folke of israele bigumze to cri^e 

On god & to Moyses seide 

In egipte was noon euel vs leide 

f erfore hastou vs led hit may falle 

To wildcrnes to sle vs alle 

Why woldes pow lede vs fro fat lond 

Seide we not pare dwellond 

Te leue vs for vs leuer were 

| egipciana to serue fere 

Al diaese for to dre$e 

fen hen in wilderncs to dc^o 

II Moysea vnswerde & sayde 

None of 3011 bef m\ ipayde 

TRIMl v 


" Standee and behald," said ho, 
" Godds meracle sal yee see, 

(J odds meracle and his might, 

He-self to dai for yow sal fight. 62*44 

Gas forth hardili your wai." 

To moyses can godd fan sai, 

" Moyses," he said, " fou ta fat wand 

fat fou was wont ber in f i hand, 

And do fe to fe watwr tite, 6249 

f e see far-wit fan sal fou smite, 

And fou sal see it cleue in tua,. 

And giue yow redi wai to ga, 625 2 

f e quilk king pharaon sal se 

Wit his ost and his meigie y 

He sal yow wene at ouertake, 

Bot fan i sal me on liim wrake. 6256 

And yee sal cum al hal to land, — 

Swilk es f e vertu of f is wand." 

IT Moises did als drightin badd, 

For pharaon was he noght radd, 6260 

In f e see his wand he smat, 

It clavie, and gaue f am redi gat. 

f e see on aif er side Jam stod 

Als walles tua, quils fai for yod, 6264 

Til fai war passed thoru fat flod 

Que?^ f e king J»is vnderstod, 

He folud wit ost on hors and fote, 

For noght caitiue was him na bote. 

He sagh f e see it drau in tuin, 6269 

f e brad wai he did him in. 

Moises, wit his folk al hale 

Wit-vten wanting of his tale, 6272 

Bi-heild fat ost ; a-pon f e land 

He smat f e watwr wit his wand. 

Was far to se na langer bide, [col. 2] 

fe see drogh samen on ilka side, 6276 


bot standis & be-halde saide he 

goddis miraclis salle ^e se. 

goddis miracle & his mijt. 

him-self for 30U to-day sal n^t. 

gase forf hardely ^oure way. 

to moises fen god con say. 

^T Moises he saide take f ou pat wande 

atte f ou was wonte to ber in hande 

& do f e to f e water tite. 

f e see f ar-wif saltow smyte. 

& f ou salle se hit cleue in twa. 

& gif 30U redy gate to ga. 

f e quilk king 1 pharaon sal se 

wif his oste & his meyne. 

he sal wene 30U ouertake. 

bot fen I. sal me on him wrake. 

& 3p salle come al to lande ^^ i e d kin& 

suche ys f e vertue of f is wande. 

Moises dide as god him badde. 
for pharaon was he no}t radde. 
In f e see f e wande he smate. 
hit cleue & gaf ham redy gate, 
f e see on ayf er half ham stodc 
as ij. wallis. quilest f ai forf ^ode. 
til f ai ware passed thorou f e node 
qucn f e king f is vnderstode. 
he folowed wif oste on hors & fote 
for nojt caytef was him na bote, 
he sagh f e see ranne in twyn. 
fe brade way he dide him in. 
IF moises wif his folk al hale 
wif-oute wanting* of any tale, 
be-helde fat oste on f e lande 
he smate f e water wif his wande. 
was j>er to se na longer bide. 
f e see drogh samyn on iche a side. 



" Standis and biholde," said he, 

" Godes miracil sul 30 se, 

Godes miracyl and his niiht, 

Ilim-self to-day for 30U sal fight, 6244 

Gas forth hardili 30111 way." 

And god to moyses gan say, 

"Moyses, pu take pat wand 6217 

p«t pu was wont to here in hand, 

And do pe to pe water side, 

pe see par-wid sal pu smite, 

And pu sal se it cleue in tua, 

And giue 30U redi gate to ga, 6252 

pe qnilk king pliarao sal se, 

wid his ost and his meyne. 

lie sal wene 30U to oue^-take, 

Bot pan i sal me on him wrake, 6256 

And 3e sal come all hal to land ; 

Suilk es pe uertu of pi wand." 

MOyses did as god hi?n bad, 6250 
For pharao was he noght rad, 
In J?e se Ilia wand lie smate, 
It clef and gaf him redi gate ; 
pe [se] on ayder side him stod, 6263 
As wallis to-quilis pai forth 3ode, 
1 Til pai war passid thoru al pe nod. 

n pe king pia vnderstod, £1^* 
Be folud w[id] oste on hors and fote, 
For noght caytifwaa him na bote, 
II" 1 : f e se it dran in tuine, 6260 
pe brod watir he did him ine, 
Moyses, wid hia folk al hale, 
widuten wanting of hia tale, 6272 
Be-held pal oal apon pe land ; — 
II e smat the wat< r wid hia hand, 

r bide, 
be ae amen on 1 ;. der side, ''2~ ( > 


Stondep & biholdep seide he 
Goddes miracle shul 3c se 
Goddes miracle and his my3t 
him self to day for 30U shal fi^t 
Go]) hardily for]? 3oure wey 
And god to moyses gon sey 
Moyaea pou take pi wand 
pat pou were wont to bere in hand 
Do pe to pe watir syde 
pe see pou smyte wipoute?i ab}'de 
pou shal shal se hit cleue in two 
And 3yue 30U redy wey to go 
pat shal kyng pharao se 
wip his boost & his meyne 
he shal wene 30 u. ouer take 
But pe^e shal he haue my wrake 
3e shul com alle hool to londe 
Suche is pe vertu of J)i wonde 
IT Moyses dud as god him bad 
For pharao was he not drad 
In pe see his ^erde he smate 
hit cleef & 3af him redy gate 
J?o sec on eiper side vp stode 
Aa wallcs wliil pei for]? 3ode 
r J'il pei were passed al pat diede 
whence pe kyng pis say in dede 
he folewed wip boost on hors & foto 
For nou3te caitif was hiwi no bote 
he say pe see wipdrawen in twynne 
pe brode watir be dud him yiine 
Moiaea wip hia folke al liale 
Wipouten wantyng of hia tale 
He helde hi vp on pe Lond 

And smote }v watii wip hia hond 
penne v. : no lenger bide 
To gidei pe ee wenl hope Byde 



Bath bihind Jam and hi fore, 

And drnn mani hnndreth score. 

King ne knight, snier ne suain, 

j>am come neuer a fote again. 6280 

Jus him wreked, Je lauerd o miglit, 

On Jam wreches o-gain him fight, 

His folk he has al sauned sund, 

fair wijerwins er broght to gru?id. 

Jan bigan Jai Jam a-mang 6285 

Cantemns domino, a neu sang 

To godd, fat sua had mad Jam quite 

Of al fair soru and al fair site. 6288 

Sua mot he do, fat hei drightin, 

Vs alsua fra ur wif erwin ! 

11 Jir er Je folk of israel 

Our lauerd ches til him for lei, 6292 

For quilk he mani maistri did, 

Til fai f am seluen it fordid, 

For oghon him fai soght vtrak, 6295 

Quav-for oft sith Jai fand his wrak, 

Als i sal tel yow redili 

For-Jer mar in Jis stori, 

Wit fair danger, sir moyses, 

Oft Jai did him haue malees. 6300 

I 1 Off the tre of lyff shalle y telle 
And of the folk of Israelis] 

IF Qwen moyses Je folk had ledd 

Vte ouer J e see, als drightin bedd, 

He and his broijer aaron, t 1 JS^S 14 

Vte of thainhed o pharaon, 6304 

In sirie apon Je toijer side 

Jai mad fair longing for to bido. 

To-quils f ai duelled far to rest, 

water had fai ful mikel brest, 6308 


baf be-hindc & be-fore. 

& drowned mony hundref score. 

king 1 ne kni}t squyer ne squayne 

come f er neuer an agayne. 

f us he wreked him fat lorde of mi}t 

on fa wrecches atte f us walde fijt. 

his folk has he saued in sounde. 

& f aire enemys bro3t to grounde. 

fen be-gan fai ham amang 1 

cantemws domino an euensange. 

to god atte squa had made ham quite 

of alle f aire sorou & alle f aire site. 

[ 2 And? so mote he delyuyr 1 vs 

Our 1 dere lord? swete Thesus] ^ Jgjjjg 1 * 

T-%es ar f e folk of israele 

«■ our lorde chese til him-self lele 

for quilk he mony maistri kidde. 

til fai ham-self hit for-didde. 

for oft on him fai so^t outrake 

quar-fore oft sif e fai fande his wrake 

as I salle tel ^ou redely 

forthermare in f is storie. 

wijj f aire daunger sir moises. 

oft fai dide him haue malese. 

Of iij. waiidis fondin be moises in 

uen moises f e folk had lad. 
ouer f e see as god him bad 
he & his brof er aaron. 
out of f e f ralle of pharaon. 
In syrie a-pon f e tof er side, 
fai made f aire ligging* for to bide 
f e quilest fai dwelled f er to reste 
of water had fai mykil breste. 



Bath bihind j?aim and before, 

And drenklid mani hundrid skore. 

King ne kniht, or squier, or snayn, 

Com neue?' on of ]>aim agayn. 6280 

Jms he wrekid him, J>«t lauerd of miht, 

On Jnxim J?at Jms wid him wald fiht, 

His folk has he saued all sonnd, 

His enmys has he broght to grund. 

fan bigan J?ai J>aim amang 6285 

Cantemus domino, a neu sang 

Til god, Jjat sua had mad paim quyte 

Of all J?air soru and fair site ; 6288 

And sua mot he diliuere vs, 

vr dere lauerd, suete iesus ! 

pir er J>e folk of israele, 

vr lauerd ches to him for lele, 6292 

For J?e quilk he mani miracle did, 

Jxi J) aim seluen it for-did ; 

For oft on him pn'i made vtrake 

Quarfor oft ]?ai fand his wrake, 6296 

Als i sal tell 30U redili 

Forth-Jer mare in jus stori, 

wid fair daunger to moyses, 

Oft did J?ai [him] gret males. 6300 

Of J>e tre of lijf nou sal i tell, 
And alsua of \>e folk of israell. 

1 S~\ uen moyses Jwt folk hadd ledd 
v^C Ourr Jje see, as godd him bedd, 
He and Lis broder .nun, p 00L 2] 

Out of J>e seruage <>f pharaon, 6304 
In Bjrie apon |>e to&er Bide 
)>ai made fair logging for to bide. 
)<■ quile )>aj duellid far to rest, 
Of water had J>ni niekil bre 6308 


Bofe byhynde hem and bifore 
And drenched mony hundride score 
kyng kny^t squyere ne sweyn 
Coom neue?' noon of hem a^eyn 
Jms wreked him \ e lord of my3t 
On hem fat wif him wolden fi^t 
his folke ha]) he saued sou?«le 
his enemyes brou3te to 
Jo Israeles seide hem among [leaf 40] 
Cantemus do??imo a newe song 
To god fat had hem saued so 
Of al her sorwe & her woo 
And so mot he delyuer vs 
Oure dere lord swete ihesus 
f es were f e folke of israele 
Oure lord chees to him for lele 
For whom he mony miracle wroi^t 
Til hi7?i self hem turned to nou3t 
Ofte fro him f ei dud oute reche 
wherfore ofte fei fonde his wreche 
As ^e may here rcdily 
ForJ»e7*more in f is story 
wif her grucchynge on moyses 
Ofte dud fei greet Males 

Of J>e tre of lif shal I tel 
And of f e folke of israel 

Wl tonne moyses Jxztfolkehad lad 
Ouer fat see as god him bad 
he & his broker aaron 
Oute of pharaoes seruage fon 
In surye vp on fat of ere syde 
f < i made her loggyng to abide 
whil f<?i dwelled pere to r 
Of watir hadde |>ei mychel brest 



A.nd pof pai soglit it her and fare, 

Water ne fand pai noper quare. 

J>is folk J)at par aboute him lai 

Ilkan can til opeir sai, 6312 

" Quor we sal in J) is wildernes 

Dei for thrust tlioru moyses ! 

Quat sal we drinc, moyses?" cnth pai. 

Moyses pat night on-slepe lai, 6316 

pat night yod moyses to rest. 

On-slepe he lai in pat forest, 

Qwen he pe morn him loked bi 

He sagh pat him thoght of selly, 6320 

At his heued par sagh he stand [}™ f /f' 

Wexen o cipres, a wand ; 

On his left hand loked he, 

An-oper he sagh o cedre tre ; 6324 

He loked als on his righthand, 

pine tre pe thrid he fand ; 

Bi pe leues pat pai bare 6327 

pai kyd o quatkin kynd par ware. 

Bot moyses, for godds au 

paa wandes durst he noght vp-drau. 

pe toper dai he went pam eke 

"Wat-wr wit pe folk to seke, 6332 

par he sleped pat morntide, 

He fand pe wandes him biside ; 

pe thrid night alsua he fand, 

pat did him wel at vnderstand 6336 

pat su?M-kin takening suld par be 

Loken in pir wandes thre. 

" Selcuth thing," he said, " wit-in 

Suld luken be paa wandes thrin." 

pis wandes takens persons thre, 6341 

And an-fald godd in vnite. 

pan he drou pam vp at first, 

AYit-vten ani brek or brist, 6344 


al if pai so3t hit here & pare 

water fande pai naure quare. 

IF pes folk per abowte him lay. 

ilkane con til ope?' say. 

queper we salle in pis wildernes 

dey for prist porou moises. 

quat sal we drink moises quod pai 

moises pat ni3t on slepe he lay. 

pat ni3t 3ode moises to reste. pfsc, bk] 

In slepe he lay in pat foreste. 

IF atte morne erly he loked him by. 

he sagh a si^t him pU3t ferli. 

atte his heued he sagh per stande 

of cipres growand a faire wande. 

a-pon his lift hande loked he 

a-noper he sagli of cedre tree. 

& quen he loked on his ri^t hande 

a pine tree pe prid he fande. 

for bi pe leues atte pai bare. 

war kid of quatkin kinde pai ware 

bot moises for goddis agh 

pe wandes durst he no3t vpdragh 

5F pe toper day he went forp eke. 

water for to layte & seke. 

per he slepped a morne-tide 

he fande pe wandis him be-side 

pe prid ni^t alsqua he fande. 

atte dide him wele atte vnderstarcde 

pat sum-kin takening sulde per be. 

lokin in pa wandes pre. 

selcoup ping 1 he saide wip-in. 

sulde lokin be pa wandis prin. 

11 pes wandes takenis pe?\sones pre. 

anfalde god in trinite. 

pen he drogh vp atte first 

wip-outen any brek or brest. 



And wide fai soglit it here a??d far, 
Bot water milit fai find noquar. 
f e folk fat far aboute him lay- 
Ilk an gan to ofer say, 6312 
" Quar we sal in wildernes 
Die for thrist thorn moyses. 
Qnat sal we drinc 1 " to him said f ai. 
Moyses fat niht in sleping lay, C316 
fat niht he 3ede and tok his rest, 
In sleping he lay in fat forest, 
Qnen he on morn him lokid hi 
He sau fat him thoght ferli, 6320 
At his heued san he stand 
waxin of eypris, a wand ; 
Apon his left hand loked he, 
Anof er he sau of cyder tre ; 6324 
And quan he lokid on his riht hand, 
Of Pine tre f e thrid he fand ; 
Bi f e lcuis fat fai bar, 
fai kid of quatkines tre fai war :6328 
Bot moyses for goddes awe, 
fa wandis vp durst he noglit drau. 
f e tof er day he went him eke, 
wid fat folk water to seke, 6332 
far he slepe at morntide, 
He fand fa wandis him biside. 
fe thrid aid suagat he fand, 
fat did him wele to understand 6336 
fat swttkincs takining suld far be 
Closid in J?a wandea thre. pieef«,ooi.t] 
lu Selcuth thing," he said, u wid in 
Ea closid in f i wandis fchrin." 6310 
fa wandis takio parsonis Hire, 
And a-fold godd in vnite. 
fan he drou faim vp at fe first, 
widuten ani skadc or brist, 6341 

wide fei so^t hit here & fere 
watir myjte fei fynde nowhere 
f e folke fat fere aboute him lay 
Vchone gon to of ere say 
Wher we shul in wilder nes 
De3e for f urst f our^e moyses 
What shul we drynke seide fay 
Moises fat ny3te in slope lay 
fat nyjt he 3eode & toke rest 
Slepyng he lay in fat forest 
On morwe he loked him by 
he say fat )\im f oi^te ferly 
At his heed he say stonde 
waxen of cipres a wonde 
On his lifte honde loked he 
Anof er he say of cidre tre 
f o he loked on his rijt hand 
Of palme tre f e f ridde he fand 
Bi f o leues fat fei here 
fei kud of what tre fei were 
But Moises for goddes awe 
Durst hem not vp drawe 
f e tof er day he -went eke 
wif fat folke watir to seke 
f e>-e he slepte at morwe tide 
he fonde fo 3erdes him bisydo 
f e f ridde tyme so he hem fond 
fat dud him wel to vndirstonde 
fat som tifinge shulde fer be 
Closed in f o gerdes f re 
Selcouf fing he seide wif yn 
Is closed in fese terdes f rin 
fei bitoken persones |>re 
And o godhede in vnite 
fenne he drouje hem vp furst 
Wifouten niiy skafe oi bint 

TRINl I v 


And quilfi fai in fat wastin war, 

f e wandes ai wit hiui he bare. 

►Sifen fai faand in fat wastin, 

"Water bitter sum ani brin, 6348 

Als it war brin fan it was bitter, 

To drinc fan was ham neuer f e better. 

Bot qucu f is was in don 

fe water was al suete alson, G352 

f e water fat sua fuli stanc, 

Suetter neuer f ai sif en drank. 

f is meracle sagh f ai all aperte 

fat was duelland in fat desert. 6356 

Fra fan forth heild sir moyses 

f is wandes bath in pris and pres ; 

Queder-su??i he welk her or fare, 6359 

f is wandes euer he wit him bare, 

And wen he clamb mont synai 

fan he hidd f am pn'ueli ; 

To-quils he fasted his lententid 

In erth he did fam for to hidd. 6364: 

~Ne for na drught, ne for na wat, 

Changed neuer f ai fare state, 

x Bot euer fai held bath lefe and flur 

Smelland wit a suete odur. [' col 2] 

U f is moyses, laue?"ding. 



f of i tel yow sumkyn thinge, 

O him i mai yow all noght tell, 

For it war ouerlang to duelL 6372 

Bot tel yow of his suinc i sail, 

He drou fat fraward folk witall. 

For he fam ledd, and soth it es, 

Fourti yeir in fat wildernes, 6376 

And fand fam fode in fair nede, 

"Wit-vten ani sau o sede ; 

For drightin self fam send fair fode, 

fat fand fai neuer nan sua gode. 6380 


f e quilest fai in fat w r ode ware 
f er wandis ay wif him bare. 
& sif en fai fande in fat wastine. 
water bitter sim 2 any brine. [ 2 read SU m] 
als hit quare brine was hit bitter 
atte drink ne was ham neuer better, 
bot quen f ese wandis ware in done 
f e w r ater wex squete al sone 
f e wateres atte sa fouly stank 1 , 
of squetter neuer sif en fai drank 1 . 
IT f is miracle sagh fai alle appert. 
fa fat was in fat disert. 
fra f eif en-forf sir moises. 
f er wandes bare in p?*is & prese 
quidder-sa he welk here or fare 
f e wandis euer wif him he bare 
& quen he clambe f e mount synai 
fen he hid ham preualy 
f e quilest he fasted his lenten tide 
in erf he dide ham for to hide, 
ne for na dru3t ne for na wate 
chaunged neuer mare f aire state, 
bot euer fai helde lefe & floure 
smelland wif a squete coloure. 
; f f is moises lordinges. 
wil 1. 30U tel sum vncouf f inges. 
of him I. may no3t alle 30U telle, 
for hit ware ouer lange atte dwelle 
bot tel 30U of his squynk I. salle 
lie drogh fat fraward' folk w/t/i-al. 
for he ham ledde & sof hit ys 
xl. ^ere in fat wildernes 
& fande ham fode in al f aire nede 
wif -outen any saw of sede. 
1T fra heyuen fen come f aire fode 
fande fai neyuer sif en sa gode. 



And quiles Jai in J? at wildernes ware, 

fa wandis ay wid him he bare. 

Sif e?i f ai fand fat frith widine, 

water bitter as ani brin, 6348 

As it war brine sua was it bitte?*, 

To driuc it ne was f aim neuer f e better. 

Bot quan fa wandis war in don, 

f e wafer wex suete als sone, 6352 

fa watris fat sua foule stanc, 

Of suetter neuer nan f ai bifor dranc. 

fat miracle sau f ai all a-pert 

fat duelland war in fat desert. 6356 

Fra fat time held moyses 

fa wandes bath in pris and pres, 

Quar-sua he walked, here or fare, 

fa wandis ay wid him he bare ; 6360 

And quen he clymed on mont synay, 

fan he hid f aim preuyly ; 

To-quilis he fastid his lente?* tyde, 

In erde he did him for to hide. 6364 

For na drie ne for na wate, 

Ne changid f ai neuer fair state, 

Bot euer fai held lijf and flour, 

Sauirand wid a suete sauur. 6368 

Of f is moyses, lauerdinges, 
Haue i tald 30U sumkin thinges, 
Of him i may noght all 30U tell, 
For it war ouer lang to duell, 6372 
Bot of his trauail tell i sail, 
He suffrid fat fraward folk wid-all. 
For he f aim ledd, and soth it es, [coi. 2] 
Fourti ^ere in fat wildrenes, 6376 

And fand faim fode in fair nede, 
widuten sailing of ani sede. 
For godd him-selue fai //< sent |>ail fode, 
Fand pai neuer nan sua gode, 6380 
21 guii i.N' 

Whil fei in wildernes were 

f 3erdes wif hem fei bere 

Sif fei fond fat frif wif ynQ 

AVatir hittur as any biyne 

As bryne hit was & no swettwr 

To drynke was hit neuer f e better 

when fo 3erdes w T ere Inne done 

f e watir wex swete ful soone 

f e wattres fat so foule stank 

Of swetter f neuer mon drank 

fat miracle fei say apert 

fat dwellyng were in desert 

Fro fat tyme helde Moyses 

f 3erdes bof e in pris & pres 

where he walked here or fere 

f 3erdes algate wif him were 

when/?e he clombe mou?zt synay 

fo he hudde hem pryuely 

Whil he fasted lenten tyde [leaf 40, back] 

In erf e he dud hem to hide 

Nouf er for dry3e ne wete algate 

fei chau??ged neuer her state 

But euer fei helde leef & flour 

Sauerynge wif a swete sauour 

11 Of f is moyses lordyngis 

I haue 3011 tolde som??*e fingis 

Of him may I not al telle 

For hit were to loiige to dwelle 

But of his trauaile telle I si ml 

he suffered frowarde folke wif al 

he hem lad soof hit cs 

Fourty wyntur in wildernea 

God fondc hem fode in hex nede 

Wifouten sowyng any eede 

(l<»d him Belf hem Bende fode 

Fonde }<i neuer noon bo gode 

1 I.I Ml v 

370 THi:i;i: WAS want OF WATER. IfOSES BMOTE A ROCK, and it BURST OUT Liki: 

It sneu to fam als it war flur, 

Of lioni it had likest sauur. 

fis mete fat fai war fed of faa, G383 

fai cald it in fair langage, manna ; 

It come at morn and euening, 

Volatil sent f aim fat king : — G386 

fat king aglit man to lene and lute, 

Wit al wirscip to mensk and dute ! 

IT Want of water was in fat land, 

Moyses on f e roche kan stand, 

& smat it wit fis forsaid wand, G391 

And vte als burn it brast f e strand j 

far had fai water in wildrin land, 

Plente bath to fote and hand, 

Bot for all fir dedes gode 

fat drightin fam did o fair fode, G39G 

fir Iuus fat o will war wlanck, 

fai cund him ai ful litell thanck ; 

For if fair tunges spac resun, 

fair hertes ai war wit tresun. 6400 

[The Battle with Amalek.] 

IT In fat si-quare fat i of speck, 

Was a lauerding hight amalec, 6404 

fat on f am faght, and f ai on him, 

In a sted hight raphidim. 

Moyses fan cald sir iosue, 6407 

And mad him maister o fat semble, 

" Cheuesf e," he said, "wit man an freck 

And ga light a-pon amalec, 

And i sal on yon hill stand, 6411 

And godds yeird hald in mi hand." 

To f is fight f ai went f am son, 

Bot moyses, ur, and aaron, 

Went fan vp a-pon fis hill, &*\f > back » 

In hope allan o godds will. 6416 


hit flagli til ham als hit ware flour 

of bony hit had likkest colour. 

['The mete that they were fed wyth BO 

Manna they clepid? yt tho] E 1 jjjfjg 1 * 

euen & morne hit con falle. 

angel mete fai dide hit calle, 

fat men a3t to loue & loute, 

& worshepe hit wif-oute?i doute. 

l^er fai had mykil water wane. 

J moises on fe harde stane. 

he smate wif his forsaide wande. 

f e water ran oute wif grete strande. 

f er bad fai water in fat lande 

plente I.-nogh to fote & hande. 

^[ hot for alle f er dedis gode. 

& for alle f aire faire fode. 

f er mys fat of wille ware wlank 1 . 

fai conned him ful litel f ank H . 

for if faire tunges speke resouw 

faire hertes were ay wif treso.u;i 

so faren mony atte ban faire wille 

knawes no3t f e gode fra f e ille. 

In fat cuntree fat I. of speke. 
was a lording 1 hi^t anialek 1 
atte on ham fa^t & fai on him. 
in a stede hi^t raphidim. 
moises fen calde Iosue. 
and made him maister of fat semble. 
chese ^e he saide wijt men and freke 
for to fbjt wif ameleke. 
and I. salle on ^on hil stande 
and goddes 3erde liable in my hande. 
U to fis fi3t fai dide ham sone. 
bot sir moises and aron. 
went a-pon fis hey hille [leaf 37] 

In hope allaue of goddis wille. 



It sneu to faim as it war flour, 
Of hony it had lickest sauour ; 
f is mete fat f ai war fedd wid fan 
f ai called it in fair Ian gag man, 6384 
It cam at morn and at euening, 
volatile f aim sent fat king, 
fat king aw men to loue and loute, 
wid all worschip him mensk and doute ! 
far f ai had mekil watir wan, 
Moyses of fe hard stan 
He smat wid his forsaid wand, 6391 
And vte as a brok it brast f e strand, 
far had f ai watir in wildernes land, 
Plente for men, to f hote and hand. 
Bot for all fa dedis gode, 6395 

pat god faim gaf, and lent fair fode, 
fa iuus, fat of wil wer wlanc, 
f ai 3eild him ay ful littel thane, 
For f ou fair tunges spac resun, 
fair hertes was ay wid tresun. 6400 

[The Battle 

In f is time feet i sal of speke, 
fer was a lauerding hiht amalec, 6404 
fat on faim faght, and f ai on him, 
In a stede fat hiht Rapydym 
Moyses fan cald sir iosue, 6407 

And made him maystir of fat semhle, 
He said, u dies f e wid fine and freck, 
fan ga fu and filit wid sir amalec ; 
And i sal on }on hil stand, 64] 1 

And goddes jerd"- hald in mi hand." 
To f is fight f ai went faim sone, [.'J, 4 Jj ,,k ' 
Bot moyses and aaron, 
fai went apon fat hill, 
In liope alone ofgoddea will; 6416 

hit snew to hem as hit were floure 

Of hony hit hadde likest sauouro 

f e mete fat f ei were fed wif so 

Manna f ei cleped hit f o 

hit coom at morn & at euenyng 

Volatile hem sende fat kyng 

fat kyng owe men loue & loute 

w r if alle worshepes to menske & doute 

fere f ei had mychel watir wone 

Moises of f e harde stone 

he smote wif his forseide wonde 

And out brast of fat watir a stronde 

f en»e had fei watir in fat lond 

Plente bof e to foot and hond 

But for alle f o dedes gode 

fat god hem sent to her fode 

f e mouf es fat of wille were wlank 

^alde him euer litil f ank 

fei her tonges speke resou?^ 

her hertis euer were tresou/i 

with Amalel'.~] 

IT In f is tyme fat I of speke 

Was a lord yn go het amalec 

fat on hem fai^te & fei on him 

In a stude het rapidym 

Moises calde sir Iosue 

And made him maistir of fat semble 

he seide chese f e men & di^t 

wif sir Amalec to fi^t 

And I shal on fat hil stonde 

And goddos 3erde holde in hondo 

To f is fi^te fei went anoon 

Moises |>o and aaron 

fei went vjxm fat hille 

In hope al one of goddis wille 



Quila moyses heild vp his hend 

It was wel in Jat "bateil kend, 6418 

For ai to-quils witerli 

Had godds folk Je hale maistri j 

Bot if he Jain slaked ani sith, 

Sir amalecli wan als suith. 6422 

Sua lang 1 he heild Jam vp wit Jis 

Jat slake most Jai, maugre his ; — ■ 

Jof he was irk it was na wonder ;— 

Jai gedir stans and laid him vnder. 

Yr held up, and als aaron, 6427 

His handes to Je fight was don, 

Vnder aijer hand was an 

Jat held Jam stedfastli als stan, 

Jat be Je sun was at dun heild 

"Wit israel was left Je feild. 6432 

IF Ietro, Je prist of madian, 

Jat was moyses kynnes-man, 

Quen he hard how Jai had don 

Tuix israel and pharaon, 6436 

To spec wit moyses he cam, 

And broght him his wijf sephoram, 

"Wit his tua suns Jat sco beir, 

Gersau and eliezer. 6440 

Jis ilk folk was vntelland, 

Jat moyses had vnder hand, 

Jai did him selcuth sore trauail, 

Til Jat ietro gaue him consail 6444 

Vnder baillis for to sett, 

Quar thoru in right Jai suld be gett, 

In smale wranges Jat Jar war ; 

And to Jaa Jat gret birjin bar, 6448 

Kamli Jat fel to gastli-nes, 

Suld vissed be thoru moyses. 

[} MS. repeats lang."] 

Je quilest moises helde vp his hende 
hit was wele in Je batel 
for ay to quilest witerly 
had goddis folk Je ouer maistri. 
IF and if he slaked any sije 
Amalelc* wan als squije. 
so lange he helde ham vp wij Jis. 
atte slake Jai most maugrefe his 
[ 2 Of werynes was no wondir 
They gedird! stonys & leid hym vnder 
Euyr held he vp & Araon 
his hondis tylle the fight was don) 
Vndir eythir hond was oon) 
That held hym stille as eny stone] 
and be Je sunne be-gan to helde 
wij israel was left Je felde. 
>etro Je preste of madian. 
Jat was moises kynnesman. 
quen he herd how Jai had done 
be-twix israel and pharaon. 
to speke wij moises he cam. 
and bix^t him his wife Sephoram. 
wij his ij. sones Jat ho bere 
gersan and, elieser. 

1f Jis ilk folk was vntelland p this word 
at moises had at 3 vnderhande. the line] 
Jat dide him selcouj g?*ete trauail. 
til atte ietro him gaf counsaile. 
vnder baillifes ham to sette. 
quar Jorou in ri^t Jai sulde be gette 
in smal wranges at Jare ware 
and to Ja atte grete birthin bare 
Namly Jat felle to gastlines. 
sulde wissed be Jorou moises. 

[2 from Laud MS. 41G] 




Quiles Moyses held vp his hend, 

It was wele in pat batayle kend, 

For ay pat quilis witterli, 

Had god es folk pe victori ; G120 

Bot if he slakid paim ani sithe, 

Amalec wan alsua suith. 

So lang he held paim vp wid J)is, GI23 

pat slake paim must maugre his ; — ■ 

If he war irk it was na wonder • — ■ 

pai gadrid stanis and laid him vnder, 

Euer held he vp and aaron 

His handis til pe fight was don. 6-128 

Tilde/' cyder hand was an, 

pat held him stedfast as a stan, 

pat hi pe sune was at doun helde, 

wid israel was left pe feilde. GI32 

Ietro, pe preist of raadian, 

pat was moyses kines man, 

Quen he herd hou J)ai had don, 

Ee-tuix israel and pharaon, G43G 

To speke wid moyses he cam, 

And broght him his wijf sephoram, 

wid his tua sonis scbo by him ber, 

Gersan and Eliaser. G4 10 

pis ilk folk was vntelland 

pat moyses had vnder his hand, 

pat did him wonder gret trauail, 

Til Ietro gauc him to consayl G f ! 1 

vnder baylcs paim to sett, 

pat pai in righl sulci 1><' gett 

In smale wrangys, pat par ware ; 117 

And to paim pat grete chargis bare, 

Namly \n\ fell to gastli 

Siil- 1 tee! iid be tboru moyses. 

whil Aloises heklo vp his liende 

wel was hit in pat bataile kendo 

Euer pat while witturly 

had goddes folkc pe victory 

And if he slaked hem any sipo 

Amalec won also swipe 

So longe he helde hem vp wip pis 

pat slake hem most he maugre his 

Of werynes was no wondir 

pei gedered stones & leide him vndir 

Euer helde he vp and aaron 

his hondes til pe fi^tc was don 

vndir eiper bond was oon 

pat helde him stille as any stoon 

Bi pe son?ze was at dou/i helde 

wip israel was lafte pe felde 

1T Ietro pe preest of Madian 

pat was Moyses kynnesman 

Whence he herde how pei had don 

Bitwene israel & pharaon 

To speke wip Moises he cam 

Broujte him bis wif sephoram 

wip two sones sbe bi him ber 

hi and heliaser 
pis ille folk was wantoun to fondo 
pat moyses hadde vndir hon<le 
pei dud him wondir greet trauail 
Til Ietro jaf him cou??saiL 
Vndir bailies to set hem pen [icafn] 
In i i 3 1 for to kepe hem 
( If mony wronges fa\ [< re were 
( If whiche m< n greet charge bere 
Bui \a\ |?a1 fel I" goostlyo 
;1 be tattle bi trewe W 



no gap in the MS.] 

fan bigan fat folk to sai 

To moyses, "ga get vs lai." 6452 

Moyses said fan, " fat es right, 

"We sal it ask vr lauerd dright. 

Bot fast behouus yow and me." 6455 

" And howlang sal f e terme be % " 

" f e terme it sal be fourti dais, 

To-quils i ga at gett yur lais 

Vp hei on mont synai." 6459 

" Sir, [ya]," fai said, "ful blethli." 

[No gap in the MS.] 

Moyses went vp-on fat fell, [col. 2] 

And fourti dais can f er-on duell, 

f e quilk he fasted, als we rede, 

To get lagh his folk wit to lede. 6464 

fan come vr lauerd til him onan, 

And taght him tables tuain o stan, 

Wit his comamentes ten, 

And bad vn-do Jam til his men. 6468 

And for we agh Jam hald wit dett, 

In ))is boke i haue Jam sette. 

li Trou fou in na godd bot in an, 6471 

Ne aythes mani 1 ne suere fou nan, 

Hald fou wel fin halidai, I 1 read man] 

Fader and moder fou wirschip ai, 

Do fou naman wrangwis o lijf, 

Ne reue nanofer man his wijf; 

Lok fat fou ne reue ne stele, 6477 

Ne ber fou witnes nan bot lele, 

f i neghbur wijf 3erne noght at haue, 

Ne aght of his, ne mai, ne knaue." 


[' 2 lystynnyf now to my saw 
Telle y shalle of moyses law] 

"Ken be-gan f e folic 1 to say. ? j™"^™* 

-■ to moises ga gete vs lay 

and moises saide fat ys ri3t. 

we salle hit aske our lorde of mi^t 

bot fast be-houes $e alle and me. 

and how lange sal f e terme be. 

fe terme hit sal be xl. dayes. 

f e quilest I. ga. to gete 30ur layes. 

vp hey on f e mount synay. 

ful blef ly sir f ai al con say. 

how moises fastid for to haue lagh | 
and of x. comaundementis. and a calf 1 
of golde 

Moises went a-pon fat fel 
and xl. dayes f er con he dwelle 
f e quilk 1 he fasted as we rede 
to gete lagh wif his folk to lede 
fen come our lorde sone on-an. 
and toke him tables twin of stane 
wif his comaundementes ten. J^m 7 * 
and bad vn-do ham tille his men. 
for we agh halde ham wif dette 
and in f is boke I. haue ham sette. 
1T trow 3e in na god bot an. 
ne af es mon squere f ou nane. 
halde f ou wele fine haly-day. 
fader and moder worshepe ay. 
do f ou na man wrange wis of life 
ne reue nane of er mon his wife, 
loke at fou ne reue ne stele, 
ne bere fou witnes nane bot lele 
f i neghboer saltow no3t haue 
ne gode of his maidyn ne knaue 



Listens nou vnto mi saw, i>i. 2] 

And tell i sal of moyses law. 

V%an bigan fat folk to say 6451 

-■ To moyses, " to go get vs lay." 

Moyses said, " J?at es god riglit, 

we sal it aske of godd aliniht, 

Bot fast bihouis 30U and me." 6455 

"And liou lang sal fe terme be? " 

" f e terme sal last fourti dais, 

f e quilis i ga to get 30ur lays, 

Here on fe mount of synay." 

u Sii-," Jai said, "3a, ful blefilL" 6460 

[No gap in the MS.] 

listenef now to my sawe 
Telle I wol of Moises lawe 

"l^en bigon be folke to say 
J To Moises go gete vs lay 
Moises seide fat is ri^t 
we shul hit aske of god almy$t 
To faste bihouef 30U & me 
how longe shal f e terme be 
f e terme shal laste fourty dayes 
whil I go to gete 30U layes 
here on f e mou^te of Synai 
Sir pei seide ful blef cly 

[No gap in the 3ISJ\ 

Moyses went apon fat fell, 

And fourti dais gan f ar-on duell, 

fe quilk he fastid, as we rede, 6463 

To get f e lau his folk wid to lede. 

fan cam vr laue?*d to him onan, 

And tok him tablis tua of stan, 6466 

wid his comandementis ten, 

And badd him vndo faim to his men. 

And for we awe fciim hald wid dett, 

In dia bok i liaue faim sett. 6470 

" r| Vow Jju in na godd bot in an, 

_JL ]\ T <' na man'/- ath snere Jju nan, 
An<l hald fu wele J i haliday, 6473 
Fadir and moder 3c worschip 
Loke Jju reue no man his lijf, 
Not na in.iii Jju rene his wijf, 
Lokc Jju noufer rene ne stele, 6 177 
Ne bei Jju witnes nan bol 
fineyhbnrswijf ^ernefu noght to haue, 
Noi best of hi 1, ne may, no knane." 

Moyses wente vp on fat felle 
Fourty dayes fere gon dwelle 
whiche he fasted as we rede 
To gete lawe his folke to lede 
Oure lord coom to him a noon 
And toke him tables two of stoon 
wij) his com??? au?? dementis ten 
And bad hi??i teche hem to his men 
For we owe hem holde for det 
In this koke I haue hem set 
IT Trowe Jjou in no god but oon 
11 Xy oof fat Jjou swere noon 
H holde wel fin lialiday 
H Fadir & modil worshipe 3c ay 
IT Rene 30 no mon his lif fon 
1T Do no lecchery bi no wom???on 
H lokc. 3< i . no fing Btele 
1T Beref witen - noon bntlele r nano 
IT f i nei^ebores wif with wronge (Jon 
IT Nor ' i his Mayde ny knane 



fir er fe comamentcs ten 

fat drightin taglit to moyscn, 

First to fc Iuus for to ken, 

And sifen til vs cristen men. 6484 

If we f am lieild, bath vt and in, 

J»ai suld vs kepe fra dedli sin. 

\er ar fe comaundementee ten. 
first to fe iewes for to ken. 
atte god be-ta^t sir nioisen. 
and sifen tille vs cristen men. 
and we ham halde oute and in. 
fai walde vs kepe fra dedly synne. 

[The people set up a golden calf.] 

Quils moyses him was a~wai, 

faa fraward folk, wit-vten fai, 6488 

Said fat moyses was slain, 

Ne suld he neuer cum again. 

And of er-sum said fat he 

Was liuand, and in Hue suld be. 6492 

fai samcd f am and drogh to rede, 

Mak f am a godd o gold sa rede, 

And said faa sottes f am o-mang, 

uylest moises was a- way. 
fat fraward' folk wif-outen fay. 
fai saide atte moises was slayne 
ne sulde he neuer come agayne. 
and of er sum. saide atte he. 
was liuande and in life sulde be. 
fai samened ham and drogh to rede 
to make a god of golde rede. 
and f us fai saide ham amange 
sa stalworf sal he be and strange 

" Sua stalworth sal he be and Strang 

fat he sal hald vs hale and fere, 6497 fat he salle halde vs hale and fere 

And warn vs fra ilkin tor-fere, and kepe vs fra alkin torfere. 

Quen manna sal vs wan be, quen our mete wanand? sal be 

He sal quete find vs gret plente."6500 he salle of quete vs finde plente 

Suilk was fair gile o-mang fair gamen, 5F suche was f aire gile among 1 fair ga??ime 

fair gold in tresur gadrid fai samen, fair golde tresour fai gedderred sa?wme 

A goldin calf f ar-of fai blu, 

And als a godd honurd it neu. 6504 

" Vr godd," fai said, " f is ilk es he 

fat brogh vs thorn f e lhierd se, 

Fra pharaon and his pouste, [if 37, col. i] 

a goldin calf f er-on fai hew. 
and as a god honoured hit new. 
our god fai saide f is ilk 1 ys he 
fat bro^t us f orou f e liuered se. 
fra pharaon and his rjauste 

far-for we rede he mensked be." 6508 far-fore we rede he mensked be. 

f is moyses was ful dern and dere 
To drightin, man mai find it here, 
He taght him tabels o f e lai, 
Als ye herd me forwit sai. 6512 

Quen he him taght suilk a relik, 
"fi folk," he said, "has don a suik, 



kis moises was ful derne and dere 
to our lorde as $e may here 
he toke him tables of f e lay. 
als 3e me herde be-fore say. 
he be-toke him f is relike 
f i folk he saide has done f e squyke 



fis er comanderaentis ten, 

vr lauerd f aim tok to moysen, 

First to fe iuus for to ken, 

And sipen to vs cristen men. 

If we f aim kepe bath vte a?zd in, 

fai sal vs saue fra dedeli sin. 

6481 fese are fe commaiuzdementes ten 
fat god toke to Moisen 
Furste f e iewes to teclie 

6484: And sifen fe cristen to preche 

\Tlie people set 

avilis nioyses w r as a-way, [leafie.coi.i] 
fat fals folk, widuten fay, 6488 
J>ai said fat moyses was slain, 
And suld neucr to J>ai??i cum a-gain ; 
And jeit sura said fat lie 
was liuand, and in lijf suld be. G492 
bai samind Jjaiwi and tok to rede 
To make J? aim a godd of gold rede, 
And said fa folis faim eraang, 6495 
" Sua stal worth suld he be, a?*d Strang, 
fat he sal hald vs hale and fere, 
And kepe vs ay in vr raistere. 
Quen manna sal vs wantand he, 
He sal send vs wid plente." 6500 

Jus bigan fair gile wid gamen, 
fair golden tresur gadrid fai samen, 
A golden calf f are-of fai blew, 
And als a godd honurd it new. 6504 
"vre godd," fai said, "Jis ilk es he 
fat broght vs thoru fe rede se, 
Fra pharao and his pouste, 
bar-foi es wort lit i he honurd be." 6508 
pis moyses was fid derne and den; 
To gode, men may we find it here, 
He tok him tablis of f<; lay, 
As je herd me bifor-hand say, 6512 
1 n he had tahut him suilk a relik, 
"fe folk," he said, " has don a suilk, 

I UH .I.N 

If we hem kepe oute & in 
f ei wol vs saue fro dedly syn 

up a golden calf.] 

IF whiles Moises was awey 

f at false folk wif outew fey 

f ei seid Moises was slayn 

And neuer wolde com a3ayn 

And sum??ie seide fat he 

was lyuynge and in lif shulde be 

f ei toke her counsel as f ei wolde 

To make hem a god of golde 

f o foles seiden hem anion 

So stalworfe shulde he be & strong 

fat he shal holde vs hool & fere 

And kepe vs euer in oure raistere 

when?ie manna wol vs wantyng be 

he shal vs sende good plente 

f us bigan her gile wif gamen 

her tresour of golde f ei gcdered samen 

A eolden calf pero£ f ei blew 

And as a god honourid hit new 

Oure god fei seide fis is he 

fat brou^te vs foui^e fe rede see 

I'm pharao & his powero 

Jj<?rfore honoure we him hero 

H fis moyses was dere & kynde 

To ,l:<»1 men may hit here fynde 

he toke hi/// tables of f e lawe 

A - )Q herde in my Bawe 

whenrae he had hem him take 

fe folke he 1 1 ide baj done wrake 



Sin fat fou com fra fam last, Go 15 
fou sal fam find ful vn-stedfast." 
Lauenlinges, to fis fait-les lede 
Manna fel, als yee herd rede, 
J)«t fel fra lift sa gret plente, 
Als a grideld frost to se, 6520 

Quils moyses him hild awai 
For to do fam haf fair lai ; 
Bot sum o f aim fis fast forsoke, 
And fai fis riche manna toke, 6524 
And vnder erth in hepes it hide, 
Vt oner f e forbot sua fai dide. 
If fai war fat tim sa vn-wise, 
Yeit er f ai noght all skilwise. 6528 
IT Moyses com fra fat fell, 
Son he herd tif and tell 
})at his folk had ful il don, 
f a.r-of he had takning son. 6532 

Q^en he was cu??zmen in to desert 
f e calf he sagh f er set apert, 
He hard f e gret nois was fare 
Abute fis calf, fat mikel fare ; 6536 
He wex sua menged in his mode, 
fat he cuth sai ne il ne gode ; 
Ne he ne wist quef er it better war 
To turn or winde him forf ar mare, 
f e tables fat in hand he bare 6541 
To pees he fam brak right far 
And far-wit for-f er-inar he yede, 
For to destru fair cursed hede. 6544 
He sagh fam knele fis calf a-bute, 
Als godd him seluen leue and lute. 
" Quat es J)is ? hugat dele yee now % 
Es pis your godd fat yee on trow 1 " 
IT Qitcn f ai war war o moyses 6549 
fai fled a-wai, als in a res, 


syn atte fou come fra ham laste. Pj 
fou salle ham finde vnstedefaste. 
f is mete atte to ham felle 
hit he^t manna 30 herd' me telle, 
hit fel fra f e lift sa grete plente 
as a griddeled frost to se. 
11 quilest moises him he-lde a-wai. 
for til do ham haue f aire lay. 
bot sum of ham f is faste forsoke 
and fai f is ri^t manna toke. 
and vnder erf in hepis hit hidde. 
ouer f e forbode squa fai dide 
pThus they were fat tyme vn-wyse 
They did? ayenst goddis enpryce] 

Moises come fra fat felle. 
sone herde he fe tifande telle, 
atte his folk had ful il done. [ \ f r> m „ La ' ul 

lb, 416J 

f cr-of had he takening 1 sone. 
quen he come in-to desert, 
f e calf he sagh sette appert. 
he herde f e grete noyse was fare 
a-boute fis calf and mykil fare, 
he wex sa menged in his mode, 
he cowde sai nauf er euel ne gode. 
ne he ne wdste quef er better ware, 
to turne or wende forf er-mare. 
IT f e tables at in hande he bare, 
in peces he ham brak riit fare. 
and f ar-wif forf erniare he ^ede. 
for to discriue f aire cursed dede. 
he sagh ham knele fis calf a-boute 
als god him-self loue and loute. 
quat ys fis ho saide. how dele 30 now 
ys fis }oure god atte ^e on trow. 

alien fai ware warre of moises. 
fai fled a-way al in a rese. 



Sipen pu cam fra paim last 

pu sal paim find ful vnstedfast." 6516 

Lauenlinges, to pis fals lede, 

Manna fell as }e herd me rede, 

It fell fra heuen sua gret plente, 

Als a rime frost to se, 6520 

Quilis moyses liim held away 

For to do paim haue pe lay. 

Bot sum of paim pis fast for-sock, 

And pis riche manna pai tock, 6524 

And vnder erd in helpis hid, [coi. 2] 

Again pe forbod sua pai did, 

pou pai w r ere pat time vnwise, 6527 

pai did sua egaynes goddes enpris. 

a vcn moyses cam fra pat fell, 
Sone herd he $e tiding tell, 
pat his folk ful euil had don, 
par-of fand he takin sone. 6532 

Quen he was come?? into dissert, 
pe calf he fand par, sett a-pert, 
He herd pe gret noyse pat was pare, 

Sip pou coom fro hem last 

pou shal hem fynde vnstudfast 

Lordyngis to pis false lede 

Manna fel }e herde me rede 

Fro heuen fel so greet plente 

As a ryme frost on to se 

Whil moyses him helde a way 

For to do hem haue pe lay 

Somme of hem pis faste forsoke jj^ 41 ' 

And pis riche manna toke 

And vndir erpe in holes hidde 

A^eyn forbode pus pei didde 

pus pei were pat tyme vnwise 

pei dud a3eynes goddes emprise 

1T whenwe moyses coom fro pat felle 

Soone herde he tiping telle 

pat his folke ful euel had done 

perof fonde he token soone 

when?ze he was comen into desert 

pe calf fonde he pere sett apert 

he herde pe greet noise pare 

Aboute pis calf wid mekil fare j 6536 Aboute pis calf wiiJi mychel faro 

He wex sua mcngid in his mode, 
pat he miht say nouper ille ne gode, 
Ne he ne wist queper better ware, 
To turne or wend him ferdermare. 
pe tablis p[a]t he in hand bar, 6541 
In pccis he paim brae riht par, 
And par-wid foip^nnare he 3ede, 
For to se pair curced hede. 6544 

He sau paim knele pis calf aboute, 
As godd him self leue and loute, 
" Quat ea pis, dele je nou I 6517 

Ea pis jour godd pat je in fcrou \ n 

aaen pai were war of hm >\ 
pai fledd a way as in a 
; nNGEN 

So greued he wex in his mode 
He myjt saye euel ne gode 
he ne wist wheper better wore 
To turne or wende him forpcrmoro 
pe tables pat he in honde here 
In peces he hem brake rijt pcro 
pwwip forpmnore he £ede 
For to se her cursed dede 
lie say liem knele pis calf aboute 
A god him Belf to loue & louto 
whal deuel \s } i i> he seide in greue 

; ::• L fat £i IS I 

whenne pei were war of Moisea 

pei fley^e away al in a res 


380 ai.i. PLBD PROM Moses. EB calls THEM BACK : " HAVE YE KEPT the east 1 

Littel and mikel, less and mare, 

pe calf allan J?ai left Jjan fare. 6552 

pan cald moyses pam to-gedir, [coi. 2] 

" Lauerdingcs, i am now cu??imen hider, 

I haue a-bute your errand ben, 

Qui lie yee fra me pus beden? C556 

Cu??zs again, wit-vten dute, 

Haf yee pe dais al fasten vte 

pat i bad ar i ne 1 went? [ l readme] 

Or balden els his comainent? G560 

And qua has made yow pis calf here, 

pat yee sua mensked and haldes dere ? 

It es o gold, and pat ful fin, 

I wen yee hald it your drightin. 6564 

Mikel i haf trauaild for yow 

pat littel turns yow to prow, 

pat suilk a godd all honurs now, 

pat wil yow her-after sare sow. 65 6S 

Qua made pis calf, i wald pam kene, 

Qua held pe fast ma??,g oper men ? 

Quilk pat heild mi comament, 6571 

And quilk noght, sin i fra yow went ] 

And quilk for-gat me, and quilk noght, 

And qua pis gold to-gedir broght 1 

And quilk ar pai it samen bleu, 6575 

And quilk als for pair godd it kneu ? " 

llkan pai said, " haue we na witte," 

And all pai mad pam seluen quitte. 

U "Parfai," said moyses, "for noght 

pe sotli algat it sal be soght ; 6580 

I wil mi seluen knau pe fals, 

And ilkman sal knau pam als. 

* Ful iuel hail brak yee pe dai 

pat i fasted sua,' sal yee sai ; 6584 

Ful ilhail sagh ye pat sith 

pat, que?z i wepe, yee mad yow blith, 


litel and mykil lasse and mare 

pe calf allane pai laft ri3t pare 

H pen calde moises ham to-gedir 

lordinges I am now cowimyn hiddir. 

I haue a-boute 30ur errande bene. 

quy fie ^e fra me pus be-dene. 

Comys a-gayne wip-outen doute. 

haue 3e pe dayes al fasted oute. 

pat I bad or I. fra 30U wente 

or halden ellis his comaundement 

^ and qua has made pis calf 1 now here 

atte 3e squa mensk* and haldes dere. 

hit ys of gold finely di^t. 

I. wene $e halde hit god of rnd^t. 

1 trauaile for 30U walde I no3t spare 


no gap in the MS.] 

and pat $e mone rew ful sare. Ji 1 **! 8 *] 

aua made pis calf I. wald ham ken 
qua helde pe faste a-mong 1 per men. 
quilk pat helde my comandement. 
and quilk no3t syn I. fra 30U went. 
and quilk for-gate me and quilk no3t 
and qua pis golde to-gedir bro3t. 
and quilk ar pa hit sa??imyn blew. 
and quilk ar pa for god hit knew. 
Ilkane pen saide I. haue na wite. 
and alle pai made ham-seluen quite. 
|arfay saide moises for no3t. 
pe sop al-gatis hit sal be so3t. 
I wil knaw my-self pe fals 
and ilkman salle knaw ham als 
ful ilhaile brak 3c day 
at I. fasted so sal 3c sai. 
ful ilhaile sal 3c se pe si3t 
pat quen I. wepped 3c made 3011 li3t 



3ong and aid, less and mare, 3onge & olde lasse & more 

pe calf alone left pai fare. 6552 pe calf allone laft pei pore 

pen cald moyses paim to gide?*, Moises pen??e called hem to gider 

"Lordinges,"hesaid,"i am corner hider, lordyngis lie seide I am comen kider 

Aboute 30ur erand haue i bene, Abonte ^oure eronde haue I bene 

Qui fie ^e fra me dus bidene? 6556 "Why fie ^e fro me pus bi dene 

Comis again widuten doute, Come]? a3eyn wipouten doute 

Haue 3e pe dais al fastid vte, haue ^e pese dayes alle fasted oute 

pat i bad, ar i me went, 6559 p«t I 30U bad ar I went 

Or haue 3c halden mi comandement ] haue 3c holden my com?»au?£dement 

And qua has made pis calf here, who hap made pis calf bifore 

pat 3e dus worschip and halde dere ? 

It es of gold widuten wene, gjftj* back * 

3e hald it for 30ure godd bidene. 65Qi . 

Mekil haue i trauayled for 30U, 

pat litil turnis 30U to prou, 

pat suilk a godd honurs nou ! . . no gap in Trin. fy Laud MSS.] 

Here efter it sal sare rew 30U. hit shal her aftir 30U rewe ful sore 

Qua made pis calf? i wald hiwi ken, who made pis calf I most him ken 

Or held pe fast emang pir men? 6570 who helde pe faste among pese men 

And qua has haldin mi comandement, who hap holden my com?«au?idement 

And qua noght, sipe?i i fra 30U went 1 And who not sipen I w r ent 

And quilk forgat me ami quilk nohut ? who for-3at me & who 110113 1 

And qua pis gold to-gider broght 1 And who pis golde to gider brou3t 

And quilk er pa it samen bleu, 6575 whiche are po to gider hit blew 

And quilk as for pair godd it kneu 1 " whiche are po for her god hit knewo 

Ilkon said, "haue i na Mute," Alle pei made hem seuen quytc 

And all pan made paim-selue?£ quite. vchone seide I haue no wite 

"Parfay," said moyses, "for noght Parfay seide Moyscs for noi^t 

pe soth algate it sal be soght. 6580 pe sope algate shal be soi^t 

I wil mi seine knau pe fals, I wol my self knowe pe Ms 

And ilk man sal knau him als. And Fche mon shal knowe him als 

'Ful ill'' liayl brae 30 pe day, 1 ul euelhele brake 30 pe day 

pat i fastid sua !' sol 3c say. 6584 Jwt I fasted so shul y> Bay 

111 hay] sul 3c se pat sithe, Alias shul je say pal sipe 

Forquew i wepe y made jou blith, I v vrhenne I weped 30 made joublipe 



And p'it yee mad fis gold to fcru, 
To-quils fat i praid for yow. G588 
Mikel foli was fat i did fan 
fiat eaer to lielpe yow i be-gan ! 
Quen fat i ledd yow thoru fe Strang 
Yte o your wiferwins hand G592 

And sitlien i asked yow alsua 
Your fud, and godd yow se