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■■ISlSSd fclaHl Is Wfcull 

Hy fair ax sa«4«f»tetet cat*. 




- — - 



atutncu Office, 1| 

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Debate Is Opened on Government's Motion Calling 
for Support of House in Its Proposals for Reduc- 
tion of Expenditure and Diminution of 
debt — Speeches for and Against 





The T sJilsJi Bureau mdomkw 
that the Allied , 0eet at Wca has 
ISuuorced by MMW large 

Md it < 

a^SsPSiewSee Ssnar^sssssy^* 

bombarding Carman 

It is added by th 
Baraaa that a military 
non UoatlH paint of being in- 
chsded between Latvia and 
I Nb— nit vim tha object of 
forming a c fflrtm i i front 
against tha 
forces. . 

— — _ 




Hopes to Avoid Necessity for New Taxation and 

Points to Economy Measures — Burden Caused 

by Responsibilities in Eastr-Mr. Churchill 

on Army Expenditure 


ta J^PiS? 1 *' ° ct 29 -^ Th « «*»" matter of interest on the first dey 
of the debate in the House of Commons were the speeches of Austen 
Chsmberlsin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, .and Winston Spencer 
Churchill, Secretary for W«r, defending and justifying the expendi- 
ture as inevitable after the war. The Ministers, and Mr. Bonar Law, 
the Government leader, referred in terms of regret to the delay of the 
United States in accepting a mandate for Turkey as adding to aha 
Government's responsibility and difficulties. -~^— • 

Mr. Chamberlain made it quite clear that the Government had 
no intention of resorting to a levy on capital, aa suggested by William 
C. Adamson in behalf of the Labor psrty, but was not disinclined to 
examine into the possibility of a levy on war prof its. 

Some Liberal and Labor members in the course of the debate, 
Pointed to the strange contrast between Mr. Chamberlain's optim- 
istic speech of today and his speech of only a couple of months ago, 
predicting national bankruptcy^and asked what had happened in the 
meantime to produce this startling change. 

^_ Mr Churchill's speech was mainly a long recital of figures justi- 
fying the army expenditure. He explained that owing to the reduc- 
tion in.tne sue of the army occupying Germany, it was expected that 
jnly about £48,000,000. instead of£70,oq0,000, would be^rec^ived 

onhr about £1,000,000 had been received in the shape of currency at 
Cologne for the use of the British troops. He announced a final 
contribution to General Denikine and declared: "We are apwoachfag 
the end of our entanglements in Russia." ™ 

i T H E&lo 1 * 1 7? icf ■■* *** Oovernment were Sir Donald Mac- 
Imme'wi™ 2^? h ^T* Si 'J^W sdd that eit^ the Napo- 
iconic wars the nation Had emerged from its financial difficulties bv 
V™*"* the faces of the poor. ifet he declared, could never happen 

Premier Lloyd George will speak tomorrow. 
Resolution of Confidence 
Tha debate arose an, ' the \ motion 



LONDON, Oct. 89.— British travel- 
ers and representatives of business 
houses are to be permitted paaeace 
aboard every British warship leavlns 
the country (or abroad. 

This aooordlns to Sir Hamer Green- 
wood, Under Secretary for .Home Af- 
fairs, who made the announcement 
today before the association of Brit- 
ish Chamber of Commerce, Is "a 
move unique In the history of the 
Empire." . 


Grand Trunk Bill Now Names 
Chief Justice of Exchequer 
Court as Third Member of 
Proposed Board 



Opposition Members Strongly 
Object to Provision for Ad- 
vancement of Funds With- 
out Parliament's Sanction 

Express Very Strong Opinions 
Against Report of Parlia- 
mentary Committee — Talk 
of Forming Political Party 

presented by the Government, declar 
Ina "that this House, realising the 
serious offset upon the trade and in- 
dustry of the nation 1 of tils enormous 
nnancia! burdens resuLting from the 
war, promisee its hearty eurport to 

civilian unemployment 

< drascf? fel K Abk 


_ the roe 
auction of expenditure and the dimin- 
ution of debt-' 1 

Mr. Chamberlain said that there 
wua every reason for caution, econ- 
omy aha arise husbandry of resources, 
but none for panic. He hoped that 
the House of Lords would not. con- 
fuse hysteria with strength, and an- 
nounced that tha position of the 
Government waa distinctly better than 
bad base sntielpated in August. 

Taxes and other revenue were com- 
ing In extraordinarily well, said he 
no longer thought that saw- taxation 
would be required next year to bat- 
ant* revenue and expenditures. 

Mr. Chamberlain asserted that mo 
single feature of the world situation 
. had entailed heavier burdens on Great 
Britain than the fact that no treaty 
at peace with Turkey had been signed 
and no settlement in the Bast had 
been reached. For this, however, the 
Government waa la no way respon- 
sible. • ^asssssu 

International Aahtr ^ 

Mr. Chamberlain continued that It 
waa not within the power of the 
British Government to remedy the 
Turkish situation, which was an In- 
ternational affair. Everybody knows 
that a settlement was being delayed, 
pending a decision by tha United 
States whether It would undertake 
her part of the white man's burden 
and tha execution of tha tutelage of 
Turkey under the League of Nations. 

Mr. Chamberlain, referring to the 
economies demanded, said that If the 
staffs of ail departments were placed 
upoh a pre-war rate of pay it would 
effect a saving of only £22,000.000. 
Everyone knew that the reduction 
could not be effected. -\.'a. ." 

Mr. Chamberlain said that a gen- 
eral levy upon capital was out of the 
question. A levy upon war profits 
stood upon S different footing, but 
tha dtfllculties of undertaking such 
a schema of taxation were immense 
sad the disadvantages outweighed the 

ffr. Chamberlain Invited the House 
to explore the suggestion of a levy 
esuwar profits. 

be terminated on November ai,. 
said, and the bread subsidy ended 
an early date. 

The Chancellor Indicated that Brit- 
ish troop* la various parte of the 
world would be bsdticoe^eclne; the 
next few months by a hslf-mlllion 

m,»Q0 ,0»P. The personnel would be 
reduced m December to 146.000, he 

— — > 

, ; 

TORONTO, Oct. 29. — Representa- 
tive veterans, interviewed regarding 
the report of the Soldiers' Re-estab- 
lishment Committee have no word of 
recommendation for the findings of 
that body. Opinions vary from the 
note of cynical derision to that Of 
angry protest, and the underlying 
feeling Is that the Government, by 
adopting the report, will bring a hor- 
nets' nest about Its own ears. 

"The report looks like a case of 
serving up the d essert and entrees 
without Including the roast beef and 
vegetables," was tha view of Vice- 
President Sam Stalford, of the Do- 
minion command of the G.W.V.A. 

"It Is most deplorable that the com- 
mittee should have brought in a re- 
port that left no other course than 
the resignation of the three members 
of the G.w.v.A. advisory committee 
as a protest against such a report be- 
ing adopted. The committee declare 
that the country cannot afford to pay 

The statement made by Colonel 

Hunter, president of the Parkdale operation of the system. 

branch of the G.W.V.A., In reference 
to the report of the committee waa 
short, but to the point: 

"The proposition. If correctly stat- 
ed, will faithfully represent the 
anxiety of the potentates In Ottawa to 
alienate the last group , of the public 
that were still bearing patiently with 
their infirmities — the returned sol- 
diers," he said. "Having Irritated 
labor, alienated more than half of the 
financial Interests asjd aroused the 
farmers to political manslaughter, the 
only thing necessary to make the lob 
complete was to drive' the returned 
men Into forming. a political party of 
their own." 

OTTAWA. Oot. 29.— Hon. J. A. Cal- 
Continued on Pags 2 

OTTAWA. Oot. 29.— The announce- 
ment by Hon. Arthur Melghen that 
Sir Walter Caasels. Chief Justice of the 
Exchequer Court, had premised to be 
the third member of the board of 
arbitration which will fix the amount 
to be paid by the Government for the 
Grand Trunk, was an important devel- 
opment in the debate on the Grand 
Trunk Bill in committee in the Com- 
mone today. v 

The bhl as dratted, provided that 
one arbitrator would be named by the 
Government and another by the com- 
paay, and that they would name the 
third. In view of 8lr Walter Caasels' 
decision. Mr. Melghen had the bill 
amended. The amendment provided 
that In the event of the death of the 
Chief Justice of the Exchequer Court, 
his successor, or a Judge of the 
Supreme Court, will be the third ar- 

Asked by Hon. Mackenzie King to 
express «n opinion as to how long the 
arbitration proceedings would last, Mr. 
Melghen expressed the view that they 
could probably be concluded In nine 
months. » 

There was considerable discussion 
of clause No. T. providing for the 
naming of a. committee of manage- 
ment to operate the Grand Trunk sys- 
tem until after the conclusion of the 
arbitration proceedings, but It finally 

In clause No. S,j»rov4dlng for the 
advance of money to the committee 
of management, the committee struck 
a snag. 

Mr. King had described this pro- 
vision as "thoroughly vicious." 

Mr. Fielding declared that the obtuse 
Involved a flagrant departure from 
British parliamentary practice in that 
It authorised the Government to loan 
money without comma to Parliament, 

Mr. Melghen agreed that it was 
open to objection, and suggested that 

amount that likely 
would be required to continue the 


VIENNA. Oct. 28.— Generals von 
Aaae and Waldstaeten of the Aus- 
trian Army, who have been subjected 
to severe censure for ordering the 
cessation of hostilities on November 
t. ltll, thirty hours before the arm- 
istice with Italy became effective, 
were heard today at a eecret mission 
of a commission appointed to Invest- 
igate ths allegations made against 

It la claimed that the Italians con- 
cluded their offensive and captured 
more than 300.000 prisoners during 
the period mentioned, all Austrian 
posts having been ordered to stop 


Arrival of Fresh Detachments Enables Them to 
' Exert. Stronger Pressure Against Assailants 
South and West of Petrograd — Said to 
Compel Withdrawal From Gatchina 

G.W.V.A. Aids 

-VANCOUVER. Oct. 29.— The Van- 
couver branch Of the G.W.V.A. will 
invest $10,000 In the Victory Loan, 
according to announcement made by 
Captain C. W. Whittaker, president 
of the Association, at the noonday 
luncheon of the city committee to- 
day. Captain Whittaker said that the 
board of trustees had arranged to 
put in this money, and that It would 
be In addition to whatever individual 
subscriptions would be raised by the 


General Denikin^'s Army Is Fiercely Attacked by 

Ukrainian Irregular Forces, Who Have Taken 

Several Towns— Kuban Cossacks Also 

Give Trouble on Black Sea Coast 

: * 


Untied Farmer and Labor Mem- 
bers of New Ontario Legis- 
lature Unanimous in Choice 
—Ministry Complete' 



_ LONDON oclA?-^; x^^ 

Bsnar Law. Government leader In the 

House -of Commons, announced today 

uM he Gtfw nment waVWanging 

£kh Prance and Prince FehWl, «, n of 

K JftL of *•«•* f <* thaVimmedi- 
ate withdrawal of the Brittdh troops 
from Syria and the assumption of the 
duties of occupation by thel French 
and Arabs pending the condition of 
tim peace treaty. 

Declare Cold Strike 
Is Now Unavoidable 

Officials of United Mine Workers at Conference 
Decide on Enforcement of Order—Statement 
Blames Operators— Federal Administra- 
tion Prepares Drastic Measures 


The floating debt of the country on 
October at, Mr. Chamberlain told the 
Uouee, amounted to £l.3*MOo,ooo. 
He) calculated that neat year, after 
providing for the abnormal after- 
mash of war expenditure, there would 
be a substantial balance an the year 
to go toward the reduction of the 
debt. Describing the British loan in 
(be United State*. Mr. Chamberlain 
said the effect would be that the Gov- 
ernment bad secured the conversion 
of aa external debit Into an Internal 
debit, which waa tantamount to 
placing .national war bonds with 
United States Inveetore at A more 
favorable rata of exchange than waa 
obtainable In the open market. 

the Chancellor declared there was 
no financial crista justifying such a 
disturbing factor ss to load to the 
of a second budget. Ha 
fo a levy*on capital, be- 
Wwtfli encourage extrava- 

INDIANAPOLI8, Oct. at>-After 
pronouncing a strike of bituminous 
coal miners Inevitable and blaming 
the operators for forcing a walkout 
that may Involve half a million men 
directly, the conference of officials of 
the United Mine Workers of America 
wound, ap Its business tonight and 4 
dissolved. District presidents and 
members of the scale committee left 
for their homes to direct the locals 
In the strike, which Is to become ef- 
fective midnight Friday. Only a new 
wage agreement to replace the one 
which they claim expired with the. 
war emergency Is wished by the 
union. Its leaders emphasising that 
a call from the mine owners for a 4 
Joint meeting would find the organ- 
isation ready to negotiate on any or 
all of the demands formulated at the 
Cleveland convention of the union. 

These and other points In the 
Union's position were sst forth in ril 
statement prepared by a commit? r * 
Of the ■ conference and adopted by 
Unanimous vote. The statement was 
characterised as the "final word" 
from anion forces, and John 1* Lewis. 
hating president, and other officials. 

the House 

It need not en- 
it- oat. he de- 

capital. If 
apon each a 
past htm to 

Sir. Chamberlain hinted at a re- 
v late a of ' railroad rates *o make the 
■i ll sa g u ssi l a g. . ordinary 

referred questioner* to the statement 
Ss embodying everything that could 
F* mX * "If? •* * B » JW «rtl>» *M rumors 
Ss to motives actuating the union. 

The statement brought oat that ao 
communication had been reoalsed 
tnm the national administration, and 
tfiat the onion had no knowledge of 
rroeidont Wilson', attitude TJwnrd! 
the strike only through newspaper 

•fSJ 11 ^' ^ coln "* t ^ «*e r.eeUsaral 
Skats* that' ths strike waa illegal by 
asserting that the right to strike er 
trsft work liad boon upheld" by the 
> courts aad that. In Waving their Jobs? 
the men would exercise a cbnaVJtu- 
IV*. Charges that the 
vortug te farce aa* 
tlonathmtion of the mines were Indig- 
nantly denied, end again the language 
of the et a eae a eat that "sflft of thesr do- 
■— - -'- - - 

man da are Incorporated in the wage 
proposal," was quoted. 

Emphasis waa laid on the but 
sentence of tha statement as fol- 
lows: g 

"Ths Issue has been made, and If 
H must be settled upon the field of 
Industrial battle the responsibility 
rests fairly aad squarely apon the 
coal barons alone." 

The word "If" was explained aa 
Significant of the readiness to nego- 
tiate. While conceding that there 
was no way of preventing the strike, 
the union's spokesman. Ellis Searles. 
argued that with the strike in actual 
elect the operators* demand tHbt the 
strike order be withdrawn a- a con- 
dition precedent to negotiation was 
automatically wiped out. 

"We fully expect this difficulty to 
be settled ss all difficulties in the ooai 
mining Industry have been settled for 
hlrty years^-by direct negotiations 
etween the owners and workers," be 
sold. "When that point will be 
reached we do not attempt to say. 
But the strike will be so big and have 
sawh far-reaching effects that we do 
not believe It can last vary long before 
a crisis la reached.'* 

Tomorrow the executive board of 
the union will meet to clear up a big 
batch of business incidental to the) 
strike and various routine affairs 
which have boon accumulating. 

Earlier In the day clause No. 5, 
providing for the redemption of Grand 
Trunk stock after a period of thirty 
years, was held over after Mr. King 
had moved an amendment striking out 
the words "after thirty years." 4 

Clause No. IS, tha last In the bill, 
waa. on the request of Mr. McKensle, 
held over until tomorrow, when the 
Minister of the Interior will make » 
further statement regarding fho obli- 
gations of the Grand Trunk Pacific. 

Before the committee rose, L. A. 
Lapolnte moved that a thirteenth 
clause be added, stating "that nothing 
In this bill or the amendments thereto 
shall affect the present or future 
rights of cities and municipalities aa 
to taxation of railways and railway 

, The" Union Of Canadian Municipali- 
ties, through the president, Msyor 
Fisher of Ottawa, had asked thst their 
rights be safeguarded. 

Mr. Melghen argued that as the- 
rights of municlpaUties were not 
affected In any. way by this bill the 
clause was unnecessary. It was' re- 
jected and the committee rose. 


Committee at Toronto Issues 
Figures Covering Subscrip- 
tions in Various Provinces- 
Vancouver Over Million 

TORONTO. Oct. 28.— Mr. B. C. 
Drury Is to be the next Premier of 
Ontario, succeeding Sir William 
Hearst. Mr. Drury was the unani- 
mous choice of the United Farmers 
of Ontario end the Labor representa- 
tives in the new legislature at a Joint 
conference at the United Farmers' 
headquarters this afternoon. It to 
understood that the meeting waa 
very harmonious, and that there wag 
an indication of the two groups pull- 

*■* "PIJ **** m the- Hai..., 
though Myth the United Farmers and 
Labor will retain their group feature 
to a considerable extent 

Premier-elect Drury said tonight 
that the new government was prac- 
tically completed, that all the port- 
folloe had been allocated and that 
the new government would be ready 
oa abort notice to take over the 
reins from Sir William Hearst and 
his Ministers. Mr. Drury said ho waa 
going home tomorrow to await the 
call to return to Toronto to accept 
from the Lieu ten ant-Govern or the re- 
sponsibilities of the premiership. 

Aa an evidence of the unanimity on 
the choice of Mr. Drury as lender, the 
Canadian Press was handed a reso- 
lution that was moved by Mr. P. 
Heenan, United Farmer member- 
elect for Kenora, and seconded by Mr. 
R. A. Hughes, Toronto, treasurer of 
the Independent Labor Party, the 
resolution being expressive of hearty 
endorsement of Mr. Drury as "leader 
of the Farmer-Labor party." 

REVAX, Oct. 29.— The Bolsheviki forces 
received fresh reinforcements during the last two days, 
the advices reaching, here, enabling them to bring; Use 
against General Yudenitch, who was compelled after the fiercest 
ing to withdraw from Gatchina. Between Gatchina and 
n severe battle was sail in progress at the latest advices, and tadi 
Bolshevists were being supported by armored cars and trains. 

The Soviet troops also tried to force Ike Fstbonian front, tha 
report states, but were checked. I" 

HELS1NGFORS, Oct 29.— A communicator, issued by tips 
Russian Northwest army says BoUrjeviki arracka on the West IMrogrnd 
front Tuesday were repulsed and that 400' prisoner w«m taken. It 
adds that on Wednesday "the White" offensive wast of Krasnoe-Selo 
was fsf-ocaedif ai successfully and tkat 1,600 prisoners had been 

PARIS, Oct 20.— The correspondent of The Temps at 
is authorised in government circles to declare that Finland u doing her 
utmost to assist General Yudenitch, having placed at bis disposal two 
tanks and a large quantity of rifle ammunition,. and has 
residing in Fmlend to enter bis army. 

LONDON, Oct 29.— Fighting of the fiercest character is in 

the troops of General Denikine and General Makhno, 
leader of one of the Ukrainian irregular forces. 

General Makhno has captured ALexandrovsk, an important town 
on the Dnieper River, about 17S miles from the Black Sea. He is 
Ehaavetgrad, a city of 100,000 population, the most 
sa the northern part of Kherson province. General 
Makhno'* troops are approaching Nfcoiateff an* Kherson, which, neal 
to Odessa, are tha most important Russian ports on the Black SeA. 

The^own* of Cherkasty, C h j rigm , X i» * n ^J + rfk, s ff jym g 

on the Dnieper, or slightly south of it, within 30 to 35 

of Kiev, are in the hands of the insurgenla, along with other 

Britain* Support J the northwestern side ;ot the Cauca- 

LONDON, Dot.. 29.— in defending I a <*n mountains , making common 
the army expenditures, Secretary of . ca ? l " e J***- M* Kubsn Cossacks, have 
War Churchill 


announced that the 
oablnSf aslla^BtessVed a final contri- 
bution of the surplus stores to Gen- 
eral Denikine, the antl-Bolsheviki 
leader in South Russia. The value of 
the contribution, he added, was ap- 
proximately £16,SSS.00S sterling, and 
It would be dispatched during the 
Winter. |j , v -** 

BERLIN. Oct. *».— The antl-Bol- 
shevlki paper Prlsyp (apparently an 
Est h on tan paper), prints a communi- 
cation from General Yudenitch. dated 
October 27, declaring that the attack 
OS Petrograd was unsuccessful. Re- 
ports from Reval state that General 
Yudenitch is falling back along the 
entire line, -as** • • « » »,. • 

WASHINGTON. c>ct. St.— Insurg- 
egt forces In she Kuban .territory on 

Victory Loan Now 
Over Half -Million 

— — 

Cobble Hill Goes Oyer the Top — Provincial Gov- 
ernment Takes $780,000 Worth of BQnds— - 
Bi$ Luncheon Today at Empress Hotel 
~>ir Henry Drayton Coining 

WASHINGTON. Oct. ft. — The Oov. 
eminent moved swiftly today to 
moot the nation-wide coal strike or- 
dered for Saturday. 

Refusal of the Miners' organisa- 
tion at In dia n ap«ns to withdraw the 
order causae out half a mtlbon ease 

bo taken t« 


in the 

of the 
of Attorney -Oiairar 

TORONTO. Oct. St.— It waa aa- 
nounced tonight by Mr. W. & Hod- 
gens, chairman of the Dominion Busi- 
ness Committee, that the subscrip- 
tions to the Victory Loan amounted 
to 111, J44, loo. which is divided up as 
follows: V ™ 

Ontario. I«2,©»t,m. 
Quebec. 126,217.100. 
New Brunswick. I534.G30. 
Nova Sootta. 1122.100. W 
rrlnee Bdward Island. m.SSS, 
Manitoba, f»20,4B0. 
Saskatchewan, f l.eli.too. 
Alberta, ltll. 850. 
British Columbia, till, I SI. 
These figures represent three days' 
returns from Ontario, two days from 
Quebec and one day's figures frees the 
remainder of the provinces. 
city went over the million i 
Its drive for llS.esi.ooe for the Vic- 
tory Loan today. The 

• 1.012.TSS. llSSMISlSJSlHlj in, 
► was collected during tha day or 
• the te» previa on days 
eomWaed ass easts. The Vjetorr Lena 
collecttom on the third day of the 
rear tstanad tstf see 
■shoe) ohlktron on the third dag east! 
scribed lll.tse. brssalns tkptr tote 
ep to f 11.41*. ^ ""■ 

Total to 

Total to date 

Yesterday's Figures 

Victoria .f 141,450.00 





Cobble Hilt went over the top at 
noon yesterday with a subscription of 
117,000, winning the honor flag and 
crest. This exceeded the quote by 
IS. 000. This news, coupled with the 
encouraging reports from Nsnaimo, 
Union Bay, and Duncan, aa well aa 
the whirlwind campaign being con- 
ducted In tha city, la Insuring the 
success of the big loan. The Provin- 
cial Cabinet. In session yesterday 
morning, authorised the purchase of 
1710.000 worth of bonds. Arrange- 
ments have been made for those 
working on headquarters stair and 
other local units of the military au- 
thorities to purchase beads en 
monthly ' payments from then- 
cheques. Tbta makes it convenient 
for many of them to subscribe, and 
should result la a large amount being 
taken up from this quarter. 

General Clarke esprsssed -the .hope 
to The Cokmtet yesterday that law- 
yers and others having the 
of large * sta t es and money ha 

W*h their 
clients te have aa 

invested la Victory 
This would bo 
their part/* 

the Empress Hotel under the auspices 
of the local Rotary Club promisee to 
be a very attractive sad popular af- 
fsflr. It will be conducted In true 
Rotary fashion. Parodies on popular 
songs composed by Publicity Man- 
ager R. J. Down will bo sang, and 
the whole programme wUl be both 
novel snd entertaining. The speaker 
of the day, Gypsy Smith, the world- 
renowned evangelist, is exceptionally 
qualified -to speak on the Victory 
Loan, his great work during the 
Grout War. In which he was to bar 
found with "the bops*' in the ver/ 
front-line wenches, cheering; them, 
ministering to them, and In every 
manner proving a real friend. 

The Empress Orchestra will supply 
the music, and President J. P. Scott, 
of the Rotary Club, wilt occupy the 

On the day when the Admiral of 
the Fleet, Lord Jellieoe, arrive, ui 
Victoria. It Is pro posed to ho4d a btg- 
Naval Day celebration, concluding 
with a dance la the evening en Yates 
•troec The a n a eor t of the Boys* 
Naval Brigade has already 

aad two of the lade are to 

. at 

Victory Loan, doing all they eaa te 

taken from the forces of General Don 
iklne. the anti-Bolshevik leader, the 
Black Sea port of Novo Rossysk, and 
occupied the city of Stavropol, ac- ' 
cording to dispatches receive l today: 
by the Ukrainian mission. 

Bolsheviki Report r .l — " 

LONDOlt, Oct. 21.— A Bolsheviki , 
headquarters report received by wire- 
less today says that ths Bolshevik 
troops are scoring successes on the 
Petrograd front 'against General 
Yudenitch and la Siberia against Ad- ; 
mlral Koltchak. 

The report states that fighting Is In I 
progress fourteen miles southwest- of f 
Peterhbf, sixteen miles west of Pet'ro- ! 
the Gulf of Finland, 
e Red troope have also occupied ' 
It ions four miles northeast of Gat- 
china. despite serious resistance. 

On tha southern front the Bolshe- ' 
vlk troops have entered Dmltrovsk ; 
and Kromy, respectively SO and 17 
miles southwest of Orel. In Ust Med- 
vledltakaya, one of the Don Cossack 
towns on the Don River, the Bolshe- 
viki. it Is stated, hsve captured hen- » 
dreds of •prisoners. 

On the eastern front ths Bolsheviki , 
are driving the enemy from all forti- 
fied positions toward the 


1 1 



VANCOUVER, B.C., Oct. It— 
pletlng a trip through the United 
States and Canada, Hon. HleS Ui 
Quen. s privy councillor of the Chlr 
ese cabinet, arrived here this morn- 
ing en rosso to the Orient, and in 
the course of sn Interview made the 
announcement that, following a thor- 
ough Inveetssmtioa into the trade 
possibilities between Canada, the 
United States aad Chins, the Chinees 
Government would establish a bank 
In New York, with branches la Bah 
Francises and Vancouver, B.C., and 
possibly other cities. He win sail 
thia week on the Empress of Asia. 



SEATTLE, Oct. St.— Tea 
tons of coal monthly will be 
te Seattle from British CaJemNa 
needs of Washington State, if 
coal stmts takes place on N« 
1. O. IL avlltvaa. sepsrkatoad 
county docks and wharves, said to- 

The norms! hnpertaUe*. gf seat 
from the O aoafllaa esse Is l.SSS toes 1 
monthly. The county's desk oa Lake M 
Union fa betas gre saiifl to fas a km 




THE PAIL.V C<^NIST/V||1PEIA, B C. ■ < gny s^Y, Q c< ^pt *» M 




sjssal ol choice i 
' are 

«■■■■■■• MM 

both 8ierlinS ud Sheffield. 
4Chilv the beet ol twy Hue *. 


Parliamentary Committee on 
Re-Establiahmeft Shows 

4 liJpotolbility ~* Canada 
Rawing Vast Amount 



OTTAWA, Oct. It. — In declining to 
aceSf* to the gratuity proposals of 
loha Bar** vFlyan. end In giving -» 
negative answer to the requMt o< the 
O.W.V.A. for money grants to ex- 
members of the C.B.F. booed upon 
length and place of service, tho spe- 
cial committee of parliament which 
lor In Ito report 



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■' - 'BUSnfOS AYRE8. Oct St,— 81x 
feet-men merchant ships which took 
refuge In Argent in* ports during the 
wir. will be deHvOYed to the AllleO 
In: food condition. This decision Is 
the result of diplomatic negotiations 
extending Over several months to de- 
termine tho fate of. the interned 

Proportional Representation 

WINKIPUO. Oct. 2I.—A bill prb- 

Kdlng for proportional ropresentet ion 
r Winnipeg will bo introduced In 
the next session of tho Provincial 
Legislature, it woe stated today. 
Winnipeg would be the only district 
affected, as the city' constituencies are 
the only ones for which there are 
more than one 'member. 

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Parliament freely and unanimously 
made provision for the payment of 
gratuities to ovary returned man to 
tide him over from throe to six months 
after his return. It to now ascertained 
tha* ths> total coot of those gratuities 
WlB- approximate $158,oee.oe* at S 
par cant. Involving an annual interest 
cnafBO of 16.760.000. 

"-No other nation has treated Its re- 
turned . soldiers so generously In this 

The report deals with moneys ad- 
vanced for land settlement, tho de- 
partment, of soldiers' civil re-estab- 
lish ment and proceeds: 

"Summing up the whole situation, 
your committee are convinced that as 
regards tho 1 problem of re-estobllsh- 
hient generally U»o Canadian people 
and their representatives In Parlia- 
ment, as well as tho Government, have 
always shown an earnest desire to 
meet any real need that has arisen 
or may exist. Parliament, heretofore, 
has not been parsimonious In voting 
money whenever and wherever the 
expenditures wore shown to be neces- 
sary. Frequently, however, tho opin- 
ion was expressed In Parliament that 
tho greatest care should be taken to 
avoid any action that would tend to 
deprive the soldier of his self-reliance 
and self-respect. It was thought te 
be against the interests of the soldiera 
themselves thai they should rely un- 
duly upon Uto state In tho period fol- 
lowing discharge.* Tour committee 
concurs in these views. After hearing 
all tho evidence they agree that the 
best policy toward the soldier is to 
surround him With conditions that will 
tend to strengthen his self-confidence 
and sfjf-rellance. 

Good Work Done 
"As to the general character of the, 
Work as now carried on by the several 
departments of the Government con- 
cerned with the various problems of 
repatriation and . re-establishment, 
>ur committee cannot speak too 
jighly. Tho committee waa struck 
with the nature of the work carried 
on, the ramifications of the same, the 
general efficiency of tho administra- 
tive machinery established, the spirit 
that prevailed- In every branch of the 
service, - and the . general results 
achieved. In stating this the commit- 
tee does not wish It to be understood 
that mistakes have not been made and 
that there Is not room for Improve- 
ment, The Inquiry held is bound to 
load to remedies of defects In admin- 
istration and otherwise. At the same 
time your committee feels called upon 
to report that the evidence has been 
a revelation of the character and ex-. 
tent of the work carried on. This 
particularly applies to the Department 
of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment, 
which hoe-undertaken a work that to 
little understood and appreciated by 
Parliament, the people in Canada and 
by many of the soldiers themselves. 
The work of ' the 8oldler Settlement 
Board to equally . commendable. The 
evidence clearly indicates that the 
board, on the- one hand, has a clear 
grasp of its work, and on the other, 
that it has taken every reasonable pre- 
caution to protest the best Interests 
of, the returned men themselves as well 
as the interests of the state. 

, "From the evidence adduced and 
from official statements submitted by 
the several departments concerned, 
yonr committee finds that the total 
expenditure- tor pensions and various 
forms of re-establishment work to 
Starch: Si, Ute, will amount to ap- 
proximately fS14,56l,T3f.ffS.' not in- 
cluding any part of the cost of 14- 

"The total amount expended or 'to 
be hereafter expended for re-estobllsh- 
ment work now carried on amounts to 
$411,140,623.50, together with $30.- 
•os.oot annually for pensions. If from 
these figures ore deducted amounts 
paid for pensions and expenditures 
and loans under the Soldier Settle- 
ment Act there remains a total of 
ISSS.IS4.1S4.TS for other classes of 

Borrowing Power Limited ' 
The financial position of Canada- to 
next considered, and the opinion Is ex- 
pressed that se there to little likelihood 
of the Dominion being able to borrow 
the large sums needed to carry out 
the proposed gratultp scheme, or any 
portion of it, In either Great Britain 
or the United States, it must be raised 
fcVjjho Dominion. On thto th* report 

"An attempt to borrow several hun- 
dred millions of dollars in addition 
to the amount -*now required to be 
raised by the coming Victory Loan 
would demoralise the market for our 
securities, greatly Injuring our credit 
both In Canada and abroad and un- 
doubtedly prejudicing, the successful 
flotation of tho Victory Loan Itself. 
Tour committee are clearly of the 
view tha ttho sums of money suggest- 
ed cannot bo raised by borrowing, as 
the financial .resources of tho Do- 
minion are not more than adequate 
to provide the very large commitments 
a l ready made and required -for tho 
future needs of the country. Any at- 
tempt to raise the amounts suggested 
beyond those requirements would In- 
juriously affect Canadian credit and 
brine about eondtttene seriously af- 
fecting tho welfare of all -section* of 
the community. Including tho returned 
soldiers themselves." 

The* report assorts that anneal in- 
terest charge* of S».S«S,»e« would 
have to be added for etch Site.***,- 
SSS borrowed, and saj*: 

"Tour committee to Of the opinion 
that sufficient difficulty will be ex- 
perienced by Parliament ' In devising 
ways and moans to meet the annual 
tetereet charges payable on the pub- 
He debt already created or. which meet 
he u sated to meet existing commit- 

Proposed Composition of Gov- 
erning Body of Internationa! 
Labor Office Is Held 16 Be 
Unjust to Dominfon 


Tailor snd<^tumler 
^^ua^^nooa^ce^mj? W 

Tswrortnt. Htoneisir 

have been raised fn some way, and 
that for this reason, there should be 
no difficulty In realising whatever to 
required to meet the suggestions now 
put forth. 

"Tottr committee cannot agree with 
thto lino of argument. Immediately 
following the close of the war Can- 
ada had to provide not only for war 
expenditures, but for reconstruction 
and re-establishment expenditures as 
welL Reference already has been 
made to these and their total, it to 
the combination and culmination of/ 
thto huge expenditure within a period 
of II or 18 months which makes It 
impossible « a country suoh as Can- 
ada to raise further large sums in the 
near fu ture." . 



! L 

iied from Pode 1 

der, chairman of the repatriation com- 
mittee of the Cabinet, has received 
the letter of resignation of- the ad- 
visory committee ol the G.W.V.A. It 
waa In the form of a letter to C. G. 
Macnell, secretary of the G.W.V.A., 
and transmitted to the Minister after 
reciting the proposals submitted by 
the committee. 
The letter continues: 
"To ear regret and disappointment. 
the ereater part of these recommen- 
dations have been Ignored or only 
partly" considered. Had these mat- 
ters been dealt with In a statesman- 
like manner, the present parlia- 
mentary committee would have been 
unnecessary, gad tho unrest among 
returned men-*-the direct result of In- 
action and half -conceived measures— 
would have been prevented. 

"Kven after the parliamentary com- 
mittee met and the facto had been 
presented to them. Its recommenda- 
tions are apparently suoh that we are 
constrained to regard them as unsat- 
isfactory, and we ore, therefore, plac- 
ing our resignations in your hands 
one* more as a protest against inade- 
quate measures for re-establishing the 
men from tho battlefields of Europe." 
CALGARY; Oct. 2$.— That the-Dp- 
minion Government should be forced 
to resign to be replaced by a govern*, 
meat more lit accordance With public 
sentiment, wad th* statement of offi- 
cials of the G.W.V.A., of Calgary, on 
receipt of the news, that tho parlia- 
mentary committee • had recommend- 
ed against the gratuity proposals. G. 
W. Waistel, who was among those 
who presented the soldiers' case to 
the committee, was particularly 
amased and Indignant at tho commit- 
tee's report. Acting President Woods 
sold tho feeling of the club here Was 
that steps should be taken by the 
G.W.V.A. in common with labor, the 
farmers and the other organisations 
supporting the gratuity, to force the 
Government to quit office. 

REGINA, Oct. 28.— A delegation 
representing 3,000 returned soldiers 
asked Sir Henry Drayton at a public 
meeting tonight why his Government 
' had rejected the requests of the re- 
turned men for additional considera- 
tion. Tho liintotcr of Finance replied 
that Canada must carry on. and that 
the obligations of the country to the 
returned men wero qualified by the 
ability of the people to pay. 


ROCHESTER, W|\. Out. U<— The 
finding at daybreak today -of two 
bodies on the shore ol Lake Ontario 
wearing life preservers bearing the 
name of the steam barge Homer War- 
ren, of Toronto, revealed the total 
lops of that veaeel With her crew of 
eight. The shore was strewn with 

The Warren, in charge of Captain 
Scalier, of Toronto, left Oswego, 
homswsrd bound, yesterday morning 
with SOS tons of eoaL She ems tost 
seen off Putneyville. 35 miles east 
of here, at 11 o,m. yesterday, while 
the gale wis raging fiercely. She Is 
believed therefore, to have gone down 
during the night. 

The bodies found have not been 
Identified. The names of the crew arc 
not known. The Warren belonged to 
the Milne Company, of Toronto. 

has fltod a formal pretest against the 
proposed composition of the govern- 
ing body of l»»* international saber 
office to be established . under the 
League of Nations. The poi-* »* »" 
see is regarded by the Canodion delo- 
gatlo.n hero as of th* greatest mo- 
ment. It »nvo'ves the right of Chvaada 
by reason of her lndu»triul indepen- 
dence te mme em of tha momhars 
of the body rather ♦.han to Uke her 
chance of tioctlon as one of the 
nations of lesser lmportence fro» 
the industrial pout of view. 

The international labor office 
(which win be controlled by the gov- 
erning body) forme port of tho per- 
manent organisation create.! to fur- 
ther application of the labor princi- 
ples embodied !n the 'peace treaty. 
Its governing body to to consist of 84 
members. Twelve will represent the 
governments, six will be elected by 
employers* delegates to tho Interna- 
tional labor conference, out by work- 
ers' delegates to the conference. Of 
the IS •Government representatives, 
eight will bo nominated by the mem- 
bers of tho conference, which are 
"of chief Industrial Importance." 

The remaining four will be nomin- 
ated my the other government dele- 
gates to tho, conference. 

The issue arises ovsr which eight 
nations are of "Industrial importance" 
and, therefore, empowered each to 
name a representative on Oie govern- 
ing body. Tho organising committee 
of the labor conference his reported 
in favor of the following-: 

United States, Great Britain. France, 
Italy. Belgium, Japan, * Switzerland 
and Spain. 

If German delegates are admitted 
to the confereUbe, Germany, by reason 
of her Industrial importance, will be 
entitled to a seat on the governing 
body, and Spain, being at the end of 
the list, wilt cease to be numbered 
among tho eight. Now, the position 
l taken by Canada to that she should 
rank as one of the eight nations of 
"chief industrial Importance" and to 
that end has deposited a protest. The 
Dominion Government holds that ehe 
to entitled to be so regarded on the 
grounds: . ■ 

1. Of population. ■ r 

2. Of relative Industrial Independ- 

When the council or the League of 
Nations convenes and thto to expected 
soon, Canada's protest will be one of 
the first . questions for adjudication. 

Proceedings at this afternoon's sit- 
ting of the conference were confined 
largely to the reeding and translat- 
ing of the organising committee's re- 
port. Speeches by delegates from 
Spain and from the Latin -American 
delegates, claiming that they num- 
bered IS out of 84 per cent, loudly 
asserted that Spanish should be add- 
ed as a third- official language. 

i, i - i si i - - - -- 

Will Not Surrender Ships 
BERLIN, Oct. 29. — The Deutsche 
Allemeine Zftttung says eeml-offlclally 
that the reply of the German Govern- 
ment to the note from the Supreme 
Council at Parts demanding the sur- 
render of German ships sold in Hol- 
land during the war probably will be 
In the negative. The note will de- 
clare that the Government to Unable 
to endorse the legal arguments of 
the Entente that tho sale of these 
ships, whloh are now In German 
waters, was Invalid. 

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"Purine- the debates on the general 
Question of enfranchisement of wom- 
en," aaya The Poet. "Use Unionists 
objected to the measure fee various 
reasons, and those who voted for it 
were understood to have withdrawn 
the|r objections on the strict under- 
standing that they would never con* 
sent to the election of women to Par- 

"Lady Astor hss every Intention of 
taking- her seat,, and if elected the 
first female member of Parliament 
will be an American by birth. The 
Vlacount In one House and the Vis- 
countess In another should not be a 
happy arrangement. At any rate ' It 
la officially approved by the Unionist 
party. If at one time they consid- 
ered the participating of women In 
the counsels of state aa Injurious 
they have changed their minds." 

Other papers speculate as to what 
kind of a hat Lady Astor will wear 
In Parliament, seeing that members' 
hats play "an Important part In re- 
gard to proceedings." 
' PLYMOUTH. Oct. 2s.— Frank 
Hawker, chairman of the Conserva- 
tive party, yesterday received the fol- 
lowing telegram from Lady Astor: 

"I have neither been asked to stand 
aa a pussyfoot candidate (for her 
husband's seat in Parliament) nor 
have I the intention of doing ao. It 
aeema to me that I detect the claws 
of some other sort of envious eat In 
this misleading suggestion. 

"Nancy Astor." 


LONDON, Oct. 29. — ( Renter's )-r 
Prince Albert waa tendered a great 
welcome to the city yesterday when 
he received the freedom of the city 
at the Guildhall. 

The city chamberlain hi 'welcoming 
His Royal Highness mentioned that 
he had served under Admiral Sir John 
Jellicoe as a sub-lieutenant In the 
Battle of Jutland, where his services 
had been specially mentioned. 

Prince Albert, responding, asserted 
that when his thoughts turned to- 
ward the future of the Empire, he* 
waa conscious of -the great opportun- 
ity and responsibilities resting upon 
the shoulders of youth to uphold Its 
proud traditions. 

civp pn/ri iTmii 
3AT5 IttYtuUlun 


Chairman Calcter Expresses 
Surprise Over Publication of 
Findings Reached by Com- 
mittee on Re-Establishment 

OTTAWA, Oct. J 9.— In the House 
this afternoon, E. T. Meyers drew the 
attention of the Government to a news 
dispatch to the effect that the Govern- 
ment of Saskatchewan would foreclose 
Saftbe Grand Trunk Pacific If the 
elite of the road to the Province 

He asked If It was possible, in view 
of the fact that the road was now in 
the hands of a receiver to have these 
claims of the. Province arranged for. 

The Minister of Railways replied 
that the Grand Trunk Pacific being In 
the hands of a receiver, could not pay 
the interest on lta loans from the Prov- 
ince Of Saskatchewan. Therefore, the 
Province must meet this Interest It- 
self. £ 

D. D. McKenale told the Govern- 
ment that a summary of the report of 
the committee on aolidera* re-estab- 
lishment had been publiahed. He 
wished to know if the summary Waa 
correct, and If the report had been 
allowed to find Its way Into the press 
before being presented to the House. 

Hon. Mr. Calder replied that he had 
absolutely no information as to how 
the report had been secured. Every 
member of the- committee was very 
much surprised on lta publication. 

It waa possible the tthe Government 
would have to take tone action in the 
matter. The final meeting of the com- 
mittee would not be held until this 
afternoon, and therefore, anything 
that wae publiahed was premature. 
The report would be brought before 
the House this evening or tomorrow. 

Dr. Michael Clark asked humorously 
whether the Minister would quiet the 
reaentment in the country by assuring 
the House that the nefarious news- 
papermen who published the matter 
would be brought before the bar of 
the House. 

The Minister was not sure that this 
was possible. 



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aa at preaent constituted until such 
time aa the peace conference at 
Parla gives Latvia a status in accord- 
Mice with the wtahee of the Lettish 
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Just Opened! 

IWe have opened a Oarage 
for the installation of the 

Allison"^ Burner 


and general repair work 
CPOskr A*RT< 

luitii "Vii 
Gordon Garage 

ALEXANDRIA. Egypt; Saturday. 

ten others Injured and twenty-seven 
policemen were hurt In a serious na- 
tionalist demonstration yesterday, the 
trouble arose when the police at- 
tempted to auppreaa a peaceable 
demonstration Such aa have recently 
been a weekly feature of political ao- 
tlytty in Alexandria. Sticks, stones 
botUee and police batona were first 

The arrival of the Governor of 
Alexandria restore/1 order for a time. 
Then two motor lorries wlOi troops 
appeared on the scene and eventually 
shots were fired at the crowd. 

Today there waa aome recurrence of 
the trouble at the harbor side, but it 
whs of a comparatively minor charac- 

8houta of "We don't want the Mll- 
ner commission" Interrupted a band 

Sffi* SS! ^^ th « Knl »" **> the 
public cerdene yesterday. «ivin« the 

uisnal for a nationalist demonstration 

The trouble waa quelled by the 

authorities, who placed a number of 

studenu under arrest. 

It was announced in London seme 
time aa-o that the Government waa 
considering sending to Egypt a special 
commission headed by Viscount Wi- 
ner, Secretary for the Colonies, in 
order to. ascertain what changes were 
neceeaary in the constitution or the 

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PARIS, O'ct 2t. — The Entente 
repreaentaUves in the peace confer. 
ence apparently are persuaded that 
the United States will not voluntarily 
accept any mandate In the Near Ka*t 
and it now aeema assured that the 
Turkish question will not be touched 
by the present peace conference, but 
probably will be taken up by another 
conference to be held within a few 

There la muek speculation aa to 
where she conference for the division 
of Turkey Is to be held, it probably 
will not be In Paris. The suvrestlon 
of Geneva has not met with treat 
favor, aa it la not regarded aa a toed 
ptaca for a Winter conference and it 
la believed Turkey must be disposed of 
before Spring-. 

CONSTANTINOPLE. Oct. *•.— u,,. 
favorable criticism haa been caused 
here by dispatches from English and 
American sources to the effect that 



■ ■ 

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■p ssssasV viswi sit modern c esses- 
tences. Including hot and cold wsttr 
In S rooms; whole home wired for 
electric light; standing in 7*6 seres 
of cultivated land with wide lake 
frontage. Barn, garage asd build* 
Ings for 900 chicken i. On rural 
mall delivery and telephone, price 


Notary Public 
Real Estate tnd Insurance 

a an 



Indigestion, Acidity, Sourness 

and Gates ended With 

"Pape's DiapeptJn" 

" I l ium 

Millions of people know that a la 
needless to be bothered with tndl- 
seatlon, dvapepela or a. disordered 
stomach. A few tablets of Pipe's 
Diapepain neutralise acidity and 
Slve relief at once. 

When your meals don't At and yon 
feel uncomfortable, when yon belch 
te s s a. *olda, or raise sour, undigested 
food. When you feel lamps of Indl- 
aresUon pain, heartburn or headache 
from acidity, just set a tablet of 
Pape's DUpepsIn snd the stomach 
distress la gone. 

The cost Is so little. The beneflte 
ss great. You. toe, will be a Ms- 
pepsin enthusiast afterwardr 

the United States will net accept either 
the Armenian or Turkish mandates. 

In commenting; en the situation, the 
newspaper Vakit says: 

"President Wilson's Illness is a dis- 
aster for us, aa he Is unable to carry 
out his plana. He has been apprised 
of our wishes for American help to 
ma i ntai n the Integrity of our terri- 
tory." - ' 



MONTREAL, Oct. 2 1.— Fist fight- 
ing, the fainting of many women and 
the complete collapse of all police ar- 
rangements for keeping the crowd in 
order marked the piossillaHSi» of 
medals by the* Prince of Wales out- 
side the art gallery yesterday. The 
pres enta tion Anally had to be est 
short, and the Prince left the gallery 
by a aide door, his automobile fol- 
lowing a line of police automobiles 
which were used ss tanks to batter 
a Mole through the crowd*. 

Half a dose* savaged and sssttsd 
cltsssns engaged »s Bghtlng with the 
police. The constables wore too bmmr 
to mass arrests, so they simply fought 
book, and a good many of the poHoe 
showed facial marks of the rough 
and tumble flsrhts. The police ween 
urged to use their batona. but ro- 
fralhed. ae the front ranks of the 
crowds were helpless, kesng nrsjsd sat 
by waves of pressors from the rear. 

as tho 

(crowd, and shrieks were heard from 
time to time aa women found them- 
selves In difficulty. Only one con- 
stable could be spared to handle the 
fainting women, and they were slung 
ever the shoulders sf a - policeman 
and carried to the nearest point where 
Srst aid could be administered. It 
was only the good humor of the 
crowd that prevented Iks - 
from dee/encratlng into a Hot 


TORONTO* Oct. 2f— Under the 
caption "Quebec's New Leader,'' The 
Globe today editorially refers to the 
election of Ernest Lapoint* in Que- 
h» Seat as follows: 
•Newe from Quebec Proviaos in* 
that the door of opportunity. 
CSs portal to acosmpHehmant. opens 
far thai stalwart and able French. 
Ian. He has airoawj 
hiss a loyal croup of 

OH Fir 

24 " ln aWie?'' "''ns.*!' 00 ** 

Delivered City^ Limits. 4 cords or 
tloaa. Fhsae Tea. 

assre get redact! 

St. Ops, * <% R afc. 



benefit by the 

Will Ernest I ^poia t s. 

Ontario win 

league for 

BERLIN. Oct. St.- 
the p rote otle n of 
l ea rns that the Herman eslsay la 
Mexico la taking ssessurss to eastst 
countrymen who desire to ssttle la 
Mesdoo. A committee formed by 
n ssenhars of the eotony as worklaeT 
with the Oersaan nines 1 sua in I at 
Mexico aty. 


n a^ssSsS^eeW^er ^**j 

HALIFAX. JML, Ost f t^-An 
terprlslag Victory 

ss peel here for eeal oa rents 
to Mow Terk sad ssfd epward of •!#,- 
SSS worth of boa Sa Assent ths assi« 
iributofs hero eras the Duks of 



In Use For0w30 Ytan 




« \ 


ISI1-IS 1 

9. U 



■uya wauata. 

and MeeM than Ibis* who have % 

asasllai stake ta the community Al 

It wtaM to better tor 

Tliisris tj.0. "r^**! eg 


patriotism or HKM*- 

Dr. J. W. Roberta**. » hi* 
before the CaaajdaaJB Cjoben Tuesday, 
enunciated a truth whwb M too often 
forgotten when be aeid *nat. "It la 
low dramatic to b* agenuine patriot 
III Una of peace, but 1t la Joat aa 
nsnssaarr " Wherever tfie fault Ilea. 
and H may be In our educational sys- 
tem. there are altogether too many 
people who think *f patrtottam only na 
It reveala itself In the hour/when there 
|s a call of danger to the State. The 
Great War gave the moat powerful 
stimulus to patriotism, but with the 
end <* the struggle, than has oaf n a? 
remarkable decline In moral power, 
coupled with a proportionate increase 
in material longings. What Is -wanted 
in theae days la a new Incentive If the 
outward Order la to serve man's new 
life and to bring this about a new 
value should be rend into patriotism. 

A writer recently said that maKy of 
the nation* guides are groPmg like 
men In a dark hall out of which a 
thousand doors, open. That la why 
there la hesitation In leadership. It 
If quite Insufficient to urge the people 
be strong and work, for the only 

terpretatlon placed upon this la that 
there is economic danger. Our educa- 
tional system * m fault to this degree 
that It doea not prepare people to fol- 
low the course'©' ouob an argument 
If the oounjgl vtarc In danger from 
outside aggression patriotlam would 
burn up like a fierce flame, but when 
only the J 0«J<J situation la threat- 
ened in it I te by no 
means so eacV to tap th* power-house 
of human energy. The Intellect /may 
be convinced, bat the Will bis got to 
be converted. 1rna difficulty of con- 
verslon la accentuated at a time when 
people expect the sweep of a 
magician's wand to bring about a new 
world In whJch there will be work and J 
leisure faVOgll- . . • 

la the new patriotism for times of 
peace It Is not so much a. unity of In- 
terests a* a unity at will power that 
la required. Nothing has depreciated 
so greatly elae* the Armistice aa wlU 
power. In on'o % Ihe lessons of the 
war there la humiliation for the mem- 
bers of the human family, for it 
needed the spurt** war to quicken the 
movement of the* race, and It *>a feel 
which made mankind call to its assist- 
ance the secret* of science. In other 
words, the gigantic struggle drew out 
amaslng stores of human energy and 

in removed 

who aragael either p fo a e rta owner* a* 

eleciians It would eeem the situation 
will be unchanged, for, with but 
three day* left for registration, only 
iff have applied. Last yaar the total 
who applied was approximately »••. 
and by the present outlook thla num- 
ber may not be exceeded. 

lagly aa uiigeaajak* tat*, to arou 
filling at ehrl* r*«a*aa*blli<y 
th* mass of the people. Tear . after 
yaar tale I* proven by th* email vote 

that veto that la i i a iiul mt these Maaa* of the people. 


ItteVly fall 
Idvancea m 
»m Nature. 
»ut. patriot 
»ntha and 


1th the 

The proposal to erect a high power 
wlreles autlon at a point near Victo- 
ria t» establish communication with 
Australia arid Japan at now before the 
Govern m e n t, the Canadian Marconi 
•Company having made an application 
for % licence. No Government aid la 
involved, nor ahould the argument 
that Federal ownership of wireless 
apparatus Is desirable be put forward 
in this Instance for the Marconi Com; 
pany already la installed In th* coun- 
try. It appears, however, there to 
some delay over granting the licence 
and that the plea of the policy of 
public ownership is made. The Board 
of Trade has taken, the; right attitude 
In holding that a policy of public 
ownership ahould not be allowed to 
petard rational development of the 
wireless system, yet we have never 
heard of any proposal coming from the 
Government to establish trans-Paclfto 
connection. If the Marconi Company 
Is prepared ^ tip >P*»|* about^ thla 
development it is certainly not in the 
interests of Canada that obstacles 
should be placed in the way. Canada 
at present has no direct communica- 
tion with either Japan or Australia, 
for the Pacific cable Is almost alto- 
gether used for purposes not connected 
with the Interests of this country. In 
addition, the Pacific Cable Company 
is unable to handle all the business 
which could be eecured and the Mar- 
coni Company would never have 
reached the decision to Institute * 
wireless service unless It waa aaaured 
It would pay. 

It Is practically certain that if the 
licence Is granted. "the high power 
wireless) station will be located In the 
Immediate victnlty' of "Victoria. The 
climatic conditions here are favorable. 
An Ideal Bite can be selected close to 
tide water and Immediately adjacent 
to both telegraphic and cable facili- 
ties. Since the naval base la at 
Esquimau It will 1* desirable from the 
standpoint of defence to Have euch. a 
wtrekra. station he**, <***,*» «• »l*o 
the location of the military headquar- 
ters. All the factor* in the situation 
point 'to Its establishment here, with 
a consequent expenditure of possibly 

$3,ooo,o4o $a^JJ^jjg^^x^sXr 
ment pi a s 

ear lea* and tee* 
in thee* latter 
and more about 
yet the latter cap 
ever accrue unless they are directed 

There is 



CokMihU editorial, 'The 

la vary much t* 

bttt la act carried to a logi- 

The Urn* and opportunity Is pan 
far th* Union Government, by any 

teriai par- 
other tac- 
partial eon* 
The Unfed 
Government— and th* same applies 
to either party, have had their oppor- 
tunities, aad made the meat of them, 
but unfortunately not for Canada, not 
for the people. 

The 'allure of Canada's Govern- 
-cnent ha* gsMgtP ao conclusive (and 

herein Mas th* crux of the situation} 

thai appeal or promf 

politicians or of i 



With such a development In view 

th* pa 

little of work for the joy of tt* 
rorklng and too .much tendency to 

dHntaifarM J Company from the. 
purely buaincw standee, nits Its 

desirablllt]. It ahould appeal equally 
to the Government, even If th* latter 
intend* to iodfcJeP 4 W*9 erfublle 



th* patrlotl 


nearer that "perfect society" 
rhlch mankind hankers in aa inartlc- 
(tmte way. What has to ba dap*- ta. 
take the future secure must be done 

the nation aa ajAhol 
lore must ba a ndjf exhibit!* AfH 
Until It le wvfdeaced the 
ional interests must re- 

Udea of apUo 
aln perptsa*d 

for they are p 

len national human energy wlU hot who will shortly be called upon 

in cdncert 


teglatration by payment of the I J 
id tax for the right to vote in .the 
ilolpa I election of next January will 
on Friday next. 80 little interest 
A*a been aroused this year that up to 
■terday only 4*0 had availed them- 
rtrpportanfty -to became 
1 their franchise at 
municipal elections'. ' In order to 
tve th.* rkfht to rata anyone apply- 

lag hap |o fill tn a form, one question "V 
in which s*r» y»e applicant pumt have , ^ ^ 

*- 2 -— ea «>isBMAaBaBBBBBati assft VLa^aBbBBBBBW^AaskAsa. >aaraka>. n ^ 


ary t last. This mean* that the 
thousands of soldiers who have re- 
turned from oversees sine* that date 
*.»e denied the privilege. Inasmuch a* 
they have not th* reeldenjlal quallfl T , 
patlon. Tala la man treat lr unfair, and ' 
While the sAualcipalfty itself saay not 
be able to ehaage th* terms of rag ti- 
tration that change, we beHeve, could 
be effected by order- In-couheil of the 
paavlnclal Oavemment. it is lata in 
ta* day to draw attention ib thla phase 
of municipal registration, but It has 
>- com* to light, through returned 
soldiers seeking aa •pportaalty ta get 
ea ta* voters/ list. 

he apathy shown by the fact that 
•ab* <«0 n»n\es are op the hat. ao Car, 
again llluatraias po«r dafftcaa; tt t. te 
ataasa ket*T**t fa enusttetpa^ affair*. 
It appears that, aa la the pest, the 
paap^rty eaaaara. who are Ipeo facto 
voters, will again dominate the at^aa- 
MPA 1 pa|f»lcj«- In sosas. 
a|l|ta*1 ai iiajiment 
for property owner* obviously have a 



Mr. B. C. Drury, of Rarrie. Ont.. 
who has been elected leader of th* 
Farmer*' Party In Ontario, and who 
iflll be the next Premier of that Pro-' *on of the late Mr. C rl*s 
Drurj Mr MinlsaflKf Jm lure 
of Ontario, in the Government aft fa> 
Oliver Mowat. He la d cousin of the 
late MR R. JU Drury, of thla ; a!ty. 
Rarrie. from where he acmes, is a 
very small centre of population, but 
da It it has tha fan** of being Ihe birthplace, 
of thre* of the Provincial Premiers, 
namely, th* late -Charles IwnUn (of 
British Columbia), Mr. Charles Stew- 
art (of Alberta) and Mr. R. C. DPR» 


form a Government in Ontario. 



NBW YORK. Oot. 2».— Some time 
betweep «.3© p-m. gaturdajr and 10 
a.m. ftanday, Maria T*jape*t. th* 
popular English comedienne, disap- 
peared from the Cunafd ltder while 
the teasel waa aa bar way from 
Halifax. to this port, 

A general a*areh af Ihe ship 
failed to find her and It ia presumed 
that she waa drowned. There wore 
travellers , on the Orduna. however, 
sootstea this aa they found Miss 

laa of Individual 

Government can 

er again command the support 

confidaaea af the people. In fact, 

the people are past the point ia 

evolution where they will tolerate 

pajflHaha ar political combinations 

dal aelr thinking for them or «e- 

M thetr condltlona Henoe- 

k paattla* le reversed and th* 

Fwtll evolve their own poUcy 

liln direct control of the men 

■a** t* administer tt. 

■b la true af Union or Party 

■ment, tt IP equally true that 

I faction or combination of rac- 

tlonal Tntereata will be permitted ta 

detajH^g ^he life and means of Uv- 

IngfljH* whbl* people of Canada. 

Th* time hua arrived when the 
people, revogntsing that the old stan- 
dards MB Government, determined 
and carried out by a governing class 
through! factional control. Is played 
out. The time aaa eome for the peo- 
ple literally to "govern themselves" 
kud repossess the Canada of whloh 
they have been well-nigh robbed. 

It these axe facta, Is tt not high 
time to Inaugurate practical measures 
of preparedness toward the imme- 
diate furthjnMe of the gieat task 
with which w* are faced. Then let 
ua take oar regponalblllty aa a people- 
seriously. Sinking all old and new 
divisional differences, let us unite fa 
evo l v ing ways and m e ans of stabilis- 
ing both our governing and our' liv- 
ing conditions on a high standard of 
honor aad efficiency. , 

Let as at' once, while Interest la 

high, Inaugurate a aeries of "unity ot 

Interest" meetings In each community 

to evolve an urgency plan of action. 


lidd Montrose Avenue, Victoria, 

B.C.. October >*. It It. / 


Municipal Politics 

Sir,— -Now that our Minister of 
Agriculture has , been safely seated, 
and while yet the spirit of politic* ts 
still in the air. it might not be Out 
of place to get a quiet line dn our 
municipal prospects. 

There is no doubt but a tew 
changes in the personnel of our City 
Council would be to the general bene- 
fit. Indecision, or at least lack of 
accomplishment, has been distinctly 
apparent during the present year tn 
our civic affairs. Several matters' ot 
Importance, that many citizens think 
should have bean brought to a he*u, 
have evidently dwindled into that 
everlasting controversy over unim- 
portant details, which seldom. It ever, 
lead to the solution of any problem. 

The Johnson Street bridge, that pet 
topic of- all candidates at the last 
election, hang* on the trifling Item' ot 
freight-carrying rights. One railway 
company's demand for exclusive prtv- 
lleges in this regard Is opposed by our 
city fathers. Therefore, the chances 
of bridge conHt ruction are little »m- 
ter now than a year ago; but likely a 
tactful and energetic effort would 
clear the situation and this much- 
d improvement ,go on. 
e RC. Electric still collects from 
the consumer 11 cents per k.w. for 
apr fares remain 
nsfei-n. Both of 
KheB ftere~iS I for revlaement by 
our present CHll. 

No ■ange IHBtlceablc in the 
Hay lirldge, nor has any recon 
tlon aalfcy, so prominent when 
war* sought,*f*aWn Introduce 
.prosecuted as it should be. 
. Coaaequeatly it behooves 
choose early, from among our 
and likely citizens, a number tl 
stand for municipal honors on 
gresaive platform; a number wh 
take for their etogrnn. that time 
battle-cry of OVery succesBRl 
pfiee, namely, "Do It no 

i. A. BRA 
12tt Fairfield Street, Victor! 
October it.Ttlt. ^ 

letter of Thanks 
Sir, — Kindly allow us, throng! 
columns, to (hank the commit 
lad tat and gentlemen in w< 
who worked ao assiduously and 
getically for the return of Dr. 
mte. We are also, grateful to' 
who loarfed their cars and gave 
elm* to bring the voters to the polla 
f Yours ia appreciation, 

W* J\ MABLE. Chairman. ■ 
I7«S Government street. Victoria. 

throughout th* voyage frafa Liver- 
pool to Halifax. A vigorous search 
of tha Vigtll failed ta give any 
clue to her disappearance. Her 
effects w!4 : >a tt |prB*f i »e^*t .ft the 




TM AJSSpsaWgaa of learning 

They aay that in England we do 
not much venerate fearning. Per* 
haps it is true. No one engaged In 
original work of research may have 
quite th* hoM of Mr. A. N. Hornby 
or Hobbs. each In hie dap and gener- 
ation, aa popular love and respect. 
Rat we do, far eanea reason, like a 
public maa ta ***** arte foot la laatu* 
lug aad one ta pablle aBanrs. Tbea'tf 
he doe* what we do not Ilk* we can 
call him a «aa. wBteh gtvea snuem *e- 
ltef. Aad w R au *» da** wall in our 
•yes we cam dee! a ur eus sea ta eoesid 
relatiooa wlt h^ th e Maaan, Ilka Oat 

when tbay teB tBptt oRagt+ag ta ft* 
R at Oraek and ieuin— •Nethlag Ilk* 
'em. my bay!" Perhaps this feeling 
In g a imHlj 1 * a* r aan* i ta tha campaat- 



It may alaaaat Ve) gelt that th* a*n 

B. C Oct. SI lilt. 

Victory Road la Chlnntowa 
•lr. — I expect to have considerable 
difficulty In securing the quota of 
Chinatown that year. They ere not 
earning forward e* freely aa laaf year. 
Thfii morning some of the answers 
given to . me was "scraps of paper." 
and this evening I waa generally 
greeted with "no nee talking, that 
makes no difference." I asked for 
an explanation, and 1 waa tald that 
four of the leading Chinese appeared 
at the voting booth* this morning, 
and after watting a considerable time 
without ghy notice being taken of 
them, they then went forward and 
told the deputy returning officers 
that they had come to vote, and gave 
their number on the voters' lints. 
Upon heibg refused, they askdd* by 
authority, dad waa told "no 
talking, that aiakee no differ- 
1 It appears that the Chinese 
were advised to demand by whose 
authority they are deprived of the 
right t* vote, es their names are an 
the voters' list, and if supplied' 'with 
thai information, they were then to 
demand the name of the returning 
officer aad ask him to note that they 
had appeared to exercise their right, 
and had been refused. The deputy 
returning officer evidently had net 
even th* courtesy to tell them by 
whoee authority they were acting in 
refusing tV allow the Chinese to 

. Jt is aa well for me to mention 
that thr** of the arguments supplied 
te the canvassers cannot be need by 
me. via: 

(I.) That the money would be 
uaed by Canada tor ahipbuilding, 
.te To thla they answer that ahip- 
building had been - barred to them, 
and that other Industries also have 
been barred to *a*ro, with only a few 

We all know the comfort there Is in having a *ood warm Comforter on hand to tfirow ovwr us when the night 
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i - 


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McLintock's Comforters— Down-filled, ven- 
tilated Comforters, covered with floral 
sateent in combination colors of mauve, 
pink, old rote, taxe and cardinal; size 60 z 
7 1 $15.00. 

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pink, old rose, light bloc and saxe; panel 
designs; size 66 x 72, at $17.00. 

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terns, in "colors of saxe, old blue, pink and 
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Down Comforters, with floral sateen cover- 
ings; panel designs in colorings of old 
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Down Comforters, with large floral designs, 
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Down Comforters filled with purified down, 
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Dowd Comforters, filled with purified 
, ventilated; earn* in dark aad light 
color combinations; satin panels; site 66 
x 72. Each, $27.50. 


Exceptional Values in Silkoline ) 


, Comforters 

Comforters, filled with all new purified cot- 
ton, and covered with fancy art silko- 
line; six* 72 x 66. Each $6.50. 

Comforters, covered with fancy art silko- 
line, ia shades of old rose, blue and -pink; 
filled with all new purified cotton; large 
doable bed sise, 72 x 64. Each, $8.00. 

Comforters in beautiful patterns of art silk- 
oline and filled with all new purified cot- 
ton; attractive colorings; size .72 x 68. 
Each, $9.00. 

Comforters, in handsome designs and color- 
ings, covered with a good line of silko- 
line ahd well filled with all new purified 
cotton; unusually soft sod fluffy like; 
size 72x66. Each, $10411 


Cotton-Filled Comforters 

Comforters, filled with purified cotton; cov- 
ered with silkolin*, in dark floral designs. 

Size 60 x 72, $3.75. 
Size 66 x 72, $4.25. 

Comforters.* -filled with purified cotton, 
with silkoline covering, in small light 
floral designs. Sise 66 x 72, $4.00. 

Comforters, . filled with the best purified 
cotton, covered with 
sateen, ht fancy floral 
72, $5.50 apd $6.00. 

a good quality 
design; sir* 66 x 



' ■ ; ' 

u .• 




sis' ._• m* , 

Plaid Blankets 


Plaid Blankets, in a nice soft finish ; beautiful plaid designs in 
frhtk, blue, grey and tan. Give serviceable wear. Size 72 % 

Qr eA Am* 

Nashua Woolnap Blankets, in a heavier quality, which will 


give exceptionally good wear ; large plaid designs in pitrk, 
blue, grey and tan; sixe 66.x 82 inches. Per pair, $10.75. 

% ■ White Wool Blankets' 

In excellent wearing qualities. These come with pink and blue 
borders, and will give splendid wear. 

Flannelette Blankets 

With pink or blue borders ; extra heavy quality. Every pair 
guaranteed to be absolutely first grade. 

Size 60 xw. Per pair, $^5. 

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Size 72 x 90. White or grey. Per pair, $4.50. 
• • ' - • 

Grey Blankets 


Size 60 x 80. Per pair, $14.50. 
Size 64 x 84, Per pair, $ 1 5,00,.^ 
Size 66 x 82. Per pair, $17.50. 



A Very Serviceable Quality in Dark Grey. 
Size 60 x 80, $14.75. 

Size 64 V«4> $?J.75. m , W^iS 

U~ Blanket Comfortables 

/ < •> >■ m n i m ' h - -trngmrmmmmA^mHAWmm^A^^mA^^m^^^^- 

Blanket Rugs are made with a beautiful soft, warm finish, and 
are used as comforters, couch covers and traveling rugs. 
Come in self tan color; ska 72 x 84. Eadi, $8.75. 

i. ( V 

, for the 


At $20.00— Handsome Natural Muskrat, barrel 
style; satin lined. v 

At $9.50— Black Dog Muff, melon stele; nicely lined and cord 
armlet. „4& ■ 

•At $12.00— Black Dog Muff, large colonial style. With head and 
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At $13.50— Badger Muff, melon style; natural head and tai} 

At $15.00— Natural Wolf Muff, neat style, with head, paws aad 

tail. ' .•■iWt'." . "»•••* 

At $16.50— Mink Marmot Rug Muff, satin lined, trimmed with 
hadd aad talL 

At $16.50— Natural Opossum Muff; in barrel style. • 

At $18.50— Natural Muskrat Rug Mat) satin Uaed. 

At $19.50— Natural Jap Fox Muff; melon style; silk pep lie lined. 

At $20.00— Red Fox Muff, with large head and 'brush; satin 

At $2D.0t— Pretty Australian Fox Muff, trim., 
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At $25.00— Natural Muskrat Rug Muff, satin 

At $25.00— Black Manitoba W< 
mont style* velvet Hned and si 



At $32.50-Hand*oa»e Black Skunk Muff, col- 
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At $J7 JO— Handsome Striped Sable Muff, ia 
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At $J7.SO-Oenadia* Coop Muff, finished with 
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At $52 50— Handsome Muff of Cub Bear, in 
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Women's Smart 
Winter Gloves 

Dent's Tan Nappa Glove* of very fine 
quality with Jieavy embroidered points 
in self or black stitching: oversewn 
fingers, two dome fasteners. Priced 
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Perrln's Black Suede Gloves, with Pari, 
points; oversewn fingers; two dome 
fasteners. A very fine Quality Glove, 
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English Doeskin Cloves in white, with 
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excellent washing Glove, with piaja* 
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Silk Gloves with fabric lining, in grey 
and white, with Paris points. Most 
suitable for present wear. Price, $2.25. 

Children's Lisle Gloves in white, SttttraJ. 

?rrey and mode. A warm school Glove 
or girls 2 to 4 yeas*. Price, 95c. 




aaa* ' 


Cf ) Pajtrt***rm. To tbta tbay 
answer «het if tney are ta a* taalr 
duty as ctfleena, tbay should be given , right*, 
the aHVfteg** *« eUlsanahl*, bat they 
have been deprive* without rhyme 
or. reason, tne only f****e besag the 
power at might. 

<t.) Aa an lawattmawt Taay 
point out that they can get 1* par 
e*at la China, aad 1 per «*«t at 
Hongkong, thai If they bought at all. 
it Is entirety from the point af view 
of "daty. ta the country of their 
adoption." To render whet assist. 
anee they ran. and help to solve the 
aftermath of the war.' They petet 

I"'" " 

•at that it la 
to Neogala* datlee 


deny them 

that the 

It la vary aafortuaate 
election ssasadd ansae on as 
1 time a« the Victory Loan. 
I a* net deepalr. aad am still bring* 

Sga^s-asUl"^ * - 

CTfibw pdreeaal rrtaXha**. eWw- 
ever, eeeae threagb eatlaCactorltfr. 
and wh**» the Seellag af laJaaUe* hsV 
>aiaj> sal. 1 hope ta get thaun g* 
corns thrs—h. M. HAsmWOSi 



<rr*M fat aams* OssMbe »r Onetet te. isa»». 
T*s »ferw«l«r— ft fees hmm r^sensg that thmree IMsbM* w*i m* W a asetl- 
ae*» a* «ke S ssi t sis si ss sum o s. 

lm«tl«, t wHtesssrlag 

e te stst* thai a* ea* *e 
rigsjeglse «s Mx. *JirS***at s> at. 

a«iia nenp 

■ 1 Z aW 1 

fM bare AtpMa weejs sail akeat tk* it* germ 111 trad 

it deal ef ajsresssSlsi ftes tesa »hei sat *r Oiistsi— i st 
fee* eas«a«r v*ss*t •* re a« east ea t*e tart*. 
sssaesaa*aea**»**aaaaaeb^ fatffail 



j to ^protect ourselves from 
Flu. Wear rubbers^ when- 
ever if* is damp and cpldA 
We have rubbers ttf fSSS 
shapes^ bvk ix^ ;>/,i 

_ ^ 's Shoe Store 

JKasSt 1232 *4t Yeses St. 

"Wbarv Most Peool 

r *> •» 





| T t ' . . 1.. i ■ , , ,i i ■ ■■ - . 

" ' * " " ' I » ' ■ l ■ ■■ II n ■ .. . . ■ ■ I 

mmrv nAnrrn a/taaai *-«* 

OCTOBER 30, 1919 


HdlcK Company's" Attitude Re- 
* spewing Competing Cars on 
i Bridge Is Unreasonable- 
Can Be No* Compromise 

A. R. Graham E. M. Brown 

Sole Agents for the Famous. 






Phone 13 1203 Broad Street 

Our Motto: "Service" 

utumn and Winter Reading 

A sure care for the discordant atmosphere of modern existence Is 
to retire to a world of one's own choosing with 

Study the stars and the immensity of space, and laugh at the ' 
presumption of man busy with hjs little foot rule. 


Mayor Porter sent a letter yester- 
day to President E. W. Beatty. of the 
Canadian Pacific Railway, stating his 
opinion that the preeent attitude, of 
the company respecting- the right* of 
competing care on the proposed Jqhn- 
■on Street bridge la' untenable and un- 
reasonable, and that the City la un- 
able to conceive of any compromise 
that might lead to an elimination of 
tlw differences now existing. 
- The Mayer was advised by wire 
some days age by General Manager 
Grant Hall, of the C.P.R., that If the 
Council could devise a plan that would 
-modify, without entirely annulling, the 
clause In the tentative agreement to 
the effect that the C.P.R. shall have 
full control of the freight cars pass- 
ing pw the bridge, the Company 
would give such plan every considera- 

The Mayor believes, however, that 
there can be no middle course, that 
the clause must be eliminated alto- 
gether or' else left in, and the Coun- 
cil will not stand for that For that 
reason he In asking Mr. Beatty If the 
company will not recede from Its stand 
•in order that- the agreement, now long 
postponed, may become a thing of 

Until a reply is received from Mr. 
Beatty no further negotiations In con- 
nection with the Johnson Street bridge 
are likely to be carried on. 


"As during nghtlng Canada nev- 
er failed to reach her objective, no 
one eafl doubt Canada will again 
do so In case of Victory Loan." 

This cablo^was received yester- 
day by Bri*j.-Oeneral Clarke, chair- 
man Island Victory Loan commit- 
tee, from Admiral Viscount Jelli- 
eoe. The. message was sent from 
Honolulu where the Admiral Is 
visiting at present on his Empire 




' • 

: — 

— : — 

Civil Servants Will Hereafter 
Get Out 'Monthly Publication 
Devoted to Their Interests- 
Report of Recent Conference 


Royal Beak Is Opposite 




This Restaurant Service Will Please Yon 

Fine quality food, welT Cooked and daintily served — that 
is what we promise you at this restaurant. Prices are 
quite moderate. 

— - 







Ml rim Stratt Km E.WJ Block 



M*> SSI e^. A\ < , 


General W. M, Thomson, Bro- 
ther of Mr, li B, Thomson, 
Victoria, Made K.CM.G. 
Recently in London 


The following dispatch from The 
Montreal Star office, 20 Cockspur 
Street, London, refers to General W. 
M. ThomHon, won of Mrs. Alios Thom- 
son, of 1365 Rockland Avenue: 

Major-General W. M. Thomson. C. 
B.. M.C., has been made K.CM.G. 
for services during the war. Sir Wil- 
liam Thomson Is a brother of H. B. 
Thomson, late Food Controller, now 
with the. Trade Mission in London. 


With a view to keeping members 
of the Civil Service posted upon hap- 
penings within the service, a monthly 
bulletin, the first of which was issued 
yesterday, win be published. As yet 
the bulletin is merely a typewritten 
one, but an effort is being made to 
interest members of the Service 
throughout the Province to the end 
that a regularly printed paper may 
be # issued. An ' appeal to that end 
is now being made to members of 
the Service. 

In the first bulletin- Issued yes- 
terday a report of the recent con- 
ference between a committee of the 
Victoria Civil Service Association and 
the cabinet respecting the new sched- 
ules prepared by the Civil Service 
Commissioner covering his regrading 
of the service and the salary in- 
creases is contained. The report sets 
forth* : ■ — — r- 




Exceedingly Sm^rt 

:e Dresses 

The distinctly superior quality o< the serges employed in , 
these dresses is a point you will notice with satisfaction — end the 
reasonableness of otrr prices is another likeable feature. Styles are 
distinctive and new, revealing 

—the straight line with tie girdle * 
—tile Russian blouse effect 

—the braid-trimmed overskirt 

—the bell sleeves, pretty embroideries 

— collarless effects with dainty braidings 
After you have inspected these unusually smart dresses and 
noted the carefulness of their finish, you will appreciate the 
extent of the values afforded. Prices 

- • 

728-750.794 Yates St 
Telephone 3983 

f - 

$25 to $55 

• • • • 



* ! In Honor of V 


., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Etc. 

E EMPRESS ttu j ill, 
AY, NOV. 10th, 9 P. M. 

Huglssfl fafssiiOtxhgsjtra in Palm Court and Rumsby s 
W.A. in the Writing Room. 

,_) » ■>** »■■• •„« ? ■««, , 4 j«.l« $5.0Q EACH 

CaTBe '61>(aTriefffrorh the Ball Secretary, Navy League Offices, 

222 Pemberton Building, between the hours, of tp and 5; 

Saturdays, 10 to l, and Mr. H. H. Rowley, Union Bank.' 

Applications to be accompanied by remittances. 



Major-General William Montgom- 
ery Thomson has had a long and bril- 
liant record of service with the Ses> 
forth Highlanders. He Is forty-two 
years of age, and Joined the famous 
Scottish regiment In 18*7. He. served 
on the Nile in 1888. He became a 
cgptain in 1901, and. a major In 1916. 
His advance during the war was rapid 
and he passed from major to lieuten- 
ant-colonel, then to colonel, brigadier* 
general and major-general. In 19 IS 
»»a*<ri9l7 he serve* with great dis- 
tinction Jn Mesopotamia and was cre- 
ated a Companion of the Bath and 
received the Military Cross. 


— — 



—That is your be.iae*— Selling Soap at Low Price. Is oi 

Sunlight Soap, rtjr* Lifebuoy Soap, 4)C 

^ r P*2ket _...Jlr.Ldw#C .1 cake, for Z5C 

Isldssr West Soap, Off P. A G. Naphtha Soap, QC- 
} cakes for _ _. *iO\> 3 C akca for e£DC 

J cakes for 


Castile Soap, 
6 cakes for 



ft^sflh StT v y**«T.i *#» W pa,^ lg , 2 

— — 


W * ntT .t. t i* , SL" t tnd £«** d «Mt"» ln Momrtnertta; Tavist*, Curb- 
ing*, dt«. t ifNft City. WV would tike to quote you on ahv sErk I~. 
desire. nr«t-«la»* ato 
Stene Ysrd, Car. May 

de»lre._ Plrat^Ua itoakjsad workmanship 


quote you on any work you 
4817. P.O. Bo, 520 


^aHaVsaUi 1 1 tin aiia\ an ■ — sM ti SaV 1 — 

i fit wtnif r ^vTfltner is 
here, you'll be having 
{rouble with your water 
pipes* When you do, 
just phone 828 and we 
will come up and remf 
edy the trouble. . ' 


Plumbinf and} Heatine 
741 Pandora Street 



9 Smart Rain- 
coat* and Capes 

Plain and tweed cloths, also 

Urte Selection of Umbretta. 

of Garb' Winter 

10 to 16 years. 

Y.'M.CA, Plan Weird Entertain- 
ment to Provide Fun for the 
Merrymakers at, the Fes- 
tivities on the STst 

__ - — _ __ _ 

Something new In the way of Hal- 
lowe'en socials Is the watchword of 
the Y.M.C.A.. which is planning to 
present a novel type of entertainment 
for the 3lst. Costume processions 
headed by a "Mystery Band" will be 
one Of the features of the event. It 
Is stated, but the upmost secrecy Is 
maintained as to the composition of 
the "Mystery." 

Chambers of Horrors, Caves of the 
Winds, and many thrilling places of 
novel amusement are 1 among the 
prominent features, while the swim- 
ming club has promised to stage a 
really "ghostly" gala in the pool. The 
building is to be sumptuously decor- 
ated with the usual, and many unique 
features Of the Hallowe'en period, 
while the ' accustomed- refresh menu, 
nuts, cookies and such like delectables, 
are said to be In keeping with the 
magnitude of the weird event. 

All young people of the community 
arc cordially Invited. to be present, the 
only stipulation made being that all 
bring a light heart to the merrymak- 
ing. The ladles are further requested 
to bring a white sheet, a mask and 
a pillowslip; while the gentlemen are 
asked to provide themselves with a 
Scat's head" mask. Sideshows will 
slso have a place In. the scheme of 
things, while a booth entitled "Remi- 
niscences of Prance." promises to 
thrill even the more blase of hardened 


a nrnsoxAjrs 

"The first item of Information this 
month, and a very important one, 
too, is the report of the meeting of 
the Special Committee on the re- 
grading with the Executive Council, 
on Friday, the 24th Inst., the Exec- 
utive requesting the Committee to 
appear In order that they might hear 
the Association's case at first hand. 
Mr. A. B. McNeill, chairman of the 
Committee, outlined the work of the 
Committee, explaining that every 
effort had been made to get full in- 
formation regarding the work of the 
civil servants and to grade the work 
accordingly on the basis of the Civil 
Service Act, putting like work in like 
grades. Irrespective of whether the 
servant was ln one department or 
another. The grading fixed, the next 
step was to fix the salaries within 
the llmfts provided in the Act, tak- 
ing into account length of service, 

Cost ot laving Bonos 
"Mr. Fred Mackensle. Provincial 
President, spoke on the matter of 
the cost of living bonus. Instancing 
•other services where this principle 
had been followed, and emphasis- 
ing the provisions of the Civil Service 
Act, which required a salary based 
on normal times and a cost of living 
bonus in addition. 

"Some members of the cabinet did 
not see w'.iy the bonus should not be 
lumped together with the salary, but 
changed their minds when It was 
explained that bis would upset the 
grading. For Instance. If a man's 
total remuneration was fixed at $110 
and called salary, he would be la 
the 2A class; later on. If living con- 
ditions became easier, and $10 or 
ISO was knocked off as no longer 
necessary, the man would drop Into 
the IB class. The method provided 
In the Act was the only way — fix a 
man's ' salary within the limits of 
his grade on an agreed normal time 
basis, so that he knows his salary 
and can figure accordingly, and then 
add an allowance to meet the pres- 
ent abnormal cost of living. 

"Mr. Mackenzie pointed out that 
the promise ot a 130 bonus made 
by the Hon. Dr. MacLean In July 
last had not been generally carried 
out and referred to the Land Regis- 
try offices, where out of a total of 
seventy-seven names only seventeen 
had received ISO or more over It 14 



General Mewburn Says No 
Definite Air Policy Has Been 
Drawn Up — Appointments 
Still Vacant 

VICTORY BONDS— the Bridge from War to Peace. 



No. 2, Poultry 


Get them here end you'll 

General Mewburn, Minister of 
Militia and Defence, who Is one of 
the seven members of the Canadian 
Air Board, told a representative of 
The Colonist last night that the Cana- 
dian Air Board has as yet formulated 
no definite air policy. He said that 
the country would not stand for any 
enormous expense in aerial develop- 
ment, and the policy of the Board for 
the moment was to go slow and see 
Its way ahead. 

Asked as to the filling of the three 
positions, superintendent ot certifi- 
cates, secretary to the board, and 
medical officer, General Mewburn 
stated that these had not yet been 
filled. The appointment of Colonel 
Robert Leckje to the post of superin- 
tendent of flying operations was the 
only position filled to date. 

Asked as to the matter of the "gift 
machines," General Mewburn stated 
that the question was under consid- 
eration, and that at' the moment 
Camp Borden was the only place 
where any . aerodromes were estab- 
lished, and at Csmp Borden no facili- 
ties could be secured to care for the 
waiting gift. It appears all the me- 
chanics and personnel of the training 
centre of the Air Force ln Canada 
have been demobilised, and even ' it 
the Board got the 11< machines rrom 
the Old Country, it could find no way 
of looking after them. 

As to International questions, such 
ss air ports and customs clearances, 
General Mewburn would not commit 
himself beyond saying that these mat- 
ters were under consideration. No 
definite air policy hag yet been ac- 
complished by the Canadian Air 

No. 3, Meat 

No, 4, V. 

'"si i 




Neat Post Office 



■ • . 

The First Drive Yourself Aute Liver* in Canada 


1 ► 

Drive the car yourself. We rent Overjands, Fords, Dodges, 

«* - 



721 View 


Outfit Yosr Children at Our 

Scabrook Young 

Pleae 4746 
Cstaes* kVeeel sssl JeSneeei Sts. 

tVederlck 8. BEolle, M.D., Bdltor of 
Mew To* Physicians' "Who's Who." 
says that weak, . nervous people who 
want Increased weight, strength aad 
nerve-force, should take a (-grain tab- 
let of Bltro- Phosphate Just before er 
during eaohraeeJ. 

'Tills pertleatar p h o sp hate is Ule dis- 
covery # of a f emeus French scientist. 
and reports of remarkable results frost 
Its use have reeently s a g ea r td la 


Police Court Investigation Into Jewelry 

Theft Is «'oiM-hided — Charge Is 

Based Upon Confession 

/ . . . . .TT~~~~ 1 

Chew Chlng. . Chinese, charged in 
the police conn - yesterday with the 
theft of jewelry valued at f 3,910. 
stolen .frbm th;e premises of George 
Alexander,- Store Street, was commit- 
ted ' for t rial by Magistrate Jay at the 
completion' ef the esse against him. 
Seto Wah BVo. the Chrhssa servant 
at the Alexander rooming house 
from which Jtrrar JeweJsy was stolen, 
and who turned King's evidence and 
confuted that he had stolen die val- 
uables an<J handed them ,over to 
Chew Chlng and Quo Way. the latter 
Of whom has dls-ibpeared. has been 
the 1 chief > witness for the prosecution. 
Under examination'- on tti« witness 
stahd Beto- Boo tes'.irted thnt he know 
nothing of the present whereabouts 
ef the Jewelry. He. also stated that 
when Gee Koi. Interpreter, had vls- 
ltedv him In' the pollco court he had 
advised him to deny all knowledge 
of the robbery and to elect for trial 
by the higher court. „ Bg,| 

Evidence was. glvn by Detective 
Macdonald of the arrests of Chew 
Chlng and Seto Wan Boo. the latter 
of whom had turned King's "vfcd«noe 
and admitted taking the jewelry 
and handing It over to the two other 

tinder cross examination 'cy Mr. 
Tait, solicitor for Chlng Chew. Mrs. 
Alexander stated that on the night 
of the robbery witness had boen 
asked by Chew Chlng as to the 
whereabouts of a Mrs. Gee. "a white 
woman and a friend Of sera, who 
was st her premises on that night. 



Major R. W. Clark, superintend - 
dent of the housing scheme ln British 
Columbia, will address the streets 
committee of the City Council Friday 
afternoon. Mayor Porter announced 

Major Clark and several repre- 
sentatives of the returned soldiers 
attended Monday night's meeting of 
the Council, but left the meeting 
when informed that the housing 
scheme was not to be discussed. It 
had been reported that the alder- 
manic committee appointed several 
weeks . ago to deal with the matter 
would be In a position to report, but 
no statement from the committee was 

Aid. Sangster, chairman of the 
committee, was not at Monday's 
meeting, but his absence was not 
responsible for the lack of a report, 
for none was prepared and none will 
next Friday. It was explained yes- 
terday that last week AM. Johns, a 
member of the committee, was unable 
to attend a committee meeting and 
thus the meeting had to be post- 
poned, while the week ■ previous no 
meeting could be held on account of 
the illness of Aid. Patrick. 



Central Building, View Street 
Telephone 3217 Victoria. f.C. 

'^li. Store of <JuanV» 



Convex Oval Frame*, 14 
Agents offered to buy out en 
stock at retail prices, from $3.80 to 
13.80. Refused to sell to them at 
aug press. .< 

Good assortment . on hand. 

Wctoria Art Emporia* 

ill JAbmssVom fM Wshsn* of " — --•' 


to Campbell River; crossing from 
Campbell River to Vancouver and re- 
turning from Vancouver probably by 
way ot the Islands. The dependable 
weather for the season Is nearly over, 
and the next aerial tour will be t he- 
last this Fall. 

The Aerial League plan to hold a 
tag day on November 29th, when the 
two Ctartlss machines will be seen to- 
gether over the city. Leaflets are to 
be dropped and many novel events 
will be Included in the drive for sup 
port. j- ■•* I ^■utgsaPi ttffl 



■ Ml t 

BERNE, Oct. 2».— Satisfaction with 
the results of the elections to the 
National Council, which showed only 
39 Socialists chosen on the final count, 
is expressed by the bourgeois press to- 
day. The Swiss democracy, these 

newspapers comment; withstood vic- 
toriously a strong attack on the part 
of the extremists, who had been boast- 
ing that the bourgeois party would 
be snowed under. 

The final results show that the coun- 
cil, with a total of l«a members, will 
be made up ss fotlesrs: 

Radical Democrats, 81; Cathoilo 
Conservatives, 42; Socialists, 3»f the 
new Peasants' Party, 27; Liberal 
Democrats, »; Eastern Switzerland 
Democrats. 4; Grutleans, 3; I'rogres- 
• J ve Bo urgeois, 1; Bvaagells t, l t 

■ Version Couocirs Hubscrlptlna) 

VftRUfdN,- Oct; 29.— At a special 
meeting of the council today lt< w«a 
decided to subscribe $50,000 of the 
city's sinking fund to the Victorv Loan. 
thus inaugurating the campaign in 
Vernon. Mayor Shatford, who is or- 
ganiser for North Okanagan, predicts 
that the district's response ' will ho 
even better than last year when all 
quotas were oversubscribed. 


False Impresstnn Ci 
I Victory Loan 

t About Third 
Is Dispelled 
by Workers ' 

. 13. G. 

aaedlcal Journal*. 

if you e» sot f sal wall; if you tire 
seen*: do set sleep weft or are Sao 

thin; ge te any good druggist and get 
enough Bltro- Phosphate for a two 

S week 
Sat tans 

hate for a two 
only Sfty easts 

shew your fso* thoroughly, 
and If at the end of a few weeks xeu 
so not feel stronger and better than yen 
have for months: If your nerves are net 
Steadier ' 

lave more 
our money 

If you do net sleep b et te r a»d 
• vim, endurance and vitality, 
•ey will be returned, sad the 
suSeis will eas* •a*JU*eaeSBsnsL 


w. 13. G. McLagan, Victory Loon 
canvasser, ran across a family today 
who had bought bonds of both pre- 
vious issues, but who had decided not 
to Invent this year on account of In- 
come tax. Mr. McLagan took them 
In hand and explained that aa far as 
that particular fsmlly is concerned. 
the Income from the bonds la free of 
taxation. This explanation quite 
satisfied them and they - subscribed 
for a 1500 bond, and later In ' the 
morning phoned In that they had de- 
cided to take another »S0o. One false 
Impression they had was that the 
bond Itself was ubjoct to taxation, 
which, of course, hi ridiculous. 


Pathfinder II.* Brave* the Rain IS Up* 

F l ig tb i yanks 


• Luxewrburg Vaeerhms 
' LUXEMBURG. Oct. 29.— Reports 
from the election of membesg of -the 
Chamber of Deputies, which will re- 
place the Constituent Assembly, tend . 
to show that, the vote of newty-en- at 11:M S^ssfsaado fast going on the 

franchlsed women wffl s^SvS B" is- 
Jority In the Chamber or Clericals. 
Out of forty-eight seat*, the Social- 
ists will hold ten. , Radicals . seven. 
Clericals 24. Independents two, and 
the pro- Belgian party four. Definite 

|»ne pro 

are. expected later today, „ \ at all the main points 

Taking advantage of the weather, 
which yesterday was cloudy but not 
actually rsinUw up the Island, the 
Pathfinder II. was flown to Courted 
nay, Mr. W. N. Brown piloting. ThS 
machine took off from the Willows 

1 omght s Programme 

At Our 


r S»'BjSV^ 

&4 bsjosj'! 

November List of 


Now on Sale m* 


way sp. Today the Pathfinder If, 
will be flown to Albernl. and front 
there to Campbell River, returning til 
the city on Friday. j ^\ 

After the present tour, 
strut Ing trip win be made. 

Come tnd heir the onfy phonograph that darej make 
a public Tone- Teat which has proven its claims of 
actually Rc-Creating the voice of the CVin| artistf 



./■-. -.^v... 



1,1 ■ ' I i n I «■ I . I ill » . | l . - — I . ' , „ . . III. 

W* U*m6 t»<ftone out 

i uwaii r, electric lights tad starter i S food 
OH* vMl snasountablc rims. « One man top. • MecbanJcaUy 
cow* set* detail Jott out of the vtfat shop. Ot 

the tut RDM of the season .................. * **^^^^v 

CMCVKOUrr— I9lt Motnl. Tires. tncludtag snare, in good shape. 

■injtas, rear end and storage hattery recently ©ver- 

Car a* now equipped costs #MW ■JJ 

Foe galea sale ........................... easjmw 

OV« « , » ,„ ... , .,, «*,**., a«*^ j^SUJ* 


vi. C f i. ' 

fetjr. irtwi good 

*r and lights. Flye non-skid tiresj I 

Wo Mil Tpnfaxbt— Owins to the 

Smith's rae#teae/th«re will not be any 
arfle of tlie R.N.c.V.R. until Friday, 


Houghton Street. ™#*>IJ|J 

Branch Oarage Oppoalta the Oak Bay He 
"If yen got it at Murder's ft*s ail right" 

Many— Try It lor a Month 

Purveyors to the 
k Victoria Palme 


The Big; Cash Market 



}wM ,« jn'T 

Provisions*. Fish* Bakery 
Fruit and Vegetables, Drugi and Light 

-onhrare^-All at the Lowest Price. 

JMhalaiAi m i ■■ ■ ■ 

for porridge or bread making, 
lar 3 lbs. for Z5c, special 4 lbs. for *L , 


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• Cheese, per box.... _ tK/V 

Cream Break! aat Cheese, -| O _ 
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Fineat Government Creamery** 
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Pumpkins, for Hallowe'en, each 
10c and. .a^, - ...a^lSty 

r Corn, pef lb. ^..^JtOe^ 


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Phones: g££ Srt-PB."" oJT; nil 

tor PUlnUff — Judgment 
In favor of the plaintiff for IJ60 la 
the county court com of Davison vs. 
Cnnttenft area awarded yesterday by 
Jud«s p. a. Lampman. 

the evangelist. Mayor Porter.. Mr! 
Prank Glolma. M.P.P.. and Mr. Geo. 
steOrater will be the speakers today 
at Use V tosety Lean luncheon of the 
Rotary Club In the Empress Hotel. 

Oosarades of the Great War— An 

executive meeting will be held at the 
club rooms on Thursday, October 3«,' 
at 7: SO p. to. As there are Important 
matters, to be discussed, a large at- 
tendance of the executive Is requested. 

Chance In Train Service — Starting 
from November t. No. 1 mixed trala 
on the Canadian National Railway, 
will leave Alpha Street station, Victo- 
ria, at 1:46 p.m. daily except Sunday, 
when it will leave at 11 a.m. 

M asr op ii U Me thodist Church- 
Members of the choir ate requested 
to take notice that the weekly choir 
practice will be discontinued until af- 
ter the Gypsy Smith meetings have 
finished, ""and that, therefore, there 
will ha no practice tonight. 

Out on Ba ll Ball la the amount of 
$100 each was grante\L yesterday to 
Joe 8uey Wan and Joe Kai Tip. 
charged with assaulting Joe Kwong 
Fun.. The case Will' come on for 
the police court this 






■ — 





*Tjf m 



if be 
^ W ltnot »upply yo«r fmrexHrn 

nsraei CoUamTaL. 

^^■^ ^*^^^e^^w t| jog 

wssi ncrenn M^sones ir, Mnp ei. 
up with the IncfCMtnc 



■ ■ 

■ r i " i ."i S 

■ ' "" * 




pc^intr WEBSmnUN cxmHkdBt 




m Cetuertts (Daaaaisjlr), 14a, 
K Phe-se 83 

false alarm 
from box 83 gave the Are depart- 
ment a needless run last night at 
10; 40 o'clock. Shortly afterward the 
brigade waa called to 123* Fort 
Street, someone, in passing that 
number, seeing some sparks which 
they took to Indicate a Are. No signs 
of a blase were seen by the* firemen. 

Would Modify Itoad Tax Law- 
Representatives of the Army and Navy 
Veterans' Association will confer with 
Mayor Porter this morning with a 
view to having the registration regula- 
tions modified to exempt from pay- 
ment retttrned soldiers who were de- 
mobilized before August 1 last. 

White Ensign Men — A special 
meeting of men who have served un- 
der the White Ensign Is called for 
this evening, at t o'clock, ht the hall 
oa the ground floor of Belmont 
Mouse. This meeting la to discuss 
very important matters, and it la 
hoped that a large attendance will 
be present: 

Ogden Point Supports Loan— Rep- 
resentatives from Ogden Point met 
Brig.-Qeneral Clarke, chairman of the 
Island Victory Loan Committee, last 
night in the campaign office. 303 
Pemberton Block. The details of the 
loan were thoroughly explained to the 
visitors, who went away thoroughly 
enthused, and determined to support 
the issue to the limit. 

P r eeia i tl a g Picture— The Lady Al- 
derson Chapter, I.O.D.E., will present 
to the North Ward School tomorrow 
afternoon, at 3:30, the picture en- 
titled, "Sailing of First Transports," 
an historic subject viewed in its rela- 
tion to the late war and Canada's 
■hare In the great adventure. All 
members of the Chapter are invited 
to be present tomorrow. 

School Essays — Brig. - General 
Clarke has made an appeal to the 
schools to have the children write 
eeays en the Victory Lean. Many 
schools make a practice of weekly 
essays as part of the curriculum and 
the General has notified school prin- 
cipals that if they will make the Vic- 
tory Loan the subject of the essay this 
or next week he will be pleased to 
present a suitable gift to the winner 
In each school of the beat essay. 

Head aa Vagra n t ■Ross Ladford waa 
a t r es t ed last night by Detectives 
Phipps and Siclliaao and booked at 
police headquarters on a charge of 
vagrancy. Ledford and two women 
have been occupying > a handsome 
dwelling on Belmont Avenue for the 
past three weeks which they rented 
furnished. Recently complaints to 
the .police of the conduct of the In- 
mates resulted in the man's arrest last 
night He will appear In the police 
court this morning. 

Rotarian ReclprocaUOn — C a p t. 
Goodlake, secretary of the Rotary 
Club, has received a letter from Mr. 
H. L. Riseley, chairman of the Over- 
seas Guild, Bristol, asking for litera- 
ture relating to Victoria, and send- 
ing pamphlets dealing with Bristol 
and surrounding country. Mr. Riseley 
la an honorary member of the Bristol 
Rotary Club. Captain Goodlake has 
p a s se d the letter on to Commissioner 
McAdam of the Victoria and Island 
Development Association, who is for- 
warding the information., requested. 

Death of Former Pioneer— The Lon- 
don Times of recent date says: "The 
death hae taken place at Sunderland, 
at the age of 88. of Mr. Henry Have- 
lock, a relative of Sir Henry Havelock, 
of Indian Mutiny fame. Mr. Have- 
lock had for sixty years been associa- 
ted with newspapers both in England 
and America. At one time he waa on 
The New York Herald, and was also 
a newspaper proprietor in British Col- 
umbia. Far some years he waa a 
member of the Legislature of British 
Columbia." / 

Walts Competition— The winners of 
the waits competition at the dance 
given by the Foundation Club at the 
rooms last evening were aa follows: 
First prise, Mrs. Fann and Mr. Jones: 
Mrs. Samson aad Mr. 
third prise, Mr. and Mrs. 
H ughe s, There were about 103 couples 
en the floor, and the dance waa In 
■very respect one of the meet success- 
ful thus far held by the club. The 
Judgee in the waits competition were 
Messrs. L. Oliver. R. Vipond and 

furnish the music. "J" Unit Chapter, 
I.O.D.B., of which Mrs. North is re- 
gent, will supply the refreshments 
Mr. O. 1C Base la chairman of the 
committee on arrangements. It's) 
hoped that all old friends will tUra 
out and support the ' undertaking. 

Colonel Foster's tJmfn Tills 
evening Lieut. -GoL W. W. Foster. 
DJ.O., will grraA lecture, illustrated 
by official war record elides, at Christ 
Church Schoolroom,, under "the aus- 
niaee of the Anglican Toung People's 
Association. The proceedings will 
commence at 8 o'clock. The story" to 
be told by Colonel Foster Will give an 
Idea of some of the experiences of a 
dian battalion, and the pictures 
show views of Tpres. the Sommc, 
Passchendaele, and the great 
advance of i»18. ThereS will be a 
collection at the door in aid of the 
piano fund. 

Opening Sooke Hotel — Former pat- 
rons of the Sooke Harbor Hotel and 
many intending new onea are glad to 
know that the place hag, been re- 
opened under the management of 
Messrs. George Nicholson and K. 
Willis, and the occasion Is to bo 
marked by the holding on Saturday 
evening of a dance. An orchestra has 
been engaged in Victoria to supply 
the necessary music, and a good sup- 
per la to be provided, so that the 
Sooke residents as well as the parties 
who motor out from the city for the 
occasion may look forward to a very 
delightful evening's entertainment. 

Y.M.c.A. Activities in addition to 
the Hallowe'en social arranged by the 
seniors for Friday night, the boys' 
department la to hold a Hallowe'en 
entertainment of its own in the boys' 
room on the first floor. Mr. Cross 
will be In charge of the boys' func- 
tion, which will be open to all mem- 
bers. Games, stunts and old-fash- 
ioned notions will be the order of the 
evening for Juniors, while the seniors 
will hold a weird and novel social 
open to all young people of the com- 
munity. The Glee Club held another 
very successful practice which was 
well attended. 

Expert Investigation— With a view 
to ascertain more adequately the mer- 
its of certain alleged potash deposits 
in the Renfrew district, concerning 
which some public discussion was 
created recently, Hon. William Sloan, 
Minister of Mines, will shortly send 
District Mining Engineers Brewer and 
Galloway to the district to make a 
full Investigation. The federal mining 
authorities have from time to time 
reported upon the deposits of alunite, 
aa it is technically termed, and their 
reports have indicated the deposits 
are not a commercially feasible 
proposition from the standpoint of 
potash production. 

Civil Service Plans— The Victoria 
branch of the Provincial Civil Service 
Association has under consideration 
one or two plans to make the organi- 
zation prove of benefit to the Individ- 
ual members. In addition *to the social 
featurer. which have been provided for 
in the formation of dancing club and 
the preparation of a Winter's pro- 
gramme of weekly dances, the plan is 
now being considered of arranging for 
medical attendance and medicine at a/ 
monthly rata to be levied upon all 
members. It Is likely the proposal 
will be considered at the annual meet- 
ing of the association to be held on 
November 10 next. 

Congratulations to Minister More 
congratulatory messagee were received 
yeeterday by Hon. "Or. Tetmte from 
friends who rejoice at the Minister's 
recent great victory at the polls here. 
Among the messages was one from 
Hon. Newton Wesley Rowell, a mem- 
ber of the Union cabinet, i Mr. 
George Pepper, head of the committee 
of the National Stockbreeders' Show, 
at Toronto, Wired: "Congratulations. 
When will you he in Toronto?" A 
message was also received from Mr. 
George Day, secretary of the Short- 
horn Breeders' Association. The Re- 
tail Merchants' Association of Victoria 
has forwarded ltg felicitations, and 
employees of the Health of Animals 
Branch of the Federal Department of 
Livestock have also sent congratula- 

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■enneeyatseaesseaaen Si i 

Meteorological Office. Victoria. B.C.. at S 
P.BJ., October It. tll». 

The barometer la high on the Northern 
Ceaat sad fair, moderate, cold weather' la 
betomlns general on the Pacific Slop.. 
Snow la falling in Southern Alberta, and 
- derate 

moderate cold weather extend* eastward to 

Ma " 


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and Three Oww Officers 
for .Coming Year— Attendance 
Wsa Unusually «ood 

Both' the' Ward 5 and Ward 8 Lfb- 
T* 1 * W.f ,n annual session Tuesday 
light at headquarters In the Arcade! 
luildlng. Both meetings were well' 
ttended. and it was. stated that the 
turnout was the fines? in many years.' 
^Sleera t Or both wards were chosen. 

^°^Jr>Wfc< > -'.**•> Honorary, 
resident. ,A. ifcNlven; president, Dr/ 

p. P. Higglns; first vice- president, a. 

«lndssy; second vice-president; A. B.> 
Alien; treasurer, K. H. Heath; ward 
^ee«Uve," W. Wilson, J. Shepherd. B. 
7. Wflders. J. A. Wild, P. "8. Tones, 

I., J. McDowell, J! F. Renfree. H. O. 
.itcbfleld and W. Kinsman; repre- 
entatives on central executive, X 
nepherd and w. Wilson. Mr. U. c. 

Hall, M.P.P., and -Mr*. George Bell. 
M.P.P.. both addressed, the gathering 
of .Ward 5 Liberals. The latter 
speaker, who recently : returned rrom 
Ontario, where he took part In the 
prohibition campaign, spoke of the 
elections in the eastern province. 

It was decided to hold a regular 
meeting of Ward 5 Liberals the see- 
end Monday in each month. 

The following officers were chosen 
for Ward *: Honorary president, A. B. 
Fraaer; president. J. Frasef; first vice- 
president, T. Trace; second vice-pres- 
ident, R. Mclnnes; secretary, [F. R : 
Carlow; treasurer, H. 'Norman; rep- 
. reeen tat Ives on the central executive, 
F. Mellor and C. Salter; ward execu- 
tive. F. Mellor, R. Brown, J. Trace, 
M. C. Baiter; P. Cameron. F. Mclnnes, 
H. Norman. R. Dewar, W.-JC. "Bryan 
and J. Katz. 

SPROTT-SHAW Night . School 
Students accepted every Tuesday. 
Phone 28 for particulars. 

With the excitement of the Federal 
by-election a thing of the past and 
the municipal contest only a couple 
of months away, interest is beginning 
to grow in speculation a« to who will 
sit in the City Council or 1820. 

It is practically certain that Mayor 
Robert J. Porter will stand for re- 
election at the January polls. 
Whether he will have opposition Is 
not so clear at the moment, but 
several possible . candidates have been 

Aid. John Harvey is slated among 
the more prominent prospects for the 
mayoralty fight. His activity In the 
Council during the past few months 
has been accepted generally as an In- 
dication that he will 'throw the gaunt- 
let Into the ring when the opportune 
moment arrives. Last night he de- 
j cllned to .make any statement as to 
his intentions, but he denied a rumor 
that has got about the city during 
the past few days to the effect that 
his supporters have already started to 
organize a campaign in his behalf on 
a large scale. 

Two or three other aldermen rank 
among the mayoralty prospects. Aid. 
W. J. Sargent, who has headed the 
finance committee this year, and who 
was mentioned as a dark horse in 
this year's election until nomination 
day, is spoken of in this connection 
again, along with Aid. Albion Johns. 
Aid. Joseph Patrick, who is terminal, 
ing his first year as alderman, Is re- 
garded now as among the dominat- 
ing figures of the Council In spite of 
..his brief term of office, and there 
, are a good many people who would 
i not be* surprised to see him contest 
1 the mayoralty. If Mayor Porter was 
not going to i'ui^ again. Aid. Oeorge 
J gangster would be counted among the 
possibilities, but so long as Mr. Porter 
occupies the chief executive's chair 
Aid. Sangster may be regarded as 
content to sit at the benches below. 
Will Be Opposition 

So far there have been no reports 
concerning the mayoral aspirations of 
persons other than members of the 
Council, but it Is believed in well In- 
formed quarters that, even if the 
various aldermen who are now 
claimed to cherish hopes of one day 
becoming mayor do fail to live up to 
expectations and decide at the last 
minute not to run, there will be oppo- 
sition from some quarter. The per- 
ennial talk of a businessmen's ticket 
is likely to start another lease of life 
shortly, and the returned soldiers' 
organisations are certain to be in the 
field, if not for the mayoralty, for the 
Council anyway. Labor will in all 
probability have one or more stand- 
ard-bearers before the electorate. 

Although there has been some dis- 
cussion to the' effect that ex- Mayor 
Todd might try for a third term, the 
fact that during the past year he has 
been .in retirement from all public 
activities and* has taken no part In the 
work Of the city's various organiza- 
tions gives the impression that he 
will not enter the contest. 

Mr. Pedcn May Run 

Ex. -A Id. Alex Peden has been ap- 
proached by. many of his friends and 
urged -to accept ' nomination for the 
mayor's office, but he Is as yet unde- 
cided, It Is probable, however, that 



he will seek election to some civic 
pest. During his long term a* alder- 
man Mr. Peden Served on all the im- 
portant oommlttees, and it la be- 
lieved that If he attempted a return 
to the Council It would be In the 
capacity of mayor and not as alder- 


Indications point to a big turnout 
in the alder manic field. The returned 
soldiers will probably, present a ticket 
and it is virtually certain that the 
women will be represented. At the 
last election two returned men and 
two women were among the candi- 
dates, but all four > were unsuccessful. 
But their failure then is not expected 
to constitute a discouragement at the 
approaching election. » 

The only man who so far has stated 
In fairly definite terms his intention 
to run as an alderman in January is 
Mr. J. Ivan Seabrook. wno has figured 
in several past municipal contests. 

Wanted: "An industrial Ticket" 

Mr. Seabrook stated yesterday that 
he hoped someone would launch an 
"Industrial ticket" similar to that 
which he attempted to form several 
years ago. The reason Mr. Seabrook 
ascribes to the failure of tn etlcket to 
attain success at the polls was that it 
was opposed by the full weight of the 
Civic Retrenchment Association, then 
a potent factor in city politics. Now 
that the war is over, Mr. Seabrook 
believes that a progressive industrial 
ticket would stand a much better 
chance at the hands of the .electors. 

It is probable that all present mem- 
bers of the Council will allow their 
names to stand for re-election. 

Registration for the civic election 
Is still proceeding slowly. Ninety 
householders and licensees applied at 
the City Clerk's office yesterday, how- 
ever, bringing the total. to 400. Nine 
hundred names were registered dur- 
ing the October period last year. The 
office will remain open for registrants 
today from 7 a.m. to • p.m. Tomor- 
row the office will be closed at 5 p.m., 
and no applications will be considered 
after that time. 


Vocal -lessons given by Mr. J. H. 
Hinton, of Vancouver. Apply Mr. 
Thomas Kelway, New England Hotel. 
Mondays and' Tuesdays. 

High-Power Station May Be 
Built Close to Victoria by the 
Marconi Company or Federal 
Government Shortly 

. _______ 

Erection of a high-powered wtre- 
lesa station — one of the biggest In 

Canada— at a point close to Victoria 
is being contemplated. 

The council of the Beard of Trade, 
tearing of the project, on Tuesday 
passed a resolution, urging upon the 
Federal Government the Importance 
of arranging to compete with the 
service provided by wireless stations 
on the American aide of the Pacific 
Coast. Some time ago the Board was 
advised by the Deputy Minister of the 
Naval Service that the Government 
has adopted a policy of public owner- 
ship of wireless systems in Canada, 
and that, although the cost of operat- 
ing i the existing stations exceeds the 
revenue, the Department was Inves- 
tigating prospective business tn con- 
nection with the contemplated erec- 
tion of two additional stations, one in 
southern British Columbia and an- 
other at Prince Rupert. 

A special report of the trade, com- 
merce and transportation committee 
was submitted to the council of the 
Board of Trade yesterday morning. 
After pointing to the rapidly-Increas- 
ing requirements of shipping and tne 
various wireless projects now on foot 
In the states of Washington and Cali- 
fornia, the committee states; 

"The Dominion Oovernment should 1 
arrange to meet this competition at 
the earliest possible date, as the 
service would furnish the require- 
ments of shipping and also an aw- 
Btitlsh wireless system' communicat- 
ing with all parts of the world." 

It Is understood that the Depart- 
ment of Naval Service has before it 
an application for licence to Install 
a 50 -kilowatt high-power wireless 
station near Victoria, having a mini- 
mum radius of 1,000 nautical miles 
and a wave length of 6.000 metres, 
capable of communicating with the 
trans- Pacific station operated by tne 
American Marconi Company att Bo- ! 
Unas. Cal. The Canadian Marconi 
Company Is making the application. 

The application appears to be held 
up at present by the Government's 
public ownership" poltcy. The Board 
of Trade holds that If. this policy is 
to be maintained It should net be 
allowed to handicap the rational de- 
velopment of the wireless service, and 
that the Government should under- 
take to either let the private concern 
go ahead with Its scheme or else build 
the station Itself. 





< X 
























-ah Bench brunch . 

THE craftsmen of an earlier day, who 
were responsible for the first Nordheimer 
-Pianos, possessed that unique profick - 
commonJv called genius. 

Their suceeaaer. of to-day are equally worthy ef the 
tribute wg pay to genius. 

To them has fallen the privilege of developing an idoml. 
On them has rested the responsibility of delving deeper 
into the myriad intricacies of the piano-tnaker'n cra/t. 
For them has been reserved the honor of producing 
the present day ■ i • "» L . 

.■:..:'.' ; • • ' 


an instrument 

to command for It the 

purity sad beauty of tone an 
of a nation. 


1121 Government Street and 607 View Street 



; 'k. SK •■» =««— '«■. 


The usual Thursday night dance 
at the Sailors' Club > will take the 
form, of a masquerade. Good prises 
and refreshments. 

Camosun Chapter, I.O.D.E.. even- 
ing card party at Alexandra' Club 
Tuesday. November 4. Phone Mrs. 
Love, 4381, to reserve tables. r 

> • • —. — n \t ,' 

Island Arte and Crafts. Club tenth 
annual exhibition, Belmont Building, 
October 23rd to October itth. Open 

1 to 6 p.m. daily. . ■» .,i 





Beautiful Furniture 
makes a beauti- 
ful home — 

if you are s u c ce s sf ul in h—pinm 
the furniture looking lists "new. 
Tables and chairs must be kept 
free from dost and brightly gleam- 
ing — floors and wainscoting must 
be kept clean and shining, la order 
to preserve the grate-beauty so 
essential to the attractiveness of 
any room. 

The rich clear gloss resulting from 
the O-Cedar treatment is quite 
different to the effect obtainable 
any other way. The O-Cedar 
lustre fears, because O-Cedar 
Polish contains no injurious sub- 
stance* — no grease, acidorgunr— 
when you apply the O-Cedar 
treatment you add to the surface 
of the wood nothing but O-Cedar 
Polish— which "cleans as it pol- 
ishes/* releasing every particle of 
dost and leaving a perfectly dry 
finish that flatting. 

The 25c bottle contains « ounce*— sufS- 
ctart lor a thorough trial— but after yon* 
have ooorioood yourself of the merits 
©7 O-Cedar Polish, you wHl want to 
rjnrohaae it in the lerser-siaed packaf 
whereby you obtain "more for | 
money. The 60s bottle contains 12 
ounces. The ouartsise (imperial meas- 
ure) Is f 1 .25. Yon can obtain a half- 
gsUon can for $2.00 or a gallon can for 
13.00. As O-Cedar neither deteriorates 
, nor evaporates, the wisdom of buying It 
ha the larger packages Is quite apparent. 

tHaaah* M tl JS. 

•-v *■:*'- 

Camosun Pickling Vinegar Is 
result of many years' practical experi- 
ence. Guar a n t eed to pres er ve any 
vegetable or fruit Don't use Table 

Vinegar for pickling. 

Oeorge D. Davie, the bee expert, Is 
now open to engagement Have your 
bees attended to by a professional; 
advice given, extracting done. W. J. 
Savory. 1107 Broad Street Phone 



* KJ 


Only limited number tickets for 
Masquerade Ball, Alexandra Club, 
Friday, November 7. $ 126 in priies. 
Tickets at O'Connor's,- The Toggery 
Shop, Straith's, Spencer's. Macey's 
Stationery Shop. * 

Mecredy School of Dancing, Com- 
rades' Club, corner Douglas snd 
Broughton. Opening class for new 
1*19 dances, one-step, fox trot, hesi- 
tation waits, Thursday. S p.m. One 
hour's instruction, two hours' dancing. 

At 2 o'clock this afternoon and 
8 , o'clock this evening Rev. Henry 
Victor Morgan of Tacoma and Mrs. 
Annie Rix Millta of the University 
of Christ will speak on mental and 
spiritual healing at a union meeting 
to be held at 600 Campbell Building. 
Everyone la Invited. 

MUNRO — The remains of Margaret 
A. Munro were laid to rest yesterday 
afternoon at Ross Bay Cemetery. 
Services were held at the Thomson 
Funeral Home at 2:80, the Rev. Dr. 
McLean officiating. There was a very 
large attendance. Members pf the 
Queen of the Island L.o.b.a. No. 20» 
attended in a body, as well as a depu- 
tation from the Voluntary Service 
Corps. The L.O.B.A. funeral rltea 
were given at the graveside by the 
Worshipful Mistress, Mrs. Coleman, 
assisted by Mra. Robinson, Worshipful 
Chaplain. The hymns sung were 
"Reck of Ages" and "Jesus, Lover of 
My Soul." Messrs. Goo. Gardiner, F. 
Bates. F. R. Bland, R. Q. Foster, O. 
J. B. Lane and A. T. Maeauly acted 
as pallbearers. The honorary pall- 
bearers were Mra. Coleman, Mrs. 
Cochenour, Mrs. Laurerson, Mrs. Man- 
sen. Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Doane, all 
of the L.o.b.a. 

HOUSTON— The remains of Mrs. 
Cordelia Jane Houston, who died in 
Jubilee Hoapltal on Tuesday, were 
forwarded by the B. C. Funeral Co. 
yesterday afternoon to' Winnipeg, 
where Interment will take place upon 

WILSON— The funeral of, Mrs, 
Elisabeth Qlen Wilson, wife of Mr. 
Alex. Wilson, of 1315 MoNair Street, 
will take place, this afternoon at 2 
o'clock from the B. C. Funeaal 
Chapel, the Rev. A. deB. Owen offici- 
ating. Interment will be made In 
Ross Bay -Cemetery. 

ue ^. 

^r In beautifully designed 
r bowlsV pfetes,' vases, jar- 
dinieres, Dog-of-Foe and 
figures. This antique 
work* of art is worth while 

CAAJn<r * ' 

Genu™ Ivory 

In figures, carvings,.' charms, 
paper knives, photo frames, 
jewelry cases and' ornaments. 

50c Per 

TheToeeW ttesjsWter. 


715ViawSt (stain Store) 
Sit Govt St. (Branch Store) 




C. P. Railway 

Furniture a Specialty 

Moved, Crated, Stored and 

Let us do your work -a 
save you worry. 

o c 


M}sssrf^»aaMopftend at 

Channel! Chemical Company* 

Mecredy School of Dancing. Com- 
rades' Club, corner of Douglas and 
Broughton. Beginners' Class. Tues- 
day. 8 p.m.; Thursday. 8 p.m., Ad- 
vanced Dancing—- one hour's Instruc- 
tion, two hours' dancing. Children's 
Class. 3:80 p.m. Saturdays Phone 
•Us L. 

Women's Canadian Club — A recep- 
tion in honor of General Sir' Arthur 
and Lady Carrie will be held in the 
Empseas Hotel Friday, October 81, 
from 4 to I p.m. A good musical 
programme has been » arranged. 
Afternoon tea will be served. Admis- 
sion 50c. 

COOK — The remains of Mr. Frank 
Henry Cook were laid to rest In Ross 
Bay Cemetery yesterday afternoon. 
8ervice was conducted In the B. C. 
Funeral Chapel *at 2 o'clock, the Rev. 
Wm. Stevenson officiating. There 
was a large attendance of friends 
and many floral tributes covered the 
casket. Two hymns were rendered: 
"Lead, Kindly Light," and "A Few 
More Tears Shall RP11." The follow- 
ing gentlemen acted as pallbearers: 
Messrs. A. J. Knowlton. p. Wells. K. 
J. Merrett. G. K. Davidson, B. Smart 
and H. W. Uitchman. 


The authorised ba«-rellef of H.R.H. 
the Prince of Wales, sculptured by 
E. I* Laur. is a very attractive like- 
ness of the young Prince, made from 
his favorite photograph, taken in 
clothes with no collar to interfere 
wlUi the free poise of the head. The 
composition from which the panel Is 
made is tinted a warm orange-brown 
and softly-blended touches of gold 
add to the beauty of the coloring. 
The Prince's own crown and feathers 
appear in a corner under the proffle, 
and right across the bottom is a 
scroll bearing the dates 1884 and 
1»1*V and the words. "H.R.H. the 
Prince of Wsles." There Is s limited 
number of forty copies 1st Victoria. 
C. H. Smith * Co. are the distribut- 
ing agents, 611 Fort Street. 

Manitoba Potatoes Kronen 

WINNIPEG, Oct. 8». — Msnltoba 
has sustained s lOas of about 2,800.- 
000 bushels of potatoes, frozen in the 
ground, which at market prices to- 
day. $1.2'> a bushel, mehn a toss of 
18.500.000. and represents a lose of 
from 80 to 40 per cent of the entire 
crop. Dealers say that there will 
be a serious shortage In the pro- 
vince this winter. 


PARIS, t*t. it.— The Supreme 
Council today, upon recommendation 
of the cent mission on Polish affairs, 
requested the German Government 
to abstain from holding municipal 
elections In Upper Miasm before th« 
aerlvel M the PHlii MsssHa isIlo_1U 
with the supervision ef the piebsjcita. 

n I 

Simple Way to 

Take Off Fat 

— — 

Tliere csn be not bins simpler than 
taking * convenient little tablet four 
times each day until your weight Is re- 
duced to normal. That's all — Just pur- 
chase a ease of Marmots Prescription 
Tablet* from your drusxlst (or if yoti 
prefer, send ft to Marmola On,. ««4 
Woodward Av«., TVtrolt. Mtsh). and 
follow directions. No dieting, ne exer- 
cise. Eat what you want— ne as lasv 
• * you like and k~p on settles slim- 
mer. And the beat part *£. Marmola 

•ef •guard 



Car. Douglas and Jchmen Sts. 

Phone 2358 

Health Bran, per pkt 

• . ^SO#7 

Kellogg's Cornflakes, I 

pkts. for. .,..: .:25«* 
Cranberries, per lb. 25** 
Sultana Raisins, 2 lbs. 

for. ...'...'. 55s* 

Phone 2358 



Ui Us Repsh- Your Worn- 


Try the Dry-Cure Process 



12 and 16 inch 
blocks. Order three or more cords 
and get reduction ! 

Victoria Wood Co. 

3274. I I 

V-mrssm* Of 1439R 

for your Winter supply of MjU 
Wood, Kindling mocks and 
Bark. Prompt Delivery. 

Preaetiptloa Tablets Is their 
iss. That is your absolute 

Who Is She? 

A Bird of Passage bound 
tor the Port of God- Knows: 


I YaiWlSetHer 




Will anyone who witnessed the 
asto accident at the corner of Does- 
las and Port streets on Tuesday 
aftermwn St H30 kindly phone 
1 7 68R between 5 snd. 7 p tn. 



ac>«to tumtmm, Stsvtct* 

■ 'At I 

atmtrt ere 




The Wet Weather Is Here! 

Hew would you like to get out tn the rrrod and rtptir 
puncture? No need wh/ruoiuan «^ibc.^«|^ 
UNIVERSAL TTRE FILLER, <T„ fjs) jj ltXhflbO hdBea. 

Puncture-Proof Tire Co., Ltd. 


Sole Agents for Vtjrcoevsr *hW8I 








pwwjp.jF' I 



il _ i ■ ' ' l i *- i h i ii ■ < ■ !* I i- « « n ip » I ■ m »i ■ ■ l i , ■ I ' » 


JIM Arrived a fine assortment of 

Ic fcy 

Prices* 950*00 & Suit 

J. H. (Mickey 


sad Ystes Sto»st 

The Modern Gas 






wlt l /l l 1 

By Kathleen Fox 




The day followiMT Thanksclvlnf 
Orfcteadon «Mt borne oithoot neJ 
HI* taUwr bwl arreaaed It in his 
osoal peremptory manner after gain- 
ing aa. admission tram me that I 
should like to extend my visit. He 
■imply told Crittenden I wae gotag to 
•uy, and that eettled It. 

I had bemn to wonder, because of 
the many tilte between Crltmnden 
and Colo n el, Hayes, whether there 
really wm a strong affection between 
them. I was greatly pleeeed and re- 
lieved Just before Crittenden loft to 
see them standing on the porch with 
their ami abott each other* shoul- 

"Why, look!" I exclaimed to Mother 
Mayes. She smiled. She had under- 
stood what I had been thinking: about 

"They ere fond of each other. In 
■pits of their clashes." she said. 
"They have been friendly enemlea. 
though, stneo Crittenden was a little 

It is so constructed that the escape of 
. noxious and unpleasant fumes is an absolute 
impossibility,/ f "If |..| £% Cl:JT\^\/\ * 


Healthful, Agreeable Warmth 

■ > 

If you have a heating problem to 6olve, it 
is veil worth your while to investigate ^this 
new, convenient and fiygtenic method of 
heatin g. :H__ - . 

Radiators suitable for^ every requirement 
on display at our LanglcylStreet Showrooms. 

Phone 723 





rver Xeland. end all aivlna pert 


couver laland 


add ftftr o( 
Sll si vin« _ 

aeecrt"tlr»°?*la*r. or eomT 


■sad for wood this Winter. 
*ey ' with) a 




610412 Pandora Are. 

Hi i r» 


I Ths Farmer*' 
•L Supply House 

Will r; 


ft < ' 

looms, or modern 
em. good locality, 
imofifihs certain 


For furtfifctpi^culars 


Mssns Eftidoacy and 
flkj " Happiness 

Ths YJtCA. rTryaical Pro* 

Sana provides numerous 
eds of activity for promo- 
of Health and Recreation. 

He* — Modified ind Advanced 
Volley Ball ■esiag 

BstsMdlni Pool and Shower Bath. 
All Under SsparvUkm of Expert 

Enroll as a "Y" Member and 
a "Gym" Participant 

wm S II ' 

«i 16-Ind, 

W^O Pter Cord 

o y&J&S&gft 

Order 3 or mors cord/ «5 

more cords sad 



vicTgau WOOD CO 

Wood and 

t stove lenftbs. 




We hare 


I Was gloriously happy thoee two 
weeks I epont with Colonel and 
Mother Mays* They petted me at 
every opportunity, which act X was 
not too growa up to appreciate; and 
I was glad that I had 1st Crittenden 
ga bask to Chicago without me. They 
did everything pooslble for me. We 
drove, all three, and I got to know 
that section of lbs blue grass around 
their home, which was very beautiful. 

We foraged, too, aad almost every 
day I brought boms with ma some 
good things to oat that t was to take 
home with mo. Country cured heme, 
pr ossrvos, sorghum the color of am- 
ber, and assay other things that 
Mother Hayea told me Crittenden 
liked. But I said nothing of this in 
my letters to him. for X planned a 

Colonel Hayes showed ms hie 
horses, often taking me on horseback 
to distant pastures. I fall In love with 
one, a beautiful sorrel, a four-year- 
old, that, he insisted, whs the pride of 
the whole country thereabouts. He 
was gsntls, his coat was like satin, 
his head Wad high SBd proud, and he 
had white feet and stockings. 

Shortly before I was to leave ws 
f Odo oat to ths pasture to look at the 
horses again. Having dismounted, X 
went up to my nickering favorite and 
put my anas around his nock. 

"Good-bye, Pegasus," I whispered, 
though it was not Ms name. 

Colonel Hayes was standing beside 
mo, his hand Oh the horses's withers. 



Colonel Hayes, softly, "but au 
just aa I suggested.'* ' 

*toh. of course. I'll, sep dear 

bot *".* o Tr)4?f4? r " U0d Au 

his soft coat. I hugged him 
, ce eagre before t urging; to 

this beautiful horse touched my heart 
in a MJbJdafldsri o( *•*• and before 
: Bbew it was going to happen there 
tsars in my eyes. I felt them 
down say cheoha. 

t'a not good-bye. Bess," said 


again, for I'm coming back 
to Kentucky," X replied. "That is, 
I'll aee him," with a final pat on the 
smooth shoulder of the handsome 
Kentucky eaddlsr, "If you don't sell 

"You may bo sure I shall not sell 
him," said my father-in-law. "I'm 
going to give him away." 

"What!" I exclaimed. "Oh. you 
wouldn't do that!" 

He nodded' vigorously. 

"It would make me very unhappy 
not to «ss Pegasus again," I then 
told hint. 

"But, Bess, my dear. It would make 
ms very happy indeed to give him 
away," said ho. "You 800," he added' 
drawing my arm within his own, "I'm,' 
going to give him — X already have 
given him to you!" • 

"Why, Daddy Hayes!" 

It was the first time I had called. 
Him that. His face beamed as he 
squeezed my hand. 

"80 you wouldn't let me give him to 
you, after all," he replied, lightly, and 
yet with much feeling. "You just 
would pay for him. 'Daddy Hayes,' " 
he said, softly. "Daddy Hayes!' 
Bess, I hops you will always call me 

"I shall If it pleases you, Daddy 
Hayes," I murmured. 

"And now it Is the same as though 
you were my own daughter," he said. 

Of course, I waa deliriously happy, 
to think of Pegasus being mine. Al- 
ready X saw myself mounted on him 
and skimming over ths bridle paths 
m the parks at home, envied by all 
equestrians. And already, woman 
like, my thoughts flew to a show win- 
dow where I had seen some lovely" 
riding costumes. Life seemed very 
good, for I had been favored, indeed* 




Captain M. Cutler, of Carberry Gar- 
dens, is spending a week's vacation On 
shore, having arrived home On Mon- 
day, accompanied by Mrs. Cutler, Who 
has been enjoying the last four or five 
weeks cruising with the captain. The 
outing included a trip' around ths 
islands. a '•:<, ' I 

MrS. Psul Vllllers. of Saratoga 
Avenue, Oak Bag* has been spending 
a few days In Vancouver, the guest 
Of Mrs. Newton Burdick. 

Mrs. Anna Rlx Mlllts, a prominent 
American lecturer, Is a -guest at ths 
Empress Hotel, breaking a trans-con- 
tinental tour through Canada and the 
United States by a short stay in this 
olty. This evening she Will give aa 
addrsss at a meeting to bo hold un- 
der the auspices of the New Thought 
Church, at which the Rev. Henry 
Victor Morgan, of Tacoma. will be ths 
chief speaker. 

Mr. aad Mrs. Lukln Johnston, of 
Vancouver, are visiting In ths city. 

Mr. XL Culver Is leaving by this af- 
ternoon's boat on a trip to bis old 
homo la Berkshire. England, and ok* 
posts to ho book again la Victoria 
early la ths now year. 

This afternoon at the Empress Ho* 
tel, Mrs. Pagett, of Winnipeg, Who 
reached the Coast only about three 
weeks ago. will hold a private exhi- 
bition of some of the miniatures she 
has painted and which she exhibited 
at Glencoe Lodge, Vancouver, last 
Friday to a small number of interest- 
ed friends and patrons of art. This 
little collection, which the artist has 
succeeded in borrowing for a short 
time from the people for Whom she 
painted them an/1 who are the sub- 
jects of those small portraits, con* 
slsts of some twenty -four or twenty - 
five paintings of children and grown- 
ups, dnd ths Vancouver press spoke 
appreciatively of the high standard of 
the work. Mrs. Pagan's visit to vie* 
torta on this occasion is to be of very 
short duration, and hi planned prin- 
cipally with a view to giving thoee 
who wish an opp o r t unity of seeing 
some of her miniatures. Whether she 
settles ultimately In Vancouver or Vic- 
toria she has not yet decided, but one 
or ths other city within the next few 
weeks will undoubtedly be In the po- 
sition to claim her as ons of their 
permanent residents. 

Friends of Mr. John Alder will be 
pleased to learn of his reoovery from 
a slight attack of pneumonia which 
he contracted while on a recent hunt- 
ing trip. 

Mrs. Annie Casksy, of Fairbanks. 
Alaska, after an absence of sixteen 
years In ths Far North. Is renewing 
acquaintances in Victoria, and is a 
guest of her brother, Mr. J. H. Pen* 
keth, fl7 Flsgard Street Mr. Caskey 
is the publisher of The Dally Alaska 
Cltlsen. of Fairbanks. Mm Caskey. 
who is a native daughter, is a 
stager of no mean order, hav- 
ing speat goveral years studying 
at ths Boston Conservatory of Musis 
previous to taking up hsr residence In 

Mrs, D. Dewar. of this city, is spend- 
ing a few days In Vancouver. 

Mr. aad Mrs. J. a. Gluts, of New 
Westminster, have leased their home 
In that city to Major aad Mrs. Crelgb* 
tpn. who have Just arrived from Bag. 
land, and have coats to Victoria to 
spend the Winter with their daughter. 
Mrs. C J. Fagon. 

Miss Crease, president of the Local 
Council of Women, is In Vancouver, 
attending ths meeting of the provin- 
cial executive of the Local Council 
of Women. Mies Crease will remain 
over to attend ths Child Welfare asm- 

else, gaaeaasat of the Vancouver Lo- 
I o«. Women, 
tar sawing meeting of the 
■spie r L a D. JU wW bo 
"'M iBssBrr nw fA~BBMX» * -""^ 

■Kr^pV"F«NNe^v^i^r^B^TO WsWli 


11 ii H 

Great War Veterans' Ladies' Aid Holds 
Knjoyable S ocial a t Its Rooms 

The Women's Auxiliary to the 
Great War Veterans' Association held 
a very enjoyable social in the rooms, 
618 Fort Street, on Monday evening, 
Mr. Purser being In the chair. 

Thoee who contributed to the even-' 
lag's enjoyment were: Mrs. J. F. Pat- 
terson. Mra. Anstey, Miss Watson, 
1 Miss Fox, Mr. Creed, Mr. Ferrlse, Mr., 
Craig, Mr. Ball and Mr. Purser. After 
the programme, refreshments were 
served, and the rest of ths evening 
spent . la dancing, tag G.W.V.A. or-'. 
chestra supplying the music. 

ThS winning number in the draw- 
ing for the Lusitania model was No. 
408a, W. Johnstone. -Chester Court, 
Bull Street, being ths holder of the 
ticket. If he win call at the G.wT 
V.A, rooms ho will receive the boat. ' 

r Mmnss 


Directorate of Association Is 
Pleased With Results— The 
Event Opened by Mrs. W. J. 

Unqualified ' success attended the 
basaar held Tuesday afternoon by 
the Board of Directors of the T.W.C. 
A. In the Sunday School room of St. 
Andrew's Presbyterian Church, which 
had been placed at their disposal 
through the courtesy., of ' Rev. Dr. 
Clay* the largo hall being crowded 
throughout the afternoon. The event 
was formally opened at S o'clock by 
Mrs. W. J. Bowser, who was intro- 
duced by the president. Mra. J. JU 
Beckwtth. Xn a few well-chosen re- 
marks, Mra Bowser commended the 
work of the Association among the 
young women of the city, who, found 
at ths Y.w.c. A. "a homo from horns'* 
in very truth. . At the conclusion of 
her Utile speech. Mrs. Bowser was 
presented by Miss . Patricia Bills with 
bouqust of yellow chrysanthemums. 

Mrs. Beckwith received the earnest 
support and whole-hearted assistance 
of the members of the directorate on 
this occasion, and Mrs. George 
Piercy convened the general arrange- 
ments for the basaar, being ably as- 
sisted by Miss Gilbert. 

The artistic decorations carried out 
in the hall were the result of the 
handiwork of Mrs. Collls and her as- 
sociates on the decoration commit- 
tee. The following ladies were re- 
sponsible for the various booths: 
Mrs. Rowlands, Mrs. Alexander and 
Miss A. Wright; aprons. Mrs. C. H. 
French; books, Mrs. F. Nlvln; laven- 
der, Mrs. Frank Adams: white ele- 
phant. Mrs. Gordon Hardie and Miss 
Tavener; generous goose. Miss Ryall 
and Miss Lowther; plants and flow- 
ers, Miss Bromley-Jubb and Miss 
Dowie; fortune-telling. Mrs. McCon- 
nell; advertisement competition. Miss 
Stephens. The arrangements 'for af- 
ternoon tea, which was served at 
daintily-appointed tables, were in the 
hands Of the following committee: 
Mrs. Hanby, converter, Miss Gilbert. 
Mrs. Howell, Miss Piercy, Miss Beth 
Collls, Miss Hester Cleveland, Miss 
Beth Klllin, Miss Holliday, Miss lie- 
Adam and Miss Mclntyrc. 





Through Courtesy of the School Board 

Associatton'o Physical Courses Will 

Bo WeU Looked After 

November 11. the 

Seamen's Institute, It 
Lady Jelllcoe. whs 
of ths Lades 
will be present. 

$116.00 In Prises— Don't miss the 
Fancy Dress Ball at Alexandra Club, 
Friday. November' Seventh. Tickets' 
at Spencer's, Toggery Shop, Stralth's, 
Maeey's Stationery Shop. 

The Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation has drawn- attention to the 
fact that at a request from them the 
School Board has very kindly opened 
their splendid gymnasium for ths 
benefit of the young women of the 
city. Classes will be conducted two 
evenings each week, beginning. Mon- 
day, November S, at 7:30 o'clock. 
Miss Huntley. physical instructor, 
will be glad to confer with those 
present Monday evening as to which 
other evening in the week will be 
most suitable. ... 

The Y.W.CA. feels that as It la net 
able to adequately provide physical 
recreation in their present quarters, 
it .is meeting fhe needs of a 
larger number in this way. There 
are many young business women and 
housekeepers - also Who require Just 
such enioyable exercise to keep them 
fit and efficient for their work. The 
■Association has received many, re- 

, quests for gymnasium training lately. 

.Registrations may be made either at 
the High school or the y.w.c a. 

Office. ■ . -JSillHSSinOKrf^ii ■ i^mh M 

$5,000,000! Wlsat? W.'U Show Tm^ 
Buy Victory Bonds. 



«■> t 

Tweed Suits 

Our Pr6fit-9fa#irfn$ Plan realty gives you a much 
larger saving than twenty per cent on these Tweed Suits,* 

asTJtallek's vwWl^%$#f& % lcss than «*** 
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The Baits offered in this lot are of splendid' quality tweeds in 
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Sprne of the special features are belts all around ; half belts ; 
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collars fitting up to neck ; asd bone and self-covered buttons, 
rd at $3040, fceUM), $42.50 and - 944.00 

per cent 


e Enjoyment 
an Evening 

• * 


Comfortable, stylish Footwear not only adds to the enjoy- 
ment, but is necessary m order to be smartly dressed. 
Women's Pumps, $15.00 to $5.00; Men's Dress Pumps, $8.00. 

Go Da 


— . • « a. mi' 'SmmM 

t eja .T^ssro s s oa i -fa. I» sg»-1 

mmt F 

V yaw raoTocRAPH 

Just as you would ■».-*_•» 

. — — *■- .i^-*< „_j il^ \m\Ali .. 

That's our "long suit^^- 
rio matter" what kfnd of a 
party you. are ;^ainjM|. 
you can count on Macey> 
to provide attract! re* 
pria^s for tallies, gentle- 
men ^children. 
Playing Cards in big 
variety*.. ..« *. 


er within City Limits 
Millwood, per cord....^.|r^00 

Two or more cords In one 
order for delivery at same pises 
of millwood at $3.75 per cord. 

Phone orders early for 
prompt delivery st reduced 
pries. No. 5000, 



• •.. 

SPROTT-BHAW Night School. Stu- 
dents accepted ovotr 
SI for parUoulars. 

a/^y^vTk. at^l 

B .I n \ /■ [% 

h n ii r\ /1 1 

\ j\. w IV 1 1 

V^sSf V_-^-e»w ▼ JL.^L. 




■■ ■ 

•' ' " i 

Mode (n 

jtConoda j^k 



y. /Wyk 











\ *M *UK\1*MUK 

[■ Ml 

A H aH 




sssSsssssI •".■*- i ■ . 




1113 Government Street 

"At the Sign of the fyg Clock" 


is essentially a home piano,' combining purity and strength of 
tones with great durability and-delicacy of touch. 


. . i 

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not now? It .will pay, you to call and examhie, ikese.. instrn- 

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Sole Agents Knabe and Chickfering Cfands 
1003 Government Street • 


Carpenters and Builders, 

Cjeneral Jobblni 
Speci.1 This WNki 

**°P MM Off!©*.' 1003 Yr.t«s. Pfaoao 6838 
cor. ■T ate* and Vancouver 



ROCK ISLAND, III., Oct. 29— Blow"- 
in* the door off the safety deposit box 
vault and break-in* open- the individ- 

ual deposit boxes, robber* today made 

a haul 6f $35,000 In liberty bonds 
from the State Bank of Bherrard. 111., 
near here. ' 

• Jiecause of the similarity of the 
Hherrnrd robbery to .the one at Mason 
City, la,, the night before, In which 
810.000 in Ubfrty bond* was taken, 
the authorities are trying to"llnk them 
up In an attempt to ran down the- rob- 

— 1 • ■: 

Sentence Susix-ndcd ' 
REClfNA, Oct t»P-c. A. CSrHhg- 
ton. C. P.R, conductor, waa ^ given 
suspended sentence In the 'district 
otrurt at Moofto Jaw, on a charge of 

A Sale You Cannot Afford to Miss 

15% OFF 




50 New French Models just 
arrived and will include in this 
special offfer at ..■»■. 

Gives Resume of Legislation 
Affecting Women' Brought 
Down by Present .Govern- 
ment— Sharp Discussion 

The three daj-s* conference held In 
the Provincial Library by the Wo- 
men's Institutes of Vancouver Island 
was productive' of much in the way of 
Interesting discussion and Informative 
add r esses, last night — the closing ses- 
sion — being Inferior In aO partlcular 
to any of the earlier sessions of the 
gathering. No leas than three speak- 
ers were provided, the Won. John, 
Oliver. Premier of the Province, Mrs. 
Bchotleld, and Mr. Harper, of the 
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 
atan*, contributing the major part of 
the evening's programme. The last- 
mentloned brought a number of lam- 
tern slides which assisted In making 
the subject matter the mora Interest- 
ing and more anally understood, as- 
tronomy being the theme. ' 

The Premier Speaka . 

In bin address Premier Oliver gave 
an excellent resume of what the pres- 
ent Government had accomplished 
since It came into power, among some 
of the . beneficial * legislation brought 
down, there being mentioned .the 
Banal Guardianship Act, Workmen's 
Compensation, and the "Third Inter- 
est" Act Whereby It became impossible 
for a.' mah to will his entire property 
away from his wife. Reference waa 
also made to the Introduction of legte- 
latlou recognising a minimum wage 
for working women and certain Axed 
hours of labor. This waa a very pro- 
avaaatve step. 
• The Premier spoke about prohibi- 
tion, referring to the no uncertain 
voice In whloh the people of Ontario 
had spoken recently whan the matter 
had been submitted to them for their 
endorsement or disapproval. It was 
evident, ha maintained. Chat the ones' 
tlon would come again to the ballot 
In British Columbia. But he was 
perfectly certain, now that the wo- 
men had the vote, which way the 
decision would go. 

The signUtcance of the North Amer- 
ica Act, the speaker pointed out at 
some length at another point In. his 
a d dr es s , waa not appreciated by many 
people simply because they did not 
know anythmg about the Act. He 
thought that the Government would 
be doing a good thing for the people 
If they had this Act published In some 
easily accessible form so that it could 
: be oistriouted and understood by the 
public at large, as only by its study 
could the uninitiated discover, among 
Other things, the dlffei^nce between 
the Provincial and Federal Govern- 
ment responsibilities. ► 

Addressing himself more particu- 
larly to the Women's Institutes as a 
body the Premier said that ha would 
always be glad to do what he could 
to help them, aa they were deserving 
of all assistance and were doing a very 
great good — particularly' in the rural 

Forward Movement 

Mrs. gchofleld told the. meeting 
something about the Forward Move- 
ment, an inter-church and united na- 
tional campaign whose common ef- 
fort la to take the form of inspiration, 
publicity, and united effort in a finan- 
cial appeal. . The responsibility of ini- 
tiating and directing the united cam- 
paign had been laid upon the United 
National executive .committee, and 
sub-committees bf this national exec- 
utive had been • selected ad follows: 
Spiritual alms, publicity, finance (to 
provide for the expenses of the United 
Campaign), special subscriptions and 
setting-up. Provincial ■ committees 
were being farmed with functions 
similar to those of the National Exec 

Referring to the definite "dating" 
of the campaign Mm Sohofleld said 
that it was proposed that Provincial 
Convention* would be held at Import- 
ant centres throughout the Dominion 
from November 24 to December i, at 
which addresses would be given by 
distinguished religious leaders from 
Britain, the United States and' Canada. 
; 'Many arc hoping that this move- 
ment will arouse the Indifferent arid 
make the nominal Christian* alive to 
their - responsibilities,'* skid the 
speaker. •-•»•• 

Vote of Confidence 
At the session earlier in the .day the 
conference passed a very hearty Vote 
of confidence In their chairman, lira. 
Blnckwood-Wlleman. • At another per- 
iod the meeting adopted a resolution 
Introduced by Mrs. P. McNaughton, 
thanking Dr. War nock, Deputy Min- 
ister of Agriculture, for the cour- 
ageous way In which he had told them 
their faults without minolng matters. 
Dr. Warnock's criticism referred to 
alleged' laxity on the part of the Wo- 
men's Institutes In connection with 
their • procedure at business meetings. 
His remarks did not go unchallenged 
in certain quarters, and there Was 
some lively discussion. Conservation 
of their funds aad avoidance bf waste 
were urged by him, and the chairman 
of the Advisory Board. was reminded 
to send in her accounts at regular in- 
tervals, in order: to contribute to the 
efficient working of the Department, 
"i think It. only fair to me for you 
to state before my Institute that you 
found my accounts strictly correct," 
interposed Mra Blackwood-Wlleman. 
the chalrmdn, at this point. 

a.m. until 6 p.m. 
until i pan. 

1 '■ ■» 



t i . 

- • 


Sale of Fancy 

» i 

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Takes Place Here Tod ay 




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The South African Plume Shoo 
7«s y.*. a™ nJi lift 

A number of recommendations were 
made by Dr. Warnock while he waa 
speaking to the meeting. For one 
thing he suggested that two of the 
directors of the Advisory Board should 
retire automatically either annually 
or every two years, by seniority or 
by drawing lota, and that they be en- 
titled to seek re-election after the) 
lapse of one year. Mrs. Ballantyne, 
Of Gordon Head, was obviously op- 
posed to compulsory change, averring 
that If the member* on the Advisory 
Board' were satisfactory that they 
should be allowed to stay there. Inci- 
dentally thai speaker naked If the Oov- 
eminent oould not furnish the 
Women's Institutes, for such a con- 
ference at the present, with a warm 
room and some degree of Comfort 
more than had been provided on this 

and $17.50 

A splendid assortment of fashion- 
ably designed Hats, in black and alt 
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Tweed Coatings 

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Josely knitted from a fine soft, silky 
yarn in fawn, wit,h colored stripe 
ends; size 1 9 x 68 inches, f 10.00. 
Samequality and size, in fawn only, 
$8.50. wa^^^^H 

Scarfs, knit in bold stripes, in brown 
and fawn With white Centre; fine 
silkv quality ; good weight; site 18 
x 68 inches, $0.50. 



BRUSSELS. Oct. «.— The Belgian 
Ministry has given Its approval to 
a list of- IIS* Germans, soldiers and 
civilians, who wUl be prsesohtsd on 
charges arising from violation of the 
•ana of war at the time ef the m- 
v ad l s M of Belgium during the ocewpe- 
Uon ef this country by German 
troop*, eceordlng to the rhdenend- 
enee Beige. The Ik* wUl be neat to 
the Peace Conference in Perls ' 



A serviceable quality in diagonal 
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Wool Blankets, Special $11.75 and 1; '2. «h 

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waSTSS & ThtSe ^ SP ' endid Va,Ue ' and * •»* 



Phones 1876, First Floor 1877, Blouses, Lingerie and Corsets W8 
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Dainty Blouses 

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painty Manicure Cases 

We feel quite safe JflfB 
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■ «l I I I I II < I ,| ■ III* » I I ■ I ■ I « l»— ■! I ■ I ■■ H I ■' »I J I «, ] « I' ■ ■» ■ I I 

'ootball Men Honor 

Weu-Tried Official 

11 ' ■■■' " ' ■ 


Mr. Arthur Manson Is Recipient 
of Illuminated Address — 
Speeches and Songs Round 
Out Pleasant Evening 

Scissor Seta, in leather cases; 3 to 5 pairs of scissors, 

SJivv allO i » -"«« MH««««if^^tW 

PEDEN ttfcOS. 

Bicycles, Sporting Goods and Toys 



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The bsi* T ruck v * iu * in **• w ° r ' d *<HUy- ,Do5|'f tsk« oor word alone 
for it Have a Demonstration. 


St, Neat Cor. Cook 

• 1217 



Do you smoke? Then ve*ve got it! From an Oriental 
Hookah Pipe to an Irish clay! 

Dottt^atch! ^3ome in! The Home of Good Brands 

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l ih 

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Let ua allow you how interesting bowb are. 
m some evening and we will have a game 
together. i 


(For qurly Arcade ^Hpf ADej) 
PembeVton Bids'. 

* r 

The J. B. A. A. rugby 
a practice in the clubb- 
ing at 8 o'clock. « 

will hold, 
this ' 

i ii 
Footban HVertag 

North Ward football club will 
hold a meeting this, evening; at 9 
o'clock in Bltsell's clothing store. 


Unity Auxiliator 

A small attachment that uses all oily 
was^e vapors "from the crank-case of 
your, automobile and, '-after being 
charged with steam, is fed to the 
■ Cyn'no'ersi 

Keeps cylinders* a"bsolufe)y free of 
carbon. , '" '. .' T 

Rifccn Ya*rVtwa >< B01 


Bote Distributor. Canada and U.S. 
70* MX. Fenaaaeat Loan Bio*. , Phone S766 


Smith Guns 

>r and One-Trigger 

i GWrtor & Co. 

jj£ Limited Liability 

Cdi\i Government and Johnson Sts. 

An interesting and pleasant little 
event took place last evening- In the 
K. of C. Hot, the occasion being the 
preaenUtlon to Mr. Arthur Manson 
of an Illuminated address a* a testi- 
monial in recognition of his valuable 
services to ass o c i ati o n football In this 
city. It was a matter of general re- 
sts* that Mr. Manson found himself 
finable to continue in office tola year 
and the asoclation members did not 
foal Ilka letting him go without some 
expression of their regard for the 
popular official, appreciation of bio 
work, and regret at Its termination, 
which It la hoped will be only tem- 

In tho . unavoidable absence of 
President Hadley. Mr. P. C. Payne 
was asked to take the chair. The 
presentation of tho testimonial was 
made by Mr. A. o. Bird at the re- 
quest of tho chairman, and Mr. 
Bird voiced tho feelings of those 
present towards Mr. Manson in a neat 
speech. Other speakers who ex- 
pressed similar sentiments were the 
chairman and Messrs. Book, J. Adam 
and Reeve. 

- During tho course of the evening 
songs wore given by Messrs. A. C. 
mil, J. Allan and G. Allan. 

In returning thanks for the honor 
done him Mr. Manson made a char- 
acteristic speech and promised - that 
he would try and make arrangements 
in future to be able to take up offlre 
a not hoi year. * 



Team of Twenty Victoria Golf- 
ers Leaves or Friday to 
Compete for the B. Wilson 


On Friday afternoon, a team of 
twenty Victoria ttolf Club members 
will leave by the 4:10 boat for Seattle 
to play tho second match of the year 
with the Seattle Golf Club for the 
Blggeretaffe Wilson challenge trophy. 

This te an annual competition, and 
calls for home and away matches be- 
tween teams of twenty a-sideT Tho 
Victoria golfers gained a lead of St 
points in the match played here In 
the Spring, and they must retain their 
lead in Seattle on Saturday in order 
to hold the trophy for the year. Every 
confidence is expressed in their ability 
to do this, especially as the team has 
been strengthened since the last en- 
gagement by the Inclusion of A. V. 
Macan. Tho full list of those who 
will make tho trip to play in Seattle 
Is as follows: 

A. V. Macan, B. Wilson, A. T. 
Ooward, H. G. Wilson. J. A. Rlthet, 
J. A. Bayward. E. J. Todd, W. C. 
Todd, J. W. Morris, J. 8. Matterson. 
Hon. J. Hart, J. B. Wilson. J. A. Lind- 
say, P. Criddle, W. P. Pemberton, 
CareW Martin, J. R. Waghorn, J. D. 
Virtus. It. 8. V. York, Dr. Barrett, R. 
W. Gibson, T. O. Mackay and Arthur 
Coles. " 


Report That Bod Standen. Killed in 

Action, Is Still Alive, Proves 

to Bo Untrue 

VANCOUVER. Oct. 29.— Much pain 
been caused former . intimate 
friends of the late Rod Standen, who 
was killed in action with the Aus- 
tralian forces In the early part of the 
war by a report that gained circula- 
tion that news of his death was in- 
correct and that the one-time well- 
known and popular athlete had ap- 
peared In the city in person. 

It appears that a boxer of the same 
name, or bearing a name similar to 
that of Standen. recently arrived in 
the city, and his appearance hero has 
given rise to the story thai 
den was alive. 

Friends of the family of the late 
Rod Standen. fearing that someone 
was masquerading under the name of 
tho dead soldier, bad the police make 
investigations, when it was established 
that* the stranger was not the Rod 
Standen In* whom they were interested. 
The stranger denied that he had ever 
posed as the former Nanalmo boxer. 


NBW ORLBAN8, Oct. It.— Pete 
Herman, of How Orleans, bantam- 
weight champion, and Pal Moore, of 
Memp h i s, will moot in a 20-round bout 
for the title here December IS, Dom- 
inlck Tortortch. a local promoter, an- 
nounced tonight. Both boxers, it was 
•aid, ha d agreed to tho proposed bout 


CALGARY. Oct. St.— The Calgary 
boxing* commission has postponed the 
opening of the now arena, scheduled 
for November 7, on account of Frank 
Farmer, of Tacoma, refusing to moot 
Mickey King, noted Australian, over 
tho If t-seiante round route. An ef- 
fort Is Ufa made to' bring either 
Mike or Tommy Gibbons to meet King 
at a' inker date. 


Playing on tho Oak Bay links 
yesterday Mr. Blggerstaffe Wilson, 
of the Victoria Oolf Club, broke 
the amateur record for tho course, 
making the round in to. 



HONOLULU, Oct *• — Entries for 
the Antumn swimming meet closed 
today with Duke . Kahanamoku un- 
entered. He said the rowing ho has 
boon indulging in this year stiffened 
his muscles, and ho did not feel in- 
cline* to compete. . 

The meet will be held November 1. 
d and 4. having been postponed from 
tho original dates. Four American 
swtmmers, Norman Ross, Harold 
Kruger, Mrs. Frances Cowells 
Schroth and George Schroth arrived 
Monday from San Francisco to com* 
pete In the matches. 


1 ; — 

Games Arranged for Saturday 
— Fragments Ffetire From 
the League — Transfers Ap- 
proved— "Motion Ruled Out 



■ i .. 

iteur Hockey League 

Annual Meeting 

■ ■■%■> , ■ ■>■ 




icers Elected at .Annual 
eeting Held Last Night — 
Arrangements Discussed for 
Playing of Schedule 

At the weekly meeting of the Vic- 
toria and District Football Associa- 
tion the following arrangements wore 
made for Saturday's soccer league 

* senior 

Comrades v. Harbor Marlns, at 
Jubilee Hospital. Referee. Jones. 

Foundation v. K. of C. Hut, at 
lloyal Athletic Pack. Referee. Lock. 

Yarrows v. Great War Veterans, at 
Beacon Hill upper ground. Referee. 
Payne. - 

North Wards ». Wests, at Central 
Park. Referee, Pearson. 

Army and Navy Veterans, a bye. 

Army and Navy ▼. Yarrows, at 
Work Point. Referee, Oliver. 

Metropolis v. Saanlch Rovers, at 
Willows. Referee. Thornton. 

Postal Service v. Wests, at Beacon 
Hill lower ground. Referee. Stokes. 

The Fragments have withdrawn 
from the league. Transfers of play- 
ers granted were as follows: Swln- 
burn, from the K. of C. Hut to the 
Metropolis; Aleoek, from the K. of C. 
Hut to the Harbor Marine; Single- 
hurst, from the Army. and Navy Vet- 
erans to the Postal Service, and Sand- 
ford, from tho Army and Navy In- 
termediates to the Postal Service. 
Applications are also In from W. Er- 
rickson to transfer from the K. of C. 
Hut' to the Army and Navy Veterans, 
and Charman from the Army and 
Navy Veterans to the Great War Vet- 

A notice of motion v as handed in 
to reseitid the article . of 'the consti- 
tution which allows an intermediate 
player to he transferred by vote at 
a league meeting to senior standing If 
considered too good for the lower di- 

After a communication from the 
branch of the B.C.F.A. regarding th» 
unplayod North Ward-Foundation 
game had 'been received, - a motion 
that the matter be reconsidered was 
carried, but a subsequent motion that 
the same be played at a future date 
was ruled out by the president. 



i NEW YORK, Oct. 2». — Col. Jacob 
Ruppert and Cot T. L. Huston, own- 
ers of the New York American 
League club, announced tonight that 
the share of the world's series re- 
ceipts, to which the. Yankee playeio 
are entitled, would be demanded im- 
mediately of the National Commis- 
sion. The elan owners said that the 
Injunction Issued Saturday restrain- 
ing President Ban Johnson of tho 
American League from enforcing his 
suspension ruling against Pitcher Carl 
Mays "definitely clears up the ques- 

ion raised by, the Detroit club's 
chtHenjro of Now York's right to 

This oJmllenateTt rii oed-on^He^oialm 
that New York took third place by 
uf Ing May.< who was then under sus- 
pension not «n forced, becau«o of a 
temporary restraining order "has 
Caused the world's aeries money duo; 
the New York players to be with- 
held" according to Col. Ruppert 
Huston. ' 


Schedule Opened With 

The annual meeting of tho Victoria 
Senior Amateur Hookey League was 
held last evening at the Y. M. C. A. 
when the officers for the 1»1»- 20 sea- 
son wore elected and the bylaws and 
constitution of - the league were 

Tho following officers wore elected: 
Hon. president. Hon. John Hart; 1st 
hon. vice-president, Mr. W. H. Wllker- 
son; 2nd hon. vice-president, Mr. C. B. 
Jenkins; president, Mr. J. Mowat; vice- 
president, Mr. Percy Richardson; sec- 
Stary-treasurer, Mr. Percy Watson. 
»e executive committee will consist 
of tho managers of the various teams. 

. Considerable time was spent in 
amending the bylaws of the league. 
Last year many problems confronted 
the league which the bylaws did not 
cover. Tho committee which was ap- 
pointed at tho last meeting of the 
league a tew' weeks ago has carefully 
gone over the bylaws and any of these 
possible loopholes have boon closed. 

The meeting discussed the arrange- 
ments for the use of tho rink which 
Mr. Lester Patrick had offered, Mr. 
Percy Watson, Mr. George flponoo and- 
Mr. Darrel Spence were appointed as 
a committee to interview Mr. Patrick 
to see if better arrangements eould 
not bo obtained: 

The following have entered teams: 
■ Se nato r s. Elks, Two Jacks, Kits' Bil- 
liard Parlors. K. of C, and the O. W, 
V. A. The Foundation team will not 
be represented this year owing to most 
of their players having loft the city 
with the olosing of the yards. 

Tho ttieeting discussed the advis- 
ability of having four or five teams in 
the running for the city championship. 
FlU's Billiard Parlors team intimated 
that they would withdraw their appli- 
cation If more than four teams were 
accepted. It was decided that the ex- 
ecutive would meet later and discuss 
this point which la considered a very 
serious one,. as it seemed unfair to 
have to bar teams from, playing. The 
executive will meet some time this 
week to discuss tho problem. 
. Mr. D. Spence, Mr. P. Watson and 
Mr. J. Mowat were appointed dele- 
gates to attend the annual meeting 
of the British Columbia Amateur 
Hockey Association, to bo held in Van- 
couver shortly. 

By the attendance at the meeting 
it looked as if the 1*19-20 season 
would be a banner year for amateur* 
hockey. Several of the teams' have 
their men signed up and as soon as 
trie rink opens, will commence prac- 

boll Wfll 

Next on Card 

In the V.I.A.A. House League bas- 
ketball games played on Tuesday 
evening Secretary Grubb's team beat 
Superintendent Da vies' team by SB to 
7 and President Warren's team boat 
Chairman of Track Huxtable's team 
by 26 to It. The teams taking part 
In this league are mixed, two girls 
being Included In each team, and the 
gamed produced loto off good f On. 
Tho crack lady swimmers of the as- 
sociation look noon basketball as 
one of the beet forms of exercise to 
keep thorn in good Unlnl ng- 
the Winter and Audrey Griffin 
Ann Mayhall, a* 0h» woo known to 
swimming followers before her mar- 
riage, are rapidly becoming shining 
lights In this tn a W spool 

The next tames will be played en 
Tuesday e vlnlng nent. and after this 
tongue to ftntofcoi. It is Intended to 
start a schedule of Indoor baseball 
games. ^ — '* %■«. 


bo n 

Will Meet 

of the 

Comrades roetball Ctob tflMonlng. 
All member* Interested it football aro 
requested to attend. 






A. N..S, Jackson Wakes Strong 
\Plea for Greater Interest in 
Producing Athletes Wortfiy 
of Those Who Have Gone 

[vniHiH-iwNiw, . wra unit 

the boot memorial to such 
be to spare no effort t 


The fact that Britain's chances In 
the forthcoming Olympic . games at 
Antwerp can" bo represented W tho 
well-known \ trigonometrical sign, 
"minus infinity," Is giving prominent 
amateurs in the Old Country seri- 
ously to think. Tho latest to make 
an appeal for a changed attntude to- 
ward success In the world-wide event 
is A. N. 8. Jackson, former president 
of the Oxford University Athletio 
Club, Olympic record-holder' in tho 
1,500 metres, and one of the best 
mllers In the game, who, no com- 
mander of a battalion of the King's 
Royal Rifles, won three bars' to his 
D.S.O. in France. Writing In The 
Times, he starts off by bewailing 'the 
loss of so many crack athletes in the 
war, mentioning suoh names as O. R. 
L. Anderson, Kenneth Powell, H. 8. 
O. Ashingtop, H. M. Mackintosh. R. 8. 
Clarke. D.vN. Oapsen and .Ronald 
Poul ton-Palmer, and indicates that 

\u\m would 
to produce 
others worthy to take their piece. 

Failure in the, past, ho goes on to 
say, was entirely the 'result off lack of 
interest, and the black eye given 
"specialism." which expressed Itself 
In tho regrettable Incident at the 
London Olympic games, when that 
crack Scottish . runner, Lieut. Halo- 
well, was deliberately .pocketed, and 
run-across. The bright ray in the 
dark outlook Col. Jackson points to 
Is tho actfon of the Oxford Univer- 
sity Athletic Club, which has followed 
the lead of American universities snd 
engaged for the first time In Its his- 
tory a professona! track coach, no 
other thtsn the redoubtable and world- 
famous Arthur Shrubb. Hhrubb has 
started things going at Queen's, and 
with his experience at Harvard ' to 
lend color to his statement, has al- 
ready given oof-, that «' the material 
available to as good If not bettor In 
some respects than that which ho 
handled on thla side of the pond. Col. 
Jackson finishes with an appeal for 
greater public Interest In Britain's 
supremacy sal 'the field of sport and 
greater financial support to tho en- 
couragement of team production. 


AKRON. Ohio. Oct 20.— Bob Mar- 
tin, of Akron, heavyweight champion 
of tho American Expeditionary and 
Allied Forces, won Mto first profes- 
sional bout when he won from loo 
Hondo, Off New York, at tho end of 
the ltth round off n seheduted 1§- 
reund contest tonight, when the ref- 
eree stepped tho boot. 

Martin administered oooore punish- 
ment to hie oppon e nt frees the seer*. 
knoektnt him down ln>the sixth tnund 
fee a count of three. At the end of 
tho. eighth round B*m& 

Billiards ' ^SffS 




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Plar> • Brilliant 

by — to — 

In on* of the fastest and cleanest 
trainee yet played In the senior league. 



the J High School ,.!•** night defeated 
the Crusader* by a score of 38 to SO. 
The play was extremely .fast all 
through and some brilliant shooting- 
occur red on both sides. The play was 
neck and neck ail through, with the 
exception* of the Mst few" minutes of 
play, which went In favor of the boys 
Of the Ki#h School. Mr. Alldrltt 
refereed the came, and was hard put 
to ft to follow the speedy play, giving. 
however, general eatis/action. L, 
Blekell, A. WObster. a. Jones. A. 
Boyd and A. Lewis starred for the 
school, while the Crnsaders were 
represented by A. Dowds. F. Webster. 
J. Buckett, B. Wood and W. Brick- 
eon. The High School has only re- 
cently played In the J senior league, 
and last night's -brilliant performance 
will encourage the school rooters to 
turn out in greater force. The 
Crusaders mustered a strong squad of 
supporters, but comparatively few- 
turned up to witness th« success of 
the school team. * 

' ...... , . , . . • ■ 

At Use Y. ||. c. A. 

>. 4n the Preliminary, baeketbaitgarne 
leaf nlsrht at she T. ; li. c. ^AJ thVw. 

Ka?. 'S? *•'•**•« «»« tDofmitory 

♦tfj . **, "a 1 *. ot 7I « to '® What 
the jnnlors lacked In flnease, was made 

u * * ow « v ««". "* •"•rgir and enthusi- 
asm. Tn the Junior swimming handi- 
cap events Squires. Mulr, A. Barclay 
and T. Harold all made the lee^SK 

under one minute and fourteen sec- 

feet. J. MacDonald and A Barclay 
taking second and third. *t. » 

Where Year Doctor's 
Order Is Safe 

i Wfcea *of 
hers to be 
ear*. Tea 

Ires* — t. pm 

l!!* Ty." . r* u _ —■ <•*• •« •• ih« see- 
ler •veered. Osme to as a*st t|a»e. 

[JjQ er^imVa 'arttTae | 


w that aWlai 
mSst%ai*pve' lb- 
t Tate year audi- 


Three V.I.AA Representatives 
Selected to Take Pah in the 
International Bouts Next 
Month— Two for Vancouver 

An invitation has boon .received 
from, Frank Harmer, chairman of 
boxing and wrestling at the Multno- 
mah Athletic Club of Portland, by 
Superintendent W. H. Davlea, of the 
V.I.A.A., to send the names and 
weights , of. three of the clubs beat 
boxers to take part in the big Inter- 
national boxing and wrestling tour- 
nament which K' to be staged by fhe 
"Winged M" Club oh November 29. 

Huperlntendent Davlea wrote yes- 
terday to aft. Warmer, accepting the 
Invitation.' and -named Tommy Wood- 
house, light heavyweight: Johnny 
Morgan, 158 pounds, and Billy Sned- 
don, at 136 pounds, ua the repre- 
sentatives of the V.I.A.A. 

Mr. Harmer stated In his letter 
i that representatives from the Los 
Angelas Athletic.- Club, the Olympic 
Club of Ben* Francisco and the V.I. 
A. A. would be matched against Mult- 
nomah Club boxers and wrestlers, 
and he hoped that this big tourna- 
ment would be the first of a series 
of Invitational events which he hopes 
to stage In Portland this Winter. 

Ah invitation" has also been re- 
ceived from the Qllmore Athletic 
Club of Vancouver to send some beys 
over for a tour n« men t, which is to be 
held in that city on November 18, 
the classes for competition being 118 
pounds, 126 pounds, 135 pounds. 147 
pounds and 160, pounds. A reply 
has gone forward to Jimmy Clark, 
who .Is looking after the arrangements 
for this tournament, advising him that 
the V.I.a.a. and Victoria Boxing Club 
would send over a couple of boys, 
Billy Sneddon at \t% pounds and 
Charlie Clark. Johnny Morgan or 
Claude Fortner, at 160 pounds. 

The V.I.A.A. is expecting to have a 
buiy season In the boxing game, and 
it la hoped that it will, in conjunc- 
tion with the victoria' Amateur Box- 
ing Club, be able to. stage some of the 
biggest boxing tournaments which 
have been held In this city. The last 
tournament, which was held during 
Royal Week, demonstrated that Vic- 
toria sportsman would turn out ' la 
large numbers to witness really good 
international contests. Everybody 
who attended the last tournament was 
delighted with • the evening's enter- 
tainment and the next event is being 
eagerly awaited. • Superintendent 
Davlea- of the V.I.A.A. and Harry 
Boyd of the Victoria Boxing Club are 
now .working on the next card and a 
first-class tournament will be held 
during the early part of neat, month, 
when it is expected that representa- 
tives, will compete.' in the various 
c lass e s from Portland. Seattle. Van- 
couver, Nanalmo, Ladysmlth and Vic- 
toria, i 


NEWMARKET. Bug., Oct.* Jfw— » 
The Cambridgeshire Stakes run 
here today waa won '. by Roths- 
child's Brigand. Lord d'Abornon's 
Diadem waa second, and My Dear, 
owned by A. W. Cox. waa third. 
Kighteen horses ran. ' 

LONDON. Oct. tf— The betting 
on the Cambridgeshire Stakes to- 
day waa: Brigand. 95 to 1, first; 
Diadem, 20 to 1. second; My Dear. 
« to 1. third. 


T 1 > 

Premiums for Trotters Came 
, Near the Half-Million Mark 
—Rate of Speed Faster, 
Though' Little, Sensational 



Local Hockey Manager Closes 
Contract With the Popular 
Player to Once More Lead 

Good Wi 

from, per 
garment. . 

it, An/ana Socki — English woolen, in 
£ | fff| l-ovatind Heather' 



The forty-sixth renewal of the 
Grand Circuit aeries closed at Atlanta 
October 18 after a run of fifteen 
weekn. during which there were thir- 
teen meetingr, at which 2*70 races 
were contested. Of that number 1«« 
were for trotters, in which there wore 
1.163 atarters and 104 for pacers, in 
which the etarters An up to 727, 
making a total of 1,890 for the sea- 

For these events the premiums for 
trotters amounted to S330.064. 49 and 
for pacers to 81. r ,e. 178.10. making a 
grand total for the year of |4J 6„- 
442.58. Rainy days kept this amount 
from running oyer half a million,. 
During the first live meetings the 
weather was very favorable for rac- 
ing. bQt after the horses arrived at 
Philadelphia, someone, upset a rain 
barrel and it never got back into 
position during the balance ot the 
season. Two days were checked otf 
the list at Belmont Park aa well aa at 
Poughkeepsie ' and Hartford, while 
Boston lost almost; three and Syracuse 
almost two, nine races being de- 
clared off at that point. The Colum- 
bus September meeting was alao ham- 
pered by the weather, but managed 
to give all of Its programme, while a 
colt race was all that was skipped at 
Lexington. At- Atlanta the curtain 

oarlao lea *U* •■_ !«. _.hl 

Yesterday morning. Lester Patrick 
atarted the ball rolling in signing up 
players for the Aristocrats' 1919-20 
hockey club, having closed a contract 
with Eddie Oatman, last year's cap- 

Again thia season will Eddie lead 
the. Aristocrats. Last year Oatman 
fen a victim to the "flu," and waa 
finable to show up in hie usual bril- 
liant form. All local hockey fans 
will be pleased to learn that he wilj 
again be seen In action this Winter, 
as he 1s one of the most spectacular, 
fast and hard-checking players on the 
Coast. Many a time has Eddie, prac- 
tically by himself, brought the home 
team through with flying colors, end 
this year . he promises to outclass 1 his 
former records. 

During the pest seven months Oat- 
man has been helping to build ships 
for the French Government, and he 
states that he la in the beat of form. 
He Is Just dying to get On a pair of 
steel blades, arid with a hockey stick, 
chase the rubber disc over the Ice. 

Lester Patrick has mailed all his 
last yetr players contracts and ex- 
pects most of them to report for duty 
some time next month. He la also 
lining up some new blood, and within 
a .few week's will be able to' majce 
some startling announcements. 


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fell on the series In the rain] with 
the loss of one day's programme. 
Huge Premium Total 

Regan Peat Sharkey 
•T: LOUIS. Oat 29.— Kid Regan, 
local bantamweight, won the. news- 
paper decision over Jack Sharkey, of 
New T ark. in an ft-round bout tonight. 


MM RDEN,P»im.B. 


M< #14 

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Just heat and eat. 

The series of 1919 runs the r 
ber of meetings .given *by members of 
the Grand Circuit in forty-six years 
up to 404 at which the premiums 
amounted to $12,805,304.92, Hart- 
ford Is now the senior member and 
Toledo the junior, while Cleveland 
alone remains of the. four which 
Started the organisation in 1173. At 
the start. Its meetings were held over 
the golden oval, at Qlenviiie, but were 
transferred to North Uahdell' In 7909. 
when the present course made its 
bow to the racing world. 

Whfoe the average rate of speed 
waa fester In 1919 thaoh 
there have' been very few - 
performances except among 
some might call thorn old, ho 
Single O.'s heat In 1.59% at Toledo 
was the onfy one recorded below two 
minutes, while Lu Princeton leads 
the trotters with a time record , Of 
2.01 and a mile in 2.02 in a dash 
race. AH of these are a trifle short 
of the returns in 1.918, when Single 
O. and Miss Harris M. placed the 
three-heat race record for pacers be- 
low* the two-minute line, while both 
Maebl Trask and St. ' Frisco won 
heats in 2.0 J %. The .injury sus- 
tained by Ante Guy m her second 
race, no dotibt, kept, the trotter* from 
making a new mark, but all that can 
be said for the pacers is that they 
could not step up to the new stan- 
dard. T* • • . " • 
Of the old trotters. Heir Reaper, 
Karly Dreams. Royal Mack and Mlg- 
nola were the leaders. The first 
named, now a twelve-year-old won 
I In 2.04% at Kalamaaoo. Royal 
Mack, eleven year sold, made his 
third trip through the circuit and 
won In 2.04 H. At the same time he 
aleo^niade a new world's record for 
geldmga which was equalled by 
Wrhtee Loree in the Transylvania. 
Mlgiiola. a 10-year-old. marched like 
a conquering , hero from the opening 
meeting of the Grand Circuit until he 
pulled up lame at Hartford, where 
he was defeated in the Charter Oak 
Purse by Marlondale. He waa started ' 
in 10 races, of which he won nine 
and made a record of 2.04 1-4. No 
one ever saw a better trotter than the 
handsome son of Allerton 

Leaden* Money Winner 
McGregor the Oreat proved the 
leading money winner of 1919. He 
won 12 of hls : 14 races. Marlondale 
defeated him at the Stat Cleveland 
meeting and In the. Massachusetts 
Puree at Boston, but he mare than 
offset those slips by has brilliant race 
at Syracuse, where he won In 2.08 1-4 
and followed it. by. a sweep from that 
point to Atlanta. , , 

Direct C. Burnett leads the pacers 
In the dollar column. He won 11 of 
his 15 races. After his first start at 
Cleveland, where he waa .drawn, ha 
looked to be unbeatable until Grace 
Direct caught him on his second -ap- 
pearance at Lexington. This was.fol- 
lowed by tiro more losing perform- 
ances at Atlanta, where Prank Dewey 
after a run In the field for 11 weeks' 
flashed out in front in 2:04 1-2 while 
In his aeoondr ace ho met to Sa'nardo 
his stable companion. 


Only Those Who Shared In Re- 
ceipts of World's Baseball 
Contests Satisfied With the 


NEW TORK. Oct. 29. — Boaeman 
Bulger says that baseball people 
throughout the country, Including 
the broader minded magnates, writ- 
ers and other Students of the' game. 
afO convinced that there must never 
be another World Series * of nine 
games. For the good of the national 
sport they, are alao convinced that 
the jprlces are entirely too. high; that 
the share of receipts for the players, 
the clubs and the national commis- 
sion are out of all proportion, and 
that in the future the playing of 
baseball's classic event will bo en- 
dangered If the policy of greed is not 

Out o< perhaps 100 persons; whose 
opinions were sought on this sub- 
ject, there were, not more than two 
or three dissenting voices. They 
were of those who had Just profited 
by the annual event. 

" Coata Public Too Much 
In the first place the receipts 
amounted to a little more than |722.- 
000. It is asking a little too much 
of the public to contribute three- 
quarters of a million dollars to one 
set of games Just at the moment 
when sjl the great minds of the na- 
tion' are urging the people to exer- 
cise economy. And this amount does 
not indicate the outlay of 'those who 
attend the series. More than twice 
that- much Was spent In expenses, 
hotel bills, railroad faresfftaxJeabs! 

'•The 'winning players received 85,- 
250 each, which Is fully two 'years' 
salary to some of them, in other 
words, when a player can make In 
the week of the series as much as he 
does In two years of regular salary 
he Is bound to become dissatisfied In 
case his elub does not win the SenT 
nant. Magnates declare that the false 
prices will give the younger nhtyer, 
especially, the Impression that base- 
ball to a gold mine and he will de- 
mand more salary than' can be paid. 
There were several bail clubs that 
made no money at all this year, but 
It is not difficult to believe that when 
one is faced with the receipts of the 
World Series. Minor league man- 
ager* are In such a predicament that 
they are begging for the big event 
to *e discontinued, or their little 
leagues, which furnish the big league 
material, will face financial ruin 
when it comes to making contracts I 
for next year. ~ ~ ' 

Whore Will It Got 
Baseball people are aleo curious to 
know Just what will be done with 
the 873,000 paid to the national com- 
mission aa Its share of the receipts. 
Is It to be used ss a sinking fund or' 
what? It surely Is much more than 
enough to pay the salaries necessary 
to conduct the businees of the com- 

The 3 19A.O00 paid to each of the 
two club owners will be put to a 
good purpose. WmfOr a new rale this 
money to distributed among the 
several clubs in the two leagues and 
will help out those Who had an un- 
fortunate season. ' 

Now, aa to the nine games — it to 
quite evident that the public tired of 
the long dream ofct affair; the Inter- 
est could not be sustained. The at- 
tendance at the last game la Cincin- 
nati proved that conclusively. What 
started out with a great fire Of en- 
thusiasm wound up In a painful but 
tolerant wait. The public to a lively 
partner In baseball and mutt be con- 

There were net enough well-to-do 
people in a city the etoe of ClncJaatl 
to pay |C a Stay for a week to see 




having business with MR. MAX LEBER 
are requested to «Uress business conununk 
diving his absence, to his authorized agent, 

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604 Broughton 

1 T' 

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Doug Uu and Dbcovery Street. Phone 6799 

Night Kewes S2S8, JSSSX. 

W D 





PARIS. Oct. )8.— General Ooanda. 
former Roumanian premier, he* ^^ 
nasned to head, the Roumanian del- 
egation to the raaee Ceefsrewee. eSe- 
oeapleg Nicholas Mtohw. who. It la f 
expected. Wtll become foreign Mb»- j 


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at our prices. See them before purchas- 
ing elsewhere. 

pROST & p 

* 14U St. * < 





The Beet in Vaudeville 






\ ona 8«nny *2- 
Urnoon in thslr 
Nailv* Lead 


la a Series or Dtaew and Im- 

P*r**oatlon*, with 

Special Stage Bettings and 

Augmented Orchestra 

la a Satire of 





The Smile Girl" 

"Feminine Type*" 

ft llsamee 

■ HlwlaVa Ersatag 2S« 


• . . . . .Uc, SOc 
W SO*, 7ia, tf.00 

.:.' , • ' 4 . .;' ■ 

Seat* sow on sale. 10-7 
p.m. Seat* orde r ed by 
phone aot bold later 
than 7 p.m. or llts p.m. 

A Play You Will Really Enjoy 

Opening Right, FrMiy, October 31 


v ■ s * 

Mr. R. Nv Hincks Presents the Delightful Comedy 




Assisted by Capt. Hendy and a Splendid Company 

Price* *s Usual: 28c to 75c # All Seat* Reserved. 
Box Office Now Open 

Phone 4625 

— *• 

— ■ 

■ vsttct 

showing at 
teat Umt 
popular i 
only aaon 

la Mabel Jteaiafi 

Ooldwya Picture. 


which de- 

it JftW production 
Map Normond and he* aeaoctataa act- 
ad to tha accompaniment of tha 
aamo nutate. 

Director Victor Schertsinger, 
hlmaelt aa wejl known aa a mustean 
an ha hi a motion picture director, 
waa thoroughly In accord with tha In- 
novation sugge*t*d by tha irrspre*- 
slble comedienne, although he and 
Mia* Normand differ In their opinion* 
about music. 

"Jam la delightful, 'Pew.* " . the 
latter being Mloa Normand's de- 
nomination of her favorite director, 
"and tf jrhn don't like It. ifa beeavae 
you are so saturated with the, claaaloa 
that you can't understand it. Jang la 
exciting and startling and. beet 1 Of all. 
it'a up-to-the-minute — It's modern." 

"That's all vary well," Schertsinger 
replied on mere than One occasion, 
calling Mlas Normand "Maw," Just to 
keep in the spirit of the thing. "Bay 
It isn't beautiful. It Isn't harmonious, 
it Isn't music." i 

VARIETY It wae In ' the "wee 

THEATRE •ma' hour* of tha 

morning." . Tip gueata 

had all retired,' excepting Raffles, who 


Postage * V audeville. 

-Uedda Move and J. 

Frank Olendon In "By the 

World Forgot," and Charlie 

- Chaplin end Patty Arbuohle 

in "The Pugilist." 

Row mno Montagu Love In "To 
Him That' Math.'* and' serial. 
"The Tiger's Trail." featuring 

/ Ruth Roland. 

Royal Victoria — Mabel Nor- 
mand In "Upstairs..' 

P ea aJ wi oa J Marguertte Clark In 

"° lrtp *" tutM 

Variety — John Barrymore In 

and for the remainder of the week, 
with an episode of the sertr.l "The 
Red Glove" aa an added attraction. 


prowled around la the great drawing TJT ~" LJ"""^. "„ "Xaia* tai resell* 
room .like -a dim spectre In the shad- ZZJS^fJSS^-^.^^ ^J°*£! 

owe cast by the reflected, moonlight 
frbnj the great art-glass window*. 
The door softly opened end In came 
Crawshay, a thief well known to the 
police of England. A meld appeared 
on the stair landing and at Craw- 
sha's signal dropped Lady Melrose's 
wonderful diamond necklace, which 
had cost a small fortune. Crawshay'* 
hand waa outstretched *o catch it aa 
it fell from the hands of his accom- 
plice, J>ut Raffles wa* quicker than 
he, and in the twinkling of an eye 
t he-police had Crawshay and Raffles 
had the necklace safely secreted on 
his person. Later Crawshay escaped 
from the prison and Raffles made a 
wager with iha Inspector of Scot- 
land Yard that he would not 






, ISc, M*tfe*e, IS*. 



Today PWaodfJl 




D U Ml H TO iN 



Mabel Normand 




PanUfe* Vaudeville 


***.&** ■* w * '****> Ihiewatlnt 

niost ratcd Lecture at St. An- 

drrw's Church Tuesday Evening 

A very interesting illustrated lec- 
ture was given Tuesday evening by 
Mr. C. H. Prepeh. in the hall of St. 
Andrew's Church. Mr. French dealt 
with the habits of the different In- 
dian tribes that Inhabit Western and 
Northwestern Canada, and showed 
what rapid advancement the Indiana 
bad made during the last half-cen- 
tury, developing from a" savage stage 
to one of considerable enlightenment 
and civilization. The slides thrown 
on the screen gave the, audience a 
descriptive idea of this advancement 
by showing the Improved conditions 
under which the Indiana live today. 

The methods of hunting their food 
and of preparing it when caught were 
particularly interesting pictures. 
Scenes were also given of the Indians 
of Vancouver Island. Fins specimens 
of big game were shown, and one 
Picture Waa much commented on,. It 
was taken by Mr. -French and showed 
the beaver In the act of felling a 
tree. Most of the photographs were 
taken hy Mr. French, but some, 
h earer home, wets takes by Mr. May- 
nard, who officiated at the lantern. 

During the evening a vocal item 
was excellently rendered by Mrs. 
'Morrison. At the close of the' lec- 
turer Mr. French exhibited a number 
of raw furs and commented upon the 
method used to prepare them for the 
market; occasionally touching upon 
the pries, Which In every ease was 
greatly In excess of the price ob- 
tained a few years ago. 



TOLEDO. Ohio, pet. 20.— State- 
ments of a private detective that he 
had discovered a plot to kidnap 
Bdsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, and 
hold him for 1300,000 ransom, led 
to the arrest here today of four men. 
The detective gav* his name aa 
Floyd Gray, and he said he cam* to 
Toledo from the Bast in connection 
with strike disorders and became 
aware of the plot while stopping at 
a local hotel. 

The prisoners are Richard Ram- 
say, San Franelsco, Bddle Cole, 
alias KJnwey. Loulsvlie. Ky., Joseph 
8. Fisher, New York City, and Claude 
Cameron, of Toledo. 

Gray said Kinney revealed the plot 
t* secure young Ford and imprison 
hint in a bouse in Mount Clemens, 

Crawshay entered Raffles' room in- 
tent on getting baolt the prise for 
Which he had bartered his liberty. 
Raffles disclaimed all knowledge of 
It and in the meantime the police, 
who had been following Crawshay, 
were waiting to catch them, In the 
act of dividing the booty. ' "Why, 
blarst yer. gov'nor, ye could tike 
the nllln's from a cove's back teeth 
wlvout dlsturbln' his conversation," 
said Crawshay. "Delicate sense of 
humor, eh. Bunny?" said Raffles to 
his friend, who waa present at the 
interview, but how Raffles outwits 
the. burglar and the police, as well as 
wins the wager, Is much more inter- 
esting on the Variety screen, where 
the picture Is being shown this week. 

Ollson Wlllstts. who 
, wrote the scenario of 
Ruth Roland's new 
Pat he serial. "The Tiger '• Trail." the 
fifth episode of which will be shown 
at the Romano today, explained to a 
friend the other day how ho attained 
the intimate knowledge of the tiger 
and his habits, whleh Is manifest In 

Jungle monarch figures during the 
picture- "I have traveled' a great deal 
ta India." said Mr. Willets, "and at 
one time I spent some time visiting 
the Prinee of Baroda. Me has a groat 
collection of captive tigers, In fact, 
captive tigers seem to be a fad 
among the Indian princes. I was 
greatly interested in the tigers and 
the Prince, noticing this, gave me the 
run of his aoo and Anally allowed 'me 
to go with him on a tiger hunt. 


\t Street at Yates-rPreseni 

Today, Friday and Satur 




• ' 

Quiet Ceremony in Sound City Unites 
Mr. Chff Denham and Miss 

■.. ..• ■ ,. „ —-» — . 

Surprising 8a host of -friends, many 
of Whom 'were unaware of their en- 
gagement. Mr. Cliff Denham, the 
papular manager of the Real Vic- 
toria Theatre, and Miss Ivy Gibson, of 
this city, slipped away last week-end 
to Seattle, where their marriage took 
place on Monday. The bride, who ha* 
been employed- at the Royal Victoria 
for 1 some time past, is also Weil 
known here. On their return from a 
honeymoon trip to the States, Mr. 
and Mrs. Denham will make their 
homo on Lee Avenue. 





»-* ■ 

oO*% BoytSomr\ 


^BB BBS*: 

• ■ 


the Worl 



Sfcr— A Splendid Athlete 

Prices: 15c and 20c, Children 10c, Box Seats 30c. 

PANTAGES "Baffllbgly mysterious." 
THEATRE la about the only way 
the 'feats which M. t. 
Kama and. his company of Japanese 
wonder-workera, offered at the Ren- 
tage* this week; may .be described. 
"LeviUtlen." that most inexplicable 
of all tbe repertor of "black magic." 
is one of the wonders of this show. 
The mystic lor* which has been treas- 
ured by the house et'Kuma for hun- 
dreds, and perhaps thousands, Of 
years, has been crystallsed into a 
marvelously mystifying and enter- 
taining act for the Pantages circuit. 
Many Imitators have undertaken to 
reproduce the feats of this clever 
Oriental company, every member of 
which belongs to the house of Kuma. 
but none have, ever succeeded In 
duplicating their master feat^— that 
of causing a girl to rise In the air 
In full view of the audience and on a 
folly lighted stage, then suddenly to, 
vanish from sight before the very 
eyes. 'Another remarkable offering 
on this week** bill la the p res en tation 
of Tainan, announced as the meet 
wonderful "monk" on the stage. 

Albcrtan Farmer Keck* Frevli Start 
On Vattoovver Island— Inquiries 


Pile* Cured to S to Id Bays 

Druggists refund mosey If PAZO 
OINTMENT f*il* to cote) Itcbtog. 
RJtod, Bleeding or Protruding Pile*. 
■tope Irritation; Seethes and Heals. 
Tou can get reetf ul Bleep after the first 
application. . Price 00c 

BB*B*BS**J*B**a*B*B*BaMM. ■ 

Tomorrow evening .will 
THEATRE see the first performance 
of that delightful com- 
edy, "Billys Little Love* Affair." 
which Mr. R. N. Hlncks Is producing 
at the Princess. Miss Eva Hart, in 
the title role, has an excellent part 
to sustain, and one which by Us splen- 
did fulfilment vrlll gain far this tal- 
ented lady many new admirer*. Copt. 
HendY, who . plays opposite to Miss 
Hart, has been allotted an equally 
Important part, whleh he can be re- 
lied upon to perform with the same 
brilliancy of portrayal as was dis- 
played In the last production in which 
ho appeared ("His Excellency the 
Governor"). The .remainder of the 
cast Include* many well-known favor- 
ite*, and an excellent evening's enter- 
tainment la assured, the play being 
breosy, clever and witty. The Prin- 
cess Dramatic Society, is bound to 
grow greater in public favor by their 
finished performance of this one of 
^the most delightful comedies ever 

DOMINION Nearly oil screen patrons 
THEATRE will remember Mar- 
guerite Clark's first 
screen starring vehicle, "Wildflower," 
In whleh "he created a photoplay sen- 
sation. Ever stnoe that initial pro- 
duction she has been making pictures 
for Paramount and her popularity 
has steadily Increased with each new 
achievement until now ehe I* one of 
the best known and moot universally 
loved act r ess s * on the screen. Her 
latest picture. "Olrls," an adaptation 
of the play of the same nam* hy the 
late Clyde Fitch, has scored a huge 
success at the Dominion this week. , 
Added features of > interest on the 
Dominion screen include the sgsnlsl 
Victory Lean film, "HI* Extra Bit," 
presenting Wallace Reld to the role 
of an btvestor; a Cheater Outing pic- 
ture and ( 

Large quantities of folder* and 
publicity literature have been sent 
out from; .tile office of the Victoria 
and Island "Development Association 
Ot late to all parts of the Prairie. -It 
has been the aim to send this litera- 
ture to the small towns as well as to 
the cltie*. As a, result of the pub- 
licity thus given Victoria, Commis- 
sioner McAdam is receiving many 
letters dally asking about climatic 
conditions and living possibilities 
from prospective visitors. Among 
enquiries , received from these points 
and from- several parts of Great 
Britain, are request* for htfbrmarlqp 
of an individual nature. One party 
is anxious to know something of the 
chances- here for opening * canning 
factory for the canning of vegetables 
and soups? 

Yesterday a farmer from Southern 
Alberta arrived in the city and called 
at the" office for Information. He 
ha* been nine year's on the Alberta 
prairies and has been completely 
discouraged by . the continuous 
droughts. He does not intend to gb 
back there, but Is seeking land some- 
where close to Victoria. A letter baa 
also been received from another Al- 
bertan asking for information re- 
garding homesteads on Vancouver 
Island. Commissioner McAdam 
state* that these enquiries are more 
numerous |hak a'nythmg previously 
experienced, and believes it is a sign 

shortly receive a large Influx of set- 



Af *f - %>tt d ****** * Csiuda decant raise efspugh 
moe*ey by 1hb Victory Loan she wQI havo to raise it try to- 


80 that atotoad of posterity paying a greater part ot tbe 
war bill, tWa feneration trill have to pay moat of it. 

8s you gee there is a cowpelfin*; reason why you should 


' Tale space 

Tkt EC. Laid ft kreftaent AfMcv. Lid 

ttt u iiiit 54. f i wt sh U 1SSS ^ Hon* SSS 

that Victoria and 

surroundings will 

Shanghaied by a rival at 

THEATRE his bachelor f east. Der- 
rick Van Bookman, after 

a desperate voyage on a salting ves- 
sel. I* stranded on a little Island. 

whore he finds a beautiful daughter 

of aa old race, the same blood *a his 

own. Each learn* to love the other. 

but he remains true to the girl ho 

left behind, uatu she appears at the 

bead of the rescuing party and l*am* 

that sha really loved the rival all the 

time, leaving him free to marry the 

little Island girl. This, In brief, hi the 

faeetnaUng romance pictured In "By 

tbe World Forgot," the Vitagraph I per box 

Blue Ribbon 'Feature, whleh will bo I by aR 

the attraction In the Columbia today I Calfilrnoauus Cow 

Weik, Siekly Folks 
■efsia Health Qaiekly 
By lew isaeoy! 


1 ' m " i n 11 

Lots of people that were thin and 
miserable for years hare recently 
been restored by this aim pi* treat- 
ment. All you have to do Is take two 
little chocolate-coated tablet* with a 
alp of water at the close of each meal. 

The tablets, whleh, by the Way, are 
called "Ferr*sone, ,, are In reality a 
perfect food for the blood. They con- 
tain exactly those elementoyour blood 
lack* when tt becomes thin, weak, 
and unhealthy. 

This Is Just the time to use Ferro- 
■one; it excite* splendid appetite, 
gives digesUon splendid aid, supplies 
nourishment for all weak organ*. At 
once you feel buoyant and strong. 
Nutritious blood course* through your 
veins, supplies strength, makes yo« 
tingle with animation and amblUon. 

No more headache*. 

None of that tired languor. * 

. Ton feel like doing things because 
FerroBon* completely renews and 
strengthens your whole system. 

Mo medicine on earth give* each 
quick, lasting benefits as Ferroaone. 
It hue raised thousand* from down- 
right weakness, brings robust health 
Simply because It contains the forti- 
fying element* that run-down systems 

One week after using Fsirosone 
you'll feel like new. you'll appreciate 
what real robust health mean*. In a 
month you*n scarcely credit the push 
your vigor and spirits have received. 
Psrroaoas is more them a tonic be- 
cause its work lasts, tts benefits re- 
main and are aot temporary. It re- 

t am Haunts 

be wed Kv - - ■■ 

and cbHd. Try tt. see 
Tor tit*. Sold 
hy man from The 


VANCOUVER, Oct, 80.-— B. H, «. 
Winn, chairman of the Workmen'* 
Compensation Board, addressing the 
B.C. Manufacturers* Association last 
evening on "Health Insurance," de- 
clared that such insurance was bone-' 
flclal to the Industry, a* well a* for tbe 
workman, for It brought about greater 
efficiency. "Whatever 'improved . the 
condition of the workers unproved the 
employers' condition, be said. 

"The trouble today is that those 
operating industries seem tube gradu- 
ally getting farther away from their 
workmen." ' -, ^ ' f| ' ■ ' - 

He declared It was necessary for 
employers to get Into closer relations 
with their workmen. •*** 

Hindenburg and Lndeodorff 
BERLIN. Oct. 29.— Field Marshal 
von Hindenburg and General Ladea- 
dorff probably will participate In U»e 
deliberations of the committee Inves- 
tigating the guilt of those responsible 

Horlick't tha Orifftml 
MsJtod Milk -Avoid 
Imitations A Substitutes 

for thtf eajajajnpnjsjjp^sBta on- Octo- 
ber 31 to hear the testimony of Dr. 
von Bethmann~Hollweg, 'former Im- 
perial German Chancellor, according 
to The Tageblatt. 

Mope for Okanogan Apples 

PENTICTON, B.C.. Oct. 20.— The 
return of warmer weather has 
th* frost out of the apple* hit bj 
week'* cold snap AS' the WesTUMr 
moderated slowly the farmers believe 
that the groat bulk of the apples still 
unpacked will not. be materially In- 
jured, provided they are picked and 
packed before another cold spell. 



BELLEVILLE, 111., Oct. 39.— De- 
mand* that a "high school soviet" be 
established here are made in a me- 
morial to the high school board by 
student* of the BeUeeJUe Township 
High School. The memorial states 
that, if demands are not met by No- 
vember I the students will "go on 
strike." M , 

The students demand a six-hour 
school day, Friday afternoon holiday, 
a m ini m um passing .grade, of 00 
rather than 75 per cent, teachers un- 
der the age of 26 years, pool tables 
and phonographa in the receatlon 
rooms, free inneh to senior students, 
and that all regulations originate 
with tha Students' coanolL 

Reported Parricide 

WINNIPEG, Oct. If. . — prom 

meagre details to hand, It is alleged 

that Alex Koroyk, a farmer of Poplar 

Field, Man., a settlement on the 

C.N.R., Fish River Branch, has* been 

•murdered hy; >hls ., , thirteen-year-old 

.son. T*ny. A* officer . ot th* 

*R,NW.M.P. hap taken the boy? Into 

cuatody. and a brother, aged t, 1* 

held as a material witness. The v c- 

tinr ' M u d " S T tf tt hahe t wSflna s ? 1 

f HI I 

.1 w l*| 

Price* - . - lfesHMlMc 

XlhlsB*. > ii*&. .fje 

', Friday and Sa* 



im Ttfatjiath 


r. mia Part* 






"*~*layh+\\ 1 * KU SM 

tlu b—thm 

ax*ue/ test* 


Cont1nu«d t: 

•vj : 


Have the zest 
You like the best 


stands tor absolutely the 
it, moat appetising 
healthiul Com Flake 
ever a t e an d noth- 


Ii| fact*, not fancy, be 
your guide. The evidence 
* at your gfooery—you 
are judge and jury* 


rt, will be im4 to prevent the 

»1 disaster." certain to follow 
the stoppage of work. 

troops ee a g*et r«« 

m rtmem ff iy *' m - *"**■* 
Reports froW Government •tent* 

•how that a big part of the miners 

ordered to quit work want to stay 

on the Job. 
Bight* of ths public will bo pro- 

early drop to the price of soft coal, 
and tftea t- Wn ot against proeteor - 
tagv?***' »»' r 

As to those miners who so on 
■ etetke and thereby curtail production, 
tho fool and-Ojel control law. with 
Hs recently adde* criminal plnalHm 
of »n* and. Imprisonment, will be en- 
forced without retard to persons. 
This attitude of the Government, At- 
torney-Oeoeral Palmer made clear, 
doss net sdfeet the rtgbt of workers 
to strike for redress of arlevances in 
other case s Where no violation of the 
hw Is involved. Mr. Palmer's an- 
nouncement of the Government's 
plans, made after a -consultation with 
Secretary Wilson. Director-General 
Bines, Assistant Attorney-General 
Ames, in charge of pr osec ut ions un- 
der the food and fuel control law; 
Assistant. Attorney-General Garvin, 
directing criminal prosecutions and 
Investigations of the Department of 
Juatleve; Secretary Tumulty, repro- 
sontiBf the President, and Br; H, A. 
Garfield^ formerly Fuel Adminletr*- 
tor, did not mince words in dealing; 
with the strike. 

"The' proposed strike," the an- 
nouncement, declared, "would be a 


■— — ' * • ■,-,.,.. ... 1 1 . . i ( | ] t % 

_ _ .. . ' ' 7 / ' ■ » ' i ■ . i. — 


Not Only Her Own Troubles 
.Were Overcome, But Tanlac 
Also Builds UpHerlon 

her SmrtJHM Government St 


skiing, crinkly, crispy 
» of corn. Done to a 
In greet ovens thdt deal 
*« AH. the aeror sad flavor. 
Rich, dcHcioup iUkee of 
golden brown. The food- 
nets is toasted In, not burn- 
ed In. And that goodness 
Is preferred for you by the 
"VVWtB* pe*a*fe» 

Nott ti* .fall pack age 
—And ths aroma 

Delicious— end tho taste- 
but your children call ex- 
press toot better than we 

deadly attack on the life of' the 
oatlon than an Invading enemy. "The 
facts present a situation which chal- 
lenges the supremacy of the law." 

Director-General Hlnes later issued 
a statement showing that the produc- 
tion of coal this year has been below 

"I ant at thankful that I took Tan- 
lae. for it has completely overcome my 
trouble sfter everything else I tried 
had sailed to give m« any relief at 
all." said Mrs. C Garner, who Hve. 
at 1508 Seventy-Sixth Avenue, Ed- 
monton, Alberta, while talking to a 
Tanlac representative the other day. 

"I em certainly glad that each a 
dependable medicine as Tanlac has 
been put within the reach of every- 
body." continued* Mrs. Garner, "and 
It is one medicine that I never ex- 
pect to be without About two yearn 
ago I began to suffer from stomach 
trouble and Indigestion, and my en- 
tire system finally got in a very badly 
run-down condition. Everything I 
ate disagreed with me. and I would 
often have ths worst spells of head- 
ache you ever heard of. I also suf- 
fered from rheumatism la my arms 
so bad that I couldn't drees myself 
half of the time, and my hands would 
become so Swollen that I couldn't put 
my gloves on. I wag so nervous that 
I never get* good night's sleep. In 
fact I had Just about reached the point 
JJ*JJ» * *** »**««r able to act about 

"Then somebody tow me about Ten- 
iae and what a good medicine it was 
for my kind of trouble, and I at 

ee bought a bottle and commenced 



Girl Charged With Theft of 


Charged with ths theft of a hand- 
some fur coat, the property of one 
of the guests attending the danoa at 
the Alexandra Club lest - night, an 
elghtaen-year-old girl, a member of a 
respectable family of the elty. was 
arrested about 1 o'clock this morning 
at her home by Detectives Phlpps 
end glcillano. following a search 
wh ich ended at her home. 

while the police officers were down 
state*, the girl. In her «uem above, 
tore, the coat almost to shreds, ap- 
parently in an effort to 'disguise Its 
Identity. The pieces were located In 
the bask yard, Into which she had 
thrown them from her bedroom win- 

. rarre 

to the Grocerman Today 

Mil set that you get the 
package with the Waxtite 
wrapper on it 


at Which Municipal 
Status WOI Be ' 

Within a few days, it Is expected. 
MM. John Hart. Minister of Finance, 
will be able to announce the dates 
ihad places of the meetings whloh 
he intsnds shall he held at leading 
points In ths Province and at which 
the whole Question- of taxation from 
the standpoint of the extent to 
which now sources of revenue for the 
muaielpalltles Way be found, will be 

aemstlms ago tho Minister re- 
eaeeted the various maatclpantlss to 
■ead in detail* of their respective 
flnanciel statue to the end that when 
the meetings are held full Informa- 
tion of the. position of each will be 
known and thus much added Inform- 
ation be available for the meetings. 
All. with one or two exceptions, have 
Complied with the roqaoet and it 
Is expected those still behind with 
their reports win soon send them in 

Fact Peeling Easy— 

Beonda or Brunette 

The theft was committed somotlme 
before midnight. Peoole at the dance 
remembered a young woman who 
had entered tho ladles' dressing room 
shortly after 11 p.m. bearing a small 
suitcase. No attention wag paid to 
her. but later, when the owner of the 
coat, a young matron, discovered the 
disappearance of the garment, sue* 
plclon was fastened upon tho 
stranger. Working upon the slender 
description of the latter ths detectives 
finally arrived at the girl's heme and 
soon discovered the shred* of coat. 
When confronted with the evidence 
of her guilt the girl broke down end 
admitte d the theft . 


OTTAWA. Oct. 2*.-VThe Peace 
treaty with Austria was approved by 
the donate today, through the adop- 
tion of a resolution by that chamber. 
There wag some discussion of the 
Grand Trunk Railway purchase * bill 
which was still Jn the Commons' 
The matter was brought forward by 
the opposition leader. Senator Bos- 
took, at the opening of the sitting, 
when he asked If the Government 
had received a telegram from the 
Regina Board *f Trade, stating "that. 
In the opinion of the council of the 
Regina Board of Trade, the best in- 
terestg of Canada will be served by 
deferring action on the Bill »«, 
known at an Act respecting the ac- 
quisition of the Grand Trunk Rail- 
way, until announcement is made of 
the permanent policy of the Govern- 
ment relative to the management of 
the nstjonal' railways and ths opinion 
of the people has been "~~*-«iyH 
in regard thereto." 

Sir James Loughsed said' that he 
had received a similar telegram. • 5 It 
has net perturbed me very much 
thou**." he said. 4 

Senator Casgrain asked if there had 
been telegrams exchanged between 
the Goevrnment leader In the Senate 
and the Montreal Beard of Trade.' 

Sir James: "The president of the 
Montreal Board of Trade telegraphed 
n.e that a delegation desired to come 
up and address the senator* on the 


in four axjiyreiEs 

PARIS. Oct. «-.— Arrest by the 
Swiss police of men' responsible for 
the "International Youth" organisa- 
tion, having In their possession un- 
limited propaganda fixing Novenfber 
? as the date for an International 
revolution in Spain. Italy. Pranoe and 
Swltserland. has caused a deep Im- 
pression In political circles In Prance 

The opponent* of the peace treaty 
ere making use of the discovery In 
the pollUrsl campaign, and are at- 
tacking the treaty on the ground that 
the guarantees are Insufficient. ' 

The plot wee organised at 8tuttgart 
by the "Communist Bolshevist Youth" 

- knew before I had fin- 
ished the first bottle that I had at 
last found a real medicine, for I com- 
menced to Improve right awgy. I 
have taken six nettles of thai wonder- 
fu medicine so far. and I can truth- 

health in every way as I ever did in 
my life. I never have a sign of rheu- 
matism any more, and my stomach Is 
Hi such Rbe condition that I can eat 
lust anything l want and, never have 
to suffer afterwards. My eon, who 
» twelve years old, was pot In very 
rood health, so I gave him Tanlac. 
and you Just ought to see how that 
child has Improved. So you ace. Ten- 
iae has been a great blessing at my 
house, and .that is Just why I never 
losf an opportunity to say a good 
word for itr r * 

* ,'-. ." . .' ' «i in i i 

undue losses hut the suffering of 
meopa who already . had made ln- 
ceiculabls menaces laS.-5g? war 
^ ^' K«l* PWed STmlJg.: 
tton of sentence on grounds of pre- 
vious eerylcev and because, in writing 
H was actuated by a deejre to "pro- 
tect men against needless sacrifice 
end to save the country from squan- 
dering money which it could ill 
afford to do." «?". *" 

The sentence ; against the officer 
will be promulgated later. . 


18 NOW flroasnED 

OTTAWA. Oct It.— No more 

trkcte which called for shipment of 

oancelted^ 5?^ **£*5?l£ 
SllS?*.^ ** F» *«*n trade com- 
mission. It waa learned today. Bx- 

wh?«h r m * ,on|r th< ***** Wtote 
which had been permitted to^mme 
extent In the past, also has been 

At the office of the eomnsleaUn this 

•aereawd "bvt^ "** *£*S?Z 
«««leed by» the consumers, there Is 

or transportation tle-upa 

<*»*Se is ofte of the beat situate 
eountries In the world in ^t re»ec\ 
It waa stated. ' r# " p * ct - 

WAaajMOTGN, Oct. IS,— Ratleaing 

iVSf'u* ^»»<*^wtr« if eaady 
soft drinks and the like soon is to be 

ooara, a Mouse committee vu » n i^ 
today by Herbert Ifeover^ ThS S! 
Sfi^e^**. Mr. HeoJer mS ,*S 
fatted from the fact ituAn^rn^r 
has risen beyond the iHn : whnrV? 
»»J^Jo«fht ad^M^euJy^ I 


' I ll I S .1! 

Let "Danderine" save and 
gloriify your hair 



Faacy Bags, Etc, 
FURS — Some very 
fine pieces. 

BUTTONS - A large 

Ladies' Ready . to- 
Children^ Hats. 

Shopping Bags, clot ely 
woven. Sale price. 65c 

Corset Covers. Sale price. 40c 

LabW Skirts, Ladies' Coats, 

Ladies' Suks, Oiie*Third Off. 

Shetland Floss, Zephyr Wool, 
Cortkelli Silks, D. M. <* C. 
Crochet Cotton, Clarke's Cro- 
chet Cotton. 



Men's CoUars, W. a A R., 25c 

Stantield's Underwear— 

•i Blue Label. Reg. 

$8.00. Npw 

Red Label. Reg. #C AA 
$7.007Now. $3,911 

Men's Tiger Brand Under- 
wear. Good, heavy quality. 
Ciarnient. ...*...,.,. $1.90 

Men's Fancy Vests, very 
heavy, beautiful English goods 
at HalfPrice. .< 

Men's 10-inch High B o o. t s, 
Leckie Skookum nailed bot- 
toms. Worth $15.00 $9.00 

Children's All-Wool Sweaters. 
Sires 30 and 32. . . . . .^2.90 

Sires 26 and 2S . . 

$8.00 Stetson HaU. 



«>eo a • *, • • • s> • • e 


, »i.50 Men's Work Gloves, 95c 


Throwing Some Light on the Question 

No Question About It— 




Fmal Mark Down Price Started Last Week— Store Packed ! Th ousands of satisfied customers! Most of them will 
come again and again, for MORR1N A THOMPSON'S RETIRING FROM BUSINESS SALE is a marvelous 
Money-Saving opportunity, and it will take days and days even of such great selling to distribute Sixty-Five 
Thousand Dollars 1 worth of matchless merchandise. Every article in this store is dependable. 

EVERYTHING will be sold NOTHING is HELD in 
RESERVE, and every Sale Price is Pared Down to com- 
pel pratnpt seaBng--£verythinf will be told. 

LADIES! You gamy never again have such a wonder- 
ful opportunity to repreniah your wardrobes or home* 
with such essoinee* Lacee, Runner*, Scarfe, Sheaf*, Pil- 
low Cases, Curtain* and good Blankets— And Rkh 
Draneriea. Dreaa Goods, Serges, 40 inch** wide, $1.78 
(old stock) , Suiting, Voiles— at such retnarkable Sale 
Prices. And, bast of afl, they are not new goods, but 
old stock, imported mostly from England, who, for the 
time being\ have ceaaed to send w any goods. . 


We have no traahy merchandise. Those who are judges 
of honest good* we invite, for they will appreciate qual- 
ity merchandise. 

We have heard occasional comment from some who 
aught not appreciate the difference between high-grade 
merchandise and other lands— that they had expected 
greater reductions. Even they will be gratified now 
when the second reduction sale conirnerjted. 
In the Shoe Department you can buy Men*s Slater Ox- 
ford* that were made to sett for ten dollars at $4.90. 
Anybody who knows anything about leather knows that 

*^^J*° in §JVfc*' W«rfe/a'e^»s^s|geii 
wdl be $3 to |6 higher for next aeaaon^but then we 
will be gone. c*?V' 

mi 2 *&mL •'*• B ; TW:saWD of a saij: one mkes to vvwtc about 

?!rj^£*PTT?^^ It'-hofriiiibunoYaoWi^ 

And it a a kind of sek that doesn't need a lot of boktermg up with printer's ink None of the aaleaoeoole have to L 


IWr^YTHING m this Sale u sold on a money-back plan. So— you should worry. 




Merchandiser and Financier for Business Institutions 

* •>♦ 

"Ths blonde's cetnptsxtoa fades easljr, 
eeeaase aer skin ts esttaordlaerfly thin 
end flne," says Mm* Una Cavallerl. 
•"Tae torunstuY M a rala Is ths re- 
vsrea The ekla Is thicker and has a 
tsndsacv to sn ollr seeearanee." 
JTw sltaer ths faded hlonde's skin or 
the brunette's e«r er sallow complexion 
Um east reatedv ts ordinary mereollsed 

">eut a wese/s time. The wsa gresV 

trsatmset. Ths «ax?pre¥urnbh> 
1 store. Is applied like col* 


LONDON, Oet 1».--U«» Sher- 

wood. Kelly, holder of i ** torta 
Creea, pleaded guilty bsf . ^u^. 

martial todsy to writing let tats to 
a London newspaper | n wh ieh hs 

?£??% *?T! 6th * "»»«»». Utal 
"these has k e en a Segtidsami wnato 
of lives and of vast sums of money" 
In the operations of tits British In* 

Other letters by KeJt* Were to give 
facts In connection with north 





e|g that otherwtoe might never have 
ieteJHIei ■■» that 


come to light. 

troops sent to Reseda for sWffaawvs 
earnests were need on the offensive 
la the furtherance of an ambitions 


**» a few momenta you can trans- 
form your plain, dull flat hair. Ton 
enh hive It ahund.nt. soft, glees, and 
fnftof-dfe. Jest get at any'dYaa M- 
toUet counter a small bottle of "Dan- 
derine" for a few cents. Then mebrten 
a eoft cloth with the Danderine Vnd 
draw this through your hair, taking 
one small strand a^a time. , Instantly 
yes. Imensdlately. yen have doubled 
the beauty o* your hair. U will be a 
mass, so soft, lustrous, fluffy and so 
easy to do up. All duet, dirt and en. 
ti ssa l fs ell Is reinoved.- 

liOt Dandsrtwe eat more life, 
rigor and Brightness In year 
Thfcj stimulating tonic will f.„ 
your ecalp, chock dandruff and falling 
hair, and help fea r hair to • 
leag, thick, strong ee* rseawUfeL 

VANConvara. Oct. as— u i. net 
expected that the usual short courses 
In agriculture will be given by the 
University la the coming Winter, the 
rooms used In ether years ere - ell 
filled with the regular classes, ead 
the expense of conveying the students 
to Point ORsf and back every day 
would be prohibitory, even If there 

Sere suflhnant accommodatlona Farm 
asses ere maintained for students 
In the 8.C.R., bat the Department 
of Agriculture releetantly concludes 
that It will be Impossible la the pres- 
ent crowded condition' of the uni- 
versity buildings to do Justice to 
other short course students. 

At, thb university is without a 
gymnasium It \m expected, that ar- 
rangements win be made for the nee 
at certain hours of the normal school 
gymnasium by university students. 

In the a b es a e e of Victoria aismbers. 
the Board of Governors did net take 
ep tonight the question of affilia- 
tion' of Victoria high school with the 
right to give the second year course 
In arts. It will be considered at a 
special m se tla g called far that pur- 

, I M » ■■ 

sped before the police er- 



key's finances are In better shape, per- 
haps, than those of any. other country 
in Burope. according to reports, dme 
hea one gold piece for every foua In 
naaer. It is claimed en good authority. 
and an effort Is being made to borrow 
14.000.00S partly for ths purpose of 
repatriating 2«0,000 prisonsre now in 
Egypt, India, Russia and Central Asia. 
These prisoners are making desperate 
efforts to reach their homes. 

eOa *|,rc ^ rt ■ i ml ' ' r ' 

On Armistice Day 

LONDON, Oct. 2«.— The Oermaa 
peace treaty may come Into effect on 
the anniversary of Armistice Day it 
wee announced by Cecil Harmsworth. 
onder-oeerotary /or foreign affairs. In 
the House of Commons today, that 
the goeeeauMnt hoped the treaty 
woald be formally ratlQed on No- 
ber 11. end eeate Into force the 


LONDON, Oet 29. — Sir Rgeinald 
Tower, formerly British Minister to 
Argentina and Paraguay, has been ap- 
pointed temporary high commissioner 
at Danslg by the League of Nations 
organisation, it Is learned here. He 
Is expected to aesume his duties about 

The news of the appointment was 
received here with double intereet, aa 
It Is taken as an indication thaf the 
I^eayegye beginning to faactiou. 


PARIS, Oct. 29— Reports of the 
elections held In Plume on Sunday 
for selecting members of tho new 
communal council show that SifS 
persons voted, the straight aniens 
atlenlet ticket: ltd for the party fed 
by/ Professor Sanella. who came to 
en open br u s h * with Captain Osb- 
rtelle d'Annunclo, and then S1SJ of 
those registered did not rote, accord 
ing to advices reaching here. 



TORONTO. Oct. ft Blockade run- 
ner during the American civil war. and 
for many years afterward one of the 
prlnclpel passenger boats on Lake 
Ontario, the steamer Chloora, owned 

h T tn# J !an *f* «»««»ehiP "no. now 
lies partly submerged e the east end- 
of Toronto Bar; only her Steer works 
shewing above the water. 

repafr. m ""% «*T««»d 

— Werner stern w»V_ 
day on the charge that he 
the Canadian end of the hsatlonal 
bridge at St. Croix. Feb aery 12. 
IMS. The Jury wsa eat only thir- 
teen minutes. Hern, a*o oonducted 
his own defence, said he waa a Oerv 
awn officer and wee acting under 
orders ef 
In war time. 

MONTRBAL, Oet 29— Pltro Shal- 
haro. aged 4t, Is dead, and another 

man Is in the hoapj 
knife wounds In CnSnBBB> 
What hi dsscr lb sd ee one of the bold 
est. hold-ups In the history ef Mont- 
real. »■■*•-"■»*—» >■ » «?' » m iai >*.^ 

Pour men, all Poles,, walked into 
Shulham's room at 11 o'clock lest 
eight, and when he protested they 
shot him dead. 

ha2^ **<**" •* •>• »*»»»ere 
asrson. iTurn Skjad SL^UlJUt 


^KADRID, Oet n— Seaer Alvarea. 
■er of the Spanish Reformists, 
waa has been aatntioned ee the 
of a ooaUttoa government la apain, 
has arrived m Barcelona to exchangl 
news with werkingmen and employ 
ers reaOfe to the lookout a 
by the letter t*r November 4. DIs- 
eatehes ree ul vod here state that 

the opinion that the employers were 
In the wrong. 

*»si i i.<idauntashnananaS 

ed Or. Treble 

TORONTO. Oct. fl.-The 
occurred suddenly, from heart fall 
ure. of Dr. Charbta B. Treble, one ef 






1 ' ■ l*,i ' , , ■ ■ ■ '. . » ■■■•■■ ■ ■ ■ 



an facaottfal i 
kaduyt ar 

trrirwlf Tn» 

ludotys art active, and the towels 

Beecham's Pills 

ii * ii h< 

Keeping Fit 

ar bk. aAMusL KAMiinroK. B 

It is because of the war that 

the perfect physical nan has alj 

atones become the Mai of the 

You can make of youraelf , even 

rather late in life, almost anything you 

Mke. You are not aping to get fliin one 

dejr, one month, at, perhaps,* year, 

unless you take enough outdoor exercise 

to keep the circulation going and practise 

the athlete '• Bret principle— to keep the 

system cfcon. He does not give bit.body 

a chance to abeorb poisons. He not 

only takes his cold shower, after exercise, 

but he knows a cleansing of the intestines 

is important, and he takes occasionally a 

good regulator and Jiver cleanser, such 

as a dose of castor oil, or, what is much 

.be t*cr,.a.tipy piU made up of May-apple, 

alotn and jalap, and sold by almost aU 

druggists in the land as Dr. Pierce's 

Pleasant Pellets. 

Keep the kidneys fn good order abo. 
Mfoitl -too much meat, alcohol or tea. Drink plenty of pure water, 
weferably hot water, before meals , and drive the uric neid out of the 
lyetattny taking u Anurie' 1 '(anti-urie-acfd). this can be obtained 



added to th 

New York Capitalists Secure 
Control of Celebrated Sal- 
mon River Property Near 
Stewart for $5,000,000 

For the sum of I5.aoo.ft00 Gui«n- 
helm InterMti have acquired ft I per 
cent of thd stock o( the Prsmler 
mine in the celebrated Salmon' River 
41*1 rjci, near Stewart. B.C. About.* 
week ago *a report came from 
Spokane, the hone of Mr. R. K. Nelll. 
one of the prlaelpal owners- In the 
mine, that, the great New York Arm 

nale* la owned by K. KLjNelll. 
of Hpokanai W. ft Wilson, Utanager 

and Wuson. merchants of Pernio, 



■■* " ■ ^ i .w 

LONDON, Oct. 2«.~< Renter**) — 
r Attteon, speaking at Shoredltch. 
stated that the Ministry of Health had 
already acquired 21.000 acres of land 
-tor the purpose of carrying out the 
Gevernraewt promise of a half -mil- 
lion new houses In three year*. 

A, further 2ft. 000 acre* had.' been 
marked as for housing purposes. The 
average oast of each house, without 
allowing for land, waa $3,600. 

•The suggestion had been made to 
build wooden houses.: but the I n waSJ 


any drag store. 

a bottle of water to the chemist at Dr. Pierce's Invalids' 
lufTalo, N. Y., and you will receive free medical advice as to 

sad dog, you suffe?from badcache, rick-headaches, dii^Tspells, or 
twinges and paint of lumbago, rheumatism or gout: or sleep it dis- 
turbed two or three times a night. Take heed, before too Ute! Get 
\nuric (anti-uric-acid), for it will put new life into your kidneys and 
four entire system. Ask your nearest druggist for it or send Dr. 
ten cents far trial package of "Anuric" 

Plato and associates, who had worked 
18 months and spent in tun- 
nels and shafts and then given up In 
disgust. Within U hour* after start-' 
leg work" Mr. Nelll, by 'judiciously* 
placed shots, broke into the main 
lead of what has since proved to' be 
a body of high-grade ore* fully loo' 
•JPe*wlde. ;j£ :^\:i -^. t ' 

One of the original locators of the 
property, Mr. Chas. Bunting, who has 
kept In touch with developments,- has 
this to say in summing up the sltua- 
^tlonattthe mine as It appeared early 
last month: 

"In |the. blwk of 'ground 8 S? te e f* 
*ong and fully 100 feet Wide', as 
proved by surface cut and under- 
ground Work, and from the surface 
to the present level (of the tunnel) a 
tonnpge o* at least one million tons 
can char safely estimated, with a gold* 
and silver. consent of $30 * ton, mak- 
ing a total of Mo!«*M«ls f "A thor- 
ough sampling of all the present' 
workings and openings gives an aver- 
age value of well over ISO per ton. 

"/"* ^°l f «*}*** We*W., *frong. f ; rtrsaf T "frV""ssv4ralT 
and far rtcher in 4he tunnel than on Beiuih ^mj»anll7 
the surface, ft 1. uteW assume >\i WentVe Bwlssfe 
will continue tor at least to feet be- 
: iow the present workings. 


such ' a house Of the 

simplest design was not far abort of 
$?,j00. The fairy tale that had been 
sent adrift that wooden houses could 
be built at a cost of $1,260 was all 
'moonshine." > 



had secured control of the mine, but 
the consideration was given as being 
In the neighbor h ood of one million 
dollars. • A 

A gentleman, who arrived In Vic- 
toria from Stewart a few days ago 
brought word that the mine had ieen 
sold for 126,000.000. Now, however, 
definite figures have been reported 
from Mew Vork, and these are as 
stated above. ' i 

The history of the Premier mine 

reads like a romance and la another 

Instance of one man sowing ana an* 

other man. reaping. Mr, Nelll in 

1918 was induced to take hold of 4 he . 

property, which had been abandoned 

a few years previously by Mr. H. R. feoo* «»*«^ Aeten, wham the engine, 

tender, two ba g g a ge cars and ' five 
coaches' or train No. 30. the. Bah Joa- 
* quln^_VuIley Filer, southbound, went 
Intt) the ditch. i 

LOB ANGELES, Oct. SO.— OfflMals 
of the Southern Pacific Company said 
early today that nearly 'l 20 persona 
had been injured, many of them serl- 
ously, la' the derailment of the San 
Joaquin Valley .Flier .of that systei 
near Acton.' late yesterday. 

LOS ANGELES. Oct. U..-y Five 
known dead, one man probably 
fatally Injured and fifty to sixty per- 
sona hurt It the toll of a wreck on 
the Southern Pacific line this- after- 



|IH' .' \ 

King, Honors Colonel Ward 
LONDON, Oct 29.— The King has 
invested Colonel John Ward with the 
insignia of Companion of the Hath 
and Companion' of St. Michael am 
St. George. Colonel Ward recently 
returned from Russia, where he had 
been in command of a part of the 
British , forces operating - there 
against the SbUhevlk army. 

' ■ ' ■■■ ' .-.t'. r~r 

• ' Underbid British Ursa 

LONDON; Oct 29.— The tenders 

Of engineering 'firms In connection 

with the erection of a power station 

at Edinburgh shows that foreign 

severely undercutting 

The , contract 

whose price for 

the work was 1680,000. The nearest 

British tender waa $870,000. 

* ^s.'i^^.^s:>^v v zav^> X5? +*"+*£i*-*&i&rr?2'K»+' 


■ H 

^< N T i i • [ " mile rs of 



Now Makes Records Bxclusftely for 

From La Seals Grand 

America ana the New York 
Metropolitan Opera House, 
Charles HackettV musical 
progress has, been one con- 
tinuous triumph th 

the important opera 
csntert of three continer 

Csfunrhit Records' as^rrW 
medium for expressing, hit 
tot th the West bomisIs 

'The Best; Music by 
the Best Artists 

■' • " :.'.-o-> T»". 

•**W?^e •^•**awgW , gw 

f s^ 

I Hear fine eseunkfe arfi 

from Roseini's Bararf •/ 

Sfttlit, wkken gave Hacketi 

W^Jnt greet opportumry at h» Metropolitan Opera 

r* W - 4964)4— fl.fO 

"Che GelicU Manma" 
MaatasnTr Hb V^S^ 

Hackett has found the true inner meaning of this 
teechmg air of tender sympathy from Puceim's U **i»m 


The contrast between 
these .. two vivid songs 
on a single record, gives 
Nora, a, chance to show 
- her am an ng versatility 
in character study From 
Irish ; brogue 

to a 

Southern drawl isje 
wide jump, but it's just 
a melodious skylark for 

^ A4788-90e 




"OPatriaMia M 

heavenly interpreter of 

hor, ! than PbnaeuV in this 





| . 1 . 1 j i i "„ ■ 

• OetteeNew 


Novohy Record 

"When John 
Smith went away 
somebody must 
have red the kitty" 
So Al Jolson rises 
melodiously to. a 
point of disorder, 
*nd brings down the 
house as he inquires 
"Who played poker 
wkK Pocahontas^" 
Coupled with 
"Alexander's Band 
is Back in 
lead," by Harry 

Ha w Women Break Down 

Owing to the modern maimer of living and the nervous 
haste of every woman to accomplish just so much each day, 
they overdo, and as a consequence develop ailments peculiar 
to their sex, as is indicated by backache, headache, nervous- 
ness, the blues, displacements and weakness. 

Women who find themselves 
in this condition should slow 
down, and depend upon 
that good old fashioned root 
and herb remedy, Lydia EL 
PinkhanVs Vegetable Com- 
pound, to restore them to 
health and strength, for there 
is no other remedy known 
that so quickly restores a 
healthy, normal condition. 

*». C r»V — « 


k v 












Here's a good old-fash word 
ballad song diet's making one 
si the biggest s entimenta l hits 
on record: Henry Burr stags 
the appealing words and beau- 
tiful melody with sincere sad 

gsafidlme sTaa^Jasm — g^_ tv S .;_§. 

^mwer rerisng. vosmssg wttn 

-Waiting" (from "Listen 






Columbia dealers in victoria 

KENTS EDISON STORE, 1004 Government Street 
WEILER BROS., Government St. (Near Post Office) 

Here it the Story of a Most 

Minneapolis, Minn^ — "I was run down 

and nervous, could not rest at night, and 

was more tired in the morning than when ' 

I went to bed. I have two children, the 

youngest duet months old, and it was 

drudgery to care lor them as I felt so 

irritable and generally worn out. From 

lack of rest and appetite my baby did 

not get -enough nourishment from me, so 

I started to give him two bottle feedings 

a day. After taking three bottles of 

Lydia E. Pmkham's Vegetable 

Compound I fek like a new woman, 

full of life and energy. It is a 

pleasure to care for my children 

and I sm very happy with them 

and feel fine. I nurse my 

by exclusively again, ana 

can't say toe much for 

your tn ecu cin e. 

Mrs. A. L MILLER. 

2633 East 24th St. . 

• • ■ 

■ ■ 

. ■ 


proves the 


value of 



a-i7^rjcTnrr: r -T;M:T -mw 

KMirzirzrj i 

■^tits&KiSKa&s^massk »*^ 



• •. _ — _ 

1 HELSINOFORS, Oct. 28.— Ueut.- 
Colonel- Leatrang Malone. a Liberal 
member or the British Commons, h?a 
returned after a daring- ■ unofficial 
visit to Petrograd. He told friends 
here that he waa. convinced after nn 
Investigation of the political and 
military situation of Russia that it 
le Improbable that Petrograd will fall 
this winter. He said that reports of 
dissension- among: the Bolshevik I 
were untrue, and that Latnlne and 
Trotsky appeared to be working In 
entire accord. 

He saw Trotsky review thousands 
of soldlera, who enthusiastically 
hailed him as "a divine leader.'* Col. 
dnel Malone said thsf the Bolsbevlkt 
asserted that General Denlklne had 
lost the confldence and support of 
the Allies and had reached* an under- 
standing with General von Der Golts 
and Colons! Avnloff-Bermondt, head- 
ing the so-called western army, com- 
posed largely of Germans, In the 
Baltic Provinces. 

Colonel Malone entered Russia 
from Revsl, passing through the AU- 
thonlan lines. . 

Sir Horace Ptankctt'ft VI 
LONDON. Oet. St.— air Horace 
; Plunkett. in an address before the Na- 
tional Liberal Club today, declared 
that the path of wisdom for ths gov- 
ernment waa to snake ths Irish peo- 
ple sn offer of ths fullest measure 
of self-government. He advocated 
giving to Ireland the status of a 
self-governing dominion with certain 
reservations covering the problem of 
national defence, leaving it to ths 
Irish people to settle their Internal 
difficulties themselves. 

NSW YORK. Oet. 2». ~- Cardinal 
Mereter left New Tork for Caaada ss- 
nigbt. Ths Primate of B sssj s um left 
for Ottawa, and will start for his 
h ea as from Quebec on Saturday. Ths 
Cardinal, win . spend tomorrow la 
Ottawa, asd on Friday will re te 
IfswtreeJ ' ^'^ ' 

Finance Minister at 
BRANDON. Man.. Oct 2».— Blr 
Henyy Drayton spoke here last night 
for for the Victory Loan, reiterating 
its advantages as an Investment. 
Premier Nor r is endorsed the lean and 
hoped it would ■ not be the last; bet 
that Canada would Issue them yearly, 
offering Canadians the best invest* 
ment in the world and making 
Canada financially Independent of 
other nations. / 

Sir Harry Lander Returning 
BAN FRANCISCO. Oct, . 2».— Sir 
Harry Lauder, th* Scottish eomudi <it. 
has arrived from Australia on ths 
Steamer Sonora on his way home to 
Scotland. He said he had been able 
to add materially to the Scottish 
Soldiers' ana Sailors' Fund, for 
which he worked during the war. 

' QALOARY. Oct. 2*.— Frank Love- 
land, an a b se n tee under the military 
service. act, waa fined $2 SO and costs 
with ths option of two years' Impris- 
onment. . 

eHgfrtiy m 
WASHINGTON, OsL 2*. — Crown 
Prince Leopold wss taken 111 tonight 
at the dinner given In honor of King 
Albert and hie eonsort at ths residence 
of Hocretary Lansing. Lieut. .Colonel 
Nolf. the King's physician, announced 
his ailment as a slight attack off in- 
digestion. * 


— . i. -i 

LONDON. Oct. IS.— Earl Beatty, 
the new First Sea Lord, speaking last 
night, declared (hat while public 
economy was essential, our vest line*- 
of communication were as important 
as .before the war, and ths navy wee 
our Insurance for maintaining them. 
The League of Nations waa a pioUe 
hope lor relieving us of some of that 
Insurance, which, he hoped, might be 
fulfilled, but the navy mads us Into 
a strsng man armed, and without H 
the Empire would fall to 'the ground 

' Appeal From Italy 
LONDON, Oct. 29. — Diplomats here 
assart that another strong appeal ha* 
been addressed to the United States 
by Signor Tlttonl. Italian Foreign Min- 
ister, regarding the Plums situation. 
It is sdded that the British and French 
Governments are using their good 
offices to sase ths rather critical situ- 


SEATTLE. Oct. 2». — Soft coal 
miners of Washington will join the 
nation-wide strike on Saturday, -Rob- 
ert H. Harlln. President of District 
No. 1*. United Mine Workers of 
America, notltted Governor Hart to-- 
day. The' letter was in response to 
one from the Governor warning the 
mine wo rk ers that the stats would 
protect itself and Its cltlsens against 



Dissolve a package of 
Jc!U>io a pint of boiling water. Pom 
into a bowl or mould and put in • 
cold place te tatrden. Turn out on s 
peateand serve plain qy with ii filp ana 





i ' "■■ ' ' f m . asrxsaea : j v, i ' ;■,' ,. ., r , ■ ■ ■ ■ . ■ . ' ■..' : 

As Fall Night* Grow Chill 

ie a real fey in damp Fall weather to epend tie long, chilly. 

^e^B^ssi WWKV W^W W^wajWJn*^s< es-w^eew w*Bb v **"^* ^e^WW e^^ esas^W s» V^ff^^^v9^1B 


MortMtm OmX On i 

Ufht Ufa 

Ladies ■ Pleased With Under- 
taking— Exhibition Dancing 
by Returned Soldier and 
Partner Interesting 

•ff Um Navy Lm|u» 
Chapter I.O.D.B. are delichtsd wtth 
the success «f the Stat 
they have, ever; 
event at dhytnaa 
attracting nearty two ban4rc4 
ere. and proving thoroughly enjoy- 
able far all eoncs.-ned. 

arrangementa ware excellent. 
with Ha aright 
and ivy. 



at Feetlve 


Assembling together for the first 
time aface the ancceesfol amoker hi 

i&LlP" lA,r * Battalion, fTlmhar 
Walva* held a reunion 41nner laet 
■Ight at the Dominion 'Hotel, in the 


held a reunion pinner laet 
town. Major. K. gpwr 

irgin pre- 

S» of Col. j; Henniker. who 
. town*, 

•Mad.. ; Major F. Barton and many of 
original omceni were present. 

P. Bart 

while pome .fifty N.C.o.'s and men, 
were "an parade." 

♦Tha gathering wan informal, ana 
the Iraajp 
Wolvea we* ' formed here 1 Dece 

good will and merriment 

throughout. The Timber 

rolveu were formed here In Deceni- 

ir, if 16. and trained- for aome 

well-received addressee, the company 
settled down to an eveatOafa enter- 
tainment of narrative* of old timer. 
A general sing-song concluded the 
proceedings, which did much to fur- 
ther the progress of the newly- 
formed Timber Wolvea Club. 

Towards the close of the evening's 
proceedings a silent tribute was paid 
to fallen comrades and It was re- 
■olved that meetings should bo held 
an the first Mondays In the month, 
starting In December. • 

It was also resolved that a ladles' 
club in connection with the battalion 
organization should be formed. 


of now 

ton's fl»e plana orchestra 

the music, A novelty during taw 

evening was the demonstration given 

by Mr. Mecredy and Mies Richardson 

of aaaao of the latest be llt aem steps. 

the remainder of the dancers rtm- 

ming the floor or wafiihlag the tarn* 

sichorean exhibition from eeata In 

the gallery. 

Mra Gordon Smith, aa 
convener, was one of the" 
ladles on the committee. Mra. 
Whittier waa at the head at the bevy 
of ladies who had charge of. the 
supper appointments, the cafe pre- 
senting a y«ry pretty appearance 
with Its bowls of autuntn leaved. Mra 
Travers waa responsible for the dec- 
orations both in the ballroom (for 
which Capt. Neroutsos very kindly 
lent the flags) and in the supper 
room. Meedamee Qookoon and. Ald- 
rodge ware stationed at the door to 
collect tickets. Many of the people 
from the Naval Dockyard, were 
r among the- guests, and the regent. 
Mra David , Doig. brought a email 
party to enjoy ' 

a small 


r\i* s*svm ppfktrt/ 



for Western 


LONDON. Oct. *f — The Jamaica 
> Imperial Association has cabled the 
West India Committee protesting 
strongly against Lord Rothermere's 
suggestion that some or any of the 
months at the new Drill ind I Wwt Iadlan ealanlaf should be sold 

Willows. Leaving for overseas In *° **• *?»"•<» Statsa to liquidate 
July, if if. the battalion was split up 
In England, mainly between the ffth 
and Ttnd Battalions, of the Second 
and Merth Divisions. Nearly all the 
Timber. W,o|*aw* , goa?*» Fram**, and 
en considerable i 


ftrVloe .there. 

LasMiIgh^ after' Ilijor Bpurgtn and 
Major Barton had- given ba«f but 

part of Britain's war debt t© the 
United States. The Association ex- 
presses the conviction that ap in- 
crease in production- throughout the 
empire will, reettBKfefor'lang to un- 
paralleled prosperity, rendering un- 
necessary »the consideration of part- 
ing with- any; portion of the empire. 

— JZ " : VN • - *'■<■» ■ ■ 

*■»'» i in ,j ii i , i, 

A tolnt conference of 
lives of the Provincial Civil 
of Manitoba. Saskatchewan, Alberta 

XdOBiltlsh Columbia, to be held at 
ne convenient point, has been sug- 
gested by the Manitoba Association. 
the meeting to consider matters of 
mutual benefit, and especially the" or- 
ganization of a Western Civil Service 
organisation. • 

' A scheme Which has already been 
adopted in Manitoba— the formation 
of a Joint council conslntlnj of five 
members of the Government and a 
like number from tfjav CJvir Service 
Association— |s creaUn* hWcrcst 
t among British Oomntbia CIWI Ser- 
vant* The pmn in Manitoba has been 
found to work ■ admirably 'and to 
create a better understanding between 
the Government and the Service, 
facilitating discussion of grievanoos. 
etc. There, an here, the subject at 

salary increase U moat i»* ?y£*T 

tary increase, t a meet Iff"* 

Joint councils of Government and 
Civil Servants la a principle which 
has been adopted In England, as well 
as in the United State*. 

. ' ' ; . ;. , ■,.. ./ . . 


Protect your new shoes by having 
them fitted with their particular 
style and shape erf rubbers. 

Utilize your old shoes on wet days 
by making them waterproof with 
easy, comfortable, perfect-fitting 

' "Jacques Cartier," "Herehants,* 
•Maple Leafi M "Dooiinion," "Granby," 
and "Daisy" Rubbers are 

inion Rubber 
Systeip Products 

that enable you tb get staunch, wqll- 
made, long wearing rubbers in 
shapes and sizes to fit every shoe 
for every member of the family. 

Ask your dealer fofl&afcl 
brands named above. 



geji ■ 

WW . -.1— - -*i 



••The Bridge from War to Peace" 





OP Finance or 

or Canada ottan 


Victory Loan 

300,000,000. 5K% Gold Bonds 

in two 


Ii year sPBmaw J— Mi 1 1 ml n 1st! lfM 

Earyand Ktork. 

as to prindpsl or as to prindptJ and 

• ■ 

mtt f y ff stj . Ivtay Ht andl M f wfn a>n 1st, toy anymt^ta 

Principal and Intsrstt pnyaMa la Gold 
I smlfm UH ui m $m, $lM t fftt tad $l»Ht 

Issue Price: 100 and ■ fctff *^' tMM> - 


: :• . 



■ ' 

Income Return 5yi % per Annum 

of tfas Loan win bs used to paw iadawtadasas 

ad for the/* 

last payment of »!.21% 


oTjvSnS^ Tte 1Sr^S^ilSs^ r^^ ' 


the swraodar of bonds 

to the Cradtt of the Minitttr of Ftamw. 



on May W. 1W0. 
by GoaanMnsnt cl 
$100,000, or any multiple 


of Interest 

A iul oalf^year't imiMt ^ 

Foi-m of Bond and Delirery 

toWpm he fcrrn of bom aid 



raqusWd, and tat 

from any Victory Loan Committee, q. 

on or »eiQTo NoTfmnbajg Utlu IMS 



Canada's Farms and Factories 


■»»~'*<«e> , ;"k 

A r»an aat frr ah Increase In pay. 
especially far first-year constables, 
waa made te the Board af Police 
Cewtmlselanere reetaiSay by a aepn- 
tatlon aff the man. The ■■ggHHil In- 
crease was iwanu fma ner oant for 
Use flrst-year men an* fifteen per oant 

af the 

while Sergeant Boulton ,*— still re* 
falned as sargeant, farther considera- 
tion of the m a tt e r would be had. 

The Board approved of the letting 
Of the contrho* for fourteen overcoats 
for the f < 

fan con- 

that in 
to higher 



ence held thW. month at Winnipeg 
exceeded la Ha-gilil reaults the 
most senaulne hope, of lie enpport- 
era waa th* geatament meme hy Mr. 
Harry Chgrsssworth. prtnetpal , of 
Oeerge Jay School, on his return 
from the gathering. Mr, Charles- 
worth a ttaa kad the confaranoe aa the 
delegate from the B.C. Federation 
of Teachers, and \ waa honored by 
being appointed one of the Ave 


aar. t. a* 
Sir. — P|eaae allow me- to contra- 
dict the statement made by 
A. Barnard at the 
an Monday evening m whtahV ha 
charged that my husband was ''ie* 
a»aa wMh the ballots la Seaapte'e 
Mall trots] t to t a.m. Mr. Price did 
not rate for breahfaat «aui and 
tt was star t when he and I left to 

awflt) taf palling booth, hoth^af si 

feTwt^Sflfl •*. 

i ^^taar^favwp ▼^fam^fa^ssa amV 

nard should immi 

a fahte chasi 
band. If he la a 
man he will 

ante of the king made by Mr. 
Barnard that Map honeat . people 
from taking an Interest In political 
affalra and If Mr. Barnard does not 
apologise ho wSJ etapg aawrlated by 
the twenty ottamsj thaC«wara to the 
pouing booth, sw was ..m the sfty 
fSters wfM> were tbhro, gnMona to 
rata af oooa. They, at loaaf, know 
that Mr. aarsaff asgpVa fhhw state- 
ment. \So many anoh atatements 
have aeon a O oniid to pass that I 
foal compelled aw aafc yoei lo give 
to nan this charge down. 


New Zealand Remaining Here 
Two Days Before Proceeding 
There for Stay of Over Three 

The UtMt order* concerning tho 
movements of ths battle cruiser New 
T>oats»aat which Is bringing Admiral 
Jelllooe to this coast, state that tne 
■hip will remain hero for the week- 
end, arriving Saturday. November 0. 
and wOl then proceed to Vancouver. 
remaining there until the end of tho 
month. - She will „ then return to 
Esquimau and take on eoai, pro- 
visions and stores Thie will prob- 
ably keep hor hero another two 
weeks, and she will then proceed to 
tho Atlantic by way of tho Panama 
Canal Admiral Jelllcoe w|ll make 
his Inspection trip along the British 
Columbia Coast and will moot the 
New Ttdslaaa at an Atlantic post not 
yet decided upon. Lord Jelllooe's 
programme will bo arranged on hi* 
arrival here. Attar again picking up 
tho distinguished naval leader, tho 
battle Cruiser will proceed to Cape- 
town, arriving there In February, she 
will be four months at sea after leav- 
ing Ksqutmalt. Her stores for that 
period are coming hero on the Har- 
rison liner Architect this week. 

The Stadacona Is being .kept lit 
readiness at Esquimau, should Lord 
Jelllcoe desire her in his Inspection 

Parrot on Trawler Suspected of 
Cursing in Spanish — Pun- 
ished to Make It Fit -for 
Officer's Home 


• Pacific Coast Cities Move to 
Have United States Shipping 

—Board Come. Through With 
Further Tonnage 

, , ■ 

SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. St.— A pro- 
gramme calling for. the unification of 
the whole Pacific Coast in efforts to 
secure from the United States Ship- 
ping" Board an equalisation . pf freight 
and pa s se nger ship allotments between 
the Atlantic and the Pacific Coast was 
adopted at a special meeting here to- 
day of representatives of Chambers of 
Commerce In Seattle, Portland. Ta- 
coma. San Francisco. Los Angeles and 
San Diego. 

H. 0. Cantelow. Seattle; W. D. B. 
Dodson. Portland, and Paul Shoup, 
Ban Francisco, were named a commit- 
tee to determine the needs and de- 
mands of the coast for concrete sub- 
mission to the shipping board at a 
proposed conference in Washington 
during the week pf November 17. The 
conference here will be continued to- 
• morrow. 

Sotthet Irritikle Tbrtit 

No Qrugs to Take. No Sicken- 
ing Stomach Medicine 
to Use. 

When the. three Dominion trawlers 
reached Victoria some time ago from 
Halifax, they bad o« board a eollae- 
tlon of parrots and'parroquets gath- 
ered while down south. From what 
can bo gathered, the peta have since 
practically all died. There was ono 
big bird on the Thlepval that was 
very cranky. It would snap at any- 
one who attempted to pet It. 'The 
bird would talk In Spanish, having 
come from Mexico, and the men on 
board got the Idea that the words 
used were swear words. As one or 
the officers was going to take the bird 
home with him, 'hie shipmates en- 
deavored to make the parrot a fit In- 
mate of a respectable dwelling, and 
so. whan It started one of Its out- 
bursts of Spanish, a bystander would 
give it a box on the side of the head. 
After the old bird has endured a 
great deal of punishment, it was dis- 
covered that the parrot was not 
swearing but making love In Spanish. 


Understood Ruperttq 
\e Full Marine Agei 

Word Is expected* within the 
future from Ottawa giving notice fhat 
the aub-agenoy of the Marine Depart- 
Meat at Prince Rupert Is to be raised 
to the status of a full agency aa at 
Victoria. While the matter has boon 
discussed for years, recently things 
have been coming to a head, and it 
Is understood that arrangements are 
practically complete. It Is also un- 
derstood that certain members of the 
Ideal agency staff will he transferred 
to Prince Rupert, Ottawa Is ex- 
pected to announce the change any 
day now. 

Colonel Peek. V.G. whan asked re- 
cently at Victoria concerning the 
raising of the Rupert station to an 
agency, stated that he understood the 
change would be made. 'It i 
likely that It will be made at 
beginning of the new year. 

The establishing of a full agency at 

hi this city. At tho present thwe all 
business with Ottawa Is done, through 
Victoria- With Rupert dealing direct 
there should be a saving of Urn*. The 
proposal Is for the Victoria agency to 
look after all British Columbia watsrs 
Up to a point Just north of Vancouver 
Island. Prince" Rupert hsvlng charge 

of the remainder of, the coast Una. 

Thf largest number of navigation aids 

would, have to be looked after by the 

local agency under this arrangement. 

In about two weeks it is expected 

that tenders will be celled', for the 

construction of two To-foot i 090*0 to 

used by the Marine Department. 

|ll be stationed at Prince Ru- 

The long stretch of coastline 

, makes this deeirable; In order that 

the quick service may be maintained In 

connection with the malnteaauce of 

the navigation aids. l 

be UwX 



Jessie and City of San Diego in 
Port— Former Lost Lory and 
Had Otiier Damage Done 
on Way Here 

(By Gov ernm ent Wireless) 
• p.m. 

POINT GREY:. Clear, calm; 20:00. 
I»; smooth. ."''"" 

CAPS LASO: Cloudy, calm; ao':00. 
S3 ; smooth. 

PACfiBNA: Clear. _ calm; , «:t*. 
41; light swell. * . 

B8TBVAN: Clear, northwest; lt:0O, 
31; rough. 

alert BAT: » Overcast, calm; J 
28:72, 12; smooth. I pan., sppke Apex 
abeam 4 p.m., northbound; 4:45 p.m.; 
in Venture, northbound. to 

TRIANGLE . • ISLAND : Cloudy, 
northwest; 30:05, 42; rough. 1:10 
p.m., spoke City of Seattle off Hasty 
•COve, 1 p.m.. southbound; 1:35 p.m., 
spoke Admiral Rodman off Egg Island 
1 p.m.. northbound. 
V DEAD TREE': ' Clear, calm; 10:16, 
fUifsmsoth, : " :■<-/ ' 

IKED A: Cloudy, northwest, light; 
Si: it, 42; Ugh swell. l 

PRINCE RUPERT: Clesr. calm. 
3S:00, 40; smooth. 2 p.m. spoke Ad- 
miral Nicholson) off 






Just Breathe "Catsxrhozone 

Count ten— a bad cold Is relieved 
by Cater rhoxone— wait one minute 
and you will feel Its soothing influ- 
ence an a sore irritated throat. No 
failure with "Catarrhosone" — It cures 
because you can breathe a healing 
vapor to the very spot that needs 

The big thing to remember about 
Catarrhosone Is this — you Just 
breaths a healing piney vapor that 
la toll of the purest balsams, that 
Is rich In the greatest healing agents 
known to science. * r 

This wonderful vapor dispels all 
soreness, kills all germs, gives nature 
a chance to complete a real' cure. 

Colds and throat troubles can't 
If tie. pure healing vapor of 
tat r boson e Is breathed. Catarrh will 
bronchial attacks will 
coughs and winter Ills will be- 
come a thing of the past. Complete 
cutflt lasts two months, price 11.00; 
smaller slse 10c; sample sine 21c, all 
dealers, or The Catarrhosone Co., 
lUnenton. Ont.. Canada. 


*Every Employee Invents in Vic- 
tory Bonds — Lightkeeper 
Buys for Whole Family— 4Jse 
of Foundation Band Given 

The Marine Department yesterday 
received an honor emblem from the 
Victory 'Loan Committee for having 
subscribed one hundred per cant. 
Every employee took bonds. 

An honor emblem was also given 
yesterday morning to Mr. James For- 
syth, the lightkeeper at Race Rocks, 
who, purchased a bond .for every 
member of his family. 

The Victory Loan Committee Is 
much Indebted to Mr. Edward E. 
Jenkins, Pacific Northwest manager 
of the Foundation Company, for the 
assistance " received In offering the 
services of the Foundation Company's 
band for two' publfo • performances 
free of charge. 


Ages Kmprcted to Get Away Kerly to 
Afternoon, Calling Hone to 

VANCOUVER. Oot. 2».— The C.P. 
O.8. liner Empress of Asia is expected 

to sail for Japanese and Chinese ports 
at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. She 
Is carrying between 1,200 ind M00 
passengers and freight. Included In 
the passengers are several hundred 
Chinese coolies en route from France 
to their native land. The passenger 
list Includes a large number .of re- 
turning missionaries, business men 
and tourlata". ,f I 



— — — 

Canadian Robert Dollar Company Gets 

Big Steamer, Which Ie Now 

Named M. 8. Dollar 

VANCOUVER. Oct. »».— The Cana- 
dian Robert Dollar Company an- 
nounces the -receipt , of' the. big new 
freighter .Jt 8. Dollar, formerly' toe 
War King, The M. 8. Dollar was pur- 
chased Mat Summer from the British 
Ministry and was. kept In service by 
that body* )antH retfmtty. ^The 'Cana- 
dian company received the vessel on 
October 27. She IS* a 14,000-dead- 
weight ton standard-built steel ship. 
She loads coolies at Havre /or Tshtg- 
Uu. China, and will then come on the 
regular route established by the com- 
pany from Vancouver to the Orient. 
She will reach here about the first of 

the year L___ 


The Department of Marine Is ad- 
vised by the Public Works Department 
that on account of dredging operations 
the new channel leading from black 
buoy No. 28 south of Steveston to 
Woodwards Slough In the Fraser 
Rlver, B.C., will be closed to traffic 
from approximately November ; 1, 
ltlt.' for a period of" about she <«) 

As the pipe line will extend across 
the channel and will obstruct the fair- 
way, mariners are requested to use the 
old channel to the" southward from 
black buoy No. 25 to the Woodwards 

During these operations the usual 
dredging day marks and lights will be 

» uiru|iii| ui»jr uminn auu uglim will DC 

J™" 1 -exhibited -from, the dredge and- pipe 
1 line. •• i 

The Department of Marine advises 
mariners that the characteristic of the 
outer and inner lights In the North* 
Arm of the Fraser River, B.C.,- will be 
changed without further notice. 

The present fixed white lights will 
be changed to occulting red. 

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20.— Ar- 
rived: Strs. Oleum, Portland; Wo toe, 
Seattle. ' Sailed: Strs. Oxrno. J. A. 
Moflfet. Lyman Stewart, Seattle; As- 
cunslon, El Seguhdo, Seattle. .. .■ 

SEATTLBr.OC^. 20.— Arrived: Strs. 
Cooloha, 8yd|lley; Javery. Shanghai; 
Grace Dollar, Shields; Rainier, San 
Francisco; Governor, San . Diego; 
barquentine Hawaii, Honolulu! motor 
ahto Libby Maine. Yakutat. Sailed: 
Strs. Multnomah, Ban Francisco; 
Justin. Shanghai* % ^ 

TACOMA. OcS£ 10— Arrived: Strs. 
General Pau, Victoria; Malsy Marp. 
Mmr Orleans; Governor. San Fn 
Cisco*; Norwood, Powell River. Salli 
Strs. Malay Msru. Yokohama; 
pals. Sen Francisep. 

PORTLAND.^ Oct, 20.— Arrived: 
Strs. Mont Cenig, Puget Sound; W. F 
Herrin. San Francisco. Sailed: Str 
Klamath, San . Francisco. 

HONG KONG, Oct. 24.— Arrived: 
Empress of JapaiL Vancouver, B.C. 
\? r #**\ ' — ,— — 



C.P.R. oar barge No. 2 is in 
harbor for a few. minor repairs. 


The Princess Mary is to reach 
Vancouver thie morning from Skag- 
wsy. She brings south many of the 
men employed on the Yukon River 
boats. J — r — 


The Princess Patricia Is laying up 
at Vancouver today for blowing down 
of boilers. The work will take three 
or, four days. The Princess Beatrice 
will take the 'flyer's run between Vsn- 
couver and Nanaimo. 1 

The two '«■ 
and the City of flan Dtego 
turned to port and are laying up here 
for the Winter. They have been 
eh e a to r b d to en Everett fish company 
fob-sjomo time carrying fish from the 
West Coast to the States. 

The Jessie got Into soma he n s * 
weather recently down near * Port 
Renfrew and had a dory 
by Urn' heavy seas. Other 
was done. Several of the men ■hipped 
on the Jessie proved Inefficient so she 
anchored off Victoria soma tithe ago 
to procure two now man. 

The City of San Diego arrived yes- 
terday and is lying alongside the Jes- 
sie at the Victoria Fishing Com- 
pany's dock. 

It was found Impossible to procure 
the ne c ess ar y. seamen In the States, 
although United States wages were 
being paid. 1 
• The power schooner iskum, owned 
by the Clayoquot Cannery, Is carrying 
the maso n 's pack down, from tho 
West Coast. I -.. 

CAR COMPANY save an order this 
OB to be delivered to them at the rate of 


4 N , ! 


Last Steamers of Year Have 
Gone Into Winter Quarters 
at Whltehorse — Thawing 
Equipment Held Up^* 

The steamer Quadra, which oper- 
ates between Britannia Beach and 
Tacoma with ore, la now undergoing 
boiler repairs at Yarrows. 

The construction of a shallow-draft 
steel ferry, which will operate across 
the Fraser River at Mission,, is well 
advanced at Yarrows plant, and will; 
be launched in November. * 

The** h>8 tanker'; Belridge left the 
Esquimau dry dock last Friday, after 
repairs and overhaul at the hands of 
Tarrowafi,. - * „< 

.'. The Foundation steamer Quebec 
Will enter dry 'dock toddy for clean- 
ing and painting before her trial trip 

*riday. ,; •__ Y '.; 

J V . -; f 

; The Eatevan will eoon be ready fori 
service again .after overhaul and re 

IS again After 

■ m i ? ■ .. ■ ' 


— **■ 


, — _ — _ — _ 

WHITEHOR8E. Oct. XI.— The last 
steamers of the year have reached 
Whltehorse and have gone into Win- 
ter quarters. Not ono steamer wheel 
Is now turning on the whole length 
of the , Yukon. Steamer crews have 
gone South for the Winter. 

The last boat to roach Whltehorse 
was the steamer Thistle, which had 
been up the Hootallnqua River with 
a trading outfit. The hut stetmars 
from the main river were the TuKbn 
and Washburn, which were frozen 
la the ice for a time earlier in the 
month. . but were able to proceed 
after the river had cleared during a 
subsequent ..warm spell. , The tem- 
perature is now ranging between SO 
and SO degrees above gero In many 
places along the Yukon, and the river. 
Is practically clear of ice. 

Only a little slush is running near 

• Dawson. ;A considerable quantity of 
heavy dredge parti *nd other freight 
still remain at Jflhto, half way to 
Dawson, and also some thawing 
equipment, which la 1 much needed fn 
the early Spring operations. This 
may be brought over the trail If the 
companies cad stand the cost ■ of 
freighting.' Otherwise It will not • e 

isumUable until £ navigation opens 

Toronto . Shipbuilding Plant Closed 

After P roceedings) That Have 

Been Under Way Months 

TORONTO, Oct. St.— As a result of 
civil proceedings which have been go- 
ing on for months, the Poison Ship- 
yards closed down today, and on Sat- 
urday will coma under the auction- 
eer's hammer. About 800 men will 
be thrown put of employment in con- 
sequence. Until recently the Poison 
Company employed 1.600 men, but 
the number of men on the payroll has 
bsen gradually reduced. 


■ - • 

..VANCOUVER, Oct. St.— The C.P. 
O.8. liner Monfeagle Is due to leave 
Vladivostok today, and will arrive 
here about November IS.' It Is not 
thought that she will be sbls to make 
the run by Armistice Day. The ship 
brings tOO Imperial troops, and a 
great reception Is being planned for 
them by soldier organisations of the. 

■' TIsm •* •••aHs» ' aaO niHt 
. glaadafd time) st Victoria. B.C.. 
month of Os t s s e i. SMS. 




sua ssV 

1 .v.. oiit 

■ .„.,•:« 

•9 .... ftifi 

« .... lal 

■ .... •:!• 

.... «:1» 

J.... «:lt 

.... «:M 

.... «:» 





it :::: fit 
J. :::rl!S Jin 

IS ...v «:M •:« 


Some 40' tons of merchandise de- 
layed at Whltehorse is also not now : 
•available, unless It Is brought' over- 
the trail, as no scows arc obtainable 
and none win operate hereafter this 

Through Tickets to England , 

V» the "Norwmy of 

700-MUc Ocean Voyage through the "Inside Passage," Meals and Berth 
IV Included, on the 

Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships 

Connecting at Prince Rupert with Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars. 


SsSSssssv^pj w sjav%^psj gasj saa s> ^^ sswsbsb* a^^Bk^sfsassaT m ea^gassa ww aasjajsaifasajagaag^p^s^ 

Calling at Seattle. Vancouver. Ocean Kails, Swanson Bay, Prince Rupert 

and Anydk. j, 




Office, flOO Wharf St. (near PctOffic). Phons 1242. 




Friday at 0: 00 a m, 

xwwsnosT an 

Saturday at 11 :« t p.m. 

month, at 11 
Full in f orma t ion 

I ad 11*6 

m Vancouver, Oct SI. at » p.m. 

raUl — From Vancouver every Thursday at 


Prom Vancouver every Wednesday sad 
*OUT» — From Vancouver every 
MOxm—Ttvm Victoria 1st, loth. 
any Agent. - 

Phone SCeat SSI. 
Uivm Keating Store am, leaves 
City S. to p.m. Daily, 
island j 


Phone 7S«. 

Town stand, island Taxi Co- 
st., onp. Northwestern 


Arbitration Board Backs Up 
of Paget Sound 

for More Pay 



>-*rrm, .tts ; ra> j^ts : m vn^. rs- , 



Get Set onHbur 





i:w at 

11:11 T.» 

l:l« a.l 14:01 7.« 


BUI Heads 


Not* Heads 





• :1« ».« 

• :«».• 

• :II 7.J 
<il» 7.1 
4:417 1 

«:00 1.0 




1:07 l.T 

«. a 
. m*J 

t :•! 7.4 

e e ee •• • 
ee e e • • e 

1»:04 7.« 

17:40 7. ( 

I 1J:M7.« 



7,>| •:(! 
M T:»t 
7.4 1 1:11 


* " * * * " • • 


11:10 7.« 
1»:« aS 



9:U 1.9 
10:40 0.1 
11:40 1. 

n:«0 0.0 
• 41 ( • 
7:10 4.0 
too «.( 

«.» I 1»:»«»4 
14 Ml. 7 
14:4K 0.1 
1*:44 I • 

eeeosee •••■■■■» 

Mitt luiii'ii 


:tl T.t 



iai.01 it 

• 1 41 1.T 
M:»t l.a 
»•:« 1.1 


8E2ATTUB. Oct. *28. — Approximate- 
ly 300 members of the Marine En- 
gineer!' Beneficial Association No. 
SS of Puget tiound today were 
awarded a wage Increase of $00 a 
month over thO 101? scale, by a 
board of arbitration. The increaee 
lg retroactive to September 15 and 
the hew agreement is for one. year's 
time. ' The men also are to receive 
16 days' vacation on pay *sfter one 
year's service, and seven and a half 
day's vacation after five and one 
half months' service. The Puget 
Sound Towboat Owners' Association 
granted the demands sometime ago 
but today's award followed a request 
of the Steamboat Owners' Associa- 
tion 'for arbitration. 

Printing & Publishing 
Company, Limited 

1^07 Broad Si.. Victoria 

a; -a?.? &WeS? w^srrr. 

•c««r is lb* tables, ike tMe rioeV%r u" 

s5i^^tao»fc"tMmUajT •"•*" rt,,# ,w " 

Tbe bjlsht la la foot —4 Uatfce «f • foot, 

ae*v« the ses ys ge swel sS leoeo lew water! 

Kaauimalt— To gad the dopth of water as 

ta* aetget «c m 


w»t«r a* 



Drivs Away 


HT endure nam when you 
know Sloan's Liniment will 
relieve it . . .promptly T . it 
couldn't remain the World's Liniment 
for SS years if it wasn't highly benefi- 
cial in relieving rheumatic aches, stiff 
Joints, sore muscles, lumbago, neural- 
gic, strains; bruises, exposure to 
weather result. 

Penetrate* without rubbing. 
no stained skin, clogged porea 
•osa, A peta and ache llntnsant that 
stands alone la detag what H ht taenat 
to do oaf « bonis foaaar gag kmmp 
it handy. AS drugakw*. 
— SSc. TOO, 11.40. Made In 

< >f«'><ifV < * 



Pacific Steamship Company to Badge 
Rates for Frelgtit and 

"T k. O-.NHjr -- 

SAN FRANCI8CO, Oct. St.~A gen- 
eral Increase on freight loading and 
passenger rates of all vessels of the 
Pacific Steamship Company engaged 
In coastwise trade was' today per- 
mitted by the California State Rail- 
road Commission. The increases are 
expected to y\eld additional revenue 
of $160,000 a year and were granted 
on tho showing of the company today 
that operating - expenass had in- 

Tho freight rates go up from 3 1-S 
cents to 10 cents per 100 pounds, ac- 
cording to class, while the passenger 
incresses range between $1 and 04 
between various points. There was 
no' opposition to ths request for an 
increase. The company made a 
showing that It suffered an average 
monthly loos for ths first nine months 
of 1010 of S70.717. and statee that an- 
other ineresee , will be necessary, 
partidTsWly If. railroad rates are 
given another boost. 

1*' ■■ -i r 



Pros ha r tal 

Walker of the Department of Im- 
migration and Colonisation, Winnipeg. 
"The letter la as follows:' . 

"As" the result of 1 the Immigration 
Department advertising Canadian 
farm lands for sale In the United 
States newspapers In the Western 
States, a large number of Inquiries 
with- respect to the purchase of such 
Canadian farm hinds Is being received 
weekly at the Canadian Government 
Agencies throughout the States. 

"In order that these Inquiries might 
receive the moat direct attention, the 
Hon. Mr. Calder. Minister of Immigra- 
tion and Colonisation, thought that It 
might' be an excellent and practical 
idea to bring the' Inquirer after Can- 
adian farm lands Into direct corre- 
spondence with persons In Canada 
owning or deaifhg as agents In the f 
sale of Canadian farm lands. The 
Minister's Idea is, that If an organisa- 
tion could bo formed in each Province 
consisting of persons engaged In the 
skle and settlement of Canadian farm 
lands, arrangements might be made 
whereby the names of these inquirers, 
so far aa they appear to desire Infor- 
mation regarding .the purchase of Can- 
adian lands and which are received 
by our agents in the United Statee, 
might be placed In tho bands of such 
owner* or agents of Canadian lands 
for the purpose of transacting busi- 

"Associations of this character have 
been formed In the Prairie Provinces, 
and it is proposed to have a prelimi- 
nary meeting of all persons engaged 
In the sale of Canadian farm lands In 
British Columbia in Vancouver, on a 
date to be subsequently determined, 
end of which you will be duly advised. 
All persons, companies or corporations 
engaged either as owners or agents In 
the sale of Canadian farm lands in the 
Province of British Columbia are in- 
vited to be present and take part In 
tho discussion that may arise with re-' 
spect to the proposed formation at a 
British Columbia farm land settle- 
ment association." 

Pacific Steamship Co. 
a* of strike sttaattea at 

Olnga to California am as 

Qov*r*or or as. Preslassa 

st 8 pJB . from fl ea t fde. 

from Seattle. Coaseotloas *from viet 
torla via OJWM. steal ei. 

*. P. RITHET ft Co. Agents 
1117 Wharf Street Phono No. 4 


Cunard ■ Lino, White Star Lino, 
C anad i an Pacific Ocean Services 
Passports secured and full in- 
formation gladly supplied at Can- 
adian National Railways City 
Ticket Offices, 623 Fort Street, 
Pemberton Building;. 

City Pasacnger and Ticket Agent 


Word was received that the French 
steamer C-41. which left Marshfleld 
a few ..days ago, after being detained 
several times, had put In ht Humboldt 
Bay for further repairs. 




anger yo*k— Lrvanrooi. 

Carmaala .Mot. OrdSna . .p*c 


h«W VoKK-CH IOU«U--*OWi? 

A^srTOew [ 

Maaretanls Nev. II Mai. 
aato > otta— j-lTMOUVM . 

Roral Oeorsa novel floors* 

Nov. S .it. ...... . Dec 

saw yobul— rLTMot/ta— eiavaa 

Soxonl* .j, • .,«-. • . . Nov. 21 


c *N , £vy yb^-r««;jK^i«&, >• 
I, N«w n 'ro«k•-:Mov^; t i^iAa4^w ,2 

CaasanSra ., Nov. 7 

Britain. IreUeS. BelalSDl, Italy. 

c,in»yi«. Oreaee 
t*r all lnform*t Ion apply Aa oar 
to Company Ofllc. 

Wm* V sao oaow 



With a view to sasetting ttt* settle- 
ment of people Itooa thavTJnOed temtes 
on Canadian farm la n ds ' , a ■m e tin g la 
shortly to be called to Van co u v e r con- 
aOstlag of representatives from aU tho 
Western Provinces. Dm lag tho neat 
few days ratal estate mod aner others 
engaged In the sale of farm Ignis on 
V an don n i Istaad will hold a meeting 
for the p ee s u es c* forming an associa- 
Uoa aavciflcatly to deal with- this mat- 
ter, and |a> appoint nnonoihUiim to 

Is Urn 



If roe feel ost-of-eorte, run-down or "all 
la" from ever osertlon. or If you sro con- 
etlpated. or y< jr liver I* out of order, 
In ievorr eases of headache or rheuma- 
tism pal mi two tabled may Se taken. 
Tou will set as feast morning- reellns. 
yry much hotter. Bliss Native Herb 
Tablete act ffently but effectively on tho 
kidney, liver and benrels. The dollar box 
contain* 10* tablete. and usually 
lasts sis months. Oet tbv senulae. 
aad look tor the trsde mark 
and mosey back guarantee 
•each box. On sale at ll.Oo. 

•old by load ing drssslsM sad 
areata eeer yw bei*. Made by Alonso O. 
Bltas Co.. Montreal. Que. 


Victoria and Sidney 


m ^y^ShL ar ^^ Pf - 

7:41 s.m. 
11:10 am. 
1:00 p.m. 
0:00 p.m. 
0:10 ,a>m. 
1:00 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 


Weekday tick* 

es ~*aasT 
0:10 ajJF 

1:00 p.m, 
4:10 p.m, 
7:10 p.m.. ^ 
Sundays I 
11:00 am, 
0:10 p.m. 
_ «:4» 

»uday ( 78 Cess, 
•u. single fare, elevsa 


Change of Schedule 

For AU SdUinf. Tftophmm 
GEO. McCREGOR, Acerst 
Hoojsc, Hemboith St 




' , ■ ' V < ' ■ * J ' * * - ' I ■ ' ' I ■ 1 ' ■ ' i ' ■-■■■»» y ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i m . ■ a , j > ey ^mffaf^ 

PARIS. Get It.— 

wau's refusal to stand as a _ 
Cor the Chamber of Deputies la the 
l-ower Rhine. Abacs. Is 
, to _ 

life. Immediately after the election*. 
A few says ago the Premier told 
friends that he Cesired to travel la 
Egypt during the coralnf Winter. 

"I don't wish to die without seeing 
the pyramids." he said. 
i "After 44 ysarsoof poilUcal Ufs. my 
hour of rest has come. I am thank- 
v ful ts bars lived tons enough to see 
victory wipe out the. terrible memory 
•4 'WW. which has. grieved ma for 
mors than 40 years.* 

■ • 

t ' - t 




VaNCOUVBR. Oct. 2».— gpeaklng 
fct a gathering tonight la connection 
with the Child Welfare convsnUon 
here. Mr. W. J. Bowser expressed the 
s s i atsa that parent* meat be edu- 
cated to their responMlbllitiea by child 
irsUare week. Such organisations as 
the Child Welfare Association.- he 
said, could point the Way and also 




. : t 


- ■ 

• - . 


PtPKI. The child welfare work. 
hduaM was closely allied to mothers' 
pepJdone. Which he asm favored. 

At the present time, said Mr. Bow- 
ser, deaf and dumb children la the 
rr ese n st of British Columbia are sent 
to an institution In Halifax. The 
blind children, too. were in need of 
schools where they could learn to 
become, self-supporting. It Is one of 
hie gre at est hopes, he said, to see 
the day when there win be public 
Institution* in British Columbia to 
eate fur the deaf, dumb and bond. 

Mtm Ralph Smith. M.P>.. hoped 
the time would soon come when as 
me a n attention would be given the 
humane coming lata the country en 
Is now gives the cattle. She urged, 
that the convention wish making 
resolutions ask far more rigid re- 
striction * In our lsamlgrstton laws. 


4 WINNIPEG, Oct. It.— To rescue a, 

froien In In the north, cou 
Ut supplies. Captain Cuffs. 



JNo long detailed argument 

attractiveness of Victory Bonds paying ay? 

You know this is a good rate of interest 
it fe nearly double the rate paid by Banks 

. , -.JH-.'.A ... 

Bonds Day 5v** and— it is what 




; i ' . • ■ . . , .- . 


■ - 

. ■ . t 



7^Yr"?^Wr5&* .«Hr»i«rttW( 
toy IN ADDITION to 5W> that you should 
lit mind. 


man froien in In the north, country, 
without supplies. Captain Cuffs, late 
of the R.A.F., one Of the local aviators. 

and J. D. Perrln WW leave' by airplane 
tomorrow morning at i s/ b roo k , 

J. B. Tyrrell, a well-known geologist 
ah d consulting engineer for a mining 


attempts to • get 
boats la proved unsuccessful 

I ! ' \ 

General Bias m in I Mini 

liONDON. Oct. 24.— General Diss. 
Commander-in-chief of the Italian 
Army, who bona visit to England, 
is suffering from a severe cold, with 
a slight fever. 

Acquittal at 


. • ■■ 





! • 

1 . i 


-* \ 


> - . I • . 


F..v . . ■ 










■ . 


.. . 


• ' • 

/-/ \ V ///> * v 

• - 





-■■■Ill l ill _ 

•■ •■ - /, 

! v 


. . . 

^^e^s^^L^LgpJe^^^^tsBmn Bemnw^ ^B WMUUW 
1 ■ ■ . ■ 








| ' - 


** ■ 

the Manufacturer, 




Michael J. Noone. charged with rob- 
bery and administering a drug, was 
acquitted by the Jury in fifteen min- 
utes, St the assise court 

to Settle— The Bapco 
Paint people are sending "Prescrip- 
tions**' advertising Victoria with all 
monthly prairie accounts. 

*■«***„ lA , us^asfgt m|f T B. * 1 M>< ' • 




J ! ' ■■ ! 

- * 


■ - ' 








■ m 



a continued good market. 

—to the Farmer, "AND " means a continued good market. 
—to the Merchant, "AND " means continued good business. 

Mechanic, "AND " means a c ontinued d e m a nd tor 

. ■ 


• .. . 

i - • . 




labour at good wages, 
to the Clerk, " AND " means continued employment, 
every CUiMen, "AND' means prosperity. 




t ■ - 





W 1 


Victory Bonds Yield 


* • 

• jl 

! • : 

j • 

, I 

j , • - ' 

• * 


- - 

* ~ 

■ ; 

j : . % . - 

d istr ess. Washington coal operators 
have msde plans for clostng down 
all mines. 


i ' 

i . 

— — 





- - 



SSI 111 I 



There are two fundamental hwuea 
which are rsised hi every important 
railroad % etrlks. One It whether the 

people desire to or should permit the 
employees of a railroad ■jelem to 
with their demands. 

organised action preventing all trans- 
portation, which would soon 
starvation to the 
«•• •» It 4s a 
be submitted ti 
pla, ghouM ti 
the people ere wflMhg that trasae 



■ " ' ' — . 


Birth. enparaaato. daPtk end (Mini noting 
per fcmU w. mGtawi 81.00, 

Rust**** or P li l — i line! Cwte ot (NT 
Una* or W4*r. 81.84) **r «wk. 

CM* cast • word «Mk htoartto*. *tx cento 
• w*rd a «Mk. *r * dollar a Us* a month 
«*l* word* to th* lto*>: oaab with order. 
No advertieemept accepted far law taaa 
teeaty-flv* Mall, 

Ka advert to»en*at charged a* a n a— t tar 
keje ttoa tt.O*. Phoae 11. 


CAIRNK— On tkn 37 th Inst,, at th* resi- 
dence of bar son. Atox. T. Cairn*. 18T 
imbet atrial. Elisabeth Taylor Calraa. 
aged St year*, a aathra o( Scotland. Bba 
la survived by four bona. «.w_— 

Tha remain* ara reeling al tha Thom- 
aon runoral Horn*, from where the ttoieral 
will take pUro on Thuraeay. Oct. If. at 
2;»0. Interment at Roes Bay Camatarr. 

^0*0* * ***^^^* 



Newlead. IIS Sayward 
linu Sett*, draaaaa. wrap*. 

WILSON— On Octobar IV It It. »»'*-,, 
Idencc. ISU McNalr Street. BI * M ^*J^ 
(Hen. beloved wife o« Mr. Alex. Wlleon. 
aged it yeara. Bora at Oiaeaow. Scot- 

Thi- remain* ere repeelng •» .£• "^J 
Funeral Chapel, from whence '■• '■J^fJ' 
will take place an Thursday at 1 P-toy* »•- 
torment la Ran* Bay Ce*n *tery. / ■ 


NSW Car. Ittf Model. Baay and Comfort- 
able Plvr-Paaaeager 

Cadboro Bay. via Upland* I I.U 

Cordova Bay, I mile of sandy beach J.0» 

Rrealwaed Hotel aad Uardeaa 3.0* 

. beep Cava (Chalet Motel extra) .... 4.8t 

" Metrtrealn. Heavy Valley M« 

Malahat Drive to aceatc outlook ..... «.«* 
SbawalKaa Lake, via Mill Bay It.ta 

awlchan Lake. Inland from' Duncan. . 20.0* 
irlela Bay. traaa and excellent abado l.ea 
Tbeae price* ara for tba ooatlauoua r ou n d 
trip only. - For waiting the charge la 
per hoar. 

ITU l« Arwhw Phone Wl 

RUMMAGE Sale at «I3 Cormorant Streets 
Market Hull dlng. Oct ober 10. at 11 a.m. 

8BVBN-s****uger auto for hire, day or 
night. Mualrlana* Ckfar Stand. Tele- 
phone 8024: t— . phone 808. W. B. Halt 

rpatBOBOTMlCAL SOC1BTT, tit Selmaal 
X Hon**. Member* snooting; held flrat Wad- 
la each month. ^Secret Doctrto*- 
'dry Friday, aad Bn<tuir*ra oUa 
ten ta publf 
brary open 

Public loot 


MERCER— In loving memory of mr Soar 
at aaa In the wreck of H.M.C.8. Oallauo. 
Octobar M. Itlt. 

Sleep. O Harold, aftftlr aleep '» 

WhlT* thy tov*4 one* for »b*a waap 
And may tba heavenly wind* blow portly 
O'er thai aweet and hallowed spot. 
'Where my dear eon Ilea ■leaping'. 
Who will never be forgot. 

A mother', prayer. Thy Will Be Done. 

Too dearly loved by hie mother and *l*ter 

Annie to ever be forg otte n. Michel. Be 


KINO— In aver loving memory of William 
Jamea Kins, who loat hit i life on the Ill- 
fated Oallano. Octobar »lt Itlt. 


week Say 

open to public, at t 
> Ban 
every Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. 
ratsry. Mra. Wm. Moatleth. 

I to • 

Phone >I47L 

fTYHB Salvation Army IndunUtoT^Bopert 
X meat. &28 Johnaon Street, will be plaaaM 
to call for yoar cast* off ' clothing, shoe*, 
rubbere. discarded furniture or anything 
you have no need of. Phone Comdt, 
Cummin*, lilt. • 

VETERAN Tailor. Imperial Bank Build- 

YOUB old felta blocked aad cleaned to 
look like new. Victoria Hat Factory. 
Broad and Fort Street*. 

OA PER CENT laaa gaa, more pap. more 
**V power. D. * K. Amnllflar. 

He la not loat hut 

And point* fo ua the . 
To ateer through clouda now black aa mi 

To a never ending day. 
And when death cornea may he be near, 

With tha emlle wa loved of old. 
To lead M lo our Shepherd a feet 

To real within the fold. 

Inaerted by hie 
mother and .latere. 





W at 

SWALLOW— In loving memory mf Mary 
Bltan Swallow, who I departed thla Ufa 
October 3*. Itlt. < • % 

One year haa paaaed and atlll 1 mlae her. 

Frlenda may think the wound la healed. 
But they little know tha. aorrow 

Llea within 

Inaerted by 

nah Avenue 

la my heart bncealed. r " a * "' 1' «• 

,y Mr.. J. OuStSC Mi*" «aw«- \V\lAF rtLW80JI - 

^«JE!i_!iJ ' W ind-htnat T«tm- 


LAWSON— Tn ever lotto* memon; 

IOOONI8MS — "It la eaalar to protect 
one', aelf from ah enemy than from a 

n,*xt door. Beautiful writing paper, vari- 
ous shape, aad colore. Special at fl. Ot per 
boa.. . . 


!.i* If 

v •WANTED . 

AN Instructor to teach AST MBTAL 
■**■ WORK In S. C. R. School.; returned 
men ank> heed apply. Apply with ouall- 
neatlomi to 

Tralnlnit Inam-ctor. 

ot Ar- 

thur Law .on. the b*a*»S Mai *«l£«mff« 
of Mr. and Mra Tharoai Jewkea. til 
Michigan Street, Victoria, who loat hla 
life when nerving on the A. P.P. Oallano 
when «h«- foundered and wa. loat with all 
hand, at ecu on the Weat Coaat, October 

at. itit. ^—^ 

Sadly mlaaed by hla mother, father, .la- 
ter, and brother. . For ever In our thought.. 


. In loving memory of all thehoya who loat 
their Uvea on H.MX'S. Oallano on October 
3*. ltltj From Mother Ranna. of the 
Sailor.' Clu b. L __ 

ORDANO— In loving memory of our dear 
* .on and brother, Auatln Hodolf Ordano, 
aged 29 year.. R.N.C.V.R.. A.P.H. Oallano 
victim which foundered off Cape St. 
Jamea, Queen Charlotte Island., on Oc- 
tober SO. Itlt. 

Kind and moat IdYtng were hla way.. 
No hoarta but oura can .ay; 
He waa the .un.hine of our Uvea, 
Yet he waa called away. 

W* do not know the pain he bore; 
We did not aee htm die. 
We only know he paaaed. 
Aad could -not any good-bye. 

One year haa gone, our heart, .till .ore, 
Aa the time goea on we ml., him more. 
Arteep la the deep In a .allot-*, grave, 
Hla life far freedom hu nobly save. 

To. memory ever dear. 

Inaerted by and brother*. 

NBART — In ever loving memory of our 
dear aon and brother. Michael John Ncary. 
who paaaed away on the 8S. Oallano, 
October 30. 191$. 

Sadly mlaaed by hla Borrowing parent*, 
brother! and alstera. w 

•Thy Will Be Don:" 

in a little while, In a little while, 

I .hall riaap your hand and aee you .mile. 

1 .hall look Into your eyee to true. 

To And the filial love I knew. 

That never failed to carm my fear.; • 

To .hare my *orrowa. ottfck any tear*. 

And "Tony." boy. my 'dearest beet, . 

Thy hand ahall lead me unto reat. 

And the tender voice I ml*, ao hare. 

Will whlaper "Welcome" In my ear. 

O. praeJoue faith, that give, to mc. 

The apaml.e of eternity. ^ 

With you. my aon. and flf* anew, - ^.gto 

When 1 .hall part no mora from you, 

Uleaaed be Clod, and may "He .mile 

On our Joyou. meeting "la a little while." 

Inaerted by mother. . gani 

Room CIS Central Building. 


A 8 ant 

to auallfy to 

mechanic, and driver.. 
Salary, paid, from 1150 to l.ioo per 
month for aklllvd men. From six to eight 
week, training will train you for one ot 
thcae blg-paylnc poaltlona. Enroll at 
Itl B. C. Permanent Loan Building 
Victoria. B. C. 

.jrelte. . Vi 
blocked to look like aaw. 
«\ ..rk». Hroad anu Peat. 


T EARN one of the beat paid profeaalona. 
■I-i ivntol now In tha, ScUaut of MilUuery. 
Fully uu.i lined tottmctora. Apply B. O. 
Permanent tx>aa HIum.. uoem «ii, betweua 
7 and 8 only. 

tJa.vvA.sO Alacnina Ktnirange. lilt Oavara- 

m«nt Wxreet. Phoa* Ilea. 

OJ tUCVU KAl HjUtaT— Em ploy mem 

O mett; free aer vice. Com* and reg later. 

LUlttU Ty^wtiwr Co.. A.10.. . o. Ic itrt Sb 
ItWnt *7»*. ■ - : H__JJ_ 

JTE.NOGRAPHEK wanted for local firm. 

Colon let Box 

.'1 ■"!. 

AUTO mechanic, earn bigger money by 
taking a .pedal training In' Ignition, 
electrical and battery work. Why not be 
the chief mechanic or euperintendent? Be- 
come an electrical expert. Special electrical 
Claenea now forming. 



Itl B. C Permanent Loan Buildlo* 

Vlctorla. B. C. 

rpO the ambitious man we are offering ona 
->- of the mo*l complete and up-to-date 
vulcani.iojf and retreading caara». to the 
country. Qualify a* aa export vulcanlaer 
and bn Independent. Men trained to thia 
trade are alwgy* lit damand at large aal- 
arlea. W* are Installing one of the blggeat 
aad moat modern eoulomenta made to 
teach you. Claaae* now forming. 


Itl B. C. Permanent Loan Building 

Victoria. B. c. 


V1NICOMBE— lo ever loving meaiory of my 
dear husband. JimW Vlnlcomb*. Who lost 
hi. lire In the Oallana dMaater. October It, 
Itlt. ^ 

"Home la the sailor, home from tha aea." 



ALEXANDRA Ballroom, Blanche Boyd. 
t*a«her; lit yaara' experience. The iat- 
.at dancaa from >uw Yora. Moataa aad »•. 
Vranoiaco. itomamoar. tha beat la worth 
while. Private leMeua atteraooBa by ap- 
bolutm.nt. Claaao. eveatoga at I. Phone 
-iio Campbell Bid*.. • to 10:»0 a.m.. or 
tali at Alexandra Ballroom at 1 p.m. 


Flva-Paaeaager Car. Itlt MeSoi. 
Mount J^ougiaa Park .......... 

cauboro May 

^.uyal oaa .^«...... 

coiwood uolf Llaka ........... 

baan wi ktua .»*..... 

i atrlcia Bay ),... 

U Suoxmlt 

»**•*• lt«*l 


• ••••tin 


a Loo b ........ 


♦ MIL 

AWaiLL **tobilabed Ufa loaurano* Com- 
pany oh era to a llvo agent, a goad can- 
naoL and will train any young man who 
»m»a* pruucivaey tn aoututtiut uualuvaa. aloa 
^.uu colonlat. 

BKgT .teel mud guard, for cycle*. Pilot- 
ley S Ritchie. Ltd.. Ill View Street. 

BOY Wanted to learn the algn and .now 
card bualneaa. Don't apply If not inter- 



lanaer Sign CO. 

DON'T uae tabic vinegar far pickle.. 
Camoaun pickling vinegar la mad* for 

that parson*. Aek far It. 

DON'T forget the Queen of tba Island 
Masquerade Ball to be held Ouy Fawkc* 
..ight, November the 5th.. Alexandra Hall. 
Dancing t to 1. Prof. Heaton'a 5-pleca or-; gaeclalAr*. 7*c 
bwwing Machine. 

Tombola. Droph 

n u. 


HALLOWE'EN Ma*«u*rade. Coiwood Hall. 
) rri4jjx ia ABa^a*^|^ aB ^aj**|B Ma t. 

Tawa oi 

Qaana Ctto Chap^ 
1 Jllp **** * 






Wanted, to till hundred, of vacant poaltlona. 

WW have a special department for thla 
work, wherein you are given the very 
latent and moat modern training possible. 
101 B. C. Permanent Loan ' Building 
Victoria. B. C. 

The moat modern motor aehool. la America. 
Branchea at Vancouver. B.C.. Winnipeg. Cal- 
gary. Edmonton. Saakatoon. Rwrtna. 
Victoria and Portland. 

For Information and free catalogue call 
Sf 55J 11 * Hemphill* Trade Schoole. 101 B.C. 
PertoanetjTWn Bldg". Victoria. Big 

ADVANTAGES— So many advantage, in 
Uu " lDe .!*,' <> "t w fr,,m Peunan training 
that ambitioua men and women should not 
overlook the opportunity of "speeding up" 
their progress by thla famous system of 
utlUptng .pare momenta. Thouaanda have 

aTM ^»^aen^.,ri h y°^J! 
afiyone may participate In ttt benente. Send 
for 'Mind and Memory.'' the remarkable 
book that haa been naked for by three 
million people already. A free copy will bo 
east you. If you will send your name, oc- 
cupation and address to Pelman Institute. 
Canadian Branclr. 75*C Tempi* BuUdiaS, 
Toronto. I I 

I i | |, , , | | 

A GOOD old felt re-blocked I. a good 
Investment. Victoria. Hat Work. Baoad 
and Fort Streeta. ' \ » ' i 

mONIFOAM— Honoat hair tonic and dan- 
A drnff cure — not perfumed water. 60c 
and tl.oo. 

ANTED — Ar.Utant nurse Jbr Oulf 
Islands Hospital. Oangea. undergrad- 
uate or, graduate^ Apply, atalMg age, ex- 
perience' and aalary required to Matron, 
Oangea. B.C. . 

half day 



vv three, adult* 

roman for 
each week. 

housework one 

Bo« aaa*. Coi- 

Thorouglily experienced* book- 

lox 2201. Colonist. 

good general, plain work, 
^pply 1109 Johnaon St. 

Itli family s year*: small house: nurse 
m ployed. Apply 121 ' Kellevllle Street. 


End of November, a maid for 
housework to replace maid 

party. Franc*. 

Mitchell sc. victoria. B.C. 

HAWAIIAN Steel Guitar and ( kulele. 
taught to -play to six to twelve . weak* 
by the only Hawaiian teacher in B.C.. J. K. 
Atcnertoy. 'Phone 7f .- •. - . 

MISS Clartoaa Davtoa; ntano aad a 
^_U33 North Park. Phone siTX. 


IBS Edith Qeoghegan. A B C. M . 

of alanefaela 
•tat^e Avenue.- I 
eroool. England, 


theory. >81 Oaa- 
alt; lato of Lre- 

VIOLIN Instruction by (Jcorge J. Dyke 
(late Director .Vancouver Conservatory 
of Music). Now open to receive puplla for 
violin. Belgian School. Phone' I70CL. 3*2 
lHuiglus Street. 



MRS B. 8BMPLB — Pianist aad ea- 
perlenced teachor ot piano: paolls ore- 
^tred for examlnatloi* It dealred. Itlt 
Itchell Street. Phoa* STIT. 



A t-raom modern bungalow, Hampahlra 

Road. Oak Bay; tot SOxlZO. The bun- 
galow la well hnlahed 
room* and bathroom arc In white enamel. 

throughout. The bed- 

VtTANTKD — Peraon tb help with housework- - 
"' and children. 111S Pandora Ave. 

'ANTKD — Olr| or- another's help for two 
children. Mr. A- F. Mitchell. Jamea 
liny Hotel. 

— ■ — . — 

— — V 

Cood sen 

WANTED- Oood general servant to coo* 
for three adults, help mind and do 
wash-in* tn r two children; k«o<1 home and 
wages l o right ae f m, ColonUt Ttov :i4 i, 

WANTED— S'algtfady. Apply morning., 
the I'amous Store. 1214 (lovernment St. 

V17ANTED — Experienced power 

v v operators, at Turnrt Heeton A" Co., 
shirt and overall factory. Wharf and Bas- 
tion Street. 

all built-in feature*, wfth a good cardea. In- 
cluding apple and pfum tree*, chicken h 
etc. Pried 84.00a. 


(TH-S** ** «•*»• wtthto atw yard. *f B. C 
V El ectric Kaiiway Station, elect rtc light, 
telenhoaa and dty water. Beautifully de- 
tailed throughout, with hardwood 
•Jl den net alia room, and hall 
I? Uur" 1 " rtreDl » c— ia dfo-w: 

nvto*j-roeen. Beam celling* 
front and hack ataJra. « 
t b a tbr eaea* aad a toltota: 
Hnan cloaeta and box roei 

In iiswiiu enamel and 
hardware. Plumbing I* the very beet that 
Laundry tube ef white 

-Thla tally 

reclaming three 

living room with open 

■re place, dutch kitchen, tag nai e, take. It 

haa built-in Sxtsrea aad ta greatly red 

to price for a conn** ot day. only. Now 


#ThAK Bay way. Fell 

vF rally modern bungalow 

built-in nxtur**. hard 

nnd panelled furaltare. tube, good locality. 

price S«.e*a. 

r.tsa— OAK Bay. Clara Street. If 
want a t-room bungalow tot aa 
thla one and. your houae hunting will ha . 

Fully modern and very artistic 
#jyMW|— A DANDY a-roeni bungalow 
<•»«« w extra deep tot, cloae to Oak 
Bay traaa, located as North Hampshire ltd. 
ptAIRFIKLD, ctoae to Moan Street, high 
A? location; owner ef thla f aa— (ally 
modem bungalow threatened with fore- 
eloaare proceeding*, reqaeeted aa le last for 
quick sale. Contain* hardwood floor*. 
Arc place, all aorta built-in feature* 
electrical appliance*: cement baaeaaent, 
furnace, A preeent at fl.Tta. 

MONTEREY fl~ m — T *1 Ti a m aaa . tally 
modern house, built-in feature*. I ■meal 
it. tub*. »i.i*a. 

nartor with 
ta aeat*. d! 
oaatry; two hadtonma with etetnea 

with faiaaua. All the 



Orchard mt 

Stable aad ether outhwli 

^ b^^^ato^'torTl 
tor fun her particular* 
view call at my 

home, hot Water h ea t ed, hardwood floors. 
no expense apared la constructing it; beam 
ed. panelled, opep fireplace, door* li 
rooms, curtain*. ■ French mirror*, 
room*. It la a wonderful bargain. T« 
arrajiged on all. 



Entrance Sayward Block 

Phone 51 11 

WANTED — General help for small family. 
Wage. 13t. tit Michigan St. 

A PICTURESQUE bungalow of fre bright 
rooms, dintngroom and living-room, 
panelled and with beam ceilings; mil kind*/ 
01 l.uiii-ln feature*: full cement basement 
and » splendid hot-water heat lag plant; 
open Areplacea, Tyarage and chick** houses; 
standing In a large garden nicely planted; 
with shrubs and tree*; plenty of fruit and 
■awers; located to one of our beat re.l- 
,'dentlal districts; ver*> low taxes. For im- 
mediate sale 13,700. 


Itl Union Bank Building. 



BUTCHER, good all-round, deslrea POal- 
tlon. Phone 5370. 

BEST steel mud guard, for cycles. Plira- 
ley * Ritchie. Ltd.. nil Vle'w Street. 

BEST steel mud guards' for ry 
ley * Ritchie. Ltd.. ill Vlei 

DOY wi 

ctos; pfi 


ew Street. 

Ith bicycle. Owl Drug Store. 

f lONFIDBNTIAL — Use Tonlfoam — cure 
y baldness. Ask your druggist. 60c and 

* 1 . 00. 

/"1ANVAS8ER. cxnerlenced; good money 
VV forwo^r, Colonist Box SH3, 

'•"J* faP I I < NOTICE 

TftXCEPTlONAL opportunity Is being or- 

^L'l^^.' 01- ? f . ew l"»>a> men. carpen- 
ters, bricklayers, plasterers, painter*, plumb- 
er*, electricians, etc.. to become shareholder. 
In a company now being formed along co- 
operative lines who are prepared to erect 
a number of h*«se* la thecltv. The pres- 
ent tin** la very opportune for building and 
we. firml y beu evc that every abnreholdT will 

?«H V *, r h.^ ,t " , , rM fc n,r I ,fc ' *vV.tment. Men 
read the sign, of the times; the trend of 

nn.rSlll e "w2 toy '* ,<,w,lp «» complete co- 
nperatlon. W* are prepared to offer vou a 
position which will pay you good wages and 
at the .am* time you can feel that' vou 
CewiV* 11 •'"'•' r "h»i> In the organisation for 
w ? , !l n ^J <> V, mrm working. If you are inter- 
rated kindly .end full particulars and Phone 
number where possible, to Box 2111 Col- 

r^UXNBSE interpreter 

V L. N. Wing On. Phoa* let*. 

{CHAUFFEUR. 8 yeara" experience, want. 
V> position, private, truck or garage Work, 
willing and reliable: excellent references 
married man. Box 2078, Colonist. 

EMPLOYMENT Agency— L, N. Wing On. 
Chinese employment agency. Phone 
IMS, . 

EXPERIENCED gardener deaires work by 
day. or amah. 

peare Street. 

Phone II377R. 

S21> Shaltes- 

GARDENER, experienced, require* work 
by day or week. Phone 6777R. 

HOTEL clerk 
night shift. 

Wants situation, day or 
Colonist Box SI tt. 

TyosiTlON wanted by married man; knowl- 
J edge of bookkeeping and general store 
work. Rofe 21*7. Colonist. . 

RETCRNBD f<oldler^ married, wafltg work 
of any kind l>v day or hour. Phone 
■3".Y. , . __ 

pKTUBNBP soldier . wants Jobl a real 
X\ handy man at anything: experienced 
Car and truck driver. Rex m:«. Colonial. 

%TITANTBD— Small fruit farm to look after 
vv for Winter months: married man. Box 
L'lSft. Colonis t. 

OA PER CENT le.. gss. more pep. more 
mt\t power. D. and K. Amnllfler. Ask your 

at a 

*• ; . 

WELL-BUILT, modern home of 
rooms. In a good locality being offered 
great sacrlSce. the owner leaving the 
city shortly. . Pull cement basement, mrnacc 
installed with hot water colls connected to 
kitchen poller. Large kitchen with all built- 
in- uSecu and fully equipped nantry. dining 
room very nicely panelled, handsome built- 
in bun et. open fireplace, conservatory tsl*. 
large living room with beamed ceilings, 
Jjanatotor. buili-ln bookcaacs and' seata. open fireplace. 

very pretty S-way stairs. 3 large bedrooms. I HjraltY 
all with- eloaeta. clothe* chute to basement: 
linen cloaet: bathroom and toilet separate; 
lot 60x133; excellent garden. 





iOG Union Bank Building Phone 813 

— ^ 


ta agiod 

ST. Patrick Street — Sevea-roeea fully 
. era semi-bungalow. $t.2t*. 


Fesaberton Block 




OWNKK leaving city. Instructs as to aaU 
hla ceaafartable bungalow of six . w*l|- 
arangvd rooms, aery artistically decorated, 
like new; good Vaaemeat. Sao garden, all 
kteda ef trait. low"Sazea. for tl.MO. «a eery 
easy terras: Inoludhag some furniture. W* 
te a*) mm end this ouAhaae. 

•Jr9Km\ y -22. ma **W*~ B»clualve Agent* 

".01 I'ulon Bank Building 

part— 1%. 
fireplace: wtohag 

etotoi^sr e*arsa 

«n. mm^S&T *"•?* 




JJ^INTO Street —' Eight 

Place: dlalag roea 

den, kitchen and papery; t««r pea 

■wed bedroma. with clothes TToael I. 

PwCOi ls%% t s*Tta*»plsBs aBlS*a| aaaaUfst-. YaVllrh 

extra toilet dewn*talra Thla ten* 

eeraen bel*^ ****" W * ,fc f " U "*** 
furnace. 8t.ltt: tenpp 'arrapgedl 

McCLLRB STREET— Aa attractively d*. 
ntgnest aix-roemsaa lH-iWrrks... 

tftoa ta 

rflWO flve-rppm 
X 81.330 tach: 

O block* 

galowa on 81ms Aveaue. 

hnw a t . Head- 
line, modern: 



OLTVBR Street a nam ad hew** modera 
with all convenience*, built-in feature*! 
coacrete basement, f uraac* and atatlonary 
w*.h tuba. ate. Will eacrince far jt.xo*. 

basement, very good 
Piped for vacuum 
room Is very large 
large dlnhng 

T^SQUIMALT— Beautiful 
Ajpt bungalow. larg* ba. 
aad Sxtaree blgh**t mni 
Crown Realty. 

anu. plumbing 
ts.710; teraaa 

*7tSQUIMALT— 9-roem 

by own; bath. S tottoto. electrie 
torg* dining room, greenhouse, garage, fur- 
nace, cement walk*, rabble wall: ap* of the 
heat home* to Esquimau. Price. tfc.OOO; 
I'rmn Crowi- Realty. 

ESOU1MALT— Two t- 
xaodern: eoA it. tot 
tear Imperial Bank. 

Crowt. Realty. 


AM store; 



toe* with 

TOBQUIMALT— Near city limit*. 7 -room 
AM modern heme, oa two beautlfal lot*. 

14.***. Crown Realty. 


ale* lot. absolutely modern; furnace, 
cement basematt; tax** tow; 8AfM; too* 
cash, ualance including internal. *!• montn- 
ly. Crown Haaltr. ' 


BEST atael mud guards for cycle*. PlUa- 
lev A Ritchie. Ltd.. Ill View 8tr**L 

DRESSMAKER for ladlea* house*, altera- 
tion*, looea cover, for furniture, 8t a 
m.v Box 4««l. Coloniet. 

GOOD all round man 
SHlggetf. Mtallnn. 

wanted. Maber, 

M jLS5*! " Bd e,t •*•»* teaWs fish. pi*. 
CaV^agjoefte^^b^. ^- '•' "><j UbT ™ 

REU ABLE farm land, wages |M; cotlag. 
PBd garden. Ami. u d r^. - ~- 

». a 

and garden. Apply H.B.. ' Cbemalnue 

•op* r a f s r ea t **; only 

r< "Q" tl3t. CPtoStot, 

8*rXwV2 "K^"J^««^TaMtS AMD 


Ptki erase* patf. 

tiaxt year ~ 

ta s 

invert a sat 

^Pea ^fNaM a j a x iies* , 

r jftreef. Vaaroireaesaeai 

i^XI'ERlBNCED stenographer deslrea po- 
J sltlon. Phone H017-R-2. 

MIDDLK-aged lady want, work dally, 
needle-work or conking: Oak Bay Dla- 
irlei preferred. Box 2088. Colonist. 

TJOSlTION a* housekeeper or companion 
AT help or Island, out of city, where work 
not top heavy. Writ* Mr*. M. Bailey. Oea- 

RELIABLE girl, 17, desires position in 
store, or as elevator driver; has had 



bakery shop. Apply Box 




lAJjINO — Apply 
•Street, foul " 

tit Batpsian 

KMAK1K*) — 

A7-ROOM. eapecially built bungalow, on 
Slmcoe Street, absolutely modern: hlgh- 
•et grade plumbing. Improvement tax*, all 
paid: worth 14.40*; owner will sell tor 
tt.008,. terraa t300 cash, balance eeay. CroWai 
ii-alty Co.. aver Imperial Bank. 

*- ' - • r i 

BrJAUTli UL bungalow, pp Empreaa) Ave, 
close to Central Park: modern. 7 rooms; 
t:.800; cash 38«8. and lit monthly, laelud- 
ing Intr—t. Crown R e alty. 

B. B. HEATH ''. 

1212 Douglas Street 

CLARK Street — Thla modern 7 -room semi- 
bungalow, close to car and school, 
nice lot, cement basement, piped for 
furnace; only $ 3.000; terms. 

EAST Victoria, close to two car lines. 
This modern t-room. hone* gotoe for 
two-thirds tbg cost of building the 
house today; only tS.ttt; term*. 
TAA1HFIELD — This aemi-bungatow op Up- 
AV den Avenue, with four bedrooms, liv- 
ing room, dining-room and kitchen, 
b.uill-ln buffet, fireplace, furnace, full 
cement basement and garage; must be 
sold. Immediate possession; only 
tl.200; terms. 

THIS vary choice home In a select dis- 
trict, four bedrooms, bathroom, linen 
closet and large clotbea press e s and 
sleeping-porch up: and extra large liv- 
ing room, dlnlngroom kitchen and 
reception hall down. The lower floor 
has highly polished oak floors, built- 
in buffet and large china closet*, open 
fireplace end a fully built-in dutch 
kitchen, large cooler and wood and 
coal lift; the baaement has a hot- 
water furnace with ample radiation, 
rloret, laundry-trays, gaa plate and 
fruit rooms, etc.; inrgs lot wllh gar- 
age aad chicken runs; the choicest 
bay |p the city, only*. 

fjtOUR acres, near Carey Road, wllh 
4-rewaa waagptow. dty water pli 
; atas •eectrt* 

ESOl'iMALT— »H acre* with 
cottage, n aaafl.iakli clearing, partly 
fenced, en the male, Seoha Bead. 
clow» to'srbeel atty water, atectrlc 
light and UU inina; the antl M ue- 
aurpeaMdl Mr -e-APAl CnSU, toe; only 

w* h*v« ntasy ajaaSr gaed bwya. CajJ 

FIVE-room bungalow on high ground with 
a good marine view, cement basement. 
large open fireplace, coey corner, built-in 
buffet and large rooms. 

PRICE 88.(00 
8500 cash and the balance easy term*. 

40«-t Sayward Bldg. 

Sale— Ote madera ••reoa baeaa, 
IS mil* circle. 88.3*0; aaa modern t- 
room house. 1 mil* circle. 83.1*0; 4 lot* to 
uarden City Parn near car. 8173 each or 
oner. Sox K.U. H.. Colonist. 


room*, fafl 
wash S 
cleaner. 'The drawfa 
with a go<»d Mrepjare; 

with attractive baSJf-tn *ldebo*rd. the wood 
work I* excepttpnally good, and nicely 
ataln-d. There JH * pass nantrv to a An* 
kitchen, which haa a large cooler and plenty 
LPpbaarda. Upstairs are four bedroom*. 
_paMKs9*moet*. and built-in drawers. 
t *ilat,.t»atbroom. which la tiled. There 
garage and nice garden with oak 
his property I* situated near the 
car. and oil a paved atreet. considered to 
be one of the beat In thla district 
For 8*1* at 15.5*0. on ten 
No Mortgage 

Phone 2801 111 Pemberton Bloc k 

SEA and mountain views, close to besn- 
ilft'l sandy beach, standing In nlcelv- 
treed grounds of quarter-acre: a aplendldly 
constructed bungalow of seven well-ar- 
ranged rooms: reception hall. " sitting room, 
panelled dining room with built-in features, 
breakfast room and bright airy bedrooms, 
good basement and garage. Thia house can 
be bought at a sacrifice nrlce either with or 
without the artistic and valuable furnish- 
ings. . 


1*4 Union Rank'iulldlng 
^ Phone S»M 


containing: entrance hall with flre- 
Piace: parlor naiahad to whrta 
enamel, with grate and 
match; dining room be. 
panelled with aeleeted Sr; kitchen; 

•y*? am*- •*««• •*♦»!** good 

slaed bedroom*, with clothe* etoaera 
'»' •* cn - auA large batkroeen; tall 
sixed cement " 

*rnent basement. Chinaman ■ 

furnne* aad wash tube: 

;. tot «• tt. g 110 ft. Frtca 


tt.4M; terms. 

roomed bungalow, containing partor. 
dining ram with large open fire- 
place, built-in buffet aad window 
aent: kitchen and pantry: three 

erg, bedreem. with clothe* etoeet 

■n each: tail ataed basement and 

tuba. Price , tt.Ttf: targto to 

jOORQE District — Flve-roomed m*d*rn 
^-" bungalow, cantalnlng parlor. With 

open Sreptae*. dining room, kit 
•ara* pantry, two larg* 
hath and toilet: fall slxed 
b*«*ment. Thla property H (n 
splendid condition, and tba taxea 

?e , r,r , « r . , J«ir ,w - ^«-»": 

«>"-»talnrBlng kitchen, sitting 


cold water. *]*et 
. >: Immediate 
00. Include* carpets 



TWO-atory dwelling, 6 room*: dining 
panelled, built-in buffet, all large rooms: 
two bedrooms; cemented basement, piped 
for furnace: lot aOxl.'v. Price t3.88S. oa 


TieOB pale— Five-room cottage, Juat painl- 
A7 ed bw told e and decorated toahte; .large 
lot, oloa* In. at a bargain. Phop* 87.31L 
after t p.m. 

■ i ii |l ^■^w. 

*CV>R Sato— A modern io-room house. 1*87 
A. 1 Rickaraspn Street. For uarUcuiar. sp- 
Pt» to MP. 108T Rlchardatot. at 1807 Gov- 
ernment Street. 

<IS T . 




A? large veranda. 

Well-built 3-rooraed cottage. 
nantry. baaement. city 
water, electrie light, fenced, chicken run: 
cash 3&t0. and assume mortgage of t700. 
payable in three years. Apply 72 Regina Ave. 

TJUNB large bungalow containing t w*ll- 
A arranged, bright rooms and baaement. 
facing south, high elevation, large lot. low 
**«■* Ta close as estot* w* will sell for 
tl.tat. on terms. 

u ..*«„. E£2° n * ,lT I»ap*eto« 
101 Union Bank Building 

SNAPS (with real ginger In 'ml 
TJlBBJfWOOD DI8T. — 4 -room bungalow. 
A. vary neat .and attractive, folly mod- 

G_ *rn: garage: IJ.llo. 
OROE DIST — t-room modern bungalow 
and three Iota, to garden and small 
fruits, .trawberrlee. rasps and la- 
gan.: light tax**: only tt.ttt. 
TiLUHFI ELD — t-room fully modern, large 
A7 let. a choice noma, rant* far 14*. 

^ — .P^Sh ■*•*••• 

/VAX BAT— Near the golf Hah*, t room*. 

VP b aaa m snu " 

FIFTH STREET. & room*; basement, wash 
trays; everything up-to-date: tot Itxlti. 
Price ta.t*t. 

VOltTll Hampshire Read. 8 rooms; hard- 
A^f wood floors, high location. Price 18.000. 

81f Femberton Building 

eof eight l 
reption hail with large bHc"k"opVn 
fireplace; partor with grata and' 
mantel: dining room, ballt^ln^buff"* 
and panelled walls: breakfast room 
or den with anew fireplace: kitchen 
and nantry: tour good arsed bed- 
room., with clothe* cloeet in •*ch; 
bathroom and toilet separate: felt 
Used eemeat haeamant. hot water ' 
I^." - "' /'St*. "•**■ *■•< JTM 
home haa Inat been peiirteTand the 
Interior re-decorated throughout 
and ft offered at th* raniritoklP 
law flgure of 88.8*0: 



P. , B. BROWN 

Victory Bond* Bought aad ffJaM 



' ■ i ; 


88S8 tor th* three. 



. furnace, book -case*, buf- 
fet, beamed ceilings, built-in dre***r 
In bedroom, snap price 81.500; term* 

____ $1.10* cash; balance on mortgage. 

CURAT ST*BnBJ*jjrs>aPaBBBlBBBs^aa^ t 


• roam*. 
light tana* 

: cn|*> f : torso* t»0* 

cash, h a lppce aagpO 




Vtotarto. B.C 

l&ig*?*ate**as 8 ' 

▼TtAIRFIEtO— 7- 

rpHlS house Is nearly new. It Is Just on* 
A block from the park and carllne. and 
two from the sea. It is within 10 minute*' 
,wnlk from tire post office, exceptionally wall, 
built aad laid out: built-in buffet, panels. 
furnace, garage, etc. : fruit tree* In full 
bearing on the lot. It Is offered at lust about 
HALF the prlee the owner paid for it. on 
term* for tt.OOt. 

Please get further particulars of this, and 
let u. show It to yon. 

A. B. ■aBBfasT \ 


. % f 





IEN yotrre wanting Map*. Tracings 
Blueprint*. Whlteprlnta >r negative* 
e *r* prepared to serve yew slikhly/^ ' 


Ith Floor B.C. Permanent Loan Bids 
Phone 13J0 ^^ J^ 

CHOPS tt t!0. 

THE chcapMt in the district; has running 
water the whole year yeuad; nearly all 
ba. been cultivated ; Is dose to aehool and 
church-. P.O.. railroad, and yon can hare 
city water, it la on the main read* 2} acres 
at tlta p« acr*. 

. bath aad 

buffet, in Foul Bar 
for 81.380. Thla aj good buvlna. No. 3*21 

A NICE Utile pick up: t 
toilet, fireplace and tin 

Sayward Block (baaement) 

» >' — 


Phoaa 8447 

f S 

, - 

* r Mr H *~- 



7-ROOat Pis i sm dweuing. MSrrtosp Mraat. 
etoPt In. Frio* 88.84)0; toftoa t*4M *aw>at 
hahppp* meathlr payment*. Tkts hi mm- 
el4torably bektw Ha veto*. 

•■Mt Pbeae ltSB 

ltd Ceabral Bafld 

ANICB Utile howir. 4 room*, felly nrad- 
ern. baUt-to t sp a nrna. hltaSen end bath 
white enamelled; cloa* to srks.l. eater and 
car; to Oaf Bap. for tf.oft No. 2*38 

A real 

CORNER lot to the baaft ef the eRy. 
bee* rite at envtaadr'* prte*. 
Jnat tbSSk at taaea Street Vomer for 
lit.***. N*. 3*24 



fl3 00 ^Itrw* ,T aa^gt 



•4 » 



B MM^M Sanaa .^.— «^ ___ * ' ' i ^ ii 


hocsh BAMUixa 



?T?i iT ^8®^»S 

■ Win, ctw to hiii- 
* Tkli tamhiw m 
wttfc agar* Sreelac*. 

bellt-te BwSa*, built-in effects to. 

MtcAaw. furnace end Ml wmu 

tlMWM. On* of Ik* bMt beys 

la tke etu. tm 


. ertt kM 3 


lets ee-eh eSUlt. ell o*Jttvete< 
Price ll.t*4; low MXMk 

O-ROOMBD relt*g*. M i lm , bet and nM 
tee**» W*M «Mk. UlUW %• feat WtHkly, 


•* k |;j 

• BOM 







ditto* u 


Street i-ro*m strictly 
■**■ Blow i. e a ool ton t cen- 
laelde and out; o»«n flre> 
hnilt-la effect* full want 
and Mud far ti w m, 

QOVTaobm mmini. oatd* 

I AM i ll ■ > to bay * Mrt«l|B«4«« few*. 
nw« of about « rmai Tut ■>■» ** 

PairSeld districts areterred: wlU aafir ae«t 

ckoe* bar Asoar box ll»..C*llBtat^ 

YKLl»atAraY *V>* Hi 

rpoK HW-TU ■Willi c 
A? etteated la tke tu Jua* 
•am mUs tree* Saw Ha rate. 
aa4 fifteen naltoa Croat Viator**, 
tear pantoaiere address A C. 
»W 14U> Avon**, aoattta. Wast*, 

TjAOB Sato— Good ealldtag tot aa rtttk 
A? off Fiatayeea, city Umhi; t aaa and vi 
MHi ct*»r tiu*. VVkat effer ttTcaV 
LnK .vjaaUcaai Boack pTtA, vXTkC, 

LOTS for sate cheap, 
waterfronts** on Gorge , 
41IIH. 114 Uerae KmTwVr. 

M am** shad aaatlytii aaa l lata aaa, 
»** |« l ?*>Ha» wtok ease* end Maple 


•j^EeraV aU ^ Tak-^S-T^B 

♦* ^ejlT 



lOver Ike Stare*. 

« a****. ....tit** 

..*..«»..%... *AA4S 
I .......... ..M.MS 

i *•••%»» »«...M«kM 

■I haa wUfns ran** 

i Implement* ateek 


tMft Tat** 

|>*J»r steel a\»« 

*> to» * MitaaM. 

I>ABY varHa«o oa4 (u-tart. fcota la v««y 

■■-» (Ml caa^itftom.' ■■«rio. , M h i . «•» •. 


0*a«ra Ut. 



2 M*££^t. 


««*», *HI OavaraaMM Hk 

•^ M *^g ,ViTi 

I MMtaa awaa. la 
•M.M, lalaa* 
t«» ran •*. 

Jtt* r i * JL M , ? ; aaafHHa artoo; call fa 
r«H)«% Mr*. NtlmM. Kaeaaaolla. •(« 

{Toururrn a*« 
V> IH agp a laM anl 

• a**» 

HM. Tl 


HTOH f^ 


'*— OoaiarVla a*coa4- 
trtatas. *n7l Oavant 





W. H. MUCK. Notary Paatta, 


with or 


I^^»H* •• 

Prtea far HM waala. HM 


•QAAQ— Ftntwood Rood. T-rooin mad«ra 
^* w '**'*' two-atory haaaa. complete la a»- 
«ry dot all: faraaea and rail co- 
ataat basement. ThU la a arat- 
«>Ma haaae. and the arte* to away 
balaar raarkei ralae. 

#2g00~ H,Uatd * ATana*. near Feraaood 
!"M»m ia «-«am vall-aaUt aaraa- 
Hi aplendld condition: 
tot: oaay term*. , ar 
trade far oraJrle 

WATKKKRONT lat, Cordova Bay. ISsIlt; 
SIM. Phono NMR. 



• ACRBK uaunitraveeV 
II ACKKS. improvod. i 
»» ACHIA and l-roaaa 
« ACKhji. a 
lie ACKktS. 



!• ACKKK, and tl 

i* JULIO?* *?*?*• *■'•» 

!i A £i5^ *** *?™* 

it ACKica roar tary .............. 

It ACRKS at Com " 
I ACKKS near city 
\T7B na»o a number *t . 
TT farm*, tha beat on the _ 
aa irolaa- concema. We wUI aa 
Siva Inqulrera tail parttculara. 

..a sm 

QAJtOB^^a^aKtoKB ^ 

to itrvaeonre an* vea*t*Ma ar 
Daa'l aaa tabl, vlMsar toTSrrttllaT 

\J wtra aetUac pa' 
to«: aooda touch* 
Jehaaoa Straat Phoaa iSU. 

aaaa r a pha. atavaa, oioth- 

ry>X.+ DOUQAL. apaatoltoli la elevator 

7^—***- *** tttf »y«**rt'**e aarUabaaarS arte- 
ttona, brtvat* InataUatlona: naotora and- 
dyaaaaaa ro-araaad and aaaraatoad. Katl- 
-aaataa Klvaa. Stobart-I^aaVBIdV. Tatea 
Bt. TeTeabaaea IHI. »U»M and mtB* 

/^HiLD'S silt crib. Ilka near. A baryala 
v^ at lit. Inland Bxcbaaca <The Bto 
StoraK Tl» ran Straat. """" •■• *"• 

MONABCM raaar*. t-koie. arltk vatkff fifwl. 
_. ^_A-1 yda*;. A towsato) ai Ilk lalaaB 
"" "^ i* * * ««*» kto) atoraTtM) ran ****. 

N&AJkLT mmm k a f k w* U todtoa' kltnla. 
okaiiao Hire bto ataral. m W%n Straat. ^ 

■k^ORKIS Sato. aaaakUattob lock. Mala 
Af tocaaa: aaariy aaw. Baa IMS, Qatoa tot. 

kaad etotbUuc. an... 

^af **" ••*•**■*"*• 

fy U ^L^ M ^ MA tHUtoa) War Htetory. to- 

v alaaiaa Paaaa Treaty, otct taa wn>' 

S^aaPS? 4 ^ W UboS 

tonaa: ureoit clr*a tralakt aaM. Bradlav- 
Oarreuon. Uatlted. BraSttarC »"-^> 

OYBRCOAT. nearly aaw; amall atoe. Phoae 

rkAK atdoboard with larSa bevoltod aairror. 

•T *. "f*,! 1 . 1 1H- J rt *** *xchan«e (the 
bin atore). T»t ran Straat. 

T>1 A NO— French "Bard." 

rums, FrjJkhkT mS5tmf\*mirmSt^ 

VaCTObUA ********** Otk. iOto. , 


«. l r. 

MBS. Oddy will aay the bee* 
«aa« taraltara. carsata. 
BeaasJM Straat. phoae mi 

Ill I 

ASM.. Phoae UtR. 

brilliant tone. 

:%* »ort akreat. 

T>lAMO Waauad— <N«a pantowav 
XT lowaar oaah pykoa tb Baa <t»l. < 

O plrhlaa. 
Aak tar Caniaaua 

VlSll M l H aaaka Ike »*r| MH 

Wky hi trelakrt aad doty. 

teoun Pfcklaa. 

V1CTOKIA Hal Factory wUi want fav 
drre alth your old tile. Broad ana rart. 

WANTHD-^A brooder. 71-ekjqfc. amaaatty; 
Cyphers .referred; muat bo Ckaap IM 
la aood morklna ardor. Phono IITIY. 

Box Ittl. Col. 

■OkaaJfiKni Victor 

aa aaUdlaaa. laad aeaded down to) craaa 

clover and clover last year. Owner wu> aell 

atu^irvtotoSi! •"***«• c • *• *«• 

», caltlvatlom: 

ckacolat* loam: el taa ted I 

Ictorta. near Interarban atatloa: 

„ - ■ ^^ ^ROBKKT OKUBB 
Mahoo Block . tovar ike 


•HwjbeVb »«a 



Sktat, an oaay 
t» tko tight party. 

«*» ^*rt Straat Phaaaa i«i «a« i jj 

fxyaaBawwab I Id* So 

.otary fol 
Over imperial 


. H. Price. Notary 

A N ^attractive property ot lit acre, wltk 
■£*- mrm* waterfrontaao. altuatad on mala 
road between ParkavUle and Ouallcuai 
B»ach. Apply Owner. Bo» IIII. CoUnto *, 

APUkASANT country home. A acres! all 
wlro fancad. aacaa aood land. waad 
a, 4 rooms nJcoly situated tiu.«i <ak 
• water laid on under preaaaro. Only 
nutea walk from station, aa main road. 

CJAANICH Ana. witk watartroautaa. 
19 avtras wits a stos llttla kayi 1 



wfcwto; BAM 

far the 

g-KOOMKD modi 

•Mtt— It It CASH. 

6 mlnutea 

A real anap at |:itt«. 

ss Ba clualva asanu . 

III Union Bank Building. 



1 *Xl ACRES, good, level land, la township 
f*~y t. IH mllea from railroad. 4 miles 
fraaa Courtenay. ryla« between Brown and 
Puntiedae Rivera, lit per acre. 


ACRES Srat-claaa alack loam soil. 

tova*. I mllee from Oyater Bay. X miles 

from railroad, til Bar acra. 

ar* exceptionally 

T7IOLLT modern. pracUoally new 

i..*? 1 !* "5 **** ** 4 «*acrate rouadatton. 
aaatalaias I rooms aa flrat Boor aad bat* 
aad pantry: furnace heated, hot aad sold 
water, splendid water supply with tank aad 
fas emrlne: situate close to. East SaaaicB 
Road on 1 acres ot Srat-claas laad wltk Sao 

*..ll b.-__a._ s m ^7 m. _ _- .^•^? p J**"**%_ SBaTatBJ 

QOSKW Tkltoy. Stl atrres. naarts an «- 
to «*** laad (eatery ctoarsd>i ***■• 



A. K 


• OTA 

% a LAND A 






h-S&TTlATOID AVflrtVB. riv*- 

feC-iSS aaafoH-tufu iVi 
can be mm** vary attractive aad 

»f?A V>» ? "««•« «<*V ^ita 

OAD (close to Hay. 
» aad wall bwllt 



•*«* to-aare aad 


ATKAK Wilklaasa 



ll'ilt*** 1 ** orcnard M •"»•« tnOta- Rrloo 

A NICE country home on paved road abaat 
4 mllea from town. House U tally mod- 
era and quite new: nice naaelllaa aad beam 
oalllnaa. tnrnaoa heated, bath, l tiUets* wash 
tabs, shower, cement baseman t. eraotrto 
Itoht. Phone and water laid on. Nice arounda. 
with shade tree*, shrubs aad aarden: achooL 



ten aad smalt tralU: 

tool hous* aad 

situate In nice locality in South 

6. P. MOODY CO. 
Campbell Bid*. 

lisfl ACRES, aacallaat kuad. adjolnlna 
-kyy railway, la Sa wtoala m acrUuiturui 
tl tat net : stly acraa are cleared, now and 
modern houae. barn, etc. Ta b* sacrificed 
far 110* aar acre. 


ltl fnlon Bank HuilJlnt— 

•Phone tttt. 

StlKQ AN ACRE, Cobble Hill, t! acres. 
4HXkFa7 about ■ acraa have been outtlvated. 
10 \ CT T* ttoakod. balance llaht clearlna. aam» 
a«od bottom land; ale* : -roomed bunaalow. 
larm barn aad stable. In aood condition, 
poultry houses aad aire runs, all fenced. 
This is a snap, close to station, school, etc: 
Sao location, aood neighborhood. 
a,. -„ BAOSHAWE A CO. 

41i Central Blda. Phone MM 

FIVE ar taa acraa to rent, la or near 
SMaay. Boa sis* Coloalat. 

D^*!** 5M 111 *' Bsbalra aaaka, else Tat. 
wltk cables, block*** etc. all complete : 
nrst'clase caadittoa. Apply Box 14. vic- 

iJtUCCTRIC Violet Ray Generator. Vlc- 
taqto. S*Ra II. Ftald Apartmanta. 

ENGLISH meat plea at tha Market. Turn 
to the rlaHt a* you cater. We make 
all wo aell. A. J. Wlxey. ^"^ 

ENGLISH baby carriage, large dark navy 
blaa, aaw hood, aood tire*. -T\ 
111.51: dark green cantos*.; dark 
khn «•.*•: dark navy blue. Ill- new tires 
•txj hoods. Also another dark blue, IH.M. 
Baay Carrlasa Bxchaame, Ml Paadara. 

TOOR S a l e Fltuaa dl> flat, two (» box 
* c*r* snd ara (1> eakooaa car. standard 

to be m- 

t«T Tta 

RA.F. eftlcer-s bloc uniform cap, 
aad alack*. What offers. Box Ml 


KbHSH S aiS akaa b*ym« furuitur* roar 
komo to worthy of the boat. «ad the 
blaae to act tko boat la at the Retort,* 
koldlers Furniture Kxchanaa. 1411 Doaalas 
JR. Oar prtcoo ar* low. aad quality aood 
Fat r oatos taa bay*. Wa taa m*»\ 


171TABLE for outbuilding*), in bundles at 
tve per bundle. Telephone Itlt. 

STEINWaY grand piano: _aaciiflce tor 
quick sale: leaving Victoria: matt aell. 
Boa Ilg4. Coloalat. 

SOUTHALL — For reliable stovaa 

WI S**. IM Fort Street. Coll* 

onnectcd. old stoves aad 
PbaaoetM. - 

TAAT couch, aota. window settee, 
with cushions. Apply Hit Charlton St. 


WANTED— Truck wltk long 
aood condition, • up ta l-toa capacity. 
Bos 3074, Colonist 

WANTED— To buy quantity of diamond*. 
Isras or smsM. ' p. O. Boa tot, 

WANTED— A girl's bicycle, (aged It}. 
IT! Olive Street. 

WANTED — ftmell flat-bottomed koaL 
Phone 4MIL. 

WANTED— A Gerhard .Helmsman piano: 
■tat* nrlce for cash. Bax till. Col- 


WANTED— A coal oil burner la goad coo- 
dltlon: stste price. Box 1114. Celonjat. 

WANTED— C cords dry wood. 14 In -block 
delivered, opposite Prospect School. 
Terburch. R.M.D. 1. Royal Oak. 

SOLID oak bookcase, witk glace door*. Only 
III. island Kxchang* (Ths Big 8tore>. 
tit rort Street, 

» . . 

WANTED— Second-hand 
)•• *«« Coionlat, 



YY aauae. c 

O HO* 4 91. 

ble Barrel 

an. and if 



SALES arranged for 
stock, either at oar 


lady's bicycle Phoae 



furniture or lrre- 

resldence; set beet possible prices. Immedl- 
•*• cash returns: furniture bouaht: sales 
•very Tuesday a*S Friday. 

MM ' City Market Aoctloa 


•Isplayed advta. 

YYTANTBP — Sk aTamoahon* with good' 
YY. selection ot rejborda. Apply Box Ittl. 

WANTED ta purchaae, A^aenali tract ot 
timber suitabls f— ^*— •-» •»-- 

1140. Colonist, 





rpHE Victoria Bottle Exchange h*. bottles 
X of »" deacrlptlons for sale. iterllUed or 
uostsrlllxed. 1111 North Park St. Phone 

rriONio aad 


l-tt. Weed 
14 asA it-ia. 



rett'e Hypouhosphtte. II 

. Take Faw- 
Pheae tat. 

SBD Nordhelmer piano, 
monthly. HIT Quadra. 

cheap, |lt 

Victoria. AC. 

I 1 KB 

. Gun, II gauge.; 
Klfle. M caL. Skit: Hammer less Shot 
aVft*" f* 1 ^ **5 : ^""fMa Kin*, It-It oak. 
51L'*£L v *? UB r.* ,, 5- Bow - WSAoi Maadolta 
•?.* «-***• J'J 9 - R*«Jo. II: Ladiat- Bicycle, 
Ml: u«ata* Bicycle Lama* large kttcycle Foot 1-umps. aLSI: 
Double -Nugget Bold Chare, alt: St ran* 

X2 rkto £- M, * u **?* .• c *l : A-ktarrasAto k». 
da* (Kaatmaaj. |t.M; Overalls. 74c; Stron* 
Workla* Paata axs,. Hmti „ Doable Blaa! 

ta^aay^atoAcil*.^*'"' "* : B - M,,Mi - 

Ml Johneou Stroat Phone TU 

Look for the name oa tko window 

TTTOLTMS tor Sato — Good eld violins at 
▼ Jwseoaakle prices. Baatly School ot 
Haste, ilu Fart street. 

VICTOR gramophone. Jewel range, aad 
ether furniture. Apaiy 414 Princess 

I CAM tire the highest cash price tor all 
kinds of cast-off clothing, hinauao I nam 

Wardala or call 




WANTED— Good eeoondkaad cook atevea: 
hiuhest price, paid, win hay aeod 
rlase furnituro. Kerr's IMt Government St. 

W* ' 


stoves, old tsetk' aad *BMtklad! <>> It 
vsi.-e Call sjiy where aar time. Pa*** llli. 



^ PHONB 14M 

YVrS have the best selection of aooaad. 

i^a^^^l^k^ sa 

Md I to nnage. Hi bay or exokanae *ll 
Made of aood furniture. 

•»**. mem. luraaoo B 
all conveniences: IH 
with flae orchard, aw 
barn, chicken hwuaos. 




Stat l ta l -i 
oared, tkltt. 


lu < ?^lV- ,M ^ >UD,B ^ ,,, • , 

tptt—UV bum komo. 

s^Sorr.. to g£ 

i kaitt* la 
anap tor 

timgZS kJSfaliw lun-baJk'^ 
basement: good tot; kouse la aood 

oa lot 4txll» 


frKPBKN a 
' ^^ i^ ttotd^ ktmgaiow 



(ei oak Bay 

V roomed house on fine lot ItxiM. 
kouse haa cement 
ft HBait aad la m 


STRBET. agy at- 

Ha nice 

to avert 

P tmmmr 
lot: Mah 

td*toBndry Ml ~ *"* **** tunt * c * 

"eft .■ •» 

fwrrtaee! '»*• 
r**a« lat. 


up-to-date, very well- 
large entrance halt 
dining and drawing 
rooms with ballt-lu feature*, large 
right kitchen and a biS*kf**T 
room; 4 large cheerful bedrooms 
with antra large clot no* closets. 
«ory aood Uakt aad piumbina nx- 
turea; a really aood komo ot aloe 
aatoh aad apoeerance; situate i» 
boule varded street, la aood local. 
J*T-4*o*a to car, on good lot nicely 
MJJ^ oat * i lair*, mrdoa. ftowor*, 
trait and shads trees. No better 
„ - .^.. vttna *** ko obtained today. 

*39t r nfi-' MOD,,;KN •"'**•» hou-VJn nice 

#tla*nJUgtree« in Oak Bay; rary large lot 

wltk garden aad some f rait ; taxes 

mtt 700r^** AT " t,u *•*«*«•, Salt* mod. 

4BAI Warn aad In good ah*p*. inside dty 

Umlta. and wltk garden aad chick- 

.. _ ^btBIjb llneham 

IMS Doaataa Tot Ml 

BUT mm victqr t bonds' 

Jtl ( HU\ CASH— Attractive l-room bunga- 
ejrj. WW |„ w mmA anmge, Tibsoiutely mod- 
ern: nice garden. Price I4.TM. 
•"I *Xas| CASH— Modern &-room bunga- 
l/lew aad garage. Price M.ttt. 
CASH — l-room modern bungalow, 
of Straits: pretty garden. 

Prtoa M.Ma. w 

CASH— t -room oeml-buSgalow, 
including aa attic: large Harden. 
Frio* It. 344. 
•I 4/tO CASH— l-room bungalow and at- 
fitWuc; garden. Price M.ttt. 
CASH — 11. room modern house, 
suitable for apartments, hardwood 
floors, close to park and car*. 
Price M.ttt. ^ 

ern house, hot 

hardwood floor*. 

Millard room, garage, large lot. 

¥jHlt..hy owner. Price 15.144. 

•a^lgflCASH — l-room. modem bungalow. 
*V built-in effects. Price II. IM. 

CASH— l-room bungalow with 
dern features: flreolacos. 

IMR Sale— Ma acre* limner land on Can- 
adian Northern Railway, and main 
Metcnoaln Road; II mllea from Victoria: « 
mile from salt water. Timber r raises 8 to 

vin«^B.oT- APB,y ™ U,,U " R< ** 


-Small k« 

land, near taw*. 

Ilka going concern; must be 
Bo* lart cotoalau 

0°. R . D0W "e»d— Now onb-dlvtsion tSoc. 41. 

ata map) now offered in S and It- _ 
blocks: best or strawberry land, ready for 
crop; mostly under cultivation, close ta 
alt. Totmle tram. University *nd Other 
schools: MM and |6tt per acre; on terms. 
ft, B. Pu nnett A Co.. ItT I-em berton BlC 

WANTED— Immediately, about It 
or more, wltk buildings and 
(halt cleared), within it miles of VI 

Prlce__muat_ h* _ T S*so u a b to for cat 

kcjyer. Box P.Q.R. Colonist. 


W AI !? rBD *? ** , *» w1u •• witkout aptlaa 
of vurckaes (or would lease) about 
Sea, or ten acraa wltk amall houae. Saaalch 

•CyANT few acres good land In fruit dis- 

,ZIm 2* e A^f* , l, t ^* d • ta daarter'aectlon good 
land Bulkier V alley. Box l ist Co lonial. - 

owner at good 

tank price, fall 

Bcah. kUaaeapoiia. Minn. 

\A7ANTKD— To koar troaa owner mt good 

^U^^F^Baik?M.a^. h p. P ,to?* '-■' 



WANTKD— To hear from own 
ranch tor sale. State aaak 
r>TUcul*ra P. F. Bcah. Mlnaeai 


bs»W**^a*^sw»wO^ | es»**^»ar**t^s'*^»**«e* > > 

BEAUTIFUL 3eaek Drive property 
auto. Box alia. Colonist. 

fjOOR Sale — Gumey Oxford, la goad condl- 
J 1 tton. at 84IT Bofment Ave. 

T^R^Kato— Hammorlaat shotgun, la gauge. 

1111 Rlohmoad Ave, 

Tj*OR Sale— Albion cook stove, in good con- 
A' dltton. Annlv BIT Wnul R» Tin.. a ' 

ditto*. Apply 
Pkoae MMU 

14 T Foul Bay Road' 

FUMED oak dining suite, consisting of ex 
tension table, a chairs (all leather seat*. 

table. « c 
aad kadtat. aa g**d 
complete. Island 

Stare). TM Fort Straat, 

Price *TW 

(The Bin 

YOUR mince meat, plum puddings and 
trait cake a will bo Improved bv usls* 
7«r Boiled Cider. The Western Pickling 
Work* Ltd 

#Q/V— ONE 11-coll gm* heated steam radl- 
•»to*V a tor with automatic gaa control: 
suitable far office, house, etc llll View 
Street, phone 4TML. 

IONLY act shelving I feet high and It feet 
long: 1 only partition 4 fset high and 
»• '■•* »••*» I only counter I feet long. 
- Apply lilt Broad Street. Phone 1141. 

"Advertising to ta business 
what steam to M machinery" . 

"CMNEST roots of rhubarb, raspberries, to- 
•A aeaberrles. gooseberries, black and red 

cherry currant*, largest phenonlasl black- 
berry and strawberry plant*. M. N. Rwdd, 
Bcuaa VIsU. Burnilde Road. Market Stall 
44 and M. • 

fbd/nfi CAB] 

I fans 



•1 QAA "dkSH— i-roem mod 
I0XOVU water heating, hsi 


rT\EN aore*. wltk a good substantial a.' 
A room house and outbuildings; land nil 
'•weed and cleared: at* acraa ot which to 
heavy productive land; M.ttt. 

SIX acres, with a good house and two 
chicken houses and runs; land level 
and productive? no rock or gravel. This 
land baa been cleared, but there is now 
some amall brarh enough to maw* 
shelter for young acrdo: price II. tat. 

rTtHESE farm* are en 

■"- near school, church. 
tad sea. Ideally situated tor poultry' and 

too mala road, 
store* railway 
i fair poultry and 
amall fruit-raising, and tke price* are right. 

Personally Tnspectsd— Excluslv* Agents. 



ltl Union Bank Building. 

J EXCHANGE equity Victoria modern eight - 
■*. room kHagaww tor Vancouver property. 
rrlto K.R. 1711 Nelson St. Vanoouver. BJC. 

JIH>R Sale or Exchange tor bungalow, two 
A. acre* oa Quadra Street, just outside 
dty. Apply A Jenntaga. Broaghton Street . 

I HAVE clear title. Victoria Iota and 
acreage taat I wink to axckanjce foe 
i-reirlclaad. Celoalst Box IITA^ ■ 

aaWOND-kata bkeycloa at ape 
Pllmley a Ritchie, ail View 


fjYOR Sale — A gentleman's large dress suit; 
A scarcely worn. Colonist Box HIT. 

"POR Sale — Private party, two beautiful 
A 1 Wilton rugs ia blue with a touch of 
rose, exit and 7HalHJ Bax 1171. C olon 1st. 

TTkOLDlNG buggies. M.M and lll.M; ilka 
A new; aClhlee from its Pande r*. 

F22to? TkoatnT ^r^^ssrsu 

f at Mim a ta aaw quaatlty; valuatioa* made 
Phon* HM, 

^Aass of el* 
*f Juak : 
bottles, seek* auto I 
at* Ring up IttA 
Aa r c a aan. Ill Jolmaoa Street 

YOUR mince meat, plum puddings and 
fruit cake* will be Improved by ualn* 
cur Boiled Cider. ' The Westsra Pickling 
Work* Ltd. 

OA PER CENT lea* gas. more pep. 
4&V power. D. aad K. Amplifier. Aok 



FURNISHED, heated apartment 'for rent. 
Phone ailT. 

— — -- !*'■■ I I . I I I. . Ill I. 

TWO large unfurniahofl rooms f re at. 
good location; electric light, pboaa and 
bath, with private family. Apply lTti 
Da via Street. 

fpO Rent— Furnished, Mensiea Apartments. 
A nicely furnished 1-reom flat for Novem- 
ber only; no children. Apgly B. C. Laad A 



aaaastotad aaa build * 



Investment Co.. til Government Stroat, 


rTH> Let — Modern unfurnished suite. 

A in. Phono IT4IL. 

UNFURNISHED flve-TOorn. .Gorge RdadT 
near Government; adults Apply 1T1 
Michigan. ~ —w 

—require* IS* 




One of such . plans la 
ADVERTISING. Our business Is to launch 
advertising campaign* small ar large 

other men 

1TOB Sale— Folding baby baggy aad cradle 
JP wttkf mattress; very rcaaotable. Phoae 


IftOR Sale— English baby carriage, good as 
.. new: owners leaving- city. Ml Barn- 

side H 


steel aaad guards Spy 
ley A Ritchie. Ltd. til View Street 

S^vONFIDENTIAL — Far protectioa — aa* 
\J Toalfoam a* your hair. Flu can't deo- 
ttwy It tkaa, ^ 

T^LOTHINO which you do aet wear an* be 
KJ taraod lat* caah by shooing ltl. Mm 



have just bad 


'close to beach and pa 

variety of fralt tree*. 

rk: nice gar- 




• If Bawl Street 



•^►OfMJriY CASH— a-roem bungalow, splen- 

e*V>e-sJV'dldly ftasabad. hardwood Soore, 

etc. n a na try kahmmlnod: would 
sell furniture. Price tfi.Stt. 

$1500 CAB . H T 7 " room """'ern house, 



nfsfall CASH — T-room modern hones, 
tJTAVVVeas radiators, nice garden. Price 


H. V. WINCH A CO., LTD. • 

Re*l Rst*l«. Insaranco. Notaries Public 
Finch Bulldlne ait Fort Street 

JAfrtO- RICHMOND AVE: Modern T- 
vkRA^rwa house eontalntng reception 
hall, living room with fireplace 
£**.™** w**i UB "*^ <•■•"* room, 
built-in buffet beamed celling, 
panelled walls, den. pass pantrv 
and kitchen and three bedrooms, 
both aad toilet, full remrnt base- 
mont with fernaee: lot. alrelv 
fenced, with cement walks and 
rArago: Mtt cash, balance taentt 


eo taa 
*< a. It •» it 

with a water f ran l e* 



T ADIKS. cau Mr* Wardale. wn* wtu call 
MJ 4mr.ltos* aad bay year eaat-eet eiethlaa. 

trtoA alwara 00 nv laced, ar call Til 
Fort Street Phoae Itaa. « 

TJRIVATB matsrnlty home, 
AT street. Phoae ajML. 

Phoae MML. 



EH»K Sale — Price oaly INI, IS In. x t in. 
A four-side moulder to flrst-clsss condi- 
tion: some blow-ploe attachments. B. W. 
Whltttoaten Lumber Co.. Ltd. 

FOR Sale — Musk rat fur coat skunk collar* 
A and cuffs, slao it. fall and new. Bo* 
ltla. Colonist » 

TjwJR Sals — I b,p. upright boiler. Just like 
A new. all fittings. Tyro Shop. Blnashard 

SXOCSaX Airry sjha 


11 ACRES, goad land, practically all sat- 
urated; no water tf cable* dty water to 
laid oa; there ia *!ao living creek through 
the toad. Wail ball} meisra bouse of a 
rooms and bath. Otkor Um prey amenta. A 
bargain for M.ttt. 

7ft ACRKS. all good toad and cleared. 1 
well* never falling 
Elgkt-reom h op* *, 
bare* and chicken * 
good read *% 

ipRADlNO hi partlcatartr active w»ar ta 
A Troj an* S aa r t an t and FUt Meadow* 
Order* promptly and eSlcJeatly eaocoteA 
Try oar aatt to a H has several year* tooai 

Members Vaaoeuver Stock 
tiSHUOAlf . tat 

m^lafllfk "** ot Interest >Sp r 1% year* Ap- 
tpAWUV ply aeT Peniberten Bid*. Pbonc 

IlkORv Sale — Contents of l-room rooming 
A house, good proposition, clear lit per 
month ; clone , In. A pply Box Mlt. Colonist 

TltOR 8a I 

-sv dltlon. rubber tire*. tTI 





Phene it 

A LADY wUI call aad hay all your high- 
class cast-oK clotnia*. Spot cash. 
Phone Hra, Hat. 4fltL- . ^^ 




Hill Park, aai 
terms moderate Phone II Ik 


X> an 1 

ACCORD, MS Princess Ave., 
atilly situated, close la. comfortable. 
good plain cooking, moderate rats* Phon* 

furnished room. 

ATTENTION!— We RAy beet prices for 
aeoond-hand clothes, cold silver, plati- 

num, diamond*, jewelry, false teeth, rifss*. 
shotgun* musical instrument* tools el nay 

liptio*. trunks, bags, suite**** furni- 
ture, etc Basin*** strictly confidential. 
172 Johnson Street Phone 1717. 

"save tuui call Mir 


Olio w 

crate. Box XXX Colonist. 

, with 

board. In private family, suitable tor 

one or two gentlemen; close In; terms mod- 

HANDSOHBLY furnished sunny apart- 
ment suitable for elderly couplo or 

convalescent* In modern home. 
Yates Street. 

Apply 1JI2 

AA Cook. Quiet ant 
•**. Board ootlotai. 

Cook, latitat aad select, near 
Phoae III IX 


ROOM and board for business man, II 
minutes from .town, half block from 

ind board for buainc 
tram ,\ 
Phone IIMIt. 

M. D. 

McLaughlin buggy In good con- 

Monckton. R. 

Royal Oak. B.C Pkoae Colqulta 

~C*OR Sals — Six-hole Ideal stove, ogly been 
A In use four months: also dining table 
and carpet*. Phone &M9Y. 
- — * , , . 

fNOR Sale — Star well drilling machine No. 
A 34. tool* and about IM ft. l-ln, pipe. 

Phone Ml. 

XjV)R Sale— Opal ring (large Jewel). 

nlr New England Hotel. 


"EV>R Sale— aa ft at t-ft. chicken wire, 
A? new. It. Prion* ItllR. 

k\ wa nay 

far d i scarded atotklag 

special offer for mea's 

salts: aar prompt service and ready 

aaa* at year A to p aa* I skew a O* <v:«- 

kYa Selost Wardrobe Dealers). TM Fart 

Mil after 4 p.m.. TMR. 

A BUMPING) nrlao to what « * gay tar any 
kind of casi-o* clothing. Call anr- 
wkere any time. Pkoae Mil. 

WAMTKD--RI30M kU*l> s»*3aUU> IT 

T .iur student wan i» room aad board In 
AA return for light service* evening*. Box 
lift. Colonist. ■ ■ 

lYTANTED— By respectable working mart 
YY comfortable room and board with pri- 

vate famll 

Box HIT. Colonist 


at*te terms and particular* 

p*OR Sals— Child's white enamelled col 
A7 almost new. 144 Government Stroat. 


I At 

F*aF^swssr*Ml»4ni e*e**s**e»b*snajs*sy?»*sw*»- % 

ARTISTIC riaae Taalag Fheae SM1X. 
ar wriU to H. W. Hood MM Harrtol 
Read. AB work woaHlvely asgaraatsod 

A I-aDY wtu call aad_ bay ail year aigk- 

Paeee Mr*.**rieat 4ML 

BEST steel toad guards for 
toy A Kltekeo. letty, til ^ 


GET year saws Sled kg Gaa, Huffman, 
IkeM SUtor Bad aet tor. IM Johnson 
late *f No. 1 Yard Foundation Co. 

late of nq. I Tnid. Fowadatlon Co. 

I AAAK Lahknaaaer. kwSdor aad aaa 
I *«A alteratlews. repair*, leaky roots 


lag: anything large or email: estimates aad 
plans free.* Phone 1 Mtt, 


"CtOR Sale— A boat three million tost of good 
A mlllable timber, close to C. N. Ry.; lot 

18, Helmrken District: Short haul to rail- 
way. Jamee Roel, Duncan. 

FUMED oak mahogany dining-room suite 
and ether furniture and dishes, tail 
Harriot Band. Bamatfla. 

ton Road 

ALL classes of furniture, also clothing, 
stc. bought for cash. In large or small 
I* or will sell on commission. 
Auction sales held weekly; goods of all 

ad* solicited ^^ ' "" 

a»a— Pandora Street— Ml 

AT Absdovey, ill Michigan, housek 
rooms: furnace keat. hot water. 
IS60L. • 





HOtSKKEktPlNQ room's aad b td roomaT 
two blocks from Post Oslo* TM Mans* 

beldt Street. 

rTIO Rent— Unfurntoked rooms far 
A keeping; electric light, bath 

ni-ar two 

cara; rent* I moderate. Pbens 


TNOR Sale — Magoon at raw berry plaau. 
A? ply & Cunningham, aaaa harr 

Phone ItllY. 

TjlUMBD o*k Victor gramophone wltk II 
AT record* as good as new; only III. Island 
Backnnge (tke ktg store). TM Fon Street 

GENTLEMAN* fur llaed overcoat 
aa now. heavy beaver cloth, maekrat lin- 
ing, otter collar, stos 44. full lenstk. Price 
12a* Colonist Boa 11 tl. 

ORAMOFHONH rooord* aad Edlso* 
Amkerol. 4-mlnute record* oaek 
k. "Also for eato. tM Paadera. 

dealer, at Winnipeg and Calgary, to 
U _buy and ssll hrlgh-olass ladle*' goats 

BRUNSWpii HOTEL, its nlgkl a*d aHt 
ll.ta serkif ard up; boat toeattoa; ** 
tar. ret*. <end Douaias. Fkas* AtV 

Bad children's clothing, evening and 
dreeees: speclsl offers for gentlsmens 
clothe*. We pay spot cook to aay amount 
"I* 1 "*"" **»o,»*rtoUr Private. Mrs. Hunt 
will ca.l herself to any address, or call at 
111 Johnson Street, second noose up from 
Blaasbard. Phone 4411. 


C ^. 

steel mad guards far cycle* Plim- 
ler A Ritchie. Ltd. ail Flow Streot 

OOATBD Iron Waai 

waM^tott, gaTl- 
or painted ; stats gauge, length aad 
Iron, Bow III. Hoaaland. Re! "~* 

i r i *' ,, *P w '"** °°- <"-**** A Karassw 
JLr aaa Jokas m . cor. Stars St. Vic term 

flf tJSZXJmT .MSbinerT 4 Z$' i" 5 ^ 
eapgsles; iiagksot cash prices mild for'asaaX 
Slrtst st t sn U sn given ta all sewn try and 

Q BOOMS unfurnished, suitabls for hoape- 
O keeping: light, water and bath (hot «ad 
cold): lis. TM View St V^ 



JHTABLJB, furnished roam for 

r. Ft 

Pn one 4 MIR. 

VJ nesa man in private famll 
District: furnace Meat. 

C IOMFORTABLB bed-sitting room. 
, J In. suitable for gentleman. MT 



/^toMFOBTABLH furntoked 

. suitable 
for one or two gentlemen in a deeirakl* 
home: board If doaired; claaa to. rfcetoo 

* ■ ' ■■.■■i i 1 ,i a 

TTtOR Rent — Large room with- private knik- 
A7 room, suitable for kod-Mtllng room, Oak 
Bay. Phooe IM|L. 

FURNISHED liedreom to lei; totting rswta 
If roauired: phone. Itnht heat, stag* to 
town: Mt moauh: two rooms. Bss MSA C*U 






t.r t 

fk ' 





IfUxgi Bsat— I room*, all aaaSara, good «*»- 

J «ea. sis Mr ms ath. Pheaa mi. 

tee MM, 
k AS#ty 

OJ> Aaae,, OPirnawsbni in ^JT 
X modem seml-buagalow. 
sh* («MM.^tMt Hay 1 

»u -roomed fniiy 
open sre plana 

fwTBAce. T T3*«r r*Vf~at»<rRt OweeC. 

***> MViitat mitluif for Bngiaad. 
wBI rut am six months' lease tor 41*1. 
payable In advaac*. Will nil furniture aa 

S a Cs5Ttt« ,, a fc 5r SS "<.£ 

l td IUW). 

J- ROOM ED —it — and el* loU close to 
t Hillside cm-: rant 84. Apply 18*4 Bur- 

£" OmUid h the 
Weald MUM new. 

~\Td. 8— A bray ©ort C 

jMlrldfc QsBd. . . 

•elte A**. . 

4-BOOMBD How. ««n land. »l«. Ap- 
ply lit Onp p Un. end PongU s or. 

Q-BOOMBD hoaae i* 1st: McClary*s ran** 
O tor — J*. M Obod Avenue. 

5-BOOMBD bungAlow with larp eonaervs- 
tory. splendid -rounds, fine location. |m- 
ssedlate pssasssinn; rapt 431.14 par month. 
AAdrewa staalty. Phone ST38. 

TtJO. 4— A l»l»rard TeurtAg, that haa 
■a.' beea privately owsed sad Indleatas hav- 
ing wvd tha baat af care. Good buying at 

XI O. t — Dodge Roadster, « oar that paada 
•A." ta he seen, and wa leav* tha rest ta 

vfo. 4-^H^sunA as^esnher*. Perds. Mo 
Al Laushllna, Chevrolet*. Cola. Packard. 
MaamobTlea, in a good variety, and epeetally 
priced— every oar guaranteed for M day*. 

T34 Jab 


Phoae S13T 

Q-ROOM modern house. Pern wood t^mml 
O im. 
Q-ROOM modern bawda. Oah Bay: H« 



1.1 Un|on Bank 
WAWTaO* TO HKAT—MOtlbAai ^ls 

WANTED— To rant. 4 ar »-rocfmsd heuse;i 
•rill Jpafehsso furniture If necessary. 
MM HHK, ar write ar aall II HuUk 

\ji/ANTBD — rtva or six-room bungslow. 
■",* modern, furnished or upCurnlahad : 
«aJatr*L Phona S774Y. 
■ x .' ■ , ■ 

a i to l-momad hoaac, Jamca Bay preferred. 
, Phowp HUB. ■ 

n r«fardin« bungalow or 
weat end to be, vacated 
Adam 14. Field > Aparti. 

Phowa max 

' | l 99 . |1N W 

tor lufarmatloi 
ainall troua* In 


AUTOMOBILB aprlng apaclatlata. Auto 
aprlnga clan wad, new laa»ea put In: all. 
klnda of toola and fornlnga. Oanaral 
repalra. Try ua with your aprlng repairs. 
Corner Ruaaall Straat and BaqulmaB Rottd. 
Rea. phone MttR. 

T>1Q raducttoaa In uaad cara for thto week 
JDr only. Onwmooialng Monday, wo will 
•all any car In eur aalaarooaa far 14 par 
cos* off thaoa prtcan. 

CabilXAC T-poAaaagor; a u* oatj M 
Bna abApa. At .....|1,4M 

kOOOB laurlng. aaa af tha reliable kind. 

' praatlaally 


ahlppod prepaid. 

•too JMraat, Victoria, B.C. 
Phono 44 T 
•If yon got It at PUeaJaya ira nil rtgfct- 

VXTm carry a fntr atook of MM 
» » Bttlga: a alaa for arory cat. 

LOBT— A oMy 0M«no parAhlo to McMillan: 
rawwrd. Crown BdfcRy Co, 

LOBT— Irian torrior dog; reward 
paid. 4tJ Talaa Utroot. 

"BAAnlok Road. 


BC* BTBAM OTB WOBJCO-tko awffjpat 
•\J» dyoing oaA nhjantna naeka • an th» 
2*riA«A "^aiatry •rXZ^uZZT pUS 


frew. Prop. 

rapAlro* at 

i«haid Straat. 


cmjlokejtb ovmrncR 

•U imu 


1U RKNT- VUKNlt>UiiU> 


- te.r f- r»nm n rW ^ ■ w >^ " ■ '" ' ' < " ~ ~n~ ~i i ~ r*i 
wR Bah4^Puml»hed bungalow, furnace. 
17 garaga and chicken houaa.' flS per 
r.t» nth. Phone 414 8V. 

OR Rant — Purnlahed. amall houae. In- 
quira 1TTI Beach Itoad. Koul Bay. 

I bedrooma, 
APPly Box 144*. 

IURMIBHBO*. gloaa jn 
gAmjra. lit* a •ooatk. 
onlat. T 

TSURNJHHED houae. 6 hedrooma. near. Oak 
™ Bay Ave.. 9 acres of ground, orchard. 
9ft) p«y Month t teaae far not leaa 4han six 
^n tha. Bagahawe A Co. Phone SOM. 

.DIMM*. eVMtTt waeh your tia!r. Uaa 
TSnlfoan. :\Uf dry ehampaa ~ Aak you* 

^■4 MW ••••• a • e •••■•■••••••••••OOP a VaUsiVV 

TJR1BCOB Touring CAr. almost aaw. ?»M 

OVERLAND 14, thoroughly overhauled ; 
tunning Una lall 

"CIORD Track. ItlT. a good axpreaa or da- 
J? Ilvary. Ono of tha baat bare we have 

T>OADSTBRS and Light and Medium 
XV Weight Touring Cara. with crank atart- 
er in good eopdltton from fl!4 up to 4414 
TjtORD Cloead Panel Dc II v t ry : good order. 

M- I4l4ll«l4tlg»tl •••••'••••••••••••a * 4 9 • 

QNE-TON Delivery; a good ana .....*••• 


^TUDBBAKBR. ••DAAxngar »>»4 

gTUDBBAKBR 7paa*engor fL4Jfs 


Old Church Building 

Cor. Borden and Courtney Near P. O. 

■ ■ i ■ ii ii 

/XADILLAC, 1 cylinder, fio; Hup roAdater. 
>-> I ISO: Havers roadster. |800; motor 
cycle. »128; Pord. *-p«sscn K er. |M4; White 
Bteamer, 4144. 


f 0#rr--WAlorproof oodt on I 
T OBT— On Bomotds School ground. hoy*a 

LOST— On Cook Street, pair of gold 
4aotoa In coAo. P h daM SM4R4. 

I" OBT— SatunUy morning tlth. fur cu« 
JU. "Kollnaky. " Plnder ploaae Phone lilt 

LOST— A bunch of keys on Oct. 14. Finder 
T'loaaa Phone 4«UL 

fiMtLDRbMCS aad LaAlaaf Outgtta r gaa- 
V brook Young, uorner Brood and Jobh- 
eon. Phone 4T4o. ^^ 

PBY ta4XIWr»~WMOI.taiftliB? 


TV Beaton * Co.. Ltd^ wholeaaJa dry 

T mrAor. 

importera ajr^ " "maAufictorwraT - mina fwr- 
nlahlnp. tenia "Bfat Horn" brAnd ahlna. 
averalFs. Mall ordoro attended to. 



I" I I r^ ga^g.JBBBBBa'Bl 

■-»^r«-haW^^%,a*,s>A B -WSoBNm»» 

EatOK BJOtJklKOta 

I AA« _«tV*_U>A hkthWSt 

WPwn i 

•r CAB At 744 

SCCOXD.HAMD Clatkiag: gent'a haamooa 
a«lU haoarbt foe eo*b. It r»« want too 
Prioae. alwAyo omB hhaw m Co. Pbost* »4L 

A Hlbben-) 
Phono 14 it. 


OPPICK. til 
Dap and ai«ht> 

rOBT— AlredAle pup. 
' wtddlr. ft >o>atl ■ 

Phone 171 


1404 View Street 


Late model Ford ih excellent or- 
eagy terms arranged If desired. 

LOBT— On Rockland Ave., lady" a aael stole. 
Box 4444. Colonial. 

' ** ■ ■ 

LOBT— On Malahat east of Spectacle Lgka. 
wlrt^hnlred . terrier, white and black. 
Phone M71Y. 

T months, black 
and taew. nearly full 
grown, boat Rest haven. Gardner. All Bay, 
Kidney,. Reward. ■ 

LOBT— At C. P. R. wharr Sunday night, 
small hlack and white far. Plsaaa 
phono 41ML. 

SKATE8, hollow ground. At Wilson's Re- 
pair Shop. 4 1 J Cormorant. 



Mlsa Clegg] 

11 41 Pan- 

AP dora Ave. 


PHI VATS STATIONERY emboaeed In any 
design or color. The Colonist Printing 
Company. Limited. 


- YYFB^y RJTKB8 AND 8T Jl*»llSa 


A "MUh){ rejHAlo: rlbbona tor 
ebtaea. Uattod Typewriter Co.. 
tort Street. Victoria. PhoAo 4W1 


DBOWM. H.ILIN Port— Mavai. auiltAry. 
OlTvll aaa UAbW tABjar. Phono I4iL 

"VSTISRaN" TAILOR. Imperial 
V Building. 




Uooaoea l eaped by the Daoartment 


— m RENTED, bouxhc 
exchaagad. rebuilt, repaired. Soma 
'fed' maohinaa. Phono MM. T4t 



FARMERS — Wo bay any quantity of po- 
tatoes and venetablea. Wo supply 
atorea. .hotels. samps. restaurants and 

paon 1 ' 1*L** '"" **°*" 7U V,,w w^M! 

that wbereae la aa4 by 

of thai Mwaonrahlo Court la 

daieS the 44th day 

therein duly 

*^«<a*t7~tTtTe aa?totoragt a) 
ijL.^Jf'tf**! w ta *•*■ «• •"taia Timber 
J*>«*wjjssba4 ajrtha Department at Lands 

til .k**."* l3 **** *»^ «B or to aa undivided 

' her Leeeaikaa Npa 

i security for tha 

ntZZZ, r"!5 n ^ A8 " *•• ^eferred to the 
?•***•* MegtatrAr of this Honourable Court 

SJ?ii«*" d ,Bt » r ~t upon the footing of a 

actioa? * *** l *"" 1 0o "" •' <■'• 

ru»?i^> ^"S*. * 8 b>r l "« *••** of the said 
J""™' Regtatrsr dated the 

fi ii ■ " Ifwaw. ana w or 

14714, 14744 hat! 14741 as 
amount duo by tha DafeaAt 

fM aRBNCB Hotel. Yatee and 
V-» Ratas: Transients," 40c u»: 

OVERLAND Torpedo model I- 
aoater: a real good serviceable car. 

•X1RRA MoIMUGHLIN. laic modal, the 
■***»V V beat buy In town; terma Ar- 
ranged. ' i 



HAVERS "4" Roadster, here's A 

Winter, well furnished mod- 

4-room house, beautifully situated. 

Oak Bay. near oar II no. For 

♦at. Phono, 4147. evenings. 

LL- furnished house 

>polnttr» e 

of xi rooms • for 
reaA. verr-<-eatral location, suitable for 
etsr. Apply to /agent Arthur Llneham, 
Douglas. . Vhfno 444 ' 

9~ . "*,« -■ i ' I I M ,■',"! | -1 



AREPVL. responsible tenant wishes large, 
well famished house; close la Phase 

■J — 


(Mr. Junk Is) 

#41 View Street 

Phone 1114 

FIVE -Passenger Fcrd. lata .model, l-nas-' 
eanger Ford, t lies In first-class order, 
upholstery good and runs Ilka a now car; 
Pries ftoo. Apply 442 Princess Avenue, 
phAac Mix. 


$300 °Trf B f.^r J ra«g , ^ t ' r ' ^V* ^ 


%AK£\ CHALMBBB t-seater, all good 
WXW tires: 2 new ones. Only. 1444. 

$(^0 rORD ; anotlrer bargain. 5-seater; 
WW\r terma arransed If de«lr«rt 

11-40 up. 
Phono S4T4a 

A law 



hoasskssntag sttltsa. 

K ,NO 



1003 View Street 


Phone 173 



Runsbout, fine ardor; a 
DAndrtdgs. 74» Uroughton Street. 


fXTAMTBD— Small furnished house, 

bedrooms, no children. 




\\T ANTED — Furnished or unfurnished mod 
▼ ▼ era seven or eight-room house; closi 
Phone 4701O. 

■o oar. 

WANTED — Comfortably furnished house 
or bungalow of 4 or $ rooms; caVeful 
tenants;. .no children. Box -12Q6 Coldniatl 

Ml I* I . .. ■ . i ■ I ■!*■!« , ■ .. 

WANTED to rent, smail house, closs In, 
ar aaar to a oarilaa. Would be win- 
ing to purchase tha furniture, etc., ft price 
a rea sonable. ' Box. lilt. Colonist. 

*Asn»a»a»»w»«a^ , . ■ ■■ . , , . ■n. .-_ 




Y7ILEH1MM u lent, and Naw Zealand Rab-- 

htaatah. visitor a welcome. Mail address. 
Bos Ut»< VlCff.ria. B.C. t^ocai Information 
at 414 Johasva Street. 

A PEW Strang Mvss of boss for sale. Ap-. 
*X p|y W. J Savory. 1107 Broad 81. 

A QUANTITY of flne pallets. Also yesr- 
Hnif hens for sale. Sea view -Poultry 
r-arm. 41» Dallaa Road. 'Victoria. 

BEST prkyas pats) lor poultry. Soavlsw 
Poultry Farm. 411 'Dallas Road. 
Phone 4011L 

~ — : -* ■ ■' — ; — n — 

Tj^OR Bala— Two saws and ons boar, all la 
A good condition. Mrs. J. French. 1411 
haanlch Road. 

IiVJlt SAI«— 4-pasesag«r Chevtotot. latest 
in -.del. cleculv etarter ana .very thing. 
Ill xoperler St. 

■ _ ' »'■■ I I II ■ • ■ ■ 

17V>R Sale — 4-cylrnder .Cadillac, good con- 

A d It Ion. What offers? Phone 4474. 



SAie — Excelsior 

1I1S modal. fully 

TJIOR Purtlture movrng, crating sad shlp- 
X- ulng. try Hudson Bros. Ws guaraatee 
sa till actios. ' Kionj' Hit. 

one-ton truck. Phone 

TjfOR i 


FOR Sale — Ford 1-pansengsr. a fins car for 
>teo. Cameron. Ill Superior St. be- 

hind Psrllsment Bldga. 

XfOR Sale— Berkshire sow, will farrow 
-A- eaA Nevember; large litter expected. 
carrtngton, East oooka^u 

BWR Bale — I thoroughbred Rhode Island 
I- Red pullets. 7 months. Il5. Phone 1441R 

".""Tt' r • "*" — ; ■ 

FOR Hale— Jersey cow, quiet, easy milker, 
talking »H gallons, phone 44HR. 

J7K>R Hale 
A? months: 

17»OR 8s 
r for I 

Chrempr-Alrtrtali; bltcn. tea 
would exchange ..for dog .of 
Phone Bl».t. 

aissller brood. Phono SOI 

isle— ii White leghorn pullets, ready 
laying, each, or tbo lot for 
1*4. 1141 Qe arge Street. . ■ ■ ■ 

"fJ»OR Hole — Two fine young Ancona cocker- 
A els, Pallor strain.-, six months old; the 
two for 11.50. 110 Michigan Htreet. 



FOR SaWrSJx -CollU 
workers; pries 4» ■ » 


pups: rrbrh 
each. Apply 
Rocky Point P.O.. B.C. 

Bale — Boston terrier 
411 Dunedln Street. 

pupa. Apply 

R Bale — S flne Jersey heifers; 
.^us'f- W. J. Quick. Rbysl Oak. 

all in 

T2WR ssi 
X* -jiid. < 


i— English setter bitch, 7 months 
Colonist Box 1111. 

D singing canaries lilt Blanshgrd. 

IE-bred Jersey cow, 4 years: to freshen 
ll#rt,>r A_J2 00: Jo«*«r Holsteln cow. S 
i 1° fr J5 h,,n An . r ". »tt». Those csws 
lch milkers, quiet. «nd are bold, only 
owner Is leaving. Madrons Farm. 
Head. R.M.D. trvlctorla?^^ " 

lUrBraad Streeu 


tra auallty wallsu: Reeks, White 
" l^Sborag, aa gala tu- 
ft* Po Laval .Separator. Beat by test. 


ITtORD Taurine.- mi 
a? aorbors. weather strips on doors. 
vs.ely owasd, Just overhsuled, . perfect 
condition, »C00. Phone SS1SX far ap- 

IrtOR Sale— «-pasaeager Ford, till moAeZ 
! haa seat covers, electrlo lights, good 
tuas. Owner going to California. Ws lake 
rare In trade. Apply «t Csmsrsa Aatoe, 
S31 Superior Straat. 

-7 — ; ! — — - 

Phone 1177 727 Johnson Street 


Let us show you these good buys: 

HUPMOB1LE, till, nearly new, IZ.vSO. 
Overlsnd Roadster, im, »' great snap. 
11.100. Chevrolet. Ill* a good buy. »b"i5. 
Overland, In good running order. IISO. Our 
listtery service Is Class A-l. ', Ueaulne Ford 
parts always la stock. 


HUDSON super-six 7-passenger. lilt 
Chalmers. «-cy Under. 7-uasaengsr.. a 
splendid rent car; l^paasenger Modal 44. 
Overland. Marlon Bull«i lull Cadillac I- 
paaaenger. and 1411 PoraV l-passsnger. like 
uew, Price 1440. N. 

Ill Superior St. Behind ParlUmsbt Bldgsv 

Yates Street. Phone HIS. . Agents for 
Simons' Pastes. Contracts by tha week, 
month or year. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
Tha original Slmonlslnx station of Victoria. 
W. H. HUOHB8. Prop. 
Res. Phone IS4SL 
We sell osrs on commission. 

IP you have a oaf end need cash (not 
talk) see Cs merort. Hi Supe rior St. 

MCLAUGHLIN ear, privately - owned - and 
well cared for, recently had nsw piston 
rings snd crown gesr overhauled, four good 
Urea with one spare; four spare tubes, al- 
most new top. Can he demonstrated any sppolnfment; »»oo. Box Zll| Col- 


MCLAUGHLIN Light Six, 1111 model; la 
splendid c ondition. Pr ice. 11.144. 

MCLAUGHLIN M-4%. 1414 model. Is SrM. 
class order. . all good Ursa 

METCHOSIN, round trip ........ ..j.SS,as 

MAANICH PENINSULA, round trip .14 44 

i •mhopiixg. ^r boi? .".:::::;::::::ft{J 

I46S View Street Pboao ITS 

•NIC FORD t-psssengsr; nsw tires, recent 

phop. nSg** <M Tor,Bt0 8tr "* t - 

<•» «««w>^» A » Bia BAROAIN 
f> GOODYEAR motorcycle casings. new, 
** 14x3. at 410 each. Rennle'a Oarage. Cook 
Street. Also 2 Ford bodies cheap. ^ ^ 

PER CENT leas gas. more pep. mere 
*wer. DAM. Ampllfler. 
Sealer. ■ 


Phoao ST7I DAY OR NIGHT I'troae 4774 


Accommodation good. Rates reasonable. 

Mpst centrally situated hotel la Victoria 

S. W. HCR»T. Proprietor. 

NESBITT HOTEL — 1120 Broad Straat, 
newly renovated and opened under new 
management J. Nesbitt, Prop. Moderate 
rates ■ 

rpHE DUN8MUTR. Fort Street. Light, 
A Bright sad Clean. Transients. 7So up. 

VE SigR?™"' H ot •■• ^ d ™ m 

1 .. 

plOX A DOUGAU speclallau In elevator 
»y and motor repairing, switchboard eras. 
Una. private Installations. Motors and. 
dynamos re-wound and guaranteed. Esti- 
mates given. Stohart-Pesss Building. Yatee 
Street. Phones 4 Ml. S741R and I414R. 


FOR steaell snd seal engraving; general 
engraver and stencil cutter. George 
Crowther. Ill Wharf Mtroet. behind Past 



DRAYMAN — Joseph Heaney. 0000 At 
1104 Wharf BtroeL Phone. 1IL 


EMPLOYMENT Agency— L. N. Wing- Ob. 
Chinese employment ssency. Phono 


T.ITTLB * TAYLOR. 41T Fori St. Expert 
X^^atchmakera. jewelers and opticians 

1X7HITE. M., watchmaksr aad manufac- 

IJL ,U ^S* j yjfife Engraving neatly 
dons. All work positively suaranteed. En- 
trance Hlbben -Bono Building. . phone alt. 






FURNITURE Crating snd shipping en- 
trusted to us receives the beat possible 
st ten Hon and care. Hudson Bros. Phono 
fall, mi Ystss Street. 

FURNITURE moving made essy by em- 
Moylng Hudson Bros. Phone HIS. 

JEEVES BROA. .motor snd horse vane Cor 
moving; storage, shipping sad packing. 
Phones mx and 414. Office: 1001 Govern- 
ment Street. 

MOV A your furniture by motor or team; 
-' aulc^_ and reliable service. 

to J. 


VICTORIA'S Newest aad Mast Up-to-Dste 

Hlsh-Clses Berrioe. 

Willia ms Phone 17 4, 



TTTOOD will, worry won't— Keep your Are 
burning this Winter. Get your supply 
In now by phoning 1SSIL Johnson Bros. 

AriCK CHONO LUNG— Dealers la cord- 
wood, blocks aad split wood. Wood 
csrried In. 7»c extrs. Ottlce. 614 Flsssrd 
Street. Phones lis: sad 1114. We deliver 
to all parts of city. 


purauaDt to tha aaJd ludanfeasnt* 

•uI'LJ^JT ,r i ^t, •• *' tsVaVld judimsnt I 

SlT,i»^L ■ f 1 - th * i? Mt of n oo'ock in the 
forenoon at my ofllco st ths Court Houae. 
v *"«»uver. B.C.. offer for sals and sell at 
P K"'Jw * u f l l m to th » hlchrst bidder for cash 
?iL.-. r i* ht l L u " _i nd »J"»rait of the De- 
fendant Henry Srsrff snd sny snd all per- 
sons claiming through or under him. In and 
to the following Timber Licences. Issued by 
the Department of Lends. British Colum- 

"•*• n ? m ?J r N< * * ,T *»- l «*». «««4. snd 

an undivided two-thirds Interest In snd to 
Tljnher Licences No. 14741. 14744 snd 10745. 

The esld Timber Licences will be sold sub- 
ject to all licence fees, forest protection 
dues snd other chsrgee due or owing st ths 
?ats of sale to the Department of Lands of 
the Province, of British Columbia In respect 
to the said Timber Licences or any st 
t nera ; 

The purchaser at ths ssld sals upon pay 
m,D A S* . *■• ' uU nurebass price, shall ha 
entitled to an assignment of the eatd Tim- 
ber Licences Not. 41744. 1S4S4 snd 11441. 
sad 6f the two-thirds Interest In ths said 
14744?* Licences Nos. 1074S. 10,44 snd 

Intending bidders may apply to Messrs. 
Dsvls B Co.. 434 Pender Street West. Van- 
couver. R.C.. Solicitors for the Plaintiff, or 
to Messrs. Elliott. MarLsan A 8hsndlsy. 8o- 
llcltora for tire Defendant. Victoria, B.C • 
for information respecting the conditions of 
ttlon. etc. of ths Timber 

sale snd the looatK 
Licences to he sold. 

Dated at Vancouver, 
of October. 1114. 

District Registrar. 

B.C.. this Sad dap 

Phono ISIS 

413 Yatas Street 


anx sARDa' a nd ^ poo l t» 

BEST steel mud guards for cyciss. Piua- 
lOT A Ritchie. Ltd.. Ill View Street. 


your Meads st ths CLARJBNCB 

L ROOM. Doaglss and Yatas. In 

the Basement. NICK RAPTIR Proprietor 

rpHE worklngmsn'a club; best lighted aad 
■*• ventilated rooms In ths city; Brunswlck- 
Bslke snd Bafratigha and Watta tsbles 

Boats or Trains met b 
Phone 4774 P. R. P1K 

*— B 4RS | — * ... 

T.liKE— Big nsw Wiataa six. 7. 
i-A fl par hour. Phsae 10144. B 

y appointment 
E Phone 4774 

Phoae 11144, Bsirs'urus 
Wee (i»Y. T. J. Cass. 

K-PA8SENQER Chevrolet for hire, any 
ir. "ThonTTllsX? ?»* W ' ^UMtsr, 



-LO ■ locks, rudder, 


Dory -shaped aklff, 
etc. ; snap. 


MS; phona 



ARB you Interested In gold 7 
ssnd you Information on what 

ch^LdeA AAii MOAoHCyciiEH t> 

A GOOD bicycle rldsr apprecutee a goad 
bloycls on which to ride. That Is the 
reason so many discriminating cyclists 
acieet a H assay Sliver Ribbon. Csll And 

"•tchfe'ltl* * tl VtoW " r ^ t - *"-*> * 

BEST steel mud guard, for cycles. Pllm- 
ley s> KlUihis. Ltd.. Ill View Strsec 


EVBRBADY" Bash lamps and bstteriea. 
1114 models just received, reasonably 
Priced. Now Is the time to set your tires 
Used BEFORE th e rainy ssasoa. ^^ 

ssj .S°5 r . R,BB ' Vbm Bleyalb SpsjelAiist 
*?.***?• *«**• _ Naxt Princes* Tbsstre 

Doa't forget Pride of the lalsad Dance. 
Prldsv. November 7th 

TI'OBD, lets model, slip covers, shook ab- 
pORD, ISIS modal, cheap at use. 

H. A. D A VI B 
447 Ystss Street ... 

POR Sale— Cheap, 3 -speed twin Indian, la 
A first-class condition, ready for the road: 
presto, rear tandem, new tires snd chains. 
For this week only. Apply 464 Johnson 


I > * .1 - ■ 




•year-okl Hackney-bred mare. 1100 lbs., 

sll-rwund mover, prise winner: quiet 

and drive; sound; good at all work: 

aaa handle hart cheap,, mi. or ex- 

»*,Jg* :$***i Hf'i! - « r enrry pullets. 

"Tha . Maples." R.M.D.. Duacan. 

g*4ttt sappusd. S sects gallon. P. L 
1 Producers AAWA. SSI North Park 

V/ spot cash. 
I'hon. Ulm% 

cars, la any condition, bought far 
r. Junkie, 441 ' 

View M4. 


jlTOTOR ; CycIe for aale. English 

tilted with bulb horn, lamp aad Presto 
tank, also speedometer* tires practically 
nsw. This machine Is fitted with a two-speed 
ffesr and is a splendid machine for a sida- 

TJsSTO* rings tar avary ear ar msnae an. 

fj^~jJk*T8u mmt H r*ft4*arki5 

Am Fort, electric self-sterter, generat<» 
V* ami two ranges of electric lights; now 
Wlllard bauery, demountable rims, spare 
rims and tire; new tires; Tlmktn bearings 
on front wheels. A snap. 

ONE 1114 Overland, electric lights and 
starter, guaranteed In flrst-clsss condi- 

snd ons tirade. 
Cwiaatta, tin. 


IfTH Laghorn pullets from record, lay- 
*'** eockerela. Waterhous*. 2>7S 

Courtney Straat Phoae 134 S 

A* drive yourself. SI per hour; special rates 
for any long trips; cars aad) motorcycles 
bought and -old: repairs: Ford serrice sta- 
tion. You better see 

1717 Cook Street 

Can wo 

lleve to b« tbo Richest . Alaska Gold Plscer 
Property la the world 7 One dredge la 
Alaska hss taken out mors than two hun- 
dred millions of dojlars In gold. Would you 
like to ahsrs in such prollts? For further 
particulars address: . C. p. Porter A Com- 
pany" Brokers, L. C. Smith Building, 
Bsattie. Wash. 

COAL sad Wood On s of the most pro- 
gressive snd profitable undertuklngs on 
ths PsclSc Casst; hss valuable coal Agency 
In connection with which a substsntial snd 
fsat developing cash trade Is being tran- 
sacted. An unrivalled connection in tha 
cord wood trade, with ample resources of 
Umber both standing gad fellou and cat, 
ready 'for shipment; centrally located, city 
depot directing the whole operations of this 
big business; equipment Includes nsw, up- 
to-date motor trucks, horses, rigs; etc. HI* 
hedlth causes owner to sacrifice this un- 
dertaking, which Is producing good profits, 
snd la teeming with possibilities for do* 
velopment. Audited accounts oaa be pro- 
duced. Not ons dollar is asked for good- 
will. Price 110,000; half cash. 

111 Union Bank Building 
' Phone 4»«0. 

" * ' —^ ■saaaa a— ^e— ■ i i ■ - ■ —»^»- —— ^-s— i i ■— ^— , , „ 

COMPLETE wood business far sals, s go* 
Ing concern, including delivery truck. 
Phone 641IL. 

aaa— m w i iis ia i ■— — ■■— —■osmsi^m.mim^.m— ^„ W , M—M . a 

Y7»NGL1SH Carbide Lamag from SATS, OU 
EJ Lamps from 41.40. ths NEW Delta Elec- 
tric Lamps, complete. 44.74; Carbide sad OU 
of hlsheet aaaUts. 

EXPBRIBNCBD. partner wanted to go 
trapping up North; advertiser hss good 
gasoline 'launch. Apply Box 1141 Co lonist. 

men In this company desiring further 
capital kindly communicate ■ dress to Box 
1711. Colonist. ^ 

Opportunity to purchsss furnished sport- 

msnt block, ss a going concern. 
TTtOR Ssls — Largs revenue producing far* 
Ml alshsd apartment block, nicely sit- 

uated; tsxes low. Pries shout half 
wtrst it would cost to build today. 
' Ap«ly Owners. Box 444. Colonist. 

POSTER, FRED — 1314 Government Street. 
Phone 1417. Alterations snd repairs 


B{*i FUNERAL CO. (Hayward's. Ltd) 
• v^. — Funeral directors and embslmers 
Chapel and privets psrlsrs; motor or horse 
equipment. Alwsys opsn. Phono MIA 
734 Broughton Street. 


GENERAL gardening, pruning, spraying. 
Fred Bennett, Strawberry Vals P. O. 
Phone Colqults 1IL. 


ZINC snd Copper Illustrations of every 
'description st Ths Colonist Photo-En- 
gravlng Deparyment. ■ . 


"The Pioneer Firm" 

We don't advertise our work. 
Our work advertises Itself. 


W. H. HUQHFA Proprietor. 


OXY Aoetyleae Welding — Cast Iron, brass, 
steel snd aluminum welding. H. Ed- 
warde. 414 Courtney. Phone 4 144. 



All owners of property aha wen not as- 
sessed previous ta the 1st July. ISIS, sod 
sll non-property owners, whether male or 
female, whq desire to oaalify as voters aa 
••Householders" or "Liceucees" st tha muni- 
cipal election to be held la Jaauary. Ifig, 
msy obtain the neoesssry forms for that 
purpose at the sflVce of ths City Assessor 

that behalf. 

Declarations U»ust _ 
del signed wilhliftwa - 

hat no such declaration will bo accepted 
aalaas dsllvered before S a'claak SUA. 
the last day of October. ISIS. 

NOTE — A property owner whose 
property, the title to which has been 
tared since July 1st of tha present 


countanta. Asslgni 

Central Building. Victoria. B.C 

* CO. — Chartered Ao- 

ees, etc., 411 pad 413 

Phoae till. 


• only 
1 regjs. 


- la have 
lAsf for the year 

ttlon . re* 
■ does not 
I apply to those aasssaed owners - 
arhi ~ 


not qualified wader the present Act to have 
j Voters' List for the year 

unless he tskes Us declaration re* 

hams oa ths Voter 



aXL chiropody. 

dr easing, manicuring. 

ward Bldg. 

Approved Besuty Shop; 
electrolysis, facials hair- 
Phone 3477. SIT Say* 




daks and Cameras to the Kodak Hoa* 
pltal and have them put in working order 
for the Summer holidays. Maynard's. T1S 
Pandora Avenue. Phone 4338. 


sanitary way. 

1018-17 North Park. L 
D. ; McLean. ■ Expert laundsrsrs. Telephone 


CHIROPODIST— L E. Jones, 311 Central 
Block. Phoae 3SS3: res, phone USSR. 

MARINELLO Approved 8hop, Coupe snd 
Iiogsa (M.C.8.). chiropodists snd cos- 
metlclsns Phono 2477. 417 as v ward Bldg. 

bis I 

apply to those assessed owners of property 
7S M L\.V*** riT w ** h««uJratl prior to j sly 

let. 1P1I. 

Definition of 

A British subtect. mala or female, of tha 
full age of twenty-one years, resident of 
the City of Vlctorls .Inc. the let jlnu.ry 
1111. snd who hss NM to the City sli 
ratas. or a aa ns ments, which sre sat 
chargeable on land snd which ratas. Uxes 
ar assessments amount to not las thsn 
41.04 for ths current year, exclusive et 
wstsr rates and. licence fees for dogs. 

Clerk of Municipal Council 
Cite Hsll. Victoria. B-cToctsber S. 1S1S. 


LITHOGRAPHING — Lithographing, an* 
graving snd embossing. Nothing ton 
large and nothing too small: your station- 
ery is your, advance agent; our work la 
unequalled weat of 'Toronto. The Colonist 
Printing and Publishing Co.. L td. 


LUMBER, windows, doors. Interior finish, 
sto. City or country orders receive 
careful attention, e. W. Wblttington Lum- 
bar Co.. Ltd.. Bridge snd Hillside. Phone 


LAWN Mowers collected, sharpened and 
delivered. We also put on n«w rub- 
bers to your worn-out washing machine. 
417 Fort Street. 


L> sny 

for farm snd garden, delivered In 
any quantity. Rosebsnk Lime Co. 
Analysis SI.7. Phone Belmont IX P.O. 
Box 1184. 

car. Box 3204 Colonist. 


1 - 



motorcycles: fall line of supplies and re? 
pair parts fer all. makes of motorcycle*. 
Prices reasonable. 114 Yatas Street, ^y. 

Victoria sgsnts 

for Exc 

TJELIABLB repairs 

Johnson Street. 


year friends.. 
Works. Sad 

SEVERAL sasps at Ronnie's, 
cycles, Indians from |S4 ap: 


Repairs— have Beanie do them. HO 
Basks ydu happy. 1717 Cook. Phoae 

WANTED— Small furnished br 'partly 
furnished house, near town, for fam- 
ily of throe; adults only; careful tenants, 
1417 Victor Street. Pornwood. • 

ftTOO CAHH b «" oat stock of smsll store, 
VSVV premises with suitable living quar- 
tsrg adjoining can be retained st rcntsl of 
114 per month: store situated in good dis- 
trict with esrllne conveniently nesr; wide 
approach from street with store front ex- 
tending Ha whole width gives prominence 
snd sdded value. ~T~7~ 

COUNTRY store, estsbllahed business, la 
A- 1 locality, postofflce In connection; 
good living quarters on premises. 82.004 
csS m^ 

TATtKhave client who owns 144 acres tlm- 
"j.** jj»*« with mill site, equipped for 
rutting rough lumber or ties, would be 
glad to meet responsible man who would 
look Into thin propoaition with a view to 
Investment. Short haul from mill to 
waterfront; can close contract for |l,8oo for 

J$L7&J^& J>awnr - A -»— Bwa> 


. "U B - C. Permanent Bldg. 

Douglas Street Teisphons 2133 


CONSTRUCTION snd repair work oa ma- 
chinery of alj descriptions; castings 
and boiler work to order; engineering 
hardware and supplies, wood pulleys, pips* 
fittings, etc. Eatlinatea given free and all 
work promptly executed. Marine Iron 
Works, SIS Pembroke Street, phone 481. 


SHAW BROS*, commercial photographers, 
■04' Government Street (upstairs). 
' ■ > 8 i ■ ■. 1 ■ 

THE Arturs Studio — General photographic 
artists: next Merchants' Bank. Yates. 


MRA LARSBN — Massage, manicuring and 
... chiropody; expert attendant. Phona 
1737. 414 Ssywsrd Bldg. 


KBLLEY A KBLLEY— Phones 4144 aa? 
4444R. Office. 103-8 Ssywsrd Blk. 


DR. WILLIAMS' English Cough Curs; 
quick relief from chronic cousba. 40 o. 
Fawcett'a Drug .Store. Phone ISA . 


DR. LEWIS HALL— Jswsll Blaak. 
Tstes and Douglas Streets. 

■ ' POOT b^l^lALlST . 

tOABPHB MADAM, foot apscisllst. Coras 
pernianently cured. Consultstlons free. 
Rooms 447-444 Campbell Building. Phone 


Corporation of tha Township of 


The Voters' List for ths forthcoming Mu- 
nicipal Election Is now being prepsred. 
Householders sad Licensee holders Who wish 

10 havs their names placed on the Voters' 
.1st must before 4 p.m. on the test dsv of 
Octob.r file with the Clerk or Assessor a 
Statutory Declaration sa prescribed i.y tbe 
Act. No declaration will be accepted un- 
less dsllvered within two days after It is 

Corporations — Corporations whose names 
are on tbe Voters' List can only vots by a 
uU i J . ..• rU 5 d h** 1 " whose authority If 

Clerk before ths Slth November: such 
sgent shot I be a resident in tha Province 
and ^a British subject of the f aU ass of 

UM^nS t BAll ,0rmm "*" ^ °* toto# *. ■*' **• 

O. H. PULLBN. Clerk, : 
Octo ber 31st . lll>. -•-«. 


tO massage, radiant boat treat- 
ment for rheumatic and nerve at Im ante, 
etc/ Miss Ellison (fully osrtlflosted snd eg* 
perjenoed)., assisted by hsr brother. Lsdlee. 
jreiititmen and children treated. 404-4 
CiBnphell Bids. PhbJC »>3T. ,. ■ 


J. P. Temple to.i. B.C.L.S. J. p. CsmpbelL 
— _ B.C.L.S. 

Ernest J. Down. Sec-Tress 
A. W. MoVltUs. Dom. snd B.C.L.R 

• ' „ O. A. Smith. BC.L.A 

Established over 10 years, 
Land Surveyors. Engineers. Timber Cruisers 

and Brokers. 
Chancery Chambers -1318 Langlev Street. 
.■ Phone 1414. 


PASSPORT8 prepared; forms supplied. 
Lloyd-Young, notary public. 1011 Broad 
Straat. Phones 4181 snd 1843L. 

30IS Hsrrlet Rosd 
Phone S447X 
Testimonials produced on 



ABHTON'S. I LI M IT BU — Opposite V.M.D. 
Plumbing, heating snd sheet Iron work. 
Victoria phoae 4741. Oak Bay phone Ills. 



DR. J. DUNLAP. Physician and Surgeon. 
Women's diseases. Suite 317 Walker 



Phsae 1SS4 

137 Port. Street 




SXARB far hire. 



TLflTCHBLL O. T.. 411-11 
Smer'Msssty-H^rri, masfflr,. 

JH. SLEDOE— Plumbing, heating. ISIS 
» Oak Bay Avenue . Phone 1344. — 

RJ. NOTT CO., LIMITED, Plumbing and 
• Heeling. 473 Ystes St. Phono 3847. 
Phone 414. 

SHERBT. ANDREW— 1114 Blanshsrd BU 
Plumbing snd heating. Large stock. 

Bldg.. Second snd University. Sesttle. Wa ste. 


specialise In scalp diseases. Yelling 
hair, face massaging sad hair work. 
Plump A.PhUp. Sll Campbell Bldg. Phona 
*""■ ■ ' ' .' " j 1 


PRIVATB Matsrnlty Hospital, 1831 Sun- 
set Avenue, Bea ttle, Wash. 


VETERINARIAN — Csoins Hospltsi. osf- 
nor Cook and Pander A Phonef 31.12 n. 

Tha Corporation of tha 
Oak Bey 

District of 

Form P .. ■ > . . . /- 


Notice of Application 

Allrlght Mineral . malm, altuate In 
Nanalmo^MInlng Division of Ssywsrd Die- 
Where loeeted— At Granite Bay . B. ('., 
sbotit an miles rrorft ttaewster. snd Join* 
ing onto the Lueky Jim on the southeast), 
side. * 

Lawful holder— 'William Stramberg. 
Number of the holder's Free Miner's Cars 
1 1 Meats— n«7IpC. ,-. 

• Take notice. tNst l.Wlillsm Ptrsmbergu- 
FtuS Miners CertlflSate No. 1871SC, Intend", 
at tbo end of sixty days from the daiy 
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder 
for a certificate of improvement!' for the 
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of th* 
above claim. 

' And further take notice that s 
andsr Section 84 of the Mineral Act, 
be commenced before the issuance of 
certificate of lrc.orovem.-nts. 
•Dated this Eighteenth dsy of September, 
1419. (1 



ct. mugf 
of such(, 





B* 1 *^ "* - "* 11 olassas of .work 4maa7 
Wller sstuaas and all clssses at far* 
5£*» »*»*• Daro_Bnnsatt. 1341 Oeesr 




end repairs; 

flARP»rrXT — AReraUoas 

XJS& dag^^^^g^^, T. 

Colbert Plumbing a Heating Co., 
I., ranltsry snd besting engineers. 
744 Broughton Street. Established 
Phoae SS3, Incorporated llll. 


PATENTS, trade msrks, designs, copy- 
rlnhts. Festhsrstenhsugh d Co.. tba old 
ostabllahed Arm of patent attorneys. Offices - 
lilt Rogers Building. Vanooavar. B C. 

PATENTS — Rowland BrltUln. registered 
attorney; patents la all countries. Fslr- 
fleld Building. 448 Granvlllo St.. Vancouver 


TX7HY send your printing orders Baat when 
v Y you can get them done batter, quicker 
sod st the same price At Tha Colonist Prlat- 
lag Department 7' 


JALLBN. Plasterer — Estimates grvaa am 
• Plata aad ornsmoatal plastering, oe- 

T%i} «.""??• J5** trtmm - mta - P«mao 48M. 
llll Resch Drive. 


All owners of property who were not aa* 
sessed previous to the 1st July. llll. aad all 
non-property owners, whether msls or fe- 
«» |p< who . oeslre to ausllfv as raters ss 

Householders" or "Licensees" st the Muni- 
cipal Election to be held In January, lit*. 
may obtain ths necessary forms for .that 
purpose at the office of the Municipal Clark. 
Municipal Hall, who la authorised to take 
th.- necessary declarations In that behalf. 

Declarations must be delivered to the un- 
dersigned within two dsys after being made, 
but no each declaration will be accepted 
unless delivered before Sve o'clock p.m. oa 
the list day of October, llll. 

NOTE— A property owner whose only 
Property, the title to which hs, been regis- 
tered since July 1 of ths present year, is 
not ouaiified andsr ths present Act to have 
hie name oa the Voters' List tor the year 
1124. unless he tskes ths declsratlon re* 
ferred to above This, however, does not 
apply ta those anssssril owners* of Drop- 
erty. whose 
July 1. lrt t 


A British subtect. raalo or female, of the 
rail age of twenty-ewe years, resident la tba 
Municipality from tha let dey of Jsnuary. 
llll. snd who hss psld to the Msnlclpstity 
all ratas me asseasmsnts wh|eh are sot 
chargeable on land and which rates, tassa 
*£ sss s aa m sats amount ta not less thsa 
IS.** for the current year, exclusive of wster 
rates snd licence feas for 

a W. BOBS. 
81. IMS. 



Both General and 
Local Improvement 


November 29 


Otherwise a Penalty of 

15% . 

will be added thereto on the -30th 
November, 1919. 

Bills for 1919 General Taxes 
are now being sent out daily. 

Any person requiring informa- 
fion regarding taxes please com- 
municate wrih the undersigned. 

EDWIN C. SsvflTH. 

Collector of the Corporation of 
the aty of Wdorli, B.C 

Oty Hall, Victoria, B.C, 29th 
October. 1919. 





isaVi led* 

set mm 

4»1* 4*4* «»l* ttl« 
41) 4*4 41* 4t« 
346 44T 364 
t 4*4 41U 44)4 411 


Tte; 2 teed. 

e a a a a* * * * 

l C.R\. Ste; 1 
Il««; track. 41%»c. 

C.W.. tl.4«». 4 C.W„ 
tl.44; rejected. tl.t4: track., $1.44. 

N.W.O, 14.31 U; * C.W.. 
tltTH: A C.W.. t4.41)|; condemned. 
*3.46*; track. |4.*d. 
R/e— 1 C.W.. S134. 

■ ' "I 



n mat hah 

Lucky Jim Group in Salmon 
River Section Havo Sean Ac- 
quired by Mr.*, a Korilik^ 

and Associates 




5 rii 

.. 44.44 

• * • * a * * - I * 

gjaeaeeeeaee .If 

* • a a ■ g • • a • * a a a * O l| 

%,{»! * • * • a a a4 a a a e a a 

ea a « 4) a a O a S.O a B • — ** 
yaee*e4e»44e4)a * * 
• * • a 4e»eSeeea 
* • »»»... « e a. a a 4 • * 

Parte* Mk.> 
3*. Art* 












eoatrol of a group of claims In 

ioa River Motion. IgaalPS an 

River. Vaaeeam? Inland. 

Doaalot Of tko Lucky Jtnft 

tackr jml*. and Adgikwia. *• an of 

which satWfat-tory eopper. gait and 
silver values have boon found. De- 
velopment work has eo tut aeon eon- 
flood to tho Lucky Jim claim, hot dif- 
ncultlee of tranaponath 
hock development work. 

Mr. Kerruish. who has boon Inter 

Vokioa Island, woo hi Victoria re- 
costly and look up wtth the Provin- 
cial Department of Minoa the gues- 
I ion of tho opening up of a troll alone 
tho Adaraa River from Salmon River 
to the chUms. Under the 



*5* \sr--#£ 

W^^ OW •^ekeF^ 






(ruraleaed by Burdkk Brea. * Br*tt. l.ld.) 
*ke— Hleh. u>w. oioee. 

HoldtD IIS* 113% UJtt 

ilea l*e* sin 41 u* 

Deeertmeat of 
k MB Meat*. Datlee te 
let. 1414. 

Betamed NMkn'ewt fereteu.e east*. 

AeeUceUoe Iwoa tear be »UtlM4 frew 
A* u4mI«m4 er Bom any Govern 

Vleteeta. B.C. 


Cor .... 144 

..... 41 


e *** » o 33 
n.Mtt 13 a 

U.-.V*' ftW 44% 44 

J***** ♦ 144 l.TH 141 

•V ,*•* 

«MCo»|M7..: 444 

tea Prod. i«<<4 




t T Uh 

tr. a. lad. AJeehet 

v. a. Kehoer .. 

V. B. BtaeL com 

««. »r«. .. 

Wetttoa Volea 
'a Overload 

t«H* U\ 




M.H 141% 


113% ltt% 

14% 41% 

1Mb ier 

144% i« 

14t% 1M 

114% 111 

Si it 




144% 141 

.»* 41 

ttto 331 

344 • 344 

St tt 

141% 1.1% 


S»2er1ruVro4V:: 4. 44% \l 

4©. Bid. 4t% .1% »«1 

c*a B.B.. oeav T4% Tl% T4] 

da tjfd. 

txtrolt Vnlt»d 
Box 1. and & . 
U «f Weed* 141(. 
LoMreettd* Co, 

Oo»b*« By- • - • 
KiOtftton «nB%p#r 


Toreote By. , 

W«y»«»m»o Pat* . 




policy followed hy the Qorermnent 
tor tome years aid haa been extended 
In o h i Bfrg tip trail, to promkUnt; 
mlneral-bearlnc areas, and It la likely 
some atop wW ho taken to craat the 
needed facllitlee to Mr. Kerruiah and 


_ br Burdlek Bros. A Br«tl. Ltd.) 

?Tl4 MtV 114% 13?% 

131% 134% > 114% 111% 


» • . e • • a 

» e o e a • o 






Veal ... 

P •« 

ea%edBeaa%e •*»«• e * *> 
e • *i edooo eo *e 4 
* •• • *e o *oo» • oo mii«A« 

m«IiVm»i«*»|i«»« m % < 

P"W III, « ••< ••>.i| .03 

I..I..M •MllitltM ^3 

• tea * o 4 e e a • a . » • • tt< e e • .11 

4 •*• •« e» • * 4 • e*4j« a)e« • * • aSS 



llt% llt% 

111% 111% 

•4 41 


It for 

The Whole of the 


Situated at the oeraer of Viaw and Broad 

Street*, for rent to a suitaai. tenant. Floor 

•pace, 10^00 feet. 

Xhis is recognized as one of the finest 
locations in the City of Victoria. 

For Particulars Apply to 



by Burdlck Brae. A Bf«U. 
Bid.' ' Asked. 

Anvlo>rr. 1%. 1444 .1 4T% 

V. V. &H% •eeorot. lttl ... 44% 144 

_da 1411 A ,..^., 4T% M% 

Pr. Oevt. »%, Vie.. 1441 144 l.l 

Porte .%. Till M 44% 

Fr. Clttee 4%. 1414 4»% 144 

BOaa Ott l%% Tey.. 1.31 ..44 44 

do. Rouble. 1.34 73 TT 

Dota Can. 4%. 1»31 ......... 44% *T% 

do. 1.41 »4% »«% 

.Ao. 1S44 »l .5% 

Ara>-ntlne Qvt «%. 1.14 tt% ••% 

Dona. Can. 1% (new). HIT ... 44 ST 

V. X. !%•(. IttT tr% 44 - 


d». Ca dT e*COB ■ e.ahe oe » a e i.| e «0 a a < oaTV 

MtajTalOWejf', ^Tl a.eeaaa-aaee .Of 

• a,^ V»tj •••■ IMeTaV^e ,. •»4|I>im> iM 

d\l04PB r Ta>a* gW 4 4 a • 0)0.0 e ■ e * ■•* t|||«««it »»w 


©e»le%rl© « <e* aeo e a •• e a a o 4) efft** e Boo o 4)33 

t^BTae%erMp TwMI *,,».*«.«•••••.. , a3S ^% 

OetUUrto MOflfrOel * 33 

«V»# Va d*0jeWaT •••eeaoaeao 4tjn '% a e « e o 1 

b>lllfO&«l a-oaaaaeaee a a a • e a • a « 

*' fRlBieaa i 

»ieab tasde ir * AM 

XUapa. Ke 1 ««•...... .4* ••«••«. 1.31 

ktkans L7S 

«tni.i* ■ * * a»4. 

.............. BV44 4a ^A.1. 

^i-i: ...3?*.44% 

Pr m eo .10 

ae a • • oeaeaaddeaaeeoae* .13-50 

I 4* a Oe 0444 eo 



NEW YORK. Oct. 24— Copper 
quiet; electrolytic, spot and laat quor- 
ter. 21%4>i«ttc;. amoil lota, eecond- 
hand. tlwtlUe. Iron eteady and ha* 

Tho Metal Bxchaaco qaotaa load 
eaey; apot. 14.46 bid: $6.80 asked; 
December. 14.45 hid. 8pelter. Weak; 
Root St. Louie delivery, epot. 47.1 2 H 

At London: Spot copper, 1140 2a 
td: futuree. (100 ITa «d; electrolytic, 
apot. £114: tatarae. tut. Lead, apot. 
£10 10«: futuree. £30 15a. Spelter, 
■pot, £44 14a; futurea. 141. 


NEW YORK. Oct. 29.— Mercantile 
paper unchanged. Sterling-, demand, 
$4.14: cablee. 44.14%. 

Franco, demand, S.TI; cables. 1.74. 
Guilders, demand. 37%; cablea, tt. 
Lire, demand, 10.64; cablea, 10.63. 
Marks, demand. 3.40; eobloa. 

Time loans atrontr: 

Call monty atrong- 
4%; ruling rate. 4; closing 
offered at t; laat loan, 5. , 

NRW YORK. Oot. »•.— . Bar atlror, 
$1.23%. Mexican dollara. IT. 





_e4V t*a7her OB44 '"••••• a>44 

. •• ■••j»..« h.a • B44 

....••«., «a' *■ T.5. 

»oble»per . oea ••..••.;.... t ... C.TI 
Oaaakea • • 


Bmperers, per la 
Orapefralt — ■» 

Florida, par case 

... *.,...< ... ... • 4.44 

*9t crate 


; high, it: lew. 

Bid. 4%; 

..... .•««•.«.»•••••«« T.44 

..... l.TI 


BT4\alltl. P0«T Jl». a •a*\«eaeae'eea -Of 
ypOH mtea; |T4)#B . I hm«imm ••* 

X^aOgaHaltO, f OtaRaAPtS i <«« tM|ill*>l) • o3# 
' jTOMHaf • o oo 4 m\ ii e e a » . . • •« . e a . a .33 

P * 4?e^wb3ok reeau. Batter. ..-l 4,1 
Caaaa, J- in .1. 

V*Oe*.et\ . 1*6)3 as lll«|»,4l||4ll||l|< .13 

Beeta .. .^..... . I. kit 

CTaVDDaidTt?, POT ID. a.aeaooeeqeea 

*%> W ^T- ^ M May ee»e»eeeea»eee 44>i 
Baflt pOf <|03. eeeeeef* 
BbbL oO**" ID. eeaaeedeiaeo **w Tm% 
lOOtl taaantt OO^CjC I0)to> ••...« 

BaV . • • a e OjJO e 4 4 • e a 1. 13 

It, par aeofe >.. it. 

e e^e^ 4a«eaaeieee • 1*03 

W } oHOObV 4 • • e • it f e«ee* »"▼• * 

N$X 3e • a a ■ • 3-00 

it.yiMi...... 3.73 

i ■■■■ M 



tt feci per 

count unchanged 

tt. — Bar silver. 
Money end die- 

Ntwkm Advertising Agency 
Victor*, H. C. 

Rates Qtjotdd for Locai, rumilBa aad PoteifR 
QicaJar Uatars, 



MONTREAL., Oot. 24— Dominion 
loans: War lean*. 1426. 47%; lttl. 
tt%; 1M7 140%. Victory loons: 
1422. 104%: IttT. 102%: IttT. 144%; 

ltlty to ***; -tat. J4t%. 

MONTREAL, Oat. 24.— Hatter In 
demand; egg*, unchanged; cheese . 
gawd and la demand. 

Cheooa flo sa t Raeterne, 274>3te. 

Butter — Cholcoat creamery, 61 %• 

Egge— Freeh. Too; selected, ode; No. 
1 atadk. tag; Ko. t stock. Itc. 

Potatoeo— PeY hag, corfota $1.44d 


of too 

to tho hw 

m Tho Vai 
inoa af Monday kaot. g 
waa done to tho Bat ata 
•ghaiofl dlatrlct by 
which rkdtod that diotrk i oa 
BtgfMa of Wodaoodoy 
of kaot week. 

ha that 
hat at 1 

of tho 

^fijtfbl »t«eh. .tor la .44.44 

lm^CtWtadJOWay Otabfkdt, Ilk. a... .43 

J._aeoo atoak. la. 

bqqp oavz. IS. .. ...»...•■ ...... lb. ...«•••..•...••.•••..... 

pllat* ti'-" »*a 

Ira* Boaata, ia .••■........j»... 

Hprlng Legs, 14. ............. ,44 .44 

l«sles, lb. ._. t| 

ROualdera. lb. J4- • 

Slewing, lb, .34 

I*e*tT*. ItaV • eeeeeeeeoaaoe*Ooeoe»eO« .33 

t>iaa 14. 44 

Blew, lb.* .44 

Wi^Jle^-aTOBVV • ::::•;: \\ 

O0$3, 4%. a • . a-, • •* « ••aegleat ee Oe>*0 .13 

Cod rillata, Jb .31 

HaUIMpl. lit* eaeeeeaoeOesoepaeeee e33 

■ e ■ ■* ......... ..«....•■ 

te Uk),iM«i><« 

•*• tS* ^ * * * 

■IdBWabfJ, IbV. eaeeoeaoeo. •• 
o»e eae • e e • • e a a «i «•••■•»# 

» e e o e e 


^^^ft^B* AW* 

44% IM .« 



Instructed, wo will aell at Sales. 
rooms, * 

Tat View Strart 


Almost now aad 
And Oak 


and Furnishings 

Including: Massive 3-piece Mah. 
Pnr. Suite. Mah. Cr. Tables, very One 

SaVlS* < S!*i^ a^ArarSS- 
* ... Z. . " ■*•*•• A"d Arm Chair, 

InUid Man. Cr. Table, Uph. Arm 
Chairs. Oraaa and Rattan Arm Chairs. 
Leather Uph. Arm Chain and Rock- 
ers. Mhw. Oak Settee. M. O. See Book 
Cans. M. O. Library .Tablea. M. O. Cr. 
Tablea, doMon Oak Sea Book Case. 
Morris Chains, lot of Good Pictures. 
Hail Mirrors, lot of Good Carpeta. 
very Oho P. O. Koll-top Office Desk. 
Faat-ton Office Desk, Typewriter 
Beak, Office Chairs. Small Hall Safe. 
almost now 4-foot silent Balaam op, 
Drop-head Sloger Sewtng Machine, 
Drop-head Stanley Sowing Machine. 
Bet of tt Vols. "Encyclopaedia Brlt- 
annico." Set of t Vols, of . "Medical 
8ctonoe,- Set of 14 vols. "The Book 
of Knowledge," Dr. Library of Modi. 
cal Books, large assortment of other 
Books. Oak China Cabinet. M. O. 
Buffet, F. O. Davenport, Couches, 
English Dining Table, Set of If 
Leathor-uph. Dining Chairs, Fumed 
Oak Dining Table and Chairs, several 
other Dining Tables and Chairs. 
Wedgwood add other Dinner Services, 
China and Olass Ware, Cut Olaoi. Or- 
naments. .tt Rifle, Golf Sticks, Tea* 
nls Rackets, Eng. Baby Buggy, Book 
Shelves. Twin Brass Bods with Box 
and Oetermoor Top Matttaaaea, fgll- 
slse AH- Brass 'Beds, Box and Outer- 
moor Top Matti^seeo.. Mah. Chiffon, 
tors. Oak. White Enamel and other 
Dressers and Stands, Bedroom Tables 
and Chairs. Invalid Tables. Toilet 
Ware, Spiral Spring. Wtsotine. Blan- 
kets, Pillows, Cushions, Child's Read 
Chairs. Majestic and 4 other good 
Ranges. Cook Stoves. Par. Stoves. 
Heaters, Largo Bag Stbro. Refrigar- 
ator. Moat Safes, Set of Scales. 
Whoeffiarrow. K. Tabloa. K. Chairs, 
Linoleum,* Urge assortment of Cook. 
ing Utensils, Crockery gad Olasswsre, 
Garden Tools, Garden Hose. Oil 
Stove, Fire Baskets, etc. 

Mow On VJaw 
Also, at 11 o'clock, in Oar Stockyard 
40 very good brooding White Leg- 
horns,. Surplus Broode r s from Ismay 
Ranch, other Chickens, Rabbits. 6-' 
months-old Jersey Bull Caff. Chaff 
Cutter. Clover Cutter. Sash. Wire Net- 
ting, etc. 

ctory Loan 

aign— 1919 

MM%> Monday, 271* Inst. Assist the 
canvass by prompt buying. 

Trust Company 

Head Office: 


• "^"i • ■l 1 "* P«»«* .al viVg tho VICTORY ieOAN it a good 
rave4tment. From a nattonsl point af view k U atdential. From 
B patriotic viewpoint it it a duty we own to oar country and to 
oar; returned 4oldiera"--Ueut-0ffiiaral Sir Arthur Carrie. K.CB^ 

BurtUck Brothers & Brett, Ltd. 

iPpalft'*- M " "*** -rw^'sra.. am' 

i ii I a 


The Corporation of the Diatrkt of Oak Bay 


5% Penalty on Utpti. 1919 Inn 

r' Will Be Added 

After October 31, 1919 


Oak Bay, B.CeaX>ctobcr Zl* 1919. 

O. W. ROSS, Collector of Taxc.. 









747 FORT ST. PHONE 1705 

The Last Week! 

—of the existence of the shop 
known as "Household Necessi- 
ties," which "sells anything from 
a teacup to a piano." 

This shop has made it possi- 
ble for me to enter broader 
fields of business Activity with 
headquarters at Room 322, Pern* 
berton Building, Victoria, B.C. 

■in in 

We Require at Once 

$35 900 
1923 Victory Loan 

aad wW pay niftiest prevail- 
Iftf prices for any amounts. 



People's Furnishing 

140S Broad St. Qo. Phone 7+7 

r Pteae rtarar. 

*■ VbVBB BaBBBB BWpff* 


awe laat^o <lan< la>^B4 a^4BBBJ 

11 C*y*nh*Ui 

72S Pott Stroet 


The B.Q. Permanent 

', ka vtng 

, re-opened their 
Department, will accept accounta of 
add dollar and) u pw a rda, on which in- 
terest at 4% par annum Is allowed. 
Dsaal 4aook lnt pt l rfl ages a 


t :■]• 


Auction Sales Conducted 

dlaposlag of your Turaltttre 




Nit ii 


CFPaPaBaE BBJMa«aaBaaaWa g am 



Wt'« • Good Stock now el 1 ' 

Brads Vahre* 


Doa't forget to aat oar 
larfc display of Dininf 
Room Tables. 

Ckv prices are rtgat 


^«r Aaglt and Cross Valves, with screw ends, guaranteed aad 
ZrfUZ.*?** f wwlritid; pressure of 200 lbs. These valves can 

r repacked ander pressure and rtajround without reoioviria; from 
tae pipe Itac. 

Check Valves 


SlSSl 1 ** 1 !!^ *? th< ? w>it nhM * ™* durable check valve ou the 
nS^^^A^il^J*^^^ 1 *"«"tion has been given to 


it m tiaplt. aractkal aad SAFE. 

3 IStiSfi! ^a?S!? **»■?* «• 

ana. naaacfc irw iiBMna li to tsW valve at any ti 
aaw part af it. 





Complete Assortment and Superior Qu ality Establishes Our Stock 
of Flannels and Flannelettes as One of the Best in the West 



Still Some Knit- 
ting Wool Left 

to Sell at 60c 
a Pound 

A Wool of strong texture, in 
shades of my and brown. 
Wool specially adapted for 
knitting men's socks' and 
boyV sweaters. Take ad- 
vantage of the opportunity 
and buy some of this Wool 
at, a pound, 60c. 

Eiderdown Wool for chil- 
dren's hats and tarns, a very 
soft grade, in colors of grey, 
brown, navy, tan and black. 
Reduced to ioc a skein. 

— Fancy Work Section. 1st Floor, 


Clearing Sale of Women's Suits- Today 

About 50 Fashionable Suits, Including Velvet Suits Navy 
Poplin Suits, Navy Serge Suits and Others, All Up-to 

Date Models at, a Suit, $27.50 

—This sale of fashionable Suits will commence with the opening of the 
store today, and the values are such that there is but slirht possibility 
of one being left at the end of the day. J 

—Space will not permit us to give in detail a description of each Suit 
but from the following list you may gather a general idea of the values 
offered. * 

' • ••■.;-• "■ ' . ■ • , • ■- » *■ 

Fashionable Velvet Suits Fashionable Navy Poplin 
That Are Excellently Made Suits Trimmed With Velvet 

y 2 only in size 16. . . . , -■ 

2 only in size 18. 1 only in size 18. 

3 only in size 36. 1 only in size 36. 
( only in size : .. 2 onIy jn ^ Jg 

Reversible Bathrobe Eiderdown Flannels 
High-Grade Materials, Moderately 


• t 

—Material that is delightfully cosy and warm; light in weight, and possessing per- 
fect washing qualities. 

FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS this Flannel is offered in a large variety 
of designs and colorings, including light, medium and dark grounds, with neat 
medium and conventional designs. 

FOR JUVENILES— There are pink, sky and old rose tones, and darker and lighter 
shades, patterned in Teddy Bears, Rabbits, Butterflies and Dickie Birds, that make 
pretty robes for the little folks. 
The above-mentioned Flannels are 27 ins. wide, and sell at, a yard, $1.15. 

Lower Grade Bathrobe Flannels, for Those Who 
Desire Such, Are Offered in a Wide Selection 

'—These are offered in comfortable qualities, in which the colorings and designs 
are all finished the same, and can be made up either side out, with the reverse used 
as trimming. 

27 inches wide, at 6oc a yard; 27 inches wide at 70c a yard. 

Girdles, with cords, in plain shades and fancy mixtures, to match or contrast the 
various colorings; can be supplied at, a Set, 6oc. << 

— Th« staple Department, Main Floor, Douf lis, 



> ., 

■ > »■- «- .«.-. 

1 only in size 40. 

Fashionable Suits in 
Navy Serge 

1 only in size 16. ' 

2 only in size, 13/ 
2 only in size. 38. 

l only in size 40. 

1 only in size 44. 


—Hardware Department, Basement 

. . . . 

Enjoy the Comfort of Flannelette Sheets 

■_» _ ^m^ -^ _• _ _ LlJ . ' i. ...... ■< - itT . . V*. '• J*" T' 

We Can Supply You f With "Canada's Best Quality " 

. at Reasonable Prices 

—Flannelette Sheets, in "Canada's Best Quality,V< represerit a grade equal to an* 
brand produced- in plain white and gre y colors with pink,x>r. blue borders. /Our 
stock permits us to supply you with an. ffc desired Sizes iif Streets of this qijaUty 

*J CsftftS ? n mX t fco,d for "* timc » * s :mt mm Pnces con^^oCactvahce and 
stock is difficult to get. . - . i -.$ Wr?? u 

—In Flannelette Sheets we can supply you with the following sizes at prices that 
are indeed moderate. ^ 

Sheets for medium sized beds, in white or grey, at $3.75 a pair. 

Sheets of the largest size made, "Canada's Best Grade," in white or grey, at, a 
pair, $4.75. 

—You may depend upon this quality to give the very best satisf action. Buy while 
these prices are good. ^ tlple Departm-t, Main noor, Do.** 


i ► 

f Suit in Brown Jersey, size 40. 

*-» » m at . ■ - • .» I _ " 


l Suit in Check Velour, si** 16. 
1 Suit in Taupe Velour, size 16. 

—Also 25 others, all good quality material and fashionable in style— only one of each 

size and kirid. , * ;?_; r* »». J ™" 

. • - ■ ■■ 

,-•■■■-. j . ~~~ 

All; Selling at, a Suit, $27:50 

—Here are Suits that will win the admiration of all, and be well appreciated bv everv 
buyer. This is an opportunity to secure i Suit fashionably styled and of sunerior 
quality at a money-saving price. Shop early. 

• 1 

—Mantle Department, 1st Floor,. Broad 

"/ •••<» 


'sSilk Hose 

* • • * 

Selling Today at, a Pair/ 50c 

Regular Values $1.50 to $2.00 



Mens Grev Flannel Shirts 
About Five Dozen to 
at. Each, $3.25 

will recognize these Hose as one of 
the best values you have been offered. 
They are slightly imperfect and are* being 
sold today at, a pair, 50c. 
^Colors, mostly black. 


— Hosiery Section, Main Floor, Douglas 

Two Interesting Lines in 
Royal Worcester Corse 
Selling at $1 50 and $ 3 . 00 



and Modestly Priced 



Royal .Worcester Corsets, made from 
fine coutil, with low bust, long skirt, 
fitted with four hose supporters and 
trimmed at the top with pretty em- 
broidery. Some in the same quality 
in .pink have elastic at the top. 
Special at $2.50. * • 

Royal Worcester Corsets, made from 
fine coutil about the same styles 
as the type mentioned above, but 
trimtned with fancy silk braid at the 
top. .This quality possesses very 
special value at $3.00. 

— Corsets, 1st Floor, Broad 

A Very Special Offering of 

Women s Morning Caps 

and Tea Aprons, $1.25 

Values at 75c Each 

^!l e JL r ^ of thesc P rett y Mid( *y Waists are low, but the quality of 
oocT S fr ° m Which they are SO attractivel y styled is exceedingly 

grade white jean. They are fash- 
pocket and full-length sleeves 

Flannel Shirts in medium weight and a good shade of 
grey that makes a nice dressy Shirt for the cold weather, 
hey are designed in coat shape, with centre pleat down 

a^firf^S ?*T° n ff" 1 **{*&• niade from natural color pongee silk These 
Y^.^SJr ^ * ' ° r ^^ w,th or without girdle and have lace or button fronts, 
rou^wau expenence excellent value in these styles at, each, $3.75 and $5.75. 

*?i™X ™?L S ? y "5*1* in «*»"*««" style from pure wool coating serge. These are de- 
vateT a r each^ 5o * ll ° T C ° ,,arS >and f u,l * ,Cn « th slccves with °P cn cuffs - s P«cwl 

— Wabt Section, 1st Floor, Doufias 


m pretty 



It 75c 

les from silk and 
are a sample 

fa*, rtmttf «\ earfc. ft.tS 

T !i ^SWi t°°j<g»y »w% m attractive styles, trimmed 
win rare* and cmferomery. These nt oral Hms. taraar 

*. 51.2V 


»«» none. Dmghn V 

and Jackets 
for Baby— Splendid 

Coatees and Pull-Overs, an hand made from the best quality wool and displayed 
in many pretty styles. Each, $2.50. . «»P»yea 

y c ?**"*** ****• ***** *re particulariy good value at, each, $3.75. 
PfcYwrcatjs, made from pure linen and nicely hahd^mbroidered in pretty 
d«li» Priorai at, each, $3.50 and $5.75. 

the front, starch collar-band and separate, double collar 
to match, and double soft cuffs. A splendid Shirt and 
excellent quality at the price. Each, $3.21 

Men's Gingham Working 

Shirts, All Sizes, at 

Each, $2.00 

Shirts made from blue and 'white mixture gingham 
especially for big men. They have turn-down collar 
attached, pocket and band cuffs. The Shirts are offered 
in all sizes at,. each, $2.00. j 

—Men's Furnishing. Main Floor, Broa4 

CcJco Mats — at Special 
Prices for Three Days 

—Having purchased at a discount the entire stock of 4 
Vancouver importer of Coco Mats, we are now in a 
position to give you some special barrains in these 
essentials, and for the next three days will sell them at 
the following prices: 

No. 2 Coco Mat,' size 16 x 72 inches, refutar $1.90, at SI. SO. 
No. 3 Coco Mat. lint it x 30 baches, regular $2.40, at $t.S5. 
No. 4 Coco Mat, site 20 x 33 tacfeM, refatar $3.50, at $2.25. 

—The Mala are of the very foot ooatty and re pre not frest 
vahse at the prices 


. * 


* ;