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Jbobheviki Have Thrown Heavy Reinforcements 
Into Fight A|<ainst Cossack General— Endtevor 
to Ptoch Off SaKent Towards Orel— Yudenitch 
Said to Have Lost Gatchina. 

tFFGkrs AME fiudiE to nmi^ 


1. HHtSINOFOKS, 6ct. 30^ npon from RuMiw muicm r«. 

BohhcvOd and is adiaadiic toward Mokow. 

LONOON, Oct. SOw— The Boblwirati hairt put an iimneaat aum. 
bw of ifeoops tgalart Qvmal DeniUm aai «• tnUtf . W Bttnur* «a 
both iidM of the Orel talient to pinch this off end therehy relien 
^ thTMt affoinM Moscow, occordhir to offidal tefomfatiQii. DtM>^ 
UM advMoe cotttimieo, but it k pointed out that a break in the 
■leoalher most be eapected at an early date, and he has a tens way to 
go to reach Mdocow. 

__ ^^^Ti«*»» diepatch received from Moacow reports that General 
YnlmiMh bat bMS compallid to evocaa^ Qatchina. owing ^ the 
tact that the Bobheviki are menadnf his tfne of commonicatfon. 

I^ ta^ht them was no confirmation of the reported evacua- p^«e/v« rsL- ^^ w* * i j 
tiaa^ Qat^ia. and accordfaif lo the viow of the wH Ottss the "^^0" ^iven tO Neutrals and 

Germany for Participation 
in Biockade of Soviet ftussia 
—Action of Warships 



TOKIO. Oet tV~((i»t«r«fty>.— -Hi* 

M M I O M IT f M Ot UM •»(!•• J«SUMM 

navy, te whleli (h* Bmpwror sei^> 

toOmr OM tlM W€UmIiI» By««e. te V»> 
Mo B»]r. rwtrMaa ai«ii ww* kUtod 
»P«« th«ny tnJuroS. 

TM Bnswror «m »b«Ma ttM battl*- 
iriU|> ttetUM. TIM mMiofiivroa. wktek 
WM« Ui« «iM* olkbonkte te Om hlat«ry 
«t tiM aavy. teehtJtoS minde tettiM 
•m >lr ptea4 >tteel» on e<M tel «IUm> 



Hold Meeting of Their *'Pariia> 
nnent" in face of Gk>vem^ 
nwit^s Prodamation— in- 
terest in Authorities^ Action 









wUl roootvo 

Officials to Se Appointed, Civil 
Service Scheme Organized 
and Estimates Framed for 
Exchequer Use 

* » 


kepA b unfounded. 

^^^^rioiis Tipotta indicate that thare has been aaeem fightiaf^ near 

^Tha Russo-Qermsn troops Under Coknel BernArndt were re- 
PMtad to be coocentntinc for an attack on Riga, while German 
dat^chmanta am wocaeding Imm Memel and Sha^ toward Ubau. 
IJ^f'^'^cea say tiiat the present attack against Latvia is a German 
onartpr into which the Germans are throwing every available roaerva. 
ore M,000 German troopa hi Coapfmd, and the nupuber is hi- 
daily. .«.»«,-* • 


LONDON. Oct, «•.— Auston Ch«m< 
borlala. Chanoollor ot th« Bxchoquor. 
ansomiMd ' 

Wtth Ftataa4 
BBLOtNOroiUI. Oct. »S.->Kstrm. 
proMaro to bole* brouslit to 
te toduoo FtetenS te joUi te tho 
of tao aatl-BotohevlHl forofi 
oa ^trecnd. 

C O. Ummemami lM«a or th* flovom- 
SMat of NorthwMrt Rob«Is. hM. ar- 
rhrod In H«tolncfors from Roval on a 
Brlttoh torpedo boot destroyer 
•ate^ tato 4|reot i^ttottatlona f^r 
Btoh IntenreatMpi. M. V^anota, Prt 
. Mtetotor ef ftS^uM, adnlttetf to 
oorreopondent today tliet nt>sotletl 
wota ta p r o fn iM, bat aaid be bad no« 
Btil propbnto. 

•xoept under license. 

Tbe BltuaUo^ the Chaacellor aided. 
to betes caretuUr' witohidl aad 

PARIS. Oct. Se,^The text of tbe 
aoto sent by Marabal Foch to CtenermI 
Nudaat for tranemtaaton to the Qer- 
men OovemaieBt tevltlns Oermany to 
panielpate . te tbe blockede of Bol> 
abevtk Raaate to atekUer to that aeat 
te tbe aeatral atetea. wHb the excep- 
tion of the tost paraaraph. The note 
aaya ta part: v 

"The avowed hostility of the Bol< 
Aevtate toward all covemments and 
their iaternattenal procramme of rer- 
olutton. which they are apreadlnc 
abroad, eonatltute srave denser for 
the aatloiel ascurtty of ell power*. 
Bvery Inorease of the strenstb of 
Botobevtote would increase tbe denier, 
and would be ooatrary to tbe desire 
of all peoples who are seeklnc to re- 
estebltoh peace and social order.** * 

The note sent to Oennaay oontatas 
the folloerins ni|al paraaraph: 

"Th* Brtttsh end Vireaoh warahlpa 

Hhk^T'tmHS.^'m^iZr'ZIX,'^ ■• *■ "*• °"" *' Wn»M« "hall coattaae 
hObodOvtber aoUoa would be ua- | to chanse tbe rodtee of ehipe 

^.^ l^flMte, wtitoa,^ laost ear< 
oat a promise made la Itl4 to sivs 
Mt«lMns« to instefd, tbe Boitente 
ta caaraatee the ;fil>uaUon dad to 
bear ta« ^otft'ot tpik'hvhtlnr 

"fhe Finnish diet must decide the 
llvaiUen." M. Vennola conUnued. "but 
a Sateate suarantees eve obteteed the 
Flaal«h pettpto wtU be oUltec te later- 

The Flaalah army new assresates 

SMM teen. e# whom I6.«ee are 

.atetteaed on . the Roastea fronUer. 

Vetaaieer white soarda aiatetateed by 

bMiam iatereets nfilnbet ll.»O0. 

. Vhe American 'toirpeda boai de- 
atroyar Maddbx avHyedat Viborv to- 
day. She wiU raas|ln" there to escort 
batWja coatetninc Araerlcen food to 

Nortlmu Ansiy Adiaauis 
aJrchANOBU Oet. U.—A furrier 
advaaee of the North Ruaston anayja 
reoerted by the s«b«rM staff taaay. 
I#'atet«toent otataM that the eati-Itel- 
ilievlk foresf have raaflhed Bi^ain- 
fJlieA. ISO venMs south of bttaga. 
Wkeie they have formed a JuneUoa 
Ulth the forces pperattec on the rail- 
tySr mat. In the Oaaoa aMter the 
cpjptare of S.e«».««0 eartrldsaoi l.»«0 
S^Os and other bo««y to rsported. 

Tho road alone tbe Onegm River, 
tba stetomeirt adds, was found strewn 
vrtth the bodies of soldiers aad horsee 
aSd with booty which had been been 
abaadoaed. the Botoheviki bavtac 
dfappad everythtes and fled tate the 

^ SteMttty om Vnm 

liONDON, Oct. «e.-.-The sltuatioa 
oa the Fetroarad trohi to rsported In 
oflletal advldea received here to be 
treble. It to aaaertad that the Botohe- 
vtei attack With heavy doaoentratloaa 
wJbioli foreed Ctea. tadealtah'b arm/ 
beeic appears te have exhausted the 
mis. wheae losses were very hsa^y. 

iTuttentteb's main diflleulty to te re- 
alera taalBe aleas the Oatohlaa roll- 
^my. vMOh haa baea badly dadkaed, 
«0d aatll thto to done he cannot at- 
tempt any large offensive, aoeordlng 
to the advleee. 

for porte of Botohevtot Ri 

w « **T^^rr*^ bb»ed farther «*loa would be «^ te c;;;„.;"th. ;;;i;^"ofTS pTSSJ 

M. Vaaaoto aeetecad that Fteland | m t n mm r r. . j, 'for porte of Botohevtot R«uiyr» ^^ 

might Iftervene, provided her righto ' ~" ' ■■ < '■'■ ■ ■ ■ i » ^^ "^'^ 

atoi Olfte of the >lnntoh tribaa fit T^ f 1 JfS^L.^.^ 

^vksissTssxi!::!s: Federal Gtoverrnnenf^^"? 

itoaB bv Ramte. whIA atao miMt eftr. ^ ^^^ ^^ ■ '^^^ •••■ •* V^**li • , A V 

*-f ^fDariBtto* IW*Hltf ^ftrtuWaf "wws'ui fift*JhJEt5J; end withdrew 

Makes Provbion Against Profiteering in Coal, and 
Restores priorities List— President Wilson Is 
Consulted— Union Executive Gives Atten- 
' tipn to Some Minor Details 

DUBUN. Oet M.--Tbe meeUng of 
the aiaa Fete parhement tost night 
waa te direct deOaace of the Oovem- 
meat*8 prectonkatlon. aad the people 
are tetereeted te know what tbe Gov- 
erament will, do about lu Tlie meet- 
ing being iltogal. the Irteb papera are 
forbidden to meatioa it. 

A resort oUeatoted by the aian Feia 
eaya that a aatteaal tespectar jut 
ftohertoa win be appelated: that a 
civil esrvice eeheme to being arranged 
to emtoraee aU looal alttoea. and atoo 
that nsOoaal arbttrattea eoerte aad 
^^_ _<9i«Mlstl»a .^kaaiM. .wlU ba 

"Ritimatea for the coming flnan- 
ctol period." saya the report. **were 
laid before the Houee and the necee- 
aary vetea ef credit adopted.** 
, The ate Btaa Fate membere K>r 
DabUn have eent te the United 
Stetea conaul a copy of alleged In- 
atracUona for searehiag the effects of 
United Stetee seamen. The totter 

"As tbsae Instructions oonstitete a 
htedrance to towful trade of America 
with Ireland, we. the elected repre- 
aeateUvee of the city of IHiblte. ra- 
eaeat that you transmit copiaa of them 
to yoar Oovernmeat** 


Total Climbed Up—€nthusl- 
aefn frtpcea»ing--Open Air 

^"^l V*»» >»•»• •» a vary Umlted 
wmM tar ealdtere ^pho Wkk their 
^to^arsa here aad aow aa« them- 
aelvea - - - 

,. **?^> •>» ^ repreeeated that, al- 
»*»«ea ta«m mea have now abeotete- 

Z^..*t«*!?* **^"* '** J^P^krtajitea, it 
SilL^ Hr*' *• ■"™^» *#•• coaoaeatoa. 
Before ^hto to done, however, it to 
arged that aoaw orgaatoaUon te Caa- 
ada muat be prepated te took after 
them oa their arrival, atherwtoe their 
coadlttoa te Oaaede will be aa bad aa 
It to here; 

■ . •! 

Amendment for Levy on Capital Offered by Mr^ 
Clynes Is Rejected by 405 to 50. and Resolu- 
tion Is Carried Without Division— Much 
r ^ y^ Criticism During Debate 
'' a ... 





Grand Trunk' Measure Now 
Stands for Third Reading by 
House of Commons--Oate 
Is Not Certain 

Minister^ Are Understood to Depend Chiefly oil 
^ Growth of Commerce and Industry to Meet ■ 
Heavy Burdens— Premier in His Speech 
'^"' r • Refers to '"EDileotic Screaminr*' - 


LONDON Od. aa— Tka 

■a iWa Ha«M of ^ComoMMM tooigkt or Us 
BsaJorHy of 38S. 
to Iks GoTonuBcnt 
Mr. J: It OfRss* Laberils, aad 
W 4M to 801. and liM Got 

Evening on Yates Street 

OTTAWA. Oct. S«.— After several 
^toya" dtoeusalon ta committee the 
Grand Trunk bill wee reported Juet 
before ate o'clock thto evenlna. end 
the Uoaae roee in order to allow mte- 
totere and membera to attend the dte- 
nor being givea tonight by t^ Oovem- 
mmt in honor of Ckurdlaal Merctor of 

No deOnlte announcement waa awde 
aa to when the third reading would 
be taken up. but it mey not be before 
Monday, because amendmenta ere 
likely to be moved, and many are 
deelroue of leaving for their homea 
tomorrow for the week-end. 

During consideration of the bill to- 
day. Hen. Arthur Melghen withdrew 
Clause No. t of the bill, to which 
atroag exeeptloa waa taken yeeterday 
by Hon. W. a FleMlag. The etouse 
ptovlded for loana to the board of 
management, and Mr. Fielding took 
tbe ground that the Qovernment, could 
not make loana without asking the 
authority of Parliament. 
Jtl' ^.^iS!^*'' •^«n»*<l^ thai4here waa asrf 

•V- -J ^ -.'i v-^-v • V < {•«-'»Vfl.V«1V' .''j 


Ctoqater VIeterta 


roflWN. 6c<,^ ao.iirhe 

W^ttKINOf^dlN. bcf,*^ ao.'i-hire Oov- 
emment put on tta Sshtlng clothea to- 
day to i^e^t. the coal strike dae to 
start flaterday. 

Whito oMtor after order popped out 
witb startling war-Ume swiftness, the 
long arm of the tew reaehed oat to 
protect the pabUe and thoee nAners 
"winihg' to remain at work In the face 
of union ojmmands to quit. 

Most drastic of all moves during 
the day waa the order of the Jtailroad 
Adnistotratlon for selsare of coal te 
transit far troads requlHng It. wl»h 
rationing of stocks on hand to essen- 
ttol tadustrlss. 

So far aa the Govemqnent to abla ta 
prevent it. there wlU be no profltea.*.' 
lag while the grim apectre of Wtatar. 
with coal bins dangerously • low or 
bare, looms big and cloee at hand. 
Almoat the first ste|r^odey was the 
drafting of an order flzlng a max- 
imum price for aU gradee of eoal. Re- 
cetebltohment of the priorities Ito^ will 
put eoal where It to meet needed, and 
if It comse to that the Qovemment 
wilt okMan oaaawmptten. 

Breaking ddwn the barriers which 
had kept members of the cabinet 
away from hto liek rooai. Frealdent 
Wttoea took a haad te itos aghtto- 
da^, and personally approved every 
detell in the general plan of dealing 
with coadittons likely to arise with 
the walkout of the soft coal mlnera 
For twenty minutee the Prcaldent, 
propped In bed, went over with At- 
torney-Oeneral Palmer the various 
steps, heard what orders had been 
tomed. and eraa put In teUraate touch 
with an arrangements. The President. 
It waa said, Wee eapeeteUy gratlSed te 
learn of pi'etective measurse. both for 
the homes and the mlaee. 

The stHke took precedence over thd 
peace treaty In tbe Senate, which for 
fear houte debated and then adopted 
a rbsolutton pledgteg tts support te 
the Qeiveriiment te maintaining order 
during (be preeent Industrtol emer- 
gency. aiTorts to have the House 
take simltor action failed because at 
opposition of the Republican leaders. 

arhlch I leave te '" "»' o"t ^f Oongreos, however. 

The second i i>ni- sentiment seemed to turn tlkronvK am* 

liONDON. Oct. tS.—Nlkotoi Lenlae, 
Iteaidaa MMwilhl Premier, speak- 
tea At a rteret meeUng of the Botohe- 
^Viltl a ase a ttea. to aaoted in a wire- 
' message litem Moecow' as de- 

H;*nie ehtef tramp in our haad to 
faternal revetatioa. without whldh 
thare to BO hope tor Ituasta's saeosss. 
•■Utore are two ways of exit fntn 
Ihto pasttten, the first of whioh N 
dBi/teg te mastei 
yalltloel aovloaa. 

we mast weigh the moment;' we 
have flpM Sad armarad cere. We 
throw ant aU aaatoaa psisiins aad 
aadargreuad. The power will 
•aaaabtedlr bd eetoed by tbe baur- 
SMlw aad ttoa mlUlary. bat tht t^me 
^m «•»• vhea taa BoMwvlkl will 


Oct. M.— A 


Rntlment seemed to turn throoghoaa 

end there were expreaslong 
of general approval of the Oovern- 
ment'g dbtermlaation • te keep- the 
mlaae te operatton. 

Wblto the only statement given oat 
after tha ips eto l meetiag sf the C^ab- 
Inet SeaH, Wkih the jmaebce of aa 
order retoting to the S^pteg of % 
priea. ■ 
to have 
meens of 


ted the past tew dbys; oStototo said, 
tedtoated that a eonsMerebto number 
weald keav oa turelag eat ceol m ef- 

coneta^tery forces will be* pressed 
Into service llrst, and troops will be 
called only as a last resort, according 
to those temlllkr with the pro- 

Secretary Danleto ai^noanced today 
that sailors and marines will be 
shifted to tand duty and atteched to 
mlUtery organisaUons. if their serv- 
iote are demanded by the Presldeat. 
There has beea no atetement. how- 
ever, as to the policy or dete^lna- 
tlon of using troops. Much win de- 
pend on what happens if the mlaee 
abut down tomorrow night. 
Opmatera to Meet 

ST. LOUIS. Mo., Oct SO.— It was 
announced at the office of Thomae 
Brewster, offlctal of the ceal opera- 
tata. today that a mef^lag of |ha 
executive committee of the eoal oper- 
atote of the eentml e<mtpetltlve Oeld 
would be held te Cleveland tomorrow. 

Mr. Breerster Mated that he had re- 
ceived no notification of any sort 
from Secretary of Labor Wilson, re- 
totlve to another meeting tMtween tbe 
operators end ralnerib each aa the 
telegram of John L. Lewto to 8ecre> 
tery Wilson Indicated bed been eent 
to the tobor leader. 

Mtee Werfeer'a Baaf« 

dtopatching to Washington a telegram 
to Secretory of Labor Wltoon in 
which the Thresldent's poeltion 6n the 
coal strike wee dharactortsed as that 
of an usurper, the executive board of 
the United Mtae Workers of America 
today turned to rouUae 

Although tbe actual strike 

than thirty-six hours away, tbe ^v^ 
eming body of tbe union devoted the 
afternoon to adiusting disputee be- 
tween locato and Indlvidtwl members, 
and at the ead of their session mM 
there was "noUitag of public InteiaaT* 
In the 

Unlaa aeaaqnarters were fraakte 
taterestod la the arrtvai hate tonwr- 
of C. B. Amee. assistant to the 
Attorney-General, in charge of suite 
brought aader tbe enti-trust aad fuel 
end food control laers. Tbe nnloa 
Isoders learned, with apparent equaa- 
Itolty. that there had t>e«n unusual 
acUvltjr among local agents of the 
deparfteent. and professed faith that 
their every act bad been under 
ram of eeastltattoaal rtghta. wl 

Vatel to W< 

Vtflal te 


Latsat reports from the front line 
trenches of the big Victory Loan 
Drive Indicate that opposttton to 
breaking deem. The morale of the 
enemy to bad, and the alUed forcea 
appear to have made a wedge in the 
enemy ranks. Many are being taken 
captive, almost all of whom, after 
being taken behind the llnse and put 
through a series of rigid queotlons, 
state that a ey knew they were Oght- 
Ing a losing came from the start, aad 
express great satistactlon over their 
capture. One of them, who to a 
prominent busteees man of Vletorla, 

"On renewing our subscrlptton for 
IIA.OOO. we fully realise the Import- 
ance of the investment and- eecurtty 
and the n^d of the loan. Our em- 
ployeee ere also renewing their last 
year's aubecriptlons and ere are ad- 
vancing to them any money they 
need for their purchases, to be re- 
paid weekly during the year, and we 
do not charge them interest, whito 
they collect Interset on the bond for 
themselves." Thto to the spirit wa all 
Conttauad on Page 4 


Belgian Royal Pair Pay Brief 
Visit to Bedside of Patient 
at His Request — Leave .for 
Their Honne Today 

the elanas. 

Ctoaaa No. 8, providing for the re- 
dempUon of Ormnd Trank stook after 
thirty years, waa atoo amended on 
moUon of Mr. Metehen. Ave yearn be- 
ing • sobeUteted for thirty yeara. A 
change te thto etouse waa -urged yee- 
Jarday by Hon. Mr. King, who Wanted 
J!f^ oat the words "thirty yeara." 
C**'»"a No. IS, the only other etouse 
dtooussed today, ifrovidlng for the ul- 
timate disebaige of the Oiaad Trunk 
PaoiOo reeelverahip. waa discussed at 
considerable length, but was not 
amended. The OppoelUon urged the 
sale <Mr the Grand Trunk Padno, but 
Hon. Dn Raid thought that thto would 
not be a arise course to pursue, be- 
cauee by the plan propoaed. Govern- 
ment securities will be kept alive, and 
In toter years may matsrlally iacreaaa 
to value. * ".'JT'T^ 


Mr. Clynea ooheteded by aaytea 
la the dpbato today the Houae had I tlw^ tha debt of tt,d«ft.#ai.«oe oouM 
before it'the amendment to the gov- I never be wiped out, or even dimintohed 
ernmeafd. Itaanbtal reeotetlon offered i through ordinary taxaUon. 

8BATTLB. Oct S*.— Fearing a plan 
to aeoure releaae from the federal 
penitenttory at McNeill Istond for 
Hutot M. Wslto and eight other so- 
oalled "polltieel prisonere." convicted 
of sediUon, Attomey-General Palmer 
ordered the men transferred « to Mie 
penltentlarj at Fort LeeTenworth, 
Kansas. The men left Tacoma tote 
today under heavy guard. 

tteuteg Ito ca m pa i gn agalnat radical 
agltetors, the Ooverameat deported to 
Europe tod^y it more anarchlste 

by John 1%. > Clynes. Labor member 
from Maaehedter. and former food 
controller, calling for a levy upon 
eapitel. and the reviaion to the stete 
Of tertenso made' from the wer. 

Mr. Clynes speaking on' hto amend- 
ment. congratuWIed Mr. Austin Cham- 
berlaln. the Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer, on "the moat skUlful speech 
he bed ever delivered in . th» House 
-of Commons." but declared that the 
Chanceltor's address yeeterday bad 
not oatllned any policy. Tbe Leber 
Party, ssld Mr. Clynes. contended 
that the finsnclal situation was so 
extraordinary that it called for extra- 
Ordtaary meesures. 

Mr. dynsa coademned the system 
of unemptoyteent' detae and subeidles. 
but ergued that It would l>e folly 
to cease thsae Immediately unless the 
government bad solved tbe problems 
in a proper way by finding employ- 
ment for the men now receiving out- 
of-work beaeftts. 

The objections of the Chanceltor of 
the Exchequer to a levy on capital 
should not preclude an inquiry into 
thto sttbpject. dnd atoo an tevestlga- 
ttea of inereased predaetlon and war 
* profits, the fbcto of which had never 

In t^e debate that followed. Lord 
Robert Cecil slid he did not regard 
a levy on capital as unpftooiptod or 
confiscatory. He thoaghL aowever. 
that th« real way to ds^wlth tha 
aituatlon waa not by ihereasing tecome 
but by diminishing expendHores. 

Lord Robert said that if the nation 
waa to find Itself able to Increese 
the output and really return to a sat- 
isfactory industrtol condition l^^ must 
recognise the demends of tne work- 
men to be raised to the status ol 

Premier Lloyd George, dealing with 
the world-wide reapoaelMMty of tlie 
goveraoMnt said: 

"We left 




bert aad President WOsoa cl 
handa today. Tbe meeting at 
Presldeat'e bsdsldi. hvtof as H 
proved the otenax of 
vti«t of the BelgkUk 
left Washtegtotf tote tonight a happy 
to sail for hoaM tmm Newport 
Neers at noon toi 
port George 

day he tondsd the pisaaare o< hto la«r 
bg aaxlaty over the 

Loan Is Going Well 
Over Whole Country 

Headquarters Reports Total of $103;229,354 Up 
to Last Night— Last Year's Rate Is Exceeded 
—Province of Ontario Making Excep- 
tionally GoQd Effort 

Armento b^ioaase we 
wanted to ecenomtoe. We eonnot 
really police the world. We honestly 
thought thet there were other pow- 
ers that might take their share." 

Mr. Lloyd George conteaded that 
the speech of the Chancellor of the 
Exchequer and the general eourse of 
the debate bad dtopoeed of the charg- 
es against the government of evoM- 
able extravagance. The Premtor em- 
phasised the lack of agreement that 
had beei) developed regarding sog- 
geeted remedtos. 

It had been farther showa he aald, 
that tbe aorl of "epileptic eereemiag" 
arhteh bed deateaed th^ luaallQ 
ears could find no echo te a calm as- 
sembly like tbe Houee of (temmoas. 

After the -Prime Mlatoter had 
i^oken. eeveral membere Jolaed In tbg 
debate. John Hodge, LaboHte. 
Iteened the Piamtor'e speech te "ea 
IWastontoTs piiteimaana MaeO 
crittetom aama 


TORONTO. Oct Se. — It wee odfl- 
dally announced et midnight thet tbe 
grand total sutaserlbed to tbe Ytctery 
Loan f>f I>1» ter the 
r sac htd lias.Stt.SM. The Domteton 
tatel for tha i 

tatel for Omarte^ ii 
aw Toronto^ srMA re p a r ta d $i7jnt^ 
TSa. to aew tt7.T41.lMi. 

be given te 


LOtnariLui. ost 

toaal battelloa tad 
of veteraas ed tbe nret DIvtotaa. t». 
alght had ardofa to 
ately to the eoal SeMs of Weei Tla- 

• M todteg the eirtee aC mi 
laSutry aad 

the rtet iTlii. t* 


R r 



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la That Furnaco 9 
Giving Satiaffactlon « - ' 

Fuel costs money and lots of It. If the furnace Is not rad- 
latini: properly, fuel is bein^: wasted. 

It Is our business to put furnace and plumbing troubles 


Wamma ftattty 
CAXXJAKT, 0«t. tl— «. B. Bolton, 
» C P. R. alMplnir oar ooB4iMtbr. 
hm hmn fvund guUty on two ohargoa 
u««iM> th* Mcrtt oommiMlon act. 
n%.Wt9ltr. aecoptlnv monosr for raUway 
tmr$» an4 not tumlns this moaoy ovt>r 
to tao eonapany. A thott. ohfirto 
acalnat him waa wittaarawn. 8m- 



Vr. Drury WiH Shortly Be Asked 
> Form New Ministiy for 
Onlario— The Fivepaotive 
Premier States Policy ' 

TOROI«TO, Oot. !•.— Tho line of 

tbo Uouton- 

Johft Hondrto. and 

Uiltoa lhnnMr»lAbor coaUthm 

•atabttahoe* today, and IndtoaUono 

»otaU tii.tho OMTlv^MUlns to tho Oov. 

oramoat ^oC Mr«^|L C. Drury and Ma 

to4|y. «o 1J.P.O. hoad- 

«CM ir miartva from tho 

tar^.-of tho UMifeaaaiit-Oovomor 

Drw^ Mi* JBm Unltod 

Jd^ 4M«o^!tholr poaltloa with 

la tho f«r«MU«a off a Oovora* 


nro broko out In tho LdO Tlek lavn- 
dry buUdlOK horo Uut^ nl«ht and tho 
bolldinc wad oatlro^ dootrarod. Tho 
ChlOMo proprlotdr loot hia iUm. as ho ' 
Jwaa aalaop in tho hVlMlnv. Tho 
eharrod ramalao of hia body woro 
found In tho 

Mr. P Wj Ml tho provincial capi- 
tal laday tor hto farm and hto CamHy. 
soar Bartto. Ont. without aAakUw an 
ahnowAooMoat off )|ia aoloetloa for tho 
^ow Cahlaot. altfefltach It haa hooa la- 
tlinatod Uiat tlwi.'mpa aro alroady 

la latonrloVa thia morAkc. Mr. 
Sr«ry aftlrmod tho atatomont that tho 
otBaaliatloa woald havo the tlaal aay 
to oli aaol nj tho mombera of tho Oa- 
tarto Oahlaot. It waa thla ataad takon 
lato laat alcht In tho U.ic.o.-Labor 
ooaTontion which cauaed tho defec- 
tion of Mayor MoBrMo off Bra&tfford. 
Labor-eldot tor South Brant. In an- 
other atdtoawat laaaod t%la monUaa 
hy Janoo Maq^aon. on behalf of the 
other Labor c^dldatea. aueceaaful and 
othorwiM. U ki dachM«d {h«t tlhi Labor 
•ro«p odnaldoni that Mr. Drury waa 
•a<««dlncly fair with Ldkor. 

Now that the coaUUon haa aeleeted 
a. leader. It la expected th^t announce- 
ment may come anjr time from the 
Hoarat Ooveromoht off Ita intention to 
roalcn and aak the Lleutenant-Qover- 
■•r to oan on tho new loader to fform 
a Qovernmen t 

Whatever part the iflUtary Servioo 
Aet haa played in helpln* tho U.F.O. 
Into poUtlca — and that part la aaid to 
be a conalderable one — tho United 
Fhrmera have choeen aa leader a con- 
ocrlptlonlat UboraL Mr. Drury ran 
for the Fedorat Houao In North 8hn- 
eoo In It 17. North Slmcoo to hto homo 
rldlnc At the tlate hb nude no aocrot 
off hia oonacrlptloatat ooavlctloaa. nor 
baa he aince. 

-I weiu down In the oniah." ho 
lauchlnsl^ recouniod today In refer-» 
rln« to the wreck of what waa hia firat 
political venture. "Juat aa othera have 
••!•• tf«*» '» the Croat popular wave 
that fWept Ontario on the 80th." 

Mr. Drury admitted hto complete 
aurprlao over the march of clrcum- 
■tancoa that had brou«ht him to tho 
leaderaklp. He aald today: 
• "Thto idea of temporary leaderahip 
never came, from the U.P.O. Any 
leader choaen would have had to take 
the aame oblisaUon that I have done. 
I wUl atlck to thf vuna aa lon« aa 
my ^oatUon to atable and aa tons aa 
my party wants me to lead It." 

In the couHM of hto address of ae- 
ooptanoo of the toadership of the 
U.r.O.. Mr. Drury spoke aa foUowa: 

"If caUod to power, one of our 
first admlntotraUve duties muat be 
fearless and effectively to enforce the 
Witt of tho peopte aa expressed In the 
roooat prohibition referendum. With 
thnt mandate I am personally in thor- 
ouah aooord and sympathy. We must 
see to It that U haa efSsctlve enfofos- 
mant. It may bo that It will be found 
therec are loopholee or defocto In tho 
lair which render It dlfflouit to on- 
f«>roo. If so. n win bo our duty to oor- 
root then*. • ~^ 

•The people look to us to make an 

t'JTw**'*'"^ ** ■•'^ • problem 
which bears heavily on all, an4 which. 
•Moh as wacea apd prices of tmrm 
produeta decline, may become an In- 
tatorable burden— the hlch cost of 
Uvln«. The solution of that problem 


Prices Prom S4^'Rither Uo- 
usQtl, But Tiea^ Unusual 
Things Somelines Heppeiu 


wjiiiinffi ifiuui 


Supreme Council Considers the 
Question of Compenution 
for Scapa Flow Sinkings^ 
France Will Get Guarantee 

The Brlttoh isles 
world over for ibelr hl«h 


hnowa the 

Taslit y sutt- 
t bo sernjiK 
otsk. aad wo latoaafo 
pooaM eaually as weUkaown looally. 
^are Suy esAaataiac the ffbot that 
while our workataaabip to all that men 
and womsa -oottld dssm. thto to aot 
hMrb-artood £». oSToalT 
a auU to4ikr to tiuttf bur ai 

M,— Tito eaKoma 


'la SMmm/ammm 
Aoaowny ItOt 


J^^pf aM 

la tto entirety may not bo within the 
power off the provtaotol lectolaturo, 
but It will bo our duty to thoreuchly 
Invoatlsate the eoadlHona aurroundln* 
dtotrtbutlon. and It we find that prtooo 
aro unduly inflated aa tho rooult of 
obotaolea or oomblnaUona In reatralnt 
of trade, to vigorously oafbroo such 
towa as wUl make theae Impossible. 

**We are here ^ the Vesult of a 
widespread convtotlon. not only on 
the part of tho larmers. but atoo ol 
the urban dwellers, that the two old 
partloB have failed to achieve their 
ostensible ' pnrpoee, that, namely, of 
government off thb pepolo, by the peo- 
ple and ffor tho people."* 


Mayor McBride, of Brantford, 
Is Displeased Over Prospec- 
tive Arrangements in Ontario 
—Controversy Ensues 

PAJtlS. Oct. 
CouwOl today 

for putting tiM TTirmna ponaa tmaty 
lata ofloot, but psatponod a eastoion 
Uk tha m a ttar u«Ul aaturdniK^ 

The Ooaaoll atoo dlnuMid tho 
arnUstloo conditions whloh tiM vo- 
ports of Marshal Pooh aa« athera 
have aliown Oennany haa violated. 
The vlototlona are covered for tho 
most part by the tenaa off tha peaoo 
treaty, and It si>n>» rrl^^^^h* tlMt 
any atepa to pvnteh Oormaoy wlU ha 
takan oi|ial4f |te|^.pHNMod in the 
treaty. ^ ^•-▼f^rr-Tan.t n 

The pnymont Qerinaay mnot make 
tor the waishtps sunk at 8oapa Ftow 
was again htooussod by tl»o CounoU. 
and It waa propoood that* floating 
drydooka and slmUar property be ex- 
acted from her la payment ffor tho 
destroyed warships. 

There to alkno quostloa. howovor, as 
to whether \jfia property does not al- 
ready fall under tho control off tho 
reporatlona oommtoslon, Conssqnont- 
ly ao doetoton caa bo miCdo uatU the 
conference exports n»ake a report on 
this point. J ; ■ "« 

The Britlsli Q O f^ td f M «|^parbaUlr 
haa accepted on prlaclplo tha umii- 
sibility for the destruction of the Beet 
nt 8oapa Flow. «nd to wUllng ta 
guarantee Franoo against any loaa 
from thto' cause - off warships that 
might liavo- been awarded to her. 
While Great Britain and the United 
States were understood . some time 
ago to have virtually agreed to sink 
whatever warships they might re- 
oolvo from Qermany. there aro Indi- 
cations now that th e Brlttoh v ie w has 

The Supreme OouneU has assnrsd 

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liffj*** •»* b*vo hoaT-HseJ, wlU be 
fja* «• >»n«>w UtotJUfladtotreesInt af- 

that ia many . Instaaoes bM eifecteS 

have failed. 8utterers who could 
scarcely bear have had their bearinx re- 
stored to such aa extent that the «'k Vr 
^JS^*''^ T^ P'^nly auaibU seven or 
eight InchM^away from either ear. 

TV^'Sl^ liJP*l "•»* o' someone wno 
U treubled with -hoed noises or eaurrhal 

?»•*.'"!!*' •'"'•I* *•»*■ formula and hand 
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meansof saving some poor auffercr per- 
haps from total deafneiiB. Th« prewjrS- 

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mint (Double Strenxth). Take' thie 
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to reduce by tonic action the InfUunniB- 

aauads-ln their 
JMMpe a tttol. 

ears, should ^ve 




TbRdNtO, Oct. 30.— The new U. 
P. O.-Labor coalition in Ontarlb al- 
ready has a bolter. After taking part 
In the dellberaUons of the party on 
Saturday and again yesterday without 
evldonoa off aay dlfferoacb of opinion, 
Mayor McBride. of Braatfford. sac 
eeosfni oandidnta Off thb Labor Party 
In South Biant. tost night belted the 
flnal conference of thf U.F.O.-Lnbor 
Farty. < 

Itko ««nt«rfnd« was dlseUMiac vo- 
dltlona tota iMt, aight tHU« the 
Stayer picked y^ hia hai and left the 
room, ., , ':.<^*;;'. v.- ^' *.,{->-, -^i. - ■ 
Tho Lnkar sMup tka«i^ tW: iiai« 
haps the conflrmatlon off Wpltsr 
BallOv o>f HualltQpi« ki.bto posltton a* 
leader |iad some bearing upon tho 
decision off Mayor IkicBrtd^. 

Mayor McBrlde end .Mr. RoUq ar^ 
members dt' the; Labor JPrn^r oaiMt<« 
mlttee which conflarret: with the U. 
F. O. oomtnlitee' to reaoh a pro- 
gramme sattofaotory to both parUea 
In a stateiaient toter Mr. McBrlde 
declared that the farmers had 
broken faith with the labor men. He 
tatlmatbd th«t hto defection was the 
rbsttlt off Mr. Drury declining to 
deflnitely allocate a seebad Cabinet 
position to the LaborUss. Mr. Mc- 
Biide said: 

"I shall Uke my seat In thoLegto- 
lature as an Independent Labor mem- 
ber, and wlil eoatinue to do my dutV 
by the peoplit who elected me. with- 
out fear or favor." 

BRANTFOBD, Ont.. Oot S«.— 
Mayor McBrlde. recently elected to 
the Legtototure aa Labor candidate for 
South Brant, iaaued the following 
statement on hto return to. hto homo 
city today: 

"When Mr. Drury appoints James 
Simpson to be designated as hto 
mouthpiece the people may draw 
their own conclusions. 

"My position to thto, I went there 
to repreeeat Branttord tabor, and not 
for all the portfolios In the Domin- 
ion of Canada would I betray tabor 
Into such a compact. 

"Mr.,UUtapsen to seeking a Labor 
seat. Mr. Drury also has to And. a 
sobt, aad, according to The Qlobe, ha 
has been offered North Brant. I am 
prepared to stage a conteet In both 
Korth and South Brant, and we will 
And out who represents the people. 
Let Mr. Drury Uke the North Brant 
constituency, now that he has been 
'chosen so Farmer-Labor leader,' and 
if Mr. aimpson wantt to test oat hto 
desire of boaaa time ago to mast Mc- 
Brlde in Qrantford. bo will be ac- 
camaiodalod." « T 

TO.BONTO, Oct. iO.— Mr. James 
SUaiaon. Vtplfifm on iffitM of the 
U. F. O.-Labor coalition .to the 
charges made by Mayor McBrlde. 
which allegedly led up to the tatter's 
withdrawal from the Joint 'conference 
yesterday, added a new light to the 
dtoputa m the following statonent 
given at noon toda^: 

"Mayor McBrlde made the state- 
ment In the Labor Temple, before we 
met with the U. F. O. to hear of the 
.Cabinet ropressatatlon that would be 
granted Labor, that he was sick of 
'the wboto ththf aad was going over 
to the oppodblon. Thla should glvo' 
aa Idea of wtet faith may be plaood 
la aay of MoBride's statsmoats. Mr.. 
Drury said ho would make tho ap- 
polntmont aftor a ooodsroaod with thO' 
Labor group, nffts^ whteh ha 'would' 
dssi a s upon what porttoUo slioaM 
bo allattoa ta OB. Ho posHlvety gava 
us to aadofstand that tho appolnt- 
mont would only be made after La> 
bar had hooa eonsuKod. Through-^ 
oat our Joint po nt sro a oes^ Mr. Dmnr 

France that her share of tho German 
warships will not be reduced as the 
result o; tbo deatructlon of the Scapa 
Flow units, fof which the Oerman 
government, and not German oflBeera 
individually, to tiTbe held responsible. 


v^^-K- welccm: prince 

MONTREAL. Oct 30.— Yesterday 
the Prince of Wale^ passed through 
the Eastern Townships dtotrlct of the 
province of Quebec, visiting St. Johns. 
Kamham. Sherbrooke. Magog, Rich- 
mond, Lennoxville and St Hyaclnthe. 

Everywhere he was accorded the 
most enthusiastic welcome by the 
French -Canadtabs, with whose repre- 
sentatives he spoke in their own 

Addresse s of welcome In French 
were replied to by the Prince in the 
same tanguage, and there to no doubt 
that Rto Royal ttlkhness made a great 
and enduring impreaalon on the 

He returned to Montreal In tho 
evening and attended a performance 
given at the Princess Theatre In hto 
honor by the Army asd Navjr 'Vote»< 
ans' Association. - 


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■^^^ roiRGOVERNME^fr 

LONDON, Oct. >0.— -The House Of 
Lords, by a vote of 62 to 13, hns re- 
jected a motion expressing the opin- 
ion that the Government had been 
guilty of extravagance. 

Lord Baavorbrook dooiared that m- 
flntion was the real enuse for the 
flnanclal troubles. He deprecated tho 
proposed capital levy and increase In 
income tax, and advocated the taxa- 
tion of wtr fortunes, which be stated 
trould serve to raise C1.500,ed«,99«. 

Lord Birkenhead repudtated tho 
charge against the O^pvernmont of ex- 
travagance. He stated that the ad- 
ministration In the tost year had 
made a sincere effort to pratuce 





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veryt^ frequently caused 
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4f ^a!6*s Duty in the 
Matter at Child Welfare Con- 
vention—Commission and 
J Home for Bo)[S 

y;»^ "^ 

' TANCOtrvSR. Oet n.~4k Um •«•- 
alon taat aUtht at the ChUd W^lftur* 
eo«v*aUon. Attoniey-Oeawail Pkrrta 
■poll* on *'TlM ■mte'v B«ty 
CIdldhood.'* ' 

Many nomnal chlldrota. tb* 
■Kid. did not have a propor ebanee to 
Ittm b«enuM of tho povorty of their 
pMwats or tbo iemptetkNM whMk our- 
round thorn. Bvory ehUd. ho eoatoado 
*d. hod nn niMoluto rltht to>Mi oppor- 
tunity for honlth and hnpplnonn. and 
whon thMw could not b« roeolvod frwm 
the parvnta It wan up to th* atata. 
which had an utMualUlM d«ty In- 
wards thM» children. 

Mr. Wrrls mvntloned many ni tlM 
lawa which had b«*n amondod durlnr 
the laM few )-eara with direct baneOt 
to children. 

An amount of l4.tM.ett a year In 
betnc expended In the Provlaco of 
Brttliih Columbia for educational p«r> 
poMw. Mr. t^RiTta •totod. and ho 
thouRht the people were cottln* the 
worih of .their money. Rducatlon. 
he Considered to be one of the firat 
eeaentlalM In child welfare work, c 

The apwiiker expreeet^U himaelf as^ 
Rtroncly in favor of mothera' ptnalona 
and alao alated that within the next 
few da)-* a commimton will be ap> 
pointed to inveatlsate thla and other 
queatlona which de%l directly with 
child welfare. 

Mr. Fkrrla'made the announcement 
that plans for the eatabliahment of a 
new induBlrta^ home for t>o>Ti on Pro- 
vlmslal Government land at Baaon* 
dale were in an advanced atave. that 
D. B. Bran kin. president of the Child 
Welfare Aaitociation. a returned sol- 
dier, would Ite superintendent. The 
new. schema will maan-4ha oloslnc of 
the condemned buUdlncs at Point 
Orey and the Inausuratlon of the cot- 
ta«e home system. 

The statement was made by Mr. 
Farrls that the mental survey by Dr. 
Cterk and Dr. Hloks. Toronto aaparts. 
reiulted la their reportlns that llfty 
per cent of the boys In th* preaant 
school at Point Grey ar* foahle- 

A further announcement by the 
Attorner-aeneral was that the par- 
■onnel of a commission on state 
health, old a«a and mothers' pensions 
would be made known In a few days. 


diy will ««» fwt Wliid 

It fjTiysri* 

lb* •■■% Tift . .. 

Get m (rOtt VnMKWiB stf 9I(> 

ftt y«ar aoMy bftck 
>tT C Mti p an4 orba^f a<dt W >4 
' >» Jwt try WlMTd Ueer Wtdfi 
llttk»iakiai.JleU ' 


Ststtements Made in Connec- 
tion With Arrests of Alle^ 
Anarchists at Cleveland-* 
National Terror Scheme 






•JB> to 6 POM. W«dM»digr» 1 p^i^ 



.A Bargain in Improved Acreage . 

A GOING|Qptf^N ^l 

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A revenue of between $4.<N)0 and $5,000 can be dcrtrtd bribe ricbt 
patty frotn thia property. • i f ^ 

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l^M and 6524 

. HBLSINQPOBS. Oct. SO.— What !• 
deserlhed aa a Bolshevik "mystanr** 
ehlp. carrying a earyo consigned ta 
"The American Legation, Stockholm. 
In transit to American museums," 
has been captured by a daatroyar m 
Finnish waters and taken Into BJork*. 

Under a «arKO of flax. It Is said, was 
found a mass of Bolshevik llteratttra 
printed In Eliyllsh. French and Gar> 
man. There was also a valuahl* col- 
Isotlon of art objaeta^and flima Ideal- 
Islnr soviet eondlUone. 

Doctors ReeoBUMBil 
Von-Opto for tfie Ryen 

Physicians and eye specUllsts pre- 
scribe Bon-Opto as a safe hom* rem- 
e£y ill the treatment of eye troubles 
and to strensthen eyeslcht. Sold nn* 
dor money refund guarantee by all 
druggists. ^ 

CL.9VELAND. Ohio. Oct. St.— A 
plot to asasslnate I'hl^f of Police 
Frank W. Smith and another high 
city olHctal of Cleveland, was revealed 
by police today, following the round- 
up of seven men and oqo woman, al* 
l««ed to be directly Involved In a con- 
spiracy to spread terror throughout 
the countr>> by another series of l»omb 

Chief Smith declared evidence al- 
ready obtalhed revealed a plot for a 
country-wide anarchistic uprising dur- 
ing the Winter and early Spring. 

Proof has been obtained, he said, 
that arms and ammunition were M^ 
dared from various makers and that 
home-ipade weapons were helng pre- 
pared here In large quantities. 

Flva of the six paraoas taken In 
four raids last night were glvon pre- 
liminary hearings toddy. Three. Theo- 
dore L«owar. an eleetrlclan: Steve 
Matejka. a raaehlnfait. and the latteKa 
wife, were held In ball of IlK.ttt. The 
others, oae of whom Is still held for 
Investigation, were plaoed under 
tl.StO ball. Trtal was set for Oeto- 
her 11. 

NBW YORK. Oct. SO.— Detectives 
of the bomb squad today arreaUd a 
man at I. W. W. headquarters on the 
east aide, anaerarlng the description of 
Frederftk Wheeler, an alleged "aaar- 
ohist dynamiter." who Is said to be 
wanted by the Cleveland police. In % 
round-up qt anarf hlata. 

'OetafDtlvee said tba«' the man ar- 
redtad admitted being known aa 
Prank Wheeler. Mid tbat,be had been 
in Cleveland. WlM|a 'they searched 
his room, the ■ detoofttvas say. thdy 
fohnd meehaialcs' tbals. I. W. W. 
pamphleU and formulas, which H. A. 
Oaaapboll. laspeotor of the United 
Btataa bureau of aolnes. said. #era 
perfeet for makla*. high exploaivo 

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IiON1>ON, Oct. 30' — In the Rouee 
ot Commons. a«nerai 8«ely, Una«r> 
ae^raUry ef State for Air. deoUre^ 
resardlns the reeent aUe«etl6iiB that 
ther« had been a eerloaii numlMr or 
eaanalUea on th« neW air route to 
Bsypt, that In the Sttrtns and earty 
Summer there had been an urselit 
demend from E^sypt for. alrplanea of 

Srse else and enduranee to f^ope with 
e crltlci^l ettuaUon there. 

Owing to thla ursency. maehlaee 
had been sent l»y air Instead of by 
eea. Fifty-one Handley-Pase an>- 
planea aUrted. of which S« arrived 
■afely. Ten were at various points on 
the rojite disabled, and IS had beon 
Siven up as wrecked. One machine 
had crashed down and four lives wore 
loot. There were other bad aoddonts 
Involving foyr fatal and three non- 
fatal Injuries. At the request ot the 
chief of the air stall a special outside 
commission had been appointed to 
inquire Into the matter. 

The Minister emphasised the Caet 
that the chooslns of the route had 
nothlna to .do with civil aviation, ana 
es»in ursed that at the time the situa- I 
tion In Ksypt had been criU cal. 



VANCOUVBR. B.C.. Oct. tS. -^ A 
party ot IS Baptist missionaries sailed 
today on the Empress of Asia, some 
retumlnff to theU: jBeMs after a fur- 
looah and others solns out for the 
first time. 

Amona the party are some of the 
pioneers of the Canadian Baptist 
Medical Missions In India. Dr. ana 
Mrs. B. a. SMrfth first went out to 
India- in 18S3. and open(>d the flrst 
medical station In the mission Oeld 
in lt*fi at Yellamanchlli. After ro- 
turnlna .from a furlough in Canada 
In ISS7. 0r. Smith opened the bla 
hospital at Plthapurai^ which Is now 
the centre of tho mnbion and the 
nmdlcal work In that district. 

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On Qnamlchaa Lake, s ewy ««■ 
beift 8-rooafMe hpMC, 
spleadhi view; id rnnA 
iciKes. loctadiag kol aa« coM 
la S 

electric Nfkt; staatfag la 7)i 4 
of cahtvalee laa^ with «Mt 






VerU-FaaiMl EMimeiJtl 








fewfc.. . ....„^ .TT. Mljf 

Titj tftifltjt 

■MM wumUt IB ai»— i» 

with Um owitmotl— «C tiM 

* irtto w««U AlM trnntf Um 

Iftyiac ar m. «•»!• t* 



Within A ahart Um* tiM aMr 
t^arm«r«L«l>or GavemmwBt vlU b« 
Inataltod In olBo* in Ontario. 1k-l0U 
hav* At l«Mt 6C ■app*rt*r« in th« 
|4«lalntar* out of 111, wbll* it la 
probabla that a aumhar or tha tm- 
aanratlva mmA Uhanl n v am h a r a will 
alaa t«U irMh it oa in«B]r oecai^aa. 

*In aom* wajr* t\ff n*w roKlma will 
b« an •zpaHmani lit g a^ar ai ant, aa 
ftfr tha lint tlma In thla' cowrtrr a 
party, daflnitely rapraaentlni: eartaln 
ciaMOii. will hol« tha raina af powar. 
No oaa win deny that tha YhiUad 
Fartnani hava baan alaotaCHa tha 
LeflaiiUara;ito.look after tha agricul- 
tural Intaraata aC ftfaa Frarhiq^. (Mmi- 
larly, tha LaW mMMb4ra ««iii their 
•wcceai to thair iMIVoeacy bf reforms. 
alCeetlnc tha Mi4uatrial.worhara. The 
■ueceoa or flUlifaL «f QUk c«i|Ltitlon in 
the work of corerntnent will depend 
on ita ability, to legialate for the whole 
peopla, fair aeotionaP legislation in- 
variably pfforaa the andolng of any 
gevernmeAl,' an nMtttar lio# mueh 
wiadom may ba eonoantraMd ih ita 

Thiia Ontario Vt about to wltneaa *n 
axparinMql f*t4«li ««y »raff m in- 

-«H«te« ■muse, aiMk wMah, •m the 
ather hand. nAK f<lMniH^ ^abject 
faUure. Und^t^^a cfretimataacas H 
•hould be the duty of both Xjiberals 
jmd Consarrativaa to gira tha iiew 
Oavemneiit 'ia opportunity to sae- 
ceaA At preaaat the CaaHttonlsts 
hare not what can be eooaidered a 
working majority, but therf ia no 

.reason to beliaye the Province wishes 
tojfte pltHJttetf l9to'*ttfto ttirmoll of an- 
other* election. In ifcovin^l.poUtlcf^ 
aa a rule, tha differences between^ one 
party and another are trlMng, and it 
is net often there are any olear-eut 
tinea af damareatlon ezeept in namea « 
t^aadership ceunta for »,^^Mrmf^ deal, 
w^lch me§ns that the ahBRT, Mvmaa 
and. ' •tataaaiaaship o( Mr. E. C. 
Drury. who is to be OntarMSa Fyemier, 
will be big factors In the fMkire ^ 
the Coalition Oevemiiant Varhapa 
it would be niore ^oFra^ to ealtjt a 


•0m. w«m> w^|M hi 

IHmSU ^ f*H«aHte.fl 
waufd. for laMaaea. l^t«e Mt« %a#«t 
■atevaa Patot. be aonta BMrnilee long 
' If lalft ta «IM haa« a( OM Alharnl OaaaL 
l^e operatlan af such a staUon would 
lUao aaJl for much greater espanaa 
llMia It the\lte were at Victoria. 

Prom tha standpoint of what such 
a wiriliw; laetltutian woul^aa^ to 
^|h^ flty^ tipre Srf $um9 a«^tagee 
timt can be urge4 Tha plant ^lone 
wa«.M aaat a huge aam a( asooay. and 
a ooaaMarmhle amount of thla would 
ha p^K oat In htbor of gU hlkda and 
in aapptlea. Dtera «««ld be an out- 
let for a ataady powar oonaumption 
of savaml Imndred harsa-powai' of 
elaatrtaA ah*rgy generated by the 
radio e6mpany. or ^applied .by the 
esiating system. There would be 
rtffttlar employment for a large ataS 
of akUled and uaaklllad aiatt and 
women Ja tha varlaiui. opamttaaa In- 
volved' iooh a ndUtotolagraph sta- 
tion* wouldvbe an adda^ attraction to 
the city, for it would consist of im- 
mense towera running from 49* to 
••• feet high, tha baaas of whicn 
would cover a large area of ground. 
The advantage of having Victoria aa 
one of the links in the All-Red cfhain 
of wireless would prove an advertise- 
ment ff high Talue lo tha,09fimttnlty. 
aJ weU aa did f«ntor it Krddld be In 
building up clofer, relations betweea 
C^MilMh tha Aiittpi«d4< aatd ih9*B. ell 
of which would help in trade de- 
velopment. From all Indications, the 
proposal is waaili alf tha local sup- 
port that can be secured, and ire hope 
when Dr. TolaiUe retttihs to Ottawa 
he wUl he reinforced with argumeata 
in favor of * PedarAI lloanee being 
granted for the Marconi high power 

station on this Coast, that la provided 
tlie €HH>«ritHI«ift Ksalf Irlll hot tthdlr^ 
take* the antarprlaa fbr Imperial 

ttytWAY BQHilD flVES 

Federal Body Sanctions Pres- 
ent Charges of B.C. Electric 
Railwayr for Tramway Busi- 
ness, Motlflcation Says 


Oroup Qovemment, /or it ia com; 
if two pdrttea wiMas tatai^dta aaa- 
aot be identical |ka hwg as thp fvfm-, 
4rs believe itt htgfc'^ H sdg tot thair 
^ommodHiei ahf 1)»hi.,|^<|«ra. of .ywrk, 
lor their ompwye<M. 'tt is aa aHJMM- 
fient which wig ha wpichedjiu^gh- 
eut the country. !far upon the aoaaaM 
which the new Oavemmaht adUfeves 
irill depend the siiyfort whMi the 
people will bo /prepl^ tf, ^ve to 
tJalted PalMier candidates in the n«act 
federal election. 

< A Parmer-t«bor coalition for 
politleal purpoaea la' a combination 
bound to secttre a powe r f u l following 
in the Federal arena. Only time can 
determine whether or not certain 
.di^erenaes between the groups that 
now appear Irreoonclleable cga be 
assuaged. If the Farmers .dfdmlnate 
the situation, as seems probable, and 
If fi conslderabia number of thoee 
Farmers are drawn from the Jhrah-ia 
Provinces, and ah^uld ih« cotablna- 
Uon be powerful enough to hava the 
right to form a Ckrrernment. we can 
aasume the high cost al l^rlag wlQ ha 
perpetuated through tha prolaMad 
price of wheat. Such a Oovernmeat. 
too, would ba pledged to take dcwg 
the tariff tpra. Irvaapaetive of the ef- 
fect of frWr trade with the United 
Stataa oh llid< pralMna of tmamploy* 
ment la Canada. . The advaat of tha 
new coalition opene up a vista of 
poaalbilltlaa, the affect of irhlch upon 
the country's w.elfhre no one can 

Mr. J. R. Clyttas. a. Labor member 
of the Brttiah House of Commons, in 
proposing a levy on capital doubtless 
had some scheme in view whereby 
ahefh .a method of proving funda for 
t^e pulrpoees .of ^the State could have 
been put- Ui practice. He propoeed. 
further, that fortunea m^ffe dwrli^ the 
war should revert t* thh Mate, la 
eonectlon wUh the latter Mr. Clynea 
must know that practically all. if not 
hll iMak fortunai^ hshve hatn lnya«tad 
Md^'ara' ilow alBSply' repraaepte^ hf 
at^k and plant thl^ugh the opera- 
tion of irhlch divldands ara palVL It 
would be dllHohlt to segregate aoch 
dividends from those aoerulnit from 
other capital not derived from the 
ezlgenqiea of the wtpe. A t#vp an eapl- 
^1 la a.,"hless<>d" phrase which weUld 
be easy to put Into execution, but 
jrhicR m&st woilt h^^Dffjflf^ «m a 
country as a Wh<ble; Magi ehpffal is 
represeated by sto«kt md bonds, 
which in turn denote that money has 
been invested in a productive way. or 
in other vrerda, tl^ U tMk Wd to the 
employment of labor. It la quite true 

The BfM af Railway Commission- 
ers of Canada has notified Attorney- 
General J. Wi da B. Ferris that tne 
Board haa llKMd an order tiJ>proving 
the .aehe^Hlaa m rates as filed by tHe 
B*C. .WMllrle MgUway Company with 
the Bagpi. tha fgtea being the maa- 
imum ^Is as hlraady psevalllng. 

By «Wa aetta«^ tha Attomey-Oen- 
ergi Bimas. tha Mallwiy Board haa 
eathMMiad tha als*cent rate In Van- 
cgttvar and tha^ Provlnoa loees any 
right It oosaaased undda Ita Public 
yiOltlaa Jbt to altar thoda rates, for 
naaanthr tha Damlalea removed the 
B.CL J|lgatrlo Oampany outside tne 
^irtsAMIan gd • tlia provmce ana 
term£| M g «ortc f or the general ad- 
vantaga g( CaMulh. 

So far aa Vletaria is concerned, the 
order o< the Board of Railway Com- 
tdliUattars establishes the straight 
flve-«aat |ar« without transfers. 

Seeks Redoctlo»'-'^':-'-r'y" 

VANCOUVER, RC. Oct.'tO.— Mr. 
Oeorge McCroasan. oity counsel, said 
this afternoon that he. would take 
stepa forttMTith to attack the six-cent 
fare by applying to the Bailway Board 
for a reduction and submitting thie 
evidence he would have advanced t>o- 
fore the Retallack cotnihlsslon. 


f^ew Amendment to Criminal 
Code Gives Magistrate No 
Option Birt to Comnoit to 
Jail — Two Sentenced 






Dr. 8. F. Tolmto. we understand, is 
vary mueh intareated in the proposal 
of the Marconi Company to ereot a 
Mgh-pawar virehMt g latlw , l^ 

tItR with the Antipodes and JTapan. 
•KI^ a radlo-talag*af|h devglgpmegi 
Mid provide fiaW;liBfcs In tfea AIl^ 
■gi wireleas chali^ ga^ with— t m 
4ttfH would be imilillaented In evafp 
«a^ poaalble by thip||lkperlal Ogvmr*- 
It. Tha deslrahMly of ggah * 
station being located near 
la polnMi ggd fer 

It haa te be a alatlaa of 
aa g a slty ta carry 


tract gf fhMp 

aome of thoaa ptooks and ^dada could 
be coaacripted. In proportion aa 
they were the valueof what ware left 
would fall whUh would lead to a 
deatre on the part of every holder to 
sell, at a time when there would be 
no buyers In the market. 

^ A levy on capital would do more 
diait anything elab to drive capital out 
of a country, for thoaa who had It 
Would seek Invastmenta where they 
had the leaat tribute to pay. That 
wwild gidan uaemptorment and vit 
«ni»«ld he uaemployment of a tind 
far which it ia doubtful If the State 
aould find a remedy. It wtmid lead 
tg the atatgratlga of people hs well as 
cgpttat Wa dro perfectly adlgre there 
la a aehool of thought whidh ntaln- 
talna capital should be abollahed aHo- 
gathar. and thht waaUd ba Ita anawer 
to any argument against a levy en 
capltaL However, capital cannot be 
abollahed ovemtght and it la facta not 
theorlea with tfhioh the world fai ean- 
fronted. Except so far as the gold 
supply haa baen inereaaad, in coun- 
triea where there la a gold standard, 
thara la •• mos« 'Capltgl In existence 
today than in pre-war times, for note 
issues only Indicate the credit of a 
country. The Rolahevista. for In- 
stance, who hava no credit save in 
their own country, are printing n'otee 
far «a« at kiaia mK aladlhg thaIr iaii 
abroad for propaganda work. Their 
ndtea MmNI little «r no vtalue In the 
intaraatlaagl maHkat They 
their levy •• ca^pHsl 
ecaMMla f«ih in Ma waksw 

Vj^ g«ad sM»a 
BrlMMto^ phnumaat led IgglM 
tion propoeed by Mr. Clynea. being 

Motor thtevea who are caught and 
convicted will hereafter get prhion 
terma of at least one year. By an 
amendment to *the Criminal Code 
passed at the last session of Parlia- 
ment a year la the least a maglsti^te 
can award. 

Thla amendment was given eff^t to 
In the Police Court yeeterday morn- 
ing, grhan B. C. Sprlnimtt and P. 8. 
Allen were convicted ik purloining a 
motor- from. 'in .front of > the Royal 
Vlctofla Theatre. They had had tha 
car huik a short time when they wens 
.driadUtt by Detect^es SlclUano and 
Phlpps and locked up. 

The prisoners in court yesterday 
morning pleaded they had taken the 
car marfly for a abort joy ride and 
no Idea of actually stealing it. 

Magistrate Jfiy pointed to the 
amendment- in the code as making 
it impossible for him to give them 
any less sentence than a year in Jail. 

For many months past the poUoe 
have been given plenty of work chas- 
ing after atolen motor care. In the 
majority of case the thlevea have 
abandoned the oars at some, lonely 
spot and It was impossible to appre- 
hend thenA. Of late the thieves' Ifavh 
become a trifle balder, aod on two 
oceaatena on which can have 'been 
stolen, the thieves left them near the 
police station. 

.With the new provision making a 
jail term . obligatory, it Is expected 
the series of thefta of mdtrs will be 
materially curtailed. 


Mayor Porter Replies to Army 
ar\d Navy Veterans Respect- 
ing Payment of Road Tax for 
Voting Privilege . 

who Is an able man. knew perfectly 
wall his proposal conid not obtain the 
■g ldl oo 9t the OovWBinsI, bog H 
jMgd his pamioal pu: 

Mayor Parter iaCornied the Army 
and liavy Veterana' Association yes- 
terday that until Provincial legisla- 
tion Is brought down ai the next ses- 
sion of the House It will be impoe- 
sible to modify the road tax reguta- 
tlons which now apply to returned 
aoldtor-cltlaens desirous of voting at 
the municipal elections. 

Accordlng^to tlie regulations now 
In force, rnumed soldiers are pre- 
vented from exercising the franchise 
unless thay^own propei;(y, ara more 
than 60 pears of age, or pay the 13 
road tax for the privilege of voting. 

The Army and Navy Veterans' As- 
sociation, as announced in yeoterday'a 
»v^NMrad a pro|aai against 
ttf tha road tax by ti- 
turned men other than those wh* 
ware damobillaad aiaoe July 31, oa 
Utm g>P«Bd that aueh men should hd 
fggitled to ell the privllegee of cltlsaft* 
ghlp wlthmit havfaig to p«y. 

Mayor POrter pkMed the matter haw 

fdra dip Solicitor R. g. Prlngle aad 

Mr. Fitagle preaaMed a report vig* 

• terday. polnUng out that the exiM* 

ing regulations could not be alterad 

by act of tli» l/e glaUture. 


The aflkslalg af tha Y. M. c. 
althoogh admitting that thara la ggl 



Ftnnerettes* Overalls, mtde fp«« 

«troaf kkaki doth. In popular 

V sljfcs. dj^ Cfi 

*i*^¥jrrtaf. . f ^OmuU 


nt-lace4 Corsets 

Smart New.Quicffi. 

Udl«»' Qvkk<n Valla, mada expreuly 
for. at in JInf land. Estra larfe sites, In 
brows, navy, purple, black aod white. 

• Priced at aoe 

0«iejE-oa Vails ia plain mesh,, madlugi 
files; coMrs navy, brown, black, pur- 
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White aheet, plUowalip. and a maak, 
while the centlemei^4re aaked to 
come provided wltfi a "oat'a head" 
maak. Mr.-Tonng, who appears to 
be In oliarffe of one eectlon of the 
eonspiratore. eeems confld^t that no 
one win be really seared to death, and 
stated that all are aasared a thor- 
ouvhly rood time. The item list of 
refreehmenta, while inoludinc all the 
old-time Hallpwe'en specialties, con- 
talaa many novel featurea. 




Contlnved from Pave 1 

should have, remembering those who 
have auffered. 

Gffca* Tnaphmiion 
I^ollowina the iasplring address by 
Oypay Smith, delivered at yesterday's 
luncheon, the canraasere trooped out, 
flljed with a determination to "con- 
quer or die." They anceeeded in 
cettintf many^ddltlonal lar^o anb- 
scrlptions, and with frean heart and 
courage they Intend pntttnc Victoria 
over the top with a vengeance. 

Arrangementa are heliiv campleted 
for tha liMVe cpao-alr etreai Jbnee, 
which win be held on Saturday even- 
ing, wither yamiittinc. on Tatea 
Street, between DouglM. end Blan- 
ehard Streata. The Poondation band 
haa baan aaoured for Oiia occaalon, 
nndar ih« direction. af Mr. L>. Turner, 
abali man of the bands committee of 
the publicity department, who can l>e | 
relied, upon to render very tvaefol 
aad plaaalag aelectlona. 

There wiU be one or two alwrt 
tptta»»m daUvered from the t>and 
ptatfarm, and a aaeat enjoyable aewn. 
lag Is aAured all who 


refer to sums ot money which the 
Qovemment haa had to borrow from 
the banks from time to time, in order 
ta ma^e paymenta which reared im- 
mediate settlement.. 

It Is a matter of extreme impor- 
tanof that thaao obligattona to the 
banka of the country be settled aa 
eoan aa poaelbl so aa ta ^l aeee that 
moofy for tha oae of tha baaka' oaoa* 
maroM ovrtoiaariL TM Saet tkat tha 
Qovemment has been leaning heavily 
upon the resources of the iMUiks haa 
had a very detrUnMtal effect upon 
the bualneaa elemdnt in'Canada, for 
the banks have only a limited amount 

S' money available to lend, and when 
e Qovemment prgetlcally Oom- 
mandeered larca atime. thla Slaant 
that just so mueh money waa aaaes- 
sarlly withdrawn dram oiroulation 
among the manufactnrera and pro- 
ducers of Canada; 

When the Qovemment la enabled 
to repay thla borrowed money to the 
banka. by meaaa of money darWed 
from the sale of Victorr Sonde, thla 
money will t>e im«aadl«iely available 
for the use of the lM>rrowing public, 
and corresponding expansion of busi- 
neaa is stira to follow, and In the wake 
of this ejfpanaion thera wlU be eastor 
condition^ throughout the country. 


Inveatlgatlon of the eireumstaneea 
surrounding the a o dded death on 
Tiisada/ laat af Mm. rsi— aen. af 1X1 
Powdarly Avenoa. wtU ba BMda by a 
oorener'a jury thla morning at' IS 
0*010011 #t the m C. ranefol 
It. Br. 


Resolution Passed A(lowin£ the 
Delegates From 'Germany 
and Auitri^ tp Take Part in 
Labor Gathering 



daily the Pteiieh CapftaT defagate op* 
paalof the ttatu^i.n ttif ln(ero%ti(piial 
bibor eonfedenoe today decided to 
hfmit repreaei^tata^ »et Oemaaay 
a^d Auatria Immediately upon their 
•rrivill fedre to fun iaiembefahlp In 
flbe world tabor orgaaitatfea. Aa- 
^nate Querin. who cast the only neg- 
ative vote, holding up to view the 
dasolaaioa wrought by the German 
tuiutary ftutChine in the invaded reg- 
lane eC thla country, deelarlng that 
A'^diktiactlan must be made between 

"Wrbarlaoa," nation* that cP««rd a 
braaty aa a hmrap of paper" and 
Allisd peaplee who had foaglit for 
tfte oaiMe of freedom. 

Ha iMlstad that Oermany and Ana- 

tMa. with whom, he said, the Allied . 

aotiona are still at war, shoold not { 

«t the 

expreseed by Leon Jouhanx Pranch 
labor delegate, who aald that the 
'•ar was at an end. and that Oer- 
many must ba admitted te the "ntw 

The Belgian governmental and 
labor delegatea ashad to be reoerded 
aa voUng favorably only bapinae 
"economic conditions foreed'^'^Hhem 
la do so, and Jules CarliaK Belgian 
capital repreaentatlve, , abstained, 
from -voting. '— 

"I cannot rota acataat tho rea- 
ahitlon beeauaa of 'ImporattM Oeonom- 
Ic reaaona which arp alear to all**> 
said Mr. earlier, "and 1 will not 
vote for It because Oermany ha* 
e»nally violated aU Ita oblisatlooa to 
Belgium, and because the Oennana 
haiRp ayalamatloajly wreeked all our 
iBddetrlal lU* durtng the pmtu of 
their ftoeapatlea." 

An effort wm made by Dr. W. H. 
Molena. Dotoh Ooeomment delegate, 
to strike out of the resolution of ad- 
misalon words stating that this aet- 
Hm ^^ taked "hi aeeordanee with 
the dedslans of the Alllee and Aa- 
aeelated pewera," bat the motion wad 
lost by a vote of 4t to i. 

Dr. R. H. Kliaalda. Oovemaent 
delegate from Beoador, aafced why 
Ifexico had not baen Invited to the 
conftrenoe, and movad to adntt that 
repablic while Judge Jahaa CSast- 

sentatlve. propoeed that Plntead al- 
so be admitted. Both motiona were 
deferred nnder tha ralea mttt to* 


Ml adnaittad antll the 

Eh waa tho view of tiM Preach 
Mid of Loon Bonrf eola^ 
Vltoweh l ap r aaentativa to thd 

WINMIPBO. Oat. Sd.— Tha inoemd 
tax department announced thla after* 
- noM tnu eletan dddltohal write to 
payment «f tha 19IT Inooma 

eppoil U on to thla slaw wag 

ent had 


men. Thla brtnga 

Um tettl jireaaipotiona new snder way 
tha net •» to ST. 






to iftlcctoiinelvcs mm 
Ru. Wetr rubbers when- 
ever it h 4m^ mA coH 
We hrrt nSEm to in all 


1S9I MiT«l»Sl. 

An Intfrrestin^ Display of 



A.R.Qralam B. M. Brown 

Sok Acenu for tike FkaKMU 




vwroBu nnsL oompan¥» ltd. 



Aitiimn and Winfer Readinf 

,^^L|Brc CMC |ar.Ui« tftMordant aUnoif here «f oradera cxbtcncc h 

to « worM of «M*s own dMostaff 

Sta4y tiM st«f$ aad tiM iouMWitar of spact, 
fMMaptlM «r |Ma busy with Ms Htttt fiMCralr 

aM U«ck at tte 






Sepred hot in bur tea room or rea^y- for you to take 
home and serve on your own tabled Remember to call 
^nd get some today. J. • 


fpiim ItSS S41 Y« 

•t Ma Mild anMr IwwNI ia «Im «&. Ii»> 
iHt « alral«lM»ar<Nur« Matotr •( 

MtMuaOtac ««%«|B In «M«|| tiM SHMI 

tir*aa tMa wrawia D>a»ial>» pwrlk^ 
»ait*C aatti* Um mm* te«ai«aite« faty 
Um i»«rawwU t«itw»r*«««lwa of cartala 
tektWM «( Um «rMt «MMidva vMteii 
U* ■a>a, lr i > iM Wt i aa •& iMtela la kla 
aiaMManWk TIm la^twrta alMMk oC 
eo«fMi, aanrc^ MUl-twtlMr cr«plU> 
«RUr !• UlHBtrM* «Mn* «t tiM coa«« 
! tiMw-'tiM •MU'tora. mtnsMMa* «*r> 
nJa ovar whMi tlia a««al«« lHk4 to 
•rM for ft srMt purt «r tt* ttaaa: tli* 
utt«r daaoaaUwR wad rain of TtUaca*. 
town.s and aiaoda whteh had coaaa 
wllhte mac* af tlM lonr-dlalnnea 
(una: th* ateMiacad roada and bau 
l«r«d billets to which tho nwa on «rt> 
oaaion had to rotani after lon< 
parloda of hardrtil|i to tha tr on o h a a . 

tiM parla of tha ad d raaa 
whieh wora follaarod with tha 
latanse tataraot ware thaaa whieh af> 
tardad a a a a athtM ^ way «t altaUcItt 
on iha aaa t hra a of tha "^Iglwc a»<r in 
pat ala tt a t In what, ta tha ann-ehalr 
critlCB at hama. appeared aa la^(^o« 
tlve and waatatal tchtlnir. Far tn> 
ataaae, apaaklac of tha Soaame, 
Colonel Poalar aald thta waa not an> 
dertaken hy the Britlah tor the ex< 
praaa piurpaaa «( nhtatalaa vletacy at 
the Somme. 

TW tkt* PMd 

^ «« <M' ta* 

Oik HiM* Ui» tam»t>o •« «•« 
PeiL hataa th» aMTiMai wUi < 
at «ae>«aMW«a» yetC &*it*«t)r 

1. a* taa«« 

" a " 

kkiiMw n»^a «^ jK- I 
I la 1^»aa aaa eaa 

k««a la 

at thair afeta^ at Tar« 

"The parpoae at the 8oaaaia waa to 
rellaTe the altaatton at Verdun.'* 
atated the jipeaker. "In the Sprlnc 
at 1»1« the Boehe "had tha Idea thnt 
I t<i« i>"i>surh werv on thalr tenaaa. aad 
I that only a vary atroac drtve on the 
part of the Oermana waa needed to 
eonvtatee them that tha caiaa waa up 
and that thay ware beaten. If the 
Franeh could ha eoavteead at thk. the 
Oermana heltevad they would he able 
to necotlate a aapar^ta peace. . . . 
It waa at thia point that the aarkn a* 
aattlee kaowto aa the Sommo wer^ 
atasad with a. view to torelnc the 
Qannana- to atreacthen their reln- 
forcementa at another part of their 
front line, thla. In turn, reaulttnc Ih 

''la that the dtalraa eflaet 
cured, tha whale Saaaaaa battle waa a 
tra aa aa d a a a aaccaaa.'* aaaarted Colonel 
Fbadar. And tiroaa thla paint of view, 
alaa, it waa eaay ta aaa where the 
aaaataur crlUca at hooke fell down 
artM« they read the dtapatehea and 
laakad at the aaap day hV day recard> 
lac the battle of the Soanme aa aa 
aetlaa lad^iiendent of and unrelated 
to tha wholaw 

'*Thaks were uaad for the flrat tiaaa 
at tha Baauae. Thay were an abao- 
lata anrprlaa ta everyoa*. At thla 
tlaio ttMy ware not very auceaaaful; 
thay cot badly held up by the bad 
crauad. the deep mud. and all the 
eandtttooa of that klad. But at tho 
waa deuonatrated what tt waa 
far a machine of that klna 
to accompUah." 

VUiay Wdca 

Whan colonel Fbeter came to that 
pait at hta atory which had to do 

If we have reminded you of 
, something vour wardrobe lacks 

you mti mi it a pleasure to make 

a purchase from such a stock as 
this. Plaid Skirts are shown ki 
^ !most evety desirable Sjhade com- 

bination and pleated effed— the Skirts of navy a)id black serge have 
trimminis of brakl» or rows of pin-tucks, buttons, fancy pockets, Ijelts, 
and are mvariaUy gathered at the back. Skirts of good quality tweed are 
also presented. 

738-730-734 Yttes SI 
Tdepbone 3983 

1^ ^v^ 


• -W ^ sv- 



.■'■^,:i»ny;'^ li 


ufA ,JH «.*„^,J , 


Exdusive Fumert - 


'•"•- ' /:.'>*''»'t.T 

» i^ 

"■- i 

Uprecedested Far ifitm iHierdI 
ExcHiiyely it Ftttei's 

.»•»■ .V ^^ 


artth the treat attadi on Vlany he 
apoke enth u Blaa H cally at the callant 
vaaaner In whieh the Canadian* had 
carried out the tadt allotted to them. 
**V1aay Rld«e la the tote war aad 
la o^r treat waia of the past has 
alwaya been retarded aa a poaltlon of 
traat aatllUry value.** he explained. 
**In aaaltnlnt the taak of takinc and 
hoMInt thla part of the line to the 
Canadian Oorpa the hither command 
waa paylnt a treat tribute to what 
the army ftom this country had done 
at Tprea and elsewhere. There were 
more Uvea loat In one aquare mile 
around Vlmy than In any other por- 
tion of the llthtlnt line, probably, 
hut our'end was a^ceompitshcd. The 
prapavatlonB «»r the taktnt of Vlmy 
araca camplMa to tha ftneet detalL aa 
eampleta that, the traapa toint over 
actually oanift with^ them altns to 
put oa Hwj^i w ftaa 'tienches. tivtnt 
tha BrlUali: baaMa toitha^aid German 
traachaa whftHli-tMvA tabo Uken." 

•TUta bit bf^MHMftloti -was treated 
.with applauaa;^ -OotoaaV Poster went 
«g[ ta laU that tha ^Qabnana knew 
thKt th» attaai^ waa 4a take place. 
tliBy «iM ioatevlMf the Canadians 
lli i> ».» aa a >ii| H i af to the task. A 
panfphMk. a U»il d by the German com. 
ataader. tell Into the handa of the 
C^tadlabs after the attack was over. 
In thta paper the Ctettaan troops wera 
Informed that it'a'att^anadlans whom 
they "would have to face In the ac- 
tion anticipated, and amont other 
t|Ui^ the baclM olAcer noted: "Tha 
Caaadiana are' Known to be amont 
tha baat fltbtlnt troopa that tha 
BrlUah poaaeas." evidently a warn- 
Int to the Pruaalan aoldlcra to put up 
a atur atht. 

Still further descrlbint the minute 
preparatlona made by the Allies for 
this atUck at Vlmy. Colonel Foater 
atatad, and ahowed by phototraph. 
how lltbt railways had been run up 
ta #lthtn very abort distance of the 
llnaa In order to carry forward sup- 
pUea and remove aa rapidly as poo- 
albla all ambulance oases and wound- 
ad. The Germans, knowint on their 
aide alao what waa toInt to take 
place, brotttbt up a tremendoua 
amount of artillery, tas-shells and 
equipment and supplies. 

Ladiet' Snart Riiii- 
coab ud Capes 

Plain and tveed cloths, also 

of Girb* 

10 to 16 years. 

Flaiihad WUrt. neat 

striped patterns. |S.8Qi» 

______ . « , . 

CMfil Y«w aatnm •* 0» 

Seabrook Young 

Note These Meat Prices for 
Today and Tomorrow 

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nrat Dijhtt YMNraalf ^^"^o Uvary ia Caaa4^ 



Give us a ring: and wie 
will coine up immedi- 
ately and look oyer 
your plumbin^^. 

"A stitch in time saves 




Plumbinc aM Heatiiif 

741 Pandora Street. 

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Drive ihe car yourself. We Teiit Overlands, Fords, DodMtr"" 
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OM^^mmamm street 

Pboae 1532 

"If Paaschendaele fell into th« 
posMMlon of the BrltlBh the Qer- 
nwna realised they would have to 
evacuate the whole of their coast 
line." aald Colonel Pouter when he 
came to thla period in his history of 
tHe war. With thla realisation the 
enemy put up a strenuous flcht at 
thla point. Over a period of three or 
four monltha. only very small gatna 
had been made, at a very consider- 
able coat. Then a change of com- 
mand In the north ranie about, and 
one Of the nmt thlncs asked for waa 
that ' the Canadian Corpa nilsht be 
Bent up. 





Viclorls. B.C 



mt vkiada. 


Coavax Ovtl Framas, f 4 x ao. 
Afsata offerad to buy out entira 
flao* at r«taH_ prices, fr<mi t2.S0 ta 

!ii*"«»i.S*^'*»^ »?••»».*«» tham all 
any price. ■' 

Oood .aasortweat •• haaS. , 1 

nuiria Irl EkHriiif 

•H «ahaaaa Si. Waat aff ftavaivaam I 

'1 i i i j 


of the 


attack on Ballavne Spur waa that It 
fell IntOi otir hands, and Eventually 
the whole of Paaachendaele KIdse 
fell Into oiy poaaeaaton. That In itself 
waa a sreat succcas. Unfortunately 
the operations of the whole* year 
proved disappointing because we 
were unable to follow up our success. 
Coincident with Paaachendaele came 
the bic fkllure on the Kussian front, 
and the Oennans were able to brlnx 
up many of tha troopa that were 
re l ea s ed from that atda. About tha 


OF CtlM 

same ttmasthe Italian flaaco came and 
our aecond army, under Plumer. had 
to be tranaferred to Italy. These 
thtnss had their effect for the worse 
ao far aa we were concerned. The 
«nd of 1S17 pixtved a sreat dlaap- 
polntment to everyone on the Allied 

One little ray of sunshine did Alter 
throush durlns the weary months 
that followed: thla was the splendid 
stack by 81r Julian Byns at Cambrai. 

"On this occaiiofk it was demon- 
strated almost for the flrst time In 
the wsr that the clement of surprise 
was very important to success. By 
a very brilliant attack nutde in abao- 
lute secret, and whera tanka were 
used almoat for the flrat time in lieu 
of artillery, sreat success was 
achieved — althoagh wa were unable 
to follow It up owlns to the Impoaal- 
blllty of brlnrlng ))p reoarvaa.' 
tha apeaker. 


*nia early part of If IS opaaed up 
with very crest apprehension amonvat 
tha hlsher command about the future. 
Rut never In all that time did I find a 
sincle Instance in the front line of a 
man who had lost heart. *No aoldtar 
was ever heard to expreas any doubt 
aa to the outcome. It was that splaa- 
dM spirit that made the results what 
they were. When we stsrted in tStS 
our machine gana war* la tha ratio 
oi one for every flv* 
whan wa finlahed up la Itlt wa had 
one gun to every twenty maa. It 
one of the most wtmdarful things that 
ever happened In the #arM — that man 
aach aa we had. entirely nntralaad to 
war. wera able to staad off the Oar- 
msns for four yeaia and then t 
boat tham at tbalr 
Na awmr wlrnt 

somethlns which would make him put 
his back ta the wall and tfty: wa Win 
never be defeated!" 

Blow at AmtaMi ,« ^V..»/ 
"AUhottch the number of men we 
had In the bevlnninir of 19 it was atUI 
not greater than that of tha Qermans. 
he had shot his bolt, and we had 
unlimited reserves now on which to 
draw. Foch struck hla first l^low at 
Amiens. Tha resylts exceeded even 
expectations. And from Anileiis on 
the Canadiana never caased to fight; 
they took part in seven out of ten of 
the big fights. Whenever the Can- 
adiana were found in action you al- 
waya found some of the best German 
troops opposite tham. The Canadians 
captured 30.000 German prisonera; 
they met and actually defeated in the 
field forty-saven Gamtan divisions." 
In conclusion. Colonel Foster de- 
voted soma minutes to pralae of 
France and Belgium for the steadfast 1 
spirit, the great faith a^nd confidence I was much 
whieh thay had displayed tftrottsh> I whldi 

out the ordaal ot more than four years 
of grinding oppiaatioh fellbwlna the 
wrecking of their towns, thair farma, 
thatr homes. All this time th«y had 
nat loat heart. Broken down ahyslcal- 
ly*, they were never broken ta a^ltt. 
Always, they had said aftarwaras, they 
knew that dellYaranoe wouiS coma. 

"When yau realiaa th« wonderful 
spirit that persisted amongst the pao- 
pla of France and Btelgium you c^ 
understand even better why the Ger- 
man from tba flrat was doomed to 
falluta,". said the speaker at the last. 

Nets SSeS 

NANAIMO, Oct. SO.->A two days' 
bazaar by tha Ladlaa* QuUd of Ht. 
Paul's Churoh, the raoelpta of which 
will total nearly lt««, was concluded 
last night by an entertainment pn>- 
vftdad by tha ohUdraa of the parish. 
Tha programme of muiMc and playlets 
enjoyed by an audience 
St PaaPa lasthnMi^ ^ 


Utest "New Edison" 
'Plays all records perfectly" 





■ 11 1 10 1 


r iMlMk fMr «A fliid 


la gpo4 Huh. 
Cir it ao« ftilivad oifU »t,iaS jr. 


poiii* tlMjvnVr Hoi 

Wie S^ for .Cash 

Kijr Your Goodb'iR a CUiPStore and G«t 

riiiiiii I II I itu ^ w .11 

. SmM To4»7 in <!koe«rr 

t ia t abM iWk RefvUr 2 tiu for 2Sc: 



F i Awid at titt faMuiitog iMeM: 

nc liUBlK perlb. ..- ^.,...;...t.-: wi# 

per lb. .. 



Spyt, Kte|li,'VrMlMijrB, J ot fU t i «», Mictittoth Hedt and 

BBian't Ifapfe toaik 

l i M i |ifa>' U » 





' ) ' " ' V * 


XJitMiM, the grcskt Antiseptic I School BcritUors, regular 5c 

for colilf. etc ,-|Mhiiiy «k I «ach. specUl. 3 for 1.11^ 

bottle for lOc wT^t kMtle I ^QNittUio %>ipi roi. 2 f o« 25c, 

for ^,-» 3 m i My d^kyTt^uj 3 for WH 


1 sOCuM, 

rcfwlar Ue Mck fot^ 

pint littj^ regular $i J5 for —..^ 

10s Mcti, special 2 for 


r gy," ? r 



y|BIMK'|>«> VANCOUVER ^ ^ 


Ml. SMI 

and District in 



wtUi 9t,Mt.SM 
w»«k of Itlt. 

«TUi Bat- 

A«M>cteUion. ot 

VlB ksU thair llrA aocUl 

B«xC November 3. 

the pa^UBli«4 
UK of offlaaf of ward LJber&l Aaao* 
datlons tlia tmmm o( Mr. A. B. da, 
— crota r y of tiM Ward Flvo Aaaeela* 
Uon. waa laadvarttntly omlUaO. 


of tha measlwra af tha B.C. UUvar- 
■Itjr Board bald on Tttoaday. tt waa 
decided %hMt a apeclal meetins would 
Imto to be called to coaalder the af- 
Allatlon of the Victoria Collese with 
the Unlveralty. 

• ^^tt^ ■ 


now deing imoufactured ia British 
Otaaia^ The Mitt tt Ocetn Ptns, 
B.C Is tumiag oat i paper of excel- 
lent* vaifomi qutttty. wHh great 
tensile strencth. In ul points it is 
the ecnial of any Kraft Wrappfaig 


irTiiiiVii il^ijuii 





^^l^iJ^JS^^***^ ^'^ *^ *>*>"»«• ^^^y *ny one article 
giipltlli jhrmmm strvice tban the Dininc Table, and 
P payi to buy a cood, wibstanflil mm. We iHtie a iplendid 
T^'l!i ftSj£ l^ "^ *^ "^ rg«optbte prlbtK Here 

•Hog TaMa, ia goll* tfrn; 
eadli to six 
IcfA A real 


df _*oepoB>i Fvilware 

^Ere top; cxteadli to six 

five luiUed 
itagAin. Cash 


__ j_ " ■ ^ ■ ■ ^^ — u^^^.^— ic .ijr^w 

tor C9mt tk 9B ce — InrlU- 
tiona haVe been sent out to the dlf^ 
fMwnt pre«vUiGlal ereaalaatloos for 
Bear^ of Trade conference to be 
held to VaneouTer early next Febru- 
ary. Sonio •• boarda of trade are ex- 
pected to be repreeeoted at the 

• wvr «>r> Vait Basonr— Member* of 
the "J" Unit ChapUr I.O.t>.K. who are 
oontrtbuttog artlolea to the stalla at 
the Chapter's baaaar belnr held next 
Wednesday at the KmpreM, are re- 
quested to turn them In to the I.O.D.EL 
headquarters. Jones Building, on Sat- 
urday, or Monday, at the latest. 

Btmwbarry Tale Bfaaqnenide-^in 
connection with the Anglican Church 
at etvawlbarry VUs. a Asllghtftil liaa- 

qiterada Ball was held last evening in 
tke ckttreh halL rrtor to the da^ca 
aa toteresting musleal programme 
[WUB glv«B. Sultablap rtaea waro award- 
ed to wlmiors of the beat dressed 
lady. gent, girl and boy. 

l(fo««rlsta Hoed — Ten motorist* 
ware arraigned to the Police Court 
yesterday morning, aeven being: fined 
91 ea«h for failure to have the UU 
lighta lit. They were Messrs. W Web- 
star. O. ■. Otrley. O. Mlnty. i^ Chintsr. 
Ik B. Richards, Wah I>e and Dr. A. 
Lk Glaresche. Dr. PoynU was fined 
tto for passing a standing straat oitr: 
R. B. Berka and Frod Monro, a Ilka 
agiount for speeding.' Tha charga. 
against Mr. M. Millard for speeding 
WMi reaiaa4a«t- until this morning. 

i iircfm lalmod— wnile cycUng on 
the Causeway yesterday morning Foon 
Wonff. of Btl Flagard Street. susUined 
a fra<oture of the loft leg when his 
wheel skidded throwing him heavily 
to the pavement. In the police mo- 
tor ambulance he was Uken to polio* 
headquarters by Constable Heatley, 
whato a^ aid was vondared. and Dr. 
X<snaax tfsmmened. The injured jrouth 
was^hen Uk*a to the |toyal Jublle* 

Beosaads Graated—Remands were 
gtantae h7 Maglstrata lay la tha Po> 

lioe Court yesterday in the cases of 
Ross Laford, charged with vagrancy, 
and that of the young girl accused of 
tlMT than Of a far coat, tha propSfty 
of Mrs. Uoanee. In^ the latter case 
hall ot 1600 was fixed. J. MoLellaa 
wos fined $10 for being in powisejoa 
of liquor m other than a legal place. 
The accused claimed the IKiuor had 
bean brought to bis room by friends. 
Ooatlaoea Isiaad THtar— in spite of 
a southeast gale which blew yaater- 
dayr the Pathfinder II. made the trip 
from the ^Snilows to Courtenay in two 
hours and ' flfteen jmlnutee. Twelve 
passengers were taken up yesterday 
aad eight have booked for toda/. To- 
day at noon the' machine will leavo 
Courtenay for Albernl, where several 
long-distance fllghU will be \inder- 
tahen for the benedt of latendlag 
pa aw n as ia . a featara of the flyiiw 
u p oea atg y is the Ottremely heavy 
winds encountered, which yesterday 
amounted to "^ almost a severe gale. 
After the Albernl trip the machine 
win return to the Willows. The Path- 
flader IL will soon be laid off for 
ovarhaul when the original Path- 
Ibider eomea out of "dock." 

Wtf a— I Ooatveottoti at Taroalo-i 
Vh9 bi-aaaoal National Convention of 
the T.M.C.A. Is slated to take place 
at Toronto from the 20th-23rd of 
January. lUt. The last o<aivenUon 
#as held at Ottawa two years ago anA 
waa at t e n ded by delegatea from all 
over the Dominion. Tha eatoh-mi^ 
pal movement now under way at t!ie 
loeal Aaaociatlon Is produdttg prOm- 
iafng results. Fifteen new members 
were secured last week, and numer- 
on* **proopecta" are In sight The 
gymnasium elaases have grown out of 
all ree o g n ltlen, and a record attond- 
anee Is being looked for in the Win- 
ter season. Basketball is proving an 
attractive feature, aad some of the 
recent games In the Bouse League 
have been productive of osoeedlngly 
fast' ptay. ■ 

nard's Auction Roonw, View Streot, 

by tk* thiaf or 
At tba other 

gelaed over the 
at the rear. M.Tf la 
ftaga a drawer la the desk. Aa of- 
DM* to eater tbo aafa waa ssade. bai 
ITbo outer door el 
but the tauBor oaa 
afetatenCod to oaea 
the latter witboat suoeesa 

Poilee Court yeatorday two brothers 

evading and ■obatruetlng a g|une war- 
den In tbo oMctttlon of his dutlaa. Svl- 
doaee given by the game w a r d oa 
shewed that be did not demand that 
theqr sboald stop In the name of the 
law, aad oae of the youths kept on 
going. The charge against that de- 
fendant was dIamifMed;' In the case 
of the other.' diaiged with having 
given false Informatlod, he did stop 
when called upon to do so and. the 
game warden testified, gave evasive 
anawem at first, though later told the 
truth. Tlie lad was fined |10. 

r. F. Napler 
Dealeon, director of the Oonsaleo 
UMteorologloal observatory, reported 
last night that the first sdvere south- 
east gals of the Winter season was 
raging, aad that It extended from the 
northern end of Vanoouver laland to 
Alaska Ita influence niay extend 
aouth to tha 8tralta..of Juan de Fuca 
and the Qulf of Georgia, ^torm 
wanUag* wore ordered last night from 
hla elBoe for Victoria, Vancouver and 
Nanalmo. At five o'clock yesterday 
afternoon the wind had a velocity of 
4S miles from the southeast at Tri- 
angle Island. The tendency of the 
effect of this storm will be to bring 
mild and rainy weather to Victoria, 
with a general rise in temperature 
-throughout the prqvince. 

XroTiKtal ABPototmeate— Appoint- 
ments announced in the current num- 
ber of the Provtbcial Qaaette areas 
follows: To bq^ Notaries Public: Mr. 
Swen McArthur, of Vancouver: Mr. 
Joseph A. Bargltt. Mlsalon City; Mr. 
Simon D. Macdonald, Prince Rupert: 
Mr. Arthur D. Brandon. South Van- 
couver: Mr. Aleaander A. Cannon. 
Francois Lake; Mr. Bmest A. K>yle, 
Mr. Bdward F. Odium and Mr. Kd- 
ward 8. Davidson, of Vancouver: Mr. 
■dmund'P. Kay. Vlotorte: Mr. Charles 
B. Strutt. Kamloops, and Mr, Robert 
a. Day. Vlotorla. Mr. Francis Webb, 
of Aahcroft, la named Coroner, and 
Mr. A. H. Allison, Of Prince Rupert, is 
appointed official member of the 
Board of Director* of the Prlaoe Ru- 
pert HospltaL 

Eatmrtataed at Government Boase— 
Member* of the Vancouver Island 
Conference of the Woman's Institutes 
of British Columbia found a vry de- 
lightful Interlude to the huslnesa part 
of their three days' pregranune here 
this week when they went to Oovem- 
ment Bouse on Wednesday afternoon 
at .the Invitation of La^ Barnard. 
Mr*. dlaokvood-Wlleman. chairman 
of the Advlaory Board, presented to 
Mr. W. B. Scott, former Deputy Min- 
ister of Agrleulture and a very ataunck 
friend o^ tba WQmen'alastttatea dur- 
ing the Ume that Jie fAted a* their 
Superintendent, a h^dsome silver 
rboe-bowl on an ebony stand as a 
mark ot their esteem and apprecia- 
tion of hla great assistance and un- 
failing courtesy In dkyS gone by. Mr. 
Soott in accepting the gift thanked the 
ladles and gave a «hort history of the 
work pf the Institute*' In British Co- 
lumbia. Dr: Warhock on behalf of 
the Advisory Board thanked Lady 
Barnard for her rreat kindness In ex- 
tending her hospitality to the Con- 
ference during Its sessions In Vic- 

Chapter Presents Plctureli — An in- 
teresting Uttle ceremony took place 
at 2:4B yesterday afternoon at the 
Willows Camp School, when the L O. 
D. E. set of Canadian historical pic- 
tures, comprising "The Sailing of the 
Flr*t Transport." The Death of 
WoIfeT* and Joseph Brock, the Mo- 
hawk Chief, were presented by the 
Willows Camp Chapter to the school, 
which has been adopted by the Chap-* 
ter under the new I.O.D.S. educa- 
tional scheme. The regent, Mrs. E. 
A. Taylor, addressed the assembled 
pupils and their teachers briefly and 
Introduced Miss Louise Hayward, the 
Chapter's educational secretary, who 
made the formal presentation Very 
gracefully. Miss Cooke, educational 
secretary of the Municipal Chapter, 
was also present and spoke a few 
words relative to the Chapter's pro'- 
posed Mueatlonal plan. The Willows 
Oamp Chapter is also working ener- 
getically in behalf of the French re- 
lief work and the care of soldiers' 
graves. In order to augment their 
funds the members will sell holly dur- 
ing the month of December, tbls hav- 
ing been decided upon at a meeting 
last Monday. 

' ' -.^— p-^...^.— .-^fc^^w- 



ltet«ar«I«ctcal Offle*. Vtatoris, B.C.. at t 
p.nk. 0«tob«r S«. lltt, 

„A Mv«r« Mcen ■term now eentr«4 eg the 
If«rtH«rn Brittah CelimbU Cttmmt la llk«lr 
I* eases eestsrir to aentharlr salaa. fx- 
taseiac to th« atraiu «n4 aoinS. The 
w«alll«r la ealdl In th« Pr»lrl« rrovisem, 
sad mow is fsHMs ta lUslteka. 


11 u. 
Vfctorta, B.^ ••*«•••«.««•.«. S# 
Vaaceuvar .•...»••«.•'.••••*•• SS 

iCami oop a .•*.•,«•«.•••.««••• SS 
y s r fca>ville ...«»»«»<»«»««.»« 14 

rffisea assart ...••«»«••••.« Sv 

* Dewaon. T«^ «.*•»*««^.^. IS 

WlnBipaiK lAa^ eeeaeaeaeseao Aw 

PortlaM. Ore. ...••«*. 3t 

port MiStU^ aao«Vjf|«4lEa«« aoosf M 

PantlMoia •# *•«••« »»• • « • • »« • « r9 

NalaOA •••••••••••• a^ m9^0 • *•• mm 

• • • • a • • 4"'* * • • • ' * 

p • • • ^%^ «wa • •«•' M 

nlffliaaa eoaoaesa «•• •«• ••■ ■ e ••»••• a ai«*4i« 40 

I^Waat egioo^eaooeeoee^* e^O «•*••• to a«# M 

AVVfaya ••«•&• •■•««*oe*so« #^a * 99 • •* a • e 4 S 

■■■Ha aK JlfW^9 ^tfB«'i« aosootlsoe so*** 9S 

rtaat — rfbuL 4 bra S4 mls^ 
laaral atsleef wsstfeer. flair. 













la a eaHfofftaMa 

Cyrm H. 



? .. 



Boy lUeiki Fron CopasJ^ Jkin 


•adiia CanvuMii. 


Per lb: 


MBW anEDLBaa sAisiNa- t 

Per packet .„ ,. ,.,».■ 



Per lb. 

Per lb. 

c* a. 

Per lb. ,„t.. 

■wp i i ■ Maii r r'*r.*» 4 

Per dosen . 

JBLLO-^U flavors. 
2 paekats for 

_ ^___^ 25c 

viOSTABLB 801IP— Dominion bifiBd. |A^ 


M lb. i^^^- 

Wa Cm Y4M IIm Bart VidM in tfM 

Waa DaKvwry EvanrvJDar* UHl^n^fi 


Formerly Coins A^Yom 

49 lb. 0tk < — .T' ^Mft" ; 



> ife?Air FWposes 

So great is^hc popularity of the Electric CamFktli^t M, 
has well nigh dome to be counted amotig the "necessari^* ^ 
in furnishing % home., Coulcf you but see the many beauti- ^ 

jFul forms these Lampi are presented in you would find it hard to ' 

refrain from purchasi^ orie---at least! 

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N^ctal and Mahogaiyr 
Table Lamps 

(The metal lamps arc here in siaes saitsM* 

.'for table, piano, desk or boudoir. Finishes 

^ include antique brass, Empire gold, 

bronze, old ivory and verdc green. Colors 

of glass shades are beautiful and present 

■' a firte scope for selection. Prices vary 

• from fH0»80 to ..........~...... ^4W»0v 

ifliJiogaay Table X'dmpa^ with silk shades 
are p*fced from f 11.25 to :.......988.76 

IL Beaujifia Tabid l««np with sOl'fkaild m| 

handsome fluted design ; generously larga 
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Electric Light Shaded of fluted'TinenV...185f 

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Prices 23^ to.-.:. — —i- ••S# 

Floor Lamps ^-^^ 

Our presentation of these popular floot 
lamps embraces a choice variety of styles. 
Standain makogaay and other ^liahes. 
Shadaa ia handsooMjlesigns cleverly con- 
trived to produce dainty lighting effects. 
Prices 935.10 to : f45.00 

Table Lampa with silk shades, f 13.50 
and S14 40 

VOaa^a ■»»•»•■*— »eeaaea>eeeee«eeM»«»eeeewe«oeoooo—oO»ea^y«^^Ma^m^y 


Govanunmt Stvaat 

Oppoaite Poat Office 

Spend the Week-End 
in tibe Coiintry 

We give special rates to 
those wishing to spend the 
week-end in the country. 
Make your reservations early. 

blaiid Aato Livery 

711 JohiMOo St Phone «638 



-— Stop4vh#n you* see the sign of. "Clay V* 
ior there y0u can purchase the daintiest 
cakea M town. It is THE place for after- 
ndon tea. 


9X9 9^ 9L 

The FauMwa Dumaa l^rvtt 

UaAB^hr '• A. Talslss. who has assn 
the chief csady «»*«• for Lsn- 
bMTts. LAd.. of baklana. OsUf. 
■ Olvs Us a Call 

ran SALE 

Battery. Charging Set 

11* to tM 

vslOL with 4e«M« 
ebsrslss MblM. I 
Ko«d workias t^ir. ei 
•la* bsttorlw ns ts S 
HM. Css ks 




I 1 


gAliOAIlT. Oct. a«.— W. R. Lowin. 
a< tho Al«aaii4ia 

JM tho Alaaamlia BMhMiW asrs. Ma 
iaM« tan ^ ai<»s» ta aai 991m- 


I I '.i i I ] I =a=ssa 

Good Taiiety of Teas 


I Taa 





We Have Atoo a Nice Variety of Coffee 




iHlook tin MOli $t.i4^MS!7'M!!£( 

THE DkttiY^GtflvOmSt. VteTORIA, B.C. FRIDAY, OC^TOBER 31. 1919 

f « a 

"Gyppy" Sfiilth tftrills Audl- 
anoe, at Rotary. Luncheon-^ 
Among Speakers Who Ap- 
pealed for Victory Loan 


The mcist d/tsirable and -satisfactory 
fuel fpr all 4Qmfi§tic^P u r p n r i- « 

Our Senriet I|;Proiniit 

-iff ' 



Come to the Boys' 3tor( ^Jt^'^ this, importaf^^ pur- 
chase and you may choose frflwiVtarie^ of smart cloths 
and 8t}^es that are deemed the sf|iartest of the season's 
offerings. Fonh-fittang and w«M£^eaj& mod^a.. 4 iV . 

* Bojs* ClolkM 


I RAII»[^K} Ulii. TRDKS. 

* ■ t 

•: 8I1IIA. Oct. 30 — owlnc to tbe 
haimir 9t .tk» WMlrl.MaiiMid& tfur- 
ta« and alnee the Afyhaniirtan troubl* 

iha* bveetd* nee«MMtry to' kdbpt 
M«iirM to. prevent oontlnual attacae J 
m Brttlab posts and eooToya ;an<f i ~^ 
<^id« latp Brttlah territory, '^'^ - • ' 


, l-t.' f T M 


ReprvMntaUvee of theee tribes arc. 

then be subjected to aoMria^l of la- 
tease aerial hat^e, whl^hl ^li^in be 
t^lewwl ih^ etherj.!punltlt«^measQres 
acfttoirt aeetloiw KoCf the' trlbM ''ImpU- 
cated In tlie recent' ootraAW.' * 

,flz infantry brjndes, as weQ as 

cavairy and artIin»tyr'<s»mibiJitftd by 

M a J e r ^Oeneral • Oltmo,- ase * bali^ 

ployed. ' . . . « 

■■ ,. , •« '■' ■' 1 

Play the nm*. CJaaadlaws! Tou 
ha«e a craat reeord. Tour beye have 
Ut the toroh on hich peaka: keep U 
bumtnc. Tour . boya . have ^arrloA 
their staadard to eehau vmate heichts. 
Keep the 0a« flytiia< ffhpw future 
generatioaa that the aaortaee your, 
boys made for the freedom of the 
world was not ia vain; that yoa w^ro 
prepared to back, up the laea who 
fought and won the war. Show it by 
buylha bonds la their honor and to 
their aaetnory." 

This wa« the flaal plea uttered be- 
fore SM members and guests oit the 
flotary Club yesterday by "Qypsy" 
Saiith, the evanseliat, whose messago 
In behalf of the Victory Loan brought 
tears and In the next moment laughter 
to his hearera. His appeal was one 
that sought the heart, and ■ it went 
home. Mr. Smith epoke briefly, but 
^very word he spoke found its mark, 
and when he liad finished a wave of 
applause that was spontaneous ^ad 
sincere swept the hall. 

Mr. Smith Was one of Bsveral speak- 
ers at the kotary luncheon, which 
yras held in the EmproM Hotel ball- 
room. It was a Victory Lban 
iunehtson. and all the speeches inte 
devoted to the big effort now engag- 
ing Canada of raising fhtanees to meet 
the Costs of reconstruction. The oth- 
ers who' spoke were Hon. 8. F. Tol- 
mie, Minleter of Agrteulturer Mayor 
Bohert J. Porter, Mr. Frank Oiolma, 
M.P.P.; Mr. George McGregor, chair- 
man of the sales committee of the lo- 
cal Victory Loan organisation. 


I »» U the faaoca Hi 4 mUoTMi go^ 
U CO ftend at m 

< fTh^ lllr«ilah hdy^ dire off the noblest 
thp Alndghty ever made." he..oon5 
tlmied. We cannot pay the debt we 
owe those bosns. whose bodies are lylnf 
beneath tho aall of FVance andvBel- 
gtom. Gallipoli. Palestine and the oth- 
er : f roaia. 4verythi4g you eat la 
blood-marked. Bvery l>lt of furniture 
fo» have Is blood-marked. Bvery 

Jlebe of olotl^you wear, every dollar 
ou earn or spend Is blood-marked, 
t f^n the. debt? Never. ' 

I *'t l^kye refused, and I know you 
will refuse too, to make hioney'out of 
the blood and bonee of British sol- 
vers, rou are told that buying Vic- 
tory Bonds is a good Investment Feel 
the honor to be allowed to be la It. 
Think of «he one mu'lioa dead, the 
two miinon casualties, the lame boys 
and the hUnd and maimed, the wives 
and sisters of the boys who won't re- 
turn. Think of the dhildrea crying 
for daddies arho will never return. 
Thlak of IBngland. whose every home 
'^aa ■deprived. of a boy, where mourn* 
Ing was on every door and heartbreak 

"I am a laynum and I «an speak to 
)rou as a layman, thank God. ( want 
to tell you thai tfeere is need for cood 
laymen as well as good parsona. In 
Fraaee I found the boys wanted their 
mother's God. their cradle faith. Skep- 
ticism was knocked but of them, and 
I can say that they regarded with ut- 
ter dlafuot all organtMd professlon- 
aliam. cant and humbug regarding re- 
ligion. But every time they welcomed 
^le real thing, a-e-l-f spelU Germany. 
aad if there is anyone in Canada who 
is working for self he ought to be 
•ent to Germany." 


Requests for increased Salaries 
and Wages Wiil Shortly Be 
Placed Before City Council 
for Endorsement 

i*>«i) • 


•VkmtOatB off 


being summoneduo hear the BritJtt'T^ow arratts. to a iavmhe^ of statea^fw 

ie^l!iu.S^^fi!l«nK '1 •S^^'i "^'iMWf^.. *>? *>», ««»d and fuel law 
^mpUaaee t«»SfP^3^r«Kbo gWen Ume «»f KW'^^Jfted sobn by the Doaart. 
^move wom«k«N|,«lUKtee« and wUTI iitent ip^iee.' • ^^ -JJf^r 

IJ. N. Hnwmf, LtLf SaO SboiMra Hhdmmar 



Siifart Over- 

coab, Warm 


Big stocks, of every- 
thing in men's apparel 
that you wilt Heed for, 
Fall and Winter wear^ 
Jbc goods are from the 
best makers. Values 
kre excellent, esbectally 
for thos'e who buy 

f c Have Emy find Style ■ Fa mi filer 
OvcKirii^ RciMMft^ jMcti I22J9 1» |5S 

in dressy clo<hs. 


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Greyt, hlacks, bix>«ma. 

NEW WAOT^AM suits 

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Price, fiaee, aaaea fsaee, « to 55BB 





fH* spirit of .the Vfetory Loah^pe'r- 
vadad tho toaeban. Tha majority of 
the men most active in the eampsagn 
were preeent. and the singing of -Vic 
kory Loan choruses adapted to popu- 
Ihu* airs added variety to the pro- 
gramme, which was enlivened also by 
the 9a>pre« Hotel oreheatra under 
the direction o f J ffr.' Lou Turner. 
President Jl FrSeott presided. 
Dr. Tolmle. who was greeted ' by 
obeers and "He's a Jolly Good Fel- 
low." declared that if Canada failed 
to "put over" the loan, the nation 
would be handloapped tor yeafs to 
cpme. He , said U>at if the public 
'wprks of Caiiada were to be carried 
out without delay o^ dlfnoulty there 
must be a suflleienoy of funds, and 
ho' pointed out that it was Victoria's 
dttiy to help heraeK by subeierlblng 
heavily to the loan. He stated that 
wJiUa Victoria was famous as a . reoi- 
dentlal centre, har claims to indoa- 
trial graatneae could not be Ignored. 
'"Mayor Airter 'Speaka 
Mayor Poiter illustrated th# need 
for investment in home seourttlog 
such as the Victory , Loan by atatiag 
that last year the city corporation patil 
out |V0,O9O monthly ift Interest for 
loans advanced by Now York. Londoa 
and' fteyntp flnaaoial houges. Iff It 
had been , possible to ikiat the loang 
16cally the maaey would have been 
spent here over and over acain an4 
the community would have been all 
the wealthier. 

- Mr. Frank Glolma. M.P.P.; dtalared 
that the over-suheerlptloa or under' 
subscription of the loan stood for Oio 
dJUarence tiet«i»en good and hard 
times. The drive preaented an op- 
portunity for everyone to show that 
he took %n interest in his oouatry and 
had a stake in the country. 

"The soldiers dMn't beaitaU; why 
should we?" asked .Mr. George Mc- 
Gregor. "The reaaoB I tooh the Job 
of supervising t)ie sales campaign waa 
that I felt It was my duty. and. In 
addition, I felt as I do now that the 
money la here. We'qan't afford to fall 
down on the Job now, and it is every- 
body's Job. We cannot break faith 
with thoee who fen. And don't let 
anyone get away with the argument 
that they don't like the Govbmn^ent 
and therefore don't- intend to sub- 
scribe to the loan. Remember that 
it is your gofemmoBt and nUne. Wo 
ai% the govemment." ' Ar. V v'J . 

BajglaBd Ii.aate " 

"Oypey; Smtth. first of all, felt Im- 
pelled to tell his audience that the 
little country where he cane from — 
Bngbind— was safe and solid. "Don't 
be alarmed about little Bnglaad." he 
said. "Bngland may be In debt, but 
the people of Bngland are the bond- 
holders. The people of Bovland have 
Invested In the country's boada be- 
cause they believe la their country." 

Mr. Smith told of a war-Ume visit 
to Chicago, where he was asked wl^t 
England was doing In the war. The 
In^iulrers had heard about w<iat the 
Dominions had done, but th^ etOl 
wondered how the Mothertead 9ent 
her time. * 

"First of all, I told ihcm that Bag- 
land got Ui the war in August. 1914. 
and that she was in it ever rtnoe," de- 
clared Mr. Ip^lth., 'Then I v>ld them 
this: The Br|tlsb fleet hair boon keap. 
Ing the Hun from yoi gataa What- 
ever was aocompUshvid on land, the 
war was won on the sea. If the price 
of blood can buy the mastery of the 
seas, then the price had been paid 
by the blood of those eountleos young 
Britishers whcise bodies rest la the 
ocean's grave." 

Mr. amfth said that he had gone 
to Franoo #tth "the cream of the Bm- 
plre"— or, rather, ho had fdlowod 
theat. becaase ho suttetod from an 
Incurable eompUlat and oeald aat be 
aooepcod for tho fifhtliw. He waa 


"I imea booa a h 
off the Croaa" ho saM. "I ha«a 
a fhltarlag ona, pre 
llarttatloaa aad full off bl 
Oad k n ow s Fvo mads aa ha««M at- 
ie«9C to iellav mr MiHsr. I hutm 
boon proadiyaa ferty-twa jraaem. I «ao 

boy aad I tevoa't Pimm to aetmoi yot. 
My ebatak M Ood. aad tftpt was the 
ehareli eC tlM bora wfea waat to 

tbeta. M 

RENO — The death occurred Wed- 
needay, at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, 
*>• teaao Reno, aged 68 years, born In 
Chalori. Belgium, and a resident of 
this city for the past sixteen years, 
late reeidence «17 Penwall Street. 
Deceased leaves to mourn his loss 
brothers and sisters in Belgium. He 
was a member of Aerie No. 12, Ft»- 
tornal Order of Baglee, and the Long- 
shoremen's Union. The funeral will 
Uke place, under the auspices of the 
above Orders. <m Saturday afternoon, 
November <4, at^:IO o'clock, from the 
Bands Funeral Chapel. Rev. Father 
Laterme will ofhcUte. Interment will 
be made at Roos Bay Cemetery. 

OURRJB— The death occurred on 
Wednesday, at the Royal Jubilee Hos- 
pital, of John Currle, aied 52 yeare, 
jMMk In Matlen, Nova Scotia, and a 
resident Of^ this city for the past 
thbrty years. The funeral will take 
plaoe Saturday afternoon, *November 
1, at 2 o'clock, from the Sands 
Funeral Chapel. Rev. Joseph McCoy 
will officiate. Interment will be made 
at iUiH Bay Cemetery. 

;»>!•--• • ' - • — — — 
' OAIBNfr-The funeral of Bltaabeth 
Taylor Calms took place yesterday at , 
*!!• p.m. Services were conducted 
hy the Rev. Wm. Stevenson at the 
Ttiomaon Funeral Home. There was 
'^ lanre attendance of sympathlxlifg 
friends and many beautiful floral 
:trlb«t«i|. Tl^ hymns sung were "Safe 
Jn ,the Arms of Je«v«9" and "Nearer, 
My Ood,. to thee." Messrs. R. Kerr, 
W.,Chlrnslde, J. Richardson and R. 
Otbfon acted ae pallbp arerB.., , 

WILSON— The remalm of Mrs. 
Elisabeth Glen WiUoii; wife of Mr. 
Alea. WUson, off :i»lB McNaIr Street, 
wore laid to rest in Ross Bay Cerfie- 
tery yestorday afternoon. Funeral 
service was conducted in the B. C. 
Funeral Chapel at 2 o'clock, the Rev. 
A. doB. Owen offlcUtlng. There were 
many friends preeent, and the casket 
was covered with floral tributes. The 
hymn sung waa "Abide With Me." 
The following gantlemen acted as 
bearers: F. A. Graham. J. Flynn. B. 
OoH and W. White. ^, ,, 

"' '■ * . 

FERGUSON— The death occurred 
yeeterday morning- at . her r^oidence. 
721 Powderley Avenue., of Mrs.. Ruth 
Ferguson* Tho deoeaaed htdy was 3» 
years off age and-^had resided in Vic- 
toria for some tln»e. She Is survived 
by one email eon In this city, also \%mt 
mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Lee. 
of Roasland: also two sisters, Mrs. C. 
Wensley. of Victoria, and Mrs. Doug- 
las, of Trail. One brother, Mr. J. 
Lee, of Vancouver, also survives. The 
remains are reposing at the B. C. 
Funeral Chapel, pending funeral ar- 
rangementa, , "■ . . j u i\,^ .i;/.. 

Barly in November thp Ctvlq Em- 
ployees' ProUetlve AseociaUon wUI 
present to the City Council a draft 
of the new wage and salary scale 
which it win ask to hav« nut into 
effect hext year. . 

The scale haa now been practically 
completed and the association at its 
next meeting will probably take action 
with a view to having the- matter 
brought to the attohtion of tho Meyar 
and aldermen for their eodorsation. 
While it is recognised that thia year's 
Council win be powerless to author- 
ise the enforcement of tha eeale 
next year, it Is held that- if it placed 
ita stamp of approval on the propoeal 
It would be favorably considered by 
the incoming board. « 

.WhUe details of :the notr wagee , 
and sahu-lea to be\jasked have not 
been given out. it is understood that 
the Increases stipulated range from 
approximately IS to Xd per cent. 
Practically every ofllolai and every 
grade of outside labor Is ineludod la 
|he list. 

MoM of the departmerat heads ' at 
the City Hall ha^ furnished City 
Comptroller Janies .L. Haymur «wlth 
estimates of expenditure for .1920. 
and it was learned yesterday that in 
several cases allowance has been 
made by them for increases In sal- 
aries to the offlclals serving under 

ynplS t lume that httf a century o< uosviu-ving loyalty to 
X A tugh ideal has plac^ in the forefront of the Oinadian 
music industry, for your onto satisfaction &hd prote^ion you 
should see that this name is on any instrument yoU purchase — 
whether it be gv 

— A Grand Kano 



•John C. Smith, While Members 
of Family Absent, Ends Life 
In Determined Fashion— Nq 
Reason Apparent for Act 


_v-^* »'('♦'■»▼** 

SMITH- The death took place last 
evening bf Mr. John C. Smith, at his 
home. 3409 Douglas Street. Deceaeed 
was 56 years of age, born In Carlisle. 
Bngland, and had been a resident ot 
this city Tor the past nine years. He 
leaveg to mourn his leas, besides a 
widow, two sons and one daughter of 
this city. Deceased was a member of 
the Pride of the Island. 8.O.B. The 
remalas are reposing at the Sands 
Funeral Chapel. Funeral announce- 
ments' later. 

— — .... ^t . f. 

WHEELER — Mr: William B. 
Wheeler passed away last evening at 
St Jooeph's Hospital. Deoeased was 
born In Indiana IS years ago, and 
had resided in 'this city for about 
thirty years, and for the past three 
^•af* was employed at the Mctrop- 
oHe Hotel. He Is survived by rela- 
tives in Indiana, snd wss a member of 
tho Bike Ledke In Port Angeles; a 
member of the K. of P. Lodge in Dar. 
ling.' tadlina, also a member off Aerlo 
No. It, Fraternal Order of Eagle*, of 
this dty. The, remains are rrpoelng 
at the flaade Faaeral Chapel. Funeral 
pending cable fcom hie relatives. 

While members of the family were 
abaent from the house yesterday af- 
ternoon, Mr. John C. Smith, aged %%, 
took his own life at his home, 2409 
Douglas Street, by hanging himaelf In 
the basement. When tnembers of' tho 
famUy returned home late In the af- 
ternoon and found him absent, they 
supposed he was being detained at 
the new Drill Hall, where he had been 
doing some carpentry work. Hie 
failure to return alarmed the family, 
and a search was made, with the re- 
sult thar his son-in-law. Mr. Alfred 
Wesley, found the unfortunate man 
dead in the baeement. The place waa 
badly lighted, and Wesley. Imagining 
Mr. Smith had suffered a sudden Ul- 
neas. ran upstairs and telephoned for 
Dr. Holden. When the latter arrived 
he pronounced life extinct. , 

There was no reason, so far ae 

members of the family knew, whyldr. 

Smith should have committed the aqt. 

He had attempted to hang himaelf, 

and had apparently set about the act 

with deliberation. Runnihg a clothes 

line through a small pulley which he 

hung on a nail In the fuelling of the 

ba^ment, he had attached one end 

to tiio handle of -a tin box. into 

j which he placed stove wood and 

Mother artlclbs to give It weight. Tha 

'other end of the rope he had formed 

Into a slip-knot which he put arouad 

; his neck. He then, appareatiy. throw 

himself forward, the knot tlght«tnlnf 

about his throat. The weighted tin 

was far from heavy enough to hang 

Mm, and when found the body anui 

lying almtgii^ on the floor. 

The late Mr. Smith leaves a widow 
and famny^ |Ii« home was a com- 
forUble oao, and there waa no rea- 
aon, financial or otherwise, it was 
stilted to the police, why he shonld 
have taken his own life. 

The case was reported to the Cor^ 
oner, who will iavestlgate it today 
ahd decide whether or ndt an inqueet 
is necessary. . - , 

New Protocol for CtomMUny 

PARIS. Oet. 10. — ^Before the peace 
treaty becomes effective tho German 
reprggentatlvae wlli be roaulrM^, it la 
expedted hare, to sign an additional 
protoeol, binding Garmany to oarry 
out armlatlce clauses which were not 
Incorporated In the treatf[ df Ver- 
salllee. The sflprema oeiincll today 
considered tho text of -the propoeed 

—A Player Piano - - 
^T^n Upright Pi^no 
V* •— A Modern Phohoii 

Hsf ji» 

■^-B8S*"»*r' .7i.r 

a <: 


More fhleijl fifty' years a^o Mr. Gerhard Hetdtzman pro- 
duced the4inti ^iino bearing his liai^te. Today the product of 
this master- piano-builder's genius is to be found in every section 
of the; Dominion, and nowhere are tjie Gerhard Heintzman 
irisfruiitonto more appreciated than they: are «q Vftneouver 
Island ' •'.-!; .^s .•:i ^itiiii*;! •?;:,;.<..} sfW-m J..".- .f;. -.{-rM ,;•.■; 

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fi^fures. This antique 
work of art is wpttli wiiile 
seeing. - : ;;v /. 

In figures, carvings, charms, 
paper knives, photo ffatnes, 
jewelry cases and* ornaments. 

^ SiigarQiitger ' "^ * 

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Car. Do 

QUAlii. wROCKRS ' 

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^ iWllOUirCEIIEim : 

studios to Rant. B. C. Academy. 
Svenlngs. Phoaa a<47. 

Adra b &Hiiach 

MlilUry 600 at the K. of C. 
Port Street. - tonight. Prlaea. 
freshiaenta. Admishlaa Ma. 



Hwlth Bfifeii, 

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pkts. for ^^ 

Cranberries^ per lb. 2i^ 
Suharai Ridiihs, 2 lbs. 

for. . . ^j;j( . . Li,JBMN^ 


CamoBun Cl^apter, I.O.D.B.. evening 
card party at Aloaa a dta Clah Taeo- 
day, November ,4. Phono Mra Lav*. 
4S*1, to reeerve tableo. 

Vocal leeoons given by Mr. J. H. 
Hintin, of Vancouver. Apply Mr. 
Thomas KetWav, New Bngland Hotel, 
Mondaya and TWedaya 

0*m la 

tff a 

Crtate Om. loaragM tad Ptla 
Mow f TiaM . 

Medleai aot h e nU ss stale that 
••la«;»J»«hs ofthe aaoee of «t< 
iwo, MdlgMfwa^ ssuriMas. huraUig. 
etc ere Amp to an 
acM la tHe 
^ Mam^^^ir' -I heJi»^^. te • 

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f TH W 

Jiil.Ait«v«a » Nt 

•Qolf Suit*, mad« 

Meek, «5M« a Sdt 




Ab4 X «M 

•( til* 

I I y 


dM t* W vttii taltti 

hV Mm WbUm IB ^U* 
, . tlMt I hM ta l i fwd cvvnr 
pto o< tlM tlm*/iHth D*4dy 
MoUi«r ItajTM. 

B* BMt SM «t ill* sutlon wKh tb* 
Mr. Otttr R «•• wut o«r oar. I vk- 
Mwvtf. tait * flaar p«* •■* tlMn wm 
« •fcaMtt wi f #rtir»t» tt. 

"Oik (M . HMw Mjrtklac wtmmt 
vrttk o«r .«M " X la«M9«4. 
, "No. I 'doa't thliut M." aoUtod X^HU 

^tth tU^timr* h» ulkm€ tiM oteafpv 

fi«r. ft f«MNr M«r« to • Ma*rt ui^ 

»*4 teMir p*tu< ay 

-Gb, Csitim€m, rnmnrUOm !■ 
•^IfM^M." I artod. "A dMaSMr. * 

i» kttttar. A bIW ear." I to«k initi' 
Porr .flMd and ftnuAad with thlai 1^ 
tkMAi* "Aad--* B«w )iMM torn- 
Ib«1" Tm BMW X ;i»aa taklnc DbAAjt 
HB»W BdvlOB BbOBi ]>MMIUk 


It |8 sa^iii^njoted that the esc^pjp of 
noxious and linpieasant fumes is an absolute 
impoSSlWlity. ^ ^ 

It Radiates Nothing But 
HealBifuU Agieeeble Warmth 

. nt you have a hettilig' pHt>ttl#n to s^lvL it 
is well vortb yourvwiiile to ^y^K^tif^iifi th^ 
new, conveniipntafend hygienic, method of 


Radiator s & uitabU #or ev^y reguiretnent 

J«te BrtBBBd. •hBwtey ^ wUf «■•. 
iw •! '«nr ahtatav wMt* tMtk. 

"MBfB Hk kaa«* aC aali." ke f- 
ptf*. I MokBd^lB«BirlB«lir Bt Crft- 

Ub««b, fWH^lvilBkksd a* JMhi. «k«i< 

I lOBfeBd Bi. «ki> VMMfTBm «B tha 

dBBT. wAad: tkaa I kM«r> 
•*C B.'Mb fa«d laMwi toM aia • 
kaf*«ari-« saw on*, 
: *ffnHr. CMtjtaiMlaflij' X asolatSMd 

'TNk'* k» J> i» i |»d t "Da y«H Uka 
itT'Ht • .:. . ;^,;.v^,. 
l<-Wikn# » at.>aBd i^kad dt tka aar- 
niiJi^ia. larar jkMraat. i walked 
WW W yd . ^ »d*kl||R«. tka uphalatanr. 
M»a .iafrt««me-aUBptjk acoaaaeriaa and 
'*"" '^>»<»*l:»»»^^ tonrard tka 
—^ ImMbc maaitwhUa at Crlt* 

Bay^ advtoa abo«t Faffiaua. 

A»d Omni wdta auddanlr I tevad 

«W3 Wi < jplaykMi. tka danytcB B a aana 

af w iwi lBtl fi^ ' ParkB»i^ X tko«skt 

wiMla prtttaadaa waa Im 

~ '*~'UBa af mlad. kavtas 

_ tklasB for BUT Btaaa- 

BIB Bad ^ » ff ki^ ka would aoeapt 
wttkaat a vatd af abjaetioo tka aawa 
ad kla tatkar'a am to OM. X Blnaat 
tald ktai r«|lit tkap* Iv tka aar drtv- 
lo« kaaM. 

On tha otkar kaad. I pnidantlr 1r^• 
llaetad. it aaltht ha titot. havtec 
doaa ao moah for ma. ka would faal 
tkat I had baeama sraady. tadaad. 
to want aomatkinv mora. (And ta 
tell rou tha tnatk akant it. x fait a Itt- 
tla UBoartala and alao a Uttla vraady. 
-^ tooIX 

Aa ot kar auiprkM traatad bm wkaa 
wa «ot kaaM. «Uan urn* kvair In tka 
kHekaa. Tka aMNnant X aav wkkt 
«ba waa dala» X auapaatad tkat CrlU 
tandan bad baan uj^ to aaaaatkliv, 
Xia waa alaadiac Jaat bkhted bm; 
vary allant. mian ^aaa prapartac a 
vary flna dlnqar. -flba apoKa to ma, 
a^ than turaad acaia t* bar wwh. 
'X l«|ka4.4«l«MloBl9irly at CrlUto- 




Miss Nettle Austlfh of Seattle, 
Is Coming to Assist on Pro- 
gramme of 'T Unit Chapter 
CiBibaret Next Week 

on display at our Langley Street Sfaowrodi^s. 


itanr tbat tbafa la i|«ta« to b* » tan 
iinla a» aRjortwal^ ta daaa «• ait _^ 


— - ^ |£aaadaaC« 

r., b* » taiJM damaad for 

With (bla manhla a yea 

at aa aapandltiira mt^mm tbaa iO 
Ovar eaa baadtad aad «t 

r oaTbaadNtf Mid aTtr af tbaii# maeAaa aiir la 
rtt laiand. aad au ct^btf afrfyjt aa jiif aa tH B. W4 


^■Mniwa u 

aEo. T. MicvEU i^fisss; 

Furnished flat of 5 rooms, or modem 
bungalow. Must be in j;ood locality^ 
WHKiwtifor six nipjitter J^ 


;a , ^ 


8R0A©3fWET, yiCTOiOA. 





• "MM 


Eia ' Bf^ . _ a • _ ft . .*<-. k 


^d60 Per GtM 

i^rdar i or mora cordi and 

_ aordi 

*i»4 gat 

ytti«»ttj»g» CO. 


lit Maere-Wyitiagm 

faicr too, '^eaa. lhpii-ilAa_ the Boyda 
have a new car aad I thoufbt wa 
mlcht'aa well have aoilcer one than' 
the machine wave been' drlviog. 
toualneas l« booming and — " 

"Why, Crlt^e|idea. you needn't try 
to explain!" I axalabiaad intamipW 
Inc. "for I'm BB tMclad aa aaa ka." 
I had almost said aivologlaa Instead 
of M^lflp, jund that \^nfT^ would 
hava d«Oe, jLBd y*t. itow^that I re- 
eall . K, Critteadaa waa vary cloae to 
an apolory, closer than I had ever 
known him to ba. 

My enthusiastic inspection of the 
handaome car flalshed. wa vot In, 
Crittenden «at with me In tha ton- 
naaw. X wanderad a little how he 
fouBd It poasfbla to relinquish the 
wjiaal to another. ;rben John dax- 
trously whirled ua out from the sta- 
tion and drove us a#iftly home. 

*^ou'll nnd thla boy a splendid 
driver." Crittenden remarked, aa wa 
rolled alonff. "Ha Is not a Joyrider, 
knows tha. machine thoroushly and 
will do anytblBf In. the world you 
tall him to do. He weara thla vray 
uBlfairm, matehlaff the upholstery of, 
tha oar, only when, driving. In tha 
dialnv-room ka waara my old tuxedo^, 
aad he'a «dte tha idfokaat butler you 
avar aaw la your Ufa. I kava beea 
dlMHir In atata. Indaad; evar atoca X 
••t him," he kurrfad on, kaowtac 
froiB my aaprsaslan tkat X waa dyfn* 
to say somethhMr. * 

But when he stopped X shnpty 
couldn't sky aaythinr. Instead, I aat' 
back In tka toxurlo^ atr obmplatalr 

]Plaaaad! Kotklnf, it. seemed, ha^' 
ever pleaaed me «ulta so much. | 
must have ralleered ^e pleasure 
Crittenden's newf jpiva me. for k^ 

•m.Ot te PriBHHrDou't mkM tha 
Faaey Dresa Ball at Alexandra Club, 
FHdBir. Novaatbar Seventh. Tlckata 
at Byanaar'a, Tefiwry Shop, ftratth'ai 
KBBay'a •tattoaary Shop. 

^rX-kBka. BBbadvtka Boydy t* dlaa 
wltk ua tonight. Baah" ha adaauaced 
smlUnc at my look af iBduiiy. "i 
tkiouvht it would ba alca for ua to 
have a dinner party, aaat e< celebra- 
tlan. you know, and— try a«t tka new 
butJIar for your benefit." 

"Wky. Crittenden, you're a dear," 
I aald. "Oh. I'm ao glad, glad, gUd 
to ka koB^a agata!'* . 

-U I,- 


iitr- Til til 

In cooBflktlaa with tka aabarat 
wktek la ta ka glvaa 
evanlBg at tka 
der the aup p laaa of ^J" H^tt 
X.OJ[fcm, U ki aBBBuaaad that 
Nattia AuatlB, a walWkaosra 
•opraao of Saattle. haa baaa 
toalag. HHL Vootoy la taklBg 
•f tka pragramma. f t|Mtt tkat« win 
b* BO doubt IB aayaoa'a aMad aa to 
tha axoaUent ekaMotar af tka aatar* 
tatameat tkat la ta ba provided, wklia 
tka dance mualo win ba furniakad br 
ProfOaior him THifiar'a arotaawp 
Parmiaaioa ka« kaaa gtvaa by aoaarai 
it. B. G. Loakla, O.O.C for an a»- 
s^nrtea ihea who wlak to waar ^k^ 
form, and baik aaval aad mfUtary 
dreaa wUl oadoubtadly ba aotloaakla 
amoBg the daaoars. 

The public Im remlndad that the 
cabaret In the evei|lt|g Is to be pre- 
ceded by a basaar. which wfU ba 
opened at S o'clook In tha afternoon 
by lAdy Barnard. a«d ao.a long day* 
entertainment, with altBndaiice or 
divartlng liiteraat% la befit provided 
tindar, the ch4^>^r*a auwploaa. 

Tha foUowlag kava klpdly ooo* 
aeatad to aet, aBjMMtroaa of tha uadar* 
taking: Hi«, Honor ^ Xleataaanv 
Oovarnor and Lady Banoard. Maior* 
Oeiiaral R. Q. K. LaekK CM.Q.. 
O.O.C.. Brlsadlar^Oeneral and Xra. 
R. P. Ctark. Captain B. U. Martta. 
CJMXk, Xi.N^^ila^ir aad Mra. O'Ka- 
gaa, aad tha iXaa, X>r. and Mra. 0. Jr» 

Have You Investigated 
. pur Profit-Sharing Plan, 

A TwentyafttarPdir C>« niiiniiifit 

•cebraofg to thr v^e you 'miy sel^gt ^^ 


5. Why not 
'* before JBi^kli^ 


n V 




) ■ li*. 


4 o r *^ ^- 

len. and are cqua! 

tbap fhoct m^ irntm^-^ odiar fB 
ace thcph and judge for yourself. 



.'• >''' 




Boy a Diary 
for 1920 

You will find a ffeat assembly 
of thdm tt this store — varying 
from the sn&allest pocket size to 
th^ largest 4esk sizes. * 

Rev. Dr. Campbell, «t his own resl- 
deaca on Wednesday avenlag oAel- 
ated at a very pretty waddlfig In the 
praaaaca oC a iiumber of frfaada wban 
ha oelebrated the marrlaca of Mr. 
Jamaa Hanuiutn Campbell, soa of 
Mr« and Mra. WUliaja Caau>bell.-^of 
Blk Lake, ibd Mkai VloraBbe Qartrude 
Angell. daoghtar «f Mr. aad Mrs. Wil- 
liam Angell. of Victoria. The brMa^ 
groom waa aooompaBlad by Mr. Jamsa 
Bmeat Speed as ^eomsmaa. aad 4ha 
bride was attended by Misf Marlon 
Vlftoria Campkgtt. tha b ri deg r oom's 
jilater. Tka brida waa gowaad in pale 
bhiB popUa aad oanrfad a boo^uet of 
bridal loasikkad tbe brtdeaouad ilK>ra 
a aBtaitdaook of da»k graritopMn aM' 
«*n4M • kaanuat of i^lak eamgtfoas. 
Tha tvidagraom la a native son of iMs 
city and the bride Is a native of WeL 
lington. After d hbneyibaoh trip tQ 
soma of the «ound oltlaa, Mr. and Mra. 
Campban will make their home in Vio- 
torjkr vkera bothh§ve many friandA. 

^a maihrtBga or MHs Ada Ziaagw 

fori, of Laka HIU. and Mr. Ood liar» 
gaat. of 4Xi' XtBaton -«AvaB«a, 

Mr. . rrank T. Htaokell wHl leava 
tomorrow afternoon for Seattle to at- 
tend the ^umual meeting o( the M.EL 
V.T., at which raptbMBtaUvas of tka 
order la New- York %ad San Fiaa^ 
cisoo wUl be praaent as dalapates. i 

Mr. JI; H. Back, of tl^ city. M 
vlsltlBg Id Vanoauver, the g^eat of 
hta dadghter. Mrai Tt MacDonald Ly- 
den. Point oi-ey, ' - -iu 

Mr. J. B. ttir^pi. who recaatly 
went over to Vahcotiv«i^4i atajrlng at 
Ol^ncoa |x>dge. \^ 

Mlaa Otadya Pitta, of this city/ la 
visiting Mlaa Oorothy Wagham, BawH 
AvoBue. Vanooaver. o; a ts '>■■■ i.ji'it.^tt 

Ml* de jsasum. of "Srd^ lirk^ij^ 
mtfr. la vislttng f Heads hare. 

Holding the Paclflq Coast cham- 
^lonshlp '<0r hlih Jdmplhg, Mi«s 
Hilda MeCormick will carry the ban. 
nar of British Columbia aeraaa the 
una ta tha Intemational Livestock 
Show which opens on "November 1 In 
San Francisco, for which city Van- 
couver's eleiver IHUe horaewomaa. laft 
lut night .vrlfh her fanioua ckamploa 
ppliy^ "Tkhk.'r Sbe ^pacts to raipBin 
away for k tnontk anfl wlU ptop gt 
tka Po^nd show an touto homa. 
MilM MeCormick has accepted a very 


See our new, handsolme Wool Coat- . i 
ii^s, whicA we can make up for you I 

ihtQ a smart Fall Cciat at 0O|f t^ 

prices f romT . v . i^ . ". * C^ ; . / ;*V\iPOU 

ly daeof th^AiflliSttlftife ti]^ fe easily worth |W6. *^ 
Come here and save money. 


1 f-'»^<)', 


catobratad ouletlr vaatarday after- " "«^o"ntoic has accepted a venr 
noon at St. JihaVTChSSl^y mUw I »«««e««* <^*^ from the «aa F^. 
Intimate f«leads witaaaalag the cere- 
mony, which waa parformad by Capt 
the Rev. J, KlaoheUffe. Attar A 
honeymoon trip to Seattle^ Mr. aad 
Mrs. Sarnnt wiU return to Victoria 
to make Uielr home, ^a groom has. 
only raeaally' returned trdm overpaas. 
having left here with the I4Srd Bat- 

fiimiat WINNERS "*^ *' 



•19 VftW STREBT 



VaHowlag are the AkdKlonal 
nkBMs m^tjdlkit night of wlnnera of 
tha honor emblem, for wklch kaaa 
OQj^tltloa la being ahowB;^- > *« , 

Ofeat ifOrthom Raliwtbr stglt Ma* 
rfna and Flshertee X>apart)nant oflica 
Manitoba bar, tha atewardesaaa. Prln- 
"^cesa Adelkidet Laamtng Brothers, 
brokers; Walter Walker A sstoa, SUte 
Barber Shop. Jamas Adam, grooar; 
Liamon. Oonnaaon, ofloa staff; WUUa 
Piano Co.. South Afrteaa Piuma 
Shop^ Cumlag * Co.. Lee John Ming. 
J. M. Whitney Co., E. Q. Prior * Co.. 
.aatlra amff. , .,,.,", 

; ■ -. H' -Jaaktr - ■ «^.i«|u.i.i*fl. 

James Forsyth and family. 
lUce Racks UgbthOBse; Ifrs 
Wataon and family, 491 Hillaide 
jAvBBua: Team Na. is. bend aalea^ 
taien. Vlatary X.«an. headquartOri; 
Walter Walker and fbjmily, 17B0 Oak 
Bay Avattua: Wo Mhlg ' Company 
Charlie Kent, tiller; M^ tuoy 
X^aulson, >SS Broughton Street. 

|ISMail*«MMM*M««*.«aMM»««.«MM«.M............ •••••.•..„.,m«m«». 

>fci^« .;Suro..; .-V..-..-,-.. /3i I 


Healthy teeth need healthy cbom 
tohMtlMBl. EfaiathevBriillgMBte 


Cisco abowman and wUl give axhlbl'* 
tloaa of riding aad Jumping; bealdeB 
campotlgg . Ik the dperent avmta. 
Mlaa Janet X>ryadala wUl aiake aaa 
of the party and wlU taka along kar^ - 
ovar haraa, a Ane Jumper. CMhan la 
the party are Mr. & L. Bowa, who 
win enter hki haraaas horaaa in the 
drlvttg oompetltfona. and Mr. Fraak 
HolUad, wke ifiUt Hde . tha sploBdid 
Jnmper, Credential, who will be an> 
tared for the world'a klgh-jumplBg 
chamolonshlp. Mr. W. S. itollknd la 
sendlftg along BfrtRo horaaa also. 
' Mr. and Ur^. Jamaa N. Taylor, 
whose marriage took place In Van- 
couvy on Wadneaday. are sugndlng a 
part pf their honeymoog Ip ilia olty' 
en xbute to Seattle^ ifbara tlUiy wiU 
vlalt before ratumiug to. make tkair 
home in the, Malalaad any. Tka 
bride was formerly Mlaa Maoi Mbv», 
cella Tbomsoi;i...^UMl«htar of Mr. and 
iM^. Melville P. Thomson, and the 
groom la the yodngeat aon of Mr. 

X>r. W. B. Bvnatt vU Mm. Barw 
natt af Vaacoovar. are aiyadlhg . a 
few daya la. t|ia alty and are 
at tka MatprtiMk BatoL 
; Itev. X>r.- Pridina ha« beatt Bil^h»# 
a visit In Winnipeg on his wa)r waat 
ia^eonnectlon with, the Forward Move- 

' Miss porta Wilson, of this dty. ia 
tka goeatofMIss Oar^ldine CaasMa^ 
iiar«( atradW Vaacouiter. lor a turn 
days. "» T T- 

Tka aaacutlva of tha Woman'a Ckn- 
adian Club has extanded an lavlta- 
tton to tha )Cen'a Oadadian Olub to 
participate in the recaotton to ka 
held thla aftamoon at Uia.Bmpreaa 
Hotel in honor of Qeneraf Sir ArChUi' 
and Lsidy Carrie. Tha function la to 
be held in the ballroom from 4 until 
t o'clock aad the members of tha 
executive will aaaist t^e offlcera in 
reoeiving. A musical' progra ~ 
been arranged and ^tea wlU | 
informally , v-t*) 

MfB. J. H. Xing, wife Of tka Mia- 
off X>ukUB Worki^, la vkdttag la 
VaacoBvar. tka g«aaa af 
law, MrsL Maleotaa 

vlalt la n^ mm, duwag wMeh aha 
tgl w ai i — Oat. Ti ^i 

la Ifaw BMBsirlelL^SK- 

^** "" " * ' ••■^ kjr 

A \ • tfaaft yvM dma dVttfy'pirt oT 
\- I / mr IM^t-^lwiidliini A«id 
tram liift lang^ jitwl d^ ^ 

you do giv« ttMui gv^ry oay 


^^ ftCARBOL^ctf ; 

loolli PdWjile 

4arT babtB« tha 
!•■: hava sttBsrad 
saya that tka 

gained BO yaart In p rogre ss owing 
the great Improvameata agcrlad 
by the Oarmano. 



TIm mm iMOMi dk— dw imUm it 


*•-'*■'- ^:— ■■■ . .. _ _ _ 

Van(X)tHP8rtsilE^ News 




1f*o <ii,th9 

Est^blbM 1 SM 


Tl^ BwC bifiMlnMit of iIm D»7— Victvcy Boad^ 


J l « i | I ■ I ■ . wwf I 


has-tcrtt^%h cost of living:, the labor questfoi 
' and polrtics, the ifact remains that 


mmt be tiie lint iwip^fctiUun in whftt you mL 

When we opened for business sixty-one years ago "Qual- 
ity" was our watchword jnd has (remained ^^so ever since. 

We sell meats, hams, bacon, poukry^^ ^^, butter, sau- 
Mj[«s, vegetables and barreled com beef. Get "Oualitv" 
— buy Here. • , 



St «M1 St/ OMtif'Pi.nv 7tf 

' CHlLDr^^E^T£f)tAlN ™*nt at thrWve X^re. lIttM<», l«* 

J ureKlliK. ,TO»' pr<MW«<l«,«D towards 
clearlht off ihe • II lO • owla« on th» 
mliwlon iK^idlBr and for ^hla purpose 
a rummajBe and- . h<nne-cookln« laia 
mnh» bald ^ |f#^MlM-.*l 2. I»r!n^ 

Fack«d House Orrein P«rforf<Mi>r« at 
rN« Ac>«a MiMoa. ITa^kkfio ' 

NAMAlilb,^ b^V 30.— A packed 
kiouaa Kra«ftM tfft&lMreka ai 

NANAJMO. Oet^ »•.— Ifitp 
yafhUan Cterk. o< Ottar Point. H.C. 
and Mr. Oaar** Nteholaa Davtaa. aon 
at Mr. and Ifra. O. M. DaviM. of 
BaBWkton Straat. who ntvnm^ laft 
Mareli froBi ovaradaa. . wara wUtad tii 
marriaca at Bt. Andraw's Maaaa laat 
•T«ntns by Rav. Dr. Unawortlt> Ttim 
bridal coupla, who wara att^ndad by 
Mra. Nettia IfeOaw. aiatar of • tiM 
KMORf. and Mr. Gao.- O m gn tt, of ihla 
«ttj. will taka- up their rasldanoa at 
Ottar' Point after a few days at the 
home of Mra. McQ^w. 

Harold ^dward Palmar. In hia of- 
fiear*! uniform, apd Marcarat CIdUh 
I.SIaanor Btanaard were united in 
marriasa by Rev. 8. Ryall in 8t. 
Paul's chuixli at noon yeatarday. The 
bride, who la the dauKhtar of Mr. aiid 
Mrs. J. F. Btaonard, wa^ siven away 
by hor father, the couple l>einK at* 
tended by Mrfe. Praatoo and the bro- 
ther of t)ie sroom. Mr. and Mrs. 
I^lmer will spend their honeymoon 
at .Island points and later will vialt 
tha Old Country. 
' Mr. Frnd Wilson, sen of Mr. and 
"^rs. A. C. Wilson. Comox Road, op- 
erator at the Di>minion Theatre, ti'aa 
married at Christ Church, Vancou- 
ver, on Tuesday eveninc^ last to M|ss 
Llla Wilkinson. Fry Btk-aet, of this 
city, the couple brins attended by 
Mrs. H. Wilson and Mr. It. Robert-' 
son'. After a month's tour in Call* 
fornla Mr. and Mra. Wllsbn will tak9 
nvi their residence IniNanaimo. 


NANAIMO. Oot. 80. — 'Brig.-Oen. 

fiSahd. C.'ll. a.." D. S. O., formerly 

!Gk O. C. Ninth Bricade, arrived in 

Nanalmo Tueaday on a visit to his 

brother. Mr. R. H. Oitnend, Kennedy 

St^t. Qen. Ormond la a barrister 

in Portave la Prairie, and went to 

I France with the Tenth. Battalion 

If (later sucotedinc ^rlf.-Oaik. flill lya 

I aommandair of tha Kinth Brigade. 

} Since tha armidtiee Mp <lta« b^il 43. 

O.C of tho Canadian camp at Ripon.' 

Tor|bh'lre. He ' i« sOooQipanied by 

Mr. Cadham. of Portaca la Prairie. 


NAI^AIMO, 0«L SO;-^yr; O. K. 
liord, of Wellington, succeeds Lieut. 
Salmon. M.C..' in the ofllce of the 
Soldlara' Civil Re-establishment, Mr. 
SalmoVi reaiynlnff to «• on 4 farftt at 
Wellington. Mr. X«ord •erred #ith 
the 2nd C.M.R.. and waa wotindad at 

Mrs. T. Mulholland, %coompanled 
t>y her son. Mr.' Cecil Mulholland, 
Mr. Jack Cruthers,. and. -Mr. lUrl 
Olllinsbam. arrived from Victoria 
Sunday, and are the' tuMts of Mrs. 
Jas. Hardy, Winfleld Crescent. 

Pte. Noah Oanner. Kennedy 8treat« 
whoaa BnyMsh . brido acrired soma 
two raontha aico ha s coma home 
' after three yean' service ; overaeas. 
Bnlistin« from Nytaimo with the 
No.. 4 Tunnelln* Co., ha want over- 
faas with the 62nd. spent ifro years 
in an EUicllah hospital fi:liiln wounds 
raoaived in . action, fij-pi^, wtiioh he 
Itaa -not, fully . recovered. !. . 

Mr. ias.. McAulay. is spending^ a 
day- or two with ^is son-in-law, Mr. 

^y(t auBiMi*. tha 
M tka BmJi of 

Vr. Jaaasa Wllha. Mpbrw of Mr. 
aad JKr*. J. T. Brnmloir. tho Or- 
chard. Naaalmo. loft Monday to tak* 
up practical aladrteMr- ta t^ Sol- 
dtoM* ^oeaaoMl Oa«roe at B. C 
trntwrrtty. - — ' 

Mr. and Mr$. ^. G. rorsuaon. 
Hallburton Btreot. tandarad Mr*. Wm. 
Rlvaa. ot Jaataa lalai^. a aarvriM 
party, whara she mat about lltty ad 
bar Nanaimo frianda. 

T&a net raoalpta of tha "Odda oad 
■ado** vaudavlJla last araak amouata4 
to |ai9.s4. tlte major ahare falMas 
ta Bt. Amea orphanage. 

Mrs. David Purse returoad teat 
evaning from Vaabonvar where she 
mat har aoa on hte'arttval from Bhg- 

Mra. Harry J. WUt«v. and Mr. 
Fred O. Cox. of P»rt Albarnl, ara to 

Mr. John Pattaraon is spending a 
few days at his parents' bona on 
Balby Street. Mr, Pattaraon la ehlef 
engineer on one of the Bveratt Flah- 
ing Company'a steamera and Isare a 
on Friday to. Join . hla hMl at Pert 
Albemi. • ' ".- 

Mr*. F. B. CttnlilTa left this HMm- 
lag for a visit to relatives io V^- 

Dr. CL. . .W, Ferguaon. af Toceato. 
is registered at the Windaor. 



Bevlaw 6t AeUvltl«H Dvrtng Past Tear 
flUlratm That MaHi csood 
"WMf ^locmnptliihcd .. ., , ^ 

NANAlMo. Oct. XO.'^Mra. if. J. 
Reynolda. of the ned^ Cross Society, 
has Issued a very interestinir review 
of the society's activities during -the 
past yfcar. The MlUUry HosplUl at 
Qualicuiri was supplied not only with 
programmes but alao with fruit, veg- 
etables and home bakhfig In a a-eekly 
donation. On« thousand dollars was 
given to the new hoiqiltut fund for a 
returned soldlera' ward. The receipts 
of the annual temival in September. 
i91S, were tl:4tO.OC. The outside 
auxiliaries at Northfield. Kanooae, 
Cedar and Oabrtola Island have done 
well, the latter having raised $800. 
Two members of the Re'd Cross gave 
their lives during the. influenza epi- 
damlc. l[(iss Flora Paarson and Mise 
Qrace Olbaon, the latter a charter 
member. The. total rece^ts from 
September 10, ItlS, to October 1, 
l»lf, wara #4.702.36. Qf this, I2.100 
was paid to headqua'rtara and 1260 
contributed to Francla Day. Tha 
present oAoars of the aOolaty are: 
President, Mrs. J. F. Davidson; vtce- 
preAdent. Mra. KAlsey; second vice- 
president, Mrs. P. Mercer: secretary. 
Mra. A. Rowe; corresponding secre- 
Ury. Mlas E. Rogers; treasurer, Mtts 
V. Beck lay. Tha oohamittee constata 
of Mrs. F. l« Reynolds; >Mlrs. Randle. 
Mra. K. Booth. Mlas Wlleox. BAsa 
Ingham, Mrs. Deadoff. Mrs. Gibbons, 
Mrs, Mcyana aa and Mrs . A. VmiII. 

. '^' ^_' • ■ ■ • ••> ,((►.■»*- 'I * 
Mottoc .OhriP' INanUsaa#^j .4v>f'.-t ■'■■ 


BUY ^ 







MWbmen 's Knit Uikrwea 

Attractive Values m Whutr 


fVmtmh U»km St$iis 

WiMtr W«%kt C a n 
Uttkiii Sails; low Reck: 
no «l«eve.«r^4>r short, 
sleeves ; Icnee length. Also 
same style Bnlde length 
atKt V-neck. Average sixe» 
fB.BO; large, fUb. 

FlcBh Shade Wiatar 
Wdght Cotton Union 
SnitB, low ne«k, no 
sleeves ; knee ^ or ankle 
length. .\ veri^ sizes, 
93.00; laige, #8.50. 

Wool Mixed Union Suits. 
low neck, sbortt or no 
sleeves ; knee length. Also 

finished with bead «4fe or 
» i\.rcA.<:Ji b;^ild top, . 

FIm Wbbv* Wool Mixed 
Union Suits: V-neck; el- 
bow slaves, ^^75. 

^Msrodt* Uaioa SoilBk in 
silk and wool mixtiire, in 
all "^ tl^ wanted - s t y t * s. 
Avebge si I AS. SffnOO; 
large^ f0.7S. 

Pun Uteol Uaiian Suits^ V 
in the "Harvey" or "Cee- 
tee" brands, in various . 

w i t h V - neck, e l^b o w .styles. Prices froth 9^80 
aleeres and ankle lengtlv>^^ :lj4o ftO.OO. 


.» /• 


20% Oflf^^M^ and Tonoirow 

SiKciili'Syeaf " 



Made io Your Own 
Order If t)esined 



Oiiir Millinery Modes brilliantly 
reflect their aspiraitd^ of this 
season in colorings unusual, 
* h i P c,SDi|(iuant, adornment 
diverse; ^ ji;| i. ' 

Indeed tHefr descriptions are so 
numerous thai It would be dif- 
ficult to select and describe any 
pa^^ljr. model, for they all 
possess that striking "DIFFEk- 
EMCE," 6f originality that 
malies oQr; HatrittVactive. . 
Come and see^the channiinr 
Hate.: We believe that thisTs 
a leMiijfnatioil <ff attractive 
styles and remarkably low 
pricies that you will. find quite 
trreslailble. , 


736 Yates St 








J > -.r 

20% Off 

B^ery Hat, wKether it is 15.00 or I20.O0. Is reduced 20% 

UirSmith Alricanltuie 

---Fof the cold snap. 

Dpn't Be Cnsht 

— vt'Hh an empty coal bin. Order 

Ml Weiliittoi 

Not a. special coal for a special 
purpose, but a GOOD coal for 
EVERY purpose. 

Waiter Wallcer' 
rJ^st &Son' 

MATJAIMO, Od. S§.— At the Pro- 
vinolal Court in the suit of Mr. Rap- 
son against Mr. Heathef for damagfte 
to car and lods of time as a result of 
an auto mixdp oh! the Departure Bay 
Road. t|ie Judge dlBtqlsaed the case 
with ousts. Mr. A. •Leighton ap- 
peared for the phrinUff snd Mr. C. It 
feeavor Potta for thie defence. ' 

' -■ •'% « ' ' ' — ■-' •^- .< i,«i(.- . 

■ • ■■ c ee s sfai Miislcale'' "-' "•> 

NANAlAo, Oct. 3ft.— T^e 'iqu^e4i9 
given by Mra. J, J, Orant. of North- 
BOW. lidtaer the auipices of the at. 
Andrew's Women's Association, w#s 
attended by a large nvtoibir " ' from 
NaiuUmo and Northfield.. X rvty 
choice programme was rendered by 
Mra. B. H. PaAerson. tjie fksotch re- 
citer, and Mesdames Dmsdale. TraiC- 
ford. Or^mthialda. . ^ Clarke, and 
Mlasaa Dunsmora and Jaan Patterson, 
wtth Mtaa tJTrauU iMbason, Mra. 
Kir^up and Mra. Nowntea at tha 
piano. . • '■' >' 

— ' • ' ■■* ■ ■ -r.iU,!,, v; 

Vleforr LoM MCrttag *^ '; ^ 
.Ii^AKAIMO. Oct. SO^--^tha Victory 
Loan committee wflf bold a public 
meeting tomorrow eveiiing. when 
Brtgadier-Oeneral D. M. Ormond, 
C.M.O., D.8.O.. of Portajr* La Prairie, 
who ia pending a few days in tl^e 
city, will give ah sMdrass. A second 
speaker is expected from Vancouver. 

Road Imtsuvtvantdti 

NANAIMO. Oct. SO..T^he Auto- 
mobile Association had a conferaaoa 
Tueaday with Mr. W. P. Baavan. dia- 
trict road engineer for tha Albarnl 
diatriet. who said that improvements 
on the Wellington District road would 
shortly be made. 

Cont inumg the 
Sale of Blouses 


Smartly tailored 
models of striped 
h a b u t a i silk, in 
Square neck styles, 
and some with con- 
vertible collars* A 
few ail- white Habu- 
tai Silk Waists in 
smart styles arc also 
include^ in this as- 
sortment. Reg. $4.95 
for f3.75. '^ J >-< 

.Attractive styles in 
Crepe de Chine and 
Georgette C r e p e. 
They are shown in 
round and square 
neck styles and with, 
convertible collars. 
, In white, flesh, 
niaiJEc, Nile green, 
and black. Some are 
tucl^ed; others have 
beaded designs. Reg. 
g:5P t<> ?§-50, for 

Blouses of ^sfiec^l 
merit are featured in 
Georgette 'Crepe and 
Crepe «de Chine, in. 
black; navy. 1>rowrt, 
flesh aVi^ sap<l. aKd 
are shqwn in .a wide 
raiife '*'Of . dcatrable 
styles,' with braided' 
a^d beaded .designs^ 
and fitie* tucks. Reg. 
$iaoo to $1^.50, ; fon 
#6.75. ■-" • % ' • 


Of yk^ Cotton; k»w 
neck, elbow sleeVes, pt 
sleeveless style, 8B#. i \ 


Silk and Woof Rtlibed, 
/ ilbow Of;, a 1 e e V e 1 e s a, 

iiatWUjL^Mixed. with. 
V-neck, elbow or long 


Cotton; better 
grade ; low neok, dbpw or c:^^' slefves, fp.T5i 
sleeveless, fll«00. 


Fine Weave Fleece Cot^.. 
ton ;. elbow sleeves or 
sleeveless, ft-BB. *.' 

Wool and ^tton^ A{|xed ; 
elbow or si^velesa stjrl*, 

Fine Wool; lo^ neck,; no 
or short sleeves, ' Gt V* *• 
'iieck with tXitem sleeves, , 
B4.Q0; large, sixes. 

Ribbed Wooi and Cotto^ j^ 
ctbow. or s 1 c e v e 1 cs ij # 


p"« ' 

^Spe cial Disptay and Salt 9j 

I .ir^'fa*^ 

At $1.75--Included ar*^ tew, mediitra and high bust 
models, with plate" or elastic' tops. Wen ftjade and boned, 
in coutil or batiiste. Sixes 10 to ICK 

A*.'^?^^^ *^^ medinn^ butt models, in jjhite or, 
pinlc coutil. l?oihe have^air ro»i« '^tJf^iopf ^^ 
plain top* with elastic gores in 1^ fi6t.^^«f' »^"' vjt^^r 
MfDMMM-)tade of eatAi heavy or medium »Wghtcol^> 
t»lara»faite or flesh, ffriirrf nini Hjitssisi^pliii in 

eluding •orae with <iouW«itWrtfca*qs«8W«ditti»^nd.hifii 
^|»ust styles; 19 to df. ^ . ,. ; v * "^ 




A particularly fine qollection of Remnantswill be 
offered ^tt morning. T.Inoh»d^;»re useful lengtlis 
in Silks. Dress Goods. Cbittingii,' Velvets, Velvtt- 
eens. Unings. Suitings. ^CoftOns. Flannelette, 
bhirtings, Towelings, Cotton Dress Fabrics, Laces, 
Ribboiis, etc., etc. . .. ' 

All to be offered today, at greatly redueed prices. 



tDemonstration of H arriet Hubbard 

T:'^^^'^yers^ Toilet Preparations 


•k'- St mn ie rs Ooaltny 

NANAIMO. Oct. SO.— The steel 
steamar War Chariot, telK at <!ottgh- 
lan's. Vancouver, and the Uttle French 
steamer Trois RIviares. sre bunkar- 
ing at tka C. W. P. Go's Wharf. 



i' Tay Ikur 
NAlTAtMO. Oct 30.— lattM^y, No- 
vemhar S. will b^ tac dky for tha 

o.' wr.y.A. 


ODAY a demonstrator, will be in attenance at our Toilet Goods Sectiohto exolam 

x***" -a.-* ^ 1^ 

the various Ayers preparations. 
She wiU gladly show you, if requested, how tp massage yoor lac^, redd^l fcubloi^hin. 
:* remove unsightly wrinkles and frown hnea, Improve y6ur compleirfoifrand' remove ^^ffi 


^ tired, worncdL look. • _ , , . ..-]-. 

These preparations include the finest or Fae« Creams, Powders, ' Complexion Loti^^ ' ^ 
Talcums, Shampoos; Soaps, Perfumes and other Toilet Requisites. *-««»^ 

We are sole agents in this tity for Harriet Hubbard Ayers' Ibilet preparatidhg. 


Phones 1876, First Floor 1877, Bloulei linger^ and Corsets 18^ 
Saymd BgUdhif. 1211 IMwitoaSiiMt 


Looh t Toi^ist Bswf u P< 
Rnom StoMMl^ Uv«r aad 

XINNSON 9l bowser 

Ctrpenlsrs sad ■aUdcra, 

Qanaral Jobblag 

Ij^Mlsl IMi Weakt 

poUeotloa for Ukrary 
NANAIMO. Oct. »0>Hn»« public 
aehoels dol)«ctod fftS.Sl' tor tha pub- 
Uo library. 

Aodapl"<Chllforhia" ayrvp of 
only— laolt for the nana Canforala 
on the Mck*g*. than yon ara slM 
your. skUd .te >«av<»g tha bsM aad 
m«M('harHi«M MaMlv* or physic tw 
tha^tla alanuu^. Il««r and.WwMa. 
Chlfllron la#b tta delicious fraity tasnr. 
Pull 4lKpf|4«a 

! To« mint say "Qanfcmia." 

iraw Wace 
NANAIMO. Oct. »0.— A two-year 
agreement, cotofing wagaa and work- 
ing conditions, was signad yaaMrday 
br tha CanadUn Collf«Haa (Duns- 
Aiuir>, Umltad. and Its amployosa in 
the Cumbarlan4 Mine. 


Nl^ TORK, Oct aS.-^Mo«lon pic- 
ture fllmd taken from tM arolilvdp of 
Grand Admhral von IWvMs 1" ^^ 
former Kaiser's admlnHtr. aad ahow- 
isg AlUod vasaels betn#^«srpadoad oy 
Oaniwa aHbnmrlaaa dn|rn|r «1m ««oia 
war, warns br o ug h t h*ra tiMajr %if Mr. 
1. H. MacMam, a Knictea aTtSofam- 
has aswsiary. 

"th* aims, which wara deatinod for 
axhlbltioa by Oarmany •■ tha dajr ot 
Ita triumph, wara nude \if 

» wlwsir 
mlsKfonatf to 


A boot built is Vlthstsad hard wear 
and bad weather; haavy sole, oU 
grain upper, triple stitched, firftbcl- 
lows toost 
1-SJ4. atl 


toogtie; full round f6c^8tee« 


1 BBS BisMlas Jt PteMlBM 




crgft Tlila boat vpasd more 
than forty tfeoaaand raat af dMi. 

Tha plettna ahowa the 
shalUng foar BrttMi 
theas en 

ward ita vtethsi. 


FAiua. odt sa.'^-'^hM 

fNuis of Loon Jaahaax, 
tha Oanaral Fadaratlon of Lai 
la on his way to tho UaiMd Mataa ta 
attMid tha kitaraatlaMl teSw OSa- 
fortaca at Waefctngtwi, haa eaimd 
mp astrmnMa Iht t%> tsileriilsa 'm 
Labor ft» MMkasil atlom^ |« dM 
a ganai^l aiftka for WveaiWr 7^ 
Ctraalars it% nai^ Wwt 

■to tfis'Waah* 

tha a4vMaifm|r af 




i ^il?".i.i< 


A Good race 
to Purc^se 



* - 

You cutt place absolute reliance upon the huntini^ supplies' 
purchased at this Wf &>ortinf Goods Store. At all times you 
will find our prices ««reai0y >^easonatil». > 

■MOa. p« l00.1iys;W ,„ 9t<M 

»** ••• •■•« »«?#*■■»■>—■■ ■■«*<i»*i 

RUto OiMiinf l«4i. Mc u^ '^. . 

0«^ OS* 9tt Md ,,»„„-.-^.-.-_.-^ '■>. — 

Ova Qt^Mt, kMps nttt from tl>e barret, etc. 

!••> »• ■»■• — f 


i' . 

CWi*l« Bmim Qtimm^ Mk 


, »l»»ll 

■'■-' ^*^ 

iBlol»«IIOaMdi«l<pMUIprieM. A4cM 



fijcyelei^ $)Mliif GooOs aii4 Toys 



WE isstii^ tiuM ucBioes ap 

r^«i>r'^ •,«*■' 


3in '"l»BmdSt 



TTir>5n!5c^«h^M!^Mn^Sy^oiiT^ «^r^ alonfe 

for tt. Htv« a OMMBitritloii. V 

BLAN^A«»t»i GM 

fbct St, N«l Cor. Cook > 


Do you\^oke^ T^en we've sot it I 1^9m aqi Ofieiilal 
Hookah Pipe to an I^ play I . *» . v > 

bonitVatcht CMielni The Home of CkiMMMliii;« 

ii. A. MOitlkis, ua.* 

tH€ Gemiaeui at. 


^^ Bowb <iiMihA hefe iftvery eyening. 


(^•rmf riy Arcad* BMrHai ANey) 

Wit* FoftSHMl 




tow Rfiaws 


DUBININ. 0<i». 'tV.*^11^^ llfii^J^ 
9)M« barMU MVV th* IrUk RvpaMI" 

FarUament m*t^ In prtvate 
at Um MaiMtavf Hoya> \M< 

•^ fall' «tt«fidanc« 

>.or membenu 

It w«« aniu>anc«d that Irlah tra«« 
i'i'?'*'*?***.*'*' H^** " b««n appointed 

tWltWrtajdi C^ilia A rgentfne, and that 
Mr. J. L^' nhMpttt had opened oflleea 
a« IrMi <}OB 

narai «n Broadwav. 

! "' ■ I I 



AK- -.4 ; 

livery t)ay 

Motofjscf w^ejftKottittff, wHtlhc and cattiMT to leam about the "VNITY 
AllX|UAyOart>^4Mt to 'feakitlorf ' bqatrica pouhttg ih b>y ^ mall from 
dictaat point*, and wa art aaHKif and itiatafflaff th%m aa li^ ai we can. 
Tha "Ui^itr AttxUktor^ naaa JUl Wum Vapoia itom your crank 
h caae— aomething which ha« never b^cn done bcforew Puts infinitely 
; small particles of oily steam in your cylinders, killing cteKbn as fast 
|ts aa it forms^pnts new ftct» in your motor, gives it Ipi^ life, 'and 
'asakaa yo« a booattr. It anwt 


|^Phoaa67M. 7WB.C. 




C. Smith Guns 

Ejector an^ One-Trigger' 

12, 16tndaoGiu|^ 

E. G. Prior & Co. 

LiniiM Uabiltty 
Cor. Q^y^nmt^t and Jahnson Sts. 

Famow Go)f er HBfkMi^ 
frmm for Littd Lfakr 

i N V 


Hunters Are of Opinion That 
Stock of Birds Will Be De^ 

pleted If an Open Week Is 


PlQ&terfelt Cup Ctidcet AviSMftt 

la ^ ftaie^cltr eriakei matdhsa p\ 

PIWBMtMt, 0»p. -' - 

Ida <ltir «Mi two 
•r mm for af^rtakau^ tap w»ei«ata osatiat aa mfmUmf U K^lt 
eonvar wen ena anA'Mwt two wwki^fa mm tiMir totaFacon Sav II' iJaka^ m 

"It (her allow tikat waefc'a open i 
son on hon tttiaasaaUe in Saanloh this 
year, it ^H l^i aothlnc short ot ik 
crime." Thla la the way one well^ 
knowfl Viotoria. eportamaii expreeeed 
^imaeyC lalian aaked yeetarday tor an 
opinion on th0\9OUor of saiowlns heiM 
to l^e fhei, and tll^t thki Is not mere1$ 
one man's oplakm la mada abaadantljr 
manifest when ona listens to the oomr*, 
ments of men who |iave been ahootinir 
ph aasa n ta on Vanooaver lahuid to» 
manar yeara^ la faot it is difficult to 
rioAva sloiM sportsman conversant 
wl(|i the subjeat Who would differ, 
fraas tha opinion that pheasants aro^ 
esaroa .tbts ysar, and that the cbiaf 
causa of tli^t'eearstty is the tact that 
for the first timajaa ppOn aeason in 
hens w«k le«»lls««|last yaar. 

To attain the Ideal propor^on o< 
tha srxas In a atoefc of wild blrda la 
maolfsstly lanposslbto; ihsre may even 
M a difference of - eplalon apienc 
nbraadasa.oC phssaaata a» to the best 
proportlDB. but it wUI to a csrUinty 
be iMtween three and four |»ens to a 
cook. It is praetlcally uiyivoidabla 
that the young ooeks should be kUled 
Jtai greater numbers than the old birds, 
whloh ara isore orafty and capabia 
of protecting tbamselveo from dan>^ 
g«r, ir Is cOneelTibly desidlble thai 
tha old bans ahouM be killed, for the 
reaaon. that aUho«gh they win ISk 
moat oases lay Just as mansr eggs aa 
the young onea, (bey wiU not alt. but 
to kill off tba y^ung he.ns. ^hl<;^ art) 
the eaaieat of the pheasanta to shoot. 
U worse than a nUstake*— it is a 
calamity, and the VaOoouwr Island 
pheasants are at present suffering 
from that vary calamity, in the opln> 
ion not of one man, but of many 
habitual pheaaant hantOra. ; 
' - ' Uffda Aie 9em«m\- 
At any rata, it la pretty well agreed 
that pheaaanta thla year i^ acaroa, 
and that laat year th^ were> compara- 
tively plentljCul; also that, however 
good the Intentions of the Oame Boani 
may ba in the way of aupplemenUni^ 
the stdck by liberatlag bfc-da. their 
present abUfty.ln.tbat reapeqt is total^ 
Inadequate to bring the niunber of 
pheasants back to «bnb&lk Ukis Iti^ 
old standard. i 

RaeenUy tbare was ferm4d in Vlis 
toria a Flah and Oame Aaaoalation. If 
that asaociatlon is to bs oi any reat 
value, it attould certainly do mor«| 
than juat meet to decide , on whal 
reeommendat,lons ahonld bS made tsl 
the oame Bioard regarding the ,open<^ 
Ing of the aeaaona each year. That^ 
no doubt, la one of Ita chiaf obJectai 
but, if It IS to be a real power fh tbi 
world of Sport with' tha' Vod and goaj 
it must -be buay rather mbre often, 
and bare, it woofd isaam, id a mattsg 
which It might mad onffht t» uke vm 
without any debnr. ' w 

If the Opiniona ootltaed above ar4^ 
not the opinions of the majority, a 
meeting of the aasoelaUon tfotild verjf 
son find this out. bat if, alter a frea 
diseUsSion of ithe sabjeot. it waa da- 
terttlned that theae opMlona are righl, 
then it ahoul]! be ita Immediate object 
to call the attention of tha Govern* 
ment. through the Oame Board, to tha 
danger of allowing any more hena to 
be ahot than' will laevUably be shot 
anyhow by irreapondble partiea. ad 
long aa the ataff of wardens la aa ln> 
adequata aa at prassnt. Kepresenta* 
tiona from the Victoria Fiah and Oamo 
Aaaoelation would undoubtedly bO 
given careful attention by the Ctovem- 
ma&t where indbrldval opiniona might 
not carry any weight. Aa previoualy 
mentioned In these columns; thera 
were a number of spbrtamen, who 
know ^hereof they apeak, who pro- 
phealad last ysar, when theiy Sfiw thO 
large nombcr of hen pheasants being 
killed, that thia year ^ould see a 
scarcity of pheaaanta. an4 their forei 
oast baa proven oonrect Thess sam4 
men are now propheaylng that unless 
hens oontlnue protseted throughout 
this ssason, ihare wlU be no pheaaaiA 
shootlnc at aU next year, and they ara 
probably riibt. 

' ^nw Leaser Kvfl .. 

Authorities on the pheasant wiu tell 
you tbat'lt Is Itfcely to prova deleteril' 
oua to next year's atock to have tob; 

' fiayar^ MaiKa and Qbib 

Sparka. Vletarla 

Sidward% VIotorli 

Paora. VanocNiverv . . 

CUnSQito. 'Victoria ... 

Cl^ndler, Vancouver ...... 

,«AAsa, Victoria ...*••« ••^it 
-OoMniMar. Vletorla .,..«... 

j.KuStim, Vlaioria . . . . . 

I*'B. V. Tork. Vletorla 

Bi^dfoot, Vaneouver 

;doiarlor%tlbfl|i|lla4» tfi^i 10 i^O:, 

dttOUon ot>|ia« «l»4^ was otgt^mM 

I; adapted to a-^^artalh '■ fgt^jBt. . 0ia 

pbgasanta,iira^Bi^:bara V^Ha^ f,yivdn 

a IP Mi*-iiAUfa 




ai^ auab 

. Vaaeoover 

]Psai, vaacoiivar 
Ticker. Victoria ..... 

Lalgb. Vaodoiivsr «\.rj» 

tigod. Vaneowar ....... ..y .MTl 

Armltage, Vaaeouvar .".....« 

ttart, Vancouver « . . t 

Mbjor, ViOtorIa . . . . .-; . .... . . t 

Opre. Vanoouver ....... .<V . i 

Ooward, Victoria i.,.. f 

Fletcher, Vtetaria ......... ^ s^ 

Bbotton, TatuMN^Hr , 4 

Via9*rla i S'-i'' ..i'^'i' 

VjSSSm^i ..' ,».,>• 4 ;.i 

. SttatA*.' y*»oaavar •.',».,>• \u;.l ♦. ■"■^■■'^j"' ^. 

WtUt^u Victoria .% ■. 'f . ■:? .;/"•■ -.••,"► ' -. -' m-ii'''»y - • • * 

•.,?vW. D. Torn. Vlctorl* ...jj^ J^^*^t#, ^f .--m.k-l 'I r 

, ;. *.,t{^ ,,; Hill lag b'fapS''''^"^^ """ ''\ ""^ ' ■ 

'■ Playar'a l^am<r'aiii|f I^l' ' .■ ^Sfg'; '" ' Wl«kMg< 

Copptnger. Vlotoriav • > > » • • . . '^. . . •'• . * ffo . It jt 

J. W. D. Tork; VleAK4a . . . . .*;. a*^ • - K^ 
Fears, Vanspiifav >> *.;..... ,^;#*>»i«'w''»'f §»; 
#botton, Vaaoott^p ,*,.J^,*^]n,.w^^ at, 

x.^ V. Tork, vfpcoi^-..:.;.«..;.vI 

-Reward, Victoria .... . .>,..V. r. . : X'l 

mtonsbore. vaaaodawr .''?i ivv .".'>;•};; 

IlHngworth, Vaiiaa«vag^v^'.\;M4k«ia>^ 

^Itejor, Victoria 
'^sfl. Vancouver 
Bfaui. Vancouver 
BMwks, Victoria ...*•..'; 
Stocks, VancotlvriB*;'?.Vv. . 

•».»?.:*•• ••.• 



_Note.— No secoMi{b|iilltga1Ml^ras ha»a been eoaatod 
tliaoB aoarsa bava ttad'&^^^aMf bMMiQ^aii, 

•i '-'.'■ 

— *i- 

gmiMl a propqrtloit ct <;o<^ btrds b|^ 
,^frMkening tha p«6||BSny., but that^iV 
Is "iar worse tb bwva Cba^^ proiiortlod 
of hena too small. The f^|uar cofldl' 
tioas la by fii^ tMltaaj^ in this 
cot^itry, bat'tte i4tt»^<^^ Is Id- 
aviuble. i^l^ Uia bsi|i^«ra ino^»f^ 
fi.'' Thera;-ank|>a.tein' ' " ' 


^at\prdiatt. the 
jta^tty miry an* 
tba hens, oapeclall; 
wfll, aa every pi 
e^ver laland 
'ofjanarka, and eve; 
<V^1 mean the loss 
ifbleds next year, d 
; 1*^ What spoi 
aflsr pheasants 
ya^r, can consclentl 


w stitada 

all ;ba 




«ea eoaatod^iia tha anroraflss viMaaa 

tbo jrasali Of Oio gaate.. ^ " '"^ 


0^ick^ e^ns Clioosas Local 
Links as the Setting of a 
Qoillipoilte Course Which 
W«i|W Be Perfection 


, 1 »».fi*Mr.«»,.t' 

iMANAIMO. Get. tO.— Oaorge Bd- 
ward Morrla, pnbliaher of The Kaaai*. 
mo Free Praaa. dlsd <hia momlag after 
a. month's llHiass which was praceded 
by poor bekH^' for sevaral yaaia. Vba 
^Catber of ^ the daceaaed-Jov**'''^' ^^^ 
HSoorga S. NocMi, after sorvbig bla 
tbao with The CaUy ColoMst. aUrtad 
Tlie Free Frsss In NaaalOM in XI74, 
tbo aecond newapaper to be published 
In British Columbia. When the father 
diad in Itpt, bis two sooa>.Ooorge and 
William, conducted the business antll 
fife years ago when Qeerge bought 
his brother'a Intereata. Tb« mother, 
Ifrs. Oeorge E. Norris, waa one of the 
pMnaer paaaengsrs of the Prinoass 
iOnral. wbteb came aroiM>d tba Horn 

^(B deceased, w^o wks t>orn Ih Vle- 
torla, waa 41 years of aff«, and mar- 
riSd Kiss Clara Brow^. daughter of 
Mr. J. W. BrOtlv.* ThfOe' sons survive, 
ftonald B., Oeo. W. Oswald, and Har- 
old, the two former eondueting the 
ptinting sfltoMlsbaiant. Mr. Nonte 
siMiwsd bla'geiM»D«ia aplrlt in adeplBbig 
aiid oarind for several orphaned 
nophewa and aloeea. Tba funeral ser- 
vice on.faturday at 2:11 p.m.. wtU bo 
conduotSd b^ Ron & iRyall. of At 
Paul's Ghurob. 

,< ^^lubi} Xfibiokr JSvaas. aho. faiaoaa 
Axi«|^a^ ^Ifsr. hi ona of Ma fo- 
aa^ frtif^ pa "Ooif and Halw to 
t\Kr\U»**'.imn a alaa Uttio oompu- 
dnNat tffjba Victoria OoK «tub 
<iS^ii»m'%£mx 9a3r. TM d^ti^' 
deals with What Bvana w«a]d ooa- 
sldsr 09 idai^ course. Ra wrftds thai 
he i| fAaabOii^ aaksd what wi^ «be 

tiil«ib^-alb^>,|^.'o«miMerB fbO b«at M 
•MTnexhatttf. Tbbss auoauoiw b« ii*a 
triad to<>^tMfar. bttt nov»r s a eaoa d dd 
to Ma owb aatMbetfoa. "Alfhoogb 
I ednnot ^Wf tall fMi;«* mvk SiMlos. 
"Of the keel esiadtat golf oo«fbe, I 
caa give yov a dsdalto UMa af vlia^ 
I think tbe bast eoayraa abotyld bo." 
and he proceeds to describe ab Idea* 
aourse of a s n Mi i i i>alU . aatgre. 
^ Wa Id^ loaa^n Is ambbg sa«dr 
lUlb upon the eoast of iMtala. and 
It Is to (be OMvOoua^ b« .coea^ 
(igaia far tba>itdas'^a« Ma adbrsoT 
which aqwst ba aaab ^ Ja fsaibd at 
Sandwleb. For viWw, |ioWev«r-— boi 
imimportent oo aa i d ar atl on to tha 
golfer who would get the most mit 
of bla g aoa bo »Mts In Mig plaeot 
of ftrst #olee Jbo VMiclB^ ao|C 
flub. -rSe IfOldif .•f hk ««^''likos; 
to see tba bold* ^nb tbd abipar 
going by. WItb tbo wbola arorU to, 
abocisa^rom. wbr not «aba ifeoiWti 
lor the aesthatio isstUag of awr Idaal' 




soeoR uNUin 

Tbo fblla^Hbf; teasM am adaaiBnae 

Comrades — Lo9>a*: Cldlba». and 
Davlas: Daaaon. I|«r#afb aad Ofaen; 
Harper, Walton, BlOoi^, ■HalOl and 
IfoOnoylo^lAaaerves 'Frals^ 

It MeGlmpaey, Wattors abd Me 
Mttbm: Aakraird. nsvaA »artbalo« 
niew, Kerr and Hovggb. He ae rvsa, 
Robblns apd FUatoa. ^ . 

yowidatloii-Sll&sr tr^st|r -'M 
Sntact; lleaber, Ctagjg »bd ISot^t 
kVmm. dHdb. daviMia, Attsn aad 
Ooaar. Aaaarra. Ooaaga. Owfag to 
rrey Ksrloy bolbd ddt of town for 
fbo woak-eag. a idlgbt altoHMlab fa 
the team has boaa, daaad aaaalilMnr« 
Allan will Uke tba plaee af Kodey, 
w^l^Attweli wUI make a raa|»- 

I fttl aba i a lH>a fofMHag wW ta- 
post aa the MatrapaUa-yooi raaaps at 
t jrer ttair «tgBo «dtk tba faaa- 
ich Itovon — Llddan. tjampbers, Vay- 
Mt HbOOl. aagwrna (aiipi.). ofy^ 
bataagb. Qtabia. Barrta. Wmm, 
Asbbr and awiabttnie. Rsaarra, 
WMta. • 1 

Masazliie Cigarette C iw w>d 

We hdve jtttt retthred a ttke mtaortment in LdatKer and 
BtflBtiQ»lall. Priced at $1.25, |2X)0. I2J0 and HOC. 

'C A. STEELE ' ^1 

Union BftfikBuUdial: 

ClO Vi«w Street 











■* .1-1 



Ml Mr *n«f«H«r ittr IWinAot'* Club 
IMoB Midi Ci||i|r 

BvtryBot Carries Certificate of Pure Havana Leaf 


' f. r 


IKKMM Dooglaa Sireil 



Why get wet ducking for applet Halloi^e'en ntgiit? 

rrm^ fMUJAUD 

, ••"apaoi ■a^ss ipprasd 


Hftvaaa, SoMedi 




ThaiUMIsd gtatse has beeome byfar 

previously oe- 

The mlaeral, «Sed 

steal. Is sained 


Let Us Proveniese 



^0ttA TO CHiS BuriKr 

Gefttr In tomonov tod ve will pmwt to. your , 
«^i^iitdf stttsf dctloD that this burner will stre ycm 
niiibey. See it in operation tnd you wVt tw con^ 
vWm that its labor-savfaif pos^Uties are tre- 
mcd^lQiis. It ^ a smap» iiiexpiepsive 4evlce that 
fits faito the tvebox of any onmiary tmg^^ 
Hundreds are in use and ciVhif eVfery satlsikcflofL 

Mcl^iMMi-Snith Saks Co. 

ay aatlvsa. 

I eatbr vaad 
the Aadsa oO 

•TBOTT-aMAW lUght 
ft for 





feei 80 eoflipetitors — ttidrt ii aoUiing Wie it on Ihlf aarkel 
't «Mmi I K ii iMKle fti vidorie 

MdiifiiiMtf I Jl dMK oot r«b •# 

MlftOJllA FEED COimi^lilll 

' j,- ' :j.j.ujiftjwu | |tf" 




THE DAtLV (GotCft^ST.VlCTibRIAv B:C FRtDAY, OCn>»EIl 31, lf!9 


»wii Grnfidfut 
Of l.imdtng Fraojduie 




SmoRenamase Sale 

So sreat has been'^the response to our announc6menti^cT ot^ aini in men's merchan- 
dise dtmtf ^ by smoke, that the coming week-end will probably see the finish of our great 
sale. This announcement is, therefore, a warning to all men who ne^ WMter clothing to 
come to this store before Saturcjay evenini^^in o^^J|j^^^)f^^ay ben4It by the extra- 
ordinau^. reductions which, we are now offering. '**^\,\ ' v 

Herirare a few of the money-saving valuelj^i^^g ri^iVi^ 
noiirayailablc. _^ .^ ^^ 'i^^mnima^^lZ 

Here IS the opportunity of the season to say^ ^ .. « r a hrr c 
money on the dldthhig you ne^ for now ^ttd -^^^m^^^ i>^J^\ 
lafcc on* 

■r^ TraniMidoiis Ctearall^y of i u 

Hlgh-Grade Sult^ antf 
Overcoats "^-^ 

Afli Stiht for men and y«Mm mot 

ftO^ smut patterns. SSeiTSCfo 4?. 

$35jOO values. Snnka Damaga Sale. 

C"! Suits in yoi 

Tweeds and 


men's and conservative modeli. 
etiects ineladad. Regular to 
p iB ol ii a Damaga 8a]a ......^.......^.....m^........ 

$45j0a amolM Daoaaga Sale . — „,^ ...... $U|**9 

/to Suits for men and yoong men, in notei 3^ ib 44. S)iper|lj 
fwO tailored in smart s^Ie*. poths indode some of the finlst 

" $51.75 

all wool Uapoirtai Wl»riteds uid tweeds. Kegnlar 
^jOO. Smoke DanjageSttle ^.......^....^ 

't.ik Onlv. jNrarm * f leecar 31ip-on .Qvcrcoata < that were priced at 

English Overcoat^* the majority of them bjr Studd ind M!^~^^^^*5^^ 
ig vwr lingfbn. dlothtlnctttdegtWiineHarnatweeda and pure 
^*^"ibiterfals in dark sh«4e8. Regular $d5X)0. 

lIMkie- J^Uace Sale .l. 

' R<ili|»r$S5jOQL 8iMkaI]^ageS 

-seJLm ^ndrtgx^r |iK>d)e^ 

JMarwasr aaA faMii 

» J i Ifc.^* I 

's Rtibber^Md^^ 


Antici^iegou^lotliing'tfMs for montte ahead \^ pun 
dis|>fay in fLir|Mndows for otbq' barg^ns not meotiohed 


60 Only, Men's Sweater Coata, in navy, 
dark gfcy. green and broWtt^ Pwe 
wd6lqtiali^. Regular $12JB|0 
Smbke Dataufa ^A ( 

Sali . _ 9\M*i 

20 Dosen W^taon'i^ Staafiald*« 
Pemnan'a Uttdtrit/M, Shirts 
IMp^rs. ' Refe:iilBr $3.50 a gamfent 
SoNpl Ditesge 

' ^^ 

aS^Dosen'Sngliah Pure Wool Combin 
ation Underwear. Regul 
a suit Smoke Damage 

A ^F«w QBJ^-Ladlea' mAc Mofnera. , 

at these economy prfcesi Stt 

Ml v^om- ^ ^ IJfVv' ^>.» •i''*-* *.j:n» .■^^V,...J..■ 



One Onlyj^LaQOi^ Slreiter Cbatt 
!UgttUf«0.0O. V: (»ft% yjf. 
Smoke ia^(e ||]e^$i(S.aKI 

Te^ Dosen Men's Hat«, jn the season's 

be the final oflering of our 
choice ste^k of Ladies' Furs at a fe- 

Odd Sijp^ jtfWolaey.Pure Wool Vn- 
d^rwsjipr. ^^^agular |7.S0 a gannmt. 
Smoke Damage ^ 

Stit ^.,.^ 


duction. 0nr stocic comprises beauti- 
fttlly des^ti^ Hudson Seil Coats and 
Scarfs, ykt^i,i, etc., in the popular pdta 
and newest styles. At regular prices 
our values are unbeatable. Now yoo 
can purchase at a discount of 

'iiao% Off 


Vancouver Baseball Magnate 
StiR Confident of LandJni; 
His Town In Coast Leiigue 
Berth Next Season 

rtfM tUmmrn «f laaAtea a. tertk h 

tm mneli bM«ilb thafei Um r«»ed|i 
mm «v*r tM vlFW it^sas tb* •«• 
Frmaetoo* aM«Ma« wala indtoaUi. t 
h*v« a oMifte ot propMlUMw tA lay 
liMifDr* tlM toval fi^MiMWI X tm antla- 
fltea uuit w* wtn «• tfrt* t<» gtv» 
Vaaioettv«r eiM» acwrtitoj^ imU ncs^ 
TMT.** fla MM Boa Brawn. V«ao«tt. 
ir*r Mafoat^ aa «i. g# fi ia tua iMni- 
Isf Ctmb tiM aaaaal MU aiiMMNr 
pi tha l>a«lte Ooaat Laaau* 4lr«etMs , 

tocMl War 
>|roi% per 



(and the voun£ fellow) 

A .good jrtngff of.. 
pHcM Ir 

l^ow b the 
I » select ymir 
hw — HurMfe ou 

«t Hs best. 

iayi Cowe 

EngHsb T 


berized Tv< 



mjagj ygtH iWTED 



YAMCOUVBll. dot. SCXf 
haatcra do aei aroAt from thte sea- 
aoais h^aciaf; tlMa tb* o«v«maHiat 
wUl. eiaa* til* abMtlat asasea 

m«at af Um arMteelal ame* has 
*>**° >«p |.g|ir,l|l>>i nrf traak af -<!* 

trylna tbWr la*' with -tM «tia. B*' 
*M»^ tiM aafiur, wifitfi l»av«,th« ncea*. 
mit HoMm-fk hanfi tUre ara a 
«MftS mpjib'^'Ma Htva «M takaa out 
tba ' doettmaatj. 

Thaaa man |Miy« bean ehackad up 
br tha gama wardan and a banob at 

^nalNlML 9«sMa um eaaaa r«aariiia« 
tha Wh b Osa ^ c|Nra ar« a naaAar irba 
bara baaa in tba l|ablt af aatac aato- 
ma4ia abataaaa tar kttaHnir p«j<»0aet. 
It la aaalnat tba IfW fbr.a man ta 
oae (bUi atyla ot ««% and aavaral 
ahaotara have baaa dnad and tbair 
auna eanflaeatcC JRUs ia ona point 
M wbicb tha biw Ja exeaadtnaly 
airtat. and U win ga ba»d Wttb aar- 
oaa laufd ia i min iaa^,a< aa auta* 
matle skaMlag traa» 



NVW TORK. Odt. S9>-it ft an- 
dar^»adj%t tJit«raa<a Idantiiiad wHb 
a aromtaant naUonal bank, a wall- 
known bankina nowftt and a daTeiop.> 

trada WNlifltia^ Oi^mT •♦« tbrJi^wT 
<iiil'Jli^r^ ^ek at tha ph»po>ed 
Chfnaae-American pank'. Of th« 
«to,«o,(^.0«* capita} attack. liatfwUl ba 
taken up by tba ^Ajntrtean aroup and 
tha othel- Pf^ i^^ |bhiaflW^ater«sta 
Half of tba capltaUaaUen haa already 



baaa paid ta bad tfta rMnaladar baa 
baaa fdUy aseara^. 

Ma a ciaaaaau tiaMw Tha Vtotarta 
paaclna OMb haa iMvad InVlta^ 
tl^rtu to tha macquarada daaea t(» ba 
HMd on Saturday evenlnir. Mambara 

dr*. aabad to brine th*ir admlasi^a 
edMy bail praaa nt th«m at tba dlai', 
kM Mr dur Uraaantatioa of tha aama 
#m'-'av^lfea^la ba adafetttdd. Aby 
fnaM|tta#s Who have dal yet aannad 
thair «^da flbn da ao' by^ apHrlat ta 
tha ie^retary i 

AltbaatM tba opdb siassu far 
p h aaaa ni a daaa aat atart «nUi tba 
17th of nazt afaatb. many of «baaa 
bifda have baen abat^ and savaral 
praaaetttlona ara pandWr. If Ihbi 
staavbtar of gana birda fcdspa an 
tVif win b* a daeidad aearetty of 
tba aaxt aaaaan. This abenM^ ba 
takaa into otfadMbratian hr tba 
hubtara. - »• • 

*ha tadMr dlitrliJt ta pMyfag a 
papalar ona wMh hantera and avary 
day tbay ara brtnciaa homa limit 
bags tt^m thJk eios«-«t-baail aboot. 
UMf fToond. SaVaral. bowaner, wha 
aa^a. cone out witbaut tha neoeaSaxy 
pa«)M>h*niaila for dnok abootlng hart 
rataraad witbaat nneb aaceasa. 
, Ja<dt Jobaaaa of tba Prorioea atatt 
haa baaa oat lAdaar way pavaral 
ttaaaa dartaa Um pdat fbw waaka and 
ba aa»a that thara ara tbMMHmda o? 
dswHa ta ba had. Ba baa c«t pratty 
eloaa t^-tha llailt every time oat. 



foe britakfMt toawrrow. They art 
deHckafi. Vad< of tendsr- yaaog 
pof k ahd spiced so as to gfte the 
vcfr 6nest eaifqr. Try thdm once, 
and you wiling a' iteady iostomcr 
here. ■• . v^. 

CaMife Sm^ lUbi ill 


llq^^^^M ketkl^^ to Reiit|| n 

it 'Very line lanjc residence near Gdvernment fmSb 
will be to rent on or shol^ly after 1st Decefhb^r. 





Storafe Batteries M^ Wear 

Cat (Battery> WiM the Cheapest way by 
Sttttii^ your next Battery at 





.r #-♦ 

NAtf AIMO. Oet is_tba ve^ heavy 
paaa]^ of Uu waa inipoaad an Ar. 
thur Oreen at tha provtncUl potlea 
eputt In Caurtanay for trapping 
arttbaat a Uie«tta«. Be waa fined %t% 


fbr'aaeb for ha had in hia poaseaal 
Bk waa alao flnad farther |K0 for 
earrytof flraarma wltbaat a Ucanaa. 

LARttN COMslisT 


Only one avant waa d a a td ad at tba 
T.lf«r.A. H a u dla ap waakbr awimartng 
eoai*t bald laal night. Tba half nafla 
howavar, nanaaniiallaa «4 lapa of tba 
•ovaaad by aavan ooataa- 
M^aiaaad h atwaan IS ta tS 
^inutaa. Tha fhataat time waa made 
^ J. l asi ab a l l. wba waa baatan by 
teadJaapa. tba priasa «o«ac aa Cauawa: 
riiat, a. hmtmtt; and. e. MePadyaat 
«rd« J. MarAall. Maat waak tbiaa 
avaats a*a ta ba adstaatad, iwdudtaa 
tba 4S-JWN Tola BaU oaaryi 4d-yatd 

SAN niMIGtteO BOXMn ■ 

la T«Nnr Car Bnniiliig Right? 

^^ '.^If not, brii|( it in today and we will fo cardfuUy 
; , m- «vct it aad fitid the tro^Ie. 

. 0«r Prieti Ara Rifhl 


BBS DiMO'vafy 9vMm 

Nikt nmm IIU, MUX. „- 

84k FJUKOiaca Oat. a».^pra. 
UaMaanr baalis laaiabaa tai tba Far 

Wasliava'abaaiaiaBsBipa wai 
alglkt ai tha Obraipte ci«b 

bald ta- 

diraetlon of the fwsUle AtblaMa 
O i lw ai 

af-Laa Angalaa, 
waa a anB isa 9**t .Wattar aatbaab 
af aaa a » *aa t aaa ta tba CMMat maieb 
mi tba avanlag. 
|»f 9iMl avant jHH Ukd placa to- 

at onea. 

n^v do weldihf and cuh^< 


bantaal bare taatgbt. in tha 

IpuU Ught aaigbl avwat Jinuny i>«||^ 

•v^^^K ji^w aanraanaia wars an 


la Om two Jaaka* bmiavd laaaaa 
lafl atfbt SIbbaraoaa taam waa?^^ 
I'd team br tl»s ta Ui. 




4iM KlidRaf Waod, m tr 
latkailU «eo^ sl«K Macks, 

m, tif : 

siii mm0. 


Jidj _. ... 

aar o b l aa n . its- wilfciiMaa. 
IBM. Jits. «"Wi«^ 

Iff. ^', vJU/- w 

CTQ |SlTj> \tf!RQ% T 




THE Dil lty: tX>UMyiCT> \lCTORf A> RC /RI^Il>AY. OCTOBER 31. 19|9 



-> ' . J - 



^ ^^Ww^(W«WW^ . 

Saturday Matinee 



y>. ' » 4 




Tkt Story af tke 
MMt K< 


■■J?- . . . Wl 









Time dUren,ts bcfveea cHies, 

•tM# v^-aia««/ wMdronib 
. hentlfal. timiglit steps Inm Ur 
'^Jta^or into tkc cntcaacc of the 

; Pi»ic4 iPy pw <6f Ike most de- 
sirable men that society can 

Acaia, thU aftemoon, tMs 
woman Is hsrlof tea on 
«he Teraada at SteppeMTs In 
GaifUN aad mtnmtimg wUk her 
InscmtaUc Moria X&a ejcs the 
totmfky and the people to be 
loaiMl at the gateway of the 
6arden of Ailib. 




In a Series of 

or»(|jr«*nvornc«. 1«^ HaJl^rM o^ UHl c^ Orpheum v«nid«TUi«, ii^bitoh 


t-^J" <* 







Fitly MMkle 





ToBlKbt. teo^ 
Cafe de Paris. 

she is at the 






. She is dandnf at the Qiff 
House In San Fr«acisco» or rac- 
toff Jbp thi Often bdolevard in 

•Ue Aegcles lb h«rp • dtaner 
edfaf enent at the AlbiuMbla. 

.M EVEI^r CITY, in 

WORID. aM of yoe SEE her; 

**?? ww«. ,«»«xi1«tapWe wqmai). 

' At 'the 'piasseor's, at the " per- 
fhihet/s. at the HMdlite's. atlfhe 
hvtcber^s' or the 'Woker^i— 

. SMEil^ SYJ^itYWHEKE.^' > 

She.^ rich. She is poor. She.\ 
has ei^ything exc'ept honor or ' 
she :has^ ncUhbif minus i honor. 
She if •ie«eM|y'< . nji.n away 

■?I*'**2» **•' fo??. "»*"'* abused 
y»^. She U a ifltt) OF PARA. , 
DfSE, leaving sone haven of 
discontent and BOUIfD J'OR 
WHERE. She begniles, allures 
or depresses the gattMer and the 
diplOMat In ALIk lands and in 
ALL tiaes she has marched aloat 
the social fringe of things, be- 
dsclccd or bMraggled. 7 

torn caanot defy her. You 
cannot escape her. She .Is 'THE 



Mabel Nmand 


I '-* 



The de^raUona Mt the .halt to be 
aiven la beaor «C i[»ri JelUboe will 
be on an etaberaie aeaie. eepMlaily 
thoM In t6« ballreoai. where •pactai 
aaval decoratlva CNkture* will be car- 
rled out. Tha «rlll roam, to be used 

*^^tt^^ '•'***"•»* •"^ atUlna 
out,, wm >Jao b« edmf ortably and 
t^ftUly arranged. Dancehl will 
llild tkia a irery^rttiifai raaort" Th« 
oflle«|> «f ttie Kavy Loacuo are at 
«•••» M*. .Pemberton Building, 
wtaara applleattens for tfoketa «an be 

T^*- -■*'• " "■ J**^*^. «rf the 
Ualen Bank, will aiao, seoalva applf. 
catlona. ; " 



LOHDO tt. Oct. I*^-4»wliw ta tba 
IMraMant daaaaada Irom China aad 
the shertaca of anppUaa tha apot 
price of alhrer reached •« i-j penee 
par oanea her* yaalardar, a aaw raeZ 
^'.^ t^la ia above the prleeiu 
whfch it papa to naelt down atlver 
eolna much tii«ereat la taken in tha 
atepa the Ooverameat may Uke to 
"Miet the attnatlaa. T 

^8r!C$ as H^jitie . Attrac- 
tibfl ofi New Ocpheum Bill-^ 

'i ' -' \ .•v/?,-*;"-^ j'i--. 

Oe^tihude ifpffman. Vho , eomea to 
the Itoyai Vlctorta ' 'Meatre tonight 
and' - . tomorrow wfffi ' a tetnrday 
matinee, la Indeed vaudevltle'a veraa- 
tlle aeatua. VandevMle la kaleido- 
aeoplcfaaaiiaeinent, jitMl the, variety, ot 
liJpB i H4)>fCmaA'a aohiav.em«at aeema 
aa WMe.aad Inpzhanatlbla aa the vie|w 
liurOMch ta. .kaleldoacope; Wbwn atae 
taafc ap danflnc »he pu^aatde her 
|q|PiyMi^Dr|ia of ,atafe celebritei. Then 
lb, j>feaaittliMr her wordless jilay. 
"Sumarun,*' she demonstrated . her 
hl|^ aijt as a pantomimist. succeed- 
Ilia-' in maiiina a play 'p«rf«ctty cliear 
and .underatandable- entli^y i>y aea- 
ture^aad facial eicpreiiaton'. ^ day 
Ifdffmaii 4>rQ^C!ed a review. 

njle Wm a tHrfi^ drummei- i^^end to 
hdhf.'' She even uns. . Heir gtea test 
naer't^ pAibabiy waa-her dnMrefvinc 
deklin^ for acArnipltshmen'ts. ''Slijii'waa 
ifeVef conVeitt.' but ftlWays w«rit'lob1c- 
/nif; 'frfk- "" better' tHlnss to ' d^, ' and 
usually' found ttiem. Her -orclieBtni 
Is under ^he dh-ecUeh *or- Wkt 'Heff. 
man: > * ■ • • ■ • ■ ' ■■ ? .-<;.- . - 
. Erwin 'ahd ' Jahe C6ni\e11y offer a 
coatedy-af tadnd^ U^e enMtled «'The 
Tale, of 'a Shirt." which .,18 supposed 
to tajce- place an tta^. aye of a holi- 
day when the day's work ia over. It 
la. a one-act play, and 4a a blaivl of 
aeatiment,:. ..romancie, -hiuner' .and 
pathos. . They have , arlven vaudeville 
aeveral exceptional sketches, . one or 
two of which were almost .cUlssIc, and 
tilts pieee la by . all odda the' beat' 
vehicle . Erwln and Jane Connelly 
ever had and their . pf rfortf^noe la 
bej'ond critlciam> . ; _ /. . .*" 

Kra^fcla l^ood and Bnne^ Wyde In 
a 'Batiye of Oreenwleh ViUaare,'^ ;»^in 
oCer « humoroi^s line of conversa- 
tioti, . Misa Wyde belngT a handaome 
blonde and Mr- Wood a comedian of 
aenulae merit. .. > ^n > 

An ! artlat In imperaonatloa ia 
Claudia Coleman, "The Smile Qlrl." 
Mias Coleman makes types .live be- 
fore her audience with the asatetanoe 
of a few liaaa Md aaarvelaitr laoial 
aapwaaloa. ■■ 

Aaya^ai la acad; «f 'a am|iat would 
do wall ta. leak np Mr. Oreen and Mlsa 
Myra. "rrha Merry Moment" la a 
■•m. Mr. Oi^en flrbc eama into 
theatrical prominence aa' the "Craay 
flddler" with Bleeaom Se^lay. 

Some athletic anthoritlea have de- 
clared the 'Caating' Warda to •!>• taa 
greatest symnaata Jin thd"' world. Tliia 
may be eatravagant; bUt tliei<el8'no 
dottbtlnar the fact that the^ are ex- 
captional. The 'Warda are said to be 
tm ' onlir' caatihflT aet in ektetertoa to 
make a' triple somersault to the feetl 
THia ia oaly one af tHf many dMiouitr 
aad Mfttrtoata feats compeelAd thatr 
roatinoi^ ^ .'. '.w ','.!'.."< 

aamarQfe.aa« liahla; wfio are «ftle« 


The Staee 

Royal Victoria — Orphetnn Vaude- 
' ,Tllle. ' 

Prtnoes»— R. N. Hlncka and Com" 

pany present "Billy's Little LbVe 

Psmta g e a V audeville. « 

Donlnlon — ^Manmerite Clark la 

"Girls." . ... 

Variety — John Barrymora in 

"Kaffled." • 

^Odfcnnbia—l^edda Nov» and J. 
it^Vank QleaddQ in "By the 
ivorld 9or«ot." and Cha^Ha 
Chaplhi and Fatty . Arbaekle 
in •The I»ttgillat." 

. ]toman«^-r'Monta«u Xjove In "To 
|iim That .Hath." aad aerial. 
"'The T%ar*a Trail,'*, featurtna 
Ruth nolaAd. ^' 


With Special t^«^ ^t^h-s?^-' 
Stage Settings 
and Augmented 


fai a 

af Um^4rp Ufe 

Tha Smila Girl 


Sam aad ' Halea 

&m HYRA 

la Their Many Mamy ts 
PraaUa aad 


SaHaa al 





if I'-f 

exceptlQoal ^danoenk^ liavlni; been aA* 
aociated /adth the b^^t of the Ro^l 
Coiiet at SI. jPeteribj^rs. 

_ The orchestral of erlnc . and , Uie 
picttfre section ma^ be^. •depended 
|p^ to round out a coipplete.^ 
aapiwlal merit and. onp to be enjaypa 
by Orpheum Vaudevtp a 'ftma! 

i—i. < V^* niaht'a rfhearaai:^ 
kTHE. ihat^ deilarhtful ttlil^ 
comedy.: ."iSlljr'a. (Jjttle 
LoVa Affair." which wili'tiaSre Ita la. 
Uial: preaentation, at Uia.l^Plnoaai( this 
dventtna. went off aplendldly. * artd 
auc^rs wm- for the sucoess <tfrits enr 
th-a^ run. For this' productlbn Mr. 
ffldeks has assembled an excellent cMst 
« Players. Miss ^va Hart is admit'- 
afbly Huited to the title role, and lier 
ohuacterizatlon of TBffly'VnwIlI un- 
doubtedly «dd ^aatlwr Wg sueeeairHo 
her Jaurera. Ciiptain Handy, who Ha^ 

f»*»«"e Mtta tturt, ausMUns an «2^. 
anrole Wtth much ^suoeins.. The re- 
allinv roles are In the capable hapds 
air dlher popular member* af the'com- 
)}aay, who enact. their. roles in'a'maa- 
tor that leavea little room fbrcrlil- 
fOmm. Altbvether "Billy'S X.ittte' Loye 
AtfeUr" is one of the most dehchtful 
epifiedy-dramas of the company's ex- 
fenetve repertory. ^ •' i -. ..,!,.:> 



ita aa i 

ia Thahr Naliva'^1 
Laad ^ i 

PklCJESi l|Uteei,.}fo, Stt. Evniii;. 2St, Sit, 7ii^ fIJl 


Seats Now 

on Sale 


fhais ONsn 

Don't F^U to See This DeU 

a .'. - ' . ■■■■'' 


aa "The JUiaalan Paafatita>'V preaaat 
what thay call . "On > a Sunny After- 
noon ih Their Native Land/' -Both are 

. d« AMea AaasddMe 
WAa^OXOTON, • oc^. t«.-^t . tiia 

the aaaata Imml«rhtlaa Cdmmittae 
today ardered a favArabla repivt en 
the Ravaa bUl pravtdiac far tha da- 
poAaUon aad panaaaaat esaluslea 
from the United gtaiea at allaa 


Mi^and^oi^ it Canada flmiiiYialii ttmuh 

— ifeAiJ^?*!?*2^*C!f!!^ •■'*N1 • Wm^ part of tha 
war bM^ fhia ffMd^l^ Ittve i« 

Buy vKTomr MNbdi 



St. iiiiUMirfii 


By a Spedalif t 

One of the very joyobs 
entertainment ' items ' on 
the PaTitaces programme 
Of ihiudeviUe this week Is offered by 
Dominique Amoros and h4a pretty aa> 
jriataint. Jeanette. Amoroa 1^ a' dapper 
tiith) French comedian, who reminds 
Otidjof Max Llnder, and his assiseant 
is a:. sUtuesque blonde with personal 
attractlvenaaa beyond her oapabilKy 
** •*>»«'*•'•■■• 1^«y otfer a rare treat 
la eomedy: Amoros Is a pantomlmtst 
trltlv an ehtlrely new line of fi^s, 
Oipat eresttires and a daah of li^tra- 
meatal music with his eonoerttim. 
JTeaaette la a show ii» herself. This 
ia Ohe of the four acts of irenerous 
pt-oportiona and an extra hish meas- 
ure of quality which supplement the 
Stwo bi» features of the proaramme, 
Wrtwn and the K. T. Ki^aa, troupe or 
apanese maarlolans. both of these 
acta ihjraUly on aaeount of the eoa- 
summate skill Hhown. Tarxan is re- 
puted to be the most nearly human 
monkey baloa exhibited on the siaae. 
and. the KUma cooijmny have a aroup 
of illusions that are flawlessly pre- 
sented agalnat a apeouciflar Oriental 
drop of black velvet and «old em- 


;,''*•? I' 

tyb;iii# K. N. Hindis P^iMpta tha D^^ofU 




n<{ Hi 

ftnd ewerr Nlghf 
HNeitt Week 

Hart as '"Billyh 

A iri o l a d bsr Capt Hmdy 
ami a Splendid Company 

Priees aslil^: 25c te 76c 
Box Office Niiw Opea 

All filjeatt Itoterved 
MioBe 4025 




Tkat the dandruff garai'lo 
*be dtseasss tt 

tor aaarij^aH 


1^ teiportance of any afeat that will 


dealiav lu power. i>r tMa fiaaen H 

|L*i2f«iS» i* «Vl* ^••'••"H tbe pt«- 
aafipiiaa waleh a fametts acala aaedal- 
lar atatea-lM has found. mhSrmSSSt 
U«a, wfll oom^atsly aeairey ta«- dan. 

draff aenaa ia from a ' "'^ ""^ 

wUl alae auaaat Imb^i. 

frm9 ta freai oae te tbrea aaali 
ftsiifaa bair, aad it.aas la 

D^ilWWN Halene ChadwJck, a 
THmTRB noted soraea beauty, and 
one of Harrlsan Flaheira 
favorite modela, aupporta liaEvuerRe 
Clark InVQlrle," the feature phpco- 
drama at 4be Dominion tjiia week. 

Mlsa Chadwlck entered pictures , a 
short time ago and played leading 
parts In several Pathe productions. 
Her record Is seikaatlonal. 8be dttfnH 
start in at the bottom and work up. 
but her flrst part was a leadtna one. 
Her lateat work .#as aa- fsadtng 
w(>maa./ar-Bciram<Waahi>um m hia 
new »mtfmonnt iilctdra. "A very 
Good to^^Maa,"; AU who aaw that 
pict ure -la t he making needed no aa^ 
sun ami lia Mr. unity aa W 9dadiB« 
woman. And , as' for baaoty — ^fiit 
Harrlaan Vtahar -aad othdr noSd 
painters' don't patot aaybody that 
lan't strictly worth while. 

today, with a Chaplin dbmedy ana 
Marie Walcarop'a aerial.. , "The. ,Ba4 
Qlove." aa added attraetlona. 

Hedda Nova and J. fVaM^^KHaMliaa, 

stars Jn the serial. "The lyopian m 
the Web," are the featured playara. 
and In the •aTik>portlnc eaat are Otto 
Lederer. Ed. Alaxaadafy / Ra^rt^ 
Palmar. R. 0. Bradbury,, and , George 
Runkel. Cyrua Townsebd Brady ta 
the author. <* 


*:■■ vcoamtG to variett 

Ate-OIA I>ranw of TVeuMSidoaa RaaMui 
Appeid Win Be r reae a ted 

Keta Heat Week 

Baaed on a theme thas touches al- 
most eVery a»an, woman and child in 
the world. "The Eternal lllagdalene," 
the Ooldwyn picturlxatlon of RolMrt 
H. MeLanghHn^ aucceaaful pMar, von- 

taina the dual elementa of a power- 
ful huaMn drama «ad a^araat apee. 
tdiilile. It is a modern etory of the 
p f iis at aiamisnt^ hiih acencs lafd In a 
typical American town enacted by 
people who are familiar participants 
la the life af wnry oomnrnnlty. 
'^Oaldaryn'a prodaetion of tMa Mff 
atage suceeas has been shaped to ShoW 
the univeraaUty of tha IfUtadalane: 
bar contact with the Uvea of every- 
ohe; tha'dantara that aria* from 
hounding her from pillar to poet liha 
a hunted animal and the aieaaa t>r 
Which she can be brooght back to 

Thto prodaatlaa la made wttt^Ai pow- 
erful cast of well known' playera. 
haadM by trnM ' "^ ' 

the oompaay being under the aiaa- 
ageaient of.the pUy'a author. Over 
night repreaentatlvea of theatl<lcal 
matiaffata lit'ttaw TaHi «Bd CMlMNia 
raced against time and each other to 
Cleveland to win th|s production aa 
one of the saasan'a priaea, aad it^aa 
captured by flelwyn A Company and 
preaaoted at the Forty- BlfHth Street 
Theatre before begltfiniag Ita tour af 
the /larger of tJea. ■■r . 

aad (iTKartas 
iaher. three 

Msyti^ jiariakf t ifdrah 

L>aItaA and Donald QkU 

B pdniOttaliUaa wtialy 

kaowa aa-tba-asedeAi'^ ..'.<. -^tK^M 

"TlM BUmal Maddalaaa'T waa flrat 

prodiwad aa a play by a alack e«M« 

iaay Jbi, Clevaladd In the fall of ifil, 


--r^TTT-' ;<3oe« (o Aeaffald 
AAN rKAIfciscO, Oet^ M.-—l^ild 
llagufa, #lip aa -ftiny S. mi, mnr« 
dani J. & Riley, of Flat;, AlMfca. a 
gold operatari mast gb i§^ ft^ gat- 
lows, the Waited ntniis dhiiliH Coatt. 
of Appeala decided here in passing on 
his appeaL ^gura olainlad he kIRed 
Riley after futile efforia to cell 
I3j)p*~awlnc him for hauilqa . 
aad taft.hesnjMiaot in his rigai 




haai» ee. aay"Swggiat 
Jw- ya*-t« ouaeeirBay 


of Ntrtiai.^aaMaeas. 

a .a^ade up at 

Raak y^euasaa 

lata the- aeaj^ wntTthf 
ye w wto b jt_£erf ameiat s 

ly f#r 


. Idraehai 
WMe thfc 

jTOUajlu ataphanie waa ifetratfaeia 
"■*■"•* ' -M , Derrick, bat aha a»- 

really loved to ahaagtoal htm and 
leavw^ him wimadsd oa a dMaas- 
telan d. Than, fearing ha might ae 
^'**'[lJ**2'**'*** • eaarelrtng party 

haaMttfttl Maad , giti. aa evaryboay 

- ^ „„„ „„ y^ *fW^ "^ ^ «** "»••»»• »r 

Wapytt lea ja aet a dye. it is S? ^ **♦ ^•^^^ Forgot?^ the VUa- 
shjilg fj^lasCriBg gfTr balr to lu •jPb Btaa,^|Uhbaa Itetare, whl!^ 






^ « 









#• >>rfr4».,- 4» 











T**^ r •«. 

iV;,?^*- ^lij-j-jj^. 


,> '.■•\-j^.m 



(t*» n^SVT 


*»,A » -- 

hh. ^- 

^'^Basaisas*- , 

>vVt««^iC^S^ . 

Mt ..'VV 


Ki-5^ «•>?••:-*■:: 

'■=i ••;*«§: 

■4^ -Br'* 

^^ Be Stylishly Dri 


i^Mt'^t bf ntisficd widi afuit or ait ov^r9^: 
y ii jb l gii^ yoa» many yw* o£ dmh; to tisrcr jiur body, 
niik ofjlmr pri^ too, and yos wiO demand a gM&ent thai, ;^-^ ; ^ 

6dii^ a£ bcii^ wdl-^reMed. 



jam Mm wmonAi ToqiwL'' 



isJ A C ' 


te an^tfifag dK, that makct tie m^^wifiy, x|||, 

0*atf>ede^;niag|Jmpatfi»alringq>#d^ f^ 
ifcaaa xMbaa a «yk tliat it 

- ; '•'■■'1 .'»<v«>'^t-:/ •^t' .1 

1 5fc , <i 4 U -^ ''^' 

~. *.i . 




1^18-20 Douelas Street 

• -Ar a. * e 


^> ^ 

5^ 'i^mA VtoijIV ^ 




^^^XofapBf 5 tSBOV *fh/r t»vo li :/ 


at tfaek beat In die Fil^lefenifa^ 
selectioD of bappy styles, wanA^ 
iabiic9 and mssterly tailoring. 


» ;i 







dM prtvttes* tlHt la 

]:x>in>oii, Oct. 


b OMiMii. «ia ta 

It t* d«iM* Ml tlM 

Of worn tat««rfk««t 
» day or moffo mm m 
cat actlOB of UM Oov- 

ai trttahoiaiav 

mm Utfkta for Ma 

COBAXA*, oat.. Get. Mv—VI^ r*. 
aottat fa tlio tmrnUktimtt^i, Out., 
Xoffalatlira atoetlon baa ' Man ar- 
xuagmM far Balnrdar aMMnitff In t|la 
eaartMaaa bare bafore J^d^a t^art- 
niaa. Tha Labor men ara protaat- 
lat tbo alaetloa of Tbonaa Ma«l*- 
«l*rr. Conaervattva. 



P< 4loa Jy ty »»rraa>a4 

anaT tfiS a< <ak iMk.7aniAnr %^ 
tator of HvagEfy, In 
tbli taatt of tao Haagarbw lairat 
ia^a&JM«M« at mUUaw oC wnrtM^ 
aoa«Mfl»r,to ^ Pi'afaa tf h w**!' . 
tt II laaraoa bara tbat tho 

snartflnc aala Kaa, 
and trial ara 

t$*—An lavaatorr (k 
tbi awvn iowMa kaa <Seiaoa« taet m 
fM iiaas aiaaaaod kno«ra • aa Si 
OMii Oaaa^ o< TaaSMir «a« aMMi 
ot|ibri«lMbla objaeta )wva baan IV^ 
mfijMt, Uraaoaukblr br taa faraMtf 
ampaMrwbaaliia flad tho aaaatty. M 
la aald'^o bote opo* qaoaHba. Wm 
9^, waatMr tbla atona waa prbWS 
or /wato'^toflo'tjr. 

aa ft ir 


m mm a 

'U'c^ wr,f\i 





Hor Four Years Cor^actor 
CouW Only Work Haff-Tlme 
— Never Misses an Hour 

remartabto rMvltc hmknw ot>- 
from T^njiM te further evi- 


d«iic»d in %h» mmi of AI)>«rt BMr««M, 
a popular conductor on the IKnnnlpcC 
Sloctric Railway Uvtn* at 4ftl Strad- 
brook avipino. rort nonce. Mr. Bur- 
Kcaa caltMl •tUfKOtt'a drns store/ for 
Ala ftftif bottM of Tanlac. rMantly, 
and mada (Ma ^ollowinv aUtamcnt: 

"I hava lifatn. ao wonderfully bene- 
fited by t!att|a« that I wU! n«v«r etop 
praJafnc it. For the paat (ojur yeaie 
I have hoc baan able to warti but 
about three d«y« a weak and have 
had to apend a Kood part of my 
wa«ea ttirlnt to vet my health back. 
For eltib mdatha I waa unable to 
hit a iiek of work and waa juet hara- 
ly able to vat about. I auffared 
with awful palna throuvb my rforr- 
head aU the tlnla and alao had apella 
of dizslaeaa whan I wnuld have to 
eateh hold of aomctblnir to'iieep from 
ftUlinv. My atomaoli^ finally arot in 
auch a bad ahnpo that X could scaroa- 
ly «at cnouch to k«ap me alive. .What 
little I did eat soured on my atproach 
and I. suffered terribly flro'm sas and 
bloatinv- J took ^1 jUnds of medi- 
cines, but still I s«lffare4 . and could* 
Dot set myself hi riinpe to work 
more than-''lialf time. I would go for 
weeks at' ^ time wltboiut gettinv 
more thaii an hour's sliep a nisht. 
My condition waa awful, and I didn't 
l^naw what to do or which way to 
turn for rall^. 

"At last a friend becced me to try 
Tanlac and. now I wlah I had known 
about It ^flg^aCD, for It has really 
made me.fe«^;l^a a brand new man. 
I used togilfa r ^th a dreadful hurt^ 
Ifiifi In TSi^rpK^ofmy stomach, but 

.^ (n tW-p... _. ._, „,. 

-after takinf Tanlac a abort while this 
trouble dianppeared and now my sto- 
mach la in avoh • tood shape that I 
can eat Jtiiit anythlns I want and nev- 
er Wiffe|f «i bit with »m or pain, and 
my appettte la so |>lv that lean hard- 
ly set eftotwh to eat. The palna have 
,not only left my head, but all my 
misery |p flrene. a.nd I have not nllsaed 
a» I|oun'f«oin my. work aipoe ahortly 
.after I hegan taleins Tanlac. I have 
alao sained several pounds in welsht, 
but what I waa after was relief, and 
thanks to Tanlac I have found It I 
can now handle' my work as welt aa 
when I first sot my run seven years 
lUfo. It certainly was lucky for me 
thf^ri sot Tanlac." ^' 

Tanlac Im sold in Victoria hy b. B. 
C!ampbell. druaslat. .*''---\ m«M \ 



■■ , ■_■"■■ ■ ■ ' ' I ,. I . , • t , , 

•■»- — _ — r% ■■ •- --t- — — • ■".- \'"-' ..."..:• — — — : — ■ — -—^ — ■ 

Burdick Bros. & Brett Receive 
Wire Announcing American's 
Handsome Subscription to 
Victory Loan 

the ^ario ua garaitry 

»v«rat ieon aeroplane ala- 
flona. The ayatem worka as fallowa: 
On I'Ifea deteetlon of a fire by the 
pattM maahl«a, the location aMd 
«MM ' or ' tM 'ft«a Ji 7.1ttre* 
down to the aoout statlona; a 
machine Is detaehed to recon- 
noltre t%e Are and returns to make 
a «Otall«d report to -the foreatry con. 
trol eentrec Flre-Asbtlns sa"0 oan 
th4n be dtepatohed wHk the mnji|. 
moaa of prooaptltudM, wV^ tes«<klir 
wtth the accurate li^^yt^utlon t9 
hand, renders preiMMlve^«Maaurea of 
enormous value in' the savins of tim4 
httr,ffm teoB hv flro< 


The drat direct New York to Van- 
couver private wire came Into opera- 
tion at 11 o'elook on Wedneaoay. 
when Missis. Burdtok Bros. * Brett. 
Ud.. reoettod the initial mesaas* 
from Nenr Tork from their adonta m 
that eKy. 'M M sra. Losan « Bryan, *S 

Mr. N. T. Burdiek, upon receipt of 
a consratylatOry telesram. firom Mr. 
Benjamin Bryan In this oonneetton. 
immediately wired a reply aaklns <!or 
a subatantial aabaeription to th* Vle- 
tory ftrdan; In two mlatttae lind 
forty*«v<» aseooda from the time of 
dispatch of the first -wire an order 
waa received ftrom Mr. Bryan aa fol- 

"Promlsod Montreal that ' would 
help substantially, bat yon may pat 
me down personally for I <§,••• 
worth of Victory." 

The new wire aystem Will five hoth 
the Vancouver and Victoria ofloea of 
Burdiek. Boa * Brett, Ud.. a tre- 
mendous prestise In the matter of 
aendins and reoelvinf huyfhs and 
•elllns orders in New Torfc. Gotham 
beins the hub of stoeks ai^l all ap- 
pertainins thereto. It has always 
been the aim of the firm In queatlon 
to speed up- wire fervlee. The estab- 
lishment of the private wtra eonnect- 
1ns them with I<osan A Bryan is the 

Mr. Benjamin Brymn. ' lnati«ator of 
the new service, ia a pioneer in the 
matter -of establla^ns private wtree. 
and he was instrumental fifteen 
yearif aso in InsuniiMr the first private 
brokers' wire from 0aa Francisco to 
New York. His two aoas. Ben and 
Jim, both Xamiliar with telesraphy. 

messasea over the new wire. M^ r. 
Morsan, of Vnncouv^. handled t|ie 
key and received the mesaasea from 
the Pacific, terminus. 


President (rf^.S..EI^frlc Rail- 
way Association Say^ Many 
Citlefe HaVe Accepted Ten 

VIKNIfA.' 0«L s«.~jrh^ own- 
ment has eOsctad a meamre tut the 
expuhiion of all members of the 
Hovse of HapabuiJi who have not 
taken adfaatase of the W of last 
iM|rii to- nmounee aU tkMr euims 
ma4 beooihe loyal oltlaans. The 
m ea su re alao prevMee for eonflsca- 
tion of all proitefily of theee persons 
not lessor provon tp ha whOUy pri- 
vate ^nd not di il s> < frpia the sute. 

Famous Bar\|(er Who Wished 
< Grandson to Earn Title if He 
Wanted (t, Collected Eariy 
i Bibles 


I Oreat Intoreat ihm arouaM a 
few'daytB aco i« fikfr ' aimoanoehient 
that hard Feokovar. the ' famous 
dvmlmr banker who deellaod a pre- 
poaal ttaat his tlUe akould pass 
thirousb ft«m daushter to srandaen. 
luur died at an advanOe^ ase. 

Alexander -Peckovar. Ooit Baron 
Peekover. waa bom at Wisbech, Au- 
gust II. IHO. He wai directly de- 
•cended from Sdmund' Paokover, who 
leeved In Cromwell's Army, and 

lkn<aJ pmparty ha 

wdajMacated^ at Orove 

iksbool. itttisnhaoi. For a ions per- 
i«d be was a partner In the Baafc of 
Vockover. Qumey 4b Oompahy m- 
tlrlns tMa^ years at«C^iUr «? 

Then J|s was raleed^M^pi ^. 
ia 1»«T. He took a ^eeka interaat la 
oollectlSM of aMm «anw»lpi« 
mrly 9{hles and 'M^ alafTeaHy 
printed books. espeetdUy Bagttsh. He 
^as ak» Jnteresteil In meteorolosy. 

He fvas a Felktw « t*e ppcl«^ 
<« Ant^uarles. a Fellow of the Un- 
neau |«cilety. a Fellow of the R49«f 
Oeosratflitcal Society and an honorary 
Doctor of lAws. He ium a Juatltis ^ 
tt»e Paaoo and also Lard I .Untenant 
qf Ca|pMldseahlre f<Nr aMtay yean 
l^e owoM about 4,ae« aorea surrofand- 
i|M( hli^iwat. Bank ^Ufe. WkdMciiC 
He wiur married In IStS to w q^ a 
dharp^ daushte/. « iUr. J^ ShOrpIea. 
Qf HitdU^. Theraiaiw. three daush- 
ters a#«lvinK. bttt lio heir to the I 
peeraff. • 

SPM>rr-8HAW NIsht SchooL 8t«. 
dents js foep t ed every Tu^adajr. Phoae 
It fof<|ii^Uoaiara. 



t _ 




i^ ir t: .'' * r^ 

* 3 



f ( 





•st ^r. 


Hill II 





<~;. l-l.r, '1.-4 . L, 

'-i . '"J (i-l > / Hi, 



till II I 

. »•>;> ^„< 




i ' L -.Hi 





*rf » ,. I* 

V/t"S r}i' 





Cent Farea» ■ 

Aocnaed pf BmbAsileBfenC ' 
KBTOHIKAN. Oc^ " itf -^ 6n 
charses of havlns embeisled iifitl 
from the American Hallway 'Ex^wmk 
Company's ofllce here durlns the 
Summer. Fred B. Patchins. former 
asent of the company^ today Was In- 
dicted by a Federal Orand Airy. 
Patchins was ratumed here from 
Winnipes. where he ^Ike arrested. 



Ibcmmw Wdfbt, Stf^nffh ani 
N«v« FoK» ia Two WMln* 
Tbna in Mnqr IiMliiieid ,^ 

The averase person is b«sinnlns to 
realise more and mors that the lack ef 
physical, strenrib. and nerve exhaustion 
(frequently evidenced by exceitoive 
thinness) are. the diraet: cause not Only 
»f the failure to succeed in life's 
strussle for the necewltles of eiist- 

", out also for the handicap in ena'a 

VANCOUVER. OCT. S«.<r-^PoUtiea 
cannot run street railway matters. 
Politicians eannot raise or lower 
wa«aa, alter the 'price of mat^riata. 
or ootttrol the spaanU pahMe as to 
whether or not they will ride in the 
street eara.h Himat bualneaa, then, haa 
politics to interfera?" 

Bo safiT Mr. John H. Pardee, pras- 
ident of the American JBlOetrio - Ball- 
way Association to a Province re- 
porter today. Mr. J. o. White la 
also i^realdent of the J. Q. White 
Manatepneat .CorRorat(oa. of .New 
Tork. which haa' manasement con- 
tracts in raference to a sraat many 
public utilities. He la in Vanoouver 
today awaitlns the sallins of the 
SmprsM of Asia. ..on which he Is 
spins to the Phillipines in referance 
to the Manila Iraetion, lisht and 
and power problems. - 

Mr. Pardee discussed street rail- 
way aaatters senerally. The crux of 



T »> 


T' * d 



.'. ' :. 



t^ ^ 


fW «ti"] 

• l.-Cl-i 

i" ni,f« «>V*'>' 



A -It^oO-/ 'jj- .- .-ifti-'aJ v.» •>; )Nf"i f:'! 9 ./-.;, ' 



■'it *fi>J><. 
■t*l ' sttf 

■ rf 

.1 < 





•belal asptratlens. Compare die thli^ 
eiekly. aasular frame with the well* 
fonnded form whlsh is usually aecom- 

Kied by the bloom of health and' at 
. That millions of people. are conscious 
I H tbU taandiciv la evident f cm tbe 

propesi; _ 
misht or 
a siv(Mi 
keallhy n< 
sentiai to; 



— ef many -^^^ 

'arlous remedies in food ^ 

exerelsee. either ef which 

ikht not be appreciate for 

however, asree that 
ve tissue Is abeelutely es- 
— -y "» ) a strons. re^iast body and 
mInA Weak nerve*, while ladlteted by 
a mOltitnde of dlfferenV sfiinptonui, 
mere ImmMlately and senerally reseit 
'■" *""*" "* enersy. sleep ! ipiaiss. trrit- 
ilon. eta4 which oon- 
— / consume the healthy 
^uslr hoUewa» a fktt oheet, 
-31' -::-i» — • ecrawny arms and less. 
Our be^Mee need more phesphaite tnan 

RfVJSSJ'S? If? ■ *'*-^** «"*tt trem 
*"t £2?*jJS? ••*"••••■» ■,..aMl. many 
epintoae ^rm that there la neihias 
\wM«ii KW be takeii Into ine uum-.i 
systeM 9At ao etteattn^'suppllee this 
dsftdenay as the nova otsaaut pao«- 


tro-phoaphate and 
_ rhers. 

food ele- 

by Mod dnasfiMa everywhere. 

, TM esdsBttal phasphorle food _ 
hi«hti la bitro-pbosphate aaalmtlated by 
•he pMree cells should a0e« predeee a 
•IsaMBs chanse in, nefi^ lai hij i aM 
IsnoO Tnereased ^vitalltr aad atrenstb. 
With the bufdeas of nerveusneesL 

maesnala and wa«ee had dou- 
bled in. cost and the five cent fare 
-ktt^th^en out in- half by Ith^ decreade 
In <lie ^valbe of- Ihe dollar" In- 
creased farea. he aald. arf necessary, 
end all over the United States thia 
had b<en_ recosnixed^.. ... Twenty-nine 
clti^. indudins Boston, are paylns !•- 
cent. fares and very few are still 
pajins five cents. Presidents Wil- 
son's special commiasion ha* brovsht 
Ont clearly tl^it tbe companies, and 
QOna^uentty, the. ef rvloa to. jthe pob- 
lic. are sufferins where franchlae res- 
ulations and other factors are pre- 
ventlnc -the adoption of Inoraased 
farea., . , .t. . ,^ , » 

CievelaM ia an^datatandins exam- 
ple of # aty retelnlns the five-cent 
fare, aaid Mr. Pardee. It ie an ex- 
oepUonally;flat city and thia.helpa to 
keep down operatins coats, said Mr. 
Pardee. . The- important thins In raf- 
erence t^ Cleveland, which he em- 
phasiaed, hpwever. is that the city 
sovernment co-operate , to keep up 
the speed of the service. The skip- 
system, whereby ears dp not stop at 
every corner, haa been adopted and 
drivera of wa#ona and abtomobilea 
which do not turn ont for an^ ap- 
proaohins car. ar«i.. arreatMl. {he pefS- 
alUee for Inft-acUon of this resula- 
tion Heins very severe. By speedlns 
up the lervioe the company ean 
make a smaller 'number of can carry 
the traffic. • 

There are methods like this by 
whieh piunicipalities can aaalst the 
oompanlea to stve better service at 
a minimum coat, aaid Mr. Pardee, but 
Is a mtoteke to Imaslne that the ptfb- 
He always opposes the Increaaed fare. 
People have the money In their 
pockets and demand the aervioe. In 
New York when one of the euHhco 
lines impoasd a ohar«e for tranafbr- 
ins at l«o« dUtereat transfer pelhto 
only one protest was made by a pa»- 
■enser. *In PhlUdelphla whoa tbe 
skip-stop waa recommended, every 
•••y»ap*r opposed it. hut when a 
votd waa taken dn ,the can the vast 
ma|orit|r fkvorad the 

■ ■ , 

• t ■*^ 

I ■ , .. w*'? ^lO til gfM ^T 

. . VM»> ji^.U' <>< ■* ii.'aiie.-» 9utT t'»j« ;vif 
»,—-♦«-* rtiv,r 4 »»j m^i^ ^4 y,T»fl<ic» 

■^ ' ' . . .'•*«a^» If.;-;*.''*-"* '■ 

'"■'''^1^1'* J 
'^1/ti^'i Htn^ t"»iv»i; ^*«<i''iMi'--<",tfS),*ii«( *^^♦^l■^•: 

[ «Mt«* 



-a *r. 

9»f^ ■ 


V »!-**•. --.■- 

• VI i- r 

rrij (I 



*? f'' 



■,• < \ 

, «v.: 


1 ■' 

r i\i 

^ .-.. 

! 1 

1^ Your job meaiis your living. - : -^ 

7.'. Your wage or salary pa^ for 
your food, clothing, housing, lifnuse- 
m«tf|t8 and all your daily neeils. 

. 66 long as Canada & prosfierous 
i-j your job and hundreds of thousandf 
of ptlb^ felkiwsV jobs are saf^^ ^ 

^. Y •> ■> 

{■*' -fit ^A.> 'flh^'i- > •C^»:5>'«,'«r!iiT 

, :.. Jt'« ; ;.Xou must htlp keep diinada 

<Xfyi(u •ihj/'-<;ife;_.A;'" 








•nersy. ele. 


, i^Ibht ^th lia atto^tlre 

rull4aaa and ruddy ataw ef health re- 
alaeea t^ former fMtera of stia and 
hands. ■Ise OeerMa< H ais> lft a>i» who 
waa eace thin and fralU repertins her 
•wn^ eaperienoe, Wfttsa: ''Bltre-Piiis- 
abate has brounht d macie traasfbraia- 
Uon srtth 'm*. 1 saasM !• ponads. and 
nevar jMif^re felt so Wtn." *^ 

ClVfiON: — Althoush Bltfo-Phos- 
pbate « uaexoelled for the relief of 
nereeueaaatf and attendant disardsra 
SWlM (b Its t e n <Mwy te H 
eae should eratch the 

te - ■ - - '^ " '^ 

Ila VtfHty in Vhi 
hi the Mala 

Bnstiiiraced by the succsm of the 
prem/br station* to aerUI forast» 
patrol work, the United atatoa darXa 

additional stettNb^- tt la amioaheod. 
Roeeburs and Malem aradttMad aa he- 
ind the prahable eentraa of flli'Mw 
••^jwrnaa. The seneral aystem si 
foreetry flr« patrol fram the air la 
»«*»ns sradually improved aa Ume 
* --?^_ **** matertal ,d*taj|i tltet ara 
gb«^raajy. Patrol maahlnca of a 
■dad endnranoe type eo«ar the fsnat 
V*ni!& ««Citl», wlraleaa JfST , 
«*• >«iilVfas statltM ass attaohad •► • 

fFvSpcrOUSe »'-" .i '-*> iU •! -i jibti.L\ >-,"••■ f . 

.pmty are inseparable. Since the 
prosperity of Canada depends 6n 
the success erf the Victory Loan 
you must not shirk your duty to 
I the Victory Loan^, u.^ ,,, 

I |i| All the money subscribed to th6 
i?*|ctory Loan Is spent in Canada 

i hdpi to fill tile pay eavdope. 
It circulates and benefits all 


The greater, the more over- 
whelming the success of the loan, 
iiie better for Canada and for you* 

V Buy all the Victory Bonds ydu 
can pay for now ai^td during the 
next ten months. 

Last year employers co-opemt« 
ed with tibdr employees by financ- 
ing their pur^iases on an easy 
payinent plan, thus enabling them 
to buy much more than they would 
otherwise have been able to buyo 
They will do it again. 

* Talk it over with your emplpycTo 


.», - 

^ Vfic* <v*f »!erJ^' .-» 


fXtr 'jffrli^.^ 

^v %^ 


twkhtba MWsterol 
•ntaniailiiTia al( 

' "i'r f.frw^.'^^*****- 


License Replied 

pistrict Wifeless Sui>erint6iideht'Hat^ton Claltr 
. That Government Is Al?le to Look After Cana- 
, dian Nee(fe— Ttirce New Stations to Be 
Bflflf in Brit^ Coluiiitta 

/ tm M ialMvUw TMtordaar wtth B, 
Rngtaftra. Dlrtrtot Ity — < «t— d—tt of 
OOTaniaiMit WirvUai Msttam In «ba- 
anpUoa wtth th* nunor of a hlyh* 
>d««r wlralMB alMlMi umt VIeiorte, 
M Im4 til* Coltoirta* to aiyc 

! ^TtMrsrOlk* elaa* of Uac ywr the 
ir>— ilM« mrvoal CovqHuqr •( Mont- 
^••1 ■pplfaiii to tlto Qmi^fttn Got- 
•nnMst fnr • Mcmmu* t9 opf» t < » 
li||j|>«|p Ntl|- iiMwcrM wlrataM sta- 
«■• «i Oiltf' «aiiit for th* pittvm of 
eoBMmmtasttaf with shlpa. thta 
llc Mi — wM ivfitMd, ■• It to tho pol- 
ler «< an covommoiita to opotsto 

for "obvlooo 

VlotorU sod VoneooTer 
of Trmdo woro Indoeetf to en- 
doHM tho Moroonl CompoiQr's oppU- 
/botion mad hHn« all InflooaOo poaoL- 
bto to hoar on tha mattor. 

"At liM piwnt timo tbo f % » < oi ff* 
OovoffBOMnt opcTMU a ebaJn of ata- 
tlona oevortaf tho wholo of tha Brtt- 
toh OoluinMa doaot ao ter oa tho 
•Alaakan boondarr uid clra an eseol- 
lont opnrfe* to shlpo at ooa and to 
iMlatfd petoto on tbo Cooot not 
r »ao b <d br land llao talocvapba. It 
VUI tboroforo bo aooa tbat tho nocM- 
•Ity for a- duplleaUon of tbto oerrleo 
dooo not oxtot. 

"Tha propoool thoa waa morpM 
into a traao-Paolflo wirolooo etreatt 
wtaff Boloaao ao < a rolar otatlon. 
thoaoo to BOd^iala aad to- Japaa. 
tha arvamont la flnwr of aueh a elr- 
evit botaMr tbt^ bo^rr doiajr to eabloo 
aad tbo appawBt dtoeriaalnatloa 
■wbleb CaaadlaB'baoi9 of tbo Amor- 
Jean routo aaSarad. 
*«a«b ai^ arnuMtiaoatt woiiM 

_^«iyiMr oUmlaato tba. dolay aor dla. 
oriariaatioik if aar oxiotod. Tha 
OovonuBont woald bot ooaoMOr tha 
VfoponL At tho proooat 4I«m thare 

.Jo ao daAaito propooM trorit^UDrona 
to aa tob l lab a dlfoor- oomaMMloatfan 
witb HamM bjr wfralaaa tolograpbi aad 
•xpOTt# aro of tbo opbiloa tbat anob 




»■■ ifcif 



U\ ttUoug, ConstipdiKi or 
- HttdKhx tito 


Vaowrrow tb«. aon will ablna for 
you. ■votTtbiav wiU aaam daar. 
rojr mU b right. Tonr ayatom to fllled 
w»^asj»r and bowal potoon wbloh 
■»•»■ irw akin aallow, yonr atom- 
•«b lo ipi t , irour haad fonr and a«h- 
lair. ^aar waato ara turning Into 
potoOiliJ gM to aad aeldo. Ton can not 
Htmft atajr blltona or oon- 
Fool optoadld always by 
^ laBaioto ooeaatonally. Thay 
art wpuint grtpbig or teconronlanoa. 
Tboir sovor alofcon yon llko GUonaoL 
■alt^ on «^^tiaatar, barab pUto. Thojf 

••■* 4*» ln«H too— Ciooaroto work 
irbUo jpon alMl^ 

a olrenlt woOtd oot ymor% aattoCaetor- 
lly contlnuoualy, tha dtotonea aa tha 
crow Slaa baUig appiemlniataly 4.0<>tf 
mhaa. Tha BoloiuM-Bonolaln circuit 
to oparotad by tbo Amarlcan Oovam- 
moat, batng tokan. over from tha 
Marconi .Company two yaara ago. I 
nadaratond that tho Amorlcaa Oov- 
ammant ara trying' to arraiwa a 
dreult with tha Japanaao OoVam- 
mant to haadla haalnaaa VHi ' tb^ 
Amarlaao- Mbrf*--clretttt. Wa Dlagtf. 
Honolata, Ooam and Manila. I do 
not tbink tbto olrenlt ^ r«t In op> 

,U. E. mmtlam 

"Tha Unltod fltatao Navy propooo 
building anothar* atotlon aomawhara 
In tha Tldnity of Baattia and hava 
aokad for aa approprtatloa of |S.- 
•00,000. Tha Idaa to to aoaaaet wttlv^ 
mbaria aad poaalbly Japan. Thay 
will, bowaiier, havo an Intormedlata 
atation at Dutch . Harbor to * ra- 
traaamlt for tbaaa. Tbto cuto tha 
dtotanea In two and makaa the pro- 
poool of tranf-Paclflc communication 
autto faaslbla. Unfortunatoly tbo 
Vrtttob Bmplro dooa not own an to- 
land ln.bat«eon,wb4ob eould be uaad 
af a' raloy. 

''It to aU vary wail to aay that'wo 
want tpma-Faelflo wlrelesa commnn- 
Icatlott at onca. but I do not balloTa 
-that the Ctovanatont would com- 
Bi09^ tbo conatnictloa of a two 
aunioa dollar stoUoa without tha 
Btoat oxbaaativo preliminary teating 
had I tta abaolutoly oartala that a 
pHofttOvCoaf^aay wo«ld •not expand 
% lidvo ' amoAit wtth* the hope of 
soma day or other getting their 
mooey back, if evarytblBg wont all 
nght. it would not ba bualuaaa 

"The Canadian Qoremment baa 
not by any meana neglected tne Pa- 
clflo Coaat aa far aa wlrolaaa tele- 
graph eonamttnleatloii to oonoamod. 
Thora ora ten eommarelal atetiona 
dporatlag. The Government atatlona 
aro ahfa to roach ahlpi from one 
thouaand to fifteen hundred mllea 
from Victoria, an azcellent aarvlea 
to given to coaating veaaola, alao to 
yo<oblMw ai)d other Ataok^in polnto 
^' Oooaa 9Wto> SwanAm 
Bay aad tbo Quoea Obarletto latonds. 
KOtblag taao been ororliooked to 
make the aarrloa ao near' perfaOt aa 
poairiblo. A omall faotory waa oroet" 
ad laat yoar near Itaqalmalt at a 
eoat Of. aibont |l«.«f«. Tbto takoa 
care of all tepalra and tbo maaufao- 
tna of apielal eqalpment uaad In 
w^UsO telegraphy: 

one carload a month. 

A Good Ctf lUqalfn • Qw4 OB 



The Blue Funnel boat did not leave Yokohama until Oetotier 21, and la bow acheduled-to reach hare about NavMsb^ I 
according to word received bere yeaterday by Dodwell * Co.. local agenU for the lino. She to on bar war to Vl^aHa^ia 

the Ortent after coming o<it from the Unftad Kingdom. ^ »wwna irom 

Tha aoTommont baAra jgranted 
many eonoaaalona to the naara -of Ite 
wlreleaa telegraph, aueh ae a *^hlpa 
bQatBaas" rata, local ferry boat rata, 
a reduced rate to ablpa plying on tha 
Coaat. Wo alao adpply a bulletin 
thfea timaa dally coTcrlng weather 
and ahipa apokaa. Tbto to aant In 
from ten polnte on tha coaat, and 
to anpj^llad to tba Brlttob Oobimbto 
paporo ft-ao of charge. Other aarv- 
leaa ara rendered by tho Canadian 
Wlrolaaa Telegraph of much benefit 
to ahlpping men. 

"In comparing the ratea charged 
for radio maaaogaa by tha Canadton 

Oovommant on thto Coaat and by 
tha Companlea. operating on the Eaat 
Coaat. It wlU eaally be aeen that we 
have the advantage. Taking the 
trans-Paciflc rate of 12 cente . pf r 
word aa an example, you will llod 
for Bimllar aervlce on the Atlantic 
tha cost will ba IT eonte par word 
vto, Copa Race and 2S cento per 
word via Cape Sable, having In view 
that although the Atlantic ataUo'na 
are operited by a coolpony the Can- 
adian Ctovarument pay a aubaidy of 
fS.SO^ petr annum to' each atation 
(thto to abouttho «oot of operation), 
tha rate to fairly high. It wllr he 
aeen that a wlreleaa cocwtel servlee 
to Apt exactly a paying • propoaltlon. 
but It^to certainly Indtopenaible. and 
to bo Operated aucceaaf tally and'aoo- 
nomlcalir abovid ba In operation by 
tbo Oorammant for the people. 
Moat all wirele^ atatlona are laolated. 
spectol ahipa have to carry auppliea, 
and-thoy ar» naoidly avallaMe to- the - 
Oovemment. A private company 
could not handle auoh atatlona and 

make any xnoney. 

Im mof o — eatt Uadop Way 

Wa have In hand, now exteaaive 
Improvemento to the Vrefettt ayaHem. 
Et to proponed' to Inatell a atation of 
Mliout 3S BLW* In pOw^r, uaing the 
Paulsen are ayatom. Thto atation wl)l 
bo altuatad In the vicinity of Van- 
couver, another tation midway be- 
tween Vancouvar and Prince Rupert 
to .take the pUce of TrUngle laland. 
which to to bo abandozied, and a 
Iblrd atation in tho ' north, probably 
Digby laland. Th«ae atattona will 
take oarto'of the frafDc from the 
Quean Charlotte lalaada and' private 
atatloaa.. leaving the balance of tha 
atattona for ahlp work. 

"In almost twelve yeara operating, 
tbo Canadian atatlona have not had 
a flngla Interruption 'due to faulty 
aqutpmant, atoitna or any other cause. 
Tha atatlona are extenaivaly uaed by 
American veaaato plylM to the north 
aad flroauent comment/ luio. been 
made oh the exceltonco of ^0^ davit- 
lee provided. '■ " *^jti 

"Our great trouble now It to <ob- 
taln efllelefit operating ataff. Coaat 
atation work reqnlrea an experienced 
operator and eape^tol training. Aa all 
of tha outalda atatlona generate their 
own power, englnea and "machlnea 
bavo to be operated. It haa bean 
found that men with land line train- 
ing make good wlreleaa operatora. 

Tha dineuHy bowevor, to to got snob 
Aien to go to laotated plaeea. 

"Reverting to^your announcement 
in thia momlng'a paper of the pro- 
posed big wlreleaa. atation. A atation 
of aay 200 K. W. wbiild occupy a 
alte covering about twenty acres., 
would take about 18 montha to build 
and equip, prpbably coat $S.000;000. 

"To be operated aaccaaafnlly It 
would have td be aituated at a con- 
alderable diatanee from all lighting 
ayatema In order to avoid Induetton. 
The coat and other conalderatlona 
which ara concerned In tbo building 
of a high power - atatton cannot bo 
caaUally deaK'with. The. Oovemment 
Itave naturally to atep very carefully 
In an enterigrlsa of thto kind, and 
yoii may dopond that a private 'com- 
pany will think a good many tbnoa 
before they take any deflntto otepa 
Involving the expenditure of- tbalr 
ahareholdera' fonda." ■ \ 


SBAtn^.B. Oct. SO.— Arrived: City 
of Soattle. «outheaatem Atoaka; To- 
raei Mam, iTokohaoM; Toaemlte. Baa 
Franclaco. galled: 8tr. ^drldgo, 
Honjg Kong. ~ ». -^ i 

BVBRBIT. Got l«>-«inodf ^(Mi 
F. 8. Lioop. J9an Franctoce. 

TACOMA. Oot SO.— Arrlvod: Btr. 
Javary. Shanghai; .Fulton. PowoM 
River; Ranler, San Fr»nctooo. «alladi 
Stra. Qovamor. San Frtuiolaoo; AIoo> < 
ka. Alaoka, vto porta; Fulton, Van- 
couver. B.C.;' Norwood. SaatUe. . 

PORTLAND, Oct. SO,— -Sailed: ,8tr. 
W. F. Herriq. Oavlota. 

rived: Str. Tenyo JMUtu. Shanghai; 
Weat Vaca. Hong Kong; tTnalaga. 
Queen, Seattle; "RtehmfUd. WalUng- 
ford, I^UiuluL. Sailed;- Stra. Malroaa, 
Pitiet S ouiyK Porattah, Auc kUnd. 


. OfMPlttNT 



Capt. Tr^d Ahdersdh Writes 
He is to l^ake Voyage to 
Morocco — Capt. -Mowatt 
Failed to Sell Vessel 

Oapt. Fred Anderaon, a weH-known 
Vlctorto mariner, to atiU In command 
of tha auxiliary achooner Cap "Vlnceat, 
which left'Vletorto laat Summer for 
the United Kingdom, after being oom> f 
ptotod at tbo LyaU Shipyard. North 
Vancouver, Tbo toot latter rooalved 
bore from bim. otatod that the ahlp 
waa at Pert Talbot,^ Waloa. and waa 
aallteg rtiortly for a-port in Morocco. 
Ho waa then to rotom to the United 

Whan the Cap Vincent flrat arrived 
In Bagland an atiompt waa made to 
aair hor by CaptilQ Mowatt. who to 
now aotlng ao. iifobt In Liondon for 
tbo ownora. and wlto ,wm formerly 
connected with the outfitting of tbo 
I.rM.B. atoamoro at Ogd»n Point Tha 
attempt^ to aall' tbo. voaaol. however, 
failed.' aad-abo* to being' opdratod by 
Ibo Xiyail Interaoto. 

The Cap Vlncdot waa hold up at 
Vlctorto fdr aavoral daya, .onabto to 
gat elearanee owing to the civw being 
abort twb map. • Tboae were finally 
obtalnod, al|d the vooaal got away. 
Sbo (oitebad at odf port on the way 
to ^o Canal, a,^tt from tbfro woat 
riiftt aeroaa to Xondon. 

HiramhTldicts toEmJaiidi 


)roo>Mll« Occaa Vbysfe tbroufh the "IntWe l»MS«f«^** Moals tad Btrtb 

included, on Ibo 

Gnuid Trunk Padfle StoamshlM 

Coanactlarat Prtnea Rupert with Standard aad TeUriat Slaophig Cfia. 


Laovo Viotofia at 10 a.ak Saad^ a aad Wiiaufcui 

Calllag at Seattle, Vancouver, Ocean Falto; Swanaon Bay. Prince Rupart 

and Anyox. * -^ — «■ • 




Ottea. too Wbarf St ( 




Thd WoridTs GiBBlMl Wginrai: 

Gt Eut Tkranh Ae Canfa PadTic RtcUet 

Three Trans-Continental Trains Dallj* 
•■_ ^taoKlard and Tourist Sleepers. 
Compartment Observation Cars« 

TkroEgl BMldEM or AD Adaitic 
SteamsUp Lues 

Piitl Information Prom' 

''iliMGoTtnMMirtSlrMi ; 


Special Inducements 

For Today's 

(By OovonHMBt 

«jt9 p.a).. 

POINT OBME: Qmroaai^1i0lith- 
eaat; SO.IS; )1; omooth. ' 

CAPE LAZO: Bain; ooalliMat. gate; 
10.06; S7; rough. 

PACHBNA: Rain: oontbeaot, 
Otrong; S9.9S; 40; rough. 

BSTBVAN: Bala; aouthoaot, gale; 
29.66 : 42; rough. 

ALERT BAT: Bain; oouthoBBt. 
atrong; 2K.68: 49; mederat«^ 6 p,m.. 
Camoaun, out, noHbbound. 

TRIANI^n^B ISLANI>: eioil<^; 
ooutbeaat ,gala« SMI; 42; rough. 

DEAD TRBB: Cloudy; northweat. 
light; 29.66; 40; rough, f p.m., apoko 
Prince Albert at Aliford. aootbbound. 

IKBDA:* Mtoty; oonthwoot, otrong; 
29.10; 46; rongh. 

PRINCB RUPERT: Bala; boutb- 
eaat; 29. 00; 42; rongb. 


Aak Vaar Booler — Bo 

Coqr. omtvtMt Houm S K p p m for liw anlira iiMnay. fai IJkIi and coIotmI fcht, 

mn 91 JO HI*. Don't ndhr with cold fart. 

Bora* Strung 
SdiNNiI Boots 

With a Watson guarantee. 
Our price 


ltai*8 Dress 

In black or Ibrown 

Black felt ^*| e;^ 

thicit »a\^» ^9 XofjU 

Womoi's Patnit 
Dress Pnmiw 

Just arrhred. Pair 


Boots for 
School Girls 

An solid leather; 
.Up front 

firow'MC fiirit' 
Sehofl Boots 

In brown; low heel, 
winj^tips. Today, 


In an shadet. dp a pf/^ 

Spedal ...-- J^&JOlQ 

OTTAWA, Octv: »•,— A thirty-mil- 
lion dollar company, the Havana Ma- 
rine Terminale, Ltd., hoa been Incor- 
porated with headauartero In Mon- 
treal. The company la empowered to 
censtnict and purchaao mllla, ahopa. 
graving dooka, warehoudoa and other 
neceaoary otruoturea and- to acquire 
all kinda of stoam and oalllng vea- 
sel« and generally to carry on the 
buaineea of a navigation and traao- 
portatlon company. Gordon Maodou- 
galU K.C., lo among tho ptovlalonal 

U1«0N SeSe COe 

ChtSf e of Scb^dalo 

For Afl Sd&g Tulayhom 

GEO. McGregor, A«Mi 

Hnboyi Si 

White Star Une 


is: — K^ — - -i: 

Dar riaa 




IkV I o*'**aea 




1 t«r " 

Homo SMppdffi^Cnly* pair.; 


635 YaiM Stoat 





tldi f.1 



•• aoo ap • 


1*^. ifAf Ooo. fmk 


Mrlalio»»»,»..,0(t> Wttjk, Moo. Mdi 
.••••••••Nov. #1^ Oac is|^ 


Victoria and Sidncsr 

7:41 a.m. 

•ito --* 

2Uat. tlL 



Cgwicbin Ldiw aM 
Booty liooddy>TMdi _. 

Loaoo GovriduHi LalnldO 
Anioo DUnMFttatiaa 0:45 








Canadian National Rallwaya 


PaMetoBoyUno ErFECtiVa SUilbJiY, NOV. 2, iai9 

Na. 1, 


Affiv* 2M 








No. a. 




1:48 panJLMTia IIKN) a.111. 



Aiihr« 12900 

Sto H a oo , 


««•• ▼■CwfW ••«»• 

»mm Ji mc liOB 

• • . QuMhn 9t* ••• 

• • Mt DouflM •« 




* • • 

»m' afiMaHOMl •.ft 

• • HttMO KOmI • . 

Dapot, 544 Alpha SI. tTaka Ckmodak Stoat Car. 

FULL PARTIdULARS-Phdnea 4479 and 111 

J4j»*i.'-- ,^•■- 

n ■. .... 


(1^ Skdls tfxriUmM 




AItT uwetAU 


Mf^W a«. to Mr. Mui Mra. M«M«aUr. of 
Mi 014 BM^uliMlt 

^ St tttMlvMiT •( 

RKMO-O* «M SMk Iniit. at Uin IUv«l Ju 
bUM 1lM«l|»l. laafec K»no. *K«d ftt fmru 


iMtmctor to t«*«h 
wofiK In « a R. 

C V. aAWKW. 
Chlar taduatrUl Tmlnlnjt laapcctor. 
Ko«« BtS CantrmI BvIMIbk. 


UtIUroOMAJWKR WMto« lor MmI Cim. 
RUolU*. LUL. All VUw au**!. 

i^viA,.^"" -^ : — -^— -^ . -""^ • n4>wp,iaaT's music momoou 

rpmirOAU—UMtmt l>«»r i«Bto aa4 «Mi- . ^_*3Wf •»«»<*. »»«• BiW«ltf««( 

* *ff»« ewr*— aol »«rtuii)«4 WAUr. Up I *^^ SM» 

A44I v**Vw. 







WANTUD (or nUddl* of Noy«mb«r, younc I &<»< 
Kin M niur«» lor * cblldr**: •xiMriemw | 77' 
!f.*f*'5**'"''' . "" North U»mMtalr« lio«d. J-f' 

Tcfophona »»ITU 

o( thia ctty (or tkt Mat Aftova MAnk tolf 
raauttaco «1T PoMwall Str««|. DocooMd 
!• •arviTod ^y br«th«rB and alaiiBni ' in 
Ualgium. Ho wAa a monbor of Aarla No. 
It. rnttariMU UrUor of KACioa Mkd tha 

l^i^nht wilt attetoi«. IiUim-mmbI wOi ka 
tt Roaa Bay Cematary. 

roi/JMh-lB lovlkir mamonr o( Siokar J. 
Toanv. of Nanalmo. who araa Iqat on iha 
a.P.H. OaliaaOk aouth of tha Quean Char- 
lotte lalandA Ortohar f. If It. ue SI 
T—r*. ■ 

Wa miaa hla lovinit hnnd cl«ML|' i 
Wa mlaa hla ishecry amlta. 1 ' 

Bat Qod to ua la whiaaerlnic 
'Tia only for. a whila. 
A aaod and aobla aon. nevar Abaant from 
Ma mathar'a thaaitita. 

— Mothar and piatara. 


JBWKKB— !■'' aver lovlas manMNT "t Ar- 
thuc.liAwaoiL iba bclovad and aldaat aon 
oC JMr. AAd Mra. Thomaa Jawkaa. U« 
MIoMhw Mraat. viciorkik wha laat bta 
lUa jMm aarrtaw on tha A.P.a. OaIUmq 
whaft^ika Aaandarad and |ra» laat with all 
haada M aaa •■ tha Waat Coaat. Octobar 

Badtr ari— ad by hla mathert fat bar. ala- 
lara AAA hrathara. Far arar In oitr thoughta. 

■ i.^ V M « 


MBRCBB— lA M>«tev mamory of my dear 
•0% Har«« Maxer. B.t.A., who waa loot 
At' aaa M tka wrack of H.k.C.a Oailano. 
Oatobar M. X9^ 

O llkrald. WfUy aleap. 

'Hty iavM otiaa for thce W«ep. 

YX^ANTm)>^ll«a to train thamaeivea to ba- 

V * coma automobile machanlca and as- 

fjfrta. Wa ars now aaulpDlaa our 

VIctorU School wlih all up-to-data 

and modern raiUamant to taaeb th< 

dtSaraat tratea wa oBar. Wky ara 

•p maiur man avaMw thamaaUrea of 

Ilia opnortualty to train und*r tha 

HamDhlU ayatam? Decauaa tha 

HamphlU ^Trada Scboola are tha 

laraeat and moat p«aetlcAl chain of 

Kovernraant ohartaiAd trade achoola 

■a tna world, endoraed and approved 

by both th« Dominion and United 

•ir" Qovernmenta. havlnit trained 

■oldlera for both Kovernmeata durlna 

the war. The Hamphlll Trada 

Schoola have been aatabllabod for 

o»rar flft<%n yeara and ara In a poal- 

. ii2f .12..*'** "•■ ■ batter and mora 

. ^ . araottaal trataiaa la auto and aaa 

.*^_:^«|5»^<" mechanlca. vuleanlalnc. oxy. 

AMtylene waldlnv. battery riTcharr- 

t^Hi.,*"* pepalrlnK and electrical 

Uinltlon. with the moat modern and 

lateat aaaipmant. 

«..?"J2li.rf TLf""* ^* ndvantaita af 
our tt»a«M1 rataa. Call, or wrtta (ar 

HBMpS'ii '.'•Vi VJi J"i!SSl5.V?» cAtaloirSS: 
^?.**C"fi'^«^"*^*' SC^IOOLB. LTD. 
%0l B. C. Parroanent l«an Bulldln* 
IWctoila. fl.C. 

Wlnwoa, £S^^ •• 

Calvary Vancouver 

Edmonton Radna. 

>{' i 

WAMTBO— A girl for caaaral houaawork. 
Apply StS Moaa fit.. anornlBM. 

WANTBD— Youn* cirl to help eara for 
.^ . baby and aaalai la haiua. adbIv asa 
WoUaaton Ava. 

Apply »»• 

WANTBD— :Temp««rtly, aomaona to look 
after t chlldran far S boura daily, alth- 
wJf '??I?^* .5* aO^raooA. Mra. t>rtmrofla 
WlUk. UU UtkUoxu Avenua. VlotorU. Tale- 
pbona IiatR. 

teal Ouiur and UkulaK H<al«y, 

lay In uix to twalva waaka 
alian taacbAr la SiC. jTE. 

^ . ^tauvbt to 
br tha anly Haw 
Atc hartay. Wiaaa TT». 

aim Clartna D«v^: »iaaa Aad~a 
IIM Worth Partfc Phana SStX. 

U» ■*»«» aaashagaa. A.a.CMs taaehM 
of alAaofeita aad thoanr. ISt Coa. 
Kaanlmaii! lata 


Ail .«ta»at jnaal ( 

UNTIL 10 P. M. 

**^*^'^^'^^* * * *^^^^^^^i n r> 'jtxux i > ix ««^ 

Crawr hSi 

^aovmAtir aa«tA«a t i rWHna, laaiad. 
tas bath aad vaatry: two rowaa aa- 
atalra; caraca aad lot IMin: all la 
aaod eoadltlon aad a baisala far 
•aly •&.•««: 


'• ». BBOWN 

rtaanolai aad Inaui 

»Ul Bnmt attaat 

•«.Mi. Crowa Baaatv. 


Uaiit« T. _ 
• hMBttfal Ma, 




a( Uv 

t^LL the colored girl wha rang up ISIS Douala. BtreeV 
▼▼ for imiaral help about 1« daya aao ■" ' * ""^**"- 

ring up pr call at »H Dou glaa 

WANTED— Woman for 
half day each weak, 

V'lOLIM Inatractlon by Oaorgo J. Dyk* 
(tat* Director Vasooaver Conaanratory 
of Muator. Now open to receive nunUa far 



«n to reealva pupUa far 
Belgian School. Phone tTOtL. I*t 

houaawork oaa 
Box Silt. Ool- 

W^'ANTBD-.^rharautkly «Kt»arl«acad book- 
TV keapa^ Apply Bwt Un, Colontat. 

WTANTBD— A good laaaaal. plain work, 
vv three adulta. Apply 1101 Johnaon 8t. 

^rtland. Ore. 
Seattle. Wn. 

•laap.O narald. aw 
WMIaiiur ia*A oi 
:*afiaar«h" *way 

, ^_ .. — _ — — Avaafy ainda bltnt aufily 
(yer that aweat and hallowed ap«t, 
'U'hara my dear aon Ilea alcaplag.' i. 4r ' 
Wba will aaver b* forgot. ^' "-' 

A,-«M«hafB pfv**'- "^y ^'<li Be Done. 

Tap deaHy iavaa by hla mothai and.alater 

Anala la «i*«r ha fersatten. Michel. B.C. 



A DVANTAOBB-Bo many advantagea in 

iSSit-SS^.^i"*" '"•" •»«» woman ahould not 
uttUalnrT^T: mom*i;!T..''Th?uaSd?'ba;j 

is'TTa'' ».iss-'^^s..^u';i5'-ir3 

?i7Lp'.Si"'Sl'e"-„J^ '?h?-HiS 
b«»ok that haa b€«n naked for E^thr^ 

siii^ri^o-i-rur- aatd'^H^"S 

cupatlon and addraaa to PaiSSL^JSJi.JJ" 

rv^t^" «— »'.^»«^ tTSs?: ysidSJs 

WANYBI>— Bod of Novaabar, a matd for 
ganaral houaawork lo replace maid 
with family 8 yaara: email houae: nuraa 
enrployad. Apply »» Bellayille Street. 

WANTBD— Peraon to help ?rith houaawork 
and children. 111! Pandora Ave. 

WANTED— Otrl or mathar'a help for two 
chUdran. Mra A. F. Mitchell. Jamca 
Ray Hotel. 

WANTED— Oood gaaeral aervant to cook 
for three adulta. help mind and do 
waahtna far two children; «ood home and 
waicea ta right paraon. Colonlat Box 116 1. 

WANTBD — General help for email family. 
_ . Waaaa IIP. B4I Michigan 8t 



'piIVB-room buagaiow oa high granad wttk 
a- a good marina vlav. eamant baaamaat. 

bL"?-'. 2Sy, *'•»»»•»«>* *^ ooraarrtXXi 
DuSct and lanra rooma -— •• w 

lanra roo^ia 

•caa — •. PHK2B M.»M 
••ft aaah aad tha balaaaa 

<•*-» Bay ward Bldg. 

\rBB. B. 8BMPLB — Plaalat and as- 
Jaa itaHaaoad taaeliar of piano: rupUa pra* 

ff^Jaa.«•r axai^batlora U daafrad. lltt 

■OUSB8 VOR mAlM • 


A ••room modern bungalow, Hampablra 
Road. Oak Bay: lot tOzllo. The bun- 
galow la well flniahed throughout. The bed- 
rooms and bathroom are In white enamel, 
all built-in features, with a good aarden In- 
cluding appla and plum traaa chicken taeoaa 
etc. Price It. 000. 

¥^S "^l*~9*^ madara a-raom 
„ _w mile circle. II.SOO: oo* madam t. 
laam bouaa. 1 mile circle. ir>«#r«l«i to 
"ardaa City Park near oar. IIM " '"^ *• 

aner. Bo» E.U^v^.. CoionUt 

I^OR Sale — Five-room cottagaL Jaat paint- 

'•». «2l<>«» in, at a bargain, 
after • p.m^ 

Phoaa •TtSB. 

F"«i ?"'*J~^ modern l«-room houaa, 10S7 
-a Richardson Street. For ' partlcuiara an- 
riSm'.-nt-^s'ire'el" «»«-•'-«>«• ^ "•"<,:?. 


ACCOUNTANT and auditor wants posi- 
tion aa accountant or bookkeeper: six 
yeara in laat position; good quallflcationa 
and rafarencaa K. J. Selte. 60« laurel 
Street. Phone 50161,. 

BUTCHER, good all-roond. daalrea poal- 
Uon. Phone «STt. 


Entrance Sayward Bioek 

Phone Ills 

PIOR Sale— Wall-built S-roomad cottage. 
watJ^'Ti J^M*'"J^.. pnntry, baaament. bity 
^aVh l&oo* I'n"^ "/"'• '•"'^•<»' chicken ran: 
..„- . , . • 5""* ■■■«">• mortaage of S70*. 
parable in three yeara. Apply T^Kegtoa AvS: 

TjMNE large bungalow containing • wait- 
^„iJ'"*"*"i?' ''rtght rooma and baaamaat. 

H AwixTT SiKS*"*"'' iPPP^tad 

H. AMPHI^TT^^^ ^^^^ BMi."^^"' 

QOrmNMBNT Straat S..U,, lUea aaraar 
lac •• faat aa Qavanuaaat Straat. 
da»U tu faat.* aad ••r««m eattana; 
•»a mlaataa* walk frtna poat oMca. 
ThU la vary axoallaat buy. PHoa. 
oa tanaa. it.—. 

Q.OVBBXMMKT «raat. wtthla Sva mla- 
"'•^ walk of Oavaramaat Bulldlnga; a 
•wtj^"'*"' attiacuva T-roam bungalow, 
waaly kept and on a good atraat; lot Ma 
»*•: prica 14,100., Owner must aaU w doa* 
aa aatota, Oaod tarau. 

pAawMXj) «,tola^a..^,«.m h. 

ChapauB Straat. eioaa to C««k. I«« 
ia «»S1M. aad haaaa la modara. 

•• tarai% «aly^|S.»««. 

ii«^~iir..j:l*'**"* huagalow. caatai»> 
J^SL. ^i^P* »» praetksaily \Uh. 
Price only |S.S«»: tarntoT "*"■•• , 
D*"^„«OAD. aaar tha Park-«U-, 

M^'^JS!, ^R«>ry T-taoatoAW 

kltohan^»5^i.J'°'5* '••■»• *•«. 
•toad oemii..**'!:^ bedrooma: fuH. 

235 SSJ^'rSom "TRBET-Bungalow oB* 
&.TCtb'*'^n'S"^a"nVr'?;o'» : 

WM^ftad. Prica for whWe. IS,l4t:.l 
^*^ hl^tlS^^'pR^^WBEET. I. good*. 

modem bunga^ 

CHINOra tatarpratw aad traaalater. 
- V. It. wtam Oa. Pkaiu ifss. 

CARPENTER, practical, requires work; 

reasonable terms. 
Phone S4I4B. 

18>7 Foul Bay Road. 

DA K. Ignition ' AropUfter — More pep. 
more power. Motor Necvsaitiea Co.. 70J 
B.C. Permanent Loan Bulldinx. Phone 67«6. 

C*^^«nii^"fi-"- Tomfoam-cu,; 
v>' haidneaa Aak your draaaiat. soo ..J 


^a. toachar 

; •• yaara* aKpartoaeat Tha tet* 

Craaa Maw Tark. Bagtaa aad mmm 

Bamaabor. tka boat U warU 

nivato iaaaaaa aftamoooa ha aa- 

C laaan a avoalaga at I. Pbeaa 

Vbell Uld*» g to 1«:S* aja_ or 

i Mallcaaai •» 7 p.ak 

AWJaa< establiabed Ufa laauiaaoa Ohm- 
gaay oilara to a Uva UtMU a gaad owa- 

tracts aad alU tram may ypeaa maa wha 
alMwa proadaacy ta aotlcltUur ttnalnaaa Mai 
lAA.. Coleaiat. 

BOr Wanted to laara tha alga aad abow 
(:ard bustoaaa. Don't apply M not latar- 
eata|d» Manaar Wga 0». 

'ThOM'T uae table vinagar (or plckluk 
A.^^moaun pickling viaagar la made far 
that purpoae. ■ Aak for it. 

|AON'T forget the QOeen of th» Island 
V. Maaoaarada Bail to be held Ouy FawXea 
.Ntoht. Novaiabar tha Sth.. Alexandra Hall. 
Dgnclag y to 1. Prof. Heaton'a (-pleca ot- 
chaatra. Grand maacb H a'elock. Prlxea on 
view Bpent^r's, Lid. Ladlaa. 11.00; gents. 
tl.60; spectator^, TSc TMBbola. Droptaead 
H ewing .Ma cl ^kta;. . 

ThON'T forget dance. » to 11, every Mon- 
-f day at St. John-a Mall. Ladlea. SSc; 
gapto. Mc Perry s orrhestra . 

DA K. Ignition Amplifier — More pep. 
more power. Motor Neceaaltlaa Co.. 701 
B.C. Permaaeat I^an Building. Pho ne «7««. 

GOOD wagfa for home work.. Wa need 
*!? to.MJft* «><*• nn tha faat. eaally 
laaraM Ah to Knitter. BxpaWaaea uaaecea- 
■ary. Dlatonce Immaterfal. Poaitlvoly no 
saavaaaiag. Yarn auppliad. Partfasalara So 
Btamp. Oapartiaaat •« C. Aato Kalttar Ca. 

HALLOWE'EN Maaqnerade. Colwood HAIL 
F rldat. Octobar list. Dancing » to 1 
Ttwn orehaatra. Admission. 60c: rofraah- 

A. O. Stinaon (Into SOth Oordoaa). 

/^A WA S8PR. eSperleneed: good moaa; 

iii/'^^-uX'a'a! ^— !?!r'?^y.^.^g^ 

D !!! *'" '*"'"«>a Ampliner— Mora pep, 
^. more power. Motor Nerrraaltlen Co 7«* 
B.C. Permane mXoan Building Phone 6766? 

NOTICE ^^ , 

C^XCKPTIONAL opportunity la befng of- 

'. iinea who are prepared tA m-.S-t 
* ?".?SL''"^. "' •""•••" '» the c~ Tht 1,1, 
"It time la very opportune for build na an.i 
wa nrmly bellevn that every shmrakniSf.: i!ir, 
''i/"y •'».'^ retureVfor M^ In^e««i2?' M"n 
rend the signa of the times- the t?.™,* !S 

at the aame time you can feel thiT i-I. 
have part owner-hin i- .h- — i-J.-l*f^j >««• 

■E^LECTRIClAN — Good wlreman. knowl- 
•'-' edge of motor work, etc.: i years' Plant 
experience, wants job. Phone 47l4u 

IJIMPLDYMENT Agency— U N. Wing On, 
-* Chlneae employment agency. Phona 

EXPERIENCE^ gardener dealrea work by 
day or week. Turnbuli. 2219 Shakea- 
pear*; atre« t. Phone 6377R. 

FIR8T-clHss carpenter wants work by day 
or contract. Box tiSl. l^olon lst. 

GAKDENER. experienced, requires work 
by day or week. Phone 6777R. 

HA.Nny man, married, wants whole or 
part Ume Job; good ^electrician: un- 
dorxtaiids machinery. Phonfe 4714L. * 

' , 

TTOTEL clerk wanta situation, day or 
-*-»• night ahitt. Colonist Box 1115. 

MAN and wife jivant 
trust, tanitor work 
round mai'hlnery. 

\ PICTURESQUE bungalow of flvo bright 
.^i- rooms, dinlngroom and living-room, 
panelled and with beam ceilings; alt kinds 
of built-in featuraa: full cement basement 
and a kplendid hot-water heating plant; 
open fireplaces, garage and chicken houses; 
standing In a large garden nicely planted 
with shrubs and trees; plenty of fruit and 
.5<»*?«r»i lovatad ia one^ol^auc iMat—raair 
dentlal districts; vet:* low taxes. For im- 
mediate sale 13,700.. 

101 Union Bank Building. 


EV>R Bala— VlotorU Waal, ilra raaMad. 

TAAIRFIBuO— Trroom bwiaa. (uU~^ 
baaament. haauUful^wrdaaT alia 
porch: near ear aad baat^^rSrtB »6.i 
12.760: tarma. Crowa Realty. ^^^ 

XjU>R claar titi, cheap prapartlaa taelad- 
^ Ihg ACFMga. 4.i«oaa baagatow. nod* 

11^..*°? "^ '•'•' '°»" J""* oataiia elty 
limlU; low tazaa. Phona Owaar. IISIL 


.«S*T~^'""" "»°°»* ■•«» locaUoa. 
100; terms to ault. Phone SOtt. 

«tt a 

WELL-BUILT, modi-rn home of six 
rooms. In a good lotalltv being offered 
great sacrince. the owner leaving tha 
city shortly. Full cement basement, rurnace 
Inatallcd with hot water colls connected to 
kitchen boiler. Large kitchen with all built- 
in eflecta and fully equipped pantry, dining 
lT)om very njoely panel lud. handsome built- 
in buRel. open flreplace. conservatory «xlo. 
large living room with beamed cclllnga. 
bullt-m bookcamn and Ht-ats. open tlreplace. 
'*'f,'^ pr«lly 1-way atalrs. 3 large bedrooma. 
all w^thf closeta. clothes chute to baaemont: 
linen cloaut; bathroom and toilet separate; 
lot 50x131; excellent garden. , 

any position of 
etc. : man handy 
Rox 2260 (Tolonlat. 

POSITION wanted by married man; knowl- 
edge of bookkeeping and gcnaral atora 
work. Box 2167. c?olonist. 


606 Union Bun^ Building- Phone Sl( 

ANOTHER BUNGALOW. 6 roomg, garaga 
nice lot. absolutoly modem : tumaea 
cemant baaamact; laaba low: •S.IOO: ISM 


eatad kindly send full particular. .»Ji ISS^''' 
number where poaalble*! to Bo? Mfs-'cT 

RBTURNBD 1914 aoldler wants Job 
once; anything, anvwharc. 15 veara" ex- 
perience automobiles, drive or repair; amart 
appearance, good aalesman. Pbonee No, 
37S4, and will call on you. 


riOOD all round 
v^ Sluggetfa Stotlon. 

maa waatgd. Maber, 

Uln^'^Z ■•»«■'»»'> for calendar and nov- 
■2~ «"y line: good contraot for jcanmhi. 
■nieaman: *sperienn« preferred but not flil 
ess-rv: high-rlas, Canadian com^nyjK.d" 

n?v*R;!i'?-?°'i "'i*'" "' '•ualHl'^^lona. Ap^ 
Ply Box 6o7. London. Ont. 

^^'*^™^"^^~- - . . 

M*!^..rt^,-'""! ""' •■* ■»"»'• "tew. Hah. pie. 

"DKTUIUtBD aoldler, married, wanta Work 
-^a of any kind by day or hour. Phone 

SECOND-hand cycle bargalUH. 
Hitrhle. Ltd.. #11 View Street. 

Pllmley ft 

WANTBD— Small fruit farm to look after 
for Winter mnnthB! tnavrlMj* Mtan -n.. 

1160. Colonist. 

for Winter months: inarriad man. Bos 

Coraar Tgtaa and Bl^>ad straau 

.TW? ■•* an the market, our latest pro- 
tf duct. "Sireet Military Kaltoh." and 
what you have b««n loohlng for. combine 
lag awa«tn«aa with pap. Tha Waatarg 
Pickling Worka. Umilad. • 

■ILfMl aiB^MPa'g ohildrca'a elaag will ra- 
ax. open in St. John's Hall. Saturdar. 
Novamber l. S:SO. Young atudanta' club 
Prtday. Novelnbar 1, S o'clock. For parUc- 
ulara app ly 637 St. John Straet. 

- " " ' ' . ' 

JIL"- ^fSa^ *^* aayvrard Building. 
Phona UHU Balta. draaaea. wtapa. 

opposite Ubrary, 

CJEi:OND-hand cycle bargain*. Pllmlev A 
»? Bltchle. Ltd.. •11 Viaw sSeat. '^ * 

_ .«.^?"'»*' ATTESTlO.N: We want im. 
nadlataly cgrPaBtera and handy fmeacS 

ur*a»^^s:?a't,v?''i.»„'; ri7al:r%Si! 

Inveatment required: men ahare In nJSSSi 
Matual Construction Co." Kd.. tl» "rSSS: 
mulr Street. Vancouver, kc. W«ag- 

npHB atmoat eare la exerclaed la the Ima- 
A diing of your furniture wban HuSon 
BkoB. move you. Phona 1153. ""«g»n 

tV^AN-TED— One basket maker; aiin who 
il -."[!?'""•"?• dicker chair.^lforir hoTh 

klTL'AtlONS WAJfraaw— BTRi f ^T- E g 

DAILY work wanted. 
Douglaa Street, 

Mra. Taylor, 336S 

DRBaBMAKMM for ladl««- banaaa. altara> 
tlona. laoaa oovera for faraliara. •« a 
«»av B<t« 4>6I. Caianirt. " 

EXPERIENCED stenographer desires po- 
sition. Phone 6047-R-2. 

LIOHT oocupaiion on elevator. 


in making and renalra prefi 
ttox Q. Colonlat. 



"Vtaw Car, 1918 Model, Eaay a^d Comrort- 
-L^ able Flve-l>aaaaBg«r 

* '^boro Bay. via Uplanda s i §«' 

V.'a^ ?y*/-? *y.' .».•«»•'• »J Mndy beach 1.00 
BfintirMd Motal and; Oardana s.0« 

MKohMTn. Happy Valley . „ JljJ 

Maiahat Drive to acenio outlook 6.00 

Shawnlgan Lake, via Mill Bay lo.oo 

I'^rlcu Bay. traaa aad axMllaat akada 4.M 
. Jt^S!? •''^ ■** '••' **• aaatlnaotiB rooad 
^iMur.' *»*«J«»« tha charJiT, n.ia 

,., ' , " , TMOB. J. WKMLTOM 
I7U Lea Avanaa p|,»na StIS 

B&MSMBBR Frklay. Novambar 7. big 
ijaaa^iMMda ball. Alakaadfa jnab. Sisi 

SL5l2^-,J^'¥rt '?«»«>v«4 at.":"©. t"K" 
frand march. Tlckele at Stralth'a. Spen- 
«pf» Toggery Shop. O'Connella, Maoeya 
l yt^tlonery Shop. ' 

£COND-h*nd cycle bargalna. Plimlay A 
Ritchie, Ltd.. 611 View Street. 

W .^I ^^^ flrat-claaa aln«le milkman to 

▼ T taka char., of a largo dairy; BmpirS 

B. Pambertaa. Pombarton 

taka cbari 
mllkar oaad. 1 

t^ANTED— flecretarr-treaaarer; muat ha 

In the organr.aUo7. '..f'^new "lid'L.t^y Ti'th 
tremendous poaalbl.wlea. Good 'alary •- 
Muat bskva references. 

right man. 

tails on applloatioi. lo Box 

Full de- 
8098. Colonlat. 

MIDOLB-agad lady wanu work daily, 
needle-work or cooking: Oak Bay Dla- 
trict preferred. Box 1061. Ctolonl at. 

"POSITION aa booaakaapar or oompanlwii 
A help oc> lalaad. out of olty, where work 
aat too heavy. Write Mra M. Bailor. Oaa* 
era I P*Hverv. Vancouvar. 

RELIABLE girl. 17. desires position In 
store, or aa elevator driver; has had 

experience In 
1060. Colonlat. 

bakary ahop. Apply Bos 

W'*^-"?^'*"'''Ir "•*•»«>•'. .^tparlanced' 
i "ton for small property knowiMia. T^ 

mrdenteg required and to do «eneTl^{J^,£' 

=;/rSl^r7;d\ Tp%y"te^^^^^ 
W^^y^^i-'o- "^rK^atlnr ■' '■ °- "^ 

Mbcosophical socimtt. sis 

I^-paaaanger auto tor hlr« day ar 
^ night. Muglclang^ oiaar niaad Tall. 
»^n. 5014; raa. phj|i;i •••T W. jf iSku: 

aiaaa aim* w.ii^^-^r^ 'iP^ oSitrliJ' 

rrplB Salratlon Army Induatrlal De^^TT- 

WANTED— Cert ined 
-'-'91. Colonist. 

drug clerk. 


ryANTBI»-Boy after achdol houra with 
TV bicycle. TofcU, Oya Worka. ••' ron 

CJECOND-hand cycle bargains. Pllmley A 
>^ HUrhte. Ltd.. 611 View Strteet; 

■MTANTBD— By a younc girl, children to 
_ ;. l?**"* •»ter, 3 afternootu. a waste. Falr- 
tleld District .Phone 66K7r,. 

VITA NTBD— Day work cooking and houae- 
vv work. M. Jones. 37$S. Roseberrv Ave 

Teleuhone •JOTR. 

VX^ANTED— Poaltlon i^ housekeeper U7 
vT rnrripanlon h-ein to couple; no children 
Annl%- Box Oi. Dutu-an. B.C. 



DRKaSMAKINO — Blenaaai kimonaa aad 
,...f"i'"**'<*" Pwaiptlr dona. Room lA 
TOJH Tates Slreat. * 

ItTRS. WEST, 7S0 Fort Straat. Drcsamak- 
-ivA ing. alteratlona, etc. Phona 1S17. 

•t I A 7-KOOU, eapeclaUy baUt bungalow. «a 
, I AStmcoo Street, afaaoittteiy modara; Msh' 
•at grade plumbing, laaprovamant taxaa aU 
ff*Ai; r*"" »*.»0»: owaar wiu aall jot 
iS.OOS. tanna SSOO caah. balanea aaay/OawZ 
Kealty Co.. oyer Imperial BankT^ 

A REASONABl,E buy, and a good start 

7V^nI?ri "»""!•• »"" '" * •"■" borne. Apply 
71 Battlefor d Ave, 

rVBAUTsruL bungatow, on JCmproaa Ava. 
ff**oum to central Park: modem. 7 roonu: 
IS.«t«: caah SSOO. aad S19 monthly, laelud- 
Ing interaat. Crow n R ealty. "wu a 

M. . B, HBATH [ ~~ 

ISIS Douglaa Street 

/"^lARK Street— ThIa modern* 7-room aeml- 

V-* .bungalow, close to car and achool. 

' nlca lot. cement basement, piped for 

_. ' furnace; only 11,006; terms. 

T^AST Victoria, close to two car llnea 

A-4 This modern 6-room houae going for 

two-thirds tha cost of building the 

houaa today; only fl.sOC^ terma, 

P^AIRFIELD— This semi-bungalow on Un- 

A den Avenue,, with four bedrooms liv- 

Ibg room, dining-room and kitchen. 

b^ullt-ln buffet. Itreplace. furnace, full 

cement basement and garage; muat be 

sold. Immediate poaseaaion; . only 

•4,'JOO; terma. 

fpaiS very choice home in a select dla- 
A trict, four bedrooms, bathroom linen 
cloaat and large clothes presses and 
sleeping-porch up; and extra large llv- 
Ing room, dinlngroom, kitchen and 
reception hall down. The lower floor 
haa highly polished oak floors built- 
in buRet and large china closet's open 
flreplace and a fully built-in dutch 
kitchen, Jarge cooler and wood and 
coal lift; tha baaement haa a hol- 
water furnace with ample radiation, 
cipaet. laundry- traya, gaa piat« and 
fruit rooms, etc.; large lot with gar- 

buy in the city, only IS.SOO, 
'POUR acres, near Carey Road, with amall 
A 4-room bungalow, city water piped by 

thla property; aiao electric light and 

talephona; only |3,l60w 
t^SQUIMALT- 9H acres with nlca 4-room 
A-i cottage, ronalderable clearing partly 

fenced, on the mala Sooke' Road 

iiglu and teiaptoooa; the aoU la gin- 
•"iSr*'^ ' """ *"*"^ •"»• •'»^' 

Wa have many other good buya CaU at 
office for partlcuiara. ^^ 

•piAlRFlBLD bnagalow of flva waU-at. 
J:,..,""**** J'o^wM. nlca bullt-ia flgtvaa 
utra good hasament with tnraaaat. ea2 

Jja^law. Dirt ehaap at ••.•••. Baay 


101 Union Bank Ba UdlBB. 

XpAIRFIBLD— Attractive flva-raom h*r m 

K?i, .*"***:. '='*»^ *• Baac«i Hui 
^rKi rough cast axtortor. latorlor 
flatoh of high order: hot wM«r 
■•aMag of vary best, iaadad alaaa 
wiadows throughout: two opaa dra* - 
P]^*^' y.'H attractiva living room. 
\*.^h.*"^ SO ft.: dan IS ft. by l«ft:l 
."'»"=*♦•«»„» 't. ty IS ft. : pii,t%. rloii.* 
"on, hall. 7 ft. by 14 ft.: antraaea 
vestibule; two bedrooma upitaSSJ 
11 H ft. by 14 ft. each; bathi«oni 
and aeparatc toilet: box roomrprp- 
vision made for addlUonal bcdraoal 
IS ft. by 16 fL; full staa \^^Mi 
basement, concrete walka: lotBl 4fc 
by ISS ft. Prica ••.•oor^kaTlM^ 
Owner. Bos 1466. Ck»lool8L ••■••* 

J^KAB Naw Bls» Sehoal. aa Camoma 
■*«*«t. a coay iittla 4-room bunga- 
law for $t,t**; qaartar casta aad tha 
halaaea moathly. 


J^ICE cauBtry homa with aaa ffronUta, ta- 
gether with 61 aoras. altnatod at 
Osborne Bay. 4 miles from Waot- 
Itolma and within easy reach of 
Duncan on good road. The .dwell- 
iag la modera aad ooatalas alavaa 
rooma; plenty of wator auppliad by 
gravity ayatem: is acrca are under 
oBltivaUoa. Prica JljLKt; 

t.r!^iS"?V'^£^»-'«'^- "- "^ • 
onrgSin at tha price. 14,100: termaT 

W^'*^u'iaf7''*^"'^-'"-«»«'»«<» »«-•'■( 
tta^^ d7„1i,"""" ''*'""• ""-* 
PUce hull. . '°1 L"""' °P«" «"- 

"■rge dpthea closet in aaS; full 
cement baaamaat, Prica 


••.«7I; tarma 

||J[BTCHOnN. 1*0 Mraa. naiaiprovad. but 
eonuins qnaauty of good land; oa 
main road. IT miles from VictarU. 
Price for tha wbolo. •S.IO*. 


gUBRBT street _ 8tg-,oom mod.rn 

room • :.! . "*"■ *'°**" •• dininc 
kT/i- kitchen and pantry; threa 

minL wi.!i ',"" ■•'•<* "«•"» h«»«- 
'Tice 18,671; terms arranged. 

g;ARBlNaKR AVENU|, on bigk groan^, 

— ■ ins--,^^**'* ~ riva-roomad aiadarit 

Sri'SJ^;!;;h''r**'"J"« receptlilThriU 
parior with open flreplace and ballt. 


• s-ir •P^ir?i.7Vot 't^-r^' - •«"• 

AT STRBET, on the Mgti part— 1M« 
ing parlor, open flreplace 


FO£R ladiag' amxmd-haad cyciaa tor aaia, 
Plimlay ft Rltchia. I^tdJ^SU Vtor i^ 

/4.0R0B— Thraa 4. • 

J* iowa •s.s... •s.s.o. 



fr°.??«° DUtrtot— «-room haaaa oa Ma tot. 

^^^KSTHOLMK, 70 acres, partly Imprwred. 
with two cottages: close to stora 
•ad poat afllca. • Prioa*; farms. 

piADBORO Point— lu aeras. praeUeally all 
V/ andar eulUvatloa, •«# f,at of watar- 
froataso. S-room naodem houaa. good wall 
with aaglna. boat-houaa. fruit treaa and 
small frulti^ modera poultry bouses and 
propwty, all fenced. Prica fS.OOO. on aasy 
or caa ha leased to the right party. 

gAAKICH Ana, with watarrr«ata«a. l*t 
acraa with a aica little hay: houaa 
aad barn: price |S,««« far tha 
whoia; •••• caah. 

GOROB— Furalabed' t-room honsa aa U. 
acre. 11.650. crown Realty. 

TTUpsON Bros, spacuilsa oa lacw ■«|-taaits 
JJ. haulage. Pboaa SSIS far prtSsgL^ 

T HAVE a modem 6-roomed' up-to-data 
A bungalow on a largo corner lot. (room 
for another house or 8tore>. for sale quick; 

S™."".. ''*'■,.""•• **■" ^y District. 11,960 
»mall cash payment, balance t:s p«r month. 
Owner. Colonist Box ISIS. monin. 

YaMES BAY— 6-room bungalow In stood 
" eondlttpn: garage. Cement drive, full 

l??",'x1"''"- '*^'' '<" 60x110. Price 

G 13.700: terms. 

ORGR— r.-room modem bungalow. Ore- 
placo. beamed ceilings, baaement. 
hot water heat garage, chicken run, 

Betr. Price 13.709: terma 
URNHIDB-Outslde city ll^ts. S-raom 
bungalow, basement, very large lot 
60x200, all fenced: poStr^^use 

iV^n 'i;i"u 111*"" •«»" »».«••: tarma. 

CT,^„=.*JS5 i^'^- halanca arranged. 
LOVERDALE— S rooms, and Toid * lot, 
several cords of wood. Only tSOO- 
eany terms. 
1134 government Street Victo ria. B.C. 

T EAVI0*O town, will sail my equity In 1- 
A-i roomed cottage for S175. tncludhig It 
chickens anA fuel: balance of 1770 at Sll 
per montlr: tax-s 19; or would trade equity. 
What ofTeis? Phone 4035U 

QOUOX Vallay. ats acra< aaariy dli aa- 
epHaat hud. a good daai of which 
la opaa laad (easily cleared >: piaa- 
Uful supply of wator. Soma good 
■r aad cadar: alaaa to aai 
aa tarmac ••,•••, 


XAnttaA Katahllahad tnti 

Pfcaaa tu 

wool* Pt.ouA«. i»u7 wiiaSM ^k^^fft 
■^ "i!! J'»'>**1« CONvlMaMNC«l**JI2 


5^'^ s.T.7rt*imj;":jiy'°' '-"-^si 

J^lNTO Street _ Eight-roomed lH-storF> 

place, dlaiag room, buiit-m buffcii 
"^"'•iitchen and nantry- four ro<wV 

it'h-^::r^- ^'"' "'o'he. ciSscThK 

each, bathroom and toilet ytltnt 

h'.l'1,aV"d;j*~5f*r'*"'"- TW-' homj; 
U^Jl^ . "**• Boors, with full sls«^ 

fnJSi^ ''*Y.°1S'- "••«> traya ahS 
fumaca. St.seo; terms arraBg««r, 

]J^eCLURE STRpET-An gttraetlvaly daJ 

-"* signed slx-n>omed 1 H -story hamau^ 

containing entrance hall wuh fl^ 

S Place; parlor flnlshed in whItS, 

' ' * la I • *■* '•'■«• b*ihr«Mn«: fill 

wash tuba. , Prica ,v.Mj •^taS 
Qonon nistrict - WlTti^ il^^ 

Jsrgo pantry, two tonra bed»»ma 
tl'JimTu *°"T*h^. ««" ^•••d^e^.'S? 

.pM'-c.ndTt*'f^ '•a'sni;, *?axi: 



302Q 0'»"'»'IA STREET-rottage 

bodroom: told wat-r. aUalric lirtC? 

r.J!fnRW*.?- - '^ ^^^ 'W: 

Prioe. tlOO. 

includes carpets 

MODERN 4 -roomed bancaiaw and t- 
roomed shark for sale, eloaa to Wll- 
><>**..»•'■: lot sOxllO: ahsck la plaster^ and 
paaellad. with water, tollat and \ilMtria 
light: would easllv raat far lift n«CZ 
93.000. Phone fSHX. * "*^ 

MODERN t-room furnished b 
SS.400: scoo 

11S9 North Park. 



'J> r'u 


foiifii GOOD BuVa 

rpwo-storjr dwalilBs. 6 rooms; .dlaiag room 
A. panaUad. built-in h»w.> .•■ '•" ^" """ 

panaUed. built-to buffet, all larae room. 
two bedrooma; cemented blaamem 
for furaaoe: let toxlio. ="?«■''"' 

e \ • 

Price I2.|I6. on 

Street. Phone 1066. 

vv mat Is u niform la ararr Aatait a 
private o, eommerclai ieeTTto?; mtobi hi 

mVm ??^r?!<>". P»»»'a the Vi7na?if.'"ThJ 
IE"*., ^"'^'••'^a^oaaa Sehsol al TaM*. aZ 
*«ada Bulldlap. Vieiorta. ihSL STS** " 

ment. •>»Aohnseti Street, witi be Pleased 
- biv- ■2"^?l*-f'*"'l'"'*«^' anythiSi 

KTCiH coBT or Lnrnva 

Y'?iS..S:?!!l' .'fl»'» *« «* »»tertally 
•d th.'^21i^fc.i?lK'»,'» ■*"»» *«'" one 
A^tl- v*^*^ British Insoranoa Compaalea 
^^■.-^"■JSS" •" Victoria. FullpartlcS- 
lara aad free eaarsa of laatmotiea wui ka 
given, enabling you to oae^nt^^Sa^iiJJ 
to aplendid ad'aataga bU mV "* 

^STKRAN Tailor. Imperial Bank Baiid- 

'■ICTORIA Amateur Swimming Club 


.wa-^^J** mOjthly* danca for mamh4ra and 
Tartly "no^L,"'*"' a ^^^ »^^t 

W'lL"'-.*^***". '«••«*••'*• Hall. Brt»l»d 

K*!.F^?"^ ■atiwday algfti. Oran^ li-iT 
g^» •^'^ ^»<*» ir^** tomb<.ja. k iK 

AT The Umiietf AgAier. »1« Saywartf 
„.►. »"»•««■«: Parlormaid. •••: h^J^ 
S:r;™/'i,'' »»■ »«•: houai p'arioAS^ 
dally, good aalary; housemaid. »«•; "^ 
SS?' •flf'^"'<x">«. cooking and housework. 

AN experienced saleslady f work ta • 

■pURWITUBK Cratbd, shipped ahd removed 
b, w^rl^oedm.^^ Pbone Hadm,n 


MAKB money at home. Ton caa eara 
from 11 to fS an hour in your snara 
time writing show cards: quMkly gad easily 
learned; no canvaaalng; we teaok you how 
and sell your work. Write today for full 
particulars. American Show Card SchooL 
33S Ryrle Bldg., Tonga and Shuter Streets! 
Toronto. Canada. ^ 

•R— PRIVATB Christmas greeting caij 
WU sample book free: repreaentatlvag 

£'iMSi-.2^*"» ■•• *• '•■ doiiM dSiiT 

Bri|dioy.aarrstgoa Company. Braatford. oS: 

APPLICATIONS ara Invited <or the «,.- 
... ,Uon of (Jeaeral .Secretary of the Sk O, 
icachers Federation, duilca to commaaaa 
January Igt. 1910. •■"•"oa 

Applicanto matt kava experience in arw 
ganisatuia work, a thorough knowledge at 
tbj teaming profeaalon. and must be oom- 

??V,darattoi* ""' """*• •' '•"*'•• "^ 

•lili «»Si52 •••••* ••' ■"■•"• •"* "••^ 

Apply giving quallflcationa experienoa. 
sto.. a* or before Novambcr llth to ««^ 
15^7' Bi.C^Teacbert' Fideration r1^ 
401 Cp«npbal| Bids.. Vfolor la. Be 

hand. Is desirous of takiaa a tmm 


1311 Douglaa Street 

Snap— i-room heaasi al- 
moat eompletad:- bargato at SLSSa-' taaa 
cash. Crown Realty. ^'" **' " »».»se. ism 

/^^ASH |l,!oo buya four-room bungalow 
V-' large lot. garage; near car and school' 
945 inverneaa street, end . of DougliS «r 


MODERN (-room booae, |S,30«: •••• __ 
balance monthly. 1526 Belmoat Ava 
Apply Btevena. 1119 North Park 

NEAR car line. In good neighborhood. Baa 
six-roomed modern aemi-buacatow *^iA 

.'tror";,5o'"^b.'"'"^= •"" *^^ 


101 Union Bank BnUdlag 

. Phone HOP 

OWNER leaving dty, Instracto oa' to aaU 
his comfortable bungalow of pix wall- 
aranged rooms, vary artlsUcally decoratdd. 
Ilka new: good basement, flne garden, all 
kinds of fruit, low toxea. for ••.•00. m vanr 
eaay terma: Including aome faraitore. Wa 
recommend this purehasa. 

Personally loapocted — Bxelaalve AAaata . 

, 101 UnlOB Bank BnHdiaa^^^^^ 

pUFTH M'RBllT. S rooms; baaament. wash 
yTic/M'i«V'^^ "' -P-tO-daie; h,t 30x135. 

■i-^ wood floora, hi gh looa tloa. Prioa (".aM. 


117 Pemberton Building 

snd panirv: f„ur good ■a.V kSS 
rooms, with clo,hes''?i'ose?"rn*eirfj 
balhrroom and toilet senarata- #Mi 
slsed cement basememl^hS twalS! 
heaUng. wash traya iliii«lV22 
heat»r and Chlnamaa^; »»«« nC!" 

'}3S7 offTrSr-aTThe '.5S?a"r4^ 

^. R. BROWN 
Victory Bonds nought and Bold 









Bfea. SSS 

mea. . .„ 

H7^ Yatoa BiroaL 


. . ' ^ ' JP i U kt- Yk«BHa Hh« WUMtg, 

OOONII^B-H^UaMy «m never heard 

J^Hatlag Oa. Uio OavZ^aiTeBt 

Tkarae^ Pin's Sboe Store MmSi 

--i^ " «»r "•■t dlaoaant ea all leaoi.; 

fgftt^kr Ar^.':?.'"" ^*^ »^ 

BCROOL .or ^(.UMMRr ^ 

L*"***". •■• •« the beat paid prafhasioaa, 
J^ Bnroi now m ll*« Sckool o( MIUla-rT 

an* yo»* Sftraota 


K^BERT gives private tultton in 

rii.S,**'''^* laatbemallcs. tte. Phoaa 
6SS0R. Bog Sl^O ColcplstT raooo 

pRIV ATM Tuition, by experienced teaohsT 
A- ta sohool subjects ror backward sta-' 

vs^:.7ftir' ""' ?^"''"* ■-'"''^ 

heaalag tkaraugfciy taimht; gradMiaa 
Sf..^*^*^**"*- '^^ -ar^aataa 
, Mpal. Pksae Sf4. 


{Vii^ '• *"'• wlthlB 100 yards of B. O 

Ul-Jh«i:f'"f»iP**!r»' Blatlon. alectrlo ttBhi 
i.i-5'"iS* "•*? ""J' water. Beautifully fln- 
al?"!i,i5lL'X^"*> "'*•» »»ardw5>d fl^a la 
all dowastatra rooms and hall. rtcent 
lVvll/?o„ "replacea in drawlSg-Voom wd 
m lag-room. Heam ceilings aad panalU^ 
9 ST I.;"" hack atalra " bed?oomir wut 
finSS L'SS'.' '"''.* toilets; sleeping VTch. 
IIBen cloaets and box rooms. All tJLil 

r.*;ff!',n''*""°*'"« "«» «»^"^ng.r<i^m ^1 
isht-jl In .lean, enamel and the rw beat 

can be obtaiaed. Laundry tubs of white 
fr^ft*'- f.?*. •***»*' basin in bath?SJS 
i2 J'^^rw"!'* i"". «>wlroon»s. Uot alr^u? 
PAce. Orchard of various kinds of fruK 
2fA. '•'«•. •*?*• »'«^ '-* oik and dr 
-«,?'l *'^*"'«' •"tb-iidlagsTTbl. prop^ 
i-i ..•? *****. »••'•■ ""•' by the mortmiJ; 
tf^ I'JS* •■'• •» •••• tban half its 9ilSZ 

^ Sifit "K^'s&ir *^ •j»^»»"iw to 

t«OS Ooaglaa Street 

»••« Ltuislry Street 

/VAK Bay. Unkleaa Avenue — This fatly 
v.' modem S-room house containing tbrae 
bedrooms, dinlag. living room with opoa 
fire place, dutch kitchen, fivnaca. tubailt 
has built-in (htturea and Is graatfy radauad 
In' price for a eonple of d«ya only. Naw 

OAK Bay way, FaB Straot— Wg-raam. 
fully modera bungalow, all kladg of 
built-in flxturea. hardwood floor, baamed 
and panelled furalture, tuba, good locality. 

fS.950cr-OAK Bay, Clara Street, if yea 
want a S-rooni buagalaw tat as show 
this one bad your hohse-hunting will be 
ov»r. Fully modern and very artistic. 

•-room bungalow 

ra deep let, close to Oafe 

Bay tram, located on North Hampohira Rd. 

FAIRFIELD, close to Moss Street high 
location; owner of this S-room fully 
modern htwgalaw tkraataaad witk fara* 
closura procoadlnga. requested us to llac for 
quick sale. Contalas hardwood floors, onaa 
flreplace^ all aorto built-la featuraa aad 
eloctrlca) appilaacee: cemoat baaamaat. Mba, 
furnace. A preaeat at •f.Tt*. ^^ 

MONTEREV Avenue Savea-raoai. 
modem bouse, bullt-la faati 
basement, tubs, 14,100. 

ST. Patrick Street — Seven-«oom fally 
em semi-bungalow. •«.•••. 

niMlS houae U nearly new. « |g jogt ih* 
block from tke park aad earHnO. aad 
two froag tha sea. It is within 10 minutes' 
walk from tba poat ofloe. exceptionally waii. 
built aad laid oat: kaiit-m buffet. parieiL 
famaca. garage, eta: fruit treaa la fan 
boarlag aa the tot it M offered at Jaat a»m» 
HALF tha prioo the awaer paid for it. On 
tarma for •4.*««. f •«. ua 


••.*•.,'•' the threes 

... K '7:^« _ 

Tenna .-^-^ 


aaaa - j 

*••* ■•* "wther taruculaia of thla. aad 
aa ahaw tt to you. "" 




we ara prapared to serv7 y6a a^ickTJ ^'•^ 

Htoa9 Uit 



Sayward Block (baaei 


BAROAors nr boobm 

CROSB ft ca 

T"" f^?*" '" "»• «"»tricf; has runnin* 
A water the whole year round ».««»„» 
has been cultivated: to cloao to 'aSKTI'^ "^i 
ehiiM>t> DO ^.T-J-. ^'^' to aokooi anA 


churclr. P.tA „ 
elty wator. ft ia on 
at lib* per acre. 

,_ii__.,. '-rs- "^ aohooi and 

main road; 15 a*:rea 

BtoBthiy payatoBiA ^^ ^^ ^^f* 


^•ROOM eottaga. thra« 
* •1*'L.«A£54M. aloae m e«#. pytoa'a 
ll.ttt caan. aaiaaaa artkamd? 


A MICB little pick ap; S rooms, bath aaa 


aiawlt. Prioe • 

baagalMT ga 




LA»«» reliii Valoarsk 
hle^e« to look Mke 
*afka. Bradd aad tatt. 

f* d r sd aad 

«5VBNO(}iiAPHBR»-Bmp«apm«at dMartt 
J^aaaiiam Oa. UA. tn van ti. 

STNaiNO aad 
aad- Tharadays 

coaehae backward puplkl: 
ate. Bea USl. CoioBleT 
light raadlag eigasea. Tke 






•troat^Uoae oartiaa (aad dtp 
O-taomod aaodera buagalew 

Ltoa"^.::2!r*^ •»»* • •Si 

T^r^Sri?^*^. g^ ^'^ 

■ttaa ••.•a* . uiSm . 

T''i?.,ir;rkT s^r;^ - ••- *'—• - 

8IX-ro«Mi fumiskad hOTUsi Mead dtraat. a 

blocks ».m ear bST BtoderanHLiw^ 
OB terma. ^^ "■"'■' aASt^ 


rh/Ltrm — aaf • laamsd haaaa 

f < . ... » 

- em sem.-oungaiow. ,«.,.•. a »,cB tittle homa, 4 ntoms. fully m«l 

tTKiUf-c^^on to Radtlaad Am. aad I £^. •'"' »«ilt-ln featar««k hSMtoa aL tata 

9tOW) OovemoMat Boaaa. « — -- - | "'hi to enamel led: elooa w artoS wSRTHI 

hou«<: hot wateThirM, iSidwaMa!!^ •*'' *■ ^^ "•" *^ ••.♦mT ' N» MM 

BO expense spared la constraetlag H; koMa- 


BO expense spared la constraetlag it: 
od, panelled, open flreptaea. doors i 
rooms, surtalna. French mirror^ 
fwons. It Is a woaderful bttraala. 
arranged pa all. , 

* R. B. PUNMBTT * CO. 

»T-« Pamhartoa Blaelt Pitm 


ACORMBR lot la Iha?- 
.— '*;2t' *•••■•■■ alia I 
JaM tMak ef Yatsa i 

7-ROOM Btodof dtraUBsL aagrMaa — ^ ' 
eloM ta. pHlaa tMMi i«gMp $%H^S'^ 
balaaoe moathlr^paymoMgiAto m «& 
stdorably kaiaw Ms valufc " •■^» 


of tha elty. I 
M amrkadiF'B Mos^ 
■troei eoraar far 

W5(lUD^toeXSd.^e *loV7« 

CfBA and mountain views, close to hea» 
K7 tifal sandy beach, sraadlas to iJi^a_ 
trsod grounds of ouarter-acraTa apUadiSr 
eoastmcted bungalow of aaren JJCS 

raaged rooms: 

. reception balL atttiav s^^ 

gri'f'St-;;:?^ '::t .:;;'g*bt^r;'%HS 

with«.t tke ^rSSHSLT^SMT tSSLK 


B«lna«at Rosa* 

No Pbong lafonkMtlan 




Itl OalMjN 

ROWBU. I terms: loea 



caMtoc Bi. aB' 
•trooto: •«.•••. «k 





mmlii^ ' iT' 


?1F '"-« '_' '«l 


H, 1919 



"AMTmo t* 

Mwr Botla* CM«r. 


^KTAimCD— A «Mr* MwcK 





fttw^tf*. Kmn'» l$n 0*««nii 


W'mSssL^jrTZiS' *'^^"*' 

YOUR aUM* aeal. »tuu ' »tt«(UBW M4 
fnMt c»kea wUI be l«ipr*v*4 iw Mte« 




'piVRMSHBD rour-roomad •parUMMt. tw« 

LAROB romb|iMMl (uratah«« MMtaM«t t* 
ttu Phod« XTWR. 

fTIWO l«rc* «af«ral«h«« rtmu t* nkl. 
-■- Boo« locMloa: alMtric ll«kt. phea* aad 
kAtli. with »rtv«to temlly. A»»iy I7t> 
Pay|« liirxt. 

fpo RMt— rvrnlahad. MMHiM Ap*run«Hta. 
-1. alrsir furnlahMl l-rw»m flat for Rovom- 
bar oalr: a* chUdran. Ap»ly B. O. Uaad * 
iBTOfoat COl. Ml Qovniwwt gttaoC 

/po L«»— Modora untiiraUkod •utta. cI«m 

AT -CAMAUaV SM "T-lim MHil 

aaUr altaaud, •!•■« ia. 
^•^ »l«ta eMktajb mo^MM* 

»a. Boafd aoUaKal. Maaa UMK. ^^ 

f>OOJf aaa board tor baalaoM auui. 1* 

SL-NNT room In a«w ham*, lady profertod. 
or married coualo: tamis madarala: 
■evan minutM from Jltnay: taralva (tam- 
rioverdala car Ube. Aaaly '•l^mikwSr '^ 
Calumat Ava;. «r phana Stfit. 

AT Abadovay, »1« MlcWan. hvuaakaapMg 
rooma: furaaca haaU toot water. Mmso 

ElMi ROOMS. •U.Tataa atroat llawra- 

keeplnic sultoa. alau atBKta li«>ua«keeuiiiic 
rooma from %'i. aiiiKia r aaii i a from «;;; traa- 
■ an-nt. ioc and >tc • 

XXOLBlilCAMIMMO raoMa Md badraaM«i 
XL two biaaka fram Paat OMaa. Tl* ttaai. 
u>idt Btraat. . ^^ 

FURNIBHBO houaakaaplns room^ ■atiL 
cablna. t:all l>»«;HUIalda. 

fc21NaL.IB aad double hoaaakaainng roviaa: 
J aaa. 1t»t Pandora'. 

TW<J houaakeeplna raoma lor -Unt. rtiaaa 

TJMriTKNiBUBD roama to .rant. 11»« Pan- 

dora Ave. 

3 ROOMS ntifurnUbad. aalUbla tor feeaaa* 
keoplbfi; lUhi. water and batb Ibot aad 
cold* J III. Tt» Vlaw St. 



BROMaWICX HOTBIs M* alakl wad wmt 
U.M waakly and «»: baat laaaUaBi •• 
liar. Yataa aad l>aM«la«, Vhm» UJ. 

/1UUPORTABL.B fuinlaiiad room for bual- 
^V nasa man ia privata family. Falrdwit 
platrirt: fnroaee beat. Phona 4M4B. ■ 

("iO.\li^KTABUE bcd-alttlns roons elaSv' 
V In. auliabta tor nantlaman. Mt Maata 

COMPORTABtJ: ^arnlabad room, aaltabla 
for ona or two Kontlcman la a deatrabia 
homa; board it daalrad: elaaa la. nit^ 


I I - I. 

1IK>R Rent — iMtft room wittir prhrata batif 
a; room, aoitabia for bad^atttla* raain. Oak 
Bay. Hhona «>««U 

..p^RO.NT t>^<l-aiitinK room, Iraplaca or bad- 
X room and alttltiir room, privata familr: 
nitln houaakaapinn If daalrad. >WU 

ST. HBLBN'k ■*• Conrtaay Straat, bad- 
rooma and lM>it«aka«i>tli* raooift PkMM 
IT<«. H. M«ller. now oroprfctor. . 

fjnWO Bic* badrooma, aoitabia for alafla 
X man: board If raqulrad. Pbona 4Tltt>. 

Rent>— I^arsa hadroom. raiktartabla, 
and all convanlcncaa; braaktaat If da- 
alrpil. Talanhona >lHL«. ' 

rpo Rant— PonrialMd badroama. Oak B«r« 

X Phony m«U 

fpwo blorlta fr^m Parilam*nt BtHMIagai 
X fIrat-Haaa roAma. Phona ««4tR. 

I' . ■ " ' II ' ■ i i 

rpo Rant — Oankforiabia faralahad roavia 
X with or wItkoMt board. 10 »» Jahnaaa. 

4-ROOMBD fumlabad MIta, modarn. mod- 
f-rata: aotry In Noranber. ColanUt Sax 

Itia PORT NTRBBT, • wall famlakad badk 
rooma. with naa of kHekon. Phaaa MM* 


rpO Rant— Two larsa unfuraUkad raama 
X tor lisht bpuaakMpias: lldkL watar aad 
batfc: la (ood locally : aaar earllaa. Pkaaa 

~— — ii ■ II 

fltHRBB- nnfumlahad room*, two npatdlfb, 
, X o - . . - 

ona down: eloaa in. Pbaoa tllllt 


KAUTlPlfCLr faniUhad ar aatHrnlalMtf 
ia-f»omad boaac witk aaraM^MMtalljr 

loaaiad. Box 17M. OaUalac. 
Room >•» 

lj«OB M aai ^ ■ ■i m » 
f%t Broad Mtraot. Pk«aa 

IIWR CaraCM m arl a s 9t Jraar wtmm pMB^ 
J? Hadaoa Braai. tt»fc W« Ba«a IB* •«§ 

o-ta-data aoparaf^ 

■ > mtt 

TJH>rf Sale or Rant — (Tt »Wdip^ 

jC malt, 7-room modam baantaar. 

tSt. Writa Ownar. 

rlnff laland. 


iJlOK Baat — ■ roaow, alt 
J dadt II* aar aiotitk. 

XjVnrR.roamad kaaaa for raat: tatk: 

r oiciiaM Point: farnltatw far aak, taMdad^ 

In* QuaaUtJ' fwal. Calaalat •«■ Mid. 

roam iHtk vaak 
bathroom. aittJaa 
las aad mb rod _, 
ekae ari(«d t»r ^ M tt l k mrnm. 
wator baatad, >■ Tfcaaa Mt(L \4. 
poaHa Bfc PaaT a O ai a k. faiii 

0mO BaM. Itel 
X M Bdaia •• 
aiid farwua 
vka la K a»ias l i Mjjj fata ly 



d -nOOMBO a* 
datta Ava. 


•to MB «M 

Amtr SMI 

M ta 

^VAOlfBD ka 
O far aafa. It 

■aa ia tat 
Okad Avaa 










THE DAILY yuMJ^iat, VlciUKlA. B.C l-KlUAV, OCTOBER 31, 1.919 


\||7ANTB1>~-T* rt»i janalt hou«» or I um- 


(or !«••• •( 
Boa IMi.- 

elo ••««»m«4 houa*. JantM Bay prct«|T««. 
PtMM lUtR.' 



• A rUIUnSllBD koiM* with «v«ry c>«mfort. 
^%. wvll haatad and beat lacalliy. to lat for 


iHoaiha. (fl Uadan AvaDUa. Pbona 

}B BcMt— rilniUbaa min«*lbw, turnsoa. 
■araa^ anil cMckan 'hoitaa. Ill ptr 
ynth. Phong tlt»T. 

XrtOR Rvnt — Furnlabad, amall houaa. IM* 
J qulra 17tl Baach Hoad. Foul B*y. 

I|H>R Rant for a porlod of alx montlia, jmall 
' fui 

25J3L - -v-^ 



tfmm VMftac. aM •« Mm tal 

fM»««ctil» •««'**<^**ili 

IJIOKO Trwck. tut. » aaM aa^Ma* •* **! 
JP llvatr. Om a( tka ka« kwa «• Mv* 

• ••••• • a««**aa«*aiaa ••»•• • • • •^••?* 

ROADBTBRI MM Uckl aai ll««l«U> 
Wal«l>( TaMrlM CsMi wltk amak «Mt> 
ar. Is •••« oatMitlM Craa MM V *»^f* 

rvmi-tON Mivarrt • •••« «b»^ MM 

,^k£4tAVOUtAm m BMttai. Mtt ...U.tM 

-ntDRmaaiBD t»^m. 

jC mraaia. IIM • vioBtk. 

Im « k««raMa« 
Apply Bos !•«•. 

FUIINISHBD hovM. t badrooma. naar Oak 
Bay Ava., S acrca of ground, oix'bard. 
M* Mr month: laaaa for not l«aa than alx 
WMltbo. B«Mha«a * Co. Phono lOtL 

T AniBT. 4< 
14 roHroMiH. 

Wl «nak your bafr. Uaa 
th, ^rr ■bampoa. A* y*«ir 

YXfBLL. furnlahtd houaa of 10 rooma 

rent, vrrr (^antral location. auKabla (or 
doi'lor. Apply to a«vnt, Arthur Uoehara, 
l««a Deuclaa, Phone ««4 



TODBBAna. •*! 


• ••«a«a •< 


I a a • • • a 9^* W 


QM CkiH«k B«rfl4ta«^. ^ ■ 

Cf ■ Cardan Ma4 Courtnay • t:—t P O- 

fXkDllitAC, 1 cyllndar, tM: Hup roadaiar. 
V,' lUt: Uavera^ roadau*-. ♦••»; motor 
oyola. Illi; Ford. A-paaaaasar. ||0*; Whtta 
•taaaiar. tM«. 


(Mr. Jaakia) 

■41 Vlaw Bttad^ 

Phoaa N>« 


CASBFtTU rav*»*iMa taaaat wtahaa Ur«^ 
arau (vralabAd bptMa; al«M la. fk«M 
^HMt ' ■ ■ . - ' ■ •-■ ■ 

WANTISD— dmall faroiahad hooka. twp 
bodrooaiA no children, dardnar. Jlld- 
aay._ . J ; _^__ 

WANTBD— Furnlihcd or unfurnlahed mod- 
ern aevan or «tKht-rooin houaa; close 
t^ car. Pheoe •70K). 

rANTilt>— Caofifoi-taVly (urtjlahad houaa 
or fcttasslow of 4 or fi rooma; rareful, 
tananta; no •hlldren. Box 2i«C ColonlaL 


WANTBD to rant, amail honaa. cloaa In. 
or riaar ta a carllna. Would be wlll- 
IM to >«r«haM.Uia {nrnltinra, etc. U prtoa 
Id raMi»^Mi^^)»> hos «tr. grfonlaC 


* K. Ignition 


AmpllAer — Mora 
tlea Cj 
l>liait« tit: 

ino^4 W>*'^^ Motor tl«Ofg«ltlea Qp.. 702 
Pormaiant Loan Bulldlnic. " 

IriOHD Runabout, flna order: a anap. 
' MM. Pandrldga. 718 Broughton Street. 

Mala — »-pa»aan«ar Cbovrotat. laieat 

111 Huporlar B*. 





1— H»«^ Font, >-aaa>»r, lata model. 
TMn oar is la vary Mood coadltion. 
and Is a aood buy at luka. 'larma 
srraaavd If daplred. 

I— «4;t. Overland, l<saat<r. in eaoaU 

lent nteckanleal order, has .all aood 

tiraa. a MVd l**P MM a (ttli aai wt 

alarm cttrtatna. Brloa oalr •4T»: 


's— ITM. Haven "r* roadatar. In tha 
pink o( condition. Thia roadatar 
will carry I paraoqa and luanMa 
vaally, and haa haapa or power and 
apaad. Tha prioa. to onMr ITM: 

^ Umt AMP 90«7]fD 



/^LAnUfCa lM<a 
V> Maaaa: Ttnaats 

|I.M ajh 


Tataa and t>oaalaa 
ua; weakly, 

«— ll.St*. MoLau«h|ln-Bulok D. 4(. 
apaolal model. In baautlfui order, 
with • iroo4 tU-aa. Thto ear la a 
real Kood buy at ll,ifto: terma.. 



't^— ^4tO. Chalmers, (•aaaier, in pcr- 
faet ordvr. ail «o«d tires and run- 
ninir An*. Prioa only 1464. 


•— tS44, Overland. 5-aaatar. pll cood 
tiraa. ThIa ,oar woaid make a sood 
traek or bullet: terms. 

,NOTB>— i 

and are all 

quick aale. 


II abovv 

. are real sood buys 
balow thefr vauia for 

MMiniadattoa aaaC. B«tta ri M saa bi a 

•at a«|itfaliy sttasiaa MM U TWaarla 

' ^. .A W. KCTMrr. Praprtalar. 

NSBMIT HOTVtk .- 1U« Braa4 Straat. 
aowly ranavatad %ad aM»ad 
X NasWti. rtaa. 


rnmrn DimaMviB. rort Btraac 

X Brfcht and cnaaa. /Traaataata 
•aacial weakly raiaa Sot aad eald 

Mmnm 4«aTa 


Tl« ■». 


IIWBMITVBV CtaUas aad aklp»*n« aa- 
M7^ traated t« «a reoaTroa tte bant aasalblt 
attention aad eara, Hadaaa Bf«a. Pkaae 
ft ll. I1T4 Yaiaa 

FURMITUBB mavtsc auda aa«ar by aM? 
playing Hadaoa Bfaa Plaaaa »m. 

JBBVXS BBOdL. aaotar aad hMaa nuw £W 
^■koviaa: aiaraca. ahlMtoc aad^ paoktaa. 

meat SImm. 

by motor ar t eam; 
aad reliable aarvleat Batraat 
Wllllama Phaoo IT*. 

l^rOVll year (nmltara 

rum wa«THOM(B 

^lOTOM/.B Mawaat aad ll«rt UB'ta^OMi 



lOOS View Street 

Phone >7J 

loui view Htre«t Phone *73 

dbiM FORD i-paaaencer: new tires, rocana 
ly overhauled. 441 Toronto Straat. 
Phone 4:UI.,. 




II^OR Hale — 4-cyllnder (.'.adillar, good con- 
dition. What uffersT Pbonc. 6474. 


FOR dare— Bsoelslor It It taoOel, 
aquippadi .pay(a«» eondiUaa. 


ill I* III 

FOB runiture aMviac aiatlaa aad shlp> 
BiBc. ' try Jiudaaa Brna Wa caaraata* 


Phone tU»- 

ITiOR ' dala— Vord aas'taa itfucfk. J^kaaa 

r 'MMRv r ■ ■ 

■ II I I I I I » 

FOR dale — Ford 1-paaacncar. a flna ear tor 
tl(4. Cameron. CXI Hunerlor St. ba- 
ParUament Bldn. < 


lfKHtL!£H}C AMI* iAytitftiHikL -JM 


FUlMldU Qiaar aad Maw Zealand Hab- 
MU (ram recMMr<i4 Imported broadlaj 
•ack. "TlswUda." Prpapact Lakm, Koad, 
baanleb. Vlaltots walooma. Mall addreaa, 
Ma««lllt. Vlci'rla. B.C. Local InformaUea 
fl« Jo 


Jobnava dtraat. 

AFBW stroos hives of boes (or sale, 
ply W.' J. Kavory. 1107 BroAd dt.' 


AUUANTITT of flna. pullets. ahM yaar> 
llns bans for sale. «eavlaw PotUtry 
yarwi. 4n Uatlaa Road. Victoria. 

BBdT prloaii -paid (or poultry. Baarlaw 
WaAty Varai. 4i* Dallas Raad. 
lebana 4MSU 

fC^ORD Tanrtac, 111 I. &a#alar diodit wb- 
J7 aorbara. weather atrlpa on doom prt* 
▼aUly owaad, Juat ovarhaiUad. parxaot 
coadltloa, «4««. Phone SliaX (ar ~k»> 

a«ar Faid. l»l< 


oavara, ala«trto Uskts, 

"lomla. Wa taka 
Caaaroa Aatoik 


FIR B a l a / . T y a 
Kood e^dttlo 
bpanlch RoaA 

sows and « 
tlOB. Mrs.. J. 

all la 
Fraaah. I4tl 

Fcm Bale— S thoroughbred Rhode Island 
Rod.p^l*^ 7 months. 115. Phoiie 144IR. 

FOR Sale — Jersey cow, quiet, easy milker, 
mllkinK JH sallons. Phone 46tSR. 

i« I * I I ' > I , I. . 

FOR dalar-iTwA fine young Aooona cockel-- 
ela, ^ller strain 

Swo (or fS.M. 


•Ix months old; 
110 Michigan Street. 


Sale — G line .Jersey heKars: all la 
ar. J.«Qulyk. Royal Oaic' 

JT vi< 

Salo— Bngllsh setter bitch.- T 
old. Ooionlat Box tlSl 

jfCMB S)kI*— Paw ,ge«ae. 


Deal Street. 

R.Salc — Horse,' tmmeas aad rig, 
17461* .-■ . 


R Hale — <4utet. satind mare, suitable (or 
dSllvary ^v drlvin^t, O^k ^y Urocary. 

FOR dale — Whlio I>ghorn pulleta (2I> pure 
Tom Ksrron strain). May hatchnd. W 

h: ru.-kervls. $6 eSch: also alinoat new 

torn, Bunalo. 144 egits, tZS; Prairie 

140 r«8S. «3&i '140, .116. Sold, having 

let) Mammoth maehina,. Moon. R.M.D., 

can. B.C. ^ 



£LOOD slnf|t^d cwaarlaa! ^ MSi ',MI*asba«ir 

■ ' ' -J J - II I 

PURB-brad '7*ra«y cow, 4 years: to (raahan 
ahartlyj $144; Jeraay Holstain eow, I 
yttfm. to freshen Aorll. 4116. These cows 
at* rloh *inllkera. quiet, and are sold only 
toseauaa owner is leaving. Madroha Farm, 
" aad. R.I* ~ 

'CV>R dala- 

r has s«it 

tiraa, Owaar gola* ta CalKomla. 

casa -ta trade. . A»»l» d( ~ 

411 daperlor Btraat. 


auper-als 7-pasaenger, lilt 
lialmer*. 4-cyllnder. T-DMseiunjr. * 
splendid rent car; X-oassenxer Model 14, 
Overland. Marion Bullet. 1911 CadilUc 6- 
paaseBger, and 1411 Ford (-passenger, ilka 
new. Price t<&4. 

8>1 Superior St. Be.hind Parllamattt Bldga. 

IdXJlMO dlMOmeiNO BTAYIOM. 4tl-4 
Yatea Street. Phone till. AgaaU fac 
Slmoaa* Pastes. Contracta by, tha weak. 
month or yaat, Batla(aotloa guaraataed. 
Tba orldaal SlmonlslAg ataUoa d( Vlatorta. 
W. H. HyOHBd.. Prsp. 
Res, PhoBa 4ltn< 
Wa sell tars pn eommlasla^ 
.■ " II I ^ 

Ir .youf liay«i a .cac and need essir (not 
tal k > see Ca m^bn .' 611 Suixirlo r Bt.' 

c(..AUOHIJN Sir, privately owned and 
well fared fpr. recently )is<t n«w piston 
rings 'knd crown gear overhauled, (our good 
tires with one Spare; four spare tubes, ul< 
most new top. .Can oe demonstrated any 
t(me by appolntftient; t404. Box 1114 Col- 
, Qnist. , . 


McLAOOHUN Ught Bis. 1414 modal} tB 
splendid condlUon. Prioa. tl.l(4. 

Mel^AUOHUN B-4«, Iffll model. Id drst- 
eiass •ordar, 'all Bood tlrea Prlofc 
11,144. ^ , ^ 

FORD, lata modal, allp eoynn^ shaek ab« 
> sorbara, speedomatar, aad la A«t 
ditloo. Price. «444. 

pioKO. nil BMdsl. ebsa» at |4W. 

m. A. DA VIM 
I4T Tataa Btraat 

Phaaa ITfl DAT OR NIGHT Ptraaa ITTI 



•PlfClAl. RATBB 

MBTCHOBIN. round trip It.44 

SAANUVl PUNINSULA. round trtP ...I4.M 

COLWObD OOt* LiNKd '..,.14.14 

BUOPPINQ. p4r hour |i.M 

iBoats ar ^ * 

Phone BT74 

Tratfa met by appolBtmaat 
P. It. PIKB Pbaaa (T1« 

HI UK— Big saw Wtataa dta. 
•t per Boar. Pboae 14114. 


U« lltT. T J. Cala 


Haira Drag 

5-PAHi/bNOBII Chevrolet for hire, 
time; reaannable rates. W. Mci* 

Jr. Phone 2796X, 



MOAlIk AND X^UAi'CUlCl* d« 

•|0-rODT Dory-shapad akllT. 
XO lotdtg, niddar, ate; anap. 


oara^ rowr 
$14; phoBs 

UUaaXjBltrS ClalA^Cla» 


ARE you interested In goldT Can wa 
Band you Information on what wo be- 

lieve to be the Klch 


AaoOD Meyda ridsr appracUtea a cood 
bicycle on which to ride. That Is tha 
reason ao many dlacrlmlnatlng cyoUsU 
select a Hasaay Silver Rlbboa. Call 

see them at 

Ritchie. Ltd. 


(11 View Street. Plimiay 4k 

VI^VBRBADT" flaah lampa and battarlaa, 
■LJ 1414 models lust received, reaaoaably 
priced. Now to the time to gat year tires 
flxed BEFORE the rainy siston, 

OODFRBB. The Bicycle Spaelaliat 
404-M4 Tataa Nazt Priaeeaa Thsatr* 
DoB't forget Pride of the lalaad Oaaoa, 
Frid a y. Novsmber 7th 

■ClOR Sale — Cheap, 1-speed twin Indian. In 
-1- flrst-clasa condition, ready (or the road: 
preato rear tandem, new tirea and chains. 
For this weak only. Apply 464 Johnson 

OLD cara.. la 
spot cask ' 
Phone MM. 

a«y eoadlttaa, bought It 
Mr. JuakK »4t View Bt. 

PlBTbN riaca (ar every ear ar mariaaaa* 
ruaa; wbolaaaia * " 


OsTdoa Head. lt.M.D. 4 


1411 Broad dtrasfc 



8 •MA adtra ««al(ly pallau: Racka, Wkltw 
• Wyaadsttas aad Laghora^ ea sal* ta- 

A«4Bts (iar Da Ld»al dsBa^atas, ^sa> by last 

SlX-ysar-old Haukney-bAd mare, 1204 Iba.. 
'Una all-roand mover, price winner; quiet 

ta^gtda. aad drive, sound; cuod at all work: 
lady can banule her; cheap. Int. or ax- 
Obaage lor Pigs. > cattle or early pullets. 
MaoB. "The Maples." R..M.D.. Duncan. 


IM mtik supplied, t 
Milk I'raduusrs 

it. - 


sacta galloa. V. 1. 
»■« jiiertk PaCrk 

-Daa. la 
iPriaa |}». 

(arraw la aaaat a 
J. Ml. Maliaaasa. 



VY7HITB Laghakn pallaU (rom record lax- 
▼▼> eta, alao cockerela. Waterhouse. 1176 
Mllbtrove gtreet. Phone 4141L.. 

WANTED — Oood sound horse (ar Winter 
(or (eed: reliable driver. Apply 1011 
Narth. Park Bt. 

-- • • - I fn ^t ■• 

WANTBD>-4Slth«r hoyar at .brooder, 76 
chlcka caaacHv; Cvphera preferred; 
must be chsap and in good working order. 
Fhone IdflT.-' / 

■ ' ' ' ff ■ ■■ - < ."^^> ' « t ' - ' »■ 

yiORTHWBdmiBN CRgAMimt.^'MA 



Oordaa Head. M I. 

Flatoa Rl£ 

ONE Ford, electric aelf-s'arter, generator 
and two ranges of electric lights; new 
Wlllard battery, demountable rims, spare 
rims and tire; new tires: Timkin t>cSrlngs 
on front wheels. A anap. 

ONE 1414 Ovarlaad, electric llgbta and 
atartar, guarantaad in Orai-claaa condi- 


Courtney Street 



drive yourself; 41 per hour: special rates 
for any long trips; cara and motorcyelea 
bought and sold; repairs: Ford aarvice eta- 
tlon. You better see 

1717 Cook Street 


Phoaa 4141 

^LjTOTOR-Cycle for Bale. EnglUh make; 
flttad with bulb horn, lamp and Praata 
tank, alao apeedometer: tiraa praotieariy 
new. This machine Is fitted with a two-apaad 
iraar and is a apleadid machine for a sMa- 
Box 1144 Colonist. 



.if l....k)4«' 



Alaska Uold Placer 
Id? One dredge In 
Alaska has taken out more than two hun- 
dred millions of dollars In gold. Would you 
like to share In such profltsT For further 
psrilcuiars address: C. P. Porter A Cum- 
pany, lirekors. L. C. Smith Kulldlnw, 
btattle. Wash. . 

COAL and Wood — One, of the moat pro- 
greaalve and profltable undertakings on 
tha Paclflc Coast; haa valuable coal agency 
in caaaaotlon with wittch a substantial and 
fast developing cash trkde Is being tran- 
sacted. An unrivalled coauectlun In tha 
cord T9oa trade, with ample resources of 
timber, both staadlag and felled and cut. 
ready for ahipmaat; cantrally located, city 
depot directing the whole operations of this 
big business; equipment Includes new, up- 
to-date motor trucka, horaea, rise, etc Ill- 
health ' causes owner to saerlhce thto ua- 
dertaking, which to producing good prontit 
and is teaming with posaibllitles (or de- 
velopment. Audited accounts can be pro- 
duced. Not one dollar Is asked (or good- 
will. Price ill0,404: half cash. 

H. AMPKLirra' a c. mowsll 

Idl < UbIoo Bank buUdlns 
f haao a«44. 

COMPLETE wood business /or sale, a go- 
tng concern, including delivery truck. 
Phone t4t6U . , 

ENOLlltM Carblda Lampa (rom 14. 74. Oil 
Lampa (ram 11.44. the NEW DalU Bloc- 
triu LaousL oomplala.' 41.76: Carblda aad^OU 
e( btaheet quality. • 

EXPBKIBNCBD partner wanted to go 
trapping up North; advertlaer haa good 
gasoline launch. Apply Box 2181 Colonist. 

Ii^OH Sale — Photographic studloj old-eatab- 
llshed firm, Hrst-claaa location. Apply 


XpOBTKR. P'HED— 1114 Oavaramaat Btraat. 
J: Phone 1447. AUafatloaa aad rapalra. 



FUNERAL COw (Hayward'a. Ltd.) 
— Fuaeral directors aad omttalMera, 
Chapel aad private i>arlJrs; motor or haraa 
aqalpmeat. Always opaa. Phoaa UM, 
714 Broaghtoa Btroet. ' 


GBNBRAL gardening, pruning, sprayiag.' 
Fred Bennett. Strawberry Val* P. Ol 
^hone Colqults I4U. 


ZINC and Co>par lUuatratlona o( every 
deacription at The Coloalat Phota-Ba-> 
.sr^^.^ :ng DeitartmeBt. ■ 


"l/'ODAK HOSPITAL"— Bring your Ito- 
XV daka and Cameraa to the Kodak Hoa- 
pltal and iiave them put In worklns order ' 
(or the Bummer t\olldaya Mayaard'a, 714 
Paadora Avenue. Phone tJS6. 


^nCK CHONO LUNO— Daaleta 

waod. Mooka aad snUt 1 
pacttad la. :»« axua, Oilca. 
BtiMtet. Pkeaea «tM aad llsa. Wa 
ta aU aarta ad eltyi. 



ua Taiaa 

**Tka Plaaear fetrm" 

wa daa't advartlaa otw wailu 
Oar way k advertla ea Itaelt. 


W. H. I^li^^-^ 

LAUNDRY. Ltd.— The 
sanitary way. Ioib-17 North Park. L.' 
D. McLaaa. Export launderers. Telephoaa 



LITHOGRAPHING — Lltbographlag. ea- 
gravlng and emboaalng. Nothing too 
large and nothlnx too small; your atatloa- 
ery Is your advance axent: our work ta 
unequalled west of Toronto. The Colaatot 
Prlntlnx and Publlshinx Co.. Ltd. 

Mox 2260 Colonist. 

VrOTORCTCLBS. Bleyeias aad Buaply 
irA Store. Vlotorto aganu («r Kaealalap 
motorcyclas;- tall' tiAa of suppilas ^ndire- 
pair parts (or sU inakaa o( tnotorcyolaai 
I'rlces reaaonable. 444 Tatca Street. 

T>Bl<IABLB repaint < Ask 

Jobason Street. 


your trieada 
Works. 444 

SECOND-hand cycle bargains. Plimley 
Ritchie. Ltd.. 41} View Street. 

SBVBRAX. aaaps at Rennie'a Motor- 
cycles, Indians from 444 up: FordA 
etc. Rapaira%have Raania do tbam. Ha 
will make you happy. 1717 Cook. Phoae 

QNAP— Ford, 1114, eae-toa 
O track, with oeavertlble bod: 


tjHrAJCTBD— All klads a( waUata aad ys^* 

JOL J*^ ••<"• A«*«»» w» "BstBl »ar»ia 
£dif Meaj. ||Uaa year oalvaa witboai BMlk. 

aad patlato far aala. 

A JBRBBT cows for 
\M Ions, 1 milking t 


Bca Aveaua, IBsqalma 

lie; 1 milking 3 gal- 
gpllons. 460 Con- 

DUCKS and drake 14 montha old; good 
iralne. Phone 41 SR. 


TI4 JohnaoB Streef TI4 Johnson Btraat 


F yon are Impadently waiting for bow 
.cars to arrive, of foal that present high 
priees preveni your buying a new c*r. this 
sale should specUlly appeal, as every car 
oCcrad has been thoroughly Inspected nnil 
to sure to satisfy the most orlflcal aa to 
price, style and condition. We glv* n few 
drPCriBtloBS, but see the car add be cou- 

NO. '1— A eomfy little "Country Club" 
w-..ft^"*"*i '" •*»• P'"" •' condition. 
Wotild paaa far new. Marked to clear, (or 


~ a."-— -..—.- body. Milllkaa- 

Dawaar Motor Co.. oor. View aad Vaaoaa- 
var Strasts, ' 

SsdbND-hand cycle bargaina' Plimley 4k 
Ritchie. Ltd.. 411 View Street. 


IBCOND-Battd tiraa, tubea and rtma. all 
alsea (rom 11 up; 1 and «-oyl|Bdar ea- 
giaea (rom 171 up; I, 4 aad t-oylladar 
Bosch magna toa, (rom tl4 each; Raaty 4b 
Spllldorf magnetos (rom 414 up; trallar* 
from 111 och; 4-volt batteriea 414 each: 
Butck, Apperson. Abbott, Detrpit, Carter 
Car. Tttdhopa. V. M. F.. Flanders. WlBtoa. 
et&. parts (or sale, at haK-prlea. Wa 
have in aioak parts (or aiost all naksa «( 

Vlaw Btraat Phaaa IM4 

far Mr. JuBkla 




fpHB bast truck value In tha world, to- 
X day. Don't take aur word alone (or it 
— have a demonstration. 


CONFIDENTIAL — Last year— Flu— Hair 
loot. This yaar—TONlFOAM— Preato I 
Hair saved. 

FOUND — Rowboat on Baanieh Armi owaar 
can have aame by paying sxpensea AP- 
plr W. P. Hankln, Tod Int^t P-O^ 

LOST — Man's green overcoat between 
Helmcken Road and city. Finder klnd- 
ly Phone 1412X. Reward. 

T OBT — Silver soap box near 114 Donslas 
-IJ Street, on or about October 14: re- 
la.V^- ^" tX""**** Street. K. H. J. Vhona 

raaor blades. 

On Wednesday (orenoon, envelope 

Ining 4 boxes resharpened OlllctAe 

Reward. Colon ist Ofllce. 

FRUIT growing near VIctorA, young man 
with 11,400 or over, wanted; established 
buslnesa Box 8247 Colonist. t 

OpportuiUty to purchaaa furnwhed apari- 

BMBt block, aa a golBg coneara. 

IjWB Sale—Large ravaaue pradnclBS far- 

X' lUshed apartmsBt block, nicely alt- 

aatsd: taxea low. Price about half 

what it woald coat to baild today. 

Apniy Owners. Box 446. Coloatot. 

INVEST now in a now manufacturing 
company with unlimited prosoects In the 
l>omlnlOB; active position If desired; no bet- 
ter proposition on the market; every Inves- 
tigation ■ daaired; returned mert pre(erred; 
appotntnaant only. P. O. Box g8«. C ity. 

MOTOR remilr shop, well located, bus? 
and making good money all. the time; 
splendid businesa also iNting done In uaed 
cars. This Is a great opportunity for little 


141 UnMn Sank Bnlldlng. 
Phono 6440. S 

WANTBD — Small lurnished or partly 
furnished house, fear town, for fnm* 
lly o( thrse: adults only; careful teaattta. 
1417 VIbtor Btraat. Famwood. 

SffTtMi CASH buya out'atock of small atere. 
qp 4 VM B^emlsea With suitable Ilvinx quar- 
teriL adjolninx can be retained at rental o( 
416 per month: store situated In good dto- ' 
trict with oarline conveniently naar: wide 
aporpach frpj*- street a^itk store (root ox- 
tenainrflts #h»ts «)dtft^ gives .prominence 
and added value. 

COUNTRY store, aatabltobed bualneaa. In 
A- 1 locality, poataSlee in oennecUon: 
good living qviarters on pfamlses, 41.044 



AWOBN. MIDo'a CX>.— Ckanarad ▲«- 

conataatsb Aaalgaaaa. etc. 411 aad 4X4 

Ceatral BuUdinx. Vtetorta. B.C. .Phaae ««»4. 


chiropody, elcctrolyala. (actala. halr- 
dreaatng. manlci ' — — 

Ward Bide. 

Approved Beauty 
carlBg. Phoaa 1477. til 


Block. Phone 1II84: 

JoBOii, 311 Ceatrat 
res. ohoao 641IH. 

MAKINKLLO Approved Shop. Coupe end 
Hoxan ( chiroi>odtsia and coa- 
reetlciana Phone 2477. 617 Sayward BIda. 

MRS. LARKiilN — Maasag« maalcurtas aad 
chiropody : expert atteadaat. 


2««j«alaed Fat«a« BchML wtt* a*ac«tc«| 
Seld^e xprrt eacei. a**! adtalatatrativr aMtltv. 
rausr A^MBSrAXT wi ta* Itwieat 
Braac%. Laada DeaM^aavat. SalatT tlb*.** 
per month. Dattoa la ciammsati Oacwmttar 
1st. 1414. '•mwmwm 

<*sa«««tl«»s: Mwat ba a giadaato 
raragalsed PVareal Scbaoi, wttli 

of a 


,..,»•»»» Deaartmew a( Uai 
mtM aer m«a«k. Uattoa ta 
I>ae»wib»» let, i»is. 
Qaandcatiaaa: Maat be aaallSsd to 
v«ailMaM aad reaori on ladaakrial 
Uoua o» tho Provlaee. to v^l«<v 
and tabulate tahaar autlatlca. (amttlar 
gaaeral ofHca wark aad 


Retamed aoMlera miurt TaraWi « <^«^|. 
•••d copy «( ilM-tr duktrarav ««rtt«oatea. «r 
Jathe caae ot r«aiml4nt«>-.'il A.l^t^i-K a ■r**-. 
tUtod Mateaicat ar th««r mllltarv arrvtre, 
.. ^••••jaMon rorma ma> b, .>ktA(wr^ rrwm 
the aadatalgaed or tram amy Qov*tamtm 
Avaaa. ^^ 

W. H. Ma<-t|«N*ES. 
_ OtII Ser.toe ^'^oaamlo 

Partlaawot BKlaS V|r-t«in«. BC 

MvxtcarAi. \-oTSJtir use lass 


414 say Ward BMx. 


6464 R. 

* KBLlBT — PhoBiw 414S 
Office. 141-1 Savward BIk. 


LUMBER, windowa. doora. interior' flntoh. 
etc. (TIty or country orders recetva 
careful attention. E. W. Whittlngton Lum- 
ber Co.. Ltd.. Brldxe and Illllaida, Ptaaaa 


liAWN MOWliaiS ^ 

- JIl AWN Mowara collected, aharpanad aad.. 
J-d delivered. We also put on new rab- 
bers to your worn-out washing machine. 
417 Fort Street. 


LIMB (or (arm and garden, delivered la 
any quantity. Rosebank Lime Co, 
Analyala 44.7. Phone Belmoat tX P.Ol 

Box 1144. ,. 




WILLIAMS' Eagliah Cough Care; 
quick rvllet (rom chronic coaxha. t4o. 
Fawcetfa Drux Store Phone 414. 


DR. LEWIS Hall— Jea ell Bloca. 
Tatea and Douglaa Streets. 

CONSTRUCTION aad repair work oa oaa- 
chlnery of all deacriptlona; aaatlags 
sBd boiler work to order; engfneartns 
l\^rdware and auppllaa. wood pulleys, pipe-' 
fittings, etc Eatlmatea given free and all 
work promptly executed. Marlaa Iroa 
Works. 116 Pembroke Streat, phono 4IL 


SHAW BROS., commercial phoiograpberik 
904 Oovemment Street (upatalral. 

fl'^HE Artura Studio — General photograpMc 
X artlsto: next Merchants' Bank. Tatea. 

TAYL,OR, Mrs. 8. B., haa made, special r«- 
duction on all Photoa during moiith of 
Noveml>«r. 12S0 Government Street. Phone 
2102. Car stops at doo r. 


JOSEPH E MADAM, loot apeclallsL 
permanently cured. Oonsultatl* 

permanently cured. Oonsultatloaa (Tee. 
Rooms 447-44S " " 





An awaota at ararosty wko wvre «m «>. 

aia\lo«a to the lat Jal», 14m. «•« 

raaerty wwwen^ whether awi. «r 

^l^ ^•^*,..»V?*^»»^ •• »ow«a aa 
UaaaatMldera" ar "l^ioeaaaca ' nt ta* moat- 
ctpal alectlaa at be hold ta Janaarr I»5«l 
may obtala tha aecaaaary (onae fa^ tkat 
parpaae at th« alBce u( the City Bsmssii 
ar caty Cleric City Hall, who are aattMr- 
laed ta taka lh« B*c«a»anr d««Jai«iUaa sa 
that behalf. -«—» ^ 

Daolarattoas .aaat bo delivered to ttM aa- 
dcralgacd within tao daja aft^- beiB« wkoda 
bat aa swck deuaratloa aili he acceatod 
aaloaa dellvarod befara 4 oVIock a!ial IT 
the laat day af Octabar. I^Ul 

NOTE — A aroaarty aaasi wtnae ^ia 
property, tha Utia ta wlilch haa b^an rwt^ 

12?* •*.'SL.'"'2. **..2* «>• aeaaeat y^i?!. 
•at aaallsed aadar tka a r aa e at Act ta Imvw 
hta aama aa tka VatarS- Uat for th! ^^ 
1*94. aaleaa ha tahaa tim dactaiadaa t«~ 

ferrod la abaw 

aaaly to tbaa a 
are p a t U 
lau l»l». 

tko Oty aC VlcteriA aiaea tka las Jaaaarx. 
Iblt. aad wka has paid aT tha OoS 

ifiaa. ar • a m ii w pwwta. _ 

tkancaaSIa oa laad aad wktch lataa, laxoa 
ar assimsaiats aaMaat ta ~ ~ 

SX.S- far tka eat«*at yaar. mniasui 

water latas aad llcaaca feea far dawa 

M."w^BBAiW. BT. 

City Wan. Victona. M.C Octabar «. I»|». 

ment (ar rbeamatlc _ ^ 
etc Mioa Elltoon (duly ccrtincated _- .. . 
periaaoed). asatoted by her brathar. LadleiL * 
icenttemeB aad children tiaatad. 4M-4 
CamBball Bid*. Phoae 6337. 

radiant . haat traat- ) 
and aerva alMaaat^ I 
ccrtincated aad ax- . 


J. F. 

J. F. Cam pbell. 


710 B. C, ParmaBeat BIdg. 

Douglaa Street Telephone 1411 

•444 Harriet Road 
Phoaa 444TX 
Teatlmoalals produeod 

OB demaad 


/a. Plumbinw. heating and sheet iron work. 
Victoria phone 4741. Oak Bay phono 4 114. 





PhOBS 1114 

•IT Fart Btraat 

Temi>leta.i. RCUS. 
Kraest J. Down. Sac-Traas. . 
A Y> MoVUUa. Dam. and B.t:.Ua 

O. A Vmlth. B.t^U& 
BatabUahed over 14 yaara. 
LBBd Sanrayora. EturtBocra. TIsabar 

aad Brokaia. 
Chaacary Chambers, 1314 lABglay 
Phoae 1414. 


PASSPORTS prepared, forma auppUad. U. 
Lloyd-Totmx. notary public, 1411 Bread 
Street. Phoaaa 4613 a^d ItWL. 



1919 * 

DR. J. DUNLAP. PhyaloUa and Sargooa. 
Womea'B dtoeases. StUta IIT Walkar 
BIdg.. SecoBd aad Unlvecalty. Seattle. WaaM 



apodallaa la scalp diaasass. (aiUas 
hair, face massaglag and hair 
Plump A PhUn. 641 Campbell Bids. 

X41v* a 


PRIVATE Maternity H«pltal. Ull 
aet AvoBue. Soattle. wWl. 


VETERINARIAN — Caalaa Hoapltal. 
ner Cook add Paadora. ' Phoaa MStK. 

JH. SLEDGE — Plumbing, heating. 
Oak Bay Avenue. Phone 1144. 


RJ. NOTT CO.. LIMITED. Plnmbiag aad 
• HeatlBg. ITl Tataa St. Pkoae tS47. 

Phone S29. 




AR8 (or hire. Phoaa 44tur. 


Farm and dairy 

414-11 Pandora— 

u x^i-ji auppllea. gasollae 

Maasey-Harris machinery.. 


Plumblnjt and heating. 

Blanahard St. 
Large stock. 

rpHE Colbert Piumbtng A Heating Qm. 
X Ltd., sanitary and haatlax engtnaera. 
766 Uroughton StroeL Eatabllahed 14ia. 
Phone 661. . Incorporated 1444. 


PATENld. trade marka, daalgna, 
righta Featherstonhaugh A Co.. the old 
eatabltohed Arm of i>atcn( attornoya. OIBeaa: 
10:0 Koxers Bolldlnx. Vancouver. B.C. 

PATB.NTS-^Rowland Brlttain. regtotered 
attorney: patenta in all oountrlea. Falr- 
neld Building. 446 Granville St.. Vanconrer. 


•( Um Dbtrkt 
Oak ttir 


All awBsra af praaerty wIm wars aal a»> 
saaaad proTtoas to the 1st Jaly. 1414. aad aB 
non-proporty owners, whether male 9r t»- 
male. who desire to qdallty aa voters as 
"Hoosaholdera" or "Uoeasaca" at tha Maal- 
eipal Election to be held ia'Jaaaary. 14d4. 
may abtala the accessary fanas (Sr that 

Bodi Geaeral ssd 
^ Local bsprovoseBt 


Otherwise a Peiu^y of 



BRICKWORK— All classes o( work done; 
boiler settinxs and all classes o( (ur- 
itaca work. Dave Burnett. 1144 Oacar 
Street. Phono 4411X. .^^^ 


TOST— Sunday aftarnoon, girl's muK on 
JL* Hanny. Valley Road. Kinder return to 
717 Quee ns Avenue; reward. • n 

Fort Street (next corner Cook). Phone 1117 

USED Cara (or Sale^One Dodge, 1417 
model, like new, only run 7,040 miles. 
good tires, one spare; a snap. One Ford in 
excellent condition, demivintable rims, new 
tires and spare, general electric MK-starter 
and lighta, Timkin bearings in (ro^ wheels, 
and a lot of other extras. A anap. 
Apply Jameson. Rolfo A Wnils. Courtney * 
Gordon Street. P hone 1144, 

WANTED— To pnrehas* 
near Victoria, from 
aaenia P. o. Box 177 

acreage or (arna 
owners only; as 
Victoria. B.C 

^\J^ have an overstock of^ 10 x t\k tires. 

ised on 0\-erland. 
Gray Don. Maxwell, sstc. 


A Gray Dort C)iummy Roadatar, a 
(BToritt email car that operataa very 

A^ (avori 
I rssamlcallr 

NO. 1.-X 
lus b« 

«d buy ai 

X^ baen d 

vcaaamlcally. A snap at tiilt, 
I ch« 
.*#?.J?^?'»_'''*b..'>"'>' • 'sw months'and a 

1414 (.Thevrolet 

Touring, (hat 

months and a 

prove that It Is a Bplei» 

4 5h: 


istratlBB will 
at 141b. 

A t»14 Ford Touring, that has 
boon privately owned atid Indicates hav- 
had the best o( care. Good buyllig at 

*— Dodgs Roadttsr. a oar that needs 
ta_ba sseit. and we leave the rest to 
tonal valae^ |I,I44. 

studabaksrs, Fsrds, Ma< 

avrstota. Cole. PacSard. 

■ •••^^artoty. and spaolallp 



Partridge OuMs 

Partridge Nnn-Rkid . . 
<»»H>dyear All Weather 

Dominion Nobby 

Dunlop Special 

Dunlop Traction 

Dominion OhalB 

A .lepo*it'o( 14 per cent 
lire 60 daya These caslm 

Ford, Chevrolet, 




LOST— Between Rrrlngton and French 
Creek, on Saturday. October 24, lady's 
brown leather suitcase and contents. Finder 
please return to Miss D. Price, Errington; 

T OBT — October 27; yellow horaehlde glovo, 
AJ between Vancouver Street and Beacon 
Hill deer t>ark; suitable reward. 307 Van* 
couver Street. 

T OHT— By rsturned aoldler, Sunday, Oc- 
A.^ lober 24 on Gorge Road, gold watch 
on Bapco fob and hunting licence; reward, 
'.'HO lUirnkld e Road. 

LOST — Between Moxs street and Stobart 
Building. Tales Street, one gold cross, 
pearl s<-l tings; reward will be given for r««- 
»«J5 ,«»> Box 3146 (.'olonlat; or. notify Phone 


34.76 . 

HI "hold 


Fhoiw tll7 

A ooDFwrr 

SPselalMa. A«to 

loafsa pdi la: all 

**mSB!>, OoBaral 

tarJipHad , raaaira, 

I Bssalaalt Ceiad. 


Otsasi m' 4glBS away 

•pfcdlWS'Ti BBSS sad fVBa If^* d tswt SBs 

Assly MM PriBorsa 


iUi. '" J**''"- Tnase casings are not m' 

onds and carry maker's serial, number aad 

£?».^*".'.** J" !.\*''*' •""■* •"* •••e this ssa- 

uJl^ ^L""!^ ^^l "*** • '•■■■• number of 

tires on hand, but all orders will be ac* 

cepled subject to being In stock. Oat of 

town orders shipped prepaid. 



Broughton Street. Victoria. B.C. 

"If ywi strt It ar'yWdtiyjinfr'sufUht" 

nrS carry a fall stack of Rl>, 
»» RInss: a sise (or erary ear 


I 08T— Burner off Igmp. ..Finder please 
■s leave ot Box 2234 Colon ist. 

T OST— At Dominion Theatre laat night, 
■X-* small alligator leather purse, containing 
about dr. rents. Kinder please keep con- 
tents and return purse to 427 Linden Av- 
en4ie . or noHfy Phone 14 54. 

T.OWT— Strayed from llzt Rockland Av- 
"V-..^""*! ■*l»*dalo terrier, tan. with black 
i»ddle. iurning grey. Anyone foaad har- 
borlng same will be prosecuted. 

T OS-T— On Col wood or Ournslde Road. Oo- 
zf "*^.. '*• IS-lxx-e hammerless- shotgna. 
Please_Phone_1444T; reward. ""otso"- 

LOST— 14-foot lannck.~drmed tram JiTmM 
Island. Reward, p. o. Box 47 
James Island. "' 

LOST— A city cheque payable to McMIIUb: 
reward. Crown Realty Co. 

/^RPENTRY -- AlUratlond and repairs; 
V^ roofs repaired aad guaranteed. T 
Thirkell. Phone 1741. Estlmatea (Sa, 

rXARPENTRY repairs, alterations and 
V' gaaaral Jobbias. Bstlaiatea glve^ m. 
Black. Phoaa tWIU ' * " 


(Ratnmed Soldiers) 


Cor. View aad <)dadra BtreeU 


Phoae 1444: Res. 604 IL, Estlmstes ll?ee 

P^M. J** ^^.f*"**^ *">*^ rspalrs. J. W. 


FKBDKICKBOM. Coatraetor, haasa 
^ .. 1 bara apeeiaitot; plaas aad sped- 
Scatloas free to cnstomera Address: IMI 
Queea's Avenue. Victoria. 



WHY send your printing orders Boat whea 
jrou can set them doBO better, aalokor 
and at the same price at Tha Colonist Prlat- 
Inx Department? 


ALLEN, Plasterer — Estimates given oa 
plalB aad ornamental plaatarinx. oa- 
roeat work. rei>alrtBg. etc. Phnaa 4144. 
2164 Beach Drive. 



A KNIOHT, painter, etc, 
I^m Street. Phone ISSIL. 

1414 Maoltaia 

PAINTING. and decoraUng, 
and plain glass work. 

aonal attention. 


all kinds of art 

Prompt ard aer- 

Burns. 1414 I>avie St. 

PAINTING, Paperhanging and Kalgomla- 
Ing. W. S. Simpaoa. Phone 14S6R. 

eirpoae at the office of tha Maalelpal ClarBu 
tralclpal Hall, who to authortaed ta taka 
the aeceaaary dcdaratloaa la that bahalC 

DaelaratioBa mast be dellTored ta the aa- 
deralgned within two daye after batng madr. 
but no each declaration will be aae sated 
unless delivered before dve o'clock a^ak aa 
the list day ot Octabar. 1414. 

NOTE — A protMrty owacr whose oaly 
proi>eiay. the tlUe to«wMch ba^ beea ratitp- 
tered since July 1 of the ttrrseat year, to 
not ouallfled under the preaieat Aet to have 
his name on the Voters' -Llat (or the 
1420. unleaa he takes the deciarailoa 
(erred to above. Thia. however, doea 
apply to thoae asasaatd owaara a( 
t1^' whooe property waa a<«alrad artar tm 
July I. 1414. 

DKnxmox OP "RocaBRouMor 

A British subjsct. male or (csaalc. of tha 
(ull axe o( twenty-one raara, r e a l d a a t la tha 
MuBlcipallty from the 1st day of Jaaaanr. 
1414. and who has paid to the MaaldaaUtr 
all rates or asseasmeau whteh are aat 
chargaaMa «« land aad whictr ratea, taxea 
?--.??•"?•■*• ,smo«Bt ta Bot laaa thaa 
•1.44 for the cartoBt year, excloalve oC water 
ratea and licence feae (or dogs 

O. W. ROSS. 
«_,. - -^ -. MuBldaal Cler«L 

Oak Bay. B.C.. Octabar IL 1414. 

•f tka 

». ^ 




-TkBAVILLE, JOHN ♦., "Till 

Fart. Carl«i« 

LET . 
eallectldka. Ho 

nail MareantHe 

ceU^t your bad saeoaata 
- — nay. " tile 



P. MeCoB- 



rataa St4«H 

TBB Botam or 
ltd Tnv muipv. 


^ ,_ltaMOfnur« HAM 

Pbaaa 14f I .T*77 • ■— 

4 V» 





LOST— Irish 
paid. 411 

terrier dog; reward will ba 
Tatea Street. 

LOST- A baneh of kAys on Osc 14 
Pleaae Phone 641 3L. 


L°?J~?". »«?'••'■» "^ •» ■Paotaole JjJie, 
_. '^•frhalred terrier, white and MZTk 

Phone 347ir. 

bite and black. 

T 08T— Airedale pup. 7 moalha. 
MJ *ed«1tr. |i.r> h^md attd lera. nearly 
grown, naar ReMhsvvn. Gardaer All 
Sidney.. Reward. ' 

LOST— At C. F. R. 
sSMll black aad 
phoa* S4«nr 

C"i?i'*"^ SWBEP-Lloyd. Phono 1444R. 
FlfteoB years' expertonce in Victorl s. 


Bp SVBAM DTB WORKS— ths largest 
^•V>« dyeing aad elssalag worka la tha 

Fravtnca. Coantry orders safloltiid. 
J. C Renfrew. Prop. 



Victoria Shaet Metal Watka 

Onttsrs. Chlmasy Toiw Warm Air Hsauas. 

AssBts for ths 'VuBshlaa Faraaaa,'* 

Office aad Works— 414 KIN08T0N STBBBT 
Pbana S«l. i 

FURNACES, furnace repairs, chimney tops. 
warm air heating and plumblnx. J. 8. 
"" ~ Phoae •»«•. 

a,Ukaaon. 416 Catherine Street. 


KOBE CLBANBRS— Clothea elaaai 
o. IS^"!?. " reaaoBable rataa. 
Blanahard Ctraat. 


GBiiiDREN's oonrriTKR 

bpoak Taaac, 
r-n. Phone 4744. 

Ladla^ OatSl 

t^ Oatsttar ■ Ssa- 
Brsad aa* lah»- 





. ^ DBT OOODB — , TmrA^. 

taa A Oa.. lAd„ whatostOa d#p.saads 

aad maaafaotansi^ iassFs ter- 

IPBU, -^Bht Uora" braad shirts. 

Mailorders aUteadsd I*. 

DErrEcnvE Mamwx 


CfBOOND-hsAd cyelo bargaina PUmtoy * 
^ ^tchto. gtd . 411 V>»w Straet. 

H**''*". k^t** STwaad. at WHaaaTa Ba- 


l^ll^MB ,»WP«CTITB OFFMSa fit 

RETURNED Soldler'a Shoe Store — Ra^alrs 
prompUy done and only beat laathsr Js 
imed. 41 4 F ort Street . 


RS. WARDLB. tote of Winnipeg, win 
call and give the highest prices (or 
iadiae' xent'a and children's cast-off cloth- 
ing. Phone 1414. or call at Tli Fort BtroaC 


Tte Voters' Ust for tha (at 
Blcloal Klectioa to aew betas ares 

Householdon sad Lieeaaea holders who w 
to have thair namaa niacad aa the Vou 

SECOND-HAND Clothing; geafs 
suits bought for cash. If yoB sraat tap 
prices, always csll Shaw A Ca. Phaaa 44 1. 


rpTFEWRITBRS — New aad seeoBd-lMad. 
X repairs; rentsto: ribbaas for all bm- 
eblaea. United Typawrtter Ca.. LtA. 7U 
Fart StreeC Victoria. Phoas «7»t, 


BOWK. H. H., 714 Fort— Naval. mUliary. 
aivil BBd ladles' taller, Pbaaa 1417. 




▼ BaHdlnK. 

TAILOR. iMporlal 

List mast before 6 p.Bt. on tha last day mt 
otiuber nia with the Clark or AsasMar a 
Stalatary Dectorattoa as prsmrnwd Br th« 
AcL No dectorattoa wUI s« sonsatsd aa- 
leaa delivered wltbla two Says afftar It la 

Corporatloaa— O>rporauoaa wfeaaa tMatss 
•re on the Voters' List csa aaly yate by a 
••uit ,.r<l scent whooe SBtbortty ir 

aat already nied mast be Bled with tka 
CNerk iwfore the ISth Navembcr: sneh 
sgent ahall be a restdeat la the P rev t a u e 
aad a BriUab aubject ot the (all A«e of 
11 veara 

«.^.''.- -"."i?" .'sraw May ba e b tala ad at tka 
MBiUslpal HalL 

O. B. PULURf. Otofk. 

Or lober lie*. 1414. 

will be added thereto on the iOtti 
Noveinl>er, I9l9. > _ . 

Bills for 1919 General Taxes 
are now being seat out daily. 

Any pcxson requiring infonna- 
fion regarding taxes please com- 
municate with the undersigned. 


Collector Of the Corporatkra of 
the aty of Victoria, B.C 

Gty HalU Victoria, B.C 29tli 
October, l9l^ 

Gly Market Aodioo 


Jersey Cow. Horae, BAm**B snd 
W«4ioti. Chftitnts. Dseka. KAMttn. 
qiMntlty of TaMe Plstetf Ware aad 
other Booda. 



Ili 4Ba 

"WS ayfBS-^ 

Proof harlBg boaa Sled la anr aStoa t4 
I**-i*" ,?* CartlScato t TlOa Ka. IdStd^ 
la the abwva meailoaad landa la the aassa 
Slav's. *'*S?.';».*^ t-adrtag data tke 14tk 
fV ^iJ*^- *!**• * iMtaby gtTB aattce af my 
iBtaattsa at tke asplratlaa of oai - '^ 
MoBth irmm tba dfM aablleatlsa . 
IfMs t« tha aald Walter Laagloy 
OsrtMcau «t Title la Ilea af a 

matloM wKb rsCarsaca ta sact ' ~ 
eate of TItlo. to rsaasatsd to 
with the imdsndflaad. 

Dated at Um Xaad Raatotry 
torto B,C. thS atb dsraToVtabsi. ItlA 

Reslatsar Caaatal •rTltlsa 



Win be found bere. We 
have tables for all uses. 






bsagkl. ssld. 






— XI 

lMtrucU4, w« win sell kt gidw- 

and Fdrnisliings 


MANY aimnoNS 

Day Seais SuccMskfi of ^^acr 
tfons and RecoN^ries, WHh 
Strong €i0tft«9fi«irB fiiiM 
on Co4i Mine Strikq 



Inclu41iis: ICaMfv* S-ptoc* llaJi. 
^ Salt*. Mfth. Cr. TAblM. ywy An* 
li»h, Mudo Caibln*t. Mali. •ec^Ulr*. 
l«laid Itoh. 8«ttM Atti.Arm OlMlr. 
I»kM Mah. Cr, T|il>|#.' Uph. Arm 
Ckalra, Oraaa and XUtUa Arm Chalra. 
X<Mth*r Uph, Arm Chain and Rock- 
et*. MlM. Oak 8ett««. U. O, 8m. Book 
Oh9*, M. O. Library TablM. M. O. Cr, 
wUm, 0«ld«n Oak 8m!. Book Caji«. „. . . 

l|«nrte Clialrs. lot of Good PieturM. *"» attitude of 
Mali Mirrors, lot of Good -nr^_t.-«. 

Tprjr tin* F. o. Roll-top otam 
Fiat-tM omoa DMk, TypowrttM 
OMk. Oflloa Chalr^ 0mal| Hall mU, 
%teioat a«w «-foot Bir«Qi aalaaaiaa. 
Xa«op<b«ad flinc^r Seariiy IClMrllSaa, 
Otop.baad Stantoy Bawta* IfMliioa. 
M •( >• Vob. "BneyeldMMUa Br(t- 
MBitofi." Sot of • Vols. IfH «*]lf*«0al 
Ocilaaea." «•« of S4 voia 'rttm Mok 
•f Xa«mUd««." Dr. Ubraty M litdJ- 
Ml Beoka, lar«« aaK>rtm«i» 4K «tkbr 
Moka, Oak China CaM^' U. O. 
JMint. F. O. Davenpo^ OvMhw. 
aMHah Dlnlnv Table. SH «< It 
|^th«r-uph. Dlatnv Chftlni. Ptt«M4 
<k|k XMnint Tabla and Chair*. MTMal 
9t|i*r DInlns Tabl** and CImIm. 
'Wadigweod and oth*r Dinn*r Merrlom, 
CIrtiMK and Glaa* War*. Cut CUmng. Or- 
nainaat*, .11 rmo, ck>lf <Miaha, V*ft- 
ttJa Raokata. Bng. Baby Butsy. Book 
fttilVM, Twin Bra** Bad* with Box 

aO*tarreo»r ggyMa tt r >**■ * . f«Ii- 
All-liwt i#d*.,»»j| and Oii|*r- 
MMT Top llattTMiNa, Mah. Chillen. 
iim, l>»k. Whli# Bhai^it aa4 aMior 
Mmmt* and Man£; B*lroem t^bf** 
aatt ChaJra. inicaUd Tabl**. . ToHet 

Irar*. mtmi «»rtnr. 8ori»an«. Blan- ,^. ..™^..>„.., 
•t*. PlllmMb Ooahlon*. ChW» Baad i t MintT and 1 
Chairs llaj«*tt« a«d 4 other sond Leoville rf 1 
m«n««*. OMtt StbYM. Par, fltave*. «««v«».'*«. ^ * 
Haater*. iMrf Bo^ mam, Kafri«ar. 
■*»»• tM^^t Mmi^^ _A«i . -aC- " — * — 

^^^^^^^v -"^^^^^^^w ~^ ^^^ ^^^^p ^^^w VB i^^m^vi^ 

irh**lbaffiigw.i!K.''1IMl«ik K. CluUf*. 
Xiaolatun. tart* aaiertiiMHit of Cpdkr 
Ihf UtanMI*. Cree^ry and Qiaa*war*, 
O^rdaa Tvahh Oai^dea H«m, Oil 
it^va, F^ Raakeu, dtc 

Now On Vlair 
Mm, M li o'ctook. la 6«r «tMkvMi« 
40 varjr KOO0 bre*<|lnc Whl^ !<•(• 
hem*. Surpla* Br««d«r* from Innay 

NBW YORK. poL J*.— Tradin* %n 
the l^toek -liicoltaacr today wrfa char* 
aeterftMil b|t » fu^gdeaaoln 'of teafttion* 
and reoorerfeff, the latter predominat- 
ing at the feveriahly active close. 

There^ were surface' Indications of 

•K Mlenslon^of the lonv pravalllnf; 

hMr aecount," that* element probably 

hasUty Its operations oa the unyield- 

the United Mine 


fj^ money market, with It* recent 

B«noh. piker Chtokan*. Rabbtt*. • 
n)#nth*-old Jersey Bull Calf. Chaff 
Ottttar. oi«iar Ctitlar. 8bih, Wiii n*. 
^. ftp- ^ 

•> ' hMhrntaOf a %oir 

Phone MT 

an9i|ff[|lnty, also furnished some am- 
mtwKtkn to the bears. althoa«h.aa It 
sabat4(vantly developed, call loans 
war* at the lowest quoUtiona of th4 
w**iu Aa much as 9 per cent was 
Vatd III the flnal hour, but • per cent < 
wa* ftxsd at the day'a rulinc quota* 

In the aevernl laMtlons of the fore- 
aaon and mid-— arton. motors, oils, 
steel* and the equipments auftered 
aatreme declines of 2 to 10 joints. 
Tobaccos and miscellaneous speolal- 
tlpa recorded similar lo*M*. raU* to*- 
imr 1 to IH points, vt ^ V 

Tixas Company at the new maxl- 
mu«i of 346, and further «alns of 20 
to tC points for South Porto RiCo 
8u#ar and Cuban-American Suvar. re- 
spectively, were the more Jiola- 
w«>rthy becauae of tha 
which prevailed elfewhari. 

TlM baa9ra|it«rally of t]|« IM^ he«|r 
becah with the heavy btiylnir«of Re- 
pn^h: SUal. U. a Rabbar and Amer- 
lean Intamatolnal, af t*lhs of ff to 
aceompanlad by 
t» '5 point* In the 
general list, short covering odntrl- 
butlni^ to the rebound. 

Bale* amevntad to !,»•«.•#• rt»aM<l 

Bonds, Inoludtnir speculative rails, 

were heavy. Ut>«rty l**b«* •*•*#, 

Total aalea vmt valaa. tli,'?T4.H«( 

Old U. 0« Bond* unohanned an oa|l. 



St. John 
VtetbrU , 


Moosa Jaw 

Uraitford .J.\..; 
Vt. William 

TOlUC« Oct. »«.~<^pp«nr, 
duUi electrolytic, spot and 'fourth 
quarter. 21* Sic; sitaall loU. *eoon«> 

>1: Iroi^ftrm and unchaafsd. 

Metal ifleh^faJnotee-^Cead. 

}%,%% aak#1 %ii 1tff/ eaaler ; Bail 
•pat, <H|*red, t7.47. 

Liondon— ^f^plMtef^ copper, spat. 
£109 16a.: tutotm. tf%\ 10s.; eleetro- 
Vti9. spot* U.14; futures. £119; Un 
■pot. ftrt Ta M.; fntwres. tt%t U, 
•d,; lead, spot, (tO 16s.-; futures. 111; 
spelter. ' vput. iU-Vs.: futnrea. £44. 



«ba kaai «tiarlasa (kr^ta* »rli>4i«i slilas 
of th« Doialnloa for the waek andlatf tft- 
liar •■ cotnpar«a wlIU thx corrM^oadlnv 
w««|i laat y«ar: 
„ ' i»l». nil. 

J<>«fl*" M.»5i.7«» •MtSrSit 

wiaaiiMc* - - 

\»Miaown 1S.»3I,3M 

Ottawa -..,. «*re«s.a4o 



j*r J""!— ....,.« 4,««v.Ta( 

NaW Weatmiastar 






• Miiias 




The followlac 
been reoeivad at the'>i0ba^ Martaa 

'Yha Pfftfata Strretpry to il^^be 

Is desired by hla m^Ma ta thank 
kOs l*r tha aaifiair^lia WMV *i 

October l*t. which the Prinee has 
been pleased to aaee y t and whie^ he 
^s r«ad-wMr Jnt^^t. '<Wf,Wmm 

paper and hope* to l|||d' li Mil lanr- 

Fishing i«ei Rdse City iMiS 
Twd Crews and Finally Goes 

Victory Loan 




First Fiji Sli^entExiecW 
Saturday at Vancouver, and 
Second ort Sunday— Total ef 
3,000 Tons 


^Sck*"* by Buraick Bras. A Brett. «d.) 

_ ao. i»ii m" 17 u 

■^. oovt. i% VIC. ir- --- "' 

»1» -«%, -mi 

crtlaa •«. ifie . 

IXtni. Can. S%. 112 1 
do. , tf >1 

*». im 

Araiatlna Qv«. «%, i>a« .. 
poat Can. B% (new), tM7 

' • • a « a e ■ 







I o US M^ L 1^ JW^iimii 

747 PORT ir. PHOfIB 17tt 

11i« Jl4«t Week! 

•^-of tile exlttdhce of tMe aliop 
Inwwn a* "UbasMwId ]i«c*«*{* 
tics/' which "scU* tnythiM 'rom 
a teactip td a piana 

This shop has ranide it poaal- 
bte for me to cnirr braader 
f l»l4t 4>| ^tmintd* iioeW v^A , 
headquarter* at Hoom stt, P«tA«' 
bcrton Baitfling. Victoria. B.C. 


Victprit Public 

Beginning April ist 
market davs will be Tues- 
• days and Salurdajs. 

Randy s Nvsery 


ON sAtrroiioiuU) w 

New Cajliflowers. Cihht|cs, 
mai Ltttucc. 


Uroccolli Citrates, 
dts, Cilery.i etc. 
Idl, anjf quantity. 





La^ t^'i^' 


Sut Spring bluid 
Meit and Apples 

A iMfi quMrtitsr t» ckMM 

WINWIPEQ. Oct.. SO.-^Th«r* WM % 
vry poor d«mah4 today for oa*h 
grain* . oa the lucaljk. ^>**rket and 
lutar«e were duU and narrow. 

O^tolMr oat* oleoaft H cent higlier; 
I>ee»mber ^, cent higher ; May un- 

October barley closed 1 cent high- 
er; November % cent tower; Deeent- 
b*r % oBiit i«w*r: May % e*ni Ifwtr. 

Oofober Qax eloeed ^ cent I6wer; 

Naivamber doaad Ml\cen|t higher; 
t>ee*nib6r closed nnohanged and May 
doped t cent* lower. 

Oat* — Open. Hifh. Low. ClOee.' 
Oct. ...;»«. MH M% M SI4 
I>*0. ..r..>.:7S% tf- TIM 1» 
May .,:,... •!% tl^ M% *1%. 

Bailey — . .;,>»!>. i^'ii. 

VQJm aeeeaaaaa «« «« 1 v4 '' 

Nor. ....:, 140'% i4ii 

Dao. ..SM lt«li ltt% 1SX% 

May 1S»% li»% latH 1S»^ 


Nov.- m 4lfH 


wOCa . •eaee* at *,p, t 

MVO* •>afe*t,*e /<V- 

Cash pHiMni: Oata^ 
s C.W.. >•%: axtra 1 
feed, 7SMi: S feed, 7«: track, U. 

Barley—I C.W.. 14|%: 4 C,-#„ 
137 H: rejected. IMMi; track. 1S*%. 

Flax—l N.W.C. 4SS; J .C.W.. 4»t: 
S C.W.. 402; condemaed. 3*7 >> track. 

Ilye-» I C.W.. 134 Vt. ^ . 


Bid. A4_. 



MOlSrtilBAI^ Oct. so. — Bggs and 
butter, unchanged, prices firm. Quo- 

Cfaeeee — Finest Easterns, 27028c. 

■uttei 'Choicest creamery,- fl%0 

9ggs— F^mit. 7«c1 **ld«ted. »4o; 
No. 1. 6 So; No. 2 stock. 6fic- 

Poutoes — Per baf , ear] 

. NitnatBar, 

^i 11' #^ 


• «' 

will open tomoiTow, Monday, 27th Inst: 'Atei«fhe 
^ ' canvass b^ prompt buying. 

. ,.<»« tS^t • » 

VAKCOUVBR. Oct 30.-H»««f M4» 
ton* of raw sugar from FIJI *wftl be 
at' the mpar rMlnery tagr Mngiigf aaoEl. 
The «t*am*IUp Kurow. of the pana- 
dlan-AQetralaalan Lln«; will r^ch 
quarantine at daylight on Fk-iday and 
will then leave for Vancouver, The 
mn win take bboot ten hours. She 
wiU dook la the afternoo*. TWa skip 
brings 760 tontf of HUgaf. and the re- 
flaary will have it in marketable 
•bape 24 hour* after It antor* the 

Thf staamahlp Walmarlno, af tH* 
same line, Is spoken this morning, 
and WiU be up aa Sunday aftam«Mi. 
She bring* 3,300 ton* of raw migar. 


»t »jM»f 
orlh Hai9a* 
from Kitaat with a'' dl*gruntl*d 
orew that wanted jta go ham*, Un- 
" "Wti To yeC farther men the' yeseel 
waa taken to Belllngham, the ftead* 
q4Ut4p>* |if |ier pwnon, t^ Mmmt 
Bdy fadp^t Co^lHliy. 

White the Informatlan obtalaad on 
the t^taterflfi^Kt conoanun^ the aAalr 
Is^MitJNM^ n ^^i^ the 

Roaa^n^walit flM4w nir >lltnat 
earlier la the *eaw>A. only Jo have > 
tmr o»*W f» aw.laU m ft *oine raa- 
*bn hbr«aMat* tinknoi«m. The boat 
Affift t9 \1otf«|i aa« obipfiaed an. 
other crew. Thane men toah her up 
tin aaa*( «#Un, in|a aCtar «aaun4 the 
net tnll 9t a*h the atrand* pmved 
rqttfff/ Md the catch yaa lost. The 
IMM decided to quit and the oa^in 
broqght them to VIotorla. Raraor 
hjw H that Cho aaMa pMotioally ran 
astray w|Ui tHa arqft. tin||*i here 
loatead of rOttMmlnd to tka aannery. 
After lanng m Ula h>t%*> fOr *ome 
days the Ao*e City ««<lt to BeBlng- 

Ct^bnlal.^rust Company 


Head Office: 


'n '\m 


NBW TOBK, Get. M ^Mbrcgaflte 

paper, anehaogad. Starling — De. 
maod. 4.11; cable*, 4.14 %. Franca— 
Demand, t-SS; eablaa, •,3<. Gander* 
— Unehaaged. Uro-7-Demaad. I0.74.'^ 
oables. 10.74. Mark*— Demand un- 
ch^ged. Call money strong; high. 
0; low. 4; ruling rate. 4; oloaing bid. 
8; aftered at t; last, loan 0. . ' 

^r allTor. 1.23%. BCavloA doU 
l*r% tSH 

Tha Lvambi Bar plaablns Ooinf*ny 
bar* bc.«* unforttwata tM* segeon. 
Earlier to tiM y*^ tha boot .orew* 
«tru*k. and fraaArhaX la Hoard 
ntiound tha wat^Knut here all ha* 
not b«»a galnc amtt %y a«r moan*. 


liONDOM. tOct 
44 ^d, p*r oiiAei, 
'eouht unchanged. 

30w— Bar *llv*r, 
Monay and di«- 

nonangea, ' v 5 ; t • / * 

NTnaij.^ pn.jr'^wmr \»itu^^% 

MtVf 4» 

4Uft 4irH 

4*4 4«f 
407 H 44f 

.. tt«% 

<j.w.. ti%: 

f*ed. 30%;,! 


Drum I'ttmnion 
n. c. Rvitnieg , 
B. c Parni»mnt 
Bowen* Ce*aer 


•trreeaoa. lat P«mb«>rtoB nik.> 

Bia. AAMd. 
on 21 


Cknaa»Ce»per vji-j. • 1.4« 

CenMlMmteS^. tMd g, .... >».N 

Oork Province 

Orea fcy ___ 

Qrset West ^^avL .»••••.. ^ .*• 

Hewe Betinfl , »■•• 

PeeiBe CeMt 

te **«•••••# 


— 4*****0** ^ICww 

nti Meed*** ..;......,!. .i«%| 

RMNbler^Tsribee .,.';.,.'.„, .17 

SUvetamth i.,..^,.,/. ... 

^•rten Qll 

9«e5^'4 Mted , ,,.•• ,fi 

lltR^t Inlet , .ir^ 

8eeH>el| Mine* •■..»*...».,. ... 

Trttlen on ....<>. ....^.'^....v .IS 






Cutting of Main Kept Air Com- 
pressors, Furnaces and the 
Other Equipment at Hartor 
Marine Yard Idfc 

The Harbor Marine tard'wa* nn> 
able to «*t, water fram ttva o'elo«k 
Wadoeadao^ evening- < ««(h illr*a|'f« 


*Vrow a adOih »oint of view the VICTORY LOAN U a joo4 
T2K"^„Z!?S ' national point of view it is essential. From 
• yivriotlK uilMMilut it k a daty w« owe to our country and to 
MT retm^ed •«l<n«ca.''-~Ueot.-Oan*rat Sir Arthur Currie, K.C.B., 

& liKtt, LM. 

(ditMl wirtg to all rHneipal. cxcfhangci) 
•20 B ra wg lma lfc Koms S^ 3728 

Imietna WIS 

OI««n so Bevelop 
i|i Nelshbor. 

of '- 





Try our firaali 

SeaTMW Pottklry 


Tha B.C. fiomahatft 

hartos ro-oiiaiwd tiMtt* thviMi 
I>*partmant. will aooapt aoeonnta af 
ana doOap fini upMaHm or wMMb <to- 
t*r*ot at 4% par aaaum la olW*«. 
OMal ' * ' ' " 


i408BrmiSi. QO; Phontr4r 


0^ aMM^ *>mr' 



19Z3 Vkhiy Lmi 

tad vll pty MibMl fiim»* 
i«t priCM for toy amountt. 

T^e discovery 'of the n*w viln of 
ore, ehowing good value*, and *hnilar 
in vita and appearance tb the nve 
cxlaUng veins. |« reported from the 
^uaget properties on Sheep Creek by 
Mr. , R. II. (Biawarf .mining engtaaar m 
change of development work there. 

In the course of operations fle- 
*lgt^4 to d*veIop the Mother LK>da 
and Ni^gget prepertlbe, a tunnel some 
twelve hundred feet long Is being 
drivbn tram Ah* M a t her X^da aide ot 
the hill through to the Nugget veins, 
which are on the reverse slope, it 
was expected to strike the flfst. or 
apex vein, at about telne hundred feet, 
but at 339 •»ft<a totally now vein, of 
very *ncOOr%inf; : ajMarftnce. waa 
pierced by the tunnellere. Mr. Stew- 
art** opinion of this vein is that It 
will be quite as valuable a* any of the 
live existing Kugget veins. Samples 
for aflsay have been secured and are 
now awaiting result*. 

The live exiftlng Nugget vein* 
which hav^ combUfied with tbo 
Motherlode and ISegvcklUML grovps or 
claim* In producing to data aVer one 
million doll|trs in sold will probably 
be pqnot|«t«d by the titmialiarB with- 
In a couple of months. It will than 
be pOaOU>l4 to handle tha are outpm 
of the** claima in a vary eoonomleal 
manhar. aam4ly. by brhtging all ore 
back through the tunnel and ship- 
ping by aerial tramway to the up-to- 
date mill which is already e*Ubll*hed 
on the Mother .Loda praparty. 

So encouraging have been Mr. 
Stewart'* raporfa. and ao exoellent 
the result* already obtained from de- 
velopment work that other proper- 
ties in tha vioinity af the Nnggac, 
Mother Lode and Saarehllght graup* 
are baing considered for po**ibl* de- 
velopment. Notable among these are 
the Reno, which Is only a few miles 
from the Mother Lodo mill, with 
fairly good trail communication. 

Inqolry at tha ofltoea af M«a*ra. 
Burdiek Brob. and Bratt, Md,. ftnan- 
olal backer* of the Nuggat Gold 
Mines, Ltd.. elicited tha Information 
that Nugget common stock, which 
eoM orlgtaainy at tSo. I* aotr qoatod 
at 43e. Very Uttlo Nuggat atask to at 
pre**m avalbtble, and it I* probable 
that within a ehort time, ehauld thta 
•neouraging *tata of affair* aontmua. 
It wtn b* aelltng at a very much 
higher flgura. 

a'eloek yestatday afternoo*. and In 
eoneequehce work was leotaiMerfcbly 
delayed, the ftirnace* being *b«i 
». 'ti.'f dawn, donkey -engine* inqperatlOe 
and air compcessors Idla. Some ot 
tbo workman In conaOftoiMa woot 
home before the day woo avqt p9 
there was nothing for thom to do. 
Tha flhutoC qf the water ebpply %no 
due to the ehifting af^gooM gfMMn* 
on tha l*tauid flif hway botwean 
Cralfflower Bridfe alid OoltlrOo^, 
Where the reid la being paved. 
Tha nnmbar of man employed at 

|nrT*w*|i ig-. T'.i'.:^'" ,,. .'/ .■ '^^ .<«i,L; ■■ |^ ' 

^^ HAte PkESBHTATKWii ^ 

Men en the boats up from NItnat 
OtOta that the bOi; th«ta t» o«ry dan- 
gerous ndw aad the Japgneee n*h- 
ermen are dwindling In numbai* a* 
tb*y toave for qpLfer port*: ATj^oft 
time >go •, nvjtobar of Japqfuase 
miierdlen todi Ihehr tt#«a on the bar. 
and a fei^ day* ago another boat 

J Il00«o4 «p Iho ibort . NItnat itlver 
to tha lAiaaU Bhy Cannery upside 
down and With a number ot Japqneee 
mingina to th» bottom l« their un- 
derelothai. They, were nil grinding. 
» M aald. A3MNiier boot tnui orlth 
It and h*td the recnalndor of: the 
nhTortanato ofaw. No live* «rere 
lost. The two OMft h*4 hMf> •«ine 
ilshinf near the bar, htn d#Utad in. 
•nd tho mlqhap had oeounod. It i* 
bald that the Japanese flsb eeotln- 
oollir laaidft tho hor a* tha antmnee 
to the river, which is less than a 
mlla ^ng, and aanneets tha NItnat 
Id^e wtQi tho n*o. . Aeoordinc to 
h|W no net flehlng is allowed Igald* 
th« h«l*. but tbe Oelacital* g*t iwav 

* With it. ^lahlOg Mch haul* a* the 
flt)^ » n|r t^ fit* t O there in orde# to 
anMr tha rlvef. The fleherie* ho*t. 
CUycnchy. waa at Nitoat WednOsday 
OM MNttTOily the Japatoebe ^rd ba- 
h<v4Dt taMNn**l«8a. ftlthpolrh it was 
twportvd to tho naharle* oflteorg by 
tho L»mmi Bay moa that illicit j|*h- 
ing was going on ragularly. 

Th* JUunmi Qay hooia will quit 
llUiing on NOoaok|i*r Ith. while far- 
ther up Hm w«*t Coa*t o»era|lon* 
eame to an end on October 3S. The 
eeaqon ha* bqM», a poor .0m» but Ash 
qnra ««4d fo hovo »Mtt pleotiful 
«rh*tt th* «Se*fhg digy arrived. 1 . 

^«,^.M^ v-ff j?;'^- — TIM 

CANADA Mif AL €0^ Ltd. 




Ithm Mob of OHr fMkm ft» 
Boy Goodhyo to Mr. tt. CCvtm 

To bid faiwwell to Mr. Harold 8. 
Cove on hi* doparture from this city 
to tako up a raaitlon in the Vancou- 
veik offlcee of Balfour, Outhrle A Co„ 
shipping and railroad men gathered 
on Wednesday night at tha Paolflc 
ctub. On behnrr or tfreo» uioffreibv, 
Mr. William Allan, of R. P. Rithet A 
Co., presented Mr. Cove with a pipe 
and pouch, moking a f*w apprepataika 
remark* at t%B mmo- timg, Mr. dbv* 
repifed that Ml %io aonry to I4a«a 4hi* 
citv« whero hi hob had faio^ottidb for 
seven years. 

^ y «*«^am 



;|Capt> William Turnfauli, Veteran 
Navigator of Yukon River, 
Passes Jn lees T^an Hour 

The Empress ot Aaia reached iMre 
shortly afte^ eight o'clock teat liight 
front Vanoopvai!- on hor way oni 4n 
the Orient in choiga t' i%tUlm 
Hailey. She picked up a torge num- 
ber of Chineae Coolie* at Vaneoqvef 
In addition te mung hor ealMh Ae* 
oamodaUon^ AcraaNI of CttMoa 
•teerage paasenter* boarded tha tinar 
at the outer dock*. Th* Aoln floBod 
shortly after 10 o'eloek. 

Chief Engineer Adamaan is 111 on 
shore and his plaee Is'fllled by Chl*f 
Engineer 8hln*r, Chi*f ofloar HaW 
land haa *h*re leave fOr two ¥oyw 
a«**. Chief opeer Jamo* roplaOHM 
him. '^ 


Get. t4,^ 
WltooK. atuhar 


VANCOUVER, Oct. 30,— In lee* 
than one hour after be arrived from 
Skagway on the Steamer Prince** 
Mary, having eompleted a hard 
Mg^'a Wor|( aa' cdmmodore, oap- 
ttii of the Whita I^ts* and Tokon 
Railway's fleet up north. Captain 
WIlMano Tumbull waa dead. He left 
tho maomor wMA orHeod at twa 
o'oloefc thi* morotac, aftor graeUng 
hts wtl*. ho oDoqHainad of behtg ill 
•^ m phyelalon waa *atl*4. 9ofor* 
midloat a**l*tao«a ooMd ba obtain*d 
ho ha4l pdiibdl dmar; hoort Miure 
being the cauae of death. 

Bamr in Seotlaod SI year* ago. ha 
lipid for a ahott ««iBe th WUhfagton 
•t»t4. oad la Sttf ht joinod the 
^nnta ro*o and TuhOtt Koliwo^/ and 
*inee that time haa maio OMmy rcg- 
lar trlpa to the north In the eprlng. 
r*tumlas to thla *lty aftar hi* *ea- 
son'a work ha* ha*a oaMMotod. 

" ■!' ' ' " ' J ' V. 'l " '■■ »» 

VAKCOUVBR, Oct. 30.— Th* atrtk* 
ot tha ooal mlnar* in th* United 
State* will not affect the British Col- 
umbia mines to any extant, accord- 
Inc to conl tnldo on*<nla< Thi* l* not 
due to any lack of demand from tha 
UtUted State*, but 1* dwlng to thb 
' faot l^Uit fha mine* can **nd n^ mora 
;oool h* thai mnrk*( than th*y ova 
now gMndlOg, 

"Whether the etrike I* pulled off or 
•ot, tho >f— ot daaoand firam Saaitla 
on the coal minea of Vanconrer Is- 
land I* »o heavy that no more can 
poadlMy b« *oppll*d," dccfaMred Mr. W. 
A. Webb, of tha Canadktn Weotom 
Vu^l Campany. thla morning. It> la 
thought that in the interior a little 
coal might be eparad for the United 
* St a te * . e*peeiainy^d>'ew« the Crow'* 
Neet Pa** Company'* mine*, but 
otherwiee little or no additional ae- 
*l*tanoe can % expected f torn 9rltl*h 
C«|oaibla miMOt Tha *anfe ittqatlan 
exist* In AlbAfta, It A undemtbod, the 
demands of that Pravinoa, rtottstahQ. 
wan and Mf.nltoba takhig' , «ni ^tW 
minea tlver* ean produce, - 

"No Vancouver Xeliand 6001 Is going 
io aoo rtanetooa. At ana time thOro 
apoO:* tramandao* ahlpno^nt to that 
port^ but tha fuef control *toppod the 
ooport In Juno, lOiS, aad th*«<e haa 
no efCort m$At eince to resnma 
buslnees. local demand* and 
nteta praa«nttng tbe^ ' 
1 ■ " 





Tbera aro now flva whalera la port 
Cho OMMoMotad VlMMag Car- 
• aloyow. nto* o*rtv*d 
thio w*ok from ~ 

ftoo* Itefwur, In 

Blue and Graa^ fl«m Hoda* 0ar. 
bar. awall*d tha flaot lying at tho In- 
ner Harbor wharf. The Gray waa 
aim In part yaatarday fram the *ta- 
tloo*. Vho Kynqn^ booto oca still 



VANCOUVER, > Oct. 9:^Ht Can- 
ada want* to tneraaae Ita trade with 
China aad participate In the benent* 
of one of the greateet. if not tha 
graateet, ptarketa in the world, it 
m'ufl Oliooge ItO taatica toward* 4ka 
ChthOM pbOpi«.*'riaid Df. John t^r- 
guaon, political adviaer to the Paaa- 
ld*nt of China, who la In thoeity-on 
hta way to China. 

-naa ramarfc i* dirsetad toward* 
th* t r an tm «>t aoaardod th* lOO.oot 
Chtheoe eoolle* who arO reluming te 
China from Prance, and who. while 
in th* war area, did *p*ctal work beo 
hind the ftnea aftd rel*a**d trained 
eoMiar* for flghUng **rvlc*," *ald I>r; 
ravpaoon. *'0*aplU what the** naaa 
ha¥* done for the Anie*. and deepft* 
the faot that both France and Eng- 
laod gave thorn tha fraedem of t|M 
eountiT, Canada hard* them off a 
boat at Halifax, puts them in traina 
la drovaa, brings tham aoroao tho 
eoontiHr Ilk* wild animal* In eagea. 
het is them out at tht* end Into *had*, 
and thanea, In aatfle-ltho d< u >o**, intn 
the Rtaamar for home. What kind of 
mfaMdonary work can Canada expect 
theae men to do for Canadian manu- 
faetores and Caimdl^ pooduou? is 
It not ehomoftir* 

■OirTBJBAl*, Cot. to. — Pour 
womon and a anan war* held crlin> 
inally raoponalbla by the eorondfo 
^ <or tho doOth lB*t Thursday af 
C. A, Pleha. a r*t«raod saldtor, «4 
th* ln<itt**t h*ld Ay Ckwonor tBb- 
Mahen y**t«rday. Th«y ar* May ia- 
daraon. May Wholaa. MatblMhl 
iullen, Nellie Murphy and ti/am 
R«aau. The evidence given by th* 
wHn***** wa* praetleally the same In 
each ca*e. that th* Anderson wonioil 
had J^van Plah* two lnia*tlon* ^ 
m< * — 








OCTOBER 31, 1919 

lDSPEI^(3ER 7fcm 

9^t^l !».». 

fwi 1 Ml ri rir, 1 

Ml tor Fmandal Aid 

ory Bonds! 

Th€5 Investment Will Bring You Certain Profit, and at the 
Same Time Help Your Nation in Her Time of Need 

Handbags and Purses, for Wor 
in All Qualities and, Styles 

— Ybu'will hive to see this stoqk of Hand):iiifi[S and 
Purses' to appreciate the splendid assortment on dlSpli^. 
Haadbifs in leathers of Ml l^lnds, neatl v made, and ntted 
with all sKles of handles. Handbifsui silk and headed 
qualities, Vanitv Cases and the new Victory Tanlc Model 
nicely fitted. Prices varv according: to styie and quality, 
but Mil will find the prkes ytiy moderate in all cases. 

' * ; ' h i' — M»ln Floor, Dou^ai 

-\ -s 

Three Grades in Women's 
Kriit Underwear 

,A •' 

In Branids Well Known and Popular 
All at Prices That Make Them 
Good Values T^ | 

--Comfort is the deslnble quality' in Underwear, a 
quaUtv that every woman demands, aquallty that makes 
a parOcular brand pofMihr the world over. The thr^ 
mdes offered here » assess this quality to such a degree 
Sia| we can recomm;;nd them to you with an assuripce 
of satisfaction. 

Women's ••Velva" Vfrts, in slip-over styles, with low neck, 
elbow sleeves, bir h neck, Iratton fronts, and elbow or long 
sleeves. A splMdId welfht fleece and cotton. All sites, at, 
each, 90C ^ '^'f;. 

Drawers to match, In open or closed styles, and ankle length, 

at, a garmettt, 9oc Out slies, fi.oo. 

Women's "Zenith" Veals, nMde jn many styks, including low 

and **V" neck and elbow sleeves, high neck and long, and short 

sleeves. Good mixture. All sites at, a garment, jt.75. x*. 

Drawers to match, made in knee and ankle length; open oir 

cloied stylet, at, a gannent, 11.75. 

Women's "Zenith" (Red Label) brand; an extra good quality,' 

made In loW neck and elbow sleeves; high neck, button fronte, 

and idng or short, sleeves. A wool mixture. In sites 36 to 

44, at, a garment, 12.25. 

. — 4bilt Uad«rwtar,^tit Floor, Douflu 

You Will Be Interested in These 
Specials in Cream Flanneletjtes 


—Flannelettes that represent the best makes in English and Cana- 
dian materials, matiy representing values below the present mill cost. 
Buy right now and save money. 

^ •Cream Flannelettes 

27 inches wide, special, worth 30c, sell- 
ing at, a yard, 25c. 

27 inches wide, good value at 30c, sell- 
• ing today at, a yard, 27c. 
30 inches wide, special, worth 35c, 
selling at, ayard, 3oc. 
30 inches wide, good value at 40c Fcgu- 
lar. Selling at, a yard, 35c. 

tircy Flannels at special rates, for your Winter shirts. Excellent shades in light and 
dark grey, at, a yard,.40c, 5oc, 5'5c, 60c and 75c. 

1 . _ .1 

' 'V"',' r?f "' v^-**""^ '*^ 'TIS 

^ Cream Flahriclettcs 

33 inches wide, good value, worth 45c. 
Selling at, a yard, 40c. 

35 inches wide, Canada's Best, worth 
65c. Selling at, a yard, 55c. 

35 inches wide, made in England, worth 
85c. Selling at, a yard, 75c. 

36 inches wide, made in England, 
double warp. Selling today at 85c.' ■ ' 

■? ■* ».: -• ' 






A,* 1 ! 

'»?*< > 

Sweater Coats That Men Will Weo* 
• With the Greatest Satisfaction 

Ceylon Flannels and Flannelettes, for 
• Pajamas and Other Night Wear 

J.-; It. 



Fine Assortment of Umbrellas for 
Men and Women 


"Kremla** Ceylons, 30 inches wide, 
made in England. They have a fine 
soft finish, possess wearing and washing 
qualities that satisfy ev^ry user. We 
can supply you with a great variety cff 
designs and colors at, a yard, $1.50. 

High-Grade English Flan- 
nelettes, 35 in. Wide ' 

—These are shown in new and excellent 
colorings, in stripes of various widths. 
There are over twenty designs to choose 
from. The quality will give every satis- 
faction in pajamas^ lUghlgowns and 
other nightwear* *<>• ^ j , 

Best Canadian Makes < 

are offered in a large range of colorings, til 
"Pasf* (^ualftles. Those requiring Flannel- 
ette at a medium price willexperience splen- 
did values in these. Canada's Best, 35 
ladies wide, ^ a yard, 50C > ^ 

Large choice at, a yard, 40c 
Special value at, a yard, 35c - " 

"Kremla" Flannels in another grade are 
shown in the same styles, and possess 
the finest washing and wearing quali- 
ties. These are especially adapted for 
either women's, men's or children's use. 
30 inches wide and fine value at, a yard, 

.. .. , '*> 

'^Vyella" Flannels, the 

World Famed Make, the 

... Old Favorite :: I: J.. 

In these fine Flannels our stock supplies 
you with a good range of designs, in 
medium or dark grounds and stripes of 
various widths. The old reliable quality 
at today's regular price Is |2.oaa yard, 
but we are still offering the balance of 
our stock in the real "Viyella/* 31 
Inches wide, at, a yard, i$i.25. 

—For pajamas, nightgowns, etc., you 
cannot employ a better wearing, more 
comfortable material than "Viyella" 
Flannel. . - . ..; 

—staple Section, Main Floor, Douglas 

Men's Knitted Sweater Cdats (Penman's), medium 
weight wool mixture. A fme grade, well made Sweater 
with military collar and two 4)bekets; in colors of Oxfbtd 
grey and navy blue. Special ratr«ach,-^,75ir 
Men's Sweater Coats, made froni tine cott^ yam niixed 
with wool---Sweaters with miluary cc&.jnd two 
pockets, and shown in colors of browi^ml olive, 
maroon and green. This is a Sweater rtiatfe to stand 
h^rd wear, ai^d is good va1ufc«at, each,^3.75. > . 
Men*s All Wool, Heavy Knitted Sweater Ck)ats, irtadel 
with shawl collar and fitted with two pockets. This 
quality is arJast year's value and shown in grey only* 
Sizes 38, 40 and 42. Special it, each, $9:75. 

■yr'i t^, :^ „ — JVIen'* FBrnlihln|«, M«Ui Floor, iroa4 


■i 'i .«i*^>; »v 

♦ ^'"^■^tf-v-'x 

sive Off ering of Gbco 
at Special Priceis 

—From this stock of Umbrellas 
you may make a pleasing choice, 
no matter what quality you may 
have in mind. Umbrellas with 
plain and embellished handles, 
well ribbed Umbrellas with cov- 
ers of all grades. When you 
want an UmbrelU at the price 
you want to pay, select it from 
this fine stbck and get one that 
will satisfy you. 

.J ;;«— Main Floor, Do«|ias 

t »»■'«, 

White Flannelette 

• —Having purchased at a discount the entire stock of i 
Vancouver importerofCoco Door Mats, we are pre- 
pared to sell them to our c^jj^^pers at very lo# ptfes 
today and tomorrow. VI ^ i "^ . v ;. r V 

No. 2, coco Mats, size 16 inches by 27 inches, regular 
$1.90, selling at, each, 111.50. 

Na 3 Coco Mats, size 18 inches by 30 inches, regiilat 

$?,40, selling at, each, $1.85. 

No. 4 Goco Mats, size 20 inches, by 33 inches, regular 

$3.^5, selling at, each, $^.25. i ,^ 

Extra fine quality Coco Mats, 1 5^ hicfe thfck, made of 

fine, close woven fibre. Size 39 inches by 24 inches. 

Regular $5.25. Special toSay and tomofiwr it, each, 

$4.35. ' ' 

• r/j*. , iji-At ;-fC^ri»«ti, ind Floor, Donglae 

, 'V V"' 

AVhite Flannelette Princ^ Slips 
for Children 

—Princess Slips, made from a heavy quality flannelette, 
finished with a six-inch flounce and trimmed with lace 
and embroidery. 

Princess Slips with scalloped edge on flounce, to fit the afes 
of a to 16 years, at, each, li.oo. 

Princess Slips with embroidery on flounce, in sites to fit 8 to 
16. «t, each, $1.25. 

Princess Slips with lace on flounce. Sixes to fit 8 to 16 >eanLv 
at, each, ai.So. ^* 

Princess Slips in smaller sixes, to fit the ages of 2 to 6 vears.^ 
at, eachf 75c ^ ^ •» 

^-CaiMru's Scctiom tst Floor, Dovgiu 

Gowns for Children 

In Good Quality White Flannelette 
at 11.50* $1.75 and $2.00 

Cow»s, senricctble garments, In several , 

>|5jwk«aiid trimmed wHk pink and Hm 
^""** sMcMif ; Gvwns wttk Irigk Mck. 
^HM«^ piMncks. TIttj have lour 
lo II the ages of from a to I6 ymn. 

garments^ :^,:'--^''-M^^ 

For Women — Excellent in Quality 

—Your mind at \his time of the year naturally tuVns to warm clothing. 
Incidentally, you will think of Flannelette, and will be interested in this 
.offering from a large shipment we have received and are selling at 
reasonable prices. . 


Women's Nightgowns of white flannel- 
ette, neatly made, and' splendid value at, 
each, $1.75; 

Women's Nigiitgowns, made from soft 
white flannelette in slipover and button- 
front styles, at, each, $2.oo. 

Women's Nightgowns in liest quality flan- 
nelette, made in many styles and tnmmed 
; with lace and embroidery, at, each, $2.5o. 

^Women's Underskirts, neatly and well 
made from white flannelette ind trimmed 
with fancy stitchhig. Fine value 4t, each. 


Women's Bloomers, made from strong 
white flannelette and neatly finished with 
a linen lace, at, a garment, $1.25. 

Women's f^ajamas, of excellent flannel- 
ette,*one-piece style, at, a suit, $2.50 and 

Women's Two-Piece Pajamas, well made 
from white flannelette and neatly trimmed 
with silk braid and buttons, at, a suit. 
$3.75. . 

Chemises of fine quality white flannelette, 
trimmed with embroidery and lace, at, 
each, $1.25/ 

^9».WoaM*s Wfcitcwctr Section, 1st Hoor. Doagbs 


Alarm Clocks 

An Alarm Clock you may dq>eiid upon-nt Clock with back bell, all 
cut cogs. Priced regulariy at $2M. WiU be soM today and to- 
morrow at, each. 


For Your Bw at 

'a Moderate (Jost 

■*, ' ... 

-Quality and weight are the 
chief essentials considered 
when you purchase a Winter 
Coat for your boy. Quality 
means long wear; weight is' 
necessary to the little fellow's 
comfort. The Coats you will 
be shown In the Boys' Cloth- 
ing Department o<^ our store 
possess these two qualities and 
are sokl at the lowest possible 

Boys' Overcoats, made from Heavy Donegal tweed in 
doutjie-breasted, belted style and fitted with two side 
pockets. Sizes to fit the agesof 3 to .8r years at $9.75. 
Boys' Overcoats in a heavy grey 'frieze cloth— a double- 
breasted Coat with belted MCk, two square pockets and 
velvet collar buttoned close. These are Coats that pre- 
sent wonderful value at the price. . ^zes to fit the ages 
of 3 t» 8 years at, each, $10.75 and $H.SO. 
Boys'* Topcoats-^A good qii^Kt^ in Navy Blue Coat 
in double-hreasted style with brass buttbns, betted back 
and side pockets, they are fitted with velvet coUar. 
Sizes to fit 3 to 8 years at, eadt,.$9.75: 
Boys' Reefers, offering a spleQ(^ vahie. In all sizes at 
^ach, $9.75 and $12.75. 

^S0yr Clothiaf. Mala HdM; 9im§ 

New Woolen; C^ and 
Scarfs for Girls 

Caps and Scarfs, made from heavy wool, hi colon of 
iose. blue, white, green and apricot. The Scarfs are 
._^_ .1 -. ..^ . . .. ^ > p^tttlly - 


#Wi pom-foiu it eadi side. Sbd 

for gftrfs of 

ffom 4.10 f2 yeai^. at, a set, $^. $3.15 aad $3 Jo 





: I ' 




.'A-. .,. ♦ ,.