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BMiMU Olic* ' li 

CIreulaflon JJ 

Editortal Rooms.; "^ 

B4nor *<** 







Holds That Calling Out of Men From Coal Mines Is 
Uniustifiable and Unlawful— Threatens Elation 
With Severe Disaster— No Vote of Workpr^ 
Taken on Question. 

i ■- 



WASHINGTON. Oct. 3$.— HokUng tte imiNliillinc dM ilrike 
%o be ii#t only anjiistifiable but alto imkwfiil, Prciidont vniMO, in 
li ststofliicnt iaouod tonight with the support of his entire Cabinet, 
called ott the coal miners of the nation* both union officers and mem- 
bers, to resoind the strike order for November 1. 

Tba President declined to enter into the merits of the contro- 
versy between tlio miners and operators, but emphatically dadaiad 
^t the strike, which he characterised as the most far-reaching pro- 
potil in the nation's history to restrict pr«>duction and distribution of 
•n necessaries of life, had apparently been ordered without a vote of 
the j^dhrMwl numtiirt. jror.thia.Maaon.ibft.riitidint-attyed-4efi- 
nite notice '^hat the law will be enforced and the means will be 
found to protect the interests d the nation ia^ any cm«rgency that 
may arise out of this unhappy business." 

The President* a au tement was issued tonight after his Cibiaat 
liad gone over the entire situation with Secretary Wilson of the Labor 

.operalo«» together in 

It stlfpe %Se^€iSinet liadl 
rk .should die President's solemn 
'Mfoiult, It was rMsrded aa 
in Wbite House drctes to the 


Department, whose eff^nrts to 
negotiatiolte had (aile4i 

Thetl waa ao direct 
discussed to prevent stoppage of 
wamiilf to rescind the sttifce or' 
oignifkant that attention waf 

atatements made by Secretary Baker in a recent address in Cleveland, 
wheo Mr. Baker announced that department commanders had been 
directed to furnish troops at the request of governors with^ut^ re- 
ferrfaig to Washington. 

upon the •pedflo proposition by th« 
IndlvMaai members of tll« United 
Mine Workers of America tbrouM^out 
tbe United Btatee, an alviQat unpre< 
eedented proceedtoS' I cannot be 
lieire tbat any flsht of any American 
wMrker need* for Its proteetlon the 
takins of this eoKtraerdlnary step, and 
X am oonvineed that when tbe time 
and money are considered It eonatl 
tatea a fundamental attack, which to 
wvons both morally an^ l#aM>y> upon 
i4tf ocMito iBf MMMHfiir .wsmijipon tbe 
^pliB»# ef ^ottf Qoaati^* ^ f feel cmi- 
vtaeed that Indlridwl mMff^tn ef 
th« United MIM #j^KMf >OiQd> net 
vote, upon full oonaldenttl^. in laver 
at ^fttoh a atrlke undof theae oondt- 

"inlen a movement reaebee 
ipoint iwhave it appeara to Involve 
practloilly the entire productive oapa- 
«M|t #;4h« fMMUitnr with re«pe<A to 
dhfl df tM tnedt -yWdl-ne o ea ri t lH of 
domaetic and Industrial life. 
w|MH>.t^ qiovenient Is started In the 
drMinMtanon X ha^ii 'stated, atid *!• 
tlm« and fti a mamtor ealoolatad 1» 
Involve the SMzliaiiW of daiseio )0 
tho publld welfalii In this critloal 
hour vt our country^ life, th« pubUo 
totorest becomes the paramount coo- 

(Con^nued on pace 3) 

- . . .. 

"On September tl, ItXt, the eon* 
ventlon of the United Mine Workers 
Of AmerlM. si GUMreland, Ohio, adopt- 
ed a PlMMtl Martns that all con- 
tracts In ttii bltfllkMnoua fleld «haU bo 
doclared ai) haiflas aatomaCtoaily ex- 
pired Nov«t»bito 1, 19lS..«Bd maklnv 
Various demand*, indudtaa % VO per 
c«Hit. increase to wases and the adop- 
tion bf a six-hour work day and n 
ave>day week: and provldlna that, In 
(dut.^ovent a .satJsf^story waau MT«e- 
ment diould aft Ik «eenr«B'^for »the 
central comp#aifv« im4(>ot#e Wf", 
vember 1, Itlf, the naUbnai olBdals 
should ba;M||M||MNl,jip4 iBaUruoted 

to call ft' giupi^tfniawliil bHu- 
mtnous mlneapL.and jnlno workers 

"Pursuant to these instructions, the 
pfBoers of the ovvaatsatlon have Is- 
sued a call to make the ktrike ef- 
feetive November 1,'' Tti^' is one of, 
the smvest stepa-«ver pMpdaiMI ttt tkfs 
oountry, atteotlna the eeenomk) wel- 
fare and the doknestlo oomfort and 
healtk of the people. It Ut prDj^sotB 
to abijaaat* an agroMnent as to #kt«« 
wfUch was made with thf sanction of 
UiiteA State* fuerft4mtal«l»atlcie. and 
waleh waa to run durinv the contin- 
nanoo pt the war^Aut not boyend AprH 
1, ltS4 Vhto. strike is » r sp»ss d kt a 
tlnk* whon tbe Oovernment is maklns 
Ihs most eara— t Attorts to reduce the 
cost ol itvtps. 4n4>taui'^»P«al«d ivith 
p^eoea> to other rlkstis of worker* to 
postpono similar dlsputks until a rea- 
sonable opportunity JIuM 'been offered 
for deallttt wtth the dost ef llvlna. It 
Is reeosnlsed that the strike would 
praetieally shut oft th« country's sup- 
ply of ttf prtoioipal fuel at a time 
-whea tnlsMtor«M* witii that supply 
js oelcttlatdi to create a dlsastroiUii *" 
fuel UmOM: All faiterests would bo 
MBkSiM allki by a striko of this ohar- 
^oter, and Its vlctima would be not 
the rich only but the poor «ari aiafty 
as well — thoee least able to proyide 
In advance a fuel topply for dlomsstlc 
use. It would Involve the shuttlns 
down df eotthtleas Industries and the 
throwina out of employment of a 
largo numbOr of the tlrork«rs of the 
oouatry. K would Involve sCoppInc 
the opormUon ot railroads, eleetrto 
Usht and gas plants, street railway 
linos and other public utilities, and 
the steamship transporution to and 
from thto country, thus preventing 
our giving aid to the AlHed oountrlee 
with supplM* which the/ so seriously 
need. The country Is confronted with 
thii proepeot at a time when the war 
itMlf IS 8IU1 a fa«t. wtoaa Vtm wortd 
IS still In suspense as to negotiations 
lor peace, whoa our troops or* still 

Sing transpoHod and arlika their 
•aaa of transport is in urgant need 
Of fuel. 

UaJnstiflable aad Ualawfal 

"Trom whatever angle the subject 
iaay be, vlewod it is apparent that 
Olltfi a strike In sueh olrcumstancee 
mtonld be the most far-r«aehlng plan 
over presented la this oountry to 
limit tbe tkomuea ef produetlon apd 
distribution of a neeeesity of ifPe. and 
tHus Indlreetly to issUlct the produc- 
tion and dMrtbntlon of all the 
aecesaarlee of lite. A strike under 
these olrcu«ii*la»eee is not only un- 
iestillable. It 1ft unkiwful. 

"Tbe action proposed has appar- 
eauy been <nkfta wltaont any vou 

Where to Vote Tomorrow 

The location of the polling booths at which electors will 
cast their votes at tomorrow's Federal fav-cloction contest arc 
given below. It is to be noted that wirile, f or the purpose of 
registratioo, the city was divided into thirty-eight sections, 
them will be but eleven polling booths, two in each of Warda 1, 
2, 4 and 5, and three in Ward 3. 

The location of the poll is given first, then the territory it 
covers, ami, lastly, the registration sections comprised within 
that particular polUng area. 


SBM PLB'S HALL— Covering all territoisy weat of ^ctoria 
Arm and comprising reg is tr a tion Sectiona 1, 2 and 3. ^ • 

SCOTT BLOCB^-<:omer of Douglas Street and Hillside 
Avenue, covering all territory east of >nctoria Arm, and com- 
prising registration Sections 4, 5, 6 and 7. 

WARD TWO ^ • -- 

PUBLIC MARKET, Cormorant Street— Covering all terri- 
tory south of the centre line of Bay Street, and comprising 
Registration Sectiona 1. 2 snd 3. 

— Covering all territory north of the centre line of Bay Street, 
and comprising Registration Secti<ms 4, 5, 6 and 7. 


910 VIEW STREET — Covering territory west of centre line 
of Cook Street, and comprising Registration Sebtions 1 and 2. 

1302 GLADSTONE AVJ^l^UE— Covering territory south 
of Pembroke Street and part of Bay Street east of Richmond 
•Road, and comprising Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

PERN WOOD FIRE DALL— Covering territory north of 
the centre line of k^eitabn^ Street and eaat of Chambers Street, 
and comprising Sections 7, S, 9 and 10. 


Covering the te r rit ory weat of the centre line of Cook Street and 
comprising Regiatiratlon Sections 1 and 2. 

FAIRFIELD FIRE HALL— Covering territory east of the 
centre line of Cook Street, and compriaing Registration Sections 
3, 4, 5, 6 an^ 7. . 

---^:rJl't > . ^ VVARD FIVE 

ing territ6ry west of the centre line of Douglas Street and com- 
prising Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

tei r l tory cast of the centre line of Douglas Street, comprising 
Sections 5, 6 and 7. 


WASHIKOTOK, Oct. 2S.— Preeldent 
Wilson spent a^SP'^ ^^ 
■ WWW' 




the galii' ho hag'niair recently. 

No routine executive business was 
laid before him. Several minor bills 
reached the White Hou^ from the 
Capitol, apd the Peiiaitment of Jus- 
tice sent «y«r a nomber of pardon 
cases to await the Zresidentts oction. 

The one oxeeption to the "no 
work today" ruling applied Iv Dr. 
Orayson; > iras » report .from the 
Cabinet which held morning and late 
afternoon sessions to discuss the Inv* 
pending coal strike. 

The bulletin on the Presldeat's con- 
dition was emitted tonight. 




TORONTO, Ont., Oct. 26.— The of- 
ficial objective for the 19 1» Victory 
Loan campaign in the Province of 
Ontario amounts to ISSS.SSk.OOO. LAst 
year it was 1220.425,000. The oeavns- 
sors' objective comprises II41.100.000 
and the special subscriptions ob^ct> 
ive is |S4,726.000. 

An objective of 1 5,000,000 has been 
set by Canadian National Kailways' 
for subscriptions by workers on the * 
national lines In the Vietory Lioan 
campaign. D. B. Hanna is confidently 
calling upon ever yemployee in the scr 
vice to invest to the Umlt and is lm> 
preeslng upon all the fkct that the 
general prosperity of th* country, in- 
cluding the railways, depends upon 
the success of this appeal to Can- 
adians for funds. 

General Denikine's Forces Reported to Be Engaged 
With Bolshevild on Line E^^tending FrOttk, 
Tsaritsyn, on Volga River, to Kiev, Dis- : 
tance of Seven Hundred Miles 


' . i^ir>JIKlNE*S ARMY 





Award of Conciliation Board 
Allows for Higher Daily and 
Monthly Wages— Meetings 
of Men This Week 

VANCOUVER, Oct. 26.— The award 
of the conciliation beard .consisting 
of representatives of the B.C.E.R. and 
the Amalgamated Association of 
Street Railway Employees, which was 
appointed by the Minister of Ijabor 
on September 29 last, was made pub- 
lic this evening. It shows a general 
increaseoin wages of frdm five to 
eight cents per hour, and ten to fif- 
teen dollars per month for those paid 
on a monthly scale. The rates In- 
clude time and a-half for motormen 
and conductors for Sundays und holt- 
days, with an allowance of 26 cents 
per hour on all spread overtime be- 
yond ten hours. Other wprking con- 
ditions remain praettoally as at pres* 
The claim for extra pay for tiM 

Labbr Organizations 
Arrange Conference 

Oflfer Decided Objection to Railway Legislation 
Proposed in Congress With Purpose of Prevent- 
ing Strikes— Representatives of Brotherhoods 
and Federation Unions to Meet Dec. 1^_._„ 

-.^. 'jW 

WASHINOTON, Oct 2»/-Orgsnl«ed 
labor Intends to preserve the right to 
strike, oflleials of tbe Antsriean Federa- 
tion of Labor, said today in a warning 
that passage in Oongreus of the anti* 
strike legislation proposed in the p«nd- 
IW l«Il*««d Mil #»ald result Ui an im- 
mediate gsnaral walk-out all ever tbe 
oouatry. ' 

WnVBai B. JohBstea. pres^ent ef the 
International AssoetatIM of MafiMnfoia, 
second hirgetft Qnteu aitUlated with th« 
rederattoo. aald: 

"Direct aetlen might be resorted. to tf 
all ether MMML*' advancing th^ m- 
teiests ef dClHlons failed." 

Be eslHiH'ptftlcularly to what ho 
tsrn nd ' i n k oBs sto 9 S employers to shut 
out uatens b^>lndlng their workers 
with MdlvtddV eontrseU. H« an- 

r1 IfcjUT t*>« P»M«e of the 

aaU-SMlks . WJHsiation ke would order 
Inmiedlktelit a vote on a strike of tke 
3S0.0OO iM l l lH m't 'vt ms aoseelatlea. and 
predletOd tkif the heeds of the ether 
112 Isteraatlonal ualons In the Ameri- 
can Federktlon ef Labor would take 
similar aetlen. It wsa said today that 
this legislation was en« of tbe princi- 
pal NMssoo the Mats et unions in the 
T'^e d w rnt lQl i ' were to be gUmmened here 
for .a eeofereoee seen. 

Ofltaials et the fonr railroad brothev- 
beods ' tonferrad today wtth Baataal 
Oesrisers, preMitag, and other oflloers 
ef the federation. 

Vraaeal at tbe soaiMeaee also w«4a 
reDTSeoatatlves of the followlag tmr^ 
ers* eegaalsatlona: 

THe ?lhttOBal Board ef ParsMrs' O*- 
aaabH^iloas, tke PMemtlea ef IfUk 
Predoeepi. the Aaierleaa goeiety et 
Bqutty end the VMatM Paraterg' 

Mr. Oempers issued tke fWlewlag 
atatsoMot after the aMetiag: 

• ^ W i al dlaeasslea ensusd regstdlag 
the leglslatlOB peadtag ta Cbngreas li»» 
tailcel te tbe rights sad Interests ef M^ 
daaulal pad agrieuiturat wortwra, 

■sstoR ensued iWiHWO 
rh had been orpM at tke 
of Ceagrees Is the lateroets «f 
tke above. 

"It was dMagtt that .^ Mil mt (M 

conference determined upon by tbe 
eateontive of the American raderaUon of 
Labor should 1M JohtUy Issued by the 
executive councils of tbe American 
Federation of Labor and the raUroad 

"It was decided that tbe conference 
should take place In Taashlngton. Sat- 
urday, December 1>. 

"The repreaenUtlvee of the farmer^ 
organliatioas, although in entire sym- 
pathy with the dleeusston and purpoaes. 
stated that they had no authority froiff 
their organisations to Join In the call 
for tbe conference, but that their con- 
ventions, which would be held within a 
month from now, would be glad to re- 
ceive invltatlona upon which to act and 
select delegates. 

"gome close observers of tbe indus- 
trial rituatlon said today an alliance 
between tbe federation and the brother- 
hoods appeared more than probable." 

vasaMor AtiMade 

Charlea g. Barrett, pr«i»ldent of the 
National Farmers' Union, and on« of 
the farmers' represent* tlves in the Ns- 
tlenal Industrial Conferenoe here, is- 
sued an appesi todsy te the farmers to 
"be prepared to aid ouf beloved coun- 
try in her present hoar pf need." 

Menaced by entrendhed privllesp on 
tbe one band and a portion a "red" pro* 
paganda on the other, said Mr. Ber- 
rett. "the nation is facing the most 
danoerous situation since the Civil War. 
Although revelling in plenty, though 
buelaees was aever more plenttfnl. 
tltbugh employment was never more 
general, the country ta sitttag on a 
powder roaraalne whioh threatens at 
any moment to explode, brlngtas devae- 
tatlon and untold sufferlac In Its train. 

"Tbe fallore ef the Indestrlal confer- 
enoe to accomplish any roewrete thing 
malue neoesaary an offensive sad de- 
fensive alllaaee betwesa all eeaatraetlve 
, f oeeee of tke eeaatry aaalnst tbe 'eeai- 
aiea enemy of eatremlsm. 
■ -nn this erisis In tke nation's his- 
tory, the farmer must get te th« helm, 
snd he muat stsy at the helm until the 
ship of state Is brought safely hit> 
tke haven ef reet." 
, A plea far '>eal sanity." also wsa 
mm** "**»y by g eere lof f Lane 

Germans Accusetf- of Undue 
Activity in R^ions Where 
Votes Are to Be Taken — 
Suprenne Counoil's Measures 

-T- ; ■■■•- 

PARIS. Oct. 26.— In the Bnpfieme 
CouncU today the subdivisions of tbe 
Bulgarian reply to the draft peace 
treaty were assigned to varioaa commit- 
tees, which will prepare the reporu 
upon, wbiob tbe Supreme Oouneil wiU 
basf its answer to the Bulgarian Oov- 
ernment. These reports are to be ready 
within a week. 

The council further adopted Instruc- 
tions to the commission which is to 
conduct the plebiscite in tbe district of 
Tescben wbleh will determine whether 
this region Is to go to Poland or 

The council conaidered complsints 
sgalnst Oerman activities in the plebis- 
elte regions in Schleswls and Upper 
Silesia, and instruets a coramlttae to in- 
vestigate tbe Polish complaint that the 
Germana are bcridins municipal elec- 
Uons in Upper Silesia, although these 
elections wore to take place only after 
tbe arrival of the mission to ortajiise 
the pAblsclte. 

It was reported that Qerman troops 
had 'been dispatched to a place in 
Schleawig within the sons to be occu- 
pied by the Allied troops. 


Premier and American Mis- 
sionaries Apprehensive of 
Massacres — Col. Haskell 
Does Not Share in Alarm 

. ,*1n thia endeavor to arrive at a fair 
ind Just decision," the report Maya. 
"l>na must ghre consideration to tbe 
deference between wages paid out of 
taxes by cities or governments and 
those paid by enterprises privately 
owned, which ean only pay expensaa 
out of profits on the sale of the com- 
modity they produce with the assist- 
aaoe of labor. The street railway la 
peculiar to itself and unliko any othar 
Industry. It is reasonable, however, 
to fuUy recognise the shown tendency 
to pay higher wagea for the improve- 
meiK of the oondltlons of labor, 
therefore the board consider the fol- 
lowing as fair and Just wages to be 
paid, giving the men a higher wage 
and better working conditions than 
are enjoyed by any other street rail- 
way in Canada." 

Meetings of the men affected In the 
three divisions of Vancouver, New 
Westminster and Victoria will be held 
during the coming week to consldsr 
the terms of the award. 


British War' OflSce States That Don Army Hai 
Advanced Froi?i 40 to 55 Miles on Front of y 
120 M^les — Copenhagen Dispatch Reports g 
'Capture of Trotsky's Staff '^' > 



M fOOIf 

riMMHnii'g gptifti A'oat Tb figliliac extenig fnTt^K) mOmlnm 
Tgtfilgjm te Kkw. t ■ 

TU dfaf «r tiM BrMbh Mtttery Mggioa wMi Gm. 
loda/g date tlwt IM bftttl* to fm *^ Mptam w m P n / M fy for 

Tgaritgyn and Voroogili, dig Dob iuri^^ hag 
firioai.40 to 58 BtiOag oa • front ol 120 



• W«»Otteo 

T<dbg» 230 mileg gouth— rt 6t Moscow, wag 
VolMttan artftlrfi Orol Imi« Mochod tiM 

eOWBf tgBgff^ mfgOttUf IS 

iwiNUrtd of tbo 

for OB iM^ck.' 

sroacHOiJi, Get 2S.— Tte BoUMwy 

BE igogsBOO"aaia^ wbwB( gMBonoRB wo-mmvmm^. .sPpIBvob 

COPENHAGEN, Oct 28— Th* gntira gtaff of 
BoUmtBc MTiiilir of War aad Marfao of RMsia, hai 
B| Tgan|ioo-Soio» aiiriirdim to a Raval dhpateh to tiM 

Ite iasiBgfc^ tl» goBt to OB a t o iiHr. frfm'^fl 

yp cor. bat TVotdor gaeaaadad Ib ffaadbiBC 

dM nildiiift ri- T ft II -in ridtftt. m^Uk k Mbi ii Iha 

Hw MBdb of FatgiJHyi jiai i liuijU JI m^ <b 



hnm JBtiiaFi^y 

iB a 

ARCHANGELr Fridi^, OaL 24— Ho North 

daiBM tiM 

of a HnMhiiM 

Tbo BohbovHb ' 


ffroBi tha taoRB' of 

sir 4oaeph*Isi^ 
LONDON, October 15.— Sir Joseph 
Lawrence, chairman of the Inter- 
national Linotype Ck>mpany, and a 
director of the Mergenthaler Lino- 
type Company of New York, died 
suddenly here yesterday. He waa 
born September IS, 1141. Sir Jos- 
eph was one of the principle earUeat 
pioneers in the project for the Man- 
oheeter Ship Canal, and took an 
aetlva part in the passage of the Brit- 
ish patent laws, from llOt to lt97. 



> f — — — 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. SI. — A 
new-irtar Irhlch biased from obeour- 
Ity to a comparatively prominent posi- 
tion m the sky, has boon found by 
Miss Johanna C. S. Maokia/ df tke 
Harvard College Observatory. 

The observatory aald that the nova 
la soma ways was dlflPerent from atty 
star hitherto knowa. Miss Mackls 
made her find In the course of the 
systematio search of photographic 
irfates for new stam. 

Troops Held Ready 
To Suppress Riots 

Serious Disorders Break. Out at Steel Works in 
Canton, Ohio— Foreigners Attack Aixiericans 
Who Remain at Work — Local Author- 
ities Unable to Control 


Large Vote Expected to Turin 
Out, and Both Sic. s Are CoiH 
fident of Victory^-Oocision 
Now Rests WKh Electors 


ERIVAN. Armenia. Friday, Oct. 17. 
— Peara that the Armenians within 
thd boundaries of Old Russia msy be 
wlpe^ out before the conference set- 
tles the fate of the new-born t«- 
publlo were express e d today by Pre- 
mier Khastialan, and the same ap- 
prehension Is felt by American mis- 
sionary workers here. 

Bueh a view, however, is not enter- 
tained by Oel. William Haskell, rep- 
reeenting Aaoorican relief organ tea- 
tlOBS, and also high oommlsaloner for 
the four great powers in Armenia. 

Unless the partition of Turkey 
should be annonnced, which would 
stir up political elements now rela- 
tively quiet, it is not belleveO there 
arfU be any action against Armenians 
In Turkey proper, or sny attempt to 
dispatch troops Into Rasalan-AraM- 

aiaee the Britkdi w U kdiew ta Ba- 
tam. ret> k ev bnnds have grown hslOsr 
aad have made «ar1ag daylight hoM- 
apa a( A m a rt eaa aaa Brttkrti travel- 


• IX>NDON, Oet U.— Violet CaaMron. 

the actress, died at Wo^thlag today. 

hi itff 

COUnrBUS. • ot. Oiet. «.— Five 
hundred Ohio National Guard troops 
tonight are mobilised at Akron, 
where they will be hHd in readiness 
for strike doty st Canton. 

The order fbr mobilisation was Is- 
sued by c;overnor Cox after racelring 
word from Colonel J. M. Blngtem. of 
the arjutant-generat's offlc<>. and 
other sources, that severe rioting at 
steel pisnts had not been curbed by 
the local aathorities. 

Ths troops moblllstnfc sre machino- 
gun and Infantry compaaiea. 

tf rioting continues, it la expected 
the troops will be ruehed to Canton. 

Gov. Cox^nt a telegfuun to Mayor 
Charles B. Veorauui. of Canton, notW 
fylng him he would be aspoetod to 
bring the disorder to an ImmedlatO 
snd or appear before him Monday to 
show cause* why he ahould not be re- 
moved from offlao. A similar tele- 
gram was sent to the uhoriff of BUrk 

CANTON, O.. Oct. 91.— With atatd 
|y«opa oi«Mliln« at 4kraa. aaly M 
miles dMant. to take ekarge of tko 
•IMI atrlho sRaailan hora, «1iMl ha* 
ttted la raeoat rials la wMah aaaap 



tiM sMaailaM 

WHh i-^»" - * ■ - laratl aa Byat ike 


Cox will forthwith order 

from Akron Into Canton. 

Strlkai dlaordani aontlnued tonljrlit. 
Throe Annericaa workmen wc^e way- 
laid while on their way to work st 
the plant of the United Allay me«l 
Corporation ky a crowd <| foreign- 
ors. When attacked ane of (Be Am- 
ericans draw a i WO oU a i and fired. 
Mhi aasallaats tken draw weapons 
and fired a fnsllaao of sHota, The 
Jimerlcaas flad. hat one man. 7a 
years old. Wss o«artshaa aad slashed 
With a knife and keataa. 

Local aathorities ava antlelpatlag 
aerious troable tomorrow ksatalag 
when the shtfu ehaaga at the Ualted 
Alloy ateel Corporatlan plants, and 
they fear the hnmor oC tko strifcors 
aiay have keen aggmvated by the 
Bioblllaatloa of staU troopa. 

Mayor rMorman tenlglK aaeBaad ta 
aomtnent on the threat af Oar. Cax 
to asmova him frowi oCftea - hatato 
hi aialatained. 

katsmapara at tBa plaat 
ar ike United ABay CarporaBon. 
while leaving their plaat towlgkt 
9f ai 

mmaam ^ 

diaba. A rfac «*» 

iafore the «««r Bvttea arrlveB. plaaC 

I^ISea ka4 rpasaad tkoig. Several ware 

Tomorrow at the polla V 
tors will render their verdict On tko 
question of which candidate for their 
suffrages «hall rspresent them in tlM 
Fadaml Parllantaat. wkathsr Saa. Dr. 
Tolmie, a llf«-loht resident of the sae- 
tlon, and a member of the Cat^iagl* 
or Mr. Thomaa A. Barnard, of ><a# 
Weat wi Bita r , -aaadHata o< tko fVde#- 
ated Labor Fkriy, Whoad mtpomt 
should m ho dioetod. wt|l he f nda* 
the oampalte aaatrol and iaiWatie>» 
of twenty-niaa Individuals Ik ^hem 
he has givan his gndated 

Tha by«olaetlOB oontaat. 
the focaf element fhereof Is ooa 
eama to a eloae last night, 
belnf the Sakkath; will giva tha warkF^ 
era for both («n4ldates a traathMA 
spaoa praparalasir to the tadk, at mS 
ting out the voters today. }^ 

Throughout the campaign both oaiiti 
dMatos and their conMnitteas kai# 
Worked hard to secure victory. ItoW 
profess to be cenfMeat of thf rosal^ 
but both are taking aothing for trtmU 
od. aad every eCfart fHIt kp taaialB^ 
morrow to get out the last piMswiij 
vni«h There has beea llttlo keCtiM «l| 
tha o«t«ame; bat wtiat there aaalufl 
favored the MlaBCer'e ehaacea. 

Tbe paUe wni open tom o tf eo at f 
a.m. aad aloee at I pJn., and vototi 
are advised to note tlMas hoara aiB| 
not go on tka liM#Ui|n that tBi 
Pravlaaka tavolafiaag gavarning ale« 

- >r tap akMdga te t mI 

Mf lOOMNTaW. ^^ 


arta. aeCTotaryof tha 

kar vkajHfl. flnvaf 


la 7 P.M. 
pllad wBk 
Pasllaaa Aac mt iU§ 

t^.mM* aad 
f^ muk fa. 

tka day uiilil^iek to aate 
dudlea af pay. 







jwMOirT catnm 


Mitchell 6z Duncan, Ltd 

Jewelers, Watchmakers, Etc 

1 f PfcMl^ifi Vli«r«i«l and B.C. Electric Watch Insj^eetort 


| i |, , l.. ,M . i. ,l j l l 

jHie new Wonder Soap Dye, washes and dyes insUiBtly. true 

and /ait colors. Dyes wool, silk, cotton and linens ^^ 

No ffdbWm — Kg 

r' Ho " 

PARIS. Oct. 26.— Bul««rki'i answer 
to the terms ot peace presented here 
iQr the AlIM an4 AMoclated powers Is 
moderate In toile and adheres unre- 
■•rvMllj^to the clauses con«emln« the 
L«a«ike of Nations and Lsibor. It 
»««epts the principle o( the protec- 
tion of mlnorltlMi la Bulgaria on c<m- 
dltlon that {he aams mea«ir«»*lv Ap- 
plied to other BalliaQ art»t«|.Ht)i 

On the other hand, the n^y m^kn 
liMrvatlona refal^diHK reparations, 
and protests especially acmtnst the 
total sum demanded of Bulsaria. It 
asks for the suppression of Interest 
charges, and requests an extension of 

tthe time limit fttr payment. 

R^fardlny the military clauses Bul- 

'Varte objects to the voluntary enlist- 
meat system, maiatalnlns that con- 
serlptlon alone can produce sufficient 
tDi' mi^taii) order. :<• v,;,^ (;^ 

*11|« lonveat part- of tfce- reply eon- 
iiems t«rjrltor}»l clatises, and protests 
avalnst mo4irications of frontiers on 
ethnical sroundf. and .quotinK niatises 
of statistics, proposes n/otably- a pleb- 
iscite In Thrmo* and ItaXormatlon into 
an aatonomoifs state. - 

^ The Impression 'prevails Ifi confer- 
ence circUs that tba Allies are not 
liksly to consent to any extensive 
modlfieatfoii of the orlslnal terms. 

VOTEHS TO^IVe I Y^ tir^Tn 

(Continued • from jpacf 1> 

I uafr. 

Ctftm* P«r packaj^e. each, 15e 

£,8^ CAMPBELL'S "% 



• ,♦ !• • • • • • 

- *«U4W 


7M YATtl 


Iho MM who's irM ■».' 

ooirt ovniLOdit vicroitY ionds 

If Ift MwfcHie SM Wirit 

•-i9«0<i Willi done ; jobs of any 9126-*- 
Tdpiin^M ifiinufacturing:, frinf the 

Stapledon ft CartcTi Ui 

HfCtrWal tad MechtnUal Bngliu«rs 
audi Broad PImmm 2tdO 


» ■■ , '* 

A Fnocl Ikrahr D 
Wrfir a 

W«t«r wasted Is money Vuted. 
^|b«'v« t ksktif fiflcct or toilet 
U\ its Stop It. Goo4 ftmnMhf Is 
mo cUapcst ktnd of plvinMnt. 


I ";. ' ■ ! ^ 


tioara to idaiire by Rhythm, mmA rM^wttl '^iMt- daaro nraehoaieaUy. 

MvnrATioN iANCi iwnr hmoay EvnoNa 

Classes t-S p.m. Xvenlacs 7-t to », by appolntaeat. Phone t^9, 
durtaff elass hours, , 

Lorraine Dancing Acadmiy 

Blaaohard an4 pSadora 


▲ Large 
SMpieaf of 

Men's K Boots 

Blen's K 



. 'K**'Brofues wt smartly cut and punched, nobly modelled 
In correct form, iHth ample sole. In brown and Mack willow 
catf , In ftH ttio. 



Brine your feet aloaf to ^ur Foot SpedaRst, a fraduate 
of tlw American School of ffVactipcdIet, In consUnt attend- 
^iMje. Codsidtatlon and advice free. 


11 IS OarennMat St rkaat 17S1 

RIA. B.C., SUNl>AV,0(l:TOBB!r2e:^*#19 


Clauses in Treaty Relating to 
Reparation, Aliolltion of Con- 
scription and Territorial 
Changes Are Not Welcome 

Capt. H. W. B. Moore, retumlnx of- 
fM«r, has all arranflrettients mvdo for 
tomorrow's polling. Yeatesday In- 
structions to deputy returning 'ff'-ceri 
<»nd othOV- poll officials were Issued 
ooTorinc tbelr dntlos. The retumlnx 
officer nuido it clear that no Orientals, 
Chinese or otherwise, shall oe po*- 
mltted to vote whether any of '.ho'-u 
may have sot on the list at the rooei.t 
registration procoodinvs. By Its re- 
cent amendment to the Blections Act 
the Government has removed the am- 
biguity which prevailed and made it 
definite that Orientals are not entitled 
to the franchise. ■ 

Capt. Moore also made it c>«ar that 
in addition to those returned men 
whose names are on the voters' lists, 
all veterans irho have been back Iq 
^IctorlA for one month, or prior to 
September S7 last, may vote. It will 
not be necessary, he states, Ifr them 
to bring their discharge papers to the 

Commltteo rooms have been opened 
by the Tolmie committee in conveni- 
ent JuxtapsoUlon to the various poll- 
ing booths for the convenience of 
voters. These rooms are located .at the 
following points: 

Ward One — 414 Skinner Street, tele- 
phone 640S; Scott Block, corner of 
Hillside Avenue and Douglas Street, 
telephone 2784. 

Ward TWO— Health office. City Mar- 
ket, telephone ClOO, and at 1124 HUN 
side Avenue, telephone 8728. 

Ward Three — 805 View Street, tele- 
phone 4609; 1811 Gladstone Avenue, 
te^phone 2768. 

Ward Four — Cartler's garage, Gor- 
don and Courtney Streets, telephone 
283; Shank's Five-Point Barber Shop, 
telephone 8180. 

Ward Five— S07 Niagara Street, 
telephone 8848; Cook Mid SutleJ 
Streets, telephone 8818. «..•'>.., 

Dr. Tolmle's campaign headquarters 
at ISIT Government Street can be got 
by telephone 8898. All transportation 
Inquiries should be telephoned to 6818. 

Daring the past few days scores of 
friends of the Minister of Agriculture 
have placed their motors at the dis< 
posal of his committee, and the ar- 
rangements for getting out the vote 
are complete, but there will be plenty 
of work to do, and those friendly to 
his candidature who have motors and 
are willing to lend them for the day 
will be welcomed. * 

It is expected that the result of the 

election should be known shortly af'rr 

6 pan. The Colonist will, as usual, 

bullotin the .returos for the u-^-'tlt 

'of the public. 

- . 

OTTAWA, Oct. 85.— Under a 8pe< 
cial regulation gasetted today the 
Board ot Commerce defines news- 
print as a necessity of life within the 
moaainv of the combines and fair 
price aot. 


Jwt Am thlBC fgr 
wwtbar wlMB thoM's ealjr 



VoaMil BrittK CMowitt Taffy, 
rcf. SOc lb.. Saturday, lb. 404 

Faacjr Dsss trt App lf ■ ■ Craven - 
ttctn. Mclntosn R^, Jona- 
Uian, Kins, rceular Tbc Aot., 

Saturday, oosen 

Banana Special — Rcfalar SOc 
dos. Saturday, dox. _ 4## 

DattdesM Bating^ WUHhw 

ApplM. 4~lb». JBS^ 

wr atck Ihia spaw for ■atnraajr 






in the ture knowledce that 
you have everythinf to gain 
and notUnc to loac 

They repr e aeo t jfomt faith 
'-your ihare ^ in Canada's 

If it meam anything at ati 
to you to be a citixen of thie 
Dominion, Buy Victory 

This space contributed by 


[lor aa4 fSMtoailMr 



Afladsiay l8ei 



Executors in Affidavits nace 
Amount at $8)0,607— Left 
With Widow in Trust for 
ChHcfrerr^^ -^^ — 7~ 


MINBOLA, S. T., Oct; ^'«.— Col. 
Theodore Roosevelt left an estate 
valued at $810,607, according to aOI- 
davits tiled here today with Traasfert 
Tax Appraiser Oehrlng, by exeoutors 
of the will. Alter approximiately 
$84,000 had been deducted for fun- 
eral expenses, counsel fees and 
debts, the entire estate will go to 
the widow of the former president 
In trust to be distributed among 
their children In' any portion feWe 
may determine. ^V't-, 

A trust fund of |«d,6ov Artven to 
Colonel Roosevelt by his father to 
be used by Mrs. Roosevelt during 
her life, will revert to her children 
after her death. 

Sagamore Hill, the Roosevelt es- 
tate at Oyster Bay, where the Colonel 
died last January, is appraised at 
1180,600. The estate also includes 
corporate bonds valued at approxi- 
mately IftitOOO, the largest ot which 
is |30,»eo wonlt of ttie first Liberty 
loan bonds. Tlyo bonds also Inoludo 
a ll.OOd subscription to the Canadian 
Vlatory loan and a $3,008 Republic 
of Mexico t>ond. which If listed as 
worthless. Stocks ownoA by the 
fome^ Resident are ^ued %^ ap- 
proalntately $jM.090. . ;.* .„- ,.,:,^f 

RoyalUes to be derived (n>ip .pub- 
lication of the Colonel's booMs 
were estimated at, $7,000, while a 
value of 121,637 was placed on his 
libraries. One of the smallest Items 
is one of $288, which represents the 
value of Jewelry. ,,.-^,-^;, ^^ J-, ., ,_,.-v' 

Included In the list Of appmlsals 
are gifts from various foreign dig- 
nitaries, trophies ot the Colonel'tf 
hunting expeditions and various 
paintings. Including one given him 
by the late Pope, L>eo XIII. 



(Continued from page 1) 

"In these drcumstancoe I solemn' 
ly request both the national and the 
local olAcerH and also the Individual 
members of the United Mine Work- 
ers to recall all orders looking to a 
strike on Novemt>er I, and to take 
whatever steps knay be necessary to 
prevent any stoppace of work. 
Government Most Interpose 

"It is time for plain speaking. 
These matters with whlcK we now 
deal touch not only the welfare of a 
class, but vitally concern the well- 
being, the comfort and the veiy lite 
of all the people. ^ I feel It Is my 
duty In the public interest to« de- 
clare that any attempt to carry out 
the purpose of this strike and thus 
to paralyse the industry of the coun- 
try, with the oonsequent suflTfring 
and distrese ef our people, most be 
considered a grave moral and legal 
wrong agalast the €M>VerBment and 
the people of the United States. I 
can do nothing else than- to say that 
tlM law will be enforeed and the 
means will be foAnd to protect the 
interests of the nation tn any emer- 
gency that may arise out of this un- 
happy business. 

"I express no opinion on the mer- 
its of the controversy. I have al- 
ready euggeeted a plan by which 
a settlement may be reached, and I 
hold myself In readlnesa at the re- 
quest of either or both sMse to ap- 
point at once a trtlninal to Investi- 
gate all the facts with a view to aid- 
ing In the earUest possible .orderly 
settlement of the questions at Issue 
between the coal operators and the 
miners, to the end that the lust 
rights, not only of those Interests but 
also of the general public, auIV be 
fully protected." 

t , I fit 

T ' .1 I 


British and French Representa- 
tives at Washington Labor 
^Conference Dissent Fronr) 
Opinion Of Secretary Wilson 

WASHINGTON, Oet: Jf.— Jtll Al- 
lied and neutral eoantrlee UsUd In 
the covenant of the I/oaave of Na- 
tions will bs allowed to vote at the 
Initial meeting of the International 
lAbor Conference which opens hero 
next Wedpesday, If the vlewe of Ar- 
thur Fontaine, of Frahoe, ebniftnan, 
and other members ot the or g anis in g 
committee now here, ^re followed. 
This Is In keeping. It is said, with the 
decision of the Supreme Council at 
Paris that the conference shall be 
"master of Its own destiny," accord- 
ing to Mr .H. B. Butler, of England, 
committee twcretary, but contrary to 
the recent announcement by Secre- 
Ury of LalKir Wilson. 

Secretary Wilson annouboed In a 
recent letter to . Secreury Lansing 
that under the authority granted the 
Vttlted , States as organiser of the 
confereifice, he would call tjhe first 
meeting to order and receive the cre- 
dentials of the deiegateft accepting as 
qualified members only representa- 
tives of those nstlons which are mem- 
bers of the League of Nations, as a 
cofisequen^e of n,Uft09kU$» (tf the 

Mr. Fontaine said todajr that every 
naUon Invited by ths United States is 
lefalTy entitled to seat Uh representa- 
tives. He held the treaty provision 
that "tbe original members of the 
League of Nations shall be the orig- 
inal members of the conference" to 
-mean tharraembers oritte XciKgue of 
Nations are necessarily member* of 
the conference, but not vice versa. 

SecreUry Wilson has sugaestod a 
prellmflnkry Informal oOttterenee of 
all delegauoss to i(olve this and other 
problems, but French. Bngllsh and 
nther delegations, who arrived here, 
do not look with favor upon this plan, 
eotttendtng that the prooeedlngs 
would be legal with all states partl- 
oljiMtlng In any case. 

The United States cannot be ofll- 
olally represented at -the eonference 
unless the Senate approves the treaty, 
regardless of the action of the con- 
ference itself. Samuel Qompers, pres- 
ident of the American Federation of 
Labor, however, today was present at 
a meeting of the organising commit- 
tee.' , ' L 


VLADIVOSTOK, Saturday, Got. 18. 

— General Roseanoff, the Russian 

commander in the Far Bast, hss not 

apologized for tho arreat and IflCftoff 

of an American soldier at Iman on 

September 4. aoOordlng to the Alherl- 

can army authorttlee. here. The 

lAmertoan coounand dedlaree it knows 

I nothing of the apology, which, aoeord- 

, Ing to press reports from tne United 

I States, Ambassador Bakhmeteff in 

! Washington said that General RoseaA- 

ofC has submitted to Major-Oetleral 

Graves, commanding the American 

forces In Siberia. 

Answering Gen. Graves' demand 
for an explanation of the actiona of 
a Japanese officer al Iman in coane&- 
: tlon with the incident. JaMOiiBe 
headquarters replied that the JalMMi- 
ese major involved stated that the 
American major had mlsrepregBnted 
the facts. 



VANCOtJVBR, Oct. 26.— Increased 
allowances tp dependents^ rOeldhiC 
here of workmen 'Vho loft their Uvss 
during the course of their employment 
, are now being made by the Work- 
men's Contpensatlon Board, cheeks 
amou9tlng to $44,000 baring been for- 
warded from the offices of the 
board this week to one hundred and 
seventy widows whone husbands were 
killed fn this province, and whoee 
claims were adjufited between Janu- 
ary 1, 1817, and July 1, 1818, 

The payments were autberiscd by 
an amendment to the Workmen's 
CompetiMtfbn Aot, pa«Nd {ly thO; Pro- 
vincial G<Areriiment 1m4 session. 



DETROIT. Mich., Oet. 88. — Follow 
Ing Investigation of the death «( five 
persona believed to have bpen pois- 
oned at a dinner party a week ago. 
Dr. Francis M. Duflleld. president of 
the Department of Health, announced 
tonight he would on Monday order aU 
rroeers hsre to discontinue temporar- 
ily the sale of certain eenned food^ 

The victims are belleifed by De- 
partment of Health ofSelals to have 
been poisoned by eating ripe olives. 

Twenty-eight lives have l>een loot 
In the past two months In various 
parts of the country. Dr. DuffleM 
stated, through "botulls muo" poison- 
ing, which is prevalent, he aald. 
chiefly in asparagus, olivss and com. 

fVMP OoMn or taataMUMi 

and as a Preventative take LiAXA- 
Look for k. W. OliOVB'8 algnatnre 
oa the box. sec. 

Chilean HUesloa to BrttiOa 
LONDON. Oct. tfi. — ^Kbng George 
will receive a compliment«Y ' Chilean 
mission headed by Senator Tocurnal. 
upon Its arrival here Noveml>er 4, 
and the Government already Is mak- 
ing preparatlona for the entertain- 
ment of the gueets. Everything will 
t>e done to make the visit memorable 
and a return of the great eoifrtesy 
extended the British special mission 
which visited ChUe last year. 

rHM* In TakfaM Mstrfct 
~ Yakima. Wash.^Oet. SS.— Though 
the temperatare last nlgbt dropped 
to 18.8, the lowsat OcAober teesper- 
atnte reoe^rdsd sinee tha eetebUeb- 
■MMt of a weather sUUon bar* la 
101t. fruit liblMfer* are of tlU opin- 
ion that praetleally no dsnaage e^ss 
done to tW ap p MO? Fred Bberts, of 
of ihe Horticultural Union, eays that 
pracUoany all the fruit has 
picked and that asoal •( H. fa 
olonily pTOteaoiT'so that ihee*^ Is 
no danger from ttmf 


Me.'. «»l V<HO« M«.'s 


mFteA'^VeOBHUIIr to qu<Ktf?*frt«B • 

$27.50 to $<» 

t4 DoAcfrt «ul Scotch TiiMi|.|gfa|j| 

tUiv shades. 

Ifchon Ctoth Cofttt, in bltck^ tnd 

SPBCtAX^Donefd T»#eil Costs 
■' in tile liglltet tiiUes. Very saait 
medinm weight coat. Prices, 
$30.00 to .. — f36.00 

Burberry t^otla Itfi^Hliii ttkWnj^ 
We are Sole AceOts fof ^l^efe. 

W. qfcj, WESSON 

Men^s, Vbunj M[«b*8 and Boys' Outfitters '''^ 


t.-^;^ ''c'^ : 




J.--:'" l'''. -Hi •fyi.^Sffft ' w:...". 


^.:^:>^ i^'fe" p^ "Vh- ■ ■ \ 

; :>uA^.-^iv '* Wc'vf afuB line of Leckie's footwear. 

pif^si i«rf 


Buitt to stand the klcla and kuffs that boys naturally 
subject them to. - ; ^. .1 -v 

Made of a heavy grain waterproof leather with an 
extra strong oak tan sole and extra strong stitching^ 

$izesilto5 S40D 

Per pair •••••n.. ••••*&•••• • • • • • « • •V^*^'^ 

Get him a iuiif of thilwi -theyfe wonderful vaioe. 

■;., •— r— / ■ 

Wm. Cathcart Co., Ltd. 





PhooM 120 vti 121 


light BatttriM 










Wo Sdk Woo< or Cmk tfiiiwi •• Mm Ta 

a nickel-plated. gCMid, strong poker and 2 stove 
lengths with elbow with any Heater bought here if. 
you.bring thia Ad. with you. No charge for setting 
up the Heater. 

CaMipryllllKMitC«8»200i Govtmment St. 

send the little one off to 
school handicapped with 
poor eyesight 

Clear si|;ht means quick 
thought, and the ability to 
think quickly brings success. 

If (lasies are not needed we 
will tell you so. 

BUT A vKrroinr iomd 
WaUam Steel 

OpUhabnic Oplieimn md 



AntwnM BVMPncE 

-''With a serviee 
a most excel! 

«irtlk«ppreeiate;^iiiictt bf meats ^ 
ivery. We deliver in your district 


• - >25c 


ox " Mm 

HMAttn^. *• V 



w9,0 —IT' * m * j r% 

BACON, ytcce of lu!{ 


New England Market 



Ctotaininc rccepti»fi lull. Ptftflor. dinkif room, den, p»ntry. Ut<beii. I] ^^ 
rr'tafM lifbt bMroom*. b«th. toilet, attic, bwement <c«™«?S*«>*' t' '4^ 
stkt ^ hoi waJ»r tliro««l>ottt; *l»o fhrcpUcct, tas wit* j^W: ^ : 1> 


bcatSvdcctrkliirfit, •«werri»ot"iind coiTwiiien Rwcntlr ?•«««<* •»f 
decotmtotf throi^out. ImmcdHito poMCadoo. Price and tcrmt on 




If Yon Want to Save Money 

Tlw DPfi who cett ahead it the man who Mvea. No 
bcttif^ jtooM^^BroAuble. more cdnvvoiint way of taving ^<n»y 
waa avt^.tiMad the people of Caaadfe than Victory Bond*. 
They af» good j^ you— good for Canada. IBuy Victory 

This space contributed by 

V^tcrmaiif Fonnan & _Co. 

Must Be Sold 

A modern house of nine rooms, situated in Oale Bay, 
overlooking the sea; one acre of land. We arc now 
open to an offer: 

-< ■ V 

Bny Victory Jonds 

■.i: Ji': 



Penrii ^toii 4kv Son 


^.. ♦; '^>^»5.-..vrfi5, ,VJ-.,' fSX 

. me SPEECH 

Audience at Princess Theatre 
Tendered Latwr Candidate 
Good "Hearing at Last Nighfs 

Kmp CmA^M RMOfd Hidi— BUY VfCTORY 

Moiwr 'fouiie -- 

/On f^w gmwt nBtfwsy S|el^vri# Skr^M^ tnd Richmond Road— 
IhreUlaf t t9tm» um sIom bucftieati dtj^:: water, hara sod nvflMr- 
e«« poaltry boaaett orcbardt 4H acraa cbotea laod. 

,, , ft.000 

R. S. DAY * B. BOGGld 

•20 FartStra^ 


SmaD Ranch Near Royal Oak 

Four acres with five-room bouse, larfe barn, stables, chicken houses 
and piffery, good wall, partly {fraaa JasMii, partly cultivated, ^ifh eleva- 
tion with food view. The house hai Just lately bfeen renovated all 
throui^, hu three large fire-places and is very comfortable, ideal place 
for peieon who wants to do small farming. Good terms, >4i3M>. 

GQlcapIc^ Hart & Todd* Ltd. 

AI uSm ^ AMMMbla iMWMMw Ask Us r^ Haaaii 

711 Foci Street 

HU k iv il l. " ' I *"!. . 



Country Home, Close In 

iyi ACRES-^All cultivated in fruit and small fruit Orchard 
htt over iSo trees. in full bbtrtlts:; several varieties of 
a^les, pears, plums atid chei^iei: Gpod house with 7 
rooms and l^hrQom, hot and c&ld wate>r,' eledrlc light ^and 
telephone. Gotod bam, chicken houses and other outbuild- 
ings. Location b very good, heing close to car and school. 
More land adjoining cftn be bought or leasied if desired. 

A BAiGAiN.l-l>IUCE $S,7|K>. TERMS. 

cdtRii: A PoWEfi 

1214 Do«i^ St Two PImmmi, 1460 and 6524 

atldi^ Vp Vovr Mind r 

In 'alt. tinaca ^ IMa.ttfe. tha maklnf up of your lAlQfl wlth.1ion4*ty 

of ptiT|M«a JMmm th*' keyiitonc of kUccms: without It yn a Jiiat drlTt, 

and are ka0t jumplhv to avoid diaast«r, Inntoad of making headway 

In tlfa'a battle*. 

rt you would b« contvutfOt ^VMiir to maNaapyour mind to pat your 
. ahouMar to tho whael, yon would Mnd ui« -worst part of your trouMcn 

oVftr, and each nuoceadtnc year s^'oater cenlontanant beinc noar«r to 
. that Boal of lnd«p<mdenc« which ever/one looks forward to — that of 

owQtiWI proparty— TQur own homo. 
'l<ot u« talk the matter over with yon ahVlell you how you can obtain 

aer«a«a In a sned toratlon for ralatnir ehtokenn. fruit and umall fruitK 

In a aottlod community, with Hood roada. <-lo«ie to itchooi. churrh. 

atorea, etc. (located oO property) nnd a dally train service, for fiO 

Eaera: pavmanta apraad over Ave raara. without Intereoli 
our window In the Belmont Building for aome of the i^asulta of 
o that have already taken adviuitaae of thia offer. 
Our r o prea o ntatlve la takinc a party peraonally over theae Innda 
durliis thIa week from Victoria, and would aladly bava ^ou ivUi. 
llaaa up your mtnd, and — 



lb People's Grocerteria 

' 7tt-751 Yates Stieet 

Help the Sugar 

By UtiHg Syrup for Boldng mkI Cooldng Fniit 

Rosen* Syrup, laib. tins f l.iO, S-lb tins .... 58^ 
Lily WMto Synip, 10-lb. tins f 1.42. 5-lb. tins 72f^ 
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Society't Choice let Potent Breed Plour, 49-lb. sack 

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New KipfMreSl Hcrdng , per lb 12^ 

ArgQpd Mincemeat, per lb 20f 

Mr. Barnard's final maatins In tbo 
Princess Theatre last nlsht waa a 
crowded one. The candidate waa 
well received and went pver tho 
ground covered generally by him dur* 
Ins hla campaign, and naked for tl«o 
support of thoae proaont. 

Uev. W. Stevenaon again dofendod 
hlM appearance on the platform, and 
alleged that "Dr. Tolmie's henchmen 
are conducting a campaign of alandor 
and mlarepreaentation." 

Major MacParlane. M.C., told the 
audience that' he had oome onto Mr. 
Barnard's platfonn "becauae of tha 
unfair play of the preaa and tho 
mud-sHnging of Dr. Tolmlo'a work- 
ers." Dealing with tha tnequalltiea of 
the ooldiers' pensions, the speaker 
■tated that he conaldered his life Jnat 
as valuable when he was a private as 
he does today. 

Major Dick Burde also spoke. 

Both Major Burde and Major Mac- 
Farlane objected to the statement 
from Dr. Tolmie's speakers that Mr. 
Barnard had around him only alien 
agitation. Both of the speakers 
assured the audience that they were 
Canadians for several generations 

There wnn a good sprinkling of 
ladleH preaent. and during the even- 
ing a series of cleverly gotten up 
curds of election propaganda was 
shown to the audience. 

. ____^___ . 3= 

Qlpay nulth anrl^tos la tbo city. b« 
will apaak on the Vietory fxtan at a 
tuMboon of thf It^l^qr Club. 

mmoAN Mfts^ 

'»■%•( .' 


Plans Are Completed for Cam- 
paign — Will Likely Include 
Two Public Street Dances 
and Parades f -'^-' \{ 

Everything la in fine shape for the 
Victory I^an campaign which starts 
tonight with a big mass meeting in 
the Royal Victoria Theatr^. General 
Clarke iiaued the following nfeeaage 

'^ero Hour is 9 a.m. Monday. Oc- 
tober 27th, 1919L 

"The preliminary barrage of poatera, 
newspaper articlea, stunts, many and 
various, have we known from atitual 
observation, been effective. Our or- 
ganization la as complete as we can 
make it. The front line troops — our 
salesmen trained to the minute — rco 
'Over the Top' at Zero tlour. Intent 
on reaching our final objective. 

"On the eve of many battle* 
the thoughts of our objectiveo 
ha,ve been paramount onea, ' bat 
^etly confident that, in spite of 
all the bombardm«nt, Hnachlne gun, 
gas or wire, we shall attain it. Fully 
aa confident we feel today, for we 
have never failed.' But succese haa 
always been obtained at a price and 
that price every one of ua must be 
prepared to pay. 

"My staff, the great majority of 
whom are giving iheir services entire- 
ly voluntarily, feel fully aa confl«li^nt 
as myself. 

"The Torch of Victory haa been 
lighted. Be yours to hold it high." 

Reference to ttle Loan will be made 
from all the city pulpits teday. It la 
expected that un Thursday next when 


for flavoriag. It's pi- 
quant and palatable. 
^Uae on the table to 
stimulate jaded appe< 




Univeraiitly used. 

We now have a 
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We ilso have 
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two sixes of 

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Vest we have Ortontal 

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v^sy a VIclMy Bomo 

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An ekort la U»1q« wamMm to bold two 
public street danoeo in connection 
with the campaign. The flrat of theae 
la propoaed for SatvrdAy evonlng nozt, 
and the other on the night ot the 
big ball to bo given In" honor of the 
Admiral of the Fleet. U>rd Jellcoe. 
Toolgtac's ProsrwBiwe 

The Arst gun will be fired tonWht at 
the Royal Victoria Theatre, at S:4S 

The Hon. J. D. McLean, ProvtncUl 
Seerotary, will be chairman of the 
meeting, the apeahers of the evening 
being LC-Col. O. Peck. V.C. D.8.O.. 
M.P.; Mr. Geo. G. Buahby, vlce-<*Milr- 
man of the Oreater Victoria Victory 
Lioan Commtttee. and the Rev. W. L- 
Clay. J^l>. 

There will be band seleetioBS by 
the Foundation Company Band, undea 
the leadership of Mr. L«u Turner, the 
members of the Band giving their ser- 
vices entirely free on account of the 
patriotic nature of the meeting. 

The soloists will be Mr. James Hun- 
ter, well known to Victorians, and 
Miaa Olive De Veaey Detlor. a grad- 
uate of Toronto College of Mualo. 
Miaa Detlor haa been contralto aolo- 
lat at aeveral large cburchea in the 
BSaat. and haa alwaya made it a point 
of honor to sing at concerta and en- 
tertainments given for the amusement 
of our soldier boys. 


Mr, Barnard, Charged as an 
O.B.U. Advocate, Says He Is 
Against tfie One Big Union 
at Ottawa 

Mr. Thomas A. Barnard, the New 
Westminster choice of the Federated 
Labor Party to oppose Hon. Jit. 8. 
F. Tolmle, Minister of Agriculture, 
in tomorrow's by-election, gave hla 
final campaign speech laat night at 
the Cryatal TbeaAre. 

The theatre waa only partly filled 
at the commencement and while a 
'^ew more people wandered in after 
the store-closing hour, "Juat to see 
what Bernard looks like," the audi- 
ence was reatless, and before the 
Labor candidate made bis speech he 
waa forced to witncas many of the 
benchea become empty. 

Besides Mr. Barnard those who 
apoke were Mr. Tom Jlichardson, ex- 
member of the Brltiah Parliament; 
Rev. W. D. Spence. Major R. J. 
Burde, M. C. M.P.P., of Port Ajbemi, 
and Sgt.-MaJ. James Robinaon, 
D.C.M., of Vancouver, who waa 
waa chairman. 

Mr. Barnard referred to the 
atatement of Mr. V. B. Andrew, a 
returned^ aoldier, to the effect that 
a vote for Barnard would be a vote 
for the One Big Union. While not 
refuting the assertion. Mr. Barnard 
aald a vote for him was a vo^ 
against the one big union atOttawa. 

Major Bturde felt Impelled to 
again point out that hla opposition 
to the Union Goyernnient was not 
based on the desire to land a Gov- 
ernment Job. The nearest explanation 
of hla attitude that he had heard, 
he aald, was that he liked to hear 
himaelf talk and that he spoke tor 
Barnard almply for hia own amuse- 

Major Burde said moat of hla 
friends were supporting Dr, Tolmle, 
so he was regarded among them aa a 
curiosity. He waa assailed with ar- 
gumenta for Tolmle at the rate of 
thirty to one. he said, but was en- 
joying himself. 

Sgt.-Maj. Robinson devoted moat 
of hia time to an argument that he 
was not "an outalder," but an "out- 
rider." He again challenged Sir 
Robert Borden, Hon. Arthur Mieghen 
and Hon. J. A. Calder to get on the 
same platform with him and he 
charged that they had broken faith 
with the country. He felt that a 
woman who had lost her breadwin- 
ner in the war -ahould bo enabled to 
live In the same affluence as the 
Premier of Canada or the Qu^en of 

Mr. Tom Richardson was Intro- 
duced aa a man of the John Bull 
type, but he c/aimed to be an Inter- 
nationalist, too. He spoke in a 
somewhat pcaoimistic strain about 
the by-election. He said he waa rel- 
atively young, but he had figured In 
many elections and he cautioned hia 
hearers not to be Intoxicated or 
hypnotized Into believing that Mr. 
Barnard would achieve an easy vic- 
tory. The task would require atatea- 
manship and cohealon, he aald. 

Rev. W. D. Spence said that he 
had recruited 3,500 men for the 
Dominion's army, and he wanted to 
diasoclatc himaelf with tho Qovern- 
ment'a betrayal of the aoldier, widow 
and orphan. He charged that the 
Government worked hand In glove 
with the octopus represented by tUe 
proflteera, and that machine that had 
no souls or hearts could not be ex- 
pected to break away from the grasp 
of this creature. He held that Ottawa 
waa under the thumb of Mackenzie 
and Mann and the C.P.R^ directorate. 


Hjuidaonw Balaaor KaaMca INreoiiara 
to InvceS 91.000 In Ifcw Uam» 

At a meeting pf the Home Pro- 
ducts Fair executive, held Friday 
afternoon in the office of the secre- 
tary. Mr. George I. Warren, a reoo- 
lotion waa paased setting aside 1900 
to be used daring the next 12 mcnths 
for advertising proi aganda to further 
the use by the public of home pro- 
ducta. Mr. Carl Pendray, the chair- 
man, waa asked to appoint a commit- 
tee from the exeoothre to act In con- 
junction with a eommlttee of the ex- 
hlbltora to handle the money. The 
total attendance dnring the «eek of 
the 1919 Fair ozoeeded that o< lit? 
by 10.000. 

The total recelpta from exhibltora 
for floor space this year amounted to 
|»»S.H. Gate receipts were $S.. 
STfi.70, maklnr a total In reeeipta of 
tS.4lt.t(. The total expenditure waa 




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Child Welfare Association .,,^0^ 

The 2nd Annual Convention <rf"th^ British' CoturfiW C^lid Welfare Assocta-^^ ^^^ 
tion is to be held in Vancouver, in Elks' Jtall, October 29, 30 and 31. A general 
inviution is extended to the public, and Especially to all of those directly interested 

in the conservation of child life. i 

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built 8-roomed house, commanding 
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p^NiltrWBIJJMCnPONHMthelslafid . 







OefotarM. iMt 


the pMt (ortilvlU ihi« 

fmmm why Dr. «. F. Tolmi* AmilA 
Im •MioraMl l>y *>»• vot«r» M Minister 
of AgrtevHurt. Hl» appoint ment to 
th«t portfolio mot with an «n«nlmou« 
cboriM of pralM from the afrloulturml 
^Ur««tt throachout tho l«n«tb and 
'|»r««dth of tho Dominion. He w«» 
Appolntod bocauao h» wt* t*» *W«* 
maa In Parllamooi for the poot. *n« 
Victorians are aakod tomorrow to 
raUfy tho cholco. Dr. Tolmle'a per- 
sonal popularity In tbia city la un- 
doubted. Hta claims to ra-etocUoii 
^y ttila coiMl^i^uency Ions antadata 
ibis appointment to Cabinet poaiUea, 
«nd are due to the wholo-hearted. 
jhard-worldnv, capable nnd enthual- 
•atle manner In which, during eloaa 
jto two yoar^ bo baa oarrlad out hla 
dntlea aa member. 

Dr. Tolmto c«n lay claim to » v*ry : 
-flArg* share of the success which ter- 
^nated the bitter political stranle 
aroucbt with Malahuid IntereMa. and 
iaa a result of which the Oovernment 
ipledved Itself to the work of building 
'4 new dry dock at BMaulmaU. The 
• platform speakers of the Federated 
IjLabor Party have sneered and Jeered 
'M this facility and at what Or. 
Tolmle has done to Insure its con- 
IrtrtKtlon. If we do not wholly mls- 
'intitrpret the attitude of the people of 
Vloterla, they wiU attest by their bal- 
il9to tom<»rrow^.thelr ^estimate, of |iaw 
^uch Dr. Tolmie was responsible for 
]havliic made It possible for the great 
^hipping facility at Bsqolmalt to b« 

iCgmt during this Winters 
]f As far as this constituency Is con- 
^med. Dr. TolmMnhas done every- 
|thi^.th«t lay within his, power to see 
tthat -ttw; ir«tju»ne4 eoidters, their «•- 
|p«ndents. and the ' dependents of 
those who hav* never r»ttiraed, have 
;got a Mittgre deal. High tribute- to hi* 
actions in these particulars has been 
jpald by Mr. Frank Giolma. tlie sol- 
>dier-member In the Provincial Liegls- 
;lature, and th^re is no one in the 
icontoltialty .who baa l^ail the oppor- 
jtirotty ef . teaming mere of any «nev- 
'ances that jeziat. J>r. Tolmie at all 
Jtlmes has been ready aiid anxious to 
'^|[|tv4ra«rtatanee, abd^lie ia pledgeifl to 
NConUnue his wortc on l>ebalf of the 
returned men and tlieir ^dependents, 
as be iuillx reajUses>the jpi|[oblem of 
re^estabiilslnnent Is not yet solved. 
He will return to Ottaww fat better 
equipped than la the past fpr 41ie' task, 
inastnuch as fa* If now a ^Cabinet 
Minlstf^r and can make his voice felt 
in the executive oounclla of the na- 
tion. '"hMt he will do so to the ut- 
most ^axtei^of his abill^ is assured., 
for ^tpfi i^tll%e«t potttlcai'itppon* 
ents cann^ Impillli^ fti» hoi^esty of 
, purpoaa his determination, and the 
keea and qpqtJnuous Interest h9J(akes 
in the retanied men's problems. 

Dr: Tolihle hai evttry elahfh to re' 
election. Not only has he proven 
himself the best member Victoria 
ever had at Ottawa, but all who'.'iare 
qualified to judge believe he will b« 
the mwt (ifllclent Minister of Agrtaul- 
ture ever In a Dominion Government. 
It is a high compliment to our cltt- 
Bsns that In thla time of reconstruc- 
tion we should have a Cabinet Minla- 
ter to cope with the neads of thi* 
c^gistltoeney at the capital. Dr. 
T6lmle~has been engaged for "a long 
time paat in endeavoring to--, securf ' 
furthci' shlptrattding contracts tbr 
,,y^storla. He is anxious to make the 
Induatry permanent here, and we Vo 
hot doubt that his eltorts will meet 
with success, especially If the Victory 
Lean Is subscribed. The question of 
\ilf9 0ffM9ipn of the H«deral ablp- 
but14lla# progranune is purely one of 
the money being available. In the 
. meantjme^ we have a strong advocate 
ilrithln tlie Cabinet wlia la Hetermlned 
'Ho put the shipbuilding claims eC this 
' Oommunlty before the tlovernttient 
, on every pMMibio oocaaioa. 
' The people of Victoria are asked 
(o elect Dr. Tolmie because he 
Anowa tholr needs, because he ia one 
of thOMselvea, and because no man 
^as worked harder for the better- 
inV cV* eendltiotis In this commu'n- 
They are asked to vote for him 
use of his ability, experience and 
lowledge. Which fully qualify him 
Mittiater of Agriculture. TbeUr 
ipfort is sought for the reason that 
hap worked, is stIU working., and 
111 eoiUkigfa to giye ^is best ettcwts 
"Hho solutfen of local prob> 
and the advancement of those 
rejects which spelt progrcM.aad 
irlty. Those qnaHfted to Judge 
kow Impoetont It is for th»*- 
jtitre dtat .lir. Tblmle ahoald >o ro- 
lOd at tomerroWs by-ele«tlan. His 
nypenent knows nothing of local 
n^eds. and. by hto own admissions. 
fl^ «oK •MPoor to fcooo troubled to 
Inftkrm himself. Mr. Barnard's main 
if^rtatform support has come from 

rie who are not Victorians and wke 
as ignorant of conditions here as 
Is himself. Whereaa. Dr. Tolmie 
Otuwa ^d in the Cal|(hiic mi^ 
Ifltoy a pu H Oc for the np M thla 
jkommunlty. Ur. 9gmar|f/lM0 not 
••en taken Mm tronMe jd eay What 
lOs ah»r -^m be tm '^tMoria's ad- 
f^MMenMnt, If he is ele ef d. 
^ r Thus, tiM fiBg l i tomorrow have to 
betweeo 4qM|4Motea, e^ 0( 
la oqMppod with fall knowl- 
of local conditions aa^, ^ r^ 
kbiy wide sapt leaeo hi the 
It Ufa of the aotlea. and a 
lyho loaka "k^on Vleterla 
i40 H ik > i t e» for »mMeal 
for the PlioMie4 Laker 

rf. aoMWe 0# tkolMHMO lovetved 
M ^.omiMUe OflstnQ that Dr. 
<^ tko N glb l OlMiien Ot the 4 

as Mlalsur of Agrlenltnre. our 
pie asked that Or. Tolmie should be 
apiMrtntt^ to OkbtDot rank. Tbeir 
wishes wer* aiet. . TOWiormw lliey 
have the duty of endorsing ktm as 
Che mei^ber (or Victoria. Xkki we 
bettsve tkor wHI do by a lO^iO »»- 
jerity. lor 4|ie n»poai 1^ one to the 
mason and judgiaent of the electee- 
ate, who are asked to endorse as 
MlalBler O repreeentaUve who has 
proved himself the meet acUve and 
emcient among all those who have 
served this constituency at Ottawa. 

■ ■■■ « — - ■- I a II 1^— ^» ^^— 

.vni»tm.wmtm n<Aor 

When Dr. W. J. CUrry. of Vancou- 
ver, the ehleC Ognre In the Brtttsk 
Columbia FedOrated La»or Vkrty. afh 
poared on Mr. T. A. Barnard's pbit- 
form in the by-eMctlon campaign, he 
enunciated very clearly one of the 
iaaues upon which ths slectora will 
give their opinion tomorrow. Other 
platform supporters of the oandidate 
of the Federated Labor Party, who 
followed Dr. Curry at subsequent 
nMotlngs, have nevfr Uken occasion 
to disassociate theioselves from bis 
views, in the expression of which hO 
made It clearly understood that ke 
preferred cofldltlons which prevail 
under the Red Flag to those und#r 
the Union Jack. Dr. Curry haa not 
been the only speaker of the Feder- 
ated Labor Party who has enunciated 
revolutionary Ideals. There wero 
others who evinced their 'ajrmpatliy 
with the policy of DIrOOt '"'AcUoa. 
What Dr. Curry said haa node an 
Issue which is a direct chklMtoga to 
all who love and reverenoO the Brit- 
ish commonweal. 

Ainong the supporters of Mr. T. A. 
Barnard, and chiefly among thoss 
ireoily responsible for his nomina- 
tion aa a vandidate, there are men 
who would not besltato to trample 
the Union Jack in the dust if they 
bnly-lisld the reins of Oovarnment or 
saw a raaoonable opportunity of 
Oeisldg them. We say this wilk full 
know^dge. for In the past some «f 
these men have expressed to The 
Colonist. In a perfectly outspoken! 
manner., sentiments upon which no 
possible interpreti^tion can be placed 
save the one that they have no use 
for King or Country. That, too. was 
evidenced in an emphatic way b/' 
these men to whom ws t^llude during 
the 'i^dentl ejection of December. 
i91'7, when those who now are among 
the chief supporters of Mr. Barnard 
said tfiat a vote for the Mincary Serv- 
ice Act was a vote to send the sons 
of Cat)|f da to death. That was their 
^l|cn^on of the light for freedom 
upOb which the world waa etti^ged 
Ihirlng the bitterest years of history. 

Mr. Barnard has some supporters 
Who have the respect of the oom- 
munlty, but they are not the people 
dictating bis policy. He ie running 
at th9 behest of k party which denies 
the doctrine that' the Olected repre- 
sentatives isf the people must be su- 
preme or else there is ain end to 
democratic freedom and all eonstltu- 
ttonal government He has given to 
a minority the right to goVern hla 
*actions in |>arliament. If h« is re- 
turned, and thus, in a ti^igible way. 
lie has subscribed to a Bovlet doc- 
trine. By his action he has flaunted 
the principle that majority rule Is the 
fmndatlon of democracy. He has 
leagued himself with those who, Ufcs 
Dr. Curry of Vancouver, would prefer 
thO ked Flag to the Union Jack. Mr. 
W. K. Trotter, one of the main speak- 
era on his platform, was the ring- 
leader in the movement among the 
Vancouver printers ' to censor the 
news in the press of that city during 
the recent Winnipeg strike. Mr. 
Barnard himself is on record as ad- 
vocating "othsr means" If constitu- 
tional metHoda , tkU ta bring about 
legislation decreed by the Brltkii 
ODinmbIa Federated Laboir Party. 

Under these ciroumstaaoes, and In 
View of the uttersinces made frOin 
Mr. Barnard's platform, there is a 
clear and unmlstakiU)!* issue before 
the people In this by-eieatlon. The 
candidate of the Federated Labor 
Party haa been wild In many of Ms 
statementa. but. while he may have 
legitimate intentions, he Is. by I|Ib 
own admission, prone to be driven tO 
exasperation if these tail. His suf* 
poriers. however, within the inner 
circio of the Federated Labor Party 
number those who ars revolutionloia 
at heart The lesue before the peo^ 
of VlctoHa Is, therefore, under whith 
flag they desirs to serve their oouiBk 
trf. MK MMnard^ by hte abdieatien 
of his HgUt to enercise hh own reason 
and Judgment and opinion, has givon 
into tho kanda of a 6dmmitte« of $$ 
his resignation as member, so that 
the ehaUengo of this ky>eleotlen hi to 
all thoao who ooe At favor of ordered 
government and Its roopnnslbllity to 
Parliament. Vjt*»r tkeee circum- 
stances there can be no doubt what 
the verdict at the potla wtll be. 


No letter to the Editor will be iaMrtn4 osco^t avor die proper sig- 
' aatnre vod address ol the writer, lids mlc admits of no aatce p^i oa * . 



Thoee who have a stake in Victoria 
and.oTko tagard thla m their home 
citjr, and aH who havo its truO Inter- 
ea|n at hea^ cannot hesitate ragard- 
ing their dottr at the pofls tomorrow. 
Dr. 0. F. Tolmie lif Worthy of tke 
greateOt support the eitlaens can gtvo 
him. Up to a month ago Mr. 
nard Was a total straager to 
eoiuntarftr. aa la tke past he oni^ 
paid desultory visits here. Moot Of 
tlM platform snpport ke kaa reeel^ 
haa been from theee who are not 
resldeats Of Victoria. Of his roi»- 
mlMae ef St, to wkant he has coa- 
MgniM His pOlittoal niO 01 a repro- 
sentative of Victerta at OtUwa. 
alxtee*. or over ^ pmr cent have hOI 

had enoogk iMaro* la.yiOtorbi to 
get their naaaes ea the ltl» Muni- 
efpal VoterO* Llrt. 

jar. oarMa^w m — - 

Sir. — 1 am on* ot the thousands of 
sMdlers who went overseas to serve 
my country when the necessity arose, 
and 1 feel witb my comrades, that 
thoee who made the aacrlficea In re- 
sponding to the call are entitled to 
^ best that the Dominion can give, 
ant more than that. 1 am certain that 
the Oeviarmneilt will go the limit. 
, That BOldtOr members of Parliament 
will be of ineatlmable value (not only 
through suggestions and advice, but 
through their close connection with all 
the phases of a soldier's life) is be- 
yond dispute, but the soldier that goes 
to Parliament, and who will have to 
seek the aid of those who are not sol- 
diers, will have to be a real soldier, 
with real soldier support, and net tho 
representative of a self-seeking body 
of men, such as Mr. Barnard has al- 
lowed himself to be made a tool of. 

The men who comprise Mr. Bar- 
nard's Advisory Board, and who he 
has.Ued himaelf to hand, body and 
soul, are mostly men who oppoaed 
the creating of support for us when 
we were In the trenches. Mr. Peirce, 
whpee paper was suppreased and who 
waa Imprisoned for offences against 
the Military Act. is the chief supporter 
of Mr. Barnard. Pacifists. SociallsU 
and men who have preached Bloahev- 
Mn through the papers -and on the 
platform are the men who have got 
absolute control of Mr. Barnard, knd 
they will do fhe string pulling, whilst 
he will use the prestige of the returned 
Boldler to fight the fight of the 8o- 
claH«t extremists, cranks, pacifists, 
evaders and antl-coascrlptionists. How 
my fellow comrades can allow them- 
.selves to be fooled into allying them- 
selves with such a body is beyond, not 
only myaelf. but thonsands of others. 
If Victoria has been dissatisfied w)th 
Dr. Tolmie. the soldier organisations 
could mcVO got together a convention 
of three thousand returned, sane, in- 
telligent men. and they could have 
selected from their nprober a thou- 
sand more Intelligent men who could 
have carried the returned soldiers' 
standard better than any soldier who 
might come from New Westminster, It 
is sn insult to the returned men in Vic- 
toria to push down our throats such 
a man as Barnard. The soldiers can 
and ai'e able to do their own aelecting. 
We don't know anything to the dis- 
credit of Mr. Barnard, but we do know 
that tho owners of buildings here re- 
fused to allow him to hold meetings 
owing to the reputation ho was bring- 
ing with him from the Mainland. It 
is an old adage that a^ man is known 
by the company he keeps, and it is 
to be regretted that Mr. Barnard has 
fallen in such doubtful company. This 
self-appointed body of Socialists, etc., 
never uelected Mr. Barnard because 
they liked him, but merely becaune 
they thought he could fool the intel- 
ligent returned soldier into support- 
ing him, so that the Federated Labor 
Party could claim for themselves the 
strength the comrades of Barnard 
would give him. There is no doubt 
that quite a number of returned men 
are being fooled, but not sufficient 
tO^^lect thS' artful dodgers' candidate. 

I am, with tliousands of othefs, sat- 
isfied that Dr. Tolmie can 'obtain for 
the raturned man Justice and fair Qvn- 
sldefratlon of his claims, that he ViU 
have thp ear of the Oovernment, and 
will give to the returned man full con- 
sideration of any claim he may have. 
Dr. Tolmie has a reputation that has 
not yet been disputed for honesty, 
frankness and big heartedness. He is 
sympathetic to all claims, and his rec- 
ord as a member foe Victoria stands 
out so big that it will never be 
dwarfed by the mud slinging -of this 
famous committee comprising amongst 
itq body two soldiers, one of whom 
at least never saw France. 


.720 WllsonI Street, Victoria, B.C.. 
Oct. SB, lffl». 

Hie, FederatoA Isibor Party 

Sir, — I read your article, "The 
Genesis of It," with pariicular interest 
I was one present at the birth of this 
Federated Labor (so-called) Party, 
and would like if you will allow me 
to state my views regarding this trick 
of a certain clique, to use their un- 
scrupulous ends to fool the workers. 
We hear a great deal from these men 
about the corrupt press, and bow It 
ia coolced. Mr. Editor, your article 
certainly is not "cooked" I well 
know. As a supporter of tho organ- 
ised labor movement I have fought 
many of their battlea and after some 
years of experience in it I wish to 
state that I believe there Is no movsh- 
ment that has done more In the in- 
terests of the people than the organ- 
ised labor movement.. It would have 
done more had It not been for the 
element that hangs like a leech upon 
its skirts, retarding Its good work, 
bringing it into ridicule by statements, 
tricky methods and specious promises, 
and, Mr. Editor, there Is no better 
place to sow the seed than amongst 
dissatlsfled men, or disappointed men 
an^ women. Ood knows the world 
reqnirea improvements, and one won- 
,dera how in the SOth Century there 
can be such miaery and want. 
\ To hear these men talk it ta an 
the fault of the capitalist, the exact- 
ing Oovernments, the subsidised 
press, even the church, and they fel- 
low it up with the claim. like the 
quack doctor, they and only they have 
the panacea for all. Ulve them the 
power and they can arrange to ao 
hold the world In cheek, all will be 
satisfled. They forget, sir, that there 
ars other men who think, who read, 
and study mankind, men kind of 
beari. full of sympathy and pre- 
pared for sacriflca. even amongst ths 
Liberals and Conservative^ Who are 
these men. I have been mixed 
amongst them day in and day out. I 
have listened to their speeches and 
argumentn .and, Mr. Bdltor. I have 
watched their action* in private life. 
I wish It to t>e understood I am not 
writing this letter with any feeling 
'Or heat, but simply thnt I consider 
It my duty as a British subject. It 
is nnnenal for me to use such words 
as I am using against those who op- 
pose my view% ss any one wno, hav- 
ing read the many letter* I have 
written through your columns, can 

The world is a mixture. Ws meet 
all clasBse: I have never yet met the 
perfect man; and what I waat to eay 
is. that these men who pose as hav- 
ing tke power to bring en the sal- 
vation of thf> humaa race are simply 
"Human." Would you believe it. 
Mr. Bdltor. they do ^xactly ss the or- 
dinary man woald <y> if the oppor- 
tunity came, prepared to take advan- 
tage of simllsr opi>orianltles. ever 
ready for the easy .tob. and Just as 
tricky and In seme cases prepared to 
lake tbr pay of tkelr emplo j rs i and 
use a^ BMaaer of aMaaa to avade a 

Just return ia work. Why. if placed 
m power, they would rule with less 
falineos than the ordinary Liberal 
or Conservative, Cross them, or at- 
tempt to disprove their stand, then 
Uod help you If by any means they 
can get you (san^e of these men have 
control of that recall). These men 
are in many cases late members of 
such bodies as the Hoclallst. Roclal 
Democrats, etc. (bodies that I have a 
respect fOr and the senuine members 
of same), who want none of them. 
They have crept into the organised 
labor movements or have been labor 
men who have listened to these spe- 
cious arguments. They are fuU of 
patience and cunning, clever to a de- 
gree in their methods. They plead 
for the 'genuine labor man to attend 
their meetings, but they must not at- 
tempt to argue the question or It is 
made ao hot for them that the mem- 
ber of the union who attenda gets 
disgustsd and stays away. This is 
what they want, and that is why they 
get into power; and bring into' dis- 
repute the genuine labor movement. 
The last election proves this, by the 
number of votes recorded. The ac- 
tion of the Trades and Labor Congress 
and the American Federation of 
Labor in dealing with these men and 
tbe unions they control gives evidence 
of it. 

If they formed a body and got col- 
lected together in one r9om. there 
would soon be disorder, for if three 
agreed the next three would disagree 
with them. Some have read tho first 
three chapters of Karl Marx, or some 
such book, and then termed their 
own conclusions re^rdlng the rest 
of the book. Borne have never read 
a word and they know mure than the 
other fellow. These men get Ijieir 
living by a nd through their connec- 
tion with the labor movement, they 
carry a card and wear a button, yet 
they at heart hate the labor move- 
ment and to them Oil the members are 
foola. The labor movement has less 
to fear from the non-union men who 
are outaide than those specious hang- 
ers on who are on the inside. 

Should labor be represented in Par- 
liament and cities? It is nilly to 
argue the question. Why are they 
not there? The real labor movement 
could, by following out its constitu- 
tions and principles, if allowed (a 
strange word to use, yet true) to con- 
vince the public of the Justness of 
their stand and through public con- 
fidence could get there, but it is tbis 
(or ha« been in the past) octupus 
within its ranks that has stopped it. 
. They will tell you they are not of- 
fles seekers and pretended surprise 
can be seen on their face when 
elected, and yet how strange it ia, 
Mr. Editor, they always get their talk 
about manipulation of the ballot box, 
that is not in It. In some canes With 
these men there is, and should be. 
only one constitution, their own. They 
forget that this world is evolutionary 
(I ixn wrong, they know but prefer 
«>lacing the letter "R" In front of the 
wor4 to suit their own purpose), and 
by a gradual working qut of devolopr 
ment of minds and charact^ - the 
world will become better;' by eilu'ca- 
tlpn. not force. 

The Federated Labor (flo-6alIed) 
Party's birth was at Vancouver an- 
nual convention 6f the S. C, Federa- 
tion of Labor, 19lS, t attended as a 
delegate; when the question came on 
the floor of the convention. The real 
trades unloils. although prepared to 
give this a trial, saw the ■ trick be- 
hind it, expressed the oplnlofi that it 
would in a short time tr&come what 
it has become, simply a place for a 
number of soap box orators to voice 
their mad ideas and schemes under 
the guise of labor and using labor as 
a tool if possible for their aspira* 

There Is sulBcient evidence to prove 
this because, although the attempt 
was made, not a man in the organ- 
ised labor movement would answer 
the "iail. They played on the returned 
soldier and also failed. They were 
jiot mad enough (only one) to place 
themselves In the hands of the Fed- 
erated Labor feo-called) Pariy, and 
it was quite natural to go to New 
Westminster. The returned soldier 
must . know that if it had been left 
to the majority of the men I know 
connected with this movement, they 
would either have been buried in 
France or becpme prisoners of the 

What Is the B.C. Federation of 
Labor? Evidence again proves what 
I now state. It was wrongly named 
in the flrst instance. It should have 
been called B. C. Federatoln of Dis- 
gruntled. Disappointed Socialists and 
Bxtremslts. Why. very few of the 
labor organisations know that under 
Its constitution Its platfbrm Is Soclal- 
lam: it Is not nor ever has been the 
real voice of organised labor. 

It was the birthplace of the O. B. 
U.. but the promoters of this were 
smart enough to take it to Calgary, 
knowing that British Columbia union- 
ists would sign iU death warrant. 

All these hsppenings are good for 
organised tabor. They now know 
these men and it is to be hoped that 
the few that are still carrying a 
union card will receive notice to quit; 
and at the next general election a 
clean-cut labor man and member of 
some organisation will come out and 
the poblic and members of the move- 
ment, be they Liberal or Conservative 
now, wilt support him. and I believe 
that whatever party is In power the 
wuy then get their respect because 
real labor asks for nothing unfair. 
unjust or unconstitutional. I hope that 
the real element of labor, having suf- 
ficient knowledge of the truth of my 
statements, will, however, support Dr. 
Tolmie in their own Interest, if only 
to sign the desth warrant to the oc- 
topas that has so long clung to their 
own movement. 


tto Madiaon Street. Victoria. B.C.. 
October S5. lOlf. 

Wba Waa 

Sir. — I ws^ interested in a letter 
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day last week referring to Sweden- 
borg and beg to be allowed to reply 
in brief to the qnory. "Who was 

Bmannel S we denborg waa a re- 
ligious enthusiast belonging to the 

The estreme piety of Ms talker — 
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fsasor of tHeolegy st Upaala and alse 
Bishop of Vera. deaaendeO to the sea. 
who was bom at ttocfchelm. 8wo4sn. 
in IMS. 

■manoel had a brilliant intellaet, 
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^ -*:;..**« Nations 


ABWalaoaa. No CoUadfon 



OftOAll--"VlROIN*» PRAYER- _ Ma«t«net 

' Mhb Leaiaa Maoaa 


•^BARBl, ilY GOD. TO THEE^..™-...- '. ^Louii Carey 


mp tfWO^AtH ER": 

I ORCAW— *K:aatil«a" (9th SonalD)-. - 

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-I flaal 

_-fl Wely 


'Ministers Meighen and Robert- 
son in Speeches at Wood- 
stock, N.B., Show Dangers 
of Class Move m Polhics 

WINNIPBO, Oct. 2S. — A specUl to 
The Fre* Prww from Woodatotk, N.9., 


The United Faritieni' political move- 
ment lit Canada ia "an endeavor to 
•tli^ up claaa acalnst claM and to dls- 
semlnate aelfUh unreat and dlaastti- 
factlon at a time whan tha unlt«d 
efforta of the pedple of the Dominion 
are ny>at essential to the future proa- 
pertty of tike country." 

Thus \t was characterised by Hon. 
Arthur Melahen, Minister of the In- 
terior, at the Hayden-Olbbons theatre 
last night. In the Hrst pronoundement 
.that ha« been made by a member of 
the Federar Government ilnce the 
United Farmers succeeded in electtos 
the largest number of candidates In 
recent provincial elections In Ontario. 

He was addressing an audleaoe 
which almost eon^letely Ailed tlie 
same audltorlon^ In which tile Unltad 
Farmers had held a meeting the 
prevlouH evening in the Carleton- 
Vlctorla by-election campaign In 
Bastern Canada. Hon. Mr. Meighen 
said the United Farmers had done 
a lot of good work-, which would be 
for the bpneflt of theraselvea and the 
country, and that there is an anjple 
sphere, for them to do good In their 
co-operation work, Just as labor had 
Its sphere of endeavor, but he did not 
believe Canada should have occup«- 
patlonal politics. 

' 'Mf there « to be class politics," 
asked the minister, "where la It going 

to end." 

If there^ wae to b* • POWUcal parJjr 

of farmers. It would not be unnatural 
for the r«8t of t)ie rountry to combine 
an a party ugalnHt the farmers, and he 
ahkcd hia audience to consider whether 
that would be In the best IntereiHs of 

Hon. Mr. n<jl>ertson Was srlven a most 
hearty reception. He dealt t»rl«fly with 
what the I>epR^tment of Uabor had ae- 
compllHhed. Het added that It was ut- 
terly impractlpablc and Impossible for 
any one class, farmers or anybody e\k*, 
to undertake to carry on Oovernment 
for the benefit of themselves as one, 
as every clj||lzen must hifve ctquaJ rights. 
Any Government that attempts to carry 
on the administration of affah's of a 
country for one class cannot sdrvlve. 


There will be a general meeting of 
the James Bay Athletic Association 
tomorrow evening in the clnbhouse 
when a large attendance of members 
Is expected. The pioneer athletic lis- 
soclatlon of the city ia preparing for 
a big programme of Winte^ sport. 
Their rugby team Is expected to make 
a strong bid for the city champion- 
ship and indoor sports will' Include 
baskett>all. handball and badminton. 

Necessary repairs to Mie club prem- 
ises are beinc started immediately, 
and with many of their old members 
back from overseas, and a large new 
membership). It is confidently expected 
that the old club will speedily resume 
their old plac^ In the athletic world 
and will once more be turning out 
champion teams in their various 
branches of sporting activity. 

Heavy Snowfall 

MITCHELU S.D.. Oct. 26. — Tha 
first heavy snow of the season fell in 
South Dakota today. Fifteen inches 
of snow waa reported from Eagla 

^— 1»^ ' 11 IS . 

McMSical WoAmt Ortanlae 
KBW YORK, Oct. J 5.— The Medi- 
cal Women's International Asaoclatlon 
was f<ym^° today at a meeting at 
which representatives of fifteen na- 
tions were present. 


Um Crfeai to Kmp 
Toor Hair Fr«i Fdag 

How many time* have barbers given 
thii advice to men who are lodnr 
^rir hair because o( dandntff and 
■calp irrhation. At night rub Cdtl- 
cora Ointment into the scalp. Next 
morning dtampoo wkh Gaticnni Soap 
and hot water. A dean, heahhy 
scalp means good h;dr. 



Units That Served in France 
Should Be Represented in 
Canadian Militia, Officers 
Represent to Commission 



3217 VklQria.B.C. 


Convex Ovsl Fraaiet, f 4 x 20. 

Agents offered to buy oat eatira 
slock at retail pricea, from IMS to 
IS.**. Refiiaca to aeli ta them at 
any price. 

Oaod assertmeat an 

H^toib tt^ 

That unhs that served In France 
should be represented In the Cana- 
dian Mllltia and esUbllsbed In con- 
Junction with the original MUltla 
regiments in any scheme of reor- 
ganisation of tha MUltla was the con- 
sensus of opinion at the conference 
held yesterday morning at the Drill 
Hall. Ofllcers representing both the 
active Militia units and overseas bat- 
talions that went from Victoria were 
present to meet the commission of 
ftour generals sent out here from Ot- 
tawa for the purpose of Investigating 
the question, and the discussion was 
of such Informal character that every 
person felt fi'ee to express his views. 
So far as could be gathered, the 
opinions of the visiting oincials ac- 
corded with those of the officers here 
who were Invited to the conference. 
and when the commission report on 
the matter they will, no doubt, try to 
take Into consideration the local con- 
ditions and local needs. Incidentally 
the conference, although numerically 
smaller, brought forward suggestions 
very much along the same lines aa 
those offered at a sltpUar conference 
held earlier In the week in Vancou- 
ver, at which between forty and fifty 
officers were present in addition to 
tho members of the commission. 

Representing the 5th Regiment 
were Brlg.-Gcii. R. P. Clark. 
D.8.O.. M.C. (Of the 4th Division). 
Lieut.-CoI. R. Angus. L.leut.-Col. 
Wlnsby (47th Battalion). Lleut.-Col. 
"Chester" Harris (artillery): repre- 
senting the 60th, Lleut.-Col. Lome 
Rons, D.g.O. .(«7th Battalion) and 
Major D. M. Uoborts; 88th Regiment, 
LleuC-Col. Rous Cullln and Lleut.- 
Col. Hugh Major (7th Battalion) and 
Capt. .T. W. Ambery; 2nd C.M.R., 
Lleut.-Col. (J. ChalmerB .rohnston, 
D.8.O., M.C, UeuC-Col. W. W. Foh- 
ter. M.C. and Major Bapty; 
48th. C.B.F.. Lleut.-Col. W. J. H. 
Holmes, Capt. Aiken, and. In civilian 
capacity as former O.O.C's of this 
Military District, Colonel E. O. Prior 
and Colonel Holmes. Major-tienerul 
Leckle, C.M.G., was present at the 
conference, as he was In Vancouver 
also. In his capacity as G.O.C. of Mili- 
tary District No. 11. 

The matter of actual strength of 
the varlouf MllltUi units under any 
scheme of reorganization was not 
discussed, and only very brief refer- 
ence was made to the number of bat- 
talions that might ^e established in 
each place. In connection with thin 
latter matter It la not Improbable that 
the point will be worked out on a 
basis of the population. 

Rentlment and the practical will Ro 
hand in hand. The returned men will 
take a much more active Interest 
when the name of tho overseas unit 
Is associated with the Militia unit. 
Just as the various veterans' organiza- 
tions have made their special indi- 
vidual appeal through bearing the 
name of the overseas battalion. 

The members of the cpmnflsslon 
which sat at the con/erfnce yester- 
dky morning all left last night for the 
Mainland, en route for the Bhist. They 
are Major.-Oen. Sir William Otter, 
K.C.B,, C.V.C, MaJor-den. Sir Ed- 
ward Morrison, K.C.B.. D.8.O.. Major- 
Oen. W. O. Owatkin. CB. C.M.O.. 
and Brig.-Oen. A. McNaughton. 

c.M.a.. D.a.o. 


Suff of Ladyamlth Public School to 
Discuss Formation of Union 

LADY8MITH. Oct. 24.— A meeting 
of the members of the teaching staffs 
of the city, will be held In the public 
school, in t})e principal's office, on 
Monday afternoon at 8:15. when the 
question of forming an association or 
union in affiliation with the B.C. Fed- 
eration of Teachers will be discussed. 
There have been many requests for 
such an assQcia^ion in. tho district, and 
It In probable that the teachers of the 
outside distrtct will be called into con- 
ference at an early! date. 



Fy>rmer Nanaimo Ring Artist Was Re- 
ported Killed After Kncottnter 
- ; ^'ith the Hans ;' 

VANCOTTVKR. Oct. 26.— Greeted 
by his friends as one returned from 
the grave. Rod Standen. a former 
wall-known Nanafmo boxer, Is in the 
cHy on his way to Australia after 
several years' service In the army 

In the early years of the war SUn- 
den was reported as killed in action 
after a gallant part he had performed 
in an encounter on the western front. 
Australian and BrlUah Columbia 
newspapers carried accounts of his 
death, and Standen has had the op- 
portunity of reading his obituary no- 
tice In a acore of papers. 

Many old friends were pleased to 
meet the pouular athlete today. He 
will leave on the afternoon boat to 
spend a few days at Nanalmo be- 
fore sailing for Australia. 


Brbool fVMitlMll CInh Has ir«t lo lioae 
a Game — BHriiiHi. Makes 
^« Pl«efcy VlaM 

In their public schools football 
leaSue game South Park School won 
from Bumatde Schoal by throe goals 
to nil. South Park School has sa 
far been svcceasfuT in all Its gamee, 
while the Burnslde fichool has as yet 
felled to achieve a win. However, 
there Is an Improvement all round 
shown by the latter and the spirit 
and dash that they pot into their 
(ames should be an example to other 
teams which at present appear ,to 

bHng Umm aaeceea as tk* leothall 
aeason atfvancea 

oar Wham Isi U iai u a. Oat. 
LOKDON. Ont, Oct. li. — Jadse 
Falconbrldge thia afternoon quashed 
the by-law recently passed by the elty 
eounell crantlng the street lailway 
eompaay the risn •• MeeaaaS Csrea. 

NBW TOlUC OH. 2S.— The conelM- 
atlon eommlltce. of whirh Mayor Iff- 
hin Is a assai»|r. faUed'Htday ft» areali 
dM daadiaek In the innaahoranum's 
amk* whleh has virtually t«s« ap this 


'■^ 3r?iV' 

Glorious Colors an4 Dainty Tints 
Emphasize the Grqpefalness of 
the New Styles-^or Example 

g|A beautiful gown of sunset charmeuse 
"satin brocade has a skirt alluringly draped 
at one side, and there is a soft, deep gifdift : 
trimmed with an ostrich ornament. Plowing 
tiHle is attadied to 6ne shoulder. Price 
177 So ' ' ' ■ ' • 

flfAnothcr striking gown is developed In ^ 
"sapphire blue taflfeta with a tiille bodice 
over silver lace, the whole effect Jii£9$ f^ ,> 
rare charm Price $37.50. is ', " . " 

flBlack net is used in irregular panel effects 
"on the skirt of a very pretty frock. On 
the net b an 'edging of silver. Bodi^^is of 
black satin and is trimmed with s^qdins to 
match. .Price $6.1.50. 


dtfier'smirt Evening Fr6c\S alt rtbSf i^oder- 
ately priced at $3 1.50 to $89.50. 


■■n.^i, fc \m 

728-730-734 Yates St 

^lephone 3983 


^C ^'^^f ^:?*. i'^fr'i;:, ^^^f.tff;^ 

*■ ■' 'A 

<i ' ^ 

Seabrook Young 

Stylish Coats 

for Colder 


Plushes, ,tweeds and plain cloths, 
trimmed collars and cuffs, 
$17.S0. $22.50, 925.00 up to 

Giri*' Winter Costs, 8 to 16 

Navy Reefers and Hate to Malck. 


Flaacad Sleeping Suits. 
Heavy Underwear. 

New Sweaters and Pnll-Over 

Infants' Outfits a Speciaky. 

Phone 4740 
Comer Bread and Johason Sts. 

If your plumbing is 
giving yom trouble, we 
are ready to go out at a 
moment's notice. 


Plumbing and Heating 

741 Pandora Street. 

Phonea 828, 4596L 

Accused of Theft 

WINNIPBO, Oct. 26.— Fred Miller, 
described as a transient, was arrested 
in a restaurant today by city de- 
tectives on a charge of having boon 
Implicated In the theft of |700 worth 
of Alberta Government bonds from 
the Manitoba Agricultural College. 
They were the property of A. Mc- 

"^^ Rovmanla's Proposal 
PARIS, Oct. 2B. — Roumania has 
sent a proposal to Stephen Plchon, 
French Foreign Minister, suggesting 
organization of Hungarian police so 
that Roumanian troops may* be with- 
drawn from Budapest, according to 
The Eclalre. 

Nervico Prom Houthampion 

L,ONIX)N, Oct. 2*.— rThe Canadian 
Pacific Hallway Company's Ocean Ser- 
vice will start a new service between 
Houthampton and Canada on Novem- 
ber 16 with the steamer Bcotian. This 
will giVc It rejrular services from 
Ltverpbol. Ijondon, Bristol, Glasgow, 
Bouthampton and Antwerp. 

Athletic AsMoelatlon Daaee 

LADY8.MIT1I. Oct. i:>. — A dan^e 
given under the auspicei* of the I.Ady- 
smith Athletic Association was heM 
In the Asnociutlon's Hall on Friday 
evening. A large number attended 
and a good time was enjoyed by alL 
The music was supplied by Mr. 11. 
Robertson's on^hcstra of Xanalnio, 
and waa commented upon by all pres- 


Th« Mlaleler of AcrlcaUwrc . 

Two years ago when the Unionists 
of Victoria sought ont Mr.' Tolmle. 
persuaded him td be a candidate In 
the war contest, and afterward gave 
him an eleet»nn which was aimoet 
unantnHms. they did not think that 
they were Introducing to parllmcn* 
tary Ule. a future minister oC. If<« 
crown. It was well known that Wr. 
^Imle was not then eager to go te 
Ottasea. lie waa wiUti\g to continue 
his aervli^e ta Beltlsb 'OoMmhla farm- 
ers, and ta eoaurlbula 'Irhat he could 
to the progress and prosperity of his 
Own Prevlnoe. Bat he haa now been 
called to a ranch wider field of use* 
fill activity. Mk minister of agrleal* 
tare for the Dominion, and Is bring. 
Inf to his department an expert 
kaowtedne aoasaarlMSI Islder than thai 
of any aC hla predeiassorR tka«a4 
three ot theae ware also peactteal 
fhi UMfS, 

It Is a compliment ta the.famsere 
ania fraHarow^ms eC fwie ■ rinvlaea 
tiMt twe mlaMers/ of sartaaKare 
la the 


< ) 

Spriaa Sahnoa 

■fcaak-rwl fWlinle. Faeak- 

Sliee^ er miels 


'»li. \ -s* 

A Chicken Dinim^ 

, ■( • • , ■ • . 

It sounds good and wilt be good if the Chicken comes from 
this market. No occasion to wear overalls to carve our 
Chickens. ^ "^ ^' • / * '"* 

'''^'''-'- FfMb ndJae i.'f[ .- Blaalsrs ;.: 

■ ^' - Vegetablee r Se aea e :'*^f1? ' '^1 IPp ps r s W: \ 


902 GovvrnoMm Sl^f .^|l«t PofI OOm '%',. PImm 72 


Our Week-End. Can^ 



f y ^ (made on our own premises). Per lb. .— ■,i.......l.'..>.Ov y 

luar ft ia mms 

„ Cor. Port aadl Bknahai^ ^ 

I. E. WdMnia, Piro». 



Better Than Medicine 

The Fresh Air Cure 

' '^^-^v^'JW:^^ 

Rent a car and drive it yourself. The 
pleasure of dVivIng^ plus the brisk Autumn 
air wilt cure many ills and paint. 


from British Columbia, and Mr. Tol- 
mle 1m especially honored, inasmuch 
as he has reached promotion In , tho 
second' year after entering Pafjla- 

Because of this promotion Mr. Tol- 
mle la a candidate (or re-eleation Ml 
Victoria. whUe If he had not been 
called (o office he would have re- 
mained In undisturbed pOHsesslon of 
his seat. • In a general election he 
would naturally expeot opposition, 
and he will net complain of It now, 
though In by-elertlons It is more com- 
mon to allow th<^ minister of aa an- 
opposed* return. The regular oppo- 
sition is .not bt-lnging forward a can- 
didate. bu( Mr. Tolmle Is Oppose^ 

by a candidate from another eity 
running In the la^ laterests. Thoei^ 
who think Mr. ' Tolmle personally 
worthy, who do not tvlsh.ta see hla 
work cut short at the beaianlhg and 
aether coaatltueney added fl^ elect 
a minlater. will naturally jtve hln| 
their support, leavhlf party/strugglea 
to be foufht oot in tl^e aeneral elec4 
tlon. Apparently this Is not to be • 
party contest, or a parfy victory, 
tirhe«v»r IS suceeaafnr. But the efil*; 
sens of Victoria have In Mr. Tolmla 
a food repreaentailve. ,^ho Is called 
to a hlfh position, and It wlllt be a 
great surprise if they dd not retain 
him. — Vancouver Provlnee. 


•a |. Be a* "V b Vktan^-BUY 

»:• ■ ' tVHk nri-Kf i.y»A:M •cj 




" Th0 Phonograph Wiih • Sour^: \ri 

• -» an*- - • - ■.■ » 4«l > >*^ r *o 'r^3| 


, ^ >a>.^ .iic.-».-^ '■- '^ - - 

•by Test 

■■M^n-v -.M^f // 

The New Bdiaea plajra •all 
rccoros partcctljr aod la the oflBjr .^^^ 
iastmaaeat eqaipped with tkc 
aatoaMtie feed oo a a se ati e l bi .. 
playing gdiaon Ra-creatioBa. | | 

( ika Ne^ VdlaMltialiMvar ' 
alFkiaihr aaWMtad in 
tiao with amf talUag 
^ Ita %tm h m «faPMt kfa la a 

Hmr It 





i .•'?S-'^i- 



1, ^r^^M ^^^^^V ^W 


hlMlt piil ^ 

•teAflkllKMl ta4 ilMteri S good 
-, HML OiTiiii.liHP. Mtditirtci^ 

tit l&riNiy* O^ tb« «€«OB'....,i»,».,.Ttl*i-i-!» ••**••••• 

r— I9li Mod«i TlrM, Iocla4lBf spaM, in food shftpc 

I-l>uiMftf» 4S M-t <**»«B'>M« rtes, U. & U S4 
VDlt sttrttv Md iMils. t¥r4 MMUA tlr«S| Mwjtt. 
|«ry. A real food vojr •••••••^•iiM*«*»«Mi 


tM Street ^littoe 097 Victoria 

•Wnfmh Qanc* O y pt dt e «he Oak Bqr QfVttd. -' 


,Qpir J>epodt 

Kirkliaiii's lib Ordi 

'^^ . -4, 


OiiMi^tiitt^ediiiliMi^ ^ itt^teNMr bjF putronisiiif 

on vSwHilBMt MmA. Aoi»kf iiiMad to 
' Mafl Ord« D^portaient win noeivo the suno |MRMii|>t 

M il joH wwe ahopplnc ^ P^viPn. 



•^iHTBiaH&IlM' great B|ititeptic lor colds,, etc* < Regular flOc 0|^^ 

botti»^»fiP»^; regular ^JOobbttH for ....^ .....o.-m, .^OV 

^iCHOOMiwUBBI^RS, regular Se eaclt - ..i^^, ^ !v >- 1 1 ^ 

kagAf if .a*' aaAi ^M.,aee^c«y«iaMa'>^- OJA^ 



ffWraivifo DoipfMrtiBMiit 


- liW I W 

Regular 10c each, 2 tor >., uti ...iiti.w. 


•1,4 SomU Mao^ In Fnli Puiwiiiwirt > '« 
lla. 1 A8HCIK»T P0TATOB8 »n no 




I nWi lit 

IL 0. KDOmittt 4k CO^ Ltd. 







npv beifif ittinitfactiired ia British 
ColunMa. Ilie Mill af Ocean Falls, 
B.C. is turning put a paper of excel- 
fentt uniform quality, with great 
tensile streafttt la ^ po^ts it is 
the equal of any Kraft Wrapping 
Paperio the Worfi. 


V ii n i n i M g»dlVlmrfi^B.C 











IVMS fallal «ol Inio any leagtkt 
itirkcd. SIMMnfs ctil and 
QMkMOd cat 
let-lMa. RcterMd dieo. 

c i lOiCi i Mi AW rttmrniR oe 

twoal craaril 


mftjncraMr MNM 

__Wi*SlJes, $37.50 

Mb lbkbe oa ltd. 


and District m 

regular aaj^thly meetinv of Ui« Wft> 
maBlv AatKUlanr of tb« Provincial 
lUiOal JMOm Hospital will take ptaao 
at 9m MfUmtm' Homo on Tuesday, Opt 
tobar SI, dk >:30 o'clock. f ' 


*. W. F. 
aiva an addraae op education IB 
at the Fint Unitarian 
Okiurah tMa evenlac. Tpie lecture i#ll 
»• fWly llhwtiated wMi Untern 
■ M daaii tiM lantern te be operated by 
Mr. Auatuble. 

IValB HMd^lfr. H. ■. 

annouacea that the C.P.R. 
momlac train up the Island on Moa> 
day next will be held over. SO mlnutaa 
and leave at »:I0 a.m. TbJa arrango- 
nant haa been made to permit tnMw 
elers to vote before laavtns for a|^ 
laland polilta. 

Weefcer to 
Rev. F. A. Robinson will vlve an lU 
luatrated lecture on the Boclal Serv- 
loe work of the Presbyterian Church 
at tlte meeUnc of the Women's Mla- 
Soelety to be held In 8t An- 
Preabyterlan Chucch on Wed- 
eeeday evening next at 8 o'clock. 

Faolnc charveaoC 
leaving their ^9are standlnjr on the 
atreet without UU lamps lighted, sev- 
en eietor owners appeared In the po- 
lice court yesterday morning. Messre. 
Bll Bean. R. H. Ley, P. Burdlck. Dr. 
J. M. Fowler, J. D. Crowtber and H. 
Mllsteln pleaded auilty and were 
fined $5 each. Mr. W. E. Ckthelat 
case w^ reminded until Wednesday 

Ex. l^eUta — The Returned Soldier 
Contmisslon haa been advised from 
Quebec that the foilowlna party ex. 
JUg,& Mettta left there on Oet. S4th 
for this diatrict: For Victoria. Cpl. F, 
R- Craxe, oare Ipv. Ralph, general de- 
Uvofy: L. G»l. W. c MattiMwe. gtooey 
Hill, Mt Tolmle P.O.: Sgt. L. Q. Love- 
lock. 068 Burtaflde Road; Cpt. D. Phn> 
Upe, gidaey; Opi. O. P. Darlor. Na- 

; St, V9ii»'a 0Mi D«»oe->The regular 

weekly danee at St. John's Hall last 
night, drew a number of enthusiasts, 
and dancing waa Oarrlod on unUl a 
late hour In the evening. A number 
of popular aelectlons were excellently 
rendered by the orchestra, and the 
dancing waa enjoyed by all. Some 
160 were preeent at the entertainment, 
which le growing in popularity each 
auoceedlng week. 

iVw to Ganges — Taking advantage 
of the clear and sharp weather, the 
Aerial League dispatched the Path- 
dnder.IL to Oaagea laat Friday, leav- 
ing the city at 2 p.m. the machlna 
bucked a head wind there, arriving In 
some thirty minutea Numerous paa- 
aengers were taken up, and the ma- 
chine returned at six In the evening, 
fair wind following. In twenty min- 
utes. Mr. W. H. Brown pUoted the 
Curtisfl, making the trip solo flying. 

Service at SC John's— qmis evwalng, 
at Hl John's Church, these will be 
another of the "Services of Praise." 
Choral evensong forms the flrst part 
ef the eervloe. and then a oeleoted 
num)>er <^ the well-known hymns. 
■a p aehi H i^ <li i»^ n tor the y un wae of 
omgreiatloBal atMloc. are ssag. 
The organist, Mr. G. Jennings Bur- 
nett. ..will - also give several organ 
auiBfen, igeluding the vt'eil-kneem 
hnoi. "Roik,»t -ifigaa,* #lm 
tioaa. I ■' .. u'- 

itrii^' VOiiaM I 'A Plea for* a 
Larger Consideration of the Christian 
Ministry as a Life Vocation" Wha the 
subject of the address which the Very 
Rev. Ostta Quaiaten gave at a meet- 
lag held laat week m st. Baui's 
Schoolroom , Vancouver, |n cohhec- 
tlon with St. Mark's Theological Ball. 
During, the war St Mark'a refused to 
take aa students any men eligible for 
military eervlce, ang aa a oonseqdence 
Its nuntbers tell to a Very low ebb. 
Now, however, there are evldeboes 
that the institution will regain its 
former place in fitting men for the 
jiHBiatiy. The Dean hhs now retui^ad 
ti» the cttgr. 

Subject lo'^lbiwB Coasdehce-MRe- 
ferrlns to-*.loitar:VhlQh amNMU-ed in 
yesterday's Colpnift, and In which was 
set forth part of the all4%ed constitu- 
tion of the Relchatag, Colonel Apple- 
ton refers The Colonist to an article 
whioh appeared in Current History 
(October), in which Is set out In full 
the whole constitution of the German 
RepuMic The Article (SI) referred 
to by the correspobdent, and mis- 
quoted yesterday by a Colonist corre- 
apondent reads as follows: Article Si. 
under the heading "The Reichstag." 
"The delegates are repreeentatlves of 
the whole people. They are subject 
only to their own conscience, aad shall 
not be bound by any orders. 

W.A. ia OM.yjL, lfeethg«^The 
W.A. to the Q.W.yjk held ite general 
meeting in the rooma. BIS ^ort Street, 
on Friday evening last. Mrs. Bail, 
president, in the chair. There was a 
good attendance. Mrs. Hunt reported 
on the raeent tag day, the net pro« 
ceeds of Which amounted t& iStf.lS. 
It waa proposed and carried that a 
cheque for $1,000 be handed to the 
a.W.V.A. The drawing for the win- 
ning ticket ip the raffle for the Lusi- 
taala model wee peetpoaed uaui 
MoadaVe aoelal, aa all the tickets had 
not been taraed in. A eonoert will 
be held at Craigdarroeh Heepital on 
Oetol>er SI, members to take ra- 
(lreehmeat» On December a sale 
of pkktn aad fancy work and of heme 
cooking wUl be held in the rooma. 

K. of O. Rat — The winners of the 
prises fov the Five Hundred, held at 
the K. of O. Hut en Friday evening 
were: Mrat Roesiter. Mrs. Palfrey, 
Mr. r. H- Baaaders, and Mr. w. d. 
Johaaea. The dandag proved highly 
popular, belag kept going unUI mid- 
alght Mr. Fred Broughtoa and hia 
brother kindly volunteered their ser- 
vleee for the daaee moetc, whieh was 
dll that conid be desired. The "Hnf* 
is now filled practically to capaolty, 
the number ef reaidenta averaging 
III, wMa the number of meals 
•tved daUy avemges about »n. in 
laet eo big Is iha deamnd for rooms 
the oommlttee Is praparing to 
the hitherto unooeupiad fourth 
of the buiidlhg with a view u 
prevldlag further aocoaunodaUon. 

Ci e i lil aaja j g d " R raest Harris, of 
1S47 Vlnlng Street while cycling yes- 
terday afternoon on that thoroughfare, 
waa run dowa by a motor car, the 
driver of which did aot stop aad 
whoao Igaatltr la unkaowa. The lad 
waa lajared about the khoolder but 
net aerleualy. 

•0 Waaaianys ifsrold U 
Kemp, waated at Kamloops oa . a 
charge of the theft of a cheque for 
lis which ha fraudulently uttered 
aad |( la caah, the property of Alex- 
ander Mann, area arres t ed here last 
night by Detecttvee Maodonald aad 
SIclUano. H« will be held 
the arrival of an ofllcer from 
loopa. to which point bo erlll be 
takea back for trlaL 

Weaaen V k nim A fVoaa Motor i 
gklddlag la a quaatlty of loeae gravel 
oa the highway aear the Colwood 
Hotel, a motor oar earned by the Is- 
land Auto JAyt^ aad drivea by Rob- 
ert Qrlee, of 8010 Vancouver Street, 
was overturned laat night at t:SO 
o'clock. In the car were Mre. and 
MIM Murray and Mlaa^ Chambera, of 
this city, who had been visiting friends 
at the Ouarantlae Station aad were 
en their way hack to the city. With 
the exception of Miss Cameron, who 
sustained cute and bruiees al>out the 
head and arma, the occupants of the 
car escaped without Injury. Mies 
Cameron was not seriously Injared. 

Onsaa and VIolte Recital Tonight— 

With all eervlcee coaunenolng accord- 
ing to the new time schedule, an or- 
gan and violin recital will be given In 
Christ Church Cathedral tonight Im- 
mediately after ohurch evensong at 
7. '^30. The recital, whioh la to be 
largely from the works of Haadel, 
will be contributed by Dr. J. B. '■Wat- 
sea, the Cathedral organlat. and Miss 
Mary Isard. violinist, assisted by Mra 
Aladerf. messo-soprano, and Mr. B. 
Clarke, bass. The preacher at the 
servloe preceding the recital will be 
the Rev. O. A. Walls, C.M.O., who 
haa recently returned from service 
overseas as chaplain to the Canadian 
forcea Dean Qualnton will preach 
at the eleven o'clock servloe (new 

Baaee at Alexandra — Phins for the 
danee to be held by the Nafy League 
Chapter. I.O.D.B., at the Alexandra 
Club ballroom next Wednesday even- 
ing promise a delightful evening In 
store for patrons of the affair, the 
proceeds from which will enable the 
chapter to repeat this year the an- 
nual Christmas entertainment given 
the children of men in the naval serv- 
ice. One of the features of the affair 
which should be extremely popular 
will be on exhiblUon of the latest 
dance steps, as seen In New York, hr 
Mr. McCredy and his partker. mIm 
Richards, who have studied them in 
the great metropolis. Heaton'a or^ 
chestra will furnish the music for the 
danoe programme, which will begin 
at nine o'clock. Continuing until one. 

Motor Ihlevee Caught — ^Within an 
hour after they stole the motor car 
belonging to Mr. Crowe, of 866 Bars- 
man Street from In front of the 
Royal Victoria Theatre, B. 0. Spring- 
ett and P- B- <Ailao vere arreetad by 
Detectives Macdonald and SiclUano, 
in the downtown portion of the oity, 
(M tney ,were driving the stolen car. 
Taken to police headquarters, Spring- 
ett was found to be In possession of 
a loaded revolver. The pair we^-e 
booked on a charge of the theft of 
the oar. and fiprlngett was also 
charged with having a concealed 
weapon in his possession. The pair 
will be arraigned in the police court 
tomorrow morning. Motor thefta of 
late have been frequent but the dif- 
ficulty in catching the thieves has 
been so great that la most casse they 
went undeteoted. 




itiuiii ii^ iirtj I 

Vkga Ym VMt 

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3 lbs. for 


Per tin 

BjaBTA$l«t SOIIP^ 

|1u^ W« S*^ Ym IfoiMr. 


Formerly Copas ft Young 
Conmr ^ort aadBggM 

'-ii 'i,- 

'^•■"'M f^AJmti :^''ri^'rmJ^ -s^fj*' 




■ »t"' 

tJR& • •<«■' 


A*' i.5,v— 


: iap;st.:;.'r3»«Bats: -.i-jr-a^,: 


Ijhattlie electric lamp fills a decided Want ill tfi| 

sCiien^e of decoratingf the modem liome is eri^einced ^ m 
number of inquiries^' we have had fo^ such fumtthing items. Now we havt to 
announce the arrival of gfdditional stiipmet&tg of these ;liii|})S to'lmeet thia pop^ 
ular demand. If you hav^ previously inquired here'fiH* a< tamp^/vye nOlW/jdUflOt 
your attention to our pr«ent Cpmplcte yf'mpy(k *^^(^gfe ,^j|g^tf 

Electric table Jampa of metal/ in aritiqtfei)rass;}V6fy', 
gold and verde green finishes, arc offered in a hosi^t pf at* 
tractive designs. 8i2es vary» and th^ oniS||i|^:i||asr 
tops afford excellent, scope for selection. Pric^ cc)idt>lete 
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Hre also shown in goodly Yariety. Piji^iis 4 

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M«teorolQrlcel Oflloa, VIotorle, 
• ».ak, oeteber 28, i»ii. 

The baremetar Is (alllns on tha 
•■d aaMttlad MUear WMt^r m*7 
Stmefal in Brttlah Coltunbla. The tenpwra* 
t«r« !■ alto ristnt IB tit* Prslrla Pr^vlncM. 



yicterla » ».;... li 

VMcoavrr 3« 

5*?**"* •••••• ^. • ...f. Jl 

aeckarvllie »...• •....*..•... ft 
Prince Rupert .............. a« 

^e**>* »»•».» *............. St 

Wlnntpas .wdi.« .*,.....•*>«. !• 

Portland .,...«•..♦,♦,. t4 

Ban Franclaeo .m.m.. ••.•••> « 

Port Arthur .,,., ., 1« 

e .M*. 


• ••. ••«••.■. 4.a* 

Omuii r« 

Kaale .»... 


HISBMI •••••« «• ., 

XlBlmnm oa jiraaa ? 

Biicht ninAlne — 1 hour. M 
•rsl Met* of weatbtr— Fair 

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i . < The tall 9tand ladip id amiable af 
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Witiei to Sait 

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Intely. I take every patient's 
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and experieace, so that any- 
one who has ever had opti- 
cal "treatment from me can 
conscientiously tell friends 
to come here. Prices are 
■loet moderate, v >^ 


Ydu can hiraa darjere to dijva 
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{.oar when W« rant wj? «^ 
spdnsibic partiea at »»••• p*c 

Get the Habit— Drive Vouraelf 
. ■ .^ r 

hlaail Auto Uvtty 

911 Mmm at l1|D«d W8 



Optldan and Optometrist 
Member aC. Optfcal Asaoclatloo 

1013 Gm im wH 




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Youll Want to 
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at the ftofe* 





v«iia wltfe 

ehsrstmr 0*1 ^- 

SMa w«fMas orasr. 
Slso hatMrlas •» t« 
fm. eia sa aawi ' 







THE DAiLy COLONIST, Victoria. BC. SUNDAY. October 26.1919^ 


Perfeeti«i'Oi% fftl«r 

Burn* one-third oil *pd two-thirds air^ 
-ducei inUlM heat; iiS l^r, ndt "^ 


„ •iMly ooi 

■mall and oontiwt. 


Eaob. 9lb4 




< •iitoi rn 

sad «v«aly. 

Bach mB4 



Victoria Never Faltered 

During the four and ^ half years of war ^Victoria 
proudly bore its sacrifices and gave to its liitilt in the 
chjshing of the Menace. To pay its debts of honor, 
and to maintain its position in the march of world pro- 
gress Canada has launched the Victory Loan 1919. Let 
Victoria again show iU patriotism. - ^ ^ 

guy Victoift Bonds 

'i % 



("b 'fi'fr 

n 738-Feirt 

This space contributed by " . ;.^' ^« 



1 f-.Tn 


!!•'• i YfUd OU IrfiiV ^tm, la Sum Sc«tt 







If the sensiblcness of the thou eht strikes vou, just turn to 
this Boys' Store and both you and t}ie lad wi]I^t>e satisfied. 

We have Sweater Coats in gtia/aiitee^ ^l-<^wool qualities 
fittkig 2 to 18 years. Your choice of green, saxe< cardinal, 

purple, grey, brown or maroon. ^,j, ,-, u, v 

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'Boya* Q&m 




"J" Unit Chapter Will Hold 
Bazaar and Cat>aret Dance 
at Empress on Novenrber 5 
-Man^ Promlnent^Patrons jSS SiSr rr^ 

Klaborate amnyenients are under 
way tor t1i« bosaar and cabaret to be 
httld by tlJe "J" Unit Chapter. I.O.D; 
K., at the Bmpreaa liptcl on Wednea- 
day. November S. Iit>dy Barnard will 
(ormaUy open the bnnar In the ball- 
ifoom at 3 o'clock, and the cabaret 
dance, which Will be held in the 
evening under Mr«. Harry Pooley'a 
direction, will have the patronage of 
His Honor the Lleutenant-Qovemor 
and lAdy Barnard; Oen. R. O. El. 
Leckle. C.M.O., Q.O.C.; Grl».-Oen. 
aid Mra. R. P. Clarke, Major nnd 
Mr*. O'Havan. Capt. E. H. Martin. 
C.M.Q., RJSr., and Dr. andMra. 8. F. 

Several well-known art.sts will ak-. 
ul^f/ Mrs. Pooley with the progran-.ine. 
coatrlbntlnv vocal and dance nura- 
bera inter>peraed through the pro- 
gramme o( l^teat dance . muaic fur- 
oiahe<j by Mr. Imu Turner'a orunea- 
tr.i, which will commence at 9 o'clock, 
continuing until \. Oen. Leckie han 
given all cx-«er\ice men peimlmion 
tu wear their uniform, and as thera 
U always a large repreeentation of 
t»oth . braiichea . at the d'lnceh of the 
Chapter, there wHl undoubtedly be 
hiany la naval and military dreff. 
Keservatinns for the cabaret tables 
srtould be made by cou'munlcation 
with phone No, 4811R. 

Warrant Victual Orute. Interment 
took p^ce at the NaVal Cemfterf. 

l.UCAS-^<nM fl«maUis o( John.L«- 
caa were laid to rent yesterday after- 
noon. The funeral took place' from 
the fUmlly residence. »»0 Tolmle Ave. 
at : p.m.. a short service being held 
at the house by the Rev. G. A. Wells. 
the hymn "O Ood Our Help in Agea 
Pnst" having been sung, the cortege 
proceeded to St Luke's Church, Cedur 
Hill, where further service was con- 
ducted by the Rev. G. A. Wells at ihe 
the hymn "Lead 
sung. Interment 
took place at Bt. Luke's Cemetery. 
There woa a very large attendance of 
friends. The following acted as pall- 
beorera: A. Poison, V. Graham, G. 
McCandleaa. O. Mellor,. R. R. F. Be- 
well. B. Lucas. 


-■.*ii* . 't^w • ■*»* •*«w*7 

Dr. Rutherford Hears Views of 
♦ Local Men Interested in 

Horse Racing and Other 

People's Morals 

RITCHIE— The funeral of Mra. 
Bertha AUck Ritchie, who died at her 
home 1SS3 Balmoral Road on Thurs- 
day, took place yesterday afternoon 
at 3:4S o'clock from the Sands Fu- 
neral Chapel. Relatives and many 
friends were present and the numer- 
ous beautiful flowers betokened the 
high esteem in which deceased was 
held. The hymns sung were: "Shall 
We Gather at the River" and "Sleep 
in Jesus Ble^ed Sleep." The pall- 
bearers were: Messrs. W. C. Wilson, 
W. A. Jameson, J. A. Mcintosh, S. M. 
Morton, T. Graham and D. Cameron. 
Interment whs mad% at Rosa Bay 


Chlneae PrlMonrr Held 'for Theft Turns 

Klngr'H Kvldrnce— Police Seek 

for Valoableti 




BRIDOWATRR — The funeral, with 
full naval honors., of Va^master Sub. 
Lieut. Harold K. Bridgwater wan 
largely attended yesterday. The cor- 
.tege left tl»e Hands Kuncral Chapel at 
l;aO o'clock, and at 2 o'clock serA'lcos 
were conducted, at the Naval Chapel, 
Kstiulmalt, liy the Rev. Mr. Hubbina. 
Many friend« were, in attendance and 
the many beautiful flowers testified to 
the high esteem in which the de- 
ceased young, officer wan held. The 
hymns aunt were: "Jesus I..over of 
My Soul"' and "Nearer My Ood to 
Thee." The pallbearers were: I..leut. 
McDouagh, Paymaster Lieut. Heal, 
Paymaster Lieut. Coh»mander Had- 
don. Paymaster Lieut. Llston. Pay- 
master Lieut. Commander Ray and 


SiQfEmlyl Tit to 




Are Rendy for 
YoQ, Meii, With 
tl^ Garments You 
Sliould Have for 
These G>ol Days 

• M| To(lay you are thinking of the 
^^ clotlling you require for Fall and 
Winter wear, but months ago 
this store anticipated your re* 
qulrthiehh, selected the best gar- 
ments, and purchased big stoclcs 
of warm clothing while the 
pri(S0 were favorable, and as- 
sembled then? ready for your 
iristJicctioti. ' -^j^'^ 1^' • '^ < 

■>,t <i • h »'.' 

These Garments for the Hbti tiger Men 

i| — ^"^ ttJu^^^ ^^^ '•' Yoimg Men 

Form Fitting Models, Belted and Waist- 
Seams. Plain browns, greens, greys. 

Plaid and fancy browns, greens, heather 

mixtures. Every suit v«iry smartly tailored 

and finished to please the yoimg fellow. 

^t^^tf-rWcts fas, f85, f46 to f«ltv(\;l 

with two Chinese behind the bars 
charged with the th«>ft of diamond 
rings and other Jewelry valued at 
13,910, thf property of Alfred Al- 
exander, chauffeur, proprietor of a 
rooming house at 1304 Store Street, 
the police are bending every energy 
to locating a third Chinaman, Who 
Quo, who, they believe, \» in pos- 
nesslon of the mlnsing Jewelry whj^ch 
has not bb yet been secured. 

One of the prlsonerH, Wah Boo, 
has turned King's evidence, and City 
I'rosecutor IlarrlHou informed ■ the 
court when the other pflsoner. 
Chow Chlng, was arraigned yesterday 
morning, it would be proved that 
Wah Boo, employed by Alexander, 
informed the other two of the fact 
of the Jewelry on the premises. They 
urged upon him to secure it and 
promised to provide him with a drug 
to bo used to Incapacitate the owner 
while the theft was beipg elTectcd. 
This drug never .xpiHiared but Wah 
Boo later secured the key to the 
trunk in which the Jewelry was de- 
posited, and took the box containing 
tho valuables. He handed it to Chow 
Chlng.' Later Wah Boo asked Chow 
Chlng to be allowed to see the Jew- 
elry, but he waa put off with some 
excuse. Then Wah Boa and Chow 
,Ching were arrested, and< Wah Quo, 
who had told them he had put the 
Jewelry In a safe place. The case will 
be resumed next Wednesday. 

Dr. J. W. Rutherford, C.M.G.. Do- 
minion Government conimlaaloner« to 
inveatigate turf conditions In Canada, 
held his confdudlng aeaalon In the 
City Hall here yesterday morning. 

Mr. W. J. Taylor. K.C.. spoke In 
favoi; of Government control of race 
meets with surplus proflts to be de- 
voted to a patriotic cauap. He waa 
not in favor of bookmakers, but saw 
BO objection to the betting machines, 
and he thought proper Government 
supervision would eliminate certain 
evils from the race track. 

Alderman Sangater, secretary of 
the B. C. Agricultural Society, did not 
appear ^o give evidence, but will b« 
asked to'' give It In writing later. 

Rev. Dr. Clay spoke of the serloua 
effect of a race meet in Victoria on 
the morala of the community, but 
aald the Social Service Commission 
was not opposed to legitimate racing 
with attendant gambling evils. A 
resolution was put in by the Presby- 
terian Synod aaktng the Government 
to prohibit the Illegal conduct of race 
meets and a written statement will be 
accepted from Mr. C. Harris. 

Other' witnesses heard were Messrs. 
It. I^lghton. J. McCleave, W. H. 
Cochrane and Deputy Attorney-Gen- 
eral Johnson. 



Hon. Hugh Cintiirle Aiiswrr;* Dr. Tol> 
f nile's Hcqaest for Cbaiigo 
lu Polling Hours 


fii.-^' jaa.5o, t25, fas, fss to fss 

I ] 

Suits and Overcoats to Pkase tlie Budaess Men 

stylish, cdnsffvative garments; nice dressy greys and browns, tailored in a 
„ rtjanncr that will appeal to men of quiet tastes. 

dvercoaU. $25,00 to .....-^^ .f|i§.W _SiJta, $18^,^^^!^ to .:„.;.«: „ f 75.00 

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Meant a Lot of Comfort Thase Cool Days 

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Lined Motor Qaaatlcta, in m^ny different quali- 

ties. i2.2S. 

••m ■■»- 


We Sell ouuineicu underwear 

in AD llw Good Ntimhiw Big Vwi^f of 
aUrIi and I^wtfft, $2.00 to . . . 
aitBa«Vt Xhimrn S«i|i, fCOO to 

« 1- 


Miss Helen Herchmer who gained 
first prise for design, and Lee Toolt 
Tong. who gained second prise for a 
figure study, have l>oth been under the 
private tuition of Mr. Will Menelawa, 
524 Sayward Building, teacher of car- 
^(oontng i^t the Victoria High Schooi 
evening classes. 

Mra. R. 8. Day, provincial vice- 
president of the National Council of 
Women, Is leaving on the afternoon 
boat for the Mainland to attend a 
special meeting of the New West- 
minster Council of Women on Mon- 
day afternoon and an important meet- 
ing of the provincial executive, which 
Is being held In Vancouver on Tues- 
day. Mrs. Day has also been elected 
to represent the Municipal Chapter, 
I.O.D.E., of Victoria, at the Child 
Welfare Convention, to be held in 
the Mainland city on Wednesday, 
Thursday and Friday of this week. 

Mrs. J. L. ^atfleld (nee Florence 
Hall) held a reception at the home 
of Mrs. Ainsley Hatfleld, Port Gre- 
vllle. Nova Sdotla. on Thursday, 
October 2nd, at^ which a large num- 
ber of guests were present. Mrs. 
Hatfleld looRed very charming in her 
bridal gown of white satin and geor- 
gette with pearl trimmings. Mrs. 
(Capt.) J. R. PeUla assisted the host- 
ess and bride to receive. Misses Ruth 
Hatfleld and Jessie F. Pettis aaslated 
in serving. Freda Wilson made a 
very pretty little door girl. The beau- 
tiful display of presents showed the 
popularity of the bride in Victoria, 
B.C.. and Port Greville. 

Mr. R. D. Kenning, representative 
for B. O. Prior A Co., Ltd.. Is spend- 
ing a day In the city, hnvtng Just had 
an extended trip through the Interior 
of the province, r . ' < ' 

Mr IT. N. Runnalls, of this city, is 
spending n few days in Vancouver. 

Mrs. James Baker, 714 Discovery 
Btreet, entertained on Friday after- 
noon at a tea in honor of her friend, 
Mrs. J. R. Clark, who is leavinif 
shortly to make her home in Van- 
couver. The drawing-room was very 
prettily decornied with pink chrysan.! 
themums, while the effective color 
scheme in the dining-room was 
achieved by the use of golden chry- 
santhemums on the tea tables and 
about the room.' The hostess was 
assisted in serving tea by Mrs. JSrnie 

Word comes from London that the 
King and Queen will return the stat^ 
Visit that President Polncare Is to pay 
to London next month In the Sprint 
of -next year, when they will stay In 
Paris for a few days. The details of 
the visit are likely to be settled while 
the FVenrh prexiden^ Is at Bucking- 
ham Palace. 

Mlau Lawson. who is visiting Mrs. 
Fymons. Haro Street. Vancouver, waa 
the guest of honor at a lea given on 
Thursday afternoon \f her hoetess. 

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, whose mar- 
riage took place la .New Westminster 
last week, spent a few days in this 
city en route to tieatile, where they 
will make their home. The bride was 
formerly Mia Anna Lonlae Wabdh, 
dauglitar «( Mr. and Mra. Ty i. Walsh, 
«r Vaneovver. 

CAIXIART. 0«t. SI.-~The 
praasura ik the etty to aMng 

and the elty e— mlart am rs bar* •t- 
»mn4 that an tolMtaga undM-' th«ir 
control shall Im> ehangM frooi gmt tm 
eanl. TMa oi««e ^«ng toaaad rrMay. 
wiMn It wm f a— d tUnt tka aallausd 
roM waatlMr iMia e an aa d a w t <»| i »i>. 
a« ttoa ana nu mut i . , A Inraa 
•r tiM la«ar toHMMte Hm 

In answer to a reiucMt that itie hours 
6f cloning the poll on Monday tthould be 
ehanKed to 7 p.m. Instead of o p.m., 
Hon. l>r. Tolmle yeHterduy received 
from Hon. U. Guthrie, aollcltor-Cleneral. 
Ottawa, the following telegram: 

"In my opinion Section 134 of the Do- 
minion Bleetlons Act govern hours of 
polling from 9 o'clock fn the forenoon 
to G o'clock In tho afternoon. The War 
Time KlectlonH Act made special pro- 
visions extending the hours of polling 
In cities, but the Act does not apply to 
B by-election, and there 1b no way of 
extending the time of polling beyond 
that mentioned In Section 136. Km- 
pIoyei'H must tflve every one at leant 
ouc hour bcHitleM the noon liour without 
deduction of pay." 



HP t WAKO s 111 

TheUUimqte Chrnce of the 
CaiuUian music Lover- 

G e r n a r d H em tzmati 

(Canada's Greatest Piano) 

So'greatji the nr^stige of .this splendid. Cdnadiifir: piano 
that scarcely a week passes but we meet' patrons who desire 
to acquire such an ioatrument in place pf an inferior aiano. 
They have cotnc to a rciHizatipn that only! the Gerhard Hlintz- 
man responsive'ness'iind tone-Beauty can completely satisfy the 
musical ^ei\se.J\or uistd' pianos we allow'a lit;^ral va)t>atioii 
' to be deducted from the price of a new Gerhard Heintzman. 

May we make yoiumusically happy on the $ame terms? 





Your Eyes Are Safe , 
With Us ' 


Shu r on 


l,^ StUch in Jmq 


THere Is always a time when the eyes da ^e fitted', with : 
Glasses at a comparatively small expense, saving both nipney . 
and later discohifort. . " ' " ' "• " "■ 'r* »• ' 

We do all that can be done in the way .o( -Olaliia^-^tt H 
.carMulIy, conscientiously and reasonably. .A coihplete $nd 
authoritative examination of your eyes wilt hot cost n|pre 
than 12.00, and we tell you the truths / , 

' Glasses are never advised unless we are positive tWy 

win faely you, and yon are untfar no obllffs'titMkp ia^«raar ' 

Classes even if you do need them. _ ^ ,j^ ^^ 

Phona east ftwr an A|»bfa tii» sn t> ; -■■ '^ ^. '.'.. *^ 





lUs. 4307R 


About deserves oar prices on every- 
thing electric. 
C.GJL Cnaranlaeii Iraaa, while (hey 

Pnmdmr Stova. the fastest cooker 

ni2H# .••••••• •• •^■•iiO 

MsjMtic Haa lar — The nkkel-plated 
Midnight Sun $10.00 

Whittall Electric Co. 

* 1112 Broad Street^ 

/— ; — 

Tourists • 


should visit 
showrooms of 

our large 

Chinese and Japanete 

Our collection of Curios, 
together with our Silks and 
other goods, makes the store 
one of the few real show 
places of Canada — a place 
where you can spend many 
interesting hours. 

You'll not know Oriental foods 
till you've visited our stores. 


Tit Vlaw St. 11 
•II Gmn. St. 

t' > ,'*Optical'AutlioriM*$ of the Westfj;;V**'l "'. 
.nv^tii jlfaadOIMa« Wfainipag, >|an. ' • " .• 


i: (. i: i , •/ 




Moved, crated; stored arid 
Shipped.' * 

Let us /do your work and 

Skve you worry. 

PliQM 2105 : ^KM 




'M^&^l)aUy I 

' InCluding'SUWDAY, at % 

The tto K^ttte I 

ann ' ninw Stiw a; 





SpeaiiUy selected, hard, 
straight - grained Cord- 
wood— you can get it 


_.; .■^. , ... . ,.l Sir' 
Wmmit Ctmmmarf IbIIm^ am 

pound' .- . .lit 

Mnmm': Mm Bmetm, pes 

pound ,. .Jgft 

Ubhyifa Tenwio Sa«p^ 2 

tfns -for . .SUk 

^ SPp OAL / 
Tea, per.H^Poand pack- 

tor your WiBlCf flipplx^r «Mfl 
Wood, jaadlto g Black! and 
. BarlL PMm^ OaHverjr. 

* ! 


Have your tat MA with 




— .•■■,11 •■ ■'■■ ' m i II ' ' — "^ 


5-Rdbmed, ModeM Dwelling:, close 
. in, and three lots, all under cultiva- 
^tion, planted with 500 lotahs, 200. 
raspberries. Owner will also sell 
furniture. . " ''X^'^Jf 


»■'"<>.* » ^f 

til I 

for Further Particultn Apply ii'^' m ? 



Taming My Husband 

•y KaiUaea Fox 

I JOiMou iiqEM inn 

I «M»*d. •*lCotli«r HftyM.** I «rl^ 
**! vheiiM low* to b« Ifkt you. (Or jroa 
^ra wwid*rffal!"* 

SiM mlM4 kw 1wb4 In protMt. 
**No. child. I am a»t w<Mi4*rt«l a|id 
hmw Bot b««B, bvt I am gobtg to do 
jroa a Mrvlee of whloii you may auJto 
^ woDderful thine U yoa wUL" 

I Mlt that a1»l«M bond of airaivatlqr 
*«d4»aly had united urn two wemoa 
wiM bad laartiod Gordon and Crlttan* 
fMa Bayoa. flathor and aoa. X put my 
g tr oi ifc yoariir arma about MoChor 
fltoyoa aad drow hor down on my 
vlkouMoih thou Itotoaod to hor atory. 

"Aa yo« havo obaonrod. B«f«. doar." 
•ho eoallnuod. "CrltUndoa to Uko htp 
fhtl»or. And tooauao I know hhi CaUMr 
and am not oatlroly unao^uatai1»4 
with Crittendon. I want to boy of yoi| 
not to bo a 'ym. dear* wife. If you 
do." oho wamad. "you wU) )!▼• aa I 
hi^ve lived and will wait throushout 
th* years, as I have waited, to tell the 
wife of your eon what I am now tell- 
ing yoo. Time would prove I am rlcfat. 
bat I don't want you to wait for that. 
I love you so that X want you to bo 
o^ulppod at the beclnninc while you 
are yf>ua« and while Crittenden to net 
yet havdmied. <• ' 
- "No man in all Keatueky to more 
honorable that Colonel Hayea, Beea. 
No man cauld be a better oltlaen. He 
to nprlvht. ceaeroua, oharltable. In- 
duatrloos. proud and dependable. But 
— r." and ahe threw her allm handa 
|>alm outward In an eloquent Baature 
'—'"he'd alak the oounty or hive hte 

^ I no4ded. I ww thinklns of Crit- 

• "Oh. I love Gordon,'* ahe Inaiated. 
and I Icnew that ahe did. "Too mi|at 
realiie that. He has been good to me 
V-^uemrdtoiir to hto atandarda and 
meaanrementa. He haa heaped cifta 
upon me, we have traveled, and he 
Btm makaa wondarfttl love to rae. But 
there are few thlnca I have done aa« 
hto wife that I planned, that I elected 
to do. There were few thln^ apart 
from my peraonal belonsinsa that I 
had aa X wanted. All, all — everything' 
haa been ordered like Colonel Hayea 
wanted it. 

'That, daushter, haa been hard, of 
eourae. It would be hard for you, 
too, hard for any woman. I o^n aee 
that. And you are youas, you are at 
the boginnUMr of your life with Crit- 
tenden. Don't, ^on't, don't let U 
hapten I" 

I patte^ her ahoulder to reauur* 
her, to vlve her a allent promtoe that 

I rtioaM not lot It bappoa. 8ha amllad 
•ad reaumod bar atiNry. 

**AU that, daufhtar, waa duo to the 
fact that early In our married life X 
booame a 'yea. dear' wife. I loved 
ColoMl Hayaa and waa aaxloua to 
pleaae him. I P«rood with him 
whether I thouylit aa lie did or jtot, 
becauae, when X dtaa«reod with him, I 
found It dtopleaaed him «reatly. So, 
Uttto by mtla. X found myaelf aoylMt 
•yan. 4ear.' and allowUm him to have 
hto way In aU thiii«a. O^ dear. If I 
}iad only known then wkftt I MUM to 
bnow Uter. 

"That waa wroac. It w|U ha wroaf 
If you do that with Crttteaflen. Ahd 
X huow he will want hto own way 
even aa hto father wanted hto wuy 
before him. Don't let him have hto 
way all the time. 

"I'm not timid by nature." aha de- 
fended heraeU. proudly. "X mQ of 
revolutionary atock, but I have aUow- 
ed my peraooaUty to ^warp luat be- 
cauae Colonel Hayea wantad hto way 
and because-^beciuiae I learned how 
aaay It waa to aay "f, dhftr.' Md !«( 
him h»ve It. 

"8o now he takaa It aa a matter of 
coume that my thoushta are to coin-^ 
cide wlUi hto own. that I am to ac- 
quleace in everythlns ho ausseata. And. 
to be fraak. X don't blame him h«i^po 
much aa I blame myaelf. It mH^t 
have been easy at flret for me to assert 
myiMlt Inatead of humbly aekaowl- 
edslnJK he waa my lord and maater and 
expreaslnK that alle«laace In the words 
that have helped make an unwelcome 
and now unalterable oondltion^— *yea. 

"And as to Crittenden, my hand- 
aome aon that I love ao. Why, he de- 
fled me from the tlm^ he waa learn- 
Ins to walk." 

"I lma«ine he mlsht have," I said. 

"No. I never waa able to conguer 
that rascal." ahe amiled. "I tried 
many timea and atunc hto b«re legs 
with many a whlpplns, but he waa 
atiU rebellious when It waa all over, 
and I would be crying harder than he 
was. Every day I aaw him grow more 
Uke hto father. It to remarkable. I 
think, for, except aa to ace. they are 
almoat doublea. 

"They claahed many timea, father 
and aon. But Gordon did not master 
him either." she reflected. "And yet, 
in spite of their dashes, whleh still 
come now and then, they adore each 
other, except' — except." and she 
laughed and I with her when she 
flnlahed. "except when one wants it 
oae way and the other another.*' 

Ladtoo' 0«1M 
^ hold a aate of work Ml 

» » I 

tpeakar: Mr. T. 
^rltlah Henae of 

Oaat fiipH! 
•t St. John's HalL 
Oaata, »ftc: todira. 


t t9 \t. 

Wm4 >Utf AM fliMlB flK*i!^ 

4iwnal a¥MbHlw. B o lmaad » 
Petober SSrd to Oato b o ttth. 
i to • F-m> dally. 

»t the 8aU9ra' Club win t»kt 
form of a maa^uerade. Ggod 
and refreahmenta. 



. Swaiu-Bremble 
A marrtoge of intereat to a 
circ]e of friendo of the bride 


tW TJiCA ffiml iii l rr^ 

.■rovidw nuiMTOM 

or activUv for promo- 

tioii of HMRh ana Reertatlon. 

Mo4MI«d and Adnac«4 

GmI % Codwood 


H'BO Per Con) 



groom took place on Thursday after- 
noon at the home of the bride's 
p^irfqts. when Mlaa Ltllton Brembl^), 
daughter of Mra. M. Bramble. 1111 
Meara ■treat, became the bride of Mr. 
George Hilton Bwaln. aecond aon of 
Mra. Bwala. 2831 Cranmore Road. 
The ^evamony waa performed by 
Rev. Mr. kialgbt, the bridal patty 
aU.ndhif beneath an arch of av4r- 

Th6 Motive 
Is the Same 

You bought Victory Bonds 
while the fighting was going on, 
and you knew they were a good 
investment — no matter how pat- 
riotic you felt when you were 
buying them. 

Well, Victory Bonds are^just as 
good a buy today. Better in fact, 
because the war is won. 


This spacd contrlbuUd by 

. A geaotal oaaoUng af 
of the Vlct«rl« Jamea 9T AtbtotlQ 
AMOotoUoa wlU bf b«14 ^ Monday. 
Oct. ITtb. at t »aow |v 

Tb« ladle* of St. Manr'a Cburcb. 
Oak Bay. are bpldUw a RwmmMm 
Bala at S«17 I>»uglas Streat. October 
ti. at 10:W aj^u . , 4 

Wtot Road Hall. B»»»to l > i lllpi^ 
auerade Ball. Wedneaday. October If- 
Go^d prisea: good floor. Mtos Thatb's 
Orcheatra. Oeata. Tloj ladles, tlo. . 

Phone t4TT Marinella for Cttlro»> 
pdy. electrolyato. fhotola (alaa dMMr- 
ant kinda), marealUiiV. aoalp treftt- 
meats. children*a hair cuMlng. gtrto 
an^ boys, BIT Bayward Bulldlag. 

Oamosun PlekUng Vtaaffir to «b* 
result of many yeanC praettaal oKpMrt- 
enoe. Ouaraataad ta preaerva aay 
veaetable or fruit. I>eii't «|aa VaU* 
VtBogvr fW ylekllafli 

jeSrd BatUllon Timber Wolvea Club 
Re-union Dinner will bo held in tbl 
Dominion Hotel on Wednesday, Cot. 
2»th, at 7:16 p.m. Ticketa on aale at 
Mamra. Wllkaraon's. WbUasy'i. Mor^ 
rjs' and 8M?rviQ« Clubs. 

Just now on the markef, our latest 
product, Street Military Reltoh, and 
what you bave been looking for, 
combining aweetness with pep. The 
Western IMckllng Works, I^d. 

Waltatng QompeUtlon, to bH bald 
at the Foundation Club House. Wed- 
nesday. Oct. aath. Judges: Mr. R, 
Yipond, Mr. I* OUver and Mre. Simp- 
son. Three prises. Ogard'a Orchestra. 
Admission 50O, ' , ?' -^ 

Dance, by member* of St. Paul's 
*Royal Naval 8t«Uop CbureV »t the 
; Rectory, lS7t Baqulf^lt R«ad. Qa- 

Quimalt. Tuesday, tba tSth October, 
'191». 8 p.m. to \i. A<f"iUMiOP 7B 

cenU: Heaton's QHh*^n* r«lreab- 


o&"|SBmSiAiaNQ njm 

We Waiit Tpo to Shari 
in Owr PtofitB 


If W« win be Mtisfied to opm^mt b^ii^ ditfWrHie 
biliMe of this season on t mari^^of profit that vm bft 
safely co»ir operating eip e nf^ ^ 

II Beewiat we lulleye lbalt«**F^!?MF.*H ^^ 
sitiis of life tdt too high, ani ttm^ ittettmndl effort 
should be made \QWlf4» a ftiieral reduction in every 

t We win dj> OHMT share, so far aa the merchandising of 
j Women's H^gb-grade Rcady-to-Wcar »s concerned, by 

fftmm i^mieni j|| Jbc |lo«^^ what* 

f -This means that you can jiufchasc— "^"^'^ " ' , / 

:trao|dfnarY offer of special 
to those who do not 

_ ^ lEftyiAR wacEs 

ap those ask(^|^wbere. 



% In order to make 
interest, it should be' 
already Inov; that I 



c.iit^:mp-'tt¥tfm(m'!ji>vv..'-.gfmn. ■■.^,4 



Our "■ '.^ r-^- 


If, in spirit, you can stand by a grave in France 
and abed teats with your eyeMnd pray with^youi 
lips, then offer up a prayer of Thanltsgiving now** 
with your pocketbook^4^t:*v<^ ^ ^ 

BUY ^rttr^ BOHDS 







?HONE 1905. 


Will Deiirer within City LimiU 
Millwood, per cord ;f4«^^ 

Two or more cord* in one 
order for delivery at lame place 
of millwood at ^i.75 per cord. 

early for 

Mri. 8«ldon Humphrera toM MiM Kath- 
leen Dunamulr, who will satlst In the pre- 
Sranme ot variety nttinb«ra MT«ns«4 hr 
Mra. R. H. Poeler in coneeetlon with the 
"f Unit caberft on November t.^ 

freens effectively combined with 
Autumn foliaye and flowers. The 
bride, who waa fiven away by Sir. 
H. M. Wrls^t, looked very, charming 
in her gown of white georgette crepe 
and baronette aatin, with which waa 
worn the conventional veil of fltmy 
tulle, caught in coronet effect with a 
wreath of oranne blossoms. Her bou- 
quet waa a ahower of beautiful roses. 
She was atteaded by her sister, Mlsa 
Blla Bramble, who wore a pretty 
brldeamaid'a frock ot pale pink taf- 
feta and carried a bouquet of pale 
pink carnatlona. Mr. O. F. Swain 
aupported the groom. Only immedi- 
ate relativea and Intimate frlenda 
witnessed the ceremony and at- 
tended the reception afterwards to 
extend tl.elr felloitaUohfe to the happy 
pair. The bride's mother assisted 
them In reeelving, wearing an at- 
tractive frock of taupe crepe do 
ehene. A dainty supper was served 
In the dining room, the table being 
effectively arranged, with a kewpie 
bride and groom and their attends 
ants holding the central place of 
honor la the decorative aoherae. 
While the bride was donning her 
traveling costume of seal-trimmed 
brown broadcloth, with brown velvet 
hat, the guests seised the opportunity 
to admire the rnhny handsome pres- 
ents showered upon the young couple. 
Mr. and Mrs. Swain left on the 1:30 
boat for Seattle and Portland, where 
the honeymoon Is being sp^nt. On 
their return they will make their 
home at 3SS1 Cranmore Road. 

Oeorge D: Z>avlai tba boo eapert. !■ 
now open to engagement. Hi^Vf n»f 
ba»s atUadad ta bit « ima t AJMll 

a4vlce given, extracting dona. w. J. 
i^gvory, 1107 Broad Straat. Fbosa 

Masquor«4« li«llH»4lMl Ooddf nil 
Tennis Club ^ hold pi fancy dress 
ball on the ev«t|ttag of October M In 
tbe ParUril Pill< Tbree-pUca erdhes- 
tra. Rafr«lti^«9lo: frtM^ jA«ies, 
10 cents; gentlemen, $1.00. Lake 
lEill 'bus is arranged for. 

Mrs. flimpgod wMi reepan ber oImmm 

Hi dancing for the seosmi in Bt John's 
.'Vall, HeUld Street Gfalldr«B'a;f!lipi, 
' 8aturdair« Novamlh'' f^^ »»** : twfif 

Students* Clags. THA^y gViMllng. ITgr. 

7, 8 o'clock. For particulars apply 017 

i|. John Street. 

McCi^y Seboal of ll^elng. Com^ 
rgdee' Club, comer of Douglas and' 
fh-oughton. Beginners' Claaa. Tom- 
day, » p.m.; Thursday, 8 p.m.. Ad- 
vanced Danoing'^-one hour's Instruc- 
tion, two hours' danioing. Children's 
Class, 8:89 P-m. Saturdi^yp. rbo^e 

•606 li. 

p. ■ »i III II ; '' ii' 

Dancing — Rarbes-Tueker Aoadamj 
of Dancing. Victoria and Vancouvar. 
B.C. Principals Mile. Balataa-Barbag 
and Mrs. Lionel Tucker. Clas s e s held 
fat Victoria every Saturday at the 
Arlon Club, , Government Street, for 
Instruction In classio. toe. Oriental. 
Step, ecodutric and character danotng, 
also the latest New York ballroom 
dances taught. Private lessons , py 
l^polntmerit. Italian and Russian 
tochnique. AU Intending pupils are 
kindly asked to communicate direct 
With the prinolpals, a( tha(r et^fAlpi 
112T Robson Street. Va«oo«iror. » ^ 



Last Tuesday at Brsadalbane, the 
minister's resldsnce, the Rev. Dr. 
Campbell celebrated the marriage of 
Mr. Robert Hunter Plows and Mlaa 
Clara Martinaon, daughter of Mr. and 
Mra. Martin Martinaon, all of Vic- 
toria. After the honeymoon trip Mr. 
and Mra. Plowa will make their home 
in thla city. 

At Breadalbaoe. 1111 Fort Street, 
on Thuraday evening, the marriage of 
Mr. Frederick William Lenabery and 
Mlaa Henrietta Augusta Woolverton 
waa celebrated in the presence of a 
few friends, bx Captain the Rev. Dr. 
CampbelL After spending a honey- 
mi>en in Victoria Mr. aad Mra. Lena- 
bery will return to S sgalm. 
U. S. A. wbara tbay will 


TORONTO* Oet. tS.— TeUI eiib- 
Dcrlptions obtained by the Navy 
|«eague of Canada, tn Its Tsronto 
campaign wore announced laat night 

as having roSeh«4 I"*.!?*- ?!>«•, 

iDciudeg tM eivto #iisr wt $UM9 
recommended .by the ^oard vt Con- 
trol. The Toronto objective was $128,- 
000. The balance of the $500,000 re- 
quired by tb# Navy League Is belag 
raised throughout the Dominion. 


Our Can are, Ml to stasd 
heavy tvfgk and tMt^rrj tboec 
•ls«aat isca •• aOMt 

For EASE *m4 QOMFORT ro« 
«giiaot 4^ better Htm fmxlMaa aa 

V\0A lair Car 

PrlMi (MM 

Wrtppinff Prngkim ^m* Bag»» Stationery, 

Sckftol Slippliet 

o«r wrtuiii T^gits. sciwrt ftw*H^B*yJ?. «;5-. *T ^^ 

in our own Fictory. f ttrontxj^;**B.C miuic" Goods. 





THK nM^r coixwnsT. victoria, b-c sckday. October »> i9i9 

A Great I^ew Stock of 

Parisian Ivory 
Toilet Articles 

We have broui:ht this great new assort- 
ment of Parisian Ivory Toilet Articles to our 
store for the convenience of those who de- 
sire to shop early for Christmas presents. 
Thfcre is a very real advantage to be gained 
• by purchasing from this stock now, for our 
chofi:est selection is offered to the earliest 
sboppeis. In this assembly are to be found: 

.■.^♦j^- . 

mad AM 

ol TffKTellng 


aI- ''* '" 

I W Each article is high grade and dainty in 

design. That the qualities are unusually 

,'fDod is vouched for by the fact that every 

article is plainly stamped "Genuine French 

Ivory." Prices are quite moderate. 

'■ *. t" 

^\.i M \i t^ ^ 

>'^'%X "% '\ *' 

XU9. Qmtvmni SixuL 

•Ti-V*-***^— ■.••r' ■•fc « «*t^ 

.». ^ t»*. - ^t.t*. «^ . 

"At tbe Sign of the Big dock" 

■■,. J^.^^JiV - 


•4^ ^^•■' Jt * »f ' 

W^^ XO" H^^ the WaHi 
f yc^ ¥111 >e 'fanpiressed at 
; onde >Ith the fefliartobie: 
richn^ ^nd purity or tooe. 

It Has tid^ yeais and 

^ years of expSfl^nce to dc- 
:velop the present-day Wtffal ' 

.*m •s.i>4m >.n y >i^ab*-<^'i » i^i t v pi,i •:-* 

..■4i«i-.»,alib^> '.«vu*.*.- 

The WiBb nkriiTill^^tir jkMl sftf^^itrd of^ th^ invest- 


Buy Victory Bonds 


Send your Laundry to the 

The Victoria Steam 
Lavndry Co., Ltd. 


' "ft- •r'^YVr 

mcnt'TO^^ Pu^ J*»to a Ram;- 'r'' '.' '^ ' 


T,wo Slightly Used Pianos at llargain Prices. 

,1 . ! 


Chapeaux LeCharmant 
^ Automne 

I ii ii m p( ! » M^ iii 

■ '■ « ' It •*■,' 

j/ ' i ' .i ' ,i.iij.w.j j i. t (>,,f,,j i ji, < 


My Tailor 

SoHs From $20.00 Up 

Alterations, Qeaning and 



Has Our 
Coal Truck 
Stopped at 
Your Door 

Be Introduced to 


As good a Coal as the name 
implies and sold only by 

Walter Walker 
fSr^ aSon 

Ctuunninff are tl^e Hats 6t Autumn. Soft outlines and 
beaoti^l coToriiigs, blending with darihfr and dashing tints 
aa only PARIS can harmonize the subdued and the glittering. 
These charactctiae tik; inimitable cftarni o£ the MiUiiiery of 

There is the very Laise Hat for festive events, the CuflF 
Hat for informal wear, and the quite Small Hat for the smart 

And with the aid of oQr competent salespeople, it is possible 
for you to act liiat stvle which becomes you, most. Come in 
and let M help yoa clioo<«C|01l[ C;^: 1 f* HV^ 

Our prices are very reasonable indeed, from $5.00 to $10.00 
less than you would pay for a very ordinary hat in any other 
store. • ,, 


It really shouldn't be necessary at this stage 
to educate, argue or persuade the people 
(^ Victoria to BUY VlCnMIIY WmSL 

I II it 

Ik SmA Africai PIom Shop 




RaiMlra. iaeludiac eoua- 

U7 w«Mrk. prorapUjr a it — «Ua tok CanMit 
•■4 Brick Work. Star* and Offloa Flt- 
Uas*. Rtnf ua np aa4 «a win ba ] ~ 
to call and viv* rao an aatlroata. 


'«HowU of a Dingo' 

(Aastrillan Bnsh Rhymes) 

% "ABOFlEUr 
(Wirftar af HiAiTii Mvms) 
Of M 

a/kjnm bat mi 

Oar. M»aalM 


•f rra»«r.' 

II a.iM.: 

::M : Rn K. M. fVrtor. m.\.. BlIIl 


That Famous Barnard Undated 
Resignation and the Self- 
Constituted Political Junta 
Controlling Adds Humor 


PMtr te Uw 9 *mnx V^»a> 

n— HI wMrii win te 
«t tiM paUa ta—aft<if»r Ina 


tan af tha Clqr 
Umi oC hlB 

Up to 9«Ma««v Mr. 
«<THHlMe aa Um 
cuieMata. Yaatar* 
>4\tHla>iaiiH» bora tke pv«ax "taibar- 
Soldlar.** tlM tect of kta havtac b«e« 
a aoMler bvlac «Hboc«tMkta« to Ma 
Ulior ptwdivttlaa. 

JiMk wky Um rfc^gi kM baa* »a«a 
ana aot aw»lal—<. bM la vtaw «C Um 
tact UMt Um «raat b«Ak oT Ua ■■»> 
part la aU«iia4 ta caaaa fraaa tba la- 
bar aleaaaat. aapadally Um radical 
Uoa. tha whUa tba aoMlar 

hokUnc aloof from Mai. 
for tha 

Oomaaaot a« tba atrovt coACMtitoK 
Mr. Bamard'a action In ailowtncblM- 
aalC to be placed under the complato 
control and dieiatlon of aoma twanty- 
nlna IndlvidualB who. should he ba 
alaetcd toaaorrow. wlU be tha aola 
oontrolUns force over hia fature 
career In the Houae of Coaauionae aai 
■aanbar fOr tha capital city of Brlttah 
Colombia, la anythlnc but compUnen- 
tary to Mr. Barnard. 

In tact the oiovo la recardad aa 
tha oaa bis burlcoqae toature of the 
campaign. The effort of the oppoal- 
tlon candidate to make It appear that 
the IndlTtdnala In whooe handa he 
had plaoed hia polltloal conaclence xrc 
rapraaentattve of the electora of Vic- 
toria la recardad aa a Joke. The 
twanty-nlne tndhrlduala named are 
thoaa whoae namea appeared upon. Mr. 
Bamard'a nomination papara to which 
they were aubacrlbed. In no wtaa a« 
repreaentatlve of any aectlon In tho 
community, but purely In their own 
tndlTtdual capacity. Not a ainsle per- 
aon whooe name Bsuree In thia poU- 
tieal Jonta haa been authorlaed to rep- 
raaent any orsaatiatlon or body, either 
public or privale. The returned aol- 
dlera organisation for Instance, raaant 
Mr. Banmrd*8 anvsaatton that Meqan. 
McLenum or Daacan have any risht 
to be termed repraaantatlTea of tha 
returned aoldiera ao Car as paawlny 
upon tha futora polttleal actlvltico of 
tho eandldate la coneemed. While 
thagr Ja their lndlTl4<uU and peraonal 
capacltiea, had a perfect rlffht to ap- 
pear on Mr. Bamard'a nomination pa- 
para. it is only to that extent that they 
can claim any atatUa, say many , re- 
turned men. 

In his action In plactns hlmaelf un- 
der the thumb of the taranty-nlne. Mr. 
Barnard introduced aomethlnc novel 
In political history. His effort to ex- 
plain his action by saying it is in line 
with the aystem of recall whch ha 
advocatea for thia country, is not 
treated aeriously by the averase elec- 
tor in the city, who arcuea that while 
there may be somathins to be imld 
of a recall ayatem that Klvaa acope 
far action by a aubatanthtl aectlon of 
the electora by whom a candidate haa 
been elected, the Idea that any body 
of two doxen or a little over, should 
exerdsa the political thinklns of a 
community of aoma* forty thousand or 
more people, ia a distinct descent from 
the sublime to the ridiculous. 

At no time durinc his appeal to 
the electors has Mr. Barnard aeen Ot 
to make a full explanation of the 
reaaoniB for his courae In resard to 
hia now Camous undated reslsnation. 

With reference to the effort belnc 
made by the Barnard supporters to 
make it appear that certain old-time 
political elements are manafflnv hia 
eampaicn. Hon. Dr. Tolmle yesterday 
laaued a statement abeolutely denylns 
the insinuaUon. He says: 

"My campaisn manager is Joshua 
Kingham. Aldamutn Sancater is hon- 
orary aecretar)'. The statement that 
anyone else is mAnaser. or In charce 
is incorrect. These two men are In 
sole charce of the camimicn and have 
not called in an'd have nothing to do 
with any former political orfcanlsation 
or managers. They have their own 
organization only for this election, and 
its memhera are all prominent Vic- 
torians, the list of whoae names are 
open to all." 

Insinuations made by some aup- 
portara of Mr. Uarnurd concerning 
Dr. Tolmie's war record brings forth 
tha rejoinder from the Minister's 
friends that his record has been one 
of exceptional service and value at m 
time when mei\ of his trained ability 
and experience were imi>erative)y»re- 
qulred. Ilia work carried on In Can- 
ada was of the utmost service, infin- 
itely more important, from the na- 
tional standpoint, than liad he bean 
occupying any high ofllce overseas. In 
this connection, the Mtaister'a tHendl 
point out. Dr. Tolmle. whan war brdka 
out. waa head of the Health of Ani- 
mals Branch bf the Department of 
Agrlcvltare. Oovemmaat vatarlnar- 
lans with experienoa in that line of 
work were very scarce and applica- 
tions to enlist to go overseas were dis- 
cM>urased in every possible way ha- 
causa of the imperative necessity of 
havtttg trained jnen at home who 
couM protect the health of the llve- 
■todk of this eonntry and prevent dis- 
ease. For Instance, an outbreak of 
the dreaded foot and mouth dlsenae 
would have prajudteed the entire maat 
supply of this country and nerioualy 
affectad the supplies ddstined for tha 
Allied armiea But avary pracaatlon 
was taken by the trained experts of 
the Department hefe in Canada to. 
pretvnt an outbreak of contagious 
diaaaae and the succeaa achieved is a 
mattM* ot recM^ which proved the 
excellent work done by Dr. Tohnla 
and under hia direction as head of 
his special department. Dr. Tolmta. 
too. organised the campaign In B. C. 
and alsawhere for greater production 
whidi throughout Canada produced 
such aoBoellmit rakults. As one- of tho 
progriaent veterinarians Dr. Tblmto 
was nqasstsd by the Veterinary Oea- 
eral to remain at his post In Canada 
and pM fill 1 his war service by ustas 
hia nttBaat aCorta to protect the army 

TORONTO. Oct. ti.— . 

httlMinga «Pday that Bd. Bayley had 
he«« appalnted Dap ty Attoftn 
GMMral la la ir ssd the late DapMy 
Aitaraay qwwl Chrl WrIslM. aiad 
A. 2t. 
of MM 

to Mr. Bayley 


s 1 i\ 'r». 

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I I I I I I I! I 

No GoiJ Has Yet Been 
Scoied Against Wards 


Naval Cadets sad VXAJL 
Wjpners of Bn»hf Gy>e» 


Great War Veterans Lost at 
Beacon Hill by 1>0--Goal> 
keepers Look on While the 
Teams Battle in Midfield 


IBievd^ / Mi4 - Aflaaeaaflaa 




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Fwt St, Not Cor. Cedi PhoiMl 1117 

Th« tichtMt atrucgl* of all ytster- 
4a)r*s aooetr flxtnrM wm that b«> 
tw««a th« North Warda and tha 
O.W.V.A. at B«acoa HIU. tha V«Ur> 
aaa war* eat to rtnc a tew goals np 
«a «!% Ward's kUharto unblamUhad 
raaovd. but aftar havUiK a hammar 
and tonka otniffla wara oompallad 
to admit dalaal br i-«. 

■nd to and play, marked by tha 
S9f»ad of tha Ward's win« forwards, 
«aa tha main faatura of^ls halfr 
bat Allan and K—ga i w«i% In good 
form and thaaa attaofea came to 
ftothinv. and half tlma «ame with 
ao acora and lltUa work for etthar 
goal kaepar. 

^Aftar a long intarval the Wards 
rfshed the ball down to Pendray, 
lUid frpm a sorlmmace Pettlorew 
Mored an easy coaL From the faea-' 
«it the Veterans forced the play In 
Ml effort to tie the score, but when 
taa forward line dld~cet reasonably 
IMar to Mensles, their poor shoorinv 

Sbbed them of their chances, and 
e fame was volny at a remark' 
■Ally fast clip when the final whistle 
.^— Tha^ taama ware: , 


V.LAJL. tt: UBlrarslty School. «. 
Royal Naval CoUafa. 11; Wan- 
daranb S. 

North Warda. 1: O. W. V. A., t. 
Foiandatlea. t; Yarrows. •. 
Araiur aad Navjd 4; Harbor 
Camradaa. 4: Fracmaatsb S. 
X. oc C. KUt. S: Waata. •. . 

A|«ad N. Vata. It: Postals. S. 
Tarrowa^ 4; SaaiUch Rovars, t. 
MatropttUi, S: riraman, 1. 


■atnta. C: Vataraaa. •. 
Wallaears. •: Is^artoa. 0. 
I. Xa a., t: Oadar Cotta«a,'t. 
XHallaao. 1: ThlaUaa, 1. 
Waatmlnstar PraabyUriaaa, I: 
at ■aTlour's. 1. 

South HUl. a; Marpolf. 1. 
■proit>8haw, X; Royal Bank, 0. 
Colllncwoed. S: at Mlohabl'a. %. 
St. I^avld'a. 0: Kltallaao Juniors. 

'Varsity, M; Rowlnc Club, 9. 
Firemen. 8; Knights of Colum- 
bus. 0. 


Naval Cadets Inflict Defeat on 
Wanderers — V.I.A.A. Piled 
; Up Big Score Over University 
. School 



North Wards: Mensles; Taylor and 
lablster: Baker, Dakers and Rloker- 
Bon; Mcjnnes, Wales. Petttcrew, 
Johnny Cummins and Jim Cummins. 

2.W.V.A: Pendray; Kroeyer and 
n; Ackroyd, Charman and Rob. 
bins; Rudd, Kerr. Bartholomew and 

Referee, P. C. Payne. 

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(Pormerty Arcida Bowlln| Allty) ■ 


Stitf— in a raid which 
Pt i se t hraa Maodonald and Sloilano 
aii4 Inland Revenue Offlaar MlUar 
m^jla upon the dwelling at 1107 Pan* 
daia Avenila last nlsht, a still for 
Ih* manufacture of Ujnuor was located 
tofMher wfth * quantity of liquor. 
In oennaotlon with the raid Such 

Blythe, Gerald F. Connaok and WU. 
liam Nlcliolson were arr^ed and 
botokad an a charv* of baliiv in aas. 
aeashm M a atiU used for the mima. 
faoture of liquor for which no duty 
authorised licence haa been kMuad 
The prisoners wfH \tm arralfned lii 
the PoUoa Oamf tamotrttw marniae. 


Next of Popular Dance Series 
to Be Held on Wednesday 
Evening — WeeWy Affairs 
Tliroughout Winter 



At tha recent meetyiir of the direct. 

a of the FoundaUon Organizations 
a» anA>ltlo«s program me of social 
erants for tha Wlntar montha waa 
iaoachad. This will consist of a 
aariea of weakly dancas wht«h will ba 
held each Wednesday af the club- 
house. Something new and attlract- 
tv* wai mvtk eaeh of thesis afCaira 
and it Is tha intontkm <tf tha directors 
to make the comfortable and commo- 
dious club rooms the scene of soma 

brilliant social functions this season. 
Next Wednesday evVning the feature 
of the dance wlU be a waltalng com- 
petition, the winners .of which will 
reoalve handaoma prlaea 

Tentative arrangements are under 
wajr for tho first annual ball of^^i*- 
Foundatlon Organisations to be held 
soma time about the middle of No- 
vember and It Is ^a Intantlon of. the 
promoters to make this one of the 
principal aoofal events af the year, 
dtard's orohastra will aupply tha 
mualo for W«rflnesday's dance and the 
club room floor, one of tha best in tha 
dlstrtat. Is raeelvlnf special attention. 
Tho Judges of the waltalng oompetl- 
tion will ba Mrs. Oeorga Blmpson. 
Bob VliMnd and bem Ollvar. 


■« ..*»-, 



K. of C. Hut Mien Play Brilliant 
Game— Wests Find League 
Newcomers Strong Con- 
tenders arrd Lose 2-0 , 

A Fact 

•>' M 11 ■■ ^ 

If Tohrife said that "black was 
Barnard would swear 'twas 

The Unity Aiudliator 

—a smgll attachment that uses all oily waste vapors 
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nOTOR HfidSSimS €». 

^ Wa Oli«i1talon Canada Mid U.l 

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And those that wish to be well 
On SAM FLASH can rely." 

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588 Jobnaon Street 

A fine crowd aathered at the Cent 
ral Hark yaaterdar to wttneaa^thaj 
qofetfliM betweaiv. the'.K of C. HuU^aikI 
tha Tlctori» Wests, and were well 
plaaaad with the aama. which resalt-^ 
ed In a 2-6 'win far the K. of C.'s 
aa a result of masterly eomhlnatlon 
work In the first halt. 

^ha first half was practically con- 
trolled by the Army Hut men. sjid 
after fifteen minutes a pretty massed 
attacK staged by the whole forward 
liife brought the ball throuah and 
Braaa aeored with a faat hlrh shot 
which faya Shandley no chance to 

The Weata seemed unable to aat 
folna, they lost the ball as soon as 
thay tot It, ajid after another fif- 
teen minutes the K. of C.'s aot an- 
other goal as a result of a penalty 
Cor hands. J. Allen neUiag the ball 
with a fine ahot out of ahandley's 
reach. ' ;„' 

;rha teams ware: 

K. of C. Hqt — {Ihrithpton; Bread- 
nar and Shfarman; Brown. J. Allen 
and Wrisbt; Swinburne, G. Allen, 
Braas. McKinnon and Uaskle. 

Victoria Wests — Shandley; Whyte 
and Copas; Thomas, McKay and 
OkaU; J. Bharratt. S. Sheratt, James, 
Tooson and Mulcahy. 

Referee— Pearson. 

.1,1 • <,v.>.. 

I>DO(ball Me«diMr ' 

Association football players and fol- 
lowers of the game are arted to meat 
on Wednesday evening at eight o'clock 
in the K. of C. Hut. on Port Street 

■FROTT-SHAW Klgtat School 
Studaata acoaptad every Tuaaday. 
Photfa U tar partUniUn. 




L. C. Smith Guns 

and One-Trigger 
atdJLr uittfMiasGHg*. kM»^ 

E. G. Prior & Co. 



Now Blade 

¥• • Si • < 

Two Sizes 



The RugbjF praatloe gamaa played 
yaaterday did nat provide any very 
oloaa oantests. After tha hard freat 
of the night before and tha eontlnuad 
dry weather the ground waa hardly 
In safa condition for a gasM and a 
Bvmbit of players lost considerable 
bark from.lcnaaa and albowa. al- 
tlMugh fortunately bo more serlooa 
eaaualtlea ocoiirrad. 

At Oak Bay the V.I.A.A. proved 
too heavy and fast for the Uatvaralty 
achool* fifteen, which is not at praa- 
aat as strong a side as the sohoal 
uaUally is able to put In the field. 
alt|iough another month's practice U 
liable to work wondara. Their 
three-quarter Mm waa decldadly 
WMik, not having learned as yet to I 
play together and being too much } 
laoiined to bunch Instead of Unlng 
wall out acrosa tha field. Their ftoll 
bfiek also will need a good deal of 
etechtng and will have to develop 
a lot more snappiness in fielding the 
ball and gaining as much ground as 
la aafely possible before getting in his 
%l«k. The forwards are a hard- 
working lot, though too Ught for the 
- y .tA. A . yettardayr aad -Ike ^ae^oel 
«^ no doubt be represented by a 
good fifteen men when the players 
h^ve had more practice^ 

The V.I.A.A. showed that they will 
ha strong eontendars for the league 
hauors and gave a good display In 
aU departments of the game. Mat- 
■on was aapecUUy brUllant aa wing 
threa-ataarter and his speed and 
**'*lfelJ ablJItty waa t<jK> much for tha 
opposing Mcks on numerous occas- 
ions. Wilson and Oowan aW did 
eseellently and L«wis Is a dacMed ac- 
qplsltion In their scrum ^ formation. 
Tlie final score waa tS t% ♦, (4 
goals and 4 tries to i triea) HalSon 
aaored three times, CoWan tWide, 
Lbwis. Wilsop and Orubb onea eaeh. 
.Roneychurclt kicking tha goals: 
Pritchard scored the University 
qphool's first try and London the 

Wanderers Are Beaten 
At the Canteen grounds the Wan- 
derers were badly beaten by the 
the Royal Kaval Collage by a score 
0(17 to Ml (1 goal and 4 tylaB). 
Hie gida rapresantlng the Wanderers 
was, to a great extent, an expert- 
mental one and%ha result Hpraaenta 
the rlin of the play. C. O. Grant, 
H. E. Rol>inson and C. &, Williams 
played well for the losers. 

-Tha College aide showed excellent 
team work, their passing and. touch 
finding being very good. Broek and 
Plckard were the ^beat of a « vary 
good Mde. > ' 

The Great Wi^Veterans ware to 
have played the M. J. A. 'A. at Oak 
^y.. but unfortunately . ware unable 
to field more than aeven men. The 
J.B.A.A. ware out with a full number 
and a praetlee was played with the 
teams mixed, twelve a side taking 
part. Almost every man on the field 
had a dlffenftnt colored ^ jevaey. 
irtiich made the play rather confus- 
ing to watch, but it was noticed that 
good work waa done by Oosnell and 
Bendrodt, three-Quartera, and Hearne 
at half, while other conspicuous 
players were McKinnon, Bennet, San- 
son and TnJviB. the latter showing 
batter form than even In his pre- 
war Rugby daya. 


Fast Game at Work t'oid Won 
by Veterans by Sco re of 4- 1 
-ipillmow Played in Great 
Form M% ■ '■ -. 



Anyone cfan start in a race. It takes 
courage, resolution and that wonder- 
;V .ful thing called spirit, to make ai^ 

f' .»•'• 



r See to It then t|iat we win out with 
this Victory Loan' Campaign. 

ry. *f We are raising the money to finish 
ih<J job and see it through. 


So help along- 

Buy Vietory Bonds 

This space coatribatcd by 


GovwniiMnt St, VWloiiii, B.< 


"X^^ls Indian Snininer I 

Thetlays are "brisk," no dust, makini: it ideal f or ^ 
motoring. Rent one of our touring cars and enjoy an 
Autumn spin. ^;* 

pyi: ' \S 

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We hfcvc just rtcdved a nice aU6rtmeot in Leai 
Electroplate. Priced it $1.25, ^.00, $2.50 tod $4.00. 


TobacUlritt // m^ 

UiuonBiakBuildiBc 6idVlfw$tnf( If 

•K u CiadiAaikl in.ys i4i_ 


HaaifiMlifi Iv tai| flhliii TaaUi itfi AnMiiriliii 

w. N. usavFfisnrY 



Ask for Traveller or Trsveller't Qiib 
Union MWe Cifw . . I'l 

Every Box Carries Certificate of Pw* ^vaoa If^i^^y,^ 


49M lll^H^'*'^'^mi> <t< a»,|., 3IW.I 

Tbe Sportsmen's Headquarter 

Get the HaNW-Meet me at Btr's 

■■I flaiifMiart ■aJTliii tuutx - ' 

The Army and Navy loceer men 
jreaterday encountared tha Harbor 
Marines at Work Point and wrested a 
4<1 victory out o< a wcH-cententad 
atruOTlt, UMlntr thraHch tha aacallaat 
form 4t«>la]Miitf bjr Fttlmora. 

Gala o^enad the aeorinr fllra'mhl- 
utea after the face-off, putting a pen- 
alty ktek paat Tr^ntham. and fifteon 
minute* later Fillmore netted a hot 
•hot. A few minutes before tha half 

Spired Fillmore asain got an open- 
r. and by aplandld footwork w««4iad 
tbrmurli tka HCarlnes' dafaaaa Md 
snada tha aeore S-0. this flgure atand- 
Inv mn half-UaM. In apita of stra«« of- 
forts hw tha Mavtnaa. 

FUkaora Dam ~Mat IMcft** 
In the second half Oliver went ta 
B9t* after httrtiiw Ms foot. aM mm§9 
a mM ifcawlm mam wan mwnai Iha 
eloae of the irame. when Fltlmora 
beat him for the uily raqolrad to 
COHiplato the hat trtefc. 

Tha A. aad N- daffanea aqi«a« be- 
a tHla lax. »wutm ««« an op- 

•aaqrtataly b«u Laaartnc who hmt 
beaa avaaaally Mf« ktthartai 

TlM taasM wara: 

•A. aM K. V ater aa a Vmrntrng; 
Cbtnrch ■■« Flnatt; Oawall, Hathar- 
01 ai»4 Fnuifclak; BOMar. 

Let ITs Prove These 

About tke <«IXSWOVnr 


Come in tomorrow afl^ we wiU prdve to your 
absolute satisfaction that this tnimer will save you 
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mendous. It is a smaf inexpensive device that 
fits into the firebox of any ordinary rani^e. 
Hundffds are hi use and <f vfaif every s«tiff acdwt 

-Smith SiOes Co. 




rMf thirt allDr 
idle mootjr, or 

As a Bnsmfus Jhrcpomtion Wo w 

5}6% oa rm m&mf b Mreir hctte ttea 3% 

If f cr M 0HKr resMM ttM that ( 

Ctaada b jvm atcatUfy, jtm em^ to 





rnr ^^^^^ mmmsr vrcTQitiA. ad. sdJtSilr. dcitwIifeRX iyi9 





or Coating of 'White 


Hoppe k Undefemtied 



Toor CreA b Always Good When Yod Own Victor y Bonfe 

Smoke Damage Sale of "<! 
High-Grade Men's ApiMirel 

» r- : 

Last Wednesday a Ire occurred in a Neighboring s^ore and resulted in our premises 
being completely filled with smoke for several hours. Our stock is of such a nature that 

it shows sufficient traces of this smoke-treatment to warrant 
our cl|aring every garment so exposed. The apparetl we sell 
must at all times be crisp, fresh and new— the portion of 
our. stock bearing traces of smoke must be got rid of at 
once, even though we sacrifice a part of our investment to 
do so. This means extraordinary values for all who care to 
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V Y 

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liMe fabrics. 
now ,~-.. — 

Suits for mef andyoung men, dcpend- 
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Pitft Wool Tweed Suits, in ^mart pi|- 
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check flafiel 



Both plain and fiir-trimmed Hudson Seal Coats; Neckpieces and Muffs of taupe and black wolf^ red, 
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fe*r« t* hm ail««. y»a ca* f«*l p«rfMU]r 
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H,W. BRnSN, Phn. B. 



WhM Tm 8««« Haiia WB He^ Buy VSetorr 

If $46 Sir||^|nr 
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—then drop upettirs and 





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We Will Be Qosed Sundays During Summer Months 


Best Known 1$ Cor«y HessOf 
Veteran Lacrasse $tar — 
Other Applications Dcpected 
to fdllow JeforeTwnorrow 

VAKCOUVSR. Oot SI.— ^Althouch 
It ti i«porta4 that a eaaaa ar mafv 
laaal athtata*. profaarteaala la atl^r 
tfayik era to aak la hami tha whttavaah 
broah apyUae by tba »owara that b« 
ta Biitlaii OohunWa aaty two iMiv* so 
far eaaoa fonrare with thsir ap^laa- 
tlona. Coraf Baaaa. aM-tUna laeroaaa 
9o»lkMplBv atar. la en«, and FMay. a 
local yeuagatar who waa ooaxad late 
tha protaaaloaal la o r aaii raaka durtac 
tha iMiat aaaaon aa4 al^atraokad whan 
ha Mlad ta land a panDaaaat barth. 
ara tha two moii to anhmlt thair appU- 
eatloM. Hawa'a applloatloa ia oartata 
to ha approved. 

Dava l^alth. vtoa-praaUant a( tha 
AJ^V. ot Caaada. and ohalnaaa of 
tha Vaaeavvar hranoh. atatad today 
that aU athlataa who Intaad appljriae 
for ralnatatamant should do ad baCoro 
Monday alebt. A maatln« of tha Vaa> 
eovvor board wtU ba hald aarljr aast 
w««k to ooaaldar tha appUoatioaa and 
to aomiaata rapraaaatatlvaa to attand 
tha maatlae of tha provlnolal axaou* 
tira. Tletorla wants tha meattas of 
tha British Columbia asacutlva hald 
at Naoa^mo on Neraaabar I, but It la 
altocather likely that th a maatinf wi ll 
ba a«t back for one waek. 


Six Victories and Ko Defeat 
Gives Him the American 
National Balk-Line IBItliard 

Magnificent Value 
in Men's Suits 


Our showing of "Browns" is somewhat out 
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Broim Woiiltdi and Twaedb 

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Mao Hbbaa 
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ia lovat 
boat her 
m i X t urea 
and black. 

• a . a a 

vary klf" 
srade para 

and dark 


Central GMIm aop 

ai4 vfaw at. »:^ nmm laii 


Canada bas an unpaid balance of aome wHWona of doHan 
of war debt— part of the price of the Vioery we eajojr. 

To meet thia debt the ie seUing Victoiy Boadi to btr 
people. ■ I. -I 

Aa one of her citisens yotr owe a part of tiiia debt 

The wigr to diec^Mrg e it ia to •<.< ,,. „ ■« 

« BUY VICTORY BONDS , ,? , >^ 

This spaca coatrlbuttd ^ 

Cambridge Sausage mt^WB 

TM to NbKe Ubwt 

NBW YORK. Oct IS.— WllUa 
Hoppa dafaatad Jaka Sohaafar in tha 
flaal matoh tenl«ht oC tha proCaaslonal 
IS. 2 balkolino natloaal ehaakplonahtp 
billiard toumamant. 4*0 to tli. ThIa 
laft Hoppa with a partaet raeord for 
tba toumamant with ala vlctorlaiaand 
no dafaata. Bla pand avaraaa for all 
tha gamaa waa 47.B. 

FoUowlns tha final match tha win- 
ner waa presented with a Kold madal 
studded, with a ruby and two 
^unonds. emblematio of tha balk-Una 
tnla (or ona year. 

Cochran and Momlnfstar dlrldad 
saeond and third money, eaeh havlna 
won four eamas .and lest two, and 
Behaafar took fourth plaee by apllt- 
tlne aven on his sis eanias. Button 
and Tamada tied for fifth place With 
two won and four lost, and Blosson 
waa siaQi. kavlair i«« »il fcla faeiaa. 

Hopp*<<»«ptai jMOi aTanaoa U «-lt: 
hieh runs •«. M -and ti; 

Bohaefer — Total 214; averase 

iVO.tsi idim rsns 84. 4< and 4o. 


An ^craom haTiiig buriBM with fillL MAX UDBW 
to iJJriH b uiii i s 
during Ut •bB«Ma. to hia MitlioriBti afritoit, 


604 Brougfaton Street 


Filth Rcfiment Shoot 


Bi«a aeAriac <i> eoBBAotioa %lth th« 
•lieou 9t tae *tb lUstoMit, c.«.A. atii* 
▲MoclatieB baT« beovm* m oAmsMB tiMt 
taa l ywi t lsa o( a otatanr er tw* m »ny 
asy t9 aoartMly werta neottsolac. 

'VMUrtay AftwaSeii tlwr« wera two mmr^M 
of • Itl, Uoat. aaCovUMt naklaa tka poa- 
albla at 109 yarda and wlnMaa a apeon. 
R. a. M. Clarke, by maklaf a aeoro ot M. 
«nalin«a for "A" clSM. 

"A" ClM»^ >••. »••. ••«. TU. 

ear. OvMsaasm M M M t«l 

1^. iJSirr!..::::::: Jt l\ « 'U 

a«*. uowoura 4...* nun m 

•ar. N«U1 ........•* Sf il «• 

ll..a..|f. Clarke «. iS ta M 

act. ataOkMr «t SL $1 

Ctar. Mo q ia a aa ......»>«.«♦. M 

Par*act. Moii^ ^«. .«».«•• se 

U««t. naMok 

unanaftiefl ■ 

a.'aat. Aasiin ts h >i 

Cat. Hardwiek S« M M 

W. a. JOtelMh U M M 


Storage Bitttries Are Midd to 

. Wto hy Went;, 

Qai (Battdry) Wiea tbe chdapett vay by 
{getting: your next Batt^ tt 


U16 Dei^lae St Tham 9B4 




ST n 4T 





innvERsmr SCHOOL 



rollewlay are taa batting and UtwHrng 
avorasaa of tli« Oahroratiy acbool rrtcfert 
flavvn IB DIvlaUa 3 oC ta* Vtetoria aa« 
mmrtn Oftabat ilsoaalattan'a joalar i*a«uet 

jfBm e.- II 

fiaB^a•a .«••.# 
sHollt IL ...» 
IMtebata «...• 

iute» u ••^••f 

0eivir •••••aaer 
Holt •«»• o^ae 

i^^ev^ •••••• 

X«at L ...... 

Hill I. ... 


a»liy , ;i. .,...« 









f $ 





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Perhaps your car 'may need a general overhaul. Let us 
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about it. 


very Icind of automobile for^ng we can do»i " aad do it 
:. We make springs and repair springs, and waste no time 







In tb« Intarin«4lata Soccer Leavua 
fUlarsa f)w** y«at«r4ay the a. and H. 
defeated the Postal Barvicoo at B«a«mi 
MIU by IS-S In a OMHridad gaaie, the 
scorers balaa; fss tha Tataaaa^ Qaoln* 
ton I, Dawds }. a b a wtt t, ChrlstlaB 1. 
Cult 2: and Wblttlacliaa aad Walker 
Sar tw raa<*» ^ 

by 4-X H »» jfMWlil iyienetaa t Con- 

wolshts waa Crs^ tha haary FlrspM'a 
at «aa WOkmrn by S.l« tha 

isir gtm ta the bmi 

half and tho Metaapaili pntttac ta 


tra teino m «o«^.«aiar • fm 

■mmorstab WK 




▼«r«#et and Statiitict of 
Virtne Oip Concket 

L ^ 

~ 4«^M\Lkb^i^^dK^^0h 


\' il l p. S I 1 5 I i I I I I 

1 1 I I Sfi 





• t 

t . 

t . 

4 . 




i«a aui 

144 ll.» 

IT« it.i 

144 ii.a 

144 It.k 

144 ll.t 


















lilt T4» lit 4T tt 4T t S 4 tSSU UM 14.M t4» «U 4T St AT 3 



Fragments Once More Meet 
Defeat— Fielded Weakened 
Team in Game Marked by 
Offside P!a^y— ScooB 4-2 

pthUl, Alhloa • 

Waad«rwra it 

Mdn. Chriat Chorah .... 14 
W«nd«rwa4knv* C^ 1 
Oltvw. CkrM Ckwroh .. it 
lufat OhuTCli .... 4 

, Alblea 11 

AlMoB ...•«•....• 14 

■. im^ Fhr* C*a ........ It 

la. Kunbtem .....;.'..' 11 

Ooacos ..«. ...... IT 

P0«I1. lUmblen 

<&•, Itaaiblara %jnr Jdk 

}hl«. Kiinbteni ....;;.. tnTW iSn 

'OUWM. fmMTlM • t 

Booth, AlbtoB t 

^waqr, Chrt rt Ctooroh .. ll 
I^ wto. InoQCs .........,j.. 4 

8noi nMn, lUmblwM ....... IT 

P. P. Olivor, Chriat Chttreb It 
Oltbam. Cbrtot Chbreh .... it 

Klojrd, Inooca 4 

J. May. Ramblofa 14 

OroaiMlado, lUunbloni .... 14 

PanrtUr, Conaoa It 

R- V. X^a. Ohrtat Church . . T 

TomaNn, VJctotftg 4 

BrlokaoQ, .CbncA It 

Fllaton. lUMblOia V« ^;. . . . . 14 

Tho aoccor «4Am tatwoM tiM Prac- 
maato am the Oomrmdaa. playvd at 
tha JubOaa tvowada yaatarday aftw- 
~ in a 4-t Irbi tor tha 
tha larca taraoart of tana 
iwhat dlaapiM»tnta4 by tho 
lilMurhetar ot tha eontaoL 
Tha I'kairmaB^ took tha flaM with 
bat atna playara. aad aa Br«oa waa 
bavlav %B oCt day batwaaa tha poata 
It fbn to Oomm. aa tha aoUtary baek. 
to carry nueh of tha cam*, which he 
did wtth coaaaBunata head work aa 
woU aa football, maktnv the moat of 
hia chaaoaa to place the Comradea* 
tbrward Una offMde. aad ao provtac 
tha main factor ta kaeplnc the acore 

^oat of the play waa ta the Pra«- 
■B*nf^ fenrltdry. and ten naBBtaa after 
the atart tho Comradea acored ^a 
Harper^ ahot. Rl«ht from the fa«e> 
off the baU eamt baek again. Brace 
waa foroed to aaneede a comar. ant 
Mollmoyle'a well placed kick waa 
headed into the aet by Harper for hIa 
aaemd tally la two mlBUtoa. 

The rrafmenta made atronc efforta 
tto acore la the nest few mlautea. Aa 
opportuBlty eon»li« to Walton he 
Betted a beautifully placed ahot for 
the Comradea* third (oaL 

Tba minntea before half time Pat- 
teraon of the Comradea got hla lee 
badly acraped and chanced plaeea wtth 
Uomaa. aad a few momenta before the 
whiatle went Bloonv beat him fOr the 
Pracmeata' flrat (oal. the half time 
acore belns S>1. 

In the aecond half both aldea ware 
plajrlnc the' one back same. Patteraoa 
belnc unable to reaame. and after 
fifteen mlantea of alow play Briatoe 
netted the Comradea* laat coal. 

Tlie final tally of the conteot waa 
the raault of a penalty awarded the 
Praiilnenta Bloom took the kick and 
I<omaa made a wonderful aave of tha 
well placed ahot. but Bloom haa coma 
cfoae In and acored before Tiflmaa 
could recoTor. 

The teama were: 

Comradea: Tiomaa; Donnell aai 
Davlaa: Fyvle. PaUeraon and Qreen; 
Harper, Waltoa. Sharrack, BriotQe aad 

Fracmeata: Brucd; Oomm; Subatl- 
tute, Xncle and Pitta: Bowera. Bloom. 
Kroeser and Baddeley. 


Shipbuilders Pre(>are Ambitious 
Programme for Middle of 
Next Month — Handsome 
Prizes Will Be Hung Up 


Esquimau Men Lose, 3*0, to 
Foundations at Athletic Paij( 
—Defeat Was Due to PoQ|r 

•OB to bectn thte eomtav week. The 
a eaao B will atart un Saturday evenlns 
haxt wtth 4ha flrvt came of the city 
I.«udy8inith has a taa»ketbttU 
that has few If aay aapartora 
and a sood aeaaon la la atere for th< 
thia year, jadirinc by tho numb 
lea alread>- arraaaed. 

iber of 

The ladlaa will oMi Oietr 
OB Friday.- November 7. when their 
oppoB^nta will ba ChemalBun. Ttm 
1—>-a-~ have aMi oa aeveral occtuiloaa 
prrtowaly and a hard tamte ta la 
view, both ChemalBUa and ]Jad)-amKh 
have aplepdtd tfaaw aad » ftral< 
same ^ould result. 

nytijMt GhntiM 
Ikwl iMMftity 

Two coaraM are oficiad>..> 
L«-^ two jcar covraa to tnia 
taadwrt of Pltyakal B4«e4tlottt 
TImn- it a>4ht 4mmm4 wtfm for 
taadma of tUt avfeMst in 
Ctnada, aod tha ackool hat ted 
ofkore applkatioat for tcadMrt 
this year tlMa coaM poa«tt>ly Iba 
2.--A atvtn montht co«r*« to train 
Mfttlt ^ Maa^aft aa4 R«me(iial 
Gyi— aatk». 

For fartbcr nartlculart K^phr to 
4m Ibctatanr of tlw School. Kaval 
Vktorit C e MM tt. McOUl Unieanl^ 



. .a.j 

Tba FOuadatloa aocc^ bmb wreate* 
a S.4 vtetery frem tbe Tanmira teem 
yaaterday at tbe Keyal . Athletic I'ark. 
the tame belns a remarkable' eKhlbl- 
tita of OB* team ferctis all the »Uy, 
ajtd the other raklas la ite talllea. 

Tba Fouadatlaafi ware the flrat to 
■reaa^ Alleo comlas down the tlold ta 
trfL form but weekealas aa be made 
^ ahot. which Jaaper oeslly feoded^ 
Tanowa lost a apleadM opportualty to 
asora a couple of minutes later, when 
Mkearer took the ball down and c«B- 
trad when none of hla attack compen- 
tana waa In readiaeaa to take the paaa. 

Several mlnutee of even play followed 
thea. Keriey leak a ehanoete eoere by 
tipptas the ball over Brlds««' bar. tbta 
batas foUaved .bv-.a. alaallar atuat-by. 
leutbtn at Jaaper'a eat. The lUrat aoote 
at the same went to the credit ,of 
%eak. Jaaper mta-MIBklns hla le«9 
a|^t and allowlas It ft roU lafo tlia 

'III- . 

The PouBdattoa spal waa then In aeK 
Mia ' denser for aone time. ShearerHi 
ahot Btruek the bar. Merfleld mtased by 
ttehee. and Bridsea was maklBs a flae 
abowlns aa he kept the soal Mfe while 
tlie Tarrowa triad desperately to draw 
le^rel. half time comlns as the Tarrowa 
taklas a corner. . r • ' ' 


*Bltnlflea not oat 

• • a e-a e e 

Player's Nama «iiA CWh 

Howan. RamblaKa 

Wrlcht» Vfetoria 

B. R. Xtock. Consoa 4k Ineoga 

drlnner of bowlinsr frhM) 
^^nnard, * inoata ..... ....•• 






Sparka, Incocs 
». arottvar. 

e • « « e ■« 

• e • ■ • 


8. Davla. Five C'a it Consoa 

n. Otlleapte. VIctorta 

J. W. D.^Tork. Victoria . . . 
Fletcher. Albion 
Weatwaod. Ptve Ca 
Hadaen. Albion 

Traaay, Incoca 

Ik 8. V. York. Victoria 
J. Davia, Wandarera . 


• eeeaaeei 

e e • e a a a I 

a e e e a 

• e < 

.... 44.T 
. .-.. 77.4 
. . . . 144.4 

> a a 4 • e 
• • a e e e 

e e e e e e 
e e a e e a 

Chappel. lUmblera I7 

Bacaall. Ramblera 4l.t 

Panona. Albion ...... ...,...^....114.4 

_Albloa ;^. ••..»•#..*. v.. ,fj.l 

nw . . . • « ««u • •'. . t •iSe.a 

I ..... . 

... I 
• . . < 


. tt 

Yarrmll. Whadarara 
Obirard. Vtatorte . . 
C, U. QualntoD. Chriat Chureh 
liar. CoBcoa 

pttoa. Chr iat Ch jtrch 

llfclnaon. Fpnr €7la '......••*•«... MM^S^ 

OUvw: tihfiat Chareh M - 

th, 'waaderem ............ 47.4 

AlbtOB ..^••. ............ 44.4 

^biDion ..'...•..'..■•...... al 

dlllMpl#. Vlctoiia 12 

O, LManlti|N Chrtel OlMlffch M.S 

fc#iwl«]r* lUaibtors ii ^ 

itOtt* Rub VMra ee...«»^eeeoaee 9.4 

AHOOflS eeeeeeeeeeOeeeeeeeo TVeS 

r ABQ0PWrW •e«o*a*#aee« S«aT 

^Vl|0IlftB* TlOtOrtft ■•■••--•eaaeeea IS 

WMW9 \^ m ••■eeeeoeeeeeeaea Tw 

.. >T 



































tt , 








t - 










































































- 14.4 
I t.t 


The Foundation ' Orsanliatlona will 
atase anothar bis boxlns tournament 
at the club rooms on.Kttday. Noveni* 
ber 14th and the plana under way 
would Indicate that thia event will be 
the moat ambitioua yet attempted by 
the iriiipbullders.- Already entries have 
been received ;fronIk ;Chet liolntyre. 
who Is sendlns over foiir of hia Tk- 
eoma stars to compete; The four 
boys comlns ov^r are: p^idwlek Jones. 
114 Iba.. who will probably be matched 
asalnfit Charlie Pleoa. tha 114 PMJi. 
champion; J. Murphy, a clever and 
hard hlttins 115 povndar; Kenneth 
irofBatt. the 145 lbs. P.N. A.' champion, 
who will try conclusions with Char|te 
Martin, and a husky 144-pounder 
named Jack Grant. 

la addition to these Jimmy Clark 
an# Geo. Pairla of Vancouver, will 
aead over the pick of their strinss, 
while I>ave Mottiahaw haa alsniOed 
hia intention of bavins iabme of the 
up-Ialand acrappera mix it with ^he 
best of them. As usual iha Founds* 
tlon are hansins up handaom'a priaaa, 
conaiattns of cupa and : 

The second half opened with- the TsjS 
raws keeplns up tbe pressure, but their 
sihota went everywhere itfteept betwe«« 
the poets, the Pouadatlen backs playiat, 
4 sreet same and preyeatlns the Tar- 
rowa from settles any really easy dose- 
la ehrixes at Bridses. 
kAsuddepi daah by t^a Fouadatlona 
a4t«iMl them tbelr sebohd tally. Allen 
beatlns Jaaper with a ttne shot. whUa 
Sautbin scored the final seal after 
oatohlns th« Yarrowa' backa too tmf 
dOwa the field and runalns clear awHy 
Ctom them. ' ^ . «-> 

-'' Tbm teams were: * C 

Fouadatlone— Bridses: Cbeeter aad 41* 
Itott: MeabeiL aess aad Oeorse: Keriey. 
•peak. Seutlfla. AUen and Coaler. 

Tarrows-^asper. J. Ord and H. OrSl 
Boe. TouBs aad McUroy: W. Robert^ 
Mermaid. Preveat. ihidrer aM KerleA. 
■ Rafern lomd. ■;/• •• <* lf\ 

— '■' ift-*' ^ — .}.:' 


UU>T8MITH. Oct. 14.— At a meet- 
las of the executive of the Athletla 
AsaoalaUon it waa-daoldpd to n«kt 
aiiraasamenta for the baaketball sea- I 

— ^that is what the new Dominion^ 

30-30 means to the sportsman. The 

component used in these cartridges 

— ft- progressive burning powder '-'i ^f^ 

that gives a flatter trajectory, greater ^^/^ 

penetration and by far the great^at 

shoddiig power known in a 30-30s:h%., 

The new Dominioa 30-30 insures to a 
greater degree the acoiracy that lias 
ahvays cfaaracteriaed Dominion Ammu- 
■ition, and possesses the usual nitro 
cellulose qualities of uniformity and sta- 
bility under all climatic conditional . ^> L 

look for the yellow label on the back of 
^^ 30-30 box. It guarantees i^eatfr • 
Ifwed, accuracy an4 penetration. \N%i;*i 





•- . e a I 

•'V-' * ,"«Fi- '■.«;• 




'i-iyJ t.» f 





Will Be Held iii the^ 


I /■- 

v{!!r*^i^rs,.1-- • : •■ yUJ 

iveuBg Nexl 

fAt 8:4SJP.M., Under the Auspkrcs of tlie' V^<^|^f- 



y.t . 



MINNBAPOU8. Get. tt.— Pal 
Moore, of Memphis, and Mike. Brtla. 
of St Paul, bantamwaishtai have been 
matched to box a teta-round. hd-dad- 
aloa boat hare November 14. 



Olisal ctlabltohcd God 
D«4l«rt ia the Oltjr 

lOOs eff H oms s 
In VIetoria 

— ^wouldn't dream of using 
any otlier Coal except the — 


Chsiffman: Hon. J. tfi McLBAH, Provtocisi i sct i uij r . 

, , w • -At.- » 


« V 


: , An 



^v];;;||UBUT.XOLONXL C PBCK. V.C., D.8.O., M.P. 
. ...lilivQBORO^.a. 9UBiiBX»Rev. W. L. CLAY. D.D. 






Why not YOU try t ton of it 
WM yo« next order? 


— .j-««. * « S<Msls 


"»-'a#Si4 ^^mm^w. . , 


bf ike FooDihtioD Band 

Qttre Dt Vrtcy Datlor m a 
VitfAry M tt ilp<i it Ctarrli. Fort WiObsiw 

«tf IS«w»«l 


of Tofoato Collspi of MMit; has 

islobi of Iht 

le for 
of Tsrkivd'l 

■BMirr4 iiiriag the 


. i^- . 




niMtratad Ads (w^th a ptmch) • 

Ms (with 

Means to Ha?e 




ooks, happiness 
tve mucb to do 

with the acquirini of th«|c 
Ucssingg. No mia orfwoman 
can afford to be without sound 
teeth-— certainly the small cost 
they involve should not be al- 
lowed to stand in the way of 
talunf^so desirable a treatment 
At this Dental Surfery every 
patient receives my personal 
^lUilD^on and is assured that 
only-^ most permanent 
teriali will be employed in any 
worlc 1 do. The lasting qmli 
Kies of dental work done hifn 
H vouched for by hundreds of 
'lAtisfltd patrons. 
May I add your name to my 
roll <tf tcct^-perfect patrons? 

Vancouver Hockey Mafnate 
Securaa Disbanded Terante 
Ptayai H" A tf. Skinner and 
Adafpa Brothers WW Help 

VAHCOUVBR, Oet U.—muUtn 

hoelMr sum will perform for th«b«n- 
•flt of cowt foUowtm of t^ Wlator 

rtpmtmmttA hf «1m iMtMt ««■»!» Mm 

blatory of Um vaaM on MM ooMft. 
Frank PatrSek, pr«al<Uiit of Um P»- 
oillc ComC Hookoy AMoelatloD and 
Qt^nasor oC tha yJMMPV*** ^ub. aa- 
Mun«a« tbM monbm ttat h« hmm m- 
«ir«« tbTiliiiitufJ^ J^ ■^■^ 
«M 4«M* Ailapft fwiBjjr mombjia of 
tlM Tafonto Ifoekvir Ctab of tha K. 
H. U, and VM ^^ ilgMtura of Bin 
Ai«ama» bradMT of JMk. Tba aoqul- 
ifilon 'af Um tbrab Tttoato playara 
win bolatar up tba Vaaoouver taam 

laA iQ«« »ot In ••r w«r iBdmato tbM 
tbvva vitt ba ailaflior "ll»»JMjr wa»- 
vajMd betvaM tM y»aia« Co^M 
pSkey A w9 gl«tm i an« tka MMlo«ia 
iaekoy Ua«iie. Thar* !■ M «inr«*« 
■Mat betwaan tka tare 4 oMW— tttat 
neltbr shall ne«otUte for playara un- 
|«ia th« same bava baan raloaaad out- 
rlfbt by tbelr raapaettva oluba. TbaM 
players who have wppUad Patrick 
with their John |i«ncooka were made 
free as a«l» wtMMi tSa Toronto taam 
was 0ShtMH* •! tlM «loaa «l laat iiaa. 
•CO. It \m tharifvra mof tlUM Htely 
tha* 9i»trlek will maha aottetac oMam 
|« Mora af the playan whm f l«ok- 

amniiUii kaviiiiii 

yM.|Mlktttet pb<^ 

,fUpt^ ki die lUyBol4« fiOMIiaf. 
C«r« 'Yates sad l>oa«|N Hiaal a . 

Offit^ Phoae SOS 


lus. Mia 

i mmmmmfm 

• • 

of Musk. 

Cook and Foct 
Madame Kali 

Irtc d »por a* | 
Ifliticiansp Ea 

iniing (Italim Uttliod) 
Pijto Theory, VJ " " 
dol^ ^ 


prills prefiared .|or «xm 
Asso&ted Board, K.A.If. 


716 successes (|| jhjs yaar. !■« 

cludi||r Licentiata: 

Win Msf 

_Iae nAe In tlie pftimaMito «• he 

■ »>fi» « M .i cstnreiL w tlM naeltr 
monthly loettel nadavrtlie a i i Mlii i i et 
tha elMtf era two Teael »«»•«« tv 

wka wtu 

fmMm im inlttal ap p ea r e w oo iNlera a 
letorla aaMmoo oa tliUi ooeaatoa. 
Jfadame Meekln^llahonoy is a foM 
madallat, oamtnc Imt* trom l^oadoa 
end tka ieatk et ■aglnni. wkifa ato 
haa ^pwu r ot twt premlaaatlgp at 
ffjHrane feUj BPt;)^* wnok^gokoort an< 

Wm ilar Lottia Oaraya •Wawrar. My 
004* ta^TKa(ir' aa« ^tSoma Ua«e Blm.*' 
immr'^'VIm liiiiiek.'* 

Mr. Alfrfd Qnaa Loa, tha paaulw' 
OMaeaa karttoM of tbla ct^ viU 
ahw appeer ea tko. pre 
la« *'0. I^vtaf matlU.'* 
Mr. Lea la tko pomsMwi 
ful mellow. eyMpatkotte npios. and 
many who hava heard IM^e In reoital 
bare pradtat greet tklalM for klm In 
thla|i«ld. Mr.J^kia natlte-kem 

•antet of ^ akaraK^^rm^lay •'VIr. 
vfki'a Pi^Bterr Memotf tWatttUanr.'* 

^mtnir Ra 
;Meadol, ai(d 


Tko ekeir 
Hath Borae, CTur 
Oaul'a "Tbe BU««il 



VANCOUVSIU Oet. SS.oWlth ft*.^ 

ooo aoiNicrtbed ea# -phMie pwot iminr 
ready to start work. efflciaJa behind 
the new VaaCouver eurllnt rink an- 
nounced todtt' that the work of or» 
ysntzatton «^1 ko eomi^Ioted at a 
meeUnf of the gkarekoMaro to be keld 
next wisk. Vancouver ll eoivrod of a 
-0ne curllnK rink. 

The flans for the MW^jp^at have 
been pllBpared and provido for sl:^' 
sheets |if ice. ^ 

Inm^tmm VICTORY BONdf 


EVERY mix 


Made-lo-Order Snit 
Rt $35, $40 or $50 

bespeaks the maximihi value at the miniimmv piioe, 
for men and women. 

dharlle Hope 

In oae oftko fe«taai end kavdtit 
tussles of the Monoo Ltetae mmUot 
series of tka T.M.CUk^. the Wklv 
Bancs want down to defeat baforo tko 
HuskMo la a eeoro of ll to tl. For 
the diel:, half, the pley waa * utHe 
leoea oa^tlioJiMrt of the WktMne**. 
wM» drdMHe a IotoI of sp^ T la 
tftvor ot.Oilr opponents. ltif>nift tap! 
lialf; koero^r. the Huskies eMuirtvon 
a atOttUf eHmffle. and tbe oileoore 
fkonro4 pMrea of work on the pert of 
oaek team. The Huaklee team was 
ooiapooadvof. T. Newt. O. Corklo,, i, 
kdOkay. T. ^adin end J. Waacer. 
whOo Mlddloton. MkeXntyio. Mowart. 
Diokeon, Tatea aad Laaa pfagred for 
the looers. Tko next game of the 
serten will be on Wadnoadey, Oetokor 
2», between tka Bi«k ■okeel ead tko 

VANcoinnn BowLus 


The rftom tolefrepklo bovllaa 
match ployed laat nlvkt botwooa tka 
looal atara aad Vaaooevor roialtod In 
tko Malnlandars folaa eceln anooew- 
ful by a score of l«li| to S«l#. Tko 

kick ooore of tko leoeki wee rolled ky 
Baoklo ead tka klak avemaa oeatofod 
ky Ol^of. Tko Vaneoovor team wee 
eapteinod ky CharHa fteer^, ea old* 
ttmo Tlotorlaa. 

Tko faUaoores of tke leeel teem 
wero'as fotlew*: -> > ♦ 

Moulton .^^, 163 126 1S5 — Mt 1S4 
TroWln .^•.^. H* ITS ll< — Itl IM 
ViaaU •..*..• 142 III 121—416 141 
Bookie .^.-* 111 117 lM~4lf 111 
Cklef .......... 17S 171 114— 4M IM 

Total .a^***. ••••...sue 

Vancouver's score waa 114—111— 
III, totol alio. 


Followlne are tha team aeorea to 

Sli^, m 8mmMl Ik 


VMory LoaiJDil^. 



,,-,> r.j,,.r,}iO J-.„. 


BMB S 2N9M* ••••■•'• v^M^ 

UOm' Siwm.. ISJP 

soys Sms* •••••• •9v*4|i 

f*iJkm* qt.m 14 oil 

\Mna a3i*Ba. •••■•* • w ■•«'•» 

TImm Sho« are imI leatlMir 

--i^Mt HM^y subatitutM-r 
ud fMt tde price b coon 
iMnk^uB^ tbe murM. 
Thk is e moet unueual offef • 
FVabUyv we expect it to db 
a gree| dael towarde adre^ 
tiang our Shoe Section. 


r, aib.*a««»(MMI 

. :-Of 

•t», iBwi^H^J'j.i '■•••;: -J. ~ ^"i' ■"-;».- ■' '■' '* ■•11- 

I/; "Jj,*- 1.' »*«'« I 
^ ^^^^ " -^ 

IMP SMMi Hiii. a4e 

for Mmi « WSe- 

Ptes oH^«M)^ri*««r-.«*Ha''**ve 

oik m% ^m: 


K > ,1 


-./i. n^*. 

Morrin %illppsii Ritirng fnm iitiMn 

fhw ofoiaf et retirialMcw nafnifioint 

A firm IM hie never bwdM « cliiir er alwMr w^ 

It oi|Siie ieiaoBbt.- ; «.«<-,-^'ri •■ .*,!.- .■ ^..^ | . 


EveiY Detartiiieiitl 


Wa oedM fill P»g««» quotiiif lenMtioiMl fodnctioiM, and than ovwlook aon^el the bill. 
EVRRYtHlNG is being ckeed ««t Mark yon! NatBoyetbi nga ho t e t wf l l i i m. 

It baa bean a bImwmmmI eile> As ll 

^ ^ *i._ _^^ 

Naa* weptb you wffl cqnnpye»^Cbriitt ye jboiyhy 
Yen ^ W buying Fte^'Norahy Good^ Ha n J M fdnaU 

rSSir, GWw, Mp~. ^ Wiy Wt^»«2^ • 
mondit It id your opiMMtumty to taafaaa auhalantial 

CAUTtON-Wben i^ Wis ioW out H ^-.-^LTftirt 
Hmm will be no more of it*-Tbe ongiaal alocR Mf\$,„: 


Wa bifila you to cotflM btty anything you nwy want. 



widely known toarteOT' 

tfvouiPMMtt uW 

foray eadi day yeai 

that juitao 

you want wiD Im geiw. 

itb the undarrtaadbif if w« Im't iVKa yw 

on bf^ H bac^^ wa wittJPfff fou f^^^^^ *^ 



ii i ii t lUCi 

Oot «f town 
tlMir car fare 


wiP save 

• at tUi 

Ai,„ . / 


I GovamiiMiil St- 




Have Your 


?s»y '^U 7 . '?^n/ 


It is well, when yo« 
iMpId and wholesome, 
.iHHI^ without any del^ 
kvH your teeth made 

the "Toothache" s« 
with exposed nerves 
moots And another 
heifC to wait longer- 
oHiocs ere busier donr 
To save tim^ 

kdd« tkat yonr teeth are to be made ^ 

hare the work performed property 

Right now ia e very good time to 

•woth sliow ai«y ffief^ wlie* teem 

'delday spots are iireecnt in yotar 

, featnrc of delay » that yoo will 

take TOur turn kiter on— at dental 

lie cole weather tiiea ta the Sommer 

tke an appointment. Phone 36i<. 

In ori 
busy dui 


^ accommodate those who arc 
mr day hours, w< are open Moo< 
jay aipd Friday evcniflfs. 


Dentid Pflriois 

1304 Qevemncat Stre«t». Coc Yaltt 

date la tka Two Jacka bUllard teaeno 


A SeeUois— Hfbbaraon's 
nolilaann'e taam IIH. Trm^m taam 
IWT, Btaaaa'a taam ItH. 

B eiotle»-Htadlea team 1M». 
IHskTa team Iflt. ^^ 
IIM, aalars team lOie. 

•t 7:Se Irlsli'a 

aaia'a laaak A M- 

(r MYim mm Cr Ml. JfaMsr ^o Ml 
yt. fifi II '^»ie>. Itovttt if 11) «a 
Naieoa '<8er;K''Wliklaaaa (r »e> oa 
BIbbaioon (o teOK 




Work 0«M lor Retarned i e W i r f 

Veterans' High-Cltgg 
^uto Painting Shop 


la Vfalerte 

:t y.ttw 

« i 


I ""'t' "- 


WhUe They Lest $6^ and $8.50 

A Hmt Uw af TdU* 

The Grant Electric Co. 

tafsaMais*. nMSsu 


Haadcnoo or davalaae. 



to plaee your order for 
wffl be fined In rotttto. 


— 1 











)1 Nornpand in New Gold- 
ryn Production ~ Royal 
fkfdtiti Picture Offering for 

,b«l Nennidill^ 'n»wMt Ootdwyn 

"UmttMUf." wbloh wni, b« 

n on tn« Royal Victoria ifcrMn 

ur dayic coixuQ«ncins. mmpsriMr. 

ul of fun and •ntertainmant. 

N^inan<l ^rnnf Ipf »M K >>4^ 

vahleto (or her p«ouUar Ulonta^, 

In thto aMnr - hy * Perlar • Pom* 

n. 8M pUya EM* ^»^J«aii 

tjil^hotal: nalavfy, f-l^n^ •ibtlqu* I*, 
tfif! "upsUlrs.'* wh*r« tb« muaic and 
tM lauchtor and wilfB «re. Bat appa- 
r«atly ahe is fthrkys *to ata^ b<aow 
MBi suffor ealUiifa^dibiWn ,from , th« 
bfflttal chaf who* dominates the ' 
Idtohen. -^ ■ 

There ia hui^or./Bheucfi in.ner deal- 
l^W Willi that- li4|ittiKtel and her at- 
tiNKPta to jpJUV |i)ien i^t) HboffWtfH*! 
WMTkinf . But th« raal humor of the 
IpNke ta seen wh*B aha la provlden- 
tJ^iiy lifted upward* by a bell-bo^ who 
la ^ millionaire fii dMfOlM;] In pasi^ 
la^lt may be noled tiMt hia sole rea- 
Hoa for donning a rola ma to becoma 
aevualnted wl(h Klaie. whoAi ha Mhd 
peakinv tJhfOUKh a doorway. 
rutMMlf iMi^eaa af rlvea at th^ 
anafearinv that the detective 
Id reoecnlae her from bee coa- 
, dvea tt to the "bell-boy" t« 
"claanad." He. iioxcvv. iodm:^ 
to put It on. wfk|o|t ah* dtmi 
when ah* (oea "upfMuMm" oo«|- 
her tollatt* by f|itau-a«tlnf , a 
of al)0** a lady hiM jMlo^t^ly r^- 
|r*d b«ii«ath ■• tabl*. Ebde reptacee 
tfliirahoea with her. own. There la non- 
rabl* difference l|Mtween them and 

ieS8l2Nl*t*«av& Mpte* %a dr«8a 

h* nattffally . odnclude* he ^Mf • the 
h^ea* (%1tibar father has offered a 
tMOO reward for her capture unmar- 
bM%i|hib eloped with a raaealty 
iffeur^and the fun begins, which 

r. JiMinr tmi^»«wii^,'<Ad^< 


Royal VlctaHB— Mabel 

in "Upatalm." 
B— IMlri . Maraiiiirlta 

.Vavtoly — John Barrymor* 
- "RamaH^' ' 
OotamMa — ^to*B|i 

"A Trick ©e FiU.* 
ItoMaao — Margarita, 

"-The Tiger Lily." 

Clark in 



Flgher In 


mm mm 

Royal Oroheum Offering for 
This Week Is Brimful of 
Wirotesome Entertainment 
Along Many Lines. 


PIcturized Version of Hornung's 
•' Widely-Read Novel Will fie 

; Photodramatic Offering at 

; Variety This Week 

Patrons of the Variety Theatre thia 
week: are aasured of genuine enter- 
tiUniBent when John Barrymore la 
present** in «"Kafri«a." Thia I* « 
phot«pUiy adaptjition of Mr. B. W. 
Horpung's great story ol the Uxa.f' 
tUM and provides tk* at«r with ■ rol« 
quite suited to his remarkable abil- 
ity a* an actor of the highest type. 
-. Negrly ereryone haa read the stories 
4Wr "tiaffiKai- the ApHatAur Cra^«>^ 
.'man," and thoi«e who have will ra- 
melnber the thrllla with which th^ 
foltowed thp authof^g xi^atitarful pan- 
"pl<»t»ireH* of the explnMn o* this eleVar 
crook; clever, t>ecause the sharpegt; 
police offlcejrs of both England and 
France triad* "tso capture Wm veDeat- , 
fily'lHfd failed ea«h time. r? 

:"%y^iv thrUilng V sitiigtion, «v«9 
>t«n8e<momcrft^in t|i« Bt«i#. Jiaa Man' 
preserved In the film version, which . 
Is presented 4n seven reels, , while 
John Barrydnbi^ Is supported by an.7 
all-sUr .cast that Ih. the last wqrd In 
^<jitM*ete«» poHraytUs^fiSainCMQk \;ot 
the. .several Individuals connected 
with the story. 

^64^ /•-'-; ■^x 

,'Xf:h jbvE-'J ,lt'->'; 

If'Utff. ■■■» ' J4jf', i^'>. 

JDainty Mar|v*rU< Clark is to be featured on tbe Dominion screen tbis week 
in tMnew Artcraft pic^fart, "Girls." 

1 ' t ' w i*^ 

< t k"\ ' i '« ■ 


•v./r. *»b 

Dimlrtutive Star Has Appealing 

• Role in, ''GirJ&l'—Wallacf 

Roid Featured *in Victory 

' Lqpn PIctyre. 

» f-LJ? ■•>ti- .f^ 

yn^ Marmwrlff C1»rk. popular 
star. srHvod in I.0* An- 
wm%' on » f ictHriHfWn 

VyuVa eo«M«y. "0*r1a»" 

al t»« ITnailiilMi 

ai4>rWtfMl an onthu- 

Um pirturg 

New Tork, It winii at first feared that 
•he would be a HtMe homesick on h*r 
arrival, but whaUvect**lloga of thia 
nature she might have experienced 
were spon dispelled and aho.iMa "»m 
happy as a lark," to^uao a Umgwern 
phraaA '..^ 

An ontif* kungttlow was rsw i gd * l<»d 
and fflfurnlshed to s«rve as h*r dress- 
ing room and a beautiful manstcm In 
the most exctusir* district In Los An- 
geles was ready for her to move Into 
(mmodlttYlr ^v^ h*r aniraL Thai 
little sur Is well supported In "Oirla,'^ 
h*r leading map bDIng' Harrison rord. ^ 

Bstaao CkMfWlgk. wko I* rsptiled 
to bi tM most photogmphod gtrl tn 
Amorlca. and who has also gaasd for 
some of the moot famotm palnfors and 
sctUptors In this eonntry. tnetatftaf 
Harrison risher, Psnryn Manlaws and 
'oih*rs, also ptafk Wl finporiant rol* la 

la aiilltgB to Iks fsatare ^Mt*- 
tftm Dqia i a i s a win prsasiw the 
1 fllai. "tHi Ihrtra Rit,* laatar- 
ftlt tfes p g g ii l ar ftto-aaw Ki gl ag^ Wa »- 
sac* RgM^ TMp plotass wao spaslafly 
to aasM In tbs 1*19 Iflcfory 
campaign nad prssoafS tlw well 
known artist In an attsastlvv t0t» H m 
^ftr eoavlactaig story won loML 

Gertrude Hoffkaian, who eomga to 
Vis Ro^fal Victarlft this weak on Fri- 
day and Battirdgy 'with - • Saturday 
matin**, aa a hoadlln* attraettoa on 
%ht Orphoinn bill. laanMod rand*- 
vlU«*a v«raatlla gogltts. ygudavlU* la 
a kgl«ldoaeoplo Ua* of ainoaamaat and( 

the variety of Mip JfeMnas'a aolftov*-. 
ments seftms wld^ aad lii*iAiMMt|bl*. 
In llact; she Is In a cUtaa by k*rs*lt 8hei 
do** so many thlnga bottar than meat 
]arttsta and ah* doe* so many UilngiT 
that she would bs atttlo 'Oapabl* of, 
Chrlag a wholo vandovfU* show ; by 
berself. She waa the first t4» present* 
<'Balome" and Mendokaohn'a "Sprtng^; 
9ong." She was the flrsit. to head a 
oontpany of olassleal danoers. 8h«r 
|i|M won (am^ aa an fuparaoaator. 
Her greatest merit parhapa 'waa her 
unawerving il**lre for aecompllahmant 
<>n« day Mia* Hoffman pnsaented^ a 
(NVlaw, andjnueh to th* aurprkMt^^'M 
evierybody she proved i^/oould do a 
dosen or ..inore d^ovont, things that 
load toward t^e goal M katartalnraeat. 
This y*kr she con|*aH6fro tn a asrlao 
of dknces and lm#*frsonatlons with 
special stage aettings and an* aug- 
inented orchestra under the direction 
of Max Hoffman. " ' 
"~^th a Boene depleting the hiter}or 
ot a hand laundry and a comedy 
Plaj^let, called "l%e Tale of a Shirt." 
.Br Win ftnd Jane CoABieiiy|WlU.add< to: 
the sbfcc 'bt- this week's bill. The 
playlet is described aa a comedy of. 
laundry life 'and Is a delightful and 
'IMWect blend of sentiment, rminaip 
m/iA humor^ r^, <■•'»■ /•■ ".r. f" ''^ ,■(.'.«■' 
'y rankle Wood gnd^l^Bitie Wyde.In 
^iAtlre of di«einwloh-^kt«B will oMr 
a humorous line of' conversation en- 
hanced In, songs and.dahces. Miss 
'''Wydi^' Is a Kahdsbme. blonde wl^i>4' 
pIeas|iSg volc<^ .while Mr. Wood la a 
dbimie4iaii'4:bf^c«iailinB':ai«rt^ • v .» [, ; 
"The Smile Girl." otherwise Claadle 
Coleman,' in "Feminine Typos,"^ 
artist In impersonation. Miss Cole- 
maP <ioes not seek to exaggerate, only 
to present^^'lvldly the manneWsms of 
famlllafif-etearaetorfi;' Itlas CtoliHnmn is 
hailed as (.n artist of rare ability and 
Is a fiTorlte everywhere sbe/.haa ap- 
peared this season. 

"i^ te^nnr. Mom^nit" is a - ^^recious 
geiin. flam 'Oreen 'and Uelent Myra 
have twelve such gems to offer. A 
famous leader of men once, said that 
when h« sent a man on an ImpoVtant 
mkHdon he always tried to send him 
smiling, then he knew he would suc- 
ceed. This famous man needed the 
arts of Sam Green aflid Helen Bffyra. 

TNo Casting Wards, gymna^ta. are 
said to H^ the greateat in the world. 
This niajir be an extravagant statement, 
but the fact remains tbat they are 
truly exceptional. The Wards do some 
really wonderful stunts, one of them 
beliH^ a triple somersault. 

Samaro'f and Sonia. Russian peas- 
antt. iMvoWnt what they oiUl "On a 
Sunny Afternoon In Their Native 
Land." It is an act full of color and 
charaotertstlo Ruaslaa itnging ,aptd 

The ' orehaatrai ofterkiga and the 
picture section may be dependbd'upon 
to round out a complete bill of espe- 
cial merit' kkd dhe 'to be enjoyed by 
Orphenm vaudevi lla fans. 


Mr. . Hincks* Aggregation of 
Artists Will Open WeeR's 
Engagement Friday With 
Billy's Little Love Affair" 

'eek Con^risndng Ton^^ „,_ 

--^'i^^lS^-' ,i^ 


"Bniys liHtle Loeo - AMmi*," 
clever comedy, waa written by H. V. 
EUiraond, and enjoyed tromendoas 
popularity when play«»d In I^ndon by 
his wife. Miss Bva Moore and Allen 
Aynesworth. Unlike so many modem 
plays, it- haa a well developed and in- 
tensely Interesting plot and by means 
of Mr. Bsmond's usual mmy and 
cleverly wHilen dlalocas. t|io actora 
are akie to hold tke aadlofwe throiwk- 
out the entire play, which will be 
produced at the rrlncees n*«t frlday 
•veninf by R. W. Mtneha. 

Poaaded on tbe theme of "a gfMcd 
yootk who haa lost most of bis gild- 
ing." marrying for money an4 ffuor- 
hi« a v*rr bootillfol crop of wild 
Mita l<^ kimind. the author «gag a 
Httle "harvostmr*, aad brings those 
"oats" ta gMturtty. TIM tlMiM It- 
self Is^ of »ia w * > . a* «M ag Mm flrst 

tft* war In 
K hr 

wktak Ifr 

gulto . 

ly i^sswH^^ »w 

elMfa««M« wktfcll 

saaM raaflr ««^ aeitag. 

In n«tof«i; ao M 
nagM part wm ko taken by aa 
tfart wntiHi that 



A society mystery photoplay in seven acta. 

(Hie (rf the greatest crook gtorics written. 
Full of action— «very nUnute a tbriU. 

,. Soinetliiiig ytfu Ittwe tmn wtMngtm,^ '^':r^. 
It'a great! DaOtmliiltf CatMcarlyf 






• — X , ^ 




Acts it" 




filB «Mk wMi Mr 


laMclB* • cool pork 

Ma Mb Iroo aotaa^ lia aloo^ w^ 

Willi Ivy oa« » pork MMM% 

A nHnowoM alroUa l^ir oM 


to ko ««ro« Iq^lh pottco< 
■o ko kaa to bo k to t i«| ii lo. Tko 
ko Is o vontrltoMiM. oB* oil 
tolk koa kcoo oiilna tooai *wi. 
■IM. . W. C WMttlo jHMHkiM|^,M% 
^mUlMO Wolfo oa« BolMi ''^' 
1^ «Mt km* ortMiQ 
mC Mim >i>t tM oo i » ki 
ptetoro la tko frooM «Meh 
koa Jkal eoio» l ote4. ifm* k< 
loTO wltk kla work tflkt ko •insa W 
tko 9kA>u* ko koa«*J«ii oomplotody 
Ho fklH 


oa4 t|M 

«|Maii4 4ia«ak 

I ..■11 I w ■. 



WT IB *Tko CMak 

ta l»oioa Barko'k 

mtlita.* 9lM olilok la 

Ml Mi kot^M l»*t. Uvtet 

Woofaortt Clitk*B> %«krtor. 

n» oltfM li k ftti tko «oiitiktor ot k 

MU wko makoa kor kli 

wkoa kki toaft»or kk« 

tkotlfM. 1%o Qklak aoM tko Mkkty 
•C tto «Mlt, bat otwaya troM a 

tkroa^ tko 

ataaatkaaA tella ta tko CktakkMk'k 

fMtw Ho tokaa kor o» boMMl kor 

■kAa. oDd p io tno kor ko % »rikaooa 

kla room.. Hk rok«a Imv Ik a»l|« 

da h«r wltk floworo, karea UK 

w( ktr fao^— oad woiaklpa iMk 

«hi mat uma In Mr Ute «£ 

"But kMkooka tells tka kkftllvt a»d 
Iw llii <■■■ mmiy IkoMkr. ^ia okllt 

wim a' S^ ckMk! mn$ ; _ 

kath. An« ho «aoa. H^aai^Mft Hit 
tanpio thai tko poet mm alu«iUM« 
t— «nd oil tkroo, tVb^MIRIiirtko 
aad tko poet, to <lown Ik tko 
It woa InevltoMo from tko 
'TMit baro narrktlok' aC.^tho aloty 
imkkit hopo ovon tk MMrMt Ifeo fowl- 
er kkA initk of tko l>gi ay^>o%:Mr. 
ontMk 1M8 pleturo«. AH ot Mi WU- 
tory fC ttatvro-aakkln&t. OM.. ti*> 
nkittoVtllkl la pro-omlMnar IdH hy 
tkveatlMi kkd control, tko aktll aa* 
aaktloty wltk wklck k# «an 
a atory— all at tke arUiM> oi 
^cono Into tka maklns ^IfT'Btkkon 








SJM 3V6 TXan 


. jiW..\ . v 






Jesse L Lasky Pt ;^sot4s 


^cono Into tka maklnc «t^ 

'BluMjBiii' Mkky of IMF,' 

mirpoik knythtk« hU»m» .1 





Absorbing Photodiama of Love 
and "Hate Stars Margartti^ 
Fisher in Entrancing Role # 
Italian Girl. 

BaBjnalng.a tkroa^lay ak«kplkg, lk». 

tSi Itaiillk* wui mut^Jk 
•Plylas i4" ptetaro. that 
aa oao of 

•Lay.- tka faaikMd lih igjft 

k ktktttlfkl Itallak atrl llTlnc if 
~ tt. Aa p l ayai ky Hini|HM 
ta tka tltlo rolo. It praawWA 

. la kkaAa» omotloaa loy»» 

' Mir. aytapAtky. kalo, loaloaikr. potkokt^ 
i»i>»kM krtBktoilod ky yo«Mi«ad ra« 
g^koa aad toockaa of Ik^ljliifkl 

^Tho atar. known aa^^knataf. otlior< 

wrfbo "Tko 1MBr*U(>^ mMmm aa oa- 

tikaclac dadifrtar drnho Bo«t}» wHk 

ijkr Haalilng oyoa, aupplo flgaro oriA- 

pldrtkiii kk» t to ok i h kor offorta tk 

lt«i» poa^ aad karmkay ta kor UtMif 

iMkaliy. Ckrmtaa biniim Ik^ 

ta k ekain of pnaaiHil o^bream- 

. VDiMfei wklek ako ^i i H i a aa 

kffikkisod awoothoart ot VlQrakt 

aillUonalro. ■'^ 

la «n aH-«tat eoat aupport- 

riibor. Wltk Itmory John- 


tko aaraan 
lkreo.i Tko wkola 

■-wklQh'oanaot fkU to im^aaa kMC ana 

Jwko Ktaka at tt la anqr _ ^_ . 

'lof tko taoat roooln^ iMaUHty.**;* 

" 'liakan BloaaoBM* wlU ata^cMy bo 
•kowa ta tkte olty. kavtnc 'boon 
kookoc by tko maj^tiKOiaokt of t%o 
VoHoty Tkoatro. 



This OTonlnc at jifti jMi^kcet Tko- 
atro tko aocond bokd<Mi4a«ort at tho 
O.W.Vji. Band wOl Wfr-almodL «afB- 
moaoln* at tiM a'oloohi At tko 
kral wmcdct-holil a abort tioM aco 
tko koMd playod to • hoaao llUod ta 
oapaoHr Ioimt , ht H f% tko oartata 
aroao, and MaAt HMa loVon hkd 
i to bo laraH away. Th^'inakapoaiaaft 
i^kaa ovohr foafl^oaea flwt IM kttOki« 
anoo tonlcht will kk IkfVk. 

Fonnod a boro tlirao faootha kflOh 
by tho cathorlny dt a irory tvw 
oaaalolaaa at tka 0«,i^. tkoma tha 
roeoM of tbo band hM hOM ono of 
aaooaaa from, tho atari. Vh«-aorvlooa 
of Baadawatoi^ J. H. MUlor .woro ad- 
curad at oao*. and ttn wlaiklft of 
tka oholoo hat hocokMr- appiMkt. tha 
hkpd taeroaiikv In n^pkiitlty by 
■kpa and bottkda. 

* CompaiMd aatlroly «t l ilb i ' M od aol. 
^«ra, all Jocal talent, UHa kaproBatloa 
IMay namboip aoma 17 'jMiUaielako:' 

' aa hla arlatoeratlo fathoT. Mine. 
Ita Maratlnt aa hla worldly atep- 
and Boatrloo Von aa a 
■ty aodoty •'Oappor"— -tho clrl 
It blm to oaarry. Ooorfo 

klHaa boat tipoa ^nrndotta. 

a-drliior Imktf In kiaaMMrlea ot 
[paat (••ratio aan 

I » I til I 

rASBINOTON. Ooti SI.— The ofll. 

Itlaorary for tho vtult koro ot 

Albert and Queen Btlaol>eth of 

ianylkClktoo only ono coll at tho 

pmi. Whlofek will ko Thuro> 

Ootdkor t»t wllea th«r tMI taica 

itaforamlly wHfe Mm. 

to aueh good parpoa^ haVk tka 
hoya idvotad thoir a n t i glaa Hikt 
cota p ata a t mairtaai orilMH^iraaMt *t 
the flrat concert in tho ]^n^C9<S 
atatad that tho ronderlnf of the pr»« 
gramiao pl«eod thk laokl baBi 
amonir the premier orvanlsatlena of 
ita kind. 

ToBltht'i procratamok which to 
appended, rovoala anothor treat ' In 
atore for muaio lovera '#]|u> gmta ad< 
' tanoe: 

h. m Abaneoo Javaloyaa 

rkiro. L.*Aol do ^ifetat . . .lidaaw 
•ilection. idkld of tho l|#untklka... 

• •••••• •■ooako*«eo**ii*« BtSlpflHM 

•ik«. (eeleoMd) ...Mr. McPherakk 
■aloction. Tkrii» Colobratod Daiicda 

» Brahm 

Petit Pteoo. On tko Blvlera 

• .•.•.••.•.'«<i^ii'.. oandorff 
Duet Caelectod) 

. . . Mra. Blck and Mr. MoPhofwaa 
Seiootioa. Me l adla 

»ut MaipoflHi. 

•• --Oefo^... ««*«»e« 

Ood ikvo tko 1^ 




5th REOT. CCA. 

>king Concert 

r, OCTOBER 37. 8 P.I1I 

QesL Sir A* W* Citrrk. G.CM.o^K.c.a 


-^% ^ 


?..•- * 

% f 


U t: 

■_-, _ . i\ 




-1lV>»i"> )f\ \'.^4fi', f.-. 


* N i.» 


;men! And they solemi^. svyfere never^-never, nover-^^ 
* tOffl.^ppenl fled ^o.thdr apkrtinent:one jiight, ar^l^^ ^ 

Mandators' League was doonW- Not that the girk \vanted him there_.s Mercy, nd 
And'they were.dreadfully^ the.4errible things— and mcnr— that happened 
afterwards Stilly— ah. well..»ome.inen.are notj^so bad, < 

See' winsome Marguerite Clark ^a^>queen5of the .Leafoer^-and^itsiworst bacfc 
slider., A. delightful picturization of.ihe famous;<>lay by Clyde Btch. 





Victory Loan Special Film 




VAMCOUVER.'Oet. II.— Tho end of 

Odtoidr will aao the olaatav of tho 
laat of tho nrtlltary h^iipltata. tho 
ahaafhneeay bkll(lla«. All th« p)l- 
tloata have keoa dlackamod or ro> 
mcwod. The building ia now ocov* 
pled by the recently-arrived aquadroa 
of Mottatod I>ollce. and there remdta 
only 2B of the orlglnia C.A.M.C. atatf 
out of the whole organlaatlon whMl 
did okiBk a flna wMi dilrtar the wa# 
and ataeob Tho o. C. tko adjutaal 
end tha fkanarmaatar are bony now 
turatac ia tho atorav and equlpmoat 

to tho ordnanoo department, and aro 
proparlns to hand over the recorda of 
work doo by the hoapltal to the dis- 
trict olBoor. By the ond of nost wkok 
tho C. A. M. C. In Vancouver WlU 
have c aaa>< to exlat aa a unit, and 
final diapoaltlon will have been mado 
of all that it haa aecompUahod dur« 
Ins Ita career. 

ABftmmd ftt aait ^ 

OO.A.\ 4Nld Ma fitllllMfl 

invili4 lo b* 





price of aufar In Portland aad tho 
Northweat ahould bo 11 1-2 ooaia a 
pound to conmimera, plua the fvalffht 
charco fcpm Bon Franclaco, tho IocmI 
committee of the Federal Itwgir 
Kqualfantlon Board anaouooad hora 

Ono and one -half ooata a poua4 
waa a "fair and raasaaaklo" marchi 
of profit for tho ratallfr. and ha 
ahould not be peraalttad Ik 
more, the eommlttaa aiii. 

Jobbora and doololk tiMllll 
than tke rate apoclled «r UM 
aattoa Board wore Ik 
tkoir ausar aupply. 

wmmpao. o«t. 

Bterllnt. a modora Pkaaa. hak ka^^a 
ooavlotod of tooektaa koya tk olaat. 
•nod !»•«. aad wHI prakakly ka to* 
aaiminad te jail by tkr aatkarttloar 
Ha to H yaofo oM. M kf WMa^ ko to 
ta kavo Bpowt ia oartawa Jalla 
tkaft and 


a( a >•• 






Clllef Justice Hunter Hands 
Qown Judgifnent in Caw of 
Vancouver Udj\ Committed 
by PoHce Magistrate. 


•■ n o MitUB 4»- 

t» n 4f> p» t« lAlM mil ■ipul %• tM 

8m»* Mt •# CSft-. b«t I iteHi 

that til* *M«: of t«Kl ••«»< iM^kMS 

«1om4 tnr ll» <l*ctll*l» to r* Mplfwtl. 
4T KCiC in^ tn «M»b to WmMM 
1»y « iii»|»ll| or tlM» ^urt Itei bo 

■Jul 4iM u» UM« mmn i* a mm 

te the daCnitent to brine •» MAlon 

Cor (mto« lavrlaoomcnt. «n4* Im tlMt 
tMOcJuiv* ^ vaUAttir «< Ik* Mtloa 

Is the 8upr«m« Court y««t«rd«y 
ClWt Jintic* Hunter delivered ivHf 
m^M Inyt* nppUMtlon for a writ oi 
ba^a «Drpua In tiM caM of R«x vs. 
0«rf*bor*. ordering th« i\;KlULrK* o^ 
tb« /defendant from ciutody. 

filloWinc to the Jud«naMt of tbe 
Cht|c Jwtlce: 

Ifita ia an appUcaUon for a writ of 
bab^aa •orpue directed to, the Jpller 
of OkaJlpi Prison aitd to show cause 
■wNr the. applicant should not be dis- 
chMced^from custody. ^ 

tbe dWendant had been convicted 
by • police mavtatrate for the unlaw* 
fui «ale of IntoxlcatltiK liquor in vieU- 
tlon of secUon 10 of the Prohibition 
Act, lfi«. and sentenced to six 
months' imprisonmelit. 

9lie hearing befori the mavtatrata 
wM, concluded on J««uary JJnd, lfl». 
Mgt'aeatence was pronounced on Jan- 
uarf S*th, and the warrant commit- 
ting, the defendant to prison waa ia* 
■u«i on the same day- He was not. 
honjever. lodged In prison pursuant 
to <he warrant, being admitted to 
boil pending the hearing cf » oaae 
st^t^d by the maglati%te under the 
proij^iHions of the Summary Convic* 
tlofii Act. It 16. for the opinion of the 
eufil-enie Court on (inter alia) the 
«uJ9|clency of the evidence to warratat. 
tli«! conviction. The case waa hear* 
by>^e on the 7th of February, and, 
•fM- hearing the argument on behalf 
of tte Ci!own and the accused. I cumc 
to~fte oonclttafoa that, assuming that 
tbl^efendant had agreed to sell the 
llM^r in Question, there was no evl- 
dejSe to show that he had aotuaUy 
cMMed It out, whereupon I aat aalde 

T|ie Crown took an appeal from my 
er44r to 'the Court of Appeak and 
tluif court, having Jtcard argument 
antfi reaerved Judgmmit, on May SOth. 
IS If. aet aalda my order and.Af&rmed 
tbf convlctlen. stating it to have been 
liMde oa the 4th of January, 1»1S.* 
wnlfch. of course, was erroneous, as 
It tQotc plaoe on January SOth. 

.Itie CMS is not yet reported In the 
oO^I BMr^JMpwrt*. but I have been 
fucqishei with copies of the jttdg- 
miMoits b# the oActal reporter. 

It ap(>ears that , tbc ' defondaKtW 
coudsel at the headAg >f tUt api^I 
ct^iallenged the Jurlidtetlon . of the 
cout td enteritaln 'an appeal and 
wiwed |o reooisn the questton which 
waa^ supposed W have been settled by 
a firmer decision of the court in Rex 
V. ^ans, 2S,9.CR.. 128. 

THa court* (Martin and MoPhil- 
lips; JJ^A., dlMwDtingH. decl<tod to 
boat the argument and then reafllrm- 
•dl |he existence of the right of ap- 
p^i It «Mi n<M, appeaf that Mr. 
JasUce Bjbsrts assented to this de- 
cMdn. bin 1^ is clear that the other 
fqiir Judgss maintained the right of 
appeal. They then dealt with (he 
appeal OR 4b»^ merits, jft^ decided 
(IfdPhllli^siana Bberta.^kUCi; BlS^ 
senting) to reverse my order. Two 
Of the t^ree Judges who reversed my 
order dl4 pot give any reasons for 
holding tbat I was wrong. The tbird, 
Martin, J.A., did give reasons, but. as 
It to reasonable to assume in a case 
eoncerniim^ the liberty of the subject, 
that the' 'majority consulted before 
reversing my oi^er, the inference to 
that the otber two judges were not 
prepared fo adopt the reasons given 
by Martin," il>A., or they would have, 
said so. f Qflhthe other hand, Mr. Jys- 
Uce McPI^U^ gave reasons inbto 
pral iiidgment. stating thSt he en- 
tirely Streed'wlth.rae. In fact. I do 
not se« how;tbe ma|iter oquM be jjtui 
any « more clfarly than it wiis when 

"The mere i^dlny of the articles 
on (Jhe premises, without more, con, 
•tlti^es very InsuHllblent evidence of 
the completed sate. .' There ihust rbo 
KMti^tbinK definite .In' «nable It to be 
«viTd that the defegiant placed those 
articles there. It may not need to 
be very cogeht evidence, but there 
would need to be soma evidence: for 
Instance, that the cartef '.got hto tn- 
Btructions for delivery from the de- 
fendant, or 'some evidence bonaecting 
the defendant with the selection, ap- 
propriation and deHirpry, but all such 
evidence is absent." ^ * 

.The result, then. Of tli«t';Si|»|ieai irsa 
unfavoimbto « to the de^ W de a t by » 
majority of one. and be was then 
taken into custody under the warrant 
which the ^nagistrate had Issued, no 
fresh warrant havfnK been issued, 
• nd taken to the OJCalla Uaol to serve 
out the sentence, tmi heiw applies for 
his discharge. 

The argument came on to bo beard 
by me on October 16th and l«th, Mr. 
Jotonson, Deputy Attorney-Oeneral, 
appearing for the Crown, and Mr. 
WIMon and Mr. Davto for the appli- 
cant, bilt inasmuch as the matter 
prssented for my consideration ap- 
posred to be of some sravlty, I re- 
served Judgment, and in the mean- 
tints admlltad ttie defendant to ball, 
tb4 Crown assenting to that coniso. 

The MHpMlfsn for bsbsns sbr»M 
and fgg tne prisoner's dtscbargs to 
gM'oral grounds. One to t|Mft 
tbs e#Ms sf the Court of ApfMal pnp- 
t^ alBrm tbe coairlcUoa 
aiis#sfk te>)ivs taken ptoee on tbe 
4Ml.sfe » <M j . 1»1V. WbsrsM lS 
4i w nN ii wi^ W ^ i iMi»i ii cMik |4m* sm 
tMI Sim or Jaawry antf ndt w tbe 
4tb. Slit therefoaw «ns UM. strsslsd *y 
tbs oHter xH lb* Oobrt oT ApysnL Am 
to tbto ^Mi^Milob, bi^s m, wkns-M Is 
«nw 9m mm* «*mgnpb s« tbs 


CaiiTiltU9U8 Ml pjr. 

s( tbe Ceurl ef Appeal passed on byj 
Um Bupreme Court of Canads. but 
bi tbe mSantlme be would bnvo to 
serve out the allegod unlawful sen- 
tence, and any damsgee wblob bo 
might recover would be a very Ingd- 
•4uate reniody. and lb any event tbs 
object of tbe hs^s corpus proceed* 
logs, which to to obuin speedy rebef 
from unlairful Imprisonment. vevM 
be frostratsd by each delay. I "MMak. 
tberefore.' tbat* I am l>ound to f^' 
Hder tbs pbint sod give my opinkM 
on it. V , , 

In order tbat the nature of the 
question may be easily underwood 
It id Orst of all necessary to set fertb 
the legtolatlon concerning tbe mat*' 
ter. , ■ • 

By tbe Court of Appeal At, being 
Chapter SI o^ tbe Revised. Suites. 
ISll. seeUon f. sub-secUon 4 (a) it 
was provided that an appeal should 
Ito to the Court of Appeal from the 
decision of the Supreme Court or a 
judge thereof on u case stated under 
the Summary Convictions Act. 

By fbe Summary Convictions Aot, 
being Chapter 218 of the Revised 
Statutes. ISlt, seotibn 9%. it was pro- 

"Wben a case to transmitted under 
thto Act. the Supreme Court shall 
hear and determine the question or 
questions of law arising thereon, and 
shall thereupon reverse, aflirm or 
amend the determination in respect of 
which the case has been statsM. or 
remit the matter to khe Justice or 
Justices, w|th the opinion of the 
court thereon, or may make sucb 
order as to costs as the court may 
seem lit; and all such orders shall 
be flnal and , conclusive on . sU 

By the Summary Convictions Act. 
1116. l>elniE CKapler G* oT the BtaC^ 
utes, ItlS. tbe -last-mentioned Act 
Waa repealed, section S2 reappearlqg 
wltb some vsriations as follows: . 

"iThe Supreme Cdurt to whleb a 
case to transmitted shall hear and de- 
termine the question or questions of 
law artoing tbereon. and shall there- 
upon aflirm. reverse or modify the 
conviction, order or drterminatloa'lq 
resptct of which the ca#S has been 
stated, or remit the matter to tbe 
Justice with tbe opinion of the court 
thereon, or may adake'sncb other oi^ 
der in relatldtt to the matter, and 
such order as to costs ss to tbe'> Court 
seems tt; and all such orders tibku bo 
flnal and conclusive on all parties.** 

And the qusst^n atss and to ss .to. 

rwhethor. *th|s' being the last Iegtols>- 

Jtivo declaration on the subject. It ^Id 

not aBo|toh the light of appeal wU^ 

»haid bedn allowed by tho Court > of 

Appeal'^Act. ISll, as above stated. 

At tbe outset I think It is unneoSsr 
sary to do more than state two propr 
osltions that are almost axiomatic In 
their nqture. IIm first Is that no Ap- 
pellate Court can bfiiirp a Jiirlsdiotlon 
to interfere with tbe judgment of a 
competent Court by merely declaring 
that It has the jurisdiction to do so. 
and the second is that the right of 
appeal Is not a mere- matter of pro- 
cedure but a substantive right which 
can be created only by legtototivo au- 
tb«nty and cannot be created by tho 
Inferior or superibr tribunal or by 
both combined — Attorney-Qeneral V. 
Sillem, 10 H.U Caa 704 — and, of 
course, when granted, can . only be 
aboltohed by legislative authority. As 
I have said, the Jurisdiction of the 
Court of Appeal to hear the appeal 
from my order was Upheld by the 
Court, or at sny rate by four of tho 
Judges, and they reaffirmed the rea- 
sons given in Rex v. Evans, 23 B.C.R. 
ISI. .' '' - - • ■ 

I -asked the Deputy Attorney-Oen- 
eral, if the matter were res Integra, 
whether he would be prepared tO' 
maintain the jurisdiction of the 
Cbbrt of Appeal, arid, with hto usqal 
caildor. he adigattted .that; M could 
nqt.' and that he could not' see any 
escape from the conclusion 'that Sec- 
tion S2 of ,thq Bummjiry Cmivietions 
Act. 1S16, being the Aet\jnder which 
the conviction took place, cut off any 
right of appeal frdm my order to the 
Court of Appeal.. 

Notwithstanding thst ' ebactinent, 
the majority of the Court held in the 
present case that the right of appeal 
still <^Ktote^ under the provisions al- 
ready reciukd of the Court of Appeal 
Act, ISll. In the Kvans case the 
Court held that they had to deal with 
a confljoi between two of the revised 
statutes, and that, inasmuch as the 
original Court of Appeal Act was 
passed toter than the oflginbl Sutti-< 
mary Convictions Acti tho latter had' 
to give way. but In Gartshore's case 
thmy held that the passage of the new 
Summary Convictions A/tt In 1S16: 
made no change in the sMnation, al- 
though passed long after the Court of 
Appeal Act In if 11. They undoubt- 
edly professed to apply the princlpto 
that where two enaotmSnts conflict 
the later leglaUtlon mnsi prevail, a 
principle which cannot be dbvoted. 
but. with great deference to tbg 
learned judses of the Court of Ap- 
peal. I think they misdirected them- 
oelvea in endeavorinit to apply the 
principle to the legtolatlon in ques- 
tion by Inquiring into the priorities 
of the SUtutss which had been re- 

In 9ert«i T. l«lisvrs. Ii^n. s P.C. 
161, Lord Westbury, in dellverfng 
tbe judgment of, the Pflvy OooncIt 
which. o< eosraf . Mtds both tlM 
Coori of Appeal aod.nursslf. said. In 
dealing wltb a eo n ver s e caao of • 
Conri of AppobI reflMing to bear Sn 
sfpeM on Ibe gTonnd Ibat It bbi no 

*" ^ssstien lo gowrfl#d entbely 
by tbe buwaaso of tbe 




M[!*%1 i!>?i»^ 

<■■ ' 

■■■•ft' f'S 




* . 'll! *^ 



,; T T T T jfiiW" 

'¥¥¥'J;iii|i" '■■%-■• 

'S"il '' 






.••.w^ . 

<• f ' f 


Y A^" 



i \' 



•i" *■*>,■ 




i» ■'... 

.. ■ "^ . ■.■■■■• 

/y Perlcy Botite SI 

-';i^' ^v^v 

-»^ ' Vi 

{ -o»- 

o in 


'2'^. ir~i.f\ 


v^.- .- t tv-» 

., ,.;'^- » ,u ; •» ^ .- i . 3«.., . .V 

• .- '^' _ ••« • '.J^Slu r l^_»_«-t um.^ ^, 

. f » • . . .» . -.'.1 «««t 

*f «w* 

- »* ■> ' -i. <-.!•" V- t - . 

«»■•.. -Mi . *i-'\ • '. i! .«c'>. 

»• •'•<••• i«»v«.%K».>rt ; *'.«¥* .: * i«»- •'■ jS■ 

.. - ^* -_ ■ ■ , m ■>...• > x;, ^H, t ». * *i 

'■^t... , 

/^■v , 

••- ,v* .■ •• T.:' 

♦ «* .... , -.^ 

: **;»!• .^,1 «« *- ♦ .. '«.♦ 1 

.X .■ ' >■'■ -• -'A 

' 4' ■<»»^- «r -*V *k* ■9y.4t ~ "fi^' 

i.%*": ".-'^ 1'^ . ■•'■^- A •.-,'■ 3.i.* ' jeivf ■ ' 

-ii^'Jlij \'*''*- f 4».. 


?n^^ V-;*: 

"^ ^^^^^^Hkr 

■"•v rd^UP^ '• i -■*'■? »••♦!*•. 

^rb,_ jIlB^ ' * «* -" -y-iw^ 

f ^^j^^y «> t-^jU'.'.y '^iv.i . 

JM^J^^^M^ '<K** >•■ ^' '*Mr A. 

i^^f^^t^^ , ,* - W*»' . » . .-V* 

^^uM^.^ ''^* 


-JmI . >^*^ .f^-i^'^i '^^k* .-.riK> 





> ' «> 


I *; 


stattlte muiit {"^vail (i|0Sre ^r. Rob- 
inson).'* ' • 

In the lilvans case, than. It to clear 
that the method of dealing, with tho 
Statutes Isid dintn by th<s Privy Coun- 
cil would have led to the opposite de- 
cision, and I must assume that the 
Court, tt these decisions had been 
brought to their atteption. would 
have decidod thnt the right of appeal 
no lotigerexlsted. But It is not neces- 
sary tto'-me to say anything more 
about the Kvans case, which, in the 
view of the Court of Appeal, raised 
the question of a conflict between twb 
Statutes containod in the same con- 
solidation, for in Gartshore's case, 
the case was not that of a conflict 
between two Statutes contained in the 
same revision, but between the Court 
of Appeal Act of 1911 and the Sum- 
mary Convictions Act,* 1916, and 
therc|ore tbe decision in the Evans 
case, whether right or wrong, did not 
necessarily bind the Court in the pres- 
ant case. 

On the srgament In the present 
ease, tbe case of Rex ▼. Sit Quln, 98 
B.C. 382 was referred to. In that 
case the Court of Appeal held that It. 
had jurisdiction to enteriain an ap- 
peal frcmi a decision of the County 
Court on an appeal from Justices of 
the Peace, under the Hummary Con- 
ylctbN|B ABL With resATd ^ the ob- 
Jectiob which bad been raised to Its 
Jurisdiction, the learned Chief JTostlce 
gays (Martin and McPhUlips., JJ.A. 
concwrrtng) : 

"Then as to the preliminary objec- 

tions which we reserved, I see no^ 
reason for changing the opinion 
which I held in Rex v. Evans. I do 
not think the subsequent re-enact- 
ment or consolidation of the Sum- 
mary Convictions Act affects the 
principles which we laid down in 
thbt esse." 1 

^ut the Summary (Smvictioas Ac* 
does not declare the judgment df the 
County Cqiirt to be flniO^ and conclu- 
sive, as it ddes the judgment of the 
Supreme Court, so that the case of 
Rex V. Sit Quin was not necessarily 
governed by the case of Rex v. Evans, 
nor did It neciessartly govern thto 
case, and whether It to right or wrong 
does it not ^ffect this case, and tflere- 
fbr^ it to unnecessary for me to con- 
sider it furthqr. 

So that the position to that the 
Court of Appeal, on the hearing of 
the appeal in tho ftfesent ease, were 
not bound by their decision in the 
Evans case, as tho conflict there t^as 
bstwsen two coe\-al Statutes, they 
evidently cofMiderlng tbat although 
the Summary Convictions Act of 1S16 
was p a ss e d before the hearinR of the 
Evans appeal, which had been taken 
before Its passage, it evidently had 
no bearioK on tho question, as they 
made no allusion to it. Nor were 
they bound by their ruling In the Sit 
Quin case, as that was the case of an 
appeal from a County Court and not 
from a Supreme Court. Nevertheless, 
they considered tbat their decision in 
the Evans case governed both the Mt 
Quin case bnd thto case- The Court 

of AppeaJ therefore arrived at thto 
result, that although the Summary 
Convictions Act of IS 16 repealed the 
f<frmer Summer^ Convictions Act of 
1911, and undoubtedly by Section %i 
gave the defendant the rlxht of ap- 
peal to the Supreme Court from the 
dectoion of the magistrate and by the 
same secthm dectored the decision of 
the Supronio Court to be flnal and 
conclusive on all parties, it waa not. 
however, effectual to extinguish the 
right of appeal which bad been pro- 

vided tn another fltatxito of llll. 

Wltb .the: greatMit #ateroiieo td th« 
toamed Judges who eo held. I think 
tbat ^baor oouM not eliminate, tbo' laA 
diwtoratlea ^ %bt, >&iegtatotwe In .thto 
way. and that the decbdqpi bMfn direct 
vbriatlon of 4h» principles laid down 
by tbe Privy Coancil in Boston. v. Us* 
Uevre and In B^C. Klectria Railwajr 
Qs. V. Stewart, as already stated. It 
asay bo suggeoted. although tbe 
Iqamed Doimty Attorney-Oeneral did 
nat see flt to suggest it. that the 

phrase to tbe aiatnte "flnal and ee«- 
clnsM^'dd air partHir tma be* to ba 
talon air Its fbco'valve. but Shonld bo 
understood as sobjeet to an baflwal tb 
tbe Oowi e( Ap»safc sbd tNTlMmod 
Ur lba«.:Teqd Ivls «he 


jeet to the right of appeal allowed bf 
Beetlon * of the OonH of Appeal AeC 
ISll": but thto mode of constraetloB 
bus ottsa boon eondomnod by 
of tbo blglMSt antbority. 

<Contlnoed on Page tT> 




«7 «■« m ngn e g o. ov tbo f:bioalal WoS- 
•jss. 1W Cowt of Anpwl In Lo#«r 
CbM*i Si lbs Msnilsw s< t»n WtJuf 
~d tbs sbbJeels npon wbMb avpsal 







i iHM Biit Net (tar I 


4 J» 








'*^ (0«iUWJgl_ttW«F»»» »•) 
la CaalOiic and I>«P»y. »'^gL^* *J 

not that bla 

k«0 •liaU'«% 
mt^a OB tt^ 
__ _ _ 9«il^*r talk 

I r«a« 'tear aa BMaBM« llnal un>«f* 

alalM )|B tha 
«|ada la Um 

tiwi thla dM Mt Ma*««r^ty ^ 
MkMPaal aa •* rt«fci »• "»• ^^^SH^ 
b«t iMrlfoDtavia JMU^ *» ****^" 
i.« Jadsmaiit. '^J^S ^t^-h^^ 

of tba it VUiS J* 4J; Tbofr Wj4- 


aKiUwtioB. and *»J»n»* *5*j£f 
of ImmadtaU «p»m1 from tn« «W 
of QUMiia Banch to »»»•«"»•?• J*^! 
main. Baaldaa the ,wor«.. '««*>'>•■ 
l»«aa bafora «aad to Colwtol l«dMj* 

tion aa an a»t JJ^i ** J^Jlfi t^ 
oarUIn oaaea alPfMp ••^rW *• 

StatuU. »4 Oa*. i..ei «l, iweh »• 
•Oaet may. no dfljallt* ba^el^da«^jMr« 
tha eontaxt. bot tbara »•,>♦«>«;• |f »»• 
anaotraant In ««l^lp« »• 9^^^J2^ 
maanliiK of tb# wdrd. *^<»>f •■•5* '?** 
■ona thair LuitiWpt tItlAk ttat ai« 
Judcaa balow wara right In holdlWf 
that thay had no power to jpraat JMve 
%o appaal." 

In Lo«k V. Que¥i|aland J^J^^iW* 
•nd Land Co.^ lU9.40.,U»* Ha^- 
bury saya. at-pMtd 4d*- 

•H)f courae, If you .. can Intwdw* 
into tha UniNigirjWeh tl*; J^" 
latvra haa used «***ir "tengMalf* >hleh 
•woald have a 4MNr«0t efl^ ("^d 
thfet baa baan j»»i«UcaUy thA^rj^- 
jgMnt AddBiMiti to;.yqar Z<or«UM)r 
you may tntH nny Statute or aBy aac- 
tloa of amr.Statuta Into an abaurdlty. 
But Tabia A of «,ha aaventh aectlon 
ax|>raaaly a«y* that 'tha diraotora m*y. 
If thay think M.' make an«h an ar- 
raasamant •• hn« bean hara made; 
Mi4 avary «C«tt to turn, thoae plain 
worda'Into adMdIIUnv dlM baa re- 
•«Had. on tha fdrt of tlM learned 
eouaaal who liri««d It. In ^n admla- 
Hon that, wlthotit tba addition of 
ooma word*. tlMt oaanot «at Into that 
«av«nth aectlOA that which thirtr ar- 
SWnant requlra%** 

In Bal9moa ▼• Salomon and Co., 
JifT .A.C., the Lord Chancellor, at 
pafo It. aald that ha "muat deeUne 
to Inaart into that Act of PariUmant 
Umltatloaa whieh are not to ba found 

In Bank of New South Walea v. 
Piper. lt«7. A.C.. Sir Blaluurd Oouch, 
In dellTerlns Judfmant, aaya at pag^ 

waa the object of the Ueglaiatwro: but 
It cannot be dona without t«C«MlW 
the word* of tho StaMU: and tilpa* 
1^ I MrM «Bm^ t>to rule tttt^^be 

of tha Cowta* Jurladletlatt la tha praa- 
ent caae: 

■'X„Jk>r oa#. do not MMW* to My 
that ^ bore at tha b«CtanlilC of thla 

oTWn tolke peattadary ma ia^ 

f*; in Uila Mn* *"' ^"* ^^"*' **' "f^ 
tarm toaaJtki' another Wlkleh - fraM 


or Ok*. OBI»rt* of 

Mclieat aathorltir- tharefora make K 
Bltar fl i ft TttT ^"^^-^ ■■■• <» miBilMg 
lo tM ooBcfnalon «hat the enactment 
that IM daebdou of the Supren^ 
Cosrt waa W be dnal and conclusive 
on aU^parOaa waato ^ eonald^^ •• 

th^kfi thafsiatnta l^alf p^MOfm j»9 

w9oh ^B^tailBh. 


«aclMon« are. 

o( «4MnnM, blndlnc'^on both the Court 
^ .ikpHal jm^,m3rMit, tb '*««;. ^* 
|Miy>Co«^air4Ml^rf« «n Trlmbla ♦• 
STl rcrti«.'thdt It fraa the^dwy 
«| tIurC9l«ttl#l Court dt*App«al tb fdl' 
|pw«y pgoMon of Uie Sngllah Court 
of A^aal In preCarence to Ha own 
formal^ dd«laM>a Wk«ra they came In 
fibiSlfdl. Wlftleh adiRobUlon haa boon 
f<>l)ow^ ^t|iJ.Co|ar»*t Appaal f jr 
Ontario. o.».. Macon r. Johndon, M 

VbSlMa. ^< 0!.li- •!• ^ fortiori it la 
ntribfy W fall*^ and 4»»Iy tha de- 
eitioaa*...l»lsha9t oourta of Judi- 
^Barora In ^rafalrdBotf tb' thoae of the 
loaal Court of Appeal whore they are 
in' c6iiuei.' 

It la not anoufh, 'however, merely 
to aur Utat the Court bad no jurladlc- 
ilon. Anordor of .a Court made with- 
out,. iun«)U«tl»o «i»y be^>toid only If 

5^ wlw^tt,liJ|it ajft<**«*^* <l«'^<» 
^""liykiagli^t^unal. as. for In- 

atanoe. Wh^re the Jurladlottoo .waa 

condltlfltnal on ah% |HtlB0noe ot eer- 

. tain faMa and on ^figln proc«odiaKa 

bofbg taken. Decialbna mado when 

thf o^dltlona niBceasary to the exlat- 

dttea of t}/t^m 


ottanca front the aame 
4«aaoaa. X atvo on 4f>*»^ a|»MtlOB8 
ote ruling onoe and: MsalL*/ 

M^A 1%- hto Jvdgmenf ^oCOrrad U. 
VefealEr. ^td.. ▼• lahtn* Rarenda 

-_j[ t .,- ..^i 

^^WkefT Everybody Goes 


"It la to be obaenred that m tha 
Ibrat part M S. 7, which'* ralataa to tha 
aala or doUvery of wool that la under 
a lien, tha worda 'with a view to de- 
Iraud' ara introdboed aa an eaaantlal 
quality of the offence, but in the par< 
of the aootlon which r a tat aa to the 
aala and dlapoaltlon of aboibp or cattle 
that haTo baan martghg^ theae 
worda ara omitted. Thtt dannot be 
eonaldarad to be an iwlatantlonal 
onUaalon unlaaa It is ahowg tb ba ,ao 
by the context of the aaetlon. v/mdlr 
Lordahlpa do not me any ground fdr. 
oonatrulng the section aa If tha Wdrd* ^ 
*wlth a Ttew to defraud* had been 
Inaartad la this part of It. They can* 
not altar tha offence ereatod by tha 
Statute by the introduction of words 
Which th^ Lasialatura haa omitted." 

In Raglna v. Hunt, ( Q.B., at page 
41S. Bria J. aald: ' 

i^t^n facts and on oartatn 
prooaedlnga being taken. -Decisions 
made WlMa the oondltlona neoeasary 
to the bkiftance of Jurtodlctian did not 
exlat aro not necessarily Void, espe- 
cial^ WM»ro tha oKiaiphaning pavty 
might have brought the true poaltlon 
to>tha #tuntlon of thd' CouH and 
failed to do so. Bat there is a vital 
^iM^tlon batwaagi »• .eaae where 
tbarii la a Umlteli or oohdiC(bnal 
jurMUctlon to db a judicial atCand 

Sift aaae whare. aa In thla qkae, there 
r«ip Jurlailotlaorto dg it under any 
otejMBmataaoas. In thd latter case It 
la 'lN>ld in the atisolute sense and la 
Jliat as InbperattTe for any purpoae 
aa If it had navar been.pronounoad. 
It. ^n eata^llakf' no right oc ImpONf 

- obligation. .It afforda aa pr«Uo> 
to anyono who acts undar It. 'It 
.^.In short, a nullity and, as Chan- 
opabr Boyd aald In McLeod v. Kol4a, 
^.O.R. S2«. of an Injunction whUsh 
had been laaued out^ of the High 
Court' of Juatlce with no jurladlctlon 
to d« BO. "a thing of baughtwltah 
cannot, ba dlaobeyadrV • 

Before taking the step whlah I am 
of the opfaMon I am foraad to take; I 
may say that I have conaldered 
whether o^'nft I ahould adloura the' 
matter In ordfr to enable the de- 
fen<tent, WHh ■ the consent df the 
Croii^, to maitti a|iother application 
to the Court of . Af^peal to reconsider 
Its decision as to i^ ^ttjMdiction, or. It 
that were impractlcgbW. Cb^ by way 
of Order of Rat^renoer^iJ^-- - 

But/>ne dimouUy is that Mm <k|Ui;t« 
afllrmed ita JurlAllction on at Mdat, 
two If not three different occasions, 
although, as already pointed out, the 
former eaaea did not conclude the 
Court In the present case. The other 
dlfhculty la that two of the learned 
]udg«a have already ezpreased thafn'* 


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Wlth^U d«f»reaea. I an wnable to 
aeo- the Juatloe of aaadlng mora fp^ff. 
lo pflsun because one man'kaa aj» 
ready been wrongly sent there, nor 
am I able to see the relevancy of the 
casa cited. 1$ waa a takatlon caaa. 
•tnd Mxamlnattpn af \t fbows t|>at tho* 
ground on Which the BpgUA Oourt. 
of Appeal refused to ogarmla' wale 
former decision waa that that de- 
. elslon had been br<{ught to .the at> 
taction of tho Hsva*) at. I^oids t)n the 
lartrunient In a similar- aaae and ' that. 
aa that tHbumiV did not dlaapprove of 
it, ^t waa not'fM^ t|wm to unaatt|e tho 
lai*'. '■ 

As a matter of fa«a, the hlg^^ 
'tribunals do not be ait a l e to oyttTUle 
their former .decialona and thoae of 
eo-ordMata ' courts, whanavor «hey 
consider It Mght, a«d to. show that 
that Is so It hiay aot'b^ amlMib^ta 
the foUow«ng-^*Mitaao?a: • -i*' ^ . . • : 
in a caae Involving, the queitlon of 
tha laglalativa •pdtarer 16 lliuuisdn 'for 
contempt, the Prlry Couac^ in Kiel- 
loy V. Caraon, 4 Moore ' P'XJ.- t8»-«wa»-i 
rule Beaumont and Barrett, 1 M.P.C 
i»9. Baron Parke delivering both judg' . 

In lUdney v. Bourke ft overruled 
Bathurst v. UePharaon. 4 A.C. »»«, on 
the question of ttie distinction be- 
tween misfeasance and nonfeasance. 

The Ualted States Supreme (!:ourt 
has fnwaently overruled former de- 
elsloas ol lis own. aa. for InsUnce. 
Lelsy V. Hardin. ISI U.S. 100. over- 
t ruled Plerae v. New Hampahire, & 
Hosrard S04, although that dachrtoa 
waa the result of full consideration 
and waa tha law for forty yaara In 
Telghman v. Proctor, 10« V.B. 707. It 
overruled Mitchell v. Telghman. 19 
Wall 287, although the validity of the 
aame pa,tent was la issue In both 
suits and the patentee waa a party to 
both. In Killbourne v. Thompson, 
IM VMi Igi. they overruled Anderson 
V. Dunin, 4 Wheaton 204. on the ques- 
tion of tha authorlty.'-of Congress to 
eomnUt for comempt. In the B^ng- 
lish CMTt of Appeal In re I>ewhinit's 
Trusts. SS Ct^. P. 410, Cotton, Llndley 
apd Iropes, I^JJ-, overruled tho de- 
cision of a former Court of Appeal 
oonalsting of James. Baggallay^ «ad 
-^murUJIi^- lb 1^ Dalgleiahi 4 dhv t>. 
MS, wMoh had .boen,^ollot^ by Jm- 
set, M.R.. in re Crowe, 14 Ch.' D. 304. 
In Fowler v. Barstow. 30 Oh. D. 240, 
they of errdled •their former decision 
M Oreat ' Auatralian OoM Mining 
Company v. Martin, 6 Ch. D., on one 
point. In re Hallett's EUiUte. 11 Ch. 
D. 60S, they overruled tha decision of 
the CMirt .'in Pennell .«. ' DeffeU, 4 
!d,M. Ik O. 172, 9n one point. In The 
-SavfHta, It P.I2. in. thor overruled 
the decision of Thorogood v. Bryan, 
8 C.B., lit. The Divisional Court In 
Bowen V. Anderson <1S94), 1 Q.B. 
1S4, overruled Its former decision in 
Sandford v. Clarke, 21 Q.B.C. 398. on 
a <iaeatton of law. In Porteacua v. 
Veatry of St. Matthew (1801), 2 Q.B< 
170, they overruled Vestry of BtM 
Mary V. Goodijutn, 2S Q.B.O. ;L(;4^. And 
^on tha haarlag of the • ippaal the 
Itarned Chief Juatlce said: 

"We- bava. on one or twci ocdaslons 
overruled decisions of the full Court. 
In re Tiderington <1012), 17 B.C. 81: . 
in re Rahim (1012). 17 B.C., i78. In' 
Which the Court, cotislstlng o4f laying. 
-Miartha and Qanihar, JJ.A:f jaadimy- 
•aif, dvormled the deelaloi(-jU|>Kh« f ull 
Court in Ikesoya r. C.P.R. (iHt). 12 
B.C. 484, Irvlag, J.A., dissenting' 

Of course, in considering wWMher 
a .former decisipn should ba iivar* 
rulad. <tho Court has alwaya 4o Aeeila 
whoma*' *^ -priaolpla of ^tara. deeiaM 
,oF «ma ayrat;' sltotitd i^ • ^airpattiatad 
ia to^revatl, and the princlpla cieatly 
is %hat the Court should In'aaSh cane* 
consider whether it would be less 
mischievous to atfbere to the error 
and leave ft to bo corrected by aame 
higher authority or. to correct the 
arror. I venture to think that it Is 
lees mischievous to refrain from sand- 
ing men to prison without tha gu- 
thority of law than It la to keep on 
doing so out of deference to an er- 
roneous view of the law. 

To sum up the matter, In view of 
what has taken pla^ca, I do not think 
that I can reason^iy require ttio de- 
fendant to make gnafller application 
to the Court of Appeal to reconsider 
Its decision on the qaait lda ot its 
Jurlsdictlun, and thoTcfore I llgya no. 
alternative but to azpresa W awn 
opinion OS to tha legality ^ hla hfn- 
prlsonment, aO<l» indeed, X »W' re- 
quired to do aP on an appUcatloil' tor 
a writ ot ha^aa corpus, aa pointed 
out 'by the Hoiiae ot lim-ds in Cqlx v. 
Hakaa, 15 A,C. KOS. 

Th^ pfily conclusion I can conAa to 
is that th» doelsldn of thOf Court of 
Appeal. In the present fcase. by which 
it assumed to set aside my order, was 
the result of ,a series of misconcep- 
tions and must be regarded as having 
been given per incuriam. especially 
aa the principles laid down by the 
Privy Council in relation to the inter- 
pretation of the Statutes were evi- 
dently ndt brought to their attention. 
If that is so. there la hlf:h authority 
for saying that a decision gtven per 
Incuriam doea not binfl any court. In 
Sale V. Pblll}|»a.l8»4, .1, Q.B. 1 40, the 
Divisional QsuTt ovSrt-utsA lU own 
previous decision in Lewis v. Arnold, 
L.R.. 10 Q.B. 24B, and Lord Coleridgb, 
in daltvarlng Judgment, saya at pag* 

"It is clear that the Justices Wara 
not bound by Lewis v. Arnold. That 
caae, waa decided under a misappre- 
henalon. tlie learned Judges wera 
net informed that an Iwcorporati^ 
SUtute contained » deAaitlon of 
'owner' wMch mado the landlord 
Hahto^'* ^ 

But even assuming that the Judg- 
ment was not given per incuriam. It 
is undeniably in the teeth of tha 
SUtute of 1015. which declarsd the 
decbdon of tha Supreme Court to bo 
Anak and eoncluatvti. and which 
■tatata Is of paramount authority to 
the deiiaian of any Cawrt. 

Por thaaa roaaons Y ato of the ophi- 
lon that h la my duty to order tho 
priaaaar'a diaeharga. 

G. Hunter. C.J. 

Vletorla. B.C., October 24. lOlO. 


The Riott Mf «n4i»rful CMmpamee In fhe Worid 

'^-''^^Tjramier Felix Patty 

ftv: . 

' sing iiMl OiMi€« 


'I- .*... 


\ «"ff 

' f* -» ' •.' A 



W. C. WMttle 

Conwdy VontrHoqidat 



^- 'i 



hi Thak Comadjr OMir, GiUilM "MooM Chapaaa 


»y'^ '* 

..y»— ■■-• -■ 


' Cplsode Seven 
"The Carter Ciise'' 





^Nl^ntnl Woiuter-workera and Conjurera 

Daily JjHaUntt an^N^i 


Matinee 3— Night t and 9 


Saanich Will Ask City tp Grant 
Rate of One Cent^Jf^er Thou- 
sand Gallons— TH^e kt^ary 
Tangia Discussed * ... 

The Baanlch Council Friday night 
considered at some length what aid 
should be asked from the City of Vic- 
toria towards the extension of the 
Baanlch watarworka aystatn, with a 
speclaJ eye to tha aaeds ot tho- Gor- 
don Head district. 

On tho motion of Councillor Wat- 
son the municipality will ask that tho 
City grant a water rate of ona cent 
l>«r 1,000 gallons used for irrigation 
purposes, every service consuming 
more than gallon* par tnonth 
being used as tha basia for tha ape- 
cial concession. 

. Thd Victoria autborltiaa will be in- 
formed that the flaSnich Council is 
considering the submission to the 
ratepayers of a Irylaw calling for tha 
expenditure of $178,000 on water- 
works extenaions. with approximately 
$100,000 of this sum earmarked for 
the Gordon Head astsnalon and the 
balance for general aarvloa work In 
other portions of the municipality. 

Much of the time of the stsslon was 
occupied with consideration bf the 
Library impasae, but the matter was 

finally stood over until next meeting, 
taialnly because' of the abaence of 
Councillora Dooley. Brooks and Ter- 
i«gf. Raava Jones thought that tha 
gitestlon should be ilaalt.wlth at onea. 
and an offer of $8.00 for (he balance of 

tha current year and January, 1080, 
made to the Commissioners, provided 
thay would accept a pro-raU of the 
coat for next year on tha Unea aatMoad 
at last waek's n^eatlag and roportea 
in The Colonist, but when the pro- 

posal came to a vote Councillora Wkt- 
Bon and PIm voted nay' against Coan- 
olllors Graham and Uenderaon, and 
Hie Roave fait oooatyalnad to vote 
agalmg tha pffoyoaal. which will eoSna 
up i^aln next week. 

AKaphRMMver . 
Tkit imr Fails 

Bad blood Is always raapanslble 
fbr ptanpies. blackheads and htnnours. 

Pimples, ecsema and boila are the 
common result. 

I oanUnd that to cure these Ills, 
the liver, kidneys, and bowels muat 
receive attention. » 

My remedy, known aa Dr. Hamil- 
ton's Pills of Mandrake and BhtUr- 
nut. invariably reaches the trouble. 

For putting Ufa into sleepy orgaaa, 
for forcing out every kind of waate 
and foreign matter, for awklng 
health -sustaining bk»da( . Wttsasaaa 
you and such efldaacT as M Dr. 
Hamilton's Pills? 

In a thouaand cgasa I' have dent- 
oast rated tHat tlr. MaaOlton's IMlla 
cure facial blenslshaa and skla dls- 

I look upan these ptfis 
btood p«ria 
of tha ago. aad 
core asory 

thar wm 


MmiMa, ISc CkOkm, lOe | PRESENTS 



A Ink of Fate 

A Star and Stoiy That You WUl Be Sore to Ukc 




The Fly Cop 


» ' 

SUNDAY, CHTAOMKK d Ot • » » ^> 


Many File Grades and Designs 

Are Now (^Display for Your Inspection 

Navy Serge Dresses 


Beautiful Georgette .Crepes 

Materials Desirable for Waists and 
- Fashionable Evening Wear 

—Here are Georgette Crepes of superior quality, possessing a medium silky finish and 
sufficient weight for tunics, waists and appreciable evening wear. A very complete hn^ 

^ of colors is presented, too, including old rose. Russian green, medium brown. ' nigger' 
brown, sflver. taupe, dark grey, navy blue, royal blue, cerise. Pckin blue and beaver. 

' The width of the material is 40 inches and the prices, according to quality, range at 

$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 a yard. — Dr«s Goods section. M»ln Fk)or, Douglas 

Off erings From a Very 

Special Purchaseof Women's 

EnvjBlope Combinations 

-.Here iie vAies ttnt will possess ijittt interest for 
wonenVto Y«lue quality and neitness. 
Enitiope ComWnatlows, neatly nwde from pink mulle; 
splendidly hemstitclied and trimmed with narrow lace 
edmr. Ottier styles of the same quality afc trimmed 
wilhnarraw embroidery. Spedal value at, a garment. 

Envelope Comhinations of a fine quaHtywhite mulle* 
made with dec© yoke of lace insertion. These are par- 
ticiilariy huidsome garments and special value at, a 

f^""^^ **-'^ . ,.^ -WfcH^r^r S.<ti«-H »* Floor. Do^bs 

Wonderful Values at $25 
$27.50 and $29.75 

—Any descriptive praise that might be used in introducing 
ttiese pretty mvy Scfge Dfcsscs through tiie medium of our 
daUy store news would not convey to you the real worth and 
attractiveness as expressed in the style and quality they rep- 
wsttit You must sec them in order to fully appreciate the 
pretty styles featured, as well as the excellence of the ma- 
terials from which the Dresses have hejpn developed. 
—The styles include "Betty Wales" models, tunic effects with 

hipiKX^ets. amd daanty panel and^^wei|sltirt ^effects. Braid_^ 

and buttons judiciously placed dominate in the trimmings. adapted to a youthful figure. A dainty Corset in pink and 

—The Dresses are truly deli^^itful models* and, at the prices fc ^^^^ g^^ipe, and beautifuUy trimmed at the top with silk em- 
Quoted are well worth your immediate attention. ^ u-^:^^»„ n ii^c o t/^w hucf mMihim skirt, short front j 

La Diva Corsets Assure Comfort 
to the Wearer 

The La Diva Corset we tell you about here is a style specially 

-X «■ 'wr %'f' ' W i ■■■*-^ ««r'' 


— \ 

Child Well ar^e 


—The and Annual Convention of the British 
Cohimbit Child WeHtre Association is to be held 
m Vancouver, in Bks^ Hall. October 29, $0, 31. 
_A senenJ invitation h exteMed to the; >Qblk:» ands 
espectally to all of those directly interested in the con^ 
sovttion of child life. . , ., 

PREVENTION— Our Watchword.'^- ^ 
, .. EDUCATION— Our Method. 

LEGISLATION— Our Object. ' , 
Not alms, but opporhmity for every child. ^^^ 


broidery. It has a low bust, medium skirt, short front steel, 
four buttons at top, and fitted with four hose supporters. This 
is a Corset you will find good value at $4.00. 

,:, ♦ , , • "f" —Corset J, 1st Floor, Broad 


t'"' ., » I 


The Choicest of Draperies Have 
lust Arrived in a Nfew Shipment . 

See Them - ' 

■| —Among these new krriviis are many fabrics that have been off tha 
market for some time. These we know will receive a warm welcome 
from our many customers who wish to renew their house draperies 

„. this Fall. ■ ■ •' '■ -";•:■, '■:,, ' :::::,^r-: ^ ^ ' -^ . ' • •:•. ■ - - ' ^ v,; 



Always, Sonnething New to Show,, pj^y 
You in Over Blouses and Waists^- 




In great variety, priced from 59c to $\JS 
a yard. ^'' '''•■ '' ■ ^"'. -, 


-Customers will always find new attractions in the Waist SectJon. and judfging from 
the demand constantly made upon our choice stocks^ the styles shown are greatly 
appreciated hy the women of Victoria. . * -^H 

Charming Over-Blouses. made from fine quality georgette crepe and designed to be 
worn over the top of the skiit, giving the costume line. The sleeves are three-quarter 
length and the trimmuig consists of two4one wod embroidery and beads in contrasttag 
color combinations. The predominating shades are champagne, sand and maize. Prices 
range from $15.00 up. r ]. 


Bootees, hand-made in 
many pretty styles, at, 
a pair, $1.00. 
Infants* Pull-Over 
Drawers, all wool, and 
hand-made, at, a gar- 
ment, $2.50. 

Infants* All-Wool Jack- 
ets in many designs of 
fancy crochet, at, each, 

Bonnets in wool, hand- 
made in many pretty 
styles at from $2.00 to 

— Infants' Section, 1st Floor, 
DomlM. . 


50- Inch Velours 

In all the new colorings, from $3.75 a 

Cassio Casement _ 

Cloths ' r»s£'.s2r^5Shadow Cloths 

30 inches wide, in colors of ros^; greeri;~-3o inAes wide, at «l.8S to «2.So a W^ 
heliotrope, blue, cream and white. At, a So inches wide, at #2.95 io »?.?* » yard. 

-p^it* ' Burlap 

"S^^S - n' if. »36 Inches Vide, in blue, green and brown. 

72 incKes wide, in green blue, heliotrope At. a yard. ^5c^ ^__^ ,^ ^^^ 

and gold. At, a yard, ^2.0:). 

■^ ■, it^-.f ■-^itrii'^.Tf- 

.1 .■»-/ 


Waists m Georgette Crepe 

Are shown at $8.75. $9.75, $10.75, 
$12.50 and up. ,^.^ ] 

Waists in Crepe de Chine 

Are shown at $3.90, $5.75, $6w75, $7.50, 
$8.50 and up. 

Waists in White Silk 

Habutai ^ 

At $2.50, $3.50. $4.50. $5.75 and $6.75. 

Waists in sdf^okxcd and striped wisli.^ks^atJ|2.5<V #2.90 and up to $6.75. 'M 

"•"^ ^ ^^ ^5-, —Waist Scctkm. 1st Hoor, Do«||u 


W6men*$ Hose at 
Moderate Prices 

Tunic Waists in Georgette 

At from $15.00 up to $35.00. ^ 

V- -»■ 

Bloomers and Sleepers, Good Quality 
Flannelette, for Children 

piiMMwn iMde inm sood Hawaelette Skepfen, Just Ike vttski aad 

ij UjmM^^nmu^WttwtiatLnA q^my fif Fal and Winter wear, made 

kMC wilk ctasHc; Thty are vci ande wlHi or wljinid lect aai priBcd accovAif 

airfl titt 4uiAy HikA tlon fine Tilnr H. lostylt aA»aMlL$l.0Olo$t.25. 

Women's Cashmcrctte Hose in all sizes, at 50c and 65c a pair. 

Women's Cashmere Hose, "Penman's" brand, in all sizes, at 

75c, $1.00 and $1.25 a pair. 

Women's Cashmere Hose, ribbed, in i and 1 a"^ ^ and 1; 

priced according to size at, a pair, 85c to $2.00. 

—In these Hose you will find the very best value. 

.Hosiery, Main Floor, Do«clit 

Children s Grey Flannelette 
Bloomers at 85c and 95c 

—A new shipment of these Bloomers has '}^^ ^J^ 
received, and are fine value at the Pfictt quoted. Made 
from food quality flannelette, fitted wrth elastic at he 
wibt and knee, and fashkned to fit children from the 
ages of 4 to 12 yetfs, and priced accordinfly. 
Fran 4 to 6 years, 85c. FioBSto l2years»95c- 
--— -m'» SacUiM, t»t nam 

Men' s Ceylon Flannel Shirts 
I Selling at. Each, $275 

E these Blue, Grey and Tan Stripe Ceylori 
Flannelette Shirts you will surely fefcognize 
the quality you have been wishing. The. 
Shirts are made coat shape and are fitted with 
collar band and double soft cuflfs. They are 
offered in all sizes at, each, $2.75. . 
—See them, they are splendid valueJ^* r^^ 

Y^ZyCC xncui, i^^J ^^y^ Furnishings. Msln Floor, BroM 

• || 

Black Sateen Shirt Waists 
for Boy§ at $1.15 Each 

Shirt Waists in which you will find first class wearing 
qualities, and very serviceable for Khool wear. They 
arc made from good quality sateen, neatly designed, and 
fitted with loop collar, pocket and narrow cuffs. Selling 

at, each, $1.1^^^^ ^ ^Boys'#r»r«i«llln|s, Main Ploor, DoagUt 

^ - A Shipment of Plaid 
Traveling Rugs Has Just 
Arrived From England 

For automobile use these are Rugs that will give thd 
jrrcatest satisfaction. The quality is a fine wool mixture 
in medium weight and the patterns show a splendid 
assortment of rich colorings. The sizes are 5 ft. by 6 ft 
and 6 ft by 6 ft., and the price very moderate at, each, 

- '■s^-^-f^.t' 



Essays by Our Child Readers 



(Br Eric AlUn. age u, Uppingham School). 
1 am going to tell you how r enjoyed niy holi- 
day!. Once I went to Cordova Bay and m the 
afternoon it rained. We were in a Unt that leaked 
and the water apattered aU over u», in»ia»f ev«i 
th« fire epit. We catight it in baains and bowl, till 
we had a little Cordova Bay inside. Another tnp 
was to the Gorge, where I kicked and .plathed like 
Mly old fi»h. After a while I swam a little. We 
went to have tea in the Japanete Tea Garden*. 
Whtn we were going in there we taw p ^•P*"fJ* 
doff caUed 8undac trying ta catch a humming bird. 
I went once again to Cordova Bay, and a lot ot 
boys and »! were picking up colored stone* and 
throwing atonea in the water to make them »klp. 
We had a game of ball, too, I went to a party a 
IHtle later on. We were playing French cricket 
and crickeV, The little boy had a trike, and we 
wara playing trains with it. Somebody was sup- 
poMd to Injure H and be found "guilty." Some- 
times the tr*in would go so slow we could P"« «t 
In • basenunt with toirs of things in the way. We 
had a nice time and a lovely tea. and after tea we 
pUyed "happy family." When 1 was coming home 
^■,m*'% little dark and I felt quite a man coming 
home by myself. A little while after that I went 
for a ane motor ride to Patricia Bay. Deep Cove. 
Wfthaven and SidiJejr, At Patricia Bay 1 saw two 
pufT-puffs, a» the ba^Vfn call a train. A short time 
— «g»r I urent ^ith n»other and daddy ^JfancoiLVtlL 
for » little tite.. Boy, it was good! This Tuesday 
I went to N ^ picture show called "The Still 
Ala<m." I tttid; it very g^uch. But the thing I 
liked best was going t6 Viiticouver. 

never came np. I screwed np my courage, went 
again to the end of the board, threw np oiy hands, 
closed my eyea and went off. Oh! I was happy, 
happy, happy, and lost no time in calmly aaking 
Jack how he liked my Ust dive, as if I had been 
doing it all the evening. 

That night aa I went to bed I felt tha^ at last 
I was itP with Jack, for had I not ^ dived off the 
f»ine board as he. the highest at the pool? But I 
was secretly hoping that no higher board woold 
be put up, for Jack would be the first to try that 
aMl f j«at know that I wouldn't have any courage 
left by the time I reached the top of the stairs. ^ 

CSianuunoa ., . '" 

(By Dick Yerbargh, Royal Oak. ir years, home 

One day at Duncan some friends called to take 
us to Chemainus in their car. It was a beautiful 
day, a beautiful car and a beautiful drive. We went 
along the bottom of Mount Provost, over flat 
ground, through bush, across bridges and over hills, 
^hen we arrived the tide was out, so we had 
dinner. There jvas lemonade, eggs, egg sandwiches, 
cake, coeoanut buns and lovely cold water. Then 
we paddled; it was a fine sandy shore and warm, 
shallow water. We tried to catch fish and hunted 
for curious shells. I found one big one. 

When the tide came up we built sand castles and 
watched the sea wash them away. At about four 
o'clock we went home. It had been a lovely day. 


Many Victoria children ate learning Co 
make original dcaigna. The Coloniat 
prizca for the three bes« dcsigna, 
pods, anitabic for the top of a 

The aiac of the design nnut be 3 inches by 
6;4 inches and it mast be painted in bladt 
ink. The priaes will be: Krat, fajo; accood. 
$1.50; third, fijoa Any reader —da r rt may 
compete and all drawinga nmat be in by Ae 
last' day of November. 

The Editor hopes the drawings will repre- 
sent the very best work readers can do. 
Name, age and school attended mnat be sent 
in with each drawing. The prixc dcaigna and 
perhaps othera exceptionally good will be re- 

In Star Land 

Tii'Bits of Information 

Strimniliic' ^''" 

, (By Jill Sp>rgur, age it Pierre. S. Dakota). 

yfhta thetneW* spread <iv*r the city of Pierre 
Ihat the 8wiiil«Mig^oolwai. ready and the water 
was fine, eve^ '«Wld could 'hjive turned a summer- 
sault for puire Joy^gnA «• ^9*. myself. 1 could Ulk 
of nothing else bat swimming, and seeing that I 
couldn't swim, I Can't imagine what I talked about. 

"Wl^cn I first went in the water I felt that 1 
couldjn't stand up. I was dizzy and very fright- 
ened. My uncle after finding that I was too afraid 
of thi water to learn to swim, tried to teach me to 
dutk,' which was nearly as bad. I'd cover my face 
with two fingers, while with the others I held niy 
ears and nose. After much coaxing and pleadings 
I would dip my head Very gingerly into the water 
and come up sputtering and happy at my bravery. 
on^ to hear someone cry. "You didn't duck: you 
}u^ dipped your nose." What a lot of work all for 
nothing. ^ 

At last, after several weeks' hard practice, I could 
«wtm a little, bit to be sure, but even that was bet- 
ter than clinging cold and miserable to the steps 
and watching the other.*). Never was I so happy 
as ^htn I took my first •^oh«f »pd swam gallant- 
ly to shore. (Mind, the thons Ws only three feet 
off). It was swimming nevertheless, and 1 had 
worked. hard and faithfully for that few seconds of 
pleasure. \ »r ?\i 

Now was the time to think of the pretty things 
of swimming, such as caps and bags. 

bne morning my chum Helen went down to get 
something to make a bag. We looked at everything 
from cheese cloth to canvas. She finally decided 
on the canvas, and as soon as she reached home 
startled making it. I hate sewing, and don't know 
much ahoMt it. and so suggested that Helen stitch 
the l)ag with black thread, as she had no white. 
Thif her mother made her take out later and stitch 
neatly with white. 

I wanted a bag: I jM«t had to have one. Helen 
did. As usual, my allowance was spent, and so in 
the afternoon 1 rmnniagcd the chest, the store 
roonu the rag bog and even the linen closet, for an 
:»ld liit of cloth. In the linen closet I found some- 
iWn^ that was of nnich Interest to me. 

Mbther lni«l been giv^n a beautiful linen towel 
with embroidered red flowers on the side. The 
• bright colors and heavy fringe made me set imme- 
diately to work. I chopped off the fringe, stitched 
Mp the .aides, worked holes and ran red cord 
through them. And lastly, I drew my initials and 
outlined them in red. The bag really looked very 
pretty, unless you looked at the humpy holes which 
I bad tried tp work with the button-hole stitch or 
the uneven outline of my initials, J. S. 

My bag was nearly finished when mother came 
home. Shf examined the bag very closely as if she 
was looking at the knotty buttonholes or uneven 
outline stitch. Perhaps she was thinking more 
about the material, for she stared rather hard at the 
embroidered flowers and looked wonderingly at the 
cut fringe lying on the floor. I changed the subject 
to "getting supper," and everything was alt right 


I regret to say that if you should see mc! now on 
my way to the swimming pool I would be skipping 
gaily down the path with my suit swung over one 
shoulder, while the poor embroidered bag is hang- 
iiig in the dark storeroom at home, wishing it had 
never been made. -l * 

The part I liked beat was diving. There were 
three diving boards at one side. Two were 
medhim height and one was high. They were all 
over deep water and my highest ambition was to 
jive off all three. 

Qne evening I st^am over toward the diving 
boards. I was too scared to dive straight off the end 
at first, but little by little I kept working around to 
, the end, an^ finally made the dhre. It seemed 
easier next time, and I said to the director half 
joking, "Guess 111 go off the high one next." He 
looked at me for an intfant and then said. "Sure. 
Go np and see how it feels." 

Now, for no other reason whatever, I wanted to 
go off that diving board to show Jack I wasn't 
afrgid. Jack, my only brother— Jack, irho learned * 
to swim at the same time I did — Jack who waa 
aniy eleven months oMer than I. I couldn't let mjr- 
tctf be beaten so^ badly. 

Cold and shivering I crept up the stairs and ont 
on the board. I felt diny and would have fallen 
had t not cHitchcd the board and aHcntly^- crawled' 
back. And what made matters worse. Jack was 
amnding by the stairs With an expression on his 
hM# that seemed to mj, "Why dWn't you ^ off?" 
Aa if 1 didn't know why T didn't go off. If he had 
felt Mie I bad he weaMn't have gone off. cHher. 
Hut Jaeii'a rxKeaaion^nMda ma feci tkar t wontd go 
off ^t dirigg boffd if I dhr«d to tkg bptloai «ad 

Try and think of the siae of the Creature whose 
mouth contained bone weighing 3,1 'O pounds. This 
is said to have been the largest yield of whale bone 
ever taken from a single whale. 

British sailors have worn a blue uniform ever 
since the year 1748. The color with its white trim- 
ming for Jack and gold and wrhite for officers was 
chosen by Kipf George II. 

A fountain pen with a gold nib and ji ruby point 
made in Paris in 1864 is still in use. The inventor 
of this useful implement was a Frenchman, Jean 

Beitoit Mallat. ^ ' - * 

John Burroughs, the great American naturalist, 
who writes beautiful stories of birds, animals and 
flowers, is eighty-two years old. He lives in a 
pretty cottage on, the Hudson River, in the Sute 
of New York.' ' ) 

The British fleet under Admiral Blake defeated 
the Dutch under Admiral Vain Tromp off the 
North Foreland in February, 1653, when Oliver 
Cromwell was Protector. 


The first Japanese railway Was opened in 1872, 
forty-seven years after George Stephenson's engine 
brought the train from Stockton to Darlington, in 

After having been a prisoner on the Island of St. 
Helena for six years, Napoleon died on May '5. 

l8ai. :;pi^A/ ..:> . • 

Edward Vll.,vthe British King who loved peace, 
left this world on May 6, 1910. His Majesty George 
V. succeeded him on the same day. 

The steam hammer, which many boys have seen 
at work in engineering shops, was invented by 
James Nasmyth In 1839. The. inventor lived till 
1890. fn the inter^-al great things had been done 
by the help of this fine and powerful instrument. 

One of the most wonderful railways in the world 
runs from Miami In Florida to the city of Key 
West. The road if 165 miles long and was com- 
pleted In 1911. It joins a long chain of islands 
made by the coral insect to each other and to the 
mainland. The largest of these islands is Key 
West, on which the city of the same- name is built. 

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne of Eng- 
Isnd on January 13, 1559, more than 360 years ago. 
We know many things that the people of those 
days never dreamed of, but in all the world no book 
has been written since as great as the poems and 
plays of William Shakespeare, who lived during her 
reign. - 

Between 1856 and 1858 Sir Henry Bessemer in- 
vented the process of hardening steel which bears 
his name. He was an Englishman who was born in 
1813 and lived to be eighty-flve. 

> General (^rdoi^ was killed in Khartoum in the 
Soudan on January 26, 1885. 


c . 

There is work in this and in most cities that 
boys and only boys can do. This is to protect the 
property of absent people. Whenever a house' is 
empty or a shop is left vacant someone breaks 
windows and defaces the walls, either by throwing 
stones at them or in some other way. 

The owners of the houses and shops may be poor 
and unfortunate, and often are. 

Of course, if such mischief is done in the busi- 
ness part of the city the policemen see the of- 
fenders and someone has to pay for the damage 
done. But it woold take many more policemen 
than your fathers can afford to pay to watch every 
corner of our scattered city. 

Now, every broken i^tndow. every chipped street 
sign, every defaced wall or fence u a reproach to 
the whole neighborhood. If the boys of the com- 
munity were to form an association for the pro- 
tection of property they could in a very short time 
make wanton mischief so unpopular that neither 
boys nor men woald care to throw stones or do 
any «>ther of those foolish acts that injure the ap- 
pearance and the good name of a ci^. There is 
plenty of work that a Boys' Protective Association 
conid <fe to make Victoria a still more beautiful 

It is a crael sitnation when we cannot make vp 
onr minds to bate and despise the man whom we 
cannot caltcgi or levcr-Jonbcrt^ 

The D iauwci y of N4 

The boundaries of the solar aystea had been 
much e«tended by the discovery of Uranna. bnt 
they were destined to receive still fnrthcr enlarge- 
ment by the detection of another vaat planet, re- 
volving far outside Uranus, the orbit .of which 
forms, according to our present knowledge, the 
j>utlinc of the planetary system. I do not mean 
any disrespect to Herachel when I say that the 
discovery of Uranus was chiefly a stroke of good 
fortune. -Hcrschel merely lookad at one star after 
another till suddenly he dropped on the planet, 
having beforehand not the slightest notion that | 
any such planet was likely to exist. But Neptune 
was shown to exist before it was ever seen, and, 
in fact, the man that first saw the planet, and knew 
it to be a planet, was not the discoverer. 

You will remember that law of Kepler which 
tells us that every planet moves aroand the sun in 
a ellipse. If the planet be nointerfcred with in any 
way and guided only by the attraction of the sun. 
it will forever continue to describe precisely the 
same ellipse without the slightest alteration. It 
was ascertained that the path which Uranns fol- 
lowed was not always regular. The early obaerva- 
tions of the planet, wheh it was mistaken for a 
star, have here been of the utmosf service. They 
have indicated the ellipse which Uranus described, 
the last time it went round, and our modem ob- 
servations have taught us the path which the planet 
is at present describing. These two ellipaes are 
slightly different, and the consequence is that, sup- 
posing we take the observations of Uranns made 
one hundred years ago, and calculate from tfiem 
where Uranus ought to be now. we find that the 
planet is a little astray. Astronomers are not ac- 
customed to be wrong in such calculations, and 
when discrepancies arise, the first thing to be done 
is to see what has caused them. It is certain that 
the position in which Uranus is foand this very 
night, for example, is not what it would have been 
had the sun alone been guiding the. planet. 

Perhaps you will think that it la impossible for 
reliable computations to be made ont of anch mat- 
ters, but I assure you they can. and the very fact 
that the motion of Uranns appeared to be irregular 
made it interesting to try to find out the cause of 
the disturbance. 

There is an attraction between every two bodies, 
but in the group of planets to which the earth be- 
longs the sun's attraction is so much stronger than 
any other force that all the movements are guided 
mainly by it. Nevertheless it is tme that not only 
does the son pull onr earth and all the other planets 
as well, but all the planets, including the earth, are 
pulling one another. In fact, there is an incessant 
struggle going on in the family party. Fortunate- 
ly the sun is so much more powerful than another 
member that he keeps them all pretty well in or- 
der, and unless you lobk very carefully yon will 
not see the effect.^ of the little struggles that are 
going on between every pair of the system. Our 
earth itself is pulled and swayed to and fro by the 
actions of its brothers and sisters. It is dragged 
perhaps a thousand or two thousand miles this way 
by Jupiter, or it gets a good tug in the other direc- 
tion by Venus. Mars and Saturn also do their 
little best to force the earth away from its strict 
path. However, our earth does not suffer much 
from these irregularities. It pursues its route fairly 
enough, just as a coach from London to Brighton 
will get to its destination notwithstanding the fact 
that it has to swerve a little from its path when- 
ever it meets other vehicles on the way. or when 
the coachman wislies to avoid a piece of the road 
on which stones have been freshly laid down. 1 

The track followed by Uranus was found to be 
somewhat irregular, like that of every other planet. 
Jupiter gave it a pull, and so did Saturn, and at 
first it was thought that the irregularities which 
were perceived could be explained by tje action of 
these planets, so big and so well known. Here is 
a question of calculation; it involves a very long 
and a very hard piece of work, but it is possible to 
estimate how far each of the other planets is cap- 
able of dragging Uranus from its path. Is it not 
remarkable that in the working out long calcula- 
tions we should be able to find what one planet 
hundreds of millions of miles away was able to do 
to another planet still further off, and not only 
for today or yesterday, but for past time extending 
over more than a century? 

When tJC calculations had been made which 
showed how much the known planets could disturb 
Uranna, it was found that there were atill some de- 
viations of the planet that renuined unexplained. 
They were not large, they only amonnted to show- 
ing that the body was just a little astray from the 
■pot where t!ie calcnktions indicated it shonld be. 
The rest of astronomy was so perfect, and the law 
of attraction prevailed so unhrcraalty, that it waa 
thought the law of attraction must proride some 
way of explaining the behavior of Uranns. He 
could not have left his tfack of his oim accord; 
therefore there must be aoaac agency at wortt avon 
htm of whic!i we did not know. What conld this 
unknown source of disturbance be? Every 
tronhle had hitherto been fonad to be a 
qnenee of the attraction of gravitation: therefore 
there must be aoae unknown body pulling at 
Uranns which no aH» has ever seen. Where oonM 
it be? How was it to he tfseomred? Snd 
the qncations whieh wete aslccd< aaid Ibejr 
answered in a moat satisfactofV mmmmr. 

First of an. wtnt% aort ol holy conli k he Chat 
Vnmul It te eMPH 1^ ^M «f tta 


t; I*e7 are all ao far oC tkat 
to aay to maj of <he 
oor little aolar ijeut nrlnA aa a 
It wwaU he aaore t e ^o n a hfc to 
be yet 

Damd Umrngsbnu; a H^nh 


It for has traant 
for this 

be fniiie; 
_ the 

thay^aD bdoog to dw aoM of ttde 
no«c of them were big e noog h to 
aJMMst appreciably. 

Of coorac. if aB Ae ataia 
of the shy ao that notUng 1 
then, by saree p in g the telescope over the 
every planet that exiatr asii^t be a nc d H 
The diScnlty ia that dK phneta. whidi are ciQ^r 
aaaU or very distant, look so Nke the stara that it 
in impossible to recogauie thean al^oa^t the aail- 
Boaa of glittering points in the sky. It waa. how- 
ever, hoped that the unknown plaOet woadd be 
large caMOgh to he visible in the tekacopc. if only 
we knew exactly where to point k. 

Two illnatriooa astroaMkncrs. Adaana of Caan- 
bridge. and Leverrier of Pari*, both separately 
undertook an astonishing piece of calcniatioo They 
tried to find ont the positioo of t!ie nnlaown planet 
from the mere fact that it dcraaiged Uranns in a 
particular aray. 

The two great astroaKimera had thna dbcovcaed 
a planet, but as yet it was oady a plaaMt on paper. 
Thoae who coadd jaidgc of the anhject had am donbt 
that the planet wns really in the sky. bat jnst aa 
yon iwie fo pivvc tnar yon unve ifiwQ ^ne cm i^cr^ 
ansaver to yoor snm. so people were naturally 
anxions to prove tJe tmth of the wonderful snm 
that Adams and Leverrier had worked out. Lever- 
rier calculated that the near planet on a certain 
night would be in a particnlar position on the sky. 
.\ccordingly he wrote to Dr. Qalle. of the ob- 
servatory at Berlin, requesting him on the evening 
in question to point his telescope to the very spot 
indicated, and there he wonld sec a planet arhidi 
human eye had never before beheld. Of coorse. 
Dr. Galle was only too delighted to amdrrtakc ao 
marvdona coanmiasioo. The ovcadng avaa fine» tfie 
telescope was opcawd; it was directed toarards the 
heavens, and there, in the very spot whidi the cal- 
culations of Leverrier had indicated, shone the 
beautiful little planet. At Cambridge arrangcmcnta 
had also been made to seardi for the new member 
of the solar system in accordance arith Professor 
.\dams* calculations. 

There also the planet that had given all thia 
trouble to Uranns was brought to Hi^t. At first 
it looked Iflcc a star, as aO snch phmets do, hot that 
it was not a star was speedily proved hy the taro 
testa which are such indicatioaia of a planet. Firat 
the body was so moving that its position vritii 
respect to the adjacent stars was constaiitly chang- 
inr- Then, when a strong magnifying poavcr'was 
placed on the tdcacope. the little object waa aeen. 
not to be a asere stariike point, b%t to expand into 
the little disc whidi sboars na we ace not looking 
at a distant sun. bat at a world like oar oavau 

Was not this truly a great diacovery? Have we 
not shown yon how entitled the caknlationa of 
astronomers arc to our respect, arhen we find tifll 
they actually discovered the existence of a majestic 
planet before the telescope had revealed it? Sec 
also the greatly increased interest that beloa«s to 
Herachers diacovery of UrauiBM. We can hardly 
imagine anything that aronld have given - more 
gratification to this old <astronomer than to thhdc 
that his Uranus should have given rise to a dis- 
covery even more splendid than his own. He died, 
however, more than tarcnty, years hdorc tlua 
achievemeiit. •_ %.„ 

The authorities who decide 'tm sncli aaattcirs 
^ christened the new planet Neptone. and this body 
wanders round on the outskirts of onr solar sys- 
tem, requiring for .each journey afpersod of am leas 
than 165 years. The drdc thns described has a 
radius thirty timca aa great aa that of the earth's 

arete scanty, she did her heat to 

"nSvcn arhile Davil was a dnM he 
of the undhiii whkh made him so 
later ycata. Before he waa ten years of 
explored an the dialvact ahont 
diaahed to a higher part of Ae 
Casde than any other hoy in 1 
He had also began to collect 
occnpation of arMeh h^nevOT tiied aB 
throogh. Thoaiginie wasTtf ^ 

lib »t 

ing dispo»itioai, he was a datifnl 
ready to hdp Ida another an her 

"He sarcpt d|c konae and scr n hhed the Hoor, 
saKh waa his passion for therongha 
even ckancd ' n n du jthe door aa^t,* 

"At the age of ten he wna acaM to the 
factory as a *piecer.* that is^ oai 
the threads that are broken hy tfK 
He arorked hard at Mm factory dntanc tf« 4ay a*d 
spent hie evenings in ia£uraKtii« himself. Q«t of 
his firat arceh'a cominca he ho^ht a Lmim m^mt- 
mar and during the king, dark Winter i iiah^i he 
pored over it diligently. Before he ama •hdac* ho \ 
had made such progreas that he conM rend Aft ' 
Latin poets Vari^ and Horace widi c«i^ <4 

Thnak of it, yon hoya and giria tor arhoA/ 
edttcataon is made so easy and pleasant amaradayaf 
David's arork began in rtw anomaag aaMi it ara« 
eight in the ereoing before bis day^a taak «m 
doaw. Yet as soon aa he had taken tea he ama oS' 
to an evening $cho<d for two boors* di H g e n t ato^F^ * 
Nor did that condnde hia day's labors, tor be 
nsnally arorked hard at bis hooks nartfl anidnjght. 
.\t precisely twelve bis another woold aMCgr, ahHt. . 
up Ms book and aend him off to bed. ' , ' ^' 

"David meant to bac oaa c a lenmcd mnn and hia 
love of knowledge waa d« oooaaaaing possion of 
his life He took kia hooka to dK taclpry with 
him. and when all araa going wcB aaanaged to^ 
snatch a few minutea for readiaig. 

"'My reading in the factory.* be says. *waa car- 
ried on hy placing the book on a portion of dw 
spiamia« jenny, ao that I coold catch senleawt 
after sentence as I passed at aoy arock.* 

Ybu most not suppose that it ana *hn work and 
no play' arith David. He aaas toaid of aB ootdoot 
sports and played just as hard aa be arorhcd arbcaH 
ever he had an opportnnity. He araa a poaaerfnl 
swimmer and loved nothhig better than aaria- 
ming against his companiona in the Clyde. He waa 
also foaid of fishing. One day he canght a fin* 
salmon, and aaanaged to aaMiggle it boaac. to tho 
great Joy t>f his brothers and sisters.* 



Hey diddle-diddle! the cat with the fiddle 

Coold never have pby'd the tnnc 
That trembles and swells from the foxglove bells 

When the elves dance under the moon! 

Folks there are who never have heard 

The chime that the flow'r bells ring. 
As the haunted breeze their bclfry-tow'rs 

Ail happily sets a-swing; 
Folks there are -who never have seen " 

The dance of the elfin band: 
But whoever denies, a child is arise 

When ita heart is in Wonderland! 

Hey diddlc-diddle! the cat arith the fiddle 

Conld never have play'd the time 
That trembles and swells from the foxglove bells 

When the elves dance trader the moon! 

There are far more things in l^eaven and earth 

Than the oldsters comprehend! 
Not one of them all has found the place 

Where the glimmering rainbows end! , 
When they get there theyll hear the peal 

That thrills from the shaking bells. 
And theyll see. perchance, the elves a-dancc 

In the land where a child's heart dwelh. 

Hey diddlc-diddle! the cat arith the fiddle 

Could never have play'd the tune 
That trembles and swells from the foxglove bdb 

When the elves dance under the moon! 

Now only those who have heard the chtose 

Of the bloMomy steeples tall. 
And the tinkling tM>tcs from the dainty throats 

Of the harebells sweet and amall. 
Can hope to see the elfin-folk 

A-dance in the moonlight dear — 
And tin diose who have foond. dM low'rhdte* 

PunisMt^ a Baby Elephant 

Tn a rcceart exchange it is stated that elephaarta ai« 
amaxiogly like hnanan beinirs in .the argy di^ dia- ' 
cipline their yoong. The following amosing hid^ 
dent was <een by a trav el l er ia aa extensive 
yaH m Burma. ^ ^ - 

While the adnk elcphanU were faldilnlly at 

the youn gst er? played about the yard. The tTrfbiot 
that attracted the tnveBer's attention araa hanKng. 
in her chain harness, a huge tree tmnk from Aa 
bank of the river. 

She had a heavy load; a fact that her offsprii« 
did not realise. Bent on playing a pranh. be asaond 
his. little tnmk abont one of the chain traeea •■# 
piMled bade with aO his strength. 

Consdoas of the suddenly increased weight, tlw 
mother stopped and looked aronnd. She saw tbe 
youngster and shook her head solemnly, hot. pay* 
ing no further heed to his teasing, heat again to bar 
work. Meanwhile the Ihtle rascal avith hia m^ 
chievous tnmk had loosened the rii« that 
the traces to the load. 

While the mother was straininc to set 
burden in motion again, her raacally aoo 
with all his m^t against her. aod poBcd so 
that she waa quite unaware that she had bccai di»- 
connectcd from her load. Tbea, adMattly, the 
jronngster let go. Natnratly enosg^ dM moibu 
aras thrown to her haees fnd her drla«r fewltd io ■ 
wide drde from her hock. 

The culprit a ongh t a hngc woodpile that mimiji 
to offer him at least a temporary pro te ctlno. His 
naother. hourever, waa soon ia 
to ice. Boamd and loond 
hot his mother, with her 
noisily behind her. kept close at bia 

Ahhoogh the Kttle ooe'a giealer 

cventnaBy ov erto ok him. The first bioar af 
tmnk drew froas biaa a hnarf ff paig. At 

then he caMored antaont a 


Hey diddlc-diddle! d« ca« 
Coald never have pigy'd 


«M bb 

La lor 


— THB DATi;r cxnx)i«nsT/v^ b.c.. stjnday. October 26, \9\9 

Doing Up Dance Shoes Work 
for Leisure Hours 

Training Course Pays 
Girls Training fdr 
Business Careers 

tW girl with clever fiogeri U miking herseH the 
moft iMcintting ihoe buckle, joft now from oddi 
aq^ «»d« from lhe Urgain counter, or perchtnce 
frow the fimily piece drawer. 

Scf^t of brocaded ribbon, tulle, odd pwra of 
p*«t« tkoe bttckica too amall for the present fMh- 
iojR, MS be combtiied to make the moit allurtng of 
jaw «lipp«r decoration*. 

LMig narrow fringed "brogue" tongues embroid- 
ered in cut steel bead* with a looped fringe to 
n^tcb *re the very latest notion, and are most 
eully made. 

■ Take a strip of velvet or satin ribbon— a goofl 
firm quality— seven inches long and two and a half 
iqchcs wide. douWe it an^ embr#ider it njth a light 
tracery of cut steel beads. Add a looped frijge of 
steel Ifteads Just under an inch deep to the doubled 
edge, ttck the fringed tongue thus made into a p*ir 
of plain black ••t»*» »boes, and ^hey are ready td 

Gold beads or ivory tinted beads are also charqi- 
ing for embroidery and fringe. V 

A couple of smafl paste bucfcfes, t sirap of tur- 
qoqise bl^ *nd g(bld or jade green and gold (or 
silver) ribbon, or brocade— the merest atom is re- 
q«ir«i— and a yard of inch-and-a-half wide gold or 
•tiTcr tintel rlb b wi m a k e a pair ot4o*ely arQamenta_ 
ftfr dbiicfaig •hoeii*'^ f^. . f - '' •: 

Pass the scrap of colored tinsel brocade through 
each buckle and add a pleating of narrow tiniH rib- 
bon to make a ruche to surround the tqp and sides 
of fhi^aikta attMhed invisibly to the central scrap 
of bro«a«e; leave the lower edge of the buckle bare 
and it ia r«ady to atuch to the shoe, with a couple 
of Arm stitcbes placed at either side. 

Fragilt tulle ornaments arc amazingly pretty, 
though their lives are abort. To make them tak« 

a pair of email paste buckfea ibd pass * scrAp of 
veKet. sifk or tinflel brocade Chrougli the centre, 
turning in the edges at the back, mnd over-sewing 
them to make a firm foundation tb which .th« t«lle 
can be attadied. 

Now add a ruching, or "fhfrff," of black or colore* 
tulle, with a cut edge, to :maki it light looking; 
though K it ia desired to make the ornament a trifle 
less ephemeral, run a gold or silver tin»el thread 
along the cut edge of the tulle a quarter of all inch 
in; before msAdnr it up. 

Shoe ortiamenU of a slightly less fragile type, 
which look extrrmely smart in weaf, may consist of 
a small paste budde or ornament threaded with gold 
tissue ribbon, with two or three upstanding loops 
and ends of black velvet ribbon intermingled wkh 
a gold tipsel loop or twOi * '^ ;*%Jj 

A similar ornament made enttrefy'^of loops apd 
ends of oxidised tinsel ribbon, caugbt with a steel 
ornament, is effective, and one of the simplest 4^ 
prettiest of all consists of a 9-inch long strip of 
black velvet ribbon— rather a stiff make— 1>^ inches 
wide, folded in half wjth sharply dog-eared ends, to 
make an upstanding "tongue" to an afternoon or 
evening shoe, caught with a small Raste buckle. Half 
a yard of ribbon nukes "tongues" for a pair of shoes. 

An afternoon walking shoe which has seen its 

best days looks mucTT refreshed By the addition- 
a double fringed "tongue" arranged brogue fashion 
to f<n ofer (and hide) the greater part of the front 
of the shoe. To make it. take a quarter of a yard 
of J-inch wide stout silk Petersham ribbpn, in the 
reqttired shade. For each "tongue" fringe out the 
eiids to the depth of about an inch and double the 
ribbon so that one end falls an inch below the other. 
Attach the "tpngue" to the inside of the front of the 
shoe, by the doubled edge, and it is ready to wear. 

ilpful Hints for the 
Young Mother 

The child i» KnslUve to its environment Jwit, 
as io the c»»ft pf grown-ups, cheerful surroundings 
wHh plenty of fun and laughter make for his 

heilth. - . .. . r 1. 

• WV«p btbys -teething begins and he is feverish 
and resUess, instead of .rocking and luUabyiuf and 
walking the floor with him, iust give him % Ig^ljr 
bath and A Wt of cool boiled water to drink with * 
spoon. This treatment really acts like a charm. 

When a young child's skin is much chafed, do not 
wash it with soap and wttet. Use thick barley 
water Instead. Do not powder the skin and expect 
the chafing to heal. That will do never a particle 
of good. Instead, "sme«r the skin with a little bor- 
scic ointment. Vaseline will do just as well. 

Juit becatise JVMbed potatoes are. soft dp no^ 
thlAlt that baby. can eat them at about six months 
of age. Potatoes should not be fed to him uotil 
be li at least twenty months old, for they are hard 
to digest, even by maijy grown folks. When you 
do give them to him, be sure that they are well 
cooked. Undercooked vegetables will acquaint the 
yooiig«ter with stomach tropble.^inuch .to the whole 
famhyll sorrow. 

A$ ioon as baby gets o|d enough to eat solids, 
do be sure to teach him to eat slowly with the 
mouth ctesed and to chew well. li xou cowt aloud 
the ntomj^r of times |ie chews his food, he will^ 
think fK • goeSi •»»»»« »«»^ *•»"• •cqoi'e tbe vahabfe 
liabit of thorough mastication. 

The Charm of 31ack Em- 

After the riot of color which has been displayed 
in daaxle and Futurist designs it is somewhat of a 
relief here and there to find the simplicity of black. 
Unadorned by any color, black embroideries strike 
a note of individualitv and throw tip the outlines of 
I design in an unrivalled manner. :.'■ '*' ^ "^ ' , '•* 

The needlewoman who is working in black, how- 
ever, must guard against choosing too heavy e(- 
fect9. Also black , should never be worked on a 
white i^ackgronftd..., Biscuit color, jade, gtty 0.- 
china -Mite may be chosen with beautiful results, 
but except in special, circumstances, it is better to 
•void stronger shades. 

It atKMild be remembered that ornament worked 
wKhout variety of color or shading will depend 
more for its effect on chiinge in stitchery than does 
other embroidery. I^hus it is always well to work" 
in aome little faney background stitches in any 
open Ipkces which may occur in the design. 

A big pattern of pirte branches makes a splendid 
hor4ar or heading lor a portiete curtain, while the 
black affect might be use^ in some simple stitch- 
eries for casement curtains in the same room. The 
best way •! working tha pln« needles is with a 
looeely drawn loop stitch, showing quite a visible 
»paoa between each thre^. This stitch will pro- 
vide a irm o«tlioc ior each noilf, -wbicb is 'very 
desirable when the pattern is big and bold. On a 
smaller piece of work the spines could be worked in 
steaight outline, but this gives a more feathery ef- 
fect The cones and branches may be worked in 
•otU stitch to bring oat strongly tlM characteriaties 
•f IfcedasigA. 

KM placing of a border on a curtain should al- 
w^ ha a jpgttar for careful consideration. It 
i^gpld altkv ba well clear of the bottom h«m or 
■lipil ^^narter of the length away from tha top. so 
that at mair ehoar fraa from the folds of the fahseae 
balow the pole- A deep hem. stitched with a 
irgwijI^Hed bor4ef im black fropl saales an aflee- 
tita h^flH^Jmr. mtM • << ■!<■■ Crew*| woolshonld 
be nae4 tw the work. 

Fah% New and Old 

tin an ancient household book of a great family 
kept in Jhe sixteenth century there is a record 
made of "a fanne of feathers" vahied at^$6. Until , 
the middle - of the seventeenth century such fans 
were modish, and some, set in ' gem-encrusted 
hamlles, cost $aoo, which reminds us that we of this 
day are not unique in extravagant paymtnts for 
such bibelots. 

.We ere again this Autumn rejoicing in fans made ^ 
o| .icatheri, as we have been doing for many 
mbnths past, and the fans we wield at present arc • 
in some cases facsimiles of those in fashion live 
and twenty years ago. ^ •.. i - :* ^ 
■•-■* •' A Sabtie Inlhiancc 

BUt'lhohgh all this proveslhat there is nothing 
even in faahk»n positively new, there is usually* a 
subtle difference between past and preient vogues. 
There is something specially attractive in the 
- single ostrich plume now vrielded as 4 fan. It is so 
grftecful, Imd if cleverly chosen, makes so effective 
a splash of color In a toilette scheme. A black 
frock of diaphanous tulle picked out Iptre and there 
with peart .embroideries gains further distinction 
by the contrasting bright green of a long plume 
curled over at the summit, and set in mother-of- 
pearl stick from which a bunch of ribbons depends. 
Or the novelty of dual colors may be exiiresse/ 
uy one plume; dawn pink and a delicate bine, tor 
example, or amber and white, and these single fea- 
thers, set in tortoiseshell, carved ivory or chased 
metal holders, or simply tied with tissue ribbon are 
infinitely charming. 

Aa Draught Scraena 
Most of the yoqpg brides of this year have found ' 
feather fans among their wedding presents, some 
large enough to imitate the "sunshade" fans carried 
over a century ago by belles who valued their com- 
plexions\ but had no parasols, atid now very useful 
as draught screens when worn with an * ultra-de- 
^collete dress, r ^ .-■-]*-■ 

Another delightfully artistic fan for which to 
look for now is one made of lace stretched over 
fragile> stieks, a fan to open and close and ' with 
which to make great play of coquetry. Lace Is be- 
coming so fashionable again that it would be 
strange were this rarely beautiful type of fan to 
languish in retirement. It may be embellished with 
dainty paintings, and thus restore ■ an industry 
which for years past has perforce been in abey- 
.ffBCe. -' ■;;^.:. ;.-- 

AVMi^t Bauble 
. The spangled mousseiine or net fan is another 
pretty and most effective object, particularly in 
blfck, garnished with steel, jet or pearl, and 
mounted upon dull black sticks decorated with • 
dainty traceries. To the debuntantes of today such 
fans will be absolute novelfTts. 

With the revival of the fan a truly feminine 
bauble comes' into its own again. Yet there were 
tinfes when men carried them, for it is recorded 
that the long-handled fans of the farjy part of the 
seventeenth century, affected by women and some- 
times used by them to rap the knuckles of recal- 
citrant children, were actually carried also by men 
of high dignity in the law and noted also for other 
distinctions. In theae cases fans were regarded 
probably as safety valves, for ventilation was a 
poorly understood affair in old days. 



I I ' nr 

If a i^ifll i*>bit <Aa be,4one at aH, it can be 
4m* #fffrf b«t Uk'te tiMi hhti .of ease wMi 
iSkk g Um bio ^ ap t afta^. foiv n»n of gatk- 
er«4 Hfan0fc.— Rlwitfg. 

■ovelty Moaaes leiu fringi tHaMaad 
ai» >f liigg iMf oi^ 

About eighteen months ago I bought a sweet 
breakfast service and a most fascinating tea ser- 
vice, each for six people. Of the latter there re- 
main today four caps, three saucers, two plates, 
sagar basin— but no jug nor slop bowL The break- 
fast service is reduced to jnst enough for three 
people and some oddments. A certain firm made 
a speciality of these designs^ which are now out of 
stock. Other customers must be in much the same 
pUghL Is it not a pity some firm docs not suggest 
that the na a d e of their caatomers should be made 
known to each other? My four odd saucers might 
mate once more with odd caps belonging to S9me- 
one else. Asother, changing the color Kheme of 
her .rooa, aay «o longer need what remains of her 
•eta» which would complete those of someone the 

Nataral|y4^ tradesman who kept the mart 
woaM cbarga a c anwiiai on on every sale, and the 
cMna exchange ewM be |b« "aide show" of the 
nanal glaae and eWna shop 

Comparatively few of the women #ho have at- 
tained conspicuous success started their careers 
without special business or artistic training. 
^If a girl is thinking of supporting herself by her 
own efforts and possesises some natural talent, it 
behooves her to cultivate that talent so that it may 
be' ttirn^ tp cQmmercial aiiyantage. U she >* with- 
out artistic tendencies, a course in one or more of 
the compiercial lines open to women is suggested. 

The girl without training or especial qualifica- 
tions. is handicapped at the very beginning of her 
career, as^ahe is rarely trusted -with any but the 
simplest of routine work, for which she is meagerly - 
paid. ... ' . ^ , ' 

This is the day- 5i twdlnesa as wellas profession- 
al specialists, and one must be trained in one line 
of work in or^crao apecialize, , ^rj^, '•V' *.* 
,/v;a,ifj i Tmlning Conrfe C«|unta i' %%,i^ ^ 

rfte peogressive giri realises the . a4yil*tagee^ 
which come with a few months' training in a parti- 
cular brancb of.ofhce work, fits herself accordingly 
and ia able .to start oo her career with, the knowU- 
edge that she can step into any office prepared to > 
carry out the work given her and that she is able ^ 
to- command' a respectable salary. v % 

Any large commercial house i^ evidence of the 
factthat it paya to ^pend-a^awmontha. training fag<:- 
work in an o^ice. The girls who start ffekh from ; 
grammar school or high schoql are usually put ^to 
work opening or sorting mail, running errands from 
on^ department to another, filing, acting as infor- 
mation clerk, etc.,- for which they are paid a nom- 
inal weekly salary, while the girls in the ftame 
house who do stenography, bookkeeping, bill- 
ing, etc., are paid on a much higher scale of wages. 
It is usually from the' latter class of workers that a 
girl is chosen occasionally to fill one of the few 
executive positions which the house has to offer its 
women employees. 

When young women are ready to start to work 
they are inclined to feel that the ^tra time spent 
. in learning a special branch of office work is that 
much time wasted, and they haven't sufficient 
^atiende to give to the task, hence they start work- 
ing for a pittance and keep on working for years 
on little more than that. . , '^ ' 


A young woman worked as stenographer and 
secretary for four years before her marriage, and 
when, after the death of her husband, she found 
) herself forced to earn a living for herself and two 
children, a few weeks only were necessary for her 
to again prepare herself to take dictation, and she 
was able to start working for a considerably larger 
salary than she would if she had had no previous 
business training. : ;' ^ i ••» -y- *'"i in ; «* 

The time and money spent tn fitting herself pro- 
perly for work if> an office are* more than repaid to 
the business girl in the desirability of the jobs 
ojpened to her by the training. Also a sense of in- 
dependence is given the trained worker, for she is 
not dependent on one business house for a job, as ia 
often the case with the untrained. 

To every young girl who is considering going to 
work when vacation time is over, it is suggested 
that she prepare herself properly for the business 
worjd by spending some little time learning to do 
stenography, bookkeeping, or to manipulate one of 
the many efficiency devices with which, the modern 
office ia equipped. 


To remove a scordi from Ihien, cut aa oii4o« in 
half and rub the aeorchad part with, it, and tkfim^ 
soak it in cold water. ^ The mark will th«n dia^ 

A delicious salad is made -of bananas cut in slices, 
dipped in mayonnaise, tolled in aaiaced nuts and 
served t>» white lettuce heart leaves. 


To clean a copper boile^ effectively, it lanat be 

cleaned while H i| hot. Moisten a cloth with 

keroseni and rub it carefully ovA^ the ontsid| of 

'the boiler. All stains and smoke will disappear had 

a dean surface is then before you-^to be poliahed 

if you wish. ^ ' ^ . 


Nail an old skate npside down oiitei^e the bjick 
or the front door, or on the veranda, and you have 
a good ^hqe scraper, which wlir eave lolt^ of dii^V 

from being carried int othe house. 

§et the rolls of the wringer tight for COtt4>n 
tvialfi loose for linen, or squeexe linen in th&r 
hands; hard wringing creases it badly. FoWbttl-^, 
tons Bat 4>n, the inside to jprevent tearing out./, \J 

Soap, washing powders, disH- washing, 
won't hurt handa U you keep a, lemon on the sink 
and use it. When the dishes are finished aimp^, 
rub the lemon over the hands. The lemon juieifc; 
removes the grease stains, cuts the alkali in; the 

■ aoft, imootb and white. 

Prince Chose Daughter 
Of C. P. R. Fireman 
As Danpe Partner 

If further proof of the real democratic spirit and 
the keen eye for a pretty girl, possessed by His 
Royal Highness, is necessary, it is forthcoming hi 
the latest anecdote of his trip through the West. 
The incident, which is one of the prettiest of the 
many graceful little acts of the Prince during his 
trip, happened at Lethhridgc. It is characteristic 
of the many action! which have endeared hifh to 
the people of thir country. 

At the informal dante which was given in his 
honor in the southern city, in lieu of the formal af- 
fair w>hich had to be postponed, the Prince made 
the usual good fellow of himself. During the even- 
ing he espied Miss Bessie Little, daughter of one of 
the C.P.R. focomotive firemen, sitting in the on- 
lookers' part of the hall. 

Miss Little was not taking part in the festivities 
and had her coat and hat on at the time. The 
Prince requested one of his equerries to have her 
introduced to him. She hurriedly threw off her 
wraps and stepped forwjljd to meet Jlis Royal 
Highness. Ue asked her for a dance and later in 
the evenmg* again asked her to be his partner. 

This is now the outstanding feature of the royal 
visit to Lethbridge, and has endeared tfie royal 
visitor to the hearts of all. The incident is only 
one of many of its kind which have happened dur- 
ing the tour. 


Few people really know the delight of an abso- 
lutely clean mirror. Any attempts to clean the 
glass with soap and water usually resujt in a 
smeared effect that is very unsatisfactory. Here is 
a plan by means of which the mirror may be 
brought up to the highest sute of brilliancy. 
Secure a very soft sponge and see that this is per- 
fectly clean. Then dip it in a little methylated 
spirits and rnb gently oftr the glass. Now dust 
the surface with some vry fine whitening, or, bet- 
ter still, prccipiuted chalk. Leave for a monMsit 
and, then wipe the glass with a dry cloth. Next 
Uke another cloth— the softer this is the bettw— 
and it is imporUift that it should be clean. Rnb 
the glass briskly and quite soon a fine poHsh wfll 
result A still more effective way is to do the final 
pbliiihing with a stHc handkerchief. In the case of a 
very Urge mirror, if la a good plan to do tke work 
in sections, as it b important io dust over the 
whitening or chalk while the g|aas is still 
teaed with the spirit 

To prtvetit buttons from being broken or.ffelled 
off by the wringer, button up the garments and 
turn them wrong side out before putting them 
through the wringer. j 

The perfect cup of tea— that is, 'one which con- 
tains the maximum amount of caffeine and* aroma 
with a minimum amount of tannin— is brewe^. as 
follows: Bring freshly drawn water to a boil; pour 
it on one even teaspoonful of tea for each cup, in 
an earthenware or china pot which has been pre- 
viously scalded, and let it remain covered for ngt 
more than three minutes; then decant or strain 
into another VecepUcle. The spent leaves should 
npt be used again, because practically all tSie stim- 
ulating and aromatic co^tituents have been re- 
moved and that which is left might be injurious to 
health, (This f'ecipe was furnished by a aupervif- 
ing tea examiner). .„ ^ 

To save gas, turn it down after the water begins 
to boil. Food will cook just as quickly when sim- 
mering gently as when boiling fast. 

There is no reason why the modern kitchen 
should not be comfortable. See that your floor is 
covered with linoleum. You will be surprised how 
much less tired your feet will be at the end of the 
day. Have a table in the centre of the room, 
rather than at the side. This saves steps, as your 
4i^tance to each part of the room it reduced. 

Educational Secretary 
Explains I.O.D.E. War 
Memorial Schema 

woMAirs ix>vs 

"As deep as Woman's Love." qnoth lightly Maid 

with heart yet free. 
"Speak not. my child, of sacred thing* in jest"— 

from One who had fulfilled Her Dcsdny. 
"Tla Woman's Love upboMs. contrtrfs* cnconi- 

passes the earth, 
^during all, embracing all— all Death, all Life, 

and, what is more than thcae, all Birth T 
—By tUktrtm RtMMlL 

' Every wise pal H k l an i« botJb Radical and Coa* 
scrvative. He haa two eyes to eae wMk aad two 
hands to work witb, aad to co«dcasa Wm to be om 
or the other is to MC tm^ ejra ont aad to tie o«a 
band behind his badb— J. A. FrosMle. 

Mother Young 
Long as You Can 

CHft,\k^ y^^ mother young. I ghra you this . 
advice because I have iust been reading a diatribe 
by' a fan^ona dressmaker on the question of the 
prescnt-^ay tendency for older women to dress in. 
the same style as younger ones. She said that the 
sight of' women doing this had given her several 
''aerioaa ahocks"— and ahe proceeded to wield her 
pen in <iUftlgation of the older women who had the 
an^citi^ to wear short frocks aad becoming hats! 

J thtt^ her philosophy is a particularly foolish : 
xMfit ^^ry 'dbepressing and bad— especially bad — for ' 
tke ybtmger women. There arc, of course, frocks 
^. a^drbnts Which emphatically are not suitable for 4' 
Vlmy woman no longer in her first youth, aa4 far be 
it from me to recommend that "mutton should be 
dressed as lamb," but nevertheless there is no 
greater asset for a girl than a yotUhfully-minded 
and youthfully-looking mother, and it ia a good • 
policy for every girl to encourage her mother to 
keep young as long as she can. Girls can do much 
'in this matter. Some women whei^ their daughters 
grow up let themselves drift into the slough of 
premature old age without a struggle— almost with 
>al«eiH^>\ A,. self-denying daughter pays the penalty, 
-^jifOr-tdtinitteiy she becomes a nurse-companion— aot 
to,an inv«Ud mother, a different matter altogether, 
_Juitia.AJWD>ther whft hM l«ttlfi4Jlo»o voluntarily 
int«i a lasy eldlerliness which robs her of interest , 
in life and makes her a burden to herself and every- 
one else. The first symptom of this ii dowdy 
dressing, r-v" -t—.-.- _T~--' ,-"-■' 

"I'm elderty-4-what does It matter how. I drcaaZ* 
so the mother argues to herself. 

A young girl can look nice in almost any clothe^ 
but the older Wpman cannot, and therefore it mat< 
ters very mucb wl^t, sJj^ wwjf f^d it. tnatteta to^ 
her dau^ter, to(K > •-•i. j':^. '* ?'>» ^j** :'•'■•'■> •>■ ■ 'i 

George £lk>t spoke of the mother standing *11ka 
a malignant prophecy" behind her daughter. "Sach 
as I am, she will shortly be." It is quite trtM. A 
well-dressed mother sets off her daughter. A 
young«looking mother makes her daughter look ' 
young. Besides which, the daughter ' pf a mother ' 
who wears a flower-decked hat ia likely to ha^e 4 
more cheerful time than one whose mamma wrapt ,: 
herself in woolen shawls and complains of draughta. 
Sometimes, however, it is not the mother's faalt 
that she drift% into elderliness before her time, , 
This happens because she is unselfish, grudging 
every penny spent on hcraelf, preferring to spend 
it on her children. But as the children grow dp,"- 
they should in their turn make sVrifices ao<t help..', 
their mother to be the good-looking and attractive : i 
woman which nature intended her to be. — P. S.. iql 
The London Daily Mail 

"These children are left, a very sacred trust to 
us, and we must not forget that trust and the sacri- 
fice that was made for us." So said Mrs. George H. 
Smith, national educational secreury of the 
I.O.D.E., at a meeting of that organization held re- 
cently in Toronto, In explaining to the Municipal 

**" Chapter the war memorial scheme launched by the 
order for the sons and daughters of soldiers, sail- 
ors and men of the air force who fell in tha wotiA 
struggle, or who were totally disabled, -ti'l ."• K. 

The I.O.D.E. will eo'operate with the pensions 
board and with the women's institutes, and will 
step in financially where the Government educa- 
tional scheme ends. «v ' "' 

^ Each of the nine Provinces wilt alfo be entitled 
to an I.O.D.E. provincial travelling scholarship in 
history, which will give the winner an opportunity 
to take a post-graduate course in Britain for a year. 
At the end of the year the nine scholars will com- 
pete for an f.O.D.E. travelling fellowship, provid- 
ing for another year abroad. The I.O.D.E scheme 
also provides for a lecture foindation for the siudy 
of current Imperial history,* This will bring to 
Canada a qualified lecturer, not necessary from the 
British Isles, but from some part of the Empire, to 
discuss questions of Empire interest. 
So much for the war memorial scheme. A Do- 

• minion-wkle scheme of educationalrpropaganda has* 
also been arranged. Canada has a population of 
8,000.000. and eighty-five different languages and 
dialects are spoken within her borders. To weld 
these divers races into a harmonious whole, the 
I.O.D.E. has arranged for free ilhistrated lectures 
for the school children thronghont Canada en the 
history and geography of the Empire, within the 
next five^ years. Also an b<«torical library where 
foreign chiMren are taught. Collections of his- 
torical pictures in our schools will also plAy their 
part in teaching the children of the Dominion what 
Canada 'stands for. 

Mrs. Smith is now en route West on an extended 
tour of cities in which chapters of the Imperil 
Order of Daughters of the Empire are organised. 
She win be in Victoria early in November. 


RECIPES -^^'^"^^ 


Peel a ripe banana, remove the strings, cut in 
halves lengthwise, spread with a mixture Sf chopped 
nut meats, chopped raisins, chopped dates and 
chopped preserved ginger; place the two halves to- 
gether, then CM in two pieces, dispose in nests of 
lettuce leaves and sprinkle with French dressing. 
This is sufficient for two persons. tJ- - ^.•■i''•JlJI» 

Paar MaraMla^ 

Weigh. peel,|Cut jn halves and core as many ripe '•■ 
mellow pears as you desire to use. Put them 
into a preserving pan, barely cover with cold water, 
bring to the boil and, simmer gently until the fmtt 
is tender. Lift them out of the water and pat the . , 
skins and cores of the pears into the water agd • 
boil gently for an hour. Strait} and make a syrup [ 
of the water by boiUng one and a half pounds sugar 
and a quart of the liquid to every three ppnnda of ., 
fruit, ^oil this syrup fast until it sets, when • ' 
little is put on a plate. Stir the pears into thii ^ 
syrup and boil alt together for a few minutes. Then 
turn into jars, coyer in the usual way and store in > 
a dry, cool place. 

'.% ' Small Cocumber PicUaa * '^ i 

One hundred amall cucumbers, one bunch celenr. I 
one pound small pickle oniona, half gallon cider 
>^inetar, whole nmstard seed. |krab eacnmbera* 
witif vegetable brusb ^i)d'*o^ Aree henrg in ice 
water. To each ^alart «>f' r^ifgi^r add onia cnp 
sugar and half , ipup .aait ^Mlae^ ftn stove to beat.. 
Have celery washed carefully and cut into small 
pieces lengthwise and then across, and onions 
peeled. While vinegar is Keating pack cncnmbars 
(whole) and pieces of celery and onions into }ar8 
tight and add one teaspoon whole mustard seed to' 
each jar. Fill jars with boiling vinegar and seal. 
If vinegar is quite stittng add little water. Tha •. 
better the vinegar the better the picMes. 

Coffee Ckatflotta 
Beat the white of one egg to a white f^oain, add a 
dash of salt and half pfait of heavy cream and beat 
until stiff, then fold in four tablespoons of pow- 
dered sugsr and two tablespoons of very strong ■. 
black coffee. Line individual moulds with sponge < 
cake, fill with the cream and chill near The ice be" ■' 
fore serving. 


CoHth Wkh Potatoaa 

Onffcttpfol codflsh cat in amall pieces, two eup- 
fnls potatoes cut in cubes, one garlic clove, chop- 
ped; one tablespoonful choppe<l parsley, thrae 
tabltspoonfuls olive oil, one and one-half cupfafa 
water, in one teaspoonful paprika. Cook the gariic 
and parsley in the olive oil for two minutes. Add 
the fish, potttoes. paprika and water. Cover the 
pan and cook the fish and potatoes until the pou- 
tors arc soffT Add the milk, /krxe the flsb on a 
platter fvnislMd with paraky ar tomatoc*. 

Mix and aift two e«p« «f ionr with two leaspopna 
of baking powder. r»b bi two tahk^poona of bntter 
•r lard. Make a stW dongti by aM^r m«k. Kdl 
thtn, about twke as leag as the dongh Is wMa. 
Brash over with ascUad batter, spregd mntAy wfcb 
chopped apple and add aagnr aad -^rmaniaa to Uela. 
Bfafl lite jeUp roll, att in aliees an knk Aick -and 
lay cat aide up on a tccnecd baUn« paa. Babe h a 
tnoderata ovc» abo«t lialf aa hmu and aarrc bor 
witk tafar aad cream. ^ 



9' > ■■ 


■ ■ I ' 


H« k«lWT«« that hi* tM»lcmUoM 
4i(«et from tb« Lmrd. K« to 
MM t^ IMT* «O B »< f id wtCh ■■■ili 

■to srWiMt wwrk. "DIvIb* Lav* 
«D« XMVM«' ProvtdMM"^ 9»mttr -M4 


fortk hta tfc*BBophte 
H* wrote naiiy oOmt wvtlui;. 
"IttMvwn mA H*ir to amoBot thtf 
W«t known. 

■wotfonbory wna th« fonndor of 
tho 0fro4«nborcian Ctanrcli. or •■ tt 
ralloC tho Church of Now 

n eoapnrathroly hurge 
aramhor of Bwodonboivtan ebareboa. 
won nttondod. In moot mtfry IMM 
Blt|r te tho Unltod StatM: atooi to.nU 
tho ,8condtn»vUa ooaatrioii and qnlto 
ft, %mo 'Sumhor pt thia do no w ln a- 
tl4 &i AMrland. 

•wo4oBhotv'o doctrlneo rocardhi« 
Ibo atato and oooapattona of thooo 
whom ho belioved to haro paaood 
t0 hoavon and holl are intorootln*. 
to aay tho loaat. and hto Idoaa are 
tho aaaetttir and »orpotulty of tho 
manrldc* ttab*and tb* "atorn^ Mem- 
cry of tho BouU" mar do read and 
poadorod with profit bjr raanr to- 
day; oapoelaHy br thooo onAeloatly 
dovolopod- oplrttually to fuUy appro* 
clato .tlMlr wondorful and beautiful 

'RowoTor ono may regard the gen- 
ulnoneoa'of Swedonborc'B elalma to 
•poolal dlvlno reVototlon and marvel- 
ova rtolona, no one can read hto 
work* and fall to be deeply impreeaed 
with the purtty and loftlneiA of hto 
ooooitptloB* In aplte of their at 
timaa — emlngly eactrava«ant mippo- 

A Torr wondorfal and Intereatinc 
%rork tar a flwoden^orgton writer 
<raniald toy namo), whloh | boUeve 
to MfV gat of % print, to entlUed "Opd 
t n Wf frartdenoe,** I may add that 
an •wodonbors'a doctrine* are baaed 
on dta oameat boUef In the Holy 
Trinity, and tharoforo dtoiinetly oem- 
patlblo wltk Cl>rtotlanity>l9 the mala. 

44t Cb««or BtroeU Vletorto. Oc- 
lobar tt, Itlf. 

JMrr-'Tho. ««rto«* Invastoa of tho 
tolty and •arroundlng dtotrlet* by the 
Bt^ My to attmetinc the attontton 
of ovoryon*. «*poelaUy thooo Intoreat- 
•d IB blrd''Ufi*4 They aro to bo *oon 
avanrvhoro. In gardena, and in the 
parka, and ovon Invading the ptreeto 
of flM mborb* in acme Inatance*. In 
an 'my •otporlenoo*. and Utat of other 
o U aa i » *r a with whom I hare apoken. 
a *in|Uar Inatanco of thto alngalar 
Invaalpn oapinot be recalled. N^ur- 
•Ily tB<i prophoU mi* binlly employed 
prattBtlag a hard' Wlator, and other 
dtoaatorai ;.-r/.-, ». •, ■ • ■ 

Tho Blue Jay to am^ngat tho hand* 
•omaat of our natlya b|rda. and hto 
ohaii fu l note, although nqf. mualoal. 
to aaoat ptoaaant. and I alnooroly hope 
that hto poccadU14a In tho rtiape of 
picking hole* In apple* and carrying 
awacr email potatooa wni be over- 
looked, and ho will bo left un- 


Oovomment Street. Victoria. B.C., 
October 31. It 19. 

Mr.— -Re the Board Of Trade meet- 
ing thto aftomooh. I, a* one of the 
rotnmed aoldtora who aittended that 
moottng went away feeling pleaeed 
with the progrea* of our dtocuasion 
en tho community ahlpbullding 

Mr. J. O. Cameron made the hit 
of the meeting When he made the 
propeoltlea ibr building t9 brlga or 
•ehoonera for carrying our raw ma- 
terial, lumber and other tmpertohable 
ppodvcia auoh a* canned salmon, 
whala Igoducta and edpper matte, and 
other tt«oos*ltlea of th* human raee 
Chat are not urgontly wanted. 

Now. sir, why do I pen theipe iew 
llneat After loarlng the Board of 
(Trado eJimmbor* with a lot of my com- 
rade* X-waa itnick by their diaheart- 



for HtfJiBt DiMu^-Coptemt Notbins Bui 4» Di;*^!^ 
Koid-^ True f>htiv» Rmm^T* 

The display entered by the Vocational Brarich of the Sokfiers' Civil Re-establishment at the recent Home Products Fair, Hudson Bay Building, afforded a splendid 
dcroonstrttlon of the useful occupational and bedside woric which is beinf done by the returned, men who are still under treatment for injuries or disablement 
tbay toatained during the war. Weaving, basltet-malcing, wood-carving, embroidery, metal-work, bigh-chiss carpentry and cabinet-making, etc., made up a highly 

^■■'rs,- rf,;,x ti ! . - interesting and attractive display. 

attod tona of role*: but I aaaured them 
H ■ waa a very promising meeting In 
my eatlmatlon. and would bear fruit 

The only thing that struck me a* 
bad buslnea* form on such ■ a vital 
quoatJon wa* that the committee did 
n/A- have 'a report to hand to the 
chairman. ,1 would like to aay to 
that committee; they must forget that 
apathetic attitude in such a vital ques- 
tion as oonfronta us in thto Province 
at thto Prooont time: We nfiust do 
all . ,^p. ov^r power to avoid what is 
looming up on the hortoon not far 
dtotaht front ua all. - 

I' have my teeth in, and you can-, 
not shake me off; any more than I 
coMJd be in my athletic career. 


Ogden Pdlnt, Victoria, B.C., Oc- 
to6er X4. Itl*. 

p.S. — Sir, there Is another side to 
thto scheme we must not lose sight 
of. We are a maritime Province and 
thto- sailing ship business will be a 
ehaneo for our young men to take to 
seafaring for their livelihood, and 
help teach naval men of our own for 
our own prote<itlon. 

P. P. S. 



Hall : for the purpose of discussing 
aoidiers' problems, one of the reao- 
lutions of the evening referred to sol- 
diers dying In hospitals, but was 
wprded to read that all soldiers who 
had served in the Canadian Army or 
Navy should be given a suitable 
funeral at the expense of the Domin- 
ion, unless the relative* wtohed 
ethorwi**. Mr. Prank Ololnsa, M.PP.. 
thought at the time this waa a good 
idea and made a promise that he 
would interest himeelf in thto mat- 
ter. Might I ask through the col- 

brought to the notice of tbe Provin- 
cial House, and what answer he ob- 
tained f - " ' 

R.M.D. 1, Sidney, B. C, Oct. 21, 

A Doinlnlon UnAten ' 

8lr.T— Re ez-soldier'a funeral: At a 
meeting held last Fall with Dean 
Qualnton In the chair at the C.E.M.8. f tlon wpuld help us considerably, as 

Soldiers' aub 

Sir, — I wish to bring to your at- 
tention the existence of a club for 
discharged British Army men in San 
Francisco. All men who served un- 
der the Union Jack are eligible for 

The club, or rather association, 
started through the common desire 
felt by returned C. E. F. men down 
here to stick together. The American 
clutw showed us that we were none 
too welcome, so it was left to us to 

Thto we have done quite success- 
fully, having a membership of 100 
in San Franctoco and of 94 in Oafc- 

This in the only ofltcially recog- 
nized British Army Club on the Pa- 
cific Coast. 

We find it very hard to get pub- 
licity so that returning Canadtons 
might know of our association. Could 
you spare us a few lines in your 
paper? Thp mention ot our assocto- 

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who are cootttpated, bfliotis, f everbh, tonfue- 
coated, or full of cold, sre pUkUy printed on 
ikaMii; CUMifBlotttMideUciouslauthrtt. 

umns of your papek- whether it was f so-called' facts which are presented to 

you by this stranger, but vote for 
Dr. Tolmie, a Victorian ot Victoria and 
a Mlntoter of the Crown. Do not 
throw away the substance for the 

Government Street, Victoria, B.C., 
October ZS, 1»1». 

Tomorrow's Vote 

Sir, — May I be permitted the use of 
your valuable colunu to express a 
few thoughts re the election on Mon- 
day next? Looking at the issue from 
every viewpoint it is of the utmost 
importance to us all that Dr. S. F. 
Tolmie, Minister of Agriculture, be 
returned at the head of tho poll by 
a handsome majority. Thto stand to 
further evidenced by the fact that the 
labor men themselves — or their rep- 
resentatives — the Metal Trades Coun- 
cil a few months ago— '(shortly after 
the resignation of the Hon. Mr. 
Crerar , Minister of Agriculture) 
passed a resolution requesting, that 
Dr. 8. F. Tolmie be apx>olnted to that 
responsible position. Thto waa a 
very wtoe move, indeed, and one 
which no doubt carried a great deal 
of weight both in thto city and at 
Ottawa, and'ie one which ought and 
will be supported by all workingmen 
who liave their own and the best in- 
terests of the city at heart. That 
they will back Dr. Tolmie up with 
their votes is unquestioned, 'rney 
realtoe as no others can the vital 
necessity of having a man at Ottawa 
who will be in a position to secur* 
additional work for them. They real- 
ise that it to business and not senti- 
ment that flito the dinner pail, that 
provides the comforts to fix the loved 
ones at home, and realising thto they 
will fulfil the pledge assumed when 
they requested hto (Dr. Tolmle's) aP- 

Now, Mr. Editor, from the business 
or > worklngman's. from the returned 
Boldtor's, his wife or dependents' best 
interest, for the best interest of our 
own fair city, that to the one and 
only stand to take — a vote for , Dr. 
Tolmie means added prosperity. 

It to rather amusing. Mr. Editor, to 
note the fact that Alberni. New West- 
minster and Vancouver have all com- 
bined together to. show us Victorians 
what we ought and must do in the 
circumstance* — we must defeat the 
Hon. Dr. Tolmie — why? Because It 
to the will of these chosen few — 
otherwise it will tend to the degener* 
atlon of the white race, the well-mer- 
ited disapproval of Vancouver and 
New Westminster -and the very direst 
penalUes from the "Big Noise" of 
Alberni. Not one of the speakers 
can or dare say one word against 
the Hon. Dr. Tolmie. On the con- 
trary, they admit he is eminently 
qualified for the position — more mo 
than any previous occupant of that 
position — that he is clean, reltoble 
and an indefatigable worker for hto 
constituents and for the Dominion — 
and yet, it to hard to believe, they 
would like to see him defeated. 

Why, Mr. Editor, do these rank 
outsiders — every one of them — view 
the drydock with such suspicion? 
Why do they think an expenditure of 
f&,000,00d on a drydock here would 
not be good for ua alt— and as a re- 
sult of which it would mean that 
hundreds of thousands of doltors 
every month would be spent here re- 
pairing ships and the work attendant 
thereupon? Is it not t>ecause they 
would like the money spent In their 
own home town? It to very plain to 
be seen what their motives are — 
think it over — a vote for Dr. Tolmie 

Victoria .to a big demobllixation cen- 
tre, and men are constantly coming 
down here. 

Over 90 per cent of us served with 
the Canadians and are Canadians. 
Mr. Lloyd, our president, is a promi- 
nent English resident, Major Dawson, 
our secretary, was one of the original 
10th Battalion; our vice-president, 
one of the original 2nd Division. 

Assistant Secretary, late 36th Battery, 
C. F. A.. Eagles' Hall Building,- San 
Francisco. U. 8. A. 

Hon. Dr. S. F. Tolrolo 

Sir.—^Monday the voters of Victoria 
will be called upon to decide who is 
to represent them at Ottawa — the 
choice Ijrlng between Dr. S. F. Tolmie 
and a Mr. Barnard. The former to a 
native of Victoria, being bom and 
bred amongst you. and hia interest 
being altogether centred in Victoria. 
Of his abllitie*. as a man eminently 
fitted for the position h« holds as 
Minister of Agriculture, I feel that I 
am well fitted to speak, inasmuch as 
during my incumbency of office under 
the administration of the Hon. J. H. 
Turner, he was selected as the man 
best fitted as Inspector of Animal In- 
dustry, so much so that the Hon. 
Sidney Ftoher, Mlntoter of Agricul- 
ture tn the Liberal administration, 
appointed him as Dominion Inspec- 
tor, and eventually raised bin salary 
on condition that he relinquish the 
Provlnctol appointment and devot* 
his time entirely to the Dominion. 

In addition to his qualities alluded 
to he is a thorough agriculturist. 
This much for his qualifications as a 
Minister of 'the Crown. 

As a Vlctorton. with all hto inter- 
ests centred here, I need scarcely 
speak, and hto position in the Cabinet 
is such that he will be enabled to do 
a great deal In securing public works 
for Victoria and the Island generally. 

Of his opponent, I can say but lit- 
tle as 1 have not the honor of his ac- 
quaintance, but this I can confidently 
stale that he is a stranger in Vic- 
toria, and comes from' a section bit- 
terly opposed to Victoria and. there- 
fore, what can you exp«ct if he to 
elected to represent you at Ottawa. 

Fellow electors, be not deceived by 
th* specious and utterly * untenable 



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Taking ''Cascarets" for Livfr and Bowels 



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Gaooareto tonight. Caam ro t* 
piaaaant, ao harmtoa*. Thoy 
grigo. *l*fc«n or looaaranlraee 
Uko Oal—i*l. Salt*, Ott or hh 

*o llttlo and work 


Pftta flMT onat 
wMlo ^o« itoop. 

mean* an era of proaporlty *ttch aa 
Victoria has nover aeon before— and 
it to your duty and my duty to ro« 
cord our votes with that view before 

Again. Mr. Editor, aomo 19 montha 
ago Dr. Tolmie wa« the abaolutely 
unanimous choice 'of the whole city, 
he ha* been In hamea* ever alnce 
and has more than made ,good In 
every pledge he made and in every- 
thing requested' of him — be It by tho 
humblest clttoen or by the returned 
soldiers' organisations — and after 
such a teat and after such a pledge 
given by us all that we would stand 
t>ehlnd him If he proved worthy, do 
you or would any sane person think 
we are even going to heaitate as to 
our course? Never! Dr. Tolmie haa 
made good, has proved hto tnwt- 
worthlness and is now honored — and 
through him Victoria and the whole 
Dominion to honored by hto appoint- 
ment to the position of Minister of 
Agriculture— hto qualification* for 
which are voiced from one ocean to 
the other — a position which ho will 
undoubtedly fill with, honor to himoelf 
and us all. We, I say. pledged oar 
words to support him if he made 
good, and now he (Dr. Tolmie) to be- 
fore us again, and it to our duty and 
our privilege — any. province in tne 
Dominion would esteem it a very 
great honor to have him as their 
member — to support him as a clean, 
upright and honorable man and ono 
who will be true to himself and to us 
all in the great work that lies before 

We Vlctortons have never had such 
a grand opportunity aa now — ^we have 
,never faltod In our duty and trust, 
and I know we naver will. Let us 
one and all show our appreciation of 
the work Dr. Tolmie has already done 
and what he can and will do for us 
when he takes his seat in tho Cabinet 
at Ottawa. Let lu go to wqirk Mon- 
day and 'work for his - return as we 
never worked before — let us place 
him at the head of the poll by such 
a majority as will prove to him how 
we^value him as a clttoen and us a 
member — and then and then only 
will we have performed our "bit." 
and ushered in an era of prosperity 
unknown to us before. 


1714 Davie Street. Vletorto, B. C. 
Oct« 25. 1919. 


WINNIPEG. Oct. 26. — Alfeady 75 
cases are scheduled to be heard be- 
fore the grand Jury when the Fall 
assizes open on November 4 and th* 
prospecto are that before the court 
has finished another IS cases will be 
added; and fully one-half of the 
charges prepared are for alleged of- 
fences during the recent general sym- 
pathetic strike. 

Helen Armstrong and her husband. 
Oeorge Armstrong, a prominent 
strike leader, will appear on charges 
of Intimidation and conspiracy to 
carry into execution soditious intent. 
P. J. Dixon, M.L.A.. will be charged 
with publishing seditious libel. The 
other seven strike leaders will be 
charged similarly to Armstrong. 

Gets Ufa ImprtaonttMato 

LBLANO, Mich.. Oct. 2i. — The 
maximum penalty of the MtehHpui 
tow^ life imprisonment at hard tobor, 
wa* Imposed on Mrs. Stanlstowa Lyp- 
schlnskl today following her eonvte- 
tlon in th* Circuit Court on a charge 
of sjaylng Sister Mary John, a F*ll- 
cton nun, at the convent of leadore, 
near here, more than IS year* agoi 
The defendant took th* *enteno* al- 
moat without emotion. 'A motion for 
*tay of ■*tftenc* made by the defence 
wa* r*fa**d. 

CALGART, Oct. SI.— Mr. Jams* r. 
WlUtom*, promlaeat hi 
rotary aad muotoal elrolea, 
denly thto morning of perttoaltia, Kto 
wife wa* formorlg Mto* 
of Winnipeg. 

Forty ji m s — « 
following the coHtolo* 
train witli 

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After all ia aaid and done, if Canada doctn*t raiaa cnouf h 
money by thia Victory Loan ahe will have to raiaa It by m- 
creaaed taxation. 

So that inatead of, poateriQr paylac a frcater poift of th« 
war bill, thia generation will baire to pay moat of It. 

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St Be C Land ft hTestment Agtnqr, Ltd. 
Xim^mrmmmmt St. ■•taUiekod IMS Km* IH 

of Mtm. reter McVntt 
».r— Hon. Peter McNutt. need IS. 
died hero today. He waa a nativ* oi 
Malpeeoe. trhor* hm had ooadoetod a 
larse hna ln e i for many year*. R* 
area a aieakbcr of th* Prorlnelal LIk* 
eral Q o re riwa ent for ll.ymum, f«Clr> 
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PARIS. 0«t. SS, — Pmnlor OlOTnon- 
e*an haa d* cl d*d to deliver M* Im. 
portant polities addre** wMeh Jmu 

time, at ftraa- 





•ruTA BitarMTv burf In tf-^ -mt^-i 






1 1 

l: { 






YafiM Thfkt They Spiirm the Old Shack 



By Riebtrtf L. P^cMk- 



H«rnr sad hi* yonng friend from the Old Coua- 
try ttp at the old attack again the other day. Siiice 
hta laat visit be ha^, been out after kit first Vsrf- 
comrer lalaad deer, »A^. wtth-tenderfqifl^a hieh.^ htd 
•hot a very sice fowr-pronff buck, or cigbt-fKriat 
■tag, preferred to call it. H« waa a very dc- 
UfbUd young aportamen and tb« three old tUllctim* 
Hatetied with polite patience a* he gave them a 
foil and detailed account of how he had bagged his 
ftrai deer. 

"By the way." he said, a> he finiahed the nar- 
rative, "they told me up there at the lake that there 
were lota of bear ground on the hllla joat now 
afur the bl«cb«rries and aalal. I think they caltod 
it. and we did aee aomc atgn, bat didn't come aeroaa 
any bear. Yon know, although I'm pleased aa 
P«ncli to have got that fine aUg, atill I would hart 
been tven more pleated to have got a bear. I don't 
think they can be quite jto caay to get a ahot »^ io- 
spite of what those fcUowa aaid, and it mnat aorelr 
be very exciting at timet, even if . they are, tome 
of them, at catily scared as your yam of the other 
evaning would make one beUeve. Those other ffil- 
lows told me tome stories about bear hunting, toigi, 
and they certainly must have had some narrtftr' 
ahavea on some of their hunts, that is. if their ^- 
counts were strictly true." 'V^' 

Some Good Advice :^' ' ' 

"Young fellow," said old I|ck. "when I iir^ ., 
came to this country I wat given a piece of advice . 
by an old-tim^ which I found by experience quite 
worth haviiy{. It was this: In this country believe, 
nothing you hear and only half what you see. The , 
last half of that may be a little unnecessary in 
these days of prohibition, but, as to the tirst halt, 
well, it showed he was' wise. Now a bear story it 
a bear a tory . Jf it'» ^ go od one, you get a little 
fun out of it, bat you don't need to believe it IT 
you don't want' to. There's true bear stories and 
true fish stories, of course, but it's sometimes 
mighty hard to pick 'em out. Maybe those fellows 
up the lake war* pulling ypur 1«|; a bk. Now Tom 
and Harry here could probably spin you a y*m or 
two about bears, if that's a subject which is in- 
teresting you juai now, jpsid it seems to be. What 
^o you sayi Tom?' Ydu muA hA^. had an en- 
counter or two with Bruin in the course of yptir 
nefarious carter. Why ilot let our young frieud 
here in on a true bear story for a changcP 

"True bear story.. hi^hl" ejaculated Tom. as he 
itripck a match on Kis pants and tit his thfrd cigar- 
ette aince fuppcr. "Well, I don't suppose you want 
to hear about how ^any t>ears I've shot, or wfiijre 
and when I shot them. What you're looktog fo^,,! 



take it, is a yarn with some blond and firander hi 
it. I'm «fr«id yo^^ve come to ttic wron^ shop, if 
yon want to hear of a diesperate fight lor Ufc or 
, anything of that kindj but I can tell you a 3ram 
about t>car tninting with a fight in it. if you ^tk«, 
tnd, of courac, it's true or I wouldn't be tcfling It, 
would It 

"This little episode I'trf tdttng you of occurred not 
•O very far from this very spot. You know that 
piece down there by the creek where the second 
growth on the sidehills is no thick; well, some time 
back, a ye»r or so after the lire had been through 

' there, that was Just a tangfe of fallen timber with 
nothing left standing and (he berries had come tb 
be thicker there thao any piece I know of round 
these parts. It was almighty likely place for a bear 
in tile Fall, when they were filUng up on t>etMeii.V 
and I've reckoned his l«st account with more than 
one of them on that sidehitt l>efore noir.^^* -'*;'^C- 
Ha •Knew Whara to Oo 
"One Fall there was a chap I Icnew who was dead 
keen to get a bear, and he asked me to take him 
out for a hunt. That place was as good a little 
piece of country to try as I knew of in those days 
and early one October morning saw us making for 
it, eack packing a rifle. We worked up one side of 
the draw without seeing a thing, and were coming 
down at a ila|it across the other sidehill when w« 
came to that hit of a rock bluff which atidcs right 
up in the middle. Just as we got near the edge of 
the rock we heard the 4**^*^P* owft rumpus down 
below; growla and grunts and crashing of bush, JuAt 
as though there was a regular bear garden down 
below. We hurried to the edge of the bluff and 
looked over, and there, so help me. right down be- 
low us, not thirty yarda away, were two big black ^ 
bears just going at It as hard as fhey were worth.' * 

"There was a very fine patch of Hp« berries just >■' 
there, and I ukc it the beasts were fighting over 
the grub; at any rate, whatever the cause of the 
scrap, they were sure going to ft— uppercuts, 
swhsgs, foul blows, clinches, bites and scratches— 
everything went in that scrap. They were so . 
busily engaged in mauliAg each other they didn't 
see or hear us at all, and it was some time before 
we could recover from our surprise and remember 
that we had guns. The tjro h«ars weite locked in a 
regular clinch, from, whi^ jt woui4,h»rc needed 
a grfaxly as referee to make them break, when I 
nudged my friend and whispered, ^ou take the one ^'"^ » 
to the right and III ukc the other fellow with that ri^t^ 
brown patch on him. When you get a good bead ' 
on him say. fire, and we'll both let fly together.' He 
WaUe4 a^coad t two whik the bears were still — 
clinched and up on their hind legs. 'Fire,' he yells. 
Wowl you ought to have seen what happened. 

Lands the K. O. 
' "My fellow dropped with a bullet in his neck and 
Went over kicking on his back. The other ehap was 
only slightly wounded, somewhere in the back ap- 
parently. He turned round once and made » sort 
of swipe at hia own shoulder and then gee-hoss-o- 
fat. how he did just go for that other poor brute 
who wis*^ down with the k. o. landed. I guess he 
thought it waa the other bear had stung him. Any- 
how, ha joit landed on him and was tearing hhn to 
piaeaa whmi we hoth let drive again. We couldn't 
very well misa at that range, and both shots went 
home, aud he collapsed right on top of the other 

^ fellow/ and, when we got down to them there they 

" were locked in each othcr'g^ arms in a Jinal Clinch 
and blood gM cornipUon ah over the pUce. Oh! 
boys, fbat waa some battle, believe me. 
- "CoiM to tMnk of it. It was a dirty mean trick 
not wm «tai llgflt h o«i after getting com- 
pliaM^llft ringside seats, so to apeak." 

"Seene yam. Tom, old boy. some yam. But 
that's oW a^ ahont ^n (ghting over Uie beat 

Ajrrub." l«M«|M^tfg^d in --Wliy, thu ifes liow I 
got my vary first besr. We'd just started On a trip 
and wci^ JUMnc onr first c«n|^ ea a ttttle fUt near 
a creek. T|effe was a ««r|r steep bMik going up 
from Ac Ilit to a bench about tjtw' feet ab^vr. 
We*d fi l m it M tgr bgelt. aad, |ost aa we sl^i 
pad the padra olt at the edge of tfte fht. I looked 


I gave myself to the stones, 
. r-r Saying, 'it is just." 

Each shock of splintering bones.,; . 
Bach sharp and jagged thruat 

At the quivering flesh, I bore, 

And answered back no more. 

Conquered by none but Thee, ^^ 
Suppliant yet proud I lay. 

Crying despite of me: 
« ^j "Spirit of God, have Thy way!" , 

I gave myself to thi flames. 
Willing at last * 

■ To be rid of the lusta and shames 
An4 sins of the past. 
"T watched the loathsome mass 

Lose shape and fall away, 
'In shrivelling atoms, paas. 
To smoke and ashes grey. 

Then — across the unclean floor. 

Trampled by death and doom, 
Fre«, through an open door. 

At the end of the valley's gloom. 
Suddenly flashed a soul. « 

Forth to the asure divine — 

White, purified, whole. 

My God! It waa mine! 

—A. E. Morton, in The Nation. 


Turkish Ladies at the 
Diance . 

•r the Coas«antinople Cfr ssf oad ent of The Londoo 


came over the edge, aaw tlfti 69m bervtcs the other 
boy was gus<lfai|^ just raa4« ok* dive for Uga. 
caught him s swlj^ on the side of the head and 
sent him of! bis pine folUng down the slop*. He 
.rolled clean dowa to the boOoni. and,' as got to 
his feet and started with a growl to make up the 
slope again after the bul^, I got ihc old gun 
worlciag. I kit htm first ihac «»d knocked him 
over, but he started up agaia. - He never made the 
gmdc. thooglk My secon^akM bfoU his baoii and 
a/tMrd in the neck finished the job. and there he 
was, uiy meat, right in camp without having to 
pack Um." 

Dick Haa Hia DooIhs 
"Boysr oh! boys. I thought hatter of you, I 
really did." This from old Dick, who had been 
listening witti a dry sm^le on his face to the yarns 
of trischunrs and blowing clotoda of blue smoke 
frq^ tile old corn-cob. "Mighty good advice I 
gave yoli just. now, young |«8ow» «od T hope youll 
bi^arH In mind, but, as it's a true lirar atory we're 
a^er. i see til have to give H you myself, aftfr alL 
"This happened up at Cowiehan Lake near tk« 
Riverside liin. There waa a young fellow up there, 
oat for a hunt and a fiah and he was getting some 
Sport, >a;j|ipyone might. }t waa aven better then 

. up there for hunting and fishing than it is now, and 
l^t'i^ sa^g a lot. 

,' VWeil one day his frienda were horrified to hear 
that he had been in an accident. They fixed him 
up wtih first aid at the lake, and he got some more 
patching, and plastering done at Duncan on the way 
down, tmt he arrived in town looking as if he sure 
had b^eh in the wars. He had some nasty cuts and 
sciatchas on his face and one arm was in a sling. 
The i^fwspapcr boys get wind of hip arrival and ho 
was (duly interviewed by the sport editors of the^ 

70^, papers. ~ — ^ - - 

^He had a great story to tel) of a bear fight. In 

~ wdl^be was one of the principals, instead of just 
an aiirf^oker like Tom here in that other scrap. It 
was g .she bear with cuba, and the marvel of it was 
how hfc had escaped with hia life. Aad it certainly 
wouM have been a mirvel if he had come up 
against that she bear in the way he g>ve out the 
story. Nothing but • a hnife against a she bear 
with cubs in a rage in the woods. My word, but 
he had that old fellow Hercules of the ojd school 
booka faded to a frazsle! Everybody believed the 
yam and sympathised with the heVo, but I hap- 
pened to be up. at the Riverside some tiqie after- 
ward* aild met up with the chap who bad packed 
him up' after the scrap and helped to attend to his 
hurts and that was how I got to be able to tell you 
the real trUc story. 

A Different Version 
.^,, "He'd been having some mighty good fishing, but 
"iwaan't satisfied. There was a pool a mile or so 
down the rWkt where he thought there ought to be 
.tome big ones lying, but right across the best part 
,C^ it, there was a big snag jutting out from the 
htjak over the river which spoilt his casting. He 
t^drroWed a cross-cut saw, climba out on that log 
and proceeds to saw it through, making the cut be- 
tween him and the bank. Maybe he was not used 
to cutting logs; maybe the log was a bit rotten on 
the lower side. However, whatever made him go 
wrong in his judgment, I don't know, but he sUyed 
. on the wrong side of that cut just a little too long, 
and, when the log broke, over he goes into the 
drMk. The current's pretty swift there, and he got 
mixed up a bit in the iKnbs of the old tree and 
r'cihfhr;his head a nasty crack aa he went down, 
and they liad quite a job getting him out and 
'bringing him round. I gueas he thought he'd never 
hear the end of it if he told the true yarn of how 
he got his. hurts, and so he called in the old she 
heir to his aid. 

"Next time you hear a story like that, just re- 
member that old-timer'a advice, my lad, and, when 
you've been here long enough to have done a bit 
more kuntigg, you'lt probably be able to spin some 
bear yarns of your own, which you'll know are 
true, but don't get sore if nobody believes 'em." 


Whoso can enter In a grand old wood, 
Attd work therein, aad thence come forth unfed, 
As whh the rarest wine and sweetest bread. 
He is a soul whose unresponsive mood 
Tn sack a place can interchange no good. 
tJnworthy is he, 'mkl such glories spread 
Above him. and arofnd him, even to tread 
The threshold of so sweet a solitode. 
There's not a tree but would come close to him; 
No fk>wer but would be pleased to catch his eye; 
No bird, whose mellow sowg, or ringing call, 
la heard within the woodland chambers dim. 
Would scorn his praise, yet these «I1 peas him by. 
And know him not, for he repels them ail. 

— /. C M. Duncan. ^ 

1 1 ■ II i 

Too fliuch Idleness. I have observed, fills up a 
«gg's Uoio asuck mora JeesBfletaly. end leaves him 
tdhi his own maater. than any sort of employment 

Yoo reack Yakiva by a ta gw e r ffo« GalaU Quay 
in five hours nowadays. kMiaa4 of the three wkieh 
were taken by iha^journey before the war. lor 
you must travel in a tiny ateanwr which can 4o 
seven knots when it is very calm and when the en- 
gineer ia not «wirre|tiig with the akippcr. If tke 
south wind blows, either you do not sUrt or, if 
you start, you arrive soaking and .probably seasick 
as well. 

There are paths through the thick woods above 
and below the hotel, but I do not advise any reader 

* to use then in August between 11 a.m. and 4 p^m. 
No!— no brigands haunt them Ia those hours, ttb 
bears or other carnivorous animals lie in wait for 
school treats to pass; but there are flies, quiet and 
sluggish, Imt venomous beyond l>elief. Let them 
bite you between car and eye and you will shout, 
for their bite burns, and next day your eyea will 
l>e slitji and your face a dumptinig offa magis 
quara fades. In that case, prgjr that your injuries 
he symetrical. for, whif^ a face equally diatehdad 
on both .sides explains itself, an inuneoae right t^ 
lid or a tcft ear thrice its nortiuil thictecss pr6v<^s 

(such comments as: "Look at that misshapen 
Gianr," or "That Frank must have been fifhting in 
a bar," from candid Torits of Greeks who for|^t 
that you flsay undcratand their language. 

But as few Orientals walk in the heat of the day 
if they can avoid it, not many viaitora to the hotel^ 
know of the flies that swarm in August. From 
midday to an hour before aunact they bathe, enjpy 
a siesta or gosaip in armchairs. The social atnao- 
aphere aeems Turkish, almost Old^ Turk. But>t 
dinner "Yalova les Bains" grows Young Turk, or 
shall I write Balkan? Levantine is an unkind word. 
Five years ago the veil had grown transparently 
thin, but a Turkish lady would never have doffed 
veil and "charchaf" ii> the public rooms of any 

""hotet, if. Indeed, she had entered them. Now "th* 
"Harem" conif in to dine in evening frocks, wkfclif 
only differ from those w^rn by their non-Moslem 
sisters in being less decolletees. 

'^ .r^ Varietiaa of Typea r^, ,-^ • ' ^, 
They have a pretty headdress, tlie silk hdndker- 
chief, generally embroidered, tied behind in bows 
and falling over the nape and shoulders, which the 
Hanum wear^ indoors. Their taste' is generally 
good. The type varies amazingly, for if some are 
simply Mediterraneans and some are indistinguish- 
able from Greeks, others show a strongly As^atit^ 
profile, and one often notices a "piquante" ' face 
which one might best' describe as^Mongol'eye and 
cheekbone, Jewish nose and 'mourn, Arab slimness 
and carriage of the head — a throwback, perhaps, to 
some early cross between Tartar and Armenian or 
Arab. Some are on their honeymoon and wear the 
plain gold ring on the third finger of tha left hand 
as do Europeans, a new custom this among Turk- 
ish folk. 

After dinner an orchestra strikes up, and the 
Hanums crowd into the drawing room, where some 
Russian and Roumanian girls are dancing. A 
brown-faced ultra smart little Turk, a sort of 
master of ceremonies, darts in and begins to one- 
step with a Ronmanian. Next a Russian couple 
dance some Russian peasant dance, and the Turkish 
•ladies clap their hands and discuss every point in 
the dancing 'with niuch animation.' So far no 
Hanum has danced- But the door from ^e veranda 
opens and three women enter, tall, excessively well 
dressed, t>ejeweled and followed by a male non- 
descript. The tallest and most expensively dressed 
and one of her companions are Turks— the third 
may be a Greek; all have that {aint suggestion of 
coarseness and foxiness on otherwise fiandsome 
faces that 4>etray their calling. 

A young Turkish bride and her girl friend sitting 
near tne are intensely amused and just a littTe 
scandalised— "My lamb, if mother knew that people 
like that came here!" 

"But Feride, look at her jewels; that necklace 
must be worth——!" 

"But, my dear, who is she?" Do I know the 
names of persons of that class?" " 

Another Hanum supplies the informatfon; "Oh, 

she is Z , a great dancer. .v> well' kifown in 

Pera. a dreadful woman, and do you see that low 
person with her?" S »- 

iniady'a Secretary 
Here the' lady points out the tously ahd vulgar 
•individual who follows in Z. Hanum's train. "Well, 
Z. cant' read or write, and she was quite un- 
educated. Comes from Anatolia somewhere,, where 
_ no one reads a book, and having made money out 
- of the Unionist profiteers, she trots this youth 
/bout to answer her billets-doux, write tp trades- 
men and jewelers, and give hef notions about 
geography and science and music in her spare time. 
Otherwise the men, even those parvenus, would 
find her too dull!" 

The orchestra strikes up a tango and (strange 
portent of Turkey's new age) Z.'s Turkish com- 
panion dances and presently the master of cere- 
monies pilots Z. herself, who is obviously unlcsrned 
In European dances, through a few steps. Feride 
snd her friends pretend to look shocked at the 
spectacle, but they are really vastly interested and 
would not have missed it for worlds. 

'By the doorway sUnds an old Turkish general 
-^still straight-baclced and sturdy— « man who has 
fought with good fortune and evil in the Hedjaz. in 
Yemen, in the Balkans, who has been a Seraskier 
in his day, one of the old school. He should be 
looking sternly on this frivolous scene, for has he 
not always passed as a stern and somewhat 
austere Old Turk and a reactionary at heart? 
Should he indeed be looking at all? But though 
it would be more artistic to introduce him i^ a 
grim and protesting figure, a aymbol of Islamic 
Conservatism, truth compels me to state that to far 
from being shocked he looked like a genial grand- 
papa watching the nursery romps with benevolent 
indulgence, though I tliink he dM not quite admire 
Z. Hanum. 

DecMedly the Unchanging East is changing more 
and more rapidly. A little more of this and we 
Weatcrn dwellers at Conauntlnople wilt bogia to 
feel rathcf^ old-fashioned. 

•* I 


_____^ — — ■ ■ 


— - ; ^By the Rl^t Hda. X «.^CIyi>e«, M.P^ liinie London CMiUy Mgfl 1 




Some men will not shave on Sunday, and yet 
they spend all the week in shaving their fellow- 
men.— Henry Ward Beechcr. 

To those that have lived long together, every- 
thing heard and everything seen recalls some plea- 
sure communicated or some benefit conferred, 
some peity quarrel or some slight endearment.— 
Dr. JohMon. 

up and »fv^g.kagr«pioping in beyrie^at the to^^ 
this stopcl Alaaotf as I spotud him. aaother bear 

Notkiog Kagofcca batter thanTthe ant, and she 
says aothiag.— Benjamia Franklm. 

Thoae who have few affairs .to attend 4o are 
great apeakera. The less men think, the more they 
talk— M on t aa^ ui ea 

A fact to be obeeevied ^rken couslderi^ the gaaa- 
tion of incroaaed output ia that more thgp o******** 
of the ^rodortive woek-performod in afl mamaer of 
trades is carried out on a piece-work basis. Out- 
put is therefore g uya<M by an hMtgtIve, i^ g^ 
results determine the yay of tfk awaata of'tba 
workers, and rcsuHa In many occupations can 
scarcely be increased by any greater eg«rgy par' 
individual ia a large gnasbar of the prydnckig in- 
dustries. Id these trades, however, ntucb can be 
done to produce greater results by subdivl84o«r re- 
organiaatioo, efScient carriage and xtraniport^ ar- 
rangements, batter thBrfceepfaig and by the employ- 
ment of more asodet«n and improved appUancca and 
machinery of all kinds. 

Machinery. fdtaMriy viewed by wany wOrfcgra as 
their natural enemy became it kppaarad to throw 
them out of a job, cap now always be made ibe 
aervant of the worker, and labor in it» praaent 
state of organisation never agidn need fear the iMi- 
aeqtMncea of producing gooda in abundance or^ 
creating a glut in the market which* will he a causa 
of tiaemployment. • 

In the daya when labor was helpless and always 
at the mercy of organized capital, unemployment 
through over-production was more than a riak— it 
often became a reality. That .atate of Aiings -tan 
never recur ao long as labor continues to make 
good use of the state o forganization and the ef- 
fective partnership in the control of igdnstry which 
it is beginiting to assume. 

SuapidoM to Ba 

It is necessary, however, to deal with workmen^ 
suspicious and to seek increased production 
through the only method that will make it certain, 
namely.-that of giving to the workman a sense pt ■ 
benefit from the better results which he h callied 
"upon" loTikof^. The w^lksun guMt. be «onviinc(<d 
thJIfc his increased efforts a»e fttt'fffirtk MM for idtt' 
benefit of someone else, but in part for his own 
personal advantage and for the general tteacfit <^f 
the public. ' . ^-^■^ 

Until Something approaching a guarantee in prac- 
tice is given to the mass of producers the prob- 
lem of output will not be solved and an increase 
in the yield of labor effort will not be made. It 
will be easier to prove to the workman that in- 
1 creased dffort Will for him mean increased gain. 
tUaa to provie to the workman that a reduction in 
commodities has become the first cause of deamess 
and of reduced spending power. / 

Increased production, however, cannot 
.from increased individual energy alone, and others 
besides workmen must be blamed for any con- 
tinued failure to make the beat of labor effort. 

Indolence on the part of workmen is not. the 
chief cause of diminished output. We have been 
doing in the last year or two in regard to hours of 
work and wages' rates what employers should have 
shown themselves willing to do gradually over the 
previous period of ten or twenty years. 

Workmen who have been content with an eight 
hours day if it had been arranged on reasonable 
or mutual terms before the war, and who would 
probably in the reduced hours have produced results 
equal to the output of the longer day. are not now 
content with eight houra — they are asking for 
seven, or even six. The ill will created before the 
war, as a result of refusals to concede anything 
except to pressure qf to force, went far to create 
and to deepen the suspicion of workmen with re- 
gard to the designs of employers and capitalists. 

It will take some time to live that down, but 
workmen who now behave selfishly or thoughtless- 
ly in their own sphere of productive wortc* and show 
^/Mo interest' iti the 'general problem Of Output aaJh 
production, or who diminish production by indiffer- 
ence or by deliberate failure to put in their full 
time with a reasonabte and honorable measure of 
cxertiott.j^are iwfietfaig ^e greatest damage «pon. 
their claif and themselves. To the degree ^ thaf 
scarcity is caused the price of articles is increased; 
the higher the price, the lower the purchasing 
power of the workman's wage. -. v 

An ihcrcase in the rate of pa*. 40 the worker Is ^ 
at the moment of less importai^ than a decrease ' 
in the price of commodities required in every home 
to raise the standard of living. Hundreds of dif- 
ferent forms of service are needed in order that 
better houses should be built, that boots and clotb- 
ing and food of all kinds shouM be supplied in 
greater abundance. 

A Chain of Sarvicca 
The iupply of all thete thingf it in the form of 
a chain of aerviees, and when any one link in the 
chain is weakened or snapped a breakdown occurs 
lor which, in the eiid, lat)or pays more than capital 
in being deprived of some of the things which 
labor requires. If hibor at the docks or the ports, 
or in Connection with transport and cartage, fails 
to maintain the free and steady flow of commodi'' 
ties, an interruption, wherever it may be canted, 
becomes an element in increasing to the worker the 
price of commodities when they are delivered to 
him. " ' 

Transport is an important element in output 'and 
a serious factor in determining the pric* of com- 
modities. Labor can be less blamed for any por- 
tion of tne difltculties ^i transport thsn can others, 
because of failure to organize and improve the dis- 
' tribution of articles. 

If in this problem of production we fail, scarcely 
anything can save us from a still greater state of 
deamess, confusion and risk. Whstever the war 
changed. It has not changed the fact that we must 
remain a great producing and exporting country. 

Our sUndard of life in this land depends upon the 
maintenance of our power to produce and export 
to other ends of the earth. We need not try to do 
all the work for /other people, but we must con- 
tinue to meet our competitors with success and 
effect in the markets of the world, and meet our 
own internal needs by providing great quantities of 
goods for sale, to meet the needs of other people. 

This country survived the greatest diflScnItiet and 
cotnplfcatkms presented by the years of the war. 
and it organiaed itaelf in a manner which tmtxtd 
and finally crushed the cooatry't enenMs. Thia 
country might have won the war without fh« suPr 
port of any class in it except the working etat!*. 
That class has now the opportnaity of farther 
servtag itself whUe at the same tin^ iNtrvisg the 
nation, and just as the masses of workmen did 
their soldiering with every credit to themselves and* 
their commanders, they have now an opporHirtty- 
to follow the pursuit of peaceful service ki a ' 
manner to elevate and maintain a higher staadard 
of life for themselves and their families. 

To take from some who have too much would 
aot aaaiat greatly the large ooaaber who bare toti 
Ktilcj The staodari of W/^caabc «»laed coasider- criticwLowcfl. 

ably only by iocreaaiag tka anaa-totaL , of coa|» 
munlty effort. 

le'didMoa to ootput per unit, a grcil iacreasf 
could result front the employntcnt 00 productive , 
taaklUP<» large ■umber of people who now wock 
har^^rn Aceupations which *re not productive aifi 
contribute very little to thoae uaeful fornu of aeN 
v|ca which are aa necessary as any process of pro- 
' duetion or manufacture. 

We solved this problem tn relation to the arts of 
war. It should not be outside our range in relation 
to the arts of peace. 


Enthusiasm; Its Use and 
Abuse . 

By. • Correspondent In The London Times. 

De Qnincey in his "Confessions" tells us that 
one of his guardiarts. a cltrgyman; was ''sidceife 
but not earnest" It appears that by religion he 
meant simfly a- respectable- code of ethics. 

"He wafe a good and conscientious man. and he; 
made a high valuation of the pulpit aa an organ pt 
civilization for co-operating with books, but it ^.' 
impossible for any man atarting from the low 
ground of themes so unimpastioned and so desul- 
tory at the benefitt of industry, the danger from 
\bad companions, the imporunce of tettit^g a godd 
example, or the value of perseverance to pump up 
any persistent stream of earnestness either in himpr 
" self or in his auditors." 

The distinction, jmade by de Quiacfcy.. is iitv- 
portant. A religion of self-interest may \tfi held 
with great tenacity,' bul it will never evoke true' 
TTCVthoftgnnr For to l>? enthusiastic a niair muvt 
ieaTa'duUlenge to seU-sacrlSce as the ispifes^ion 
of his devotion to a high ideal, which is to be fol- 
lowed not merely for his own gain, bpt because 
nothing else can match'.hi# tm? .v9«*Kd^'^',Pny.a, 
religion which, while it demand's' tne dedioatioit of 
all a man's powers in its service, purifies and en- 
nobles them c^o >nstafh a iiti's *eih^tiasm. A 
religion, fails in l^s appeal If it'tloes fltft» evoke that 
emotional fervor which incites to ready service to- 
gether with the strength of conviction in its truth 
which .prepares its adhereota to endure to tiie 
uttermost for its sake. ., 

Enthusiasm in religion has often been nndnr sus- 
picion.; This is because it can be as easily counter- 
feited as it can tie misunderstood. In the eighteenth 
century it wasi identified with unrestrained emotion 
and undisciplined excitement under the influeoce of 
fear Or rapture. WarburtQU da^oad U as *?tkat 
temper of mind in which the imagination haa got 
the better of judgment," and we need not be sur- 
prised if with this conception of Us character' .tt waa 
deprecated by thoiightfuPmen. It wa« not only a 
biahop of the Church of England who Baid» *'We 
iMsa put down enthasiasrti," but Wesley allb, when 
troubled by extravagant conduct of some of 'his 
followers, wrote. "The reproacli of Christ I ant 
witting to bear, but not the reproach of enthuaiasm, 
if I can help it." It is clear that a nilataketi l^r- 
suation of peculiar privileges and powers receHred^ 
- from heaven is a hindrance to true religion. ^Sl^n. 
under its influence are liable to commit r^any. - cn- 
travagance, easily mistaking undisciplined emotion 
for iniipiration, and the.fiptions pf a. derai||£Cit nti^d 
for Divine revclatiop,'^ , ^"^4^- , :„.^j^i^^.:^'\v^'f.,^,^^- 

It ia not difficult to trace the source of en» . 
thusiasm of this sort. Given the conditions Of a 
crowd, with the incflemenfs of a ipublic meeting 
. aiyl epecchea di^e<:tV.4Ppealti^(.to. the emotipna of 
men. wlib arc expecting tome sudden ruA of feel- 
ing, and you produce that reaction of excitement 
whi^ tyill lead to the extrempe <^ jof or terror to 
.the Itrnporu/ rey^T^^ t^^tifiy jmvUt of life. lu 
ithe iuU flaih MDf t0sir>f«r«qr <fiiM*«»^ll andcrtake 
' any'')witerprl«e.^ Or tiflrf' (f6fiditKm may come upon 
, a man in,.some solemn hour of loneliness, when the 
mind becomes subje<}t to S^ange imprcttions from 
beyond the boundariet of his ordinary interests, 
and he feels himself moved by a powerfut impulse 
•to self-dedication to some great cause. 

The history of Christianity shows thai such en- 
•thuaiasm has not seldom bee%ibe tour^ of much 
mitchief. On tilt! pth^.hgad, frue'edtkhsiasm is 
tfie' working of th| ^J]^iiie«Spiat within a man, 
who by his oWn deliberate set Jivies hkRSOlf to be 
the inttrumenr of "the DTvine Mkrpote, not In the 
forfeiture of. his own jp6t|eM*J>ttt, in their mora, 
purposeful 'employment..,>|bknows that i^t is called 
/to do all in his power, to scft^r^ the supremacy of 
righteousness and truth in ttic World In ways con- 
sistent with'-the Divine Wilfr ami -he isnnaloaa for 
the purity of the means he employs, as well aa for 
the success of the enterprise to which he haside-* 
dicated himself. 

The scceptance of the Divine law as the standard 
of eager action marks the dM(|Srence between en- 
thusiasm and fanaticitnif ^liii' fatter has Its origin 
in that narrowe4, ayM|^hy w)Ucih .leads a man to 
become obsessed. wiMl ana'0|a«gM>» the sacrifice 
of everything else. Ttte faimtisT^ 'disregards the 
higher la^s of fife ih tlte ink^lsti of ^Is imme- 
diate purpose, a#d that iHirpose ^ Itself is never 
consistent with fhf ^p^rttfine'itf ^ welfare of men. 
Fanaticism daims to poasess extraordinary gifts of 
the spirit an^f then pfessMpes to disregard the laws 
of social feltowihip. , I9r. Johnson's exclamation on 
this claim to pecukaf privileges in right of spiritual 
powers ia justifiiei: "A horrid t||^ng, • rtffr horrid 
Jibing, sir!" 

, Yrue enthui^asm knows nothing of. the dii- 
itlusionment -tliat comes to men whO have achieved 
the success they tiopM for and found its prices 
turn ,to dust in tfl#ir tunds. on ha« persuaded 
themselves thatlaJkire it faevtuble. It finda a 
farennial sourdl of life in that conviction of the 
reality of Divine government which gives men the 
depth and fo^ <Df unhaating effort, eottient to re- 
main faithful though progress seems sknr and the 
dffflcultiet many. Eathuslasm is ttrongett when it ' 
Mkei least noibk. and most effective when it at- 
tracts least iMantioo. If it drives oien to great 
enterpriiet it also keeps them faithful in hunirum 
4Bty. It Wfar sff^icacaa to tfafMt Hwrr .age of 
the church's life is to be an age of tfttVmiasm; 
«very 4m%r tu IfHc j^kare., .Rotkosiasm Wa its 

• ^''^f^ *^ ^•'^.V* hm0tnf taaM at In *a 
stirring aihrentares. t*robab|y tifia Ja wkat^ 

^mS m r f f di ia lii^^e pitent flmit TMCbwdi 
^ •God absAs no -mw #r«trainase. Tbg Chriatiaa 
fiaada^ao new id^at, Bptk raquire ia aa^lBisfcad 
vigor the enthusiasm wkidb will osaka tkeai f 
i<Aet fu the drudgery of ban! work. * 





of^ to04 








Headquarters - 

. . . . . Phone 6699 

Traiisportatloii H^ackiiianers Phone 6316 


^ARD 1 

S^tioiM 1, 2 and 3 414 Skiniier St. Phonci 6403 

Sediont 4. 5, 6 and 7 Scott Block Cori Hillside and I>oufl^* 

Soctions 1, 2 and 3 . . 
Saetiom 4, 5, 6 and 7 

Saction«,l and 2 


Haalth Office, Market. 

. ....:.1124HabkleAye. 



'.'•'c" *,?. • ■ 

Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 . . . . . . 1311 Gladstone Ave. 

Sections 7, 8, 9 and 10 278Q Cedar HUl Rd. 

Phone 6109 
Phone 3728, 

Phone 4509 
Phone 27S8 
Phone 2715 






Section* 1 wnA 2 

, WARD 4 

. . Cartier's Garage, Cor. Courtney and Gordon. 

Phone 293 
Sw^tions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 . . Five PoinU Barber Shop. Phone 6190 

! WARD 5 

Sectkm 1, 2, 3 and 4 1^.^^ JJl 507 Niagara St. Phone 6346 

J^actkii^ 5, 6 and 7 ^; ; ; . : V!^! Cook and Sutlej^li^ Phone 6813 



Vyillard C » ^Ta n y Supplied 

..140,000 Storage Batteries 

i|»r War SerylceT-fi^t Typ^s 

Invented.' • „„•.:, , 

■fr^=^— • ■" 

'pMo one raallMfe the Important 
iMit which •torage batteries playad 
In th« war," said Mr. Rolfe, of 
lameson. Rolf* * Willis, yesterday. 
''T^* Willard Company takes pride in 
tile fact that Ite product 'delivered 
tj|e goods' under the conditions of 
■k%use which war made neccMnrf. . 
jj"Wlllard engineere were sailed 
lifon to design a batter^ for {he i Igni- 
tion of the Uberty Atroraft ntotor. 
tloracs batteries for automobiles 
must he ilffllted ss tOi. sise and 
WjllCbtj, and In an aircraft t^eee llml- 
tti|tlsns art' still greater. Reliability 
ilfttS A iViatt^lr of life hmt. death and 
Iti addiUen to these handlcftys, a 
sDsrsg* l^t^sry for aircraft use must 
n4t spill Itii Hcid contents when'up- 
aine down. This was 6n4 of t^e 
iny war problems which. It seemed 
ipssstble tw aolve. Ihit within tM» 
!!• lUBlt set, a Wlllardi, battery waa 
■Ifned, a model made.- taated and 

•accepted, which met every reaalre-«nt. 

"The Wlllard factory also made 
batteries Cor gun firing, for . radio 
work, f6jr the signal corps, for the 
Aldas Lamp, a hand signalling de- 
vtee invSnted by the British. A very 
Interesting type was made for the 
use on tanks and the tank corps. 
This tank battery was really two 
separate units, one for starting and 
the other arid smaller one for ignl- 

"The Wtllsrd teotory received or- 
ders from the Oovemment for over 
140,000 batteries of different types, 
which were all equipped with thread- 
rubber insulation, an exclusive 
Wlllard feature. The advantage of 
threaded rubber as an Insulation In 
storage iSatterles lay in the fact that 
a battery could be kept In continuous 
ssrvioe for. a longer period." 


■ ■-■ ■ ^ — 

That women on the (arm should 
be taught to drive the automobile Is 
the opinion of Alberta's Minister of 
Agriculture, Hon. Duncan Manihall. 
He was 4>ne of the chief speaker!) at 
the banquet which marked the con* 
clqelon sf the two days' convention 
of Overland dealers at Saskatoon, and 
he was In splendid form In hlsre* 
sponse to tl^o toast of the Province. 

The great improvement In living 
conditions On the farm, said Hon. Mr. 
Marshall, had been brought about by 
the Introduction of the motor ear and 

by its addition to the modern farm 
equipment. He stated that at every 
meeting of farmers at which he 
appke he advised his hearers to buy 
an atitomobile as soon as they could 
afford It and to teach the women on 
the farm to drive It. 


A rlnpr indication of the constantly 
expanding market for automobiles of 
the better class in America Is seen 
In the announcement of the Packard 
Motor Car Company, that their pro- 
ductfon for the calendar year !#]• will 
be more than Joub|e that for the year 

While there may be some minor 
changes In seating arrangements, there 
will l>e no so-called 1920 models. 

This Is In Una with' the Packard 
policvt. of adhering to certain funda- 
mental principles of engihe and body 

The engine of the present Packard 
Twin Six is practically Identical with 
the first, 'which was produced > In 
April. 1»16. 

This twin six motor is the 6ne whfch 
people have como to know as the fore- 
runner of the famous Liberty engine, 
in that it first vindicated the twelve 
cylinder "V" type of construction. 

Parallel with the five years' success 
of the Packard twin six engine run 
the extrnordlnary record-breaking 
feats of Ralph De Palma, who has 
broken most of the world's Important 
speed records ,with a Packard twelve 
cylinder motor (aviation type). 

■•■^ »i 

n You Remove t&e Film 

^// SHOemmU A^iprwed by High Dtni^l AulkoriHet 




A TeQ-l>idrT& of > 
INpeodeot to allow 

3FQII Its CflbcUk sHBd 

the ooapoo fbr it 

.TUg id to orgs • tenfday Urt of a tpoth put* wMch 
conksts th> fifan. 

Bigk Mttfaorhigs have pr<it«d it Five yvtx% of tssU 
Iwvs fliMed H boyond ^Mstion. lMiSim% dsiitistt vtmr- 
vHlwt# dra ff' gi^ its ddoptioa. 

Coagpars tfio results with ymv did methods, sad 1st yov 


-~--^ Fibn Destroys TeetK 

Thst altay film wUtUx 700 fod on iroor teeth 
most toon troublst. BVery modem dcntlBt knows that. 
Dsnial sdsaco, for many jtan, has sottght a waj to and it 

That film te what discolors, not tiie tseth. Itlstiiabaais 
of tartar. It holds food sabstsncs which fsrm sn ta and 
fotawacid. It holda ths add in contact widi the tssdi to 
caws dscay. 

miHona of gstms brssd in it Thsv, witii tartar, aro 
the chief eaoss of prorrhes. 80 ths major ehjeet in > 
iac taatfi la to heap tham free from film. 

Old>tims methode faffl to do that Teeth still discolor, 
stOI dscay. as miSioaB of people knew. The reason is that 
bwMMna ^ces not end tiie fiun. 

The ffim is cUnginf . It geta betwe en the teeth, 
crevicee atd atajra. unf and night, month alter tm 


e of danger, 

month. It 

'* ^ifr 

Now a Way to End It 

BOW haa f onod a wear to end it Five years of 
tests have proved tliia. The way ia now embodied in n 
'irice c aBed Pe^eodent And i*« vrge yon to eeo 
it doea. 

bbassd oapspsin, the tfgeetant of 

ia albnminoaa matter. The ooiect of 

is to flaaolvs it, then to constsntly comitat it 

. B«l ^wafai mnst bo aetivatsd, and the nsosl nl 
•I MM naiaafid to the teeth. 80 pepein long 
batted. Bnt adenee haa now fomid a harmUea m 
.madiod It ia made «• of in Pepeodent 

Now idDtoaa of teaA are daily cleaned as tbsy 
before. Try tha method tan days oi 


.„ far a 10-Day Take. ITaa like any 
I hfiw de an y owr teeth foal after whig. 

of tho aHmy nhn. Bee how the teeth 

whitaii aa tfie fixed fihn diaappeara. 
Waldi tfM reaolts for a few days. Saad hi 
tfMy coma about Than dodda lor 

Tan-Day Tabe ¥\ 


MA to-Day 


i ♦ J -"'J ♦ 




■ J- 




iis^jUAnxjua r s v ' A tv . , 

Returned Soldier Says That 
•Mr. T. A. Barnard Is Mem- 
ber of One Big Union in. His 
Home City. , - ,^,, 

New Weatmlnater is takina a keen 
Intereet in the by-election uampaisn 
here, accordinc to Mr.'V. K. Andrew, 
a meml>cr of the ataft of The Colam- 
bian, of the Mainland city, vvho im at 
preaent on a vlalt to Victoria. Mr. 
Andrew la an ez-meml>er of tho Can- 
adian Expeditionary Force, with which 
he served for four years. He fousht 
in France with the 2»th Battalion and 
Canadian Kuslneera. ' In which be 
reached the rank of aerKcant. 

"We are Intereated in New West- 
minater," he aajra, "because Mr. T. A. 
Barnard of our city la a ■ candidate 
here. I can aay, b^caUae I know the 
principioa he s^vocatea. that a vote 
for Mr. Barnard will be asainat the 
best intereata of the returned men. 
For inatance htre ia a typical example 
of hia aaaertlons which do not And 
fa^vor with those who fousht In 
France. Sixtaking on November 26 of 
last year at a supper slven to Victory 
Ix>an workers, he said that 'If the re- 
turned soldiers are given land quietly 
and constitutionally and properly, well 
and good. But If not, then they will 
take it by Direct Action.' 

"Mr. Bernard la a member of the 
One Bis Union. He was head of the 
Strike Committee In June last whe'i^ 
the workers of New Westminster were 
called out In sympathy with the stand 
of the metal workers In Winnipeg. He 
resisned that position when a petition 
was circulated among the membera of 
the Great War Veterans Association 
demanding his rosigaation as Presi- 
dent becanse of .his Ona Big Union 
sentiments. On a previous occasion, 
when he went on a political platform 
In Vancouver in Opposition to Sergt. 
Walter Drinnan, ' his reatgnatlon as 
preaident of the Great War Veterans 
Association was called for, and he had 
to vacate that office. For theae reasons 
the opinion entertained in New West- 
minster is that it would be nothing 
short of a tragedy if Mr. Barnard, be- 
cause of the principles he espouses 
and because of his association with the 
One Big Union movement, were elect- 
ed as a member of Parliament for 

V*t^ V ,^i -ri ii y^ » 


, l^j'^nuj.^ 

/ . 

V'-; -i:-:.) 



Saw Much Active Service and Waa 
Fromoted FYom Rank of^ Private 

Lieut. H. P. Caldwell has recently 
returned from overseas, where he had 
been tn^the fighting line for nearly 
four years. 

Lieut. Caldwell enlisted in the «7th 
Battalion in February, 1916, went to 
France aa a private, and was in that 
regiment until It waa broken up, when 
he was transferred to the 64th. Men- 
tioned in Sir Douglas Halg's dispatches 
in the Spring of 1«18, he waa awarded 
the military medal . at Arras, and 
shortly afterwards obtained his com- 

He went through the l>attlea of 
Ypres, Somme, Vlmy Ridge, Lens and' 
Arras, and was wounded tv/lcc. After 
the signing of the Armistice ho wuh 
stationed at Witley Camp, from there 
moved to other camps, and was among 
the laat of the aoldiers to be returned 
to Canada. 

He was born in Victoria 25 years 
ago, and la the eldest eon of the late 
Mr. H. J. Caldwell, C.B. 


Saanidi OovneU Hcarx Report Prom 

Major K. B. Spurgin — Many 

Men Watt Turn to Baild 

Thirteen houses are being built in 
Saanlch under the Soldiers' Housing 
Scheme, according to the report of 
Major K. B. Spurgln, made t6 the 
Saanich Council last night.- Most of 
them are in a well advanced condi- 

Workmen on many of these housen 
have been annoyed by damage and 
pilfering exploits by small boys, and 
Major Spurgln said that steps were 
being taiten to capture some of the 
lads and "give them a good licking 
apiece as a salutary example." 

Tm-enty returned soldiers are on a 
waiting list looking to a chance to 
build in Saknich under the scheme. 
Thia year's appropriation having ber:n 
exhausted by work now in hand, the 
men are putting their names In now 
to secure priority next year, should 
the scheme continue. 



CALGARY, Oct. 26. — Premier 
Stewart yesterday made public the 
decision of the Government .in con- 
nection with relief for the drought- 
stricken areas in southern Alberta, 
which ia as follows: 

By agreement with the Dominion 
Government, relief will take ths form 
of ■ coal and floor. In organised 
municipalities, the supervision and 
distribution of this relief will be in 
the hands of the various municipal 
councils, they borrowing the neces- 
sary money direct for this purpose 
with the ausrantee of the Province. 
In' unorganised districts, ths Govern- 
ment will take full responsibility for 
the supervision and distribution of 
relief throu«h the Department of 
Public Works, administered by Hon. 
A. J. McLsaa 

In addition to the foregoing, and 
In view of the fact that the Depart- 
ment of Acrlcalture already has the 
question of seed arain distribution 
and the lecstlng of fodder for dis- 
tricts where feed la short under way. 
it has tiecn thovglrt advisable toy the 
Oovemment to have the whole ques- 
tion of relief eo-ordinatsd in a Cab- 
inet committee, which will consist of 
Messra. MarshsU. MltslMll and Mc- 


WINNIPOO, Ost. t9.~-rhmt the 
principal ttdnbie in eannectlon with 
the eaforcssasnt of the Manltoka tem- 
perance Ael Is due to wlMI *lab* be 
called raedtaSI asid veterinary boot- 
Iccgers, a«d U-ls tti«. Intention to 
make an elMrsslie triye Is an, effort 
ts ponlsh stl BtNb sCsadera. i- rhm 


HSnawlnVtbree-quarter length FUR COATS— positively the very 
latest ^tylf c^ations, and shown exclusively hcr^. ,,. , 

Near Soil Plain Coatt. Magnificent 

Near Seal 
' coon collaM i'^- 
and ctiffs,..'.;..^ — 

Hudson Seal Coatt, with sable col- 

ivith dyed sable 

1 $300 




cu ff s............^^......^ 


Very Beautiful Hudion Seal Coat«.' 
Plain style. ^t^ll^n 

Best quality ^t/t#V 

.The above Coats are very exquisitely lined^nd it is quite impossible to em- 
phasize their (beauty in print. Come and see them today. 


i 44*01 f 

f ♦'it 

Neck Furs of unusual beauty and marked at prices stamping thcW 
as incomparable values. , Wc liaye really never offered such values 
before. ^r v' S'-l^ 



or Black 


Black Fox, prices from 

f„"*....... $40 

. 903 4nd..... 



Taupe Fox, prices from 
f 110 

a«»^« « »«#aaa 


CroM Fox. Prices from ' 

, to «nxw.#., ,, ,., 

K«d Fox, prices from <Kt i gy . m 


K fj 

Wc would like it understood that the prices above quoted iFepresent a 
direct saving to you of from 35% to 50% 





'«<>, i****^;:^..' ft"* 


Phone 1537 

1216 Government Street 

%>. ■'»< v'.TiKv\»'4«ini'./<iaNif)«^>.Mti'. iHtH 

'«"V 'K.itM^ritMilt 


'WfcVrf^lSftl': . 

unanimous decision of tlie inapectora 
aa announced in a atatement iaeaed 
thla afternoon by Attorriey-Oeneral 
ThomaJ Johnson. He Intimated tbat 
the "sltop" preecriptlona of liquor 
would be fousht as contrary to the 

The announcement also states that 
the Attorney-OeneraV haa been on- 


able to And any Justincation for tlie 
rnniors involvlna the intesrity of any 
cf the oiAelala Hi the Temperance Act 
Departmsnt, and that these reports 
hare been traced to bootteMrera and 
other anU-prohlbition interesta. 

It waa pointed out today that the 
probable appointment of J. Q. Rat- 
tray as hsad of tlis Isw enfforeemt'at 

dspartmsnt. tto bs ersatsa dois not 
ne e t s sa ii ly mean that 1. K. InelMRf 
prssent admlnlatrstor sf IMS act, 
would reaian. / 

7*he annoonoement Is sfifss ibat fn 
fatnre hmpectota %nd««- the set will 
prosMste all doctors who isaks pre- 
sertptisns to other than their ysjjnilar 

qpHINK df t he time «n4 
1, trouble yigi vwrwit^ witB 
tfitdfl " 







JWil I 


V*IBae* Um ntw gaaoUn* flow 

iiNiBifitiif wer p^^ 

Uw- Grade Offtoline Often 
v^aus^ Motor Knocks, 
Fouled Spark Plugs and 

Cor BtartliMr f ■— urtft. 
ntw gaaoUn* flowtas fi«n 

*vritlk th« tmnondowi tacenuw In 
tW eoasampttoB mt j»«Bllno «ad tbo 
BBiWttuiit reducMon In Ito qoalltir. 
lim, Put problom to booomlns of 
C^igttar tapeitaaeo «vmT d*T to th« 
•lilaneMlo ownor." declared Mr. F. 
rood, of tho Be«s Motor Co., ym- 

•atmnobUo motor la opontod 
l>r baal; uiA tt is th« ositanBlon of 
tl|« hot f«M« la tHo eomhiwtloB ehmm- 

. y Mr that moves the ptotoa. The prob- 
lem then to to extract aa many heat 
vtl^ta aa poaalble out of tba fael that 
lltekoa Into the cylinder. 
' -H9 the early days of motoring tbto 
WM comparatively easy, aa the gaao- 
lliia anppUed then was hlchly volatile 
and waf, eaally vaporised Into an in- 
flpmaiablf mm*- As the demand for 
(isellne increased, however, the sup- 
ply proved InsufBctent and had to be 
««9Plemented by the addition of the 
hjMYtor oil products which were not 
s^/aaslly vaporised. 

*rYhe result was exactly the same 
•#^thoach you tried to burn heavy 
IQVM coal In a furnace deslfMd ex- 

"^ eflBvely for nut. In fhiB Stttnlidbne 
spftne the heavier fuel refused to 
viperlae properly. Part of it was 
bvraed, part of It formed carbon and 
fMlad the spark plugs while some 
l^^ed past the ptoton rlacs Into the 
olf In the crank case destroying Its 
^nlrteatlng propertlee. 
. Maay Waes Wom Foor Gas 
.'^*The outcome was burnfd oat bear- 
torn, fouled spark plblpi. the fticia 
tlMl Of excessive carbon In the cylln- 
d(|lM, hard starting, waste of fuel, low 
nllaage, loss of power, and a knocking 
BjMMor. To remady these •rllSk •«•' 
gip e e r s resorted t*<v«rl(i«s qiethode of 
applying heat tOtawHtt In the vapor- 
faction of the fuel, realising that the 
Uim grade gasoltoe av»Uftble , WOUI4 
B«f ply more heat milti tliiin high 
gfi^le fuel, and ^frahili ^re power 
lf.41iese heat ullita «mU . ba as. 

^^e result may be seen la the Be- 
th* wonderfal perforiiiaaoa of 
during the past few mMtha has 
the motor world. Although 
iMnnNM^fK Inohes In laatth oiverx 
ntoex motor develops more 
tluui BC horsepower. This remark- 
abla achievement to made poeslble by 
its eonstruetlon. which permits the 
thorough atomlsatlon and burning of 
tvery drop of fuel supplied. 

"The manifold carrying the carbur- 
etor to bolted directly to the cyHnder 
block and the inward passages are 

■ow of fib ntxtufs aad tlM hot raaa> 
Ifold lasures perfect dtotrtbution and 
osMlplvIs agntoBatloa of the taeL 

"ipi MAtHUtkk' tbe ab^ttgrs ^m ttw 
radMLt^r;' #Meh are eoatroliod frsn 
the daah. enable the driver to oper- 
•t« the motor «l tko moot efficient 
temperature, whisb Is elearly Indloat- 
o4 by the motgDiigtar on «be radtotor 
eap^ - la the vnmtn the louvre open- 
tags la the hood are oofvered oa the 
laslde with a plato» dotav away with 
the neooMiitx Or «he aaslglltly radi- 
ator coverp tmm la Wlatac. oa ao 
many carik 

"Thm r«Hrit Is aa oAoMmT la*oper- 
aUon whW^lMM iMda tha MpMa one 
of the iai(»iafMHr «aM •var teought 
oqf • ' ^^ 


i4BE n&B nMlOR 



Good vftir 

No mof* «••« tlM jn«C«rt<llear the 
dimming «C Mi wHKatliaM la Winter 
weather. tlM trMMw of aaowed up 
vision have bota am»»seias< fnd a little 
auck of gragalrii waagr nwtarui to the 
simple mes||9 le aaeartty offered the 
ihotortot w|M^ MiMt tmval through 
dirty weathar. oaa atldi oeing suffi- 
otont for a SMMM* 

'X;ieac«ihf li Ilia tmm given thto 
lavehtlon. sji4 «*ir tlko week-end 
Demonstrator iVUkar sSMeeeded, liy a 
simple quick «g«HIP*P^ in eelling a 
•toek to prasMMrilj' 1 Wfmf garage la 
town. Hto matoa s > WH| g dl was -well 
shown at the RavaiiB^mb Oarage on 
Tates Street. Maatlttg Mr. Walter 
Reveroomb la tba ohUl «f Thursday's 
frosty mora, lia led hlai ta the steamed 
up window, vM^Kpod a sample of 
"Cleavsight** tmm kis ifoeket. made a 
small cross on the plate glaes, rubl>ed 
It briskly with a bit of cloth, and th^n 
turned around and said. "Breathe on 
ihU NMdi: rt» ook't dim it for throe 
days. I'll sell yon a gross,** and it was 
so. there and wliereiver the gaalal 
demonstrator called." 


, ;c. 

In company wHh Mr. FT'R. Begg, 
M=YaM«bvor^ Mr. o. tu phalps,;af 
the I^odga Brothers Motor Company 
paM a visit to Victoria toft week, 
Mr. Pftielps to the sales naaager for 
the famous light car. and has pro- 
ailsntf tbat the . shipmeata of. thto 
popular car t» Vietoria win be 
doubled fbr the next few months. 

HardyScifty^Bteedmg ? 

No matter #ka^ klad or where 
located, any oo«a to promptly cured 
by Putnam's Cora Bxtractor; being 
purely vegetable it causes no pain. 
Guarantee with avery bottle of "Put- 
nam's." "Use n9 other. Z60 at all 
deators. ... 



Given Gas and ^011, Modern 
Automobiles Perform Feats 
Not Expected of Railway 
Giants — ^Troubleproof. 

Bnglneering ecienee, plus modern 
methods of manufacture have devel- 
oped the high grade motor car 
to a polat where performance to 
to taken by the owner as a matter of 
course. Liong distance touring by 
automobile, onoe regarded as a fact 
worthy of comment, now le looked 
upon as a task that the automobile 
may be expected to accomplish. 

On a cross-country tour of 2.9tfO 
miles or more the motor car en- 
countering all manner of road con- 
ditions will travel day after day 
without givtng trouble. A railroad 
locomotive, on the other hand, to 
run into the round house at the end 
of 250 or 300 miles for cleaning, oil- 
ing and general "recuperation;" in 
fact at each division point It re- 
celvea. at the hands of ejcperts, gen- 
eral inspection. The inspection of 
the motor 6mr on a long-distance 
tour, generally to conflhed to a 
glance at the oil gauge and a peep 
into the gas tank. 

It is comparatively only a few 
years since a tour of a few hundred 
inlles was looked upon by the owner 
as a real teet of hto car's endurepiee. 
On a trip of that kind the driver 
was prepared to experience mechani- 
cal trouble. Since then there has 
been a decided improvement in road 
conditions throughout most sections 
of the couQtry but the big advance- 
ment has been found In the con- 
structioa of th<r automobile itself. 

4iuoe a etandardtoed car — a ear 111 
whieh aU parts aC a klad are lUia 9ti 
#tksr parts oi the same klad. a«A 
kiterohaagaable'^wltk them. 

Such manufacturing io4|nlr«a SMajh 
froments of the ftnest; and la tko 
int CadUlaa mora than !••• 




ir OsdMao Oars Includes 
Mofo nMk l«M« Operattons WJth . 
Onc«tlMN0aBdt|ii Inch limlu 

F{iio manufacturlns t procesees. In. 
Whl6h halrSbrea<tth measurements 
are a large factor.^ are usually asso- 
ciated with delicate instruments, like 
watches, chronomoters, and other 
prectolon devices. But such pro- 
cesses are not by aby means confined 
to these fields, •as evidenced by the 
methods employed in the production 
of Cadillac awtomoblles. 

It to said by mechanical authori- 
ties that precision, accuracy, close 
measurements and standardization — 
all of the practices that make for a 
high degree of refinement— -had 
their American birth in the Cadillac, 
at least so far as the motor car to 
concerned. The htotory of the auto- 
mobile industry records that the 

: 5>, 

, *5, •<:.. '7'-; . 

n» Tm$ lliftt Ihfce YmfetA Secure 


Am ywtty y it iit Htm MipkbU «f iriikMp||>« ti* mmaam gtrain of winter driTi&fff The 
noWt Im aM iM of wlatar pity li^.l i U > ■»€>■ Urm. Chknging Tiree ii not a pleaeuit 
«Mdt i^ 0old wesftker. Tate m tlitoeiiri #ini|ir'»«ar «kr witii 

f T 

tf K \ 

BdMiUUbf to 

Thi «MttiMM fradl «C«« noMkM iM •Hal. 
LoBff Biilgkf* kBd plMnmatBkl wKliiikaw m« ■«. 



OflMi Mil llMlffQft TOBOllTOi; 

./ *• 

* 1* 

■f * > . { 



•perattoaa are accurate to the oae- 
teaMrta«tk pkirt of aa laak. wkOe 
-maffa tkaa tkno kaatlrei are aoeng- 
ite ta kalf of •oaa-tkoaaanftk paitt 
•f aa lack. Mow oloaa tliefc w aa M' 
wrsBMnta ara. to batta* appreelataA 
wkea It to kaowa that tke averaat 
liaUHMi hair to five to six one-tkooa-' 
andtte of aa laek.ln t hlekas as. 

Tkto ImpUes eoastaat laspaetlag 
and ekacklng up. both of the nuteklae 
toeto which do the work aad the ka- 
tohod 0rodaot Itself. Bvoa tha gaagwi' 
employed la thto work are thom- 
•etves froqaently checked to Insure' 
eohktant acimracy. For example, the 
spirit gauges with which the dtaB»- 
eter of >totons to teetet. register to 
th« ten'thonsaadth part of an Inch, 
aad tea cheeked up •rwy . fifteea 
minutes daring the working day. 

The most accurate system of mess- 
uramant In existence Is the Johana- 
son gauge system, introduced Into. 
AmarUsa by the CadllUo Company. 
Tbaae gauges are accurate to tha, 
one huadrod-thousaadth part of ait 
Inch, aad are used as the mastfv: 
gaugee by which the testing and 
Mwylng gauges are checked up. The 
Jaasnnstn gauges are poitolied stasi 
hloeks. whose surtecto are so traa 
tHkt. whaa placed together the afr; 
la anriadad to -auoh an extent tbat 
approolabto eftort to required to sepa'. 
rata them. ^ «. 



Unique Gas Saving Invention 
About to Be Marketed-^ 
Unity Auvilerator Also Keei^; 
Engine Carbon Free. ^^ 

In t|«|^ coarse of tbe next few dayt^ 
jtl\e^ motoring publle of Canada wW 
ba lntro«u«ed to a little gas aavliig 
invention, the "Unity Auxllerator,"' 
which has given remarkable results 
under teats by such Impartial authofi^', 
ities as Messrs. Thos. Pllmley aiMI> 
Alex. Pedeo. and several other wail; 
known motortots. 

The Invention constots of a brasp 
cup with a screw top., which Is at- . 
■ taekpd to , a - hot . wc^uat; ^a^aatfplil. 
'laslda the' cap to' a valve which op- 
erates against a spring pressure to 
responso to the engine suction. 

Three small copper pipes ai^ con- 
-nected with the cup. one leads to 
tke top of the radiator, one to the 
engine base above the oil level, and 
the third to eonaected with tha car- 
buretor manifold. 

When the motor to In action the 

Anotloa of the eaglne actuates the 

valves, and draws from the radiator 

a damp vapor as soon as there is 

iaay kvatlabla* at the/saavs timo draw- 

'lag from the engtao base warm 

1 heavy oil gases, whl«h term as the 

I engine heats up. These are mixed 

;and keated wlikia tke little aop aad 

ipaairi to the aagla* Ini tha form of a 

'highly axploatvambrtaM of. great 

spower. ■' "■*"*' *■ ■■"" • '"•- 

; It has^boakiWamkafWk ^ faara^ 
|tha.t ^he Valuable fas«p acteaottlafe 
ila tM aiank ease and go ^tlb waste 
throtigh' the breatl^er pipe, but until 
ithe production of tha/ aiOdlerator 
tkefo has bean' n« prkettiiikt mMB» 
of utilising thto pow^.^; V ' . , 

In the samo way dtiokiiTO have 
for yeatatadght thiLt. steam has an 
affinity for carbon, decompoidng Into 
oxygen and hydrogen wk^a 'brought 
Into contact tuida^ heat ani pipessure, 
the pzygen ooniblnlng wl^-'tlia car- 
bon and forming cafbon monoxide 
gas. The trouble' froai the "motor- 
'tot's paint of view has k^ to get 
the stsam lato an operating engine, 
tand the auxllerator ashlayea this 
with great success. 

The result of tests, of tka-aaxllar- 
.ator last week showfd that a great 
Increase In power to aUalaed. aad 
knowa dirty engtaea^ to whloh the 
appliance has been attached have 
within a few days b^^n entirely rid 
of carbon while performing thair 
ordinary duty. 

The "Unity AoxilOrator" to the In- 
ventkta of two Vletoi^ brothars who 
for the present desire t# remala la 
the background, and to being mar- 
keted through the, Motor NteeesiUes 
■Company of tika IMI. Peitaaneat 
'lioan BttUding^^ .V,\r i 


8SiV£ ^ix^,A'{ 

\ :J>tt£.:(^ <t.. ,?^ ^.ftcji-js'^.*: 






5 By riQMon of thte CANADIAN STUDB^AKBR FACTORY RnW^its IliJBwidt Purchtsfilf 
• Th^se 





pftj^" f* 

Mtde Cirs Save fyom f 300.00 to t^oo.oo over ihe Snie^O^ if it wll Mfered tm thfl 
American Factory. Help to Keep Down the Rate of Exchange. 


i It.. 




AJMrSn^Kiibe I4l»ii||y to the^l^Momr 

«- •- -aS . 




•'^^V" '' i i'<i fiij 


, tor.* Cqurtoey voA Owdxm'9l » * 




In Effort to Prove Wonderful 
Riding of New Overland, ^Ar. 
J, 6. Paterson Runs Foul of 

Law. • ' /i/i '*fc 

Aatemoblto Row to toughing over 
the ^ke of the season, and Mn J. O. 
Fataraon« Thomas PUmlcy's ,star 

demoBStrator and salssmaa. to . the 
vloMak "Pat" has beoa pinched, ar^ 
rested for wild aad wooly driving, aad 
was ' tke rueful recipient of a little 
blue sUp wklek kalad ktm bafora tka 
stem ,majesty of the Uw last Mon> 

. Fun of enthusiasm over tha par* 
fomuuice of the new Oyeftand ^ « 
demonstrator wklok ka kaa baea put- 
ting through Itg paoas, ^Mlr. Paterfon 
IWM been talcing capaotty loads of 
Interested i>eople out to Beacon HIU 

Scattered around tkat aataral 
beauty spot are numerous bumpy 
bits of going, auch as rock piles, 
rutty ditches and steep roadside 
slopes. Over all these "Pat" has 
been putting hto naw mount, aad la 
between the stunts would look back 
at the filled toaneau with a broad. 

Erin and remark "now Jttst «at^ tkto 

Scores of vtaitora to tba Park daw 
the shiny new car cutting curlicues 
on the grass and weaving around 
from side to side in searck of spring* 
testing places, -and • several of them 
were so convlacod that the drivar has 
a secret cacka of krewatar soaia> 
where that they commanieatad wUk 
the police, tke gaaaral tenor of tka 
kdvlces being "Tkere's a drunk rua« 
ning amock at Beaeoa Hill; ha'a try- 
ing to climb the trees with a new 
car; it's a shante; come and get klm." 
OaakkA fai 4ka Aec '.i ...,_'-■! 

Bo it was that the motoJtQrtAa 
police patrol lay in wait for the wov 
derful new ear. and when cheertal 
Paterson arid hto cargo of exparl- 
menters appeared on the scene for 
the 'steenth time thay ware a k aa k ad 
to have the aian In blue setomaly 
take a hand in the game. With an 
utter lack of recognition of an old 
acquaintance the officer atoppad tka 
proceedings, stated that the car was 
on tm wrong side of tka road, aokad 
who owned It, took tha numbar, aad 
then looked up and said. **Br, aad 
what's your name and address?" the 
riders nearly choking with dallgirt 
over poor Pat** misadvantnra, wkkdi 
closed on Monday with the paymeat 
of 15 to the court officer after a aal- 
amn warning from the beach. 

At that, tho BOW oar to really a 
wonder for aasy riding; Tkoas who 
have taken the test trips sU agrsa 
that none b«t aatreaMly heavy |olt> 
Ings are felt by the paaaanger% wklfa 
the manner In which the car splap 
around and negotiates auick turns to 
surprtolng. The perfonaaaca of tka 
engine to also commsatsd npan wltk 
admiration, as owing to the llgkt 
weight of tha car the 37-horvepowar 
has a far higbar percentage of Work^ 
tag energy than Is usually availakla. 

SPROtT-aBAW Mlgkt 
at for 



A peat's sal 
Motettot eatUlee yea to 
•f the teortag 




7' ;i *i 


<v - ..t ■ 



1920 HirpOBtLES 

Have Anwech-^jnly a FcwiLdft 

See These Before- You Buy 





7S7 Jdlmion SMMt Flppit ai77. 


v^ ■•■ 




Sold to 

Mackay & GiUesiiie 
Wood Yard 

Let ttt tell ymi why thigfinli, 'after contldcftef 
other wcU-kaown makes of Trucki, botight m 


Revertomb Motor 0». 

Phone 491f 


433 YatM StTMt 


Sdpdn aod OrulttvAnr of Afl Mfefct* 


^1 JhTftt s 











l-TON TRUCK $475 

fcHkVROLET, 1918; TOURING. . . $850 
CHEVROLET, 19IB, TOURING. .. . .$900 
C¥SeSnK>l£T, 1919, TOUIUMG. . . .11,025 



DODGE TOURINGb;.. ^-ig^^-^t^h • ^<t»«v: . $1 ,400 

Each Car has been inspected, and is ii)t' ;; ' 

.ii*^i4ii , .,» good running conditton. 

J. .iW.. 

sb^it^ ~; . .Aiti a:. 


'ft-aSI^.l . ..JSJi .And. 

1- ■- -,-!&■ . 

hs& Motor Co., Ltd. 

•37 View Street 

ykiotim Mid y«nco«ver 

Phone 205S 




New Auto Workshop and Re- 
pair Station of 'Webstec and 
Balcom Took Shape in Wake 
of Hun. 



^ '^- !i|o filftJIlr'ii* makes' the money he sMaH 

if he speipids days of his time hauling with a slow 
^ ■ tcam*-^^'^' ^ . t,. , 

A Ford One-Ton . Truck wiJI taU a loa^ to 
market and be- tjiokMainJn>^\Wour^^^ It ^« 

will pay for itself in the .time it saves, ', Moreover" 
it is <:hea|»er ta-run a truck than keep a ttMun. L 
*' Make^ a ''t}uiefc calculation of the time yoti wallif^ 
on the road. Thenkt usrshow you wiiatypu^can 
do with a Ford* Truck. / '^ ■ ^- 

Conplele Tradn, incMiiif bocKet or'olMedl 

ready for iiiim^cAate delbrcry. 


1% t-i 


!w ' 


. ^i>- 

Ipf nipany, Ltd. 

•"• '^'..'Mipiie 4900-1 

ieil Yatee S«rMI 

(AntlMriBed Ford Dedora) 

^ ]aL. 

fmt b ttrtk Hm Ftr^BUY VICTORY BONDS 

r •^' 


TIh^ iowe^ in Price and the MIoet Efficient Trade ol lU 
I J. Qfmditf m Uee 

Equlppfid wIth'Tlmken Axle and Roller Bearings in fr<5*fflF'and 
w -rei|; axles.. Timken-DavitI Brown Worm and Gear 

^sifc, .:;. i| embodied in rear axle. .*—-<. -■■ ^-^■■- 


tVpdh Ch|p«b.. ..f . ; $l,g25 

WMi Cab libd WindshieU . . .7 n^gSO 

Whh Cano||pr Top .A.. $1,990 

See the New 1920 Model MaxweD Towhic Car 

\'* •^■"< 

.>■ • 

Aslhitoini's Ltdi 

4flit Bay Street 


Phone 4763 

f>rotect Yonr Pay Envelope— BUY VICTORY BONDS " 


* - 

Gates Half -Sole 


Are ^kranteclfr to riltii SOOO Miles. Atid are* also jfuaranteed to' 

be Puncture Proof *' '*^ 

They Make Old Tires Almost Equal to New 



A. llfc6A¥«f 

AvtheriMd QatM Half-Sole Tin Sctvkt Sutioa ler V 


Parker's Oarage and Machijjfe Shop 

and htvc lntt«ll«4 ttp-ti>-4at( ntclilittry and are n«»w la a heiter positSofi 
to fcandk all \(in&% of A«i1«nohlte tnd Mirlne Work. 


In the day* or the real estate boom, 
years before the war was even thoueht 
oC in Victoria, motorlata in trouble 
found relief almoat as soon as thoy 
set ey^m on a youne mechanic, popu- 
larly known as "Jimmy," whose un- 
used patronym of Webster was to be 
found on the books of t)ie PauUne 
Company, thipii aeents for the Stude- 
boker car. 

. In the dark da>-8 following th<> war's 
outbreak many a motorist demanded 
"Jimmy.'s" servloes, only to be told 
that be has heard the bugle's caU and 
gone to France, in company with his 
chum Bobbie Balcom. a native son, 
who also boasted no little skill with 
refractory automobiles. 

Now the twain are back acaln, once 
more they are peering into the "In- 
nards" of balky cars, bringins delight 
to exasperated ownerit. and behind 
their garage venture on Douglas St.. 
north of the Hudson's Bay building, 
lies a tale. 

In Northern l?>anoe 

At this time last year the Canadians 
had Just wrested Valenciennes from 
the Gernians. As the first flood of 
troops, tanks ' and transports passed 
through the city in pursuit of the 
enemy they brought with them a re- 
pair car, a marvel workshop on 
wheels, prepared to handle every con- 
ceivable motor 111, and in charge pf it 
was Jimmy Webster. 

Av, night fell there drew up beside 
Webnter'M chariot a mighty British 
transport lorry, piled high with ahellB 
for the advancing Canadian guns. 
Out from the hood peeked a lean and 
youthful face, and at the pitch of hia 
voire he shouted "If there's such a 
thing as a real mechanic around thin 
aHleep deepo of the dead, let him trot 
forth before 1 come and talk . with 
vomething benldes my mouth; theue 
k^rds of mine need to <ly this night." 
" Kven Vhne he shouted came stocky 
•nlmbUM voiced Jln>my Webster, in- 
stant recognition of the voice from the 
dark told him the urgent one waa no 
other than hls,ehum'%BaIcom, unseen 
for years past, and it was a real shock 
to the vociferous chaperon of three 
tons of shells when that husky voice 
came out of the darkness and bid hlra 
"Quit braying before the M.P.'b got 
here. This Is the end of the war, me 
lad, what are you going to do when 
you get back to Victoria?" 

There In Valenciennes the pair of 
them agreed to work together when 
they got back home again, and so it Is 
that the new garage of Webster and 
Balcom opened Its doors last week, 
with a flne, n^w, .clean workshop, and 
a pledge that nothing but the sort of 
work done in France would pass their 



Closed Models of Famous 
Aero-Eight Fitted With 
Many Conveniences— Smok- 
ing Sets and Vanity Cases^, 

A J 



. 30x3^ 

•ei*V- .frr 

--*-.ji#-V*^>«'^ ^^.r~,t^- - 








<ti-i% >• H&.Utii 

Vverland, Fool 

.-• «■«* « '. 

Chevrolet, Any Dort 
MixnieH, Etc; [ 

fc'^^ '■-(■- •., 

.<? li. • - ■ V 

V •»,»■, > V . ■ . - • ' 

'1 ;t -.-.V 

' ^.•' 





Partridge Guide . 

Partridge Non-Skid 

Goodyear All Weather . . $22.25 /i| 

OdmiaioB Nobky . i^ . . $22.75^1; 

NMOP SpMnri B a ;• e ;e #Zlelft ^J^ 



Dunlop Traction .If . ^ t2t75 %! 

Special Price ? 




» f 

. t « 1 

. r 

t ' ) . ■ I 

•41 1 

f h,\ ■ n*- 

■** •-"■% 

'A deposit of 20% will hold any tire 60 days. These casings. are not seconds and cairvTOaker's serial nurt- ; 
bcr and guarantee in every case and are this scason*s stock. We have a large number !qf. tires on hand l?ut 4tt » 
orders will be accepted subject to bein« in stocfe Out of town ortos shipped prepaid. - » ,'.•'/' "* ' '' 



\ ^V\iiM^ 


;.i ■■'.■ 


"/f Yoa Get It at Ptimley's Ifs AU Rigki/r.^ 

.« ir. >■ *t'« ; ^*^ 'iff : 
*!.'''»» ••<.•.« ». ^ »/,»»•••■ 

■^ try- A r 



I t 

gives will never drive at night without 
a spotlight." 


The l*;;o°,niodel Hiipmoblle ig now 

■ I 1^ i'','i \ 111' I i n« I ' ■ ■ «== 

In Victoria, a carload of them now 
being housed at the apacloiM McMor- 
ran Oarage on Johnson Street, the 
examples displayed on the show floor 
, attracting much attantloi^. 

The new models are but littla chang- 
ed mechanically from the wonderfully 

suoceaafal oar mgrketed last year,, most 
of th« sllvht'ohftnges being emiiodled 
in the bodf.t^vhlch has been improved 
In such petntg !as , higher seat backs 
and aimilaf d«t^la. 

The Hup4moBlle has for socme years 
past been honored among motorists 
as the finest of the light four-cylln- 


<a»r«d cars, < and 'tfl«'*iKkkers' eWiin tp 
thetftla of 't^'^omfort Car" hag 
been undlspiitad. It la to clinch this 
nf.m!» for,oaay riding. that the minor 
Unpi;ovemaQta ., ambortled . have been 
hi^de, whllf a ramarKably handsoma 
appearande Am been achieved at the 
same tlipeL . ' ^. 


...4 o| 

„ /M 

Radiating the personality of cars 
of custom make, the Cole all-season 
models reveal a completeness of ac- 
eaMorl*s md- fittings, l^o dvtail con- 
tributing to complete luxury and com- 
fort has been overlooked. 

An autoiilione makes It possible for 
those riding in the tonneau to com- 
municate with the driver. The touch 
of a button places It in operation, and 
one talks In a conversational tone. 

In the tonneau are found a gentle- 
man's smoking set and a ladles' van- 
ity case. A heater Is Installed In 
the floor, which can be regulated to 
furnish the proper warmth to Veep 
the interior of the car comfortable. 
Two corner lights, controlled by a 
swiloh in convenient reach of th eoc- 
cupants of the rear seat, and a dome 
llsrht. which Is Illuminated automatl- 
fsUy w^h the opening of the rear 
dcora, furnish Ifgliting salted to the 
varied demands of all seanons. 

Automatic window regulators are 
Installed throughout. A new type of 
counterbalanced . window regulator 
operates the rear quarter glames, so 
that these may be adjusted without 
arising from the seat. They have 
proven a vast Improvement over the 
old strap type osed customarily at 
the rear quarter windows of inclosed 
cars. The regulators at- the doors 
are arranged so that the glass Is 
looked In place, either when com- 
pletely lowered or raised, thus pre- 
venting rattles. 

In the models designed as chauf- 
feur driven osrs. a glass partition 
dividing the front and rear compart- 
ments Is operated by an automatic 
regulator. This psrtltlon may be 
lowered completely into the back of 
the front seat, permitting the use 
of the ears as family ssdans. or raised, 
to Insure privscy In the tonneau. 


Mr. 8. J. ]>rake was recently telltac 
«f a trl» ttp the Island to Qualicum 
and Home Lake, and incidentally 
brought to the fore the great value of 
a spot light In emergencies. 

"Although I have had a car for 
years. It was only recently that I put 
one of those spotlights on. but I'm 
here to say that I'll never be withovt 
it in future," he said. "I waa taking 
» couple of friends up to Horns Lake 
for a bit of fishing, and as we went 
up the road W« were constantly experi- 
menting with the n«w UghL 

"A few miles the other side of Dun- 
can we met anotlisr car. the roadside 
being aiarked »y k dMp ditoH. TIM 
other (iAlow was pq|lta snoogh to dim 
his head lights. h« «4 cottid do no 
less, and hallrve ms, the InaUnt bs- 
f«re that si^llght Ut on tli« roadiles 
waa plenty ticklish ta satlaf]r me fgr 
a long tlngt. 

"Most vMfie think. of a spotlight as 
Nomsthln^lift pick oat housa aumbsn 
with or t«ad road dlMMloaik hat VHt 
sure that any driver who has ones •■• 
PTienced the comfort which a elsar 
light OB a rural d««y dltclKd madslda 


e '-fW 

1 KM' !'lt.iin 

. ti. r .ti .'.J / 

Id. Ml. Il^> ■ 






,r,. '., 

- .■"'►■ i\ 

, * ■••'. . _:■ Ml Ul,n l<,. i ".iM... < 




't. '•(. 

' ". 

•f.'. • 




.' u.-jll' 


nv «• 

•1 . 

^ .. -i- 




' *'■ 



mt-i • 

* , 

Ufi ■■«>,; 


S'/ >l|; 



\ '.* 






, *- 










t R 


»!- . 

'*Jt .•■ 

' » 

'>•;■ • 

/ •* 


« .la»!r; '«; 




i . 

' "*■. 

1 :■ •." 


ittwy ( 


d/e <L!^ero "Eight 

The iAerchEiGm kat the rtsteaitit of true art lb 
holdneds is tempered hy a whimsical touch <^ the ua- 
conventionaL It it fefteahing^y diSaxat without beiiig 
flamboyant, and though it ^>pcak tnatandy to the con- i 
tKHsseur, it ia equally as kofttmive to the iim«c casual 
observer. It is a ovation of peculiar fatfihafion 
fee those aeekiiw the exdusi^ and the new. 

j/" Pttet$tmmmitamlii§tlmfA 



i«97 BroiilAoa SftTMl, Vktoria, 

G)le Motor ^Cu Company, Indianapolis, U.' S. A. 

■ k m 


t J 



■'« .' 

■, > 

' '' . 

' ' t • 





nere't 4. Touth of Vamorroir m o4ii Colt ^0€$ Toddj 









Ullrersity of Toronto, oaGry^ 
VI War Record of 0,WrAltfnW»i 
Makes^Appeal« PeqM 
Mdf CahftdH 

com* Tu'Ael, ted trarw f««M»B#»d 
VHttl *lf IJ-T > TiM BMB i^t W< N. 

iMUl^S A. IX Obiaiielni A4 Wt' 
'1$Uk, IK VabeooTlteb Mid L. Cllns> 


lo mmny 

, ha* *»y ii»U- 

!^ ••"SSrSirSltwiity of *^ 

"intr MMfeortel *iaunitU« 

•eat mt tto« eta»l«.«»» 

to «iM«tattl* tlM VMord 

ftroMT uHldolltli; alx 

vet whom- g«TO tliolr Itva* 

ilr en th* flold* of 1>^4** 

tko Atlantic t« lh« faolfltfir* 

fottnd m«n mnd wbafcn wB» mt 

ttmo or othtir pfrMMd tiMfr 

At V. of T. and it la to tkaao 

tbo Committo* U appoaltns. 

Id^ of tlM blc oampaUpi now 

unjiao w«r iMlaa *• ovMi a 

atern«M*M^4ii tfc« 


f ^w^f^ tgw, aii4 to aatabUah 

4p* for the boneflt of tboaa 

atndfMi war* intarrapt«d by 

oall to aanrloa and who^a tb*Sr 

w*r* not la * pOtttiatt • t»| 
4m thair ambition "on '" '~ 

P*pMid*nta on th* g WjU^ll^ 

' HE DAij^Y COLON lyf, V I C T O I tIA, B . C » SUNDAY. 0(^TQB i 

"' ' ■ ""g 

Qirt0lion> of 


Th* ««atli of Dr. C. l4 O. HuWI. 
PiWTeat of mwo—la r CoU*t*'at tl^ air* 
#r M^tfmmim OB* of dalord'a.b**! 
MMAr«4M||l*t rM|wct*d chlmna. Be 
twM b*«n ^^oat'for aodM ll V««#*, 
aft*r taavlac boaa Buraar ^ad l^t^ <»r 
jiaap y«ar* baforai aarhapM M* nam* to 
MR MMpa Is >i ii i* 4 uoB witb tb* 
0i$mTi*t0--^ma0lk Ito w«rlud alnsfe- 
baB4M wltit the help o( ]|la wlfa and 
da«^t*r. H* printed prtv^fly* la tn^ 
moat beafHHil and artlatlo litirl*^ aaanr 
booka, lBoiadli|| .Unit 
•f Dr. RobU Mtetf 
aa both proa*1Ulld pAtry 
of BMajr other authors. Th* lat* 
Preroat waa aa aetlT* membor Of the 
elty eooaett, aad apoelalljr devAt*d him- 
MK imM^dttr-tttMnr. For, a loas 
parldlPpKPnKaaM waa the efflcUMit and 
brilliant Oxford eorreapondeat of The 
London Tim**. 


Portland Oregonian Prints ^a 
Tlmcfly Admonition for Bene- 
fit of Petty Politicians of the 
United States 

Th*' Portland Oragonlan of Od- 
tob«r II contain* the folio wing od- 
Itorlai comment on the cam pa i gn 
betas oondpiAed asalnat th* poUele* 
of PrdMfOQt Wllaon: 

"U Ifaph thln«a aa th* antl-laacu*ta 
are aaylttff about Ekyop* wer* Mtld 
by Bvropoana about America, w* 
caa hardly ima«lne th* ontburat of 
wrath which would follow. Tet the 
romarkobl* thing about B«rop*«B 
c*mm*nt ^on the treaty dobnte W 
the abaenoe of recrimination in la«* 
of ^*at provocation, and th* ton* of 
r«pyoaobful friendship which la 

"Britain haa been the. particular 
tarf*t'of such ervptlr* a*nator« aa 
JOhndon. Borah aiid Reed, but th* 
womt that The London Obaerver aaya 
J* that^ 'the proceedings have been 


to Srttooa;' Um. tha 
let aeaght t» epar* 

oar fiMlMiC*;* that theh- ain hp« 
b**n to play upon th* prejudice UMjtl 
ha* survlvod from th* dead and ioiM 
antaconlama of a oantory and a MV 
ac*.' mmnlii— that Ireland iMi 

be«n th* ohl*f cana* of oppoaitloa <• 
th* l*afu«. that. paper aay*:f 

"*rh* mor* unlv*raal lasueajjjtt 
stake d*mand ^a compreheiis^ 
scheme df settlodMt Which shaB ftit 
of«* *MMnend Itadlf ta moderate aai 
«nllcht«n*d mla4a In SHtaln and KM 
OhltaA ttat**. Aaandg th* flrat aad 
not the least of Its conaequenooo dttdk 
a schema would reveal the earMHf 
neae'wlth which Brttala liaalrea tkd 
adtafc|lahm«ni of » U|nt9ul|, proap«r« 
otti hnd unlt«d I r ald iJ C AmarlM 
baa as yet BO iaklhw •f.^he dftpUlk 
of this reellny^because It 'has so IhT 
lacked the opportunity of expressldii.* 

"If speeches were to be ma^e^amd 
resolutlona fiamed in the British MIV 
Mntlk*nt denounelnt the cuipitilp 
necl*ct of th* United Stataa to Wft 
'aOOd Kovennment to Alaska, i^ltt 
would the Johnsons aqd Reeds iagrt 
'VV:euld the aomm*pta of Ameriona 
n*wi9*p«M be a* restrained aa t|t«iM 
of Th* OhaervefT Would therd ,*• 
any dlspoaition to reply that 'ir4i 
knew Alaskan afCaln were In a hiUI 
ahape, but that we had been ii|Bp 
with war and would now attend to 


"The dlaeneslen of the treaty 
has bean tinsed by a tone calling tm 
European pride. An Intenae bat 



powttrs of; Wtf«| iMH ^^ff^'M 
potty, CJentral Am*rlMMr- r*paMlca. 

Mhfeod. Not 
1^ old world 
don* aad miCtMred grmtt tiltfigt in the 
war. but wf have made greai aea* 
caaajona to American aeatlmeat.*; 

**lleoocnlUen of the llonree 
trine la cited aa 'a apaclflo Inatanea 
aearooly oMMTealal to Buropeaa 
thought' whloh. ^applied to Bare- 
pean condltkma. oflCVrs dangeroaa 
scop* to a aecretlv* and aa ^ t a ah er- 
ona diplomacy.' But it 'repreaeata 
the price whloh Kurope wUl willlngljr 
pay for American co-operation in th* 
common wolCar*.' Barep* thought 
that America had -deOnltely brok«a 
with th* policy of alee fap aa,' bat 
'a policy of spaamedlc lnt«rventlea 
followed by r*ttr*mMit la inoompat- 
ibl* with' Europ*'* 'ld*aa of a world 
order.' Th* article enda thua: 

" 'History can n*v*r know a gredt- 
e^ tra«*dy than (hat AMarlea, a na> 
tlon whoa* unity Is baaad on th* 
fusion of the p*opl*a, ahould be th* 
power whoBB roluetane* imped*d the 
ftislon and unity of the nation*.* 

"The contraat b*tw**n th* spirit of 
the article and that whiel) fnis th* 
fulminatlons of nntl-leagn* aona- 
tors cannot fall to impraaa fair- 
minded Americana. Th* natlona be- 
side which we fought Invite our h«lp 
in establlahlng In th* old world a 
new world order imbued with th* 

eC tba Mw world. Thoy fought 
ttdllr t^^ » half 


.ithout our aid in a oaua* which w* 
Inally war* oorap*ll*d to r*eegBlsa 
ga our own. Btit w f *»•« ^^•rnU 
act to trust them, to ke«p aloof from 
th* laagu* l**t th*y «•• It ta aatrap 
aa. and th*r* la joy in Germany. 

Attar victory I* ifw th*ra la a proa- 
poM tfaa* QbriAany IHU ado««D#Ush 
that whloh la attempted often but In 
vain, while the war waa oiv Europe 
eeee that danger. b«lt those Amer- 
icana ^ho would emascillate the oov- 
epMIt nnd wreqh the treaty are blind 
to it or rockleaa of the eonaequenoce.'* 



who fall «r who ^ 

and diaablod will alto B*ft*« 
»m th*** acholamhipak « 

k* graataet of anthiiJlWll bad 
J oeeivioaed br 'tka Ifeadiat** 
^t that Qt» war reeord ^jMlHtr nlg 

aHhcmgh the oampaiipf tk^tHii^ 

beguming, aeoraa oLtrwKmm of\. v, 

taaoa have poured ' |h V iratff f 

roaldenta la all pM» df flid 

itf Former akudeaM dC thg 

aohool hhve written # #Bdi m 

[ooftl^ihl. Ottawa. 
f, Bdvonton, aa fhr 

aad Victoria aad d« tip dddt 

Ballfhz and St. John, and New 

Cfilfeago. PMUadelphla. Beaton. 

org. amd Ziba AagdiMr dr* aoly 

•w of.Uia Am*rtoatt dtiaa wliidpi 

hmi ^kmt4 h*m. M nU tlM& 

,a vlgoTOua eanvaaa tor fund* 

b* eonduetod and not only 

t]^* fund b* matarlally helped 

tiei^tb AUna Mafeor jriii be oeV 

and atrengthened — ties whlell 

%raa not known hitherto eriated. 

off n I miUjf T 

vloeaUty dMdrteg wjMI id 

found It* own abholardplh and 

thla and spMslal cfipiilttiigi 

formed, In the place named. 

BradttS •*' tatt^t^'MxH/hm •^ 
iHifnt time. The entire Brit- 
Xilai. a* well as the whole' cont<^ 
hi 'North America, are to be 

•rod «ad. Judging from proaent 

jdiisattrnu attibsn will u on* 

I thilptdtty anywhdr*. 

Wh*n «i tall' M nnjH iovnAa m 

114 th*r» waa' tavorhdi aeettvlty *« 

he grounda of the old IJ. . of Ti 

ina oMlk- -WMk m* l^«' dttandaace 

IribhlfiBg ctdadliy. ni« Canadian 

^Ptom hnalQlnir eovp* mnde ltehe^« 


„ >i 

■.' ^ di »■ 

,' * > if- ; 


4i ^-'i 


•f. 'v«^fr*V i»aH i"tr*"i^V 






■ n /■■u.-' 

<f.-'-> f 

■T,.\-> J,,- "tv 


'■'S.Tfirifi ' 



) i 


t ■< 

-^t f' 



C«# ht th« itftioenit tiidfiii(ie*A 
m i B o a o' a nwlu Vordnte, bat hdjt 
an th* fttidaata waited to train tlMii- ..> ., >? ^. - v^ t 

,'a^wn belt. In handiMa the heal 

oft' the Unlverplty dUoi ealiolai' dMr'*-'''«"»»>»4BHBHattida«^w^«l 
dMrvice In th* raiika and wImi tM 
eQU^latloe waa ■Igliad* no ] 
'.M«(l gra4uataa aad Bw U f p ' 
-haid B*rv«d under tha handfcwi d< alvir 
iUlaatlon. Kum*r«pi| 

won and at laaai ~' 
'■'t* m*n war* 
jrpUa a* |uvring "fallan ULlMtion 

[«Maiit fMhma Wko *mtl» W90V* 
. It la to honor th«*e mM that th* 

sasnpalga la h«lng % % mwi\A and 

when In the yean ta dpiia tlioai 

^ho waadar throiafh QiMii'a 

apa th* nagalflaoat IMpdirln 

Oataway. <lMy arlU kMMhJhal Vap. 

Htya aaffvto* did not did 'imh Mi* 
^«iar hut that thaga wild fm^Hwd 
'*^iDarri«d dai" aai dM aU In tlMlr 

power to aeffatahta th* OMmory eC 

th* gailaat fallowg who •*Wa«l 
'w»»t." i 

sir Bdbart Vhlooawr, ipraHdoat of 

th* U. •! T. Alamal O—HlnHiwh 

hav* takM a tafamoat plMt IB t|i4l 

ebnpalgii for Hmda aad at Hjlidii 

phM*a threofftpvl th* eoaattr. th«d« 

"aavanti^ have dMhaa ia th* hd* 

tireeta off tha movemant. Bvaty- 

Vi^hore thay hav* h«*n tndt wtlh * 

Mrdiai riMPtlPh *hd on ovary 1«||ii 
Hhoy havd fodEl a wbala hvdrhid «|l- 
rfiM"*M t* brtpb aimdroda who 
,;.hav* be«« o«t of iooeh with vanMr 
Vaihoe th«r laat paatai tholy hdlit 
jffiA •*t fiMrth td hatu* vrtth tha 
.jvrerld hadr* -alhMad thla opydftanl^ 

i to renew gi4 trl*adahl|M and tMra is 1 

S» doubt that from voir on th* 1% 
hboi win havo alwayt hohlad H a 
• band of m*n aad womwi at loydl 
aa that whloh barai Ha hrMtat to tha 
Hon and OOapad all tor the hOMr o< 
th* hkitorlo laptttvtloM aad tha 
rlghta anf UhorMoa 0( otvtUaatloa. . 
Kai^varg aM Talo hav* anoh pt* 
ggnlaaUoid at thdlo.haofc ^uad It)* 
hopod thiit. aa a raaiilt M tho «a«* 
palgn. g r tBoa t — ttvm mm* Md fhv^ 
from ono odd of tho world to tha 
' ethor. win Ma* up. pofmMtBtIr «a<dr 
th* banndva of thi U. d| ie7aa« 40 
*v*rythin|| hi thtir pdwdT to ho 
worthy of tho BdUaat 




'W^^mi^m?m^[^ \ 








.i ', ^ ./^ 






t\i '"■»'-■ 


«. k 

%TOU are cMmq* of no tomn omantry. . 

^ CttiMiite Is a fair, free land. '^^ 

Canada ia 3Foar country, '"""S^h^; 

Canada-" u o wt iaa need to borrow froin 
Land witliout raatratpt of poUtiea or flna d i itU ici M Qii a i 

• ,.»■■ ■ ■- —■'■.-* . -. , fc, — I . - 

:-=_ -SS 

kH ^UA 



■>" ' -ftr. 





Tb& laadira of the pcflitioal partiaa ondoi^a Hia Loan, j! 
Itto CANADA that«8lDi: ., •.'i?-*'-r.,.,„;^>'* ' ■f;.,/ru 

A*wl ^l«w*«M •'"•'r<' r«. . |, 

*ro Claim up tha last of the War's oommitinaqta and ay p i fH ii; 4 ^ 


iw ittf^^'d.J 


To sstablish bayond all qiiastion the cipadty and ocadlt 

■f ».,.'■>. 

i f ♦ 

■v- *iJ"V4>»».*siS,(j 


To care for tha wounded and the 


'*.>'??*?'•' .•'Oi*.T?':rfv 


ao fr**ly gav* thatr IIVM tar 
racy an d jha Bight. 



. NBW tt^BX. Oolk i«^~Or. QoortO 
B. ArmallMid; of Moatroal. wm Bit* 
t*rday *i«aM i f >il#> M of th* lp<Hi 
can Coiiefd of a i t i u da whloh hi ki 
•aHdon at iho W a ld d t i'Aalarta, la ago- 
oodd Dr. HWhuB Jt MtOf, of 
9$, ' 

Td finance the bonuf of the fetiirnad aokiBr akaady paM^ 
To enable the firuita of Vidory to ba gamafed; If 


1 '"sT 


To enaure the proapertty of you, her 
^ . The ffuna of war are 8ilent«--tmt they are not yet 006(^1 

^.y ^ ■ ii 

\) I The Victory Loan 1»X9 Is a War Loan. | ati^ >..>^*t 

Canada's book of war is (gloriously written— make this, Iha 
ohaplar, a worthy one. The reaponpll^^ 

»* Y 


«v fj -<^.V r '■Kt ' *'f 

.Irt' ... 






a hi 

ihfidaaiO rt iiii Bi, 
itraal: dl4df dwg n a df tha ~ 

Hi »i • _ ^ 

9m m 1110^1 

Sm O0Mal ISmp ^a tm 


t —.• 







H,A Davie GiVes Opinions of 
Car Situation in Old Coun- 
try—Great Britain Wants 

rCanadian Products 


• '.»»■ . . .V ■ • - . 

i. bwrt«. of tb« ItcflAuslilla 

r Cnr OMftpany. wlia kt^AMoat^ 

'«ihr yMJM trf UM atttotnbfeU4) In- 

Iwa rvoMttly >«curp*d'4rDm Mi 

■uHor tow br Bofland and 

ratfUomd |nwf« JB4lk« f«v»- 

bitttliMa la ^ngMnh, MK D^Tle 

that b* wu.niDr».t|Mia i JH^ 


HO m:<nub HAn» 

r)Mpl«,»f^ wry toaiA af>4«U^ ct 
llii« tMiW, 9«| U OMir onl^ «»«i tM 

MB of thliics to mItlvmtioB or the 
WH; t^o would bo HMkdi'Mflw Heard 
.ot-*oif oity aad hardoblp. 

i|^ whan ynu had* little moper In 
h^M. iaato^ ^ , op ond U a tt -Kp» 
bovfiu a paall »rds!eirty ta-Oif .«QiiMnr 
«o that whaa tMMt9f..wmm «laakrira« 
eould ^ut your Uno oi» ttMU-rOBltlr 
vatloc lt«. how much more eoBtanted 
ybp ^^t$ ho: how much more aecvre 
yoa w^M feol-<-« very poor worker 
under :tll» wont of chxumetanooo 
wo«M;bo a failure Indeed U he 
coaldnt proTld^ for hi* .lq)mef|iate 
hooaoMeld noada from an aero ot «6 
of 'sroi^d, ai^l think what It would, bo 
If at dill time* yo|ir Immediate nipoea> 
•Itlea woite prodded for! aniil no rent 
to payo-lio fttel to bay! 

yklao,lii<tead of waatlnr time and 
onamr wlahlaa thlnca would look up. 
yen wfHda bo thankful for havln* 
•omotlMqf to take yonr mind off 
worr y l|KK about the future. ancVWonVI 
bond wttk a wfU to Increaae tli« W6- 
dnetldflrdTyour own Und. which would 
biias yon nearer to the time when 
that laM will take care of you entirely 
In gr<4|ef ooaaf or t than you have ever 
boo n \ iron win not need to worry 
about 'warklnv for someone else for 
their profit; . you'll be your own bbae 
and yon wtll have an enJoyabM'/ 
healthy and fkr ni9re iiajri|i|r occ^ipar 
tlon la-y^r ownfhollo, %.. 

Call hi en tlM Vancotiver laiand 
Pmlt t«»dB Co. at tbo^.peUnont Block 
aad lot tl^em explain to>otl how under 
en o opttei^ally easy paymente and terms 
—Jar ^leae even fhan ' t^ rent of a 
■lacle fobm herwln thb.City-^you can 
eater tola poaoaailen of tan to twoNiy 
acroo tf line land, and lay the founda- 
tion of yienr Indepondonee. . 

Thla oompaay Haa ' ettkblbli^ a 
commfuilty where. for a cash 
paym0t of $t» xnn^nuiAUIh: io. 
aoraaM'thooo lands and no further 
payaMHtfor it nlonthB< then another 
laataMK^t of II*. and each year |I9 
natil Am pvrdfMa* paid-^l^i 
<— «o Mbtfre«t>tlnc chargbd. : . 

Tlnwi ■' made ar*. not «awair In the 
wiMa: t|My V near n|l|IMU^ - ff«;aa. 
pbrtaltofi with daily, trdhi servieft. 
Churoll. aehools. stores, ntllls. etc., al- 
raaiOy eftabUshed. and are. .close tb 
tood markets. 

1* ieiM today 9400; lOaeree in ,5 
years ^-"iwhatever you Uko to make It. 
besldea bavin* kapt^yv^a^ji yMura alt 
the tlma. j' ?-,• : ••-• •:. • •. ;,.. 

M ■ il l « I V ' ' I I H i 'iii'''i "^ii •' , T i i ' 

surprised by conditions provnlUnc In 
tHa OM Oinntry asMr. W lw r ana la 
fonaer daya the Amertean car waa 
looked upon with nOsahrlnaB If Bas- 


m eon- 
Davie say* tho OUt 

Oavntry Is nowaapy|av American oasa 
aait^ iDOklna thii wagr for facta abaoi 

Hr. Olivli WM Mirh in praise of tlia 
IndlvlJhibl warHnaaebtP and flniah of 
lha,OM Conntrii^ cnn^ bat claims that 
the manufactuMni^ ealer to indlvldaal 
^luitmi^mp^tmm imaa or no faciiitlaa 
for qnaalMy pQHMctlon. The mana- 
faetnrars the ua w il ras were now allvo 
to the value of quantity production, ta 
">eM the fver increaatns denuMds. , 
"Vitt m^Mh-^aapMalW. howovar. 
doe* not Joel JAsMOad In^rlaklac large 
■uins oC mfMi«y «a - mcrbaaln* plants 
nnflll the -labor slttetlen la more 
tiedk and the extraordinary high 
nlea paid ditrfns the war period baa 
lad the worker to expect more than 
the niiftBip<aetiirai( ean atCtord to pay. ■ 
^The"ktronc' loyalty of the returned 
•oldlera In their hondreda of thous- 
ands^' and the majority of< the real 
wertierf who think for thenuelvea, 
.^ Aavnr fbr 'maintenance of 
. jarifi dafaat «im aiaaa of the 
aClt^U»r»wha are endeavorlns to 
'atrlkee. *id Mr. Davie. 

. • * Oaaftfa^ep In Oatooaae 

''tIm Juat ratumed autolst said that 
he had every confidence In the final 
antoome of aClaIra io the Obi Country, 
and that the «raatest mistake the ad- 
latovs made waa to sap p eae that the 
werlilnv ma* would swallow aaythlnv 
without thtnkinc it out for himself. At 
|he vnv»maat, however, the entire 
population ae^med to be pleaaura mad, 
and busily bngaged on every form of 
aipusement, as a reaction ' from the 
stranuooacarea of the war. 

under these conditions, eaid Mr. 
Davto. the Old Country motor car 
BBanufacturera cannot supply tho In- 
creased demand, and the country is 
tuminc to outside eources for imppr-. 
taUpns. Canada, he continued. aWr 
largely In the minds of the people, la 
recelvinr mors and more atteatlon. 
and It is confidently expected that a 
Urpe Und ovnatabt demand for Cana- 
dian and An^erlcan ears will occur in 
Shg^lsh markets. 

Canada Is in for an era of pros- 
perity, laid Mr. Ehivle, it the people 
ohtyv get Sown to honest work aad 
production. Many business men of the 
middle and weatthier clasaea in the. 
Old Conntry are pMhi^Jltf t0 cyne ^nt 
to' tllb Dominion, -aolely nn account' bf 
tl^ rftore sett^ conditions which 
iuAd entorpMso less of a.~i^culiltlon. 

. The MdUrngtaUn Oar 

Ih referenoe to the p r o gr eai o^'the 
MciJaughltn Car Company, Mr. Davie 
stated that the General Motors Coih- 
|ma)r la putting up two large plants, 
one at Oshawa and the other at 'Wal- 
katrrine. ')tn twelve months it is 
thought ths new plants will be able to 
turn i -out ' foihpletely Canaan Mc- 
LdQgbllns. in n^iilanUty that will be 
twice as Wtfh as thi 1|I* production. 
Thb mamtfabturlalr of the car entirely 
In Canadn. aald Mr. Davie, will cut 
<btU the forty-two and.aMialf par cent 
dut4^ and the ten per cent, war tax. 
bboldes which, tee Increased prodnc- 
tlon will help In no small manner to 
Jower f^e 'retail price of the popular 
^tatighim ear. 
'^It'bexpfieted that the Canadian car 
manufacturer* ^11 get busy and build 

»»_'• vary' extensive export trade to 
ppiy the Ota Country markets. 
VhHh *f* even now crying for Cana- 
dian- ahd American cars. The appli- 
(iatlOM of lAodem methods of oen- 
stsiietSon to cara will permit of the 

Gny Hair Saded 

wnn tae ause 
trmiom thM depewd^r. aisi»iy sMa^r 
T. 0*l«aB*e'e th r ee al i tkebalr. Is tnm « 
«e • day* evciy graybeii win be #Mft. 

ffifawQIr ITffft CiiTis 

•Md tbe ps eep a fw a trial ketUe end 
ear ■paeial eenb. pe aere end M<ra lae 
MMt coi«r a< rear bair, fry it •■ a 
isek ef iMlr. OMasate tiM reseNa ead 
Ml* al*a*ere ef Mia* wltb tb* eld way. 


Or. Robertson^ Agricultural Ex- 
pert of Governnoent, Spealcs 
Before Canadian Club Tues- 
day—Ladles Invited 

Canadian product being sold at a fav- 
orable rate in competition with the 
more highly firiUhed but higher priced 
EiigUsh motor car. 

Mr. 'Davie spent some months in 
touring England and Scotland in 
aotomobilee, and got in touch with the 
premier people ini the business. He 
stated that he was warmly received 
and testified to tbe high opinion held 
of Canadians in Old Country circles. 
He was accompanied by Mrs. Davie 
and his son and daughter. The party,- 
after arriving back In Victoria, waa 
conscious of a distinct sense of relief 
to be back on settled ground, and Mr. 
Davis stated that In his opinion "Vio- 
torla Is the nearest place to heaven 
that nnyone will ever get on this 
aarth," as on his arrival home be was 
able to pick ripe strawberries in hia 

Tld^ts for the Canadian Club 
luncheon to be held on Tuesday next 
at the Bmpress Hotel are now on 
sale. They may be piu«haaed at 
Cocbrane's Drug . Store. Hibben's, 
O'Connell's. and the Great West 
Permanent Ixian Co. Advice postals 
notifying members' of the event are 
now In the malL 

The speaker of the day will be Dr. 
James W. Robertson. UUD.. C.M.G., 
special, agent of tbe Federal Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, who has just re- 
turned from Europe after making an 
investigation of trade conditions there 
and ascertaining the ounook in those 
parts tof tho products ot the Cana-' 
d)aA farmer. 

Dr. Robertson has held positions at 
Ouelph, the Central Experimental 
Farm, and at Macdonald College, and 
he has written extensively and con- 
ducted numerous government in- 
quiries. During the war he acted as 
chairman of the executive committee 
of the Agricultural Relief of the 
Allies Fund. ' Dr. Robertson addressed 
•the Canadian Club in June, ltl7, on 
his experiences behind the lines in 
France. He is one of the best known 
authorities on agriculture In Cfnada 
today, and his work with the Canada 
Food Board made him widely known 
throughout tho Dominion. 

Tuesday's luncheon commences at 
noon, and the members of the 
'Wpmen's Canadian Club are invited 
to attend at 12:30 to hear the 
addresses. ' 




WAflHINaTON. Oct. »5. — With the 
turning back of the clocks of the land 
one hour at 2 o'clock tomorrow morn- 
ing.' tho American people agkln will 
live normal time. 

For two years the clockp were moved 
fonrkrd one hour in the Spring and 
moved back one hour' in the Fall, but 
from now on the. timepieces will re- 
nuiin on the old basis, as the daylight 
saying law was repealed by tho pre- 
sent Congress after a bitter fight, in 
which President Wilson took a hand. 

Railroad officers and employers 
have been Instructed to turn their 
watches back one hour at 2 o'clock 
Sunday morning. Trains caught in 
terminals will be required to remain 
there until scheduled time of depar- 
ture under the new rule. 

Baodlt^ la Winnipeg 
' WINNIPBO. Oct. XS. — Chines* 
business men of Winnipeg complain 
bitterly of the activities of an or- 
ganised gang of iMindlta which is 
making a specialty of. robbing laun- 
dries and other places of business 
conducted by Orientals and lone Chin- 
ese on the city streets. No arrests 
hftve been made. 

Much Whiskey Stolen 

DETROIT:' Mich., Oct. 25.— Theft 
of about $60,000 worth of wlilskey, 
B22 cases of a stilpment of two 
thotuand cases, is being Investigated 
by federal and local authorities, it 
was learned today. 


H C R B 

A RUN DOWN STSTHM )■ like a run- 
down clock. ITnlPM tuned un it !• of 
tittle use. If jrou ar* run-ilown from 
overwork, don't neglect your coadltlnn. 
0«t k box of Blln Naiivii Herb Tablets, 
take one or two at bedtime, and you a'lll 
note an Immediate Improvement. For 
over thirty years they have Di«v*d a 
wonderful aid to men. women and chil- 
dren In malntalnlns health and visor. 
Oeorse Orindstaff. Doevtlle. Tann.. 
write*: "I waa all ran-down In health, 
and It eeemed sothlnc would help m^B. I 
waa induced to try Bllas Nsiivn 
Herb Tablet*. T am thankful for thi* 
wonderful remed.v. I>er4iu>e I am enjov- 
Ins ffood health." IJon't delay takinc 
Bllaa Native Harb Tablet*. There la 
hetblBir to equal them for removins the 
can** of constipation, liver and kidney 
trouble, airk headache. rheumati*iB or 
disordered stomach. They atimulata the 
liver, purify the blood and tone up the 
■yatem: also Improve the appetite 
Set the venutne. Ix>ok for the 
trade mark and money back cuar- 
kntee on every box — ll.»». 

Sold by' leading drusslats anS local 
■MOts evu-ywlrere. Made by Alento O. 
Blisa Co.. Montreal. Que. 

up I lie 


Fine Disiday of Woolen Biindi^ 
at Reasonable 

LMkatOwBUccttBtlMB^Fiig. WtBvrTlMilMrartAmtbt 

IHm Irish linon liy tiM ywd, aH widtfM^ 

Goodt of e^fy J a tiip t ion . I 

A. _i^ . . . B 


WOOL BLANKXT8. (or single or three- 
quarter \)cA ; size 60 x dO. ^1 1 ETA 
Per pair ,^i)AJ.o«Mf 

all wool, fine soft fleecy surface, tixe foe 
doyble bed. 64 x 84 inches, j^'fj^ Vifi 

large size, guaranteed the best v^Uue iii 
Canada ; size 68 x 86. <( t Q Kjt% 

P er pair...., ^ X a/ ♦ O v 

BLANKETS, extra large size and good 
heavy grade. These are a ^Ol AA 
bargain. Per pair _ ^£t]Lm\J\3 

KETS, superior grade, largest ^ J I7PI 
size made. Size 72 x 86. Pair t|Hb« I 9 

size, three-quarter or single fl^Q fTCb 
bed. Size 68 x 76 inches. Pair tpOo I V 

SHEETS, fine value'; size 


size, 80 by 90 inches. $A flrt 

Per pair ......^^...^rWj^kjISjf 

wearing qtiality ; size 80 x 90 ^C AA 
inches. Each , ._-<lfp«vV 

TOWELS, medium or l?rige size.. Per 

at. per pair, f 1.00, f lif^, (^Q AA 
f2.00 and ...:...l.....!^H>»tfv 


inches wide, in plain or stripe^. A A^ 
Yard, 45^ and — —.... L^-,.. ^kVV 

NBLBTTB8, fme wi ari iy AK^ 

quality. 3S inebet wMe. Y«d..^4tf C 


and 72 incbes wide ; very 
value. Per yard, 05^ aad 



width, 80 inches wide. ^*i AA 

Per yard <»1>MU 


use ; medium size^ V -^ • fiyA^k 

Per pair, 75^ and ., L.^yVC 

heavy make; medium size. 0% OC 
Speaal value, pair, fJLOO mA^ lodSO 

suitable for kitchen or ordin- ^O AA 
ary use. Size 58 x 58. Each^^allU 

TABLECLOTHS, size 66 x 66; nice 
floral designs. Very special. 



wide, good heavy make. QA^% 

Very special, yard-.-...,.*. OvV 

good quality, in two qnalitiet. 'TK^ 
Per )rard, 60^ and I 9v 

range of patterns for day or night ; good 
quality cotton. ^^ vfC 

Per pair.. — .............. ^)J JL* f %M 

COT COMFORTERS, filled with part 
white cotton, medium size, large range 
of patterns. Bach, $8.75, 

WHTTB LON0CLOTHS» Cambrics, Mad- 
apollams, 36 iotbes wide. CA^ 

Yard, 85#, 40# and . . ^ OUC 



'■» 'h 


T. E. LeSgh 

-*<*!■ <^i^* e»-- .■.■>**: 

1017 Goirot nm ont Siraol 







,'• L 

IW >~j til f I«J»*> ).*' iCl' , 

' ♦ t' ;7 !* r .• 

^,. rs3^.>.D 


'mri 4^i 

'M- y 

i:»R"} ^rm/ifi pj>Ai Tm^ 



Pi;l Monday Next We Have the Right to Exercise That Responsibility 

Here a^ij^^iEOTtif olij^e ^^^^^^ which enter into the decision, and corfetet answers thereto ought fe help solve the quf^tiofis; 

f . Did Candidate Barnard leave the G. W. 
^. y^. A. to join the Oi;ie Big Union? Yes. 

Did Barnard, only after Labor had stamped 
its disif)pfovai on the O.B.U., return to the 

G.w.v.A.foid? Yes. : :^;:"' 

Did Barnard on his entrance into the cam- 
' paign advocate mdicffl, not to say revolutionary 
• methods? Yes. ^?«*4^-^"-.>* *^>'; v'' 

Did the moderate ones of his party, con- 
scious of his^blMnder and realizing that the 
people wo^d not stand for such, counsel mod- 

Did his revolutionary friend from Vancou- 
ver receive counsel from the moderate ones 
that he either get right back to the Mainland, or 
has Barnard repudiated himi Ask Barnard's 
Committee. H 

,i . Do you believe that a Soviet of 29 should 
be' the contract of a representative of Victoria, 
regardless of the wishes of the other 15,000 
voters of Victoria? Ask Yourself • 

Do you believe that a Mainland man. as a 
private member, with untrained tongue, can 

oration? Ask Barnard's Qmuxiitteer^if u . 0jQr you and the community what a member 

of the Cabitiet who is an influential worker 
can? Ask Yourself. ^ ;^ 

Don't you think that the man who has so 
faithfully served i(S all so patiently and con- 
scientiously for twp years, a period of such 
grave unrest and responsibility, deserves the 
privilege to help us further along our troubled 
road? Aik Yourself. 

Do the women voters of Victoria desire to 
see Victoria become a Petrograd, Canada a 
Russia? A^k Yoursctf. 

In which do safety, self-interest and sound 
government lie? Adc Yourself* 



the: issue IS: 


Noise ver^nis Influence Victoria versus the Mainland 

m -. Barnard, the Agitator versus Tolmie, the Worker 



aoB\ ■ 


:l hitn 






ffj tJIff 



* 11 





1 * = 

= = ' , 





r " 


" ,. -'.,-. 

^■. ^' 

orth HQ]Use---Hbtne of 

tl«s Duke of Devonshire 

By EthM M 




^ \ 


trftllg|«B4 TMMit MKV* 

Bt«f«C ttie IM^ five 
<l4acfl<|rt|m iMMMiy W vcUmm. 
tmn itfbt to dKrknMa, n-om happt- 
ttttft to 4MVAlr< 

lr« HiMMa In fk» tlory of M Kfliip- 
iMi 8pmt futt «i( »ew llf* and hep*. 
cit met Itt 'ooaenimtlv •af«l9^~«ii4> 
Ijr Imp* am. ABJor Mid Usht 

lawlM^cUUnc but bUak lone- 
ManM a nr« had been blotted 
battle-llald. . ■■■■ '^ 

Hm peaoefol , ooat*^> 
«C «o* of England'a stately 
feet in the ttOdst of Its torely 
An wp«a*1i nade for more 
fer OM 'momaOmA, and U was 
tMied Intf^.jnllttary hospital nued 
tHJfb oHtott^ viatilated men. From 
tlkfaajafUiii^ of a radiant moonllgHt 
nl^it to tlM erashlnx of deaCth-deal- 
mlartlM from the Aarry aky.' 
i\r. «tr«pa» and vMeat eliangea. ^ 
rot «MI many daye are paeaed- 
we be able to look with <a».lm 
kUint eyee . on t&e htatory of 
fiMftil yeara, trhloh ebaniAd 
a vaat military oamp. 

tka I Mio aAa dan i^ie |hre« thfoagii tbeee 
yeana tftrlft tlmea and be qult4 tlie «aiaa^ iM !• 
either more or leee a man apirttnally 
tban b* '^^•f beforttk 

Tbla oomint bonis to Canada mmb« 
to have tttrn«id ye| atetkei f*i» la 
the history of the «rar wrtttarik ao iar 
dallbly on men's mlnda. The chaptor 
la he*d*d "Tho lUlattvas nf th« 
Fallen,", and l» Kl#rlowk thouift In- 
iiBiteiy lad rvadinA - 

^oir It la tfver. >nt «Im WHU-tMU 
wrlthca. and the se* of Ufa !• tro«b|Od. 
casting up the wfeekam of selUsh* 
nesB. discontent* atsrjiii, naJA anch 
like, and mutt fo bn dblMr on for a 

«f their 


For those who went from of fXNW 
in their thousands |o tbo lnnd-«f 
foretathera to ll«Ut Imf tbe 
ffood therft were many basMtUal 
thlnga to see. Some Ttrld Hftt lltt* 
preMoaa, ao^ as the flrat momonts 
ol benedlotlon under, a msMUtoent 
cathedral roof, wlti tIto'Mliaf ;*d the 
choristers' voloes sOarlnt to In n]Mi; 
the first sicht of a wortd-imiiltttdr ft1«- 
turs: a primrose of bInaben»1»bod In 









Keepiiig FH | 


the perfect ^(Mk^i^mtWttlt^ 
. «toiMpebee<MMlUi<M]afW 
#drid. Toil dm ifedlw of 
mtibdr Idtt JB %, bIim _ 
Too are not foing to fet 
^rmm M&th, cr, potImm ilfjpr, , 
uwBM you tdke eaovtli oiModr «iiillw 
to keep the droul«tlbB gdlBf and phMm 
the ftthlolf^flnt prindplo— to keoD tho 
•yitem eZeofi. He tloee not give hit oody 
m ehoMo to afaoatb piiioii Bo ifcol 
only takes lOs oold ihower, dfter ex^rdU, 
bat he knoift o cle M urfm ojf the ia t d Wio ee 

good legSBE^^ Uver eleooMTr meh 
M a doae of .coiitor oil, or, what it mueh 
better, % tiny plU made up of May-apirio, 
aloin and jidap, and told by alttioet all 
dmggista in tlM|«ldnd aa Dr. Fierot'i 
PlZmtFiMfik ^ 

Sbep IbM^dneys In food ordor aboh ' 
too muoh meat, iipfhol or tea. * iBMnk plenlgf pore watery - 
r«ably hot water, JWi meala, dBd driTO the u4ii^ out of thd "^^ 
by taking "Anisli? (anti-urio«M|d). Thie IM^ be obtained . 
I nlmoet any drug stoitk '^ 
8end«a bottle of m9mu> the cheiM at Dr. Plirce't InTalida* 
Buffalo, N. Y., aiMl>DU wiU reo^bn (no Ad^eal atvlta m t# 
ler the kidneys are affected. When yoor kidnoya fit iMtg^ 
dog, you suffer from backache, mck-headaches, diaqr spells, or 
and pains of lumbago, rheOBUitlnd or fsot; Of ■iMjpii.dlK 
two or three times a night. Take heed, before too latol Get 
ic (anti-urie-acid), for it will pQt new lifeilnto your kidii^ and 
entire system. Ask your nettest dfVggist f or ^ or aind Or. 
ten cents for trial paokace ol ''Anuria" '* ■ 





'* ■ V 


A Snug, CbnifoitaMfi,^ 

When you tfip h^ • tdt^of ,W«lMii. 
Sprinc Noodle undcnraar. you M **fittadr ' 
wid ccinf ortablc Theactkm of t}^ l^y is 
unhsmpered by a Wataoo farmmt which 

gvvcd freely when tfw linih an acti|lMwt ^ Mf 
/^ styles, an ai» .Ad IH tirioiiMApI^ 

for MU woon and cfaikbtn. *ttl^li*fr 



'ail 1)^ Slnry. liaS! iWe irss afwaya 
In the bael«rround the thnnder of wsr 
lust "orer thore," always the slghlnc 
of brc^Mn hearts around us, and the 
dread of whkt mlgbt be. But thelh» 
was a silver lining eyen to this doadt 
snd we oan look back with intereot 
and pleasure oa the lovely plaees and 
thlncs ssen In the Old I^md. 

Last Winter I had the prlTUege Of 
seetnr dyitsworth Mouse, the ma«- 
nifleent home of the Duke of Devon- 
sblre. If any Canadians Wbo Were la 
eamps and hospltsls In Its nelgnbor* 
hood very much appreciated oar 
Governor - Oeneral's kindness In 
throwlns open this treasure-house of 
art to the publio on certain days of 
the week; tniSeed, too muoh cannot be 
•aid of Mieh publie-splrlted «ener- 

• We bave» of eourae. nothing In 
Canada Ilka these hlstorle housos^ 
which reckon their age, not In yean^ 
bnt centntlea. This, theii. Is .what 
breeds pride of place and race; these 
homes where oae'e fathers have lived 
and died for hundreds of years; If 
their lives were noble, so mueh the 
more cause tor pride In their mOmorf* 
J-- -v Snilt In IStli Oenlory 

<:!haf>worth, as 'seen todi^, wSS 
buUt In the el«hteentb century, eIvMw 
place to the house of the sixteenth 
century, where Ifary Queen of Scots 
wao kept a priaeaer for so Ions- Dur* 
la* the Civil War It was used as a 
fortress by both partlee In turn, the 
lOng and the Parliament. 

Drivtov throush the park, whloh 
covers twelve hundred acres, we saw 
iai^-iiodMi of black' and white sheep. 
dasr and* game birds. The Derwent 
Klter runs through it and Is spanned 
Bedr thO house by a handsome bridge 
•opposed to have been designed by 
Michael AngelOr and ornamented with 
flgurea by a oelebraied sculptor. The 
house stands upon' an eminence and 
looks Imposing rather than ple- 
turfsque. Wooded hills rise at tho, 
Wak o< it 4ltvlag the natural stir* 
roundlngs a delightfully wild aspect. 

Ohataworth's splendid hall is sixty 
by tMrenty feet; Its walls are wonder- 
fully painted, rapresentlng scenee In 
the life of luUus Caesar. Viewed, 
from below the stairway, the stebblng' 
scene Is terribly reaL The celling Is 
painted to represent his deification. 

-la the pictnco gaUerlee are maater- 
Meeea by p ^M mivu Oarraoel, 
Berghem, Tenlers , iS'lcoIas Poussin, 
IfuriHe, Holbein and Landseer, to 
mention only a <ew Qt the artists, th* 
skitch gallery is a plaee in which to 
ppend days, not moments. He^e are. 
over a thousand original studies by 
the old masters, said to be the largest 
private collection In existence. 

In different parts of the house are 
wonderful portraits by Reynolds, 
Vandyke, HoIbStA, Watts and otMrs. 
In one of the picture galleries 'WM a 
grim reminder of the war; crataa Of 
valuable pictures sent from l>oyon- 
shire House, London, for proteotloft 
from air raida 

The chapel, la |Bo8t exquisitety dec- 
orated. The* o ^ lB g is painted to rep- 
rtisent the Ascension, the altar-piece 
is tkO Incrpdumy- of St, 9h<^as, by 
Verrlo. On thO Wailti are mMy beau- 
tiful pleturee illustrative <tf our 
Saviour's life. Thrf floor is of marble 
mosaic, the lower part of the walls 
wainscoted la fragrant eedar. The 
wood carving In the chapel, as In 
other parts of the house. Is truly 
marvelous — flours, frulta aiid vinea In 
bold fWUef. Grlnltng Gibbons' name 
is ahraya mentioned when speaking 
of th^se cafTlnfHi. but solely tav the 
purpose of stating that there are no 
••ronnda for supposing that he did 
them. It Is certain that roost of the 
work waa done by Samuel Watson, a 
DerbysUre man, who was surely one 
ol tho great artlets In wood oarvlng. 
Priceless PlotuKa 
In all the apartments shown to 
visitors are beautiful and priceless 
IfMtttres and furnltvre. All the chim- 
ney-pieces are works of art, the ceil- 
ings beautifully painted, and the 
woodwork beautifully carved. Paiis- 
Ing through th^se rooms with a party 
gave one a feeling of balked pleasure, 
to Unger lost us explanations by our 
courteous guide. In the libraries, too. 
one loitgOd for more time; there waa 
a home-like atmosphetne, and most 
Inviting comers in whleh to sit and 
enjoy this wonderful feaat fer tho 
mind. There are twenty-five thous- 
and volumes ,including many rare 
MBS. with such dates as 970. and the 
Maaarlne Bible, the first book printed 
In England by Caxton; the oldest edl- 
Hon of Homer, etc. 

'^^^^ f' **•• windows frames a 
lovely vtoture of the park, with Its 
•Utely tree* and biwna in « smaller 
adlolnlng, called the cabinet 
the doors aire painted to re- 
filled book shelves; the 
n>%. „ "I'*" ^•'^* "uggested by 

"St^*-°**?i: andare rery amusing. 
Lamb M the Deadi of #owo." 
cursory Remarks on Swearing" 
|!£^"f,*P^«»««n» of the Saadwtoh 
Tbngu«," "John Xaoz at Death's 

\ The celllnga in the state dressing- 
room and bedroom are very beauti- 
ful, the former repreeenUng "Tho 

2?fil'l.'*L***^*'"'^ O" «*^ Misrion to 
««•,' tho tatter "Aurora Chasing 
Away Night." The walls of tho' sute 
dmwlag-room are hung with GobeUa 
^iPSStry tkoto Raibails'a eartoonsi 
Id the Siato dlwhg-room the^^ 
saving la apait, asqalaUe. au 
ffoomo are fno of tka iovrti«et 
Of arw a*d ore saM-4o bo the iteeM 
etato apartmenta la tho ktagdom. 

^^T'^^S^ *^P?* eanSiliis prob- 
aMr She Meet arfvato oNlwUon s« 



t»o greatest aonipcora. _^ 

Canova • Sleeping Badyralon with hlo 

Caaova'a Mother of Napoleon, also 
T^.-T?*-.*' N«PO»«>n. Alblclnis 
Achillea Wounded. Here. too. le an 


Mecklenburg vase, twenty 

mferenee, of granite. 
HbL Tho walta 



%*— palnw 

tre of the 

palm houae for protootlon from froet 

•wlag ta eoal fnttonlng. 

la fcma iS r tiM sardonic fountains 
aa« wt bSw araal bo a Oream of 
beauty. One waa painfully renUnded 
of the long yeoM ef war and the 
shortage otf coal on entering the huge 
coaaemOary (designed by Canton, of 
CcTMal falnoe tuao).* Herf are palm 
toeea of ovoSir S— s»|ptlDii. and ether 
baaatlful troploal plants, all. or 
nearly all. dead fOr want of ooaL One 
felt a sad sort of prtde that Brtttah 
Justice had not allowed poorer folk 
to want that these things might be 
icept aUve. thongh some of them had 
taken sixty years to grow. The or- 
chid houasa Also were empty aid the 
lawna uncut, for the men who follow 
these peaceful avocatloas 
yet home from the war. 

When In beavtlSol country plaeeo 
one felt always profound gratitude to 
the Army, and above oil to the Navy. 
that no Invader waa permitted to set 
foot en British territory. 



Inga of tiM Canadian NaUS— 1 
Way lor the week ended 
were tlt,lSS,SS«, being 
of tBIt.lTS otror the corrssretiiHag 
week of MM. year. Tbe In iiMi kk 
groaa eandnga for tho year 
aroomitsa to SS.Iti.SSC. 

were not 

SOOUls Oct. t4.— An olBdal cenaoa 
shows that the population of Korea 
at the end of itlS waa 1T,SS7.SSS. 
vinio akows an Ineroaae of t8,sSS, ai 
oompared wl(h the figures of 1*17. 
and of S.744,«lt over the figuree of 
1910. the year of annexation to Japkn, 
Japaneee residents number StS.879. 

STIFF jewrs 


kaS it poaotonfees fjeidtty. dfivot o«t 
li,nadSnV " 

juiiin aadoMNciao. 
\\i^rd Qfl Is aa akw>l«tdy fi«. 
aMa, aatieeptk appliealion for SaMu. 
bwM^ Mlo^ dad,«tiais.^ Sacalaa aad 
kMdsos ImaI roadOy andar its aaoti^ 
lak| poaetratiac ^wUiti**. 

ii«t it from dntfiists for M oaaia 
If Bot satisded return tlM bottio aM 
gil your money hadt 

Ever constipated or havo dell 
headache? Jast try Wisard Liver 
Whips, nleaaant Uttio ptali pOU M 
scats. Gnarantcod. 


The Whole of jHf,. 


Situated at tha comar of Viaw and Broad 

StreettyfbrranltoattiitaUataiiaiit. Floor 

iBaca, 10»800 laat. 

This is recognized as one of the finest 
locations in the Qty of Victoria. 

For Particulars Apply ^ 







<^The Bridge iiom.War to Poaee** .«. 


^', •» 


THE MmisTBa or FInancb or ma Dqmmiqn or Ctmhk oAai fbr PMfe ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ftm 


300,000,000. 5;^% Oold Boiid«~ 


-^ I 

laifraad offerad ia two MtoritiM. tiM cboto W iiMdi ii 


/» *I 

3L»**'-* •,-'"''-'*f>ViX:i'l^»». (ftM-t; 

■^^isi « '^ 

Bdiriai Ittttmt firooi Nevwibar lat. 
the wbacribcr as fottofwi: 

Ci #1 r? ^ * ! • .>: ■.•:'-., '•"■,■ « Tfmt Booda dite NofOMbw lat» 

■Ovvwnuiioiiea qukkm, 



rj,->\. n>"' 

^J^tmrtpimMd, nitliDttt chatige, hatf-yMrly. Mijf l|l aadi Mofwabv leli at any 

^o^oe^BO ^^^•^^^i^ Ok^woeeoa '. •j»1i*" .^.ii.^ *4L£iji < 

./{| ;^. ^; :' Denomlnatkma: |M. $lii» IN* Mi nvNi" '"' 

l§N9ue' Fnce 100 aii4 Accrued Interesta 

U Iiteome Return S>^9l per Annum 

' The iMoceedt of Hie Loea wUl be uaad to pejr lii4ebtedMda iacianod. etti to sa^et eiseiiJltHMl M 
be flttde te eoBMcttOB with demobUlaetioa oShiaiaa the %uSSSt^ SKSm^SSSa^ 
•oldidte, land settlemeiit loana, end otiiar pvrpoaaa oesuMcted with tbelr fo-ettaSabment into SSl 
life), for cepltd ovtlajr upon ahlpbuUdlaa. end other MtioiMl mdartOliita fermloa PWt «f 

*:»,*> «'i»»' 


Mb, i0to: 
loth, ino: 

•"*^"'"'~' •' Ptayiueut to ba inada as ftdliMaa; 
10% on applicatkm; . 30% Ji 

, 30% Deoembv 9tb. 1*10; lo% fe 

. 31.31% Maich 9th. 1930. 

a^TfeTlff^S^^di'iJL^r^ 1.3l%,eB,i,iptinaa«^ 

tllis Loan is authorised tinder Act of tht 
upon the Conolidated Revenue Fund. 

t^ amount of this issue ia 130^000,00^ fbciuaivaof the ^ 
of pnvtoudinutt. Tbe Minister af Finandb lloirevcr« tcaervtr 
^^ ibacribed in excess of |iOMOO,OOa 

i of 8M% per aabttL 
of Camiik and hbth principal aad hitereit MO a dwii 

1 1' 

Pay m a nte 

' iwi Qie(|iiaii( wuiif OT&t ttffttwK niiafflAMnli ate to oa nnl ^SvEkib 
F^uluce to pay any instalment when due wiU nnder previous payments 
canodBation. Skbecrlptions^lKr than tlMefra^^ ' 

oftheainow4Mbaoibad. Offidur ^^^^ ^^ ' 
tend Bank iM aeaept subeerlpiMi aadiiMe mtkptB 


mentof subicnpt)om may be made as follows: 

-f If paidhi fiiU oacr before Noveatfar lath^ 1919; par withMI inlenat dT 100%. 

Of mm Vfid for tar the aivnndar of h^f*^ 
riffat 1| Aot tfea irtiole or uq^ put of the 

. -TIM* 

' * « t 'to I a 





the aUotiHat to 

adapoHkof 10% 


<iitte^£5iSfSrtfl|«h» with accrued ftntefiBft to ti»e of nnkfinf {MqriBMt ta!GS^^ 9i£ ^ 

imIafaiMit dua 


H jaaainim ja nra bnfmi pai^ oa Oac OCh, 1919. balaaeeafto%aaaiatliMt CfMUtt per aiOOI. 

tiremaining iivtahnenU paid on Jan. 9th. 1930. balance of 70% and intaiait (ITQiM pv 91001 
; Uremainfa]aitirtafansnlipaidonFM>.lOtli.it90.bahuioaoflD%aMdfaadnatCVl.oafwa 

tf niMiniiic teatifaaeot pakl on Mir. 0th. 193a balaaoe of 10% and intsraa (Itl^l pv U 
* VtymtxA of faistahMnti or paymsnt hi Ml after Noveabv 18th. I919i cnri ba maia only on i 
oiadaCe. ■U-^xxr^'^ ' , 

Danominatlon and fta^kiratkin > 

' Bearsr bondl, with coapoas. wM be issued in d en oahM U Oni d isa UdOi 1194' Mk^aLiilb.' ikd timw hm 
tend as to principal. iS^coapoo attached tothSTboSbi^ 

m dcnomtawSoos of 9600^ 91.090. 96.0001 910.000. oSfiooO. 990.0001 flOaoOO^ or any mrflMdoiaMaoOQl 

^r ^ Payment of Intareat 

A fun half-year'a idlcMaC aCm flrta of 5H% per umum win be paM 

Form of Bond and llatti^avy 

Sk}bea1lyt.nmrt lajgate^ogtiisirappBcrtioiia the farm of bond mi 
ncurittea 80 ittttcatad wtt be denvwed by the baak opoa p a y i iMjat of g^btc 

BaarM' bondiof tbia Imm wiB ba available for dsHvary at the thna of m ^ ^ Mf^ ^ j ^^f ,^ ^ i^.. w.., ^^m 
maldnf paymsnt hi fatt. Bonds n^stand as to principal osdy. or ftfly^ — ._?•■»??--?• ^-t--«^^ww 
badSUnd to aidncribcft makii«p^^ient hi fSTmw^iimm 

Rqriiant of all faMtatnenli BMst be made at the bank orlfbially 

NaMHaotaaiB laoiipCi wm be fnraWied to all I 
win be cachanpeabla at sobieribar'a hank for bondi • 

F<4u of Bonda btMiahandaAia 

Stfhjact to the payment of 39 oenia for anch aew bond ii 
al^hW^^a/ ^Cjyaiiy ti^bqadswah ooqpoa^ and 
canvsn apo lauy obbmhri aonai waauan 
■rtant RaoeHar GansaL 


:,X-t-. ■ 


I 1 









•nbaariiatiaa itfc#Wm 




Keep Cnnnda*iB Farms and Factories Busy 




Ctrtificated Specialist 
lAkd&fif England 

RealUini; how njtturtl it Is to feel nervous at the thought 
of Mderfoini^ a treatment one mty not have bad before— 
MhiiHanmao has decided to give A M«^ PIpmIM D»- 

she is prompted to do knoviiif that when one understands 
bow absolutely safe the treatment is all fear wttl 'immediately 

Misi Hanman feels that she cannot emphasiae too dearly 

' hoMr anxitnis the Is that no one shbuM fe^l tinder any obtiga- 

tiort whatever to undergo trestaieiit unless they truly do 

vail to! 

■ ■ , , • 

Call at the ofRee, or telephone >04oX before io a.m. for 
appointment which wlU be qpite 

22 Ok WfaMk BttiMliif 



hava^tW tat«st and be«t detims in Moi|^inents, TtMets, Curb< 
:., hi tiM City. W« wotyd Uk« to quot* >oa on any work you 
nrtt-elMt stock and wtrkaaalbtp. 

[Hm^Cm.mvmAWktmUB., phMM 44117. r.a in ■!• 



PRK, Oet. 2S.— No. lai> 
luM been reported In the 

produoiny Intereeta hare 
iidr quotatione to 11% and 
ipot In the Uat quMrter, 

at Sl^ to 31% thM 
iron ira« unehaneae; 

B. 0»» ,0*t li^-^ pur. 

•t fie K*Ia«B Jobbem LtiJ, 
aod Cpnbrook Jobbers. Ltd*, whole- 
■^U' trooery boiiae«, for a eoneideni^- 
Uoa In the nelfhborhood ot I2O9',0OO, 
WeMern Orftcera. Lte.. a wholesale 
crocery corporaUon with |<,00»,0«4 
oapttol op«ratlrig' IS braaohea, Jdfiial- 
laes Its Invasion of the Xo*t«ao> t*r- 
fttoty. J*r, deorse P. ^8te▼iilsoa. 
rounder of both local house, will be 
aiMK»ciat«d with the «M>rpdfation for 
one year. 

Tells How To Slreii0flieil 

ght SH per eeiit In Oiie 

eek's Tiiiie m Many 



^ Tea Oaa Stove 
Vse al Stole 

nuiadflMHa. #a.— 'Do rou wear dass- 
•sT Ara^yiba a vletlni of ey.e^straln or 
•thsr ey»|Nreafa)es8esT if se, you will 

k* «lad Ilk kaew that aecordlac to Or. 
JjSWIs Vmgm Is rsal hope for yoa. Many 
whose OMI W«N faillnv say they have 

yrlnelpleiMir ffiU ^sMerftil free pr^ 
ferlpU«Hk Oae maa ai^ra, after trylB« 
It: "I was almesi hltad; oould not see 
to reaS M alL New I eaa read every* 

tblhar wttMit any jrhMMss «aa.a|y eras 

Aae all lie tlma It was like a mlrasM 
to me.** jA lady whe^used It sftys: ^^e 
atinsB|MM^ seemsd haa y Mth or widk*^ 

t Classes." It Is 'toelleTsd that 

Bdi who wear trlsases can now 

^J theai la a reasonable time and 

Itudee mere will b« »bi* to 

hen their eyes so as te be spared 

-^e and espease of arer vetUas 

Classes. Rts treables of raaaydeaerip* 
Mlew8t the sTitapfT^tnd. ifSeti tho 

preserlptlon: Oe . to aay Mttve drav 
store aad cet a bottle of Bon-Opto tab> 
lets. Drop oae Boa-Opto tablet In a 
fourth of a class of water and allow te 
dlssolTs. With this ihraid hathe the eyee 
two to four Usiee dally. Tea shou ld 

^^ Jf^^^ dlsappiar. If .jgant mf* 
are »6S>*rla« ySurlven a ffttle, take 
steps te sa,ve them before it le too lateu 
JMaay hopelessly Ulad oOtht MMre be 

Many hopelessly 

savel If they had terdd for their eyes 

la ttaee. 



•u: AaeUMr sfemlaeat riiyimiea te 

liji are|#M>gl Jwr »hesn. , gae, ■wsaiMiimi 

sbersAU* it to atrmitliea tli« «yMtKlit M 
p«r cMt iB oae w—Va Urn* In mear in- 

■taacM «r rafuad tta* momay. 
ebteincd trvm any vaod 

It eaa b« 

- _ JSflat and la 

ona •( tba vary <«V vraparaiuoiui I feal 
akonld be K^pt an hand (or ranlar. esa In 
•tsiaet »t4rr famHy." it la aetd la tMa 
elty by tba laedias drasslata. 


'•'•['< >• ' •" _••• 'null ) ■«.— y 



Chemainus Branch of Duncan 
Board of Trade OiacuM64 

. Municipal Needs, inciiidlng 
Fire Protection 

OHBMAINU8. Oct SI.— ^The refHlMr 
moathly meeting of the OhanmMwi 
ftnuaeh, Duncan Board of Tradau 
bald la tba Court m^mm oh t ^ iad i dir 
•veaiAa iMt. and wai taiwatv »tt#M«a, 
•ome mtden mssnlMM htAtm pctedAt. 

Tlie ftrst matter itoddr 
related to l««al bapr«<vom«iita ta tiM 
fbnu of sldeWallM aid widenlnt at thd 
talaod Hlchway wlthla tha tftwh UatMs. 
Wark on the IsAter has alra*^ bddh 
eoainanood and id pi ufrafallMr ttmt*. 
ably whUe avldanMi pt»l i i d d * 1>r Odti* 
oiUor P. ttsToBson peliitd td tha faiai 
thiat soma •% 1«m* of t|i« laaeh iMMad 
stdewalka Witt be stiMMM M tk* JM«r 

7ho appnoaUon «t Mr. Fraak Bhl- 
hdd for the now «ii«hikt poillia* "of 
harbor mhater wad hdartily eaCetaed 
Vfr tho board, and a Jhotton padlMShat 
tha Dapartmaut of lUrUid «a diBiuaa* 
nloated with ursiner his appointment. 

R«v. R. D. Porter brought forward 
tor dlscufsion the lamentable condjk 
Uon of thd «thiet«ry. whlcA 1* Id Mkoil 
aaed of d Ceheral eleanUlc ttp. tt il 
possible that Afr. J. R. Smith, to 
whom this work hat devolved In the 
past, will ihlB year be aas l a t ed by a 
ntuRbar of loeal vel«ate«nk 

6lrd nmtt at tha entrahM te 
Chemainus harbor, was the next mat- 
ter . to recelva attention, and In this 
oo*nMk>n a reaelutlod that the sacra- 
tary- draft a l^ter to the chle^ eo- 
rttMtr, Bapartment of Marifie. «raint 
that a buoy be placed oathla maoaoe 
to email craft navUratlon. was pMMMd 
unaBlmoualy. Anot^ier -reso lut ion ca- 
<l«eated the aecratary to Wftta the 
Municipal Council asklh* that tha 
laoal medical practitioner be at onea 
appointed to the poaltUm Of health 
ofllear^ter this dlstriot 

Dtoooaslon then opanad alMdh. oa 
the old, well tvom subject of the fore- 
shors aulsanoa. UUia haa as yat baaa 
aodompUahad alonrf that line, althoufh 
a few ol tha Indiana hava baea caing 
4hd domlitf just as their own Idea of 
fafety dictated. In view of the fact 
that tha Provincial Board of Health 
delivered some three months aco an 
ultlnuttum that tlUa beach must be 
■Wdft olaaa bf all ahaoha, and iiut:. 
proeeoutlon would follow aacUa^noa 
of their orders. It was decided that 
Bome member of the board should 
write a lettetf to The Dally Colonist 
•aitor^ openUr ' denouddas the fore- 
finintMned body for its laxity. 

The meeting dosed after a heated 
discussion on tha mi|^«r af loaal flra 
protection, and a committee of three 
was appointed to wait on Mr. B. J. 
Palmer, manayer of the Victoria 
Lumber Company, and ascertain his 
views of the matter. As the lumber 
oompany owns the water tyatam aad 
the major portion «f the real |prop«rty, 
it wad fdlt that no action eo<itd bd 
ukan without Mr. Palmer's approval 



X«dka o< 

selves In Sxoellence of Provlaloa 
Made for Dancera 

CHEMAINUS. Oct. 26.— The "Wel- 
come Hoipe" ball held-on Wedneaday 
evenina: last under the auspices of tha 

«t aMh iMNiaMl i|fa «t Oai mB ;,«i,JU **rS..Jii ^UX-tt^l- 

ia d» BBii teittn wiifai it 


f IHMlirifin rtia iniiiliilw ki wfayt 
jtM^iMil^iii Aatfhl Ibdilkeli 

MnP iri , fMHOM ffllMl^ NMlP| 

ktepum md ' 

nfltn * 


ymm Jkim Urn ^iaf 

Ttm flkMBaaHl wid| WoodMSy • 
Aa ftm §mlf mJL dw* 

MM mKKHtttt$ ■•■■a ■M^ 

.-^1 -i--.a|^ mtmiJIh. 

flJtt Om df )«« ild^p |Hi« it 


"« ..* >' 

iH'tO ■ti'*in-f.!ni|g 

kit naMMiPQl ifivftKf* Tub pwn Y0II 

an Mt ^9t **"* T^^*'*t^w OBief ni 

dbggkh dm H^^ 


[ Cllocful «• fM 

iD hwa ■• pot cpikr diy^ y^^^ akli 
CDHBfli^^a^pa aaa wi SHa dHS hw 
■hB awe Pa paBti i^TQM ftOfttt 


yt4a| alitoMik wMi Weedk 

fcM^dlWrfSttipw Ami 4m 

XtMl WMI mm VMf VS-kHfl^'lm 

iw ap asMaa tiioBOMBMMlirfBHWHiiM 


amtoMid M. AlbreWa%|bB 

haiMUii MfcM ihei tak will MM* 

dfdMMaiigfaar fin. ; k''<>>>^: 

^l*-^'] ftfl* 


Yaw Ate fcii loM dht 
.^A.kmykkd^lmm We iM N gM » Mod 



IW 6 caMi «M trii I 


■- M 




,1 *»•- 
' i t - . ii 


a Ala 4mi to kri^ i» 

MMMu Bnmp flMllr $iftM 
^m.„..:*a; . dbjMOT iMalidS'fctfMy Mini ***■?!!!*"* 
wmkpm^immi mkKm4kMkmf^im.Hmr, ■■ nimHu dM 
riApbMyaf WH ^M il l Ik i^ oiilAic^afWdMfti^lWM ' ^ " " ^ 
diO^MMMMMMw tffMMibb 8aipk<%felatiMMMMMrfmblla 

iat»4|tpOBa^ 4dM OTMfHi « 109 ^ fiit a Ism 

^ MMk Aa loaUM of mi»iniii> «A 
SUoYootMoaoToack*' 0»l^ 
1^ 19 «MM Mi Mil iMii fMi tha 



%ea^l!%^te Nour^hing 
Than a Pound of ^teak 

«#HAT tfc) yti« AiBk ol 
^'^ that? Soppooe yoo 
itMrt ouHUMTiwg vahici. A 
loaif of brood Mdshioc tuan 
tliaB ooa povnd coots yo« 10 
eoBls •*- vhfie o pooad of 
■Imuc costs yoa 35c, ..Get 
aio habit of oar 

Icsi m oot. Yes, ajd; I We 
bettor sAd mofo orwuikMboliy. 

YOOD ao«or thikk ' dC^ 
^ moch goodn es s oonld bo 
put iaio a loaf of SheOy^ 4-X 
Brood. But then* mo doo't 
make one loaf at a time. We 
make tiMm by the thoosands.' 
OMd cao aifofd to pot tke 
besi ttist muQcy en boy Ikto 
ea«)i kMf of 4-9C IbttikA tbat 

Waiting For Yon at the Corner Grocery. 

SheUy Bros. Limited Plwne 444 





Asass Kayaar Chapter, I.O.D.E.. 
a daaldedir tinquaUflad saeceaS ki 
?at«lry war. It the opinipns of hodb *f 
nen-risldsnts can be relied upon, tfie 
ChMaaMas ladiee have to their credit 
h^ far Mio moot sueceatfui function -of 
4M' KliM held at any up-Ietand point 
for years. Four hundred is a conssr' 
vatlve esthnata of the attsndanee. and 
1IM fir mlMiy seasons have ■« manT 
#MHfnil ease haen cenyrea at ad St ottb 
point on tha Island Hiahyray. , The 
music prorldod by Lewis' Ndnalaa or* 
chestra %ts absolutely io^'hotcfc. 
whIlS IMS ^Oraeoos mural decorations 
and excellent danetna floor could not 
hava been Improved ' upon. Aa la 
usual whan .the local ladiee hestlr 
thdMSSltear tke moot liberal and appe- 
tMMir'sal'bPo' provided was in a class 
of exeellenoa by itself. Notwithetand- 
Inc the faejt that all local people and 
raiumad, nMb with escorts from any- 
where ^iM^ admitted free, over one 
hundred tickets were sold. No hotter^ 
tribute to the success of Ule 4v«nt 
ooibld ba IMasined than the queSHon 
whieh came from scores af visitors: 
"When, are yon aoinv to hata aaothft 
damn* M Chdidainua?" The pMorhmsla 
eflddd at t 4^m^ 

Kihtdfcahs' Whist n^ r ; 

'XJlDTSIflfH. Oct. 26. — A success- 
ful whMt drhre waa held In thd Odd 
Fettav^ niM last Thursdar ovMitnt 
by tha kdMcOahs. Tha drive wss mip* 
plamantad by a musical provranama. 
aM Mas .MMrenahly enjoyed. "Dia 
la Mm Irhlst drive were wo« %9 

Semi'Rcsdy Tailoring: 

"Cooiplscent self - satisfaction 
is the forerunner of a falling off 
in progress. . . 

"We csn land some gttods to 
titi d^ SAd Ike tkoktrs ftil 10 
t«ptioM tbek ri^iitatliki— 

"Some folks can't Stand pros- 

Crity aiiApr e i ti|t ; It |«it intoai« 
kles them and Ihej los«- their 

Miss J. Joyce and Mr. HarUey. while 
lb«w,Ball# and Mr. i. ihait lirsra 
iHa« aooosd »f<«d. 



Twaaky-Kli^th Aaateenary of Fooad* 

MM «f MaUbonoO aaoeet CtoM7 

SVecatfoB CMJehr^ed Today 

NAMAtllO, Odt. lB.«^Ballbd^n 
Street Methodist Ollurch vrlll hold Its 
ZSth anniversary services tomorrow 
with Rev. B. Roberts, of Central Meth- 
odlst Church. Vancouver, aa preaeher. 
Mr. Robarts will ,sitva an tttastrated 
sermon In tbS ateSISt. "¥ha Oodpel m 
Picturo and ttSry,'' and ah Monday 
evenina an illustrated lecture on 
"Sixty Tears of Methodiam In British 
Colunlkla." The Ladles' Aid Society 
win haid a eald df w^fk Mohdi«r after-' 

The ehuroh was or«anlaed In 1811, 

a»d Rev. a r. BaMdiotaa m Ma 
aaVamadnth Motor. It wfta Mrgdhiaar 
under Rev. B. V. SmlOi. who waa fol- 
.lewed. by Rev. O. Wllklaaoa. ThS saa- 
e*e|Oiff ntlnlstarn wpiii j. t)* *. 
Rnos, now in Ontario; G. B. OsbSme, 
United OUtas; W. W. Baer, In Vl» 
tartit 9. Oakrert, MlpdiaffnMhtSd al 
Mas'^m. M. PMaali. toibMai M. 
Hufc^ lately In Bequlmalt, now in 
Xaalo. A. E. Moharta, Ooataal Charah. 
Yaacbo^r: %,% LaoHlsy. „4IM IS 
Kanaimo; W. P. Swlna.> ^enlkston; 
Wm. Boulton. T.M.CJL war work; T. 
Keyworth, Vernon; I. W. Hadlayr 
Ontario; 8. J. Oreen. Collinawood Bast. 

'Bat of Scmi^lUkdy Tailored 

Cikthet yft nmmx tftit k^h, 

sfUr "ilk- 

OoMMMa Jn#y ItdlaiMa Veattiet in 
KiaiMr of HrEaole at Ladysn«h 

LAkyriMmt; oet tl.>-7At mm in- 
quest held by Coroner Hlcklint on 
Thureday afternoon on the death of 
OharMs MMMy Mafloi who waa trilled 
by a riiaavay SnskM at thd fittidu 
Mill, Ladysmlth, a verdict otacci- 
daatal death waa ratarnad b/ the kiry. 
thd temalha baVd. b«aa iMppad by 

Booceaaf al "Vac Day 

I«AOTtlfITH, Odt. 21.— The ta< d4 
held on fhwralay tor the Navy 
of Canada under the auspices of tl 
local chapter oltha Daushters of tl 
flanpl«# fma • bid sticcees, ths sum 
llt.aa MHMi coOPcted. The thani 
of the Dauarhtera of the Bmplre al 
tehderdd to the oolMetors and the puS- 
tld whd rSs^dtodei So aaneronaly. 

.yy jU" 



«te. av . .„ #• „ . JU , 


of tMMS who win carry on the VI 
LoaS wanipafarn In Ladysmlth thi 
year waa haM In tha office of Mr. L E. 
Lowe, who ta tha aeoraUry for this 
eaiMlsn. Tha maattaM.MSa wall at 

yeir dhOMS 

'*A betterment in tailoring and 
a keen and psinstaking 8to4y 
a)w«)Fi Wf^m indifMMl iMtot. 

"SioK lie first^^i-lildyj 
garmrtt wfi P»»4|Jj^jiHjeIl, 

it side by side with the present 
Semi-ready tailored suit." 

Meams fit Fuller <ao. 

trtet% aad aaah dM&M te¥» pi 

wall at- 
S eivlda 

•la tha handa o( a eaavaaaai, who wm 
thOTOuchly eooBb hM distrtet. 
Tha eaavaas od tha alty win 
ta« at S 

,t» M j U !i » ,.». T ^fmmfkm? 

WMflit can buy this 
boiatifur^-hole Polish- 
ed Steel Top Range, 
hdtff iBp'Water jacket, 
thrie'-^^rete gas con- 
fturoin^fin back.braced 
i1on'-i|raiying oven, all 
plain nickel trim. Tea- 
pot standi. Towel rail. 
. <etc Tbil Range will 
rr* P*y for Jtself in the 
\\tV&9^^'^^^ in two 
nV^rf-^f^. We ape- 
cialixe on this one at 


You can trade in 
yonr old Range as part 

Wd carry catdng s 
for Bode and LorJs 


See o«r Bmc ol Heae* 





auRumE sooNP 

Mr. Janies CessfofvU of ViiBtaiia, Dc$cribcs Habits 
of the l^onarch of tha Sea— Says T^Hcy Destroy . 
, Thousands of Good Fish and That 

Hides Make Fine Leather 

^0 vUm of .tH* recent refereiMM by 
P^mntor John Oliver to tb« aM lion 
mi tk aoarc* pt kmtbor. It 1* Intmreot- 
Iqrfl to iMirf that one resldont of 
VIetorta ha* Mroady had yniAdbal m- 
P4|rl«ne« In th* huntln* oC.afta llona. 
t§» tannins of their hides and the 
tnanufaoturtdc of the letfUMr ttu> 
ftodihed proi^cta. 

The (rtory.'ae told to The ColonM 
by Mr. Jaatee Ceeeford hioMelf, I* 
lateaaely toljftreettns. Mr. Ceaeford 
reeides at 1$* Mary Btreet. Vkstorta 
Weet. Early in life he learned the 
trade of tanalnc. bnt In lt*l went iip 
to Alaafca afd followed mining, ue 
med In Ala4* for 1* X**'*^ "eomlnv 
o»t" to lfl» ' » 

]||r. . CMaf^rd aalled from Alaska 
tcl Victoria m hla own beat, whMfa. 
by the way,, he la now puUtac Into 
•hape prepafatory to cotes. I^t<»^ tb^ 

Aihlns biwlBiae. ' . . ■ ' r 

Tlii»rrsrr of lioAi. o'>-'h:'v 

"On our tray down here," atated 
Mr. Ceasford. "we notlcad thouaanda 
of aea llona. . eapoelally arowrf <t<ut>n 
Charlotte Bound, about ••• mUo*. 
from VletorUi, and the lde< oeetirred 
ti me that there waa a chance to 
nalte a little money, especially aa 
there was anch a ahortas* of leather, 
and what co«ld be obtained waa Tory 
hisb priced. Bo my brothers, . Oeoi;»e 
and John, aitf my brother-in-law went 
Into partaen^tp wltb me, and ahortly 
lifterwarda ♦a ret«m*d to Qooon 
Charlotte Bof nd o na sea Hon hnntins 
trip. ^1^ sot 1M Hone In « days. 

'"The method of hunttns the Hons 
to. very intersstlns. Ton hare to sst 
them when they come out of the 
water npon the rooka. and- Mt them 
from an ad^antas* point hlsber ap,< 
The reaaon f^r thla la that thsy never 
look up fori denser. They always 
look atralshi out to aea, jSveo tf_a. 
ahot wore ired from abovs. we 
therefore altrays lodsod on a rock 
hlsber v^ m. ^ ^**' shootlns. 
. n#'Ja9«lar Tcte. 

"One has^ be a .very sood shot to 
be a suooessful hunter of sea Hone. 
There Is onftr one place where the 
ehot wlH do ita work. If the hanger 
hits the animal In any other part of 
Its body, tho" only result will !>• that 

pbooB 2376 Rm. PhoM 4a07R 


I A Gaaranteed Electric Kitchen . 
Cooker, without friMt it $4.4? 

Electric Fixtures Below Cost 

WhittaB Bectric Co. 

nil troal Street (Irswa IMk) 




Could Hardly Bend Over to Tie 
His Shoes— Is Feeling pne 

your prtae will jump or roll Into the 
water and immediately stek. Aa tiMS 
never gtt far from the watov's eds«i 
It Ukee very little effort to fst back 
Into the wat«nr to ease of daas«r. Tha 
one vltol spot la behind the ears^ and 
as the lions have very small eaf«» 
usually not mora than an Inch In, 
si»e. It requires a very aeevrmte klSS 
to plunk your shot throusb tlj^ 
Jusvlnr vein. "* 

Mnunae Rocfca 

"The Uons have a liabtt of pulllns 
out to the most dangerous rocks to 
be found. This seems to be an In- 
stlncUve effort towards s>lf- p »a s erva- 
tlon. They will lodse on rocks that 
are oauMivns. when the'storm-toased- 
seas sweep over tb^nk, and aa usukUy 
tttsMi 'aire only abou#three hours be- 
tween the tl^, whon it Is safe to. 
venture to the rocks^ the time In 
which the hunter can d^ hla shootlns 
faUmH«d. » 1 . 

"The rocka. «^ wlOch tha oea lions 
land are worth ' special mention. They 
are of a peeollar nature, and I would 
Jnds* sre of volcanic orlsln. The 
surface is like pulverised s>nss mxj^ijl^ 
It is Impossible to aUp on the'm. A 
pair of boots made of ordinary 
leather would be cut to pleoea on 
those rocktf In a very few hours. This 
fset is suinpisnt to demonstrate the 
quaUty of leather to be made from; 
the hide oi the Hon. If land cattle, 
ware to infest the rocks their hides 
would be torn into shreds In an in- 
oredibly short time. But with the sea 
lion the hides remain Intact— the 
sraln is not scratched — and that Is 
ths Important thins when It comes to 

"When the cow Hon Is breedlnrtho 
most danssrous of the rocks are 
choaen for the youns litter, and at 
such times the hunting of pupa Is 
like taking cand from a baby. 

"But after you have fired your first 
phot don't the rest of the Itons Jump 
into the water for safety T 

"Ko. That is the stranss part of 
it.. They s^em to have no thought of 
danger from any other source than 
ttQta the sea. When a shot Is fired 
(rem hlsher up [the rock, the Uons 
look stralsht ahead on the water for 
dansor. and crouch- further ontto tha 
rock for safety. All -you have to dp 
la sit there and pick tifem off If yOu 
are a good enough shot. But if you 
I do not hit the Jugular vein they roll 
into the water and stnk like a piece 
of lead. If you hit them In the right 
place they drop right where they are 
hit. and' emit Ions streams of blood 
from their wound. 

"One lien wiill weigh anywhere 
from !.••• to t.MO pounds. .The 
hides are about an inch thick, and 
very tough. It makes the very finest 
of rough leather, snch aa is used for 
workmen's mitts, saddles and such 

"For fully three years before I 
began taking Teniae my stoma<;h was 
in such an awful ftr I Was not aM* to 
eat breakfhst a stasis mortins." said 
J. 8. Holies, a wall-known brtdB* 
bulldar who Uves at 134« Partie* 
Btroet Vancouver, B.C., while Ulklns 
to the ThuUmo repreasatatlve recently. 

'*Thera was hardly a mlnnte durlns 
the day that 1 could s»y I was feeUns 
sood," oottUnued Mr. Holies. "My 
stomach was M aa awful fix and no 
matter how little I ate, I was sure to 
suffer froin'Sns and Indigestion of the 
worst sort right aftsr eatlns- I bad 
a chronic case of. constipation aj<d 
never, a day passed that I didn't Uke 
a laaative of some kind, and X was so 
a^rvous I didn't know what it .meant 
to sst a good night's sleep and rest. 
My back ached and pained me Just 
aboul all the time. In the mornings 
I could hardly bend over to tie my 
ahoes and durlas .the day I had to be 
very careful in not moving too quickly 
for the pain would simply take the 
breath right out of me, and at tlmsa 
I waa hardly able to stoop over at 

"Well, air, when I started talcing 
TAnlac things began to change almost 
at once, and now I have Just finished 
my fourth bottle, and I can Jtist feel 
that my whole system has been built 
up. My stomach la In fine condition 
and I am not troubled any more with 
gas or indigestion and my appetite Is 
so good that I eat three square mesJr 
every day and don't suffer any bad 
offeo^ I am not constipated now 
and the pain In my back hae Mft me 
altogother, and I can bend over and 
atralshten up without any trouble, and^. 
I can do as good a day's work ss an^ ' 
man. My nerves are steady now^SAd 
I am sfeeplng sound every night that 
comes, and of mornings I am feel- 
ing fine. I fOel Just like I used to be- 
fore my troubles came on. and I am 
more than pleased to recommond the 
medicine that pot me In . such fine 
Shape." , 

iHuilac la sold In Victoria by D. B. 
Campbell. (A dvt.) 

like. The chief trouble seems to bo 
.that It wsars so well t^t manufac- 
turars buck it. bscausa 'tt reduces 
sales. . ^.. ,-.- 

Destroy the Fidi 
"There la. however, almo^ nn In- 
exhaustible ' supply, and < they should 
be hunted down, not only for the 
hides, but because they eat up thou- 
sands of tons of ilsh each season. I 
have seen statistics somewhere which 
claimed tha^ It takes 50 pounda of 
fish a day to feed one full grown Hon. 
I oan quite believe It. I hnvo keen 
them with a whole big salmon in 
their mouths, and they will itat cod, 
haUbtft,a nd practically every kiad of 
flab In the sea. 


If you buy low-priced clothes these days, you must necessarily get poor 
materials, but if they are well made that is more than half the battle, and 
will go a Ipng way towards giving you value for your money. 

Buy, if possible, ibe best It's cheaper in Uie^endi ^ ' . ' ..'.; , 

Eashion-Qaft Qothes bear 
the hall-mark of quality and 
everythii^ they make has 
their brand label attached. 

- .-(■■»'.» •• ' 


■ f *«?■![• 


5t ■ ' 
I . 

.■ Wffit 


This label is a positive guar- 
antee, from the makers, of 
value for your money:. fit, 
finish and thorough tailoring. 

?i .* 

^?>.M.!^i.i??^:^'tei:^^ «^ l^i#.^l 



* ^irjl-mi-. 




•t4^;^f=t^ 1'^ 



:^ 1107 GoTcmment Strcd 



ts ^ 


Taahion-Cn^'r SKop 

• r 

11* ■< 



"The sea lions are savage and 
atrong aninMla. They will fight dea- 
perately. I have toM you of the 
thickness and toughness of the hide. 

yet I have seen lions with big 
patches of the hide torn off by the 
teeth of other lions during a fight." 
, Mr. Cessford bsd some of the hides 

he fot tanned and made Into gloves. 
He w^ts proprietor of the Sea Lion 
and Tanning and . Qlove Manufactur- 
ing Company, which had offices at fttl 

Bay mroet. but .through cireumstaneas 
over which Mr. Cessford had no cc^i- 
trol the bjisinefs w||s foroo<l to ' 

4osrii..V'; j^ >■•-■•'■■',•■• '^'- y 








•.■lf»,w»«»i»4 ■'.»«<*»•'»»<■'*•«•■•• 

-r^r^rhm&ntt'- "■ -•» »•*:, j'V »ft«~/';..i . 


Victoria is" alibtted $3,260,000 of the to 



h^^m %mmin:m 

■ TigrWWglHMr: 

Victory Losin 1919. ^j^^,,. , ^^^^ 

That is the amount Sve are jisked to 
lend to Canada to "parry on" and 
^ean np:" 


"» f t<m 


Victoria's objective is $5,000,000. v 

The importance of reaching this ob- 
jective is one that every citizen of 
Victoria should regard as a personal 
matter. If each wjll say to himself— 
*1 will do my part— large or small— 

s opjective over 
V^ can surely do it 

jE very citizen has a responsi 

The time is short 

Pronipt kctioii is ri6ce 




vfe.;) ' 






As a matter of local pride— as a mat- 
ter of natiohal service— as a matter 
66niiierning our own prosperity— let, us 
unite and act, so that when the Vic- 
tory Lo^ 1919 closes Victoria will 
once m<Se have done her part weE 




^Every Dollar Spent in Canada"* 

LET US MAKE FT $5,000,000! 







VICTORM, P Cib S UWAY^ QQTQgftR S^ l^t^ > , 



fltiwMrr wauAMi * 

■•tt br FttbUo ▲iMsUoo; •« tb» lf*«]r 

CmnLtkAni at l6:St. mA mMb at 2 


CoMMfligttf: Tl.tlt llMh ■cmp Iron. 
1.173 Um. don trM. t1.\n tiM. Zinc. 

l4-tML:iMi'(,Ooni^« |I«IM. CanWi 
BlMtrhTlUl* (iMd oMU CbalD 
CaMt. TW* «»* •" »**** ^amp« 
and Lwil5?M. Bl. Ll*kt Pmrtna, « 

For«a^\Bl5 f^. ^#fc« 0*«f*a. 
a la>g»'^<t<Miatttir x>f flMka. A^bMtoa 
Pa«kiii(|L 0«iMj»»rA|i, a «iiaiitltr o« 

wttk tttoptoafiMb JiiaUas aatf riava. 
OU Pump wHh aMctMa 4 titeli'IUMw, 
CMiy «•«■« CMblMlb .OM«i«9n«*MT 
BaM anff Omiplln«a. Ron* Hair. S< 

l^aMMHh^ Ittiita. Out Laathar. Mat- 
trtMMI J|tM othar geoda too Bomarooa 
to oMnfioiu « < 

TIM flrat Mt to-faa aofM ai l*tit will 
ba Ua .pHvta* Ap»waMu. ^^ 

Oo ^laar Moiiday. Oct. ITtb. fl^onl/ 
If o'oWwilp'. 

uUy Launched 



orjr Loan Cwn- 
ll|«Rii$C. 9 «.au: 

/2 P.M. 

City Market 
Aiiction Sale 

PrttiMt aiitiiaa: roar Flaa flprlnv- 
HtuitmT*^* Freah Joraay Hattar and 
calf, miHa Jaraey Family Cow. bred 
two nuiillu; larf a quaatUy o( CIMfA- 
-sna, atei i* 


nMn» MM Asctkmeer 

NMtb liaaoiiie TmuPM. Opp. Hud- 
• •'- gen 'Bay Block 


»«Ud ^ awnaa- tifr rJMll 9il the 

HoBsebhl Necessities 


f MM) 

>♦*'■■■ •• 



at S p. m. ' 

j^nytllav ftem a lai^v^lo a f lano. 
^rd aar, l^etiia- 'Wipiiiar and 
<iyrinser. Piano. Oramophones and 
FMorda. Shbp Bealaa, Oaa Raa«a#, 
Motar Bii«. Ploturaa, Croquat Sat, 
B^ltf ffaefclnaa. Daar Haada. Coun- 
lar l^apar Racka, Caah Drawar, Iron 
sue, MoCUWa Ran««. many Wood 
Bada, Buok 8awa. Wkk^r Saakata, 
Ba^ Skalvaa, X>r«aa Forma, Curtain 
P^^, iUtdlrona. Stova Mata. Mirron. 
BrtMa. Praaa, Iron and. Wooden 
Bfltfa. Cota, Criba, Draaaara, Mualo 
Oa^ata. ' Phonovrapiia. Tablaa, 
lOtchan. Oecaatonal. unusual, Electric 
wdaher, Piaop, Cbalra, Roclcer, .X>ln< 
llkg. Kitchen, Upbolatered. Chlldran'a. 
Hardware. Toola, Blaetrfo Fitting*, 
CMtiaw^fe. Olaaawara. silverware. 

£ut- Stovea, Eleotrte Heaters. Oma- 
enta, Pitobera. Clocka, Ruga, Car- 
pets. Mattreeeee. 15-ft Show Table, 
Bad XitUUHdC, Shlpwi'lahl'a Tools, Idn- 
^1«UM* rauitd Kttehatt Table. Kitchen 
Ch#4rft.and other thtega too numer- 
•>i| ta monUon. 




(^tibr of Higli*aaii 

Itit OanOl 8«f«0t. o# Cktrce Road. 

take bua or Bumalda oar. 

PiifiniiTiTinf Moadajr. OdolMr 91 
A^uaatltir o< select Puralture. con- 
alitlng of Hartford Piano. S.Y.; S. 
PMea Mahogany Butta fPullman 
dOHoh), ChaaterAald. Mahogany 
Taklaa. Braaa Fender and Ironm, 
Plgah Upholstered . Chairs, Japaneae 
Tapestry, Padeatala. White Linen 
Bllndf, Wnten Ruga, Oak Dining- 
lioom Kuite. Oak Pultaruui Couch. 
■Jllgar Sawing Machine. Library Table, 
LUnogaa White and Gold pinner Set, 
l^lmagaa Dlakaa (Violet pattern). Jar- 
dla l ara s . etc. Carpet Sweeper. Aaaar- 
ieafa Bneyclopedla and Caaa. Quan- 
ttty of Books, Plcturaa. Mahogany 
Di^aaCng Table, Bed, Chiffanler and 
I>fliagar, Mprlnga. Oatermdor Mat- 
trakaaa. Ottoman Box, Bedroom 
Oliairs and Roekara, WhIU Bnamel 
1M^ Bad and Mattreaa, Baby** 
Basgy. ntokan Vtaaalla. Coppdr 
Bollar. iBaamelwara. Oardaa To«la, 
Otedatone Buggy. Haraaaa, On ylaw 

l^lttr If o'Qiaek eaeh day. 


^Auction Sales Conductad 

fceremonyVestewiay Afternoon Emptied Yard"— 
' Mrs. Carl SujKje, of Seattle, Christatied Ship 
i YjulCQUverr^r. and Mrs. Chris QiOtberg 
Entertaiirat Home in Honor 6f Occasion 




tha.-Ctiolkarg yard. tdtt,. 
Ill tBM* waya await, 
o1gh< In in* FoundatSMi 
.a, daietet&n to do- aomatmop 
a oomnMaMy ahlpViliMlMr 
kefk^mt. Tka ladt of tk^,thraa ^pBodli^ 
ars. work on. wlilch1>egaa.o«arAyAar: 
kgQ. trnvallM dgfhi UBa .%i(ya. aarhr 
k m Uk t mr ^.aifcaaodm. I» a parfeot 
iMnSMag.. M« /afa d|a. i|Uirt#4 Mat 
Ud Htwde of JUantarlMid^aaiftl bar 
''YaaMWvarr gad laft ohaaipagna 

ErlppilPg irpm. tDia proii. of tha yfofid, 
nidlag tat* tka hairbor. tka Sna« 
Iktad D«nf iraa krogfht up aaally 
Wttk thfa gkaeKtag Haw. ud. ptaMd 
bp gy^wauaag .tags ■■ ^ 
I l«)a,M«>fwagiiili,giid BcttiBb lifga 
JBaaAad from the Vancoavar. whlla 
\Ji^M*9yW^ hl»lr.nkm« flaw from 
k otdll^agMdaliilpa, The lnvitat(a»a for 
trfa lavaehlng were beantlfQlly got 
up with tha BrttkA and Norwegian 
flags erooaad at t^a top. 
t AHkottgh working with fMrarlgk 
bigtt tha Cholharg workman were 
unable to get the, hot! ready for 
lauaphlng dt 12.S0, tha hour appoint- 
ad for tha ceremony. Shortly after 
poon apaotkt(>rii began to arrive and 
In aplta of the cold air took a gr ea t 
deal of Interat In the preparations 
stayed on the spot until the 



TlUa Is erbet e««y Ivontiui weaU. 
Drep til fjtt see oa« of mtrn. Our 
efeM *te riaafc' ; . 

Urn S. Barttoloaew^Ar. 

gharily bafbr* 

Jttha BvMi^iiMiiew «i4 S? 


■ m. 

"4ad near sMrefcM. theosli with • iktte 
Hew S^g aad fell Ika bardaat-thnbWd 

■ •^■gwirr TT- , 
And then it is mairafaetured into nice 

SHMrtar-BBt Oak Buffets. Pining T aWee. 
katrs. Coaehes aad all cleasas of Fur- 
■ttura^ Piaaes, etc. 

at nil For, . 

Basy T«n»* Monthlx PaymaaUi 

HIghaat Prtca JtaJd^ f or Oood Claw 

liure. «-■ 


7«y PP9TIT* 



ice of the shop 
tchotd Neceaat* 

i-of th« exli 
Hanown as 

tMf," whidi "ii^U anything fro^i 
a feacup to ac^piano. 
• This shop hai made it posci" 
ble f6r me to enter broader 
fields of buaincss activity with 
headquarters at Room 3Z2, Pem- 
bertOB Building, Victoria, B.C 


People^s Furnishing 

r408BnMSt. Co. PhiMe747 

e( rarattef* ead 

iehooner went 

iwp 0*010011. - " ■ 

Mr. J, C Oamaros waa aa latob> 

Vied giuat at tiM maaeltliig of tBa 

troeatea bMlMli 
that- ha ooaM kaap 

yaaaal* boar Alt J]i*/^*> ^ 
iaatlMr lakw^ aaUl woali ha aMa to 
do fta* (*ma tMkg. 

VaM^HMN. OB HMBi. . 

> TiwaM tiaM aadpbaltdgra oC Vie* 
tdri^C»pt. tta«ai|a gi« Mr. WWIam 
Turpel. were ameaig tlM apaolatovp. 
fepth have baas In avldaaea at prao* 
tteally aU of tha laOBOhlngd that 
have takfa pteoa la Victoria. 
' Tha Franch cr«v of one or tba 
)r»«nda<lon ateanaeA tied op «t tha 
b!<r ehettledl work* wharf a«f«aa-the 
harbor wara oaan on daek- w a4 a> hir 
tha Vaneoarar allda do«B tla waya 
and back aoroaa tba latanraBUtg 
jiratar towarita thorn. 

The gueata Inirltad to' yaetardag'a 
launching warei 

Capt and Mra. Chr. Hansen, Mr. 
and Mrs. C. Cholberg. Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Sonde. Mias Viola tftinde. Mr. 
aad Mrs. H. W. d'Bvers. Mr. and 
Mrs. ToraU Oatbye, Capt.'^ and Mra. 
BrUng Olaea, Mr. and Mra. Aj Mat- 
thaw. Capt aad Mrs. C. T. Laroaa. 
Capt. Oram. Mr. and Mra. Ma«k. Mr. 
and Mra. Robert Wilton, Mr. aad 
Mra. A. O. Kjoa, Mr. aad Mrs. Raider 
OJolme, Mr. and Mra. Thoa. H. Kol- 
4arup Mr.. T. B. LaCtfty^ Mr. *nd 
Mra. Meed. Joha WhlUhaad, Baq.. 
Capt. J. W. Troitp. Capt. J. S. Knara- 
ton. Capt. and Mra. W. J. Stephena, 
p. J. V. Spratt, Baq., B. U Robert- 
ada. 9mf, KdJor U BuUaak. wwaiar, 
0. m. Oreea* Bag.. A. J. IBatohdl, Baq.. 
WM.'J^DttUm. Esq., Capt. Sprott 
^i-^j!^, Ca|>t. R. Balaam, W. J. 
Cal||m..'^thiq^, W. O. Wlatarhvm, 
Bag.i ■■i. O. Cameron. Baq.. Mr. aiid 
Mra. W. J. Coming. Mrs. J, Todsan. 

The Ch^lbarg beats are remark- 
ably well built under tha guidance 
of Mr. Chria. Cholberg, who haa bepa 
ahlp%undiog ainaa ha #af |dg %ni^«^ 
to lift a broadaxe. Thay oarry *U 
the canvaa that the claaalfSrlng ao- 
clatlea will permit, aad thalr flaa 
linea make them taat Varloua fea- 
turea of copatruction are peculiar to 
the Cholberg acboonera alone and 
have caused experts to speak of them 
as exceptional' craft. 'r-j>ui 

GUI to Bpooaer 

The sponsor at 'yaatarday's launch- 
ing was presented by the Cholberg 
Company with a oomplMe aet of 
Ivory tolat artlelea moaogcamgoad 
w{Ut h»t laltlala. 

Laat avantag In honor of the oc- 
casion Ms. and Mrs. Chris Cholberg 
gave a dinner and dance at their 
residence on the comer of Patrick 
Street and Beac;h Drive. The gueats 
aCtaodinf the fonetion wara Capt. 
and Mrs. B. C. Haaaen, Mr. and Mra, 
•Cart Sude Mlaa Vlote Saada. Mr. and 
;MTvrTomK Oatbye, Mr. and Mrs. W. 
Meed, Mr. and Mrs. John White- 
head, Mr, and Mrs. Leif Torp, Mr 
and Mra. R. Torp, Mr. h. 8. Kingman, 
Mr. H. C. Hansen, Jr„ Mr. Paul 
Hansen. Mr. Jaaa Hanaaa, and Djl 
and Mrs. Loe. * 




SBATV&B, Oct, 8S.— Arrived — 
Bleamara Admiral Rodman. Southeast 
Aiaaka; J. A. MoOat, flan Pedm; mo- 
torship Nanbo Mam, Orient. Ballad>- 
Staamers Brave Coaor, Manila; Re- 
dondo. Admiral Nloholson, Southeast 

POINT WBLL0, Oct SS.»8allatfk— 
Steamer Loa Aagalea^ flan Fraaelaoo. 

TACOMA. Oct. 26.— .Arrived ~> 
BtMCtaer Cripple Creek, BaatUai ft^Iail 
r-^ Staameia Kodlak. nuiglokfc 
(whalers), Seattle: Borneo Mam 
(Jap), Yokohama, via Vancouver. 

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. SK. — Ar- 
rived—Steamer Oleum, San Francisco. 
Sailed — Steamara Roae City, San 
Francisco; Wklklkl. Vaited Kingdom. 

AUCKLAND. N.S.. Oct M.'.^^r- 
rivtd: Steamer Wagara, Vageouver. 

Grand Tkwik IHiralaga 
MONTRBAI* 'Oet. 25. — Grand 
Trunk TrtUBc earalaga fram October 
14 to tl. l»lt were I1.4IMS1: l»ll 
ll,MS.ltl: lacraaaa IIIMII. 

TiM asvr«s f«r 
fclgk water ~ 


* * • 


■ i Tp ii I - -1 r r- I 1^ 1 mi i^ 



iat Ore> — Cloudy; , .«l|»i 



.«7 fl v a rca a t ;* 

aaat: Mght; 

aaaib IMM, 

4:td »JKL> ...B p oka 
OS Bh 

light: st.SI: 

^ govthireat 
42; amooth. 4 p.m> 
.- tWBgttaa D.. to 
of BsgraMor NarrowB,^ 
aoathboofid. . - 
■ Trtaasia' laland rinaily: 
tf.dS: 4T: ttodarata. i:4i p.m.— 
gpeka 88. Prteee* Beatrice. Plts- 
hulrh Sdaad^ aortfefMuad. 

poad Tree Cliair; ad^; M.M; 
42; amooth. - 

tkota — Oloady: northweat, 
fNMih: S».tir4tf: moderate. 

Pilgoa : lltu>art — Clear; calm: 
St.t«: 41; 



r.r-, •^.■'•.•r• ; 

' ^ imiiESSATYARD 

Department of Marine Writes 
Haribor Marine Yardi Where 
the Double-Bottom Work Is 
Neariy Finished "V "^^ 

The Department' of Marine haa 
written the Harbor Marine Yard that 
tha progreaa there la aatlafaotpry. The 
• letter waa received last week. 

Tha work at the new ataal ahlp- 
bnlldlng plant ia not being roahed. 
At the preaent time the double bottom 
work da the two ahlpa la neartng 
ooaaplatioa and would have been flo- 
iahed now had It not been for a 
delay In the procuring of riveta and 
templatagi The tank marglna and 
bottom ahell platea are being rtvetted 
agd ' eaalkad aod the bUge bracketjp 
ara going up. The elde framea will 
be up aoon. The plate ahop la look- 
ing toward a weakly output In the 
future of from two hundr#4^ to . two^ 
hundred and flfty tona. ,..'^/".V 


Shlpt)ulldlng Firm Ordei-s 30,- 
000 Tons of Steel From the 
United States Steel Corpora- 
tion--Claims Recor4 

1^ VU O.A' »- 

Year Ago ttet Night Rflal 
; Word Went Out From Wreck 

and Next ^ming Mast Tips 


It waa a year ag* ^kat tha 
marina dlaaster ta the hialory of 
PaolAa Oaaat took plaoa. Tha frt». 
^eas Bophla. bound aooth from Shag- 
Wag wUii tit pawoaa on hoard, hit 
VaadarMIt Raef. Lgraa CaaaL early oa 
tho mondag of tha S4tk Ootohar, 
Itll, «tod, afta^ atleklag therg fdr 
pearly two daya. alld acraaa lha.ta8C 
and aeat to -daath in ley wdtgn 
•voryone oa board. 

A Seattle dtopatoh aaM after the 
steamer had atmok. "Aa tha watata at 
Lynn Caaal aro wair p r o t aota d . ao 
loaa of Ufd or heat la t*arad. #aam- 
fehip man aald." 

' About flva o'olec^ oa <he aight of 
tha tiXti, a yagr ago laat ol^t. th* 
U.S. ateamer Cedar picked up tha 
maeaagn" f^on the, 8cqt»hla. "Jngt time 
to aaijr goodbye. We ara foundarlag." 
Aadijagi a yeac ago thia akoralng thfa, 
Cedd»^ went ta tlw gpo^ for aba oouW 
pot psake it the a^ht before, aad 
fha f^ad only the maat tlpa to mark 
the peaitloo of iho wrack aad tha 
burial place of every aoul oa board. 

After making a aaarah of the aur- 
rooadlng coaata, tho Cedar aent to a 
waltlag world thia mcaaage: **No alga 
of Ufa: no hope for aay aurvlvora." 
Kone were ever found. Tha PrlBoaaa 
Alloa, the death ahlp. eamo Into thl« 
port with maay bodies, and aa shg 
emerged from the fog at the harbor 
antranoo Vletoriaaa oa the Oaaaawag 
paused to wat6h hor tf ow approaoh to 
the deck. 

A Seattlo aaliwiga e oapa ra iMa^aaai 
busy at the aoana of tha wtatdt n>r 
soBM moatha endeaaorlag to rahw tha 
hiUL As far ail la known herg th«r 
pre stUl opamtlng, but It la tha oom- 
tnon opinion amohg marine men heira 
that tha seaaof la tog lata for 
thia yaar. ■•■•i»' •■.>.. ,«icw.>^ ,i,.' .,<i'a'.« 


Sxpeotad to Brloi Re 
BatA PVom Eaat 

8EATTLB. Oct 2S.— Contfaet for 
30,000 tons of ateel. valued at 
22,700,000. haa bean placed ^Ub tha 
United States Steel CorpbraHoS byltha 
Kawaaaki Pockyards Company of 
KoIm. Japan, aeeerding to Ichiro 
Tamada. repreaeatative of the ooia- 
pany here. Thia company, which has 
delivered aaran O.oao-ton eteel veeaels 
to the United Statee Shipping Board, 
will dolifor the laat five of its shjpa- 
for-^igagi boifttraot by the and af.lhU 
year, Tatn#d« aatd. Noct y«||ir,.. he 
taddad. the oomfany plans to turn 
'out two t.OOO.ton steamers montol|i^ 
!for pr^te" accouat. 
, Tha Kawaaaki Company, Tmnada^ 
asserted, clalma the record of build- 
ing a steel vessel from keel-laying in 
28 daya. On October i the yard** 
20,000 employeea went on tha t-hour 
day basis, the flrst industrial plaat In 
Japan to adopt the 8-hour day, 
Tamada aaid. 


TOKIO, Oct 21.— Field Mara^l 
CMint Solkl Terauehi, former PregiiW 
of Japan, whose death was reported 
h«re yesterday. Is still alive, his phy* 
sleians aaoounoed tdday. -^ ;• 

When the aged diplomat sank Into 
a coma yeaterday hie phjrslciaos be- 
lieved that death had overtakea him. 
and news of his demise waa given tb 
the world. Camphor iajectiona given 
tba count aa a preoautionary meaaure 
reatored conadousneee, and taday he 
waa able to partake of milk and lee 

Count Terau<^i'a death had been 
only pronounced and poethumoua 
honors had been beatewed upon him 
by ttae Imperial Court. 

Oow Oaaaea VMai WiwAc 

KINGSTON. Oct 2S.— James An- 
derson. 12 yeara old. of Mod Lake, 
waa killed and aa older maa. A. JX 
Rockford. a brakeman. of Smith's 
FallB. waa oertoualy injured, as a re-^ 
suit of a peonUar aoeldeat on . tho' 
C.F.R. at Mud Lake oa Thuas'day; 
The men were riding in some empty 
cars on the eaatboung way freight 
the eara being ahead of the engine, i 
The train hit a oow that waa eraea- 
Ing tho track, with tha result that 
the empty eaig piled up on the 

AMORONOBnT Oct 22. — The 
birthday of tha former Bmpress of 
Germany, Auguste Victoria, was cele- 
brated gulatly at the Benttaek. Cavtia 
today. Tha ohlgf gaaat of t he oe caa- 
lon waa ax-Prince August wmiam, 
fourth aoa of the ox-Bmperer and 
imprees. who came for a vkdt of a 
few daya to his gaaanta. 

TACOMA. Oct 26. — Some aettle- 
bvtnt of the shipyard ooi^rovengr. tt 
was announced here today, la expeotad 
with, the return hare .Wedaeaday of 
Mr. O. W. Wiley, preeideai of the 
local Todd Drydock and Construction 
Company. Mr. Wiley haa been in 
conference with Mr. W. H. Todd In 
New York and the Navy Department 
at Waahiagton. D.C. 

Thp Todd yard here, erapteytpg 
6,004 men. has baen closed sinac 
Ottober 1. when, on orders from tha 

Chipping board thai tha Incragae In 
rages of eight cents an hour to all 
^rorkmen must bo paid by the ahip- 
t>gMiliif A company, the yard waa 

p^fm^ • - -. - - .,..-.- ... 


sHmwomc piuMVINQ 

Promptly AttMdcd To 



Mmrtll Th 


Agtots for 


Bqiiippsd Willi TtiBkgii Rollsr Bsafiac Is Ftoirt sni Star 
Asks, Kdpw ss Cuuofff Bo4)r and ConwbtnaHim ' jtog 

•»♦■*»»»•«»♦ »*»^p*"««iee«^»i 

Cbas8to» with gtBBdard csb and windshisld .. 

vnMHM470 406Bi78lNMl 



"■'i I 


_' « .a, -O.^d --^.it .^ |(!t ■ »' 


t < T 

Tho PAOUffP MCmXICAMCOIMANY ^e in brddr tbU 
yur for MBuugw OS to te delivtrod to tilom at th« r&t» of 
000 carload a montlu 

A Gmi Car Wn^fii • OmiOH 

.■., '^ i 



' SEATTLB, Oct. ffi. — Canned eai- 
moh wdrin rir.gO^.VQQ #in be brouifM 
from Aiaaka to Seattle' hy steamara of 
jthe Pactllc Steamahip Company thia 
year, according to estimates made to- 
day by the company. In all, a total 
of approximately 1,260,000 caaee will 
be moved. The company expects to 

up the salmon paek by Deeem- 

Qlctm disbeo 

A tablegpoon of Gold 
loanggg iaa 
oNn-pgB^ WBiar. gfragm 
Tbatoiakeg abort wofk of 

dighgg wMi a ftaa dov 



te tr 


JH aE__3 

C U N A R D 


ANCHOR i.»ONM rr (N 

«Bw yoMK— uvaagoofc 

OrOsae ...fMv. • Or S — ....Dm. • 
MaerMaala Oee. 14 

RoT»l CNem 

fimit-i^a^yggjgii:MJ^ • 



Vk iIm "Horwmf if hmmkwl 

700-MUa Ocean Vosrage thfoiigh Ibe "laiMa Patsafgi** MeglTastf Vdttll 

tacM«4 oa tli* 

Grand Tnudi 


Lhm Vigleela at 10 -ma Saaiiga wnI Wa 
CallfaifldtSaatlla, Vaacouvgr. Ocean ir«nfc,9villl9ro 8gy, frbeg a«p«ft 

aod Aajroai 

fir TTiilft^ irff 

f* i« 



f ' j ' in *' 


Oflkfy iOOIMlHflf sir' 






Ganadiaii Pacific Rubn; 

Ct E*rt Tbf^k Us CaMiii hfdk IMu 

Three Traw-Contineiital Trains Dattj, 
'*'» 'Standard aad Tourist Slaepers. 
' ^ i^^QmpvtnwA Obsarvatlon 4^ 

'^'jPul^ hiformajBoB ProRi /v 





eangfd Lfag. WMg My Uag^ 
f aimllan Pactflg Oggga MfTMaa 

Fgaaporu Mevttd'—d Ml in> 

Tkkat Offiaaa, ^ f«gi Sirggt. 
Pcnbcrtaa Bsndaip. 



OP B. C. Ud. 

Ch«Bf e nt Sckeivlf 





Ceaga,. •••••••• ^%pia» IMH^ waa. Saa. 

Cgglg «e»>»»>» J** !*^ jgfc pea , _0% 
BmSp* •••••• ••WW. laAb BtM* SMi 


aeg^raBE ii i < i .r .. f,. i ' i >, i..!,; , ' » ■■■*•■ ■ '»' ■ ' i.. ± 








n. 0-' 




tC., w«r« UBltv<i «« m«rrU««< by the ««*- 
i C. Mtttm. Tb* bHila w«ii Btmndi^.bj 
|r«. T. Mutton, ibr tcroom b«ln« puOP«rt«« 

« tfth J««««. Winifred Uownmrd. belo*«« 

"»' XSUmit '«»• b««n •rr«n«»<l to i«|i» 
OB ThwUV >t 't«!M •.■!>.. (rom tno 
laB^yiMMrSi "ome, th« Uey. Oatwmo 


"' l«v'inii 'm9tii»rt of ItSrir 

MU«. y«itair*Kt »o» ♦# JT -J". O. 


1« »ir*<-lion«t<> r«-iT»«mbr»nro of Arthur 


,_ . Im mel%f(r •r4^"»f" 


„"iil*, lllo In pflne«M HophI 
Lynn r«n»i, AlMkk. Oct. tG 

BOfflNBON—In lo^inir n>«i*«ry *f Jtr. mvA 

TTm. H J. Johoaon, wbv lo«K their Hvn 

1 thr frliSrew HbpHU dMMt«r.' October 

■J- ***'• 

^■*'^ IK MKMOMAM " 

atU— la lorlnt momow, »f ' Uf rb«rt . »j4 
> b«lev«« wife. N«iilc, 'BrowiMi* oir two 

)««M 0«pblA. Ortober », t*t|. T^vlllSly 
•mbarod by their f«tBer», Mothflta, ■!•- 
■ad brothers. 


•L Jmmv' Ckwah. (»M>eB atfMt. for- 

kic-ve »«Mratfll I*- IM i< li | M i i to time. t 

H4My eR iiM^iii m . ' it, MattM. 

at. Itory'e. Burge Mrtei. 0«I| H»y. I •.m.. 

.oln^o4m^Mm. .J\Jt'^-mfVV* •?* 'il' 

•ion. <Ttt {.m.. iuawy Bckooi. T *.m.. 
^vt'iuKMiK and *eripoa. Itev. a. U. Aa* 

III » ' » ■ _ f » : ■ T» . ' 




nocofloary; detalla rr«K ' ^raaa Sradieate. 
U* M. I^oula. Mo. 


tCmauiawel, KemVood'<:«r tcl'mlnue. Rev. 
WiiN«a> ■w r m i ta a. ««mlaa. 11. "Jeaua the 

Scaler: iiaa the Church boat the Ullt «( 
aa(tos7" Bvenina. 7:t*. -atpmy lliaith: 
The Maa and HU Mesraae." Monday. * 
p.m.. \mpK >*eoole°i| H^ir: addrru lMr-:thn 
i>ait«r 4i| "ma UtUf nowan tt DLMan- 


t''lret tiaadat Church, corner Yates aad 
Quadra. Htrr. 1'. <;. I'arker. Mornlna. "Ttie 
Jwya of Worahlp." Kventnc. '•Mevl»al#'"aBd 

ervlvgUstf," . Huodav Dohool. 2:M. 

. cMBiiiTAiwa.r>irAK 

CbrMadelahlana. A.O.P. Hall. Broad 8t. 
Memorial Mervtoc, 10:ilO a.m. L<ect«l«. 7:10 
p.m.; aubject. "The Klnndoni of Ood." ITree. 

' ^hrlata<le|phisn Itali. t«H Nbrirrfarlt* Hi. 
Sunday School. 10 a-ui. Drt akliiR of Bread. 
11 Lecture. 7;M ivm,i aitlMaeC "The 
TImea of the Qentllea." ^ ' ' "• '• ' 

' ' CMMMrriAW ScilCMC It 

rtw^ O fc pr oU aC OkflM. •etarttiat. aSk^ Aw< 

(lorn ->Veiiue. Victoria. B.<*. ¥errfc^» art 
beid «tt Hundaya at it Mid 1;M p.m. 
RabJeet for taday. October 2«. "Probation 
After Death." Testimonial inrtlaaa ty«ry 
Wadnaaday ev««|n«, at » o'clock, ViaHpra 
walcewwe. . ' , . ' 


<Consna*itloaWl Churrit, U a.m. aabjart. 
"Jacob, ainer and Halnt." 7:10 p.m.. 
Monthly Muait-al Recital; npeclal music by 
'eholr aad solan by leadlna soloiats. Tou 
wUl be welcome. ^ 


* axp«rtaiii5a ann^c m pary 

jLmoaktktm. alif» Oolaaiat 


EARN lit waaUy, mfmr* tMa^ *MtlB« tar 
aaarspapera, atagailaaai Mayartaaee ua- 

A DlP*RTJaMR de««rea pesHio* aa ptctare 
tX twm»r. Apply Boi 1M*. Co'ooiat. 

i r fC MtK . vaod aU-rouad. daalraa »aal- 
tJea. PkoM »t7«. ^ 


Otav * 






vUr pttwMt trtaMtav ta 
^•aeker can prapara far ^iDistary aaaot* 
ttatti tkrouah our tuitioa. Our ooiuaaa 
r alaa eaaoM ttoaaa wiM ara already 
teacbara to pacare Crpt elaaa certlAaate. 
Tatnc^ to yoa at yoar pwn haaM. Wrtta 
far aataUea Mtrricuhtm'^ aad' lafansaiiaa. 
Seat vitlMMt aoat. Oaaadiaa Carraaaaadoaca 
Celleca. Matltad. Dapi. C.C» Taraata. 

rr. Writa 



1]UBllMiBN, brakaasae. ItM'MM Mantkiy 

f aUfSrtaaoo uaaeeaaMty. 
Aas^aitiaB, care Cataalat 


GOOD waves for tw>me work. We need 
you to make socks oa the taat. easily 
learaed A at* Kalttar. Rsaerlaaoe aaaecea- 
•ar>-. I>latanca ImmatarlaL PodtWaly no 
canraartas. Tarn aoapliad. Paftleaiai^ •« 
stamp. Peat 9«C. Aato Kalttar Co.. Tarome. 

GABDaMBM waatad. Ptasla prafamd. as crowlUa .bnalpaw; maatty 
fruit, f i.aof at leaat l^Qalrad. Box Mft, 
coioaist. ' , 


icvaic n 

EKMBST SrMPUE. vtaWalat aad 
Lala let Caoadlaa DivUioa 
party. IVaar.e. Opcii|atra aa»pll»dL 

belt B\.. Victoria. B.C. Pb«a« 9TtT. 


MXSS Ciartaaa Baataa: 
IX«» Nor tjt Park. P»ai 


-U N. Wla« Oa. 
acaaar. Phaae 

OXPCBIBNCBO hotelkeeper deslrea posl- 
MSt tiaa aa hotel laaaaser or stmUar posl- 
Uaa. Baa m«, Colawtat. . . 

ELECFRIClAN. used to conatraatlon. 
nuJataaaace aad >en<Tal power work. 
^aalrea paaltlon. Box lt«», Colonis t. 

BXPCRIBNCBP saniener daslres work hy 
day or week. Tumbull. til* Mhakes- 
peara Street. Phane tIt7H. 

V^XPBRT mechanic and driver (returned 
"j n»an> dreircs poattloa In aaraffe or drtvrr 
•t track: ton years' exoertencc. At>ply 
Bax l»t4. OeloBlM. 

' Itf B6- &• bICMPLB 

4U- perleaoad teacher „ .-j-- ,^ 

parad far eaamlnatiar-a If dealred. 1141 
Ultehall Street. Phone IT«T. 

IIX baalaeea for aale or run on ahares 

or pereeatase baals: references or sac- 

a;|ty: ererrthlaf necessary. Addreaa Box 


Ilir. rolon1( 

Q.t90D all 

Sfausatf ■ Itail—. 

MAKB y«ur Pord aara yaar Jlvias. Ford 
lUhtina ayatem Increaaea llaht 4M ver 
oeat. Mils for It aa daaionatratlaa. Ajieau 
Wanted. Heaves * Praaeh. Pi VUaiala Street. 

Mttraafai^ Blaaeha Bayd. 

kar: S» Vfar^ •aoarlenoe. Tbe Ut- 

Bcaa fr pm Maw Tarfc. Boetoa aad ka^ 

Mp at AJaSadrawulraaia at 7 p-oi. 


tiPpSRa ftw« •}•»• 

AlV VMH * ' taa»«a*«*aaak'afa« 'HtCI 

\ OMK e aa* ea , ^ p » m • » » m»9m9 • » eaaaa 'JP^f 
•OA ,U«U ,MBM- . aa^.f^«a« Itll 

l<OlM#fe '• 0'9»'*^m'»0m ••••••••^B>* aaa «a * *P9*r9 

• •••««ea W9» 99 
a e • ■ • e eaVleVV 

mosa «TI«L 

'Matrdpalttaw Method IHCharoh. car. Pan- 
dora and Quadra Streetr. MIniater. Rev. H. 
H. Osborne, la a.m. fold time), elaiaea. II 
a.m., the paxtor will preach. Z:SO p.m., 
Hundar ijutiool und Jtible Claasee. 7:10 p.m., 
Rer. H. S. Onborhe. B.A.. B.D. ; subject 
"Ontario's Snrplna Confirmation of War- 
Tlme Prohibition." Good music : laran 
ch'ilr; Intorrnttnif servU-es. Rvenlnir serrico 
f ollowed by praise and' pra.ver gervlce.^ Come. 

Cfeatonalai MatbDdiiit Charah. OnricalWkd. 


near Oovarnmant. . He v. J. U. Batty, Matoi 
ranaarils. «1S David Htraet. Anaiaari^ry 
K-Stai, ^ 11 aradahar. Bav. Mr. 
Thompson. 7:J0. Rev. J. T.. Ratty: HUbJcct. 
-ainp niUrs of tWe fTirlstlan Church."' 
Sunday School aad Bli>to Clasaba. :;>•. Bona 
aarviee. 7 p.m. . >' ' 

30. Mornlna. 

Ilampdhlrc Rryad. 11 and 

KRar. W. B<i^a Paly. B.A.. fa-B. 

It aiay ba cold puuidc, but it's warm, 
comfortable/and Interesllna with trie Bxcel>' 
star BIblf Cnaaa/ Mirfleld Methodlrt Chorrh. 
OaiftaaUn* i-witll Mur (rlanda at 3:sa p.m. 

MBN — A(e IT to tl. Bxpartence unneeea- 
sary. Travel: make aecrat lavaatlaa- 
llans. reparts. Salartea: eapsasea. Amorl- 
caw Porelan Petectlvp Ajreaey. W St. Louis. 

PBBSS feeder ^vaatad. Apply Ootealat Jab 

gBLIABLB (arm land, wa«es |M; oottate 
aad cardan. Apply H.B., Chamalnua 
P. O. . . 

SHOBSHIKB Maad. saad lacatiaa. law 
raatali aaat aaw MM. Priaa car qulok 
sale. t;»«. Baa ll««. Colonlrt. 

mOMlFOAM earea daadraS aad sava* tka 
X kair: Ma aa« llTliiat dnm 

RBTVRIfED man laborer wauta' work; used 
ta horeea Phone lit* betvaan 1 p.m. 
and I or > aad « • ) j y 

RBTURNVD eoldler MPata Jab: a[«-aal 
handy man at anytblna: cxperltnced 
car aad truck driver. Box lg7<. Colo nist. 

n/AMTCD — Marehanu wba require tbeir 
Tt baaka written up aa4 balani?*^. syxtein 
ar'baanaapiaa Installad. or assistance with 
laeame tax ratams. by competent' actouut- 
aat. Box lllC.«p Colonist. 
' * o ' " ■ 

WANTED — Position lu sramopnone or 
record sales department or repair d<'- 
partmeat: experience In Baatern Canada. 
Box l»«t. Colonist. 

PBB OBNT laaa sa« mare pap, m*T» 
pawar. D. aad X. AmpUfler. Ask your 

MUfl Edith Qcorbesaa. A-R-C-M^ taaakar 
of pisnofcite aad thaanr. ill Coa- 
stutcr Avtnue, Esaulmait: lata ml-lttT^ 

rtM'r.ol. rnsland. 


w<»»«^OU8< 5 oBCPW»»^«»^»M»^^ 


»Mlk 1 

r. awaar: bMik i 
Ibaaaaa ta EaQ 

tacaM. Ctatrt* Raattv. 




Piaalat aad aa- 
perleaoad teacher of ntaap: pupils pra; 




nura atmoat care la Misrelaad la tha ha»- 
X 'dUa« af yoar fafaitar* wMm Hi 
Braa. a>pve yoa. Pkaaa MM- 


,V W^ aitauUkJilita- IsmU^O^ 

paar aears ta a Ura acaat. a food oM" 

aad W1U.U/UB ««T..raaiJJi ■!« wha 

praitcie»oy .la aoHciUw buataa^ Baa 

-<aBlpt.| r ^ . :, i 

\ox Waatad t^^l^ni tiva slfa and a^ow 
aard uCaiaaJL JPait't aaply It nat u*ar- 
MaAaar Sli m Oa. __ 

far piaklea. 

and raaoy Prea» 

kWbarry Vale Ball. Tharaday. 
„ -.|0-ia p.m. HefreahStantsi 
rialidla aoc each. HMaa«itow_be 
or rattalr to St. Col<nilai% ^C^ r o hr. 

'AL>IX>WE'BN Masquerade, Colwood Hall. 
. I^MaSr. 0*M«>aryist. D*"?'" » i°J- 
ra; orq U a a trd. A|mls8laa. 60c; rMbMMt-. 

V '< ■ " l n i» I* ' t f ? _ ".." 

■ajm»un Danoa-^taMB 'CttF Chati-^ 
WTCLflM., Jfasgr draas dance. Vrlday. 
O*. Aw KraA*'¥»»- Tickets. 7Sc. may 

'^SKT* ^rre';:"oot.oga-'""*"^ 

Hundajr Bvenlna lectures. Orange Hall. 
Ceurtnaf Street (opposlt* Alexandra Club), 
tiecturaa ^eoinmenca at T:MI. Sub.lect to- 
nlcht, "Is the Pavii a Person, or Personlll- 
.catMn a<,-|Dvt|l" All walcanve. No codec- 
tlofiT • • y 

Oaklands Qoapel Hall. Hillside car ,ter- 
mlaaa. Christians meet: 11 a.m.. worship; 
S p.m.. school: 7 p.m.. Qoepel address. All 
aalorfme. . 

BoChesda Penrecastal Mlssfon. Services: 
Sunday, 3:11 aad T:M: Tueaday aad Friday. 
7;la p.m. 57< Johnson Street. 

Ralli ' aa* Cagspball Bull^af 

Service. H p.m. every Sunday. 

Siieaher. Mra. Gordon Orant. 

P«b4ect today. "The Power of Thouaht" 


Thursday at I pja. aad < p.m., Mr. Henry 
Victor Moraan, of Taaaaia. will apeak on 
•The Heallna of the Mind." Bverronc In- 
aitad. • 

Offlce. KOS Campbell Bulldlna 
XatUak S to 4 o'clock every afternon except 
'Saturday, or b y appointment. 

The Knulcruclan Kellowship Will m*«t 
averr 1>*HdaT, at S paa.. ta Rom> 1M. P«m- 
bertcn Dulldlna. Port Street: Non-Sectarlaii. 
Toil ara cordially Invited. 

WANTBD — Picture frame setter tmmadi- 
' atejy. Apply lOH Oevernment Street- 

WAMTBD—Osa »aakai aaBart mw wha 
uadarataaAa wiekar afeaM work, bath 
la hi^lac aad rapalraL p ia f ai r aA Aidiaas 
Baa Oslaam. 

WANTBD— Bmart raal)i to work la elec- 
trical atare: state waaea aaked. Box 
im. Colonist. 

WANTBP->A ilrat-elaaa ainsle mllknap to 
take cbarae .*( a larae dairy: Empire 
milker aaed. T. B. Pambertan. Pembertoa 

fxni IM^ 4^ apaalat aaaaatMtdt 
▼ ▼ that M aatfar* la 

priaata ar aammaraUl — , _^_ 

Caor prafaalaB. Phaca the BMaMar. Ta* 
■haw Carraaaeadaaaa Behaat tit Taraatak H 
Araada BalMlM. Vlaiaala. phaaa ttn. 

■MB ooiT or ixroM 

OCR praaaat aalary aaa "Va Mataatallr 
by taklas aa asaaor with mm 
Britlah Inaaraaea oamaamaa 
a la VIcUrla. rail pa rW M 
lara aad teaa aaaraa aC laatraaUaa wlU ka 
Civaa, eaaMlaa you ta aaa jraar.apara tlaa 
to apiaadid advaataiiau Baa 

at the oldaat 
•alaa haaiaaa 


PIrst Spiritual .Ch-urcb. SL John's Hall, 
Herald Street. Taday, Oct. 2«th, 7:lf p.m. 
Hp«akar. Mra laies: ^ aubiaet. "Service." 
Circles. Monday. Wediveaday and Tharada.v. 
T , P-a>- All welcon>e. 

MEW tHOVoar 

rooBiMo oa' fMf 

iMh ~ " 

I M - p tX OB MIOBS 




•aw aa the market, ath' latest pro- 
• "Hwaat MdUtarV Mcllsh,". and 

.„.,_. , hava -btdyt lookia» fer, cumbin- 

IMC awoataesa witii prp. The Western 
Pt>><Htlt~ Works, Limittd. ' 

MIWTAUT &ao. K. of C. Hall, Port Straat, 
Twaeday. October 21. •:!« p.m,: aood 

ElSfi i^ '-r-^ — -iS:— 



^KW Ou, nil MadaL Eaar Aad Oa^ tf aw 
?l abla. nira-raawaaar 

i.a4>ta Bay. «kk VilhMB tl um 

Cwiaav* May. li,,aMlp ak taady 
Mraaaataad MMal aad uardaaa . 
|Ma»"'C»aa (OtiiM^Maaai .estra) 

Mviahaata. Mappy Valley 

batattat urWa ta aeaKta aaticah a.M 

MKWlaii 'tSStr HhMU lfa«n.i> 


Iratrifia May. laaaa aad aaaaMaat abada Ml 
^KIMsa prloaa ata f oa the aaatlnaaaa raoad 
m a«iy. ifW watuM taa ak^ria la «1^ 

irt«>l.aa Aveaa* 

, New ThouMit Temple. HaM III. Pember- 
•on) Black. Dr. Batler will speak Mjl a.m. 
on "Seeintr Mod.'' 8 p.m. aub.lect. ^Tfla New 
Beila|on of ntfe." 


nrst earner Qodd^ aad Ptstard Streets. 
Moinlna, Mrs. 8. A. Martin. "Forward Move- 
aiant and VOt.Ji." Bvanlna. /lav. Jno Olb- 
sen Inkater, "Are NeW Meaaarav Needed for 
% Revival of RellaiOBT" Prayer meattaa 
ForfOlbsy Spilth Mission at cleae of evaalna 
aervice. rrso aaata. . Orand maaio. Taa'ra 

St.' ABdrevifa Chaaoh, Itev. 'W.~'t<aalle 
Clay. D.D.. minister. Today's aervlees: 11 
a.m.. "The Shama of Slackneaa" ; 2:<a p.m.. 
Hundar School; '7:14 p.m.. "Ovarcamlna Ob- 
ataclea"; soloist. Mrs J. A. Lenafleld. Wed- 
■raday. Oct Z»t1i. fliaatratad lecture on 
-Sorfal Work la Caada" br Bev. . 9. A. 
Robinson, of the the Gipsy. Smith Mission. 

Knox Church. Servicea will be'hiftid at II 
a.aft. aad 1:1* i>,m. accordlna ta tka new 

time. ' ••" '■■ • ■ - r 

St. Columba. Oak Bay. cor Mitchell and 
Oranlte Streets. The senices today. Oct. 
Z«. ISII, will Iw caadvetad by tlm Victoria 
Men-nramer riub. At II a.ak Mr. 8. P. 
Miller will preaolt and Mr. Parker wilt Mna. 
At 7:.tO p.ra. several of the membars.wllf be 
proH^nt. Solos, choraaea and aaecHkl ad- 
dresKcn. C'onin and hear these workinit men. 
You will cn.1ny the services. ' 

hbvoknIed MPisroritt! \ 

> ■ ' <. ■-■ ■ 

Reformeil Ri^lseopal CbUrch, oiwner Kam- 
boidt and Bianshard. . .Baatar. Bav. A. da B. 
Owen. Mnrnina BorTlee. tl a.m. Bveslna 

aer\'lae. 7:»0 i).m. 

■ 'I'HBlAMiniT 

-■ ■ ■ 

Victoria I.odae. SI 3 nelmopt House. Capt. 
Of raid ". Barrv will alve • public leotare 
op "BsoteriP Cbrlstlanlty." 



NA'CyilAU. Hlaury SocUty win meet' in 
Sdhaal Baard htAnn.- Monday,''3UH. 

iirikAOB Salle, Tuesday. Oct. Slth. at 1^ 
■''^^eiaak. l«»t Oovernment Straat. 


«— i»asaaaa<i aaia Tit VU4. <*p aa 
m0k% Ma a la l a n r . ClfW., Maff-.^* 

B aslvaUes , 
t" |U Jfbx 

Ara» ladihtrUl iMbart- 
„., ^ :aaBl lUaal, jrilTka plaaaad 

jSfiaya #1«A 

fttaday la aaoh.iaaath. "Seorat Doctrine" 

^^TO^*ii(*Sa*^"tsx tin 

Saak ^r^raai • t7ft ]juSL^>ablle 

p«ary saadar avaalas at § o'eloak. B 

atitry^' tuj^ym, 'MbaMath. ^^ 



leak. Baa. Sec 

IB, tJldlea 'Auxiliary St., Andrew's apd 
AleiaMaN Saalaty Halilrira'dhO Banaa! 
Oct. list. 1:10. In larva Oraaae Hall, 
r Bwaatv - Oanla. -Mat ladtM Mck 


THB, Ra% PMAcaa Black, Cbaplalg of U. 

VKnarla Weat, tomorrow at |l o'clock. All 
ae rvlcas- aa right ttthat , ' 

VMVBMiUt Tatt]|()i'"\ttU(tet Baak BalM- 
lM. »: .;..T ' ' -• ■ , 

WV to 0,W.V,A. aaetaU and Baaaa. ta 
•X\.» .■» halt in taaiaa (tt Port St.. 
I'vsriM't ^▼'■'^ft.L.v All children who halped 
la iQfit tas ikV^wiii be admitted fraTor 

nnui. tieltat bolder Xa 4 sliaaa ill IT. 
lar CBaekal hat. 

VJITOMBira t^adlan Club—A r«4>aptlon In 
'v T Hanar af O^neral HIr Arthur and l.adv 
Carrie- WW be held Krtdav. - - 
la 4 aLffk, la the EmareM 
iwisil&al .^ojinuaMa h» 
Aiia»i»qaa ta> wMt »a ae^vs 

Carrie- WW be held Krtdav. Oct. tist. from 4 

II, la the Emareoa Hotst. a anad 

'm been <arraaaefi 

ryed. Admlsalon lac. 


yrotm aM foHa 

___ _^ (OrMBT<">* T?»""' 

a», elBpa a< arai^wt aarvlre.i ■ Va 

It- yllafa i t g.pv^laaa aad Ba^. 


tteeio*. nVr, 

a.ia., Bolv Cem- 

IB.(^ BaaSlaa Ptarer;. sermon 
fandar Schnoi an^ 

rr-tar J.fb a.a»« ___, 

Ctaasea.' T;il* Mai.. Bfe«is<M«« 


PER. CBNT. laai . 

pawav. B. aa« BL AsapUBar. 


AT Tka UAMmT 'Asaaer; tSI Sayaard 
Building: Parlonnald, IIS; house* 
parlormaids, 115, $1*: houao liarlormaid, 
dally, good salary; housemaid, 110; wo- 
man, afternoons, cooking and houaework, 
120; waitress, country hotel, 140; hooae- 
keeper, |l«; geaeral halpa, IM; cook-geaar* 
aia, |tf (o |4t. 

BBET ataal mad guarda tar ayala* .,_ 
ley A RItahia. Litd.. Ill Vlaw Sttaa t. 

/''COMPANION ar aaoratarjr ta ladjr ar gar- 

V> erneaa to one child: woald traval- Cel- 
onlat Box 1I2I. - 

T^HBWifAKBR, by day. Pkaaa 1411. 

EARN $11 waakly. spare time, writln« for 
nawppa p ara, magaalnea. Bxpariaace un- 
nedaaaary; details free. Preaa 8yadlcata» 
111 St. Lauls. Mo. 

I^IRL. for botiaawaak. (ram I to I dally. 

Phana 1411. 

Li hlaahad 


EST ataal mud guards for cycles. Pllm- 
lay A Ritchie. Ltd.. «11 View Street. 

DRESSMAKER for ladlaa" bousaa. altera- 
tiana laoaa cavers (or turaltusa, 14 a 
dav Box taai. Coleniet. 

INPANTS nurae deulrea position: Hcveral 
yeara experience: reference. Box IDTl. 
Coleniat. • 

LAX>T Who haa made a Bpeclalty of ni^k- 
ina over ladies afkd children's gar- 
ments would like a few more day cuetoAi- 
ers. Box 20)10, Colonist. 

MARRIED Isdy wishe* post as dalt.v nur- 
sery governers i>r help: no Hundny 
work. P hone IISIX. Forenoons. 

nOBITION aa hooaakaapar or eompaniein 
A kalp ar lalaad. ant of city, where work 
aat taa baatry. Write Mra M. Bailey. Oen- 
eral Pallvarv. Vaacatraar. 

REI^IABLE girl, 17. desires position In 
store, or as ftlevator driver: has had 
experience In bakery ahop. Apply Uo.<c 
3010. Colonist. . 

V.A.D. narae with military hospital ex- 
perience, wishes employment, or would 
act as companion: wllllnr to travel. HI 
Ladyamlth St. Phone 4I24R. 

¥X7ANTBO~UaM oootipatioa or elevator 
y V work. a«4tU . . • 

YOUNO war widov. with llttla daaghtai 
wlahes post aa housekeeper to irentle- 
man la or around Victoria. Oolonlat Box 
1171. . 

Acnsma wawikd u 

MEN and women are now taking orders 
for our high arade. moderate priced 
personal Xmas carda. Making 15 up ea<'h 
evenlna. SInlply showing our msgiiHlceiit 
free samnle book to fr'lenda acqualntanceH 
and nclahbora after bustneiia hours, i Full 
time agents make ISO w- HlirheHt com- 
mtaslons. Credit aiven. Deal direct with 
manufacturers and save cu"loiners 25 per 
arnt. Modern Art Co.. Toronto. 

MAKB manay at home. Tou c^n earn 
from 11 to |2 an hour In your spare 
time writing show cards; quickly and easily 
learned; no canvassing; we teach you how 
and sell your work. Wrtla today for full 
particulars. American Show Card tSchool, 
tU Ryrta BIdg., Tonga and Stauter Streets, 
Tareato, Caoada. 

aiEMDEHS are required for sundry repalra 
to be made to tire Centennial Charek 
Sroperty. siK-h aa oalntlna, oarpenterlas, 
rick and aalvanlsed Iron work. For apaol- 
dcatloiu apply 1103 Wharf Street 

t - r, W. ADAMS. 


1,100,000 ft. more or leVa^ on waterfroat, 
near Vlrl'orla._Full particulars aiwly 111 
B. C. Per. l< oao_ Blda. iie^^uj 

BOUfiEg y^j^ .*^^ ^^ u - A* 

A7-ROOM, especially built boagalaw, aa 
Slmnee Sirec*. a>>aolutely modara: Mgk- 
est grade piumbiiur. i^provemaat taaaa all 

Kid; wortb 14,100: owaar will aall taa 
uio. ternia ttoo cash, balance aaay. Orawft 
Kt'ulty Co., over Imperial Bank. 

•a BSOLrTELY modern, well appearlag 
J\. bonxalow of G rooms, bath and pantry. 
Duar cur. ulcasant surruuadiaga; a snap at 
tS.SOO; laree 1<>C. 


101 I'nlon Bank Bulldina 


over Imparlal Baak. 


Baal Eatate. Ptaaaoial aad I 
lilt Mraad Btraat 


i;«SqmMAI.T— 4-raaa. ma 

Hi stare: real bargala; U.1M. 


EBQUUCAtt'THNaar ally Battik f-assM 
aaadara kaask aa twa haaaittkl Ma, 
t«.IM. Crawa Realty. 

"CVNE large buflgalaw eontalalks I waO- 
f •arraased. brlaht rooms aad baaamaat. 
taolaa -aoath, high, elevation, laraa lot. law 
taxea. To close ah estate we wMI aall far 
tl.t«g. oa tenna. 

PeraanaUy laaaeetad 


111 Unloa Bank Bnllklaa 

BNaPS (anth real gtoaar la 'aaa) 

ERNWOOB DI8T.— 4-roafli baa«alow. 
vary aeat and attraettaa. fally aaad* 

em: aaraae: M.1I0. 
OBOE DIST.— f-roam modara bunsataw 
and tbrrca lata. In aardaa and email 


frulta. atra w bar r laa. raaaa 
gana: llgkt taaaa: atily %*.9t^ 

I21AIRriELI>— l.reoat tally madeni. Ur«a 
AT lot. a chaica haoM. raaU (ar l«t. 

r|AX BAT-^aar the gatt llnkai I raasHk 
^^ baaamant. taraaea. baOk'Caaee. Im(« 

(et. baaaiad oeUlaaa, built-la dn 
in bedroom, snap prlca tl.MI: U 




A. l-rqoin modern bungalow, Hampshire 
Road, 1 lak Bay: lot fiOxlZO. The bon- 
Ralow Is well tinl*lied throuirtmut. The bed- 
ronmi anti bathriHiiit arc In white enamel. 
all hull! -In rpHturos. with a eood sarden. in- 
cludlOK apple and plum trees, chicken houae. 
etc. i'rice $1,000. 


"EnfrShcfTSsywIfd Block 

Phone Sill 


E 8CMEMRB, Alllabce, O.. can help yoa 
get mare tt aa It prints many t-aettera 
each month: 33 pages: see for yourself 


year, 11; special 4 months' trial only 3;;c. 

^I/Vr-TUBRE will be much rejoicing ttala 
VXV drat Peace Christmas. Greatest Im- 
aginable demand for our exclusive btjt not 
aapaaalva Private Cbristmaa Greetloa Carda. 
Repreeeat Canada's old established house 
with celebrated British Royal Series. Make 
ten to twenty dollars dally. Maxniflcant 
Sample Book free. Special terma Experi- 
eaco or capital unnecessary. Bradley Com- 
l>any. Limited. Brantford. Oat. 

•lA'A t>AT Is being earned by our agent! '^ 
VAV right throuirh the Fall, seltlna our 
high elaaa Personal Greetlna Xmas Cards In 
spare or full time. Save your customers 21 
par oeat. No outlay or experience. Write. 
Britlah-Canadlan Publishing Co.. Toronto. 

AK— raxVATB Chrlatataa greetiar card 
iR/ aaaapla book free: raareaentaUves . 
already, naaklng Ore to tea dollars dally. 
BradlaF^anataaa Comitaay. BranUord. Oa«' 




Laaac — Store In down-town distrlcft; 
must have good location. Box 112'.'. 

ANOTHER BUNGALOW. I room^ garaca, 
nlos lot. absolutely modem: (araaea. 
cement baaemert: taxes low: ll.aia: IMI 
cash, balance Includina lateraat. Ill moath- 
ly. Cro wn Realrv. 

A' iFTcflTHI-iSQuis bungalow of live bright 
roqmv, dlnlngrnom and living-room, 
pHOellvd and with beam ceiliags; all kinds 
or built-in feature*; full cement basement 
and n splendid hot> water heating plant: 
open Ureplacos, garage und chli4cn houses; 
stuiidliiK In a large Kardcn nicely planted 
with shrubs and tree*: plenty of fruit and 
flowers: located In one of our best resi- 
dent iai districtii; ver^ low taxes, For im- 
medlule rale f.l.Tou. 


lot L'nlon liank Uullding. 


A seven-roomed completely modern hooae 
on Fern wood Road, trullt-ln buffet. 
cem«nt basemeiu.. furnace, wood lift, eta: 
lot SOxiro; owner will aacrltlce for 12.000: 
terma can be arranxed: houae can be aaea 
any evealnx. Apply Box 1171. Coloniac 

BEAUTIFUL bungalow, on Bmpreaa Ava. 
close to Central Park: moderp. 7 rooiua. 
t3,»00: cash 1100. and IK meatbly. laalod- 
In x interest. Crown Realty. 

ENTRAU seven rooms. |i.«IA all 


Il,iaa cash: balaaoe oa m< 
r ST. — Near Jublloe Ho 
rooina. modem, nice lot. low taxea. 
attraetlve baaaalow: ts.ioo: taraaa 
•100 caah or trade for motor ear. 
lO SNAP — I blecka from Fort Street ear. 
a rooms, fully modem, alaa let, 
light taxes: only I1.1I0; taraaa MM 
caah, balance easy. 

1214 government St. VIetarla. B-O- 


FITB-room bungalow en high ground with 
a good marine view, cement basement, 
large open flreolare. cosy corner, built-in 
buffet and larxe rooma 

PRICE ti.iaa 
IGOO caah and tho balance easy terms. 

401 •» Say ward Bldg. 

IfWR Sale — Cosy country home. 1 afcre. 
" small house, fruit, chicken plant, city 
water; near jcar. Bax IMS. Caioalat. ^ 

"^^Olt 8ale-r-Rowland Avenue, Just oft 
X Douglas Street: 6-room laraa house, 
city water, two big lota, near city limits: 
.litneys pars door; high elevatloB; dae for 
rblrkens: prte* |l,400: |20a cash, balance 
like runt, or raat with option. Boa 111. 


H mile drala. Il.ioa: aaa i 

room house. 1 mile circle. IMO*: I lota la 
Garden Clly Park acar ear. 1171 aaok ar 
oner. Box ED.W.. Coloala*. 

'rnOR Sale — Home, 1B07 Ferawead Road: 
X* cash payment balaace tima at 7 per 
cent. Write offer. Mrs. A. K. Qrayaoa. 1111 
Henleaae Ave.. Moose Jaw, ftoak. 

1jH>R Bale — Fiv^-room cottage, Jaat paldt- 
a7 ed outside and d^oeralad Inatda; larga 
lot, cloee In. at a bargain. Phone STIIR. 
after I p.m. 

■■^M^— ■^K^wiwsBMiMi^vJLa^msMs^BMSMi^nBBMnan^^i^^a^^^^MwaHW^i^B^ 

FOR Hale — Four-rtMmt modern house, 
nearly new, close Cloverdale ear: 
price 11,100; Itao caah, |2I monthly. Phone 
II6X. - .^ 

17K>R Sale — t-roomed cottage; let Ifalll. 
JC Price I1.M0: UOQ oaab: balance ar- 
ranged. Apply 1411 Lang 8treet att'Oaiar 

Hill Road. . 

'. '' OAJT TOU DO BBTTBBf '■ ' 




f>BCKLBT AVwdctm, Jamea 1 

x* roomed modem boaaaiaw. oaataln» 

•cf^t-'^isf ssy.^as: w-ajss: 

with drafelaoa in araatkMlly «a«l> « . 
room; full alaed lot, wttk a«od sar> *' 
.daa. ehickea hoaae sad gaaase. 
Price only 11.110; taraaa. ^^ 

|AIA*AS ROAD, near tka Pmrk— BU^ 
roomed bungalaw, ndtb iRspb. 
atruotcd view of stralia mU mean- 
taiaa. ooauiaiaa partor. dlnlaa 
ream with open Sraolaceew kitcken 
aad three bedrooma. Prloe |4,M«: 

\|-KNSIE8 STREET— lU -story 7-roomad 
■**A modern buagalaw..contalnlag oarlor. 

open flraplabc. dtalaa laatn. den. 

kllcken and three bedfoams: full 

alaed c^Mt^ baaaaient: furnace. 

Prtoe aniy It.NS: tanna. 

ONTARIO rntBET— Bitnsala«> af 
four rooms, oonialnlna living room, 
kltcbea. bath and ttaatry. two bad- 
.,,. .rooias: full slaed cament basement: 
■ lot 10 ft. X liO fC At thto price I 
alao give you fall aiaed lot oa Cedar 
Rtll-Road. Priaa (or whole. 11.110; 

location — ttlx-room modern buit(a< 
low. oootainlng parlor, dlalna room, 
kitchen and pantry; three bedrooms 
with clothes closets In eacji: full . 
Bisrd cement baaemeat: furnace and 
wash tubs: garage. Thl» propertv 
Is In Arst-alass condition, and la a 
bargain at tbe arlce. 14,200: terma. 

ALTON STREET — FIve-roemed modern 
bungalow, containing parter, open 
fireplace: dining room, open Are- 
Place, ballt-ln baffet and wrltlnf 
degk: kitchen; two bedrooma. with 
large clothes cloaet In each: full 
sised cement bascmeat. Price 

|l.«7l: terma 

UBUBY Street — Six-room modern 

bungalow, conlaininE parlor, open 

flil^laee. aUdIng doora to dlnlns 

aoom;.. dining room with ballt-in 

.« buBet: kitchen and paatry; three A 

,■ kedroo ma . with clothes eiosat in 

I aacb; linen oleaet; sleeping por«fi. 

Xkaaa la a lull atsed <iaia«>ni kaaa- 

n»ent, with furnace and statlaaarv 
wa»ih tubs: lot «0 ft. x t ft Tt. 
Prico t3.*7ri: terma arranged. 

ARBINOER "aVENVE. en high grMnd , 
In Fairfield — Five-roomed modern 
b4iatalow. «aiiaAlnlai( reccvtlon halt, 
parlor -with open llreplare and buJIt- 
In aaata. dliMng room. kltniw\n and 
i>antry: two bedrooms with «lothe« 
rioaets In aaeh: full sIsed baaenent 
with' furnace. All the roeina tn bun- 
galow are larxe. and the lot Is extra . 
dean; Prieo.|I.TaO: terms. 





<^AkP£:nte:R'8 snap — l-room houae, al- 
most completed; bargain at 11.111: Ilea 
cash. Crown. H eal ty. 




ITnltarlan Chur«li. cnr. FeMMvood and Bal- 
moral RoadR Bervlce. At a.m. r.«Rtua 
7:20 p.m.; W. F. Bewt. "Switsrrland and H 



DIOOONISMS— "The: rnnui Of the rtth 
man \r nynonymoua with the laslneMi of 
the poor man." DlMon Prttttlnjr Oo^. lllO 
Oevernment Street Thome and PItt'a Sh»e 
Stnro Is next doer. Decorative t!h''\t Paper. 
vfty lona lengths, extra nuiillty. lie. Pri- 
vate Cbristmaa Card sample boaka are now 

CS*!: • ' -^•' 

, to qaalify ta . < ■', 

' , , "'BARN BlO MONBT * ' 

AS automobila ntaahanles and drivam 
Salary paid, from It&O to 1100 per 
month for skilled man. From six to eight 
weoiu training will train vou for one of 
thrsi.- alg-payina positions. Enroll at 

AlTTO tnabkinloa earn M«*er Maney by 
taking a apeotal tralalax la Ignition, 
eiectrioai and liattery work. Why aat h« 
the ehlef maokajilB ar aaiterlntaadentT- 9^ 
come an electrical expert. Special electrical 
claaaea now forming. 


fjpO the amhitlotta man we .are offering <»na 
'X of the moat eoffipilete and ap-ta-date 
vnlcavtaing and retreading cauraea la the 
canatry, Qaalify aa an eiport vnleaalaer 
had be Independent. Men trained ifi^ tMa 
trade are always In demand at larfca sal- 
aries. We are Inati^ilog one of the blsseat 
aad moat, modern eauipmenta made to 
t«ch voo. riaaaeo now farming. 



Wanted, to Oil hundrada of vacant i>oeltloaa. 
\|7X hav-c a apodal department for thia 
T^' war*, wherain yott are rhren tka ^iy 
latast and mos t mo dern training i>oiisihl«. 

The meet modern motor acitoolrin- Amerlea. 
^aaaahaa at Vaaeouvi-r. B.n... WJaalpaa. r 
gary. E dmaatoa. Saakatoan. Raalaa. 

torlaahd INM-tlaad. 

and (r 
or ^rlte HempMira -Ti^e Sebeola. 4*1 
Paa»»n»t Lean Bldg.. V|ctor)a. . B.q. 


ADVAXTAOBB— Bo maay^ •dvaau. 
kaMhaaa failaw ftaaa V^taiaa ti 


averlook the oimonanlfr 
tkeir proareae by thie famaaa 
atfltalas aaata w am aat a. «Wa_ 
['M i y tf ,ifc*!r_te5? mae by t kia an 


haok that hma hee« aaheB far ky 
.Mtllkm peaale already. iTSaa o 

iLJ^.*'" aeadTrftw 
and MIdraaa ta Fslaiaa I- 

Jkraaean. Tiac 1>MBMa • Bi 

' t 

yp_ etd «ait 

•OBOoc. or MXLUimn 

r XABM mt t m» 
lisaaai aaw IB tk* 

rally <BalHa< 

< aaa » e«iy. 

PRIVATS naraaa earn 111 ta IM a week. 
Learn without leaving home. Peserip- 
Uve boaklet aant free. Rayal College of 
Science. Dept i>l. Toronto. Canada. 


aiMiNU Uaaiuae Maataaasa. Mil Qvaars* 
meal traal. rkaaa MIA 


kMdi; Braa aaaslaai 

t;aRad Typewriter Ca. LlA. 711 ran St. 

Pnaae IfaSL -^ 


X < 

NIFOAM atapa falUng kalt> •^-m ^ 
draff and uteanaaa tbe aealp. Try R. 

THE Colamhua Sanltariaai. Seattle, Wash., 
offers a three-year course In nursing to 
wMiien who have had the eaalvalent of a 
high school eduoatlon. NnnMs given monthly 
aliawance and full malatananee. Address 
leijl Matlaaa street 

BAN wanted to laok after aick par- 
aas. PBaae 4114. 

WANTBI>*H3aaaral help, mother'a hwlp, 
or girl to aaalst with children and 
hea sewark. HI Maaen Ave. Phone «HaT. 

ANTBb— Wanaa ta do general kanae- 
wark; all aAnlnaa frae: rteen ta or 
AMiy Baa IMl. CalalUst. 




WANTED — Three lady demonstrators for 
three weaka engageotoat. AMtly Swift 
Cakadlan Co., Store Street, between 1 and 
I p.m. Monday. 

WANTBD— «lrl to aaalat witb twa okil- 
drea aad lioiaewark. Mra. A. r. Mit- 
chell. Jaaaae Bay Hotel^ 

WANTBD~-Applleatlan for lady superln- 
teadaat. Cheasalaaa Oa aaral HaapHal. 
Addreaa Secretary. 

'ANTBD — ' Aaalatant narae fer Oalf 
lalaada Roepttal. Oaaces. aadarfrad- 
uata ar sradaaiaw Apply. staUac 
perianae aad salary raqalreB ta 
Qa aareai B.C. 

'AMTBO^Yottac lady 04Me • waek tram 



•ita ta l:M %m.: mngk ka aMa ta da 
Malaaewlna and help wttk kaaaewark. An- 
pty Bhaka ^tlM. 

WANTBfV-Capable woaMa • middle aged 
ivreNrred). for hena^wotk. .\pt>ly 111 
St Charlea Stiaet. 

.' I< • ' 


'AI*TBI>~-Bgperleaead ' p aaer maehlne 
raaara. at T»nMr B iaai a A Ca.. 
akirt aad eaerail (aetary. Wharf aad Baa- 
tlaa Straat 



AXTBD— RoassJtaaper. state 

M. tak« I 

gm far half dkn . (nt«ekBiBa> ta 
tak« eharae of ehild. aiiaaki«..ead help 

- - russA^iyi, 


.B. C 


«( daw n e d aat- 

DRES8MAKINO — Apply 3(3 Earsman 
Street. Foul Bay. 

DRitsaMAiUKO — Ble u ase. klmoaaa and 
aitarattaaa pramptly daaa Raem lA 
ia7 y Tataa Straat . 

BB. WB8T, 710 Fort Street. Draaamak- 
taC, altaratloaa, etc Phone 1117. 



APPLICATIONS ara invited for the posi- 
tion of Oeikeral Secretary of the li. C. 
Teaehera* Federation, duties to commence 
January let. latOf 

Applloanta must have experience in or- 
ganisation work, a thorough knowledge of 
the taaoMag professloo. and must l>e com- 
petent ta take full cbarga of central oittce 
of Federation. 

Initial salary 11,000 per annum, and trav- 
eling axpanaea. 

Apply giving onalincaaions. experience. 
etc.. en or ttcfore Noveml>«r ittb. to "Hec- 
retary." B. C. Teachers' Federation. Room 
40)! t'ampbell Bldg.. Victoria. B.C. 

FRENCH, ItslUn. Hpanlatr. I^exaons by a 
returned soldier, Italian I'niverslty srad- 
uate. Addreaa! A. BlondU Room 111 iii'b- 
ben -Bene Bldg. 

GENTLEMAN, expert In Pitman's short- 
hand. Is desirous of taking a few 
pupils. Individual Instruction. Evenings, 
phone t276T. 

a TOfiWifr B.A. (Cambrldga>. Bar- 

• aey UalsktaL Caaaaught Avenue. Mt 

TMaUa. (akaa priyate punila Preparation 

(«r BasIWi >2*^^* lekaore. Oabome. . High 


CLOiti oa><ci«iir, witkhr iM trarCa a^ k C 
Electric Hallway Station, electrie light, 
lelephono and city water. Beautifully fla- 
Ished througboui, with hardwood Saora ta 
all downataira rooma and hall. esoept 
kitchen. Fireplaces In drawing-room and 
Uvlug-room. ueara ceilings aad panelling. 
Front snd bgck stalra 4 bedrooms, with 
2 bathrooms and 2 toilets; sleeping porch, 
linen clusats and box rooms. All bed- 
rooma, bathrooms and drawibg-room fln- 
iKiie'^ in ;vi\.t,i. «namcl and the Vary bast 
hardware. I'luiiiblni: Is tiiu very best tbat 
can b« obtained. Laundry tubs of Whita 
porcelain, and "pedestal basin in bathroom 
en suite with two bedrooma Hot air lur- 
nace. Orchard of various kinds of fruit, 
and larga shade trees o< oak and Br. 
Stable and other outh.uidlnS8. This prop- 
,erty has bain taken ov«r by the mortgagee 
and Is for sale at lesa than half Ita vauie. 
For further particulars and appolatmast ta 
view call at my oaice. 

IJtAWlFIELD — .i-n>oned buttsalow, fully- 
X modern, built-in featnraa open fireplace, 
cement basement, furnace, etc.: lot 41x141. 
Prion 11,710: terma. 

FAIRFIELD— l-roomed modem bungalaw 
tn good locality, cement basement, onen 
firaplaee. S bedrooms, dining room, living 
room, kitchen and pantn*. bath and tallati 
good lot Priaa I4.73S. terasa, 





CLOSE IN." a bighly finished l-roomed 
bungalow with every modem oonven- 
lenbe: garage, large let. near park aad 
school: epiendld view. Prlca II.IM: taraaa. 

Phone (SOS lit Pembert<M»-1Ml«.' 

Sale— Viotarta Weat flva-i 

madam eottasa ov larga lat. taaliMi ta 
etreeta rar price and terma apply lua. 


1101 Oouglaa Btreat 

/'1RAtOMlI..I.AR lx>dBe, Blenklnaop Road. 
\-> ll.M.D. 4,.H. Hasnlch. for sale, one of 
...(.' inoBi tieaulitul n-sldenemi <>n tire teland 
Hitli t'-n ucii'S, ill cloee vicinity to Vii'toria, 
or would i'!cc|)on»rc for smalltT residence: 
i.iM Lk' vlrwid l>v auiMiintmcn^ with owner 
at liuuKe aafr day. ' 

ma DougiMS tftroet 


iparleneed: excellent ' tcsil 

PRIVATE Tuillon, by experienced teacher, 
la school subjects for baohward xn- 
danta or caaea of negltpted eduuation. 
Pheae 4IIR. ^ 

'^tmaiNO Bama, lid Talaeiuaet Fhaa*^, 


tOeld MedaUlati ii,^, 


BCBIVB8 papila (ar alaglng and the art 
af yaloe produetloa. aitd praparea eta- 
Mr tka eoa<art alatform. For aa- 

patatasant atB taraaa apply ia22 Undea Avs- 
aae. or »heaa ifllT. y ^ '^ 

aieat Bt Bharthar<d. type writing, book- 
keaplag thoraaghly MMtht; graduates All- 
lag good paaltlooa ^ K. Maemilian. arla- 
clpal. Phene 1*4. 


'rSfTIALrST conches backward paplls; 
ladorate. Bex Iltl. Colaalpl. 

I aaa Itsht radding ctaisaa Th* 

24°«ir4'?? :fru ^sti. ^,''v 

^^Tvwa. ktiriii, IMl tasaai A 

\rUmOH PiapaimteaF. 

V ma Bapm **ia i 





mt MaaMk aer. Pa*^ 

no Webh. MX8JA 
(14 ttrfa rear, laalad- 
a lati. 

fRAIIJai aaaBk, ■ aadsiia. saitas. ■kuiau 
IS«a« aMBi BBilaa; TMrty ysMW taa4h- 
^ ' IkSa Bar laaae«i d leeaoaa 

Ilia BHad aiaaet 


"ILARK Street— ThIa modern 7-room seml- 
htingafow. ' Mnic to car and school, 
nir,- lot, cement basement, piped for 
furnace; only |:i,Ono; terms. 

EAHT Victoria; e-lose to two car Hnea; 
TIfli* mmtern O-rotMn house aottig for 
i\v«i-thlrda thu. cost of bulldlnir the 
li<iii«e lodiiy; onl.v |L',90(i: terms. 

Ij\AlUk'JliM<l>— ^<Me «<nnl-b«naalow on Lin- 
<{vn Avt.nuo, with four Ijrdrooms. Ilv- 
his room, dining-room and kitchen, 
',jjllt-ltt buffet, ftreplace. furnace, full 
cement baSemcnt ami garHxe; mapt bo 
Holil, Immediate irasscsaion; only 
ll.'SOO; terms. 

iTHBlS very choice hoipie In a leloct dla- 
X rrlr.l, four bedrooms, bathroom, linen 
cluset and large clothes prosses and 
eleepfng-noruh up: and extra large Jiv- 
ing room, illiilnxi-oom kitchen and 
r«c'"ptlun hall down. ' "The lower floor 
tins hlxlijy polished oak dooriii bulli.- 
In buOet and larg,. china rloeet*. open 

, Oroltlsre and a fully bunt-In dutcfc 

' klH'hen, largo cooler and wood and 
' roill lift*, the haaemeni haa a hot- 

) wn(«r furnace with ample radiation, 

cloret, laundry-trays, aa« |ilat« and 
fruit roomiL etc.; largf lot with gar- 
age and chicken runi; ths ehoicaat 
bay In the city, only M.Soa. 

I^^OPR serf 8^, near Carey Road, with small 

X -jt-room Dunxalow, city water piped by 
this property: aleo nlectrlc light and 
telephone; only |l,llu. 

EBQI'IMALT^IH aeree with nice 4-room 
cottage, considerabli' clearing, partly 
■fcnLtd. on the mslii Hooke Road. 
- • rictse to scb'wit. city water, electric 
Itfht and ie|i>i>hoac; tba soil Is nn- 
surpaased for smalt fruits, etc: only 
We hav« many other good buys. Call at 
ofllce for itartlculars. 


etreeta rar price and terma appi: 
Rattan. 7»l Pine 8t. Victoria w< 

•y^^AlRWBtB- T»yaow kSSae, fSB 

baaaaeat keaaUfal akinlan. 
porch: near ear and baatt: arartk 14,' 
If.TtO: terma Qraam Realty. 

ITIOR clear Htu ehed» propertlee laekad- 
X ing acreage. 4-ra«Mi bnhgalow. mad- 
era, and good layai leu Jtiat ouUMe afty 
Ibalta: low taxea. Phona Owitar. 11I7U 


IJlAIRriBLO — Attraptlve flve-reom kaoaa 

X; and garage, eleae to B eaoe n HIU 

j'\ Park: roagh eaat eaterlqr. laterlav 

-I' Sniah of high order: hot water 

' -«?0rr- healtas af very heat, leaded Blaaa 

windowa throughout: two opea 8ra- 

- xr^.i pip««a; vary attraettva living roam. 

14 ft. by 20 ft; den It ft by II ft; 

'rt t'^ { kitehen 1« ft by 11 ft; itaatry. reeak- 

r^i lotion hail. 7 ft. by 14 ft.: entateee. 

{vostlbuls; twa bedreotaa a«et«klra, . 
<v„ 11% ft by 14 ft each; bathraom 
and aeparata toilet: bax raom: oro- .< 
it. , , vision made for additional bedraom. ' 
f ITa" ** "y 11 ft.: nil alaalaacrafe 
, t "" baaemertt conerata araTha: lot W R. 
i .,.v^ Jy IM ft Prloe. fMlir, oaak IMM: 
I •^'Owaer. Baa 14H. Cailaniat 

FAIRPIBLB fcaasalaar af Saa trall-ar- 
raa g a d iii w % alaa haBt-lfc kaMwafc 
extra good baaemeat witk faraaoo; eoal 
blaa^ etc.; fall lot Tkia le a saad-laaklns 
warm houae. with lota of light aad a flaa 
aaa ylatr. Dirt akaa* at tl.aW. ~ 

Z STREET, iiou tha M«h part-rl^ 
, atary bungalow of ■ rooma,. edntaln- 
Ing parlor, opea Srenlaoe; dining 
room: kitchen:, three ' bedmamiv 
with elethea eloaet In each; full 
sIscA baaemeat; pitted (or furnace 
PriOc 12,711: terma easy, 

INTO Street — Bisht-roemad iH •atary' 
home, containing parlor, opeii fire- 
place; dlnlqg rt>om, bullt-ln baffat; 
den. kitchen and pantry; faur goad 
slsed bedroms. with clothes cleeet 1t\ 
each: bathToom and toilet, with 
extra toilet downataira. This home 
has hardwood floors, with full slaad 
cement basement, wash trays and 
famace. l4.tS0: terms arranged. . 

cCLtTRK STREET— An aittraettvely de- 
signed six-roomed IH-story hsme. 
eoniainlna entranee hall with Are- 
place: parlor finished In white 
enamel, wtth grate and tiles to 
match: dining room beamed and 
rmnelled wllh selected fir; hitehen: 
iarae. pantry. There are three good 
slaed bedrooma. with clothes cleaetM 
In each, and larg<' bathroom ; full 
slaed cement basement. Chlnaman'a 
mom. furnace and waah tuba: 
garage: lot ao ft. x 130 ft. Price 
II.4H; terma. 

JUST Off HlLI4linE AVITNTE— six- 
roamed bungalow, containing parlor, 
dining rom «-|th large open fire- 
place, bullt-ln buffet and window . 
seai: kitchen and pantrV; threw 
• large kedroaMvi with cloakee eloaet 
la edrh; full sIsed baaament and 
wash tubs, ^rlee 12, 7M: terma to 

Gt ' 

OROB Dlatrlct — Flve-rednad modem 
bungalow, containing parlor, with 
open flreplsce, dining room, kitrhen. 
large iMMitry. taro . large bedrooms 
bath and toilet: (oil siged ccmeat 
lianement. This prep4>rfr Is tn 
splendid condition, and the taxes 
are onlv 19 orr year. Price 12.200; 
•etena'to suit • v . 

q(\OQ ORtixiA arriUDBT— ^Tattage con- 
Ol/4ii«t/ta|nlnlng kitchen, sitting room and 

bedroo.n: cold water, eleetrlc ligM, 

low taxes: immediate aaaaeaalon. 

Price. IMO. Inctndea earpati and 



RTCHARDSOV ^R bet— Charming 
home of eight rooms, containing re- 
reptlnn hall with large hrick apen 
fireplace; parlor wllh Cfate iind 
mantel: dining room, boltl-ln kalfet 
and ikaneiied walls: breakfast raom 
or den with open flrsplaoa: •kitchen 
and pantrv: four aood afaed bed- 
raems. wlili clothes closet In earh: 
bathroom and toilet aeaarate: full 
slaed eeaient baaemeat hot water 
heatlnar. wash trays. Rutid irmm 
Kratar.aad CMnaman's ro*»n. This 
hnQii. haa .lasl been painted and the 
Interior re-decorated ihrouahoat. 
and la Sfferod at tha remarkaMy 
law figure of II.IM: ta^as to be 

; 1^. n. BRowl^ 

Vietary Bonds Bongin aa4 Sold 


101 Union Baak Bt aKtlB, 


aouR ledies* ssi nag kaad cyeiaa'ler _ 

Piimiev a RRgkla,' li—.. m viaw 1, 

tOROB— Thf«a «, I 
lowik lASM. •t.lM. 




al&ROB x>iatriat>-i-rooga baaaa eat b4« isC 
.$9tU waaM take amaU aar aa farkitaMi 
aa aaah. tliawf Realty. 

OKOB— raraMiad I aaa m k akaa aa Ik* 
aara. tl.MA Crews Realty. 

HUDSON Brea. apaatailaa oa Mg« diataaaa 
haala— .. Pkoae IIM far p a laaa 

""" ~ - WB WILL CALL 

IF yoa vni Phone 11x0 tHr re^MMbatatlve 
will take full aarilculara of aay proi>erty 
that you wish to aall. Peraonal inspectloaa 
iTit-an that If year vrltfe la right we can 

m4Ae a quUk nalc. We likve a client ft . 
l-raomed moder.i house or bungalow. Jamea 
Bar District, east of Maaalaa. 2 or Ij bed- 
rooms and veatlbule neceaaaryr would PMt 
ua good caah payment ' 

n. V. WINCH A CO.. LTD. 
Reel Rstate. Ininiranee. Notaries Public 
Wlaeh Building «40 Fort Street 

MODERN 4-raaased baa«alaw aad •• 
rooated ^haok (or aala, elaaa ta WB« 
Iowa ear; lat ••xlM: akaA ia >laaiaw8 wai 
paaelled. wHk water, tallat aad atfaaaata 
llaht: woald eaaily raat (ar HA Prlae 
II. '100. . Pbeae IIIIX. 

M.4M: MM caak. 
Ill* Monk Baak. 

MOpnoi »-Paaai k«M«i, M.M«; $»«• 
katakoa naaatkly, , «M« Balweai A«a. 
Apply Ntavana. llti ilmth Park 

.13. E. ilKATH 
1(13 Uouglan t«tr<iet 

laai Laagley Straat 


ELLKRT Street— Cloes earllae 
limita 4-roomed modera baasalow. 
tAaeoMBt and all in ariaisa r sa. wttk i W»^ 
lots. Price 12.210. terma. 

Twoflve-roMit bunsaJowa oa sima Avaaaat 
11.220 (hck; tiiraw, 

» • "" "" 

8IX<p^>om furiAbhM krfhse. Hi'ad Straat, t 
liBM ka from car line. m< 
en tcnns. 

11 Mt. 


V *fh all eonrenle 

wash tabe, 


" ^^IMAtT-^l 

w. larita tiai 
highsat fi^o 

"MTICB (aar-reame a kaaai on lat M (t hy 

lH 111 ft: fmh traaa. saad aardeai aai 
leaalag. will aall vary laaaaaafcia for aaS 

Api>tr owner. 12* Bealna Ava ^ 


- - HOMBB 

FAIRFIELD, abaoluuiy madern * 7 -room 
bungelow, very choicely decorated and 
. ..ivuiiirnily laid oat. a campect beautiful 
little home that you'll be Pjroad to own; re- 
ception hall, den ahd dining room, beamed 
and panelled In ciioice wood, bullt-ln book- 
cxjies in oeo. Iiullt-ln buftet And flreplacn tn 
(lining room, large kitchen with aaa In- 
stalled, -pass pantr.v. full of bins aad alTBtv- 
litg. I choice Itedrooms, modem bathrootn .< 
snd separate toilet upstalra. baiaeaieat ca- 
meated. good furnaCa, laundry tabs and et- 
tra toilet: corner lot witk good garage; 
rooms have plenty of light and the locatloa 
of ths house such that you net sunshine all 
TT. '^lU^'lS' 

tnatructions are tkw \t 14.100. an Mrma. Wa 
do not think you wUI ever gat another of- 
fer like It In ralfSald. It'a weat of Moan 
Street, too. 

OAK BAY— Here's a large preuatloua 
home tkat Woold oast la.Ma to I7,IM I* . 
build today: choltw situation, laa ft. seath 
of Oak Bay Av*., <-onlalns den. dln'M room, 
parlor, kitchen and t bedrooms w|ih i>an- 
'othfs cloeeta etc.; extra 
good cement baaemeat: house baUt In laTl, 
and in perfect condition. 
It. aaa, on terma. 

dav long. Property coat areseat awj 
We woald caaaMar ' 


STaatlfnl baBet. ^aaAeUad walla. biaakRal 
raeat all htafcly - . . 

rhs4i ramoMta la 
raoMa ni 
lata, fall 
iifal I 

T%a •• , — ..-_, 
(aw daya i* iC! 

irm ke 

""■ Be 


r sdaaed the prtca Aar • 



4M I'alea 


tries, bathroom, clothes cloeeta etc. 

alK 1 

piek aa at 
......^ on terms. 

/^AK BAV— Just bnngalaw, a aam(ertakie 
V/ fonvealently arranged modem Uttia 
bonkalow o( t foama, cement kaaeinanc 
famaee. laaadry tuba aad fine garage. k«IU 
right ot riRht materiaia. dlalag ream and 
parlor. b4>amed dinins room, paaelled,^ TOry 
fln« open flrenlace. dutch fcMehea. . > flaa' 
bedrpome with bathroom between. Taa kiad 
of hunaalow that It's hard ta gal aow at 
anv iM-lcf : cost owner 14,200 In Iffll. Priaa 
1 1,110. »n terms. 

C1BNTRAI.,— Owner moving ta a amallar 
'' home, wsnis tn sett this one. and ytrtt 
raa have Immediate a s eal aala a. ballt light 
from the around op. a modem hante of the 
rfty iMtSt sort, close In Ineatlon. high gtagad 
aiMl near all schoola cat stone faaadatlaii, 
badrtnent wllh good f«rna<e. recapfion . halt, 
den.' drawtaa ream, dinlna romw, kltt-haa 
and wash nsam doa-neialra. t hedW»o m s, i 
modern bathmoTn. •enarate toilet and tifW'" 
lea rnnm uimtalrs. slao alaaslng partdlf* 
reaaaa are arae, dmwlag raaas 14x21, (raat 
l»edrA«Mn 14x20. Areplar* In den and draw- 
lag ream. baaaUfaf kalti-lM haffet (■ dtoln« 
raaaa. Iarae naraae vita aaaieat drlrawar, 
eonae ehoice shade trees, weedaartt hr haaas . 

II. Ma, oa terma. 

211 P asnkaioea BalldkMi 

I^Sf^a^Si wTSiV* dSr-K*-* 

■*, agat, a >aai aaraaia a* aaiSaw wat'ii R» 
wBi kar a« lavseawiM. JnMWBa* Mail 
<afa l -raam haa s^law ea laUla t< »1 e. Barn; 

itl bdMsM " 


v^ mum ^ 

4NH1 BMRHI^ B^v W8lfl» 

MM5tM£ fitt t^ ■■■• 


Vnim — 1^ luwi«M« 


BAY, %Mr tM MMl Mr. * 



InMnMta «• I 


^HinAtl CASK. 4-r«oB iMtiaa: Ut ttslM: 







Bos tMli, 


iMt, farflse*. wMk 

It BOOMS. oMMoa 

iSikUMT kSW: MMbloek tram t>« >trMt 


«ftr. IS.M*. M oMy urmm. 


' C»##iua *tr«o% olM* t» OMk. tot 

4toia«. •»« »«aM to ■ 
•• unu. omir M.SH. 


Hl«», (l«>eou on 
■trMt. » coiqr mo* 4 -room ««■•»• 
tow l«r flflHt wnrur «Mli And Um 



VICTOllIA WMt, OS r«w4«rUr AvawM^ 
room modorti «w«I11bc irltk 


bt«a. kMomMt tmna» 





ZiaklMa ATuao^Tkto (■)" 

•'r««m bmt— oootelnln* thMo 

Stataf. ifrtmt room with o»«i 

4iitcta klUhon. (wroM*. tuba ft 

, IbrMrw MS 1* sr««W ro««»?** 

'« «OTiSl« •! Smto «S>r- !'•<' 

^MT^ reU St i f t ■! ■ r t> m . 

Cm4 lo«ai«y, 

kk* Bwr. CUM* StJfoot. It rwt 
■Ts^ffoom iwMMlMr lo« —.^f^ 
\,mA yovr heuM-hu»Uas wUl bo 

w«ii-k«nt. tiifh 

moSarn •-room bouM. 4 

_ nw> •tc; •• 

^ in lot: Blc* mrdon: ptiMr terms. 

tvM, IwrSrooS 
M faraltwo. tokt 


9 iPFMOooImn 





oatr* 4o«» lot, oloo« to OoK 

t* MOM atroot. bigli 

II •waw of tlito «-r«om' fvlly 

ittaw thMSMMS wlib for*- 

~ MA fO OT M I oS M to tttt for 

iflB* hoidioo* floor*, o«M 

«ir wru iMlt»-Mi fo»t«no US 

K oomoKi iMMmoM, t«iba, 

A M iwo d w m rtm, ruilr 
amSwa'lioDoo, im»U«>Is footiMroo. comont 
|4.M«. ^ 

:— Sovoaorema tallr mM* 
r, M.IM. 
t« nooklaaS Ave ai 
|Mt w»tar baatoS, kaffSvoa< Smto, ^ 
BO oiitoaM jviraS in eoaatrmtla* H: b«am-« 
•«, ^utfMCaSos • r iHaa a . Somw ta bod- 
toaauk o«ftala<k /yameh mlrrora^ stiany 
raoma. It la a vaador 
sr ra tgad aa an, 


•moat, ti 
- Bautek 

urfal bsnala. Tamka 

t«f>l romkortaa Bloek 

koao u»« 

tspiiiMi BBOniBBa. tirxK 
BraaS «fwt ^ " TMaakoaa T4« 

••raomaS buacMow la 

Saa« loMtton. claaa to -QuaSra 
traat bua: latlr maSora la avanr 
r««pa«t; lew tAxao. •I.4M 

■cisoinMAijr— Mo«t9 

••raomoS aottafo 

aero of ^rat'Claaa aoHi 

oahr twf Moek« from atraat ear. 

I3#i0^» - 

nc>AlBFtBU>-^IIi a ehaica ^ooatloa a faw 
V doora from tba Vsrk: axtra wall* 

#dnAA--«WNKt. BAT. 
ViSOUVbaaamaat. fa^air a«a 



_-r-_ »4«ll« lat. 

Ttma iLMnaili. (Il maatkiy. 

Ptwaa SMI 


K'BOQsniB moAaM 

t4.M*«-«fl* CASS. 


implasieota, barn bnd ovtbuildtngvi .l»rg« 
ctpvhard in full baariac: t* acroa uadar oul- 
ttvatloB. st>od rprlas of wator. .^Prle«, aa 
Caod terms, ••.•M^ 

, i jmt^^i' fvsii.^- 

CADHOftb Faiat— Iti ^tsrm. araetloally all 
mdar oattWatlen, !•• feet o( watar> 





dOM BS OVB SP^Atw|| 

K.BOOM atodara Mngalaw. la good lawl 
V itf. baaamant. furnace, kitehan with aaa 
faatyr.aad eooiar. dlniaa room, bnlit-ln but 


t r 

Ih aad oaaa llraalaca, laraa drawliui room, 
* —-' '^tdrooma with elooetf. bath room, 
rearlmlia. Wo aro saertBolas thtl 

firoat aad rearlmlla. 
tar •>.«••. oa terms. 

Bar. eeif 


7 'ROOM modem hovsa la beat part of Odk 
Bar. cement baaamaat. furaace. kltobaa 
and vaatnr. dtaiair aad llvlna room vanelled 
walla aad' beam oalllaia. oaaa flraalaeeik * 
badrooata. all vitk eiaaets. batk room: l«.#lt» 

ot.. Ta« 



IMarlar iaiok M 
baati^aad tkera la a 

•laed lot. 

at tho very ^. __ ^ 

Una Mllt'ln batat, o^aa Sraalaaa. 
fall ooiaaat baaammt, taraaaa. 
laaadry taba. ata. OaaS wfPVm 

A% aaoaaoa^*a«aaaooa*aaa, aeoo v'avKV 


<'EiUIB)riBU> <^ Oao o< tk« Saaat ballt 

f aana-btissaiawa te tho olty. 

Oa tba i itaaad Saar >» ac» are au 

dtalM laarn vkMETlSad oa ta 
• ••atty vteaasa. oaah Mva lalald 

aa flraaUeaa. aad m\Mt^ 

wfctta aaamal. kibviac lar*a 
..ibaa caabawda aad kt^t'ls 

caaSafidi^ sdMlatm kalT laadlaa 
on to aaok yariBdi.| On tko aoo- 

«4 Saa* iUH M atUswmaiiailaa 
r two mora bid r daaia. la tha 
baaamont. wfelak baa rail eomoat 
iaar. w aa aitra laraa (araaeai 
ara«UcaUy a«w. laaadry taba. 
etatlMa Miut«.^aad «oad ea»- 
Ubodik TMa imaaa waa ballt to 
*m» owaar for a kamo rocardlaaa 
$ oaat. aad all tls* aaaaaMat aad 
Viranofc wlbdawa Ma ot laaSai 
dia m aad wMm wllk aolld bra* 
faataaiwta: okatea aiaetrte tttlaaa. 

Sla#ii aad aatdaa •Hk Mam 
afcado traaa. Tim faratab* 

OmM ' oMMlttaiL •«•••••... .fd^S^d 



■nStBABB take notle* that my aroyarty at 
JT at4t ■Mton Read, kaa baea Mid. 
W. B. Clark. 

>■!« I I III III II III I III . ■ 



|i «alta atada m aad aadu 

Mr Mio la 
at-t^ awr: -jj«r MM^ 

JndalHM m MikOc „ _ 
BMata aad Oaaaml Waaaaa. 

Wa AM 9im Solilkd M( 

Wo bava oao of tha 

7 •BOOM madam bavM, Mmant baaamoat« 
kltelwm aad aaatry. ^ dinlair room wttlf 

aaod Sraptaao. IIvHir room and raoaatloa 
ban, Maelled walla aad bedmad Mlltair. 4 
bedrooms with cloaeta. aeparato bath aad 
Uilat fall'alM lot. jMraaa: ll.lM. Take 
raaMoablo prioa (or famltara. 


Mt tiBloa Bank B«M>««i« 

l>i«i— »— >— At^ I 




Wt >tl» ' ViCTOB T BOKM 

|b>B001t madam.. kouM. ttaa. view 9t tka 
O Stralu: ball, dlama rwm. aarm llvia* 
Mom epaolmi into daa with alidiac dMrai 
kitaban. aaaa vaatry. t bodreoma. bathroom 
aad toUaU lafSaalMBlMt poivh or gunroom 
aaatalra: all ipttllt^n (oaturea, Inoitidlnc 
aroodllft aad taba. (all cement basement, 
taraaee: lot tlal4ti I'rleo ll.TIO. on terma 


MODDRN haaM oa lot KOsltd to 
lane. niM warden wftk eblobaa oorral: 
dlalaa room aoaataa Into daa. larfto Itwlna 
roam and ball, -n* la kltahoa and faa radi> 
atbra. t«M boMmaat. alaad for faraaee: lo' 
Mi'taaM t moM year to no. Cask I1.4M. 
rtiM MTiM. 

R. V, 

_BaU Batata, ] 

Wliyll Bulldftjt 

WtK<?« A CO.. 1,TD. 
laaaraave. Notaries Pvbtle 

•4* Vort street 

#QEeAA--BlAC0N^?IX^'VARK. kaar 
V<'tnlUt>allaa Road,^«aa vtaw of om and 
maaatakia, aa attra«tlvo aad aa- 
o^tlaaally well ballt. folly mod* 
era U-raomad houso. all modani 
eoavoalaaoaa, aaaaiiad walla. 
baamed eoHlam, bardwoad flaara. 
oMa flraalaaa«L batbroom a» aad 
dowaatalro. • asdrsa m a. Unia ra- 
»Bt fcjM* 

atatioaanr waab t«ha. ia«"sHm! 
dood sardaa. fruit traaa, cemoat 

coatloa Boama. fail oamont 
meat, furaaea. Ck)aamaa'a 

driveway aad apae* for 
liaaM alaaa oaat :^>>M*- 
^ow M« tbla. 


alvo aalv ^loaae calL 



^ I^t M 

hfave asela« 


1» OMtral Bids. 

m ill I I I — *»mwi 

rbona tdfft 

_ »OUf|BS rOB SAtB 

ikA OtU^-^kovmKM, wp-to-data, ^rtr wall' 
#tt:<iC(UV built kowM. iMao aairaaM hall, 
aomatadiow diniak and draateir 

taraa: a roaity aoad hama ofaiM 
flatob aad appoaraa«e^ altaala aa' 
baa iayair dod jtraat. m awsd I^Ml- 

laid, aat ta mwa. aardaalsowora! 

frtfll aad ahado traea. 
eaa3o obtaiaad 

^ vataa eaa ba abtalaad today. 

VCKMIVatrMt m Odk Bay: very lanre tot 
with irardoa aad same frait: tasM 

aalta mod- 
Inalda city 
aad ohtek' 

ftl TDt^^^^^f ><***• eottaaa. 
9X, t Wara mS la >«od sbaaa. 

llmHa. aad witk aardea 



"abHI&b mbbram 

tal d«4r 



noMM thai aboald mMt yaar »«rK 
IMTIV— A l-rMm oattac*. 


food gar- 
Mo. tdu 
and very large lot aetr 
itM: aaad locality. No. lt>l 

Now IIU 


IV baid » M Mi madara baagalawo 

aByi MWrm imU ktriH aad^ wait dl^ 

wBfc ballt'ki f Ml M M sad kaaaaaS 

iHat aaS aaar aar aai 

4'Mam, wall>b«in 
alaatrio llgat, olty 

M llaht. 
'inV aaak aad b3^ 

WPOOraamTw ft » ■ » >— ■hw aad 
mfH loc |t.t»«7 katt aagS gBd^a ta kM w 

2&e|V-09t aaar ««iM^ •« pSMHtda Baad. 
^mV4«t«0M aottasa, MSM. lavlaaa^ 

I f- 

MbSM toM taVA' ^Vv^v MiF iPM^ 


■A alM 


oom boaaa, ally waior. ele«> 

ll«M. No. 1M< 

m a m a, batk aad toilet: goad 

bay. No. itgg 

rea m ed baaa^ Moaat Tatmlo: 

IMalM. Now IM* 

room baaaMSB. modara; lot 

4tsia4: aoar oar. Na^ IT4« 

4-room cottaga. aoar aar, laras 

lot: oHg wator aad uaht. No. l»st 

x-A sMd bar, g.roam meiara 

baagaloer wllb t lets. No. IMt 

hoaM. t-raam modem 

> larao Iota with trail 

traaai alM aardaa. aMat all tmru- 

•■^'•ft* ... "% »••• 
real |d<« ag^ ■'•Mom baaga 

•roam baagalaw, % 


tMa aa If yoa waat a 
Na. igtd 

aaap at oaly 

lot ««slSg. 
tS.«M. aa t 



HIGHLAND Dlatrlct. •• acres with a 
apleadid little leg house, ^ elMe to 
Ssaalrh Arm. Oa a good road the whole 
way to Victoria. Some timber. 1>rteo 
tS,»««: terms to salt. 

BAT. an elaarad. 
aad a partMa la' 

btackborrlM; aseeilcnt kamaa t ta; 
•plendid view of the wator. rrico 
and tarma oa aaaileatloa. 

^/| ACRBS. SAAMICH, elgbt-Mom madara 
•^" koBM. bam. aamaa efclekan koiiaaa. 
gaaoltao pamp|ag aaidt. taak. prop- 
erty all (oaood: asoogtloaally fine 
view 0t water: boat kotma ridbts on 
Saaalah Inlet laeladad. Tkla to aa 
IdMl homo aad c^ be made a 
rovoaao pMd a aer. PrlM aad terms 
un apBlloatloa. 

r- / 



$M.fl«: today's Price. Vf.lM. Aa 
Ideal araporty with baaatlfgl river 
frontage: l«>room aew modem 
houM. with taraitura. Tkla Is a 
rare baraaia. 


OTAL Oak — »> aerea, adiolalag atatloa. 

<k«ataga. t-room modara kouao, 
with' ahglB*. boat-hogM. trait itmi 
■mall fruits, modem poultry heasea 
property, all faaMd. Prieo li.gof, oa aaay 
terms: or caa bp leased to the right party. 

,'.*,-■ • - J ;, 

- - I* ■ -1 ■ . ? 

acTM witk 

Itk watagtMBUga, 
i BiM little bay: b 

aad ban: prieo It.lM (m 

whole: |gM oash. 


/SOMOX ValTay, Ui aefdd, k'Mfiy all ax* 
^ eolltfat laad, a rood deal of which 

la opoa laad (easily olaarod): plon- 
'- tiful rapply of water. Soma good 

flr aad aada r i aioM t* aMi 

M ««rau^ Mtddd. 

*'['"' \ 


a c. 


UaUtod. BaubUakad t«g<. 

•tnat Pkaag lu 

>«e3>J*s »Bw*' 


■J -ji 

^9 . ■• » *•* 

' ItfibbMkAtitLT pRicao Boittts roft 



B'OilVroomM houso with aood lot: 

house Is roomy and wrii built and 

' caa bo aiade very attractive and 

. comfMtable at a small outlay. 

#d d/Wy- 4(;N0 BTRKET (Ksqulmalt), f. 

9X4xFv roomed house oa tot 6*xllt. TMa 

fa another property (hat a haady 

man can make a copifortabla 

home of at a iriSlna coet. House 

la old but soaad and well bulli. 

*-||*/WY— RAANICH ROAD (clOoe to May 

C-Lu^^V/wood). attractive a^d well built 

bttaaalow eontalnlna tbre« larae 

rooms: aaartar>acr« mt ireod land 

all feneod: houaa la exeollent coa- 

ditlon. A snap for aamaoaa. 

1 BOAD» well-balTt tear* 

buniraioar Mth batk aad 

aood lot: hooae ta aobd 

pis-room madara 

on lot 4«alM. ' 

Wcll'bulU flve«roomed bunaalew 
oa lot 4«ali*: newly kdiaomined 
tbroaalmut: blab looatioa. 
•OTAft— *UBY r6ji- 

WtU I UVr bunaaledr 

ftl QAiy^KtNOS 

^X(J\f\J roomed b 
^^UUU ( mairSald ) . 



4PtJv\A/Ava.). attraotlve dv 

modora ••room«d 
eemeat Iweement 

' (atr 'Oak Bay 
dve-roensod bun. 
Piped (or famaee: aica lot. 
UouM) in Kood condition. 
*Oer/Wb— I..BB AVBNtTB, modem alx- 
^POUvV roomed booM on Mao lot ■•all*. 
all in gardea; bouse haa eamant 
baMmcnt and fantaM and la M 
aood condition. _ 
#07/UV— nNLATSON STREBT. an at- 
^O I W tractive bame of Mv«n aood 
rooBW aa larao lot: kouae haa 
bulll-ln faaturea and furnace, 
laaadry, etc Thia la a nice strvat 
In a blah leeatian aad we con- 
sider thla proporty a bargain. 
*Q7R/V--CBPAR MlLt. ROAD <aaar 
^wlilvJtlnga). attraetlva ■avon.ream 
beml-buBgaiow oa gaod lot: hflrb 
ToeptlM. __ 

grriiBRT, rally modem 
roomed house, aood let with 
nirage: hnus« has alt neresMry 
aalU-tn feamrr!< and irood furnace 
and laandrv. 
ftl*MUV-t>^VOIWUI gTREKT rJust ogt 
B^»0lA9(if <'ity limits), well-built sev«<n- 
roomed hftuaa with three lota: 
. on^hard: hauM haa faraaee. 
OBR. well-built aU.raaaaed bun- 
gatow on lot Ma Its. aMnda hlah 
iBd baa gne view, hoaaa la wall- 
nellod and has tmUt-liv. fea- 
tures. Trfped fer fumaee. aaa 
rpneo, Ktnn* wall round lot, 
AVBNITB, aevea- 

modera homo with lot 
•daldS: houao has oak ilAors. aaa- 
Oltod walla. bMiiaed calllnn. Hot 
water koatlnr. taundrr. etc. 

^ _ TSsatlM. 

•O^W ids • room* 




•4« Fart Stiadt 



FMm 4A 

nnu< aalk 
TV airiattri 

MB. iHtlT bagt-ta^ tUMyaJL" smaa ii 

U< aaH. fMMpbad M 




i^ faraMBad aad aafamlahas 

MBMat atanta aambar will ba M a atmd. Wo 

iifl ACRES, KAAKICB. TbU I* aUa of thd 
^^^ beat bura la tka dlatrtot. Flrat- 
claea ao|t, nearly all cleared, larae 
perccBtaae In crop: cIom tp achool 
,. and B. C. Bloetrlo station, a aprlaaa 
and one weiL The owner would 
consider selltaa flfteen to twenty, 
acrea of thto block. Teram ar- 

«tS rort Street rboao i|S 

BmI B&tate. XMurance aad StMk BroK^rf 

2MObERN cotugM OB lota- (• by S««.' 
M by IMj each haa'targo llvtag room 
with flreglaM. kltekon. t badmooM. batb> 
room, etc., broad varaadaa: prettily aitu* 
ated kt Clevardala with aood view over 
dty: cleae to car; •>.••« and tx.teo res- 

EBtivcly. on terms. Apply Pemberton A 
tto. so«-T gayward Bids. FhoBe lit*. 

5-ROOMBP cottage aad lot ••alSt. 
clear title. Box 1*M. Coloalat. 


Mtwo Saa ST. 
X far pila. 

gad dll . 


aousa or 

rfaVTAAB m waiartuBl. OgN 

\J BMkaasa Mr kaU JdM.aa 
go rook. APPfy f. O. tSk llM 

I AM nady ta buy 
■alow of about 4 

strtotly madam baa- 
rooms. t)ak\ Bay or 

dlatrlcu proferrod. ,_ _ . . 
ae aspeot to aet what I waat for 
will only cOBsldaf:. g really 
oheag bay. 

aaak and 
aboat tllM: 

will gay a^M 

f • - 
Apply Box l»»l. Oolofl 


WANTBD ta buy 4 or kToomod buaga- 
low: ptaM partloulara: owaora oaly. 
<^»laaiat Boa mi. . 

I - 1 tail •^'' 

I. ll ■'. 

]rOB SAUi 

BBAVTUruI^ Oorgo ylow Iota witfc m 
without watar (toatam: a baraaia' if 
takM witkta tea daya: eaah or tariM. Call 

It*, au oamf B«*« WMU fkoM fiitB. 

FOB Salo— Tka baaa ri tai CtM 
Mtaatad la tba Saa Jtjaa laT _ _. 

aad SftMB mllM trasTVlatMlk; Fm far* 
ihM gartlculan adSroM 'J. C. 
Iiat 14th AMaaa, SMttH Waal 

12V>R gale— Full alsed lot, Kerr Ave. Oorga., 
r 1 

Btaok 4. Kk 

What oSorsT Box 3gOt,^ 

riR ggio— Ooad balldtag lol-oa Flftk Bt. 
aS PlaUyaoa. city limlU; gaaaaMd value 

offer for oasiv. 
tuff .Qualleum Bogoh P.O.. V.I.. B.O. 

|»M; oiaar 

title. What 

Ik. O. 

TTUNB largo lovel 
J? all I 

watar It _ . , 

Mldaard Ave.. Boimt Tolmla, 

all faaaad: 
It pratari 

lot (or Mie. goad aoll 
d walk^ti 
Wm. U^M'd. 

large ahaek, ■ood_wall. dty 
PilM »IT». 


tor Mia chMp, 
\J waterfrontage on Oori 
4*»tR. 414 Oorxe Road 


Ith or witkam 
Road. Pkaao 



ballt Ok rook giM aMi r ati « 
ogatajalag • r eam a oa Mat SMr 
aad paatir: laraaM kaatad. Jm| 
watM. aaMPdM wator auigiFiinin 

B4Md OB I aerea of <ig< iilaai land with daa 
fail baartag orekafd akAaotaU tMHa. Prtao 


▲ BXCB oaimtry homo on gdTod road kbaat 
.A- 4 mllM from towa. Uoum ta tally mod- 
efn aad oulta aew: aloe paBOlHaa aad Maia 
oaiilnaa. faraaee heated, hath. • tollota. waaa 
tuba, Bkowor. aamMl baaamtat. atoatBa 
light, ahoae aad watar laid oa, Nlea grpunda. 
with anada tfeoa. •Praha aad gardea: m»m1, 
agora aad P. O. aMta aloaaL THin* gl.>»A 

MODBBN t-raom home with oamagii baaa* 
moat. farkbM bM ta C antali Sm aad 
all eonveoleacM: «B fMH» rnltmSTlmA 
' I aad email tralta: 

oeaUty ta**£uSP* JaaaiS.' 

with dne orokard. aardea aad email tralta: 
bam. ehlckea k auaia. teal hot 
altuaif In bIm loeal 
Prtaa l».it«. 


!••• Badktaa 

Ql ACRB8, aea aad river troatace, oa 
OUL Maia. lalaad Highway. Coa»ox Dtatrl«< 

baraeak • cowa. wagoa. i--~ . , , 

amtor aad aU aSMll gnaehtaery aad Impla- 

I oMBta. taad ta aead with a apleadid view. 

'— ■— F.CX aad atara. Price for 

a. a acrea elaarod. •• 
ira. Prlca innudM § 
a. plouah, harrow, aeig^ 

ta atatlaa, F.(X aad atara. t 
hole. Ujh: oa gaod terota. 


the whole, _____ 

fTA ACRBS. I mllM from Courtaoay. R. U. 
i'x O., telovkone aad electric Itaht. ti 
acrM olaaMd. M bctm alder bottom : aaod 
■■4Mmad kaaee. dairy aad^ woodshed, ee- 
meat SMr. baMi and ebiokOB boMe with 
big fMieed ruas a aood d»l»T aad aUxed 
farmtafr pmpoeittaa. Blaeksmttk baelpem ta 
coaneeUoa. Ttttm akM*; 

A. FSStka&c^^ftllSaBat ^SLSa IB 

%W9 poi»— fc ST^^WH ^^^^m% 

R. v. WINCH A CO.. L.TD. 
Real Bsute. InsuraaM. Notarise Public 
BM. •M j Wlaek Bulldlkk ' M» fort.St rMt 



k I 

TN Saanloh.- aeariy all' ebltl4>aied, 
^ bearing orekird; fine baras and emair, 
house: water Is piped Into houm from the 
springs. This land grew •• buehels- per 
acre of .oats' this year. This Is close to 
■oed roads^ aekaol aad market. Price aad 
taram ok «gglMkt|g» -at thir-oBlea.' 

-r~ — ■ — ' — r — 

•Ik Float B. C, Fermaaeat X^gA Bldg. 




MBTCBOSIN matrtct, U% •etfm, SU 
fepeed. small dwelilna. pood bam aad 
dhieken hooM: win subdivide. Price (k.!**. 

^g* AtTRBS, fcair -nmrrad^-kalaaM light 
J.Q timber with tew bte trara all fencad: 
gttod 4>roe« house with bgth and tellav 
eltg water. It mllea out. good read, iuat I 
miasMe walk to gehaol. etore. poet oAw gnd 
ralisaad statiaa. Farther aartioulaM aai 
nrtas apply 0«aar. Boom SM Uibbea-Boaa 

4r'A<»b farm, gaod gpu': It darea 
I W> ataamd. ». ^ .^ •••^L^'Saa 

• gaed ao«ai 

tXTBST SAANICH Read. 1 1-S aeree^ •- 
TV room aoar dwolllBg,- water piped la 
Bvum: d^dorM ejearailM trult tNoa. «• 

• till*.*- 01l^."-f- ■-.■J.i ># .'-i.Mttt* 


Agenta. Beat 
Phone ITtl 

•at Bagibertak 







X^ acres In < 


0M viriK **a^ tsH MB 
erekard, smalt fralte and gar- 
dea, fully modem buagalew of • re^bd 
with city watar laid on: alM eleetgte f 
bath aad toilet: b aee me at. . Ontboll 
eoaalst of bara witk hay toft and ac.,^ 
modaUon for T eowa, woodehed. Cbiaamdb'g 
house, poultry hoBM Bhd garage. A mMt 
Mmgleta home aad 4 gayfltf agrlealturay 
grogaaltioB at tbe aaata tttda, offered at tka 
verr redaaaabla prtaa at '•«,•••. 

Mdkdk Black .' . OvM lid Itara 




kVB - new •aakdivlalon ta Sootata M (bm 
map). Oardaa HMd Dtatrtet, le aav 
the market. Tkto Is abMlntMy tka 
loleeet traot ta tka famoue Oordaa Head 
belt, aad ta tke very heart t tka 
strawberry Matre. It le eloM to att 
aehoole. aad only a short walk ta Matwt 
Tolmie or Uptands tram liaea. Prlee •••• 
aer a<;re, oa tarmr: It. B. Pnnaett A Cm, 
SOT PamMrtaa Block. Phoaa ••••. 
■ I I I I ' I I ■ . 1 11. ■ , II ■ 

tlRAIRIB tana, Saskatcbawaa, 
JT cultivated: balidtags, etk. 

rr acre, eaalty •l.ttC 1" 
ill take olty or eaeatry 
t |haageb Boa lll«.^o 

U r 

. property 

IB. 11* aePH 
. FHM ••• 

Mta ba l a aa a. 
>perty la as* 




fifWAWNIOAN Lake— On main read. Mty 
13 oae mile from station and gMt efflMi 
tan aerM 4i»|-ciam Mil. ndarty all battaM 
laad: about fdur acree eieanC. maaias 
at ream, aew 4-r«om bungalow e( tiae beat 
eoiiatraeilea: eblekea houaee, good gaMoa 
with email traite. ureter, piped oh to tke 
progerty from' egrlaff: sodd woU; faralab- 
tage ladude •-hole kitekea' raage, t«« 
^eater*. kitcbea tabid aad bllada. 

mrAF FBtOB, •l.lgfltr 

4Ht ft. a ••• it fraataso aa OIm L^fce^ 

caaadlaa Northern Station aoar praaertr. 

For immcdtate mIo. tTi*. 
Brastvaed Bay:, triK 

Let at Maedyvllla, 


•. P. MOODT ca 

Campbell Bid*. 



armre ruaaias. A 
lav witk dty watar 

tartlt-ta tMtUMib 

maM bMMta. 

taetrta Ufki 

■kd efcleBaff 

mikMk^ AltesaiAOT d Meat gsw 

aad oaMtarwbia badta •* • low 

Sgaro: ••.»•«. "Bgalaalve AgoktAlv^ 

I»l Vataa Baak BaUdlag. 

., "" bBA FiwfilTAOB 

Oovoraataat Bgperlmeatal 

boaaded bg tba B.O.aL Bf „ 

mdacuva laad, ta tba 

at ' eaitlvatlddi. aiSUattai 

A F«r« 


eery oomfortabta and agbetaatlal 

water MMy by gravity piged to 
au BMmT ♦•nr oomfortabta 
SaaM aad barMj all ta AI 

aad gaod orebard: ta be eeM aa a 
eoaoam at MM per aem, aad atoei 
valaaUaa. Tkta w aadokbtodly Mm 


a. c. I 


ModiT Mm 

1«1 tiaioa 

of l»g 

avmCS — 

IV taras wa^ 



Tka i mn$ii *w Alaaa la WpfCk •>,•••. 



4- r« 

acres, with a good Mbataattal •- 
room bouse and oulbulldtaffOf load all 
fenced and cleared; «ix acrea of whick to 
heavy productive land! |t,CtO. 


with a pood bouse aad twg 
(■hickea houses and rune: laad level 
gad g ra d ae t ivo; no rook or gra ra l . Tkta 
Mad haa boon cleaeod. but thoM is now 
toimm small brush, enough to ntalt« 
•belter for yoona birds; price •!,•••. 

rlBfiB farms are en the main road, 
noar erhool, rhureh, stores. railway 
and sea. Ideally situated for poultry and 
Maall fmlt-raislng, aad tbe prtaM aM right. 
Peraaaaiiy laegeeted— Bsetaeiva Agoats, 


1*1 raloa Baak Batldlng. 


O Moeka of 

la aad 11 

id Ptation, 
lalakd Vtfb 

OaaUoum Beach : froata 

arica $1**. or woaid sell Mgaratehr. 

Bowaham. ISSS Hitlstda Ave. 


.. v^-<- ^<^, 


« HkF'ii'i'.v 

. » 





■fA ACBBS. all aaAer tmltlTaUoa 
Xv black aad ebeeotate laam: altMtod • 
aftUeo from Vleterta. oMr laterarbaa etattoa: 
aa InHldlhce, land seeded do 

itaver aad clover last year. Owaer wUl MU 

■ ••«. M " 

aataw la Vletarla. 



tor a 

MabM Bloek (Ovgr lie Stem) 

APRB farm, gaod 
alaaredL • eaay 4o 
kouaa, t-roonted ebaak .lari 

BM tta 

koasea: 1 

m MBS 

BoaraeL C 

1 Brtle 

t ! 

ttraoL Camas B( 

alomeatdL Agglg M. 


#7AAfy-VICTOBlA IMetrtat. f* mllea 

^IVUtJ ogt, teg mlButM from car. 

rarly T acrae of splendid black loam, ever 
aeree ealtlvated, 1 acre ta orebard: a good 
room bouM ta Vol 

■ry fair eaadltloa, garage 

aad etabia, chtekea hoaeea. Aa income 
daaared (ram tba aoll. aad yet praetleally 
ta tka cltyw JTiwt what you am looktag Tor. 
#Q 4 A A—SH AWNIO AX Dietriet, aoar the 
VOwW eaa. ttH a4nMt aboat II aerM 
meared, and aeariy all culiivated. over tei 
aerM of spleadid blade loaai, balaace 
Igad oboedata loam, 


1^ small 
IbJUi ai 

orchard, good 

d-roBM koaea. two Bblle aad Water taak, 
liara ta bald !• head, poaltry kwiM. pig* 

is rt wi- BtaM ta atatloa. eebooi. 

yt Odklral Bids. 

Pfcoaa •••! 


^% ACBXS. Ill (eel waterfront small olaar- 
w^ lk*._aad ji-rabm hauae.* aartiy fgr- 

FrtM !•.•••. 


WISB ft CO. 

Pembettaa WdS. 
Fkena JIdi 


'ANTED to mat. with or without eptlea 

of purobBM (or would leoM) about 

or tan acTM with eawll kokM, SaaBlch 

Katafula MOterred. State tarma. Bos 
41. Colontat. 


rakek ~ 


vT raaeh tor 
gartleulars. D. 


M data, 
a km 

Stata OMk . 

at gaed 



koar from awaer ot geeS 

I. gu 

Mie. gtate cash prlee. tall 
F. Bush. UlnnMPOUarMtaB. 


v-*. wdl 

Farm Irand— Choice farms la 
Mttlad dlatrleta ta Weatera 
C a a ada; law aricM: It yean ta pay: lrrt> 
gateld Jaada Ig Suaay deatbera AIMrta. 
witk leaa ot •!.••• ta imprnveataata te 
aaatot saw aattler*. Aet now — tfcoy am go- 
tag lagt. FM ti— boakleu aad fall lafor- 
gtatlaa drrlta M. U Ueugkraa. Oaaeral 
144 Haatlaga Straat 

Laa« Afaat. C F. B., I 
W eat, Vaaeawra r, B. C. 


TOH yaar taat !■ Saiorao, Florida: mat 
aaace naw; bring army teat with 

yoa. Manatee Bay lota |i monthly: athera 

la.04. Bealamia Mulford. dalerao. ralm 

Beaeh Coaaty. Florida. 


«Mnm» to Mtrm^mm n 


ABOUT tl,*«« cask ana clear Utie let Id 
i>ak Bay, near beaeh aad llnka for 
gcraMte near vietoria ar kaiwe ta dty. Owb« 
or. Boa «i4, Cdaatot. 

TJWK Sale M Bgejuage (M btmgalow, two 
f aerM en Q aadm Street, iaet oatelde 
dty. A ppl y S. JeaBlage. Bwa akton StrMt. 

IUAVa clear title, VIetarta lota 
aereaae that. I wieh. ta .esekaaae 
ralrta lat 

Pralrta land. O alealat 



T ABOB tat *K Bi i b gda, win esabmda tor 
^ good eatatl ear. Ctaleatat paa 1%¥I. 



Pllmley * fUiekto, 411 Tlaff 

BMiPBO bttiNmtaw. 

loeatioa. %*.W: oaebaace fM booM or 

oved aereaga, elOM ta eltr. Malta B, 

lie Agdrta. 

». n^ iuwita»»Nw^> 

|IM I<4ir*e4r"l»'>»*i^ 


ID lay ft 

saardp Cm *Htii^ 
lUtakia. Ltd., •!! Ttaw Sl f M fa 

/'lONFlDBBTIAI. -» Mr grgtaatlea — gM 
\J TeoUbam a* yaar kalr. Fla ar ' 

fATB BWtamitr ba 
StrMt. Pboae ait«U 

WWU tke goMM wka look bf taletaka d 
felt kat fM« K..of P. UaH Frtaay 
glaktpkoaa UtTB (m bla own. 



■I . 

^^0^l^^^*0*^^^^/f^0^0^0*^^^^'^^^ • 

AOBNUINB dark gray Martk at 
Mlltoa ovorooac all-waat: waald 
make eptaadld mator eaat. aalt Mg maai ft 
barmlB tar aataaaaa at 911. Paoko Siat 



ttt giaakia 


../*" 1 
'%** ' 


A PLATER piano snag Mi sea ft Blpeb 
Player Piano, Just about 

aew; price. Including 7( roll* 
and bench, only tiit. Helniamaa 
opposite I'oai OIBce. Phoaa 1111. 

of made 
ft Co.. 


ir.Hsg-^ . ■■■•* 

BBBT atMi kiad cuarda . 
iwrB iat<aitgrxif«.r^n t 


/^tOMFUBTB dl«W alt. 
V KkkdM iMt afflred: 

iMSO aad get a aew oka. 

UMU Ik ggpr, 

••I TatM 




i'^MOSDM FtakUaa 
\J ag - maay year# 


vHuaSr ig 
graettaal gai 

^JwlM aettlBS. kkakasMgka^ 

JiehaaoB Street- 



/rtOMPLBTB hlgh-etaM furaitUM and tur< 
V^ nishliws for sale of <-room bungalaw, 
which could be rented to purohaaer. INa 
Bo«. OBlonist OWIee. 

CU38INO-OUT mie «( b 
leee than at auetloa 
Stove Co., 444 Fort Street. 

grlaaa. Baatam 

CIOOKING stove (or Mie, flr«t*eliao 
■> also kitehon table: reaeoaablo 
Phone 41»gL. .^___ 

HlUys gilt erib, Uka 
at •!•. Utaad 
•tore), ftt Fort Stmel. 


fWX s _ _ _ „ 

\J sad antM Ngalrlag.^awt(aft< 
Uona. prlvata laatallattaM: 
jgaamM re-waai d kkd.aagi 

t^ONtCBT engtae, Bmpira malM, alM Tgf, 

tarla. , ' ■ . 

beatar. aearty aa«v galigkMt 
Priaa. oakialeM 

•Ci far halt e 

with Pines, 


far halt or Itvina room. 

none lIltL. 

ENOUSB mwt glM at tke Markd. Tarn 
ta tbe rfgkt m yea aatM. Wo aidka 
all we sdl. A. J. Wtaay. 

ENOLISR baby baggy, Mrfa' algo. 
spleadid ooadltioB; new tireet eaet 
••»; Mil for >a>. Pboae MIT. 

iTiBOL^M babr aarrlage, larffg.daijg aavr 
fJ biw. new beaft, Mbl . Mrea.^ aSga. 
<».M: dark gTMB MnTadB, |I«lli daik 
blue •K.BO; dark navy Mae, •••;, new tirM 
and boeda AIM anallMr dwkjrt**, ttl.**! • 
Baby Carriage Meekaiiga. •!• FkiadMk^ 

17IOB>Sale~f1ftaek (tf) Skt. t«« ItnSf 

SdteT Ttata^AM^ M irfS&k W^ 
AvMae Baat, ▼a a ia w y M. B.C. 

tyOB Salft^A lasya biMda. PhiSd 
P «•»■ 

fjlOR gale— AlmMt aew AxmlnstM carpatT 
f 1* ft. by 11 ft. Pboae l^MR, 

l^— •** 

tj<OB Sale " S b M Uka, II ggi 
f BMe. «* OM.. gkN: Maiul 
UdL^llaaaga. ifti Magflk 
|iTt«; Vtalla aad Saw. ( 
daA qaae. JMI: BmJo. Ui 
liTi Oaaur Bleyetar«lT4di 

la S4.« 







TjnJMBD aaft dtolag aaltak aaaetatlag «t tm- 
f teadea table. • ikain fall leather aaatat 

tjlOLmNO baffftaa, ••.!•. and Jli 

r new: sfflhlM ffdm •» J 

T4V>B gale— Ma-hdie Boefc etafa 
J; CboMl. tie. Pboae |d»U 

TAob gale>-BkSlipk baby banrr," fa 
r eondlttaa. •»». Fkake •<«IR. 

t;iOB igta ■ C dal -fceataM iBoaad 'Od»>^ 
r Btadikm atae. FkaaaI*«»U 

1C10B Salo—Bdl 

JP new, fkatte. 


UIOB Sgie- f.adjra bMpeK raa Id gMtaai 

IBOB ffala • k.*i kakva dalp M gitdt dB> 
JT Maot saa ba iitataig4»glid fMag 

y OB 

Ufi iw^dmi 

JDNMI gala— 1 BeHka kaatad. 


Sale-^nta oMBo 

X* reeta mdta^ «bd flH adgl Mdld g 

I^B. Sktal-I^M^ekjg Jdgg. _l» .kt k t L. 

Pwld oaiiB. stM •Tmi aaff saatTS ' 
lit*. Cj^ g»ii ^ _ , , 

12«dB aaia-^M 
P t?atad Bakk Bl 

cm n» 




^ — — — — . - . 



!•«« ytMH 8m- 




■i rt 


•Willi «Mt«i^ iMkO* <M«r>; OTM 

Bm >•(«. CM»mm. 


••k VIcMr sr»«M»lioae wltii If 
"»«or<>. M iMOd M MMr : oBly I4«. Island 
i— » <tli« Mm aiw). 7M Fort tr — c 

rCtp* aki^—Wtra B«iUnc. all afaMa, ala* t 
l^^lah*a k««iaa ljxl«. ready^ to »a 

(«uillalw« 'miIu wtU, oaoklM 
•ax tlM. Oala»^ 


1]Rm<naHBl> fciMi^ atva in. • fea« 
^ RBKaaa. (tM * lM«Uk A»»tr Baa 


aa* ati 

"■*ro ■»* t -nl l o4ara tiat. ift waM^a 



aaluv adalttL 


A mvmyuta 

wfcam a»» taaa. 


fei H Xf ; also Hunbar. 


^•AMOraONB rmsor«a and 1 

>« MWb w a l , 4-nMaata raaorda, ax«lMa«ad, 


Alao tor aal*. *U PaaOara. 

GOOD o#«aa. alMWi at«M> 
1«1» BaautMalt ~ 

ROoanroLp meL 


▲txrrioif aAUM 


HSAVT whlta aaamalad bad and aprtnc 
^ <nui aiM». Priaa tSL lalaad Ms- 
abaaw iTba Bla Btarai. lit Fort ■traat. 

TTOBBE. 1 yaara old. bngcy, bamaaa, rub- 
JCJ. b«r tl(* baamr: almaat now; will aali 
abeap. Aaaly B«« ttlT. ColoalaU 

!,(•. lalaad Baebaua 

SAmwOKB WUtaa nur. also t s 1«H. 
ik a#a» at }lt,»«. Ulaad ~ ~ 
tTM^IiTBtara). t«t Fart BtiaaC 

TTVtMOK aaal mHB and larta adjaatobla 
JEX collar, til: maakrat motoriac boaaat. 
|7; lady"* boota. sboaa. aiaa •: man'a «aad. 
Burbarry tWMd ovarooat. 

ate., boackt fW «aafc. la 

af farahatak alaa ataililac 

wlU aall aa _.. 

▲•etloa aalaa bald araakly 

■Mda a( aU 

» W - ra a4ara Btraat«~«U 

wjMMaa: ^u la l _a<ta ta ^l ay ma 

^mmm draa. Mitetly ivtvaCk*K 

wui aau iMVMit to aar addnM^ ar aaU at 
HINJaliaaaa §amt. aaaaaf " 
' «M1. 

ypWO laraa IMMralabad reawa ta 
A -^ voad TocMlan; alactHc llaht. abaaa 
b^uj. .uh private fajoU/T ikJpST 
BKrla Rtraat. 


UKFUBNISUBO laarar flat, t raaeu. kll- 
- S*™liJ^* "MteUad, JaaMe Bay. Pbaaa 

ftirnlaliad aalta. elaaa la »fa(arr«l: 

9«M* kava bwt aad gaa. Adaltai Ftiaaa 

LI litmtr, #Mi( «aa4i x<Mtr aair. tjm 
•r«ai iaai. iaa ary a*aaa*aab AM f«av 

fpo Baat. (aralabad, t* caiaCal taaaat. <- 
j^ roaaiad h auaa. plaaa: «>o4 locality In 

ifilTcblidat."' '''"'"^"^"" 

V/ ««u t«Ml*aA Ba««i alaaa l& 

SMAL.L. ruratohad t partly faratobod 
houa« tor chrra. aaar town: adulta aaly: 
car«ful t enanta. »<t7 Victor 8t.. Kara*pad. 

iC ^ - ^^ *?«' C S»w«v;»oo <a BOOca 



11 famtabad hoaaa. 

«▼ aiabad bnaa 

aaea i ar I taatad fur- 
aiabad baacalaw: wiuawa ar Oak Bay 
Fhaaa tUSB. 

WAMTBD by youac coupla. (amiahed S ar 
4 -roomed batwe. ataady. rallabi*. A»- 
ply Oolonkt Box 3*4«. 

WANTBD— Abaat Mav. 1. a h 
kaaplBC apc faniMfod. 

ill haaaa- 

. _ . ,^ Addraaa. 

«vlBC MMal. tap. Oi Box •«. Port Albaral. 



ABMADALB Caatla. t41 Niagara ktraif— 
Infolaaa room and board: taAxa 
«•»— °*abla. Pbona JUpU jk apply abava. 

'DBBr Maal aad f aaida faa 
O lay A Bltahiaw Ltd,. Ml 1 

•11 yiav 


ut bay 

V^toa« |A«M ta IM^M* a«iaia faac aai- 



Iff 7. 


%tlv no daalara. 

at p. 


IS* (Ml ■ 


ta Ma. IKot aau at auf 

DOIUNIOM JUNK CO. Farkar A Xappaa. 
»•• Jakaaan. vt. Staia at.. VletarZ 
B.C. Pkaaa iMA Bii^Ta« aaba Jukal 

AABOMBOira .: 

■ _ • '- AABOMaoira 




iwaw MMdaiata P 

f|ON ACCORD. Stt Pnacaaa Ara^ 

4^ aatly altuatad. cloae la. oomfortabla. 

n«d plain coeklac. modcrau rataa. Ptaoaa 

I^NFORTABLB roania. una *t slttlaa 
\ J room. 1M5 Ollphant. Phone tHiR. 

pnntNISHBO front b«droom with aun 
A porch, ateam heated. Kood locality, 
board optional. Phone 42S7L. 

WANTBD ta raat, aaMil 
ar aaar ta a carilna^ Waaid ba wUI< 
lac tm parekaaa th« (uraltata^ a(«., K prtaa 
la jjaaiaabla Box tWI. Oalaalil. 

•^py^^tBiayiiABr ai«b 

^ --^<l«l«t aad aalaei, aaar park aad 
B«ar« opttocal. Pbona »UIX 

Wa Call aad Oat Artlataa 

O a r awn 
to Anii__ _ 
Fkoaa TM 

IMT Oavamaiaat atraat 
AABONa?5rt** ^^-"*V-<=«l*«i»>->- 

HmT UMaat atyto aaTbaat aaterM^S 
Ma at^laaa tkaa aoMt kBw tK •« aad M, 
KtMMtK M it>i caaataa aaapa At KaiTa 

LABOB Vletrola with 11 aalaotloa^ IN, 
■aap; diao raaorda and Bdlaoe Blaa Aa< 

^«' ;;Vd'«ssr"^v '**'*"'" ^ **-**• 

LADT'S baavy bi^k'oan ojotb oaat, Mr 
. collar, alaa M or 4*. Apply IM 
Baflokweod Avt, 

aaaba aM au^saalaaa aaTi 

GA80I.INB pump wanted : gallon meaa 
lire. Pbona 6» »l. 


MilU waatad aad ' an 

T ADVa BIT aaat, OM«y aaai^ wMk «aap 

Bttifteaaa lialSl 

MtaaiON oak aquara dining UMa aad t 
chalra. leather aeata. good. 'Mi. M» 
Be dtarn fOak Bay Avenue). 

SAtlOOANr mualo cabinet, like now; only 
tza. laland Bxebaoge (the big atare). 
Jib Fort atraat. 

HAN'B Barberry oaat, black avarooat. alU 
' wool aweater, lady'a fawn oopt. 
Morti lnga. 1114 Pambrolte Strae t. 

aaiVB Bteel bed with X-lnck eoaila- 
noiia poeta and new apring. a bargain 

Island Bzchaage (the Mg atora), 


^^ _ILiB ataal BaaCM It 

Ffcaaa cMi, M«t a4»Varam«at at. 

AWT-a _.. 

't>OOU and board, middle aged lady pra- 
A* tarred: referencea exchanged. 81 a at. 
JasMa atreet. . 

AJIP BOA^ ' 17 

eBNTL.EMAN requlrea room and board 
with private famHy, muat ba home-Uka. 
Box IMI, Oolonlat. 

WANTBD — Bomeone to board baby girl, 
^^al^v eeka old. Box No . 200*. 

BKOMmvCK HOTBU i«a alckt aad ^i 
; Tataa aad Daagl a a. P ba a a «t. 

FURNISHBD rooTna one block from Par< 
llamewt BuUdlnga. S«« UiobUraa 8t. 


PLBMUH Olaat aad Naw lailaad Bak< 
MU tram ragtotarad l ia partad braadlaa 
aiaek. "Tlawada^ F r app act Laka IUmC 
aaaalck. VUltora waiaava. Mali addraaa 
Box 111*. VIci'ria. B.C. Liaaal latormaUoa 
at 410 Joha»ua atraaL 

AQUANTITT o( l\na puUeta, alao yaar. 
ling hana tar aala. ^Bcavlaw Poaltry 
Farm. 411 pallaa Road. VictorU. 

APRII< hatched puilau for aala. MM 
Sbal bourne Straat. 


^ir ^^^J!^ * * ^ * a«^» «» #y »a» aaipa«Ba* a aV* 

^, I *^^^^^P^ ^WB aa »•% aa«aa«Baaaaa*a a 



prloaa paid for poultiy. aaaVlaw 
Poultry Faini. 4ZI Dallaa 
Pkaaa 4MtL. 


LarsMK aad Emraat BatabiilSlMi DaMara la 

'S^S' wX****^* arieaa paid far aarap 
oapaar, braap. laadT afae. aad an SSiar 
la af maUla. aaat aad wiSimkt iron, hu? 

■ia»a «■ iwisia. aaai ana Wfona 


Day phonea, tlH. 1147, NUAt i 


MM Wharf atraat. 



MoCUAffY gaa raaga, wl^ laraa «*wi. la 
ax«aU4d»t ardar^ Oatv JH.If, lalaad 
Bxckaaga Trha Big atorali; fl< tiatr Wu 

MONAB<:fH range, •-bole, with water troac 
la ^1 -prd«r. a bargalA at >TS. lafaaa 
Kxchayi^tbb Mg g^ora), TM Figrt atraat. 


•1^ ii4Ba'a 


, ^.v4<ary banS waalling machine, ••:' 
•«M;;iQMiMK.tMwl, tl.SO. Box IMS, 

»aa. * ■ i.» ; ■ 


"I^BABLTvidnr hlirh>arado ladlea' bloycla. 
o-i oakt t!^: o*"* p*^" *•«. Uland Bx- 
changa.lrtib JMg jtore). TM, Fprt 'Street. 


aotnbinatiaa lock. I4xia 
yw. Boa IIM, coloelat. 


-Wa b«r BrttriMl 4r'4imMa» 
meat atraat. •* . 


iiT, ala^ 

Bomnmou) NBCBaaiTuta 

.__ _a«l.UKO>OOT 

lUKNiaBBO bonaekeaplng roam. 
BellavlHc Si. Phone OOJL. 


FURNISHED apartment, kitchen, bedroom. 
12tl Pandora. Phope 470II<. 


t bedr 

'RNiaHED rooma. 1310 Fort attaat,^ % 
bedroomH. uae of kitchen If reoalred: 

taacbera or baatneta ladies. Phona before 4. 

sifter IL Mtl^ 

FURNiaBBD room for tidalpeaa gentle- 
man with private family: breakfaat If 
daaired. Phone 7«0X. 

XpOR Sale — One grade Jeraey cow. freah 
A two weeks, milking 3^ galloos; also 
one grade Jeraey cow mllklne 1\ gallons. 
freah March 15. Apply 335s Oak dtre«t. 
phone 1*M.. 

pV>R aala— Two aowa and aaa boar, all in 
- aood condUloB. Mra. J. French. Itlt 
Baanlch Road. 

PWR 8ale-r-BuS Orpingtona. prisa and 
A heavy laying atrain. 7 liena. 1 cock year- 
ling, C puUeta, a cockarels. April hatched : 
WO the lot. Oardler. Igio Blackwood Si. 
Phone M6SL. 

TraatL MlK, a aaaB oapaMa ar «»> 
*9' Oaa a( iBa kMi kapa «a kaaa 

I'iiabt' iirt"WilffiTi 

Mtrt fMi ataar. 

QjKarTOm Dattraryt a tm^ «Bp ..,..•«& 

|£ai.Aoou» B aaiiin. Mil ...|a.m 

gTODBBAXn, HlMlgail ....*... 
gTODBBAXaS t B f lia W '..»>.... 

WK. Bk oABnam 

Car. Oardaa aad Caurtaay Wmt *. O 

BIO anap— Itlt l-paaaaagar Fard: maat 
tall at anea; owaar laavlag city; will 
tAkatUO eaah^ Mt Dupplla Road. 

CADIIA.AC, 1 cyUndtr, $(0; Hap roadatar. 
Its*: Havers roadatar, t<M; nsoter 
wola. 1111: Ford. »-paaaa«aar. |W«; Wklta 
Steamer. |tM. 

1«M Vlaw 

••»• FOBD I- 

ty owarhaulod 
Pboaa 4tUL, 

Fbaaa STt 
gar; aew tlrss^ racaaa 
«*l Toraato Btraatl 

A* FBB OBBIT MM mm. aara paa^ 
^aamr. A * S. kWa W aii. Aafe 

1*M Vlaar Bt. MABTBR'a 

Fboaa ait 


Bwmw mMi gMd aaa r da' far 
lay A B>tekl» Ltd, til i 


lyiUT iroar trt aada at tka CfcABBKCB 


TWO JAcacr dofb 

warklasaMa'a elab: baat llgktad 
lUlatad roooM ta tka alty; 
aad Burrauaba aad Watta ubiaa 

A BNAf— It-foot lauaok wltk 4 k.a^ aa> -^ 
gtaa and clutch, ta goad loadltlaa. 7 

si«k. BOX 1M4. Coloalat. 

FOR SaK— Cabin eralaer. M feat by * faet 
beam. It haraapower; Dlao%aate eagtaa; 
etery convaalence tor a living boat: oatllt 
i)t r«a^ 0I4: good aea boat, ills FIrot 
atraat. ^ 


0VK£i — CHBVROI^ST, late model, 
VIOV Urea, aelf-atarter and 

<Mr. Juakla) 

»41 View Street 

Phone MM 

'The Houce of Banica" 

ail new 


>l*btat aad running beautiful. This car has 
Jaet baaa takaa tram the palatshep with a 
•»»**-«Iaaa Jo%. Baay tersaa van ba ar- 
ranged oa above prioe of |Tti. 

: f 

#Q7K— OVERI^ND, l-aaatar, all vary 
^^ttf good tlrsa aad ruaalaa llaa; aaay 
taraw it dealrad. ^^ 

•Q^JK—OVBRIAND. t-aeaur. a 

•i| fgfl— CHAUIBRa •-eaaiar, all 
W»VV good tlraa aad ninalng Una. 



#iSRA— I<ATa madal Ford, l-aaatar, very 

mSrit d!JiJi:d^= ' ■"'• ** •"•= *^ 

flRnA— A NICE llltia i-paaaeager family 
^^'W. oar. on terau If dealrad. 


▼» price ia rl.«kt. 

alva $aak far lauaeh or kail II 
Box Ittl Caloalat. 

-tQ-FOOT Oarv-ahapad akia. oara. 

..,^. locka. ruddar, eta; aaap. |M; pbane 
I M*l» 


GOAL, and Wood — Oaa of tb* most pro- 
g rea a lva and proatable undertaklaga aa 
tka PaelBo Caaai: haa valuable eaal agaaay 
la caaaaction with which a aabataailat tAd 
fMt dovaloiang cash trade U bring traa- 
aactaA Aa aartvallad eonneetlon In (ho 
cord 'rood trade, with ampt* reaoaroaa oC 


"[[KIB Sale — A Ana young pura-brad Yorb- 
A shire boar. 

FOR t 

Croaland Bros.. Duncan. B.C . 

Sale — Two Holsteln cows, 4 and S 

illons when fresh: also one heifer. 

F. 8. I>earborn. W ilkinson Road, Royal Oak, 

SOB Sale— Berkshii« sow. will farrow 
end November; large Utter expected, 
rrlngton. E ast Sooka. • 

FOR Sale — Six Collie pupa from good 
workers; price 16 each. Apply A T. 
Parker, ~ " ~ 


Aotldents wfll happen If ever 
car gets Iiko an aocldkat let 
this sRop do the repairing. We do any 
kind of repair woilt and do it ri|ht. 

Fort St.. Near Cor. Cook. Phone ISIT 

plIVB- Passenger Ford, lata model, 6-pas- 
,. .^"f ''ord, tires in di^t-olass order, 
M and runs like a new carj 
Apply ISZ PriBoess Avaaue, 

upholstery gocMI and runs like a new carl ItBTCHOfllN. rotiad trta 

T.^ »••• Apply ISI PriBoess Avaaue, S»f«ESL**j£)^72*Vk4^!^»»* "la 

Rooky Point P.O.. B.C. 

FOR Sale — Gordon Setter bitch, 
montha old, fully trained. 

1174 R. 


■ Caralakad badraouu i*m Tataa Bf. 


FL.BASANT furnished 
home, conveniently 

I C( 

room In private 

■ituated, suitable 

tor one or two ladles: uae of piano and 

talephoae: brsaktaat If deMreA Box S«tT, 


r nr aa aaUaal FMT baa 

A/ laouoa. aa "pap. Tka 
SersaatBa Awaia. Mia 


J^O (^U»»ll «B I ■ B. 


]Lpia. Oddy will pay tko bast prtaaa far 
j«A igood .turaltvfa. earpata ate. itll 
DougC. atraat. pkMa Mll^ *'*' 


** .S*'**!*^ taratMPa 

T^OOMB for raat, MT Jokaaoa Street. 

fiaUNNT bedroom' to let In \prlvate houae 
'^ ■llting room If required, near Partla- 
ment BnUdlngs: phone Installed: retereneea 
rsoulred. Box USE. Colonist. 

C)T. HBLEN'B. Ml Courtney Street, bad- 
S«i'*«?*^.? h«"««keeplnic roohis. Phona 
17*4. H. Mellor. new proprietor. 

IjVJR Sale — Ooat, S quarts. Just milking. 
A' Price tlO. Phone I007L. 

I^R Bale— About 50 R. I. Red yearling 
A hens, laying, not Cook S treet. 

Ii»OR Bale— Boston terrier pups. Apply 
«1* Dunadin Straet. 

FOR Sale — Three Aylesbury ducks, also 
one drake t montha, ti4. 114 Sunset 
Avenue, Shoal Bay. Phone lOCEU 

rR Sal 
with oalves 


Fourteen cows, milking, some 
ves: also house and bam to 
Apply Box 18S9. Colonist. 

FOR Sale— Two-aaatar ear; wo«id 
>w ic«>«<». doilvery car; dr*a Umoi 
Phone aiTlL. , 

moat aew. 

JClRrt""-* WVB-aeater Btddebakar, 
'^^W.-nlpa lUie; tarm* if desired. 

^ All Abo>a Cars Are, Real, Bargaiaa. 

Pbone I7t MA8TER-8 lOtOt View St. 

. both ataadlng and felted and cut, 
laaay tor atalpiaaat; oaatrally located, city 
dapat diroctlBg the whole pperatloas of tkia 
big b as ln aas: aautpawat lacladea aaw, up- 
t*-data motor tradks, koraes, rtga. etc. 111- 
kaalth oauaes owiter to aacrtflce this ua- 
dbrtaklng. which is producing good prodta. 
aad It teeming wltk poaaibliltlct for de- 
vaiapmcnt. Audltod aocouata can bo pro- 
dtooad. Not ana dollar la aakad for good- 
«IU. Price J4*,***: halt eaah. 

H. AMPMurrr o. c. RowBbb 

1*1 Ualon Baak BulUUag 
Phone 8M*. 

Amos won BouR it 

(baaa ITTt DAY OR'nIQUT Pkaaa ITTI 







f*"*""** "'T-BTplKt Fbaaa iTtt 

iHOPPINa, per fcOHT .,.".. 

^^H'.Jtf T'*l"«_met by appolatmaat 




model elactrto atartar aad avafFtaiBB- 
Buparlar at. ^^ 



MM aaaal. 

ITIOB Furrttwa movtag, atatlaa aad tttt^ 
^^J^ ^ BadaaanarwTllfa aaaaSEM* 
latltfaotVaa. Phana MtC 

l^Oft Bala— Ford one- ton traofc. Fhoae 

A IttbR. 

P I > 
OR Sale — Ford >-paaaenger, a Soa car far 
$3(0. Cameron. 611 Superior St.. be- 
hind Parliament Bldg a. ' 

i2H>RD Touring; Mil, Haaalor aback ak- 

A' aorbar*. waatbar atripa ea Ao6n. prl- 

lad. Just ovarkkolad. parfaci 

It**, Pbaaa MISX far a»< 

•orbar*. waatbar atripa ea dodn, 
ily e . . . - 


imtmtr owaad. just ovarkaolad. parfact 

aondltlon, ~' 


rlR Bale 

-Blx yearling leg^oms. Phona 



•R Sale — Tafo 1-year-old heifers, flrst 
calves. Jersey milking IH aallons. Bol- 

itein milking i>A gallona.' Jolvi Booth, 

Bea ver X^^he. ' 

IR Sale— March and April hatched pul- 
lets. Wyandotta and I^eghorn; also'trood 
Rufua Red Belgian Harea for breeding nttr- 
poses. and two hives of bees. ;714 Q uadra. 

R Bale or exchange, flna R.B.R. cooker- 


lpW5 blocks from Parliament Buildings: 
A- Brst-claaa reoma Phone 404 *R. 

/no Rent — ComforUble furaished rooms 
A- with or without board. 1*0 * Johnson. 

•10 Rant — I bed anting room; also I small 
■a luS^s'*" *'"''•■• *^««« «S««I* 1741 


'I< furaished bed sitting room, oleaa 
1*01 Richardson; uae of gas. 

protufiljr ijiaayktadt low ^ 

•SSI' aaa 

Id. BradW- 

avgrpkato Auytagi skmpta I 
trraMi'^raAt gi^B freUrkt aai 
Oarr*ta»a. illmlted. Braatfo^d. 

OVKilQDAT, ntiariyiaew.: amall aUe; Phoaa 
H«t> .-. ■: ' -. . 

^kA'^^''^'*^^'^ ^ICk Ikrge bavelled mirror, 
Vf a anap at Mi. island BxcKanae (the 
big at^re). 7 at Port Btreet. 

PIANO— Fnm«h 

Phgne ««IR. 

brilliant tone, 

PIANO for sale. old-fashioned grand, 
mahoaanv. aultablc for large room or 
dance hall. Phone 51 5 IT. " 

"nORTABLB chicken houae, new; 7x1, with 
A scratching pen underaeath. I4l Irrtag 
Road, Foul Bay. 

VICTOR gramopkoBo. Jawal range, and 
oth^, .furaltnra.. ,Ai^ 114 PrteaaM 

Vi^^VSSSi "^"Hmm*' FtmNmmii 

"DJUUIMBaB irbaa fcoylaa farattar* 
A* kaiaa la worthy ot tka kaa«. a-' 

it. Oar prioas aro law. aad 
Fatraalaa tka bpya Pkaaa tl 

14* »Mt attaal^ ^^ 

tilt a* aatt 

ONB or twa water taaka, eapaVty 
Ions or over, Jaaklaaoa. 

Royal Oak. 

B.IU>. 1. 

PIANO Waatad— Olra parUoulara and 
loweat cash prica ta Box IMI. Coloalat. 


P. Moklaa Wky paytraigM aa« 

Aek for CaaKMua 


STORIEB, arilclaa. poems wanted far pub- 
lication In new maakxine. Wa pay caah 
on acceptance. Hand written MSB. aocapt- 
able. Submit MSS. to National Btory Maaa- 
nine. Desk It, Vanderbllt Bldg., New ToS 

V^CffOBIA Bat Fbeiary wOt warn 
▼ data wltk roar old tlla. Btgad aad 

tXTB SBI.L aaytklaa 
J» alaaob Frtvata 
l^ai^aai. H iagi »H 

WANTBD — Oood aocoitd-hand piano, laad- 
Oiate .Briee. Phone 111 If ^ 




8 BALL potatoea. t* tatia for aala. good 
aad aoaad. Phoaa 114T. 

jaOUp oak kaokMaa. with glaaa dooia. Oal^ 
W n*. lalaad Bsokanga <Tfca Big Btaro), 

lit |%rt atraat. 

B*!l"5. "T*"*^. **' 'w«»«»o or llTO> 
^Hoak. altkar at ear Bala Beam ar poar 
tosMeaooi gat beet Poasibia Brte«, taaaSl. 
•M awA aotaraa: famltura boagklj 
avary Tkaadat a^ Fridap. 

t»lANTBl>-Tp bay « 

~v large or small, v 

tUty af 
P. O. Box Ml. 

WANTED— 5 or « load of cow manure. 
Box l*M, Coloalat. 

T17ANTSD— Oommonicate with gaatlaaian 
J..I. bMoooiina to Winnipeg; eastward ad- 
rantagaa. Phone IMt. Room 101. 

^^ANTBO— Oood horse, harness and baggy 

i.?l NoTh lyrk'Yt!*- '""»*«'>*'^- ^•^r 

W^>^*T»p— A qaaatlty of raap b ar r y . 
toganberry aad Maakkany plaata 
Woadipow. aarea Oaka P, a v— «. 



AT IM BJeklgaa Street, honaakeaplag 

AT 11*1 Fort Straet. furnished houaa- 
kaeplng rooms: bright, sunny, gaa 
i^nga: adults ar buslaeaa oeeple: tenna rea- 

FoiBtar dog, 
huatar. Ot 
4*1 Linden Ava 

ITIOR Bala— Haadai 

f yeara old: extra good 

going away. Prtca. tto. 

fi^OR Ba l a Black Minorca and alngla comb 
A* White Leghorn pullets. Phona Iti tj. 

^|7UNB Dorset Hera ram lamb off raglatared 

Ai""^ . - — 


TflOR Sale— Positively the n 
A and luxurious limousine 


o^r 00 the 
aiand. Can be s^en by appointment. No 
dealers. Apply Bex 303*, 

PWR Ba l a a »asatagar Fard, Mil 

A^ kaa aaat- aovarik oiaairta WiktA aaad 
ttroa Oaraar aolng to OaUfarala. Wa taka 

11 Bakarior Btraat. . ^ ^ 

FOR sale — Flva-pasaenger Foi^ AI eoadU 
tlon: easy terms. PhOaa ttM for 

TTIRR— Bia aaw wutoa Bis. r-paa*i 

•A SSSS^ ""^J^*^ approcutaa a good 
£?"-**"'?•• •• '*klak to ride, Tkat la tka 

XiUiaLUUl OhrbMa Lampa ffoaa M.IA OU 
ft' Lamaa fra«i ll.St..tha NEW Delta floe. 

^\}VS*- SJffJS*'* ^^•' carbida aal OU 
of blaheet oaalltp. 

men In this company deslrina farther 
capital kindly communicate adraaa to Boa 

17*1. Colo n ist. 

Opportunity to purokaaa furaiahed apart* 

•_. meat block, aa a gain* eoneara. 

fJ^B Bate — Large reveaaa produolag far* 

V aiabad apartment block, aioely ■«*• 

aatad: taxaa low. Prioa abaut half 

what it would 
Aptly Ownetto. 

cagt ta,bBll4 tfdap. 

lea Ml, Coioaiat. 

IP you hpva one to dve hundred dollara to 
li(veat answer this ad. Box 1»M, Cal- 


gRehMritSr ^* Vlaw BHaet. fSSJU a 

mad guard* for cycles. PUai- 
l^rtklOi Ltd.. til View atro*i 


Jr i>>* .aMdala Jaat raaalred, raaaaaabty 
Brtead. Naw la the tiMa ta aat mh7u>Z 
Kud BBFQItB tk a rkSy SJSt. 

•tOM* rSiP- ^'** ^1'^£ Spaolallat 


OYambar Tth 

i> aaa*b 

POB Bale— Bicyde, t-spaed, Rudgc-Whil- 
wortk. pra<;|tlcally 


aaw. 160. 


*I»I^-B.D. motorcycle, twO-speki<r 
like naw. Phone 387IR. 


stock, ready for aervlce. 116. 
Mllaaa Landtag. B.C. 

D. Bead- 


.000 alaglag caaartaa »tl Blapakard. 

i^NOBNIAL, aomewhat oiderty ohurcir- 
V>' wemaa wanted to ahare home, partly 
furalahing bedroom. Partleulara Mra. Baa- 
van. 1411 VInlng. PhOne tllOX. 

JBB8BT milk for aale, will deliver: retail 
price. Box 1707. Coloitfat. 

LEGHORNS, Z% montha. and MInorcaa, 
4 montha. Bartle. corner Bavaaaah 
and IrwIn. oi r North Quadra. 

PURE-bred Jers«^y cow, 4 years; to freshen 
sbortly. tJOO; Jersey Holsteln cow. f 
years, to freshen April. 11 1&. Theae cowa 
are rich milkero, quiet, and are aold only 
becauae owner la leaving. Madrona Farm 
Oordon Head. R.M.D. 4. Viotorla. 

wall-bred. 4 weaka 
Phone 4M7L. 

pkELHI Rooma, tl* Tatea— Houaekeeping 
A-' suites; also single housefcscplag rooms 
from It; single rooms from |!; transient, 
Mc and 76a 

FOR Rent — Three .unfurnished rooms, Ap- 
ply 1*1* Pandora Avenue. 


^^ *^— ^iS^*" foai I*oat OOloa. Ti4 B' 

koldt Btroet 


AA Pandora. 

rooai% adolta. 


1*14 City Matka 

City Matkal A 

CUUI aaleat 


advta Ji 

nmu VkitoTu Bottle Bxohaaga haa teniae 
X ■ fILall daeeriaUoBa for sale, startllatd ar 
jnajJall^ Nertk FaA aTrSaiS 

lypwi^ Myaoakeapkitot 11 

ffiilOilOVOMMnBO Pandaa ktttaaa. M'eaak. 
A- Maaoa. IMI BeaiPk Dritte. Oak Bay. 

irfaBD Nordheimer piano, akaas^ |t| 
%J moBthly. I tiT Quortjm. 

plaat paddlags aad 

Wflrfta. HA 

yjrka. LIA, 

•«# WtM 

affMa I 

I tmL 



la ta 


TSTANTBD— Bngllah baby earrlaga. loag 
^^▼jjaaja^Bngiiah mall cart, two-aeated. 

W^JT.*^* ""*" *'»' *'*^' *♦ la.-biaok 
V lu^*'l'^*;yi5,^"»?«^»* »'»oapaot BekooL 
Terbnrgli. R.M.D. 1. ttoyal Oak. "»»'«•• 

*^"!tr*t»*'»«-'»«"* luaibar. 
Hex IM Oa\galat ~ 

LIOHT warm furnished baaaaleat roooi la 
w _i''*'"' ■fT,' *• '•"? boainaae glri: beuaa- 
keeping prlvllagaa. IIML. -^ wm 

fpo Rant— Twa . nafamlsked houaakeaping 

. "S!"*' **"*• •►locks from centra ot 
elty. Phone 34tlL. 

t>UPPIB8. Fox Terrier, 
A old for 


MURTBirBariRN cbbabbbt. i/rn. 

itll - - - 


UD60N super-slx 7-pasaenger, 1111 
Chalmers, s-cyiinder. 7-oaa*eager. a 
■tolendid rent car: l-paasehg'er Model M. 
Ovesland. Marlon Bullet. 1*11 Cadillac •> 
passenger, aad 1*11 Ford l-passenger. Ilka 
new. Price MM. 

Ml Boperior Bt. Behind Parllameat Bldga. 

^^^^''**^ Phone Silt. Agoate far 
metu* Paatea. Contracts by the week. 
*?"^''-iilL-f*Sf- .BatUfaeUen guaraataad. 
tka erigiaal Blatonlalng aUtloa of VlotarS. 


_ .._ PkOko IIML 

We sail ears on oommlaalaa. 

IK you have a car and need . 
talk) see cameroit. 511 Superior 




MaLAUOHUN Ugkt Bla, Mil madtli 
aalaadid e aaditioa. ^tl aa. I14M. 

elaaa ardar. all aeod 

•alo— Twin l-apeed, 1*1* motoroycla, 

perfect condition, only two months 

? .ll"tL *=**•* ♦•••• W>at oUara. Box 173A 

MOTOBCTCLBa, Blayoiaa aad Bappty 
— full line of supplloa aad re- 

matarcyclaa: _ _ _ ._ 

•Ur parte for all maitae ~ ot'''motorcyclea 

»rioea reaaonabla. |t4 Yatea Btraal 

I^BLIABLB fopaba, Aek yaar ft 
BreokUadSk Motorayele Watkib 

INVEST now in a new maaufaaturing 
company with onlimitad proepeole la the 
Oumiaioai active pos it ion If desi r ed ! WW— > 
bctier braposttlOn on the 'market; every la- , 
vestlgatlen desifed; returned men preferred;' ! 
aypolhtment only. P. O . Bex Mt. 1 

MILK business for sale or run oaakaree 
or percentage i>aals; refereitoaa or aec- 
urlty; everything naceaaary. Addrnn Box - 
1*47, Colonist. ^ 

SUOBSHINE stanA good location. io«? ' 
rental; coat new |4B0. Prica for atABtl ' 
^le. HOP. Box 1114. colonist. _^ 

WpB hpve client who owns 11* acre* tlm- 
» » ber ItmKe w{th mill site, oQUlppad 'for • 
cutting rough lumber or ties, would bo 
glad to meet responHlble man Who would 
look into this propostilon with a vlaw to 
Investment. ' Short' haul from aalU 10 
waterfront; can close couiraut for |t,MO for 
oellvsry by eud of JanaaiV, Aayoaa later* 
eated call at oltfce. "^ ' . ""iii."*^*. 

C • ■ '■' ■■*» •r'^.",\'-*n ■\.''. 

OUNTRY store, establttbOC . Iwalneaa |»,: . 
Al loctllty, poatoirire in canenttodt 
tood living (^aaners on premlsaa, lAOaa-'^ 
cash. Also grocery bualneas daiag goaB^ii 
turnover. In .pt^gresslve distriol, neOr VBw '■« 
toria where taxes are low and renta taa-. 
eonable. ■ r*" 

Tl* B. C, Penpanent Bldg., Dougiaa BtraBI -* 
TelOpbone MM. # . 


K? orelaa. , : 

— , . ^, - •* Ronalara Botor- 
cirelea,,lBdiaaa from $«• «pi p^Mda 

J:«. _»y '* kava Roaaie do tkeak Ho 
•JJ'j^"»»k« TOO kappy. ITJT Cook, Phoaa 

riONFlDKtTlAL ~ Loot year-Flu— Hair 
jllrjSVed, ^ ,X«M— TONlFOAM-Preatat 

elaaa order, 

all good 

. la Brat* 
Una 9t%mt 

SOBB oatra qaaUty paUotat 
Wraadottoa aad 


Agaau tor Da Laval Beparator. 

SIX-year-old Hackney-bred mare, 11** lbs., 
Ane all-round mover, prise winner; aniet 
to ride and drive, sound: good at sU work; 
lady can handle her; chaap. 1171. or ex- 
change for pixa. cattle or early pullcta. 
Moore. "Tho Maples." R.M.D.. Dunca a. 

SKIM aaUk auppUeA I aana gaUoa. ▼. L 
Bilk Prodaeer* Aaaa,. Ml Nartk Park 

rpo Beat— Furnished hoiiaekeaping rooma, 
A. elaaa, eemfortabla; cloae in; lew raat 
to nsarrtad couple. Box llli. Colonist. 

?2SS^'^'!!^^«»- i? 

p. O. Box tT4, Vlatorta . 
VyANTBD — A gramophone with good 
CeToiSt**"*" "' »■•«"««* Apply Boa IMA 

■^yANTBD— A damp cart. Pkoaa MMU. 

ANTED— M to 


l*-tea fliaagal% Pbaaa 

TyANTBD— About alg^t taaa maagala. H. 
Vlct o^a."'*""*' "" ^^* "^ ^ ^^^SSttli 

WANTBD to parohaaa, i 
timber sotwMa far 

IMI, Coloalat. 

eaaalt tkaet ot 
locgtag. Boa 

Y**J*«"»Wa A BBABint. 

T 5>my **y tka.higbsai aaak priea far aa 



fpo Let— Bedroom for alagla lady in flat 

.■r.,l!L*.'"-.'**'.^**'***'i'"'-w. ^*»*' telephone! 
central sMuaUoa. Apply |.& p.ia.> at 401 
Campbell Bftlg. Tslepbene tittT 

SCNFOBNIBHED rooma, 1 upauira aad 1 
__down: cloae In. Phone 14 MB. - 


WANTBD—Ta rant, t nntamlahed rooma. 
____cloaaJa. Calonlat. Box IMT. 

10 WTTfT IWIfllUB 09 

BEAUTIFULLY fumlahed or unfuraUhed' 

fel*-roomed houae with garaaa: ceatraUv 
cateA Bex 1714, Cblonlst. or Pbeae 4071. 

Sow— Doe ta 
Prioo ITI. 

farrow B 

i. W. Bollkoaae, 

nrVWO' young cowa for sale. 
A 11 M, 

Phone Colqnlts 

FCmp, lata asodel. slip vimwm. 
^,.. •"•••'S •PeedMaeter. aad la A-t 
ditloa. Prloe. IMA 

POBD. MU aMdel. ekaaa'at |IM, 

S4T Tataa atraat 

fVLD oara, Ml aay aaaatttaa. kaagfct fkr 
VTipot aaak. Mr, JaakK Miviiw at 
Pkaae IMA I 

■ ■ ■ - - 

ryfE Ford, eleetrte self-starter, generator 
V/ and two ranges of electric lights; new 
Wlllard battery, demountable rims, spaio 
rims and tire; new tlraa: Tttakla baarlag* 
on front wheals. A aaap. ii'-'T' 

ry*^ 1*14 Overland, aleotrio llghta and 
V^ aUrter, gaaraatepd Ita first-class condi- 

TOST— Boy's overcoat, navy serge, braas 
J", but(ooa._ Reward. »71 Llakleaa Ave.. 

Oak Bay. Td. MUB. — ^^^^ ^ve.. 

T OBT— Oct. 21, wrist watch, valoadkeep- 
AJ aake. Phano ITWR. Reward. 

EOar— I^-foot launch, drifted from James 
Island. RawBTd. P. o. Box »T, 

TlfAI^THD— .^Mytrponter wlfo warns to * 
» V make money. Wc havo a 
houao. Id %-mlle clrri«. |n very fair shape, 
with good oudilde appearance, which can 
be put into good renting or selling condl- ♦ 
tlon with small outlay. The rldlculoua turn 
of l«00 will buy thisi Bright 4 Jonos, 
Moody Block, corner Yatea and Rroad. 
Plione 7M. ,; j 

Imve many Inquiries for bustaaaa 
openlaca and coold sell several genu- 
Ine retail sloraa withoot delay. If price la 
right. If you have a bualntsa for dispaaal 
either retail. wholesaKC manufacturiag or • 
rooming housea,' let ua have partlouiara aad 
We win produce aulek reaulta 

1*1 Ualori Bank Bnildiag ' .'( ,. 
Phoae 1* 0*. • '^'■'' '■'■- ft 

Yl^ANTB4>-«maM 4upalahed ar ptmlS i 
V V fort^trhed house, near lown, tor fam- ' 

.-.,'',.."^"'= '*'""" ""'y: ••*»•'»»« teflaata, 
HI7 \lclor Hlreet, PernwOAd. 

4M,M* SHARES, whole or pari. 110 each 
__nrtiele Co.." Hteilacoon. Washlnaton. 





RB for klrat Pkone MMT, 


Jamea In land, 

LOST— BladT and wlTlte English ^ 
name aad phone nataber 
Finder please phono 


O. T., 
and dairy aapallaa. gaaollaa 
Baasoy-Harria maekiaanr. 




on collar. 

1014R, tmmediately. 

LOST— Kttber la parlor oar or -on pUt- 
form at E. • N. autloo on TuMday 
aveaing, amair leather haadbag. wntaisWg 

ij'"*' .SfSl***^* eye-glasiea, eta 
Phoaa MITL. 



• ini 

t||7ANT^»-*AU klaaa af paltota aad piat» 

VIx, B^ '^u ^%si ^sstrat 

Boaa and aallota for aala. 

A hatched. White 

strain, II.60 each. 

cockerels, early 

Wyandottes, Adam 
Box 910, Colonist. 

EBQVIMALT— t-room houae. batk, toUet. 
available middle November; excellent 
«aaae. etcher sale. Apply first plaoa. Box 


- IB of roar _ 

^ _ __ _ Braa. MU. Wa kara tka 
op-to-daie aaoarataa 

CTOOBB to rent, eleee 
AA etroot fclg gardea. 


Apply Til View at, 


a Bar reat, farai* 
iA Aaaip Bob 

Mno Beat — aiiw Nkoaaiber, wau-lomlaked 
A bungalow, t bodrooroa, good gardea: 
rent modorata. IMI Parkview D rive. Goraa. 

fpo Bant — Two-room cottage. |7.oe meathi 
A laotadlna water. Phase 17*4 a 

17*4 R. 




Oood booi 

ROOM modem k 




, Foraweed 

fpHRBE Jerseys and one Orade. 
A lara. Phone Colqults, t*R. 


WANTBD — About eight tons mangels. H. 
C. •Oldfleid. Elk Lake, or P.O. Box (71, 

CatirtBey Street Phono 134* 

OVERLAND for tale: aaap for caah. Daa- 
drldga. Phoaa till. 

plBTON *«5E» ••roTagp^aag at 

^'Ti-2?"fii:a."t n 

§NAP>-rarA MiA oaaHaa watai dMsa 
^truoiL wSk oaavartiklo body. Bllilkaa* 
Dawaarjiator Oa,. aar. VMw aaa VaMaa* 
oer Btraata. 





A- Of reUablo caret 

' '^ 'tP* »t MM. MM, MM, IfTI. MM 

4 CBlBrilOLBTB fTM, MM, irft. MM 

I ovbAlanob ftn, %\,m%, iu« 



alaasb troia |l apt I aad ' irrlj a Bm aa* 

En^ BMgnMoaL "iSomjM ^SokiTaSw^ 
iplltdorf magaetae from |M iw: Mllaro 

oisr^ad'sirT ifT*V5«si*-wr^ 

eta,, aarta^Ao aaK at 
kava la ataah parte fev 1 

LOB'ft— ta tka vldally of St. Joaeph'a Hoa- 
pltal aad St. Ann'a oeavont. a small 
erochot bag containing garaat roaary, small 
gum of money and etker nei bo aal aSecta 
Pladar ple aae phone IMIB.^^^ enecia. 

T.O«T— Airedale pup, 1 months old, an* 
f^ swers to name Roger: anyone harbor- 
ki«r tame will be praaeeated. B oTlluJr 
llSfet *"*'~^ Street. Fairfleld. Phone 

BBICKWORK>-AIl elaaaaa af warfc ( 
bolUr sattlaga aad all niaaais ef 
aaee wofk. Dare BuraatC MM < 

Street. Phone MItX 



BUIM>tNO repairs — Carpaatag, cement, 
paMtlng, eto.: fumUure aad SxiarM 
made and revairsd. Get 'that snacJat oabl- 
net made tor Xmaa now. Phone M. Oraea 



/^ARPBNTBV — AltaraUeaa aad repairs; 
i:!.JIlI*^* StS^^.^f*^ gaaraataaC • T. 
Thtrkell- Phoae 17M. Batimatsa fiaai 

f^OBT-Oold lookat beartag InUials A 8 
A-* to E. C. Pkoto of haaband and child 
eneieaad. A eoldler's widow will appreciate 
return of the same to Bra. A. Calderoott 
1*11 Leigh ton Road. Reward: ^^'■•''W' 

T moatha, btaek 
aad lara. nearly toll 
- aardtoar. All Bay, 

L08T — Airedale pup, 
saddle, tsa bead u 
grown, near Baathavoa. 
Sidnei^ Reward. 

a^. «— .»AC »nC OABAtm 
Aak far Br. 

TT8ED Care fer Bala — One Dodge, t*lT 
KJ model, like new, only run 7.M* mtlo% 
good tirea, one apare; a anap. One Ford In 
cxeollant condition, damouatable rima, new 
tireo and spare keaeral alootrle self-starter 
and lights. Tfmkln bearlnga In front wheels, 
and a lot of other extrea. A aaap^ 
Apply Jameson, Rolfa * Willis, Coartaoy' A 
DordoB Street. Pbone tltd. 

\^LL pay op la MM oash t»r Ford 
VV teoriag ear la goea coad l th m 
Mt Peaibortoa Bloeli. 

I %*%. 



_ ^ O. C. HOWBLI. 
Baak Bmidlaa ^^ 

■C-IIOOB modora 

aild d ts of Novsaibor. 

to aaat: 
Pkoao Itnu 

Earm donas* wtti be paid tor the key of 
e t or ' •"-— 
y DIatrle 

» 9€ •-roMB howa. Wiiiowa «r oak 
DIatrtet. nalaatal Bex IMA ^^ 

oaaaaa •••aaa«* 

• '•»•••••• •mm* 0m aaaa 

• • aoa aoaaa**aaa««««a a MM 

1 BoLAuoBUB Makt aat * 

••• 'f ••••*.«••••**»••••.•. fan 

AB aa la 


too aaap r*ad I 

. IMI ■adel; 
1*IT I- m at agar. MTt; a 
I4««: atotarcaalea from III 
It win pay yaa la aae Bai 

■aia, laUt 

WANTBD — To parekaae aa 
Eagllah praferraA 

Coloalat Box 11*7 

T OBT— Oct. 14tk. wlro*halred fox terrier 
A-i dog. 7 montha ttd, white body, head 
haU white, bait bla«k aad tan. Reward. 
Belura 4 Beaalpp Btreet Pho ae IIMU 

T oar— Oa Bandar, a allaer 
AJ A dty or Cordova Bay. 

LO«r---BloodMoBa signet rfcig aomewhofo 
ia city. Finder olaaso re<a 

Pkaaa MiT. 

a4nea. RawarA 


MJ mtmn 


„ . - re<am Colonist 

Coloalet Boa IIM. 


ipatimatsa f^ 

■ . i -^.. - ■ altarfatloo* aad 

mi V^Sa '**!tt& Betkaatea glveau B. 
aiaoB, Pkene 4MIL 

r«ABP8RTBr ropaim 






Osr. View aad Qnadra Btraeta 

JOBB^NO _A>TJ|B^riOlIia. jfS* 


^LTyB^IONa^tf AIRg^ I 

F^SnTSi 'iAXr*" *^ '-^ * 

Q u aaa * * 

• •--—'—«••«»-., OaaWaetor, 

^ iti:2!f f!r'urssjjira''*xjsii' 

>oaoa's Avpaa» Vlotarla. 



BAiatLB. 40BN T.. Til Fart. Catlaib 
furaltars aad kaoka. Tot ITfT. 

omicwKy wm/Ktop 

C. F. R. wkarr 

wklta far. 

filTBATBD or atalen treat 141* Braaka 
S."-*'^ii i ''':»"*»«to rooalrr. hea and 
paltat. Finder please ratam to above ad- 

SKATE8. bollaw ground, at Wlleen's Re- 
pair Bbep, «ll Cormorant. 

/^aRBBCai Batal. Yatop aaa Daaglaa 

wj ^^ _- UorA vPkoap aBliB.{'|, 

5-* Plfteen years' asBerlanee la Vlatfsla, L\ 

iyHimnrnt swkbp- 

r«""»1f„ ■a*epiag-C. WhItA pkaai j 
V Mil, Havlag ratarsed froa* ovarsaaa 
Vam rasaailag mr buslaeaa a* B pktaaaar • 
awaap. WUI be M«a«a« ip iSar |Bmi«S 

patroac .^^' 


LBT as oailiat 
collections, aa 
Ball Mare 


yaar bad aaaeaata. Bo 

oiiBAirmo iur»pngor« 

WANTBD — Ford ear, ekaap for caah. Baa 
MM. Coloalat. 

nTE carry a fall stook af Bl-apea« 
*▼ Blaae*, a slae fer ovary ear, 


vTiaii ^rvKor iir - 


Bp vreAB DTB WORK»-«fca la««eat 
^ •V « 'ysibB aald eiaaaiag wofBa to tka 
Fiwvla^^ ^aatry erdara oAlJtSr Tfcoaa 

J. C. 

Bsaiffew. Prapw 

OSB CLCANBRa-Clotkaa alaaaod aad 








Baetoa A Oa. Lti,. 



Pkaaa mm. 






itMOaBBci^^^i'i** ' 



— mU 

wuofBfc pimS* t4f7. %\\ ■■rwari 

Itortk Pvk.^ 1* 

>rE li 

wiaAowa, 4ooff% 

lowi; «ooff%1MMSw aiilah. 

irMm ud HUM4«. 



■*— fc 

COMfmitJCTIDM Md NpAir wwk on «*• 
«ijiliy «( ftll AMcripUoM; cMUn«s 

pad Maar vaM t* ordav: MctaMrlm 
Iwrdvii* Md ■ap»liM, VMd »^i«)F«i pl»*; 

wtfli TiMiMKiy MMmiUd. MwlM Ir«i 
W«rtMeTUFMabr«k« StrMl. »hMi« Ut. 

ittiiMMXo 4Hi> ofuicina' 


It IrM wark. 

MT r«rt SttM* 

i^- ■■'» 

« MtH Smt A««aM. rkoM ISM,- 


BJ.:ilOrrca. UlUTBPk Ftnoiktas Md 
• HMUMI. iff XctM M. PkWM IMI. 

VhMi* lit^ f' ■ - 

■ I II m t^fi^ammmm I I II m ■ ' 

Wnmt. AltOMnr-4tl4 aiaaalMrd St. 



Jl ted . M* — >d A^iMw. y»— »««. 

yno— >Mr id«iar»»r»»»d mmT 

|* > lu » »M>»l» 

19 N< 

' M '"« . , T* 


i*te ' 

i«W luditii* 

■II klikUi«CM« 

«. ooounr « ftum 

i>n»%g^%>^»»^^i»^»JB a Bi yiBf JL»»o^^«^^'^'" "^^w 

WkMl *^ 

te daw fcr 


riRur. o«t 

tZi4U Xtk 



■n Ti 

/V^r,Add«irl«d« W< 


J. vRitSk. ite. P>a— «td» 

^^pL;ff^^ Sffltit 



tu OMtnM 



ILfRd. lAXSSN— ll«MM 
JBL Odrapody: mmM i 
Itif, 4iiaiir»ud. wdd. 


mlOTildr — d 


' which 
lac Ii 


iMBca, >•!•• aarward BIk. 









■hjoalc jwdaha, t**!. 

JLTTataa and Paad<— •»•*». 

-■■o"» y | H it > n > M. la al t— «»«M *%— * 
•f TaaoaaaMitiy car«4. CoBMit«iI«M^M*. 
B«oaM ««T-4«s camplMil SaUdtac. Pboaa 
»«4. ^^ 

teUry I13«.e« p«r montlr. 
. conMnenoa Nc 

•**!;jft| i PWM I 'Sw .^MwIl •^ygi .BriU»fc7Xaad» DMaitment. taUrr «55 

ottirdraa^ ttaaiM- *•>-• 

•ab*U BidR. Phoaa MtT '' 


Oa«i " 

" iiAND' cdttvumuiai 

1 1 

»■— TfT ^ ' I'll 

jr. V. Ttn^lateat, 



«. K CABiMall. 



■ iwi<i—w>—»»— »—*■*— —"^i^^a n ■■! ' 
X>AMPORT« praparad. fana* Mpaltod. H. 

£jc"-.aag-a."a.".{^'- "r*. 

♦\B. *. *V ^ 

1/ WMBaa'a 

Bldfr. BMAB^ 

tMWttM^, PkjrsMaa dM 
' " dntu tlT 

Bwad aad Pnlveralty. daattU, 


■OAid» vrtKJuaAfat% 

yaam apacteiiM aa aaai* diM 
TV bdir. Ulfi* laaaaaalaa add 
PlMtna * PtaUa. i#i CanakaUI 


, Mir wark. 
Bid*. Pfeaaa 

JT aat Av« 

HatawMty H | a» l >a l , iMt >»a. 
Avaaaa. daatUa, waah. ' 

IAH<^Oaataa Hoaattal. aor- 






rur wMck haa a ^a«U«a aa 

at lIKfaat. aad a fraataaa aa 

r Uarbar •( iTTfaat by a maaa 




Victoria btnar Uarbar •( 177 fact by a maai 
daath CiMa atraat t« ttm iratar.o< tai Mat. 
la for Mia to comalata tha raaltaatlaa of ika 
Tata* BatlUa. Bw M aa (M wharf JiMi 

aaa dva-aUry. Mas* Md brte|c..inin^L_ ^ 
foat by %\ faat_«i9ik.^Htli^a Ydaaarfraat* 
aaa aa WMrflAMt of It taat. aadtUlMa lar 
traialwaaa bulMta«» 
PartMr aarttmilan 

X * y. u. BHn 

Gotland, ar ttmt 

Jarriatar. 4l« CMtfal Balldimt. Viaw 
Btraat. Vtetorla. Brltlak -CelnmMk witt tlia 
latter of whom affera ara to b« IMaad. 

rtMr~ aarttetilara may b« abtalaad fram 
" " Bari.^Mlteltan. Kirk- 
4U CMl 

MM^de^land.' ar 
Xmxtm, Barrtatar, 

. Sailcitan. 

Mr. Jaiaaa Maart 


af IIm TowmMp at 


TM Vatcra' UM iar tM fartMaaMa _ . 

ha«o tiMir aaiaaa f l aaad .fd 

sj?nir3»i JTiA'S 

ivarM aril 

IT .yM?''ttd»^''£(>rt«i' 

c<la«k bafora tha snli '>o**?^Ii. 
afMdi akall M^ a . a aaidaaj In tM..Pra^ 

Brinfah adWaet of tha 

aaly «ata 


H. PVUJnf. aark. > 


'^lfiatli%ttoa foraw Hay M oWaMMdt tM 
MaaMliial Ball. 

Ortahor Hat, m 

MOnOK i* iMTdby OtVM, llMt tlM 

▲bbmU OMMrmt lldfUBc of tlM 
wrt. 9«rilM« Ciidl, PdVdt. 

lMl4 on WdtediSv. thd BSii4 4d# «f 
Oototoar. lft», *t 1*1 P«»r " ~ 

•mamm, ▼i«it«rtB! *^_^ *:m 


. tavted Maa AIM_tn my oillaa of 
a at OarUdeau it TItta No. ItatS-V 

&tta aMva atantlaaM laada la tha aaaia 
lataatlaa at tha aaviraliaa aT oaa caiaitdar 


CartMoat*. Kn paiaM hattaT 
aiadaa witli fatarano* to nM laat 


•iMi atoatlaa la M MM I 
May aiaala tM aoaaaaaT 

rS5 8ur<s*^^' 



A«l awi 

at ai aa arlg wka irara dat «a- 
^.-. ^ja «a tM l«k Jaly. l»l». dM aU 

■ aa lia aar# «w^a« vMthar MuUa ar fa* 

,ssisa.ix«j ^5r,«f- " firiw! 

ataal maatlaa t* M baM ki Janaaral laM. 

faraaa tit 

at tka oaeo of tM MualelpM Clark. 

«io la antkorlsad ta taka 

daalaaaMoaa fa thatr>abalf. 

aiidd M daUvarad^ta «fta w- 

a daya altar bala* iw n d a. 

iloa ' arlU M daaoatad 

d«« a'doek »ak aa 

r. If " 

Oetabar. t»lt. 
^ proaarty awai 
iba tUla M »M«k 
^ alaaa Jaly 1 M tba 
aaa I Wad andar tM . 
daata oa tba Votafir 

baaa- rai 


X Aat M Mva 

Vn%. . aniaar M takca'lM daelara^M 
lu add ta abara. Tbia, ^awavar. daaa 



amMr ta tMaa awtaaad 9nnM% of proa- 
Wa, .wb«M preaoHy waa ddaalrod fdor to 

A BfttIM ■abla«t;^aaalo or lamala. of tba 
fall aaa af taraaitr-aaa yaara. ta al dant In tha 
MtaaMianty n«m tha lat d« of jMuary. 
lflli >Jgd ar M baa M**/ * tba Mnat^Mllty 

** I 'JdaV^HOf whToinrataSr' taaS 
^ ^ . jta aaiiddt tar aai laaa- tbaa 
fM# far tba aartaat yaa& axelodaa a( vatar 
fdtaa aad u eaaaa faaa iM doan 
a W. RO( 

Oak Bar. aa, OaMMr i" *i^tt. 


C>» dfVidMdd,BX. 
Teadtn for CilptntT W«k 

^taadara. aaalad. a a dfiiaid and M tt r waad ta 
tM aadaraianad wlllld raoalvolTop (a Maa- 
day. tba 27tb Inat.. at 4 a-oou. far aartala 
aitaratlaaa to PIre Kidto aa_paiFbpaoiaiEtloaa 

ba aaan at tba otBoa at tba Bnild' 
City :^ll. 

jAd. u RATmrit. 

ParMaalna AlBWit 

Itiaaa wUI M iMwlTad by ttf aa 
— I far^tM taHawiaa Mattlaaar> 

To Octobar^tth. l«lt: 


iTlMB. In tba office of tha Conaor, 


Ouitea to 


[ovambrr int. l»lt< 

To Worambay lath, i»lf: — , 

AdSBdHOR. VANCOl'VBR. Salary «>00.«0 
par month. Duties to coatmenca forthwith. 

Qdallflcatlona: Muat ha converaant with 
tM baMaoaa oondltlops 0nd valuea In the 
city of Vancouver, 

NKW TORK. Oct. Si.->Hd«vtedt 
UquidatloB •( tba wa«k took pldoa 
diMiac XoAKfm brtoC trmdlnc partod 
on tha atock azehdaBa. tha tiekar ho- 
inc ovar SO mlralca bohlad la ra- 
Goydhic fladi traaadcttona. 

Tha aalUnB araa pradlaid4 on orar- 
nicbt newa. which draw attdntloa to 
tha mora aeuta labor atluatloa, aod 
waa aeoaloratad by tho tonaoiM bull 
aisoount In varloita i(M»e«ldtlTO laaitdd. 

Not onljr wara moat of tho waok'a 
galna aatlroly oancanad. but In a nnm- 
bar of Inataneaa loaaod of t to 10 
polnta for diat parlod wara roeordad. 
RaaotloBd from maximunia ta aoma 
roQont fbToritaa raoBad from it to 
9d polnta. 

Btaela bora tho brunt of tho moro- 
nant. tha pramlor tafue. Vnitod Btatdd 
•tool. loainB 1%. while Bothloham, 
Oruolbla. Lackaaranaa and RopnbUc 
M^'^wara '4 to 10 polnta lower. Ratla 
were caniad down by tha reaction, 
arlth numeroUB dpaelalUee, IndudlnB 
tobaceoa, leathera and a loai Uat of 
nilaoellanooua iaauaa. 

Fl^ quotatolnd were at or within 
fraetlona of loweat priced, the markot 
endind with a weak toite. 

Baled amounted to t7S.OO* dhardd. 

The bank atatement threw little 
htht on the woek'd atook market ac-' 
livtty, actual loana and dlaoouata 
showind a further deoraaae of about 
140.000.000 of a total llOd.OOO.OOO 
for the paat fortnifht. 

Bonda eaaed on the unaettlement 
ahown bjr atoeka, t r a d teB In that 
market, however, belnc without ape- 
cial featurea. Total aale* (par value), 
aABr««atod |7.37t.00«. Old U. 8. 
bonda ware unohaa«ed on call durtas 
the week. 

I«L t»ia. 

Quallflratloaa: Munt )»• a Kradoata of a 
reiiacniBed VMaat school, with praatlcal 
n ^dT a «pamna»i ami aanilnlalratlve ability. 

««uSn;^0UHTAl«f in the Poreat 
Braacb. LAB& Danartment. Salary tIM.ftO 
par laonth. Odtlea to commence Deoamber 


Uuat be a vraduat* of a 

Pareat School, with practical 

Aeld aUtarlence. 

CUCHK in the Deoartmant of Ldboar. 
Salary tUS.M par month. Dutiea to aom- 
menoa Dacambar lat. 1*1*. • 

Qualifleatlona: Muat be auallffed ta In- 
vea^laate and raoort on Indaatrlat oondl- 
tlona of tha Pfbvlnca, to collect, analyae 
and tabulate lattour atatlstloa. familiar with 
aaneral ollloe work and modem fliind aya- 

Ratamad natdlara m«at fumlah a earti- 
flnd copy of their diaehanra cartiflcataa, or 
in tho caaa of comiaiaaloned nfllcara. a cer- 
ttddd aiaMBMat of thair military aervlea. 

Altolioatioil forma mav bo obtained from 
tha nndaraimed or from any aoveramaat 

W. H. MaelNNBS. t 

Civil Service Commlstlonar. 

Parll aiyent B Idaa.. Victoria. B.C. 


■ : Jh!^\n 


. AppUeatHiona will be, raoaived by the 
imfeerslBiisd' up to November 10th. 
Irtlt. for the poatUon of AaaUrtant 
Jianual Training Inatructor. Appll- 
oanta to atata prevfoua experience and 

^\ »•! 8eci«Ury to the Board flf 
u'-t r School Trusteed. Saanlch 


WUVNIFVb. Oct. S6. — Oatd closed 
\ eent to ^ cent higher: Barley, \ 
oentd \» ^% leenii hisher: Tlax, t« 
to %yi ednts hlrher and Rye, 1 to 
Vk cents hlBher, 

Oats— ' 

Oct, > 



Barley — 



If djr ..... 



Wov. ■ ..... 
^Me. « . . > . 

Open^ Hlch. 
«W ,«4% 




LrfMT. ClOdd. 

n% M 

>i^ 11^ 

.143 ' lU \k%% 142 Ml 

ItoW 119^ Utlfr IISH 

.131^ ittH ltt« it»H 


.ttf . 

48B 4IS 4n 

4ltH 411 41fH 

406% Sit 4df^ 

413 4«l« 4lt 

Oot. .•••.••• lap TS 

Ddc Its 138% 118 ltS% 

Caah priods: Oats— 3 C.W., 84: I 
C.W.. 31: extra 1 feed, 11 ; 1 feed, 
Tt; 2 food, 73: traok, 31%. 

Barley>-3 C.W., 143%: 4 CM., 
131%: rojectad. 184%; idd4, lt«%: 
track. ii3%. 

Flax— 1 N.W.C.. 431; 3 C.W., 431 ; 
3 C.W., 4«l: eondomaod. 43«, 

Ry»- >)i aw., Uf %. 


N«W" TOl^K, Oct. fl.— Bar allver, 
11.11%. Mexican dollara, t4%e. 
MaroRRllle paper. nnohan«ed. Ster- 
ttiNr—Daauuid. t4.1«; oablea. 34.1«%. 
Franca— Demand, 18.44; cablea, 38.41 
Ottlldera— <DefMind. 37 3-Uv cabled. 
37%. X4r*-«>l'oindR4. $1«.4»: cables, 
|lt.3t. Marks — DdBiand. 33.SI; 
cablea, 33«R5. 

LONDON, Oct. '33. — Bar allver, 
•4Hd. per ounod. Money and dis- 
count, tnicha«fsC 


A Brett, i^td.) 
t.a«. Claaa 

qrumlabM by Burdlok 

Cor*-' Open. His*. 

t>ec J.»«14 l.t•^ 

ll y_... I.M%.,X.JI% 

May .•••• '* '" 





IParalabad- br Rnrdlek Braa. A Broit, 'lAd.> 

Open. Hldb. Law. C'loae. 

Pa«. M.7* U.T( a».«t U.3* 

Maaaa M.ll S4.M Slit ii.fS 

■M" «>• »«»• M-f «» .l« M.3d 


• 9 *% * •% 

in Pambartaii 



r* • • a • • VftaVV 

■ « a •• a a e 









>i as 
Jd. dd 

.y . I a i a ia a 


Prospect of Serious Industrial 
Troubles Has Depressing 
Effect on Maricet— Some 
Net Losses for Week Shown 






(Pvrniahad by Burdlok Broa. * Rr»rt. Ud.> 

Ht6ol(»— I - 

Aliia^baimara 4T% 

Ama. Beat Kugar 

Ama. Can. Co %\\ 

Amn. Car^dk Ill 

Amn. In. Corp. IttK 

Amn. Lioco lAtH 

Amn. Smalt, and Maf.. ••% 

Ana. Sugar Rfs. ..... 14>H 

AMn. T. and T.. !•• 

Amn. Wool k... ISSU 

Amn, Hteel Fdy 44 

Amn. Hum. Tob lOIH 

Anaoanda Mia CTH 

Anslo-Pr. ........' 'tlH 

Atchiaan v • f41% 

Atiantio Onit m 

Baldwin I^oao. 14TH 

Bah. and Ohia ....... 41 

Beth, steal l»4^ 

Bulla sap. Mia. ...... SSH 

Cap. Pae J*l 

Cant. Laatbar 114% 

Cruc. Stael if* 

^Ch«8. and Ohio km 

Chic, MiU and Bt. P... 46 

Chic, R. 1. and Pao. .. :•% 

Colo. Pual aad Iraa.. 4S% 

Cone, aaa I>TI4 

Chlno Copper 4tH 

Cal. Petra (•% 

Chile Copper IIH 

Com Prad. %\*k 

Sn0 ••o ■•aaaaaoeaaaaao \% 1% 

do l0t pfd ..T^. 14 

Gaat. Will aad "W, .... tXVt 

Oea. Bleo. ..',..,..,..« tia - . 

Oan. Ifotora 8StH 

Ooodrtoh ...,..., M>4 

Qraat Mar. Of*. ...... *%V» 

Oranhy ;.. ..•••.•.^.« ' %% 

4r«at Nor. pfd 14 K 

Hide and Laa.. pfd.... 1M% 

Inapr. Capi, ....\ S»% 

Int. Nlekal %%% 

int. Mer. Marlaa tt^ 

llllnola Cent. ..; t>% 

Kenneoott Cop. a4M 

LaoK, Stael ., 
maxwell Molo 

hildvala Staai 

M«i. Petro. .'./.....,.. 

Miant Oaapa r ........ 

Miaaaart Pao. ■•....,•. 

Mo., Kana. .and Taaaa. 

Nat. Liaad 

K. T. Caatral >..'.♦, . . , 
Norfotlt and w. ...... 

NOrtbam Pae. ........ 

Ohio Oaa Mil tlH 

Pane. By. »,. 4|% 4IH 

Plaaaa Oil . . . j. \ -ft K ' ' SI H 

Praaaad StoaJ 0»r 
Baadlns ... .VT. 



■ aaa ■ a a 4 

By. Steel Sprlns 
Bapnb. Steal . . . . . 

Sin. Oil 

Sautham Pao. .... 
Sontham By. . . , < 
Stadabaker Corp. 
Siaaa shefriald ... 
Tba Texaa Co. '•.. 

Oalon Pae 

ytab Copper 

O. fL Ind. Aleahol 
X^ flL Babbar ... 

VT a. steal 

do afd 

Vlrslnla Chan. , 
Waat. Blae. 


. ««H 

. IMH 


.. 1114 

. ta* 




I aaa a a a 16 ip 

' M 





• *• 











147 » 


S4S . 

141 H' 




(rnmlthad by BurdleU Broa. A Brett.; tddj 
Staoka— . High. liow.^ flwKC 

Aniaa Holdaa ,.>+M>5i -"-""'' 

Ban T*1«. 
Braallian Trao. 
Caa. Caraent . . 
Can. Car Fdy. .,_,,.. 
do pfd ,..^.'.. 

can. K. n, a,.... ...a. 

do pfd «....*.. 

Can. t^ooo. ^ 

can. Oan. Bla«. .,,.«.. 
Civic lav. and lai'*.-- 
Cona. M. aad A ..>... 
Cona. M. nn** S. ". ... 

Detroit United ....... 

Dana. Brldse 

Don*. 1. and 8 « 

Dom. Textile ......... 

I.aurentidn CO 

Maple 1.0a r Mlg, 

a a • a da • 









Queb«e Ry. ...^...,..v ri 

Riordon Paper 111% 

Shawlnlsan 131 H 

Spaniab Blv. Palp..... *•% 

do pfd_ M 

Taroata By 41 

Wayasaa^ao Pnip li 


HAUFAX. Oct. t3.— The Cunnrd 
liner Orduna calkMI at Halifax today 
OB a iroyaBO from Cnsland for New 
Tork. ta land ISd paasangers aad a 
quantity of Canadian mall. Asnong 
the TH p awp iiB B i a wln> BMRAlBed d|B 
board for New Torfc were the Bpan- 
Isli delesatas to tiie induatrlal eon. 
fe««Re« At WddhlasftBB. Otlkar proml. 
nent persons on board (or New Tork 
«M Mr »• F. ttupart •»« iir JFohn- 
HBr rsi^ds KaboftsBn, who Is ac- 
oampanled by Lady Robertaan. Wkt 
iBhnatoB will ieltver a asdldB of Joa> 
tBtea on gbake ap sara In the United 

PAIItB, Odt. tl^**irba rrsnch Oav 
ernmeot has sent a proteot to Bavlia 
oomplalntad of the adtli4ty of avaita 
In Alsaiw-I^arratiM ItaeMent to the 
aoasplraay far a ravalt la «iMaa •«• 
provloeea. aoeardhur to tha WLfM- 
bour* u arraspsBdsa t of Tho Fstlt 





Woekly Orders. Oetobof 36. 1318 

1. Band practice — Band practice for 
both sub-dlvlalons will In future be 
held at 7 p.m. on Wedneaday nJifht 
eadS wsek. Ratines on duty aa bandls- 
mdn will parade at the Connausht 
BeAmens* Institate. Superior Btraat, 
Jamea Bay, at 7 p.m. on Wedneeday 
nicht of wStx week. All those havlnc 
baRd\ Instruments of any description 
In their possession must bring same to 
thia pa^^dp/ All Wooden flutee to be 
turned in at ship's office, 383 Pem- 
berton BuUdinB. 

2. Rifle Bzerclsee— ForeciMtlemen 
of both dlvlsiona will parade a.t 6:80 
p.m. eh Iteiffaday, Oetobar 30, bt the 
DIvlsioBal Office. SSt Pemberton 
Bulldinf. Petty officer in oharve will 
tfraw rifles for all hands and party 
Will proceed for rifle eaarc l ss s . with 
Instructor In oharse. 

3. On Friday. October 81, all leadlnc 
ratiiws (Ud.. pdtty officers, laadlnc 
aoamen, ' and slBnalmen and other 
bands specially told off) will parade 
dt tha divisional office, 323 Pember- 
ton BulldlnB. for specialist e l aase a . 

4. NoUees — (l) All raUngs may 
parads at the paoseway Boathouee at 
t ^.m., Wedneeday. October 23. for 
reereiUtdn with the briBadd's boats. 
(8) FootbalL There will be a football 
practice in Beacon Hill Park at 4 
p.m., on Friday, October 31. 1318. 

(■Igned) W. M. HOTRAM 
CommaBdIng Officer, Victoria Divi- 
sion, Bays' Naval Brigade. 

ivmnf Bay 0«k4Mvta«a« \ 
Weekly Orders. October 83, 1313 
1. Tkd sab-dlvlslon will parade on 
Tueaday. Q«toberS8, at the depot In 
Buperlor fltraat. Jamdd Bdjr. The 
quarterdeok and maintop will parade 
at <:8d p.m., and will be dlamissbd at 
T:S3 p.m. The foretop an4l '<orocastle 
will parade at T p.m. and be dlsmlaaed 
at 3 p.m. 

5. Band Praetloe— Band practice. 
Wadneeday alflit, at 7 p.m.. at the 

3. Poreoaatle rifle eaarelaa parade 
at 3:3d p.m. on Thuiliday, Oetober 80. 

4. lisadlog ratlnga parade at the 
divisional office. 228 Pemberton 
Building, oh Friday, October 31. 1313. 

6. Orderly, bugler for the wd«k, J. 
Francola. No. 33. 

3. Ordarly petty officer far the 
wooii, t* Marobant. 

T. The following recntlts sre taken 
on the strsagth of this sub-dNlsion, 
aad are rated ad able ssamen, aBd are 
given the following numbers: 112. R. 
B. Porter: 133, 0. ^owik: 194, Ik Roes. 
(Signed) W. M. H01RAM 

Commaiiding Officer. Vletorla Divi- 
sion, Bay** Maval Brtgadd. 

Weekly Ordars. October 23, l»lf. 

1. The BUb-dlvlsloa will parade at 
tke Bry dock Ib ^ H.1I.C. Ooekyard, 
Eoqulmalt, on MoBdBy. Od(obar 27. 
134*. at 7 p,in. 99giMA «rill aB« sea- 

2. Band praatice Wednesday Bight. 
At'f 4r«Mel|. At the dapot. CBBBBUght 
ieamen's Instltntc. iaaaaa Bay. 

g. Porodadtlemen. fVBm sMdrclae, 
BBra4d Bt •{•* on ThBratoy^ Odtobor 
3d. ff 13. 

4. Leading ratings Bani4a at 
Divldkmal omce. tS3 
BuUdlag. on l>Tlday, O iil dbs f •}» 1313. 

3. Orderly bugler for tkBiMMk. A. 
a. W. Oardner, 

3. Orderly pgtty ditotP iBr tha 

Leading fldaasBB O. 
t. TlM (ollgWiBir iiriKia bib tal^aa 
stidBttti a( tlUa aiilHr 
aad ard< 

glTWS tha fPl l gB i B B 

JPklM. MM T. itorakv. Ml ▼. 
t^f4 O. JMwfci d . Ml Bl 

Victory Loan 

Campaign— 1919 

will open tomorrow, Monday, 27tfc Inst. Assist tbc 
canvass by prompt buying. 

Colonial Trust Company 

Hegl Office: 


Vscfeorittt &v> 


"Prom d selfish point of view the VICTORY LOAN h • r>o4 
investment From s national point of view it is esscntiaL From 
a patriotic viewpoint it is a duty we owe to our country Bnd to 
OBrreturaod soMicrA**— Lient-Gdaeral Sir Arthur Currki KjCa^ 

Bnrdick BralhBM * Brett, I4d. 

(Direct wir«a- 19 aU principal axdianfes) 
Brm«l8l«a 8t Hmmb S7S4» 3725 

I < 



(BgrdBXBBVD IdtD. 

PbM^V C»»i*al . .« • • - ^jA .a *^ vBlt,B«a4M)0.00 

Wmiwi raad CVl * • * aB,BOO.OOO.OO 

BtaawarntMHaffiajBaHW - mSfM. * « • ItJl tB.BO».00 






MS BBiXCBBR aad fBBKOIBd la tha AaatnUaB 
iNcwp-in^V^^^. Tbe ^^tna eia si taiay 

adoaaa diaaai, avaNav. 
AswiclM: Bdak a( Haatraal 

The Corporalioii of Uia Dittriel of Oalf B«r 


%% NaiKy «■ livaM 1010 Tarn 

Will Be Added 

Iflw Oetillr SI, 1010 

, «.;.'rttf 

Oak Bay, B.C., October 2i, 1919. 

O.^. ROSS» CoUedor of Twbm. 


CoDiirteiit SaTiti^ 

TW: oiiUmslir and ooo- 
iblnt Mvint cl moiMgrs fit a 
wfiy wnicli dcTolvM upon 
dvmyooadfiM. TliaBiaik 
<rf MonlnMNlwfll flfMB Ssriniia 
AoGovDlp oa raedpe of $1 
•ad aeoiiit ^mmob depoali' 

A. MoiRittmbert, BfBiuig«r, 

D. Doig, MiMgWt B-balBikiibl 



Don't ovtrlodc th« ■dva ofiw rmUy noney 


D«podt your deferred pey, tfretuity end 
•ll^weaeet in • Seri^lt Account with tlUa 

RcMly Mooey pevet ihe way to greeler ad 
nent end better eoMlitioM. Save I Opesi aa 
aeeouot to-day. 








rlawi BilaMsrd. For the Brat tlsM 
ta sBABr waafcs aH MBalatatB wars 
prsaant. OsBdHsrattaa af the f' 
TisaB dstMiBlaa dbawloB the raBra4- 
las a( tha «tvfl aarvtaa aa aacldaa 
•pMi Br t»a CJvtt ••»▼*« Os B i i Bl d tfs B 
ar «da» wItB Bet aa adaatta 
aalMOB llidfasn arrfvad at. TBBiar- 
tw tkB-CkMaai wlH teva Bafsra % 
,i,ii,pnilHI,Bs Of tka Aa^B* 
S OdeBdM aC tkB I»ipM«aMl df ln- 
S«rtdB. NT BTkM^ aM i* ««ml IB; 

Is BTIM. ff 


1923fkiHy Um 

h( iikM Iar m 

17 v- 






Sunlight Soap 

• ••!»i»'- 

She Mved work— Siiola^hl Soap washed the 
elotbef , without rtthbini. She Mved time — she 
4kl other wfltfk while'^iiiilicht 4id the WMh. 
She 9mred money .— beeeute Sunlight it en 
ftb«ol«tely pure loep, therefore there is less 
•oftp need lor wnthinjg thnn with ordinary soap, 
and less WMV. nod tfsi^r ol die elothes. 


■thi 9^i^ eslt^f^fc^f p, H (^ 


■■''■'*■ " J - ■ '^ I ■! i — ■■■■■I » ■ ■— ■^^ — ■■ '.■■■. ■■ — — ■■.- 



American Aero Race eRauIU. — W. 
B. Mayn«j-d won the honors In this 
American Trans>eontttt«ntal Derby 
by covering the 5400 Md miles in a 
flylnv time of Home SO hours. Some 
of the last stages of the race were 
oovsred at a speed of 120 mlles'an 
hour. Maynard us<>d a De Haviland 
naehlne fltted with a Liberty en- 
fine, the machine remaining intabt 
»U through, but the motor gave up 
irith a broken crank shaft >when 
nearly home. Ten deaths and a score 
)f ao«ident8 resulted from the «x- 
aerimeat, but ilMuck and poor wea- 
ther.may have accounted for many 
jtherwtoe preventable misl^t^M. The 
Krhniukn Press Is tnthusMstlc oyer 
th« raoe. and points out that Amar- 
icaa Isolatldn from Barope will soon 
ba a thing of the pa|t. As a result- 
of the event ^AdlngSf rounds are to 
be jietabllslied on a parmajient basis 
throttchottt the Araernan continent! 

Air Ministry Beport. — ^In a White 
Paper tasaed toy the « Imperial Air 
Ministry under date of January. Ill*, 
some facts ao to the amount of lly- 
iny done on . various fronts are 
appended. The following record will 
)4e »a surprise to many who perhaps 
inay QOt have realised ^he enormous 
work done in the air m the British 
air aervlces. "Western Front — From 
July» 1»1S. to 11th November. 1918, 
'.he Royal Air Force on the Western 
Front, deHtroyed 7,064 enemy ma- 
chtnes, dropped 0t4C tons of bombs, 
fired ten and a half million rounds 
of ammunition at ground targets 
alone, and flew over 900,000 hours." 
The figure 000.000 hours of flying 
time for the Wcntern theatre of war 
ilone, shduld servo to convince even 
the modt eeeptlcal that aviation has 
passed a purely experimental stage 
and got down to business. 000,000 
hours of flying is equlv«||t|At - to near- 
ly 103 years in the alr.lftad this was 
ooflduoted under «ill conditions of 
weather, In the face of the most 
strenuous opposition from the enemy. 

The Lighter Bide. — During the last 
Zeppelin raid on London, in the late 
war, a crowd of spectators had' been 
shepherded under the protective 
columns of Marble Arch. A police- 
man on the north side of the arch, 
finding himself being gradually 
pusbed out into the open, and hat- 
Ing the Idea of tempMng P rovidence. 

Wn m. ILL 

in the shape of falling shrapnel, 
vigorqnsly pushed the crowd back 
Into the arch. Unfortunately a see- 
ond "Bobbie" had taken post on the 
south side of the column, and find- 
ing himself In a 'Similar position to 
the first officer, immediately retal- 
iated by shoving the crowd ba(dt 
«g|lln, The resulting disturbanoe 
reached such alarming proportlona 
that additional help was called, and 
the backward and forward struggle 
was renewed with vigor. The gaVne 
continued until the crowd. now 
rightly incensed, discovered the 
source of the disturbanoe and roan- 
aged to get all the policemen on to 
the same side of the arch. It was 
after this that the stirapnel helmets 
- W«re issued to - the unfortunate 
"Bobbies" who had' to work on' "raid 


Former President of United 
States Says Unbalanced Agi- 
tators Are Stirring Up Public 
Opinion Against Them 

In a statement recently given to 
the press B>z- President Taft lays: 

"One of the phases of this reac- 
tion from the war has been the in- 
toxication of power of the extrem- 
ists of the labor group. These per- 
sons in every country have been 
caught .by the Lenlne plan of ruling 
by the novlet of workmen. Thm war 
emphasised the special dependence 
of society on labor as a group, and 
the tlusalan debacle gave opportunity 
to exploit that dependence as a 
means ot subjecting all other 
groups, however much more numer- 
ous, to the dictation of labor. Many 
worklngmen have been cdrried off 
their feet and into a vague but ex- 
uberent conviction that the mlllen- 
lum of labor Is at hand. In the dls- 
cuaslon of wages and hours the lim- 
it In their minds has been nhe sky." 
No agitator, however extreme, has 
been unreasonable to them.y 

"Level headed labor lea^rs who 
have sought to modei^t^hese as- 
pirations have foundT their leader- 
ship Imperilled and their authoritg 
and wise conservatism held for 
haught. In the reaction from the 
armistice local labor unions have not 
hesitated to break their contracts, 
and this against the lawful orders 
of their chiefs. 

"Such lack of dtoelplhis and ■««• 
ordination to wiee leadership la the 
most d'^uraglng clrefWMUnoe In 
•he «lt#tlon and threnteM the um- 
falneaa>»d exlstgnee of IflMr unions. 
It can onlir be oared by aOBio etrlk. 
ing i im ma mm M succesrfnl resist- 
ance to thle rapidly growing tyranny 
by thMO a«nlnst whom It Is launed. 
Ukteir SIreetod and who ahnll be gap* 
ported by the rnilted pobHc opintoa 
«t the i^ole community. The tvm- 
erlah labor enthusiasts need ohjeet 
leawtts to bring them to reoaon. TiMy' 
do no realise the strength of the 
eonssnratlTe fore** to tMe eeontry 
whleh wfll rlee to asoet pematoneo 
In soviet 

"When tiMy taks heme s«cil a 
torn as 0««eraor CooUdlVe oM Wt^^- 
Hrti n isn t cSmla tevo taa*ht the So- 
mrttatt poHe^ea of Boston tkoir 
ard«r wm e««t. The fhlhve of the 
entMh mlMny unloaa to ovei a w e 

their attempto to 



Lessens From Aerial Warfare 

By Harry A; Parr, Lt. R.A.F. 
■ (Condntioii)— 

e h«e beegTo lot of. 
la rogard to. the right ac* for flylMr. 
The British War Office only a abort 
time ago raised the age limit from 
twenty>flve to thirty and thio wag done 
no doubt to keep pace .wltk..the Cast 
growiag Air Force. 'Itbm rmovm gov- 
ernments made 4n exhanstive study of 
both pilots and cadets In an effort to 
trace the physical and the mental 
characterlatlca of some of the "star" 
filers. 1' 

Various ecientiflc Instruments for 
determining the effect of <M>ndiUons 
analogous to those encountered dur- 
ing flight were brought to a high state 
of perfection. AppllcanU for admis- 
sion to the air service were requlreii 
to paaB..'thr«ugh these teeta success- 
fully bofo^ commencing t)Mir train- 

When It Is Ulcfn Into consideration 
that tite average pilot during the 
hurried training smashes one and a 
half machines (this li^ an average), 
and represents, by the time he Is 
ready for active serviee, an Investment 
by the Oovernment of approximately 
ten thousand dollars it can ready be 
seen that in order to keep up the 
supply of trained .MIots It is necessary 
to select the applleanta with great 

Co nt Uk m if yaawitlal 

In numerous Instancee an ' airman 
after paksing thrdugh all the prelim- 
inary schools, which occupies several 
months' time, finally reaches the fly- 
ing stage and comes to the conclusion 
that he will never make a pilot— or 
else the instructor will reach that con- 
clusipn and considers it hopeless to 
attempt any mot* instruotion. In a 
number of ' Instancee this Is not 
throorh fear on the part of the man 
himself.. It simply means that he 
lacks that something that goes to 
make a sujccesful pilot. 

He may'have lots' of grit and' deter- 
mination, but if he lack»-~«ay good 
Judgntent.'^anessentlar make-up In a 
good filer — ^ie had better give It up 
and tntke room for someone else. 
Trained pilots are a necessity, and 
valuable time could not be wasted on 
men who' were unfitted for the work. 

It has ^ been preyed . bejrohd doubt 
that the "yout^ man imaKea the best 
pilot for war work. Most of the fast 
scouts (single seated machines) are 
piloted by 'youngsters. It Is the work 
of theM combat 'jmachiiiss to flght 
enemy Machines. When a pilot finally 
goes over the lines in oiie of these 
scouts either singly or in formation 
he has reached the pinnacle .of flying. 
He may be BUccessfui apd quickly he- 
come an "ace" or he may be sik^t doi^n 
during his first r»Kht. j /' ^v'->. ' r 
War. 'flying Vount -JJ^'^-ijmyiiSk- ' ' 

The star ^pilots are . altJI^ost without 
exception young inen — ^rirpm nineteen 
to twenty-two, ' .TW old^r pilots, un- 
less they become exceptional fighters, 
do most of ^he' bombing, phdtogVaphy 
and "BOptUijg'; .f Qi- a/tJUsry- .... . ., . 

Flying itself is not necessarily % 
' ' ■ ' -■■ ■■'■[..'■ ■^ > 1 I ... ■...,-,, -ID f^ ^n, ■ , 

young man's. ganie: but flylag on 
Mthre service Is vasUy different from 
peace time flying. The late 8. F. Cody, 
an American whp went to Bngland 
some years before the outbreak of 
war, designed, built and suooesafully 
f knr his own machine. He was ftfty- 
slx years of age when he first beoame 
Interested In njring. 

In If IS a British Oeneral took his' 
Aero Club certificate at Hendon 
(London) Aerodrome at \he age of 
aUty-two. Theee two Instances .alone 
certainly contradict the generally ac- 
cepted theory that flying is distinctly 
a -Miing man's game. 

tat the airplane has come to stay 
none can doubt. The airplane has 
proved Itself a practical means of 
transportation since the outbreak of 
war. It is not uncommon to hear of 
a Cabinet Minister flying from London 
to Paris to attend a meeting. Both 
the King and the Queen of the Bel- 
gians flew from Belgium to Bngland 
Just recently. 

It is typical of a man like the late 
Colonel Rooaevelt, when his son Quen- 
tln made known to him that he was 
desirous of Johilng the American Air 
Forjcse that the Colonel should wish to 
make a flight in order to satisfy hlm- 
ibelf that his son was making the right 
^holce. The seal of approval was 
ftnaily given by the ^Co^el. His 
youngest son Quentln' unfortunately 
made the supreme sacrifice. He was 
shot down in France and his body was 
laid to rest alongside other heroes who 
willingly paid the price. 

Great progress has been made slhce 
the ceesatlon of hostlllUes in the es- 
tablishing of air routes to Great 
Britain's far flung Empire. A prelim- 
inary survey by air has been made 
just recently between Cairo and Dam- 
ascus and on to Baghdad and India. 
The flight from Cairo to Bagdad with 
one ktop at Damascus was made in a 
little over twelve hours of actual fry- 
ing time. The ordinary time occu- 
pied to make this trip Is from two to 
three 'weekv. r ~~ ~ ^ 

^Another Handley-Page equtpipied 
with Rolls-Royce motors and carrying 
a crew of six, started from "England to 
Delhi, India, via Karachi — a diataiioe 
of five thousand seven hundred miles. 
This machine which was originally 
built to bomb Berlin has a span of 
one hundred and twenty-seven feet 
and weight with fuel and gassengera 
twenty-seven thousand pounds (over 
thirteen tons). 

Its speed is estimated at elkhtj^' 
miles per hour, and It carr^ twelve 
hundred gallons of gasoline, which is 
sufficient to keep theci^fjb goink. for 
sixteen hours. Mr. HAOdley-Page, .the 
builder of these giant- craft,- has now 
completed a hui^ machine which; (ton- 
tains a comfortable stateroom for yse 
at nikht or in 'bad weather. 'Proirl> 
slon has also been made for exelreiee,' 
and a stroll can. be. had. oti the deck;'' 
situated hi the body of the maichtn^.'^ 

Mr. Handl^y-Page calla .this his all: 
yacht, and we can look fcjrt^ard very 
soon to seeing these h\fge airplanes, 
not only crossing ;the. Atlantic Oce«n.' 
but crossing from -Eastern to Weatem 
Canada in a few years, and what was 
considered by many an Impossibility 
fifteen years ago has proved Itself to 
be the fastest known means ot trans- 
portation, and is only now in Us in- 

Who can prophesy the future of 
this modern method of travel and ex- 

It Is very regrettable to read of the 
recent purchase of Canada's aircraft 
by a private concern. The Dominion 
Government has done very little to en- 
courage the use of aircraft In Canada. 


CtMitun Modier wiiaT toqi it 

|pfl almost always Ae auli^ is 


he* myfeimniy-tiMNiMwli tfl CShm^ Unji^ ^eoo^'wMi di%te 

And today- Mils CamJda.r- sim1. Jidc Camick ako, 'wfciy iIm 
tlBm/aM^mmf ytm wUdi leavsb the dot? ko fasA (M swsst. 



huki Ml B4th\Omm Smp. 

'* t ■ '-'lit " 


While It Is true that a half haarUd 
attempt was made to establish a fly- 
ing corps both at the start and the 
finish of the war, both of these at- 

tempts itvere more or less of a failure. 
Canada could aqd would have had Its 
own air force If It had received the 
consideration that it was deserving of. 

It Is to be hoped, for the future of 
aviation in Canada, that the policy of 
the Oovernment wUl bo swept aaldo by 
this new undertaking.