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\Klorl* anil X'klnlly; l.tsht lu inoiUiaie 
imi iheily ami naitfily wtndii, gnuMaily fair 
with niHtliiiittiy or higher icmpeiuiuii!. 

I.ow<-i- Mainland: l-l»lit |o mudeiolc wlruls 
gme'Slly fall with slatlonaiy <>r hlghei- 


Coloniat Tet^phonmn 

BUBlnara 0(Bo« . 
CtrcuUUon . . . . . 
Job Printing . . • 
EdltorUl Room* 

. II 
, . M 


VOL CVIIm no. 67 




Commercial OrganU»«»M 8«ek to Pr»- 

T*nt Tran»costiB«ntal X*tlw»7« 

rrom Oparstlnff Btaamablpa 

Commissioner Black Outlines 
His Plan for Reforms in Gov- 
ernment of Territory- 
on Way to North. 



Encouraged --pr 

g. c. y«t>. ?g— Uffr 

a Ott»w«i( iiyieoeded by «n «x* 

WASHINGTON. Feb. :;8. — Heprcsenl- 
atlves of foinmorolal urg^nlzutlons lu 
ItoMtoii. PhlladHphia, San I'^rnmlsi-o 
aiul Portland, Oregon, urged I'rpsident 
Taft tmlay to see to U that no trana- 
continental railroad be pi-rmltted to 
operate slo-ainshlp lines through tho 
Paniima Oanal. They advocated fret, 
trmlk- through the ciinal. or tolls favor- 
ing Aincriian shipping. I..atpr they re- 
newed their appeal before the senttt* 

W'iUiam H. Whf !■ i. "i H"- ■•^•'" I'"^**-"- 
ciBi-o chamber Of co:Ti:nerce, Hn-i -Tosepu 
M. Teal, of the Portalnd chamber of 
lonimcrce, appeared before the com- 
mittee. Mr. \Vhe^*ler oontendi 
barring railroad companies froi 


AJiiioanoam«ttt of OoT«rnm«Bt'« Ball- 
wax rrograniuk> la Followed by 
Xoat of Zaqulrlaa 

Foreign Observers in China 
Fear That Developm.ent of 
Country Will Not Follow 
Formation of New Regime 

lT^''t'%8iv« tour ot lire 'vetted Stetw, JitV 


I intentfi 
sovetnmont m 
expected or should"' 
Black aniK>unced. 

••Many changes wtn'TS¥'-:"rrise«B8ary 
.ontinueil Mr. Black. "A.'^ you know, 
tlie Liberals have been In power there 
ever alnce the eountry was settled, and 
this fact will make it almost compul- 
eory that the personnel of the offlce- 
liolders be changed to conform with the 
DPw conditions. Since receiving my ap- 
pointment I imve kept in close touch 
" Uh people in the north, and genei-al 
.ondiHons have beten faithfully report- 
ed to me. 

"As far as it i,s possible to do so, 
the Injustices done the people by the 
Liberal government will be retnedled, 
and every effort will be made t« en- 
'■ouittse r^^ysteviiatio prospecting s-nd *'«e 
.'[•eiiing of new Ciimps. I have reference 
u) the faot that larjce tracts of vaUi- 
.ible Placer mining ground were taken 
from the pon.sesslon of the. miners and 
■;iven to political fii.vorltes as conces- 

"Tiiese grants have been the subject 
of considerable controversy ever since, 
lUt the government has allowed the 
!;mntees to retain them so long that 
they have passed Into the hands of many 
different holders, who are probably not 
• oncerned with the original transactions. 
It Is not at all likely that the land can 
now be returned to the public domain. 
However, all these matters will be look- 
ed into by the government as soon as 
they can bp reached. 

"The n|ir')!t:inif V for bcnefltinff the 
iiim>4w. .1 '^ .I'i III imstra.tlv(t acts 

t* not po t:uiu its ii. was, in the earlier 
days of the sold camps. The government 
at that date, both local and federal, 
hampered the people and retarded the 
d'^velopmont of the territory by Ill- 
advised administration. ; 

".Some days ago I sent Instructions 
to Pawson to have a compilation of 
voters made, preparatory to the holding 
of the eloction.s for the Yukon council 
rtnd as soon as this is done It is prob- 
able that the election will be held. The 
date will he arranged some time dur- 
ing the month of April, ! will dissolve 
the present council very shortly, and 
%vin Issue a writ for the election. The 
term of the present coimeil Is not up 
until June, but a large number of va- 
cancies, due to deaths and removals, 
have occurred, so that 1 feel It neces- 
sary to have a new election without de- 


iiil l l 7 I I ii mln iM ^ i '^"^' ' " ' 




nt Jtiw*jlt. 



m*9^i tiM» chloMfo* «*M>r«tey »adlj|ti4^ 


And pr«i 

ordered the continuance. 

PffMHif 'WTfttlBHrtlul tuCSt 


W*l^ «*Moi»ai 

VA.NCOUN'ER, Feb. 2S.— -Following 
the announcement by the provincial 
government of Us railway policy, the 
cfirryiiig out of which will mean the 
opening of vast and rich areas of vir- 
gin country to development and settle- 
ment, the offices of the provincial tim- 
ber agent have been literally flooded 
with inaulrles, principally as to timber 
tracts HlongJ^^^^ the proposed 

railways. '"SSSBBBK^^^S- 

"1 do not mH W Wir' Tfavlng received 
such a number of questions as to tim- 
ber and lands in a similar period of 
time," remarked Mr. George McKay 


"A large number of the letters I 
|»ave received Are from American cap- 


Ofllolala of Tallowstoaa Xi»na Oompaay 

A.rr«9t«« at lastanca of V. S, 

raAaral Autliorttlas 

Secretary Knox in Address at 
Panama Defines Object of 
His Mission to Central and 
South America 



■jft- tbMtt 

Construction of Panama 

I T Il M PBi.JyB^i i BI I p iM IWI i |irT-ITT i Tm~l 11 I I i T i i '- i 

eanftwea wttli % cnm^a^V «< **ri t^m' 

March 14 Fixed by Order-in- 
Council Instead of 12th 
Pro.x,— Cabinet Ministers to 
Tour Province 


nnka and Sucbaas of Conaaught 
Make Comprebenaivv Tour of 
Canada Wext Suntmar 


OTTAWA, Feb. 28. — An extcnslvo 
tour of CanfMla next> summer is being 
arranged by the Duke und Duchess of 

They w-ill visit the hurre yhuAs In 
Montreal and Toronto in May, then 
visiting London and Giielph. In Aug- 
ust the Maritime pro\ incra will be 
visited, rt Uii t<t»iito u », rsv. .JOtii., *t.i.. ..*.-. 
ar.ii Ohnrlottetown. Most of the trip 
will be made on the government steam- 
er, and theru will be a few days fish- 
ing at Lord Strathcona's lodge at the 

After His Royal Plighness opens the 
Toronto exhibition the royal party will 
leave for the west, stopping first at 
Winnipeg and then proceeding f,o Van- 
couver, Victoria and Prince Rupert. 

An order-in-councll passed by the pro- 
vincial executive at a meeting held yes- 
terday changes the date for nominations 
in the forthcoming provincial- election 
from March 12th to March 14th. The 
election will be held, as previously an- 
nounced, on March 28th. 

During the coming week Premier Mc- 
Brlde will leave on a tour of the pro- 
vince speaking at meetings to be held in 
the various centres of population. It Is 
probable that during a portion of his 
tcur he will be accompanied by the Hon. 
W. J. Bowser. The latter -will go over 
to Vancouver at the week-end. and -lifin 
immediately open his ■ -n. It is 

imderstood that at i in e ■ ivermetii- 

bors in the last legislature vWlll seek r«- 
ncmlnatlon. ^ 

Hon. Dr. H. E. Toung will leave for 
th»* Skeena district ne?t week, where he 
will commence a vigorous campaign. 

Hon. W. K. KOSS also propuard to gO tO 

, Feinie within a short time, while Hon. 
Thomas Taylor will go to Revelstoke. 
Hon. Price Klllson -will remain in the 
city for some time, but |t Is understood 
will hold one or more meetings in Vernon 
prior to the election. 

The annual meeting of tl^e Victoria 
Conservative .\ssociation to be held In 
the A. O. U. W. hall this evening will 
practically mark the rommencement of 
the campaign. Premier McBrlde and a 
numbei' of his mmtsiers will be in at- 
tendanee, and will speak on the railway 
policy and other outstanding quosltons 
of interest to the province. 

The Lil-erala of Britl-sh Columbia wlU 
hold a provincial convention at V«in- 
couver this evening, when a plan of 
• ampalKn will b« decided upon. It Is 
also anticipated that a decision will be 
reached as to the future leader of the, 
party in the province. 

A dispatch to the Colonist from Mr. 
H Dallas Holmcken, K. C.V who is at 
present In Paiio Roblem, announces that 
li. will be » .-andldale In tht- F.suulmalt 
electoral district In .«urP'M-t of the pre- 
sent government. He Is returnlnR 
shortly <" ''"'^'' ^''* eampalKU, and \» 
much Improved in healtli. 

No dates have as yet been announced 
for nominating conventions, but Un- ma- 
jority of them will probably be held 
durluK the coming week. 

of the troopa. ,.^_ 

Unless the troops alt^fUfWIi fear- 
ed anarchy will increase. The mOney 
Is payable Immediately, and probably 
will be absorbed in a large loan to be 
contracted ;is soon as a coaUtion cab- 
inet is formed. 

Reports differ regarding t i- 

tlon of Yuan Shi Kal to go ^ in 
compliance with the request of the 
Nanking Republicans, hut the opinion 
at tlic legations is tliat tho re-eatab- 
li.-hment of an effective central govern- 
ment will present a great problem, and 
that instead of immediate progress. 
the develonment of China may be re- 
tarded seriosly. 

Yuan Shi Kai, foreseeing in the Idea 
of federated provinces a recurrence of 
the very trouble tvnich yfccSpitaf' 1 ! ■ • 
revolution, is endeavoring, ace 
to some views, to obtain autocratic 


The Republicans continue ^o enter- 
tain a certain dl«trust of Pro'mitr i'unn, 
and new difficulties hrivc developed 
since his ahdientlon. 

Toaa'a Aooaptsnca 

LONDON. Feb. 2R.— Replying to the 
delcKntes invitation to proceed to 
KankliiK to take the oath as president, 
A'uan Shi Kai yeatprday formally «'-- 
C<5pted the pr»iKlden(y. ."ay.-* a Peking 
Contlnaed on Page 2. Col S. 



no such proceedings hav« beentakeii oi- 
are contemplated against It. 

CHICAOO. Feb. 28.— Two years In- 
vestlgatlnn by government of the Yel- 
h)wstonc .National Land company, ii. 
which a numliir-r of men were arrested, 
culminated today in the arrest of H. A. 
Mason, 8e<retary and treasurer, and 
John A. Hanley, a director of the com- 
pany, both of Chicago, The charge ib 
using the mails to defraud In connec- 
tion with the sale of western lands. 
The Indictments specify that land ii. 
Madison county. Montana, was sold 
and J 15,000 received for the tracts, al- 
»_ho».!gh the Kellers never held title tti 
the property. 

Investigation of the company, which 
wAs organized under the laws of South 
Dakota, is said to have lie en promptel 
by claims that the companys lands 
were adajiteil to frult (arming. Agn- 


Negotiations in Connection 
with British Coal Mine Dis- 
pute Thought to Have Small 
Chance of Success 



ent Secures Assent of 


; i^Hjing^jastlnfr a week, the government. 

' ?#AJi» fj^Hk .mmmiini£*_:itiDn 

INS Fiimi) 
ON IHim 

Declaration Made in Report 
from Beirut to TurKiSn Em- 
bassy — Severe Battle is 

.fought in Tripoli Country 

.\l.ll)ERIJ'S \B 

Says He Has No jirtention of 
Resigning Presfdency and 
That Country Will Soon be 
Pacified ■ -^ 





Vukfin. Trinil)l<>n 

Bop-jlillc. (Moppr Union of 
Proupccts of ARree- 


Ucsct New 

■.-Railway l-oH'V Will Ho Ul8ru«n.l. 
3"_-H,^k» to Provide for larger .Supply. 

4 — Kdltorlal. ,, , 

6— Bid TftJik noforo CWIc I'Slhers. 

(! — Ncwd oi il"" »"''>• 

7_Mboralii Oalher for Convention. 

H — tn Womnn'n Kealm. 

9 — Sport Ins Newsi. 
10 — Additional Hpcnt. 
Ij— Oolng AftPr tViP <; I' '■ II, .1. 
12 — Real Bfitalf A(lv|.<. 

j4-_Wh(lt llio World'iJ I'l P.'ii i' .''•vlilK. 

U— MaflTi« I'"*'. 

i« — p«<-lfl'- Properties. 1-l'i. 

17_ Additional Marine. 

Ig_f>f>rt Httiii.v Ti-AriSl!. '.- 

]} — Port Hardy Ti<wn«lt» .V'l^i 

10 — ClaMlflod Advls. 

:i — riasnifled Adviii. 

;i— CUi»lfl«d Advt». 

Jj — ^jnanelal New*. 

|«>>.Vavia ijpaocar, Lid., Ativt, 

IiOBg Joumay in Alaska 

815WARD. Alaska. I-^i'. 2».--Frank 
WHsk^y. Alaska's first delegntf to con- 
gress, arrived here last night, com- 
pleting a thousand mile trip Ixiiind a 
dog' team througli some of the wildest 
country In Alaska. He left Scsmmon 
Ilrtv, Btjring Sea, on December 0. and 
Ik going to Seattle to visit his family. 
He ST-fnt the last two years in the wil- 
derness about Scammon Hay, near the 
mouth of the Kuskokwiin river, and re- 
ports no import.Tnt Kold strikes in that 

Xvidanoa Agalast Vaokara 

(till aOO, Feb. ?S. — Corroboration o. 
the government's charge that the uni- 
form test cost and margin system of 
bookkeeping used by the psek.-rs plsyed 
nn important pwrt in the alloK^d com- 
hlnatlon in restraint of. trade, atui that 
allowances for hy-products in figuring 
the com Is Inadequate waa given by 
I'erdinand Sul-«bcrKei. president of thr> 
.-i.iizbngrr and Sons company, at the 
trial of the ten Indicted men today. 
The witness, who Is 70 years old. and 
has baan In the parking business sine* 
lg«3, waa on tha witneaa atand all d^y. 

KL PASO, Feb. 28.— A brief outline of 
the general situation in Mexico Is con- 
tained In tNie followint;. telegram from 
President Madero printed In the Times. 
"President's Palace, City of M<>xico, 
February 28: 
"It must be understood that 1 havn 
not the slightest intention of reslgnln*,' 
the presidency of Mexico. The situation 
i.^ delicate In many parts of the state of 
Chihuahua, in the feglon south of Cosh- 
vila. in the environs of Torreon. nnd 
certain sections of Durango .and Zacate- 
cns. But the government has n sufflcl- 
ont force to dominate the situation In n 
\i\ty short time. bocRiise public opinion 
in general Is resultliig In the offering of 
■:ii;;r.y volunteers. It la believed th«t in 
two or three weeks Chihuahua will be 
pacilied. Moreover, the government Is 
ofganl'/.lng m.iny forces of volunteers 
uiider experienced military lenders, who 
will take command in the scenes of fbo 
disturbance, and make more rapid and 
effective their pacification. 

"(Hlgned) I'ranclsco I. Madero." 
March 8 is set by the Vasriulsta agi- 
tators for a general attack on Mexico 
City. They are not taken seriously. 

In line with assertions by the Vas- 
i|ulsla propafjandlnts In the capital that 
tht: eiul of the month would see various 
tiprl.'^lDKS In this vicinity, the jwfe poli- 
tico, of Zumpango, 25 miles north of 
here, took to the hills today with a 
handful of followers, ami what arms the 
bnnd could seize. One hundred federals 
were sent to garrison the town, and a 
squad of rnvnlry weni in ptirsuU of the 

rotiBuliir reports f i imi l.)urango in- 
<llcate that a serious condition exists 
Ihrougl.oiit the state. The country is 
overrun by robbing hands, and the city 
stll! !s -Ut off from rail rommunloa- 
tlon and l.i fOU of refugeps. 

Jnaraa to Ba lUt Aloaa 

MKXIf'O C'TTY. Feb. 28. — No Immedl- 

Bfe stops will be taken to dislodge the 

rebels from Juarez either by siege or 

iitttlle. Instead, the government -^ill 

Ceatlaaed oa Faaa :, Col. «. 

WASfll.NGTON, I -The Turk- 

l.«h embassy tonight ^.i.>- out an omel^l 
despatch containing additional details of 
the bombardment of Beirut by Italian 
warships. , 

It Is declared that the Italian ship.* 
fired on the municipal hospital, which 
was nylng the "red cross" Hag. and that 
the Ottiiiii-'" .=«liiiilki and Chakal lianks 
w-ere a number of 

eommeiii.i .•u.ic.-. i ifiy persons w^ere 
killed and''58 woundfd. 

A projectile from the ships, the de- 
spatch says, was fouhd at a distance of 
iftYe kilometers towards Lebaner, in an 
entirely opposite direction from the 
port Shot rell in ^ the 

American ;. . : uu and th- \ ■ ncan 
itchool. The advices Say martial law 
was proclaimed. 

ZtaUana Win Battle 
ROMi;. Feb. 28.— A jiovere battle re- 
sulting in the utter defeat by the 
Italians of the Turkisn forces and their 
Arab alUe.s, with great loss, is reported 
In official dispatches received here to- 
day from Homs. about. ,7 o miles east of 


The engagement oocurred at Mount 
Morglieb, whicli lies at some, distan* 
behind the town. . t. 

The Turks and Arabs had taken 
a strong position on the slopes 
they wore attacked by the UaHans with 
infantry and artillery. > 

After a nght whicii ini/i-d «i' ''-^y '•'•* 
Italians put the enemy to night by 
storming tin heights. The loss of the 
Turks and Ar«bs is described in the 
report as very heavy. The Italians lost 
11 killed and 82 wounded. 

Germany Interpoaea 

CONSTANTlNorLl-:, Feb. 28.— The 
(ierman embassy has taken up the cud- 
gels on behalf of the Italians In Palas- 
tlne. Tho embassy made a vigorous pro- 
test to the powers against their 
pulsion fi*om Turkish territory 
the terms of the recent decree. 

Many of the Italians affected are 
workm'en on the Hagda.l railroad, 
whlcii is a Oerinan undortaki-is. 

edty syml^ai 

Mr Knox's address in part follows: 

•The presldjnt of the United stales 
hfli>\f.-( that eurly completion of the 
Panama canal should mark the begin- 
ning of closer r'-lnilona to all Latlu-Am- 
erlca, as well as the relations of these 
countries to each other, and, impelled 
by the thought that this is an auspici- 
ous moment, through hettpr acquaint- 
ance to lay the foundation upon which 
there should rest a broader confidence, a 
cloKcr .«ympathy and more practical re- 
ciprocal helpfullups."*. has sent me hither 
as a bearer of that message of good will 
te, you sister American republics. 
- "I take this opportunity of assuring 
ail tiie American republics that the pur- 
I> of the ITnlted States towards them 
is that we should live in amity, and 
titat ^ve desire only rnni nn.»rr jtcAOr sri«« 
more prosperity should come into their 
litdlvldual and national lives. 

"While It la entirely clear to those 
who have considered intelligently the 
history of the policies of the United 
States towards the other American re- 
pt Idles, that the policies have l>een with- 
out a train of sinister motive, yet it is 
true that our motives towards you have 
not always been interpreted fortunatelj- 
a!, home or faithfully represented by 
some of our nationals, who have resided 
In your midst. 

Cnntlniird nn Pag* 3, C'«l S. 

cached «#! 
tary of the 

•a now 
a trlbu- 
uMnar ffft 'miles above 

-J^ONDOX, Feb. 28.— -\fter negotla- 

lonth for Building Fig- 

Witn nggie^aic vaiuo 

of $1,607,570, One Day Yet 





Mass Meeting in Albert Hail At- 
tended by Many Distinguish- 
ed Persons— Chair Taken by 
Lord Cromer 



With permits issued of an aggregate 
value of $l,«O7.570 during the month to 
date, and with yet another day to run, 
February has been all previous building 
records shattered and a new record es- 
tablished. This enormous total, of 
course, has been reached because of the 
issuance of the permit for the erection 
of the additions to the legislative build- 
ings which will cost Jl, 000,000, but even , 
without this huge amount the total is a 
remarkable one for the city, .showing 
aKsregate value for the month of $658,- 
7 20 to date, a figure which exceeds the 
largest previous month in the history of 
tht city — November of last yeaf", when 
permits were ..issued for structuVes ag- 
gregating, jbio.iio. 

Other than the permit, for the logls- 
l.ntive buildings addition the only other 
large amount was- that for the new 
Inion building, the of which Is 
placed at $175,000. The balance is for 

*».,. .w,.,^^ *.«^ii. i-.«r* ertrnnowed of. dw-elllnas 

which are coat<>mplnted for every part 
of the city, and almost for every street. 
Yesterday permits nggregattng in 
value ?51.150 were issued as follows: To 
Messrs. Barber Matrass Company, Lim- 
ited, three storey frame factory netr 
Topaz street alongside tlie V. & S. 
tracks, to cost 17.000; to^Messrs. L. E. 

coramunica.tion LonishJL._ 
iib lailure to stave off a na- 
al strike. Negotiations will be re- , 
tinned tomvrlrOw, but little Is espcctcd-- 
from these. 

The deadlock Is graver than was ex- 
pected. It has bo>n supposed that the 
greatest hostility would arise from the 
Welsh mine owners, and public opinion 
uas ttirning In favor of the miners, 
who. it was thought would be satisfied 
with the concession of the principle of 
a minimum wage, leaving tho adjust- 
ment of details to subsequent arbitra- 
tion or negotiations. It is now seen 
that the miners themselves arc proving 
the, greatest obstacle In the way of a 
peaceful solution by Insisting upon 
their own interpretation of the terms 
of the minimum wage. It Is this as- 
pect of the situation which renders the 
outlcfok almost hopeless. 

At the same time it Is felt that the 

government's efforts have not been 

wasted. The government has secured 

i the assent of sixty per cent of the mine 

I • . \. _- i..... ».^ *\\f^ .^,•tr.ntn1a- 

OWners of VUC ^;uTJ«»i.' ,» >.<' »"i- ,-•-.. — , 

of a minimum wage, thus greatly facl^- 
itatlnif Its ta-sk sholud it be deemed acl- 
vlsable to resort to legislative enforce- 
ment of the minimum wage. Accord- 
ing to opinion m tlie lobbies of t^arlin- 
ment tonight, this will be the next step, 
should the conferences. w<hlc*h are to 
he resumed tomorrow, show that tho 
deadlock Is insuperable. 

In Its statement tonight the govern- 
ment .«ays it is satisfied t>terc are cases 
in which underground workers are not 
able to earn a reasonable minimum 
wage, and that the power to earn such 
wage should be secured by arrange- 
ments suitable to the special circum- 
stances in each district, adMiuate safe- 

. . _..... -u..] tn r>rot»ct. <»m- 

guaras ocihb ^,t^,.'^^^^ ^„ ».. .t. . 
ployees against abuses. The govern- 
_.-.;,.. I- py.narlnar trt confer with the 
p!iVt!'es"co*nccrned as to the best method 
of giving practical effect to these con- 
clusions by means of district confer- 
ence« a representative appointed by 
the government being present In cv^nt 
of Allure to arrive ^t a settlement 
within a rca8onai->le time, and repre- 
sentative*' appointed by the govern- 
ment to decide Jointly any outstanding 

points. , 

These proposals, continues the state- 
ment, were considered by rei^resenta- 
Conllniied on Page 2, Col. 4. 




Coroner's iri»ijr Sreturss Verdict •>•» 

Death of W, C. Bennatt, -Who 'Waa 

Blaotrooutad In Vanoourar 

VANCOrNi:n. I>'^ ■:v.--We. the 
jury, llnd that the deceased. W. C. Ben- 
nett, came to his death at the Arena 
rink, on February 2«. by coniInK In con- 
tact' with a wire, carrying a high voU- 
nge of electricity, u certain part of 
which was not properly insulated. A\ » 
the Jury And that the Wire was not 
properly insulated by the parties re- 
sponsible for the work." 

The foregoing verdict was returned 
as a result of a coroner's Jury Inves- 
tlBation into the electrocution of W. C. 
Bennett, at the Areno ice skating rink 
."Vlonday morning. 

The interests of the deceased's rela- 
tives, the manngenient of the rink, and 
Jj.. -ailway roinnanv. were lesally 
represented and the volley of questions 
put to the main witness, Itobert U. Rob- 
inson, who was In clvarge of the Job 
on which Bennett met hla death, kept 
the Inquest going from 2 until 5.80 p.m. 

Blr CUartaa Tnppar's OOBdltlon 

l/iNtiO.V. Keb. 2». — Sir Charles Top- 
per, who is still bedfast, takes the 
keenest Interest In current events. He 
Is *xtr«'mely grateful for the hosts of 
I'anr^dian rnqulrles regarding hla condi- 

LONDON, Feb. 2S. — .\n antl-suffra- 
gctte campaign was launched tonight at 
a mass meeting in Albert hall. The 
presence of many prominent persons 
from various walks of life attested the 
existence of a weighty opposition to tho 
enfranchisement of women. 

Lord Cromer. ex-Brltlsh aifeent and 
consul general In Egypt, 1 presided, 
while among those on the plat«V>rm were 
the Duke of Norfolk and numerous 
members of the house of commons of 
both parties. 

Lord Cromer, Lord Curzon. Lord Lore- 
Ijurn, the Lord Chancellor, the. Right 
Hon. Lewis Harcourt, secretary for the 
Colonies, made speeches, and a resolu- 
tion was adopted occinriiiK thnt tile en- 
franchisement of women would bo de- 
trlmenlal to their Interests and to the 
welfare of the state, and ought no', to 
take placp until demanded by a me- 
jorlty of the electorate. 

A letter from I'remier Anquith was 
rcid In wiilch lie said he believed, as 
always, that tlie granting of parllamen 
tnry suffrage to women 
grave political mistake. 

would be 


right for Wastarm Karkat 

TUliiiNTO, Keb. 2S. — The Apple Grow- 
ers' Oo-operatiVe association yesterday 
formed the f Jo-operative Pruit Growers 
qf Ontario Ltd., which Is to act as a 
central purchasing «nd selling organiza- 
tion for the leaders in standard brands 
which are to be decided and determined. 
A nght Is to he put up for the Ontario 
apple. In the growing market of i'ne 
west where growers fear that Ontario 
fruit Is losing ground, owing to better 
or.nanlwtlon of gro-A-ers. not only In 
British Columbia, tut In the States of 
Orason. Wash'nS'^n and Oallfornla. Tho 
association will work along the lines 
of the California aasoclation. It waa 
suggested that a central 8l04eh«>Mae 
should be found ii» Toronto and a.11 On- 
tario fruit shipped there for Inspection 
before the cars are made up f«r tha 

iraens, lo cobi »i."uu, lu^i'iDccn. ^. .-. 
(k M. K. Gordon, private 'Warding hmise 
on McClure street.' «1 4.000; to Macdon- 
ald &. WiL-ion, shed to cover travelling 

oranfi, Mnntrewl «tre«U J3.500; tO Mr. 

George Butt, dwelling on Burleith 
street, $.1,500; to Me.isrs. Blakeway Sr 
Young, dwelling "u Cralgflower road,' 
$1,800; to Mr. E. Hume, dwelling on 
Faithful street, $1,960; to Mr. Albert 
I'lke, dwelling on St. Charles 8tr«et, 
$1,900; to Messrs. Dunford & Sons, 
dwelling on Fell street. $3,000; to Mr. 
Fred Anderson, dwelling on Cook street, 
$3,000; to the Bungalow Construction 
C^.. dwelling on Fernwood road, $1,9S0; 
ti Mr. H. O'Leary, dwelling on Empress 
street. $11,800; to Mr. N. W. Barker, 
dwelling on .tones street, $1,950; to 
Messrs. Oliver & Thompson, dwelling on 
Cowan street. $2,000. 

'Xuska~BiuU: ITaUara 

.«^RATTLP:. Feb. 38.~\\'. V. Parsonb 
and B. L. Webster, prominent Seattle 
capitalists, were served wii'n federal 
warrants today, based on the Indict- 
ments returned February .1. by the 
KTand Jury at Fairbanks, Alaska, that 
investigated the failure of the Wash- 
ington Alaska bank a year ago. Mr. 
Parsons was released on $5000 ball and 
Mr. Webster on $2000 bond. 


small Taaaala of Amarleaa «aat «aT» 

ar*ai Sacosss TTltli Mlnallaa— 
Bpaad Also Qood 

WASHINGTON. Feb. 28.— Firing mor« 
than 200 torpedoes without losing one, 
la the rbcord of the Cnited States At- 
lantic torpedo fleet. This, according to 
an announcement by the navy depart- 
ment establishes a mark for the little 
craft which never befort has been made 
by any ships of the navy in active com- 

Since the repair of tha vessels after 
their experiences with the recent storm 
off the Atlantic aeaboaTd they have 
made records both in spead and amoke 
prevention. The sixtten d*etroyar« 
have made full power runs on which 
they made higher average apeed than 
bad been made on slmUar runs. Thbv 
best spe*-d record was made by the Fftul- 
dlng. with an average of 81. « knots. 

The Burrows hs" almost mast«red the 
art of smoke prtventton, and It holds 
the record for torpedo craft. During a 
four hour run and 128 knots this vsssal 
emitted visible smoke during only fif- 
teen seconds. 

Fift^ Years Ago Todag 

(From The Colonitt of February !•. !»•*•) 

I..M Day of Winter— Ye.t.rdar wai the last «ay of arlntar a"««>«»«!*V?".^""A 
.« mean weather .. any of It. pr.dai»as^ra T**"! 7* »!• £lJ5* *^rj22 *- 
Spring. «n<l all »ood p«opl« are -xpectad to ^tfllS IT iMff^SSSl? J? kfeii ' 
bone of tha mo.t inciemant winter avar r«im.mwrt»« to .wMl* tis^ls. •«Wg , 
With an intense feeling of aat iaf (Mtton. »*l»afStly lAsM Hi »» y .^gT^ 
Inhal.ltanl.. we bid tha winter of IMl-lMI faf***!!* - m*9 »• •f*1» •■*» 
like again. . . ^^ 

Sick Of a Aireaoy— *h« OorWo* Ji*r ^4^ tt^ **?*£'^'*LS!*^ 
took aboard fcirty of ttja p w 'ntftt vhsttt SHl »•* "**f\. 
trip to thl» piaca, Capt. tlttliUi|ft«n «h»t«»d -tfctM^jgJMfi 
■asn lown. Portland la Mlid W*l^ »«W*» |l»<»^lJ!». 
to procBtd to Salmon rtrer 0« .Aeemmt ♦* tbf 

Bought oflf— It ia raftortad th«t «i».«i|ito|Mr M< 
»nd will not be P»»«f*4 oa' this i*«l» M mikif 

' Uled—Araballa, •«<■ BallsT COra, ^ ., 
the vlfUanea Commltww Ohms t*' QHIifsTMR, 

Tha ateamar «»ts*>rts*— Wt« tM 
this inori»i»«ii. 

The wu% a«*i !!«•*» "aPL. 

mU Mf m 

iiiinr'»ii'i «tti 





ThurAday, February 29, 1912 


I*' ' 

>' I 

Our Factory 

W'c tlcsij^ii aiiil c-xcH-utc- nrij^inal pici-es in art jewellery 

OL'R staff of designers and workmen are tlio most com- 
pctcni that it is possible to procure. 

Our factory facilities in the way of high grade tools and 
machiuerv enable us td^inflli»tr the aHtt^irilnfei.a>i^l difficult 

Platinum and Diamond Jewelterj' is our spefbUlt/, 
No ordtT too small — no order too large." 


iJ& ■ .ft 


OlFt CiNf Itfiff ' 

' 't ..:■,.:.;■.' ■ Successors to ■. ■ 


This Money l>l|[HMAildiig Proposition 
Large legitimate ^etlM^n^ are. made from market- 
ing subdivisions. 1^c;\ <Nt ,f«<mlwte is pl^g^ 
selection. Natural aJl^«i»*ag#9 «Aj^ the gf«*t«it 

mfeiiiKlffect car iine^^Bl^e on tJ)ft,ciirection 
of gi^($tpii^i|velopment. Trace the lil^;ll'1tlte new 
vSaanich Electric. Follow Douglas street and Carey 
road to its intersection with Wilkerson road and 
the Cohpiitz river. 

Right here -we have one hundred i;||6|bj|*o{ sub- 
divisiott-^ H i u g itv. The slgme^aeaMttlild'ifiLL-te' the 
bottom fiin%'w*thc ColqmtM'''^?TntWemW!'9pKna\(l, 
the drainage is perfect. It is on one of the best 
thoroughfares out of^i^lifimmm The K jyjJ Sl ^T J l y 'y lgti ^ 
will be five niinutes '*!«*/ Xet us sWi» ytin ttixs 
land, vou will appreciate it better. . 

$1000 Per Acre 

One-quarter cash, balance oyer five years. 

Wallace & Clarke 


PHONE 171 

Premier McBride Principal 
Speaker at Annual IVIeeting 
01 vOiisci villi v6 Associaitoii 
inA.O,U,W, Hall Tonight 

victoria coneervatlvts wlU this »-v«n- 
iHK linvp nil opportunity of showing iliplr 
eiitliuslasiii for ihp Rovernment of the 
Hon. Hlchanl McBrldp, the occasion l)e- 
lUK the annual ineetUiB of the Victoria 
Cons»rvatIve iisBOclatlon to In; held In 
thf! A.O.U.W. hall, commencing: at 8 
o'clock. Tlip Premier will be preHont, at- 
tended by the re.«)t of the cabinet mlnls- 
tors, and he will give an a<i'1r*»sB whlo'i 
•will be in the nature of his first cam- 
paign contribution In view of the com- 
Ing election. He in expected to deal 
with the railway policy and other mat- 
ters vit;il!.\- ,in''<-rinK Victoria. A.«i well 
as .Mr. .\unn.i.- 111.' other representatives 
of Victoria in th« last provincial lo;,'l.s- 
laturo will b« present /at the mettlngf, 
•ind all Other Conservative ex-members, 

trpm the pMsUMt. tit* Mortlnnr. iM 
i»mt$wtt 'ih« «l««t;l«» of « WftttMt^ 

» tMUiinr. Ottder Uie w^rd aystem 
til* AMAoffttien «e 8tt6b ptoUtiMT divMon 
*U9tl\a, tUnt jiitmiMn> •nd tlt<» flf^teen 
■a-«l«otc<|-|k«in tlie dMfareat w»rd« con- 
•tttut«a— «|th the pnwldent and viee* 
pr— tde rtt it Hw «K«ctttlTe council for the 
central •snaetatton. 
It la anticipated that the A.O.U.W. 

^all win ba t}iron««d thta «»Tenine tp 
iKMMr » elaar aM ' c0nonf•.^ atatement of 
Ml* Koxftnuami'm poMtton tttuiL Premier 

trrrmflt... _«. 


Contlaaad from Fac* 1. 

Znflaenc* of Cannl 

'Much has been said about the effect 
of the construction of the Panama canal. 
but I believe It is given to few of us to 
rtalixe what magic possibilities are po- 
lirntlal in that «vent. it will create for 
pu' western world an entirely new elt- 
uation, fraught with poMlblUtlea so 
vH«t as to daze the fancy. In this new 
world we must he found to draw closer 
by sympathies and mutual esteem, and 
.working in harmony toward bencfti.ent 

Chan» r«v«Ucd laat nlrht Considerable 

flKhtlnic occurred, but no d»,-t«lls liov.' 
r» ached hern reKaidln(f the casuultb""- 
Till, city gateH hav*- been I'loseU. 

The outbreak Ih attributed to dls- 
SKtiHfuctlon amnnK the solillcrs at not 
havhiK received their pa. v. 

The forelgrn gimhoals .stationed litre 
have been ordered to hold themselves 
in readiness for eventualltleH. 

■npportcra of^MrT^oosaVeU 

SE.-VTTLK, Keb. 1'8.— The Roosevelt 
state <i>mn(ltt>>" of 21. appointed at tt 
banquet In thl.s olty last ThiirsdJi.v 
nisht, met tuday and organized by the 
ap)).>lntni.Mit of Ot'iirgc H. Walter of 
Seattle, as chairman; IJr. Dentils \V. 
K/inK. of VVciiatcheti; G. J. l^iangfurd, 
of Tacoma. and E. (Jandy of .Spokane, 
as vice-chairmen; and Rufus Wilson of 
Seattle, as socretary. It was dwided to 
open headfjuarters In .>^oattlc tomor- 
row ;tnd to meet in Tacoma Mar<'h J -4, 
when an active committee will be 
choBPn, The membership was Increas- 
ed to 7 Jo. 



I'onllnued from Pajre )• 

lives of the coal owners this afternoon, 
with thp result that the owners In 
Vorkshlro, Lancn.HhIrc. the Midlands 
and North \^ .ted. It is ex- 

pected tlte K" "I ' I \sin make »uc4i 
arrangementfipBWIIIfcwcure the strifij^ 
(or A feaaolMiftl* .tliiii:' Tbe Durbtm 

M4^liM IIU[ UMIIiImHI^ Vk^ pMpOMtS 

w?Ka ft^fe^lfcL j^wvw^v vf 'tJw ■#'^rt*-* 
ttinberliUidU ffCDttend Mtft^ioulft W«t«ii 
c«*t diino owaars cndl MqurwMntfttivM 
of anuili<tr 4tfflr^ YH* XatfoAal 
Waumf Fa^ttm^B Mptt«4,to tha pr»o 
poMlii tor «do|iit|iic tbe i^AfuntUng »UK>* 
lationa "Unttf ein' Imi no actUcmont 
of «8ta pnmtm dftpota iittlwa tfeie prttt- 
cipla of an indtvldual mttthnttin wagra 


Egyptian jraUoaaUat m«rns«s to Btaud 

up I>artJig FUTlng of Xhedlvial 


C.vmcj. Feb. ::8. — An ixfraordinary 
Incident happened ut a charity perform- 
ance whieli was given last week at the 
(Jpera, t'alro, under the i)atrona«'! 
of 1U.S HIkIi'I'-hh the Khedive. When, 
Just prior to the ral.sing of the curluln, 
his Excellency UuHseln I'awha Itusluli, 
and hl« Excellency All Bey ChaUlne, 
representing his HlKhnesa, entt red the 
house, the Kliedlval anthem was, ut 
euurae, played. Everyon.^ In the audi- 
ence rtmaiued stHndlng with the excep- 
tion of the Nationalist leader. Jloham- 
med Bi'.v I'^arid, who wkk seated in a 
box just opposite the official tribune. 

Such a public act of disrespect and 
disloyalty could not be allowed to pasH 
uimotlced, and so Hushdl Pasha, who is 
minister for foroU'n atfalrB, at once 
sent for Farld I3ey and upbraided him 
for his behavior. The Nationalist lead- 
er rei)lled most insolently that no law 
obliged hini to rise. If he wlHlied to re- 
main seated, even when the Khfcdival 
Hymn was played, and he refused to 

The minister thereupon ordertd him 
to leave the house, which he did. The 

Incldetit wa.9 t 

Minister by , , , , • 

Khedive was apprised of - what iiad. hap- 

Cor all trndersroand workan Is aaau»S3' 
by the eo«l «wh«r&" ' 

A meettar «i ttwl^aUnet haa Mat 
mUvA tar fomorrow to dlaeuaa t)i« cov« 
(Wmuwit l i wmcii. itt p t^ m r >ff,»v w t a 

general expectancy is that the jrovem- 
mcnt will introduce a mtnlmum wa^e 
bill, and tltere is talk also of the in< 
iention of the crown to purchase some 
of the collieries in Wales, so that 
henceforth It would be impossible to 
Jeopardize the navy. ' 

Tomorrow' night It Is believed )ic:irl> 
a million miners will haye ceased work. 
The best authorities are strongly of the 
opinion that the strike will be of short 

«d « Craat deal of comment. Whtla. o£ 
eourae, to th« i^vafajRa, tntaH>i«nt mind 
life apeila ita oifrii ««m<k«qn>a«km> to tiw 
icmrant ^r mtntallyr onbalanoadl iwtlTa 
Si haa « eariain aMmlfloaaoe, and it is 
fWlt that for this raaaMK aoma atarn 
atep afaould be taken £o put a btep to 
auoh unfortunate tneldenta. 

mmm mumkfm 

*• W^ JMtvaraa 


ottaIta, *ah. ft."«>»*inipa nmmn vntj 

C* who live on thr 
phert! find ourselves !■ 
raphy In clTdusstanccs 
our situation peciiUar. 
ception of thi"=. 
era and states) i i 

•'M-n heml."!- 

(jf geog- 

'. iiii-h make 

It was a per- 

.vour own think- 

e seen as clearly 


.\ beautiful polish can be put on your automobile or carriage, etc.. 
In a few seconds by the use of an 


Char;,'ed with 'Aulo-Lustre," a polish that will not scratch or mark. 
' ~TWt»f --'.W|tr t<> all others. SPRAYS, 75c each, AUTO-L.USTIU2 

33.50 vm^mm0'' 

Campbeirs Prescription Store 

Corner Z*ort Straet and Soaglas Strset 
W* are prompt, we are careful and use the best in our wor*. 


Is the one thing that luinibcr.s of 
])cople cannot It is never so 
seductive as when it takes the shape 
a bottle of Lemp's Beer — people 
r'who drink I^emp's. and tliercforc 
know its hig'h qualitie.s, will not | 
drink any other. It is bright, si)ark- 
ling and invigorating. Made from 
pure malt and hops, and is not 
charged with artificial gas — car- 
bonic acid — as some beers arc. 
Make Lcmp's your daily drink. 
Order a case from your dealer. 
Drink il at your club r)r liolcL 


Wholesale Agents. 
Victoria \ ?.iicouvcr Nelson B. C. 

as our own, whlcto prompted ttie an 
nouncement by President Alonroe hi 
the «reat and beneficent polJcy that 

now bears his name. 

"\\'hea the canal is oppuf-'fl and the 
ships of all couiUrleo i' rid come 

sailing throtigh these ■ >.-;m Seas, 

tlic i>ecuMarity of our posKion will be 
accentuated, and the wisdom of that 
doctrine will be confirmed. In its fu- 
ture amplification I perceive it w411 be 
;i common heritage blndlngr together 
the nations of the hemlspliere with a 
source no power can make. 

"In my Judgment the Monroe doc- 
trine will rf'neh ^he acme of Its bene- 
flcchcc wh' regarded .. by the 

people of tile Lnitetl States as a rea- 
son why we should fesi>ond constantly 
to the needs of those of our Latin-Am- 
erican neig^ibors who may find neces^ 
slty for our assistance, 

"It Is a paradox that the severance 
of the physical ligament that joins the 
two continent:- *' *^'^ new world will 
more closely ?if>m. Tulebra is 

the old clot In the artery of enterprise, 
whose rcmo\'al will give free circula- 
tion throuRliout the world organs to 
the current.^ of friendship, peace, com- 
merce and prosperity." 

PRS«,man K«*pons« 

Tn respons. tlie I'an.tnin minister 
of foreign relations, Arlstldes Arjoma, 

"We know that your mission is for 
International concord. Tell your gov- 
ernment that we arc linked by an In- 
db-.Holuble tie — a thousand reasons of 
gratitude binding the United !*tatcs 
and Manama, and we know how^ to re- 
spond to an InvltatUn of un .\nierlcan." 

.Tust before tfhe speaking began much 
excitement was caused by a flashlight 
which set fire to the i>aper decorations. 
The photographer and others promptly 
.•itamped out the l)la7,e. The diners,, 
most of whom remained seated, cheor- 
ed and little harm was done. 

Those present at the dinner Included 
all bhc government officials from the 
president down, the members of the 
diplomatic and consular corps and the 
most prominent officials of the. canal 

Sccrelar.v Kwa. received an ovation 
T\ hen he arose to spea k. 



rontlnued from Tagn 1. 

CANADA'S OBJECTlO^^sj-^ l;^"""^ Export Of Pacifjr coa-t Pro- 

"~ aucts Bcported for Pa«t Year 
— rrtUt and Tiuh Piyurea 


Tim« ror Hearing aepre»«nt»tidBa IK 
Kegard to Chicago Drainage Canal ^' 
I« Fixed Tor March 37 

OTT.VW.A., Feb. SS.-^Prompt steps 
have been taken by the government to. 
as tar as possible, safeguard the inter- 
ests of Canada and Canadian shipping 
as affected by the application of the 
Chicago s.\nitary district to the Unltefl 
State.* war secretary for the authority 
to withdraw 10,000 cubic feet of water 
per second from Lake Michigan for the 
purpose of.thc Chicago drainage canal. 

It is officially announced that the 
government of Canada made an appli- 
cation to the government of the United, 
States, through the British ambassador 
at Washington, for an extension of the 
time in which ' ■ might present 

obJectlor.s to tin . « iko project. A 
reply has been received from the secre- 
tary of war extending the time to the 
date suggested by Oanada, and the 
hearing will commence on Wednesday, 
March 27. at 10.3fr a.m. 

The government is accordingly mak- 
ing all arranRenietitH to have the case 
on behalf ■ f ■ m ui i pi -. lued. arid will 
send roprc.«pniati\ CH to Washington. 



Contlnurd from PaBe 1. 

dispatch to the Times and undertook to 
proceed tn Xanktnp as soon as clrcum- 
.stnncps would pcimlt for the ceremony 
of the Inausruratlon. He feared, how- 
over, lnconvcnlrnc«!« If he left Peklns 

TauK Shao Ti. v/ho \% ronductinK 
loan ncpotlatlon?". has approved the 
proposal aRreed to by Groat Britain,, 
France, Germany and the Vnlted 
.'^tiiti's. that UiiPslan and Japanese 
bankers shall also participate in the 

Mot* Towards K«eognltlo& 

VN'ASHINQTOK, Feb. 28.— The house 
committee on foreign affairs favorably 
rrportrrt today the Sulzer rewnlntlon, 
which In effect, would reroR^nlze tlio new 
icpuDlic of v.'ninH. »r i-unni nluiwl-'H liit- 
Chlneao people "on their assumption of 
the powers, duties and responsibilities 
of self-government." 

M««ilag of Troops 

HANKOW. V"eb. 28. — A portion of the, 
republican troops stationed at ^'u 

devote it" cnerRics to cleaning up the 
district about Torreon and Chihuahua. 

This, according to the best infoi :• - 
lion obtainable, was the conciu - 
reached at the meeting of Fresidcnt 
Madcvij's cabinet today. 

Request Stoppag* of BuppUes 

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.— The Mexi- 
can consul at Kl Paso requested today 
the American collector of customs there 
to forbid the exportation of American 
Koods into .Tuare?. The treasury de- 
partment has taken tiP "the question 
with the depnrtm"nts of ,s!jili; and 

The matter of slopplnp all siipplies 
la regarded by the state department as 
a delicate one. A considerable district 
Is dependent upon .iuarey. for its sup- 
plies, and the cutting off of exports 
from El Paso, It Is feared, would cause 
much sufferlnK. 

It Is tmderstood that the Mexican 
ambnssador Is preparlUK to lay before 
the slate deportnietit the diMnand of 
his government that the shipment of 
supplies Into Juarez be stopped. 

tronsul-Gene.ral Hanna. reported from 
Monterey that the statement that Gen. 
GeronltTin Trevlmi Imd cast his lot with 
the rebels was without foundation. The 
real leader of the rehpla was reported 
to be Bmll Vasquez Gomez. 

into Canada i« ||^ii||^]umd8 of -the min- 
ister of the inliiFim«! 

"While It has not been made public. 
It is iiridorstood that the report Is ad- 
\ ' 'ening of the door to the Hindu inid states that the admission of 
the wives of men now in Canada will be 
••• >'■■■ 'he direction of reopening the 
\<i 'e. The contentions of Dr. 

HunUar Sliish and his associates are not 


Spring Styles in Men's and 
Young Men's Suits 

There's sali.^^factiuii in knowing where lo gel the bcjit 
values and CORRECT stvles in clnthcs. 

We find that one- i "in 
.strongest ass^ct- iii business 
is the reputation \\c liavc for 
giving GOOD VALUES. 
Our great purcha.sing power 
enables us to do this. 

"20th Century" Suiis 

^37.50 to $20.00 

Other superior makes 
JR27.50 I -?15.00 

\\ 1 do not carry models 
to suit only the average 
figure— we carry models t'o 
.<utt EVERY figure, es- 
pecially is this noticeable in 
iiur models for the man of 
athletic build who can be 
littcd^xactiy, at ^'Wilson's." 

«N^th<^3>opttiar biii^& are 

fdr fabrics the variety W. 
just as big. 

\.ik:. >„■ 

\y . £ J. Wilmi 


compiled by tht \\f.sir.-:;ii tMnu-is ;aid 
packers show a remarkable increase of 
Paclflc coast exports for J oil over :the 
previous 'year. California exportvs of 
canned foods and dried fruits made \<n.v- 
tlcularly striking gains. 

"The result of the !• on," says 

the 'Joufiial, "hes bepi .- produc- 

ers Tcr "f the. 

steady i.mand 

for all the many varieties of their out- 
ptit. Xatiii-.Titv f ).<>r.-.f„rf. f;,,. -vstrlbu- 
ter.s hiivc report 

Ihty liave emiiipycd, botn in volume and 
proflt, the most prosperous year in their 

The approximate 1911 pack of Califor- 
nia <"•■'• rulta and 
vegeti: : I . . .000 cases. 
_ The^ qallfornia pack of mild cured sal- 
tiion, the <V"v-"i for whlc»' <■- ••'-ported 
as Increai- • od a dec rl91t 
over the preceding pear, 'i'ne total ipack 
was 3, 160 tierces; against ft, 1 24 tierces 
In 19X0. 

A Bummaiy oC tlio Xorth Pacitlc coast 
T-Oregon; Washington, Columbia river,- 

BrltlKli Ciihiinliin and Al«y.k;i as i-nm- 

PU>^T"t .~'l/ii,ni .~^.i I i I n.' 1 1 .* Mllin-i?^ *l ^^.'^ I (»■ i(l- 

tlon. follows: Puget sound pack. 1,557,- 

029 cases, $7,012,1.13. Abi ^ k, •.*,- 

821.191 cases, J14,7.1S,656. total, 
4,378.210 cases, »21, 747,789. 


/We are pleased to announce the arrival of 50 
^^IBBP^'^^"'^ ^"^ Women's Boots and Slioes,vein- 
brricnVf such celebrated makes as ]T;iiiaii & Sons, 

These goods are the cream of inodern slibc- 

makiiig anxt hafpilllactcr. -tylc and excclicnte- 
superior to otlier makes . 

^^'atcli'this space for description of styles. 


Sole Agents Broadwalk Sr.uffers for Children 

Hanan & Son, N. Y. WIchert & Gardiner, X. T. 

remberton Baliaing, 621 rort Street 

Iiord Btrathoona 
L.ONDOX, Keb. 2S.— Uord Strathcona 
still very Weak, but Is Improving. 

■•ntmio* Oonuaatad 

OTTAWA, Feb. 28.— The governor-ln- 
coim''ll has de<ilded to ^^ommutc to life 
Imprisonment, the sentence of Wllbtir 
Uedd, tno WinnlpeK- neRro who was to 
be handed on Frlda.v next for the shoot- 
Inu of another negro in a quarrel fol- 
lowlnff a card name, ir/ldence was sub- 
mitted to the justice department Indl- 
catlnsr that the killing' wan done under 
extreme provocation n.n<\ In self de- 

Aoo*ss to Kudson Bay 

OTTAWA, Fob. 28. -Senator T. (). 
navls of .Saskatche'Tvan wants to kiio^v 
whether or not h\H province will have 
the right of way to Hudson Bay through 
the new Manttplm territory o.) thy sume 
basis as in the case of Ontario. Me has 
given notice of a query In the setwte, 
snd says he Intends to follow his Ques- 
tion up with a Tcaolutlon. 

Dead Zfaar Kallway Track 
Nfc;L.SuN', 13. C, I'eb. 28.— TIio body of 
an unldcatilTIed man was found near the 
rallfoad iia<-k, easi of lilenogle, early 
this morning by Conductor Treat, and 
brought to Gold-ju on a freight train. 
Tht deceased was very respectably 
dressed and had evidently been employed 
in the district. It Is thousrht ho fell 
from a passenger train which left this 
morning. He was about 30 years old. 

X>r. Wiley May Seslgn 

W.\,SHTN'<:}TO.\. Feb. 28.— Dr. Hurvcy 
W. Wiley, pure food champion, i.s seri- 
oiisl.v considering: resigninK' his position 
ns ciilef of the bureau of chemistry. 
Adnjlttinj; this In an Interview tonight. 
Dr. Wiley «nid thai while he had not 
yet determined to offer his resignation, 
it seemed tiiad he could not be Rueccss- 
■ful in 'bis efforts as long as there were 
"Incongruous element*" In the depart- 

Telephone Merger 

SBATTI.,E. Feb. 2.S.— ,\nnounccmont 
was lUBilti tonight that thu Piicirie 
Telephone and Telegraph t""o. has ab- 
sorbed the Independent Telepfhone Co. 
of Heattle, and as soon as practicable 
will consolidate the two systems. This 
Information was convood In a letter 
to .Mayor George W. Dllling from K. C. 
Bradley, vice-prcaldcnt and general 
man»rger of the Pnclflc Telephone and 
Telegraph c'omimny. 

President's Campaign 

WASIII.VGTON, Feb. 2S. — PresUleiit 
Tafl will soon start a viKornus spoech- 
maklJlET tOMr to oxplHln bis iM>.«lilon on 
current questions and further his can- 
didacy for election. Before the Hepiib- 
llcttn- national convention meets In .Umc 
he T\lll spend many days on the road. 
HU'l In ccpeclcd lo deliver scores of 
■peechps. He will travel na far wc»l 
as Chlcajro, as far north as .\'ew Hamp- 
shire, anrt south at least as far us 
Geioritla. Other enKHKements may be 
made In the next few weeks. The presi- 
dent's political advlsom believe he !• 
their beat orator. 


Clean-burning and Economical~Mctoria's Standard. 
Order a Ton Toditv 

Offices 6i8 Yates St. and Esquimau Road 
Phones 212 and 139 

Victoria Fuel Co. 

Agents for the famous 


riionc 1377 

622 Trounce Avenue 

Jad gm en t — Beservefl 

OTTA^^^^, Feh- 2s. — in the supreme 
rourt today arguments in the Alberta- 
Pacific Klevator Co. vs. the Vancouver 
MUlinK and Grain OoT were concluded 
and judgment was rese rved. 

Trainmen Znjcred 
.MONTGOMRRV, Tils., Feb. 28.-Thrce 
trainmen are reported to have been in- 
lured anil a score of passensers badly 
shaken ul> toniRhl, when Southern rall- 
wav passenger train No. :17, from New 
York to Orlenns. went Into a ditch near 
.Mllsted. :!9 mllea north of here. The 
enKlne and tender rnllcd down an em- 
Imnkmentl .t Is said, tearing down the 
telegraph and telephone wires, prevent- 
intc commur.lctitlon. 

Bastem XooMy 

M(»NTitlOAI-., Feb. 28.— The Canadlens 
wire bark In form tonlffht after a pvo- 
longcl plump which left them hopeless- 
ly out of tho N.II.A. championship race, 
and d'-f""'*"' '^"cbec « to 3. it was a 
bard fought game, the CanaVKiens belns 
a llttli. the speedier, while their goal 
tunder, Vezlna, combined fine work with 
excellent I"ok and picked out many ef- 
forts which looked like sure goals. On 

tne wnt>»« liif »»"••> »•••«» ••«•* i*»»n... 

Kyan got a crack over the head whioh 
isent him to the lee tov the count. On 
recovering, he shortly got Into a fistic 
encounter with Oatman. which Jed to 
th*>m being banished. Otherwlae the 
'«aateh «u not oT«r-«trMittoua. 



.Adjustable to any desk or table 

Price $2.50 each 

* - I I IIWI 

Victoria BooR&SUitionery 
Company. Ltd. 

1004 Government St. Phon« MS 
Everything for the office. 

OTTAWA. Feb. 2S.— Progress Is being 
n ade In preparing for the refercttcfl ot 
the marriage question to th© sttpreMrf 
court Hugene l^afleur, K. C. mrguti 

4.*.'*, «,^v«tt 

^■4*Jt ^tm*H^ It^i' m mil m*ttm*m^ 

With Wallacn N'esbltl, K. C, It* IJreBMit' 
Ing tlio case from th« iximlnlon •I4i', 
while P. B. McNaulV. K, C^W M«»IWrt 
Witt' argue ttuit -the powers - vaawmitn* 
reside tn tl»« in«vlnoaik OttMHr-WMMMi 

^ W » ww> n *< wi(i M iii _ a ; i i ii < ii>>tl w wMsaWNWI>liPgWB 

p' n aip ' *<jWiK|wiii W iOi H i i < w > u 


Today, February 29th 
Leap Year Day 

Therefore we PROPOSE to give you a great special Today. 

C. & B. Soups. Ox Tail, thick, Mock Turtle, thick. Ki<haey 
Mutton Broth, Gravey.. Chicken liroth, Consomme, ^'^jj' 

gatawny, per tin jt\gi 

Grouse and Game, per tin • • ^^'^^ 

Brandos Soups, Mock Turtle. Gravey. Consomme, Ox 1 aiT 

per tni "^, 

Hare and Game, per tin , J"v 

Campbell's and Van Camp's assorted soups, 2 tins lor . . .^»JJ 

Heinz Tomato Soup, per tin 13c. 20c and ^»< 

Franco- American Clear Green Turtle, |K-r tni 7o^ 

Franco-American Thick Green Turtle J^< 

Puree of Tomato, i)er tin ^^^ 

Clam Chowder, per tin : ;^ Jv 

Franco-American, small tins. Beef Tea, per tm ^»^ 

Mutton Broth, per tin ^^^ 

Clear Oxtail, per glass . . . ■*.*."^. •% . • . ..•■-.• .•••■• cft^ 

C. & B. Consomme, in glass "rr 

C. & B. Kidney Soup, in gla^s - - - ,;;^si5R5i5s.T;r.;5s;?s?ss=;^i^^ 


Changes Suggested to Aug- 
ment Water Supply from Elk 
Lake, City's Pi'esent Source 
of Supply 

Following the ilnfortnailon furnished 
at Monday cvenlnjf's nieftlnK of 
the city council by Water Commission- 
er Raymur. that the water In Elk Lake 
Is at present at the lowest point at 
this time of the yetir in several years, 
and that consequently not a ciropshoulo 
be wasted, even for street sprinkling, 
beyond what Is absolutely netreasary 
for the latter purpose, Alderman Cuth- 
boTt. following up his suggestion matit. 
on hearing tlie official's statement, will 
r.rc« upon the council the necessity of 
prompt action towards ensuring a morb 
generous Hupply than the present plant 
is capable of produclni,'. Yesterday tht. 
representative of Ward Four posted a 
notice oi a motion which he will submit 
at the next meeting to the eftect that 
the water commissioner be Instructed 
to prepare a report as to the^advlsabl^i- 
removlng the ' ' " -»---- 

supplies the 

replaced It by a piece of he«Uhy oornea 
taken from a human eye thai had be«n 
removed for «ther reaaonB. 

Based on t'hlB operation far reaching 
concluslonB have boeri made in regard 
to the curing of bllndnesB. These are. 
unfortunately, exactly as Utile Justified 
as the statement that this -operation Is 
entirely new, says a •^f's] known Herlbi 
medical publlclMl. 

"As a uiatter of fact." he says. "11 
was irled. at least In principle, more 
llittii Ofly .vrttrn «($"• At '(irul iilcrt'co, of 
glass were Inserted, which, however the 
eye couid not endure. Later the cor- 
nea of animals was used, but unfortun- 
at«ly it was se^n that the pieces which 
bud been ln««-rted euccessfully theni- 
Kflves Krew optxiue wlibln a few weeks 
or montiis, so that the patient was a.s 
badly off as before. Finally, this op- 
eration waM performed (first by E. 
Fuehs, In Vienna) by transplanting a 
human cornea, through which some good 
or at least fairly durable, results were 
attained. The first of these successful 
oiieratlons was performed by ZIrm in 
Olmutz. Accounts of several others 
were published later, among them one 
by Prof. Greeff, in Berlin, who report- 
ed an Improvement In the strength of 
vision of his patient of one-fiftieth Po 
one-twentieth. The results are up to 
now In general in no wise remarkaViIe, 
but Jt Is to be hoped that the dlfHcuU 
technique of tlie process will be further 
improved. ~ 

"What Dr. Magltot has accompllBhed 
is^ as can be seen, nolhfng else than 
what others l;evc already tried and ac- 
flOpipllshed berotij WW. It is regret' _ 
"'■Me that the I^I^^.^Ml^ished *xa«^ 

accounw.^'if'lir ^'^' 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd, 10081010 Government Street j 

Display Extraordinary of 

FipemKoIhi Cotter 


Figures or Plain Colors, Full Length or Sacque Length 




French Cotton Crepe Kimonos in plain colors of 
old rose and navy. "Campbell's" Price 

Fancy Figured Cotton Crepe Kimonos, in brown 
and blue. ■"Campbcirs " L'ricc 

Fancy Figured Cotton Crepe Kimonos with shirred 'sleeves, 
Japanese sleeves or kimono sleeves, and your choice of 


hig-h waist 
$3.75 and 



River Way 

increased n\Mimfm^m^,Wl^< 

dlate future?-'' -' >^»<^i''^^ r*^ '/•i?'^' . 

If EUc lake Is at its lowest point at 

i.r iiie sheered effect. "Cairipbeirs" Price> 
.•.•'• — ?3.25 

French Cotton Crepe Dressing Sacques, figtired or plain col- 
ors, some with shirred waists, others loose. Colors arc blue, 
pink, mauve, navy, red :nul Idark "CampbcH'ci" Prices 

Get her an Electric Iron. Don't have her 
bending over a stove which half the time won't 
burn right. Save her time; save her money; 
save her temper. 

B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd. 

Liyht and Power Department 

Phone 1609 

We have just received a shipment of 


Being so pure, it is most easily assimilated and is in 
a class by itself for the treatment of WASTING 

75c per bottle. .; , . 

CYRUS H. BOWES, Chemist 

Telephones 425 and 4.S0 1228 Government Street 

posed to feed 


probably it would b* necessary to pump 
the water from Beaver LAke 'Into th« 

niter beds. At present the intaito pipe 
draws Its supply from Beaver Lake, the 
sliallow adjunct of Dlk lake. Not only 
Alderman Cuthbert. but others of thu 
board as well as many ■citizens main- 
tain that the supply In Elk lake, which 
has an average depth ot between 60 and 
60 feet, would be ample for ail needa 
were better facilities for pumping in- 
stalled. They sugrgest the extension 
of the intake pipe out Into the deepei 
waters of the lake. In such case the 
water can be drawn up to a much 
greater extent than if the Intake is al- 
lowed to remain as it Is in Beaver lake, 

i'.ill, becomes very shallow. 

The Sooke lake scheme will not be 
completed for two years at the least, 
and the city's supply must bo secured 
from Elk lake unless It bo augmented 
through the city's right to purchase 
water by the' gallon from the Esquimau 
Water Works Company. If the latter 
step be not adopted, necessary changes, 
several members of the council aver, 
must be made to the present limited 
pumping facilities at Elk lake. 


Hot of Orthoaoz Variety But ApparlUon 
of reminine rer«ua»lon 

Phone 272 


Metal Trim for Modern Store Fronts 

Wc wish to announce that we h^vr- taken pv«r th« asrency for the Hes- 
ter System of Metal Window trim, and shall be pleased to render 
iiiatoR on any such work. 

Island Lumber Company, Ltd. 

Duncan. B. C. 

Manufacturers of Flooring, Rough and Dressed Timbers, 
Ceiling. Dimension, Siding. Boards, Mouldings, Shiplap, Etc. 
We have a very large stock and are prepared to name low 
prices for carload lots delivered by the E. & N. Ry. Co. at 
Victoria. We solicit your inquiries. 

Mr. Geo. II. Suckling has the honor to announce the wonder- 
ful young 'Canadian violiniste and genius — . 

Kathleen Parlow 




MAN'CHE:STER, Eng.. Feb. 28. — 
.Something new in the way of ghosts is 
reported to hOrVe made Us appearance 
recently in the nurses' home at the 
Manchester Royal Infirmary, and timid 
nurses and ward maids have crept T>e- 
tween the sheets fervently lioping that 
the weird visitant ■ft'ould not disturb 
their slumbers. 

It is no orthodox ghost that Is said 
to 'have been haunting ih© nurses' 
apartments. According to th>5 most au- 
thentic story the apparition is of the 
feminine pef.suaslon, and la ciacfin a 
long black gown and stole, the only 
relief to its sombre meke-up being its 
ghastly white face, its long sinuous 
nngers and blanched lifeless hands. 

In such^fOim at all events it Is 
said to have presented Itself to a nurse 
some weeks ago. She had been out dur- 
ing- the eveninp. and on being admitted 
was passing along tlie corridor towards 
her room when she noticed the figure of 
H woman a few |>aces before her. Thlnk- 
ins.-- "the lady " had made a mistake and 
had got Into the premises In error, she 
hastened to overtake "her," and was in 
the act of tapping her shoulder when 
the apparition disappeared. 

When the story was told to her fal- 
low nurses a search of the premises 
was demanded. N'lght porters and others 
lay in wait for the unwelcome visitant, 
but their vigils \Vere unavailing. Not 
that the "ghost" had sought fresh 
haunts, for new stHJries of a terrifylnK 
nature continued to be circulated. Ward- 
maids told of how the spectral figure 
dlsensraged Itself from the hangings of 
a friendly curtain and darted across 
the passage before them to be swallow- 
ed up In a doorway or corridor. 

Pokers and flat irons were by this 
time nndlng their way into t*e sleep- 
ing (apartments, but. according to the 
story told by one yoimg lady, these 
precautions ovailed them nothing, for 
In the early liourn of one morning she 
was startled to find a clammy hand 
stretched over her face. 

"Have you seen the lady in black?' 
became the catch-word In the home. 
The incredulous onef: asked It Jesllngly, 
but to some overstrung Imaginations 
the thing was no Joke, and many un- 
comfortable nights were pa.«sed. Kor a 
time it was the popular theory .that 
"the Khost" owed Its existence to the 
prank of some medical student, but in- 
v.stlKatlon?. did not support this vIpw. 

PARIS, Feb. 28.— Good fo ,^„,,,^ 
befallen the employees of ii. Delatour 
a wholesale boot and shoe maker, who 
has two factories, one in Paris and 
the other at Llancourt. M. Delatour la 
a self-made man, and for forty years 
has worked harder than any of hl.s men. 
Today he is a iniillonaire, but has 
neither wife nor children to share his 

One day recently he was obliged to 
remain at home through indisposition, 
and as he passed the kitchen he sur- 
prised his old servant in tears. In re- 
ply to him she said she was depressed 
at the thought of what would happen 
to her if he dismissed her. The inci- 
dent set M. Delatour thinking, and ' 
next day he sent for his lawyer and 
settled an annuity on the old woman 
for life. 

But he did not stop there. He re- 
solved to hand over the works to his 
employees, and under his instructions 
the lawyer drew up a deed transferring 
the birtldings and plant and stock to 
fifty of the men who had helped him 
to make his fortune. This is equlva-- 
lent to a gift of about $400,000. or an 
average of JS,'/jO to each employee. 
The donor, however, stipulates that for 
the next three years the direction of 
the factory shall remain In his hands 
and none of those who benefit will be 
at liberty to realize his share before 
the end of that period. 

The announcement ot M. Dolatour's 
Intention has not been received by his 
employees v.-ith i!r,mixed ioy. owing: to 
the fact thiit only 50 out oU 300 men 
will share In his liberalit y. 


Z.arga Meeting In Toronto Adopts 

Strong Keiiolution* on Subject, 

With Kncta Entbusi&sm 


This Is the Time to Plant 

And we have a fine stock of the 
leading varieties in nice, strong plants, full of flower buds, 
including- the famous 

English New Rho dodendron, P ink Pearl 

Carey Boad, Victoria. 

Branch nt Krlowna. 



A mr%if\- mft^n* 

Full particulars at 


y^^ Fort Street. 

Depot for the famou^- Pianos of Steinway, New York; 
Nordheimcr, Toronto. 



Operation Sescribed Am Seni>»tlon«l 

malaas 7ftls« Hopes AmoBff 


BERLIN. Feb. 28. — News of a senaa- 

Pormed by Dr. Magitot In Paris, and 
(le»crlbed by Professor lustre in the 
French Academy of Scientie was spread 
a snort time ago by the press. The 
case was that of a young man with a 
marked opacity of the cornea, whore the 
operator out out the opaque piece and 

wild enthusiasm, 3,000 citizens as- 
sembled in Messey hall tonight and 
passed a resolution protesting against 
the granting of home rule to Ireland. 
The sentiment of the gathering was 
unanimous. At times the desire for 
this expression became so pronounced 
with the audience that the speakers 
were forced to desist until the cries of 
"Mo home rule." "Nevpr." or groans at 
the mention of Winston Churchill's 
name or at the name of Sir Edward 
Grey, had died down. 

The resolution states that the belief 
of the meeting Is that home rule would 
result in the separation of xr«l<»na from 
the empire and declares that separation 
Is the goal of the movement. 

•■We believe further, that Ireland 
could, in time, become the centre of a 
conspiracy agnlnst the integrity of the 
British Kmplre. and might ultimately 
lead to the overthrow of the 
power and Influence that, as Qanadlan 
cltUens. we rejolqe In. We believe in 
the extension of the principle of 
autonomy, when It can be grnnted with 
.«afety to Imperial Interest."!, but believ- 
ing as wa do that the peace and pros- 
perity of the nations of the world are 
involved in the maintenance of the Brit- 
ish empire, we view with the utmost 
alarm the propo.«als contained in the 
bill coming before the Imperial house of 
commons, which .tend not to the enlarge- 
ment of the liberties of the Irish people 
undpr a free government, but to the 
.•rentlon of a papal slate within the pm- 
plre, where British law and Justice will 
he superseded by the canonical law of 
the papacy, as Is the case In the prov- 
ince of Quebec ih this Dominion; and, 
further, tlml we unhesitatingly declare 
that the views set out In this resolution 
present the opinions of the vast major- 
ity of loyal cltlzpns in the Dominion of 
Can.ada, notwith.'itnnding the expressions 
of sympathy with Jiomc r\i1p adopted at 
different times by the parliament of 
Canada and the legislatures of the 

•'W'« desire also to give expression to 
our profotind synipathy with the minor- 
ity In Ireand, and pledge them our moral 
and material assistance In the struggle 
in which they are engaged." 

Vve have listed w'dh us seventy-six acres of splendid alder hot- 
torn iana, suuanie lor iiii.vtti iciimiut^ ciuu n di 1.-1 ciiomc^, oii.uciii^u 
two and a half miles from Alberni P. 0. and one mile from a 
school. Terms $1300 cash, the balance spread over a period of 

tln^e e yea rs. __^__ 

~ Write at once to 


r P. 0. Box 60, Port Alberni 

Real Estate and Insurance Engineers and Contractors 


Ideal Country Home 


Close to the City 

Asks for B«li«*rinf 

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 28.— Dr. -Wll- 
lar<i H. Burke, who was convicted of 
bavins attempted to dynamile the tr'irl 
house of Miss Louetto Smith and her 
child at bis sanltarinm near Santa Uosa. 
petitioned the supreme courv today for 
a rehearing. 

with exceptional fine view of the Straits— the finest piece of waterfront pro- 
perty near the city. Good house, with all modern improvements — outbuildings 
of the best. Several hundred fruit trees; small fruits in abundance. Large front- 
age on the water and on main road. School and post office close. 

This is the choicest piece of outside property within easy reach of the city. 
Price and terms may be had on application. to the Exclusive Agents of the 

F. J. Hart 

10 J 2 Broad St. 

New WcstnuRster^ v^?^r 8 




• ><i i ' i M| l hh<'ilj i j« ji ii§ 



Thursday, February 29. 1912 

Th. ColonUt rrlntln« and PubU.hlnB 

Company. Llinltrd IJablllty. 

tlll-1116 Broad Stre«t. Victoria. B. C. 

J. S. H. MAT60X. 


nat.vcred by carrUr at SO -'"f •[•""• ,7°°',^ 

i^.-'^j".^vj-acr^r:.>-;"a £^- 

our carrier, or Ih. United Kingdom, itt lh« 
loUowlnB ralea: 

One Tear . . . . 
Elx Uonthi . . ■ 
Three Monthe 


London Office: 80-92 Fleet StreeU 

Mtnu.rrlpt offered for sale to The Co o 
nl.t m".t be «ddre..ed to th, buslne.. office 
o her""" tho .-ompany will not a..ume he 
re.pmi.lbllity of the return of «iino to the 
uiitl.or M. S. 8. accepted by other than 
lUa UujlnesB manager will not be paid for. 

Thursday, February 29, 1912 

While the details of the Iroprovem^ntB 
at this port have not yet been given to 

"" Jtnes. It win !>'• Mmerabered ttot tPbea 
^Ut t^uit C08te WW here, Bp«*|n» ot 
ttoo work to be 4ow kt tfee OttfW H^r- 
l«r. h« expww«» the opinion th»t Jt 
wouW be won to Ittausumte thla on lines 
that would »Tmlt of enlwement as the 

appeare to us to be a sound P""-"- 
^«d for two reasons. One 1. that by 
such a pfa* wa' «» have fwAnal f aclll- 
owMtfl ■omr than by wtertw 

action of the nilnlstpri. In this roRBnl. 
ir elthtr of the Konlli-men rmined hail 
aeBlr*a to have the accounts i.laced be- 
fore the proper commUlee, tlipy had only 
to make a motion to that effect. They 
oouKl have (lone this on the day of 
til, .ir»hluii. If they haJ oeen »o tUs- 
po-sc-ii. It Is not nei.esBary to ask por- 
mLsHlon of the government to make such 
a motion, an<! i. ■ ^ ■ • «i«tiuont would 
v.inturc to oppose out- if li wan made. 
1; i.s no part of the duty of the Premipr 
1 .,, , iiiiii this committee meets. To 
contend that U l« his duty is to lose 
sight of the fundamental principle of 
parliamentary jtovemment as far as the 
voting of supply Is concerned. It is a 
settled rule that redress of gricvanceB 
must be preliminary to the passage of 
supply. F'atlure by the ministry to ex- 
plain how certain sums of money has 
been expended may be treated as a irrlev- 
anco by any inember who chooses so to 
regard It. and he has a right to insist 
that this RTlovanoe r. 
before a dollar of Supply has bwn voted. 
Ah we do not "•■"■^"'^o that •Ithar Mr. 
Biewater or Mi >«i >S Ignorant of 

this right which every l ^f ot the 
Legislature po«8eBse8».'|)|M^^p9^ nsitber 
of them moved for « MJ^^^MMNM of the 
Public AccowBtta t» the proper commit, 
tee, we wre tamA to the oonclualon that 
they pMjterrea to have an tmafflnanr 
■rte'vanoe rather than actual redresa 

torlansls mlffht work Mm^cif i.p to tl^e 
belief that the province wovild have to 
take the bonds up; but liow eny one 
can suppose there is a llkHlhrwKl thai 
such a railway will not pay in 19^2 ""'1 
be atlll less Hkely to pay In IDS- Passes 
our humble comprehension. 


*u^ onrt we 

,ipo„ tM e,«.tl«a *to«c» of »♦ «n^ 
mum accomm«^tio«MheWtohe«*WlWe, ana the other Is that wjth the de^ 
,;.„P^p«r of the port's bilwtiMM conse- 

..aent upon the development of #J-; 
1 land and th*. forthcomla»4rtJ«i» <="«* 
;.:tTon wUh the Malnla^-I^ a little 
,^rly to determine the full nature aiid 
cvtpnt of the facilities that will b*.^^ 
,-<! It J8 likely that the initial *MW« 
ti.e outer Harbor Will be the construe 
t.on of a breakwatei, 2.500 feet long, 
from Ogden Point ant^flvc piers between 
this breakwater and tho present Outer 
.„.,.„ — „ia i«jWi*«' -dockage 

1 ->, from SIX to ten ff>i^^^*' ^' " 
sets afloat at the 

Inq other improvemcnli at - - - . 
shall say nothing pending the receipt of 
a copy of the plans. 

If 18 very evident that connection with 
the new piers must be provided, ^or 

wharf accommodation at the point mcn- 
tured without connection wUh the ra.l- 
v.ys would be of little real value. There 
are two ways An which this connection 
can be made, one of them is l^ the 
proposed Harbor Kallway: the other is 
b7 way of a bridge from Songh^cs Point 
to Laerel Point: that is. across the nar- 
row channel where the soap works now 
Bij-nd. The first method Is objection- 
able', in our judgment. One of the rea- 
sons why we take exception to it is that 
it would place the control of the harbor 
frontage in the hands "of a few private 
. individuals. The franchise would be 
on» of extremely great value, a value to 
be measured in mlUlons. The city of 
Vancouver l» an object lesson or wnn . 
the control of a waterfront means. In 
xiew of the great commercial possibili- 
ties before Victoria. It would be rank 
felly to permit any corporation to en- 
circle the harbor with a railway line. 
Xnothcr objection is that such a rall- 
^vav would be Utterly Inadequate. We^ 
are looking for the establishment here 
o- a great commercial centre. To the 
wharves to be constructed atf the Outer 
Harbor we expect to see vessels come to • 
receive and discharge full cargoes, when 
v.r. have all-rail cornecti^jn with the 
.Mainland and car^fcrry "connecHon with 
five railways on the southern Mainland, 
provided we have flrst-ciass facilities 
here. To suggest that trains laden with 
cargo brought or to be carried away by 
such ships should be drawn along a rail- 
way following the sinuosities of tho In- 
ner Harbor is an absurdity. Kither we 
must have the suggested bridge or the 
icieign business of the port, will be 
liKudicd elsewhere than between Ogden 
colnt and the entrance to the Inner 

j.-or these reasons we look upon the 
l.aurel Point bridge as essentially nccs- 
sary to the utility of the intended har- 
bor works at Ogden Point. We refer to 
this matter today because we wish, ns 
far as wc arc in a position to do so. to 
m.'tkc known what wc believe is the opin- 
ion of the great majority of the people 
of xhis city. A matter of this kind 
ought not to be allowed to drifi. We 
do not say that there is any opposition 
to the proposed bridge, but some may 
develop, and we think it to be our duty 
to say lu n'^ undeitaln terms that the 
people of this city consider that, with 
the contemplated improvement.^^ of the 
Outer Hpr>?or on tlif- rn?'. ^i'l". tin- 
Laurel Point Bridge is inseparably <on- 

There has been some comment upon 
the fact that the legislative committee 
on mwic Accourttj. dW not meet dtirlne 
tho late session. Mr Brewster •»■■« mi. 
•WilUams are more to blame for this 
than any one else. U is not necessary 
to wait upon th(f 

We print a tiecond letter from Mr. 
O'Meara, and are vety vlad to do ao. 
becauee in it be states the claim made 
on behalf of the IndlAiw in & mftnUW 
that permits of no ml*under«tandinK. 
W^ a|r« obUyatf to him foe Ida Jbank* 


Alarm seems , t" >>.. fell In .Mexico 
coiR-enilng the supposed designs <if the 
Unted States towards that country. 
Whetli*>r there is any foun^Jatlon for It 
must remain a matter of surmise, but 
there are elements In the situation that 
give at least a color of warrant for un- 
easiness. A very mischievous article 
has appeared in the Dally Mexican, in 
which the statement is made on the 
authority of the secretary of President 
Madero that the first sign of Interven- 
tion by the United States will be the 
signal for the massacre of every Am- 
erican m the country. Such a state- 
ment as this can hardly pass unno- 
ticed by the United Pt«teji s^overnment. 
Conditions on th,e boundary between 
the two e,'>untrles are such that at any 

Ume it n^a^^,^»^^!SL'^' ^? Tter 

MaJdcTSl?*!*'^ >» i>e tho signal 
t^> mim»^ moiit i-ort. win twnk 
It hl9h tima to «rt j» to tl»e latw 
country a vtm ot govenSmeat *m 
mm be toflu«s»ced toy *»» ,di«t»*M «« 
ordinary humanity, 

^' ■«- -— — T " ' " ' "■" ' 

The «Wef adversary of the OTVerw- 

mmt «oaced-* that It WMl ^ ?•*««»*? 
to power. That beta* the owe, -yhat i« 



On The 




' Not much comment !■ necessary. Hf 
SktOa m to baltsve that ei» WUfrld 
Laurter tHoasiit tlM^ tlia «|Mi* of the 
IndfAtw m Brtttib KJAtiSaMi'lrtBiiiild be 

^l^icially determined." We have never 

alleged the contrary. All we have said 

was that the former Prime Minister 

did not regard the claim as tenable. 

A person may express a wish for a 

:;i^{»ioi| wUhotU implying that 

kVy tier 41«prove a. claim. 

But the principal point In the letter 

to which ^^i^l^t attention 1» that 

the uae of makiiw a tuw «»«> U"" "' ^ 
But waUy such an admlssfcm U * «on* 
fgasOaa «f tbe.analuiaM «f thf .W»»- 

the site- 

of Vancouver Is a 

I..' 1. V . . t. 


slaim of the Cow 

.iever been surren- 

ichans' t' _ 

dered. '*Iflipniirii*rltory of trie Cow- ^ 
ichans, then it is not the territory of , 
the Crown. Mr, O'Meara has had legal 
training and he knows that tills is the 
case. It follows that if any case were 
submitted for the decision of the Judl- 
cUl Committee, U would Involve the 
title to the city of Vancouver. If the 
Crown had no right to convey the fee 
in that land to the grantees, then not 
a lot holder in Vancouver has a title 
except a possessory one. a proposition 
which would not be tolerated for a 
single moment. There are Indian Re- 
serves near Vancouver. Under Mr. 

fu contcntiott^«Wj|ita|B^.vl^4 

at the oat^r |iMlK»iv'«<>**tW» ^^^ 

ships ^^m^^m^^ ^O*- «"^'- «^'*" 

although thrv were not carrying cargo 
for this P M. -'>r the reason that Van- 
couver l^.iiil coal IS so much to be 
preferred to mined In the Slate of 

A erllTc'Of the government sa^-- tnar 
Mr. McBrldo Will violate ever.x 
m lall^^.l^ matt' is as he did In l.u 
case of the Canadian .Xorthern Pacific 
Mr McBrldo pledged 'il-n^<'If that th. 

Vancouver island. It i» i^olr.g to con- | ,^p 

atruet, ^W> within three years and more 
let^^^T»ST>ubirc Will wo-icome ' -' " 
-violatlonB" of this kind. 

I (Jt tin. I 

French Tapestry Panels 

Arrived LA RC.I-: variety of subjects, sizes and shapes to select from. 


An Italian resident of Victoria pro- 
tests against the harsh comments upon 
people of his natlonalty appearing from 
time to time in news ntms from othor 
cities on this continent. It Is only 
right to say that the Italian clement of 
the populMlffn of Vlctorlti is among 
the mf^plerly and that the older 
residents here, who came from Italy. 
always show themselves to be excellent 
cltl^sens. ' 

ttefS«^^«tid in addit|)i|i-^wl?' 
unsuirendered right to all tho rest ..f 
the country. Can any thing be more 
preposterous? And yet we are told 
Mr. McBrlde is culpable for not sub- 

.,.,! u V e«>llt.»ritinn to the dCClS- 

ion of the courts. , 


His Boyal Highness the Duke of Con- 
naught, accompanied by the Duchess, 
will visit British Columbia m the au- 
tumn. It goes without saying that the 
welcome extended to them will be a 
very cordial one. 

It is not premature to suggest t'rmt 
aneaiiybpginning should be mado' on 
plans for the reception of their Royal 
Highnesses. Pending the election 
nothink . -: l>ne. we assume: but 

we suggest that, as soon as it is over, 
the mayor should take the initiatory 
sfteps towards a civic reception that 
will be worthy of Victoria and of sudi 
distinguished visitors. 


foi| prtvate mcmocrs 

Wc are gravely assured that "tlie 
guarantee period of the Paciflc Great 
Kastern bonds is not less thnn foriv 
y,.„,s, whirh means that Mr. McBrlde 
will make it tlfty years as has been 
authentically rumored." This Is sup- 
posed to be an exceedingly dreadful 
thing. The only difference between a 
40-ycar guaranteed bond and « oO-year 
guaranteed bond Is that t >>, public 
would pay more for the latter than for 
the former, end hence the capital 
charges against the railway wotJid be 
so much the less. But. if as we are 
ft.iked to believe, the guaranteeing of the 
bonds means that the province will have 
to pay them, It i" sim-1n- hfttrr to put 
oft the evil day Hfty years than to have 
it come in fr.;ty. We hove heard no 
suggestion of PNtfiullnR the guarantee 
to flfty years, but wc do say that if we 
lw.d so iKJor an opinion of the future 
of British Columbia as to believe a rail- 
way diagonally across this province 
from V.incouvpr to Port Oeorge would 
be more likely to default on Its bonds 
In the year 1962 then in 1»52 wo should 
n»v»r fliU'or«t», the laying of another 
m:!« of steel In BrUlsh r-clumbi" if 
the term of the guerantee had been 
ten years, wc can imagine thai some 
i^lpeClmen of the. PesstmHtlcus Vh-- 

Wc read: "The Times had « iustiflable 
ii^tli in the future of Victoria long be- 
"fore the so-called pragrcssivc »~»«"i;J«» 
of the provincial government were &n- 
■ nounced.'- If this is true, the faith was 
well concealed under ■ 

penctr»Wte:i^;»«sslmisni. " 

every ^ll|l|5iP|e- i-^ nopcful for Ine .,..- 
lure, this possession of "Justlflable 
faith" has nothing but words of dis- 
couragement for the city. Victoria 
might well say to it: 
"It's aai very well to dissemble your 

But wihy did you klclt me down stairs?" 

Victoria >(ui oOujita^ much and all 

-. ■,!CC^Ie iii it nOf" entmt nuic.h 

,,l„,i, ,Mv result of the construction of 
the Canadian Xorthern Paciflc, and yet 
we are told by a city paper, that "the 
foUacIes and deceptions" advaaeed by 
Mr. McBrlde In support of this under- 
taking'' will be exposed within a yen;. 
The only meaning tliis can have is thfit 
I in the opinio, '.r lift; iT-Por ail the 
i claims made ■ railway 

will accomplish for Vjototia are simply 
deception. If any nunnibcr of Victorians 
entertained sentiments so disloyal to 
their city, building operations would 
.■ffisf tomorrow. . i . 

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Quality Towels at the Fairest of Prices 

Objection has oeen taken to the early 
ilftte fixed for the nomination of candi- 
dates at the forthcoming election, which 
1^ to be th- 11th Inst., and not the i:th 
as announced. We are Inclined toL-think 
the length of time between \^nom- 
Ination and election Is In the interest 
o' the gentlemen who arc chosen by the 
Opposition as candidates. There wt'l 
always be some uncertainty until noin- 
inatlon day as to who will bo in the 
field, and a new randldato is always 
under a disadvantapo in having the date 
postponed until a short period before an 
election. The regular political parties 
never wait until nomination day before 
putting their mcp In the field, and it l^: 
•an advantage to them to know ns early 
as possible If there ftre to be any otners 
before the electors. On consideration 
we think most people will agree with us 
that it is advantageous, especially to 
opjxiKlilon i^andldatos. to have the nom- 
inations over as sonn as pos«il)U-. It is 
also an advantage to government caii- 
rii.iHiKs, eBiicclnlly to sitting memberH 
who propof, til 11 -rntcr the field. Wc 
cannot see that II Is * Ulsadvantagc to 
nuy Olio 

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New Building Bylaw is Lengthy 
Measure — Important and 
Drastic Changes Contem- 



Odd FeUovi^' ^iaw^p^i^l 1 \ 

I II I 11 , 1 I IN i niip I l l w i l l i iii fm >im ii |it i W i i » j iiiiii ijii iSSr' 

After tlie lust council liad str»*ggl<"l 
Willi the new building bylaw for m-ar- 
ly three months only to glvo up the 
lengthy task in apparent exhaustion, and 
referred the measure to a special coni- 
!v.lttee to revise and sugJg^Bt need**'! 
.Miendinents. the revised provisions to 
lie recast In legal language ami the 
whole to. he reprinted, the new draft as 
tlnally approved by the cominittee Is 
now ready for the consideration of thin 
year's council. The bylaw i 

bulkier than Us preaocefsor n: 
IfSH will require > 
Us co^sirt<■v^^t ■'<•• 

i ,o I..!, i 1 

fore last J « ai t, loumii «ui ui>iii>i,h.i>h 
have to be again diteussed by the new 
board which has not seen the previous 
drafts mucls of which bad been *pj»j.'(jvea. 

foHk nlmliar purpOM paii«^ t^lWWniff 
cutea at Canada and the $tate«. ' eittei 
luany timsB tha aiza- of TiotOfta, but It 
i««a bttlievad bf the eommUtee of .last 
"twKC* cotincu that the >^i»f«}a«oBa as 
limited wUi iM».^ Ji^^Mhif twTk In «H 

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[l.-flrSTT!* -VT^f 

Langley ana Tate* 

TOugfinr fliilitt portion of tha UrM. eon* 
lalned.:^withla Ihfi boundaxy: tiie «^£H^ 
line of DouBlas 9fn*t tvotn 

strifft; thence to "the nearest point 
the waterfront at James Bay and alo 
f'.e waterfront northerly to a point on 
a line directly In cotjilnuatlon of Cor- 
morant street; easterly to <3bvetnment 
street; northerly to Herald street; eiest- 
erly to Douglas street <.■ 

Second nre Idmlt* 
Fire liniltw No. 2 will be contained 
ouifitd'- inc Xo. 1 limits arid Within 
boundaries commencing at the watef 
line at the foot of Russell street. Vic- 
toria West, and along Rus.sell street to 
Inind»«< strfeet ,to Esuuimalt road, to 
Bridge street, to John street, to Tannot ■ 
Ktroet, to Bay strct. tn nork Tiny nv. 
nuc. to iTiii^*i'ir 

lAcen Roae and . ».., — , .; i , j ' 
In a straight line to meet ISlcBrlde 
street, thence to Queen's avenue, to 
Blanchard street, to Pembroke avenue 
to Quadra street, to North Park strp> ' 
to Cook street, to Mear^? street, to Vti 
couver street 
pert street, i ' 

alon: iflt street and thence souUi- 

p,;i,. ,!i..i uitii Riioerir street to 

y Street, ■'■ 

1-. ;:■ iiiH- oi i:>t-Hi-k.ii iim park, along 
- ; u north Tine to BlanchaiPd street, to 
Superior ^'euzles street, to 

Quebec lohtreal street, lo 

Superior street, lo a point 120 feet east 
of St. Lawrence street, tTienoe perallel 
with St Lawrence 8tr«' 
street, to a point 400 f e' I 
Lawrence street, thence to a point Ave 
feet east of the r^"— ""*-' tbence 
aouiherly and at rl: o yim- 

«oe atrt ic watenroiu, thence 

'~a»e?i~ 1' ront to th*> ;mo.<it south- 

LADIES* ^mPhTS. SItK GOWNS with hig^ yraist 1iii« 
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!oraI debiuus. the 
remarkable price . 


817 Jessie Street, Victoria Weit. 


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I i ,!■ Piano Is the chi^ i 

instiuinent in the interpretation 
of music, so do the CHICKBR- 
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I^IATNES dnniinnte to all other 

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influence, or has meant so much 
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«« Oue«riB »<-. v»ao«»v«. *•** 

Spring Time 

Is cleaning limr, and everythinsr 
required to assist you In the work 
of "spring-cleaning" ii to !"•« "b- 
lalnod hrrr, such ns rumltiire 
PoUsh, Honsehold Ammonia, Xtye, 
SCoth Balls, Ohloria* o' Xilme, 
rormaldebyd* ramlfatora, Kydro- 
Creaol, Xneect Powder, etc., etc. 
At loweat prices 

Hall & Co. 

Srufgleta, eto. 

Jfriy point, tbence In a straight line and j 
n, 1 to the polnf of commencement I 
a; the loot of Russell street, Victoria j 
West. ! 

Bulldinss will he classed A anl 11 : 
and C, ■ the Orst only to '- •■-i 

within the first fire limits: i 

v\ithin the second limit' .-■ -.Wnd 

ill other portions of tli- 

' laap A biUldtngs will be thj^e all 
DuUBt.E j the mkferfalfl of which must be non- 
combustible, fireproof and walerpropf, 
and which buildings shall have a skele- 
ton frame work of steel or Iron or of 
reinforced conci-ete and Interior con- 
struction must bctyf the most flroproof 

V^taaS B- llUnUiilBa aumi i>* • 8 CX^ 

walls and piers of masonary or of 

. to. 1 or iron and all Interior loals 

.sliall be carried to the prrouml by 

colunm.'< or girders of Iron 

or masonry, all girders to If i. ; ' 

as in Class A bulldlnga. This clis-j^or 

.structure inay be descrit-"-! '• - ■•vl-fiiv-- 


Class C buildlugH will in-Uiiio nil 
I frame veneer strtictures. dwelllnss, etc. 
Ma«e of Details 
Very exhaustive rogulutions am-nt the 
detaTled constructions of the Class A 
and B structures arc given while the 
composition of materials to be used, the 
strength of same, size of waUs accord- 
ing to the height of structure to bo 
erected, formulae to determine the 
strengths of varlmls materlalF, founda-' 
tion work, «rea» under nlflewalkft, erec- 
tion ot barriers whll« hulldlna.-? are In 
course of construction and the prohibi- 
tioM of advertising thereon, and In Tact 
details pertaining to every part of the 
structures from the time the .excava- 
tion Is begun unin the building Is com- 
pleted. Full paftlctilars relative to the 
'rendering the buildlngn as gnfo for>hu- 
man life a.~! posBlMc, particularly In re- 
gard to doorwnys, the inclosing of hall- 
ways, stairways, elevator shafts, etc; 
the width of hallways and stairways 
according to total (luanllly of floor 
space In the structure; stability of fioors 
nnd maximum weights to he placed 
thereon; nature of tests for various ma- 
tPrlalB. l.oH'is and furnncr--, ft", •ivo 

Niiiety-«lx sections, no more nu les.'s, 
are devoted to theatres, churches, pub- 
lic hallB"Bnd structures to be used for 
aucb purposes, and the bylaw even goes 
HO tar as to deal with fences, none of 
which of ft lielght of more thnn seven 
feet .sliail be of wood within i le fire 


Smlu«B«Ul Section 

Street* and UlocUs can only be re- 
|[ftrd*-fl as resld«ntial_;*rhi*re they lie 
.foiit-oldB the atftond ' lire llwlts. .\ 
•'closely WetUed residential etrcef shall 
uu-an liny street coinnieiicliig- from the 
portion outslrle the fire llmit.s upon 
whioli rewidcncefi Ktand on both nldis 


pgautifulty etnbroidc^ed in 

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LADiES' BLACK CASHMERE HOSE— A very special line. 
Regular 35c. A fast dye, hard-wearing_ stocking; bale 

..• *. . ,<fio^ 

p.-;^p. .. . 

CHILDREN'S TWEED COATS with bright green military 
collars and green metal buttons. Sizes 8, 10, 12 and _i4 
years. Regular value $9.50. Special Price $6.9o 

^VHITE LAWN SKIRTS with deep flounce of embroidery. 
Regular $2.75. Special Price •' $1.65 

CHEMISES in white lawn, slip-over style, .with embroidery 
yokes and trimmings. Regular price $i.2§. Special. .. 60^ 

Another line in fine cambric with yoke of fine tucks, lace iir- 
sertion and ribbon. Regular $1.75- ^^le Price $1.UU 

DRAWERS in- white cambric, open and closed styles, em- 
broidery flounce insertion. Regular value $1.25. Sale 65^ 

CORSET COVERS in all-over embroidery, trimmed nbnon. 
Size 36. Regular $1.75. Special Price $1.00 

CORSET COVERS in white cambric with embroidery and 
lace trimming. Regular $1.25. Si^eciaL Price 75^ 

cr\ ^r? 

716-719 Yates Street 



Just Above Douglas Street 

from end to end within 20O feel of each 
other or on which three-f6urths of the 
buildings are private residences. A 
"closely settled residential block" shell 
be a block situated outside the limits. 
V herein three-fourths ot the superficial 
ra of the same Is occupied by private 
residences With their 'appurf-in'-eM and 

The bylaw contemplates burring from 
residential districts " the following 
bulldlnga intended for use «« or for 
breweries, brlekmaklng, blacksmith 
sbopi!, boner shops, bowling alleys, pub- 
lic billiard, pool or bagatelle rooms, 
blood or bon« boiling, chemical work-s 
•cabins, dance balls, foundries, the sale 
of fish, fish cureing. fish canneries, hide 
warehouses or hide-<lreHfling. laundries 
and wash houses, stabler, oil refining or 
extracting, paint work.s. piggeries, poul- 
try (alive or dt.nd), dealers, stables, saw 
or planing miU», soar- works, soap boil- 
ing skating rinus, Baloona, tanneries, 
t«llow melUng and tripe boiling or any | 
oommerlAly industry employing steam 
machinery. Private stables for not more 
than four horses or four cows are not 
included In the r1>'>v 

It J.S apparent' intenUon to do 

away Avlth the present .■system of charg- 
ing fees for iniiUling permits h.n.scd 
upon the value of the structure to be 
crocted-and instead a fee based upon be 
door space of the structure, this fee be- 
ing Plami at one-tenth of one per cent 
per square fodt of floor .pace provided 
that 12 shall be the minimum fee to be 
,aid. For alteration« to structt.rcs 
I, thin the fire limits a fee of ,2^5 s 
to be charged and for alteration to build- 
ings outside the limits $1. 

Manv sections also refer to fire es- 
capes. ror blr»v^""» — -- - 
penalty not exceeding $200 > provided. 

{A lid 


'•■'• I 

•,nmti»".«.v..rrK?T*Vvr«.lCy.t'/ri'.'"-*"'''-''*''*^'^"'"''" --" 


7P\ * 




■'KiC'9E-.'Mi'i!H*Jvrr*l"' ^ f^.'f:'?' '- "s 

Manager Wattelett hns secured « new 
catcher named Meek, He Is now looking 
for a pitcher named Lowly to complete 
the combination. 



and Economy 

-an in . single package -make Port Totrtiei a favorite b ^n pM^ y^f.j*^^^^ 
Housewive. who know ihe eoodaeu of thi. tenptini. whoUaome fia^f gwcUr •W*^^ 


Golds Oauaa Xdadache 
LAX.\TIVT] 13ROMU Wuinine, the 
world wide rolu and Grip rcjiiedy re- 
moves cause. Call for ftiU nanie, Look 
for .signature, K. AV. OUDVIS. 25c 

are blu of lelected vdnle own. cooked. t«M^ iad^ 

They prewnt llie ridi flavor of eMU iH 
Hae to be apprecated. 


\ r 




Investors Take Notice 


W e have a first-class factory site for sale, situated 
on Chatham street, just off Douglas. 

Price $20,000 

Terms will be ^ivcn on H])plicati(in lo this otiice. 

Bw4 W. ISkl SB wa jB^ 1 SB BmSI W ^ 

;f^../C' i.^|<<^ttl»i^Vkt6rialfcelU Estate Excbinge) 
^S^ort Street '' : ,^4 -'^ v'\ ' ^K'-^ 9fkoM iim 


Ohliiui«r Plr« — A chimney lire at '!>« 
prertilsfs of Wong Duck, 731 KlsKuarii 
tilrt-el, gavi' th<! Hre cl»^t>u.rliiient u run 
yisteiday mornlnB. No daiuaBO was 

rifth MarohBg Out— The Kltih Kegi- 
inent C.G.A.. under the command of 
Lieut. -Col. A. \V. Currle, held a parade 
liiat nltfhi followed by a march out 

Kolbartr Xisaffue — At thu lo^t meeting: 
of the HolbeiK brunch of the Vancouver 
Island Development League Mr. H. M. 
l^araun was chosen as president, and 
Mr. Tliomas Hoem as secretary for the 
current year. 

On BevolutlonB — Mr. A. T. Weltjht lie- 
llvercd hlo popular and inten-Htlng ifc- 
mrc on Kovolutlons Past and Present 
to the Victoria West Kpworlh League 
ou Monday evening at their meeting 
held under the citizenship department, 
and the .subject was Renerally dlwcussed 
by the membership of the league, and a 
very pleasant and pr^ifltable evening was 
orjoyed by all present. 

The Pollco Court — Charged with hav- 
InR .-jlK-it !L wild i*o\vl In Victoria harbor, 
J. Kerr, of Vkloiia Vv'est, was convicted 
In the police court yesterday, and fined 
$10. Jolm Daly and EdwarcJ Collins. 
wlio stole boots from the store of Mr. 
J, E. Munday, Johnson street, -were each 

^B^iL Jaid liM.*Wnr Urn* Of** ^ 

of every variety, imported and dottli 
tastes, iTiild, medium and strong. 


Also everything in Table Delicacies 

to suit all 




Genuine Gorgonzola Cheese, per lb 

Genuine; Roquefort Cheese, per lb 

Genuine Swiss Cheese, per lb. 

Genuine English Stilton Cheese, per lb. . 
Genuine Canadian Stilton Cheese, per lb- 
Genuine Limburger Cheese, per lb. ...;. 

Genuine Parmesian Chees6, per lb. .00^ 

Genuine Brick/Cream Cheese, ])er lb. .35^ 

Genuine Cr^^m Edam (in tins) CheeSe, each ....... .^1.50 

Genuine Neuchatel Cheese, each 10^ 

Genuine German Breakfast Cheese, two for .,^*, .,^..i^5|||.. 

Genuine 'Camembert Cheese, drum . . . .:,.;, ;'. v--' •■■t'^P^^PiP^L 
Genuine Edelweiss CamembertCheese, tins 30c arKl. . . .50i^ 
Genuine Grated Parmesian Cheese, perfeottle. . ... ..... .50o 

Harry Peck's English Stilton Cheese, pCr jar. .■ 6O4? 

MacLaren s Imperial Cheese, per jar, 35c and 65^ 

MacLaren's Cream Cheese, per packet. .......... . .10«^ 

IngersoU Creain Cheese, per packet . . . 15^ 

Pimiento Cheese, per jar ,20^ 

>«wi«tiM^ «« *»Ji8e was «4s**to« **»» . Smnmf ^«i«»-,-wi4 ;«««»«? -jft^tt «i -ft ; 

00^, IS. til* J^l»« JtnAtp -Bfigim*^ P.t 

X4»fSf.'«aKb)ir (ur» Joim ot fit ^ w- 

«w«M timt hk i» ii««ni«toaw4 »• *«««^ 
ibw 49 •-* m ^i >»««« S«!f*Sk'^J 

C. X. B. Oo. Xioat Cmi* — Tu« action 
brought by the nian Miller aKulnst the 
Canadian Mineral Rubber company for 
damages for injuries received was con- 
•luded yesterday afternoon in the su- 
I)rt-'me court, when jufl^;ment glvn 
for the defendant and the dkinuigcB as- 
sessed Ht 12400. The heerlng of tlie 
case Occupied several Besslons of thi* 
court owing to the inability of a wit- 
ness to be present, but yesterday after- 
noon all the evidence was In and coun- 
se'l u>.lflreea«d the chief Justlc*. 

ir«w Opera Xou«« — The (luestlon of 
the new theatre for the city was raised 
at the meeting of the Real Estate Ex- 
change yesterday afternoon on a re- 
port submitted by Mr. D. O. Rochford, 
secretary of the syndicate responsible 
for the carrying out of the Droposilloii. 
He pointed out that while |100,000 had 
been subscribed the $200,000 ^/JUld be 
required for the purpose, and he com- 
mended the worlt aa deserving of the 
assistance of the members of the Ex- 
change. The Exchange decMed to i.ii- 
dor whatever assistance it could to the 
project. The site of the new opera 
house is located at the corner of Blan- 
chard and Broughton .strftts. 

Women'a 3BducaUoaal Club — The Wo- 
men's Kducati'fmRl <'lMb hnid Itn ti»ual 
fortnightly nipeting yesterday after- 
noon at the residence of Mrs. C. M. 
Tete, South Turner street, the president, 
Mrs. F. A, McDiarnil<i. being in the 
5;iJi««t?S5*»!rft *ood attendawift Q/ 
Hwncipal featja*!-;,,. 


We have beefi v^ry bu>y 

lately opciiinj,' up many 

cases of spring goods, in- 

New Dress Goods 
iS;t:vv Vcb tings 
New Piques 
New Check Muslins 
New Lace Curtains 
New Bungalow Nets 
New Corsets 
New Hosiery 
New Veilings 

Marked at our usual low 
cash price. 

G.A.Richardson 4 Co. 

Victoria Xonsa, 636 Tataa Btraat. 

.^gents Butterick Patterns 


' di» '9iMm,Mi«il« trowtti^ rVlnt, 

tab ColumlMii. On JJbUUdi U^ the «Iil1i 

mmOtV' Vb* #»«hftrtitf: wti),4M 4ma« «* 
i»t0 roWifto o^ lliiw. SpmMP' 

& CO., LTD 

Grocery Dept. 
Tel?. 178. 170 

Butcher's Dept. 
Tel. 2678 

Liquor Dept. 
Tel. 2677 

741. 743, 745 Fort Street 




Such as Asbestos Cement, Millboard, Paper, Rope, Wick, 

Etc. Klingerit Packing, Palmetto Packing, Asbestos 

Sheet Packing, Swarts Packing, Etc. 

We have just received from England ,-i large shipment OB 

Lion Packing and Walkcrite Sheet 

and we now inform our many customers who hava been 

waiting for it 

E. B. Marvin & Co. 

The Shipchandlers. 

1202 Wharf Street- 


Double Corner, with splendid view cf Straits and Mountains. An ideal 
homo site. A snap on very easy terms [ ^ .92500 

Olympla Avenue, comer of .Seagull, 50x150, one-third cash. A good buy 

*t fl606 

WUlows Beach, one acre. .\ snap for Immediate sale on exceptionally 

tmaj Uiuia .....«..- .IfWIiOO 


•34 VUnr atrMt, 

Fhou* aaiT 

11 XtoOniffor Xleek. 

)S»SiSi^imm^ _ , -^„ 

thtrmometer ioeit nSt iirilc "to twenty 
desreea below sero, and the winter does 
not last eigbt months. 

Co«t of Sxp«rt'« AdTl«e— Thr •■-' "> 
thv city lof the services of M' '• 

Thom«*on, the Seattle expert, wno 'x- 
amined and reported upon the defcot.s of 
the smith's Hill reservoir. Is ^342.60, 
which includes 5260 for professional eer- 
vlceB. The balance of the bill Is made 
up of Items covering trB,velUng expenses 
of himself and assistant, who accom- 
panied him from Seattle, and Incident- 
als. This sum Is, of course, not to be 
included In the subsequent work which 
iir. ThornKOTi will do in the way of 
prfcparinir i nA specincatlons for 

the reservu.. i-.ulr and siipervislnsr 
that workiThlBWlU amount to $3,600. 
BlBBB iu City KbU— Victoria's f'.vi^ 
centre, yclept tiie city hall, was e' 
yesterday at iioon, and while the dasx : 
age done did not amount to more than 
a few cents a golden opportunity of for- 
ov«r .st'ttling the qu<-'tl,in of n now"e'.vic 
centre, was lost ti 
of the ' ' ' " 

partme: "^ 

the blaze in its incipient stagg ann ap- 
plied first aid. xave coals from the 
stove in the office of the buUdlng In- 
spector fell upon and Imrnrd a hole 
throtigh the floor. A rfls were 

ripped up In order to tl... ..o-ily quench 
any liit^ which might have started be" 
tweeh the flooring and tlie celling be- 
ineath. OfBelals around the hall were 
t!e<;:r<!lly bemoantriK the fact t.hat the 
blaze was thus caught In Its Infancy. 

Bnmslde Car I.lne — The work of con- 
structing the car line on Burnslde road, 
which wUl be part of the Saanlch ex- 
tension of the B. C. Elert ■ r;iilway 
Company, has so far progi .at It 

will flhortl- sslble to operate atrs 

as far as limits. Yesterdiiy 

linemen completed the task of stringing 
« hA , trolley - wires over the two double 
tracks, which have been laid on a solid 
cement foundation for a considerable 
distance. For some time the road will 
h.- utilized In operating construction 
tiaius, as It Is the intention to push 
work on the ext^^nsion to the Saanlch 
peninsula with all possible speed. Later, 
hcwcver, a temporary passenger service 
a^ far as the city limits may be npi^r- 
ated. The roadbed presents flvery .;, 
pearance of solidity, the heaviest of 
rails having been firmly embedded In 

v. A. B. C. Annual Ueeting — The an- 
nual meeting of the Victoria Amateur 
Dramatic club was held last evening 
in the Alexandra Club with Mr. W. B, 
Scott in the chair. There wan a capi- 
tal attendance of members. The retir- 
ing secretary-treasurer, Miss Agnes Mc- 
Kay, reported a balance of nearly J70 
in the bank, and various other matters 
of business were transacted. Offlcei-a 
for the ensuing year were elected as 
follows; patron, Hl.s Honor the Llcuten- 
ant-Oovernor; hon. president, Premier 
McBrldo; president, Mr. W. B. Scott; 
honorary secretary-treasurer. Mr. Yates; 
patronesses, all re-elected, Mesdanies 
HcBride, Kirk, Haseii, Orufi, Harry 
Pooley, Beresford Ifogg, Miss Agnes 
MacKay and ' Miss Bowron; vice presi- 
dents, Vcry^ Uev. the Dean of CoUintbia 
and Mr. W. Blakemore. On motion of 
Mr. Hlnrks it was decided to postponn 
the election of a. stage miinHSo*" imtll 
the club knew definitely whether It 
could hope to have qunrlors Of its own 
or not, and until then to appoint a tem- 
porary stage managr-'r for each produc- 
tion. The following gentlemen Were 
elected members nf the executive com- 
mittee: Major Heale. Capl. Foulkes, Mr. 
Drake, Mr. Hlncks and Mr. i7raddock. 
nnd ctirrlcd unanlmou.^ily. Tho executive 
i-ommlttee were asked to make a musi- 
cal comedy tbe next i>rodui!ll(in of the 
club, ajid to place It on ti-e boanl.s 
shortly after Easte'r. It was also de-. 
elded that the olub continue Its series 
of at homes held last year In the near 
fviture, the gatherlng.s to be held In t'u. 
Alexandra club. Warm votes of thank.'i) 
were passe<l to Major and Mrs. Taylor 
for their splendid services In oonnnc- 
flnn with tlfB c!>lb; to Mrn. WhU» fni- 

allowing the club to use the Balmoral 
for Its meetings last year; to Mr. Clif- 
Tord Denham of the Victoria theatre, 
for his generous treatment of the olub 
in connection with the recent perform- 
ance, and to the chairman, Mr. W. K. 

JUL. 4«ttaukt» j«£.Cll«..-aait, « iii«~i»ltMMiift 

tiotat .street '~tZ!MMr ^<^^ 
Which will also -li^Mnlened. tli,#' 
engineer and otty assessor have replied 
to him to the effect that « C8-foot road- 
way paved with wooden blocks laid upon 
a concrete foundation will cost approxi- 
mately ?1B per front foot to property 
owners, and sidewalks 16 feet wide on 
both sides will cost approximately $3.50 
per front foot. This estimate is based 
upon a one-third contribution for the 
city and two-thirds for the property 
owners. Hon. Dr. Helmcken has been 
vigorously combatting the proposed 
improvement, claiming it is not neces- 
sary or 't BO that the property owners 
should not be forced to pay the entire 
e.oi«t nf tb« land **> be .*xproprlated (a 
cost estlraated at $63,271) an incqUU- 
able proceeding when In addition they 
must j)ay very largely for the paving 
work. This letter he estimates at ap- 
proximately $40,000. 


' L~ "l . 


Vw. have, no doi^bt, hsA 
-iyottfetle 1!^^ y^ 1S^ »«^, 

Elgin Watches 

The Lord Elgin Watches are extra ihin uiudcls, made in 
open face only, 'inhere are three grades of movements^— 17 
jewels, 15 jewels and 7 jewels. These movements are ecpiipped 
with cat expansion balance Wheels, which adjust auiumat- 
icaliy to changes of Icinpci ature. They ai?o have micrometic 
regulators for obtaining the closest pos'^iblc pocket rcK'ilation. 
Prices, gold filled, 935.00, ?30.00, $25.00, $21.00 


"The Diamond Specialists" 
1211-13 Douglas Street. Caft. >862 

Sayward Block 

Y. M. C A. 


If vou wish to prepare for ' 
in July ornf you wish to join a SINGING CLASS or learn 



■Welshmen of the City Will Stip in the 

roresters' Hall, Broad Street, la 

Honor of the Occasion 

8t E^vld's Day. which falls dus tomorrow 
will be flttlngly celebrated by the Welsh folk 
of the city of Victoria by a supper ar- 
ranged to bo held In the Fore»ter»' hsli. 
Broad street, commencinjt at 7:45 p. m. 
For ihr- ... <;.i«l<>n a long and Intcreslinit pro- 
gram: ;au«lc. with a prcdomtnfttlnB 
Welf hns been drawn up and It t» 
confiuw.ii pated that the luncUln 
•wlU achi .success It merit* and be 
enrolled ain^np Uie lUt of '■ ^ p-^.liMreMors 
that have illuminated tUt ccasles. 
0j._ 0_ >t '■•nu. «'iii pre si i. ii'_ follow- 
ing 'is 11^' 

Welsh Ti'- Sydd I ml yu y 

byd," ..... .A»>ory«hayth 

Tosst. "The King." • .Chslrmnn 

s .ng Uve the King". Mr. H. Griffiths 

ntrot" ........ . Mr. P. Hughes 

•i..ii.,t. Our SOelety," ....... .Mrs. Jenkins 

Responded to bjr... ..:Mr. D. W. .tones 

Duet, "Watchm.Tii "UMiat of the Night," 

Mr. b. T \rt. H. nflrntiis. 

■Welsh SoTo, ^- 

Toast. "•( 


Sonst. "Til' ,>i uMf i^.oii. 

Song. "Thora." . 

Toast. "Wales," , 

Responded to by 

Harp Solo . . . . , 

.Song, "Y. Deryn Pur". 

Song, Selected 

Hen Wlad ' 
God Save 

Miss Thomas 

In." . .Dr. ■^eed,'!- 
.Mr. .Tohn I^ewls 

Mr. S. Mori Is 

Mr. H. Griffiths 

....... .Mr. W'alfrs 

Mr. Coals 

Mrs. Stracey 

. . .Mm. J. Williams 

W. T. WIlllamB 

■ ■ 'Ian. 

Signal on Barnaby Shoal 

A momorial is being prepared by 
steamship owners and others to be 
pres^intod to the government asking 
that a stone beacon with a light and 
fog signal be established on Burnaby 
shoal to aid navigators proceeding to 
and from Vancouver harbor. 



Meteorolpglcal oiflop, Victoria. B. C. 
8 p. m.. I'-ebruary 211 1012; 

A vast area of abnormally high prPKstire 
extends from the Yulton southwarrl ihrougli 
the Prairie provlnci-a where tho weather Is 
fair and dorldedly cold with temperatures 
below zero at many points. On ih* roast 
the presBuro Is docreaslng and tho high area 
Is slowly moving to tho southenal. Fair 
woather hn" jir.«vAli*<1 '.in the "aci'ic slop? 
with higher tempprnlures In Oallfortila 
whcrc! the prf»»ur<>' la comparaUvely low, 
TB.M1'!5RATURE. •«. .!*■'» "^ 
MIn. Mnx. 

Vlptorln :"> ^n 

Vam-ouvpr .42 

Kamluf'T't' • '' '"^ 

nnrkf»rvlli« ' ...■!.■>% jn 

I'rinco Hup<v i . . 2i . *n 

At.lin 8 below 1 ( 

Dawson, Y. T. ,4 UMow .s 

I'altjarj-. Alto. 

WInnlpoir, Man. 

t'firtlaii.l. Or,.. 

Hun FrHnflB<'ii. <' u 





ItrlBht BuiiHhIno. 7 hnum, .It mlniil'.'."". 

VIrtorIn mBtooroKiBlcnl offlcp, Peliruary 
21st to 27lh, 1912: 

Vlitorla- IlrlRht sunshinn 2(1 hours 4S 
mlnutf's: hljthpsf t«'mp(>rature 4»( -m 22niJI; 
lowpst 29 on 27tli; rain .<? Inch. 

Vrtnc<iuvpf — HrlRht !i\in»hlnr 31 hours Sfl 
mlnuti>s; lilghpsl t!>mpprruuro 4ft on 2Srtl; 
Inwrst 2!) In I'Tlli; rnin Of, Inch. 

New WnstmliiBtpr — (nRhi> twrnporaturo 
47 on 2»th; lowest 29 on 27th; rain .79 Inch. 

Kamloopa — Hlrh^st fnmprralure 44 on 
22nd. 27th; lowest 20 on 24th, 27th; rsln 
.30 mm. 

Darkorvlllp — Tllrhnst temp#rafur« IS on 
32nrt. 2Mh; low»at 4 nn !4th; pr«ctpltaiion 
.2S Inch. 

Prince Rupert — Hiichpst tempprsture 4 2 
on 23rd, 27th: lowest 26 on 27th; r»ln 3.7S 

Atliii — Hlirbnat temperature 112 on list. 
Ilnd, Ifv.esi i h«low sorci on ITth; praclpl- 
talloii .12 Inch. 

if-ro ' 







, BS 

'/ ' ' ' 

4 .■. 
. .10 


If so you Wf? not inform- 
ed on the line we are now 
offering. These have stcr- 
Hng silver tops with pearl 
centres, are the very newest 
thing in style and refined 
taste, will add distinct 
charm to your table, will last 
a lifetime, can never corrode, 

^i.50 and $1.25 A FAIR 

W. H. Wllkcrson 

The Jeweler 
915 OoTanxxnent Bt. 



A woman's desire is un- 
doubtedly to he. well dressed 
and to be well dressed your 
costume MUST BE MADE 

P>y coming to us for your 
Spring Suit you will never 
wear another READY- 
MADE suit. 

Our prices are low and 
your fit will be perfect. 


1432 Government St. 


1,300 acres in separate 
blocks fronting on and adja- 
cent to the lake, 

On very easy terms. 

A, S. Barton 

Memhcr Victoria Real tisiatw 

Room 12, McGrcRor Blk. Tol. 2901. 

834 Tletr St., Vlotorts, B.C. 

The 'Open Door' 

We advocate this In our kitchen 
nnd workshops nnd any timt yoti 
desire you cm visit and Inspeot 
tlicm thoroughly. You'll admit nO 
housewife ever worked In a clean- 
er, sweeter kitchen. 

Hotel Prince Geori^e 

Bonclas aad raadoni VtrM^s 

Direct Importers of all kinds ol 
Chinese and Japanese sllka •.net 
furnisblnff cooda of every deacrlp- 

Call «nd examine our stock be- 
fore purchasing alaewhera. 


Catenny for Weddlnrs.. ^wi^r* 
Parties.' , 

Private £Hnlngroom for B&n* 



Dallas Road 

Lot is 60 X 240 feel, lu 
roomed house, 2 baths, 3 
minutes from car, splendid 
sea view. Price, on easy 
terms $14,000 

Large Lot on Linden Ave., 

Price $2,750 

Three Large Lots off St. 
Charles Street, on Bel- 
mont Ave. Price . .$8,000 

1 1/^ Acres Near Royal Oak, 
6-room house, good out- 
buildiugs, small orchard. 
Price $2,500 





Member of Victoria 
Stock Exchange 

Tel.' 209s < 
103 Pemberton Block. 

Loose Leaf 

Tliey are the handiest 
and cheapest little poc- 
ket books that you coitld 
; possibly want, bi^uqd in 
a neat leather case, and 
they can be refilled in 
any city. 

Baxter it Mmm 

Typewrit. , 
Ph?»c 73» 7*' YAtM St, 

Kwong Tai Yunc 

Lrce Block, 
1622 Government St. 

Uora Keat &asa 8oo« 

Ziaca JLah, ta 

FAiKTEB's asnxnwa 0x^0 
wsxaunoTox coax. 

Try a ton today and be convlnoad 



X*l>OBa B39 

•04 Oozmoraat Btxaat 

Sea Grass Chairs and 


Why not buy them 
now while they are 
cheap, than later when 
they are much dearer? 

LeeDye & Co. 

Next to Fire Hall 
Cormorant Street, Viclori^ 


Now that wc have r^^ 
Geived our new »|>tiiti^ 
suitings, we arc ready to 
make vour suit in what- 
ever shade you mnji We guarant£« 
it to fit perfectly, and we ^ 
are sure it will give yo^/^ 
crreat satisfactiom ' '^ 



C HOira ft:! 


1454 Ov^tnauM 
VktPria, «. «^ 


Thursday, F«bru«ry ?9, tSIl 


Comprising- new patterns in Cretons, Art Sateens, 
Denims, Art Muslins, etc 

Cretons — Si)lcndid values in neal floral and paisley 
designs, in good color tones, 2j inches wide. Per 
yard, i2i>2C and l"v 

Art Sateens — Good even, soft finish, in good wide 
widths, dainty color tones in floral and paisley pat- 
terns. Per yard, '^QgiiafydwiiiiMwuiinniiiiiMiiiniii lo^ 

Art MusUns — 3(>inch 

with well covered design? 
double bordered stuffs. Prices^ 

At Vancouver Today and To- 
morrow iney Vvm ociCuc 
Leader and Formulate New 


•MiB. Wulli'.r l-'iHBei of Vancouver 
streol will not receive tomorrow 



' .. f 




Spedil fiv T<xtiy*^1iHM 

Liberals of BrlilBh Columbia nipft in 
annua! convention in O'Brien ll"ll. Van- 
couver, today und toTOorrow. Tlie selec- 
tion of !i platform to be regarded us tlie 
official pronouncfimont of the party and 
.1. choico of a leader are two of the points 
upon ^hlch the meeting will aeclUe. To 
join in the deliberaliuiiB some forty 
delegates from the Victoria constitu- 
ency left yesterday afternoon and last 
evening Including those hltfh' In the 
councils of the party here, Hon. WlUlam 
lempieman oeing prumiiieut aiviong the 
numljpi His name together with Ihose 
Mr John Oliver, of Delta, iir. H. C. 
and Mr. M. A 
»rc- mentil^itosd 

. *|iv^"«iitjW!pWiffi|- 

^ VOfgaam tA frniftmf ^ ftttrtfinqg-lflfe 
jUm ptirty, ^ttt " <»wW» to i:^« U^rtX 

StectiaBB ' tits #MSiO^ WW* BOVtJWt^Ut 

, It (• Itk«ls^ tlM v«Nn l^uavtoQ will 
Watt* 4VP" *}hI ibMt* 'M tiM wrlOttB 
torffkMitt to «• 4*M«>M# loirtUMf to- 
W<i>»>i>»i!efti» tli*'»»rty upon » moifo 

«t^ >Nidte««i wHteli, If Adojiita^ witt, 
mcaft » plmtf«nn of a p^BO^cM rad- 
|oat iiatur«. it i» ttrntfii ^ai ■- n*w 
.^l^wft-pouey. bMrt upoo ifrg».4wyj 
~ rn<|ii to l>op«-fid« settler* who ^U^ 

hinted that the conven- 
Jsonsilder the nuestton of 
tMH^IBtee should be an cxtonhion 
if th^^jffiffi'^n-.- '- ^^■omen. 

Among tht x delegates who 

will :it tend the convention arp the fol- 
liiwins; Hon. "VViUlam Templeman, Mes- 
srs. R. Li. Drury. Richard Hall, J. 
Kintrhani, A. B. Fraser, J. Roberts, .i. 
\> • i( i.angley, J. Clark, H. A. 

.Muiiii. Hugh Kennedy, T. J. mclcs, J. 
Davey, W, Woodward, Lieut-Col. Cur- 
x\f, A. Semple, F. Pcmpster, L. U. Con- 
>eis. Dr. Lewis Ilrill. ex-Ald. W. K 
faliCrtlHUA-^W. \V„;l,^:-, '■, A. ;';;:;;[nfc 
A Few, W. M". iJ.ic:-, \\. \}.>\\, A. .-^aun- 
deifr, and other.". 

Mrs. K. A, Harris litis Just reK^eived 
word of the dc«th of Mrs. <;eorge K. 
Hpiiiiug. hei- mother, at Hamilton, unl , 
on Tuesday, February JTth. 

Mr.' K. D. King. K.C., and his daug-h- 
ter, Ellen, of Halifax, N.S., are in the 
city ior a fe« dityo on their way )i9m« 
after an extended tour of the southern 
states and (■aHfornla- Mr. King, who is 
a prominent lawyer In his hom« <-lty, 
extends liis congratulations to Victoria 
on Us choice of Mr. T. H. Robertson. 
K.C.. as city solicitor. W'hU« 'here Mr. 
King will be the guest of his ni<»<»», 
Mr.". V. Van Home, and Ills brother, 
Mr. C U. Kins. 10:J8 (,'liamberlain street. 

Mrs. M. Mutrle, 17:;8 Denman street, 
will receive for the flrfit time «lnci3 
coming to Victoria on Saturday after- 
noon, March 2nd, from three to six, and 
afterwards on second W<Mlna«day of the 

A fnshlonaMe weddlns look place at 
St. Jamea' church, South London, Ont., 
at three o'clock tlils afternoon (Febru- 
o^r-K, 'inth), n/hi^n MIhh N'ita. Hunt, only 
daughter of Mr. Charles 15 Hunt, ^\as 
:'.!Ci: r!cd tS Dr. r^^UHlon Hiint»»r of Vic- 
toria, n C. The ceremony 'was performed 
by Yen. TJean Davlij in the presence of 
||ijyi||||'Jtiie8ts from the city and out-of- 
W*';$^»e church was prettily Hl«corat*4 
for the «ota«^ witit southerB nmtli^ 
•pA p«l«eB 404 Wltli Wlilta tttltpo. "tlio 
i«fddi&g uuurolk «M ftwyad by Mr. C 
«.'I««wjr» or«oqai|- of ip." flkfUOi.' TUP 
))H4e «iw* lowttod IB wMu oBtlft. iVim* 
mod wltii oryiit«l $ad poBVtP. wftlt % 
Tol} of wWte «uU4 4a^ «, :)«lt«t c«p «£ 
poiirlp «B4 tlnr satin |«oopttd||. fRio ejur* 
rioA ft, obowor tuouAttot of tf^M «*• Uiy 
of U)« vBDoy, v»A UMPO tho |^f t of »P 
creom, a handaomp bjrmeelot «ptoh. MlM 



Revelstoke Delegation Wants 
Government to Provide 
Transportation from Tete 
Jaune Cache to Arrow Lakes 

Popular Priced 

hoBor. BAd th« bMdooiBOMo #tro XMm 
J«»«io Boyeo of Orpffd Haipli[|». Illos 

-ffiioop ^pior^i»t,wni>«Mr' «ft« iinvs 

A large and representative deputation 
from Revelstoitc will wait upon the 
Hon. Thomas Taylor, mlnl.»ter of rail- 
ways today In the hope that the gov- 
ernment will so exlcna lis policy as to 
providfc for the construction of a line 
from Tete Jaune Cache to Arrow Lake, 
a distance of ISO miles. Though It Is 
now too late to liave such a railroad 
incorporated In the policy upon which 
an flection Is calltd the deputation in- 
tends placing the matter fully before 
thf Kovi-rnincnt in the hope of securing 
an as«ur.».ncp mat tno mantr wiii be 
considered after the house reassembles 
for anotlier session. 

The members of tht. deputation, who 
represent practically all the leading 
bodies In the city of Revelstoke, inolud- 

iHofp moBbOr: **tMto «(i/loo#Ud b«t«*«a 
ftH^polntd «rhlo|k «»dMl«« tajb*«ft dm* 
iioot^d 1KP «!»• «^ tbo rtcheat twU" of 
tUPPor io bo (o«ad In <«• opttro prov- 
ttipo Of iMiiPb OplHlpMp. Tbo tfMbor 
IB 4|pt of P90dloor« <itiBUiy. bPtof tbo 
flflbit io bo ImnA pj^wboro la tbo 
woirld. Wbllo at tbo pwpont tlnw tbo 

Columbia . . 
Grand Opera 
Records . . . 


tipftbor induoMir to ttio oouatry tpiuat 
bofipfUpw toolOMMrt ikod \k Boattipo ooPiA 
loritt of itf oBppbllltlop> CM ipbvkPtP 

Of tbo pfWbrf «p «pA ^JiWifis «» fir* 

iij t^o pnpMimppf p fpftrtwii jpa ■« tut 

The great success attained by the popular priced 
Grand Opera Records, bkic label series, which have 
been recently issued by the Columbia Phonograph Co., 
Iiave led 'J.;i"v. to extend their h<i as rapidly as pC)S- 
siblc. We are, therefore, pleased to announce the fol- 
lowing additions which do not a]ipear in the cata- 

sold at 


15P ."•-'.ifei,'';"? 

-«. • >l V ;r^ 

The seUctioni »re aUUiDrt witiMMit exmUm§^^ 
most poj>ul*«' >n a^^ ^P***** ^4 we w* 9iiitlilit «i««ic 
K>vef s Will appreciate them* 

IS^tnat ^ t«f«d«r $3*00 Reedrds 

' Unen Night Gowns, regular $2.25 a,f|4 f 2.511— 
Silk difesses msMie io^t&^^f*, ,~. :\ ...:.. 


1601-3 Government Street, Cor. Cormorant Phone 2863 

A New Cake 

•i-l*j,u ill 

And Butter Sqs. 

JOXFECTIONERY DEPARTMEM'-- laryo chocolates 
with a special heavy coating of Carracas chocolate. Colonial 
Fruits and fresh Caramels. 



Premier McBrlde and Hon. Dr. Tounj 

to Attend Opening of Wrw 


Yates Street, opposite Gordon's 

611 Fort Street 


REM^|^3l»'Jimr""^2S 'TA' 


O AD • 

And shall be established in tWI^ 
BUILDING as soon as possible. 

-^^IM^ilw Cralgf lower .school will be 
fi ! ) HwS ! ¥^ l?enfed today at 3 p.m. and both 
r>i.micr .VIcBride And Hon... Dr. Young 
will 1.0 in iiUpndtance at the ceremony. 
'l"h. ivf.iit will mark tht, passing of a 
structure historical In the educationar 
annals of the province. It is over fifty 
yeturs sine^ the old school house near 
the CralgflQWer bridge was attended by 
pupHs and there is probably no slmllap 
instlfutton In British Columbia which 
i>iv,,iTri.-.l standing: for ao lonfft 

' ' • "inclpal of the new 
\i . ! lirdinare. 


Arthur Holmes 

{139. Yates Street 

Corner Broad 

Jubilee Incubators and Brooders 

"\Vr have thp b-st on '.hr- niarkf-l. Iwl water prlnrlpal and ifuar«nt«"<'<'I Io hatrli 
b»twoi>n 85 and .10 per cent of fertile egg?. Inculjai.fin. 10? eggs, at |30.00; 
'MS eggs, at •4':.50. Brooders, 100-chlck, S30.00. 

Telephone 413. SYLVESTER FEED CO. 70» Tate. Street 

Interior Decorations 

S\'!3.h&Ye added an lnf<>rior DecoraHon IicuArl nif nt to our Orienlal busi- 
ness, and have engaged an expert ZITTSKXOK SSOOX^^OX 
We carry the latest designs of Cretons. .Silk Drapes, lOnplish Vclour.-, 
< ir. Designs and Kstlniates submitted free of cost. 

Carter's Oriental Rug Store 

Opposite Alexandra Club. 

719 Courtney Street. 

. 1 ii . 1 1 , ■ " I ■ 

Hniolde Owners— The Hllljilde property 

owner* are anked to come to a meeting (n 

the old fire hall. Oaklands. tomorrow night 

1 ar Ji o'ciocjt to discuss tiie tunip-riisniivii 

qucsllpn. ; .. 

X. C. O. Parad^-The -regular parade of 
thp non-commliwioned offlrers of the Fifth 
Regiment <". O. A. will be held »l the Drill 
hall tonight. Major Mills, R, C A., wiU 
rlellver a lecture to those prenent. Leave 
from this parade can be obtained only by 
application te Capt. R. r. Clarke, VZH 
Uouglaa street. 

B. P. O. B. Pmoker— The Benevolent Pro- 
tective Oilier of IJcBverf arc holding a free 

.•...w....,y« ......>,«... ».,. ....^ .-^^L^.C- .I.*.. .J.. ...--. 

day ntght next «t >i;3ti v. m. Amongst 
tlio»e Ringing in .lack Mplvllle, who Is «1- 
nuys worth hearing. . Kefreshments will be 
•ervcd .ind R mo»t enjoyable evening U 

Sbamrnrk Cafe Cbantant — The >.>iinM peo- 
t)l6'B branch of the Provincial VV. C. T. I', 
met rtn Tuesday evening to consider arrange- 
ments for tjie .Shanrrock Cafe Chaniant. 
which Is to be hold In the Cafe of the .\li»x- 
ftndra club on March ISth. Mrs. Wllllscroft. 
ivho has kindly consented tn become tlie 
honorary piesldeni oC the.Y. P. H., will open 
the t^afc Chants III. ,, Th»» Y. M. C. A. or- 
chestra will play seleoMons <^f music and 
several well known local Artists have prom- 
ised thrlr servfces. The Y. {'. B. was or- 
ganlied on .lanuarj' 3rd last, so this Is (he 
first effort of this new organization and it 
Is to be hoped the temperance people of 
Victoria will do their beet to be present on 
this occasion. 

tr?mnilng» of p\iik ielfftta and French 
roses, and they wore bar pin's of aqua- 
marines and pearlB, the gift of the 
fi^room. All carried bouquet* of pink 
roses and fresslas. The bert man was 
'T ^ Smith of Toronto, and the 
were Air. Charlea Hunt, Dr. John 
Hunt of BVirt William, brothers of the 
bride; Mr. Wilbur Cochrane -of Sudbury, 
Ml \^;nlHni Mers'dith, Mr. Sidney Ulttle 
ami Mv. Woodman Leonard, all of Lon- 
don. These were the recipients of hand- 
some tie pins from the groom. After the 
ceremony a, reception -svas held at the 
residence jlf-tti. ' ■ " = father. Ar.rti.y 
l^oad, aftfeP 'Wh. rro.ihniPni- ■'•-'- 

served. The reeeplion-room 
ater with palms and fern- a 

. jMopy of eouthern Bmllax and narcis- 
siis. The drawing-room was decorated 
with yellaw tulips, and the dining- 
room with Windsor carnations. An en- 
tire room was filled with the beautiful 
and CO- ■\3. The bride and groom 

left on I train for their home In 

Victoria, Of Which city Dr. Hunter is 
one of the most popular young men. 
He is assistant medical of fleer at the 
quarantine atetion there. Some of tho 
guest.s from out-of-town were: Hon. J. 
J. and oy. of Toronto, and the 

Misses ij-, and Mrp. Charles M\ir- 

ray, of Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
W'illtes, of Bmntford; Mr. Walter 
Klcholls of Toronto; Mr. .Tohn Foy and 
Mr. Frank Foy of Toronto; Mrs. Parkyn 
Murray, of Toronto, and Miss Kathleen 
Nesbitt of ^'.'o.Hi'^tn. u The invitation 

: Hat 4VintAin.'.l I'lf nauif.-. of Hon. C. E. 
and Mrs. Poolcy of Victoria; Premier 

i McBride. of British CoUuiibla. and Mr. 

I and Mrs. .T. Hunter of Vlctoris. It is in- 

j tcrestinp to note that the bride's par- 
ents weie married in the same church 
and by the same minister. That ceremony 

1 was performed by Rev. Dean Davis, anil 
was the flrst "^»««Jding in St, .Tames' 

river. voilM result In prosperity that 
^\ould have an effect upon the entire 
province. In addition to the wonderful 
timber limits there are great coal and 
mineral lands awaiting development, dt- 
velopments that can never properly ma- 
terialize without the assistance of a 
railroad. And over and above thtse 
considerations is the fact that land, 
where it is not timbered, i.s of the rich- 
est quality and could he farmed to great 

The dtputatlon numbers twenty-five 
and Includes Mr. C. B. Hume, president 
of the board of trade; ex-Mayor Lind- 
marW, Mr. .T. O. Si5-,hold. ex-president of 
till- 'board of trade; and .\Uiermcn Mo- 
Klniion. Housan, and Bourn*, together 
with ii number of prominent merclianto. 
ArranRcments have been made for the 
deputation to meet with the Premkr 
and the minister of railways, Hon. 
Thomas TaylQr, at 8 p.m. today. 


sir Ernest Shackleton Expects Ifewa of 

Scott and Amundsen Parties to 

Arrive Soon 


Oorwln Will Wot Make Trip Worth This 

Year — May Beoome TMg*t Sound 


The funjoiis steamer Corwln. ■which 
in past years has l)een the first vessel 
from Seattle in the spring to brave tho 
ioe floes of Bering: sea. may end her 
days aus a freighter on Puget Sound. 

Offleials of the Western Alaska 
.Steamship Company, which has had th'i 
Corwln under charter during her voy- 
ages to"' Nome in the past, yr.Mterday 
said th:tt on account of the conditfoii d 
the vessel's boilers and engines they 
would not send her to the Fur North 
this spring. 

The Corwln Js ownetJ In the east, and 
It is said that if a charter cannot be 
obtained for her this spring she will be 
sold and pro'oably be converted into a 
freight steamer for service on Puget 


'Royal Hawaiian Quartette' 


Every evening from 6:30 to 8:30 and 10:30 to 1^:30 
\\'hile the service is exceptionj)!, the price? are not 


ftamber. SmIi aBd Soora always in stoek. W« ■^nciallsa In artlatla 
front door*, ■teamed slush, grain Dr. and Howard's flush. 



At the Uomlnlon — v. .\. iimnri. Aliov- 
drcn. \\'a»li.-. Atr. and Mr». J'^n'"''. K. Black 
anil (lauifliter. Vanroiiver: S. I'rali. Califary; 
.I*m»» Mt'Kenxlp, Vancou'Tr; W. Hlacli- 
buni. WliinlpPK; Wm, Toole, Mr. and Mrs. 
Halo and aon. Vancouver; Mr. anil Mra. Oli- 
ver. Hniry Lehr. V,'. KIrklnHn. H««tll»; W. 
flbttffpr. Salt Kprlns: Ixlanrl; I'lmj. Curtla. 
Vanfouver; 11. .\ilkin«i>ii. M.niireal: V\'. Old- 
or."hftw. Mr. and Mm. Uiinralnl. Vancouver: 
V, rutraan. Tounsatown.- Ohio: Mr. and 
Mra. MrEwrn. Kaakitoon: Mr and Afr?. Pul- 
fonl. Port Arthur; «'. HIaik. X^opawa. Man.; 
J. Keeper, Rueaell. Man.; Mr. and Jlra. ,\. 
Cobh. Hanff: Mr. and Mi». Medrt, D. MrKen- 
zle, Noblp. AHii, 

At the Bolroornl— T\-. II. White. W. K. 
Parry. Duni^ona: fJ. F. Payne, Haturna lal- 
«nfl: Marlnn Sharpe. London. Knif. : Pol. 
Earrllfy-Wllmnt, V. I* KardVoy-Wllmoi, Ml»» 
Fawiett. Shawnlgan I.aUe;' !•*. C. DIghi. Van- 

8t«nn,r Went h er. 

.MADRID. Fell. "8. — A tcleifrani from 
TauKler alatea that bad weatbnr conllnuei 
llicri'. and I" the Interior of Moroi.TO. with 
grant violence, rommunlratlon* being Intcr- 
nipted. A caravan which atlemiUed to 
for the rivfir Mpxra fl -X a tlf. halfna.y b*- 
rv ef n Tangl*"!' and Arcila, wnn caiijflit In a 
auildrn cloudbumt. tnrrenla of w«t»r ru»h. 
(n(5 down from the H<<nl-Mp!ioniBr moiinialna. 
Tho unhappy traveler* hart not time to aave 

wer« tTveh" In numbpr. «lth twenty-three 
h()r«»«. .Shortly Hfl^rwarrta thp wholp rp- 
rlon waa Invaded by the wal»ir». The noodi 
liave ppread everywhere, and all the rropt 
l4.u r.tcn .Icstroycul. TJir !Trc»S*t!b".r, !.".;•- 
^nlfc'Have rt>m Up hutr* trecir, and carried 
^lonit «l<h them dead anlnials ind the 
rtdn* of dwslllnss. in inany ather r«Klon|i 
In Morocco th« lame horrible picture of ruin 
and dtiolatlon hat been repeated. 


Qellately — The funeral of the late Miss 
Jean Gellately will take place this 
allernoon at "2.30, Key. Dr. Campbell 
oflirlatlng. The father of the deceased 
arrived In the city from the west coast 
on Tuesday. 

Mollne — The occurred v^iy .«<ud- yesterday morning at the resi- 
dence of her daughter, Mrs. Vaio, 82U 
Bay street, of Mrs. Kllzabeth Mellne, 
aged 76 years. The deeeased, who had 
.been in ill-health for some time, resided 
in the state of Ohio, and was herp on a 
,vlslt to her daughter. .She also leaves 
another daughter, Mrs. .James Brooks, 
of Portland. Ore., and \hf funernl ar- 
riingements have been held pendlnpr th» 
ai rival of the latter, who Is cxperted 
hire this afternoon. 

LONDON, Feb. 28. — In the course of 
an interview yesterday Sir Ernest 
Shackleton gave some interesting In- 
formation regarding the probability of 
early news from the various Antarctic 

"There are," he said, "fl\e expedi- 
tions In the Antarvtli;, British, Aus- 
tralian, Norwegian, German and Japa- 
nese. Ot liie British, liiicier Cajjiaiii 
Scott and the Norwegian, under .\mun?- 
.•^en, we may hear at an.v moment. T-"'or 
reasons which T wlU explain, I would 
not be surprised If Amundsen's ne\\8 
came'to hand first. 

"In view of the competition. It is 
certain that Scott woj^ld leave the base 
in MKctnuruu Siraii ai the earliest poR- 
slble moment. This would be about 
February 10. He should reach Steward 
• Island. New Zealand, three weeks later, 
as he has to stop at Cape .\dalr to pick 
up some 0f his party. 

■'Amundsen will make his way to Ho- 
liait from his .\ntarctlc base in the 
Ba>' of Whales. .M though he will have 
a lonscr return Journey than Scott, he 
has no parly to pick up, and prevailing 
winds will heip his ship, whereas Scott 
will have to beat up against a we.sterly 
wind. It i.s for this reason that I 
.should not be .surprised if news from 
.\iriundKen came first. 

"In tlie case of Dr. Mawson's expe- 
dition the Australian ship the Aurora, 
should arrive at Jlol)art about the he- 
glnnim? of April with news as to the 
exui't places where his party hus been 
landed p.nd proba'jly with definite im- 
portant mformatlon as to wheth>r the 
eoast line of Walker I>and exl.«!ts or 

"In all probability the ships of the 
German expedition, under Lieut. Fllrh- 
encr, is well frozen in the AA'eddeil Sea. 
As there is mere Ice there than in •ny 
part of t.)iB f\ntarrtic h« may havs 
found no proper landing place, and 
therefore has kept his ship as froznn 
In baSe. He will be first heard of at 
Punta Arenas or Buenos Ajies if his 
vessel has not been imprisoned in the 
Ice the last of April. 

•The expedition of the Japanese, 
which left for the purpose of frolns to 
the Bay of Whales, I do not regard «ti 
serious, and It need not be taken Into 
account In the South Pole races." 

Votice to Mariners 

Information hns bein received by the 
marine rtgertoy at this port that the 
benc-OM light -on Hwaie rock. Barklcy 
sound, east entrance of Sechart chan- 
nel, has been damaged by a recent 
storm and will not be shown for a few 
days until repairs are effected. 

Oaly on* "Mtttmo Qvtaina" 

NINE. Look for the signature of B. 
\V. OROVE. irsed the worid ovar to 
ture a Cold in One Day. JSc. 

XlUtary ▲•roaaattea 

VilE.VNA, Feb. 28.— It Is reiported that 
the war estimates for the current year 
will make some provision for an aero- 
nautic station at Pola, where naval 
officers tan be trained to fly the aero- 
planes, wihlch will In the future be 
attached to the Austrian fleet. Ap- 
parently only about $5,000 will be asked 
for this yea.r us a first instalment, as 
the war minister has entered into a 
blndlifjt promise not to Increase the 
estimates beyond an amount already 
fixed. However, the government seems 
to expect tiiai ihe deievatiuns will 
themselves volunteer to vote a large 
sum — over $300,000 haa ■be<>n spohon 
of for this purpoa*. as the poaseaston 
dT a fleet of a.eroplanea la conrtdared 
necesaary to a^iatat th« float in watch- 
inir the coast line and for ■contlnc on 
tihe,htrh aefts. 



TTBar^ ,-»yip- 

G. Martinez— Patti, Tenor. 

™„!lil^ Celesle .^ida." ' 
* Sung by G. Martinez— Patti, Tenor, 
Aida— "O Terra Addio." 

Sung by L. Migiiardi, Sporano, and M. Matroiani, 
A1066— Lucrezia Borgia— "Vieni la mia vendetta, * 
Sung by Luigi Ros.sato. Bass, 
Lucrezia Borgia— "Di pescatore ignobile." 
Sung by Mario Matrojani, Tenor. 
A1067— -11 Trovatore- "Di quella pira." 

Sung by G. Martinez— Patti. Tenor. 

II Trovatore— "Clii del gitano," 

■jjung by Cnorus PI- trte cjcfsia. '' '" ffii B i lj jSM ^ 
A1068 — I Puritani — "Suoni la tromba," 

Sung by E. Oniodei, Baritone, and L. Rossato, 
I Puritani — "Vieni tra questo braccia." 

Sung by A. Pasini, Soprano, and E. Gherkinzoni, 

A1069 La Giocnnda — "Suicidio! in qucsti fieri momenti," 

Sung by Margberiia del Metauro. Soprano. 
La Gioconda — " mantieni il patto," 
Sung by Margherita del Metauro, Soprano, and 
Ercole Omodei, Baritone. 

Western Canada'* f^''g»*t Mu»ic Dmalera 

1 23 1 Government Street Telephone 885 

wearing the First of the Month 


Copas & Young 

**The Grocers who are out of all Combines" ■will sell 

You 3-lb. packets of Anti-Combine Tea for. . .$1.00 

Pound packets of guaranteed .satisfaction. 
Or 3 lbs. of their famous Independent Creamery But- 
ter for $1.00 

Once used, always used. 
A 5-lb. tin of their Guaranteed Pure Jam — raspberry 

or strawberry. Per tin 75^ 

Rising Sun Bread Flour, ])er sack $1.80 

And none better. 

Finest Granulated Sugar, 20 lbs, not 18 — per 
sack $1.35 

A Fine Mild Picnic Ham — Morrell's — nothing nicer, 
at, per pound 15^ 

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Corner Fort 

Tel ^ il 

t i n .n il i nj; |lli|iii » il liiii ' i n f m M i i iiiy j| .lil| 


Thursday, February 29, 1»12 





, >■■ ■ 


*., ' .■ 



■l t 

Free School 
Cap Given 
This Week 

This week we arc having a 
special attraction ai our store 

bv nix'Txr. .\^^ \^' i-RKK to 


Avrm Mu^^jjpp^M OF 

cap is our ntmmt^i Intk-oducing 
them this w«ei*' 






jcr. ■otaoaflaia** Xicotnr* 

The grtrul nteO. througluiui I'Htiaila, for 
lilglier IdoHlH itnii bromioi kthhv nf nii- 
tlonal BUbJ«ctB Is belni? fell l.y a!l wlio 
reuU*c Catmda'n grealness In u inaUrliil 
sense. In the eagornpus to tako yuit 
In the work of developnifnl ^ml th<^ 
Jiaate to jjel rk-li. nipn'H (»n(vrKie» *'"« too 
often. abHOrboU. It becomoB IncrtaHing- 
ly hard to ftel and to think deeply. 

Women, on tlio other hiiml. ouKht. as 
liii/HpTlty liifrettscs. to have both IflHUit) 
and opportunity to devott- to iIioho wub- 
jects which make life rich and btautl- 
fiil as well aK useful. It l8 far too 
much the tendfnoy of the age to waste 
tlil.s lel.suTi' on pleanures •vhlch ntlthcr 
refine nor elevate. 

A number of women In Vli-torla b^vo 
formed aesoclatlonH for the purpoHe. «rKt 
of all, of arouslnK in themHelve« uml In 
the oonununily, a sense of loyally to 
the Kmplro and to our own country and 
in the stcond pIhcis of learnliiR as much 
.«U.I.> of It'.' , . ,:■ ' ;. li 

people. Th«> DaunrhterH of lOmpirK uiul 
the Womtn'B Canadian Club have wbown 
that they are ready to spend time and 

fort must bt spent in adjuntlng them- 
b«-lves lu conditions In thl» new cou^t-y, 
Vi«'fore the best work ran be done. Kuch 
IfsHons hav»! not lo be learned by our 
own young people. On Ih,- other hand, 
11 la most no'esnary I hut they Khali bi' 
tan^ht to look upon te«i-hlng aK a pro- 
fi)w«lon for which, not only natural ap- 
titude bui the moR! careful training Is 
needed. The Normal school wUh a Htaff 
of enthusiastic and able teachers Ib In 
any city In which U may be situated, a 
nn-uns for education In this direction to 
thi whole community. ThecnpUal. where 
the offlces of the department of educa- 
tion are situated, I.h the natural place 
for the ihlef Normal school of the pro- 
vince and this, we may hope the Insti- 
tution about to be fc.stabll»hed in Vic- 
toria may become in the near future. 

S ji||ffort, thouKht and money to do honor 
"ie the kinK and to -the lOmplre. 

%mtm ^>m ^ **umim, ^Wilmm ggS^ £? S?SS4SBS §5 




Yoti Can fay Morife 

But you can't get more for your money vSm^fO^ buy » 
\\ hetlver a dingy or an ocean cruiser--we can; i)UiW *^* 

ttUMUtg IHtVWitM ttiv •ttmdsmw 
iMuty ytttm w^taM tttw fo .4t»v* 

hvf, tw thtai ytiiM*^«mMHa a wunw 
Of «v«nt*g MeuuMi ^ MtHeUe vuV* 
jMt*: TK«r ar»t of «!• !tMWitti« !■ to b« 

kt^Mi on KoBdoy ot uu jummm^nuiT 

by Mr. B. O. 8. SebooMtd, pr»vinetet 
IttMrtaii. TDio •u«Hwt to tiM WeoUim 

« r I ' iT~ " Xt» -■ »» -rmf-n . <»«* ^ -^ff^o -IukA tat." 

Woman and Oonntry Ufe 

Is the tendency to crowd into the 
cities which seoms common to the old 
world as to t^he new, the fault of 
women chiefly? Dean Russell, a VVls- 
conaln professor of agriculture, says 
that It in woman's dlaiike of drudgery 
and her louKing for excitement that 
causes the migration of thf fainily to 
tho city or that frustrates tlic ettorts 
of those economlats and philanthropists 
who are promoting the back-to-che- 
f.n ni movement. He c<insider.s that 
this Is one of the '•Igns that tho now 
woman is a falluie. It I3 har<l to be- 
lieve that, In tho majority of canes, It 
it .tbe^.-mother of tba t^mily who ia 

tttMl^ir4»"«iil IwMni. It lo if "^^ -^ 

Government Street 

Phone 2245 

tMt, wW <8«» do so. win'^llMiWH 
be present. There are many gentlemen 
In Victoria eminently atiallfled to sptak 
on subjects of national and imperial im- 
portance. If th« women show Interest 
and enthuBlasm, there H Utile doubt 
that thest speakers can be p*rsuadcd to 
address them. : Much will depend on the 
success of Monday night's lecture, and 
the KMMM; of the sister clubs can. If 
they^iflliilJ^iiUMurfe' a ' good attendance. '. 

Q*t«o M ft p!«tf« «*#»• «MWr«i "iiOttW 
trow to hmim iwM»o«*» •»» tw^- 

ito<« H !• nv¥ «»^ ^oni«A i*,ifc; 
^tt'ttsa to wortt vtrjr boM •mMA 

hoiiMk Oft* of tlio f^Moao sW«tt by 
xmui apiMon.for ^ 4Mir«i of w^Ho* 
■ at !»*■< n^ iiirtir*« 4* lioit* tliotr 4iaitti«: 

" ^ iftK »Htr.tlwn-»:M»>rfter »4tt- 

any kind. But no such luww can ktep 
residents of cither city or country from 
becoming poor, sick or wicked, if con- 
ditions are unfavorable. In «-^r own 
great province it Ih far mort important 
that the population ijiiaU be effblent 
than that It shall be numerous, necea- 
sary though it Is to establish Industries 
and develop the farming and fruit lands 
of our valleys. In the eslubll.«hm»'nt of 
an excellent school sy.stem a very good 
beginning has b< en- made. No matter 
how fast or how large the (,'rowth of 
the population of UrltlHh Columbly may 
be, schools will be ready for the rising 
generation. It is hardly «?oncelvablc 
that wldespri-ail ignorance can tver 
exist in our province. Btit It is to be 
r<.-ared that there are other way.s In 
which we ar.' not preparid for an In- 
flux of many sirangerH, whether from 
the mother country or from foreign 
lands. In the Pacific States prepara- 
tions are being made for new condlltonM 
and it would be wist for us to follow 
the example they are setting. It is not 
only the government and transportation 
companleK that Khould be prepared. 

Song Birds 
A very grtai 11 be glad 

to read Mr. K- loent that 

most song birds are friends of the fruit- 
grower. There was very widespread it- 
gi-et when the Importation of the birds 
selected in Great Britain was forbidden 
Still bird lovtrs felt that the agricul- 
turists must be allowed t«bpM|k|nnF'v^^'<' 
own affairs In their own i|lBpi*|'liij»W- 
•ver, mo moot 9t t>>o«e wItO' Ijif i|W;#i!#i>' 
tho suttjoot of Mm nu 4fti^ uvoy 

. tiftit» bM» lid t^h^9V«^m- KWWJOdo'O 

-4|4Mf»<^ ^M^ ttftj^ltotrtoa Ht? aatoraiuta. 
wo noy ft tiOTo on Voncouvor loland 
ttiat vwrtaty of oomr vttle^ ^rta auch a 
eiiontt to tho grovoo and orchardo of 
Bo«A««4 m4 aMOovA. our oUmato to 
ofMoIally owltod to tho omottfeV oe|i« 
blrdfl ond tirhen the forests of fir, spruc« 
and Pino tlve ^^y to fields.- gardens 
and orchM rdo there wUI be plenty of 

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„ ■ II I I ■! PMONtS 

5 P,'v* 






stuaeWftj^ft^trtistea to go to tho urtl 

food for thom. This is the case airoaay 
In the Saanteh peninsula wher« frult- 
growors opond inuoh time end money In 
f^UQJr IffOOQt pooto. If song birds are 
pr«Hroft,t»..b».tlhialr .aUtaa UiMilfuajBl-tJMit. 

«oon^ tbi« Sl^M of wm 

Ill I II .~ ii 

iio otaoaid 

A Bur nside Bunch 

LurlJne and Wascana, 60x120. on tcrin ^^^^^gg^ ..^^. 
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Elliott -Sly Co. 

llioa Douglas .Street 

miibY-VAWSBN 1] 


5flL[Sn[N -PRINT 

■phone 2974 



Through Us For 

All kinds of advcrlising 
vvriilcn and piy^ced for any line 
oi business. 


An exact reproduction of type 
— written work at one-tenth 
tlic o'^i. Circular letters, 
iKiliccs, lonns, c-tc. Let us 
<hi)W vou sami)les of our work. 

A Oood Plan 

In San Francisco -there are m- 

a hundred local ini^fovementcl! 

more tJjan; half of them aro. active. 

These societies take iipon tb<?tnsrt;lve.'*>. 

duties of all kinds which tend to mJiKe 

the citizens better or to supply their 

neighborhoods with improved facl'ltlea. 

It appears that there is no little rivalry 

between these clubs, and that this cups 

not always tend to the good of the 

whole city. On the other hand, r-mch 

has been done both to beautify ns-lgh- 

i.i.rhi.ods and to help residents tollvi; 

licttt-r lives. ■ 

In Vict. Ilia there is much roonv for 
.sudi work. Although we do hot yet 
live In a largeclty We are falling Intt* 
the fault of detachment which is one 
of the most harmful features of clt.v 
life. People are coming to Victoria 
from all directions. In the same nelgfi 
borhood lamillea from England, Scot- 
land and the Atlantic provinces, the 
Middle West, and perhaps from South 
Africa, New Zealand and Austrnlla are 
to be found living near the homes made 
by the sons and daughters of Victoria's 
old-timers. There are among old resi- 
dents many who have means and leis- 
ure to enlnrxo their iMrcle of acquaint- 
ances, to :inv f-x tent consistent with 
their Inclination. But this is not true 
of all. Most bt us are very busy people 
and those who have been here manj 
ycar.s have as many friends as they 
can entertain or have time to visit. 
Wo excuse ourselves from calling 01. 
the newcomers. The men. very prob- 
ably know each other in a business 
way: the children must mlnfrle to- 
gether In the classrooms; but the wo- 
men have no common Interests. They 
may meet >n the ears or In the shops; 
but they d6 not know each other, even 
by name. This l.s not a wholesomf. 
sign of city growth. The people wno 
live in the same neighborhood should 
i,« friendly. It Is lor th« bencHt of ^n 
that their .stirroundingti should be 
beautiful; that the schoolhouses sii.tII 
be spacious and In every way suited to 
the edu<?atlon of the rhildren. and tint 
playgrounds shall be pro\lded. These 
and many_other things would be among 
the matters to be considered I'l '.oc«« 
Improvement cluljs. If men aiid Wo- 
men met together to discuss these 
things the consequences would be not 
only better neighborhoods but happier 
and more united citizens. It only :i< eds 
some one with good sense, good feeling 
and enthusiasm to set on ifioL In Vic- 
toria a movement lliat has proved in 
other places lo l>c a useful ractor In 
citv liulldlng. 

_^ le old home to 

be visited in the long vacations by the 
wearied student son or daughter. 

In these days the use of labor- nir- 
Ing machinery, the rural mall deltvny, 
the telephone and the associations for 
self improvement nnmng the men a'->d 
women 'have <?one much to rsUeve 
countrj' life both of drudgery and mon- 
otony. ^T^'-f" find books are t> ^^"^ 
found in nmtry homes, end 

what is betlir there is more lelsiire 
for their enjoyment than amid the din- 
ctlons of the city. In >• ^'"^V* 

...vt, as "chruughuut Cans r.^ are 

few erf the rural schools as well .ti'u?nt 
as those of .the city. Tet. in tho iin^ 
ture of things, there Is m. ro t3on for 
this. The ungraded or the partially 
graded public sohool in the country is, 
in the hands of a competent teacher, 
the very best place to receive a prim- 
ar>- education. The children nre heaUhy 
and have f'?w distractions. A.iioiig 'be 
new women ar« many who take I'n 
Interest In agricultural pursuits. f>nd 
the majority of them love in o-u.loor 
liffc When all these, things arc taken 
into consideration It will be bcMeyed 
that even tewer mothers will J ,1 ing 
their families Into the city in the r. - 
ture than did so In the past, ^t n. ay 
be that largely through the Intlru- 
mcntallty of women, the lalance be- 
tween the countrs- andth? c-.ty will be 



That the WMt Bnd an>c*ry Company Is here to eater *» »*«^*^J* 
eWtWttg tm is "good to eat" and offers best valwep fo tof ot^taiMd 
anywftere. Our gtwda «re »lwayB fr«8b and . 




Turbto. liner HWiWS^i '^ ^TO 111 l(f P^t,p 
xoors — other Bteaawni mSto ^^ ^— 


- Wm Iltr«ak7 

TJ»« 01a Ii»die«' Horn* 
In placing In the estimates the sum of 
ten thousand dollars for the Home for 
AKed and Infirm women, tht govern- 
ment is entitled to the gratitude of the 
citizens of Victoria. This Institution has 
been the means of doing a vast amount 
of good; It is very wen manaKe-i and 
the commlttet In charge of it. spare 
neither time energy or thought In the 
service of the old ladles. 

It has been found absolutely necessary 
to provide an infirmary for thtlr sick 
and helpless charges. No hospital can 
minister to the needs of those whose 
inflrmltles are caused by old age and 
whose suffering can only end with 
death. The natural place for such pa- 
tients Is the home where Kentle hands 
ma y minister to their wants and chtrct- 
ful ttnder kindness make the close of 
life bright. But where no relatives are 
left, sueh services can only be render- 
ed In a place devoted to the care of 
patltnts of thlH class alone. 

Kvor since the new home w;i5< oi.ened, 
part of the old wooden building has 
served as an Infirmary. U is now quite 
too old to be used any longer. Besides 
thl.<», therf are no lonpcer any rooms to 
saper in Uhb main building and sevcrnl 
applications have been received from 
women needing shelter. 

It Is absolutely nect.ssary to eompletn 
the building by erecting a new wInK. 
It is towards this work that the Me- 
Bride government has trlven this gener- 
ous grant. The work will now be pro- 
leeded with as rapidly (is poaslbU and 
as rinc an inr*titutIon complrted as .any 
of Us kind m any city In Canada. 


north wind during the last few days 

has been doing to northbound vessels 

what the south wind did a few weeks 

ago to the Bouthbound fleet. Vessels 

bound here from the north now ,ire 

shaking record tlme.^ '' 

south are tardy; but tbt. ^u i.u..> ■ 

good excuse. The steamship Hanalel, 

here yesterday from San Pedro -was 

seventy-three hours making the run. 

Her usual time Is n hours. It 

took the Katherlnt x hours to 

make the same trip, and the speedy 

Harvard, which usually makes the run 

in railroad time, and Is piinctual as n 

railroad watch, arrived at 6 o'cloclc in 

the afternoon instead of early In the 


An elglity-mile-an-hour north win.l 
which stirred up a mountMinous sea. 
was to blame for the diis-'irrangcmeni dC 
schedules. Captain Hammer of the 
Hanalel says that it was the roughest 
trip he ever, made on the coast. Alter 
Captain Hammer gave up trying t- 
make time and slowed down the 
engines, the Hanalel rode the seas liU. 
a cork. For those whose stom.uh:; 
could stand this defiance of the law oT 
gravity this climbing up one side of u 
water mountain and coasting down the 
(pther hail all the exhilaration of shoot- 
ing the chutes, with no i>ause betWOen 
descents and ascents. 

The only damage sustained ii> ili • 
Hanalel was to lier mlzzen rigging, and 
this was fixed in a-few hours aft6r the 
vessel reached port. _ ________ 

Oxlseo, the new cooMng compound, per tin 

• 854^ 

oal Potatoe., evwy one a good sack, per -aek ^2.50 

Oooktng' Apples, p^r i>ox. 


Bitter Orangos, for marmalade, jn r box 


Navel Oraages, per doz, 35c, 25c and. 


Seeded Balslns, per packet. 


X>resU Bermallne Bread, each . . ■ ■ 


j?re»ii Sittaaa aCadiUss, per pound :.-.: . 


Tomatoes, Peas, Corn and Beans, 2 tins for. 



= THE 


Phones 28-88-1761 

Government Street 

Collegiate School for Boys 

Catarrh Cannot Be Cnred 
cannot reach the seat of the disease. 
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional 
disease, and In order to cure It you must 
take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh 
Cure in tak'^n internally, and acts direct- 
ly on the blood and mucous surfaces. 
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a quaokmedl- 

ClnC it WaW pitrftVI lwcv» \^y i/„v is*, 

best physicians In this country for years 
and Is a regular prescription. It Is com- 
posed of the best tonics known, com- 
jilned with the best blood purifiers, act- 
ing directly on the mucous surfacfs. 
The perfect combination of the tw ) In- 
ffTcdients is what produces sucli \^ond- 
crful results in curing Catarrh. Send 
for testimonials free. 
F. .1. CHKNKY A CO.. J'rops., Toledo, U. 

Sold by Druggists price "."je. 

Take Hall's Family Pills for constl- 

Rockland Avenue 

Victoria. B. C 

Central Situation 

Under thr 

Spacious and Well-ventilated S hool 
Recreation Grounds Gymnasium 

Cadet Corps, 
present i-iar.a'gcrr.en^ a soecial feature of the sch ii 

'PKINCIPAI ^^^^^^ ^ ^ft ^' - - A. D. MUSKETT, ESQ. , 

Assisted by a Resident Staff of Masters 

Easter Term Begins Tuesday, January gth, at 9 a.m. 

A Preparatory Class has been formea for Boys of 7 to id year* 

of age. 

For Prospectus, apply 

The Principal 





IVirl .Aihornl values hav,» incicoseil 100 per cent. In the past 1» 
iri'uillis. T'.i- Albernl Land Oompany ii*ve .still n number of 1 Ha "or 

„„:.. ., ■'.- t ilgin.Tl prices. 

4« fojt !" "> 11. T *aoo 

„„ r....; •••'. Wf-o 

Ternm l-^ i ash nnfl balanet o-rr 2 1-2 years at 6 per cent. 


■\«ent8 Tort Albernl Land Co., Ltd. 
I«1.F0I .-^ayv^rd Building. Victoria. Port Albernl, B. C 

Members Victoria Heal Estate Exchange 

V ■ 

Vancouver Zaland Normal Scbool. 

The news that a Normal school will 
be opened In this city will be warmly 
welcomed by parents as well as by stu- 
dents. U will result, as the Rovemment 
pvlilenlly hopes It will. In an increa;<e 
In the number of teachers in the pro- 
vince. There art many parents who 
would rHtlier keep their daughters under 
eighteen at home even If to do so, tin 
Klrls must take up some employment 
less ntted to their talents than toaeh- 
IriK- H i» most imiiortant that younB 
people of both sexe.s who have a nnlural 
aptitude for tenchInK should receive 
every * ncournRement x« enKnffe In this 
work. The prnvlnc*- is growlntr very 
rapidly nnd schools arc npenlns; In all 
directions. Kvery yar a number of 
men and women from the other pro- 
vinces of Canada nnd from Great Brit- 
ain are f.nlerefl upon the roll of British 
ColumhlHn teachers. This Is. perhaps. 
r>ot a matter for regret as Ion? as these 
teachers are fully qualified. But there 
are many Indications tbat the w«jsi has 
already taken from E.astern Canada tho 
crcartl of the prpf»«»(on and that It Is 
very dlltlcuU to flU thxt best positions 
ftt home with really able men. It Is 
no reproach to say of teachers from the 
mother country that aome tlm« an^ cf- 

Oettinr K«»d7 

From lime to time Items arc pub- 
lished In the newspapers which show 
that the fame of Victoria has gone far 
and wide and peoplfc from many coun- 
tries are preparing to come here. Al- 
ready we meet on the streets the wives 
and children of working men who are 
evidently strangers. But so far. except 
for fh*. OrieiitM's, we have scarcely com- 
menced to f'-pl 'be tide of foreign Im- 
migration which has. In Knstern Can- 
ada, givp.n rise to probb^ns of many 
kinds. There are many signs tb^it with 
the opening of the Panama cansl im- 
migrants from Kuropf)- will come In 
great numbers. TlieHe people will not 
come singly but In families. Tb*-y will 

__„_„., In tii» work of th*- orovlnce, 
rn^iifc. ' - 

their cblldrtm will attend our schools 
and grow up side by side with our o^n 
hoys nnd girls. It Is very important 
that thtse people shall bo sent where 
they are needed. This Is the time to 
look forward. It Is not desirable that 
In the cities of' the Pacific Coast, we 
nhall have the ghettos and slums which 
afford such a terrible problem In tho 
great cltlea of Bastem Canada and the 
United States. The ImtnlKvatlon laws of 
our country prevent the admission of 
paupers, defectives or undealrablea of 


Bmrun HUl Pork. Victoria, B. C. 

Sclpct )llf[h-UrAde Dfty and 
Do«rdln(c Colli're for H.>.vt of 7 to 
1» veiirB. H^fliiPmrinti of well-ap- 
pointed gentlemen's home In Involy 
Bc«eon UUI Purk, Number llniltod. 
Outdoor »port». Prepared for Jlusl- 
ne«s Llfw or Profe«iilon«l exnnilna- 
tlonn. Feci Incluilvo an.l utrlctly 
modorate. Spring Term bewlna Tue»- 
^^-^ J«anary S. 
Frinrlpd. * W. CIU RCH. M. A 



rooms, just completed, fully modern house, fire 
On Cook street, near Southtjatc. Lot 55 x 120. 

i'RlCK ?9,000 OX TERMS 

J. R. BOWES & Go. 

Phone 3724 


I",M-t Street 

Agents for the Yorkshire Insurance Co., Limited. 
Members of Real Estate Exchange 

St. George's School 


ros azmx>s 

Spring term begins, 

Tuesflay, January 
. Mrs. Suttl* 


Fresh I'^ggs, per 
3 DOZ. l'(^R . 




Cor. Johnson & Quadra Sts. 
Phone 106. 

Remedies are Needed 

Were we periect, which we are not, ™««icine. woald 
not otten be needed. But "««««"' •'^*f"\'7J»iS; 
come weakened, impair«l and ^^^'^ ^t^J^'T^ 
indiscretion, which have ioiie on ^^J^*^^^ 
throuih countle.. Heoeratiooe, ««•«<««• «» "^ti,!! 
.id l^.ture in o'orrectin| our «»>»^»^ "f* "S^"*;!! 
Acquired weakneeeee. to rtmoh Clw wmjA rtOTMCh 
weakness and oonjeq««i. 6kt>^^v. t»Oi»M«a. gj«U 
nothini .0 good •• D.-. «««»>22^tJS^JlSi,^Sr- 

inal roots-sold lor over forty r*m witfi fMM "V^f^Sli^jS ^SS t^JT 
Weak Stomach, BiHoo««»a, Uw Compl^t. P»iaja th« Btoi««eh ^^ gjgi 

Derantfementt. the "Viaoarwy" it • tlwprown •M mow «ooiwi ••""•x- 
rhe dmnuiue h»» omttm 

Yon can't dford to M««|>t ■ M«f«e •o^««-" H^lSf £?iL«*- 

thereby m«k« • H««« "Ift' J^*-^ ,1^ ,^ i.»lte^Ma elM 
bow«U. 8u|«r.eo««l, Uny «f«wl«». •■« to »rit« •• ••^▼w 

I ' n il '- m i .n ii»tai->BW>ilWi 

■ '■'-iriiTiTry 

W>ii .l ' l ^ 

adveMise in the i^Lir <^ 

Thuraday, February W, 19t» 

ViOiiitilA mjAJJJx 



Has Been Bought for Big Price 
from Waco, Texas — Hit 310 
Last Season and is Brainy 
Catclier — League Notes 

"Kerrle" Meek, litisebaU catcher. .31 u 
hitter, and one of the best minor leetpue 
back«><>i>« that plays the Kanie. is the 
latest member o't the Victoria Bees and 
while his salary measures as high as. it 
.not higher, than anythUiK in the North- 
' .western L<eagi>», if he doesn't drive in 
'more runa for the hom« club during the 
season than ony other ■catcher in the 
league I .nagement of tbe ^V. 
Tesaa j ^eam is going to ,_^ 

M:in.lKr: A attclet the Pl'e»«n«-,^^^^^ 
l.r;inil ni.u suit Of clothes. :dmlfMKm 
no fear of "spit ball" twlrlera, ftlthougrtt 
ills name may betray him and Is claim- 
ed to be a steady pinch hitter. He cer 
tainly must be such it hl» tornier 
manager is sincere In -his wag«r 
M&Bftmr ^wwucivu 

A bis Prlc« was p»i0rX9r '*IM>W|«" 

It is not hard to «tlAg|Fl^n0||; 
the regular "t)1&CtSW0' 
IK coming ^season. TJ — ^ — _^ 
oiitchor must be determined" fjraffi 
Messrs. Burite, Grindell, Devogt and 
Ladd. The salary demanded by a player 
of MeeKa outstanding ability is more 
than a league of Class C status is al- 
lowed to pay and his purchase from 
Waco has been througih that fact alone, 
as he is exceedingly well liked there and 
was the brainiest player of the south- 
ern team. 

Twoinonth.s ago when Manager Wat- 
telet was away he flrst heard of Meek. 
He waa then offered to Victoria as a 
manager. But at that tlms . the local 
management had plans laid in other di- 
rections RB r^jjards a manaser, but was 
willing to pay the salary desired to se- 
cure his services. The propositton has 
been pending for this long time owing 
to the fact that Meek, who Is owner of 
a good business in Chattanooga, ha^^ not 
decided whether he would like to come 
to the Coast to play ball. However, h« 
has made up his mind to come, and 
late yesterday afternoon Manager Wal- 
tolet received a telegram bearing the 
joyful word of hla decision to come, 
which filled the local manager with de- 

Reoord Speaka Xts^lf 

Mi 1 k' record alone speaka for Itself, 
and ail the adjectives in the language 
could not tell any more than the tlgures 

■of this years 1912 official baseball 
S'Uide. He hit just .310 last season, 
which counted most in run getting for 
his team. "Meek la a pinch hitter pure 
and simple." says his former team 
manager. The former waa 'field captain 

. of Waco. 

i»4 .jfameis he' «^8l*»t^l«*l 3S3 PJit 
oo^tB with the remarkable assist record 
of 123, whloh shows that he must have 
caught a few on the bases, and that 
no one but Ty Cobbs, etc., are going 
to get by him. Hf« harriiMl, all told. 473 
chan'ces with but 13 errors, a record 
that will take some heating in minor 

put in the averages against him. Now 
that is some record. In that same boo. . 
son only 69 bases were stolen from Mr. 

Meek is 27 years old, has had plenty 
of experience in handling pitchers and 
uses his head in the same fashion that 
I.,ewls. the mainstay of Vancouver's 
champion team, did last year. Meek is 
there in every capacity as a ball player. 
Mis purcharte will never be regretted If 
lie delivers to the Bees what ho has 
(lone elsewhere. Ho measures six feet 
in liclghi and has a wonderful throwing 

in 1910 Meek played in the Southern 
League with Chattanooga, wlilch la a 
clnss A league. Here he appeared in 40 
games, made 16X put outs with .",7 as- 
sists and 4 errorn. His official fielding 
percentage for that sea8.on read .980, 
which Is a wonderful mark for the dif- 
ficult i>osltlon behind the hitter. He fin- 
ished fourth in the league and hit .."^OO. 

Now Victoria will have a most reli- 
able catcher and batter, who. with Nor- 
dyke hitting at the .same clip, will give 
the Bees at least two , Htf>nay heavy 

getting the citizens to take uc the stock 

Attorney Dode Brlnker <5lo8ed his denk 
yesterday afteraorn at Seattle and last 
night took the rollers for Hot Spring.s 
la join the Philadelphia Nationals. Dodo 
was with tlie Vancouver champions laist 

Arthur lUie."< i.'< making a great hit 
d-ffwn at Marfln, Tvxas. with the tllants. 
McGraw has taken unite a fancy tu 
him and Is trying hini In the tnlichi and 
the outtleld. 

General Manager Wattelet will leave 
for Ban Jo.<jo on Sunday. The flrst train- 
ing game of the home club will be play- 
ed with Santa Clara college on Sunday. 
March 24. Manager NordyUe is making 
all arrangements for games. Santa Clara 
will be played again on April 7th. Oak- 
land will meet the locals .March 30 and 




Dates Announced for Golf 
Tournaments — South Afri- 
can Rugljy Team to Visit 
England Next Season 

pote in tennlB actively much longer. 

Hlg failure to do himself Justice In 
New Zealand haa proved a bitter dis- 
appointment to him and he feeU hla 
defeat even more keenly than do his 
Irlenda. Those who are inc'incd to 
jifdge him harshly for hla mediocre >er- 
I'ormunee. should bear In mind that he 
undertook the long and arduous journty 
not from inclination, but of a sense of 
duty and at a groat sacrifice to his 
*"*'s*i*Ci;s iiit^rf^-t!!. 'i'h^se rfTn*^''k« ap- 
ply to Wright with even more force, as 
lie has been .i member of four cup 
teams, being compelled to sacrifice al- 
most a year's time, in the aggregate. 
In the quest of the trophy. — Ileubeu G. 
Hunt. .San Francisco Bulletin. 

Fedlgraea of Protnineat Athlete* 

The Athletic Almanac odlted by 
James E. Sullivan devotes considerable 
space to the athletic pedigrees 6f prom- 
inent American athUHes, glvlnff the 
lyent in which the athlete excels, the 
,t« and place of birth, height, wei|rht. 

Sf^olrkril " greatest BtanWP^J&tepeK 

^Mpi'been competing for twenty-two 

years and is still in a claashy himself 

Cliih l-itt W8 favorite ovcnLsj, It also shovys 

It has been reaolved t'O hold the final 
stages of the £250 foursome tourna- 
ment under the auspices of the Profes- 
sional Ooirera' asaociafton, Oii the iir.",:s 
of the Royal L.lverp>>ol cl'ub at Hoy- 
lake, on May 14. 16 and 16. The num- 
ber.s to qualify from the various sec- 
tions of the as.soclation have been >flxed 
as follows: Southern 24, Northern 14, 
Midland 9. Scottish 5, Weilsh 4. Western 
4. Irish 3 and Eaatem 



starts at Vancouvar April 22 — ▼lotorla 
Will Sena Two Teaxus So Doabt 

*" Minil> fflWii 

' "" irj«i^rtant featui*i^,.,_, ^ 

section giving the wlnnei's'of all 
Iffcrcnt events In the Oljiniylc 
games since tlheir revival In 1896. This 
should be of Interest to all those who 
expect to follow up the doings of tho 
team that wiy represent America at 
the Olympic Games In Sweden next 

VANCOUVEIt, B. C, Feb. 28.— Bowlers 
of tha NorthwBBl will gather In Vanrouver 
the svet-k of April '.::.' tor the annual HrM- 
iHli Columbia Howling tournament, which 
will take place at tho }-'»nder alleys under 
tlio auspice* of the Vancouver Bowling club. 
Joo Morris la again suptTvlsliig the sirange- 
ments and Is ijuny this wvek prfiparlng en- 
»ry fnvjTiK fnr rtlnti-tliutlon amouft the clubs 
In' the Northwest. He expects to havo fully 
thirty flve-nien teams hero for the affair. 
Including fifteen Vancouver quintettes, tour 
from Seattle. Ine from Kaxnloops. one from 
Ronton. Waah., one fioni Tacoma, two from 
North Vancouver and a couple from Vic- 
:,„ "Unole" Joe ye«erday announced his prlte 
f»*.iiil*t for tho approaching tournament. Tho 
lHtt«i' Af twe nve^inon team event will re- 
live a 1100 cash lolzi- uu<1 » 111 take pos- 
session of the J' foi tho 
year. Thl« cui iiree ywars 
ago for competition and has hcen held by 
Seattle, Vancouver and Weitmln»ter, The 
lattfir team are the present holdera In 
the doubles the winners will split a ca«h 
prl«e of (70, while the top man in the 
•cingles will pull down t40. There will 
also be special prtye *. Inc luding a oash 
l lg ' TOf t B fi-lflCa T ' 









Green's Famous English 
Lawn Mowers 


Water Ballast Rollers 

(two section) 
Prices on .'\pplication 

E. G. Prior Co., Ltd. Ly. 

Corner Government and Johnson Streets 

Smoke Silver Tip Cigars 

Factory Phone 960 

At All Dealers 


First with Riiey of 'Frisco in 
March — Manager Bernard is 
Arranging for Another with 

SA'SK.\TOON, Feb. 28.— George 
Saumweber, manager for Loe Kossick, 
writes the following, in which he re- 
plies to Harry Bernard, managet' of Joe 
Bayley. From wihat he says' there 
would still .seem to be a chance for a 
match being arrangetl between hln 
protege, "Young" Kossick. and Joe 
Bayley, but It does not look as though 
It will be scheduled for another couple 
of months. Mr. Saumweber's letter is 
as follows: 
Sporting Editor, Saskatoon Capital: 

Sir, — In reply to Mr. Bernard's letter 
1 will' say i;nat 136 ioa. la lair euoUKli 
for Kossick but his actual welgtit la 140 
lbs. He can make the lighter weight in 
warm weather readily enough, but if 
Mr. Bernard is willing for Bayley to 
meet my boy at 140 lbs. I will consent, 
and be ready at a week's notice. This 
also applies to any of the so-called 

.« * • «... .» ...^.^ J *%. I*. «..»*«^.. *!■».■»•• A 

ilgntWrlKlllU, Vi KVHlt.-l» •!. ovv,,<«o «.••.-•.- 

are several. I have reference to those 

. cnat cannot really make the lightweight 

limit, but go in anywhere from 135 lbs. 

up. Now, If they cannot make the one 

division, why not make the other? I 

state Kosslck's actual weight, which 

some of the other fistic artists refu«o 

to do. Kossick is a first class man, 

which his record shows, and worthy of 

a good match. We willing to 

give away weiglu in reason. Thanking 

you for the space, T am, your.s truly, 


Manager, for Loe "Young" Kossick. 

"Kitty" Brashear will start .his 35 
recruits for the 1912 Beavers to work 
on March IS at the Terminal Clt.v. Tlie 
nr«)t ex-hlbltion game will lie playi'd 
about March 23. 

It Is possible that Ell Gates may be 
trnded to some club this aeason. It 
Becnid as though Vancouvfr wants to 
get rid of Kli for some reason or other. 
Gates, Without any doubt, was th» best 
utility pitcher last scaJion in Mip leapuo. 
He can hit. 

Bob Brown has asked for waivers «ti 
FrUk. Swain. Gates, Ous Thompson and 
a couple more men. It is not lll<ely that 
any of them will be ousted from the 
Beavers for a while though. 

The Seattle boflrd of publli; work.s has 
ordere<5 D. E. Dugdale. proprietor of 
thfi Seattle baseball club, to vacate loth 
H venue within 10 days. The Im-'ieball 
srounds encr^cach I.") feel ■on the avenue. 
Tlio hoard's order will compel the mov- 
ing of the bleachers furtHor into the 
neld. already too small. The jirounds 
are downtown, and owners of neighbor- 
ing property Insist on 13th a.venue being 

Tne T»oom* Cuiruii«ix-i«ti <CiUti'AtWl th» 
chamber of commerce hna taken up Ih* 
cause of th» Tacoma baselmll club to 
Keep the Dlaoe on the baseball map. 
Greftt difficulty Is being A5(;ivT!'>nr'«'d in 

Joe, who is at present titill In the 
city, received definite word yesterday 
that his next encounter in the ring will 

he with Rilev, the San Francisco 

scrapper, in t^dmonton .some time In 
the third week in March. He is en- 
joying his visit home with friends. The 
bout Is to go fifteen rounds. 

In Riley, the local boy should find 
one of the strongest opponents he has 
yet been called upon to meet. The San 
Franciscan has a knockout over "Kid" 
Foley to his credit, Vias beaten Jimmy 
McGarthv on points, and foug*ht a 4- 
round draw with Willie Ritchie, the 
latter a very well known lightweight. 

Joe is keeping In trim by holding a 
little workout each day at the Victoria 
Hotel, where he is staying. 

__ '|«ld- 

dnrrey «(tf'iacm^r*Vr¥-^"'^''^Wct to 
permlsalon, the Soutl .ilif%iii 

rounds \yin be played at Home Park 
and Sandy L.odge on a date in Septem- 

Jim Sullivan, the English cJiampIon, 
and Geo. Carp^tl??. -the French title- 
holder, will meet In Monte Carlo and 
the match Is occasioning a great inter- 
est In both countries. The men are 
training hard, and Sullivan, who realizes 
that he Is going tip one of the 
best men In the lighting game, is leav- 
ing no stone unturned to be in flt condi- 
tion to uplioltl the honor of his country. 
judgment Against Johnson 
Jack Johnson broke a number of en- 
"^"sments which he oontract^d to fill 
when In England, and seveiral promoters 
were considerably out of pocket because 
of his non-appearance. Some of the 
managers took civil action against the 
big smoke and one Frank McXaujrhton 
has obtained judgment for £1500. It is 
altogether likely tliat other actions will 
follow, and the world's champion will 
probably have to pay a good sum 
for hl« contempt of contracts. 

It Is quite clear that In the season 
1913-l^t a South African rugby team will 
tour Greet Britain. The South African 
rugby board has refused an Invitation 
to tour in Australia and New Zealand 
m 1912-13, so will be able to devote Us 
tim(> and strength towards sending its 
best team here the following sea.son. 
More tuan that, tliese men will bo very 
heartily welconiecl on every football 
ground in Great Britain, for they can 
teach many of the KngUsh players much 
In the way to play th'c game In the 
sporting spirit, 

latcraatlcssl HccSsy .:■■._■.._:.. 
Tile Irish inlertiiiilorini hookey selec- 
tors have chosen their teem very eoriy 
to represent Ireland, for the flrst repre- 
sentative game of the season does not 
take place until March 2, when th«3 
Irish team opposes Wales. However, as 
the irtterprovinclals have concluded, the 

abilities of th« players at their dlo- 
posnl, and against the Leek representa- 
tives have chosen the following: K. 
Hayes (Banbrldge), goal; W. Brown 
(Three Rock Rovers), back; R. .1. Realty 
(Monkstown), T. F. Perrin (Monkstown) 
half backs; G. Meldon (Three Rock 
Hovers), A. R. Rentoul (Queen's Uni- 
versity. Belfast*, E. F. Smith (Ban- 
bridge), captain; H. Slmms (Banbrldge). 
nnd K. J. Kearney (Ro.val Hibernians), 
forwards. The team is a good one, and 
Is expected to win easily, for tha Welsh- 
men have never defeatr'1 the Irishmen 
m this particular game. 


^.^Jlijig t»i« hlghtstl 

■tjSi*,!?*;"^ Allan Cup Gan>e<«. 
k'^M^KKivza, Feb. as.— The flr«t Allan 
' MH^P *•'" *"■ played here next week ^_„„ 
iween the winner* of tho Ontairfe 

Hockey A." and the Victorias of 

Winnipeg. Iu'mht.i at the trophy. The flret 
mat'-'i will be played on Tuesday, March 5, 
and the second on Thursday, March 7. The 
total number of ffoals BCortA on the round 
will decide tho winners. 

Bowling Trophy 

For the best 10 igamea of ten-pins 

rolled during f^P^MMM^ # 

Mt IT OF '-STi liafl lplgfNnWTHES 
win i>e given. This jjjM 
sented bjr The "Biyim^ 


on Illo<;ib 


We are headquarters for all tho leading makes of Golf Clubs, such 
AS— R Foi-gan & Son. Wright & Diston, D. AntUr.soYi &- Son. As we are 
direct importers, we can save you money. OOLF BALLS— Here you will 
find a larne at-aortment of tho best .makes., at lowest Pr'''-e»- 

i ai. j-!* jjfryii^^ wAJfJ 

Aim Vov B»palr». 

^l!«i;:«j«V'«!!»- ©f TiuB Work, : 

;e a Stpeoiolty 


1331 G-overnmeat St. 

mmsmw. 7, ^ 'swiw'wis.w!.'* 


New Hudson, Recycle, Brantford. 
Price .$35.00 to $85.00 

Motor Bicycles — Xew Hudson, 
Flying Merkel . . . .$990 to $400 

Marconi Bros. 

Successors to F. N. Costlx 

Bloycle Speclallsta 


^m m^MSi!^. 



A mecllng of tho James Bny Athletic 
Club's Swimming AsROclation will be 
held next Tuesday at the club, to which 
all mcmber.s of the club and Intending 
members are invited. Many prominent 
swimmers have promised to join the 
club, and a winning team l.x .'Xpocted for 
the first year wrthoni fall. 

There will be no senior lacrosse league 
this year In Victoria. It being tho plan 
t.) have one Intermediate league, which 
will create more Interest. The repre- 
sintatlve Victoria team will be trained 
a.< one organisiatlon drawn for the most 
part from the Intermediates.' The an- 
nual meeting of the Victoria Lacrosse 
Association will be held In the near 
future, as It is the plan to Ket the play- 
ers started by the end of April at least 

The Canadian Lacrosee OommtsBlon 
will be organised all right, and the 

Ki*ktlt)i'i) BIk FO'uT will h^Atrt &dOpl a , 

salary limit. The league - .xepxeaentar i 
tlves will probably meet on March 4 at ' 
Winnipeg to draft laws fOf the proposed 

American Champion Hints That He 

■Will Retire Prom Tonnle — 1« 

Commaadlng rignre 

William A. l.,arned Is. without iiues- 
tlon, the most commanding figure in 
the history of American lawn tennis. 
During the 10-year perltMl from 1891 
to 1901 he was the "uncrowned king 
of American tennis," although he was 
never quite abl« to capture the na- 
tional title during that time. He first 
won the chnmplqnship In 1901, defeat- 
ing Deals Wright In the rovind. 
and M. D. Whitman. the holder, by 
default in the challenge round. He 
retained the title In 1902 against R. F. 
Doherty of Englapd, why won tiie 
tournament, but, lost it In 1903 In tho 
challenge rounil to Doherty'u brother, 
H. L... who won the tournament of 
that year. I-arned played In the tour- 
naments of 1901, 1905 and 1906. but 
was defeated In 1904 by Karl Behr In 
one ot the earlier rounds, in 190.S by 
Beals Wright In the semi-final round 
and m 190fi by W. J. Clothier In the 
same round, In 1907 he again won 
the tournament and took the title 
from Clothier by default of tho chal- 
lenne round. Since that time Larnod 
has .quccessfully defended his title 
against the winners of the tourna- 
ment, Wright In 190S, Clothier In 1909. 
Uundy in 1910 and McLoughlln in 1911. 
When Lamed was Informed, upon 
reaching San Francisco, of the action 
of the association tn requiring cham- 
pions to play through _ the title tour- 
neys Instead of meeting the winner, he 
reinarkft!! that It wotjM »!v« htm « 
good chance, to rv'.ire , and that he 
would '«t>*Wubtedly do »(i And take up 
golf. learned is a man well along In 
years now and could n -i, hope to com- 

feele's Basket- 
ball Quintette on Saturday 
Night — Other Games — Girls 
Don't Like Travelling 

The fa3PWRIS)rla High School team, 
captained by Ed, Steele, will play with 
Columbia College nf New Westminster 
on Saturday night In tills city, and the 
match promises to be full of Interest 
to the fans, who have not by any 
means had their full share of the great 
indoor game this winter. The local 
lads played the first public game of 
the season here about two weeks ago 
and were successful in defeating the 
visiting Vancouver Normal students. 
Now they will go after a stronger team 
in the Columbia College quintette. 

The home club will take the floor as 
loiiowtt; CouLie, JS<1 Slcc'c; suarv-c, 
Clark and Foote; forwards, Drury .and 
Newitt. The match will be played at 
the Y. M. C. A. building, commencing 
at 8.30 o'clock. 

Other trips have also been announc- 
ed for the Yntes Street students. March 
9, they will travel to Vancouver to mix 

X'VlLtl V-ilC ,»'«v •••*-» w*.«.*.. ..-o " -— ■ 

turn match. Ice hockey has also taken 
up their attention at the school and a 
game will be played in Vancouver on 
the morning of the tmme day. The 
locals have quite a strong team and 
will play a practice game with the 
I^niveraity School ot this city on Sat- 
urday morning at the Arena. 

It rather looks as though the McOill 
girls basketball team will go to Nan- 
almo. alhough nothing definite has 
been decided. The !o«U girls are 
rather timid about braving the trip to 
th? Coal City to meet the Yama Yamas. 



syndicate WUl Take Over tacroeee 

rranobUe ThU ■eaeon— lour 

Olnbe in H. !•• "O- 


AXZ^Eir Jk CO. 


Will give a suit of clothes to the 
best ten 200 ten-pin score* rolled 
from February 20 to March 31, 

Entries for the House League 
tourn.Tment now V'cing taken. 

BxtnrBwxcx ax.x.et8 

711 Tatee Street 

•'.."IF' , ' fr^ J^ I 


Ladies' and Gent's ENGLISH BICYCLES, detachable 
tires, choice of saddles, toe clip.s bell, everything complete, 

PRICE $40.00 
Every Bicycle guaranteed against defect for one y.ear„ 


Phone 817 

920 Cjovernmcnt St. 


Full .size tables. Latest equip- 
ment at 



Cor. Jobnaon and Donglas Street* 

1912 All Steel Raleigh and Cleveland 
Cycles -^ 

The Most Up-to-Date Wheels of the Day, Can Be Seen at 


t22o Broad Street, Opposite Colonist 

Phone L 183 

Fishing Tackle a Specialty 


10 to 
Adults . . 

3 to n 
Tiiidreti 25<i 


35<; Adults S.-Sv Admission 50< 



OTTAWA, Feb. 28.— The Capital I-a- 
crosse club will probably change hands 
again this year. A syndicate of wel 
known local sporting men believe that 
a four-club league consisting ot Ot- 
tawa Cornwall. Shamrocks and Mon- 
treal can be u.ade a huge success and 
they are ready to take the 
Uy off Bllsky's hands should the latter 
decide to sell. Negotiations are now in 
view and If the new firm takes hold 
of the team It will be hoisted up and 
made a- champhmshlp possibility If 
money can brlUK Bl>out the change. 

Singers, Humbers. Enflelda, Massey-Harrls, 
Standards, Coventry-Cross and KlrmMW. 

$35.00 to $95.00 

We can supply Tire Coasters, .1 Speeds. 3 
Speeds, Free Wheel Coasters. Oil Bath a«*r 
Cases and other modern equipment. 

Agents Ilarley Davidson Motor Cycle. 

THOMAS PLIMLEY, 730 Yates Street 


FHon wa. 

At the Arcade Alleys. 

In the .->&•.''!•. last nisht b-tween the In- 

icnown. ami the Fit-Rile-, the latter team 

won bv B mile. The Unkn-nvns w.To r|'t 

In very «o'><l !'"'■"' ""'' ^''■<-''"'' ""'"■■''■^' '" 

making »pllif. .TamUon anrl Butt both 

rllltd a Btrotig. clean game. The »corc: 

I'-lt-Rlte— 1 

Jnrnliion 1"^' 

Flull 1''^ 

F»tierJ!<m . 1 '" 

Haidwlcke 131 

Maxwell I Si 

Total '"5 

l^nknnwn" — 1 

Katfn .1 11' 

PalKv 1S7 

Went 110 

ArihlbBlil ." 154 

Holmes 1 1-i 

Totals 690 

The match tonight will 

Rnwman Inv««lment no. 

Home Bulldert. 














«83 «!>! 20B» 

he between ttri 

and the Irelanil 

The James Bay hockey team, which 
will mee the Victoria West septette at 
IViv Ar«iU> mday r.lgrht, will hold Its 
regular practice thlg evening. All mem- 
bers are eepeclally requested to be pre- 
sent as a strong game te expected with 
the Weata. 


This model 59 is the most moderately priced de luxe touring car omO 
power and .speed to meet all rational rcquireitlettts. A \A% imm^ fc-.iau:.i^ 
gers with all comfort. Complete with all lamps, horn «nd too)|^^^l' 


■. L 

Garage 727 Johnson Street 




Thurwiay, Fabruary 2*. t912 


Vou Will Find All The Warmth _____ 
You Need, and Perfect Comfort 
Besides, In Our 

Summer Knit Underwear 

Already these mild days turn one's thoughts to lighter garb, and in 
our splendid stock ladies will find just the Underwear suited to their 
requirements. The needs of the little ones, loo, have received special 




Ladies' Underwear 


■ ^ 

- 'y. 

I . 

Ivadies' Silk Lisle \'ests. plain or 
i;i;;c\ l;iri' yoke uf linen, tor- 
clKsn lace, long, short or no 
sleeves. Many different styles 
to choose from. Very fine qual- 
ity. Price, each $i.oo and 75^ 

Ladies' Drawers^; in fine -cotton 

and lisle thread and velvet knit, 

open or closed, tight or loose 

knw, la^e trunmed, Priees, 

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Chtldren^j) Vests in fine cofton kni lisle tlircad 

with .long or short sleeVes. fHeeftifroni 95c 

- to , ,^,......10^ 

Childfen's Drawers in fine rSb^ed, tight or 

loose knees. All sizes. Prices, each, 25^ 

Ladies' Vests fi" line coitou 
thread, plain or fancy ribbed, 
with short or no sleeves. .Price 
each. \2y2Q, 2 for... 25^^ 

Ladies' Vests, in nice quality cot- 
ton thread, plain or fancy 
ribbed, short or no sleeves. 
Price., each ......... ....15^ 

Ladies* Vests, in fine quality cot- 
ton .'.^^^imA, plain or fancy 
ribb<||r^th short or no sleeves, 
extra value, price each...29# 
3 t^r »«•<•••••••••** vtv,*' Qjv^ 


^Little Darling" Cashmere Hose, in skyV phik 
cardinal, tan, white itnd black. Sixes 4 to 7» 
Price, per pair ....'., ^4 ., «^. . . .25(f 

Ladies' Cashmere Hose, fine quality, ' black 
only. Sizes 8y» to lu. Price, p tr pai r iM>y 


Ladfes' Sflk^Ltiiti^ Hohe. in Hfcy. phik..-i^sft. fhampftgwe, hdirt and HfefJk. ttnr 

broidere<]f and clocfced. Sizes 8>^ to la Speclail selling, per pair. ' . J(S^ 


Ladies' Dainty Stockings 

pretty lot of Ribbed Cashmere Stockings, in pretty sliot color 
ombinations of black and sky, black and white, black and purple. 
black and green, very effective and splendid wearers, at a clearing- 
out price today — 




.V-' ^.'S ^^''-^ 

TeUa of tb^ Wundarful Bbootlnfr B« Kaa 

8e*li— Al Vsf>j Beat AU-Kound 


While bllllanls .uul pool urf« cntcr- 
laiiilnB .nany perfioim lu many places 
BiKi tttkliiK up space m tlio sporilriK '«'- 
uinns of the ncWKpaijers. U Is ImereHt- 
Inir to reproduce the oplnloriB of Alfrfdo 
Do Oro. ilie pool ajul Ihrct; cushion ex- 
pert, one flf the he«l cuelsta In the laml, 
on Krtat plays hf lius bci-h. In lils own 
wt iflp the story ruim: 

"Tho old timers look greater <'liaiucH 
and for that reason made more hrilllant 
whot«. For all around playing I dj r."' 
think any one has cnualod Al Frey. 

"I liavo seen many remarkahl.} Bho'* 
during uiy «artcr In the Kame, but to 
my way of ihtnklnR KeoRh made a shot. 
that 1 believe wns about the isreatest 
1 ever saw played. Strange to say. It- 
was made In the only game that Keogti 
ever won fKiiu xai, an.l it v,'as an ex- 
hibition game at that. 

•The bunch of balls w.iu 
inoken. The one ball lay 
balls, one of the latter bei5^ 
ansles with one of the lower corner 
pockets. KeoKh was obliged to use a 
»-^tj„_^- .„„i,_ tu^ ^Unt M« «.iit that 

ball Into the comer poekc deanly and 
the ( iif liall w*"!!' ""Mnil the table and link 111 position ^^l)i^ll 

<i»i*if#,»>»W.'f«» iitau ,3tl the rest una 
mi rvk JlTlftf ■ 

m^Mklbm, <tetlit IfiieilMi Itte Mi tt!id«^ 

tii* MU ^M-fiiotitfli witk t»l» Me rMtm* 
vf^ # ^M^f^ iM'ftt tlie sftmfr.ttnM twinK 
e«liiiii*Il«d (9 Moot over another ball. 
But ho 4M tt. Had be bit th« baU a 
ftalU dlS«r«iitly from the way He dW 
tti* riiot wbttld never ha^'e scored. 
■Atittther gteat abot that I «»w exe 

At lh« llrunnnlrk Allry*. 

One of ihc liaiilf-ii fouuhi gunug ul llio 
Uduno L.ett(rut< tournw.iunl wud nilii-ii nt«l 
i-vmiliiif on tho llnmitwlrk alley. 7)1 Yatf» 
m^*"!. bptweeii Uif TlgiTH mirt <:ub«i. Tlif 
ifttiiiii wore very evenly nian'ii-'d, 'Tbv 

TlRprs - ' -' ». Tot 

Thonii'K'Mi ! ^ ; ! : l'J» ^-i' 

Hhni'Biin Mm )S1 • 1 '^ 

.N'elBon 1 4u 11!' "'''» 

(iUBtoiioii : ) N Liu lai :i:<i 

Kimhn ! I ; 145 1*3 S»X 


M?innK- 1 

.Mrllonnlil U 

T'llals H7 

>:t<6 OSB 1996 

:l Trvl. 

' ' \\:\ 

1 .' I I ;l 1 3 71 

13« 1B« 4t<i 

I IT UO ti'l 





i i. 

Olxon and Whlt» 
WlNDSOn, Ont., Fob. "iiS-At the lind 
iif eight rouml-s of a fast boylnK match 
lu^re tonlffht Tommy Plxon, of Kansas 
City, and Charley White, of (•hlcaRO. 
were on equal terms, and liic pupulur 
venllot WHS a draw. 


Colliery Owners Reported To Be Prepar- 
ing^ To Bunlter VessolB WlUch 
Fly Throuffh the Canal 

uutWlmaua ma i itm o t H e ea t t u rn * H * 

drat i»>U(e la a toa n a wgnt and (150 aid* 
auli*. bealdes o|h«r wavAra-^waa by 
3KftM Werner to Oilcaico. xan. Wfitner 
imH 1 were tW for litft pltMifi. «n« fb» 

■f&^ H'apefH 9fe*a»',w(lo ?«.»* !>«»<«" 

IW ^^^^^^^^^^^f "^^ 

H t\ 

It Is stated that Int«irest8 unld t<» he 
behind the coal produelnsr mln> 

panles are pre^'flnK '' '■ 

coal depot In the vlclj^, ^i. ic 

end of the PananM. ^MMJ^A^ya the 
NewB<Adverti«er» havt^«i«Moiat«a vith 
them lAmerlcan c»p|ta|)ai» who era in 
tfta AnKrrtMjpi «oiitr«»1 of «ha mimi «n 
cmtoDtttat^ fo aeeitr* aU«it«#lo poet. 
l|<Mi» |e>r fbe Mrndk^'^n of steam ves" 
sela both tm tl^a eo«4it and on tUe otber 
klde. the coal bualura at.tb* wati>rt> 
terminal of tbe <«nal to be mxmA\pA 
tjtom tbe Ailantto cpal ranffe. aiia nif ' 
I<iacMlc coallngr atatlon larselF from 
Brltleh Colombia minee, ai tbe coal 
from WiMbtacton atate does not meet 

Meet me at the James Bay QrUl, We'll 
lUno together al 6:1S. 

Oid Koofa Itenewed by LuuUiig with 

"Ku^" conipoaltlon. Waterproof aJid I 
flVB proof. See or "phone Newiou & 

Greer Co., lliZC Wtiarf utreet. * | 

"Nag" Roof cotnposltio;i will stop ', 

leaks and add years to the ilfo of an I 

old roof. See Nuwcon Jfe Urecr Co., liZt I 

vVaurt bli'vau I 

Merchants' Luncii ^\iii iv r-'rviii .ia 

usual from 12 to 3 at ihu KandrlnKhaiii. | 

TiS Fort Btreel, oii and after Jaiiuury i 


Leaky Hoofs Repaired by Ni-wlun & i 

CSreer Co., 1326 Wharf alrcet, makers of 

"Nag" Composition. * i 

The Tea Kettle Tea Room, 1119 Doa«- | 
laa Street. Breakfasts, hot luncheon, 
afternoon teas, new laid egss from 
iladrona always on hand. • 

S. P. C. A. cases of cruelty." Phone, 
Inspector RusBell, 1921. * 

At a meeting of the aharehold^re of 
J. iN. Harvey. Limited, held on Monday, 
Feoruary J6th, at the office of the 
company's solicitors, MeBSrs. Taylor, 

"t . r ■ ,: i' ,int & StOCktoi' '"---■' ■ 

iit'a addretia 

auditor'a report lor the year uiidliia 
.T.iiiun\ tn.'.t .showed the cnmpanv's 
in a very 

Victoria. & 43,; ,Qpo. H. V?< „ 

St. JoUa. N. B.; 3, A. Vtaittr^^- C, 
«ttd J. N. Harvey, ot Vmwwvir B. C. 

dent; J. A. Harvey. K, C a4ow|IMr» 
Alfred 6t)ai«. luidttor. . .- - ■ 

«mlnatl<)t« «f tbe Alaakan ooal bave 
attown tbat the eoal thei^ la too.fci«a>le 
to atand abfpment. >->, ~ , 


^TtTjnWT ifflWir 

A Beautiful New 


Silky Dress Material 

This fancy ribbed ^ilk 
material is 25 in.,a,.. ^ 
and' wiii make up wSiiti 
fully in waists or dfesVi^Jfe. 

A Tempting Offer 

The colors are .^axe. 
cjrey. reseda, helio, sky, 
pink, and canary, prettily 
figured in self colors. 








CARVING SETS (in cases) 


KNIVES (with or without cases) 


'^&i^$S*S* ._ , 

reet of the bur left ttie «mip 

II frojc to the up I fifunMl it 

1 pi i rf>( t bleak One of tho ob. 
Kti'>;.:'-il :il>out three feet aw 
on. lower corner pc 

a dui-iL ! I lie for it., Tlie oi..v.i .'^i.oi.i..-u 
behind the bunch a foot from the lowei 

"Werner had lots of nerve and played 
for the. shot In front of the pocket. It 
was any odds that his ball would fol- 
low the object ball into the pocket. 
Bcorlnt T- lid not get his 

cue ur. ■ it. but he 

took tl. •■ juHt t: He put 

the oh: 1 In. thi- all right 

and got enovgh KnirUsh on the cue ball 

8O that -iftfr ilriviiitr ihf> other ball IntO 

the pri ;e corner, 

but; did ii"i iaii lii, i>. v.i- then in 
position not only to po.U.t the other 
ball away froiW the bunch, but to break 
the bunch. He ran out the game on me 
and won the prize and the rest of the 
wagers." ; 

"Did it ever happen that ohe shot won 
it championship?" queried one In the 


:ictly." said De Oro. "but I 
ki! i.ots the making of which gave 

thf- piayer, who happened to toe myself, 
thp chance to win. 

"One nf these shots occurred In my 
fr,"' ■-- for the "•-"' "'••■"-r'-nshlp. 
•' "He and i m' the 

t'tic, up 111 ;sfM\ iurK ill 1888, 

and t !i had come <lown to the 

iM-! r:,,i.,f. . . 

ii my. turn to plAy, The. cue ball 
lay In front of di side pockets. 

Two object balls v.... ;ii line a f.-^w 
Inches In front of It, Two. and one-half 
feet from '• "-■• -t her In direct line 
from the The poHltlon of 

;!.• !wo hau.s the one ball Avns 

.- i-U that I <■' hit tho farther 

ball so as to put it ii^ kel.. 

'T »aw that my oni> to cut 

the farther ball Into the upper corner 
rocket. I could Just sight the edge of 
U from the cue ball, and thrtt meant 
that I had only a hair's breadth to pass 
the two balls. If the course Of the cue 
lir.ll varied there was no possible chance 
of hitting It. I trlfd the shot and .mor«.d 
ti»c ball. Tho cue ball, after hitting the 
sirtf cushion, came back and broke the 
hunch, and I ran the game out, winning 
niy first championship." 

CwcaX wKU r«aulr« a nMKO^attnent fif 

|^»^^f***N^-l|?»>*»*P«'. a« »t will 
mMtkMitikm'ili^iS>t£kxk^ one th»t 
promises to be he«(i|||fX|j^^ronlzed -%i 
conceded. It Is estlnwSttsir^^at the c«A' 
consumed on the oceans of the world 
o.\imates 75.000,000 tons per annum, 
d at $2S0. 000.000. 



rnlHSilAWUi ^ronrthely-ns # j yg W l ltmti fe. 
«oMNM^ .Mt |Bm( ^^ (jtovernatoat 'MMni. 
Th«d(ig^#S^i|^lia#l(03Jncercly for their 
. muit' iuSboft *tfa trtistlng the future 
' "'fl^y realize a continual »nd steady In- 
crease of their esteemed patronage, we, 
as ever, yours truly, 


Too Late to 

Quirk Kruulln — For Immertliit* re- 
sults U»i yiiur iiruperty for «»lo 
With IfrlllBli t'uiiadlati Home Bulld- 
ti8., 3i--310 Sayward BldK- 
I'lione 1030. 
OI>etl .^v*-. — Btaiitlful K-t. near Gorge, 
r.dxU'O. ^"50 raali; balance 1 and 
L' y«Ari>. Mrlllili Canartliin Home 
Uuildi-if. 31::-315 .Sayward Illdg. 
I'ljonf- 1030. 
Jtcfk B37 Arr. — «" '.' "'"> t-»utin.i 
f.l((ht-rooin«d iiouae, only |10,000, 
KiiiiB rea»iinahlp. Brill»h Cana- 
liluri Homo Hulldera. \A<\.. 3rj-31i 
.■^aywaid HldK. J'hone 1030. 
A Irlorla West — -Vcw nve-roomed bun- 
(.■•ilow on large corner lot, only 
84.729; terms very eaay. Brltli-h 
CanHdiBu Hani« Builders, Ltd., 
3U'-3ir. .Sayward BldK. Phone 103u 
Hpta St. — JuM off Uurnsld-, i:loi.» 
II). good --room""d BhKck and lot 
40,\l;'0, 1900. one-third, «. X2 and 
IS months. Beat thla If you can. 
Itrltlsh Canadian Homo BullderB. 
Ltd., 313-313 Sayward BldK. rUonii 
Quitted — T.latUiBR of houses. about 
*i.500 to 9»,U00-, $600 cash, bal- 
ance easy Irrnis. We hav<j client* 
waiting. British Canadian Home 
Kulldci-8, Ltd., 312-315 Sayward 
Bids. Phono 1030. 
Corner of .McNeill and Monterey — 
36x115. This is a snap at t240i), 
!r would sell separately, one-third 
rufih, balance 6, 12 and IS: act 
tjulckly. BUtlsh Canadian Homo 
IJuildera. 318-316 Saywari Bldg. 
rhono 1030. 
Bu-hii-.s Property — 60x120 on John- 
son Btrtoi , lovenue producing; $64 
per month. $35,000; one-quaiter 
cash, balance arrange. Cori\or Sn 
lul mining block sold for 150,000. 
Kritish Canadian Home 3ullderK, 


mnair' tqifestv ^ 

peii^Pffl e4feee 

niilffe. Aet <, 

tMfe. Brltifli 

Siulltfmtf, ai2-8tf 

T%tim «0»o. V '^i^.,,. , 

v^ ftw~.;ite» ^mmm 

' do— to gate ett Mfc^-iNi 




On the wharf at the marlr.3 f'-ji-art- 
ment Js a buoy brought from the en- 
trance to the Fraaer Blver by the 
steamer Xewington for overhaul. This 
buoy, which Is well pitted, was the first 
aid t'> "'^i^atlpn csta.b^''^'""^ '""• ^'^'^ 
sovc: stcaaier Qt: : 

came. 10 \ iclorla In 1S94. jn cnarge ot 
Capt. J. A. Walbran of the marine ilo- 
pnrtrnent. The buoy has been ringing 
Its signal to navigator53 in the wash off 
the entrance to the Fraaor through the 
years slnci^ that time. ' ■■- ■ 


Hotel Barron. 

Hotel Barroii,. comer 

aranvIUe and 
Nelson streets, Vancouven B. G. 

A modern hotel of the highest stand- 
ard. See our novel Grape Arbor Grill. 
Rates ?1. 60 per day up. 

OacM- O. Borron. X. S. Bropby. 


Wht.h you want a reliable memcinr 
for a cough or cold take Chamberlain's 
Co\iri' TJomedy. It can always be de- 
pci in and is pleasant and sail' to 

take, jur sale by all dealers. • 



Prices, like the goods, are right. 

CHICAGO, Feb. 28.— Mayor Harrison 
tonight Is.sufd a permit for Ihc wrestl- 
inir match between Mahmoul and Peder- 
Kih, which Is scheduled to take place ou 
Friday night. In doing .so, however, the 
mayor expressed lila personal dlspleas- 
\\r<-. He wrote across the face of the 
iKiiiilt: "Issued because the city coun- 
cil (lofs not kIvo nil- prnv^M in refuse the 

Al the .same lime thr> mnyor sent a 
icttpr to Chief o'f I'oHcr :\r. Wcnv. s.-iy- 
Inp In part: 

"I am returning her,uiih iiic .-iiiplir-n- 
tloj) of the New T5mpfre A- Club, for a 
permit for .1. wrcslllng match between 
T'oderson and Miihniout to be held March 

"1 nni dolaK thi.''. because under ex- 
isting ordlnanre.<», 1 am advised by tho 
Inw departmont tliat there are no valid 
grounds on which T could refuse It. Por- 
C':>nnlly, hod I the power to do so. T 
would ab.>»nlntoIy reCusc to Irhuc a per- 
mit tn nn organlxiitlon which pullerl off 
such a wrcPllIng match n.<i that between 
Ci'tch and Hackenschmldt. 

Ilcflaotlon In Number Ordered by Arch- 
btoliop Causes Much Excitement 

In B0BSl» 

VIF;NNA. Feb. 28.— Great excitement 
has been caused In Bosnia by the action 
of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of 
Serajevo. who has reduced the number 
of religious holidays in the year from 
fifteen to five. 

This step was reconv " ' by tho 
Pope In a receipt Motu Pi uiresscd 

to thfc episcopates In all countries, as 
the V»ticah has been persuaded that 
fljHHfipathollcs are prejudiced in com- 
^^^^w^and industrial competition with 
! nts by the excessive number of 

cnurcii festivals on which they are at 
present not allowed to work. Among 
the days which hrT ' struck off 

the list are Boxing 1 'cr Monday, 

Whit Monday, Candlemas, A ;1on 

I"»ay, and CoriviTH cni-isti. 'J 1 ■ King 
classes In I no prospect 6f 

having thtii i,i,.^t;d proportionate- 
ly, and object strongly to the loss of 
the free days, particularly as their Or- 
thodox fellow-cltlzens have twenty-five 
holidays In the year, besldta Sundays, 
while there are practically no I'rotes- 
tants In the province 

Tho formal announccnient of the re- 
duction of the holidays <UirinK the ser- 
vict In the Roman Catholic cathedral 
at Serajevo led to something like a riot. 
The congrc.vrations shouted; "We won't 
irlvc up our holidays." and assumed kucIi 
,, tlireatoning attitude that tho police 
iiad to clear the cathedral and make 
several arrests. Meetings of protest 
wert! then held In the square outside, 
and rioting in the, country districts Is 




Geary Street; above Union Square 
European Plan $1.50 a day up 
American Plan ?3.00 a day up 
New cieei and brick structtir;. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high class hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center oi iacuuc ami 
retail district. On car lines trans- 
f erring to allpartsof city. Electric 
omnibus meets all trains and 




it Is 


544 •;4 6 \'.Ttc> Street 

Store Phone 59. Office Phone 2043 

TTnion Basoball Ansoclatlon 
SAl.T I.AKK t'lTY. T«\\ 28.— There 
will he six learns In the fnlon baseball 
Rfcpoctntlon this seasion. President 
Lucas made this .annoimcement toda.v. 
Helena, Missoula, (Jreat P'slls, Butte, 
Oiirden and Salt bake will furnish the 
clvhs. Boise has been left out. Presi- 
dent T.,ucas oxplHlned, that rity 
had not qualified for the eiKhtli pince In 
the proposed elRht club Icai^iie. If the 
right sort of a I'liudldatf should turn up 
hofnrn »h« next meellnB- li» i«rtrt«,1 a 
chanjce mljfht be made. 

Kttasia's Marriage Z,aw 

"I'l.S.SA. VVb. ilS. — Tin- .Scnali 
>nnrmed a statute pajised 
\c-nr i>y the State Duma which 
Important should be made Itnown in all 
the western countries whore civil inar- 
rlaKcs arc lepjiUzed. Civil UKirrlafies 
arc unknown tn Uu.Hsia. hut tills statute 
affects Uussians who contract civil, mar- 
riages abroad, which are declared to be 
lllegnl in this country unless they ere 
linmcdlalcly followed by « religious cer- 
emony. .l''or example a Ilussian roIuk 
througli a civil marrlajre. with an Am- 
erican woman In the United States, and 
later returning: to Hus.'»ia, may discard 
his wife and his children, if ihe has any. 
the Russian law IcoklnR upon such a 
imion as a concubinage, and the chil- 
dren thereof as illcRitlinate. ThP Very 
small minority wlio oiTposed the jitat- 
ute in tlie Senate sugKCSted liiat, in ur- 
iler to avoid K'levous complications, thi« 
very Important question should be solv- 
ed by an Interniitional trenty. 

How to Make 
Better Cough Syrxxp than 
, You Can Buy 

A Family Supply, Saving 
and Fully Guaranteed. 


XopiM Wine K»toh 

PMII^AOKI-PHIA, Kch. 28. —Willie, 
Hcppe won his 2.000 point 18.1 balk Jlr.o 
hiHlard match tonlRlit with Harry Cllnr. 
lioppn won the same 400 10 303. 

Xadlam MIA* 

VIENNA; Kch. 28.-;;The .\ustrlan «rov- 
nrnment has resalved to the 
Uranez mine in .lonchimsthal heli>na;lnK 
to '.'ount Sylva Toroiicn, from which 
radium Is obtained for the .''nm of $4,- 
;i00,ocn. By this purchase Austria ccin 
almost claim a world monopoly of rad- 
ium, as the other sources are InsiBnid- 

. . - -.- ^ -. , , -„ ...4.,- *W.. T»-_ — -— T. 

C«llt Jll i:^ill|.*a.i ,,>WH ••tn, fc»,«: O(o.**«,«>. 11 

JH expected that :ti/j jrrainmes of md- 
ium will be sold in 1012 in the.Staite 
work.i, and ft-'Yiif^her • ' fertvnihVeiP'f'FStii 
tiie newly purclip.>«i»tl mine. Thus n 
KrainincH be pliice.l on the markcl 

Sixteen ounces of cough syrup — a» 
much as you could buy for »2.i')0 — can 
easily be made at home. You will find 
nothing that takes hold of en obstinate 
cough more riuickly, usually ending It 
Inside of 24 hours. Kxceilent, too, for 
croup, whooping cough, sore lungs, as- 
thma, hoarseness and other throat trou- 

Ulx two eups ot granulated sugar with 
one cup of warm water,''and stir for two 
niinutes. Put 2'^ ounces of PInex (fifty 
cents' wnrthl In a 16-ounco bottle, then 
add tho Sugar Syrup. It keeps perfect- 
ly. Take a tecspoonful every one, two 
or three hours. 

This is Just Itixatlve enough to help 
cure a cough. Also stimulates the appe- 
tite, which is usually upset by a cough. 
The titfle is p'.easant. 

The effect of pine and sugar syrup on 
the inflamecl membranes Is well known. 
I'lncx Is the m0.1t valuable concentrated 
compound of Norway while pine extract, 
rich In guaSacol and all the natural 
healing pine elements. Other prepara- 
tions will not work In this formula. 

The Pinex and Sugnr Syrup recipe is 
now u.sed by thousands of housewives 
ihroughout the United States and Can- 
ada. The plan has been imitated, but 
the old successful formula has never 
been equaled. 

A guarantv of absolute sat!!oa or 
money promptly refunded, goes with tlvJs 
recipe. Your drugKlst has Pinex, or will 
get If for you. If not, send to The 
Pinex Co., Toronto, Ont. 

vaiiv eieetfie 
einli, lt<» 

'Ctej'ward BlAr. Phone 1030, 
TJtmgtagt BtifW^We hav« a modem 7- 
->e«Mw ed hoo»e, furnlshert, furnace 
"" 'MO c\or> convenience. JS 500, $750 
bandloi thin. British Canadian 
TIiT.ii nullders. 3i:-SlB Sayward 
I'utK Phone 1030 
Wanted — LilBtlnga In Jamcu Bay and 
Victoria "West, tor ouick results 
list your property with British 
r-injidlan Tlomo Huilders Ltd . 31;:- 
315 Sayward BUlg. Phono 1030. 
Shareo In Brltlali Canadian Home 
I'.iillders, Ltd., will be advanced to 
$1.10 per share March 6th, the 
second Issue at $1.00 has nearly 
all l)een subscribed; $10 cash and 
$5 monthly purchases 100 shares 
at $1.00 per share. Send for pros- 
pectus; It wll! Ssterest. you. : 1. 

I>on't forgtef fo call for free Indexed 
Mni> of City. 

British Canadian ilome 
Builders, Limited 

Ucal Kslatn Df-iiartment. 
Members Vlctoii:i Heal Katalo Ex- 

Affentu: Roynt Insurance Company. 

Third Floor. Sayward BuUdlni;. 

Phone 1030. 

Krnest Kennedy, Manaslnsr Director. 


Joseph Street — 
50x120. Price ...?1,000 

Oliver Street — 


Fifth St., SE. Cor. Topaz— 
45x110, Price ?925 

W'c have a select list of 
houses in every district. 

I'rices low, terms easy. 

Knott Bros. 


Brown, Ltd, 

Yates and Rlanchard Streets 
Phone 2873 



On Dallas roadr dOfl^ to 
• Dallas hotel, 6^165 feist 
With large house Mid cot- 
tage. Price $»i,ooo! onc^ 
quarter cash, balance I ifld 
2 yeajra.- v 

iiSS Peitiberton Bttik 


■ M.'/rstnvsutf^Vt***'' • 

Thupsday, Fcbrunry 29, 191> 

V iv^ JLVfivr/v 

t^r^Xt^ X 


Don't Wait! Buy in 

Richmond Park Now! 


G. T. P. 


Richmond Park lots are the only really desirable residential lots 
inside the city limits and close to a car line at first prices. Improve- 
ments are coming fast, and are of a nature to enhance values quickly. 
A comparison of prices and advantages in this district will be greatly in 
favor of Richmond Park. The terms, too, are longer than usual for 
property so close in. 

The best way to profit by the great improvements taking place in 
this district is to secure one of these lots at once. There are not many 
left and' when they are all sold there will be no more at this price. 

Real Estate Exchange Has Sit- 
uation Explained to Mem- 
bers, Who Decide to Have 
Negotiations Entered Into 

T7 '-^'^ ■ 


mSmmi Park todsy. It is a pl^e 

6» I5t4 i8, a4» 30«ii«Bte 

I II' ilif • t> -t Victoria make over- 
1 tuics to till- lirand Trunk Pacific rail- 
way In regard lo the construction of an 
1 lu-ttl to be located on the rnatfni'icent 
slto purchased by the company acme 
time ago. and the overtures appear rea- 
sonable to the executive head of the 
railway company, it Is possible that the 
commencement of the building oper- 
atlona will bo effected wlthjn twelve 
month."? from today. What the overtOrcH 
muHt bo of course Is a matter that 
V. n|.i hfivo t.o be settled by arrunKo- 
ii.k-nt and negotiation, but that It wouhl 
involve the exemption of the company's 
property for a period of years, say per- 
haps fifteen to twenty, is tolerably cer- 
Tbe delay is not of the comp 
ins. <)Vt owjnar to the past n 

:io tirtlirjtii ■]iMit;::.Tiii>iif^r 1%« 


We have •xclu»lv« j^qIc of lot 
oi)i)oslte railway tstation, Improv- 
ed. Price t-QV a few days: 

One-third cash, balance 6, 12 anti 
18 month.s. 

C. S. Whiting 

Aooms 11 and 13, Fromla Block. 

Phone 1 100. 

Upper Fort St. Corners 

mumA tnto at fJifi MiliMt 



inch Office 431 Homer St 

''^^''^"' "^Agents Pacific Coast Fire 

Members Victoria Real 

PHONE 1494 

reef Vancouver. B^Jo. 
Insurance Company 
Estate Exchange 

r«i»r4fiKir th« ifm9p*vli bnWUmi of tlM 


WaII )P>irnich/>d fqliFArni;! RiinrS^iloW 

On one of the best streets of Foul Bay, 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, new 
beginning of January, ready for occupation In a fortniffht, chicken 
Iiouse. 1 minute from ear. »t500 caish, balance J40 per month. 
j.,j,.,, !i»4500 



Victoria Ueal Kstate K-'cclmngc 

McCallnin Block, Dougrla* Street. 

F. O. Box 1933. 

uadra St. Corner 

T2OX130 Feet 


This is an excellent site for stores 'and apartments 

Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Ltd. 

Phone 2040 

1 115 Langlcy Street 

Victoria, B. C. 


V;B BECOMMEND you to buy on this riHE THOBOUOHFABE 

Hillsido Avenue i.s iho main artery to the East and West, starting fioiii 
tho Inner Harbor on the West It runs BtralRlit through to the "Uplands" 
at Cadboro Bes*. All that district composin;? tho Xorthern part of tb.- 
eityls tributary to it, a.i well «s the farniiiis lana» furth«r out. TUi 
thoVouphfare i? to be widened to T5 feet, paved and a double car irai K 
laid to the City Limits. 

Buy now. before these improvements, %vliich will .shortly l>e com 
iiienccd, arc \inder way. 

Wo have several fine lots on this promlslnft street, size 50x126, oIohc 
in, high and dry, fine view, splendid residential sites. Price fl600 each, 
Kood terms. Also some very excellent lots on riyan Street, one street 
south of Hillside. Price 91000, Rood terms. There is a handsome profit 
in these lots if you buy now before the improvements. 

To Buy 

Pay off mortgages or 
improve real estate. 

See our plan. 

Write phone or call 


Phone 2271 Rooms 224-225 Pemberton Bldg. 

(Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 

: f^mlM^^ii^^'im^ miaae of tt>c 

oommuiuiy, an'S that 4M||^Hlt <^|Vll^^ 
i2ed Into concrete f'Ori^^HpT^Sii^liP'^P^ ^ 
noon, when, on the Invltati^irt'bf the hs-^ 
ciiange, Mr, Rattenbury, who Is the" 
architect for the G. T. V. million dollar 
Iiot,-i K. i.n l.iiiU !it the oity. of Prince 
Hi, members on the 

sjuii.ruci. > 51 y iiinilv ivir. Rattenbin'y cx- 
rilained how tho matter stood in regard 
to the Victoria hotel. When Mr. Haye 
was last on the coast he had a long con- 
vftrsatlon with him on the subject, and 
the president of the transcontinental 
road stated at that time that he was not 
in ■> iw->v:|tlnn (.1 milk" '>*ure8 to the 

i')nH that 

V. ■ I .a iiK. fnmnnny. 

!ii the city, and lie 

!. • Ins for them ever since. 

hot fmr)>ri«ed tliRt noth- 

King's Road and Blackwood 
double corner, 100x125 to 
lane ; one-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and i8 months. 

m. $.3,800 

^^Mmm->Amm» sexism ' 

. f^, level hti $ 3e e n rash<, 
balance arranged. - Price* 


■J *. '^- .1 

Corner Fort Street and Stanley Avenue— 95 8-10 feet on Fort 
Street, 135 feet on Stanley Avenue 





All Choice Streets 

For Price and Tcnn.^, apply to 






^03' Sayward Block 

Phone 3084 

| || |>| W " " ' 

Ttn^ mri'bn seaview, next 


Three Large Stores 

^f and Up-to-Date in Every Particular, in the 
MILNE SU.^^^i^iip. 

on terriis: PdcT 


Double Comer, Beechwood 
and Ross, 100x105 ; ohe- 
tliird cash, balance 6, 12 
.,iid 18 months. Price, 



-k wi l iiiii m i UH . JM 

The Canadian 

Home Investment 

Co., Ltd. 

Times Building 
Phone 2558 



Wc hnvp I'^gRs tliHt AKE new laid, t'hickcns thnt AKE mllk-fpd wnd 
Fruits that AKE fresh, Vegetables jsrown by expert.s under conditions 
lluil Attn ^!nnlt,.^^. 

'If u ,, , ■.M'l iliHii \'..i ffPt. If w c '-nri bring .\X)U 

.V our land.s iir<)ilu<-c. -Nn^l If .voiir 1! <m •'rn'' .ill your peodB,"'klv(> 
UH .\(iiir rustoni and fontlnnunce." 

•| . -n ■ I n!- thla Store !m I'. :.i ill:; ! • !■ i . - i n ; . ,1 1 1 c.-l (Mimm'ii-nl* 

laiiMii \sitii (ip ))roducer, mh.i ,i ..m intention i'l I'liin- i:.;' ■.i\<- city 

ilay ny dny our uwn nn'l "ui ihik 'ii">r r< 




Is good for Growing Girls 
and Boys — and they like it. It 
Dourishcs their little jjodics and 
makes them hralthy and strong. 

Cotran'a Cocoa, as you get it from your 
grocer, is absolutely pure. Itt deiiciout 
flaror it obtained by the une o( the higbent 
grade o( Cocoa bean*. >kil(ully blended. 
Nothing i« added to impair the heakh- 
building p»opertie« of the Coco*. 

Do Yon Use 
Cowan's Cocoa? 

iUK liatl >ei l>' glad 
to have the oi'; me to 
tho members oir the < Just how 
thing's were in the liuj ,. .....i as a re- 
sult ot ttiat explanation a campaign 
would be started to haye the negotia- 
tions opened at once. 

In the general discussion ^)f the fjues- 
tion which followed the remarks of Mr, 
Rattenburj' it was stated that if the 
company could be induced to build a 
great hotel in the -city of Victoria In- 
Htead of Vancouver it would mean a 
grt:at boost for the city, because it 
would inevitably make the port of Vic- 
toria the homo iiort of the company's 
line of stf o soon to be augment- 

eO. If tl. 1 iiccomplished then the 

vr'ssolfr- plying between here and the 
northern ports would always make their 
first call at IhA port of Victor la, becaii'^- 
it would be In the Interest of the com- 
pany to keep the hotel as full as pos- 
•'• ' nembers of the ex- 

fi ibjcct, and evinced 

tJie heartiest co-operation jn any steps 
that might be taken to bring the matter 
to n speedy head. The resolution that 
was passed by the exchange upon the 
matter provided that the'hotel to be built 
must be as commodious if not more eo 
than the Empress, and in order to enlist 
the sympathy of the city council a 
r.pccial meeting will be called tomorrow 
afternoon, at which the mayor and ald- 
cimen of the city will be Invited to at- 
tend. Mr. Rattenbury will also be pre- 
Hfnt. In fact the meeting is being call- 
Al thus early on account of tho fact that 
he has ijo leave for Montreal at the end 
of the week to dlscu.s.-j with .Mr. Hays 
the plans of the Prince Hupert hotel. 


Somewhat Radical Ideas Advanced by 

Dr. Trodg-old Likely to Canaa 

iSuch Slacassiou 


Pembroke Street^ new 5 
room bungalow, iuiSy 
modern ami a lot 50x141. 
$600 cash, balance a- - 
ranged to suit purchaser. 



Edmonton Road, new ; 
room bungalow with 
paneled diningroom, $3.S0 
cash, balance $25 moith. 
I 'rice 


Modern 5-room Bungalow 
with good stable at rca: 
of lot, situated two min- 
utes from end Dougl-^s 
car line, $400 cash, b«n- 
a nee arranged 



Are cordially invited to attend the 

Annual Meeting 

held in ArO. U. W. HALL, Yates street, 

Thursday, February 29th 

Al 8 p. m. Business, election of officers. 


>.|i lb. Uua. 25o. p«r tin 

l^ONDOX. Ftb. 26.— Family pedigrees 
and medical certificates both for brides 
and bridegroom."!, as a necessary (luallfl- 
catlon for marriage, we,-e advocated by 
l?r. Tredgold In an address to the 
KuKenlcs education society last night. 
This Mugptstion leaves the idea of ccr- 
tlfloated brides far behind and is likely 
to provoke a large amount of discussion 
from widely divergent f land point."?. 
Whatever may be said about the sug- 
gestion, Dr. ThedRold Is well quallfh-d 
lo speuk upon tht subject. He- Is con- 
sultlnK physician to the National associ- 
ation for the care of the feeble-minded, 
anil won a medical expert to the Royal 
i^ommission of the feeble-mindtd. If the 
rece was to advance some form of .se- 
lection niu«t clearly take tlie place of 
natural selection, he urged, and (ht only 
form was birth selection. 

No person should be allowed to marry 
without n licence, which, should be 
granted after a medical exaniinaUon of 
Mie Individual and an Inquiry Into his, 
or In r, family- history. ThI.s would 
neceBsitjite the notlHcatUm of partlcuiHrs 
of tho birth, mental and physical con- 
dHlon, presence of disease, ago, cause 
of death, etc, of every individual to a 
central record ofHce. In thl.M office the 
, noUncation^ would be compll.-d Into a 
licrsonal history sheet and the rehUlon- 
slUp of dirferent Individuals would be 
j readily traceil by a syMteni of cross ref- 
\ orencps. Ht was convinced, hp added, 
that a very larRc amount of the wretch- 
pdness of homo llfo resulted from hasty, 
ill-considered 'marriafres rcfrardhsa of 
the character and menial mid physical 
lienUh of the contracting parties. If 
Rieater allenllon were pe.ld to thenc 
.ind to tht ffcneral responsibility attach- 
ing to marrinire they would hear vrry 
much li.i.4 about the need for divorce 


New 4-Room Bungalow on 
Dominion Road, li.ilf 
minute from Esqnimal: 
car. $350 cash an 1 $25 
per moiuh. including in- 
terest. Price 



13 ID Linuplas Street 

For Rent 

)-ro( lined houses, ail modern conven- 
iences, situated on the Fairfield roa,d; close to I'oul 
Bay road, large lots and beautifully situated. The 
rent is $40 per month for each one, and to a tenant 
taking a two years' lease we will install a furnace. 
Possession can be given immediately. 

On March i6th We will have for rent a la.rge house 
on Fell street, just off Oak Ray avenue. There is a- 
nice garage on this place. There are two lots with 
this house. This is a cliarming little place and the 
rent is $50 per month. Leases will be given to good 
tenants for any of these houses. 

These houses are. also for sale and preference will 
1)0 given tenants, should they desire to buy later on. 

Bevan, Gore St Eliot, Ltd. 

"Members Victnri;i Real Estate Exchange 
Phone-s. 2470-1 222-3-4 Sayward Bldg. 


The property of John II«ggrerty. In- 
cluding house and four lots, frontage 
of 120 on Fort and 120 on View street. 
Tenders to be received up to Tuesday, 
February -0th. Also the stock, jdant 
and goodwill of the Jno. Haggerty & 
Co. firm will be sold -as a going con- 
cern to the highest offer up to Thurs- 
day. February 29th. 

Terms can be made for payment 
and nnrtlcukir.>5 fflvon oC tho business 
by the undersigned. 


Here is a remedy that will cure your 
cold. Why waste time and money eic- 
perimentinB whpn you can get a prepar- 
ation that has won a world wide reputa- 
tion by Its cures of this disease and 
can always be dtpcnded upon? It la 
known everywl-.pre a.« Chamberlain's 
Oouch Ueniedv. and Is a medicine of real 
me*lt. I'or sale by all dealers. * 

■ » I 'I I' i'« 


301 naaita«<»» inMOt 

li iii y- i I ii i ii t iii iirnr i i iiiii w iii nrK ii f i t 




With handflonie dweilins containing eight robm»j' basement, etc., par- 
age and other outbuildtnss, end fifty-five well-matured fruit trees. 

This pixiperty will subdivide Into four lots fronting on Burnside Roa4, 
worth $2 500 each, hnd one extra large lot Including Jtouae on side stTf^t, 

worth $6000. ^ ' y uM 

OUR PRICE FOR THE BLOCK, ON TERMS. ^l*.*ilil_!;5=»i/'''''*™'™^ 

Don't overloolt the improvementii op thi« ■treeti 
npwiv pave<l street, etc. See US about thl« kt ooce. 
on Bnrnsldc Road. 


ir.up "JJIJ .■'(1.1 '. ,11 -' "" 



Thursday, February 29, 19 

i\t ^^H 


B. G. Land and Investment Agency Limited 



Victoria West, 60x120, op- 
posite Russell ^station. 
One-third cash, i-a'aike i 
2 years. Price 



Close in, corner lot, 60x120, 
with 5 houses producing 
revenue of $100 per month. 
One-fourth cash, balance 
arranged to suit. Price 
is ,^ii;^,000 


Oak Bay 

57x223 on Mitchell street. 
just south of Oak Bay 
avenue'. Price on terms 
,,*^*^.....f 1,600 

St. Charles 


Each 50x145, close to sea. 
$340 tash Ii lot. bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 18 months. 
Price, each 5i?975 

IB. C-^. JL 

•iv'; 5ii:ioi^iiia^Em^-:^i^^ 

and Investment Agency Limited 

■^''f:;l»HONE 125 


Victoria West Buys 

McAskill St. — Lot 60 x 100, and modern two-storey dwelling uf 7 roums, bath 
and pantry. Price $2100. Term.s i^500 cash, balance ?20 per montli. 

Skinner St. — Corner of Mary. Lot 60 x 120 and new 5-roomed buns^alow, all mod- 
ern conveniences, piped for furnace, two fire places. Price $6500. luisy terms. 

Skinner St. — Two lots adjoining the Reserve, and swell i><-storey bungalow, 
of 6 rooms, fully modern; magnificent view. Price and terms on application. 

Craigflower Road — Small lots on the car line, 50 x luu, ul $1500 caeb, on c;i.-.y 

ix f 


Fire In.surance Written 

' * .1'' > ' 

Phone 1076 ,.,r^. 


Jl 12 Broad Street 
% P, O. Box 428 


"■r" II 111! iiiii,rtp„-,-,_ , 

New fivcrroomed house, c<mcr«tefiMili^totti^»No^ 

>| ^i | i j|';l 0t--i5Q at] i' {^ 1 ^'^ 'P -C ? Tvy v.-*r4.iV ' ^, ' •■•^*'9 -^ «■ ' ».»' ' - ' $1,250 

■;dUiw*\'Siiliii€i*w6'^^ . . . $975 

\nd Road— Two lots, yi cash, balail^^Kranged; '^l^ilv . . . . . ... .$800 

Pleasant Avenue — ^50x120 to a lane. Easy terms. Price $1,000 

Linkleas Avenue— Excellent high lot. Price; on terniC?9<>Q^a^ at $850 

Fairfield Estate — ^Two lots, commanding view. Price each, on terms. .$1,500 



AIvo von Alvensleben, Ltd. 

« . ■ ■ ■- • 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
636 View Street 



lone 2445 

Oak Bay Lots 

Bank St.-Lot 60 x 135, near Oak Bay Ave., $1500. 1-3 cash. 
Oak Bay Ave.— 106 jc 124, double corrier, $6000/ (k)odle^^ 
Hulton St.— 2 lots, 50 X 120 each. Price $2500 for both. 
Denman St.— Near Richmond, lot 50 x 103, $900. ^ cash. 

North West Real instate 

Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Phone 640 706 Yates Street 


Irma Street, to Burnslde. 50x120 SfSj^ 

Myrtle Aveniie, one block from Hillside, 60x124 afS^- 

Oxlord Stroet, nice lot close to Cook, 4Sxl31 "ionrl 

Stannard Avenue, close to car, 50x120 :p Jiiu 









Great Bargain 

"aclng on two sfffctfi. foiir 
dl ibts. in- 
Iiip: &n GraU;' :, 

:;■.? feet frontlnjf on Rus- Street. On terms. 
Pri-.. 98000 







B. C. Sales Co. 


Fhono 2662 



TUa above on ca«y terms. 


Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
Bayward Blocr, Orounfl rioor. 

rhoae 3964. 

Crisp Snaps 

Jamm Bay. 120x120. with Housp on 
K!T'B"t"n »nrfj>t: lust a. few lots 
fi in larl!vmcnl buildings. . .»««<>« 

Oak Day K-t on A»h street. .fllOfl 

Oak Bay. largo double cqrner. Am- 
phlon end I.*Jgl»ton $X'.m 

Oak Bay. lit 


iifral H\'c- 

Portage iniot waterrroniftKe. s'l 

acres, r'T acre M'W 

l'-|ilrfi''li'l ■''nil Ijinden h'um., i uti;.' 

lornor t3l)0<) 

Below Value 

Saratog'a and St. Patrick— 

i20x; ■ •■ '•■ lis . . . i^-jiiou 

Saratog'a and St. David -frorncr 
lot, SOxllIO, on icnnw ..j|tl250 

Bobertion St. — Running through 
to Hollywood Crescent, on 
icrms 91300 

Hamlay Stxeet — 2 lots. 50x137, on 
termp, cioli S|(1 2250 

. nouglas and Daltafl 

Trllilo coi ;.. 
Tvn<\ .... 
Unequaled f"r nn npaVlmoni sti. . 

Kaii>' lorm» "h .ir.., ..: 

iin ni Office for houses. acroaKf. 
,.i Insirit' business proiirrt'.ps. 

LA. W. Bridgman 
1007 Covpvnnienl .'^t. 
Heal Kstntc. T.onns. ln»uran.-<>. 



Lewis Co. 

Peniherton Block 
Phohe 1299 

The Fines! Corner on 
rairfield Road 

0.\ TH'.J C.\K ! !\'K, 

Size ir, S.'ix! K- 


On terms. 

This Is the best buy In Foul Bay 

A. von Girsewald 

Real Estate 

Cor. Tort and Quadra Streets. 

.Mcmhrr of the Victoria Rial 

ICstate Exclmnffe 

Yc hnvc soiiK^ of the choicest 
: in fhJ« ni^tiMft ri.oht on car line 
and near the reserve. For particu- 
lars, see 

Child, Garratt & Go. 

I'll one fl.").'? 606 Sayward Blk, Victoria 


Our advertisement will appeafiTTrpage 
eleven tomorrow (March Isf) and until 
further notice. 

Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd. 

Members of the Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
643 Fort Street. Telephone 2967. 

Khalsa Realty Co. 

1221 Lalifil'iy f't. 
^- „.._ ^r ^^I'lT.sUic ZV.^. Atphft sf. 3 
** 'lo'tt,' iVtxUO. »«.600; 6. 12 and n months, 
'•nrnpr Haulisin and Ft>inwo<i(l, lot I'lOx 
ino, IJ.500. rornor HurnsltlP road and Bin- 
nift St.. lilt ttxliiS. »345«. one-third caah, 
I.. *i;. 1»" in.'iilhs; comer Hurtisldc road 
•nd Kiiii»>* »tr»sel. & ioi*. ii>;»*10, JC.ufiO. 

On thf- l.v| of .May the i_". P. R. will 
inaugurate a through daylight service 
between Banff and Vancouver with a 
train composed entirely of pullmn and 
observation cars. 

Kummprland's Board of Trade iiaa pro- 
tested to the Dominion govtrnment 
agalnBt the proposed leaslnK of the fed- 

. r^y * ... t.~nW.^^.^ !,...„ .... I...,-—^ „...« 

aa the Sumin»>rland town coui,-'ll strong- 
ly approvliiR the principle of Rovern- 
inent ownership and operation. Rather 
than pay the increased rates demanded, 
resident.? of Summtrland, rentlcton, ,ind 
other OkanaiarHn towns are orKanlv.lnB ii 
i-o-operatlve company and will establish 
a n«w compotitlx'ia «ystem, 


Prior and Blackwood — Lot: 
fiTVjvl te'.i and a "-room house, 
stiiclly modern. T'rlcc nn 
terms ^G.'tOO 

IMtl ■': TRBKT— Lot 50xJ3&, 
and a new two storey S-rooni 
house, strictly modem, terms 
$1000 cash, balance arransed. 
Price ^4600 

GHAH.XM STmcrOT— Lot 60x110, 
and two new 5-room houses, 
hath and pantry, gooil plumb- 
ing, furnace, etc. Stili'tly mod- 
ern. Terms only Jf>00 cawh, luil- 
ance 3 years. Price each iftSIOOO 


Heinekey & Shaw 

"The Home Finders" 
319-390 Sayward Bldff., Tlotoria. 

Best Buy In James Bay 

You have bunted all over the City to find a good houae. Go 160k at this, 
on S.nifh TjiSPittt^X''**""''' everything In first class condition. Cash 

$1- , , ■ ■" 

to Bult. Price ^'ITSO 

Patrick Realty Go 

646 rOST 8TBSET. 

PKOHX 2S56. 

E. & N. Trackage 

Inside the City Limits— 103.6 feet on the railway track with frontage 
on two roads of 198.2 feet and ni feet. Terms for cjulck sale. $2500 
cash; balance easy. Price |10,500 

H. S. LOTT & CO. 


Member* Victoria Reel Estate Exchange. 


Linden Avenue 

T have a choice selection of properties on this beautiful 
street for sale at special pricey. 


(Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 
Phone 304 704 Port Street, Cor. Douglas 



Xim^ and one-third acre blocks of first class land, very 
easily cleared, only five minutes from V. & S. station, seven 
minutes from new car line; near the sea. Per block, $5,000; 
$2,000 cash; terms i, 2 and 3 years at 7 per cent. 


P. O. Box 575 
101-102 Pemberton Block 

Fhone 1381 

Victoria, 3. C. 

BooklanA Are. — Near Cook St., 
eight roomed modern house, full 
size basement. Price f7,800 

Cook Ht, — Next to comer of Ox- 
ford, two stores with 11 rooms 
above revenue $2,500 ptr annum. 
A pood Investment, 1-3 ca»h. 
balance over thrqe jears $15,000 

■priBCHelA Are. — V-rt>ome<l houM. 
on lot 60x1 BO, modern oonvwi- 
lences. $1,500 cash balance over 
4 years ♦••••• 

Qnebee 9%. — 7-room. two storey 
house, near Montreal ativet, 
easy terms i*.*©© 

Olara St. — Klnt.- rraesy lot. 6>x 
120, 3rd lot off Oak Bay Aven- 
ue. Easy terms 91(400 

^»4» St.— rLQ« 62x204. yrliii 

5 thlrty-l\ve young fruit trees, 

hljh and Ary. with fine view 


••ee**e ft«t««< 

CULUN &¥e8K 

rMetnbera of Real Bsute 

cCallum ©%: 'I*h0neii8i9 
isai DougUt ftrcf I 

£ i' 

Property of 
Three Acres 

Three miles out on ttlkm Mttfi 
Rstate .ncif/ 7>rooM iHrttiiiiii' 
open Are jilMomt. toot uUI ..ttfiUk 
w&ter. bath. etc. AIM 
'poultry plant, othttm:-.- 
been very mubotmi^' 
flowers (or the matrlttbV 
of nwny ▼•Tltt!«« lut%*y 
ready been oown. PImw 
be sold itnm«<ll«.t«ly, filMii 
terms arralited .. ,. «>.ff^li# 

Grabb &\jim 


ornce open froiti 7:t« to I 

"^ . 

- ...^ -jji'.. ^- 'hfeiivii^^ j!i;^{ai.i^a^Bjt«A 

■ W J' j ' H ^ W il" ' '■ " *'■ 

Thurvdny, t«ebruary 



Victoria Arm Waterfront 

3 Acres with Small Cottage having over 200 feet watcrfrontaKC near Craigflower i^r.dgc: Suit- 
able for si'bdivision. I'ricc $15,000 
17 Acres, nart of Section 74. Melchosin, with waterfrontage on Lagoon, and on good road. 

Price $500 per acre. 

2 Acres on Douglas Street, Avithin 2 mile circle, with improvements. Price $15,000 
8 Acres North Dairy Farm, Blocks 34 and 37- Fronts on K.nnclh. McKenz.e. hordcn and Ledar 
Hill Cross Roads. Mostly dear. Price $1,000 per acre. 

620 Fort Street, Victoria, B. C 

Telephone 30 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


Choice Acrea; 





4 •*■ 

1'.' if hl^ J" 

., ,^, ,, ^ _^ ,„ ... %/--Wfi 

^ JraMk «rf ground With 2«i^ oi waterfroBt o« Portage Inle^ af «o 

g<wl,l»«tll aftd <"»«««4W»ngs. Horse. ^H^ and ha™«s }wo w*^^™*! 
wa«^ •itohf «>, tlK V^Mit. 3Phi» jiWkUA a^pW^o th*«ufcirbai|i^,horoeseeker and 



We have several ncre.s for sale in the most desir- 
able location«i nf Catibjro Bay. 

Fo; Iniilding sites this acreage is ideal, command- 
ing as it does a beautiful view of the sea and straits. 

Price and terms reasonable. 

Small Subdivision 

5 acre; on ihe Saanirn i-.leciric raiKvay. 
PRICE, $6,500 





Choice lot, close to Dallas Road. 
PRICE, $1,700 

\ ) '">.' 


Stock Exchange 

kte Exchange '""T'?''' 

Phone 766 


mi ll ri uin ii I uiw wipwiyygg?'*jgT^ 



Grant & Lineham 

633 Yates Street 


P. O. Box ^07 




'<■ ; 


Modern 6-roomccl house on dHp.JBne, close 

to park and sea. , , , , . 

■ ^ ^^^ •fjfejlift'^f'-'li 


.;•> ?■ 


Phone 2612 Corner Fort and Douglas Sts. 

Agents for the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 

(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange.) 

Fort Street Corner 


104 feet frontage on Fort, ^ith 70 tcel '^^'^^^^"^^T^^^^^ 
new. renting for $25 per month on property. This ''«"** 'S^W-^J 
Btore or apartment house site. Price. f6,000. Quarter cash, bai«ttC« t. 2 

and 3 years. > 

10^2 ACRES 


Half mile from present railway, 
and will be very close to new 
suburban car" line. 

}«53,000 will. HANDI.E— 

BAiiA'irci: A&aA2roz:c 


Lots in this subdivision hav* 
been selling with such rapidity 
that we are serlo'isly considering 
raising the prices or withdraw- 
inp: same altogether from the 

..■■-■..::■■ ■,,, .Mi 


On terms. 


403-404 PnywarA Block 

Ftaone 3772 

Branch Ofl).c«, Dnncsn, V, 1. 


Offers some of tuo best buying In the World at **»; "^""^V ^'-^V J 
have a wide selection of excellent auick-actlon investments. COMB IN 



MAN & CO. 

Oensral Affe&ts 
212 Broad St., Victoria, B. C. 


513 Say ward Block 

Phone '3i717. 

Snaps in Lots 

Mt Sfpplien, cornf>, 60x80x110. 

Price fOOO 

Mt Stephen, 40x160 f850 

Empire Street, i lots, r.oxicr^ 

Price 9^3000 

Walnut Street ...fTS.' 

Fern wood Koad. Ro"^!^"^"'^ .^"T';. 

Price fl-OO 

Kings Road and Scott Sfro,-;-- 

double corner Jf>l-JU»/ 

Empire Street fll50 

Queen City Realty 

X413 Douglas St. 

Asklund. Phone 21U. Proctor. 



One block from Park, modern 
«-room house, lot 50x150. 

Price feoOO 


Cowichan River 

3 Acres (more or less) 

Cleared and plained ui May 
and Orchard; with stable 
and shed; over 50 yards 
river frontage ;■ about 3^j 
miles from Dii-ncan. Good 
soil; splendid view. 

John T. Reid 

Member Real Estate 

519 Sayward Blk. Phone 9650. 


114 feet on E- & N. Rail- 
wny and McCaskill street, 
i rice 611 'easy tenns, only 


634 View Street, Phone 2307 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phones 1186. Res. R.-26S4. 
•IT OensmrMit St. Tiotorl*. 

Bargains In Homes 

On O-ood Terms 

Fine new h()\iaf on Albany Street, 
between Gorge and iJurnsldo, In 
select district. I'lnUslied com- 
plete and up-to-date. $1000 c«sli. 
balance arrnnKcd ]j(4000 

.\ siilpnJid home of 9 riwnis on 
larg;<> lot on Cook Strr-et, fln- 
l.shed In flr«t olns." workman- 
ship and with every cohvpnl- 
ence. Terms. Price ..l|tl0.50<> 

.V swell up-to-date residence, with 
large Rround.s in best part of 
> tiK Bay. Ciiii «w i i»iin»- w-vri'.'. 
terms. Price f 16,800 


643 Pandora Street. 
Prince Ueorge Hotel lilock 

Choice Lots 

And Cheap 

.'>iixl T.T lUwii;) .\\ p 91,000 

;.<ixl04 Cranmore Road . . 950 

:. 0x100 Bowker Ave 960 

■ ■, on I'nM! Tiny Hon.'I . , 1,000 

U0X120. Oak -U*y Av,e i,650 

i}oxl28 Byrom St- i.aoo 

,'.0x130 Oliver St 1,000 

.'.(ixK.ii Hampshire Hrl .\. . 1,000 

70x150 Bowker \ <■ . l,5O0 

100x98 Itlchmond A Cowan 3,150 

r.0xl50 Granite St. .?.. .. 1,850 

fiSx214 Granite St 1,600 

mOxlin Granite & Victoria 3,000 

^'ii'xiio l.lnkleaa Ave. .. . 1,700 

• ■ 1 



Oak Hay' Realty Office 

.:u5G Oak Bay Avcilue 

Phone I^lGcs 



•.*''_.< J*" 



i i i ymmm. 


■ ■ "<"% ^Z 

. *"'; 


¥i^ Ifttft. i^i<^ jofl a good comer, seven m'ntttes f rdin the mm>^^m' MEWtmm^°°' ^ ^"^"'^ ^%I 

I i-i. ' i nf i > I u ii iHun i 


Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
P. O. Box 167 




FOR SALE— About 20 acres of land with long waterfrontage 
on a sandy beach— the best in the locality. 


Members, of th« Kcal E.t*U B:xv;aan«e 

lOOa Bro»<l 8tT««* 

▼Ictorla, B.C. 

The site aeltcted by the Government for the 

New Normal School 

At the corner of I^sdown* *nd Mt.Tolmle Roads. Which IS to b^ one^(^ 
the finest in Canada, together with the new Hlll.ide Avenue car line, con- 
tract for w.hlch has already been le^. n.«u.« Vista the most at- 
tractive buying: in the city. 

I.ots of «5-foot irontaffe. "one block from Lansdowne Road and thrt^ 
Mocks from the school site at »700 each. 

We have a limited number of lots at this price, but your own Judgment 
tells you they won't last long. 

Wxksell, Douglas m 

(Members Victoria Real Estate E xchan ge) 
All kinds of Insurance written. 

Money Makers 

100 feet from Dallas Uoad. 80 
x-OO, double frontage, fine up- 
to-date modern 9-room ^ house. 
Price, only |H;i,000 

North Park Street. 60x140, rev- 
enue producing. $2000 rash will 
handle this bargain.. .. f580t» 

Gordon Burdick 

Pemh«rtoa Blk.. 680 Bronffhton St. 

"^ Phone 2.'.ns 

All kinds of Insurance written. 


Thirty feet adjoining 
Queen's Hotel, between 
Store street and waterfront, 
at $1,000 per front foot, on 
good terms. 


Room 10. Mahon Block 
P. O. Box 786 .Phone 1119 

avp:bury avenue 

j^nap— two lots for $850 each— 
one-third cash. 

Parkdale — two lots $500 each 


Phone 1658. 725 Fort Street. 

Member Victoria Real Estate EjCchange. 


Quenn-. Avenue, b,t««*n Cook and Vtineourer Btr-*tP: r.,,. mt. «u« JO.^27^ 
Empre"»AV"nui."'bplw»Gn"c<>«)lt and 'v«n«ouvor SU'rtUi Jr.s Ut. *!=c ^'^J^ 

Shplbourn* Slre--<. on* lot. •!«« 40x187; Price . . . •■•••'"" 

tOIB I>onsla»t 8t. Come In and ll«t your pfop«rtr,for quick Mle. T. O. Boa 10B» 

4 -< ■ 




Real Estate, Insurance and Financial 
1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist 



that a lot on Herald Street, 60x120, between GovefntVi'eril'aiTd 
Store Streets, income bearing, purchase price payable $7,500 
cash, balance in i, 2 and 3 years, is cheap at $25,500 



Fire, Life and Accident 
Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1462 

(Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 


One acre on BEACH DlilVP:, with fine 

walk of the car andcommands a splen(h(l 

It is cut up into three lots, one a corner, 
but would make four exceptionally lar<^e 

Price, for a few days only, on very easy 


R. V. WINCH & Co. 


521 Fort Street 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

$20 Per Month anil principal. 
I'.TKh pAymcnt of $400 b\i\ s ■"•- 
room new house an<l I'M— rt lo\« 
fi-oii) car line. 


604 Tat«« 9XVX 

Shawaigan Lake 

860 P««t Watnrfroater* on East 
slflp of lakp, about 6 aores In all 
■it •7,500.00, on good terms; or 
HniaHer portlona at $10.04 p«r 

front foot. 


Real JBsntate and Inauranca 
Boom 4, »sM«iaMi aiook 


victoria West where prlcea will 

ailvance ahortly. 
rcroomed modern hous*. $400 
cash, balance aa rent. File* 

u fa,iso 

G-roometl modfrn houae, $750 
..«•»> Kalanoa aji r«lil. 'JArlOa 

i"s .■ $3»sdi>" 

Owen Devereax 
investmisiit Vm* 

Oonws «■«>* »•« »o«flM 

Dean Hi 

tWn fbM Mttilll 

p B«!^Vj i iBST^ > X -' ^~-.u» i ii B i Hi? i ? i y _' »»»■ 


»> ATT XT 

nr\T rvKTorri 


Thursday. Fabruarv 29. 1812 




SliuuM lia\f the>e 

2556 — ".Silver 'P li r c a d s 

Among the Cold". . . .75c 

31823 — Pink Lady Gems, 

for $1.25 

31816 — Patience Gems $1.25 
7003t>— Lucia Sextetu: $1.50 
70037 — Inflammalns . .$i.5'3 
<SSo<^)5 — Tosti'.- ' .oodbyc," 
Melba $3-oo 

i_'iocx3 — Puzzle Record — 
6 selections on one record, 
for $1,00 

1 0000 — New Colonial March 


i-Country Girl Gems, 

Come*to and heretlww." 


Opposite Post Office 

Victoria Theatre 
Monday, March 4th 

l-Jngland'is Foremost Slnnlnj;- Comedlentu- 

Alice Lloyd 

In tile .lovoiiM Slusltal ('onii-.l> 

J£>-ur Minn LuiNii's i'liiiiuuit (Soriif Hits. 
Hee llio real "Turkey Trot," tlie Dance 

Prices |2. »l.uO. »1, Ti... GOc. Seals 
on sale Friday, March lai. 

Majestic Theatre 

Bpaolkl Featare ProgTamm* Wadneidajr 

and Tliuraday 


A bloKiaph tliHinutio miiHU-rplfi i- of 
Brownlns's lilorury olassk- 2.000 fci>i of 
film, full HuppOiliiiS programim'. 



Bijou Theatre 

We are always In tlje Ipad for Iho 
5.1)00 feet Of tl.e most thrilling western 
iiruauc'tion Cowboy Xouraament. Fall round- 
up on T-6 Ranch. On - today:' 700 acatins 

Victoria Theatre 

ThURiDAY. FEB. ?9, 

Cohan's Greatest 



Suspicion — VitiTRiaph .Irajr.L'. Bear 
Hwnt Romance, Patlic western. The 
Oyster Industry, l.ubin imlu.strial. Ob- 
ject Mati-lmony — Lubiix drama.. A Fam- 
ily of Veg-eterians, Edison' Comedy. 



Presoht "Tlir- Gin irom Vonkers." 

Indian Club JiiSKlerss 


"'!'!-.,-^ l-lf'Ilf' of < 'ootit'>\vn" 


In a brijilu .«ketcli.> 

▼»1— TKB STAXTTOirS — Era 

**In Who Stole the Shoes." 

Wlraisea In tbe Dark Continent 

one iif the powerful wireless 
stations In the world, second only to 
that of Glace Bay, is soon to 'ue estab- 
ll«ilift(l at TJuilmktu. Thl^ i»tBtion will 
be able to talk with Parts, Martinique 
and Maduga.scar. and will mIso relay 
niessngres froni France and Algeria to 
smaller stations along the whole wewt 
coast of Africa from Port Etlenne «nd 
Dakar to Libreville and th.' mouth of 
the Congo. — New York Sun 

Are the Chinese Z*it for It 

It .Hi'enis Incredible that the Chinese 
niab<«os, ignorant, and bred to Implicit 
obedience to an authority imposed on 
them by conquest, are qualified for a 
sweeping experiment In democracy. It 
the republican form of government en- 
dures It will probably be only a form 
for an indefinite period, the president 
having almost an autocrat's powers 
and ruliiiK tlirougli a bureauciaey iiut 
very Aifferent In its externals from the 
present fiystemi'^-^LiOndon Advertiser. 

The Tlood of Books 

The overproduction of books is be- 
comjlnff serious. Last year there were 
Great Britain 10,914 volumes, 
tCLPlMP PJf SO over -1910. 


Xilberal 2>«a(t«rBhlp 

Rumors of Mr. Asqulth's retirement 
grow more definite and authoritative. 
Still, it would look at this di.stance as 
though Mr; Asquith could not resign at 
this juncture — he eould only desert. A 
few months aEO. one would have said 
that «ir Edward Grey could replace 
him without friction: but the Radicals 
have by now supplied the friction. The 
frequently repeated statrment in the 
cables that Sir Edward Is unsympa- 
thetic towards the Toclal Keform 
nieasures of the ministry. Is absolutti^ 
untrue. Sir Edward Is almost a LKg 
Georgian In domestic politics. It 
Itltely qolte as untrue that the Radloa! 
attack tipon him has been prompted by 
)t«#ther motives than a dlsUke of his 
foreign policy. His foreign policy has 
'hwa ii>o«t tinllke that b^lov^ hy the 

pbrtat^co of Lister' 
slder surgery not 


nn, of: 

craftsmanship, but in its broadest and 
most vital aspect, there can be no ques- 
tion but that Lister was the foremost 
surgeon of all time. To say that he 
saved many ipore lives tlian the great- of warriors ever oontrlA-ed to wipe 
out is to give but an imperfect and 
partial idea of his gift to humanity, 
for who can ireckon Wie vast eavlug in 
pain and sufferlnar —New York Sun. 


OtTicial townsite of the C. N. R. Pacific rail and scf 

The sale for the C. N. R. townsite holdiiiiis in Tori Maiin, o! 
fcred by the Pacific Properties,, will be opened iu _._„_ 

on March 1st at 

9 aeiiie 

A selection can be had of the best inside hol{lin/:^s ol" I he coni- 

Applications should be sent in at once. Over $500,000 worth 
are already applied for. All applications will be treated in order 
as received. 

The exclusive aijents for Mctoria and Vancouver Island are 

Tlie People's Trust Co'y, Ltd. 

(Of New Westminster. B. C.) 

Phone 360 

P. 0. Box 878 

Office, 1016 Douglas Street 

(Near to corner of Fort Street) 
Write for full information andcopy of price list. 


•raatar Opportunlttaa 

Wc are not making any genera! re- 
flections on the Laurlcr adTninintratlon, 
which was more helpful to some other 
jirovinces than to British Columbia. 
.Apologists of that ministry may clulm 
that there were reasons for the trouble 
it gave this province. In any case the 
people -Tia U>la Coast have settled the 
account to the uttermost nickel. But 
the I'findltlons were as we have stated. 
Tiiey are different now, and wllli a 
government at Ottawa that under- 
stands and appreciates this province, 
and is disposed to help rather than 
iilii'di'i' ilit? ])rov!ncial ministry, Mr. Mc- 
Brlde and his colleagues have vastly 
greater opportunities and prospects 
than at any time in the past. It would 
be possible to disturb these relations 
and Introduce new troubles by retiring 
the provincial administration, but we 
see no sign of such intention. — Van- 
couver News .Advertiser. 

THey keep tKe 
w^Kole systetn 
in tHe pink of 

Their singular curative pro- 
perties discovered by an Indian 
tribe— introduced tocivlUzatlon 
nearly a century ago — com- 
pounded since 1857 in the 
Comstock Laboratoriea at 
Brockville. Ontario. 

Dr. Morse's 
Root Pills 

have a remarkable record for 
consistently ruring constipa- 
tion, biliousnessand indigestion, 
purifying the blood, banishing 
headaches and clearing the 




iws the bloo( 

eates nei 
ergy 1 




Get Off the Beaten 


"\\c art- i/''ifn ':>j]\iv\\\c(\ to mo\c- on the beaten path." 
These are the works of Lord .Vlacaulay, ilie greatest historian 
of modern time?;. 

The man who buys "Irnporicd .i.,a:. ;-, on the beaten path, 
and is paying doitble price for his smoking. Because you can 
luiy 2 "NOBLEME.\" Cigars foi Ihe price of one imported. 
The Davi.s "NOBI-vEMEN" is a revelation in cigar produc- 
tion — only the pick of Cuba's best leaf is used in its inanu- 
facture. ^flK 

"Imported"^ Cigars arc much more heavily taxed than import- 
ed Cuban leaf. This is why the "NOBLEMEN" cigar can^ 
be sold at 2 for a quarter. | 

Once voti try a "NOBLEMEN" you will stop paying absura 
duties' You will LE.WE THE BEATEN TRACK and 
yourself SoJ^o,,. 

^ffl£ .■ .-.;S[: ■. ^ jifltt*;*WUtSfcUuiKiteiSrtSSi«atf.i:i^ 


Jeamca to mja-spell. "Nor (ihouW it be 
assumed that Lloyd C5*orgc as premier 
\\ouW reverse the Oro\ foieign poUov 
We should never forget that it was 
Lloyd George, and no other, who made 
the Manson House speech. — Montreal 


victoria Theatre 

I'cbniary 29,th — "Gfct Rich Quick AVal- 
lingford." . .. 

March 4th— Alice Lloyd in "Little Miss 

March 6th — Robert Mantell In "Ham- 

March 11th— -Mrs. Leslie Carter. 

March 13th — "Mutt jwid Jeff." 

.Maroh 14th— Ilcnry AVoodrurf. 

Marcli 18th — "The Balkan I'r; 

.March 21st — "The Girl Frou. . ■ ; s." 

March 28th— "Alma Where Uo Vou 

March 7th, 8th, 0th— Bamum. 

Get Blcli Quick Walllngford— Geo. M. 

L'olian's satire on American lilgh fin- 
ance, "Get Rich Quick Walllngford," 
which has been pronounced the most 
brilliant comedy of the generation, will 
be frlven a.t the Victoria Theatre to- 

The play comes here almost direct 
from two seasons lu Js'ew York and a 
year In Chicago, and the few large cities 
where it stopped off on Its western trip 
iiave aBreed with the eastern verdlQt^ 
that it is the host comedy setn in many 
year.". Mr. Cohan has founded the play 
on the George Bandolpb Chrstei- Mtnrbs. 
with which miiiions of ri-adfrt) ait 
familiar and from all accotmts the llv- 

• ., . ..«.«- .»~.« ^^ -*«.•• V •« ^t •« mill «■ ,»%.»*•/»•% M^*^^ 

who thrives on the gullibility and cu- 
pidity of the average human being is 
oven more amusing and entertaining 
than the. printed ."torles. He has taken 
the incidi-nt of the "Covered Carpot 
Taok," and the adventure of the Battles- 
burg-HoytsvUlc Traction Lino," and on 
thla skflletots has built what has been 
pronounced the great American comtdy. 
The same spaed and incessant action 
which marks all the Cohan productions 
aic noticeable in "Get Kick Quick Wsl- 
lingfortl," and the Inughttr that results 
i.-i long, I'.earty and incessant. 

Alice Xiloyd — After a four months' 
nm at tlie Globe Theatre, followed by 
an all summer run at the Chicago Opera 
House, Messrs. Wtrba and Lueschcr. 
the producers of "The Spring Maid," will 
.send their comedy with music "Little 
MLs.s rix-It" to the Victoria Tlieatrc 
on Monday, March 4th, with Alice Lloyd. of all Kngllsh singing coin- 
edlenne.'!, in the title role. During the 
action of the play, Mls.s Lloyd will In- 
troduce her very latest .song hits, each 
Hung In a bewildering beautiful gown, 
tlie changes being made in the reoord- 
breaklng tlm eof 20 seconds. 

The Smpresa Theatre — Two well- 
known niupical comedy stare are ^Il.'ss 
Nettle Hyde and Charlie Williams, who 
bring much Instrumental and vocal 
music into their offering at the Em- 
press theatrt this week. Mlt^E Hyde is 
a good singer and her partner Is a ntu- 
sician of no mean ability. He brings 
with him a fine example of a Htradi- 
varius and plays the violin with much 
skill. Miss Hyde Introduces a Itusslan 
dance in the finale of the act which is 
given with a dash, and merits the sev- 
eral encores to wlilch she has to re» 
Mpond at every performance. Miss Mat' 
Devlin, an actress who, like many oth- 
ers, hns left the legitimate ."itngi for tti* 
vaudeville hoiLMe--^, preaentK a jilaylet en- 
ttth.d "Tile Girl from Yonker.M," In wlilch 
Hhe takes the part of a female Raffles 
masqtiprndlng as a simple young country 
uriri from Yonkers who has come to 
Xew York to seek to sell short .stories. 
Tin action of the playlet lake.s place In 
the rooms of a New Yorker into which 
she has come to loot while lie makes 
love to her. Miss Coy de Trlckey, the 
Belle of Coontown, app^arH In Coon- 
town melodies a.nd dances. She has 
made a study of Kthlopian character 
and does some excellent work. Val and 
Krnic Stanton are two rollicking oomt - 
(llaiis who keep the audience merry for 
fifteen minutes. Tliey call their offer- 
ing "The Stoltn Shoes," and introduce 
cons* v.CTa^>it- gcCu f^.tigln^k' snd dsncng 
and some merry dialogue. The .\ltus 
Brothers, two Jugglers of Indian cluhs, 
off*>l' on«» of the Irmit exhibitions of work 
with with Indian clubs setn at the 'Em- 
press for a long time. The motion plc- 
turpH are good, notably a series of films 
.showing a hunt In the Arctie for Volar 


Within the Six Mile Circle 

.Situate on the new < north oi 

or cliicUen ranch,, 25 miniu . l ::- L.ieClty )■ 

Terms: one-quarter cash, balance in oiu' 
.sketch below. 


ity on the six-mile circle. Suitable for suburban homesite 
I ric Railway. 
two and three years. Acreage and prices marked on the 



I400^1400^.*l200e?h200^i*l200^i*l200'^hl00^^ •"< 

a'<r«*< iT ^t^t'/^^r*. 

Call and »e« u« for further particulars w^^ will be pleased :n ;> -, ypu over ttie ground at any lime. 


Bridgman Blook 

1007 government Street. 

:^kECZEMA "^m 




In Conjunction With BELL'S P.S. off A. 

Posit IveiythA iworld'a only and abaoiutc cure for Kcxeraa and all forms of Skin Knw- ' 
tlon — a swift and sure destroyer of all germ stein diseases — hundreds cured since its dl»cov«V. 
Testimonials from some of Canada's mrist prominent business men. If you suffer the torturM 
of Bcaema or nny other Skin Dlseiane you positively can be cured privately in your own bOSi^fe 
by the us^ of BELL BALM, In conjunction with B««l'« P. 8. of A. Why «u«er longttr OtW 
to-day. Combln,ed remedies ready for use, shipped securely packed, to any «ddir«H^ ■M|| 
upon receipt of price s ...,.,... " W^ 

Not* — A comprehensive book on the trMtment of EcK«m«, wHtten and ooniyttMl fcf 
eminent physician*, Jiont free to all sufferArs upon reAuctt. Write to-day. 

BELL'S P.S. of A.' 


brought to your home— Nature's tif«»t«4it 
germicide and, antiseptk:^ Um it In the Iwtfel^ 
refreshes and invlfonitee, cleatitie* mnd puri- 
nes. Bairs P. S. «f A.> the Universal ikln tottict 
should be In every honrie, jund «ver^ tfiav^lter 
should carry it ai A s«(«|ptipi<t AifiUluit- conta- 
kglon. Write for bgok. SrliMLiiili.laMe^ balila. t1# 







Offices 17 10 to 712 SomMnM^ 





in Our OfficiS 

t nurmumyt r9orumiy »>> 



On the Waterfront 

wvi \\m win 


Japanese Steamer Will Reacii 
Outer Wharf This Morning 
With Much Cargo to be Dis- 
charged at This Port 

\h iriANSrAbinC inAUc 

Oceano will Replace Kumeric, 
Other Shlpp«^ News 

go of raw BUgrar and fcisneral freight. 
The Kumrrfc which was liatUy darnaged 
on her ouiwurJ Irip in ocliin eseilt to tho 
Unltfii KlMKdoni to bt overhauled th^re. 

The steamer Liitfeiic will be Hie next 
of thin lin." to come from the Orient. 
Tile .stenmer left Yokohama on Monday 
for this port. The sttamer Hercules Is 
to follow the Uuccric and the Orteric 
will be "the next in line. 

The R.M.S. Kmpreas of Japan will 
leave Yokohama on Sunday for this 
port. The Monteagle. reachtd ShanRhal 
yesterday outboniul to'HonRkong. The 
Empress of India is now loading at Van- 
couver and will bo despatched to th«. 
Orient next Wednesday. . ii^^^^: 


SaivorB X*ina Xiwt Coast Stesidents Hava 

Taken Everything- That Was 

Xioose trom Vessel 


C.P.R. Given Subsidy for Mails 
to Gulf Islands— Schedule 
Announced Yesterday _for 

of the Hivptm Yvkm. )c*telb». <^tli.rettob 

the, outer frtwrt albout S o'olock this 

morWtkg from Hotur Sony and way ports 

,<§t t)u, marSaat. and will disobarce MX 

•eeuro ^ n«sr«<UvU«|f'IMt tor |klr«r 
CXUHt, wKo wb ^trpmmg ta an c«t<«til 
lMiiteh«d wUlt ilMiA tanwp ai^d eaovaiiv 

Ijocal omclals of the C. PR- were In- 
formed by wire from Ottawa yesterday 
that the post office department had 
signed the contract for carrj'lng tho 
malls for tfie GUir isramiB oerviw, ap- 
plication for which had been in by com-, 
puny for some time There Is thus end- 
I'll u situation whlcli gave rise to much 
.blttorness of fe^Uaf i^ioni3:st the people 
of Hiij^ Islandi i»W'#lnce the IroquolB 

Indians have looted all that can be 
taken from tho wrecked fishing steam- 
«ar^|e«|M[#tlMunks island, accot41a|r to 
^^m m/K^e north. Oaptalik.»«»»- . .^^r^r^ ..^^^ tmimtbm om to timimi> 1 

n«.y; Hill island,' Boat landing; Moresby 
island, Boat landing: Fulford harbor, 
Sdlt Spring island; Beaver point. Salt 
BprinK island; Cusheon cove, Salt Spring 
iKland; OangeH harbor, Hfltt Kprlng 
Island, Mayne Island; Pender iHland. 
Hope buy; Satiirna laliind; South i't-'nder; 
Victoria, In evening. xPhiK. 

Thiii-sday — VlotuiU, 7 a. in.; xSidney; 
I'lfT 'aland, Kulford harbor. xBeaver 
point, xOuBheon cove. Ganges hurbor, 
I'endor Island, Port Washington; Mayne 
Island; GalUno isla^nd; Itctrcat cove. 
Lloi landing; Fernwood. Salt Spring 
hlancl; Oabriola island; Nanaimo. In 
evening. xKlag. 

[•"rlday — NanalniD. 7 a. m.. Cabrlola 
Inland; ThctlM island; Kuper island; 
Chcmalnus; Vesuvius bay. Salt Spring 
island; Orofton; Maple bay; U^lrgo^■ne 
hay. Salt Spring Island; xMusgraves, 
Salt Spring Island; Cowichan; xSldney; 
Victoria, in evening. xI'Mag. 

Saturday — Victoria. 7 a. in . S'.'iili 
Pt-nder; Saturua islund; Pender island, 
Hope bay; Mayno island; Ganges har- 
bor, Salt Spring island; Cusheon cove. 
Salt Spring island; Beaver point, Salt 
Spring island; MoroBby island, boat 
landing; Hill Island, Boat landing; xSld- 
ney; Victoria, In evening. xFlag. 



Tttg' To Ba Used A3 Tenfler 
Dredge Mastodon Beady for 


t9' j^ fV^^tt^**'^ ol^put xfadi.MAttlMil I 

and v«pon«« iSmwlm 1»»>«ir*el»»« tha Jar^rtSai fMSStt^firS^ mMo% 
arant ha fouiui lEhAt^t tinm :(Mia« Ma*' Sf'fW'tls* IWW¥iT*^"*.'*r:?H*r^^r 

rt.;w<wH Of coBoiral xretsbt at tne 

•'irttfMt vA UmYB for Seattle tomorrow 

9lH^'iJC«panese liner, wblcit left 

^' ^ Feb. Htbk ia l>Httiltl« * 

Orsnt he tbuntf fifat Ml tli« :ooh« «eitr 
Had been atoleiu Wblta pw) ^d Join* 
ed with tlie In^Uutai tti .'oottnv the 
O rant, aa >l irmi'imU p lfM J K lin o ir t hn q 

41Ma j|»r^«.Th#. 
tch 1« 't0i^0^ifth9' Awc« ' 
Maru In this service,' flfft Yokohama 
yi-hteiday and is due liere Oft Uarch 14th. 

.\c<.oidlng to leports cunent on Pa- 
get Sound tilt Nippon Yusen kalsha i« 
credited with the l«itent}pii of running 
steamers " Into Portland. JJothing Is 
known here Is this rtgiira. The Tacoma 
Ledger says: "According to gossip In 
local shipping circles the Nippon Yustn 
haisha, operating a line of .steamers 
from Tacoma and Seattle to the Orient, 
is to inaugurate a service from Port- 
kind to the Orient. No announcement 
has been made by the company, but it 
is understood that the line will be in 

;ieratlon before the new atfJ>jnfr)|^.of 
-Weir- "line- are placed", on i3|^pp||^s: 

'Whtn Andrew Weir disconHntied the 
.Australian Mall service, so the story 
goes, for a consideration from the Union 
Steamship oom'pany of .- New Zealand, 
leaving Waterhouse & Co.. acting as his 
managerial agents, out in the cold, the 
Waterhoust company Immediately an- 
nounced that the Australian line from 
the Sound would be continued by it with 
iliartered steamers. It was planned to 
Keep to tlie monthly sohedule, but it 
wa.s said no steamer was obtainable for 
the present month's sailing and the 
schedule was disarranged one month. 
Evidence of Breach 

"As a further evidence of the breach 
bf'tween the Andrew W'olr company and 
the "^Vaterhouse line, the Weir company 
is know^ to be planning to place two 
sttamers In direct service from Port- 
land to the Orient. Waterhouae & C.>. 
lire already operating a service from 
Portland to the Orient, via Pu5«t Soim'i 
port(j, and naturally the n»-,w Weir line 
will be in opi>osltlon. 

"The Waterhouse company continues 
to operate Weir steamers Ih this ser- 
vice as the vessels werfc under a five- 
year time charter and Still have two 
years to run. It is said that after the 
tiarter expires the Walerhousb company 
i\U continue to operate the service with 
chartered steamers. 

"It was theWaterhouSfc company that 
bought out the Portland-Asiatic Steam- 
ship company a year or two ago, taking 
over the charter contracts held by 'tliat 
i-ompany. Th« Rygja and Hercules were 
in this service and are still in thf fleet 
operating from Portland, Tacoma and 
Seattle to the Orient. 

•'Shipping men in touch with the sit- 
uation say that the Nippon Yusen kalsha 
.service, will be established before the 
\\'iMr steamer.s are rrndy for the trade." 
Oceano Beplaoes Xumerlo 

The sttamer Suverlc of the TVeir line 
passed up to Seattle from the Columbia 
river last night after loading flour and 
lumber at the Sound port to take on 
board 2.1,000 .sacks of flour and 2,732 
tons of nat,'! for Oriental ports. Tho 
.steamer Kumeric which Is now discharg- 
ing at Manila will not return to Victoria 
itnd the Soiind In (his Htrvlce, but will 
load cargo In the Far East for the Un- 
ited Kingdom, and her place In this line 
will bt taken by the steamer Oceano, 
Capt. TyOftns, The Oceano is now on 
the. way from San I-'rancisco, which port 
Hhe left on February 18th, with a car- 


taken up al) tho tooao gmw iiround'tlio 
wreck. The flghUm outlet salvod 1»y, 
ih^ cr^iw had ulaa be^ lMN«n, t^u* <ha 
dories remained. 

througrh ihO^ 

chincry from 

Good progress is being made, and it is 

expected the greater part of tJie nia- 

chlnery will be saved. 

cmi TEiEi 

For »«Miiddci»ii>ia p$mH fn* c.p. b.* 

liL^rvaBMiilr'io a '•myrgtiMlltl dMoand 

th«wf h ths mall «Mnrto« h«« been per- 
timm by.the »t«amer owMid'har tho & 
& Viv^hM AaaofelallfttL JtflffM I aiW W 
•djMdiite ■mtut Anma t^ kr Ite-C P. -B. 
iror''«h« «4MM«lo» irf i^^mBk VBA this 
ia w -jM^M^: im^iim'UiS^ VlctorU 

final, 'infip 
ta« iNilttI; 
.^IMli&tt« ago by the Wt 

*»*• ««»-> «i;2iSL'*™''' l^lSr^sS^il^ 

id ftva 


tlw voaMf m)(i$ti''U Inma mil |i|»*i^« 

«•« ^%aj)»t. Oth^r tw«i air* m» 

Point Garrjr. J«,09tf;-a3»d Itat^itjMtottt, 
t3J>a<^ In a ddWon. ~ 'OmM? <u8» : t» 

M^ffiSt^ Ss*^'..'*!,"'-'"^^. 

Plans Being Prepared for Ves- 
sel for Use on West Goast 

—Much Work in Prospect 
for Local Shipyards 

Plans have been prepared 
construction of a gasoline 
cannery tender of about 100 tons f^s 
ter for use it Clayoquot. The power 
vessel is to be used to carry fish fix)m 
the fishing grounds at the West Coast 
port to the cannery. It is expected that 
construction will be commenced in a 
few days on this \essel ut one of the 
local shipyards. , ■ ,v. 

^The indications are that the coriKWlF^ 
will be a very busy one at the 
ds. The B. C. Marine Railway 
y IS a-sscmbling material for 
tlWrCOnstructlon of a steel steamer to 
cost In the neighborhood of a quarter 
million dollars for the C., P. R, for 
use on the West Coast route. Plates 
and other material for this steamer will 
come to Eaqulraalt on the steamer 
Santa Rosalia of the Maple Leaf line, 
which will proceed to the B. C. Marine 
tteilway whart to discharge, this 

Negotiations are reported to be under 
way also for the construction of some 
passenger and freight vessels for tho 
northern trade. It is expected also 
that contracts will be given for fishing 
steamers during the coming summer 
for use in the northern flsherie.s. 




steamer Prince John Had Work Boat 

Swept from Porward ..^ack When 

Crossing Heca.te Strait 

The steamer Prince John of the 
Grand Trunk Pacific, operated between 
Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte 
Islands, encountered heavy weather on 
her last trip. The work boat of thot 
steamer was torn from its lashings b>' 
heavy seas and swept overboard. Many 
green seas swept the declc of the 
steamer as trtie jvallowed In tue high 
waves, and one sea, breaking over the 
forward deck, swept axvay the l)oat 
from the forward hatch. Captain 
Wearmouth said he had never seen 
such weather in i rocite Strait. 

** Wear-Ever" Utensils 

"Wear-ever" Almuminum Cooking Ltcn- 
,sils are something new on our markets, and 
wc have just received a large shipment of 
these u-^eful articles. There is nothing a ^^■'^- 
man likes better than to have her cooking 
utensils looking bright and clean. "Wear-ever" 
utensils are light in weight, bright h< ^ilx-er, 
absolutely pure and wholesome. 

They will not burn or scorch food as read- 
ily as other utensils. 

They retain heat longer than othcL utensils. 
There are 110 joints, seams or solder to leak 
and give Inniblc. 

Special Sauce Pan 40c 

Drake Hardware Co. 


yfr, Wednesday, frqJIp-iaRl^^uver 
t«» the Islands. ThursCav from' Victoria 
through the islands and on to Van- 
couver; Friday and Saturday trips to 
the islands. 

There will naturally be great irejolcing 
among the people of the islands at the 
announcement that tho matter of the 
mall contract has at last been settled. 
I'or months past strong committees have 
been at work endeavoring to secure the 
subsidy for the G. P. R.. but. not un- 
naturally, the company holding the mall 
contract used, every endeavor to hold the 
.same. This led, so it is stated, to the 
ctmOiHftipri ^ .^port that the board of 
■ iCtS^II^^S^' ' 'ts weigiit amiinst the 

■wishes Of tlic people of the islands, and 
was endeavoring to prevent the C. P. R. 
from being awarded the subsidy. 

A Colonist representative yesterday 
interviewed both the president, Mr. H. 
G Wilson, and the secretary, Mr. F. El- 
worthy, of the board of trade, relative to 
the matter, and was informed that it 
was absolutely untrue to suggest, as 
they were Informed had been suggested, 
that the board had at any time taken 
any attitude antagonistic to the ex- 
piessed wishes of the people of the Gulf 
isliinds In regard to the matter of an 
Improved steamer service, and the 
awarding of the mall contract. 'They 
mentioned that the board of trade, im- 
mediately after the accident to the Iro- 
javois, had taken steps to urge upon the 
eC. P. R. the desirability of putting a 
steamer on the rotate, feeling that such 
company was In ih Obviously better 
position than any other to give suich a 
service, as would meet the ncwde of iiie 
Situation, And since that Initial action, 
said the president a.nd the secretary, the 
board of trade had absolutely done noth- 
ing which could be Construed as oppos- 
ing the^ desire of the people of the 
iBlt:'nd8 to see that the mall contract was 
awarded to the C P. R. 

board of trade was first apprised, by 
n)eans of a letter from a resident of the 
ii^Iands addressed to a local firm, that a 
feeling existed among the people there 
that the board was opposing the appli- 
cation of the C. P. R. for the subsidy, 
and prompt steps were taken to explain 
to the writer of the letter wiiat was the 
actual attitude of the local organization. 
r>««»\(te this, however, r'^ports continued 
to be circulated among the people of the 
islands, and when the reporter called 
upon the officlalK yeeierday they wel- 
comed the opportunity to make this ex- 
planation, which they contend will be 
borne out by every record appearing on 
ihe books of the board. 

Mr. 'Plworthy ad'lf'd that on Wednes- 
day last he liad an Interview with Mr. 
G. Bullock, of the Islands, and to prove 
thf bona fides of the board In the matter 
offered to send any telegram he might 
suggest to Mr. G. H. Barnard at Ottawa. 
Mr. Bullock accepted tlie offer, and a 
wire was duly dispatched to Victoria's 
representative at the capital. Yester- 
day, as already statnd, the C. P. R. re- 
ceived word that the mail contract had 
been signed. ' ' 

The steamer Joan will run from Vic- 
toria every M'onday Tnorning, and call 
at tho Island ports en route to Van- 
couver. I.,eflvlng there Tuesday morn- 
ini;' she will return to Victoria via the 
Island*. On Wedno!»day she will run 
from Victoria to the island ports and 
return, and on Thursdaj- will proceed to 
Nanaimo via the Island ports. On Fri- 
day the steamer will leave Nanaimo In 
the morning, and return to Victoria via 
the Islands, and on Sattirday will make 
a round trip from Victoria to the Island 

The schedule arranged for the ste.imor 
Is as follows: 

Oulf Island Xoat* 

Monday — Victoria. (7 a. m. ). xSldney, 
Pier island, Fulford liarbnr. Salt Spring 
IslBi^d: ■jcBeaver Point, .^alt Spring 
i."4land; xC'usheon Co\ e, Salt Spring 
Island; Ganges harbor, Salt Spring 
l.-iland: xPt. "Washington, West Pender; 
Mayne island; Gnllano island: Vancouver 
(in evening). xFIhr. 

Tuesday — V^ancouver t" b. i-,, i \(;nll- 
ano Island: Mayne island; Pender Island, 

The offi^M||^|Hp of the timi-: 
tug Point Orey w«T take place nsxt 
Saturday afternoon and with her ad- 
dition to the fleet of nine dredges and 
the rest of the craft engaged In the ex- 
tensive dredging operations in and 
around the vicinity of Vancouver har- 
bor runs the total value of the wfhole 
fleet close to the milli on mark. 


shearwater north 

Warships Keaohed San Pedro After a 
Stormy Voyage — Shearwater 

Srslce AAtitt ::-■■ 


"Gisburn" Subdivision on Richard- 
son Street, 3 lots, 60.\12n, nl 
93300 each. Terms: one-third 
ciLsh, balance R. 12 and IS 
months at 7 per cent. These are 
the choicest located lots In 
iliis district. 

65.0x280, Victoria Gardens subdl- 
viHlon. This lias a frontage on 
tlie water and on the Gorge 
road. Can sell for fS.OOO on 
terms. Tt will be worth double 
this amount In a few months. 


J40 feet -with over 200 feet depth, 
at the junction of Kuciell, Cralg- 
nower and iiklnner streets. This 
tW^hM^tPpf^JIMdWIO; terms one- 
(ftlfc ■wl^.lM&'vtis.lance In one. 

iirmiSmv»^''- This WW 

^■-"'- -^^^TM rapid rise w»i§>«; 

Wi4iWp5r3Wr' »•*» ,«*•'' 

S. S. "Prince George" 



Via Vancouver 


Connecting for certain Q. C. ISL.-XND Points M-^mlay to a 

U.^^e the DOUBLE TR.ACK USE from Chicago East 

We issue through tickets with choice of routes to Chicago 

General Agency Trans-. \tlantic Steamships 

^. I«»fe lot «n Alplia Mnwt «H*r 9ot>«- 

^ Iiu 8tr«et, f«r 91,0tO; i$tm*. A «Mr- 


L. m. Ellis 

AoMb ft Ktrady BIiBflk. 


(Member Real Estate Exchange.) 

w. E. niricRow. 

CUy I*a». and Ticket 

Ast.. Tel. 1342. 


Duck and Freight Aft. 

TeL t*U. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co 

Trans-Pacific Service 


For Yokohama, Kobe. Naga^iaki, 
Mojl, Shanghai and Hongkong. 
Leaves Victoria ■ 

I'or Honolulu , 
and Sydney. 
■ Leaves 

Sava. Auckland 


April 17 

.Kay 15 
.Ja&e IS 

•«««•■ ••• 

^•.•«» «*••• 

• M»«*l 

'ited^^Mll tf^rther Ptf»p|j%» apply: 


Sloop ; fast ; with aux. en- 
gine; 24ft. o. a.: prize win- 
ner; Ai condition. 

H.M.S. Shearwater was towed Into 
San Pedro on Ttresday by the sister 
sloop-of-war Aigorrlne and -today Che 
Algerine will set out with her tow for 
San Francisco where a new tall shaft 
wUl be placed in the British warship 
and a new propeller fitted. The Shear- 
water, which was en -route to Guayaquil 
where di^^trrbancfB had broken out in 
Janunry ;\iii s lien 600 miles out from 
Acapulco her propeller dropped off. and 
the warship was sailed to the Mexican 
port. H.M.S. .Wgorine was at San Fran- 
cisco returning to Es<iuimalt when the 
Admiralty was advised from Acapulco 
of tht; accident to the Shearwater and 
the Algerine was ordered to proceed 
south to tow the Shearwater north. 
Since January the little sloop with her 
sister vessel In tow have beten work- 
ing their way f rcim " Acapulco, figtiting 
a succession <-•■' and when the 

two veasciii itn ■ •"•1 t..c •\. 

gerine had only fifty tons of coal in 
her bunfters. The Shearwater broke 
away twice during the long tow of 
1800 miles. It was on Friday of last 
week when the two warships encounter- 
ed a heavy gale oft llie southern Call- 
fornlan coast that ti\o nine-inch haws- 
ers -parted;- and the Slve«rw»ter w«« left 
to make sail and weather the atorm 
while the Algerine put Into San Quen- 
tln. The Algerine put out to search for 
the Shearwater and tl>e following night 
sighted the beams from the searchlight 
of the disabled vessel, and a now steel 
hawser was bent and nmde fast .-md the 
tow northward resumeil. After mooring 
the Shearwater at San Francisco for re- 
pairs the. Algerine will proceed to Fsqui- 


Ship and Yacht Sale Broker 

Si<; Savward i'hone 2690 

The Union Steamship Co., Ltd. of B. C. 

CAMOSUX — For Prince Uupert and Slewari every Tuesday. 
CHELOHSIN — For Skeena River, Prince Rupert, Naas River. Fort 
Simpson an<l Oori«f liny (>vi ry Saturday. 


VENTURK — For Campbell River, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Xamu, 
Ocean Fall. Bella Coola, Bella Bella, every Wednesday. 
VAJ3SO — For Skeena RIVer, Prince Rupert, Naas, every two weeks. 
next Balling February 29th. 

Phone 1926 534 Yatea Street. 





Vripaijte for tale i:lo.<e In to Kort 
(!«'>r|fp town(ihl|i, nultftble for »nb- 
(llvlslon into B-acre blocki, close 
lo new railway and B. C. and 
Alaskan railway. Good n«;Id note*. 
Crown granted. $40 per acre, easy 
terms. This is 30 to 60 per cent, 
below prices asked for adjoining 

L.B.KENT& Co. 

17 (jroen Block. 
F'hnne :27^. Inroad i^t. Box 11^4. 


African River St«am«r WreckoS la Bel- 
gian Congo With Kuoh Xtoss 
of X.ife 



Robert F. Hickey 

Parksville, V. I. 

Two Railways Heading 
For Fort George 

fow is the time to get in and buy something. Ask 
11.'^ about the price and terms of acreage almost ad- 
joining the Townsite, 

The Nechaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

Reference: The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B. C 
620 Broughton Street, Victoria, B. C 

BRUSSKLS. Belgium, Feb. 28— Thirty- 
two of the passengers and orew yester- 
day wore drowned by tho foui,iderlng of 
the steamship Deiivranio, a government 
vessel plying on the Kwengo River, on 
the borders of the Uelglum Congo, ac- 
cording to II dlti>atch received by the 
Petit Bleu. 

Addltlonnl Marine on !•■«« l'. 

If your children art subjnct ito attacks 
of croup, watch for the llrst symptom, 
hoarseness. Give's Cough 
Remedy as soon, as the child becomes 
hoarse and the attack may be warded 
off. For salt by all dealers. • 



For Victoria S a. m. every "Wednesday, 
11 p. ni. cverv Thursday from Seattti, ii. 

For Southeastern Alaska February 29, 
March 10, 22; CUKACAO leaves Seattle '.< 
p. m. 

Ocean and rail tickets lo New York and 
all other cities Tia San Francisco. 

FrelRhl and Ticket Offices, 1117 VVhnrf 

R. P. RITIIKT * CO., Oeneral .\grnis. 
Crj.M'BEA. riOi..I..Y, I'asseiiKer Agent. I'.'IO 

Douglas Strc'-t. 






S.U. MARCH 16 

from ALSO APRIL • 

^' APRIL 20 


PlyMMrth— Chertoarfl— SMthanylon 

Atlantic Transport Line 

New Yark-Un^Mi Mrect 


New Y«rli— Bwer— ABt»»«rr— Psrit 


New TTk— OnecoiHOT— Uir i ryssl 
New Tsrt— Pl>»»rti— ClKri>«art-S»«th««»»«i 
- Qvccartawtt — U» e r>— I 


Lsrvaat and nnaat SSsawsf 
•n at. Lswiiiss Rwfto 

Only Four Days at Sea 

TO KuaoPK IN c»iirorr at MODmATK 


Twin Screw S.S. "Cnada" uA 



Bas(»C* nh«nk«d tbroaih to Staaas»r I 

Kmbsrk nl(M txfcr* salllaf. V» 


a B»Bd. 

Ciiniij't oeitae, ■< 

■B" •■iley BidMiav, 



t^ay , jrriiuf r tsittiiu, 

«-<>ri Mann- 


Ganges harbor, 

Salt Spring 


xiluslieon Cove, 

Salt Spring 

islsnd ; 

xBeaver Point, 

Salt Spring 


i'ulford harbor. 

Salt Spring 


xSldney: Victoria 

In evening. 


Wednesday — Victoria, 7 

a. m., xSId- 

To Give Life and 
Beauty to the Hair 

(From London Hairdressers Review) 

"More dull, brittle.faded and falling 
hs-lr results from too much washing the 
head than from any other catise. If you 
want to see your customers' hair grow 
In btauty and color, and brilliance and 
luxuriance, stop drenching and rinsing It 
and depend upon dry .shampooing. 

"Dry shampooing once a week will 
bring about wonders. Hard and scaly 
scalps become soft and pliable. Coarse, 
lifeless and splitting hairs will take on 
ntw life, become soft snd glossy and 
Ihe natiirnl color will r.>turn. 

"To make a shampoo i)Owder mix 4 
ounces of orri-s root with 4 otinces of 
tnerox. ttpnnKie a laiiiespoonfiii ovpp 
Ihe head and brush thoroughly through 
th« hair. Don't spare the brushing. This 
trtatment tones up the hair from root 
to tip, removes dust, dandruff and ex- 
cess oil, leaves the .<»calp clean, cool and 
refreshed and the hair rich, aoft and sil- 


(Succes.sor to R. I3avernc) 


.'?3.oo per double load. 

1615 Douglas St. Phone 97. 


Tlio arrival of 

New Spring Goods 

Direct from Great Britain. 


r. K. Brown Blk., 1114 Broad St. 

The Elixir ot Lite ! 

"You are only as old as you feel" is a proverb. 



l.osn of #4,600 on improved 
good location, .lames Bay. 

7. O. MOX, 8W 


VbOK« 74a 

(A la Quina du Pirou) 

po)5tpone8 indefinitely the encroaching frigidity of adrancing year* and omIcm 
all the enjoyments of life possible. It » unexcelled as a Titalizing took •• it W a 
blend of nourishing, building, bracing, palatable ingredienta. 

The most conclusive evidence that there is no better tonic than WU«oii*» 
Invalids' Port is the fact that the leading Canadian Physiciaas endofM Mid 
recommend it to their patients. > 

It will give you buoyancy of tpirit, the firm Step of ah athlete and mtmkm yom 
feel young again. 

Dr. D. GII.I.BSPIS, Cameroa 8t. W««t. Ca«»l»«t»», Out., Bay t 

"I prescHbed "WilMa't laTalldt' Mrt" for •■ limilUlkKiy. 
one 70 yean ef mft, after a tOag UlMM ft«M biWidfltiB •*« 
plenriay , and have plcatwre hi atatteir Ite* It WM ••>«•( •iif' 

aMe «• tw iWt I* tiM I ~ 

convalescence, as the U4y ia 
enjoy the comforts of kMM U|k< 
aad up-buUder." 



ThMfMtay, February », 1912 

^%^^:<^<^Zii:-^- /'.-''"'"^ ■ 

■■. ■.■.K:-i>'i •,'-• 



The PACIFIC PROPERTIES LIMITED has purchased large holdings in the Town- 
X of Port Mann from the Canadian Northern Railway. These properties wHl 
be offered to the public for the first time. 


UK . r..,v. thr. n.ihlic for Ihc oast two vears and during that time the RTcat interests back of it have 
T~»/^-0'Ti TV /r \ TVTTVT has been before the puDlic loi inc i asi i«u > ^ n„rli"P o*' ti^^ railway been constructed 

ruR 1 iVlArSi^ been perfectin« their phms lor its UUure. .m.. ^'"^^ ^"^^^^fJ^^^Tl^ Wharves have bten built; a 
l3etween Port Mann and Edmonton, but also the townsite itself has been cleared and la.d out as a model c.ty 
large hotel is under construction and other buildings have been started. gp^ - 

^ -^ r^^ Tr-r^-i-» TV T OT T/-^-r»0 A definite statement has been made by the Vice-President 
P A N A DT A N NORTHERN bliUr O „r the C. N. R. that the coast terminal an.l repair shops w.U 

peg which employ nearly 3,000 hands and sui)port a population ol lo.OOO people. 

popuL 4TION 25,000 f™,- „'-°-;s ST.:,- ^^t^rL^x; ^Xtz£SZrs^^pp 

sources of the entire country, and in front is the ocean highway ot commerce to the Ouent, also to i.asiein 

Europe via the Panama Canal. 

THE HOLDINGS of the Pacific Properties. Ltd., offer you every facility for selecting the best that the townsite contains. 




Wm. McBain. President; H. L. Johnson, Managing Director; E. A. MacKer.=e^e,Secretary^Trea8Ufer 


«• , t.||# Utir ^.4-4tW '^i-y *« -^ 

^-^ - - ^i 

■ ■-, *ff-^,^(Mi.>M.»-M».rt**«W-i»<"-J*-*Wfc**.iW -* 

'-^tonMtfwm^itMttWA itmamm^Wifim^", 


Thurtday, Cobruary 29, MiMe 


I tl-^lL 



Corner Lot, Hullywuod I'ai k ^1000 

Minto Street, between Moss uimI Ui. li.uxlM.ii, imNiJi) 1^1500 

Double Corner, King's Road and i^ceil Street ^1600 

5 Acre Poultry Ranch, close to ca- I:i»5500 

Magnificent Waterfront Lot, T?*^- I $1800 

Asquilh Street, 50x130 $650 

Dean Heights, a few choice high lots, Robert St. and Townley 

St. and Foul Bay Road; one-third cash, eacli $1000 

Beautiful Nine-room Residence, _■ l-i-. Hollywood Park. 

Terms $7000 

Eight-room House, i'riur St. ( n &m^saimsa^aam^. $4050 


Mcpherson & Fullerton Bros. 

618 Trounce Ave., 


ileport Current That Powerful Vaaael 

For Aidlnr DaniKiirad Veaaeli Za 

On Way Txoxa Bng-land 

A report waM current "ii tUe walor- 
front yeHlenloy that 11 IjIk salvaRo tug 
to be used li. British <."olumt)la wiitcrH 
Is on thv way from lOnulMii.l X'lOiliiK 
fould be learne 1 in 1 ' . ■ -luril. 

The tuK la repoi I'll i>' umr i... a ilcn- 
ptitchetl from the I'nlted Klnsdom liy 
ltrltisl\ owners who Intend to enter the 
miUhko work In thoHe waters. 


Itupcrt; CimrleH .Vt-lHon. Han Krani-lscD, 
.Siiileil: Me(»^or, Sun I'mnclwo; Delhi. 
I'l-ini'P Albert. VHncouvei-. 

SAN l-niA-NCIHCO, Feb. :n. .Vrrived: 
str. tiulnauU. Wllltiim cu«Htcr, Cduni- 
blu river: Liiirllne. Honolulu; Mueklntiw, 
Balbou; t»loop lOverett, lOvorett. S.-ilUvl: 
Shinyo Maru, llongUone: Asunoton, 
Portland; .Susflnaxv, Astoria: U.S. cruliser 
St. l.rf)iils. Ilremerton. 

GLASaOW, I'Vh. 2T.— .^.iil.d ll.-llf- 
ronhon. Tixconi 1 

SANTOS, Fell. 2). — Sull.;.i. <i..VMi of 

Toledo (from lilverpoolj y«n l-'runclsco, 



i I 


:1i iiMi'iilHiUlfi' 

fAfe Nqw In a Pos^hfi ^ ^ 
mSeroe Our CustoirMi^^^^ 

Work Btartau To BuUd Another Dock 

Oa the Vancouver "Wutsr* 


Work on the founaatlon for n naw 
pier to be built at V;m 
C. P. R. ha:i hern e- 
tugr Qu 

^fl4^1^re' the"plie8"«or' 

wilt bft'dnven. The Qualicum^ 

ing an average of four trips ft 

heavlKN-^ loaded scows from the" 

M;iStodon at the Narrows to the site 

of the new pier, whero the load Is 

cl^paceIl bsi, tho automatic d^ylpea on 

■^ ttifUf^rfcim two or'|*il*'bun- 

^mi4 1»ioH-mt. «arth are duil^Mtd ^«««li 

^tr^ ltt«.'4{l^'the present ,vate the hot^ 

torn w'ni mSon be shaUowed nofflei^iitly 

for the driving of piles. *■ 

The depth of the water at present 

la utic^y' feet and the plans of the rail* 

road ' eiiglBeers is to fill in until It Is 

>thtitir leet <4eep at lo^.ttde. The pier 

Si|ir|ii ^ 'ie«!|t||rU^^^ 4lon|; slmUar Unes 

'§f»:ilm-!lftp0t atngle pier of the C.P.ft.. 

U'lid when completed it will be the 

acta^nffqf four huge piers whtcli will 

a.T.P. Bteemor vrm Hake Special Trip 

To Seattle Sunday — Will Keplaoo 

Frinoe Bupart 

provide a ^larse amoiihi \t '^^rtaye 
for the coftipfany's steauMnr traflTo. 
' The ' work Is ctlrcadjr ppq^remltur 
steady by the use ot .i, number . of 
e«o¥Mir «a«h-of -whielt — to— , 
filled 'by the time the Qualleum rtr- 
tijms ,wltll'tihe empty one for another 
■M tile present *t<ktQ It Is estl- 
f,^the rftqulred' filling will be car- 
«tth}tt'tii«.iH»it miHitli. when 
woirk on t|u»fB«pift«tdr«%{|) ctiinf 

The steamer Prlnee George, of the 
O. T. P., Captain Saunders, is about 
reu(l.\- U< sitart service equipped as an 
oil-burner, and on Sunday morning ahe 
will take the place of the Prince 
;t. The trip trum Victoria to 
I 1 ,f will be In tho nature of a trial 
run with her converted machinery. The 
.Prlncf H'n)''rt will be withdrawn on 
jiij^r rtvii 1 I .11 "-iunday morning from 
'the north ami NviU proceed In a few 
doy(i t<) ISacpiimalt to have tanks and 
oil burning ii'pi' itus put m. The 
work is to be td.nitleted early, in May, 
When the twlee-a-weeic-Mimi|i'.toi^tli« 
nojrth wia^he nwumed. '"?r|*r .'I*<4nc« 
€kl«Me mm Akake the flnit wn north 
on Monday morning, ooxt. 

I ' I >nf ' II i» II i n 

EWitilE FOR UftpOAt 

lt«W ataadaM ««6hlA» for the BanfUU 

Greek Motor Stf eboat ArriWNi 

< :ihom. Hew JTevsey 

Th« new engine for ,^ii IBMatfield 
Gyeck motor lifeboat hai arrlved~f»om 

the yards of the Electric lAunch finitld- 
Ipg Compainy pf Bayonne, New Jersey, 
and 'is being inttalled by Mr. Peters at 
tb» marine department's whart The 
t gi ye ; Is a rnneh . m o r e c o mp a o t 

Vorwarlan Shipping 

Norwegian shipping is In a very 
proBperou« condition. WlUle for many 
years .Nurwegiun shipowners have been 
satisfied with the owning of sailing 
.«hip.t ami tramp steamships, they now 
are launching out into tin- liner trade. 
The feature in connection ..'ith Nor- 
wegian shipping .luring tlie past .vear 
lias undoubtedly been the whaling In- 
dustry. The profits made by the Nor; 
weglan /?f>mpj«nles In this business have 
l^een stupendous, divldend.s ranging up 
to 100 per cent. l>eiug quite common. 


8 a. m. 

Point Orey— Clear; wind N.W 
32; sea smooth. 

Cape Lazo — Clear; calm; -"^ '• 

aea smooth. 

Triangle — Ovircaat; win'l xw ' ■' 
mlle«; 29.80; 29: sea snioot 

Pachena — Clear; ealni; "o .iV|,..y^, 

sm.' 'l --^f' "•'"• 

off Katevau cHStbound. 

Tatonsh— Part cloudy; wind K. 1- 
tnjics; sea moderate. In, atr. 

1; ; wind J^M^S^^^' 

30. 2u, M, sea moderat«. "-""^ 

Prince Rupert— Cloudy; wind N. light. 
::»0.»»t\44i"-<iea smooth. 
' 'D«|<|( "ISf^ Point— Clear, oalm: Ma 
siwwth. .^-^i ^. i. V.'' 

Oak Bay 

The Residential 

PMat Orey<f-O»ercast; wind 3*.W.,^ 
«».»»; 4'fr.sea »n*wrth. to, »tx, Csltf«»* 
at 10.30 am. ' 

C6pe lAlBo— Oliear; wind N.W.; S0.26;. 
49; s«a smooth. 

Tatoost*— Cloudy; wind N.B. 80 miles; 
30.27; »*; eea moderate. In, str, Charles 
Nelson at 4.4fr a.m.; str. : Minnesota at' 
8.10 a.m.: str, Nebraskan at MO- a.m;;t 
out. »t r .^em..I>rak e w Kh har g e ki * a «r» 
at 4.60 Vm.; str. Thorat 8.40 e.m.; 
inside, bflhipd out, str. City of Puebla. • 
Arrfyed here. x;.S.8. Heather at '^M ttc 
nu^ left at «.00>^m- '■ ' ■ 

p'achejna-.<:Jear; wTnaf W. light: S^.VtT^ 

s^-emooth. ^ ■' ^ 1' 

SktevMi-~<aMil'.:,«litd-84W.;:J».«»: i9i 

sea mWMIth. 

127 — Double Corner, St. Patrick and Brighton, i?on-T2o: 
one-third ca.->h, balance (>, 12 ami 18 nioiuhi;. Price $3,750 

124 — Monterey, so. of McNeil, 50x113/2: one-third cash, 
balji.nre '\ 12 and 18 montlis; 3 fine l<>t< at, each $950 

U4 — Newport Avenue, 120 ft. so. of ' 'rchard, 60x1 to to 
■^-i^ppe. Price, on terms v^'i^«|^J^, $l,oUii 

105 — Orchard, betwegit^jJlf^fvport ahci St. Lewis, fe.xno to 
lane. J 'rice, (Msii^^SS^f','' ...... .' $1,400 

104 — Central *¥Wi»^^^|e^V)fi|efl Island road and Oakland, 
^2xuo: one-third <yMfliilance 6, 12 and 18 month-:. 

ri^m^^-'-^-^W^^'-^^mf *^'^^^ 

>.$jSr0et near Vti\^dp: ^SOxitKJo Uii«if4?ift..^ « 




third casl:(,Jbarance 6, 12 and 18 months 

9^(r-S!ni^i!tfw Btreeti just west of H»mp,«»hife. 5ox^30r%jgB -r 
cash, balance 6, 12 and. i8 months. P^ce . - 4<jt|pSnSw' 

9S— Corner Newport Ave.; iii4 Qui? Bay, ^^^^^^^Sk^ 

$2,500 cash, balance arranged'. iHice; . .yw* tWMHw 


97— Walter Street, between Transit and S!tj|P«trfclleiv Agv 
thirt! cash, balance 6. 12 and iS'itioriths. |^e»-'^l!W»0 

94— iiampshire Road, goxi^, prt^jt^ntjtikmf ^Sh, 

12 a^d 18 months. Price . V . .... * . . . ^4 .^ jcl. . . 

, 93—-ll<mtei:iqr Avenue, 5cm8p, OT»e^«arter <5l^ 
~ — l a a^d » ^ moitth ft. — , - PriC €- >>f > » . ' •^ . ■. >.. ..,...,.y^ . .. , ... .., 


"•— . ■■■'.: 


h' \l 


■ ■fe? 

y%mt'tn1-e%ft%r t^' .♦ ■alfinor pnr^ rrf iMfftOTIfl ^ <*al1« 
TlCrci.VtVX^Vf UUKXttg^ ^ttt^ ^Js JifV* li»»ia<aa *i»b»w 

u^ «^1^Hm* orders. We bmtei' large 

be jplcla^ toluve you call and inspect cmr 
new store, which is large, fitted wi^ |Hpr , 
fixtures, and when fully con^ted'» V^ lie 
the finest store of its kind on the coast. 

maehlne, and Is of greater power .'Uian 
the okl one. It weUjht w^ twtc0 m 
much as Ilia toriwir ja w rtWl Bwy . ;'?rhe 
wflrk of umf!»!^^^mmm M ^M^t 


Be €. Hard|p#e COe^jy 

i':r|;NOTETHENEWA|)yS»S^ " 

t*-|¥#t-ii#'Fort «trfet 

Vessel Vov«a|Upp4»| 

SSATTLE, <Feb. 28.«Jkbl|^: strs. 

Nebrasken. Sallna Crus. vlji San Fran- 

cisoo; Minnesota, Yokohama; Curacao, 

dkagway; Delhi. Prince Albert, prince 

will liien return to 
ey Sound, 

Coal for Banflcui 
The Tees will load e shipment of 
at Ladysmith for the cable station at' 
Banfleld creek. 

HM «.m 

Ikeda— Cloudy; wind N.B.'j',*?;.**! *lj; 
sea jjmooth. 

Prince Rupert— Clear: calm: 30.32; 52; 


-'DeiiSi Tree Point— Overcast; calm; sea 

Phones 82 and 161 1 

? * 

F. O Box 683 





1^'ive minulcs from V. & S. Saanichton station, seven 
minutes from B. C. Electric railway, close to the sea, 
ail fipod soil, no rock, slashed and burned several 
5«eaf»,^'ery easily cleared. 

v'^ubdivided in blocks of 9 1-3 acres, most suitable 
for orchards, small fruit or poultry farms. 

Price, $5,000.00 

Per Block 

Cash $2,000. Terms j, 2 and 3 jcai., at 7 per cent. 



riione 1 381 

P. p. J3ox 575 

IOI-2 Pemberton Block. 

Feb. y||Ll912. Our fact No. 2 reads: "At the v 

'1912. ^ The PSii.MiKi@i^iiKi C 

'That in view of thc'llBJJHftstruttioii i 
Reserve will have to bej. 

, the Hon. 
spect, the 
Up for terminals." 

The Premier's sljitcmcnl lully justifies all our contentions, 
antl his remarks untlouhtetily show an expenditure and develop- 
Illillpiit Iciist twice as large as we expecled: {herefore, all pvop- 
erties immediatelv west and ciist of the Reserve will increase 
with construction at the conservative rate of 100 per cent Dcr an- 



Road and 


\V;il'-li llli' \:iliirc li..:,- lui, next 

month ;in smou ;. ■ Hi. paving; oper- 
ations Mtart. Wc l;ave nomo of 
the finest tuts in thi.i ohoho locnl- 
ity, quoted i' '• ■ r Mi:.!i tli. jii ■■■-■ li' 

markft I'l ' • "^ .'ill"-., iii'iii 

to you. 

Welch Bros. & Co. 

Kamtiera of ▼lotorta Kaal Eatate 

1006 OoTammant Straat 


Notice Is liorcby (jr'ven that tlip vo- 
Bcrve pxlRtlng: "ver Uot 156!>, Group !. 
.N'ew WeatiiilnBter District, 1« t-anoelled 
In so fal- as the same relates to the 
eu.stcrly seventy acres of the .saW lot 
Deputy Minister of;lH. 
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C. 
January. 5th, 3912, 


Notlco Is hereljy Blveii that the re- 
serve exl»fln»,' over Uol 1669. Group 1. 
New AVestmlnstor iJlstrict, is cancel lod 
in ."lO far as the name relates to the 
easterly aevpnty aerea of tli<# said lot. 
Dpp\ily Minister of Lands. 
Laii'ls pppart lurnt. Vlctnrtu, B.C. 
J.-xni]ary :iUi. 1?1J. 

We sLill ha\'e a few excellent investments, wliich we can de- 
liver at prices ranging from 

to $200,000 

On terms spread over a [)eriod of five years. 


Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

201-202 Say ward Bldg., Douglas St. 

Telephone 714 

f^^Ummptili^ !Sto^4^S5^t377>^^<^ hw)(fc|il'. house, $t»i5o 
j^ab. balance 6fMMp4 ^ monthft. P*icii 4Ur * -'rj^*''^ 

arranged. ^^^ • ?1,000 

''''*'''' wteSSbMiste balance arranged. 

71 — Transit Road— near McXeiil, 50x120, One-third cash. 
balance Ci, 12 and 18 month.s. Price ^1,150 

/63--:Qak Bay Esplanade, waterfront and 5-room summer 
oBri^^il^ 50x240. one-quarter cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 
months. Price $3,500 

-1. ' ri ^ Hampshire 'Rogdf^tH Brighton. 50x112 to 12-ft. lane. 
"""'^' "-ijne-third ca<h. bal»*crW, 12 and t8 months. Price $2,350 

55 — Monterey Avenue between Brighton and Saratoga, 
48x180 to i8-ft. lane, one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 
months,p^^^(6 ..'. • .$1,575 

54-— Monterey; '50x120, one-quarter cash, balance 6. 12 and 
18 months. Price ... • • • . • • • .$2,000 

53__01iver, 300 ft. from the sea. 50x140. .$300 cash, balance 

6. 12. 18 and 24 months. Price $1,000— ..Monterey, north of Oak Bay. 7-room fully modern h.onse 
on lot 5oxr20. $2,200 cash, balance 4 or 5 years. . . .$7,000 

50— Island Road, GolLi^rks Park, 200x200x265. pnc-tliinl 
cash, balance 0, i2,/8 and 24 months. Price. ... . .$3,200 

48 — Oliver Street, pilots from sea. 50x140, $450 cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and iS imjnths. Price $1,100 

46— Laurel Street, 50)5030, one-third cash, balance 6, 12 

■ ^""l^i^iPil^^' ^"'^c ....V,-..-. ..-.. • $850 

faxitson, "north of Quatuichciit, 50x170, quarter ca.^h, 
balance f>. 12 and r8 months. Price ........ ...-.$1,500 

43— Hampshire, near Central, (>oxi 13, one-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price • .$000 

43 — Hampshire, near Central. 55x113, one-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 1 8 months. Price ,.$850 

42--Monterey,^ so. of Central, (k).\ii3, one-thircl cash, Val- 
ance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price , • • $050 

42 — Monterey, so. of Central. 55x113, one-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price $900 

41 — Corner McNeil and Monterey, 55x110, one-third cash, 
balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price $l,5O0 

22^0ak Bay," 180 ft. west branch, 6oxil8, $900 cash, bal- 
ance '>. 12 and 18 months, J'rice $2,100 

20 — Oliver, 400 ft. north of Central. 50x130, one-third ca?'^;^^ 
balance 6. 12 and 18 montI)>. Price $1,100 

ig — Olive Street, 130 ft. so. of McXeil. 50x140, one-third 
cash, balance o. 12 and 18 months. Price , .$1,100 

15 — Be^ch Drive, so, front. 54x154, one-third cash, balance 
<), 12 and 18 months. Price ,. $2,500 

3 — Beach Drive. 120.X120, one-third cash. balJmcc (k 12 and 
i8 months. Price $4,750 

40 — Transit Road, near McNeil.' 50x120, one-third cash, 
balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price $1,200 

3g — Oliver, between McNeil and Central. 50x135. one-third 
eash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price $975 

38 — Orchard, near St. Tvcwis, 6oxuo, one-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and iS niMiitIi>. "Trice $1,275 

37 — Transit Road, one-quarter cash, balance arranged. 
Price $1,200 

34 — St. Patrick, between Saratoga and McNeil. 6!|2Xi20. 
onc-iinartcr cash, lialance i, 2 and 3 years. Price $1,200 

32 — Transit Road. \(-aiTc. one-quarter eash, balance i, 2 
and 3 year^. I 'rice $4,500 

31 — Corner Central and St, Patrick, 106x1.20, .*?550 cash. 
i)alanee 1 and 2 \ears. Price $1,900 

30 — Oliver, through to St. Patrick, near Brighton, /2'/jx 
240. iine-tiiird cash, balaneo 6. 12 and 18 months, . . .$4,250 

30 — Oliver Street, near lUighton, 72J/2X120, one-third, balance (k 12 and 18 months. Price $1,900 

S, W, Corner Island and Orchard, $550 cash, balance I;^ 
and 3 years. Price * ipl| 



I n D 
J. K. 




Thur»d»y, F«bru«ry M. ^9^i 

Situated on the finest harbor on the North- 
East Coast of Vancouver Island. 

All steamers for Alaska, Prince Rupert, from 

Qoof + 1o \/ot-.<-r,ii^7or ar\r\ \7irtnrifl nflSS Close tO thd 

:;i^^i^nce toj^M^: Bay,: 

PORT HARDY will likely be the terminus of 

at least two railway lines and the connecting 

* point with fast steamers to the terminus of the 

Grand Trunk Pacific at Prince Rupert. « 




HARDY, wi Sprite fe 



gers from Quaisino Sound anu 

olher Portf 


■1/ ■- .)' 

J .,r ;■;*:■).-<;( .i, 


■ .■ ''Vx^^iV^' 


isl^ and adjacent mainland by^^Wi manu- 
factured at PORT HARDY, will save a towage 
charge of Two Dollars per thousand feet to 

».inf*i>«iif ' " iiii* Ai <lB. ill' 

i^U -' I M U^ i^ 


title^^feuaranteed I 




Without doubt thousands ^l^es lying to 
the West of PORT HARDY will become one 
if not the finest area of farmihgjand on Van- 
couver Island, especially for dairy purposes. 


Elliott; K. C!^ and Herbert H. Shan 
acting as Trustees for the Vendors. 

Interest will not be charged providing the 
payments are made on or before the due date. 
If unpaid when due, 7% interest will be charged. 

tots in the original townsite, from Front to 
Eleventh street have been selling at One-Hundred 
and Fifty to Four-Hundred dollars each. 




BKOCKS 45. 46. 6i— 

Price Corner 


$125 Each 




Price Inside 


$115 Each 

BLOCKS 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 
39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 53, 54, 55, 

56. 57. 59— 

Price Corner 
$135 Each- 
Price Inside 
$125 Each 

liLOCKS 23, 28, 29, 47, 48, 49, 
50, 51. 52— 

Price Corner 


$145 Each 

Price Inside 


$135 Each 




r.hOCKS A, lA. 2A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9. 10, 12, 13. 14. 19. 20, 21, are reserved from sale. 

Blocks for Sale by Croft & Ashby 

23, 29, 32, 35. 36, 38, 41. 42, 44» 49, 50, 53, 54, 57, 61, 63, Block east of 

57, Block east of 63. 

Blocks for Sale by L. H- Ellis 

28, 33, 34, 37, 39, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47. 48, 51, 52, 55, 56, 59, Block east of 59, 

Block east of 61. 


Please note that this property is being sold at a lower price than that paid by the purchasers 
of the lots in the original townsite, months ago.. 

TERMS— One-Third Cash, Balance Without Interest in Three, Six and Nine Months 

•For plans and further particulars apply to- 

CROFT & ASHBY, Room 126, Pcmbcrton Building. Telephone 2999 
CROFT & ASHBY, Room 5, Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C. 
L. H. ELLIS, Room 6, Moody Building. Telephone 940 


■"r'TT " l td 

tpfgfflffiW i ffl p ff^ i^ ^ 

Thur«d«y, February 29, 1tfi4 




'smU^Mx&mMh^ - 


■ — 







/ , 









» 11 






^ ) 

[ i. 


B f 























1 • 





















— _ — ' 




• 1 



















? > 













1 1 



f 11 






5) . . . 


■ 4 











1 1 > 
I I 




• ) •[ 10 



• 10 1 1 









-— --. 













-^WV ••: 

























\ ' ' i^z V 1 »: 










u..', - 



A- X» "■*•'*■ 


3 S 



















yv JV ^» «r 

rrr i -iu i 



i. ' fc ' i4 'ii * 





t— t-r-f-TT? 

















/J I /c^ 




\. 1^/ 


^ S^'^^ M 









1 wm 

11 t» 




\u> ■'' 



' • 














F O U R T H 












1 J 




11 It 










) . 

? 4 





H 1< 

4 4 







f^ , 



■— J- 












11 ts 





■ • IV 

r T|] 

























• y f 

/3 ^. 







"i )i - 


T - ! ■ 1 — tr-l III 











> • t r- i 
















T 1 -1- 











■ I- 


■ . 


» ~ ♦.■ •- — » 

■? a 




~n=-f f .p. f ■ ft - I ■ 1 —H J 
/3 ^^ li ;/ 3 s T s> ■" V ^ 


3 ^ 






• r T - 

•5 -ff P» 



* 1 





. l» 



? ? 




















' 1 -- 


















• 1 


, . .^ ( 













/5 U5. 



4 it 

t— f"r--n 

■* ^ 


•3 /5^ 



dS <3 























^ I,**/ 1 .: 























r- - 

\ ^ 

'^^ li" 













^ 1 






















































^ ■ ■ : 






" , 











A LA»Oi .- 


^* ^'' ^ 





























9 * 













^*^X^^ „i^H^ A**-« ^*^« rt»'**/»''yr4r ^*^« 


'-p'^yo^ ^^4rj^*^|»y 





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Thursday, February 29, 1912 


On* c«nt a word e»ch ln»erilon. HI P«r 
cant diacouot for Bii or mot-e coineuutlve 
iDMrtloas — cmh wuh order. No »dv.Til«u- 
laant »rcepl«d lor Io»» tl'ttu 2» ctni*. 

Bualiieu and I'rofeaalotial Curda — of four 
llnaa or under — »1.0» per week. 

No adverllaemant cUaigeU on account ror 

laaa than tZ.OO. 

Phone No. 11. 



A UT UUAB^^-A. i-. J->. over thirty y"*.* 

xV experience i« a.U «'"« '"^^^^ , .''Jl" 
and uthalo u^\ei»'0»=- 

lor el»uicue». acUooU and pt 
Work., and atore 'JU '""'"'if,';* •'' 
MttlUodlai cUurcU. I'lionu.iJ*. 

BAGUAUB Uellvery — VlctorU 
Co.. I^ld. Tel. nn. _ 

ucal lu 


LUK Prlutiug— Electric Blue Print and 

Map Co.. rJll> I.anBl.'V »t. Blue pri.u- 

dVaugUllnK; doaltna m aurvt-y- 

and drtt»in« ofllce »up- 


lug, iiiapi 

oi-a' tnstrauieuta 

pUe*. ^__ 

B" OOKIUNOKHS— TUe Colonlat haa the 
belt l.ook.blnai.-ry In the province, the 
iciuU i* equal In proportion. _____ 

B'^OTTL.BB-^Air'klnda ot boillea wanted. 
Good prl-iea paid. Vlclorli Junk 

U:HOLJi;SAL.E Dry Good* — TurutT. Beelon 
& Co.. Wholeaale dry gooda Im- 
porter* and munufacturere, men's t'urulah- 
in«i. tenia. "tllB Hmu" biMUd ihlrts. oser- 
alla. Mall ord<>ra attended to. 

\\'HOt.,fc;.SAL,lS WInea and Llquora— Tur- 
y\ ner-Ueeton Co.. Ltd.. Wharf St.. Vlolor- 
ia— wholesale only. .Ml the leading branda of 
liquors; direct importer*. Write for llati 
ukid prlcti*. 

\\;00U — i.:heap fuel. Try a h'eaping double 
• ' load of ihort '•J\ mltl-w<iort, delivered 
to any part of the cHy at »a C. U. U. by 
Cameron Lumber Co., Ltd., phono S6t. 






.\pply sol Tlme» 


BUV wunled, apply Knight'a Book 
1111 Kort :jl, 

B" i)Y wanted. Apply in peisou. Weller 

BoVH wanted. Apply I'opham Broi.. Mary 
Birect, VKIorltt Wu»t. 


, .» bread and cake maker with many 
^\. yeara- exiM-Mlence, dcilrea a po»Ulon. 90» 
V'M, Coloiilat. . 




m c 

u BPlI a'-'"1«"l ni- health Inauranco 
<)mnil»»1<m? Ii< i-t ,)Ollcy on puilh; 
.' for hu»tl»r. »"X I'*', ''oloi'ial' 

AUCtllTECT— John Hallowell. 130S Broad 
at., room i, upstairs, previoua experi- 
ence In npniiinenl housea 
blocks; user luinly years 
ilnnada and lOngland. 

experience In 

ARi'UlTRCT— Plana prepared for aparl- 
ment blocks and bungalows. 1'. O. 
Box 1073. 

1S20 Store •'•; phonu 1336. 

BUU/DINO Mover. — Sir.dham Ac Lealer. 
building movers and contractors fair- 
view. Vancouver. U. C. Kesldencj J69 5th 
Av»,, W. Eailmatea furnished on application. 
/^AFlS^Money properly invested leads to 
v./ lortune. A(U» *osu.* i-^ '^ _ 
by purchasing the best iia meal In the clt> 
at the Strand Cafe. 

C1AKB and Restaurant — Occidenta4 Cafe 
.; Uestaurant, corner Wharf and Johnson 
ais. Meals 15c and up. Satlafacllou guar- 

C' AP.niAGE and Wagon »eftl«rB — Wm. 
Mable. Importer ot MacLachlan buggies, 
traps; cannot be beaten for durability. W*re- 
houao 717 Johnson struct, Phon e 132C. 

i~5AFvFK.NTJIi:K- -CauUairCWP«»V«ir and. Job- 
KJ blng factory. Alfrca Jones, builder End 
rontraetor. Estimates given on all olassea of 
structures, eaop ntllngs, etc. itju^^ancouv^lr 
su Office pho ne L-lSag; Kea. B>100«. 

OARPENTER — J. 8. Hlckford. commlg- 
slon carpenter and contractor. Estlmotes 
glTea on all kinds of Jobblne; men aent out 
V,y t he day. Phone YH86, 

iiMNBY Andt rurnace cleantn»;,^ 

wuiil Bu 

lldlng. Victoria, B. C. ; phone 

t.-^HU.\.MJ bo) «Hnl,nl. OIK! vvK 
*J l,hn«ir generally usqful. A«" "''''"'^ /,»• 
Ai.i'ly lo .Shoibolfs Urug Store. 68J Jonn- 

suii .tiri.'ct. ^ — - 

anted to learn to drive and repair 
es. 1011 Oovernmeiil street. 

MK.S' wanted ' 

Ol'E.NlNt; for a Kitod ouUlde salesraan: 
J1t),-ral cominlsHloii to right man. -"iP" 
l>;v i:; to l. ot 31» P»mb.-rtoi: bl»ck. 




drivers wanted; 686 Michigan 

A KCHITEGT C. Eiwood WatUlhs. Rooms 1 
j-Ji. and -'. Green Bik., •;oriier Ti ouncu Ave. 
and Bro;id. Phone :;i8i>; res. phono t.1338^ 

100« Gov- 


ernment St., phone 1489. 

ARCHITECT — Thomaa Hooper — In prac- 
tice In B. C. for 25 years. Plans and 
upeclllcatlons furnished on a.npllcntlon. Otfioo 
New Royal Bank Buildi ng. Phone 9 37. 

ARCHITECT. Landscape — L. 13. Oavick. C. 
E., designs and lays out beautiful 
country homes, landscape gardens, parki 
and pleasure resorts. O:;! Saywa rd block. • 

CANAVAN and Mitchell, CIvU Engineers. 
Offices. 227-128 Pemberton block. Tel. 
1399. P. O. Box 39. Examinations and Re- 
ports. Irrigation and Drainage. Hydro-Elec- 
tric Dovolopment. AVaterworks, Sewerage 
and-.Btw»se, i>!sv"*!»I. 

^^\\0 real estate salesmen that can handlo 
X loans and Investments; 324 Pemberton 
bulUUni.'. " 


BUOKKEEP14K and gciM/cal otllco man, 
UrltUh and Canadian r^xperleni:e, de- 
sires position as clerk, timekeeper or gen- 
eral office man. .Vppiy Box 334, '^"^^'i*,'.-. 
lUUKKKKI'KH desires emp'. •yif><"t during 
iveiiljiKs; urtns rrastnabk-. Apply 

Box SU3 Colonist. 

CU.DI.Vti «up«rlntendenL for architect or 
owiiei, 30 yenrs' experience; thorough; 
etnrorced rourrelt> »ud »•• 
Box 437, Co.- 


1y ••apable in 

ll.ies of huilding construction 



rnoruRTY roa 9.ulb (CoiiMn«*d> 


* CHOICE lot near Dallas road on Ches- 
••.■*■ tor irvf.; prlee »:;:-0«; teriii!' "'"^^■''Y';) 
down, balance arransod. Greeu, Hurdle k 

Bros., corner LangUy and Urought-'n nm. 
Phone lilS. 

^\. C.M 

Double corner. Orlllla St. 
terms. i'hone 2UTU 


nea.- C»'niral; ilixlH; 
ash, balance «, 1-. 1". 

CVAMP cook, to wears' American and Can- 
J aolan experience. Camp only. Box l«0:'. 


^ARPKNTEK wants work. Box 7«1, Col- 

/ ^ARPKl 

^ onlst. 


■tOMf'LOTKNT rook wants position, .\pply 

Box I'Ml. Colonist. 

TANTED. bright boy tor oinco work. 
. I about 15 years ot age. Apply in pri- 
son to Room 408, Pomberton Bldg, city, im- 

tncdiat ely. ' ' ; ____» 

\Tt\nted; two mlddlc-agod people; rooiiis 
W and use of kitchen for a Utile help. 

i::;i Penman St. 

ANTEl>-^Two boat builders for launch 

work. Apply HlOlon Electric Co. »hlp- 

yards, tUHtiuimalt -rO»UV"~ -'" ";" y"'- -'-" ~- -:.:"^;~-— -^^ . 

-A chemist, occuatoWcd to lab 

■^OII.VTRY store — Advertiser desires altu- 
atloii as mana«<>r; 4 jeu/s' experience 
In OkauaRaii valley; highest references; 
bond If necessary. Box Oi? Colonist. 



yPV:HIEN'CED Clvauffeur requires sHiit. 
fu pilv.iti. ramily. Reply Box ». 


t.'a'.on-'.s'. . 

f^ AHUi..Mi.ii. 

. liLl 



oratory work. 

and Baling 
plosives 1 

not latei 

atato uge, experience 
led. Apply Canadian Ex- 
Vlctorla, B. C. 
: agents for acoltltnt nnd 
i»urance company ■ 
tday morning. lU 

.., . <i ill piiinlag fruit 
tieod. roses and shrubs, open for en- 
gagements In or around Victoria. .\ppiy 
Box 947. Colonist. . 

HC)TKL. country preferred. Position as 
iii.,imK«r .oaulr^d or v.-ould be wlllinB »o 
rent same. First closs roferenccs given. 

Box 97U, Colonist. 

APANEHB wishes any kind of Job as 
clean work; abort lime after 7.80 p.m. 

.K>k for » This Is by tar the 
iheupesl buy In the I'ulrneld estate toduy. 
Doni dola> to sec us uOuui ihin niinp. tJiucn 
& Hurdkk, f oilier Langley and Broughton 
str. Phone 1518. 

A GOOD 111 vest men I — Sli<? KSxlli: doubi.- 
corner, Fairfield and Rtehmond, itir- 
lli.f i.rf»«.-.. k-iloe for i tew days t.l^'lf. haU 
rash. This Is the beat mouey maker I" 
the city, Patrick^ Realty Co.. (it* Fori it. 
I'hone 2656. 

V' ' RK.MAn"K7virLE~offcr. Two boatitiful 
lots .HI .lohiison SI.: .lust one tind half 
blurUii ftum <;rn)k. In a short lln^e ihiM 
properlv will be right in the heart of the, 
business arc ilun as a «lanee at tile map will 
show; iiolliing on the siruet to e'lual thlH 
for value. Pike lor f'-w days fj.OOO ilm 
two. Jl.Oiiu cafh, balance to suit. National 
Realty (.'o., 123J Govertimenl st. 

A KNAP, for cash, lot on Moss at. Ap- 
ply owner. No,- 1 1 1 Mqs» at. ■ 

A.spLElixirDbuy; large double corner, 
C.irik St. and Dublin. 45 trnlt trees ami 
set out Willi strawberry vliiea. each lot $&0(); 
on»Tth!rd eiish. «; 12 »nt! ix. Beam., a23 
Say w a i d Blk. Phone 236?. 

AVEJtV choluo property. 4 acres fronting 
on Glen Lake and adjoining the Lux- 
ton C. N. Ry. ijlatlan. 7-mlle circle, on main 
X roads; school, postofllcf, electric Hiflit and 
le.lephone; Improved lo park-like shape and 
fenced; admiraoiy suited for Hulei.ile. 
residence, or chleken ranch; HnhlnB, shoot- 
ing: an unsurpassed 
J8.160. Owner. 1817 C 

GORGE— Doub 
J I 200. easy 

HA.vrPriIiiJKl:i rd., 
tSbO; quarler c 

Bowoa 643 Fort. 

F.irE Ts^"a'wTrriier; lot 50x130, near the 
Rink, and It requlr<'8 but $175 to flose 
this. ime^ilgttie at «>n«'-'. Price only i'JW. 
Eureka Really Co.. 862 Yotos at. _ 

i^MH^'LDTsT.. two iaigo lols, each 85.>: 
K'O, for 87.000 »*i'h. Howe'.l. Payne «i 
('.,.. Ltd.. 121» Lnii;rlo.tx»t. ; phone 1780. 

flMllVNGLE lol. lllS.\l« feel. ninr 
J- Uouglus St.. and the price la only ♦lUu: 
teiin. 1160 cash, and the balance 820 per 
monlh. Eureka UenHj Co., i52 Autes^l. 


so acres at Port M»)Va, ju-»t half 
» iiiiif. fror.i tin ti.svniiliti sunuivlsloii 

i. '» mil 

where lote are now bflng nffcrod for i.» e. 
] am wtllliiK to a< ci-ijt »ii,=iO jier ni re In 
terms spread over three years. This *« thn 
best buy offering for the speculator in I'ort 
.Mann properly. Apply, Owner, P. U, Box 
u!M, New Westminster,, 

I.VSIDK city llmlls; sBveral good ■ 
»«00 each, on easy terms. A. .S. Lai -^ 
ton, Room 12, McGregor Blk, View street. 
Phone 2»0L 

JA.MEH BAY — Aq aWolutely sure protll in 
thiw: 88 feet front by 113 feet deep, 
with good hiiiise "» Meii7.1e« sireet, betwe.ti 
:illchlgan and riupertor jjtreuts, west side for 
lust $10,300. Thore Is no elenHUt of 
ehonce In this. It's a certain uioaey-maker. 
Kor sale exclusively through Bussel & 
(jregg, 2<i< Pemberton BUIk. - 


A.NtXil.'VKR, near King's rd., through ii 

third cash, bnlunee t>, U 
Kort St. 'J"el. 2724. 


Bowts. "I 


\''ANtX»rVKR St. "orner, close to Mount 
terms. Hum. M3 Port St. 

Vric'^ . 
Street. f\zf 60x120, for 11.260. 
& Orrgg. 207 PHi.iberton BldKj 

UrTORIA West, close In, big lot at n. 
bargoiii; price »1,160; terms easy. Aii- 
otlK-r near eorii<>r ol Russell and Edwuni. 
fo" the small sum of SlittOO; J600 cash, bal- 
unee fi, 12 and IS miinlh». RiiiKsell & Gregg 
J(i7 J'cmheitoii Bldg . 

"VrFi^TORIA West— 00 feet frontage on the 

^' E. & N. Ry. 101 ft. deep to st.; price 

$1»000; Monk & .Monl elth. ti3!i Fort st. 

Tjcj-uRlA AVest — 3 lols on Paradise st; 1 
l.ji- $ir,00; :; oiher.-^ for *16o0; ihlrd down 
Monk & Montelth, 039 Fort St. 

beautiful Corrtovu. 


AMES Bay — r.,arge. lot 00x120 on HImcoe. 

7 per cent, 

Wise & Co.. 109 Ptimberton 

dally; Hary. P. O. Box 888. 

OIVIL Engineers — Gore 
• ,T. TTerrtcic McGregor, 3 

CIVIL Engineers— Topp t Co., 

ClvU En- 

_ _.neers and land surveyor*. Boom 8H 

.1 r'.J^mberlon block. Phone 3apj;^.4|S||.' O- ^"^ 



ed, dyed, repaired and pressed; unrj' 
brellas' and parasols juade, repaired and re- 
covered. Guy W. Walker. 70S Johnson St., 
Just east ot Dougla s; phone LIZ^T. 

IXJTHES Cleaning — Wah Chong, ladles' 

and gents dry cleaning, pressing and 

repairing on short notice. 172B Government 

BU. Victoria., B. C. ; 

/^OAL AND WOOD— Hall & WaiKer. Wel- 
\J lington Collieries coal, Comox anthracite 
coal btiicksmltb's and nut coal specially 
prepared. Phone 83. 1232 Gov ernment 

RUSHED Rock and Gravel— Producers- 
Bock and Gravel Co. Bunkers. Store St.. 
foot of Chatham St.; phone 305. Crushed 
rock, w.»shed sand and gravel delivered by 
teams at bunkers or on scows at quarry and 

gravel pit a t Royal Ba y. 

"~ ~~ ~ Co 

Iregor — 

i..»na {-.; 

Surveyors and Civil Bngl«iwHi?'t>"fi'd»anoery 
Chambers. P. O. Box 163; phone 884. Fort 
George Office, P. A. Landry, manager.^ 

Jm and metal lather. Phoa«, 

." ■' . i::: -~--arj-*5-*.j rJPembenon block. Phone 391^im.'V. »ox 

NBY una rurnace cleantn», , «Wi«|fc , 4^4$. .vl«i3.i;jY.- 

HES Cleaning— oeni. cioti.cB cTfJ^T ^^\j gn^ proviholal Ian* wrv«rw. " Boom 

JAPANESE boy (young) wants situation 
8.1 general Inside work In city. Box SS.. 

Colonist. ■■'•'': 

ATHl.NG solicited C. W. StMOfTB, wood 

f~tt\'Ili E.Tglneers — Green_Bros., 

art St.: phone 171. 

Wb „______ 

RAYMEN — Victoria Truck ft Dray Co. 
Phone 18. . _____ 

DYE Works— ^. C. Steam Dye Works, 
the largest dyeing and cleaning works 
In the province. Country order.i solicited. 
Phone 200. J. C. Renfrew, proprietor. 

DYE Works — Paul's Steam Dye Works, 
318 Fort St. We clean, press and repair 
ladles and gentlemen's garments equal to 
new. I'hone 624. 

LECTRICIANS — Carter A McKenslo, 
practical electricians and contractors. 
Phone 710; Res. phones L2270. R2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 1319 
Broad St. 

ELECTRICIANS — Foot & Tuson, electrical 
contractors. Motor boats, gasoline en- 
gines. Phone A1446. 725 Fort St. ^ 

I^i^.'WPLOYME.ST Bureau— Wing On, 1709 
J Govciiuu.nt St.; phone 2S. 

34 Board of Trade. 

Burden & 
Co., civil engineers. Dominion and B. 
C. land surveyors. 114 Pemberton block. 
Branch offices In Nelson, Fort George and 
Hazolton. B. C. 

C1IV1L Engineer— Clarence Hoard, member 
.' Can. Soc. C. R.. member Am. Ry. Engr. 
Assoclall^n. .Steam. Electric, I..OKglnK. Rail- 
ways, S.nglncerlng and Construction. Office, 
401 P'.mberton fjiilkllng. Phone 984; Res. 
Empress hotel. Phone 1680. 

/ 10.VSCLTLVG EnglnscT — W, O. Wlnter- 
'--' burn M. 1. N. A.; receives pupils for 
examination for rertlflcates. Stationary and 
■ .Marine, ulfi Bastion square; Phone 1581. 

,TIST— Dr. Lewis Hall, dental sur- 
geon. Jewell Blk., corner Yates and 
Douglas Sts.. Victoria. Phones: Office 867; 
Res. 122. 

EXTIST— W. T. Fraser. D. M. D. Of- 
flce 732 ^•at<!8 St. Gareshche BUc. Of- 
fice Uuui' 

ALSO two acres, Ml. 

Tolmlii road, near 
erslty and electric cars, 83000 per 
acre, 1. 2 and 3 years. Appl.v- Beams. 623 
Sayward Block. Ph one 2362.; 

ANOTHER, 60x118, on Vancouver, second 
lot from Bay st„ fronts on two streets. 
$1550. ouc-ihird cash, Bearna, 5.3 ^ ' 

ji..» u P....i,.. -icj, 

LACREX.. Point-— lliO feet ou BeUpvllIe, ISO 
on Montri'ul at., only ?60,000; Income 
iii.M,<Miv, and r, big money maker; investl- 
■iz; Mo!!k & Montelth. 6** ""nrt »t. . 

Li., .Ji;N and Fairfield, double corner, best 
buy In Kairfiold Eslals, toil».y i J3900. 
H. Booth, Rorim 7, 1007 Govf.rnmcnl .»1,»^ 

le high lot. 50=116: only 
Po.vne and Co., Ltd., 
1219 Langley St.; phono I'SO. 

""ni-operty with J. L. Pundcrson 
Id,, _s^ and ft Brown JLUk. 

•lose to 

: .»600: 

J fHTiO. 


v.,J ji J^a.uonton TO., enrn. 

'd rornwood;-SOOd soil: vl. 
terms; 40x100. Harnrau, 

rOT Ctfl 5tT.:3); Quodrii Street; near Hill- 
side avenue. Price 82,500. Are you Inter- 
f-sts-d? Box 997, qolonlat. ________ 

LOT 60x120; near BTmpress «t. ond Wlilows 
car. In Oak Bay-superior and desirable 
160 below: value: price »800; tcrroa *r- 

"-"^ ijtopirlfig Hiimhftlfti--" ■■".■— *-'^. 

PiuiutiitiK \jO 

Chinese general 

^T^ANTED — Japanese or 

VV seivanL Apply phoue I,:«18, 

iiranco Company. 
, In Vlcloiia Dls- 
lor right person. 

WANTED— An eneirfflc man to rfepresent 
a aoadlns- :- 
well and favorai 
trlt>t; good oppo:,u.;i 
.'ip ply 807 ColonUt. 
\TrANTBD — Figure on plastering 2 houses. 

\\ Apply Box 885. Colonis t. 

Y\ '"ANTED — A boy to learn the drug bu»- 

W Iness. Apply. Auronson's Drug Store. 
«'orner Cook and Fort Sts. 

SiTCATttON wanted by jounr Englishman, 
good knowledge ot drawing and tlerk- 

Ing: Canadian ©x4>«rionce, 

Box 114 Col- 

ITITATION wanted a« baker by middle- 




BELLEVfK id. and TOlmIe 
building lota,JteUi>; pn 
J. L. Fianttgan, 505 sayward block; puone 

3084., ■■ ,:..... -,■■• ■ • ■■■"■■■ ■:':''. 

_ leCmlnus, Foul J*|. 

*^B^h ba.!ancc_t;. i»,feji|: 

1(1 n only. . P. O. Btf 

a« baxer oy miuuie- |^i;m\d at. 
ogcd ma4t; can drive wagon. Box 884 o ^.^^ 


J-' aeo 


S.3G m. lit. LU- » p. m. 
UTCHINSON & Ford announce that they 

lavc dissolved partnership and the 
busln.?s.,i will be carried on by G. S. Ford, 
architect and garden architect. 

ROBERTSON and Moyersteln, British Co- 
lumbia land surveyors.- Chancery Cham- 
bers. Victoria, B. O.. P. O. Box 793. Tele- 
phone R2SS2. 

YXTAA'TBD, messenger 

\\ Pacific Telegraph Office. 


boys at Canadian 

■'ANTED — sewing machine salesman and 

"collector. Apply, 1214 Broad St. 

WANTED — Men and women to learn the 
barber trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing- the largest and most complete school 

the northwest: wages 81 S and »r.5 per 
week when qualified; call or write for free 

. - «,.».- :_<...>i t 4 \1 ' - ..--• 

en tatt,HU«£. -.^uv \j» ,».*.-.. — • — - 

College. 846 Main Street. Tan' 


\"\7ANTED — By competent man a position 
VV as foreman or carpenter work: can 
make plans, and have H years experience 
Handling work; only a first position 
considered ; Box X0« Colonist. 

VXTANTED — Position; Englishman. 2S; 
>V commercial experience; knows French, 
and Spanish, college education, excellent ref- 
erences; will accept any position where ap- 
plication and energy count; Box 728 Col- 

Y\7AN<rED. position qn gasoline cruiser as 
yy mechanic; wages no object. Box 850, 



» ' oughiy 

.lob as baker or 'lOOk; thor- 
cxperlenced. camp or . other- 

30x120, bringing In rent of 
per month, ♦or 840,000. Howell. 
P»v.iiie & c*.. Ltd., 1219 X-angloy «L; phono 
17 80. ^_ 

:ty — Broughton and 

lot on Broughton, 60x 

■ ■fr f')r J30 per montii. 

iud flOxOO. bringing 

this fine locatlou 

Ui,we!;, I'ayiio & Co.. Ltd., 1219 

phone 1780. ^______ 


J.iU. u,,; 

Lots on ' 
In rent ■ 

for 140.(100. 
Langloy st. 

\ I uKlTT ft., a iol 50x123," for »72S;i 
JiL ,ll,_P8yn8 t Co., Ltd., 121» Lan 
Phone 1780. ' ' , ''"".'-' ''" 

»V Bay— Wf are Instructed by the own- 
ers lo offer the unnold portion of a sub- 
division, with xvBterfront lota, eomprlsliig 
aj>nra«lrn«.t«lv 811 acre.. fo.r liiuilCdlatc 5>ib-. 
ai"? oii easy tcrmi,: llils Is about J'i" • 
per acre, and Is the ciieapeal buy in tins 
illsirk-t today; investlgat,? lil -once. ISrlUga 
Realty Ltd., 403-404 .-Jay ward Block. 

WT'E tt.lBO }iavo-- n dajidy buy In Vlctorki 
V> West ' ou corner ot Dominion and 
Dougiaa ruud« foi SS.OOO. This c;v:i be cjt 
ill 7 Uiree lots; $2000 cash and balance in 
I. , ,,\ 18 months. Uroon .t Burdk-U 

1 ■ nei' Langley and uroug'nton »i^., 

1- . -18._ '" 

T"\nLi7 sacrifice my lot. Inside city limits, 
y\ just off Quadra St.. for 8050; easy 
terms. Apply Owner. Box 908. ^ •. 

db-J f\ CASH. JIO per month buys B fine 
^XU lots In Port Angeles; price »1SS; up 

ply 513 Sayward bulldlns-. 

llnJ :;rHl f. ._,. j.L_i, ' 

g;,b^; W-i'lc** M**' '■"'l'"'* 

jjr FEET on Dallas road by 160 feet 
bt) deep 837,000; sfood terms; Inside the 
break water; choice for warehouse site; will 
double In value within A year; Box 738 Col- 
onlst. ; ;•' ■;. : /'■: ■ .'■- . ' ' ' . .-■ ' ■ ■ ■ 

Acres neiir SooU« JjarUor, 120 per 

^■.; ;.ycre. / ^ ope-- third --caj^jgjhittoj ttca. --t 'a'l 'jl 
'V^;*t,. 7 ■ ijer^ cent; ri.aBBBSpA^o., ibv 

MO\ St., waterfron>t. 60x120. with 
harf, for $700 per foot. How- 
ell, Piiyjie ct Ci?.. Limited. 1219 Langley at; 
' 1 780. ' '^ ■ 

Mos.s Ht. — Choice lot. 50x110, next to cor- 
lu, of Oxford. $1,400. Apply Owner, 
p. O. Box 800, city. ^ 

ton Bldg. 

for a nice clear lot oii Sarafogu 


■Payne and Co. Ltd.. 1210 Langley st. ; pho 
'17 S0. „' 


MOSS SL snap, two lots, olaar and love!. 
$■2,300 the pair. Hodgson & Powell. 

lA'ANTED. man to worK In daliy; mua^ ■>- 
>V a good milker, and understand tcck. 
Apply Sinia Bros. MaywortU P. O. 


TANTED, good opening for youth deslr- 

-'--- who 

glass, 1 
ml. leaded, tic 
yoYi St, 

: descrlpt-ton of 

niatlc ornamon- 

TUo Melrose Co.. I^td.. 818 

GARDENER — C. Pederson. landscape and 
jobbing gardener; tree pruning and 
spsayins a. specialty. £45 .Pan4ora; phone 


<^.\HDENEHS — Cireen & Tucker. rardeninK 
vJT in all its branches; landscape work a 
specialty. Address 1919 Cowan Avk., city. 

GABDENER — Landscape Gardener. James 
Simpson. »51 Johnson St.. phone 111160. 
Expert on all garden and orchard details. 
Pruning and cleaning from Insects, roses a 
specialty, lawns graded and finished in first, 
second or third quality, acuoidtng lo con- 

l"1 AP.DS.NEP. -U. Tidoury. lanascaps and 
VjT Jobbing gardener; by the day or cou- 
traci; phone 17 lU'; lOOS Johnsou at. 

V Y* A U rblA/ A x> 1.-, IS*.— 4^ ^.,._ — M — »* w.._a- _ 

-LL ware and agriculturcl Implements, cor- 
ner Johnson anu Oovernraent Sis. 

'V Ing to enter railway service: one w-h 
in use typewriter and has somo knowleds 
J".Xthand. Apply Box C18 Colonist. 


ot shorthand. 

HARDWARE— Tlio Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware Co., Iron, steel, nardware. 

Iron, stce 
c utiei-y. 30 and 34 Yates St.. Victoria, B. C. 

JEWELERS — A. Petch, 1416 Douglas St. 
Specialty of Euglish watch repairing. 

JUNK — Wanted, scrap, brass, copper, zinc, 
lead, cast Iron, sacks, boitlcs, rubber, 
lilghest pnc'os paid. Victoria JunK Agency, 
iiil^u .-^toru at., puone 1338. 

LA.NDaC.VPE Uardeaur — F. Street. F.R.H.S. 
garden design i.i all Us branches, Au. 
uiess Luke ttiit. victoria, pnone IDDS. 

LIVERY— Caldwell 8 Tran8fm^ general ex- 
prtsi, sale. Iive'y ana ooarding stables, 
i»7 Coniioiaai si., nigiii and day; phone 
7;; 6. 

laitMu-T Co., Ltd, Xei, 

SWANNBL & NOAKES. Dominion and 
B. C. Land Surveyors, etc.. removed to 
Prnmls Block. lOof Government street. P. 
O. Box 512. Telephone 377. 


ANCIE.NT Order of Foresters, Court North- 
ern Light, No. 8i»35, meets nt Forest- 
ers' liall. Broad St.. 2nd and 4th Wednes- 
days. W. I'". Fullerton, Sec. 

XOYAL.~5rder&t Moose jrm^meet at their 
hail on Government St. 'every second 
'and fourth Tuesday every Jiionth until 
further notice. W. xVriiji;:, Secrattri-. 

ORDER Eastern Star, Queen City Chapter 
No. 5 meets 2nd and 4th Wednes- 
days, K. Of P. Hall, Pandut'A St. Sojourfitug 
members are cordially invited. 

J^ONS of Eni'.and. B. f-. Pride of the lalana 
,0 Lodg«i No. 131 meets 2nd and fourth 
Tuesdays In A. O. F. hnll. Broad Street; 
President F. West, 557 Hillside avenue; sec- 
retary, W. Dnwsoii, Head Street. Thorburn 
P. O. 

tJONS of England. U. S. Alexandra Ladge 
S3 116, meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 
K. of P. llttll. H. G, King, Shelbournc st.. 
President; Jas. P. Temple, 18 Eric st, sec- 
retary. .. 

THE Boy's Brigade. "8ure and StedfasL" 
28th year. — All ex-mcmbers who are 
-JXllling to helo on llie _ ''obtectl'— ju>ii-^<,- 
titiested to send their name, address and 
record of service to Caplaiii F. V, 
staff. lion. sec. for B. C, suite 2U, Mount Ed- 
wards. Vancouver st. 

rpUE Daughters of England Benevolent 
X Society meet In K. of P. Kail, the third 
Tuesday of each month. Secretary, Mrs. A. 
E. Cattera-ll, Linden Ave. 


-ISLAND Plumbing and Heating Co.; job- 
■i- bing promptly attended to: estimates 
given. «12 Discovery itreet ; I'lione 3180. 


1CT0RI.»L Business Institute. 724 Fort sL 
Shorthand, typewriting, etc., day and 
evening classes; phone 2355. 

W man to take charge ot business, good 
inducements to right man, must 12^.^6 work- 
ing interest In business. Address P. O. box 


l^niOLESALE Liquor house requires city 
\V and country traveller. Good salary to 
competent man. experience necessary. Ap- 
ply. Box 751, colonist. 

\\ 'ANTED — Contracts and jobbing work; 
> > guarantord low prices and high grade 
work; Godfrey Rxos. contractors and build- 
ers, P. O. Box 1286. Phone L488. 

"V^'Ot'.VO man wants position ot once In 
X ofii cc or store. P. <J. Box 113. 
^rOUNG Japanese wants poslllon In bar. 
t eleanln! 

Chatham st. 

X cleaning, etc., experienced. Same, 636 

WILL Mr. H. E. Holllday who answered 
V\ advertisement for chemist, call at the 
office of the Canadian, Explosives Ltd., \ Ic 
lurla. B. C. • . 



1 1 RL for Dye works' oril-^ who can use 
sewing machine. Apply 1163 Vates stVeet 
between '» a nd 4 p. ni. 

TSoob dining room maid wanted at Ine 
Ijr Alexandra cidv. Appl>- mornlnsa, to the 
Secretary. ' 

xroUNG honest Japanese aeslres a position 
X as store porter; speaks English, and 
years' experiences; Takaki, P. O. Box 58. 


A CAPABLE woman wants to take care 
of children a few hours afternoon or 
veilings. Box 089 Colonist < 

Bin* near Normal school. Extra choice 
double corner (80x169). almost adjoining 
■•Normal School' just off Hillside for Im- 
mediate sale, J1.400, one-third cash, balance 
8 and 12 months. H. Cuthbci-t and Co., 03S 

Fort St.: phone 1810. 

1ALL ou me — I have lots ror sale, city 
_ water, and will build houses and take 
small payment down, balance hb rent. Av- 

verncss »t. 

230 Pemberton block. 


C1HEAPEST buy In James Bay 60x120 on 
J Ontario si., revenue producing; only 
$6,000 on >cry easy terms; Heath & Chaney 
bay ward block. ' ■ ■ ■ ,"; 

C^OLLINSON St.. between Cook and. Van- 
J couver. 50xl3D, for $2925. Howell, 

MOUNT Tolmle, adjoining new Normal 
school site; half-acre lots. 112x194; 
price $1600.. Three beautiful lots, facing 
Mount Tolmle id. and Oak Bay ave.; price 
*«000. Two lots. «6xli00; price $800 each. 
IT. Booth, Room 7. Oover ninent St. ^ 

" ' 120X 


TEW Hillside car — Double corner. 

110 close to new car and school; 
owner must sell In a few days for $l,b00; 
ons-a-uartor rash, b2!ati(?e to W>1«- ^impcrlaJ 
Realty Co., 545 Dasiion" St. ' " - ; 

BUSINESS Opportunity — My confidential 
relations with a certain corporation 
whose stock is extensively dealt in both on 
tho Vancouver and Victoria Stock oxchangos 
put me In touch lyUb tlia Insldo worklnj:.s 
of tilings, and I am thus euabk-d to advise 
The purchase of these .securities for an Im- 
niiidldte Mfcn to twenty point riac; partita 
with $1000 or more only need reply; Box 
601 Colonist. 

ENTR.\LLY located and well establlsheJ 
real estate business for sale, saliafit'.- 
lory reasons for selling;, price onli- »3UU in- 
cluding excellent furniture and' fh.e runnitiK 
expenses arc llKht. Box 9S7, Colonist. 

r'XCELI-ENT opening for married couple; 


house, close in; terms very reasonable; lea.s,.. 
Box 4. ColoiilHt. 


IKWPORT avf.. Two very fine hl^'- 
S onlv $S00 each. Howell. Payn- 
lji» Langley st.; phone 17Ke 

Pavne & Co. Ltd.. 121» LangHey St.; 
1780. - ■ 


A CAPABLE woman wants to mind chil- 
dren evenings or mind children in own 

house: Box 645 Colonist. 

M' ISS J. DEVBRBUX- Agency. 1314 Fort 
st Tel. 447; hours 4> lo 6. Wanted, 
experleticed Infant's nurse; 2 children; throe 
miles from citv; references ufsenllal. Wani- 
..d two experiencod cooks; second servant 
kept cliy. country; reference. Wanted, 3 
cook's gcnerijl raalUs. other aervaius kepi: 
,*fcienco; also two housemaid*. V\ anted, 
tliieo experienced women for housoclcanlng. 
full days and halt days. Wanted, lady tor 
oiflce; no BtcnQgimphy. but ymerat ittend- 
atice/' ' ' ' " ' "~" " . " / ~" |""' " i "." ' ' " " ~ 

t*ALESWOMEN wanted, apply to Mr. W. 
Jo Spencer, ,t>avld Spencer, Limited. ^ 

A LADY would like the care of a young 
child In h,»r own home, pleasant, 
hf-althy locatlou. Box 916, Colonist. 

A YOL'NG lady wishes position In country 
jA, hotel or rooming house; experienced. 
Box 703 Colonist. 

CULTURED, educated lady aeslies posi- 
tion as travelling companion: hospital 
trained nurse and masseuse; salary not es- 
sential. Box 25, Colonist. 


RBS.'s.MAKING — f^iVring dresses and 
suilB. 1803 Quadra; phone R920. 

CtOLWOOD — 6-acro block, on main road; 
. clear and level; two minutes from sta- 
tion- good water. Price $1,750, oiie-lhlid 
cash and easy terms. Owner, Box »S9, Col- 

'>"'"■ ■ ■ ■ . , ■-...:■ . 

/ tORNER cook and Oxft>rd,»la.— Tys coT- 
l_v ner Is a anap ai »'i750; »«ai} 57x130. J. 
L. Flanagan. 50S Sayward block; phone 
3084. ■ - V ■ . ; . 

CORNER Huultaln And Cecil; two lots 
$1500 the twfl:-i400 cash, balance easy; 

Box 74 2 C olonist. 

ORNER ot Grant and Belmont — 2 lots 

64x113 each; price $1600 each. O. S. 

Leighton. 1112 Government sL ^^_ 

■VTORTH Hampshire rd., two lots, each 
jA 50x120; high and dry: fine view of 
the sea; price $1275 each. J. L. Flanagan. 
503 Sayward block. "■ 

Phone 3084. 

-f JHJit^alB— ^ilail iiiit^reat.'!!! tlje works: -i!E 
X t!c cash needed. 122 Pomberton Bldg 

Ba.Ie — Lease and furnlt'ure ot 
rooms, centrally located -and !icltlK| 
more than $150 per month. $2,000 cash rf 
• quired. Wo have olheis from $500 to ?-.'• 
000. Ooast Invcs-tment I'o., 122 Peniberl"' 

(■tRAIOHD-CRROCH x«uh,BvlRlou: choice lot 
50x150 $3500. and only $1200 down. 
See the Eus i • rr -il ty Co.. 85-j Yates at. 

IRAIGFL' ' '• ! "1.. halt acrtr witU TiokI- 
-» age on load fo.- $2,500. on terms, A. S. 

Barton. Room 12 McGregor Block. View St. 

Phone 2901. 

NORTH Ha<npshlre rd., a block of «!. lots, 
60x145. hack to a lane; Sf,500 the lot 
or SI 200 each. Tliese are grand lots and 
Hove a fine view of the sea. Howell, I'ayne 
& Co., Ltd., 1219 Langley St. Phone 17S0. 

OAfC' 'Bay-^'Plnesi wooded lot on Himp- 
shlre road north. 60x120; one block from 
car line; price $1375; cash $470; apply own- 
er 1118 Fairfield road; phone R14 01. 


O.VK Bay ave.i 
$6,500. Hi 

l.uiigley St. Phone 17S0. 



1 :: 1 ti 

1'7\OH sale — Well-established plumbing bu^ 
Iness In Vancouver Island town. .S'.iKjli 
amount ot cjish will handle. Coast Invest - 
mont Co., 122 PcraberiQii Building. 

OR sale,, hotel in Victoria. B, ..C'.; 7" 
rooms, centrally located, we^l eduip- 
ped; long lease. Apply 670 Colonh st. ,,, . 

cafe, doing good steady irado 
Box 203 


AK. Bay and Terrace; corner lot. $4,000; 
easy terms. Box 818 Colonist. ^_ 

OAK BAY— 120 feet on Beach OrUo, ft 
mliuire from car and Oak. Bay HoteL 
Rusaell & Gregg. 1807 Pemberton 


OAK BAY— Lot 60x120. a block from «ea 
and Oak Bay Hotel. Price *.-,lOo. 
Russell & Gregg. ,207 Pemberton Bldg. 

kRESSMAKER. experienced, 
wood rd. 

2324 Fern- 

STENOORAPHER wanted, few hours dally. 
Call 1410 Br'JUd St. . 

also girl to leain 
r,or Oak Bay 

P.ESSM.\KER would tike room In dry- 
goods store; high-class taliored and 
fancy dressinaking; or would take position. 
8M Green St.. Victoria: ohone L1654. 

("4 RADUATE Nurse; obstetrical. surgical 
T and medicine cases; open for engage- 
ment; terms moderate. Box 786, Colonist. 


OUSEWORK wanted, four days a week. 

'/.., May wood P. O., or phone T-3066. 

CR.\NMOKR rd. lot— 60x160: Bae l«vol lot, 
going for $1,160. easy tftrms. O. S. 
Leighton. 1112 G overnment nl. 

ALL AS rd.. »7xr.(0. next to the ciirncr of 
.Moss; only »2000. Howell. Payne and 
Co.. Ltd.. 121U Langley St.; phone 178Q. 


E.\N Heights snap: lot 60x120, for $750 
nn good terms. P. O. BoX 14!>i. 

DE\N iHciirhts. KODcrt St.,. 100x120. only 
$2000. Howe.lI. Payne & Co., Ltd.. 1219 

,EAN iHciirhts. Robert st 
Laiigley st.; phone 1780 


-Li 12a 

9. Best service In the city. 

Lithographing, en- 

graving and embossing. .Nothing too 
iixige and noibiiig too smail; your .latlon- 
eiy IS your advance ageiu; our work 1. un- 
Luuaiied west ul Toronto. The Colonist 
, iinting and Publishing Co.. Ltd. 

\fIS.S E. O'ROURKE, Public Stcno- 
i-'X grapher. Ulfice .No. llK Pemberton 
olock. Telepliono .Vo. 2502. 

VICTORIA Day School ror Girls, and class 
for Junior boys, eommenees Sth January, 
1812. English subjects, French, drawing 
and drill, I34J Harrison St. 


W^ANTED— Young lady for hotel clgav 
VV stand. See Frank Le Roy. King Ed- 
ward hotel. ___ 

\ A WANTED— At once, experienced sales- 
VV ladles; nono but experienced need 
apply \r\gxi9 cainpbpH & t.o., 1010 Govtrn- 
men't street. 

VTirRSERT governess or mother's hc<Ip rtls- 
eiiKuaed; counny preferred. Box 704 


RBFI.NED younj? buBln<»ss woman d#slrcs 
room and board with private family, 
wllhiii walking distance of Parliament build- 
ings. Address 723 C'olonlsr 



iJATENTS — Rowland Brlttaln, registered I 
(•'loTcy. Pi«t^-iiiB ill uil countries. Puir- 
iield bulluiiig, opposite X'. O., Vancouver. 

HLi'l'EL — Alhombra. Mrs. S. Thompson & 
rions, proprietors; R. D. Thompson, man- 
ager. Corner Carroll and W'ater Sts.. \ an- 
cojver, B. C Vancouver's first hotel. Sit- 
uated in the heart ot the city. Moderately 
equipped tluouthoui. Midday iuncli .« biirc- 
lalty. European plan. P'amed for good 

IiOTTEUV WARE— aewer, pipe, field tllu, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, etc. B. C. 
j-oltciy Co., Ltd., Cor. Broad and Par.doi-a 
.->'.s.. V Icioi la, 11. C. 

r>Ll.'M BING— Colbert Plumbing and Heal- 

X Ing Co., Ltd. For llrst class workman- 

kulp 111 the above line Kl\t> us a call. Tem- 

j.irary office. 755 Broughton St., phone i{2. 

IJLU-VIBING — A. N. Atkinson, plumbing 
stove nitlng. 2544 Blanchurd; phone 


8CAVENGI.NG — wing On. 1709 Government 
St.; Phono 28. 

SHORTHAND — In fhrce months by the 
Pitman's .Simplified <J!oy«l) Sy."<tetn. 
Day and evoniiig classes. Typewriting, 

liookkceplng and fornlgn languages taughi. 
The Royal Stenographic Co., u'B Say ward 
Bldg. Phono 2601. 


.-^lioi thaiifi School, 11011 

»^ Broad St., Victoria. Shorthand, type- 
writing, bookkeeping, thoroughly taught. 
Graduates fill good positions. E. A. MacMll- 

[»n, pr incipal. 

(_JTBNCIL and Seal Engraving— General 
>r> jsnfraver and Stencil cut\«r. a«o. 
' rowther, $16 Wharf St.. behind P. O. 

HiscKuurn. pro- 
prietor. This well known and popular 
hotel entirely rebuilt nnd lefurnlsned, is 
now open to Its patrons. Steam heat, fine 
commodious rooms, lirsi clafcs dining room, 
best attention to comfort ot guests. Ameri- 
can plan, $1.50 to $2.00 per day. European 
plan, 7b cents upwards. 318 Westminster 

\\7HEN in Vancouver. B. C. slop at Hotel 
VV Windsor. 748 to 762 Granville atreot. 
Strictly first class; all rooms connected with 
balhs and shower brfths; first class cafe in 
connection; located In Vancouver's best bus- 
iness centre, opposite Vsnoouver's Opera 
House. Ogle & Burton. Proprietors. ^ 

rOllNlBMltD HOr»E8l TO 1.ET. 

TANTED, good arnt waitress. Windsor 
Cafe, 905 Qove mment su 

WANTED, iwo first-class lady canvassers; 
V\ liberal commission to righl person. Ap- 

Idy 149 C roft. , 

\ir\NTBD — For a fomlly of three, a com- 
W "pelOiU maid '"V Ken.rr.1 li-v.isework. 

Phone 359. 

ilii light hoiisevsoik. 
Apply mornings, 1051 

-ANTF.D. Kin to 
sleep at home. 
V'o'i St. 


ox, 645. Colonist. 

IIAlLORKD and fancy dressmaking. 


ihe balance' at $12 Per 
Realty Co.. 802 YalcR St. 

lot 55x135, on CharUnn 

ish and 

month. Eureka 

DEAN HelghU. 
»!., for only $875; terms $150 cash and 

OBKD Avenue, the Gorge, city water on 
tho street; price $650; »17o caaii, bal- 
ance y years. Apply B. C. Hunt. S13 Fort 

stroet. ;. 

NE lot, 60x146. Welllngion ave., Falr- 
<4Ao ,^n«h. balance 6. 

.\pply P. O. 

O^^fteTd; '$Voo' cash, balance 6, 12. 18 


IImSr sale. 
- and In good"' part of city 

Co 1 o niat. 

FOlt sale, as a going concern, a llu^-cJass 
boarding residence, 9 rooms, jnbdern. 
all conveniences, good basement, furnace. 
gas and hot water. Including jfurnlture ami 
good will; location 647 Niagara "Jtreet; leni 
reasonable; price for quick sjile, $1600; 
terms easy; splendid revenue. Apply uwnci. 
647 Niagara st. 

IF you want to buy or sell a logitimaie 
business ot any kind see the Coast In- 

vestment Co. 

-123 Pemberton building; le!. 

months, luiereat 7 P»r cent 
Box 454. 

..iat- B0xl20_ _.tQr ii.9M^ 

D«1 vou want 11 snap— !f 'JO. . look here — 
lot at end of Willows car. almost on the 
track; mul se-Hand will take $."<00 and easy 
terms, two years. Apply Box S.'.O, Col- 
on l&tj ______—_—— 

■ OUBLE corner. 1-20x120. corner of Pearl 
and Ametliytl «t.. 1 block from HIU- 
siil'- $2300. Double corner of Pearl and 
Rubv sts.. $1800. 4 lots. 120x135. on Ruby 
St.. $1000 each. Apply Owner. 1591 Lans- 
downe rd. 


^x'ANTED — Situation as experienced house 
VV parlor maid or general; Gordon Head 
district preferred; care Carter. 1!. .M. D. No. 

-position In good office for 
ad; K 
6. Box 4 9. 

\;|7ANTED . 

VV bright lad; walary to begin small; ap- 
ply P 

\\f ANTED, a lady for outside work; good 
VV money con be made. APP'ly '<> to 1" 
II. m., 319 Pemberton block. 

clasi , governess. Pai'ne. 

^T-f.ANTKU — fin:; cls 
»V Sulurna Island. 

WANTED — InimeiUolely young girl, ago 
>> about 1.'.. Apply 149 CrOft street, 
.lititics Bay. 

a lady for oualiio ""ork; good 
can be male. 
319 Pemberton block. 

\\''.\NTED. at once, "B^tporlencrd salen- 
VV Indies; none but experiencpd neeil ap- 
ply. Angus Campbell & Co., 1010 Govern- 

nienl st, » 

^ or g-lrl for house- 

hours dally. lflP9 


^V money can be male. Apply 

TANTEl-l, a woman 

»»T,;VNTED, by a teacher, position as morn • 
V> ing governess; «ub,1ecl», .vouilsh, French. 


Excellent leferenijes. 

Hoii 8211. 

K.-'.-l St. 


rilTPBWniTEB REPAIRING- Phone 2320 
I w. Webster, M. B. All makes of lype- 
wrltari repaired, rebuilt and guaranteed. 

^'*" ' Moody t«ik -. »»*" ** ^ : 

"aCU'Tm Cleaners — tJuntley Vacuum 
C!ejtn-r» f' •»'• "^ '"•'»•• <'«»"P«" clean«d 

-Ji Tate* lit. 

ttliM. ll«yw»rd. oreaJdent: R. Mayw»iro. s^ 
•t«ry; F. liaMUon. »»■••«• C 

r.-^Ol"R room fiat to rent, lo party buying 
L" lomplete furnishings: all modern ron- 
wilhin half mile circle; terms it 
Apply Box 1293 city, 

Ij^L RXI.SllED iiouse to let, modern; Klngs- 
:• down, Alblna «l.. The Gorge, Thoburn 

P. o._ . 

O '•♦ or lease, modern 6-room cottage 
on'Oovernmenl street between Toronto 
nnd SImooe. completely furnished. Box 9.'., 


'.\NTED, n' once. three rxpcrleiirod 
nurses for 1 bllrlren. Six cooks and 
general help. Wnllrcss, Vancouver Is- 

liind Employm-^iU B ureau, 1 323 liou ghis a t. 

VV^ANTED — Girl for office; must be cffl- 
VV ileni 111 typewriting and at figures; 
apply W. J. Pendray .V Sons, Lid. 

\\TANTED — position as stenographer, ox- 
^V perlenced. Box. 681. (rolonlst^ 

\'\»AN'rED, situsMon lo aniull family by 
W "Norwegian liidy. Apply Box 964. Colo- 


first class English I'ertltl- 
ns residential 
lally governess. In family or school. Box 
9S2, t'^olonisl. 


- and 54xl'.'5: only $2500. Howell. Pavno 
nd l.'o.. l^td., 1219 Langley at.: phon e 1780 . 

;<A1KF1ELD Kslaie, two splendid home 
Blt'',s. corner M.>S"< and Poliii; henutlful 
sen view. $1600. .May St.. opposite Wcl- 
jin^ton. large lot. $1500; terms. Owner. 

plioiio 113141. 

"i^INE bulling lot In Burlelth. close t'o car. 
50x12(1. i-lcarcd and level. »H0O 



U*"Howeil, P'ayne & Co.. Ltd.. 1219 Langley 

St.; phone 17S0. ' 

T»ANDORA St.. between Blanchard and 
-t" Quadra. 36 feet double frontage, rev- 
enue producing. 8650 per foot. Overseas In- 
vesiment Agency. 208 Pemberton Bids- 

Photie 360. 

-I->iNE%VOOD Ave— Good !o>. ■10x112; level. 
r for quick sal*!. ?9»0. iiasy icriiis. ^^T-T'-i 

owner. Box 9S.1 . Colonist. 

Tf»LB.\«ANTTv... a fine level clear lot. Just 
P beVow Brighton; only $1100. Howell, 
Pay-ne & CIo.. Ltd.. 1219 Langley »t. : Phone 

PATRICK Realty Co. and Business Ex- 
change, buys, sells, trades, leases, etc.; 
rooming houses, hotels, grocery stores. lisL 
jour property with us; we have the bu.vers. 
'645 Fort St. Phone 255B. 

POSITION with salary of $260 per montii 
open for local manager with large es- 
tablished financial corporation. Experiencn 
not absolutely necessary, but best of refer- 
ence required and investment of $:;,600 to 
Jo.OuO. Replies with full address only will 
bu considered. Box 777, Colonial. 

SNAP — Good raying restaurant 1113 Blan 
chard st. sell cheap; going buck to Old 


\\;«.\,NTED— Suitable 
VV house to rent al 


iboiit nine rooms; will 
furniture It approved. P. O. Box, 1421. 

7>OitT Maltil 
X for the two 

two lots 66x133 each: 81250 
1- very easv terms. Cromp- 

,nn Ac Darion, 130 p'emherton block. 

T-»ARE opportunity to leAse or hUY a good 

K location. A. W. Brldgmaii. 

1007 GoverriB)o««^ Sli-ee,t. 


near Centre St.. 43x110; price 
balance 6, 

IDGE rd.. 

onlv $900; onc-lhlrd cash 

Bowes. 643 Fort. 'Icl. 2.24 

W'A.VTED — By 

V» rated leacher, position as residential 

,osh. easy Walanee. f^rompton .V 
lao I'enitiPTton block. 


Ban on. 


J\On 90 ic. N. 

rno let. furnlshnd. modern bungslow. Just 
L off Hlllsode. 4 rooms, bath, lavatory, 
etc.; $30 monthly. Harman. 1207 Langley 
81.. opposite the Court House. 

O Rent — From April 1st, fuinisued uou«« 
built S vears ago on waterfront, with 
2 acres of garden; 4 large room* downstairs 
i,Ai; doafc room, kitchen, pantry, oto. ; up- 
stairs « bedrooms. 3 bathrooms, linen cup- 
Koard; nas«in«nl. •«i-v»nf« roOflfi. laundry 
and furnace; large attic and all modern 
conveniences; references required; Box »4i 

TWO roomed cotta«fe for rent furnl«h«fd, 
rttar new cur barns. Box 887. Colon- 

WANTED — A rcllQblo and experienced 
general servant for : itttll family; 
phone I.Sfl" . 

'ANTED — Woman or girl for light hou«« 


•A'ork- 615 Hupc'.-lor si. 

m»ll ramily; Miss Bxley. Sftlney. 


968 Heywood avenue, 

An experien(<ed nurM; must 
.«......»,—•■ tfintk .BUtr' -manth. 

\"t7ANTRD by capable, 

V> < Scotch » position to lake charge of 

children. Box '. iSS. Colonist. 

■\7-0n.N'0 woman, Scotch, wants iltuallon n» 

X lady h»-lp. 896, Colonisl . 

YOUNG married lady would take care of. 
young child ihrouithout thV; doy. Box 
102, Colonist. 

YOCNO married woman wants dally 
house housework, or care ot children; 
<0T tVilllam St.. Victor ia West. 

"V^OP^NG married woman wwiils house- 
J, work two or three mornings o week. 

Apply 460 Gor gq Road. 

rOUNO RngllBh lady desires position as 
useful help in small family. Box 940, 

corner ot I'nndora and 
(.jundia; CSft by 128fl. "Two Jiouxes; a 
piiyiiiK iiivemini'ni. A rin.- Bllt"- f^r apart- 
m«Mi< hoiiBP or liiisiness bUieU. Central, com- 
inandlnn I10II1 sueelH. Price 51. 00(1 per 
front foot on I'liiidoi.-i .). W. 11. Kliifr, elerk 
Fli'4t Baptist ..auirch, 1 "1 1 < ' 
Hlrcpt. Phone H1460. 


I.-^OH snle. SOett.. by III) l(. deep 
* Uavida nve., Kftr Addition; only $19.-,0 
cash. $2150 terms. .-Vppl.v Owner, 510 Wilson 

St. ' ^ • 

Good lot ^ minute from Dou- 

L^ VRATOGA ave., fine lev-el lot. only $1,050. 
fe Howell. Pnyne & Co., 1219 Langley si. 
Phone 178U. 

TlXTY-lhree feet, close to Dollas road and 
"^ - ssnoo: one-third cash. 

Wallace & 

S'^o,Mer"wharf,"' SS.OOO; one-third cash. 
I.Rlnnce In one -and two years. 
Clork, 620 ■yalea si. ^^ 

"VrAST fortunes have been maue In mano- 
V iiieiurliig electrical supplies; inv^stlgalo 
an excepiioniti oi'tjiilugi B, i:. Chai ice,, Klat; 
Edward Hotel. 

\Ti7.\NTED J20,000 for th* best bona-fldc 

VV inonufacturinK business In Westei ii 

Canada, established and without liability. 
Box 931. the Colonist. 

\"\7'.\NTED — Part nor; country Store, near 
>V cUy. $1,000. Location, AVilklnsoh road. 

VXTANTED, ten a one apeculator to Join 
V> syndicate; there Is big money In this 
or else a vmall loss. Are you game for 
the profits? 8100 to $600 requlredl returns 
possible 3 to 6 times larger. Apply P. O. 
Box 332. 

i^AXTED. a partner with |S000 In Urat- 


(;la«s manufacturing proposition. Box 


Cook St.. $500 each; 

jyon Snle- 
glHS SI 

$10 pel monlh; Box 687, Colonist. 
?(0R sile, five acres, partly In fruit trees. 

*■* glHs SI. rar lino; price $HBO; $300 cash 



YOUNG Norwegian girl wl»hes pdsltlon as 
plain cook In family. Box 815. Col- 
onist. ___^ . 



\CHBLOR wants unfurnished small 
room. Address P. O. Box 1041 Vlc- 


i.-ltihed l..r.:raom In private, family, near 
elly. Ap ply 628 Fort St.' 

I:^OR gentlemen: two iarg« furnaoe-heatod 
' rooms, furnished, with private family. 
ineMs arranged. Apply,_ The Managsr^Cana- 
I Ulan atcu-itios Co., UovsiniRtnt at, , 

X* Apply William Gillespie, near Pump- 
ing statlon^^ ^^ ____^ 

I;^on Mle— !«!» fcit on Art>u's.uj ,by ,J30 
^ fpcl on farroll, $3,000, terms. O. H. 
Bayley. 711 Yat es street. 

1-,-^Cm sale. Dunlovy si.. 7 lots. 50x115 each; 
7 prifn 87750. Box 317 (."olonlst. 
f^lSF'sale. $1000. lot °" Shakeiapaara aU 
J; lust oTT Edmonton rd. ; terms,' apply 
p. O. B ox 715. gty. . ' . 

I.IOR Sale—Good farm land In Bvlktlsyju^ 
? Columbia Valleys: on R. R.fJ. F. Hw 

na. Port Albern l^ ^ 

"TloinTosk Bsy lots. Deal St.. choica Vo- 
cation. 60x130. $1200. vic-toria «v«.. 
corner. 60x100. $1125. Corner C«ntf»' *»* 
s7 Pati^ck. 55x135. $in». »-?/«* !*>'•_ ^•^- 
diiion and Wllmer, 50x170. »1«»». It. W. 

QLATER »' ■ "*'*'■ 

W"^ fur a. i^*^' GSjTS. , 

Room 12. McGregor Block. Plew st. Phone 

2901. — — 

't^NAP on Jo.seph St.! Fairfield; one fine 
fe* bulldlPB Idt M360; apply 1048 View 
slVfet. ^ _^ , . . 

■S>f."p»trlck St.~r7lne High "'y '°\"^ 
»?> 133 for $1000; Howell Payne & Co. I.ta.. 

jjt9 La ngley St.; phone 1780. 

T Patrick St.. A gra^nd Irlgh lot. 50x183: 

only $1000. Htwell. Payne & Co. Ltd.. 

1219 Langley »t.; phone 1780. ^_ 

-..,. j,„- f'-'j" A Si. Barton. 


SUMA8 St.. fine lot. closi- to -Bumslde av?. 
Dougla. car: »1230i »S«0 _':Mh, bal- 

UMA8 St.. fine lot 
Unct 6, 12. 18. 2* motitna." Box «»» ColonUt 



IT1HE Mst do\iWe c6m«r «n Pllifkrtal* to* ' 
X $1160: $400 c aah. Box 16, Cqlwlal. 

rriOLMIB av«.. cioM to Coolt at., two IMIP* 
1 lot*. $«« «meh : vjnr «««y ^*"««'_.*' 
a Barton. Room It, McOrejor ««.. VU«r 
St. P«»n«'*»«i _, __.,-_——. 

VITA.NTBD, one to Invest from $100 to $500 
VV In manufacturing business; big re- 
turns. Mr. Glbbs, Empress Hotel. 

ll/'ANTKD, a live huslnesa man to join. me 
VV In a land deal; big profllta, no risk. 

Apply Box 214, Colonist , ■ 

■\7'OUNQ man of rood character, with f»4r 

X ei^ucatlon, would Bke to n«ar ot 'a gooi\ 

opportunity where a few hundriA dntlftra 

and services are required; addraui tttll jAr-, 

tlculurs Bo- 8«7 Colonist. '.'.'.''..'. 

"^ ■«© »wr» 

A CABIN to rent. 1041 COlMiMPoa M. 

Ij^OR ran*, saraf* toie <«• WstwWW;*." ?l>;i 

FOK BBMT—Ofites •TkaWi, !• •' 
comrortKbis otfte*. -Avptj «t ' 
«rwt, , - '.:■ 

_ , n I I I I n s ii 1 ; ■■ ' ■ ■■ ..— .**.*^— ^M.i*as 

14IOB rent, p*Tt mitdM'iii 
. very central. I*. <fc' 

WANTED — To rent on sharfls farm suit- 
able for mixed farming or would take 
ontim managemeni; life experience; Box 7»f 

Colonist. ____L___— * 

\Xt ANTED by business ladj". qUlet. unfnr- 
VV nlshed room, use kitchen, reasonable, 
near car. Apply J. O.. '•'^JO^'**"'"'' _ 

A'dvertiseln THE CaLONiST 

GOOD lot Oak Bay. le"* U«« **» '"JJ* t* 
hotel and '^'^•^■•^},f^u!^BJSStBSL] 
magnmcrrrt vie«. »^'»«' ««jr4"*^;j2S^Sf 
«, 12 and l« months. «."•«• :»W*v2«»>. 
821 Brach Drive, Oak Bay. Phone ^'*-^^- 

OOD high l7t"^~>alrvl«w; *}^}»'.^ 
ian«: 110 rock, only »IM: |20« CMB. 
bftlan.f. $16 per month. J. U J^StZT^ 
Co.. Ud„ I and « Brow a W«ek« •«•#•*. 


T^wlWlM ft. to^ r*^t, le* ft- d-ap. 

city Hmtt», mna Ow »«*<»• '•v«» .''•th th« ffl 

t»*ok. »6,«9»; «»h*-tAt»« *«*». <»»>»nce *. '^ , ..^ 

Ii mna t» month* M T psr ««fnt Wtsa * j ~^ j,^ t iH«ht. Mir ««W%i 

Co.. k»9 l>eMlMrtsA BMg; ' ^ j J. *ff^ mi^ • i*l<f| irwite^ 

Fon leaM--«tor« nntft 
YttSltnwf buUdIn*; ' 

Orfjtm. aseoiHi n«M». 

1814 cav«rttttaitt irtTcMbii 


rftRACKAOK. 14* ft. on V. * ». ratiway. 

M a.*.^ .»• ^s>s*' -y c** ^JH^^tJ** * 'H*^'*' ekn^lm. 

fr^<y lot* In MMtainMU: . «14ii f«r' toalA: 
•1 threa lot. in Bw«»m«rt. |5«» »tjl«rw. 
(me o< «»Mt J^o in CloTCrt*!*'. <»t»*'ttrf «cr#, 
|l»Mi on* fltrn t*r*# »4»t, «l«!Lil ^*t»^«i 

at'uSi'SiJsr'a'iKr'oXKr •• "• " 


i.i». . I , ' Wi s 

J, ' ' ntt ^vira 

j_ __ - ■ . .1. I. iis^ "i^- ■ ■■"f"-fr^ 

, g :. V. " ' ■ T *' 

I ^BnB BT 

Thursday, February 29, IfilJt 




VI — tl'iO cnali lukvi i.-ilh«r a new I it 
id liMUbi'. Jiuriii i-nd. nn ».'.»u, or 

a 1- 

luoinuU buuKiluw with HHblu uUJulnlnii uuw 
Jiy tijck, KBniJliniil , >"' »300u uiui JSOO 
i«Kc» * looinc-d cuttuife tiour 1)ouk1i«ii cm- 
iiir t2:!U0, ljaluiii:(i oi (<acU ):''U inuulhly; 
owner iiux \, Ueauniunt i'ost office, Eiqul- 

XX utes 

OSE Id Uonie uf 7 ruoiiiri IS nilu- 
walk from Cliy 1ib11> n«ar schoul. 
Willi every i«"'l'?rii conveiil«-ii<.e. on ^•'I'J'"^'*' 
»U tl. loi with cemt'tit walks, lawn. otc. 
'rhp prlco ror a imv Uay» in io.JiO wllii 
?5UU (.aah. BlifKt^Kt hoiiu-. barKUin in tlio 
oiy. bar nont. lot uloiit) valuuU at ovvi- 
»;,J0O. Nail'ina! Healty Co., ir3J Uovem- 
incin 51. 

\ HUAIj snap, 7 roonietl house iraodorn* 
a'\. on nilli> >lr>l« ami 3 mlnutfs from 
car, price J2650. This Ix a bli! bargain; 
iiDly $626 cash; will n-iit easily for J.;6 per 
month. National Ucalty Co., U'a:; Uoveni- 
inent «i. 

AUEAUTY — 8 roontu, modern. olo»o tu 
Ouk Bay ave., price J4200, on terms; 
you will have to look for soiuo lime to And 
Us t;uual In value. 3til Thnei bulldlns. 



-* ■ ■ ' 

ANOTHER carload of draught hoarae* 
Juit received; several well matched 
grays from 30 to 3& hundred. Apply OlM- 
soit and Johnson, :.'CStl Utanctiard. 

lAKlllCU I'lyjiioulh Hoiks, jirlxo strain ; 
White Wyandottes, Uuutorio and Per- 
clval strain; huavy winter layers. good 
lablu birds; rf. t.*. W. bughui uu, Kriiudt Han- 
sou'b strain, Jl.iO per se'tlns- tipuclal rules 
lor tiuanlitlc*. I'hillp it. UBriicU, Muywood 

1'. O. 

/^^KDAR Hill poultry yarrta havK a fine lot 
v^' of pure bred llarred Plymouth Kock 
cockerels for aale bri:d from good lu>lng 
Block that was Imported from Ontario; good 
sue uiul uliapc, low set combs, bay eyes and 
yellow legs; call and sec Ihem; price |3 to 
ii; eggs for hatching (3 to |G per 13; U. 
11. Moore, Ml. Tolmlo 1'. O., It. C. 

" TrkTTi 

I'hono 182tf. 


o>d St., Jariiia U.iy, 

■£\- ba 


HOl'isK on Hlchardsoii »t. 7 rooms; 

ijasement, everyllilng absolutely mod- 
ern; price JJ.aoo; cash $;i,:;tiO. i'atrick Ite- 
ally Co., 6i6 Fort at. Phone 2558. 

.SOUTH Turner St. house,», 
perfect home, in llrst-class condition, 

lot lOxUi; price ^■1760.. $l;:60 cash; terms. 

I'iiirick Jtcally Co., Hi Fort St. Phone 5!61iB. 

.NOTllKK One — 3 roomed shack on full- 

TJ^GOS for hatching. Pure 


cllrsewuld, real estate, 
v,{uadra sit). 

corner Fort and 

DON'T procra»tlnate! Call today and »e- 
cure that 4 -room bungalow. Oak Bay, 
ii.-.rtr the sea. for only »a8uO, and on eaay 
terms. See the £ureka Realty Co., 852 
Vales at. 

I^GG« for hatching, S. C. W;- 
-J G. Uansoa's strala |10 p*^ 

1i^ AIRFIELD Eatute, Oscar at,, beautlfulUfj i ff^TT = . i i i i > .M i «ft 

tlnlshed six-roomed hoiun; fully mods- '"jifilQOS 

throughout with cemMfc-i 
; M^d 'or furnacE 
. Uh open tl)avlftq« 
iiltbed with IDJUM^"' 
50.<1II7. Price f!~ 
anc« as rtnl oei 
This house, wltJij 
mcnts, must be 
ply Colonist B 

•^nU a»o 

with " ' 
detail; tm<fi «—«.»». 

' M " ." i iiii l i p 'i iw Mil ii i | I I m i I 

TniOK Bale, flve>roomed .MngMoariaai tm*' 
1? half acre of land. aI^#iS%| 1>im>mh 
of Moss street, with tmSm'tm^.i^^ 
atreets. Apply P. Q. Bo:f-t9 %7 VfctOfTtt g.C. 

T/^Ott sale. 7-rooni house, new, bath, turn- 
■I- ace, electilc light and basement, $-1300, 
$500 cash, %20 month, will exchange lot as 
first payment. Apply owner, 1116 Fort at. 
Phone R27:4. 

I^OR sa.le. Shoal Bay, Monterey ave., an 
attractive 9-room bungalow; S more 
rooms can be added; situated close to 
beach and pretty grove; ten minutes Cook 
St. car; Ideal spot; inspection would con- 
vince; real snap; price |4U30; cash tSOO, 
balance ^25 per month. Apply Bo.x BSB 
Colonial. • - 

. a due new house. Moss St., 
have the adjoining one for 
sa-Ie, same price; very convenient to cat, 
park and city: lot 50xl2U; modorn conveni- 
ences; easy terms. I have another new 
coi-ner hou^e. .Moss St., }4i50. R. \V. Clark, 
1112 Government St. 

/ lOLVJUrrZ Poultr^■ Ranch, Royal Oak 
v..' 1'. O. Rhode Island Reds. My breed- 
ing pens are selected from 500 of the best 
layers. Jl.oO per s'sltlng, |l>.tiO per hundred; 
day-old chicks 20c. each. O. V. BovlUe. 

bred whlio 
Wyandotte*, heavy laying strain, J1.6U 
per 13; also a selected cockerel, same vari- 
ety; will sell or exchause. C. Malcolm, 
1273 Pembroke street. 

1[>uas lor Hatching — Hansons S.C. While 
-< Leghorns $1.40 arid ii per 100 cockoreis 
and pullels for sale; It. N. Walker, Burn- 
side road; phone MM24a. 

HopklDS * 
Sons; price 1100; easy teru;*. Apply 
mil Governm«nt St. 

AN uprlsht plaiio made by 


AKONSON'3 'pawnshop has removed from 
road street lu 1410 Uovcromeut St., 


opposite the Weatholme hotel. 

-HeveraJ Itne old Sngllsb 
ther clocks, Chippendale and 
.iheraion furniture, etc., for sale. bmllh, 
Una Hoventh are. W, Vancouver City. 

Grand fall 

1;X1I.1ARY yachts, cruisei*. boats of all 
classes for sale. Empress Uoathouse. 

ir\OK 8nle— Cuggy with seat In front; ap- 
-T piy 7u» Rupert at. 

lOK aale, new Oliver ylough. wheel, 
complete, $7; English gooseberries, 
large tree*, direct Importation; 25c each. 
Abbott, «» Olive St., cit y. 

•ale, "-passenger touring car; Urst- 

is condition or will exchange for rtdl 

Apply 2026 Stanley ave^ 


V ol« 

Ji>OR sa,1e, 1912 HuOson, with extra equlp- 
. mrni; cost J2600; will sell chear. lHH 
Chalmers, fully equipped; bargain If laken 
at once. Two lull Fords. Inquire Quagll- 
ottl Br.>B.. 1323 Government si.; phone 1323. 

I.^OR sale. U-cylinder Pierce Arrow car; 
cheap, good as new; will arrange easy 
terms. Apply H. E. bpringur, Weslholmo 
Hotel, city. 


1,"'GG£5 tor hatching; ICellerstrass \ 
^ Orplngloii«. fb and 12; ):. C. Buff 
hcruc *5 ~ud *1.£0 "?r ^sttlii**' heiiv*' lin- 
ing standard bred stock; recent wins, 2 
firsts, ti 2nas, 6 3rda; R. B. Butler. Laics 
UUl, Victoria. ♦ 

JCST sold, a 
»500 0; i 

LANGFORD St.. Victoria West; 7 
new house, all modern, vi-lth n 

new fur- 
niture; a snap: 15200: $750 cash, balance 
easy. R. W. Clark, 1112 Government si., 
phonf 1092. 

LIST your property with J. L. Punderson 
and Co., Ltd., 5 and 6 Brown Blk. 

"VfEW modern 9 roomed house 1 1-6 acres 

"1-M In the 1 U mile circle on new double 
track car line; all planlerl to fruit, no rock; 
barn and poultry houses; direct from the 
owner for 49500, reasonable terms; address 
Drawer 615. X'lctorla, B. C. 

LOOK- Look: JLook! Good 6-room holiBe, 
large lot, only 10 minutes' walk from 
center of town, must bo sold this week for 
*5,000 J. L. I'underson «t Co., Ltd. 5 and 
ti Brown lilock, Broad street. 

LOOK Here — Modern 7 roomed house, fur- 
nace, cement basement, sidewalks, right 
on car. Oak Bay. I'rice $4,1j00; cash $700. 
balance »25 a month. Apply H. A. Bell, 841 
Fort. Phone 1741. . 

"VfEW u-room bungalow, all modern, very 
-A.^ attractive; Hrepiace; piped for furnace; 
cement bascjn.-nt; cement walks. Easy 
terms. J. K I'underson & Co., 6 and 
« Brown block. Broad street, 

a tine 7-rootned 
In splendid con- 
dition, for $4200; this is an absolute snap. 
How«^;l. Payne & Co., Ltd., 1219 Langley St.. 
nhf^nn 17H0.. / — -, — 

"V'OItTH Hampshire rd.. i 
*-' house on a lot 55x120. 

0\K Bay — Beautiful home, 6 rooms with 
large reception hall, open fireplaces, 
standing on two full-sized lots (120x120): 
house most aitlsHcally n;ilahed, all fenced 
in. fine garden, well la^d out, some oak 
tree!", chinaman's bouse and dog kennels 
with cement floors; price $§,500; half a 
minute from carllne. Apply C. P. Allan, 
Hi Green block. 

I)i:iOTt St.. e-roomcd hoast, ccinsnt Sas.~- 
ment, lot 25 by 120; price $2650; $1000 
cash, balance $20 per month at 7 per cent. 
I'louse rents at $36 per month. Apply P. O. 
Box 1020, city. 

^NAP— Esquimalt; a five roomed house on 
O large lot, 50x135; sanitary; spring 
water; well lined with stone pipes: all well 
flnlshed. Ownei', Box 884 Colonist. 

^PRINO St., facing directly down Princess 
iO avenue Into park. 5-room up-to-date 
house on lot. 46x110. Price $3300; $800 cash, 
balance over 2 years. Bo^vos, 643 Fort. Tel. 



\"\'K can sell you a 5-room bunga.low. near 
^ » ly new, near Burnslde car line for 
• inly $1.1,50. on a lot 50x205 feet. Good 
terms. Eureka Realty Co., .S52 Yates St. 


/•OUI^D you care? — Would you tike to 

Linden ave.. and one of ihe mosf modern 
and up to d\te bungalows In the whole 
Fairfield Estate? The price Is only $6.'>00, 
and $1000 <:«8h will handle this. .Sec the 
Eureka Realty Co., (152 Y.-vtes St. 

9 -ROOMED modern home up-to-date In 
all respects and elegnntly furnished in 
a most sirtli<tiit style. The iiisno. player, 
(whlrli l,i now) cost $900. This is a beauti- 
ful rcRlflenco Is situated '-n a high eleva- 
tion within the city limits, and Is only 
(■no block from the street car line. The 
ground" are most beautifully Ink! out In 
shrubbery, terraced lawns and onk iree.<!, 
("tone walls surround the winding walks and 
drives. The view from this mi?.;nincfcnt 
site could not be described and must be 
seen to be appreciated. Oroiinfl nrea, one and 
(me-half acres. Price 122,600, on easy 
l>»rm». This properly Is easily worth $30.00(1 
Sold wlthonl fiienlture If desired. Russell 
& Gregg, 207 Pcmberton BIdg. 

"fed-nO ^^'^- *"" monthly, will buy new 5- 
'Ip'i"'' room collage; price $S160, nn Foul 

Bay rd., near Fort. 


Box 822, <:oIonlst. 


B51LMO.NT ave., Just north of 
p.-mbroke St.; exceptionally good 
buy; owner leaving city will sacrifice six- 
roomed new house: extra laj-ge concreted 
liaseraent; lawn: large l^t 50x135: $3850, 
t>rm«; save commlseion by applying at 
above address. 

buys new 5-room house on lot 
50xlS7, with 18 twelve-year-old 
fruit trees; third cosh, bnlflnee fi, 12, 18 
months; special reduction for cash. Bowes, 
ma Fort: tel. 2724. 

cash. $'2950 lerma buys this 
new house on fen minutes 
car line, with six rooms, modern bath ronm. 
with sanitary lollel; pantr.>' with hot and 
I old water, draining boards and drop flat; 
a nicely designed dlnlii.8 room, with plate 
lall; colored glass window; oak mantel; plp- 
"d for furnace; electric light; on concrete 
loundatlon: 6ft. full sized basemenl : $300 
will handle this snap. Apply, owner, on 
property; opposite exhibition grounds. Wil- 

TJf-tJ.M and hoard or partial board wani- 
ply Box 4A6 Colonist. 


COTCH Boarding IIoiis<»; rooma with or 
without board. i<0 Johnaon. 

WTANTRD. by working man. board and 
»* room In private Christian lioni* (un- 
furKlchf^t room would suir.i. Apply tiux 952 



•C pullets an<r ir&o«er; pure 
Gladstone avenue. 

I710R sale, good milk cow, also 60 hen*. 
Apply 1990 Marion St., Oak Bay. 

POR sale. 126 Egg Pelatuma Inoubator. 
used twice; Pelatuma Brooder. 160- 
chick sice, with lamp, 180,00 or offer. Box 
921, Colonist. 

EOR sale, eggs for hatching: per setting: 
. Hnrred^ Rocks, $1.60; Rhode Island 
Reds, $1.50; WhJte Wyandotles. $1.25; will 
exchange for lUmde Island Red Cockerel. 
Tel. 2026, or apply 1560 Pandora ave, 

If^OR Sale — Pigs, one Berkshire boar, regis- 
tered pedigree; ' one Berkshire sow, 
seven Yorkshire sows, ail thorougltbrcd and 
In pig; thirty to forty dollars each, and 
eleven young pigs. Thomas Walker, May- 
wood P. O. Phone F-2846. 

I.J10R Sale— Oood delivery team, wagon and 
two sets of harness In good shape; ap- 
ply 2749 Quadra st. 

IjiOR sale, 12 young rabbits, 31Z* Spring 
. road. 

T7M3R' Sale Cheap — Shetland pony, buggy 
JJ and harness, .\ddress P. O. Box S06. 

IrVOR sale, first class lOO-egg Incubator, 
slightly used; bargain at $12; 3$2 Rob- 
ertson St. 

J7IOR Sale— A brood mare; apply J. Fulton 
- care Elliot &. Sly, Douglas st. 

FOR sale, freshly calved cow. Apply Maple 
Hill, Saanlch rd., end of Douglas at. 
car line. 

FOR SALB — Three brown leghorn hens, 
yearlings, two thoroughbred pjymouth 
rock cockerels cheap. Apply K44 View St., 

FOR sale, English white Leghorn cockerel; 
good strain. P. O, Box 950. 

TVIOR sale, American pool table In splen- 
JD did condition; best offer lak«s 11. P. 
O. Box ".,60, City. 

child's cot and mattresa; also 
buggy In good condition; cheap. 62S 
HMlslde ave. 

II^OR sale 
' b 

A LADY desires pu-irlls In voice placing on 
-ii- lh« art of singing would take a posi- 

tion in a 

young ladies school. Bux 16, 

AMEAUO.NABLE suggestion; fix your gar- 
den now. Rose trees. Illy of valley, 
wallflowers, all liaidy perennials, rhuburD, 
early cabbage, raspberry, gooseberry bushes, 
Btiuwberry plants, 15 per lUOO; New Floral 
tS((>r,-, K^i Yatus St., just above library. 
Phone 227t. 

best rose trees, perennials. Illy of 
ley and weliflowers, fruit trees, 
raspberries, logan, gooseberry, rhubard, cab- 
bage plants, seeds, ail kinds at 654 Yates 
St., New Floral Store, near Library; phono 

ANTIQUE Jewelry, diamonds, engravings 
and pictures bought and sold. Mrs. 
A. A. Aaronson, »5 Johnson si. 

ALL be 



AGGAGE promptly handled at current 
rates by the Vcloria Transfer Co.; 
12l>. Offlco open night and day. 

BEDDING I'lants also a Specially — Write 
or phone P. T. Jonnston, Beach Urlvu 
.N'urseries, Oak Bay. Victoria; phone Y14iy. 

J~7i^ERRIS and Bay — Figure alt classes of 

. building and repair work, chlmneyB. 

mantels, grates, tiles, oven and boiler set- 
ting; phone 1S79. 


ASULF-Contalnea suite tor $$i and up. 
in naw, modern brick apartment bouse 
now open; apply "Field Apartments," cor- 
ner Field and Douglas at., next lu Qu«.ua's 
ave. Phone 1385. 

IjVJR rent, houseUeeplpg rooms. S2Z Fort 

I.^>OR Rent — CompleiH housekeeping rooms; 
no children; 81» Oswego street, 

r.'^OR rant, two unfurnished rooms tn prlv- 
J. ate family; no children. Box 919 CoU 
oDiaf. ' ' 

Ij^oU rent. One Large housekeeping room; 
gas range. 117 South Turner, Jame:i 

FOR rent, two unfurnished rooms; no 
children. 1066 Richmond ave. 


AT St. Helens, 828 Courtney street, single 
and dQUble bedrooms to let with board; 
highest and finest poslllou In town; oppo- 
site Cathedral, English cooking steam heal- 
ed; terms moderate; phone L2282. 

■<AHALE.\", Beacon Hill paik ; private 
home comforts; sinrlo and double 
rooms; modersti- Inclusive terms; close lo 
town; phono 1895. 


COMFORTABLE room and Doara with use 
of sitting room; phone R3618; 1U23 
Ollphaiil ave. 

SU6 Cook St. 

and furnished rooms. 


Fopt St. 

rooms, side door, 843 

HOUKEKKEPINO rooms, furnished or un- 
furnished on Ihe Gorge car line; all 
conveniences, Cralgflowor road, 2nd house 
past Carey street on left hand side 

FOR sale. 100 shares of British Pacltlc 
Coal company. Apply 261 Co ok street. 

IjAOR sale, cheap, for cash piano In good 
.V condition. Apply 600 Montreal street. 

Ij"^OR sale, good stable; call at 1205 Fern- 
. wood rd.. corner Fori, between 8 and 9 

pruning a specialty; phone YY368. 

P LAI BR Piano, nearly new, 88 nole, ma- 
hogany case, cheap for cash or terms 
If required. Apply 1231 Government St. 


EMOVAL sale — AH buggies at less than 
coat; agricultural Implemcnta, etc.; 
also a solid oak counter. B. C. Hardware 
Co., Ltd., 735 Johnson st. 


E.VT a Remington No. 7, three months 

Remington Typewriter Co., Ltd.. 216 Pem- 
borlon block. Telephone 2914. 

■PRIGHT piano In Mission finish, beauti- 
ful tone, nearly new; a sua;). Cash on 
terms. Apply 1231 Government St. 






7'.\NTED — Cabin or small house on or 

cupancy; unfurnished. Must be within halt 
hour's walk or tram llnel Address 38S. Col- 
onist office or ring up telephone 883, with 
terms of rental. 

VATANTED, to rent. 

furnished small bung- 
alow from lat of April on car line. 
Apply Box 962, Colonist. 

VXT'A.N'TED to rent, for six monfhs or a 
\V year, modern bungalow or good flat; 
James -Bay or Oak Bay districts; no chil- 
dren. Send full particulars P. O. Box 952, 
or phone 2358. 

FOR sale, black Minorca pullets and 
cockerels; buff Orpingtons, Rhode Is- 
land red cockerels; Houdans, male and 
females, and bufi Cochin bantama. I)il3 
Oak Bay ave.. Victoria. B. C. 

GOOD singing canary wanted; roller. 852 
Pemberion rd. 

HATCHI.VG Eggs — Black Orpingtons, im- 
ported birds, raised and mated by 
Cook. $5 per setting; Buff Orpington, $2.00 
per setting; Pekln Ducks, $1.00 per setting. 
Raycot Ranch. Royal Oak. R. M. D. No. 6. 

HORSES for -laiie — I have twelve head ot 
extra heavy horses left, also two fancy 
drivers: can be seen at our sale barn.. Bur- 
lelth Park. Cralgflower rd. Stephenson it 
Deny, P. O. Box 1139. Phones, R-267u and 

MADRONA Poultry Farm. Eggs for hatch- 
ing; Buff Orphlngtons, Imported 
strain. $2 and $3; prize pen, $5; Cornish 
Game, prize pen, $3. .Vddress. Gordon Head. 

PKKIN Duck eggs for hatching; choicest 
stock; $1 a dozen; $7.50 a hundred. 
Thomas Walker, .Vlaywood P. O. ; phone 
F294 5. 

RC. Rhode Islands, White Wyandottes, 
• Pekln Ducks, Indian Runners, settings 
10 tor $1.75, 20 for $3, 50 for $6. 100 for 
$10; free range: be»t pure bred stock. Ap- 
ply P. O. Box 1233. Victoria. 

SINGLE Comb Brown Leghorns and White 
Plymouth Rock eggs, exhibition and lay- 
ing strain $1.60 per tetttnp; Pekln Duck 
egK» $1.25 per setting; J. D. West. Third st. 
off Richmond; su ). P. O. No. 1. 

rpwO alee three-vcar heifers tor sale; re- 
-L ceiilly calvetl. Can be seen within Vi 
mile. City Hall. Apply Box 97S, Colonist. 

\\7ANTED, Australian Love Bird, female. 
V\ Apply Box L'81, Victoria postofflce. 

\TrANTED — Several broody~hens. ^Box 913, 
' ♦ l^njonlsf. 

U^ANTElS^ to purchase, on ferms, 50 to 100 
Black Orpington pullets or young 
hens. Box 960, Colonist. 

Norwich male bird. Box 550 

XAJANTED — For season, summe^ cottage 
\> furnished, near sea and car line. Ap- 
ply 4 63. 13th St., EdmonloiK 

IT/ANTBD, small furnished house, April 
tV Ist. by local business man. Box 929, 

A'TfANTED — Furnished house of six rooms 
VV In Oak Bay district, about April Ist. 
Box 941. Colonist^ ' 

WANTED, 6-roomed house for rent; 
terms moderate. Box 123, Colonist. 

\\?.\NTED~By two ladles, a small modern 
»V furnished house, for sjx . I'lenrhs. from 
. April let. Not far from caV. ilcht noi to 
I >?r»?cd t45 n month. P. O. Box 8S1. 

\ATANTBD, nicely furnished houso; four 
VV adults; no children; Oak Bay dla- 
Irlcl preferred. Box 873. Colonist. 


LIIEllEUY give notice that unless the dog 
which strayed lo Clanflold, Phoenix st. 
._ .....i™... I ,j^ jj^ ...^^i^ it will be sold tt? I'sy 

IF you own a lot we will build you a 
$3000 homo for $760 cash, and give you 
8 years time on the balance at 6 IMfe J W a fa . - 
simple Interest: 324 Pemberion blocK^'.^p'ig? 


and bodrooms. 

Kingston st. 


fTY> Jet, two large unfun|| 
X every convenience, 100 fj 
" ' ^ wrner 1032 HuHqh' 

>•< from 

LARGE, comfortable housekeeping room, 
".Maplehurst," 1837 Blanchard st. 

U1'1'>E of 2 or 8 rooms and bath fur- 
nished or uniurulshed, new house, car 
line; 7 minutes P. O., 610 Oswego street; 
James Bay. 

rpo let — Two nicely furnished housekeep- 
JL ing rooms, on Gorge car line, opposite 
Arm street, city limits. 984. Colonist. 

nyO lot, two furnished housekeeping rooms. 
jL Apply 901 Burdette ave., comer Quad- 
ra 81'. 



LARGE front room suitable for 3 friends, 
with boa 


nard; apply 12 Hi Rudlln st. 

ESPErTAUr.,B board and lodgings, 

T'embroko st. 


OOM and board; terms moderate; 211 

Mary st. Phono L-1354. 


OO.M and board; terms moderate. Wyalt, 
Yale St., near Burns, ono minute from 

ROOM and board; Engl'sh cooking. 
San Juan ave.; phone R2806. 


ROOM and boaj-a: best English cooking 
and home comforts 1621 Quadra St.; 
phone L920. 

ROOM lo I>et — With board tor respectable 
man private family; one minute from 
car; apply 2016 Chaucer sU, Oak Bay. 

EOOM and board, moderate terras. 
' lUirdette Ave. 


ROO.MS and board; beautlfu'ly situated; 
near Gorge; close to car line; terms 
iiiuueraltii SiIiBii Cu«.m«wriS,r,, «««• .jtinny-.^^c 
ave.; off Cralgflower rd; phone H3126. 


179 Yates St. Phone L-21$l. 

JIAGARA St.. snap., residence 8 rooms. 
_N ■ BA-ery convenience, with ! toilets and 
beautifully furnished, all included, for $8600. 
Half cash. 



OHTH Park St. 
8-stall stable, 
half cosh. 

house, 8 rooms, modern, 
seven thousand dollars; 


ODD lot on Second It., for $700. 

HAPPY Vallw, on 
per acre, 


« hundred acres at $110, 

:«OOKK, one hundred and sixty acres at 

$17 per acre. 

C'tORNEH Gorge and Manchester roads, lot 
'' at two thousand dollars. 

HIGH LA .ND District, six acres, shack, 
barn and shed, partly cleared: four 
thousand live hundred. 

let, large front room, with board in 
private house; married couple pre- 
ferred; every convenience; phonu RlOSt. 



811 Pembsrtoa Block 


jUTBR Wharf, large lot and six-roomed 
house, clofe to wharf. Price $15,000, 
on good terms, 

BUR.NSIDE rd., one-third acre close to 
mile '-Ircle and on new carllne; will 
make two large building lots. Price $2,500. 

FEIil, St., Durford bungalow, new, six 
rooms, cement l>asement, furnace, flre- 
SaiiiJMA^c, beam celling, plate rail, lot fenci 
"Y^jW^e »*600, on your own terinR 

^■J)ay. Ounford bungalow, close to cai 
te and In a high class district; ne 
aoms, best finish; an Ideal home' am 
is only $6,800 on easy terms. 

KHEUMATI8M and all nervous com- 
plaints treated with great success by 
Cown's natural methods; no drugs JjSfdj 
patients visited at their own homes; fees 
moderate; local testimonials. Pho ne R1969. 

SCALP Specialist — Mrs. Oieorge Heatherbell 
use Chapman st., Vlotorta, B. C. ladles 
treated at their homes 50c,, 76c.; highest 
testimoniala _^^ 

INGING Lessons given by Paul Edmonds. 

of London and Paris, baritone with 

Tetraislnl in 1909. For appointments phone 

R-2495. ' . 

rpUK Dprothy Tea Room 1006 Broad St.; 
J- Pemberion block; breakfasts, light 

luncheon, afternoon tea; open 9 a. m. to 7 

p. tn. _ .," ,.■...-. - .:.■ : . 

TMF, Woman's Bakerj' will open again for 
b\islnc»B (Thursday) February 29th, 
Our new bakerv la sanitary; the same qual- 
ity In our cakes and bread that made us 
a "success will still be our motto. R. Phipps, 
1S26 Ottk Bay ave, few minutes from 
Oak Bay Junction. 

riAHE Island Window Cleaning Co.; phone 

■L LI2S2; 731 Prli 


IncesB ave.; Janitor work 

TWO unfurnished loome -40 ]«t; modern. 
931 Hillside, corner of Work st. 

TWO unfurnished housekeeping rooms to 
rent, near Beacon Hill parjc. 810 
Phoenix place . __^ 

UNFURNISHED rooms to let. 844 Ni- 
agara St.. James Bay. .. 

''T'NFURNISHED housekeeping rooms 
FIsguard street. 

U vent. 1127 F 



CRE-^GE In Oak Bay, wanted from own- 
ers. Box 390. il'olonlat. . . 

BUILDING site wanted; Newport avenue. 
Golf Links park from owners apply with 
particulars P.O. Box 1136. 

FOR quick and satlsfactorv remilts.' list 
your property with National Really 
(•o., 1232 Oovcrnment st., near corner Vates; 
open evenings 7:30 to 9; phone 1165. 

In French from 

in, moderate rent, no children. 331 
Michigan Street. 

WANTED to rent by small family five or 
six room modern house unfurnished, 
close In or Oak Bay, near, car line. Tele- 
phone L2792. 

'ANTED-i-On the 10th March for four 
months a well furnished house In Oak 
or Foul Bay districts; apply P. O. Box 

He affectionate, excellent nose 
-e $10. Box 971, Colonist. 

rpo all real estate age^its — My house, 18Ju 
JL Oak Bay ave.. Is sold. S. Sproul. 

rx TA NTED — Lessons 


W^'.VNTED — Kind home for young femule 
VV sbcepdog, old English bobiall, eight 

for !■ 

■4T7ANTED — Places to dump earth. Any 
V V parties desiring vacant lots filled with 
dirt from oft the streets ran have .-ame 
done free ' f cost wher" lots are near '_•. 
our work. The Canadian Mineral Rubber 
Company, Ltd, Broughton ana Langiey sis. 
Phone 2683. 

WANTED — A few young men and girls 
for private dancing class; one night a 
week; P. O. Box 381. 


AL.\ROB liedsltting room for two, or llffht 
• h<n!S»lT»*plns 1181 ■■ -B<*Pd«tt* — «'r«i; 
phone L306I. 

COMFORTABLY furnished room; suit 
working m-in; $2; 712 Pembroke sL 

Ij^OR rent, bedroom, suited for two gentl 
men; moderate terms. 901 Burdst 



Furnished room Co ^let. 
James Bay. 

sot 8%. John A., 

(t OOD buy wanted in West Victoria; send 
JT me your best price and easiest terms; I 
am open for Bomeihing thai will make me 
money; Box 708 ColonlsU 

ARDY Bay — Wanted! wanted! 200 acres 
by Hodgson Sc Powell, 330 Pemberton. 

I WANT to buy a couple ot lots on Sara- 
toga, .Monterey or Hampshire road; I 
will not pay an inflated price; give me your 
best terms; Box 767 Colonist. 

LIST your property with J. L. Punderson 
and Co., Ltd., 5 and 6 Brown Blk. 

OWNERS tor quick sale try the Coast In- 
vestment Co. 132 Pemberton building; 
phone 2967. 

RGGIN,\. property wanted — If you have 
any ot this, I will buy. Barney 
G-iuvKW, Hegina Tnoaire, Krgina. Sask. 

SNAP Wanted — Lot Moss St., Howe or Mc 
kenzle's apply P. O. Box 108 city. 

las rd . fine new 
dence of seven rooms, full basement 
with furnace and elegantly flnlshed 
throughout. Tils house commands probably 
the finest view in Victoria. Price for Im- 
mediate sale $6250, on terms to arrange. 

FOlf rent, Dunford bungalow, new, four 
TOOtnf, with one-third acre lot; one year 

r|£6 jier month 

some choice 

fffseire and 

present prices. 

IIIAVSi partJcusiiuy niie house on Fair- 
field estate, one minute off car. on 
c;hapman street. Just built, with six very 
large rooms, two open fireplaces and large 
basement; price $4600, only one-quarter 


S02 Pemberton Block. Victoria. B. C 
I'hon* 1094 P O. Box Tit 

Members of Victoria. Real Estate Kxchang* 

FOUR large lots close to Esquimau id. 
and near Fraser St., at $1,000 each. 



V\7-VNTED. to purchase. lot Ic Cook Bt 


district, from owners only; state price 
'ocatlon to Box 654 Colonist. , 

5 or 10 acres suitable ror suo- 
on, near projected car route. 



A modern house to rent on Victor St.. 
between King's and Ryan; full base- 
ment, concrete foundation, panelled living 
room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry ond 2 
bedrooms; lot 50x1)0. $25 per month. Apply 
to Morris and Edwards. 521 Sayward Uldg. 


1 V Colonist. 

WANTED, broody hens. 
Carrier. 8, 


Fryatt, Letter 

WANTED, fox terrier pu^. 

J. C. Frixell, 

LOST AND roxrsv 

A NYl'.ODY' finding one three-months old 
.<tX brown bull pup will Immensely 

oblige by applying at 

V5S Vulcs street. $i 

Ij^OUND, a sterling sliver watch, with In- 
-I- Itlals "E. R. M." Owner may have 
same by proving property to Box 801, Colo- 


OST, small Shetland pony. Phone 2703. 

LOST — Small wire haired Terrier pup. 
Finder reward. Retainer prosecuted. 903 
Conk stre»>t. 

LOST. .S<-oitlsh brooch, f.-alrne-g^em* elonn 
and gray pebbles .set in silver; heirloom. 
Finder please return to Colonist Box 911 and 
receive reward. 

•Wlro-lialred fox leirier, one year 
lid. black spot on back. Reward, 764 
Broughton street. Phone 1467. 

J oil 

LOST — Sliver cigarette case, monogram 
W. H. C. Finder please return to 
Guy A Co.. 1009 Government st. 

LOST, white pointer d ig. with lirown spot 
on side; near Moss st. school; finder 
reiurn to F. Mnore. 'ill C-jrnwaM ef. ; re- 
ward. " 

LOST, blue prints, on Outer Wharf car 
line, between wharf and Mensles St. 
Rwlurn Cajiadlan Explosives. Wihsrf at'.: re- 
ward. ^__^__ 


ONK Reliable Man in every town to take 
orders for best custom-made clothes In 
Canb'ia. Highest comnilsaton. Hex Tsitorlim 

To.. I,ln,1t#<1. Tr.rnntn. Onl. 

3-ROOM heated flat for $30 and up. 
Including phone. Inspection Invited. 
Field .\partmenls, adjacent corner Queen's 
avenue and Douglas street. Phone 1385. 
(Children? Yes.) 

HOUSE to rent, with or without furniture, 
modern seven roomed house with 
furnact ; will sell part or all ot furniture 
cheap; Arcadlon range and gas stove, both 
nearly new. (,?all In afternoon, at 64 6 Dune- 
din street., 

"OUSE lo let, 1123 FIsguard st.; four 
rooms, modem and every conveni- 
ence; $28. Apply 287 Ontario st. 

SEVEN room house to rent, on corner of 
Robert and Andrew streets, Victoria 
West, at $4 2 per month. Green & Burdlck 
Bros., corner Langley and Broughton sts. 
Phone 1518. 

SIX-roomed house to rent, to paily b'jying 
furnllure. Apply Panna Realty Co., 
323 Sayward block. 

taji: NNl' V A LE^^^^^ 


UR-NtSHED rooma, breakfast and even- 


Phone 2184, 

FUnWISKiau Rooms — Board if desired on 
car line; phone L2666, 647 Niagara. 

FURNISHED room, breakfast if desired. 
1014 Park Boulevard. 

IjX.'RNISHED loom. Ts weekly, open flre^ 
place, ground floor, James Bay. Box 
996, Colonist. ' 

I."^URNISHED room, 
■ phone R914. 

343 Michigan St.; 

rpo rent. 4-room bungalow, Onk Bay. near 
X the sea. $30 per month. Eureka Really 
Co., S52 Yates st. 

nV) rent, 3 room cottage, cabin and stable 
X on Cornwall st. : $15 per month 

ply 809 Moss St. 


rpo let, i-no<l»Tn "-roomed residence. Ju<t 
-L completed on Victor t.'t.. between Kings 
and Ryan; beautifully llnlBhed, panelled, etc., 
bath, toilet, etc., we will rent this house 
to a responsible tenant for $30 monthly; 
apply Morris *. Edwnrde, 621 Sayward build- 
ing; phone 3074. 

TO Let — 6-roomed cottagfc on Superior 
street. Modern conveniences and large 
lot. Apply 92f. Johnson street. 


ADVERTISER o/Ters $.1000 equity in fine 
apartment house site as part payment 
on either good house or residential lots In 
any pun of city. Box 576. Colonist. 

A GOOD cruiser, splendid sea boat; also 
6 passenger Cadillac In good condition; 
will trade for lots or acreage; Oliphant, 
I'ark Boulevard. 

FURNISHED rooms, modern; near 
410 Oswego St. Phone L2517. 

CI OOD furnished room, basement, Mt. Ed- 
T wards, Vancouver St. 

JAMBS Bay Hotel — Corner of Government 
and Toronto streets; Victoria's new pri- 
vate hotel; superb location; "Vi blocks from 
boat landings, facing park 100 rooms, mod- 
ern throughout, excellent cuisine, moderate 
rates by day, week or month; phono 2304. 

LARGE well furnished bed sitting nioni. 
In new house, close In; unit two friends. 
Plume. elrcIrK- light and etc. 1042 Johnson. 

L.\RGE. nicely furnished furnace heated 
room In American family. 1260 Paii- 

VV dlvlsh 
Owners only. Box 976, Colonist 

WANTED, moderate price, lots near May 
st; owners only. Box 932. Colonist. 

■ITTANTED, about twenty acres good land, 
and terms lo Box 14, Colonist. 

■rjMNTED, several good bulldlnc lots in 
VV Dean Heights; must be high and dry. 
for building purposes. Box 909 Colonist. 

BURNSIDE and Albernla sts., 
$2,600, terms easy. 

107x147 ft.. 


Phone 1865, , 128 Pemberton building 

Members of Victoria Real Estata ExchanK*^ 

('1 ORDON ll:;ad, 5 acres overlooking sea, 
-X close tu -Mount Douglas park, $1,000 
an acre; one-third cash, balance In 1, 2 and 
3 years. 

GORDON Head, 40 acres of seavlew land 
on the slope of Mount Douglas; a beau- 
tiful properly for future subdlvi.'jion at $1000 
per acre; terms. We eaii utrer titlo lu five 
or ten acre parcels. 


WO lota on Pleasant ave.. Oak Bay, 100 
Xl25, $1,000 together. 

a^WO fine large lots on the Gorge over 
looking the water at $1,500 each. 


lot. Oak Bay, 60x120 feet. 

rpERMS one third cash,' 6, 12 IS months 
J- on above. 

rpH.VT modern 8 roomed house Just off 
-L Oak Bay ave.. at $7,600 is a snap; with 
two large lots and beautiful oaks; let us 
take you to see this now. 

QAANICH Farms; Albernl Acreage. 


Contractors and Reai Estate. 
19 Green Block. Broad St. Phone 1.-2205. 

QU.Vt>RA St.. 9-room house, garage and 
0t<^y|«,;. o»rrli>(>r* And wood aheds. 

F.VIRFIELD rd.. close to Vancouver: six 
room house and garage; $3500. 


7.\NTED. snap in city lot, must be .level 
and good slr-e. ..Vuswer P. O. Box 1233. 

\7t7ANTED — From owner, high, desirable 
VV building lot, thai $300 cash will 
handle as first payment. In Oak Bay or 
near Belmont Ave. Box 969, t;;olonlst. 

TTTANTED — To buy a 

lot $60 cash will 
handle; and balance by monthly instal- 
ments; Box 458 Colonist. 

A'lTE are open to buy good t:!adboro Bay 
VV acreage at once if price Is right and 
terms reanonable. F. Sturgess & Co., 31 S 
Pemberton block. 


LARCiE sunn 
venlence 8! 

y rooms heated; every con- 
30 Victoria Crescent. 


ELY furnished rooms. aulLab!:: for 2 
ents to share. 439 Superior st. 

AKLAND rooms — Bods, one man 35c.. 
two men BOc. : by week, one man $2, 
2 men $3. 1336 Langley St., two doors off 
Yates sf. 

ROOM, snltnble for two gontrlemon; every 
convenience. In good locality, "The 
Rosednlo," corner Hillside and Government. 
2702 Ooverninent st. 

SPLENDID largo furnished rooms for gen- 
tlemen, suitable two or more in room. 
649 Government St.. near B'mproas hotel. 

TO Let — Slngl 
Johnson St 

— Single and double bedrooms. 921 

TO Let — Comfortable warm room suitable 
for visitors; modern new house 321 
Michigan St. 

rDN^it. large front room, suitable for two. 
Aippiy 1219 Cook sf 

TO Rent — Nicely furnished rooms; two 
blocks from post office; 734 Humboldt 

suitable for 2; $4. Single 
Jamos Bsy, 3 
minutes from Parliament bnlldlngs. 

IARG-E room. 
■^ room $8. 421 Parry st. 

KKLIABLE seconu nana marine gasoline 
engine: about 50 h. p. required for 
frelglil boat; apply P. O. Box ll»n 

^CHAP Brass, copper, sine, lead, cast Iron, 
So sacks and all kinds of bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cash prices paid. Victoria 
Junk Agency, 1620 Store St.; Phone 136. 


E.VM.^N St., Fern wood rd.. new 3-room 
modern, full basrement; $32,iO. 

B-room modern : sieain 

B.\NK St.. new 
heated; a reaJ snap: $49 00. 

(I6*)ikA cash buys a level tjWter acre on 
^^\J\J Durnslde'ril.: this' is a great simp. 

DOUGLAS St., BSquImaU: 5, lots, 44x111; 
$900 each: »100 cash: here's some 

DC'N Head, 6 acres of land 

nd fenced, on the Feliham road 



r^ OR 

\J a 

$1,000 per acre. 

(^ ORDON Head, a beautiful country home, 
T overlooking sea; the house contains 
nine large rooms, with basement, furnace, 
washluba and every modern convenience. 
Th,5re are 11 H acres of land; orchard con- 
tatalng 750 fruit trees, newly built barn, 
etc.; $23,000, on terms. 


id, two lots of five acres each 
sea, partly cleared: one 
lot containing a small house, well, chicken 
house and runs, .iant i>ut up, and an acre 
ot strawberries, $6,300; the other five for 
$5,250 on easy terms. The whole ten acres 
at $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance on easy 


Room 3, 1011 Government St. 
Phone 194 

UPO/JAA cash will put you in posseaaion of 
tlpOvV/" a fine 14 room house within the 
mile circle; price $9000; lot 113x113, corner 

fjPtJUl/ brand new 4-roomed house near 
the end of the Douglas at, car; price $2500. 

dP-J ^f\ to $300' will put you In possession 
W-L'Jl/ of some ot the finest lots to be 
found close to the end of the Douglas st. 
car; prices from $800 to $1000. 

Eaqulmalt; 6 lots. 46x132 
$800 each; $100 cash. So are these. 



OUSEiS built on the Ihstalment plah. 


Phone 2448 

Room 10. 

P. O. Bex 2X4 

634 View St. 


7E Tvant Listings. Look us up. 


617 Sayward bul'dlng 

Office phone 2979. Residence phono .R2495 

Member Real Estate Exchange 


l^TANTED. a second-hand motor cycle; 
VV state the make and lowest cash price. 
Box 967, Colonist. 

T.\,NTED, broodoi (Chatham preferred i; 
must be cheap and in good condition. 
Box 923. Colonist. 

X'lJ.^NTED. seeondhand, two-wheeled two- 
VV seated dogcart, medium Bi«e; also 
brass-mounted harness: good condition; 
cheap. Box 964, Colonist. 

\X7ANTED — 21 foot open launch; must be 
VV good sea boat. Apply Box 992, Colon- 

ANTED — Gasoline engine, vertical, 
medium power; any condlllon. cheap. 


F. Moore, Goldstreom 

T^T.VNTED. blouses, s'llf. fashionable: good 
VV medium fleure. Phone R1890 or J170.') 



jfANTED, saddle. English. ond Irldle; 


LIST your property with J. L. Punderson 
and Co.. Ltd.. « and 6 B-rown Blk. 


auto for real estate- 

a lot he will exchange for a car? 


so, call at 1410 Broad st. 

Has any reader 

fXTANTBt)— To axanansa K ranmml hnua. 
▼ T close In for t or 10 room; must t>« near 
city; phone R1180. 

WTA^iTED. fwo' teams In exchange for 
VV farm «and. Apply P. O. Box 818. 


TBACHBR wanted for Mnyne Island 

school ; salary $30 per month; duties 

to commence March 15, 1812. Apply J, W. 

rw^O rent, furnished rooms, reasonable. 
1 Kingston «.. James Bay. 


rno L 

-L ed 


ET — At 1133 Fort St.. nisicly furnlsh- 
room; breakfast If desired. Phone. 

71BLI* furnished room on car line, nea. 
pmrk and beach. Apply 614 Niagara. 

l^TELI, furnJshed bed silting room, with 
VV convenlpnces; suit one or two huslness 
ladles; private hotjae; car line; seven min- 
utes postofflce. Apply 510 Oswego street, 
.lamos Bay. 






cent. Oood security. Only those moan- 
Ins haslness nrrfd srr'r. Ror 9if. Co!'?n!§t. 

;7.\NTBD. 4-roomed bungalow, modern. In 
good locallfy; can offer 1250 cash; $30 
per month. Box 902. Colonist. 

; RANTED, at once, modern 5 or 6 room 
hi'Use. will pay bonus lo anyone giv- 
ong Information regarding a. suitable place, 
fairly close In. Address 14^ Moss at. 

[■'ANTED. 4 or 8 roomed modern house, 
close In, about $2,600; will pay $100 
cash, bai^.nce $25 a month Including Interest. 
Box 94 8. Colonist 

good 5-room cottage, not 
lore than lo minutes' walk from crkr- 
ner of Yates and Douglas; house 
thnenHrtitv Ynndern. It voii ore desirous nf 
selling." I' have purchaser waiting; this 
means huslness. Apply with full particulars 
as to pries and terms, Joihn Greenwood, 813 
Sayward building. 

W" ANTJCC, hou» In Oak Bay or Fou! Bay, 
•*>out $8000, with small cash payment. 
Answer P. O. Box 1288. 

ANTED, sJnall house, largo lot, 
./(aymentlh near la. Answers 

T,"^ol'R Of yesterday's bargains sold. 
TTOWE avenue. 2 lots, $1,»(50; near se; 
AftJSS street, 1 lot, $1,800; near sea. 

rjUTLEJ. I lot, $2,100. 

A^l "ALTON. 1 lot. $1,250. 

A RNOl.D. 2 lots. $1,100. 
OT.X.N'NARD, 1 lot, 1975. 



and Mars, corner, $850. 

/""^NE-quarter cash will handle most 

OAOi~k acres la KitsumkalumValUy. «t<h- 
-iUOU In a mlU of G. T. P. Railway and 
Skeena river; good fruil land; some good 
limber. The Kitsumkalum Valley Is now 
known to be one of the best agrlculaural 
and fruit growing districts along the O. T. 
P. In B. C. 

rr-i -j c\ acres In Rupert District. Vancou- 
OxXi/ ver Island; crown grant Includes 
cOBl and timber; reported to have ab^uc 
one hundred million feet timber which is 
exportable; this land has about four miles 
waterfront and Joins that on which Is the 
Suq-UBsh coal mine. For price and further 
particulars apply to above. 


Sooke Harbor. , 

A i) 7-10 acres, one mile from wharf, facinjt 
"i*J on straits, with 560 yards ot shore 

line; excellent land; $5340. 


, WELLING house of 9 rooms on lot 4-5 
acre, facing on main road, subject to 
lease af $17.50 per month; $1700. 



.\CRES, \ mile from wharf; excel- 
lent soil and fine timber; $60 per 



Members ot the Victoria Real Estate 
Offices: 213 Pemberton Block and Sidney. 
' B. C. 

110D Inlet and :iear Keating. 5 acres; 
$1,000; terms. 

QAANICH Land in small and large blocks, 
kO including waterfront. 

SIDNEY, very 
room modern house. 

nice waterfront with 

VV mc 


r. o. 

SIDNEY lota and acreage at reasonable 

1 f\(\ A-""""* **• Hardy Bay, close lo town- 

f^AlAj and see us about the abovs. 

I II I-.——,— 


Real l^Ute «nd^ laatrKX* . 
863 T«tt««. #treM 

CiTAGES leave DIxl Rose's store on Tues- 
Jo days, Thursdays. Frldois' and Sat- 

urdays, Address H. O. Mellln, MDnes Land- 
ing. Sooke. 


Money to Lioaa. 

Life Insurance. Fire laaaraaMb 

Members Victoria Real Bst»M SxchMMik 

HIS Bruad Kt.. Victoria. B. a 

FOR 6«ie— Fine building Bite frontinf on 
Burdette ave., Vancouver st. and Mc- 
Clure St.; for full particulars as to terms, 
alse. etc., ring wp iH; or call at oftloe 1883 
Broad St.; prince MO.0O»-IK>- 

FOB Sale — tn heart ot business MMttev, M 
feot on Tatea st., between DotWiM «M 
Blanchard; pri ce per front foot fs;iW.M|. 

-ryE also have the (ollowlnc IMf 1 

■ cleared.; tMP|«w|f../-''^* 

\J cora»r '" 

r;\uo%Kitcm wb, .Sim:- 

4int, #it« «iaM« 
csftt ipayiMiit. ah«: 

■•Ml; ««*•" «*«i ;««.««♦ 


Thundmy, F«bro«ry 29, 1112 


D. Mcintosh 

KMl BstaU »nd FJnaooUJ Aoyt. 

MabOB BulMtnf. Ooy»n«in«iit Be, Vlol»n«, 
B. C., T*l*pboo* ITtt 



Room* J *nd a. MoQreBor Block 

1"MVE choice lol» on A»qulth »t.. 'ine a 
^ corner; on iy taooo: "■"•" '»■ 
rnWO good hou»«» on yuebec »!■; only »12.- 
-L imO tor bolli. 


iORNEU lot. Victoria West; »1200. 

Cor. View and Broad, oppoalte 
Houai phono XX213I. 

Opao tiaturday* t to 16 P 

D. Bpencer't. 
PUooa »-»• 

IJRICB »!20— Port Albernl lotf. ca»U %25: 

cany terroa- 

g>lJUB„a or DouBia. car; home .Um. low 
Clx.s. !ol. tro.n »4f.O I. »bOO: «'»'» "^^'°" 
rapidly luurcaalnB; ia.t U cheap lot. Uo»« 

lo cUy limlla. •_ 

ctt.h: lo-. Sialloi. »t.. Garden cuy; 

quaiier ucrf; city water; »160 lo 

Burnsuldc cars will noon run. 

r oa.h; ch^ce loTTaoree View i'arU; 

price »625, balance on eoay teriii». 





Rta) Hlaial*. Timber. Mlnei and Coal Land* 

Pbona I3»l. Bo» i«0. 

1J« Pambarton Bl«l«. Victoria. B. C. 

Vancouver Otllca— Winch liulldlng. 
Member. Vlctarl* Real Ifiavau K^chang. 

rnHE future 
X end oJ Vancouver 
yoiid doubt Ton Uurdy 

railway terinlnua at the north 
IMaiiU will be be- 
no W U tho ll«"0 to 


N-IUN llay. Saanlch, U acres, waler- 
*' " ^ cleared, fenced, drained, 

barn. t^tc. bouthouac. 

trout, no rock. 
t,!oumeit hnii«e, 
main road. |1»,70«; ier:n». 

^lUNt;V, Suanlch, 10 acres. 

fe'^mahi road7KooU wttt.:r, 100 UuU O 




cash, each; two lots on Htannaru 
Falrlleld, close KlCliaidHon, 
h; will »1500 In lew 


4)3 Siiy.vaid Block. 

I^^AHM Lands. City 
riinoBT Ijaiida. 


I'lliHlU HJ" 


$300 .V 

price »i:00 tac 


ia-OA/i caBh. (Ine building lots in l-alrneld 
$,500 K^r^m^to::; Jie^O- and ;itOu: about 
»;iiiu cash, aud l ong tariiia lo r balant-c 

nne view lota. Montrose ave. ; 

W'H h&y ""m" verv ftnu acreage for »uo 
>V dlvlsloo on ihB three-mile circle; call 

and aeo us rega rding th is. 

flNG'S rd.. corner, 50x120; .0^"- 


$1100 each. 

1 $400 

! $500 ^':li:l^^':.TJ^"l^'<^ 

house, barn, etc., t6600; terms '.u 
unce 1 ':, 3, years, 7 liei cent, 
unie 1, \„.^.,o tor »MioO or 6 acres 


sell & ucms ". - , .J 11(111 

vvlih house and liniuovemeala for »l,wou 

i lOWlCHAN Luke, waterfront, n 
KJ hotfl 'Ji acres, 15 acres cultivated, 
house, all I! 

acres mora cleared. 

un road, fJHE. I'^J*^!'*-. 

Cowlchu.n l.akq road. 


200 acres. 

St.. 60x104; »1200. 

N., 60x101; »l*W- 

4&X13S; 1800. 


l^EAVIEW ave., 42x103. »S50. 

Ji.-1 0{\ cash; 2 nne .ots. Scott sc. Just one 
$180 lot ort corner of Kings rd.; price 
lor a :cw days. SbOO^ 

ahnXfi cash — Nearly half acre on Market 
$500 St.. near Quadra; price »3000. with 
very long term s for paianee. 

/ANE acre on Dublin at., Tolmie ave. only 
J^xJ -52300; third cash a nd t eima. 

^SQiriMALT Snapa— double corner, 120x 
120, 12600; c8«di»800and terms. 

rsAh. price »24S0 for a pretty bun- 
.-, 'nw, minutt* from EiqaW >| MH .<H>r. 
-fc. up t" ** 

acres bottom land has >'"<"', ,'^"'\V\'f,'fu , 
also 100 tlmbored, land «ood soil, all UOO 
per acre. 

COMOX farm, 260 acres, 100 acres culll- i 
vated, balance easily cleared, no ro>,.£. j 
I'rlce »100 ,per acrfe, harns. house, etc, | 

-V-TEAR Cameron Lake, on ra:il-n-ay and • 
IN main trunk road, 80 acres, one-third 
open '.and. all good soil near "^hool 
station; price only for quick swlo »3S 

uald debentures, and the said sum of 
3!.t31!.os r.£i:oS8ary to b« pet aside annually 
for the purpose of creating the sinking fund 
afofSBld. shall be set aside annually lul of 
the rentals enforceable under .he pifMBlons 
of the Sewer Rental By-U^w, 1912. and In 
the event of there being any deflci ^n:y In 
the iiuiount roHlizid from the »aUl n^ntala in 
order to make up the amount of the annual 
Interest and sinking fund upon tlu' said debt, 
such detleliincy shall be ascertained and paid 
out of the annual revenue of the Cnrporallon 
». Thai the CorporiUlon <>f the Dlstrln 
of Oak Uay do guaranloe the payment ot 
the principal moneys and Ini.n-st thereon 
to be raised under the authority of this 
liy-l/aw MO as In lio way to Interfere with or 
prejudice the setting aoMr iMinuully of the 
sums heielnbefore menrloned out of the ren- 
tals iinpon'ii under the said Scwor Rentals 
My-Law, lOla. will, in ca»e a sum sufflrleiit 
to provide for the said interest and sinking 
fund Is not realized In each year out of the 
nald sewer rentals, pay such delKli (If any) 
uul of the current year's rovenui- tn any per- 
' sori or corporation torn whom they may bor- 
j row the money upon the seculty of the df- 
1 benturos hereby aulhorU-d. or to the several 
lit:- from , ,.,,p,us-ntallve holders of the said deben- 


w. This By-I.,a'V shall, before the final 
: 1 losing thereof, receive the assent of the 
electors of the said Corporation In the man- 
ner provided for In the "Municipal iMauaes 
Act.'" and slmll lake efTecl ou tho day atli r 
the final passing f-.^reof. 

11. This By-L-iw uliall be 'cUed as the 
"Hewer I^oan Ity-Law, 1913." 

Pasned itie Muttit:lpttl CounOttC 'tbe -I'iiu 
d:>', '■ '"■ '1 ii.M-> . 1912. 


tures hersby authorized, or to the aeveral r»- 
.pecllve holders of the said «'■»"-■"'"'■*'•■,,„., 

». This Hy-Law ehall b*forc the final 
passing thereof, re<'*lve the aseent of the 
electors of the said CorporHtlou In tbe man- 
ner prnvlded for tn the "Municipal Clauses 
Act." and ahnll take effect on the day after 
the final passing thereof. ,, ^ .. 

lu. This By-law may be cited as 
Waterworks I..oan Uy-law, 1»12" 

Passed the Municipal Council the 
uay oC February, IHU'. 




cash, bal- 
oj- would 


T^ICE NOTICB that the above Is a true 
copy of the proposed Ry-I-aw upon which 
the vote of the Munirlpallly will be taken 

at the school House, "«»' "^^ ^^^""y'^ °'' 
Saturday, the Dth day of March, 191^ from 
i, a. m. to 7 p. .». _j g ^^^^ ^, ^, ^, 

Oak Bay. B. C 2IIfh F.bruary, 1912. 

ciTv OF o.vK , ^g^ Brunswick Melropoiis Ex- 
pects Much Fioni Construc- 
tion of Harbor Works—Act- 
ivity in Many lines 






:t"i- ••--■'= 

d»OAA cash put* you in po»»es»lon of lovely 
^UU hum<r. i rooms, toilet etc 5 m n- 
'iiStoB from car, city vat<.-r and light; price 

;f2t.oo. .. 

$ai5UU^ off Dou«i§»7«itti ,*r?»y thing ot 


TSLANDS, 10. 11. 12. 100. tk^ 
■L SlUuey. from $1600 per 

itlNKST country aporllng 
mugnlflconi shooting and 
mi'.e aeaiiont witl.ui ). """ 
motor, 30 acres cultivated and 40 more bot- 
tom .and. house, barns, etc.. <>" 8°°^ road 
and 1 i»ll«» trom station s on 2 railways. 

■TTAJMai'^-4Jay "district, 7000 Hiw« J5!t.f%>' 
JLl?^»'*Dre. also 13.000 acri 

i \! ' NOTICE that the above Is a true 
i..,p> oi (he pr'-"--' Hv-r,,w upon which 
tho vDto of Ih. ^ will he taken 

at the School il ay Avenue, on 

Saturday, the 9lU day of ilarch, 1418. front 
9 a.m. to T p.m. 

J. S. FLOTD, C,M.C. 

Oalt Bay, B. C, 26th Tobrua.y, iH!. 


> ! S SftiiMW 

B a month, 
iijilrpm Poujilas 

r»r- * 1 T\/ 
I I 


jt iDTestment ( o 
Be«l Kstate « ln«uranre. 
513J 31H isajward Block 

iSTANNARD ave.. 60x180; »1000. 


TUflBBR lABdS. over four btlllo«h 
^0,000,000 oC timber, all cf" 
^M|||,,^own ■rant^_^^o. 
■inrMibr Bay lots, see speplal advertise 
XX ment la this i ssue. 

•pORT HARDY lx)ts. 




Office Ann<*x. <iiivernment Bulldlags. 
\ iotorla 
C1EALKD TBNDKRS, superscribed "Tender 
lur Office Annex. Oovernment Buildings, 
Victoria." will be received by the Honour- 
able the Minister of Public Works up to 1- 
oclock noon of Thursday, the 29th day of 
February, 1912. for the erection and comple- 
tion of a concrete and t!mb- —framed office 
annex, site, corner of Government 


in-rfft- B 

treet, VlctorlHj- K.n. 




Cowichan Station 

Real Instate 

1- ACRES Cowlchan Bay, near ">'"': "^* 
O house ten rooms. stable, boat house, 
powe. hou^e and gasoline "Kiting P ant; 
good frontage and tlno view; price J8500. 

*rRFS fronting on KoksUah River; 
-^?^.r».,„n. ia sore, slashed good run- 

near station; 10 

wafer, »75 per acre terms 



^ roomcT h^use. stable; price, good torma 

jisoo. • - 

rj-^RANSITrd., 60x120; »11S0. 
TTOWE St., 50x122; $1800. 


ILDWOOD tive., 60x150; $1000. 


F ^ 

-pORT HARUY l«ts. 
■pORT HARDY Lota. 



TtrcKBNZIB St., 60X120; »1B50. 

T\.\LXAS I'd., 

60x100; liOOO. 


60x117: »1850. 

T30RT Hardy lots, from $116 P«r lot, on 
1. ten 



owners of :Port:H»rdy lots. If 
wish to sell same send us price 

particulars. We have bu>^r« <»n(L we maUa 
k specialty of Port Hardy lo ts a.« acreage. 

VRMS— We have 100 farms on our list. 


50x120; $1680. 


-lO ACRES light bustt; go6d situation. 
iiy statio n. *12S per aera . 

DEPPE, 600DE (St CO. . ^ 

^^I^n^^ri^^rir-ftca, Estate Exchange 


hotween Qt:.iens and Bay 

, tftOxlY- beSul 8 roomed modern 

«^- ^«i.*VlV.v^ntence and uncqualed lo- 


•T7-AN0OUVER st.i 
TT-ING'S rd., 51x110; »7B0. 
-pYAN Bf. 

40x160; $700. 

TTAMPTON rd., 60x196; »67B. 


Itili Grove ave., 50x195; $8iO. 

home; "every convenience and 
cation; $16,000, on good tcims. 

Bt corner Hillside. 
fOxUS with fine brick house; 
'"" • - this property; the 


QUADRA - ""'"'"• -"-— "°"'" 
:::nr?^ c!^ ort^w^^ua will accept any- 

thing reasonabl e. 

.A8CAR St.. next to corner ot^Undea ave., 

yj a new modern 

-y ICTOKI.V West, 44x130; $825. 


double comor, $2400. 

7 roomed 


♦ IfV* *>*tv 

w '>lch cost $1000 to build aud -^^^f V^Viflce 
J,:r',^6'ou°-"weT6um look at 

til If. " 

-TTiNf} and Work streets, corner 67x110 

K'^:^ whfch stands a »'"<^C*t^''rht?^ 
r( Hldencp fully modern and close to the oar. 
A snap at $7,000. on easy terms. Ideal 
rooming house. ' . _ '• .. 

RITHET St., James Bay, close to tho wa- 
ter, modern 5-roonied house on 40x 
171. $4,000. -Nothing as cheap on this pretty 

street. __..^ ^ 

oiUTLEJ St.. .fames Bay, six-roomed house 
f5 ou 47 WxlSS, entirely modern and an 
attractive house ; $44 60 . on_vefY easy terms. 

ONTARIO and Montreal s'"-- «"'"*I',-ft" 
roomed house, new-, ^'"''^.tl";,. JVuH^ 
good terms. This speaks for Itself, fully 
»2000 below m arket at pre sent. 

E have been Instritcted to offer 94 feet 
Yates St., just above Cook street, 
tor $165 per foot on exceptionally easy 
terms; two blocks this side the cheapest 
price is $350 per foot, and one piece offer- 
ing at that. At this price It l.-^ an excep- 
tional bargain. The flrst de posit takes It. 

IF you have any Vancouver property that 
you wish to sell or obtain a valuation 
on see us. Our Vancouver office can han- 
d!'5 advantaKeously. All Information and 
maps cheerfully furnished. 


1201 Kioa.l St., corner View. 

SARATOGA ave., one block from Newport 
ave. car line; stie 60x110. Price $2,000. 


By-I>aw IVo. 113. 

A BYLAW ___ 

To Raise the Sum of $275.0°° fo^' 
Sewer Purposes. 

WHEREAS tlte "^Ic^^L ^^.!'," n.v' Bay 
Corporation of the 

.1 —^iw^nA t^\ t*l 

the sum ox ♦-'"•"""•: ,,,„h sewers upon ine 
tng and '^o""""'^""*; J"^,mDosod by "The 
security of the rentaU i^P°'"'.%°J^^ con- 
ge wer Rental By -!;«;*„ ^.^^^^ y,y the Munl- 
e"S^^[?<l;.ratrori-^f^h/'V; of Oak 

^'^Xi.D WHEREAS i^e *."«ated ^-n^t^"^ 

been already charged upon the sa 
or other rates ft"^*! charges. created 

AND WHEREAS the said deW W ^^^^^,, 

gew^r KentAl <">« 

ItyV>»w Nftl Ilk 

BYLAW ..^ 

Sura of $75.o<l##!f 
brks Purposes 

Municipal Council of the 
"^ ■' p*K Bay 

*ri-k» for I 
Ivjfiiter to 
(y of tho 
maiy, by laying wa- 
_e Municipality for the 
l^lfTonand'supplylng ot ^a"*;: harrow 
r :^r,ii WHEREAS It Is Intended tu borrow 
^"th'f^mn of $76,000 for tho oblect of con- 

t harges Imposed hy ^^^°„Y %rnn^Ic^ lUn<^ 

■ ■ .-V 1910," and the "Wat»i Frontnge Rate 

I aw 191S." passed by the M«i[>»<;iP»J 

,,„,;mT' of the Corporation of the District 

"'a'nd WHEREAS the estimated amount of 
water rates r.r,.i .h.irues ch«rKeable under 
water ii»ic» i hargefi Hy- 

the Provls on.. . « j,^,^ 

By-Law. 1912. " lor the year 191. >» 

"and WHEREAS the amount of money al- 
ready oharg^l upon the said water rates and 
and chari;t« i« ♦?130.''0: 

lid debt Is created 

i water rates ana 

chaVgos' imposed ."y^^hiSatd^'Water Charges 


Plans, specifications, contract and fo''"» 
of tender may be seen or, ard after the 20th 
day of February, I'llJ, at the general office 
of the Deportment Qt Public Works, Vic- 

Contractors wishing to obtain plans and 
specifications can. for the sum of $16, ob- 
tain same by appl>lng to the D.mku trnout, 
this sum will be tefunded ui turn 

of thp plans and specmcaiivi. ,.«»&- 

fide tonder. . j ». ._ 

Each proposal must be acfompanled by an 

" »pted bank cheque or certificate of de- 
It on a oharteied bank of Canada, mado 
rable to the Honourable thu Minister ot 
I'ubllc Works, for tho sura of $660. which 
•hall be forfeited It the party tendering de- 
clines to enter into contract when called 
upon to do so, or It h»- fail to complete the 
jrorkl contracted Xor. y* * ^ !?5|y Siim ' 

Tenders will not b« considered ttniMS 
made out ott the forms supplied, signed with 
tho actual signature ot the tenderer, and 
enclosed In the envelopes iurnlshed. 

T • -St or any tender not nci-essarlly 


' Public Woras Bnglneer. of Public V/oiks. 

Victoria. P. <■■. February 17th. 191 

ST. JOHN, N. B.. Feb. 28.— It la dif- 
ficult to dfBcrlbe the e.tfecl In St. John 
of the announcement that the Domin- 
ion aoverniiient had awartled to Norton 
Griffiths &■ Company, a contract Involv- 
ing the expenUUure of $11, 500, 000 on 
tmibor wciks at Kast .St. John. Ther«^ 
had been rtimorB of delay, and much 
anxiety wan feU, but when the newa 
•came ♦b« pftoct was electrical. Tha( 
for "which the citizens had hoped, and 
of wlil.h they had dreamed since the 
days in the early eighties, when t=hey 
were fighting tenaciously for the re- 
of»gnUion of .St. John aa a winter port, 
was now fully t-o be reellzed. The 
new« ftrrivftd late in the afternoon, anil 
there was an instant scramble by r«ul 
estate men to Close up deals which 
had been pending for some weeks. 
The action of the Government in de- 
veloping the eastfern harbor meano that 
St. John is t(j be the terminus ot 
thirte traivBCOntlnent^l .milwayB. and 
thBt itM . sn-iwth as a •commercial city 
will bp laiiia and substantial. For it 
must be remembered that within a 
month work will b6 begun upon an 
$800,000 C04itract at West a^ Johi^^*a^ 
construct an extensive wha/r and wlfef^ 
wall, and that this will bo followed by 
; «J»«VJ»,v ftsjpi year to ^ear. so 


Puijuant lo aa Order of Bale entered In 
the District Court of the United **•■'■';• '^'' 
(he Western District of Washington. North- 
ern l>lvlslon, in the matter of '^^*"'^*{',"„S;*.; 
Corporatloii. Bankrupt. IN' BANKKLPTCi. 
Cause No. 4647. sealed bids will be receive.l 
upon th.. following descrlbel i-. u»>crB up to 
ten oclocK A.M. March 15th, Ifll?: 

The plant and plant site of the Bankrupt, 
situated at Irondale, Jefferson County, 
Wajrhlogton; certain lauds in the vicinity 
thereof; mines and mining lights In 'vh'j 
States of Washlngto.i and Nevaua, personal 
property In and about the plant of fho Baiik- 
rupt; also tho following described property. 
37.880 shares of the capital stock 'jf West- 
ern Conl 4c Iron Corporation. lAd., a corpoi- 
ntlon f-rganlited under the laws of the Prov- 
ince of British C»iumbla, each JiUare bHing 
of the par value of $100.00 and the tots: 
capital stock of the said corporation con- 
elstlng of 80.000 shares. The assets o. Ih j 
cor|)oratlon Includes an option rlgh: to pur- 
chase l'0.'.'T2^4 acres of coal and t''"b^< 
lands on Graham Island, Province of Brit- 
ish Columbia 

Twenty certain Crown granted mineral 
claims m the Rupert Mining District of 
Brlllah Calumbia; the Jot nuinbers of thj; 
same being: 233, Z74, 234, 285, 287. 26S. 
"aa 27 0, "72, ■■■;3. 371, 27i, »7«, 277. 37$. 278. 
28o', 801, 302 and 230. 

A more accurate description of the above 
assets and full infurmatlcn rega^'dlng the 
meniier nf eonducllns the sale and the form 
In which bide will be recelveil may bo 
tulned hy consulting the salu Order of 
nil tile with the Hon. JohnF 
In tiankruptcy at Room 303 

Hoyt, Referee 

Ing, Washington, or by applying to 
the und-rslgn-.l Trustees at their offices, 403 
XrcuAtt Anne x. .Seailtlc. Washington. 

Trustees dn Bankruptcy of Western 
Steel Corporation. 
.Mrorneys i"or Tiuntccfi. 




AND \ 

on the 8< 

iiiiuosed by the suia viinci 
By-Law, 1010" and the "Wat^r Frontage 
Rate By-Uaw, l»12"; 

AND. WHEREAS, It l«-'»'«!'^*^ " ^^r^' 

,,..... ..i-,- •,.- ri,,. payment of tne mon 

' ' Vi-»o-~ tyis. Ar»dlt of 

ency In the said water rates at^d charges 
reaulred to make up the amount, ot tne 
anl^ualinlerest and slnkif.g fund upon th. 
proposed debt of $76,000 Is »""-"of tho 
AND. WHEREAS, th" amount of the 

«hole rateable land or "nP'-°'?"l^"'!?. 
■«,, • MunU^pnllty of the Dlstricv 

% . .rdlng to tho last revised 

'—.„ .Kimeiy th© roll for the ye^r 

1»11. Is the «uui oi 82,458.548: 

THEREFORE, the ^""'f'f f „^°J!,"t" Bay 
the Corporation of the DUtrlct of Oak Bay 
enacts as follows: 

1. It shall be lawful for the Beeve of 
the corporation of the D'-"-^ "' °f„^, "^^l 
to borre-v ." th.. security of the rates anu 
chars" 'le under the provisions of 

ihe ^'Cs 1 .ces By-l-aw. ^^2'J''\ov'" 

tho ••Watci Frontage Rate B>-l-aw, /•'*-' 
and on the credit and e"«^'»"\te "leben- 
carporatlon at laVge by way or i"^ ^*'»«°: 
tures hereinafter mentioned from any i«r 
son or persons, or body or bodies corporate 
who may be wllliuK to advance the same as 
a loan a sum not oxrrt-dlng In the whole 

JUST off St. Patrick St., fine, level, grassy 
building lot, 48x120. Price $1050. 



wo lots adjoining Uplands Farm, S4 ft, 

front. 141 ft. at rear, 115 n- deep to 

lane; $700 cash handles the two. Price 

60x166; terms 

,.•1 iVie security of th. 

!m;M.!;ed by the said t.^. ^ -w 

iiuiim ■iev.ur.cj lor • ,,|„rtKo tUo credit 

monevs to be borrowed to pledge 

Of the Municipality at 'a»^f,<\ ^ dcfh^ency 

VND WHBREAfi '»''" <'»^'™",„ ,,nder the 

said rentals chargoable_ under .ne 

Motlcc Is hereby given that Mary 
J«an Croft of Victoria, BrlUsh Colum- 
bia, is applying to H!b Excellency the 
Governor-General of Canada in Council 
for approval of the area plans, altc and 
description of works proposed to be 
"onstructed in West Bay, Victoria Har- 
bor. Victoria. B. C, beins l>.e land.^ 
situate lying and being in the City of 
Victoria aforesaid, and known, numbered 
and described as part of Block VIII. of 
part of U>t number 29, Section XI„ 
Viewfield Farm, Vancouver Island, 
British Columbia, and lias deposited tho 
area and site plans of the proposed 
works and a Uescription thereof with 
llie Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, 
and a duplioa«e fhereof with tlic Kegis- 
trar-General of Titles in the Land 
Registry Office in the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, and that the matter 
of the said application will be pro- 
ceeded with at the explf».tion -of one 
month from the time of the first pub- 
lication of this >'otice In the "Canada 

Dated this 22n4 day of February, A. 

^' ^^^*" MARY JEiV-N CROFT. 


Sewer Construction 
make up the 

ROCK1.AND Ave.. corner, 
ov'jr 3 years. Price $8,600. 

E ave., just off Cook St., 98x 
good for a big Increase 
widened and car tracks 
Price $4,000. 


when the street Is 
laid this spring. 


EW 5-room house; full basement, fur- 
nace, range Installed, hot water con- 
nections made, hath, electric iights; a thor- 
oughly well-built house. Graham St., within 
three-^quarter mile circle; »o00 cash and 
balance monthly. Price $3,000. 

In tho 

said 8ew|-er Rental and 

i^uJ^f-^Th/^r ;;?..rcst^a^ M^^^ 

fund upon the proposed debt is tne sui 
*''aND WHEREAS the amount of the whole 

ra eab^e land or ^"^^^°r"'T,\^'v\ltvlcTo} 
nerty of the Municipality of tho D strict ot 
?>ak'^Bay according- I'' 'he last revised ron 
namely, the roll for tho year 1911. ^M l"" 
'Tnd ^^i^EREAS^thl. «hall not be 
tered or repealed except with th./ consent 
Ueutenani -Oovernor-ln-Councll. 


of the 

THKRF.FflRK ihe Municipal Coti^ncU 


the Corporation of the District ot Oak Bay 

'Th wn["be "awful for the Reeve of the 
CoVporatlon of the District of Oak l^ay o 
borrow upon the credit of «h« •^'<^_ 

,.„ ,.oT. hv debentures herelnaf- 

tei" mo7tTo"ned. from any person or persons, 
or body or bodies corporate who "^By 
willing to advance the "'""" "V" '"X,;„ 
sum of money not exceeduiK In '"^;,^\.'^ '^" 
the sum ot $276,000.00 currency or sterling 



Real Estate. Timber and Insurance 

813 Bayward Building. 

Telephone 1425 


1,1, below present values. 

I7HFTH St., choice lot, Just outside half- 
. mile circle; $1260; terms third cash. 

(^ ORGB View Park— Close lo Gorge car ; 
T large double lot. 77x248, city water 
laid on; hiKh. level, and grassy; price 

JHOO: terms $t00 c ash. 



big lot, $3500; ttrms $1000 cash. 

Real Estate, , 
Insurance. Timber and 
1303 Broad, corner I'ates. 


I'hon,! 2173 

riCTORIA West a.nd Esquimau, 


Phones 3074 and F-20D. 

Rulldors and Contractors 

r. O. Box 417. 621 Snywnrd iJulialng. 

Homes Built on the In»tallm.>ni rinn or by 

Contract. '' 






l-li;b,l on street, 110 along track. 
4-room hoiuse; $61^0; terms. 

"» FEET on track. 110 to good street; 
^ 230 feet average depth, with five 
loums; »10,ao«. on t,vrms. 

1')A "" track. 100 on one street, 120 on 
A^U another street, for $10,500: terms; 
hns l-rooin house. /^ 



Nino on 

with 6 -room house 

and track: $12,00u. 
on terms; 


FEET on track, 
$25,000; quarter . 

with 20 

.ots, for 


■4IX-iComed house with frontage 
$4,;00. $750 cash. 

►5 streets. Price 

on two 

TiMVB-roomed mortem bungalow, close lo 

M fireplace etc; fino view of the 

f3 IR.); $500 cash, balance 

X oar; open 
Gorge. Price 

lots, betwenn K. * -N". 
rd., lust outside 
boundary. lor $800 to $9U0. 


VJ Craig How or 



rpHREB good buys. 

ODD lot overlooking the Gorge. 
$780, one-thir d cash. 

«orn«r on Cralgflower road. 




■r aUPSCUC strwt^c'ublf? <<orn"r, with two- 
MJ tS^ WMSi.ttU:<> $2,700. Ucash. bal- 
aiHHi •*«y. .. 

«rnB *»n« bOMS«» on the Instalment plan 
fV «■ by contract. It will pay you to call 
tee ?3* pJahs. ^ 



NB aero on 

frontage; $10,000 

Munroe St., with 100 feet 

NE and one-nfth acre, Laitipson 
tvlth 12-room house; $12,000. 


UIOICE of two blocks of six lots on Es 
qulmair rd. and Stanley st.. at $18,000, 
and one block of four lots 
and Stanley St., at $12,000. 

on Esqulmrt rd. 




NE third acre on Burnslde car, 
for $2500. 


NB lot on Dunsmulr 
for $3000. 

St., near Head st„ 

OR.NBR Head and Stanley. 80x100; $4000. 

UL, the above lets quarter cash. 

rooming hous*, 
$3000 o»*h 
Co., 1101 Broad sL 

with about 

WANTED, ft _ ^ ^. 

80 room*, that $2000 o»*h will handle. 
J. HaMewell & 

mone7 at th; rate of $4.86 2-8 to the <£n 
sterling, and to cause "H such ""■"«»" 
raised or received to be paid Into t''^ h-nd, 
or the Treasurer of the said <"'-'""-^"''",^"^ 
the purpose and with the object hereinbefore 
recited. . 

2. It shall be lawful for the said R""^;; ^" 
cause any number of .lehentures to '>«'»»>';: 
executed and Issued for such sums as n a> 
he renulred, not exceedhiK however, the 
sum of $275,000.00 either In '^■"'•^"'-•y^ ''' , 
sterling money, at the rate aforcstild. each 
i.r the said debentures being of tho amount 
of sson no. and nil su.h d.-bentures ahull bf 
sealed with the seal of the said Corporation 
and signed by th<! Reeve thereof. 

It shall be lawful for the said Reeve ill 
his fllscretlon to alternately cause ciuh of 
the said debentures to be made, txecuted 
nod Issued lor an amount ot IlOO sterling. | 
and one, If necessary for a less sum in ster- , 
ling money tn complete the authorized 

Issue. J, . , 

3 Tho said deheiilures shall bear date of 
fhe 31st day of March. 1012, and shnll he made 
payable In 50 years from the snld date at 
any ot the fnllowtiiK plnces. rismely. at the 
Bank of HrltiKh Norlh Amerk'a >n the City 
ot Victoria, at the Uank ot British North 
Amerhtft In the City of Toronto, at the Bavik 
of British North Amerira In tho City of 
Montirfal. Cuniida, or In the City of Nov.- 
Vork In the Cnlted Stales of America, or 
London, Enffland, find sh.-ill have attached 
to them coupoiiK lor the iiayment of Inter- 
est; and the signature .10 the Interest cou- 
pons may he either written, stumped printed 
or lithographed. 

4. The said debentures shall bear Interest 
at the rate of 5 per centum per annum from 
the dale tht-reof. which Interest shall bo 
vn.vable half year'y at such of the places 
mentioned In rnragrnph 3 hereof ns may 
bo expressed In Ihe debentur"8 or cou- 

n. It shall be lawful tor the sild Reeve to 
cause the said ih b"ntures und interest cou- 
pons, either or both to he made payable at 
such place, either In the Dominion of Can- 
ada, Oreal Urilaln or tlio liiltid StHUs ot 
America as may be desired, 

8. It shall be lawfsul for ih? said Reeve 
of the said Corporation 10 dispose of the 
said debentutes at a rate below psir and to 
authorise the Treasurer to paiy nit .if the 
sums so raised by the sale of the said de- 
bentures all expenses connected with the 
preparation and engraving or Hth'.graphing 
of ths debentures and coupons, or any dis- 
count or commission or other charges Inci- 
dental to the sale of the sal/l debentures. 

7. For the purpose of the payment of the 
tnt«rest on the said debentures during their 
currency, there shall be set aside annaatiy 
the sum of $18.7&0,O0 and for the purpose 
of crsatlng'a sinking fund for the payment 
off ot the debt at msturlty. there shell be 
set aside the annual sum of $2.438.ui;. 

8. The said sum of Ill.TtO necessary for 
, the paymsnt of the intvreat annually'^ th* 

a loan a sum ..^v ^~ -..„ .,„riinir 

the mim ot $75,000 currency. 01 sterling 
money at the rat« of $4.88 S-3 to the one 
pound sterling, and to cause »)! such «um» 
so raised or received to be paid Into the 
hand« of the treasurer it the corporation 
for tho purpose and tor the object iicrein- 
beforo recited. ' ,. _.,.,.„ 

2. It shall bo lawful for the said Reeve 
to cause any numhor of debentures to l>e 
made, executed and i3»ued for such sums 
as may bo required, not exceeding, how- 
ever, the sum of ?ew>nty-lUe thousand do - 
lars ($76,000), cither in currency or sterl- 
ing money afor.-J^iid, each of the s»td de- 
bentures being of the amount of Ave hun- 
dred dollars ($500.00) or Its sterling equiva- 
lent at tho rato aforesaid, and all such de- 
bentures shall be sealed with the seal of«-»he 
saia corporation and signed by the Rce\e 
thereof. It shall bo lawful for the said 
Reeve In his discretion to alle uately caiise 
each of the yald debentures .0 be jr.rtd?. 
executed and Issued for aji amount ot one 
■ hundred pounds sterling and one. If neces- 
sary, for a leas sum In sterling money to 
complete the authorized Issue. 

3. The s;ald debentures shall bear the 
date of the 31si of March, 1912. and -whall 
be made pavublo In thirty (30) years from 
the said date at any of the following Places. 
I nainelv: At the Bank ot British North 
America In the city of Victoria; at the 
Bank of British North America In the City 
Of Toronto; at the Bank of British North 
Amcrlc.1. In the .-ity of Montr.-ul: or al 
tho Bank of British North America In the 
city of New York In lh« irmted States cif 
America, or at the Banl; of British North 
America In London. England, and shall have 
attached to them coupons fur the payment 
of interest and tne signature to the Interest 
coupons may be either written, stamped, 
prlnt.?d or lithographed. 

4. The said d.-benliires shall bear Interest 
at the rate of five per centum per onnum 
from the <late thereof, which Interest shall 
be payable balf-yenrly at such of the places 
mentioned In paragraph 3 hereof as may 
be expressed In Ihi' debentures or coupons. 

G. It shall bo lawful tor tho Reeve of the 
said corporation t.> dispose of the said de- 
bentures at a rate below par. and to author- 
:se the treasurer of the corporation to pay 
out of the sums so raised by the sale of 
tho said debentures, all expenses connected 
with the preparation and lIlhoKraphlng of 
the debentures anrl coupons, or nny disronnt 
or corjimlyBlon or other charjccs incidental 
to thtt sale of the said dchenturcs. 

0. For the purpose of the payment of Ihe 
Interest on the snld debentures during their 
curi-cniv. there shnll he set aside annually 
tho «um of 53. 750, 0(1 and for the piirpo'o of 
creating a sinking fund for tho payment 
off of the debt nt maturity there shall be 
set aside annually the sum of $1,670.60. 
7. Tho said sum of $3,750.00 necessary tor 
[ the p»>i;::;r.t nf the Interest annually on tho 
' said driientiires, ond the snld sum of 
1 S1.67fi.5H iifiessnry to be set nshle annually 
for the purpose of treullng the sinking fund 
aforesaid, shall be .■<tt aside annutiMy 1 ut of 
Ihe ratwF and charges enforceable under tho 
provisions nf the said "Water Charges Ry- 
baw. liun," and the "Wnter Front- 
age Rate By-Law. lili:;," and In 
the event of there being any deflclo.l^^V In 
the amount realUed from the said rates and 
chnrges (»rt',i- the of Ih'- J'r.ioliol 
of money already chargod upon the same) In 
order to make up the amouiic of the annual 
interest n:id sinking fiiinl upon the sai'l debt, 
such dellclcncy sliu: I be ascertained ond paid 
out of the annual general rcvonue ot the 

8. That the Corporation of the District 
of OaU Bay do guiirainee th«- payment ot 
the principal rnoncy.s and l;ucr,Ht thereon 
10 ho raised under the authority of this By- 
Law, und Ihe council so as In no way to In- 
terfere with or prejullce the setting "»lds 
annually of the sums hereinbefore mentioned 
out of tho rates and charges Impos'Jd under 
th s»ld "Water Charges By-\Mir. IDIO." antl 
tlitt "Water Frontage Hale By-Law. 1918. 
will in case a sum sufficient 
to provide for the said interest ami sinking 
fund' •« not realised In <»arli year out of the 
saltl water rates and charges after the pay- 
ii.enl of tho sum ot ;nonoy already charged 
upon the same, pay such deficit (If any) out 
of tho current vear's revenue to any iierson 
or corjroratlon from whom they may borrow 
th* money upon th« Mcurlty ■>( thi dtbtn- 


IN THE MATTER of an application tor a 
fresh Certificate ot Title to LoU_41 and 
*i East Victoria, U. C. M«p 2.0. Mo- 
torla City, British Columbia. 
tention at the e:;plratlon ot one calendar 
month from the first publication hereof to 
Issue a fresh Certificate of Title In lieu of 
the Certificate ot Title Issued to Florence 
E Shafer on tho Cth ot October. ISIO, and 
numbered 44 318 O. wUlott his bften lost or 

^*Daled at Land Registry Office, Victoria. 
B C. this 22nd day ot December, ISll. 
Registrar General or Tltlea 

• OqirOR ACT. I9I0. 

Section 35.) 

NOTICB la hereby given that. on the 
Fifth day of March next, application wll 
be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial 
Police for the grant ot a license tor ho 
Tale ot liquor by retail in and upon the 
prem'»es known as The Hotel OanRe. sU- 
uBie at Ganges, Salt Spring Island, B. C, 
upor the lands' described as the nortbe^ast 
corner section two (2), range three (3) cast. 
Salt Spring Island. B. C. 

Dated this 1st day of February 




.w« Tttniter of the "Winding Up Act." 
^"aiir.n'iho Mauer of the British Columbia 
Horticultural ICstates, Limited. 

Notice is herebyTlven ^^at the Honor- 
„Me th. Chief .lus.loe has flxed^M^^^ 

frthe' fo^noon' a Chambers' m the Court 
House Victoria as the lime atid place tor 
"« «ppointmen-l of an official liquidator of 

"^na^::r thCT'^rni 'cir"^'Vebruary, A. D. 

'"[Signed. B. "• T^'^^^"" °„«4r:f;,,. 

efn ^iti'^y' Ijf Hii|MI|''*tfraor8. between w^.lch ' 
the penM|||^SPormlng tho chief por- 
tion of the ij'ity thrusts Itself down., 
will be carried along at tho aame 
time. This will eventually »'Te St. 
John one of the (flnes| harbors on the 
whole Atlantic coast, and will bring to 
Its whaa-ves a constantly growing traf- 
fic all the year round. 

But there is another great reason 
for the enthusiastic optimism of the 
citizens In the assurance of rapid In- 
dustrial growth. The Edward Part- 
ington Ptilp & Paper Co., in considei-- 
ation of a fi-xed assessment for a term 
of years, has Just agreed to spend HflOO,- 
000 at once on the enlargement of the 
pulp mill, and to add a paper mill at 
a cost of $500,0011. It l.s expected that 
this company, will be merged into 
the Consolidated Pulp & Paper Co., 
v.'hlch has 15.000.000 rapttal. 

The promoter of the autrar refinery, 
which it was expected would bo erect- 
ed at St. John, has asked for an ex- 
tension of time, and offered certain 
pledges, but the city council has re- 
fused to give its assent, and so ad- 
vised the Dominion Government whl-ch 
Is Interested in the proposed site. The 
Iron and brass manufacturing firm of 
T. McAvity & Sons are very anxious to 
get this site to assemble their whole 
plant and greatly enlarge their opera- 
tions. It Is certain that the' 'site will 
be utilized for manufacturing pur- 
poses and construction work begun this 

A company vv'injnw ivame is not di- 
vulged has been negotiating with the 
city for pix)perty which it owns ne<ir 
Fairvillo. as a site for extensive car 
works. Twt^ty acres are needed and 
thP city's properly l.*< not Ciuite 30 large 
hut an effort is being made to secure 
the necessary addition &t a reasonable 
figure ami gQt the new industry. 

The construction of a factory to man- 
tifp.cture blockite will be begun as soon 
as the spring opens, and a local firm 
of tanners have askt-d for a fixed as- 
sessment on condition that they on- 
large their plant this year. The cea-- 
talnty that the great .harbor works will 
Ro on is regarded as practically assur- 
ing the construction of a large cement 
works on a, desirable site close to the 
city by English capitalists who hav« 
already secured the site. 

Other Industries are certain to fol- 
low the present movement. The East 
St. John wonVs will Inolude a mam- 
moth dry d-ock and ship repaic plant^ 
es well aa the great breakwater, wiiar- 
ves and dredging. Farms close to the 
new works are being divided Into 
town, lots ami are now on the market 
und the s'treel railway will he extend- 
ed there in the spring and sumi.^er. 


Tenders will be reclved at the office ot 
the Board ot School Trustees on or before 
Tuesday. March 12lh, at 4 o'clock p.m.. tor 
the erection and completion ot a High 
School Quildlnc on grounds situated on 
p_j.j._.5;3^T»£.a^- and Oram street In. tll«--«'_^ 

City of Victoria. . . . .i. " 

/l separate tender will be required ot the 
electrical equipment. 

No tender will be required for tho plumb- 
ing and heating. 

■'K-Jjach tender must be accompanied by a 

-|j|arked cheque, payaihle to the Board of 

^'Swhool Trustees, for an amount equal to 8 

per cent, of the amount, pf the tender. This 

cheque will be returnsd to the Contractor' 

' |[s*i-the unsuccossful tenderers when 

i^^^as hagn nntiirrfl lutoaad a sa t . . , i , ;. r . 
■"'■jSktond provided. In tho event of 

the successful tenderer refusing to enter into 
a contract when called upon so to do, thu 
deposit cheque will be forfeited to the Board 
of School Trustees. 

The lowest or any tender will not nfeces- 
sarlly be accepted. 

Drawings and specifications may be seen 
at the office of the undersigned. 






Notice is hereby given that John 
Samuel Henry Mat.3on, of Victoria, 
British Columbia, is applyinar to His 
Excellency the Governor-Ceneral of 
Canada in Council for appro-val of the 
irea plans, site and description of 
works proposed to be constructed in 
West Bay. Victoria Harbor, Victoria, 
B. C being the lands situate lying and 
being In the City of Victoria aforesaid. 
Bind known, numbered end described as 
part of Block VHI. of pert of lot num- 
ber 29. Section XI., Viewfield Farm. 
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and 
has deposited the area and site plans 
of the proposed works and a description 
thereof with the Minister of Public 
■Works at Ottawa and a duplicate there- 
of with tiie 'Registrar-General of Titles 
lu the Laud Registry Office In the City 
of Victoria, British Columbia, and that 
the matter of the said application will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from the time of the first 
publication of this Notice in the "Can- 
ada Gazette." 

Dated this 22nd day of February, A. 
D., 1912. 




TAKE NOTICE that application will 
be mwde to the Board of Licensing Com- 
missioners for tiie Municipality ot 
Saanich at their next meeting for a 
aansfer from Enoch Sage to James 
Callander of the license now held by 
the said Enoch Sage to sell intoxicating 
liauors by retail on the premises known 
aa the Prairie Hotel. East Saanich Road. 
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 
Dated this 15tb day of January, ltl2. 


TAKE NOTICE that at the next alttlns et 
the Board of Licensing CommU«loa#ra Ur 
tiie City ot Victoria, B. C we intand to 
apply for a transfer of the licansa tor the 
sale ot spirituous and fermented liquors by 
retail held by the late B. C. Da*les for Uxs 
premises known as the Poodle Dog Restau- 
rant 618 Yates street. Victoria, B. C. to 
Herbert H. Wayne and Augusttu w. CH- 
tlgnon, both ot Victoria. B. C. . ^ , 

Dated at Victoria, a C, this Ith day 
of January, 1918- . . . _ , 

The British Columbia Land and inTaai- 
ment Agency Limited, Agent for the BatiM* 
of R. C. DavSes, deceased, and «|«at fo» 
ne Johnson Estate. __.»,.^_.. 

p»r A. ». vrourmvuKS. 



Vleloria Assessment Distrlci— Revision, 1913 

.\HHesNinent Roll. 

Ih heiebv given that a Court of 
and Appeal, under the provisions 
Assessment Act. 1903." for North 
Poiitli Victoria, and the Islands or 

the aho-.c ilesTib^.d district, and for 

iiiUm of <.;orporallon«, ■ will be hold on 

Tuesday, March l«th, 1912, 

tn the forenoon at the 

I-arllament Buildings. 

of the ' 

at ten 

1 on 


TH03. S. 


Tudgf. of the t>urt of Revision nnd Appeal 
ited at Victoria, H. C. February 2Stlj, 


1 11 1 2 


TAKE NOTICE that at the next sitting 
of the Board ot Licensing Commissioners 
for the City of Victoria, I intend to apply 
for a transfer of the liquor license held by 
William Alexander At^derson for th« Re- 
gent Saloon, situate •': tho corner of John- 
son and Douglas strnets In the cityof 
Victoria, B. C. to .T. Holler and Oj^o 
Nltie both Of the said- City of Victoria: 

Dated al Victoria, B. C this »Oth dl8y «f 

January, 1*18. . „__.^.,.„„ 


One large farm In another direction 
being Biibdiviaed Into factory slttfs and 
on every hand there is- evidence that St. 
.Tohn will soon be one of the liveliest of 
the growing cities of Canada. 

Hon. William Pugsley, ex-minister 
of public workf, told a St. John paper 
lust week that President Hays, of the 
Grand Trunk Pacific, said to htm that 
the «>rst .«!teamships to use the termin- 
als at East St. John would no doubt 
be those of tbe White Ster line. The 
Grand Trunk Pacl^c terminals are ex- 
pected to i'uclude a grain elevator end 
: immigration buildings. By the time 
this railway is completed and In a 
position to handle tntfflc the works at 
East St. John wHl be ready. Norton 
Griffiths & Co. are required to com- 
plete their traffic In four years. 

The St. John city council has given 
notice of a town planning bill to be 
prtsenlwl to the Legislature nexl tnonlh 
for enactment, in order that the expan- 
Blon of the city may be cpnductetl along 
right lines In regard to streets, lanen, 
Bewerage, open spaces and other re- 
iiulrements in an up to date Commun- 
ity. ■ ^ 
.News from Predericton, Woodntook, 
and other points along the route of th* 
St. John Valley Railway trfla of acUv- 
ity In real esUte, and unlveraal antici- 
pation Of great benefits from ,t>"!r «an- 
rral forwftrvl movbtnwit; whil* In t^hjc 
Que«n'R county coal fields ahd the n».- 
taral gaa and .ott •reg\ron Jii A16ert 
County, tmportaPt dfevcloptnaiita ar« a*e 
Kure«. .0n the Mlramlchl, BiNrllah c«|»l* 
tal t* Wfetitg Jtitf-faated In a Ug pulp 

^nd paper pr*Pf?«««Of. .;. ,V,v . 

Th.9 plana %f Hit pVjfiuicUl Imml- 
grailon -osBaraw ' !a S"i»S«fri«ton jeft'-rv 
la March, «»«» «»• "Back ta Xaw 18«u»,v- 


Notice is hereby «lv«n that the »•- 
serve established by noUce p-ubUAjd 
In the British <3olumJHa Oaaatte «f the 
14th August. 1884, and dated tha l««h 
August, 1881. Is cancaWed In ao tar.aa 
the same relates to fractional S«etMiai 
2 and n. Township 12 and that potmu 
of Section 35, TownrtUp 10, KooUgwr 
District, lying north of tha C^RK. 
right of way and weat Of tha B. • X|i 
Railway right of way, In'oifdar t"Mj» 
sale of the, aald landa may *a tittid*«i> 
Henry L. Simons, ___^^„^,,^^„' 

Deputy Mlnlatiw of t<ute 
Land* Department, Vlet4»rt* M. tL 
Janu ary 5th, >tU. . ~, 


^TAKB NOTJCB^thW gg^^^ 

slonerg at th*lr ii*»t •fM^UM»_*Clf^Jl' 
the expiration of Ihlrtjr onra 
hereof, for tha ttawilaf •4». 
rraaer and J**'' "fiSgj^ »^ 
of Victoria, BrltWh WW 
now hold by »a t* aw 

on the «»J«!a*» »»«<»5ft.j5J2' 
sliuate at No. (ll jatHMMni 

B. C. 
. Dated thta »l»t «»» Pt **«iMt. 


laad* ta 

fr«* tlia-a*tir 
Batior **Hlt^» # 
Him »* t*** ■£.. 

m::M^ ^■~. 

Executrix of the Estate of WJlUam Alaaaa- I *^,^ Waafc" i* July, f iHliBi »ttl*i4 [ •JJESSLTlt* 

'- "■"•*• lwith««««t vti«r. •—"'" '- 


d«r Anderson, d*oaaM4> 
rrHtttM, t. K. AVITIM 







Thursday, February 29, 191» 




\\\M mm 
m sthe\i;tii 

United States Steel Firm in 
Face of Developments at 
Washington— Mexican Situ- 
ation Causes Disquietude 

*t)RK, Ktb. 28. — Aimit Iroui a 
emeni by the slioit inteiest, the 
bck iTiurket today differed only sllRht- 
ly In its faiient feature from tlie early 
.Uys of the Week. "Tilt strenffth of 
L'nileU States Sti-el iMn-hiips was the 
more uotewortliy bfoaui'e or the severe 
arraignratnt of that corporation before 
lb« Stanley Invcstitcattnif committee. 

ititf^eit at thf report «»«m«il to 

, ikiBtoo tn th« Mexloali nit* 

fljr ' r*port«d from Washinston, 

- -fewj iKv a}jHisB»l»t «^ SoiA to Satxth 

;icft tbt Pltrls account and cobtln> 

Anifk Hftk thd bftotts beir? were stnons 

n«wji H«mm that tiad bearing on the 

itoiii The bond market waa 8t«ady 

:^^ ^toaeratc tradlns- Total salce 

;r vihie) |2.08».000. 

■^Stiftiw Qovt, bonds were un- 

CTMiB. toe»i,-«aefc. i..,t,^i^.. . .. . . ,tt 


B«M Ottfirr. per lb. » ^ 

vietoria Creanerr. jper th. .. .Sf 

Cowtctaan iTreamery ber >b>.. ' .SO 

fc ^'. ,}^j 

(.;" v" .., ' Bloaejr Bate*. 

TOKK. Feb, S».— Money on tall' 

8. a^ per cen»." RvUns rate, 2H, 

atSH. Time loaiw nrmar. »« dsya. 

W «H«ti M daysi :>«»% Pw ««"«! 

r WbW. < *• ~ P rtw e H ie r caBtM e — papen- 

^fc'tfetoent. Sterltiw exobani^ ■teady, 

>tMl buiilnM* In baiolterr btUK at 

li^WdSwand at M.8T,3ni tor «e- 

^S^iiM'bllti ^$4.83. ;Bar ,«*»v«r. 

x-fT«r vfiRK Feb; 'iS.-r^opBer steady. 
Nprii. ?H.30©1*.3(>; May and 

u:iied by P./ISV. 

. Fun 
SlO'Us — 


StieveiiBon (fcJCP^*^. 





... ^^^ 

. . . . «i«c 


... 67 % 


Hla — 

... :.:".; 


... <-,\ 



... u 







May . . . 


I,«i.l - 
J II i \ 

hihorl Itlbs — 






Hi '» 




. l.'l. 
I ... 





I I 






II '■« 






The only rhansc to be recorded today In 
the decline Itt thu price ul Island egrK" to 
.10c- unj th« Ulsuiipearance of K&stern egge 
iroiu the market altogethejr, 


Straw, per ton *i. ' 19,00 

Bran, per 100 Iba 1.60 

Shortt, par 100 Iba... i.7» 

0»t». Dsr lou ib«. ....,.,,.. I.«B«t.7( 
Feed Wheat, per 100 lb8..1.TS :.90O3.tS 

•J. 00 

Crushed data, par 100 Ihs, 

Itarley, per XOO lb-. 

Cracked Corn, pejp J 

Feed Cornmeal, b<ap^>ain^ap..> 

Uay. par toa •:-*:^^^^^r»m^^- 

WhaSej ■«mt^ -imr,^-'.-lba,>, . ■, 

CrMMi« BiMev. Mr iM lMk.i 
AUai«a May. vmt tea »...«. 

Comox Creamery, par. lb. . 
Salt Sprins lal. Creameiy. 

B. C. Butter , 

New Zealanfl , Butler, 




» • * • 

» *• • 

Royal Houaehold, ba( .. 

Lab* ol Wood*, bas .... 

Rrysl eiandard, bfw ... 

Wild Rose, per aa^k. ... 

Il e b l n "Hood,-- per^ ' eat b r 

C;%lsary, per ba* ...v* , , . . ...,,. 

IMDCafe p.e«b vinr.Mpp, »«....«<.. 

ttrbMett fabw,_; ^.ji| ei ", ,..«,* . 
. :lBb#at,.Wlli(lt^^;b~-'i!lWb' '.■••••»••■■ 
' .8B<Mraafce^':''bdr ~bii#'"0'>'..'.<>...^' '. 





li e i we a fc ' "iw doaea ••.••...•• 

:BaBblMMa 'M.-do«aa. . ;........ 

Maie$«|'vimiiiev 'lb.., ...:..,.,..: 

utea S for ,<.,, 

;fi'eni£aiDbn«. eacb ............ 

B^mt, per lt>. .... 
Uuttoa. per lb. 







per Back., 
new, per lb. ........ 

Ob«6tti B "^Ibs. . .... . . . V. . . . : 

Beata per lt>. ,......,.«.,., 

Cerrota. per lb. ....... ^...... 

New Carrots. 3 bunchaa ...... 

Can'Jllo^ci-, each . ..,....,» ' 

iry, per stalk, 3 for 

rn Peppers, per lb. ...... 

It I'otatoes, 1 lbs. for.... 

Orcan Onions. 3 bunchoa . ...^ 

CltroBS, par lb 

Pumpkins, per lb. ......... 

Curly Kale, per lb. ..i. ...... 

KhuU^b, XW.ft. bUHfihee for . . 

Ill Hiiiiiiitiiaiiia 












N. Y. O. 



R»ll'.\ H.v 


Itep. Iron anrl S. 
Rock Inland . •. • 
Sloss Shpffifl"' ■ 
SOuthtrn I'aflfl'' 
SoulhPrn Hulhsny 
Tfllli. I". >]■)•<■:■ . . 
Tsvlii <-i'v 
I'nton Vii-ii. 
do l> 
P. Rilt 

». Sterol . .. ; • 
lio pfd 

I'tah I'oppor . .. 
Virginia Chemical 

Wabash ,. 

Wi-ali-ru I'Ulcm . . • 
\\>«tinshnu»e .... 
WlMiiiii^in Ceritral ..... 

M.ini-y I'n c=!?. 2'4 prr cpnt. 

T.>lal sales. 43B,S00 shares. 







American CunaiUnn "H 
Canadian Northwest Oil 

.MarUopa Oil 

Intprnntlonal C niwl '' 

Nli'ola Valley C. and O 

Hciyal Collieries ' 

Wentern V. and <". 

n. C Pnrkprs com BE. on 

(". N. P. risrcrles 2.5" 

r.. C. P«rm. Loan 130.00 

l>omlnIiin TruBt I'o 120.00 

lU. West Perm, i .i ' Kn.OO 

IVulflc Loan 

st<>\vKrt Land 

M. C. Copper ^■0'-' 

I'an. Con. S. and n. 

. :i rtiiby 

■ Monatlon GoUi 

l.ui-ky Jim 

Nucirot Gold 

HnnitilPr . . 

standard T.ead 

CUneler Iprfek 

Porlliiiid f'anni 
[{<id iMlff ... 
Slfwnri M. and U. 










. .. It 
.04 1^ 



.04 »i 


"WATER ACT, tow." 

THIS IS TO CBRTIFif that tha Welling. 
ton CoIMery Company, Limited, holder ol 
Water Licenses Npa lUlS and 1920, yranted 
by the Water Commtssluner for the Victoria 
Watoc District, /or the diversion of 1.000 
cublu feet per second of water from the 
Puntledse river, a tributary of Courtenay 
river, has submittod to the 14eutenant-Gov- 
ernor in Council a map or plan of the %«ork* 
by which It Intends to divert the said water 
and conduct It to the place whera it sliall 
be used for generatins electric power as 
described in ibe said licenses. 

TLui the undertaktUK ot the said Wei- 
tlnvton Colliery Company, Limited, as set 
out in the said plans is hereby approved, 
and the said company Is hereby a ithorized 
to construct and execute tha (o:lowiax 
works In accordance with the plans and 
specifications submitted and died in the 
office of the Cnief Water Commlsslouer at 
Victoria. vU.: — 

A — An impounding dam near tha outlet 
of Comox Lake. 

B— Lowerlua the bed of Puntledge river 
and the hereinafter dencrlbed dlvuraiun dam 
to an l»araaj«>ri d^^nrh of Ovn fn..T nr $<i>bm, 

C-^A dlvemlon dam on Puntledge i IveS 
about 2,8uu feet below tbo impounding dau 
auovu described. 

D— The works necessary for ♦•?'. tran*- 
inisston of the power gen-.-rated tjnder the 
abova licenses on and In tha vicinity of 
Italids VeiuuKinK tu tiiu aaiU company. 

That the cuinpuoy may exercise Us pow- 
ers within Uie Cumox and Melaon lAnd Ols- 

That no capital uo required beyond that 
already subscribed a:id paid up. 

That the work shall bo begun on or be- 
foro the 1st day of May next and shall ba 
completed and In actual , operation on ur ba- 
lore tlie 3ist Decemoer. 1»13. 

With tlio proviso that during the con- 
struction of the said works any engineer 
appointed l-y the Minister of Lands for that 
purpuio shall have free access to all parts 
of the works for tho purposa of Inspecting 
the same and of ascertaining that tha con- 
struction thereof is in accordance with tha 
plans and specifications heroin referrred to. 
and that the cost of such inspectloi< sbal] 
be paid by the company. 

Dated this st<th day of November. 1911. 
Deputy Clerk of the l^^xecutivs Council. 



Ti'Uilers will be rtcelved by the uiiUcr- 
.-ilgned up to Monday, 3 ii.iii.. the 4tli of 
Murch for a wugoii to be UBfd for put- 
ting dogs in to ooiivey them to the 
Pouiul. Tlic wagon will reiiulrt to have 
2 compartments and to have cranked 
axle at rear, so that It will be as low 
to the ground as possible; front wheels 
lu paMH undtrncath from of wftsoii. The 
liurlleH tendering for the above will be 
renulrcd to furnlHli plans and specifica- 
tions and time reuulrt-d to build . the 
name, with all necessary lamps,' locks 
for spring d-mrs, and complete th*; same 
In good working order to the sivUsfac- 
tion of the Pound Committee and Pound 

The lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

City Hall, 5 Purchasing .^gtnt. 

Victoria B.C., Feb. 26, 1912. 


Separate tenders will be received up,to 
a p. m. March 4th, lft12, for th«nupply 
Of Electrical equipment. Globes, Lamps, 
etc, Speclttcationa uf which caJi,be aeen 
at the ofHcB Of the undernlarned, to whom 
to be delivered. The low- 
fiindel* not necesBarUy ac- 

if*urchastns Jl#»iit. 
C»ty Hblli f QtNTWMPy isth. mt, 


The Manlelpal Council ot the Corpor- 
•tlDnor the Cltyof Vlctbrla ba.vlnv ae> 
termined that it la desirable: 

i. To conatruct a permanent stdewalb 
on. the north side of Bay atreot from 
Dtfa|flaa street to Tannery Btireet. and 

femovo . poles and trees from off said 
Btreat, If necessary; 

t. T» e»pr«>rl»te the naoeasary t§$A 
lJropeit]r.v«Mi both sl^ew of l^sOtroke 
■ btiKoiui. :Hpriri|r rami Jiftfl Fum-. 

w^ («««;: for tb« ptirpose of ;iirIdi»iktMt 


4. Tci" widen the present; 

;i<' avenue on thew.est 

ia'iSft. "blid" li^t^^ei'h I'andora avenue ahd 
Courtney »tr»>pt on the east side, and 
iemovc poles and trees where ' 
und to ;'onf<trurt r i>erinan»»nt 
oil thf 

;£«?«!: ^ ^ ;. : . ;^ ■ ■ -::_ 

5. To widen tiie sidowii! 
ICB of Yates Btvect, rrtiiu > -mvj 
i, Fern wood: rdatl, l>ci\\'en thef^^ 
»*. and the present walks |§^.#|£g«M|; 


That the Municipal (."ouiicll of the 
Corporation of the City of Victoria hav- 
ing' determined that It is desirable; 

1. To grade, drain and iiavc with an 
iisphaltlc pavement Henry Street from 
Mary Street to KsMUlmalt Uoad, and 
con.«truct curbs, gutters and sidewalks 
on both sides of said streol, also lateral 
connections to stnvcr.s, surface drains 
and water mains, aiw remove poles, if 

2. To gi'ade, drain end pave with an 
asphaltlc pavemt^nt Retit Street between 
Alpha. Strc?t and Delta Street, and con- 
struct permrinent sidewalks, curbs and 
Kutters on Vioih shies of said street, also 
lateral connections to sewors, siii-face 
drains and water mains, and remove 
polo.s, If necessary. 

3- To widen Hillside Avenue from 
Cedar Hill Uoad easterly to tho City 
l.,lmlts, and to expropriate sufficient 
property to widen the said aventie {o «. 
uniform width of seventy-flye feet fol- 
lowing the present street lines. 

4. To construct permanent sidewalks 

I '■ i i-ete on both sides of Harrl."»on 

■ Ktween Kort t?treet and Pandora 

A venue. t, 

!".. Tn iralh and' pave with an 

Kii'iic.i TuiriiiiLiie.til .^lOL^w iLiaa. cilruM uilii 

gutters on both sides of said avenue, 
^ral connections to sewere, sur- 
Ina arid water mains, and re- 

'- ''C W-'«sifv#Mtotiv'iliii ^'neceaabry .real 
property On bo^h otdo* .'of fatrfleUt 
Road between J^tjhMi Uoad end Foal 
Bay Road tn neoOrdaobe With a plbn 
coiorea T«d, iBftrt»« **B t" In. tb*' dty- 
Baclnmr's office! for the purpose of 
Widening satdU^ad to a uniform' width 
of 6« Stxty^sl/ «$) feet. 

7. To grai^ drain and pave with an 
ospbaltic pavement St. Andrew's Street 
from Stmooe Street to its northerly ter-- 
mlnation, and constrtict curbs, gratters 
and stdewalbs on both sides of isald 
iStirmt. aim Intfrwl nannm:tl»na. in wiWn 

ers. BurfiKce drilltui and water mains, 
and remove poles, if necessary. 

8. .To oonstrw^ .bouicvjirdB Ob' 
sldiM of St. Andrew* si^aet from «l#i. 

Tir"*4i!'.'oop«t'r«ot :>bb](ii('f(»w*|i: .■.■•oiii"'C'*okli' 

fcflt;, ■ .'^ 

''.,-ii. To'- WjMfft 

And that all of soAA works 

carrii*::iW|v|ift;;i(!6W^^ ' 

r.noo M.Trioo|. 
1 11.0(10 at .00 '/i. 



I H' iiV n I " 1 1 1 
Wh'Ki — 




I', w. 
I >pen. 


fitevenson * 
High. Ixiw. 
102 ^ lOOH 

»7 94% 

9u 93'% 






Notice Is hereby given that all persons 
bavlng claims against the estate of 
Robert McFadden. lato of Victoria, 
British Columbia. who died on the 
7th day of November, 1911, and whoso 
will has been proved in the Supreme Court 
of Hrltleh Columbia by Susan Maddalord 
McFiidden and William McFadden. the ex- 
ecutrix and executor theielii namrd, are 
hereby required to send particulars of their 
claims to the undersigned on or before the 
10th day of May. 1»I2, after wliW-h dale the 
pvecuiors will piocfed to dli«trlbutc the as- 
sets of tho deceased am'ing the parties en- 
titled thereto, having regard only to tho 
claims of which they ghnll then have had 
notice; and all persons indebtPrt to tho de- 
ceased am reijuested to pay the amount of 
their indebtedness to the undersigned forth- 

Vlcto'la, B. C. 

S^. .To construct a ' pcrmaiiAli^iipitllt ; 
of conjcrefe on thf.- north side Of Brie 
t<tieot, from St. t,awrcn<;e street to 
Pallas road. Apd that all of said works 
sl.aU be carried ont in ar-cordanee with 
lijj provisions of the l,i»r;(' nnprovement 
General Bylaw, and amendments there- 
to, and the City Engineer and City As- 
sessor having rteported to the Council, 
in- accordance with the provisions of 
Stctlon 4 0- this by-law, upon each and 
av-4Xy i>iC 9fiXi v.'ocks of local Improvc- 
'^(^if(t^^^0^mi^ statements showing the 
airouiiiljp.iljljlifcated to be chargeable in 
tath c|iip, iMIpainst the Mirlous portions 
of reaJ^'itaiilrty to be beneJlted by the 
bald W^Mll^d the reports of tlie City 
I'higlneer and City As."- '<! 

having been adopted h 

*:OTieE 19 HEREBy 'it^ '<• 

the Bald yeports are open for ' . m 

at the olflee of the City Assessor, Clt:- 
Hall, DouRlas street, and that unless a 
petition against any proposed- liirork of 
^<3'@HP'''Ilrili^^^'^^"^ above mentioned, 
V'^fffiS^P^^^^s-lorttv of the owners' of 
the land or i^eal property to be assessed 
fcr such improvement, and reproHenting 
ar least one-half of the value . 1 

land Or real property, is presen i 1 1 •• 

Cdunclt within fifteen days from the 
date of the first publi"-"-- -^f this no- 
tlce, the Council will i with the 

pitipoKed Improvement ujinn fsuch terms 
.and conditions as to the payment of the 
cost of such Improvement as the Coun- 
cil may by by-law in tliat behalf reg- 
tilate and determine. 

• City Clerk's Office, C.M.C 

February 22. Ifl^lZ. 

I'iiiid thtjCUyEnKlnoer and; City Asses- 
f'sor liavlnjr feportetl to the Council, In 
accbVdan<^e vvtth the provlfilons of Sec- 
tion 4 of this bylaw, upon each end 
• very of said works of local Improve- 
,iMW|,;i,5||Sying stateine'i'" "hriwInK- the 
'uilllip^. estimated ! .ir.'?e.iuic in 

:^^T^S»c ■^"•Hliv.'<t tl'. .kus puitlons 

f)f ]• rtv to be benefited by the 

'<'i! lid the reports of the City 

.! City Assessor as afore- 

i>e<?n adont/-il li\- I'nn t'^^t^r*. 

S||i|> • urts are open for Inspection 

ipltr^th : ..( of the City Assessor, City 
Hall, Douglas Street, and that tinless a 
petition against any propbBe<i «-,,.-i,- of 
local improvement above ■ed, 

signed by a majority of th' >' 

the l;iiid or real property to 
for such improvement and r ,.•,.:.:.:. ^ 
at least one-half of the value of the 
said land or real properly, is presented 
to the council within fifteen days from 
the date of the first puhiic.itlon of this 
notice^ the CJounoll will i cith the 

proposed Improvement 11 ; i h trfm."! 

antl conditions as to the poymcni of the 
cost of such improvement a« thr. coun- 
cil may by bylaw In that behalf res- 
ulftte and determine. 

WKLLIXflTO.V J. i-M\vi,i:i;, 

City Clerk'.'j Office, C..M.O. 

Kebriirii-y. 2StIi, 1!»12. 


U'aieUuuitti I'riallug Uepartoieut, \ Ictoria 

SliALl^U rK.NDfc;US. superscrlljed Ten- 
der lor V\ arehouse I'llnilng Utparim«tnt, Gov- 
(rnini'-ni liuildUigs, Victoria," will be rectjiv- 
ed by Die Hon. Ilii; Minister ' of Tubllc 
Works up to 12 o'clock noon, of Thursday, 
the 21lth day ot l^obruury. 1912, for tt:« 
erection and complnlon of a warehouse for 
the Printing Depui linenl, Uovernmunt Build- 
ings, \ Iciorlu, 11. C. 

I'lens, BpeclfUatlons, contract, and forma 
of t«nder may lie seen on and after thii 21it 
day of l-'cbruary, 11)12, at the general office 
of the Department of Public Works, Parlla- 
m«ni Uull.llngs, Victoria. 

I2ach proposal must be accomponled by 
an accepted bank chciue or oertltieale of 
deposit on a churiered bank of Canada, 
made payable to the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works, for the sum of »200. which 
shall be forlolted If tho parly tendering de- 
cline to enter Into contract wnon called up- 
on to do so. or If he fall to complete the 
work contracted for. The cheques or cer- 
tificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers 
(vii! be returned to them upon the execution 
of the contract. 

Tt-nders will not bo considered unless made 
out on the forms supplied, signed with tho 
o,,ii,jii -iLMiature of the tenderer, and en- 
cl> !i« envelope furnished. 

St or any tender not necessarily 

Public Works Engineer. 
Department of >'»ubllo 'Worka, Victoria. B. 
C. February 20th, 1912. 


,;'i. i iiii< '^ iii ! i i t i i 'ii ' 

t4» m mmm •§ jMk. «>mv. mm !!•• 

convcr, nrltub 

Tli« government ef Brttteb Columbia lu- 
Tita iiBnirnnftlUxe 





achent* and design fior ^ . . ^ 

ttatvewity. together . wt«b mors del . 
plans tor th* baUdftbis to i» er«>tad nm 
at aa eSUteatad eoit sit ll.BM.«ftS.. .. \. :. 



Separate tenders will be received by 
the undersigned up to 3 p. m. on Mon- 
day, February 26th, iai2. for one med- 
ium weiglu horse, not over 7 years old, 
to pass inspection by the City Veterin- 
ary Surgeon. One light wagon and one 
set light harncsJs; wagon and harness 
to be to the satisfaction of Purchasing 
Agent, Lowest or any lender not neces- 
.sarlly accepted. 

wm. Av. noh':?hcott, 

Purchaskhg Agent. 
City Hall. February 14tb^ 1912. 



VJICAI.IOIJ lenders sup 

O l.-,,,.„i, ,.,... 1,,.-,.,,. ;!, 

•iM 1T1,A.>I 

'iders for 
>vill be re- 
laWo the Provincial 
lock noon of Hatur- 
day, the ItilU ^larch,' 11U2, for furuituCe 
nnd furni8h4ng» for lite new Mental Hos- 
plta.1 at' Coqultlajri as follows: — 
(1> Bedsteads and Bedding. 
(2i Carpets, Draperies ami WiieJow 

(3) Furniture. 

si..^. tfir-atlons and full Information win be 

nirnish'Ht upon apphtTitioii -to" Dr. V.'. E. 

I>oherty, Medical Huporlntend«*nt. Tlosplt&i 

for the Insane, New Westminster. B.C. 

pjn. 1. . . ...nnnl must be aceomv>anlpd by an 

acci , lUe or certificate of deposit on 

ft rh ■ Diink of Cannda niad> p.iyiM" 

1« till. Honorab!' 
for a sum eouiv'i 

amount o' lb« ienoiM. \v:i;.u Nri.iM n- lor- 
felted If the party tenderln-c decline to en- 
ter Into contract when called upon to do .so. 
OT if he fail to complete the work contract- 
ed for. The eheques or certificates of de- 
posit will be returned to fhe unBucressful 
tenderers upon the execution of the eon- 
traot. The lowest Or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

Provincial Sei I • ' >. 
Provincial Secretary's Offlce. 
!3rd February, 1912. 




The oldest Insarance Office In the world 


Home O^riCE t London. England 

Gaanciiaa Braiich Sub toulidtn^* 1'ovunto. Uv al. Biai^kbuix. iitaaai^as* 

» Pembcrton & Sons, Victorid Agents 

Tenders will, be received by the un- 
dersigned up to 8 p.m. on Monday, Feb- 
ruary 26th. 1912, for 4 Air Compressors 
as per specifications, which can be seen 
at Purchasing Agent's office. 

The ilowe&t or any tendtr not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

P.S. — Time for reoclvlnj? tenders has 
been extended to March 4th. 

City Hall. Purchasing Agent 

February 14th, 1912. 


tend to apply to the Board of Licensing 
Commissioners at their next sittings to be 
held at tho City of Victoria, B, -J., for a 
renewal of the license held by mo for the 
•ale of liquor by retail on the premises 
known as the l^anamn Hotel, situate at tij 
John»on street, Victoria. B. C. 

Dated 2nd January. IBi:. 




The Victoria Marhlnery Depot has con- 
trseted with the Astoria iron Works to 
build all Its C.ii FllllnK iMachlnca nuppll..,! 
In Ornish Columbia. 

Those Intrrrcstrd eai. see Mar-hlnes u) 
ready conslrticted for local patrons at the 
' Triephuna OiU. 



Tenders ■w!)l be received by the undersign- 
ed up to March 16th next for tho following 

Mining lease No. 1187 locaiud on Bpanlsh 
Creek, near Quesnel Forks, equipped v/lth 
Hydraulic I'Ipe and CSlants for Hydraulic 
Mining, with water record for same; also 

216 acr(!» Crown granted land at Cresta 
Blanea, Cariboo, with store building, stable 
and dwclUne; also 

Oenernl Merchandise at Cresta Hlanca, In- 
ventory of which can bo seen on application 

Messrs. Simon Lolsor & Co., l.iil., •,,(■ Vic 
torla. B. C. 

Messrb. l,orweti. H:iTi.-y .<;■ Ho?ni.. i."i,, 
of Vancouver, 13. C. 

.Messrs, Harvey, Bailey Ltd., ot Aslicroft, 
B. i:. ; also 

Six <r>» horses and harness, wagons, Dcm 
ocrat buggy, sIcIbIis, etc. 

Bids may be mado for the whole or any 

The highest or any tenib i n i iieeesaarlly 

-Address cnrc r o. Prawor 4n7. Victoria. 

■W. W. Bl.'^SETT, 



TAKB NOTICK that at the first sitting 
In l»12 (March llthi of thf. Board of Li- 
censing Commissioners for the City ot Vio- 

the license for the sale of spirituous and 
fermented liquors by retail hf.ld by ms for 
tho premises known as the Bank Exchanga, 
coiner Yates and Langley streeta. Victoria, 
B. C to Sttigle Bu>d. uf Vlctuila. U. C 

Dated »t victoria, il. C. this 4th day of 
December, 1911. 

A.NDKLkV KLai'jfA 

.. ,ybf ti^iili<».. uf . riib. . ' ft B wi'i w iijiWwt^.^ ' fc ii ^' ' i>m >'' 
of iMa^nU% ^1 '■O^i*"""' ("o request from the 

i ''•- ■'i"»« uSiift^J »?.'l'* "*"* ■ '" ■ by'.' July 3i»'. ■■ 

■ '■■'"^ :T»pSp»raR- OF '■-r'i-''\TlON, ■ 
Parllai' 'dings, 

Victoria. I • olumbia. 

Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Ltd. 


(Members Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane Stock Exchange) 

-Agents Confederation Life Rochester German Fire 

Money to Ivoan on First 

Wanted, Good Agreements for Sale 

Rooin.s _'_'_'-_'-' .5-_'J4 Sayward liluck 

Piionc 2471 



Chicacfo Board of Trade ^S^^ictoria Stock Exchanso 

104-106 Pemberton Building - Corner Fort and Broad Streets 

3i,i ■uSiiuA'i."^''. »VJ'.»'f't» 


M0^9mm^^^ te€W^^ Ijkw York. Boston and Montreal 

■' .il ii fii i \ i\ iAmiii i ji i '^i mum 


s ■■ 1. 1' TlO.NUKRS addressed to the un- 
darjBlgtied will be recehed up tilt noon on 
the ISth of March for the supply for twelve 
months from April Ist, 191I. of the follow- 
ing Fresh Provisions to tho Ships of the 
Naval Service at Halifax. N. S., St. John, 
N. B., Charlottelown. 1'. E. I., Quebec, Mon- 
treal. Vancouver and Ksaulmalt. It. C 

l''r'>-Hh Miitfi:'. ■ 1', 

, . Kis'ii, Hint. IV. 

llr-'iui, i"ir a t iif- ' -. »-AO!,';iKe, 

Turnips, Carroi ■-. 

Forms of tfc.i.:i . • .:,;iilned rm.n 

the undersigned or from the Navai 
Orflcers. n. M. C. Dockyards Halifax. 
.".ml KKiiulmnlt, B. C. 

rii:iiith'>rized publication of this no.tiC:9 
will not be paid for. 

a. .7. Dr,.=:ri,\RATS, 
Deputy M!: ' r the Naval Service, De- 

partment ival Service. 

Ottawa, i ..i.y.lOth, 1912. 


Messrs. Stewart Williams & Co 

Duly Instructed will .sell liy public auc- 
tion at 1907 Duchess street (opposite the 
Jubilee hospital) on 


at 2 o'clock aliarp a tjuantity of nearly 

Househoid Furniture 
Books, Etc. 

tncluding: Oak Etn«?room Suite, 6 Oak 
Chairs, Onk Sideboard, 2 Oc. Tables, 
Mission OiiK- Writing Dosk, Mission 
'■. vols, of Uin^kin, 'Vil. 
irnl Work.s, V| vol.s. oC 
Poe, XVIII. vols, of 
.At' i<i<'- -ttire. Carpentry 
!! story of Can- 
i nderwood Type- 

Oak Book 
vcls. of A! 
Edgnar Allen 
Cyclopedia of 
und Building, 1 1 I 
ada anil sundry Lici 

writer and .Stand (nearly new) Laco 
Curtains and Blinds, very fino rcversib'c 
Rug, Ml.v-fllon uak lix. Table, 4 .Mission 
Chairs, 2 Ml.'«-'<iiin TtockcrK, Clock, Pic- 
tures, very Handsome Electric Chand- 
elier, Gratnaphone. Alhion Range, l,,awn 
Muwer, Brass Bedstead, Spring and Top 
Mattress, Brass and Iron Folding Couch, 
Ccal (311 Stove, Linoleum, Rutfs and 
iiiher goods too numerous to mention. 


Maynard & Sons 


Instrticted, wi: will sell at our Sales- 
room, 726 Viow Street, 

2 P.M. 

Furniture and 

Including: Church organ, 12 stops and 
pedal bus.'', oak roller top nfficc desk, 
very handsome fiunrter oak buffett, 2 
very fine oak Morris chairs, o«ik hall 
rack, oak seci-etarv.2 couch»3. hand- 
some oak sideboard, 4 very :"ine oak 
dining chairs, lenthor ."leat, 4 piece par- 
lor .suit*', ladies' desk, ex. table, very 
fino oak ilrcsser, very lino birrh dresspr 
and stitnii, good bedroom suite, drcssera 
and stands, fine wnrdrobe, toilet ware, 
blankets, shopt.s, spreads, curtains, full 
size and single Iron bedsteads, springs 
and mattresses, carpet squares, carpets, 
lot of llnnlptmi, complete dinner sot, 
china, crockery, etc., baliy Iniggy, Jap. 
.screen, chest of drawers, dining chi^lrs, 
6 kitchen tables chairs cooking uten- 
sils, parlor stoves, heaters, almost new 
6-hole steel range, etc., 2 Incubators, 1 
brooder. Now on view 

. 11 O'CLOCK 

Fine assortment of chickens, 2- wheel 
cart, set of harness. 2 mares, 2 out- 
houses, etc. » 


Mining Stocks 

All Active Shares Dealt In 
on Commission 

Members Vancouver and Victona 
Stock Exchanges. Private wire connec- 
tion with all chief marliet centres. Lat- 
est quotations. 
Hew Tork, Canadian and Iiondon Mkts. 

Waghorn, Gwynn & to 

Bank of Hamilton Bldg.. 


Maynard & Sons 





Pigs & Poultry 

Instructed by Mr, W. H Pennock, w^ 
will soil at his ranch. 


Tuesday, March 5th 

CommcuPTng at 
il O'CLrOCK 

All Ins 

Pigs, Poultry, Cows 

Horses and 
Farm implements 

TitcludiiiK. i "5 Pis''. ».">i ~"" -. "''^C v?ry 
tine Chickens as.«!orted,piick.s. Geese and 
Turk(!ys. I Cow just calved and milk- 
ing 24 ((uarts a day, 1 Brood Mare in 
foal due in .May, 1 (^'olt 8 month.s old, 

1 Horse, about 3 1-2 tons of good Hay. 

2 tons of Wheat Sheaves, Potatoes, 
Turnips and Carrots, large Ourde.n 
Roller. Sleigh, Cultivator, Hand t.'ulti- 
vator and Seeder, 3 Plows, 1 -.Spring 
and Draw Harro%v, Mowing Machine, 
Hay Rake. Bain l-^arm Wagon, Express 
Wagon with top, 2-wheel Dog Cart, 
Harness and Saddle, I'latfjrni Scales. 

3 Boiling Tanks, Cutting Bo.\, Block 
and Tackle, (.'rosscut Saws. Garden, 
Stable and Carpenter^ Tools. Stack 
Cover .16 fotit. Bone grinder, grindstone, 
Crean>,^eparator. 2 Churns and other 
farm necessities. 

AVc will also sell all the 

Furniture & Effects 

(•onstsllng of: Very fiinc Oak Com- 
bination Desk, Book Case, Burciu and 
F'oldlng Bed. Wardrone. (■'ari)et8, 2 
Iron Beds, Spring.-? and Mattresses, 
Oak D.-easer. Blankets, Sheets, Spreads, 
Pillows, etc., Dining-room Table, Cane 
Seat Chair, Arm Chairs, Heater. Crock- 
erj-, 6-hole Steel Range. Couch, Tables, 
Chairs, (.booking Utensils, Milk Pails. 
40 Bottles of Preserves, Kitchen. Cab- 
inet, etc. 

Sale start.s wfth furniture 11 o'clock 
Tuesday, March .'itli. I>iiii("h will be pro- 

N.B, — Take IJiiiiglas Street car to 
end, continue on Carey Road to Glan- 
ford Ave., which Is the first road on 
right hand side. Sidewalk all the way 
to ranch. .Any further Information can 
be had from 

MAYNARD A. SONS Auctioneers 

726 View Street 

Davies & Sons 


Are eelllng out Isrpc* quantity of 


•tavM aB« Otkar ««•••■ •« 


Some Advantages 
of Having This 
Company Named 
as Executor 
and Trustee in 
Your Will 

Because acting in these 
caiiacitics is our business, 
therefore wc are naturally 
able to handle sucli work 
more tiuickly and satisfac- 
torily and less expensively 
than an individual wlio has 
his private affairs to aitend 

Because it requires tech- 
nical knowledge and much 
experience to satisfactorily 
handle trust funds and it 
is unreasonable to expect 
expert knowledge from 
limited experience in this 

Because the faithful per- 
formance (>( the duties of 
tliis company as executor 
and trustee is guaranteed 
by its total assets, amount- 
ing to over $3,000,000, as 
well as by its bond with 
ihc govetniihent and by 
government inspection. 

Call and allow us to tell 
you more about this or 
write for booklet on the sub- 

Trust Co. Lid 

■■(tlT ":'"Tf ' T ■ 


Thursday, February 21, 1#1t 

Your Last Opportunity IlFttTst'S Today 

Regular Prices Will Prevail Tomorrow— Big Inducements For Today's Shoppers 







TC For Buffets Sold Reg. 
. / ^ From $30 to $37.50 

SOLID OAK BUFFETS— 111 I'.arly l-.ii-lish finish, fumed 
M.Hk i^nii a iiit^iil} polished golden finish. They have 
>haptd fronia, three cupboards with fancy ti^or?, one cut- 
lery drawer lined wiih felt, and one large linen drawer. The 
hack has a low. shaped shelf, two brackets, and'a lieveled plate 
mirror 40.\ i<> m. All are masdc^of well sta-.HK-d lumber and 
arc a remarkable vaiTre at . . 'SOT|^p/ ••"••••••■• ^••••■'p*'***" 

Solid Oak Buffet- In -olden color, highly polished or in a neat 

fumed finish. The top nicasi^Jg x 2iin.. and the body cou- 

, tains tw»:<l^llt|(y^4r»wers, ml0 which ii lined, one l^rp 

tittM dcaWfer iunul » large «wpt>w»d wi^h two 4mw^9. T^t 

bi^ lt^^<ai* litft «»eu «ttpp<»t«ij'«y tiiapto ^fac^i& an4# 

Snrftct Oi^ 1ti|^tt~-Mad# throughout from w«H seaaoited 

bi^ttH. Ti lt W^ mewu r tg 4> ' x win, and Uie buUy lias vw 
lott^ liasn {rr<liit«r« two cutlery drawers, and a |axf e cttpboafd 
wHh .t*«!il»*i^ itwlitd f 1^« doors. The back |s^i|U hftetirg* 

slulf supp o rted by sqmtf t pUla r a a^d a b c vetl ed mtt-r tw r 38 k - 
loifi. This is liivery attmctive |>tac« of furniture and a rare 
value at ?ai.75 

Surface Oak Buffet— With a top measuring 3ft, gin. x 2oin. The 
body has two >mall drawer.*;, one of which is lined for cutlery, 
un^ lai'ge linen drawer, and a cupboard with two plain gla-s-^ 
doors. The back has a neat shelf .supported by two shaped 
brackets and a beveled mirror, size 38 xioin. This is a splen- 
did value at . .................... ......... . . . . ..$21.75 

Final Bargains from the Carpet and 
Drapery Departments 

Ti )\).\Y. the la.^i day ui the i^ale, will be a big bargain day. .Many lines tha^t wc are. 
ii-t epcaiing for the Spring season, remnants of ■irarpct. and many of our regular 
line.-, will be sold at prices that will be a pleasant surprise to you. See the winduw 
displays for further details. Here are a few of the items: 

Portiere and Window Curtains— In art 
serge and tapestry. These are in s)ich a 
diversity of styles that detailed descrip- 
tion I,s impossible. Some are iMtifi^nlKuiiy 

^ tmbroidered op cloth and Ot^^d h#v« 
crt^ttc woveo borders. Mafky »re liais- 
ed wi|th'h««ivy irlpge, awd' aft are rare 
/faftTgftka.. Regular $8.75, $iQ.<so and 
$12.75 veluea on stle^ Tooay at. . . .|HI*0O 

Window 81iadei"«-Mede of a strong quaHty 
of «paquf cloth and mounted on Harts- 
— Iwfu apri t ig f e ltc r s All complcta w\th 

brackets, mmUs and pulls. Colors green 
or cream.! Size 37> 7210.. at eachJftB^ 

spear ends and bracket*.. Theiie are 

-irong and serviceable rods, and will do 
till lonn; (M ^hort curtains. Regular 25c 
\ alue on -ale Today at, each lOf!" 

Linoleum Bargain— Block, tile and flonal 
designs arc iicrc to choose from and all 
are a reliable quality. IMiey are 2 yards 
wide and a big bargain to close out the 
February sale. Price, per square yard 35^ 

Brussels Carpet Squares— Of a .superior 
quality. They have interwoven borders 
and may be had in ground shades of 
green, fawn and blue. For hat#-iKN»^,^ 
wiU fin^ tlieae tarpeta hard to H^a^ Sli^e 
9 X uft Special pii«f lor To4a3^*« ^^^ 

Brueaels Carpet Renmatiti->*YWcati chooae 
frqm^a variety of patterns and colors in* 
either body or border carpet. They are 
alt high-grade carpet and are ai9}4in, and 

— ay i n . wid e. Th a piec a s — a«e — about — ^4- 

yards long. Per piece. Today, .... ,90^ 

Catptt ftemDattta^These. arc ^ AxniSit^ter 
— Mid Wilton < i|r p e t of the b e nt qtt a ltty. 

I^ere are many patterns and colors to 
cH^ij[if;:from and are about i>< yards 
long. T*er piece Today .... SJ51.00 

Japanese Mats — These arc an ideal floor 
cuvei'"'' ''■•"■ bedrooms, especially for the 
sumii 11. 'i'hc_\ are handsome in 

design and coloring, sanitary, easy to keep 
clean, durable^ and inexpensive. Size 3x6 
feet, eSch . . . '. . . . . . . . - . ... . . . . . . . .25^ 

^'Xl TC For the Diamond Steel 
^OL./O Range Sold Reg. at $40 

THIS is the l)esi uficr that we have made for a long timp 
and cannot be duplicated. Unfortunately we have only a 
limited number t<; i)ffer at this price, and you will have to 
shoi) early to secure one. The Diamond is a reliable steel range 
tiiat we are confident will please the most exacting housewife. 

The Body is made of heavy blue steel, closely riveted, and is 
lined in all exposed places with a heavy asibestbs mill Board with 
a sheet-iron cover, and the body i« stiffened with an angle iron 

'i^ 9]^ea~-These are well proportf^j^rf^i 
andxlean. A large clean-out door Jo. "^ "* 
ineana of which the fluea can be "thof* 
per4 tilve'tWough contr^/of the drat^jglitii^' ,^^ 
the beat results arc to ^e Q^ftif|$d with a ft«S«|6fe(^e consumption 

.of fuel. ; '" * ■ ■;;yv'^- : ''r : _^ - - *^ ,-. 

'iPhe PtreBo* is well constructed and ia4WiW #?or bH''"^"^ 

wood or coal. The grate is eaaily taken out, me ^! 

to operate 

nt. by 

e dam- 



and well ventilated, is made in three pieces, and ij(,|i|yPKd to 
t0ow ior cootmctk^ nn^ expansion. -~^^k.,j^^^^^^^: 

The Ovenr— This i^ made of h«^jr^eheet-steel,ls weH'TTveted 
and strongly braced to prevent wat^illg or buckling. It is pro- 
vided with a strong wire rack, and the door is spring-balanced. 
Cooking and baking are comparatively easy iit this oven. The 
heat is so wc)! directed and easily regulated that perfect condi- 
tions are a certainty. 

Ask to see this range. Regular value S40.00, now marked at 

A Final Clean-up Sale 
ment Today— Some 

Rose Bowls In Fancy Glass 
Values to $1.25 For 50c 

Xoae Bowl* — In both plain glass and coloia.. Tliey 

aro a very attractive shape and have a Irellla top 

of brass to keep the bloom.') in place. With spring 

appraachlnfr these bowls nhould i tlve. 

Values to_|1.25 wiu be cleaned out at ...... 30< 

$3.90 Toilet Sets For $2.50 

lO-Plece ToUet Seta — Made wf. good yngli • a- 

. porcelain; They are white vUh, a TaiiBedp»tte^»» 

nnrt B*e »Hmm«fl with Kold lines. Our regular 

J3.00 values will be sold today, as long as they 

last, at per set .... .i.,, Ifi2.60 

Trinket Boxes, Values to $1 
For 50c 

llfi, .ire a lot of odd pieces that we wIsTj to clean 
out .(ulckly, and if a low price is an" inducement, 
tiiey will not remain on our tables long. TJiere 
arc trinket and powder boxes in fancy glass with 
nickle or brass lops and decorated with cameo 
iniatiirc!". Rrpvilar value'up to Jl.OO, at, each 50^ 

in the Hardware Dep'irt- 
Remarkable Bargains 

Odd Bowls— In neat floral designs and col- 
ors blue, green and brown.' These are a 
very useful lot, and as there are only 65 
left you will have to shop early. Regular 
10c and 15c vainer on sale today at..5<^ 

Drinking Mugs — Made of good ICnglish 
semi-porcelain, with green floral designs. 
Capacity about r pint, and a good valiie at 
IOC; Special today ................ .5<f^ 

Odd China Plates— About 100 dozen, in sizes 

5. t) and 7in. They are made pf a good 

(p;ility Austrian china and are the new 

<M'.'in fluted style, [^eq-ular values to 

ire to he sold; dozen.. .50^ 

50 Covered Vegetable Dishes— In good 
styles and a <;pien(lid quality. They have 
a dark blue floral decoration and arc re^ru- 
lar $1.00 values. Today's s«Ie price. .50^^ 

5 o'clock Tea Sets— Only 19 of these are 
left and early shoppers will secure them. 
They are made of a very fine Austrian 
china! have highly fin: vhite bodies 
with green garland deci-iaiutiis. and con- 
.sist of the following i)ieces: i large china 
tray, i teapot, i sugar basin, i cream jug, 
and 2 cups and saucers. Regular .'^2.90 
value rin .sale today at $1.50 

Tremendous Reductions In Upholstered Furniture 


Bed Lounges in Tapestry, $17.50 
Values for $12.75 

There arc only two left and \vc are determined to clean them 
out. One. has a large box under the seat, that slides out on 
castors, and i? well upholstered in tapestry. The other has a 
polished frame of hardwood and is upholstered in red tapestry. 
They arc; our regular $17.50 value ... ....... • - • .?13.75 

$17.50 Bed Lounges in Velour, for 


Have Blanket Bo.x- that runs on ca.stors under the seat. Well 
upholstered and ab.«olutely reliable. Two onlyjat this price. 
Today .......... .5^12.75 

A $26.75 Parlor Suite for $15 

Three pieces in this suit, one arm chair, one side chair and one 
settee. They are made of well seasoned hardwood, polished 
mahogany color, are hand.«omely shaped and well upholstered 
in green tapestry. Clearance price ,..,;... . ,S15.00 

$3.90 For Velour Lounges That 
Sell Regularly at $5.90 

A saving of $2 on a Lounge that would be an excellent value at 
$5.90 is a big consideration to most people. We have five to 
.sell at this price. Hurry if yon want one Final Clearance 
price $3.90 

$6.90 For Lounges That Sold Regu- 
larly at $10.75 and $11.75 

You can't expect a belter bargain than this line affords. They 
arc well upholsteicd in u""d v olour. have abundant springs 
and are well finished with cord and fringe. ViMir Choice 
jjl_ , $0.80 

$3.90 Tapestry Lounges, worth $5.90 

These are well made and serviceable Lounges, upholstered in 
red tapestry. Five are all that are to be sold at this price, and 
there arc three different jjatterns to choose from. Clearance 
Price $3.90 

A Big Sale of Dresses Friday 

$2..S0 For Values That Sold For $10 
$9.75 For Values Worth From 

$25 to $35 . 

If these Dresses had not been slightly soiled we should not have 
M.hl tlieiii ai tlicsc low prices. The fact i< 'iL't we purchased ia lot of 
-ample dresses — all new and handsome — and on arrival found that sonic 
arc soiled, con'^c(|Ucntly wc arc offering them at a mere fraction of their 
value. Our disappointment is decidedly your gain, and if you secure one 
"of these garments you will get a fine value. Sec tliom in the windtiw 
and yon will agree that the values are exceptional. 

.\! $2.50 tht\ arc mostly in choice inu^slins and marquisettes, with kimo- 
no sleeves and a higli-waisted cffe'"t. 

At $9-75 there are embroidered chiffons. not<. inai (piisettes and foulards. 
Colors white, niamc, iiiiik, Ii'ucs. fawn-^ and Idack. 

.\'o two dresses are alike, and an adequate description is im|)Ossible. 


$3.45 Buys Smart and Ser- 
viceable Footwear 
For Men - 

Smart in st_\ ie and serviceable in qualit) arc only iwv oi the man> 
interesting features that these .shoes possess. The fact that we have 
three large stores to supply enables us to make exceptionally heavy pur- 
chases at i>riccs that a small l)uyer cannot command, and a- \\ r -rll 
n-.M^t of our goods for cash we make a rapid turn-over and arc > .n .n; 
\\ itli ;i smaller profit. 

I'.very pair is made with a Good\ear welt — a feature that is rarely 
found in a shoe that sells for less than ^.i.5f>— have solid flexible sr.U-s 
and s(.]id leather heels. 

.\11 shape- arc to he liad ni hhick or tan and patent leatiicrs for ihox- 
who prefer them. All sizes arc here, and we guarantee a perfect fit am! 
a comfortable shoe, 

\sk to sec them. Yon're welcome whether you buy or not, and not 
a iiair i- wortii less tlian ^4.00. Spencer price, per pair, $3.45. 

$2.50 Buys a Waist That Sells 
Regularly at $3.75 to $5.75 


The finest goods d(.)n't ofien go on the bargain table. That fact 
makes this sale very striking. See the View Street windows and you 
will readily sec that it is not too strong a statement to make when we 
.say that a value that can better this, even at the regular price, is not to 
be found. 

>"ou'rc welcome to see these garments in the windows or to ex- 
amine them in the departmcnl, whether you buy or not. We'd like to 
tell yon more about them in this advertisement, but as there arc so many 
styles and materials it is almost impossible. There are silks, nets over 
silk, green chiffon over Roman striped silks, nets in ecru, white and 
black, and smart velveteens in purple and brown trimmed with pipings 
of contrasting colored silks, and many other new and interesting styles. 

.\11 sizes arc here— -at all the average sizes — and as the styles 
arc -o xaried you are sure of a garment that will suit you. 


AT $2.50 

Children's Rompers--A New Shipment 

Just Arrived 

Here arc some of the best xalues that wc have offered for a long time. 
Every garment is made oi a strong print that will stand all kinds of 
laundering. They arc mostly in na\y blue with wdiite spots and arc 
to be had in sizes to fit children i and 2 year- old. Per garment 50fy 


David Spencer 


Palmolive Soap 

\> gi\e our customers an opportunity of giving this excellent toilet . 
,-oap a thorough trial, we have placed it on sale this week atjesa tlM||lft|^ 
cost price. The regular selling price is 15c per cake or 2 for 25c. Gttf 
special price for the week is 4 for -** • * .p^^_: .1 

1 ■:gA'.i-jftj?>Y^;CTJtriv