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vxliuld. iji.i)eiHlly fall unci coUl at iilKlii. 
Wi-iliieyJiy an.l Tliuriiil«y. 

lAiwoi Mtttiilaiid; J^kIu to niodertttc wln.l- 
Bi-iltrally fair ami mid ill nlglil. Wetlli. » 
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VOL. CVii., NO. 66 




AnROuncemeiit Follows Swiftly 
on Prorogation — Nomina- 
tions on March 12, with 
Election on March 28 

Wln« Out of Ten Defendant! Shown To 

Hav« Been la Hftblt of Coniultlngr 

Behind Clo«ed Doora 

CHICAGO, Feb. 27.— Kviaence HuU 
nine of the ten defendants met every 
Tuesday afternoon between 1007 and 
1910 behind closed doors In the direc- 
^»- room of the National Paoklns com- 
puny, was given by two witaeBaea in' 
the packerH' trial today. The defendants 
are: J. Ogden Armour, Arthur Meteketr, 
Thomas J, Conners, l'";.l w.utl Morris, 

Louis 1' 

^wilt, I'M- 


iro 9itlS'f!a$& During 




s Ol 

Lewis P. Hynmn, 
wariT F. Swiri, Clm.-^. '>'■ 
w:li .1 T: dan. The wli 
able to laemity Fram— . 
Hitendingr the sessions. 

The government contend 
•a tJiQse meetJnjafs that t 
thfttr..«»W(U»tetive eXflJ»!l|»W.X«OTTB«r 

nA dlvtrton ot i4tt«?ry In irtc^tum «f 

•riw wltiWBBes "waif;'j^i4 at tue meet- 
Ua» «are AlonB«i3fi-'B«nn. MWi^t^xt to 
IDdw4^4i TlMen. a^4 ^ B. Hayes, who 
mu ^nwloyjad «• a etork la tha «fflc« 
untU 4 year ftciv 

SAN BARNAXUl^brO. Feb. 27.— Avt- 

Further Conferences to be Held 
by Ministers with Represen- 
tatives of Coal Operators 
and Coal Miners 



IIAblKAX. Feb. 27.~Tw(. ni 
iiie Halifax sealing fleet have v 
ported with 2000 seals valued at 
$21,000. The other vessel has not 
reported y<^t 


Seaat« Indicates Intention to Act by B.o- 

fasing' to Table BOBOlution of 

Senatoi' Foindexter 

after fW^fSl 
evening ari," 

p§ff |»roi3#il«er'.«bortly 

announced ti 

parliament ■ Of .the-?'|iPIP!iPJ^ii''vPr**^^*^ 
Columbia. Nomlria!^SWiiit>1i»*-*lace 
on March 12th and the elections on 
March 28th. 

Premier McBrlde stated to a Colonist 
representative last evening tha.t Ih view 
of the extensive railway guarantees his 
government was undertaking and the im- 
portance of the. policies generally to 
the country It was considered only right 
that the people should be consulted. 

The campaign will be a short one. 
Premier McBrlde and his ministtrs will 
in the course of the next four months 
tour the province, speaking at different 
points. The Premier will be accompan- 
ied by the Hon. W. J. Bowser and it is 
anticipr.ietltnat leaving n^-T^i winek lis 
will be absent from the capital for up^ 
wards of two weeks. The other mlnis-, while speaking in t veral 

roristituencies, will also len i i stance- 
Im the various governmient candidates. 
As far as can be learned all the mem- in the last house, with the excep- 
tion of Mr. .T. Hawlhornttiwaite, who sat 
for Nanaimo, will offer themselves for 
rf-nmnUialion. It is also Stated that op- 
position will be offered in every con- 
Btitupncy. The Liberal party is hold- 
ing a plovlncUl convention in Vancou- 
ver tom6rrow evening at which the part 
to be played in the coming election will 
be decided upon. Mr. John Oliver, the 
leader of the party, will be placed In 
nomination for the Delta riding as will 
Mr. Brewster in the Albernl constltu- 

cy. Who are the likely Liberal candi- 

tes In Vancouver or Victoria are not 

T known. 

Ml Hawthornthwalte's decision to 

ve i.iwiiiu:ttii>ii.rty politics is ^«c ^'^■ 

la private Interests which reau it" top 
much time to allow him to undertake 
[i.uiiamentary work. 

Passage of Slsty-two BUls 

After passing 62 bills, some of which 
must have an Important bearing on the 
history -ot British Columbia withli the 
next few years, the third sesalb.i 6£ the 
12th parliament of the province was 
formally prorogued yesterday afternoon. 
In the corridors while waiting for the 
lieutenant-governor to come down, the 
members chatted sociably, the principal 
theme being the coming election und Its 
probable outcome. Nearly all express- 
ed their intention of being back next 
-ession if possible, with the e>c=it>tlon 
1. 1 Mr. J. H. Hawthornihwaite, of Na- 
na I mo. The Socialist leader had 
doubts whether he would run again, 
I'.iouKh he said that he had many re- 
■ luesls to do so. He stated that i-c had 
no personHl .leslre to remain in politics 
,is ills private buslne.Hs rcciuircd all his 
lime and attention. 

Prorogation took place m 4 p. ni. be- 
fore galleries crowded wltli spectators. 
Taxation teglslaUon 

At tho opening ot the houSe Premier 
McBrlde arose and said: "Mr. Speaker. 
Before proceeding with the orders of 
the day. I would like to announce, with 
regard to t^ie report submitted to tho 
legislature a short time ago by the 
roval coinmlHslon on taxation, It Is the 
intention of the executive during the re- 
. . ..„-.. ....^pV.iilv- consider the flnd- 

ing covered by that most Important 
useful document, with ft view of 
..mendment and consolidation of all Lie 
statutes dealing wlUi taxation. Perhaps 
,t would be well to mention that the 
new laws will provide for the repeal 
of the provincial revenue tax. They 
win ;il.«" make due provision for 
r«ntlnu«>«l <»n FsKf 3. V»\. ». 

mur HMVBj i C iam i ftwd "' hw An g ul e k 

fell 800 feet toda^i^ when bla a<iropIai^ 
bec^ame vmmanageable. and marvelouBly 
Mi^ed death. W«|«ijlT, 1.200 feet tn thv 
"#r,..tbe ■e n«in»;, ljtii''^$Smi§^'f inaohii|« 

.' -'meai dcAd, {«idv;liyii9PiMfaf .1ii|i«n « r«F 



II l lUj tl " l<, 

Between 30|00a and 40j00a 
''Miners Have Already Lett 
WorH^-Failirtg Agreement 
Others Will Soon Follow 

mj*!J*I| V 

plane to. earth. A|r'^*it5"wi»n untO 
aboui .200 feet trroni the grOtUldi when 
air holes ivere encountered and the ma- 
chine fell. Crawford escaped wi th bu t 
a few scratches. . 

LO^VDON. Feb. 27.— :^0 ''**^'^"'"f°^ °f 
the coal dlf^irute waa ristched at The 
various ogMwanceB in whl«h Premier 
^aw«"th -And members of his cabinet 
«^d repwapntatlves ^f the mine own- 
atw- Mti '>'**"'»■' pn-rttelnated today. 

senate Is contemplatln 
the ILftWrenoe situation \.vj.» 
day wln^fli it ■!. t,. .t^d 

fort "'OK-^''^ 

"in«vld^^^r^«^p&>nf«*ipapW **? «*»»J 
«>Tnml« sloii i M ' - afe^lfttnfe. .■.-'* I 

The resolutlofl; Itowever, «•» not act- . 
ed upon. tAH it will W aiiiended and 
some of tta inora ttr«ife!c.~ provisions 
elHjBtinated.^ . , ', - ^ ^^ 

{eam>>deratt«n of tN re«o^tloMi pr«- 

rlpttated a brisk oollc "-'' *''**- 

tracked other tiuMlinesfi'. 

Mobs Break Out in Kingston, 
Janiaica, on Account of 
Action of Canadians Who 
Own Street Railway 


Big White Star Liner Strikes Submerg- 
ed Wreck and liOeee Blade of 




Two Rioters Are M^ ^(mI 

colloauy .and JtM»r 

The criuc^sm" 

^ ^/fecii$?^lans .a«e; 
Against Company • 

^ j i I ll 1 ' ' M" - I j fc.i- W{ V-j 

■ton ^f/n ||ven ovar if> .AtdA ruJ|B 
t l ifuuglniut iial umu ai ^ tf'w'a tumUl j it * 

niSLPAST. Feb. 27.— The White Star 
liner Olympic, wliieh left New York on 
Wednesday, and was due in Southamp- 
ton today, struck a submerged wreck in 
the Atlantic early this morning and is 
now on h^r way here for repairs. The 
damage was confined to the propeller. 
Tile Olympic will laud her passengers 
at the usual points before proceeding 
hero for repairs. Tho Olympic c:iri-led a 

I many notables 
,,. ! ;.6r flrst-cabin 

ngors, amoi being Amhasa- 

?PT^t'T7^i«,'ttn| Du.^w .; A owcast Je7 Cuu'rt 
and W- S. Corey. 

Eng.. Feb. 27, — -The 

„, ^JBi mei- OiynipAvv which had 

her prORfil^er damaged 0^vt^UtBlon at 

Resolution in Regard to Bound- 
aries Provides for Substan- 
tial Increase in Subsidy, 
with Arrearage 


of the resolution wa«. aimed at the pro- 
pn>t»\ to hall state otftciais before, a. 

jjJSteEfeLi . 

States Give Their Promise 
to President — Three Others 
are Counted On 

"the ofj^laf Btateroent of the pro- 
oeedlWP wued tonight merely records 
the fact that ae?W»L inferences were 
held. It conclud^^^Wp <-he announce- 
ment that the conferences will be re- 
sumed tomorrow. 

Between 30,000 and 40,000 miners in 
Perhyshire and Nottlnghamshli'e ceased 
work today, in aTCordanoe *ith notices 
previously given, and It is evident that 
as the limit times provided for Jn the 
notices expire the men will lay down 
their tools and await the action of ihe 
Mlners' Federation. 

Tlie negotiations have advan. >-d to 

tliat stage where It is advisable that 

members of the cabinet and n.e lepre- 

-.^■^^^^.■MrtiilAXivBB-oi tha rslstsra .- ..>«t. 

Nine Republican Governors" m' The position of the miners- ..........uta- 

tlves Is much simpler than that of the 
owners' representatives. The former are 
authorized by the National Miners"' Fed- 
eration to prehent their ultimatum. 

ntn th.. ,.\Mi.i^s avv persuadi.Nl to 

„.,: ...... iliall- 

ed by bringing the nts together. 

From r that mis has mft been 

done, ii red that the ■cabinet has 

not sueceeded in inducln; i'i<. ..wners to 

make that conceesloh. 

If government Intervention fails, by 

Friday "v."-^- .-^ilUpry In the land will 

be shu' anwhiie in.niy thou-. 

sands oi lumti.- are making ri.;uly to 

strike, and the time, for negotiations ia 


The nesptiations continued until near 

midnlirht. Premier Asquith had another 

conference with the owners' com m! 1 1 e;--. 

and because of the iroul situation neither 

!V'! t!v ,f the boajd of trade. 

Sydney Buxton, was able to be present 
m the 'house tonight. 

- Co ntinued on Page 2. Col. 5. 


position. The house comm MJ^ ^"-^^ 
wru have a hearing on SatllP^jHMl «** 
rfm^mion of inquiry Intmluteett'^ by 
9lji|i^s Berger and Reprpsentative 
Wilson of Pennsylvania, 

oolUiBlonR , betw.een the poMjt^O »n«l l^ 
pojimce two^jnwn weJrp kt]|te4 «^<j| ikiore 

•companies are now faced with ' >tbe prob 
' lem of securing between S0.«0<^ ^tlAiifVt^^ 
«Q0 men to carry o4t the vast d«valap=> 
ment 'wm^tmmjiWlt»P^ «« »if^ 




Opposition Taken Aback by 
^^ ai Terms A ! In wed 

_ . S^WS^lelax^tion in Hindu !m- 

WINMIPEM3. »th. 87.— Thf' wiawayi 

migration Regulations 


o summer of 19 IS. 

OTTAWA, ^mkM^V'l 
$» tb« legtMatlon t& enli^r 
* rtarlas nf IT^tiltnhni hftft 


^nsa) to iiaii state officials before, a^ iT*^ „„ . " iLl^ . '_ jy ti^^T--^! -J! JMier ^fff1»ft■■^^m ft j^ •'M \ ' lM ^ l l tfM l l.T. -*^*b«>;:- - '■^ga[- *MAtM»Mv. ^.^ ..^ to tJ» terms to i>» 

Sal bureau to be lnt<^«gi^~ on . th^-?o_ injured. «om« ^<^ J^ "1 I^SpWSPS^ri^mS^^ ^»2«CT!n^^ 

s t a t e aff a irs . aenAtor . lrf ijtt aJta » > y i P* ^ fe?' ' jrf i «rtiA ! > ' air BldttiSy ' C i M y d t . ^ ttk^ -i^K^-^rand TninT Pf^A- n --* t*-- ^■"'- I ^ ,„ u , B| | ii"' iii HT f ntlnr to postponing tM 


After: Easy Capture ofJuafezf 
They Expect to Take Pos- 
tiessiun ur oapiiat ui oiaic 
—Have Force of 1500 



Spry. Utah; 

Pothler. Rhode 

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.— -Tele- 
graphic pledges of support from some 
nine Republican governors were given 
out tonight from the campaign head- 
,, ident Tult. Tlvey are: 

!,... .„.-u, .1 nuesota; Carroll, Iowa; 
Hay, Washington ; 
Maryland: Tcner, 

Hooper, Tennessee: 
PcinnewelU, Delaware; 

In addition to the above statements 
made public, the^Taft -managers claimr 
ed the support of Deneen, lUinols; 
Gddiei:HevRtl»^W^»**^^ Vermont. :.. .., 

The announcement from the Taft 
bureau is taken as an answer to the 
Chicago conference of seven gover- 
nors upon wnose solicitation Col. 
Roosevelt based his formal entry to 

the president ial contest. ^ 

to. B. Station Damaged 

HALiFa:X, Feb. 27.— The 'intercoiuuim 
station was partially destroyed by^flre 
due to a short Circ uited wir e tonight. 

Boftd Tax on Motor Oars 

TORONTO. Feb. 27.— The Ontario 
Good Road. today decided 

to wait on hitney and ask 

legislation imiKJsinf,' a tax on motor 
cars. The funds thus raised are to be 
used for the Toad«. 

• iiat there 

.luarez. and 

group will 

BOBS Bifle at T^i»i»S 
LONDON. Feb. 27.— Lord 



the -National Rifle 

.nadlan Awsoohi- 

lie had nothing 

mere, chairman 
Aseocl«ti«n, tol '■ 
ated Press tod . 
t> say regarding tho Koss rifle difficulty 
excepting merely that the Sutherland 
Bight was outside the scope of the reg- 
ulations. >le denied that Canadians 
were unduly interfered with or treated 
different from other competitors at Bis- 

Chauffeur Stubbs Had Lost 
• One Lamp and Met Urox- 
pected Curva in Road — 
Speed Excessive 




._n.-«o,uMo.. ot ^»';;;'— ,',,/%rey:; 

;r.V/HJoti" libera. Term, tor Man.- 

— Mls^'k.npr ..f I.abrad.)r T>iic. 

3— Uliwolullon of rarllnmcnt. 

4 — Editorial. , 

5 — V'lcli-.rla'fi Kiiliii.' I bi-ni. '• 

p — News of the Cny. 

7„Ne\ss of the City. 

s— t)f In'.prfst to Wofrien. 

g^.Snortlni: News. 
10_I'r.?tnlci Ml tttldo to Attend H«llv 
lj_\Vhnt the Wurld I'rpsa 
\2 — Heel lilslii'.e Artvt». 
IS — Kfal K.'tsle Advfs 
la— -««rii»t. :•"*•.*«•. 
•T — (Jrncral New*. 
IS— Davlil Spfinrrr Ar1\t 
13 (.:oqul'.!am T<tniWni' ' " 
JO— AddlN'Uia; WBrlihrv. 
jl — <.>cnerai Adv^rtininn 

ta — (:ia««iri»'d Advts. 
3j — (ntamilflrrt Advt». 
■:i — ("1B»«IS=<I Advl*. 
I* — Fln«n«-I«l firwr. 
It — PaclflD Prf>i>«rtici AdvL 

Is Snylni;. 

V .U t. 

Chinese Oam-blers Kaided 
VANCOUVElt. Feb. ^7.— Smashing 
through doors and wooden barricades, a 
squad of policemen tonight raided a 
gambling den in Chinatown and ar- 
rested 2S Chinamen who were engaged 
in violating the law in a gambling game, 
the celestials fled for the passageways 
in the building, but tne majority were 
secured by the detectives and police. 
They were late^r admitted to bail. 

Ontario Power teglelatlon 
TORONTO, Fel). 27.— The Ontario 
government has no Intention of rushing 
ihrongh the now power legislation ex- 
tending the authority of - tho hydro- 
electric commission. W. K. MeNaught 
stated yesterday that the commission 
was sending out Invitations to all the 
municipalities Interested In the hydro- 
electric scheme to the conference at the 
parliumont buildings at the end of tho 
week. The new clauses will be gone 
over then and any objections the munl- 
elpallties may have will be notid. 

Appeal la Supreme Court 
OTTAWA. Feb. 27. — In lh.3 .supreni.) 
court today a hearing was commeneed 
or. an appeal from the Court of Appeals 
In Uiitlsh Columbia In the 
Alberta Pacllle Klevator Co. 
(ouver Mllllnp .'fe tJram t;o. 
Co. won In the lower 



case of the 
vs the Van- 
'ihe aiiiiinK 
courts. On the 

present app'^al tbe elevator company 
».>ts up twenty objections on the 
grounds of an error In the cOurt beSpWj 
Indudlng an objection to tho jurlsdli-^' 
lif.n of the British Colu.mbla court to 
try the case in vacation. 

NANAIMO, B.- C. Feb. 27.— Further 
details of tlic motor car accident which 
occurred near the Quarter Way House 
last night, and which cost Chauffeur 
Frank Stubb.s his life and injury to 
others, make it appear that at the 
time of the accident the car was 
travelling at a rate estimated .at 60 
ini!«is >«.ti iiour. •\pproachlriK the scene 
df the accident the road slopes down- 
wards, then takes a curving direction, 
and according to the account of Mr. 
Andrews, Mr. Stubbs was unaware of 
this and thought the road ran straight. 
The car carried only one lamp, and 
that on the left, thus casting an ob- 
lique gleam on the roadside, the other 
light having becii lost on the out- 
ward Journey. In consequonee, the 
side of the road where the c'at.Tstrnphc 
happened was In darkness. 

When tile motor car ran into tho 
ditch, Mr. vStubbs kept full .speed on in 
the belief thrtt the car could be turned 
again into the road. There was no 
time to apply the brake, and in a 
moment the car cut throuifb n troe 
stump and dashed against le 

which was thrown down, the imi.Mct 
hurling the car with its occupants 2.i 
feet and brlnglny it up in a transverse 
position, Some moments before the 
accident Mr. Stubbs reinaff-ke.l lu Ml.^a 
MfKcnzle that he fell ilk.- ".Irivlnp tho 
pace" that night. 

the time of tho iTnr>a<t. His head was 
caught between the stfcrlng wheel anil 
the tolephone post, and he only brenth- 
e<] for a moment or tw-o. 

Andrews stuck to the car. all the 
other occupants being thrown out. He 
I Contlnard on rmge '!, fol :». 

EL P.ASO. Feb. 27— The V<i.s.iuista 
rebel eleirunt wiHch took possession ot 
.luari.;^ tiii.s luomlng about ,H):30' after 
nrlng a atngle volley, plans next to cap- 
ture the city of Chihuahua. Tomorrow 
morning the ■ •'■' General Campa's 

forces on the , > of the state will 
be begun, according to announcement 
by the commander i<.ni'?ht. Col. An- 
tonio Rojaa. with —Ls, arrived at 
Banche shortly am. .■■--a and stopped 
his march tliere. uAnware of the develop- 
ment at Juarez. 

General - Caiiipa 
are 900 rebels already in 
that the Arrival of. Rpj« 3 
\i. ■ the total of 1 

cl.„-..-i..i recently he vvi.'! 
.Tuarez. He says that Major Tomas 
Loza- win remaih at Juaiiea with 300 
men and that the remainder will proceed 
.southward over the line of the Natlotxal 
railway early tomorrow for an assault 
on Chihuahua, which is being held by 

CommBnicatlon between El Paso and 
Juarez was suspended almost entirely 
during the day, the crossing of the in- 
ternational line by individuals being Um- 
iled to the bearers of passes. It was 
announced today that communication 
would bo restored between the two cUles 
tomorrow night. 

The rebels easH v .ailnr.Hi .luare/,. 
Firing but orie or «"d iimet- 

Ing no resistance ...\.. i-. <i i"W soattei - 
ed shots in reply to their tlrst volley, 
the rebels then marched into the town, 
cfipfurrrl the s-'in^ tb^^t had been pur- 

house, the barracks, the jail and other 
public buildings. 

The rebel a.s8auU began at 10 o'clock 
sharp. They entered the outskirts of 
the city fro'm the nortliwest. firing as 
they «ntcre<l. The few hundred men in 
Junrea as defenj^ers ftred a few shots 
from various .points of vantage and 
were then ordered by their officers to 

Mexican Consul Liorenlo of El Piuso 
afterward declared that the officers 
decided not to make resistance to avoid 
complications with the United Slates. 
Tioops were guarding the bord-er at the 
time the town was taken, apparently 
ready to enter Juarez, ^f I'll Paso should 
lie endangered. 

As the rebels hm ' h.y. 

Ihey found all liouses clo.sed, but no 
resistance. Only one man, Capla'n 
Romero, of the defenders, was wound- 
ed accidentally. 

the 'toVerii^K 01r SI ^..^ ™-, 
struck on the neck ^tb^3f|i|0*^t4^ 
he attempted to go to tmrlNMw 9t# 
policeman besieged by a mOb In a spirit 
stor£. HiB secretary. Major M. Wynd- 
Ixam, received a blow In the face. 

The excitement of the populace 
against the Canadian company whicn 
runs the street cars was very great 
throughout the evening. Armed police- 
men were attacked by the mob and 
forced to tak< refuge In stores. Tlie 
governor ordered the riot act to be read. 
Some shooting followed by the police 
.sent out to clear the streets, and there 
were several serious encounters, during 
which two rioters were shot dead and 
injured before the mob dis- 

The riots resulted from the increased 
fares on the street railways, imposed by 
thn railway, which is a Canadian cor- 
poration. The rioting began on Friday 
last, and the disorder has been contln- 
-vf«»;.4(iiiice. - The governor has is- 
lers to the police to use armed 
force if necessary to nuell disturbances. 
He directs tlMit ample' protection be 
given tlie company. 

ConsldWable damage has been done 
in many parts of the city, and twelve 
tram cars have been wrecked or 
burned. Armed , detachments of police 
are now patrolling the commercial sec- 
tion of Kingston and the West India 
troops are held in readmeSB at the park 
camp to relnfoi?ce them. 
. Conditions during the day improved 
considerably, about half the cars hav- 
ing resumed service. Resistance on 
the part of the passengifTB to the Jiay- 
-■ment of Increased fares Is still pro- 
riiug. Tlie governor- in an Intervl-eu' 
!.iy said the car company was try- 
ing to get out of an honor.ible under- 
Continued on I'agp 2. Cul 8. 


^--Crranii TrunIc.F«clAa 
'j|MlU«n Kfortbern are willing to t«lc« fO^ 

The work to be mahout th« pwrttttli ,.,__, , 

pr-nles aV«^de8IrIou8 of rushing ttifotigfh 
their main lines to completion 

!i!lTBll AIIM! 

^ consideratiOli' of controversial subjects 

'^i^.Pbmmm. they can get, as bo{]||(i||||a>f| ^t; gi^ Wilfrid Laurier's request the 

Viscount Haldane An nounces 
Programme Involving Ex- 
penditure of $800,000 for 
Acquisitioa of Aeroplanes 

LONDON, Feb. 27. — The estimates of 
expenditure for the British army for the 
nscal year of 1912-13. in' both 

effective and non-effectlyo ■ ag- 

gregate. J139.300.000. or'an iu 
fSSO.OOO over those of the year 

The entire Increase in the estimates Is 
due to the expenditure by the govern- 
ment in development of aviation In the 
British army, as It Is planned to spend 
1800.000 on the acquisition of aeroplanes 

In a memorandum accompanyintr the 
estimates. Viscount Haldane. 
of Btatefor war, says tliat a ■:•..- 
military aviation school, with a lull 

I ,^.- - . ... - . 

w. ain officers of 

Non-Confidence Motion in 
House is Defeated by Cast- 
ing Vote of Speaker— Lab^r 
Members Change Over 

bciu tne army :in<i the navy, will be es- 
tablished soon on Salisbury plain, the 
great manoeuverlng ground of the army. 


Theory Thai Quebec jaxluBS IuS.jr 
Been Seetroyed by Explosion Is 




Wellington, New 

27. — A di8l)aLeh from 
Zealand, says: The 
n( n-eonfldenec motion in the house re- 
sulted In a tic. and the speaker gave the 
casting vote for the government. Three 
labor members voted for the govcrn- 
mtnt. two of thcro contrary t" th.dr elec- 
tion pledges. 

Mr, Mosaey's Charge that the labor 
members were, "squared" wa.s with- 
drawn. It is said that Sir J. Ward will 
b.: induced to withdraw his Intended 

MONTREAL, Feb. 2?.— That the Que- 
bec bridge disaster, August 17, 1907. 
which killed 74 men and caused a Joss 
c.f millions of. dollars, was due to an ex- 
plosion of dynamite placed there by 
agents of di.ssbnting bridgfc workers, Is 
i the tiieory on \viiicii deleelive» »i.l"« DOW 
making exhaustive investigation h^ • *. 

The bridge, which was to havo been 
the longest lantilever span In the ivorl.l, 
was being erected by the Phoenix 
Bridge company of Philadelphia, rn 
whose works, in different parts .jf 
United States, some of tho worst Mc- 
namare atrocities wert committed. 

About Aueust 1, 1907, niere was a 
strike of bridge workers and wor.k was 
practically at a standstill for a time. 
Only a i»art or' the regular force wa-? at 
work on .\ttgust 17. when the bridgs!' 
fell, killing forty Italians, ninetetn Cai'- 
adlaniii mid fifteen Americans. 

Clarence Barrow's Case 

lA).S A.NGi:Ly.S, Feb. 27. — Claii:nce 
Darrow, tho Clilcago attorney, indicted 
for bribery, suffered both a loss and a 
gain in court proceeding's involving 
charses against him today. The loss 
w^s the expected plea of gulUy which 
Ben Franklin, the detective, entertd to 
a charge of attempted^ infliu.ti.iiig of a 
jui-or in the tp^al f i i i Namara, 
now serving ft life s.tiUin.- in San 
Quentln. FrHnklln's pica w«h taken as 
proof that he would be the .stHte's 
chief witness .Tgalnst Darrow, Who di- 
rected the MeNamarrf;d<fem-e. The g.-Jln 
•»..» a piiiln.r hv 'iirpKlilInc' .Tiidro Georce 
M. Hullon Of the superior court that 
the district attorney must furnish Dar- 
row with a full transcript of the ovt- 
deiu u upop wh!;h tho grand jury in- 
dletmenis sKalnst him were based be- 
fore the court would set the trial of the 
n.'i'-ii.'j'od attorney. 

Kailway FataUtlee 
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.— Twi. hun- 
dred and one persons were killed and 
4 2S3 Injured In train accidents during 
the montiis of July. August and Septem- 
ber. 1911. according to accident bulletin 
91, issued today. This was a decriwse 
of I3!0 killed and an Increase of 391 
injured, as compared with th« corres- 
ponding quarter of 191" 

jramaioa SeoUues 
OTTAWA, Feb. 27. — Tho island of Ja- 
maica is likely tb prove a thorn in the 
glrle of the advocates of a wide recl- 
prcclty pact betW'een Canada, and the 
British West Indies. According to cable 
advices, Jamaica has decided not to 
send a delegate to the reciprocity con- 
ference here. This decision is based, it 
Is declared, on tho belief of the Ja- 
maican authorities that the United 
States is the colony's natural market, 
and that any attempt in the direction of 
reciprocal trade with Canada would In- 
cur the displeasure of America. 

resolution was expanded by incorporat- 
ing in It a full description of the new 
boundaries, which the premier did not 
regard aa ntcessary, but saw no objec- 
tion in It. The discussion turned upon 
financial terms, the Liberals showing 
much Ill-will to Manitoba. 

Premier Borden moved the resolution 
at 3..10 o'clock. The speaker left the 
chair and 'the Premier made his state- 
ment In committee. It was purely an 
-exposition of the I'inanclal terms, giv- 
en in much detail. Manitoba, he said, 
will receive Jl, 349, 315 yearly, an in- 
crease of $515,907 over thfc' present sum. 
'11,, .. I 1. .na-.s amount to $2,178,618. 
and liiu swamp lands are estlmatsd at 
8,200,000 acres. 

Sir Wilfrid's Objections 
Sir Wilfrid I.auriir said iliat he did 
not Intend On this r>cca.M!on, to advert 
to anything of a controversial nature, as 
by pi;eferred to. elucida>ta the financial 
terms. He went on to contend that there 
was no reason for conceding arrears. He 
could not agree that there was a claim 
on Manitoba's part. He would ask Mr. 
r.> to. gly« his reason for the terms 
le resolution. This did not propose 
to give Manitoba enougli money to carry 
on, the government 'in the added terri- 
tory, but was a new financial term alto- 
gethep. Manitoba, afttr being for 40 
years a member of the confederation, 
was to bo treated as a now province. 
There was no justification for this. 

Mr. White replied, arguing that th© 
purpose was to give Manitoba equal 
treatment with Saskatchewan and Al- 
berta, and to give that province ample 
Justice. In Sir Wilfrid's speech, the 
statesman had been lost in the lawyer. 
Mr, White went on to explain and ' de- 
fend the financial 'terms. 

Mr. Pugsley attacked the arrangement 
on the ground that the debt allowance 
was unfair to the other provinces. Ho 
declared that .these lands did not be- 
long to the hewer provinces, the older 
provinces having bought them. As to 
Quebec, he contended that the 
addition of Ungava made it necessary 
to limit the arta of Quebec which was 
to govern the unit of representation, to 
the portion recognized at confederation. 
Mr. White replied, and Mr. Oliver then 

At the conclusion of Mr. Oliver's 

rsjieect! Mi'. Bordei. »«.i<1 that .".w .'.«,v« not 

forgotten his promise as to the restora- 
tion of the public domain to the prov- 
inces. Tliey would first put Manitoba 
on a footing of equality and would then 
proceed to restore tho public domain to 
all three. Ho also agrted that the case 
of the Maritime provinces required ad- 

The resolution was then passed. 

Ontario's Share 

Premier Bord*n then introduced the 
bill. In this connection he p'.aced be- 
fore the house an order-ln-councU pro- 
viding access for a government railway 
of Ontario to a poit on Hudson Bay 
by the following arrangement: 

(1) A live-mile utrlp, to be within 50 
miles of the coast, from the provincial 
boundary to Port Nelson, to be trans- 
ferred to Ontario. Manitoba, will exer- 
cise leglHlatlve jurisdiction and Ontario 
will own the land. 

(2) At Port Nelson Ontario Is to get 
on the east side of the river and along 
the shore of the bay. tho waterfront 
10 miles long and a ha'lf-mlle wide. 
That is to be for terminal factl1tl«8. 

If the Hudson Bay Railway makes 
Fort Churchill Us terminus, and If the 
<'nntlnue<l on Tage t, CoL 4. 

Salt WeU On Skeena 

l'ltl.\'(n=: IIUPKUT. 11. '"., Feb, 27.— 
Consl.Ierable Interest has been aroused 
here by the announcement that Dan 
C. WhitBiord iia« dl6«)V€red a Kjvit well 
on his pre-emption claim at 46-Mlte on 
the Grand Trunk PacHlc, close to the 
railway and near the river. One gallon 
of wal'-r gives a half pound of cle<ir 
while salt of ftne quality. The point of 
discovery Is about 20 miles up the river 
from Port Kssington on the opposite 
ImUk of the river. Tliere ap!'ear« t" i-e 
J. ■vjjBt amount of this salt-bearing 
w|»t*r and the samples of salt brought 
to rrln.'O Rupert are snld by experts 
to be of prime quality. 

Fiftv Years Ago Todag 

JV.ini tin- Ciilonlsi ot February 29, 1912 

liv ih" iinlval of the B^-Qtlusr Jonath'jn we receive Inteailfff^nce of «n«t)lMr CJ«lkt 
fe.l. rai vieioiy In TennomFee. Fort„D<.i.«ld»on wa« taken on Siutdar iiH>rBlMr> •MM;' ' 
eralK .Idhnaoii' anit Uuckncr. with 5,000 m*n •re prbwtwrs. FlOrd escaped 
h.uyy moil. F.'Ui fg4*ra,! colonals 'S'crc killed. .™ ... 

Thp Debtors— Tho charmed circle at the dfO^tora' p«4Mia has at last ^>*Mk'^ 
Anoih.r of iho debtoi-g having detlaflod hie creditors 
Kilvents In 

liowe.veT. to «a.v that he did 
(tone In Brareh of an InnoUint on Monday. 
the B^ntl.-mBn hart left •?verai hattl-a befor* the h^bM'M 

at V'o'r7ork"vH»lerday' af lernoon" with 1*11 "|wf» 
lianaennera were left at Portland. JHe JOHfcf 
cncoanter<Ht ru-jgh 'rfatfcer th*' eMlre lr»t». 
uoon for san Frwi«sieoa»^ 4^e«i« 

For the Wreefc-41J» *«w*t *<*5f,**SUP 

UtVUS are tsw 

lair, in place of thie«. M roi eome .pmtt inuk, le Is ««♦,: 
hia tKfSl) to kmt! 't«« mr<^ ii«nilMir;.^ 
but was JSMt la til 

Lrf>p«i Itlattd, tt«s? ^MeVtlR 
wilt >• deepaUBhed from rtlObd 


- R-E-L-l-A-B-I-L I-T-Y - 


i ARE ElfflT 


Have you ever heard what the' small boy .lid? 

When' he. heard the cat mew (caused by a pinch on the 
tain'h'tried to put a plaster over the cat s ^^o ^ h 
noi.e. This resulted uv a k->oc1 cical n,o.e trouble ^^J^ , 

noise. -I .; ' ",1 i i ,; i « ii ^ 

" 'Tis Strange, but true" that many people follow ^l^^*^** 

policy V. usini dru^s for headaches when itV >^^^ 

Hkelv the real trouble is defective eyesigiU which can only be 

' .. , 'i • . . „^.: — ;^., n Ar»iT»T'»*»tf»nt ontician. 
renieciiea nv iiuci\icwi.ig » uv-.-it "- -i 

We have ux our employ two qualified f^»i°^^ ^°'^ 
we guarantee to be just aS satisfactory aSiOtlrftpl^ ^ ,; ^ ,,. . 

■. Grcnfell, Heroic Helper of 
Fisher Folk of Bleak Coast, 
to Address Local Canadian 

tlio Htrlp liaU liocn fixed tit five miles. 

■Tim Buvirniiient conMl<lerea the niiil- 
t.r ami concluOea that five tiilWu wuiiUI 
be very convenient,-' auUI Mi-. Boiden. 
.md Uic ConHeivatlvis. wlio had hfen 
cluu-kHiiB steadily. ImoUo Into lu-arly 

It nmy Dc added that the bill an 
hrought down contttins nothing v.'lmt- 
fver about uehoolH. Thtiro • are nino 
Llnu«ei?. Oi,ut«« 3 deflues the bouydarlee. 
, laiises -I and 5 describe tUo tinanriai 
urrHliMonuMits, tluiist'H « and 7 deal with 
real and other prop.-, ly rights, rcsc-rvlngr 
the public domain for the Dominion and 
Kimrdlng the Hudson ri.iv i-omi»iny'B 
rlshta. Cluuso'8 provM i ^n Increut^r 



Dl«»ppe«r»no» of Former Wot.d Matodor 

01ve« Aiithorltle* 0»u«e for 



> \'' 


Successdrs to >. 


Wllfre-l ThotnaHon Orenfell. C.M.t^. 
M.D.. and a Hngby blue of Oxford. M. 
UCS. and UR.C.F. of London, master 
mariner. J.K of Newfoundland. Uoya a 
agent on tlie coast of Uabrodor and 
superintendent of the Labrador Medical 
Mlr^.^oii of the Hoyal- National Mission 

niM i.pi' til'- 

I., , 


|. ,ul win u.Mk.s its members 

aflerwHiviK ontlie.vyork to,wlil<^ Jve.^tt8 

.riven iiis lif.- 

.U teUs inuch that 

i>," ,. . M. er leil about him- 

eeli. oi all the many and varied QW«li- 

HmtivmWimm^m* vtilii=ed and »ubor- 

fare, botfliy and Hplrltuftl. ot the fiBttfr- 
man. Bttcdfta* wOuW toe spelt to W* 
ordliwiry man l»y the attainment ot l^% 
one of biW inniaiy dlBtia«tl««a. 

A hint tram air Proderkik Tcevea sent 
h»ro on hU first m»HBion to n.o ttBher. 
men of the North Sea on the flrst hoe- 
nltal ship which cruised from the Bay 
of Blecay to Iceland. In 1892 he came 
nreetward to puraue the same ministry 
to the flehermen of the Labrador co««t. 
Dtnei that Hme tfrfi ^^k has grown 


This Money Producing Proposition 

Large legitimate returns are made from market- 
ing subdivisions. The first requisite is proper 
selection. Natural advantages are the greatest^ 

asset. , ,^, 

Look at the map of Victoria. 

Note the effect car lines have on the direction 

of greatest development. Trace the l^e «f the new 

<'.-.n;,-h Electric. Follow Douglas street and Carey 

..^.....W^iaat^JtttRrsection with Wilkerson road and 

mr^vNife^Se^^pS^lH^r. , , - . 

Rieht here we have one hundred acres oi sub- 
division oroperty. The slope is southerly to he 
bottom lands of the Colquitz. The son is spleudu, 

the draiiia,,o i> perfect. It,i^.,J|^^e ^^^^^^^^^ 
ilioroughfare.. out of Victoria ■^fmS^'Eccin..un 
vMll be five minutes away. Let us show yon this 
land, vou will appreciate it better. 

$1000 Per Acre 

One-quarter cas h, balance oye r five y^ara. 

Wallace &Ciarke 

lllnlster ot the Interior 


PHONE 471 




^ beautiful polish can be put on your antomobUe or C(uri..c. etc.. 
in a few seconds by the use of an 

"Axrso-ssnAr'^ -:'. 

-.>.,.._. with ^.-Auta-Lu.t, •,..•• 1,: polish ty^at^nvnoi^sc^rj^^ryc^^^ru. 
X;:u;^edKcd superior to uH others, ^vn^^ ^. ^^oc .^0. «o.^ :-^-..--- 
93.50 per ;^'allon: ' 

Campbell's Prescription Store 

comer Tort Strest and DoujUs Street 
W. are prompT we are careful and Use the best In o"«' work. 

from the one hospital ship to the foun- 
dation of four pernoanent hospitals on 
the shores of Newfoundland, a series of 
co-operatiVe stores, an orphanage W»<» 
•| mm» r aw» smalb to d u g trl a l -a* '!""'** iliai fa- 
tns for their object the hettorment tof 
the conditions of l«e amaon* titose hafd- 
woTklne, hard-llvlng, cwmmunUies. This 
was not done without arousing antaj?- 
onlsm, hitter and sustained, amongf the 
traders who considered it their vest- 
ed right to overcharse and sweat those 
helpless nshermen to all eternity. 

0r, Grenfeli will «J«">»*?W^li!gJ 
much of hia work with Intaill/ OMtrWr 
making It known it shall receive. still 
greater support In the future than H 
has in the past. His work already 
speaks mUch for him. "SI monumentum 
requtrl** rlrcumspice" on those bleak 
Mewfn>»ndldnd beaches, and hefc ^l^ j |>» 
ead of disease, comparative i*i^ifP*' 

wunt- te«tffy to tiiii 'MwlfflP*: «MT»0''W» 
for a fcorf of .years and to the euc- 
cCHU whifh is already the outcome of 

it. ^ 



continue d from i'wre »• 

is little tilt' wnrsr for tht; accident, 

B. R. Thomas < Vmrt-Emancha is 
i.idiv shaken up and bruised on the 
lu-ad. facr and !eSH. and wimplama of 
great Internal pains. He is agent lor 
the Cill .V(]\ertiHin«: Co, Seattle. 
j r W lu-ht. Injur, d 111 lh< f.x'e -^n*! 
int'inillv not scrmnbiy. r<imes from 

iMMri -„riou3 InJvblWdi^' 

ot senatolf* «*ip Manitoba *rom four t* 
Six. Clause lldMJ* wltfe t»>« pontine into 
force of the act. 
' Th g h e ua e w e nt Into aupBly 
MM to Unftu 
Immigration mfittors wor« taken up, 
aj^d iftpn. IBir. -Rogers imnoimced th^t 
ronflftionA triii tWt bg JglSl£ y4 w'»» .F T 

MAX>rtlU. Keb. 27.— lb.- aioapi-i-a! - 
ance of •Uomblta" is stiU Itxo one ub- 
sorblng topic of conversation through- 
out the country. Y'-slerday a com- 
niSsaton from the MhUSh- ^'u^^ft arrived i 
here to re<iuesl the :iuthur!tl"« t" pur- I 
sue and capture Don KmiUo Torre*<. j 
known ur. •rUomblta," and the Hcnoritu 
with whom he was aUeged to have] 
tied It then Ijo'.anie evident that the 
hero or tills romance la not the present 
popular matador, but his elder bn.ther. 
As a matter of fact there, are three 
men who are alff^.tlonately known to 
frequenters of the bull- ring as Bom- 
blta." They are ' the three brothers. 
Kmillo. Rlcarde and Manuel Torres, 
known respectively as Bomblla i 
Bomblta '11., nnd Homblta HI. ^ 

Kmllle Terres. the fugiUVe^and .r|. 
e«t of the dynasty, retired from the 
bull-ring a few years ago as a con- 
se.iuence of -■severe wounds h.kI nad 
settled down m Malaga with his sk\U. 
u.a SIX e-niidren. The lady Who ha. 

oloped with him 18 «ald to hju;e^taecn 
a great frlcncT or lus w»e. - ,......_-..-&..- 

they are in t'ai 
passed through ll 

^^^^ SSSTtee may v*»o ha* 

awrfTTjn the PttM»c «y« ^^ ***** ■*■ 
VTo^ptt Mertl ft»y geyiMOW. 


aMMtaO Vas IMOlftO* j; 

M)NI>OK. Fob. «7.-^The court of rfp- 

»«S^today ruled that the •"""•v «'- 
pMW wwy j„„rance companies 

••oLk 1U)VS- SUITS AKi: I'i ll.T l^**'^ l^^"^'^'" 


Our Boy's Spring Suits Have Arrived 

- of >uii^ ihcy ai'C t-.... Thcre'^ jn^t 
,, niiich style- in llinn us in llio ^D^d'^' .mts and as 
„,, wear, well, "Wilson's" reputation for <|ualiiy is 
Ix.ui ihc l)cst f^iiaranlee a mother can possibly get. 

conainnB»,Mwm nv^ "v ^^"'•^'•:r...r-T^:.....::z^- 
«ard to l^ndua. He said they were not 
desirable ImirrUrrants. and In view of 
ihe class 0< Btn«I«» now in Canada 
tlujre was no chance of tliatr wojnen 
coming here to make their hmnes. 


^fl^lnrmrnldn goverhmenta so a s 
to enable them to iraiil*W uualn^"" '^ 
So Dominion w«s liable to Income tax 

mg compani«»- 


n'aimmf mm ?■« - — - 

team VcllfellW* *" 

Boys' Suits in the new 
tweeds and worsteds, in- 
cluding the popular 
brown mixtures. Then 
come the genuine Eng- 
lish Tweed Norfolk 
Suits. For his "Sunday 
best7"'"aSKrto see our little 

double-breasted Suits. 

them have th^^ 
loops 'Jor belt«Ij^^j 

waist, '■ ' ■ ■ r 't' ' ' ^y 

T^^T/^^t^ ' .^..'' 

cv 1 lit "1 


•mandei oi n.t. i'"ii' '""■ • 





Is the one thing that numbers of 

^ ]ieople cannot resist.' It is never so 

seductive as when it takes the shape 

Ml a bottle of Lemp's. Beer— people 

Nvh... drink lA-nr,)'-. :;nr! therefore, 
know its high (lualities, will not 
drink any other. It is bright, spark- 
ling and invigorating, Made from 
pure malt and hops, and is not 
charged with artificial ga.s — cai'- 
bonic acid— as some bec^ arc. 
Make i.nni)" ■ -ur d.ail} dnnk. 
(:)rder ^-<«asc' irnin your .UalcT. 
Drink it at \<^\.\v tdnb or ii.iicl. 


,.n- a ^^ffffa''?fN^f»i?rwT)r-t-TF«-TOiww- 

''^' An inquest was held this .vitonioon. 

and the vArdlct of ..the jury^: 

"We the jurv empanelled t- imiuire 

into, the death ^^ Jfa"*^ Smbbs, ut 

Victoriii. find tli|iftr«^*. ^^'"^ ^^ 

ilK death througi^l^i^^cklng of an; 

automobile whk-h he appaxem,y^^o«t 

• ontrol of. The scene of the accident 

i, in no measure a dangerous piece of 

,.a. and judging from the distance 

,„e ear travelled 5" ^he dHch, until 

vrerked. it must have been travelling 

ceedlngly high rate of speed. 

Moi see that any blame can be 

, to anvone excepting deceased 

. driving the car at the time of 
the accident." 

standing in the absence of legal docu- 
ments. He .mI 'a that he had referred 
the question to the Board of Trade at 
London, us to whether a public com- 
j)!iny ( luild abolish a system whi<;h 
h.ui 1h in In vogues for thirteen years 
ai'ix} iircr- fiasBTtHK 

,A mol. iM^me 

tinu'iii'^h tn. «,>'< lights in Hic city lor 
til.- )■ ■ ■ 'oting, a^ atte nipt 

pres.^i^e III" u-^uii'tti taken. |jy"*n0' fMMWje. 
Americans were not spared in the 
rioting which has been going on here 
with the street railway. A parly ol" 
Americans in a motor car were at- 
t.fUod l.v the ninh' today, and one of 
!v Injured. The 

i,>,.^ -^in and Mrs. I-Titz 

Dmiucsne nf N'w York and .Mr. ^:ind 
Mr^ Wonhiev oi" Brooklyn. .\ prroup 
or nien attuck»!d their car with bricks 
and Stones. :Mrs. Dt«|SPf»=^« ^^"'^^ 
bv one of the mlssttl8»#isl: 1» «^i''' '" 
»,;; In 11, serin, ,. .■..ndltion. The Am- 
ericans were iu peril of their Uve«. tnU 
their assailants were flnalty beaten off 
by Captain Duauesne, armed with a 
hammer. And Mr. Wurthley with a 

jackha. '.^'''^'^°*''■',''''' 

"knockeii •"-- - '- - -' -■■"----'■' 

Single Tivx in Winnipeg 
WINNll'I.O. l-eb. aT.-Thc city coun- 
cil decided tonight, without a dlssent- 
U vote, to submit ' -1"- ^ 

the people the sin^ '« basis 

of civic taxation in the futuic to con 
trol to some extent the high-handed 
speculation in vacant property. U .-...- 
^l.-,o decided not t" — ->les toc.:- 

^oratlons or Joinr ?,TT 

. _,,.<.i.,i fiouiiMiMiiMi ofCiceis. 
tnrouKii np«=c^.<- « > 

In navy blue, black and white checks, new brown 
shades and reds. 

W. & J. Wilson 


and Trounce Avenn* 

Woonds His Sister 
WINNIPEG. Feb. ::7.— Because hi.s 
sister* Mrs. Wm. Pcttlgrew. upbraitled 
'him tonight for not working more stead- 
ily. Oscar Slgurdisen, drew a revolver 
from the bed on which h- 'v'"--' 

and shot her twice In the o v^ 

m a precarious condition ai. i.ii^ ho.-- 

Threaten to Strike 

\VINNU'J:0, Feb. U".— The brother- 
hood of carpenters, decided to demand 
sixty cents pfer hour from the AVinnlpeK 
contractors, or a strike will be call-d. 


Mexican Bandits Attaolt Banch 
,, .„,..* ■ 1,. 27.— Twenty arm-. 

J ;^: :,.'. . , the pomt of mvad- 

|"ne to rescue the "boys" on the 

\elaon M-n is ranch, -when a messenger 
m*t the." M l^larls. on the^ American 

■ v-^ir . rtf - th e r i \ 

friends wer.- - 

them the b 

ranch. MAn^i 

and barricaded the 

It is not known w 

hurt In the fighting 

told them their 
messenger told 
i to loot the 
. hal resisted building, 
my o,he was 
which followed. 


(i.ntiniu-d from ^»-*' J; 

' ^Otitlook Discouraging 

Ln>a.o.N-. F.b. -.rS.-l-he morning pap- 
ers present a «rave outlook in the coa 
Htrlke. mainly owin^' to the obduracy of 

,e WH«h mine owners, who <'«^»"^. '" 
irant a minimum on any terms 

"•r,:::::aber. ..nnrence^ wii. not 

ho resumed in a hopeful spirit todaj. 
1^ xwciired that the premier bad ar- 
i^nl'ed to soe the KiuK laKt night, hop- 
ing to be in a poMlllon to announce thi.t 
,' ;.!ll.m<-nt ^^•a^ i" «l«"l. ''"^ nt Hie 

The baiidits nnally withdrew, threaten- 
ing to return to the attack later. 

"Icajured in Collision 
mCS MOINKS. la.. Feb. 27.-^'ine por- 
„on^ were injured seriously and several 
othern suffered minor injuries when 
nock Island p.is8fcnger train No. 16 ran 
into the- rear end of Wabash train No. 
3 on the otit»lrrrt» of the city latb last 


Acquitted of Mwrdor 
UKOWOOn CITY, fal., I'eb. =7- 
Sa.nuel U Timothy, flayer ot .T .r 
Moore, the wealthy coal dealer and «f San Francisco. «a« acquit- 
ted late tonight of murder. The Ju y 
.sustained the prison^fs plea of .self- 



CmtUitied fr<im l"i>«'- '• ^ 




Wholesale Agents. 
Victoria \'ancouvcr Nelson, BTC 

(5;^T^r;i7 government desires to make 
thot port tl>e terminus of Its line it 
«hall be given a right of wa.v. 200 feet 
wide from Nelson to tjie Hudson Bay 
UttUway and running ri.iihts over , the 
Ikidson Hay Kail way. 

Confitcrnaiion sat on the vlsuBes o, 
11,0 Mberab-.. HIr Wilfrid baurie.r met 

Ihe situation with o s'v •' ■•: '' '""- 

sialing of angry ehafi 

Mr Horden noted thai ibe K "ier ol 
the opposition could not e.on. e«l his dlB- 
appolntmeu» nt Ui. r,, v..rnia.- .,rmn^-e- 

ment madr 

..(^..^n o- "T"^ huild ;i rallw.iy 

_„ , ., ,1 .■••M"-p"'' ^Ir. 

ni rORS an 'I '• i i i ' 

.■V.-.,_/' s:,ir| Mr. ll.M !■ n. M • '11 a.vl 

It nill." 

■■Tlaf the Ontario ffovernmeat as^rnt- 
P,r" osknd .Mr. uutnrre. •> 

"it has.- said .Mr. Borden. ■%' '">" 
the Manitoba government. So has |very- 
one else except the Liberal memibe^s." 

Sir Wilfrid asked nbout the corje.s- 

Mv. Maclean asked why the Width ^f 
nondcnce. and v^•.^. lob! that the airree- 
ment wa>^ verbril. 

4( -, 

Carl Legion, secretary of the Hiler- 
national yecretariat. the organization of 
tbe woi1d-8 labor unions, and also sec- 
retary of the labor federation in Oer- 
many, the strongest union body in the 
world, win arrive lu this country in 
April to make a speaking lour of some 
Hixly cities. Uegien is coming to the 
united States at the double Invitation of 
the Socalist party and the American 
federation of Labor. Vice-President 
nnneiui having conveyed the A. 1'. ol i-. 
invitation to Legb-n wnue in Europe 
lust aumttner. Leg'en wiio is a .-^iicluliMt 
member of parlament. veprcsenting the 
naval city of Kiel. \^ nald to be an elo- 
„uent speaker .nid d.-,.ly l.iuiu.l man. 

Judge Toliita on BoucU 

..Feb. -n.—y 
1,,,,,..,... -;•■ fatntmg .•. > • ■■•-•- 
while prcsidlhg in the court of review 
this afternoon. He was sufficiently re- 
covered to be r-emoved to his home., but 
Is seriously iH. '■■ ',' - . 

""' Alaska coal for Kavy 
WASHlNGTO.V. Feb. 27.— Secretary 
Meyer was biSforB the hduse co.r.i.vlttcc 
on naval affairs today and urged that 
the <;oal deids of Alaska be used., by 
the jfpvernment. He advocated the build- 
ing of a government railroad, or some 
arrangement with a private railroad now 
at Resurrection Bay. Tlve «overnment 
now pays ,»1.000.000 a year to get coal 
around Cape Horh for the Pacific fleet, 
the a*ci-etary said- Secretary Meyer rec- 
ommended the tarlldins of 1,'. colliers 
for ii.'ie on the Panama canal. 

Koada OonvenMon— .Many tributes 
Have already been paid to Mr. W^ W'. 
i-,..i,.r for the ebl'e niMnn*-- in which 
„.. conducted the flr^ • rlnten- 

.Irnt.s- convention held ui me i.rdvince. 
'ind thev 81111 continue to be Jlreard. His 
knowledge of the aubjoct and his tact- 
ful treatment of the delegates have 
earned for him Hie appreciation of 
everyone who had the pleasure of work- 
ing with him. It is generally conceded 
that one of the most valuable works of 
the convention was. tthe mechanical I. si 
of the rever.slblc Hide heel plough which 
was Introduced to the delegates on 
Saturday, and [t Js expe.ted that fron, 
the efforts of the committee appoint^^d 
to investigate thi« matter and repo.rt 
Lack to the department of public works 
that much good win be achieved. That 
tiie convention met a long-felt want Is 
now conceded by eveh-body, and th« I n 
will in future develope into an Intturnl 
part of the department's labors is a 
foregone conclusion. 

Women's Suede 


They come in a variety of 'aKi= an' 
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Tomen's Black Suede Burton 1 1->, , 
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'.',h luu. .suaisat tip and Good- 
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Kail Orders Promptly TiUed 


BM«..A«ents Broadwalk Sr.utfws^for ChUdren 

- ■""'_ ~ WlcHerl & Gardiner, X.X. 

Hanaa & Son. N. ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^,, ^ort Street 

Mie more discussion, the better. Truili di.esn't mind 
being talked about. 


J . a;,.,.,,, ,wi iwraiw*- it's woi'th discu.ssion. 

Order a ton today 

Victoria Fuel Co. 

Agents for the famoii( 

on December 21. 1911 the .MnnlKa- 
inated Asaociation of Street and libc- 
trlc nnilway EmpluyocB of America 
closed an agreement with the New Vork 
Sl:ile rtailways .providing for the organ- 
ization of the men on tli« entire system: 
therefore furnlahin*; protection to all 
the eniplovcea under the term of a gen- 
eral aRrecninnt. Foch local dvLsion of 
the Amalgamated upon the several lines 
-w-lll make its own agreement with the 
company. If 'umhle to come to an 
;;-rccrr."T^' ♦.*"■ K"»a«'ft matter under dls- 
pnte will then be referred to the In- 
lerniUional president of t)ie, A.malgii- 
maied AsBociBtior, and th.t! prcH- 

. ■ , -.« .,.. xi....^. VrtrU Kt'ile ItailwiiV 
Co.. and if they cannot agree a third i 
prtriy will be cuUud In lo arbllraU tbe 

The Royal 

Tlicrc are other machines, 

I but none ai gnod vakic as 
the .Royal 



Fhonc 1377 

622 Trounce Avenue 

Agents for Victoria 

CompaAy, Ltd. 

Phone 63 1003 Government 
Uk Waitts Wusic Stow 


Lot on Michigan street, near Montreal, 6oxl2Zittt^ 



1000 Govcttimcnt Sttc^t 




Wednesday, February 28, 1912 

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< 1,111 lni>e<l frtmi I'HKe I 

irtliTTrl'fonns wlilcli have ha,ii «pc'cUic 
niciillon in tlit^ report, and which we 
hope will hriDK up our syslem of 
rt'vcnue to tho uiO«t nimlern .staMilrtnl, 
; and ,wUl put BrUlsh Coluniljlu, In liila 
I rftx?urd. on the higbest po»«lLi)e pUmi-. 
i We ftflt, with regard tq tlio far-reacn- 
ln>f cunne'4uent;cs tWt must follow uu 
this report, that it would Ije well to per-' 
nilt lis ciroulatlon nirouslioul the coun- 
try, and espi'clally whiM-e it may affect 
vastod Interests, so that if there were 
any points that uilghl be fiiibmUled lo 
tlif Kovernnieni In the meantime, every 
p.Tson concerning Himself with -tS'.'i.fiub- 
jfci would have time to come before 
the cabinet and pri',scnt his grievances. 
For this reason 1 would Ukc to have It 
deflnltely understood that at the next 
session o\ the leglalfituro U is the In- 
t< ntion ot tho soyrnment to undertake 
1. i:isl:illon along tlie lines of the tuxa- 
1 .:nml8Bloncr's report. 

Settlement Congres* 
'■I have tuiothn- slulenn-nl Liiui I 
u.uiUi llkft to submit. Some wc-Us 
u,-o the lieutenant governor was the r- 

CtpleUt^Xii H pnnltniinloation from Hie 

chamber of commerce ai^^ asBociainl 
public bodies of Tacoma. invUlng hitn 
to attend a convention to be held In 
that citT,"^ on February il and 22, as 
executive Dlpliit-xflAf^MEMt province. The 
object of iduiL^YiMiimHttlon was to dls- 

'J f. 

*B9lBp»»dent Orooem, 1317 Oovemmeat^treet 

Mj ii f|ipiji i r i |! iiii ijjiii ii ^^^^^ 


In factory or Ttbre, where electric power or light are re- 
quired. We have both in practically unlimited quantities^ — 
and we will prove to you that it is the kind that pays. Consult 
' our experts in both services. They're at your command. Just 
ring lip phone i6oo — 


1 " tiii;, 


nonor fKe ^ — .,,_, ,„ ^ 

able to &tm$> W* t 

Icadei of the 

\i tat ion to be prewj 

till session, (rfi 

It was be,"^ ' 

iDirtt of 

fill vmm 

v«ttena. W« 


,— . niy cu_ „.^,.. 

-•*ere fortuMifife/'ll>liw |(Bt JP ^?'' ' }J^J^ 

the deputy speaker, a, t^UWRfiV^^^^ 

knowU'Otje of the counWi^ ir 

(■(.in(lilioii.s. iiiade him well 

tain taxes InipoKfd by th<' "Dewdney 
•Vlunielpality Kellef Act, 1906, 

No. 8. an ti;t to amend the inhtrllunce 


No. an act to amend tlie Special 
Surveys Act. ' 

No. 10 an aet tu uiiu'in.! tlie I-unuey 


No. 11, u" ."1 relating to tlie vesur- 
vey of tllHtrU't 1<>1 306a. groui> 1, New 
Westminster dlst'riet and within tho 
Itmlts of the city of Yaneouver. „ ! 

No. ^'I, an act lo auinul ihi- Lliiuor I 
Licence Act. 

No. 13, an act to anu-iid the Vileilri- 
aiy Act. 

No. 14, an m-l re«\,r.,i in;,' i;iiipIoyi"eiil 


No,, 15, an aol tu «ni, ml eliapl'''' HI 
of the Revised Htatutew. 

N". 16, an act to amen, I llu Meenc? 
of Canneries Act. 

Is'o. 17. an act to amend the Provin- 
cial Klections Act. 

No. 18, an act to amend 'the Coal and 
Petroleum Act. 

JJo. ;1&, flin *tc* to amend the Land Act. 

No. 20, an act to aiiwinl tii,.^Wati r 


No, 21, an act m ..i;. ....:• r.Ttain 
Municipal Bylaws. 

No. 22, an act to amend tht. City of 
I'rince Ilupert Incorporation Act, IdlO. 

No. p, an act to ratify an ajfrecment 
bearing <iat"rthe"tt5nt>i "day of T" 
1912. between His Ma.1esty the King and 
Timothy Foley. Patrick Welch and 
John W Stewart and an aK'eement 
bearing date the twenty-third da\ nf 
January. 1»12, between the Grand 
Tiunk Pacific Railway Company and 
T-,,,. rti.ii'»d Trank l\iciflc Branch Unf" 

In corporate xnA 
Railway Com 

25. An act rMPQCtiiiK the repur 

t m, jd. m Wit M " 

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dimlnK It. 'rlie name Nord- 
helmer guarantees the TliRhest 
Qiialil>' of workmanxhip and 
liniwh. ._ 

-- . \ i:,»iie> 

Geo. H. Suckling 

The OBly Hmno Xous* la Victoria on Tort Stro«t 

i-epresent thv Kovernmeut of BrltlR 
lumbla, and I have in niy hands today 
tt report he has Just "i . .^- I me as a 
result of his visit. It n a source 

of much gratification indeed to know 
with what heartiness the member^ for 
Cowlchan was greeted as the 
representative of tli« province of 
British Columbia. It seems to 
me that a,: recognition w,i« given 
that must at once place ua under 
deep obligation to our friends and neigh- 
bors of the city of Tacoma, one that will 
leave a lasting Impression, and will re- 
mind us from time to time, whenever 
the opportunity may occur, that here Is 
a del. I we must not spare ourselves In 
t . incnt of. I think, ft Oiii tho 

nc^^.^pop^r reports Of the spontaneous, 
outburst of enthusiasm that greeted my 
frtsn^ In rlslnir'to -lO-i— - the conven- 
tion, and at the h there can 
bo no dqubt of the ii.- iruuc.^.s of his re- 
ception. There wa.'i present the -'"v- 
ornor of Washington and governors 
from some of the other states, and It 
must augur well for the social as well 
aa for the commercial condicons exist- 
ing between our neighbors and us, tha-t 
we as Canadians invited to take part 
in a gathering of thia kind, have re- 
ceived through -the ti^eney of Mr, Jlay- 
ward such attentions as these. After 
all it goes to show that while there Is 
a boundary betwe^ us, .and while from 
the nature of things, the British empire 
and the United States of America, must 
alwavs stand out as two distinct and 
separate countries, there 1« at the same 
time striking eviacnee- that. t!»? Tinlon 
i 1 the Stars and Stripes still 
..^ther-fls the beat KuarAiens of 
pwice and freedom the world over. 

Mr. Brewster reminded the premier 
that he had on the order paper some 
questions in reference to the settlement 
of the Songhees reserve question. 

The premier replld.that he had wired 
to Ottawa about the matter, and he 
might receive i^epllfes "within haK i»n 
hour. If he did so be would be In a po- 
sition to answer the questions of his 
honoraiile friend. 

Closing ■Work of Session 
'iiir bill.-j to receive tJie assent oC 
the Ic.iji.sUiture were those to amend the 
Municipal Act, the Land Registry Act. 
the Public Schools Act. and the Con- 
tagious Diseasta (Animals) Act. The 
final measure to be made law were 
Mr Havward's bill for the licensing of 
employment agencies, Mr. Hawthoru- 
lliwaite's bill to regulate wages in cer- 
tain industries, Mr. Williams fortnight- 
ly wages bill, Mr. Hawthornthwalte's 
bill to incorporate the city of Nanaimo 
RfUlwav company, Mr. Thomson's bill 
to grant an extension of time to the 
Victoria Harbor Railway company, and 
Uie altomey-generars biU to amend tlic 
HospitalB for Insane Act, were not 
pressed by their movrr- and were .Imn- 
ped from the lift 

Tho business of the houye wa.s eon- 
cludcd by 3 p. m. Thtn an Intermission 
of al)OUt an hour was taken, and Llcut.- 
Governor Paterson in ordinary citizen's 
Bttire, came In and assented to FjS of the 
G2 bills pas.sod during the session. With 
the usvial cereinwi'dcB cor,G!ad,ns with 
all mtmbers joining in singing the Na- 
tional Anthem the third session of the 
twelfth parlianviii "f Kritlsh r,3lanilil« 
was prorogued. 

Tlie four billa^ireviously a.s."sentpd to 
,lui-iiie 111-' PetRlrtn were: 

, , .,,... I • M. iivi.-^. .1 .«tat- 

n t rs, 

A liill t'> vall'late Un' N'ailrouvrf eivie 


An act respe.inn 
(01 ia. 

.An nrl ;■• .iiie-lnl 111. 
1 neiiriipi alion Act. 

Of tiio seventy-three iliai lin\e 
been before the housp, eleven were witii- 
drawn or defealeil. 

Bills Receive Assant 

Ffillowlng are' tlie l)illK ilial were as- 
sented lo yesterday; 

No. 4. Hn net respeetiuK l'"ore«ts and 
Crown Timber X.and». and the Conser- 
vation and Preservation of .^landing 
Timber and Products of iht Forest. 

No. 5, an aet lo riitify an agreement 
iirarlng dale the eighth day of June. 

the right of the province of P>rltl»h 
Columbia, the City of Prlnc«, Rup, rt, the 
Grand TrunV Pacinc Railway Company, 
and the Oranti Trunk Pm-in.- neveiop- 
nicnt Comi,>anv, Llmiteii 

No. C dn act for the icuus.'sujii uf trr- 

the Shops 

b«twe«n :i^ 

BcKiuimUt '^<iW|t^.| . . ^^M 

panv, toearlnjr 6«t* in* 
of February, 1912. 

No. 27. an act to ratify an ai^reement 

fiearing date the twelfth day of Jan- 

uray. 1912, between His Majesty tho 

King and The Kettle Valley Railway 


No. 28, an act to make provision for 
the extension of the lines of railway of 
the Canadian Northern Pacifle Railway 

No. 31, an act to amend itie Brilisli 
Columbia Railway Act. 

No. 32, an act to amend the Contagi- 
ous Diseases (Animals) Act 

No. 33, an ai.t ta amend the Settled 
Estates Act. ft|^ 

No. 34. an act to amend tl 

No. 36, an act to amend 
Resrulatlon Act. 

No. 37. an act to amend the Companies 


No. 39, an act to amend tlie British 
Coivimbia UniverBity Atit. - ■• - 

No. 40, an act respecting Rural Tele- 
phone Systems. 

No. 41. an act furllutr tu ameml the 
Dyking Assessments Adjusinieiit Act, 

No. 43, an a<.-i ••• .ur,. imI m. .\ 
FJr6 Insurance Companies A.ct. 

No. 44, an act to amend the Municipal 

No. 45. an act t.i 1, move the Disability 
of Women so far as relates tO the Study 
and Practice of the Law. 

No. 47, an act 10 amend the Creditors' 
Relief Act 

No. 48, an act respecting Pound Dis- 

No. 49, an act for establishing an In- 
dustrial Home for Girls. 

No. 60, an act to incot-porafre Ryerson 

>' N^o. SI, ah ai-'i io ani,-ii" liie V<iiit,iu,<i 
Inoorporation Act, 1900. 

No. 52, an act to Incorporate. "W'est 
Vancouver Municipality. 

No. 53, an act to validate b.vlaw.s num- 
bered SG and 91 of tho corporation of the 
city of Fernle. 

No. 54, an act for the relief of the 
tnimlciiial corporation of ; th« _. p.lj(y-^xif 

No. 57, an act to validate bylaw No. 
69 of the city of Prince Rupert. 

No. 69, an act to ratify. bylaw No. 54 
of the district municipality of Pentlc- 
lon, being the Kettle River Valley Rail- 
way Aid Bylaw, 1911. 

No. 60, an act to extend the time for 
the Commencement of Construction of 
the Line of the .Southeast Kootenay 
Railway Company. 

No. G2, an act to Incorporate the City 
of Salmon Arm. 

. No. 63, an act lo incorpoi-»ti. ilif -Van- 
couver Grain Exchange. 

No. ^, an act resppctlnp I'hri-t 
Church Trust. 

No. 65, an sol to amend Westminster 
Hall Act, 1900. 

Nn. 66, an act to amend the Land 
Registry Act. 

No. S7, ;:■, .,, ; ,,> amend tlic Bills of 
Sale Act 

No. 68, an act for the Regulation of 
I'DOl-rooms in Districts not Ini'luded in 
any Municipal Area. 

No, 69, an act to amend tlic Munici))al 
Flections Act. 

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.r \-, 

-Miinii ii-allllea 

No. 72, an net lo amemi the I'rnde 
L.'cences Act. 

, N". 7?. ■•" ■ .n,,.n/l til.. I'lihlif 

Sehools A' - 


Mrs. W. 11. Low<^, of KeremcdS, U. c. 
Ls visiting in the city. 

•Mr. J. T. Wilkinson, c.r Climiwaek. 
is over from the mainland. 

.Mrs. \j. Arion, Niagara st.. will not 
receive Wedne.sda\ . 

Mrs. Jackson of the Empress hotel, 
1h leaving town nn riiiirada> f<ir a six 
months visit to Kngland. 

Mr. R, C Lowe returned oji today's 
lasat from Vancouver where he met his 
mother, .Mrs. W, H. Lowe. 

Mr. and -Mrs. Adatns of Vancomer 
are visiting Victoria on their .hone.v- 
mnon and are regl.<<tcred at the Kin- 
press hotel. 

Mrs. F. O. Richards arjd -Mis.? Rich- 
ards, of 124G Fort Street, will rc- 
Cf^h'e on Thiir.idas next and thereafter 
on the last Thursday of the month. 

Dr. W. J. (-"•. Tomalin. M. R. C. S., of 
Doloralnc, Man , who has been visiting 

£rie!!d5 \X\ Vterm-la frvr fha Inot t»n 

days, left for his home on Tuesday to 
nvike arrangements to traiisfer hia 
business interests to Victoria, where 
he Int, n,iB to pr3-~ticc In his profession 
and speciallr-e In UlstfasM oi wohtn 
and chlUlren. 

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vance shnwinir of Spring 

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lOoiicres, 55 acres cleared, 45 acres uncier cultivation. New 
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This is the choicest piece of outside property within easy reach of the city. 
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10 1 2 Broad St. 

Offices: Nev^ 

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yuxiikHlX 1 JA11.Y COIXm^rJt 

W«dn«»day, February iJa, 1S12 

Th. Colonl.t Prlntln, .nd ;-PublUhtn« 

Companr. Limited Liability. 

1211-121» Broad Btrael, Victoria. B. C 

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i/ai must be addrc.ed to the business office 
othfTwlse tho company will not a.8ume the 

,„. 11-111. y (.f th.< return of .amo to the 

u"uUror" "m. 8. S. accepted by other than 
lU© bu.lne.. manager will not bo paid for. 

Wednesday, February 28, 1912 


'he beglsUitiire has Tjeen dissolved 
and the new election will be held on 
ths 28th of March, nominations being 
made on the 12th. As this announce- 
jTient has been expected ever since the 
f^gfhhinff'or tile -year, ix v^Ht^£K!Ca«jOTV- 

The House which has Just gone cut of 

Existence has sat three times. It had 

the right 'to a fourth session, but In 

view of the extensive -programme which 

has been proposed by the government 

and received regislatWi~»a.ficn6Tir-aTit5^ 
also m view of the changing character 
of thcclectorate by th*. addiUpn of new^ 
immcs to the voters' list, it has been 
deemed advisable not to~permlt It to 
last its full term. The practice of hav- 
ing more frequent dissolutions than the 
law calls for is rapidly gaining favor 
in the i:nlted Kingdom as well as In 
Canada. ^ 

Tlip previous election was Iield after 
Mic annbuuccmont of an extensive policy 
of railway construction, and the plan 
thus outlined by the government re- 
ceived a very rcmarl^ablc endorsement. 
Tiiat policy was t-anu-a forward 
through its first stage at the .session 
following the election. It was advanced 
1:0 the. second stage during the^ session. 
Nvh^U^ has just: iibs^d, and it is "very 
proper that the electorate shall have 
(lie opportunity of *>xrresslnK their ap- 
proval or disapproval, as they may see 
nt, at the earliest possible day. Their 
.ilLcussion cannot fall to have a very 
uportant Influence upon the course of 
::,e government in this regard here- 
al'ter. --..— .-.--. 

Tiic exDenditures provided for by the 
nipropriations Just made by the House 
,e unprecedented In magnitude in thi-s 
rovince. The gov#rnm.-nt has ihougl.t 
::. well to give the electorate en oppor- 
tunity of expressing itself as to this 
poLicy of large outlay in works of im- 
provement 'before the expenditure has 
nt--tt.«Hy been wade." Opponents of tho 
govonimeiit certainly cannot complain 

t,> a ^^ulllclcnt number of the elector- 

that the present administration is not 

to be entrusts.) with this great^respon- 

sibility a new administration will be 

,Xormed of which they whl have control. 

J That the forthcorting election will re- 

"sult in the return or the government to 

power sterns to be a foregone conclu- 

diity resting upon him as the chief law 
offleer of the Crown. Even hU political 
opponent* muet concede that he filled hU 
arduouB poBltlon with an Intelligent ap- 
preciation of ihlB varied BublMla. unflas- 
glng Industry, great profesalOnal ability 
and excellent good humor. We think that 
to say this la only fair to a minister, 
whose work is of a class which the 
public at \9TKf have not many oppor- 
tunities of properly estimating. 

Mr. McBrlde comes out of the session 
more strongly entrenched in the conftd- 
ewce of his supporters in the House aiid 
the public generally than ever before. 
Hf has shown his recognition of the 
nefds of British Columbia for a stronK 
and progresnive policy, and he has had 
thi- courage lo give a lead which will be 
productive of resuHh of tlie greatest 
vahif. It lias been given to no premier 
in Canada to entT nfllof with a deph.^ied 
public treasury, uiul a well-nigh ex- 
hausted i.ulillc credit, and within less 
than nliu. years find him.self in a posLtlon 
to undertake and pay .fo»'; without bor- 
rowing, the greatest aystein of i^iibrio 

, -^1 A - >,<. •,-. TtrnvlnclaX 

■works ev^r — j>win;»..v»«,«,v.--»y— -ss — «-i-^ — - 

legislature, and to provide for railway 

development upon a scale he* etofore only 

contemplated by the Dominion. It is a 

record of which any public man might 

well be proud. He has grown with his 

r<*?"P0"^'"'>t twf; - - 1 _ ' 

5,(,p,vr'li with the ,^ ' ullich 

h amc:" Itis not to de- 

tract from the ability of his colleagues 
to say that hlB is the master mind of 
the most able and progressive govern- 
ment British Columbia has ever had. 
-On e of thO ' in oii t i V a Tt ia blft f e at Breg .„of 

the past session was the Budget Speech, 

new Union Sank bulldlns and that un- 
der construction for Messra. Elliott. 
MdLean & Shandley and Messrs. Miic- 
Pberson and Kullerton Brothers wlU 
completely alter the appearance of 
the business centre, and will make the 
one-storey buildings adloinliig them 
look very mean an<l insignificant. 
There waa a very general hope among 
the cltiEens that when the Canadian 
rrclflc Telegraphs moved out of the 
liltle structure on the corner ol Gov- 
ernment street and Trounce -VUey. Mr. 
William Wilson, the owner of the 
premises, would follow the example of 
his fellow pioneers and .place upon 
what is undoubtedly one of the best 
business sites In the city a structure 
equal at least to any other in the 
vicinity. -Many citizens have expressed 
regret at what is understood to be 
Mr. Wilson's intt'ntion to leave tho 
structure as It is. Pot-sibly the Col- 
onist has no right to offer siigge.^tons 
to any one as to what he shall do with 
his pronerty. but there arc times when 
it seems a fluty to &<y so. We are 
Jf6lBiK~With 'aii respect io Mr. 

Continuous Display of 1000 
Ru^s and Carpet Squares 

as one of the oldest, most wcaltliy 
and most esteemed of our citizens, 
and as the head of one of our most 
enterprising and progressive families, 
to say to him In plain words that the 
-publKr-:-Will-he--greatly .rfisappQintwi: ir 
lie Joes not take steps forthwith f. •• - 
place his premises with a bull: 
keeping with the value of such a busi- 
ness site.': 

The Improvemeiit talcing place on 
Fort -Street is very marked and more 










:-.... -.../DO-FILL.. 

slon. We know the proverbial uncer- 
tainty of elections, nn.l shall not In- 
dulge in any prophecy; but it may be 
said without any doubt that at present 
there does not appear to be more than 
one constituency in the' province in 
which the opposition Uns even a Sght- 
ing chance. 


The Legislature was prorogued yes- 
terday after an -an-ventful session, and 
yet one that was marked by the pas- 
sage of much very important legislation 
and the appropriation of the largest 
Fum of money over voted out of revenue 
l.y any province in Canada. The session 
was uneventful only because of the lack 
of any very acute discussion, a condition 
of things inevitable in a House where 
th<- Opposition was represented by one 
Liberal and two Socialists, and one of 
•he latter rffrrdnctl from any very active 
participation in its wori<. 

Referring e.-jpeclally to ihe seHBlon. 
which has Just closed, it was one timt 
will havf. an important bearing upon the 
future of the province. The railway 
legislation is a part of a broad plan of 
development, which we venture to think 
will be carried on boldly in the future. 
The Forest Act Is of Itself sufflcienlly 
Important to characterize the session as 
one of great future Influence. The 
aulhorly,atlon of the beginning of work 

a compilation of facts and figures bear- 
ing upon the present cbndltlon ana 
future prospects of the proviuco tliat 
has never been surpassed. Mr. Ellison, 
Minister of Finance and Agriculture, la 
a gentleman who Is able to bring to bear 
upon the diverse duties devolving upon 
him a discriminating mind, a thorough 
knowledge of the province, strong, prac- 
tical common sense and a progressive 
spirit. His work has not boon spec- 
tacular, but In the years to come British 
Columbia will feel its beneficial effects. 
As wo sald'V^,former occasion Dr. 
young, as MinistS^-of liducalion, has 
had placed within his reach an enviable 
opportunity, and It is only fair to say 
thait he has be^n largely mstruoi«utaa 
in crcaUng It. To be entrusted with the 
duty of laying the foundation of a great 
provincial University is an' honorable; 
task such as few. men have been called 
upon to perform. Whenever occasion 
requires Dr. Young to deal with this 
grt^at work in a public speech he docs 
so in auch a broad, illuminating manner 
as to inspire public tjonfidence in the 
.highest degree. No one Questions his 
fitness for his monumental task. 

Mr. Ross made a high place for him- 
self by his speech introducing the For' •(- 
Act. and ho added to the reputation lUus 
won by his treatment of the details of 
this very important measure. Equally 
couiteous. to critics and friends, ready 
t) accept sUgseAUOns that commended 
thcmsel""" +" bim. and able to give good 
reasons for all his proposals. Mr. Ross 
hafr greafly added to his reputation as a 
public man during, the last session. 

Mr. Taylor is a minister who must be 
Judged by his works rather than by hi-" 
words. The former are many; the latter 
are tew. Tne prtspcti ■»>•■"■» "•■ — -- t-- 
ga.mme for the Public Works depart- 
ment, involving the great sum of eight 
millions of dollars, was a task calling 
for a thorough knowledge of the condi- 
tions of the province, a compreliensive 
grasp of a great subject and a Just sense 
of proportion. He Is making a high 
r^^iiinLinn fur himself. ,^^B^nB^ 
Of the two gentlemen, ujiiStr^WTOlm'nTe- 
volved the task of criticism, it is right 
that a few words should be said, and it 
la a pleasure to be able to say that they 
discharged their task very well jlndc-ed. 
Both of them added to tlie number of 
their personal friends during the ses- 
sion, and both gained in reputation as 
fair-minded critics. 

is to follow speedUyi TTVe <m of tho - 
one-storey shack has passed for Vlc- 
torlav e^d neyflr-willretumi Jn 
observations we have made ^ above 
reference has been made only to a 
verj' few of those who have contribut- 
ed towards bringing about the general 
air of progress ami pif^JSperity in evi- 
dence on every hand. The changes 
along Yates Street are many. Douglas 
Street is goin^ ahead. And the im- 
portant thing for property owners to 
consider is that the period of expan- 
sion has only just begun. in the 
course of a very short time, nuite cts 
soon, indeed, as we can get ready foiT 
it. Victoria wlli fee', a ncv,- and un- 
precedented impetus from r.. .way con- 
struction, includins". M.Jt:^s«:«J»??5:- 
bered. the long iooked-for all-faU con- i 
nection with the Mainland. It may be 
recalled that -only a, very-few ye«rs 
ago doubts were ex'pressed as to 
whether one apartment house in the 
city would pay. Now few people Ivnow 
how many there are, and others :iro 
being planned. A few years previous- 
ly we were told that we had ample 
hotel accommodation. Now. thougli 
wo have many. times what we had 
then, we have not enough. When the 
Law Chambers was built on. Bastion 
street, the wise folk doubted the neces- 
sity of providing so mtich office room 
yet you could place the whole structure 
on a single floor of the Pembertoi. 
or Sayward blbfcks. And the pruBrtaa 
wo seen is nothing to what_ we 
shall see in the very near future, of 
which we hope the owners of one- 
storey business houses will take due 
notice and govern tV nselves accord- 
ingly. ___ 

Itiaiy has annexed Tripoli, but appar- 
ently Tripoli does not know it. 

Better make it unanJmous next tlni. , 
and let's see how it will work. 

Hereafter the mayoral veto will ii 
like the House of Lords, dilatory taut 
not prohibitory. 


A pleasing feature in the progress 
of Victoria is that the enterprise and 
energy, of which signs are visible on 
every hand, arc not attributable to 

lieVV COillt-IO, tlilU CilC 111 LI vtl t«\^t.iOll "J. 

outside capital so much as to the faith 

of tho older residents in the future 

of the city, a faith that is meeting 

'with ample reward. The old-e»lab- 

liahed firm of Pemberton & Sons led 

in the new movement, and Mr. Joseph 

Sayward. followed suit, and they found 

others ready to Imitate their exarmplc, 

including more recent residents, so 

that today wo find all over the central 

A correspondent informs us that ih- 
native lair of the Pcssimistlcus VU 
toriensis is at the northeast corner ui 
Fort and Broad Streets. That may in- 
so. J 

The Canadian Pacific has let contrai l^ 
for the building of 3S0 miles of railwa.- 
on the Prairie provinces. This acUvii; 
on the part of the pioneer company i' 
significant of its expectation of futur. 
business. This Is Canada's growing 

The suggestion is now made tlia. 
the collapse of the Quebci: brldft'. 
which occurred in 1907, accompani.l 
by great loss of life, was due to \\v 
action of the dynartiltlng squad, :. 
■whose doors so many atrocities h;i 
been laid. 

part of the city new buildings being 

RUinony«.iion ui mic ■,..i!,i.,.....o -* 

upon the Provincial University will rank erected, which In character would/he 
.. ,..^_ „„.. ir, .v.- K-i-tnrv an ornament to any place in Canada. 

among the hlsftorlc events In the history 
of Brtlsh Columbia. There has been a 
great mass of minor legislation, some of 
It bearing upon matters vital to the wel- 
fare of the public. 

A very heavy reoponKlblllty has rest- 
♦-,1 upon the Attorney-General. With all 
rofpect to Mr. Brewster. It cannot be 
oialmed that he is » competent . legal 
critic, and an Attorney-Qeneral. #hoha* 
no one to subject his work to the severe 
te«t of hostile legal critJcJsm. Is In tto 
enviable po«lUon. Mr. Bowser has t>x 

an ornament to any place in Canada.: 
From the fine hotel on Pandora, erect- 
ed by Mr. Hm Bang, to the great 
structure to be erected on the corner 
of HumboWt and GovirnTnent, there are 
many proofs of the faith of the older 
residents In their «lty and of the con- 
fidence of newer comers as well. The 
vacant area formerly occtipied by D. 
8p«no«r, ibta,, mna ui« thiv »isteni 
Blook yet awaits occtipants, but on 
tlte other itde of Qo » « ri »m « »t strdet 
M«Mra. Hlb»»n it Co, have begun the 

©nviatjx* i»M»«v»*'»"- - — • — d 

bblted BWat industry and much sklU ln.l erection of what will be one of the 
'^ - '- ..TMntinnAliv heavy I fin«»i ba9lno.<is Mocks In the city. The 

A rather amu^in<„ story is told ot • 
Minister of Education in the u. - 
French cabinet. When he went to h. 
oflfice the morning after his appoii.; 
ment t-he chief cXexV refused to penr 
him to enter. "Monsieur Steeg w 
not see you," he said, naming the f' ^ 
mer Minister. "You need not insi 
for he is not recelvl-c t'-' 
It is also said that when Mr. Hammer- 
stein opened his new opera house in 
IX)ndon. the doorkeeper refused to let 
him in because bo haci iui,>,<ji^ . 
Issue an invitation to himself, b 
odder still was the plight In which t; 
President of Switsserland found hlmse 
at a recent aviation meet The gatt 
keeper roiuseu "»"» «>mjii.— >-— , — j— 
newslMy exclaimed in the patois of tl 
canton: "Go on, you fooL Don't yo 
know h**« the pr«iS«cnt." The left' 
nart of the remark was awldreaacd*! 
the gateke'-per. 


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velojuuenl on the Islalli! will mean to 
the prosperity and welfuro of this city 
waa the subject upon which Aiaernmn 
Cuihbcrt addreasbd tlie Conservatives 
of wurd four last eventns: at the niontli- 
ly iin-k-tintf of that organlxutiou. lie 
spoke 111 tlouuont terms of the griat 
fimiro before this city once theac very 
neccMsary works liuve b^en can led to a 
sufopuKfm fomplollon and the walcr- 
borne freight of the nations of Hie 
world brought to the Uogr» of tUe people 
of this Island while In rfettirh the U- 
lliiiltaMe if.suiirc.-s ijf the Islam!, U- 
\-ciiii.. ,1 i._, iiir ( .liiiprehensi ( .■ i,n!-.i.i> 
policy to be inauKUiuted, Will bo anippci 

to tUc four corners. df the b'lobe. 

The address was heartily retjelved 
and his earnest appeal to his hearers to 
do away with .pesslml-sm and don the 
habtUmonts of tiie optimist was roundly 
applauded. The speaker gave an ex- 
haustive survey of the; immense re- 
sources which will be open to develop- 
■•^ the bent!''"- v^llllll wUfi ftMiyM ejUk 
\ ' toritt pat tlpu' II In u ih af^wl^J'Wf^] 
->rniEod. e^'^ry syo;\ 
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ii ( misi 1 \ u n I ■- "1 III 
i< .1 uunihci liom the other \\tid'< 

\i 1, I in 111 fiil'i' 1 1. 1 1'^' Ml (I L 1 t 1 
ji ling which 

mill... .,,,..>. i.iii., ..v..i . ...juiienced dur- 
ing the past 20 years, but today the fu- 
ture' was bright wltli promise. He de- 
clared that the visit of Mr. Coste, the 
government eiiKlneer who will soon re- 
port to llie federal autlioriUes upon the 
lUiilioi project, and the promise of the 
Conservative goveriinient at Ottawa lo 
carry out the, wks no empty 
thing, no political promise. Mr. Ooste'.s 
scheme cttlleti for docldiig fuclilties for 
. ;iO of tlie largest oceun-golng ships and 
in addition there would be tiie Inner 
luirhor available for coastwise shipping, 
i^ould any Victorian who hod resided 
here even a few years imagine wliat 
i'ntff %voiii4 jmtAa (« tSife future of-ar. city 
wliose shlppiitg even now showed a 
larger annual Increase tlian tliat of 
any -Other port r.t n;e country? The 
harbor us" a g^i >.«; \i a j for the "i-^n'road 
lines which would surely seek entrance 
here was Imperative, If the harbor 
was Urst prepared the raHroaiis must 

Heferene.- u"^ m..!, io the ItlUllons 
upon milllon.s southern Paclllo 

io;i.-^i ports Wf '^rlng to spend to. 

iiitl.;irf tlu-mselveH for tlie vast Ihcreaso 
in trade conseiiuenl uopn tlie opening of 
liie Panama canai c*S(rpArcd with, the 
$;;,000,000 which the harbor Improve- 
ments hete Win cost. Victoria, In e 
geographical sense, ha« everything any 
otlier port in Hritlsh Columbia^ has. As 
a national,' port tlie hencHt would not 
only accrue to VIctoriii and Prltlsii Co- 
lumbia alone but to every farmer on 
the pmirJes the future development of 
Which would b6 beyond computation and 
n L-tcat part of the.Uaffl^M^^lil''" 
inu .1 soeK , its occarf butt| BJP(B ptorla 
despite tb6' Atlantic ouUetgP'W1fW!rex)sl- 
f:1 or were eontenipluted. 

• .Commenting upon tlie great combina- 
tion of harbor facimle.<i. ciim»ite, and 
beauty of the City and surrounding dis- 
trict Alderman Cuthbert declared that 
in no single respect ">' other 
coast port hope to cotripare with VIC- 
torla but \;ietorians rnust unite and as 
one man press forward until the dc- 
.slred o1)jeet be obtained. Tho develop- 
ment along the linos desired would 
make Victoria from Its eastern bounds 
to KsqulnuUt a great ma lui fact u ring 
i-entre, a city of poKsibilitirs beyond 
the conception of its pn'.sint inhabi- 

In closing. Hm' spi alo^r ouUi^l.-.tct tlif 
Con.'^ervfttlve party as the most construc- 
tive parly which ever had the dcstinifS 
of Canada in Us keeiiiiig wlille in this 
province the administration of the. Hon. 
AicBrlde htis brought order out of 
chaos, restored tlnaneiiil eontldence and 
undertalum a policy of dovclopm''nl 
which WHS rflpidly mal<iiiK the proving, 
ibp foriSmest in flip confcdernllon, 
TTrgree Preparation 
.Ml, l-"ullertnn on Uehall" of (liu iiieiu- 
hvvs i.f the ward organizii tion thanked 
tlie speaker for liis address and e.v- 
pressed his coiilidenee that tVie govcrn- 
HiPiifs promise in respect to harbor dc- 
vplopnieut would be fully carried out. 
!Ir rfferred to Uie tt-Ki that the provin- 
ilril elections will ho lield on the iWa 
iW nrxt irtfiptn and ho urged every 
member of llic party tn span- no erforl 
In completing organization. Ward four 
bad hitherto headed the other wards on 
polilnK day and lie desired a repetition 
of such ,H., shQWii'S- ,..,„.„,„ 

Mr. Guy Walker, president nf "<ird 
ttyo: Mr. A.,G. Sarglson, president of 
wurd five and Aldermon OUpII. president 
of. warti one. orgftitl7Ations spoke briefly 
but eontldentiy of tlie future of Vic- 
toria snd the errect of the proposed de- 
velopment works. They look occasion 
to assert tiiat al the forthcoming elec- 
tions their rcsppctive wards would give 
word four a bard race in polling the 
largest vote in fiivor of IUp government 

Mr. L,eonarfX TjiU, president of the 
Central Association, also spoke shortly 
urging every effort to have the city 
Ihoronglily organized 

for the eoming 

JTeaaatt* and Morrla 

NKW IIAVION, Conn., Feb. iJT. — A 
scheduled 15-round fight between .Too 
.leanettc and Andy Morris of Boston. 
was stooped In the tjth round by the 
lefeiiir because of the battered eondl- 
lion of Moiirl.--. 

■ :'rr\C, re >I\SI'','I'S !i;i\c m-i .m-ived, which wc will offer at 
" ~" 'tlie special price oi $1.50." iXiade (iffin(J"baTisre with lueditiui 
;it!d- low !>'-!st, lon"^..0-ver"luo5,..:wit h four hose suijptjrters. .'V. , 
very fine -i\lc and one of the newe-i ii'hWI-, \ cr; Special 

Price .....'........:..... $1.50 

LADIES' SAMPLE WHITEVV EAR— Underskirts, in white 
lawn, trimmed torchon lace and tucks, with or without dust 
flounce Regular .^1 75 '^aL riitc $1.10 

striped collars in contrasting- colorsj 
t^dayV FnceTAVr.TT; . . . ;; • • • • -I 

\ Nil 




' 1^ »!nt,»* *fi —It 




XADIES' SA.\in,l', SILK gowns" with high waist line 
effect, nrw set-in .sleeve, prettily trimined in lovely shades 

• ^ ^^^ ■\lue, $27.50. 

DALNTY WHITE MUSLIN GOWNsl^ocur^on most ad- 
vantageous terms. The mi:slin is Of a very fine quality and 
the gown is prettily trimmed with torchon and val. lace in- 
-trtion, while the fronts arc beautifully embroidered in 
-— _41eiai designs, the "cck i-. ^t,uate.-aad..&dged lace. Tgda 
t,'-»wn.a_rka,bl^ j>rice 7^^^W> • • -f .5 

l-%ecial purchase and of a very fine quality, braided col- 
ffii&l reverb, a<W|(*fr %toie effects, quite the "^^^'^^M^j'jl"^- 



$22 50 to 


•J^^ST^ ^1p^J>*»w«?r^ 


.,..,... .WSrWfiS^eOWfS uuh bnglU green military 

collar^ and green metal buttons. Si/es S, 10, 12 ami 14 

vears. Regtilar vahtfe $9.50. Special Price . . ... $6.95 

WMITE L.A\\'X SKIRTS with deep flounce of embroiderv. 

Regular $2.75. Special Price. .................. .$1-65 

Cn E.M 1 S ES in -Avhite lawn, sUp-over style, with embroiidery 

yokes and trimmings. Regular pi -'5- Special. . .60«^ 

\nother line in fine cambric with yuKc ui fine tucks, 'ace i 11^ 

sertion and ribbon. Regular $1.75- i^ale Price, .... .$1.W" 
XKillTGOWNS in fine white cambric, slip-over style,^with 

yoke of lace, others embroidery. Regular value -f^-SO. 

Special Sale Price . . • • • • . . .75fJ 

DRAWERS in white cambric, open and closed styles, fMii- 

i55-,,;i!gry flounce msertioiL :Regular \ aliie %\.2'^. Sale 00^ 
CORSET COVERS in all-over embroidery, trimmed riUbiMi. 

Size 36. Regular $1.75. Special Price. '. . . • .$l.O0 

CORSET COVERS in white cambitc nitli embroidery ^iitt 

lace trimming. Regular $1.25. Special Price ^ S^- 

N©w ^(oxodo Aririwmg P%fllY 



Newest productions from the fashion markets are 
arriving daily. Suits, Millinery and smalkr requirements 
are our special study. 

'S,,il puichase' 01 
,^i. guaranteed garments, roll collars, 
f styles in fawns, grays, browns and 

«»«. *-,«.«^ .,„— i \'V to $35.00. - Special Price $13.50 

' tf;i!r),ii»ii ..» rinTlfiiSSijie-.-.. ,^|M .. ■ 

^^KtiitS 1*Wf^1fe» CCJATS. in «iifi?lffsh cut.s, in plain colors, 
also some plainly tailored beaver cloth coats, in red. green 
and black. To be had in misses' sizes as well. Special Sak 

Price..... ••••• $9.<o 

LADIES' SKIRTS in black voile, also black and colored pan- 
amas, some with inverted pleats, panel back and troiit. also 
plain tailored effects,. . Very. .Special 1 'ncc $b.9t» 

dark .shades, in floral stripes and designs, high and low- 
neck, kimona. also long sleeves, with novelty yokes and 
trimmings. These are a remarkably cheap line.' Values up 
to $7-50! Special Price $3.25 

LADIES' WlllTl'. LIXGIU<iL WAISTS, tlirect from ^the 
'manufacturer, a ituique purchase claiwrateiy trimmed laoe 

. insertion, square neck and kimona .sleeves m various ^^^y'cs 

""^^^^ LAD U'.S' S A M PL E W^ 1 1 IT 1<: A X D CC_) 1 S ^ RF 1 ) 

' IJXGERIE DRESSES, most beautifully trimmed and cm- 

hVoidered in a wide range of styles. , Ordinary values, $12.50, 

$15.00, $19.50, $25.00. Today's wonderful offer, Exactly 

laif Price. ^ 

4uring this week will be teeming with Bargains. 
Stock must be cleared 


lUi iUiiyi M 

716-719 Yates Street 



Just Above Douglas Street 


Are Making Active Preparations to Make 

aood Showing at Stockholm 

Tbla Tear 

t:EKi>iN, :•■'■■ -"•■ I'.cnnaay, w-Js^rp 
interest in track and field sports, 
though of recent origin, ix'gins to vie 
with that in the V'nited Wtates and 
Great Britain, is preparing to nuike a 
formldnble bid for suprenwicy at the 
Olympic games in KtoidOiolm this year. 

At :i meeting of tlic GeriTum IiTipcrial 
CoiTiniitlee for the games, uiidcr the 
■ presidency of Victor von J.'i)dbrelaky, 
lormer minister of agriciiltiire, it was 
decided to seiul a team of about 1<>0 
men to the giune!«,. paying their tran.s- 
tiortatlon, board and other oxi>en.«ps. 

As a lat^k of lo'i. 1 ,n rMiiuiinii:iiii>uo 
at isitpckhnlm is already becoming evi- 
dent. It is proposed t" charter a specl.Jl 
steamer CUr quarters for tlic atlilotes, 

K.ipenses for the Oerman team art> 
estimated at about fllO.noO. Of this It 
is hoped tiiat the government, 
which has already created a precedent 
by providing funds for the Oerinnn 
horsemen competing in the military 
and civilian riding rompetitinns, will 
).ay $12,000, the balance being met by 
private subscriptions. Tlie sum. 
though small compared with the JfiO,- 
nno raised in the Utiltcd States, will be 
sufficient, as the fare to Stockholm 
from Berlin is low. A special (rain will 
carry the e.spected crowd of tietman 

Trials to pick the Ccrmnn competi- 
tors will be held In l.clp/.ig during the 
AVhitsunthie holidays. :\5ay "Jn and 27. 
To spare the Marathon runners the 
strain of a f"" .Marathon course ho 
closei to the big race trials for thi.'^ 
event will be held about Miiy 1 over 
(1 (llatanee of only twenty- five kilo- 
metres, about sixteen and a half mi!«-s. 
(Jerntany ha.-< at least three men — Rati, 
a sprinter: Hraun. a lialf-miler, and 
Poehlman. a pole vaulter — who have 
sliown close to world's champion.shlii 
form, and a well -balanced lot of men 
for -pVucticnnv ah the events In the 
OI.\nii)ic programme. 

Members of the United Brotherhood 
of Carpenters and Joiners Will have a 
leferHndum vote on tliil question of em- 
ploying members of the general' txecu- 
tivc board all the tiaue in union work 
itistead of duriiig il'e tiuarterly meeting 
as at prcsenl. A similar propo.^al was 
iindo by the Dss Moines convenl.ou 
in IHlO, but was defeated at referendum. 
The convention prip"»al was th i . when 
not attending board neetings the mem- 
bers ,01 tla(e boarii a'nould -tot a^.jjern.Tai 

organizers and receive the pay or organ- 
isers. The j)resent propo.sal is that in 
tlic Interim between board ineetings 
members of tlie board shall be "on the 
road settling disputes, and when not 
engaged In this work shall be under 
direct orders of the general president." 
W. I). Huber, prpsiden'.' of the union, 
in a statement to the niembersliip. has 
estimated that the additional e.Tpense 
of iiaving board members act as gen- 
eral organizers won 1. 1 be $22,500. 

The first case on record, so far as 
we know, of women workers Teoelvlng 
more wages than men for the same 
work, has occurred In West Australia. 
.V slate award has been given there for 
barmen and barmaids, flxing the monc.v 
wages of both at an equal figure, but 
the actual wages of barmaids are high- 
er, inasmuch a» the barmen's hours 
arc 56 a week, and the hours of the bar 
ladies only 48. The chairman of the 
ployed it would be a good thing. 


*• f. 




Mii*iUU*.M»*iniri>ibi ifMitHiKii 

,- •*< 

r^ fc.** 

; i>ni? 

iii'fiii i.iiiii*>iwiiiilW»>» -^.-Jw 

»illM> i ii»i T ii'« ' ii''i "' «" ! '' ^'' r— -*■'""' 






wiiiry Itili Ifll 


Wc Wcint listings of lots in Oak Bay dis- 
trict, hill chiefly in Ihc following locations: 
Wc have huyers for such i)roi)erties. 

SOI 1 11 11AM1>- 

SlllKK KOAl) 
M()N11^:HEY AVE. 




(Members Victoria ReiJEstate Exchange) 

'1^^'INiJil «lcfiii 

t l^v . . , «' 

Piion« 14^ 

mm\<L on. Il»»»t Oh»rf«— JhoU I'aloy 
»«rlment Will »»r»a» — 1 1>»- •••'<••• 
It.glment, O. O. A., uaJcr toi..m«n«l of 
biful.-Ooi. A. W. Currlr. will pura.l. at 
tlio Oilll Imll toiilKtU ut 8 p. tn.. ami wtll 
)iavi- a inurch oi.l lieadcd by the reKl- 
n.d.lul liun.l. On Monday. Tuesday and 
\V.<lii.Hday of n. XI Wffk the com- 
niM.dlng will hold an ln«pi-cllcm of the 
U,>«c coinyanlt'B. taking No. 3 Company 
o:. Monday. No. 1 comr«iny on Tueaday. 
uiul .N'o. 1' company on Wednesday. 

Tlio PoUoe court— In the poUoe court 
y,.M.Tdiiy nioriilii« unolher remand until 
llil.s ni'.rnink' wufs Kruntcd in thf caBe of 
Mrf Mary Muoro, cisarscd by Mr«. Mary 
Gordon, with Uic tlieft of a diamond 
ring. A CUlncBC. charg.-d Willi opliun 
snioUlni?. was convicted and Jlned »20. 
riu- man. aimone. flmrged wltli shoot- 
Ins ut a fellow country man with Intent 
tj do Krlevous bodily liarin, wuh coim- 
mltti'd for iriiil. 

nre Threatened Dwelling — A 'oal oil 
can suBpenfled In dunserous proximity 
to. blazlnir paper being used to thaw out 
& frozen water pipe started a Bmall 
blaze In the residence of Mr. O. N. Pear- 
son, 2013 I'ifth street, yesterday inorn- 
Inu'at 7 o'clock. The tiro was cxlin- 
Eiiished before the arrival of the in. '!■ 
partment, ami pracllORlly no .lam.if^i 
W! done. 

■Will Prepare Beport— Tomorrow 
morning another meeting of the cemc- 
frv committee of Hie city council wiH 
I V i I r ' i: iiiveHtlgatlon into 

,ie ■ removal Of 

I h-iiii.s from ilmt portion of the cenie- 

I t..v uhorn danmite WiS tUieatened by 

tne'aea, will be held, and ,(i»'*il|H>rt upon 

tb«'JMCBJJ|t,tPiveHtlKatlott IWMK'iacli com- 

¥iIIAttS«mmPNP«rfed for «toml»«»oa 

ImMMtble condttlui'' of 8t t!b*rl«B 
* -^^^' wiii be v^iQ*«ft><l br ttia «ttt- en- 
^ Ww^^tr^ b%p,"»>«€» Woelwd by 
^r-wvUkmnA i»l only w« «»• «» »- 
pu-tment »erlou8ly jHUi4ieftPPea on t>i« 
tteoMtw of th« rec*nt «w at *>to raw 
TfMfd'ence of Col."B. O, Prior, tht no^ 
tWt »undlp« «m>ra*taiui «r« to' bg re- 
..rnLu .1 .L"' -H i u-i. ' iJi:.^ ' «i. B Ma in g y i 

and Kdward Collins were arrested ycB- 
Icrday ai noon on .JoUn.Hon street by 
J'.ilice CoiiHlKble Bro>r»n on a cliarK':- of 
having Htnlen two pjilr of bootH trom tlit; 
store ot H. v:. Mtmuny. i "« mi'*-"^" -• 
Icffed to huve been stolen were found 1" 
the pbs^fcs.-ilon of tht two. They will be 
analgned In the pnllce court thin morn- 

Bank Caee to be Tried— In the supreme 
court ye«terduy uiornlnK tlit^ chief Juh- 
tlce Issued an order a» a result of which 
the case Involvlns t'le Victoria branch 
of the Bank of \'«ncouver and Mr. D. A, 
Macdonald of Vancouver will go on 
trial. A few days ago, It may be re- 
called, the slierlff entercl the bank and 
took po.HHeHKlon of ».''..0()0 on behalf of 
Mr. Macdonni<i on liie gioiinil that i" 
the action entered Into betwee ll'« par- 
ties for the sum named, which wus lield 
In dispute, and for a claim of JlO.OOO 
damageH. ih»> defence of the bank was 
nut In by the .slTFi-IHed time.' 

•Want, arew Ho«pltal-r-The regular 
niui.ii.iy meeting of the wiomen's AuxU- 
Uiry. P. n. J. H., was held In the botir.l 
or trade rooms yesterday, when Mrs. 
Dcull and Mrs. Brett wore appointed a 
vlt<ltlng committee for the ensuing 
month. Nominations were made as rr- 
guested for the president and ollloers of 
til., l^ Council of WoJn»>n for lh<' 
next working year, and the following 
dt legates were appointed to represent 
th.i society at the annual meeting of the 
Council of Women to be held In May; 
Mrs. H. B. llQbertson, Mrs. Ballantlne, 
Mrs. 1'. Watson an<l Mrs. Hathom. The 
; , '.<■,■ from 

Mr. F. ^ '• 

I't-lng t'le tiiird shure in t'r.e buuetUs ac- 
CjJViUS from th<» I'nlted Charities ball, 
lel^^other from Miss Constance Brom- 
ley;' »irerln«r her sorvlcen at, any future 
time towftfd promoting ^^'S'^S™^?'''^*? 
tn aid of,tfi« Bume «<^ffe j^^^****' *['* 

new ho«pltta-w#jc« 4ia0iMi,^w6 the 
Cbltowls* cotntmHee ^WW appointed: 
Mrs. UouU Ut*, RatboiD *»«' tt»e pre**' 
d*ni and aicHtary'. It »»i *»«» doMdod 
to approach th* et«r«y with a v»w to 
having Monday, l*th May. i^ apart 
eptBCially tt>r auppllcatlon in this rocard. 


Wc have been m ' y Im-y 
lately (j])enin^ up ni;tn> of spring gouds, in- 

New Dress Goods 
New Vestings 
New J'itiues 
New Clieck .Mu.^rui> 
New Lace Curtains 
New liunyalow Nets 


,i\\ CurscU 
New Hosiery 
New Veilings 

Marked at unl- 
eash price. 


Kb'.nywHf ■- ri- V. ... silverware, 
Ihe moat iinpuiur ii'i ili.' tiill.-i tiil>l>-«. 
In Iiii-l many |><?ii|>l«' prefer mlVfV 
niountiJ i^boKy l<) the plain sllvoi. 
We append a row »UK8e»lloiiH. 

l.acHfs Tl^lr Uru»h*ii from $1.15 

Hand .Mlirom In varlou* nhapos M-'ft 
I loth and Hal Hruslien, up truiii.Jl.M 
l!ul).v Hair Ilrui'lies. up from... .Mt 
.s.ia in lliiiKldome (*ajie». i-aeh. .$8.()0 
-I'll,. ,,i,c,v.' III.- Jill Ki'ic-Onit Frttich 



G. A. Richardson & Co. 

victoria Houeo. 636 Yateg Street. 

.'\genti lluticrick i'atleiiis 


"The Diamond Specialists" 
1211-13 Douglas Street Caf-L '863 

Sayword Block 

«onMI It-I* WOmil«Rk M»po»»io«e w »cv 
tnnAHtWULhO^ t}i« pf<op«rty. 

. mumu^Waalliint^'' "^futgehtty a ' ntiin- 

We believe in keepi"}? pace with the times and week by 


of select GROCERIES to tempt the- appetite and satisfy it as 
well-are here; to greet ^ou. ]-..l!owingi|^^:;Of something. 

FRENCH RELtSlf^A delicious appetize^^M^istmg .of 
Tunny Fish, Stuffed Olives, Sardines. C^ill|:;jAnchovies 
and Pure Olive Oil. per tin ........ . ... . . • . • • • • • • ■ • -35^ 



If you wish to prepare for 
in Julv or il }..u wish to join a SINGING CLASS or learn 
SHOW CARD WRITING, see the Educational Director 
at once. 



Per glass jar. ..........-..■■ . .^1.50 

Per -tin . .:i2£Ss;H^i^: . .' ...,:.• ...v. 85< 

15ASMARCK HERRINGS, per tin......... 

TUNNO FISH in oil, per tin ............. 

SCHW'ITZER'S COCOATINA. per tin ... • 

. .. ...500 

. . . . <>iitii 


each ......:....:............... ..••••^75^ 

n. 0. KIRKHAM & CO., LTD 

Grocery Dept. Butcher's Dcpt. 

Tels. 178. 179 Tel. 2678 

Tel. 2677 

Dept, ] 
677 J 


741. 743. 745 I^o^t Street 




Such a.s Asbestos Cement, Millboard, Paper, Rope, Wick, 

Etc. Klingerit Packing, Palmetto Packing, Asbestos 

Sheet Packing, Swarts Packing, Etc. 

V/e have just received from England .i large chipment o« 

Lion Packing and Walkcrltc Sheet 

and we now inform our many customers who have been 

waiting for it 

m^ »ort« of 
Is I'eported to 
licve met iippiiipfllediate and conspicu* 
OU8 success!" X TklAce for the handling 
of the produce has now been opened on 
.(.Jnhnson street. The movement Is not 
the ordinary co-operattve one, for the 
rx.-hangc purchasers the produce from 
the farmer outright, then .«onirR It 
direct to the consumer. The 
wni deaV largely in fresh vegetal 
hopes to offer effective competition to 
the Chinese vendors. 

Buildlnr Permlta— Building permits 
were Issued yesterday by the building 
Inspector to W. Maycock, dwelling on 
Walnut Street to cost $1,800; to Hon. "W. 
Templemari, (Parage on Simco<* street, 
$?60: to Mr..H. M. Cowper, dv n 

Cornwall .street. Jl.SOO; to Mr. Gc^i a; 
Waite, dwelling on Powderley avenue, 
$400; to Mr. tv.G.' Bail»-> Bm iiriltle road. 
$5,000; Mr. Thomas Pu: ;uii. Iwelllng on 
Scott street. $1,350; Mr. I >. 10. Campbell, 
additions to dwelling on lilnden avenue, 
$750; to Drummond & Wills, dwelling on 
LindeJi avenue, $1,950; to Mr. M. Smltn, 
dwelling on Sunnyside avenije. $1,800. 

Karbor Oonunittee — The special har- 
bor committee of the board of trade met 
>esterday nvornlng for the v 
dealing with some correspcn' I • 
tlvc to the project for the Improvement 
6' the outer harbor, and the subdivision 
"I MVe Spnghecs reserve. It had before 
It letters bearing on the matter from 
Mr. G. H. Barnard, M. P., and the pre- 
mier, Hion. nichard McBrlde. It was 
arranged tbat the chairman of the 
ajVclal committee should arrange a con- 
ference with the minister of railways ut 
an early date in respect to points in con- 
nection with hbth project.s, which are 
nt'ceaaarlly related in any general 
BChc-ine of port improvement. 

Oak Bay Bulldlajf— The following 

I building permits have been Issued by 

I tht Oak Bay Municipality since the 

: m, idle of the month: Mr. Charles 

i .Mnoie. 2-roomcd house on Jill ton street, 

$300; Mr. R. P. ciarKO,' S-toorhed house 

on Usplanadc, $4,500; Mr. William Ard, 

7-roomed house on Wilmot place, $'4,- 

200; Mr. ,T. H. McGregor, 1 -roomed hottse 

oi: Newport avenue, $665; Mr. Robei t 

Scott, 8-roomed hou.«e on Beach drive, 

$.1,500; Jlr. J. C?. Nellson, 7-roomed 

house on Montorny ^ venue, $3,700; Mr. 

J. Hopps, two 8-roomed houses on Wll- 

inot place, $;!,000 each; Mrs. C. M. .lohn- 

.Hfin, 2-roomed house on Laurel street, 


"Will Study Franchlaei — The franchise 
(.-(imiiiit ico of ilic ciiy council, the com- 
mittee to wliicli has been referred mat- 
tf-rs dealing with corporations holding 
city franchises, will hold Its first meet- 
ing at the city hall this afternc^on at 

r *, -[ ^ *^ 


Hl8 Grace the Primate ot All Can- 
ada, Right Rev. Bishop Roper and 
Very Rev. the Di •.lumbiii went 

to call upon Blsh' , -■■ tJ» Monday, 

and found him enjoying very fair 
•; -Uh, In »plte of his adyanced age. 
, Christmas the venerable head 
gi tne. Reformed Episcopal church has 
not been so well as before, but he has 
qqw.qo far recovered as to be able to 
get up almost every day for a little 
While. Bishop fridge, who has now 
attained the ripe old age of 94. arriv- 
ed in Victoria from London on April 
1, 1855, «nd with tlie exception of one 
visit home to England, has remained 
here ever alnce. The visit was the lirst 
official act of Bishop Roper ainee his 

Yoti hivt, no doiibC, lia4 
tnmhlt with y^ur s^lt a»d 
pepper shakere. 

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ed 5m the line wc are now 
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Willows Beach one acre. .\ sniip for immediate sale on exccptirmally 
eesy terms..' f6500 


034 TUW Street. 

Phone 3917 

11 MoOreror Block. 

2.30 o'clock. The irouble.s whfch have 
(ivlscn In the past relative to delay.t in 
paving because of the Inability of the 
companieH holding franchisi-.s affcctng 
btreets to proceed wllli Ihoir portion of 
thf work, and the hundred and on<^ other 
troubles whli'h huve occurred because of 
the unllmlicd power which such 
concerns holding public franchises pos- 
stsB are supposed to be the 8pc(;lal study 
o'- this council comrnlttee. The com- 
mittee l.x compo.Mcd f>f .\ldcrman 1)11- 
■H'.rrtb, chairman, and .Mdernien Ctith- 
li(rt. Oleason. Anderson and okell. 

Development Work Besides the 

HliHdy Ktrcnm of corres^pondenccK that 
Hows Into the omce of the Vancouver 
Island Development UeaWuc from all 
prrts of the globe many nn eneiulry Is 
made In person by visitors who having 
s<rii for themselves the attractions the 
island liii.s to offer desire to take away 
WUli iliem fuller i)nrtlci)lHrs. which they 
niii\ both study at their leisure and 
lumd en to their friends, only yester- 
dii> H gentleman from ' Kouthern Cull- 
fnvnla after a stay of a few day..* has 
ttlmost mude up his mind that. If he car. 
Sell hlH property down there, he will 
return and pro.ipect for a property on 
either the Island or on one of the many 
sdjm-ent Islnnds. A resident of Throe 
Valley, B. ('., wlfhe.s to pre-empt two 
quarter sections, and lease adjacent land 
for sheep iftlsing near the coast. An- 
other gentleman returnlnK to India 
wants facts that will enable him to «n- 
iwer the many enquiries that Wilt bo 
made there by officers or members of the 
civil service contemplating retirement. 


(Before Hunter, C.J., U.C.) 
Ite Malahat Indian Roserve: Appeal 
from the decision of the Commla.sioner 
of Lands refusing the application of 
il and' associates for a pre- 
,,rd to a portion of the 
above-mentioned property. Mr. : Gosnell 
and his associates pre-empted the prop- 
erty in question under the Land .\.ct, as 
unoccupied, uiircserved lands of the 
Crown. It has beon unoccupied and un- 
used by the Indians for a great many 
years, end therefore was supposed to 
have, reverted to the Crown, and no re- 
serve had been placed upon it by the 
Kovernment. The Commissioner 
the application, and tne applicants ap- 
pealed on the ground.* (1) that no order 
in council had been passed setting apart 
these Indian reserves aa required by 
section 80 of the Land Act. and conse- 
quently that this laud had never been 
removed from the operation Of the 
Land Act. which gives the public tbe 

. . . r.-!.' ..n.vr.r.nnied unreserYCtt 

rigni. to i»>c-«="5P' — „ ^ 

or wa.Htc lands of the crown; (2) tl c 
ttrm Indian lands as referred to In the 
Land act, was not synonymous with In- 
dian reserves which referred only to 
lands oh which there was an Indian set- 

Hunter C. .J. B. C. was of oplttion 
that the apptal should be dismissed a.s 
there was no necessity for any specinc 
or formal sotting apast of such land.% for 
Indians heyo.wl the arrangement which 
had been followed by thecommi.ssloners 
under the terms of union, section 13. 
That these various settlements, reserves 
or tracts of land had been earmarked 
1,y the commissioners, asstnted lo by the 
local government. 1n whose affairs ^he 
lauds had, in successive adminlstratlon.s. 
been looked upon, and treated as In^ 
ilands. and that the Dominion authorities 
,l,ad continued to administer the lands 
without question from the local govern- 
ment Therefore the lands could not 
„e „aid to be open to pre-empt^pn as un- 
occupied unreserved ar,<l was'.e lands of 
the Crown in right of the province. 
■ Mayers for the petitioners; Harold 
iRobertson for the Cnn-T,lv.-.(oner. 


i.rln. !'• 

nl ^ 


MrimroloKlcal c.rrice. ^ I 
,, ,11.. Kf-bruary -^1. 1'1=- 

The nroBSur.- tn hlfihest over 
nrTlBh rolumbU and Alber.a nnrt only cnm- 
iivou- lOW over l-'wei- rnllforalu. «nrl 

hu, f»lr w^M-bor h«« h.ea very poa-ral on 

,0 h '• I'H-iri- -.lope ahil the fr»lrl« vrov- 

,ceV Temiu-ranii-e, In thl« provinw hav.. 

;.n ,onu.wha, below n.M-,n..l """I/':"' "^ 

i," ne.klrs the wrnlher ronllrtue« .lecilpdly 

,■,.!,! tn SiiHkBichPv.-o.n «n<l Manlloh... 




Prime Huperl 


1 1 

I ( 


IT III-.- .VI. i". -„ , . 

J)aw5»>n, Y. T 1.T beow 

4 below- H 

10 IS 

J below tfi 




fallfiir.v. Attn 

VVIiinlneR. .M»n. 

I'drllnnd. Ore. . . 

Pnn Frnnclsro. Cnl 

; T1M=;SUAV. 

niitb^si '1; 

J..0 went ; • - " 

Average *' 

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Are birds Iho friends or fo*?"* "f il>«- 
farmers and fruit growers? T'mt b 
ilie que.stlon that haH been agltatlnt? tho 
mind of aKrlcuUurlsia during the pant 
few wefki«, and as a result of tUo dis- 
cussions thnt have taken place In re- 
gard to It by several of the conventions 
that recently met under the Department 
of Agriculture, resolutions wore passed 
condemning any proposal to Import 
foreign song birds on the ground that 
they were destroyers of the fruit trees 
;ind harmful Influences against which 
the farmers would have to contend. 
Another light was shed on the uucstion 
the other evening by Mr. F. Kermode, 
curator of the provincial museum, In 
the course of an address on "the birds 
and mammals of the province." given 
before the Natural History society in 
the Friends Hall. 

Mr. Kermode atetcd that on« of the 
salient, peculiarities of the birds 'of the 
I waa that thf- "'' ' ^''t harm the 

as; -aad that ■ .nt-na rule. 

they were more an advantage than « 
hJnurance uif^ ft niulBanos. He -was aware 
of the agitation that had been aroused 
.^salniit the importation or the birds, 
Imt he gave It as his expert opintOB* 
twaed upon a cloae and Jengthy axpeiv 
lenc« and study of the life and habitfl 
of -the \araB, that the damage they did 
tros iBflnttfdy sm«H in eomparlaon with 
th6 good work they performed, not only 
for the farmer but also for the frwlt- 
grower. Ektoause the birds evinced an 
occasion*! partiality for resting on the 
branches of trees. It was not right to 
assume that they were there for the 
purpose of stealing the fruit. As a 
matter of fact, he had learned from ex- 
p er l e nee that th e M »d » t n v a rt a b l K "* 

that the membership roll should he 
open at lli«^ orflrt- of thr trf.i-'.ir.r. in 
the Mahon block. 

Afte'r a fev^' r<'iiuirl\H "ii in-nui .•» "i 
g«neral Interest to riflemen the meet- 
ing: adjourned^ 


OommlBoioners Will Werd Eleven Thou- 
sand Five aundred For 
Year's Heeds 


culms City WIU Xioae by Mot Aeo«ptln« 

Zta BldB Tor Band and 


^grower a Mrvice instead of a dUser- ^ rapetltion of last yutr's ov» r-e«pendl- de Hverefa | end the con^|j>toy "iiaA ii^itm 

Librttiy riiiiiu. lal requirements for 
the present year will amount to »11,500 
according to a report submitted by Lib- 
rary Commissioners, Mr. W. Marchant 
and Alderman Baiter. In the report sub- 
mitted to the city council Monday night 
the detailed estimate of expenditure was 
put as follows: Salaries »4.600; fuel 
and light ?800; repairs to building, Jl,- 
000; books and magazines. $3,000; fur- 
niture, J800; bookbinding, printing and 
sundries $900; contingencies. $100. In 
addition to the above there are, It is 
pointed out. unpaid bills, which. If paid 
out of this year's rev-nue, wouhl re- 
quire that some of the above IttniB be 

revised. ,..;.,,...,__.--...,..,...;_. ■■,■'-.. 

Atten tlon is called to the fact that 
a considerable ntimber of birrowers of 
books and uweio «f the prtvileses of th*.' 
library are residents of Dale Bay and 
SaanlchV and the sugge«itlon is made by 
the commiBBloners that the councili« of 
those munlclpattJiM^^ ^o 

pay • mri^m':«fmmmm^*^*>. -^^• 

ebftSil or bttolw IW #*:»»»W«*y «»• 'act- 
ing this that the council should st^ts 
whether the librarian shall or shatt pot 
cbtittnufi the practice of loaning boolw 
to persons resident aiilytde tb« eiir 
limita. ^^ 

Mayor Beckwlth was .nnable to under- 
stand how last year's council permitted 
the aibrary appropriation of 16.000 tff 
be exceeded. It wap only afttr the 
most earnest efforts of the present com- 
missioners the city solicitor and hlm- 

liad b e en In - 

on the trees for the purpose of eating 
the insects which Infested them, and 
doing HijO. Qi^y performed the fruit- 

i.'lalmiiiK I'lat the city, had it hc 
cepted its tender Cor sauu and gravel 
nri the term« proposed in the bid could 
effect a saving of from $6,0iiO to J10,000 
this year and that its bid had not te 
telved the proper conalderatlon it wa.s 
entitled to. the Mount Tolmle Sayd 
and Gravel company, with pits at 
Mount Tolmle, has entered a protest 
to the city, a protest which, however, 
the city will not consider, on the 
grounds that the contract for tUe sup- 
ply ot sand and gravel for the yeai 
has been awarded to the Producers' 
Sand and Gravel company, and noth- 
ing, further ih the matter can be done. 

In the protest of the Mount Tolmle 
Sand and Gravel company It is point- 
ed out that its bid on sand was (^v« 
cents per cubic yard less than that oi: 
the other concern, the only other ten- 
derer, while- on gravel tiic price was 
live cents higher; bue these prices 
were based upon delivery by the 13. C. 
Blectrlc company to any part of thv 
cU - ' rnc'd by the tramway lines, 
ti. s of-.thft Producers concern 

were based upon delivery at Its Storle 
street bunkers and the iprke of haul- 
ing to any part of the city would have 
to be added to the Producers flgureb. 

Tho -city turned, down the Mount 
Tolmi* vtmut upmmim crouna titet u 
wjM not wp»m»fk^Vm It idioiild b* 
wadiod. fui4.iktlr m:i-mm m 4iifertor 
Aftlel^. T}t# ^tfttipHriy >*««|jw^«r to ih!8 
on tlie ground iE|iK»,Hlil<»''«P«6lficatlons 
«d not catt for «««Mf« mnA and 
gfftvel: that the «fty has been, usink 

ftad iiMinot, dHJeetvd ti^ n^md tojCiiit 
the,n«Mor portion «f cttx^ iWQr|i jowflpd 
out in iUxe p«st ftw '.-.jfmt** &•• *>!«> 
completed with sand from tbose pitm; 

self that the go y gruuism 
duced to this yei»r provide enough 
for this year's expinditures and assur- 
edly this years council wlU not permit 

i5oi-3 Government: Street, Cor. Cormorant Phone aSfea 

A New Cake 


And Butter Sqs. 

▼rcirnBpeoIia~8fuay"or IBe TiliW 
birds of the province had revealed to 
him the fact that much of the health 
thai was enjoyed by. many of the or- 
chards In the province was due to the 
fact that they were open to the birds, 
who rid the branches of the Insects 
that congregated there, and if left 
alone, injured the tree. 

In regard to the wholesale slaughter 
of birds and mammals, ior. Kermode 
stated that while much of- it was justi- 
fied, more of it was unwarranted. He 
went on to show that the unrestricted 
killing of certain blras and mammals 
was resulting in the extermln<||^p^j||^_.|.t, ^ >| jj i jgg 
all the large and especially 

___' ,. ^__..! MlL:iMtMiiiiiii 


Alderman OXeason pOlntsd out that 
last year's council had not permitted 
over-expenditures. Iii fact that council 
was as iurprtsed as any Individual when 
It wks aacertalnid that the statutory 
appropriation had bten exceeded. 

The library commissioners' esttmatea 
will be considered when the civic esti- 
mates for the year ar e taken up . 

""" '."^l^iv - I 


t n at t tte cuiimiiuy ftM ffwKwi l i mUlties 

In hauling by the trainway syft««i: 

that an approximate ^uanWy 0$ 

40,000 ctfWo yards Is eX|»«tlft:W» .!» 



,. ii 

I', very rr.ll is wdrtli tc-n times ftsCost as a music lesson, 
and is an assistance to the teacher as well as the pupil. Vocal- 
style Rolls show at a glance just how, to sing a song. Show- 
ing when to start a vvord or syllable, and how long to carry it. 
Tlie undulating, characters of the Vocalstyle system shou- 
just when and how to swell or diminish the tone when sing- 
ing. JEyery. piece is interpreted jjy professional singers of the 
highest standing, the melody is brought out in such a 
manner as to enable a novice to- sing correctly. These rolb 
douW^ tb^Yftlue of a player pi^^:, making it a player of song 
as ^'l»"»strumental music.;";^^? ^ 

\, A ^auOl 8el«ctioi| 

IkcTIONERY DEPARTMENT— Large chocolates 

with a special heavy coating of Carracas chocolate. Colonial 
Fruits and fresh Caramels. 



Yates Street, opposite Gordon's. 

6ii "Fort Street 






And shall be established in the DUCK- 
BUILDING as soon as possible. 

Arthur Holmes 

62R Yates Street 

Corner Broacl" 

the most valuable and interesting mam- 
mals where moderatto)0MM|diJ|)nttar pro- 
ieclinn would ^itav^iii^jl^gmt^^ngflv^^'''" 
for an indefinite tlnt£'''''^$i|t|j^lff^^ 
of mammals from a WU0iti^.:)i0»mmi»-. 
point of view, constitutes their main 
importance to the world at large, their 
soientifto character and the study of 
their life and habits are most absorb- 
ing, and with the apreading interest Ht'^Xi^f^, 
nature study, we can well afford to give 
them a share of our attention. From 
their high position in. the animal king- 
dom, it seems strange at first thought 
that we do not see. more of the mam- 
mafs in our woods €utd fields, it Is 
only the most common species that we 
are most familiar with, and though the 
country may be teeming with bird and 
Insect life, we are not likely, on an or- 
dinary ramble to see more of the mam- 
mals than a 'few squirrels, or a few 
small rodstits.*' Mr. KRrmode went on 
to explain that this fact was largely 
due to the lack of proper study. The 
more people know of their habits the 
more are they likely to see'. 

In conclusion he fired a shot at the 
sportsman. "The pleasure of seeing 
and studying a wild animal in life, far 
outraiiks the gratification of making a 
good shot and bagging my game, and I 
think that If the pleasure man feels 
In hunting was carefully analysed, it 
will be found, that besides being very 
close to nature. It rest."* largely In the 
contest Of sklU and craft between hun- 
ter and game and that the mere killing 
is anything but gratification." The ad- 
dress was suitably illustrated with 
lantern slldea depleting not only RnU 
mals la the museum, but animals and 
birds in their homes and retreats. 

ifachangr — A niectlng of the mem- 

iF'the Itcti! Kitivt" Kxcliantfe will be 

.- todw -•- -' <" "•'"'■'- 

Victoria Cat Club— Tliv nii>iulU> uiuc-iliiB 

and cK-cilon of officer, will be h«ld 6n * rl-- 

day, Marc^- ' ■' " " ■'• !'• "i- '« Friends 

SMS' and 1/UUK....1" "t l-agiand— Th. 
•afflrand Daughter*' ol England will liolil 
aseinal and dance in the Kore»ter«' hall. 
Broad Htreet, on Thuraday evenlns, Febru-. 
ary a»tb, A varied and enjoyable pro- 
gramme has been prepared after which re- 
frasbmenta will be served. A cordial invl- 
la.if»ctendod to oU sons and daughters 

Knox church this 
men ot the consro- 

S:tl&d^~'* complimentary ban- 

KlISlHFWItes of the congregation. Cov- 

^i^'^Ml'imstB will be laid. The church 

bk«' been charmingly decorated for the oc- 
csMon, a beautiful electrical display being 
a feature. A musical programme and toast 
list «wiU follow the banquet. 

•An organ and sacred rc- 

^KlilffH this evening ..In St. Aii- 

church. A good pro- 

Will be rendered Includ- 

rnF 'SKiid^iii»itW%. 13th Psalm, which will 
be sung by the choir of forty voices. The 
unlnutfi win tut Mrs. O. O. Held. Mrs. J. A. 
Iiongrflt'ld. Mills Dilworth and Messrs. A. 
CoM. R .X>. .Marshall, W. Melville, U A. 
Young and J. Liongnetd. 

Y. W. C. A. Anaoal Heetbig — A meeting' 
of the executors of the T. W. C. A, was 
held yesterday afternoon at the Courtney 
street quarters to arrange for the annual 
meeting. The preslQent, Mrs. Frank Adams, 
took the chair. It was decided to hold the 
meeting on March 7 at 8 p. m., in St. An- 
drew's Presbyterian church schoolroom and 
all members and those Interested In the 
work of the association are Invited to at- 
tend. The business will Include the reading 
of the annual reports and at Che close of the 
evening a social half hour will be held when 
light refreshments will be served. 

at loaat iwenityofiya to A|ty <p«ilti Mff 
yard, or from IftOOO to' IJ^O.OOO, woujtt 
be sav«d t^ 1^ bjf; awaking it tna 

contr«i«%,;-*^ii«kJimf#en<ied that 
by haMr«$r;>tS«"h!«jjii<iNiy company 
the downtown streets will be savea 
from wear and tear as the material 
will, be distributed from various 
points along the railway, which wilt 
not be the case i( material Is carried 
ttfU^'rlj^B distributing point such ati 
tiifc'1»i«W[rfront bunkers; that the com- 
pany Is prepared to give any grade or 
«!?!« of material for any class of worn.. 
The company further protests' against 
the action of the city In not even open- 
ing the samples which accnrnpanled 
its tender, and alleges the council has 
act^d merely on hearsay evidence in 
awarding the contract to the Produc- 
ers Sand and Gravel company. 

When the protcal wao ^-^.rn55^1c^xlu .it 
Monday night's meeting of the council 
Alderman Stewart declared Mr. R, H. 
Thomson, the Seattle engineer, Imd 
condemned the gravel used at tli»- 
Smiths Hill reservoir, material sup- 
plied by the complainants. Further, 
t'lK- (imiiiiinK of material on the streets 
would prove a great nuisance,, and the 
Mount Tolmle material requires mort 
cement than is needed with washed 
sand. It was true the specifications 
did not call for washed material, but 
tbe latter was infinitely better. 

Alderman Gleason admitted that no- 
thing could be done now that the con- 
tract with the Producers' Sand and 
Gravel company has been signed; but 
if the other concern's -saiiiplea had not 
been examined and reported upon it 
was a, bad .policy to pursue and the 
company had not been given much 

Alderman Stewart declared the 
samples had been examined and were 
of fair quality; but he had visited the 
pits and he doubted if any- Quantity 
equal to the sample could bo de- 


of the Earth," "The Bird and the Roa*" "How Can ^««J^„ 3££ 
"SUlle Na«Jit; H«ttl*e Nacht." "Meet M^^indgbX '^f^..^^^^^ 
Of My Heart I'm frlnln« »^ Ton," "The Bl«»i ®^" 7*%* »»"«*2 

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between Sr. and 90 per cent of fertile eggs. Incubators, 108 eggs, at »80.00; 
2in eggs, at »42.50. Brooders, 100-chlck, S20.00. 

Telephone 413. SYLVESTER FEED CO. '08 ■«^»*«" s*"" 

Corner Lot, Hollywood Park $1000 

Minto Street, between Moss and Richardson, 60x120 $1500 

Double Corner, King's Road and Cecil Street $1600 

5 Acre Poultry Ranch, close to car $5500 

Magnificent Waterfront Ix>t, Ross Bay $1800 

Asquith Street, 50x130 $650 

Dean Heights, a few choice high lots, Robert St. and Townley 

St. and Foul Bay Road ; one-third cash, each $1000 

Beautiful Nine-room Residence, 2 lots, Hollywood Park. 

Terms $7000 

Eight-room House, Prior St. ("new) \ $4650 

nnaiber of Members Join At First Or- 
ganization Meeting In City Hall 
Iiast Svening 



Tlanlngo and Oelestlnl Empire Betorn 

to Vancouver -with 100,000 Founds 

of n«h rrom Worth 


City Officials Supply Tlgnres Showing 

Amounts Spent By Victoria 

McPherson & Fuilerton Bros. 

6l8 Trounce Ave., Victoria. B. C. 

Phone 1888 

A well-attended meeting of i-ivllians 
interested in rifle-shooting was held 
last evening iu the Council Chambers 
of the City Ha*], when a large number 
of names were enrolled and the oath 
of anegian<J'.e duly administered. From 
a.ssuraiK-cs given by a number of those 
present, tht- next few days will see 
udditionui names cnroilerl to more than 
malte up the total membership of 
thirty, which is required by the Do- 
minion Government military author- 

The meeting was called to order by 
Capt. E. J. Gallop in the chair, and, 
after the enrolment of^ the names nnd 
the administration of the oath to those 
who desired to join, the election of 
officers was proceeded with, resulting 
as follows: Captain E. ,T. Gallop, cap- 
tain; Captain S. Will,lams, vlce-cap- 
taln; Mr. R. V. Harvey, secrefej/ry; 
C^aptaln Mcintosh, treasureijjy' execu- 
tive oomuilttoe, Mr. A. R.^ ffarrlson, 
Captain Mltcht-ll. G. Sheldon-Wllliama". 
The Rev. VV. J. Kifld, of .Mt. Tolmle, 
was elected chaplain. at the conclusion of this stage 
of the proceeding.^, His Worship 
Mayor Beckwith entered the council 
chamhor and pxprr-.sspd lil.^ doBlre to 
he r-nrolled a.s a member. On a un- 
animous vofe, His Worship, upon taU- 
ing the oath, wa.s elector! ITotir>rary 
president of the association. 

It was arranged that x'nn iir^x <-nm- 
pftltlon .Mhoot .<ihould take place on 
Good Prklay. 

J'-or thp benefit of all civilians wish- 
ing to .loin. iu-raDgernent<t were made 

■^' ■■ '■ I Ob. 27. — Weath- 

er-lj ! i_,i, and wtary for 

laclt of sleep, the crews of the fishing 
steamerf* Flamingo and Celestial Em- 
pire brought those craft to port yeoter- 
day morning: and berthed at the dockof 
the Canadian Fishing company at the 
/oot of Main street, each bringing a 
cargo of 100,000 pounds of halibut, 
caught off the northern coast of British 
Columbia. .\s they steamed into the 
harbor the vessels were so brine-soaked 
that they both had the appearance of 
having b*^ submerged in the ocean 
^ depths during 'the past few days. 

The two buals lUtd an unusually iong 
trip, having been away from port over 
three weeks, durlnfr which gales blow- 
ing ninety mlK-s an hour interfered 
considerably with their fishing cptra- 
tions. Returning down the coast they 
ran into a series of southwest squalls, 
each of which lasted for eight or ten 
hoiirs. Slow headwa.v was made buck- 
ing the heavy swells which occasional- 
ly turnetl up a brtaker, sweeping the 
craft with solid water. 

Keeping carefully in .light of t-u'li 
other the two boats, heavily loadt-d with 
fish, 'passed Into sholler below Triangle- 
Island ,Sunda'$' night and steamed down 
to thi! harbor, arriving this morning to 
Unload. I'sually a fishing trlji is madt 
in from two to two and a half weeks, 
but the heavy weather made •flic voyage 
uncomfortable for 'th'> fistirrmnn on this 
last trip. 

HnM.but fishing is beginning to Im- 
prove, however, and more boats will 
Have the harbor for the north coa-«<t 
within a few days. Tho fishing Si-eam- 
ers Manhattan, New Zealand and Klng- 
fisiier of lite i-»mw riiiKin.iiu Kisii com- 
pany arc being placed in commission af- 
ter an Idleness of several months, and 
will leavb for lho«>north within the next •* will be 
few days. | career. 

The inlTormation which was recently 
asked for by Alderman Cuthbert anent 
the cost of operating the fire depart- 
ment and the losses by Are for a period 
of six years past has been furnished by 
the city comptroller and city clerk. Ac- 
cording to the figures supplied the ag- 
gregate cost of the department for sal- 
aries, malntpnrmre and equipment for 
the six years was $360,063. of which 
sal-aries aggregated ?187,543, mainte- 
nance $100,034, and equipment $72,455. 
In 1906 salaries totalled $20,658, main- 
tenance $4,782. equlprntnt $1,078, or a 
total of $26,543. In the succeeding years 
the figures Increased until for 1911 sal- 
aries called for an expenditure of $55.- 
320, maintenance $31,615 and equipment 
$10,224, a total of $97,160, or an Increase 
over 1906 of $70,617. In addition to the 
above expenditures the Installation of 
the salt water, high presHure .system 
involved an expenditure of $104,007. 

The losses by fire In each of the six 
years is given as follows: 1906, $6,3fn: 
1907, $91,400; 1908, $171,365; 1909, $74.- 
435; 1910, $597,241; 1911, $142,730, or a 
total of $1,083,422. 

Mr. W. H. Wllkerson leaves today 
for California for a month, when he 
will return with his family, who have 
been spending the w^lnler in the south. 


li,i,,K— Mr, 13. C. Dack, 1086 View 
street, last evening received the sad- 
word of the death of his brother, Mr. 
Walter Pack, of Walkrrton, Ontario, 
where the deceased was well known, and 
where he was acting in the capacity ot 
registrar of Bruce county. Ills (leath 
occurred on Monday morning, and inter- 
na nt will bo at Kincardine today, Wed- 
nesday. The late Mr. Uaclt was the f^r.-t 
member of provln(-lal parliament for 
Bruce county after the redistribution, 
and for eight years heid ofltce In the 
same constituency, later retiring to the 

t^f^.H.i*** .. ,". — . — .*., . .- - .- — 

most able manner until his death. Many 

Victorians, who hall from that district, 

familiar with h>a brilliant 

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Wednesday, February 28, 1912 



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Vicii. llu- fcfllng of altigulHiity Jii 

A FlottBlng- Incident 
s r„n the mothers of Miss 
AnUcrsuiia i)Lipil» at Kock Bay showed 
tholr regret at purtlng with hpr and 
ihclr regsu-d for her in a friendly and 
ulousunt way. it would be well if .luch 
lUL-ldents were more common. Thpro 
la not us muvh cordiality a;nd lo-oper- 
utlon between teachers and i)arent« as 
there should V>e. The mothers who 
to.ilt-the trouble to show Miss Ander- 
son 'th\t they appreciated her services 
will notjihave their time or their 
trouble. The tea<-her will be the bet- 
ter lor ihcir kindness but so will their 
chlldn i: 

Increase of Insaulty 



t , 





InsanltN ■- I'l I'n, I'luled 

Stalr« an "^ l'^'» 

among n u .v \Mittr in the Nevv 
York llerala attiibuieh this to an ab- 
sopption In narrow, superficial Inter- 
esta. It Js a matter of observation 
»h.^ me*> vuhi% wnrlc luird and vvhose 

)lfe was devoted to «ctence, lived to 
be eighty-five; Str Jamto Le Molne, 
who spent days and nlghta in thought, 
researoh.and observation and writing, 
has just paAsfId away at the age of 
eighty-seven. Dr. Weir Mitchell, 
physician and author, still Uvea and 
enjoys life at the age of eighty -thix-e. 
though in his youth he was not strong. 
There are only a few examples of 
workers whose brains c ml nerves bu\ e 
laated when thousands ol 'ewer ;nen 
and w6men have taeeu f"'Cl t'> Blve 
up their tasks. Women, especlaiy, 
need to learn to avjid the le.criah 
hftst«t <ho'miBla8» worry that W^ar out 

llu "11 tlif border 

>-i I itmulaled her- 

Uon of vri- 

, I uiii..> an opera - 

iluP(T^.s likely to cKUHcvri'ul Uefects of 
charaittr aa In thai of ,Jthe Klrl. Thcio 
art- of course minor. bl«niishe3 whleli 
whouid not be taken too seriously. KtlU 
If oni' of tlrcHC ran bo removed without 
injury and undue expense, thcrt should 
be no heHltallon In liavinp the operation 
pcrforiTved. It has beentbo fashion ta 
sneer at men or woniCn who takt up 
sueh work a« "Beauty Doctors." but the 
London batieet eonslderw thai surReons 
should themcelveK undertake the re- 
Hponstbfmiea of openillons of .lhl« minor 
though still important kind. 

"Optratlons may be uHefully divided 
Into two classes — into those which are 
reiiulreil for the life, for the healtlv or 
for at least the comfort of the sufforor, 
and tliose which are performed merely 
to improve the perMonal appearance of 
the patient . ... "Tht distinction be- 
tween the two classes of operations can 
not always i)o, drawn very cleat ly, for 
there are caseft.whlcl 
line. An ov* ' "'"■' '" 
nla is undoi 
cessity, and c.iu.iiis t 

tlon for the cuie of ' a saddle back nof-e 
iv v operalion undertak.'n merely in or- 
d. • ti> improve the personal appea»-a ve 
of Its owner m, t^j^fO^es tbe 
Q|9Uqqtlon IS i<>,\ ii.aifctTiJSiil., HiP'^ine 'Sirv 
laPMliB?*"^ to be considered an opera- 
■fl&n""#f fitcesslty or an operatlun ppr- 
rormed merely for the purpose of im- 
proving a patient's loo1»7 . , There ean 
be no doubt that physical maWortnations 
which interfere in no way with the well 
being of their posiseBsor may yet eausa 
an immense amount of mental torture to 
those who have them— (»n amount of 
mental pain Which ca«i hardly be imag- 
ined by ihone who are formed normally. 
A slight harelip, a npst with a sunken 
bridge, a nose with a bulbous end the 
presence of a large mole on the face, 
even an overgrowth of hair on the face 
of a woman may. harmless though tht^y 
may be in themselves, be sufficient to 
mfihy t''° ny»w ,.<> thoir owners Intensely 

aren of our School* arc excelled In Hi. 
crary taste by pupils from the tinned 
States and from Ureal IJrItaIn, in what 
are sometimes vailed Hit! more pracUcal 
subjects, our oWO l^JiinK people take the 
lead. Kumlllarity .wltli »o.h1 literature 
leaves its mark en child as wellv as on 
man- oV woman. Uoun t.. a « or 
schoolboys or Birls and note how few 
of them speak- well.- Yet these. youuK 
people know the ru.les of grammar and 
can make excellent -marks at :•" <^- - 
aiulnation. Why i^ It that th- 
supplement wltn Its; vulBarlty or -J. 
presHlon and distorted vl«ws of life ap- 
peals to so many^Of.our boys and sirls. 
is it not becaiiae .their imagination!, 
have been starved, and their sense of 
l.eauty left unsatisfied 7 It is impos- 
.^Ible to believe that even children who 
were familiar witn fairy lore, with 
musical verse and above all, "with those 
stories of the past which fill th" mind 
>^lth reverence for age and lo%c ..f 
good, would enjoy the commoncsi .i.. i 
most worihle.Sh of literature. 

The ciiiidiMU-a library, with its iri - - 
ilom of Its wide range of --n'.^- 

j„ul2, 1, , Illustration.';, and ab'n- 

all, perhaps. Its sympi 

^pf]ciii<i 11 T tfMiriM 111 . r, 


„ ,n, .ilonal aystem.*iiH»;l8 worth 

far more than U^ co*e'"tSi'' learners 
would all be voluhtary and It would at- 
tract many a one whose childhood is, in 
need of uplifting, as well as the boys 
arid glrJB whose lounger for knowledge 
Is not saUsfied in the schoolf. W***"" 
ever. in any cHy. a \ department for 
chUAren has been opcsed In . a JSbXftry, 
It has. beeu found as popular as It is 
usefuL . ' 

Viotbrla needs to encourage among 
her young people, a love of all elevating 
plea8ttr«s. With unrivalled oppor^uri- 
Ity for out of door sport and with books 
for all, children should grow up healthy 

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miserable. .... If Is easy to smile at • 
this morbid Stnsitlveness, but It Is im- 
portant to recognlfie bow vital a matter 

;«w > v,„,„ , e ,h» nitv of New it is to those who are afflicted. Blyen 
The. tcM^ers of Jh|^ty^^^^^^^ 

3L'k/ . ^rn?v!n?uu irtLtecnS^. deformities are not without importance, 
rigibles is growing up in tne »^-»^ -eTeral occupatlona a young woman 

S:;ter%'?Z^onT the 'r. ..::;: d.iinite bar to en^pioyment. a„a she ma. 

in miwd a nd b » dy r 


feature m\^'^ "s— 

G r eat care in buying ie a very imiYnrtant 



strength, both of nind and body 
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Th« evil of unruly behavior has in- 
eroaaea t» ao great an extent that it 
Is proposed to open disciplinary 
sdbools and to segregate the unruly 
pupils in them. Some of the teachers 
who were interviewed stated that if 
they were allowed to use force* disci- 
pline could be maintained. There are 
defectives and degenerates in every 
city and when these are boys none 
but the very exceptional woman should 
be asked to control them. But it, la 
.gat "tf^i^l— s to ba&ialL.v tiut>..!MHyi(hX>. 
noraiir ttoy from his «1w» fi*6M»« &« 
Is unruly. There are 9i«n« tw-t ,*ven 
the people of the United Stales ««ag« 
nl«e that school dlselpHno must som^e- 
tlmes be stem to be «ffecave. While 
it Ife as cfuel as It is foolish to punish 
a defective child for not doing what 
to him is an Impossible task, there 
are times wli«* o»iy physical pain will 
bring an offend«r to a sense of the 
wrong he is doing. 

b« compelled to accept a }«>WC'.- rate of 
wuK'es in consesutnce. . ' . Thj ab- 
sence of a nose may not In the least th- 
i.». fore with ibi wovlUrs;-rov/.'rrt of a 
m\n, but he will unaouhVodly find ll'at 
It wi'.l militate asfilnst hH p<iwci' of ptt- 
tlnjr work. Tills .limlnudon l»i ihs fara- 
in<r capacity of tho.*".. «^M.» aive facial 
^leiwmltles is ver/ .tnl the Hno'*!- 
cdt;« of it, and the con jmltait recog- ^,,^. ^„. „ 

nitlor. of the fact that many poopla have j^^^^^ ^^^ shiF^''pBr mind upon get- 
an involwntwjf jiaipl^iltjlnd: from tho«e ' ^j^^ ^^ money i'V any means within 
who ar# <|ffOigB(lll^",.»^ prejudicial- h^^ newer. 4^a fitt'emiH to steal aomt. 

IV OP *> >>!■ Mt i^l l ' A f i »h'» ^■ •'* ll »Ul <^fc»^ ^ l■ V > ■■ ■ -— I IMJii'iM!! ' 'ili!^BMM''"''l|o »- rnlptrRSA nnt^Uf' 

Ther«1««:««niim-'fOP';«M«««%o are ^i|j^i;i^.;^p^, In desperatioK" 

VIENNA, Feb. 2T.— An extraordtu- 
ary pbtsotiing trial has Just be«in 
brought <o a close- at -Olmuta with the 
passing of the death sentence' on a 
domestic servant .named Franziska 
Bttttlriiilklk: The girl «alk .«l>g&gca 
Ui'l'lUlilliiiigjil'l to a yuuii|f|||N^n. but 

there '-iSliif;.**' -#«(«W!»,-W^ia weddlm,' 
unless some money could be obtatnci, 
and that tailing it. they had better 
The girl W4lt#,'9)|||^iy In love with the 

select only the best— and our fruits, both fresh and dried^ 
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Igadioal Woman 
Is a very wide 

field for 
The Mont- 

Elliott -Sly Co. 

women doctors in India 
real Witness saya: , / 

"Naturally, India of I&tc has been 
much in the mind*- of ^^.^^'^.''l^J® read/ they venture" to undertake much 
Empire, and a good deal nas . oeen ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ,„,.,.r.,.v and the evil Is 
written on different -phases of varl 

in the habit of consulting people who 
have no professional training in the 
f oilowinK pai-aBfttpb «*» Wml as advice to 
tljo profession: 

"But the responsibility of assisting 
tltc public- by '^iMMltoie operations is up- 
on the medicatlFWMlHtBion. If surReons 
will not undr-rtalti.' the mtlltfolSi'sj'Opera- 
tloaa,- belonging to th^Jp^f|^^;jtlle un- 
qiii«l^--practitionPr-i(^iifc> and 
'-■^•■""^ out inef flcr«miT • W»« worlc 
.,^.. ,. by the sureeon. Without 
tittMi^^And witli«|^,|tap,|jgWW*Jdpo of 
tWfe^Bj^ltions^^^aggl^^^iii^ tb=^t 

cautions that^«iiiMt-'"itBt",lSw»n. unquali- 
fied operators do grievous harm. Al- 

that Is pure MUKcry, and the evil is 

growlmr. It w tviii" that the surgeon is 

wilKns: to opi-i.iir. ii.Li.liDS and a fow 

striking deformities, but 

malformations he will not 

KiOn Douglas Street 

Phone 2974 






Through Us For 

All kinds of advertising 
w ritten and placed for aiiy line 
insiness. - 

results may be very good. The Work 
must be undertaken as a real and im- 
portant: P'li't <'i' Hiir.ijcry ami When carf; 
ritd out with care niucli miaery Will be 
sayed and inany rtven and tworhen will 
be rendered more capable of earning a 

ous subjects. A doctor-a woman- 
pleads very earnestly in »« ®"fj»?" 1 at :«Mi; . 
paper for the establishment «<* V^^, f ifi^.^.. 

'|B«tti»W' niedtcal service n^ womtrir i x^xjch. Tn skilled hanas the rJsK and 
■^!^r>om*n of India, and ^Ahich i _.^^^^^_ _ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^,^,^ practice, the 
Shall be under state suporvLsion. Hei 
aim Is to have .something similar to 
the Indian Medical service with simi- 
lar conditions and terms.^ She says 
that though the National Association, 
founded by Lady BuHerln for the 
benefit of native women,' does an ex- 
coilcnt v'vork, it is not in a position 

to ..ttor the same Inducements as 

would a government medical service, 

which is. she believes, greatly need^ 

ed Those who know the feminine 

population of India can support her 

asscrtioii. and Anglo-Indian women as 

well as V ■■■ "n of every dogreo 

would u '•vice composed -.t 

Muallfif^d wo:«cn aoctor«. , The .m)mc» 

to nil the positions would not he 

found wanting. As. a head, the name 

ig.iTi,.^'i..".d of Dr. Mary Scharheb, 

t^e ■ F:ngUsh woman surgeon, 

whu 111 siMi.e of hor advancing age 

ruuUiuioy to perform with succeaa the 

inu«t difficult operations, and who for 
some vear.-; occupied a prominent po- 
sition "in India as lecturer in' the Ma- 
dras Medical College, where she re- 
ceived part of her medical education.' 

Ae\{yim^m0imi^iim- the death of her 
slstef,*- ia1s&' '*i derthestic servant, wtUi 
had ?500 m the savings bank. oi>'- 
had In her possession a bottle of ars- 
enic powder, and tjhisshe mixed with 
sugar, bought some pastry, and" spread 
the poisoned mixture over the top. 
Then she despatched the food to he» 
s)?itf>r, hopint? thereby, to cause her 
ii. ,irii 

The parcel of pastry was opened by 
the intended victim In the presence of 
her mistress and two little 'boys, hci 
mistress's sons, and each partook of 
the contents. The little boys', who had 
eaten most of the sugar coating, were 
Boon in agoi>y, and though they were 
taken with all •j«i)eed to the hospital, 
they died shortly, afterwards. The 

Mistress and H'^gl^MH'''*'' ^°''S,''''''' ^'■ 

covered. .->fi"*^cr' 

In the dock the Rirl showed no sign 

ol reKrKl *tt «.»te u^am w. ••>.'• .-n...^. .-••- 

victims, bi^ she' broke down and 
sobbed bitterly '^hen her, lover said 
he would have worked hard--^fer the 
money with which to mttrry her /had 
he not thought she* had a^ cold, mer- 
cenary nature, which would/.not have 
foUiul lontentrherit in the home of a 
ppor man. , ^ 

Dried Apricots, per lb. 


Dried Pears, i)cr lb. 


Strictly Fresh Eggs, three doz. for, 



White Clover Butter, three Ib.-^, for ....... ... 




Phones 28-88-1761 

Government Street 

Collegiate School for Boys 

Rockland Avenue 

Victoria, B. C 


All exact reproduction of type 
— written work at one-tenth 
liic cost. Circular letters, 
notices, forms, etc. Let us 
how you samples of our work. 

■'., ,i 


Operations for DeforniitleB. 
No oni, who has not felt it ean <iuito 
undti-rtland ,11^1 mental torture of tlie 
person who suffers from a Blaring physi- 
.til defect. There is "o eruelly Rreater 
than that of the tlioughthps srown per- 
son who tolls a little girl that slie In 
usly- It 1»i »o easy to convince the 
sensitive child that she is diffe^ul from 
her playmates, tluit her whole life may 
be spoiled by what may be a mlNtaken 
notion. If, on tht. other hand, there is. 
a real def'>rmHy, it 1« easy to Imagine 
that despite the greateat belpfulness and 
tenderness on the part, of relatives and 
friends, grfcat suffering can scarcely ho 
averted. At school, on the street, every,- 
where almost -the sense of the differ- 
ence between her and other people iS 
boiiu' ill m iM'- sufCorer. In the case 

A Children's Boom 

Ought yictoria to provide a room in 
tlie public library for the exclusive us^ 
of the chUdren? There are many people 
In our city who do not think that such 
n, department is necessary Or it would 

have been '''■ ' '• ' ■"'" ' "^''^^'^^■ 

rea.siins sui •"'" 

vanuettgAluBl it. tUey have nt;l .".la-le 
public. But abtiona speak louder than 
words. There is not even any such 
poor pretence at satisfying the needs 
of the children as Is afforded by the 
i; I. ling room in the Car- 
Yet there are four 
thou!»and children between the ages of 
six and sixteen in Victoria. A very 
small proportion of these are- the ehll- 
dren of wealthy or cultured parents, 
who can and do provide thein with the 
best of the literature f or ' children, 
which is ao marked a feature of our 
time«. . 

Hut by far the greater num.ber come 
fiuin the homes of very busy people 
who have neither the time, the means 
nor. in mat^y casea, the inclination t<i 
supply the little folks with the beauti- 
fully lilnetratca books that do ao nnuh 
to rill children's nilnda with high Weals 
and n.dile ambitions. The papers and 
niagaTilnes published especially for 
children,- are not found in these homes, 
except perhaps, those taken home from 
.Sunday School. It may be said, in 
passing, that It would be well If parents 
and other eldera showed more interesi 
in these periodicals and eneouraged the 
children to read them. Tt is a matter 
of common observation that the chil- 



B«sron UHl I'ark. Victoria, B. C. 

Select Illsh-Grado Day and 
BoaidlDK College for Boy» of 7 to 
16 years. nerinementa ot well-ap- 
polnleii--Kcntlemen'» homo tn 'lovely 
Beacon KiTl Farlt. Number; limited. 
Outdoor uports. Prepared tor Buel- 
r.eis LUe or Profosaional: exunilna- 
tions. ~ Fec« inclUBlvo an>t »trlcily 
(^nodorate. SprlnB Term befcln* Tues- 
»j2« jiuiiiary 2. 

rrlnelpa.. i. W. .CHUBCH, M- A. 

Centr?! Sittiatton Spacious and Well-ventilated Shool 

Buildings Recreation Grounds Gymnasium 

Cadet Corps. 
Under the present i.lanagc~°t^^•. a soecial feature of the sch •)l 

i« its individual attention 10 pupil* 


Assisted by a Resident Staff of Masters 

Easter Term Begins Tuesday, January gth, at 9 a.m. 

A Preparatory Class has been formed for Boys of 7 to 10 years 

of age. 

tor Prospectus, apply 

The Principal 

St. George's School 


spring term begins, Tuesaay. January 
16th.' .^ 
Principal . - - ' - «"• S^*"" 


Fr<sh Fggs. per tloz. 35<' 
3 DOZ. FOR ...>.?1.00 


Cor. Johnson & Quadra Sts. 
Phone 106. 


Mide in Canada by Canadian Workmen. Kodaks $5.00 to $ 1 1 1 .50 

Your rUalcT will give, or t«c will aead frtt copy of Kodak catatoa. 



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rjrt .Mbernt values l.^.v- increased 100 per cent. In the past 18 
months. Tlie Albernl l.^nd ro.npr.ny have btill a numb, r of 1 .ts .or 
BBl« at I he irlginal prlecs. 

H fo3t lo'.s fton *35" 

«« foot, 'ota : rorr. I>3t0 

Terms 1-4 cash and balance over 2 1-2 years at « per cent. 


Agents I'ort Alherni I^and (.:<>., 


-01 ROo Saywerd HnildlnK. vir-torln. J"" 

"' ''" Memlicrs Vletoria Heal l;-,8t,ac Kxch.ansc 

port Albernl, B. C. 


This Is the Time to Plant 

And wc have :i fine stock of the 
leading varieties in nice, strong plants, full of flower bttds, 
inchidine- the famous 

EngUsh New Rhododlendron, JPinkJPearl 

8 21 14 4 

4 15 12 12 1 18 

7 9 22 5 14 

1 23 1 25 

5 4 



And many oth«r Prixe* aeoerding to th« alinpto Condlll«n« •! 
the Contest (whicti will be aent). . 

Each one of the above lour line, o( fuluret .pella « ^^■cA ThU rao»t 'n««'«»™,*JJ^,"rS 
be ,ol«d with a linle .tudy. o. follows: ^ twenty., UleUert In the »l(Ajb^^ 
we have fiiuren in .pellin* the four word. In.tead ol Ulten. Letter A U awBlMr 1 B 
oumlver 1, C number 3, etc.. f hrou-hout ?h<> plr»»«'">«- n*#f MftCV 

USE -fe-OUR BRAirJS. Try and make out th« Jtmr »«w^^iSI.SH^5^^ 
Thi. it a chance lor clever per.on« to j^l= Caah and other FrtxeS ^»* f W*g*J^ 
Write the four wordf. with your o«me and addrc... iieatly on f,PJ«^f? P«l!J*J'''K^ • 
tad mail to ut. and wewill write joo •« «»c«. 'cllw* yoo all abort H. y«l»«f •» • 
valuable prl«e. Act Fromptly. ..«,...,« 

DOmiNION PRE MIUM CO. '»<> ^ ^-.^'f^ ^jjlj ^g*;"*^ 

fiirr.v Rimd. Vlctorlw. 

BmnrI) ■( KHonna. 




^^^^■r /Tk'vrTot* 

Wednesday, Febpunry 2S, 19ir 

V lO I <J MIA lf/\ liLi \ ^^V^Xj\y.i.^ xo A 

The Sporting World 

Uie Imiidii of Jcni 
c!iBiiil''0" Bowkfi- 
cdiilon of tt verltttlj! 
KlgK, a BrouglUiiii 

Bowker. TCnglUli 

wuM a condtiise'i 

e Brllish 'jiulHer, a 

a i;rlbb and Mace. 

mm LOSE 

TermiiiaJ Team Defeats Vic- 
toria in Hard Fouglit Play at 
Arena by Heavy Lead of 
Four Goals > 


ViUona hookey teum 'Vfi 
>i<n <u>vvnwai'd in the Pad 

ibbcquen tl 

^taisi. tbi, '->^ 

J(*IW^»»lty itx emerging at ihe 

tl^ mune was n«verUieI«M. 

udtt ai< Qti^sidfdi a« t»« 

tlteptt. a*fi» «iROW<| e»tl- 

visllor^i, in fc.'JS, L.alunil« Bcuring aft'V 
muKtn}; a clever IniUvliiual rusli from 
cont,re ice. Walter, Smalll was the first 
to decorate the hoards, lie went off lor 
an alleged trip. Vancoi^ver atUl press- 
ing hard, kenpins the rubber to the lo- 
oals" end. Skinner Poulin followed 
.Sinaill to the board» for body-checking 
Urirriihs. Tommy DundenUvle got po.s- 
scsston ot the puck near th" i-nw net, 
and went down with Lester Patrick and 
IJon Smith In a combination rush, \VltU 
lh« result that Smith scored Vlctbrla'B 
first, on a puss from Patrick, who In 
turn K«t the pass from Dun.derdale. 
Time, f..2U. At this staKo ih« fans be- 
came highly Jubilant for they realized 
that the homesters had cot back Into 
their combination playing again which 
has d ■ " '• tl«e"» In re- 

cent !i they tried 

many tini' vard-s lo repeat in this 

fashion, I _ . rej unanie to na ttrijr 
n^at stunt a second time. Lalonde, the 
first of the Termmala to get a rest, 
went off for mlxlns It. Smith made it 
.Vlctgria. after drH^j^W| j,lhe 
■ ceatre ice in vlcvtkWumsn. 

vantage <'( every opi.oi tunlly to score. 
in a collision in erntfo ice, Bobby Row? 
was injun-d, neee.s.sliatinK ''!» lellrlng 
from the game, and Nichols went off to 
even up. The scoring enu.-d wlieu Ls- 
londo bulged the net. from a pass from 
the wing. Time. 37 seconds. 

Final score. Vancouver 7, Victoria ;i. 

Between the first «nd seoont^ periods 
the si'cond amateur skating rao^; for 
the Wilkerson cup was held, and was 
won easily by George Gowler, who was 
winner of the f-irst race heUl a week 
ago. McAllister finished second, and 
Bloomfichi third. During tlT« greater 
part of the race McA!llst?r was Iwad- 
Ing with Bloomfield In second posi- 
tion, as the result of Gowler falling 
twlc£. When more than ont laji he- 
Wnd thi^ ir-Mi'T r;,iui.T iiyhtfjiiicd his 
pace a;: ^i^^^. with 

two laps to £.4. J 1 ,: , ' MoAlUster. 

- 1 -1 _-j 4.1.- .!.,.,,. ift-vardj* in. 

advance. • MinarU. who was a starter, 
dropped out In the eighth lap. 
*> The Summary 

all at the feathtrwelglu UinH. and could 
1 luit bt") biatcn. 

' Then Abo Attell look wlmt was left 
! of tlie f.'atberwelglit crown from Nt.ll 
after his defeat. Abe Is a elianuiion 
Bvcond to none — lie lias fought feather- 
■mtlgl'ts. lightweights and almost weltiT- 
w»lKht«, Abe Attell's name Is engraved I 
as one of the H'l!- "M riuisfiH in Fist- 
Ian la's temple. 

They say tht r<- l.s nountii in a nunie, 
K'ilUiiie — Johnny Kllbane, uUhougli It 
might be better Jolin Kilbant' — sounds 
good. It fits well with tlie names of 
those who havi; been great champion-?, 
.lolm Kllbane, Cleveland O.. is champion 
ftalherweight of the world today. 



Wagner !■ tha Man — Big Piaye- 
Kever Hit Below .300 





loi jl'- 

mX the outooine o* 
must agree, that tlie 
worked as hard as in ajly prevloaS 

i 1 I(h1 

Tlu lirst two r ,___^ 

minuteh of f.i "Ckey, I 

which time bon «cll The 

Capitals' downfall came in the final 
period. They started into the game ap- |' ii^i^n 
parently full, o^f vim and energy, hut 
travelled at a pace which they were not 
able to continue, with the result that in 
the last twenty minutes of play, the 
visitors had thorn at their mercy, and 
kept them ^' every minute of the 

time. Tht: ' did not play in their 

usual form, this being particularly no- 
ticeable during the latter part of the 
Kame, while on the other hand the Ter- 
minals played th^lr best game In this 
city, to date. Every member of their 

[^^^^mmmi.W-. ' he in the pink of con- 

'anii A orked tospther in eX- 

■ illent form.. Time and time again they 
swept down in combintition rushes, and 
but for the good work of the local ,de 

mS^t>i'mi^ia into top 

SmltJi's neat bit <*'w»wlt was justly ap«>. 
plaatjed. Time, tn. Wtom a mlx-up 
m front ^Q« the V«W«uver ffOAl t*1»o» 
QAbBy Rowe made a bi»ve attempt x» 
acore, th«i |kuck jvaa/aen* > tjia local 
end, and aa gBBfclll y» HMtttBil •sftU^ 
Ihe lee l» ma^ H- -Wi ^i Hi *ei»aiW 
tti« pttcin hanDK. ito artfmiMk^ « r©- 
spondtt« »roi«ipUyt mitki3a$ uti jadtviavai 
rush ««!, ^iMWrfng X»apmiv«^¥ «e«ond 

».«. -» <A._ _ . .. ^■^_ ^jr^^^^^ W f«IKkH«aa«i*« 4» f» 


^'^ML?'y"t~"^I^l. (Via- i ^«y' •^"««^'^ mmmmi^ 

v^rytmmini smith (V*etort«» m* ffiSS-iJtowiMB*"^^ 
min. ScottHnViMiconvw 4, Victoria «. iwui^<iA<rft;^«Sli't long bflif*: 

i, ■wMiW (yanimitVwi — *. 

parWi* Hw 

j p uuniuy y .. — - r. 

tain: 3. PonUtt <Vt«itoito) « min 
lonue {V«M*otf«er> 8'tntil.. 

Second f»ft|(:^l|i^' 

ii ,11- Wagner leaped into a major 
l, ; s score one year later tliftn 

111 ,r walloper. Napoleon "Ijajoi'- 

H* came from tlio Pateraon. team in the 
Atlintlo^eagU\J7 and ttti late .WT^^^C^ 
Ham, president of the National league, 
is credited with being the Christopher 
Co>umbus to discover him. 

This wa-i ^I'MS^&Sl^ PulUam was 
then an omq4Pi*ii^B0"'«vine club, 

ed tbA-J b < Sm 4m 






Wc bavt.' just rortu'cil ;i 
ol I he above in various sixe^ 

and gauges. 

E. G. Prior Co., Ltd. Ly. 

Corner Governmenl and Johnson Sireols 


Smoke Silver Tip Cigars 

Factory Phone 960 

At AH Dealers 

o. or>cc 

Bowling Trophy 

3. UHr 


twenty mii. 
a clever h t 
through th 
shot. Smit 
pa,ss from L 

fence in the first 'two periods, the score 
would undoubtedly have . been much 
larger than it was. Their back-check- 
inB was a feature of the gam^, and the 
manner in which the Terminal defen'ce 
liroke up the timely rushes of the Cap- 
it:.^ls was phenomenal. 

The "speed boys" put up a hard fight, 
but they wore not able to get away as 
;i,ey have m the past. They appeared 
!) be fagged in the final period, and fell 
, iiul ovorskated repeatedly. But when 
all Is said and done, the homesters made 
a game light, and considering the fact 
iliat they were playing against odds, 
they played a good game. Towards the 
hitter part of the match, when Victoria 
was making every effort to ao.orc, and 
Vancouver was ir. > anxiously en- 

_ n vorinK. to inc : i elr lead, the 

playing became a trifle roush, imt oh 
iho whole it was exceptionally clean and 
free from penalties. 

Don «mlth played a fine game, con- 
-iderably better than he has during the 
)iast few weeks. lie scored the three 
f^oais lor his team, and figured in the 
n'a,iority of the .' ion plays. 
Tommy Dunderdale ^ > .ard, but he -^^^ ^^« 

Old not appear to be in the best of con- 
.Htion. Tommy has not yet recovered 
from an^jury to his leg received a 
short time ago, and this apparently had 
much to do with his lack of form. Skin- 
ner Poulin'a jdaying did not deteriorate 
In the least from his work in the last 
I'ew games. Skinner l.'i a hard worker, 
and he did not slacken In the least last 
fight. Bobby Kowe was always in the 
«a,me, but was not able to work to ad- 
vantage. Lester Patrick and Walter 
Smalll put up their usual good defence 
in the first two periods, and broke up 
many hard rvmh^s. Bert Lindsay while 
not in his best form, was called upon to 
stop numerous shots, which he did In 
excellent style. F^or the vislorg. J'^rank 
Patrick was the star. He swept down 
tlyj Ice tlmo after time, after getting in 
some clever checking, and always made 
the local dfjfence work to their utmost. 
Harr stopped some hard shots, and Grlf- 
lln was in his usunl good form. Of the 
forwards, Lalonde and Nh-hols played 
the best game, and wen- always on the 

On ITidav nislit, the locals travel to 
Vancouver to play thfl Terminals, and 
although their chances for any league 
laurel.i are exceedingly flimsy, thgy are 
not yet down and out. A victory on Fri- 
day will help a whole lot, and It Is 
lioppd that by that lime the homesters 
will be in better condition, 
Tha Ghi,me 

1.2$. «rht« ifaatOi mk 

bcoro standing 2 all. 

'- ' Sh0rtj^. :^|t#|?t'-' i^W'iSCCoud 1" 
' ','||^i|||i^;-imwisel> 
defence too bijen, "at 'varlons 1 1 .• 
forvyardS hot being quick in f.u!.!. 
when on. nlaycr.s wouia 

go MOW 11 ill..- IV ».. 

Batrtck Get* Pnoli: 

F. Patrick 'l^ olieciung a 

defence man :.,.... imv ,h- the lo- 
cals could fall back, he jwn on 
Lindsay, and scored th. for his , 
team, and the first in riod, In 
6.D3. In less than two minutess Lalonde 
scored another for Vanrbuver on a pas'? 
frcitii : Fraiik 

Patrick who ^... . •- - 

slipped and.' fell in front of t: 
blocking Lindsay's- view of the luuuei 
completely, and thus glying hitn verj' 
little chance to make the stop. Nichols 
off for tripping Smaill. Don Smith 
scored the third, go: \-ictorla and, 

as it turned out the ...:., .. hen he made 
a corner shot at tlte opponent's goal. 
. k strikihg 7-..' - '-■ ■'■*• and 
, ,, ,,-t m. . Ti;; . ■iner 

Poulin was sent to ihe boards a second 
time for tripping. Snuullwent down In 
a mix-up near the home goal, 
bis head heavily on the Ice, iu..: .- = 
laid out for a few seconds, during whicii 
time ti' ' was dr' ' ,.,.■..,,, 

off for ^. Thus 

ond period, the score standing 4 to U 
in favor of Vancouvet, 

It wa? Tifi Vancouver during the. f inra 
1 though the ' 

.,,....^.. ...... .■■■.■.cy':r;-CTC. UEabl" ■' ' ' ■■ 

up the onslaught of rnshes in which the 


Offlclals—Ilefcrec, .Tlpamy ^S^|^a*r« 

'J^dec of play. Harry Hvland. .^llWie- 

Tftfepers, J. A. Taylor, Victoria; C. V. 

Vancouvir, Penalty timekeeper, 

Wliker>-on. Coal umpires, WU 

and Itili Is, Victorlu. iiiM 

■..: i.,.;,an. Van. 

The Teams 

in the major l«!ague«j has »»o 




ijgt^am-f'^'pf'* fit,' ' f«intayiMf 


Wjrt Wti 



^\■e ai-e headnuat le. .-, Un all the leadin„' makes oC Goif 
-u. Forgan & Son. Wright & Dlston. P. Andcson & -^on. 

Clubs, such 
As we -are 



F. :^atrlck. 
Grlffls... . 
Lalonde. . . 
Nichollf^- ■ . 
Harris . . . . . 
I'hilllps. . ., 

. . . ;.;oal . . . 

... point . . . 
.cover point. 
. . . ri''- I r . • • 

. . . centre . . 
. .left wing. . 

. . I.. 



1 'a trick 



. .Smith' 




History of Teatlierwelght Belt from 
Start Down to Johnny Kllbane 

- (1 during the last 
• play. Lindsay made 
r '.' : -^■•,- U got 
I a four til time on a 
j'atrlck, after tlie two 
a; neat rush, but. v 
was called twenty feet from i,.<= ..... 
couver nets, and the goal was disal- 
lowed. At this .stage of the game the 
boys in stripes woke up to the fact that 
they would have to go faster if tliey 
expected to make another cout^t, and fot 
several miniites they set a fast pace, 
and jjrossed hard. l-'rom the face-off 
after the offside In front of the visitor's 
net, Harris got the rubber and went 
down in one of the neatest Individual 
rushes of the game, scorftag the first 
In this period, in 12.17. 

Slackened Pace 


The game .started with a mi.-m. \.an- 
' Oliver) on the aggressive, and pressing 
iia.rd. During the first few minutes of 
liliiy the Terminals set tli'' i'ih-h. tia\- 
t'lllng liack and* forwHr<l at great speed, 

and s'liooting on the Victoria 
^liienlly. Tin- flr^^t '-■■■'\ ■ ■ 

nt't fre- 

1 I ' ■ I ' 1 e 

pa.a- a.uam, ami inr'n ii 
Terminals . outplayed ti. ly 

stage, rushing continually and Kiiuoimg 
frcQuenlly. Lester got the rubber and, 
after passing the visiting defence, shot 
at P.aiT for what appeared 1.. la- a. goal 
but the goal-ump. failed ''is 

hand and while Lester reuuuirv.! ...» i>o 
net to thresh It out with the goal um- 
pire, the rubber had been taken back to 
the locals' end. The referee's Whistle 
had not blown, althougli the htcal play- 
ers apparently had fancied It had, and 
they at once ceased- to play, NtchoiK, 
however, continued down the Ice with 
the puck, and shot at Llnd.say, who did 
not even, mivke an attempt to block, he 
too apparently haying thought the game 
was not in progress. The rubber went 
Into th(» net, and although the locals 
Diotested . l.ercely, the goal was allowed. 
Time, .'i.i 

Froie. t;. ,4 t'fmc until tH(> conclusion '^v 
tlic garni, i !■ playing " became more 
furious, and all.liough the vl«itor« werp 
now three goals In the lead, iiifv con- 
tinnerl to push the locals, and look ad- 

The featherweight champioii.s— who 
•were they? This tltlo ranks nock and 
neck with the ' the rins 

— the heavyw^-o -I" i- "->xer -who 
can wear the featherweight honors, the 
miniature diadem ot the fighting arenai 
can carry his bead as high as any 

Tlie title icads back into' the sixties. 

.\ host of those plgnny hercules they 
were that bared their cheats In the 
open air and fought fiercely for the 
king pin position of their class. 

Tommy Warren, of Los Angeles, was 
the ! these lltUe nuckle 

^iaAi V vpRt-niK^ki . iiin of - 

John L. Mulllvan, Warreu blew over 
the Rockies In '85 and by a series of 
.brilliant battles proved he was cham- 
pion of all the l'-2-pound fighters. 

To be sure there was Cal McCarthy 
of St. Louis, who claimed the honor 
from Warren after the latter had 
11 aspirants. biJt the flght- 
ii;« ...... u ...iS blending into glove con- 
tests, George Dixon soon swept Mc- 
Carthy into oblivion and the real glove 
featherweight champion had arrived. 
Dixon put the title on a solid pedestal. 
An ideal tighter of the weight, wide 
shoulders, a kno'!k.iu« punch in either 
hand and fearless, he defeated count- 
less opponents and made the feather- 
wpight champlonBhlD a world's affair. 

Dixon was the first featherweight 
to be presented with a world's cham- 
pionship diamond belt. We defeated 
two English champions of his class, 
Xunc Wallace and Fred .lohnson, In 
intfrtitttioiikl fights In London. Dixon, 
supreme among the 122-pound boxers, 
fell a vlcthTi of fighting out of his daso. 
Sent against lightweights and boxers 
pounds heavier than himself, he battered 
himself into a wreck, and was forced to 
surrender to Terry McGovt-rn after a 
championship of teh years. 

The greatest battle of the pii/.- rlni:, 
barring the old masterpieces, was the 
two-round fight of the Terrible Terry 
McGovern and Young Corbett, when the 
featherweight tltlt.,i»a#sed to Corbett. 

McGovern IukI beaten them all — Ped- 
lar Palmer. Raich ford. Harry Forbes, 
Dixon— slopped tliV caretr of Oscar 
Gardner, lind gone out of his class and 
whipped Frank Erne and .loe Ganw al- 
most with a punch. 

But Young Corbett handed it 'o I'-irry, 
a complete ktiockout, win n tlie betting 
was all on McGovern. 

'> Young Corbett, an feathcrweiBht 
champion was a puzzle. Corbett could 
never, nevt r make the weight. 12'J 
pound.i. and floundered about .-imong the 
llghtwelgljts until he was beaten. 

I'Yanklfi Nell, of San Francisco, next 
clalmtd the title, but he met defeat at 

ight limes carried off j 
-uo championship. His | 
hr.^t comiuest w. .00, and hc was j 

,hi nuumrchof I ^^e no later than 

on, which is an epic in sustaln- 

e„ ,„uu.g ability. Moreover. Wner 

was prlnclpaUy reBponslble for Pltts- 

1, .ennant triumphs in 1091. ^^^-^ 

I 1809. -Kvery season his big 

• -, In the race 


Forbes' lieid possible. _ 

Hans is still a flrst-cla>s fiel'ling 
.>«.>,.>,. ..I, rvnt ni lire SO fast 

as he was some year43 ago. ^'^tjf ^°" J 
hold down first base or a position in 
th,. outfield to perfection. 

AVtigner was born in 1874 and will be 
38 years old on the 34th of this month 
He Is the highest salaried player In the 
National league an-l Is Independently 
wealthy. \ 


■>, I 'f •*?!!?f % ^^ 

1331 OxnratammA 9%. 


M^mf^ — 


Marconi Bros. 

Succefi.surs to 1". N. Costla. 

Bicycle SpcclaUsta 


u.t:. and Gcnft, ENGLISH BICYCLES, detachable 
in-c^ choice of ^addles toe clips, bell, everything complete, 

PRICE ?40.O0 
Every Bicycle guaranteed against defect for one year. 


Phone 8.7 , gao Govcrmnc.t .'^t. 


AIjIiEir it C'_". 


The sport 

on the 

Tuinia On Ice 
Ohe ordinarily associates tennis with 
warm spring and summer days, green- 
^wlri or baked clay, flannel-clad and 
:^b«rned players. But now tennis bid., 
fair to become as much of a wlntei 
IZZ as it IB a summer sport. Sev- 
eral of the tennis dubs In New \ork 
nave floo,i«l the courts wlmre In sum- 
mer the pla-- v..".. •, i>n = :. 

„ui.,:a«i.:-ir--' 1 "■"■■ ^■■' ^• 

imcs-on the frozen surface 

ice has gained considerable 

The nets are stretched 

ntre of the Ice-covered 

players use skates to 

. .i.« ire At first It took the 
itet over liie ice. •"»■>. M'f" ^ "^ * , 

Players of the new game some time to 
;'*'^a£'-u«tomed to getting around on 
the gilders. They nxade many awkward 
movJs and many tn^^ re awkward shots, 
in time, however, they became more 
adept ;n getting around the ice-clad 
courts, and once they became proficient 
they .grew enthusiastic ovei- the sport. | 

Where Is Vancoaver? 
The sport dcpester on the Vancouver 
_.-;..^ cTr««» tb« CoUoWlng: 'Calgar.s 
Ta^'L^ntTream of bowlers to the West- 
ern Uov^Ung <-ongress at lx>s Angeles, 
and in that connection a P.aper of the 

p^alrle town says: 'It will be tne on y 
'Canadian team at the M.ev.nt^ and o 

may be sai.; •c-eeht tne 

Will give a suit of clothes to Iho 
best ten 200 ten-pln scores rolled 
from February 20 to March 31, 


Entries for the . House League 
tournament nov? being taken. 
saxnira'VP'TCK aiii-EVs 

711 Yat«B Street 

1912 All Steel Raleigh and Cleveland 

_ (^yjjgj 

"-•-•' TT ,. T^„4.-, vx7i,„«i„ of th<* Dav Can T^e Seen at 

'ihe IViOSt '-'p^Lu-iJilLC V* ilCv«o- »Ji • <.«1C::.»'C-,^ > ^=-" — '- • • 


S220 Broad Street, Opposite Colonist 

Phone L 183 

Fishing Tackle a Specialty 



Full size 

tables. Latest 

^ment- at -■■-.-,: 




Cor. Johnson and Douglas Street* 



10 to 
ChUdren . . 

Adults . . . . 

fi.lo to iO.,111 
15c Children 'Zr>r nmcral 

3K.<- •, vV..jMHy , S-'H- .ulml.^siOM .... 50^ 



the team 

,r Canad.T 



"Now wouldn't that .lust simply jar 
vour slats. Here we have gone and sen 
down two teams froni Vancouver and 
one from Westminster, while laboring 
under the delusion that British Ooluni- 
l,la was In Canada. And when 
llodge and Ale,x. Grant ami 
LU to the Sunny South they will find 
memselves men witlwut a country- 
Help! Help!'." 

their men 


singers, numbers, Enfields. Massey-IIarris; 
Standards, Coventry-Cross and Klrmess. 

$35.00 to $95.00 

Wr can supply Tire Coasters, ' 3 Speeds. 2 
Speeds, Free Wheel Coasters. Oil Bath Gear 
Cases end other modern eciulpment. 

Agents Hurley Davidson -Motor Cycle. 

At the Arca<te AUej*. 

I„ the mHlOh IHM idKl.t b^t^c^n 

THOMAS PLIMLEY, 730 Yates Street 

I),-lard"i>«rber» ami ih- Stand. tUh ihe Inner 
"an w ' Oirov clo.e and InloroHtlnK Ramea 
"*^"^"' wcro decided In tho last 

(lonhirul to Ihe end. The 


PXOmB ^8. 


AU three tfanien 
frnnu'8 ami wei"- 

DrlHTd nnrbf-r." 







Siandni'lB - 



FoHlf r ■ 


1 ,1.-. 




1 ■;.! 

Oordon '" 


1 U 

1 ' .! 



bcBTf in .loin WhH» .Hox. 

S.\N I"H.\N<~'1S('<'). Foh. •:'■ — PInij Bodle. 
chUnijo AmeiliMn outllelrter. formerly with 
the San rr»nflsco poast l-agu" <•••'". mid 
Uenvire Wertvev. dr'ifled by fiiniliikfy from 
Ihe latlcr- leani Inst neason. left for l\jf 
White Sox IralnliiB qiinrler» at Waco. Texa«. 

liAit evening as a fitting social con- 
eiuajon io ihe twpiriii i)sr!><.rr>«.r.t . r.. 
British Columbia the ex-membor,s en- 
tertained Premier McBplde and ihe 
other cabinet ministers to dinner In tlio 
legislative Krlll. 


The profits of the union co-operative 
bakery at San .lose, Ciillforni*, are 
about fii.vvO a muiilh. 

Overland Automobiles 

This luotlcl 5g is the mcst moderately priced de luxe touring car on the market. RcserV€ 
power and .speed to meet all rational requirement.s. A big. roomy bo•d>^ carrying fuxpassM^ 
gcrs with all comfort. Complete with all lamps, horn and tools, also bhLt' t> i AK llvK AW U 
rKEbTuLiTE TANK, $1,500. - -. , - 



Garajj-e 727 John.-jOn Street. 

'If you get' it at Plimliy's it's «if rlg^t** 

i ' .,.,.,'.■■■'■,•■ 'y.l^jjg 

-' ' — "^ — '-'— — ^^...^^^laaiMi 


Wednesdwy, February 28, 1912 

VICTOIUA pAJXif <jOLOi>ix5i. 


For Your Home 

\re here in a wonderful variety, thai is only equalled by 
ihc moderation of iIk' prices. P.e it a cottage or a castle, 
we can make it brighter, more beautiful and more tasteful 
In, an outlay r.n your part which would indeed be insig- 
nificant when compared with results. 


Will Discuss Railway Policy 
and Other Provincial issueb 
Before Annual Meeting of 
Conservative Association 

Jn ihi. .action voii will find a collection of beautiful floor coverings which 
it would be hard to equal. The finest productions of front rank m---» -" 

■^»^^-^*^^ choiceit^iM^iiil^'S^fiSiir^^^ <''^ oriental '^^ 

'^A>fiSh.'^iiA^tA^^. . 

■ "r^att-rt?!* rr^\ : 

" ^-J '^ tC 

..- giZm MM^Mb ..^t.. 

1, "-."" 

Asters •• ........••••••• 

Wiltons n • * *^ ^^^ ^ 

Brussels. r to $i.6o p^T 

Top t stn. < i . 

mi>.»ili« ItlltlTlff 

. . ♦ . .to >$i*i» pei' 

All J>riccs include^ewingandtkying. 

At Llif iinniial mectlnB of tlJ© Vlc- 
torWi CoiiMer\ alive Association to be 
held In tlie A. O. U. W. hall tomorrow 
evenlHK Hie spcakprn will Include Pre- 
mier Mi;Rrl<l.> uiitl other mcmbiTS of his 
cabinet together wltli a number of the 
representatives In thw last provincial 
parliament The prpnH«i' will spuu-k on 
the legislation of the past session and 
on tiie, iaauea to be discussed during 
the comlnK campaign. It Is antlclimled 
that his address will be of an unusual- 
ly interestlnK character as It will be In 
the nature of lils opening speech In tlie 
election c<>^»np»«^lgn- He wlU deal chledy 
wlths the railway policy which is the 
principal issue before the electors. Tlie 
olh«r mlnlBtors will speeli upon matters 
which come within their own depart- 

The annual meotinp promises to be 
very largely atten" 
HOOQ aftor thv 
■-' "^"^^^ A presideui, V 

We have in Stock, eveiv size made, in qualities frpnv the ordinary tape- 
tothe highest Rrade Oriental^. The beautiful color harmonics and the mai 
new weaves will astonish and delight you. You can have a wide choice 
any of the following sizes: 

6^x9 — 9x9 — 9XI0>^ — 9x12 — IO/^5ii2 — iij4xi3J'i 

■Vxniinsters $27.00 to $85.00 1 Brussels. $12.00 to $37-00 

Wiltons $26.00 10 $52.00 [.Tapestries. $ 7-5o to $19.00 

'itHHfTf ilBeretary for th«t 
Conservative asaoclattW^ 

J^Sj^^S^joTe *mo8t enthusia.^tl'c 
In 'the tM»t6Yy ot Conaervatism in the 


l^vcry period and fabric is represented in our splendid ne^v stock and there 
is certainly no style of home decoration to which we cannot add distinction 
and taste.' Madras Muslins, Bungalow Nets, Wool and Cotton Casement 
Cloths, Cotton, Silk and Wool Repps. Cretonnes. Chintzes, Art Linens, Taf- 
!taS, Silk and Cotton Tapestries, Damasks, Mohairs, Angoras and Velours 
^e only some of the beautiful materials. Come in today and have a look 
round this department. 




Little Things Tell 

The Hardware on your home tells of good (luality 
and thoroughness or of poor construction and lack of 
judgment. If it looks badly or fails to work properly, 
it is a source of annoyance so long as the house stands, 
but if it is right, it is a cause of constant satisfaction. 

Let CORBIN Hardware be used freely on your new 

For further information of the various kinds of 
CORBIN Hardware, call or write us. 



^ 544^546 Yates Street 

•"tore Phone 59. Office Phone 2043 


Canwry Bepreaentative BntfaRes Weat 

Coast Indians for tHe »lver« 

Inlet Canneries 

.«,n,..op,.fl by the actloo t>f natural cau»e». 
("hlelly the weather; how cliff* become 
boulder», how boulder* bet-omo pebble*, an* 
pebble* In turn become ••.ad. 

In cour«o of time U occur* that Nature, 
ihtti ver*«tlle old lady, produce* a kind 
of BunU which ha* murlc In It* »oul; "* •""'^ 
composed of Quart*, rounded and til«tily 
pollHlifd. ot a uniform *Ue and very clean. 
And when the*e are uKltated *u a* to pro 
ducc vibration*, by mean* of the wind, b.v 
being trodden upon, ov by brlns struck, tliey 
nr.uJuce mu*lcttl nolfs. Much p'.'rfecl de- 
P"S!1H art- found in the iBle -if H^KK. anrt^ ll 
WHH by moiiiiK i>f suniples of the real Ekk 
variety mat ine lecturer i»ioducoi3 
non-B boloru hi* deliishled audience. who 
forKot that they knew a lot about Keology 
and other »clentlflc BUbJeclH and cheerfully 
behaved as boy«. 

Mr. Carnn-WllBon prefaced his expcrl- 
nieniB by a little pxplnnatlon of the differ- 
ence between mere nolsu and mu*lc. al- 
though, as he said, llure are Bonie unhapivv 
people who confound the two. Briefly, If a 
Bi'rles ot IrrcRular vlbriulon* 1« produced, 
the result I* merely a noise, hut If the vl- 
brutlong are regular the result la a muaUal 
note. And that Is why the Bands of the 
Isle ot F.KE. which are hard ami i.OllBhed. 
spherical hi ahai-e. and itguloj- in size, ar<; 
ihe best of the kind. 

Kllllnif a wooden cbB cup v.lth oand fi 0111 
the Isle of Eks— the coincidence I* striking 
— he BlBbbcd the Band with a wooden nine- 
plu abHtracted, he said, from the nur«eiy 
at home, and pmducod a hlli musical note. 
The sand behaved better In the ckb cup 
than In unythlnB else. In a carboard box 
Us musical note remained dumb, as It did 
(n n, firtwor pot Hiid In Ihn half of u rubber 
ball. In hair a wooden liaatet crk — aBaln 
the coincidence — the sand from the Isle of 
KKg. as the lecturer remarked. ■•poaUiTeiy 
revelled" In Us surroundings, and emitted 
a sharp Joyous squeiiklnK. 

Musical Kandic hav« been known for a 
thousand year*, and It is believed that there 
la a reference to them In one of the Inltjs 
ot the Arabian Nights. But Nature, who 
conducts experlmeniB on quite a dlfferipi 
scale froo those of laai night, produces much 
fln»r res'jltB.Thsrels the Mountain of <'"' 
Beil on tlie »hores of the Red Seii, which 
makes extraordinary sounds anA boomlntca 
.%vhca the •■winoa act th'o-^cdtintics»' inlllitjiis. 
;of particle* rubbing- against each other and 
;Vlbratlng. Darwin discovered the "Roarer" 
In Chile, which alBo make* tremendous 
noises, and there are many other examples 
In various parts of the world. Htut it has 
been left to Mr. Carns-Wtlson to make a 
/upectAl Btudy of the subjoct. and to make, 
-™ ^— ■^ ItHwaty* table, the «an<t, »»; """ 

0-'%o'oden egg-cup. 



The steamer Tees. C'apt. Gillani, re- 
lumed yesterday afternoon from llol- 
berg and w^y ports of the woet coast 
with 71 f ■ -• -"-^ n fair cargo In- 
cluding*! 1 ■'•y <i^a-y *'■«"» 

I .nd, for the B. 

a shipment of 

wliale oil fro! 

Araonif the : -* on the Teee 

was Mr, Robert Woods, of the Rivera 
Inlet canneries, who made the round 
trip to engage Indians for the coming 
t!« season. He secured a large ruc:- 
ij. r of Indians at the west coast ranch- 

cMrS. ■""" " 

Hoppe "Wins Agaia 

rniL.\in:i,PHi.\, K«b. 27.— WiiHo 

niB third »i« »!»">: 

iniuvi. ^i ...K. . a of five games of 

40o'"polnt8 each, 18.1 balk line billiards, 
with Harry Cllne. by 400 to 209. Hoppc's 
lilghest run was 56 and CUne's 54. 

Too Late to 

Quick Besults — Kor»diate re- 
BUllB list your property for sale 
wUh llrltlsh Canadlun Home Uulld- 
ers, Ltd., 31B-31b bayward iUdif. 
I'bone lOHO. . 

"Mlclilcan St. — Near M.mtieal, »0x 
I'O fi.'i'VO; eu»y terms. This H 
below muikol price. Hrltlsh Ca- 
nautan tii<r.^« i«u..o-.-. c.k ' 
bai- w a r d_li] d«. _jrltone lO-iO- 

"S^k '5aj"Avc.-«o ft. with ""u;;^;;;' 

elKht-roomed house, oniy »10.l>""- 
terms roasonable. British Car.u- 
dlan Hoin.' UuilUers, Md.. Srj-31u 

i< ay ward Bldg. Phone 1030. 

~\\7u^t\u. Wefct— .New n\o-r>«>med bun- 
galow on lurKc corner lot. ""'V 
$4,7':5; iciniB very easy. UrltlHli 
^•anad!all ilom« TluUdera. Utd., 
3 1 3 - 3 1 i Kay ward H Id g. PhoneJ^ 3 

liiugartt — I'lnse to .McnxIcB. two lot*. 
Gcixl-.'., ?2.760 each; easy terms. 
Hrltlsh Canadian Home Hutldore, 
l,td. 3i:-;;iii Sayward Bldg. Phom- 


Wauled — l.lBtlngs of houses, uboui 
»;.5U0 to fS.tlOO; »600 cash, bal 
aiice easy tcrmi...^^i; h^ve clhnt.v 
viatllhK. Uritlsh Canadian Horn. 
Builder*. 312-315 Bayjvur.l 
Hid ]i. P hono 103 U. '•■ 

Luniptuili'' St. — I..ot 11SX1S4, Close to 
old Esquimau road, only »2,900; 

— c ^ ^ritisii- C— — sill" " 

Home Builders. Ltd., 312-315 Say- 
ward Bldg. Phone 1030^ 

Buhtnefis rropcrty— 80x120 on John- 
son street; revenue producing; ?"* 
per month; $25,000; one-quarter 
cash, balance arrange. Corner In 
adjoining block sold for »60,000. 
British Canadian Homo Builders, 
i^imiied. ai;i-315 Buyweiru Sldg. 

Phone 1080. ^ 

-■. Htnnlcy A\-e.r— -gine a-rooln<A^ hflUg? . 
on largo lot. close to car line, lull 
basement, stone foundation,^ bath 
room, toilet, fully modern; prlci» 
9.'!, 000; tl.000 cash, balance ar- 
iRn>;e, Act quickly If you want 
this. British Canadian Homo 
Builders, 312-81S Sayward- Building 





women's Dutlecs »t Home. 

Til- i.ecesslty for labor Of the bauds 
iiMV !.a,«i9 away. But this only makes It 
^oi, : .at women cultivate 

thei; 1 their affecUona. 

There Is a taak before Canadian women 
*tnd for all his harsh crlllcisni and tod 
sweeping generalizations, Jacob yalvhla 
points the way to It when he writes; 
"If Ruskin is correct in declaring 
that the end of all right education for 
a woman is to' make her love homo bet- 
ter than any other place, then Indeed. 
thosf> r.stlo^^s ladies of both England and 
ea, ti- and evident failures 

in i,.,. -.. .. scerii" to regard their 
homes, not as places in which they are 
to stay and be happy In the quiet or- 
dering of their affairs, but as places 
.. ,, ,.t out of at an costs. 

^ ,, , u> enter their heads 

•hat they have duties to fulfil, though a 
^n<>,i nV;,nv of them manage to persuade 
liuit they have lights •to- 
1 .„.n;anu ;i.s If the two things Were or 
I cuuld be distinct. In any case I feel 
sure that our present day ladles are 
much in need of learning this- truth 
afresh, if once the importance of keep- 
ing their houses capably and accurately, 
ihexdcllght of bringing up their children 
sanely and joyously, and the duty of 
using their social power for tlie help 
of other less fortunate human beings 
were to dawn upon them, they might 
abandon those fields of strenuous Idle- 
nest In which they now seek, unsuccess- 
fully enough, to conduct their revels and 
niisht -....i.., a genuine, cont.-nt In 
set-v'iii; leadfast hours." 

Delhi Cafe, Yates Street, now open. • 

Meet me at the James Bay Grill. We'U 
(51no together at 6:16. 

Delhi Cafe, Yates Street, now open. • 

Old Roofs Renewed by coating with 
'••Nag" x;uaipo3itio.n. - Waterproof and 
fire proof. See or "phone Nowioa & 
Qrecr Co., 1326 Wharf street 

tiassoolng wild animals. Where? 
At the Bijou Theatre Today. • 

Delhi Cafe. Yates Street, now open. • 

"Nag" Roof composition will stop 
leaks and add years to the i'.f.n of ^.r. 
old roof. See Nev.toa ^ Greer Co., 1329 

Merciiants' Lunch will be served as 
usual from 12 to 8 at the Sandrlngham, 

■joo Vt\r.t <!«<■«.>> <m anrt nfmr JaJluarV I 

Delhi Cafe. Yates Street, now open. • 
Branding cattle. Where? At the 

Bijou Theatre Today. * 

Leaky Roofs Repaired by Newton & 

Greer Co.. 1326 Wharf street, makers of 

"Nag" Composition. 

^ww.-.rr — . St.— Ne5»^ well built OualJ,,^ . 
low close to Fort st. car. basemen't; ' 
bath, electric light. $3,600; tSBO 
cash, J20 monthly. British Cana- 
dian Home Builders, Ltd., 312-315 

Saywa rd Bldg. Phone 1030. 

Real Estate AgeatH — To whom It 
may concern. British Canadian 
Home Builders, Ltd., havejaxcluslvo 
listing of lots 6 and 7 Niagara St., 

.lames Bay. 

Wanted — Listings In James Bay and 
Victoria West, for quick results 
list your property with British 
Canadian Home Builders, Ltd., 312- 
315 Sayward Bldg. Phone 1030. 
"siiares In British Canadian Home 
Biiildera. Ltd., wlil bo advanced to 
fl.lO per ohans Muieli Blh, the 
second Issue st $1.00 has nearly 
all been subscribed; $10 cash and 
%V> monthly purchases 100 shareia 
at $1.00 per share. Send foe pros- 
pectus; It will interest you. 

Don't forget to call for free Indexed 
Map of Cltv. 

British Canadian Home 
EuilderSj Limited 

Ileal KstatB Department. 
Members Victoria Real Kslate E.t- 
/ change. 

.^gent.s: Royal Intturanre Company. 

Third Floor. Sayward Building. 

Phone 1030. 

ErnsEt Kennedy, Managing Director. 

Singing Sand. 

\ most rB,8Clnatlng lecture was given at 
M,e Aoyal SotHotloB club. St. James's street, 
■ecetitly by Mr. Cecil Caru.-Wll.on, on the 
^uhVrcl of -secrets in Hands," a part 
of the lecture was devoted to a conslderat^or. 
ot the exliaordlnnry .■snnds known as mu- 
alcal" or "singing" sands. 

The ben slhKlng suiidN In the world some 

l,cnn the Isle of li:gk'. off the -•oast of Scol- 

ind and It 1« coinfortInK to know that 

vhaU'Vfr flBur" Britalii may cu t In gi-and 

era she Ib at least pre-eminent when It 
,ome8 to a qucitlon of ringing sand 

Uy means of n splendid series of Itttitern 
• Udes th* lecturer ||Bhowed how the rocks, 
of which the earti Is composed, are de- 

The Tea Kettle Tea Room, 1119 Doug- 
las Street, Breakfasts, hot lunciiKon. 
afternoon teas, new laid eggs from 
iladrona always on hand. 

S. P. C. A. cases of cruelty. Phone, 
Inspector Russell, 1921. 

Riding wild horses. -Whore? At the 
Bijou Theatre Today. * 

Make your money earn 10 per cent, 
per annum. I have f40.000 in gilt edge 
real estate mortgages ano »a>e ito'«^- 
ments. which 1 will sell at a discount, 
making the Investment earn the pur- 
chaser 10 per cent, per annum. The 
securities are in various amounts from 
11,500 to $10,000. ■ I^or particulars write 
"Advertiser," J?. O. Box 88tJ, Victoria, 
B. C, or telephone 864. 

You can deposit your mon-jy ai ■» per 
cent. Interest with the B. C. Permanent 
Loan Company and be able to withdraw 
the total am o.unt or any portion thereof 
without notice. Cheques are supplied 
to each depositor. Paid up capital over 
Jl. 000,000, assets over $3,000,000. Branch 
office, 1210 Government street, Victoria, 
B. C. • 

Betnoval XTotlce 
On and aflt-r March the firm of 
Messrs. J. Valo & Sons, wholesale pro- 
duce and provl.sion merchants, will carry 
on business from their new warehouse, 
corner of Bay and Government Stretts. 
Thanking our patrons sino»r«ly for their 
past support and trusting the future 
may realize a continual and steady in- 
crease of their tstetmed patronage, we, 
as ever, yours truly, 



Joseph Street — 
50x120. Price ...?1,000 

Oliver Street — 

50x120. Price ...$1,050 

Fifth St., SE. Cor. Topaz— 
45x110. Price $925 

We have a select list f 
houses in every district. 

Price.> low. tcrni.^ ca.';}-. 


Hotel Barron. 

Ifotol Barron, corner IJraiiviUo and 
Nelson .'(tieels, Vancouver, B. 0. 

A modern hotel of the hlKhest stand- 
ard. See our novel Grape Arbor Grill. 
Kate."" $1.50 i>t^r day up. 

Oscar U. Burrnn. T. S. Bropby. 


M ,11— ■nw,g^*awy 


Arc cordially invited to attend the 

Annual Meeting 

■■■—'■* — '■■■ ' . f _ ^j ri ■■"'^■'"■;r-~ —"-•='* ' " ' ■ ■ r I " ' ill I III ■■ ■' ■■'■ 

held in A. O. U. W. HALL, Yates street, _ 

Thursday, February 29th 

At 8" p. m. Business, election of officers. 

Knott Bros, 


Brown, Ltd. 

Yates and lilanchartl Streets 
Phone 2873 



On Dallas road, close to 

Dallas hotel, «3x 165' feet 
With large house and cot- 
tage. Price $ai,ooo; 011?- 
(luarter cash, balancj;;-/! aud 
. 2 years. '' 



Surrounding Country, in 
which over 200,000 acres of 
Farm Land have been re- 
served and surveyed for Pre- 
emptors ONLY. 

For the past two years we 
have ptiblished a pamphlet in 
which is given all informa- 1 
tion aval la bl (5 about Fort 
George and Central British 

.\^^Jg|||ve continuously 
made public the outstanding 

That there is no prairie 
land in the Fort George Dis- 

That with the exception of 

small areas of open mead- 

fows, the land is covered with 

a growth of timber, some 

light and somxC heavy; 

That 50 per cent of the 
land is light soil, with sand 
and gravel ridges; 

That the main rivers, such 
as the Fraser, Nechaco, 
Stuart and Salmon, are 
mostly from 50 to 250 feet 
below the " . bench land 
through which they run; 

That there is an abundance 
of pure water in creeks, 
lakes and rivers; 

That the climate is suf>- 
perb; and 

That one acre of the good 
! land is worth as much as five 
acres in any other part of 
Western Canada. 

The truth is good enough 
abotit Fort George, and We 
are publishing this advertise- 
ment so that the intending 
settler and investor shall 
know the truth and not be 
misled- by exaggerated re- 
ports of the Fort George 
District, whether good or 

Fort George is the "Hub 
of B. C," and the centre of 
an empire rich in' natural re- 
sources — fruit and farm land, 
timber and mineral I4iid. 
You should know all about 
this vast new country. 

Write to us for the "B. C 
Bulletin ot Information*' and 
"Facts," both frfec. 

Grogan & Crook 

128 Pembcrton Buildilbg 
I Phone i805 


Securitv Co.^ 

J^Mt Owners «nd $0|ii 
Fort G«*li "* 

604 mu 




V.'odne«dr'y. rri--'--^' '^ 1912 


4 • 
) I 

Only 24 Lots Left 

In Our Hillside Subdivision 

This subdivision has only been on the market a little more than two weeks, 
yet 86 lots have been sold. Property that will sell as quickly as that must have 
more than ordinary attractions. This property has. Every lot is close to the 
SCHOOL SITE. These two factors will have a big influence in developing 
this district rapidly, which means that values will enhance quickly. They al- 
ways do so close to a car line. 

The proper thing to do is to buy one of these Hbts now so that you may 
profit by the rise in values which is bound to come. 

It is not likely that these lots will last long, so that you should get particu- 




A liOTjBr of Mankind 

i':vi-r.v uiiiiiuMKii iiiiiui will always rank i 

lars now. You will make good on these lots. 

* " ' — ^^ — -^^ ^ -M''WP'fflR^Sife''^*tP*"'^' Ssjfefflw!*' *T" •«**> "''^JS'/JP^ ■T.-^-'^iv^ fl*^^*l «l -V^lP'^T*?* 



JJicUeiiss amiJUK i^''*-' KreinieHt eplo poets 
Of the ninet^'-'inh <."?i>iury. lie •-••irri—' 
the line of Jiuropean-Amerlcan realism, 
which bejfi'^ii. wllli KlchttrUMon's work>, 
to e. culminating poliii from which u 
new world waw caught Might of, stimul- 
ating thlH. world of men with the breiitli 
of hiM powerful Iniaulnuiton. He loved 
iiiuiikliul movf limn hlH urilatic profes- 
sion. — ijukunft. 

iedplan nowt, 


ffrWj j mjin ' 



^^mW^i^^m!^, Ltd: 



Branch Office'-43i Homer Street, Vancbiiver, D. C 

Agents Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

PHONE 1434 

"Kelffhborly" Crltlolam 

Tlu' shanielcBS comments of thi» Brlt- 
Ibh presa on the highest German court, 
whose. uuMlnchinK sense of justice has 
never before been called In (luestlon 
either in Germany or abroad, outweigh 
all the peace and friendship protesta- 
tions Just now being heaped upon us 

UJ ■<,■,' *p .-^.^^^^^ W .• »•*••** ^...g^U- ^•^•Avid Ak.1 •..— 

testimony of a certain Leonard JLock- 

WUOli XJV LUC UpilllVJi* VX «* X^llfc*c»«» VA- 

noncommlssl«tied officer compared with 
the verdlct-of the German supreme court? 
There Is apparently a very peculiar 
notion of - Justice In England. If a 
foreign spy la caught and Jailed in 
Kngland, that Is. of course, Just. If. 
jjQ^ever. an KngM«li »i»y is trapped 
abroad, eupecially in Germany, tliat Ta 
n. and. unoardonable injury 
^Britlfih IntcrestB. For has 
^ i ^.^iio greatest interest in 
^ J ftf-^fltfitTOfrny as long as Germany 
itM<'1»'"'"t<iiifi^ 'tir*'*"' lulled into peace 
^^Skf ■ l»l#"ottePWl8e will England 
bo able IfttW to $»>W upon the German 

■>ii> t"»| Ttl» ffttthft itngfr Ifi fi i ri l Bafr^g 


DAI l_ V 

rvi Ev rsA OR A. N Du rvi 


Let Us Loan 

You iht; money at 


To Buy 



Pay off mortgages or 
improve rca! estate. 

occ our plan. 

Write phone or call 

Upper Fort St. Corners 






Corner Fort Street and Stanley AvenUe~95 8-io feet on Fort 
Street, 135 feet on Stanley Avenue 





All Choice Streets 

For Price and Terms, apply to 


503 Sayward Block Phone 3084 

The Canadian 

Home Investment 

Co.. Ltd. 

to T>e exposed. 

ilesane.48 requires 

1l?<«ll CaaMMl^U/^^l r^olif/\Mrftii Ratn/iol/VtA/ 

ntn iUiiii5ii£u l^OiiiUi iiSU tiU'il^USw-V7 

On one of the best streets of Foul Bay, 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, new 

Oegllinitlif Oi JanUtll jr, »c«tUjr -J-Or «»ro,»t^.»».0.. ••• «Jr _^..— — o — -. 

house, 1 minute from car.' ?i300: cash, balance 510 per month. 
Price SP4500 


.Menibrr \ i,ror;a Real Estate E.-tciiiinsc- 

McCanum Block, Bouglas Street. 

F, O. Box 1333. 


L';u: _\i)Li write up Acci- 
dent and Health Insurance 
(in commission. Best policy 

on' earth, 

BIl' money for 


-*Vbe (ireatest CaMUAtf* 
\\''iat have the two miglitlest nations 
In Kuropv to gain by standing ready to 
leap at each other's throat and tear 
each other to pieces? Must not any 
cool-headed, deliberate Englishman see 
that without « reliable and mighty ally 
on the continent England's world 
power is not maintainable? If he re- 
views all tne factors must not be stni 
ay to himself, 'Despite many failings 
the German empire Is by far the most 
solvent and most solid continental firm?' 
So ought the most Anglophobe Pan-Ger- 
man to bring himself to understand 
that 'Rule Britannia" will resound for a 
long time (o come, and thut without an 
undei ^ wUh Albion even Uie 

nilKlu - ■ id power cannot carri- on 
navigation and over-sea commerce per- 
manently ■wiiirnuoceBSi"'- --" ■ : - .- - 
An Anglo-German war would be the 
greatest calamity that could befall Eur- 
ope and clvlllziitlon. But together the 
two powers could dictate the peace of 
the world and ro forward hand-in-hand 
with the opening up in Asia and Africa 
of many count rlfS .still sunltca.n t..s 
dark night of ba.rbertsm.— Berliner Tag.:- 



Hiilside A^^n"" '« th« main ajlerv lo Uie Kiial anU West, starting frc.m 
the Inner Harbor on tbe West It run.s .straight through to the "Uplands' 
at rSftdbcM-o . Ba.v.^. All that district compoMing the North.Mn part of_the 
City la tributary to It, as well a-s the farming lands further out. 'i-nis 
thoroughfare is to be widened to 75 feet, paved and a diouble car tracli 
laid to the City Limits. 

Buy now, before these improvements, wihlcb will shortly be coin- 
menced. are'under way. , , . ^ 

W© have several fine lots on this promising street, size 50xU6, close 

in. high and dry. fine view, splendid residential sites. Price 91600 oaih, 

, gflOia 1 •" ■ Also some very excellent lots on Ryan Street, one f^treet 

' ,5d^.- PiJct; ?1000, fi-Go4 t^rms, •j'hftr<v4«.a.iiiandB»me-iii-«flt 

ivMttit.-JUHlLiitl»ai^noT\- before the Improvementa. 




Rooms 224-225 Pemberton BIdg. 

"^^^ :''llfrH^'f .y^^^*^'"'^^^^^^ ■^^^^ ^'^ Kxchang-e) 



The function of- Mathieu's 
Syrup of Tar and Cod Liver Oil 
is to do this double duty. 

The Tar cures the cough. 

The CodXiver Oil strengthens 
the system. ^ 

No other agents equal these, 
no other combination «s .so success- 
ful as Mathieu's Syrup of Tar 
and Cod Liver Oil. 

So wonderful is this remedy 
that it is 3 h i pped each sea;Spn in 
car-loads. Large bottle 35 cents. 

Sold everywhere. 

Wh^ hendache and fever are pre.sent with 
a colJ take Mathiru* Nervine I'owdera to 
reduce the fever and allay tl:o pain. J. L. 
Matbieu Co., Props.. Sherbroolcc, Que. (B) 

D!slr!bi!t!«»n for "W^t^m r«n»d* 

Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver. 



Lots for sale in the very choicest location. This 
is an opportunity to get into the -commg- Metropolis 
of Western Alberta at the ^^"IMilif^'^'"" and very easy 

Lots in a sub-division within JNine Blocks of the 
G. T. P. Depot at from $ioo to $150. 

f\0 J.i>i X 12/XKiVO X . 

T<ir\ T'A VTTC 



Robert Baldwin, Local ^Manager 
1214 Government Street,. Victoria Head Office, Vancouver 


$1.35 SACK 


$1.80 PER SACK. 

drnbine Jam 

BERRY,' 5-lb. TIN, 75c 


Anti-Combine Grocery Prices 



Anti-Combine Tea 

3 POUNDS FOR $i.oaj 

Independent Butfer 

3 POUNDS FOR $1.00 

Morrell's Picnic Ham 


per 1 






per cio.':en < 

PEAS, MEANS OR CORN— Tartan brand— 

J U\\> Hi" 

f ANAULW TOMATOES— Tartan brand— 

larqe can 


2 cans for 

FL\EST J.M'.A.X Kie'l' • 

pounds for 

CALIFORNIA ' CANNED 'apricots." 'peAcHES OR 25c 

PEARS— the best fruit packed— large 1 an 


per packet 


large i6-oz. jar 

MILD CURED liREAKlAST ,;.\C()N— 23c 

per pound _ ^ 


per pound 


large bottle *^^^ 


large jar 


2 liu'^ for 

CROSSE &BLACK\\ l-J.LS j.\.\l— all kmd.s— 

l-lb. glavss, each 


three half-pint bottles 


per boitle 


small bottle 


per bottle 


large 20-ounce can 

tf:tley's loose tea— 

lour pounds for 

\)\<. PRICE'S OR royal BAKING I'oWDER— 

2l''2 lb. can. $1.10 — 12-0Z. can 


5-lb. can. 90c — 12-ouncc can 


pe,r packet 

jELLO — all flavors — 

three packets for 


4 packets for 


three packets for . . ».! 


per pound - 


per pound 

two pounds f"r 

















CROSSE ^^ i;i.\CKwHLL 

7-lb. tin 


■4-lb. tin • 

HONEY-"finest California. Bring Y<iur own jar. and get 

'"three pounds for 


per comb 


seven full weight bars 

■i B1-: WlllTF'CA^'IMi.i' SOAP- 


1 1 barJB fr>r 


^ per tin 


per bar ' 


per ])acket < 


per packet ' 

CREMO— Just like cream of wheat at less than half the 

price. lo-lb. sack , 



pkt • 


3 pkts. for ' ■ V. .. ., 

These arc something vei'y nice. 












Ciroccry Department Phones 04 and 95 

Country Orders Shipped Same Day as Received 

■A., .i, V > ii-^ 

' "f '£, 

mm.i'^m^s^s: -f^vf^m^!^' 

s',*. ■" ■, ,w-a; 


W«eln««d«y, February 28. 1912 

B. C. Land and Investment Agency Limited 


Victoria West, 60x120. op- 

Oiie-tliu-il casii, fjiiiiiiKf 1 
and 2 years. Price 




Close la. CDvner lot, 60x120,. 
with 5 houses producing 
roveaue of $I0O per month. 
One-fourth cash, balance 
arranged to suit. I'ruc 
:^ . 835,000 

St. Charles 



6o-fo(>' ' .!"->■ t» Craig- 
{lowcr road. One-half 
cash, balance at 7 per cent. 
Price ^700 

Cacli 30xi4'5, cli'-c \'< -vu. 

,S340 cash on eacli !■', l>il- 

ance '6, 12 and i.S niuntiis. 

!■ rh S975 

Victoria West 

R G Land and Invekment Agency~T^imited 


PHONE 125 

McAskill St— I.nt nu ,x H'AX and modern two-storey dwelling- of 7 rooms, bath 
.,,,,1 ,,nntr> . iT-cc $2100. Terms $500 cash, balance $20 per month. 

Skinner St.-Corner of Mary. Ua ho ,k 120 and new 5-roomed bim-aiuw, all mod- 
ern conveniences, piped for ttirnace. two fire phices. Price $6500. Easy terms. 

Skinner St.-Two l..i> adjoinmg ihc Reserve, and swell 1 /.-storey bungalow, 
of r. rooms, full) nu.dern; maunificcMit view. Price and terms on application. 

Craigflower Road-Small lots on the car Ime, 50 x .00, at $1500 each, on easy 

p p pT?0\l/TV 

Fire Insurance Written 
Phono 1076 

"^"n^ Broad Stf*« "^ 




. P. Q. Box 423 




Avenue Home 


Blanchard and 


New livc-roomed home, close 
to cars and sea, thoroug-hly 
modern, with fireplace, pan- 
elled walls, 2 bedrooms, ^"ll^Corne 
basenfieiit, electric fixtures, etc., j-^-pj.,,j^;. ^ 
on large lot. \ 

Price Only $2,950 I Pricey 

S450 cash and $30 per month. 1 l:^OOt :!> VUU 

Ju^co i;cacon Mill ])ark, is mod- 
ern in every way, furnace, 1 ire- 
places. 1. reception hall, 
dininof room. ^ i> 

lire:, bed 


■arj^jj 5 wj-Ttfj-^"' 

^,-. -(..-Mg]! 

lilcNen Avdj 

ii l liW( U iiiii J B''W*<*" ' ' 

» • • * • 

$i,OQO cash, 1 and 2 years 

Oliver Street— Two tieatttiful lots, ^oxr^- ^"^^^ 

Oakland Road-Two lots, % cash, balance arranged. Each. 

Pleasant Avenue— 50x120 to a lane. Easy terms. Price , . . 

* • • • • 


|. .$1,000 

Linkkas Avenue— Excellent high lot. Price, on terms, $900 and l^f^er at $850 
Fairfield Estate— Two lots, commanding view. Price each, on terms. .$1,500 


J\wo von j^iut^u^i^o^ii^ j^iu. 

p. O. Box 618 

Members Victoria Real Eslate Exchange 

630 \icw' Street 


Phone 2445 

Oak Bay Lots 

Bank c- T-' '"^jyj||r^^^^^Q^^^^y^'"^"^'^°°' ' '■' '''''' 
olk^Bay Ave.-i^R. ^loublc corner. $6000. Good tcnu. 

Hulton St.-2 lots. 50 X 120 each. Price $.500 for both. 
Denman St.-Near Richmond, lot 50 x 103. $900. V, cash. ^ 

I Victoria I 
West 1 


North West Real Estate 

Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
■ " Phone 640 706 Yates Street 


.= M 


H Intr ijii >,. lui^" >'>" ' ' i -■ ■ ■■ ^ 

g :r.'> feel fronting on J;r.s- o 

S sril Strorl. 0,1 t.-■Ml^. g 

** vii, ,- i^sooo g 

3 •* 

g VICTUUI.V wioyT ^ 

^ ' • '••• " " " OJ 

H ■ ^^ 

B. C. Sales Co. 

14ia OOVEKinttENT STB.rET. 
Phone 2G62 


Welunr somo of ihc cliuic 

u :,. «k;. ,ji..ii-i<i )Mol-ii on car lirii 

aiKl iK'ur llic reserve. For parlicu 


I'lilil further noiivc, ovr advcr- 


Irma Street, close to BumaKie. f^.'^'-'O • f ' ' i^., . ! ! ; tf ,S.-,<) 

..,^ .^-.««. nnp hloik from HinsiUe. ooxi-i ^,.,^-, 

Myrtle Avenue 
Oxford Street, 
Stannard Avenue, 

nice lot elo«e to _(.X.ok 4S:cXM .■/..•.•.•.■.•^ JoOO 

ue, <'los-H to '-ar, nOxi-O ' 

The atoove on ea«y termo. Victoria Real Estate Exchange. ^^^^^ ^^^^ 
Bayward Block. Ground rioor. ^ 

Crisp Snaps 

Kingston Btreei; Juitt u '«« •1''; 

SI 10(1 

oak Bay. IftrgP -luuDlo c'"'"^'- i^'" , 
iiiiil l,'lKi!tMn $.1300 


V fllcrfrnntttKi' 

nlral ovo- 
.... ««r.ii 



FBlrnHd «na l.l..dcn uvcnn... .Ij-ub- 
corn*'!* • '* 

Douglas ami I>8lliis 
■• SI2.000 

Below Value 

Saratogra and St. Patrick — .' I'l^'. 
120x120. 'in terms Jfii <00 

Sapatog-a and St. David— Corner 
kit, 60xl"J«t. on tc-rms ..^1250 

Kobertaon St. — Uunnin;; thruut'li 
to itoll.vwood Crescent, on 
terms JfH :'00 

Kamley Street — 2 lots. fjOxi:!?, on 
irrms. ciich ^1 JifiO 

I lie I IIIVJl V/Oi uvi v;.. 

Fairfield Road 

MV THR OAR 1^1X12 

.Size Is 85x1 IR 


I »n term.s. 
'i'lii: :>e»t buy In Foul Ua.v 

larvS, sec 

Child, Garratt & Go. 

.50(1 Savwanl BIk, Victoria 

Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd. 

Me'.t!bers of the Victoria Real Estatfc-Exchanf::e. 
643 Fort Street. Telephone 2967. 

Phone 05:^ 

...... I .. 

i;.iKV tprlTi." ••'■ 



•,UI «l "fflto fnr li»iis«'.". :v 
inslilf bunlnoiis properties. 

D. Lewis Co. 

117 Pcmbcrton Block 

Phono 1299 

A. von Girsewald 

Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets. 
Member of tlic Vli'loriM U'.il 

Best Buy In James Bay 

, „„,, i i, , look at vhlK. 

Vol. Imve.hunlecl all over the City u< i ....l a feood 

on so„0, Turner. room.. .v.rythln« in first olasH ' "»;'"";"^^;.;;; 

Patrick Realty Go. 


PHONE 2556. 

A. W. Bridgman 

1007 OovcrnmiTil .S'.. 

Kr;,i ICsiat*. 

I MHurutii' 

Khalsa Realty Co. 

„,„<-, or .liirni.l.1r loa.l aiul Alpha «i 

1, . n7jti::« It-io"; «. rj un.i is m-.m.,.. 

"orner Hauua.n nnd K.rnwood lo, .«»> 

,100 »2 BOO. t-orner l.tuiniiiae roud and K*^- 

6 IV ,1X month*; i-orue 

r Uuin»l<1e ro..d 1 

..J'jfiXua.treot- i lot* JCOxSlO. U.SOO. 

t)n the l.<<t Of May Hit; C, 1'. K. will 
liiaupurate a throujjh dnyllght service 
lietwcn nanlT and Vancouver wltli a 
train rompos.Ml entlrdy of piillmn and 
obseryixt Ion o.ira. 

Summerlanil'.s Board of 'I'rHde hns pro- 
ut-.teil to ilie Dominion govhrnment 

nKrtltlc>L fcilr- ^/i v|#...«t>\* *\«>.>*..|» "* ...^ — — 

( rnl telephone line, the board ns well 
u.'» the Summerlnnd town coui>3il strong- 
ly approving; the principle of ROvern- 
nieiu ownership and operalinii. KAthrr 
than pay the Increased rates demanded, 
resldentfl of S^ummerlniid, Pentlcton, ;uid 
olhor Oknnagfin towns arc organizing a 
co-bi>era(lve enmjmnyand will eStabH»li 
a ii'w »OUH>ttttlvic system. 


iiiiyi-siuto .vvi-;.ni:k !;.in....i, 

frlor ii"<1 BlaiUwood — Lot 
CT 'vxl I'l'r*: and a 7-room house. 
modern. I'lirc dm 

-ui I'll'. 

TIIIOR STUIOET— 'L-ot 50x1.15, 
and a. new two storey S-room 
lioii.-^e, Htrle.tly Hiodern. terms 
»h, lialence urrnnKed. 

$1 niiii 

(;lt.\lIA.M ."^TRKRT— Lot noxim. 
and two new S-room liousen, 
l>ath and pantry, Kood plumb- 
ing furnace, etc. Strictly mori- 
,.rn Terms only ISOO cash, bal- 
ance :i vnrH rri.e .•lu-h IjtSOOO 

E. & N. Trackage 

Inside the CI 
on two road 
cash; balance ea-'^y- Price 

H. S. LOTT & CO. 118.119 pE«rBE»TON Btoca: 

Member. Victori. Real Estate Exch.nge. 



.Nine ami one-third acre block.-, of clas.s land, vcrv 
easily clearerl. only live minutes from V. & S. station, seven 
minijtcs fnnii new car line; near the sea. Per block, $5,000; 
^2,000 cash: terms i. -• and ;> years at 7 per cent. 


101 H! 

!'. ( ). r.o.x 575 
'enibcrton I'.lock 

i'hone 1381 

Victoria, B. C. 

Heinekey & Shaw 

"TlT^ Home Fln<1ors" 
319-sao ■ikywwra B14»., ▼Ictori*. 

Linden Avenue 


1 have a choice selection of properties on this beautiful 
street for sale at special prices. 


f Member Victoria Real Estate Exchanjre) 
Phone 304 704 Fort Street. Cor^Douglas 

Rockland Ave.— Ntar Cook St., 
li^ht roomed modern house, 1'ull 
«lzc ba.sement. Price $7,500 

Cook St. — Next to cortier of Ox- 
lord, two stores with 11 rooms 
above revenue $2,500 ptr annum. 
A pood Investment, 1-3 cash, 
lialunce over three years $15,000 

Sprincfleld Ave. — 7 -roomed house, 
on lot <iOxl50, modern convbrt- 
iences. »1,500 cash balance over 
( years $5,600 

Quebec Bt. — T-room, two storey 
hojse, near Montreal street, 
easy terms ffl,300 

Clara ■!.— Pint grassy lot, S.1x 
120. 3rd lot off O&k Bay Aven- 
ue. Easy terms $1,480 

On»dr» •*,— T^« 62x204. With 
thlrty-flve young fruit trees, 
high and dry. with fine vl«W 

(Members ol Real Estate 


McCallutn Bidg; Phon* a^ 

12:^3 Douglas Street, 


Property of 
Three Acres 

Three miles out on LaJie HVU 
Kstkte now 7-rQom cottMrc 
open fire places, hot ai>d coW, 
wRtw, bath, ew. AJ*o «ood 
poultry plant, owjutnt l»v«. 
been very succenfal crowttiK 
Ootv'erM for the mArkM. seeds 
of many ▼arleU«« have 41- ^| 
ready been aowta. Place muat '" 
be sold J*oTO*dlateIy. PllcUr, 
terras a,rranged .. ^. . .tTiflP* 

Grobb & L( 


Otetoe ati«^ fron» 7:S« t« ♦ «*« 








,,„, (-► .-'i^rrt t V it'* ■ tf-Wl-iiH *w*t**i W 

'^•,H^>idi^)ti^^ I j * 

>'.«.' w,M.«Lt^''-^»t— 



Wednesaay, tenroary ifM, ^^^^7 



Victoria Arm Waterfront 

, Acrc^ AN>ll, Smal! C^^n.r'. having over -'W feet wnterfrontaf^e, 7>car Craigflower Bri^^^Smt^ 

ahic lor subuivisiv-Hi. i ini ;f>Jo,wvy WiH!JWW !|S8!BF' 

17 Acres, part of Section 74- ^Ictchosin. witli waterfrontagc on Lagoon, and on good road. 

Trice ^500 per .acre. 

- Acres on Don^^las Street, within 2 mile circle, with improvements. Price ?15,000 ^ 
8 Acres, North Dairy Farm, lilocks 34 and 37- -Pronts on Kenneth, McKenzie, Borden and Cedar 
Hill Cross Roads. Mostly clear. Price $1,000 per acre. 

R. S. DAY <x 13. Dvjoo 

620 i^ort Street, Victoria, B.C. 

o Tir^fzm^ 


one 30 

Members Victoria 



Established 1896 






Three acres of ground with 200 feet of waterfront on Portage Inlet, and 200 
feet on Burnside road, two-thirds cleared aiid planted, ii-room, modern house, 
good barn and outbuildings. Horse, buggy and harness, two cows. Private 
water supply to the house. This should appeal to the suburban homes^ekcr and 

A New Eight-Roomed 


This is indeed a beautiful home for someone, and at 
the price, it is unquestionably a good buy 

Hotise has 5 bedrocHii.s and halhroom, dininj^' room 
and silting- room,, both panelled. Hot and cold 
water upstairs, as well as downstairs. C)])en firc- 
])laces, 8-foot basemc!!! in-! furna(:*'.g&f| /\/\r| 
.i! o ash chutes. Price $7,000, ^^'I'^'i J^ / Ifljli 

can be ha|||p|i|^p^p;;;ca,sh payment of 

Small Subdivision 

■ ': 

PRICE, ^13,500— TERMS 


Corner Langley and BmttgiitonSti«efc ^ /;. ; ^*«»» «5l» 

jw w m iwn a uKJ-ttJ * ccwca»gJg3C3ga«g3aBaaCi 

t^ acres on the Saanicli Electric railway. 
PRICE, $6,500 

:.'..:':"'■' M^mbm Victoi^ 'Stock ■^charige\. ;■-;■■ '-^ 
■ '' .Members VJctnri* J^eal; -Sst^e' Exdii^..:' .-; ,.- 
It McCallum Block Phone 766 


lioicc lot, close tu Dallas .^^A 

PRICE, §1,70Q 


s.S(:.2-i»si:ki&iil . 

Grant & i^iiiciium 

■xji'X'f^fiS .: 



Fine Ihiiiiiiii^iR^^ 

Phone 664 





central Avenue— lL«ot. 48xt20. Price SfiTn 

taiirel Street— Lot 50x143. Price «?JiAft 

St. Patrick Street— Lot 50x13a. Prjce iJ«Kn 

Newport Avenue— Li1 ftOxllO. PrUre ••••-• ftiKhA 

Cornsr Olympla and Heron— Lot 00x110. Pr ce xJSkX 

Corner Laurel and Central— Lot 94x120. Price XiAXX 

Oliver »>^rtftii. — uvx- « M vx *i^iwWWiT '^t^~^' * ---.i 

2Tet«rport Avenue — Lot , Q^|(tlO. Price 

comer OUver and W i mm ^'^^ ***5li^ aJT'"* ^-iAl 

comer St. Patrick iM»i^iSSl«08r»— Lot IWxlSO. Price saoftA 

St. Jfatncjc ssraai — tjvi ,» •«•"'»"•«'■ * * — >- ' 

SxoaptlonaUy Basy Tenu*. 


Phone 2fi 1 2 Corner Fort and Dou^l^s, Sts. 

Agents for the Manufacturers Life Insurance ^Owpiny 

(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange.) 


F^p#^?#treet Corner 


10^4 fret frontage o» Fon. with 70 tcct ^^«« *f «'' *7°''"^'^^S 

;i;iil 3 year-. 



I - • 





balance arranged. 

ISdmonton Road;— Pine lot J»f*ir J^e .^ 
Hospital, at . " ^ " 




Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
P, O. Box 167 


Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 

Linden Avenue — Several nice lots 
at 12600 and f2000 

UlMAlMraililMI ■OMa*l"i ' ..ft l>ty a short 

. . ,J^^^i^^w car lin* 
Atta pisEg>j( ^y* ^'^,j^« School 
atte. 6 ToUf. '^t'^b . . . .f 8S0 

Terms can be arraneed on all 
the above. 

403-404 B 



Fliona 3778 

Brancli Office, Stmoan, "V. X. 


MAN & CO. 




FOR SALE— About 20 acres of land with long wateffronTig%"' 


with lo 
"on a Vandy beach— the best in the locality 

A. W: JONES, LT^. 

Phone 55. ' ' Victoria, B. C. 

All classes of Insurance 


Members of the Real SetAto Izcnange 
lOOa Broad Street ' "f^-p^'^ 

V«CXO«««wi *—t.. 


that a lot on Herald Street. 60x120. between Government and 
Store Streets, income bearing, purchase price payable $7,500 
cash, balance in i. 2 and 3 years, is cheiip at $25,500 


Offers 8ome of m. i..«t buying in the World at the present time ^ I 
have a wide selects - rcelloTit qulck-actlon lnvcatment.s. COML IN 




512 Sayward Block 

rhone 1717. 

Snaps in Lots 

\U .st.-i.lreii, cuiii.:. r.tixsnxllo. 

Price SP900 

Ml. Stephen, 10X160 ... ...^85<> 

|.> Hli-pct. 2 lots. r>0xl2r). 

Vv , SfSOOO 

Walnnt sul-cI . . . • . . ... ..i^78«> 

l-<:nwoo<l Kottd, Rockland P&rk. 

iTice • i?1200 

KiiiK» Road and S.uii sti,..-t- - 

dotiblc comer .f 1 lOO 

iCmplre Stiff t if 1 l.">0 

Queen City Realty 

1413 I>outfla« St." 
AsUUuxl. rhone JTTl. 



one bloiU from I'jirK 
li-rooin housp, lot .'"•iixUi" 




J. F. Belbin 

■ f'i- 

017 Cornjorant St. Victoria. 

Cowichan River 

3 Acres (more or less) 

Cleared and planted in Hay 
and Orchard ; with stable 
an<l shed; over '"50 yards 

river front;i-c ; about 3K' 
miles from Duncan. CouA 
sf>il ; splendid view. 

John Tv Reid 

Member Real Estate 

S19 Sayward Blk. yhone 9690. 

A Good 

Moss street, close to sea. one 
lot, price .$1,600 

Linden Avenue, close to 
Faithful, one lot. . . ,$2,100 

Durban street, one lot, $1,500 

McKenzie street, one lot, 
price .$1,650 

The Hlte seltcted by the Government for th- 

New Normal School 

Ai U.c corner of l^ansdowne and Mt. Tolmle Koads, which is to ne nno -r 
the nnc«t In CanaJa. together with the new HlUsUle AVtnuc cur Unc, c,,- 
tract for which has already been let. makes Buena Vls*ta the mo«t at- 
tiiicUvo buying in th.- city. 

Lota of fir.-foot frontage, one block f,-om Lun^^lownc lloaO an<l three 
blocks from the school site at $700 each. 

W<. havf a limited number of lots at thi!= price, but your uwa judgment 
tells you they wirn't last lone. 



Fire, Life and Accident 
Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1462 
f Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 



634 View Street, Phone 2307 

(Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 

1210 Broad Street ^^^^"^ ' 

All kinds of Insurance writtrn. 




^ in^ Districts 

Bargains In Homes 

Ou Oood Tortua 

I on Albiiny Slrpot, 
hetwe.en Gorge and BiirnHldc, In 
„r.|„,.l .iistriot. FlnlsliPd rom- 
i.i.i.. .ind iiii-tn.(iate. $10()0 (Hish, 
lialanoe arPMiiKed ^4000 

.\ eplenclid homo of rooms on 
larjre lot on Cook Street, fln- 
l.Hhed m flrat class workman- 
ship and witli every cnnvfni- 
ence. TcririB, Price . .ijtlO.oOO 

A swell up-to-date rcsldencp, with 
lartfe srounds In V>e8t part of 
("iflk I-tay. Can a/rrangre .Kood 
trrnis. f'riip . .$18,800 


64.1 Pandora Btraat. 
I'liriOf. (JfcnKO Hotel Block. 

Extra Big 

Oak Bay Lots 

Qnarter Acre— Bowkrr Ave. $1,BOO 

Quarter Acre — With oaks, St. 
l-ouls street $1,600 

Third of Acre — Corner <<( St. 
r.ilri(k and McNeil .. 52,500 

Half Acre — Falrfleld U m.I 

(if (.ir Unr- with lliii. trees $2,500 

Half Acre--Montor» ^ - Sa.SOO 

Quarter Acre — Granite .St. $1,600 

12 I.ot« — MuH«:rav<» St. $12,000 

Half Acre — l-"v<>ntlrirr 
ttYenut- . 

<k H.iy 

Qnarter Acre — Si. Patrick Slrpd 

Money Makers 

100 ffict from DiilluH Head. .Sd 
x200, douhle fronlasc fino up- 
to-date modern 3-rooin hou.sp. 
Price, only jpi:t,000 

North Park Street, f.O.Kl 10. rev- 
enue producing. ?2000 oish will 
handle this barRaln JHr»800 


Gordon Burdick 

Peniberton Blk., 630 Brouirhton St. 
Phone 2fi0.s 

.\ I ! Kfiid.<- iiC In.«wrnn'-o wrlttr-n. 



Thirty feet adjoining 
Queen's Hotel, between 
Store street and waterfront, 
at $r,ooo per front foot, ou 
good terms. 


Itoom 10, iMahon Block 
P. O. Box "85 Phono 1119 


Oak Bay Realty Office 

2056 Oak Bay Avenue 

Phone F1G05 


v^,^.,j, — hvo lots tor .%Sr)() cijch — 
onc-ihird cusIl 

Parkdiilc — two lots $.")(){) each 


Phone 1658, 725 Fort Street. 

Member Victoria Heal Estate Exchange. 

On such corners grocery stores may be built to great 
adviintage. Now is the time to buy while prices arc 
still low. 
Joseph and Bushby — 105x94x141 $1,000 

Well ])laccd in the South "Fairfield and Ross Bay 


Haultain and Shakespeare — 50x1 jo $750 j 

ilaultain street wiii '•'■,■ :\ -plcndicl thoroughfare from 

Cook street to Mount Tolinie Road. 

Full particulars may be had from 

R. V. WINCH & Go. 



rhree-Quarter of an Acr? — Mo-ant 


...1 rui'l l.-iiciil. irill 
trees, electric liKhl '"N" 'l""r 

pricp spia.'o 


604 Tatea Stroet 



gu<>'nii .Wrnuo, hPHv.en Cook anil VanrouvM- .Sirr-t«, ,<„,- i-.t. xUc ''"iiii^ 

Knipr'^-M' Averiu«<. b«^iwcrti rook and Viincouvpr^Slrci'if, .r. ,tze 60»J»2i 

I*rlce , .1... ' ■ ▼^yyy 

niirnnldo Road. liear Dou^flan Strp«>t; om )cn, aixo SOxUOi i ■ • ^2 

Kh<^lbollrn«l Hlrnet, one lot, ulsfi <0xl«7; Frfrr . . . .W*^ 

>0I9 rttiiiKlait HJ. Coniw It and lint your i«op»»rl.v fnr miUk haXp. f.O, B m IBM 


$350 cash with balance ma 

rent win Inry ' a- -aprtrcww- 

btiiiijalow with ba*em«nti^ 
near car Ihi€. 

Oweti Devi 

Shawnigan Lake 

850 Jfeet Waterfrontare on East 
Hi<l»- of luke, about 6 acroR ir all 
at 97,800.00, on gooa tei-ms: or 
smaller portions at flO.OO per 
front foot. 


Roal Bittatc And Ihi 
Ba«m 4, 

I Di 



Wadntsday. F»bru«ry 28, 1912 



victoria Th«atr« 

1-tbruary 2Stl.-.-'H..l. Hoy." 
iVbruary ^9th--Gel Kiel. Quick W-l 

Murch ^Ui— All.'c I.U.y>l in 

V. , , . .. .J I, — UoVjcri, Ivlanti H 






Millinery and Dry Goods 
Importer, 17U4 Douglas bt. 

•f.:irxs_C«iur5>NHvy, r.nnvn. Green, Cream 

Brown, Green, Grey, 



ami Black. 

^ll^^HGE-l" White oiilY. .Cords in all above colors, 
also Pale Blue, Yellow, Red and Tuscan. 

See W ^Sfflaajrfclfr »n4 Up-tjH 

■ , Arttcres- 

Liii© di ttwsc 

yaB Yates Street 

Electric Supplies 

Hawkins & Ha 

Mui<h 13th — "Mutt una Jpit." 
March Hth— Henry Woodruff. 
March 18th— "The Balkan l>riiioe»«. 
Murch 2l8t— -The airl Krom H.-"-' 
Mar.'h 28th— -Alnm Whev. 1 

Mar.h ail. 8th, oth— Hariunn. 

'•Oet Ulch Quick WaUlnfffora"— Thq coniLdy ill "uiiiy yoara is t^'^O^^^*^' 
scrli.tiun nUHiK Geo. M, Cohan's Get 
Rich Quick WalllngforU." which will be 
the attraction at th« Victoria theatre on 
TliurHiluy, Ft"t>r«ar>- ••' ^••^, ,'"' ". 

fell short of this K.. *i would not 

luive achlevea a rui' 
New York, and a soli . 
reoordf, unheard of for » «tralghi coui- 

,. „ votrna im accouni''d 

\'!''i,.-" 1.0 every 

' ... — „•» in the 

man ana lii: v-.j "i^riv 1 ' 

a.Kllence. 1 " the popular Wal- 

UuKi-o'-d Hiu.i.s I • Randolph 

trlIIini^^B o* the "bobba" ofjl*^'*^:' 

nfitonmiwip mm lit nnig infl ff!«ptww*yy 

plcco of Uobert brov/nliiKH poem 
iK possibly ao literary claHwii- 
known than thlH work of Urowning, in 
which he pr..».M.t« in hl« iulniitul.le 
luunntT the resuU of vanity. Thorold 
lOarl, Tresham. proud of !"« ancealrul 
cMfijtchfon. which he .-iHlmH aliowa no 
tarnish, wekoms the proponal of lU-nry, 
Karl Mertann. for hi« Hister Mildred's 
hand, ae It will mean th- onltlnK of two 
ncbic heus^f*. hp not knuwluK that Mild 
r<id*and Henry, who t^re both very young, 
ignorant aiid unguarded, have already 
met. Binned and now attempt a repar- 
ation. He learn.H frOni one of hlB Her- 
vant« that an unknown visitor, who was 
nunc dthcr than Ht-nry him»«ir, was seen 
l.^avlns lii« Kister'u' chamber, and in a 
fury of rase sets -out to rlsht the wront; 
as he believes to be the only way. "Tlu 
Soldlor's Keturn." is a war picture, .and 
■•He Who laughs Laat." a roUickinK 
wcatcrn comedy. The w!»ole bill pro- 
si,l, N a fund of aolld entertainment. * 






VoB«el MovoiiientB 

j uecn, 
.ill 1- rancisco; 
. ..:iia." ■■'■ 
UANCltiCO, Feb. 27.--Arrxved: 

^;i. i„ NsorwooJ. a. 0._ Llndauer, 

•iichel' rborrRedondd. 

Nann Smith, c«<u.-- i.a., . Asuncion, Port 
Atis^cles; WeBteirner, Wilapa.. Artenols, 
■ vaU>B4»l»o. . ; .j|^i«iis^?a«*i»iiM» 
aSAagK, BeU«ai .^„ ,.^.,„.,_. , ^ 


Corner Blanchard and Burdette .streets. 677xi33» magnificent ^^^_^ 
Three minutes from ai,. ice in town, is an ideal site foran 




r.- r 





There is an eight-roomed house on the prop' 






■ Vl«fWH.U^«W,l-f>.a^'CHrv«1«,<IMaMr:lV>-< 








.■i'ti.'l'.li'^'v %**■.''■■ '■■■"■■/Li . ■■ 


■■■■* ■■;.!■,' 

quality of 

, ^ >3^»i j W(i< i i iw fa i Oi 

is their popularity. 

The smokers of Can- 
ada bought 30 million 
Tuckett cigarettes In 
1909, came back in 
1910 for 42 million, 
and made a new re- 



^^ rrftillirkn 

kJkJ I ■ ■■■r-- -- - 

la '^j' 

in 1911. These are 

"^ IT 

Various arguments 
will persuade men to 
try cigarettes. 

Uniform quality is 
the only argument 
that makes men keep 
on s moking them. 

And sales like these 
are possible only 
when every trial 
makes a constant 


Tacketf 8 Club VlrginUs 15 c«nt« for 10 
Tuckett's Special Turkl»M iS CCuts t 
Tuckett'8 T. & B. 10 cent* lor 10 
At nearly aTcry »tor« 



*. «^. «n 

y»«y attempt t« ft** 

take to marry them off by wholesale. 
There are three couples in "T.!tt1« Miss 
Fix-It," two almost ' ^^'° 

almioat divorced. In ■■.: -■ <- 'l^^^Z 

her friends the happiness she baa founa 
in married llfo.Della Wrndall mnkcs up 
her mlud to "fix-it": r-'i lii. iv,. I'-v;;,- 
thlnK Is flnatly brout^ht to a happy un- 
IsU just as n should he in a well-reg- 
ulated m.i ^Va'«f' 
Grace Fl. »««'-'^" 
Santley. Annie Buckley, 1 mnon. 
■J^f^^ Malcolm and other; t the 

jgtanilarrt rnrrwar 




i ij 


, Okanagan river. 

Tii<>m1h> iiikI >^ ••iliM 

First Ai: 
presents a" '-; 
Walter Scott's 

N I ■ w 

Tha Bmpr«ia Theatra— Two former 
musical e'>">- '1^ -.t.'imers. Miss Nettie 
Hyde ami Wllllam8,_both of 

w horn were wun i"« uoiiar i*rin^-<-»<» Brown! 1 
Company during that «how> long run In ^^^^ j^. 
tiew onir|l)ute a fine sketch 

whlci. tih that of the headllners 

of this N^ 11 for honors at the 

Empress The sketch Includes 

some bright comedy, good sin no 

playing, violin ^mos and con' s- itli 

a whirlwind ^' Miss Hyde. She 

gives a new .v,.».v,.ilon of th» ngmilar 
Kussiandahce. Miss Mae ' ■"' 

<i mpany, who head the bill j,i'!^, i-t a 
l.layiet' entitled "The Olrl From Yonk- 
ers." This tabloid com- na de- 

picts the entry Into the a New 

York bachelor of a supposed demure 
country girl, who Is a female Raffles, 
and while he begins a rapid-fire love- 
makiri"' scene she tfilC6sth« opportunity 
to relieve him of his valuables. The 
nWiyiet u well staKcd. Misa Coy Pe 
Trickey, "The Belle of Coontown," has 
made a of darktown ti 

and com- I brings a chariin 

pertolre of popular coon songs aud 
dances. She merits thp encores which 
she has to respo . every perform- 

ance. Val and Kiiii,f .Sianton, two merry 
young comedians, present a skit entitled 
"The Stolen Shoes." Both are good 
singers and dancers, and they keep the 
audience thoroughly amused. A good 
imitation of Frank Tlnney, the minstrel 
man. is a feature pt the act. The AUus 
brothers, a trouple of jugglers of Indian Goo. 

clubs, give a whirlwind act. They throw Success 
Indian clubs across the stage with great 
forfe in their work. The jugglers In- 
tro ' nie thrilling ■' ' 
pre i • yhuWB soirif 

ciudiuK a series showing, Uiu pioiiroHS 
of a hunt for poUir bear tn the Arctic. 

Kathleen Parlow — Miss Kathleen 
low, the well-known Canadian violinist, 
will he heard In this cl^ on March 21, 
lit the Alexandra Club, under the aus- 
pices of Messrs. Suckling & Dodd, Har- 
mony hall. As a Calgary girl, who has 
won fame with her bow acrows the seas 
a^ In her own country, ML-^s Parlow may a larirn and al.'l>reclativo attdi- 
{■II' ' , 

Crystal Theatre — AnuileurK tonight 
with a Konii .supporting programme pt 
pictureH. .lames, the Man of Mystery, 
will do ft fifteen mintite vaudeville turn 
of a professional nature In connection 
with the following amateurs: Mr. K. 
Fischer. Miss T))elma Cavin, Baby .»dal- 
alf, and Mr. .;. wrightson. This we con- 
Hider one of the big amateur pro- 
grammes, and would advise all to eome 
tiH early as possible. Doors open at H amateurs a)t 7, second at 8.30, and 
third at 10. Following is the picture 
programme: "Suspicion." a Vltagraph 
drama with Maurice Costello in the 
leading role. One of those subjeelB that 
rouse all the sympathy In j'ou; "A Bear 
Hunt Romance," by the Palhe Company. 
This Is a western a iiltle out of the or- 
dinary In that the cowhoys are not the 
leiidlng actors; "The Oy.ster Industry," 
is intprestlng educational film llltistl'at- 
InK the ovHter industry from the plant- 
lUK i)f the beds to the cannliiK nnd ship- 
ping of the oysters; "ObJ»»et Matrimony." 
two elderly people Insert advertise- 
ments In B marrli^ge bureau piihllontlon. 
Thpy are answered by two yoiuiKer peo- 
plr who flee When tb«y see whom they 
are likely to Secure for life partners. 
Therp are many laughs In the picture. 
Tilts is also a I,iihlti; "A Family of 
Vegetarians," 'iy the lOili.son Company Is 
a iiOV'l eotnedy, and Is based upon the 
fad or a lamiiy i" mv»- »»,i;i,",,,; mrit. ^ 
young man pretends to be n vcfetartan 
to win the daughter, and she pretends 
r^ be a vegeterlan to please him. In 
places the fun Is fast and furious. You 
will all like It. • 


Suspicion — ^Vltagraph drama. Bear' 
Hunt, Homanco, Pathe vveslerri. The 
Oyster Industry, Lubin I'liinstrial. Ob- 
ject Matrimony— Lub In A Fam- 
ily of Vetreteriaas, Edl.iun < unnrdy. 

Majestic Theatre 

SCCCl**^ 2'eat^ire Pro'Ttimn?'? Wa/infiiciay 
and Thursday 
A blograph of 

40 feet between Qtiadra a«|i Vancouver. 


This price leaves room for a quick profit. 




,- programme. 

itt or 

Victoria Theatre 

s<)a^ . I'l-I 

-■Till lllld U'HO,. 

■ ntst Glover 
; notion of Sir 


400 feet frontage on railway and road,, approximately seven-eights of an 
aero, with two six-ro6med houses renting for $75 per montli. For quick sale, 

jftiki:^jB rw /v /\ 

Terms over four years. Big opportunity. 

* ■ 
I «-| 

Now is the time to get in and reap the benefit of thx^ extensive development 
\ ancouver Island. 

Theatre Royal, 
Glaagow. 60 people, 11 scenes and aug- 
mented orchestra 

Prices: $1:50. $1:00. 76c.. 50c. Seats 
oh sale, Saluraay.FebraiBTy 24th. 


151JOU ineatre 


'.v.. are always In the lead for the 


6,000 feet of the most thrilling western 
production Cowboy Tournament. Fall round- 
up on Y-6 Ranch. On today; 700 seating 

Victoria Theatre 

ThUR.DAY, FEB. 29, 

M. Colian's Comedy 



. J • 1 i T-» nr-f /•\*•/^ 

(. presented fOr two seasons in 
i ork, and on,; year In Clileago. 
Prices: $2.00. $1.50. $1, 75c., 50c. Seat;< 
on sale. Tuesday, February 27th. 

Menibcr Victoria ivcal Estate iirxc.i; 

704 Fort St., Balmoral Block 


I'ri'viii "Thi- (iirl fi'oui Vonki'! 

liiili;\ii I'hrh .1 nu;.;l.>i>. 


"The Belle of Coontown" 


111 a bright sketeli. 

7al — THE STAWTONS — Ern 

■ 111 Who Slolr the Slin.-S." 


The arrival f)f 

Kew Spring Goods 

liiicfl fr.irii Cr.-al l!ilta;ii. 



.\rc cordially, invited to 
attend t.lie 



Three Large Stores 

FimPrpolJind Up-to-Daie in I'.vow Particular, in the 


Fort Street 

National Realty Co. 

Jovernment Street 



i(» he 


p. B. Brown Blk.. 1114 Broad St. 

Vajeetio Theatre— Special features 
programme today and tomorrow 'at the 
Majestic theatre. "A Blot in the Scul«h- 
ton," this Is a blograph dramatic masler- 

Victoria Theatre 
Monday ,_March 4th 

Kiiglands Foremost Singing Comedienne 

Alice Lloyd 

in the ,)oyi>uB Musltal Comedy 

"MTTliH Bliss j-ix-rr." 

Hear Mins Lloyd's Famous .Song llils, 
See the real "Turkey Trot," the Dance 

JTltJCS $2, $1.50, $!. 7S.V, ^«o, Seats 
on sale Friday, March ist. 


held in A.Q.r.AV. 

MALL, ^'ales Street— 

February 29 



At S \). ni 



lc(-tii)n ' ii "ffjcers. 
I. 'WWW i'rcs. 

W.ll. lM<lCi':, Iloii. Sec 


Close to Waterfront— Good Warehouse or 

Factory Site 




On Easy Terms 


boan of $4,500 on improved 
good IncMtton. .Iiitne.s Pay. 

V. O. BOX, SB8 


*iPiioBe i*§ 






^ » ^^»^|^j^lk^l )^ y ^ |^^i l | | n i m iliii i W" lnwyy ' *' 

„^^,^^„,,,«*,^Mf*»,«w. ';n. IK "K. iiii«;iii ! M"i»" '•*.';''^#ftJSij|il 





On the Waterfront 

\'li PllMi 

Compania Transatlantica of 
Barcelona Announces That 

Cprv-lpo \A/i|| Rp Qiortorl frnm 

Spain to North Pac'lfic 



Canadian AuitraUan Xdn«r Ii«aves Kou- 

olnla and Is Expectea to Arrive 

Wext Monday 

The atfaiiier MuKura, Capt. Giblj, of 
tlie Canadian Australian line, left 
Honolulu yesterday on her way to this 
port from Sydney via Auckland and 
Suva. The Mukura loft 'Sydney on 
February liilh, Auekland four days 
la tor, and Suva on February '^Olh. Tho 
liner Is bringing a large complement 
of passengers and a eurso of about 
1400 tons of Australian and New Zea- 
land products, including the usual 
shipments of frozen meats, butter, 
wool, hide^, etc. She Is expected i 
Uie outer Tv-harf.p;est-Mond«yi| 



• ft-m. 





Had to 

Charlotte and 
Go Fuil Speed 


Off Entrance to Harbor to 
Avoid Meeting 

uiM rAi^inu tuM2>i 

Barcelona Company Expects 

to Have .Big Tra'de in Emi- 

g ra nts 'f ro ffi 'Pd tts^ uf Sotith: 

- ern- Europe ^-" 

'IIh Compania^ Trajuitlantlca of 
L:udiii and Barcelorvi '>'-'nclpiitd|fe 




steamer Newiuffton Took out Derrick 

Scow With Maciiinory for New 

roff Alarm Yeaterday 

zl-^'zr—^^JLz :^'^^-' s^^ 

latest company to announce its Inten- 
tion of establishing a service via the 
\Panama canal to the Nbrin Pacific 
coast ports. Mr. Salvador M' 
special agent of this line, ^ 
been visiting the Panama Canal /.uno 
to make investigations for "e Spanish 
shipping company, arrived in San 
Francisco on Monday on the steamer 
Peru, and announced that his company 
will send vessels to this coast. The 
Spanish line operates a big fleet of j 
modern passenger and freight steam- 
ers from Cadiz and Barcelona to New 
York, South American ports and in 
the Mediterranean. 

The Spanish line expects to carry a 
irge emigrant travel from southern 

irape to the Pacific coast ports by 

ay of the Panama canal, and the rep- 
1 .'sentatives of many "th.-r FHr,,n, 
..liria3-.-whlcli^:Jiasc :;:;''■■■::;■ ■ 

ration of sending tiieir sreani.T:^ in 
North Pacific also 'anticipate a 
travel in addition to 

It. W. S. p. Service 

Mr., special representative of 
the Royal Mail Steam Packet Line, 
Who went to Panama after couipletins 
iVi^! in.r t'fifations at Victoria and other 

I. ;h the North Pacific coast, Is 

_g___J; witii inacliind;^ 
«^-»=w*m - helnfr-restablf) 
the . to the harbo; 

Laughliu I'oint. yesterday, auu the 
machinery i;j now being installed. The 
Ne Winston then pro to Eaqul- 

(,t with a cargo nlde. The 

iment steamer in a 

'fgW' " days to " 6Vernau ; i:-.c iiu-.^rs-n- 
beacons in the Gulf of Georgia. 

Princess Charlotte and V«a«i» was 

M.,.«.*.^,«.i«. <,Yytv*f^r1 \*£2j*gT»<1n^v_ nftp>rnoon- 

at the entrance to Victoria harbor, 
both vessels having to go full speed 
astern to avert comihs together. Much 
excitement prevailed among the pas- 
scn.^'era on the C. P. R. liner, who 
were seen scurrying aft , along the 
4« rka nx thf» distance naay awfcd, -be- 

F»!{ m mM 

Nippon Yusen Kaisha Liner 
Left the Outer Wharf Yes- 
terday With Big Cargo for 
Far East 

e.vpected back 
when he will 
Steamship . 
mends thai , i 
Hue from ^" 
North Pn > 
Vancoiivc), .Lix; . 
city l^^• st;it< .' t''; 

eonne' i 

'■"uid '■■■■ 

re at thi^ f-ianic 

next month, 
:t l-yeforo t!ie 

rttvi'.s 4>l the 

uanii oi! the 

I V!ctin-iit or 

. :i ,;, this 

jT >>> Iroad 

■ v3 

ll-rrianus of the lino. 

"iinerai for Service 

;\,r..,iiiicUun has been commenced In 
lermany of the first passenger and 
cargo steamer specially designed for 
the trade to the North Pacific ports 
\-ia Panama canal. Thi- ><'r, a 

\esael or about S.OGv ton- :-:r,- is 

Ix-lng built at the Weser s-hipyarda 
for the Hamburg-Amerika line. The 
Holland-. Vmerlka line has announced 
that it win shortly order two steamers 
fur" this business, and the Swedish- 
.)ohn.ston line of Christiana is pre)..^r- 
ing to construct vessels. 

The steamer Sanuki Maru, CapL Ishl- 
kawa. of the Nippon yusen kaislja, left 
*!.• #.«t<— w'! .-itt-rdav . af temooU 

for Vokohania. ii.oij.-, Mojl, Nagasaki, 
Shanghai and Hongkong homeward 
b|)und on her firjst voyagfc. The Sanuki 
Maru was loaded to the hatches. She 
carried 7,000 tons, including big ship- 
ments of flour, raw cotton, : ''ry. 
tal ow, tobacco, salt herring or- 

al merchandise. The Sanuki Maru was 
placed in thh. service to augment the , 
line to six V . inglng the fleet to 

the same toi;.. ..- ^vas used in the 3er- 
vlce px"lor to the ^Husflo- Japanese war, 
following which three of the steamera 
only plied through to Hong Kong, while 
two other.s al?o ran as far as Kobe. 
Thb Sanuki Marn v;ir added and the 
Sado Maru and ra Maru which 

iiT-,nvi:v.i.--,iv mjini' ' leir voyagcs ■ at 

m through to Hong Kong. 

to the OrietHBHRp^ Sanuki Maru were 
I>r. K. B. OT^^^^ the University of 
Illinois, bound for Tokohama; Alexan- 
der M. Mulr, wife and daughter, of 
Bellingham, who will make a tour of 
the Orient; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. 
Harding- of London, Eng., who are on 
a tour I.- the woi-Jd; - IAmxLX:. iSitrim-i 
shire, of the British navy, who has 
been visiting in Canada and is return- 
ing to his station at Shanghai, and 
Dr. Stanton Youngberg and Edwin if. 
Ledgard, who ^re in the insular service 
in the Philippine.'", and are rpturning- 
to Manila. 


'-xfiississChi: \ ^Li..-: ..-1^. steainli 

full speed returning from JTaiitfi;! 
way ports, ■-"■' ^'o l*rincess Charts 
was leaving < ncouver. The gov- 

ernment tug i'oint Hope was preced- 
ing the Boscowitz Company's steamer 
into the harbor, and when the little 

lotte the C P. R. steamer blew the 
signal for her to cross on the star- 
boiird sidtr. > ii^L'ttni Of <>o«no «*'S: xlSc 
tug ■ ' I she was crossing 

to ! liroc funnelled liner 

was forced lo swing to pass the tug 
on the port side. Tho Princess Char- 
lotte was then swinging after round- 
ing Brackman & Ker's i)Oint, iind the 
steamer Vadso was abreast of the 
Beren's Island lighthou.5e, passing into 
tho harbor, and was pre-paring v> 
cross on tho starboard f<ide when the 
Princess Charlotte whistlcKl for a port 
rro.ssing. Tho Vad.«o. swinging In the 
effort to pass on the port side, con- 
tinued across th^ path of the Prin- 
cess Charlotte and before she could 
sheer to pass to port the two 
J were very close together. 
. i<::in Grifrin, On the bridge of 
tJ MtiiiMI^ ^ riotto, at once ra _ 

foi^p||^S5c>.-i .u-iern, white Caiil. No^^^^^S 
of the Vadso did lil«ewise, and tho 
three funnelled steamer churned up 
tner~fba.m "as' liwr-^nglnea-isr-ers rcvcrsc.-- 

Point Urey — Cloudy, wind iN, 
30.23, 31, »'!«. smooth.' 

Cape L.a«o — Clear. caJm, 30.25, 3^, 
sea smootli. 

Tatooah— Part cloudy, wind N. E., 
10 miles, 30.28, 39, sea moderate. 

Paohena — Cloudy, wind north, light. 
30.03, 30, iCi smooth. Spoke Tees, 
leaving iianficld at 4.25 a.m., south- 

Estevan— Clear, calm, 29.92. 32 

Trianglt? — Gloomy, wind N. W 
miles, 211.53. 32, dense seaward, 

Prince Rui)ert — <Mcar, calm, 30.32, 30, 
sPH smooth. Spoke Princess May, at 
S p.m., due Ketchikan at 7.30 a.m. 

Point tircy — I'lear, i.aliii, riu.j.'i. l.j, 
acii .'iiiiuutu. 

Cai)o bazo— Clear, wind .v. \\ . 
3t';2», 45, sea smooth. 

Tatoosh — Clear, wind .\'. i:., 15 
miles, 30.30, 44, hch moderate. 

Pachcna Clear, calm. '3f».0ft, -la, 
sea Brnooth. 

' ''EStt(VSiP^^Cre^V''^llul a. ■•.., H;;;ii, 
29. S8, 44, sea smooth. 

Triangle — Overcast, wind 
miles, 29.70, 34, sea smooth. 

Ikeda— Cloudy, wind north, strong, 
80.23, 38, sea smooth 

Prince Rupert- 

D.J5 «,ni,. lin. 

N. VV., 10 

30.38. 48, 
rioUa. at^ 

ri-'LuiU— •CISEff-'^d N. w.,- 

6 p.m. 

36, Bmpotb. , 
TatooaJr ^''" 

lear, N. \V., bar. 30.25, 

Dollar, l;Sf 

■■■Point Gf" ^ 

tfcmp. 4^ ^ 

',— Overcast, N. W.. 10 miles, 

1,,, II, temp. 32, smooth. 3 p.m., 

Goltah. off Cape Scott, southbound; 

4 p.m., Prince Rupert, Pine Island, 


Prince Rupert — Clear, calm, bar. 
30.34, temp. 37, smooth. Spoke Chi- 
cago, off Rose Spit, southbound. 5.15 

Dead Tree Point— Clear. calm, 

Ikeda-"Cloudy, N i:. .-tmnif. 
30.2G, temp. 3{', moderate. 

Estevan --Clear, S. E., light. 
29.89, temp. 41, smooth. 

Pachena— Clear, smooth, liar. 
temp. 46. smooth. 


■•CHhInirn" Hubiiivlslon on Hichuicl- 
.S..11 Sti'eet. -i lots, 60x120, at 
93300 lacli. Terms: one-third 
cash, balance tj, i - mid 1* 
months at 7 per iiiit. These ai>- 

|!|.. rliiilcHSt Idi.ltiMl hil.s 111 

ihi^ ili.'^triot. 

£;5.i;x280, Victoria Gardens subdi- 
vision. This lias u frontage on 
the water atul on llie Gorj^-- 
road. Oh II sell for 55,000 on 

.ti Ml-. 1' win be worth double 

I hi,-, unn>imrMtS"''a T*5W 'itiomnB;'"'" 


340 feet with over 200 feet dtiptli, 

at, tho jtmctlon of Huiiaell. Oralg- 

flf»\ver and Skinnor «trt^et«. This 

■ ■ liad for SI". nun ; i.rms one- 

S. S. "Prince George" 



Via Vancouver 

Conncctin^r for certain Q. C. ISLAND Points Moinkty lO a. m. 



Usevhe DOUBLE TRACK LL\E from Chicago East. 

We issue through tickets with choice of routes to Chicago. 

CencraLAgf.ncy Trans-Atlantic Steamships 


City Van. and TitiUet Act., Tel. 1242. l>o<li: "nU Ifreirht A»t., Xe». «4»l. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co 

I n one. 

cash 11 i 


fescTve ' is inatiu. Ku 
make a quick proTlt. 

I.«rge lot on Alpha Stroci, near Doug- 
las Street, t^H^lrj^M/^^ '«=rm». A har- 

L. H. Ellis 

Kooni 6, jMoody Block, 
Corner Tatos and Rroad St«. 
Phone 940. V. O. Box HO. 

(Member Real Bstalo Kxchange.) 

Trans-Facliic Js^crvicc 

For Yokoiiama, Kol)e, NaBaiiakl, 
Moji, Shangliai and IIonKkong: 

Le/Lve» Victoria • 

Emprcas of J^V-n 


Empresa of Z&aia . . 
Smpresa of Japan 
Kontaagrle - • • 

..tprU 3 
. ■ May r' 
.Xay 23 
.Jxine la 
..July 3 

J'or Honolulu , Suva, AnrKIiind 

nnd ^ydney: 

•.«. Makara . 
•.a. ZeulttUdia 
■.s. Mnraina . 
a.m. Makura . . 
s.«. Zealandla 

March 30 

..AprU 17 
. . .May 16 
. . . Juse 12 
. . .July 10 

■ iTor itegerva.tinna^and fiirthcr .l>fl''TliM?Ug^Ppi?^ 





For Ssn 7">'A^1*^'' 


Sloop; fast; with aux. en- 
gine; ^4ft. o. a.; prize win- 
ner; .\i condition. 

^,r steamer City of Puebla wiU leave 
the outer wharf this moming for San 

I I 

i I 


After a thorough invc.-^tigation of vai-ious 1:)ranrls 
of ])ainLs — 


I^rovtd to bt.' the paiiil wo c<«u](l ri,-.!-: our rcpvitatiou 
on. W'c j^iiaranicr i; to !;c pure and sold sul^ject to 
chemical aiialvsis. 

This stopped the way of both vessels 
considerably and they were brought up 
within two or three feet of each other, 
with the bow of the Princess Char- 
lotte near the starbor! w ot the 
Vadso. " 

When the two steamers v?ere near- 
ing each other, although ihc' navtga- 
tors on the tapidge were coolly working 
to avoid an accident, much excite- 
ment prevailed on the deciti». On the 
Vadso the watch below scurried up 
from the ffvrecastle, and On the Prin- 
cess 'Charlotte the pasBengers who had 
been lining the rail for:ward ran aft, 
evidently fearing that a collision must 
cnaue from the position nf tlie stcam- 


Couple Who Looked Aftor PhOBphate 

Deposits l.i>ed Tor Three Montha 

on riah aad Wild rowl» 

T^TtANClSCO., JPeb. 27.— Gustav 
and Daxla Plnzen, caretakers for 
a London phosphate company on the 
CHpperton Islands, a small group 600 
miles southwest Of Acapulco, who ar- 
rived here on the .«tcamer Newport to- 
day, told o'f having lived three months 
on flsh and sea fowl, when the steamer 
usually sent by the Mexican Rovernuiciit 
failed to arrive with supplies. 

Schuls and hia housekeeper, who call 
each other 'king" and "Queen," have 
lived on tlie islartd six years and in that 
time have seen no one, until their de- 
parture a month ago, eStoept the Mexi- 
can garrison of 10 Koldlers and the crow 
of tho supply steamer. Four m<>nthB 
ago the steamer did not arrive on ac- 
count of the confusion In Mexican af- 
fairs, and the Island dwellers were Uft 
without food. 

SchiiU and "Scnor;!" Plnxen aro await- 
ing tho sclllem'-nt of the ownership of 
the islands in April, when K'lis: Victor 
Kinmaniiel uf Italy will arbiltate a dis- 
pute Ifetween Franco utui M'^xUn oom- 
cerning them. 

Prom Qtieen Oharlottea 

Thf KlHHiutrr Princess Beatrice, Capt. 
Locke, of the C. P. R.. Is expected to 
rfach port tolay from Queen Charlotte 
Ifilands and way ports. 


Ship and Yacht Sale Broker 
; I o Savw.-i rd Plionft 2690 

Vlotorla, B. C 

r'aSSengoF^ A;tt'3«3 1* 


N F W yoRK— rr-VMOI'Tir— CHEKBOLBti— .souTiiA.nrrox. 

The l.ursrctt -and lincnl Sleamem in tlio World 

S r,w 





MAR. 16 

All so APBZZ. 6th 






WHITE STAB I-INE. Boom B, Ballr.r Building. St^-ond and Cherry, Seattle, or 

iMcal and Steamship Ajfentg. 





V on 

1 I uiui^ctr 




I'ull particulars and reservations 
Claude A. Solly. Pas.senger Agt., 
1210 Douglas Street, or R. P. 
Rlthet & Co., 1117 Wharf street. 




.tereage for raIo cIobo In to Fort 
Gonrjre township, suitable for sub- 
division Into 6-acro blocks, close 
til nfw railway and li. C. ami 
Alankan rnllxvuy. Godrt Held notes, 
i.'rown ijrunted, f40 per a.?re, easy 
t<Tin». Thl." !.•( .TO !■' 50 j.f r cent, 
bcluw prices iisK. >1 ■ ■ i''' 

L. B. KENT & Co, 

17 (Jrce-n IJlook. 

IIIC UlIlUll Jicaiii^iiip v/u«, i^iu. VI u. \j, 

S.3. CAMOSUN — l'"or Prince Uupert and Stewart every Tuesday. 

8.». CHELOHSIM— -For Sl<eena River, Prince Rupert, Naas Klver, Fort 

Simpson and Gooj«e Bay every Saturday. 

ss. VENTURK — For i.^^mphnll nivcr. Hardy Bay. Rivera inlet, Xamu, 

Ocean Fall, Bella Coola. Bella Bella, every Wednesday. 
S.8. VADSO — For Skeena River. Prince R-upert, Naas, every two weeks, 

next mtilinif February 29th. 

JtmX BARNSLKY, Agent. 
'Phone 1925 -''^^» .Street. 


Drake Hardware Co. 


Quadra St. Corner 

1 20.x 1 30 Feet 


This is an excellent site for stores and apartments 

GUIespie, Hart & Todd, Ltd. 

Phone 2040 

II 15 Langley Street 

Victoria, B. C. 

Boscowitz Company'* Steamer Ketur&ed 

Teateniay from Haas and Way 


The stiampr \'adso, of llje Boscowit/. 
Steam.sliip t.'omiiaiiy, Capt. Noel, reatli- 
rd ICvan."*. Colt-man & Evans" wharl ye.s- 
tt'iday from Naa.'^ and way porta of 
northern British Columbia after a fnst 
trip. Tho Vadao brought 1.500 fasca of 
cnnnod salmon from the north. Hhpwill 
Ifavc agaTn for Naas and way ports l"- 
morrow night. 



Robert F. Hickey 

Parksville, V. I. 

LONDON— l*AKI(v—U.\MBrK«; 

■\.\1RR1K.V .... Marcli 7. 10 u.ain. 
I'P.H.S. MNC'OUN Mari'h li. 2 i).ni. 
•drnf Waldersee. .March 21. U o.n.. 
Kalserln .\MS. Vic. .Maroh 30, 9 a.m. 
•IlainbuiK illr<-ct. '-'nd r&bln only 


Steauuer ITortbweaterD Ettconntered 

Oale Blowing: 70 KUes slu Hoar 

When on Way ITortb 

The steamer Northwestern, which re- 
turned yesterday to Seattle from south- 
ca.-stcrn Alaska, reported that on tier 
northward voyase to Princr- WMIlam 
Sound portB Ihn vefesfl was caught in a 
seventy-mile ga.\e and bo .serious was 
her pliBht that oil was uaed to calm the 

cauaing connlderable darnaRe. The 
wafSH. which broke over the uteanrtuhlp, 
floodlnjr her decka, wer«? of auch weight 
a!> to cru»h iik her forward haicli and 
port holes and stateroom windows were 
broken. As ihe utorm Increanod, and the 
velocity of the Kale became Kreater. the 
, PfiRScnRcrji were transf'TfeU below and 
'oH poured on the bolHnjf ficas. 


tlv ih.' t-.vm-M-rrw .^iranur 
.\-lttoRIA LII.SK (IB.5«0 tann) 

riBillnir March 7. 11a. in. 

;i; OayK- $1 "5 aiul up. 

\liril U cl''. ila.vB) »ir.O iind up 

MOLTKE, Mar. 26, 9 A. M. 

It; lUiN'!!. SS'> aiii! iiVj 




OPTION. V I, T' >1 ll.<' 
1! !».\VS IN JAI'*N 

n DAVm in INDl.V 

No-,. 11'. H'U' I rrc.m Ntu- Vt-rK 
] ■'; linn < froiri San Prnn'li(i"rM 


in.r.oo iiMif) 


Duration each Criili'p 110 dnyw. 

• 'OBI up *«50 

JncluainK a.'l n'M'i«»ar.v pxpensei, 

nb'inrd and agbovo 


To the Uuid of the .MIdniKlit Sun 

I'lJffht fl-iiyhtful t^ruiopa during June 
July nnd AnKoxt. fronl nanibiirir. 

duration \A to 2*1 days. 

Pplpprlld »prvl<-p. larit^- »te«miihit>s 
ZR.'WIN rB<~'ll>lE' and "MKrauK" 



For Vl'-torla S a. m. cvpry WodtiP»<iay, 

„» rM.ATiLtvA, ov crry of iuhi 

11 p m evrv Thursday from Seattle, bs. 

I'-or Southraetrrn Alaska Fehruttry 2!1. 
.Mliicn 10. -'-■. • TltACAO leavfs SphiIIp !> 
!>. 111. 

0<ean an<l rail tlcketn to New 1i ork aivl 
iitl other cltlc* via Han Fran'lsco. 

Frelglit .iiul Ticket Orticeii, 1117 Wharf 

It. P. RITIIKT » CO.. (ieneral Ajtenf*. 

CLAflJK A. l?OI,Ly. ra»»enger Agtiit. l.'IO 
Douglas Strett. 

Two Railways Heading 

li— Ij — ——4- ■ *-^ <-v «^ .r-C y-v 

'i.<; tiic lime to gel in and 1)U\- sornciliing.' Ask 
lis ahoiU the price and terms df acreage almost ad- 


The Nechaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

Reference: The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B, C 
620 Brougliton Street. Victoria, B. C 




I.I irlflInK compared with th« life- 
long uBllufacllon It affords. 

Olio can't u»e a ",Swan" ar.C •tftor- 
wttidn diniJenM with '.t I 

Price.-, from »2.50. Hold by Sta- 
tioner!, c BtalOKu«B po»t free. 


12* York Street, Torontc. 
I<or.duii. New York. Chlc«»o. 


(Successor to R. D-vcrne) 


$3.CK) per double' load. 


I'ive minutes from \". & vS. Saanichton station, seven 
minutes from B. C. Electric railway, close to the sea, 
all good i^oil. no rock, slashed and biirndd several 
year?, very easily cleared. 

Subdivided. in blocks of 9 1-3 acres, most suitable 
for orchaiTls, .'imall fruit or poultry farms. 

Price, $5,000.00 

Per Block 

Cash v$2,ooo. Terms i, 2 and 3 years ft 7 per 


Phone 1^81 


i6v3 Douglas St. Vhont 97. 




Wftdnesday, FebrM«ry 28, 1»1Z 



, . a.«rk Mail or Ftoott* Ord«r« Olv»n 
CompUt. Cataloju* of »ecora. in Stock. »»" o 

I^ompt AttenUon. 










Other Wc«leU,. 1^0 Jl^ 




'TT T«. 

~ TPADt Mft«K- 

oi ,.cx.'. IT ►■I or 

Zy '■*■ 

into the home the voices of the 
world's greatest artists i^nd the 
music of the besc enterta.ners. 

Prices $20 to $250. 

Easy payments if desired. 
Dealers everywhere : : : i J • 

Berliner Gram-o-phone Co. 



\V AS HI XGTON. ^^vl). 

27. — Rates of 

«"d Berliner 


the- American Exi>re«9 comr«uiy are 
sabsuntlally thrfo t'-'^ th- flr«.. class 
rates or rallrouds. Thl« vsa» ^>'"';1'^" 
today at Uu- Infrsli.te cui.u.>l«>^.on 


D? i^ A. Mooting 

,ncetln« of the Domluion Rifle Assoc a- 
t.on i.a«y. WCUt. CuL B-.TUn. of M-nt- 

,-.-al, wa» tti.I>oH>t';'l Prcsiaem i ' 

llo». Sun, .ll..tflu-H. l.lful. '•'^'- ■-;^""' • 
Vancouver, i.s ,,.ent for llrUlsh Col- 
umbia, ^.nl in T',..M,,.soM. M. I . 1 > 

till- "I'llkiin. 

Thirty -Two Drowned 
r.UUSSKL.^. ) ." Mi-ty-two of 

,„e ,as.c.n...,rs au,. ,. • -' "-"'"J^^ 

Uy il.e founaering of tlu, "l^"*;^^^^. .^^^'^J 
uvruiue. a B«vt«rnt«ent vessel I'lylnK 
'on the Kxvanso livor. on the b«r< er« of 
Uolglan OoivKO yesterday, uccorainf to 
a uf.pat.-h re.olved "V J^'^J^^''^ Bleu. 
Sufldon "l>eatir*t Brandon 
BR4lNJ>ON, I'eb. a7.— ayaney Blatl. a 
won Known travt-lUM-, atjea 45. of tha 
Koch supply CO., Kansas cuty. ^1^^^* 
hr. Holol Cecil hero. Shortly after his 
Ir ival hore he complained of sufrcrlng 
:: _...njc"m -lir. .Matbe^pn, who 

;;;::'c:S^n:s^;forMrs:"BiatR; ™ 

;?i. and «on. hut the patient died be- 
tore tnt-y aTi'lve^ ■•' '•■' ■ • ■_ ■--'■■"""■.•■■■■ 
Bovelitoko'* »aUw»y SoUeme 
UKVBLSTOKK. 1 f --^t -as 

, ..„,, ftin citizens last 




To »»trol rofot Bound 

VAI^UIO.IO, cm., I'-fh. 27.— The lorpcdu 
boat destroyers Fox* and l>avl8 were or- 
deryd today to ho put In .ondlllon for 
H trip to Bremurton navy yird, wher. 
tiicy will he u.sed for patrolling Ih" 
watf-rs of l^>i«(t Sound, as thfv are now 
reKHrd.*<l tvs ti>o small for foaa' defence 
work. They will pn>b<iM.v !.. n- n.ntli 
In April unJpr convoy. 

Eaaror for Oandy 

,IIM' \. ;i I I . .-Scores of i)ersoii« 

riHked HUM llvr., u. i;.i8t South Wuler 
Btreet la-^ft nlghl to procure boxes of 
confections whm hundreds of pound -^ 
of candy were thrown Into the Hlreel 
by rirenicn when a cundy factory was 
oil fire. Policemen and tirenieii were 
kept huay trying ui keep the crowds 
away while one huse box after another 
was thrown from second end third 
storey wlvidows. It was e»tlmat.a 
$15,000 wirth .if the sweets wen- dc- 
tt{ ruy eil. 

Soorotary Xnox in Panama 


-The Cpntrai 

PANAMA, 'A-h. 
Southern Ani- 

tary of state i-...-. ,.i.^,iii .i^ . 
with bIK welcomlns crowds at Colon 
tuid Panama, Mr, Knox went ashore at 
Colon from the armoured cruiser Wash- 

-. ., . . ,..- . .,,»t . hv 

IWgton^^nw" moriiiiiB. «"•' ' 

g,.,„,-t...i,.ni .ifflt'ials and ^ ■■ crowd 

,,, tizens of colon. 

The I'a.Ku.u. .- rnlfiniaK its 

promlao to ''' 

notat iv.nox s 

surp nt o'J' 

tor ni» .^utertu,in...i ..t 'taft',?ir i411W ff;i JS. 

ifOur I\;c1 N(^. 2 rc-ids 

,,.^^,.,,... ,M,. v;ur. -i 'Al Ihc very l^^i^^t half 

of lU'sriAt' will DC rctiiurcti. -'^ v/i»t " 'SBm' '"""■"" 

1912. 'Fhc Prime Mlnisler ol" Brilisli (A)luinl)ia:lTO"Hon. 
t:Bri(ie,a^au^U in the Victoria Daily "Colonist," 

W!X%, . . ,^„,..^,, V.W.I ih/. 




justifies all our contentions, 
an expenditure and develop- 

Moving Fiotnrc Tro«t 

WASH! Feb 27 -The Be- 

partment o. .i...uce is investigating 
the moving pic-lure business to ascer- 
talnlf there is a -trust." The imiuu-y; 
Sll m«^ many recent Shernann la^v 
,,.,.;.. ,nv,.Uc primarily the usjd 0. 


H«avy~Snow In Maine 
PORTLAiND. Maine, Feb. 27--The 
heaviest snowstorm of the wiitter In 
western Maine prevaiiod last night and 
part of today. temiK>rarily tj-ing up 
ih-'ping and blocking the s^am and 

,ri« railways. The «»»*';^"^ " JfJJ 
-^nfihas. - A thirty-ii>.e , 

mile wind 
large drifts, 



Boat content 
„_,, 97 .X challenKc 

,., . motor boat club tonight. U is 

Oo^;^~Knoc*. out KoUand 
^V.-WAMICNTO. Cal., Feb. 2T.-~Ki.l 
, V.e Of Stoclcion. knocked out- l.-Vrt» 
,; '^l, „f Spokane, in the sixth round 

" '"""'V V fight here to- 

of & ^' „ Qf one more 

aaimant to the middleweight champion- 
sh% Holland .went down for the eount 
of nine in the fifth, but got n. 

at.d the sonjf. «»»'«"» »^«»*^^?"-^ 


Hicks & Lovick Piano Co., Ltd. 

RT<-liiMlve Victor Il«»rofie»t»t I vri» 

r.mi 0«»«nini«"* St. 

BTCliiitlve Victor Il«profie»t»tlvr» 


> iri«r«w 

froiTdoo;.. iKei^med .l«-b. ^.rain ar. «u» H«m*r4-. flo.b. 


■^ ii»MM «T 


.nxi««ioa lor t."» A..B--:= - 
,:5g AN6ELES. Feb. a..- r..e fllst 
,„,p towards placing Lo« Angelc-S un- 
der' the commission form of .ove n- 
nient was taken tonight at the city 
"uncil. When it appointed a f-rter re- 
vision committee of 15. with instruc- 
ts to make .rr«n.^ement« for all 


!, ot commis- 

sien governTO.ent. _^ 

^riantalB Not Wanted 
TORONTO, Feb. 27.— The puienthiU- 
,1,8 of Canada are enormous and Immi- 
« ants must not be Orientals, whose 
hle^s. political, social. moral. cU 
n,„5e them incapable of asslmllat on 
"v?tl, the APKlo-Saxon. This was the 
..„.n and substance of the addres.s clc- 
nverod to the Canadian Club V-;^- ,';;; 

,,urno<.n by H. ''• ^''^^■^■"''- Z^'" ,„ 
Vancouver. He honied that .h- M-ndu- 

uere ill any ricnsc -pi"n^e,^. ^ 

s O. K. B. OfflciolB 
u,.SNIPEG. K,- .-..orge Stephen 

,..„.ral freight an- -^ -i the Canadian 
Northern railway, announces t'lat .1. 
M MacRae Las been appointed d Is- 
uiet frelKM agent at SasUatoof.. > > • 
Crunae will succeed C. R. mil, who 
'Z resigned to ko Into private huslness 
\u- leaves t^r HaskBtoon on Mareh i u> 
,,..f ume his dutie s. 

l-rom "recent consular report, 
learned that the s^rale of ''f'^"'^"';. :;;."°„^,'; 
in Sweden, which went Into eftt-a oi 
January 1st, this year, shows a general 
increase of T.f.O crowns (J2.01) pcr 
month, or this amount.. 5 orown* m- 
•,4) is a direct advance, and 2.&0 crown.s 
■(67 cent.) in a r.romlun> paid seamen 
shipping for .. whole year «■ Ih he 
«ame owners. i«.yable at the end of the 
vear on condition that there ha,^ been 
no complaint ihr..u».'h failure to perlorm 
autles sa.lHfajAorlly. Able-bodied sea- 
,n,.„ formerly V=^> Id fi5 crowns <51-l'*^ 
,„•,• month, now receive GO crowns ($lb.- 
os, ..n.i it. addition, 1.he premium re- 
ferred to. The hrem.-n are pald at U.e 

same rate. 

A moven;>e.U a.m. mi.- .1.,- locaUs of the 
cooks Waiter.', and WnllrcsBe.M union. 
,., prohibU the employment of Oriental.., 
,„,ectly or indirectly, on licensed pren.- 
ises has found the support of .severul 
members of the local legislature at Vic- 
toria, and as the House has Just as- 
sembled. « bill will be introduced to 
Ihvt effect. it may not be generally 
known that I'rlnee Hupert Is eompelle.l 
by bylaw to do without Oriental cham- 

• ,.....-»ji- u»%m'^^»rt nnrti^rH, ete.. ur.U 

this is a «tep is the right direction In 
an effort to secure a white B. C. and a 
White Canada. It remains to \ms seen 
Wheth-jr V«»iiC«uver has the power t.. 
pass a slinllar bylaw without the sanc- 
tion of the Provincial House. At bU 
events there is no Rainsaylng tlie fact 
.hat KomethinK aJonft this line !«h^l« be 
done, the Boolior tl»e' belter. 

In capUal 

operatives will 

servants, and thcie w 

the present postal t< 

about 1.263.890 more ini 

nearly 600,000 more sub '• j 

ephoncs. , 

It la po.sBibJe that Ben Tillet or i • 
M.ui.i the foremost leadrr«! of tb>' i 

1 organization nu ' j 

liiiiuMi will come to A::.. -.1 ■ '' i 

to make an extended speaking tour. Both | 
men are famous as in Europe 
and AuPtrallia. Tillett apoke in a num- 
ber of cities In this countrv win- 
ter of 1901-2 and imnde a im- 
pression. Mann i 

to visit this country and 
^Should either finally decide 
3 the sea the main purpose would 
probably be to str. the combina- 

tion of transiMjrt v. .lung: interna- 

tional/ lines.— -Cleveland Citizen. 

The Congressional Employe-^' 
bilily and Workmen's Com n 

Commission h ilcaliy deci.u-.i lo 

recommend th' 'cnt of a law pro- 

viding for the insurance of employeea 
of inteyMtt^ railroads againBt ln.iury 
by aMHHHPy requiring the roads to 
make^PyVPfFts ^°^ *^">' mjury inrllct- 
ed. No vote has been taken, howeverv 
but it was admitted by the commission- 
ers themselves that they were untnt- 
mously In favor of the direct payment 
plan, and also to conflnlni? the opera- 
i tlon of the proposed law to employers 

on 1 y ^^j^l^^H^^^^^^^^^H^^HMr 

jirec^>^mw^^^^oad.< xo injured 
employees, the Instrumentality of the 
national government is invested ln.;«a.r- 
rying the law into effect. ■- 

We still h 

tfie^nRe^lpB^^'Will increase 
e rate of lUO per cent i)er an- 

I few excellent investments, N\bich^\ve^can de- 

liver at prices ranging from 


.>.<-«>« <~\ 

On terms spread over a period of five years. 


McnjlHM' Victoria Heal I^:stale l^Lxchange 

Telephone 714 

'iy)l-ZK)Z aay waivi ju»A*^fe., ^---e — - - 

To OurVatron^ 

We Are Now In a Position 
to Serve Our Customers 

As heretofore, taking care of personal calls 
and telephone orders. We have a large 

■ -/-'■■'• 

poodr arriving daily. We will 
be pleased to have you call and inspect our 
new store, which is large, fitted with new 
fixtures, and when fully completed, will be 
the finest store of its kind on the coast. 

LlOnt V^CllSuic; Liii:^ 

Man Who Drinks 

Help Him— Advise Him How He Can BeJ^escued 

from the Liquor Curse Through the Nc.AL 


jo_'5 ^■;lles Street, \ictoria, B. C, 

Phone R3188 

B. C. Hardware Co., Ltd. 


825 Fort Street 

Phones 82 and t6i i 

P. O Box 683 

The Treatment That Makes Happy Homes 

^ • , •«„ .*.,,, i« hplDle«s He Is the Victim of a hiirnliVK thlrKt 
, T'%fno? he sftis led -'^Hrrsysten, is poisoned with alcohol, which 

cure doc's— and in only three day*. 

.,-, ,„.,rvelous cures effected by the Neat Ih.oe-day . trc.itrnent have 
Hid.:.:) -C endorsement of many prominent citizens of Victoria. 

,...„ ,n p.rsnn at th.^ office of the Nenl Institute n.Td have a <-"nfWe«- 

. , ' ,v M«ke n thorouKl. Investljiallon of the personnel of the local 

tlal talk. n l^"'""*;' ' , ^.^^ institutes Company. Find out all 

about the pay»l"»»*i* rodc-y i-- 

le^s, safe and p<i.'iU)\e 

!;r,;;"K.nve"r.Vpau"m'>';;r«.7;'"mpro,..d „,™... a»a phy.,..> .».. 

If you have o mend who i. a victim lo alcoholic or drug addiction. 
send hini to us and wo will cure him. 

If in neetl of hcdp yourself, oome and we will do Uk«w!*e. , 

The Neal Institiife; 

loas »•«■ ««»«t. Ttelwrte, ». « 

Headaches - nauaea - indigestlon-rruddy complexioo-pimF 
bad breath— thes« are some of the effects of cod- 

stipation. The mild, sensible, 

reliable remedyis ^_^^itfii4^^^V7W 'M fc 


ThsT ©onttan the *••■■• 
^^^iPP^— -- dtaoovertwl And l>«t ewcomot knof«»« •*J??' 

•^ WteTuw bowel, without the .ilKhUet dtecomJort *b4 ^'^'^^^^ 
,^:;:Cottho^m. Conauu^ln^^^ 


.'.i'.:^ /'. 





.'jM.ii.S,^'^l it-si- 


VJnrir,fnH»y, February ?«, 191? 

^i( r<unv Dvnv (OLOMsr 








'^ -^^li ^ 









'■&ob K07" Produced in the Victoria 

Theatre — Succaaiilal Creseutatlon 

of Oreat Bcuit Drama 

, <■''. i 


In conjunction svith BEL.I-.'S P.S. of A. 


This la to certify that the fjeli Remedy Company havt deposited $50» 
cash In the Bank of Hamilton, Winnipeg to be forfeited absolutely without re- 
Btrlotion, to any person jiurrerlnK from Eczema or other tjerm bIcId dlseaae. 
properly dlagnoacd, under personal supervision, that cannot be cur 1 by ih« 
use of the Uell Balm In conjunction with Hell's P. S. of A. 

Yours voiv truly, 

Bell Balm. Jn conjunction with Bell's f. S. of A., la not a medicinal experi- 
ment— it 1b a bona ndo and absolute remedy for Eczema and all Rerm sktn 
eruptions— tested for years and found to be tlio only cure for both acute and 
chronic cases. Aitef eVeiy vn»«r rciinjuj fu,-^ i-...c-, -• — • -.>»...•, .a ^^,ij~,^,^^-K,a 
wlthBell'dP. S. Of A., Win affect complete cure. Try this remedy — use it accord- 
ing to dJr«otloo» ana your Ecsema or any other germ sHm dfaease you mleht 

— -W.?'S — 

... : •? 




!&..*ffl! BELL RRilEPY CO> Stete 

Head Office) Vancouver, 8. C. 


it was a.n eitJinently — one aiisht. v.1- 
m<iat say oxi.-Uislvcly, but for the aud- 
ibly wlilsptToil <|ui.'rle« that punctuated 
the stage dialogue t' the uuUitorKiin 
— Scfittlsh audli.'nce that grathered in 
the Victoria thcHtre last nigrht to wit- 
ness a performance of 'Rob Roy." The 
suid whiHDfcrc'd queries were called Into 
lioing by the cOnsLslent broadening of 
the dial«el by the players plus the In- 
nate peculiar aubtleties of the lan- 
guage, and evidenced the fact that 
while the fcScotch inay have done much 
for Canada generally and Victoria 
particularly, they hava not- done for 
them completely. 

To produce "Rob Roy" In costume, 
color and language. l8 a feat not no 
easy of accomplishment within the 
four corners of Caledonia, but when 
tlie task Ib iittompterl hv ;i combination 

8cei. ,\ith 

the conditions and circumstances (M 
titv time, and cerlaiiiiy iackinv in iw 
. JillitidKailc atmosphere or Its tetOmtrnfl, 
^ it will be readily qoderatood tlMt Wk 
'accumulation of diMcuftie* must be 
(aeed. Tb^t tM»r *«!(«* h«fn Hf>Ht 
heroically ana succNstiiliy taced. waa 
attested by the jiroduction at the piece 
last nlyht, and It will be readily con- 
poded by those present that the "Beth 
Roy^ that stalked the boards of the 
Victoria theatre did credit tQ the great 
novel by the greater novelist. Sir 
Walter Scott, and to the Individual 


The I'i't 
Vancovivp'. 1 
I \V Home. 

A \ UiminK, l?»'() 

The president, 

\ 1 

vnnual Genetf*. J|it»lng of the 
'. on the 23rariiN^[AmQng tb 

Mr.' T/% ,t4lNi^^ «ee«^^^ the chair, and W. P. 

Company. Xifa^ttMU WM 
notice<l the MAHMriMMU 

S. B. SftSder, St 3. Knott. *. 


V street wsst>. 
beo. J. Tsn^ 
C. McPheriron, 


_^..,^._. . .._ . . «' 

.... ,,.. ., ._ ^ Itsid'iaeicd as seoretMT :!«>ff^,j@S^i!WipMr, 

The notice calling tfte vbeeinv was read by the secretary, also t)|«,.aMh|iqitsS' «f tJi« )«st'«w«jMa MMtfaW. which were 

^^^^^^^^S^isf H^msneiMi r«>nnrtK werp then nresented by the trcasur .Mr. H <:.- Oordott. 

^W^' s>xKBcroKs< naroMT 


I'he Directors have pleasure In sabmSttlnn herewith the I'ifth Annual Report showing tlie results of the year'« 

''P^y'4>uring the year the assets have Increased from |l,779.«82.68 to $2,484,081.51 and the paid-up capitel from »501,647.o<t 
.i. J-.41.35r..flO. 

The earnlnss, after providing tor expenses, interest and expenditure on new vffictf Mremises, amounted to |i22,a74.»l. 
Hit of which a dividend of 10 per cent per annum and a bonus of 10 per cent per annum were declared, leaving a balance 
of 117,006.56 to be carried forward. 

The trust assets have increased from *908,«64.23 to $1.380,?97.8ft. ^ 

The Directors arc grateful for the many expressions of confidence in the care and Judgment exercised by them as 
repre^f«l|t^£fiires, and for the Increased volume of j^lj w p tram satisfied clients. 

lite ^Niwferte'ncp and «Epecia\ quatificatlons of 'wSS Iwictefrs'ln the matter of investment of monfy on mortgage loans 
and tlie worth of the guarantee, have made the Company's guaranteed mortgage loans an attractive investment to local, 
|'.4lK|tJQH4£liyfc, caplUUsts and financial instltntlotts. 

j^^M#Mwlli|l49Km of the Company has heen Improved during the y«ar; other betterments are being considered. 
Jiairectorn hope that every .shareholder will give all^possible business to the CSsB^iMny. and see that his friends' 


Vancouver, B. C, January 27, 1912. 

The election Of tfNS^^|8P*««l«lted in the re-election of the retiring directors as follows: 

Tlios. T. LanfrlolS.'keSJ^'lS'o^vft. Hon! G. H. V. Bulyea. R. .T. lf«|,«MHFblln, K- C. J. Vt. HOme.. CIMWMI «»5|(fii^,ar« Goo. 
Telfer, D. R. Dingwall, Horace 3. Knott, Geo. Martin. E. H. C^yMM^' Capt. Win. Grant. <J60. T^^h^l ■ill#/1B.1iiailllth. 


T. Stein & Co. and Messrs. Marwlck, Mltchein, Feat & Co. were elected auditors of fh« 




\ ' . ■ -eting of the newly e^ttt^tCi- t>lrectors, the foHowlng 
J. Telfcr, 1st vlce«t Mf | «H iiyt- and manai^lng director, f M' 
1 don, treasurer. 


Mm no 

u crt' 

elected: Thos. 
vice-president; W. 

T. Langlois, 
P. Reld, secretary; 

membei ' s of the ^ast. ■ Au adaytati O B 
is more often a tUeft than a compli* 
ment to the original idea but in the 
«ase of "Rob Roy" the text has been 
uXj oqA by with a faith that mnst sure- 
ly~!lutv» bsen other ttian a proftii^ 
Idowil 4nuiwtt»s^f: mM> wblto <|ie 
efaajnuiters, tnWvMdKlbr iiM «ol)ectIve. 
ly« .ftjtt.Itt tfN»>ciM^ ivtCh ¥oeal num- 
'^NPHll^ l ^ l^ P ^^ i W i Wft ^^ y, to live up 

these pniiiiHl^^|S tbey are all Boot- 

"j^lptf situation, ^^"^gj^^.'-mmf^^ 
mt^m it Is iniposiilki'ti>^ISeli«se' 
in terms of the highest \n \. • While 
here and there an accent lobi it- wa.v 
and obtruded itself at an unfortunate 
juncture In the expressions of one or 
two of the players, the average was 
exceptionally high. In this regard Mr. 
Alan B. Stevenson, In the estimable 
role of Bailie Nlcol Jar\ le. achieved a 
noUble ^SEfK^eMr INH. ^"''^ >" Point of 
languag»a;^' ^j i || |f |H n!o ability, his 
interpretaiio!|r^ipBBB"whimHtcaiuies of 
the great WI^Ait- delineation being 
charmlnRh hnmnroii^ .iml tntireU suc- 
c«>ssful. e\ on t" tlie Miin.! <'^ ^'■le latest 
immigrant tnun AiiUt ■> these 

western shores. 

J. n. Thompson, who assunii rt t'-f 
onerous role of ?!P|l||fe,J|ltoy*" carried 
the honors of tNf^lWwntng wUh 
magnificent figuK- tnd i a.s\ , ^r.u eful 
delivery uul di ji'Ttnu m luii,. mif- 
able prrf'irnnni'f '. ^^ r 
Hay, as tht Dougal Cj 
Warebam as Rashlcigh 
John Mi'Gruer a»/.'Kr. <5w' 
senach lawyer; jlljiss Minn 
as Diana Vernon, and M 
Strn<'hnn a«! Mattif thi- r 
Ine iu.ikI III .iiicM'iMn 

lent" ! • » eral I'l Um nuimi"! 

SCM lasiTiiy arranjTPO m im- 

mitation of the heath. of the 

McGrcNfor country. Tb. l Loch- 

ard. iii|B^*^^k« of Aberloyle. and the 
cave -olMSnli Hnv were depicted with a 
wealtli til It ua- both attrac- 

tive ann M.iu-tic- The play will be 
piotluced again this evening. 



k 1 l^C 

^i ''^*'!%£^4s. 




..Bttiod issue (so,00o »h«fe!^V*t.ll'»«i' rfwire 
htg to announce that oii^'lliiarSfiS, "or prior to 

dkt d£ite,^ should die fatflUHBe of the issue have;.( 
'^ "beetC subscHbed, the^j^^ of shares will be' 
adviinced tp $i ib '^i:^*rp, Victoria ^txfplt 
W^ aCfordcid' an^^d^f^nity of purch««iti^, 
siiargg In a, giuwl|ug ' cuiitcm, engagwl m 



1 V- 

Balance Sheet as at December 30th, 1911 


;ir,,u, :,.,,! Mnriiu-lpal UoudH .... 

..8 Jsn-.r3r..9» 

>n Improved Fropcrty . .. . 

Iialance on PropertltiS Sold 

Sundry Securities 

I'urnltMr.e and FiXtttrPS 

.^Rcncy Aecount.s 

CaHh on Hand • 

Trust and 0-ttaranteo Department. 

I'irs' Mriili^ii^Ts on Hcm! T'l'operty (Juaran- 
teed .-■ •• •.. .... .$ r,:!7,yoi, 

First Morteasres on Real Property as Se- 
curity on i;>eb(>ntur(>s Guaranteed ;. ...490,840. 

Securities held other Investments 

Guarant#ed I'^l.Mn. 

I'Mral MortRaBes on Real Property Tim 

TruKl. Securities held «!>,Uo4. 






Mortgages ami Pe.'icni ui > !■■ •li,- % .';i;-i,7s;).r.i; 

Balancf to -^ 1 ::!»,'_' 16.71 

'■•■■''•""■■■ '" 'I -'^^m^ .:-.irr.7-,7 

Call l,oans on Municipal Bonds ............. . 200. .504.14 

Bank (Special .\ci:onnl) 110,678.94 

suhKcribed t;apltal (l.oOn.oon.QO 

laid np Capital 541,305.00 

RpHcrve LT.O.OOO.OO 

r)ividend No. 4 . in.'",,aos.2r. 

At Credit Profit Account ', . 17,006.56 

Trust and Ouarnntee Onpartment 

lK'l(t>ntiirf>.'< Crt!ii ran teed $ 490,840.3.1 

Funds Invested and Guaranteed, ..... ..^aHBiSK^. 750,603. 4:i 

Trust Funds Invested .... ..^^^HHIkio. 354.00 




Signed on behalf of 

lional Finance Company, Jjlmi led. 

Vancouver, B. C, January 27th. ini: 

TnO.'=!. T. l,.\NCrI,OlS, nireetor. 
CEO. .1. TIOUI.'EU. Dlre.!t..r. 
H. C. qORDON. Treasurer. 


Vancouver. B. C, .Tartuary 27th. lltlL'. 
W. h. I t.y o'rti!% that We ha Ve audited the books of the National I''lnance Company, Limited, for the year ending 
SOIli December, mil, and found them correctly kept and properly vouched. We have examined as at the said .lOth 
December, Iflll, the Securities of the Company «.nd the C««b and Bank BnlancftS, and found them to be «« shown in the 
mIh.vo statement. 

We have veHfi- • mre and rnvritnicM .\..inMi.'.i .unl iii,,i hi .ir.l>!- 

Vienturew. Rondw, Serb* and oilier Hecurttles of the Trust, Kwlales iinil ..\KencieM of the I'ompaiij 
We ftirther eortlfy that nil <iiir r»»vilvpm»ntK as Auditors have been complied with, and thru 
full and true 1. ., affairs In accorflanoe with the bo.ik- mT t... < ■ompan> < uii 

Deeemher. 1911. , 

\V. T. .'•ITF.rN & < Ti., 
Chartered Accountants, .\iidlioi.;. 

Mii- .Mortgaj?!'. 1 1 



Dec. 31, 1908 

Dec. 31, 1909 
Dec. 31, 1 9 10 

Dec. 30, 1911 












Xiooal Kesidcnt "Wljo Says He Zs .a 

Pitcher Signs Contract 'With Wat- 

elet's "A-wk-ward" Sqaaa 

John J. Grady, at present residing In 

:«\'ietoria. was a caller at President 

VVattelet'.s office yesterday, and before 

John J. had departed he had affixed 

liU i.fl'ii-i;il (•.iirn..ineii [>< 11 fiirmal eon- 

Lhe Vk- 
liiriii 'I .;i,ii'i)iiii I iiiii^. ju.-^iiii. .Vithough 
CJrady did not figure In any official 
averages last sea.son, being away at 
Stewart, B. C, pursuing other o(?cupa- 
tions, he has pitched league ball. The 
last position he held down was In 1910 
with Edmonton in the Twilight league, 
whore he figured In 17 games as a 
t wirier, winning 10 and losing 7. John 
stands no le.Ms than six feet and looU.'< 
as though he could deliver the gootla. 
In the same year he, walked 3S men 
and fl.'ided .013. 

PrcsldciU Dugdale. of the .Seattle 
club, yesterday received a letter from 
Jimmy Wlgpra, Seattle pitcher, in which 
the elongated twlrler stated that as far 
as baseball was concerned this year, he 
had retired. Wlggs tried to catch on 
with some Southern club, believing 
that It was too cold for his wing In 
the Northwest. He failed to land a 
lierth, hut writes thsit he is making a 
good thing nut of the Insurance bual- 
ness. However, Dug thinks James will 
be with us when the robins nest again. 
Wiggs had a very good season Inst 
year and Was Seattle's best •pitcher, 
riniHhing among the first five of the 

Norman Crtilok.shiink, outfli'lder of 
the Seattle Oiant.s, has been engaged 
to coach the Bellingham High school 
nlno tills season, und will take up his 
work very .shorlh. 

Johiiii.. i:.ii . Ill til. 'hlcago Cubs, 
says he will do his best to get Hank 
O'Day, formerly umpire, now leader of 
flnelnnatl Beds, rired rrom tne fieio 
this coming season. Th<» mlniit" Hank 
.steps an Inch over the roaehlng line, 
Johnny is going to appeal tu the um- 
pire in charge. 

Prince Albert Calls 

Thf! Kteamer Prinoi Albert arrived 
frfitii liif. (loi'to uiniiit iiddiilMht. She 
left again early thifi mor.d.ij, for Seat- 
tle to load machinery loi I'rlncu Itupcrt. 

l«|o. Armstrons 

a peoittal^le btt|fiii^.»/.iNaiifM|ed by wdl known 
Vi<^ta ai4;; ^^14^'*^ hmim^ ineo. , 
All Direcitoi^WK^M^ connected with the 


a omiaim 
" tKffiiwii 

W. B. I'^lnlay, 


J. Zj. Q. Abbott, 


Ernest ICennedy 



_ purchased 

''^ahare cash, 

cash, bal- 

.Wonths, or 

cash and $5 mon 

New Westminster 
London, Eng. 

d^y&ny M^'tv^\<l \^^J»m*( 
m^9 as the public is ihvitodjO.^ 
. share. There are no pn '^^'^*'' 

Where Profits 

Are Derived 

In addition to our Building Department, we 
carry on a general Real Estate and Insurance 
business, the profits from which go to swell 
\ the dividends. Shareholders may conserva- 
\ tively look for a lo per cent, dividend the first 
\ year, increasing thereafter and a steady ad- 
\ vance in the price of shares. 


Send for Prospectus. It will Interest You. 


Third Floor, Sayward Building 
Agents Royal Insurance Co., Liverpool. Eng. Ernest Kennedy, Managing Director. Phone 1030 








fe 'v^'iS^S 




W«dn««d«y. February 28, 1912 

(U^ll TCI F«^ the Diamond Steel 
tpOl./ O Range Sold Reg. at $40 

THIS is ihc best offer that we have made for a lo.i- tnnv 
:ta\ cannot be duplicated. Unfortunately we have only a 
limited number to offer at this price, and you will have to 
>hop early to secure one. The Diamuud is a reliable steel range 
that we are confident will plcase the most exacting housewife. 

The Body is made of heavy blue steel, closely riveted, and is 
,:^,^A j^. ..n.„...^-.ced plare^ with a hcavv asbcstos miU board witn 
'" '.h"eet-ir<urc ' X cr, and the body Is stiffened with an angle iron 

V ,'i-" 111 ' ion. 

A Note of Warning 


The Flues— These are well proportioned, easy to oi>«^*J? 

a A large clean-out door is provided in the frottt, oy 

^which the flues can bc1»^#*gr'^eat»^<l- ^^'^\t 

oers »»il»*^0««h control oi thfe diraughta, and cime^^^X 

of fuel '" » . .. ' /..-. . " ' ^. '• 

The Fire Bo» is^ w^J constructed 4nd is saitfiUe for bumwr 
wood or co»l Thegrat* is easily ta|c«fa out, the hiiings are ^vy 
Md w«n v«iiti^t|s4 ift made in three pieces, and is constructed to 
atlov for ©twtHiietion and expansion. 


HHit O v cft 

■Thia 10 made of hiravy ah<>ft-stfifil. JS W^U riveted 

In Which You Can Save Money by Purchasing 
Your House Furnishings at Sale Prices . . . 

TC For Buffets Sold Reg. 
. / ^ From $30 to $37.50 

SOLID OAK BUFFETS— In I'.arly English finish, fumed 
oak and :i highly polished golden finish. They have 
shaped frunt.s. three cupboards with fancy door.-,, cue cut- 
lery drawer lined with felt, and one large linen drawer. The 
back has a low, shaped .shelf, two brackets, and a l^eveled plaie 
mirror 40 x 10 in. All are made of well seasoned lumber and 

afe a remarkal)le value at • -^SLTS 

Solid Oak Buffet— In golden color, highly polished or in a neat 
fumed finish. The top measures 48 x 2iin., and the body <;on- 
tai".s two cutlery drawers, one of which is lined, one large 
Hiien drawer and a large cupboard with two drawers. The 
back has one large shelf supported by shaped l>rackets and a 
beveled mirrofv.^e 40 x I2in. Special value ^.^,v . . .S>-i-X.7o 

rwo wmjSMMiM,.MAMm im'-wmmsm oak 

1>ilffi. The # m^^il^^l^^v^ and the body hdj^o 
'long linen drawer, two. cuiftery #*»#*«, and a large cupboard 
With two fancy leaded glass doors. The back is plain, has large 
• *' supported by sqtrtw^ lilltot ^nd « bivrij** «ttrror 3&Kr, 
This is a very attrad^y* piece of, furmttwe attOi 

U)I)AY and Thnrsddij (tie the lasl livo Ja//.s ()rihc Fehru- 
(iiij Ihnisc-l'urnishiiuj S(ile^m}AoKJuMmL.ili^l!:iL^ 
rcfjuJar prices wij' 
' These are ijour hist 1)pportimifJcs Jo sccuf^fWrrfffffrF 

nittite than usual fqpg 

to whom the need^sr . 

^stiUputim^ off i^i^morrmf what thrift advises th^m.tQ 

jibtodiwrond nodouti tmnu of timm wiU lose their chaim. 

, Willi^pu be one of the. di^appcinted crowdf fif you are, 
we will both be the losers; we have goods to sell and are wilting 

to share our profits with you, but we emuiol eddend our sale 
limls beuwdthund m ff gfel> ; ( . ^_ "• ''- -• ^^ -■•^--7 
Shop todaV'-ti^^roip your oj^or^tU may slip. 

valne at, 

Surface Oak Buffet— ^Vith a top measuriftg 3ft. 0n, x aoin.. The 
body haa t«o mm 4rawet», pne of wbwHj^ %^ l*^*"*^'^ ' 

onOargelf^eii W«\^^»^*^#:^i1>0#^^ 

-msrsr-The back haa a^,i |p Mita» e il gtttoo i | t ^|y,tw ^.shapea 

tiik*jet8 and a beveled^jSii.?|#» ^^^-^ ^^^^j^^^'l' 

and strongly braced to prevent warping or buckling. U is pro- 
vided with a strong wire rack, and the door is spring-balane»4. 
Cooking and baking are cptnp^ratively easy m this oven, lae 
•liw* ; , w» M,t.n Ai T wtmit a£A eaa Hv Tesrulated-HHrt-penect-* 

heat is^ j)tfen dirfetwl M ^ily Tegulated-that-p erfect c onfl fe 



tions are a certainty. ^ ^, ,,.„„.. . ., .._. 

Ask to see this range. . Regitlar vahte $<p).oo, noW mUfl^t^ at 
$31.75. '' 


jestry Ca^lii'^SiiiiWW* at $2.90. Hearth R 
at 95c; and $6.50 to $8.75, Lace Gurtains 

for $3,50 Today ' 


^ _jF S?a|«, an^ facre are a few of our do^- 

h^l,y|Tpfypr See the window display on View Street, and you will realize that 
the barg^S=iigger than even the most exacting would expect, 


Squares — These are in 
nentional designs in ground 
fevn, two-toned green, and 
Vith various colors. They 
have TnterwoV^n borders, a hard finished 
surface and are woven in one piece. Size 
6 feet 9 inches by 9 leet. Spccial^k. 

price . . MS^9' 

Tapestry Hearth Rugs, in very effective de- 
signs and colorings. These aiw Ai^^*^^5i*. 
• strong weave and a rare iSffli^^ 
27x.=i8 inches. Price 

Odd Piece^sol Tapestry CaifpSBSii^Pm var 
iety of colors and patterns. They are 
iy2 yards long and will make good rugs. 
Price, each . ■ • • ' ■ **^*r 

Brass Extension Rods— For sash or case- 
ment curtains, all complete with brackets. 
Special for today's .selling, 3 for. . . .10^ 

Battenbcrg and Irish Lace— Also a few Not- 
tingham Lace Curtains and shades in 
white and ivory. This lot includes some 
of the-best designs we have in -t* ok and 
are ^iiiiie for any room in the house. 
Only 23 pairs to be sold at thi> price. 
Regular ^.50, ^7-7S an<i $8.75. all to clear 
at ■' * ^•*Ji!P»1i! 

Drapery Materials and Furniture Coverings 

—There are many materials in thi-- in- 
cluding printed .scrims, art sateen-, c.-l- 
oted i^' "'• ^*-*— ♦♦ *- *^**' »-.«-—• 

ing thebc oul m wuier to make room for 
the new spring goods, we are pressed for 
room—otherwise these low prices would 
not be possible. 200 yards are to be 
sold. See them in the win'dows. Regular 
25c, 35c and 45c values an to clear at. per 
vard .............................10^ 

Bargains in the Hardware 

Department Today and 

WE anticit),'>* I- .-x very busy time in this depart- 
Piei and tomorrow, and we cannot 

say how soon the goods in the following 
ijaMtwiU be sold oul. ^"—'"lop early, under ^ny cii- 
*^&tiiifee> ii v\ill , ^i to replenish your stock 

nf kitchen utensils, crockery and glassware while 
the «5ale prices prevail. Visit the department, look 
;.r.,nnd and yon will realize that the money-saving 
■pniiK-^ are better than usual. 


Rose Bowls— In bQth plain. glass and colors. They 

are a \ erv attractive shape and have a trellis top 

', of biM>. in keep the blooms in place. With sprini; 

appr-cichin-. ijiese bowls should; be attractive. 

\ alues to ij;i.25 will be cleaned out at. . 50f^ 

lo-piece Toilet Sets, made of good Knglish >cnii- 
TO^rcelain. They are white with a raised pattern 
and are trimmed with gold lines. Our regular 

et Department— Bargams for Thursday . 


rrS 1 1 IRSDAY, the last day of the sale, will be a big bargain day. Many lines that we 

I are not repeating for the Spring season, remnants^of carpet, and many of our 

-■- regular lines will be sold at prices that will be a pleasant surprise to you. See the 

window displays for further details. Here are a few of the items: 

SI. :ip; values WTiiiJc ><na tuua>^ amt ■ iix .ij., »• 

ilicv last, atper set. ..... ......... • • - • • .?2.50 

iere are a lot of odd pieces that we wish to clean 
out quickly, and if a low price is an inducement, 
they will not remain on our tables very long. 
There are trinket and powdeir boxes in fancy 
A'ith nickle or brn and decorated with 
cameo miniatures. Kegi..«. alue up tn $1.00 mil 
be sold at, each. • • ■ -50^ 

Portiere and Window Curtains— In art 
set^^dii6d ta'^estr^'. 'iin'-^i' -'ire in such a 
diversity of styles that detailed descrip- 
tion is impossible. Some are beautifully 
embroidered olT, cloth and others have 
artistic woven borders. Many are finish.^ 
cd wiih heavv iriuLic .unl all arc rare 
bargains. Regular $8.75, $10.50 and 
^12.75 values on sale Thursday at ^4.50 

Window Shades— Made of a strong quality 
of opaque cloth and mounted on Harts- 
liorn spring rollers. .Ml complete with 
brackets, tassels and pulls. Colors green 
or cream. Size 37in. x 72in.. at each 25^ 

Brass Extension Curtain Rods ' with 

spear ends and brackets. These are 
>tr^^^■ ann ^ci vicc«tutc ioti.->, a<ta v...» t.u 
for iuug ur short curtains. Regular 25c 
value on sale Thursday at, each . . .10c 

Linoleum Bargain— Block, tile and floral 
designs are here to choose from and all 
are a reliable;q"->''*^v. They are 2 yards 
wide and a bit, .; -lin to close out the 
Februarv sale. Price, per square yard 25^ 

n pen or 

Brussels Carpet Squares- 
quality. They have interwoven borders 
and may be had in ground shades of 
green, fawn and blue. For hard wear you 
will find these carpets hard to beat. Size 
9 X 12ft. Special price for Thursday's 

selling ■- . . . - - ^10.75 

Brussels Carpet Remnants— You can choose 
from a variety of patterns and colors in 
either body or border carpel. They are 
all high-grade carpet and are 22)^m. and 
27ih. wide. The pieces are about 1I2 
yards long. Per piece on Thursday. .50f^ 
Carpet Remnants— -These are .A.xminster 
and Wilton carpet of the best quality. 
There are many patterns and colors to 
: choose fr£>m and are about I, '/2 yards lona. 
Per piece on Thursday. $1.00 

Japanese Mats— These are an ideal fl.>or 

covering for bedrooms; especially for the 

^ summer season. They are handsome in 

" design and coloring, sanitary, easy to keep 

clean, durable and inexpensive. Size 

feet. Each 


$1 for Strong Print Waists 


NEW shipments are pouring in every day, and it looks as 
if we are going to be in a better position than ever in 
this department this Spring. Spencers values in waists 
have long been recognized as a standard of value in Victoria, 
Init we consider that these lines have the average beaten by a 
long shot. Ask to see them in the department. 
Heavy Print Waists—In the plain tailored style. They come in 
light and dark blue stripes on a white ground. The stripes 
are in a variety of widths and all sizes are included in the line. 
Some of them have shoulder pleats and all have a laundered, 
detachable linen collar, box pleat front and a patch pocket. 
The cuffs are in the striped material and are laundered. Special 

%\ 00 

value, per garment 't'-" 

Hair Line Stripe Print Waists— In black and white, blue and 
white, and mauve and white. They have laundered, detach- 
able linen collars, soft link cuffs, patch pockets and a box 
pleat front with pearl buttons showing through. We strongly 
recommend this line. Per garment $1.00 

Serviceable Print Waists— With very fine black line-. I'liesc 
waists will launder well and may be had in all sizes. They 
come with laundered, detachable linen collars, laundered link 
cuffs of self and box pleat down the centre. The fronts arc* 
with two pleats, rin. wide and full Im-th, ;.ls.. a •'^'i^'^^fler plcrit 
on either side. Per garment $1.00 


A Showing of Evening SHppers 

Tlie C5olonlal Pump Ih Hip newoHt anil HiiiRrtPHt DrwUK'tlon In wonien'K 

footwear f-at \:T.r. i":«'n.> o\it for many BPiisonn. and It artlmlo RhepeR c<»m- 

■ blned wlth^liifffi-K'""'!'' nuiteiiuls «in<l perfeft romfort win niRk« a style 

-...,„_ .m- «r.» wUl roach ila vnry hisrhest Doaitlon In public favor. 

It Is impossible to «lve you « fair Idea of their bc-euty In an H«1verllBP- 

mcnt not ♦^ven a «ood lUustratloti would do lliom jupHoo, imt we win b<> 

pIoas'fHj to nhow thetrt \.<^ you at y«»r request. 

Therp «re satin, pfltrnt leathpr. coronation a!lk-fa"c'1 -^loth In black 
and blaok aundc leathers to ohoosp from. They arij Irlmniprt with large 
huckles and oomo have beaded VBtnpri. All sIzpk arp licrp. and there are «<> 
many «tyles that you are foirc nf flndhiK n allpper tlmt will pl«ase yo". 
• Prices sUrt as low as $3.00 and rgnjfe up to §6.00. 

Staple Goods at a Big Saving Today and Thursday 

Ginghams, in a variety of colors,, large ^"^ small 
checks. Per yard .x^yz^ 

Zephyrs and Ginghams — These are all Englisii 
manufacture and are the newest stripe and 
check designs. They are 31 inches wide and 
are sellinpr at. per yard. l^v 

Silk Finished Mulls, in plain and striped effects, 
with a good srik finish. These ate splendid 
value at. per yard, 25c and......... 20^ 

English Prints, in all colors. These will launder 
v.cll. the colors are fast. Regular value. t.Sc a 
yard. Special sale price 10^ 

White Victoria Lawns, 3''' inches wide. at. per 
yard. 25c. 20c and 1^^ 

White Cambric, 36 inches wide, at, per yard. 20c 
and ■■^^; ; ^^^ 

White Mulls — These aif .i vti- mm.- quabty. Per 

vard. ^oc and '• .^o^ 

Nigger Head Suiting— These are full 36 inches 
wide and are >uitable for making women's and 
children's dresses or nurses' uniforms. Per 

vard ^ 25^ 

Turkish Towels — Large size anfl our regular 25c 
value. Special sale jiricc 15^ 

Huckaback Towels— There are both plain and 
hc;r.stitched towels to. choose from, and they 
are a quality that aviH stand endless vvear. 

P ach • • .*••••••*•""'' ^•-**' 

Wool Filled Comforters— Here is a large as.sort- 
ment of patterns and qualities to choose from. 
They arc covered with silkalinc and satin cov- 
ers in a great variety of colors. Price, each 
$4.00, $3.50. $3.00. S2.50. $2.00 and $1.75 

White Grecian Quilts— Single bed size, at $1.00 
each, and double bed size at, each $1.75. %^-^^^ 
and ?1.50 

Ready-to-use Sheets—There are 100 pairs 01 
these sheets left and once we are sold out, we 
cannot repeat them at this price. They are lull 
.size, are free from dressing and are our regu- 
lar .S2..S0 value. You will have to shop early 
u. secure them. vSpecial. per pair $1.75 

White Wool Blankets— These are <i full size anil 
a snecially good vain.-. Special values, per 
pair, $4-25 and .^^.7i> 

White Wool Blankets — I' nil size and 7 lbs. 
weight. Per pair ..$5.75 

Superior White Wool Blankets— These arc^f^ 
Ib.s. blankets, at per pair ,$6.75 

Economy in Princess Slips and Corset Covers 

Prlnceas BUp«— M...1'- di >i.iion. Th^.'^c 
1111(1 HfTvlcMible Karinemt. made with 
r^rtKpd with lace. Thi» nefk ard «i'<"f. 
i«hPd with a lacfi cdjflnK. The- 
than rtt. per Karnient 

Princess SUps— Madf of a no^nd camlM-lc. 
rioun<-p nf pmbroldpry and the .hi^joI 
trimmed with lat-e. A value I'l ' 
ppr Knrm«nt 

Prlnooss BUps — Mailo of fine canibrlr. 
havf a handsome yokp of pmbroldory 
fInlHhed with an pmbroWsred flounce 

irc a \- . . : "Hi^ 

u tuttkcrd flounce 

"J are neatly fln- 

I.) better values 


The «klrt has a 
;i<)vi>r is neatly 
,;ii.l 1.1 licMt nl. 


Thesp garment H 

and the pklrl Is 

Price, per »«ir- 


PrlncSBS SUpsMi'l" i,r fine nnin.snok In a variety of 
<l.iluty ttylpM. So.up are Irlniine.l wUh fine Valenrlennesi 
la,.e and otherH with emhroWery. Frlces. per K-Y"'-'"'- 
ranwe from $.1.00 up to l|ll.i.50 

PriaoaSB SUps—M^de of a fine nainsook. The Rklrt has 
., flounre of fine SwlHa embroidery, and the corset cover 
'i„i« •. yoke of embroulp-ry. flnl.shmi with la.-o ''''^''t^yf 
and ribbons. Per jBrarm«nt . jpz.-.» 

Dorset Covers— Made of fine nalnFOck and <ammi<-. There 
„rp v.niouK -styles to <-hoo.«ie from, trimmed with Valen- 
rlPnnes lace, Imitation Irish lacc and embroidery. Spe- 
ilal value, per garment 5"<^ 

David Spencer, Limited- 

Boys' Suits— 100 at Saving Prices 


T MERE is not a single snit in this lot that is not worth far 
more than we are asking for them today, and every one 
of them are new goods for spring and summer vvear. Our 

buyer made a-vcry fortunate hit when he secured this lr)t and we 

are offering you the benefit of this lucky purchase. 

Tweeds in light weights are the nialcricd> and the most popular 
colors are the greys, greens and browns, but we have others 
to choose from. Sizes range from 23 to 3^^ a"tl will fit boys 
up to the age of 16. The styles are double-breasted and Nor- 
tolk and von can have bloomer or idain trousers with any suit, 
but the bloomer trousers will cost you 25c more than the 
prices quoted. An extra pair of trousers to match the suit 
may be had al a co.?t of about $1.00 e.Ktra Price, per^^^!^ 
S,^50. $3.25, $3.00 and $2.75 


All now models and two shades of green and bl^ck to choose 
irrun, 'I'his will give you an opportunity to get the boy a full 
ouliil at a very moderate cust. There are only a few dozen O^f 
these hats and if a low price combined with an excellent quality 
is an inducement, there should be many ready purcliasers for 
them, so shoj^ early. All one price ....75^ 

Men's Underwear and Shirts 

Men's BWrt* »ad I»r»w«wi~Th«8e are In natural merino and are a Ught 
wplKht for Sprln.K ah'i Summer wear. There are all «Ijwm» froni »4 to n 
ln'8to<-k anrl the quality Is harii to beat even at a much hl(th*T >rtce. Thoy 
have a soft ^Udah aM will not IrH^t* your sWn. Per «r»rm«nt to- 
day • . . .V ...... .."• '■ ..»<►♦ ► 

Oambrio o»«»a* ■»irt»-*-Th«iie are In a plain blua and have a Jo"*' ***{*V^.a 
A separate lounre ooJIftr is supplied with each shirt, and ttre c«Ma JJJf *2j^' 

i double style AU •ti«ii are ^lere at, jwr garment ..^LPfr^- 
XaxMrlaMI CMliMt* OttUa* »»rt».-.a«|wrat« lounge coHara^ *-'^..,W^^ 
with thews •h»rte. and the siaevea^r* flnlsho.1 wfth * ••^J^WJMfflt 
I All atwsB ssrv ■»»«»r«-»it » *««-«-«r»(r ««» « .j « »i» .-»»*».• - > ~ " - - yi ' — ..-,-»■,— r- 
-pj/kxA a9« OBUtala li tkw - ^ Vlth aof t fronta, cojjiar. Ww»4. atarohwd 
^oH.tT The*' afe t«Lt cOft* "h-n-jafM coin* In a varl«ty ot Hfht 

fancy atrtpaa, AW „*»»(«. , .P»C- W»^aiu»x. ,.-, »^ .,»...**..».• ."»^ 

Oaiahrlo Outlat •»ri»t»— In plain blue. th«»6 hava soft revenrtM^ 
y aod »on ouffii. AiH i»l«» «««* h*^ »«• f^*" gatmaat 





..^rS.- '..''•■■ t;f;.I«.-aV.'-. . 

Wedno*d«y> February ZB, IVTW 

vicrroiuA uaii^i ^ui.tjr« lai 


-^•-^ i^^ .■'a^m. 






' 7 •' ■ 



J 'r- ' 




■I* • '' 

■ •.■•■> 


■J v^ 







.->.. ..-.,4. -Mt? 






• r-^^V* • ■. ■■• ■ "{•!. ■■■•■ *iv2 





••J. L»Vl 








•''' • 


"TT- .IJ-I ■ 





/! ill ji«i«va»«»^^\'wcv««iTTitT\T^vv<; ■ 



a • 1 

^ » - r - 

I - 







„^^ ^ jv-i-^i:>^--^-;-. -r';;-X 

W0mm :fB^ 

>.'■!'(. Tit 




'jfi •win *>. I^-Ej 

f>.'^ v'-Kt:. 

iVlilT »*»Al] 












_ Ihe Canadian Northern Railway 

The PAGIFIC'PROPERTIES LIMITED has purchased large holdings in the Town- 
ship of Port Mann from the Canadian Northern Railway. These properties will 


H fn fhp niihlir for the first time. 



T^r\T^ -r \/f \ TS.TTS.T has been before the public for the past two years and during that time the ^reat interests back of it have 
FOR 1 MAIN IM been perfecting their plans for its future. Not only has a large portion of the railway been constructed 
between Port Mann and Edmonton, but also the townsite itself has been cleaa^ed and laid out as a model city. Wharves have been built; a 
large hotel is under construction and other buildings have been started. 

.r^ 4 11.T 4 T^x 4 TVT TV Ti^T^ O^T TT7"0 IVT CX_jrM3C A definite statement has been made by the Vice-President 
CANADIAN JN UK 1 JrirLKiN OrlUr O of the C. N. R. that the coast terminal and repair shops will 
be located at Port Mann, and with the development of the mountain sections, will quickly enlarge until they rival the present ^hops at Winni- 
peg which employ nearly 3,000 hands and support a population of 15,000 people. 

^j^^.-.. ^^y jl" A rr<jr\^\J OC AAA Win^in ^^ «hort time I^ort Mann will have a population of 25,000 people, supported not only 
1 Ox U L>A 1 lUiN dOy\)\J\) by the pay roll of the C. N. U., but by other hirge industries, some of which have already se- 
cured desirable siles. Tbe future of this Western city can'only be limited by the development of Western Canada. Back of it lies the re- 
sources of the entire country, and in front is the ocean highway of commerce to the Orient, also to Eastern America and the Continent ot 
P^urope via the Panama Canal. 
THE HOLDINGS of the Pacific Properties, Ltd., offer you every facility for selecting the best that the townsite contains. 




Wm. McBain, President; H. L. Johnson, Managing Director j t E. A. MacKenzi& 


' . ■ . ' ,uwfi i TtS>.4. III ! . ii y i iiMiW ' 

TV * -TT-xr 

V^ V-» X^ *_» A » A«s^ A 

W«dn«»day, February 28, 1912 



Mig HIU X.ln«r MaUhr Oood Fass»ff« 

AcroRS Pacific — Win Have Sec- 

ord Cargo for Far Bait 



Jai^auM* BtMuner WIU DUobarffa 937 

Tona of Oanaral Oarfo at tb« 

Outer Wharf Tomorrow 

The steunier Minnesota ul ilui Great 
Northern Conipany reiibrts from sea 
by wireless that she will rf'^jfh Smttle 
tomorrow from the OrK'iit. The hiff 
Ktcamer lett Yokohama on Keljruury 
16th, and is making a fast run. The 
liner is bringing: as i)art of her cargo 
SSO bales of raw silk, a big shipment 
of silk goods, and other jn-odiicta ot 
the Orient in lesser (tuantlty. Bhe has 
fifty first-cabin i)aHsen^ers from ports 
in the Far Kast bound for this 

Thi' steamer is expected to make tlie 
liassage from Yokohama in a little 
over thirteen da>s, which will doubt- 
less, as usual, be heralded from Seattle 
as the fastest time* made across the 
f'acific, although the schedule of the 
Empresses allows them a twelve day 
tri p. and the Empress of Tjppan eleven 
years ago made the irii) in 10 days 10 

The Mlnaesotn will ISreak all record J 
■ujith hor outward cargo. On _her Isi'i^C 
trip the steamer took 17,122 tons, 
mostly flour. The South China Morn- 
ing Post of Hongkong, speaking of the 
big imports of flour, says: 

The steamship Minnesota has just 

Wtiit ;i:ti tons of gen»ral uuiko lo 

diHcliurge at ilie outer wharf and -- 

puSGongers to debark hcri- the Japanese 

steamer Awa Maru of the Nippon Yustii 

kalaha, Cant. Iriaawa, will reach ihf 

j outer wharf ton)orrow from Honskonp 

1 nnil the u.suul port ^^f call in the l'"ar 

i Kast. Jhti Japanese steamer left Yoko- 

on l-'ebruary i4tli. She has a 

CHrgo of gentral freight, hiclud- 

blg shipment of raw sUk. 


lU).; ii 




I steamer Maude Take* Supply of liquid 
i Fuel for Boecowltz Conipany 

I Veeael 

1 The Steamer Maadc. of the B. C 
i Marine Railway Company, came from 
' iiJsqulmalt yeptwrday to take on a ship- 
ment of fuel oils for the steamer ^|en- 
turc of the BoseowUz Steamship Com- 
j>ony, which Is belnjf eciulpped Willi oil- 
burning apparatus at Ksuuimult. It Is 
sxpscted the work i_wnL,_^be comnlated 
about the end of the wtsek, and the Ven- 
ture is scheduled to aall ffir jthe north 
on Wednesday next.' 



brought to Hongkong 510,000 hags of nnnrroT 

sSii&Br. ni'>re thHr millloaii*tL;.*. rUn ilUbtni 

;"ftBl$tn, each one epui lUiv p-raipi 

of the PHPtnl i4MllMP4Hit^^ ^^ ' • i^n 
that fiftv pouiiiir^W'^'Ifeui' l" """■'' 
si\t\-t\No and qJipjHMff one-potmd 
loaves of bread 


calculation shows iKp- ?»!WI^3!fL- 
signmei|,^^^^^glA reprewnW 



chatted »nd cUstrlbuted ti>^tM'4w<|r'M4 

one-half million unfortunate 
who arc daid to be starving in C 
I'hina, there would be nearly s^^tiKli 
tf'on loaves for each" ^)f them. Then, 
If the sacks, which; are tuo feet in 
length, were stretched in a long im- 
ipossible line there would be 193 miles 
of the canvas-inclosed cereal. 

'•The question naturally arises, where 
is all of this flour going? A well- 
known Hongkong mercJiant says that 
much of the flour recently imported is 
intended for those ports in the Philip- 
pines wliich are not regularly visited 
by the large transpacific liners, as 
well as for Indo- China, Slam and the 
Straits Settlements. 

"In the course of a few weeks a 
million and a quarter bag.? of flour 
have come to Hongkong. The Xu- 
ceric alone brought 200,0111 I 

one of the Blue Funnel n ■ ,"' 

bags. Then the Kumerlc is due to ar- 

rieet of SmoU rreiffhtara Xiandlng Car* 
. goea at the Outer Wharf for 
SlUpmeut to Orient. 


A fleet of small frelKhter.*; ha-- l.< rn 
busy during the past few <i is - a'-sfmbl- 
tns;.<v tftrgc ahlpnifi»$^ ,^im l»errinjsr 

ililinrr Rot 

vivt? Very 

....i-t— ^-li-U OAn AAA V*o# 

is gratifying to learn that the demand 
is still very active and that importers 
are not likely to have stocks on their 
hands very long." 

w IulIi is to come 
f about "' 01 

complete h* n 

the Onri \i 11 iL 

Co The '''\'"'^' 

the highest charter id to any 

vessel fixed for the . .; . , iclflc trade. 
The steamer Clansman discharged a 
ciirgo of herring from Nanalmo yester- 
day, and the steamer British Columbia, 
which brought a cargo from Ketchikan 
has returned nortti afttr coaling at Lady- 
sinlth lo bring another load. The Celtic, 
whicli discharged n cargo on Sunday is 
expected back from Nanalmo today Willx 
more herring, and the cian.sman Is to 
come as^in with a cargo. 



McMillan's f'orner, Ont. 
"Your remedy I-Yuit-a-ilves le » Pb""- 
fect punacpa for Rlifuinatlsm. Kor 

ynars I sufrere<» dlslredslnK pains from 
Sciatic Rhtuuiatlsm, being laid up sev- 
eral limes a year, and not being able 
to \\-ork at anything. I went to dif- 
ferent doctors who told me there was 
no use doing anything: it would pa*' 


Kortunately. about two years ago, I 
got "Frult-a-tiveB." and they cured iii«-. 

Since then I take them occasionally 
and keen free ot. pain. I an\ s«ti»»ed 
that ■"Krult-a-tiveB" cured me of Rheu- 
matism and they will cure anyone who 
takes them." JOHN B. McDONALD. 

Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago 
are caused by Uric Acid— a poisonous 
substance formed as a result ot acid 
tndlg«HHon and imnurlties In the blood. 

••Frudt-a-iives" or Intensined fruit 
juices, Is the greatest blood purifying 
medicine In the world. 

"Frult-a-tlvea" keeps the whol© sys- 
tem free of uric acid and will always 
cwre Rheumatism In every form. 

60c. a box. 6 for 12.50. or trial size, 
2oc. At all dealers or sent T>n""P«-l'* 
on receipt of price by Frult-a-tlves 
Limited. Ottawa, 


T\KF NOTICE that the Corporation of the City of Victoria intends to pass a local improvement assessment bylaw for each of the 
undennentioned streets, assessing upon the properties in the schedules hereinafter mentioned the sums of money for the length of time 
set opposite each lot, as follows 

Constructing a Permanent Cement Sidewalk on the North Side of Herald Street, from Government Street to Store Street 

Name of Owner. 

I'arshalle, MiHS G. M. M. 

Parahalle, Miss G. M. M. . . • 

I'alnter, Jhmk-h K ...-. 

McMrum J^slate 

Mellor, Oeoige 

Xagano, Manzo 

Lim IJat 







J i. 



Italo Per 

Ten Years 

Tl. 10 Vra. 

11, I'ront 


An. Pay't. 

An. Payt 



t87 20 

% 23 10 

1 231 00 


187 20 

23 10 

231 00 



187 20 

23 10 

231 on 



1S7 20 

I 83 10 

231 00 



IS7 20 

23 10 

231 00 



187 20 

23 10 

231 00 


187 20 

r 23 10 

• 831 00 

City's Share 

;i310 40 
6r-5 45 

$1965 85 

1181 70 

11617 00 




80 Says Doctor B. X*. BoUer the Phys- 
ician Wrestler .and Trainer of 





Kornelen Damaged on "Woyngo to Auck- 
land — French Bark Max Is Asbors 
on Chilian Coast 

Advices from Auckland report con- 
siderable damage to the Norwegian 
steamer Hornelen, which arrived there 
recently from the North Pacific. _ The 
Hornelen lost part of her deckload 
(luring the vo> — were 

broken. Thei. t,'c tO' 

her decks. ' " . 

Several other ve.ssels, well known 
here, are in the casualty lists. The 
I'rench bark Max, with which the 
County of Linlithsrow. which arrived 
here recently, had a race to Chili, is 
reported ashore. 

Advices to lK)na6ii rcpdrt the Max 
ashore at Point Monte, near Christo, 
Talcahuano. i Under da te of February 
17 the vessel was reported in a diffi- 
cult position and assistance was sent to 
her from Talcahuano. The Max is well 
known at this port and is best remem- 
liorcd for a recent race with the €hH- 
<an ship County of Linlithgow from 
the Sound to the West Coast. 

P.oth vessels left Tacoma in August 
lor Valparaiso. The County of I.4in- 
lithgow left August IS and arrived at 
A'alparaiso October 2G, after a passage 
of 69 days. The Linlithgow has since 
returned to the Sound and is loading 
lumber in British Columbia. 

The Kosmos liner .Salati.-?. whose t^^l" 
lision with the British .steamer Ramsey 
niis previously reported, was con- 
siderably damaged. Her plates were 
(himagod 15 feet below the water-line 
;ind .she reached Hamburg with 20 
feet of water in N'o. 4 hold. 

From San Juan, under date of Feb- 
rtiary 7. was reported the steamer 
Portland, now en route from Norfolk 
to San Francisco v,'ith coal. The Port- 
land put In at San Juan with disabled 
machinery. She repaired and proceed- 
ed three days later. 



'•Zbyszko can throw any man in the 
worldN I believe he will obtain two 
straight falls from Frank Gotch, the 
champion, if th?y ever meet. But I 
don't think they will ever meet, for 
I think Gotch IS afniid 10 meet Zbyezko 
on the mat." 

In those words of high praise. Dr. 
BL F. Roller, the physician of Seattle, 
Washington, who has been the victim of 
Zbyszko's strength and .skill at least 
twice, and one of Gotch's tifilners. durr 
Ing the champion's training for Hacken- 
schmidt. recently told in an Interview 
his opinion of the relative merits of the 
great wrestler. 

Is Just as ponderous and bulky nn.l 
•■.>«»5{>2;»» - •»*(^--.f>gllUy -fif - «- na.nthftr." 
said Roller. "He wears his adversary's 
strength out during the first 30 
minutes or so of work in a finish bout 
and then proceeds to stretch him out 
on the mat. He knows all the wrinUl<>s 
of the game and this, conflhsd witli lis | 
great sKill, makes jjim Invincible." 

I ., ' th.Tu one worn 

. story of. the dif- 
I I ruction between a 

lUgh-grade, nijrh-prlced and high 
powered car, and those built 
sell lit a low first cost. The 
strain of gear shifting, the jar of 
road shocks and the stress of 
Uraki- wtvk besins to tell on cheap 
, i.u .nu-e, the deduction 

js, I iiiiui '.\'ho waniM a 

:i'. .:■•.■■,-■. ■ ■< 

liimll'I'ii I • ■' 

buy" Is a '■' 

that has b> • ; - 

tory Wh^e it W€is originally made. 

cars of different makes and 
models, including the Wlnton Six, 
Packard. Peerless. National, Chal- 
mcr»- Cartllac and Bulck, both 
toiJring cars and roadsters, some 
only slightly used and all 
Ished, overheuled and guar 
at prices eqiiallns only oni 
or one-half their original 
i,, ice. Write us for Sprln; 
_.,in Sheet. 

1 of In- 



Wlnton Motor 
Car Co. 


Constructing Boulevards. Curbs and Gutters on Both Sides of Queen Si Avenue, from Douglas Street to Blanchard Avenue 

Rate Per Ten Years Total Ten Yrs' 

"ijj[flJi'^JlM«aBj™aB^B™B' lil,,L ,,^™mei^, »e.Rtlon |^'eeL Front Front Foc^iiH^^Total An'l. Payment An'l. Payment 

De Carteret, Eleanor ., ^!w^lr^ .\ '^'^.'C»W>iniav«nn 5A S8>4 fil 70 7 60 76 00 

McCandless George -^-^^l ^^^r^^^i^ m^f^^SSf^^^^^^^^l^.Z.S^^^^^^ ss'i HS^-J^flOS 26 13 00 130 00 

Sayward. Joseph A :^iT;7:n^^/-;'^"'*^»r^'^.^i^^^'l'"-'?:'ra5^ WnlajBo»« ..,,,55;^^r--w^ 8S|, ,^,^-^92^0 1. jv *-^ ^^ 

Oelgfer. Mrs. KHz. M 8 B i-iniayson 30 kS'-l 26 45 3 26 82 50 

Quinn., Miss Mary J^P*- ' ^^ Flnlayson 80 SS'^MM^" 36 45 3 25 32 50 

Lee&^ra«er wnt 9 '^» Flnlayson %& SS^A^^^^. 13 20 160 16 00 

Lee&Fraser WPt.j ^ Kjmayson '^y^f/.^ 8«^n 39 65 4 90 49 00 

Lee AFfaser.., ............. V i^-V^-* J gJalMTOW ...^^■/^>. W^ • .M M -...^^-.^g 60 «5 00 

McCandless. <^^^Si^S«'V,.-i^..., ". » ^ "^^SS -""^^^T^^^ " 'St' ^^^^^^^^^^'60 66 00 

■^^obertson. Miss Christina « ^"SM; Finlayson CO SB^ 53 86 6 50 65 00 

Cavln. George W ,<g_^ j^f^m^ Finlayson 60 88 % 62 85 6 50 ^5 00 

emberton,FB >\,#r' . '^ iJfe^-tV^ P^^ Finlayson 60 881* 62 85 6 50 65 00 

K.Uh, Anne Jane ^s^ ^ B Finlayson 60 8S1, B2 85 6 50 65 00 

K.ith. Anne Jane SJf/ 3 Finlayson ■ 6° - ^,..-„..!g;^- — ..-; " 85 ^ 6 60 65 00 

1 $1634.18 

Constructing a Permanent Sidewalk on the North Side of Simcoc Street, between St. Lawrence Street and Dallas Road 

Name of Owner 

Dominion Government 

Dominion Government .' 

Dominion Government . • 

.lames, Fred • " • *- 

McLeod, " A. ............. • ••• 

lllncks, 1. ,1 W. ..-. 

Tliompson. Martin 

Aden. J. and W. JX - - • • 

Maynard & Stockham' 

Maynpd & Stockham , 

Cl^'s Share 








; 1434 


^ '.".K. 

1 i:!S 

1 437 






Beckley Farm 

Bccklcy Farm 

Beckley Farm 

Beckley Farm 

Bfckley Farm 

Beckley Farm 

Beckley Farm 

BeokTey Farm 

jseckiey Farm 

Beckley Farm 

Rate Per 

Feet Front Foot Front 


Ten Yrs Total 10 Yr.-i. 
An'l. Paym't An'l. Paym't. 











< 'If 




60 1 













♦ ' 

1 1 




$106 20 

106 20 

106 :iO 

lOG 20 

106 20 

06 20 

OG 20 

106 20 

106 20 

106 20 

$1062 00 

263 42 

$13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 
13 10 

$131 00 

$131 00 

131 00 

131 00 

131 00 

131 00 

131 00 

131 UO 

131 00 

131 no 

131 00 

$1310 00 

$1325 42 


Permanent Sidewalk on the West Side of Third Street, from Hillside Avenue to Market Street, and on the South Side of 

Market Street, from Third Street Westerly to the West line of Lot 188 

Constructing a 

How I Can Say I Am Cured 

After Taking Gin Pills 

Brldgcvillc. .\.S. 

"For iwiiUy years 1 have been troub- 
led with Kidney and Bladder Trouble, 
and have been treated by many doctors 
but found little relief, t had given up 
all hope of getting cured when 1 tried 
Gin Pills. Now, I can .say with a happy 
heart, that T iim cured after u,«lnK four 
!io;:.-.". (if GIN PILbS." 


.lust think of it! Four boxes of Gin 
Pills cured Mr. I^rascr — and he had 
suffered for twenty y^ars and he hriil 
bt-en treated by doctors too. It is ju»<t 
such as his. wliich prove the 
power of Gin Pills to ctire Kidney :ind 
Bladder Tiroubie; Burning Urine, Sup- 
pression or Incontinence of the Urine. 
Buckaclie, itbeumatlsm. Sciatica and 
Lumbago. Try Gin Pills on our positive 
guarantee of a cure or your money baclt. 
50c. a bo.x, 6 for $2.50. Sample frci? if 
you write National Drug & Clu-micHl Co. 
of Canada, L,lmlied, Dept. \ 1 , To- 

C. S. Whiting 


Xl-13. PBOMIS 
Phone 1100 


\Vo to list TOUn prop- 
erty. We have ennuirles for good 
central business property, city 
AMterfront lots, vacant city lots- 
all ixirts — houses from $2500 to 
$10.0011, trackage property, ranch 

1 1. i .: i 111 IfllUlH. 

Name of owner. 

Wark, John H. 

lUscott, John W. and Wm. D. 
Hoscott, John ^y. and W'^^l>. 
Williams, J; > 
TTelmcken & l"''i'__ 
liolmcken « FormI 

City's share 


Ttl. 10 Yrs. 

An. Pay't 

$ 174.50 








Give us 
tciins «Vt 

prices and 


Member K»»l Estate Exchange 

Constructing a Permanent Sidewalk on Both bides Ot untann otrccx, 

UCtWCCll lYlUimccil w»v«-»-»-v n>*u 

Motorist Was Atnclonn to Attend TWar- 
I in* Xiecture Until He Fonncl Sules 
AppUed Only at Sea 

t''apt. J. T. Walliran of tlie marine 
department delivered another lecture 
to navigators and others at the post 
office building last night. The svibject 
taken by the lecturer wan "The Rule 
of the Road at Sen." With the of 
a . blackboard and many diagrams, 
("apt. Walbran continued his Interest- 
ing talk on the rales for guidance of 

When thf subject of thn h-cture was 
nnnounoert yesterday Cnijt. Walbran 
was approached by a well known 
motoriJBt, who wanted to know if there 
was any objection to his attendance 
!.t thf lecttrre. 

"Oh. no,'^ saltl Captain Walbran, 
•the lectur??! are public, you know." 

'/I'm glad,"- said the' motoric, "for I 
want M be ireJl posted "n t*» rules ..r 
the ToatL^ -- • 

"The«« «re the rules of the rond — 
ai .•*%,'• said Citftt. Walbran. , 

roh." said the mwtor driver, and hp 
crflnWNJ lip hi" m*eh!rte. 


Road and 



Pli'.itogrnphlc supplies. The same 
reliable goods, same prices, at 

Maynard's Photo 
Stock House 

716 Pandora 8tra«t. 
Agent for Jack.ton Motor Car. 

X«nii' fif onniT Sub-Div. 

"MoLean, Donald 

McLean. Donald ^ 

Elf ord, Theo 

Elford. Mary H 

Kermode. F ^ 

I<:iworthy. F „ 

*li:iworthy, F. -. "^ 

Dey, W. Oscar ^ 

Dey, W. Oscar 

FOOtC. Capl. J. C TT r^orf 

Noble, Wilson ';■ P*" 

Baker, George ^-- P^'^^ 

Nicholson. Bridget W • ■ '^^'^ ^'^^^ 

Barbour, William 

Gosse, Joslah 

Moffatt, R 

Hall. Frank 

Sparks. Thomas 

City's Share 

^ 1337 
1326-S 1,134-6^ 
1326-8 1334-6' 
1326-8 1334-6 
1326-8 1334-6 




219. 2fi 




Watch the value* rls'e here m-xt 
month as soon aS the paving oper- 
ations start. We have some ol 
the finest lots in this choice local- 
ity quoted lower than the pretteHl 
market price. Let us show them 
to you. 


Hutier and Kenrny Streets 

San Francisco 


An up-to-date modern fire proof 
hotel of 2S0 rooms. taking the 
place of the old Occidental Hotel 

anrl blrk Mouse ^ 

Baropaan Flan — $1.90 per Pay 

and T7p. 

Take Any Taxlcab from the Ferry 

nt the Fxpense of the Hotel. 

Gradin and Rock Surfacing Fell Street, from Oak Bay Avenue to LeightonRoad. and Constructing Permanent Sidewalks of Concrete on 

Both Sides of said street, with Curbs, Gutters and Boulevards 

Wekh Bros. & Co. 

1006 OorammcBt Straat 


Keating's Powder KiRs Bt^s 

To tight every lonn 
of ineeot life use 
]^AMt4ncr'«t pfiwdwr. 
None otibier hi 00 uni- 
formly reliable —yet 
it ia odorleae end 
fftctinliMHi and harm- 
ful only to inaeot life. Made by 
Thomea Keating, in JliOndon, Bnar- 
land. Sold by aai druffffists. *.., 

In tins only : lOa.^ SOc^ 86e. - 

Name of Owner 

narllr.K. John C and Lena.. 

Dandridgc, W. J 

Slater. Thomas H 

Slater. Thomas H 

Deakin, O. K 

Slater. Thomas H 

Slater, Thomas H 

Slater. Thomas H 

Sanburn, Robert N 

City of Victoria ■ 

City of Victoria 

Slater, Thomas H 

Blatcr, Thomas H 

Harrison. Churles H 

Slater, Thomas H 

impey. Louis 

SlHter, Thomas H 

Slater, Thomns H 

Slater. Thomas H 

T^.-v.-- WilUBm 

Stoddart. Harah A 

Stoddart. Sarah A 

City's snare. 







Feet Front 

per Fool 







$7 0S% 

$ 743 192 



Fern wood 


7 0SV4 

354 25 





7 08 '/4 

354 25 

$ 47 78 





7 08% 

364 23 

47 78 





7 08% 

354 25 





7 08V4 

354 25 





7 08% 

354 25 

47 78 





7 08% 

354 35 

47 It 





7 08% 

354 2S 





7 08% 

S54 3S 

47 78 





7 08% 

743 92 

47 78 





7 08% 

743 n 

47 78 





7 08% 

334 25 

47 78 





7 08% 

354 25 ■■ 

47 78 





7 «S% 

3St 25 





7 08% 

384 2S 





7 08% 

164 35 

47 78 




7 08% 

354 i% 

47 78 





7 08% 

354 2S 

47 ft 





7 08% 

354 » 


„ rt 

* i*o»# 

«K} .««.. 






■♦, <'»»»- 






7 08% 

74» ta 


I 743 92 
S54 25 

402 03 

403 03 
ZBi 25 
«64 25 
402 08 
«02 n 
t&4 26 
«02 03 
*Si 7m 


•02 4i 

S5* 2fi 
«03 03 
4(19 03 
4()3 03 
IM £ft 

Ten Years' 



I 91 7fi 

43 70 

49 <0 

49 CO 

43 70 

43 70 
49 «0 
49 •• 

4? n 

4» 40 
17 U 
9? 4» 

4» 40 

4ft 00 

44 70 

43 7(1 
4» 40 

{» «e 

4t 44 


Tv» Tfcars* 



« 917 BO 

497 00. 

494 «0 
494 00 
437 «0 
414 00 

>«« f » 

•f4 to 

♦ 4I«,#» 


» 4 • » «'•« * *'« h* i-'* '« *> 4 '• |i*> <k ^wt 

Rate per 


Ten Yrs. 

Ttl. 10 Trs. i 

Ft. Front. 

Ft. Front. 




An. Pay't. ' 


.01 1-3 



67.50 1 


.91 1-3 

$ 54.80 





.91 1-3 










.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 










.91 1-3 






.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 





.91 1-3 











■<»■ i;rtl< jiyil wyi»»«>iiW»«<ii«»Hl r «W**'« 1**''"*^"°*'"'**^''"-*'' 


',i. \h tJSali 


•VtdnMday, February 88, 1912 

VHJlUJttlA liAlLjl Vvi^JUV^iX 1» J. 


Gra."ung, Draining and Rock Surfacing Mason Street, between Quad ra Street and Cook Street, and Constructing Permanent Sidewalks on 

Name of Ownof Sub-Clv. Lot 

Trustees St. John's Church V^ 

Trustees St. John's Church 13 

KUlott. Thomas 14 

Exton, Betsy la 

Hlbben, Janet P '" 

Davey, Miss Georgia L. ' ^ 

Davey. Miss'Georgle L 18 

,Wa«g, J. W 18 

Ryan, Helen E 19 

Glrton. Raiikln 19 

Wilson, Mrs. Penelope J ''^^ 

Fox. George T -^ 

Bishop of Vancouver Island »... 

Powell, H. E '8 

FowJK H. E .•^jAij-^g- ,1,111 nil ^ '' 

McKeowii, I'^anriy -'. 13 

McLacliHii. Clara .<..>. 12 


i^apKo, mizaoetn" 

Arnall. Th'omas J| ___, 

Merryman, Peter nBHHBMMBn^...-,' ''atfMjMjB^^ -^ 

Haf er, Lu.Uvlg -, . !^^^I!S?M: .... ^^^^r ^ 8 

Wilson, Ella'' J... , . .,f,.. Pt 7 

Maynard, James ' • ^^MSS^fS^'MB)^''* ''•. '. ' ■' -ii^ilsjiMiai^^^ 

Schlumberger, Emmanuet, .SiW^**ai*Vj|;2*:. ;. , ;;:.££.' 

Schlumberger. Emmanuel 

. SclUuTtili«'^i^^^gj^(!t^)^tllg^ ■■^■■■i ■£.";■■■' l/'V ":■', 

SchU?mbe*^8p||p|||ilii|i|l:^^ ■:"'^?'\ ' T"''.tf," 

.\M9ell)nKNiyPfl||ttli'''. «;..>•..>.•• •;»^^^ ^It'' 

Vl^ellus, AhtOii .....•.>•• .^^ >•• .r*j">!* 5'^' *? 

Bu rkhotAtf.; . MlU^^ -"'ir* r, . # «.*•., iJ,*^.. .,.«,,■» .'.-.,> * ■'' . '. v '- f- -• St 
"'^""°- 'lj^'li?!8iy''^f!l^ ' ' ' 'J ' 't'ii'.r- : - -'- 1' — '' ' i"'".-' W,i>t 2i . 
'' tof'i i n i ' .i... - .i. M ,i f. iiii ^ ..i n ii MM ,1111 r' — IB i Pt.M 

■ Ql!(|Si|8||S|te':3|i'-».<i'*V » *■ » •;» • • *■'■«• ».<.• ^» « .» « • «. » • «P , 

, ;Grlmijji|pp^'ii *>,..,. . . . ,* vm^^ ^*. .■ , ^ ,.v. » . * , ' * ' * '^ 10;. „ 

vSetKtpis^l|mte|fe^:3^ ,-4::::.:-'''' W^l^t •*■■ 

■ Bishop of :jTO||||«#!fs|irtia»di^^ ' "M- 
Knott, He8ior'».v'.'.ii*:*-. .«•■••'••• .i. '•• ♦•• jv N, '?'•■. 
Knott, .Herbert j,. .■,■...,."...'..;.. ...*...'■, ■..'■•«■'.' _.'•; -JW' 

O'Brien, LIzBle G.. ..... ........ ' 9 

May, J6hn E. . . . ." 8 

Birt. Ewert '_ 7 

Hjbben, James p. j^»,wr»»" 6 

Hibben, Janet p. ^^&^i' ^ 

Mellor, Rosina -""^w'tefeft' ^•^'•P* * 

Hanna, W. J .S^hm' 4 

Mellor, Rosina .... ^ 

Mellor, Rosina ■» - 

Moss, Alice pt ; 1 

:ty's share 


Both Sides of said street 

Section Feet Front per Foot 


WarebuUDD rrLntloc Urpitrtiueut, Victoria 

aEALliiJ TK.NUt':ltH, bupi. i Bi.rluea "Ten- 
dor lor VVarehou*'; I'rlutliiB Ut-Dartmunl, Uov- 
ernment Buildings, Viciuriu," wiU bo reueiv- 
by '.lie lloii. ilio illnutar or Jl'ubllc 
Work* ui> lo 12 o'clock noon, of Thumaiiy, 
the iatli day ot February, 1KI-, (or t!:o 
eitiillon and conipletlou of a waiehoune tor 
the i'rlDtlnti iJtsparlmuut, Uoverumeai iiulld- 
In^i, Victoria, B. C. 

Plana, Kveclficallona, contract, and formii 
ot tender may Uo »eon on and utter Ihi? L'l»t 
day ot February, 1!>U', at llie guneral office 
iif the Uepartmenl ot i'ubllo WuiRa, Parlia- 
ment ItullJln«a. Victoria. 

Each proyonal niuat be accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate ot 
deposit on a chartered bank ot Canada, 
made payablu to the lion, the Minls.ter ot 
I'ubllc Works, tor the suni of n'O", which 
shall be forfeited If the party tendering do- 
cUno to enter Into contract when called up- 
on to do so, or !J he fall l9 complete th« 
work contracted for. The cheques or cer- 
tificates ot deposit of unsuccessful tenderers 
will be returned to them upon the executlor 
of the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless madn 
out on the forms supplied, signed with the 
actual signature "f th<« t«n<1«rnr, and 
closed In the envelope furnished. 

The lowest or >ny. tender not necessarily 
accepted. ^ 

PublUi Works Engineer. 

Department of Public Work», Victoria. B. 
C, i'ebniary 20th, 1813. 

A, E. Christie 

Union Bank of Canada 

Eatabllahed 1865 

Paid up Capital 

Ileet anil Undivided Profits 
Total Assets (<>v( 

. $4,7«:,000 

. ta.S9i.ooa 



i^rinco Rupert, Hazelton. End»rby, 

Victoria. Vancouver tftve ofnr.<j, 

non ^and Nanalmo. 


Interest Allowed on Depotita. 
A branch of the Bank has been established at 81 Tlxreadn***!* 
Ziondon, Ear. Where Letters of Credlty''and Drafts payable at 
portant points In (.'anada, and the United States, can be 
Money Transfers by cable or by letter niay >fe arranged. 

Clients of the Hank, when In LondonT are Invited to visit the branch. 
Information will be furnished on all Canadian business matters. 


all Im- 
purchased, and 

Manager Victoria Branch. 


Constructing Curbs, Gutters and Boulevards on Both Sides of Vancouver Street, from Humboldt Street to Pandora Street 

Name of Owner. 
•Munsie William (Est.) .... ■ 

Wynne, George • • - ' 

Tldbury. Jlldb -C. .... 

Clay, Janet I... ..... . - • 

Loenholm, Dr. L. H. 

QuagUotti. L. J. and Mrs. ... 

Clarke, Robert rP. ... . ...- • 

Bolger, James . - . . . • • • • • ■ • 

iSimtner, B. J. ,. 

Hay Ward, Chet-lBS .'. 

1 lay ward, (pharles- . . . . • • . • 

.McQuade, Mary B. • 

McQuade, Mary E . 

McQuade. lu.^Qt. (E«t ) - ■ ■ - 

McQuade. L. G. (Kst.) 

Stppln.. AsiL -B. .. .. . - 

ICakcns, Annie 1>. . . .... •• 

.loneSi-Miss E. H. .......... 

iCuvercomb. C. H. 

\'ey. Joan 

Vey. Joan 

Vey, Joan 

Berrj^inan, Mns. S. A. .. ... 

Berry man. Mrs. S. A. 

Berryman, Mrs. S. -A. .. ... 

Berryman, Mrs. S. A. .. ... 

Berr^'man. -Mrs. S. A. . . — 

Kirkham, H. O, . . ...» .... 


l)avie, H. A. .i ■ • • •, •- ••• 

John.s, C. C 

.Shires, lielen G 

llaynes, Ernest M 

<;fni;<-, Oertruue 
' i' !'.-•■. > ■■■.Ttrude 
Hithet, K. P. .. 
liithet. R. P. .. 
Butler, D. J. ... 
Beaven, Hon. 
I'tillum, Mrs. 
CuUum, Mr.s. 
Moss, Henry . . . 
WhUeley. Mrs. J 
1' arry, Arthur N. . . 
Hurt. George G. . . 
Hurl, Amelia E. . . 
J'lelHhnian, Jacob . . 
I'.ige, Walter Finch 
laKe, Walter Klnch 
IVige, Walter Kinch 
rage, Walter Finch 
rage, Walter Finch 
I'Mge, \y alter Finch 
I'owcH. Jennie B. 
I'owell, Jennie B, 
Powell, Jennie B, 
I'owell, Jennie B 
Powell, Jennie B, P. M. and Mrs. 
Iteade, V. M. and Mrs. 
Ueade, F. M. and .Mrs. 
Keade, F. M. and Mrs. 
Keade, F. M. an-\ Mrs. 
McKlnnon, Agnes ..., 

(•lift. Ford 

Pen well, C. T 

Levy, Phoebe (Eat) , 
Bownass, William ... 

Luxton, A. P 

Cooper, Rev. C. K. . . 

Wentworth, EIJa 

Henna. W. J 

Lee Mong Kow 

Bossl, Lulgi, ct al. . . 



' 862 

i' K{;^^32RS^^'f ."^i^JMhrivl 












. J^'&':.uAk.^ 




7*t?Wi^*f^'^"^ll48 & 114* 


iin & nrj 








I>ai t 



Clty'a share 

Ten Years 

Ti; 10 Yra. 

An. Pay t. 

An. Pey't 

J4L76 ■ 










41. 7S 






















- 21.2b 

■ 2*2-5<yiB 










■ tJO.OW 























^ t.'ukt 







50?.. 50 








, 156.50 














14 9.50 


14 9.60 



14.95 , 












































i per secontt dl' water froni the 

river, a tributary ot Courtenay 

has BUbmlttod to the Lleutenant-GoT- 
v In Council a map or plan or the urorlC4 
by w hich It IntendB to divert the aald watM 
and conduiit It to the place whore It aball 
be used for generatln« electric power 
deacrlbed In the said llcen»e». 

That the undertaking of tha >a!& "Wei- 
Ungton CulUory Company, Limited, as Mt 
out In the «ald plana is hereby approved, 
and the »ald company U here'jy ajthorizod 
to construct and execute tho foUowlng 
works In accordance with the plan» and 
»pecl£lcatlon» submitted and fllod In t.h« 
ol'tico ot tho Chittt Water ComnUuiilunar et 
Victoria, vix.: — 

A— An Impounding dam near the outlet 
of Comux Lalie, 

B — Lowering the bed ot Puntlcdge r!*er 
and tho hereinafter deiicrlbed diwraion dam 
10 an liwroaiied depth of five tost or leM. 

C — A dlveroiott dam ou I'untledue rtvei 
about 2,8U0 feet below tha Impouudiug dam 
ttUovo described. 

D — Tho works neoessai? for tho trans- 
mission ot tho uowev generated under th« 
above Ucet^es on and in tho vlcluli> of 

itind> IfoiCrtiHlujf to .uu wi^.u CCTHpIisy. 

That the company may exerciise iit pow- 
ers wilhln the Cuniox and Nelson l,aad i->U- 

That no rfp)^**' ►»* r*oiilrfn1 beyond that 
already subscribed and paid up. 

That tho work shall bo begun on. or be- 
fore tho 1st day of May next aod ahall be 
completed and in actual operation oa or b«- 
lore tho 31at December. 1818. 

With the proviso thai during the con- 
struction ot tho said works any engineer 
ajipolnted by the Minister of Land* tor that 
'purpose shnil hHva fre^ access to a]l parts 
of The works tor tlic purjioso of Inspecting 
the same and of aacertainlng that the con- 
struction thereof Is In accordance with the 
plans and specifications herein referrred to, 
and that the cost of such Inspection shall 
be paid by the company. 

Dated this :t7th day of November, 1911. 
Deputy Clerk of the Executive CouacU. 


Vv /^ 1 ^ 

A 1. 

We will buy good farming land where the rainfall is suf- 
ficient, along railroads already constructed or now under 
^.^l^g^^ction, that is >uit|W^|)r colonizatiqn^^^^^oses. 

fcji.*- ■■■'■■■■ 

rth Coast lanirompany, Limited 

■ Jjfi'ftm^ 



n Building 

Vancouver, B. C. 


GanJUl (authorized) $6,000,000 Capital (paid up) $2,200,000 


President - - - Sir D. H. McMillan, K.C.M.G. 
Vice-President - - - - Capt.-Wm. Robinson 
Ta.s. II. Ashdown 11. T. Champion Frederick Nation 

Hon. D. C. Cameron W. C. Leistikow Hon. R. P Roblin 
Special Care Given to Savings Accounts 

Savings Bank Department at All Branches 

A General Banking Business Transacted 
GODFREY BOOTH, Manager - Victoria Branch 


■liron f..r Wew miTJsrxUy Baildlrgs 
(o Be Krerled at Point tJrey, near A'an- 
couver, llrltihh Columbia. 
The government of British Columbia In- 
vite competitive plans for tho general 
scheme and design for the proposed new 
unlverslty, together with more detailed 
plana tor tho buildings to be erected first 
at an estimated co«t of $1,600,000. 

Prizes of $10,000 will be given for tho 
most Buccessful designs submitted. 

Particulars of the competition and plan 
of site may be obtained on request from the 

Tho designs to be sent In by July 31st, 
191i!, addressed to 

Parliament Buildings, 
Victoria. British Columbia. 

TRUST CO., Ltd. 



TARE NOTICE that at the first sitting 
In 1912 (March ISth) of the Board of Li- 
censing Commissioners for the City of Vic- 
toria. I Intend to apply for a transtor oJ 
the license for the ■»1o of spirituous and 
fermented liquors by retail lield by me for 
the premises known as tho Bank Exchange, 
corner Yotcs and I.angley streets. Victoria, 
B. C. to Sclgle Boyd, ot Victoria. B. C 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 4th day of 
December, 1911. 

a>}drew RUSTA 

LIQU OR AC T, igio 

tend to apply to the Board ot Licensing 
Commissioners at their next slltlnga to be 
hnhi at the City of Victoria, B. C. for a 
renewal of the license hild by me for tho 
snlo of liquor by retail on the promises 
known as the Panama Hotel, situate at Ks 
Johnson street, Victoria, B. C 

Dated 2nd January, 1912. 



Notice is hereby given that a cash 
dividend at the rate of 8 per cent peir 
annum, and a stock bonus at the rate of 
22 per cent per annum on the paid up 
capital stock of the company has beefi 
declared for the year ending 15th Feb- 
ruary, 1912. The same will be payable 
at the head office of the company, Vic- 
toria, B. C, on and after the 15th day 
of March, next. 

By order of the Board. 

F.W. LAW, 

General Manager 

Victoria, February 27, 1912. 

In the Matter of the "Winding Up Act." 
and In tho Matter of the British Columbia 
Ilurtloulturiil Estates, Limited. 


3, 973.64 




Notice .is hcroby given that the Honor- 
nbln thw Chtnt Justice, has llxrti Monday, 
tho 4th day of March, 1912, at 10;30 o'clock 
In tho forenoon at Chambers In tho Court 
Mouse. Victoria, as the time and place for 
lh« appolnlmcni of an official liquidator of 
111-: ahovt named company. 

Dated this 21th day of I'ebruary, A. D. 

(tlljfnert) B. H. TVRRWHIT DRAKE. 



HAMPSHIRE ROAD, on lot r)oxi20. magnificently 
wooded. Seven-roomed modern house, panelled den 
and dining room, two fireplaces, cement basement. 

Price $4,900 

H. A. BELL, 

841 Fort Street Phone 1741 




AND FURTHER take notice that the Court of Revision for the 4rial of complaints and appeals the a.s.'^es.smeiit so proposed to 
l;c made, will be held Saturday, March 13th, 1912, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the Council Chamber in the City Hall, 
corner of Douglas and Pandora Streets, in the City of Victoria, B.C., and any notice of appeal from each intended assessment must be 
served upon the undersigned at least eight days prior to such sitting. 

February 22nd, imt * WELLINGTON J. DQWLER, C.M.C. 

TAKE NOTICE that at the next sitting 
of the Board of Lloonslac Contmisalonera 
for the City of Vlcfrtrla. 1 Intend to «pply 
for a tiansfer of 'the liquor license held bjr 
William AiezBnder Anderson tor the ita* 
gent Sal'^nn,. sHuate al the corner of John- 
son anil DouffUs streets In the el*y of 
VlcinrU, B. C, to J. Hollwr liii<| Ott» 
NItse. both ot tho Mid City of Victoria. 

Dated at Victuria, B, C, this SOtk Amr •! 
January, 1911. 

Bxectttrtx of the Ustat* ot WlUiftat JkitmM- 

der Anderson, deoeaeed 
Wllticss, J. IL .AUSTIN, 

Whishv ~' 

A IjttlHllBMB «i? 


-**"-.^MJ"f;A".--y ^^/»^ 




WadnMdAV. Fahrumry. 28. JA12 

On* cent a word each luiurUuu, lU par 
rent diacounl Cor six ur iiiure cunvecuiivn 
Inaeitiona — caah wlih ordur. Nu ndverllm- 
B^ant acceiileU lev leu lliau 'H ueaia. 

Uudness aud ITufeaaloiial Card* — of tour 
llnea or under— li.uu pur week. 

No »dverilt«iueiii cUargeU on account ror 
l«M tbau ii.»9. 

Phone No. 11. 



A KT QLASa— A. i\ Koy, over Itilily y«»»« 
-i*. exporUnce in •t.ri Kiaaa iemicu iiaiil* 
lor churthe*. ethuyln auJ iirlvalo dweUlnss. 
Worlta aad more 'Jli I'andora au, uext lo 
Molliodlat cUurcU. l^Uono i»4. 


AUGAUB Uellvery — VlclorU .Tranarer 

Co.. L.ld. Tel. laS. 

BLUE i^rlntlng — j<ilo(;irio tJlue Print ana 
Map Co.. IJIJ Uai:s!c>- bU Blue print- 
ing, niapM. draughting; dealer* In aurvey- 
oiV lu»lrumcut» and drawing otflca aup- 

OOKBlNDEI«5 — The Colonlat haa the 

Uem bookbludery In the province; the 

result iH CUUU.1 iii proportion. 

BOTTLES — All klnda of botllca wanted. 
Good pri';a» paid. \lctorla Junk 

Agency, 162t> Store si.; phono 1336^ 

UILDING Movers — Sandham & Lester, 

buildinu luuvcra and i:oniraclor». Fair- 

\ lew, \aucouver, U. C. Uciidonca 4l>8 Bth 

Ave.. W. EotlmuieB furnished ou application. 

OAFB — Money properly Invealed lends to 
fortune. ThU result may bo attained 
oy j)urciiariii(i tiio owol «wC aiCi. .S *— - *-.... 
at the Slraiul Cafe, 

C"tAKli; ana Hoacaurani — Occluoutat CsJo 
J Ueslaurunt, corner Wharf and Johnson 
tils. Meals 16c and up. Satlataclloii s^ar- 

Ct.\.RKIAGK and Wagon Dealera — Wm. 
J Mable. Importer of MacLaclilau hugglea. 
traps; cannot bo beaten for durability. Ware- 
house 717 .lohnsou street. Phone 1329. 


hilXg 1- " . 

contractor, .'^imlinui 
atructurea. shop Cl 
at. uf flee phono L- J o-c. 

center and Job- 
■asa,. Jsuililffr anil 
on all classes of 
. 100:; Vancouver 

xietf." U-lOOJ. ^^^ 

[\ ', 

C.^KPENTBR — Ji 8. Hlekford, commlr- 
Blon carpenter arid contractor. Estlmatea 
Klven on all kinds of Jobbing; men sent out 
■jy the day. Phorie Vieas. . ' ^ ■ , ■ ■ 

G~^ HlMNBY and Furnace cleaning, atoveflt- 
tlDg, etc.; O'Brien Bros,; phoji* .I|M^. 


Hmy f EY Sweep— uoyg; cnmB 8 

Phoiys F218a. 

U.NDKRTAKl.NG— a. C. funeral Kurnlali- 
Ing Co. tllayv/ard'a), lOlU Govern- 
ment bt. Prompt Attention. Chargi-s reas- 
onable. Phuues i:jjtf, 'J'^'io, J-37. :;J38, U-3U. 
Chas. ilayward, president ; 11. Hay ward, sec- 
retary; F. Uasellon. uiaiiager. 

\\^HOLBSALE Pry Gooda — Turner, Beoton 
'V & Co.. LIU.. WholiiSale dry guod* lui- 
poi lers and manufacturers, men's furnish- 
ings, tents. •■Big Horn" brand shirts, over- 
alls. Mall orders attended lo. 

\ V'HOLBSALK Wines and Liquors— Tur- 
' ' iier-uo«tou Co., i.,tu., Whait St., Vi\;ivi- 

U — whoUkaU only. All lh« loading brands of 
liquors; direct Importers. Write tor lists 
and prices. 

WOOD — Cheap fuel. Try a heaping double 
load of short cut mill-wood, delivered 
to any part of the city at S3 C. U. U. by 
Cameron l..umber t'o., Ltd., phone 864. 


AKCHlTliCT— John Ifallewell, 1303 Broad 
St., room i, upstairs; previous experi- 
ence In apiiriiaont hou!i<!S and liuslntaa 
blockn; over twetny years' expcrlenco In 
'"anndiv »nU Knglnnd. 

i KVHITECT — Plans prepared for apart- 
■i\. menC blocks and bungalows. 1'. O. 
Box 1073. 

A KCIHTECT— Jeaso M. Warren, 414 Say- 
•^■^ waid Bulldlns. Victoria. B. C. ; phone 

30 <n 


V1LOTHEP '^'■'-'Mg — Gents' clothes clean- 
V> .Ml, (3 iired ana 

ircUas an I s jnade, repaired and re- 

covered. Guy W. Walker. 70S Johnaou SU, 
,Iust east of Uouglas; phono L.1267. 

C1LOTHE3 Cleaning — Wah Chong. ladles" 
■> and gents dry cleaning, pressflng and 
repairing on short notice. 1T26 Government 
Pt.. Victoria.. U. C. 

/ XOAL -\ND WOOD — Hall & WaiKcr. Wel- 
Kj lington Collieries coal. Comox anthracite 
coal, blncUsniith's and nut coai BROcSaliy 
prepared. Phone 83. 1232 Government 

CRUSHED Uock and Gravel — Producers' 
Rock and Gravel Co. Bunkera, Store St.. 
foot of Chntliani at.; phone 306. Crushed 
rock, washed sand and gravel delivered by 
teams at bunkers or on scows at quarry and 
gravel pit at Ro yal Bay. 

D DAYMAN — Joseph Heaney. jfflce tii* 
Whiirf St.; phone 171. 

RAYMEN^Vlctorla Truck & Oray Co. 
P hone 18. 

DV& Works — 'B. C ateani J3yo vvorlta. 
the largest dyeing and cleaning works 
In the province. Country orders solicited. 
Phone ;:00. J. C. Renfrew, proprietor. < 

DYE Works — Paul's Steam Dye 'Works. 
318 Fort S(. We clean, press and repair 
ladles and gentlemen's garments equal to 
new. Phone 624. 

."^ LECTRICIAKS — Carter 


X.^ practical electricians and contractors. 
I'hono 7j0; Res. phones L3270. R2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a, specialty. 131!) 
Rrcad St. 

TijlLECTRICIAXS— Foot & Tugon. electrical 
S-^ contractors. Motor boats, gasollns en- 
gines. Phone A14 4G. 735 Fort St. 


."EMPLOYMENT Bureau— Wing On, 
Goverumont St.; phone 23. 


GL.\SS and Glazing — Every deacrtption of 
glass, plate, Hhoet, prismatic ornamen- 
lul. leaded, etc The Melrose Co., Ltd.. fil8 
Kort St. 

G.VKUEXER — C. Pederson, landscape and 
jobbing gardener; tree pruning and 
suraylng a. specialty. »4S Pandora; phone 

I 5 AHGSrlfEKS-^^reen ae I'iicker. gafdenmg 
vJ in all its branches; landscape work ft 
specialty. .Vddress ISia Cowan Av«., city. 

^.\KDBNER — Landscape Gardener, James 
^ Sl.mpson. >9\ Johnson 8L. p!i'<ne UllB'). 
Lxperl on all garden and orchard details, 
j'runlng and \:leaulng from Insects, roSes a 
specialty, lawns Kra.lvd und tlniolivd in llrst. 
second ur third quality, according to, cou- 
'ract. c -.^ 

^tAKUENEK— H. Tldbury. landscape and 
VX Jobbing gardener; by the day or con- 
tract; phone 177b; luOK Johnson si. 


RCHITECT C. Blwood Watklns. Rooms 1 
and 2. Green Blk., comer Trounce Ave. 

^ RCHI'FeCT— a. S. Grlfritlis, lOOG Gov- 
.*--^ fi iiiiiciii 31.. pliuuo 14oS. 

AKCHxTBCT — ^Thomas Hooper — In j.rac- 
tlce in B. C. for 26 years. Plans and 
speclllcatlons furnished ou application. Office 
.Vew Royal Bank Building, Phone: 9??^ 

ARCHITECT, Landscape — U B. Davlck. C. 
E., designs and lays out beautiful 
country homes, landscape gardens, park* 
and pleasure resorts. 521 Sayward block. 

C"" '^ANA^' •- ','■:.'-■■.' ''V r' )':r-\ia<ifn.' 

J Off! Tel. 

-IS&ii. i'. w. ...... .... ....,.„... „...i Ec 

ports. Irrigation and Uralnago. Hydro-Elec- 
tric Development. Waterworks, Sewerage 
and Sewage Disposal. 

CIVIL Engineers — Gora and McGregor— 
J. Herrlck McGregor, manager, I'&nd 
Surveyors and Civil Engineers, Chancery 
Chambers. P. O. Box 162: phone 684. Fort 
;Georyo Offline, p, . Ik^ Landrv. manag er., . 

GIVll, Bnglnuers — Topp & Co., Civil En- 
gineers and land surveyors. Room 211 
Pemberton block. Phone 2998. P. O. Box 

. .1049.:.:-- .... .■ ■;:,,--.:-..:-. :,■. . .-..■■■-_-:;■■; ,. . - - :"■-.-; 

CIVIL, Englnaor — George A. Smith. British 
Columbia land surveyor, Offlce at Al- 
bernl, B. C. 

ClIVIL EiiRlneer — P. C. Coates Dominion 
' and Provincial land sur\'eyor. Room 
34 Board of Trade. 

CIVIL F.riglneers — Greea Bros.. Burden Jt 
Co.. civil engineers. Dominion and B. 
C. land siirveyois, 114 Peipbertou block. 
Branch offices In Nelson, Fort Qeorsa and 
Hasiellon, B. C, 

CEIVIL Engineer— -Clarence Hoard, member 
'' Can. Soc. C. E., member Am. Ry. Engr. 
.Association, Steam, Electric, lAigglni;, Rail- 
ways. Engineering; and ^^'onstructlon. Office, 
401 Pemberton Building. Phono 9S4; Ilea. 
Empress hotel. Phono 16S0. 

CIONHClT^G Engineer— W. G. Wlnter- 
'' burn, M. I. .V. A.; cIjvsscs preparatory 
for next examination, Wednesday avenlngs, 
GIG Bastion Square: phone 1S31. 

-»-^ geon. JewoU Blfe.. corner Yates and 
Douglas Sts., Victoria. Phones: Office 667; 
Res. 122. ■ 

"P»E;sTI.ST — W. p. Fraser. D. M. D. Of- 
-L' flee 732 Tates St. Garoshche Blk. Ot- 
fice hours: 9:30 a. m. to 6 p. m. . 

L.I ["Ti'HINSON & Ford announce that they 
-»-•- have dissolved partnership and the 
business will be carried on by O. S, Ford, 
architect and cardon architect, 

I>ohf;ut.<;ox and Meyersieln, B.-itish Co- 
V lumbfa land surveyors. Chancery Cham- 
bers, Victoria, B. C., P.- O. Box 793. Tele- 
phone R2S32. __ 

QWAN.N'EL & XOAKES, Dominion and 
*^ B. C. Land Surveyors, etc., removed to 
Promls Block, 1006 Government street. P. 
O. Box 642. Telephone 37T. '' 


Oy wanted. 

Apply In porsou. W«Uer 

OY.S wanted. Apply Pophum Bros'., Mary 
mreet, Victoria Wcat. _ 

1,"^l(UA.Nl> boy wuuled. olio willing to makt- 
^■i himself xeneially useful. .Vge about lo- 
Apply to dhutbolls Drug Store. 6S!» John- 
son street. 

I^'^Tr-^T class bushclmun wanted. ^ ■*''''*'i 
Uonuon i'ttitoi*, curnift U«k B^y :i:^d 

,rE.\ waul'cd to learn to drWo and repair 


.Vutomoblles. lOll Goveraroeat street, 
Hooni 7. 

/ APE.Nl.'^U for a good outelde salpsmaii; 
w liberal commission to rlv-hi man. .Vp- 
ply l:; to l. &\. 31'.' i'»mbert oi; blucfc. 

.-V.Xl-t'.VB drlvcm wanted; DSB Michigan 
Ml reel. 


rnwo real estate salesmen that can handle 
X loans and Inveatments; 324 Pemberton 

\TS7ANTEU, bright boy fur oltUo work, 
» * about 15 years of age. AppJ,y in per- 
son to Room 4 08, Pemberton Bldg. city, im- 
meclluttly, , 

\"\''A.\TED, two middle-aged people: rooms 
>V :in.i use of kltihen for a little help. 
1271 Dennian st. ^^ 

\\7A.\TED, two boys as machinist appren- 
VV ticos. to loam the trade. Appf>" B. <'. 
Maj-lne Rallwuva Co.. Lid. ^^ 

t^t'.XNTlSU, un experienced man to coach 
VV ri>r 2>r«limiiuiry law e.vamluatioii. .\<» 
dress Box' G40. VlctorUi. 

\A7ANTED — An energetic m:^.p to represent 
•vVV u leading Life Insurance Company, 
well and favorably known In Victoria Dis- 
trict; good opportunity for right person. 
Apply •'*07 Colonist^ . ., 

fANTED — Figure oii plaste'Vlng 2 houses. 
Apply Box "s«3, C' 


1:7— —A" "li^-y 

■ Apply. 
•!£ iilid -!•■•■ 

\~\r.V\'TED, boy a» u»h«r. See manager. 
T »■ ri\sta.I Theatre. • 

Abroad and cake maker with many 
years' cxperlonou, duslrca a i^oaillon. Box 
K3M. (Jolonlsl. 

Al''IR,ST-CLArtS aecounlanc will keep 
books at ihe rale of »30 per mdnih 
for two hours' work daily. Box iio3 Col- 

■- __„__„.^ . __-^_— . 

BOUKKIiEI'KK and general urtlee man. 
Urltlnli and I'anadlao experience, de- 
itires position as clerk, timekeeper or Reu- 
crnl office man. Apply Box 934, Colonist. 

BOOKICICBl'Icn desires eml''lO.^ men t during 
cvenlnRs; terms , reasonable. Apply 
Box S23 I'oiotiisi. 

Bl'ILDlNO auperlntendent for architect or 
owner; HO years' experience; thorough- 
ly eapabU In relniorced concrete and all 
lines of hulldlng cunstructlou. Box 437, Col- 

/CARPENTER wants work. Box 7«1, Col- 
*-■' OUlil. 

/"tOCNTRY store— Advertiser desire* situ. 
'_-' alloii as manager; 4 yi-si-s' experience 
In Okanagan valley; highest references; 
bond It necessary. Box 86 7 Colonial. 

GAHDESKH, rxprvlenri-d In prunlnic frUil 
iree.'. roses ami iilirubs, open for en- 
gagements In or around Victoria. Apply 
Box 94 7, Colonist. . 

HOTEL, country proferred. Position as 
manager required or would bo willing lo 
rent Bnm«. First class references glvun. 
Box 970, Colonist. 

8AI.E (CoBtlAwed) 

CHAM.K.VGI*; — <'an you flod anything 
-*• 10 beat this ^or value? Two grassy 
lots, 47x120, high and dry with beautiful 
oak liecs, near Belmont, 3 minutes iroiii 
Kori St. car. ?95<i each, third cash. 8, 12 
and 18 months. National Really Co,, 1232 
<.io\'crnmcnt at. 

A fKlOD lnve»tm»nl — Slie S&xllS; double 
■^^ corner. Fairfield and Klchmind, car- 
llne passes; price for a few daya 12260. half 
cash. This is the best money maker In 
the city. I>airick Really Co., 64* Fort si. 
I'hono 2ant>. 

A GOOD semi-i>uaineBa property at resi- 
■^^ donilal price; a. lots uii Johnaon s!., 
near huU-mlle cir>.ie for quick sale at |6uuu 
the two, 11000 cash; tttty per cent profit 
can be made huro easily lns!4e ri year. Na- 
tional Realty Co., 1232 Gnvernmoni st. 

A KXAP. for cash, lot on Moss at. Ap- 
■'■■X ply owner. No. Ill Moss st. 

C'l OOD high lot on Fulrvlew; 44x132 l'> 
f lane; no roek. only <S30; t:;00 cash, 
liul«n<e Sli (M<r month. .1. U J'jnderson A 
i.'o., Ltd., li and fi Brown blor'a. Itroad Ht„' 

I't URGE Double '■"«-"«r, Orillla Bi., 108x120 
VT J1200, easy terms. Phone 2070. 


n, meaBenger boya at X^anadtan 
ilic Telegraph Office. 

\"\r.\NTF5T) — Sewing machine aaleaman and 
^' . Apply. " "■ " ' ad St. 



A NCIENT Order of Foresters, Court-North" 
■*■>■ ern Light, No. 6935, meets art Fo^cst- 
era' halj. Broad St.. 2nd and iyh Wednea- 

tUtyfii"''^.^ jr*, FUiicrlon,* Sec. 

HARDWARE— B. G. Prior & CO., hard- 
ware and agricultural Implenieata. cor- 
ner Johnson and Government Sts. 

H.XHDWARii — The Hickman Tyo Hard- 
ware Co., Lta. Iron, steel, hardware, 
cutlery. 30 and 34 Yalta SU, Vicloria, B. C. 

f AMES BAY window cleaners and rollable 
— rfi::i»urs; wC::^ t :oi^«:t iw liiiune us wirun 
\. InUows are diriy; Luiuracis taKca also for 
janitor woili, 34 1 Coburg st. ; phone iViai. 

lEWELERS— A. Fetch. 1418 DougUs Tt. 
'J Specialty <Sf English ■ watch rBpairlng. 

J*-*'''!^ — Wanted, scrap, brass, copper. «inc, 
lead, cast iron, sacks, tinttlns. robber, 
highest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
.ti,:u Store »t., piiono 133t>. 

i A.NDSCAl'E Gardener — F. Street, F.R.H.8. 
■s-^ garden desitfii Jn all Us branches, au. 
uress l^aku lull, Viclonu, phone 1993. 

11VERY--CaidwelrB Transfer, general^cx^ 
J press, 4ali<, livery ana ijoardiug stables, 
|.i)7 Cormorant St., nlgni anu aay; phono 

't 2 5. 


iiunsiur Co., Ltd. Tel. 

29. Best service in the city. 

I ITHOGUAI'HING — Lithographing, en- 
XJ graving and embossing. Aothing too 
ii'ge and Jiot:iinK too amuii; yuur scttlon- 
ery is your aavaiicu agent; our work is un- 
equalled west ut Torouio. The Colonist 
1 I'lnilng and Publishing Co., Ltd. 

T Py'"^^ Order of Moose will me.ct at Ibelr 
•'— "uait on uovernmoht St. every second 
and fourth Tuesday every .month . until 
further notice. W. vVricht, Srcrsisry. 

/"jRDER Eastern Stan Qn^-on city Chapter 
y-f No. 5 meets 2nd and 4th Wednes- 
days, K. of P. H.-111, Pandora St. Sojourning 
meinhfcrs aro cordially Invited. 

C10NS of England. B. S. Prido of the iBland 
^ Lodge No. 131 meets 2nd and fourth 
'Au&sdays ill Ai- O. r". haii; Brona Street; 
President F. West, 567 Hlllaldo avenue; sec- 
rotary, W. Dawaon, Head Btioet, Thorburn 

A T , rca.1 osu 

to ; : ........ 

e'JfpOT Wiit'e d 
Halary and 
le prepared 
..,ii.-,. Apply In per- 
il easrs. Beckel I, ' M 4- 
I nrt at. 

maja to get advertisements 

.... Jnttss pubUcatron; good, 

commission, and ^leady employment^ Apply 

Room •22. browy bl ock- ;■ ' ; 

ixTANtED— Y flrat class barman. Best of 
'V rcferenc^ required. Apply to I'aclflc 
i-lub, city. 



.'■ANTED — OlTflce boy; apply W. J. Pen- 
dra.v &, Sons. Ltd. 

TTtTANTED, man to >-\ook after 160 acre 
VV farm; must itixm eomethlng about 
orchards; none but a good moi> need apply. 
I'ail «t WobUiolmo Lumber Co. ofllce. cor- 
ne^r Douglas and Src-.i-.tsn or. Monday 
or phone 1806. -,_ 

WANTED~-Men and women to learn the 
barber trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing; the la'gcst and most complete school 
in the nnrlhwpBi ; wages S18 and S36 per 
week when qualincd; call ur write for free 
j^atnlnviiA. Th« nriorinal J. X. Moler Barber 
college. 848 Main street. Vsincouvrr. B. C. 

lATA.N'TED, man to work in dairy; iriust b« 
VV a good milker and understand lock. 
AntilyKlma Bros. May wood P. Ot ^ . . 

WANTED, good opening lor youth dealr- 
Ins to enter railway service; one who 
can use typewriter and haa somo knowledge 
of shorthand. Apply Box tllS Colonist. 

W 'ANTED — First class real estate saiei» 
nuin lo take charge of business, good 
inducements to right man, must take work- 
ing lDt«rvst la busJxjcsWr Jtddreas P, C be. 

14p. ■,•■■■- ■■ ■ '' •'■ ': 

\"\7'110LESALB Liquor house requires city 
V V tind country traveller. Good salary to 
competuni man, experience neceasury. Ap- 
ply, Box 751, Colonial. 

HKLP WtlXTED — FEM Al-lij 

A WOMAN to do housework onftl day a 
j\. week, 'I'hursdays, or AVed|lesaays. 
.\pply 322 Robertson at.. Foul Bay. 

'-,;jlTI.SS J. DEVEREUX* Agency, 1314 Fort 
..IVL SI. Tol. 44 7; hours 4 to «. Wonted, 
I xprrlcnced Infant's nurso; 2 children; three 
1 '(tircncca essential. Wanl- 

I 1 cooks; aeconu acrvant 

kjM, ii.>. .>iu;Hry; reference. Wantea, i 
••"•Krt general maida, "(h«r servants kept; 
reference; also two hoi^emakla. Wanted, 
tlircH experienced women for huusec loaning, 
full days nnd half days. Wanted, lady tor 
oihce; no stenography, but general .tttond- 
ttncc. , * 

OAl.ESWOMEN wanted, apply to Mr. W. 
K) Spencer, , David Spencer, Llmlied. 

t^O.NS of England, a. S. Alexandra' Ijidge 
*^J 116, meets l«t and 3id Wednesdaya, 
K. of P. Hall. H. G. King, .Sholbourne st 
Pi-csldenl; Jas. 1'. Temple, 18 Erie st. sec- 
'^'ary. ^ J ^^^ • 

rpiIE Bojf'js-'^ngader -'Sure and Stedfast '• 
,,,. "*r J:"^"".- All ex-mcmbcra who are 
willing |o help on the "object" are re- 
nucsted to senil ihrlr nRm'.'. idjrcs- --■ • 
record of service lo Captain F. \'.'\onz- 
»taif. hon. Hci. for B. C, suite 20, Mount Ed- 
wards, Viincouvei si. 

rnHF. Dauehtci-s of England Benevolent 
-I Society meet !n K. of P. Hall, the third 
Tuesday of each month. .Sucretury, Mrs. A. 
E. Caticra.!!, Linden Ave, 


-ISLAND Plumbing ami Heating Co.; Job- 
-- bing promptly utttndcd lo; esiimatcs 
Ktven. \,\z Discovery •itreot; I'hone 3180. 


and I'o; t at. 

Talloi-ess. alao Bill . to .:;. learn 

London Tailor, corrierOak Bay 

AITANTED — A thoroughly 'reliable girl 
' ' from the old country as general ser- 
vunl In a family of throe. Telephone 202S 
or apply at 1580 Pandora ave. 


7A.NTED. good arm wallroas. 
caff, 905 Govei'nihettt st. 


?,V.NTBD, two first-class lady canvassers; 
liberal commiaslon to right person. Ap- 

W ANTED, a good general maid or youn*, 
girl, to help In housework nnd care of 
baby; iclephone R'3060. ri32 l.lnilen nve. 

Y\"'.vNTEl). girl lo do liglii housework: 
V » slec|> at tiomo. Apply mornings, lOul 
FqvL isl. 

\\;'ANTEL), a inily lor outside work; good 
VV nioney can be made. Apply 'J to lo 
ii. 111., 319 Pemberton block. 


■VTICTORIA Business Institute. 724 Fori st. 
V Shorthand, lypowrltlng. etc., day and 
evening classes; phono 225s. 

VICTORIA Day School for Girts, and class 
for .iunlor boys, commences Bth January, 
1912. Eusllsli subjects, French, drawing 
and drill, 1312 Harrison St 


Alias E. OROURKE, Public Stuho- 
jJX. graphtr. oiUcc .\o. 41s Pemberton 

Hock. Telepuone -No. 2o0z. 

XJATENTS — Rowland Brltialn. registered 
attorney. Patents la all countries. Fair- 
s.cld builaing, opposite P. u., Vancouver. 

OOTTKRY WAKE — hewer, jiipe, field lluT, 
-»- ground (Ire clay, tlowei pom. etc. Ii. c 
. ulleiy Co., Ltd., Cor. liiuaa and I'andora 

. ..1.. ■. Iclul'i.l. H. (.j. 

I»LUMB1.\G — Colbert Plumtilng and Heat- 
J- Ing Co., Ltd. For first el.iaa workmuii- 
tiilp Ml (|lie above line give us a call. Tem- 
porary office, 756 Broughion St., phono 552. 

iiL!.;MBING — ^A. .V. Atkinson. plumbing 
-L atova Uttlng, 2644 Blunchard; phone' 

HI 81 7. 

OC.-VX E.NGl.NG— Wing On. 1709 Government 
►O St.: Phone 28. 

<JHORTHAND — In thro« ■ months by ilTe 
O' xpitmaii's aimpllflod (l^oyau System. 
Diy fend evening clMsea. Typewriting, 
b> Ifkeeping and foreign languages taught. 
The Royal Slenographlo Co., 436 Sayward 
B ldg. Phone 2601. ^ 

iJHORTHAND -~- RhorthamI School, 1109 
^ Broad St., Victoria. Shorthand, typa- 
«'(ltlnK, booKkeaplnr. thoroughly taught. 
Graduate* fill good potttlona. B. a. UioMU- 
Ud','' principal. 

> ' ■ , L. ______ 

^tVC^CVU and Seal Kngravlng — General 
*^ Bngrmver Mia stanoti cutter. a«o. 
Crowther, 818 W harf St ., bahind P. a 

fIl1rt»KWniTER nSPAlRi NO— Phono 1320 
.t W. W«bttcr, M. B. All makes of typ«- 

v-rJUra itJiilrcU, I'tbttf!! asfl etiaraetetd. 
No, 8 Moody BIK., YatM St. 

ACUUM Cleaners — Dontley Vacuum 

6>eKner« for •»!« or rem; G«rt>et« cleaned 

on the floor without rcmovlrrj. Buy a Duntw 

)o>- and keep clean. Phone Ml. W. I. Oager. 

f28 Tales %U 

HOTEL— -Allmmbra,- Mrs. a. Thompson Ht. 
Sons, proprietors; It. D. Thompson, man- 
ager. Corner Can oil an-A VV;tter sis., \'an- 
tuuver,^ B. l... Vancouver's Hist hotel. Sit- 
uated in the heart ut the city. .uoUeralely 
equipped tliroughout. Aiioiliiy luncli j, spec- 
ialty. European plan. i<'amed for good 
whisl<y. ' » 

HOTEL — Blackburn. A. E. Blafckb'urn, pro- 
prietor. Thla well knowft, aii(i. popular 
holel eniir«ly rebuilt and re^urntifhed, la 
.'now 'opf^n to Its patrons.. Steam* heat, fine 
cont<nbdi<ius..i ooms, llpst 'class dininic. room, 
best' a.tteiitivj) to comfort' of guesiii^Xmerl- 
can plkfl, HW); to J.2.00 pur day. European 
plan,'/ 71 cence,' lUpwoi'ds. 218 Westminster 
Av't'.' " ,■ .'-I •:- 

W'HBN ir. Vancouver, B. C. slop at Hotel 
Windsor, 748 to 712 Granville street. 
■etrlctly first class; all roOjAlj co»h«cted with 
baths and shower baths; tlria clasa cafe in 
connection; located In Vancouvcr'a best bua- 
, Iness centre, oppoafte Vnncouver'a Opera 
y~^roUBe.\ Ogle Sc BuHlpn, Prof>rleit(ira. 


ADVERTISER ofteri<"^3000 equity In fine 
aportment house aite aa part payment 
on either good houae or retidnntlal lott in 
any part of city. Box 576, Colonlat. 

A GOOD crulaer, aplendld aea boat; aJao 
6 passenger Cadillac In good condition; 

-«** -_n.i 

...... !„*• „» 


Park Boulevard. 

AN auto for rfal palate — Haa any reader 
a lot he will exchange for a carT if 
•lo. mtll i^,r 1410 Brnad >(. 

WANTED — To excnange ■ roomed house 
close in for 8 or 1* room; must be near 
cut; phone T11180. 

V » . farm 4i 

two /teams In exchange for 

, farm 4and. Avpty iv u. Box S2&, 

YY'^ANTEU — first class- governess. Payne. 
VV Saturnu Island. 

\\'ANTED — Immediately young girl, age 
V» about 15. Apply 1l;i i "roft atreot. 
James Bay. 

\VAN1't:D, a lads' oubI.,.- -.^t^^\ good 
» » moiii-y can bo ninlo. Apply « to 10 310 I'embcrtou blocK. 

ITTANTBO. cxpeirlenoed tallorfss; also jm- 
W proven Krei CJulnker. «jl Yatc.i st. 

y.l '.^..NTKD. nt once, experienced aalcs- 
VV Indies; none but experlinccdni»ed ap- 
ply. .^nlruB ilnmpbeli it Co., luio Uovcrn- 
nit-nt »i. 

\'»'A.NTED, a woniHii or glr.1 for houae- 
VV work, for a .few hours dally. 1009 
Kort St. 

. I ■ — ' I -_ 

''.\NTED— Japanese or Chlnoao gcncr*.; 
servant:. .Vpply ,1739 Fort St, 


T'T^.V.N'TKD, at once. tnveo experienced 
VV niimes lor ehlirivpn. Six cooks and 
Beneial help. Wallress, Vancouver la- 

land Eiiljiloymenl Muieau, 1323 Douglas st. 

X'l '.\NTED-^Girl for office; must be effl- 
VV cicnt in lypinviltlnB and al figures; 
apply W. J. Pendi-ay & Sons. Ltd. 

\V'-VNTBD— -A rnllsble and experienced 
VV general servant for , i.-.all family; 

phone LSOf. 


^/ANTED— Woman or girl for light house 
work. 515 .Superior st. 

7ANT.PI>--A young girl for light house- 
work; good home. Phone L3153. 



lA^A.VtED. girl nbbut 14 yea'i-e or leas, 

\V ,.*^_^l«. «.« ...1... ..UM^ .,..*. »...,...• *t ... .. 

Apply 148 Moss at. 


^rri.'.vT'io.v v.rut 

TAPANESB wishtB any kind of Job as 
*J clean work; short t)ni~ after T-30 p.m. 
liuiiy; Hary, p. O. Box siis. 

|.\PA.N'ESE boy (young) wants situation 
'' at general inside work in city, aox ssi. 

LATHING solicited. C. W. ganders, wood 
and metal lather, Ptiobo ' L2e64. 817 
jUroughton street. 

ORCHESTUAL pianist, dance pianist and 
accompanist wants engagement. Phono 
FF20.87. _ ■ ' 

P»'«X!Tj5?.R¥MANrr-8«?okJ» ■!t<i''t'"": lif«» <>x- j 
perience; ren 
poutlrv- .for marU 

.■nd piucker; ui'Toimrify iMn-t-m-iii in 
iches; would start a business ton 
, Box 812 Colonist. 

I)RAi:'i'ieAti Horticulturist. wajitB perman- 
.■II nmpioyment on frtflr^arm. Good 
Write J. Laursen, Gencrjil De- 
■■rla. ' , .,'■•■. '"'•''; ' 

lULjyMng JCncllahiiian, 
good knowledge of drawing and clerk- 
ing; Canadian experience. Bot 71* Col- 

BrPUATION' ^iuixfa as WV^r by TOldSJe- 
aged man: can drive wagon. Box 894 
Colonist, : -. 

TraTANTED — By competent man a position 
V V °as foreman or carpenter work; can 
make plans, and have 8 years experience 
handling work; only a first class position 
considered; Box S06 Colonist. 

Y\/'AN'f ED— Position; Englishman. »T; 
' ' eoinmerclnl experience; knows French; 
and Spanish, college education, excellent ret- 
rrences; will accept any position where ap- 
plication «nd energy count; Box 728 Col- 

VVi'.VNTED. position on gasoline cruiser as 
'» mechanic; wages no object. Box 860. 

Y\7-^NTED. job as baker or ';ook; thor- 
' ' onghly experienced, comp or othcr- 
w Isp. Box- ST 4. 

yV'ANTED — Contracts and Jobbing work; 
> T guarantpi-d low prices and high grade 
work; Godfrey Htoa. cuiurarior* and build- 
ers, P. O. Box 1286, Phone L468. 

A SPLENDID buy; large double corner. 
■^^ Cook St. and Dublin, 45 fruit tre«rB and 
set out with strawberry vines, each lot ȣiOO; 
onc-third cash, 6, 12 and 18. Beams, 522 
Sayv/a rd Blk. Phono 2362. 

t \'l''RV choice property, 4 ncrea fronting 
-^^ on Glen Lake n.u\\ adjoining tlie Lux- 
ton C. .N. Ry. siailon, 7-mlle circle, on niuln 
X roads; school, postoffice, electric light ami 
telephone; improved lo park-like shape and 
far.rod; iidmlrabuj aullW.I foi lluirl bite, 
residence, or chicken ranch: Ushlng, slioot- 
liig: an unaurpaii-sed beauty spot. I'rUi- 
J3.150, Ot^ner, 1817 Cook St.. A'iclorln, B.C. 

A CREAGE^-a7en Lake frontage, fine .ho- 
.*."\. (p| site 4 acres. 13,500 on terms. G. 
.S. Leighlou, 1112 Government alruet. 

HALF acre, (.'"rner Foul Bay road and 
Falrlleld road, Jo,oOO: one-quarler cash, 
balance siircad over three years. Wallace 
& Clarke, «-.'0 Yates st. 

A LSO two acres. Ml. Tolmlo road, near 
-*^X- University and electric i^ars. »:iooft twr 
acre, 1, j and 3 years. Apply Beams, 523 
Sayward Block. Phono 2362. 

ANOTHER, 60x118, on Vancouver, second 

lot from Bay st.. fronts on two street:*, 

11550; oderthlrd cash. Beams, 6?.'^ Snywurd 
Block. Ph ono 2862. 

AVRni'HV Tv-i l--i.-!r'H rd.. two lof« <>■■•'• 
; oo for the t 
L. I''.,i .1.. ► .. J, .., <. wiU-n.' -blrMTK '■ "^: ' .' 

-»-* building lots, 80x110; prJco 8600 efcch. 
J. L. FJanagan, 503 Sayward block; phone 

OUNDARy road. Oak Bay, »0x240. »2400. 

one-quarter cash, or $2200, half cash, 

balance f 100 quarterly. Wallace & Clarke, 

HA.MP8H1RE rd., near Central: 55x114: 
8850; quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18. 
Buweii C4S ^<ti i. 

I HAVE SO acres al Port Mann, Just half 
11 mile from the townslle sub.llvlsion 
where U»t« are now being offered for »\ »'. 
1 am willing to a'cppi tfiso iier aiie in 
terms spread over three years. Ihls is III" 
best buy oflering for tiie speculator in Port 
Mann property. Apply, Ownci', P. O. Box 
581, New Westrainsior. 

INSIDE city limits; severol good !oU from 
jnoo each, on nasy teii..s. ,\. S. Bar- 
ton. Room 12. McGregor Blk, View street. 
Phono 2901. 

T.\.MEK BAY — An absolutely sure profit In 
thlsi J(!( feet fr(.)nt t>y 113 feet deep. 
Willi good house on .Menzlea street, between 
Michigan and Superior Strftets. west side for 
.lUst J10,50n. Th»-re is no- element' of In this. It's a certain monry maker. 
For sale exiluslvely through Russel & 
tiregg, -'07 Pemberton Bldg. 

JAMES Bay — Largo lot 60x120 on Slmcoe. 

J2200; 'i >a.«ih, balance 6. ■??. IN. ai 

7 per cent. & Co., 109 Pemberton 

K~BATING.H — 16 Acres on V. & S. Ral I way , 
five acres cultlvuted. balance slashed 
nnd ready for clearing; small house, chicken 
house, barn, etc., good well, fruit trees and 
strawberries. $300 per acre, third caah. 
Stewart & Gollop, 301 Pemberton block. 

LANG Street— Within tho~clty limits a 
nice lot for 8S00; Howell, Payne &. Co, 
Ltd., 1219 Langley St.: puonc 178U. 

rnOPBKTY rOK male <CanlliiiM«> 

TOLMIB ave., close 1 1. I'ook •!.. two large 

lots. 84 25 each; very easy terms. A. 

S. Barton. Room 12, .McGregor Blk., View 
si. Phono 2901. 

rnRA<'KAOE, 115 f«»>t on B. & N. railway. 
-I- with 152 fl. road front. 100 ft. neep. 

on a eonifr of a main road^ well inside the 
city llnilis, and the land Is level niih the 
track, Ja.uoo; one-ihlnl lash, balance b, 
12 and 18 months at 7 per cent. Wise A 
Co., 109 Pemberton Bldg. 

TRACKAGE. 110 ft. on V. & S. rallwaj , 
300 fi. deep, well liisldn 2 mile circle. 
' nearly an acre for 82.900; one-third caah 
balance -oi-er 7 .vears. Wise & Co., 109 Pem- 
bcrlon nidg. 

rpWO lots Id E»<jiiimttlt; »1400 for both, 
-L three lota In Esquimau, 12000 for three; 
on. of best lois In Cloverdale; qua^-ter acre. 
HOOO; one fln«- l«igi> loi. close to Oak Bay 
ave.. fl250; quarter down, balance 6, 13. 1( 
months. Owner. Box 889, Colonist. 

\\7EI.L experienced hardware man deslrcn 
' V responsible position, retail or whole- 
sale; b'st of reference's. Box 825 Colonist. 

YOUNG Japanese wants nosltton In bar. 
cleaning, etc., expeiicnced. Same, 636 
Chatham st. 

"^T'OUNG honest Japanese desires a position 
i- as store porter; sp<>akK English, and has 
years' experiences; Taknkl, P. O. Box 6«. 


A CAPABLE woman wants to takA cara 
-^^ of children a few hours afternoon or 
evenings. Bo.v 969 Colonial . 

\CAr.\BLE woman wants to mind chil- 
dren evenings or mind children In own 
house; Box 546 Colonist. 

AFIRST-CL.\SS dance pianist and or- 
chestral pianist •vants engagements. 
Phone FF20^7. 

A LADY would like the care of a young 
■*^^ child in her own home, pleasant, 
healthy location. Box 916, Colonist. 

\ Y'OUNG lady wishes position In country 
■^^ hol.e) or looming house; experienced. 
Box 703 Colonist. 

LioLn.;Kt;u, cducsted lady drslies pjsl- 
.' l-lon as travailing companion; hi^splla.: 
trained nurse and masseus-i; salary not es- 
sential. Box Z5, Colonist. 


RESSMAKI.NG — .Spring dresses ond 
suits. 1903 Quadra; phone Ri20. ' 

TllRESS.MAKER, experienced. 3524 Fern- 
J^ wood rd. ■" 

7 -JRESSMAKBR would like room In dry. 
-s-' goods store; hlgh-claas tailored and 
fancy dressmaking: or would take position. 
921 Green St.. Victoria: phone L1654. 

/11ENIiiR.\:> wants good place. Old Coun- 
VX try Registry, 1709 Douglas. 

GERMAN woman wants work halt days; 
don't speak English. Lehmann, Carlln 
street, 1346. 

CJ.RADU.KTE -Nurse; obstetrical, surgical 
T nn.l medicine vrases; open for engage- 
ment; terms moderntc. Box 786, i;:olonlst. 

11 Oi'fiiSWOHK warned, rour days a week. 
-*-*- by young Englishwoman. Apply Y'. 
'/... Maywond P. O.. or phone Y-30S5. 

"V'''B»<?HY Kov.rnoss or mother's help dls- 
-i-'l engaged; country preferred. Box 704 

REFINED Lj\DT. trained nurse, masseuse, 
desires position sanniorinm, nursing- 
homo, houBfUeepi-r for country holel. eu:. 
Box SOS ColnnlMt. 

RKFINKD young business woman desires 
room and board with private family. 
within walltlng rllstnncr. of Parliament build- 
ings. Address 7 23 Colonist. 

QERVANT. Scotch, wishes situation. %z\>. 
lO Box, 546, Colonist. 

rilAlI-URKD nnd fancy drossmoklng. L- 
■i 1654. 

\"\/'ANTBD— Situation as experienced house 
VV parlor maid or KPiieral; Gordon Head 
district preferred; onre Cartel, R. M. D. No. 

AATANTEr.) — By a teacher, position as dally 
V V governess, 8\ibje<.t; English, French 
drawing. lOxf-eiient reierenccs. jinx 826, 

tA/ANTED — position In good office for a 
'> bright lad; salary to begin small; ap- 
ply P. I). Box 49. 

AA^'ANTBD. by educated English lady situ- 
' ' Btlon ns daily nurse-governess in good 
ftimlly; phon*- R18R6. 

'ANTED — Position as stenographer, ex- 
pcrlencod. H..;;, 6S1, Colonist. 


■'ANTED, situati"n Ir. small family by 
Norwegian lady. Appiy Box 954. Colo- 

AA'A.NTED by eapablr, reflnod young lady 
' ' (Scotch! poslilon to take chprgc of 
children. Box SS8. Colonist. ' 

"Y^OCNQ woman, .sootch, wants situation as 
i Indy help. S9(i, ColOfilst. 

TANTBD — An Englishwoman as help in 
small family; Miss Exiey, Sidney. 

UTANTED — An experienced nUrso; musl 
have references: 826.00. per month. 
96S Heywood avenue.. 

ANTED — Improvers to the dressmaking. 
(Apply Rayboiie, 7si Fort street. 

4 GENTLEMAN dmirea nrst-claas fur- 
XX nished bedroom In private family, near 
city. Apply 828 Fort st. 

ITlOn g<>ntlemfen; two large furnace-heated 
rooms, furnished, with private fsiplly. 
meals arranged. Apply, Tha Manaiger. Cana- 
uian bvcurilica Co., <iu\arninvoi aU 

YOUNG marrlfd lady would take care of 
yovlng child throughout the day. Box 
102, Colonist. 

YOUNG married woman wants dally 
house housework, or care of children; 
407 '^\'-|lllam St., Vic toria West, 

■y'OUNO married woman wants house- 
X work two or three mornings a week. 
' Apply 460 Gorge Road. 

OFNO English lady desires posltlofli as 
useful help In small family. Box 9i0, 

Y'Oliii** rtorwrgmn gm wimes position ns 
plain cook in family. Box «1S. Col* 


|> "t, Fairfield Entnte: near sen, j 

-»-' »i(.)(i; 1-4 cash for quick sale. Also riot 
Constance axt, Esquimau; ?950, Box -527, 

BtrRNSIDE"road-^OiV "~™" 

enuo bearing, cloa^ ; 
Sae ns at oncfi for price an' 
and. Oolfop, 301 I'emberton 

' ed. rev- 



BURNSIDE rd.. 50x130. high, no rock; 

going for 8850; 8260 cash. This Is 

the cheapest In the district. G. S. Leighlon, 
1112 Government st. 

BUY near Normal school. Extra choice 
double corner (80x169), almost adjoining 
"Normal School' Just off Hillside for im- 
mediate sale. 11.400. one-third cash, balance 
6 and 12 months. H. Cuihberl and I'o , G.TS 
Fort St.; phone 1610. 

t1.\LI. on me — 1 have lots for sale, clii 
'' v.aler, and w IM build Jiouacs and tiike 
small payment down, balance as rem. .\p- 
ply Jno. Nesbltt, cor. Cloverdale and lii- 
vcrnoBs st. 

(1HE.\PEST buy In James Bay 60x120 on 
J Ontario sL, revonue producing; only 
86,000 on very easy terms; Heath & Chaney 
oojwara block. 

/'■4HESTER -St.. beautiful bullrilns- lot. 60x 
\J \iis\ price Jiii'iu: third cash. J. L. 
Fia-nagoii, 503 Sayward block, phone 30S4. 

COOK St. store — A store and house on a 
corner leased for $66 per month, only 
$7000; this proposition belts nli per cent.; 
Howell Payne & Co, Ld.; 1219 Langley st.; 
p.ione 1780. 

COQUITLAM Tonwslle. the new C. P. R. 
Paoiflc terminals. Subdivision of lots 
adjololng industrial sites; real estate firms 
and live salesmen Invited to co-operate. 
Frank R. Adams, 525 Fender si. Weal.. 
Vancouver, B. C. 

C10RXER (^'ook and Oxford sts. — This cor- 
." ner is a snap at $2T50; size .17x120. J. 
L. Flanagan, 503 Sayward block: phone 

C10RNER Haultaln and Cecil; two lots 
J $1500 the two; $400 caah. balance easy; 
Box 742 Colonist. 

ClOftNER of Gram and Belmont — 2 lots 
J 54x112 each; price $1500 each. G. 8. 
Leighlon. 1112 Government st. 

C~^RAIGHD.ViRROCH .Subdivision: choice lot 
J 50x150, $8500, and only $1200 down. 
!?•• th* Bur»ka R»a!ly Co.. ¥52 Y&t«a st.: 

C'(RAIGKLOWER rd.. half acre with front- 
•' age on road for $2,600. on terma. A. 15, 
Barton, Room 12 McGregor Block, View st. 
Phone 2901. 

CRAN.MORK rd. lot— 60x150; fine level lot. 
going for $1,150. easy terms. G. S. 
Leighton. 1112 Government st. 


BAN Heights snap; lot 50x120, for $750 
on good terms. P. O. Box 1452. 

DBN'MAN St. — K grand lot for $S50; How- 
ell. Payni & Co. Ltd.. 1219 langley St.; 
phone 17S0. 

DO you want a snap — If so, look here — 
lot at end of Willows car. almost on the 
track; mut 8e.Il and will take $S0O and easy 
terms, two yeftrs. .Vpply Box 650, Col- 

DOUBI..E cornfr, 1-0x120, corner of Pearl 
and .Vmethvil si.. 1 block from Hill- 
side; jc:;00. Double corner of Pearl and 
Ruby sts., $1800. 4 lots, 120x135, on Ruby 
St.. $1000 each. Apply Owner, 1591 Lans- 
rittwno rd. 

I^"'^XCELLENT lot on Michigan street; 67 
■i xl22. $4,700, $1,700 cash, bolanoe to suit. 
.1. L. Punderson & (.'o., Ltd. 6 and 6 Bro»vn 
block. Broad street. 

ipAIRFIELD— Two beautiful building lots, 
George street, aoulh of Mnv, 60 x 120; 
$1360. R. W. Clark. 1112 Government. 

I^'^.MRFIELD Estate, Hvo splendid home 
sites, corner Moss nnd I'oint; beautiful 
sea ^■iew. $1600. Mny st., opposite We-l- 
lington. large lot, $1500; terms. Owner, 
phone RSI 4 1. 

^i^RR.NWOOD Td.. Rockland Park: 


-8- lots. 50x12'.! each, good chatK'e for « 

Imlldlng; price for the Iwo $2,500 on essy 
terms. .Mien * Son. Phone IC50. Over 
Northern Crown Hank. f>pen evenlngrc 

IjlOR sale, 206fl.. by 1 Ki fi" deep, oil 
Davida ave., Kerr Addition; only $1950 
cash, $2150 terms. Apply Owner, 510 Wilson 


Foil lots clOBO to sit I of new Normal 
school, (lall and aii» our listings. Wal- 

l.,..A A. « AAA V.^*^* ** 

FOR Rale — Good lot 1 mlniit« from Dou- 
glas ^\. car line; prk-e $850; $300 cash, 
bal. $10 per month; Box 6S7, Colonist. 

-160 fe. 

■t . '^p ■ 

\7'.\.N'COl'VER St. c.<ruer. elost to Mount 
Edwards J5,000; Inside lot $4,000; 
terms. Hunt. S13 Fort st. 

"VncTORlA WEST— Fine Jot on J..angford 
V street, size 50x120, for $1,250. Russell 
& Gregg, 207 Pembri'Uin Bldg. 

\riCTf.)Rl.V West, close in, big lot at a 
bargain: price $1,150; terms easy. An- 
oiii«r iiwar corner oi" Hurtseli rtiid Eilwaril. 
for the small sum of $1,600; $500 cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and IS inonllis. Ituzsaell & Gregg 
2U7 Pemberton Bldg. 

XJ \>v. 

H. Booti. 

■ I'oinei-^ o.'St 
today; $3900. 
: ument st. . 

LIST your property with J. L. Punderson 
and Co., Ltd., 6 and 6 Brown Blk. 

TOT on Edmonton r<i,, corner, close to 
J r^rnwood; good soil; very oholco; $6180 
. auL;..iJalftO.-_H arj n»n...lZ0i. OiftaiJa^ 

IOT 50x120. -hear. E- ..i ■Willows 

Ji car, in Oak Ba.\ i desirable 

lot, $50 below value. ,-.,^ ..ut, terms ar- 
rn.ii»feu. Apply SSSiKduWbirWt. ~"- ::" .^ , ": 

LOTS in Richmona ave. south, close to can 
terminus, Koul Bay; price $1050; third 
cash, balance t>. 12. IS months: for a tlay 
or two onl.v. P. O. Box 994, city. 

OSS St. — Choice lot, 60x110, next to cor- 
ner of Oxford. $l,40u. Apply Owner, 
P. O. Box 960, city. 

MOSS St. snap, two lots, clear and level, 
$2,300 the pair. Hodgson & Powell. 
230 Pember ton block. 

\rOUNT Tolmie, adjoining new Normal 
i-Vl .school site; half-acre lots, 112x194: 
price $1600. Three beautiful lots, facing 
.Mount Tolmie rd. and Oak Bay ave.; price 
f6000. Two lots, 06x200; price JSOO each. 
II. Boolh, Room 7. Government st. 

MOUNT Baker AVe. — Two grand lots fac- 
ing the sea, having a splendid view; 
size 120x120 $4750 the pair; or will sell sep- 
arately; Howell Payne & C;o. Ld., 1219 Lang- 
ley St.; phono 1780. 

"VTEW Hillside car — Double corner. 120x 
i\ Jin close to. !l*W ei^r nnd seh.iol : 
owner must sen in a row days for $1,600; 
one-quarter cash, balance in !«uit. Imperial 
Realty Co., 645 Bastion st. 

"VTORTH Hamoahixe rd.. two lots, each 
-i-"N 50x120: lilgh and dry; fine view of 
the sea; price $1275 each. J. L. Fl.inagan, 
503 .Sayward block. Phone 3084. 

"V'ORTH Hampshire rd., a block of S lots, 
.iN 60x145, back to ailanc; $9,500 the lot 
or $1,200 each. These aro grand lots and 
have a fine view of ihei-sea.. Howell. Payne 
& Co.. Ltd.. 1219 Langley s t. Phone 1780. 

(\AK Bay — Finest wooded lol Ol'i llamp- 
-/ shire road north, 60x120; one block from 
car line; price $1376; cash $475; apply own- 
er, 1118 Fairfield road; phorv a RH^l. 

OKVi Bay ave., corner, 160x120. Price 
$6,500. Howell. Payne &. Co.. 1219 

Langley st. Phone 1780. 

ATICTORIA West — 60 feet frontage on the 

* E. it N. Ry, 101 ft. deep to St.; prico 
$9000: Monk &. Montelth. k:(!i Kort si. 

'AT'K'TOHIA West — 3 lots on Paradise at; 1 
V fni- ii.nmv •> nth<^i-« f'.'r *1?>£'0; third dov.ii 
Monk Sc Mon'telthl 639 Fort St. 

VV,' A LNDT St.— For two days we offer this 
*» snap, a gi-and level lot for $760; Howell 
Payne & Co. Ltd., 1219 Langley St.; phone 

\T7ATERFRONT, Esqulinii.It, close to car 
>' JiD.'-.O,. one-third cash, balance 6 " 
^. Crompton & B<arton, 130 P( 

\\ ■ > II. It FRONT AGE on beautiful Cordov* 

• ^ '■'- ■ — -We . ari-. in«tructrd'* by th^ tjwffi- 
' :'er\ tlie unsold portion of a sub- 
o vlth waterfront lots, comprisln-,? 
ai.jM<..Miiiaiely 66 acres, fo^r inihiodlate sale, 
at $42,0410, on easy terms: this is about $63.'> 
per acre, and is the cheapest buy in this 
district " today; Investigate at once. British 
Realty Ltd.. 403-404 Sayward Block. 



Box "J 03. 

I'lM' limits. 
;';r,0; catr 

sacrifice i^ 
Just off ■ <HW: 
terms. Appi.^ 

ZBLA St.— -v high lot only |90'0; 

.Howell, Paym= .Si Co.J Ltd., J219 1>an5ley 
St.; phone I'lSO. ~' 

5 ACRES Unproved,, new Saanlch car Ui^e; 
SVa miles city hall; excellent; very 
cheap price; Investigate. Elliott, Sly' & Co., 
1309 Douglas St. 

fr ACRES I.Ang£ord; about 120 feet fronl- 
<J age on lake; $1200, or 
ply Box 796 Colonist. 

on easy terms; s^- 

dg-J A Cash, $10 per month buys 6' fine 
'4P-LI/ lots in Port -Angeles; price :$12e: ai> 

ply 513 Sayward building. 

7I (\l\ FEET waterfrontage Victoria West, 
4-wU 300 feet deep; near whore the ter- 
minals are going to be; price low, terms; Box 797 Colonist. 

■1 \yi FEET on Dallas road hy 160 feet 
-L"xtJ deep $37,000; good terms; inside the 
breakwater; choice tor warehouse site; will 
double in value within a year: Box 798 Col- 
onist. • 

1 flfi Acres near Sooke harbor, $20 per 
-LvJli acre, one-third cash, lialaitce 1 ap'l 

2 years at 7 per cent. Wise & Co.. 109 
Pi-mb?rtori Bldg. 


AK Bay and Terrace; corner lot, $4,000; 
cosy terms. Box 318 Colonist. 

O.VK Bay ave., cheapest building lot In 
the district, near Hampshire rd., 20ft. 
lane, $2300: third cash, balance. 6. 12, IS 
months.; owner, P. O. Box 381. 

0.\K B.\Y" — 120 feel on Beach Drive, a 
minute from car and Oak Bay Hotel. 
$6,000. Kusacll &. Gregg, 207 Pemberton 

0.\K B.'VY — Lot 60x120. a block from sea 
and Oak Bay Hotel. I'rice $2,100. 
Russell & Gregg, 207 Pemberton Bldg. 

OBBD Avenue, the Gorge, city water on 
fH>> utroc-U pr'''* $550; $175 cash, bal- 
iROe 2 J*fial*.-.:..Al»I>l> *"'■ ''. Hunt, 813 Fort 
istrect. • ■ ■ 

One; .-/t. 50xl4i;, V.'clllngton ave., Fair- 
field; $400 cash, balance 6, 12, 18 
months, Iniercsr 7 per cent. Apply P. O. 
Box 454. 


4 1 

■hk;4(;J3 in n«if 3<..-- <.-nT.t<./i r,-^.., .,«,™. 


er«. Box 390, Color 1st. 

ONTARIO St., lot 50x129, for $3,000 
Howell. Payne &. Co., Ltd., 1219 Langley 
■at.; phone 1780. 

J3ANDORA St., between Blanchard and 
Quadra, 36 feet double frontage, rev- 
enue producing, $650 per fool. Overseas In- 
vestment .Agency, 208 Pemberton Bldg. 
I'hone 368. ^ ___: 

QUARTER acre lot on Monterey nve., 
$13*S. M'allace & Clarke, 620 Yatea 

I^OR 8,ilo. five acres, partly |« fruit trees. 
Apply William GiUespio, noar Pump- 
ing station. 

■T^.OR ^aalc — 16!) feel on ,\rtautus by 130 
X. feet on Carroll, $3,000, terms. G, H. 
Bayley, 711 Y'alcs sircel. 

FOR sale, Duhlevy st., 7 lots. 50x115 each: 
prk-e $7750. B ox 317 Co lonist. 

FOR sale, $1000, lot on Shakespeare st.. 
Just off Edmonton rd. ; terms; apply 
P, O. BOX 715. City. 

1j»OR Sole- — Good farm land In Bulkley and 
X" Columbia Valleys; on R. R. ; J. F. Man- 
na, Port Albftrnl. 

ATT ANTED — To borrow 82.000 at 12 p^'r 
VV cent. Good aecurity. Only those mean- 
ing business neud apply. Box »t(, Colonfat. 

Ikl IM\S\ ^>OAN wanted on nsw libuae.' 
< ^LVUy Sva <••, Cvivnisi. 

FOUR Onk Bay lots. Deal St., choice lo- 
cation, 60x120. $1200. Victoria »v«., 
corner. 50x100, $1125. Corneir t^cntral and 
.*t, ratrick, 58x135, $1250. Large lot, Mad- 
dlson and Wllmer. 50x170, $1660. R. W. 
Clark. HI! Government. 

CI ABAOp site on Courtney street, close tw 
T Douglas, 60x221, fronting on two stroaco..' 
See us ror particulars. Stewart and Golloj:, 
301 Pemberton block. Phone 2888. 

GOLF Links Park — A splendid lot SO feet 
frontage ' an Newport ave,, overlooking 
Links, cement walks In tront; price 83600; 

•hoi -iKix ci\y. * " 


GONZAI.C1; Avenua— A fine lot 70x31« ah- 
■ohiteJy free frnm rotk, only $I*ft<H 
Howell Payne tt. Co. L<d.; 1210 Lannlay at,: 
phone 1780 . 

fXOOM lot Oak Bay. less than 1«« yarda U 
I VT hotel and beach, all yood soil, ««xllt, 
I mairntlK^n't viow, 83100: $800 caah. bsblanpa 
I 8. 13 and tt months. O. R. ». EdwardM^ 
I fr3i B44eb l3t!v«. Oih 6*y. V&vHh X-( 

1>ABE opportunity to lease or buy a good 
V business location A. W. Brldgman, 
1007 Government Street. 

i^ARATOGA Avenue — Tills Is a snap; a fine 
K?) level lol for $1050; Howell, Payne & 
1:0, Ltd., 1219 Langley at.; pho ne 17S0. 

CJARATOO.A. ave.. close to Monterey, 48x 
io 114, $1050; $450 cash, balance $25.00 
monthly. Wallace & Clarke, 620 Y'otes St. 

A D\EIiTISER is open to buy ten acres or 
■^*- more of land, suitable for fruit farm- 
ing; any district; give rock bottom price and 
Iirll description to Box 709 Colonlst- 

BUl LDING site wanted; Newport avenue. 
Golf Links park from owners apply with 
particulars P.O. Box 1136. 

i'^OR quick and satisfactory resuli's, list 
your property with National Realty 
Co., 1232 Government St., near corner Yates; 
open evenings 7:30 lo 9; plrune 1165. 

CI OOD buy wanted In West Victoria; send 
3r me your best price and easiest terms;. 1 
am open for i«'imethlng that wiil make me 
money; Box 76S Colonist. 

HARDY' Bay — Wantea! wanted! 200 acres 
by Hodgson & Powell, 230 Pemberton. 

I WANT to buy a couple of lota on Sara- 
toga, .Monterey or Hampshire road; 1 
will not oav an inflated price: bIvo me your 
best icrms; Box 767 Colonist. 

T 1ST your property with J. L. Punderson 
.A— cftUu ..o., 'j^iii., ., «tiiru w Bt^i*vu jt>ik-.- 

OWNERS for quick sale try the Coast In- 
vestment Co. 122 Pemberton building; 
phone 2957. 

REGIN.\ property wanted — If you have 
any of ihls, I will buy. Barney 
Groves. Reglna Theatre, P.oglna, Sask. 

SNAP Wanted — Lot Moss St., Howe or Mo 
kenzle's apply P. O. Box lOS city. 


't'l'^ANTED to purchase, lot In Victoria 
VV Weal, from owners only; stole price 
and location to Box 654 Colonial. 


'.VNTED. moderate price. Iota near May 
st; owners only. Box 932, Colonist. 

AATANTED — Wc have a buyer for a 60 ft. 
VV lot In the Fairfield District north of 
May street. Cook and Moss; ow^nere list at 
oiicM with _P«ekett. Major «■ Co., ^Irlci,, 64 3 
Fort St. xciophone 2sr67. 

AA7.\.NTED, several good building lou in 
VV Dean Heights; must be high and dry. 
for building purposes. Box 909 Colonist. 


J.^NTED, snap in city lot, must be .level 
and Koo<i sise. .Vnswer P. O. Box 1233. 

SARATOGA ave., fine level lot, oniy $1,050. 
Howell, Payne & Co., 1219 Langley s(. 
Phone 17S(\ 

SEE lis for snaps on Caloilonla ave, North 
I'ark and Flsguard streets. Allon & 
.Son. Phone 1650. 0\ er Northern C^town 
Hank. Open evenings. 

EVBRAli choice Uns for sale, one block 
off .Hillside avenue and the new Os.k- 
lands school, high and dry, fine view of tho 
city. Prices »6S0 to $Vb«, away beiow value. 
Allen *. Son. Phono 1650. Over Northern 
Crown Bank. Open evenings. 

OlXTY-three feet, close to Dsllas road and 
►O outer wharf, $8,000; one-third caah, 
balance In one and two years. Wallace & 
Clark. 620 Yates »t^ 

CJLATER St., near Cook St., $500 each; 
^ for a tew days, twrmsr A. S. Barton, 
Room 12, McGregor Block, PIcw at. Phone 

S~MY'TiiE St., near McNeill, 60x130; price 
$900 each; third cash. Bowes, 643 

Fort; tft!. 2724. 

S.NAP — North Park st., close to BJanch- 
ard, fine workshop site. 87,80«; quar- 
ter cash, balance 1 aid 2 years. Cromptott 
St. Barton. 130 Pembert on Block. , 

SN\P— Lot In Beacii drive Park, Oak Bays 
50x110; only lot in this sub-dlvlalon t«r 
$|S0: owner must aell by March Is tarms 
uuarter cash, 8. 13. 18 montha. B«X t\\ 

Colonist. \ . 

SNAP on Joseph at.. S^lrfleld; «b» flne 
building xom. II"**: apirty to«« y\w 
j^ straet. ' • ' . ' ' _' '■ / ..„, ■. __^^.,...' 

SNAP In Oak Bay, conlar Wt. l?5ilMV 
18600, t«rm«. Apply k^ Mscfotiaid. 

Phone g»»- u / 

err!, ratrick 8t,— A fi«e xkffii itv tot *0a 
C5 itt for »i«M; Howen ^ayna * Ca. Wd.. 
itl* Xjaacla:^ abi phWM Xtm.. 

CMAi at, ftne \t>\, «l«se tfr Biiiniat4» «t».. 
._ X>o«t«la* car: H«f} J««o wuih. Nil- 
ahe« 1. II. la. S4 mont)U!;^'>B«S «« ««l9»i»t. 


Ami* only. IH acrea on ani* at ratt^aray 
tcaGk. tight rloae tn. |It.«M. tksa't mtaa 

m*, , lb w« Clark. %nt a«vtrMR«»t} i*M»» 

VATaNTED. bes: iot^ I can get within half- 

V V mile circle, for about $2000. 664 Col- 

AArANTED — To buy a lot $80 cash will 

V V handle; and balance by monthly Instal- 
menls; Box 468 Colonist. 

ATfTB aro open to buy good Cadboro B4y 
VV acreage at once if price Is right And 
terms reasonable. F. Sturgcss & Co., 318 
I'embert'on block. 


T.'VOL'ND, Dallas rd., plons and blue prints 
-C Canadian Explosive Co., Nanalmo; may 
be had «l Brayahaw's Carriage Works, Vic- 
toria, by poj-tng tor thla advertiseme nt. 

IjlOUND— 2 weeks, ago pair of «old spec- 
tacles; owner ttave same by psyinr jor 
this aO. at Colonist office. 

IT^OUXD. a sterling silver watch. artU) In- 
- Rials "K, R. !«:" Owner may iMve 
same ky provinc property to Box tftl, Colo* 
nist. _^___ 

LOST, acottlrh brooch, eatraa'CiM'ma atane 
and array pebbles act In i4lvcr; i|'*irlo^. 
FJnd^t plefcse return to Colonitt 1»4» •« tciHl 
receive reward. ' 

bsT— Wl r«-nalMd tax. terrtKr. «Wj, 
old. bia^k atKK OB kaok^ ll«w«*^ 
uroufhton atreat. Pfaotta J4ft7« 

••■ i jji ■ ■ - ■ ' ■■■• ....■»■- 

Guy A t!a„ W% 

■ ■^.^■i. mn . Hu m. ■ •^ ■■11 1 ' a- 1 ■iisiailnasi*''' <a^j<a i i» '■ mW i 

LOST, «ww vtmm ^% . 
-'OH an»it ii«ar ll4M» •u'^ 
ratttra ta r. Maorti t$ll KittiiKi 

iiE oii.,*w«a9- tiMnltm*- «W . . 
pup. rtiidar «i» ma/m b^ 
m. lit T'ktM at. y. 

IS iiiisfsiliiiasll ilislisl.iiMi S.1ISS1 ■sUfca'ai.^i 

LOfit. Wtta prtati. an . 
Vim*i batii^aan i»ka#l: 
ISatavn i:!»n«Mian t^fAnMii^ 

ward. ^^ 

1''^*ci?v ,»o»a, »Ja«»«»; HMwaj' ^ 
J iuxaM'tS a#i^. .WlDI**-^ 

I .i|ii y .ii| (4 .iiii . i n i ' iii MB 


IHMUMrMii' fclyimmft 

PailiMttuti iMjJidW.* ^'-' 

—i ff y 


,MP*f #QPKt)tiimn^|ffifiAifR 


Tt I'hia'fcat-ilbti 

* M ^ ' ^ 'F ^riml ' / jj -iiiS i 



W«dne*d«y, February 28, 1912 




VI -iriu Lush luki'» clllicr a. new ft loom- 
ed Umi»t-. nun 11 ma. uir l.'::;>ii. or k. 4- 
looruod buiiUKluw \uth ntuUlt: uUjoluliiic iirw 
dry dork bsyulniiilt ; lor iauuu anu »SUU 
1 >ikf>* 4 rooiind louuise nfur I'ouglaa uai- 
jui I'J.'OO; bttlBnco ol euch »i:0 iiiuiUhly; 
.iwiiir Uux I, Uuduinonl Toni Udlce, £sQUi- 

AhtKA.l.l'rY — It rooiuB. niodnrn, cIusb lo 
0«ki Bay live., price »4.(UI>, on ierni«; 
you wiii liiivo to look (or somo time to lind 
;:» mua! ::» vaiiit;. 3 gl Tiv.i"» l. ^li.liiis. 

i i'Ht>H"t; close-Ill hoiiii' al a. low llBUie. 
.«. contttliilnic 7 roomM and all moilrrn 
<;.inv«nl«ncc« on lot BUxllti, b mlautua Troiii 
LMly hall, wliln.u'- f1"'abl llif l)t»l vuluo In 
the city at t&.:'6u. $500 canh. bulanct ai - 
lUligr. You lunt adord to inUa IhU. Nu- 
llunal Iloaliy Co., i;:a:: Govcriinu-iU »t._ 

VHOU8K on lll>.httiii»oii »l. 7 room*; 
bttMemenl. evei-ylhlng absolutely tnod- 
iTn; price »7.&0U; lash ja,:uO. I'atrlck lU- 
aliy Co.. 6 1ii Fort at riion« jSfiti, 

A SNAP; ilirt-eroomea cottage, ten mln- 
-iV. uvuii rroni Wlllo-.vs boach, for ?l,20u, on 
i-rm!?. A. \<m Olrttvwald. Kcai iUataic, oor. 
I''i»ri and Quadra sn. 

V.-Xi(''rii Turner »i. house, B-iroomH, 
iierfecl liomo. In flrBt-olasii condition. 
lot 4 11x112; price »1760.. JliGO cash; terms. 
I'Hirii-k Keixlty Co.. 646 Kort »l. I'hone i5&6. 

V.MuniliU One — 3 rooiaod shack on full- 
slzeil lot. fouccd. for t70O cash; A von 

'ilrs^'wald, rual oitate, 
<4tiadra sts. 

corner Fori ' and 

BKACON St. — Janiea Bay; we have for 
sale a nice & rucimnd bungalow modern 
:tnd ^iuite ciosu to puiK loi' pvivv't riuVVnil, 
.'ayno & Co. titd., IL'IU Lianscley m.; phono 


BEPORH deciding see this handsomely , de- 
signed & roomed bunealow ou full sUed 
lot, fully modern open flro place, brick man- 
lie, panelled, cool cupboards, balh und loUot' 
laree verandah; close to car, view of sea; 
price $3000; cash $400; jAlvensIeben, XitU., 

D.\ !,1,.'l. ,\ ■. rllUl! A i- .' . 

on (L j;;_i'iK)t iol_uiif> ^ijjiii',. Uuw. ; , 
rayhe" & Co-, 1219 tanBl'ejr «t. } phdfte /ITSn. 

DON'T proeiaetlnatcl Call today and si;-, 
cure tlnii -l-rnom bnnRalow. ' Oak^Bay,' 

:i<.ar inc sea, ' ■ ' '■■ "-^ -:'. -tkv 

ifr'.nH. See il 
Yalis St. 

lIOrHKS FOR HALR — Conllnued. 


CV-J •><Wk Ul'Vti a li room hou»e with one 
^ l»)V'UquarHT m ri! of tfood land, iliicken 
hous. ». ••U-., ou Carey rd. Uowes. 64a Kori: 
li-l. U'TLM. 

(Ilj-j '>/iAI^''VH a ; room house with one 

•If l»>lM/ iiuurtcr Brro ol (food land, ciilck- 

en liiMiiii'ii, ell'., on Cari y mail. Howes. 64a 

Kort; lei. a7'.'4. 

IjBr.MONT »i ■ . .;a<: iiorili or 
I'ciObriiki- St.; ixcopilonally good 
liuv: oivnnr havlns tlty will ^a'Tin''"" •'»■■ 
-i)on>ed~ new liouite: fxlra lari^e concrrii»a 
bateiniMi; lawn; lar«i- lot SOxlJii. «aKr,ii, 
terms; save commission by. .luiihiiiic at 
above address. ___ 

I.U.. ^ this 



AN upright pluQo made by Hopkins * 
.Sons; price )100; easy lerma. Apply 
1J31 liovernincnt St. 


old English 

.NTlylES — .Several Hue 

Urnudfatlier clocks, t.'hlpiHMidalu and 
Miiralou lurnlturc. etc., tor sule. amllh. 
iSiio f<e\ei;ili a\ ?. W, \'aui.ouvcr City. 


IXIIy'.MlY yuihlK, cruisers-, boats of all 
clHssea lor sale. liminess Uoathouso. 

Ituggy with seal lu front; ap- 

.>'— ~/| cash. f2Br,0 terms, 


lar line, n llh six rooms, modern balh room, 
with sanitary toilet; pantry with hot and 
cold water, draining boards and drop Hal; 
a nicely Ji signed illnliijf room, wllli prui- 
rail; colored glass wliulow; oaU mantel; pip- 
ed for furnot'e; i-lectrio light; on concrete 
foundation; lirt. full sUed l>»Mvinent; ?3oo 
win handle this snap, .\pply, owner, on 
liroperty; opposite exhibition grounds,- Wil- 


LIST your properly with J. U I'undei-son 
and Co.. Ltd., 5 and il Browji HIU. 

CJt-'NNrVALE— > 

VXTANTJSD. 4 -roomed bungalow, modi-rn. In 
VV good locality: can offer $250 cash; *30 
per month. Box !)0t'. Co lonist. 

\ -» TA .VTK.D TD 1'iriiCllAS.K — li Or 7 .roomed 
VV house In t^ak Bay District direct' from 
owner. }•.'»« cash, J50 month tor 6 moa., 
125 a month Rf-ter. Box 811 Colo nist. 

\Ttr.-VNTEU, 4 or 5 roomed modern house, 
VV close In. abdut fJ.seor will pay »100 
cash, balance S'Ju a month Including Interest, 

fj.,-. ..1 - l-'nloplSl. 

a good 6-room cottage, not 
:-. ii^an 15 mlnut;-' — '- " - ■'"■■- 
ner- oT Vates and I'ongiii 

ihorouirliU- nioderil. ' If > ' ■ 

.■-jiiiinu- .this 
ill .particulars 

, ..:i,i : -'.wood, 0X3 



,\VH Sal 

ply ','e» Huptri it- 

-Well kept 4 seated Uulck lour- 

J7\UH Hale- 
. Ing car In splendid condition; IS-:;: li. 
p.; also 4 sealed rubber tyrod liladstone 
carriage, almost neiv; >5. J. I'ltts, li,SU 
Kocklunrt ave. 

J.^'^ult Hale- 

350 l.,lnden Bv«. 

1,'>OU »ale. new Oliver plough. wheel. 
. eomplrlo, »7; Bngilsh gooseberries, 

la.rgM trees, direct Importation, I'ic each. 
Abbotl. 68 Ollvo St., city. 

r/MJIl sale, 7-passeiigrr touring oar; Hrsi- 
Jl" class coudllloh or will exchange tor real 
csiair. Apply lioati tjl aiiley avc. ^^^ 

I.-'lOlt sale, 0-eyllnder Vlercu Arrow car; 
cheaii. good as npw; will arrange eo.fy 
icrina. .-iippiy ii. '■'■ oprlDoOr, V/Citholm--- 
liotol, city. : 

I,'.<)H itale, ,\merK-an pool table In spleu- 
. dUl eonclltlon; best offer takes U. 


u. Box «C0, city. 

FOR aal'.-. 4-holc Majestic kitchen^ atoVe; 
as-' good OS now; price J2D. 434 Silii- 
coe St. 


TtOH sale, cniia"a oot ann maittress; «i»« 
buggy in good condition; cheap. ti:i8 
UUlsiae ave. 

U' \ ; rEI), hoiii: m i.'ak nay or Foul Hay, 
.ilioui *30ii0, with small cash jjaymciit. 

.\:oiWtr 1', O. Ki.v U':::!, . '■ 

ITiAinFIELD, corner Mo»s and George St.^^ 

T^'^.MRKIKLD Elate— -Bungalow, 7 rooms, 
-L w|ih furnace and up-to-date In every, 

detail; *.'>::J0; cash $12ri0, balance arranged. 
:J0S Pemboiton building. ... ..... 

TTlOii Sale, flvc-roomod bungalow on one- 
JP linlf, aore, of land, situated on beat pftrt- 
of Moss streot, with frontage on three 
."trcets; Apply P. O. tJox IDS, Victoria. B.C. 

rjAOR Kale, 7-room house, new. bath, -turn- 
-•- ace, electric light and liasement, {4300. 
$5uO cash. J20 month;^wllI exchanga- lot us 
ilrst payment. Apply owner, lllii i'ort si. 
I'hone KJ714. i , Z 

IT^OU saje. Shoal Bay, Monterey avc.. an 
attractive 9-room bungalow; 3 more 
rooms can be addedi situated clo«f lo 
boach and . pretty grove; ten minutes Cook 
St.. car; Itleal npot; Inspection would con- 
vince; real snap; |irI<,-o J4St30; cash $500. 
balance, y^i per month. Apply --Box SoB 

^"olonlst. '■ . - ■ I • ' 

— I — . , ii II II il II . I . 1 . ; I I .1 ' i ■ II . 

1,"^CU;|j Bay Road — A new 7 room two «ory 
house; beautifully finished on a t>0 toot 
lot and between -J car lines; a snap at SuSOO 
liou-ell. I^ayne & Co. Ltd., Jiia L,angley St.; 
phoiiu 1J80. "^^ 

i L'±:X sold, a fine new house. Moss St.. 
') JaOOU; 1 have the adjoining one tor 

sale, aani ■-. i- convenient to cai. 

park l;;o; modern conveni- 

ences: en«; . I I nave another now 

lorher house, .Mots St., fi-i&O. R. W. Clark,' 
111-^' Uovernmeni »t. 

LANUI'X)Rt) St.. Victoria Weal; 7 roomed 
h^w house, all modern, with new fur- 
iHiure: a snap; tSIOO; $750 cash, balance 
easy. ' R. W. Clark, llli Government St., 
phone 1-093. . 

r 1ST yonr property with J. L. Tundorson 
iJ and Co.. Ijid.. 5 and « Bi-own Blk, 

NEW modern 9 roomed house 1 1-B acr»« 
in the 1 U mile clrclo on new double 
track car line; all planted to fruit, no rock; 
barn and poultry houses; direct from Ihe. 
owner fqr $9500, reasonublo lurms; address 
urawer 615. Victoria, li. C. 

II 'I IK Liook! ,Lbok! Good 6-room house, 
■^;e lot. only 10 uiinutes" walk from 
renter of town, must bo sold this we|C(c for 
*5,000 J. I.. I'underson & Co., l<ti^. 5 and 
llrowtn Block, Broad street. 


irelgUi _ 

nana marine gasoline 
111) h. p. required for 
'. O. pox IISO. 

VJCRAI-* Brass, copper, zMo, lead, cast Iron, 
>0 sacks wnd all kinds ot bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cash prices paid. Victoria 
Junk Agency, lt»20 Store «l.; Phone ISS. . 

second-hand motor cycle; 
state the make and lowest cash price. 
l!ox 007, Colonist. . ,. , ." 

\T\v5nrei>r brooder (Oha^thanv preferred ) ; 
' ' must be cheap and in° s<^od condition. 

Ui-K n'-'n. iviionist. . 

secondhand, two-wheeled two- 

a' dojreai-i rnedlum lils^i also 

bvasB-maunted good cosrtSltlon; 

cheap. Box 9iJt ■!. 



T/tOK sale, good stable; call at 1206 Fern- 
JD -wood rd„ corner Fort, betwe*n S and 9 

a. m. 

■ I I . . . 

}7tOR sale, mantel, grate and tiles. In good 
: condition; cheap. Call at 410 Quebec 

J7>aR sale, 14ft. lent, with lly; best quullty. 
? ]27fi Gladstone avc. - 


111 - ■ ■. '; ; 

G~ RANlTli for sale. $1 per cubic yard, on 
Esquimau car line, opposite 8t. George's 
Inn. Exactly at city limits, a. G. Aelheis- 
ton.' ■■■.■.■ 

Roller (Iron)— -F.i 

1'. U. Box 

D. : cor ! locks. 

$7.60, delivered aoo niackeft. 
»ett, tOaverne's succoMorn 
St., opposite City Hall. J'ii 


$7.00; »pii' 

' '• King- 

i louglas 


TJOWUOAT Wiinled at 
-CV plci^surc type; miist 
-•Vddress will 

■^"1 "ANTED — Gasoline engine, 
' ' uiodlu 

once, about 15ft. 
t>«. good condlllon. 
.-VddreBS with all partlcdiars, f. O. Box 01. 

m power; any uondlttoo, cheap, 

;'. :.:...;;-=. Ooldstrcam.- 

TXTANTED, blouses, suit', fashionable: good 
VV medium figure. Phone Ri*90 or J1709 
Douglae. : 

' I ill I , i 1 .1 1 1 II l i I 

'r!CJAJJTKE>—.\ canoe er^-yo-Wing boat in 
VV good condition; state ' lowest price 
for cash. Apply Box 888 Colonist. 

Y"! 'ANTKD. s.-iddle. Kng'.iBh. and Irid'.e; 
iV s<i:ondhan(l. James, "oliiultz Pest 
Oflloe. _ 

"room AMU BOARD 

AT tJt. lletens, S3S Courtney str'eet, single 
XX and doiible bedrooms to let with board; 
iiighest and finest position In imvii; oppo- 
site Cathedral; English cooking sleani heat- 
ed: terms moderate; phone 1,3363. 

Beacon illll par-k; private 
coniJorls; single and double 
rooms; moderate Inuluslvu terius; close to 
town: phone 1'J9S. . , , • 

J home 


LOOK Here — Modern 7 roomed house, fur- 
nace^ cenicui basetricnt. siauwalka. riRlti 
on car, Oak Bay. Price $4,500; cash $700, 
_ balance $3D a month. Apply U. A. Dell. Sit 
".noutt 1747. 

rE'VV' i>"»l*uwin bungalow, aii ijioilci n, v < ; > 
attractive; fii-epliico; piped *tor furnace; 
1 enient ba8em,-ni: ' e.^meiu walks. hte.ay 
terms. J. U. Punderson & Go., Ltd. S and 
li Brown 'oiOck, Bioad slrrcl. | ■ , 

"VTEW 4 -room bungalow, $3^00: $500 cash. 
jc> Apply Hev.!tr.s= aisd Co.^ Lee- buUdlas, 
1 orner Broad and Johnson. • • 

0.\K Bay^ — Beaullfu! honMS. fi-ro&nss-wlth 
large reception hall, open fire'placcs, 
s;sjiaiils.._J33 iwo -full-sir.ed lots 1130x130); 
houso most artlsticall.v finished, all fenced 
in, tine garden. well laid otU, some oak 
trefs; chinaman's house and tlog kenlidls 
^vlth cement floors; price $8,500; half a. 
minute from carllnc. Apply C. P. Allan, 
31 Green block. 

: f-L 

PRIOR St.. 6-roomed house, cement base- 
ment, lot 35 by 130; price $3650; $1000 
cash, balance ?30 per ^nonth at 7 per cent. 
House rents at $3S per month. Apply P. O. 
Box 1030. city. 

^ARATOGA Avenue — Oak Bay; an abso- 
1^ luiely new 7 rooinrd House on a large lot 
for $ri(.00: this is a snap and could not be 
duplicated m the iirlce, liul as the owner Is 
leaving town he must .sell; Howell, Payne 
& Co., Ltd.. 1319 Langloy streelK phoiio 
17."!0. ' ' 

y^NAP In James Bay; .SSxllB, -with 5 room 
^ house, rented at $35 per month. Pries 
$3,700; $1500 cash, balance $30 per month. 
Allen & S<in. Phone lfi50. Over Northern 
Crown Bank. 

SNAP — Esqulmalt; a tive roomed house on 
large lot, 50x1 STi; sanitary; spring 
u-nter; well lined wllli sioii,' i>liies: all well 
lliilRhed. Owner, Box SSI Colnni»t. 

^PEED Avenue — A 4 roomed cottage right 
S!^ near tho car only $3100; Howell, I^ayno 
* Co., 1319 T.<anKley St.; phone 17f^n. 


-YtJALNUT Streel — Now 4 ro-im house Just 
V» completed $3900 on easy terms; How-pII 
Payne & Co. Ltd., 1219 Ijaiig'icy St.; piione 

VT/E can »fl! you a S-roam bunir4«.low." near 
V» ly new. near Burnslrte lln- for 
only $1.B50. on a lot 60x305 feet. Good 
terms. Eurelja Realty Co.. 862 "STates it. 

■V11LMOT Place — Itanrtsomely designed 8 
' ' roomed semi-biingalow nbROlntely iriod- 
crn. large reception hiill, panelled nml bur- 
lapped, built In seats, pass pantry, dining 
loom, open flreplere; bedrooms flnishfil In 
nhltr. :ill I-reneh windows, <oncrcle foumla- 
llnn. furnnoe. cement iv.Tlks; lot rxceptlon- 
all.v large- pi-|ce on terms $4 7.'>0. .MvensKhon 
Ltd., «3fi View St. 

VXTOL'LD you care? — 'Would you 'Ike to 
Vt own a new 6-roomed bungalow on 
Wnden avr., and one o' the mos: modern 
and up to dtte buag«.;ew« In Ihe whole 
Fairfield Estate" The price Is only tS.iOO. 
and f./OflO cash will handle this. See tho 
Eureka Realty t'o.. 853 Yates st. 

YALE St.. new. at>«ou,tely modern tlve- 
roomed house; right close to Oak Bay 
av»., for J3.SO0. Howell, I'avnc A Co.. . 
1219 Langley si. Phone 1780. 

9- iCCJU ■•■ usi^ **« Ot.» err* •» >5 mfi isyi- \.o -tjS ^ f- .t* 
all respects and elegantly furnished In 
a most artistic style. Tlie piano, player, 
'which Is new! cost $900. This is a beauti- 
ful reoideni.-.' Is »ltu«teri on a high "le,-M- 
tlon within the city limits, and U nnlv 
one block from the xfreei rsr line. The 
grounds are most lii-autifuliy laid out In 
shrubbery, terraced lawns and oak trees. 
»(on* walls surround the winding walks and 
ill-lvea. The view fioni ihln m.ignincent 
sita eoald not be dr-srrlhed an.-', must he 
iwen to t»e appreciated. Ground arco, one and 
one-half acres. T'riee »33.5on. on easy 
(' rtnr. This |»^op»^l^ Ik easllj «nrtli iSO.ona 
Sold without furniture if desired. Rusaoll 
* (Jregg. 307 Pfmtierton RUUv 

'"XOMFORTABLK Tooitt and board ▼Ith use 
of ■lltlng room; phone U°,i!llti; lO'JJ 
Oliphant ave. 

or single rooms with board 616 


AR( ■. I 


loom suitable tor S friend*, 
., apply 13l«Rud!ln jii, _ 

M.\RR1EU couple or two gentlcm 
ceived as paying guests; sunny 

cmon re- 
liousc, close in; moderate terma: phone 

RESPECTABLE board ajjij Jcdslns*. 717 
(■,..,,1.,.,,L.. „, 

— 18 h.E. McLaughlin Buick 
ij.' ••'•o seated, electric light, ele- 
gantly fitted; has been run about 1.000 
miles only; in excellent order; Box |J73 Col- 
onist. ^_ 

PLAYER Piano, nearly new, 88 note, ma- 
hogany case, cheap for cash or terms 
tf required. Apply 1231 Government st. 

EMOVAL sale — All buggies at l^s than 
cost; agricultural implements, etc.; 

also a solid oak counter. 
Co., Ltd., 733 Johnson St. 

B. C Hardware 

RENT a Remington No. 7, three months 
$5. Visible No. 10. per month. $3. 
Remington Typewriter Co.. Ltd., 316 Pem- 
berton block. Telephone 2914. 

TWO new ping-pong tables, also racket* 
for saJe, cheap. Box 908 Colonist. 

PRfoHT piano In Mission flnlsh,. beauti- 
ful tone, nearly new; a snap. Cash on 
terms. Apply 1231 Government st. 

■tXTHT carry your baby -whrn you cat; 
VV get a go-cart from $7.50 at Butler's 
New Furniture Store. 731 and 736 Pandora 
street, near Douglas. 


A ' riELF-Contalnea suite for $35 and up. 
-fi- In new, modem brkk aparinicni houso 
now open; apply "Field Apartments." cor- 
n<ar Field and Douglas St.. ncxl to Queen's 
dve. Phono lS8t. 

/ iOMI 

lose In, - 1709 Pouglas. 


LiVjR rent, 

f ■ St. 

housekeeping rooms. 832 Fort 

1.->OR rent, two unfurnished rooms In priv- 
. at« family; no children. Bo.t 919 Col- 

IjSOR rent, two un 
? children. 1050 

furnished rooma; 
Richmond ave. 


.Mar\ bi. 

I taema .modarate; 211 

i none L-1S54. 

HOUSEKEEPING and furnished rooms. 
SOS Cookst- , _■ ' I 

HOUSEKEEPING rooiUs. side door, 813 
Fort St. 

HOUSElvEEPING roonTB. ■ itirniBiiBd or un- 
furnished on the Gorge car line; all 
conveniences, t.'raigflower road. 2nd house 
'pact i~Hr*?y B*(ivet. ^uH !«>! 'tittitd ttldv* 

HOUSEKBBPINO rooma and btdroonu, 
444 Kingston «L . - 

IAKGE. comfortable honsekeeplng . room, 
*< "Maplehurat.'MP37 Bla.nchard 3'- \ ■ 

or 3 rooms and oath fur- 
unfurnished, new house, car 
s P; (5.. 510 Oswego street; 

iTk-OOM a,nd. board-: .taraia moderate. Wyatt. 
X- Yale St., near Burns, (mt minute from 
car. .. 

ROOM and hoard; English cooking. 4 4 
San Juati avc; phon e R3806. 

ROOJl and boara; best English cooking 
and home comforts 1631 Quadra st.; 
phdne L920. 

ROOM to Let — With board tor respectable 
man private family; one minute from 
car; apply 3016 Chaucer St., Oak Bay. 

BOOMS and board; boautlfu'ly situated; 
near Gorge; close to car line; terms 
niodcrate; Miss Chamberlain, 1337 Sunnysldo 
ave.; off Cralgflower rd; phone R313&. 

rpo lef, lorge fro:it room, with board In 
X private house; married couple pre- 
ferred: every convenience; phono R109S. 

T. line; , luioiiie 
I James Bay. 


rent, room and board for one young 
man. 1136 Mason st. 

TO BE?n 


CABIN to rent. 1041 Colilnson st. 

dk^/\r| .cash. 130 monthly, w-Hl buy new 5- 
5^l?vF r==Tr. cc:t*«r: prirs iSiit. on rotii 
**« rd_ kcar Fort. Boc 123. coioalst. ■ 

AN office to let. board of trado building, 
ground Iloor; vault. Apply Secretary. 

.,..,, r Ill II . 

1."^OR rent — Desk room In centrally located 
- office building, .\ddross, P. -U. box 1115. 

|,"^OR rent, garage for oho automobile. 303 
-T Montreal. 

InoR RENT— Of lire space, in a bright find 
• comiortablo ofllco. Apply at 1210 Wharf 

1,"'.OR rent, j>art modern ofhce. grouijd floor. 
- very central. P. O. Box 468. 

THREE comfortable furnished rooms and 
use of kitchen; 722 Market st. 

rpo let, two furnished housekeeping roomh. 
-L .\pply 901 Burdette ave.. corner Quad- 
ra St. 

V) let. two large; unturnlFiied rooms; 
every convenience, 100 yards from 
Oak Bay, corner 14133 Hulton st. 




A,\HO.S"SO.N'S pawnshop has removed from 
Broad street to 1410 Uoverniuent St., 
opposiifa ttio Wostholmo hotel. «' 

AKEAbUNABLE »ugge»tlou; ttx your gar- 
den now. llobu irueb, illy of valley, 
M-aliriowers, all hardy perennials, rhubarb, 
tally cabbugii, raupbeiry. gooseberry busliOB, 
Sliuivberry piuiils. )5 per lOOU; .^;c•.v I'loral 
.Litore. 1154 lales si., just uuuvu library. 

i-a'jr.c 3.'7s. 

tJE.NTvS lake nollcc- 
Jr\. Uavlu St.. Block 3 



TO rent, housekeeping rooms in new brick 
block. Apply 24)8 Government s!. N. 

TO I^rCt. well furnished front bedroom, slt- 
tlngrooni, use of kitchen, phone, bath, 
etc., to refined couple. I'hone R-1969. 

rent, furnished housekeeping roonui: 
modern, close In. Apply 2535 Gov- 
ernment sr. 

TO le-t. fumls 
I rnlllnson. 

hcd housekeeping room, lu-il 

-Lola IH and 19 
Is -.vlthii'j.-.Mi irom 


"ITK^U aale, black Ulnuroa pullets and 
.1. cockerels; buff Urpiiigtons, Rhode Is- 
land red cockerels: Uoud,i.u», male and 
female*, and bulT Cochiti banlama. 1813 
Oak Bay av e .. Vict oria. B. C. 

C-4 OOn singing canary wanted; 
T I'ombcrton rd. 

roller. 853 

H.vr-CHINO Kggs — Black Orpingtons. Ini- 
porled birds, raised und mated by 
1,'ook. $5 per setting; liuft Ori)lngloij, $2.00 
per setting; l-'ekin Ducks, $;.ou per setlliig. 
Uav.oi H.ineli RavmI OaV 


M I> ^■ll. 


SNAP— Good paying restauranl 1118 Ulan 
chard St. »ell cheap; going back to Old 

rpO Real Estate .\gents — Vniing man with 
.1. ten years' expt>rifni-e In the East and 
Middle West, Willi gootl connections, 
will Invest. Box 71ti. Colonist. 


pcrcuulals, lily of 
ley and waunowers, frull trees, 
raspberries, logan, gooseberry, rhubard. cab- 
bage plants, ki.cds, all kinds at Js54 Yatas 
St.. New Floial store, near Literary; phono 


NTIQUE Jowd;ry, diamonds, engravings 
and pictures bought and sold. Mrs. 
A. A. Aaronson, »6 Johnson Ml. 

ALL best roBB trees, per 
valley and wallrtower 


To Let — Furnished suit* houank^eplng 
rooms; no children: 11T8 Yates. 

TO rent, two good furnished hnuaekecplmg 
rooms. 863 Pandora «ve., tel. L47B. 

furnished housekeeping 
pleasant position, central lo- 
co.Ilty; -n-nuid suit married couple 
ladles. 1203 Pandora, 

TO let, large 
rooms, plea 

t \V r. 

Ij^OR lease — Store and basement In modern 
■ fireproof building; host location in city. 
Appl.v '^22 I'emhertnn Building. 

1;j>KONT room tor rent; could be used as 
- an oJlIce; between Blanchard and 
Quadra. 848 Fort st. 



rrVJ RENT — 111 .S«i«nlch, near Tramline. 1 .i 
JL acres, about 5 acres cuitivBted, some 
rriilt trees and strawberries, house and 
chicken houses. o".e.. good water, no rock. 
.■\pply 126 IVmberton Building, or phone 

fTK) let, 3 light, airy oJJlces. steam heale^l. 
JL hot and cold water. Brown Block. 
Broad St.. P. R. Brown. 

'TV) rent, two atores and Prince Hotel, cor- 
A ner Government nnd Pandora. .Vpply 
Westholme Lumber Co. 

TO l?t. S srres, with 4 roomed new bun- 
Rttloiv. partly furnlrhed. Apply V. .\. 
Henry, Ifsv'PV Valley P. O. 

rno let, large room, suitable for dress- 
X maker ?r classes. Apply $23 Mensles 


■rjACTTKI.On wants unfurnished small 

.* " i...Mtl •.•t.|l»--^ J>,7J» ^w«A *!,.;- 

■yy'AKTBU — To rent on sharei* farm sult- 
VV able tor mixed fiirming or would take 
»nt(r«> matmvrmeivt; Jlf» Kvriorianoo; Boa 7*» 


»\'A.VTF.I>. by liii«ln*'B!i Indr. ijuiet, unfur- 
VV nished room use klteh*<n. reaaonabto, 
near car. Apply J. O., 78$. Coloniat. 

] Adverlise In THE COiOWrst 

TWO furnished housekeeping rooms; adolci 
only. ISO Montreal St. 

TWO unfi*rni»hed rooms to let; tnodtrn. 
^31 IllllBido. enrnor of Work St. 

TWO unfurnished hou»»keeplng rooms t"- 
rent, near Beoeon Hill park. 310 
I'hornlx place. 

rpwu large furnished houaektHjplng rooma 
X_io lei; range, hnih, h. and e. elijctrlc 
light, phone, one inlnuto from car; 1144 
pandora; phone R304'J. 

UNKUnNIPHEI) rooms to lei. 344 Nl- 
ngam nt.. .fsme^ Hn\ 


ROOM and board or partial board want- 
hy .voung ninn ; moderate terms. Ap- 
ply Box 466 Colonist. 

SCOTCH Boarding House; rooma with or 
without board. 660 Johnson. 

1"17A7>TED. b) working man, board and 
VV roojn In private Christian home (un- 
furiitsihed it>sia would suit), '.\ppay Box 9S2 

"VTOCNO man dealrex room and board with 
1 prlvale 'amll>. wUhIn -.valk'nir dis- 

tance cif post office; good rer,>i-e!ic.-. 
872. irolon-tst. 


M.^N needs hoard and room; 
tioarding house 
proposition. Box 817 Colonist. 

X jirKnte family: no 

AGGAOE promptly handled at current 
by tho Vctoria Transfer Co.; 
OtUcu open nigul and day. 


phone iL'H. 

|»l'Ji»Ul.\G Plants also 
.15 or pliore P. T. Joans-ton, ooach Drive 

■\rOUNa gentleman requires room and 
i board In private family; phone and 
open nre If poastble. I'eimanent If sukn- 
ble. Fnlrrteld or Oak Bay dlBlrtf.. Board- 
ing houses don't apply. Box nil, P. O, 

AOTcwT* WAwran 

Plants also a Specially — Wrlio 
, ooach Del VI 
.sursi'rie», ouk B»y, victoria; pliwne Y1411). 

DIN.VHittJj, buuquolB, supper parlius, etc., 
ciicred fur ou ahuri notice; rates on 
applloailou lo Uujuy JiU Church, caterer 
ju.iue8 Itay Grill. .., .' 

i"AEllUlS and Bay — FIguro all classeji 

oven una boiler »cl- 


X^ building and rcpaa- worK. chimneys. 

iMunlels, graiKS. lUeSi 
ling; phone 1S7S. 

HORiiBiJ for 
extra hea 

o — I have twelve head ol 
extra heavy horses left, also two fancy 
drivers; can be seen at our sulii barn, Bur- 
lelth Park, Cralgflower rd. htuphenson & 
Deny, P. O. Box 11J9. Phones. R-2675 and 

INCUBATOR complete, 
Michigan st. 

100 egga 


j-^ A4-i!>E>!1J'''.* TxaniiMl da" y, or contract 
KJ pruning a apeclalty; phoae YY.368. 

1 HEREBY give notice that unless the dog 
which strayed to Cianfleld, Phoenix st. 
is claimed )a a week It Will bu sold to pay 
uxpunstis. " .. • 

IF vou own ft lot w« win build you a 
$30uo'homa for $7$0 cash, and give you 
8 years timo on Uju balance at 5 per cenu 
«(»l<l?i<j Jntwrwki; 5"i4 i'ti..... . IV..1 btock. 

TAMES Buy -.ilii.lov, 


Mi;.\|j< 350, froin 11 o. m. 
King George Orlll, corn. 

and reliable 

Guburjt .HI. 

ONE Reliable Man In every tciwn to take 
ordara for best custom-made clothes In 
Canada. Highest eommiaaion. Hex Tailoring 

TBACHCR nAsrmo. 

TEACHER wanted for Mnyne Island 

achool; aalaj-y $50 p«u- month: dutlea 

<■_• ^?5«rH'.en!.'e March li. i«12. -%.p5!y J. W. 




1. .Major )iVll«on wiahea to Inform 
her rorrcspondenta that her presant 
and pciniaiient addrsies la "Rouge Mont," 

ni7— rmt ' 

Linden ave.. Or 719 Cook atr et; :~ '■ ■'/-'■''/ .■ ■ '. ; 

Real Estate .Vgente— Houw 
•Old. A. L. 


N' OT IC K — TT~Pun .1 ; illy Co. have 
removed from 1411 Store St. to 181S 
(io\-ernmont street. 

XJOTH.^E to 

JJV 3065 Washington ave. Is 

BHEUMATISM and all nervous com- 
plaints treated with great auoceas by 
Cown> natural methods; no drugs used; 
patients visited at their own homes: fees 
moderate: local testimonials. Phone R1969. 

SCALP Specialist — Slra. Oeorgs HeaUlerbcll 
1156 Chapman St., Victoria. B. C. ladles 
treated ai their homes 60c., 76c. ; highest 

tebtl monials. 

CJINGING Lesson.") given by Paul Edmonds. 
>5 of I>oiidon ..n.l Paris, baritone with 
Tetraszlni in lOO:- uipointments phono 


MADRONA Poultry Form. Eggs for hatch- 
ing; Buff Orphingtons, imported 
strain, t- and $3; prize pen, iu; Cornish 
Game, priio pen, $3. Address. Gordon "^lead. 

PEKIN Duck eggs fwr hatching; cholc.R 
stock; $1 a dozen; ?7.bH u hundred. 
Thomas Walker, May wood P. O. ; plioiie 
K3 94 3. 

I> t'. ilhfide l«iii.nitM, Wiiiir Wyalidol tei», 
*>' Pekin Uuiks. Indian Ruiiiiern. set lings 
10 for $1.75, 20 for $3. 50 for $«. 100 for 
$10; free range; best pur,-, bred stock. Ap- 
ply P. O. Box 1233, Victoria. 

OINGLE Comb Brown Leghorns and White 
k3 Plymouth Rock egas. exhibition and lay- 
ing strain $1.60 per getting; Pekin Duck 
eggs $1.25 per setting; .1. l>. West, Third st. 

~~** t>i^Ur^ ^..fl ■ *.. .. f> f\ KT... 1 
\,. , ^.av...,,,.^*.!^ , MU '. . . s.'. ...>. .. 

WANTED, Australian Love Bird, female. 
Apply B,-jx 281. Victoria postoffice. 

ANTED — Several broody hens. Box 913. 

on Cerms, bO to 100 
pullets or young 


■VXTANTE^D to purchase, 
VV Black Orpington 
henv. Box 860, Colonist. 

VT AST lorluiiea iiuve oeen inaae in :nanu 
faeturing eleeirlcal aupplle», InvesllgAle 
an iix<-4.'ptloiial upuniue; B. it. Charles, King 
Edward Hotel. 

— li I I ,1 U i j ,i | , 1 11 , WMH , II,' I I .I , . 

VEIiV' rAtjrpHooai lavt:«*E'tAehl "ofTtifud' by 
Coast Indue: ;i;^l forpot ailun. who 
have organized a valuable business, a heavy 
boiuiH can be ariuiiguii [or iii\c«loi sub- 
erlbliig- $10,00(1 (hall cash i ; this in a close 
corporation, part ol the assets are va.ued 
at $200,006; wiltt thu I'onuS ut present ob- 
tainable this investtneiit »111 earn u very 
handsome Income. The secretary will deal 
only with principals or llrst-ciass brokers. 
Apply lu IlrSt liistanee to Box .\CB, l.'oi- 

best bona-Ilde 

ig business In Western 

Canada, estaollslieu and without llabllll>. 
Box li31, tho l^oloiilal. 

tn^^'.VNTEI) $2«.(10U lor the 
VV inaiiufiii-lurlng businehe 


679 1'ates SI. Phono L-2U1. 





W/A.N-iMoD, a Norwich male 
Co' °">»t. 

\\7 ANTED, broody hen». 
V V Carrier, 8, city. . 

Unit : 80*. 

tiox 656 

Ffyatt, Letter 

WANTED, fox terrier pirp. 

J. C. yrijall. 

A t-'OMFORTABLY furnished large double 
.Ao. bedroom, also single room, batti phone 
breakfast If desired 1485 For t at. -.^ -i- -. -- ■■ 

AL.\RGE sunny front room, well furn- 
ished In new furnace-heatod house, for 
one or two men; telephone, balh, etc; reaa- 
onablti if. permanent; 3107 Blanchard. 

A LARGE bedsit ting room for two. or light 
housekeeping. 1121 Burdette ave.; 
phono L3061. - - 

\ Y/'-A-'^'J'^'^ — Partner; country store, ueai 
VV city. $1,000, Location, Wilkinson road. 

W'ANTEJ?. ten a enr sp-ouhtior to Join 
syndicate; there is big money in tliis 
cr else a amall loss. Are you game fur 
the profits? $100 to $500 required; returns 
j>ossU)le 3 tu 5 limes larger. Apply P. O. 
Box 332. 

tJl/A.NTED, a partner with $3000 In Ilrai 
>V class manuiucturing proposition. 

1213 city. 

W.VNTED, one to Invest from $100 to $500 
in ...manufacturing buslnijss; bljr re- 
lurhs. ,\lr. Oibba, Empress Hotel. 

\T7.^.NTED, a live business man lo Join me 
VV in a land deal; big proflits. no risk. 
Apply Box 214. Colonist. 

YOUNG man of good character, with fair 
education, would like to iioar of a ijood 
npnortunlty where a few hundr->; do.lara 
and servIdsB a'ru rciiulrjd; addre id .''iU par- 
tlculurs Bos: SB7- Colonist. 

THE Dorothy Tea Room 1008 Broad St.; 
Pemberion block; breakfast 

luncheon, afternoon tea; open 9 a. 
p. m. 

m. to 7 

rnilK Woman's Bakery will open again t9e 
1. business t Thursday! February 39 Ih, 
Our new- "uikcry !» sanitary; the same qual- 
ity in our cakes and bread that made us 
a success will "till .'c our motto. B. Phipps, 
1826 Oak H, few mlnutea from 

rnBE Island Window Cleaning Co.; phone 
X L13S3; 731 Prlnceaa ave.; Janitor work 


T.VNTED. home for baby. 5 months old; 
good pay monthly. 

Apply Box S33 Col- 

tXTANTED — Leesoua 
V V Fi enchtpar,. O 

in Krtoith . frotn a. 
V. BavL'le, Box 808 


orking m-in; $3; 71;: Pembroke at. 

FOR rent, uedro 
men, tiioder 

oom, suited for two gentle- 

ate ienns. 

901 Burdette 

Furnished ro 
Jamc.E XJ 

room to leu 

506 St. John St., 

IrtURNISHBD room*, 434 Slmcoe 
minute from ti^m. 


rM.'RNISHED roome. breakfast and even- 

i- • in 

i'iione 2164. 

"I7\URNiaHED Rooma — Board H desired on 

If desired. 

car line; phone L2665, 647 Niagara 

URNISHED room, bi 
1014 Park Bou leva 

phone R914. 



1>>URNISHED rooms, modern; near 
. 410 Oswego at. Phone L33.17. 

f^OOV furnished room, basement, Mt. Ed- 

wards. Vancouver st. 


tllTA.VTED — A few young men and girls 
VV for private dancing class; one night a 
week; P. O. Box 381. 


\ NOTHER carload of draught lioursea 
-"^J^ jusi received; several well matched 
ijrays Irom 30 lo 35 hundred. Apply Gieo- 
i^n and Johnson. 2636 Blanchard. 

B.-VRRED Plymouth Rocks, prize strain; 
White Wyaudottcs, Duetoi-ie and Per- 
cival atratn; heavy winier -layera. gooU 
tabio birds; S. O. W. Leghoins, iia-nest lian- 
.■■oii'a i!tralii, $1.^0 jjier suttthg. Spoclal rates 
ior (iiiaiuiuea. " I'liiVip b. i»>«r"ut>ur 5«** wi««i 
P. (>. , 

/ 1EDAR Hill poultry yards have a fine lot 
\J of pure bred Barred Plymouth Rock 
ooi^kcreiK for sale bred from good laying 
FTOck that was importea from Ontario; good 
siic« and Bhai»e. I ' -inb!!, bay eyes and 

yellow legs; cal; iheiii; price »3 to 

*»; T^ggs tor nat' „ j to »a per iS; B. 
B. Jiioote, JHiL. Toimltt P. O., H. C 

C"\Hj!i.\i* "horiio nsuiiaoiB lor' rartu worki 5o 
J Boyd at.. James Bay, Phono 1829. 

nOLQUlTZ Poultry Ranch, Royft.1 OaK 


ing pens are selected from i>00 of the beat 
layers. ;i.uu per veiling; ^9.uo per hundred; 
day-old chicks 30c. each. O. V. Bovllle. 

EGGS for Hatching — Hansons S.C. White 
l^eghorns $-1.40 and $5 per 100 cockerels 
and pulleis for salt; P.. .N. Walker. Burn- 
nlde road; phono MM 340. 

JAMES Bay Hotel — Corner of Govcrnn 
and Toronto "tieels; Victoria's iieW 

vate liotei; superb location: 3'-3 bhJcks from 
boat landings, facing park 100 rooniK, mod- 
ern throughout, excellent cuisine, moderate 
rates by day. week or month; phone 2304. 

L.VRtMJ, nicely furnished furoEce iieated 
room in American family. 1250 Pan- 

LARGE sunny rooms heated; every con- 
venience 830 Victoria Crescent, 

LARGE front furnished room, with use of 
Billing room; piano. 1916 Blanchard si. 

"VTEWLY' furnished rooms, hot and cold 
-t-Tl ivater and bath, with all conveniences. 
844 View SI. 


1V.JVUX lUiaiaifVU 100«1,», •uikrtOi,, 

gents to share. 439 Superior st. 


AKL.VND rooma — Beds, 
60c.; by w< 
6 I^angley sL, two doors off 

0.\KL.\ND rooma — Beds, one man 
two men 60c.; by week, one man $ 

3 men $3 
Yalcs »f. 


OOM, suitable for two gentlemen; every 

RoBcdale," corner Hillside and Governmeni. 
2702 Government st. 


large furnished roorr.s for gen- 
sultabla two or more In room. 
649 Government st.. near Empress hotel. 


,3UITABLE for two gentlemen, large front 

house; every modern convenisnce; meals ar- 
ranged. 635 Superior St. 

TO Let — Single 
Johnson St. 

and double bedrooms. 926 

rpo l-et — Comfortable warm roons suitable 
■i- for \l«ltor»; 

.Michigan st. 

Ij^GGS for l-.atchlng; Kellerstiass White 
-^ Orpingtons, $5 aiid $3; S. ';. Buff Leg- 
horns {5 and $1.5o per aotling; heavy lay- 
ing standard bred slock; recent wins, 3 
firsts, 6 I'nds. 6 3rds; li. B. Butler, Lake 
am, \lctorlu. I T ARGE room, suitable for 2 

.modern new house 321 


O Rent — Nicely furnished rooms; two 
blocks from post office; 734 Humboldt 

room $S. 

$4. Single 
421 Parry St.. James Boy. 3 

ij>GGS for hatcblug. S. C. W. Leghorn. S. j minutes from Parliament buildings. 
^ G. Hansuira strain $id per loo; IJ. H 

.viachae, Duiicau. 

EGGS fur hatching, r line! 
Plymouth Roi,ks. $1.50 
phono L3634; 17l'3 Duchess St. 

itraiii. White 
per sitting; 

ir'GOS for hatching, irom our prise win- 
■J ning trap nested single comb white 
LeBhorii)<. Jl'.uO to $5.0(1 per llfteca; $16.00 
to $-J5.00 per hundred- I'inehurai I'ouitry 
Plant, 2lJS Belmont Avenue. 

White Orplng- 

EGOS — Kullerslra«s strain Whit 
Ion* al \ letoria and Vaiicouve 
four seconds, two thirds; niaiiiig list now 
ready. Apply lo W. 11. Vauanim. sou. Ma- 
tion Olio, 'victoria. 

JrtOR sale, good milk cow, also ,50 hens. 
. Auplv last; .Marlon St.. Oak Bay. 

J.'>OR sale, 126 Egg Pelaluma Incubator. 
- used twite; iviuluma Brooder, 150- 
I nick sixe, with lamp, JitO.OO or offer. ISox 
!'21, <'olOnlBl. 

I .'toil sale, eggs for hnlcliing; per felting: 
BarrejJ Rocks. $1,50; Riiode Island 
Iteds. $1.50; White Wyandortes, »3.25; will 
exchange Ior Ithode Irlnnd Red t.'ockercl. 
Tel. 30i'«. or apply 1660 Pandora avc. 

"IjAOR KALE— Good milk cow; duo to ealvo 
X" Maich Itlh. A. E. Gale. TCcatIng, B.l 

•I'Igs. one Berkshire boar, regls- 
Herkshlre So-<\-. 
seven Yorksnlio sows, all thoroughbred and 
In pig; thirty to forty dollars each, and 
eleven joung pigs. Thomas Walker, May- 
wood P;^0. Phone F-2916. 

-Good delivery team, wagon ond 
two sets of harness In guud shape; ap- 
ply 2749 Quadra si. 

IjlOR Xaie- 
tgred pedigiee; one 


II'-OR sale. 
J- road. 


7UDR Sal 

and harness. 

12 youtig rabbits. 
Cheap— Snclland 

;i24 Spring 

pony, buggy 
-VddreSs P. O. iio.x Mit>. 


I LET— At 1133 Fort St., niec'.y furnlah- 
• d room: breakfast It desired. I'hone. 


Ji SOUND paying business now tfltabllan 
-tjL ing a branch office could entertain a 
liar-.ncrsnlp with sultaole lady or gentle- 
man; part Interest for $1000; previous husl- 
iieas experience not essential ; nrsi-cl^iss 
proposition. -Vpply P. O. Box 1139 

BUSINESS Opportunity — My confidential 
relations wlih a certain corporation 
whose stock is extensively dealt in botli on 
Iho \ uncouvcr and Vlrioria .Stock exchanges 
iiiit me In touch with the inside wordings 
of things, and 1 am thus enabled to adYlso 
the purcliase of these securities for an iu>- 
mediaie ten to twenty point rise; parties 
ultli $1000 01 more only n««d reply; Bux 
KOI Colonist. 


MENTHA I. LV ioeaten and well established 
real estate buiilne(>s for sale, satisfac- 
lory reasons lor selling; price only $300 in- 
elndlng excellent furniture and the running 
expenses arc light. Box 1)57, Colonist. 

IjH.iR sale or rent, a small country store, 
apply 403 Esquimau rd. 

I^:>H sale— Half Interem In dye works; (if- 
tin cash needed. 122 I'omberlon Bldg. 

Ij^OR sale— Leaae and lurnifure of l<j 
rooms, crntrally located nnd netting 
more than $150 pt;r montli. $2,000 cash re- 
quired. We have others from $600 to $25.- 
000. I oust Investment <.'o., 123 Pembertoii 

17V>R sale — Well-establlsned plumbing bus- 
iness in Vancouver laland town. .Small 
amount of c.isli will handle. Coaat Inveat- 
ment Co.. 122 Ptmberton Building. 

hotel In 

Ir^OR »»> 
. rooms. centralLv .located 

ped ; long leaae. 

Victoria, B. C. ; 7u 
well equlp- 
\pply 670 Colonl«t. 

W.Wl'f:!) i<> 111 VI- iioi 




WANTED, to rent, furidshwl small bung- 
alow from 1st of April on car line. 
Apply Box 902, Colonist. ' 

with garden. 

nt Tin lurniDn vtt* ^iw w^ 
Box 907. Colonist. 


JANTED to rent, for six montlia or a 
year, modern bungalow or good Hat; 
James Bay or Oak Bay districts; no chil- 
dren. Send full particulars P. u. Box t»&2, 

or phone 3S3K. ' ' 

VXfANTED — For season, sumrncr cottage 
VV furnlshjd. near sea and car line. Ap- 
ply 463. 13th St.. Edmontoiu ■ .,- . . . 

'V'XT'ANTBD, smail furnished house, April 
* > 1st. by local business man. Box 929, 

\TTANTED — Furnished house of six rooms 
^ V In Oak Bay district, about April 1st. 
Box 941, Colonist. 

— — ^ a ii 'i 

htiuse for Ptint; 
Box 128, Colonist, 

'tX/ANTED, 0-roomed 
> V terms moderate. 

' * furnish 

■By two ladles, a small modern 
ihed house, for tdx months, from 
April l«t. Noi far from car. Rent not to 
exceed $4 5 a month. P. O. Box SSL 

TXT.^NTED, nicely furnished house; four 
>V nduUs; no children; Onlc Bay dis- 
trict preferred. Box 873. Colonist. ' 

tiu tiitittlreu. 5S1 

» * " in, Tnoorrjn.« rcwu 
Michigan Street. 


'ANTED to rent by small family five or 
atx room modern house unfurnished. 

.. .-. ,^ — /-v.^ ,. T».... «..•.- ....V 1,.... n^..,.. 
ciono >ti Ol ,.>,»«. A.WJ, *««M> \..^ ■ ..M^* ■ *«..v- 

phone L2792. 

VTTANTED — On the 10th March for four 
VV months a -«"ell furnlished liouso In Oak 
or Foul Bay districts; apply P. O. Box 

lave a client who desires to lease 
unfurnished house, preferably in 
Oak Bay; ftrsi-class ienr*nt»; would lease 
for a year or two. Beckett. .Miijor a Co,, 
Ltd.. 64 3 Fort st. 




modern house to rent on Victor St., 
between King's ond Ryan: full base- 
ment, concrete foundation, panelled living 
room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry and 2 
bedrooms; lot 50x110. $25 per month. Apply 
to Morris and Edwards, 621 Sayward Bldg. 


l-ROOM healed flat for $30 and up, 
including phone. lns)>ection invited. 
Field Apariments, adjacent corner Queen's 
avrnue and JDougias slretrl. Piiuiie ISou. 
(Children? Y'es.) 

JlX inodern seven roomed house «lih 
furnace; will sell part or all of furniture 
cheap; -Orcadian range or gas stove, both 
nearly new. Call In afternoon, at 64 il Dune- 
din a-treet. 

HOUSE to let. 1123 Flsguard st.; four 
rooms, modern and every conveni- 

..noA- t'>» A->r,u, 'tg? r»ne«Lr(o m* 

SI.X-roomed house to rent, to party buying 
furnitu-r?. .-^•^'^l** p*««» B'^iiil*' '''^. 
323 Sayward block. 


rrw> rent, 3 room cottage, cabin and stable, 
J- on Cornwall st. ; 815 per month. -Vp- 
ply 609 Moss st- 

Tt.) le-;, modern 7-roomed residence. Just 
completed on \'lctor Ct.. between Kings 
and Ryan; beajtifully finished. i)anelled. etc., 
httth. toilet, etc., we will rem lliU house 
to a i-eifponslble tenant for $30 monthly; 
apply Morris * Edwards, 521 Soyward build- 
ing, phone 8074. 

TO Let — 8-roomed cottage on Superior 
street. Modern conveijlcnces and targe 
lot. Apply 925 Johnson latreet. 

rrv) LRT— Two rnttageii on cariin?: also 

X offices In "Brown B'rock." P. It. 

Brown. Broad Stdeel. 


l.j^t5l'R room (lal to rent, to party buying 
-1- complete furnishings: all modern con- 


wlililn half mile circle; 
-Vpply Box 1393 city. 

terms If 

Tj^URN^-SHED iiouae to let. modern; Klngs- 
-T down, Alblna at.. The Gorge, Thoburn 




^.TIAGAKA *i.. stifp. 

rvery < onvenlcnoe, -a-ilh 3 toilets and 
beautifully furnished, all Included, for $«»eO. 
Half cash. 

lT()HTH Park St., bousa. « rooms, modern, 


S-stall stable, seven thousand dollars: 
hall cash. 
/"'t OOD lot on Second st.. for $700. 

TTAPPV Valley, one hundred acres at $110, 

per acre. 

toOKE. one hundred and sixty acres 
$17 per acre. 

-tORNKR Gorge and Manchester roads, lot 
at I wo thousand dollars. 

HIGHLAND District, six acres, shack, 
barn and shed, partly cleared; four 
thousand live hundred. 

TO let 


$30 monthly. Hnrman, 1207 
oppoxilc the Court House. 


111 PcmbertoB Blools 


OUTER Wharf, largo lot and six-rooraed 
house, close lo wharf. Price $16,000. 
on good terms. 

BUR.VSIDE rd,. one-third acre close to 
mile circle and on new carllne; will two large building lots. Price $2,500. 

Dunford bungalow. new. si.v 

t j SlS t-'aaiviit.* aM>ita*C>,| &• 

plate rail, lot fenc 
own term*. 

-TjlEf.r, !4t. 


ine- i.!..i;, 

OAK Bay^ Duni -li i.migalow. close 
line and In a lugh class district; 
seven rooms, best flnlsh; an Ideal home and 
the price Is only $6,800 on easy terms. 

FOR rent. Dun-ford bungalow, ne-w. four 
rooms, with ono-thlrd acre lot; one year 
lease; $2C per month. 

^J pro I.e. - 
theise w-111 iJi _ . ,. 

control aom» ch»ie« 

to llio reser\-e aiui 
d buys at prcaent pricea. 


Phone 1865 128 PembcrtoD buIKIng 

Mriubera of Victoria Real Estate Exchaac*. 

CI ORDON H:ad. 6 acres overlooking sea, 
T clase to Mount Douglas park, $1,000 
an acre; one-third cash, balance in 1, 3 and 
3 years. 

T on the 

Head. 40 acres ot seavlew land 
le slope ot Mount Douglas; a beau-- 
liful properly for future tiUUdivUlon at $1000 
per acre; terms. We can Offer this In flv« 
oi itrii acre pares!?. 

GORDON Head. 5 acres ot land, cleared 
and fenced, on the Feltham road at 
$1,000 per acre. 

(^ ORDON Head, 
T overlooking 

a beautiful country home. 

nine- large rooms, with basement, furnace,, 
washluha and ever.v modern convenience. 
There are 11 is acres of lond; orchard con- 
taining 750 fruit trees, newly built barn, 
etc.; $23,000, on terms. 


DON Head, two lots of Ave acres each 
eriooking sea, partly cleared; one 
lot containing .-i small house, well, chicken 
house and runs. Just put up, and an acre 
ot Htrawberrles, $0,800; the other five for 
$5,250 on easy terms. Tho whole ten acres 
at $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance on easy 


Roopi 3, 1011 Governmant St. 
Phone 19$ 

, ash will put you In possession <)t 

•m."*l H ft f -1 «... . . - - ... ,...-. _-,.,.._ ... - 

-^e*--^*-*^^ A »ll,« *-, lutytli iiwuSc: Wiliiik hi-o 

mile circle; price $9000; lot 113x118, corner 

<jJpr/'k/\ cash •Rill put you la possession ot a 
^-/v" brand new 4 -roomed house near 
the end ot the Doug.;as st. car; price $2500. 

(I»-1 ^f\ to $300 win put you in poaaesalon 
^JL*J" of seme of the flncjrt lots to be 

found close to the end of the Dougls 
cai ;, prices from $800 to $1000. 


let or lease, modern 6-room collage 
fJovernmriil !itrt»el between Toronto 
and Slmcoe, completely furnlxhed. Box 92-. 

rpo let. rurnlshod. modern bunjjalow. Just 
-L off Hiliaode. 4 room*, balh. lavatory. 


I -r I as r-v/r-r» 
J, I. L, IVlLTLn 

Phone 2448 

P- O. Box Ui 

Room 10, 834 View at. 

»)rkQrk acres In Klisumkalum Valley, wlth- 
^\J(J\J in ft mllH of G. T. P. Railway and 
Skeena river; good fruit land; some good 
limber. The Klisumkalum Valley Is now 
known to be bne o-f the best agrlculaural 
and fruit growing dlstricu along the O. T. 
P. in B. C. 

acres in Rupert District, 'Vancou- 
ver Island; crown grant Include* 
coal and tl-mber; reported to have about 
one hundred mllliwi. feet limber which Is 
exportable; this land baa about four "milea 
waterfront and Joins that on which !• tha 
Suquash coal mine. For price and further 
particulars apply to above. 


Book* Harbor. 



7-10 acres, on 
on straits, -with 560 
excellent land: $5340. 

e mile from .wharf, fftcln^; < 
yard* of *bore; 

house of 9 room* on lot i\l 
ing on main road. 

lease at $17.50 per month; $1700. 

acre, facing on main road, cubjcct to* 


ACRE;h. % mile from wharf; excel- 
lent ffo41 and flne timber; |60 gtt 

TO Rent- 
built 8 

FOR ■ale, nrw el«s» lOO-e^g Incubator, 
slightly used: bargain at $12; 332 Rob- 
ertson St. 

X cot- 

lie — S B. Orpington pullet* and 1 
cockerel: also B. Orpington egg*. $1.80 a 
setting. Heatheote, Bow'ger ave.. WlUowa 

-T care Elliot ft Sly. Do=«la*'^*t.' 

FOR aala, friahly calved cow. Apply MapU 
Hli;, Saantch rd.. -And ot ttuugjaa at. 
car line. 

FOR SALE — Three brown lechorn bMia. 
yaarllnga, two thoronKhbrwl Plymouth 
rock cockerel* ctaaap. Apply 114 Viaw St., 
phone 21 •7.- 

*■ food airaiu. 

<*. O. Box •»•. 

KTRGN at. lot. iO«k' Bllir^ 

IT^OR sale, cafe, doing good *t*ady trade 
. and in good part of city. Box $03 


IF you want to buy or sell a legltlmMe 
biislne** of any kind *«• tha Coast In- 
vestment Co. 12$ Pemberton building; tel. 


I^ATKiCK. Hv«ity «.x>. ana tstmnein Mx- 
change. buy*. aeU*. trade*. lease*, etc.; 
rooml-ng h"U»e*. hot«.l«, grroewy *torr*, 11*1 
your properly with us; tru havw thv bvyw- 
645 Fort at. Phone t55«, 

I>68ITION with aalary of $$■• p«r month 
open for local manager with lATf* •#- 
tabllabnd ItnanclAl corporation. B«)rtrfaHMM 
not abvclutely n«c«aaary, but b*st dt («fM'> 
enc« .^-vqaired and Investment uf ISJMfi t# 
*g «•«, Rvpitaa with ran addrMa aft^ m^ OAAHICtl Wttmu 
Im' considered. Box 777, Coiontat. 4 O ■*■ 

■From April fsf, furnlnlied housn 
8 years ago on wnterfronl. with 
3 acres of garden; 4 large rooms downstairs 
hall, iloak room, kitchen, pantry, etc.; up- 
stairs 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, linen cup- 
board; basement, servant's room, laundry 
and furnoce; largo attic and all modern 
convenleneea; references required: Box 611 

TWO roomed collage for rent fnrnisheil. 
near new car barns. Box 897, Colon- 


8*2 Pemb*rti>n Block, Victoria. B. C 
rtionw !«•« P C Uo« TOS 

Member* of Victoria Tteal Batata Bxohanre 

Ir^OUR large lots close to Esquimau rd. 
and near Fraaer at., at $1,000 each. 


BOO. tcrma eaay. 

TWO lot* on Pleasant •,««., Oak B«jr, IM 
xlSS. tLOO« logetftar. 

STAGES leave I>!sl Ross's store oB T«»B- 
dav«. Thur»d«ys, Friday* and Hat-- 
urdays. Address K. Q. Mellln, Mllnea Land- 
ing. Sookc. 


Itotmf to I<ons> 

Uf* XBSuranea. rir* inmirnaMb 

Uambwa Vlotort* tUmi Kst&U Xxeb«aa». 

1222 Broad Rt.. Vietvrt*. ■> & 

TWO fine iMTce lot* on tine Oorct »*V4»r 
lookint tk« wntikr •*. 4t<iM «Mbu. 


at. 1 

TERMS on* third -««Mc"'^.rl'| 1« :ll»iinit)MK 

mean moim <n 

*, out any nv*,«; 
t'«'6 i«ir*t> i«u tuttk 
ink* yon ttt M* VMM 

TTiOR Ufcie— Fina bnlidlnn slto frnntlac •• 
JC Burdette ava., Vnncotiv«r tt. MM Me- 
• lure at;; for full |>nrtl«Ulnra «• to IMWa^ 

Bi»e. etc.. rin» up rit: or cnil nt «<fln» ttff 
Broad St.: prin c* ♦$».•»«.»•. ' 

Ijv>R Snin-«-tn hnnrt of haainM* Metlni. » 
fe«t on tmiM it., hntwnnn 1>imm 
Blnnchnrtit prt cn »» l|«Bt t ttn U>i 

TVf B nlte hnv* th« f(»tt*wln« lou ; 

B'vRKlltlMk |ll««i»:i BMt 

CApmamo uny 
'Jtrtnr *t .m 


W»dne»day, February 26, 1»12 


D. Mcintosh 

B Bnlldlnc. Oovernraoat St.. Vlolon*. 
Tclcpbooa IT«I 

WahoD Balidlns. 



;^IVB fholco loU on Anqullh »t. . one i 
corner; only }300Q; terin ». 
WO Kood houses oi> Quebeo »t. ; only M2, 

OOU for Uoth^ ^__ 

AORNEU '.ot. Victoria Wesl; J1200. 


Contractors and K«al EstatB. 
1» Green Ulock. Bro»d St. hhoiio ■ L.-320I. 

QUADRA St., 9 room house, garago and 
Binbli.*, carrlago and wood »hod». 
I."^AUtFiai>D road, close to Vancouver, 

-I- romn 


and garane. »it,500; easy 


ENMAN St., Fernwood road, new 6-room 
,1-1 11. full basuraont, »3,250; »«00 


.\>U'TON rd., iBurnslde) 
level, grassy,' 1760; i2\)0 

!4 acre 


OU0L.AS St., iKsqulmall), 5 lots, 44.\111, 



< ■ '' 
41 o Sayw.nd Block. 

PUoae 150. 

BANK St., new 6 room, 
hoattM', {4ItOO; a snap. 



13I10EN1X St., (Esquimau) 6 lots, 46xlS2, 
?S00 each. >1 00 cash. 

TTOUS-E.S built en the Installment plan. 

VXTE are open 
VV you? 


Real ISatnte. Timber, Mlrea and Coal L.anda 

Phona a»S». BoK l»0. 

1Z8 Pfmbarton BVd«. Victoria. B. C. 

Vaucouvor Oirice — WInoh UulldluB. 
Membera Victoria Heal KelH,« Kichange 

THE future railway terminus at tha north 
- •• Island vvlU bo be- 


Ileal Estats and Insurance 
nui TatcB Strict 


iiuiv la ihu ilino l" 


for Uatlngs. What have 

.^ARM LanUi. Ctty Proper'.^ 
Tlmbe*- Ijunda. 


\-fB hav© some very line acreage for suiv 
>\ division on the three-mile circle; call 
1 «to us regarding this. 



Rooms 1 and 2. McGregor Block. 

Cor. View and llroad. opposite D. Spencer's. 

Houkj phono XXilia. Phone rUt. 

Open Saturdaya 8 to IC p. Ru 

|:>RICK 4220 — Port Albernt :aI^9MiK ^^<> : 
,>as\>^ terms. 

X end ul Vancuuvur 
yond doubt Port Hardy 

NION Bay, Baanlch, 11 acres, wator- 
cat no rock, cleared, fenced, drained, 
now tt-roomed huUBC, barn. etc.. bottthouso. 
on main road, $1BJ00; J.erms. 

SIDNTSY, SaanTch, 10 acres. cultivated, 
main road, ijood water, 100 trull treea. 
house, barn, etc., »(iiOU; terms V» cash, bal- 
ance 1, 2, 3. y«ttr», 7 i>or cent, or would 
sell li acres of above for »2,tiUU or 6 acres 
with house aud Improvcinents for M.OOU. 

"''ERR Estate, splendid lot on Portage 
av?., 80x125, for only »&50; 1250 cash 
will handle this. 

OLir'H.\.N'T St., new 6 room bungalow, 
Ktrlctly modern, on lot 5:klK(;, and 
only »3,70O, so'>d terms. 

I ■ ■ . 

I,aw. 1910," and the -W^'" '^ITMn'nMu'.tl 
Hv-Law 1912." passed by tha Miinlclpal 
CouiKlT'of the corporation ot the District 

VNU wllERBAH the estimated amount of 
w.Iter rates and charges chargeable under 
the provisions ot thr •'Water Ch:irge« Uy- 
11)10," and the 'Wttter FrontaKO Kate 
tor the year l '.'1 


By-Law. 1912, 



^OWICHAN Lake, waterfront, not far front 



By-I^w No. 


dh-j ,)t\ to $150 cash, ParkUale ".oU. npar 
«lpX.<-il/end or Douglas car; Uoiiiu sites, low 
taxes, lots from »450 to J500; this section 
rapidly Incrtaslng, last of cheap lots close 
to city limits. 

lots Station at.. Garden cUy; 
;er acre; city i 
iiurnalde cara will «oon run. 

choloe lot. oorce Visw Park: 
[oa fS25, balance on ecuiy terms. 

f\f\ cash; 

\J\f quarter acre; city water; M80 to 

"^EAR Cameron 

MMh; two loU OU Stannaru 

G«ah, an« b uUdljig i; 

hotel, Ul acres, ID acres cullhatod, & 
a,i^ more cloarod. house, all good land, 
MP road, ii'^i t wr acre. 

ON Cowlchan Lake road, 200 acres, 100 
acres bottom land has been ruitlvateil, 
also 100 timbered, laud good soil, all ifiuo 
per acre. 

C10M0X farm, 260 acres, 100 acres culU- 
J vated, balance easily ulearod, no rock. 
Price $100 per acre, barns, house, etc. 

Lake, on railway and 
main trunk road, 80 acres, ono-thlrd 
upeiv ".and, a.11 good sa'A near «'h"Ol and 
station; price only for quhl. s.u.- $36 per 

ISLANDS, 10, 11, 12, 100, 76 acres, near 
Sidney, from $1500 per Island up. 

I7"I.N'E8T country sporting estate with 
. magnificent shooting and tlshing, on '/a 
anile seulionl nltliin * i 'Ui oi v»i.r.ii.i by 
motor, 30 acres cullHulid and 40 more bot- 
tom land, house, barns, etc., on good road 
and 4 TnilBB from atatlona on 2 railway*. 

"XTAHDT Bay "dlBtrtot, 70nn aerea at **.50 
XX per acre, also 18,000 acre* at (7.00 per 

TIMBER Landa, over tour billion 
000,000,000 of tlr^'"' "I ciai 
tltlea, crown grdnt.^ei 

HAB0Y Bay lota toco Bp^.>.ial ad\ortise- 
ment in this laaue. 

To Raise the Sum of $275,000 for 
Sewer Purposes. 

WHEREAS the '^X^ ''"r'oak" .laV 
Corporatlot. ot the '\1^"^'.^ '„„j; .„wers and 


sel-urliy of the rentals """';-".%J'^, 

Sewer Rental »y-Law and ^^ * ji„„i. 

structlon Tax Wy-l'**;. '''^A?"tHct of Oak 
clpal Corporation of the District 

AND WHEREAS the amount of '"""^ ^'T 
ready churg^-^l "P"" 'h<- »<»l!i "»'"■- '"■""' ''"'^ 
and charges is {2130.t.0; created 

^a^s'lm^L^d Uy/l.e^.a.a^Wate.^h.^3 
By-Law, llu« <«iiu >"C '▼" 
Rale Dy-I,aw. 1312"; , ortiil- 

Ayi\ WUEUEAS. It I. intended as add! 

llrmal security for the K">"'>"\" , '''tuu of 
eys to be borrowed to pledge the credit ot 
iho municipality at large; . fl^flol- 

AND, WHICHEA.S. the ''»""l', *'*^,f^"^„, 
ency In the said water rales at d c ai ge» 
required to make up the '^">''"''' " ^\Vc 
annua: lrvUa-.„i and «l»kln8 turn! upon the 
proposed debt ot $76,0U0 1« $17,6 50 

A.ND. W'HEKKAS. Ihe ""^"""'/'J. 
whole rateable land or Improvement or 
property cf the .Municipality of revised 


New We»tmln-ter Water DMriet^^^^^^^ 
NOTICE ls_ ''r::!'^„''':,':''„,u,U.lpaHty b*'.- 

part ner.hlp t-n;P»'^y,-^,,. ,.j^„^, >„ 

way"ueU may «!« «'"» '' 
f„mmU»loner at aW) 

^■'^-^"^- ^nrjr'Sform.No. 

tlie Uoll- 

nie! V.'aicr 

Purllament »""^!.'''f'; 

t claim <" ^f^}'^! 

"ill), which 




the Dl«lrli'>. 


privileges on a l"-""^'" ' Water Commission- 
ran be ''I'"'"'*-!' ■''Zlt Iter Yale, Ashcroft, 
■.ra at Now Wesimlnsltr ^, ,. from 

t-'"^tiops, H^velstuke. and Golden, 

::blef water '■'»""''" ""J^^'- local points 
Idence will .'^'r '"•f;;v.- 1 -en examined 
>un as the ^^'f ""., ,'V will b" published 
tubulated, -^n^,.." . . and local 

Kami oops, ^^ ". ;, ,„,iiii.iilune. . 

,„„ Chief water i::-^l^\, local point. 

Evidence wm 
as soon 

and tubuiai.-. ■;v.r,„-mbla Guiello 
In th 

..M nr me . 



Urlu»h <';'l"'"'''^ \i.^u' wh.-n 
l"^!-^" °\.:'ll ?':':n M Ub>.ctlo,>« may 

^•D WHEREAS the e'"«fthu'V"2ar"'9l1 
said re.ttals 'h^'B-'^ble for^^hu^y^^^ ^^^^ 

under the said acwer i\'^"^-' 7,"-i 

structlon Tax Uy-Law U "" 'Y"*- n,oney boa 

AND WHBUK.AS no amou. t ot roon y 
been already charged upbn the aatd -» 

on In 



debt la created 
,vpr rentals 
Rental and 

or other rates and charges. 
AND WHEREAS the sa d 

bectiriiy of, the said se^^.^r 
the said Hewer 

'- '^•" YnSe\i a. addl- 
payment of the 
pledge the credit 


IJ nn one dFthB' aliWO lot» 

Jr ^oa base .im> p'opmv 
%\iih us, ^^o ha\c the bii\ 


Se.lte 8, 1214 Gove rnment at. Phone 1410 

ga--fv cash han^lles best buy on MlchJgah 
COOvl pt.. oloae to Montreal. 

m. H\l\ cash, wlt<i easy .termi. takes splen- 
.MOO did ilot" S0.xlt'l.. on Ti-analt rd 
gak:«Py :»!<>"■ linger .mK,. value; for 3 
rdaya only. 



buys a Une 7-acre ranch be- 
tween the Cedar hill and 
Tc>imtC TdS.; till «i».«.«»a, •&.— _-.»-« r 
, . . .10 fruit trees, chicken runs, etc.: le^ 
; ,, . ; V you tW» property; easy terms oat» 
bi. J., ranged. \ ^ 

f> 1 OU takes the best, house >" * «l'-"<^ld- 
owner must sell this lovely residence at a 
aacrlflco. as he leav es town fhla week. 

fiu-aA ca»h, aiid balance as '«nt. *-'1°^^^ 
«f OUU brand now Vungtilow, 5 minutes oft 
vviHowB cur; open rtrepU-ct-. concreu found- 
. atlon and'iully modeVn throughout; price 

' ■' ^ew lota, Montroae *v«^i 


''*'' "'V '^UtTi flne .Ota, Scotfilftkv'UMt one 
lot off coiner ot King** rd.; price 
foi a few daya, $600. 

(jBXAA cash— Nearly half aere on Market 
^f>t>UU at., near Quadra; price $3000, with 
very long terms for balance. 

ONE acre on Dublin at., Tolmie ave., only 
$2800; thi rd cagh and t erms. 

ESQUIMALT Snaps — Double corner, ISOX 
130; iil2800 ; caah $800 a nd terms. 

ca jfl/ica»b, price S24B0 «or a pretty btin- 
^iUU aMow, minute from Esquimau cnr, 
4(roome, toilet, etc.. up to date. 

SOnrv cash puta you In possesalon of lovely 
OUU home, 4 rooms, toUet. etc., 6 min- 
utes from car; city waleir and light; price 
$2900. 1 

— 5-room Dunford bungalow. Just 

<>!» £w>ii<r!a« <.iir;- »>v»rythlnc of 

$1008 caahT balance $36 a month. 

I — 4 rooms. 1 minute from Douglas 
street "car; fitted bath, .toilet, 

caah $500 and terma. " ' ' 

.vs It Is 
nil. 1^1. =v.. ...... lor the 

moneys to be borrowed to 
gt li-a Mun!"'ip»-'lty at large. 

AJih VfiiisKViXB ■•'■■ •'•-■" 

In the said rentals 
8a wcr Rental 


r' ther 
up tl««i 

'::t>ort hardy i.ot«. 

■pORT HARDT Lota. 
•pORT HARDY Lots, 


the best; 


PORT Hardy lota, from $128 per lot, on 
terma. ■ ■ •' 

To ownera of Port Hardy Iota. If you 
wish to aell aame send ua price and 
particular*. ^ "We have buyers and wo malce 
a specialty ot Port Hardy Io ta and acreage. 

l.-SAKMS — Wo havti 100 farms on our Hat. 

By-Law required to «f ''"^^ "^mving 
giu« of the annual int"^«, »°h, wm o1 
fund upon the proposed debt »a ine »«» 

*':^?1^WHEBBAB the amount ot_tt^who1a 
rateable land or ''"P'-ovementa or real pr 
perty o£ the Municipality. o£t?»e»?s.tri.i._ v. 
Oak Bay aooordincvilJt^^ClKd' 
«%atHwiv. the roll toP' 

sum of $Z.48D,463.0t». , . ijv. V ii* «*iiii «<tt w» 

AND WHEREAS thJa Sy-^i** **?" orisenl 

ul , ered or repealed except ".»'»», "^^.,1 

tho Lleutenant-aovernor-ln-Councll. 

TlllCUEFORE the Municipal Council oi 

the Corporation of the District of Oalc Bay 

pnacta aa foUowa: .». tio-,,* of the 

1. It win be lawful for the Reeve j>r^tno 

oration of tha District 
borrow upon the credit 

the Corporation of the 

"'"^'W 1li.';"°J"=,„^r„. for the Reeve 
the' CorJoruUon ot" the Dl-trlot of Oak Bay 
o borrow on the security of the '=^'f« »"'' 
charges enforceable unde.r the P'-"^'- ?"" °^ 
the "Wuter Charges By-Law, 1910, and 
the ••WKter Fioniage Rate Hy-I^aw 1»U. 
and on the credit and K"^^^"^,*'^= °' J,'!! 
o„rnor«ilon at large by way ot the deben- 
tures hereinafter mejlltoned^ from ""^ ^-l^- 

r^ojri 7u.r n;t^*xcefd•lng -in the wh^^^^^ 
ih« sum of $75,000 currency, or sterling 
monev"'at the rate of $4.86 2-3 to the one 
pound sterling, and to cause »'! >"^n »"'?;» 
so raised or received to be paid Into the 
hands ot the treasurer «,*»«, ^^P"'"'"" 
for the purpose and for the Object toeretn- 

before reclteii. 

2. It shall be lawful tor the 
f j^ ca^B** iiijy numbor -cs^ 25«-t; 
made, eteCiitsO, and tosued for «ucii f^m- 
as may be~Tequlred, not exceeding, Ijow- 
Bver the Bum of aoveniy-five tho«s«i4^i^^ 
lara ($76,000), either In currency Ofl'JMy 
log money aforesaid, each of the amm^Vf^ 
benturea being of the amount of flvft non- 
dred dollars t $500,001 or Ua aterltng^ulva- 
lent at the rate aforeaald, and "all *" 
bonlureB shall be sealed with thji am 
■gjfli QMjMMtiitlf'n and algn«4>. *~ 

^^aSiS*»^»<BiH H a'' r Q tloit to . 


ireaiu will be ^";"'' ^watcr CommUsioner. 

trlct: — 

AtchelUa River. 
Alchutltch Rlvor. 
Beaver Creek. 
Bortvand Creek. 
Bole Creek, 
arljio Creek. 
Brunette Ulvei. 
puntzen Lake, 
c:ampbell BWer, 
Cascade Creek. 

CUeuiii Aj.*.-- 

Chehalls Lake 
Chehalls Rlvei 
Chllllwock Rlv 
Como I^ake 
Coqulllara iMKt 
Coqultlam River. 
Cullus Lake. 
Cypress Lake. 
Tjeer Lake. 

Eagle ' 
jfilk- Cretn. 
Elm Creek. 
Elsons CreeK, 
Kraser River. 
Fields Sprlugi 
Gold Cre«te» ^ 
Gooae ItalUkr 


rri._.. ... 

! Unnaniod creek emptying Into North Arm 
buiraid Imct, ^ai. mllo south '.'f <.Jr»nl«« 

Vniiami.d stream running through Lot »7I> 

«'>i Mlo llurrnrd Inlol. 
CnnameU siieam flowing through Sections 
JO aud 17 and Lot zzv. all in Township 
Spiing near centre part of N.W. W Section 

8, Township K. 
L'nnanxeU iireum running from mountains 

on west Bide ot I'ltt River. 
.Springi, on nuith uiid ot Lot 109, near Sltld- 

way Road, Group 1. 
Ui'H!ir;;«d slreaip 2y chains from Austin 
itiJat!. Port :Mocidy Itoad. New Wentmlnstor. 
l.'nnamed stream tunning south aurosa Aua- 

lln Road. Township 3«. 
Cnnamed Hireatu running through Section 

30, Township 12. 
I'linamed creeK passing through l$ectl0DB Z9 

and 32, Township 16. 
A aniall spiuiK situated In legal Subdivi- 
sion 13. iiecllon 4, Township 2. 
Spring on California Street, between Welton 
.Vveaue and Tnorne Avenue, Mission city. 
Spring on Lot 18, JJ,lock 96, Mission city. 
Unnamed stream flowing through the N.E. 

U of Section 24, TownHhIp 1. 
I'nnanuil mi earn running through N.W. ', 

of 8e< i.on 31, Townnhlp 29. 
Two small lakes on Lots 360 and 362, Group 

1, known as East and Went Ukos. 
>>tream rising on Lot 306, Group 1. 
Spring on .S.E. Vi Section 35, Township 16. 
Spring on N.E. M Section 36, Township 16. 
Stream running across Section 18 In Town- 
ship 22 and Section 12, Township IS. 
Small stream running through District X«ot 

268, Group 1. 
Bpring rlflng on S.E. H Section 1, Township 

Unnamed stream flowing through N.E. '^ 

Section 7, Township 24, 
Stream on N.W. ',; Section S, Township 2. 
Btream running through Section 29, Town- 
ship 1, BOUth-east of Nlcomekl Hivcr. 
Unnamed stream in N.E. V* SecUon 2, Town- 
ship 19. 
Unnamt d stream running through Lota 376 
and 203 and emptying Into Burrard Inlel. 
Unnamed creek flowing through Lot Bl, 
Group t. Into Boundary Bay. 
Statements of claims may also be filed 
In any unnamed spring, stream, 
!id, gulch, lake, or other source ot 
,p!v_ la', tha ylelnlty of any of the 

LfJFebruary Slat, 1912. 

: V,;'. .;.-;Wr-,15t._ROSa,-.,:. 

Minister of Lands 



keal Eaiai, ' _^ Cowchan Statical, 

1- ACRES Cowlchan, Bay, near wharf; new 
t > h,!:u-» ten rooms, stable. bo« house, 
iiowe'r "house and gajollne •''Sf^''"E P'«"'i 
^ood fronlago and nne v^: Prloe $8600. 

<At\ ACRES fronting on Koksllah Itlver; 
40 near station; 10, acres sU^hed good run- 
ving water. $76 per acre terms; 


Jt Investment Co. 

Real Estate £ inhuranre. 

Phone 3133 -IIM Say ward Block 


" Jletf Estal*. Timber and Insuratica " 

61 » Say ward Building. Taleshone 1*25, 

C1T.\^NNABD avc, 50x120; 


4-1 ACRES all cleared cl^wie to station; 
' J. %,„..«.. once, gooa leu 

mR.\N81T rd.. 60x120; $1160. 
TTOWE St.. 50x122; $1800. 
VTTILDWOOD «ve., 00x160; $1000. 
iy,TcKENZIE at.. 60x120; $1650. 

T'kALLAS r?l.. 60x100; $2000. 

XJ' - ;-■ - 

\ LIj below present value#. 

I.-^lFTH St.. choice lot. Just outside ha.f- 
mllo circle; $1250; terma third cash. 

GORGE VJew Park— Cloic to Gorge ciw; 
large double lot. 77x«48, rlty ^ater 
laid on; high, level, and grassy; prloe 
$1400'; terms $400 caah. 


kUADRA aU. close to Hlllaldc ave., 
big lot, $2500; lermn $1000 cash. 


■T7^A.NCOL'VER St., 

50x117; $1650. 




'.•■I »> ACRES light bush; good sftuallun. naar 
iX*' stati on. tl2S per acra. . 

DEPPE, G00DE5iC0.'^^ 

• ;::„:^r"^ri: W ^.tate ^xcU^e 

( i'-i['"^oo^i'i2. Smu, r.^:o"merf o^% 

1 une every convenience and unequalcd lo- 
f,itlon; $15,000, 6n good terms. 

irrANOOUVER St.. 60Ki20: $1680. 

T/-INO*S rd., 51x110; $760. 
VAN 8f., 40x160; »700. 


Heal Eaialsi 
Insurance. Timber and Mini ._ 
1303 Broad, corner Yates. Phono'' 

•\7-ICTORIA West and Esquimau. 


AMPTON rd.. 50x195; $676 


l-ADKA St.-, cornbf Hillside, 

corner, 60X135. with line brick house; 



■ i- ,_-. n- «r/*p fnr this propertjf; 

■ IwnerTs oul ocVown' and WlTl acc«pt any- 

thing reasonable. ■ 


'i5Cl93r $850, 

•iriCTORlA Wert. 44x180; $823. 

X EIGHTpN rd., double corner. 


reel, 110 along track, with 
4-roorn ""hou«s;f6Z6*[_ terms, 
FEET on track, 110 to good street; 
230 feet average depth, with five 
$10,500, on tei-ms. 

on track, 100 on one street, 120 on 
another street, for $10,600; terms; 

liUB 4-rooin house^ 

■track; $12,00ii. 




1 00"^'"* "" 


street and track; $1 
with fi-troom houae, on terms; 

FEET on track, with 
$25,000; quarttjr cash. 

loU, for 

•xrATES gC we have .30 feet beuveen A- an 
X couver and Conk streets that we think 
$10,600 will buy. that 
have .-iold here at »'" 
nl once nnd we wil 
-.v.. kn'H.v II is bolov 

»:ir,o per foot; we 

root. Phone us 

At this Bgure 

1-' In the block. 


SCAR St., next to corner oi l.iniun ave., 
a new modern 7 loomed residence, 
ulilch cost $1000 to build 'i"'^, ''•'"""f>'= 1'°^ 
US; the owner has to Hell and will sacrltlce 



We would like you to look at 


i.m; .111.1 Work stroetfi. 
on which stands a spleiulia 


1 10 

I cKldenco, fully modern and close to the car. 
!K snap at $7,000, on easy ter-rip M.iil 
it.ioming house, '^ 

J>ITHB'r .11., James Ba"', close to the \va- 
\ ter. ni'iilern 5-room«d house on <ux 
ITI, $4, OOU. .Nothing as cheap on thin tiretty 



1201 Broad St.. corner View. 

iMtATOriv nve., one block from Newport 
,, line; size 60xtl0. Price $2,000. 

LKT off St. Patrick St., fine, level, grassy 
building lot, 43x120. Price $1050. 


between K. i .N. 
rd.. .lust outside 
boun.lary, for $K00 to $900. 

EiLEVE.N lots, 



NE acre on Munroe at., 
fronlase; $10,000. 

Uilll lUD f.' 


NK and one-ftfth acre, Lamii'^on st, 
with 12-room house; $l2,00i). 

.J qiilinali rd. n^d Stanley St.. at $18,000, 

tHOaCE ot two blocks 

.Tnd one block of four lolfl on 
and Stanley St., at $12,000. 

of six lols on Ki"- 
,. at $18,000 
li^siiulnill rd 

on Btirnslde car, 67x2.10. 

WO lots adjoining Uplands Farm, Si 

front, 141 ft. at rear, 115 ft. deep to 

lane; $ 


handles the two. 



OCKt.AND ave., 
»i 3 years. 

corner, 60x166; 
Price $3,600. 


ONE third acr 
for $2500. 

ONE lot on D 
for $3000. 

/^lORNBR Head and .Stanley. 60x100; $4000. 

SI'TLE.T St.. .Tnines Bay. Blx-rnoiiieil house 
on 47>i.'Ci;l5. entirely modern and an 

attractive house; $4450, on very easy terms. 

^NTARIO and Montrpal sts., cornor._ S- 
roomr-d houpp, new, modern, $4750; 
Hood teriTiB. 
$200(1 below 


Tills speaks for Itself; 
market at preeent. 


\,\7E have been Inatntoled to offer 94 feet 
VV (in Yfttes St., ,|UBt above I'ook street, 
for $165 per foot on exceptionally easy 
terms; two blocks this side the cheapest 
price is $350 per foot, end one piece offer- 
ing at thai. At this prion It Is an excep- 
tional bargain. The first deposit takes It. 

IF you have any Vancouver property that 
you wish to sell or obtain a valuation 
on, see us. Our Vancouver office ran han- 
dle ftdvanlngeously. All Information and 
maps cheerfully furnished. 


Phones 8074 and F-209. 

Builders and t^ntractors. 

P. O. Box 417. 621 Sayward Building. 

Homes Built on tho Installment Plan or by 


HILLf^IDE ave.. Just off Cook St.. 98x 
;;.'-,«. This is good for a big Increase 
when the street is widened and car tracks 
laid this spring. Price $4,000. 


EW r>-room hobs'*; full basenient. fur- 
_ nace, range Inslallod, hot water con- 
nections made, bath, electric lights; a thor- 
oughly vvrll-bullt house. Orahara St., within 
ihr«c-qnarter mile circle; $500 cash and 
balance monthly. Price $3,000. 

i-i^ lotB quarter rash. 

7ANTED. ;i. iiMimlng hoii»i'. "ilh ;ibmii 
30 rootriH, that »;:noO caHh will 
HaUewell & Co.. i3\ii broad St. 


617 .^nyward bul.MlliB 

Omce phone 2979. Residence phone 112195 

.Member Real Estat'e Exchange 

CoVporaUoA Of the »'"'•'«' »*°'^^h^''US 
'orrow upon the credit of the said 
. orporatlon by debentures ^J^^l"}^'^^ 
ter mentioned, from any P^""" ""^ J"*""*}."- 
or body or bodies corporate who """y J*" 

willing to advance thp «»™« ," ,* 'tXcxle 
sum of money not exceeding In the who^t 

the sum Of $275,000.00 '^^""P':,^ "' ,Si"u,f 
money at the rate ot $4.86 2-3 to tfea (£1) 
sterling and to cause nil such sums so 
raUed or recew^d to be paid into the hand. 
nf I ha Treasurer ot the said Corporation foi 
the purpose and with the Object hereinbefore 

'*3!'h' shall be lawful for the said Reeve to 
cause any number of debentures to b« made 
executed and Issued for such sums aa may 
be required, not exceeding however, tho 
sum of $276,000.00 either in currency or 
sterling money, at the rate aforesaid, each 
of ihe said debentures being of the amount 
.Mt ^:.■^<■' '"■ and all such debentures shall be 
1 the aeaj^ of the sald^ Corporation 
: by tne Keeve Umroofi 
it fii't'! be lawful for tho said Reeve 
his 'disc ret Ion to alternately cause each 
the said debeniun .. to be made <_1'-^"ted 
and Issued for unt of £100 sterling, 

and one, Jf ne. • r a less aum in »Lm- 

llng money to coinineto the authorized 
Issue. , . 

3. The said debentures shall bear date of 
the 31st day of March, 1012. and shall be made 
payable In 60 years from the said date at 
any' of the following places, namely, at the 
Bank of British North America in the City 
of Victoria, at the Bank of British North 
America in the City ot Toronto, at the Ba.ik 
of British North America In the City ot 
Montreal. Canada, or in the City of New 
York In the United States of America, or 
London. England, and shall have attached 
to them coupons for the payment of Inter- 
est; and the signature to the Interest cou- 
pons may be either written, stamped printed 
or lithographed. 

4. Tho said debentures shall bear Interest 
at the rate of 6 per centum per annum from 
the date thereof, which Interest shiili be 
payable halt' yearly at such of the places 
menlionod In Paragraph 3 hercot as may 
be expressed In the debentures or cou- 

5. it s'naii be lawful for^.thw AAld RweVw to 
cause the said debentures and Interest cou- 
pons, either or both to be made payable at 

^I'SUCIl pi«Ot», wltiifi ii'i w*ii DOii'.,nl0U i» Cili- 

'■«da. Great Britain or the United States of 
America as may be desired. 

6. It shall bo lawfiul for the said Reeve 
of the said Corporation to dispose ot the 
said debentures at a rate b^low par and to 
authorize the Treasurer to pay out or the 
."!tims so raised by the sale of tho Bald de- 
b'jntures all expenses connected with the 
)>ropnral.lon and engrnvlng or lUhographKlK 
of ihi! debentures and coupons, or any dls-» 
count or commission or other charges Inci- 
dental to the sale ot the said dflbeiitiircs. 

7. For the purpose ot the payment of the 
Interest on the said debentures during their 
currency, thoro shall be set asldt? anntially 
tho sum of $13,750.00 and for the purpose 
ot creating a sinking fund for the payment 
off of the debt at maturity, there shall be 
set aside Ihe annual sum of $2,4 38.05. 

8. The said sum of $13,760 necessary for 
tho payment of the Interest annually on tho 
said debentures, and tho said sum of 
S2. 4 38.05 neccHsary to he set iisidi- annually 
for the p'jrpose of creating the sinking fund 
aforesaid, shall be set aside annually cut of 
Ihe rentals enforceable under iho pifvinlons 
of the Sower Rental By-Law. 1912, and In 
the event ot there being any deficnncy In 
the Jiniount re.ilUerl from the ftfiid ii-nt;>l» In 
order to make up the amount of the annual 
lnt(«re«t and slnklnic fund u;>on ih<' Huht debt, . 
BUCh defici" ni'y shall be ascertained and paid 
out of the nnnuui rev».nue of the Corporation 

9. That the ( ■orporatlon of fhc Dlstrir-t 
ot Oak Bay do guarantee Ihe payment of 
the yirlniilpa.l mon» ys «nd lnt<'reMt ih. roon 
to he raised under the authority of this 
Hy-l.nw Ko iiR in no way to Intirfero with or 
inelU'llce the otttlnK aBlde annually of tlii* 
Hiiins hereinbefore nientloiiptl out of tho ren- 
laln Imponed under llm said Sewer Rentals 
lly-Law, 191;!, will. In ens" a BUni sufflrlint 
to provide tor the said Interesit and .tlnkhiK 
fund Is not realized In each year out of tho 
said sewer rentalr pay such ilolleli lif any I 
out of the current year's revenue to any per- 
son or corporation foin whom they may bo.r- 
row the money upon the sBCully of the de- 
bentures hereby authorized, or to the Severn! 
re ;;rrsentatlve -holders of the tald flaben 

10. This By-Law Shall, before the final 
passing theraot, rorptve the ass<>nt of the 
elef'toiB of the s.nld t'orpornflnn In the man- 
ner prevldod for In the "Municipal Clau.«ie» 
-Vet," and shall inke efreil on th'- day nitir 
the final passing thereof. 

11. ThlK Ity-Law shiill be cited as tho 
"Sewer Lonn Ry-Law. 1912." 

PasBcd the Municipal Council the 22nd 
day of February. 1912. 

each of the aald Uebenturaa 
nxt^nt^id and issued for an amounj. 
hundred pounds sterling and one, 
saiy, for a tens sum In sterling 
complete the authorized issue. ,,.,1-. 

3 The aald debentures shall bear the 
date of tho Slat ot March, 1912, and ahall 
be made payable In tMrty f30) years from 
tho said date at any of the following places, 
namely: At the Bank of British North 
America In the city of Victoria; at the 
Bank of British North America In the city 
- Dto; at the Bank ot British North 
In the city of Montreal; or at 
; 1 i;H. ot British North America In the 
city of New York In the United States of 
America, or at the Bank ot British North 
America in London, England, and shall have 
attaihed to them coupons for tho payment 
of Interest and tho signature to the interest 
coupons may be cither written, stamped, 
printed or lithographed. 

4. The said debentures shall bear Interest 
at tho rate of five per centum per annum 
from the date thereof, which interest shall 
be payable half-yearly at such ot the plactes 
mentioned in paragraph 3 hereof as may 
be expressed In the debentures or coupons. 

6. It shall be lawful for the Reeve ot the 
said corporation to dispose of the said de- 
V.M-......MW «♦ 2. rate bsict^ "ar snd to ftuth*>r— 

Ize the treasurer ot the corporation to pay 
out of the sums so raised by tho sale of 
the said debentures, all expenses connected 
with the preparation and lithographing ot 

.1 .a..*~>..... -...a .. .. -.. ...... jl.^~,.«.« 

or commission or other charges incidental 
to the sale ot the said debentures. 

6. For the purpose of the payment of the 
interest on the said debentures during their 
currency, there shall bo set aside ^nnually 
the sum of $3,7.^0.00 and tor the purpose of 
creating a sinking fund for the payment 
oft of the debt at maturity there shall bo 
set aside annually the sum ot $1,576.50. 

7. The said sum of $3,750.00 necessary for 
the payment of the interest anr.ually on the 
said debentures, and the said sum of 
$1, 576.50 necessary to be set aside annually 
tor tho purpose of creating the sinking fund 
aforesaid, shall bo set aside annually < ut of 
the rates and charges enforceable under the 
provisions of the said "Water Charges By- 
Law. 1810," and the "Water Front- 
age Rote By-Law, 1912," and in 
the event ot there being ~ajiy deficiency In 
tho amount realized from the said rates and 
chargea -<auer the payment of the amount 
of money Hlready charged upon the same) in 
order to make up the amount of the annual 
interest and sinking fund upon the said debt, 
such deflclency shall bo ascertained and paid 
out of the annual general revenue of the 

8. That the CorporsAIon >>r Up- nisirict 
of Oak Bay do guarantee the payment of 
the prlnelpa! moneys and InterLSi thereon 
to be raised under tho authority ot this By- 

T.ncar **««fl ♦K/* Orv***>f^tt ••» »■• <** «• .^ ^w — -,- » . «*., 
—'-•-*» ■»■*** •■•*«- -vw^I**)*** . an^ .«fc«». •!.«-' *li> *T «*<jr — t.O' I'fi — 

terfero with or preJuUce the setting aside 
annually ot the sums hereinbefore mentioned 
cut of the- rates and char=--- = 

Pursuant to an Order of Sale entered In 
the District Court of the IJnltad Staus fjf 
the We«t»tB DIatrlct of ^Vashington, North- 
,am..TO,vlirtim..jn thfl matto:..^j,JWe»t^".g^fg!. 

L'aRchman Creek, 
.gfehnston Creek. 
Kanaka Crtek. 
Kanaka Creek, 
Laity Creek 
I,ewl8 Creek 
X^lllniiei Lak" 
, 1 1 ^or. 

I'l --ei. North. ^ 

7^1Uno(i juver. North fork. 
Llllooet River, South. 
l,lttlo Llllooet River. 
Luckachuck Kiver. 
Matsqul Prairie Cree,<. 
Mesllloct Rlvor. 

McGlUlvrays Creek. 

McKeiiny Creek. 

Mission Creek. 

Mitchell Creek, 

Morris I^ike, 

Murray Crccit,| 

Nlcomekl Hiv^ 

Noons Creek*„ 

Otter Lak6. 

I'ltt Lake. 

Pitt Bivcr. 

Salmon Creek. 

Semlhalt Crp' 
Serpentine Bll 
Silver Creek.':^ 
Squawkum Li 
f^tatioo- *..a«c. 
Statloo River. 
Slavfl Lake. 
Stave River. 
Steelhead Creek. 
Stewart Creek. 
Stony Creek. 
Suicide Creek. 
Sumas Lake. 
Sumas River. 
Sweltxer River. 
Tamlhy Crcok. 
Trout Lake. 
Vedders Creek. 
Vlarette Creek, 
Walker Crcok. 
Weaver Creek. 
Weaver Lake. . 
Welcome Lake. 

^rr:r;in?ng through Secipn^ Township 

iCwponatlbn. Bankrupt, in ba 

-" , 4847, aealed bids will be received 
foWowlnir rii scribed proporC up to 
ten o'clock A h 15th, 1912: 

Th^ plant 1. : site ot tUo Bankrupt, 

altuated at ironame, .letterson County. 
'Washington;' certain lands in th* vicinity 
thereof, mines and mining rights in -■.hn 
States of Washlnaton and Nevada; personal 
property In and about the plant of the Bank- 
rupt, also the followlnif described property: 
27,880 shares of the capital stock -jt W^est- 
ern Coal & Iron Corporation, Ltd.. a corpor- 
ation organized under tha laws of the Prov- 
ince of British Columbia, each 3hare bwlng 
ot the par value ot $100.00 and the total 
capita! stock of the said corporation con- 
'slstlng of 30,000 shaires. The assels ot th-i 
corporation Includes an option rlghi to pur- 
chase 20.272V' acres of coal and timber 
lands on Graham Island, Province of Brit- 
ish Columbia. 

Twenty certain Crown grantofl mineral 
claims in the Rupert Mining District ot 
British Columbia; the ilot numbers ot the 
same being: 233, 274, 234. 235, 237 26S, 
260, 270, 272. 273. 271, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 
280, 301, 302 and 236. 

A mor/; accurate description ot the above 
assets and full information regarding tho 
^..^rx' of eonductine the sale and the form 
111" ■which bids will be received may be ob- 
tained i>y consulting the said Order of Sale 
on nie with the Hon. John P. Hoyt, Referee 
In Bankruptcy at Room 303 Federal Build - 
ins, .'■■eatt'». "WuHhington. or by applying to 
the' undersigned Trustees at their offices, 409 
Arcade Annex, .Seattle, Washington. 
Trustees in Bankruptcy of Western 
Steel Corporation. 
Attorneys tor Trustees. 


Group 1. and emptying 
Unnamell^ streant flowing through Lot 
Group 1. ^^^^^ situated on lAt* 32 and 

fnlo^l^nX. 'ini- 'o^^sU^P^t^ Moo^y. 

ih said ''Water Charges By-Law, 1910," and 
the "Water Frontage Kate By-Law, 1912," 
will In case a sum sufficient 
to provide for the said interest and sinking 
fund Is not realized In each i'car out or the 
sal/i water rates and charges after tho pay- 
ment of the sum ot money already charged 
upon the same, pay such deficit (if any) out 
of the current year's revenue to any person 
or corporation from whom they may borrow 
the money upon the security of the deben- 
tures hereby authorized, or to the several re- 
BT>ectlve holders of the said debentures. 

9. This By-Law shall before the final 
passing thereof, receive the assent of tho 
electors of the said Corporation In the man- 
ner provided for In the ".Municipal Clauses 
Act," and sh.'ill tak,. effect on the day after 
the final passing thereof. 

10. Tfiils By-law may be cited 
Waterworks l>oan By-law, 1912." 

Passed the Municipal Council 
day of February. 1912. 

Group S, 

p. R/.. n.lie 



....._.. spring 

31, In Mission Townsite. 
Kir».nni running through ijot * 
^'i:;""\.J. " ".fouo 3. Mission Townsite. __ 
SpHn'g^on Subdivision 16 or tne is.i!-. ■« 

.section S. Tr-wnship 8. 

Stream which <^rosses the ma n line ot 

C P- Ry. 1.620 feet east of Mission St^"°°- 

ii'^Tu .tream east ot Whonnock Station. 

^^ P rTN^h^W iltn>l«Sh par^ of^^^^^ 

434. Group 1. J ' 

Stream at Bon Ac^^-"-d^ ^ wh«nnoote Sta. 
Kmalt sireani J""v ca=i oi y .1 ' ^ ._ 

tlon. I-ot 4 34. Township l-l. 
Stream at Cascade Station, c. 

6376130. , 
small unnamed creek runn'nR north through 

■«^-!St Side of District Lot -01. uroup 

(„ R/.rtlon 17, Block 5 nor.h. 
^T:ngr^le^^PnW-, Oroup 1. 

Vifkn^n lVr;r "^in^g through t.ot 226, 
Sp?ings%t- head of gulch on N.W. H section 

StJ^J" °j^n"'n; through port^ ,of^E J4 
SeetloTi 3 Township 1!. Range . west 
nh to North Arm of BUrrard Inle . 
nn, "'"' , f Biream running off Md- 

Delta Munltlpallty., «o„,„-eaRl- 

Tnnamed stream __llow^nK ^n_^a_^^^^^^^ j^^_ 

Tenders will be roclved at the office of 
the Board of School Trustees on or before 
Tuesday. March 12th. at 4 o'clock p.m.. for 
thu erection and completion of a High 
School Building on grounds situated on 
Fernwood Road and Grant Street in the 
City of Victoria. . . ^ ^.. 

A separate tender wlU be required of the 
electrical equipment. 

No tender will be required tor the plumb- 
ing and heating. 

Each tender must be accompanied by a 
marked cheque, payable to the Board ot 
fa^hooi Trusteea for an amount equal to 6 
per cent, of the amount of the tender. This 
cheque Will be returned to the Contractor 
and also to the unsuccessful tenderers when 
a contract has been entered Into and a sat- 
isfactory bond provided. In the event ot 
tho o'uccasitul tenderer refuiing to -enter Into 
a contract when called upon so to do. the 
deposit cheque will be forfeited to tho Board 

The lowest or any tender will not neces- 
sarily be accepted. 

Driiwlngs and specifications may be seen 
at the office ot tho undersigned. 







( > \ K 

^".r.'."*Mre'- lijn th.M»ugh Government. , n 
si'-rve and pa-t bf Uot 226. ^^oup 1. 
^.,__ "„r Kmilh-east corner Lot 02. pl 

TAKE NOTICE that Ihe above is a true 

copy of the proposed By-Law upon which 

the vole of the. Munlclpallly will be taken 

Kt the School House, Oak iJnv Avenue on 

_ Saturday, Ihe 9lh day of March, 1912. "from 

I !' 11. in. to 7 p. ni. 

I .1. 8.' FLOYD, CM.r. 

oak Bay. B. ('.. 2tiil, February, 1912. 

Group 3, Town- 





Bt., 50x132; 

AK Bay 

$700 caah. balance sirrnnged. 

price $2100; 

price $900 each. 


V . 

fTIRANMIT ave., lot close to hotel. 50x162 
1 to -iOft. iitxe. pj^lcfe m50;-U;lrA cash. 
Italancfi a-rransHMi. " " ' "r" . "•. ■• 

VICTORIA Wert— '"thW l» % 8i<a|*-^l>amp- 
•on at.. Coubli c.o^n^r. trlth fwo-room- 
ed house; alse of .iota. 51x168 and tltisa; 
,„j« quarter caK h. balaiice ea sy; price $2700. 

T-rrg ».ij!J.l HotiwiS nrr ' fhv l{li«tBliiV>«n4. plan 
VJr or byoon'iraat; Call ttrtd see our plaaa 
bef*rc.j>«in;haalnf jroiir house. 


Membera of the Victoria Real Ealata 


Offics; 81? P»mh«»r«on Block and Sidney. 

B. C. 




quarter cash. 

OWE ave.. 2 
quarter cash 

OSS St. 

1 lot, 50xllG: S1750; 

Jots 60x116; $1750 each. 

OAli BAY". 



1 lot, 50x120; $17,-.0; quarter 



1 lot 4iixlS&; 

;100; third 

WAt-TON St.. 

1 lat 60x124; $1250; quarter 


RNOLD avenuB, 
each, quarter cash. 

3 lots, 60x120; $1100 

TOD Inlet and 
$1,000; tormi 

near Keating, 6 acres; 

QAANICH Ljjnd in 

1^ inf)*iA\n^ waterfront 

small and large blocks. 

SIDNEY, very 
room modern house. 

nice watarfront with 

55 each; quarter cssh. 

ROT I 20: I12r>n 

TAKE NOTICF3 that thp above Is a true 
cop5» ot the proposed By-Law upon which 
the vote of Ihe Municipality will be taken 
(It the School lIouMe, ()al< Ray Avenue, Oil 
Saturday, the ftlh day Of March, 1012, frcr.i 
B to 7 p.m. 

.T. S. FLOYD, C.M.C. 
Oak Bay. B. f'.. 2fith February. .!.|.. 

The property of John Ilaggerty, in- 
cluding liouae and four lots, frontage 
of 120 on Fort and 120 on View street. 
Tenders to be received up to Tuesday, 
February 20th. Also the stock, plant 
ai>d"i5oodvvlll of the .Tno. Hagjjerty & 
Qb. flr^o win bo sold as a going con- 
cern to\the highest offer up to Thurs- 
\day, Fei!)ruary 29th. 

Terms can be made for payment 
and particulars given of the business 
bv the undertilencd. 


Spring near soulh-east 
of subdivision of Lot 1. 

i:„"nan,ed^ et-eeU on r"n;*hU,' 1 "'"■""" "' 
« E '4 Section 28, Township 1. 

UnAanied creek near soul h-we» corner of 
8 W. U section 5, Township 6. 

Three springs on west pari of Lot 51, Group 

Utmamed spring on S.K, '- ^-^ tlon 10. 

SnTairstream^'entertng on western boundary, 
of .Section 22, B'o<'k 5 north. Range 1. 

'''"'"N'o!"3'!'rl.lng on east side of Halls 



p",.!e Road and flowing hence througt 
N E. \ of Section 20, Township .->. 
freek r;o 2, rising on east side of Hall 
Prairie Road and fIo•^•lng hence th— • 
N.E. '/» of Set tlon 2", Townslilp ». 




TANNARD ave., 

1 lot, SOxlBO-, $975; third 

7"JLnWOOD corner, .5«xll4; $1100; third 

St., i li< 




lota and aorvags al rva*u»»i>i« 

Acres at Hardy Bay, close ttf to-wa- 


A LL and 

ua abtml IM wbOTS, 



Xl quarter cash. » 

ST. Paitrlck. 8 lota, fiOJttW;- fiooe.' aacn; 
quarter c aah. 
CENTRAL ave. and lAurel, 2 lo*a 1*78 
each; quarter ^aah. 


nuxlXS, raii , ini<iil»i 

.■■^-,:l.::>. ' 
eO.xifV: 11230 each; 

ter cash. 

ruvner Mars, %it^^r au»r- 

By-Lnw No. 115 

A byiTaw 

To Raise the Sum of $75,000 for 
Water Works Purposes 

WHRREAS. the Municipal Council of the 
Corporation of Ihe District of oa* »»T 
determined to construct certain works for 
l,h6 supplying and distributing of wat;>" <« 
the ct the Municipality of ths 
Dutrlct ot Oak Bay. namely, by laying wa- 
ter pipes within the Mnnmipairty »oi tu* 
diatrlbutlon and supplying of water? 

AND WHEREAS It la Intended to bor!*oW 
the sum of $7»;ooo for tha object of oo». 
Btructing tho works herelnbr:are mentioned 
upon rhe aeourlty of the -water ratee and 
Chargea imvowri Ujr lli* •'%'*«? CsJirsea By- 


TAKE NOTICE that application will be 
mxde to tho Board of Licensing Commis- 
sioners at their next Bittlngs to be held after 
the expiration of thirty days from the dato 
hereof, for the transfer to Alexander W. 
Eraser and .lohn Llnd. both ot the CUy 
of Victoria, British Co'urobla, cf tho license 
now held by mo to soli aplrltuous liquors 
on the premises known as tho Gordon Saloon, 
•Ituato at No. 615 Johnson Street, Victoria. 

^' ^' H. O. STUCK BT. 
Dated this Slst day of January, 191^ 




TAKB NOTICB that appHsatli«n will be 
made to the Board of Licensing Commls..on- 
n. M vietorla. B. C at their next sitting 
tobe held after the expiration, ot tnirty a.y. 
from the date hereof, tor th«r transfer to 
Percy Porter, of Victoria, B. C. of the II- 
IZll now hild by ma to sen 'PTMoa. llq- 
n«r. bv retail upon the prwilaea known aa 
tha California Hotel, ntvate at t-v. *•• 
JohnMB aliest. in the City of Victoria, B, 

°* Dated at Victoria. B. C. thia «7th Aay ot 
Decern bur, J»>3 


I'reek No. 1, north of Clayton 

on east side of Malls Pralrlo Road. 

rt^tnime. stream flowing northwest 

throuKh sections 2 and 11, Town.shlp 19. 

small unnn.ned creek running through l.ots 

Unnamc"'\ueiim flowing t'-rough Lots 349. 

347 and S4K. u r „. «n 

Unnamed stream running through Lot 30, 

Tnu.'n«htp 1" 

Stt-eam" rising in Block 229. '"'rouP l 
running Into Medwell Bay, North 
Biir:-ard Inlet. 

rnnamed Rtream running through Town 
Lot 7HI. I'oit Hammond Townsite. 

Unnamed Ptream running through Lot 429, 

unnamed stream conilnR from hlll-sldo about 
1 000 feet west of SUvordalP, C. P. Ry. 

rni'inmed rising north of Keary 
Street. Papperton, thence along ravine. 

SniHll rrrck running through N.E. U Sec- 
tion 21. Township 26. 

Small .itream flowing through N.E, U Of 
t«erllon 20, Township 17. 

Unnamed stream flowing throug|i Lot 32 
ot subdlvlHlon of Lot 1, Grojip 3. 

Unnamed stream rising half a mllo west , of 

' Abbolaford and r'lnnlis ibrmig-h s.R. U 

Seel Ion 21. Township 16, and Abbotsford 

Townsite. , . . „ ,, 

Unnamed stream flowing through Section 

Ifi Block 5 north, Rango 2, west. 
Unnamed creek on N. E. . '4 Section 27, 

Section 10, Township 16. 
Unnamed stream on N.E. W Section 2i, 

nroui> J. Simt>.y r.J'uSii.'^.BaUt.y. 
Unnamed spring on S.E. U Section 34, 

Township S. 1 

iTnn.inu'd spring on N.B. H Section 8. 

Township 16. _ 

tinn«M»t«t» «••»%..* ».•• -..»... »% *.*-..».«*. -.... - - ,. i* - 

Ship 16. , ■ „ 

JLfnnamsd stream on B. M Section 11. Town- 
ship 1*. .....,,. 

li'nnamed atream riianlnc through W. Mi t*t 

ItO, Group 1. 

Notice Is hereby giv«n that Jahn 
Samuel Henry Matson, ot Victoria, 
British Columbia, Is applying to His 
(•:xceHcnoy the Oovernor-GenerRl of 
•:anad.T in Council fdr apprcwal of the 
tioa plans, site and dosorJptlon of 
works proposed to be conatruoted. In 
\\'est Bay, Victoria Hairbor, Victoria, 
B. C. being the lands situate lying and 
belnff hi the City of Victoria aforesaid, 
and known, numbered and described •■ 
pait of Block VIII. of paTt of lot num- 
ber 29, Section XI., Vlewfleld Farm, 
Vancouv«r Island, Brltlah Columbia, and 
"has deposited the area and ette plAOa 
of the proposed works and a deacrlption 
thereof with the Minister of Public 
Works at Ottawa and a duplicate there- 
of with the rieKl«tTM--Oen©ral of Tttlea 
In the Land Registry Offica In the City 
of Victoria, British CJolumbia, and that 
tha matter of the «ald application will 
be proceeded with at the «X(itratloii of 
one month from the tim« of tha ftewt 
publication of thia Notice in Oia 'X3ui< 
ado. Gazette." 

Dated this 22nd day of FabniU-yv •*• 
D., 1912. 




TAKE NOTICB that appUMbtlAR -«ltl 

be made to tha Board of Ucaa^nc O WW 
mlaaloners for tha Matiloi]>*)lt|r «ff 
Saanlch at their next ntaattBf fM '• 
iiansfcr from lEnoch S»«B tO J>IW M' 
Callander of tha Itcanaa nxm |MII4 %|r 
the aald Bnoch Saca to sell ltt t < iHW U « i y 
Ikiuoru by retail on tha prmnUjMUl iRMnii^ 
as tha Prairie HoUI, Bam «Moa|i)| Ml^ 
Vancouver IsUnd. BrtCtah QtMlMpdMbk 
y BNOCtt •MOfak 

Iteted this 16th «ftr «t HnatOfi liit 


TAKB MoncB that fit jM < 
<b« Board *f Mca«)l»$li| Om 
the city of Victoria, B. JS^ - 
apply for a trAMtar «t •«• 
sale «t Wlrllttoirt Md fwm^" 
retail hM hy **•.,>«• 'L^i-f i 

ra-^t; «!• " Yatar wtPtm,: ^ 
Herbert H- "Wjuhf *»* 

D*ied- -at Vitfttaaa, H. tV^jj 

»t Mauaey. ItHt, 
' ■1flii';B««(Bl' tW — ^ — ^ . 

ment Afeafly^ UtaiUtA, AlgW^ 

:aa JaiuiMtt !>■«««*• 



■-■'<i ; .jn;,.!.?^^;-."^-^'. .r.:^.-A..-:^.:."i^^.^-- .'y^i:ir±i^i:::ii::iij^i^ 





reanesaay, i-ebrunry 'M, i)i\'£ 



itdjck Markets amid 

Fmamidal News 








Better Prospects in English 
and American Coal Fields 
Give Encouragement — 
Trading Very Light 

>.'KVV YORK. Feb. Zl. — The stook 

outlook, liased on the willingness of tlie 
lOngiisn coai itinera to cOtifr-i Wltli the 
I'l-erators, and on the favorable outlook 
lor an ag^rcement of Americmi aiithra- 
. ito cottlei-H and employes. 

SiiHpenslon of Keptibllc Stt-el and Iron 
ilividenrts was without effect except at 
the outset, wli' n ih.- preferred shares 
d£cli!i£d rlBOt- '.'''^' two tioints. with a. 
"^Tmfla.F'Iosirin Bethiehem"ste'cir'p^^^ 
red. .One. of the <lw">f. >'"'"P-Vi^'?^. ^'^^ ^ho 
detlinc in the regular quarterly dividend 
on CfcP.fs;! preferred. Trading was ex- 
Li.edingly light. Business averaged 
scarcely more than 15,000 shares an 

■| ae nidr'Krt \v ■ ieadorship- 

lit litv liiiHi ii'Mti i-i.. .■..,...^. .. innrc n ncfl ii 
Union PaclHc and U. S. Sieel"scll ex- 
dividond on Friday, and the improve- 
iiitiiL UitheHS stocks ; f rom cov^ 

.^ring by the short .i.u....i.s. Copper 
--i.ares held steady, London's trading 
I t-re was on the moderate scale, which 
has marked that contract operations 
here recently. 

Xhe cash movement points to another 
less by local bank.s to the sub-treasury, 
Monetary conditions show no 
I. iiaiisfM. 

The Ijond market moved narrowly at 
a minimum of dealings. T?otal sales, 
pur value, '?1,72£,U00. U. S. S'.s rcglster- 
eU decline 3-8 on call. 


(FurnisheU by F. W. ,Stovcnison~& Co.) 

Stocks— l^^^Bgh. Ivnv. Bid. 

AlUs-Chalmcrs i.|Ly—i|. u na. n-firMifMiTiTi-iM« 
Amal. Copper. '•■■""■^■^"'"'■""■■"■""**' 
.\mcr. .^Bi". 
Amor. Beet Rugftr 

.Mncr. ran. pfd »l% '-■ 

Amcr. Car Ktiy ' SOVi •'" » •»''■■« 

.\merlcan Ice •• -• ""^i 

-Viner. Locomotive .... "■-' ;>'•'"* ^1 '■? 

Amer. Smeltlnc Tl Vo? '.v'i 

.\mor. Sugar •• 119 ^i 

Amer. T. and T li:'. '< 163>» 142% 

.\mer. Tobaroo lU-i'-n 10-% lO-'U 

.\tncr. Woulen ., .. ;.'6Vi 

.\naconda 3S '33% 36 

Atchison .\ 104 103% 103% 

H. and O I0J»4 101 Vi 101 "Jl 

I'. T-. K. . .V:...^i...i. i20% ^^&% 229%. 

'■'.niral Leather -...•. 18 Ifi'^i I'H' 

I'hcs. and Ohio "'" "' "' 

f. and <i. VV 

<•. il. and S. F ... ; . \ 

I'olo. F. and I -1 -o^i :'': 

I'olci. iind Southern^ ...^_.. ■ ■ ' ^ 

Dlsiillere Seel' . ?t".'^ „ ™^^ ' . . -:s\ 

lOric 30% :io-', :ii)n 

(ioldfleld Cons. iVj. I^S ^\ 

(Jt. .N'ortliern pfd'.,... 129% 129>i l.'!"* 

lit. .Northern Ore . . . . • S'i'.i S< .Iotj 

Illinois Central .. 135% 

Inlor-Mei' I '^ 17% l.S 

Inter. HarvcBtor l«n*» 

K. t'. Southern -15 ?» 

I., and -V !.■'- l''l'. K,l'.j 

I.chlRh Valley IoT-t; I;;7^i l.-.7-% 

.Maekrty Co"8 ^-% 

lUy -Conii l'\ ' ■- -ITVi 

M. S. P., S. P. M i-TS 

M. K. and T -''''>i 

.Missouri facilic ' .- ' '■■'% 

s^^y. "^c-nTra^ 110 >-i it^r'iio.% 

N. y. O. a.nd W .. 38% 

Norfolk and West 110% HO 110 

.Vorlhern Pacific 117 ni\% IHi^i 

Pacific -Mall • • 31 Vi 

l>nn»yl. Uailfay 122»1 122'A 122"i! 

I 'fopU-'s t;a.M . . . . W'T-Vi 

rrcfiscd Steel Car 2»Vi ">>% -'■>% 

KallH-ay Htoel dps •• 27 

HoadlnK 163% 152«i 153% 

Hop. Iron and Steel... 1C54 . 15'^ 16% 

Uork InlRn.l Jj^gag^jgn":. . .2T)« 

si'>.-i<i Khcrri<-i<i .^HmHI^k". SS ' 

.South-r-n Paou'ic '•i*:'": '•'-'. . 1ft7% 

Souihern Hallway .... i -'•• -7% 

Tenn. Copper ■"•'Vi 

Vnxns Pacific . . 2 1 Va 

Inlon Pacific 1K4S !«* 1«4'i 

do pM - : . ■<-■'. ■>"'; 

r. S. Rubber I", 'i 

II. S. HICPl I'"-. »:''•; i.i> 

do pfd lOS^i lOSij, lOSl^ 

Cfah Copper '■«".; -.Ofi'L- '.«&(, 

Vlislnla t7heni '.il-^ 

Wabaoh 7 ■; \, i;\ 

We-slern Vnliui •■ ■ ' i , \\% 

W'estinK'iouPc 7 1 

Wisconsin Oimril r.j 

Monoy oh call. '2% prr <ohl. 

Tiital Kal''B. 17B.2(lO shares. 



Stork— Hid. Askcrl. 

American Canadian <''il 07 in 

Canaxllan Northnc.>n Ql] n.T^j nr. 

Canadian Pacific Oil 1 >. .■.;■ 

.M.irlriipa Oil ..., im's .(in\i 

IiiternaMnnal C. and C ,'.(; ,-,<( 

Nl'"oIa \^alley C. and r* ,(;o 

U(f\-al Colllerle»i n:,':. .'ifiii, 

Wcslorn ('. anil «' '.no 

n, ('. Packers mtn n."i.iio 7.",,ii<i 

t '. X. P. KI.'iherlcK ;i.oo ?, .'.0 

H. i". Prrni. Loan Hd.iiti 

r)oniinlon Trust (""o 1 20.00 

(it. West Perm, (a) 124.00 127.00 

Pacific Loan 2S.0O -t.'i.or) 

Stewart Lanrl c.oo 11.00 

II. C. Copper 1.00 4.50 

can. Con. S. and R n.'i.OO 42.00 

(iranby 34.00 .T'.Ofl 

Coronation fiold .i.i ,<?; 

Kootona.v Oold ."ft ,no 

I.m kv Jim 1!) .:'L' 

Nugget Gold 4 2 

Itamhler Cariboo ..".ft 

Ht«nd«.rd Lend 1.25 1.50 

Olarler Creek 02 .o:\ 

lied Cliff to , . ' 

Stowart M. and D 25 

Klaakino Gold 07 

Snowitorm- 30 .s."; 


5000 Maricopa Oil at .00'.^; 5000 at .flOVj. 

Money R»te«. 

.VRW Y«'iriK. Feb. 27. — Money on crill 
steady. 2?4W2<^ jier cent; ruling ratp. ■J% 
per rent; eloalng bid, '^% per cent; offerod 
at 2'-j per cent. Time loans strong, sixty 
days, 2%«f3 per cent; ninety days. 3i& 3>4 
per cent; six months, 3%<f*'i^/t i>er cent, 
i-rimc! mrrcwniile pnpfr. a^itriv, per t*ent. 
«lerllng exchange sl..tjdv. "11 h artual busi- 
ness In hankers' bills at I4.S4.40 for sixty 
i'.:ir,ys and at Jt..".7.;,". for d^iUWit.!. C.m- 
merelal bllla $f.S3,75. B« r«llvor. SfiH. 
inercia! MPs. I4.R3.75. Bar •liver, 611^,. 

Vancouver'* IJcenBlnc board haw asketl 
for a »p«i<i,lal fund of fS.'OOO for the an- 
pn-hrnHinn and puni.thmcnt of offenderft 
atalnut the liquor law. 



The only rhatiBe to be recorded today Is 
th«3 decline. In the price of Island egB» to 
35c and the disappearance of Eastern esge 
from iho market altogother. 

Straw, per ton 1».00 

Hraii, per 100 lbs ^ l.HO 

bhorls, per 100 lbs. '. 1.71 

Oats, per 100 lbs. 1.059 1.7f 

Feed Wheat, per 100 lba,.1.7S 2.00W2.2S 
Crushed Onti>, per 100 lbs, ..., 1.76 

Uarley. per 100 lbs 2.00 

C'.ackeJ Corn, per 100 lbs. ... 2.10 

Feed Corntneal, per 100 lbs... 2.10 

Hay, par ton 22.00 

Chop Feed, per 100 lbs. !.(• 

V.nolo corn, per 100 lbs..... 2.00 

(.rushed Barley, per 100 Iba... 

Alfalfa liay, per ten ., 23.00 

Fresh Island Esga, per ilor. , . . .26 


Caaadlun. per lb 2<c 3 Itk .«! 

i:r«ank. local. «ach .li 

Alberta, per lb. ixiHHBK ■'* 

«-•♦ x>a!ry, per 1L-. -S^MWHIBi!.: ^sg 

Victoria Creamery, per lb. .. .10 

Cowlchan Creamery per lb... .60 

Coinox Creamery, per lb .40 

Salt Spring Isl. Creamery,, lb. .45 

B. C. Butter .4« 

New Zealand Butter .40 


Roy.. ' 1-5E 

r^k.' . ..^....... ,_,,., V,^i..^: 

'I\uy»i i»ita»^ct;t'r3.' ns^* "•■. ■ • »v. « ~~"-".': ""'~~i','sv ~-^ 
Wild llose, per sack 1.98 

JJatitn Il;'"-i •■-" Sat:kv-..y..-".-;..;.,.v;v;.;1.9fi::, :' 

Calgary. 1'96 ■ 

MoOat's 1 or ba« .„ l.«» 

Drifted Show, ts<' aaolc ...... 1-99 

Three Star, per aack l-9f 

Snowllake, per bag 


I..emons. per doien • ••♦••»i*4t',J£4t 'J! 

Uananas, per dozen 'tiSUuSaSx". •?• 

'Malaga: -tJrspew, - lb. - ...> m wi wi^-i » >i 

Apples, per box .............. 'S.OOO*-09 

Plnoapplea -SB 

Pomegranatea S fot; .^.. -2S 

Perairomoiis, eatsa ■ . . . i . . . iv. i. . .3S" 
.^ nreata. 

Beef, per lb ••» •»» 

Mutton, per lb •?!**■'' 

Mutton, Australian, per Ib^v. .(J»©.1S 

Veal, dressed, pur lb .' .12H<tt.2i 

Chickens ^,20©.J4 

Fowl '^*,. 


Toniutocs, per lb. , .\ .20 

Parsley, bunch .............. .0( 

t^uoumbers. each ....;........ .40 

P4}tatocs, per sack 2.0Q@2.50 

Ashcroft I'ulatoes, per sack.; 2.60 

Cabbajfe, ne>s', per lb .06 

Garlic, per lb .26 

unions, 5 lbs .25 

Beets, lier lb ..,.« .04 

Carrots, per lb .04 

New Carrots, 3 bunches ...... .16 

Cauliflower, each .20®. 25 

Celery, per stalk, 3 for .26 

Green Peppers, per lb. .26 

Sweel Potatoes, 4 lbs. for.... .26 

Greea Onions, 3 bunches ....^ -lo 

Citrons, per lt>. -it 

pumpkins, por lb. ......... .04 

Curly Kaie. per ib. ... ..i.. .. ■«* 

Ithuburb, iijrrT/ bunches for.... -35 

Brussels wSrouta, per 2 Iba. . . .2* 




Tenders will be rtcelved by the under- 
signed up to Monday, 3 p.m., the 4tli of 
March for a wagon to bo used for put- 
ting dogs in t^ convey them to the 
Pound. The was"n win re'iulrfc to have 
2 compartments atid to have cranked 
axle at rear, so that It will be as low 
to the giound as possible; front wheels 
to pass underneath front of wagon. The 
parties tendering for the above will be 
required to furnish plan^ and specifica- 
tions and time requlrtd to build the 
same, with all necessary lamps, locks 
for spring doors, and complete the same 
in good working order to the satisfac- 
tion of the Pound Commillee and I'ound 

The lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

City Hall, Purchasing Agtnt. 

Victoria B.C., Feb. 26, 1912. 


i5eparat« tenders will be received up to 
3 p. in. Marcli 4th, .1912, for the supply 
of Electrical equipment, Globes, Lamps, 
etc. Specifications of which can be seen 
at the olHce of the under.signed, to wliom 
all tenders are to be delivered. The low- 
est or any tende'r not necessarily ac- 

JPurcl' it. 

- 'CJity^Iiall,' February lytn.iui-. 


The Municipal Council of the Corpor- 
ation of the City of Victoria having de- 
termined tlmt it iB desirable: 

Notice Is . iiereby given that Mary 
Jean Croft of Victoria, British Colum- 
bia. 1« applying to His Excellency the 
Ciovernor-General of Canada in Council 
u approval of ■' m. plans, site and 

description of wv.ik.s iiroposed to be 
uonstrucled in West Bay, Victoria Har- 
bor, Victoria, B. C, being the lands 
situate lying and being In the City of 
Victoria aforesaid, and known, numbered 
and described -IS part of Block VIII. of 
part of Lot ;»umbcr 29, Section XI.. 
VicWiield Farm, Vancouver isiar.d, 
Brilish Columbia, and has deposited the 
area and «Uc. plans of the proposed 
worits and a description thereof with 
the Minister of ruhlic Work.s at Ottawa, 
and a duplicate thereof witli the Kegls- 
trar-General of Titles in the Land 
Keglstry Office in the City of Victoria. 
British Columbia, and that the matter 
of the said application will he pro- 
ceeded with et the expiration of one 
month from the time of the first pub- 
'lica;timi ox ' iSti»-"i'»vl!ccr- m- ttte' "G^ 

Dated IhiK 22nd day of February, A. 
D. 1912. 




^lOAI.Kl) tf-nders supeisirlbed "Tenders for 
lO Furniture, Insane llnapjtal." will be re- 
ceived by the Honoural>lo the Provincial 
Secrrtary up to 12 o'clock noon of Satur- 
day, the Ifith March, 1(112, for furniture 
:iiiil furnishings for the new .Mental Hos- 
I>iin.l ai Co(|ultlam as follows: — 

1 1 ) Hedstenda and Bidding. 

<2i Carpels, Draperies and Window 

i3i Furnlinre. 

.Speciflciitions and full Information will be 
lurnlsihed upon appHiallon to Di-. C. K. 
Dohcrty, Medical .^Superintendent. Hospital 
fni* tiv Insane- Xen- W.-aiinlnal er_ R.f'. 

Karh proposal must be accompanied by an 
accepted cheque or certlflcaite of deposit en 
a chartered hank of (.'anada made payabln 
to the Honorable the Provincial .'Secretary 
for a sum equivalent to 10 per cent', of the 
amount of the tender, which shall be for- 
filtrrt If The parly tenderlntr decline to rn- 
te,r into contract when called up'in to do so, 
or if he fall to cofnplete the work contract- 
ed fT. The chrqiies or certificates of de- 
posit will be returned to tlio unnicreastul 
tenderers upon the execution ot the eon- 
tpael. The lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

H. E. TOtTNG. 
rrnvlnelftl flecretarA". 
Prevlnelnl .''eeretnrr'B Offlcp, 

2:>rd February, 1912. 


PK.M.EO TBNDICllS addressed to the un- 
derslgneil v/ill be received up till noon on 
the 15th of March for the supply for twelve 
months ft om April 1st. 1912. of the follow- 
ing Fresh Provisions to the Bhips of the 
.\aval .Servke at Halifax. .V. ».. St. .lohn. 
N. B.. Chariot lelown. P. E. I.. Quebec, Mon- 
treal, Vancouver and Bjoulmalt. H. C. 

Fresh Beef, Fresh Mutton, Fresh Pork, 
Bacon, Fresh rish. Butler. Fresh Milk, 

Hrean, r'otatm**. \»nion», ur irt-«ka, ^uwumav. 
Turnips. Cninits. Parsnips, Beels. , 

Forms of tender may be obtained from 
!!■,.-. andcrsisned or from the Naval Rlore 
Officers. H. M. C. Doekyardi HftUfitx, N. 8., 
and rcuctniTDRlt. H. f. 

i;nauthorli«d publlrailon of this notice 
wli; not be paid fo|-. 

(1. J. UlCRBARATfl, 
Depuly Mliil.«iei or the Naval Service, De- 
i>ai:~..-;;:: of i'.:c N=r.a! Service. , 

OtiBwa. Kebniary 10th. 1»«3, 

' "T.T g' ggfle t ru ' dt d T rerm sg e n ri t t a Bw gii f' 

on the north side of Bay street from 
Douglas street to Tannery street, and 
remove poles and trees frbm off said 
street, if nece.>?sary; 

3. To expropriate the necessary real 
property on hotli .sides of Pembroke 
street, between Spring road and Fei-h- 
wood road, for tite purpose of widenint; 
said .-street to a uniform width of 48 

3. To widen tlio fcidewalks on boili 
sides of Quadra .street from Pandora 
avenue to Burdette avenue, between the 
lot line and the present walk and the 
curb, and . to remove poles and trees 
wher« necessary; 

4. To widen the present sidewalks on 
Blanchard street, between Pandora 
a.\ cnue and Burdette avenue on the west 
side, and between Pandora avenue and 
Courtney street on the east .'»lde, and 
retx^v^ poles "and trees wh**re ncc**«Haiy. 
and to vonstruot a permanent sidewalk 
on the east side of said street, between 
Courtney street a,nd Burdette av,enue. 

t. To widen tne sidewalks on bdth" 
sides of Yates street, from Cook street 
to Fer.'iwood road, l>etwcen the property 
lint and the present walks; 

6. To construct a permanent sidewalk 
of 'concrete on the north side of Krie 
street, from St. Lawrence street to 
Dallas road. And that all of said works 
shall be carried out in accordance witli 
he provisions of the Local Impravement 
General Bylaw, and amendments there- 
to, and the City Engineer and City As- 
sessor having- reported to the Council, 
in accordance with the provisions of 
Htclion 4 of this by-law, upon each and 
every of said works of local linprove- 
rr.ttU, giving statements showing tlie 
amounts estimated to be chargeable in 
each case against ihc vaiiOUo portion:! 
of real property to be benefited by the 

..,«4_-->. ^^r> Hs„ .••rvneto rxf tlio CltV 
tyr^i\t .. w . *., *-*..— — ...» - — ,- - . ^.- 

Kugineer and City«sor as aforesaid 
liHving been adopted by the Council. 

the said report.^ are open for inspection 
at the ofilce of the City .\ssessor, City 
Hall, DcRiglas street, and that unless a 
petition against any proposed work of 
local improvement above mentioned, 
signed by a majority of the owners of 
the land or real property to be assessed 
fcr such improvement, and\representing 
at least one-half of the value of the said 
land or real profierty, is presented to the 
Council within fifteen days from the 
date of the first publication of this no- 
tice, tlie Council will proceed with the 
proposed improvement upon sucli terms 
and conditions nx to the .payment of the 
cost of such (improvement as the Coun- 
cil may by by-law in that belialf reg- 
ulate and determine. 


t:;ty Clerk's Omce, C.M.C. 

Febvtiary 22, 1912. 


Tliat the Municipal Council of tne 
Corporation of the City of Victoria hav- 
ing determinetl that it H deslitible; 

1. To grade, drain and iJ«ive with an 
asijliallic pavement Henry .Stieet from 
Mary Street to Ksqulmalt Hoaa, and 
construct ciirlm. gutters and sldewalits 
on both skies of said street, also latei-al 
connections to sewers, surface drains 
an<l water mains, and remove poles. If 

2. To grade, drain and pave with an 
asi^lialtic pavement Beta .Street between 
Alpha .Street and Delta Street, and con- 
struct permanent .sidewclks, curbs and 
gutters on both sides of said street, also 
lateral connections to sewers, surface 
drains and water mains, and remove 
l)olt!8, if necessary. 

3. To widen Millsldt -\veiiui- i'ro:n 
O.dai' Hill Road easterly to the City 
Liinltti, and to expropriate sufficient 
property to widen llie said avenue to a 
uniform width of seventy-five feet fol- 
lowing Ibe i)resent street lines. 

4. To construct pernianenl Kidewalks 
of concrete on both sides of Harrison 
jitreet, between Furl Slieet and Fulultcn 


w ,«.. _,,^..|„ .3...„1_ „...! ..I... 

*'. A O «i U*UC, A.i» rtw« Uln* I".. . , .. I V .1 .... 

asplialtlc pavement Lee Avenue, from 
Leigiiston Road to F%>it Sli'ecL, and con- 
struct permanent sidewalks, curbs and 
gutters on both skies of said avenue, 
also lateral connections to sewers, sur- 
face dr.iln.s :ind water rnains, and re- 

1110 \ . 

nw vovm-sooM BinraAZiOw, 

wim t>ath. pantry, etc., ont- 
half block from car line — 
PRICE fa400 
Casli $360, balance |2u.0U per 
month. Including Interest. 


Separate tenders will be received by 
the undersigned up to 3 p. m. on Mon- 
day, February 26th, 1912, for one med- 
ium wciglit liorse, not over 7 years old, 
to pass inspection by tile City Veterin- 
ary Burgeon. One light wagon and one 
set light liarness; wagon and harness 
to bo to the satisfaction of Purchasing 
Agent. Lowest or any lender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 


I'urchaslng Agent. 

City Hall. February I4th. 1912. 


Tenders will be received by the un- 
dersigned up to 3 p.m. on Monday, Fei)- 
ruary 2fith, 1912. for 4 Air Compressors 
as per specifications, which can be seen 
at !'>>rcha«lng Agent's office. 

The (lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

P.S. — Time for receiving tenders has 
been extended to March 4th. 

City Hall, Purchasing: Agent. 

February 14th, 1912. 



Notice Is hereby given that all persona 
having claims asalnst the estate of 
Robert McFadden, late of Vletorla, 
British Columbia. who dle<t on the 
7th day of November, ifill, and whose 
will has been proved In the Bupremo Court 
ot British Columbia by Huaan Maddaford 
McFadden and William .Mcradden, the ex- 
ecutrix and executor therein named. are 
hffrt!Uy r«^uii«u i** •..■•lu p»«'tM.ui<ft.» ui itt«ii' 
claims to the undersigned on or bcfoia the 
JOth day of May. 1912, after which date the 
<>«nrul«fa will proceed to dislrtbute th« as- 
a«:a of the deceased amonff the partlea en- 

fit 1. 



■a;- OS 

clalma of which they ahall then hav« had 
notire; and all persons IndnbtMi to the da- 
ceased are requeateil to pay fh<s tmount of 
their indebtedneaa to the underalKnad forth- 

VletO'la, B. C. 


Road bi 

ru,v K... .■ 

(■•il.-;|-.-(l ■ ■ ■' ''it.^ 

l\:uKiiicei '^; olfioe for the puriK>se of 
wideniiii,' ;iid Toid to a lUJlfornt width 
of 6t> i<i (6t)) feet. 

7, To iraln and pave wiTti an 

1 vetnent St. Amlrcw's Street 

; -..I Straati-tn -Its nnrthf.rly-te.rt. 

mination. and construct curbs, gutters 
and pirlewalks r>n bntli "MMes of said 

to SBW- 

and remove piilea, it p.- 

8, To con.struct bou on both 
sides of St. Andrews Street from Sim- 
coo Street to its northerly termination. 

9, To construct boulevards on liotii 
.sides of Michigan Street froni Oswego 
•Street to Montreal Street: 

And that all of said works shaTl be 
oqrrief! out in nccord.incewith tlie pro- 
visions of the Local Improvement Gen- 
eral Bylaw, and amendrhents thereto, 
and tlie City Engineer and City Asses- 
sor liaving reported to the Council, in 
accordance with the profjsions of Sec- 
tion 4 of this bylaw, upon each and 
every of said works of locaD iniprove- 
inent, giving statements showing the 
amounts estimated to be chargeable in 
each case itgalnst the various portions 
of real pi-operty to be 'oenefited iiy the 
t^id work, and tbe reports of the City 
i:i^iisliieei' ttUd ■ City --VsacBiTOi' iks €i fore- 
said liavlng been adopted by the I'omi- 

the said reports are open for inspection 
at the office of the City Assessor, CTlty 
Hall. DouKlas Street, and that unless a 
jietitlon Hgainst any proposed work of 
local Jini)!0veinent above mentioued. 
signed by a majority of the owners of 
thi.» land or real property to be assessed 
for .such iinprovenient and reijresentlnjr 
at least one-half of the value of the 
said land or real property, is pie.sented 
to the Council within fifteen day.s from 
the date of the first publication of this 
notice, the Council will proceed witii the 
Iiropo.sed liniirovement upon such terms 
and conditions as to the payment of the 
cost of such improvement as the Coun- 
cil may by bylnw in that behalf rc.ij- 
ulate and determine. 


City Clerk's Office, C.V.C. 

February, 2Sth, 1912. 

f^flCE TO XANNFlJyM^^ 

The Victoria Machinery Depot has con- 
tracted with the Astoria Iron Works to 
build all Its (Mn I'llilng Machines supplied 
In British Columbia. ,,. 

Those Interested can aeoi Machines al- 
ready constructed for local patrons at tlio 
Telephone S'O. 

Auction Sale 

BT SHzairr 

Under and by virtue of c<?rtain war- 
rants ot e.xecution issued out of tlie 
County Court, holdon at Victoria, and 
to me dirp"ted, I have seized and 
talcen possession of two horses, one 
hack and double set of harness, the 
prorieriy of Htimlln Anilrews tlie Judg- 
ment JC>cl)tor, nnd will offer <the same 
for sale at the City Livery Stables. 
725 Johnson Street, Victoria, on .\ton- 
da.v next, February 'J6th at 10.30 a. m. 
Terms of sale cash. 


Sheriffs OlTlop. Victoria, B. C, Febru- 
ary 23rd. 15)12. 


Messrs. Stewart Williams & Co 

Duly In.striictcd will sell by public auc- 
tion at 1907 Duchess street (opposite the 
Jnhlloc hospital) on 

Thursday, Feb. 29th 

at 2 o'clock sharp n quantity of nearly 

Household Furniture 
Books, Etc. 


Mission Oak Writing Desk, Mission 
Oak Bookcase, XV. vols, of Huskin, VI 1. 
vein. Of Arcliltecturat "Works. V| vols, of 
Edgnar Allen Poo, XVIU. vols, of 
Cyclopedia of Architecture. Carpentry 
and Building, III. vols. History of Can- 
ada and sundry Books. Underwood Type- 
writer and Stand (nearly ne\v) Lace 
Curtains and Blinds, very ftfie reverslb'e 
Kug, Mission pak Ex. Table, 4 Mission 
Cliairs, 2 Mission Kockers, Clock, Pic- 
tures, 1 very Handsome Electric Chand- 
elier, Gramaphone, .\Ibion Range, Lawn 
Mower, Brass Bedstead. Spring and Top 
Mattress, Brass and Iron Folding Couch, 
Coal Oil Stove, Linoleum, Rugs and 
other goods too numerous to mention. 

Davies & Sons 

AJnr'Mlltnc out larc* quantltir st 



irSW rOTm-KOOK XOUSB, un- 
finished, but at present occu- 
ided. .lust off Gorge car line — 
PRICE O.NLY f 1500 
Cash toOO. 

Hxw rouB-mooai BwaAx.ow 

- batl' p<jntry, all large rooms, 
fiill-sl/.ed basement, fully mod- 
ern, and beautifully finished, 
biirlapijed and panelled, at the 
Iirice this house is wllliout an 
equal in ili« ciiv — 

Cash »30o. 

A BBAUTZrUX. LOT on Lyall 
Street, just off Lanipsun, ,'.(( 

xl.'u — 

B-thtrd cauli 


— Also — 


."^iuue size. 

EACH ff70O' 





ijectlon 35.) 

NOTICE Is hereby given that, on tbi> 
Fifth day of March next, application will 
be made to the Suiierliiionrtent of Provinf-lai 
Police tor the grant of a license for the 
sale of liquor by retail In and upon the 
premises known as The Hotel Ganges, sit- 
uate at Ganges, Salt Spring Island, U. C. 
upon the lands desct Ibed as the northeast 
corner section two (2), range three t3) east. 
.Salt .SpriOK Island. B. C. 

Dated this 1st day of Februarv. 1912. 


Maynard & Sons 


Important Sale 


Pigs & Poultry 

Instructed by Mr. W. II. Pcnnock. we 
will sell at his ranch, 


Tuesday, March 5th 


Beyan, Gore & Eliot, Ltd. 


(Members Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane Stock Exchange) 

Agents Confederation Life Rochester German Fire 

Money to Loan on First 

Wanted, Good Agreements for Sale 

Rooms 222-223-224 Say ward 15 lock 

Phone 2471 

Cotnmenrmff at 


.Ml frrs 

igs, Poultry, Cows 

Horses and 
Farm Implements 

InoluflinR: 175 rigs, all nlzes, 500 very 
fine ChlckciiH assorted. Ducks. Geese and 
Turkeys. 1 Cow just calved and milk- 
ing 24 tjuarls a tlay, I Brood Mare in 
foal duo in .vra\-, 1 t^olt 8 months old, 

1 Horse, about .1 1-2 tonft of good Hay. 

2 ton.s of Wheat Sheaves, Potatoes, 
Turnips and ("arr««s, large Oafden 
Roller, Sleigh, Cultivator, Hand Cultl- 
vHtor and Seeder, 3 T'low.t, 1 Spring 
and Draw Harrow, .Mowing Machine, 
Hay Rjtke. Bain Farm Wagon, Express 
Wagon with top, 2-wheel Dog Cart, 
Vlarness and Saddle, Platform Scales, 

3 Boiling Tanks. Cutting Bo.x, Block 
and Taokio, i^rossetit Saws, /iarden. 
Stalde. and Carpenter.*) Tools. Stack 
Covr 36 feet. Bone prlndcr, grlnd.stone, 
Cream Heparator, 2 Churns and other 
furni ncce.ssltles. 

We win aleo .^ell all the 

Furniture & Effects 

Consisting of: Very fline Oak Com- 
hinalion Desk, Book Case, Bureau and 
Folding. Bed. Wardrobe, Carpets, 2 
Iron Beds. Springs and Mattresses, 
Oak Dro-sscr, Blankets, Sheets, Spreads, 
Pillows, etc., Dining-room Table, Cane 
Seat Chair, Arm Chairs, Heater. Crock- 
ery. 6-hole Steel Range. Couch, Tables, 
Clialrs. Cooking Utensils, Milk Pails, 
40 Bottlea of Prtsderves, Kitchen Cab- 
inet, etc. 

Sale starts with furniture 11 o'clock 
Tuesday, March 5th. Lunch will be pro- 
vided. Any further information can be 
had from 

MAYNARD A SONS Auotion««rs 

788 Tltw Bit—t 

Maynard & Sons 


Instrwcted we will sell at our sales 
room, 726 View street. 


tw.m. Airs 11 A. M. 

Furniture and 

Of a 7-rooi« house, Ihcludltilr. church 
organ. 12 stops and pedal bass. Also 

. ..^ VMlVKBtn, flTCKpt, BTO. 

Two mares nnd a fine assortment c* 
chickens already entered. Full parti- 
culars later. 

KATirABB * •owm MmMMum 



Chicago Board of Trade Victoria Stock Exchange 

104-106 Pcmberton Bi^ilding - Corner Fprt and Broc^d Streets 



Dealers in Local Stocks. Municipal. Government. Railway. 

Private Wires to Chicago, New York. Boston and Montreal 


"Aavsrtislny is to business what 
■tvam is to Machinery" 

Advertisement Writers 
Multigraph Work, Circular 
Letters, Notices, etc. 

rourth rioor, Times Buildg. 


Mining StocKs 

AU Active ■bares 3>«ftit »» 
OS OommlssiPn 

Memoers Vttnouvt.^» - — 
Stock Excltanges. I>rivate wire connec- 
tion with all chief market centres. Lat- 
est quotations. 
Iffaw Tork, Canadian anft Xiondon Mkta. 

Waghorn. Gwynn & Co 

Bank of Hamilton Bldf.. 



IN THE MATTER of an application for a 
fresh Certificate ot Title to Lota 41 and 
42, Ea»t Victoria, B. C, Map 370, Vic- 
toria City, Brltlih Colu^nbla. 
tention at the expiration of one calendar 
month frora the flrat publication hereof to 
issue & xrv»ii v^^j. v.i.^**" o* -..w.w .•. ..c.^ o* 
the Certificate of Tltl« Issued to Florence 
E. Shafer on the 6th oi October. 1»10, and 
' numoerod iiiX* C iivuI.-U liii iicon losi cr 

Dated at Land Registry Office. Victoria, 
B. C Ihle J2Dd day ot Pecember. 1»11. 
Reslstrar Oeneral ot Titles. 


Office Annex, Onvrmmeat BuildlDco. 

t1E.\LBD TENDEH.S, superscribed "Tender 
I - . Q**j-Q ^»^— —-.j^ Oovcri^menl H^i'''*'".?": 
Vlrtnrla," will be received by the Honour- 
able the Minister of Tubllc Works up to 12 
o'clock noon ot TliurHday. the :".Hh day ot 
Kebruary. J91;:, for the erection and comple- 
tion of a concrete and limber-framed office 
ann<»x, site, corner of Government and 
Kuperlpr Street, Victoria. B.C. 

Plans, Bpeclflc«tlon», contract and forms 
of tender may be seen on and after the 20th 
day of February. i'jl2. at the general offiee 
of the Department of I'ubllc V>'Oik», Vic- 

("ontraetors wIshInK to obtain plans and 
speelrieatloiis can. for the sum of $16. ob- 
tain same by applying to the Department; 
this sum win bo refunded upon the return 
ot the plans and speelflcatlons, or a bona- 
flde tender. 

Kaili proposal must be accompanied by an 
accepted bank chetiue or certificate of de- 
posit ott a chartered bank of Claiinda. made 
payable to the Honourable the Minister of 
I'u'bllu "Works, foi the silin of $860, which 
shall be forfeited If the p«(rty tondpring de- 
clines to enter Into contrnjt when called 
upon to do so, or It he fall to complete, the 
vv>.rk c-onir«(tted for. The Cheques or certl- 
flDtes of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers 
will be returned to them ujpon the execution 
of the contf-ncl. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on' the forms supplied, signed with 
the actual signature ot the tenderer, and 
enclosed In the envelopes furnished. 

The lowest or any tenUer not necessarily 

Public Works Bnglneer. 
Dppartmont of Public Works, 

Victoria, B. C. Kebruary 17th, 1912. tc2i 


■ .'.,.'■. -i- 


Tenders will be reczAred by the undersign- 
ed ui» to March 16th next for the following 
property: . " \ 

Mining lease No. 1187 locs!M on Spanish 
Creek, near Qucsnel Fork^ equipped with 
Hydraulic^ Pipe and Giants for Hrdrsullc 
Mining, with water record f*r asme: siso 

:is acre* Crown granted land st drasta 
Blanca, Oarlboo, with store tiulldlivg. sUllU 
and dwelling; al«o , >/ 

General Merchandise at Oreaw Bianoa, In- 
ventory of which can be smiI oft apii^leattoB 
to . 

Messrs. Blinoik L,eiMr A Oj(., K<i<L, o( Vie 
toria, B. (i \ ' 

Hesst*. Lorwtrt, Hansy « tlaaibto^ lAt^. 
of Vancou«»r, B. 0. 

■-*»*»•»•» - *-— ^ , p-^ ■ I m a 

U. C.J «t»» V . . 

MX (IfhorMs »n^ Hsi»lM«|; #« 

Bids HHF «« w«ar 

.vAi-i., -;,:':;. :;" •,'-. 
V tM ftl«h«it ot 
•ac«pt4iJL. . 

u.c. ..--■,' ■. 

Some Advantages 
of Having This 
Company Named 
as Executor 
and Trustee in 
Your Will. 

Because acting in these 

capacities is our business, 

therefore we are naturally 

able ^o handle such " v.-ork 

.more quickly and satisfac- 

tririlv 3?T^ If>cc *a-vr%<»r»ci^r«»l^y 

■ * J tii-^ AS....... ^.vkL.. %.(*..>» • ^.k , 

than an individual wRo has 
his private affairs to attend 

Because it requires tech- 
nical knowledge and much 
experience to satisfactorily 
handle trust funds and it 
is unreasonable to expect 
expert knowledge from 
limited experience in this 

Because the faithful per- 
formance of the duties of 
this company as executor 
and trustee is guaranteed 
by its total assets, amount- 
ing to over $3,000,000, as 
well as by its bond with 
the government aiul by 
government iftspcctioft 

Call and alW us to tcU 
y<i^ loptore about this or 
writt for boiAI«t on the aub- 


ft^.tUijii* ■' 

i>yj.J!i..i I I . i ,i.iJ It mm \ ii !W}'jji.i'|..,JJ. ' ta ii J i | 



||-^,l,W,,|,,„J^ ,, ,L 

I W I I .1 1 ¥. ' 

k/.xsmrvoTJt- r^Ai* -V r^rojnxxRT^ 

Wednesday. February ». 1»1? 


T XV> A v^*.«'-"-»J 


/ r 







- f ^ 






-5: -O* 





C, P. R, Witi Spend Over Half 
a Million on Coquitlam Im- 
provements During 

October ist 


Sold Out 

General Manager Bury Tells of 
Big Expenditures on Com- 
pany's Western Lines. 

JTorld," Feb. 14. 191 

J^flisKdBNiiWf ■■1! 

One completely equipped unIt"^Jnile 
mammoth new Coquitlam terminal 
scheme is to be constructed Dy the 
Canadian Pacific Railway during the 
coming spring and summer, according: 
to an announcement made today by 
Mr. George J. Bury, vice-president and 
general manager of the C. P. R.. who is 
in tlie city on an Inspection trip of im- 
provements that are contemplated In the 
West generally, and Vancouver and Co- 
quitlam In particular. 

The expenditure that is to be made 
this year alone In Coquitlam In the 
installation and erection of one unit of 
the company's terminal plant will 
amount to over $600,000. But that will 
1)0 only a start, Hr. Bury deulurefi.- Tnc 
entire big terminal scheme Is laid out in 
units, to be constructed as the increase 
of traffic demands. The first of these 
units, which is to be completed next 
fall, will comprise a round house, about 
25 miles or tracKs, car repair bmupb, 
paint shop, machine shop, temporary 
bunkhouse for the men, coal bunkers 
and such other minor buildings and 
cquipiucTit S.5 ars necos!>&ry *Gr the es- 
tablishment of terminal facilities on 
such s. lETgre ?fcalfl- 

Bventually there will be four or five 
UEits. and shout ninety-five miles of 
■ tracks at the company's Coquitlam ter- 
minals. But it has all been des!gi*»^d 
0.1 the unit principle, and the units will 
be added and the terminal facilities in- 
creased as the growth of commerce and 
traffic warrant it. Mr. Bury empha- 
sized the fact that in establishing these 
terminal facilities at Coquitlam the 
.- company '^was- planning not only for 
wonderftil growth and demands of Van- 
couver's world-wide commerce during 
the next few years, but even what the 
commerce may Increase to when the 
large proportion of the trade that Is 
expected to follow the opening of the 
Panama Canal is directed this way. 

January 51!^ 
St. Mary's 



Sold Out 

February loth 

Terminal Centre 

No. 2 Sold Out 

February i6th 

Tames Park Sold 

Except 20 Lots Out 

of 600 

February 20th 
Park View Sale 
Opened in. Winni- 
peg, 150 Lots Sold 

First Two Days 









Advance Sharply, March the 5th 

It is true that prices are to be advanced in our First Division. 

I*. ^<^ 3*SiO ♦T"tJt^-Ti 1 li£ ^riv *-* Ti*^S ^S ii-Lii.y • wa^»*-*.a.*^-v.i« ,,r ■■■■■iwwa- -■---■ — ■-■■t- ■» £■ 

There have been so many ■.ilig iiililfflmLfqffa ^ the p^ftiFWffTP"' 
names suggesting business distrii^^^^^^^^^he kind or another 
that you may have overlooked THE business district of Coquitlam. 

Westminster Junction is now a business district. The vast extent of 
the railway terminal zone — half a mile wide and more- than two miles 
long— dividing the Coquitlam Townsite into two pai-ts, makes a north 
side business centre inevitable, but don't let those ^acts^^^;, you from 

_^... ^\ 4.^ T^T-DOT' rvT'v/TQTON' .'isSKy 

giving yuui cii.tciJiiiv.'ii cv X AxxKj X *-»x ^ A.^.^^^j'Ti, 

Remember That First Division 





;^-^^; -;^ 




a>*jHt.TO-Mi-. »w»jBj^-/. 

Pitt Centre 
Sold Out 




■hop» on the other Bide, with the new passenger 
and freight Btatlona nearby — Deep water trans- 
portation on the Bouth, railway tran»portatlca 
the north. 

Sooner or later the Canadian worthern 

enter Ooijultlam through the southern end of 
rirst Dlvialon and the traneler tracks connecting 
the Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern will 
have to traveree the IWDUST»IAI. SITES which 
conetitute the harbor eiao of First Division. 

THE tanainees centre will be WHEKE THE 

BtrSXNESS Willi. BE — and the business wUl be 
ed that la in the water terminals and the rail- 

Adjoins the only portion of the Canadian 

Pacific terminals that •njoyii water frontage. 

Has the best and most aoceaslble harbor 

frontage in Coquitlam. 

Borders on the railway terminals all the 

way from north to south. 

Controls the main approaches to the great 

•hope -which axe to adjoin it. 

Iiles between the terminala and the best 

reaidenoe district in Coquitlam — St. Mary'a 

Is almost all level. 

Is largely clear, open ground, 

__ Ooouples the only correct and inevitable 

location for the toualneaa centre, beoauae it 
reaoheB from ioe uMSfxHix oxi tli» jpse sUls to th* 

I grant you that it will take time for this business section to develop, 
but if it were already developed I wouldn't be saying this and you 
wouldn't be reading it. 

Finally, I want to give you a little tip. The public has not yet heard 
a half of the great things that are in store for Coquitlam. If the public 
knew it all NOW we would not be raising prices, because we would have 
nothing left to raise. 

Later on remember that you h ^-I this tip ten days before the first price 
advance in First Division, but— here's another piece of advice — don't buy 
to speculate on the impending rise of 25 to 50 per cent, in prices— buy 
for the big values of the future. 

First Division prices are absurdly low. Compare them with Prince 
Rupert and Port Mann prices, and remember that Coquitlam bids fair 
to be the best town of the three. 

The advance we are soon to rhake is behind the market.. Lots are 
actually oeing resoiu luuay ax. /u p*.r *-wiit. x.*v.,»w »...^— -.— - — ^^.■..:s 
This is in line with the policy we have had from the start — the policy 
of making Coquitlam real estate a good proposition for all. 

We believe that our astounding success is largely due to this policy. 

T?#*criprtfnllv vours. 

— -■-'—'£ e^ V ' 

January 30th 

Terminal Centre 

Sold Out 


February 15th 


Sold Out 

February i8th 
James Park No, 



Details of C. P. B. Expenditures Be- 
tween Vancouver and Pield — Bail- 
way to be Double-tracked Out aa Par 
as Hammond — Arrangements for Buay 
Seaaon'a "Work in VardM at Cociuit- 

("Province," Jan. 31. 1912). 

Approximately ?5, 000. 000 will he 
pnent by the Canadian Pacific Rail- 
way Company during the present year 
for improvement.s and new construction 
work on Its main line and braiu:hes 
west of" Field, the easterly boundary of 
British Columbia, division. This is an 
authoritative statement received from 
Winnipeg by }he operating and engin- 
cerlng departments of the railway com- 

Doable Track to 3Eam.inond. 
_^^id, tlriS betTTcc" Ksmmond and Van- 
couver is to be double-tracked at an ex- 
penditure of about $750,000. 
At Coquitlam the Xiorgest Ezpandltur* 
WiU Be Made. 
Here the company has decided to put 
iritcT operation a part of their extensive 
plans for making this on.p of the 
largest terminals In the. Dominion. The 
full development of the terminal site 
will not be accompli-shed at once, but 
the appropriation this year Is sufficient 
10 keep large crews of men at work 
for the year. 

A twelve-.stall round Is to be 
■ constructed in addition to a coaling 
plant and water service. Twenty-five 
nriles of track for yard purposes will 
be laid this year and ' everything done 
to provide Coquitlam with ■ complete 
terminal facilities. .A,n Industrial trunk 
line from the yards Into the townsite Is 
to be surveyed in the course of a' short 
time, and will be constructed in connec- 
tion with the other work at Coquitlam. 
Two subways. In accordance with the 
agreement with the municipality of Co- 
■lultlam are to be built. They are to 
be located on the eastern end of the 
company's property on the Dewdney 
Trunk Koad. 

February 22nd 

Total Sales in isH 

Division, New 

Business Centre, 

600 Lots 

>- hi m 

Coquitlam Terminal Co., Ltd. 
Coquitlam Townsite Co., Ltd. 

Owners of the Recognized Townsite. 
Main Office : Second Floor, Leigh-Spencer Building. 

General Agents for Victoria 

Canadian American Realty Company 

1202 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C. 

Monk & Monteith 

639 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C. 


laoa Douglas 8t., Victoria, B. O. 
General Agenta for Victoria and Vicinity 


Kindly send me magnet folder, press 
reports and full Information about the 
Canadian Pacinc Railway's industrial. 

ann •>nerullnc teriQillUS. 



^^^XVJM^^i^* '^^ir< 


i ■ {