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BulamOCfc* ** 

Job Printlat.. i^<** 

MBoriil Room** ••«••■ ••••••• 







Handsome Majority Rolled lip for Minister of 
A^culture by His Enthusiastic Workers Totals 
Oyer Two Thous^md and Attests Appreciation of 
Ssine Government. 




Wkrtf Two . 
Wmr^ Thro* 
W|u>4 Four 

w«^ ir|v9 

71»t K«t« 10« 

Ifajorttjr for Dr. Tolml*. 2.«Tf. 

Total ballots ca rt, l«,»t7; to Ul 
^' on list, ih.tit 

9MI^ Of V«(«. 

■4. H 


Ward OaoT» . . 5 o 

iMIlpIVa Hall ..... U1 

0oott BIdir 4f« 

Ward Two— 

rnblte Markat «tff 

RUIaMa and Prior. . Bit 

W^d Throa — 
•1* Viaw Street.... 213 
ItM Qladstona Ave. »«4 
ramwood Plra Hall 40* 

Ward Four — 
Courtney Strcot .... 412 
FMrflald Fire »ill. .1114 

Ward Fit* — 

Nla«ara. BtrMt. loti 

Cottk Stroot - tfl 












Hon. Dr. Tolmle, Mlalater of Asri- 
ottltur*. raeolved a reiiiarkiibto tepa- 
meny of his popularlly In tbii eHjr 
when he waa ratamed at tha Head of 
yeoterday'e by-election poll by vlie 
haodaiino irajorlty of S,*7» over his 
opponent, Mr. T. A. Barnard, candl- 
iate of tba, Fodoratad Labor J^wtir. 

The sair IHitfiitiv, wlMM iBKMMie m»- 
^vatlon to Cabinet rank neoassltated 
the bjr-alectton h«re,_wUl t»»us b». 

Bft, and Vldtorta. whciM prtvata meat' 
b^r he wa* abMO tho gaaeral tiee- 
tlone In DeoanitMr, 1917, will ba 
honored by th^ fact that for tbe first 
titne In years Its repreaentatfve will 
Booupy suo^ an bonorable porttion. 

K«var In the history of tlK> olty 
haa a by-el«ctlon oontest seen such a 
turnout of alacnont. Obt of a possible 
vota ot U.7K7, Wki Vk*af$ tb< tbtat 
of MUMS raglMaraa. no less than 
ll,)a7 vara poIIaJ. AU day Ions tbf 
rash «t tha 11 poUlas stations 
throughout the city never relaxed, 
and rUtbt up to the elostns hour of 
S o'elocic the oMplnls in every booth 
wsfb ke^ wdrktof at top spocid. I^dhv 
qufUM were seen at tha various poll* 
Ins pl«R!M' and while the ofllcials did 
thair bast there wera many lon^f 
walfn bafore the voter could recister 
his or bei* ballot. But seneally 
•pealites tbese delays wora Uken In 

▲ ^4MC*i«rthy feature ^ the con- 
teat IJNUi the remarkable fnanner In 
wbldl the women, to whom the 
fmiiohlaa was reoently gnMtod by 
tha Unlaa Oovernment, toalt ^advan- 
tac* of their new-found rictit and 
a pp s f i' nt the polls. Forty per 
coat Of tfca possible vote were women 
tMd undaubtedljr the actual turnout 
rapraaeatad an even tftmtht paroent- 

... Ike Vote te Wards 

;^a. ;Dr. Tolmia ran about even 
with his epponant, Mr. Barnard, In 
Wards One and Two, whleh are sen^ 
prallr conbaded to bo labor wards, 
hta total i» tbo two belns l,t«l, oom- 
parad irtth Mr. Barnard's X,V4t. But 
la Wu** Tkr—, Wvnt, and Five tha 
Mkilatw's majorftr in Oaeh was 1,0 11 
tn tha former and t7l ta tha tetter. 

»9H vhiie tha Mlaiatar's vate' oar* 
rlad him to victory by a very sub- 
•taatlar majority, the 9araard foK 
|a«rlac profeasod. aftsr the returns 
w<f« kaoara. to be lonaptlonally 
plisBsd with knowtas that despite the 
teat tint Chair oaadldaU was an out- 
•tier a^d praotloally ualuiown. he 
had anecaaded ia aottlac mere thaa 
tjH% vataa. At the maoiiag held Ust 
nliht at tha Crystal Thaatra, the 
HMdavartara of tha FMaiatadi Farty's 
oi^palsn, the rot^ was takaa to be 
aa iMdb l it at afsumsnt for oootlnoed 
argaailtlwa to the and that when 
thb a«9t aMMmU alaatlaa arrlvea. the 
par«rv#n ba raady t« agaia place a 
caadldato to tha lUM. 

Ysatarday's poinaa showed that 
tlto aniMUiamanta made were ajmaat 
bgilllll)' laaAaaaata. Rotaratag 
OUaar Capt B. W. R. Moors potaite 
vtk ami wmi but a llaUt of M« »ar 
IMll far sovaaaM. ha was unaMa ta 
afimra <aai«aia hurta enough t« ad*> 
lit aC aoeommodatloB. Ha 
ha aaaM with tha amall 
^ ada. Bat. probably, the 
ifllMh far the delay and iaoon- 
M#VI «atla#— «ad at ovary poll 

the voters turned out early, espaelally 
tha womea. whd ware on thoir way 
to tba polla bright and early. 
> flruhm Oat Votata 

Both parttea had made elaborate 
preparations for getting out the vote 
and both were well supplied with mo- 
tors, whleh were kept busy tha aatlra 

Despite the crush and the damaged 
tempers consequent upon delays at 
some of the polls, there- was little or 
no trouble throughout the day. 
Proceedings passed off without any 
disorderly features. There was trou- 
ble at the Semple's Hall poll in Ward 
One right at the start, when delay 
waa experienced in getting the poll 
opened on tlma, notuming Ofllcer 
Moore liad been at the poH about • 
a. m., leaving ballots and final in- 
structions to his staff, but the man in 
Continued on Fage t 



More Than Necessary Two- 
Thirds Majority for Prohibi- 
tion Bill After President Re- 
fuses It His Signature 

* " M t '-•"*^ 

; iV | r t l 






TOXIC. Oct. 17^Tha Privy 
CooBcU today app r oved dia 
Oarmaa peace traaty. 




'^ ?i 


' ;■.'- 

WABUNOTON; Oct. 37.-Kpesl4ant 
Wilson unexpectedly vetoed the pro« 
hibitlon enforcement bill today and 
within three hoara tlie Bouae had re- 
passed It over his veto by a vote of 
17« g».st. Tbo total vota wag barely 
xf^m^M m BMjoritr «f tha anUra 

?rr *9»^'*9 Mia.,«$oata Jmmadl- 
atrtirbciii n Taylnf plana- to r«paM tba 
bill there. They espaot to aot on it 
by Wadnoaday i^ tha bttest.- 

The President refused to sign the 
bHI'ttacauae it tneludfd the enforoO- 
mont Of. arar-tlma prtAlbitlon. 

The Predldeat's veto message fol- 
"TO the Rouse ot Representativea: 

"I am returning without my signa- 
ture House Bill M19, an act to pro- 
hibit intoxleattag beveragea, and to 
regulate the naanufaoture, production, 
uee and sale of high proof splrita for 
othar. than beverage purposes and to 
insure an ample, supply of alcohol and 
promote Ite laM In sdentlttc research, 
and in the development of /fuol, dya 
and oU>or lawful industries." 

FMd Manhal von Haestor Dead 

BERLIN, Oct. 27.— The death of 
Field Marshal Oottlleb von Haealer, 
aged 14, aermany> veteran soldier 
and strategist, from heart dim aai, ttt 
reported in The Liokal Ahaelgat*. 

' WASHINQTON. Oct. 87.— -Nearly 4«0.- 
000 tons ot sugar, enouKh to meet 
American demands until the next crop 
Is' produced, is held in Cuban ware- 
bouMs, said a cablegram today from 
President Alejo Careceno of the Cuban 
Sugar Uanufacturera' and I'lantera' As- 
sociation to Clialrnian McNary, of the 
Senate sugar investigating committee. 
"Cuba is willing on reasonable re- 
turns to protect future contlngeAcies," 
said the cablegram, "Init the blame la 
not with Cuba, which should not b« 
penalised because the American market 
is . unbalanced." 



VBBMON, BJQ., Oct. »1,-^fl»A 
bright sunshino suo<;eeded the* froet 
mi- am. .woak.^ ^ Okgbagaa Valley 
the loss t6 the apple growers would 
have been serioiu, as about twenty 
per cent of the highest priced winter 
varieties pre itlU unpicked. Weather 
conditions, hoaravar, have been such 
that most of the crop has recovered, 
and if picking weather continues for 
another week or ten days the loss 
wiU bo only slight. ' 

YAKIMA. Waah., O.ot. 27.— C. H. 
HInmaa, of the Taktma Valey 
Fruit Orowars' Association, estimates 
that batween 400 and BOO carloads 
of apples were lost last night in tha 
fraeae, when the temperature 
dropped to 17 degrees. 

Federal Government Takes 
Steps Toward Preventing 
Strike— Mr. Lewis Makes 


IMsappeara at Sea 
NBW YORK, Oct. 27.— The disap- 
pearance of Miss Marie Tempest, a 
London music hall singer, on the high 
seas, while on her way from Liver- 
pool to New York, was learned today 
with the arrival of the Cunard liner 
Orduna from the £nglisb .port. 

Developments Caused- 
,. Government Changes 


Restoration of Mttiisteiial Responsibility and More 
Regular Attendance of Prime Minister in House 
Are Decided on — Peace Cabinet Established 
' — Irish Problem Still Unsolved . -: ^ 

tha fial thair ta 
Ugla tha WOHaasI tvalaaa #aa aa- 
harad «a» la tha rsgiaCintlaa last 
oMMth tha iMy «aa dIvMad lata aaa- 
iiaaa. la tha praparaiiaa «r tha llat 
vatlag tha IMa wwra 
^ te aeotlooa and It . 

aMHfhiat draaad ba-' 
got to ilta gcavar 
■nd maeh do%jr «aa t 

At a fb» paMlMc , 

Mtad to anrtva bofa«#tha 
g o'etaifc 

LONDON. Oct. i7.--Last waak'a 
defbat in tKe House and the serious- 
rlbat of the country's flnanoes revaaled 
in the revised estimates submitted to 
ParUaraent today, showing that tha 
eatltnated deflslt for the year exeoads 
£447.000,600 iaataad of £160,000,000, 
as flxed In tha budget, seems to hava 
Indueed the Oovernment to yield oer- 
tain reforms long demanded by tha 
press. Foremost among these de- 
mands was that for a return to Cab- 
inet rsaponsibltity and also more reg- 
gular attendance of the Prime Mini"* 
tor In tha House of Commons. Tl^a 
fo miar apparently had bean 'granted 
in tha announcement of a return to 
tha paaca-tlme form of Cabinet, 
wheraby all tha Miaistors will be re- 
sponsible for the decisions taken In- 
ataad af the faw Ministers forming 
the war 'oabtaat. * 

With regard to the saeoad demand, 
an i a sjl r sd stataaaant was issued to- 
night ta the afreet that sa soon as hla 
duties In ooaaaotioa with the Peaea 
Conference are anded. the Praraiefr 
tMS iMatt fa hla aM fvacti«a of per^ 
sanaUy answering auestlons In tha 
Hoaaa of Commons. He will bagla 
by dslag thia oaca weekl^, and latsg 
may attend on two daya. 

Tha Cabinet, at a meeting tadiqr. 
draftad » ssatloa which will ba pra^ 
by Mr. Austoa Chaanbarlata. 
af tha Biehsauar, 
"tha* thia Ma^sa, raal- 

trada iMOd ladastry of tha aatlon aC 

saltlag from tha arar, promises ita 
h eaaty suppast-^a tha OovarMnsat ta 


r adaettoa o# debC* 

that the 


moved by th/ Indepandent Liberals 
and laiborltes will extend over at 
least three days. The Laborites ad- 
vocate a levy on capital and a rever- 
sion to the state of all fortunes made 
as a result of the arar. 

The Irish queation still provides the 
Oovernment with a difficult problem, 
and it is said that the Cabinet Com- 
mittee having the matter under con- 
sideration will not likely be able to 
present a satisfactory scheme in the 
limited time now available. It is 
thought that the Oovernment will be 
compelled to Introduce a bill again 
poetponing the operation of the Home 
Rule Ac(, which, other a las, would be- 
come automatically operative with 
the formal ending of the war. 

The War Cabinet has been ohaagad 
into a Peace Cabinet, aaoordlng to 
muioaneameat made today by Mr. 
Bonar Law In the House of Commons 
by Inviting the following to become 
Bftembors i 

. Lord Prsaldent of the Council, Lord 
Uonteaant of Ireland or Chief Sscre- 
tay for Ireland, Lord Chancellor, 
Home Secretary, Secretaries of State 
for Porelgn Affairs, the Colonies, 
War. Air, and Indta. Pirst Lord of the 
Adtalfalty, Se ei etary for Scotland, 
PrsaMeat of tlie Board of Trader 
P r ssiaoBt of the Board of Agriculture, 
Praaldont of the Board of Educatioa^ 
Mtalstars of Labor and Transport 
Uard Privy Seal. Mr. Oeorge Nlehott 
M araes (Mtalater without portfolto), 
and tha Mlatator of Health. 

Tha approKinata east of the recent 
rallwar atrtto to tha Brttlsh Trsasury 
ttas sterMng. aeeordln* to 
•t Btade by the Chaneel- 
Kr aCthaliUmii ta 4w 

that the gahWslO saiaslg^ 

WASHIITOTON. Oct. 27.->nie Gov-" 
ernment stood pat today on Preai- 
deai Wiison'n uiumatum to tha aoh 
coal miners of the oouatry, 'that tl^ 
strike ordered for Novatnbar 1 must 
not tafca- Plaoa. 

Tha whole Pederal ministry, al- 
rsa^lKaat iip.Xoc tW owisusaiiii, i rnr 
ready to deal arttb ooadltlonl ta tha 
mining fields unleos the axeOnOva 
board of the tr.M.W. of A., moating 
at Indianapolis Wednesday, votas to 
rescind the strike order. 

In the (ace of the statomsnta by 
John L. Lewis, president of the Mta- 
ers' organization, that it waa too tante 
now to stop the walkout, there waa a 
strong belief to ofBoUU quarters to- 
night that the strike would at least 
be postponed. This hope of averting 
industrial disaster was based largely 
on the feeling that aetttinent through- 
out the country was oVerwholmingly 
for peace, regardless of how the peo- 
ple might view the reported grievance 
of the miners. The fket that the mta- 
ers themselves had taksn no strike 
vote added to the hope in the minds 
of offlcUls that the workers would 
t>e duly impressed by the President's 
strong warning, and, looking at it In 
a new light, be willing to negoUate 
a new Wage agreement without rosev- 
vatlon. ' 

There were many conferences dur- 
ing the day. and much attention was 
given confidential reporta from Gov- 
emnient agents In coal geld territory 
bearing on the possibility of a large 
numlwr of the men. sticking on their 
Jobs despite the order to quit work 
Friday night. 

Attomey-Oeneral Palmer and Sec- 
retary of Labor Wilson talked over 
the situation and outlined a i>lan of 
action, which will be preseated to the 
.cabinet tomorrow. Members of the 
cabinet showed they were grimly de- 
termined to stand out for the righta 
of the public, which would be ruth- 
lessly ignored by the shutting down 
of the mines. 

•Authorisation for the Preaidtn: to 
use troops in operating the nation's 
coal mines or railroads. In the event 
of a strike, would be given under a 
bill Introduced today by Senator 
Thomas, Democrat, of Colorado. Tlie 
measure waa referred to the mlUtary 
affairs committee without debate. 

BPRINOFfRLD, III., Oct. 27.— 
Ready to leave Springfield early to- 
morrow morning for Indianapolis to 
assume ' active charge of the threat- 
ened strike of soft coal miners begin- 
ning Prtday at midnight. John L. 
Lewis, acting prestdrnt of the United 
Mine Workers of America. de<rlared 
tonight the Btrik<> order waa still in 
effect and that the (00.000 miners 
in the bituminous field would walk 
out to a man, unless the operators 
nia<lo concfsstons. 



PARIS, Oct. S7. — The peace eoa- 
farenoa Is rapMly frsmiag Its reply 
to the protssta of Bulgarta's rspre- 
sentatives agatast some of the terms 
of the Bulgarian paaee. and it 
seems probable that the . Supreme 
Council will submit the answer dur- 
lag the present week, nwklng the 
signing of tha treaty wlthia a fort- 
night a possibility. 

Indications are that the eoafsranaa 
will make sonse snnsessissa to tha 
Balgartaaa, but that U will not altar 
Ita IsslalgaB as to tarrttartol 



WINNIPEG, Oct. t7.— Wm. Bell, P. 
Largua, A'^ Dunslaugh. H. Radtaovttch 
and L. Cltagmaa were each flned 1400 
and oosta in police court today for 
breach of the Income War Tax Act. 
and H. J. 'Clark was remanded till Mon- 

The men wsrs fonad guilty of having 
failed to make a report of their in- 
oomes for ItlO, and the line ia the 


Strong Reinforcements of Their Best Troops ArdI 
Brought From Other Fronts to Assist in Defence 
ofPetrograd — Succeed in Retaking Tsar- 
skoe-Selo and Krasnoe-Selo ^ 


»' *•'• T 



Two Amendments Offered by 
Opposition Are Voted Down 
—Hon. N. W. Rowell and 
Hon. W. S. Fielding Speal< 

■ OTTAWA, Oct. 27. — ^Two amend- 
menta to Clause 2 of the Grand Trunk 
bill were introduced whilS the House 
was in committee on the bill this 
evening, he flrst, by ' Hon. W. L. 
Mackensie King, would provide "that 
this agreement shall be submitted 
and subject to ratification by Parlta- 
ment." This was defeated-^y 40 to 
20 on a straight party vote. 

The other amendment moved by 
Mr. J. J. Denis, Jollette, asked that 
the Ave stocks of the Grand Trunk 
Railway, instead of four, ba sub- 
mitted to arbitration. This would 
mean arbitration of the value of the 
debenture aa wall as comfhon and 
prafarrad stocks. iMr. Denis' axpend- 
ntant waa dafaatod on a dlvlaloa of 
4$ to tS. 

Barllor in tha oveping Mr. J. A. 

ita^ jyrt ii-TW^ awrtaia ^ tin 

DiiaytaiUAawarfh ootnTnliaiba as ba< 
ing appoaM to pnblla a#a#ship, dnd 
asfcad the Oovernment to have a little 
aoore concern for the taxpayers of 
(3anada and less for the shareholders 
of the Grand Trunk overseas. He 
said a receivership fo;r the Grand 
Trunk would not impose any hardship 
on the poople of Canada. 

The debate became warmer whah 
Hon. N. W. Rowell and W. & Field- 
ing entered the lista tater in tha 
ovanlng. Ths former declared that 
arlthoat the Grand Trunk system 
public ownership of rallarays In Can- 
ada was doomed to failure. The 
preaent system could not exist with- 
out feeders. Oppooitlon to thess 
feeders was little short of a orliaa, 
and the men who fought against the 
acquisition of the Grand Trunk would 
nuike Canada shoulder a debt for 
years to come. 

Martoaa Oeiebrathai 

NEW YORK, Oct. 27.— An election 
celebration in Vera Crus, ^exico. In 
which three men were killed and ten 
wounded, waa reported today by pas- 
sengers on the staamshlp Monterey, 
which arrived today. 

Assailants Fall Back to Line Covering Gatchina, 
Where Bolshevik Attacks Are Repulsed — Britain 
._^^^Will Cease Supplies to Anti-Soviet Leaders 
. —War Vessels in Finnish Waters - 

LONDON, Oct. a7.— TIm cluncaa of Gansnl Yi 
of tlie RnHiui Nor U was a tam knaj, to 
hofoM Wmtor pirta an and to opantiona aMm agdn to U fstttw. 

Tba Bolahdalld bsva braagitt ttroaf 

and hawa atortod • gncowgfol 

raaultad in tba rMapCnre of ICr«anoc<^dlo and thn i a ti m : tba Y ai l n U c K 

Una aontb of tbat place. ^»— 

YwdaiAch atfll boUa Gateyna tanlr, di i iir4n to Ibd 
War Often review. 

Tbe Bi»bbeviki rainf oroementa incfaide aone of tba beat 
iat troops. Tbajr baire forced back Yodenilah'a 
pomta, and tba liMer wMO eb Bf ad to evacoato Tiankoo^eb 
Pavlovak on Satnraay. ,,..f •.■>\f..i:.,<'- 

By anolber atrong allidi dn Siirihgr^'tbe Bo M w HM 
Kraanoe-Selo, Ibe Yodaoitdi forcea faffing back to a ganaral 
milee aootb of Rnprba, foar ndlea aootti of Kramoa-Salo mm 
luirahijrayBf and ms nnlea eaat of Ga tfW na* Taia Kna 
Gatcbfaia baa been Mwoearfally beU aganist warioaa BoUMfvU 
low are rapectad to bawe eeased. 

Aceordkig to a Government statament nMda fci 

Adndral rnHnbak, and doea not contamplato 

TUi atataoMnt, bi viow of tbe 

'd<M ^— -liillllll - -- ■■■■■lis ^HA • 

ae farnbadowkig n fcr^ar 

■ft MfMNiOp 

• pdMef 

Laftait mMm mt ^^^ 

tba dty Idr ftilo ^^F* *»t waek» bnt 

•,^ ■••» O" •• 
VXBORO, PiBlattd. Oet. 27.— Mok« 
than thirty BrUJab warohipa. Includ- 
ing four light cruisers, are at the 
Allisi naval' baas at BJorko, a short 
dhttanco southeast of Vlborg, where 
also Is situated a largs British air- 
drome, llie vessels are protected 
from Bolshevlki submarines by a net 
of Islands a thousand yards apart. The 
correspondant leama that British air- 
planea from BJorko and Terljoki have 
been bombtad Kronatndt almost daily 
for three BMntils. 

NEMV YORK, Oct. 27.— Two of the 
Bolshevist Novlk type of cruisers sent 
out from Kronstedt last Tuesday to 
support tha. red defense of Krasnoe 
Selo were sunk by mines, according 
to oable advices received today from 
American r^lef administration repre- 
sentatives with General Yudenitch's 
anti-fted army. Cable advices re- 
ceived here last week raoorded the 
slnting by mines of two BolshaVlkl 
war vesaala. 


Third Loan Calmpaign 
^&ts With Great Vim 

'■* , 

Cassidy Is First Town on Vancouver Island to Win 
Honor Flag-^Park^ville Conies Second — Major- 
ity of Canvassers Arc Returned Soldiers 
— Much Enthusiasm Displayed 

with true mlUtery precision. Brlg.- 
Oonaral Clarke's boys climl>ed over 
the parapet promptly at nine o'clock 
yesterday morning, and sterted for 
their objective of l&.OO*.«0O. Thus 
did the real hard work of tba 1*1* 
Victory Iioan campaiirn commence. 
Despite the elections, a brisk business 
was donf!. giving the salesmen great 
encouragement, and proving that 
the people of Victoria are la full sym- 
pathy with tbe I.<oan. 

Before noon word waa reeeived by 
long distance telephone that <;assldy 
had reached her quote of IIS.OM. and 
hoped to climb to 91MaO by night. 
This Is considered to be a wonderful 
record* as the qbote was reachod by 
subaorlgtlons from tha mlaars thdm- 
sslvsa and did not Inctuds a big pur- 
ohaae by the company aa aaeorr^ 
laat year. _^ 

Vary aoon aftv thai. VgrhavHle got 
la tooch with haddaaartara aad aakad 
that an honor flac ba sapt te them 
taamedlately as thay had r sa ch sd 
thair quota. Bm^layaaif sdhasrlp- 
tlons ata aaid te hava araatalao in 
ParksvlUa. Honor flags have bbaa dls- 
pntehad both ta CbssUr and te ^arha- 
vuio wKh hearty 


then myiat "tr««. it «■ a good thtag. I 
think 1 will laha aoitae out through 
tha bank." flte boya do all the tath- 
lag and get none of tba credit for hav- 
ing landed the flah. That Is not fair 
te them. If a ratumad ama caavaasso 
ytAi artd you intend buying bonds, take 
them from him. 

"Wear your Victory ilond Hutton — 
talk about it — show It— be proud of it. 
aad do yanr bast ta persuada your 
frienda to fallow yaur good example.'* 
la the advice given by tha workera. 
Tlia Victory Bond button will aoon be 
a popular personal daeoratlofik 

Pna of the eanvaamrs mat a young 
lady ysstakday mamlag who an- 
nonnood her bitaoaaa of Inveattag aM 
bar savlnda in Caaada, "the aa eal f i 
whors thay taraad oat boys who 
pca«»d thaomalvaa la tha Great War 
ta be mad I of artt aad stool." 

Good reporte aaa ooming la flram 
all points. 




of IQavia 

Tba ' BoldbovAtf.''bdUI' 
ajr aMnndMair wm^ 
Mrtli of Hla liwik 

. ports from TIflls Indlaate that aaw 
I disturbances 'have broken out ia tha 
Rumlon Caucasus arhieh majr en- 
danger ths campaign of Oenaral ]>anl- 
kine by cutting off hla sttppllaa of fuel 
oil from Baku for railroad aad rtvar 
transport and may even result In vat* 
ting up a front in hia raar. 



VANCOUVER. Oct 17.— Major-Oaa* 
eral a. C. Mewbum. K.C., CMO.. Mla- 
ister of Militia, arrived (a Vaaoonver en 
Sunday. He steted that tbe general de- 
fence scheme of Canada would be tha 
subject of conferences la a short tims. 
but was not prepared to make any pub- 
lic statements sntil tha matter haa bad 
more conslderatlo)s. }. ■ 

Oratuitiss for retumad mea ha ra* 
fused to discuss. He olaimed the credit 
for having obtalaed the gratuity for tha 
men which had been already gtrea« 
and which bad dAne mash good te to* 
establish ths soldiers. 

Ra-orgaalsatiea of the mUllia waa ta 
b« deferred until such time as tbe re- 
port of the comml^lon now sittiag in 
Victoria had been returned. He bop«d 
thst some schesM which would permit 
of the merging of old militia unite aad 
overseas forees'eonld ba arrived at. 



Lloyd George* Government 
Overcomes Difficulty Pre- 
sented by Defeat in House of 
Commons on Thursday 

LONDON, Oal, t7.— The 
raatrtetlan Mil. an whleh tha 

amondbd In the 
aosordlavte tM 
Aa amandmaal 
Law, tbo 

-f WW 

vx.. DAO. M.r.. ihf At« ipMhar 

PdMM ihalK JhaaOi la Ifeslg aailmim 
aad ttat Ihsir aahamlpetam win ba aa 


■tt ar itit 

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I «hM jicaat 
•tear n tha 





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Itf* ywtardAy aftenMoa in the ftnt 
local aootdent ot th* ahootlnv Mneon, 
^nli«a Ma van aoold^ntally dlMharged 
M lie pvlled It toward him while in 
» boat. oM the flats at Terra Nova. 
Z^nlu Inland. Smith was IS yvar* of 

Mtak^ MglMn in 
PARIS, Oct S7.--<nie 'arbltmtten 
commlralon to paae upon matters in 
dispute betwaan Prance, Spain and 
Oarmanjr hi eonneetloB wtth Maroe- 
cata mlnlns risfeta. which was cre< 
ated In iai4, has now resumed Its sit- 
tings, which were suspended dnrfns 

•«• and.lnaanrived by his parents, two i the war. Meetings are being held in 
krottoars aad a slater. I Parts. 

Arrived ! 

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Wlrfln By-Electlons In Gten- 
garry-Stormont, Victoria- 
Carieton and Assfoiboia— 
>4f. Upoinfe Elected 

OTTAWA. Oct.iT.— Bjr-election re- 
taiiM did pOC oajna itauch surprise in 
tJlft.vapital tonlirht. The five constltu. 
eno|B in whidi contekts took place 
west about as antteipated. the chief 
surprise l>elnc the sise of the United 
Farmers' majority In Carloton> Victo- 
ria. New Brunswick, wbtia iwports 
from Victoria. B.C.. Indloatad a atran. 
uous fight altUoueti there w«re few 
who thotight that Hon. 8. V. Tolmie; 
the new Minister of Agriculture, was 
likely to be defeated. The nat result 
of tha by-eleetlona is that though the 
Oovernment losea tbraa seata, the 
regular Oppoaitlon has not been 
strengthened. In three seats lost to the 
Government — Vlctoria-Carleton, N.B.; 
Glengarry-^tormont and AaBinll>ola~>- 
XJnited Farmers* candidates have been 
elaotad to sit on the cross benches. In 
ItlT. Vlctoria-Carleton elected Hon. 
F. B. Carvell by acclamation and Glen- 
garry-Stormont did the same thing for 
John McMartin, Unionist. In Asslnl- 
t>ola. J. O. Turriff. Unionist, now in 
the Senate, was elected by a majority 
of more than 4,00a. The seat now 
goaa to Mr. Gould, farmer candidate, 
who took It over from a Ijlberal, Mr. 
Motherwell, the Unionlats not having 
a candidate in the field. 

Ernest liapolnte's election In Quebec* 
East has been conceded since his nom- 
ination.^ HIa majority will not •qual 
that of Sir Wilfrid Lauiier m IVIT. 
when the Opposition leader had a 
majority of more Uian e.,000 owr a 
straw cfpaidiita. . ff '^ < 

The Liberals, a« the result of by- 
elections, including the acclamation of 
HsnrKacKaiufli King in pnnca. p.e.t., 
BtajAd where they did Mter the general 
election by retafhing Prince and 
Quebec East. 

The Government retains Kingston, 
yhich returned Sir Henry Drayton by 
acclamation, and Victoria, B.C.. but 
loses Asainibola, Olengarry-Stormont 
and Carleton- Victoria. In North On-, 
tario. which was a Government seat, 
the voting is still to take place, being 
deferred on account of the death of 
Mr. Cowan after nomination. 

There are in addition vacancies in 
Temlsfcaming, owing to the death of- 
Hon. Prank Cochrane, and in Kam- 
oaraai^a, on Account of the resignation 
of Mr. Lapointe to contest Quebec 
East. For these two seaU wrlta have 
not been issued. 

ARCOLA, Sask., Oct. 27. — With 1 
eighty polls heard from out of 109, It 
Is apparent that W. R. Motherwell has 
been heavily defeated in the Asslnlbola 
federal by-election by O. R. Gould, of 
Manor! Who now has a lead 'of more 
than 4,0^0. with every prospect "of 
emerging from the contest a winner 
by at least 6,000. 

CORNWALL. Ont.. Oct. 27.— WU- 
fried Kennedy. U.F.O., is elected for 
Glengarry-Stormont with a .n^qjorlty of 
U92^ with ;,nine polls to hdiar from 
wlilch ^\\ Itkaly iiicreaga Mr. Ken- 
nedy's majority to 2:1)00. 

QUEBEC, pet, 27. — Ernest La- 
pointe, WI^Q fejeantl/ reiii^n.ed li|a seat 
In the ilouse of Commons for Kam- 
ouraska, to run as Liberal candidate 
in Quebec Bast to succeed Sir Wilfrid 
Laurler, was returned today by a ma- 
jority of 8,862 votes over his oppo- 
nent, F. K. Gallbois, who lost his 

8T. JOHN, N.B., Oct. 27. — The can- 
didate -of the ymted Farmers' party 
was leading the polls by a heaping 
majority in the by-election in Parle- 
ten-Viotoria today. The successful 
candidate was. Thomas W. Caldwell, 
formerly a Liberal in politics, but now 
the sUndard bearer of the Farmers. 
Opposing htm was Colonel W. W. Mal- 
vllla. Unionist candidate. 



■ OTTAWA. Oct. 27. — Cable advlcea 
having been received by the Depart- 
ment of Agrlcnlture telling of fresh 
outbreaks of foot and mouth disease 
in England, a new order has t>een 
issued cancelling all permits for the 
importation of cattle and shiap and 
other ruminants and swine Into Can- 
ada from the United Kingdom, azoapt 
Bcotl^d. wtth the exception pf thoae 
covering animals already on shipboard 
en route to Canada. 

It Is only a week since an wnbargo 
on the importation of British livestock, 
pat on liecause of an outbreak of foot 
and mouth disease in August last, was 
removed by the Department of Agri- 


WIKNIPBG, Oct. 27. — Peter 
Wright, noted British labor leader, 
and president of the Seamen's Union, 
who has been in Winnipeg during the 
past ten days, was BatHrdajr electod 
M«yar of Nowport, Walas, according 
to^a oabM raoaived frpna Wint^uA. 

Mr. Wright Is the first Labor mayor 
of this important city, which, with a 
popnlatlOB of lt*.00», is. an. iadugtrlal 

Praeise llgvres of the voto are not 
yet available, but It Is inUmatad that 
Mr. Wright's majority la large. 


-^■l ower Pr fcf 

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out Expeption, iMid AH Svit- 
Ings This Setson^s Weave. 

It la a paltey with us ta stpdy a«t 
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dlvMual, and right new. durtnr/>nr saK 
our prieaa are considerably ktwar thaa 
you w«flld pay for ready-aMs.aarments 
that naturally Uck the nait Impertaat 

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soon gau to the ton.J^'Our cer- 

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caie.- ta'javary .girtt and Ouat w* naaka. 
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WhSn a''SVilt ta delltired to you we are 
both satisfied. 







Continvad from^P«Ca 1 

charge failed to pat In an appearance 
until after tha opening hour, an^tha 
others of the staff did not appoar able 
to get things under way. Complaints, 
in the ma^nUme, reached the Bar- 
nard head^uartars. land Mr. Barnard, 
accompanied by hla legal advlcar. Mr. 
W. P. Marchant, rushed to the poll. 
The returning olllcer was notified and 
about 10 o'clock he arrived and 
straightened out the tangle. Ha la- 
veatlgatod tha situation and ao far 
as he could aacertaln nothing Irregu- 
lar had transpired. A few voters 
either had to wait to vote -or iNnt 
awsy to return late. — " — — « 

/i i imm amcnaanaen 

DurUm the aftamoen rumora were 

afloat that there was ranipant per- 
sonation and, rumor also had it, the 
afternoon boat from Vancouver was 
bringing over a load of personatora 


and as a PreventaUve Uke LAXATIVE 
BMOttO gpJUnmt Tableta. Veok for 
E. W. GIIOVB*e signature on the boa. 

are MMffly col antf-pmeted, noMy moMlad 
wMi mkp^ sole. In brown tad tuck wOlow 


leal aloof toov 



' La«g «l • 







■» Mgl^^^^HS 




b '■ 

' n 



mL -4 


> ■"' J 

^^^k ^ 


■-. '^Jb "^ 



, '• skuU'i 

i/ >■ -fTtsrsj 




■ iv 

.' H 




^ Vll 


" wk 


■k ^^c-S 



m. V. A. 

CsBdidst* of PsdarsCd I..sber Party de- 
frate4 In yasterdsy'a by-election. 

But SO tar as the latter report was 
concerned there was little in evidence 
to substantiate It. Unquestionably 
there was considerable' laxity at the 
polls, but this was almost wholly due 
to the fact that many of the poll offl> 
cials were quite ineaverienced and 
when the rush poured in upon them 
they became more or leas rattled. 

The count of ballots, once It start- 
ed, was made quickly, and the ma- 
jority of the returns were in by «:S0 
o'clock. That at the Public Market 
waa a slow count, there bcHig con- 
siderable discussion over a number of 
spoilt ballots, but finally the agents 
of the two candidates consented to 
allow them to be counted, Mr. iBar- 
nard profiting thereby. 

The returns as published are thoae 
compiled by The Colonist representa- 
tives st each booth, who telephoned 
the progress of (he count. An offlcial 
count of the oallots will undoubtedly 
alter the above totals to some slight 
extent, but the net result will show 
little change. Hon. Dr. Tolmle's total 
majority will still be over tha 2,000 




THE HAGUE. Oct. 27.— The entire 
Dutch press Joins in scathing criti- 
cism of an article advocating the sur* 
render of the former German Em- 
peror for trial, which appeared re- 
cently in The Weekly Journal of Am- 

In the article the editor, Profeasor 
J. A. Van Hamel, Dutch publicist, 
who waa selected by Sir Erie Drum- 
raond. socretary-freneraK of the 
Leacrue of Nationa. as head of the 
legal tfepariment of the secretarial 
of the league, argues that the ques- 
tion of the extradition of t^ie former 
Emperor should not be treated as a 
purely legal mattar. It should. In- 
stead, bo rsgarded from the point Af 
view of the new jurlsprudonee 
belohging to ihe new era. and 
formal Judicial obstacles should not 
be permitted to stand in the way of 
the extradition of th« ex-KalaeK# 



NCLSOK, Oct. 27.— There la prai»> 
tleally not a i o mber cempany la tho 
moaatalas that oonld not oae ssore 
men at baah work, states I. R. Poole, 
tary of tte Mowntaia Lftaiher 

tka taflwa. m^gfr overdwe. of har. 
twmm tko 

tke le« «M t1 


Commitments for Immediate 
Futurei Outside of Ordinaty 
Expenditurei Are Estimated 
at $700,000,000 

OTTAWA. Oct. ST.— lUumtaaUTe 
flgtnraa -deallug with the financial 
ooaunttmanta of tha DomhUon for tM 
B«st year or two were submitted thla 
morning to the apodal comMslttee on 
Soldlera' Civil Re-oaUbUshmont by 
Mr. T. C. BovUle, Papoty Minister aC 
Finance. The conunlttee. In d e H dl i a g 
to take more evldoace on the pollit 
before making lU report to the 
Houae. did it with the object of aecwr- 
tog the lateat information avallablg. 

Mr. Bovllle, in hu atatemaht. 
•howlng that In addition to tiM eapl- 
Ul expendhure of 9K2*.ltt.44S cov- 
ered in the eatlmatas tor the eurroait 
fiscal year passed by Parliament at 
Its regular aeaalen. there n»ust bo 
added thereto tha commitments: 

To meet coat of Grand Trunk Fa- 
dflo receivership. Including Ihtareet 
and dellcits on operation. 918,0*0,*«*: 
provision for credits for Great Brit- 
ain add Allied countrlea. |13&.000.0««. 

Theae figures Incraaaed the cofu^ 
try'a obligations other than current 
expendlturee to an amount la e xo eaa 
of |«M,1SS.44S. 

Mr. Bovllle. In hla statement 
pointed out that while all thU money 
would not be expended during the 
course of the current fiscal year, ap- 
proximately ICOO.MO.eoo would be 
paid out. 


MADRID, Oct. 27. — ^The congress 
of SfWllab unpicaOOL gitUBS ak Barce- 
lona declared today a general lockout 
of worknien throughout Spain. The 
lockout will be effective Tuesday, No- 
vember 4. 

More than a million persons 
throughout Simin will bo throwa out 
of employment if the decision of the 
congress declaring for a lockout Is 
carried out. In Barcelona alone 
3t0,000 men and women will be ar« 
fected by the decision/ 

Governmental authorities are ex- 
pected to exert every influence to in- 
duce the manufacturers to reconsider 
their action. Members of the em- 
ployers' congress took the action aa a 
protection against indtutrlal unreat In 

Syndicalists of the province of Bar- 
celona have called a conference at 
Barcelona ,for Saturday. 



SANTIAGO, Chile. Oct. 27.— The 
Chilean cruiser Etemrralda sailed 
northward, yesterday, and other unlta 
of the Chilean fleet are 'being pre- 
pared for sea duty. It Is rumored 
they wHl follow the Esmeralda. This 
step on the part of Chile follows in- 
sistent reports of a probable revolu- 
tion in' Peru, and information that 
the Peruvian Oovernmeiit te making 
military preparations in the southern 
part of that country for the alleged 
purpose of diverting popular atten- 
tion from the revolt which la said to 
be impending. 

Offlciala of the Chilean Government 
who were interviewed did not wish to 
cohimit themselves as to the sailing 
of the E:smeralda, further thaa to aay 
tha the measure was one made 
against poasibld events. Information 
received from an authoritative source, 
however, is to the eifect that the Gov- 
ernment, whilst It does not expect a 
conflict, sent the Enmeralda north- 
ward in advance of the Chilean fleet 
to ahow that this country was pre- 
pared to maintain order on the north- 
ern frontier and would not permit 
revolutionary movements in sny way 
to touch Chilean territory or to in- 
volve Chilean citisens or authorities. 



LONDON, 'bet. 27.— General Scely, 
Chief of the British Air Ministry, has 
ordered an Inquiry into the high 
death roll of the air route between 
London and Cairo. 

Vlev4n victims kre alleged to havn 
<lo«t their uvea over, the Meditwrin- 
•an in the past few months, includ- 
ing Captain Cecil Darley, whose ma- 
chine crashed and was burned near 

Darley belonged to Laehlne, Que., 
and got his training aa an aviator In 

Death of Rev. W. IL Dnnhaai 
VANCOUVER, Oct. 27.— Ilev. Wll- 
liam Dunham, pastor of Sixth Avenue 
Methodist Church, died Sunday morn-' 
ink from diphtheria, after less than a 
week's Illness. He was born in St 
John. N.B.. forty-one years age. A 
brother lives in Toronto. 

Hlbette TnuMports Meet 
HONOLULU. Oct. 27— DetachmenU 
of American troops returning from 
and going to Siberia nTet hero today 
when the transports Great Norihem 
from Viadivootok to San Pfanclaco 
and Thomaa from San Francisco to 
Vladivostok anchored In the harbor. 
The Great Norikern ta carrying about 
1.4eo sibortan wtorans, while the 
Thomas* complement Is abotit 1,9M 
Both sailed today. 

— M po duty that yo9 owe 
to yourself and children 
more imperative than that ot 
having; the eyes examtoad. 

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frae cnaminatioa? 

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I. toilet aktk; MMmcnt (c^MnMV 
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in all thlMTH Ita tklv life, the maklnc up of your mindwltli Iionesty 

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la Ufa's batttee. 

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NfnyNS ouniiY 
awiis lEAvn 

Chancellor's Statement Shows 
That Eitpenditure WHI Ex- 
ceed Estimates, While the 
Revenue Is Less 

tONDON. Oct 27.— A. revleed aUte- 
ineAt of army expenaUuree tlUf after- 
aooa sWws a crops total for the 
finanelal year isit-lf U itf0.oee,eoo 
instead of the total at f«4*,aM.aoo 
orijiinMlly estimated. TImi- re^pts 
from tiM mlo, of matorialB and from 
paymenta l»y Oehnany .for the army 
of occupation amounU to £•>.§•#,•••, 
makinv the net total expandltaro 
£40S,oeo,000. The original aaUmatea 
pUced theroc elpta at <4f«.M«,«»« 
and saye the net total espeadlture aa 
£tS7.aft«.00(K Thus the final flsuves 
•ta«w. aa teereaaa over the aatiawtea 
of £ll«.0O«.OOO. 

The Increase In the approfHatlona 
la aaplalned aa a«ia to dolayp la 4e- 
moblUaatloa. the ralaing of the pay 
of the eoldlera and decreaeea Id' re- 
ceipts caused by the deferment of 
paymenta by Qermany for the araty 
of occupation. 

The Clianceilor of the Exchequer, 
Mr. Austen Chamberlain, haa laid be- 
fore Parliament a whHe paper, in 
which he gives his propoaale for mak- 
ing up the national balance sheet in 
normal years. The eetlmated revenue 
is given as C80S.090.000. In this are 
included £20S.oeo,000 derived from 
custome and excise dutlee, £460,000,- 
000 received from the Inland revenue, 
£4J, 000,000 from the poetofflce, and 
£18.000,000 from other aourceo. 

The estimates of the expenditurea 
under post«b«lhtm eonditions are 
composed of £S73, 000,000 for con- 
aoUdated- fuod^chaxgea -(pubUc debt 
service), £19B,000,000 for the fighUnc 
forces, £a4«,«00,000 for the dvli 
service, and £61.400,000 for revenue 

The Chancellor declared that the 
expenditurea tor the financial yeara 
lSlO-20 win reach £1,«42,2»6.000 or 
£101,10fi,000 more than was estlmatad 
in the budget laid before Parliament, 
while the revenue will atUln £1,101,- 
•40,000. which is £221,450,000 lean 
than was eetlmated in the budget. 
Thus the deficit on this year's budget 
will amount to £472,«4S,000. 

The Chanoellor etated that Oreat 
Britain would owe the Unlte^ 8t«ites 
at the end of March, 1020, a total 
eetlmated at par of exchange of 
£242.000,000, while the amount which 
Allied governments would owe Oreat 
Britain on the name date la estimated 
at £1.740,000.000. 



Daa^^ak Mm that «ali «f 
>«ilafai^ La Offiw*. aa bi 
il aSs afDaHhte C. B.QJ 


wOl «raak mm 

fifhc peayiNlDa aaa 
■mU ^aasalala aaalaA 


Moderate Groups Unite to Com- 
bat Extreme Socialists and 
Royalists — Invitation to 
Premier Ciemenceau 



WINDaOR, Ont., Oct. 27. — There 
are many people in Baeex county who 
would like to see Sir Adam Book be- 
come successor to Premier Hearat 
Thia fact waa made patent here Batyir- 
day afternoon when at a larsaly-at- 
tended meeting in the City Hall reao- 
lutlans were adbirted, one caUtna upon 
air Adam Beck to accept the premier- 
sMp If It were tepdered him and 
another recording the sense of the 
meeting that a aeat be found for him 
In the legislature. 

Sir Adam thaAked the meeting for 
the kind thinge It had said of htm, and 
promised "to think it over." 

Plans submitted to delegates repre- 
senting nine border municipalities by 
Sir Adanl for the purchase by the 
Hydro-Blectrio Commission of Ontario 
of the Sandwich, Windsor and Am- 
herstburg Street Railway Company, a 
subsidiary of the Detroit United Rail- 
way, at a cost of $2,100,000, were 
unanimoualy approved. The project 
will be sent to the taxpayers for ap- 
proval at an early date. .■.-•> 

PARIS, Oct. 27.— Premier Ciemen- 
ceau haa been asked by the radical 
paxty tOL bec o m e a cnndidate for-th* 
Chamber from the Strasbourg con- 
Btltaency. which sent l«on Gambetta 
to the French Aaaembly in 1871. 

M. Clemenoeaa replied that he 
would aeeept with pride the high 
poat of hjnor ofTered him if the age 
he had reached and the state of hla 
health did not oompel him to with- 
drav from political life. 

The Radical Soclallat party, the 
•trongest numerically In France, the 
Democrat AlUaaoe. next etronceet; 
the republican Bociallsts, and the Re- 
publican Committee of Commeroa 
and InduMxy, an organlaaUon of In- 
lluenee among business men, have 
euceeded in forming a coalition for 
the November electlona. 

Tha platforte on which all theaa 
paitlea unite in the fight agMlnat ex- 
tremiata of the aodaliat partlea. and 
agalnat royallata compriaea the fcjlbw- 
ing polpta: 

Abaolute aeculariaatlon of atata 
soholols, respect for UberUee of labor 
unions, oppoaltlon to BOtsbevism. to 
dMtatorahIp of any aort aad-4o all 
f^oea Of violence, reatoratlon of 
deVaatoted- reglona with 'lnte«ral : ia- 
dea^Ulcatioo of victtma^of . tl)e war« 
the . 'acoaomib fodtatpaidi^ vt 
Fiance. Increaee of natpral reaoarcaa 
CUrpualt' Inteyialtlad. UkWit^^ to frieaC 
changed ^onditlofaa. deveiopaKaoit o( 
ag rl flB l tn p , rednouoo alwtMa^riod 4ff 
tnlUtarar aervloe to the ehoetest j>oa- 
eible period compatible with the se- 
curity of the nation, reorganisation of 
education, general and technical, and, 
finally, extension of the - powers and 
meana of action of the Leacue of Na- 

In view »f tl* hew roo JiUont un- 
der which the electlona are to be nctd 
and the uncertainty of the reeulte of 
the new election law, it la impoasible 
to foreoaat what thia coalition will 
accomplish, but it Is the stmnge«l 
political combination whloh haa tak<yu 
part In elections in F;nnoe for many 

Honor Ooi. Roooevdlt'a 
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.— New York 
Joined with Ifie nation today in ob- 
eerving the sixty-first anniversary of 
Theodore Rooeevelt's birthday. Hun- 
dreds journeyed to Oyster Bay to visit 
the great Amerlcan'e grave In Toung'e 
Memorial Cemetery, while a varied 
programme of memorial services waa 
held in the city. 


Bfalted Milk for InvaJUto 

A ncmriihinff and digcutiblediet. 
Containa rich milk aad aaalted 
gfaineztract. A powdcraalnbiaia water. 

MQT • Vialofy 



.<».-. r ! .■.?r. .'• A*:.- v.ii s-f • 



Viscount Jellicoe Recommends 
•Maintenance of Light CruFs- 
ers on This Coast and An- 
other Foree in Atlantic 

i 4«.. " — !'. 


end !N- 

CENSE wUl pervade the 
pherc with a beautiful and deH- 
cite arooM. * 

We have the Incense in various 

odors from « .Ifa 

and the Burners fron Ma 

/. Sammer 8 Sons 




On QaaailcliaB Lake, a very w«N 
kallt l-roomed house, coaaaatfiag 
spleaAi tiawi si MMdara eoavaa* 
laacoa, ladadlag hot and coM waltr 
la S leo— I whole hoaae wired for 
electric Hfhli stAdiaf hi 7^ acrea 
«< calttaraiad laad artth wMt laka 
fWMtafa. iMm, garace and halU- 
higs for 3oa chlchaas. Oa 


8TDNBT, N. 8. W., Oct. 27.— 
(Special Cable, Copjrrlght to The Van- 
couver Dally Province) — Tour corre- 
spondent has, by a peruaal of the 
whole of Lord JelUooe'e report to the 
Australian government, obtained fur- 
ther details of his views <of what he 
thinits should t>e Canada's share in 
imperial naval defence. 

In an early reference to Canada. 
Lord Jelllooe reeommende that 
Canada'a ehare ehould be that amount 
neoeeaary to provide and maintain a 
email force of light cruiaere on her 
Western seaboard, as well as a naval 
foree In the Atlantic. The Western 
■vuadron la dealcned aa a protection 
to the trade routea. particularly those 
to Aoetralia and the Orient. 

Lord Jellloe* laya freat atrees upon 
the f^ct that the Empire, eepecially 
during the early part of the war, waa 
dependent upon the aselstance of the 
Japataeee and American fieeta In the 
Paclae. And the dispersion of out- 
ijnng squadrona of the British fleet 
In the flret year of the struggle, he 
aaya. prevented Britain ineUtutlng 
neoeeaary vigorous offeneiveik 

War experience, the report eontln- 
uee, haa ahown tnat submarines oper- 
ate aoeoesafully at immenae dls- 
Unoee from their bases, nsoissltating 
their uas In all parte of the Bm^lre. 

The waters hotween Africa ta the 
went and America to the eaat must 
be takon aa a whole, all parts of ths 
■aspire hofaHr eaaa Wy lateraeted hi 
fkelr eacartty. Thus it la neoeaaary 
to haeo one FVtr M a ^ e m aeet oom- 
peoed of aalta whatwlB the Damlatona 
directly laUr ealad afeall i 




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wttm m r uMUf 


^ tlM MM tarn w—km •fforts 
lM;«MM«Bte«it*« oa MMirtiic tlM Vle- 
tMV Lou.Af |tM.«M.«M. tiM cam- 
^•Icn la etMUMcUmi wHh which «ra« 
teiw«A«d Otfoochoat Um Dominion 
ytatertey. Vlotorte's ooatrtbutlon ta 
Mt at •!.•••.•••. Toward* all tho 
miim unmmmrr for war parp w thla 
eltr eontHbat«4 mors than It wfta 
aakcd for, aad alne* Um n*w loan !• 
wantad. vary larcaiy f^ tha purpoMa 
of roconalruetlon. baeauaa •( tMr. af- 
farts .thara la ao doubt VfetMrtana eaa 
ba ir*Ua4 i^ea to do ;<Mr ttnty. Th* 
loan baara InUraat at.. IjH P«r aaat. 
■a that U to aa axeel|«l|l«ir«itKt*Bt,. 
Tha lAirlUtloa to Bubaertba U really 
aa Invlutloa to tha paopla td practto* 
graatar thrift. 

DurlBs tta lattar yaara of tha a-ar 
Caaada ahowad tha world aha la Mlt- 
aapportlnc financially. She eaa oon> 
tlaaa to flnanca heraelf from thto time 
forward, for tha moaey to In the 
conntry aad avaltabia for tha par- 
poaeo for which tt 4p^aa«^d ^ tha , 
Oov4mm*iit. It ir irpalilotle duty •• j" " 
all who oan to •ubaerlba towards thto 
new loan, and yet It la not >!«•• 
irethar patrlottom. far thara to a food 
yield on all raonays laveatad. Soma 
tUaa a«o tha paopto wera Jpf •r^tod 
th#c thara wapi Jiaadrada la tha oliy 
prepared to invest their money la a 
community eoheme^ of ahlphuildln^. 
Prom thto ft to ofivtoua there ara «on> 
sMerable eums awaltl»f lavsstmaat. 
and it to Intarsating to laara that a 
portion of tha loaa to to ha ddvofsd 
towards lacraaslns the Oovernmeat's 
shlpbuUdtaf ' p)roaramma> The' Q«t- 
ammeat had a iHty flt'^Wdta «f 
reconstrue^oi. and tlut 4«lir la ta 
■upptoment prhrata anterprtoa to tha 
extent of praHdlBc amploymaat for 
every member of tha oomnMinlty who 
to wUllns to work. Thto cannot be 
done ui^leas tha m«nay ^ arfUla^la. 

the paMte MOad. «ad 

aptly llhiatraud 

whMh tha.Ualted 

have aay 
whether as «»atfhto aaw 
toat to tsr lia haitannaat ^ 
adal^; «r thd vsvans. Wt.t^Mr •^ 
Wtamm M try the asMflaAMft- 
avWtoai that we ahaU be 

It to 

tha aaat flva or tea yearn tinl 
to new or lavlvlttad laadarahlp la 
WlMtavar to tha yha r a at ar of fia 

toi'atoatlac Or. 
bar. Thara has aavar baaa aur 
abMt hto i p tah m M f . ar lis 
MtnacM-a io adopT «1^ h^MmaU 
eoursa iter tha ImpfbreaiiBt of tha 
cutiook la thto caasUt)taney. Oaa 
thine a»Pr« .tfcap PftUr OM Id miu- 
tMliMT adillait ^t. # i> is i wi n|to » dad ra- 
patriatlon to anstahto eoadlUona. 
which slire rtoe to nncartalnty rasard- 
l«d the political fatura. Wliwt C a M <« 
wants more than anything «etoa to 
■reaiar aaaahalty of thaacht among 
her people. When she aaqalreo thto 
the probtoms whteh parploa tha 
ooaatry today will ba ashrad with tha 
minimum of trouble. As It to. there 
to a tendency to become enmeahad 
mora and mare la a tohyriatti .at 
theories, mostly adTsnoad by thoaa 
who would probably l>e the least able 
ta put tham In. ptaetfoa iraaa thay 
slven tha oitportualty. Tha-aaad of 
ihe hour to practical man. Victoria 
to fortunate at thto tlma la havlav as 
her member one who fulfils xthto roM 
In »n emineat way. and the city will 
not recret Its selection at the polto of 
yesterday. ...^ ^ ■, .'.. j | 

,*«, if. ii4 >^ 

Tha cHlpkns ol Oaaika' MaV* It wUMn 
their power to safara the a«««tlon of 
rcconstructlaii by their response to 
tha teaa whteh to now batnt-teaed. 

BnoLmoR KKPwufnm- 


Tha retam of Pr. 8. F. Toliple.^ 
Minister af Acrlcttltur«. sfT^ |»olto 
yesterday to an event of eonslderabi* 
interest to the fytiire of thto eonstlt> 
uoney aad to tha.adrleultutal Induatry 
of Canada. He has bean vhran a aub- 
■tanttal majority ba a torse poll, find 
wUl be able to go back t» Pjttawa to 
antsda 4b the wide -^ddilea* with 
whleli' ha 'had baaa aatrusted by* Sir 
Robert Bordio. Had hoattOiBrad dee' 
feat It Ytrald have been 4 lliitter dl»> 
appointment to the Airmlnc com- 
munities throughout the JDamlnlon. 
It would also have been a ikevere blow 
to all those who aeknowledge that he 
has proved of great help to the de- 
valopmdBt of Vlotorto. Hto victory to 
an eildorssment of the desire in thto 
coiTMUunlty for a new dry dock at 
nhqulmalt It to an earadst df tlw 
hopes entertained that Itoi will vdl 
hto best endeavors to make the ship- 
bvlMlag Industry permanent. It to a 
trlbutt tp hto pereoBallty and to his 
unvilb^t' mmi'Ui dll Inattari wlilch 
make for Vletorto's prosperity. It ta 
the avlden<:e of a belief that he will 
be o( a greater faidaenea than Avar 
before at Otta«* n««r h* 1u» Itaea 
given a Cabinet poet. Above all, per- 
hspi. It to an acknowledgment of his 

ills attitude of the Ideal oleatr^l 
workers In refusing to snddrse a 
resolution passed at the international 
convention of their cra ft ss t s a . pptlt 
atadt with approval throddbaat '^he 
Dominion. The resolution aaked the 
Upttad SUtes to reoog atoe ^w Repub- 
|to of Inland, and taaadisA workmen 
will hot approve of this kind of in- 
terest la politics, aivaotolly .i^haa it 
would hava a tendency ta embarrass 
tha ao^f[omaBt of their own country. 
The J^t^' ji^ite^liiBUnm espaetolly do 
aot wMrW:Kd advertised aa betas 
dMioyalF to the British , Umpire, yet 
that iraa tha tenor of tua nyfdjmtton 
passed 'dt 8t Lauto whtoh w« t»rlyit li^ 
«dr nears columns today. They ar* 
linked with their Amerlean workari 
In an Idtematlonal anion fbr Ihiilad*' 
trial paiipibees, but have no wis)| to k* 
socused-ot'r^caUsm becadse oC any 
polHioal mdMmaat; on the contrary, 
their attitude 0i||uit In all maUers 
of such a nattra Canada should be 
mlstreiM In her «WB house, and where 
the Bmplre toospeemed outside la- 
tarvaatlon to r ^ ed t s d/ 
Ttia 4,|k«8l dleoi^leJtMu aira 'da «rm 

alaatly latadlsaa« to be lasaMi. or ao 
taak BBfleloat Intereat V» ^>"> ** 
hUa'aa to the martia of 
fhttsa dat ot hto oradto la Ma 
or havlac *e«a hit oa the head ta 
hto yaath. Bato« M yaara ot age. 
M %pear*d -ta"Ba oaa that there waa 
thsmskinr of a goad elttoaa la 
Britfc wtoa. tho M^ ha eommtttad a 
shaeklBS arime. dM It in a fit of 
•aiapar aad over a asallar ot ao llttto 
Intvtaatc taaportaaee aa ta be alasaat 
prima facto evUeoce af %to aienUl 
Irreapoaatbaity at the time. 

At aa point la the proassdlag waa 
BrtU anything but hoadfl. bat that 
won him no favor.' -A kdrfala waa 
etraofc la hto batoild whereby he 
ptoaddd gallty (•«MM#dar ia the sec- 
oad d«M4 biu^tli* penal reoalt 
coQid har^ hav« been different had 
he been o oa vlrtad of murder in the 
drst degree. He wUl be tt years old 
ai thf least before he leavee prtaon. 
a' irofvect ao remote aa to be hardly 
worth l>argalnlng for. He got the 

Old and toualed nan ahonid avoid 
murder. Clearly. It to net for them. 
Boctoty doea not Uke kindly to them 
with blood on their hands! but for 
romantic prtoonera. for love murder- 
ers or trtongle murderers, it to prone 
to temper Justloe with mercy. eVen 
with admiration, extenuation r and 
aduUtlon. Interesting stoyers never 
ara parmlttad to plodd guilty under 
any circumstances; and if such an 
aaheard-of thing happened, a Umlt 
eeatenoo would not be imposed. 

Murder aa a orlm» has loot tta 
aharadtar. . It to ooadltloned by age. 
physical appearance or sex. . The 
personality of the murderer to the 
main factor which governs tha pub- 
lie's attitude toward the crime, and 
ta a Bsarkad extend th« attitude of our 
courts and pollee odiedrs. The' fae- 
toca whteh ssafce for aloppy sentl- 
mentaltom are. most potent. — Seattle 


^ (CohtlBtied'from page 1) 



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fitness for ^hs portfolio of agrleal- 
tare. for his wide knowledge r|ilaiuig 
to the Industry Is appreototed every- 
where, aad r*rtlaularly in hto home 

:(1lo defeated candidate. Mr. T. A. 
Santard. poltod a vote which prob- 
ably sarMrisad hto assst enthuatasMs 
sapi^orterS. It 'to true there were 
mahy who professed to think he 
w^M ba eladttd; but wl^ thMn' the 
vfaa t«||sr,4id tha dkoughtl. It 

ar«ua(^f aii^ t^|r «|i|id ^Ul be 
heartly sOddrygt^ Ift tlUfe'aoiBmunlty. 
The intefaatldaai ooBvantton at Mt. 
Louis slid«M'||ava stoppad to think 
that it -imm aeaimKtiag its Canadian 
niembeKlilp of 1X.IM( as wdU as tho 
American eraf^ah, wlwa' It passed 
a resplutlH dC tlw Idad. tt could aot 
da tkto -withou^the sanotlon of the 
Canadtons thendidlves, aad it to very 
evident that sadotion wlh not be 
given. Our «roi4ava in this cotmtry 
addUr wisdom la refaaing ta. M drawn 
into a matter which to one that the 
Brtttoli catvaniBisM hka to aditla. 

UinnS TO 7H£'tDIT0R 

•€ as sdsso9Ha>' v 

retamad a^ldler gUiou 

Btr. — Retelling to Coloddl Dior's 
qaestlsB at tito Board of IVadd nieat- 
Ing reported in today's Usas as to 
whether lumber salllag sehooaars 
woiatd pay. I should Ilka to confirm 
Mr. Cameron's reply that they would, 
as also that they are far often more 
convenient for carriers than steamers 
to the lumber buyers. 

Bpaaking from experienoe as an 
Old CdOBtry, importer It was itoneh 
more convenient some years ago to 
bring cargoes of luml>er by sailing 
•hips from dwoden and othiar ooun* 
tries, and untess conditions have 
ehangad Very miich. a torjjjte part of 
the importation to the United KinS' 
dom will still be done in thto way. 

I wiu not ropoat thd aifdiiMnMo la 
favor advanead Ity Mr. Cdnieron. ex- 
eept to say they entirely agree with 
. my ezpacMoee. aod it .waald be a 
great advantage for the lumber inr 
dostry ln':'thto p^evlnoe It' a Heet of 
awHi fs i w j to. wora in co n piig l sBl iip , aad, 
la' my iud^paant, thto wouii do much 
to aolve the probtom ot odst of trans*' 

Mb fortuaas to f a d ^h s r .yoditiaai^i^hr ' p^rtaUoi^.tK fti^r tb th*,Buropeaf 

hf|» goes dowB to dSfeat baeauss h« to 
vary of tea aokad ta saboeHbo to dec- 
trtnes whteh are aot oliarOd by Ms 
odmrodes s( the dar. In Ifeo by-alec- 
ll^ of yestolrday tt woald be dtHoult 
ta analyse the 'vote. One fe.-aure. 
hdwevar. to of oatstaadtag tntarsst 
a»d that to 4ha largk vols arWof^ was 
pdUad. It was the. drat. Um« ta t^ 
mM^al areaa whsa weaien »m a 
wfkola ware gtvdp the opportunity of 
egerolstag their franehlae, and they 
ati^ttod thOBMaNaa of tt ta aa em- 
p^tle way. Ovor TT por eoat of the 
tdlal aambor sd aamoa da OMi raglster 

bo pa the aelghborhfod of a rocadi ta 


A. T. rnAMPTON. '■ 
»S WelllBgtoo Ava., Vlotarto. B.OW 

ta withdraw and give up the Channel 
poitai ^'H was tha . baU-dog tenacity 
of the BvttlSh laon la the trenchea 
that had seen It through, and plucked 
victory out of defeat It is now the 
duty oT the Canadian .people to sUy 
arlth thatf respdnslbllitles Jn the same 
faithful manner until the horlson to 
onoe more clear and the countfy has 
regalne«Lher formal happy condition." 
Hon. Dr. MacLean. Minister of Edu- 
cation and Provinetol Secretary, who 
acted as chairman, said tl^t while It 
would be quite easy to float thto loaa 
abroad It was much Iwtter to keep 
the principal and Interest* in Canada, 
where Its circulation would do much 
more good for this country than it 
would if it went to foreign natlona 
He urged the support of the loan t^ 
maintain the good credit and reputa- 
tion df tha country. » 
WBy the Loaa 
"Aaatlon buys on its credit. Qreat 
Britain always pays her bills and jtl> 
ways will," said Mr. George O. Bush- 
by In explaining the reasons for float- 
ing thto third l«W. "The British peo- 
ple ptoy iae same," he said. 'They 
keep their word and we must oonttaue 
to do so. You all know that we have 
bills to meet and that is, why thto 
loan ta necessary." He explained that 
it would ease UP the poe^ttan %lth tho 
baaks wtio have booit adVandlag thto 
money to the Ooverament, and would 
release more mo^ey to be circulated 
for wdtnav jB^di^jNifMio. He 
emphaataArtitriadfc^hat tli^ loans 
were only taxable In so far as the In- 
throst tttoroased a. jiiaa's income. 
bHildtag btin Into the IdcaMs Vax 
class. Many people would purchasf 
bonds, who ware not receiving sufllr 
cient income anyway to be taxed, 
therefore no taxation would apply to 
their bonds. 

Rev. W. Leslie Clay also spoke, 
making a strong appeal in favor of the 
loan participation, in which he char- 
acterized as a duty that all Canadians 
should recognize. 

"Campaign" Soag 
. The vocal selections by James Hun- 
ter and Miss Do Vesey Detlor were 
ifsll received. To the tune of "Sing, 
Sing, Why Shouldn't We Sing?" Mr. 
Hunter sang the following words com- 
posed by E. J. Down, chairman of 
the Victory Loan Publicity Committee, 
tb« audlenoa joining in the chorus: 
Bv'ryona who's Brlttoh 
Biv'ryone who's white 
Lend a willing hand to help our 

Country in this flght. ' 
Though our tods no longer ,.>. 
Fldht across the foam ' 
Wa mubt help them noaiHhoy'fa back 

at home. .)•■■.■ i )>v,y 

Boon you'll sse our eouninf . '\ 
ProspsroQsly grown ^ »:^"W^ v 
If you'll BOS yetir time knd mondy for 
the Vict'ry Loan. 
Gome! Help the Vlotory Loan! 
Nobody shirking, . > 

iBvsdyotoe working. 
Our brave lada didn't fail us. No! 

No! No! 
Come! Help the Victory Loan! 
'Tto a duty we really must fulfil 
Ev'ry bond that's purohaaed helps our 

eouhtry . 

To t>ecome even greater still. 

1. ,. . , 
When our tads In MiaW— ■ 
Fighters every one — 
Bravely faced the dangers till the 

victory was won. 
We muat all remembar 
Ikat wttb feartosa aya 
"Twad m ao iW faaghc wad oiod 

and died 
"nMBgh we can't repay them. 
We BBust do our baid 
Hoar ora^ro Sot the Victory Loaa otir 
gratttada tdw test 

Thous»mb*af yards of Crisp New Oetonnes. OUntx. Fine Art Sateen, Repp. Rfv«sible V^tour, SMow 
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Coaiox Road 
W. J, Wood- 

in 17. S. A* 
At the time Prad Britt murdered, 
lira. Smldt. bacause ber das ch a eel 
his chleftens. we yradleted that b|l 
trial waald bo Boao» > sasas salt f<i^ 
the lack oC lntofe«s dlo»|ar^ In tt 
Our pradletiolt eahaa true. Brits, 
being without mmfy. personal olt 
elaas frlende, sHnply pleaded auiM|r 
and waa sentenead ta a tarai la prls> 
on wbleb win axbaaol the foasatnder 
t bki IMS. Wa da aot isr a ssomeal' 
whrti ta osavpr oay isspeoeslae tlugl 
Bsaas WW poaolkwd SMre tbaa HIM. 
deosala. Oa the ooatrary. seaside^ 
Isf tbs erisM tar Msstt as a anurdev^ 
aaf psiailoa ta 

r waa isaa sf 
fl»r aMfdsr la fks an* 

tar hto daad wHh hto Hie 

tltat ol oar 



NANAIMO. Oct. S7.— The Vtetorr 

at t 

e'cloeic to write half a million in Vic- 
tory bonda Tbsta are 10 dlstriaSs, aa 

WoUiaaton. CkMs Alver aad 
neaerve Mne. Bateamen, If. Wrlgln 

Atrm. as boandad by tha C. A N. 
lunway. rWOk atroat. Braes A< 

W. M. 
Na. 9- 

Wallace, FltawllUam. 
and Howard Avenue, 
ward and R. O. Gray. 

Dlstrlat Na. 7— City, bounded by 
Wanaee. pttawflllam. Albert and 
Bnioe Avenue. H. A. MeMlllaa and 
H. C. Bhaw. 

District No. 9. — City, bounded by 
Vtotoria Road. Cavan Btraet. Albert 
Street. Bruce Aveaue, Pine and Plfth. 
J. U Ward and J. W. Jamsan. 

District No. • — ^Victoria Road. Nlcol 
end Ballburt|en StrceU. Lament 
Roes and Jobn Storey. 

District Na. 10 — ^Uallburton. Oraoa. 
Baylaaada. ■> O. Oavalaky aad 
Oeart* Taivow. 

—————— ."'Miii. *» 


KAKAUfO. Oct. 17.— The' puplta of 
the public echoolo have given during 
the past week nearly !•• to the new 
Public Ubrary fund, with two elassas 

Teaiparary CansUbIa Thomas nieh- 
ardson waa appalntad oa the perma- 
nent sta« of the o»ty pallae and Con- 
stable i. Baasa appalnlsd J» a>sr a aa- 
Mtabla at a meatlag of tha Msri of 
PoUae Cammfawtoaesa. 

C-tS and €-42. 

ata baafeaHag at ths 
rast O saapa a ya 


: A to Ska 


damca NeUsen. Bannstt and Dobbin- 
son and Mr. F. Nash. 

Social aad Fe r e oa a l 
NANAIMO, Oct. X7.— Mr. John 
wicks. Mlttan Str eet, ha s returned 
from a trip to Cattforaia. 

Sergt. Frank C. Morgaa. of tho 
102nd Battalion, with Mra. Morgaa. 
hie Bngllah ^rida. waa aMt by a large 
companir at frtonda oa hto arrival 

Tbe Red Cross Society dance at 
Odd Fellows' tIaJl*waa largely attend- 
ed. The pi e u oods wtU be dented ta 
tho furnishing of tho.aaw O.W.V.A. 
club roaoas. 

NANAIMO. Oct. X7.— rtaderteh S. 
Davidson, who returnad last Msy 
from overseas sorvleo with tha ISih 
C.M.C. was NiarHsd on ■atarday to 
Mtos Agnes May Whitta. daaghtsr t 
Mr. and Mrs. iahn WhHta. af Five 

JLavm^ *^^ d^V^m^flHf ftWtlMI B0Pf '0^41^^ 

by Rev. Dr. ITnswarth at tt. An- 
drew's Manae. Ths eohpto w»r» st- 
teadod by Mr. Tlioaise K Ish s to sa, a 
rstam^d sdMiar friaad. atoo ** *tf 
Ifth CMX^ aad Mtos AfBSS Mdy 
Whitta. Itie «rte»#T a# tha bdla. Tfco 


Ject waa "Ths Sevan Plltars of tha 
Chrtetlaa Church." The test was from 
Prov. »:1. 

Seven to ragardad as a perfect nam- 
ber, bath In Sorlptore and In anotont 
and asadara htotary to frequently ens- 
playad. , 

There wore ssron wlsO men of 
Greece, seven modern natlone of 
■urope, seven patron aalnts. eMNUi 
solors ot tho ralBhov, soasil daya ti 
tha wash. Svarj sovad yaara.Uas Jaa« 
of livasl rasiad. aad all dOWs Wre 
oancalled. Seven years af famlna In 
■gypc dsvaa tnimpOls aroea euoadoi 
when ths walto of Jericho fell dotm. 
boing enesmpassed ssvea days, aad on 


Msaaian ta wash la tho iordaa. Sevan 
tiaiea waa ■UJah'a oervaat ssal la look 
for rata. Ssvaa feara Salofaoa tos% 
10 buna tto# Somaie. Sewn taekata 
dbll af tragaiaats toft sflar tho multi- 
t9da had be«a fad. There 
4k«Mhes la Asia. S^vea 
saadleatciha. Seven spirits hsfora the 
thratM. Soasn patlttoaa tn ths Uerd's 
pvayar. Jsohs loaebea as to Carglva 
aot oalr oovoa ttaiea, hat ssvaaty 


phad whar Ip 

fiiswIeOga. It to aat loab>ag fftor Xm^ 
1, aa aasas waaM diaaa mm hstw o . 
to ths fOar af Oad 

self was our great aaasspla. Forgive* 
nees to eaeentlal to the ChriStto.n life. 
He cited the eaae of 1#«P FrodsrlcH 
Cavandtoh. who, whea hor hasbaad 
had hsan mardarad. sspsasoeg a wtoh 
that t|Mre should be no roerinifiaatlon. 
add" W Watsi ad . ta tho aaiy s M s a of 
her wtthed. THdra Is w UMoilairttr 
without thto spirit of forglvsnasa Our 
delliate human masMaary ooaaot 
stand tta daat af aa aagOigiilMi optott 
wtthoai ^utchig tho mashinefr oiH of 

The seeaad saying of Christ was to 
the -aiatofaoOsr: "Today thoa shato Ha 
with Ms In Paradise." aad tha 
preacher eompafad tho dsoirte of tlta 
«Mgr wKh tho tovs aad aMar af Oo4 
If Ood save to us aeeardlag ta aap 
desoru tea to d id i aemo ott had^. 
ihH^i foarth. Iittfe aad sdiui m 
of (Mkribt aa Ihe erosO eadM hot ha 
dealt with for toek of timo. 

ying: "Jt k flatoMd." 
oAd he a4Md, arhot 
did Jesae aiean? He said thSiO 
ware talosaslsd la ths daalh 
tho warld ot anvsto. tho 
which wa Itva, aad tho worM 

#■ P0v#fllp€lMI 1Rlft0 

Baa#h» iBsi sai 
d'ho a^Mlo apoa. 


OM piflor 

od Iks 






Be Cajreful of 
Your Health 

Warning: has been gWen 
to protect ourselves from 
Ru. Wear rubbers when- 
ever it is damp and cold: 
We have rubbers to fit all 

Imm 1232 MY^kmSL 


S. QnOuun K. M. Br«wa 

Sole Agents for the Pamovs 






I- .1 



1203Bra*d Stxvet 


Attorney-General Farris, Miss 
Winn and Mr. Kyle Spealcipg 
at Child Wolface Conference 
at Vancouver. 


ti ^ Ir'H, 

^■' eW'''*? 

•40 )1|«(^.^iw»-«r^.-"-»**^ 

[tamn ano 

A sure cure for the discordant atmosphere of modern existence is 
to retire )o a world of one's own choosinf with 


Stiiiy the stars and the Immensttr of space, and laugh at the 
pr^aqrtfcm of nan busy with his littM leotuilc. ^ 


1 im Ommnaadrnt Btnm lUyd 9mk U 0»«Mlto Victoria, kd 

Take Home a Rabbit Pie 

Solve your home-coolcing problem with the purchase 
of one or two of these delicious Rabbit Pies. Two ^izes 
^^me quality. ,. - j. > 

25c aed 8 

Ml YatoSlrMt fkm 





ltojOTw«lMimil fnr r K H Mle te Robb 

f ' VMton'to Victoria 

|Uaior-G«n«rml Sir Fr^derlelc Roh- 
•M Ladr Robb •re. at preaent via- 
IttBf Tletorla. ' They are cueeti of 
tie Smprew ' Hotel. - General Robb 

ilirloc the late war wae appointed 
h^ the late liord Kitchener, ae hia 
mmtary aaoretary when he waa aec- 
r«tary of state for war In IttS. The 
Oeneral remained In tIMt appolnt- 
•^nt vnttl the death of L^rd Kltoh- 
•^•r», ?i^or to that he waa Inapeclor-' 

General of Communications, and It 
waa for his aenricee In th(s connec- 
ttjim tSiat he was knlf hted. He has 
■Win aervlce' in Bfypt with Kltch- 
•ter In the Bgyptlan campatsn of 
Itflt. He wap -preaent at the battle 
of Khartoaaa for which Kitchener 
received hia- lt|ii«hthood, "We are 
merely en a pfleaaure trip after the 
conclusion of hosUlities." stated tho 


■f r»? A5*^ "^:i 

Wliat to Do With IntereM Cbeoae and 

tompmm of 191S Vlctt>i7 Bonds 

FWniis Dtte yo ve ai he r 1 

Those who have Victory Bonds of 
the 1»1« laaue w»U be rtceivinr their 
interest ehsqite and will ba cutting 
eoupons oh November let, so It has 
been suvgested by the Victory Loon 
Committee, backed up by good solid 
comnoa seasa, that whenever a bond- 
holder flnds that there* is no actual 
pressing need for money for present 
expenditure, U would be good busi- 
ness for the investor and most ac- 
«eplabla to the OovsriinMnt, ahoul'l 
the investor reinvest '.he 1918 Interest 
In tM* Victory Bonds. 

Promiiient Montrear Man DItn 
MONTRIBAU Oct. 27.— The death 
occarreA yeiterday of Dr. Charles Mc- 
Ilaohem, ^who for many years had 
been prominent In sporting and pro- 
fessional clrel^ in Montreal. A keen 
horseman, he combined this interest 
with that of his profession as a vet- 
erinary surgeon, in which capacity he 
had for many years held office aa 
Dominion Oovernment veterinary in- 
spector and professor of contagious 
dlssMSS , In the Veterinary Faculty of 
McOUl University. ^ ^ ^ 



_.j^t*nda on bahalf vf *x;hll^ 
Wellace" makes progtsaa plowly, but 
•overtheleaa anrely. Kveat^'of ths 
last few years have thrown new 
emphaaia on the necesalty of can- 
aervlag the race through Its ohlMrea. 
however, and even Brtttah Columbia* 
Tor long yearn thoreughly absorbad 
with the 'proSleins Incidental . to 
pioneer life, to settling down to a 
consistent study of the question 
which looms so Important lo the hisr 
tory of the nation of the future. 

There is an unusual amouM of In- 
terest being taken In the threb days^ 
Third Welfare MnvenUon whioh Is to 
be held In Vancouver next week, and 
jicanning the programme there are 
seen the names of at leaat three Vio- 
torla people whb Win take part'< In 
one or other phaae of the dlacussiokia. 
MUs Bertha Winn, a phyehologist 
and fhild-atudent wrho is engaged in 
educational work h) tlla eity. will 
take part In discussion of a subject 
entered on the programme for the 
afternoon of Wednesday. In the 
evening of the same day the Hon. J. 
W. deB. Karris, Attorney-Oeneral of 
the Province, will give an address on 
"Oovernment Responsibility Towards 
.the Child." Vocational Training." a 
subject which haa had hto unflagging 
support for years, will be taken up on 
Friday morning by Mr. John Kyle, 
superintendent of Technical Schools. 

The following la the programme In 

' Wednesday, Ocft^ber- M. Itl* 

• a.m.-rldr. David B. Brankin. ^ 
■"preMlilint "WthB Child Welfare Asso- 
ciation of B. C. prettiding. Informal 
reception aad registration of dele- 
gates. - Btriking committees. 

11 a.m. — Mr. J. J. Deugan. honor- 
ary president of the Child Welfare 
Assochitton of B. C, presiding. Ad- 
dress of welcome by His Worship 
Mayor R. H. Qale. Address of wel- 
come by Mrs. Irene H. Moody, chali'- 
man of the Vancouver School Board. 

2 p.m. — Subject, "The Defective o^ 
Feeble-minded Child.* H. W. Collier, 
E>q.. chief prolmtlon officer of Van- 
couver, presiding. Address, "The Con- 
servation of Childhood," by Rev. A. 
H. Sovereign, Vancouver. Address. 
"Modern Methods of Dealing with 
the Defective Child," by Miss M. 
Lindley, psychological clinic Vancou- 
ver School Discussion led by Miss 
Bertha Wynn, Vllctorla. B. C. 

t p.m. — Subject. "Government Re- 
sponsibility Towards the Child." Mrs. 
Ralph Smith, M.LkA.. presiding. Ad- 
dress by Hon. J. W. dsB. Farris. At- 
torney-Oeneral of B. C. Subject, 
"The State's Duty Towards Child- 
hood." Address by- Brig.-Gen. V. 
Odium, C.B.. CM.G., D.8.O. with bar. 
"The Value of Teaching Patriotism." 
Address the Hon. W. S. Bowser. K.C.. 
M.L..A. Subject, "The Child as a 
National Aeset." 

Tharsjikiy, October M 

»:^0 R.m.r--Subject, "Parental Re- 
sponsibility." Mrs. J. Mulrhead, presi- 
dent of the Parent-Teachers' Federa- 
tion,", presiding. Address by chair- 
man. Address. "The Glories and 
Dangers of Childhood," by Rev. R. 
O. McBeth, author of "Romance of 
Weston Canada." Address, "A Talk 
to Mothers." by Mrs. Irene H. Moody, 
chairman, Vancouver ^hool Board. 

12 a.m. — ^Luncheon at the Hud- 
son Bay Tea Rooms for delegates. 

2 p.m. — Subject. "Physical Well- 
being of the Child." E. P. Fewster. 
Ksq.. B.A.. M.D., presiding. Address 
by Mr. David B- Brankin, president 
CllUd Welfare Aaaoclatlon. "Ths 
Future of the Child Welfare Aaaocla- 
tlon." Address. Social Disease and 
the Need for Eldueatlon." by Ernest 
H. Hall. M.D.. Victoria. B. C. Dis- 
cussion led by^ Dr. . Oqorge Telford, of 
Vancouver, B.C. 

8 p.m. — Subject. "The Delinquent 
Child." H. C Shaw, Esq., judge of 
the .Tuvenlle Court, Vaneouvsr. pre- 
siding. Address \(s the chairman. 
Addrfss, "The Juvenile Court — ^Its 
ReUtlonahip to the Community," by 
Judge- King Dykcman of the Superior 
Court, Seattle, Wash. Address by H. 
W. 'Collier, Bsq., chief prolmtioa offi- 
cer, Vancouver. Discussion led by 
Miss M. Bayne. superintendent of the 
Girls' Industrial Ho|ne. and. Miss Ifc- 
Leod of the ' P e i T ie s Corps. 

Frttey. Octoker tl. J»lf 

9:>0 a.m. — Subject. "The Psycho- 
logical Basis of Sdueatlon," by T. P. 

i>.*t.[^f .iitKr*'.!- 

J 'It" takes just about an 

^instant" to Tcsa\Le ^6i^ 

lightful cup of Postuhi 

-a. teaspoonful in the cup' 

.with hot water added. 7-"" 

su^ar and cream to taste. 


is a afM4>|]y drink, healthftil 
and economical. Good for 
every f^^ember of the fbnv 

Uy. ""^ — " ~ " * 


Hall, M.A.. M.P.. of the Vancouver 
9chool Board. Address. "Vocational 
Training," by John Kyle, Esq., super- 
intendent of Technical Schools. B. C. 
Discussion led by Mr. R. Sparling, 
principal Aberdeen School. 

2 p.m. — Mr. , David B. Braokln in 
the olu&lr. Address. "The Value of 
the Child," by the Rev. Dr. C Boyle. 
The reports of committees. Resolu- 
tions. • 

3 p.m. — Subject. "Educational Re- 
form," A. 8. Wells, editor of the 
B.C. Federatlonlst. presiding. Ad- 
dress. "New Ideals. In Education," by 
A. M-. Stephen, B.Sc., City School ntaft. 
Address, "T9m Place of Art in Mod- 
ern £<ducatlon." by Madame Roth- 
well, late of Regina CoHege and Man- 
chester Art School. Discussion led 
by Garfield A. Khter. barrlster-at-law. 

Sdtwrday, Ifoirrmber t. 1»1» 
t:ao — ^An auto drive tor dele- 
gates. Including a visit to the Alexan- 
dra Orphanage, the Boyq' lndu8trlal 
Home.' the Chlldreu'B Aid, ending with 
luncheon at the Girls' Industrial 
Home, Hastings E&st. 


16th Canadian Scottish Meet- 
ing at Empress — ^General 
Currie to Be Guest, and 
Three Vancoilver Speakers. 

Of the various battalion orRanlwi 
tions formed during the . past few* 
months in Victoria none has sained 
Wider attention among old members 
of the unit than the l«th Canadian 
Scottish, which should have a big 
representation of men who made up 
its numbers at the dinner and re- 
union which is to be held at the Em- 
press Hotel on Tuesday evening at 
7:S« o'clock. General Sir Arthur 
Currie, K.C.B.. K.C.M.O.. has ac- 
cepted an invitation to bo present. 

A special message from Major- 
General R. Edwnrds liCckie, C.M.tJ., 
O.O.C. and from Ijleut.-Col. C. 
Wesley Peck. V.C. O.8.O.. M.P., ask- 
ing all ISth Battalion men to attend, 
if possible, was published In these 
columns a few days ago. These two 
officers held the first and last com- 
mand respectively of the Canadian 
Scottish, and in their reference to the 
reunion Indicated that subjects of in- 
terest to all former members would 
be brought up for discussion, amongst 
such topics being the proposal to open 
a new home for the battalion. 

IHckets for the gathering on Tues- 
day evening can be purchased at any 
of the following places: J. A. Dewar's, 
Wenger's, F'yvie Bros. (comer 
Broughton and Government Streets), 
T. Darke ( Ha voy Mansions), J. N. 
Harvey & Co., or the Comrades 'jif 
the Great War. 

. It is announced that among the 
speakers on this interesting occasion 
Will be Sir Charles HIbbert Tapper. 
Brigadier-General J. W. Stewart, and 
Mr. Henry Bell-Irving, all of Van- 


Local Electricians Against Re- 
quest of International Con- 
vention That U.S. Recognize 
Republic of Ireland , 

The local union of electrical work- 
ers, at a special meetini^ last Satur- 
day night, repudiated the resolution 
passed by the International conven- 
tion of electrical workers at St. Lk>o1s 
enlllng upon the United States to 
recognise ths Republic' of Ireland. 
The gathering here was for the pur- 
pose of discussing several anatters 
with Mr. E. Ingles. Intemauonal 
vice-president of (he International 
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 
who has as his territory the whole 
of Canada. Mr. Ingles was asked 
whether he liad done anything to 
prevent the resolution passing and 
be admitted that he had dons no- 
thing either for or against it. He 
was then asked to get up on t)ie floor 
and either endorse or repudiate It. 
TMs iM refused to do. and the mat- 
lefl nntll tt is sssn 
Is tak«n etoewhort. nr* 
I't intoBj to swallow ths rssola- 
aa electrtctan stated hMt 
■igfct. -nn. is ■stitlMM.'* 

The rssolaMsa to qass t lon fol- 

The poople »f Ireland 
_w-^ — _ — 1« isr seven fl«ntnr««s 
%mt ihHr tettonal fOm. hbssty aad 
fcidspswdsnce against npprsgglit fsr- 
(MiP rale, whieli they novsr ! ■ > > « 
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lives of 70,000 brave young Amerl- 
Ican soldiers In an effort to make the 
world safe for democracy and human 
freedom, therefore be It 

"Resolved; That the International 
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 
in convention assembled, do earnest- 
ly endorse and support the demands 
of the Irish p*ople for the right of 
'national Indeprndenve and that wc- 
sincerely and respectfully urge the 
Senate. Congress and President of 
the ITnited States to give immediate 
and effective recognition to the .Re- 
public of Ireland, as one of the first 
and most necessary steps to l>e taken 
to bring about the lasting peace of 
the world and that copies of this reso- 
lution be sent to the President, Secre- 
tary of State, artd members of ths 
Pcnatc and Congress of the United 

The action of tile International of- 
ficers in revoking the charter of the 
Vancouver electrical union was gone 
Into by the meeting which went on 
record as lieing agaihst the Steps 
taken. Mr. Ingles failed to give any 
reason for the action, it was stated 
by one of the men who attended. 
The local union thereupon gave the 
international officers two weeks to 
hand l>ack the charter to the Van- 
cpuver organisation. What will hap- 
pen if this is not done within the 
specined time is not yet decided. 

y • ■ /-,f|"' 


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CNMaln Philip va. HMikIn Is 
Visiting VIctorIn— <3aaM> Here First 
la 18M as Swveiror In Royal Jf ntry 

Ab«ut half a century aga Ciapt. 
Philip J. Hankln was for a time the 
Colonial Secretary In British* Colum- 
bia. That was before the daya of 
Confederation. Today Capt. Hankln 
is .again in the city looking up old 
acquaintances. He first came to this 
Coast as a snnreyor with the Royal 
Navy la 1»M, and his last visit wss 
seventeen years ago. Capt Hankln 
p asssd through the dty two weeks 
sgn on his way to OoncMi mud dls> 
tr1(;t. He isfarned here jrssss^dny 
morning, snd he Is making ealls od 
Dr. J. S. Heli c fcsn and James Ander- 
son spf thslfglaMi Blstsry Sorlety. 

are %t m % ftmn tlM 
OSpt. Hankln Is 
Navy in IM*. frMs 
ittl he asrvsd m 
la ItTl fes «MM 

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Oac(4i Pri e s t s ynoomninnientad 
OEKBVA, Oct. S7 — Dispatches from 
Inndbruek say that Papal Arehblahop 
Ikordnc, who arrived at Pragne from 
Rome a month aga, has excommunK 
csted a number of Catholic Csech 
priests, who married In spite of the 

prohibition. i Plfty-one ^rlcsts fiad 
taken wives while continuing to-gjier- 
ellw the dtttfas of th»> priesthood. Yhey 
are surtwrisd t>y the population gen- 
erally. Who In 1.400 villages and itm- 
munes arownd Prague have prepared 
a petition to the Pope to aholigli' tho 
law proscribing the Csech prIesU. 

i H '''^',^ 






Because of its Faithfulness in Repro- . 

duction — the New Edison — •niic ^^^ 
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VICnMUA AND yioicouvtti 

— ^^ — pbli ail Pk^vlilMa, ^HO 

CnnOIIQio O ra ^, IT» mi 170 

WDmxmBO. Oet.' ST^TlMte1i4V« 
<|m^. ^v» Ippn- pablMMI , -m ^ «flnc 
lilPi^i >■ owatnat BUhop 8«4ko,"th« 
JkMtrlan pr«l»t« In Cawafla. w«ra not 
'«joUMitl«t«4L^(0|^. tip Oiia ^a«A b*. 
M* iu4s* /VMMw>n 14 th« Qfmntf 
^rt today. #o« Mr. C X. MOMolth, 
MUns en httmU of tilt Or*^ War 
f^nnna' ApOooHiien. acM tAOT tha 
alMwpao Ital wo«ld Ha pff tpi a af 
are Hattopa on t>a part, Ot tHO 


hmWi'lMlacorad. fktlpra to:! 

' ■ V ■ II I M | yfj » --^^ 

■ «pdyA«(^ 

LONDON. "O^^Xil^Vimcountm 
Aator hoi con^toitMr « ba tb« coolt- 
Opn candidate fpr the SlvMon of 
ftymootk rapraaanted ky |i«r hoabaptf 
aMIl Wi,auooa«|on to the p«M«2ia 

liairor ^ortar aUffln'T-* Aldarmaa 
Fatrlek. Cta»9ron\jUl$ Clark to aoi 
with tha oomaalttao «MM|ia« (or tlM 
raooptloo to A4mtaal lIplpOM Jalltooo 
naxt month. 

ataeet BzMaalMli— Clfty Snoiaoor 
9. M. nraaton wm loilinolia by tha 
Oty Conneil loot nl|^ to ptppara an 
•atliaata o( tfeo oaofc of azuodinc and 
opanlpv up ItfMf 8tr««u following 
tha roea^t oC h.poUtton a^mcd by 
alxty-throa pt opa rty »wnara. 

IfaoMpa Sriip Mimm RojOJ Arab 
Maaona. froaa vorloua coaak oltloa 
lalUad horo Ooturday ao gnaata ot tho 
Camoaim Ohnptar. Thera lyero IM 
dalagataa In an. Seattio, N«^ Waat* 
aUnat«r» Vknoonvar. North VanooO* 
««r. and Nhaaimo balng ropvaaantod. 
iMlng raproaantadl. 

Wonl^ Bny Oraoooio Plaa4— ChaUk 
man Bopgater, ot tho ^treats 'Commit* 
tao, an4 City Vnglaoer F. M, Praatoo 
woro liiatruetad by tha City Council 
hurt night to raport on an application 
Ihade by the' Prlnoa Rup e rt Suppljy 
Oompany for the purohaae of the 
olty'a oreoaotlng plant, which la now 
ot|t of uae. 

fVee Admlttanop ,lo Baiaar — ^Thera 
la a miaundaratandiag concerning the 
Y.W.CJL basaar and lectura to be 
held tn the aohoelroem tff Oh An- 
drew'a Praabyterlan Church today. 
Thpra la no admittance charge (or 
tlid baaaar, but tleketa (or the lecture 
by Mr^ C. H., rrenoh In the avanlng 
are Ofty oaata' apiece. 

Victory lioan Imnohebn.— At a 
loachaon.oC the Rotary Cluh to ba 
held on Thuraday in connection with 
the Victory Loan campaign. *^yp8y" 
ipalth will be the chief apoaker. The 
hincheon fa to bo a pub^ one. aa(l 
the public are invited to hear thia 
world-renowned evangeUat. Further 
partleulara of the inneheon wlU ho 
pnbUabed , later. 

nra4 Vehldea Law— The. CHy 
Oounell finally paaed the Hired Ve- 
hlolea By-law ameadmant relatlvo to 
t|ie parking of autoa on BeUevllle 
and 'Mopalaa Street tact night, and 
^uad Inatructloni to Chief of Po« 
Uba Langlay to the eflOct that the 
aouth aide of Belleville Street, froni 
ICenslea to Government Street, la 
to be reaerved aa a vehlclo atand (or 
tha gonarM pobllc. 

Sdioola and tko Loon— The achoola 
are golafe' t>o Ptay . an Important part 
In the coming- Victory Loan campaign, 
^lana are well under way to enable 
t||e goliaol ahtldron to aaalat tp thla 
hbpoKant work. Mr. George Buahby 
haa undertaken thla work, and In hbi 
hpndo It la more than aafo to prodiot 
a huire fucoaaa from the co-operatlvo 

" ;al£ipiNS 

Major the Rev. William Barton 
• New Incurnfoent at Sidoeyi 
and Rev. C. A. Wells at St. 
Luke's, Cedar Hill .' ; 

tho gro#0-«pa. 

avlo mii^iiiiHigl Aa.a^ apoplgl 

lamwiit, to log^tiom^ ■t^Pf' 

cMe eloBtUm. tho traaaary da^M- 
nwnt aC tho Otty liOiV «0«fO hpptt- 
flOUooa of iieanaaaa a«d lKnaaohol4- 
efo are to be made. wlU.reaaa|n optii 
fn»m T a^ to t p.m. today and 
uatU Saturday. Boglatrailea wOl 
doao at S p.m. Friday. Itegtauatton 
hea been alow ao Our. Thoro have 
been only IIS aopUcd ti ona «ada to 
yaar theao vara •••. 
Rally 'PiMilgfcl 4 ratty 
will ha bMd tonight ha ^ho Flrat Bao- 
tiat Charch. Tatoo Stroet^ at wliidh 
the odioaoa oC tho vartoog haonl aaia- 
■lonory ooolatlao of tho Baptlat 
Chureh wtO bapraoaat. to aaoot the 
eightoon aii wlaiii l ia - rotonOag to 
thalr OoM of labor te tho Oolont and 
India on the Bmproaa ot AalathM 
waok. AitiM»B vlU bo gleon dur- 
iiw tho ovonhtg by Uim Murmp and 
Mlaa FHaat. of Onpulew and by 
Baton, of Nova Ooot^u 

To'Wmr Of ▼• * o> 

Vletarla TeraalnaL iUUway 4k Ferry 
Company (Victoria and Sidney), haa 
undertaken to tear up Ita ralla from 
tha olty llmlta to the temlnua of 
Btanchard Street. City Bnglneor F. 
M. Proaton and City Bottdtor H. 8. 
Prlngle reported on tha matter laat 
night and atated that the city ahoold 
aea that the railroad waa left In prop- 
er oondttlon fdlowtog the operation. 
The Council agreed to the undertak- 
ing CO that oondttlon. 

Approvee Bylaw-^Aa a result of 
reprsaentatlona made by a delegation 
repreaentlng the Municipality of Port 
COQuitlam which waited upon It on 
Saturday, tha Provincial Qovemmeat 
will paaa an order-ln-couaoll apiurov- 
log of the bytaw recently paaaad by 
the ratepayera of that mualeipallty 
anthoriahig a autaatdy ot ttO.aOO to a 
IfMal firm manufaoturing motor tlrea 
and ether robber gooda. The bylaw 
required thpt before It became oper- 
ative the conaent ot tho Lleutenant- 
Oovernor-ln-Qounqll ahould be ob- 

Fbrtag to Albaon t T oday. If the 
weather la at ail proplUoua. the Path- 
finder II. will be flown to Albernl. 
Courtenay and aeveral up-Ialand 
polnta. W' H. Brown will pilot the 
machine, taking the ehief Otter.. C. 
Plant, In the pagaepger aaat. A 
packet of "Dally Colonlata"' will be 
oarrled and droipved. In Nanaimo. in 
the aqvare QUtalda ' the post' oflUce. 
Thla. owing to the. unaettled condition 
of the weather, will In all probability 
be the laat eztenalva trip made In the 
aeaaon. The priglnal Pathfinder la 
glmeat ready, a can of "dope" balng 
all that la holding up the flniahlng 
lottohaa to the machine. 

J. b. ' ^. 

Major the Rev. Wlitlam Barton. 
ifh» rocentiy returned ai;tar nearly 
Oto yegnf Obgenea etpraeaa On miU- 
tanr dvty with the <?anadian Chap- 
In inn' Corps, waa introduced aa rector 
of St Andrew'a, Sidney, on Sunday 
evening, the IMahop of Colagpbla of- 
ficiating. In the morning the Blahop 
inducted -Kev. C. A. Wella. O.M.O.. B. 
A., aa rector of . St. Luke'a Church, 
Cedar Htll. Both aervteea were at- 
tended by large oongregatlona, and in 
the evening Mr. "Walla came to Vic- 
toria and preached at Chriat Church 

Major Barton. who^F** ordained in 
the Dioceae of Quebec, came to the 
Diocese of British Columbia at the 
invitation of Blahop Perrln to organ- 
ise the parish of Chemalnna. 'When 
Canon Beanlands reaimed Mr. Bar-* 
ton waa doinc good work when the' 
war broke out, leaving for the front 
with the first battalion of the Fifth 
C. O. A. He returned last July, but 
owing to ' ill-health haa been resting 
moot of the time ainoe then up to 
the prooant 


Members of Co;incll Suggest 
That City Do the Financing 
Alonei Eliminating Offer of 
C.P.R.— May Arbitrate 

I laa<Mt.K 


lAO in plat of boffing water. Poor 
into a boWl or moald aad pot in • 
cold plofit to Itor0e& Twa oat on a 
pauaor wna waqipie 

That the City Council may find it 
desirable to entirely altar Ita courae 
In conaactlon with the Jobaaaa Styoet 
bridge aegetlatlOBa ia the opinion of 
at laaat oao of the alddrmen. . 

Building of the biidge aolely aa a 
municipal project aod w^hout aaabt- 
anco from the CP.K. haa been pro- 
pooed. and while thla auggeatlon haa 
not yet reached the stage where it ia 
officially diacuaaad by the Council, 
aeveral mambora are beginning to 
think tli^ it would provide the eaaioat 
way ont of a difflcolt altnatlon. 

Wblla relootant to go ahead with 
an agreement tWt would ellailnate 
the C.P.R.'B offer of Ijoa.aoo. tboee 
^dormen who favor the new ploa fOol 
thot one of the aaaontlal pointa eh 
which there ahootataly aaoot ho agroa- 
mont ia thot the bridge abaH ho open 

to cars operated hy companlea com- 
peting with tho dp.R. The atutude 
of the C.P.R. haa been opposed' to 

If the City were to undertake the 
building of a bridge without outglde 
aaalatanoe, it would be nepeaaary to 
devlae plana for a amaller brtdge: in 
faot, it would probably aet hack nago- 
tiationa to a condition aimllar to that 
prevailing aeveral montha ago. 

Mayor Porter Waa yeaterday advlaed 
that the Board of Railway . Commla- 
aionora wlIT hold a aeaalon here No- 
vember n. He aald that the board 
win probably be aafced to arbitrate 
the pointa at iaaue between tha City 
and the CP.K in order to avoid any 
future contpllcatlon aod aspodlta a 
aettlement. .- 


Investment In Present Loan 
Swells Total Purchase of 
Government Issues to $842,- 
000— Agents Undecided 

■■I ' 

The City Council laat night author* 
laed the purohaae by the city of Vic- 
tory bonda to the value ot 1100,000. 
Thla brlnga the toUl ao far aubocrlbed 
by the city to Domlnloh Oovemmoat 
iaauea to 1842,000. 

Eight hundred and ninety thouaand 
doiuura la the amount aotoalty aujb^ 
acrlbed by the city «laao Viotory 
bonda waoa placed on the market,- hot 
148,000 worth waa. converted a few 
numtHa ago into Provhiolal oaoorlUea. 
Laat yaar. the oity bogght 
worth of bonda. * 

City Comptroller Jamea L. Rayraur 
reported that the city haa at present 
in cash in the sinking fund tSOS,- 
SIS.72, and debenturea faJl due on 
November 6 amounting to 1210,000, 
leaving a balance of t»6,3S9.72. In 
December the intereat will he calcu- 
lated by the bank and there will alao 
be the annual payment to be mode. 
Mr. Raymur aald that If the Council 
decided to aubacribo, the 
city could make up the difference be- 
tween what la In the ainktag fond by 
advancing a auilleiant aum on the 
payment that wUl be made in Do* 

Aid. Sargent, chairman o( the fin- 
ance committee, moved that tiaa,aa« 
be Inveated In fifteen-year bonda. Tbo 
motion waa paaaed without dlaeoo- 
aion. Aid. Sargent and the Mayor 
will decide upon the channel through 
wMob tho Inveatment la to bo made. 

WASHINOTON, Oet 27.~l.a«iala- 
tlon to Aroerhsanlae aliena i» eon* 
talned in a bill reported today by tha 
Oanau labor oommlttoe which invae- 
tlfeated the ateel atrlke. The'bill pro- 
vldea for co-operation betwfea the 
atates and the Federal govonunent In 
edtteatmg attena 




ortoMi oad 

Csonw & Bbwcs 

ffi ?mw ^?t 


•Wna « liMNrtiM* 


SELL EVERYIHING at e RaaaQnahla1^lte-.|lotJiiot OU^ er'fW USStk ai 

Syadalt lor Bai t-BlW^WBgrmB^ 

TttMrn-Tho beat obUuiablc. per lb. VVV 

, TMt-Verynice, per ik flOC 


Per doccp -n tt^mm'' 

PRSimnt lUl^OAKIKB. Aii^ 

Per lb. t ■>mm 



TBft-Tlw boat obtaipablc. per lb. 

Lone bar 

^ •"« 1111 in I I I mm pii I I Ml al 


Per lb. 1 


2 lbs. for ...,.,- 


i^one oar — i ~ .. n m nm t . ^^'v^'^ , 

4*1. PT tin .>-— OV\* 

w*:*^qf"!r.;^ 25c 

er tw .^ 

•■i r- 

IVp aa Orto «i4 Bo 

tlMllVb Sav* Voa 



Formcrty Copas i Y6^|: 
PlMaog H oad 98 Cprmr Wm omI Brand 



Ueaase Ha a-TMt 

^«oor-a.'c«., ar 

All the Music of All the 
. World Is Yours When 
You iDwn # ji4 ♦ 


I O' «n % '« oMo t f «-a 



■* ■* 

Grand Opera, bands, vaudevUle stars, 
pianists, violinists, masters of the 'ccllo^ 
tlie very finest musicians in all the world 
will play or sing for you when you own a 
Columbia Grafonola. And the true artis^ 
try of their talents will be presented wift 
lifelike precision and naturtlnese, ior the 
Columbia Grafonola and Columbia 
Double Disc Records are still the fmest 
mediums for reproducing souud that man- 
kind has yet devised. 

All the Columbia Grafonola models are 
presented at this store. Prices from . n.i 

MdwY' I 






Oti Easy Terms' 



* J. 

I't- .-*.■•.':• 


ff'^imm ^ D 

Nofomboa at tliis itoro toAiy* t ;*j 


, 1 I ll ' i» m m i 


■^ H. 


OovOflMIMIlt 9IM0a 





Drive. o car yourjelt 'We 
have a nurabfr of Ford «*ri 
whidi we rent out to re- 
gponsible particg- Our cars 
are in first-lass condiwn 
and arc rcidy for the road 
day or night. 

lidaiiiil Aslo livery 

721 Jobasoo St Pbono ««3S 

i > M I f ; 


You. of course, ore porticvUr »la>ut the thing$ you 
provide for your f^gt»-.4hOt is why we deiirc to 
dtraet yonr attanrttoo to our delicious cakea! We 
know that you will appredote tboir daiatioeft aad 
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the market, ■ade^rom twm CHJif 






HaoMwife GeU FaO Valne Hera 

oad hf wa^iag Oiir ads. qlaiy bargains. 

TaboM»». Good Tabaaco 

Saoco. per bottle....«„80# 
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Cotaup, Aylmer's Tomato 
CaUup, per bo|tle.-.^*^ 

qiroal, Punty '.'Wheatietl 
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Souc^, lietnz CWi, per 
bottlo --. — ^— . -«¥ 

pound ^ 


MelMrolMlMl Offlc*. Victoria. PC , St ■ 

Th* bar«B*«er la {alllas 0«or Norti 
BrilUh r«Kflibl» •iMl on.^«Jd. l 
WMlbcr la^»<roiatiiK sMMMI «• *»»• P*^ 
MMfT wrathar to i W iOJIns 

•a, «^-^ "JSSfiSWATim. 

VI rtfis. OUC M .^..a.a^ 



♦ •»(- 

^9ft ioBi0 , ^a^ ' ^. - ...»♦ ... ••»# 

Prt Arttn^ '. 

op0#n, ^^^ •••«••••«•«•*## *B 

lMit^^p^^3Bfl& ••••«*ooao«o • V 

• « •mm •••••oai 


I wa ss •••«>•«• •'• • • •••a#»#»#»#ia WT 

• »«^«o** • • • * •••• • •oaagk«*o«*« «oo S^ 

• .•oa*«*** *A%*««* ••• • 

t f 

mmsm §5a£S?* 

I Vi 






■ S L>. 1,^ " 




stfraRiEis junn 

VictDiy of Hon. Dr. ToHnie at 
the Polls Made Occasion for 
Great Celebration «-> Con> 
tiiiue& Efforts for yjctoruL 

•••^T W-. 

X -.' 



^ .^iJ. The n^^St desirable and satisfactory 
fuel for all domestic purposes. 

Service la Ph>iii|iI 

Hacki^^ GiO^ie, Ltd. 

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ys iPtiSitcker 
Is Popi 

^An^of course, if it is popi^tr avfth ^'hini'Vit will be found 
in ^%i^nt, variety At this. S^ojys' Store. There is an appeal to 
moth«t»4n oui' mpdcratc prices- 

V : '«0qMpi 9lkOt> and> :,.^..^...i^.^.x.:..iL..'i.L^d.^ .„ S4.00 

TlMMw «•■ J»y la tiM V»lnU« 
teat alcai aatlM •ImMMi rvtiirw 
In showlnc that th* Minister of Acrl- 
evHmra wm r«r«#pli« a aplandM en^ 
«onaUoa from tb« •l*|o|on at th* elty. 
As soon •■ the polls cloasd th« worksra 
who had kapt at It throucboat tha day 
satharad at the campalan tiaadqoar* 
tars. Oovamment Street, and whan 
Hon. Or. Tolmie arrU*ed they tender^ 
ad him a remarkable reception. 

Cheered to the echo the Mtnliter 
waa kept busy ahakinc hantfa with 
■oorea of hla aupportors and frtonda 
and pandemonium rersned oa. In re- 
aponae to calla (or a apeeoh. ha. with 
his campalvn msnasar, Mr. Joahua 
Xlnsham. mounted tha platform. It 
was some time before Mr. Klnsham 
could speak. 

"Dr. Tohnle Is now our minister tor 
sura." dectered Mr. Klncbam. whose 
subsequent words were drowned In the 
storm of cheers. "I want to thank aU 
thoaa workers who did ho nobly to 
•eoure the raa^nlflcent result we have 
■alnad. After the canipalcn that was 
put up acainat us. today's vote la a 
magnificent testimony to the esteem 
our candidate Is held In this city. I 
saw a Kood deal around the booths to- 
day that made me fear for the result. 
But deaplte their dirty work — and 
there was a food deal of It — the reauU 
shows the people of this city want 
nothinc of the red." To the electors 
who supported Dr. Tolmie Mr. KInir- 
ham extended his own and the thanks 
of the committee. 

VIrtoHa to the Fotre 

"Since my election in l»tl I have 
ever kept Victoria to the forefront. 
Now that I have been re-elected t 
shsll, as Minister, continue la my 
effortfi for this my own Hume town," 
declared Hon. Dr. Tolmie, when he 
could make hlmnelf heard amidst the 
chrering and hurrahinic of the cloaely 
packed committee rooms. 

"I can hardly express my thanka to 
you all for the splendid work and sup- 
pert that won this fifht for aood (ov- 
ernment. 'I know that I will have the 
heartiest support of the sane thinking 
people of Victoria in my efforts to do 
my best for the city and the country. 
I know our people here and our pos- 
sibilities. 1 would have regretted 






Buylariyl Tla ta Your Advawtags 

' f 'rant's '.Wi'.'iJ : ■• 

Ton, Melii, With 
the Garments You 
Should Have for 
These Cool Days 

Today you are thinking of the 
clothing you require for Fall and 
Winter wear, but months ago 
this store anticipated your r^- 
quh-ements, selected the best gar- 
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of warm clothing while the 
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inspection. ;• 

These Garments for the Younger Men' 

Waist-Sewn SuiU in Sevwal ; ^' ^ IW^rrA.*. f^* ¥»»... lf^.a ?^ 

New Modela ^^^^ | . UrercoaU for Yoiiii( Men ^ 

Plain and faaicy browas, greens, heather Form Fitting Models, Belted and Waist- 

"*JT"|, f ?^ ?"'* "^.^ •'"*^'^ *?'!**"^ Seams. Plain browns, greens, greys. 

and finished to please' the young f^w. '-^ 8'^*="». s^cys. 

Prices fas, 935, f45 tor f«0^ . ^^ ^ $22.50, f25, $28, $35 to $55 'I 

Suits and Overcoats to Please the Business Men 

stylish; conservative garments; nice dressy greys and browns, tailored in a 
manner that will appeal to men of quiet tastes. 

OrcKOMt, t2S.OO to.-.._„^_L:, 96S.eO 

A Good, WhI4 ^4ier Cotf^ 

Means a Lot of Contfort These Cool Days 
F.very good color. Prices start at $0:50. 

Excellent vai'iety at $10.00 and $12.00. 

$1S.00 to ^^^ ^l&OO 

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Osnts ani Clarlw's Olovca—Litted Mocha, in tan 
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lined; extra «Mttty. $UJ^ t«jOO •4.S* 

Woal Olovsa, in manjr qaalttica, il.M to 91.TS 

in nanjr different qwiri- 


Hava twaw It waaM kava Saaa m year 
kont ta tlUa dty la kava ra> 

"I «aa*t waat ta qmeS ia o«r 
aaata. I kattava tkay ava a lat a( caod 
tallawa wIm ara aatttlad ta tlMtar 
optAtaaa. WiMa I •• ta Ottawa It will 
^ ta rasraaaat avary 
teraapaathra at kaa 
tklaa lay la thia eantaal.** 

Haa. Or. 1M»la. lafarHs* ta hla 
paat eMarts ta bahalf 9t tlM elty. and 
tlM> «taat aaililaBet ha had raaalred 
traaa Mr. J. C. Malataah. Padatal 
vMnhar tar Misalmalt. raeallad that 
when ha haA triad ta Unpttea «»aa tha 
MlBlatar a( MarhM tha aMUty «C Vie- 
tarta ta handle ahl» halldlna. tha lat- 
ter had raaiarked: "VIctarIa la nat aa 
larfaatfial hat a aalfflBS aaatra." True. 

and elhnatic attractions, hat. Han. Dr. 
Tobnto daelarad: "A amakastafik won't 
naooaaarily Intertara wjth our aan- 
ahlae or ellmate." 

"I am itraadar than aver I was of 
Victoria for I believe tha rlfht- 
thinhlac t>eapla ara bahind tarn. Had 
I been defeated I would have fall 
woraa aa a property halder than aa 
a defeated -eandMata. Now let ua 
CO forward and bulM up a proapar« 
on elty." 

The Mlnteter paid a tribute to tha 
raturaed aoMlars. for whoae aid ha 
expreaaed tha warmaet appreciation, 
atatinc he realised that to their aup- 
port he owed touch. The women, 
too. he heartily thanked. 

Before Dr. Tolmla could reach the 
floor he waa ' (hpan another enthua- 
laa^lo tribute, throe tUnea three ba- 
ins roared out from the throne, and 
the aln«tn« of "For Ha'a a Jally 
Good Fellow." the yery wlndowa 

WhUe the aupportera of tha Mln- 
later of Asrlcultura were celebratlns 
their victory, a well filled houae at 
the CryaUl Theatre s«ve Mr. Bam- 
ard'a eupportera a chance to talk 
over their defeat. Dr. W. K. Petroe 
preaMent of the Federated L«bor 
Party, Mr. BIlie, Mr. Bamard'a eaat- 
Iial«n manaser: 8«t..Ma]. "Jimmy" 
Robinaon. of Vaneouvar; Mr. Dan 
Poupard. Or. Braeat Hall. aSd laatly. 
the defeated candidate htmaetf. all 
Hpoke. The burden of their remarka 
waa that Mr. Bamard'a B.OttO and odd 
Tot'ea apelled a moral victory for 
"the cauae." 

There waa much aaid of the "allmy 
preaa" and Or. Pelrce pointed to the 
necesalty pf a laBor paper, a labor 
achool at which the child may be 
educated In the true principles of 
labor, and a labor parliament here. 

"We know the dirty work we are 
up 'acainat." declared Dr. Pelrce 
iimld cheera. " "I would feel very 
anxloua If I filled the editorial chair 
of' The Colonial," he aaaerted amid 
more cheera. "We ahould tfrsaalae 
here aa they have at Winnipeg under 
Ivena, a labor church which will 
preach the Goapel on the economio 

' Vrgea S«m Party ' 

Mr. E. W. BIMa addmltted that 
when the Federated Labor Party 
nrat eobaldered the advlaabttlty of en- 
terlns the conteat all but two of ita 
membera were acainat the Idea. The 
Federated Labor Party at thIa min- 
ute. Mr. BlUa aaid, numbered juat 
one hundred membera.^ Ha appealed 
to hla hearera to all put up a dolar, 
set dowB to work and farm 'Vour 
own machine" for the next seneral 
election. He believed that for the 
flrat oampaign reaulta such aa had 
never before been achieved in Can- 
ada had been sained. 

8st.-MaJ. Robinson roundly rapped 
oflclals of the G.W.V.A.. who. he de- 
clared, were "traltora" and aaaerted 
Mr. Barnard would flsht asaln. He 
atronsly advocated a union of re- 
turned aoldiara and labor. The day'a 
vote waa the hand-wrltlns en the 
walL he aaaerted. He dialated ■ upon 
the "dirty allmo and > oamouflase of 
men of the type of Dr. Tolmie, Hon. 
Mr. q^ver and Sir Robert bordoa." 

Dr. Brneiit Hall deelarad the day'a 
vote waa the sreateat moral victory 
he had witneaaed in Victoria aince he 
came here. "It la the old atory of 
hosa veraua . men. I have read jiia 
apeechea and I have not aeen a spark 
of humanity in them." he aaserted re- 
ferrlns to Hon. Dr. Tolme. He prophe- 
aled labor would yet defeat the foroea 
of Hell and damnation. 

Mr. Barnard, who waa heartily re- 
ceived, atated that on Sunday he had 
flsured it all out that he would set 
about &.000 votea and hia opponent 
about 7,000. 

"Why didn't ydu make a bet oa 
that?" cried out aoma apootator in 
tha audience. 

He declared he did not feel a <>lt 
dacourased. Certainly he would have 
liked to carry the t>anner over the 
top, but in France the boya did not 
always win the objective at the first 
rush; they often had to entrench for 
the next puah, but eventually they 
won throush. He acored the arranse- 
meuta for the votlns and aaaerted that 
at Victoria West there were ballots 
lylns around free for anyone who 
wanted to help themaelvea. He cold 
hla candidature had had two papers 
airalnat It, a tremendous handicap. 
Also as an outalder he sufTored, and 
probably he had loot 1{0SS votes 
throush the shipyards ' cloains down 
when they did. 

Pearcd the Wo«an ' ^ 

"I am uader the Impreaaion that 
the majority of the women were 
asalnst me. not beeaua e I advocate 
free love or anythlns like that, for I 
dan't, but Iwcauae they felt Winter 
Is comns on and when they looked at 
the kiddle and the need for wark for 
the ha a baa d . they thoosbt of the 
promised drydoek aa a meana for pro- 
vldlns a Job." 

Mr. Barnard had a srava Idea thara 
had beea Irracnbtrttiao at tha alaetion 
yeotardajr. tnit at that, he waa aan- 
vincod that a eauaa that eanid rally 
S.SSS votaa to Ita stda wttMn a few 
fca waa oae %all worth flshta* far. 
K.SSS votaa waald have a sreat 
aCeat at Ottawa, he Ihi— hi 

"la tMa flcht I hava nat 

I feaaa navsr laft the O.W.rjk. m 

nm 0.'w.V.A. ta tiM TiBlii 
t «aa a 



Minister of Education Advises 
Council to Get School Board 
to Endorse Training at High 
School Here 

"The parents of thin dty ara ffaoa 
ta face with the tact that perhapa tha 
larce majority of our boys aa<l sirte 
win, aoanar or later, have to cam pete 
with warfcara wha hava received traln- 
1ns la eammualtlea that ara keanly 
altva ta twentieth oentury condltlona." 
wrote Hon. J. D. MacLiean. Minister of 
■dacatioa. ta the City Coancll last 
alcht, r^farriac to the (tuesUon of 
tachntoal aducatlon. 

Or. MaoLaan told tha Council that 
aa aaslatanee from tha Dominion and 
Provincial sraata for taohnieal educa- 
tlaa eaa be received by the city of 
VIotorta unUI tha School Board de- 
ddea to orsanlae a technical courae 
In the Hich SohooL After recelvlns 
tralnlns at auoh a aohool. which vroulA 
Shre InatnieUon In the more elemen. 
tary technical work, atudenta would 
be in a poaltlon to take advantase of 
the more advanced work of a techni- 
cal aehool, accordlns to the Minister. 

"It would aeem deolrable for the 
elty of Victoria to at once take steps 
In thIa direction," wrote Dr. MacLean, 
"thus provldlns means In their system 
of education whereby the boya and 
Slrla may be brousht to realise their 
natural sifta. aa well as meana of 
tralnins them In tha fundamentala of 
the productive vocations best aulted 
to their telents. It may be mentioned, 
too, that the equipment for such train- 
Ins in the.Hlsh School could alad be 
used for the tralnins of adults at the 
nisht achoola. 

"It la perfectly evident that if 
Britkih Columbia ia to forse ahSad 
and take a prominent place in the 
world markfita her people must hava 
tralnins auch aa will enable them to 
manufacture from the natural pro- 
duota of the province a larser. a more 
valuable and more varied line of 
Sooda for export than la at present 
produced here. There is no question 
but that there ia now and that there 
will continue to be a larse demand 
for many of the commodltiea which 
cauld be manufactured fyom the nat- 
ural products of thIa province. I truat 
that Victoria will be able to take ad- 
vantase of the opporiunlty which now 
presents Itself." 

The Mayor appointed Aldermen 
Fallerton. Harvey and Barsent to act 
with the School Board In connection 
with the propoaal. | 


Conservativa ]<r«dcr yi^ A/Umem ttaa 
Child WeUare Convention at ^ 
Vaaeonvcr Next Wednesday 

Mr. W. , J.;^Bowser. K.C.. leader, of 
tbe Conservative Party in the Pro- 
vince. hai( acoepted an Invitation • to 
apeak on Tueaday evenins next to 
the Child'a Welfare Conyention at 
Vancouver. Hia topic will bo "The 
sovemment's responslbttity to the 

Mr. Bowser's Ions experience In 
the I^esialature, durlns whleh time 
he alwaya took a keen (Interest In 
advanclns leslalation havlns to do 
with the care and protection of 
children, haa siven htm a wide in- 
slsht into the problem of child wel- 
fare. He is thoroushly posted upon 
what ia betns done for the child In 
other provinces of Canada and In 
outside countries, and hla address 
before the convention will undoubted- 
ly prove an Interestlns and Inatruct- 
ive one. 

On Wedneaday evenins next Mr. 
Bowaer will daMver aa addreaa to tha 
South Vancouver Ratepayera' Aeso- 
elattss at tha, Cedar Cottase Theatre. 


COOK — Frank Henry Cook, ased 
S6, dlsd at hia residence on Brownlns 
Street, Saanich district. Sunday nisht 
about 11 o'clock. Deoeased had been 
ill only a few houra and waa ensased 
at his work aa a carpenter on Satur- 
day. He waa a member of the <7ar- 
pentera' Union, and came to Victoria 
about aeven yeara asa. He was a 
native of Loweatoft. Ensland. De- 
ceaaed leaves a widow and two aisters 
Jn Victoria, another alater, motfiar and 
three brothers in Spsland. a slater in 
Montreal and a brother in Vancouver. 
The funeral will ha held from the B.C. 
Funeral Parlora on Wedneaday after- 
noon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be 
made at Ross Bay Cemetery. 

DOWNARD — Tlirdeath occurred on 
Saturday evenins at St. .foeeph'a Hoa- 
pitel of Wintered (Daisy) Downard. 
She is aurvlvad by a husband realdins 
In this eity. Tha ramalas are repoeins 
at > the Thomaon Funeral Parlor, 
Quadra BtreaT, from where the funeral 
will Uke plaea today at 10: SS 
a.m., the Rev. H. 8. Oabome offlelat- 
Ins. The intermant will take place in 
Rosa Bay Cemeetry. 

MUNRO — . Marsaret A. Munre 
paaed away at the Royal Jubilee Hos- 
pital an Aanday rnomlns. after a brief 
illnesa. Tha decaaard had been a real- 
dent «f tMa elty for the paat tthtivm 
years. She waa 34 yeara of a«a and 
waa born at Cape Breton. One daosh- 
tar survives. MIsb Ethel Munro. rasld- 
ias at 424 wnilam Street In thki efty. 
Services will be held af the Thomson 
Funeral Parlor at 2: SO p.m. on Wed- 
nesday, the Rev. Dr. McLean will 
officiate, and tha Interment win be at 
- Bay - 

CAUU«S— The 
terday at Hm rirHdtnea af her sen. 
Alex. P. Catnm MT Blthei Bttaet. 
James W^. M ■Maabeth Thylor (Salms. 
ased ts rmm. a nat»va «t Beatlnnd 
and a ra s lde s t iMsa fSr saveral 
■m Is s Bs H isd h 
Mneral wttl lake 



ATone TTi^t Satisfies 

Piano playing is more than technical skill. Tnr 
artist whose. playjog lacks wannth and color fails to 
attract. To produce the singling theme, the caress- 
ing melody, the purHng thrills, requires an instru- 
m^.t! ctf complete responsiveness in touch and tone. 
Such/an ihstrumenf is the . 

» » 

t •♦ 


u<- .;:ii 


For many yeaf:s these 
qualities have been embod- 
ied in this splendid Cana- 
dian piano. Only in case 
architecture has any definite 
departure been made, as will 
be evident to you if you 
accept our invitation to. ex- 
amine our newest Ncird-. 
heimer importations, r The, 

new. art desig^ns will please 
the most refined tastes and 
the woods they are de- 
veloped in embrace dark, 
mahogany, Circassian wal- 
nut, satin finished walnut, 
etc.; ,;•"*■ • •■ '"' 
ModeYately priced ' for 

fi«j»f »*y .%^c««din|fly r>od. 






^KiiD^iioa'Qr Dretsfaiff 
Gowna, warpi . and comfort- 
able,4n' extra high grade silk. 
All shades and aires.. . 
, PwMad Jaaiets and V«ata. , 
all colors i^nd sizes. . 

Qraaa Linen Tablaclotfaa, 
round and square, in many 
pretty desigiif < , i;^. A \ 4-: 
■ Have you seen our display 
of Sea Onwa Oi&irs? When 
in, our stores be sure and see 
them, ^i*' ' •, • • !i.<«\v-*-'» *»•'•' 


UDE l>TE &'O0. 


9BM9 par cMd. 12 an4-16^h 
bktcka. Order three or teon c»rdt 
sad get rs4«^«a. J 

Victoria WMd eo. 





FirtHirt i tpHialty i 

Moved, Crated, Stored and 
:>\,'M .J. Shippcd,ii: ■»<;,;:... 
Let OS do your work a^nd 
. save you worry.- ■ 

IVimIm dSSS 

Phone 2508 80t Fort St 


Lai Ua Kapatr Year Wara.Mit 



M.'' rnsnS 

'. 1 



' ifAilD PkW"- 

Abosi dsscrlbesoar pricss oa svsry> 
C.<L1l Qna>anss«| Ir^ ^%% 
Prsnrisr Cisf% ths fastfst 

nlBVv eeeeeeaeeeeeeeeee 

llaiaatfe Msaler— Th« o|ckcl-^Iifcd 
•' Mf4l|i|bt Ssa 910.00 

•^*1 "::ilfi 

" 'Tis my deligjit ' '' 

t<» take t^ at 
J%'^' *•*• '^"^ Kettlt." 

' S'hATca Kettle 

..«. f ... 

' lt^ylltJ, 






Specially selected, hard, 
straight - f ra\ned Cord- 
wood^-jfou can fet it 

P®ond ..'.«5 

. •£.**!?* -1 ^ • • • ••• 

.Ufiir'a TmhIs IML a 

•V^Ti'^^f * * t • • • » ^« •eHNNi 

To% for H-POOM 



]•• Mmtf INumHH 



tirw tts4 asiik tW 
















1VE iwour ooiAKisr. victoku^ ix. tmsoAY. ocroiBK a^ w» 

Tamii^ My HudMnd 

M 1 «ft^ 

I ten* I 





m 1 

9«i I MR 



Sir Arthur tnd U^ 
Be EntAftiined 
Next 1^ 

. diafiCliAi 


teUft Ik." 

■Mk t» lalM Mm wlkk «• 

WIN at 

» AM tlM SAUwr 
I M^* t» ka»v 


*r?*^ ' » ■» 



0« FMtejr» O rtrttr tl. % 

wm pTwviw on 


54<ooined, Modam Owemor* <^osft XT^ 
'in, i!kkl ^iree l€fls» til under cuHivt* 
tion. ptinted wm 500 logtiis. 200 ;^ 
nspberries. Owner will also sell ' 
n inmituit* roi ^*^' 

CE# $4J 


•i % 

■w IM Advws 

tiMt MlH Mwi 

MtWlM. kM IB IM 

«i au«ifM4-«K^v«ii 

l»'*tkMtM. TUllMUl 
I W«W tiMl tiM ^lIK 

f ijij lite loas iVtelM- aioatlMk 
GrafU** MMto OM«lir««««M- 

■W*> fMWt, wlUfClk !• atsty fMt Imik. 
T«* VaMBWwwr ywuMt lk4ti^ »o9«i> 

IMMT lor (iMfer MMttMra ftt UM Vm- 

cwrrvr H«t«l ImH VHii>y alKlit. Thn 
WW* IUm TIm* WMcht, dftoflitor •< 
Ito. MM Mn. iMtttt WHglit. Mi« Wm 
W fH -tmkMiK «aiigklwr «C Mr. 
J. T»l» liHk. TiM ««bii- 
M tiM «MMi* mt aMnetton In 


•• VrtA^r. oirtM ti. •kite 

«•« tiM tafiMc mOmt ttMM font* 
tiM kM«r «t iMirt^ MM •■ UMk- 
CMSI Utiw IM IMMW t»r Ottaw% t» 

kto4 to llM 

Wta k* tNM tMT to ttL 
All ttew^ll tiM W»r tlM WMMa"^ 
Ctab t»II»w«« wttM tlM 
Mt totonak Sir AxVtMTm ftdriftv*- 

** w ■iiiiiiii of 


wc— o« ttto 

"tottlafkH OA tte VMt •( tlM ^M 

trooM wklqli k* 

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tiMV »toWMitty 

•f wtollMC wUoh Ik* to> 

4tvM**l mM*k*n *r* a*w to k* mM* 

to •itwui 1* ytne*. 

X* lAdy Cwrrt* tk* ehik Is ifim* to 

wlU k* >>»— d to MMt ac*!* *l * 

ctoU** wttk tk* «bik. tt ml^it k* 
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Cwnti*. a aktor o( Sir Arkkwr. «*• 
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par coa t In aaytkkMt y <Pl tocklo.'^ 



traaek t|^ 

irtuai la batoc laid out at tko 

eomar of Qovoramonk amd Fart 


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toa coaa^ Into a«tlon aarly In tha 
ao mp a k ca. a»r wkkln aa koar of th* 
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Ibt aa amolam. aa hia aatlira atoff kad 
dkraady -subaoflkad to tk* loan. Tkia 
ki tko deal atnor Tiklato to ko 

Cinad in tkia «aai»alcn. 'Wlikik n 
ir mlnutea Capt. D a^ifda n ranc In 
to tka laklaaa manago^ far an oikHm 
tar th* ■ooordlBK aiaC of Ikk ladk. •• 
Aat laakto two. 

Tk* C4nbl*ni eom^oUtlon manaaar 
agpacta to k* tka kaaljat man to Vle- 
lary Umm 

a35^^'S CT SSg u 

t a*«» dMoad aallro- 



naw JN«m at tka 


Pirticiiltrs Apply 




It airi tMiA ibihi 

Mto»« iJS^ J^?^" 


«aMk~^Ky|Mi gaa^fat ttoaa ky 

i IrniNiMri a^i*. D«it«5rw3L 
1»T* nat SHO^OMa. da a*. Tiny 
iiUaw and alOMlvo. 


^ *f .wklto 

laaa adetaf and 
alNar atokaaMacy. Mn- WHckt 
Mia. ryfMkalkk iwsotaod wttk tkair 


to tka oval 


Mm B. rarkar Tarwood 

karo wltk tkaIr 
Mr. and Mra. B. Tarwood. 
aaa« 1m Avonno. 

Ikird of tk* danaw to ka 
andar tka Baqalmalt 
tlon Clak aaaploaa to tkat to ka koM 

ai Alaaandra 
ai • a'alook aad 
>ttanla« aalU ^aa to tka 

arokaatra la 
to aapvUr Ik* wmmM. and tk* M»»*r 
tto *f« to ka antraatod to 

Ikaa tka |ok. Ikr tk* ak— a tl Hoa 
•Mtur* of tka campaign *a oaa that 
kppoalB to a maa wko Ukaa work, 
aad. tk* man*c*r adda. If aay*na 
Iktoka tka* tkor* la a*! salac to k* 
a lot of work kandllns tkak eompatl- 

k la k*iav dona ky 
aaatilhraa of tka vartoua aaldlara* *r> 
■aalaaUona andar tka paraaaal dlr*c> 
u«n md auparvialoB of 8»rgl.-&<aJar 
HMatir. M.C. 

tt la a faatara *C mart 
laiar«it. gMag mi^.tkr 
Man of wkat a tattlia 
likik •* wall aa Ikw aaMtally 
out datalla of a iraait llaa 
tarn Mkdtns toto da«*Bta» at*. It la 
•ma to prov« a voir 
*••• and vtaIUa« 

Many novol akd 
ao^ivanlra will ka dlaplaarad. to 
Ikk wlkola tdaa to MMk n«v«l to 
aator and win ka «dr«k i rt a H ia g 
tvrB4d maa wltt ko dw hkki to a«- 

ftta^JW M- d>.^ ^ ^ 


:^'.* -; I 

Will Ddihrar'Within aty Umita 
IfUhvoodi par cord~.f4.00 

Two or OMre corda in one 
order for JeHviiy at same place 
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piMM ovMfa wffy far 
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'mmmmmimmtli U 


piato tko datolM aa wall aa to aaU 1 1^ ^'•Sf^** TLT* ^ r!*.^ 

kante to any wkd M not w«ariB« tka I llMd wlU •«»«•«*• .■^^^ 

fatoWar tovaator^ k«tt*a. Ulp a* tta MWto^ Ik iloto^ 

Prior to tka •aaelBg «w Wadnaaday 1 9«M to Ika opontks 

or Ik* <MM War 




Lest the spirit of Hallowe'en 
mian your none on PHday, 
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pitol and kavtav atoakUakad a Uttl* 
' ' H caa k* drawn 
tncldaatol to tka 
aatartalaaaaato wklek ara 
ly kald at "Tka Mat.** Maaatawlt. 
akoaM ko a kic attaadaaaa at 
tka Tkaraday nigkl danea. 
Mr. and Mm I* M. Parry and 
PkylUa and Vara, lalamad 

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.' ^ 


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SlrT^rthur Cunie GreAwl With 
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l6i(«'the -wmttB imfd'to a«rp«rttM^ on 
tfit) ■blflfera* honMmr •0h«m«. • Th« ra- 
pttt r€$ca Kn the «abj«et iaat nisht 
■tatm that the «v»rase wave now paid 
9«.dl p«r elvht-hour day, and it 
decided that this scale would have 
to' apply on ail futur* contraeta under 
the houataiK echeme.' VT! k' 

Routine buaineatt occupied the re- 
mainder of the weniny. The problem 
of new quarters for the Municipal 
Hall, and Plre Hall brought forth 
warm discussion. It beinc advocated 
by Councillor Porter that the two 
buildlhffs be biillt adjacent. The' mat- 
ter was left over without a decision 
beinc reachM. 

/ dp^aklnff on the soldiers' housing 
HeheHne» Reeve Coles expressed every 
cortfldence in the faith of the returned 
men who wished to benefit by the 
plsn. and stated tliat whatever hap- 
pened In the finaKoutcome, house rent 
in the Bs«iulnialt district would more 
than c,ov^r the amount payable to the 
Qoverdmeht on unfinished loans. 

A h»tt*r was read from the i'Viendly 
Help Society th«iikin« the Counoil for 
tbe donation of 9>*« recently vranted 
them on the request of Mrs. Croft. 

.dor. nSlt^nt Vanoouftr. 


Repairs, Infcludins coua< 
mt work, promptly attended to. Cement 
■Bd aHek Work. Store and Offloe Pit- 
mat, nine us up and we will be pleased 
t» eill wM «tve tmi an estljSaUu 


yotir Laandry to the 


tk Viclorii Steaa 

rhmm ITS 


That Entireljr Ofercomes 
Aaienc Weakness 




^Heretofore It has often boen a hope* 
Ml, task tmr m thla-^lood person to 
gain either strength or weight Nei- 
ther food or medicine In many in- 
had beneflcUkI effoot. 
What Is pniotically a perfect blodl> 
eontalalntf such stasMnts as 
Iron, haa at last been produced, and 
wl»sn taken aftsr msnti will put new 
Uto'^nd Tlyar Into people that have 
|^ai>>i»sd of ever being strong again.. 
Thlai tmtr wondsr-worklns trettt. 
ment consists of taking two small 
■k s<slats soa t a d rerroasna Vaklata at.; 
ths' X ea i pf every msaL - 

Sills nrdBaaidnl kfa^^ua^^a ^■^^iiaa 
narlshment. vim. cnergy-^-sf .ds a 
mt vtgnrens. atrtngth-maktaii 
to e'vevy nook and eomer of 


m Pl«k np fknt. Pay ky 

avppctte improvaa. — tkis 

•sstf in 

M Win kMMaiM 

Hundreds of men In Victoria who 
have been (tonnectsd with the Flttk 
Regiment, 6.GJL., gatharod at tha 
Alexandrpt Club last night to Uke 
part in t'he smoker and reunion hold 
do enable the nMmkars and 'ex-mem- 
bers of the famous organisation and 
Oeneral Sir Arthur Currle to meet 
once more. 

The tables wkleh dotted the hall 
were well decorated in the style which 
In pre-war years made the smokers 
of the Pifth .so popular, and busy 
committeemen saw to -U that smokes 
and libations were constantly avail- 
able all through the evening. 

A characterlstie incident marked 
Sir Arthur Currle's arrival amid a 
storm of cheers. Noticing that the 
table reserved for his use was set on 
a platform at th« far end of the hall, 
he asksd that It be moved more to 
the centre, and while sundry officers 
removed the table he picked up his 
chaJr and placed it where he had old 
fiends all around him. 

To Meet Onoe More 

After a number of items of the pro- 
gramme had been rendered Col. W. 
N. Winsby. who was in the chair, 
welcomed General Currle. sajrlng "The 
idea of this great reunion of the old 
Fifth was to give present members, 
as well as the real oldttmers. a chance 
to meat Sir Arthur, and also to glv« 
him an opportunity which he greatly 
desired of once more meeting you 
fellows. Many of us have fought in 
France; we know well that #e were 
about as good as the best over there, 
and we also know that but for good 
leadership the best would have failed, 
that leadership we had in Sir Arthur 
Currie. His awards and honors oattia 
to him through sheer merit. 

"The Canadian Corps atUlned its 
objectives because every man knew 
full well that th«|r chief was fully 
qualided to prepare and plan all ad-^ 
vanees. So All your glasses, al| of 
you, for I propose to you the health 
of Sir JWrthur Currie, the Fifth Regi- 
ment's pride and the greatest soldier 
Canada has produced." 

Know Nearly Kvcryone 
"Cheers, handclappinp and "He's a 
jolly good fellow" greeted Sir Arthur 
Currie as he took the floor and com- 
menced to speak of his early connec- 
tion with the Fifth Regiment. "I 
feel very happy to be here this night; 
Jt seems like old times to s«e your 
faces with me. 1 can name most of 
you. I can never forget that it was 
in the Fifth Regiment that I was a 
gunner, a, corporal (like Mulvaney, 
I'Ve got a picture to prove It), and 
that I was the chief of a record- 
holding organisation when I was at 
your head. 

"It is a proud privilege for me to 
.be able to say that when I saw the 
whole of the militia strength of Can- 
ada at Valeartler. I was struck by 
the fact that the Fifth Regiment had 
not, to take Dir its hat to any other 
unit in Canada." 

After t«llln« of Incidents In France 
connected with many of the men pres- 
ent Id the hall. General Currte said 
"The great motto of the Canadians In 
France was 'Rvery chance you set to 
kin the boche, kill them,' and that motto 
Is a good one to live up to today In 
this country, for I want to say that 
every city in Canada has right now Its 
quota of German agents and secret ser- 
vice workers, trying to create a feel- 
ing of unrest. We have some of these 
fientrx Irt Victoria, I know their namfs, 
and their favored line of work is to 
sow dlssatlsfactioa among the returned 
soldiers, particularly against the offl- 
cers. In spite of the fact that most of 
the commissioned ofllcers, came out of 
the ranks." 

Wa» ■■■ilniemassB 

Speaking of th«r dlfllcultles which 
faced the Canadians In the early days 
of the war General Currle cited the al- 
lowance of ammunition per gun as .l>e- 
Ing "Three roqnds, per sun, per day, 
perhaps," as compared with the use of 
7,000 tons of (O-pr. shells in one day In 
October. 191 a. when the great advance 
was on. He said that the only war In- 
novation which the Germans introduced 
to artillerists was that heavy guns 
could be made mobile, the three real in- 
vention* of barrage Are, harasslsK worK 
on crossroads and frequented points, and 
counter-battery work, were all Intro- 
duced by the British. 

"I am always proud of what our gun- 
ners did. Think of Hill 70, a bard- 
fought tkgliU On August It we took 
our objectives on time, and In the next 
elKht days the boche counter-attacked 
35 .times, and never retook a single Inch. 
They used gas* lavishly, too. and as 
you boys. Carter. Conyers, and others of 
'you who were there know too well, gun- 
ners cannot set their slabts with their 
sas masks In place, mo they Just took 
them off and took on the chances. Rather 
than let the infantry down they wero 
wllllns to die. and a aas death is a 
terrible end. That was the spirit of the 
artillery, well put by a serireaat when 
General Morrison, chief of the arflllery, 
remarked to him. i^fter the action was 
ended. 'Teu've certainly had a hard 
time.' The sergeant's reply ^-as 'Tes, 
those eleven months In Rnsland were 
certainly HeU.' 

"Now. I want to say that I'm glad to 
see the old regiment starting up again. 
I can't say -today just whst the future 
•f tks Mllltia of Canada will be. but 
you've sent 4* sact r s and IJIM men 
away to war withoat a single cent bav- 
ins to bo sps n t ta raise ti 
a bsttsr r essrd la 
yaa sent. 

llM V,C. la asavlaos 
wars. As be planed the medal oa 
SoTfl. Mutqa^y he saMi -^ ns* malv 
•oatxatttlttd you bat your prond fatbsg 
aiae. who nrst ta««ht me to ls<t'tum 
'and ngkt um." ^ 

aigfe sncosss attsaded tha m »g » a «M 
of tha eveglnii, bazlag.' songs. r4«Ra- 
tlons. and splendid, part stnging by the 
▲rloa Club^drew great* applause, and 
Miss BelU Oliver, of the Padtagea, gikve 
three songs lata In the sfvaning whisk 
delighted evergona. 


A,n amsndmant to the MunlcHMl 
▲et to prevent the City Council from 
''continually braaklog the law" vraa 
»ropoosd last night by Aid. W. J. aar< 

The alderman referred to tha tach- 
nlcalttiee that should bo performod 
firom tUua to time and which often 
aacape the notice of tha Counoil until 
something happens ta bring them 
forcibly to Ha mind. The Municipal 
Act, as at present drawn up, makoa it 
obligatory upon the Council to post 
notices of motion at least X4 hours 
before action Is taken In respact to 
all matters dealt with, thus making 
It Impossible for the Council to 
"cover up" Its error or oversight 
without considerable delay. The 
alderman contended that It should be 
possible for ^e Council to take spoad- 
ler action. 

Last night,- for«. City En- 
gineer F. M. Preston reported that, 
technically speaking, he's, was still 
building Inspector, despite ^e fact 
that Mr. J. Bar was appointed to that 
position several weeks ago. According 
to law, the Council will have to wait 
until Its next meeting before a reso- 
lution relieving Mr. Preston can ba 

Aid. Sargent argued that an amend- 
ment to the Municipal Act to prevent 
the recurrence of "embarrassing sitii- 
aUons like this" was advisable. City 
Solicitor H. S. Pringie was asked to 
report on the matter. 


Camosun Chapter, I.O.D.B., fevenlng 
card party at Alexandra Club Tues- 
day, November 4. 

Island Arts and Crafts Club tenth 
annual exhibition. Belmont Building, 
October 23rd to October 29th. Open 
1 to • p.m. dally. 

The ladies of St. Mary's Church, 
Oak Bay, are holding li Rummage 
Sale at 2017 Douglas Street, Oatober 
26, at 10:90 a.m. 

West Road Hall, Saanlch — Mas- 
querade Ball, Wednesday, October 29. 
Good prises; good floor. Jdlas Thain's 
Orchestxik Gents, 75c; ladies, 25c. 

The usual Thursday night dance 
at the Sailors' Club will Hake the 
form of a masquerade. Good prises 
and refreshments. 

The Ladles' Guild of St. John's 
Church will hold a aalc of work on 
Saturday, November 29, not October 
29, as stated In Sunday's Colonist. 

One hundred and twonty-fice dollars 
in prises at big Fancy Dress Ball dt 
Alexandra Chib Friday, Noven\ber 7. 
Tickets now on sale at Bpencer'a. 

Camosun Pickling Vlnsgar Is the 
result of man/ years' practical axpari- 
ence. Guaranteed to j^reyerva any 
vegetable or fruit Don't usa Table 
Vlnagar tdr pickling. 

Phone 2477 Marinello for Chirop- 
ody, electrolysis, facials (nine dif- 
ent kinds), marcelling, scalp treat- 
ments, \^lldren's hair cutting, girls 
and boys, 517 Say ward BIdg. 

108rd Battalion Timber Wolves Club 
Re-unlon Dinner will be held in tha 
Dominion Hotel on Wednesdky, Oct. 
29th. at 7:15 p.m. Tickets on sals at 
Messrs. Wilkerson's, Whitney's, Mor- 
ris' g|id 8ervlc« Clubs. ^,. 

'■ •'■ VAT- k 

Dance by members of St. Paul's 
Royal Naval Station Church at the 
Rectory, 1379 Esqulmalt Road. Rs- 
qulmalt, Tuesday, October 28, 1919. 
8 p.m. to 13. Admission 75r. Heut- 
on's orchestra. Refreshments. 

WalUIng Competition, to be held 
at the Foundation Club House, Wed- 
nesday. Oct. 29th. Jqdges: Mr. R. 
Vipond, Mr. I... Oliver and Mrs. Simp- 
son, '.liree prises. Osard's Orchestra. 
Admission 50c. 

A Military FIvo Hundred Drlva will 
be held under the auspices of the 
West Saanlch Women's Institute ut 
their rooms. Sluggett Station. Wed- 
nesday evening. October 29. Mrs. J. 
Murray, secretary. Brenfwood. 

Meeredy School of Dancing. Com- 
rades' Club, comsr of Douglas and 
Broughton. Beginners' Class. Tues- 
day, S p.m.; Thursday, 8 p.m.. Ad- 
vanced Dancing— one hour's instruc- 
tion, two hours' dancing. Children's 
Class, 2:30 p.m. Saturdays. Phono 
0595 U 


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V Se^ Fhisk 

THERE has never been such i ^sjp\zy tyf- handsome- Goats as are bein|» 
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The models are developed from ^'h^sbest grade materials, and reveal expeit 
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.COATS OF . ;v^ 

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■n .value, Made whh coinicrtihle collar^ ^ ,;4* » 1*«^ collar and* cuffs of opossum, 
belt and fancy pockets. !f45.00, . , , ,, ,' I* features novelty pockets. fO».SO. 



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A smart bcHed model pf Salt's Plush made wi)th fam^ pock^rts and-ctifft. 

Pricef59.50. • > .- : J-j »>'.i.i:*'f i-^;.'*-*>f^4* -^ $-*^ ■ -■■' •--• -i- 

Oeorge D. Davis, the bos export. Is 
now open to engagement. Have your 
baes attandad to by a professiotuti; 
advioo given, extracting done. W. 3. 
Savory, HOT Broad StraaC Phaaa 

St. John Ambulance Classes for 
Woman — The first lecture In First 
AM will be delivered by Or. Price at 
7:20 p.m.. October 29. in the Com- 
rades Club Hall, Courtenay Street. 
Intending members picasa notify Mrs. 
WallactP Orlme, phona MOL. 

lei pt bait's flush 

1^ i»*M < ^^ti 'MiUmery at 

! ; Fur-Trimmfd'^ ^^^ ^„^ ^^^^ 


- V 

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pt style and has trimmed 

' collar of Hudson's seal, 

.ftl2.50. , . ^ 

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in^a smart novelty style in 

iWlpi^ pintttcks »ii(l rowy of 
buttons plav a prominent 
part. It nt "trimmed with 
collar and cuffs of opossum, 

f iaa.50. 

A suit of naVy silvertone 
velour made in a distincthe 
belted style and featuring a 
collar of grey squirrel in 
stole^effect. flSS^OO. 
Other models from |I97 JiO. 

■^it ' . n ^ ""^ 

■These -*affir '•mall 
prices indeed^ (or 
hats of saah quality, 
^nd that reveal so 
much st>'le as these. 
There is a wide as- 
sortmeiit in which 
black and «. almost 
every fajdrionable 
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Large brimmed hats 
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trimmings that are 
so smart and be- 


i ' 

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^ "> 'A splendid weight and quality offered in brownb Pt^!(!^ 
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.The. continued prosperity of Canada, and incidentally of V^ictoria, depends to a 
lar^e extent on the success of the sale of the 1919 Victory Bonds. Yon wUI help 
to cctn.<%olidate the industries of your community uid will crei|te a splendid invest- 
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PhMM lt78w Vint Flosr It77. Btooses, Ungetic and Concta ItTt 



1 • 

Women's Canadian Club — A' recap- 
tion in honor of neneral Sir Arthur 
and Lady Carria win ba bald In tha 
Kmpress Hotel Friday. October 21. 
from 4 to p.m. A good musl<al 
programme has baan arranged. 
Aftsmooa tea will ba sarrsC Admis- 
sion SVC 



University Women Listen to 
Report by Mefnbers of In- 
tereslif« Meetii^ WM in 
Winnipce RtcanQy 


In tiinr new Fall Boots. H^ top lace nattem^ Muck 
Udi-iiKk «tMl brown ddf ^ laaitary and Cuban heels. 
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( Kbtois and GiiM Bo»t» 

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Hip rtMiiyii 14.50 ind .... . . • .^ . . .,. . .'« •98.00 

f «.> 

^iB^let, SpdHipc Goods and Toys 



ProTincial Baseball 
AiwdatioD Lw8cteH 






'The test Track vtln« ||i tk« wofld toAsy. p«ii*t UU our word alone 
for it. Have a DemonatratiOR. 


p^ gi^ MU^ f;«»: CiMib PloM 1S17 

— — ^> 

Jack O'Brien, of Victoria, Elect- 
ed President-^-Championship 
Tournament Will Prbbably 
Be Held Next Year 


!ii!4fCHl^ FR£i: 

Do you smoke I Then we've fol it! 
Hookah Plii^*» ««t;=lrishctiy! 

Doii'l watch! Come in! The Home of 

From^'an Orkntal 

a: MORRlj^, 


VAMOOUVSE. 0«t af •— VIM Brltlah 
CohNBbi» AohUmh' ■ §— » « n ieae ete - 
tlon earn* Uito «dM*»o» 8fttard*y 
nlcht at » r*pr«M|tt*^v« gatlMrlBC oC 
•nwteur offlelAliL 

Tw«lv« deleot— . f» r— e tttlug Ave 
toacaee, W«M te ■!!• nOinoe at tlie 
mMtliiv. Vletoria wm r epra— nfJ by 
^«« detosatee. M««r«. J. O'Brien. Wal- 
ter X«orlmer, W. BluemthaU George L 
Warren and J. W. DUworth. 

BlecUon of oMtoeffft^fMUtted •• (el< 

Hon. preeldeat— ^ F. Ourer. 9r^, 
Bldeat. J. O'Brtea. Vlotorta: flrit Ttee- 
preeMeat. Oi C. Netlaoa. New Weet- 
mtneter; eeoond Ttea-preeident. J. B. 
liOiee. Vaaoourer; aeeretarjr-trea^rer, 
J. W. DUworth. VIetorU; eaecuUve. 
lleeira. C. W. Weber. Taacouver. O. I. 
-Warrea. Vietaria, Corey Heeoe., Van- 
couver. The eaeeatlvo committee waa 
authorised to proceed Immediately 
#Uh the draninc of % eonsUtutton. 
which wlU bo m<^Uad after ,that of 
the Ontario aMoelatlon. 

It was decided to divide the pro- 
Tlnoe up Into sections which will giro 
at least fivs dlvlstoas. The leacues 
In-these dlstriots will conduct their 
iicttlar sehedaliB dufUr Ui* Bammer 
•ad wUl then play oft the -winners of 
the other sections. cogdIUoas for same 
to be outlined by the execUtlTe. It U 
Altacother llliety that a championehip 
tournament wlU be held next year. 


iJbW TORK. Oct, S7 — ^A temper- 
ary iajaaetioa against B. B. Johnson, 
nresident of the America Baseball 
Xcsgue. rcetralnlns him from sus- 
pending PHoher Carl Mays of the 
New York Americans, pending dis- 
position of the case by the courts, 
has been granted by Supreme Court 
Justice Wagner. 

The inju««tlen Waa granted on the 
application of the New Tork Club. 


In the Bmpress Hotel Millard han- 
dicap last night Perry (e. SO) beat 
Patten ( o. M) by »7 poUtts. 





PAJUB. Oet. iT 

three ttoatha ad tmelMg la . 

y«ir. aneardlnt to flgtMa eom^Oad by 

tiM mnlstnr e( Afrtedltvrd. Of tlutt 

bettam. I»«bmi paAd oat by the mn- 
tuelg as foHowa: 

mae millle« franca ta WOUMW m^ 
tsrprlw in #ef>stotad area*: aU aO- 
ilaa traaes to chdHtaMa argaj ii aa t lo a it 
and the rest le breoden aa pretaUiBaa. 

IMtflag the saave pAlod the pabUe 
paM T.Sd«.Md firahca aa eatraaea feea 
ta the raeetimaKs. U thts rata oea- 
tlaaes the expandltare for edmlsalnna 
for the year will aa»aaat to withia 
flflaea mUUdn fraaes and the pereent- 
a«e of bets taken by the mutaals wlU 
approslmata ftfty -three aatolio n francs. 


-"^'t --■ ' ■ " ' ' ■• ' .;^. "■.■-•. 

Not Considered Likely that a 

Franchise Can Be Bought in 

Coast Baseball League — 

Tacoma Also Disappointed 


Barry at Last Defeated After 
Holding Both En«jish aifd 
Worid's Championships for 
Long Term of Years -^ ^ 

Ut us allow you lK»«r infSMitiiig ImnMI (IM. 
CciM down some eveniiig ^md-lrvB wiB Imit« • fiqM 

vmf Bowiiiici auuet 

(Formerly Arcade Bowllag Alley) 






Lot^kM Bests PMroC 

iAtT tAKB Cirr, Cot. iT.^-Jlm 
l«ndos. Greek , wrestler, defeated 
Dan Petroff. Balkan wrestler, in a 
hard-fought ma,tch. PetrolY gained 
the first tall In nine minutes with a 
jackknife hold.' liPndos woi^ Bte 

ti 1(1 ' ' I rt ■' Tiwn 'mil 

^second after sixty-six minutes With 
A flying mare and crotch and also 
took the third with a toe and re- 
verse body. X/ondos surrendered the 
first fall and Petros the third to 
avoid unneeeasary puitiahmeat. ,, |lie 
men are light hekVyirelghta. 


'-a small attachment that uses all oily waste vapors 
from the crank-case of your autemobile, and after 
being charged wit|l». steam, is fed to the cylinders. 

Brings dflj^y^y ,i«»<>'^gf ^^ 

Qtres ■(•Ht"l|5iifW%ad iMf^'tvyovrfCan "** 

Keeps cylliider* absolutely free of carbon. 

Keeps car out of the repair tbop; 

Smalt and easy to attach. 

Price that suits all. 


MOTOR NEciaMnrniaB co. 

Sou Distributor, Canada and U.S. 
701 II.C. PerasMMrt U«i Bldf . PkoM aTM 



Ladysmlth" Athletics Beat Na- 
naimo United in Sundays 
Game— South Wellington Is 
St|ll in the Lead 

— — — f?t. / v. 

liAPTSMITK. Oct^ t7.— A Urge 
crowd of spectators assembled on the 
LAdysmith AthleUo Ghrownds on Sun- 
day, when the' Athlettoa met Nanatao 
United la the Up-Island League. The 
lAdysmlth team wag completely dU- 
organised owing to two of the regular 
players not being able to play, and 
thus neceeritatlng eeveraf changes in 
the Itne-up. With this big disadvan- 
tage^ ladyfinith was far too good fbr 
Nanalmo, having things pretty much 
their own Way aM the i<Une though. 
They were, howey^, ealy able to 
score on one oocasloA, AMhough their 
chances were many. 

The first half of the ganke was slow, 
neither team showing any great speed 
and neither showing the combination 
of play customary with these teams. 
The best work of this half was car- 
ried out by tM Ladysmlth right for- 
wards, who sent in eayeral good cen- 
tres that were hot put to good use. 

The second period Was very differ- 
ent. Both teams livened 'up the pro- 
coedings. and the apectators were 
treated to real football. The Lady- 
smlth forwards set a pace that was 
too fast tor the Kanalmo men, thus 
leaving an excess of work to the de- 
fence, which prevented any sOore un- 
Ul far en in the eecond half, when 
Copp, otttaids left, nnetted the ball 
froya a centre from the right. Fol- 
lowing a dispute by the Nanalmo 
men over the legality of the goal 
Ijeigh, full back, left the fleldr There 
waa no further, scoring, and Lady- 
smlth thus won by a goal to nothing. 

Of the Ladysmlth forwards. Battle, 
ttoyteUd and f^rlex played splendid 
gsehes. Fairley. in partleular, playing 
a hard and fast game. Wargo, at full 
baek. and Wright, right half, 
the plek of the defenco. 

SBATTLB, Oet S7.-^ Sao Fran- 
elsee special d l epa t e h ^a teday'a^FoeU 
IntelUgeacer eays: 

Tl)e delegatea of the Paolfio Coast 
Baseball League dosed their annual 
meeting here this morning with the 
moat important step taken being the 
almost final deckdea that the aaakeup 
of the circuit shall remain the same 
and the axtendias of very Uttle^hope 
to Vaneouver^aad Tacoma la answer 
to their appNeatlons for a franchise. 

Bob Browti, of Vancouver, p.C.. was 
Introduced and again given an. oppor- 
tunity to preeent his request for per- 
mission to enter the league. Brown 
exptaUned that^K was not the desire 
of the business men of Vaneouver to 
force any preeent club out of the 
league, but they would like permission 
|o buy a franchise. 

Be was accorded permission to buy 

the franchise if any club desired to 

sell, but It was the general belief that 

no club In the league wishes to part 

'with its holdings. 

Dick Bgan, speaking for Tacoma, 
took another tack in his requeet for 
entrance into the league. He aaid 
Taooma would like Thureday after- 
Bomi baeebaU with the ether five 
gamee being played In Seattle. This 
would mean continuous baseball for 
Seattle aa Is the caae with Leo Angeles 
and San Pranclsco. 

WilUam Riepper, the BeatUe dele- 
gate, gave his support ta the scheme 
and moved that the lenkue be in- 
«reaged to ten clubs. Putnam, of the 
San Franolsco club, axplalnad that it 
would be Impoesible to arrange a ten- 
club eireult and said tto leagua^ might 
•a wen have twenty ohtba. A« in all, 
the- ehaneee for either Vancouver or 
•nMoma getung Into the C6ast league 
are not considered bright enough even 

to diecuss. 



PUTNBT, Bag.. Oct 27. — Alfred 
mslton. of Australia, today defeated 
Braeat Barry, tax many yeara soulUag 
ehamplon. for the sculling okaw^ 
ploaship ot UM .world. 

The new ehamplon. who is SO years 
old. first came into public notice in 
^SlS when he ntet Amst, oao time 
holder of the world's championship, 
ka a mftch for the Australian cham- 
pienship and waa defeated. Peltoa 
next took part in a triple race for the 
Anstnaian Utle. but was defeated by 
Paddon. who subsequeatly lost to 
Barry on> the Thawea. 

BmeSt Barrr had hsld the BngUsh 
championship since ISOS . and the 
world's championship since August 1%, 
It II. when he defeated Arnst on the 


I HocdMy Players CoMrary 
^to UwflfeBtaadii^ 

^TOBGNTO, Oct t7. — ^At the tenth 
annual meeting of the Ontario branch 
of the A. A. U. of C. hers on 8atur« 
day lilght, the members plated them* 
selves on record as deprecating the 
wh^leeale reinstatement of a number 
of jprOfesBlona| hockey players by 
some of the WMrtern provincial 
bodlee. The reported action of theae 
branches in attempting to reinstate- 
such profeesibnals aa Mickey Mo- 
Kay. Bame Stanley and others to 
amateur rank was regarded as eon-, 
trary to the spirit and understand- 
ing afiven the Eastern delegates be- 
fure the special autonomy which was 
granted the West. 

To conform with all other Provin- 
cial branches. It was the e x preaelon 
of opinion by delegatea that all ath- 
leteo in everjit line of amateur athletics 
should take up registration cards 
with the branch. 
The new oftcers are as follows: 
President, J. W. Ward, of Hamil- 
ton; vice'Prealdent. J. Degruch/: 
second vice-president, W. H. Smith; 
seoreUry. W, P. Trivett; treasurer. 
R. Hunt. „ ;• 

Milliards >^>^ 

(Wtwiaila Bad l^rtaU) -^^^f -rr 

Podcet Billiards, StorSi 
Cafe, Pountaf 
1^ ♦: Bret Floor 

Hnest ^iniard R<^ Tif 
i» Canada 

iilSlS GtfmMl^L 

> ^ . Vidarfa, B.C: '-' 


.- -J A"^ 

A Pay&g Investment— Victory Boods. 


'f: -^v 'Av; 

Cold Daysf 1^1^]^ 'isy Days! 

: rWOF 


i-:*;, H'i 


Comparatively Small Stock of 
Pheasants This Year In Con- 
sequence of Mistaken Policy 
—Blue Jay a. Menace 

The LIMOUSINE I* *hemoitcomfohaMe way of motoring. ^ '! 
We rent them ani^ touring <arf any time of the day or night » ^ 

0€ ^ * C. TAH ' 

me immttt 

Blasazlne Ofarctte CJases 

We have jtisf received' a nlce')i^sprtinet|t iii' It^tbor wid. 
Electroplate. Priced at $125. $2.00, |2.50 and $4.^. '^ V 

jf^'ik' "' ToUaoeoniat 

^£m^nk Building ^J «10 Vtew St^jaet 

ST. PAUU Oct. 17.— Mike O'Dowd 
of St. Paul, middleweight champion. 
%nd Mike Glbbona also of St. Paul, 
one of the, leading aspirants for the 
title, have been matched to fight ten 
roundST here November SI. John K. 
Reddy announced that the contest 
will be a no-decision affair, that 
O'Oowd will receive $15,000 and 
Qlbbons wni git thirty-five per cent 
of the receipts. O'Dowd and Olb» 
hons have never met. 


L. Cr:5mith Guns 

\ Ejector ^nd One-Trincr 

^ i%.4,6a]id2aGaufe. 

E. CM Prior & Co. 

lindMri Ltafaiikr 
!}er. GoverMpt and Johnson Sts. 

sating. South Wellington Is a h ead« 
and has one mere game to ptey at 
heme, via, Cambsrland. Tlie A tM e ii ee 
have aU their games at homa^ and. tf 
Mceeesfnl la eaeh. wtlLtle with Soath 
Welllagtoa la the event of CUmbor- 

at Waniag- 
toa. combertaas mMia SoMB Wet- 

No Aetten TWna ]|egavdln« V 
v«r and 'Temn—s App Uo a tl eae 
for ItanoMsa 

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. S7.— Select- 
ing wniUm H. McCarthy. weH known 
local sportsman, to fill the vacancy 
caused by the resignation of Allaa 
T. Baum. as preeldent, the Paelfle 
Coast League virtuany wound tip all 
th^ lAportcat business at Ita annual 
meeting here Saturday. 

Several candidates were considered 
for the poeKlen. ineladlag Barry 
WlllUms. a Los Aageleo newspeper 
man. and Timothy Hale, a local 
attorney and former newsi>ap«r 
man. On final consideration, how- 
ever, McCarthy was eleeted unani- 
mously. «Hls name was proposed by 
the San Francisco Club. 

RapresenUUvss of V aneorer, B.C . 
and Tneema. Wash., were present, 
aeeking to eeeure fradehlaes fbr ball 
elubo for those dtlea. They pr e p sssd 
tiM entargessent ot the leane to 
ten dube to admit Vaaeeov«r 
•nteomat No action was lakaa. 



Week-end hunters mostly bring the 
same kind of report regarding Uie 
pheasants as after the first few days 
of the season — pheasants none too 
plentiful and quail more plentiful 
than ever beforp. Many limit bags 
have been made of the latter game 
birds and correspondingly few of the 
former. What UmU bags havb been 
made of pheasa4.ts must be credited, 
mostly to thoos who, have had the 
privilege of shooting on big private 

Several theories are mooted to ac- 
count for the comparative scarcity of 
pheasants — K>r instance, the cold 
breeding season and the dry October 
weather — but K would seem more 
probable that tlte true reason is that 
an open season wss given on hen 
bhrds last year, two a day being al- 
lowed throughout the season. In the 
middle of laet season several habitual 
hunters expressed the opinion that if 
the shooting of hens was allowed to 
continue, the stock of pheasants this 
year In Saanlch would suffer very 
greatly, and It looks very much as 
though their prophecies had come 

Jt would be a good Idea if the 
newly-formed Game AfMolatlon wero 
to use their Innuendo to keep the 
hens protected this ysar ine taa d of 
allowing an open weak for team at 
the end of the seasen. 

The theory that a cold breeding 

la reeaonalhle for a searelty of 

WUl hardly eosvlnoo. 

inigsMin kt-, -tm Rdi s ImUt mi 

1ft. N^ tJgaVFES' 

(Saectsiior to Plelmi H Leafesty) 



Adc fbr Trairener <Hr Travelkr's CLuh ^.^ 
Unkm Mhuk CSgar "^ 

Every Box Carriss CerttBcatB of Pure Htvaiia Leaf 


Soto DiitrttNrtors 
4918 1V0(MM 


Get the Habib«-Meei me at Pitz> 
. Tlqr Ov Pirss Apptos 



a «aa tao test tmt 
Md plAawMh 

Othere are of the opinloa that It was 
aa aaeellent braedlag ssason. and the 
abaadanee of quail, ths 
birds to saffer from eold 
would ssem to amp^ 
osrrsstnsss of any sadh 
A esrtala aambor of 
aayhow. seme Sew by 
many mors by design, 
a rule easier to get than 
If the sCoefc of yoang hens In Saanlch 
Is farther depletsd. n 
big if a eloaed 


AbsOt the *<BIiAW WtW' 

Come hi tomorrow ait.we win fro^e to yov 
ftbeolule iatisf action tbtft this burner will save yam 
money. See it in operation and yon will br eon' 
wiaitd that ite labor-savin; ' possiblttties ire* tre- 
oiendCNae. It it a small, inexpemiye device Jtfiat 
fts into tbe fir^oi of any ordinary lanfe. 
Hundreds are in nse and ghrinf €¥(1^ satlsf actte 

MckiBSOB-Saiith Snleg Go 




Damage Sale 

q0i>tinues and hun- 
dreds of men are bene- 
by the values 
thkt are available. 


If yoii want a Suit, an Overcoat, some 
^ yilderw(^ar, Shifts, Socksr-anythipg to* 
Ki^jhif-^nbiw is your chance to buy the best 
; at little prices. 5 ' ^ r - 



V^aiM-MiUi atid Rcgvlar Modd Rob^is^d TwMd 

V Oyerc6iii5. Regular $50.00 and C91 7^ 

^935.00 valtaes for , 4...^... 9«iXf rw 

; I "..I -.ii ; rkiiv^ ■iifiiii.i k'TiiVi I »i i 


"Youll Like pur aothts"--.Rfd.. ^^^>; 

1117 Govemmettt St. / '^ 



I , 

Garry Off Bulk of Honors in 
Inter-CoNegiate Meet in New 
Stadium-^Quean's and To- 
ronto Other Competitors 

MONTRKAU OC|k tT.--Tha teUr- 
X*> ehaaaploiuihlps to*k piKO* 
y ^«riUMMi vitlk Um re»M- 
wwhiMmn of MeOau Qucm's bb^ 
Tjprohto \*arsttr eoMpotlas. TIm pro- 
^^•illnss were opeaad by th« toraukl 
dodieatlon of the acw McOlII alad- 
lam. er»ci«d «t a'^ooat of ITi.tM 
l^vtn by the lato Capt. Porehral M«l> 
^M. who «pM In aetloa J«ly 4. )»IT. 

Aa addntw wa* raiifi: by Dean 
Moyra to bteuti-^L HoV^arl Molaen. 
brother of 'iha donor, aeknow1«dglnc 
the prMMirtatlon on behalf of McQIIl. 
The batldlnv was formallx deelarell 
fepavod by Kroll NoDoaald. ehalr- 
iaan of tha tuilvcraity atadlom com- 

A raianiary of rcaults follows: 
' lft«-Tards — W. R. Kennedy. Me- 
Glll. wea: J. C Hay. McGill. saeond; 
a 0. Cdlwett. Toro^tAk UUrd. V^^me 
ll^^ft saconds. . ^ J * ■ % 
'BiM Mil*— R. U Hatamon. slaGlll. 
won: J. D. KIbc. McOIU. seoond; 
M. P. MeLaod. Toronto; third. Time 

Falf VaaW — j. Q ; countorman, 
^f^lroqld.'wol: VTTS. AatliUra. Hciaill. 
■aeoad; P. F. ' Melalyra. Toronto, 
third. Hel«ht. • foet 7 Inches. 

Siateen Pound Hammer Throw — 
R. I^ranJc Qneon's. woh: R. F. Foa- 
ter. Toronto, second; IX F. McXlIlan. 
iCeOlIU tblrd. Dlstanae. in , faat 
fMV IK laches. 

Ona' Mlla— Ii U. HMntltoo. McOttl. 
aran;:J: D. Knlc.r MoOlll. aacaad: 
R. A. Jaoaleaan. ^Toronto, third. 

4:B0 •4*t. ,• ': ,- r* t- ( ,••;?* *■« 's 

Rttanlnc Broa^ Jam|»-I>1^! R. ICalk- 
aady. MoOUU won: K. M. Walla. Mc 
am, aaMM: i- 9^' Rldlay, Toronto, 
third. Dlstanca.' 21 faat. S% Inchee. 

239-T«rda— D. Jol»nplon, MoOUI. 
won; J. C. Hay. MoOlll. aseond; K. 
Cas8«t. Tarinato, third. Time S4 l-f. 

Puttlns 14-Pound Shot— W. R. 
Frank. Queens, won; R. 8. Foatsr. 
T^roato, second; X J. Hotteaa. Mc< 
QUI. third. Distance. 17 faat. llVfc 

i^chef. '; . ,^ ... :. , . ., r j,„^ , 

Runnlna Hlfh Jvqdikr-W. R. Kan- 
aady,- IfuQJl}. and D. ID. Fosse. Mc- 
Gill. tied for first pUca; K. d. Car- 
rathars. Toronto, and J. B. Ridley. 
Itoron^o. tl«d for third place. Winders 
'jump S feet, 4 H, Inches; Ri<|lay and 
Carruthart t oast d fbr third pUca. and 
Rl4tley won. The XCoQlU bi«^ did 
n#t ' tofs '.tpr iRrst place. . '-' 'i_i' , 


NiVTAlifO. 0«t. 17.— In Ih^iir- 
llidliata tTp-Islalid. foeeer the nearb' 
ortahised Sportsman's B«^et of Nsp 
natmo was beaten 'jbty t Woftarn 
Pastime Athletics of, NaatsJtono by S^ 
2. the. aMp:ie being: plA)^ on Iha 
Qrlcket ^rounda. Wlisen icored two 
tfMl^ and- Wardla one rfar Wpdtorn 
l^tlma. Nesve and lIlbBtpsato .got 
a.aoal aa^h for tha oth^ aide. Aid. 
Biirnip ^rgit refOrae. Tha taams ifiisd 
up as . fallows : Western Pastlpie-^ 
tlllver. HaUAiMI. HUidmarsh, SprtMilon. 
Paraons.^ <!arr. Jaakaatw ^Oaln. Mnn. 
Wacdlr. R.. Wllaon. Bportsmen'a But- 
la(i^-#araMi. . W. Thl»ihs*n. MMlbam. 
Murdoch, Oordop, 8. Boyd« Thomp- 
son. Hill, Ai Boyd, ^rr.-Ne«Cva. 


^ HOW IN Wmk. 

la Vancouver on 
Naffambcr %. Repra- 
seaa4tl«as aatiUad to ba at 

will ba tfMk each fran tkb 
of Tictorta. Van^aai- 
Xasr WaataUnstar. L«dya»|th 
tha laaal ooaacU for NaaatdMw 
taaaUiar wttlT oaf rapraoesitatlva 
each of the alttsd bodies, tha Bi4t- 
tab Oohnabta ksaaeb of the -Catta- 
diaa iMnataar Bwtannlna A^soela- 
tlop and «ha British Cohrabin 
FoothaO AasoelsitloQ. Prsaldaat 
ManaonWlU also hava a rota. 

Um main busfaeaa to be dia- 
cosssd will be the report from Mr. 
Dave Latth. who was elaetad ftoat 
vica-prealdent of tha. AJLU. of C 
of tha raeetlna he at t a a dad at 
Ot^ara. and also the stand to be 
taken, cenesally oa Mi$ jiafhatata- 
mant propoaltloa. ! ^ • 



» • 

BOSTON. Oct. ST. — Gaorse (Babe) 
Roth, world ehamploB home-run 
hitter of the Boston Americana, rfsid 
before Iravlnc for Itoe Anaelea to^ 
nl«ht that "he would demand I2tt,0«0 
salary next year. , 

"I will not play with the Red 
Sox." he declared, "unleaa I fet 
t20.*00. I feel t%at I made a bad 
move last year %|iaB ' I slaned a 
three- year contract . to .play lor ,'t20.>' 
004. The Beaton Club, raallaed much 
on my valua, and. I think that I am 
entitled to twice aa much as ny coa- 
tract calls for." 

Ruth, who plans to make an In- 
deOnlte stay on the Pacdilc Coast, 
said that he did iM>t expect to hear 
from President Harry Frasee of the 
dub until the cittb was ready to 
move south. Mr. Frasee. who was 
here today, did not 'aee Ruth, and 
had nothing to say about baa.>ball 
before leaving for New York tOQiaht. 


In the Two Ja^ks Billiard l<eaaua 

St nicht the B section 'match played 
Iween the tefons captained by 
Irlah and Sale ended la a win far the 
fprtner by 1244 to lf4a> the fuH 
scores beinc as foUowa: 

Irish (Capt.) .'^« 

Penketh ^ ; . *.Y&t . \'p . 4 J • >i4 

Bahnett «'i... J.;.'V..Vi 2S0 

:AfOrnlll|F ••••e«*« • a"* e i^« e a els a s a 344 
HUmlMnr • e e a a a • i «t « a^ a I %K •> a 3S0 

70tAl aeses&e»«*aa**eeaaa'aa«a' XZ44 

\J0% . AMOSL^ OaC tT 

VtoawB. aC IM 
Mator Boat Ctab. an 
Batwday «•• tlM Brat JMat.of the 
annaal PacMc 

14 tallsa et8ht>|pp oaura*. la farir 

aslnataa aad oae 

apahau." ol Seattle, 

and tlM •'Cad Hill.** af Naarpart Bay. 

BaMted fMrd. 


of the Victoria OoM 
Ctaib wUl hold aa Aatamn meetJna aa 
Monday and Taaaday. November X 
and 4. There wUI be a '"TMnbatone" 
competition and approachtns aad 
pottlnc canpatHions on Monday: a 
aine-hole a sa l sd competition on Taea* 
day momlaa. fbllowed by ladleir tb«r> 
aonaea In the afternoon, for which 
partners will be drawn. 


LONDON. Ort. IT iCanadlan Asao- 
riate« Press). — Raaalta of Saturday's 
British football 


Araaaal. 1: Bradford City. I. 
Bradford. 1; Chelsea. 0. 
Burnley. 1; Liverpool. 2. 
Derby. 1; Oldham A^iletlc. 1. 
Bverton. 2; Blackburn Rovara. t. 
Manchester City. 4: Sheffield Wed- 
neaday. 2. « 

Preaton North Bad. 2; Newcaatle 
i United. 2. 

Sheffield United. 2; Manchetter 
United, a. 

Sanderlaad. 2; Boltoa Wanderers, a. 
West Bromwich Albion. 8; Notts 

cauatr. a. 

Ftoat Hw ania •B e coa d mvlskNi 

Barasley. 0; Stockport. 0. 

Blrmlnaharo. 0; West Hahi United, 

Bury. 2; Soutfi Shields. 1. 

Coventry. 0; Bristol City, •. ' 

Fulham, 2; Huddersfie'ld Town, 2. 

Orlmsby'TOwn, 2{ Blackpool, 2. 

Uncolii City, 2: Clapton Orient, 1. 

Notts -Farest. 1 ; . Wolverhampton 
Wanderers. 2. 

Stake. '2; Rotherhskn County, 0. 


■ « a a «'S 

Sale (Capt.) ....j.f. .; 
Harper ,••..••. i ^ j .^* 

-tjees ..,,......« %t , V f * *fi *'•'• 

<^t.i -^■■.■■^^'■^''•<.*';V^'^ 

IXIIfll a a^a e a a a^e e^a a f.^b a a 


..,-.- -,/♦>«*> 

.^..v:hi.^l^-;X.^4'. 214 
'.A':^:J^.:-.:D^l. trt 

v^aa -a a^a % • 9 a^e e^a a f a a a a k|H|2»* V * • • X^^^ 

Tha^1Ba-t«1I ^n«kt' 'nNlrany ^ventnit 
will bajjl^twcea the tMUinns captained 
by H^l^banion knd Rob^Hmn^ ,> < \ -. 


NANAIMO. Oct; 27>w-The tlK priw 
prsaanted by the Stratheoi^i' Tri^t for 
pralkieiicy in phynlcal drill haH been 
wen by the Dursfn it of ' iQjueiinen 
Bfchool, Miss SacflJB Hardy, tieaoher, 
which stood fliat .ip com Pat it Ion 
amooK the schoola af . VknCOUVf r Ik- 
lend outside Vlctaria, The ebntest 
took place last Juaa uader Inapector 
i Wmsby. * . ,. .. ;•, 



dr. James Robertson, Ottawa, 

and Very Rev. Deart Quain- 

jlon Were Spealcers at Ses- 

{ ^ sion Last Night ^<y » ^^^- 

■••■.■ -, -' ' ; ■ 

? r'/'S.-"' 

■ ■•-- - ...--- .i ..-.-. ■ . . jv-f-- » '■:'■' 
The VanQoitvar, Island Conference of 
Woman's Iftstituies '«f JBrlUsh Colum- 
bia, aiihloh. p e at erday aftamooa oom- 
imenpad a three- d^y** session at the 
PrpnaoislUbravy.: Parliament Bulld- 
inas; has a proaramiaa alaaularly da- 
;void «f routine btailaes a , the- tlma. ap- 
'parently. to be alaiMiet eatlraly ab- 
'sorbad 1^ papers, dlsoussloaa. aad ad- 
dteaass alany lines in keeplaa with 
the edaeatlonal polley of the orsaalsa* 

Todajr ia to ba devoted to "Public 
Health, aad papera en hyvlene, mental 
and physical: aohool cllalea, pabUo 
health oeatraa. etc. arlll oecapy both 
marnlaa aad afternoon, with a lantern 
lectare tealaht and an eshlbltlfm of 
splanhta by Mrs. TUckar. of Metchealn. 
The members were flattered iaat 
night by harlna as their spaakara 
Dr. iaaMs W. Robertaon. LX.D.. C 
M.O.. spaalal a«ent of the Federal De- 
pattmeat of Trade and Commerce, 
who has Just retamed Aram Fraaee 
and Beldam after lavestlaatli« the 
eoeaonkis situation there, aad who 
alto weat. lar advisory capaalty, to the 
Paaoe Caafereaoe held la Paris last 
WhUer; aM Very Rev. Dean Qualn- 
too. Beth trere vary cordially re- 
ceived, and expressed their Intereat 
la the motives aad achievements of 
the Women's laaHtutee. teter. In the 
eoarse of tlwtr r e a pa ctl te addrasass. 
aetUnf down «ome of the prlnelplea 
of tHn patrlstlam and the hiahest 
eltlaeaahlp whiah should be laoorpor 

ated bj sMh ttraaalsatkms amoa* the 
be stcrrea 

■a far. 


Tha Deaa aC CMambia appealed 
dlaaatly ta tha miiia^ as wemaa. hi- 


aad home-maheffa af 


as the 

whieh aa. ar shaaM aa, to ma 
mer — aM*. the 
under six 
tha frat 

/v - ^ i { :" ' '■ 

Ilk^;. fatherhood came Mcond! third 
came the holnfi: fburth, the sbhool, 
wtiether Sunday School or day hchool; 
nfth sho\ild eoihe a Ministry of Public 
Health, an Instruinant whleh yrould 
wiKe'uneeaalnv- war acatnst dirt, din- 
ease, and grindlna poverty; sixth, and 
last, the Leaaue of Nations, which 
properly realised would put an end 
to war and the syeap of iteath which 
came aa Itk inevitable accompaniment. 

Afteraobn Sewdoa 
^ The afternoon session, which Ifali 
the openlnc.aefslon of the conference, 
was mainly taken up- with addresses 
by Mrs. IVdden, who brousht areat- 
iacs from the L.awer Malaland Wor 
men's Institute, aifd by Jiilr"' Mi^n^ 
Laohlan. whqae subjaot Was "Goat 
Breediaf ." Mrs. Fadden iiidlo^ted 
that there was areat inspiration fbr 
the woman who believed it was their 
duty to bear a share of the respon- 
sibility of the larger life of the sUte 
a« wall al that of the home. For tlie 
influence or such women In the olvlc 
life would be simply the expresak>n 
of her Influence In the home, ^^he 
woman who had learned how to be a 
stfccaesful homes- maker must of naoea- 
^ty help to contribute to civic better- 
meat, for In the Onal analysla the 
terma "civic betterment" and "home- 
safeguardlna" were one and the same. 
Any movement for the advanoement 
of public welfare was a call to woman 
to put forth every effort In Its sup- 

"The mission of the Women's Instl* 
tates Is to brlna co-operative endeavor 
to thoee women who are removed 
from mayr of the advantaaas of th« 
present day: to make for better homes, 
better people, a better community, a 
better and happier social life: a bet- 
ter aad more prosperous agrleulture. 
WbUe home-bulMfai^ wa anfa idao Bm- 
pire building.'' '' 

B i W lag t^ ls hi i Chl a na Visltbr 
VANCpCVBR. Get. 27v— Han. Hsa 
Vm Qaeii. a privy eatmatUor. of the 
Chinees Cabinet and former prealdeat 
of the Bank of China. Is expsetsd ta 
Vaneouver on Taeaday maralas. He 
will return to China oa the fltiiipisM 
•f Asia. He haa bee* aanfarrlag with 
tha leadhw Afasrleaa baakera a( 
Haw fork aad Washlagtan and amb* 
Ing a thorfagh hivaMlgatlaa tata tha 

Bfiatol Rovers, 4; 'South fend Unit- 
ed. 1. . 

Cardiff City. 2; Swindon Town. S. 
Bxeter Clty» 2: Mllli^ir AthleUc. 1. 
Qiiungham. 1: Nawport t:., 2. 
Luton Town, 2: Pai^amoath, •. 
Merthyr Tydvll, J; Brentford. 1. 
Plymodth Argy|e.'4: Norwich City, 

i. • , 

Queen's Park Raagaira. 2; - Water- 
ford. 0. . o • 
Reading. 1r; CryVtar Palace, t. .v 
Southampton, 2; Northampton, t. 
Swansea Town, 1 : Brighton and 

Air^ieaiajia,''2ir ^miiton AChletie. 

0. ' ■ ' ■' '' 1^ ' " ■ " '. ^ 

Ayr United. 1: HlWdlana. f. . * 
Cai*t«',- 2 ; Queen's ; Park; 1. *\ 

DuAdae.'O; Rahgera. 2. '"* " ,; 
]%lftl^k. 1: Albfon RoVeriiJitli. ^'If'y 
HeaHx, i: AberdeeA. ll ♦ '* ♦^'^ V 
Motherwell. 1 ; KlMaarhoek.' 1.' " ' 
'Par^iclf Tliiatles.' 2: Ctydebank, 2. 
Ht.« Mtrt«h, l:'Mbrtan, 2. " ' 
TMrd' Lanark; 4; Clyde, 1. li^- '» ' 
Dunbarttfn, 1 : Raith'. 1. - > v* *f 
Soooad Iieafata ' ' ^'-■ 
Tottenham HoUt^mt, ' 'If BaNlam 

Port Vale.«. - » .' 

> O.W.V.A. NBiihy Maetlca 

An G.W.y.A. Rugby players are re- 

(inested to be at the new Drill Hall 

I at 7:4S o'clock tonight for a workout 


WlfTTalk^to lMe«ft)ers Follow- 
, i/ig AddresS; jOf,vOr. James 

W.'-ftobertson on Europe's 

Economic Situation 

. rt ' -.3 Mt^ 't>,*A -: H ' i'» ft i 

. f i ■ I 1. . /* 

Dr. Slman F. Tolmle, Mlnieter of 
AgrlculMire. wUl make hla Orst ap- 
pearance today following his success 
St the potla- yesterday ^rhen he ad- 
dresses the Canadian Chib laneheon 
at noon In the Bmpraes Hbtel. 

i>r. Tolmle will speak following the 
address of Dr. Jamea W. Robe rta on. 
LL.D.. C.M.O.. special agent off the 
Foderal Department of 'Ttade ' aad 
0>mmerce. who has last ratnmed to 
Canada after Inveattgating tha eeo- 
nomlc conditions prevaleat In North- 
ern Bnrape. Dr. Robertson win be 
the club^a gneat of honor, and will 
speak on the sRnatlon as he found It 
la France and Belgium, with special 
retorenee to the opportunities pre- 
sented ta the exporting prodttcers of 

Dr; *. O. RutherferC Clf.O.. af tiie 
Race Traak Cemmlselbn. will at- 

Members of the Women's Canedlan 
Club are invited to be 1»reeent • at 
13:S« to hear the add 

IfBW jrOBX. Oat. 27.— Kh« Al 
of -BafritMa bade afi aerial taraarall 
today. He h na r dad m Mtvy tying boat 
pilotaA by.ahaiviViapk Lamb, and 
llsw fM* neastr aa ha«|> ev4 
tan si^d Brooklyn. 

the lau Jassaa J. Mlll.-af Mi 

Inspaaad In Kaw Jafhar « wi 


MATS re 

Better overcoat vihie not 
obtaiiuible. Price. $6&00 

^ wrm li in fancy dark checks, in ^i 
the Trench styk. HM^ 

tkkmmmi Twmd Ciwii A nuckintosh and 
warm coat in one. WOO^ faOOO 

root Eag- 

« lairat 
at ix t arcs 

-. .V, 


$ B . n • 

T very hifh 

aioat aocks. 
M <lhrtc 

^ r — V-- -» - 

r J 1 1 



•. uir 

! I. 1 . 1 . 


lor breakfast tomorrow. They arc 
daUcious. Made o{ taadar yoaac 
tfrk and spicad so a» to give the 
vjinr finest flkvof. Try thetn oi«^. 
aad you will b^ a steady castomcr 

(^■M^ Suyfi HchH^ \H. 


^AB • A . . r^«,«i«i 

i A A -JTi 



«p tddnts I b U p hi BBi owmnhinjnitfyB, 
during hit rfiyi^miii ^ylii ft ii J B»bt> 

JOSenft e iBRIDQiAN 

604 Brougkloii Sbt—i 



t , 


Stortfe, Batteries Are Made to 

Wii bar weB#r 

(Battery) YHm the cheapest vay. by 
fettiqc y«Br next Battery at . 

ULUE * woods" 





W '-"J t 

>'J.<_'J. ' 



.r \^ c are specializing m the adjustht^ of ItilVfiAoa^hd 
^ ; > if you 'bring your car w^ will do the neeetssry rh^iring. . 

lAi^oit ^ wie:biS!iigt if 

vi*!, » 4 _^- r-fah t 



.: ... •. .'v ■.'.'-. .-., [ » ,-| ii •■T5 

Weldlif g and Cuttins 

^ We're "REA^DV FbR ACTION" with oar new OXY 
ACETVLE^^E wcMing and cutting plant. . It takes some 
smaah to break what we mend. 

Ldt% Hmn Your Ordeiia. 


Fistaffd 91. 



nUCUTBK. Siberia, Oct. . S^-t Cor- 
respondence of the ^ ^PjjI^Tjgi 
thousand refagees from the Ufa! 
Mountain districts of European Rus- 
sia and Siberia hn«a <^. waoks flllad 
the yards ol irkutali with thair rdll- 
way cars. 

Forced to flee from t^elr homes 
In cities of Western Siberia becaoaa 
of the menace of the Bolshlvlkl. thay 

took refuge. iii«|jha 
pravided in t^dmum 
and started aa«t^ard« 


lamlag IQecthMi 
.COBAliTt' Ont.. Oct, ST.'-The oSl- 
'dirt Bgaa sa Br the Temlskaming rid* 
< Httg election were lasued today hy 
Mr. J. D. McKay, returning officer, aa 
folloara: ,MMV"dary» ..|>fissrvaMira.«; Montiataery. Li^^al, S.aaO: 
Xaylar. Labor., S.OS. There were Sa4 
eiMWll bailel*. •' Montgdmerys sap- 
portem ars aomrldaHpg a recount, and 
Will d iasass tha ftKuatlaa HnmedlaUly. 

• v:otj 

Gi?e Protectioii|^«||9|j 

^We have tkiai*.4lM MBl .of >. 
Coats that wil| «iko a mJMbo- 
lory investment for any man's 
money. We'd like to show thsm 
♦o y o M woB't- j fBB g i n ^ Ihe 




bsBBli io TroBCh 
styles and regalar ■odth, frmn 

. .- u- .<• / . 


4« . 


■■'5 a 



Tarztn h Fur^r-in-Chkif on 
Hew Bill Featuring. Rqllick- 
Ing Comedy, Clever Dancing 






Bessie Bsnucde 


"A Trick 

h "TIm Fl J Cop" 



Mabelv fivmanl 



tytvnUXImd totent of th» mo«t en- 
t«rtalalii« kind ta fltapUjwd on th« 
Qvrrent MU irf mtMMP w«*n!lU«. 
wbtoh op«ii«0 with tlM BwUn^ per- 

pteM^il^ipnK Mid diiA0e number*. 
0MVM' vintrollqtitam, mMippy •»»«• 
pattav •oA ft mystery Dorvlty. 

Undoubtedly Itosan la entitled to 
Introduction as •'Th* mo«t won- 
ui ihttnMMft ill tb# world." po»- 

Lnt lUmodTiiiiMtii lBtolli««noe. He 

<mn do •T«nrthdi^W*n» tflk. but hie 
trainer, ttone. Fillx Patty, overcome* 

und«rrtandin« of the not in bla r*- 
Biarka. One of tKe comedy hits of 
thli BttMber WM the boxinf bout bo. 
between Tarsan and hie trainer, while 
■tlU another w«a hli p uf fp f int dealre 
to CM oTon mith th« dtlMiaier In the 

Oorcedvalr etaced ftad eteraeterised 
by Oriental mystielnn wm the eUb- 
wate offerlaf of K. T. Kama and 
Cempwiy. Vliey have been aeon here 
beftfe, hot tKelr act Is'eo olever and 
nnkue that U to easy to tmdentand 
why^hey ftiwrnvn yeoetv* avoh ft warm 
weldeaie IMm Mntacea Wfltiwm. 

Belle Oliver «• iThe Cheer-Up 
Qin." etwre d jft bl| hl| T[9^2^t.^°'i« 

the whw» wlthottt a couple ofeMoreft 
She flftftC the newest soair hlte in the 
moet vlvftolous and pleaaln* manner. 

DoomtilQtte Ameree ftnd Jeanette, 
his famlnin^ asstotant, French eeeen- 
trlqoes, presented ft novel nnd es- 
^mely attcactlve skit. "Men Chap- 
•aa/' whiflft featured ^ ftmuslnc line 
ii( pfttler ftlld variety throuchout- 

WUlUun Wolfe end Helen Patter- 
■•B. offirMc 4 iMWtttttHlly staced and 
effectively costumed dancing novelty? 
In wMih irr. WMte was the artist an# 
hi* pre|ty Uttl* pftrtner» (he portrait 

W. B. Wblttle, ft Kood-nfttured look- 
ing cop, fumlshe4 fifteen minutes of 
gi^ilpSBe eirtartftkuMttt with his vea- 
trtleQulftt «oaMd]r novehy. H* proved 
hlBMelf ft vprsfttlle ertlst along sev> 
•ral Itoes. and his number waa- ex- 
treme^ popular w^ the audience. 

T9ny Jensen, muiieftl dlreetor, had 
ft very pleasing programme, and the 

bill was nicely rounded out by the 

trryi BJif ^nt h episode of the eerial, "Th« 
lOftrter Cftse." 


ihrfiriti Fithtr 


fThe Tiger Uly" 



Borne months befofi 
coming ti» Qiilfomla te 
prSduce ft sereein version 
tpg Paramount ot Ciytejnteh's ceie^ 
htttUd comedy. "atfk''^«rhlch wtli 
b« shown at the DoaUnloB this week, 
IffTguerttft Olark, dahvly aad popular 
screen stnr. wift mftrrted tft Uoat. B. 
P. WUllftms. ih* Hkgs aeeompftnied 
on h«r trip west by MMr hngband. "VhSy 
«ri^ a«rdlftlly iMHiHit, by the CaU- 
tornla oftlelals of ih* isompftay ftnd 
took vp their resideaoe la a beautl*, 
fal heoif prffared for them before 
their ftnivftL Vaken ftll in all, the 
tirlp to ft sort of honey mooti eaotnrMoa 
for the hippy couple. 

In ftddMOB to this vwy ftttrftetive 
tdfttaro ft speoim Tiotoiir Uaa f iMn, 
"Hto Extra Bit." starring Wftlhtee 
l|eid, th# popular Pftfamotiat erttot. 
will be shown nt the Dominion. 

■OYAL Whoa thoNatlonftl BoaM 
VICTORIA of Review pftssed judg- 
Ineat on the Imw Maiol 
Ho^mfta^ pii6*ora. "trpaiatrs," s|d 
whloh to now ptoylag at the Royal 
Viotoria. every member preeerit hid 
one of the best laughs ho ever enjoyed. 
On seebig Mabel Nonaaad In "B|»« 
stairs." it to readily vnderstftndftble 
Imfw stftM consota «aa be'gnoved to 

Miss Vermand's tateat picture to 
somewhftt dlffereat frbm "inMn Doo- 


W# M^if AWnWPPilj J ha m u d ^fM^lf^m 

'^jLML^'JLt • 


mrV'V T WD' 

▼¥ JEiijJLi IFK 


THE mosl ccoDoinlctl tiousewift shops 
w lie re OUAUTY comes first and 
where the prices are the lowest possihle— 

. f,- 




vestment of the d^y— VICTORY BONDS. 


la *^i 

■Iterfaarlte Clark la 

— John Barrympre In 
-RatfleA** ' . 

- Brt a l e Barrtoealr^ia 
-A tWk of ^•km.^ 
ammm — Ma^gaHta nsher to 
-Hio 7t9tr uiy." 

tors Dtsagaa*.' aad "flto Hopkins*" in<^ 
asmnch Jd^kllt hM* ehanco to sttei^ 

"on the 

htr.' haaiitf ito,. Mto 



She to a forgotten . flower, growing 
> the sab<KMllar of th* hotel where 
to employod to make io« moaids 
for grftpefratt Por ttoo years she has 
teitod la her boy's costume. At length 
she manages to break into the parlor 
gowftad as ft "tody": bat her tratatos 
to ftll out of gear with |he port oho 
tries to play. MovOrlhelees, sho has ft 
glorious time, during which she sa^ 
a t>orn rich girl fronv ft osrloo*. 
take and so wias the favor of her 

In, "Upstftba" Mtos Nornfta4 hhs 
many chaaces /to iJBM^w her ability as 
a subtle comedienne. 

CMliacre * SmSBt 




"ThS Ttoer-Vly." Am^ 
ica'S toteat oftOrihi. sit^- 



tag Mftrgirita Ptoher. has 
for Ito locate an lUltoa settlement in 
an American city, nod for MO horoiae 
a vividly bOftUtifal girl, bom la Xtftly, 
but passionately devoted to her adopt- 
ed land. 

Oarbed la the |i41at aad lAilily be- 
oomlag costume of on Italtoa poaaant. 
Carmlna diapensee spaghetti aad Chl- 
•ati't* the ga estsftt- hor. un eie r a Ian, 
and nightly daneee the taraatelto for 
thelr~~entertainment. It to said that 
when the soenee of "The Tlger-Llly" 
were shot; two tons of sawdust, fifty 
pounds of spaghetti and a haadred 
qiiart* of "dago red" were doUvored 
to (he Santo Barhftrft studios of the 
"ilflying A," to ptoy their pftirto in 
orefttlng reolism tor th* interi9rs of 
ihe picturesque inn. "The llger-Ltly" 
will be, shown ftt tbo Romftno ogftin 


Colonel ^, W. Foster, D^O., 
to Give Illustrated Lecture 
on Thursday Evening at the 
Cathedral Schoolroom 

Ofletol War Rocord Ulides iriteald 
not hftv* lOsi their interest, sad the 
fftct thftt Uaot.-Col. W. W. Poster. 
D4I.O.. ftltho^s ft splendid lecturer, 
to to s^oftk la cOnatotton with o Akn 
Ptoy of these oq Thnrsdoy evening, 
October fO. betore the Anglican 
Toung Peopto'e Assoctotlon at (Thrtot 
Charch Ofttltodrsl Sohootooom shon|d 
attract ono of the biggest andteaoes 
on record. 

Thto to praetloally the flnit time 
thftt CoL Footer has leetared slaeO 
hto return from ov ers easb, mmd mm hto 
oxperience Ip the flghting goa* was 
varied and latotosttng. there to ev- 
ery reason to ftatioipftte ft very de- 
llglttful and infbriaatlve evealng. The 
slides are ft roeord of muA thftt hftp- 
paned la the tor^ala foovht over 
by. the C a n ad i ft ns . TPree, Tha Somme, 
VUny, P a sschendftdle, ftnd the great 
ftdvftnoe of It 11. Interwoven wHh 
the bare hilstorlo. outline ft* suggested 
by the pietttf|b pUl be Colonel Pos- 
ter's ^toa tttmr":^ the exp4ieao«s 
of ft Cftnadian BfttUllofi In oetion.' 

niero will be ft ooltoctlon at tlfo 
door In sjld ^ ifk^ piano fund. 

Iho .looiara wdi oOaamoDce ot t 
o*«look. . « 




of O.W.VJL 

The p^W.V.A. band cooeert ot the 
Pftfttftges Thottlre OB aanday evening 
proved ft groftt snoetes Judging by the 
larg* attsMdaaoo add the OAthaalasm 
shown at the conolaslon of Sftdi naan 

Vho baad ptoy*d-la iTlBo'Slyto, hold: 
to attoek ftnd good f hitoh being 
shown In oftoh eotoetton. partlootoriy 
waa thto Botleod in the three danoeo & 
Brahm and the potpoorto "Metodtaw 
Motodlss" by Ptaik. both oumbsca 
being dlfflsalt awing te thi 
chaagea Ja teaiyo. 

An exoeltoat prognmme to 
•d for their next concert and thooe 
who ftttend nr* assured of good masta 

Ths band to now in flne form nad 

i^er the svpervUlon snd 

Of dftadmaster Mlltor. promises te bo 
a valaabto OaMt to the ei^, partlea 
torly to thoat who eajoy good 

WINNIPBO, oac n^vmimm 
Boyd* ftgod M. daaghter a( Mr. W. 
J. Boyd, promlaent Winnipeg Btaaa* 
(ftotarer, wae feaad dead to 

■atarday a tar n lng. 

X ' JT< 

•■ - i 








x, v. 





I t 

.i..^%H .. 





ji>Vv ;v.'^' 


vS *.' 


•:i 1/ 


"After all the ghosts and #%che»^at yourJlall«wA>}TX: 
e'en, pa rty have come bade to-eartfe- ■^^:^ ZiitXx^\ 

.: After the apples and nuts and..caKCjinil.ot^^ 
'^Ivthings decid^ly unghos(;li--i 

"' \Vhcn the fun lags )ust a Bttl 



Pass around Qiiplets. 

*3A.owT These dainty, candy-coated confections will li^cn 
"" up the conversation. . So " Really Delightful*— 

they make fpr merry pat^^s. ' 

For your own use, C2iiclet$ arc sold' everywhere 
t!:^:«^ it'^jn for Sc. For the party or the faituly, the 
Week-£nd Box at 25c. ^m^. 







.Sjffe V 3f*'!N!l* »i« ' 

an Adams product, 

Caiiadian Chewing Gum Co., IJmked. toRMrt^ 



Great War 


at Tlotosto Clah 

A short -hostoess meettog. fol- 
lowed by a sootol hour, oonstltutsd 
HiO ^roeee4ingi^ In eonneetioa with' 
tho rally of members of the Oreat 
war Veterens* Next-of-kin Assocto- 
tlon on S^dfty evening tost. Th* 
msettog was held la the halt of the 
Ytaterto Club,^ Campbell Building, 
and the business seorton was «>ccuptod 
ehtoOy with the appointn^nt of vto- 
itota to the different distriete. other 
matters being arranged for the win- 

the ioetol hoor that fol- 
Mta. Adaaw read a • short 
•f welcome from the A**o- 
clallOB te the recently elected pree- 
IdeBt ahA offcer*. ^^ftatarlng them of 
anpyort aad hearty co-operatlen to 
the work for the coming year. 

llosteal selsottons aad songs were 
Ctran by Mrs. Rlc% Mtoi Woottpjpi, 
Mr» tTarroa. Mr. Bailey ihd Mr. 
DoHng the evening there 
rained a alghtdreas given hy 
Mra Adaaw. the wianer bdtog Mr% 
The evealag was happily 


■a HIM MMrant 

spent and the members feel that^he 
ne^ yeir has htartad w*IL , 

Putur* meeting* will b* held In^ 
the VIctorto Chib. Qampben lllock, 
and membor* who w*r* not pr***nt 
are asked to note the change of 
place and remefnber that th* next 
meeting will be held there on Friday. 
November 7, at S<^S o'clock. 



KINQgrON, Oftt.. Oct. VX. — The 
Prtoc* of Wftles, a fortnight henoe, 
wai hsirta hto vtolt to tho XJ^lted 

'Stetes, to Which he will avail Mmoelf 
of the rare oppertantty to rehew 
acqoaintaime with hto Unitod Slate* 
frtoada. and will return foratafly, on 
behalf of the Ktog. the visit whleh 
President WOson paid to Wtodaor. 

Th* PreMdsat's Utaew ha* d*lay*d 
••mftwhat th* comptotknTof 
ni«ate for th* «Bt*rtalnment of the 
Prlno* In th* Ualt*d (Mat**. Bolalto 
will l>e shortly forthcoming from 
WasNaattea ao. te what f a ae tt oBs will 

"fodaw^ho arrlvftl of th* P itow aad 
hto party at WhshlngtMi c* the 
lag of lfaNr*mh*r 11. wMeh arUl be 
noMoaal hoHday to the United 

Tho Prlaoc'o stay ' to 
prvbfthly will bo of aboi 
dBrattan. aad fiwm thevo ha will go 
to 'Now'YariC te emhorl 

to MOW Tatk for a 

sag* te th* d*p«^ent said that Mtot- 
thew.P. Hanna. fiMrd ofwolary of >the 
omb^iaBy, who was sgat to Peebla. ro- 
porto4 yesterday that he bad r*o«lv*d 
from Joaklns ssnt fnM 

WINNXPBO. > Oot ST<>-WllltoU 
MasaaaMt. agad ts. awMoitonan o^ 4^ 
OP. VL^ aost wtth as a«rid*ai 
Sunday morning which proved 



eaaanBBHsma^^^^^^HPiw^r/a^B^^^^fta. ' %^^^^^m m^ ^^ ss^h^^^^ ^am 

* ■». 


-- -.T:i» '^-i^t::.-- -BT 










!.•;«•. y 

' :" a:-. 

The jnef4(piil^|^J^pographieal union, which 
prints THl^LiTERARY^qEST an4j|f^tjcaUy 
all other maga^p^ pub^tied in Ne^^fjk'City, 
presented demtoids to- the employing^ |)rifttas on 
October 1st which v^ejl^i! So radical that they could 
not be ac^^JtdJfejfi^hile negotiations were still 
pending^ tlmiypesetters, without notice, went on 
a "vacation and are still out, in dBrelt defiance of 
the orders of their own union chief to return to 
work. — ^^i#.M^e^ ; yfe^tcrff js' ■ ^ 

The International heads of tji,e typographical 
union have disavowed the ac^pn of the New 

.York local unfon men aiid 
tional pupport. 

ive refused Interna- 

•-■ .4-..-.;i 


, For Mas reason it has become necessary to issue 
THEfUTERARY DIGEST without the assist- 
dfice 4{f typesetters. We believe this is tjie first 
case cp t^cofd whiet-e a million copies of a gr * 
magaiiie of dghty pages, \vith hand^tn^ colored 
coveri^ have been issued without the^ typesetters, 
tfow me:**Digest**^f6r Octobei^th wa^ublished^ 
will hi' readily understood h|r^ those famifiar with 
modejin typographigalpr^ct!se.^Tp others it will 
be an,i^nteresting puzzle which we will not spoil 


^?'% .■""f f"!^ ^"'^^ '■ T, A'' '-^ 

as yet by explanation. 


ion Business 

. There is one phase of this experiment, however, that has deej) signifi- *^ f^i^^^,^^^^^ an^Wfraen or women refuses to keep faith with sopiety, 

cance, not only for th6' publishing fritemjty, but to the, public at large. As ^;^,l^ cany out the terms of its written contracts, society wilf somehow 

stem necessity is oftentimes the mother of invennon, itis not irhl^^ ' tli^^^ to-get its' business done, 

in diis age of matv|ls the whole future^ ma^nep^^^ '^'«^<^:j3|^S^s li ^jesson of the present situation-and a wholes^one. 

lutionized py tne elimination of what has hitherto been Its cosQiest ffl9^--^.^^^^^ '.-- 

tion — theJjrpesetting. The preswt det^arture^ as shown. by the "Pi|;^" iii X X!^^*^^^^ aside from its novel appearance, the October 25th number of ' 

tMiyweek's issue, Aow on sale, will certainly fumish'a basis for mai^ dthk;::CWE UTERARY DIGEST is of unusual interest. It is packed frpm cover to 

exp^ments t<^1lii>^d. n W,;: .l^:^,?^^^^^^^^^^ 

»l. J.* -»;• 




Red^M^es Ditraptmg 
/ Labor 


Elfecti of the Print^n' Strike 

at the Contents 

m .<^'6J 

^mymiW'* m ■ft^»m% i 

• »v#> 

A Turkish Remedy folir Race 

*." W^Mte pf the Soviet Press In, RuMia 

What the Soft Coal Miners Want CengHt Cracks to Foretdl Earth- 
Australia's Fuhire in Ansae's Care ^^vakes 

t;erman/s Game in the Baltic Camouflagmg the OW Uniform 
Region -m. The &iforcement of Prohibition 

0a^anese Proposal for Free KorJr Point* on Soda Water 

Women's Work in the ''Y^ 
American Preachers in England 
A Plan to Solve the Negro Problem 
Immunity of City Dw<illers 
Electricity in the Bath ' 
Pontoon Buudnig in '62 
New Meaning of the "Ahnighty 





^ t 


e Uterary Digest 

FUNK & WAGNALLS CXDMPANY (Publishers of the famous N^W Staifdard Dictionary), NEW YORK 






-^•o delidpuily liferent 

Urn cwim made with Eagle 
vrand hat that rich ^vor 
ftMifkl in French cream*. It 
hm body — la creamy and de* 
Ifcioua. It 4a «lio ^mote eco- 
limiilcal than cream^ 

Biglfc Brand la limoly rich, 
piure milk and refined sugar — 
ib diatincthre flavor is the re- 
ault of ihte Borden proceas 
Which unites thcyn. 

BORDEN MILK CO., Limited ,^^f^pili^nit^ b6iilJk^'j^ 

"Be iure c^ Eufle 
i« on the Labd' 




EsiKilfKialt Council Will Pre&en' 
PotltlorrTDljoverfWfient Ask- 
ing Pq?tect^on . UJij^C. ^o- 
visions of Public UtllKies Act 




PB^lKOi TiiMHMiy, Oct. 31— The 
lnt«r<«M!Uonal p««o« oonfer«iU9«. at 
fllwaiebai is jtUI dwdlocktd, owln* to 
the nffuMi of repreMntatlvca of the 
BonthArn aoyernment to meet th« 
4«l«a«t« of Korth 6h»ne. Wanf I. 
T^C, f^ tan intimated Itla prepared- 
n«aB ^'ttlaelooe all aecret treaties and 
agraaoiapta w|iich have been arransed 
by th« Pafclna administration^ 

Ikna tfhao Yl, leader of the south- 
ern dweaatloa. suspects "duplioHy." 
and rieolares the number . of such 
•Cree^nts mentioned by Wane I. 
Taaa fo be incomplete.. The PreM^nt 
Is aoRtjInuina his efforts to secure ayjfii- 
patttettc co-operation Iwtween the 
northern and southern Isadera, ^l- 

thoaah this policy is said to be op- 
posed by the pVorJapanese miliUrists! 

.9*b1is Repobllcan NoinlnatlaB 
WABHINOTON. Oct. 27. — Senaitor 
Polndexter; of Washinaton, in a state- 
ment yesterday to the people of the 
united States announced his candidacy 
for the Republican nomination for 
prssldent and presented a platform for 
policies and. prinalpU»s> wHIeh -m wNI 
advocate in his «!ampaicn. 

r- —■A. ,„;. 

. Bapplnnt OomMiii »U|ar . > 
MARSEILLES. Oct. tjrA>Flfte*n 
American «nd Japanese merchant- 
men »re In, this port today with car- 
^<M* that pt;ior to the war would 
have been brouaht In derman ves- 
aela The Japanese boats carry copra 
ah4 other goods, While the American 
•hips contain nur suanlr.* 



Thai th« esMintelt Water Works 
OompkB;y biis (fUad in 4tv«ni Wayn to 
carry Mfnt tho ;tirn«k oei^ltlonn ant 
tateatlon of tha Baqulmalt WaMr 
Works Act oC llil5. is atatkd to a ca- 
ution that BMiuimkIt iriffilelpal 
Council intend to present to His 
Honor the Lleutenant-Oorornor. Tho 
petition asks that the said company 
be declared a publlo atlltty under the 
Public UtlllUes Act. and subjaeted to 
t)Mjp*<iatrements 6^ the Act. 

The queaUon came' up^. at ttait njf- 
uiar maetlna oT the ViqtBfaianU' tev4 
Council last nlsht. anil tM i^otlUon 
whtch is a'ven below was disonssed 
and laid on the table 'for further ooa- 
slderation' at next meetlna. > 

The p^ltlon Is as follows: 

That under and by rhrtue <^ an Act 
of the Province of British Columbte. 
-belnv 4« Vict. chap. 99; and '«ntUted 
"Rsqulmalt Water Works Aei, tUh" 
(hereinafter called "the safd Act"), 
the EHquiaiait , WAter. Workt • Coai- 
pany (hereinafter called fth<i B<ld 
Company").' were empowered dhd 
directed to provide an adequate sup- 
ply of water to the Anhabltaiits of the 
town of ISsqulmkh. ■ -■ ■' i 

That under and by virtue ef the 
Municipal Incoporatlon Act, R.8.B.C.. 
IVll, ch|ip. 173. the said tbwn of 
Esqi|imalt on or about the loth da)' 
of August, 1*12, was duly incor- 
porated as a 'munlclQality under th* 
name or st)'le of "The Corporation of 
the Township of E^squimalt" (herein- 
after called "the said municipality''). 

That the primary objeots of the 
said Confipany were and are to pro- 
vide an adequate supply of. water to 
thie inhabitants of the said 'llunlel- 
pallty, and in the said Act there were 
provided (inter alia) ternis and con- 
dltions upon which the said Company 
ifas and is to supply such water and 
the rates or charges to he made 
, Failed la IMtvra Whya ' 

That the said Company has failed 
In divers ways to cacry out the terms, 
conditions, and Intentions of .the said 
A«t. or .Ittu exceeded thjk J. powers 
therein oonferred, and in particular: 

(a) Tttet the . said Company has 
tailed to \my majins In nunjoreue pub* 
m roaderays sitllate witMn the boun- 
daries of the said Municipality and as 
a consequence thereof the, residents 
on lands adjacent to the said publlo 
roadways are unable to obtain any 
supply of water from the said Com- 
pany for domestic or other purposes, 
and the. owners of lands adjacent to 
such public roadw^a are iinahla to 

■-' ' ' ' ' " ' i i * i 


■At i X 

( I 


e , 

At an evidence of our belief in 
^''^^WeS^ndnetk of Canada's finances 
# iiiid 6^ fai& in the continuation .^t?#^iiv£ 

JTo ta tl^ Vktoiy Loan the 81^ o£ii M^ikaAiin i / 


, J- .-, J < i J- .V 


■r i '■ 

S i 

.,i'lU\'JlCfl ;.,p-?D ;.</a.s/>r//v> ii/;;-j ]?> ;--j ■. 

■ I . -. . . 

,!'•"/ which is being allotted pro rata 
P!>or[5 ;, through oi^r fourteon branches : 



i, .. 



■- * ,• 



Look for 




■■ ',i ■••■' 

-»S ■•sit' ■• ' 
..>/, .^■^' ■■-',, 

A. t 

^ not enotitffi td' 

mate WHiGLEV^s goo( 

we must KEEP it 
ontil you net it* 

^^Jf*^ sealed pack- 
£uar4ing» preserving 
tne. delicious contei^ 
the ^sm^^ii0y. 



oMalM. 4ny supply of water from the 
said Compiany •' In- order to outUvate 
their sale Jands. y 

,Ml»)' That 'In 'caaes where a •water 
main has .been-iaM" by the saM Com- 
pany 'on a |N|l|lte " roadway' 'altnate 
WKhht thk n>eandari««. xrt the aatd 
Manlelpallty .and appli^tlon has beet) ' 
ina^o ,to, the eald Company W m real* 
I'YiVj tde^t on lande 'adjacent to stfch puVUd 
'* r«Bdway to be. supplied with water 
therefrom^ the Company 'ha|i'''<f3tf^4 
and eontlnuea to exact, yaymeht o< 
•*6^:^fr 'f dot tnmtace o^ thd (la9<l ^^ 
tbaL.n^piicant adjatient to euch^pobj 
rMJIwayi^ and has exacted and con 
(iUAies? to * 4diM further, nayment of 
the :aam 'df llS as a eondfUen pre^e* 
dent to making connection to -the said 
yf^Ur mntni «V pi wMch said kury- 
fhihts, yh^ir ' imtltloners submit, are 
excoaslv^ -and contrary to the terms, 
conditions and Intention of (he said 

^e) That.^Ke chargvs made hy the 

said C^pAny to the InhablUnts ot 

tha^aMf MtnilclpalUy for the sffply 

of wajar, . when the said connections 

f',hten . mhde t^' the aa^ natter 

^14^.4are'eM«Mhre abd eoiftrary to 

I terma. coildltldai ind ' intention 

6f the aafd Aet. . 

.Uaah i o «6 Bhiforce RegnhUJona 
SPhat your potJtionem, as the health 
authority, hare Inaugarated a com- 
bMto drettnaaesyatem within the said 
wInletpnUly and haVe beon^reveated 
fallln MafcMa.-fpidli' ayataiiil efffetlvs 
-Mntt . hafa. iNhn vaahle to: dhforcp tthe 
aaaltaitr.rataiatlona In cohneetlon 
therewith h^ Hideon of the aforesaid 
faniire i^ the aald Company to sdJipty 
mmefeus pabnc rocdwaya sltdiie 
within the Manlelpi|Mty.Wttli the nee- 
•iikry. l^ter' lor., doaleitlc fdvpodes 

the lands ad,fae<nft -'to such public 
r<(MMrwaya.avtff4e«r. the flus|Ung of th* 
tmft^im'Mt^et^ Ih^ewlth. 
■- >Thdt c yt/ir >ps a l i a n wrs are raspaa- 
•i^te for bi^orvldlaa adequato meaas 
or plrqtaoMotf ■ fhMi • Are Within the 
hotindarlos of the mI^ ManldpaHty; 
and by reaaen of tho afereaaid failure 
et the Ootttpahy to cupply a large 
T^Mofer jtft^Ktko pahMe roadways^ sltu- 
^fiaffttNli^tha.aMlt.lCanlaiiHUlty with 
«ri(l«r^ntaft>s, eMfc ^rotoctlea tn^n 
ire cannot be prerldod by your petl- 
ttoqars, and In oonneetlon therewith 
the danaar frodi Are le emphasiasd 
»y<.the praatttaltr ad tlM Ctv of Vhs 
terln and the recent decision of the 
Council thereof,- that In tjhe event of 

Vfetnrla within tho cdalinos or boan- 
ddrias of tho aald Manlolpnllty. 

Hiat year peUUonora hains made 
avnMrova endeaTara to Indnoo the 
aald Cettipany fa earry o«t the torma. 
eondlCldM and ttttatl9n. «f the said 
Act|^Mt'the/«W>$<# luia, at klf 
tlMMk iHfas^l iM^siil refttOM tto ro- 
U^eaah gdM^aaa>aa;afeNBaid. 

By r«4M>a drtha^vtael* atoresatd. 
tho health or tha raoldonta of tho said 
ManM^amy has boon and eoatlnneo 
to bo a a da ng o t a d . tholr rsoMaahto 
eoasferts have boon and oontfnoo to 
he liasansa, and Oiolr itroporty ha* 
boon and oontlanoo to bo la jeopardy 
e< dontr aotlan b y M m. 



"of the British in building and opor- 
atlng rigid airships is proved by the 
trip. of the R-« the United States 
.and Its retuV-n to Bngland. AVhlle the 
Qermami had many years' start of thy 
British, the latter' haVe made wonder- 
ful progress Irt the last few^ years. 

•The R-8|, to qutward apipM^ranoes, 
*nill look Uke the If-S4, but hor dhnen- 
alorts. hbfsepotpi^r, 'spaed and radius of 

acUon wlU be Mueh areater. She will 
have a 2.724.000 cubic feet capacity, 
Vrhioh ls> fifteen times that of the O-S, 
the United Statrs nayal dirltlble that' 
blew to sea and was lost Inst Spring 
ion the eve of. an attempt to ttaae the 
AtUhtlC* .... 

The R-ll to *f*rt9m% Jong. If foot In 
diameter. ti: feet « Inches high, ank 
carries a dsefnl load of forty-five tons. 

expoeted to have a maalm#i;' 
f elkty knots. ~ f 

: ■ » 4 ■ 

She to 
epeod of 

lbMMe*a OdMHtloM 
BEKUN. .Oct. {t.-^Uaco 
I the Sectoltot lander, who waa 


and si^vely wounded pptober le. liag 
aadargono a further aperadon. fib 
cendltlort to oertoua >- 

. r-if; ■■" ■■ il l 11 ^ -y , yii J i ii , i I 'l ii j ij Mi f .' ii ,' ■ i ■ ' i ii 'j r; ", \ 'i ■ i zsAasaatH 

^^rl:T .' 

. V 

■f.n *r-'.r 



Indent ^ 




\ ^4 

Wor Preservings 

CENTURIES ago the Chineae, .built the 
. "FofWdd^nCity'Vtheir^^i/Shflnfei. 
' h » . ; . tomba and junks ; in i^i^ J^•'tL they are stil 
"^i^J^l ^foSind m afperfect alatcof Ji^a*vation. Theicfl" 
' * ^ * :» aecfet, the oil • of a niit^gtrow* in Northern t ^ ^ 
■ J 'v China, wair at |ast revealed t6 tbe Occidenul. 
- # // Todhy,Chini nut<ril i»9n«^o^t«o tegredienta 
Ti: i»iie Sto^vett Bi^Cp FliQq«/y?iSTSH 
its incomparable lustre, plus almost unDeliev- 
able powers. of endurance. . . , ^.. 

1^ Jollier,; ifffredlent-Hi fpisilfzdd tf^ 
only, in the Antipodes, and which ai^er once 
bdingr co^ibined with OsfMM. nitt oil can never 
tfl^in ;be, aflFaeted by ^ater, ^^.<Qfj^imM^^/^ 
^has'rtiifde it possfcle to teit by 48 Wihliitei' 
boiling, surfaces treated with BAPCO J'LXXDR 
VARNISH without the ilightett ittjtffy. 

F^r.AX Xottftbold Mr] 

.. r*r yoor /leers. >«roMwr«, ere,, fAsrVs ws»a*i#"' 
«• psrsHsSi WN sor/ses ei s i t Sis d wtih Ms "wMWond 
leor^ rss>i « sw «ia r*« esm h*w Bmpem roniMk to JM*« 
soier s . Ttmr 4atamr omm #•< a /er g««. 

cisoinv ed tho edtoA for «te w^f. 
e|aM by the navydTthe BHS? S« 

j^y 4|.a». dM. '■*gy *»«yp to tho 


^ ''/4i^ 





V K N 1 :3 










tit* totowint ntfw ratM and eon- 
dltlMM irlth regard to reUr*^ pay 
ani:^ paiUlotM for offleera and men 
wlHt'MU*^ <ronl 4lie Imperial foroee 
pr%'^to Sth AiHttC. 1914. Uke 9l- 
fe«t,irom let A^K 191*. 


r ^WB coi 

IKUred pAy 4RV conalet of two 
t*1 A dRrVfce element «uod 
•n tike ofBoer'8 toflkl eervice. (b> 
A iraiik element fbr the rank from 
whlelk tb^ officer retiree. An officer 
with , le^ than fifteen complete 
year** Mfrtee wlil not be ellslble for 
remtd p#y. For eombatant offleen 
eUkW tliali thoee MtOtloned the scale 
wlH- be m follow|fofe 

i«) B^lce eltfl^t: £150 a year 
after ilftken yeargHkrvlce. with an 
Inoremen^ of il5 ymt for each com- 
plcn^d year over flftaan. . 

(ii( I|ank element; Captain and 
Bukj^tem, £100. MaJ(tt.I460, Lieuten- 
ant«>gi>lofl|fel £«00. Coftnel £800. > 

^IPeenl retired befw^ the Great 
W^r^and claiming ri>!«A|e«»ment of 
rethred liay must apti#tti ih-ttlnt 
to tlie BioreUry. 'V^ai' "Offices ' (F:s 

MjkB^ld^^^^ Cl^iM^»4^^ l^^^m^A^^^^ 

A prtvikte peneien wHb^ke IVi a 
da# for eieb completed yflPof qual- 
Uylnar eervice. For eacji 'tomplete 
rear of «|iiallfyinv eervice ti|.hiKher 
raiiltti there will be added tM piiv- 
kt^s rata aooordlns to jk VlMe for 
penelon under ArtloM l.tfH; Pay 
VITarrant. ' 

H a day for ea«h year 


1 a daV for eaoh year 

HI. • ' ^ 

ma 4ur <or each year aa 

U. ■•|''V.. .. .' -■ . .. .-■-. 

2d^«k'd^ 'fariMMl^year'aa 

(Ineladli;^ Wariraat Ofltoar. Claae n) 
9Hd a day tor each year ae Claae 

1, Warrant Ofltoer. 

The maximum rates of pension 

are a« folowa;y^_, '.^ \.^ ■ ;■,> i 
■ Prt|4i||M« •••••.•• v'^ • • • • f'i •••*.« ■ ••• 
Claae ' IV • • • w^ •••»••#«••«••• '3le 


Claa* III 

I • • frVk e • •'• eealeeo*. 

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tClaee l(Ia«^dlnK Warrant Officer 

Claee II)) ...•«••• 40a 

Warrant Officer. Claae I ....^ 6Se 


^^^uiotkMi. to lie Hflid on iNoTembev M 

< WHk Blaeooat^ Predict.' Be Best - 

Ever Given by ]>e9artmQnt 

Theirec^haa naea- » eteAdy demand^ 
for tickets fdV the ball which the 
officers and members of the Victoria 
Poiiee Department will hold on 
the evening of Thursday, November 
20. at the Main buHdiny at tkfi Wil- 
lows sroundsi' Hhe' unfttUiltfled SQC- 
ccss which attended the annual 

funflCIdha stVeiT fy-.tiMf l^lvecoiMi Uk "i^* *" to visit 

the years prior to the war, social 
evenits^whtoh ^^r^ vtMs tkMit' l«rir<lly 
.attended of any sirailar events of the< 
TSarr makes it certain, that this 
^wa^^^All will pr^ve eqtially t'euc-' 
eesi^ol. The^war intei^ered' wf th the 
ann'^i^ -event but n^'that it, is over 
and the members who went overseas 
are back, the annual series will be 

Thf. M&ln bulldlpc will be d«vpted 
wholly to dadJQliig, the erttlNk'ii^or 
being ueed for that parpoas. 'A 
committee is j|)(nr }UkH M trork tot- 
ting the floor Into prime condition 
for daacinc and trIU have it at the 
top, notch' of efficiency when 
^he blv i»i»ht arrives. The Woman's 
huUdifif adjoinl^v will ha utllifced 
for a sapper ro«as< Aad' oFoak reeM. 

Nothloc trttl ba left tmdono ttt tha 
.comfort of ; the quests and speelal 
attaatiM is balnr paid to tha^a«« 
orative fsaturea which the mamberf . 
9f t|t^ dapartaiisiir pre prldlsipjHfcsnM ^ 
•elves wlir be iomathlnr aniqae. An 
"orohiwtra of twenty-five pieces under 
<^e aAvabJ*' ^l^acOon bf Pi^laiaar 
-fiou* TitrliMr 4rlll dikeourse tbft vwy 
.latsst, Iri-daaoe ABmbera. whUa the 
catering arrangeaoMilft win jiatfee 
nothlns to b« desired. 

Xte ball la bein« held ander the 
dtstlnfTitsheff-^patrenave of I^eaten' 
«tot«Oavernor 81r Frank Bernard,- 
and Liady Barnard, Premier Oliver, 
the Mayor and members ttt 'the 
Board of Police CommissioAarA 
"fickets are on sale .at II. for a doUr 
ble ticket far lady and seatlemAa, 
and l> for a lady'e ticket. 


la MMloa, an4 
hAvlac givm ««7 ftrikbH •d< |« b""0 < 
If wbltth tdCerMlewi V> •PMB«.«f th« 

tWtt^ ^ jHwwmnw pulley lotwaa* t|ha 
dKMha* #i4(p iadktttad. The bb|Mt 
of tha praaant conference ia to talk 
over matters of t|iia kind with a view 
to seeln* what poaaibllltlea there may 
ba for closer union and to probe still 
fvrtber the general principles of the 
ralatlbn batwean tha two ohurohes. 
The committee, of Irhich Bishop 
8eh4»flald. Btaltop I>»ull f nd Bishop de 
Peoolar wir* af#o»lw4 members 
last Bprlng, indadaa the n«mea of 
Ju4w StNiMoa (Xajaloofs), Her. R. 
a. MatiMth <«r St. Pftal'a Preebytar- 
Clrareb, Vanootf¥ar) aod Dr. J. T. 
jwsan. iit»anai^d«tat M.J4lMlona 
la tha Keoienay Pnabytery, as repre- 

.MtitlnK tha presbylSMiaa Bfr^ in 
Wish ColaaM*. 

The departure of Mrs. Maedonald 
Fahoyfor N«w York aad of Mrs. 
Irene Walsh Nasmith for Ohio, where. 


oi-itlnator and principal eaponeht of 
tbavsjri^eiM of planoforta lnstr««tlon 
beacmtr her nartie, seV^l chknces 
have bnea made in the personnel of 
tho i&fr-M the B.C. Aoaderar «( 
Music, in the . Ribben-Bone Building. 
It waa announced yesterday that 
IClss Kate McGregor and MlSg, NdUta 
Lugrln will Itf future act'aa associates 
to xMr.. R. Thoouks Steele, tha prki- 
clpal, In the vocal department; Kra. 
L. D. White will take classes In piaho- 
l«rti^: iUas MrapSatf #111 tako- ^Mga 
of the violin deptt-tquent, and Mia* 
NslUa LAgrtn tha guitar., 

m organisation of' tho Academy 

othOr reapeets . 'temalnb on* 

ReciUls will be given fre- 

qu.ently during the Winter nlontha, 

in aU 


a«id ^aanounoamaat of datalla wlttba. front — a ttl a . lm^tut»Mr 

made later. 



Bishop of CoHmibia QQJng to 
Vancouver This We«k to At* 
tend Uff^g of Preebyterian 
and Anglican Delegfttes 

•t. A. «»tV. fslMrilell^ 

'' oto cia l 


of 0«Uai 

dMttorpBoi ol AatlAall aad 
tobhn caioreh I tp i sas at a t ives whleh 
Isio moat at tts ftina ot Rt Rev. 
BMMB da M#Sr ^IIW4 
tSkraigy. ^ 

,.„ ,. 1%. It Is undantooi. 

tko litfits of aa diirUer modllBg •! 

ra p t — o a ta ti Vsa dC tha two a s i gl wl— 

tloaal boitod. Bishop Doall and 

Bishop daligd^havtajvWJjd ^ j^ ?^t»y£|«rea,^ ».mishing a Ve^ de 

lining. wMIe It 


, I H I' 4"> 




Fdrtner Successes of Aviators 
to Be Eclipsed by €vent on 

'November 26 — Seattle 
Talent and Jan BandJ * 


ollowlng bi^ tti^radahf dieMtsas In 
social events, ttfi Aartal- Leasua plans 
•io stage da av*n mairvpratnftious af 

fair At 

the cab^^ Uaa ..Under the 

„.. maiMnNlbHi j»f/ V •tron* 

committee composed or the following 
M^as, tiM fuaetj«a pramiara to be 
a 'novel aa4 stteeeMfui event: Mrs. 
Harry Pooley. Mrs. Dr. C J. Gibsont, 
Hr. W. H. Wlttarsen and Mf; G. A. 
OsraerdQ. * .t ^ 

The cabaret Is & be hekl at thb 
■mprass ,Bo<iil oft l«b*ramto«r'<j«, la 
aid of the Aerial Laagua finite, and 
ifriD ba ua4ar tha fsrtMiMd.of His 
fTanor thb Xls««diM4M#hi6r .and 
Ladif Bamrd. HaJar-OMiafal Leckle, 
Cl.O.C, and CapMa HM^a, 18.N.O. 
Tho cabaret will tUM ipla«a In tha 
baMraoai. aMia thoJMdi a^.isrritlng 
rooms will bO given up to dlincing. . 

High>elaas talent prill be secured 

prbntaeat MX is rmei 's. ngAn «e them 
haing mifcabera of 4k «roll««ia«4rn Jaa* 
band. The datallad • pi ai ianuii e wni 
ba annouMiead later, but the opening 
-fiatara wOl ba ik. MareilHWig procea- 
alan. entltlod "Plotura Numb^ra." in 
whloh the peHormera, headed by the 
band. Win prottenada^^e ballroom. 
Many hovoltlaa have bean provided 
for, and tha deeoratlona will not ba 

The Uble plan and tickets will ba 
alMtdMe at ' Wilfkarson's Jewelr^ 
■tdra on or abdUt Mbvabbar . i< 
Pravloue to the 'dpdning of tha plan, 
parties up Id etactaan la number will 
ba aeeamm*#atod SfHtr reservutlMa 
For tho eoavenlenjpa of Idrga parties 
reaorvatlona ngay ba made by mail 
a ddrs d Odd to O. A. Camaroa. Aerial 
League office. Union Baak fluilding. 
Tdbla . rdmrratloaa n>uad ba claimed 
a» tiM 4|i«pilMr dC the t«Ms ^n. 



Pay** ciwypdif «r ik(j» iravy 

rldll Vests Will not chafe baby's delicate pink 
iti. |l[hey-Riye aufe i>rottetion aeainst drafts and 
lills. h 

manffcomes these fine garmenu have been adoi^ 
a standard— aomething mat is known to be safe iild 
^ht for liaby to wear. 

»urd(^ surely ieltsPeerlessVests for infants^ Write 
US |f yoi liave aflKr difficttlty in procuiaiit;iiciii. 



^Tb par thd dabt orvnUMada to the 
depaadMila of Caaadidii aadtadn loat 
in the war; to provide protection and 
hdae OowTdrt' Ibr adaaaa who coma 
to Caaa^l*^ port^jiajd to tialn^aative 
bom bapa for «ho navy and ladrahant 
ehlpg, are amadg the objaata of tha 
"Nelson Day" campaign to raise fSOO.- 

Tha Nanr Laavtie •( Canada has an- 
4mi^km tila oainpalgii ^h through 
aoadtdeoea thdt tka popple wtll aee 
tham through with It aa thay did the 
"^^ ^*»k- dd^ff-d^l-t Tear. 

I«st year the gratefal Mpplo of Can* 
ada hftra their attara df prdvMhig for 
tha H»ddd dapondaatd of tha 44.M« 
bafiwe lost to the Slapli^ la tKa war. 
Thia year the Navy League is appeal- 
ing only for tha support of the de- 
paadeata df ^Jppsdlaa awwa dotoally 
hiat ar lajkrdd la thi drar. 

»rea >dp*r ma««h|- wiprfiMaiis the 
?**>^ <*.<>?■»?»»>> • h*rd oaa. fol- 
IM^M odly by hu4r. bravo aSd ad-- 
vaatarbua man. la fisniMr days the 

■Mdo tellutaly worss by th* ^aagata 
of Ibo aiM##ta Iterplsa oC kll klhda 
prayed «poa tha asaMop la his loneli- 
Mas aai paadVed bofna. But now by 
tho work or the Navy Lsagua thro«igh 
tho alao Bailors' Instltotea In Canada 
asaamyla our porta ha<ra plaoea of 
Pffotaathm aad ipNBa da tafa rt to whloh 

•Ua Jfiitit Blano: TheiPt Ootthard 
'aiMI illlliplon tunnels an^ some of the 
fiaraofii:^^>alleys were alsb projected 

i Introduction to the most im- 
pdrtaat^ part of the lecturer's story, 
h$t d^wription ofthe schools and of 
thd IKtte . republic. 

"^Vha 'i^stem. defined as more ideal 
than that in ^^ue in this country, 
or. for that matter, in any other 
eountiy ranking amonr the clvillaa- 
tloae vof today, waa fery fully dee-' 
orlbad. and pictures both of the ex- 
teriore aqd Interiors of some of the 
big technical schools, where boys and 
girls and young men and women are 
^trained, along practical 'lines for ths 
professions and Industries which they 
Intended following, were shown. Mr. 
Best' indicated how far in advan<fe 
of this countiy, for instance, the ed- 
ucaiioiUfts of Swltserldnd were in 
giving their etudents direction in the 
analjrsis of minerals, the application 
of simple chemical rulefi to proctical 
OTrery dlly Itidustrial problems, and 
the co-rslatidn of all learning. Clas- 
ses, In dreipaiaking,* m^tal working, 
pottery, maehlnery, bootmaking, etc. 
were illustrated,, aad in comparing 

NVa^cavMo doAaMlatala snob pkcaa 
la tho laaM that eaa ba doao to help 
the seen who go down to the aaa In 
ahipa to carry oar xabeat aad manu-^' 
(aetarad prodadta.ta 4ba aada af -tho 
gtarth. Tb» taads raised In the Nalaoa 
Z»ay caa ipa lga wfl] hdip ssatorlally to 


«Mdk Mr. 

wHfc hia ladto^ e« 
and tea ■niis^." gii 
OaMarlaa Cborelk. 
did. aSitdtac tha 

it oaMtal; Oaapoa. Uu 
e. ata^ •• a 

■iis> ^mSa ' SmT j^LrhM^ ^ 

tt^QUorR PtM^ FdrB*er:|t^ 
gaartftcc^biit It wOl give Ibsolut^^.H^sfacHob. The scientlflc i^tMelPlfs 
of Jtt :edHstrtfctk>ti mike p<tts1b|r^ halt more heat at t third Uu 
eupsnili uan any oth«r fu rued. .« You save tubstantlallii when you 
Isital i|;JStflt haf no plpss. Sdd It «t thU § tore. ^ 




the Swbk HHth the Canadian system 
tha speaker referred to the eduoatioa- 
al methoda of the latter country aa 
**obaoleto and out of data.*' 


VANCOUVBR, Oct. 17.— Tha fol* 
lowing telegram was raeelved oa 
Saturday from Vernon bg Idfi.R, O, 
Clarke, former Z>oniiaion friiU ' In* 
spootor hare: 

"Severe, treat throughout tha valley. 
All apples on ti'eee froaen aalid. 
'Rough estimate of applee on tre4p, 
aso,OOd bosas. Impoasible to oeUmati 
damage y«t< Many hundreda of tonb 
of potatoea froaen in the groand." 

Local wholesalers discussing this 
-matter today agreed that it was im- 

possible ta sUts pat lahat tha daiiMCO- 
might IM. but were Inellned to think 
that It might not prove quite as bad 
aa reported. Thia applied mora par« 
UeuUirly to potatoesb which being un- 
derground may on axpoeure be found' 
not to have sufTired nearly ao aevera- 
ly aa ia thought. For the applea a' 
continuance of dull or cloudy weather 
might de eomething toward recovery. 
OMterally there was a diapesition to 
suspend Judgment awaiting furthei' 
ddv^slophient. *. * 

-._, Strtha la..,Fiai^^<.i .^ 
PAHII. Oct. J7.-^1ha union of sub- 
way employeea plans tb ca)l a iftflke 
Noyembef 1 la conjunotipn with a 
strike of uhiens of general traBapor<k' 
Ution workers and a^aotriclaaa, m» 
cording to The Echo de Patla. ^J 



' -K,.-: t. 

rl others 

Many mothers y^ho iiltovdtfi ta Jkei^ the Hqp^ and 
fe^ the diflciRn weH isd^^^ W 

''"""'■,. . .■■-- ' 

and iil^^ feitmiine Ssapicn maty devt4(^ unless: 

cue is Jalen to jpi^en| tbe^ 

Tq such women L]^)ia E>' jPini^iiQiA^ 
Vegefeible Compoutid is invalph^.^•F^ 
many years ^is root a^ ^ 
has .^een recognized as (^ 

remedy for woman's ills« 
retkif^lbmi to anomia^ 










— .t' -,- 

^cotah Woman Rejoices Over 
: Her Wonderful Retttorattafn 
; to Health After Taking 
r Tailac 



Amfientieres Carriei 176 t^ 
Sea— Lads Practice Getting 
Away In Boats* and Are 
Tadg;ht Navigation. 

"I'm just so bappy o*«r th« w«y 
Tmaiagi hagrmnUnwi mm t* co*pl«t« 
iMMttb that I 1b«rt Hk* «otn« oat and 

wwTlie wv itow. AMto Culton «^ 
mtfcig b«r vmidcrful raoovwry by Um |.dlTtoloiw. 
MM «| ,Xb»llM: tb« othwr day. J^«. 
C«U«f|'iMl«a att Dacotab. Manitoba. 

«»l in§m aim 'fft a complata ii«rlr6us 
and iMiyHcal arrack before I bMcan 
Ulrmfc Tbaltr " oontlnnod Mra^ Cnl- 
lan/^and ^ 'ha« almost glvan up an 
bopaal «var biBtnc reUoved pf irjrauf. 
ferine. For throo yeani I suirared 
froak aa bad a caaa ot atomaeb tronbto 
aa anybody aver bad. I ballevo. and 
ladlKWtloa troubled me eo awful bad 
aftar oyery maal tbat I cot tq wi^ra t 
didn't eAt enooffb to bardly keep me 
alive. My nerrea ware compJataly 
abattorad and If anybody even niatled 
a nawqiaper wben I waan't ezpectlns 
It, I would become upaet. Laat 
Winter I bad an. ntt^k of tbe flu 
tbat kept me In bed taree weeks, and 
It went so hard with me that I waa 
bardly able to lift my bead from the 
pillow. When I sot up I was In su<;h 
a weakened condlUon that I thousht 
every day I would fuffer a complete 
brfakdown.iwd bayaito take my bed 
attain. When I would try to eat a 
Uttia aomatMns to gat some strenctb, 
I would bave terrible cramps In my 
stomach before I sot half throush 
aattns. nnd the palna hurt me so bad 
ka to almost draw me double. Some* 
times I was so weak I thought I would 

, laUat right In ^my tracks, and for 
itha a^a time 1 was no^ able to do 
# Mt of my houaeworfc. I suffered 
With a torrlbia pain in my back right 
llordM a^ kidneys and I ooold hardly 
•toop over and I don't b«Ueva I was 
avw? without a headaehi^ after I had 
the flit* I dreaded for night to oome. 
for I waa miserable almost from th«L 
tima'l went to bed until I get up. 
Why,i It's a faet for months at a time 
lAdtdtit_get over two hours' sleep a 
«^l|t. 'Tvla' actual condition 
ait4^t0^,*ive my life I don't see bow 
I miiStirod to bear up under It alL 

*'^,{K«M Nearly every knowii treat- 
meqi and miBdIclne, but I got po re- 
lief "whatever until I commenced tak- 
ing nnlae. From the very first I be-> 
gl|n t^ tipprovA and my troubles grad- 
ually startiBd to go away, and I kept 
right on taking Trttnlae and 

'getting better right along. ^I 
hava finished my fourth bottia 
now, and you may not believe It. 
but it la the truth just the same, all 
my troubles have been entirely over- 
come and I am enjosrlng the best of 
health. I can eat anything I please 
now and never suffer' the least l^t with 
my stomach. The pains in my back 
and stomach have completely ' disap- 
peared, and I have almeat forgotten 
that I ever had a headache. My 
nervea are so steady that I don't be- 
lieve they were ewer In better condi- 
tlli<>:M' wtMni «o tombed kt night 
I can sleep as sound at a, child and 
get up every morning and do- my 
housawork with more ease than ever. 
My recovery Heems more like a dream 
to me than anythiijg else. I am so 
happed 1 Just almost feel like shoiit- 

Tanlac is sold in Victoria by f$ B. 

When the Oova ill o a t Ttawler 
Armentlerea left the Inner Harbor 
■sturdajr momtag ahe carrleQ sonta 
in la4s of the Boya* Nn«»l ■r****^ 
toel«4lag QOfttiagpn^ lro» H»a«»o, 
bmnlmak and Jan^a Bay sub- 
Ueut. W. M. Botham waa 
In command of the lads, asalatad by 
UsHL Jbnea. R.I>rJU who baa only 
Jtfit reamed frorti ssrvloe evwraeaa. 
Uaut. («■*•- WVlis and Mr. Harold C. 
Croaa, ■oy•^ Ww* a#craUry of the 
T.M.C.A. wen alsa on board. 

Tbe veasef^put off from the wharf 
at V a.m. and proceeded ten milea to 
sea. The difBeuK evotaitiona «< 
"abandoning ahip-station." and "aban- 
doning ahlp." were snceeasfully 
carried out. la abaitdonlag ahlp. all 
the lads got away in the boats in 
racord Ume. and spent an hour in 
boat praoUee. pulling aroun4 the 

Instructldh In navlgatloa and gon- 
drlll on the IJlbr. Q.F.. was carried 
out during th)B day, while the general 
pMnters on > seamanship were not 
overlooked. In spite of the commodl- 
o«isi quarters on board, tbe, Naval 
Brigade experienced some crowding, 
the vessel hardly being sufflciently 
large to accommodate alL The Ar- 
■lentlerea put back to the Harbor at 
dqak, wben the lads ware Aeathome 
for tbe night. 

Padre A. daB. Owen took tha sar- 
vloe at divisions on board the Atmen- 
tleree on Sunday, and thi veaael put to 
sea at ten In the morning 'following 
tbe service. Tbe qqarter deck lads, 
soma alxty In ,nundMr. were left oo 
•bore, aa their, agaa did not warrant 
their being included In the more 
itrenuoug work of t||a saoond d«y of 
the eruiaa. ^-y.; ■'■:f[\ 
■ 'Oaa^'htkBdMwaEBd WtyMdawant^Wl 
the cruise, the first point of call be- 
ing Peddar Btay, William Head. In- 
struetlon was given In. seamai^ip, 
navigation, and special-^ Instrt^on 
waa given to a picked the 
lowering of boats. A prdcti<^ alarm 
waa M^ld,. a lUebuoir. beings thrwrn 
oiterboiard' whil* under. Way. and the 
life boat'A crew got away and, re- 
trieved the buoy in tbe fast tlrab of 
ten minutef. This time was cut down 
to six mlnutaa. oi) a second practice, 
whioh Is the time allowed for the dif- 
ficult feat in thk Royal Navy. Some 
fifteen guests were plek<»d up In the 
afternoon, the vessel reUiming to the 
harbor for the pur)>oee. EUght o'clock 
in the evening saw all the lads on 
shore again afti^r tha nibst successful 
cruise of the year. 


Anii9b«n; druggist. 





W. Foster Keturns 
From JSoWlers' SpttJement, 
. Hoping Government Wilt 
Share Expense, i <s. . , 



Afflkrts Soath Africa ' / 

PRETORIA. Oct. IT.— (Reuter'ii)— 
A drought described aa the worst in 
50 years, exists over hirge areas of 
th* -Oftpe " Provintjci, the Free State 
and ifm iVanavaal. The ' (aridrrs are 
IdUim heavily in Hveetoclt. It is estl- 
raatied that the crops, which * have 
been poor, w^l show a shortage of S3 
per (iient. 


PlMB Over Eyes . Is Gone, 

Headadie Cured* Catarrh 


Tlab U 

•f nMMMTho BtmUm 


Remember this. Catarrh can nevet 
be cured er even relieved by k cough 
syrup, a sprty, or tabln treatment. 
Trouble is these remedies slip quickly 
ovM tbe sore Irritated membranes^ 
drop Into the stomach and do little 
elaa but harm dlgeaUon. It;a different 
wltB* "CatarrboBpne*'— yo»i Inhale It. 
■v«»y brifathaenda* healing balsams 
to the inflamed tissues. Tightnessi 
sorenesii and inflammation are cored 
by iiealing pine essences. Til* cough 
dlM away, throat Is strengthened, 
htMMness la curM. Nbthlnlg is so 
■IM^ «o convenlaftt ao certain to 
CUM as Catarrbosone. The dollar out- 
flt Iftclndea the iidialer. ooata fl.OO, 
.«nd la guarant««d to cava Small sise 
Ste. trial alM Ifc all dealera. or The 
«iatarrhesaB^ Ca. lUagatoa. Oal. 

mm C^ada Wants Ya« la l^r ViaMy 

If your 


^<^iiL< consuming mbre c6ial 

iSin yott think k 8hoiit<t. jiiBt 


,-TON* the inon«y taving 

eMl-^ntl ^ the Mine if 

• nngc tn' * gratf hfitus 


AT Walker 

"There are two outstanding aaseU 
in v("><^'B<!Udn with the Cuurienay 
settlement: It Is a ' proved farmdng 
district, in the- first place: In the 
second, the character of the men who 
are going In there. Is the kind that la 
wanted. There arc some very tine 
types among them." 

This the first thing that Colonel 
W. W. l<'oster had to say about the 
Soldiers' .betUemant at Courtenay on 
hia return from his iirst visit there 
last week in company with Colonel 
I'ack, V.C. But ■. immediately after 
summarising Che advantagea, ha 
called the attention to one of the un- 
certainties of the schema. He ques- 
tioned if, in land of that kind, where 
tha Clearing Is very heavy, might not 
the cost ot clearing be so high that 
It would be very difficult to make a 
success of larmlng. At the outset the 
cost ot clearing waa naturally rather 
nigh owing to the lack of macl)tn#ry, 
ue recognised. . However, under tha 
ulrectton ot Captain Kant, the price 
of clearing waa being carried on at b 
much reduced price and with very 
commeudable speed. The actual cost 
ot clearing the first ten farua waa 
uelag woi-uO by the jr^ovincml Oovefn- 
ineni. These tarms, colonel Foster 
remarked, varied m sise from ten 
aorea up to one hundred and twenty, 
according to the location and quaUty, 
of the land. 

Men Gpttanlstio 
' As far a* the men are conearnad, 
they are au 'Very ot>timlstlc, but they 
are all very anxious to knoW what 
PNce the •Uovernmeni intends to 
ciiarge fur the land when it la turned 
uver'M tnem. if • the prlae is to be 
teasonable, toen, thay xeel. they will 
uave a business proposition assured 
of success," be reported, having la- 
t,erviewea most of tne settlers while la 
«aa olstricu 

At the present time tha Provincial 
ciovernmeiH i» clearing the land, 
having a superintendent there in 
onarge oi operations. Xhe seciiement 
has tna mo«t encouraging indioailons. 
ai the present time tliars being law 
setuers, tnolualng seventy families, 
wmle approximately forty' farms have 
already oaan allotted by a syatam of 
drawinft'. All the men on the gtonad 
are stiii eagaged on tbe work Os blaar* 
ing, raaaivmg payment for ' their 
labors at a daily wage. 

"if tha Uoverniueut take into oon- 
ald4raiio» that it Is a valuable- ex- 
periment In land settlement, and that, 
apart aitugetaar trom tita usasTlsu mt 
(OS ra-eg«MM4at'a>aat of tae soMusr, 
tbe PTovtoaa la dartvlng diatioM 
benefit from tha venture, ervaa tt 
coat of material le aamawhat 
tnaia they mast auraiy b« prspaaed to 
ri aM ar ttet K they satfufa tha prlfa 
ot tha land to 4ha aoMkHr. in vnlar 
ta eMbarasa Mai to atay bjr taa dUBg 
with aama proayact ot suoeeas, H wui 
be a very real advaaiasa tb 

Apparently Ik 
that >n fwura fariki«^wiu be aiiflta^ 
by a bo^rd* allotmant to ba made mi 

the baa» of th^* dteaa ctf tanstac tte 
men prafer ta lollaw: tr««k farmiag. 
sh ee t CsratlaHfc : i»<»altry farming, ate. 

In aiUlltloa ta cleartatf (ha tan 
af lui4 aa tW laraM ttet hmif 



■'J- :,"ef <) i.r 



Bw Victow Bonds 

TKrou^ ttie Bams 

on the 


, ,f.'-. 



■r.:V.i, .^'r5^:'»^:fv,-',->ff!:j-li*^^ 

s ^■ 

• ». 

CANADA'S banks will make it poMible for 
every Canadian man and woman to biiy afl 
the Victory Bonds they can pay for in ten months. 


The iFinance Minister has made arraitgements 
with ilie bank mana«:ers throughout the Domtnioii 
to give ^ery co-opera tion to enabl e srou to biqr 
^^**tlSe Victory Bonds you can possibly f)iqr Iw 



on the instalment plan. 

You do not need to be a customer pf a^ bank to 
buy bonds under this instalment pUm — it is open, 
to •everyone.^ ./ w:-^:A '>A'^^ '. )*->?^'^' •!/ : ♦; 


. 1« 


' i 


Put every dollar you can gather together 

Victory Bonds--and then go to any bank and; bigr 

on the instalment plan all the Victory Bondiy!q#,v .w. ,; ,».a^ 

can pay for during the next ten months. It ;if^^^ ."^^ *^^^ 

Under this plan you pay ten per cent, on 6r before '' ' "* * ^ ' 
/November 15th, and teii per cent eabh fhoiith til]^ 
August x6, 192O) when you will get ^our bond . -,r 
The interest Charged you by the bank is balanced ^- '-' 
by. the interest you get on your Vlotoiy Bonds^' ^ 

jjisiy branch of any bank will store the Vtcfcdilr^) *^'* 
&>nds i>f small investors for safe keq^mig for a 
year without charge. 


4 vtf '. 

4 , '> i>- 

'=: i ■•;. 

f .; 

f *■' 






f ' 

f- ' 

^Ti , ' * 

•'• •-■'■/ 





(f . 



Buy all the Victory Boruis you 

can pay for — then buy more 

on the instalment man. 

The banks will help you. 


..i: '* 

J ' •'. 


W " 





have decided to make loans to em-V: 
ployers of labour covering . the aub- ^ 
scriptions of their employees «—" the « 
rate of interest to be the same as 
the yield of the bonds— ^5$^%-^-the 
loans to be made for 90 per cent, 
of the amount subscribed— and to 
be paid off in monthly instalments. 
The banks have unanimously agreed 
that these loans will not be con-- 
sidered as impairing the amounts 
of credits for other purpbses. 

Aiivancm9 to tnoestort — The banlqi 
have agreed also to grant reasonable 
credits to subscribers to the Loan 
at the rate oi S}i% per annum, on 
loans to be repaid within one year. 
The amotint loaned will be PO per 
cent, of the subscription.' 

Itsacd by Canadg'i Victofy Loan CoamtHtec, 

in co-operatkm with tbelliaister of Finaaca 

af the DomiRkm of Canada. 

■ii ^r .tu 

>? r- 



allrttad. iha 

watar a)tM»lir 
adi la aaaH i wat an nai 

Man wMh fknOlaa ara Itvlav ta tha 
li^uV,,^^ CManal ^isHi repoHs. Por 
UM sa— iilit man. ar men whose 
f>wiHaa hava not anlratf on the 
Mwsd yM..tkefa ai>a »«ak aa« e«>h- 
hoaaea* opAiafai by tba smMriMtand- 
airi. Tbata la alpo a atore piri In fbr 
tha baasa t a< <law MH» . TIm latan- 
tia* It ta a f la^ t tMa'lata 1g aw.o»er- 
aUva ttMa tMraaa \y tin* sa tt latt tbMi- 
; ■ 

At praaeat there are in tha Court- 
enay dlatrlct 14.0*t aerea available 
nndOT the seheoae. bu^ aa the Comox 
Legglhg Company clear more ground 
there will be more available. 

"ptery man that f saw had good 
fItRfc In the dtartrlet.'* asserted Colonel 
Poater. "They like the climate, they 
dto c or e r that the land le better than 
fhey expected whan they started for 
thoir deattnstlon. Bat reallalng that 
tiM coat of clearing the land has baoa 
hsavj^, tlisy aaw wow anzkma to knww 
tha prtee whloh tiM Provincial Gov- 
la aattlBc apaa H. 

Aa tM 

settlement of the dtttriet by conte t ad 
farmers te evantnaJirtO prove of ~ 
Ht to the Provtnea aa well as ta tba 
returned soldier. It Is worth making 
svery condition thst will favor the 
-achievement of tha former. Treated 
In this way. tbe esperiment will be 
a success In svery way." 

Colonel Poster, who was appoiatad 
by tbe O o y e rnnwat <• look. lata tha 
matter of e^piijWuiH eondltloaa^er 
the returned soldlsr nmime the Sol- 
diers' get l ls m ant Jtoard. la 

hte.iki iiiiim m» t 

$x. f rti f t wttli a 


OA8TORIA1 iii iipi 

mwujAu I jppii«fi|ijfi^pw^e??! 

jTWailKIHE, , J^ 

ItlftwrMarine Yard Ctoletf ai 
Thrafei and As8enit)iy Plant 

»..|nd PbOtbBTC Yard H^ aa 
flour later 

*o( th« «lty 


-,„„^,^,,,— ,„,,,^^^..,^„^„,^^„— ^HP^^.^. IM.l ■»! '■ ■ ■ -I ■— iMi, w ■, ■■ ^ ■ !■■■■■>■— II H. ■■■■■■ rf .. * I... ■ II , ,1,1 ,— ,111 I — I — ^— ^^M. II II II W 



ywi^.'initH mm 9^m. a ium oc 

motor «•» awAltod Um Harbor 
Marte* man and ni«l>a4 tbfm oK ,<f 

hiOAaA krliaadn tka akipvartf road 
Ml tlM 1 1— II. mm mmor «r ktoppad 
MiMMIjr M »n»tt<r ■■■Maa ap- 

~~~ |M.. .aerloaa 


moMlMi >r oca < dad aa aoan-ii-tlia bant 

mwtt* Ml Wf«l^ iir-tp»,«H^ tha 


irtkh kr ■« tote b«> 
Mftth tlM aaiid diifta of tka Junction 
of the FrwNT^ BMrev mm4 tkit Qujt !■ 
tkat \fUm 9iMM IB aammlatfon. the 
bwt li tfi^ At Rtnd>a Whari; aad a 


^» " H f Ihi 



Sbvb tai 

Oat. If .— Tka e.l.K. 

1^ ra^tU«t«d &>r tk« lladoUn aa 
MM Wtw ia fce i aaOtef fpaw tha Unit, 
ed Kinsdom fyf the SarHMn Di- 
rect line. ^<r win Imr* .,Q|ai«o«r 
about MoTOmbar Mth fbr thta ooaM, 
ealllav At «M ^Chatted Mateo and the 
Brltlah ColnnbH porta, ineludlna 
TlelortK. ^(^ pnttlnc of tha iCa^ 
iMDiOn bartk wao anM«iiood oomo 
dayo afo. The Crowtt of Oallcla haa 
been bara ilncr tlio <ir»r oadod. 


m «n > 

JRcadle Out Yesterday and the 
Quabec^Oirt Friday v- This 

• WHI Leave three for Decem- 
ber— LayofT Starts Soon 

The'steamor-Aeilpla nttt hor<tHil|i 
TMierday ., ouQoeaeQiUy .' and |aada 
aa avamifa ■»■■> lOf > 11.41 knoto.- 
Tblo mlUcea tha olxtaeath of tha 
V^andation ehlpa to bo tried out. 
Tha next one. tha Qttabac. will ba 
taotad on Krldajr of thio week, mak- 
lac tha fifth thIo month, which Ui a 
reoard. Teaterdajra trial* Uated 
londer than uauaL Mueb hao baen 
taken for v<«Mted |n t h a oe oteaxnera 
•ttd onoe In a whUe they are kept 
•at ionaar Juet to eheek up. 

The tffUlo of th^ QlDObec thjla 
waek wm leav«i three mo»a to fv 
out In Ofcaa^or. ,Jt M.pmuM^tto 
ntn on* dtt h«k tria|pi en t&tf Tth and 
aBOthe«,ott tha 14tli.,and tM» Iaat.;on 
the 2}*t Th* laying off of men will 
commence at tha badlantaf qt De- 

Fnaenl ot Mr. W. J. Oowan 

CANJflNOTON. Ont., Oct. *87.— 
Wit* Iraproaoivft aenrlee, Mr. W. J. 
Cowan, tTnlentot candidate in North 
Ontario, who died anddenly aiz day* 
before election, was buried here yes- 
terday afternoon. All political par* 
tlOo were, repveaeated at tha funeral. 
Mr. R, H. Haltbert. president of the 
U.F.O., Mr. Cowin'a political oppon> 
ent, was preaent. All political par- 
tlea and ntany frlenda sent floral trib- 
utes. . " 


Pacific .Organization to Con- 
veoe fh ,6ecember-^VI^rl« 
Represeoted In fast^tr lr?r 

* struct! ve Papers by ExiwtS 


Tha sixth dMiual olobtlAf ot*^, 
RMtOe (Saaat-AsoMlatloa oi Port Ao^ 
tbocltlas will taUk plaok at flaarplsta 
oa'Xtoooiabor 4. f and •', aad tlM pr»> 
sranim* of iMiokers and subjaets la 
aaw-belBs arraavad. 

In im Mr. 1. O. <;amaron and Mr. 
C H. Root* former CMty Baclnaar. at* 
tOaded tfea conTontlon for the Port 
9t- Vtetoria, the former roadlnd- a 
papor' oa "flblpbuttdind." |t Is ex- 
peoted that del*«at*o will ae from 
hara acaln'tblskyaar. ^The mattar Is 
batna takaa vp by tha Inner Harbor 


. Amon« tho subleets tiaU haao booai 
d i o rtt lias d . at Mit - -oonvOsiUoiHC wo»o: 
.^Porta and Iddustrlal D«v»)opmenV 
1^ t^ pftMdont' o^ th* X^ort of Seattl* 
Oammlaslon: "Transpaoiflo Trade 
Aftor tJm War." by CapC ReboK Dol- 
lar: "Malaysia and Pacific Porta"; 
"LaUn Amarloa'a Commerce": *'Hai«> 
bora." and "National and Local Kn- 



Mr. Arthur Sullivan Has Com- 
pleted Successful Season 
Up-lsland— W ill Live In Tent 
During Winter 

CpiiMiillaii Jlatlojial Railways 


■lyUif imerivc SUNDAY, nov. 2, isis 

LMnrtt tM |mb. 


M§ « 
2t24 n 

2M n 


9»^ iliQi ^ 



1U» » 

ititf ^ 

« « nUt*. Doii^M 

'*••. CoidiifiA'^j 

■ < •»- ^— . --.j.iir 

*^ ••« 


.Rob S( 


Imtn 9:25 M 

»«20 „ 

9:15 „ 

9:10 „ 

9HI7 „ 

9K» . 

»»■« n 

«t83 H 

Sr43 „ 

8:38 » 





,~n4AMMSl« Telw Cl^MwdiJ* StiMt Cw. 

MRTICULAIIS-nioMt 4479 and 111 

After a summer and fall spent 
camplna at the mouth of Campbell 
River, Mr. Arthur Sullivan returned 
to Victoria yesterday. He haa been 
salmon flshina up the Island, trolllna 
from an eleven -foot doaont. While 
provina a monetary success, th* ont- 
Ina was aloe an excellent vacation 
and flne from a health standpoint. 

Mr. Bullivan. havina aalaed the ex- 
perience necessary, is havina a four- 
t*on-foot launch specially built for 
th* salmon trolUnr, which will com- 
mence aaatn Ip the Bprlna. The new 
boat will be liaht and. may be pulled 
up. on tba ahor* whan naoeatary. The 
daherman is aolnv back to Campbell 
River and will live In a tent there 
throuabottt the Vlnter. The bounti- 
ful supply of aame and flab obtain- 
able keepa tha cost of Uvlna down. 

About three hundred boata war* 
trolUna off Camp^U River durina 
the paat season. Mr. Bullivan esti- 
mates. Oood money was made, the 
flsh beina purchased Inr Japanese, who 
ao around and oolMct it 4wm the 
various fishermen. 


;. lie IMS 

Word Comes That Nasutlin 
and Hazel B. Only Ones of 
Yukon Fleet Prematurely 
Frozen In . 

• •' r \ 

- 1 , .^> 

-«^ \ 

VANCOUVBR, Oct. «T.— Every boat 
of the Whita Pass * Tnkon Railway 
naade winter quarters safely despite 
the cold weather Which prevailed in 
the Yukon durina th« olosina days of 
naviaatlon with the axoeption of the 
steamers NasutUn ^ad Hasel B., ao- 
cordlna to word received by C J. 
Farr, local aaant for the com{>any. 
The crew of the Nasutlin are reported 
to have followed the trail alona the 
river to the mouth of the Stewart, 
where'^hey were picked up and 
brouaht out. 

When the steamer Princess Mary 
Balled on Saturday from SXaaway she 
carried a large number of employeea 
of the company who are comtna south 
to remam with their famlllea durina 
the Winter. Theae include crews of 
a large' number of the boats. Tho 
Mary is scheduled to make port on 

Ths steamer Jefferson of the Alaska 
Steamship Company sailed on Sunday 
with crews, and the City of Seattle, 
of the Pacific Steamship Company, 
clear* during the day. 





lar II paara iko oiaadord r sms dr for 

an skin dtasaaoaA UaaSd aa*d oatar- 
laaiaaa phhs from Moli. sa^r 
back If th* first betti* 
brlaa yoo r*ll*f. Ask aloe 
D.D.Du floap. C. H. Bowoa * Oiw 

■;,i'f,i«ii iii.ittifci ■! .1 i'. -ir 1 'i '•■ 'Ti, r t. li'i'Ti * 


T lot that rhsamatle patai or 
you wltkoat 
It aaain. Xooa 4t 

ik thtVisdlalnt Its blast for tmmodlBia 


of if, %oW. got another bottle today, so 
.wo^ ovffOr any longor than noc- 
whea a pain or acho attaaka 

Apply H without rubbta*— for It 
j>*atetia>ss glUiig prooqH rollof «( 

' y«tr for 

one ctrloid t ttcMh. 

b n ilso B . 




Y»e. |1.4«. 

SI o a ns 

I vl »1 J til e tM 
t\t'r/> If f),illt/\ 


SEIATTLE. Oct. 27.-.^ArrlTOd 
Horaoe X. Baator. Baa Pedro: Oath- 
aria* IX, Seothao*t*m Alaaka; Phyl> 
lis. Oan Fraaeiaeo. fiaUad: Birai 
Northwestern, Boathwostora Alaakat 
Admiral Svans. Admiral Rodmaa. 
Boothoastern Alaska; Quoaa. Baa 

TACOMA, Oct. tr.— Arrtvod: Btrs. 
Tamalpals. Horace X. Baxter. Ban 
Francisco: Amur. Oranby. B.C. 
Balled: 8tr. Amur, Vanooover. 

PORTLAND, Or*.. Oct 37.-^Ar> 
rtved: Btr. Atlaa, Baa 
Sallod: Btr. Oleum. Ban Franelsoo. 

rived: Rose City. City of TaBaka* 
Portland. Sailed: Steamer Korea 
Maru, Hong Kong. 

YOKOHAMA. Oct. l«^-.Arrt««dt 

FAYAX., OcL 3S^~Arrt«*d: 
worth. Tacoma. 

KOBB. Oot. II.— Bailod: Chleago 
Maru. Seattle. 

MANUiA. Oct. ll.—flaUOd: Bossla 
Dollar, Vaacouver. 

KOBE. Oct. 20.— ArrHred: Sditer. 
Seattle, for Manila: West Hartland. 
Portland, Ore. October 21: Bhinbu 
Maru, BeaUIe; Klml Mam. Seattle. 

SHANGHAI. Got It.— Arrived! 
leoolum. Beattlo. 

MANILA, Oct. St.— Arrtvod: Km- 
pr*BS of Russia. Vanootnrbr. 


OI «o bt d^SSfto tfiSf dtmiiSe f< 


»i' I ■ ...» 



roft-IUIa Ocaaa Yegrq* tkroaak tM iMMi PiMfif^** MtairiMrf liftli 

Qn mA arw ifc Sdfie ^jjj M i n ii Mp i 

" «, . V ■ ) 

o» !• a4ik aBMlfa «rf Wo 
CdMac at Saattla, Vgageavar, Qaat* Mh, SwMtoa Biy, FAnet laptrt 


*' t HBanmmoNs poit I 

^1^ Till iBgir Cmm, tO» ^Mlwrf i» jwm IM 


Consulate at Vancouver Writes 
That Any Number of For- 
eigners May Be Used on 
Russian Ships 

The Russian Government haa ro« 
moved the r**trlctlons on tho num- 
ber of foreign sailors allowed In the 
crews of Russian veosels. This 
fact is conveyed in a letter written 
to The Colonist by th* Russian Con* 
sulat* at Vancouvor follows: 

"The Russian Consulate in Vaa- 
couver has the honor to Inform you 
that it la just in receipt of a copy 
of a telegram addreaaed from OnMk 
to the Ruaaian Commercial Agaat 
in Washington, atatlng that tho Coon- 
eil of Mtnlaters, on th* llth of Bep> 
tembcr of the oarront year, havo re- 
solved that during tha prassnt otato 
of war of Ruasla aad untn the ex- 
piration of one year after ratification 
of the peace treaty between BiuhU 
and enemy powers, all eommerolal 
ships Bytag the RuasiaB Bag aad 
navigating oatside of Rnaslaa ter- 
ritorial waters can have any number 
of dtlsens belonging to the alliod 
powers or neutral powers as BMmliers 
of their crew, without reatrtetloas es- 
tabllehed in the existing Suasian 
law regarding th* numb*r of for- 
eign Pallors allowad on Rusalaa 
ships." - 


lyaaaportatloa Bareaa off Ti 
Board of Dmde HBaha It 

VANCOUVBR, oot. I7.-.TII0 ti«ao- 
portatlon bureau of tho BOOrd of 
Trade went on record against tho 
Anastroag Mil at a meeting yeatorday 
afternoon. Tho bareaa deoldod that 
the bin would be " u awor k dblo and 
detrimental to tho shipping tntor^Ma." 
The recomHBondation was made to tho 
full board that tha bill ba oppoaod. 

Th* Armstrong bill pro p oaoo to plaoo 
the control of coastwloo OlUpplag 
under th* r*doral Railway ComaHi- 


fltoaia^r DUble. oporatad bo 
hsre aad Far BaotfMw potato br Hw 
Pacific Mall Btaaaishlp Coaipaay. 
waa borthad h*ro today after iMtvliB 
been towed into port yootorday uriXk 
her faoi «ooo aad hor onctaoa oat 
of order. 

The Moana of the Mataen KBUga- 
tlea CosKpany* Has plekod ap aad 
towod tho Diablo ••• 

by tho 

Vo Haa* 
LONDON, Oct, IT.— A 
spector has been appolatod 
profltoortag oounell of 
a big London ladostrlal dIatrM, to 
bunt dowB profit o o s B booaaaa oC tha 
aOsged aawUUagnooa of tBo BaaonM 
pablie to make indaa Ul al oomplaliiCf 
throogh fOar of belag Wroottod. 





, U N A R D 

A rj C H O F^ 



OrOeas ...N«». I CU s s i ...^Oee..f 

inmitrT-n 'T'TSasretaala 



WMla a 
le Oaaa« 

Passports Yee>vc4 a** fall in- 
foraiatioa Btodly sappHatl pt Om-, 
adiaa Natioaal Kaflways^ City 

tkkst Officd*. ^ ^^^ Strati, 
PaoaWrtoa BaiMiag. 

a It HBiifirorrH^ 

city Passottfor ao4 Tkfcot Agoat 

ilT. lunwr 

t|t7 WhBrf tciaat 

Mb, 4 


OF B. C Ltd. 

Ckaafo of Sdisiale 



■ ■ L^L 





FOINT ORBT: Baow; oovUlWOid} It; daaoo; raafh. 

CAPS I^AIO: mate: aa o tlio a at, gaiat 
MM\ 14 i reai^ !:» »>«•. sMi* 
Prlaaoso Boatrloo. Oaa^^n Rlrar. 

FACBRCA: lUla: oootlMaat. frosb: 
)t.»»t «4: modatato. 

stroag: M.M; 4*: amootB. 

AUBItT BAT: Bain; aontbaaat. 
strong: S*-«f: 4^; modarata. 4tSf 
p.m.. spoke Adaalral Kloholsoa, an- 
chored I mtloa BaftB a( -Alart Bay. 

TR|A|fai4D IBLAND: ClOHtfyi 
aaatJMroat; tt.Mt 4t: rough. 

DiAB tBBS: Ctoar; oatm; M.«lt 
44; siHaglll 

VfOBDKi Bloady; aaathwsat, fraahi 
It.t4; 411 l^odorato. 

pmOfdll tlOrlBRT: Rata; oalmi 
ta.40: 4t: amaotii. 



wSESutetsMMab^raa aaSl 
|iBdfi7ttegiiBtf» «i bMA taaS 



;, jBuUEIr .,;, 






ii;at abBi 


its, alagl* Bi^TsWi 






TWi? nAiTV rni n?JlST , VirTnuTAr R.C TlKSDAY. OCTOBER 28:. 1919 

.' ■ » *r. 

• * r . 






■» ' i>* 

UNTIL 10 P. M. 

*i^i iilU 


M ««u • war« ^mcitjmmniim, •« 
wMk. w • ««lH«r • «■•, • 
W Iha Hmmi: I'Mir with 
•eo«*t*< (or Urn 



■I fir 


■ M pwWIa. M B 
hrmrr itw* v< 
PuUte toci 

l;>fe«M M41I 


•t !•'»• 


Vhomaoa KaB«r»l Ho»«. 

Jr« atrmt, 
ing. law 


* StrMl, 

on Wednw- 

tcM will >>• 
lan; Intar- 
No flower* 

Jclty. and Mn», W. T. W»ven», or BO¥in 

_ 9rtwik 
born at 

?2V' Ch.p*l. from whence the t-n^^al 

_Jnf. fnterr- 
Bajr Cewe ttry. 

fntenaent will 

IM »«d« Ilk Rom 



• Till the i^adowe «!«♦ owy. 

" ^ .. '"'' DiaaMMvtSir 

BkNOI>AUI>«t>^ ever lovlM m***^ v* SS 
ne« D-nUI (Hirny) t^ fondly lov^ 

t KeverTbeent frow^ bl» a»ath»>'e tbemht . 

rnilK HalvaUoa Anay laduMrtal VrnprnH*/ 
^X .aMsi. »l» Jehc«ba Street. wUl be pleaeeA 
U obii iw r«w •MtU«K«MMM, ebeie* 
rabben. 4ImmM Jferaliteb •/•r 
jrea bave ■» Aaed el Fbaae 

' "*"***': 

laiieii^AtBrtnary'it^ AMreWe and 

Caledonian Moclcty Hallowe'en Uanc-e, 

r4bN. MMr • iM. tw lawaa OnMvre Hatl. 

Ucpti, e«c: ladicfk S&p. 

ririiiiiN^T^Iar. iMdertol Baab featM- 



OMaftf CMtadMHt OIpb^A r«cepilon tn 

bi»a6r of Qrnaral P|r Arthur and ImAy 
t-urrle wilt t>r held Friday. Oct. 3tat. from i 
ta f p.m.. In the- Kmprma Hotel. A aood 
i«lbile«l prodratam* baa been' arranaed. 
Aiteroeon tea will be aerved. Admlaalon tec. 

Yoan old felta biaekad 'aAA eleaitadla 
laak libe aew. TletorU itot Paotatr. 

i|<««iail i.a«1^ K<>rt dwinpta. 

KM llAMwy will be baM la the new 
I^Orann Hall. CaUfCMgr Mroel. l)y Purple 
mbr 2io3g*. Ub.9.A!.rwednaaday. October 
M. •;•». A »»ldi<B> » oabtt. ^ 


na FSB COBMT urn CM. 
pawar. a * kT Aaftal 

.m HmigovAM 

iHNBOMt^l* lavliui- memory of JUeotenanl 
ArthurSdward Johtiaon. who «2»i_l\l» L„? 


Arthur Bdwartl jonneon. wnii •«-* ■■.- .. 

*5llf%jHrwb«rtt in Illy sting r" . 

' rho" the crave haa claimed t*e caabc t. 
'et th» dl»m«nd ahlnaa i»a there. 
'4 »*rrb triiiitMI»*i«MMBl^t, 
ith Hlfc other l^Wgj rare.^' 

LuBUJOMUb Jt a HH W.. » li bl M J«r* 
JMoaacaber. tbe beat_ U worth 



MadBt JkWtMMad rant ..••••• ••.•f •••••«*••■ 

CadbditTvAy V* fiSS 

ColwaMnuMf U»«u •♦ !H5 

(MMUallU|t •••••••••• •••••••^•••••••> 'fr*?! 

k'atntoia May ...••••••••••••••••••••♦•Ij"!! 

miff'tf llan^Mt .•••••• '•••••••••••••I***: 

Malahit »oa»la^ * !!Wim V> 1VA' ••.••»••• 

**t* f^ff****-,*^;'-'^-^' .•(*t's;'^a*Mi», 

AWBia. edUbUabad Ufa laaurasoa Cam- 
■may aftara la » Uva aJCMt. a sawl cui*- 
u-act. aad will tram any youna laaa wbb 
■liowa «ra«ataucy m aaMutUns aualaeaa. iMs 

A L-I^ inembera ,af the Queen of the I*lMd 
ix bod»e. No. in. UO.a,4^. are requeateU 
to meet ki the Uraace Hall. Courtney 
Mircet. W*Uneaaay. i:»« ajSarp. «or me 
auriNMa M atteaa^iw tba faneral of »U»er 
Mai^garet A. ManroT bialer^ aad toronier 
ibUgea are invited to atiand. IWonby «ib- 
eee dUter Cotaaiao. 

»Mii^ '4mm biad caarda tar «Vdl«» 
w # mii»i^» A«>a.. dl* v>dw atyaa*. 

iift 'Wbatad to leara Um algu aad abaw 
D ^trd btiaiaeai. Ooa't aaoly If aot later- 
atedT JUa— t nun Ob. 

kOM'T baa table vMMcar far . 

CamdattB vMcUnc vueaar u aado tar 
sat parpoae. AM> fee It. 

EMTafl'TAIIUMBMT Mid i-aiaoy Drear 
Oaace. Strawberry Vale Hall, Thuraday, 
Oct. totb, Iii3«>ia p.m. Kefreahmenta: 
prlaea. , Tlcheia S*a «•«»».„ , P»'»S.*^'' «" ^ 
dunaW* tmt repair f i*. C»lu>»baa Church. 

TTAf^.QWa'Ww MaaaMorade. Cal'wood Hall. 

Jarfliuk 6ot#b« »ut. D»Min* »,»<• »• 

TuWD orchaatlb. Admlialon. ••«: retrcah- 
wenta. , . . . „ . . 

AMMXnfVWH dance, QMbn Clip Chap- 

t«r. <l>.|l.«4 wUl Iwid HalloWVen dance 

Kr1#y. oiSbber II. ¥. of *•. Mall. rart 

vroSeda It railaf. Vlubeta 7* cant« Vbncy 

urcaf optional.' 

JtAr noW bn ib« market, oar lateot yro- 
^aut. "Hweet Military Hellab." and 
what lM>tt mm b%m leobla* for. cotfbln- 
iac r#MlriMa Mm »a». Tbd Waaiern 
> ..alia, Waftn> MP>liba. ^ 

MU<rrAnir«M. k. ©r c. Mail, jfon mraai. 
^uaaday. Oilbber U., riM ».«.: nood 




DIOOONl»M»— "l.ota af men would rather 
nae a frtead ttaaa- a doltor." Dlaaoa 
i'rInttOK Co., 1210 Oovernment Street. 
«^*h0me 4k PItt'a Shoe' Store la neat door). 
Chrlaunaa Carda completed In oor own plant. 
Maaacrama ensraved. itample ijooka now 


to aiJbllfV to 

Ad automdibMa merhnnlca and drlvera. 
Salary paid, from tlSO to 1300 uer 
month t«r bknidd Ben. From al> t» elsht 
weeka tralnlna will train . vou for oae ot 
theae Vls-paytnc poaltlona. Bntoll at 
Ill B. C. Permanent Lioan Buildlna 
< Vtotena. s. a 

J^ Xn^ abeohaalcb earn blvxer money- by 
.A. taklnv a apeeiai tralaina In larnltlon. 
alacUlcal antf bwttary work.^ Why not ba 
the oblef roecbalUki or auperfnteadenir Be* 
come an electrfoar expei^. Speolal electrical 
claaaea now formina. 

irm(PKn.u VT^acnucAL. SNoiNSBiuNa 

* 4fl B. C. l>rmanent Loan Bulldlnx 
VKtorta. B. C. _ , 

^IQ^I^ unbitkMaa man we are oftarAit ana 
X. of the moat ooMpleie aad up>t*>date 
vtildanMlM and retraadlaa oouraea tn the 
eoMnir> QtibllfT aa an axnert vulcnBlser 
dn4 IM |n«ep*n«ent. Men trained In tWa 
trad» bra atwnya in domand at laraa ml" 
arlaa. we are laatalUna onn of the blmreat 
anii maat modem eaulpmenta made to 
teach you. Oaaaee now formtn*. 


HBiipmLL* rvucAJiiziHia school 

Ml B. C. I*armanent Ijoan Bulldlas 
... Victoria. B. C. 

. ) ,•.-. . — 


Wanted, to lift hundreda of vacant tHMltione. 

WB, hnve a apeclal department for thia 
work. Wherein you are itlven the very 
Mteat and moat modem tralnlnr poaalble. 

1 Ml B. C. Permanent I^n Bulldlnic 
j Vt ctorla. B. C. 


5 ho moat modem motor aohoola In America, 
ranrhra at Vancouver B.C.. WInnlben. CbU 
•' - nary. Udmonton-. SaakaMon. Renlna. 
t Victoria and 'Portland. 

For InformatloCT and free catalocae. call 
or write HemphlU'a Trade Hchoola. 411 B.C. 
Permaiient Lonn Bida... Victoria. B.C. 

a» iMi ■ ■ I ■ I ■ .1 II — ■ 

A DVANTAOfeS — So many advanUvea In 
^X' b nalii ae a follow from Peiman trattttna 
that ambltloua men and woman ahould not 
u aarHl i - tba ovportnatty of "apaodlna up" 
their proareaa by thla famoaa ayatam of 

e reared their inoemea by' thfa method and' 
. it la OMSVotod eoaa4«attaJlT by matu 
lyone may Mrtlel»at« In Ita henallta. Sand 
»r "Mlifd and Memory.'* tbe romarkable 

book tbftt haa baan aakad for by tluroo 
r. A n»a 

int pai;' K paw will aanS^ year nalaa, 


oopy wilt ba 

ntlUMi SMPlM blreftdy. i 

nt pp4'i( vow will aai ^ _. 

Aipation and addreaa to Peiman Inatltuta. 
Oanadlan Branch. 7IIC Temple Bnlldlnc. 

Aoono aM tbU m-b miw i la a 
laveotmoai. VMarls Mat Warku 
e^i' U >ort St f oaifc 

EST Bteel »ud ftiarda tor oyelm. Pllai* 
ley A Rlubla. Ltd. «H Vlow Stmt. 

lALBNOAlt and Novelty thileaman for t>e- 
cember. January and Pobruary: muat be 
callable and enantetlc. Hla^reat remunera- 
tion. aiv« full partlcutara and referencea If 
paaalble In flrat letter. Ai>ply Box Bt7. Lon- 
dbs. Ont. 


/"^lO-OPBRATIVB Buildinc Confpany, fSO« 
^-.^ caah. Bxceptlnnal opportunity la hrlnn 
offered for a raw handy men, carnentera. 
brlcklayart. plaaterara. Dalntera. plambera, 
etectrlclani, etc.. to become ahareholdera In 
a Company now belna formed alonx co-op- 
erative llnea who are prepared to erect a 
number of houaea In the city. The preaent 
tMnc la very opportune for bolldlnir. and tve 
firmly bellpve that every ■harpheldT will 
nt very aood returna for hla lnve»tment. 
Mert read the alRna of the timea: the trend 
of all bualneaa today la tewarda mmplrtn 
oo-ot>erat!on. We are prepared to offer you 
a poaltlon which will pay you itood waaea, 
and at the aame time you can feel that you 
have part ownerahip In the oraanlxatlon for 
which you are worklnir. If you are Inter- 
eated kindly acnd full particulam ana phone 
auipber where poaalble. to Box »0»t. Colonlat- 


International Correapondenoe Soboala 
ttif Doujtiaa St. All Partlouiara Proa 


EXCBPTIO.NAL opportunity la belaff of* 
fered for ' a few bandy men. cari>en- 
tero. bricklayera. plaaterera, nalnfrrn, ptumb- 
era, electrldana. etc., to becom« ahareholdera 
Ip a comwtny now betna formed alonx co- 
operative llnea who are prepared to erect 
a number of houaea In the citv. The prea- 
ent time la very opsortane fan. butldlnn. and 
we flrmly believe that every ahmraholder will 
aet very aood returna for Ma Inveatment. Men 
read the alana of the tlmea: the trend of 
all bualnoH today la towarda romplf-ia co- 
operation. We arc prepared to offer vou a 
poaltJon which will pay you aood waaea. and 
at the aame time you can feel that vou 
havr part ownenahlp In the ornanlaation tor 
which you are worklna. It you are Inter- 
eptrd kUtdly rend full partloutara andipbone 
numb«r where poaalblo. to Box lllil Col- 

GABttBNBR Wantad, MnKla preferml. aa 
Sartner in vrowlnff bualneaa: moMly 
frnit, tLM* «f liaat raa^lred. Box 2«t4. 


OOt> all >b«aS mas 
ShMraatfr SUMas- 

MEN to coiBa aad aat movp, Xow. flak, »la, 
puddlna. ten or ooSae^ far M«. Uhmry 
Caf«b ayonHd U b rnrp. 

.' f> ')'! '., , . 


'^EWLT-fermed Weatern Saleaa Obmpahy 
•^ wanta live wire to handle bualneaa In 
VIetorli. Cnll at Room S«0 Weatholme Ho- 
tel. ba»we«« tb and IS a.m. Tueaday. 

fbodar wnaMd. Apply Oalaaiac Job 

RBCIABllJI fnrm land, wapaa |««: ca«taca 
and SnrHan. Apply M.B.. Cbamalnua 
P. ft 

mediately carpentera and handy men. Otir- 
rrrft WnPM ndld. Expoel to work all Wln(»r 
and aaat yanr. Bnlldlna la active hire. Thia 
la a eo-oi>t>rntlve bultdlna compaar: amall 
Invealdient rannlrad: men ahar* t« prtvAta. 
Mutual Oapatmetlon Co.,_ Ltd., TM Ouaa- 
malr Straat. Vanoonvar, B.C 

mONIVOAM Mraa «■ 
1 kalr: « »a nS^H.M at dm<t»lalA 

rrmn nlmapt mm In ^ n a ar rt a H h isa tas- 
X dlinn of »••* fdhiltnra wiMn aafiaii 

w*«.« ntova yan. niana Mt*. 

■ I m i ' I III » ■ ' .11 . II , 

't^ACAXt— Tpo sood ColObtot reutaa. ane 
V In Peal Bar, tbe otbor caatrai. Two 
Rood aeboalbm ata nooded to «n tkaaa 
rantaa. Maat bare bl«rela. Avoty without 
taU taA«r •* ^V Oolaniat Otraulatlan Se. 
partaae^i" , 

inTaaaMM bM t«palv« i 

wt-rlaaa afnfle nnOKnaS to 

£a lafir* dairy : Wmpife 
Fbiasni ia ii. P ii bw t<m 

talla a« 


jairr wi-h 

niilea ^ rt«w>4 aMarr tn 

rttaa «• a«t Mb*. 

WAjrmD tb t ia in ry-traaai m r: i»aa« « 
W^etal yeitna man. wnitnr to aaali 
In tb« eptnaKiatlox af iw» ip^ftairr wi- 

-njVW W^ ^rwM-i ^^r% i *^??* i * r ~ ~ - ■ ~ i >" r ^* 

fVfB bara a a»o«lAl 

yy itet^lo uatfarm la tomr 

privsto or eamnaorctal aaa i a f ry 

your aiaCaaaino Ph«c« tba 

MAKX Moaap at taaaw. Taw obb earn 
froM tl to »i aa botur U. y««r 
tIMM wrtllac abbw aarda: aaklUy aad 

laaraed: ao eaaVaaatap; wa laadh yoi 

and aell your work. WrIU (aday far full 
partlculaaa. Aaaneaa Sbaw. Oard Scbooi. 
)U Kyrta-Bldf.; Tons* aad Shnlar Straota, 


aaaaa a 

m it m» m« m' ) JIS^099^Hl 


IIM Broad Strdat tMOpBdM 7«S 

MioH COST OP Lnmo 

YOCB >raaant aalary can bo maMrtally 
lacraaaad oy taklna an aaanoy wUb ana 
of tba oldeat Brttlab Inanranca campaaleo 
Salad bualneaa la Vtctaria, Puil partloa* 
&•« aad fraa coama at Inatraetloa wUl ba 
dtvan. enabllns you t* nao your anaro tlaaa 
to aptandld advantaM Baa MMl 


Oil PBB CBNT laaa Bb% nMra fasw nMra 
M aaww. B. asd X. AaMMisa*. ^k fmr 

AT The Ladlea* Atency. CI Sayward 
Hulldlnc: Parlormaid. M&; houao- 
pariormalda, |*», %**/ houae parlormaid, 
dally, good aaiary; houaemald. $30: wo- 
man, aitemoona. oobblnic and houaework. 
Iiu; waitroaa, uonnuy Aotoi, til; buuae- 
keepcra. ISO. 149; aeneral belpa, till cook- 
Kenerala. lib to III. 

OtaX ataal mod stiarda for_«y«i|a. rUfla- 

Uy A aitcbla. i^td. 111 VUw Straat. 
T-|RE8SMAKBR. by day. Phobe III* 

14'^CBNITURB Cratod. ablpsod as« ramavod 
: by eapoMenood aaoa. Pboao Mndaan 
Mfoa.. Hl»; im Yataa mraaL 

IRL for bouaework, from > to I dally. 
Phone III*. 


GOOD wasea for home work. Wa need 
you to makn socks on the taat. eaally 
learned Auto Knitter. l£xperlence unnecea- 
■ary. Ulstanue Immaterial. I'oaltlvely no 
canvaaatna. Yarn aupplled. Partlculara to 
Blamp. UepL lO-C. Auto Knitter t:o.. 


IRL about II for light housework from 
B to I dally. Phone &482. 

LADIES' Peita. VeiouTik ra-dyad and 
blocked u> look Jika Atw. .VMtorts Bat 

\< ..^kii Hri>ad ana Port. 


LBABM ona at tba boat paid profaaatoaa, 
Barai now la tba. Scbooi or Mllllaorir, 
fe*nlly «uallflad laatrtiOtorak Apply B. <:: 
Panaaaaat Laaa Mtds-.' Moom eii. baiwaoa 
"i aud a wa<y. 


8KW1MU Uaablna Bxctmnsa. ItXI Ooram- 
mant btraet Phone ll». 

STENOORAPHEBS — Bmpleymant depart* 
mart: froo aorvieo. Como and raclatar. 
cnltad 'rypewrliar tJo.. Ltd., Ill Port, Sk, 
mene li»». 

rnOMlPOAM at«pa faUlnc W$tt, curoa dan- 
A drug and yleanaoa the t^P. Try It. 

>MAN wanted to look after aick per- 
son. Phone 4 811. 

WANTeU>— Woman to do general houae- 
work; all evenlnaa free; Bleep In or 
out. Apply Box 1!»1. Colonial. 

WANTED — ^Applleatlon ' for lady auperln- 
tendant, Chemalnua Oeneral Hoapltal. 
Addreaa Becretary. 

WANTED — Aaalatant narae for QuK 
lalanda HoapWal, Oangea, undergrad- 
uate or graduate. Apply, stating age, ex- 
perience and aaiary required to Matron. 
flanafa. B.C. ' ^^^^^^^^ 

WANTED — Capable woman (middle aged 
preferred), for housework. Apply SSI 
Ht. Charlea Street. ' 

WANTBD — General help, mother's help, 
nr otirl tn aaalat wUb children and 
housework. 526 I.lnden A ve. Phone 4.->8P Y. 

ANTED— Peraon to holp with bouaework 
and children. 1118 Pandora Ave. 


WANTED — Experienced power machine 
operatora, at Turner Beeton A Co., 
ahlrt and overall factory. Wharf and Baa- 
Uon Straat. 

WANTBID — Oeneral help for amall family. 
Wagoa III. Ill MIchlican St. 

YOUNG girl for half daya (moralQgs) to 
take charge of child, walking, and help 
\n houae. Pbone IIIIR. > 



WANTBD — One toaohar of domaatle aci- 
ene«, Victoria School Board, Victoria, 
B. C. 

aiTCATlONB WAlfTlOib MVliW^ 

ADVERTISER dealrea poaltlon aa pictui'a 
framer. Apply Box llll. Colonlat. 

UTCHEK, good all-round, dealroa pool* 
tlon. Phone 617 1. 

EST steel mud guarda for oycloa. Pllm- 
ley A RItohIa, Ltd., Ill View Straat. 

/*tHINBSB iBtcrfrotor and traaalata/. 
\J U tt. Wlag Oa. Pbona IMS. 

CARPENTER, practical, requlrea work at 
o nce. In town or out. Phoaie IMIR. , 

CHArFFEL'R, 8 yeara' experience, wants 
position, private, truck or Raraae work, 
wllllnx and reliable: excellent referencea: 
married man. Box 2171. Colonist. 


Cblaaaa — 

M. Wlas O^ 

ELECyrillCIAN, used t«» conatnietlon, 
malnff-nance and general iMWer work, 
desires position. Box 1»«», Colonlat. 

IjlXPBBlENCBD gardener dealrea work by 
J day or week. Turnbull. 2211 Bhakea- 
peare Street. Phone II77R. 

Ij^XPEKT mechanic and driver (returned 
!itnan) dealrea position In garaite or driver 
of truck: tan yeara' experlonee. Aooly 
Box ll»74. Colonist. 

RIETURNBD man laborer wanta work; uaed 
to horses. Phone 1741 between 1 p.m. 
and 2 nr i and I p.m. 

RETURNED soldier wanU job: a real 
Intndy man at anything; expertenr/d 
car and track driver. Box ll7l. Co lonlat. 

WANTED — Position In gramopnone or 
record aalea department or repair de- 
iMirtment: experience In Eaatern Canada. 
Bex l»«l. Colonlat. 

YOUNO man, well experienced, would like 
lob aa driver for either ear or truck: 
(wn do own renalra. Apply Box tbfl. Col- 
on let. 

PBB CBNT laaa ana, mora pavk aaoro 
power. D. and K. AmMISor. Aak yo«r 


SirOATIOirs WAlfTBD— '] 

EST atoal mud gtwrda for cyelaa. PUai* 
ley A Ritehla. Ltd.. Ill Viaw Straat. 

BB8SMAKBR tt ladlea^ booaaa altara- 

tlonfc looao coyara tor fnmltnrak M • 

dav Baa 4M1. ~ ' 


INFANTS nnrae dealrea poaltlon; aevarat 
years experleace; reference. Box 1*71. 

MARRtBD lady wishes poet aa dally nur* 
aary govemeaa or help: no Sunday 
work. Phone IlirX. Forenoona. 

MIPOLR-a«ed lady wanta work dally, 
needle- work or cooklna: Oak Bay Dla- 
trli't preferred. Box M«l, Cblonlat. 

'DOSmOB aa hoaaakaopor or aampaal 
IT betp or laland. oat of ally, wbara tn 
not laa baary. Wrtu Mtm. M. Ballay, ~ 
dral Dallrary. Vancaarar. 

RBLIABt-S Sirt IT. daali^ paMtlon In 
alore. or aa elevator driver; haa had 
oaporloneo In bakary akop AwHy Bos 
SbM. ColeaM. . r < 

t-UucssMABlxii^-JgssM^ M miiiii aM 
tjTaibira tt a Ml itrn— tin Ansa Bagsi >& 


M> WJaa wnbta 

Sbono la ll^lff 


FOOT Dory-ahapod abMf, aara. r«w- 


•P. lit: 


MAMT maklag fit to |M daily: Gkarlaa 
Maraball made tlM «rat 1* boura 
Introducing "Caaada'a Sana and Oreat. 
Britain la WorU War." Written by Can- 
a^laika from battlollald notea and official 
roeorda. Introduction bgc Oaaoml Owrrle. 
Auibeatic, oomplota atory of Canada'a 
gtorloua roi-ord. Unnaual opportunity for 
returned roldlarp aad olbera OutSt froo. 
W Inato a Co.. Toronta. 

THERE will bo n<«eb rnjotaias tMa 
flrat Peace Cbrlatmaa. Oreataat im- 
aginable demand for our exelualvo biit not 
axpeaalve Private Chrlatmaa Oraotlag Obrda. 
Repraoent Canada's old eatabllabod ba a aa 
wiiu vvlebrated Brltlah Royal Serloa. Uaka 
tea to twenty dollara dally. Magnlflcaat 
Sampla Book free. Special tarma. Eaperl- 
enoa or capital unneceaaary. Bradlay Coai- 
paoy. Umlted. Braatford. Ont. 

A OAT la baing named by oor asrata 
right tbronsb tha PaH. aalllas aar 
high claaa Paraaaai UroaUng Xmaa Carda la 
apare or full time. Save your enataaaara ll 
nor cant. No outlay ar anborlaaea. Writab 
BrtUab-Canadlan Pabllahlna Cow. TaraatOu 

M;— PklVATK Chrlatmaa groottos eati 
#U aampio book free: ronraaaatatlvaa 
already making flva to ten dollara dally. 
Bradloy-Oarraiaan iDampaay, Braattard. Oa* 




APPLICATIONS are Invited for tba . 
tlon of (Jeneral docratary ot tba B. CL 
Teacbera' Federation, dutlea to coounoaraa 
January let. IIXI. 

Appllcanu muat bava axnorlafnca lb ar« 
ganlaatlon work, a thoroiMb knoaiadgo ot 
tba teaching brofaaaion. and maat ba cwa- 
petent to take full cbarsa ot cantral afSca 
of Ffdaratlon. ■ 

Initial aaiary tS.OOI itor annum, and trav* 
eUna exnenaea. 

Apply giving gnallflcatlana. axporlanco. 
ate, on or before Novamber lltk, to "Sec- 
retary." B. C. Teacher^ Pederation. Room 
lOa Campbell BIda.. Victoria. B .C. 

GENTLKMAN, expert in Pllman'a abort- 
hand, la desirous of taking a few 
pupils. Individual Instruction. Evenings, 
phone 327IT. 

O, TOIAON, B.A. fCambrldge). Bur* 
. aar Uelgbta Caaaausbt Avaauic Mt. 
Tolmla. takca privato puptla Praparatlon 
for Basliab PubUo Boboola. Oabome^ Bigb 
SebooL etc Eaparlancod: aaoallant taati- 

PRIVATE Tuition, by experlenood teacher. 
In avhool subjects for backward atu- 
denta or casea of neslected education. 
Phone IC8R. 

-i^VRSlNO Home, »!• Tataa Straat. Pkaat 

mem St. Shortbacd. typowrltlag. book* 
kaoping thoroughly, tawght: graduataa Su- 
ing good poaltlona. A. E. MacmlUan. prin- 
cipal. Phone 111. 

PECIALI8T coachea backward puplU; 
terma moderate. Box IHl. Colonial. 

SINGINO and light reading claaaaa Tba 
Glrla' High Sohool. Port St., Moadaya 
and 'Thuradaya at 7:16. Teacher. Prof. t. 
n. Town. Addreaa llll Laanard. 

VERNON Preparatory Sebool. Coldatroaa. 
B.C. Bora. T*ll. Larsoat lb Intorlan 
fruit ranob: two trained nuraaa (BagllakL 
(Revd.) Aufuatlna MbOkla, B.Di, U.A. 
(Cantab), Haadmaataf. 


DOMINION Acadamy at Muaie, oor. Part 
and Cook. Madame Webb. MJ.&1(. 
Ill B.A.M. Buceaaaea (SI tMa yaaa; laalnd* 

Irg iJfcen/tlate). Phone 1111. 

BANJO, violin, mandolin, guitar, afculalo 
and Btael guitar. Thirty yoaraf taaob- 
Ing aaaerionoa. |l.M par laaaoas • laaaoaa 

Brown Blook. llll Broad Straat 
Pboao IMS Baa, pbona llllTl 

Bourn 1 to t. w.aa. 

ERNEST SFMPLE. viounlat and taaobart 
Lata let Canadian •Dlvlalon Conoort 
party, France. * Orcbaatra auppUsd. ItM 
MHchell Hi.. Victoria. B.C. Pboa« ITIT. 

j i I - ' ■ - ■ ■ I - ■ ^ 

HAWAIIAN Steel Guitar and ITkulele, 
taught to play In alx to twolive wcaka 
by the only Hawaiian teacher In B.C.. J. K. 


A OUT poB BoionMa 

E\AtBPIXLD -. Oaa aC 
'^ aaMl*bBasalawa 

Oa tba s n ana* 


dining roMB wfclafc land 
pretty re^ada: aack Saa 


oiwn trap! 
•aattiraa: < 
kitckaa wltk 
I btea 

tbrao -,__ 

In wblta oaaaaaL .bartas larif 
clotbaa cbbbaarto sa« kiri|t-ji 
window aaat; tnliy SMdarsKiS* 
roam bad tallot. laraa^lMbtaS Ubaa 
cupboard: a b aalataa ball . I gaj f b s 
on to back varnjln On tka iae* 
ood Soar tbi 

baaamant. nSUklSuTbh MSisC 
floor, la an antfb -larsa Ikwanai. 
prneUcallr aow. laistSrv tska 

&: $si%i.r?«rtM.rj; 

tb* . . _ 

H eaat. aad aU i 

Pif«neh wlaAawa ara of 
diamond skua with' ■ 
faatonlnao: o w alaa alboti 
llaa lawn «M an l Sa n 
nice abada traaa. Tba 
Inga ara oomblota aaS 
claaa caadltlba. ....... 



,AK DAT: Exclualva atraat, I raaatat av* 

ery thing of iha very boot: larsa 

let. II (t. s IM ft.t garsfOb SbMl 

garden. CANNOT BB MATml 



OROB: Facing elty park, l-raomad bun* 
galow, fat>t water heating, all 
bulit-la faatare*. narasa aat 
chicken houao. SNAP AT 
. II.7M 


^ ClarlMn Darlaa; , 

IIU North Park. Pbona MTZ. 

MISB SMttb aoagbagaa. A.R.aiL, taac^ 
of pianoforte aad tbaory. ilT Oaa* 
ntaino Avcnu4L Baoulmalt: lata aC Uv* 
eri>ool. England. 



RS R. SBMPLE — Planlat aad an* 
perlenced tenetanr ot plaao: punlla ara* 

Bkrod for ezaa^natlacn If deolra4. UM 
Itohell Street Pbona HIT. . 



TENDERS are required for sundry repblra 
to be made tq tire Centennial Church 
proiMrty. auch aa painting, carpentering, 
brick and galvanised Iron work. For al>eet- 
floatlona apply 1J«2 Wharf Street. ^^^, 



AT-ROOM. eapaclally built bungnlow, •■ 
Slmcoo Street, ahaolutaly modem: Msb* 
aat grade plumbint, improvement tnxaa all 

riald: worth ll.&OO: owner will aell tor 
I.MI, terms tSO« caa^. balance aaay. Crown 
Ko alty Co.. over Imperial Bank. 


ABSOLUTELY modern, well appoarlns 
bungalow of 5 rooma. bath and pantry, 
near car. pleaaant aurroundlnga: a anap at 

t 1,500; targe lot. 

101 Union Bank Building 


Al-room modern bungalow, Hampahira 
Road. Oak Bay: lot litnctio. The bun- 
galow la well flnlshed throughout. The bed- 
rooms and bathroom are In whito enamel, 
all butlt-ln features, rnlth a good garden. In- 
cluding apple and plum treea, chicken houae, 
etc Price 14.000. 


Entrance Sayward Block 

Phone Sill 

ANOTRBR BtmOAIxrw, I rooMg, ■nrag% 
alee lot. abaolutair modern: tnnuMMk 
eement baaemact: tanaa low: tS.Mt: MM 
caob, balance incladlnc InUreat. Ill montb* 
ly. Crowa Baa ltv . , 

APICTCRESQITB bungalow of Ave bright 
rooma, dlnlngroom and living-room, 
panelled and with beam telll 'ea; all kinds 
of built-in featurea; full cen,. nt basement 
and a splendid hot-water heating plant: 
open fireplaces, garage and chicken houses; 
standing In a large garden nk-ely planted 
with shrubs and trees: plenty of fruit and 
ilowers: located In one of our beat resi- 
dential districts; ve-^ low taxes. For Im- 
mediate aale tS,7M. 

101 UnltMi Dank Bulldlns. 


Aaaraa-raomad aomplataly uMdara 
da Perawood Road. btUK-«B bnBaV 
eenaant baaomont. fnmace, wood lUc ojci 
lot MslM; owner will aaertfloa for iS.aM: 
ka can ba «rraasad: taauaa eaa ba aoas 
ayaalns Aapir Boa liU. Ooloalot. 

AS A tiOINO tX)NCBRN: Cbolooly do- 
algned recently built modem baagn- 
lew of & rooma. near Fort «tre*t cnrllne; lot 
sOallO: taxee lit year, coatml hall con- 
necting all rooma, dining room with Are* 
pUce. walla panolled In burlap, light cheer- 
fnl hitobon. extm wood paalry fall of modr 
em caMneta and Idrge cooler, modem hatb- 
raaaa wltb aooaaaary flatarsa of baa* nuaiHy* 
t aloe bedrooma with rlegheo dooaga. oarlor 
which cab bo need no bodroean M dsa l reA 
full baoement lloaired and hot and aoM 
water laatalled. modem and new rhiebea 
bobasa aad ran* wMak caai MM. JM sbalii 
l^gborn palleia aow hiytos an4 proSnaiaf 
a proSt of in WMWIblr: l«M w«r«b of good 
earaHure. including fumlabed hllehea with 
modem range, fumlehed dining room and 
faralalred bedrn««n: & ton* rani. IH eorda ad 
woodT Own.r will aell ererytblna »m It ataada 
for «S,*Oa: terms It.&M caah. balance mort- 
gagor li'a a good bay. 

RselaelTetr tn- 

. XM Paabartaa MSS. 

daaa to Cmtrai I%rk: 
M.IM: oaafc IMI. aal Ufl 

lag laiaraat. Crawa Baalt 

BIO SACRIPICB, Obk Bay, aa a«la«t real* 
dentlal road, l-raom hottae. oa big lot. 
Owner mutt aell tbM walk aild will not 
refuse any reaaonable offer; a genuine aaaa, 
Tor particulara aaply BRIOHT A JONli, 
Moody Block. Phpno 111. 


BNTKAU aavaa 


cash. Crawa 



at lUmi-VSM 

A spiBciAb m^nm^rw 


W,.- O'k * «--*« 

CLOBB km dty, wttfcia tM 
Biactrte Ballway Sutta^dlaoi 
teiapboaa liid dty watar. ^aaaC 
lahed tbroSkboal, wltb^awdWMd 
all downatSra raaaaa aii kSU 
kitohaa. Pirefiaoaa 
UvinSrroom. Baam 
PronT and back atalrn. 
S batbroama and S totlaM; 
linan oloaala and - bas 

ra I bfdswMMk 

tahe< kiMtm enamoi . aad tka vwy baal 
hardware. Plumbing la tha vary baat tsat 
ana ka abtaiaa^TdMry tsba df igBs 

en aulu witb twa bilrl— ». SltVSjfr 

naoa. Orekard at '^arlood hlAflA aTjari^ 
and larga abnda traaa jd mk^imtV. 
Stabla.aad otkar oatbUMMBi^ T^^' 
arty fcka boon takaar alrar. kr tha ' ^ 
and la for aala nt taM tliM kalf Ita 
Par tartbor yartloaiini SM assolat 
viaw call at any aMiA ' / ■ ■ 




■■W flawr raaaii, naatatal 
kttnfcaa, batb MMTbi 
raaaa: fnU atag" oaii ■ ■■■» uMiai^w 


alas IMas 
paalry. twa 

at baaanaaat: 



jvar oyp BPKMMOii 

r. to saaA 


_ ... alatkas olaaoin to aaabs ffbll 
iMod oonMat bnaa w aat; taraaaa aM 
wbbk tbba: garasa. Tbla a r aparty 
la la Stwt-olaaa eondttlaa. and la • 
at tha nrloa, M.tM: tomaa. 

ffi«%S,TM: ta^tod. 
r k^ paa«;tobsl 

flras toc a. t ^ ba ii aa w a. <telajt^raaa^ IKJaa 




:^SHbs, .fjwjMipw s a r. ttffia 

* ,e.-.. 

Bait H»*- Ob'bbtt 


ABTK0B Lormuii 

It. a. ^SATH 
111! Douslan •tMdt 

-X ' 

CLABK Straat— Tkia madam T*rnani MMl> 
buacalow, alaaa to oarrbs* aokaal. 
ntca lot. oamaat b aaawa w t, irtSad Car 
furaaaa; aaly M.Mf: MrSia. 

EAST PIdtorIa, oloaa to two oar liana. 
Thla modarn I -room kanae solac far 
two-tblrdf tba coat at btUldlas tka 
bouaa 'to4ay; only fS,IM; tanad. 

FAIBFIBU>— TMa aaml*baaBbtow aa U»* 
den Aveanat wltb fnar b ad i oa Bi a. liv- 
ing raora, dinlat-rnoaa aAi kltnka% 
|mllt*lB buSat. Sraplaea.; fdrSSea, nil 
camaat baaamaat and sarafo; skbnt ba 
aold. laamodlate poaaeaaioB; oalp 
M.SMt tarow. 

THIS vary etaolc* honM lb • Mlact dm* 
trlct, tour bodrooaM, batkraott. Maaa 
cloaat aad largo olotbaa t raawg aad 
aleoplng-porcto u»: nnd antra Ursa Hv- 
Inc room, dlnlntrooa. knnbaa aaS 
roeaptlon bnll down. Tbe lower Badr 
haa kiskly peUahta oak floaro. baUt- 
In buBat and Inrge ohlna elaaaU, asaa 
flrepiaea aad a tally bulltila datak 
kliabaa, large coolor aad wood aad 
coal lift: tha baaoannat baa. a bot* 
water ftlmace witb ampin radtotlaa. 
cloaat, laaadry-trayai saa »lata aad 
fruit rooma, ato.; largo lot with 
age aad ehlckaa rnaa: tbe 
buy In the elty, only •l,MI. 

FOUB aaroa, near Caray Band, with 
4 -mom bunsnlow, dty ' "^ 

tbla nroparty: alaa ala< 
tala^oaa; only t*.!**- 

dty waMr topad by 

liCfct a«« 

-[TtSQUlMALT— tH •«<'*■ ^>t<> ■»•• l>raa* 

JCj cottase, eoadlddmbW claartos. sartty 

fanood, on tba aaalA Saoka B aad. 

eioaa to aebooi city wntar, olaetrld 

light and 'Ulasfcona; tba aoU U nn* 

aurpaaaod for amall frniu, ato; only 


Wa hava many other sood bbya. Call at 

olBce for sartlcular*. 

1213 Doaslag Straat 

llll Langley Straat 


ELLBRT . Straat— Cioaa aarllsa ••« Kty 
iimita. l-raomad ma^ara haMblobL 

iflaa »MM. 

la Amaaa, 

TWO nve-room buagaiowa aa 
11,210 each: te rma. 

Six-room furnlehad houae. Mend Straat, t 
blocks fram car Una. m aSars; n.Ht. 

•a terma. 

OAK iA% 

/\UVBB Straat 
l/Twith all .easvanio 
tatok ata 

'onloaaan. battt'da toatawb 

12tBQUIlfALfr— BaaaUtnl 
MSj buBsalow. iMsa 
aa« Saturaa blflkagi 
Srawa Raaltv. 


l/irvE-room bimcalaw aa bifk 
M! a good wiarlAo viaw, 

larae ©ped flrepl 
baOkt and li 


ante roomar_ .. : 
tiM caab aad the balaaaa aagy 

A. * 



riR Sala-Hama. IMT Pkr a wanA BodAt 
caah payamat. balaawo ttjM dt 7 bap 

aiat. Write offer. Mm. A, K. Oiaynoa. IIM 
eaa^ ae Ava.. Mabba Jdw^, Sbak. 


IJIOB Sale— Plra 

I! ad aatiMa aad d' 

y w 

•WS^R- Salo— PoarM^ 
J: Boarty now. eU 
mm ILMd: MM enak. IM 

no* Sale— A 
T Rl4>hnnSaBn 
]fA. I at 

-SMMi Sale— WeB-baBi t-najiaal MUfM 
P large vemadb. pantry, bdnadaaat. «ltp 






«B «• 



tot sMm 

m, .. 


i: .to 

Ml aldaa 


wdU vfMr. 14 



Mm. batoaa 

_ kdnaa. IMMr^Mt asMw 

jmM, batoaaa aaaatkly, nn BbUMSt Aiwa, 
Ably stdyna, iiM Vm^ rwi%. 

•ANOniP* lUUt. SABOAni,-^,^^^ 
•S-t*'«dM ^ 

f*l, towitlSca .alaa 

. .rS&ng dfarTladdtoff toffb 


• nSlalni wNB alaaata. hstb. t«« tdi- 
Ibto. WB baaamant niSbd far frsaad. haata* 
ufA tS V** : jGgUs ^ uujT' ** ""^ 

Tkd oncbor haa t s H aai tha' bflM tor i 

t* aM* »•« 

faw daya to 

tVtti ba 
•"' M. 

eoABT wowLBmn a^wmmcsbs. ltd. 

» IM tmiaa Sank Bite. 

K Wmr, Idaklajb X«aaaaf-«flB fatfr 
d-iadto karnm co«l|iiiaf ibraa 

i^Tito^. iiink kNakaa. faSaa. *^ J} 
kas Wnt-U SitMraa.aBg,Jd..S M MIi » ra4uoad 
to Jgtob tor; a ao^ |*',.*f^ **'• ***• 

i-KAK Bay way. Fall traat— Sto n am. 
VntoHy a kba s a l iw.atl'ktotorv 

balN*la . Stttwdd, .~^^ , 

and .saaalldS ftoiHtard, t«|»a^ 

«U0tmB.O.*cMktf to mm$\jtutm, ktoli 



Smplaca: diatos raaaa. apaa Sre* 
ptoee. ballt*la totffat aM wvlUNI 
dank: kltnbaa: two ha<ta<ma, wHM 
'to aknk: full 
iL »yioa 

»tIBVmr straat — 

* bungalow, contatajng paHor. open 

SiS bl aia. alMtaS Mora to dlnlaB 
room: dtaing r eam with torttt^a 

aiaii; Maea nianbti aCdsUs ~ — 
There la a fnU 4nnd eamaat 
mant. with tnsaasa ^iM .atbttoaarp 

: Ibt -*§ ft » m ttr 


HAB9UK»B AVSmm. oa hifk sman« 
. •« J^torttold — PtoarMlsmbA mifers 

>bitaiia*P. tumtklrtps abaaaiUa*>alf> 
bairlair.«i»tk-amm fcialnm aM-b^ii" 
la aaator dtofif rpam. kttehairaiid 
pdatar: twa kMrbnau -wnh claihaa 


nniow sro lanrA a*d tb« lot la «strA 
doon. Pflea JATW? tariMi 

MAT STRBBT, ar th« wm fart— 1M« 
aiery baasaNar'oC • raosu, eaataln« 

lag parlor, apte Smplaaa; .dlhtoSv 
room; kiteban; ' tkma toimb|n% 
with eiatbaa olaagt la aaM; ,t«ll 
oUad baaa m ant; nl*ad taf'tvraaoa* 
M||iro IMMt tarma kigy. 

lUaitTQ Straal -> Blsht*r«ab»a« 'l44*«tors * 
■>**■ haane. Mrtalalas »arla^ asaa Sra« 
stoaa: Sbibs raaaa. bSk-ha hMllMt 
das. ItflfhM ud aaatrr: taar snod 
daed boirama. with oMthaa otaaat In 
oaeh: batMoam aad t^lat. with 

. air\iiSSffS5:!'Uh%'^'"' 

MeOLtma sraKBT-^Aa attraeftralr da« 
aMBoA rtg*raaaaa« IH-atory bpmo. 
nftolBtoS aa tr aaaa hall wltk fro. 
plaoo: parlor flalahad In Whita 
auMnal, wltlr gyato aM tlH 
miteh: dMIng mom baamed 
nSallad with aalaotad flr: kit 
idrgo naatr}-. Thar* am thima 
alaad bodmama. wltk aMdbaa al 
In aaeh, anA larffa bathraam) 
aliad eamaat hbsatoaat. Cblnat 

Tdvr bi^ > ittihtitd ATBircB-«is. 

V raomod bunsalow, eoatalMag ssrior, 

MntaMi .ram with- tanra onoa Sra- 
Slaba, hBnt*ta . SMat aad . wtaiow 

CfBa MbbdbM Mth*Siat8aa USSt 

f . < l7!StoK^f«tt Miad bamaiMK »M 

wMh twba. ^Trto^ tMMtlartoi ts 

* "^B,. ff *■ ■'('■>♦■• 'I - f , 

/NOBOB Diatrte^— Vlva-maaaM sialiv 
Va bangnlow, oontalnlnc partar, with 

Oban flmplace, dintas fomik. nfbhen. 
torso pantry, twa larsa bawabma 
bath and toltat: fan atoad oMSaat 
baaamant Tfcia praaarty ia tn 
aploadld eandlUan. AS« fi^ tanaa 
am aaly M mt rmgirifm t£M«i 
aa to aalt ' ' 


OU4»9talatoing kitdtob. 'nlttlas nanm m« 
bditwom: oaMwiMor. wbatrto NMit. 
law tanaa: Im w a dto la vaaaaamaa. 
Prtea. %pH, f -- -'-- 
ilaolangBr . ^ 

alshtiaotoa^ mSt sW top m* 
hall wtth larM -wnK *cib 
Srbslaeo: jmrtor with srsto knd 
mMtoi: dunnc roam, btdrt-urbsffet 

roMB% imn' clMhoa ewaatin oSrIi: 
baUmamaad tallbt aapaaau: full 
atoov ;^ oastont baaaSMtat pat wstar 
Mattag, WMrti trapa. ■ MiM waa 
Hantar aM cntaantui'a mam. Thin 
honia hba )«at iMa SMttadaM tha 
Interior re-daebralad throitohsat 
and ia affarM^at tha rembnisbly 
low flsara of tl.lW: tartod, fb ba 

- Ptetarf Boada BbmM tmt •oM'Zl 

xttv Toim ntofianr wira mb wen 


rtAK BAT. aasr daa m»4 



Sna awK V*nn 

ooat af hundlaat 

A. m. tuiaum 






^-^ ' »M. M CMC •• qinfrti wi um. 
TM* It ir|^«««ltai Mr. 

ft^ !■. mr ««t: i^pkr te wiC 



It WHITS * mm. IH JiMKMria* 


cjioios AOiw^os Mr*'' 

■ v<fr% i 

{fNK^ niHii mttUK tmfk. Miliw. 


^ ACSM. CAOaOKO -BAT. ^aM •l*Br««. 4 
I /,♦ w.M— i nn wrtit i 7«sMftoat J>» w w< u ; 

»n« tarate o» •w»llM,ti«»«. 

•f-^' Mum. VmW m^m* «1lWlke9 1W»m* 
nMMM. »«m««B» MtM. tank. p««i>- 
•rtt Bn ! <»■■ < ; »»c«pftoluuiy flna 




ciM> # c<\'' 




7 ''"gf*ylM *» « <i w r M mMi 





Mi>Uy ImnifA 


Irttt t^ «MlMW* CMtfpr 1» 




wUik ka««tt(al rlvM>-< 
(*MMad«: laf-reoM- «•«- ihodw 
ftMM. wltli^ funHatab Thu to 

!.•■.;'•'>•'"•* ■:. '■ , ,"•• ^■f".. !>•.■'• 

A >-reom c«tu««^ (Mid «ftr 
<•»• ^ ^ ^ Ko. Ml« 

Hoai* ^4 VM7- lMrs% t«i mat 

I i/)A— l-f«««»»- *?»«•«•. , »o. ii»i 

'flitr wUm, •toe- 

'trl« IMDrt^ - IMw tNt 

i AAA*"* ropma, Mtb Mi« i«iut: gso* 
LUUVfbuy. -Mo. UN 

l'fVWIr~*''^'^ boMM. Maant Tointt: 
|.MUVtot I«Oxtl«. No. 1M» 

|(*;>Q|WV->4-rao« boncalow, modtms tot 
f^OWiisitf: ■uM.T car. K*. ITK 

MBflfk — (Wooot cotuce. nMr c«r. Isna 
l>XtnfU.iot: clly w«tM- Mi4 Ua4it. «♦. i»i« 
—A g»od. b«y. f>r«i)m modMni 
bincliloir with S lot*. N«. IttI 
—A ttl«« home. l-roMn nMAont 
biuutAlow,. t lAxt* lot* with fniit 
tr***- «lo« xardaii. mott %U fitnl. 



BtabMt • rMM* M flnt te«r aa^ katl 

fM «MriM: ■Itast* rl«M to t, . _, ^^__ 

JM» AMI eoU 


AMCll MMtnr MfeM Mt »»««« >««4 AkMt 
4 wMf CrMi tow*. Hmim i» lallr im^> 
•ra M« Mfita Mw: alaa mi— inw vfi uSm 
mUImb. hmMMh«Mo«.bMKTMmA VMh 

it. olMtrte 

low. modonk hlxh snd 4nr. 

t» CM- Mid OoFM .WKtera. No. Itit 

aQKHrtr^'™**^ •»■"«•"**• H-WocH from 
VUWlA/o»r Uwi. No. 1M4 

•?tfin(V^^* "•' ***"^ ••rooBii modora 
^tJ«^ W buiiiralo«-. ff«r»ii«. «te. Noi !••« 
it?l9innr~* reona. eottu*. atablo. t«r- 
^po^i^WoKo. chicken rua. larao lot. 

No. ItU 


OA ^CSat, YAAMfCH. Thl« t* oa«<Of tho 
^'^ •— * %«ra iii tlw , dlatrietl ' IffratT 
MO. BMirtr all elMTod. Unte 
>tM« th crop; eloao t« achool 
f . fM A e., gtept i l o atAUoo. > irorlnKa' 
ate. aM 'Ifatll'' Th« owa«r woiild 
MIUM OftOOB'. to tWOBtr 

a /.•■ 

ai^tiMtTiCamr leeMi 

^'ti^l i wa tfat i M •«r«t ti^or col* 

ti0iUif •! waMr. Pric^ aa 

fMl|M*•^ tHTMn «*«aHi »a«aa, gaad wolf 
arHii aaaMMw 4Ha«<lM«aa,. irali. .UM» aa4 

•WBpPv* M* . aMidp^ man a^ipp,, an Mai^ 
•friMi «r aaa ka WaMi «a Ifta IriH wtMii 

'«-roora honae, barn, weodahed. 

ihl^on >>«UM- 10« fmlt trooa. fall 
beartm. all klada of amall fraita. 
city water all over tho propertr. 
Thia la wort^ your Inapoctlon. 

•^^P'UW""*"'**™ hHB«aiow near ear with 
f>A(Lnnf 3 lotA hook thU UP If y»a want a 
. •■ home. ' No. Itll 


••UlBaB. hvaaoo ftoMod. batK 
taaik Aowor. Mmaat b«M^ _. .. 
M'rt»-_P>»aa«and watarjaM aa. Nioo atMiada. 
with aiiado tTMa. ah^aa* aadMrdaa: aahaak 
MMa aad P. O. aulto cloaa. Imm UJfi. 
\rODBIIN t-raaai boma with ommbI baM> 
iU. maat. faraaoa hoatod. waab taba aa* 
aU^^««P7aal«8aaa: <v aarta o< saad uSS. 
arltk tofNaraiiaHL flmr««a aad aawU trtm: 
lam. ahtfkaa tooava. taalhaM* aa4>aM*9: 
^tMata.^analea laeallty la iKath faaalS. 


iM^^>^^»rf^^^^^^^»JjSMCCy 5C >^^^*^P^F^i^>^^g»^^»^ 


-I A ACRB8. all andar' aalUTatloai 
XV Maak aaa ehaoolato loam: aitaatad • 
from Victort*. aaarlatcrurbaa alalia^: 


a* baltdlnafc laad 


dowa to 

aiovMr aad ^it»9or laat yaar. Owaor will aall 
Mr l4.tait^or wOl aaohaato far a aloa ban- 
aal*w la viatarfa. 

MahM Waak tovar i|« atwra) 

ovK Buanms-.- 

Ma* Priata 

Wblto Prtata 



— «( avorr klad and daaartptlon. 

IBLJU40 nvvKPRim * MAP e6. 

•ayward BUt. <>a— Moat> Phoao f44T 

CB088 a' CO. 
Balmoat Houa* 



3ERN,.itp^to-dato, vary wall- 

ill Van atiaat 


A mcn^t vtK i • 

■ v-.f \- Phaao 1S9 

9mA ittaek Bfokara 

+ ••■■v^■■ 

bnili home, lanre oatraaeo haiL 
oommodloua dialna aad drawlair 
rooma with bullt'in faatavaa. latwo 
lUht kitchen and a breaUaat 
room: 4 lara* ohaerfpl badrooma 
with extra larao elothea aloaata. 
very icood llaht and plumMna flx. 
tuTM; A roally aood hoMa at 

la j:^K 4 1 


iUu'j' i i'' ' i i 'rA',t:r-'^.* i 


fl 4 AWW .tiftm, Witt wMartrfftM^ 
^ '^MMi «|Ub » inw MMla 

" ' *«tt'«pBi fffaa- 

,w^p^p# J^" ^a^a» 


'#t(9M ■ iw ma 

V' . M i l l— . K— , # <aa< daal at wilaB 

Mr afaa laatf (aaWr aH a ta<t>i 
lltal M»vlr •( watar. iMaa 
«r aMi aalfirt aMM la Nat prio* 

«sannMfMiwt Aovirov 


llnlah aad appearanoe; altaato on 
.^ulejrardod atroet. la a eod laeal 

I^BKltXNO BkOff. LTD. 

" Owaar Laavfa* City. Wanta Caaht 

SWAWNIOAN lAke — On main road, only 
oaa mile from atatlon aad poat offleo; 
toa acrea arat-claM aoll. aaarly all bottom 
land: about four acraa efaarad. raaalnv 
•traam. aaw 4>room buaaalow of the boat 
coaatractiaa; obiekaa houaoa, good aardaa 
with aotall frulta, water piped oa to the 
property from aprlnt: aoad well: faralah- 
jnca laolud* «-hol« kitohea raaae, 
Beaton, kitebra table and blladi^ 



aalti n 

^aaaoi 4'f<o«med ahaok .larao bacr. 0: 
bMiaaa: \ auie aea freataiia: « mimL 
Ua toaa bay: Implemeaia. 
Bauraa. Ooai»>. B.C. 


'A7A(VV— VICTORIA I>l«triot, >H aMlaa 

VIVW out. tan mtBUtaa from oar. 

baarly T aorea of aplaadM black loam. avM 

taeraa cultivated. 1 acre la orchard; a good 
-room bouM in very fair condition, aaraaa 
tad -alakla, ohiahaa baaaaa, Aa fcaaMa 
nared from tha.;pon, aad y«t praotloaUy 
In the city. Juat what you are looklac for. 
ItSiA nft— »HAWNIQAN DIatrlct. near the 
i^-'XVV OM, ItH acrea. about St acraa 
•laarad. aad aaariy «ll eultlvatMl. over taa 
aoraa of apUadld black loam, balaaea of 
latid ahoeolato loam, email orobard. v>oA, 
••room fcOBM. two walla and watar Uak.' 
bam ta bald li head, poultry, hoaao. pic 
Cana% eloae to ataUon, aehaol. atorao. . 
^,, _ ETAOaUAWB * C% 

4U Oaaltal Bld«. Phaaa SOU 


WANTBO— email homeatead. near town, 
would like (Ulna concern; muat ba raa- 
aonable. Bo» H7» Colonlau 

WANT Ad to rent, with or without option 
Of purohaaa (or would leaae) altout 

W%m tULUt— MIMClCLIiAMlfiOOB 83 

f^IXMOfO-oCT aala U haaaara coatlnnea 
i;L "TX* *^ 4^ aactlaa prtaaa. Kaatem 

DONKBT aaclaa. BHpire aiaka. alaa Tat. 
^__wMb caUea. bla^ etc. aU eemalMe: 
I^M-cImn coadltloB. Apply Box •4. Vlo- 

P^CSZXBNT heatar, a«ai1y new. aultabia 
A^ tM hall or 11 viae roam. Price, oamolata 
with plpofc »14. Phaaa l»l»Ui 

ptNauSH. meat Mae at tho Xarjwt. Tura 

ENOU8H baby buny. Ursa ahM. 
aplaadtd oanOttlon; naw tiraa: •>*-* 
!•»; Mil for !>•. Phoaa 1I4JT. 

P^N«I<IRU baby rarrUfe. Urse dark nary 
A-^ , blue, new bood. aood tlrea. anap. 
•*»•*♦:. dark sraaa oarrta«e. fie.t*: dark 
blaa IICA*: dark navy blue. Ill;, new tlrea 
aad bopda AUp aaotbar dark blue. U1.60. 
Babjr^rHaae yitochiMiaa. «n Pandora. — 



FOB uAL/a—MmoKiJuuneoitm . m 

NATUAN A UCVT-— Oaalaaa ta aaaMi* 
hand elaihlaa. wMaban )«««((». au. 
Wa bay an« aau aaarytblaa. MM Qaa W ' 
aieat dtraat. 

ONUr Oaaadlaa adUlaa War aiatarr, |a> 
aladlaa Paac« Treaty, ew.: M* aacaa; 

Urcaa; endlt «lvaa fralUbt mJI^ Bf«BaV* 

tiarrataaa. UMIted. Braa at i w d. 

OVBRfX)AT. nearly new; aaull alaa. Pbaa« 

OAK vidaboard with lara* bavallad mirrar. 
a anal) at l». lalaad Bxckanaa <taa 
bt« Mori->. tit Fort Btraet. . 

T>IANO — Proneb "Bord." 


Phone tlOB. 

PIANO tor aala. 

daaea Imll. 

aaltabla far laraa 

mn9 tlttr. 

I' o aM 9r 

POBTABUB tsblckaa hoaaa. aaw. faC wttb' 
icrairhlna Ptd uademaattt. M« IrvttiB 

Ul> flat, twa II) tm» 

aar. ataadard 
oapaalty u be ip. 

ITtOB Bala— Plftaaa < 

P m/m, aad acwU) 

aaaaa twaaty (ia> t« 

toa^ at jriotaru aad stdaay rmiwm 

Hdtag. Vlalarla. Apply ta D. Loala. 4«| Tth 

^vaaaa BmI. VaaoMivM. B.a 

JPOR Bala— A ladya bu^ela. Phaaa 



a Mm 

ttyoloM to^ «iar. oir Rood lot nloaly 
.aim. aardaa " 

*^i>9-^ttl:aa_'abtalarad todjky! 

laid oot m jawn. aarOaab. flowara^ 
fl-ult and fhaaa trees. No bettar 

M*HVV~"^<^***'"' •''*** hot»r«Ia me* 
^PU^iUVatreet-.ln Oak Bay: very larce lot 
with aardea and aoma fruit: taxaa 

rttAT little eotUga. ^alte mod> 
erti and in itood ahane. Inatd* city 
Jiipalta. and with cardan and cblek* 
an bouae. 


l^iOTTAOB aa watbiVtaat. Obattaaa Baa* la 

V axaBaaca far haU aera aa Bbaal Bayt 
a» rock. Apply P. O. Boa lift 

I 'AM fbady to buy a' atrlctly modem bua- 
aalow' of about • roomii. Oak Bay or 
Palrfleld distrlcta preferred; will pay auot 
f aab and ao .expect to itat' what I want for 
about '«3.t0»: will only ctona|der a realty 
ihead buy. Apply Box !•». t;elaalat. 

• oa 


m tiiiiiBBl U ll mim ' MB«a:-lM 

,* «iiii»iii<ii» a» ii . iiii I ■ ! ■iia m ii n I 


.oodO wctu 

fftWO<atary dwaUtaCk k n aiMa; dlnlag room 
'J. Baaallad. baUtrla bBtteC aU tena raafUfii 
t#a iawaaaa: oa M aa t ad baaamait. piaad 
lor fdHMaa: lot Mall*. Prka M.Ut. *a 

(eras. - - .:« 

IJIUrTM tftAUWti r f«a«ni baasaMBI, waafe 
A! pmrM a varytbUiB aa-ta-dMa: lat Stalls. 

J3t vMd iaafa. Mh taaa flaa. Maa IMM. 

MlUWB V ' 9MttWBf . 
m » a>B » ai jto ii »au4la» 

a .■ < I 


ii^jaai 'bu i 



' .turaaoa. klt4baa «ltl|kiMaf 

mofarm boaaa |b baa^ part of bale 
aaiaaat baaamant. turnaco. kitchen 
~v dk^as aad tlvin* room panaliad 
MfMB oeulaaa. o»*n firtplaaea. 4 
_ . .^M wiUi elaaau. bath ro«m: |4.00«* 
tarsaa. • 

■■'•■'i-' """T* ■ •••:^- ■f -•>*• 

7 -BOOM M d rfwrf baaaa. ea«M«lbt 'ViMWftient, 
feMabMi aad - aantry. dinlnar room with 
lb araMaaa. UvhiMr raam and M«eptioa 
aaaflad walU aad beamed eellina; * 
i^i.. "tt..*'!*^**"*** »•*•«¥• >»»bjand 


AMTBD t«^ bby 4 ^ l-rooalad bunca- 
^ -^ W^J!^ •*bie particulars: awnera oaly. 
t;omM Baa !••«■> 



BNAP PRIC8. ti.lB9. 

Tha Bungalow Aloae Is Vorth ttMt. 


TBN acrea, with a *ood aubatantlal <- 
I room bouM and outbulldlnca: land all 
faaeed and cleared: alx acrea of which la 
heavy prpduetlvo land: •S.MS. 

CfIX acres, with a rood houaa and twa 
fj fihicken hbUMa and rune; land level 
and productive; no rock or gravel. ThIa 
land baa been otea<«d. but there la now 
some amall braak, eaoagh to make good 
ahaltar for yaaac Mrds: price fl.tos. 

rpHESB farms are oa the mala road, 
A iMnr achool, church, atorea, railway 
and sea. Ideally situated for poultry and 
SmaU frult-raltlns, and the prices are right. 

Personally Inspected — Exclusive Acenta. 
101 rnloa Baak Building. 

TWO bloeka of acreage, II and 11 acrea. 
rloae to achool and atatlon. near 
QnaHcum Bf^'h; trtrntm laland Highways 
arlco #T»«, or ^'ould Mil saparatefy. J." 
Nawnb a m. IIM H ll Isl^ a Ave. 

WANTED — Immediately, about IS acres 
or mare. With buildings and trees 
(half alaarad). within 10 miTea of Vtatorla: 
artee muat be reaaonable for caah. Apply 
la buyer. Box P.Q.R. Colenlat. 

Bv* or Uo acrea with small hoUM, Saanlch 
pealnaula pretarrad. Btata taraw. -Itox 
l»4». Coloplat. 

WANTBD— To hear from oaraar of gaad 
ranch tor aale. State cask prteik fall 
f.^rtlcalare. D. y. Bush. MteaeapoMs. Mlaa. 

WANTBD— To hear from owner of sood 
rsach t^ aaie. Slate caah price, full 
aanicttUra. D. jr. Bush. Ulnneapolla. Mlaa. 

WJ jmED TO a aLCgjLWCM u 


ABOUT fl.SSO cash and clear title lot in 
Oak Bay. near beach and llnka.- for 
acreace near Victoria or bouse in city. Own- 
er. Box III. Catonlst. 

" *^ I --I- III I n _ 1 1 ^ 

EXCHANOB equity. Victoria inodera elfht- 
room bunaalow' for Vancouver property. 
Write m.R.. 1V1» NeUon Ht.. Vancouver . B.C. 

'CV>R Bate or Bxchange for bunaalow, two 
■I; acraa oa Quadra tkreet. iuat outaide 
city. Apply 8. Jennlnga. Brouahton Street. 

IHAVB clear title. Victoria lou aad 
acrcaae that I wish to exohange far 
Pralrlo la nd. Co lonist Box 117 1. 

Mciciaa at 

»4 SI 


Mlf Orabaisa St. 

vtatarHw aa 

Ride. » caL. •«.!•: 

Bala — Shot Qua. 

SBOOMD-kas* ^ . 

PHmley * Ititohia. Stt View Straat. 

WNiNIPBO bungalow, tlva rooma, good 
location. It.OOS: exchange for houae or 

tmprovad acreaae. clooa to olty. 
Noraaandla Aparta. 

Sulla B. 



I ^^'J.' 

won iiiiM 

-a* .*. rf -.— 

•'bBAiUTirtTI/^^ Oorca vlaw lata irltb ar 
J-f ywltbout water frbnUae: a baraala if 
taaaa wUhla tM.daxa: cash or terms. Call 

, ■' ' • -.1. ■A-.f^ ' tV-'l.-'' ■ r . -M- 

JC^OR Hal' 


U. Conyera 

Splsndld building alte, 
rlth waterfronta( 
renue, all for It, 
•99 view Street. 

Gorge Park, with waterfrontage, and 


bne lot on Obed' Avenue, all for 


BMs Tha b aa at i i ai CU«aa 

situatad la tba Baa Jaaa islaaB sn^B 
Mils from DaM Harbar. Wa^lastaa. 

k. i. ASi 

Ml AJa loa^ 

« II I »■ I 


»""*»»» , .^ Phaaa lU 


ud Bftaaa mllaa from Vlctacla. #M~fap^ 
tbar gartlaalara addraM J. C **-- ^—i — I 
1«fl y4th Aaanaa. BaattK WaM>. . 

XjK}R Sale — Pull alsed lat. Kerr Ave, Qorge. 
A? Blach 4. B». What ofCeraT Box ISSt, 

FOR Bale — Good .building lot on Fifth -St., 
oir Pinlayaon, city llmlta: saaaaMd ^ 
liroa;- clear tltlb^ What offay for caatr. 

oir Pinlayaon, city llmlta 
clear tltlb^ 
tuff .Quallcum Beach P.O.. V.L 



I i.'i 'S .^J ■r'. 

•OWDOlf MSAir LAira* 

•■■\ yl-i\i 



•B« li 

mP ttaats af n u at II 
aaah wltfe a watartraat aa 

'V"' "'■•f 

11 saasi^ til.*!: 

_ H>B^fTmrli*wi Sliftt 

y.*^:.^* aauge. «ii:' Martin RlSe. «•-!• aaL. 
tll.&O: vioiiu and Bow. Iix.&o: MandoUa 
and Case, m.&o; Banjo. 16; tAdies- Bleyuia. 
:?V. *'*."*« Bicyol% i Bicycle Lampa. 
I1.M; larsa Bloycia Foot Pumpa. «!.«»! 
Dpubla Nuggat Gold Chain. •!•: Stroag 
Worklaa WatcbaiL t4.i«: Autoaraphla Ko- 
dak (Jaaatmaai. IT.IS: Ovaralla. fto; Btraaa 
Working Paats. W.H: Heavy Double Blan- 
keta. «4.t0: Packet Kalvaa. Sic: apaotaolea 
to fit any slaht. Wo. 

•II Johnaon Straat Phoaa TU 

took lor the name on the window 

"CKIR Sale — Qurney Oxford, In good eondl- 
A tlon. at f40T Belmont Ave. 

Tj^OR Sale— Hammerleak airotgun. IS gauge. 
A 1518 Richmond Ave. 

Road. Foul Bay. 

aap, taala 
sasi. cai- 

B.A.P. olBiiier'a blue uniform 
and slacks. What offers. 

Fuiu4tTUBBrFURmTORBi nnutmnoil 

BBMBMBBB vkaa bayias farattaiB 9tm 
baaaa la wonky vt tka baal. aaC.tto 

Bt. Oar .prioaa are low. aad aaalM* SSH. 
Patranlaa thabays. Phaaa ht*. 


CtuiTABl<B for outbulldlaas. In baadlaa st 
»^ SCe per bundle. TaUphowe SSII. 

SOOTMALX. — Far raUabIa atavaa BM 

iaa«a« lU Fart Btraac OsUa B^jR 

sloaaa aoaaaatad. ol4 atavaa MM IMM 
baaakt. Phaaa 4St>. 

SOLID oak bookcaae. with glSM dbova, Oalp 
IS4. laland Bxohanga (The Bis Stara). 
TS» Fort Street. 


arraasad tor farattara ar Uaa* 
atock. altkar at aur Bala BaoBi ar 
residence: ser beat poaalbia frla 
ata «asb retaras: faraltara basskti- 
svary Tuaaday and Friday. 

Pkoea '1414 


City Markat 

S8B BaiaM 

Aa a t la a 
hdvta Jaka 


tm. aonslstlM of aX'. 
<an TealKar ~ ■ 

PUMED oak dUlai 
tasaton fable. I cbairs Tail TeaUer seats) 
aad buBet. as xaad aa aaw. Price MM. 
eomptote. Island Bxobaaas <Tba Bis 
Btora). TIS Fort Street. . 

FINEST rooU of rhubafb. raspberriea, lo- 
ganberrlea. xoooeberrlea, black and r<>d 
cherry eurranta. largaat Ihemomenal black- 
berry and atrawberry planta. M. N. Rudd, 
Bi;una Vlata. Burnilda Hoad. Market Stall 
41 and 4S.^ 

|S.S« and 114.60: Ilka 
S3& Pandora. 


y reaaonable priAea. Baatly B S k aal 
Maala. nil Fort Stiaai 

ley * Ritchie. (11 View Straet. 

I'^tONFIDBNTIAL '— For protactloa — uaa 
v^ Taalfoam oa year hair. Flu caa't daa- 
troy It then. 

CLOTHINO wblek paa da aat wear oaa ba' 
taraad Ipu aaab by abaalaa Ml. Mia 

jbaw. ..; 

T ADWflL call Mrs. WarAalsw wka wttl eau 
MJTw tiMs aad bay yoar aaat-aC aiatktaC. 
Ocaa triad, always eoayl a ssB. ar aau TM 
Fort Straat. Phoaa IMA 

PRIVATB maternity home, 1717 BaCond 
'Straat. Phonex'ISMU 

XXJJt-t, tbe peraoa who took by tnlstako a 
y y felt bat from X. of P. Uall FHday 
Bight Phono IBtTR for hla own. 

> -lOlX-il,, t » 


^nKAt>mo M partlaalarty aatSa* aaw 
JL Tralaaa, 

'*^,' jbTw. MMtasL xdMirns 

I TP« i ii V in I 

F OTS for sale chaS! 


ip. With or wlthoat 

waterfrantaae -on Oorgo Baad.^ Pkoaa 
• 14 Qorse Road wsat. 


MUOOI^-WU. 9At» 

nwiB hatiM M aaarfy aww. it la jvst aaa 
■A Mask Inm tka aaafc aa« aasUaa. aad 
twa (raw tba aaa. It to wHbla la aalautair 
wafft fSMB »Ba saat aStoa. awaatlaaaiiy walt> 
bdUl aaB I«i4 a«ti batll4B Mtai. paaals, 
ruMaa. BMnaa. aM-i p»H irtwi |« rgii 
k«MMt*«B ONIIW.' tt BtaMwaA BSlMt BkBBi 
HAUt 4lM» tutlm- lA*-0tnm aSM Isp it. Oa 
tama M" n,9n,. 

m, f«Btl|«r yamoaiati «r ttli; BB« 
»af m Stow li'Bi fas. 

BOTAX* nWANctAZ' otfmpoAAtioHt wriT 

•IB Flaar 9.C. 


_ akd^ 


fPt^^Vraamed boaaa with itood lot; 
a Is roomy and well built and 
ba mads very attractive and 
ibla^at a smaU ouuay. 



«AiMm»t4>-4M MtOM I^MATIOM 

ft|J/tf|^^pKQ^ STRICT (JBs4Uimalt>. 7-v. 

VA«V^ra«tesd basM on.jdt l^)». TMs 

^is aBatk#r proBorty tfcat.a handy 

ttaa c^ Mak^ a comf ortabla 

bama j^^ %^ trifltar oMt. uousa 

9Aiumt'9^^**^ ROAD (cloae to.May- 

#JLVUy waad). Ittnmi^e and. well Iwlit 

baanaiaw ^aaatalaing three large 

lILH"^' bauM^jn excaliMM coa* 

Mtf^^^' £S^D%S;^f.ur. 

VAATWraaaiad bunaalaw wMh bath aad 

baasMMib: aaad latibousa In «ood 

i|»n||A||^|M$BaB aad OUVE BTBESTS 
VMiWVfpatrflald). slxoraom moda»» 



n«t ft. ^ •«• ft fraatasa oa Qfba tAka, 

Canadlaa Nartharn Statloa aaar araparty. 

Far imiiiedUta sals. ITS*. V»t st MaadyrUla. 

Braat wood Bay: ISTI. - . ' < ^ 


IS ACRBS, saad laadl psmctlcally aU aal- 
thratad: aa watar traublas, alty watar is 
laM oai tkara U also UVlas craak tiraasb 
tSs toad. Wall baUt aaedara ko«wa af • 

raama u|« bath.- OtkM 
bargala^tor t«,»M. 

7% ACRB8, all goad laad and cleared* S 
waUsb aavar talllas spriag aad straaas. 
ftlabl-roaM boaaa, bat aad aold waaart 
feaiik aadakJakaa kausaa Jealf laeatsd «e 
saaB taad 4M "4i«« (ran amr. Prlca U,*9i. 

MM l>oaglas StrMt Phoaa M« 
■ ■ ■■» 'III » 1 1 I ■ 


•: f 

B. p. MOooT ca 

CMftpbaU BIOS. 

■ >•-. ■...■», ■}■ , ■ ■■•..-., , 

_.__._ jotlM an lot 4Ssl««, 
P«WVwal».bal}t flva-roMMd banaalow 
an lot. isxni; aawly kalsoMlned 



'-^^ tbraaiOrput: blsl 
l^fllVvbuagaiow with 

bisk laeatlon. 

atadara l-raamad 
eameat basamaSt 

ilSnfifRliWW dak B^ 
Ava.). kliraatlva flve-roomad bun- 
niaw. BlMB (ar faraaoa: alca lat. 

_^„^_ Baima la good eoadluoa. 

*QSA(V-uiB Ai^UB. madam six- 

•*''^'!??"S?* "•?■• •,? Baa lat ••xiM, 
^ bi.Ba<i i aat baiiM baa oawant 

#iPiyVwaettya bjMia wf Savaa >i^«>d 
Mlt-la iMtaras aad ^IWnaea, 

(POlOVKBifa). attraetlva bm( 

1% seres waterfront^ Oak Bay District. To 
cloM sn estate we Witt sell for ll.SIO. • 
604-7 Sayward Bidg; Phone tSIS 



AUV enlUvated, • aaras af tba Baaat aaU aa 
the laland: creek of good watar al> 
waya running. A madam O-toom bunga- 
low with city water and elactrle USht, 

' 4. b VfK lapaUaa . and wa coa- 

a itmri " 

buasaiawoa «aa/*io|f; Mgh 

ran -room- 

wia R»iir^^ TT^LTiRnm 

KMfa). attraetlva 
aaMT>bua«aIaw oa ■ 

•**"^{Ji2a b?hM • J?if"%" '•.'•"^ 




built-in fabturea, good siaMa aad el 
bou^s, garaga. Altogether a meat pic 
turcaqud dad comfortable bataa at a law 
Bgura; |(,I00. "JBj(clualva AseatSL" 

: 101 Union Baak B ulldlas. 


ADJOINING Oovernment Expartmcntal 
Farm and bounded 'by the B.C.B. Ry.. 
16 acres of moat productive land, la the 
highMt a\ata of cultlvatKia. unllmltad 
water supply by graylty pipad to houM and 
all aelda; very oomfortabla and aubstaatlal 
bouw and bams; all In Al conditiaai' Baa 
cardan and good orchard ; to ba aold aa a 
gotiia SancdHi at f4M par acre, aad atack 
at '.a ^MuatlPft. >Thai IS andaaataaiy tka 
baal ^farMed laad oa tha SaanMi BaMaaaia. 

I*ara0aally lassaotsd ■ ■Btclusiva AASau 
B. AM4PI1UBTT .^ O. C, MOW. 

, •- ..Ml^Ualaa baak BuUdlag 
! ?y. *■■■ ^w»x J - ...... -^ — ;-«•*->■ 


ACRES, of which about 6 la cleared, 
the balance la timber with lome rock. 
Cloae to dood road and Saanlch water. 
Under 4 milea frov.Njthe City Hall, for the 
axceptlanally low price of II.SOO. 

Pitt MaadoaNk 
OrAsra 'sraaaatly aad aflialaaUy M Soa t ad. 
Try par sarvtoa— it kas several years Meal 
axBartanaa baak af it. W, WkaUa* * Qaaa« 
Baay. stock Brokers. PacWo Bulldlac, Va». 
"1. Masafcaia Vaaaaavi 

XpOLJJINO buggiaa, 

J new; aelklea from tS.60. 

IjVTR Sale — Six-hole 000k atovp 
' Cheer). |10. Phoaa S60L. 

17IOR Sal»— BncUsh baby buggy, la 
A" condition. ISO. Phone SISIR. 

I^^R Saia— Coal beater, (Baund Oak). 
J? medium also. Phone 1S06L.. 

eheap; gaod as 

rnHB Victoria Bottle Bsahaasa baa batUsa 
X of all d ■ ■ - 



all daaorlptlona far a^ta. stariltasA ar 
1141 Martk Park St. PBmm 

mONIC aad BystsM BaUda*'. TalM fM^ ' 
A eatfe Hypaphoaphlta. 61. PkM>a Mfc; .' 

THOROOQHBRED Persian kittens^ M SMMb / 
Maaon. H04 Beach Drive. Oak Bay. 

U8BD Nordhelmcr piano, 
monthly. 1817 Quadra. 

cheap, iTJ** 

f/lOLJMS lor Bala — OaaB.old jrtauss M 


gramophone. Jewel raaga, aaB 
furniture. Apply 114 Prlae 



PBONB 1411 it> • 

kaaa tka bMt aalaatlaa af 


TT baad tamltura, aarpab^ atavK mm^ 
la tba city. Our priMa ara Oa lavaM. Om 
aid laspact Wa bay ar aaabaasa tm 


tlada of good faraltara. 

YOUR mince meat, plum puddlafs and 
fruit cakea will be impmved by Ualna 
our Boiled Cider. The Waatcra Plekllux 
Worka. Ltd. 


R Bale — Baby buggy, 
new. Phone IISII... 

M rsdl- 
lOlI Vlsw 

T7K>R Bale — L4tdy'a bicycle, run 10 mllM: 
JC what'a offered 7 Apply Mil Work Straat. 
after p.m. Phone tSOSR. 

ITIRANOUI. HO Tataa Straa* tappaoita Dw^ 
£ Mlalaa Tbaaua). will paroaasa aaad 
famlture la aay anaatlty; aalnatlona mada. 

*baaa tlBA 

■ " ' II ' ' ' . . ii. 

FOR Bale— a h.p. heavy duty marina en- 


can be 

demonstrated. Phone 



Phone 247tY. 

FOR Bale — Diamoad dlso Edisoa gramo> 
pHaae, cabinet and records ; alsa beaU' 
tiful golden oak hall atand " " ' " 

TjK>R Sale — 1 Bartba heater, UMd 1 weak; 
JO clresp. 4 4 BImeoe. 

R Bala— Foldlag baby basBT aad aradla 
with BiattraM: vary raaaac«Ma, Fbaaa 


IT^OR Sale— English baby carriage, good as 
. new: owners leavlBir dty, 106 Bum- 




ABTIBTIC Plaao TaalaA 
ar wHta to H. W. Hoo4 
Baad, All work ooslUvely ans 

Fbaaa IMTX 

rwrlta to H. w. Hood. MM Marrlat 
All work itosltlvely auarantaad. 


AUtOF «rUI aau aad bay all 
elSM east-aa datblac. I 
Phone Mrs. Hunt. «a»l. 

BBBT steel mud gaards far oyolaa. 
ley A Ritchie. Ltd.. Oil View Straat 

GET your aawa filed by Oeo. HufCman. aX' 
pert flier and aelter, 

late of No. 

6SS Johnaon Bt., 
1 Yard. Foundation Co. 


AX Lohbrunner, builder and contractor, 
alteratlona repairs, leaky roof^ faaa- 
Ing; anything large or small: estltnatM and 
plana Tree. Phone ISMI* 

NBW Method lAuadry. Ltd- tka saaltary 
way. lOll-lT North Park U O, MS' 

way. lOll-lT North 
Lean, expert lauadarara. 

Telephane SiOA 

A. 8. 

ni P«»l 

kberton BulldlBX 
hone 3101 

A CO. 


ACRES, half cleared, balance light 
tlmbar Willi (ew biK treea. all fenced; 
Saod 4-room bouse with bath and toilet, 
city water, 10 miles out. good road, juat 
I minutes walk to abhooi, atore, poat office 
and railroad station. Fjirther Particulars 

SOlt Ulbban- 

and price apply Owner 
Bone BIdg. 



IfU) ACitBS. SS miles from Victoria, 41 
A.\A/ acres cleared and under cultivation, 
thoroughly naderdrained : 16 aeras slashed 
aad a lot more land easily brought talo use. 
Farm a«ld complete with stock and implu- 
Maata. laoladlUK » lieav-y work marcs 1*6 
sheep, 10 milk cuwa. heirera and calvm; 

tasollne eagiae. blackamlth'a loola. pfougfaa. 
arrows, mower and rukea; due drill, 
wagaa. DasBocTHt. platform ■caien, hay fork 
and carrier, pulpar cream separator, etc. : 
46 tons of hay In the barn, root crop etc.; 
100 head of poultry; houae of « rooma. 
barns, atables. harness, poultry hoiiMs. etc 
Prioa. |l:i,000; terms Will bs mada. 

PLOWING and harrowing done. Pkoae 
I4SS. 601 Sayward BIdg . 

"PAINTIMO — KalMmtaiBS. paparkarglBg. 
A J. J. Rasa, PsMkraka aad Quadra. 

r/.MM iSos, , , ^ 

OVmCBB ta Real— Ftrepraat vaalta, Apply 
Bacratary. Boatd of , Trade Baildlag. 



PIAltO waatad, temadiataly, ta raat far 
a Moatb; private bm. B obm a. Carl< 
ton Apartmenta. 711 Va n d era. 

WANTBD— Bad alttlng-rooaa by aMrrlad 
caapia (ao ahildraa) oa or naar Dallaa 
Read, or aa oartlaa; li«ht eookias aonvaal- 
aaaoa aad hath aoaassary. Bead all partle> 
alan top. O. Bax 1S4I. City. 

ALaOT will call aad bay all yaar klsk< 
olaas cast-off aiotkias. ~ 

TTKIR Sale— Prtaa only MOO.* IS 
" four-aide 

X t'la. 
moulder In Brst-elaM condi- 
tion: aome blow-pipe attacbmsata. K. W. 
WhI tUnxton LuMber 06.. Ltd. 

ll sile — MaMtrat fur coat, akaak oalUra 


f and coffa. alsa 40, 

1870. Colonist. 

full aad asw. Box 

'IjV>R Bale — Contents of 0-room roomlns 
A} house, good propoaltlon, clear ISO per 
month; cloae In . Apply Box S040, Colonlat. 

I7OR Sala— Chlld'a whW enamelled 

at moat naw. 

S04 Govarament Straat. 

•QA— ONE XS-oall gas haa«a« ati 
IPtJVf ator with automatic 1 
suitable far offloa. bouse, ata. 
Street, phone 4T0TX<. 

IONLT aet ahtilving • fa«t high aad 10 feet 
lonx: 1 only partition • fart hlxh and 
16 feet lonau 1 only counter 8 feet long. 
Apply 1136 Broad Street. Phone l&4!>. 

"Adaartlatas to ta baata^a 
what atoua to ta aMaklaar^ 

kPl^UAI. ' 
--■■•Ba aaB aaaaalstad aaa baU4 b SBBaa 
bat ta.* 




—raaulraa tka aaotMaad 



Oaa af saak 
ADVERTISINO. Our busIaeH to. ta 

advertisias oampalgas saoall ar iarsib 



•aiu 14 masa Bide. 

"CKIR Sale— Orey ehlnohllla cloth coat. 
A? lined with muskrat fur, in good condi- 
tion; brown fur collar; anitable for motor- 
ing; price $••■ Box S023, Coloniat. 

'ClUMBD oak mahogany dining-ream suite 
A; and other farnlcnra aad dtobaa. SOSI 

Harriet Baad. Bnmalda. 

FOR Sala— Star drllllBC macblaa. 


Phaca Mrs. Muat. 4tll. 

ALL black soil aad well; rotter aad frisk 
manure delivered. Phone ISA 

At^ROB fraat raaai. oaa btaok 
Parliamast Balldiaas: snitabis f 
two parsons. Phoaa OoMt. 




• ACJUM aadirraaM baasatow 
SB ACEjM. aaB furalafead I 
9% ACnUBl. Partasa lalat 

« ACy* BBl aad houM .... 
A&M taar alty 
40 aQMbS at OMaa 

• ACI MEB aaar caty ....^^ft.*......*. 

tXTB fcava a aa Mb M M sartsadMly aB_^^ 

fan .saftlaaiark ni#M af« 

•■i a atitoa ra i fan 
, lata . kainlBA^ 

o^sr fil!Mml^\ltoaf*• 

Fana Spsalaltola 
rrtosk Bata n r 

•M4>Bri Bislai 




•^rTfa'Tfe . 


AN attraallva proi 
toraa watarMitaJca. altaatad aa mala 

tH aaraa wMb 

_ — V — -i. " — — s a ted aa mala 

raad bataraak ^ Farksytila aad Quatiewa 
Beaak. . Asrply OwaasTBax MIA Oataatoc^ 

A nnnrrko)(r.,rWa Maka ! 
'**^ . Bx.ya.PB0«TB V 


--4f ar^ kla4 aad deacrtpllaii. 

Bayward Black 4 b SM M ial) l4aaa M4T 

-,,. .. ^ ROBT. ORUBB 

•Maban Black (Ovsr lie Stara). 

bar t. raltobla 



rtbS kouM 



« «aaae.^.jL.«i.wi 

a a • ««*••« BBS 

• «•• 

A ■OOIi» BaaBB% 
g B«0M4 4*1 « 
a BOOMS. aa« •• 
ik BOOIUL aad t^ 

tt baaattfal fktM^ 

A GENUINE daX gray North af Englaad 
Milton ovaroaaL all-waoi; would 
make splendid motor coat suit big msa: a 
bargain for aameona at 176. Phoaa Brat 

A BIO taad af ^lack mU aad Maaara 4a> 
Bverad. l»haaa tM4. 

%j^OR Bala— Macoon atrawberry planta. Ap- 
JC ply S- Caanlnxham. MOO Harriett RaaA 
Pbaae lltlT. 

FOR Bala— Baukll Amerlcaa pool table la 
good ardar, with Mttee, balls (new); ooi 
dosen cum, rack, etc Reply to Box IMS. 


- ■ ■- ' I' -■ ^1 

FOB Sale — A good aealakla coat, aue 14. 
Box toii. Colonist. 

FUR Sale — Kange aultable for hotel ar rea- 
taurant: alaa 3rburnar gas plate. asKoad 
sa new. The Cabin. 74a Fort Street. 

FUMED oak Victor gramophone with tS 
racorda, aa aood aa new 


ALADT wm asU aad bap all yaar blgfe- 
dSM east-aff aiothkur. Baal aaak. 
Phoaa Mrs. Muat. 40SI. ■ . 

TTSM<lTIOJ(l-4*oWa pay bMf »Ma«a 4«r 
aecond-haaft' cMthas. aolA aUva^, Blatl* 
aunt, diamonds. Jawelry, faUa uatk. iwa 
shotsaas, muatoai lastrnasatSL taals af MF 
dssorlptloa. truaka. bags, •uftcaaac fkr^ 
tara. etc B a a in a M strletly aauMakUai. 
Iia Johnson Straat. Phoaa 174f7 • '^ 


H tra iHv ibsolBtoto tktt 

srlaaa far 
(saat^ ar ladla^): spaelal affar far 
buslBaH salts; aar prompt aarvlaa sad (a8#F 
oaab ars a| yaar d i s p osa l . Bksw * Oat <Vta. 
torta's Balaat Wardraba Daaiara). TM VBM 
<•!: aftar • ».»« ffMB. 

Exchange (the bix atore », 

only 140. laland 
719 Fort Street. 

GBNTLBMAN'S fur-lined overcoat, good 
aa new. heavy beavrr cloth, muskrat lln- 
lux. outer collar, alee 40. full length. Price 
1200, Coloniet Box 1104. 

GRAMOPHONB records aad Bdlsea 
Axaberol, 4-mlnute records, exchanged. 
10c each. Also for aale. 6;;!5 Pandora. 


HEavt whita anamalad 
(fuU^ alaa). Prise 121. laland Bs- 

. pbaaa tsii. Faraltara 

movers and packers. Reliable traaa- 

pertatloa; motor Mrvi ca; rad aonable charsetfc 

bad aad aprtng 

- . i. laland r 
change (The Big Bturel. 7S» Fort S treet. 

HORSE, 7 yeara old, buggy, harneaa, rab- 
bar tire bugxy; almoat new; will atll 
cheat*. Apt>ly Box IDS? . Coloniat. 

HANDSOME Wilton rug. also t x 10%. 
_^ A. ^nap at 141.60. laland Exchaage 
(TheBurifore>. 7J« Fort Street. 

ABUMPINO price is Irbat'Wa pay tm 
kind of oaat-oS alotblax. dall 
Phone till. 

kind af oaat-oS 
where any time. 


ALL ela 
etc.. bought for cash. 

:s af furolture, alaa alothlag. 
la large or saM4l 
IMS. or will aall an oommtaslaB. 

Auction aalOT held weekly i gaads aC BB< 
kind* aollclted. 

**• -Pandora Btraa t--«|r 


AT«BMT10Nt -> Mrs. Mtnt, 
dealer; of WUioipea aad Oalsary. U 
ap«n to bay and aeii Mgh-claaa laolMb' saata 
and children' a olothlag. evealas aad ttaytx 
dresses: speelal offers _fef aaatiamasgl 
eiothaa. Wa »ay spot aaak ta aay aJMsilB 
BuslasM d4«a Mrictly privatai SmTMaai 
will caU harMlf to any addraaa. ar saUBl 
111 Johnaon Street. aMaad houaa ap 
Biaaahard. J'haaa 4M1. 

A its 


oum FMira, 


Mt Bi 




aM pflBta. 
lagUsh, Preach, Itailaa aaC 
" Larsa aalaatlaa af gaad 
-._.. . •••■* staMpa 

Call la aad brawap MoaaB. 

ti4« TatM straat 

-DIttT aapartaalry «v«r aCarsd ta 0«rdoa 

i?— ".^~:^'* •"** '■ «»'saM of atraw- 
berry hell, frontlag on Oonlaa Head Rnod 
r**.*^ fr. Irrlgatlaa axpertpd to h* um la 
^^ .I^'^ '?"..•" '•» •*••»«• ihaa »nY 
'arma n. m. Puanoti A oa. MT ~ 
toa Biouh. PkoM »2»iT ' 


W. H. PR ICM. Matarp FabUa. Mgyw 


Q-1 aCBBB. aaa aad rl««r fraaUga, as 

OX Mnln lalaad HU|kway. Caaaax Dtatrlet, 

elaarad. si 

saad houM Baa barS. t seres 
slashed, gaad pastara. Prioa 
baraeaL I aawa. wasaa. plawah. . 
asaiar aad all matt ataehhiary 

MMKa, ' " 



laeladM S 

». MP- 


lar aad an mail ataehlnary aad iMPIe- 
rta. Land to aaad with a aplaadM view. 

•-ti.'^l^J^**' "^ **^ »*rtca far 
wtotla. tl.MB. aa gaad tarma. 

74 D*^*"^ *- ■*"* "•• Oaortaaay, B. M 

triephaaa aad alaetric llgi 


acres cleared. M acraa atdar bMtau.. ., 
i;eT-;{2or'nSrr; W cHaJ^ttST w 


blx fea««ed run; a anao oairy and Mixed 
farmlaa aroooeitioa. Biarksmlih bastoaw la 
coaaactlaa. Prlra lO.aaS; g««d tcnas. 

B. r. WPBCM A CO.. i.Tn. 
Beat aaiata, iMatBBBS 
Wlaab Batldlas Am 

AUAS heater wanted, aultable far bad. 
room: alno double gaa rlnxa. Phone 
Satiat. bftaeen 4 and ». 

A BNAP— ••Half-price" Santa Vacuum 
Claaaer with nttinga and compreaaor. 
74J Fort Street, «^«»or. 

BBBT ateei mud guards for ayelea. miM- 
lay A lUtchls, Ltd.. Ill View StrMt. 


at papalar arlaaa 

IBAVa iaat asearad aa asaaar Bm 
aoMical aad Ita keatlar qaailtias ar 

t*sssd. ,1 ask, alsa supply ya« wl 

dry sardwaod la aay leastk aad wlU stra 

fail Maaaara BfB KMBM BaUsar*. 

ta Ma^ Ifl w aaH at aw 

yaa fail a 
Fkaaa gmr 

llTl Daaglaa St» 


▼ dJMMI SArsatoMaeBarBasrsadn 

l^tOMPLBTB asw 

\J BaasM Jaat arrived: 
raaxs aad aat a aaw 

t Xatarprtaa 
trsda la year aid 

Ml TatM BtraM 


ptAMOBOM FiafcliiM Viaa«ar to tka Maait 
V af maay yaar^ praetlaal aapailwiasi 

tawtat aaraMi 

Vy wira aaUl 
taat BsaBs I 
Jaaaaaa BtrMt. 

call _ 

•tavea, alMk- 

yyvojt**By ^^ "■'^ '"*^ ^ **'^* 

LARQE VIctrola with 11 aalecuoaa, M>, 
^ aaap: disc reeonla aad Edison Bine Am- 
^barola aschaas*B. ico each: alaa bougbi. 
0S6 Handara. 

LADT'S heavy black earl otatb asat. tar 
collar, sua M «r *«, Applr^ IM 

Beachwood Ava. , , 

T AOyB far aaat, Oaaay aaal. wKk 0mm 

MISSION aak saaara dlaUtg table aad I 
. _. chairs, laather seats, gaod. Ml. OM 
Radfyrw fOak. Bay Aveauai. 

MAHOOAMT Mastc aabiaat, Hka aswi aaty 
IM. lalaad Maakaaga (tka Mc atafwl. 
Fa ■ 

7M Fart Btraot. 

MAirs Burbarrv aaat. blaah as. 
aroal awaatar. Ia4ya 
Maralasa. IIU PaMbrafca ~ 

BMT atMl mad saarda far oyolaa. ., 
ley A Rltcbla. Ltd., Oil vuw Btiaat 

|-^BBUOATBD tIM WaaiaO^-lllil &# 

Kf ttw M.«M ta tM,tM Miaara raac SL 
ra a l t aB.or paktadj siaja saasa. taaxA flEt 
prica. Iroa. Box Ml. fieaaSad. B.TT^ 

AJ ISO Jaltasoii, aar. Btara Bt, Fiataria. 
B.a Pbona 40M. Burt aad sefto ^S^ 

suppltos; kUtsM cash prices paM foraaaisL 
Strlst attaatlaa glvaa to all aaastrF aad 
etty ofdara. _~ 





OU> oo: 

£d AMU ti 


^ 1.VMB 

Wa CBll mU^i Ar«Maa 

.... 4^«0BB<Wi 
IMT Oovarnmaat Straat 

AABoiSsw" ib^y?M*^xai 

HstaK rabbar, 
Wm. Allan. MM 



are. PhaiM IMS, 


It all- 

MABBtVB steal bad with S-laab ea^tla- 
jaaaa paeta aad aaw aprfatt B baraala 
at m. Islaad Fyrt^ a affs Itka blsr stara«. 
1S1 Fort Straat 

M fSLJsa 


M«t Oo 



sa, wttk toraa mrm, to 

2?,' Wifcr, {jT* 

rWMM.SCTB bIgb-naM faraltara aad far- 

v> niehi»({a for sala of «-roam baaxal 
whicBraatd bafawtad t# ^ 


i^lOX -m BOE 

\J aad MMM laaa kl a a . awt t akkaard 

tvato tnaiaaatMaat 

ra.waaad aid 

aMtea alveti. 
Bt Tbf 

.'iSifviwZhtoiu*'* Nt^TB^ 

MOBABCM raMsa. B-kals. with WSMT BBbi, 
la A-t arBar, a bargain at ITI. IslaaB 
Bxchaasa «tka Ws Maral. 7S» Fort BtraaC^ 

"KTBW « 

J^ larsa saMBSk 

Mag asackfaa, U) 
Ilia. Maa IBM, 

NBBHLT aaw kisk ff rWa la«le«r Mayaia, 
cast ItMi a4»r artoalMi. tfllaaB ito- 
■HMMM tilN bto M Ms^. tM f»ra.BiMaL ; 

MrsL Wi 
Straa t 



MS.^ aall fii 

LargsM aad 

vi ytarla*- 
XX eapaer, bras . 
klada sf ai stato Midt 

dftjart?a .^ 

A JUNB A( . 


mn ISM, 

jil it ,wk»>:a it^Jt^tAx^.-^^j.^^.^ ... 



!■ ^i.^--:.. 


!' % 





»rt— f 

tML. Crt— It. 

kjV asv iralckt 

MM fSSm. 



|Tal>^A BwMdar. T»-«htck «a»M4tjr: 

'#• rml>1>lt robe or double 

^n ome4>r'B bedroll, chuo fur 

4t: »l»o UMtjr** tvr eomt. mUf 

'tmtA citmkw. Box tlJ».. 

AMTftb— Track witli IMS «*fc«^i^ In 
M04 /iiM4l(ton. uft t» »-«•» c»P»eUy. 

'ANTBD— O«oa Mooad-hMi* piaae. ino4- 

TV U«t« or ■tomll ~ " ""^ "" 

P. O. Bom »••■ 

lo«4 •! vom mMiair^ 

IW m^i^mi »co>oait 

WAMTKI)— A Oarkard H«!nt«m»ii ptaao; 
■t«t» »clc« for cMh. Box tnt. Col- 

•nlat. - 

<ntA)ITK>— Comanunioat* with K*ntlein»a 
VV prvOMdlM to Wl»alp«ir: •jjtwmrd ad- 
v«Jit<a— > yhOBO !»»•. Room »t». 

«/A!lWn>--(>Mir Mn». h*rn«» »« Mg«y 
▼ T cheap for caah. immediately. Apply 

IMW Wor»^ Park St. ^ 

JntANTBD-*^ 4«iattty ■ of raapberry, 
"▼VTogaabwry ai»d blaokbanr plaata, 
Wo otfrow. ^aren Pake P. O. 

VVTAMTBUV-S cortta dry wooA »4 In.-^loek 

iniyANTBD— Cedar BOIta, «• la. loo*. Wrlta 

Y T 'f. O. Boa »T«. Victoria. 

fcTtTANTBD — A «ramophoB« with good 
■VY'aelection of r«coi«a. Apply Box »•«!. 
cola nlat. . >• ... . 

,NTBI>— A dump «ar£ Pboae MMU. 


WANTSO — !• to ll'ton maagala. Phone 

tWiirrBD — About etcht tone manvala H. 
Yf: c. Oldfteld. BIk L«k« or P.O. Box «Tt. 

\lihk1iTmD to pqirthaat. a.aBuUl tf»ot of 
Vy "UqiWr a«U*hW m,-' »^»»»» .«•» 
iMt/^oiomt. • " - 

"> -v^iBa. vsmva a rbabon. 7 


ICAK civa tM» kItbMt caah priea tor aU 
klada at oaat-*" Motblnif. botainaa t h*Ta 

rvmkisiUb tooMi 




Mia «r two iraattai 
ho«t« If 


U a daalrabi* 
la. Pttoae 

•fTWWmitatmV mama aae block froM Pa»> 
g ma»— t BMlldlnaa. >«> Mtchtnaa BK 

12*UBMtS]tBD apkrtmaat. ktt«IMC 

J IIH Pandoga. Pkwia «tWK. 

12WBNISHBD nM>m% III* Fart Btrpat. t 
JT badrooow. t»» af kttciMM If raoalrad: 
tAachera or baalaeae Udlaai PkoiM batora A. 

aftar t. W U. 

^EnjRNiaHBO room far baa lw aaa aaatla- 
X* man with prtvata fkmtiy: feraakfaat II 

d*«lr»d. Photie TMX ____^_ 

XjVJIUflSHBD bedroom (o let: alttlnc room 
r* If raaalrad: phone. Ilckt. beat, cloaa to 
•aw*; |}« moatk; tic* raoma Bos ?«i:. «-ol' 
aslat. ■ - 

B fnralabad badroem. 1*U Tataa UL 


PI^ARANT furnUhed room In private 
home, raaveniently sltaated. apitable 
for ooa or two ladlea; uee of plaae and 
telephone i braakfaat If dcelrrd^ tivx MtT, 
COMBlat. ' ^' ■ 


OOkia far raat. MT Johaaoa Btreat. 

ST. MBLBfTB. It! .'Courtaay Btraat. ka«- 
rooma aad heuaekeeplnic rooBka. "*" 
tin. H. Maltar. new Drot>rtetor. 



fWO Bice b'droomf. »ultable for elnitla 
man: board If requlr^il. Phone" ITHI.. 

O blocks from Parliament Bulldlnse; 
flmt-claaa rooms. Phone «»I»B. 

Rent — Comforlsbl* furnished rooms 
with or without board. lOOS Johason. 


TO MBMT--4IOima 


BBAUTIFULLY fumlahed or upfumUhad 
lOi-roomcd house with xanuia; centrally 
Ipaated. Box I7t«. ColoBlat. or Phone 407^ 
Boom »>. . 

\JH>m. Haat— HeiMeau ramlabed 

J? ftuplahad. Uayd-»aaa« B 

mi Bread HtraaC Phoaa «*t. 

TT^B Careful movins pt year ptaa^ pboae 
V : Hudson Bros.. III*. We bare tka aaaai 
iio-to-d»t» apparatus. 

OUSE to rent, oleae to car Tine. Kood 
street bin cardan. Apply 71« View 8l 

_ H i »■ — 

BBVBN-Reataad buncatow for raat. furai- 
tuta for salaj cJoae la. App*|t Box 
«44t Oaloalst. • ■ 

Rent — Two-room cottage, $7. 00 month, 
Including water. Phone 37S4R. 




BOOM modem house, Kemwood Road; 
Q-ROOM modem house. Oak Bay; 141. 

H. AUtat.vrt o. c. howbix 

tot Union , Ban k Ball dlag 

FIVB dollars will ba paid for the key of 
a B or «-room house. Willows or Oak 
Bay District Colonist Box lIlTt. 

WANTBI>— To rant. « or «-roomad konaa:: 
will parekaaa famltura it aaeteaary. 
Pkana tiPiR. or irrlta or caU 11 South 

OBIf ttlt^ always « 

nfAMTBDxTa bay trplt as traoa af 'smalt 
VYavaban. •fciaily applaa ^aad <PfMa 
SmaAalKt. pr Baimost St. ar apply 149* 
Ooa emment St. IClaa Oaoraa Cafa. 

VI/ANTMI>-<Oaad «aaaadkaa4 eaak staraa; 
%T blakaat pHoaa paid Will bay ««« 
tCfff furalture. Kerr's Htl Ooyernmeot Bt 

iXrX pay tap prloaa ia»'4iott.tag. tumnaiUb 
VT ataVU al« ^taalli jS£ anythtog af 
tajpa. Call anywbara any Bisa. Pbona itli. 

Wn hava a «aw <Ms*Vf, aaSd maaktaaa 
to clear at raduo^jvlaaa. Singer Saw- 
lag Maehlna Co.. i%%* Bra ad Btraat. 

'ANTBD— Aay oMaa «« old metals; acv 

. -T-.. -T-^^ -^-- '>aM'tar 

* taol« 
Ooi.. B. 

k a w iaa. a* 

prlaas paid - tar 
~ taol« 



i^uthi kok4 prlaas pal 

■aa. Ml ^atappaa- Btraat Uouaa pkaaa 

r"Ti~' I. I « "•' ' '■ ' t ■ ' ' 

%^OUR mince meat, plu4^- puddings and 

X 'Yrult cakes will be Imiiroved by using 

euf Boiled Older. Tim Woitern PIckHng 

^**^-- i-M—l: 1- 

Bi* ariMt paK «•*• 
AapllSar. Aak pppr 

a _ >iaB LW p ii < ii r> f" V • iiii~ - -^ — -- - 

1>ABTMQ(T sultaa to let. Apply O. 
8w|th. 1441 Camosun Btreat. 

r{iR#r^fksi hMyovm mAU, 'one «r t^o 
l^> .gentlemen, with Mtting room. Oak Bay 
JuaaUaa...Bo« 1*S1. Colonist. . 

rpO> llaait— Modern flat, unfurnished: gas; 
X ov«|ookl 

evta|o<^kln« sea. II Boyd . Straat. 

rnHRBB-jMom 1 

furplfhad aulta, adnltsw 

fpWO large' 'vPftrmtsNed" ro4r*ia- to rant, 
X spod laeatloa: electric light, phona and 
bath, with private family. Apply 1701 
UavU Iraet 

TTNrVHVIdHBD nve-room. Oorge Road. 
KJ near Oovarnroent; adulta Apply 271 

UBPURNUUBD lower flat, 6 rooms, klt- 
vhen rsaga iBstalled. James Bay. Phona 
1711tL m. ■■ 

WUtttnmt TO RENT— nJkTS AND 

inTA^ITBD, by Nov. a, two or three-room 
TV tprnlslnd sulta, claae lt» preferred; 
mppt have heat attd gwf. Adulta Phona 
•IWB. .. 

%BMlt'nn>>— A^nt Nov. 1, a atnall bouse- 
▼ V kaaping apt., furnished. Address. 
Si Was rental, to P. O. Bos ••, Port Albernl, 
B. C . 

Tur Par Btraat. 

WANTBD— email unfurnished house or 
.Bat , for rent, near car line or Jitney 
ronta. Box »P>. Colonist. ~ 

'^n|nU4TEt>— PIve or stx-rooin bungalow, 
»» modern, fumlahed or unfurnished; 
central. Phona »774Y.— ^--^ „ 

Mr for Information regarding bungalow or 
9^ small house In 4^eat end to be vacated 
aopn. Wione ItiSO. Room. 14. Fjeld A parts. 

' HOUMBS •_ . .;. . »a 

.lltUIUIIBffBD four-roomed ap^tment, two 
'X be<^rooms. dihlrlgroom, kltchsta; piano. 
7 2C1 Pandora Avenue, phone < 7Qlt^. 

fTWRNISHBD apartment, kitchen, bedroom. 
J 1251 Pandora. Phone 47IIU 

BjnmNIBHBD hDuae. oloaa in. « badroomi^: 
J? gara«a. |1«P a month. Aoply Box ll4t. 

IMDIBS', dwn'i waaa your hair. Use 
J Tnniroakii. lb* dry shampoo. Ask yaur 

^rorrlot. . 

To Rent, fartdshed, to careful .tenant, <- 
roomed house, piano: good locality In 
James Bay: close In: Immediate possession. 
Apply Box 1»»2. Colonist. . . 

rpo Rent — For Winter, well, furnished mod- 
"X em g-room house, beautifully situated, 
overlooking Oak Bay. near carlloe. For 
appointment. , Phone ttil. evenings. 

\]|7ELJj- furnished house of 10 rooms for 
» » rent, very central location, suitable for 
doctor. Apply to agent, Arthur Uneham, 
1«0I Douglas. Phone 1 44 • 

HQPglW _,,»• 

/~<IABBPUL. raspoaalMa taaaat wlabaa larga, 
\J wall fumisbad hause; dose la. PAoaa 
4M«B. ■- . 

\;|7At(TBI>— Bmall furnUhed house. two 
VT bedrooms, no children. Gardner. Sid- 

PUPPtBBL Pas Terrier, 
old for sale. PkPaa 4MfU 

.-Jlg^aTI^ L - 


60m axira «aaUty pallalai 
WpMBMMa aad ' 
AsaMa.fpr Oa Laval 

atX-yaar-ald Hackney-brad nara.. ItM Ifea.. 
tiae all-roUnd mover, orlsa wiaher: 'oalot 
to ride enu «lrlve. aound. leood at all Work: 
lady L-au hauole her: rhvap. III*. o». •«" 
change for vima. cattle or early pullata. 
Moon. "The Maplea." B.M.U. 


SIUM atUk suppUad. I carU galtaa. V. L 
Milk rrudusars Asaa., *"' " "- 

tM Martk VarB 


B^'Rr'sf^Ti!* rr SauB^M.. q-«-B 

ffll^ yopns «owa tor aala. Phone Col«utta 
X H M. 

am BpobB Bttaat 

W llac haaai Asaata .Sr Bjwal iwijMa 
Calf Meal Malaa yaur ealvaa vltBaM aUIB. 
Haas and pullata tor aMa. 

mHOROUUHBRBD oockarals, aarly 

X hatched. White Wyandottea, Adam 
■train, |1.I0 each. Box »10, Colonist. 

THREE Jerseys and one Orade. Paftloa- 
lars. Phone Colqults, «R. 

WANTED— About eight tons mangala. M, 
C. Oldfleld, Elk Lake, or P.O. Box BTI. 


784 Johnson Street 7»4 Johnson Street 



IF you are Impatiently waiting for new 
cars to arrive, or fe«l that present high 
Drloes prevent your buying a new car, this 
Bale ehouhl specially appeal, as every car 
onercd bus been thoroughly Inspected and 
Is sure tu satisfy ihe most critical as to 
price style and condition. We give a few 
descriptions, but see the car and be con- 

Vfo. 'l— A comfy little "Country Club" 
i^ Overland, In the pink of ' condition. 
Would pats (or new. Marked to clear, for 
cash. »f,0>6. ^ . . 

"XJD. 2 — A Gray Dort Chummy Roadster, a 
iM favorite small car that operates' very 
economically. A snap at $8»B. 

NO. S.— A 1919 Chevrolet Touring, that 
lias bee« run only a few montha and a 
dcraonetratlon will prove that It Is a splen- 
did buy at »»;b. ,. „ ^ 
NO. 4 — A li»l» Ford Touring, that has 
been privately owned and Indicates hav- 
ing bad. the heal of care, Oi^oiJL buy* n« at 


Vro. 5 — Dodge Roadster, a car that aaada 
JlM to be seen, and we leave the rest to 
you. Exceptional value, $1,100. 

NO. 6 — Hudsons, Btudebakers, Fords. Mc- 
Laughlins, Chevrolets, Cole, Packard, 
Hupmoblles, lu a good variety, and spaclally 
priced — every car guaranteed fo*- SO days. 
724 Johnson Street Phone I2»7 

AUTO Radiator and feeder repairing ra-' 
quires special skill, knowledge a&B 
equipment. We have tlrsm all. It's atlT 
buslnesa. enabling us to xlvs you beat wark 
at reasonable coat. Burgeaa Broa. Auta 
Metalworkers, 1901 Oovemment. Pboaa MIT. 

AN Auto Snap— Owner la going awajr 
aad must ssll Chalmers Ifll modal, 
1-paaaanger: says reduoa tba price eoaald- 
erably for cash; gat key at Cameron's, ISt 
Superior Street. 

BEST steel mud gtiardt for oyolea. Plla* 
lev * Ritehie. Ltd.. Ill View Btraat. 

/Vf* V^M. alaatrta aalf-atart«r. saaa«kiar 
\J m4 tva iinsir a< alaatrla llgBta; B 
WBlai« ^Bttivy, 

aad HM: kav tiraa: 
•■ troat wkaals, A 


CIMM 1B14 OvarlMi. alaetHa UgBta af4 
xiP atartar, suara t aad ta Brat^aiaaa oatMl' 

■ap StfMt . .PtMM ll«l 


drive yourself, tl i>er boar: ppaetal raus 
for .any loag tripe: cars and molereyelea 
bougirt aad sold: repairs: Fard aervloa pta< 
tlon. 'Vou better M% 


ITIT Caak BUaat 

Pboaa 4I4> 

|aMA»«-«lMrA IMK < 

D trtMiL artth aaavartti 
Davaarilatar oa.. aar. 
var Sipsaia. 

IJMK aM-tair 


Sa0OKD>l|a»A xtwm» tabea aM Him, alt 
■taaik from IS up: S aad 4;«yUB4ar aa> 
Saa Iraas ITi up; I. 4 aad l^yUMiw 
leh aMsaataa, ira« IM aaabt Baar. 4fc 
Itdorf masaataa (re«i 111 ■»! jtrallan 
tram 111 eaaiii l-vyjt baltc ' 
Bniek. Apparaoa. Abjatt. 
Car. tadb^ B. M. ».. Ft; 
ata.. parta for. Mia,, at I 

■taaik from It up: l aad i^^yUad^ ^> 
Iraas ITi - -• --^:x-_i _ 


masaataa (reBi 111 api 
eaabi I'volt baUarlaa. Ill^ 

Datralt. Cl 

laadara, Wlataa, 
ata.. aarta for, mi^%\ ^^'fP^^ ^ "^A 
bava lb stock paru far SMal all aakaa a< 


Aak far Mr. JuakSa 

Mt Vlaw 



fflHB bast truck value In the world ta- 
X day. Don't take our word alone for It 
—have a demonstration. 


~ 'Atii 


ARMtADALB Castle. 141 Niagara airaat— 
First-class room ai»d board; terms 

raaaonabla. Pho«a lUlL, pr apply above. 

T ''OAMALJLM,'* It! Daagias 

Bear baaah aad aari 

Waalat ^boarding taouaa^ appaatta 
Bt Park, aaar b« 
■sadarata. Phaaa llll. 

-pigiN ACCORD. 141 Prtnoesa Ave., plana* 
X>,antly sltpatad. elosa in, eomfartabla. 
sopa plain cooking, moderate fataa. Phona 

^PMFORTABl.B fumlahed room, with 
vJ board, in prtvata . fatnily, suitable for 
one or t4tro gentleman: close in; terms mod- 
erata. .BoK- XXX CPtonlt. 

i~>t01CFORTABLB roobia. use of attUng 

^^ toona.. Mil OlIpbaiH. Phone It IIR. 

I i m i II IB ■! - I — , .— ..— 

HANDBOMBLY furalsiied sunny apart- 
'mant. suitable . for elderly couple or 
caB' Wl aaeante. In modern home. Apply 1211 
Yaftea Btraat . , 



AUTOMOBILE spring spaclalUta Aufo 
springs cleaned, new leaves put In; all 
kinds of tools and forginga. . General 
repairs. Try us wItiL your spring repairs. 
Comer Russell 8tre«t and Ba<iulmalt Road. 
Res. phone li:9R. 


BIO reductions In uaad car* for tbia weak 
only. C\>mmanelng Monday, wa wtU 
sell any car In eur salaaropu far IB Bar 
cent oCr theae pilcea. 

CADILUAC 7-paaaengar; a B»a aart is 
Bna shape. At 91,f 

DODOB Tourlag. oaa a( tba raltakla load. 
• eaaaaea'saa eesaaaaaaapaaaaeaaaa V**' ' * 

QBAT Dort. Baa ardar aad prsotlaallir 
tt#W •••••aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaavaa^a *v^*^7 

• • e *9aB*^w 

■iv. .1n«, 


iBKWVlUJr I14B Oaoar St.. JM a« 


V#rANTBO— By respectable working man, 
.Till caaatMta^e room nod board' with prl- 
va*a aBtllfi alAte terms and particulars. 
UBk «Hif,'CMPHlint . 

iMTBJO— Bomoona to board baby girl, 
aid. Box No. io«i. 



■ouunkiADMifo Aooiui it 

(nnflAlh samowbat aiderly cburerr- 

wanted to share home, partly 

„.,.^ badraoaa. Particulars Mrs. Bea- 

XSS VIplM. Ptaae l»4>X. 

MLXn Baami^ •!• Tataa— Hduaekeaping 

asttaat alaa alafllla bouaakaaping ropma 

|1] stasia raams froa» fSj traaalant. 


HB aad 1»a 


■aat— Thras aafamlaliad r eowia. Ap< 
- IBIB fmaBara Aveaua. 

WANTED — Furnished or unfurnUhad mod- 
ern seven or eight-room house; oloaa 
to car. Phone 670IO. 

WAKTBD by young couple, furnished S or 
4 -roomed houne. stekdy. reliable. Ap- 
ply ColunUt Box »04«. ■ 

WANTED to rant, amail bouaa, close in. 
or near to a carllna. "Would be will- 
ing to purchase the furniture, etc., if prlca 
la reaaonable. Box 1117, Colontat. 



FLEMISH Qlant and New Zealand Rab- 
bits from registered imported breeding 
stock. "Tlswilde; Prospect Loke Road. 
Baanlch. Visitors welcome. Mall addreaa. 
Box lilt. VIct'rIa. B.C. kocal informatioa 
at 110 Johp»<>p Street. ^ 

A QUANTITY of Una pullets, also year- 
ling hens for sale. Seavlew Poultry 
Farm. 4» Dalian Road. VIctocta. 

PRIL hatched pulleU for sale. Sill 
Bh^lbourne Street. 

BEST prlcaa paid for pouititr. Saavlaw 
Poultry Farm. 411 Dallas Koad. 
Ph one 40I1L> ^^^^ 

C10ME to the Public Market today and 
J buy your live chickens from thn Sea- 
vlew Poul try Farm; StMlls 17 and •». 

FOR Sale — One Sj^a Jersey cow, fresh 
two weeks, milking m gallons; srtso 
one grade Jersey cow milking 1% gallons, 
fresh March II. Apply 3112 Oak street, 
phone 1164. 

IjlOR Sale — 4 good young cows, dua to 
. calve next month; also one irood work 
mare, double harness; also other farm Im- 
plements. Apply J, Morgan. Cowlchan Sta- 
tlon. Phone >tL. 

IJIOR 8dls — Two sows and one boar, all la 
X" good condition. Mrs. J. French. Sill 
Saanlch Road. . 

FOR Bale — Buft Orpingtons, prise and 
heavy laying strain. 7 hens, 1 cock year- 
ling. I pullots. 3 cockerels, April hatched: 
ISO the lot. Oardlcr. 2»20 Blackwood St. 
Pho ne lOOlU 

R Bale — A One young pure-bred York- 
shlre boar. Crosla nd Bros.. Duncan. B.C. 

FOR Sale — Berkshire sow, will farrow 
end November; large Utter axpaetad. 
Carrlngto n. East Sooka. 

T7WR Bale Chaap— Airedale bitcn, ten 
X; months: would exchange for dog of 
smaller breed. Phone 84t». 

FOR Bala— 21 WhUe Leghorn pullets, ready 
for laying. tl.BO each, or the lot for 
HO. 184t neorge Street. 

FOR Salt — Bight P«kln ducfcr and ^ne 
drake. Iwn-nftv each, live months. H. 
tloward. Colqults P.O.. 'Victoria. 

17K)R Sale — Must sell my White Wyandottes 
X snd R. t. Red nullets and cockerels: 
also 110 yards or mnre of wire netting, in 
good strntw. Phone R<«7R. 411 Durban S t. 

FOR Sale — Six CotUe pupa from good 
workers; price II each. Apply A. T. 
PaHter. Rocky Point P.O.. B-C. ,, 

IJIOR Bala— About l« R. I. iiad yaarllac 
■ hews, laying, not Cook BUraa t. 

FOB Sale— Boaton tcrrtar pupa. Apply 
♦19 Duned in Street, 

TJV^R Bale — Twrf t-year-old halfers, flrst 
X aaWaaij^Jeraey milking IH gallons. Hol- 
stelA ■"MstOB IH gallons. John .Bopgi, 

"TjlOR Stfa — March and April batched pul- 
X lets, Wyandotte and Leghorn: also irood 
Ruftts Red Daiglnn Hares for breeding pur- 
popea. aad two _^ hives of bees. 27 84 Quadra. 

XfOlL Bale — t Ana Jersey halfers; all la 
X calf. W. J. Qitfttk. jloyal Oak. 

R Bal» — BagllaB setter Mtch, iT sMbtBa 
old. Colonlat Baa lit!,, ' ■ . 

fl^OB Sale *r egchanBa. fl«a K.AR. «Mkar^ 
r ate. Phona IIIBXT 

MBiarasttbd slnsta 

- m 

Weight TonrlBB Cars, with craak atart. 
er. In good candifloa from |1M up ta IMB 
"rpORD Closed Panel Delivery; good ardar. 

/^NB-TOM DaHvgry: a saod aa« .....MM 

irrcLAUaiUJN bI Spaalal. Iflf' 

QTODBBAICBB. l-paaaaas« ...• IBM 

QTUDBBAXBB T-paaaaasar ,..IMtl 


Old Church Bulldlas 

Co r. Oordon and Courtnay ■ 'Wear F. O- 

C'^ADILLAC, 1 cylinder, 160; Hup roadster. 
J tSItt /Havers roadster,' liOO; motor 
cycle, till: Ford, e-passcuKer, |300; Whlta 
Bteamter, Uto. 

Fort Street (next coriter Cook). Phone 1117 

BKD Cars for Sale— One Dodge, 1117 
model, like new, only mn 7,0*0 miles, 
good tires, one spare; a snpp. One Ford In 
excellent condition, demountable rims, new 
tires and spore, general electric self-starter 
and lights, TImkIn bearings, in front wheels, 
and a lot of other ektrps. A snap. 
Apply Jameson, Rolfe A Willis. Courtney B 
Gordon Street. Phone 2241. 

WANTED — To purchase an 
English preferred. 

Colonl«t Box lt.l7 

WANTED — Ford car, cheap for cash. Box 
3025. Culoplst. 

IVX7B~ have an overstock of 30 x SVi tires. 

f T used on Overland, Ford, Chevrolet, 

Gray Dort, Maxwell, etc. 



Partridge Guide ISO.TO |1«.A0 

Partridge Non-Hkld 2t.7R 17.00 

Goodyear All Weather .. 22.26 11.00 

Dominion Nobby ...j.... 12.75 18.00 

Dunlop Special Jt-'l— l^-*** 

Dnnlop Traction ~3S.TS 11.00 

Dominion Chain 21.76 17.00 

A deposit of 30 per cent will hold any 
tire 10 days. These casings are not sec- 
onds and carry maker's serial number and 
guarantee In every case and are thU sea- 
son's stock. We have a large number of 
tires on hand, but all orders will be ac- 
l^epted subject to being In stock. Out of 
town orders shipped prepaid. 
Tire Department 
Broughtoi) Htreet. Victoria. B.C. 
Phone 497 
"If you got It at Pllmley's It's all right" 

fTTB e^rry a full gtack of Hl-Bpaaid 
vV Blngs: a alia fpr arary aar. 


:. D. 


two-ap u d. 

R l^MMaada, Mat«e«ya4a Wartu, BM 
JaBaaaa Street. 

«pataat ladlaaa tram IB* up: I 
BsBatw Saws BaaiOa da tbaa. 
lilt Caak. 


wUI iMlM yaa 

•BML ' 


-_._Bi - 



riONFXbBNTlAl* — Uaat yaar— #la— Krtr 
VT^laat. TbU yaar—TOBlFOAM— presto I 
Mair aarad. 

17IOUfkl>— Jtowboat aa Baaalcb Arm; awaar 
M! «aa have eaaia by ppyiog expsaaaa. AP* 
^ijr ». r. «>an«»u. 'i'oU tulet t^.U- 

LOST— Waterproof coal «n Ba»nlch Road, 
aaar Sidney, name Inalda. {toward, a^ 
H. MUcbeit. uordon toaad- 

LOST— -On Burnsldo School ground, bo/s 
raincoat and Uau Kinder please return 
to ttfc tietn Mtrcat. o r liurn slOo woad. 

LOST— OM Friday aXtemoon. oaa small 
t'oraallan brooch. Finder plaaaa o«j«n- 
munlcaie with 944 Foul U»y Uoad. Be- 

» aru It n e cesaa f.v. . 

LOST— On Cook Street, pair of gold apao- 
tacles In case Phono 00I4R2. 

LOST— Saturday morning 2«lh, fur ouK 
"Kolinsky." Finder Ple as e Phaaa 6«6i. 

LOST— A bunch •»! kf^s on Ool. II, FloUar 
Plaaae Phone 611 2L. 

LOST— On Rockland Ave., lady's saal stala. 
flag 1019. ColonUi. 

•TAA CASH btqra oat alack of amall atom. 
Wtvv prsasliwi «ltb aallabta Uvtng auar- 
lara adJatalBg aaa b^raaataid at rental af 
•II par mo«ih: store sttaatad la good dto- 
tHot with caritna oaavaniaatly aaar; wide 
approaab ftpsn street «-ttb siors fivnt c^- 
taadtag lu wbala width givea pramlnenoa 
aad added value. 

/COUNTRY atar*. aatabltahed business. In 
\J A-1 locality. poetoAcB In dbanactlan- 
good, living gaarUrs on pramlasa. iz.ooa 

LO«r— On Balahat east of Bpaotaola tAka, 
wira-hairad tarrlar. wbtta and buck. 
Phona 'll7tT. ■ 

LOST- From Wllkmsen Road Oct. llrd. 
black Rolstein cow. agad. faw wblta 
spots, horns big, curved Inwards: reward tw 
■ recovery: last seen Burnside Road. T. ■. 
Covsntrv. ('olqults P.O . . 

LOST— ll-toot launch, drifted from Jauaa 
Island. Reward. P. O. Box 97, 
Jamas Island, , 

"F OST — Blthsr In parlor oar or on plat- 
Xi form at B. A V. station on Tuesday 
evening, smsll leather handbag, containing 
a ring, postcards, i-ye-glassus, etc. Reward. 
phone llfi'L. 

LOST— Airedale pup, 8 months old, an- 
swern lo name Roger: anyone harbor- 
ing seme will be prosecuted. B.^D. Mur- 
phv. 1868 Carnsew Street. Kalrlleld. Phone 

LOST — Gold locket bearing Initials A. 8. 
to E. r. Photo of husbsnd and chUd 
enclosed. A soldier's widow will appreciate 
return of the same to Mrs. A. Caldercoti. 
181R Lelcchton Road. Reward. 

Pboaa llll lU Tataa Btraat 

WANTED — To purchase acraaga ar farm 
aaar Victoria, from ownera only: aa 
agents. P. O. Box 877. Victoria. B.& 

TT7HY put your car Into the repair shops 
▼ V in the daytime when you use It most? 
If you have any small troubles, that will gat 
bigger let us know. We can repair them 
over night and leave your car free for use 
during the day. Phone IISR, or write 
W. H. Coillngwood. 1137 Mason Street, City. 
Wa guarantee good work. 

TT7K ar« speclallslns In Qarford 
VV Trucks. They are abe huskiest trucks 
on the market. For the light delivery man 
aea our new IH-ton truok. Ring us up aad 
we will give you full partlealan. - 



Phone 171 

1008 View Street 

■ CARS FOR SALB ' '"•< '^ " ' 

•"I KKA — Mclaughlin &-s«ater, ute 

*'X*^«^" modsl, and In perfect order. This 

car has t good tires, and Ip a very (ood 
buy at 11,550, on terms. 

•7K A— CHEVROLET, late model, C-aeat- 
BP'*.'" er. In fine condition. This car has 
Just been repainted and looks batter than a 
new one. Price 1750; easy terms arranged. 

(Mr. Junkls) 

•41 View Streat 

Pbona till 

"Hie House of Servloa" 


Crash: Accidents will happen If avsr 
your car sets Into an accident let 
this shop do the repairing. We do any 
kind of repair work and do It right. 


Fort Bt.. Near Cor. Co ok. Phone HIT 

IpIVE-Passenger FoM, late model, l-paa- 
senger Ford, ilrcs In nrst-class order, 
upholstery good and runs Ilka a new car; 
price |800. Apply li'j Princess Avanua, 
phono 682X. 

FOR Bale — l-passangar Cbavratet. la t asi 
model elactilo atartar and evarytblag. 
Ill Superior Bt. ^^^ 

OR Sate— Bxcelalor IIIS modal, fully 
equipped; parfaot aandltlaa. Pboaa 
Mill* • 

"rnOR Fnrtltura moving, eratlag aad ablp> 
X ping, try Hudson Braa. Wa gaaraataa 
satisfaction. Phone (lit. 


lOK 8al< 

-Ford one-ton track. 

FOR Sale — Ford 2-paaaenger, a line car for 
f8l>0. Cameron. 611 Superior St.. be- 
>ilnd Parliament Bldgs. 

FORD Touring, 1911, Basoler abook ab« 
sorbers. weather strips on doorp, - art* 
lately owned, Just overhaulad. parfaot 
condition. 1100. Phona 3I11X tar ap- 

fTtOR Bala— B-pasaaaaar Ford, IIIB PNdal. 
X has seat eovars, alaetrla llgbt^ ~ ' 
tirea. Owaar going to California. Wa 

cars In trade. Apply at 
181 Superior Straatt 


(llrM btoafes f*MB caatra af 
4BM|». • 



ITWn Bala— I 

r White Le^b^mi -Uet»^lPW»VUU 

QOdO ataglBS ^aB«B^:;«nl Blai 


PBSBY milk tif mtt^ wm dellvar: YatZTl 
prtea. not I7a7. CMaaB*. •.>.• . < 
■ii ■' , I .-« .11 . 

IM^RB-bred Jerpey cow. 4 ya^m: la frtiskaa 
.shortly. 1204: JorPay H^toieln caw. I 
y»A«. le freahen April, til*. Thpaa cewa 
ara rich mllkerti aalef. aad are 'kaltf paly 
i' '»BB— awaar la inu^nB. <* HaB»aBB Tmim, 
Oatdo4 Uaad. U.B.U I. VIctarlB. 

FOR Sale — Flva-paasenger Ford, Al condi- 
tion; easy terms. Phone llll for 

•TTUDSOW super-six 7-paBaengcr, IITV 
Xa. Chalmers, 4-cyllnder. 7 -pa as sn gar, a 
splendid rent car; 2-psssenger Model tl. 
Uvurland. Marlon Bullet. Ill I Cadlilao l« 
passenxcr. and 1918 Ford t-passengar. Ilka 
new. Price 1160. 

111 superior St. Behind Parllameat Bldga. 

Yataa Street. Phone till. AsaaU Car 
Bimona' Paataa Contracts by tka weak, 
month ar year. Satisfaction gaaraataad. 
The aflsiaat Blmealslng sutlaa af Vlatarl^ 
W. H. HUGHBA Fra» 

Rea. Phoaa ItllL 
We sail cars on comml 

BMMrrk — ^FORD, late model, as good as new; 
wyJ^" easy terms arranged l( desired. 

B>0(>e;— OVBRi/aND 'l-seater, sll good 
BPOt^iti tires: a big snap at II2B, on terms. 

flMRi\—CHALMBhS 6-seater, all good 
^p'lkJXt tires. "2 new oites" ; a bargain. 

LOST— Airedale pup, 7 months, black 
saddle, ti»n head snd lem. nearly full 
grown, near Resthaven. Gardner. All Bay, 
Bid ne y|. Reward. 

LOST— At C P. R. wbarT Sunday night, 
amall hlnck and white fur. Please 

STRAYED or stolen from 1426 Brooke 
Street. 1 Wyandotte rooster, hen and 
pullet. Finder please return to above ad- 
dress. ^_^^__^^_^^___^^— — 

TB7S bava elUat wha ««rag IBB aapaa tlm- 

vV bor llmlia with mill stle. cuulppad for 
cutting rough lumber or ties, would b* 
glad to meet respoaalble roan who would 
look Into this propoaltloa with a view to 
Investment, Short baul fram -inill to 
waterfront; ran cloaa oontract for tt.ioo for 
delivery by and of Janw^'y. Anypae laur- 
aaisd call at ofllea. 


711 B. C. Permanent Bldg. 

Pouglas Street . , ■ ■■ Telephone 8921 



Ainros FOR HnuB 


ARB far bira. Pbaaa ••IIT. 


MITCUBI4.. O. T., m-lt Paador%— 
F^rm and dairy auppllaa. gasoltaa 
aaglnaa. Maaaay-Hartia asaahlaary. 


■ynnffi and rnnFMBWAfu-i, 



ABHTON'S, UBiraO— Oppaaita V.aLO; 
iniuablwr. baattag aad abaet Iroa wark. . 
yiotaria pboba «7>l. Oak Bay phaaa >tt^ > 





tST Fprt Btraat 

JU. 8LEDOB— Plumblag. beating. Ittt 
• Oak Hav Aveioie P»i<»«e IIM .■•. 

' ■ f ' •* * 

RJ. NOTT CO., LIMITWU, i-luiuuing and 
• Uaatlag. IIS kaiaa St. Pboae ttl7. 
PhoM 111. 


HEH8T. ANDHKW— llll Blansbard Su 
Plumbing and baattagU' lAnte siook. 

mHACKKR A HOLT, plumbing and baat- 
X Ing. IIP Bpe^d Avaaueu Pbona llll . 

mUE Colbert Plumbing * Heating Cok. 
X lAd.. sanitary aad heating eiucineera. 
Til Brangbtoo Straat. KptabUabad lllVt 
Pboaa HB- iBoorpoimtad IBBt. -^ 


PATBNIS, trade marks, daalgaa, oopy< 
rigtata fi'aatheratonhaogh A Oa.. the old 
ritabUabad Arm of patent attorneys. Ofltoaat 
9 86 Rogers Building, Vaneouvar. B.C, 

ATBNTB — Rowland BrUttlln, reglaterad 
attorney; patents In all countries. Fair*. 
Beld Building. 441 GranvUla 8v. VaacouvaiL/' 
B.G _Z- 


BICK WORK— All cigsaas of work dona; 
iMiUer satttugs and all etasaaa of fur- 
aaoa work. Dave BurMtt. iTit Oaear 
Straal ' Pboaa lOllX 


CARPENTRY — AltaraUona and rapalra; 
roofs repaired and guarantaad. T. 
Thirkell. Phone 17H. Battmatea fraa^ 

CARPENTRY repalra. aluraUooa Md 
general Jobbing. Batlmataa glvaa. B. 
Biaak. Phona 4lifv^ _^^.^ 

gVAN. A Q 



SKATBS, hollow ground, at Wilson's Re- 
pair Shop, 612 Cormorant. ^ 



C.pRBNCB HoUl, Yates and Douglas. 
Ratas: Transients. iOo up; weekly. 
II 10 UP. A faw bouaekeaplng sultaa. 
Phone 26710. 



Aoeommodatlon good. ^R»taa raaaonabla. 
Boat centrally situated hotel in Vlotorla 

p. W. HURST. Proprietor. ^_ 

NB8BITT HOTEL — 1120 Broad Street, 
newly renovated snd opened under new 
managanaat. J. NesMtt, Prop. Moderate 

imHB DtfNBMUIR, Fort Street. Light. 
X Bright and Clean. Transients, Tie up. 
Speotel weekly rataa Bot and cold water, 
pliona 4IVTO. 


'ICTORIA'S Newest and Mast Up-to-Data 


High-Class Barvlea. 



B8T atael mud guards for eyclea. PUm- 
ley A BItohla. Ltd.. Ill View Straat. 


All above cars can be bought on very easy 
terms. Other cars taken In trade at 

■• t 


loot View Street 

Phona 17t 

■BBLt. OABAOB. tfOk 




1001 TIew Btraat Phona 171 

db4tO FORD S-paasenger: aaw tires, racen^ 

ly overhaulad. Ill Toronto Straat. 

Phone 4H8L. 

•<^ GOODYEAR motorcycle casings, now, 
^ llxl, at 110 each. Rennie's Garage. Cook 
Street. Also 1 Ford bodies cheap. 


PBR CENT fm sa^ maaa pap. asara 
power. O. * K. AmpUBar. 

AUTOS inoR mmm n 


tF you have a car aad aead aaair fnot 
talk) see Cameron. Ill Buttertor St. 

cLAUOHLIN Ugbt Six, 1911 madali «| 
splendid condltloBb Pirlos. ll.aBt. 


MeLAUQBUN B-41, Itll MMdai. IB 
elaas ordaiwall good tUaa. Pit^ 
11.1 — 

IPOBD, bMa BMdal. allp mwtn, iBaaB «»• 
1? aatbavA apaadMaatar. »b4l Ja A-t «a»* 
ditla^ rrU» tOBi. 

XftbBB, IBU SMdal. abaap at ttm. 

«4t'tlMsB BBfaat 

rvu> oara. la aay ssaB l ilaa. bwsglit fat 
\Jwom caah. Mr. dapBK til Vto« BI 

Pbaaa t<B«. 

OTBBLAND for aals: paap (ar caab: Dbp- 
Bridge. Pbaw* ttlti. 

T>IBTOlV WMpBsr a^wy aar a# ■srlBi <>» 


MBTCBOSIM. jtppM trip f«.N 

%4ANiu^H PBMNBUf<Ajl«twd ttlp ...|«.«B 


BUOPPINO. par baar .....ILtB 

BaaU ar TMag «at by app^tmaat 
Phaaa ITTI P. B. PIXB PbaM ■ril 

<» i M ^ I ^— — ^— yMwai— *b^fc^— ^aw^— ^sfc*» ja 1 i 1 i» 

ClCAJttB AAD mjnoHfJicvum •• 

AOOOO biBirala rtdar apprpoUtaa a gaad 
blayala aa taBloB ta ride. That la tba 
r asao a sa mmar dtaprlnlaatlag ayallata 
aalSr a Baiai/ BUvar Blbbatt, CtM aai 
paa tbaai at ill Viaw Btraat. FUmW * 
Hi tebla. VtL 

BBT alaal mad guarda far ayBlaa FUniT 
Bg B BlUhla, Ltd.. Ill Flaw 



"L'^VBBBADT*' Saab , _ 

Mil iMB madala iast raaaiaad. 


Mtfsi PHBa aftka 


MBBT your friends at the CLARBNCB 
FOOL ROOM. Douglas and Yatea. la 
the Basement. NICK RAPTIS. Proariator. 

rpHE worklngman's club; bast lighted and 
-L ventlUted rooma la tba city; Brunswick- 
Balke and Burroughs and Watta 'taMaa. 


ARB yoii Interested In gold? Can wa 
send you Information on what wo ba- 
llovc to be the Rlche»t Alaska Gold Placer 
Property In the world T One dredge In 
Alarka has taken out more than two hun- 
dred millions of dollars In gold. Would you 
like to share In such profluT For furtlier 
particulars address: C. P Porter A,,^""!- 
pany. Brbkers, L. . C. tlmlth Building, 
heattle. Wash. 

COAL and Wood — One of the moat pro- 
gressive and profitable undertakings on 
the PaclBc Coast; has valuable «oal apncy 
In connection with which a substantial and 
fast developing cash trad«^ is being tran- 
sacted An unrivalled connection In tba 
cord -^-ood trade, with ample resources of 
tlmbei both standing and felled and cut. 
ready 'for shipment; centrally located, city 
depot directing the whole operations of this 
big bnalnaas; equipment Includes new, up- 
to-date motor trucks, horses, rigs, etc Ill- 
health onuses owner to sacrifice this un- 
dertaking, which Is producing good prollts. 
and Is teeming with possibilities for de- 
valopment. Audited accounts can be pro- 
duced. Not one dollar is asked for good- 
will. Price 120,000; half cash. 

101 Union Bank Building 
Phona 6»M. 

TIM8E»l * 


(Returned Soldiers) 


Cor. View and Quadra Streets 


Phone 1810; Res. 604 IL. Estimates Free 

OK roof snd gpaaral bouse repalra J. W. 
Mlldon. 8I6IL. 

LP. FRBDRICKSON. Contractor, baoaa 
. and barn spaolallst: plaas and spaol- 
Bcatlons free to oustomara Add r eaa; 1141 
Qu een's Avenue. Victoria. 


DBAVILLB. JOHN T., 718 Fort. Curloa. 
furniture and books. Tel. 1717. 


CHIMNEY SWKBP— Lloyd. Phone 88I8R. 
Fift een years' exT'erience In Victoria. 

CHIMNBY Sweeping — C. Whlta, phoM 
llll. Having returned from overseas 
I am resuming my business as a chimney 
sweep. Will be pleased to bear from old 


LET us collect your bad accounts. No 
coltectlona. no pay. The T. P. MeCon- 
nelt Mercantile Agency. 830 Pembarton 

Building. _________ 


B^ STEAM DYE WORKS— the largest 
mXjt dyeing and cleaning works In tlrs 
Province.. * Country orders solicited. Pbona 

toe. J. d Renfrew. Prop. 

I ■ - - — —^— ■——.*— 

KOBE CLBANEKS — Clothes cleaned aad 
repaired at reasonable rataa. llOt 

Blansbard Straat 

— r — * 


l^'tUlLDRBN-S and Ladlea' Ontflttar— Baa- 
\J brook Young, corner Broad and Joka- 
son. Phone 4740. 


fXTHOLBSALE 357 GOODS — Turner, 
tT Beeton A Co.. Ltd.. wholesale dry goods 
Importers and manufacturers: mea'a far- 
nlahlnga. tents. "Big Horn " brand ablrta, 
overalls. Mall orders attended to. 



HIbben-Bone Building. Day and algbt. 
Phone 1412. 


design or ooloi'. Tba Colonlat Printing 
Company. Limited. ' - 


/"lOX A DOUGAU «paclalt*ts in elevator 
V> and motor repairing, awlt^hboard erac- 
tlon. private Ingtallatlons. Motors aad 
dynamos re- wound and guaranteed. Batl- 
mataa given. Stobart-Paasa Building. Yataa 
Street. Pbonaa 1868. I7I1R and 141»R. 


_^ f,', I. . 

FOR stencil and seal engraving: gaaaral 
engraver and stencil uuttar. Oaorga 
Crowthar, 111 Wharf Street, behind Poat 



RAYMAN — Joseph dcaney. ofllea at 
1108 Wharf Street. Phone ITl. 


EMPLOYMENT Agency— U N. Wing On, 
Chlneaa employment agency. Pboaa 


FURNITURE Crating and ahlpplng en- 
trusted to us receives the best posslbis 
attention and care. Hudson Bros.. Phone 
2268, 1176 Yates Straat. 

FURNITURE moving made easy by em- 
plorlng Hudson Bros. Phone 8861. 

JEBVKS BROS., motor and horse vans for 
moving: storage, shipping and packing. 
Phones till and ill. Oflica: 1008 Oovara- 
ment Strait. 

MOVl your fumltnra by motor or team; 
4Utck and reliable service. Bntruat 
to J. P Winiama Pbona «tl. , 

FURRIERS ' " ' ' 

FOSTBR, FRED — 1216 Government Straat. 
Phpna, I6t7. Alterations and repairs. 



WHY send your printing orders Bast whan 
you can get them done better, gulokar 
and at the name prlop at Tba Colonist Print- 
Ing Department? 


JAI.LBN. PlBPtoror — Estimates given oa.' 
• plain and pmamental plaatenhg. ce- 
ment work, repairing, etc. Pliaaa llll. 
lilt Paaob Drtva. 


KNIQHT, painter, etc 1419 Uaultala 
« StraeC Phono 6191L. 

PAINTING and deooratipg. all kinds of art 
and plain glass work. Prompt ard ner- 
sonal attention. H. Burps. 1919 Davie Bt. , 

PAINTING, Paperhanglng and Kalsomln^ 
log. W. 8. Simpson . Phonj 8486R. 

' shoeIu^airin G 

RETURNED Soldier's Shoe Store — Repalra 
promptly done and only best leather Is 
ttscd. 819 Fort Street. 


MBS. WAP.DLE. lata of Winnipeg, will 
call and xlve the hlchrat prices for 
ladies' gent's and children's cant -off cloth- 
Inr. P hone 2688. or call at 768 Fort Street. 

SECOND-HAND Clothlag; gent's builnaga 
suits bought for caah. If you want top 
prices, always call Shaw A Co. Phone 40 1. 


-.^.B. .COOUBT A BOW _ ' '*Z-^'-t 

Victoria Btaaat Metal Works I - 

Outtara. Chimney Topa. Warm Air HaaQns. 

Agents for tba "Bunshlna Fumaea." 

Offlca and Worka— 414 BiNOBTON BTBBBr g 
'"PImBb-BBI> * 

;# ^ ■ •*, .^/tn\:t hxi;»t.. 1-. -.,. I,,'., i I 

FURNACES, furnaoe repalra, chimney topa, 
. warm air heating and plumbing. J. B, 

Cagaon, 816 Catherine Street. Phone MM. 

II . . - 


TYPEWRITER^ — New aad second-hand; 
rapairs: rentals: ribbons for all ma- 
Chlnesw United Typewriter Co.. Ltd.. 711 
Port Streeu Vlotorla. Phone 4798. 



«OWN, H. H., 780 Fort- Naval, military, 
civil and ladles" tallbr. y hone 1817. 

••'\TETBRAN" tAlLOR, Imperial Bank 
V Building. ■ ~ • - w :.- 


TypewTltara nENXiaO. . basigbt. aoid. ' 
exchaoKed. rebuilt, fapalrad. Some snaps 
»>d macbrlnsa. Pbonb Ittt. 741 Yatea 




ITVAIUfBRS — Wa buy any quantity of po- 
X tatoes snd vsgetables. We supply 
stores. hotels. camps. ' restaurants and 
shipsL Hong Yuan A Co.. 716 View Street; 
phone 114. , 


LITTLE A TAYLOR. 117 ForL.Bt. Expert 
watchmakers, lewelars aaA optlolaaa. 

P'lone 871. 

I llll. I 

WHITE, M., waUhmaker and manufaa* 
turing jeweler. Engraving uoatty 

done. All work positively xaarmnteed. Bn- 
trance Hibben-pone Building. Phone IIT.' 




B/^ FUNERAL CO. (Hayward's. Ltd.) 
,KJt — Funeral directors and embalmera. 
Chapel and private parlxrs; motor or horsa 
equipment. Always open. PboBB IMI. 
714 Broughton Street. 


BRUISING 28,000,000 feet A-l cedar, eaay 
'' transportation to sea to good harbor. 

141 Fort Straat Pbona 12H 

tMb Indian, la 

'CtOB Bale— Ckaap, t- 

X Brpi-elasa caadlllan. rsady tor tBa rapBj 


J7 wt 


Bala— BitTOta. 

|M. Pb> 

M Btara. FlotatiB 
matarayalaal fMl Haa 
ir pan* far aB 

ENGLISH Carbide Laaspa fraat »*.tB, Oil 
Lamps from •»•»•. the NBW Delta Blaa- 
irtc Lampa. oomplata. 11.71: <:arMda aad OU 

af bigheet Quality. 

X men In this company desiring lurther 
capital kindly communicate adraas to Boa 
1791. Colonlat. 

OpportuiAty to pnrcbaaa furaiabad apart- 
ment block, aa a going aonoara. 
i;WB Bala— Larga ravanue prodaoing fur- 
i? ntshad apartment block, nicely slt- 

uatad; taxea low. Price about half 
wbat It would eoat to build today. 
AP"ly Ownara Beg M6. Colonist. 

riVBST now In a new manufacturing 
company with unlimited proepecto in the 
Dominion: active position if desired; no bet- 
ter prapofltlon on the market; every Invee- 
tlgaflon desired: returned ""•5. P'"«if""*^5 
appointment only. P. O. Box 8M. City 

■ bave client who owns 110 asres Urn- 
^W limits with mill site, equipped for 
cutting rough lumbw- or ties, would b« 
glad to meet reaponalble man who would 
look Into this proposition with a vlaw to 
laraatmant. Bhort haul from mill to 
waterfront; can close contract for »9,I00 for 
delivery by and of Jaauary. Anyone Iniar- 
eatad call at office. 

COUNTRY store, aatabllahad bualnaaa, In 
Al locJtilty, poatoffloa la eonectlon; 
g«od IHrlag guartera on pramlaaa. |8,|0B 
eaab. Alao grooary busfoaaa doing good 
tnnwvar, In prograaslva diatriet, aaar Vlo- 
torla^ whara tasaa ara low aad rants raa* 



TIB B. C. Parmaaant Bldg.. Daagtad 8tra«« 

Telapboaa tttt. 

VX7B have maay In^uiriea far , busl H ssa 
▼Y apralaga and t«utd sell several paaa- 
Ine retail ataraa without delay. If prlea la 
right. If yaa bava a businaaa for dls^oaal 
altbar patah. wbnlasala. maaufactariag »r 
ig baaaa^ lai aa baw* partlatrisra aad 

wa WIN prsBMss «nlcfc raa«|tA 

IBI Oalan Baab Baildliig 

farnlrbed bnW. 1 

had ^ partly 
near tawa, lar tmmn' 
lly oC tbroa; adaBs oatr; earafm lasapli 
iist VtaMr Btraat. 

GENERAL gardening, pruning, spraylag. 
Fred Bennett, StravTbarry Valg P. O. 
Phone ColQults 19L, __^ « 


ZINC and Co;»par IlluaUatlons of •▼••T 
descritrtlon at "Tba Colonlat Pboto-Ba- 
gravlng Department ^ ^ ^ 


IV dak* and Cameras to ths Kodak Hoo- 
plUl and have them put la working ordaj 
far Iha Summer baildaya Mayaard'A ft* 
Pandora Avenue. Pbona till. 


^^ sanitary way. 1011-17 North PBfB-,. «* 
D. .McL«aa. Bxpart lauadarara. Talapbpaa 
1101. . 




LITHOORAPHINO — Utbograpblag, aa- 
graving aad amboaalng. Nothing toa 
urge and nothing too smatl: your station - 
ary is your advanoa agent : our work la 
unaquallad west of Toronto. The Colonist 
Priating and P u blishing Co .. Lt d. 


LUBBER, windows, doors, Interior Balab. 
etc. City or oountnr orders raaalPP 

earaful attentton. B. W. Whlltliytton LoBi- 
bar Cou. Ltd.. Bridge and UUIaida. Pbasa 



LAWN Mawara oallaetad, abarpanad aad 
dallTarad. "We alao put on paw rab- 
barp ta yaar wora-aut waablag aiiB il n a. 
I|T Fort Btraat. 


LIBB tt tmrm aad gardasi, dellrarad Bi 
apy quaatlty. Roaebank Uma Of. 
Analyata ti.7. Pbana Belmaat tX P.(A 


MAcamyE u on mi'H u vnon 

/^OKBTBDCTIOB aad t«p«|r wark aa ■•- 
KJ eblaary of all daacriptloaat aagURB> 
pad ballar mmitt ta arder: aBBiaaarlas 
iiardwara aad sapptlas^ wood P«ll«y% P«P^ 
Bttiagi^ aCA Batlvaiaa sivaa ftap aai bB 
wark pramptty axaautad. Bartaa tr^ 
Waria, iU Fpmbraka Btraat, pBBM ML 


19 tM 

OararaaMM Bttaa* iapatalra>. 

1 artuta; nakc BaMka4M«r Bank. Tataa. 

Bttl Marrlat lumd 


WOOD will, worry won't — Keep y«ur Are 
burning thia Winter. G«t your supply 
in now by phoning 1214 1<. Johnson Broa. 

XriCK CHONO LUNG — I>«alera la cord- 
wood, blocks jsnd a^llt wood. Wood 
carried In. 76c extra. Olllee. 634 Fisgard 
BtreeL Phones 1888 and 1110. Wa dsllvar 
to all paru kf dUy. 

WINDOW Leaning 

Pboaa 8811 

111 Yatea Btraat 

"Tba Plooear Firm" 

' Wa don't advartlta our work. ' 

Our work advaftlaea llaalf. 

W. H. HUGHES. Proprtatar. ' 

- .'-., WELDING- « ;."V. - 

OXr Acetylene Waldlng~Cast l^aa^ braaai 
•taal and aluminum welding. B. Bd* 
warda. 114 Courtney. Phone IMP. 

FROFlflsmO NAL DIItKOTi>l»Y f 


BAWDBN, KJDt) A CO.— Chartered Ae- ^. 
oountanta, Aaalgnaaa. etc., 411 and 41S ■ 
Central Building. Victoria. B.C. Phone 4111. 

^m. ^iMi I .-■■■—,,. M, -^ii ii..-- ■ ...1. . I. — -.■ ■i.-itM» 


MARlNELLrO Approved Beauty Bkapt ' 
ebliupody. eleotrolyals, facials, hair- 
drasalng. manicuring. Phone 1477. 117 
ward Bldg. 


/"IHIROPODIST- L. B. Jones, 111 Caatral 
V^ Block. Phone 1888: rea phone lltlR. 

MARIN ELLO Approved Shop, Coupe aB4,"^ 
Hogaa (H.C.8.>, chiropodists and ^oa*,!, 
nietlclans. Phona 2477. 617 Sayward Bld^.^ ,| 

MRS. UUISBN— Uassaga, ntanletBlag aad -V 
ablrapPdy; ax part attandaat. 
1717. 414 Sayward Bldw. 


L l4t4R. ' 1ce. 203-1 gpywarfl 



TkR, WlfablAMr BagHab CpuBlr BBBPI 
XJ quick rellat from chf«nla cougbs. >•«. 
Kawceti'e Drug Sfora, Phone 480. 



R. LEWIS HALt"Jawall Bloefc, 
rates and Douglaa Btraafa. 



JOS8FBB BADAB, taat gpavlalM. 
pacmanantly eurad. CMWullailc 
Roams 407-40I CamptMll Bulldlac. 


lailoa* fM«,(/ 



EMBCTBO maaaags, rBdjUat beat tiaal- 
meat far rbaansatla and'aarya alllisBta 
ata. iBioa niiaaM ifaiiy aartliaatad aad aa- 
panaaeadf, aaalatad by bar bratbar. I.B<I>% 
geniiemen aad abildraa treataA 488-4 
Campbell Bldg. Pbaaa BtBT. --^ 

' LAlfD HVHVKtOiM ""^ 

J. F. Templataa. BiC.US. 

9. r. CampbaU. 




^crr^nr vtmiHK 

jA,>.» u4»i a pi^wparad. forma aaVpUad. Sk 
Matd^aaag. .fPtarp aiiUk^ i^t Braai > 
irsat. B»aaaa llll pad n«|l^ .T 

FirrBinAif AJn» womomon . 

ml. miHUAr. PkypMaa and Barg 
r«aMa's d l wdaas a . ^Mte BIT WalBaff 
Bdowid Bad l> a| >giB Br ^ BtBltla. ^MtM, 

. .v2' 

. ^a.^.^.iUL 




WifiKSPM. aiPElPN 

■ «*Mnr LHt «•■ «aiy vMi v • 

MMTA^fttltk MklMt W th* taU 
SI v««m 
DuuMratloa form* mmt W •MbIm 




„4 , 

mI hr Public 

CihunwMlav m If :at. and aciMa «t S 
•'clMk. A tort« cvaattty vf 





Jm mM WsltfM* LMcta. 

_ af: • ita. •en» if«*. 
l.lft OMl CMt I««b: t7.«Sf lb& ttmm, 
t.MU% ihm. Bnam, tU lb«. Cop»«r. 
•4 Hml Lead: Cork &lte B«lt% Can^M. 
BlMtrte Oftfel* (Im4 efa*4), Ckatn 
Cal»lc. ftoli of an felnda. Ii— y 
n4 laannjfc pi. ^Mkt ■ ■# ■ •■ 1 
MMptoto IMvtac Salts. PbrtaftU 
El. Fan*, ataam Oaiisaa. 
toaaUty of Bloeka, A« b<a to « 
PaeMac. Steal 8em», a ^naattty o( 
Cotton Wtek. Batraa OMmm; Cottary. 
ia»lo CIHlia. . Oetbiat; SUelMia, 
I MMblMsk Coppar 
GookMi triaiMflik 
Old KaMbar. Fa«<»«ll«, Floar Ba«i. 
Dltar^ Haknats mtad 
Somttnc aad Fla0> 
Oil Pvmp with floalbto 4 Inch ho**. 


Hair. 1 

OoB. Ropo 

UUM*r%' 9a«ti» Old ' Iihatliar, Mat- 

■Bd othar sooda*toe ai 

Prices Generally Regain Ground 


Ninr TOmiC Oct- <f.^-«tacka to* 
day r««<Srdad ymeral. and. In aoaM 


l>*ooinb«r aad Hdy 


Tha flrrt let to ba aoM at MslSwlU 

VW tarttar partkMlwa amrtp 


did Adti 


■■•■• ! 





Now On 


XaXL vStoria. aSflBBLrTIIki 




•r. a«l«i7 ttS*.M »er aMaUt Oatlw Is 
wmme* }r*v*ailMr lat, ItU, 


> r Ba »nt aatriM.^ ate fine Halfera and 
OoWB, taelodliif Ppur Bprtnalns, one 
fraab wftb aaM at ttot, one Cine faoKlly 
Jardey: abw BoueaHold Faiteiture^ In- 
aiadlad Xttahaa Stance, Oaa Ranse. 
Badatoad*. Kitchen lable 
Obaira. Pa w a a port and othar 

their eevere reveraale af 
day. the reboond beUiw attrlmtted to 
a iMre hniftil vliar U ladaatrial 
aaadltions. Th« decermtned attttnda 
of tho aunilnlatratlon In oouneetlon 

Worken aad the mpport pmmlaed 
the Federal Oorernment by eKecutlvee 
of the ceal minlaa etatee met the un- 
qaalUled cndoreemeni of flnaadal la- 

Strike news fran prinripal eteel and' 
Iron oenlree waa mdra reanrafina, 
And la^faraMa sradMlona weaa ailt- 
rsnt re^|ar«lb# tka iudaaMitt aC bara- 
Inc* to be made public after tampr- 
roar^ qaarterly naatlac •< tha tT^ 8. 
Steel direetota. 

transnal coniitldne pravaOed In 
the taoney market, call loads openinci 
at S per cent, but adranelnc to • per 
cent In the last hour. 13 per cent rut- 
ins at the doae. 

Mtotera and alia led today's rtfly. 
equipments, steels and food shares 
oontrlblitla« In varlabia t^npie. 

Oaneral Motors eclipsed tha entire 
list, rislav t4 palata to tha^^ew mas- 
Imuki of fX\k. Studabaker. Stnta. 
Chaadler, ICoxlean and Paa-Amerleda 
PetroleuiBs. Texaa Compaay^ Mffm 
York Airbrake. Baldwin LAponoUaa* 
Crualble, Ottlf Statas aad RapuVHo 
Steels eomprlaed the other atratud 
Issues, with American Woolens. Sudar 
and such mlacellaneaus stocks as Co- 
lumbia Oraphophone and Remington 

Sales amounted toMSS.aMt^sharba 
^All branches of the bond market, 
melndinc Uberty and International 
Issues, were tower on .smaller deal- 
Inss than liaTe^raoant)y been at- 
tained In that division. Salas. par 
▼ahie. |lS,7M,«0t. 


aad nay t aaats 

tali M 

82 Zl 

oe«. ..,,i^i4ft% a«dH 
i>*9. ......iMti ltd 

May -.m IIT 

Oat. . . . . . .nr nm^ Mtn vn 

^'vVa •••••a •• oe a » jt V* 

t CM.. t#ii: dati* f lead, d*^:^ 

teed. 7fl!4: > had. Tlfl: Mtek. fftll. 

Barley-«>S C.W.. lA%ybl f C.W.. 

M»%'. tti*<*. WJIi; '" ■ ± •■■ 

t C.W., 4tl: eondenmed»Hff<; 

Oct. 4M% 44* 

Not. 414 1i 4tS 

Dec .did 413 

May ....^.41S 41t 


n«« it4« 
it4% ia4% 

411 411 

414% 4U% 

4tt 4d» 

4«IH 41* 


m . 1' 

First Dl^ii^Mutts Giye Much 

mam Mmm^ft 

-MW Provinces A»t Report- 

dt t»a 

Odt 9tt 


aufta. ftartf^ places have re 
as havtav ^bJnad their ab-' 




MONTRBAliv Oei. St.~4lMilk aary 
flria: pD Mt a< a . falr^ 
flna. Qiuatdtleaa: 

Cheeae — ^Plaest 

B atW " Choiaeat 

■tsa— irrash. Tdc; salbetad.^ d^e; Ka. 
1 siaek. Sta; Ma. i Mdak. tid. 

^ a^a ^ aas 9w ba» aarlacs^ fl.M 
to tl.lf. 

METa MiMKm '• 

to doable the drst amount. 
An tha prov ln eea are dolnd tplea' 
dldly. aad the DoqUnlon exceuthre Is 
moot optiailsUe of the daal reaolt aa 
shown by the premier perforasanee. 
TM PdSttaKwt i^aelal suiaerlfUoas 
today tatallad •df.dU.d**. All of 
tHeaa laasa aabanrUdltsa a«* not yet 
e d it i di i» tip liaaM and allacated 
aaadPdUlt fa-^hd arbfiia ol tfta Mb- 
serlbera to tha varlddM provtece o aad 

tSdHfftMH^^dUk St.^It waa an- 

aaaaaed' today at VIetary Lean hdad- 

qaartera that already tha aampdiga 

had prodBOod |7E,SS9.ttO la the 

larsar sabaoiptlons. ooaatlav the 

iVlaadld Mlaert»tlan» af M ••••^••4 

bt tta Obhadlaa INmSM naAway. but 

not ooaatlBs tiM aipaller «aM»aa 4raa» 

tua irit daar*a <»mialda» «^l> "^^ 

aat baddlMndd «o4i W^daasiay. 

the CanSdteat Pacttia sa far 'has 

ai<i|itlMi» Oa iaxt 

of Om Caaada 14fe, 

wMcb has asala eaaio to thd ftoat 

• aabaeK^rtiad ad MduMS.ddd. 

WMilm. om, 37>-Wfaia|peK 
aMbde\a goqd mt% arltta tha victory 
Laaa eMaJHpalda wttty. tha aam of IK.- 
Sid.atd balac sa b ae ilb aa, u€ whkh the 

Victory Loan 

Cami^aiign ^ 1919 

will open kMQorrDw, Moodtj, 37th littt Assist the 
^^ ctnvus by pnmpk huyfrng. 

•>f n 

Trust GofX4>9n3r 

Head Office: 

it II if I n- I II 11 




"From a selfish point of view the VICTORY LOAN to a joad 
lavcsttBent. From a national point of view it to asaentiaL From 
a patriotic yicwpoint it is a d«fty we owe to oar coaatey and to 
SlS!S°^ •0Uidri.''--44icat^i4^era| Sv Anhor Csrric. K.CB,, 

ttvikii Srodrtn A Bittt, LM. 

(Direct wirai to all pri»dpal flkcl|S^) 

9L PUmdS7M»37tS 

■ T,-4 • 

_^ ^, 



(Farauihad ^ Bnrdiek BrM. * 1ti«U. Ltd.) 
atock^^ IMM. \jam. CloM. 


B««t 8«sar 
Am. nm. Co.. cf 



Am. 0«s«r Hfk 

Am. Ik »sd T«l. .... 

Am. W, 


Neatli Masonic Temple, opp. Hud- 
son's Bay Block. 



••rjnMiflk DutlM t» eMRiMiMNiSrttwiia. 
tpiBtiacaUMw: Mnat b« o e o rwmer ^nm 

th« busliiMa «oa«ltlMis «■« vsIom ta Ut* 
our ot VMM" 

xr of VMMMfTer. 

Bteaeit. LMKe fiwsrtai«et dsianr ImTm 
Mr month. IhiUM to e— imonco Docombor 

<aMUIflc«t(aiM: Must b« s imUleat* of • 


BveoAli^ X.«ii4iiD«p»rtmmt. Satanr 
••r woatb. Setlw le tii esn a n Pi i i s iSir 
»•!, Itlf. 

Qii*in«atteiM: ICoat bo « irrMtwt* of e 
r«ae«niSM ForMt SctaooL with BrecUeal 
^M. £IBtr<«»«*- 

OUnGa In tha Dot 

Seienr t>»'MLi mc 

•nt «< Lehoer. 
vDetlM to 

QealldMtiotir Wirt »• enatffled- to !»• 
wtlSAts M>4 roaort on IndnMitet ooeSt- 

allns *y»- 



~ ttnmaa 

tAhetnto iikb^~aiit|^«a~fi]iij|l«rvSS 
aic* work end atodoro 

iiaiori mnat forniah e cortl- 

a*4 co»y at^ UMIr Vm\mgfM Y!«rttaeel«a. or 
in tho COM of eeiAMUHMaod ofleofV a «*^* 
tiaM atauaMst «l»Sr«lllanr «N«a». 

Aaalleotioii ttmm^iWf ho ohtalaod from 
^ _-^__.__. _^ Oovofeaioal 

th« «M4«MlsB«A * tr«n ear 

~ H. MaelNN 

Parllamvnt BI4*a. 



cwn aorrt«o OommlMlooi 

VIelorU. B.C. 




Atictioii Safe 





Am. gmrwr; ::::::: *J!* 

Am. Svpi. T«*. ... letjL 

Anaconda Mlnlas %%% 

Aaslo-Pr. »t% 

Atohlaon oiu 

Baidwmi,o«ou' .::*:: m\ 

BaltiaMT* aad Ohio ... Jjg 
g«th««hjm Stgl^...... •"» 

Brooalrarraaait .,.'.'.'. 

Caattdfaka l>aeiao 

C*at*M iMWihor 

CraciUo 8to«t , ' 

Colo, reel and Iran . . . 


Con*. Oes 
Chlao Cot 



by [oiraar to satl -all tlM 
daoda.aQntaiaed Ja the ataro khoara aa 

HcBsdMU Necettitie* 

' tdt Fori Biraet 

Today at 2 iMiia ^j^^* 

Anythlns from a teacup to a plaaa. 
Ford car. Electric Waaher and 
Wrlaser* Piano, Qramophonea 
Baodrdd, Sho^ Sealea. Oaa 
Motor RaS. Vlatarea. C*aii| 
Sawinc Maehtaeai I>eor Heada, Coun- 
ter Paaar AaalN. akab X>mardiv iron 
safe, ifccaaryni RancOk maat Wood 
Bade. Bock Saws. Wicker Basl^eta. 
Book Shehrea, Xhreas Fomls. Curtalh 
Polee, Aadlraaa, Stpva Mat% Mlrtara. 
Bronae. Brass. Iran and Woodan 
Beds. Cots. Orlbe, Preaseffa> Maalc 

Cat I>»tr 


DMinora a«c. 

rf^^ ** **^d f • • a • a • ^, aewo 

5^^ " ••d^Wl^lO •• •oaeea ■■ 

g«n-^ Jiatorj 



Ot Narthern. ptd. .... 
HIdo and Loa, ptd. ... 

Inaplratioa Cop. 

lafl Wlokel .:, 

Infl 1km. Itorhio 

do. pfd- . . . . ^ ». . 
Ililnola Contral ...7,,.. 
Konnocott Ceppor ...., 
Kan. car Boathorn ... 
tohlsh tailoy .,..,,.. 
I^ck. attol ....*^..,». 

Maxwell Motor ,. 

Midvale 8t««l ...;,vi, 

Mox. Petroloum 

Miami Copper 

Mlaaouri Pacllki 

Me., Kaa. and T« 

National Ldad 

KewTcrtt Central 

Atl awa* 

iwaaM m a ti a rt ty «rbe waie net as- 
Ptam w a t* the lit Jair. isit. aad all 
■ea>preperty ownera, whothor male or fe- 

elpai nooUen te be held la Janaadr. IIM, 

\ OeeuratMaa aKnbe datlviSad'tl* tMM- 
dentsnod within two dare after belMC aMdo, 
bat no eneh declaration wUl be Seeastad 
aafon delivered before aar e^aiMk ».ak an 
the tlet day of Oete|Mr; Vm. 

MOns— A propertr owoar whaae aatr 
property, the title to wMeh ha., been rasM- 
taved alnee Jnly 1 of the preaent raar. la 
net eeallSed under the preaeat Act to have 
hb aaaie on the Votere* Ltot for the year 
ifN. nalea* he talMa the deelaratloa ro- 
fbrrad to above. Tala hawetar. doae not 
aMmr to thoee aaaaanad owner* al prep- 
jg. w^^^^a-aarur aa. aeeaaed pmr C 

of the 

_ A Brttiah aubJeet. male or female. 
faU M* af twenty-one yenra. realdant In the 
from the .lat day of Janiuur, 
baa said te ta* MMMeaRitf 
.-. .^-.- -. aaeeaementa whiA are not 
aMnieeal* M land and wfelob rataa. tacaa 

nil ace at tW4 

•H rataa af ( 

oMnieeMe pa 

«a .AMaaameata aaiaent tp not leaa 


a.0.. Oatobar •: 



Pennaylvanla K.S; 

Pierce Oil 

r reaead Steel Car 


Ity. Btaet Vprlas . 
bar Coaa, Mlnlas 
RepuMlo Steel' .. 

Cablaata. Phoaovrapha. Ikblaa. \ SinthS!, p^^iie* 
KItehen, Ocoaalonat, unusual, Bleetrfe 
Waaher, Piano, Chairs, Roakar. tHM- 
taiv. Xltohba. Upholatared. CkHdraa'a. 
Bardarara. Tbola, Bteatrie nttlnsa. 
ChlaaamM. Olaaawaro, ■Hvafiraaa, 
Oaa Staaaa. J BI eetrle HaaUia. Onia- 
laanta, Pltchara, Clooka, Ruga, Car- 
pets, Matt r asBSe. lS-4t. tbdw Tabkh 
Bad Lounge, Shlpwrl«ht's Tools, Lin- 
oleum, round KItehen Table, Kitchen 
Chairs, Iron Offlee Safe, Sideboard, a 
setaotlon af Bedroom and Hearth 
Rugs; Oaergian Architectiwal detella 
and nrahdh rumttnra, Bbotft: stidlo 
Tear ^doka, and athar tbhtra tea 
numeroua to mention. 




8«Hthem Ry., com 
atndcbaher Corpn. ' . . 

?Jb*. '"SS?. ""TTV. 
SSlS;"c5p'. ::::::: 

y. a IniLAIeobal 

NEW YORK. Oct t7. 

dull; aleetfotytl«, apot dad tut 
ter, t\hk9t\%ti\ sasall Iota, aeeoi 
hand. Si^SlHe. Iron ataady; 
1. ISS; No. S. Its; No. 2 Southern. 

Thd metal exchange qudlea lead 
quiet, s|>o«, dtfdf bid., «d4» agkal. 
Decembar. |i.^ bid; 
Speltef, dnti; Raat st. Laaia ddthrdi^. 
spot. 17.40 bid: I7.S0 asked 

At London; Spot copper, CIS 7a Id.; 
futures. {•• Is. 4d.: electrolytic, spot, 
£114; futuree. illt; Un; spot, £371 
12a. Cd.: futures, £37t Ss. td.; lead, 
spot, £3* 17a Id.; futuras. £3d 7a 
Id.; apatt*. spdt, £A; f4l#«a. («(j 
10a ; ■ __ ■ ^ ^ ;_ ' 


NEW TORK. Oct. ltt.-4M'dbn«if» 
paper, S • IH. Sterllnd, slaty-day 
blUa I4.1i%: commercial, alaty-dar 
biiia od bairtcs. #4.14; eoMmdNlai 
sixtyday bllto. 14.11; daaMuid. 14.17; 
cablaa #«.IT%. F i a na s tt O toa ad. 
t.OI; eablea. M«. Oultdaso— Da- 
maad. %t%\ adbledb 3d. Llaa^Db- 
mand. 10.42: eablaa 10.40. Mfrka 
— Denumd, 3%: aabMa. t^. «a^ai^ 
mem banda and t allrpa d haadi^ eay. 
Tima loaiis Srm. irtatir Sdya. idSaty 
days and ala montha I ^Id. Call 
money, atiwaig: Mth, t; loir, d; tnU 
Ina rate. K; closing bid, 1; otVarad at 
I. As ttdMt as IS 9ar eeat 
at the cleae of taihy's 

Bar stiver. |l.2d%. iteslcaa dol- 
lars, fl%a 

LONDON. Oct. 37.— Bar allvar, lid. 
per ottftea. Money. 3% par ooat 
Dtacoant rataa. ahart M^ OH par 
cent; three manths Mlia 4% far oaat 

par, VANCOtrv^R. Oet. t7.«.WIth tha 
iay*a raiaMa MoomuMta late tonifht. 
It was aanounoed from tha olty li«ad- 
dtialtofb that TanaouVer elttodfia had 
aubeertbed 1112,000 during the day to 
tha Victory Loan. Thia la reported in 
dI3 appUotUona llMre were «k> blp 
w^. . S^ounta 4« Ole reqpraa r^parlbd. tbi 

,ania ddUvdi?. f»i<»l>M<^ while *a adabd^t aaMi 
fell below the average raqolrad eaah 
day ta Ma Vaaeouvdr*a Objective of 
n«.d#^ flw ladi thit it wi^ «id 
•Nt -#i|^ it ttt Mi% «^ >if • 

laid eonsldeNlloB. Tha Inaohlndty Kif 
the drtve will bo in fiUI swing tomor- 
row with aaa WFj aa t a su i au hard at work 


PORV ARTHUR. Oat. Oat 37^-^ 
PIva PlalaaAa«a. aeeuaed «f baind M 
p oaaam l ip af sadltiMia and prohibited 
llt«ta«a>«, aih appear for trial hofdta 
4uatk« Suthaalaad in tha Bqqprama 
CaanK abahiaa baias hdl4 in Pbrt 
Anhar thto waalc. 

Thay trere arrested by the R. nI W. 
y. »♦ BM>fa^b»n two w««ka asa^ af4 
ward eontnlfNA tof trIM tii tMr°ldwar 
«a«rta 'Diaiahas' dafotwa f Ofpi la 
ddranding tbam. Vhe oouadel IholMa 
J. R. Bird, of Vancouver. W. W. Le- 
daiiit. af VfApaiiver. anil K McMur- 


Tha Coi»oratkMi ojF tiba Dblricl of Oak Itay 

infer MM 

Oak Bay, B.C., Oct«*er 21, I9l9, 

. > O. W. ROSS. CoOeetor of Ta^' 



8 ataal. 
do. ^fd. . . 
Virginia Cnora. .. 
Weetem trnton ... 

Weetlttthouae ■nW 






Qoantihr af High-aan 


^Applieatlona wilt be received by the 
umlaffalgned up to Mavambdr |OUv 
IMS. far tho poeiuoa of AMMUMt 
MUSttai tValalng Inatnietar. Appll- 
oMU to staia pravloua eaperlanee aad 

Secretary to tha Board of 


A«sio-rr. 6%. ma 

». K, SH^ M>c., 1M> 

Tr. Oovt - 

raria •' 

Fr. rtL 

Knaek Ovt $H% Tv, t>a 

^ do. Rogble. llir.. 

Dom. can S%, itu . 

do. . l»3l 

^ do. !»]« 

>U;^nlia» Ort. «%. uj* .. 
9oS^«an._ t.% (n«w> t»l7 . 

»H% eec., lll» Mu 


Ma. Aahed. 






kOTICB IS RSaBSr OIVBN that all 
i taate t ad tp aond «• Meawa. aflioit. Ma«- 

AdMlntatdrar wiiTpracMd 
<h« aaaet* af the above na^ 
to Iho aaNtM enUtlea tberttt 
rO^ea&Jua the otoiaM af 

•I Vl?tarta thU tTtb day of O*. 


aettaneia t^K taa adailaieiraMr. 

to dl»- 

CaroU Staeet, oS Gorge 

take bus or Bumslde car. 


A quantity of select Furniture, oon- 
slstiay of Hartford P|aao, N.T.; I- 
Place Mahogany Suite (PuUaian 
Coach). Chesterfleld, Mahogany 
ttebhM. Brass Pender mnd Irona 
Plash Upholstered Chairs. Japanese 
Tapeetry, Pedesuia White Linen 
BUnds, Wilton Jluci. Oak DUOaa- , 
Roam SaHa, Oak t>uihnaa CfoaoL 
Btager Sewin« Machine, Library table. 
Idmogea White and Oaid Pinner Set, 
Lii^ogap INalieo (VHIal Mlitern). Jsr- 
dJalerea etc.. OarHi^ Bwaa |> er, Amer- 
icana Bney«lopedla and Case. Quaa- 
tlty of Boofca Pletttrea. Mahagaay 
Pf am l ag fable. Bed. ChlOonler and 
DreaaOr. Springs, Ostermoor Mat- 
treasaa Ottoman BOft, 
ChatM aad Roohara White 
Baby's Bad and Mattraaa RaWb 
Baissy. Kitehaii Utaaalla OaH^if 
BoUer, Baamelaraaa. Oardea 

< yurBlehed by Bnrdiok Brea, 

AmeTnaTdtn ?if 


naa Haid«ii 


Can, Car Pdy.. eam.... 

Can^ B.a. com 

do. Dfd 

Oan. Cotton* 

Oa^ Oan. Blee. ...... 

Ctvle tnr. and Im. . 

Oalrolt UMted ...... 

a BratL Ud.) 
Lew. Claea. 



wrentlde Ce 

LawrentMe Co. 
Osllvie Mia do, 
Qnebec Mm. .. 
Iliordaa Pap«f 




















rp:;5!Tv.;>i-,p::-.: 'Jj;t 'W" 1U 

nm hi Prtoas Mt BMm 

Advices from San FVanelsco say 
that an gradaa of &rm hides have de- 
clined, fid easta fdr t4M im vmm, 
and ofdalo fecalvad affap tali data 
will be bUlad at nayr »Haa,^ 


(Fvmliaad wr SuMIek Mtm. A Bract. 

Cora — Otfa Hlsb. t.ear. cii 

DfO. Ufb IfM 

May IMH 11«U 


Dec «%. TIH tl fl 

May t«U 74lC 1t% If' 

}»% ii:« 

_ , (jpras StiAB 

miiffaoa tBOPPBB and tin 



or^f iriimi»a» 

trial la- a aaa l at aanaldbrabia la 
teraat la the court room on tha 
a»dttl^r «ay. loatloa f fhariaad In 
auaunlag up bia duunga to tha sntnd 
Jury, ataiad that maa eamlas to Can- 
ada Mid tieiiod— «Ba p a»aia oU a a af Ita 
aaurt aad poUaa aftlaasa. BMat atther 
tiUf tha la** «t ctia laad ar #« out 



Saaday fivaa^M OaMSM ai ths Ftoat 
fMMiMlnMdl ttldiai •* 


HONOI^ULU. OdI. tf>~I>eolaral»a» 
that Great Briialb aarOd a debt of 
gratituda to tha tJnIted Ststes for 
Amerlcaa nawdl aid III tha war, and 
particoiatly ta the late Adatlrat Ma- 
han, weH4idHhoaa autfeorltir di^ aHq, 
power, atya ida^ haffO today by Skd- 
miral LaM JdUlcob, fldrmerly cddn- 
mander of the BrHbd» drand Fleet, in^ 
an aOdftrn baftra thd ' Aitiad al«le 
clubs or Hoflatulu. , , 

"We of the Uatted^ sUkttd ah^ Brest 
Britain were brothera aSA aiataaa in 
time of need," he said, ''fcnd'nbbody 
4>an tbiafc af tha aairal part af pm 
Great war wHhoat thfaMas at Thd 
great Amejrlean. Admiral Ifahan, arha 
did mdaklb opaa aar at«a •ai4he v«iMa 
of sea p4»wer. 

"AdlaiiWIIdhaa ««« 4 BdM Ift 
winning the war, and althod^ thIa la 
the fhfat Uaaa X Mtveaat fbatap tlpHad 
Sutes territory, t wfll aoC b% tfta Idat 
to acknowledge Great Brttaldfa dSHi 
to America durinig tha war.** * 

Admiral Jellloae waa entertained ta- 
night- wHh a .MdSillii da« a^ dbaea 
givaa in hia haaor by Gavamor 
Charlea J. McCarthy. 

SMI Ad ittnU iM^tMtMMMM. 
VibKL widii WlfOnlBBa 


Uladatoaa Bugit, tT a ra am. On view 
after 10 o'elabfc daoh «•». 


• • I 

Auction Sales Cotidueted 

ar bar 



Athaaaaee Oil .. 
P. C. Rodnlnc . . 
a. c. Pormanant . 
boweba Copper . . . 

com rv*vinaa > • . . > 

lOartpii Bib.) 
Bid. / 

.... » 
• . • • 





!»•** "fad uj.. t.t% 

intersetisoei caei ..t^«««. 


.11 " 


• a oaoeaeeoe • 



• a«sda4««/« 

IVBMnt • a a . • • ■> a a 

Pa«tlr Caaat Fir* 

flflvafWnltMl •**»aae'aab**adM^- 
JyajJ^R Oj t V ••aaaaa**«o«a 
9Ukto^BC4^ t^SW aeeeoeoeppea 
SSSmlff^lalJ ••••••• a. • 

Trajam OH 

*;H* :lt 








-^ ^*i W'ah. Lew. ^ rieaa. 

7^ si.aa it.ta uft 

#••> M.1I ai.i7 | KH 

»!.«» iiLti M.f« tail I **• ** f^ 

Brace Wslker, of 

B.0.. *st. fft.-it. 
the Depar tpapt of __ 

lafwidanp oadi Vfa# nl^iliS^Tia ^ 
Beard eir Trade this afieraaaa aad dia- .. 
with them bia flaa a# Nnabig 
la the Pffovtaea la 
fer Brttlsb Oolambia fbrm laade. 

The daabrta* waa 
faraaoe te hold in aaaaaibly st raal «e- 
lau aida and ethaoa lataMalat di Hm 
asto of leads m Chia rvpaMea M wa 
city aa JIaeambaa tr. thip bmalln «« 
ba saaa Into at tMa aMtillag. mt. 
Walker wlU tend oqt hivUutleaa to at- 

Wslker taid the 
Itae with 
coula be bette# 

TbdM waa hardly a vacant saat la tha 
nrst OeadMgatlaaal Cbaroh Saaday 
aigbt at the ragulsr Mbathly eboir re- 
aitaJ, teatlDrtaig u the feet ttiat the 
paUte stflVaaMtd tba aorertaof Mr. 
Fradar to Rias and bis *amt ta provide 
programmes of the .vary highest order. 

VlotorUns haard for the drat time 
Madaaio Meakln-Mahooey. gold medal 
soloiaC Who has just coma from Kng- 
land aad M taking up tba fuMilag of 
»# bit la tk« any. ta bar itast pMabar 
^Lodta Oferai^ *i«ldfar. Ry Bod, to 
Thaa") Madame Mahoney revaalpd tha 
wsadaMal iwebtae^ e« bar a>m»Wlth 
a tbl dl aardsea of taaa aad ahisMii^ of 
faelldg that ImmedUuly captivated h*r 
hearera TlM aan>e ««> Irudof Kd» »»o- 
ond nomber (Raddars '^eome VntA 
Him"), which was aung with paaalonate 
pleadlag. marking the ainger aa a 
thorough master in the art of song la- 

Rr. Alfred Quaa l,e«. tha Chinese 

£rltone aad pupa od Rim MoCtoagor. 
llgbtad tba eabd«adatle» «HMl hia 
alngtag of "O Loving Father" . . . 
Jafiaa dbl RHgik a »i««e daaiaadiag 
armpatbetic fbeltag and careful «n- 
•ahabRiaak Mi*. Lae la tba pnamoaOr or 
a most pleasing velea, which though not 
of the robiist ealao lidp/.«qp|darful ear- 
rylng power. 

Victoria Mtic 


Mnnini: At>rll tit 
market davs iv91 be Ttios- 

diys and Saturdays. 




MANILA. Oct. 3t.-~ilie acting 
tpedlMr of tha Baaae iatnadnaad a 
bia todair aacladiag all azeapt Amari- 
aaaa aad Pt^Uioe fram ebfatfinf M 
the rlea traSle. Poralgn Interaato 
planned a proteat to Waahlngton. 


Through fond w«ry day and l«g 
wob>y dUStt 
She atruggled towaiM the Geali 
Living for Outy abd Mvlog fer Right. 

Conadenee guard o^or bar s«^I. 
"Ob. why must I tread suteh a wmri- 

sOme way 
Whilst others ara Jpylag the whole 

llve-leag dayT ., 

.:.\.>f '■'hf : 

'*Sa amay patha Aara iH niaaiag 
through life 
Mara aaaity trodden than mine. 
Be aaaay lives that are laaa fraught 
with atrlfe 
Bo many suns that will ablae. 
Rlgbt claims so muehf vrill It ^ver repay 
Its bigb tali oi Utm by aigbt aad ay 

*'Ooaaetaaee and duty are task amaters 
'That lasar aot by the day. 
Grey garbed, exacting, forever on 

hkm t wtM t mm mi Urn 



thsesh with 

taU tha 

a Iklto 
—MBlfinr VL 

^f^N. s y — i»d> aod alt aiaaaoa of Fm- 

Higbeet PrteePald far Goad Oi 

Fleasurelass, Joyiem, are thay; 
So long the laad sad so far tba «eal 

Ob> '■"'by waa I givaa tha care of 


A quartette— "Abide iTlth Me," Wol- 
cotc song by Miss Hadfleld, Miss W. 
SedWeroft. Mr. B. It Lock and Mr. 
Kmg, and two welt song anthems by the 
full oboir rounded out a delightful 
evaniag of eoag. 

lb "BllMy. Be Rath Serae Our 
Ortef," the perfermadaa by the cdolr 
ama fenadUbly ssa thila la "The 
iilodt tj^m' <«a«lY tbeta wga avidince 
Of grOdt ikn hi dhoral Interpretallea 
a maihed degree ef careful shading 



y* of 

t^ acgaa.wlth her eaataauur gaaee, 
i^la^iad *lbiaughaat the oveatog "Vir- 

Jf im M gara raaha as aa 

Paat aMR, baraMn dd 

lag la avldeaw la gtl aamba»a 

tir. mmt la itirmm BSditlodu 
baaa ta Jala bl» 4M» — that fat< 

' ' his» Mm4 a 




WaUB aaatiatmd to 

At the end of the jouraey sha pniiped 
to look back 
With saeiag eyas and a-rJght 
La. ConsHeaca and l>aty aa waU-baatea 
Were walking as angels of Light: , 
"Thank Ood. i have tmdden the path i 

My white, nnatahfied eoul Is my 
port to Ood." 

— RuMal Ratatarcbe Olass. 


■ ■mi ijr iwm Masi. Chdly. aehr 


747 foirr •?. iMfONi irst- 


—of tha axiatence, of tba ohop 

Jr"*?^'/ J'?«V«^<** ;*ceaaol- 
tiea,* whicfi "aeOa aaytiiinc from 

a l&ofst to • pfafio.^ 

ThU abop haa mada It jpoaai- 

Me lor me to anlor twaadar 

(iclda of haainaaa actiMtjr whh 

hcbd^dbrttrs afJIodti JB, Pam- 

bcrton Bolldinff. Vlaibiri^ B.C. 




ia23 Vidinr Lm 

tod wW pv hlglicii'fiffatt. 

iflf #d^ fir mi wmmt. 



THE DAILY COLONIST, VICTORIA. R.C TUE&IMY, OCTOBER 2S, 1919 I,. ... ■ ■ II ■ ' i ■ ■ I. I ■■ ■ I a I I .III . ■ 





t \ 

Our Siipevior Showing of Women's Fall and Wif^ter 

If Boots Is Now R«ta4y for Buyers 

ipn PtU^ Winter St vies in Women's Boots have been selected vfth thf grettest care, and Includes all the Pmi^t mmg^i raodds 

lesi£nets of. tile worU have prodiiced^'lTierf .arc niak^ 

that the best boot desifnei . _. ,_ 

give you pleasure as well as real comfort. And, remember/ no matter what quality or color you may nave set your mind on, you may 
select f torn* our sn)ck. Models with hii:h, medium or low b<^els, atid in latce or button ^ylea. 

—Pur new Women's Salesroom will be ready, in a few days, when Our display will be well worth coming to see. 

«'i SMott, <>t Floor. DovflM 





ChcMee Qualities in | 

:-■ Dj ■ 


Women's "Zenith'' Combinations in a splendid qualil 
mixture, made with high neck and buitlon front ai 
ankle length. Sizes 36 to 40. At, a garment, $2.5^ 

Women's "Zenith" Vests, with long or elbow «le^< , 
hi^ neck and4)utton i^onts, also^isliplKTver stytesVi^i 
low neck; heavy qualities. Sizes 36 to 40 at, a gamiei^ 
$1.75. pMt sizes at, a garmetiti f2.<X). / ' ];♦ 

Drawers to match the at)ove Ve$ts are si^pplied in opejn 
or closed styles and knee gr ankle length; heavy quality. 
In aU siz^ from 36 to 40 aty»a garment, $i.75. i^ 

Women's Bloomers — a very warm quality, made with 
elastic at the w^ and Jui^ InjKhite. al, a. garment, 
JH.50. In flesh at, a garment, $1.75. 

' 'y%^: fiP ^iCfrtov 


r » t 

A Stock of AH-Silk Crepe de Chines 
Complete E/iough to Supply 

Any Demand, , 

JJL LL-Silk Crepe de Chines are fi sibch great demand this Fall thaf wi\nyiprt^: 
J9^ pared to supply any demand for these exceptionally fine fabrics. Our stodu 
^^is as complete as the facilities ^f the markets will permit, and better than 
everything else, our prices are most moderate. Several grades are offered for your 
choice in the following rich and fashionable colors. Turi|uoise, Copenhagen, 
saxe, old rose, loganberry, flesh» pink, peach, apricot, burple, champagne, canary, 
inaize, navy» amethyst, reseda, Russian green, nigger brown, medium brown, Nile 
green, sand, sky, grey, taupe, Pekin, blue, white; ivory, cream and black. 

Crepe de Chine, 36 inches wide, at, a ^ii:d;*|r.45.; 
Crepe de Chine, 40 inches wide, at, a yaVd„$2.00, ;(t2.5o and $3.00. 
flhe tattles in the Dress tjoody section. : 

-- >Mti« Floor, Doi^glts 

Be Fashionable and 

Wear Spats 

•^:' L-Spats will be prominent in f asbionabte Footwear Jtgalii 
' tiiis Fall and Winter. In this department of our shoe 
r service, as in all others, we have^iJiade ready to supply 
you with the nicest and best, i . ., , ^-. :^ ' , j > 

Overgaiters, in cloth, dressy, iltMnittoh'styfcs In fawif 
and grey, at, a pair, $2.00 to $S.oo; 

Spat$, in best quality clothr all fashionable shades; madtf 
in diflf^reht ;nikle widths, from A to D. At, a pair, $4.50. 

'Qistme style can bib supplied in White Ovcrgaiters 
at, a pair, $4,oa , i 

v'! Ti-'T * ;— Women's Skocs, ift floor, Do«<lal 

— Kniyji|^|^^^ Ut Plooi> OouKlM 

^ " -, 

Cold, Weather Gloves for 
Men, Best Wear ingQualities 


ji,.- ■- 1, 

'A% vyif^^ yBjim 


A glance at the styles and qualities otered in the AVai^t Section 
r^will cqnvince you that you are looking at one of the best assorted 
assemblies of Waists that it has been your privilege to see in any 
Canadian city. Here you find a complete assortment of "up-to-date" 
styles and a range of quality from which all may choose satisfactorily, 
-^lo^ing are list<^,45.i<5W,n|odeb tji^. V^^ prove interc^tin^^;: ; 

•■S ; 


Crepe de Ghine Waisti^, Pretty Styles, $5.75' 

— A P'^ttYj^le in heavy crepe d^ diin^;ii 'made with con- -^Another attractive style m crepe de chine has t new and 

v^ilrtiliiWlll Al^ks equatiy smart .inbrn either high or pretty vestee effect, outlined with hemstKching. The collar Is 

low. It h^^t length t«cks down the frotit and fastens with round with S4(uare'neck effect, and the full-length sleeves are 

pearl buttons. The Cfi^rshown are maize, flesh, white an^t , .finished with double turn-back cuffs. This style is shown hi 

black. ''^^] K-,x j all shades of rose, flesh and m|ize. .^^a- '. - ..* 



v * »»^* 

—Will preserve and 
restpre the delicate 
tones of your silk 

waists, ^'i^■> ^.;;rv^i-;v 

— ^Waists that would otlier-' 
wise lose their Ittstre from 
the eff^ict of many wash- 
ings, may be kept bri|[ht by 
the use of Tintex durhig the 
process of washing. When 
buying a Waist ask us about 
,Tintex^.;^.^ .' ,,, .r,, :^ 

^Walst Sectloo, 1st Floor, Doagltt 

• A- ' - - *•.,*% 

■| -v . ■■ 

You May Rely 
on the Cbality,. 
of the Hose -^m^'^' :-^^^M^ 
Offered Here 


Moc)ia Gloves, in tan and grey and lined tvitli heaVj^ 
stri|^ilanhe]ette--aiglbve id whidi you will expeiieace 
good value at, a if»alr, J2.^5 and |2.5(). 

Dress Kid Gloves, in tatrtffid l)rown; a well lined Glove 
appropriate for streiet wear, at, a pair, $2.50. 

Men's Heather Wool Gloves, Vith leather bound wrist 

and dome fasteners. A fine heavy weight, at, a pair, 


plain Wooiefl Gloves; i good heavy we^ht, without 

leather bindlilg, at, a pair, $1.25. 

— M«n't rnhilthliifff, MMa Floon llnMd 

■ ^"-^ • '■'•* 

'*imf^f* '•»>« IK.. ^1^ ft» 

Lonsdale Jean Middy '"i Higli-Low Convertible CoP 

Waists at $3.50 

Women's White bonsdale Jean Regulatioh Middy Waists, 
fashioned with laced, front and pocket. The detached navy 
blue serge collar and button cuffs of the lonr sleeves are 
prettny^ trimmed with three rows of whKe braid. These are 
exceedingly di^nty Waists and will sell rapidly at, each, $3.50. 

— Wtlst Dept., tst I1«6r, DoaglM 

Every Mother Will Be Delighted; 

When She Views Our Large Assort-' 

nlftit of Infants' Winter Garments 

—A visit to our Infants' Section will be highly interest- 
ing for every mother in the city. Here you will find 
displayed a great range of warm and pretty garments 
for Winter wear, as well a^ other desirable essentials 

Infants' Wool Coatees and Sweaters in many neat styles, at 
prices ranging from #1.00 to |4.5o. 

Infants' Corded Velvet Coats, made in several styles, well 
lined, and trimmed with pearl buttons. They are priced at , 
$3.7510 15.75. 

Infants* Bonnets to match the Corded Velvet Coats, and very 
moderately priced at, each, $t.oo to 12.50. 

infants' Mittens, warm, daintily made Mittens in wool and silk. 
Priced at, a pitf, 25c to 75c. 

Infants' Wool Bonnets and Toques, in pretty styles, at prices 
that range from 75c to f 3. 50. 

Infants' Att-Wool PuU-ofer Drawers, plain and fancy knit 
Modestly priced at 11.00 to t2.50. 

>-4nf ants' Section, tit Fkx^r, DoMflu 

Envel^>e Gombinatiohs at 
a Suit, $3.75 

Combinations, wen made and daintily designed from 
q^|H.ty^))u a«A^tins, in shades of white and pale pink. 
Some are embroidered, others nicely trimmed with lace. 
Jk veiy speoialrvalue at, a suit, ^3.75. 

— jnit^wttr, 4tt Floor, Ooaflf^ 

J t.^^i/'i 

lar Tailored Waists, $2.50 

Very fashionable and neat are these Corded Vesting, Tailored 
Waists, made with "high-low" convertible collar and full-length 
sleeves finished with neat turn-back button cuffs. The mater- 
ial is of the best quality; the Waists offered in sizes 34 to 44 
at the very low pri(^ qSi^ each, 12.56. 

rT «r#;ijt^,f\^ . MM-Walst D^t,.Vst |FkK>r, Douflss, 

97-Pieee Dinner 
Set, at Only 
$24.90 a Set 

Boys' strong Worsted Hose, i« 
an sizes, at, a pair, 5oe. 

Boys' and Gbls' good quality 
Cotton Hose, all sizes, at 35c a 
pair or 3 pairs for ll.oo. 

All- Wool Socks for children. 

They have turn-over tops and 

are splendid value at, a pair, 

'%y^$\M and 11.75. 

"\ —^Mm Floor, OoviUi 

Corsets in Odd §izes Glear- 
^:,ing at Vepr I^^ Prices 

D. ^ A. Corsets, macte with long hip^alid'.inedlum bust 
from heavy wl}|tecQt^; theyjke w^^i^^ and fitted 
with four hose sup^it^rs,^. iJP .sl^s, mostly large. 
Regular $1.75, but to. cle4f:tfejp.Ure being sold at, 
each, 98c. '^ :. 

Royal Worcester Corsets— a splendid quality, <;nade from 
fine white batiste, with medium bust and hip, and fitted 
with fotir hose supporters. Odd sizes only. Regular 
(12.25. Gearing at, a p^iir, $1.19. 

— CoTMt ScctkM, 1ft Floor, Deugtit 

.-. I 

.4^-, ,^ |i * , • f -■ ■.■... ^, . .^ 

O^tiner Se^*' in a^' En|:tish semi-porcelain, 
patterned in pink and, rose. Here is a valye 
that will be appreciated in any home. Call in 
Hardware Section and examine them. Regular 
to JI35.00, selling: at, a Set, $24.90. 

^ --Hardware, Baa«ai«iit, Douglas 

Ooveralls and Overalls for Small 
Boys fi^d Giris, Made From 

Good Material 

<• ■ -*». 

•-^or any setsdn Coveralls and Overalls are ideal garments for small girls and boys. Tliey Iceep 
them clean, warm and dry, and are al»3 most eoonomfcat In Overall and Coverall Suits we 
show many fine lines, including the following: 

Overalls made from good materfail, patterned in a small grey checlc and trimmed with red and 
blue. Sizes 3 to 9 years at, a pah, $i.oo. 

Overalls made in the same sty|e as the above, but in black material. Sizes to fit 2 to 6 years at, 
a pah, 75c 

-Coveralls made from strong, good wearing material, in colors of grey trimmed with red and blue 
trimmed with a white stripe. Sizes 3 years to 6 years, at, a pair, 11.65. 

—<:hlldrcfl's S^tfon, lit Moor, Dottglai 


A Cash and Carry Sale of Double 
Aluminum Saucepans, Regular 
. Value $2.50, at $1.98 

100 only to sell at this price. The Saucepan is of splendid quality^ 
and may be used as a combination cooker. Shop early today and 
get one at this low lirice. Regular value $2.50. SBt^tingr-at, each, 

*l*"^* -^ardWart, Mia««aiit, iDottglM 


White Flannelette Princess 
Slips for Children 

— Princess Slips, made from a heavy :quality flannelette, 

finished with a six-inch flounce and 'tilmioed wUb lace 

and embroidery. 

Princess Sfipt with scalloped ed^>(pi flpm^ce, io fit the 

ages of 8 to 16 ycara, at, each, »t,o0.^ -, ; > 

Princess SHps with lace on flounce.' «acflo^ fit S to l6 

years, at, each, $i.5o. 

Princess Slips, with embroidery on jounce, in sizes to 

9 t^to 16, at, each, $1.2$. 

mw^ sups in smalkr sizes, to fH the vsff^ci 2 to 6 

years, at,'^Ch, 75c. —CklMrcii'a Sm^Ioo. tit rioor. OMglaa 

i..r,.,i, JI. 

' J *^